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Who can play? Anyone, newggers welcome be at least somewhat autistic though
What is the setting? Vaguely medieval, go wild
What is banned?
1. flying
2. players can start (and develop themselves) magic around one theme
3. no 'construct building actions

In the game 1 action does one thing. You declare what you want your nation to accomplish and I decide the infrastructure (or character) that pops out to support that.

Wars are done based on argumentation. Participants submit 1 warpost publically each then one rebuttal each in DMs argumenting why they should win. QM decides, if you bitch about the outcome you will be called racial slurs like you deserve to.

Discord it takes place in: F2Patcf
(you don't need to join but makes life easier)

nation submission template will be in reply #1

Updates will be Saturday, Turn 0 is evaluated saturday. Don';t think about your nation too much.
Nation submission template:

Nation name: (full and abbreviated)
Starting actions: (let's say 6 of them)
Preffered colour:
Starting spot: (draw it on the map)

More than 1 race will result in each race being considered weaker. Multiple cultures/religions will destabilise your nation but will be considered that each individual is ''stronger''.
File: map.png (1.71 MB, 2189x1901)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB PNG

Nation name: Crimson River Lords, Crimson Lords, River Lords

Race/races: Vampire Aristocracy ruling over oppressed human peasants. The River Lords are an aquatic style of vampire with the typical supernatural strength, immortality and charm of vampires, but are strictly tied to the river of their homeland.

Religion(s): The Crimson Lords view themselves as living gods, and demand worship as such.

Culture(s): Humans are cattle, slaves, and test subjects for the twisted desires and needs of their vampire rulers. This particular breed of vampire is tied to the river network they are settled around and cannot travel far from it without a supply of water from the river.

History: The patriarch of the clan was an unnamed warlord responsible for a horrific massacre that stained the rivers reds. A dark god was pleased by this and blessed him with the dark power of vampirism. He quickly acquired control over the local area and begin spreading his curse to a brood of vampires who promptly betrayed him. The Crimson Council now rules the area with an iron fist.

Starting actions:
1. Build up defensive fortifications, for many will revile our dark power.
2. Begin study of the dark magic of blood, particularly spells that can torture without maiming
3. Create a spy network to ensure no pesky rebellions can build up without our knowledge
4. Train an elite cadre of vampire assassins to eliminate pests
5. Expand industry to supply materials for experiments, warfare, and other needs
6. Expand the reach of dark temples praising our crimson glory! Every village should have a shrine, temple, or monument to our awesome power!

Preferred colour: Dark Red
Starting spot: See Image
Racial Picture
Race/races: Aak
Religion(s): Ancestor Worship, spirits
Culture(s): Wuxia Japan
The Iaakan Covenant is ruled (nominally) by the Tenno, the Emperor of all Aak-kind, a figurehead for the Aak he rules over.

In reality the Sifu, enlightened masters of Aak martial arts schools, hold most of the true power in the country. Their great Donjon enforce regional rule over the swathes of land that peasants dwell in, and are effectively local warlords. The inner disciples of these schools are powerful warriors with mystic abilities, the true nobility of the Covenant.

The Sifu seized control of the nation and custody of the emperor in a brief war wherein they deposed the old nobility, and now elect one amongst themselves to guide the emperor from the great and eternal city of Iaakon.

Starting actions:

1: Aak enlightened martial arts (Foundation)
All the magic of the Aak relies on Endo, the energy within a being. Disciples of the various schools understand that the cultivation of endo allow Aak to perform supernatural feats, empower their bodies to new levels and perform exotic techniques.

2: Aak enlightened martial arts (Form)
By manipulating their internal Endo, Aak may perform exotic techniques that defy explanation. Swing swords that cause the air to send cutting waves in their wake, balance upon impossibly thin tree branches or shut down a foes body with a well placed strike.

The internal secrecy of the schools and fierce competition between them cause these techniques to be well guarded and rarely demonstrated.

3: Ancestral Architecture
Worship of the ancestors is everything in Aak society, the Tenno being the incarnation of the living ancestor Aak upon this world. City planning is beautiful, narrow and efficient, with many buildings shaped like faces.

4: Rice cultivation
A critical crop to the Aak, rice is plentiful, easily grown and filling. The Aak have mastered its cultivation, making it a staple of their diets.

5: Steelworks
A proper foundation for metalworking is important, the Aak taking pride in the fine equipment they use for any number of important tasks. From fishing to ploughing to forestry to warfare, the Aak have a reasonable metallurgical baseline to work off of.
6: Artisan Clans
Occupying an odd and isolated role in society, the artisan Aak are isolationist and keep their secrets to themselves just as much as the Schools do. Their works are beautiful things, from blades to robes and embroidery, but they are only for those who can afford the best.

Preferred colour: Blue
Starting spot:
Nation name: United Confederation of the Jjaroslovs, Jjaroslovia
Race/races: Human (Various related ethnic groups)
Religion(s): (Broadly) Iagranism (Monotheistic worship with various saints), Some local folk religions
Government: Popular Dictatorship
Culture(s): Jjaroslovic (National), Kosokovic, Kovinican, Graderevic, Radevic
Starting actions:

1. Development of a complex and effective bureaucracy.
2,3 & 4. Expansion as is the sum of the nations which make up the Jjaroslov nation.
5. Domestic industry and farming.
6. Establishment of a small but professional military, augmented by l

Preferred color: Blue or Purple
History: The old, decadent Raelkan empire had controlled much of the lands in the southeastern ends of the continent, and from its collapse at the hands of the Martyr Iagran many petty kingdoms, tyrants and despots filled the void the destruction of the old order caused. For decades after, they would war among one another to claim the title of Emperor of Raelka and unite the lands under their ambition until a Neo-Imperial dynasty stretched from coast to coast. The truth of the matter was very different. In waging the myriad wars, many within the growing Post-Imperial serf class had been levied as soldiery to make up for the small number of noble warriors in many kingdoms, leading not only to disease from abandoned corpses on battlefields but also famine from the growing lack of people to farm the fertile lands which made up the former Imperial heartland.

This cycle of wars, famine and reconstruction would inevitably come to an end with a revolt of the peasantry. Ordinarily, such revolts were put down with a mix of lesser knights and levies from desperate corners of the kingdom, but for the Lord of Kosokov there was no such luck. The leader of this revolt was a man by the name of Vedra Totan, who had he been born to a noble family would have made for the General to reunite the peoples of the Empire and accomplish that dream of Imperial Unity. He possessed a sharp mind for not only tactics, but logistics and a charisma unmatched by lesser men. The revolt was short, as it did not take long for the man to convince the forces levied against him to join in a righteous crusade against the evils which plagued not only Kosokov, but many of the surrounding lands as well. The Lord of these lands would, after a year of siege, meet his end with defenestration.

Over the next decade, the Kosokovic revolt would spread like wildfire; the firebrand leader which was Totan leading his men and women to victory time and time again and uniting them not under the banner of a lord or solely under their shared faith, but in a new way. He called upon his brothers and sisters to help him build a nation under a shared identity the people could rally behind; not as Kosokovics, Kovinicans, Graderevics, or Radevics but as Jjaroslovs. It has been another two decades since then, and as the Poglavnik Totan nears his 40th year his Jjaroslovia continues to establish itself as a unique form of nation; perhaps the first true Nation-State. Under him are the leaders of the four nations which make up the country, and under them are the pseudo-nobility which are the educated families. Of course, real nobility has been outlawed within the country as it was the nobles who drove their people to the breaking point. All matters are contained within the State, from taxes to the distribution of extracted resources. While some had wished for an ancient form of popular rule like a “Democracy” or “Republic”, the Dictatorship which is ruled by the People through their fellow citizen Totan has done more than enough to spark prosperity.
6. Establishment of a small but professional military, augmented by Citizen-Soldiery; as ownership of armor and at least a hand weapon is mandatory for citizens.
File: iaminyourwalls.jpg (355 KB, 764x1024)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
>Nation name: Mao

>Race/races: Cats

-Universal elements of nature as higher deities/particular elements of nature as avatars
-The Sun and the Moon at the top of the spiritual hierarchy
-No written documents, passed down orally

-Clan based - 100-250 members per clan
-Exogamous - the males periodically leave the clan to mate with females from other clan

>History: Forest cats that have migrated towards the largest gathering of prey

>Starting actions:

1 - Investigate the weird forest(city) for any prey nest, safe place, or anything interesting
2 - Attempt to communicate with the tongue-twisted-two-legged Mao who also leave here
3 - Divide the region between the clans
4 - Catch mice
5 - Laze in the morning sun
6 - Investigate the spirits of the land

>Preffered colour: Violet

>Starting spot:

. . .[(Greetings, we are the Mao-by-the-White-Tree-Forest, we came for the prey plenty-ing this Weird Forest.)
I have 0 clue who you are but the Iaakan guy was ok with it so you're in. Don't ditch the game
File: Delacana Lands.png (739 KB, 1208x1612)
739 KB
739 KB PNG
>Nation name
Delacana - The Bright Lands
Skaians - Diminutive (Hobbit-sized) humanoids. Exceedingly light, they move akin to humans on the moon, 'bouncing' along in leaps and bounds. Though flesh and blood, they are distantly related to odd fire elementals, a strong 'candle' motif running through their culture and appearance.

The inverse of ancestor worship, they believe that a great and terrible cataclysm will befall the world, and that their descendants, or perhaps some other people's distant offspring, will be responsible with ushering in a new age amidst the ruins of this one. These distant heirs are the most important figures in their history, and much prophecy and speculation on their roles and identity is made.
A heavy emphasis on long-lasting, grand structures, sustained by advanced architecture, solid materials, and magic, if possible. Xenophilic, they welcome any and all assistance in delaying, preventing and predicting the 'Cataclysm', and anything that will leave aid for the post-doomed civilizations that will rise.
The Delacunan people were largely nomadic by nature in their cultures formative years, and the ruins of ages long past that they saw on their travels has left an indelible mark on their world-view. What was once, will be again, and what will be, once was, as they say. To last for as long as possible, whether as a culture or an individual, is the highest calling.

>Starting actions
1 - Quarries, Mines, and other things that aid in construction
2 - Texts, murals and hieroglyphs, to preserve what was, and to guide what comes.
3 - Lake access - Fresh water is needed in ever greater quantities, so irrigation is needed.
4 - Temples; The first of our great monoliths, which must last a thousand thousand thousand years!
5 - Boats; Small at first, but lakes make for easy sailing. However, the open ocean beckons, one short river ride away...
6 - Games for all ages! We can't let the stuffy priests and elders hog ALL the quarried stone! Build courts and fields, and games will grow organically from them.

Preferred colour: Cyan
File: Saljwyi.jpg (301 KB, 850x1201)
301 KB
301 KB JPG
Nation Name: Haeran'Yi
Race/Races: Saljwyi
Religion: Jinism/Hoonism (Partial Description included in actions. Closest real faith is Buddhism.)
Culture: Haeran'Yi is a intellectual and faithful society, one that not too long ago shifted to a greater focus on merit. Despite this, there is still a hierarchy, though movement in this hierarchy is certainly possible and fairly common, both upward and downward. Even so one's place generally shows both their wealth and importance. At the bottom of this is the Noye, arguably the most difficult to be free from as it is a generally a punishment for crime, though there are some exceptions. The Noye are essentially servants and serfs, and unlike common peasants often are disallowed to break free from their position barring exceptional circumstances if degraded to such a position. The children of someone who became a Noye are also considered Noye, though unlike their parents they can break free and advance higher, yet still usually struggle due to a significantly harder access to education. Next are the Deoleoun, which are reserved for specific professions considered unsavory or in some cases impure, such as executioners. Usually they are avoided by most people and seen in a poor light, often isolated and left to their own communities. In the past, this included the laiseu gadeu, though in recent times the perception of the military has changed drastically and is seen in much higher regard. The majority of people regardless are Pyeongmin, generally these are farmers, peasants, laborers and merchants, the latter of which are usually the wealthiest of the Pyongmin. Next is the newest sort of caste called the Bohoja, which is made up of guards, soldiers. Directly above them are the Hagja, these are the Scholars, monks, bureaucrats and learned men, and are generally seen as the most prestigious class anyone can rise to. Lastly is the Gwijog, which at this moment only really applies to the ruling family of Haeran'Yi. An important thing to note is that these castes if one could call them that is, with the exception of the Noye and Gwijog, they are very flexible in social mobility, and they are how people in these general groups are treated by others in society, how they are categorized in bureaucracy and how various professions are just viewed in general. Even the child of a Noye can become a Hagja, even if it's unlikely, and just as similarly, a Hagja can become a Noye. In essence, it is arguably what is considered prestigious, and is more so a general guideline rather than the rule, again with a bit of an exception for the Noye and the Gwijong.
History: One hundred and seventy eight years ago, the great Yi dynasty formed Haeran'Yi from a disunited people of city states and warlords into a true kingdom. Years of peace had passed since then, and Haeran'Yi has grown significantly. The Yi dynasty rules the lands with a fair and just hand, aided by the magistrates and bureaucrats that are appointed to the many regions. The laborers work in the fields, harvesting much in the way of rice for the many people of the great and growing nation. Of course, the world is dangerous for a people like the Saljwyi, as their short stature, half that of a man, and weak bodies leaves them vulnerable to the many predators of the world. Yet, through mind and skill they push back against the harsh wilderness, and will continue to do so until all is civilized and the people of Haeran'Yi are able to live in peace where they can focus on escaping the other hells of cyclic existence.

Starting Actions:

1-3 The works of Yi Yeong-Jin and the 24 enlightened disciples, including Chon Seung-Hoon, and the nature of the soul.
Death is not the end, it is merely a cycle that the soul goes through, being reborn as others without memory and dying over and over and over again until breaking free of this cycle and becoming, in a sense, immortal. These people tend to ascend and leave the world once they feel their teachings have been finished, as they often have no need to remain in the world anymore having learned from it. For once one's soul becomes a Jayuloun Yeonghon, any issues of remembering one's past lives fade. Generally there is four stages of the soul, Ilban Yeonghon are the most numerous and the first stage. They focus on themselves and their own life, not looking outward or inward and instead on only themselves in the moment of their life. The second stage is Gogwihan Yeonghon, these are souls who look outward, looking for ways to improve not only their own life but others. Often, they are great scholars, artists, lawmakers, and so forth who seek to better society and life with their contributions. The third stage is Geum-Yogjeog-In Yeonghon. These are monks and those souls who have finished looking outward and instead turn their attention inward, focusing on the nature of the soul, the spiritual world, and how to ascend to the final stage, Jayuloun Yeonghon. The last stage is the most renowned and the goal for any soul, Jayuloun Yeonghon. The soul at that stage will regain full memories of their previous lives and become immortal, free from the cycle of life and death, and ready to ascend to heaven. The first stage takes the longest, and the third the shortest. Yet despite that there are ways to speed up this process... This faith is often named after Yi Yeong-Jin, the first recorded to achieve Jayuloun Yeonghon and who wrote down many of their findings. However, it is occasionally named after Chon Seung-Hoon
File: start.png (765 KB, 1210x1758)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
4. Rice farming improvements.
The foundational crop of the lands Haeran'Yi is built upon. Over the course of many years cultivation techniques have become quite well known.

5. The Law, Bureaucracy and Order.
For a people so populous and numerous, records are key. As are the bureaucrats that make and organize these records. Census's allow the Gwijog, in essence the Yi dynasty, to make informed decisions and ensure the prosperity and grace of the lands and their people. Further, through merit and proper tests the chances of corrupt self serving parasites getting in will be harder. It also ensures proper punishment matching every crime, and ensures that harmony and order can exist and be strengthened through the lands.

6. The laiseu gadeu
While originally seen as Deoleoun before gaining respect and being considered Bohoja, the Iaiseu gadeu are the guards and soldiers of Haeran'Yi. They are the force that protects the average Saljwyi from wild beasts, criminals, bandits or hostile forces. While strong by Saljwyi standards, other peoples might mistake them as easy due to weakness. However, being actually trained makes them leagues better than the levy they may go up against, especially with their own, far larger one by their side. They often patrol rural area's and farms, hence their title as the Iaiseu gadeu.

Preferred Color: Navy Blue
Starting spot: Marked on the map.
Oh, uh, hello. You appear to be in our walls.
File: Screenshot_43.png (100 KB, 770x509)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Nation name: The Academy of Florida/The Academy
Race/races: (Mostly) Human Mages
Religion(s): Magic Worship
Culture(s): Work Hard, Play Hard
History: Originally a group of shipwrecked travelers, the members of The Academy of Florida were simply visiting this world before an unlucky series of events lead to their transports being destroyed and most of the high-ranking members being killed.

After a few generations, the knowledge of the original survivors has degraded but their society as a whole has stabilized with a focus on studying Magic as a whole alongside their specialization of Magitech.

Starting actions:

1-2 Conduct Research into Golemancy to use in menial Labour. Either Mud, Wood or Copper Golems depending on what materials are available

3-4 Organize Research groups and build facilities to efficiently conduct future research actions.

5 Create Boats to reach the mainland and establish relations with the other nations.

6 Get some food or whatever, I dunno sounds boring. Maybe make a golem that harvests food or something.

Preffered colour: Hot Pink
Starting spot: (draw it on the map)
File: Duelist Start.png (33 KB, 355x320)
33 KB
Nation name: The Republic Of Blades
Race/races: Humans
Religion: Money
Culture: Medieval Italian, dueling is a well beloved National pastime and a large number of disputes are solved with a sword duel. At times, many organizations will organize predetermined duels purely for the spectacle with designated Faces and Heels however true duels that draw blood and take lives are common place in the Republic.
History: The Republic is centered around the great Free city of Peil whose people are distinguished shipbuilders. It has a very colourful history with many masked duelists appearing in the past either as dashing heroes or vile villains shaping the culture to what it is now.

The Republic's Thematic Magic are Willowsteel Blades, specially forged semi sentient weapons that choose their holders. Willowsteel weapons are known for their lightness and flexibility along with being able to always keep a razor's edge however for some odd reason most Willowsteel weapons favor women. Because of this and The Republic's culture of dueling, most of the people in power are women and, although not treated as second class citizens, men are generally looked down upon.
Starting actions:
1) Mine for Luxurious metals like Silver and Gold for trade

2) Establish the Swordsmith Guild to create only the best of the best Willowsteel weapons.

3) Establish the Duelist League to provide entertainment to my people

4) Create a grand colosseum to host the greatest of duels.

5) Create a mercantile fleet to transport goods

6) Establish trade with the surrounding Natives (Aiming for NPCs) if any.
Preferred colour: No Preferance

Grey Circle, don't mind the line I was thinking of making a wall or fortress line there later.
The grey-beige-quadrupedal creature is staring at you, the scenery filling those empty slashes upon her eyes while her nose is picking upon the electrochemical signals your body betrays to the air. ". . . " She declares with mirth.
So this is my first time playing this, how close do I need to be to another nation to do diplomacy? Or do I need anything specific to do diplomacy and trade?
What do each cor on the map mean? I assume it's climate but I'm not too sure if elevation is also part of it.
Hello newfags, OP is probably passed out at the moment so give things a few hours. God knows diplo might be fucky if we have to deal with in thread and out of thread separately, but that's an issue for OP.

Climate/biome if memory serves.
Nation name: Greenskin Highlanders
Race/races: Orcs and Goblins
Religion(s): Ancestor Worship
Culture(s): A culture focused heavily on agriculture and isolationism, the Greenskins just want to be left alone and will fight tooth and nail to protect their territory. Goblins and Orcs are generally treated as equals, mix pairings will result in whatever race the mother is although uncommonly an Orc woman will give birth to Goblin children and vice versa.
History: Peaceful Greenskins tribes, probably closer to old-school German Clans.
Starting actions:

1 Scout out the area with wolf riding Goblin Cavalry.

2-3 Mass produce and cultivate farmland across the River to our East.

4 Breed

5 Cultivate and encourage medicine to reduce mortality rates, especially amongst the young.

6 Start practicing sustainable foresting to harvest wood for construction.

Preferred colour: Green
Starting spot: (draw it on the map)
File: Greenskin Forests..png (64 KB, 531x433)
64 KB
Forgot the picture.
File: 1701366281525789~3.png (271 KB, 793x1085)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
I'm sure I can get castrated and crucified for this later, but I made a lot of words...


Way too many characters for a couple posts.
Anyway, I really want this spot, so I'll slim it down later if I really need to.
Red is Moon Crater Bay.
Orange is the nation's capital, Laudainos.
Purple is the mostly abandoned ancient city.
Nation name: Kingdom of Albion
Race/races: Human
Religion(s): Henoteistic worship of a single supreme God and his angels and saints, without denying the existence of other gods out there. Also an undercurrent of druidism and folk reverence for Fae.
Culture(s): Classic European feudal medieval fantasy humans
History: When the Raelkan Empire (the same the Jjaroslovs descend from) collapsed, a group of refugees moved northwest to flee the chaos. They found a river, already inhabited by a local human population, the Old Landers. Cohabitation was peaceful at first, but the Raelkans' poor understanding of the Fae and the Landers' druidic ways led the conflict. It took King Albus, a man of mixed Raelkan and Lander blood, blessed by both Heaven and Fae, to bring unity when both sides were threated by a horde of Orcs and Goblins. The river was renamed the Alb, the region Albion, and Albus its first king. His descendance still rules to this day.
Starting actions:
>Develop farming; focus on wheat cultivation, livestock herding and river fishing
>Develop a functional feudal system
>Begin research of sailing and/or the building of boats if that's already unlocked by default
>Develop a strong horseriding tradition
>Look to research/invest in steel-working
>Patrol and scout what important ressources, neighbour civs and other points of interest
Preffered colour: Blue
Starting spot: pic related
File: Albion placement.png (535 KB, 1892x712)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
Forgot pic
It will take a while before diplomacy happens as the map is quite big. But i'd say 7 or less tiles of a gap is enough to send a diplomatic envoy.

it's biome. I did get complaints when it comes to lack of deserts and mountains so the map will change a bit.

I'll prep a biome legend. Thought the coklours were obvious enough.

It's fine. I don't mind much words,
File: Classic NRP Turn 0.png (62 KB, 471x493)
62 KB
>Nation name: The Kingdom of Ta-Kefi
>Preferred colour: Grey
>Starting spot: See image. Alternatives has to be a fertile river valley.

>Race/races: Kefi warriors reign Miew craftsmen who torment Penew workers
Kefis are giant wolfmen, twice as tall as men and way stronger. With limbs ending in paws, vicious claws, lupine ears and tail. Kefi are carnivorous and fiercely intelligent, but their hands clumsy, unable to use bow or sling.
Miews are catfolk, slim with feline ears and tail, with nimble hands and deft agility.
Penews are mousefolk, half the size of men with mouse ears and tail, but surprisingly hardy, can and usually does take great punishment.

>Religions: Cult of Zenmetjenu, with a plethora of Miew cults abound
The Cult of Zenmetjenu places centre the carver of ways, slasher of veils and great mover, Zenmetjenu. The twilight wolf god, transitioning night and day with twilight, life and death with afterlife, and the great mover, who ended Ta-Miew, ushering forth Ta-Kefi.

>Culture: Egyptian aesthetic, but motifs differ based on the race (Wolf, Cat, Mouse)
Ta-Kefi has 3 cultures, the oldest being Penew, of hard work and cooperation. This is followed by the Miew, the most advanced which values knowledge and family. But all bow to Kefi, a savage culture of strength, which unites Ta-Kefi and controls the army.

Ta is the land of three peoples. First the Penew tamed the lands with tools of stone, creating Ta-Penew. Second the Miew conquered the Penew with weapons of bronze, creating Ta-Miew. Ta-Miew was advanced, but divided, and the conquest of mice did not prepare them for the Kefi. With might and iron the lands were subjugated, making Ta-Kefi, with the Kefi as pharaoh.

Starting actions:
>Action 1: Penew Farming
Penews were the first settlers of Ta, taming the lands into Ta-Penew. Their farming techniques are a sight to behold.

>Action 2: Ta-Penew Community
The Penews work hard and work together, everyone lends a hand during harvest. Even after conquest and slavery, their community perserveres.

>Action 3: Miew Sailing
Miews were the first conquerors of Ta, carving the lands into Ta-Miew. Their ships flit up and down the rivers with ease.

>Action 4: Ta-Miew Education
The Miews are wise and clever, the future of children depends on education. Even ruled by Kefi, the Miew rule in schools and crafts.

>Action 5: Kefi Smithing
Kefis are the first rulers of Ta, subjugating the lands into Ta-Kefi. Their swords and shields are mighty indeed.

>Action 6: Ta-Kefi Grandeur
The Kefis rule with an iron fist, but under their rule Ta prospers, grand monuments are erected. The pyramids of the pharaohs inspire awe in all.
File: MigratingCampers.jpg (40 KB, 568x246)
40 KB
Nation name: Lingdom (LNG)
Race/races: Swamplings (Pygmy Humans/Halflings)
>Swamplings have a reverence for Memories, a concept that comprises moral lessons, history, and personal relationships. They pursue fun activities with others to make Memories, as well as passing down traditions to transfer Memories across time and space, the closest thing they have to an afterlife.

>Swamplings live in semi-nomadic communal bands throughout their land, foraging for food and resources all the while combing the earth and trimming the trees. They believe themselves to be guests of the earth, and always make sure they leave their camps nicer than when they found it as thanks to their host. Other than the winter, they do not stay in one place longer than a month.
>They effectively live in trees, hanging their hammocks and personal belongings on branches. When they go on the move, they wrap their things in their hammock and carry them on their backs like a backpack. They believe leaving things on the ground to be messy and disrespectful.
>Swampling bands are comprised of many families and are led by a Committee of Elders. These bands often break apart into smaller satellite troops and may move to other bands as they please, as they consider each other as part of the same tribe. A band may permanently split up when it gets too big, but they all converge at the end of fall into the same place to celebrate the end of the year and huddle together throughout the winter for warmth.
>Swamplings are Pescetarians and Insectivores. They find kilSwampling furry animals abhorrent but see no problem spearing fish and munching on bugs. All of their food is finger food, they don't know what utensils are.
File: dalings.jpg (115 KB, 634x547)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
>According to the Swamplings, they were once chased by Demons and Dragons when the earth was dying to the shore where they met the Great Turtle who offered to host them on its shellback. The Great Turtle taught the Swamplings how to be good guests to the earth so that it would not be harmed so that they could continue to live peacefully with it.
>The Swamplings were hosted by the Great Turtle for hundreds of generations, but like all living things, even the Great Turtle aged. So it brought the Swamplings back to the earth where it once lived with its kind before consuming it to dust. Before it died, the Great Turtle asked the Swamplings to treasure their Memories with it and to be good guests to their new home.

Starting actions:
>1: Comb the Earth and Trim the Trees. Good guests always leave places nicer than when they found them.
>2: Master the Craft of Knotworking. Swampling knots are tight and secured, and are also artistic. Knots help Swamplings hang their belongings high up in the trees, sometimes storing hidden goodies to come back to.
>3: Master the Craft of Basket Weaving. Swampling baskets are lightweight and watertight and are used to carry their surplus food. They will also make hats out of them.
>4: Adopt the Mighty Beasts. The wild beasts of the land are just as scared as the Swamplings are. Once they found an orphaned beast cub and nursed it back to health. The beast cub followed its new family until it got too big so it left. A few years later, that beast became a mama beast and came with cubs of her own.
>5: Host the Salmon. The Salmon come every fall to lay their eggs and offer their yummy flesh as gifts if they swim effortlessly. The Swamplings shall clear the waters to ensure the salmon swim up to their spawning grounds comfortably and watch over their eggs so that more salmon will come the following year.
>6: Host Groves of Oak. Acorns are the staple of Swampling diet and they shall plant oak groves in scenic and convenient locations, where they could harvest acorns and hang up their hammocks. Groves are essentially primed to become permanent settlements.

Preferred color: Yellow
Starting Spot: The Great Swamp (see image)
I hope all that dark green is just dense woodland.
File: Newtopia.png (125 KB, 600x600)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Nation name: Tribes of Newtalia

Race/races: Newt

Religion(s): Animism. The concept of a god doesn't quite make sense to a Newt. They consider divinity as akin to being the chieftain: strong, charismatic, and most importantly usurpable, petitionable, and mortal.

Culture(s): Newts are gregarious creatures that live in large family units. Newts tend to do everything in large groups: eating, sleeping, hunting, etc, and as such don't tend to live private domicile and rather in large public houses. Most only own a locker as private spaces.

History: For most of its history, the Tribes of Newtalia were primitive tribes warring against each other. Newts discriminated against newts of a different color from them: the orange against the green against the blue against the red. Then, the Nizhthal the Great came to the swamps with his great stone warhammer and usurped the ruling chieftains and unified the tribes under one banner.

Starting actions:
1 - Organize the unified government of the tribes.
2 - Begin domesticating native plants for agriculture
3 - Take to the seas. Begin efforts to exploit the nearby watery bodies for fish, food, and resources.
4 - Refine tools, become better at shaping stone, bones, and iron.
5 - Expand knowledge of chemistry to find new medicines, dyes, adhesives, and other useful chemicals.
6 - Begin training of the youth to become strong warriors, capable warriors, and wise scholars.

Preffered colour: Teal

Since it needs to be listed. Magic is Alchemy.
For GM clarification:
Kosokovic Capital: Jagonik
Kovinican Capital: Novašica
Graderevic Capital: Borovača
Radevic Capital: Začev (Federal Capital)
File: Zorule.png (142 KB, 807x539)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
Nation Name: Zorule (The Kingdom of Zorule, the Domain of Zorule)

Race/races: Zora; aquatic and semi-aquatic piscine humanoids with gills, fins and a fish-like tail protruding from the back of their skull. They are powerful swimmers and as at-home in and beneath the water as they are on land.

Religion(s): Triforcism (Belief in Din, goddess of Power; Nayru, goddess of wisdom; Farore, goddess of Courage; they will also accept great beasts they might find and mysterious spirits as local/regional/personal deities subservient to the three.

Culture(s): The Zora people are long-lived and communal, raising their young from Tadpoles in communal pools at the heart of their domain. They build magnificent works of marble and luminous stone which they channel the waters through.

History: The Zora claim that this world, as many, were created and filled with laws and life through the actions of a Trio of golden goddesses. Their own people started simply, as fish-like humanoids emerging from the waters; but their communal nature meant that leaders were quickly chosen and descent through the lines of those with admirable characteristics (the attributes of the three) was deemed superior to letting the unworthy command.

Starting actions:
1: Fish Security : Tasty fish are our preferred food to hunt and catch; and though they are plentiful, we issue edicts and demark areas to protect their spawning grounds so they will always be able to recover and increase their numbers.
2: Establish quarries and craft tools so we might dig and work with lustrous light marbles and shimmering luminous stones.
3: Weaponscrafting: We will make for ourselves elegant weapons; tridents and Swords, spears and bows and boomerangs that are light and durable, and tolerant of our aquatic nature.
4: Water Magic: Water is our home and our life; we take steps to begin research of magical secrets that will allow us to keep the falls flowing.
5: Great Dams; Our land must be built upon; dams and canals and aqueducts to channel the flow of the waters; keeping our people moist and damp and the pools filled.
6: Warrior Training: There are always those who must excel in the arts of power and application of power; and so our warriors must train to master those weapons we wield in their use against our foes

Preferred colour: Dark Blue (as pictured) but any Blue would do.
Blue next to the coast does not work and we already got 2 blue nations. I'll give you white.
File: Raelkan Empire Borders.png (4.12 MB, 6144x3000)
4.12 MB
4.12 MB PNG

As I've been given permission by the GM, here's the borders of the old Raelkan Empire before it imploded.
Adding in some more details, as QM has informed me that he'd like to know what to name my capital and it's best we specify what magic we have if any.

>Capital: Wepta
>Government: Warrior Monarchy
>Leader: Pharaoh

>Magic: Dream Magic, slow casting with psychological effects
The magic of dreams is the magic borne of Zenmetjenu. Either it be through meeting eyes, touching someone or being in the influence of magical symbols, the target will be cast through the veil of reality, into the Shadow Realm. In the Shadow Realm, reality and myth are no different, enabling impossible beasts as well as impossible deeds, based on your mastery of Dream Magic. Being damaged in the Shadow Realm can curse the target with psychological effects, like halucinations or hysteria, even able to strike someone with blindness, despite no physical wounds. However, these happen because the caster has afflicted the target with a daemon, and the effect lingers as long as the daemon haunts the target's dreams. If the target is able to vanquish the daemon in their dreams, then the curse will be lifted, which with a homefield advantage isn't too hard if they are experienced in Dream Magic. But the caster is likely to be better versed and not only can more than one caster engage a target, but they can afflict them with more than one daemon.

Dream Magic can also be cast on objects, cursing anyone who touches them. It requires extensive series of symbols to do, so it is easy to identify a possibly cursed object, and the curse bleeds an uncanny aura. For this reason, getting cursed by objects requires a degree of recklessness, making it hard to get treatment as people will wonder what you did in order to get cursed.


Meandering Ways

Prey, predator, here, there, alive, dead, all states one wonders through and the Mao are wonderers at heart.

"A ritual is not a passage between the mundane and the mystical, it is the thing which separates the two, the opening between them is the true passage and the Mao
know it in their blood how to walk through it."

"Some connections are unions, because they combine "here" and "there" into a single thing. Other connections are divisions, for the existence of a fallen log is what transforms a single river into two separate shores. But all of those situations share the similarity of there being a path itself."

Someone once said that a cat has nine lives.
He lied, cats never die, but it is easier to walk foreward rather than backward.
Unless one is called, but you may never know who is eavesdropping

(OOC:Need to be clearer?)
>Swampling Magic
They probably don't have magic, but they are probably influenced or affected by it. If anything, it's probably more as if some natural/spiritual force surrounding them help them out, in mysterious ways, such as how they're able to befriend beasts, or the plants they cultivate end up being way more specialized and wondrous than they ever could have done without it. Going for a "naively innocent" vibe but watched over by nature, rather than being like nature hippies.
File: viorpgame shit.png (486 KB, 747x480)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
Nation name: Divine Empire of Khimor
Race/races: Human
Religion(s): God-King Polytheism
Culture(s): Kvesher
History: Following the collapse of the Raelkan Empire, the Kvesher petty Kingdoms, a series of petty tribal statelets across the Kves mountains and deep in the Northeastern Boreals would lose the external pressure that kept them consistently divided. Soon, they would coalesce under the benevolent rule of Saj Khimor Leja, the First Saj Khimor (basically Paramount Lord) and king of the petty kingdom of Kujk, which would become the new empire's capital. Unifying the various peoples through a mixture of heavy-handed diplomacy and advanced organization, Leja was seen as a divine scion and the living word of the Sky.

The relatively small empire consists of tribes that are in many ways primitive, their deep forest having somewhat insulated them from outside influence. However, advanced techniques of woodworking, earthworks and water management, fully leveraged and coordinated for the first time by a centralized state, have allowed the creation of a veritable deepwoods empire, with large and intricate urban centres, and complex systems to facilitate highland and wetland agriculture, allowing the inhospitable realm to nevertheless feed large quantities of people. The State is absolute, and the primary form of taxation the commoner pays to the state is through a labor tax, everything beyond that being under the individual's purview. This labor involves agricultural work, construction work, manufacturing or even military service. In return, the state guarantees the individual a plot of land to reside in, the means with which to engage in said labor, and food and basic necessities for life. Currency is rarely used, and when used that is done mostly for the purposes of trade with merchants from other places, or the aquisition of luxury goods.

Despite being mountainous, the land is poor in iron, but rich lead and silver, and exceptionally rich in coal. The soil is remarkably fertile once worked in terraces and irrigated adequately.

Militarily the region is relatively poor in iron, but rich in people, wood and manufactured goods, and as such the state's central army tends to contain a small elite core of noble retinues alongside a substantial amount of longbowmen raised from among the commoners.

Preffered colour: give me orange idk

Starting spot: its here, since multiple rivers come from this region I'm assuming its a mountainous one.

Starting actions:
- engage in a census done by each regional administration and overseen by the High Lord himself to determine the exact populace of the Empire, as well as important statistics regarding land value and productivity (how many farms are there, villages, workshops, towns, etc)

- ensure each administrative centre has the means to train it's own body of scribes through a system of annual state exams spread across the Empire
- send people with more pastoral backgrounds as dedicated escorts for dedicated explorer scribes whose job is to map out the Empire and its surroundings, and make observe all foreign entities
- start to expand the coal mining capabilities of the Empire
- organize the primary school of magic and its secrets as an arm of the state, with regional subdivisions of it being under the purvey of local governments. Said magic will focus mainly on the flow of life, and things such as healing of bodies and the growth of plants.
- organize forested plots around important urban centres as dedicated logging forests with a policy of dividing them in 4 sections, each section intended to be completely depleted within two years. A depleted section will be immediately replanted and for the next six years the trees will be tended at by shamans to accelerate their growth, so that by the time this plot of forest is supposed to come again, they are fully matured.
File: 1678392627821646.png (217 KB, 1486x605)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Nation name: Disciples of Veren

Race: Yaloni have fair skin with a slight yellowish gold hue and for the most part have typical features one might come to expect from an elf. Except that is when it comes to their height, with most averaging between five and five and a half feet. Whatever they may lack in terms of stature or physical prowess however, they make up for in their agility, and speed of not only movement, but also thinking.

Religion: The Yaloni exclusively worship a single deity, Veren, whom is typically represented as a lilac coloured snake in writing, idols, and similar works of artistry. Worship of the Snake God is typically led by priests whom bare visible markings upon much of their body, present from birth, and which resemble constriction marks. At times they are said to give off a purplish hue, evidence supposedly of recognition from Veren himself in moments of particular note.

Culture: The Yaloni value wisdom, discipline, and diligence above all else. Their often forest-located settlements are a hive of busy but organised activity during the day and for much of the week. Reserved in nature, they tend to speak few words and minimise social interaction while on duty. However, once the end of the week comes along and the day of religious celebration arrives, they tend to let down down their hoods and make up for any lost time, so to speak, when it comes to social and outwardly visible emotions...

Due to their traditionally rather insular nature the Yaloni place a great deal of emphasis on mastery of disciplines and crafts. Whilst not particularly numerous in terms of population, they tend to focus on quality over quantity and strongly encourage their young to learn both through oral and written knowledge, along with lived experience and apprenticeship with the intention being for each Yaloni to specialise in one role, and rely on the close-knit collective within their settlement to provide their other needs.

Outsiders in the lands of Yaloni lands are uncommon, and whilst they are certainly wary and cautious towards any unknown soul, they are not necessarily hostile. Indeed, they will often display a reasonable level of hospitality and generosity, barring any glaring uncouthness or disrespecting of their traditions or religion.

History: The Disciples have for many centuries been satisfied to keep to their existing communities and worship the Snake God in relative peace. However, the recently ordained High Prophet based in the capital of Tarveren, whom is said to bear glowing markings like none that have came before, has spoken of a need venture out into the world and gradually expand their knowledge of it and its many creatures.

Preferred colour: Lilac
Starting Actions:

- Recruit Seekers. The Seekers are the Disciples highly trained and most well equipped scouts and soldiers. It is time we took in a new batch of recruits, especially if we intend to venture beyond our current known lands.

- Scout. It has been some time since detailed mappings of the nearby geography have been carried out. It is about time this matter was rectified, and further exploration even beyond our current limits of knowledge conducted.

- Shrine Construction. Shrines and similar buildings of religious worship are incredibly common within Yaloni settlements. Upgrading them, along with constructing new ones, is a constant and never ending task that requires regular attention.

- Experimental Smithing. Recent murmurings of a new era of outwardness has drawn a mixture of different responses from within the settlements. In some quarters though, especially amongst the most talented of crafts people, it has fostered a new spark for innovation and experimentation. Those brave new scouts who will be venturing out into the world are going to be needing equipment after all. Perhaps a weapon, a piece of armour, or something else entirely. Who knows what the ever creative Yaloni craftspeople shall manage to devise for them.

- Agricultural Improvements. Whilst the Yaloni take great pride in many of their produce, it would be hard to argue against the quality and impressiveness of their food. Yaloni farmers and foragers are formidable, but their cooks and brewers seem to have a knack for turning these already quality raw ingredients into something even more remarkable than the sum of their parts. No wonder the Yaloni seem to enjoy their feasts and parties so much.

- Sailing. Despite their not too distant proximity to the sea, the Yaloni have little experience when it comes to naval affairs, aside from some basic river-faring vessels. Some more eccentric individuals seem destined to change that fact however...
Nation name: Volkovian Empire
Race/races: Human
Religion(s): Lagranism
Culture(s): HRE/Prussian every man a soldier style civ
History: will write later
Starting actions:
1-territory expansion
2-Alchemical Beginnings (firearms precursor)
3-Mandatory military Service training
4-Heavy Cavalry Corps traditions
5- Improved Steelworks and armory
6-engineering college (war machine research etc
Preffered colour: Red
Starting spot: near steels civ
File: sirthomasroom.jpg (21 KB, 500x279)
21 KB
>Preffered colour:
>Starting actions:
1. Gold and precious materials component to the vast majority of spells and crafted items. Send some sorcerous foremen to head down to the mines to animate pickaxes and get to work on expanding our mining operations.
2. In addition to this, leynodes that criss-cross the world typically are focal points for magical energy. Mana crystals, enchanted trees, pixies and other such important resources can be found there. Locate one to begin harvesting operations.
3. An R&D department should be established to help design and test new products for the market. Our employees are also our customers, and vice versa after all.
4. Wands and staves are essential tools and defensive weapons for the company. Establish our defense industry and manufacturing branch.
5. We'll need cargo vessels, not only to sail in search of other prospective customers, but also for the establishment of additional mining and resource operations.
6. The establishment of a Trade Relations bureau will be conducted to facilitate training of translation spells and magical communications with planar locals.
File: Corporation.png (79 KB, 643x547)
79 KB
Nation name: The Arcane Corporation
Race/races: Mostly humans
The existence of polytheistic gods is recognized but they specifically worship Poloutus and Taish, Gods of Prosperity and Fortune respectively. Magic is perceived as a natural force of nature and rather than worship it, they venerate the "Saints" of magic, ancient and powerful wizards such as Marley and Morgaine.

Corporates believe that every soul goes to the god and the afterlife and religion they adhere too. Through the worship of Poloutus and Taish and by burying their bodies upon death in elaborate gilded manors rich with magical artefacts, runic wards and ostentatious displays of wealth, their souls will arrive with their belongings to the other side of the 'veil'. This they have supposedly confirmed via Necromancy. Ergo it is the goal of the wizard to amass wealth and magic in this life to ensure a comfortable position in the next.

Magical Corporatocracy. Everyone from the CEO to the lowliest janitor is considered both customer and employee from the moment of birth, each assigned a company number. Individual and mutual prosperity is considered a virtue and of religious importance.
Claiming descent from a larger organization, the Arcane Corporation sends out various 'branch' divisions onto various worlds in order to establish business, with the end goal of eventually creating gateways to link to the larger enterprise. However, until such a point, each branch is expected to fend for themselves, proving their own 'self sustainability and profitability'. Many branches never reconnect, but it is the hope and aspirations of all to do so one day. The Corporation believes the traditional approach to magic, that of mere scholars and researchers, woefully flawed and inefficient. Magic itself is of course, a transaction. The exchange of souls, the usage of precise reagents and materials, spells requiring diamonds that have a GP value, and most of all the fact that magical equipment invariably has high material costs is living proof that magic itself is inherently best approached as a business venture.
The Arcane Corporation specializes itself around enchantments and evocation magics, bringing to life and animating objects to do their bidding while also enhancing them as magical conduits to channel etheric energies. Magic is considered vital to all facets of life, and direct physical labour is disdained as primitive. Far better to enchant a broom to sweep the floor for you than muckle about doing it by hand.
Starting spot: (draw it on the map)

(Reposting for fixed map - it's the western one not the center)
Nation name: (full and abbreviated)
Adalbjorg Clan - AC

>(Ruling Minority) Titans
Otherwise human-like in appearance, the Titans are colossal beings, standing between 13 and 15 meters tall. Powerfully built and thick-skinned, even an untrained Titan would be a calamity in and of themselves. The titans are exceptionally few in number though, with just 11 families making up the Adalbjorg Clan.
>(Enslaved Majority) Humans
There is nothing exceptional to note about the Adalbjorg humans. Their only traditions are religious and agrarian, as the terrifying presence of the Titans has been historically plenty of threat to secure their borders.

A mixture of beliefs is present within the Clan grounds, as the long-lived Titans have had little interest in the development of religion. Instead, the majority of religious beliefs are developed by the Humans, only to be pruned if they were contrary to the interest of the Titans.
Although many people believe in other minor nature gods as well, the core God is the Earth God who the Titans are said to be the children of.

The humans are slaves only in the sense that they recieve no legal rights or representation. Any Titan can treat any human however they please, with the only backlash being the reaction of another Titan to their property being damaged.
Being so vastly outnumbered, it would be impossible to be active managers of the humans, so instead they allow them to form their own clan governments so long as the clan is acting in the interests of the Titans and there is a bounty prepared for the Titans at the end of each Harvest.
The Titans are rarely cruel to the humans, having enslaved them originally primarily due to disliking their taste. In fact, the Titans are often moved to deal fairly with them in order to minimize potential damages to their (human) property and in order to prevent a loss of productivity towards their upcoming harvest.

Like most peoples, the Titans do not know how they were created. Old Titan legends say that they, along with all life once inhabited a massive underground tunnel system that reached well into the core of the earth where it's said that the first living thing was created.
The legend continues that it was the Titans who used their colossal power to expand these tunnels, eventually breaching into the surface of the earth. At the time, the surface was barren, but gradually the life of the cave spread to it, creating the grasslands and forest.
The Adalbjorg clan was bold enough to exit the caves along with the many lesser races and make their home there, but the majority of titans remained deep in the caves, eventually eating up all of the remaining life in there until there was nothing left to sustain them, and they too died.
Nation submission template:

Nation name: Arishiwo Shogunate
Race/races: 鎧を着たカニマン (Armored Crabman, 8ft tall crustaceans who feast on both ambient magic/mana and food, their external shell is made out of silicate, however they do have internal 'bones' of sort...)
Religion(s): N/A , State Secularism
Culture(s): Sino-japanese (aka pretty fucking much pacific eastern asia) with a spice of french thrown in
History: The Arishiwo Shogunate origins has long been lost to time... having became mere legends and rumors... maybe they came from lands from a far, or they were in control of a very large empire?, no one knows... but yet the Shogunate stands thanks due of its military tradition, mastery of black powder and strong national pride and isolationism... for they dislike the foreigner who may ruin their great, beautiful nation... like the animals they are!...

Starting actions:
1: Black powder weaponry:

With the mastery of the black powder, came in all sort of weapons from all sorts, from burning swords to ranged explosives arrows... yet ways to make it even more effectives are being cooked up, as the emperor wonders what could be obtained from such... powder that the nation has holded on for so long (tl;dr: trying to make black powder weapon, not guns(yet), i just want goofy ass shit stuff)

2: The Great Naval Shipyard:

Our nation has a great history with the sea... the original land of our crustaceans ancestors... thus we felt obligated to be the best in this regard, by constructing one of the largest naval shipyards, allowing us to build better and faster naval vessels than other nations that may poses a threat to us...

3:The Great Wall of Nigawami: Literally the great wall of china but its our entire borders with whatever neighbors we have lel

4: Aqua and Agriculture:

To feed our people, aquaculture and agriculture is very important for our nation, thus large fields of wheat, rices and other farmable goods are made... while fishermens make dedicated fish and mollusks and crustaceans farms

5: Military training

Our great nation might end up in a war one day... thus the military would recieve stricter training to assure that all mens would be ready for a possible war against a unknown force, thus making our mens more skilled in a possible war against a unknown threat

6: Advanced construction building (simple as, more resistant construction ways)

Preffered colour: Dark purple
starting spot: https://files.catbox.moe/4jn8mf.png
>Starting actions: (let's say 6 of them)
1 & 2 - Magic - Abjuration
The Titans are indefensibly the most physically powerful of all sentient life. Unfortunately, there is more to might than mere power. In passing years, some pesky humans have sought the aid of powerful magics and grand machines in a vain attempt to match their power.
Already satisfied with their ability to cause great damage, the magic of the Titans is instead rather defensive, focusing on the ability to generate large force-fields, and to resist elements.
3 & 4 - Domesticating Large Beasts
Although grains and starches are palpable to the Titans, they much prefer the consumption of meat. The bigger, the better, as there is no beast too dangerous to be handled by a Titan. Some are even interested in keeping the animals as pets, training them to hunt alongside the Titans so that they can assist in the procurement of new meat by other means.
5 - The Production Line
The Titans are far too massive for any product to be untrusted to a single human craftsman. It would take a human its entire life just to create a shirt for their supersized overlords. As such, the cultural demand for factory-like activity was an early development within the Adalbjorg Clan's human population, with individuals taking on highly specialized roles which contribute to an overarching product goal.
6 - Fort Homes
The Titans are far too large to be housed in the traditional sense. Instead, fort walls with massive gates are erected around nothing. They are simply a place for the Titans to safely retire to for rest.

>Preffered colour:

>Starting spot: (draw it on the map)
I don't really care where I am. Put me where-ever the ground can support me. If I can be somewhat close to a human nation, then that would make sense where I got the slaves from. If I'm too close they'll probably get pissed though.

Nation name: The West Arcane Trading Company
Race/races: Mostly humans
The existence of polytheistic gods is recognized but they specifically worship Poloutus and Taish, Gods of Prosperity and Fortune respectively. Magic is perceived as a natural force of nature and rather than worship it, they venerate the "Saints" of magic, ancient and powerful wizards.

They that every soul goes to the god and the afterlife and religion they adhere too. Through the worship of Poloutus and Taish and by burying their bodies upon death in elaborate gilded manors rich with magical artefacts, runic wards and ostentatious displays of wealth, their souls will arrive with their belongings to the other side of the 'veil'. This they have supposedly confirmed via Necromancy. Ergo it is the goal of the wizard to amass wealth and magic in this life to ensure a comfortable position in the next.

British esque
Rather than being shipwrecked as some *ahem* 'others' are, the West Arcane Trading Company claims direct and intentional descent from a larger organization, having arrived by spelljammer ship in order to establish a colonial branch division, with the end goal of eventually creating gateways to link to the larger enterprise. These ships, given only enough charge for a one way voyage, are meant to encourage each planar colony to fend for themselves, proving their own 'self sustainability and profitability'. Many branches never reconnect, but it is the hope and aspirations of all to do so one day. The Arcane Company believes the traditional approach to magic, that of mere scholars and researchers, woefully flawed and inefficient. Magic itself is of course, a transaction. The exchange of souls, the usage of precise reagents and materials, spells requiring diamonds that have a GP value, and most of all the fact that magical equipment invariably has high material costs is living proof that magic itself is inherently best approached as a business venture.

The Arcane Company specializes itself around enchantments and evocation magics, bringing to life and animating objects to do their bidding while also enhancing them as magical conduits to channel etheric energies. Magic is considered vital to all facets of life, and direct physical labour is disdained as primitive. Far better to enchant a broom to sweep the floor for you than muckle about doing it by hand.
Starting spot: [The Island in the West]
Nation name: Fulani Tribes

Race/races: dark skinned malnourished, poverty stricken tribal africans wearing strange mask.

Religion/culture: The Fulani worship Jyoen and Syi-on, the primordial curse deity of Misfortune and Poverty respectively. the followers of Jyoen cause unrest and devastation by merely existing and depending on the strength of Jyoens favour the unlucky ones can cause minor annoyances like causing an individual to slips while walking to region spanning misfortune like plagues and natural disasters. the followers of Syi-on can cast the curse of poverty capable of turning fertile river valley into becoming barren wasteland and causing material wealth and possession mysteriously disappear.

in exchange for these powers the fulani are also cursed with weak phisique and low lifespan as the followers of Jyoen gradually accumualate crippling injuries due to their misfortune. while the followers of Jyo-on will gradually turn their own land into barren wasteland causing them to migrate from one place to another as tribal nomads to be able to survive.
nation submission >>5851631
forgot to add
>start me anywhere on the map
File: NRPMAP.png (5.18 MB, 6144x3000)
5.18 MB
5.18 MB PNG
You didn't post actions so you are not in, but if someone else quits you can take their nations

So because a lot of people joined last minute some update features will be delayed to next week
1. See if later posted people should get characters
2. the terrain rework - feel free to submit if you want certain terrain types added somewhere
3. Capital names added
4. A map legend - with biomes etc.
5. CultureRace and Religion Info filled out.
6. legend for info doc/
7. water biomes maybe

Because there a lot of new people.
1. Diplo is free if someone is close snough to you like 4-5 tiles you can diplo
2. No bumrushing other players. This is a roleplay game. Exception is Arishiwo as he's in a civil war so it makes rp sense
3. if you miss a turn you only get 1 of your 2 actions back as a make up don't miss
4. If you miss a turn and I can't contact you I will instantly start looking for a replacement to take over your nation

next update is next saturday best post by friday.
The Newtalian tribes slowly adopt a unified identity and governance under one chief who rises to power akin to how the gods do through streangth and charisma. This new unity rapidly uplifts the oncep primitive newts, as great scientists and warriors emerge from their ranks.

The nation becomes a pioneer in domestication of odd crops in their isolation. Among them chief the Moonlight lily a once rare herb which granted warriors extraordinary strength can now be farmed on mass near the coasts.

The next discovery in the field of chemistry allow for creation of many useful medicines. The newt population soon grows making the land inhabited by the tribes currently quite cramped

> A talented Shaman - you receive a great scientist type character. Give him a name, add some fluff around him. As long as he is around you get a buff to inventing new technologies

> Newtalian Modernisation - albeit seemingly behind the rest of the world the Newts have shown great aptitude for rapid technological progress. New technologies will come to you easily and be adopted with no problem for some time.

You have additionally access to an iron mine for your dagger smithing, cow farm for the bones for crafting and some farms to feed your people. As a tibal government you possess no capital city, but you possess a ‘fire pit’ or a more ceremonial meeting ground for tribes. Please name it.

The swamplings are inoffesinve guests of nature by their very nature. Friends to all furry beasts. (I will set your magic as beasttomancy for now, as your nation does not seem like one that lacks magic).

Traveling slowly among the treetops they dispersed more oaks for the very oak is their home. While living in harmony with nature, those visiting their forests would soon notice their pristine beauty as weeds are expunged, trees and grasses are trimmed and harmful insects devoured by them. The ground remains effectively untouched as the knotted hammocks of the Swamplings move alongside them through the treetops. Their only truly permanent settlement being the salmon hatcheries near the great river.

> Character Eldar Knotmother - the knowlege of making knots and basketweaving is passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth. part of this technological knowledge will be tied to this character/position. You may describe the first character to occupy this role, but every 2 turns a random one will be generated due to your governance type being based on being old.

nation trait: Hidden nation - you may expand within other players nations and they don’t know about you, they may expand into your territory too though. You may reveal yourself any time
From around the river their civilisation arose. beings of supreme arrogance, the Crimson Lords conquered the local human populace and established a kingdom built on the backs of slave cattle (Culture name: Crimson Cattle) they rule over using faith, might and guile.

A spynetwork is established with a Spymaster leading it (character describe him) as well as the School of Ilussion magic is established, with it’s first major spell allowing to trick a subject into thinking he experiences worst possible tortures yet leaving his flesh unharmed. To keep the cattle subdued lasty temples are established preaching the vampiric faith so effectively that the vampires themselves are convinced of the truth of their propaganda. Military industry is established, crafting weapons of iron and wood.

The Spymaster shall help with all foreign spycraft pursuits.
Please name your capital.

With the discovery of Steelworking the Tenno guides the formation of Artisan clans, mimicking the secrecy and pride of the Martial arts world. The culture of the artisans thus manages to preserve their great talents serving both the mortal world and the Murim, both having to deal with powerful clans of craftsmen on their therms.

The cities transform as the architecture becomes one based on giant stone Aak faces, an impressive attempt at trying to stamp out spirit worship in favour of the one true Ancestral faith.

lastly the mass cultivation of rice leads to Aak poppulation explosion, their already… oddly crowded home which feels as if twice the people live there overcrowds even more. The nation needs to expand and quickly.

Please name yer capital.

Character: Sifu - please describe him, he is the keeper of highest martial arts knowledge.

An Empire of 4 peoples forged at the neck connecting the far east to the rest of the world. Once the eastern fringe of the grand Raelkan Empire Now it is all that remains from it. A divided people’sfor now brought together by one grand leader which is keerping the mess together via his dictatorship albeit his hope is that before his departure he leaves a stable realm behind.

The famines which had struck the nation once left it severely underopopulated, even as every citizen is armed they have a hard time keeping savages and monsters at bay.

Savages present in territory: Purple Ogre - clearly some crossbreed of Ogre and Greenskin… albeit purple. Their spit and sweat is highly acidic and they can barely speak albeit they may seem trainable for now they are just a nuisance.

Special CHaracter : Poglavnik totan - the man currently keeping the nation from collapsing
Out of… where? The Mao pranz into reality.

nation trait: Hidden nation - you may expand within other players nations and they don’t know about you, they may expand into your territory too though. You may reveal yourself any time

Magic: Dimensional Delocalisation - just as a cat has 7 lives every cat has 7 selves in 7 different dimensions. The cats may influence reality by at any giving point ‘collapsing their 7 states into whichever 1 they please while retaining memory of all.

it is why they have 7 lives, for each time they die the number of selves decreases.
(you seem to not have understood the culture question so I’ll just set it to “Mao”)

As you make your home in the great stone forest you notice the spirits have become few instead giant bug faces jot out of the stone, each a minor spirit growing in power each day. Also a good place to hide and rest. You also learn of Iaakan martial arts, living so close to them you may attempt to study their magic.

(communicating with a player is diplomacy and free, action refunded you may use 3 actions next turn. Due to your ‘magic’ you may reset the conversation in your favour up to 3 times, or retcon it happened if you want to return to secrecy)

The land of the bugmen is split into 4 regions allowing for easier establishment of clan leadership and conflict. The great stone forest becoming a region of it’s own. The catching of mice helps keep the land clean, stocks of grain protected and and disease away. Your hosts surely would be delighted if they knew.

Investigating the spirits of the land reveals little. But that they are in decline the locals giving everless reverence and appeasal to them. Soon the cats find themselves overtaking the task leaving offerings of dead mice, fish and minor trikets at overgrown shrines.

The bouncy Skians have established their home where once the heartland of the Raelkan empire had laid. Fertile fields and calm trade winds. Soon the shortfolk establish grand mines mining for gold and coal, and preserve their knowledge in discoveries in a pictographic tongue within their grand library. Irrogation networks rise up to help with cleanliness in the capital city and to aid the farms.

A grand monolith is built hard for an outsider to tell if it truly is out of piety or pride that it shall nwo stand. Fishing boats are made. Various games emerge especially one about hooping a ball inside a hoop with 2 teams a sport that comes easy to a race capable of jumping very high and with ease.
(try to avoid building specific buildings or like boats, think broader say what you want to exist and the necessary buildings will come up)

Please name your capital. Your mines are also unused for now so find a use for them
Pls name yat capital

Character - Great Writer Yi-yeong Jin - please describe his traits as long as he’s alive you get a bonus to making literary works. His epics will survive millenia

In the great library made near solely to honour his works also remain the secrets of Improved rice farming of the mousefolk. With this the meritocratic rule is standardised and a complex palace and examination bureaucracy introduced and with an army/police force established that shall enforce adherence to the rules and morality.

The boats action does not exactly fit. The 2nd part about exploring the mainland is better. Stuff like having enough food and water will betaken care of automatically as long as your nation does not become too overcrowded.

So I divided the boat action into infrastructure and exploration.

The golems are created. (your magic type is golemancy). Golemancy allows one to punch abovet heir population. For now *Dirst golems* can be created which can be created on the spot from the earth and just ‘charge’ and the other invented type of golem is a stone golem which can be given repetitive tasks to perform and be a permanent fixture you just refuel with magic periodically. Your exploratory vessel traveled far enough south to encounter Declana fishermen and see their bots on the horizon. You may sail and meet the Declanans next turn.

Please name your capital. Also you for sure are just ‘the Academy’ not the academy of Florida. Come on.

A nation built merely on greed is a fragile one… albeit rich. (no state religion, easily influenced by foreign religions, lower cohesion, unrest tied closely to wealth, high starting wealth)

(on turn 0 the success for mines was guaranteed, on next ones the location of resource deposits may be too far so be careful)

Grand gold and silver mines are established albeit no use for the gold ans silver are found yet. The duelist league comes with a colosseum no need to double actions. I will split the duelist stuff into a military+culture action. Don’t build individual buildings.

Again fleet is thinking micro scale. But ok trade infrastructure. Your exploration fleet encounters the Spitaltusk tribe of the Forest trolls. The race seem to be users of Curse magic especially using dolls as catalysts. They are a savage and canibalistic people, but open to trade… surprisingly enough. [diplo them (in this case the QM) to see what you can trade, it’s free]

Please name your capital.
(will change area around you into hills and mountains)
As stated in the rules don’t do building actions, farm action merged with the breeding one for infrastructure + pop management. Same with the forests and kinda. Try to think in more macroscale with actions. I will for now plop down artificial forests and a woodcutter, but as they have no use assigned they do nothing. Instead say you wanna produce wood and the infrastructure needed to facilitate will pop up.

Your nation is tribal/nomadic, thus please name your ‘bondfire’ that’s so to say the political center where the tribe perdioncially meets.

Your explorers discover a set of ruins in the west deep in the forest. Nature magic seems to protect the place and they were quickly chased away. Your nation is highly overcrowded it is recommended you expand promptly.

Character: Medicineman - figure out a name and traits for him etc. He’ll be a goblin.

While their efforts at expansion were commendable the plan was just too ambitious for now. the population is strongly stretched but much of the desired land was claimed in the very least. The knowledge of telekinesis spreads like wildfire even a few geniuses were found who can use it for detailed precise work. A port is constructed and with it a fleet and some fisheries.

During the expansion and exploration efforts nothing of note is found.

name your capital

Once a land divided between pagans from the east and new arrivals from the crumbling human empire the people’s were united through their syncretic faith and by lingering threat of nearby Orkish invasions.

Soon old farming knowlege is reclaimed and adapted for the climate. And a feudal system introduced that shall help govern a soon growing realm. Feudalism brings many benefits, mainly in authonomy of local lords which may take actions of their own, the problem is sometimes their authonomy may go too far and cause problems.

A grand port is Constructed with a fleet which will later be used for exploration by sea, steelworking is reintroduced with once more steel armor available for knights. Scouting the nearby area reveals no nearby orkish or goblin presence on land, exploring by sea lets us notice that another nation is nearby. Signs of civilisation were observed on a faraway island.

Nearby gem and copper deposits are found. Iron and coal mine added to allow for Steel production.
As the Penew are ordered to increase their farm output and expand their farms they use the rare permission to collect construction materials at will to construct secret communities. Hidden villages to have a spot where they can feel free away from the kefi.

The Miew construct a port one they wish to explore the world with and an academy to attempt to establish themselves as the intellectual caste of the nation. A plan that overall might lead to them becoming the mercantile caste as other peoples are encountered.

Lastyle the ruling caste the conquerors sharpen their fangs. From an iron mine comes the iron and is worked into weapons of death ones for now pointed inwards not outward.

Lastly a grand pyramid is constructed to honour the greatest pharaoh. The first kefi conqueror. may it’s grandeour remind the lower races that his work is eternal and his grandeur is divine.

Why did you makr it with the Symbol fort he skaven?
Anyway, the Zora secure the breeding grounds of the favourite fish. Now there shall be no problem in others or large predators intruding on their fisheries.

Please avoid building specific buildings like Quarries. But anyway a quarry is constructed, mining white marble as well as another extracting lapis. And a further iron mine and woodcutter arise which help fuel the weapon production so desired.

the first advances in water magic are pioneered. This for now shall help with construction of complex dam and water networks to keep moist. (the water networks will expand alongside your nation as long as you don’t go too war inland and will provide a minor defensive advantage). The dams halp this effort further alon, allowing fur tunnels wide enough to allow your navy to engage there.

Warriors are trained to protect the realm.

Please avoid actions where you just build buildings “le I build coal mines”. You will get them ‘cause turn 0 but read the rules. there’s 3 of them. Same with the logging forests btw.
You could have said you want to produce something that requires coal and wood and you’d have gotten the buildings accompanying that.

Your explorers encounter a weirdly tidy forest to the north. While in the south you encounter a civilisation of weird bug men. They seem to be proficient fighters.

In the west meanwhile you find some tribal humans. They seem to worship a mix of druidism and God of light, with specific emphasis on an entity know as the “Harvest Mother”. They are known as the gillyans and have pale skin and black curly hair.

The population census helps greatly with tax collection allowing the state to gain money without much effort.
Please avoid super specific actions like build shrines and recruit soldiers. try to think in a more grand scale I’ll handle the specific icons. You have stated no specific magic, but your nation is quiote elven and magical and you worship a snake god so I’ll assign you poison magic, extends to also acids.

Great warriors are recruited and soon sent out on their first exploration mission. During it they find two things of interest one is what it seem to be deposit of jade a precious stone that while green was long associated with snakes and the other? Newt natives in the south living in the river, a primitive tribal semiaquatic peoples. Maybe they could be drafted for the now growing navy?

The experiments with metallurgy reveal an important observation about bronze. While weaker than iron, it seems to conduct magic very well. So much so it’s outright the superior material. Smiths attempt to forge bronze while pushing magic into it forcefully, the result? The metal gains a divine lilac hue and is much harder, retaining a small amount of the properties of the magic pumped into it.

(basic military infrastructure set to bronze not iron production)

>>5851242 Volkovian Avor
You expand into unknown frontiers not encountering many things of interest. Alclehmy finds it’s beginnings in your nation as primitive explosives begin development. For now used for mining a mix of sulphur and coal becomes the first explosive albeit producing much dirt and sutt.

A culture ofm military service develops within the nation. mandatory service also from necessity alone makes the nation more egalitarian.

The nations prized horses are used to form a heavy cavalry unit which is soon armed with recently reinvented Steel, furthermore a place of learning is created to help fascilitatate future technological developments.

While your cavalry rides in steel armor your footttrops have to make do with iron.

The men of the West Arcane are known for their bizarre magic allowing them to animate objects. Not true golemancy for the animation seems to reference the ‘soul’ of an object capable to now perform a task autonomously which it once had to be wielded by hand for.

Please refrain form doing actions like ‘I build gold mines’ there’s just 3 rules. Thye magic trees and pixies living within them are collected as ingredients for magical and alechmical ext=periments albeit the pixies don’t seem that happy about it.

Experiments with magic crystals gold and fairy dust solely as experiments? The result are luxury magic wands. Soon it is found the branches of the magic trees work nearly as well, wants help extend a mages magic range in a single direction they are pointed at.

A port and exploratory feet are set up.

last action refunded you get 3 actions for next turn.
translation magic is a whole as separate type to the animation magic You did not read the rules 1 starting magic type per player.
Even the grandest beasts the titans find, elephants are small enough for them to kick around like a ball. Quite disappointing but beyond untamable monsters nothing grows much larger. Still large herds of them can be kept for meat or even as pets. They are also way too big for the slaves to handle which evelates some worries.

Through some select breeding larger wooly breeds are made big enough to be a small lap animal for comfort.

The Titans require large swaths of land to survive each own. As such they rarely form even tribal communities leading lonesome lives. The perfect egoists, nomadic over the land they possess often only living alongside their herds and slaves. Over time they seek to mimick the communities of the tiny folk. Grand walled gardens are created only they may enter where the titans meet a few at a time hidden behind grand stone walls.

The invention of gunpowder rapidly changes the relationship between the upper and lower class. A nation completely unprepared for such eventually can do little but see itself plunged into a 5-way civil war. The Shogunate is not is a good situation as it has no choice but to either ask for outside help (only nation you know is sword guys next to you) or to negotiate with the peasant leaders themselves ast hey outnubmer them severely.

Foreign aid may be hard to request by land in the very least as out great wall is half finished (one more action into it). But we can try by navy as we posess a port… currently controlled by the southern peasants revolt though.

here is the google doc link
also have fun in the east that place is so cramped
Ten years, one full decade of Jjaroslovia and the domestic situation is just stable. Industry was sub par, even if farming was at the very least as productive as ever. The largest issue which now plagued the land was, ironically, identity. They were all Jjaroslovs, but what did that mean? While true they all shared the Iagranist faith, was that truly all? No. There was more to the people than just that, they had all shed blood to liberate the nations and forge a country of their own, a true nation from which to call a home. Things needed to change if any sort of Post-Totan Jjaroslovia was possible, instead of four separate Totanist nations drifting apart.

1. Begin the process of forging a true national identity through incorporating shared cultural aspects of all the peoples within. It was those similarities they shared which brought them together against the lords, and should keep them together as Jjaroslovs.
2. Resourcing. The 5 year plan drafted by the Capital council requires more than the surface mines producing what little they do now. Iron is of importance for turning to Steel. It is that steel which plows the fields, hammers tools to shape and arms the Popular Legion.
Security is of vital importance to the wellbeing of the Company, given the unknown conditions on this plane. Lord Marley and Governor Gladswell decide to ensure the Company is well armed and manned.

>Develop Mini-Ball Animation
The Mini-Ball, little sphere of enchanted metal is, while not the most elaborate device to be animated by the wizards of the company, it's most important. An evolution to the previous practice of animating arrows to fly without the need of bows, these little pieces of enchanted metal ammunition are designed to be propelled at tremendous speed. Primitive races would use something mundane and trife like blackpowder, but the wizard simply aims his staff, loads a bit of pixie-dust, and animates them to head towards a target with a thunderous crack of air.

>Develop Heavy-Ball Animation
The Heavy-Ball is the larger cousin to the Mini-Ball. These are weightier sphere's of metal, thus requiring significantly more magical energy than can be delivered by mere staffs or wands. The entire trunks of magical trees must be cut down and hewn properly to animate these to fly towards the foe, but their power is such that they can smash into enemy ships and castles with ease.

>Raise and Recruit the Company Guard (aka "The Blue Coats")
Of course, we would never simply give these weapons into the hands of our commoners willy-nilly. The Company Guard, famed for their striking blue uniforms, should be the first to receive the weapons. These vetted men are paid for and loyal to the Company first and foremost, and will ensure law and order is maintained.
>Capital Fluff:
Port Regal is the capital of the West Arcane Trading Company. A port city overlooked by a vast fortress of stone and masonry, it was built through the efforts of the wizards who enchanted the very bricks and mortar itself to flow into place. It prides itself as a growing center for trade and commerce for the Company in this New World.
File: City of Tara-Nar.jpg (90 KB, 728x461)
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>Capital: Tara-Nar
The city of Tara-Nar ("Sanctuary Hill" in Faespeak) is found at the mouth of the river Alb. Its most notable landmark is the castle, built over the eponymous hill by King Albus himself as a place for him and his knights to gather. It is thriving place, full of live and activity.

>Explore the sea towards the east and establish contact with the island civ
Knowledge of an island to the east potentially housing another nation both delights and worries. On one hand, Albion will need friends to brave the uncertain future, and it may be an oppoturnity to learn what happened to the old Raelka homeland, which there hasn't been any contact with since the exodus generations ago. But on the other hand, it may be an obstacle, if not a threat, to the nation's interests over the seas. A ship is sent east to take stock of whether these neighbours are friend or foe, and scout for any other point of interest in the surrounding sea.

>Establish the Church of Albion
The Albionese partially descend from Raelkan refugees who fled the collapse of the Raelkan Empire. With them, they brought Iagranism, the faith in Iagran, the Son of Heaven who tried to save the empire only to be martyred for it. Thing is, even under Albus and to this day, Albionese Iagranism was almost entirely unorganized: the emmigrants left Raelka before any of that developped. Complicating matters is the local syncretism that arose from coexistence with the druidic fae-revering natives, which has led to a lot of muddling of the lines between the two. Only recently has there been a push for organisation into a proper Church, with codified doctrine, hierarchy headed by an Archbishop, prayers and sacraments, curate scripture and role in Albionese society as a state religion to give the people a moral framework to live by; tho without ostrasizing the practioners of the druidic Old Way.
Capital is named Sokchon

Yi Yeong-Jin, the youngest brother of the previous ruler, Yi Song-Min, and fifth in line of succession, was more focused on religious matters and to escape the cyclic existence that those of Haeran'Yi were subjected to. Seeking to ideally to share his revelations to others so that more could work towards freeing their souls. However, he was alone in his work for quite some time. He did have a great effect, not just on spiritual writing but on writing as a whole, having even reformed the entire writing system of Haeran'Yi so as to allow more abstract concepts to be properly represented and described. It was something that allowed him to better describe the concepts and understanding of the soul and world that he came to understand. Slowly but surely, he was able to put the pieces together as he eventually came upon a final revelation that he knew not how to put to words, even with his reforms. Further, memories flooded back and his deterioration in his advanced age seemed to come to a halt. And he put his revelations down in many writings, which quickly came to be taken up by the 24 enlightened disciples, the one whom seemed to understand the most being Chon Seung-Hoon. Yi Yeong-Jin was to stay in Haeran'Yi for a time. Teaching those of the nature of the soul, the cycle of life and death, and the stages of the soul in it's path to enlightenment. However, he would not stay forever. And he has plans to ascend soon. To simply walk up the air as if taking an invisible stairway to the heavens. Once his disciples and the people had known well enough to be able to find enlightenment.

>Action One. Tools allow ease of work. Ease of work allows efficiency. Efficiency allows progress. Progress allows prosperity. Prosperity brings ease of work.

Ironworking, one of the key skills that existed in Haeran'Yi was extremely useful for allowing the creation of tools that made everything from building to farming better. It also allowed far better equipment for the laiseu gadeu that ensured their safety and allowed for the protection of the average Saljwyi. Having far more Pyeongmin working in extracting iron, along with more trained artisans working forges and smiths to make that iron into tools, weapons and armor was, to put it simply, extremely useful. As every bit of iron extracted and made into more tools meant more iron could be extracted and made into more tools, which then could be used to make more tools to make tools, and then made to make far more tools for harvest than that of other peoples.

>Action Two. Abundance brings prosperity. Prosperity brings people. People bring labor. Labor brings Progress. Progress brings prosperity.

The average Saljwyi on their own does not eat much. There are many, many Saljwyi however, and that number shall only grow. There were plenty of lands that would be suitable for farms, be they the traditional rice or even that of millet or barley, that weren't being utilized. Some of these were further out than where many Saljwyi lived. But this is not a problem, especially with the Iaseu Gadeu. More Saljwyi will go out and settle the unutilized lands and make these places home. And, with this, allow for the classic cycle of growth to continue. Haeran'Yi must grow larger. It will grow larger. And with more people and more land, as well as more bureaucrats to manage these lands, the Heavenly Kingdom grows stronger.
>2. the terrain rework - feel free to submit if you want certain terrain types added somewhere
Well, considering my civ, I'm requesting wetlands somewhere. You probably already have some there, but I considered being a bit sure.

Talented Shaman: Vr'tholomiut, the apprentice of a chemist and now a master of science. He is passionate in improving the instruments for use in chemistry and metallurgy. His catchphrase is "SCIENCE AWAITS!"

Fire Pit: Newtopia

1. Improve watercraft so that the newts could travel through rivers, waterways, and out to sea faster and more effectively.
2. Develop useful drugs that could be used to cure disease, improve performance, and make newts healthier and stronger.
File: Fathers Tower.jpg (169 KB, 736x1595)
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169 KB JPG

Capital: Corprest, the seat of power of the Crimson Lords. A brooding place of pink granite stained with grime, sprawling across the three rivers that meet at its location. It is a city of contrast, with stone carved manors sitting in the midst of rotting slums. Well kept streets run between the manors where the crimson lords delight in running down any of the peasantry who have the misfortune of being in their path. The slums themselves have only the barest of paths, rotting boards on swampy ground.

Where two rivers become one is the Father's Tower, a forbidding tower festooned with bleeding corpses, kept fresh by nightly hunts by the younger of the crimson lords. The blood flows into the Father's River, consecrating it anew each day. It is here in the Father's Tower that the Crimson Council rules over the lesser vampires and in turn the human cattle.

Long ago the bodies of massacred locals were heaped here until they blocked the river and only blood and bile flowed down its banks. It was this profane act of bloodlust that pleased the dark god and blessed the Father, who was ultimately torn apart and consumed by his children.

> Action 1: Develop the Aura of Blindness Spell

Samuel Gutripper has been named Spymaster of the Black Fangs, the eyes, ears, and executioners of the Crimson Council. His first act is to set the dark magicians of the blood lords to crafting spells to allow his spies and agents to move unseen and unknown, all the better to discover and destroy those who would defy our rule. The end result is Aura of Blindness, a spell that robs those around the caster of their vision. The demonstration of a Black Fang agent casually eviscerating a crowd of cattle armed with spears, who grow progressively more distressed at each scream and death gurgle, is met with equal parts laughter and applause, especially when their panicked stabbing strikes each other. Arrangements are made for a repeat performance at once.

> Action 2: Expand to the south along the river.

The young blood of the clan grow restless and their elders know better than to let the inevitable purges, infighting and insurrection take place at home. Already three young crimson lords have been messily executed by their superiors, but not before they managed to cut down one of their elders. While all of them will mend soon enough in the bosom of the river it is a clear sign that too many lords are sharing too little space. Cattle are taxed from the belligerent youths, leashed, and driven south along the river to seed new villages for fledgling crimson lords to rule, where hopefully lands of their own to rule will cool their heads.
I posted the wrong link here's the real one


>I<: Establish colonies outside of the great stone forest
As kind as the local buggery has treated us, by ignoring our feasting, the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill.

>II<: Do a little bit of mischief
After we have been so kind to them, why not reap some amusement from the locals? With the local spirits being cared for by our magnanimous selves, the position of playing with lesser beings is empty. Have our soft paws render both fortune and mischance to the bugs and have them be none the wiser! Who knows, maybe treats will fall out of them after enough time.
I'm out of town at the moment
>Capital Name is Dis Nye

>Start developing beer and alcohol as a luxury! Since we're established it's time to party and celebrate out nation!

>Time to get back to work, see about creating automated Boats and wagons to ease logistics in the future. Basically gain an efficiency bonus for later.

>Recruit a grand architect from our ranks to lead the development of Florida and expand the borders. He'll be named Grand Stoneshaper Felix

>Research more to see if it's possible to develop Golemancy into Magitech in general. Things like automated mills and repeating crossbows.

>See if it's possible to use Stone or maybe Wood golems to walk underwater and safely harvest clams for pearls

>Go meet the Decalana >>5849709

Nation: Academy Of Florida

Race: Human Mages

Luxuries: Beer and Alcohol (?), Pearls (?)

Magic: Golems

Materials: None

Celebrations fill the streets of Dis Nye Land as the Floridians drop their long imposed isolation to finally explore the world and meet its inhabitants. The casks are broken and beer flow freely across the streets as every citizen of Florida celebrates this wonderful day. Merriment and drinking sends off the brave pioneers on their boats, sailing towards the mainland for new horizons and adventures.

The next day, many are filled with hang overs in the morning but miraculously every citizen seems to be ready and eager for work. Countless citizens work long hours, directing golems and building wagons as they prepare for a great expansion and great it is as the Northern parts of the Island's forests are cut down to make a path for its people. Leading this project was the newly appointed Grand Stone Shaper Felix Fix whom grumbled at having to work with wood instead of Marble but still diligently did his work expanding the borders.

To the South, the brave explorer find signs of a new civilizations and eagerly sail towards them hoping for friendly faces.

I don't have much to spare at the moment but would you be willing to trade your Stone for my Beer once we meet? We're both craftsmen and people interested in magic so I'd like peace.
File: Volkovian diplomat.jpg (41 KB, 638x826)
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Lore: Knights, Men at Arms, Miners, Smiths, and Scholars.. all of these things are the backbone of our nation, all men and women serve, and work, each their own cog in the grand design. but from this arises the fire held in the heart of every Volkovian. innovation and strength, these are what reigns supreme.

Action 1: Fund alchemical Research: Seeing the usefulness in the mines and the theory of implementation elsewhere within the empire is not lost on thoes whom control the Coin. Funds have been diverted as incentive to see improvements in the technology.

Action 2: Schola Militarum. A grand school is to be built partially as a school for training officers from the enlisted men who show aptitude for leadership. and secondly to provide a Grand training area for the army at large, both in Basic unit tactics but the grand strategy of war. (Basic training school and officer school basically)

Politics: it has been long since we have looked BEYOND our own borders. Mounted on horses and accompanied by a few of the merchant guildsmen and their armed retainers, the Volkovioan equivalent of Diplomats are sent beyond the borders to discover just what lays beyond them. (Pic related Diplomat)
Capital Name: Morgorod
Magic: None, Dedicated to Alchemy.

The Volkovians formed from the fall of a former empire being the more militaristic arm of that former empire they also absorbed some of the engineering class that worked closely with the leaders of the military. years later, Elias Kruger arose from a former house of minor royals and managed to unify the current clans and wrest them into unification.
File: Classic NRP Turn 1.png (16 KB, 187x259)
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(Formatting of that update is very weird. The actions are supposed to span 6 distinct ages, over a thousand years or more. After talk with the QM, it seems fine to imagine the same end result, but a different fluffing as to it being the product of history not recent projects.)

As the sun sets on the Pharaoh, his son takes the throne. Not a young one, the heir is already a veteran of war. The coronation happens without issue, the crown is passed from father to son, and the son has an heir of his own. The new Pharaoh and son enter the arena of Wepta, the captial of Ta-Kefi, where the two slay a dozen trained lions. It is like taken from the pages of a fairy tale, how seamless the transition is. The sun rises to illuminate the new Pharaoh's grandeur, his chisseled suntanned muscles, his radiant gold armour, and pristine white clothes. Meanwhile the old Pharaoh is embalmed and prepared, for he wishes his tomb be in the ancestral deserts, and his son will oblige. But there are some preparations to do.

>Action 1: The Burrow Farms. Penews make more farms out on the countryside, living in underground homes too cramped for Miews to enter.
The Penews have long been an oppressed majority, but the days of Ta-Kefi are kinder than those of Ta-Miew. The Miews continue to hound the Penews, always seeking more slaves, but the Kefi natural strength leaves them with little need for such, instead just taxing them. So the Penews spread out into the countryside, but instead of building their homes onto the ground, they dig them into it, leaving very little of the walls above ground. It takes a lot of work to dig these homes, moving so much soil, but it's worth it as a defence against Miew slavers. Some clever Penew even hire Kefis to do the digging, not only are the Kefis strong, but their natural claws make them able to dig quickly even without tools. The larger burrows have their own defence against the Miew slavers, being that they are likely dug by Kefis, that adds the risk that they're under Kefi protection.

>Action 2: An army renewed. Organizing the warriors into cohorts and ensuring a standard of equipment.
Ta-Kefi is a land of many warriors, mainly Kefi, where it is their primary trade, but Penews are coordinated and Miew marksmanship remains unmatched. But these form small warbands, ones the Pharaoh can call upon but there are issues when they form an army. So sending out a call for warriors and tacticians, as well as opening the treasury, the Pharaoh shall setup cohorts, with specializations as well as uniform equipment. Penews shall be skirmishers, Miews archers, only Kefi shall be infantry, with javelins and scythe-swords.
File: nq01.jpg (14 KB, 256x234)
14 KB
Elder Knotmother
>The Swampling tribe is led by a Committee of Elders, but if one individual can be designated as their "leader", they would be the Elder Knotbaba/pappy, the oldest living member of the tribe. Swamplings commonly live up to 80s years, though rarely an individual may live up to 100 years. These individuals have a relatively passive role in their tribe; they may not be the ones making the choices for the tribe, but they are integral to the raising of Little Ones. With their large repertoire of Memories, Swampling Little Ones are "schooled" by Elder Knotbaba who shares her Memories, passing on not only skills but history.
>The current Elder Knotmother is Baba Pika, a matriarch in her 90s with 8 children, 56 grandchildren, and 224 Great-Grandchildren. Her exceeding age combined with her relations throughout the tribe puts her in a remarkable position as being almost everybody's literal Baba.

Action 1: Shines in the Waters
>Every Spring when the Salmon fry hatch, some eggs continue to remain. These eggs are bright like the roe of their Salmon guests, but they are often much larger and sturdier. The Swamplings have observed these unhatched eggs for many years, hoping they would eventually hatch, but have come to understand them as gifts left by Salmon.
This is amber, I want them to have some valuable and abundant commodity, but something they don't really need or use.

Action 2: A Hammock for Baba
>Baba Pika is too frail to move and she is everybody's Baba. The Swamplings shall send youths to live with Baba Pika at the Salmon Nursery to tend to her needs and maintain the Spawning Grounds. It is customary for all Swamplings to spend at least one year as unmarried adults looking after her. Individuals are replaced every Spring when the Swamplings break into Bands again.
Preparing a makeshift capital.

Diplomacy: Divine Empire of Khimor
>Strange creatures who look like us have appeared! Who are these? Why do their mouths make noises like ours that we cannot understand? Their ears are so small too! Their arms and legs are much longer than ours, but they sure don't like climbing trees!
>The people of Khimor have folklore about "Little Woodland Singers", creatures who look like small humans who sing in chorus among the trees. They are always heard first before they are seen, but if one gets too close, the singing abruptly stops. Many people throughout history have claimed to have seen them, but only when they were small children who got lost in the woods. These stories are usually passed off as the wild imaginations of children, I mean c'mon, riding a bear? Please.
I want Swamplings to be nice little people in Khimor folklore, but nobody really knows whether they're real or not.
After some thought, I think I'm doing something wrong and I kinda want to change my actions because I don't like 'em.
>Ecology research
It’s very warm in the summer, which is the season our coastal folks thrive in the most. This much has been true since we first arrived, many years ago. Not only do we work our hardest, but the ocean beside us excels in the same season. For this reason, wildlife researchers around the nation are ready to take advantage of it, and aren’t afraid to go out in the woods or step deep in the water to do so. This includes within our rivers, their watershed, and the ocean. Every living organism around us has some niche for another.

(Ooc: Idk what season it is, feel free to tell me and I’ll have an appropriate response next turn. Ecology changes throughout the seasons, so it’s worth it to check any one of them. I also don’t know how often they change in game.)

>Travel and trail network
We are badly in need of infrastructure between our settlements, the apple farm, and the ancient village. All of these locations are crucial to the survival of our nation, and carts move between them frequently, so and our people. Travel should be facilitated by the means of soft, dirt trails.

More to come in next post, mainly describes some lore and info about the terrain in the area around my nation.
Be sure to let me know if any of it is BS.

>Climate, terrain, lore "dump"

The terrain along the coastline is like a solid wall of land, mixed with rock, craig, who says hello, karst, and crystal, topped by a thick layer of dirt, angled upwards and away from the shore. Said shore is sandy and shallow in the water, which swallows it almost entirely when night rolls by. Huge waves crash against the natural wall, and no matter how big they get, they never reach the top. We feel that, if the time comes when the world will end, Tarkus’ impact will bring about the wave that would easily conquer our natural wall, as it had in ancient times. Until then, we have pretty much complete protection from even the largest, naturally-occurring waves. The same cannot be said for structures built on the mountain side, or inside the bay.

Many moons ago, there was a path with a staircase built from the flat-topped peak down to the sandy beach. Huge coniferous trees line its edges almost all the way down, and continue along the wall. They and the other plant life, thus the wild life, thus the fungi, all feed off of and are benefited heavily by the likes of the sun above them, the water beside them, and the ground under them. Deika, Luidicios, and Castor, working together with the cosmic force that is Tarkus, all in secrecy, yet sitting before our very eyes.

During the day, the waves crash into the shore, which is much safer for surfers. At night, they directly impact the natural wall of the entire bay. In this case, the previously mentioned dock was built so that it would accommodate all the needs of its users, be they daytime recreation or nighttime fisherfolks, so it has staircases at multiple heights to correspond with the tide. They also go down to ground level, in specific places.

The boat tether posts at the dock are built to last, being tree trunks lifted into place and buried under the sand and mud.
Telekinesis, being one of the easiest ways to get the job done, would require multiple so-inclined individuals to accomplish the task.

Laudainos, the nation’s capital, is a walled city on the side of a mountain range that stretches far into the east. This mountain is otherwise covered in extremely dense forest, and has a mysterious, cloudy woods that runs along its many peaks. It’s said the Ukuma originated from these clouded forests, and used to live in trees there, but they haven't been back up to the peak for multiple millennia.
as long as you do it before the update it's fine. Remember to reply to your OG post so i notce though.
1. The Chieftain moves to solidify his regime as chieftain by creating various symbols and banners that symbolize his rule, and his subjects could bow under.
2. Improve the watercraft of the newts so they could travel farther and more easily through rivers, waterways, and out at sea. The watercraft should help in moving materials and newts to where they should be.
File: Zora's Saphire.jpg (22 KB, 320x273)
22 KB
>Why did you mark it with the Symbol for the skaven?
It was supposed to be a rough approximation of the image attached here, but I didn't do a very good job of it.

Anyway, further fluff:
>King Meladon
The current King of Zorule is a giant among Zora-kind, near twice the size in height of even the taller of his subjects and far wider as well. A proud and rather haughty figure seen to possess the three noble attributes, his claim to the throne was once considered tenuous (as the line of succession had become muddied in previous generations) but his size and strength (and a well-chosen marriage) have all allowed him to secure and consolidate his authority and 'encourage' the other claimants to put their claims aside.

>Capitol: Melaruta

>Terrain Requests:
Upland (hill/mountain?)Lakes and Waterfalls, Wetlands

>Action One: Expand Westward
Our people have been places upon the Greatfish Peninsula by divine providence; we owe it to both ourselves and the creator-goddesses to secure this land that they have clearly left for us.

>Action Two: Swim-Dashing
The strong swimming abilities of a Zora are already formidable; when boosted by our nascent water magic we can boost this strength even further. Zora will rush and jump through the rivers and the waves at speed, with such ability behind us that we can launch ourselves high from a swimming start; even tall waterfalls will yield as we jump into and swim up the water's flow.
File: IMG_7020.jpg (362 KB, 2360x1640)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
(Capital is Iaakon. The highest Sifu is known as the Kami Sifu.)

Action 1: Expand

The people of the Covenant have always a need for new pastures, seeking south to establish new peasant farmsteads that make good use of the many rivers down that path. It is the birth of a new province, that of Xoxia. The other advantage is pushing peasants out of the cities, freeing up room.

Action 2: Turreted Paths

Ronin, bandits and stranger things threaten the people and the stability of the Covenant. The Kami Sifu, a mysterious figure who none have seen the face of and lived, will tolerate no such threat to manifest. From within his many layers of hoods and scarves, he advises the Tenno that the ways between the villages should be cleared, fortified and garrisoned. Not only for their safety of course, but to ensure his continued reign.

It is to be done, great cleared paths formed up to allow peasants to travel far, and never too far from safety. Great links between each significant settlement marked by forts and watchtowers are sure to fend off disgruntled wandering warriors and sub-aak opportunists both.
File: Skaian.jpg (345 KB, 2500x1406)
345 KB
345 KB JPG

Nations Capital: Isladawn

The Raelkan empire saw this lake as a fit place to call home, and so too shall the Skaians. Their old ruins prove excellent inspiration, and skaian priests conduct many ceremonies in the shadow of these ancient reminders of what is to come, and the lessons that we can learn.
Nothing lasts. But from the ruins, new life can flourish. So it once was, so it shall be again.

>Action 1 - Explore/Refit the ruins.
Quarried stone and precious metals, unused for now, will serve us well. Of course, if these ruins are extensive, then they must first be mapped!

>Action 2 - Food! Glorious food!
Fish, fowl, fields! Food can come from many places, and it's all very tasty! A culinary explosion washes over the Skaian society as new and exciting dishes are made.

The 'port' of the Skaians is nothing more than a smattering of fishermen huts, but the explorers are welcome to land anyway! They would find child-sized beings of light frame, colourful cloth, and white hair. They are eager to hear of far off lands, and freely share what they know of their home.

The greenskin explorers would find the Skaian homes not too far off their borders, and would be greeted warmly if they decide to approach.
>Medicine Man will be Named Scratch
He's a jaded old doctor who genuinely just wants to save as many people as he can. Not long for this world and probably getting closer and closer to the reaper as he barely sleeps so long as there are patients. Scratch refuses to die so long as he hasn't passed down his knowledge to a worthy apprentice.

>The Bondfire will be named The Midpoint after being in the middle path of the River's path.

>1.) Gather an elite warband!
Raise a warband of Orc Barbarians and Goblin Cavalry! Only the best and most disciplined of each tribe as these men will be the backbone of the future Greenskin military.

>2.) Raid the ruins
Nature Magic's no match for Greenskin strength and cunning! Send in the stealthiest goblins to probe the area before sending in the most well-armored Orcs.

>3) Start expanding East
The Area between the two rivers is not only very fertile but also incredibly defensible. We've going to want to get to the edge of the next River if possible.

>4) Use the Lumbermill to fortify and build houses for Midpoint
This place will be the new capital of the Greenskin Highlanders but it will take time for people to accept this fact so just use an excuse to build walls and houses there.

>5) Start searching for ores and build a mine
It's a mountain there should be plenty of places to mine here.

>6) Scratch starts training his replacement.
Somebody idealistic and wide-eyed but also realistic. Somebody much better than him who can help lead the new generation. Throughout his life he's been training lots of apprentices but now he needs to pick a person to carry out his legacy.
It's 2 actions per turn.
We got 6 starting actions to kickstart us.
Pick out two actions, or the QM might process only the first two.
ye only 2 actions
> Action 1 - Expanding the Stomping Grounds
Although plants are palpable to the Titans, the Titans are much more accustomed to a meat-rich diet, having only been introduced to agriculture by their human servants. Of course, raising livestock requires much more land than mere plants. In order to create new grazing land for their growing farms, the Titans wander along the borders of their territory, striking down the tree-line so that there may be no refuge to the predators who would seek to prey upon their smaller animals.

> Action 2 - Patrons of Philosophy
The Titans each have few wants and needs, fearing nothing of this earth, and being served by villages of human slaves. What more could be desired? What more could be accomplished? Troubled by these concerns, the Titans find themselves inspired by the human thinkers who engage in a debates of logic and speculation known as "Philosophy". Many titans find themselves amused or even fascinated by these humans, and keep them as esteemed pets, providing for them so that their minds may be focused on their craft.
1: Listen to the Peasantry Demands

>We are Outmanned and...well... Outgunned, thus we have no choices but to listen to the demand of the peasantry, as alongside this, the Shogun would offer to the peasantry to reform the nation as a... Democratic State, nothin' more simple as that

2: Finish the Great Wall

>Simple as
File: Screenshot_52.png (66 KB, 391x455)
66 KB
>Can't read, didn't know we could only take two actions rip.

>??? Meet the Decalana next turn (Not sure if this cost an action?)

>1) Start up alcohol production and have a giant party to celebrate the start of a new era.

>2) Recruit an engineer to lead an expansion next turn. Call him Stoneshaper Felix, a slightly arrogant but passionate engineer.

Nation: Academy Of Florida

Race: Human Mages

Luxuries: Beer and Alcohol (?), Pearls (?)

Magic: Golems

Materials: None

Celebrations fill the streets of Dis Nye Land as the Floridians drop their long imposed isolation to finally explore the world and meet its inhabitants. The casks are broken and beer flow freely across the streets as every citizen of Florida celebrates this wonderful day. Merriment and drinking sends off the brave pioneers on their boats, sailing towards the mainland for new horizons and adventures.

The next day, many are filled with hang overs in the morning but miraculously every citizen seems to be ready and eager for work. Countless citizens work long hours, directing golems and building wagons as they prepare for a great expansion and great it is as the Northern parts of the Island's forests are cut down to make a path for its people. Leading this project was the newly appointed Grand Stone Shaper Felix Fix whom grumbled at having to work with wood instead of Marble but still diligently did his work expanding the borders.

To the South, the brave explorer find signs of a new civilizations and eagerly sail towards them hoping for friendly faces.

Diplomatic Information for the Delacana

Imma be real with you here chief, I wanna build giant golems and pilot them like it was Pacific Rim. Now I'm willing to give you most of the early prototypes so you can help fight against the cataclysm your people are expecting or use them for construction but I need stone. I just really want giant golems to appear on the map. Also maybe trade us fish for beer, do you have any sushi or any fermented fish? Something that goes well with beer?

Also would you be open to letting me establish an enclave nearby? Right on where it's circled, I'll write up a treaty promising not to expand at all from there but I figure I need a spot to build the giant golems.
>Medicine Man will be Named Scratch
He's a jaded old doctor who genuinely just wants to save as many people as he can. Not long for this world and probably getting closer and closer to the reaper as he barely sleeps so long as there are patients. Scratch refuses to die so long as he hasn't passed down his knowledge to a worthy apprentice.

>The Bondfire will be named The Midpoint after being in the middle path of the River's path.

>1.) Gather an elite warband to search the ruins!
Raise a warband of Orc Barbarians and Goblin Cavalry! Only the best and most disciplined of each tribe as these men will be the backbone of the future Greenskin military.

>2.) Start expanding East and maybe use the lumber mill to start building homes there.
The Area between the two rivers is not only very fertile but also incredibly defensible. We've going to want to get to the edge of the next River if possible.

Diplomacy is simple, you stay on your side of the river and we stay on ours. We don't want any trouble but the Greenskins don't want anything to do with anybody else.
>Whoops I forgot, our capital is named Dis Nye
File: Screenshot_55.png (395 KB, 343x962)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
>1) Hold a grand tournament to name The First Sword of Peil. A title bestowed to the Peil's protector and the first to represent the Capital in all her duels.
The winner of the tournament is the very popular Admiral Cassandra. A hero of the Republic Navy who was betrayed by her corrupt officer and left for dead, but survived and relisted under a different name before rising up the ranks and taking her revenge. Ever since then, she's been striving to protect the needy and bring the Republic to glory. At least, that's what the story of her character was.

As most duels are made for spectacle, many duelists come up with elaborate and colorful backgrounds that are usually entirely fabrications. Nobody knows for certain how much of The Admiral's story is true, all that really matters is that she is a genuinely fearless duelist who commands Peil's Fleets and bravely fights to protect its people.

>2) Send Explorers North and try to figure out what that hut icon is.

Generally, when your neighbours suffer from a blatant civil war most other countries would be concerned or tense but not The Republic. A new age was dawning as the tournament to name The First Sword Of Peil was held. For a Month, the streets are filled with merry as people reveled in the streets at the major event.

Duelists from all over the Republic fought in the grand colosseum for glory, wealth or favor with the populace with nobody being barred from entry into the tournament regardless of their background. The First Sword Tournament lay more into the minds of the people as it picked out Peil's representative and symbol, a person who would speak as its voice.

In the past, even villains both theatric and true became First Swords with mixed reception. Sometimes they made the city interesting by pushing chaotic but ultimately fun events and sometimes they would abuse their status to strong arm the people.

Fortunately, this tournament had no true villains to speak of with one of the only few surprises being the generally unpopular and usually mocked Sir Bernard, who seems to only play the role of strawman for unpopular male public figures so he can be constantly beaten, making it to the semi-finals with incredible skill on par with the greatest duelists.

In the end the finals came down to two fan favorites the ambiguous but beloved Mocking Girl, neither a hero or villain, and Admiral Cassandre, a folk idol.

The duel came down to the wire, each duelist exchanging a flurry of blows so fast the crowd could barely keep up. For once, The Mocking Girl seemed to be forced to take her opponent seriously when she became quiet and bereft of her usual taunts which were generally her namesake. The crowd held their breaths as the duelists fought but in the end Admiral Cassandra forced the duel into a very close combat situation and threw The Mocking Girl onto the ground after a risky maneuver before claiming victory as the new First Sword Of Peil.
File: 1701366281525789.jpg (37 KB, 338x375)
37 KB
I'm late so if my shit doesn't count tell me and I'll ignore this thread.

Name: The Democratic Republic of Children of Sir Faust. It may be abbreviated to DRCSF for short. Why would such a nation name themselves this could be attributed to the hivemind-like mentality of the citizens.

Race: There is only one race who dub themselves Gloinkers. The citizens of DRCSF are artificial humanoids who gained movement seemingly through magic. Though mostly the same, their design slightly differs citizen to citizen. Whether this is purely for cosmetic reasons to differentiate Gloinkers or more practical ones is currently unknown, as they have just recently settled in. From surface level observation, Gloinkers may have a central intelligence or "queen" of sorts that can be their weak point since most grunts seem mindless, unable to hold onto one thought for too long without guidance. Though the location of such a being, or even the existence of one is of as of yet unconfirmed. The entity called "Faust" in the nation's name is also unconfirmed to be a Gloinker. The connection between the two seems likely, though not established. Though one peculiar thing that should be mentioned, Gloinkers are observed to be able to "sense" one another at a certain range. Perhaps being able to view the magic inside one another like a GPS spotting a serial number.

Religion: Gloinkers are unable to have religion since the common citizen seem to barely be able to have independent thought. Loyalty to the country is absolute, since the thought The concept of such divinity is unknown to the Gloinkers, though they understand magic exists, as the DRCSR's beliefs and motivations mostly seem to come from something "real". It could be the "queen" stated earlier, though another theory is that the hivemind could be the network itself, rather than 1 rooted entity. The closest thing they do have a religion is a fondness for a being named "Faust." Though, his nature doesn't seem divine in Nature.

Preffered Color: Black to represent the blankness and void that is the Gloinkers. Also because we're running out of colors and I have no idea what's available other than this possibly.

Capital Name: The Capital is simply named, "Dad's Library". Perhaps Gloinkian? Or related to Faust?

Culture: Gloinkers don't have individuality. There is no music, only the sounds of the movements of their bodies. There is no entertainment, only work and the rest and repair they get in-between.There is no fictional literature. Any books that do exists consists of solely facts, such as reports on resources and interactions with other factions. Things like flavor and pain, perhaps even psychological due to the circumstances, don't even exist in a Gloinker's World.

Forgot to tag OP. Continuing last bit of my post.

History: To a person coming across a Gloinker for the first time, not a lot of things will be known about them, though there is stuff that stands out, that is all a person will most likely get. They seem to be like Golems, though they lack the typical magical core a normal archetypal Golem would have. It seems to be that their entire body is their "core" in a way. So far in their existence (key word being so far) they are unable to be diplomatic, as they can barely be able to hold conversation. Theories include lack of long term memory, inability to understand other languages, and weirdly enough psychological disorders. They have been observed to be able to make Phoenetic sounds though. Despite the hardships of communication, Gloinkers are able to understand one another with ease. said Gloinker doesn't even have to look at one another, but merely be in the vicinity. This piece of evidence is one of the biggest pointers to DRCSF being a golem hivemind. One word that is legible and heard often when around a Gloinker is "Faust". Possibly the leader or creator of the Gloinkers. There is lore on Faust, but that is yet to come up as I'm just starting out.

Actions: Whether I have 2 or 6 actions since I'm starting out late, I'm going to invest all of them on colonizing land to catch up with everyone else. Preferably southward down the rivers and towards the ocean.

Oh and if I wasn't clear just plop the capital in that spot.

you're over a week late. if you really wanna play join the discord and if any players quit you can take over their nations then
Well, it is what it is. I'll use this for something next time. Good luck with the game.
Good lord that nation would be cancer, and would probably have enveloped mine by that expansion spam.

I would absolutely have kicked your shit in the moment you appeared.
Because I'm not going to tolerate that locust swarm of a civilization.

Aight update time. First some announcements.

1. Disciples of Veren and Khimor did not post
I can contact the Khimor player so for now he just has 1 perma lost action.

DoV I can't contact at all as such his nation is free up for grabs. Snake Worshiping poison magic short elves.

2. Some rules newggers may not know: 2 actions per turn, beyond turn 0 you can't just wizard resources into existance, look for them, diplomacy is free, RP as much as you like, a summary of the RP for me once you're done in a post would be nice, war is diplomacy I'll explain war rules again once one starts, if your update mentions a problem and you don't adress it it'll get worse over time generally.

This is all for announcements. Terrain got updated. Religions and Races sheet was filled out. Please go over the religions one especially as some religions lack minimum present information.
The prozess of forging a national identity has begun. One built in contrast to the cutlrure of nobility of the old empire. A Jiroslov identity.

Some iron deposits are discovered on the peninsula south-east of your nation, claiming them would be ap problem though as the nation’s population remains tiny… and while ethnic tensions are reduced the nations of the realm are already arguing to whom new land aquissitions should belong.

Furthermore the Ogres are growing bolder and bolder. The problem having been left ignored. They managed to grow in number and have begun raiding local settlements. Your army managed to figure out that a major Ogre warband formed in the rural areas of the nation, it has no official name but their leader is called Gruvvob.

(you don’t know about firearms or blackpowder)
The idea of using animation magic to propel balls is interesting. Of course animation allows one to only let an object perform a task autonomously it has already done as such new recruit mages are forced as part of their training to walk up mountains and drop the metal balls of off cliffs.

Still as the speed is lacking an improvement to animation magic is discovered ‘fast forward’ this improvement allows more experienced mages to animate objects in a way where they perform a task they are used too faster than their object memory recalls.

Applying the idea for bigger balls is not complex albeit few mages have the raw power to use this form of animation effectively. Maybe the industrial capacity of the nation just has a hard time keeping up with the theoretical progress.

A military is raised and shall help protect the coasts.

Exploring east leads you to the discovery of a civilisation of golemancer mages. (you can diplo them now)

An official establishing of the Church shall allow for further proslethysation of the faith as well as a standardisation of the doctrine which was previously an incoherent mix of Iakon beliefs and Druidic and Fae rituals.
Please change your name when posting otherwise I might not know who postyed and you’ll miss a turn.

the Peasants take over the nation and establish a republic in pace of the old Shogunate, the nobility is forced to flee in exile. But the war being short and relatively bloodless managed to spare the nation the worst… problem is of course the fleeing nobles now are happy to share our state secrets with our neighbours and who knows how Happy the Shogun will be to remain in exile.

Wall is finished.

Still need to name your capital.
Fuck forgot to disable the legend layer before exporting

Refugees arrive from the south. Crabmen nobility, dressed in fine but tattered garb they wish to defect to your nation if you accept them they are willing to tell you the secrets of their former home along with the technique to make firearms, albeit they warn about a hasty implementation for it washe proliferation of this technology that allowed the peasantry in their lands to overthrow the Shogun and exile them. (you may chose to take them in or turn them away)

Improved tools are created which will allow from the lowliest peasant to the most advanced scribe to perform their work with a slight bit more efficiency and slight bit more ease.

With the better tools more is expected of workers and prosperity and abundance in the well ruled nations allows for the population and economy to grow. While not yet unbearable the land is becoming crowded, a danger for times of famine or if plague may come.

Water travel is improved and the first Newtopian post is created allowing for easier harvest of their aquatic crops. Even a simple exploratory vessel is create allowing for charting of nearby waters and the discovery of a nearby archipelago.

(archipelagos are groups of islands too small to permanently settle but allow for naval bases to be placed there)

A great Chieftain rises (new character) to lead the people (provide name), he’s a warm, demanding, but down to earth man. He creates symbols in good faith hoping they can represent a united nation going forward. it isu nder his banner that the newts shall now be called together.
(after turn 0 expansion takes a few turns with random events)

The expansion westward has begun a first outpost set up. The land is inhabited by a native Population of Zorule which follow a faith akin to yours. Seems you have found some forgotten cousins of yours. They live lives as simple fishermen and although they welcome you as brothers they fear their simple life may be interrupted by sudden influx of settlers.

A new form os swimming is invented by the Zorule highly seful for traversing the new artificial racing canals and waterfalls of their land. This new type of swimming which includes water magic soon becomes a popular sport for teens wishing to prove themselves.

In their trek down south the colonists are anything but lucky. The land in the south is inhabited by a hostile race of vampires, as such they face frequent attacks, kidnappings and sabotage in their efforts, unless aided against the foreign race the colony may become deserted.

As per orders of Sifu and Tenno alike, the roads are equipped in basic protection and the Transport Agencies of the land are given a ‘boon’ when hiring guards to guard shipments the Imperial treasury shall pay part the prize. This shall hopefully make banditry unprofitable.
Exploring the ruins reveals remnants of and old castle. Just piles of rubble sticking out of the ground now rdcognizable to what it once was only by the chunks of fancy dress, cloth and paintings strewn about.

A grand network of tunnels is found underneath showing just how brutal the fighting was. Your archeologists can prove that beyond the siege a period of monthlong tunnelwarfare followed with the defenders digging ever shoddier tunnels to buy themselves time. Corpses of Orcs, Demons and humans turned to skeletons are stuffed unceremoniously into side-tunnels to not waste space.

New dishes are invented and new tastes tried. The Quisine of the Declanans advances are new local plants are introduced as spices into the cuisine.

Please respond to your own post if you are correcting. Otherwise you waste tons of my time I start working on your OG post then have to go back on all the changed and start working on your new post that’s 3 times the amount of work.

Exploring the ruins reveals the ruins of a Woodelven City. It seems the Woodelves and Dryads of that land got exterminated by an unknown disease. There is tons of books, monuments etc. left behind sadly in a tongue you don’t know, but who knows what secrets could bed hidden there? For now you learn one thing, how to craft livingwood tools and weapons by singing to plants how ancient woodlelves did.

You begin a slow expansion eastwards an outpost is set up. You find unclaimed land.
Diplomacy is free just talk to each other.

Mass alcohol production begins and sets in motion an age of celebrations. (drop the Florida bit, I told you already, keep shit IC)

An engineer is recruited and shall assist in construction of grand projects or large expansions. He is Creative Diligent and Advetorous.

The Adalbjorg set up an expansion south and there you find a short race known as the Anunaki, half the size of a human, but with antlers. They seem antilope like, but also have very long beards.

The Titans begin to think. And through thought they get ideas, ideas they can think about more and even share the ideas. Ones who have a lot of thoughts soon become known as Wisetitans and begin to yearn for mountains.
In your nation arrive crabmen refugees from the West. Among them most interestingly a man claiming to the Shogun the ruler of those people. He claims an accursed technology known as boomsticks caused his subjects to reject the protection of the nobility for they could stand on their own, and being outnumbered his generals sided with the peasants allowing him to only flee with a tiny retinue. He is asking for asylum in your land and future cooperation in retaking the Shogunate in exchange your people can become the new nobles in his land and he is also willing to share with you firearm technology albeit he warns of it’s dangers. (you may accept or turn him away)

Cassandra becomes the first sword of Peil. She is a sociable, Empathetic and analytical woman. He skill as a duelist inspires the masses and her charm helps woo foreign dignitaries, she seems quite fond of the Shoguns proposal and sees it as an opportunity to greatly empower the nation albeit the weapons of the Peasant republic he describes seem too formidable to rush in according to her.

(I told you what the hut Icon is, it’s the trolls you’re trading with, you have a trade route and all, you already explored there, so I’ll have you explore further north. Please read your updates more carefully)

Going further north you find forest gnome natives much less organized than the trolls and clearly their prey. They run away as soon as sighted and not much can be gathered about them albeit a coastal silver vein is found. Your nation has plenty precious metals, but what is more valuable than a monopoly?
Seasons are multi year periods so tons of seasons you can pick. Trying to understand the local fauna and flora you figure out both which animals and plants are pests meant for extermination and figure out which are beneficial like small birds which eat bugs from crops.

You also figure out the distinction between animal and ‘monster’, mainly monsters seem to be unnaturalo and ‘not fit in’ usually harmful creatures… some of your scholars float the idea that what if we belong to that category?

A network of stone roads emerges throughout the nation allowing for rapid transportation of goods.

(beyond turn 0 you can’t just will resources into existence, will recontextualise actions as looking for amber)

Hearing myths of near clear shining stone some more adventurous swamplings swing through the trees far away from home. Decades later they return with news of having actually found it, in far, far away lands on a peninsula inhabited by bizarre 4handed bug people living in giant houses of stone with their faces carved into them. They are close to the deposit, but have not discovered it yet… it is a long journey though.

The care given her seems to help her stay fit and healthy, is that a way that could extend the life and improve the health of the elders among us overall?
Penew housing is improved to protect them better from the Miew and maybe to have a few secret chambers in their houses to help evade taxation too.

the army is improved and many more warriors armed, for now their spears aimed inwards against dissidents.

Funding is given to alchemical research. The first things to come are of course poisons and medicines, soon those dark poison alchemists choose to take their research elsewhere away from regulation of the nation.

(due to lack of cultural or religious actions your people feel little allegiance to the nation)

Your population falls and the Unbound Alochemist association forms as a nation in the west.

A grand military school is built. With the population shrinking it is needed that quality of troops is ensured if we wish to safeguard our borders.
Among the Mao emergo some whi have grown tired of the housecat life. They venture west to lands beyond, to be wild and free only to see that not much further away another civilised nation exists a grand empire niotheless anywa. This bit of empty forest shall be theirs to hunt and pranz around in alone!

The wild mao soon grow bigger than their pampered counterparts, many walking around with a precious few lives around.

A bit of mischief is performed. Aak far and wide find themselves loose minor trinkets or find themselves tripping on suspiciously placed fruit peels. 5856675
Things seem to turn beyond simple mischief though when the Emperor’s stamp is lost, any document stamped with it is like a divine absolute order from the Emperor himself. A small wooden trinket… the mao kitten who took it has no idea of it’s value, but the Tenno palace is in uproar.

you had a 3rd action because of a refunded action last turn. Normally it’d be lost, but because you are new you get 1 more chance to do 3 actions next turn.

Aura of Blidness what a visious spell. Surisingly developed by the Spymaster of the nation, though moreso his title should be head executioner and head assassin too at this point. Samuels Sadism transcends me bloodlust, he can truly be described as a savant of slaughter.

More land is needed to keep the cattle in, headed by a few lords they move south
and what do we find there… a race of Cat people. Roughly the size of a human, but with shark claws for hands and pointy teeth. They are in the very least more civilised than when we found the humans. Great runners too we find them running a small citystate ruled by one known as the Phanum, one deeming herself a godess on earth.
File: boreal inca.png (446 KB, 918x651)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
> NPC Diplomacy:
- hit up the strange peoples we have met with commercial deals and attempts at learning more about their culture, their population size, military size compared to ours and their diplomatic ties with other factions. The end goal is either to peacefully integrate them or to conquer them, but we need to know more.

begin settling the northern forests, especially along the river. Establish military outposts and small logging settlements at first to clear areas in advantageous areas of the forest and start settling people there. Also use those as trade and exploration centres so we learn more about those so called "forest singers".

Megaproject: The endless fire

Northern mountains are a harsh climate to endure for a large, urban society, and we are often at the mercy of the climate. But that is to be a thing of the past. With our large resources of coal and wood, we plan to begin establishing in our major urban centres a heating system that warms each house through copper or lead ducts that move hot water. These will also be used to warm large greenhouses built in the palace and other designated areas of the city, so that they can keep producing food all year long. However, for this we need to be able to import glass reliably, and we will seek a partner for that.
File: hyEHhw.gif (6.54 MB, 720x404)
6.54 MB
6.54 MB GIF
>Research applying "Fast Forward" animation magic to magic tree seeds and saplings, to bolster our industrial capacity
Our industrial capacity is lacking to properly capitalize on more powerful animation magics, ergo the first thing we should look into is more wands, staffs and logs. To do this, we'll need more magic trees. To get more magic trees, let's see about animating them to grow faster.

With additional magical wood, we'll be able to boost our industrial capacity. It will likely also improve relations with the Pixies if we grow trees just as fast as we cut em down, perhaps plant more of them.

Bigger trees are also likely more powerful and can channel more raw magic! So let's see about growing them faster.

>Study fast forward animation further to make things move even faster for combat purposes
Seems our reach tried to exceed our grasp. Let's study further into using Fast Forward magic for applied ballistics. Improve upon the basics, work on animating bows, crossbows and slingshot pebbles to do their job faster when launched faster.
Extra action because I'm a moron

Military Preparations

Thanks to the labor tax system, we will engage in a two-tiered military development.

The first will be a professional warrior caste, whose labor tax quota is considered fulfilled through simply acting as a standing army and drilling, and who will recieve special privileges in that regard. Due to our limited resources for now these will be a smaller element of our society, and will mainly consist of heavily armored infantrymen using two-handed weapons. A cavalry force will exist, but it will be a minor one.

For the rest of the populace, part of yearly labor tax will be a period of a three months annually where military drills are to be held. These will be mainly with spears, bows and heavy javelins/throwing darts.

The year will be divided in 4 such periods and in each of them a different segment of the populace will be allowed to "take off" from work in order to engage in military training at their local training grounds, without damaging the economy. The period will end with a martial competition whose winners will recieve boons and prizes, in order to keep the masses entertained and the people motivated.

The end goal is that besides the small standing military force, we want a large and well regimented force of levies and freemen that can be raised at basically any point within the limitations of our logistics.

>Monster field study
We know some information about them already. While it is possible that the monsters that reside in and around the ancient city share the same origin point as the brachyurus of our people, it’s our belief that we are still distinctly different. Most importantly, monsters are various, unintelligent, animalistic creatures. Some of them are combinations of other creatures made into beasts capable of serious destruction. Others are of a similar degree of severity, but can take shapes unique to their form of life. Moreover, all of them are much, much larger than their animal counterparts, as well as us.
As of right now, we don’t have any super reliable ways to combat them, which means that we need to learn more about them, mainly by monitoring their daily, sometimes weekly migration patterns in and out of the city at different locations at different times by different species of monsters. While they may be unnatural, they don’t necessarily behave any different from a wild animal.

The brachyurus were previously domesticated by, and lived alongside the people of the ancient city, but that was ages ago, and this is now. The people of the ancient city are now ruined along with it, chased out or killed long ago by the emerging presence of the monsters below, the same presence that drove the brachyurus to their independence.

>Obtain the grain
The perfect additive to our peoples’ currently in-progress dietary regimen; carbs: the omnivore’s snack of many choices and many scenarios.
(I think maybe some kind of storehouse, grain silo, farm, etc. needs to go up for this one.)
Like the bread gotten by our unrelated ancestors, this should be made to go to the many, and help support growing masses.
A Betrayal of Knowledge.

We had 'expelled' thoes who had abused the alchemical grants, poisoners and dark workers, unfit for the higher academics of the forging empire. but gold draws in thoes of weak will.. their time for regret will come. in time. for now the populace must be reforged, something more than old bloodlines and sworn oaths must bind us all as one. Blood, Steel, and God. forged into one unified blade.

Action 1: Firebrand Nationalism: Volkovians, remnants of the once great empire are together stronger than any steel, the quiver of arrows stonger than the lone bolt.

institute fascism in the empire, following roots we have already sowed. to closer bond those around us. Led by Elias Kruger, unifier and Chivalric Knight of the old order, Through this and the Service in the military, each man and woman may find themselves eligible to work in their government for the betterment of the peoples

Action 2: Reform the Faith: follwoing the remnant text we will begin a (state Sponsored) endevor into unifying the country though the old religions. in this we will teach the tenants of the piety of havinga large family and defending ones land from all who threten it as well as going fourth and spreading the word. even if it should be through the end of a blade or bow
The Chieftain among chieftains of the tribes of Newtalia is christened forth as Ves'niut, leader of the people called the Newtalians!

1. The world shall know the greatness of the Newts, but first, the Newts must know the greatness of the world so they may know how to surpass it. Bes'niut sends out scouts and explorers to the territories yond the boundaries of united Newtopia, out to the jungle, up the rivers, and out to the Great Blue. They shall catalog the animals, medicinal herbs, and natural resources they find. Life-extending medicine? Ferocious beasts? Rotting ruins? Gold? Who knows what the explorers will find out there!

2. Develop crossbows as a means of deploying poisons. Utilizing the scientific mind of Vr'tholomiut and the budding expertise with ironworking of the Newts, the crossbow is invented. This newfangled invention shall launch hollow bolts filled with medicinal formula with the aim to poison, weaken, or knock out distant targets. This will surely enhance the Newt's ability to ability to hunt!
File: Poison.jpg (24 KB, 564x564)
24 KB

A cat. A flea bitten animal walking on two legs thinks itself a god, the equals to the Crimson Lords themselves!? Preposterous! Various dark lords actually begin assembling mobs of peasants to hurl at the impudent fur bags before cooler heads prevail. Perhaps these cat creatures can serve as a testing ground for new tools. After all, while cattle are replaceable, giving them time to breed and multiply does reduce the frequency of nightly hunts and other frivolities.

> Action 1: Research Poisons to kill, cripple, and torture with.
The forests, river banks, swamps and prairies are searched for all manner of flora and fauna whose digestion might kill or bite cripples. Scorpions, spiders, frogs are gathered aplenty, but pleasant surprises are found in the oddest of places. Certain flowers, berries and seeds, when ground and congealed and condensed produce all manner of delightful agonies. Many cattle earn their village a week’s reprieve from nightly hunts when they produce a specimen that leaves a man foaming at the mouth and twitching.

Those villages that do not deliver, or deliver late, provide the test subjects instead. Ten rows in ten columns, bound tight to slabs with straps of leather. Extracts of frog, snake and scorpion are applied until the screaming starts, then the note taking begins. What poisons can be boiled, or cooked? Which hide well in food? Which kill unexpectedly hours later, or only on the third dose?

> Action 2: Develop the Illusion Spell ‘Twisting Whispers’, which corrupts the target and fills them with avarice, greed, hate and jealousy.

Poisons of the body are all well and good, and much fun is had when one of the cattle is given a slice of cake that causes his eyes to swell and explode, but no effort is spared for poisons of the mind either. The spell ‘Twisting Whispers’ is quite subtle at first, proceeding in stages. First it slowly fills the target’s mind with idle dreams of wealth and power. Next attention is drawn to the wealth and power of those around them, laced with envy and greed. Finally the target’s will is slowly eroded until every waking thought is driven by malice and desire, usually erupting in raging violence over the pettiest of slights. The test village cycled through seven consecutive leaders in three days, each murdering their predecessor. By the third leader, purges of the village began against those associated with the old leader as well, ending with the seventh being the sole surviving family of the village, who then fatally wounded each other in a knife fight over a bowl of porridge.
File: Classic NRP Turn 2.png (44 KB, 343x487)
44 KB

The Pharaoh attends a great tournament on the outskirts of Wepta, where the Kefi lords compete against one another, each with an entourage of mighty warriors. Duels see swords clash so hard that they shatter, Throwing sees javelins embed themselves in solid stone, and then comes the Melees, spectacular massed combat that despite the blunt weapons, see several deaths. Why do they compete so vigorously? Because the victors get to accompany the Pharaoh, late and current, on the sacred expedition to the ancestral northern deserts.

>Action 1: Development of Shadow Contracts. A ritual where a contract is signed with bound Daemons set upon the signing party, who will torment them should the contract be broken.
While the Cult of Zenmetjenu mainly caters to the Kefis, there are a surprising number of Penews who worship the Great Leveller. The Penews are physically inferior, but as long as they do their duties, they are treated well. High status Penews even get to help in the libraries, their small hands handle the quill better than the large Kefi paws do. This grants the Penews insights into Kefi Dream Magic, the arcana of Zenmetjenu. Dream Magic isn't an immediate counter to the might of the Kefi, but after the priests show the Penews the power of cursed objects, the Penews think of using Dream Magic to enforce contracts, rather than threat of force. The Kefi priests find out, confronting the Penews about their use of Dream Magic, but instead of punishing the Penews, they reward them for their ingenuity, and use them in making a deal with a Miew noble, signing a cursed contract, and upon him are set a dozen mighty Daemons, shackled until the moment he breaks the contract. But, the breaking is not in context to the exact wording of the contract, but the feelings of the Miew. If the Miew thinks he is breaking the contract, even if he has avoided by technicality, then the Daemons are let loose. As the Kefis expect Miews to be shrewd in technicalities.

>Action 2: The Northern Expedition. The army of Ta-Kefi marches northward, exploring and securing the ancestral lands.
With great warriors at his command, the Pharaoh hosts tournaments to pick the best of the best for his army, and with them, march northwards. In the times before Ta-Kefi, the Kefis lived in the desert, this place forged them into mighty beings, though they left it behind after conquering Ta-Miew. But perhaps the Kefis have grown soft, maybe that is why the late Pharaoh asked to be buried in the ancestral lands, to learn what the Kefis left behind. The expedition will bring along the embalmed remains of the late Pharaoh, along with a wealth of treasures and tools, to aid the late Pharaoh in the afterlife.
King Meladon delights in the reports of our native Zora cousins welcoming us as brothers. He travels to the outpost to meet these honest fishers and attempts to assuage their fears; and also to see their needs; for if the area is to become part of Zorule then all must feel benefit. Are there any boons that they would ask for, or requests that they would make to him?

>Action 1: Zoral Music
(Choral Music, but for Zora)
The Zora are a musical race; our tadpoles will sing tones through the waters long before they learn the intricacies of speech, and parents will lull their young to sleep with lullabies and serenades. There is power in unity, wisdom transmitted through the words a voice, and the bonds we forge bring courage to our hearts and lay and peace between us. As such, we look to establish choirs from Zora volunteers seeking out hobbies and pastimes, and for them design and build acoustic chambers that will magnify and help the display of their vocal talents. With a chorus of voices we will sing in celebration and joy, in honour of our People and our King and the Goddesses.

>Action 2: Explore the Coastline
As our settlers expand westward, King Meladon tasks a band of brave warriors, fishers and learned Zora with charting out the waters and beneath the waters of our southern coastline; not only to find good fishing grounds for the peoples of the new territory, but to see what treasures and wonders might lie beneath the waves down there.
>Culture: Chivalric tradition
The Kingdom's mythical founder, King Albus, set an example for a new kind of warrior; knights who live by a code and hold themselves to higher standards. These spoken sworn commitments before both one's feudal liege and the faith (through the newly-established Church) serve a dual purpose: to strenghten the cohesion of the nation by encouraging feudal lords to invest themselves personally into their oaths of loayalty to the Crown, but also provide social mobility; in Albion, even the lowest peasant can rise throught the social ranks by becoming a knight's squire and then a knight themselves.
>Expand towards the ressources to the West
Prior scouting revealed the oresence of naturak reserves of uselful metal and precious minerals in the West. They shall be claimed.

>Diplomacy twoards Academy of Florida
A ship flying colors unknown to the Floridians sails into Dis Nye. It is a delegation from the Kingdom of Albion, across the western waters, looking to establish diplomatic contact and get a measure of whether the Floridians will be either friend of foe, and perhaps learn what they know of any other potential nations out there. They seem fascinated by the sophisticated golems.

Action 1: Enlightened Arts, Living Force

The foundational arts of the immortal way rely on cultivating Endo, allowing it to empower body and spirit.

From there, one may shape their endo, expending it to empower their attacks and movements with the lethal power that is Living Force, an primeval elemental death that strikes any who oppose the Mandate of Heaven.

This third fundamental of the arts is that of Living Force, to wield one’s own Endo and expel it outwards to devastating effect, such as demonstrated by the Kami Sifu using his “Heavenly Dragon Sky Cutting Seven Sided Flashing Blade Strike” technique. So deadly and devastating are the techniques of living force, and so taxing on their users, that techniques employing living force cannot be sustained indefinitely, as they drain the Endo of their user.

As a result, moves developed in this style are developed to finish battles quickly and instantly, devastating special moves of utmost secrecy entrusted only to the most trusted and talented immortal cultivators of Aak-kind.

Action 2: Bolster the Army

A great and terrible threat has reared its ugly head, endangering the colony recently set up. Bloodsucking fiends inhabit the countryside, and shall be cut down with distain.

The military will be fully reorganised. The remaining warriors of the daimyo who have not fallen and become Ronin will be return to being the heavy infantry cores of the Covenants armies, as large organisations of spearmen and crossbow peasants are drafted up and summoned. These organisations, loyal to the emperor are the mortal hands of the military apparatus, but subservient to their immortal betters.

The Kami Sifu divides this army into seven equal parts, each assigned and lead by a school that shall dispatch one Heavenly General to lead their parts, this competition between schools intended to spill over into competition between armies, to keep the nation eternally strong.

These seven schools chosen are the mightiest and most enlightened in the nation.

The Vanishing Blade School
The Flowing Fist School
The Burning Stars School
The Dragons Teeth School
The Golden Sun School
The Charging Owl School
The Undying Bear School

These schools, each teaching some mixture of armed and unarmed combat, will occasionally deem members of their new armies worthy of understanding a secret, imparting some small measure of martial wisdom to secure their loyalty and reward them for success.
(The rough relationship here is that the disciples are the Jedi and the mundane military are the clones)

DIPLOMACY: March army to defend the colony and exterminate the vampiric menace.

The emperor decrees his people need suffer no longer. The Kami Sifu sees no reason to intervene or advise, his charge is on the right track. The new armies of the Covenant lead by the seven heavenly generals are dispatched to put an end to this loathsome menace, clearing the way for Aakkind to live in peace and harmony.

>Action One. Haeran'Yi must grow larger.

The ever growing population of Haeran'Yi demands that more people must go out to brave the wilds with the Iaseu Gadeu by their side for protection to form new villages. There is only so much arable land in the territory that Haeran'Yi controls, and if it is to not build over it's own food supply in time, it must grow with the taming of the not so distant lands surrounding it. Something especially important given the evidence of other intelligent peoples who could come to claim the land themselves. Something that will not be allowed to happen. Ideally, the new land would not only hold fertile fields but also new and useful materials to extract from the earth either for tools or decorum that could all be utilized once the lands were properly tamed and civilized.

>Action Two. A different form of Alchemy.

The strange foreign crab like people claim to be the Gwijog of a strange land. While there is little knowledge on their people on hand, the secrets are of great interest to the scholarly Hagja. And the concoction to the strange powder that powers the weapons they speak of has many potential uses. Naturally, they were allowed to stay, so they may tell their secrets to the scholars of Haeran'Yi. However, those who were not scholars or bureaucrats themselves would likely have some issues with maintaining their relative nobility. While they may have been Gwijog in their old home, they at best are Hagja now, for all are serve the Yi dynasty so the lands may prosper. Regardless of this, already a number of idea's exist as to how to best make use of these compounds. Ironically, most of them more for mining and celebration rather than the actual weapons that the crab folk likely intended the powder to be used for. Though some idea's for other weapons were drawn up...

>I<: Stamp of Purrchance
It seems that the most recent jest played upon the local buggery has somewhat... destabilzed their convoluted play of an order, now the eldest of our clans have met to discuss what to do with that oh-so-important trinket which has been stole by a mere kit. One proposal finally reached adove all the meowling and the stamp has been left behind to be found by whomever in the overgrowth of an old building, an old building which once was an old temple for the spirits, they can thank or curse us later.

>II<: Sweet Milk School
It seems that a merry band of no-good-kittens have been taken by a fascination for the motions of the bug people and have started copying them, who knows what other shananigans these martial mousers will get into.

>III<: Midnight supper
Winds come from the south telling of the winged rodens and their sanguine predilections, and while no clan feels the need to aid the bugs in their war, even the ever-carnivourous felines know that ripped fruits are to be plucked from their tree. Send with the bugs a pack of Mao, they will keep the bugs' camps free of natural foes such as mice or snakes and the battlefields free of corpses once they fighting is done.
Quality being of utmost importance among all else. While primative drafting them unceremoniously may lead to further complications down the line. If they can be reached by the seas then we shall ensure we have the advantage when engaging them, ideally, peacefully and with prosperity in mind.

Expand Territory
While we have scouted the lands we have not claimed them. Not properly at least leading to questions on who may own something such as a jade mine. This needs to be rectified immediately. Expand outwards, ensure to include the Jade mine in this expansion.

Build Jade Mine
With Jade being a valuable resource to recover, perhaps usable in rituals and for trade, a mine will do good.

Bow/Archery Improvement
If trade is to be done by the seas, then proper equipment for it will be needed to fend off pirates, beasts, and other interlopers who may try to steal cargo. Additionally, with a river going straight to where Jade would be mined, ships large enough to transport cargo while traversing the river would need to be defendable.

Improve Ships:
What better way is there to get around than ships? Ones to transport resources in staggering amounts quickly and efficiently, and keep enemy ships from potentially going down the very same river which we will transport cargo.
1. Keep establishing a cultural/national pan-Jjaroslov identity
2. See what the Ogres are like so we can kill them. (RECON VIORP)

Assemble the Popular Legions, call up the guardsmen, use whatever information we gather to kill ever single fucking Ogroid. None are to be spared. TOD.
>Singing to Craft Livingwood's kinda gay but we can make it work. Master the living wood's powers by hosting a massive music festival at Midpoint encouraging all the clans to come up with their own music.

Heavily encourage rock and metal music. [Storm Earth and Fire, Heed My Call]


>Send Scratch to the knife ear Ruins. Search the ruins but establish a quarantine zone and sanitary protocols.

>Action 1 - Gifts and Style
Gold flows freely through Skaian hands, un-used for now in anything beyond serving as a pretty paper weight. Jewelry, clothing and more of the arts shall be bring this metal into their embrace, and finer works shall be their love child. Then we can share them with our green and pink friends!

>Action 2 - Get a-sailin
The Green friends to the south want to be left alone! The Pink friends to the north want to be even closer friends! We can respect both their wishes, and set about diverting our attention to the receptive Pink friends. The BIIIIG boats they sail on the open waters sure look like a lot of fun, and if we're going to go talk with them, we should have our own too!
>After venturing far to locate shinies, the Swamplings were horrified to find them in the land of the unclean; bugs! Instead of pilfering the amber and earn the ire of these demons, the Swamplings decide to flee and never return!

Learn More about the Tallies
>We do not know much about those strange Tallies up river and we hope they are nice. They seem nice enough to the trees but they are so big and scary!
Swamplings will traverse among Khimor to observe them, sometimes inadvertently causin mischief out of curiosity, but always taking care to leave gifts, such as wood or rock figurines, as an apology.

Lay Gifts for Khimor
>Those Tallies upriver have been planting groves closer to our trees. Though they cut down the trees, they also plant more. We hope they do not cut down our trees so we shall leave gifts for them to let them know which trees are ours.
The Swamplings tie smoked salmon on trees in hopes the Khimor do not cut them down.
File: Screenshot_66.png (62 KB, 485x390)
62 KB
>1) Start working on creating giant golems.
The End Goal making Jager-sized Golems we can pilot but starting off at Titanfall-sized ones for construction is fine too.

>2) Build a small enclave at the pink circle. Send Felix in to lead the project?
It will be our base of operations on the mainland.

Sorry busy week :( The Academy will gladly accept Albion's delegation, giving them a tour of Dis Nye Land and offering constant food or drink. The people of the Academy don't want for much except the ability to work on whatever and party whenever they can.

They have not many resources to share or exploit.

Delacana! Any word on that stone trade I offered you, I've got this great project you'll wanna get in on. Construction golems! Giant stone golems, you can use them to move around your material or build your buildings. I'm gonna need the material to make them though but I'll send you the first batch if you send me some stone.
>Multiple Mercenaries and Adventurers join The Shogun.
The Republic is a free country with strict no-intervention on foreign affairs for its military. Fortunately for the Shogun, multiple Masque duelists, adventurous souls and mercenary companies offer to join in quelling the rebellion. Some for gold, some for the thrill and some to mark their name in history.

>Cassandra accepts protecting The Shogun so long as they stay in Peil and not cause trouble but The Republic will not directly involve itself in a war.
She'll wine and dine them, showing them around the indulgent city of Peil while also offering a friendly match for all to see. The Shogun's best fighters against the duelists of the Collesuem to see if the Crabman Fighters have any prowess with a blade.
>1: Rusted Pride

The... 'Peaceful' coup d'état still left a huge blow to our national pride and overall the cohesion of our nation... thus the emergency government of 'The Democratic Republic of Arishivo' would organizes Festivals celebrating the toppling of the Shogun's government and a brighter future for crabkind

Alongside this, Propaganda would be affiched in arts such as literature and whatnot, portraying the Shogun and the former nobility that were hostiles to the Peasent revolutions as horrible beings, alongside this the RoB would also be antagonized in various ways, arguably more than the former nobility and the shogun... with this being likely one of the future causes for a war...

>2: Steel Haze

The Arishivan military would be be quite weakened following the revolution, thus the government would hold various reforms to strenghten the military... with the introduction of peasantry infantrymens... things would be quite shaken up

Thus, The Army would be restructured, With the infantrymens constituing the bulk forces of the army, as they would be equipped with a variety of weapons, mostly some of those very formidable fire-arms and a variety of spikes, katanas and whatnot... The Samurais would be essentially heavier infatrymens and squad leaders, acting as the head of the squad, they'll have even more formidable weaponry

with this restructuration, we do expect a larger army and a more cohesive one at that...

>3: Contact with you

And from the great wall... a enemy forces could be seen moving, the Arishivan military would be mobilized, as they waited for this unknown force to get closer... if their suspicions are correct...as in those guys are the RoB then this will be the start of a long, bloody war, as history will stand still... (idk if that's a actions, but dont think it is?, idk...)

(Also capital name: Shimawa)
The Republic Of Blades is a free city that offers asylum to all who follow their laws. Peil is also an incredibly anarchistic and individualistic place full of people looking for both wealth and adventure.

Realistically I wouldn't be able to stop the Shogun from recruiting mercenaries so long as they have the money or resources to pay for it and neither will I kick them out of my country so long as they follow the laws. Peil also has no standing military aside from the City Watch although there are plenty of mercenary companies raised by powerful merchants/politcal figures.
File: JoeBiden.png (5.35 MB, 6144x3000)
5.35 MB
5.35 MB PNG
> TURN 2

you have discovered no NPCs, there is no mountains

The Colonisation of the north along the river has begun, the local land is fertile albeit the the forests are very thick.

The cold south is warmed. Grand systems of canals are set up connected to grand furnaces burning wood and coal. An idea many locals begin to have is to use it for more than just heating houses, but rather to farm tropical crops from thesouth by making houses out of glass for them, technology to do so is not up to snuff yet as the nation lacks a clean source of sant or the skill to create large, flat colourless glass panels.

Military training and preparations take place. Lack of an iron source definitely is holding back the nations military might though.

Applying animation magic to already alive plants to bolter their growth is an interesting idea albeit fails. A set only grows for the first time as such the knowledge of it’s growth cannot be implanted and a tree cannot repeat growth it has already experienced, through further experimentation the best that is figured out is the animation of the action of growing fruit and the trees then picking the fruit themselves. This manages to increase the industrial wand production as well as food output increasing national population.

Studying further acceleration you see yourself hitting a bottleneck basically the objects you speed up seem to ‘jump over’ steps that simply get compressed out of existence as speed increases. Accelerated balls seems to ‘teleport back’ white trying to go faster for example.

Your nation being isolated protects it from foreign cultural problems, but it is both getting crowded and has little internal cohesion.

Your constant push for excellence grants you a special Character:

“Accelerator” - the mad mage
A mage with exceptional combat prowess who gave himself schizophrenia by using animation magic on himself and thus become able to accelerate himself giving him exceptional combat prowess in exchange for high mental instability. No other mage seems able to replicate his actions he may be a great asset in cobat situations and duels.
Studying bests goes as you described (yeah they are what you wrote in the lore). Mostly unintelligent critters distinctly unnatural albeittrying to fill a niche in nature to survive. tragically enough in your research you also find piles of corpsesbeing of which existed only a few too bizarre to survive at all.

others even filling niches natural beings could not like consuming minerals and digging grand stone tunnels. You find one specific one the gem beetle that can be farmed. A simpel rabbit sized creature the beatles carapus grows colourful gems on it’s shell akin to gems that become a popular decoration and jewelry item.
The nation reframes teh fleeing of the Dark Alchemist as an expulsion of evil mages and rebuilds it’s nationalistic and cultural foundations. Just how the Dark alchemists were not tolerated so won’t other dissidents. The faith and state are both reforged to create a united powerful natilon
The fleet explores westward, hugging the coast they discover various goblinoid tribes making that land their home though from afar they spy another civilisation more advanced than them with stone buildings of grand size. They’d need to get closer to learn more though
Crossbows are allowed allowing to deploy poison for long distances. To produce poison fine wood and rubber is needed and as for poison? We got our skin for that
Poison development begins and various biological weapons are deployed downriver. The results of the tests show the cat creatures seem more resistant to poisons than our human cattle, but one plant which cerated leaves seems to have a narcotic effect on them. Many a catkin lurking now on the river as if waiting on pour poison deliveries. This research taught us an important lessons, there is a big difference how poisonous substances act on each species, this makes universalisation of poisons hard, but may allow for very targetted uses
In time in their search of drugs many poorer catkin move nroth and end up findoing out colonies a slum of drug addicts forming there
A new form of illusion is developed, illusion of madness. Madness so poor it induces something. The last leader of the corrupted village rather than killed has his own head explode it replaced with merely the outcrop of his flaming. Games circling of all colours of the rainbow
The vampire overseers and peasants alike fall to their knees for it is their lord. All he says is “Let Chaos take the world, LET CHAOS TAKE THE WORLD” before the flames engulf his entire flesh creating a divine bonfire. (a new religion emerges in your nation, cult of the rainbow Flame)

To contact supernatural entities via dream to sign contracts with them… is a stretch, but fine I guess
While known by the Ta-Kefi as Demons those inside the dreams prefer the therm “Merchant”, they allow one to switch an ability they have inside a dream for one outside of it. A blessing right? But one can only switch things possible only in reality, such as the ability to reproduce, or ones ability to perceive reality, while the abilities one has within a dream vary much on ones emotional state and mastery of dreams.

The army marches north following the highland between the twinrivers encountering pockets of wild mousefolk. On their march northward they see little resistance, but eventually they stumble upon an old set of ruins, said ruins continue a large amount of odd statues, in fact it’s filled with them stacked one upon another thousands of stone statues.

There is 0 clues of a burial site of a Pharaoh, the ruins do not resemble Ta architecture in the slightest.
The locals are in awe of the Kings magnificence and agree to join his realm, but offered an opportunity of a boon they do not say no, it’s a tradition within their lands that a new cheiftain makes a promise and is deposed if it is not kept afterall. They want proof that they really are stronger under the kings rule, they wish the Zorule to Hunt a grand seamonster one grander than they ever hunted (they showcase an ancient skeleton of what seems to be a Humpback whale but with mouth tusks like a boar). If a larger beast is slain or captured they shall aknwolage the King’s rule
A new form of music is created and becomes popular throughout the nation

Exploring werstward you discover communities of Dwarvers. They seem ti be exiles from the far north
Chivlaric culture is encouraged throughout the nation. Creating a tradition of being an exemplar to your vassals and benign responsible for them. Chivalrous quests become a common practice for knights to undertake to earn themselves the affection of a dame
An expansions west begins. The land is unpoppulated and hopefully the resources will be laimed soon
The living force allows martial arts practitioners to compensate for the one weakness of their arts, range. Living force users are only the highest level martial artists and even they are careful in overextending their range as reckless use can damage the soul itself
The military is bolstered and the students of the 7 schools are sent to aid them in vampiric extermination.

The vampires nce encountered are a problem to deal with mainly… no matter how much you hurt them they refuse to die. The main army plays defensively while the martial artists relentlessly pound them until they can’t regenerate at all anymore. Surprisingly this was not much of a problem, the extermination ends with little casualties and the oclonisation of the south concludes.

The Mousefolk expand up river. The land they expand into seems to include a lot of cats. Cats that seem really eerie, as in your colonists have a feeling there is way more of them than you ever see and you only ever see them when they want you too. May just be mouse paranoia… they’re not big enough to eat us right…?

Soon the recipe for black-powder is shared. The required ingredients are coal and sulphur albeit coal can be replaced for charcoal. Experiments with the material show a danger in using it for mining, for one it produces large amounts of dust, using large amounts of it underground will certainly result in sickness among the miners.

While there is a coal deposit in our nation there is no such luck with sulphur and a greater search will need to be organized.

The foreign crabmen, mostly warriors have a hard time with being ‘demoted’ in their eyes, but in this moreso they feel eager to show of their skills with the blade. Due to their massive size, natural armor and training in swords they indeed are supperrior to the warriors of our nation…
The stamp is left in an old temple to the spirits. Years pass as it lays there until it is found by a spirit worshipper pilgrimaging between old shrines to clean them up, having found the stamp he is most worried. Did another worshipper steal it and hide it here? If he returns it will be executed as the thief? he certainly is not foolish enough to use it, or leave it for someone less responsible to use.

He makes his way to the Burning Stars school known for their justice to entrust the return of the stamp to them. Vouching for the spiritualist the lost artefact is returned to the Emperor , presented to him during the great martial arts meet in the capital where all sects come to compete before his majesty. >>5863157

A cat is to be curious the movements of the locals are mimicked, albeit soon the mao discover it is not in them movement of the body that power lie but in the movement of interal energy within the body. The Path of Sweet milk soon evolves into it’s own martial art, with slaps, growl attacks and externalising ones claws into aura blades each their own.

While originally play it becomes much more when it spreads to the Mao outside civilisation. The path of the Milky Way is born, reminiscing it’s practitioners of the milk spilled onto the night sky a more serious martial art used for hunting, elevating the Mao to the top predators in the region.

The Mao once more seek to aid the Bugmen, their camps remain disease free and oft a mao warns them of an ambush, but what happened past the war was much less nice… the corpses? All poisonous many a mao lost some of their lives there, at the end of the day having to return home hungry. Except one, known as “the Count” somehow contracted vampirism himself. (you received a character he has no real theme except being a vampire check doc for details)

You begin your expansion southward along your nation’s main lifegiving river. There is no other civilised life there albeit you notice the animals seem to get bigger and more ferocious as you pcoeed inland.

Action refunded you have 3 actions next turn - please avoid building specific buildings, expansions arem ulti Turn like miniNRP

You put time into improving your archery skills. Bows are improved and archewrs trained. The more archers train the more you realise how much more bow drawweight can be improved until you reach the greatbow, a large bow show by planting it’s bottom in the ground.

Ships are also improved allowing them to travel further with greater ease. On their extended fishing voyages your sailors spot naval vessels of another nation in the east albeit you are unsure to who they may be.
The national identity of the people’s is established firmly, no worry persists of a collapse past the great leader’s death.

Researching the ogres reveals much about them. They are a simple stupid people they love to eat and drink, they can eat anything, but from seeing what the best warriors among them eat it’s clear that their favorite food is blueberries and goatmeat. The purpose of the raids on humans turns out simple… they’ve become alcoholics. The local villages when the ogres appeared have been paying them off with their local produce including wine to which the ogres got addicted demanding more and more expanding their raiding range.

be it if you wish to exterminate or ‘tame’ them it can easily be done if you utilize alcochol.

The Orcs and bolins having found potential for new magic try their hand at it. Albeit theirm usic taste produces weird and jagged plants, throwing out some seeds and summoning a bunk of jagged spikes out of the ground is something. Progress was made so eh.

The greenskins safeguard the ruin, they don’t want their ears to grow long and pointy! Medicinal herbs are used to disinfect surfaces, and even the air within the ruins themselves. After that explorers are able to safely retrieve a bunch of books some even with pictures, some cautious goblins over time translate them. The books have tons of nonsense like elf history, elf songs, songs that help use their magic, description of what happened to them (nothing important, the trees came to hate them and killed them with plague, we’re green no way the trees could hate us. Ah yes, and a map to their capital where even gooder tressures remain. (marked it with a green X on map, feel free to dream up 3 elven discoveries you want to adop without action requirement)

The short folk work their mines and produce goods of most exquisite quality, as if the idea of creating a gift for other’s envigorates them even more than simply making it for themselves.
>>5866720 >>5866362, soon gifts of finely crafted jewelry arrive in your nations. (you can add 1 extra boon through the jewelry for a Character belonging to the Academy and greenskins each, overt hostile actions against you by those nations will be met with internal resistance)

Our boats are ready and set sail and soon we meet another friend. They seem to be a nation of humans, like those from ancient legend! Their land is very sparsely populated and everyone carries around weapons somewhat scary.
Sometimes learning where you should not go is just as important as to learn where you should go…

The biglings are an odd folk, they seem to have great water-paths which go through their nation like veins, but the water in them is hot even in winter it’s as warm as a pong mid summer! They also have something called ‘taxes’ where people have to leave their clan to do work for theis King who is a God, maybe he’s a big turtle like in our myth?! >>5860257 The locals themselves would find weird piles of food, land where they previously worked in ‘cleaned up’ and other curiosities like sometimes their domestic duties already finished for them.

Salmon is found hanged on trees.

Creating giant golems will be a complex undertaking, beyond material stability a huge problem will be merely powering the monstrocities. For now a house-sized golem is created stabilized with 6 legs it can perform menial tasks such as massed woodcutting though could be refurbished into an attack vehicle. This still requires continous mana output by a single mage you need in the very least 3 intermediate level mages to keep it operational non-stop. The energy source problem here is certainly a complex one.

A small colony is set up across the sea on the mainland, a second academy shall sprout from there one day. For now we encountered the locals, red skinned humans with curled up goathorns. They seem able to dispense fire with their breath albeit this does not seem like it comes from magic oddly enough.

The pride of the nation is restored. A new state strongly rooted in the republic is born. The Shogun’s rule is depicted as unjust and tyrannical, the nobles as despots who cut down peasants for fun.

The military is bolstered, for fears of the shogun returning may come true.

Sending the mercs and adventurers with the Shogun is free, you got 3 actions ofr next turn

The crabmen show themselves remarkable swordsmen in fact. Their strength is astounding and so is the toughness of their body, but they lack in one thing mobility. Their range of motion is limited, soon the Swordmistress finds them exponentially tougher opponents when fighting in a group, their synchronisation and martial art as if designed for covering each other’s weaknesses, her dueling skill evolves to a whole other level as she learns to duel as if it was chess predicting one crabmans movements by the techniques of another. Soon that knowledge extends to her local opponents she’s without equal able to calmly grab another swordsman arm mid swing for she foresaw where exactly it’d be 3 swings prior.
Beginning of the wall War, Shogun his soldiers and the Mercenarries from the republic arrive distraught finding the great wall finished and seemingly turn back to go home disheartened. Only for news to arrive… the Shogun and the foreign army have occupied the old wall. Of course the man who built that portion of the wall knew all it’s weaknesses!

But what can they hope to achieve there? They are effectively trapped in the sliver of wall if they move past it without wiping out the new Portion wall garrison they will be surrounded on both sides, but the other option is grueling fighting on the narrow wall and inside it.

(both of you please do a war turn properly next turn: 1 war post each on what you want to do exactly with tactics, then 1 rebuttal each which you DM to me on discord if you want it hidden, no rebuttals to rebuttals)
((The QM appears to misunderstand my magic. I also seem to not have elaborated well on the nature of Daemons, I shall correct this now.))

((Also my previous post that detailed Dream Magic.))

While a Dream Mage holds great power in their own dreams, their ability to influence others are limited, only able to linger as long as they maintain their connection. But the Dream Mage can create monsters in their dreams, given power and a will of their own, Daemons. Daemons can exist not only in their author's dream, but also the dreams of others. They are the agents of the Dream Mage, haunting the dreams of others, imparting psychological afflictions until they are banished. Their power pales in comparison to their authors, but they can be prepared in great numbers and afflicted upon those not as versed in Dream Magic.

A Daemon is thus a construct, a fantasy, inflicted upon another, causing halucinations, twitching, itching, some even able to render someone's eyes incapable of seeing, or ears incapable of hearing, severe hysteria. None of these afflictions are physical, and they only linger as long as the Daemon lingers, who have to haunt dreams continually to keep up the affliction. But this also means that they have to face the dreamer, every night, and the dreamer holds great power in their dreams. Should the Daemon be vanquished in the dream, it will no longer haunt the dreamer, and the affliction will cease.

The bound Daemons are given instruction not to haunt the target until conditions are met. These conditions are affected by the target's perception however, so as long as they are certain they have not met the conditions, the bindings shall remain, even if a contract has technically been broken.

A troubling day for the Crimson Lords. The heretic felines to the south are merely drug addled instead of dead, building slums and encroaching on our rightful claims! Then to make matters worse our spellwork has spiraled out of control and summoned some upstart god of chaos who has managed to enthrall even the living vampiric gods managing the spell!

Still, to the supremely crafty Crimson Lords even these setbacks is merely another opportunity!

> Begin producing and marketing drugs to the catfolk!

If the cat folk enjoy our products so much let us encourage it! Package the poisons in a variety of ways and doses then begin selling them to Ta Phanum, from the poorest beggar to the highest noble. Naturally our merchants are all spies, looking for weaknesses to exploit, but turning a profit and destroying the city with a drug epidemic will be a nice side effects as well.

The very best product is packaged and delivered to the so called god emperor's palace as a gift.

> Train an elite force of Calvary, the Black Wind of Doom!

The appearance of this Chaos God, this Chromatic Flame is a direct threat to our power! It cannot stand! While a direct assault on a god seems impossible we can at least work to quarantine the issue until a more permanent solution can be found. To this end a new force of elite calvary is established, the Black Wind of Doom! These vampiric riders roar forth on black steeds, sowing desolation and destruction in their wake!

Their first task is to stop the spread of this Chromatic Cult, laying waste to any village and eradicating any vampire this toxic faith spreads to. This infection must be cauterized!
The prize for the creation of a Daemon or sometimes called Tulpa is the loss of one's memories, the traumas that formed the nightmare to begin with. This disease even carries a name among mages "the tiny loss" as in some cases mages loose what motivated them into their studies to begin with becoming lethargic, lazy and apathetic.
ah for fucks same why did 4chan delete 90% of what I wrote?

Mages can create demons from their trauma by taming them. More powerful mages can also manifest them as ilusions there isp otentials forh igher levels of this kmanifestation into reality.

The fluff text was better but 4chan deleted it.
File: Screenshot_69.png (202 KB, 286x821)
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>1) Introduce The Butcher Of Mud Street into the story. A violent murderer and former Masque duelist who's gone underground after committing multiple murders in Peil. He and his band of brigands are a leading figure in The Shogun's mercenary army.

2) Accept Crabmen refugees from the war.

All are welcome in Peil and the Republic, especially all those who wish to escape the violence of the civil war. The doors to Peil are always open although the people that go there might not always enjoy what they find. The city is filled with corruption and exploitation, although heroes roam the street as duelists righting wrongs, more often than not money is the city's true lifeblood.

Still, Admiral Cassandra is trying her best to stem the corruption and create a Republic Of Blades where heroes can thrive and Villains serve only as reminders of what people shouldn't be like.

>3) If we have gunpowder, develop canons for our ships.

The Republic Of Blades has always been a heavily navy-focused country with its massive shipping lanes and fleets. The introduction of gunpowder only serves to tighten their superiority.

[Give me a sec to write up my war post.]
File: Screenshot_70.png (113 KB, 487x434)
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113 KB PNG

>Use Pirates and Privateers to raid the coasts, targeting food production. Never take a pitched battle and hunker down in our section of the wall while getting supplies from Peil.

The Arishivo Civil war would be marked down as one of the first major wars in which The Republic Of Blades was involved. The displaced Shogun came to Peil bearing gifts and promising glory to all those who followed him and many did. In exchange for riches, he'd hired an army of marauders and bandits mostly from the underworld of Peil as most reputable fighters had actually decided the civil war wasn't worth their time or were convinced to wait it out by other duelists.

Chief amongst the hired swords was the Butcher Of Mud Street who seemed to have gained the Shogun's ear as he led his bloodthirsty gang under the Shogun's orders.

Some Historians might have argued that one of the greatest boons for the Shogun's army was his knowledge of the weaknesses of the great wall. They'd taken a portion of the fortification without even so much as a fight as loyalist forces seemed to open the gates for their exiled lord.

The truth of the matter was, the wall itself never really mattered. The Republic was a country that heavily relied on its maritime trade and, aside from its dueling, was also steeped in a long naval tradition. Arishivo was a country surrounded by the sea.

Freebooters, Privateers or Pirates, it didn't matter what you called them. Peil was full of ships that sold to the highest bidder and one of The Shogun's greatest boons was hiring a small fleet of Peilian Ships crewed by Peilian sailors. Led by the Butcher himself, the marauders of Peil started raiding and razing food production by the coast, not giving the Arishivo soldiers a chance at a pitched battle as they always seemed to run away when soldiers gathered. The marauders had the mobility to strike effectively anywhere in Arishivo with their pirate fleet.
File: 98498[1].jpg (68 KB, 400x248)
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>Offer The Republic of Arishivo mercenaries and supplies.

Under the cover of the night and using a skilled crew of Peil's best seamen, a lone delegate sneaks inside the Crabmen Republic's Capital. They offer to send aid to the Republic of Arishivo in the form of supplies from the sea, the protection Peil's true Navy and contracts for some of Peil's greatest, most disciplined mercenary companies.

In exchange The Republic Of Blades wants trading rights with The Republic Of Arishivo along with a nonaggression treaty for 10 turns and open borders between their people.
>1) Try to figure out how to create efficient batteries for the Golems.

Just strapping our mages on the giant golems doesn't sound like the best idea. We need to figure out how to have them mostly self sufficient so we can work on other stuff or slack off. Start production on batteries that can store massive amounts of mana and efficiently power our golems. Maybe melt down or use the jewelry if the alloys help.

We can work on mana production later but for now we need batteries.

>2) Offer to host a festival in Isladawn!
The Floridians heard that the Delacanans have an amazing culinary culture and would like to sample their food. In exchange, we bring out specialty alcohols and liquors so we can party!
Shit I linked the wrong posts I linked Delacana twice.
And I missed the boon part.

>The Academy would like to request to just add the jewelry boon to the battery action to create the greatest, most efficient batteries you can give me. Batteries of all shapes and sizes if possible so I can use them for future projects.
File: volkovian Engineer.jpg (230 KB, 800x920)
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Action 1: The Volkovian 1st; the first army
Establish the first army. Armed with steel and iron, they march and ride, led by the first officers of the Schola. among them also a corps of Engineers.. armed with the explosive charges often used in mining, re tasked as a shock weapon for breaking crharges.

Action 2: Expand the borders.
the army along with volunteer settlers would expand out north claiming land and scouring it for resources, the army being there two fold as to calm any dissedents, but also keep thoes safe from the dangers beyond the border.

Lore: Diary of a Volkovian Officer, Erik 'blondie' Diehl

Wenceslas, Anno IV
The Lord Commander has formed the First finally, our task to guard the northward expansion has gone well so far, uneventful but anything beats the drills of the Schola or the lessons from Master Dane. Ive been assigned to my first command over all of 100 men, along with 10 or so of these engineers, they are a mite odd and ill tempered but they follow orders, though are awefully protective of their explosives. My men are all armed and armored, and supplies and morale are at an all time high.. for the time being. I think I will arrange my sergeants tomorrow, before our march. Honor awaits us.. I can feel it.

(Pic related, Volkovian engineer)
In the darkness of night, spies were sent to infiltrate other civilization. They shall hide in the shadows, hiding among its citizenry, to steal and eavesdrop. They shall infiltrate their libraries and offices and their secrets, maps, and knowledge shall become the Newts'.

A team of envoys would be sent to engage with diplomacy with the other civilization as well as provide distraction for the spies.

The chemists of Newtalia are set to work on discovering new and novel medicine. Medicinal plants and minerals are studied carefully and experimented with to produce new medicines that promoted health, increased strength, and lengthened life.
File: Classic NRP Turn 3.png (58 KB, 577x529)
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(Explaining Daemons)
(Corrections on Update)

For the first time in centuries, great Kefi paws sink into the warm desert sands, the Pharaoh feels a nostalgic tingle at the sensation. This is not the same sands as in Ta. Of course the Miews and Penews don't treasure this feeling, wrapping their humanoid feet in cloth to spare burning themselves on the sands. The Penews meet with their wild kin, while the Miews marvel at the ruins. The Kefi pay no heed to those, they have a task given to them by the late Pharaoh, and that is infinitely more important.

>Action 1: Creation of the Shadow Library. A library of cursed tablets, each containing a Daemon/Tulpa, but with plenty of smaller tablets, containing lesser copies of each Tulpa.
As the Cult of Zenmetjenu starts using their inner Daemons/Tulpas for contracts, the issue arises of having enough of them, as their creation is costly. At first the Kefi priests make a library of their Tulpas, contained in cursed clay tablets, which the priest can them fetch a Tulpa from when necessary. But as the tablets are created, duplicates appear, containing a similar but inferior Tulpa, a lesser clone. The original Tulpa is potent, but the lesser Tulpa requires an experienced Dream Mage to discern from the original, and when a Tulpa is bound, you wont know which you've been saddled with until they are unbound. Penew attendants are tasked with creating a plethora of lesser Tulpa, and they do not require as large of a clay tablet to contain, thus for every True Tulpa in the library, there are dozens if not hundreds of Lesser Tulpas alongside it. If the Kefi priests are expecting a Miew to break the contract, they can slip in a True Tulpa on their Shadow Contract, so they can be made an example of when they inevitably break the contract.

>Action 2: The Northern Expedition continues, Northwest. They are at the edge of the desert, within shall lie the ancestral home of the Kefi, perhaps even other Kefi.
The wild Penews do not interest the Kefis, such meagre morsels are not worth the effort to conquer. The ruins similarly are uninteresting, what good is conquering somewhere there are no people to rule? The Kefi spend only as long as is needed to resupply, before continuing into the desert. There are many legends of Kefi before Ta-Kefi, of great warriors performing superKefian feats, whose burial mounds are so great they make hills or even mountains by themselves. The Ta-Kefi pyramid is a logical progression from this funerary practice. We will have to make a middleground between a burial mound and a pyramid, a hybrid of old and new. Though there is a need for more manpower, so hopefully we can encounter some wild Kefi soon, who shall help us make our great tomb.
1. Wharfs, docks and ports. The lifeblood of any oceanic logistical network and something the nation lacks in significant enough quantity to be considered notable. If the nation is to thrive and prosper, then it needs to be able to harvest, trade, and defend across it's waters.

2. The collectivization of the farms was a far easier task than had been anticipated, and as such it is now time to ensure that our people are fed in abundance. It is no longer an issue of arable land or manpower, but in technique and method that must be implemented to increase crop yield. As stated within the latest 5 year plan, the government has begun the process of rotational farming; allowing the soil to maintain its fertility for far longer than just planting one singular crop.

Military action:
The forces are assembled, it is time to ensure the Ogres do not trouble the people any longer. Wipe them out in totality, ensure none are left to flee and restart the cycle in the coming decades.
>The Boon-Hunt
A Hunt was not what he expected as a request, but King Meladon gives a sharp-toothed smile upon receiving the challenge; the task that the locals have asked of him is one that will require the three Noble virtues to succeed; a worthy task for a King indeed! Fortunately, his explorers had set out last tyrn to explore and learn about the southern coastline; so if this Sea-monster lurks beneath the waves there and threatens the locals, his scouts should be able to lead his hunting party to the tusked whale. He raises his trident, and dives into the Sea to start his hunt.

>Action 1: Ambush Tactics
In hunting and warfare, the party who takes the other by surprise or from an unseen angle holds within his hands a greater chance of success and victory. As King Meladon and his hunters scour the undersea terrain in search of the tusked whale, they devise methods to conceal themselves in terrain and in the water's flow; and practice quick-moving weapon-strikes launched from concealment so that they might hunt this beast effectively.

>Action 2: Wave Strikes
The waves that roll from the waters of the great Ocean strike the land relentlessly, buffeting all in their path with the force of water and wearing away great cliffs with their relentless pressures. With their knowledge and prowess of Water-magic in their hands, the Zora of Zorule learn to guide the waves, and to create and unleash waves of their own to buffet and strike foes or prey with the powerful forces of the surf.

Action 1: Coastal fishing

Food can never grow to be too much, the meat of catfish and carp are valuable beyond measure for many, but there are other treasures besides to be found in the waters beyond the shore. Valuables such as pearls, treasures occasionally dug up and

Ships are wrought up for this purpose, to supply him and his people with what they deserve, so benevolent he.

Action 2: Old renovations

As thanks to the old spirits, who have so generously reclaimed his missing Stamp, the Emperor decrees that the shrine be renovated and brought up to a greater standard of grandeur. Even this rarely visited relic of the past may be worthy of the emperors divine attentions. It was constructed by our ancestors after all, even that makes it important, though hardly relevant in our day and age.
>Return the exploration fleet home. Is that a free action?

>Action 1: Codify calendar of festivals and holidays
On top of practices the Raelkan Albionese brought from their original homeland, the native Landers practised a number of pagan celebrations. The Iagranic Church of Albion is commissioned to codify both into a proper cycle of official holidays and festivals to rythm the lives of the people and encourage cohesion.

>Develop military unit: Heavy Knight Cavalry
Albion's knights, while mighty, remain vulnerable if focused on by superior numbers. Military doctrine shifts to employ them in battlefields in groups, excelling in the role of shock cavalry, working in tandem with the infrantry who serve as the anvil to their hammer.
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File: 2000.png (673 KB, 700x494)
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673 KB PNG
1. Our finest shipwright wizards cast their magic, as animated ship parts move into place. Hatchets fell logs which are hewn into timber by saws, the timber then animated alongside hammer, nail, mortar and caulk, as the boat is assembled together. Needles animated sew great canvases for the sails, knives and utensils butcher and salt the meats into barrels, preparing for a great voyage to the east to colonize new lands.

2. To increase cohesion, the guildmasters and company leaders start making efforts to inspire patriotism and traditionalist ideals among the people. The notion of Company Exceptionalism is fostered, portraying how our way of life is a civilized and enlightened one, even among other magic users.

Ours is the destiny to bring enlightened capitalism to the masses and, in turn, improve the lot of ourselves and our progeny. The Company is a meritorious one, for those with the greatest skill in magic and commerce rise in rank and status, and each reaps the profits of their labour.

Or so the company propaganda efforts say. Pen and ink animate to create posters, musical instruments to form traditional operas, and many other efforts are made towards the effect of fostering political and cultural cohesion among the masses.
We will engage those with their own sailing vessels thusly. However numerous tasks must be performed prior as to ensure the continued prosperity of the nation.

Improved Archery Skills
With grand weapons in hand what comes next is knowing how to utilize those weapons. Merely having a tool is not the same as mastering it. As such new methods are needed as to ensure it can be used properly.

Develop short lasting poison Magic
Poison is a potent thing. And as beasts grow large, this magic will allow for the felling of these great foes, even through minor injuries. However should the poison in the system last it can be analyzed, counteracted, and poison others. A simple magic to apply a strong poison that lasts only for a few moments dealing immense damage to a creature’s system before degrading into harmlessness

Improve Quality of Goods
Be it food, pottery, or cloth, the quality of it needs to be something that the average citizen can rely on to be good should they make the effort of purchasing it.
>Action 1: Study the Anunaki
The city is discussed with great interest. Although brief mentions of potentially conquering the goatfolk for new slaves, the idea is ultimately dismissed, with the titans feeling satisfied with their current labor force. Nonetheless, the Titans have been able to learn much from the humans, and so too might they be able to learn from these strange folks too. A group of Wisetitans travels down to their land, inhabiting their farmland and snacking upon their livestock, but otherwise not seeking confrontation or acting territorial over the land they squat in.

>Action 2 & 3: Athletic Games (I missed a turn)
Already massively powerful, there is little incentive to the Titans to train their bodies further. Even the weakest titan could swipe aside the greatest of known beasts. Recognizing this, some of the Wiseboys devise a set of Olympic-style games to encourage the titans to seek the limits of their bodies, often through specializing into different sports. Many of the games are designed to push the raw might of the titans past its natural level with activities focused on lifting, smashing, and carrying, but others also focused on less traditional titan disciplines such as sprinting, hurling, and leaping.
>Cookie bug!
The cookie bugs are native to the ancient city area, can be found hiding in anything that’s hollow, and are due to burst out when they fully mature. They can be heard skittering around inside the object as they grow over the course of a few months. At first, our researchers weren’t sure how they got inside these hollow spaces without destroying them. However, after learning more about their life cycle, we have managed to explain this strange phenomenon.

An adult male cookie bug will emerge from its makeshift hollow in order to seek courtship with another. It will climb up to the highest point it can find and refract sunlight rays through the gems on its back in order to create an alluring array of colors. After mating, the female will then lay its one or two eggs in a place that seems similar to the one where they first emerged. Because of this behavior, they are most common in the ancient city, due to all the empty containers and abandoned buildings, and may be found conducting their activities during the day.

As eggs, the newborn cookie bugs will hatch into their tiny, extremely hard to see larval form. They will then use some form of unseen sense to find the nearest small, hollowed out space, and simply enter because they can manage to slip through the cracks in this state. We feel like this “sense” might somehow be linked to the way that the brachyurus use their telekinetic powers to scan an area by means or force feedback on everything in it, which they then use to map out the location without needing to see it.

We call them cookie bugs because of the gems that seem to grow on top of them. When found, they’re usually right in front of you, like a cookie on a counter. This is the opportunity for one to strike and take some of the haul. One good heavy impact on the back, and the otherwise bulky little beast sheds the gem, or multiple gems, up to 6 in the biggest recorded haul. After that, they’re free to be obtained, and the bug skitters away.

We had assumed that taking these gems would interfere with the process of their mating ritual, which can be very important to the continued survival of some creatures. However, it seems that the most vital part of a cookie bug’s life is not its gem. In fact, it is the hollow which it lives inside. We only noticed a decrease in their population when we actively went about destroying the containers they were hiding inside. Or rather, we noticed that cookie bug mothers that emerged early from a box that was broken open did not return to that location to lay their eggs, and neither did any of their young. However, when the container is opened or moved instead of smashed, this problem does not occur. Something about using the same box is important to them. We’ve come to understand so much about these creatures, yet we don’t even really know that much about them.
(Take this as a study on cookie bugs, which may influence the culture of people around the nation)
>The first hunters of monsters
Palia Dávalos, an Ukuma woman of small-ish stature and somewhat impressive strength For her species, she’s very light in weight, and a highly coordinated rider.

Kleio Cazalla, a highly athletic brachyurus, who has taken a particular interest in studying monsters up close. She’s telekinetically inclined, and plans to use this to her advantage when…

The two of them determined themselves hunters, an Ukuma and a brachyurus, one riding on the back of the other in the earliest light of the morning. The valley between the mountains that houses the ancient village was cast almost completely in shadow, which made the entire location feel like it was stuck in the night. The two of them had previously been ecological researchers, working together and with their former colleagues to learn the secrets held at the site of the ancient village. They set out to hunt a monster for the first time in their culture’s recorded history, but only after becoming close friends and determining the existence of monsters is unnatural, on top of knowing the fact that some monsters are covered in valuable gems, hard scale plates, huge boulders, and some seriously sturdy bones, etc.

So they came prepared! To the best of their ability…
Palia and Kleio’s battle plans were similar, but different. They wanted to make sure they worked together in order to create movement and confusion that would be hard for the monster in question to follow. They would focus on one monster in particular, and make damn sure it could not breathe fire, because they had no current means to protect themselves very well from that in particular. Arriving early in the morning would allow them to catch an individual during its migration across the land. Being away from predators to this predator was key.

Kleio wanted to make as much use of her power as possible, and in doing so, she would attempt to throw as many heavy objects as she could directly at the monster's face, so in order to stun it, piss it off, and exhaust it. All this, so that dodging its attacks and getting heavy hits on it would be much easier than simply charging in without that process. Heavy hits with weapons created for this purpose exactly. Palia’s weapon was huge! She used it like a spear / vaulting pole, and could spin it when she swung it at a monster, in order to put even more force behind her blows. The metal was cast by a close relative who specialized in the practice of basic metallurgy. Essentially, one of extremely few smithies that lived at the nation's capital. If the hard shell of a monster is as tough as it may seem, this weapon will need to be sharpened very frequently. They both wore armor made of leather, with some metal hard points in specific places.
Continue to Observe the Biglings
>We have learned much of Our neighbors, the Biglings from upriver. They have been gracious hosts to Us and We hope they will become good guests, so We shall be good guests to them so they may understand how to be good guests to Us.
Swamplings continue to live among the Khimor in secret, coming out at night to pick up after their hosts. On rare occasions, the Swamplings will leave wooden effigies of themselves, depicted as large eared dimmunitive humans in a stylistic manner. Any food left out and not stored properly they take for themselves, believing it to be gifts for them.

Respect the Great Host of the Biglings
>The Biglings have a host themselves much like We once had a host. Perhaps this host will receive Us as guests?
Swamplings infiltrate the royal palace and leave their tribute, in the form of finely woven baskets filled with acorns and salmon. They also beautify the many public construction projects by refining some architecture, such as planing wood to make them flatter or grinding stone to make them smoother. Strangely, they always hang the tools rather than leaving them on the ground of on a table.

>Action One. Development of the roads.

To further aid in the expansion of Haeran'Yi and allow for better movement of the Iaseu Gadeu to protect the new northern territories, the roads to the new settlements would be developed. This will allow both for ease of settlement, ease of protection, and ease of transport of the goods from the north to the south. While merchants aren't viewed that favorably, no wise Saljwyi will underestimate the value of good logistics. It also will likely aid in further expansion in the north, should expansion continue in that direction. And if not, it will at least ensure that the growing population won't cause overdevelopment that could harm the natural beauty of our lands...Or displace valuable farmland.

>Action Two. Faith in the smallest amount.

The works of Yi Yeong-Jin on the nature of the soul and how to better it so as to eventually be able to escape the cycle of reincarnation are the founding works of Jinism. There are those however who are of the third stage of the soul. Geum-Yogjeog-In Yeonghon, whom have dedicated themselves to looking inward, and work towards breaking free of that cycle. A place for these people, and to be able to teach and guide others on their path to enlightenment and aid in their own journey would do well. And with Yi Yeong-Jin's influence, getting the resources for such a place would not be hard at all. The question was where the best place for the monastery's construction. What was the most peaceful yet still accessible area under Haeran'Yi and not at threat of wild beasts or otherwise unprotected by the Iaseu Gadeu. Naturally, finding more who were in the second or third stage of the soul was best. Given the fourth were so excruciatingly rare. Though, why would one want to stay here rather than ascend?
>Elf Boons
Raise an Orc Ranger hero that lead the expedition into the original ruins, Give us more information on medicine and plants to better care for our people, Gain knowledge on creating high quality bows and arrows.

>Little People Boon
Blatantly refuse their offering as we're isolationists.

>Action 1
Start building up Midpoint into an actual capital instead of just a gathering point.

>Action 2
Orc Ranger Talon will lead a new band of Greenskins into the Elven Capital Ruins

>: Action 1: Making Larger boom booms and refining our weapons

With our...dear neighbors being mostly naval focused, and we doubt that normal boomsticks could penetrate their wooden hulls with great efficiency, our dearest researchers would start figuring out ways to make fixed gunpowder based artillery, to take out enemy ships and possibly fortifications

also, With the enemy of the state at our border, and some 'pirates' pushing in... we decided to refine our weapon even more, to be even better than what the nobility and the shogun as told them, with multiple sub-variations popping up, such as a smaller boomstick (pistol), a fuck-you inator (blunderbuss)and much more, overall diversifying our equipment and making it better

>: Action 2: Right to bear arms

Alongside this, a new law would be passed, of which would allow all arishivans would be legally able to own weapons, either katanas, or those new gunpowder weapons... said law is also added on the constitution of the nation to assure that in the future no one can remove said law...

>: Action...WAR!!!

As the shogun take holds of one portion of the wall... there would be one slight problem for him, it was quite guarded due of the revolt being quite recent...well VERY recent but still, as eitherway, the currently present forces would use their advantages of having gunpowder based weapons, with them surrounding the portion of the wall conquered by the shogun and rapidly advancing, using the gunpowders weapons to shoot at anyone going at them with a sword or melee weapon, who the fucks brings a knife to a gun fight?, are you stupid?

As the privateers and etc storms our food supply, the 1st arishivan army regiment would be deployed to fight the pirates, we are aware they are using lighting strike tactics and they LOVE to be on the sea, thus, we would fortify high point of interests that the enemy might go in, alongside this, all areas of the Democratic republic would see heavy military presences, to assure that the pirates and enemy of the state wont just go away scott free... alongside this all civillians in the nation would be promised a large sum of money and other stuff for every marauders/mercs and whatever they kill, aint that awesome?

As we are aware that our dear enemy LOVES to use naval based tactics, we would use our already pre-existing boats and jerry-rig them with gunpowder weaponry, as those ships will closely patrol the coasts, as they will make use of their new weapon to devastate the enemy pirates, to assure that none of those mofos get close to our great nation
File: NewggerMapTurn3.png (5.36 MB, 6144x3000)
5.36 MB
5.36 MB PNG
> TURN 3
For next turn you have 4 action as a make up for the christmas break. Happy new Year to you.

A Katnip plantation is established. large amounts of the substance are farmed and soon a trade route south emerges. The addiction becomes severe. Parents sell their own children, nobles sell their whole wealth and enichs in the Godqueens court smuggle out prizeless artiffacts just to get their hand on the drug.

Your nation goes through a period of unprecedented prosperity as your southern neighbour is robbed dry of centuries worth of accumulated worth in mere decades. Artiffacts which would be destroyed or msuggled out in case of war are obtained easily. The Saccrophagi with mummy of ancient pharaohs, Maps of the local area and myths of a sister-nation to the west, ancient magic tablets which might need deciphering, exotic spices and piles and piles of gold.

Due to the influx of slaves and wealth your expanssion turns out unusually large. A center of manufacture emerges in the west of your nation.

The cult seems to have little intention of spreading, they come when invited, but the Black Wind of Doom Riders (long name), hunt down any upstart slave thinking the new god a path of freedom or any wannabe noble wishing to see if they can get magic powers from it. The flame though starts influencing nature. mainly flowers. All flowers are changed into buds of Chromatic flame instead. (btw. the spell you made last time worked, it works. The god came due to a concentrated accumulation of insanity)

Among the mercenaries hid a famed criminal and great fighter. As the war in the wall stagnates he soon rises in prominence, coming to be among the leaders in the war… he may be a vile murderer, but that may be what we may just need in this war.

The refugees keep coming in for the Peasant Republic in the west is once more at war. Albeit due to cultural differences some conflicts emerge as the Crabmen begin to congregate in isolated Gheottos living separately from the human populace.

While some development can be done now it merely helps you understand how the enemy uses the technology. First a search of your nation for coal and suphur deposits takes place and luck be have it both are found easily! (you may make firearms with 1 extra action investment, keep in mind your nation is relatively insatiable as it is and it’ll likely cause a civil war as firearm intrduction is a destabilising factor)
The construction of mana battery circuits is a tricky one. Much experimentation is performed and the most cost-eefective method found is copper Experimental copper based mana batteries allow for storing amounts of mana big enough to operate bigger golems for a few hours and smaller ones for a few days while being light enough for it to carry.

As such a search for a copper depository begins and… there’s nothing nearby. The closest deposit was found on the mainland to our east in an area called ‘bay of black pigs’ due to the large black pigs inhabiting it… but oh well at least we have the theoretical tech.

Our colony in the south west finishes with an iron deposit found there.

A fun festival is held deepening the relationship between your nations.

The first army is established and armed with grenades. They turn out extremely useful in tunnel fighting. The Volkovian Granadiers are experts at mid to close range combat, a scary force to face in urban combat or mountain terrain.

(I missed your capital name pls give it again)

Traveling north you find a foreign race, your people come to call them the attuners. Their nature seems to slowly change the nature of a place they live in to one matching their element of choice which is why their tribes divide in ones of each of the 4 elements. This made them of course highly xenophobic, they are not fond of humans arriving into their land.

The effort to infiltrate a race as biologically distant to yours as it is is a curious one… but surprisingly it succeeds. having encountered no other civilisation they have little suspicion of strangers. Your spies lurk the nights and dusk times clad in thick rhodes. They learn the local tongue. You learn of their ability to use poison magic and of their worshi of a snake god and even that they encountered tribes of newts just like you to their south. Soon in the nation myths start to spread about lizard/snakemen wandering the streets asking question s in the night. Some wonder if it’s the servants of the snake god judging our worth(>>5872717)

Work on medicine is undertaken increasing the local lifespan and wellbeing. More hatchlings grow into adulthood increasing the population. The nation is ripe for expanding to escape becoming overcrowded.

Character Tech boon: As a side effect of the research something called “ascenssion pills are discovered’ cumped together balls from expensive herbs which allow one to surpass his mortal limits and achieve strength, speed and intelligence far above others. Albeit failure to control the medicine’s effect in one’s body will instead turn them into a pile of tumors… few see the reward worth the risk in these times
The Shadow library is created. It is here where mages deposit Tulpa they made late in their lives so the prize they had paid may pay dividends forever. Further it is found that mages which attempt to use another’s tulpa, may choose so meditate and slowly over time create a weaker copy or add their own trauma to it strengthening it. The Pharaoh in his infinite wisdom for now ordered mages only to create copies, for a being created from consciousness of many sounds more like a god than a servant or tool.

Further north little more of interest is found, until eventually there it is! Tribes of Wild Ta-kefi living in houses made of mud many inbetween sets of ancient ruins which they treat with little relevance. They speak a foreign tongue to your own and oddly enough seem even larger as if your people lost some kind of Blessing once they left this place… though considering the low intelligence of these north kefi maybe that blassing came with a prize.

(you did not specify where you wanted to develop naval infrastructure so I put it north for this expansion)

The nation of Poglavnik finally gets to work expanding it’s naval presence. Woodcutters, shipwrights and ports are set up and the first Jiroslav vessels brave the waves of the northern coast. (lumber shortage, your nation has no major forests, as such more naval expansion than this will be hard)

Effort is put to making our farms more efficient. This leads to the population growing slowly filling out our nation and just in time as even more space became free after the extermination of the Ogres.

Hunting the Tusked Whale turns out an interesting challenge. These formidable beings seem to hunters of the deep diving into depths which would crush even the toughest zorule and spending there hours upon hours, but unlike the Zorule they need to come up and take a breath. The King waits for that moment tracking the largest among them for weeks and a trap is laid. Water mages halt the flow of water preventing it from charging their ships while a torrent of spears and tridents slowly wears the beast down. The hunt is successful and the nearby tribe joins your nation, but no action is without consequence. The Tusked Whales henceforth seem to appear near your shores on mass, annihilating your ships, killing your fishermen your nation highly reliant on food from the sea is facing a food crisis.

The relics of the beast are entombed in the newly acquired tribal lands

The new spell is learned and shall be a formidable force against ships and coastal fortifications.
No pearls are found but in prozess of building the first fishery an amber deposit across the channel is discovered. The population once more grows outpacing the expansion and the nation once more feels crowded even though it really doesn’t feel like there’s that many Iaakan…

A grand renovation project of the Spirit temples begins. A move greatly contested by the ancestor worship clergy. As they fear return on worship of spirits of the wild as opposed to the great ancestors who truly love and watch over us. Spirits were merely an old malice which needed to be appeased.

The exploration fleet is implied to go back and fourth that’s how you get news of what they found.

A calendar is codified while the original intent was to strengthen the faith and proclaim holidays for the unified church it soon found use making taxation more efficient, allowing for more effective farming and even made mundane things like appointments easier.

The heavy knights as a military unit are developped. A great form of charge cavalry to rip through enemy troops in one charge.

Your colonisation efforts are proceeding smoothly.

Animated ships work, but frankly they are a waste of magic power. Standard ships work better as animating such a large object is a feat only the most powerful mages can sustain. Nonetheless the flotilla of 5 is born for so many ships can be kept animated realistically, their increased manuverability,speed and agility nonetheless make them work as well as 100 ships.

Patriotism is inspired as guild culture develops. An idea of exceptionalism is instilled in the masses to create an identity through pride.

(diplo the guy if you wanna engage his vessels)
First archery is improved allowing the nation to defend itself better but also allowing for more efficient hunting. Soon the bow becomes the weapon of choice of the disciples with ornate bows resembling snakes being developed those granted to those able to apply poison via arrow.

Short lasting poison magic is developped. An effect which allows to ‘burn away’ poison to rapidly apply it’s effect and erase it’s trases at the same time. Effects of a poison which would kill in hours or days condensed into minutes or seconds also elevates the deadliness as treatment can rarely come in time.

Lastly quality of goods is improved from improving poisons and bows to the techniques carrying over to common goods like food, baskets and even construction work.
The Anunaki are terrified by your magnificent appearance. Your size frightens them, but as you seem to mean no harm they soon adapt. You learn of their ways looking from above. Unlike your lonesome ways they live in groups, big ones too. They do things together and through that they make things much grander than one could alone. They also run very fast and turn with apparent ease.

As athletics spread the titans learn to surpass their natural limits and find joy in it. Running, jumping, digging, lifting and wrestling become popular and the titans have their slaves repeat the movements for their entertainment as well. An odd thought occurs to the giants, the little folk seem to move their legs much faster, put in no effort into raising their arms or standing up… their tiny size allows them for much larger agility and ven proportionally leger strength. This has the titans puzzled, but when they ask the little ones they learn of ‘ants’ little beings small as a human is to a titan able to lift things a 100 times it’s own size. this makes the titans think and think and think…

Cookie bugs are harvested for their gems and returned so they may reproduce more. An overabundance of gems in the nation would make any who visit it from abroad think that it’s a nation of supreme wealth, albeit the denizens would be happy to sell the beautiful gems for pennies as they have become very common.

The two hunters become specialist beast hunters and shall give bonuses to hunting monster related actions. (listed as 1 character)

Continued observation aids you in further developing a symbiotic relationship. You learn more precisely what they need, what they don’t and what they think of you. (they see your people as benign supernatural beings)

You successfully create an enclave in the royal palace. Not even the emperor himself notices. You notice of great coal furnaces which heat water that flows through the nation and the black clouds which carpet the land near it like mist only does in the mornings.

The road network is improved. The roads are paved with stone not dirt and the routes the road networks take optimised.

In the peaceful meadows of the south-west a monastery dedicated to contemplation of the circle of rebirth arises. May it lead those who seek it to enlightenment and dispel the doubts to those who yet fear leaving the mortal world behind.
Ranger hero is raised, but the OG ruins are a tad bit too far away to go there in one turn. name your hero. Interesting herbs are discovered which help treat diarrhea, a popular remedy after a feast. Amazing bows are created, bows of living wood which can have their power enhanced if the right song is sung and can handle much stronger loads than common bows.

Change of the tribal capital into a propper city brings many changes to greenskin society as it’s make up is altered. The tribes begin to lose their nomadic ways as more permanent settlements are set up. What was once merely a gathering place shall become a true capital, to the dismay of the shamans who fear the loss of holiness of that place.

The expedition begins. They’ll arrive next turn. (no extra action needed)

Canons are invented. There’s 1 turn delay between tech and war application. Will the canons arrive in time to bolder your navy?

To bolder the nations defensive power all shall be armed, albeit this also shall prevent tyranny from springing up (your people will rise up more easily).

As the war rages on the wall portion of the nation finds itself cut off, as the Blades pull of a surprise landing advancing deep into Ashirivo territory. With that the Butcher of Mudstreet leads an assault through the wall completely taking it.

The war turns to the favour of the Peasants republic as their navy reacts, quickly overwhealming the forces of the Blades as they have been split in two, after a longfought battle the Arishivans achieve naval dominance albeit with a much reduced navy.

The blades forces cut off from supplies are forced back into the wall. Not only seemingly in a better position as they control the whole thing. The supply situation is further complicated as Ashirivo can use it’s naval dominance to surround the wall on the other side as well disrupting supply shipments by land or calls for reinforcements.
File: chromatic flame.jpg (94 KB, 736x920)
94 KB

> Use Chaos Flower Flames to make abomination shock troops
The chromatic flames that surround the god of chaos have caught the eye of the Crimson Council. Samples of the fiery flowers are procured in large numbers and experiments undertaken to understand what effects they might have.

As befitting the flames of chaos itself, most subjects exposed to the fire suffer horribly as their bodies seem to turn against them, twisting and transforming in unpredictable and lethal ways. However a few of the exposed peasantry survive this ordeal and become something more. Abominations!

Hulking menaces of muscle and rage, these creatures find their use as massive attack dogs to be unleashed to break enemy lines...or tear peasants from limb to limb when the Crimson Lords grow bored. The hardest part is getting the beasts chained and locked back in their cages.

> Expansion toward mountains, along the river
As wealth flows into the country one word is on every vampire's lips. More! The nobility are engaged in a never ending struggle to one up each other in displays of wealth. Naturally when one vampire decides there must be wealth in the mountains, a pack of others are not far behind, and soon another great expansion has begun.

> Fertile Maiden Protection Act: Pregnant women are protected from the Hunt.
As lesser lords leave the homeland, dragging peasant slaves with them, large stretches of the countryside are left quite empty! More than one evening hunt is called off when yet another village is discovered outright abandoned! And so great sacrifices are called for. For while the very idea of restraint, of calling off the hunt on any target is despicable, it is a simple truth that a child bearing maiden today is a half dozen new peasants tomorrow.

> Wargaming with live troops
A new sport has arisen among the crimson nobility, wargaming. Vampire commanders lead squads of peasants armed with simple weapons against each other, practicing the art of war against each other. Before long the sport has evolved into a gentleman’s activity of the nobility, with players meeting to discuss strategy, the latest games, and changes in commander rankings.

> Name the new city Beggar’s Watch
File: Volkovian Billman.jpg (177 KB, 1296x1532)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
The Capitals name is Bernholm. Its a city built into the top of a mountain by the original founders of the Volkovians.

Diplomacy. The diplomat's of the 1st, accompanied by a detachment of engineers would attempt to approach the Attuners peacefully, extending the classic olive branch the diplomats offer open trade with the attuners as well as assured righst to all their currently settled lands within the growing empire, should they also prove to wish to grow further within the empire they would be allowed to earn citizenship though special service within the imperial military, to which point completion of a tour of service will grant them full citizenship and the opportunity to study at any of the scholas within the empire.

Should they act irrationally, then other experiences will be shared with the attuners.

Action 1: Large Family incentives.
women and family's are encouraged via religious sermons and governmental ways to have more children espousing that it is closer to the way of their gods to grow large family's as well as the government being more favorable to those with many children in taxation as well as land sales.

Action 2: Industrial Expansion- Gross plate & Standard issue Weapons

working hand in hand with the mining guilds and with work reformers, two new 'factories' are built in Bernholm.

the first being the KWA or Kruger Werk Armorers And their development of the 'Gross Plate' a cheap alternative using slightly lower quality steel with none of the finery or fillegry of knightly plate, it can be somewhat mass produced to begin arming the trained infantry

the second factory of this expansion is the VAC, or the Volkovian Arms Company. much like the KWA they produce standard, no frills weapons by the wagon loads. Spears, Swords, and shields are their bread and butter..
LORE: Diary of Erik 'Blondie' Diehl

Anno V

We celebrated the passing of the year as we found ourselves once more un alone in these lands. The Attuners they called themselves, strange folk those lot, hells we damn near walked smack though one of their villages before we realized what we were doing. from what's been passed down the chain of command they aren't much for us human folk, but hey.. were not much for folk that can change the countryside based off of how they are feelin.. but they could be useful. lets just hope the bloody Diplomats dont cock it up. in other bright news, seems that the homeland has been prosperous, we have been getting some fresh recruits. and deliveries of weapons, hell even some armor has been making its way to us, all of it looks the same, not that im complaining, id rather have steel covering my hide than none.

Either way, its up to the gods to decide weather or not these local types bite at the carrot.. or if were going to have to test these new weapons and armor so soon.

(Pic Related, New gross plate and weapons on standard spearman)

>Action 3 School of Black and Grey (Black Powder development act 2)

established by the son of a imperial Engineer, the school gathered minds from all corners of the empire to continue to stabilize the mining explosives they used, eventually synthesizing the concoction down to a dark, scentless powder. producing a awful amount of smoke with its ignition the new volatile compound opened a new world of advancements. the first of which. the Rocket. Loaded into carts they could be orientated into a mass fire weapon. light a fuse and watch as they arc through the air and into the enemy with.. mixed success. a shock weapon.. until it can be refined further.

>Action 4 Expand further north.
Perhaps we will have to continue on from our newly found neighbors, but moving around them we will expand our borders, as was dictated by the gods above.
Newtalia is becoming more populated and that population needs to go somewhere. Begin clearing out land for development. Houses will be built. Farms and gardens will be expanded. Dedicated workshops for various masters and artisans will be created.

Share the glory of Ves'niut, and show them that Ves'niut is the Best Newt. Bring them under the banner of Newtalia and unite their tribes under his name.

To become the best in the world, Newtalia must be industrious, and Newtalia's industries cannot possibly be active if Newtalia does not know how to do stuff. Start schools for the express purpose of training new artisans in making iron tools, jewelry, cloth, medicines, food, and many other products.

Send more envoys and merchants to Veren with iron tools, dyes, cloth, and basic medicine. They will exchange with the residents there for valuable items and knowledge. Establish a headquarters that will keep our envoys and merchants safe while they engage publicly with Veren while also serving as a safehouse for our spies.

Some of the envoys will be sent to the south to engage with diplomacy with the Newt tribes and sharing the glory of Newtalia to them.

Alright, so since the response was so brief, I’m going to assume that the first hunt went off without a hitch, and monster hunting can become a profession among skilled individuals in my nation. Is that cool? I hope so, because I have big plans for exactly that.

>Fashioning monster materials
Of course, now that we finally have such a complete specimen, we need to learn what its uses are. The creature, known to some as an Aktreops, was a very large avian of sorts. It had a large crest on its head, a long beak, and feathers that seemed to have… odd elemental properties, as they were cold to the touch, and froze water vapor around them to create a field of frost. The creature’s entire hide was extremely tough, as though it was built to withstand only the most powerful impacts. However, it seems that a bunch of smaller impacts was all it would take to bring the giant down. It’s possible all of this could have various uses as parts of weapons, pieces of armor, or other, more everyday applications, so more study and attempts to accomplish these tasks needs done!

>Cloud forest expedition
The mountain range that surrounds the ancient city is filled with secrets from the lives of the ancient Ukuma, who were said to live in trees and worship a now forgotten religion. It’s unknown if any of them still live up there, but multiple groups have come forth to national leadership looking to fully explore the region, or at least start exploring it for the sake of claiming it. The ancient mineshafts once utilized by both of these peoples are now infested with monsters, so many believe there might be further prospects towards the mountains’ many peaks.

>Mining operations
Far back behind the initial wall of the coastline that encircles all of Moon Crater Bay, mining operations have commenced! Locked between the karst, likely somewhere within this area, there is bound to be metal and gemstones.

Any and all known iron deposits, or deposits of other useful metals, around the nation are resourced in an attempt to give what few metallurgists we have a little more to work with. If not enough metallurgists, it must become obvious that there’s a demand for workers who are skilled with metal, as our experts believe it will eventually become essential to multiple operations in our nation, if it isn’t already.
>Action 1: Send the fleet to explore to the south-east
The discovery of the Academy gives hope that there might be more Raelkan remnants out there. The exploration fleet is ordered to follow the coast towards the east past the Academy's mainland colony to see what might be beyond.
>Action 2: Develop Men-at-Arms
Feudal lords are encouraged to fund the training and equipement of local militias, as an alternative to farmwork and artisanry, as well as an opportunity for social mobility through military service. The men-at-arms serve as guards, law enforcers and peacekeepers in peace time and as main line infantry in times of war. They may not have the quality gear of knights, but they compensate through numbers and rudimentary training.
>Action 3: Renovate Tara-nar's walls and defenses
Tara-nar may be the heart of Albion, it is showing its age, especially the ring of defensive walls around the city proper, which are old enough to have known Albus. Stonemasons and architects are commissioned to repair the wear-and-tear accumalated by the walls over the generations, and embelish them to make them look like walls worthy of a capital city.
>Action 4: Develop Rangers
There are problems that can't be solved by conventional guards and soldiers; namely bandits, beats and monsters that threaten the countryside outside city walls. Many commoners start to practice archery, not just for hunting, but also self-defense. Local lords implicitely support it, recognising the military potential of such "Rangers" as scouts, trackers and ranged units to support melee infantry and cavalry on the battlefield.
Could have gone better, could have gone worse. Also this was the reason I asked for a lot of merchant ship originally, I wanted an overwhelming navy. Ohh well.

Unless you stop me, I'm just gonna keep making and probably killing heroes btw. I'm probably gonna kill off the Butcher in a turn if he even survives.

>1) The Butcher Learns About his Prey. [Have the Butcher figure out a way to take advantage of the unrest.]

Most people think of The Butcher as nothing more than a wild animal, lashing out at those weaker than him. They would be mostly right but they also seem to forget the fact that this makes The Butcher well-versed in understanding weakness. He knows when to run, when to grandstand and he definitely knows when to kill.

Even though their races might be different, he still knows how to take advantage of weak because that's always been what he's done to survive.

>2) Gunpowder is developed for entertainment. [Create fireworks and special effects to make the duels more entertaining.]

Gunpowder, a dangerous and destabilizing prospect but it doesn't always need to be used for war.

While most would only see it as a means to kill, large swathes of the Republic's entertainers found great uses for them to add flair to the more extravagant duels.

Great entrances are punctuated with booming lights and campy villains throw flashpowder to make their escapes.

All in all it added even more flair to the already showy duels of the republic.

>3) Cassandra performs social services. [Cassandra oversees the integration.]

Knowing about the influx of refugees entering the Republic, Cassandra personally visits the needy areas sponsored with supplies by the more benevolent or pragmatic merchants who want the integration to be as smooth as possible.

Using her natural charm and charisma, the Admiral tries to explain the Republic's Culture of dueling while highlighting the theatric aspect.

>4) A fleet is built around The Hero Of The Republic. [Create an Elite fleet unit using gunpowder, name it The Devil Dogs]

Trying to monopolize gunpowder or hold it back is an impossible prospect. There are too many selfish and malevolent figures behind the scenes in Peil who have definitely heard about the Shogun. Instead, a small but highly advanced fleet is created and crewed by Admiral Cassandra's hand-picked and loyal officers.

Made up of a small number of the fastest and most maneuverable ships built in Peil, The Devil Dogs patrol the sees with experimental gunpowder cannons keeping The Republic's coasts safe.

I wasn't able to reply to the previous War post since I wasn't linked but just to counter some things way too late.

>Using the gunpowders weapons to shoot at anyone going at them with a sword or melee weapon, who the fucks brings a knife to a gun fight?, are you stupid?

This is assuming RoB mercenaries take fair fights, the moment they see any sort of large Arishivo formations in the open they run until they can find better terrain. RoB duelists and fighters focus on speed, especially the mercenaries that don't need to play by any rules.

Mercenaries in particular would likely have Crossbows since The Republic Of Blades is based in large part in Italy and Venice.

>As we are aware that our dear enemy LOVES to use naval based tactics, we would use our already pre-existing boats and jerry-rig them with gunpowder weaponry, as those ships will closely patrol the coasts, as they will make use of their new weapon to devastate the enemy pirates, to assure that none of those mofos get close to our great nation

Ohh for a moment I thought you were using Fireships, that would have been great actually since the original pirates sent in had fairly low cohesion so the information wouldn't spread very well and you could have probably destroyed large portions of the pirate Navy since they would want to take ships intact. I DID mention that they wouldn't take pitched battles, basically running the moment they see any heavy defenses. I guess they got greedy.

>All civillians in the nation would be promised a large sum of money and other stuff for every marauders/mercs and whatever they kill, aint that awesome?

Good mindset but flawed, you just finished a major civil war and even considering this is mostly the criminal elements of Peil, they would have much more money than you. You don't have any money really. Imo you should play to your patriotism and religion instead if you wanna convince the people.

>We would fortify high point of interests that the enemy might go in, alongside this, all areas of the Democratic republic would see heavy military presences.

This one is possibly hit or miss, on one hand the small area of Arishivo does mean that you need to basically hold every piece of land that you can. On the other, again a Static Defence might not be the best idea against a faction with highly mobile skirmishers. Play to your strengths I guess, I'm pretty sure the Crab people won't be able to catch up to Peiliean Skirmishers anyway, especially not career criminals who have running from the law as a requirement.

>War Action

The Butcher suggests to the Shogun that they play to their strengths.

Most of what is left of the Shogun's loyalists alongside the heavier and slower members of the mercenary army will hunker down on the walls preparing for a siege, meanwhile small bands of marauders will dot across Arishivo causing chaos. Most of them will be hunted down and killed, that's to be expected but The Butcher will personally lead his own group alongside a small contingent of The Shogun's most loyal people around the countryside pillaging villages.

Using stolen uniforms and clever traps, The Butcher will direct the Shogun's men to start false flag operations against small targets like hamlets or villages around Arishivo while hitting larger but more poorly defended targets with his own men.

Basically send the Shogun's men dressed up as Arishivo Republic soldiers to harass or kill stray groups of civilians while leaving one or two people alive to spread the news.

Meanwhile The Butcher Of Mudstreet will raze entire villages that resist completely and generally just cause harm around the countryside. He'll terrorize the peasantry when needed, doing the most heinous and horrible things only a monster can do while stealing gunpowder weaponry before the civilians learn how to use them. Worst of all though, he'll give some of the Arishivo peasantry a chance to join in the depravity. A chance to indulge in the worst aspects of humanity while taking their lives into their own hands.

He'll promise them riches, women and power while actually being able to fulfill that promise. The Arishivo leadership promised that the Peasantry should be in power so they should take that power with their own two hands especially now that they have guns.

Action 1: Expansion Amberwards

Towards this new amber deposit across the channel, a fresh new colonisation effort is directed. There seems no end to the fresh new faces that the covenant produces, serfs to work the ground and disciples to sweep the grounds.

This new interesting resource may be a boon of great wealth to the covenant and its people, how fortunate for us.

Action 2: Prospect locally

Searching for nearby resources other than this new vein of amber may empower the covenant, fresh new resources to be claimed and wielded in the name of heavens mandate.

>Diplo with the new tribe
The response of the tusked whales is unexpectedly savage and co-ordinated, and though the hunt was victorious the consequences have proven tragic. The new tribal Zora to join the nation are asked what their tales and histories tell of the consequence of their previous hunt; did that one also send the tusked whales into a time of frenzy?

>Action 1: Rice to eat you
A food crisis means we need to look for new food sources outside of our preferred fisheries. Fortunately, our expanding network of water-channels means that water can be directed within the Domain of Zorule; and so the Zora get the thought of inundating large shallow fields. In these, the Zora grow large amounts of water-loving rice - as well as snails, prawns frogs and crabs that find new niches in the flooded field system - to fill the gap in their diet.

>Action 2: The Great Bay
With the outer sea suffering from the wrath of the tusked whales, the Zora turn their attentions to the waters to their north instead. The great bay is explored and examined, and fishers hope to use the area to set up new fisheries safe from the rampaging whales.

>Action 3: Northward expansion.
The land north of the new territories is seen from our new borders to be much like the heart of the domain. Therefore a new expansion is organised to bring this area into the Kingdom of Zorule.

>Action 4: Waterwheels
The channels that cross the domain carrying the flow of water and the Zora control of water magic both mean that when Zora industry is in need of development, the waterwheel is the first and most reasonable place to begin. With wheels turned by water to turn grindstones, move saws, lift weights and pump bellows, one Zora may now do the work that before took many hands; improving our industry significantly.

(Do you need names for the new tribal settlements?)

1. Begin to promote and construct universities

>Action 1 - Education
We're planning to build monuments for the future, let's not have any misspellings on the cryptic hieroglyphs we leave behind for them.

>Action 2 - Clockwork
The gold we've worked into fine goods for our friends has grown increasingly complex. What were once simple bracelets and clasps have become music boxes and puzzle-boxes, marks of our culture and ingenuity we can share with others!

>Action 3 - Expand
More bouncy Skaians means more homes to live in! We have large, fertile plains to the east, let's go get them!

>Action 4 - Prospect
The metalworking we've started has lit a hunger for more, and so the ground is scoured for further treasures.
The Skaians are eager to collaborate on this fine project, but supplies are limited! Home's must be built, and the stone is a necessity for that. Once more of the quarriable material is found, you will be the first to have some! Until then, let us feast and be merry! The Skaians love to watch any and all shows of magic, being devoid of it themselves.
>1) Go Help the Decalana develop Clockwork and maybe figure out how to make clockwork golems to possibly reduce mana requirements.

>2) Develop Iron Golems using the resources found by our colony for use in combat

>3) Sail to the East and scout out the Bay of Black Pigs for a possible colony.

>4) Expand to the North West of Dis-Nye and try to find any new resources in the mountains.

No problem at all, not sure you noticed but I sent in some giant golems to help with your construction and excavation feel free to use them as needed. The Academy should be starting our excavations too in a little bit, it's just we heard your people were amazing when it came to stoneworking!
File: Classic NRP Turn 4.png (32 KB, 211x529)
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While many Kefis see the history of Gebeb-Kefi as but a footnote to the glory of Ta-Kefi, the royal family of Per-Desher has upheld the importance of respecting our past, and as Pharaoh Nykhet Per-Desher crests the dune, he beholds the glory left behind. The Kefi-Gebebs are not emaciated savages, but instead each one bigger than the Kefi-Tas. The late Pharaoh was right about us losing something, but it is also clear we are superior in culture. So, with the facts laid out before him, the Pharaoh decides they will serve Ta-Kefi, and become one with us.

>Action 1: The Emergence of Meri Depet-Wadj. A Miew swordlady and sailor, with a trusty crew at her beck and call.
While the Penew delve into mystic arts and Kefi seek ancient wisdom, the Miew sees the rise of a peculiar character. Following the cultural shift of Kefi rule, adventure became much more popular among nobles, as a way to make it big in Kefi society. Enter Meri Depet-Wadj, a noble lady well versed in the way of the sword. Serving onboard a ship for 4 years she made friends with the crew, and they made plans for a heist, to rob the vaults of Per-Qenit, a Kefi family that hoards artifacts, among them a Miew Xiphos, hailing from before Ta-Miew, when they were conquering Ta-Penew. This is therefore a priceless cultural item, yet the Kefi have broken a fair few of the Miew artifacts with their brutish treatment of them. But these vaults were inscribed with magical symbols, so Meri would have to fight enemies in both this realm and the shadow realm, yet despite this, word spread of Meri showing off the Miew Xiphos for all to see, but also drawing the ire of the Per-Qenit family.

>Action 2: The Meeting of Kefi-Ta and Kefi-Gebeb. Learn the language of the Kefi-Gebebs, so we may try to enlist them.
Observing the Kefis of the desert, the Kefi-Gebebs, Pharaoh Nykhet Per-Desher has the army setup a tent camp, and with how many soldiers are in the army, the tent camp grows massive. From there, a lieutenant with a cohort is sent to each of the tribes in the area, to establish communications. Accompanying each lieutenant are a number of language scholars, hoping to get to understand their language, surely it can't be too distant from the Kefi-Ta language, indeed a number of the scholars would be learned in ceremonial versions of the language, which hopefully has undergone minimal change over time. The main body of the army will be managing the supply train back to Ta-Kefi, as even if we had enough desert hunters, this land simply cannot sustain such a large army by itself, so we will be dependent on supply from home if dealings here aren't swift.
1. The bread basket grows.

Food is the lifeblood of any empire. As the people of Haeran'Yi expand outward, it is only natural that further farms would be made and further prosperity and food security would come for a time. And, with this, the population would grow to balance things out. For the time being however, the risk of famine was sure to be unlikely in the coming years as more and more was cultivated and put to use in the growing of crops. A perpetual cycle of growth, of the population and of the farmers and farmland to feed that population. In time, perhaps some of the farming villages that were formed would become cities. But for now outside of two major settlements, Haeran'Yi's sizable population was spread out.

2. Further lands claimed.

As more and more land is claimed for farmland, more and more distant land is turned to that use. The infrastructure in the heartland aids in this expansion and development as yet more is claimed for the Yi Dynasty. While there is certainly more safety in the heartlands, the more distant lands being colonized had opportunity for wealth, a new start or those who preferred a more isolated and peaceful existence further away from the ever growing density of the population. Of course, in time the infrastructure of these lands would become equal to the heartlands, and with it the density of the population. But for now it was a frontier with all the advantages and benefits of such.

3. Exploitation of our expansion.

Fertile soil and untouched forests are not the only thing the lands further beyond can offer Haeran'Yi. There are other things of value. Possible new animals for exotic pets and unique crops that could make food taste better. However both are rare and unlikely to come across. However there is one thing that is far more common and likely in these lands. Metals and potentially valuable stone. Be it jade, iron, copper or a myriad of other materials under the earth, these things have value. And the discovery and exploitation of them would be of great use in aiding the artisans of Haeran'Yi, alongside those of the higher castes. Or at least more wealthy.

4. Development of our expansion.

While the colonization is still recent, making further main roads to lead to the largest settlements and most important developments in these lands would be wise. If not for ease of trade in gathering the exploits of the colonies, then the ease of moving the laiseu gadeu to protect these places from banditry, disorder, and any strong beasts that the untamed wilds hold.
>The Ranger's name is

>1) Conquer the wilds!
There are still plenty of wild animals around our area that haven't realized their position in the food chain. We should cull any that pose a danger while domesticating whatever that are useful.

>2) Convert the old ruins into a training center.
The ruins' buildings and space make for a perfect place to train our rangers and dungeon delvers in the art of stealth and urban warfare. We're already skilled in fighting in nature, we should prepare how to fight in ruins and cities too.

>3) Expand and develop infrastructure.
With the massive boon in population through our medicine and food, there's been too little space for everybody. We need to expand to properly.

>4) Make sure we establish a supply line to Talon's expedition.
The expedition is far, we can't afford anything to go wrong. Make sure they're being sent adequate resources and that the paths to them are clear in case something does happen.
>Khimor isn't playing anymore...

>Observe the Biglings hosting the crops!
It seems that these Taller folk are good hosts to the Earth, and in return they are gifted plenty of food in return! Let Us learn from them!

>Watch over the heirs.
The Great Host of the Biglins has Little Ones like Us! Let us keep them safe and share Memories with them, following wherever they go and teaching them what they need to know to be a proper host and guest!

>Plant more groves!
Expand territory by planting more trees at the edge of the borders.

>Venture further south!
Continue south beyond the Biglings to find more people to learn from.

> Action 1 & 2 (Hero/Unity) - The Clan Lord
A Wisetitan, and a champion athlete, the Titan Ankhisteian is inspired by the example of the Anunaki who make up for their pathetic size and frailty with their unity. Imagining how much more powerful the Titans could be if united, Ankhisteian begins a process of political maneuvering and projecting his power in an attempt to unify the Clan, beginning first by forcing or bribing the lesser families to bend a knee. Unlike titanic strongmen of old, his interest is not so much in controlling the greatest grazing land, or stealing the fattest beasts of another titans flock, instead he seeks to collect debts and favors.
Improve Ships
Hark! Across the waters there are other vessels aboard the high seas. They may be ally or foe, or potential partner in trading. Whatever they may be they should be impressed by the splendor and grandiose nature of our ships. Sturdy, large, and able to carry a vast amount of goods and supplies to a fro. And of course, should they be foe, ships solid enough to weather the tides of combat and extended warfare.

Improve diversity in staple crops
While many a crop is suitable for food, there has to be others that can be made into something that is edible. Connoisseurs of food to be interview across the sweeping land. For anything and everything, from their family recipes that they so fondly remember, to the outlandish that they had to survive when food was scarce. It will all be recorded down be it by scripture or by tales so that food may become something that is diverse and plentiful.

Domesticate animals
In the same vein of food, the animals of the land are wily beasts. Some of them having tasty flesh and immensely beneficial hide and sinew. These animals must be captured, bred, and controlled. There can be no grand feast without meats after all, and if we have fine control over it, it will prove incredibly useful, and.. if that doesn’t work, perhaps they could be used for battles on land…

Improve metallurgy techniques
While there is many a technique for crafting tools, there has to be a ‘best’, but, more importantly right now is making sure all tools made withstand the the purpose they are made for. While it is known how to make a sword, they may drastically vary in quality, so, the best practices and techniques should be compiled and dispersed. While it may hurt crafters in the short term as their practice is distributed more freely, it will also give them access to other skills, and drive them to trying out new concepts that may bring about a whole new set of secret techniques.
1. Colonize the West Coast of the main continent
2. Develop Folley Fire techniques - Animated Wandsmen take some time to cast a new spell even at the fastest of speeds. Develop a form of warfare where ranks of Wandsmen line up, the first rank loosing their animated stones, the second rank behind prepares to cast their spells, ensuring a continuous volley of fire
3. Invest into animated household applies. Stoves and kettles that prepare tea, candles that light up on command, and so forth.
4. Set Sail and Contact with that white bordered nation to the south (I have no idea who that is)

Short post life got busy will try and extrapolate some more lore in a bit. Just don't want to miss the turn.
>1: New Ship Designs

With the invention of the 'Ganon'nu' (Gannone, AKA CANNON), we would start working on new ship designs designed to take advantage of said new invention, with them being perfected for the usage of naval warfare, however we also would make sure that they would be able to tank cannon shots too, to assure that they dont sink with just one shot since we are aware that the vile enemy has access to it

>2: New Armor

The Democratic Republic of Arishivo would start working on a new armor, designed to provide heightened resistances against gunpowder based weapon but also by consequences against melee weapons, as this will increase the chances of survival of our troops on the battlefield

>3: Spy sappin' my sentry!

To learn more about our dear enemy, a few spies are sent to the RoB to study the enemy and possibly start destabilizing the enemy with propaganda and or rumors... however they came here for a simple goal, assasinate/kill the enemy public leader/most well known hero, in hope of weakening the enemy further... for this task, crabmens alongside... human inhabitants who are known for their devout loyalty would be sent to the enemy nation, to assure that our plans do not fail...

>4: Mines!

We would search throughout our territories for possible areas that are suspected to contain resources, while we are looking for anything that could be useful, we are especially looking for iron or metals, but anything that could prove to be useful works for us...


With the Gannone being introduced in the Arishivan Army, it would see its first use against the portion of the wall conquered by the vile shogun, for such grandiose weapon will be able to penetrate and even possibly destroy said portion of the wall, as our army would close in on the portion of the wall, encircling it from both side

With the recent raids, all villages have atleast a garrisons of Arishivan units ready to defend themselves against the enemy, with Gannones to act as artillery against the enemy forces

Aware that our enemy has a superior navy, we would add Gannones and other gunpowder weapon on our pre-existing ships to assure that the enemy vessels do not stand a chance against us, alongside this the new naval ship designs (if they are introduced by this turn) would be deployed to hunt enemy ships, and give support to our forces
Realized I had 2 more actions.

3. Exploration westwards.

4. Docks to the south
Forgot that we get 4x actions

Action 3 - Infrastructure - Mines
As the Titans grow increasingly interested in modeling themselves after the lesser races, they also find themselves more interested in their tools. Of course, due to the massive size of a titan, one tool might take up as much metal as a whole militia for the small folks. As such, a large scale mining operation must begin.
The titans are to go about tearing up the earth until some indication of ore is found, whereupon the humans are sent in to collect the materials.

Actions 4 - Magic - Shielded Strikes
While trees and boulders are good enough weapons for the titans most of the time, there are some situations where your tree snaps in half, or there are no good boulders nearby, and you have no choice for to stomp or swipe. In either case, some clever humans have learned to surround themselves with a nest of spikes and other sharp items which can cause terrible splinters if stomped upon. Hoping to avoid this pain, the Titans begin attempting to focus their force projection abilities to wrap their arms or feet in fields that would allow them to slam these appendages into their enemies without having to worry about potential damages.
File: nigger.png (5.37 MB, 6144x3000)
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5.37 MB PNG
> TURN 4
Mao and Khimor need new players!

Their heads turned to flame no different than the flowers of the land near the flame these brutes grow large and lanky, their hands too transforming in the flames. When left alone they are found dancing their flames gasping at the sun as their bodies elongate, but manipulated with the right illusions. Illusions of darkness, of the mundane, of the grey and of order their madness manifests. They start around running and murdering as their petal-like flames become tentacle whips which cut like barbed wire swords.

An expansion north-west begins. There you once more encounter natives. Tribal beings, short humanoids with yellowish skin and pointy ears. There is not enough of them to tame for slaves though unless you wished to purposefully breed them, a population near extinction and in decline.

The slave breeding program disguised as a divine commandment of benevolence helps explode the nation’s population and with more slaves more vampires can be sustained.

A brutal yet effective form of training. Blood flows and the peasants cower in fear. Following pure “poison jar” methodology helps imrpove troop quality… but it may turn out to be a mistake, for you now created peasants which not only are better at fighting but have personal grudges and hatred against certain vampiric lords. The problem is minor, but a few weaker lords do experience getting chopped into pieces and being fed to pigs… with no culprit found.

The nation invests in family planning to help expand it’s population in an effort to help populate the north faster. The colonisation finishes as such and sprawling farming communities pop up there.

A new smithy is set up and with it industrial output increases. beyond military goods civilian ones also manage to increase production raising the nations standard of living and making it’s craftsmanship high in quality, said quality could be exploited to bring in even more wealth if trade with another people’s could be set up.

A simple canon is manufactured. It is a most valuable asset in siege and naval warfare.

The Attuners are happy to coexist and trade peacefully. They retreat into land they see as their own and shall peacefully coexist and even cooperate. They see your people’s do not change the land you come in, you are different to them maybe you can act as a bridge between their people who are forced into separation by cruel necessity (dotted line are their tribal territories, keep the red ones away from gunpowder)

A second set of north expansions is announced into a land that is now empty and virgin as your settlers travel north the chieftains of the ribes ask you to take along a few of their own so you may settle together, maybe if they are aq minority a few in number they can live in one land together without causing it to change. (chose if you take them or not)
The nation sets in motion it’s first expansion, and as it expands it finds more newts! man there is a lot too… I mean it’s good news their culture is similar so they will be easily integrated, but expanding won’t exactly solve the overpopulation problem now will it?

Somewhat more serpentine in shape (elongated) they speak a tongue which is a distant cousin of yours and seem to worship a similar snake god to the peoples in the north. They hear of the man you call Ves’niut, and wish to meet him in person first, they shall join your nation as brothers (personal union type deal) if he takes the baptism of the serpent and embraces their god as his own.

New craftsmen are trained, Newtalia will make better goods than the yellowskinned mammals in the west. Newtalia will be the best!

the trade begins boats travel in the dark of night near the elven nation and unload cargo. A mix of equipment far superior to elven quality and cheaper imitations of their own craft made to discredit their craftsmen. Networks of shopkeeps are established to import these goods and distribute them onto the market. (>>5883337, you notice a worsening of your economic situation and a flood of goods of unknown origin entering your nation, as if wealth is being siphoned)

it’s cool.

(magical properties of monsters are not fully retained when slain, otherwise it’s just free infinite magic)
Aktreops corpses seem to retain their magical coolness for months. Albeit far from being able to freeze lakes it can be used to keep rooms or beverages cool. Their bones especially become a valued commodity for restaurants to store food and monster hunters can make a good buck hunting them.

Exploring the mountains finds tons of bizarre statues, but they are not the statues of either of the nations species. Instead the statues seems to depict beings that are akin to squids. Otherwise only ruins are found, tons and tons of ruins full of skeletons of both the Brachysaurus and Ukuma and among them what seem to be small tone beaks attacked to snail tails.

Exploration across the bay reveals deposits of iron, sulphur and another metal you as of now seem unable to prozess or identify.

Work in the forges begins telepathic hammering soon produces a decent quantity of improved tools and weapons.
As your navy travels south east you discover a mainland Academy colony and as you travel further you find a nation of halflings who possess bizarre gear-based technology and as you navy swims and swims you encounter another human civilisation, they seem militaristic, but not nobility based or feudal like your nation.

The idea of men at arms is developed. Soldiers which are not nobles, a way to socially advance for peasants and support for our cavalry a decent idea if anything. Definitely better than a peasants levy.

Walls are renovated and the city is better defended than most in the world. This special fortification, and diplomatic ties to multiple nearby nations lead to it’s expansion and influx of wealth. Soon gaining it the title of “city of world’s desires” with trade routes from discovered nations popping up to it.

(>>5882804 >>5882804 >>5882804) a grand protected city has arisen in the region. Merchants from your lands, artists etc. all flock there to do trade, mingle and grow. It becomes a center of learning, culture and trade.

Rangers as a military organisation are established. They combine the tracking of the old folk and the military skill of knights, with them a forrest is essentially just another fortress.

Your navy is better than his, the problem was you split it. Secondly he already had implemented guns, no canons yet but those are still quite useful in combat on ships. I am capping heroes at 3-4 per players to keep my book keeping sane, so please don’t overdo it.

The Butcher, one who lived in the shadows since his youth is enjoying himself. The respect from the Shogun, the cheer of the mercenaries and samurai, they are not like the cheers he’d experienced in the arena. he’s enjoying himself, and as he carves a bloody path he consciously improves his craft, learning to dismantle crab and man alike. (skill in precise killing improved, loyalty shift to Shogun himself as opposed the Republic of Blades)

Fireworks are invented and bring joy to many adult and child alike. Their mass production also helps better understand the safe handling of firearms and gives some needed training to craftsmen were the order to come to mass produce weapons.

As Cassandra volunteers the Crabmen show minimal appreciation, but the integration is successful as her fans start imitating her, some out of true adorations. Others merely in hopes of meeting her in person, this either way manages to help the two races to integrate and form a cooperative relationship.

A more powerful fleet is established and modernised to face the enemy navy. (remember new mil tech comes into play with 1 turn delay in wars so you don’t get it in this war turn, same was enforced on Arashivo when he invented canons last turn)
Xir there was 4 actions this turn, feel free to do 4 actions next turn then.

having found the valuable mineral an expansion to claim it follows.

another vein of amber is found. Otherwise the local wood seems to be good. It has a nice red-orange hue producing quite beautiful furniture.. Name your new city in the south pls.

you missed a turn prior to this, you have 1 make up action. Feel free to use it next turn.

The northern tribe as said before is one of dwarven exiles from the north. They are willing to provide valuable inf0ormation on the dwarven citystates they were exiled from. One has an even more daring proposal… help him conquer that realm and he shall be your vasal. They refuse to mention why they were kicked out though… hmm…

The ancient myths of your cousins do not include any tales of such behaviour from the Tusked Whales, but their ancient myth also points out that these beings were never hunted. The one their ancient hero had slain was the result of Tusked Whales killing his son in an attack on their fishermen, he merely took revenge. Maybe these sea behemoths are more than they seem?

The extensive land river network is used to create ice crops to feed the nation. Another development was noticed though… the tusked whales seem to have started digging near the canal entrances, clogging them up and piling up dead fish near the canals poisoning the water. For now our craftsmen can still deal with it, but for how long? Afterall every time we look, there’s more of them…

Fisheries are set up, but soon whales arrive there too, it’s not exactly a long swim.

An expansion northward begins, you enter a virgin land devoid of prior civilised folk. The land is lush and as you expand you stumble upon a ruby deposit.

Water wheels are created, but are less useful than one would consider, afterall our canals are not river based, but linked to the ocean. They are still water which only moves with the tides, something that can be harnessed with limited utility, still it’s enough to get somem ills running more efficiently.

You can name the tribes if you want.
You have 4 actions this turn feel free to instead to 4 actions next turn.

Universities are constructed aiding you in technological progress and inovativeness. Industry is furthered.

You missed a turn before so you have a 3rd action for next turn.

Your people are educated. Complex clockwork contraptions are imagiend albeit most of them for now are trinkets, they go beyond what worlds technology can do for now, a highlight is the self-walking monolith.

expanding begins. You find aluminium and tin deposits.

>>5882972 (>>5882912)
A genius idea on part of the academy. Incorporating gears, switches, stretchable bands, fluid ballasts and the like into golems has allowed for a 70% mana consumption reduction, albeit it introduced a weakness into the machine. Where before a golem would only be destroyed via core destruction now it has many more weaknesses. An interesting development associated with the gears is magic-kinetic integration allowing for coupling of magic-tech codependency. The furthest this is taken is by one mage known as Barthelemew he born with just one arm managed to integrate golem-gear to create a prosthetic limb with full functionality.

The first iron golems are created. integrating durable iron and gears allows them as special function ‘overclocking’, temporary boost in power by powering the gears with excess mana.

A good area is the source of the discovered copper itself. I mean why do you fear boars when you have metal machines of destruction on your side?

An expansion northward begins, deposits of odd blue crystals are found as well as an asbestos deposit.
you had 4 actions this turn make 4 next turn I guess.

Meri Depet-Wadj rises to power among the Miew, swashbucker of the sea. While currently still affiliated with the navy she waves around prizeless artiffacts few can explain how she acquired with little care. Soon rummors start circulating that she is more than merely a swordmistress and admiral.

the tribes turn you away one by 1, for clearly you are weak until your diplomats are invited to the Fire circle of all tribes. Before the effigy of the ‘Were’ the lord of these people your diplomats are told to kneel, “Your tribe is small men as small as women, women as small as children and yet you who have squandered the gifts of Were send mere scouts before his alter? Bring your chieftain, bring appropriate sacrifice.”

This is the message you are left with, oh well. At least you learned their tongue. The land indeed does not sustain a large population, but each man is a warrior. (you’re kinda in a vikings vs feudal europe situation. Their population is small but all warriors, your population is large, but a small warrior caste pop percentage)

With the increased food output the population grows as well and another expansion follows. As you expand now south down-river you discover feral trolls who practice curse magic. One tied to dolls, spirits etc.

No resources of value are found, but indeed there are exotic pets. Ferrets for one are of interest to explorers, large tortoises and something called a ‘rhino’. Large beast with a single horn on it’s nose. Large enough to carry an archer tower full of mousefolk or multiple crabmen.

As the expansion develops where the two rivers meet a new city springs up a center of local trade. (you may name it).
As talon ventures into the ancient elven heartland he finds a great forest on an island, but upon further inspection, blast it’s not forest at all. It’s a metropolis a city! But an empty one… a mastery of nature was here achieved on a level dremed of by the Orkz alone. As he ventures further underground he finds something which shocks him, underground deep, deep underground tens of thousands of elves suspended in amber likely still alive albeit suffering from some disease. A great tree tends to them, the tree which is the city itself.

As talong approaches the city speaks. “I did not expect one of a folk as violent as yours to find your way here. Do not tell me that it is your people who have heard our last please for help… what brings you here tuskbeast, a desire to drive a dagger into the heart of one left with nothing? I’d imagine that would not be very entertaining for your kind though.

Enough with the pleasantries. This land holds much tressure, tressure hidden deep by my roots, to deep to get by force. Save them, save my beloved children or bring a saviour and you will be rewarded beyond measure.”

The entity says albeit Tav has a feeling it’s leaving out something on purpose. It is saying the truth, but leaving out something…

The ruins are converted into a grand trade center as supplies pass through it and the nation further modernises. (all action go as planned)

Sorry this happened you tried to set up some cool RP with him. I will try to find a replacement player, but it’s unlikely one will come. Feel free to bring a friend to take over the nation :/

Grapa Sid becomes the new Elder Granpapa, having been taught all Pika sought to convey he is a charismatic, impartial and adventurous man. May he lead the nation into a new era, a former adventurer and explorer he is curious of the world especially of the sail, for afterall their people long lived on a turtle on the sea.

Their tactic of farming in soem ways works with nature and in some against. They rotate their crops. On land that grew food-grass, then grow beans, then graze cows, then once more food-grass. It’s is an efficient system, but they expunge away all animals, and plants which do not benefit them while they do so. Maybe this system can be improved? (you discovered hybrid farming, gardens no different from natural)

You appear to children and teach them how to live among nature. What to eat and what not, how to climb and jump. How to be loved by animal alike. This helps your neighbouring nation, and the myth of your people’s grows further.

More groves arep planted. Venturing far south my meet a nation of mouse-folk. They are your height look like humans with mouse ears, among them live big crab men. Their land is large and prosperous. Their roads made from stone oh and they wear funny hats.
4 actions this turn, do 4 next turn. Niggers read the main announcement post, you’re like the 4th who did this.

Ankhestian becomes a symbol of unity for the titans. A smart man he manages to use his kindness and the honour of the titans to gain enough power to be able to fulfil some unified causes.

Ships are improved. Your navy may travel now further than ever, you now clearly see weird foreign ships docking in ports in the dead of night not so far from your nation. Who could they be?

To prevent famine crop diversity is improved with even seed banks created to preserve variants of common crops. beasts of burden are domesticated and used to make work more efficient. Especially useful is found the 3 horned lizard ox.

metallurgy is improved. Still… oddly enough many of your citizens complain about blacksmiths selling shoddy equipment. And the rich are found using odd foreign looking tools, it seems someone is flooding the market with counterfeits so damage the reputation of your craftsmen and raise the reputation of their own goods!

With our island not even fully charted an expansion mainland becomes the first priority. The first land settlement follows. The native population seem to be dwarves, well less population more scouts from some further away citystates as you manage to find out from them.

Magic rank and fire is invented, allowing for rapid fire attacks without improving the magic formulas themselves.

Women within the nation are made obsolete as automation of household appliances are discovered. housework becomes more efficient as they are forced into arcane pursuits, more mages, but at the cost of a lower birthrate.

Nigger check the excel doc. All nations are colourcoded there.
Your nation attempts to contact Zorule, but you notice their whole nation seems to be surrounded by giant whales, as if they were besieged, frankly you currently can’t get there, you find out they are half-fish humans. With much effort some dimplomats manage to reach them by land, albeit they arrive in an embarrassing state having been robbed by dwarven bandits on the way being left only with their underwear. (he’s not in the server talk in thread)
With the canons first seeing action new ships are designed to utilise them better. Armor is improved.

You easily infiltrate the RoB among refugees. The hero plaguing your nation is a former mass murderer, essentially garbage thrown out to be your problem. Meanwhile the nations true hero a swordmistress hangs out with the crabmen, a plan quickly comes to mind… she is adored beloved. Cause internal strife by assasinating her, exploit her naivety. (she’s hanging out with refugees now)

Some deposits of asbestos are found, it’s use could be effective, but… land blighted by it becomes cursed forever essentially.

Will be added tomorrow! To compensate for Ashirivo posting late not giving Blades a chance to respond blades will get a small ‘luck’ advantage.
Hahaha there's been a bit of a misunderstanding. I tried establishing a TRAINING outpost not a TRADING outpost :D.

That's fine but I wanted to train rangers there to be able to explore ruins better.
We haven't talked in a while and my enclave got plopped down way too near your borders instead of the Delacana area I originally wanted them to be near. We're cool right? I don't wanna have any problems with borders, we only need enough land to establish a port and research center here to be near the Delacana to share research and resources.

If you send your heroes or people to the Enclave, we're willing to have some of the researchers with more free time help with your technology although I can't dedicate any full actions I assume just getting help from the people there will give you a boost.

I know it's kinda of a dick move but do you mind if I establish an Enclave near your coast? I don't wanna cause any friction but I need the copper there. I'm willing to trade research, if enough people want to be friendly I can host a Scientific Conference in Dis-Nye Land and hopefully boost everybody's research for a bit.

Card on the table here, I want to build giant robots and have them fight each other. That's my end goald. More cards on the table, I want to give EVERYBODY the technology to build giant robots purely so more types of mecha can fight each other!

Albion you get me right? You can make giant Iron Knights, give them giant swords and Hobbits, if you had giant mechs you could slug it out with the largest of enemies! The Clockwork would make them incredibly efficient too!

And Brachyukuma we can install Telekinetic enhancers on your mechs, either make them incredibly dextrous or give them the ability to fling trees around! Maybe even do long range jumping that technically isn't flying...

I'm willing to help any of you so long as you don't attack me, all I want to do is build giant robots.
>1) Promote and train Bartholomew to become the main pilot and research head for the giant Golem.

He has an affinity for clockwork and magictech integration, he'll definitely be an amazing pilot.

>2) Start drawing up schematics and building the components for the giant golem, we know it's still in the theoretical stage but it's good to get the parts done early. We can always upgrade the power source later but we should have the capability to build the shell along with weapons.

>Golem Design
We're probably gonna want it to be around 17 meters (56 Feet) minimum but hopefully 25 meters (83 feet) if we can build it and be heavily clockwork-based for power efficiency. Piloted mostly by a single talented mage but with a crew of support engineers around the body to manage minor aspects or do repairs.

The weapons will be multiple repeating Ballistas built into one hand (We're probably gonna need crew to manually load these) and a grabber built into the other hand to pick things up. Slow reloading mass arrow throwers should also be considered being installed into the shoulder, think arrow shotgun that can blow away mass light units at close range. To prevent infantry from scaling the body, install multiple steam vents that blow out scalding hot steam all around the body. Do not rely on these vents for heat dissipation, they should be able to vent excess heat but the golem should be able to have proper heat dissipation mechanics areas without providing major weaknesses.

>Label the project, Brave New World. The Golem will also be called Brave New World when it comes online.
File: 123dsswd.png (5.37 MB, 6144x3000)
5.37 MB
5.37 MB PNG
oof, I'll think about what to do with that for next turn

I think you may be mistaking Khimor for Brachykuyama

(canons introduced new ships not yet)

honestly all the things you are countering here really did not matter much, but he did post too late then and now too so you'll have a small boon in the war.

The Shoguns forces do what they consider to be wise. Hunker down in the walls, wait to rebuild the navy, a sensible approach. A smart one even, the Ashirivans would need to bleed 100 man for each one if they wished to storm the wall.

The plan had but 1 flaw. One simple thing is forgetting that the Peasants are inside the walls, when the toughest part is facing outward.

The second mistake more understandable... is not counting on the canons the crabmen can just manged to mass deploy.

As the butcher is out raiding, plundering and burning disguised as the peasant loyalists he hears the roar of a 1000 thunders. He rides hurries back mixing among the besieging crabmen.

The wall has been collapsed. Completely annihilated. Most of the mercenary force crushed like a canary in a cage. In a prior life this sight might have delighted him, but he just lost the only man he had ever known who truly appreciated him.

(basically hunkering down inside enemy walls while they both know the weakpoints of the wall, have access to it's weaker side and new siege equipment was a recipee for dissaster)

(the peasants are already in power, the Shogun was ousted, nobles exiled or killed. Most the refugees are former nobility)

> Boon for ashirivo posting late
Most of the Butchers forces have deserted. The humans hiding as bandits, the Crabmen switching sides or hiding as peasants.

He stood alone in the camp, watching blood white and red flowing out from cracked stone of the collapsed wall.

He is now a Ronin, and the role of a ronin is to avenge their master.

This night would be known amoung the Ashirivo as the 'ghost slaughter'. During the night, when the troops celebrated complete victory 1600 men would be killed. Strngled, cut up, beheaded, chopped up and impaled.

Among the supertitious they think it's is the Ghost of the emperor himself. A curse on them for opposing his divine rule. For the leadership paranoya set in as they fear traitors and infiltrators.

(army gets morale debuff, the Butcher may still be lurking near the main army)

So overall situation is like this:
> compelte annihilation of RoB forces and theoretically path open for Ashirvo counterattack
> Ashirivo gets a low morale debuff due to the mass killings by the butcher
> the northern wall has been destroyed, if there's a wish to rebuild it it'll cost a full action
> news of the defeat would reach the RoB, but the details of the battle are unknown. Effectively news just stopped comming.
File: 3 - oyufMt9.png (2.24 MB, 1200x9343)
2.24 MB
2.24 MB PNG
Well that wasn't unexpected and yeah honestly most of what I said was just to get the mercenary army killed. Honestly I was planning on enacting a purge and killing the criminal underground either this turn or the next before marching another army to kill The Butcher.

Ohh well, this is also interesting. Give me a bit to post my turn, I should have it done in a couple of hours but I need to nap.

Wonder if this is gonna shape up to be a forever war, that would be Absolute cancer lol. Hmm gotta figure out how to kill The Butcher maybe, I never expected the war to last this long.

I'm thinking of bringing in Sir Bernard this turn (You wouldn't know him). I might need to burn my last hero slot next turn since I think at this point only The Sentencer, The Collector or The Velvet Queen would stand a chance in a 1vs1.

Might have to bring together a dream team, that would be a wonderful storyline. "The Hunt For The Ghost Slaughterer, Butcher End". They could write books about it!
Btw what ever happened to having low population? Disregarding the Wall Stomp shouldn't Arishivo have taken heavy casualties during the naval war and the Night of Slaughter? I feel like that isn't mentioned very much although Peil doesn't really have it's heart in this war.
Their population is quite low and you inviting refugees made the problem even worse. keep in mind though that that does not directly translate to army numbers.

The whole gimmic with guns is that you can easily train and arm people. that's why guns cause uprisings in nobility based societies. He is at the edge though where another hit to his population would cause problems governing his land due to low pop density.
File: Sir Bernard.png (212 KB, 269x744)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
>1) Sir Bernard, The Bearded Fool Enters The Stage.

Sir Bernard is an excentric Fencer, one who seems to dress and style himself after whatever controversial public figure is being gossiped about at the time, only for Sir Bernard to make a fool out of himself and be easily beaten in minor or 'warm-up' matches.

Sir Bernard rarely wins and most people seem to like it that way however, many who see him training in private halls think it a shame that he uses his talents purely to play the fool. Skilled fighters can easily notice his dedication to his swordcraft and the dexterity he displays when clashing swords, deflecting even the widest and most out-of-the-way attacks into humiliating cuts against himself.

He even got far into the tournament to pick out the First Sword of Peil, shocking everybody with his drive during the fights only to fall back on his bumbling acts the next weeks after his loss.

>Sir Bernard like all Peil Fencers is an amazing duelist but he specializes in deflecting and countering blows. In public, he's a bumbling fool playing caricatures of unscrupulous public figures in a roundabout way to mock them using his mastery of parrying to somehow always take the most humiliating but least painful strikes. Privately, he truly loves the great Republic and diligently trains with a sword but feels powerless to change Peil in any meaningful way except what he's doing now.

>2) Cassandra continues to assist the refugees. Sir Bernard appears to cause trouble and is promptly beaten away. [Sir Bernard and Admiral Cassandra put on a show for the refugees during one of Cassandra's apperances. Of course, tell the crabpeople leadership beforehand that it's just for entertainment so former warriors don't jump in.]

[Continued Next Post]
File: candle-2038736_1280.jpg (41 KB, 1280x853)
41 KB

"Bernard, is this really something you want?" A woman with golden locks and steely blue eyes was talking to a goofy-looking man in private. They weren't friends, neither really knew each other all that well but Admiral Cassandra like most top-ranked fencers knew the True Bernard.

"Everybody saw you during the tournament, you can remake your character. Stop playing the heel, you're terrible at it anyway. Especially for how skilled you actually are."

The bearded man just gave her an exasperated laugh, almost mockingly except his contempt seemed to be directed towards himself "I tried before dear Admiral, this is where I belong. It's my character. Not everybody can be The Hornet or Ser Aleister, if we're all so serious then the seriousness loses its charm. Some people need to play the comedic relief and it might as well be me."

"The Hornet is serious?"

"The Hornet has her purpose and so do I but let's cut to the chase, this isn't a courtesy call. We should discuss how to best plan out the match to make it as entertaining as possible. I was thinking it should end with me falling into a wagon of cabbages and maybe covered in soup midway through the fight!"

This was how most public duels in Peil actually went. About every major Fencer's skill was real, honed to a razor's edge but most fights in the open were done with the audience in mind purely for entertainment. This fight would likely be the Crabmen's first taste of The Republic Of Blades Public Duels.

After giving away another round of relief goods along with many bowls of soup, Cassandra took to a stage to address the refugees. It was an elevated wooden platform that had a wagon of cabbages, a pot of soup and various other random items for some odd reason. Anybody that thought more about it would find it strange but most Peilians knew what was up while most crabmen assumed that's just how things worked here.

"Hardshelled friends, you've suffered greatly in a war most of you wanted nothing to do with. A war that none of you deserve."

Cassandra looked at the gathered audience with sadness in her eyes, lingering longer at the children who huddled about watching her every move. She had to pick her words carefully, she couldn't mention the war and neither could she say anything political that might mess with their sponsors.

"Know that Peil opens its gates to all who follow its laws. It is a place of justice and of good people, as you can see many of my colleagues are more than happy to assist you." Lies, she smiled brightly and spoke with purpose but her words were filled with lies. Most famous duelists couldn't even be bothered to do this type of menial work and the merchants were only giving them supplies to prevent a riot. Most were just common workers or fans of hers that wanted to spend more time with their hero.

"Know that we will be here to protect you, at least until you find the strength to protect yourselves. That doesn't seem like it would be long, from what I've seen you're all strong hardy people" The Admiral laughed, bright as the sun assuring the crabmen things were going to be better if they just persevered . "Just take it one step at a time, just like I did!"

"Bah you and your naive ideals girlie!" Out from one end of the stage, stumbled the petulant Bernard somehow moving with all the grace of an oaf and the charisma of a turd. "These people, these lazy bottom feeders are just here to suck out our goodwill and money! They'll bring nothing but trouble I say."

Bernard turned to the crowd, embracing their contempt "All they're good for is dinner hahaha."
File: Cabbage-background[1].jpg (106 KB, 1200x799)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
"Ahh Sir Bernard, the Fool's Knight. I see you've decided to make an appearance." Cassandra smirked, her whole body showing contempt for the man before her for the crowd's sake. "Come to spout more of your nonsense as usual, I assure you any one of these wonderful men and women has likely done more good for this city than you have in your entire residency~"

Fool's Knight was an ad-libbed line but for some odd reason Bernard liked the ring to it "Of course, all they're doing is keeping quiet right now to make us let our guard down. Mark my words, the moment we give them an inch these foreigners will run rampant" The man's words seemed to be made to challenge them, mocking of course but said in a way that almost felt like he wanted them to prove him wrong. "Once they've drained you of your goodwill, they'll take take and take everything you have before driving a knife into your back!"

"Ohh just like how your ex-wife was then" laughing at the man's outburst, Cassandra countered with an insult eliciting loud ‘Ohh’s and laughter from the crowd "Of course she didn't just drive a knife into your back, her lover drove his into her too from what I hear!"

"Why you!" Not taking the insult well at all, Bernard draws his sword and clashes against The Admiral. If everything goes well both fighters are a blur of steel and sparks made to wow the crowd. With expert skills Cassandra will have run Bernard through multiple cartoonish props making a fool of him each time before finally burying him in cabbages and he’s finally dragged away by the guards.

Shiieeettt I wrote way too much ohh well it was fun. By the way if you haven’t noticed The Republic Of Blades is heavily themed around WWE except with swords and usually more women but since I already have Cassandra playing the hero I took males
File: bloody code.jpg (47 KB, 736x411)
47 KB

> Coerce the natives of the new region into serving as guides for our new settlements.

The Black Wind of Doom sweeps into the new territory taking hostages and striking down any resistance the locals dare to offer. Then the ultimatum is declared, the last act of their people will be to serve as guides for our settlers, telling us all the secrets of this new land. If they fail in this duty their people will pay the price. If they serve well they be permitted to fade away in peace.

> Code of Bloody Ascension: A legal/holy code defining the rites and requirements for rising through the ranks and society of the Crimson Lords, as well as the limited ways it can be entered by talented and ruthless mortals.

When news reaches the Crimson Council that a minor noble on the outskirts has vanished, and a local boar has been sighted in the woods displaying the power and might of a vampire, they do not take the news lightly. The village in question is burnt to cinders, the boar hunted down, spitted and roasted. It isn't until the feast afterwards that one vampire voices the truth.

Any vampire that dies to mortal hands doesn't deserve the title of Crimson Lord at all. Crimson Lord is the title of a berserker warrior blessed by a nameless god of war! Any pudgy upstart aristocrat that let himself be torn down by mortals deserves his fate!

And so the Code of Bloody Ascension was born! A set of provisions, laws and sacred rites that define how one Lord might usurp another’s status and power, and more importantly how even the cattle might earn the right to challenge their betters for a chance to devour and replace a Crimson Lord!

The results are sudden and savage! Nearly every vampire finds himself either beset by challengers, or plotting his own challenge. By the time the blood stops flowing a number of cattle have ascended to divinity, replacing weaklings who never deserved their title. And more importantly the strongest, most ambitious cattle, the ones most likely to cause trouble, are part of the system they once might have tried to overthrow.
File: download (7).jpg (89 KB, 597x463)
89 KB

> Develop Linked Illusion Pools, mystic devices that mirror illusions cast on one to the other, used for long distance communications.

A recurring problem for Spymaster Gutripper is communication. Orders and information must travel for days or weeks on horseback, and suffer delays from any number of sources, then often follow up questions, or return orders must then be sent back along those same routes. As more lands fall under the domain of the Crimson Lords this situation will only grow worse. And so the Illusion Pools are created.

Large stone basins, with slots carved within them. When submerged within the great river, illusionists can project images and sound from one basin to another. Immediate efforts are made to carve channels of river water into the greater noble houses to facilitate communication amongst themselves, and slaves are kept busy at all hours hauling water to the top of the Crimson Tower to keep the Illusion Basins active.
Are the Penew of Ta-Kefi of the same race as Haeran'Yi?
Not confirmed either way.
The two are far away, so it is possible they're unrelated, but if distant humans are related, I see no reason why the Penews shouldn't be related to the Haeran'Yi.

>Action 1: Develop joint Infantry and Artillery Tactics.

>Action 2: Phosphorous Developments.
Loading small rockets with a phosphorous payload allows for a bright, light casting flare to be produced in the sky. allowing for night movements and organized attacks. (flares) as well as a new Air Burst rocket weapon. by shortening the explosive fuse time it would shower the enemy in a small cloud of White Phosphor (White Phosphor Rocket)
Diary of Blondie Dhiel

Good news recently, it seems we have made new friends in our lands.. these attuners seem to keep to themselves mostly, but the Water Attuners can drink like none other, and it seems for what it is worth the fire Attuners have some kind of affinity for our alchemical works.. perhaps they will find some fit in our army yet.

My unit has been Designated grenadiers.. I was given this small Hand Bow, and a bag of white, red, and green bolts.. they look like the large rockets we use for artillery practice.. from what the engineer told me was these are flares..the white is for light, the green is for marking friendly areas.. and red is for.. marking targets at night..

We trained this a few nights in a row.. and its.. horrifying, hearing the rockets scream across the sky and watching it impact with some consistency near where i marked..

I am still partially glad to keep my sword though.. wouldn't want to get rid of that, they can take the bloody spear if that is what they want but i quite like the falchion blade
>1: Asbestos based weaponry

Discovering this new... material, Arishivan engineers and scientists would start studying asbestos for possible application in this war, while it wasnt what we hoped... it seems promising as this could turn the war into our favors against the RoB...

Thus we would start working on designing weaponry designed to exploit asbestos properties efficiently, such as bombs and etc...

2: Shinzo Abe moment

Aware that our population is low due of the civil war and the current war, we would start setting up propaganda within RoB areas with lots of arishivan refugees , some saying that if they come home they will recieve government bonuses on their salaries and or direct propaganda, stating that those RoB guys are planning to turn arishivans into slaves or into their next dinners and more...

Of course aware that this wouldnt work probably... we would start a nation wide operation to elevate our nations birth rate and population, with government bonuses being given as more crabmens are born per couple.


Aware that the shogun is dead and most of the enemy forces are deceased, the Arishivan Army would now focus on hunting the remaining enemy and this... butcher or so they say, with various town being armored with camps and cannon positions, with constant soldier patrols

Due of the emergency of the situation, Arishivan samurais would be deployed for the first time in the D.R.A to hunt down the remaining enemy forces in our territories

The new naval ship designs would be deployed alongside our coasts, patrolling them in case of enemy warships approaching our borders, as they would take advantage of their gunpowder based weaponry and their extra armor

Arishivan samurais and a small army contigents would be deployed close to the RoB border, with campments,slight fortifications and cannons placed alongside the border, mostly to allow thr passage of Arishivan refugees to come home or for RoB refugees to go to Arishivo, The RoB refugees would see them offered a place inside the Arishivan army if they desire to join

The assasination of the swordmistress would be ordered, as Arishivan samurais and spies who infiltrated the crowd of refugees would try to assasinate her with gunpowder based weaponry, such as blunderbusses, grenades, pistols and or katanas, any weapons are fair game, as alongside this, the order would be given to Arishivan spies to seems a much chaos as possible inside the RoB by starting fires in shipyard, assassinating any RoB Officials/nobles and overall causing as much chaos as possible

Action 1: Clockworks

Wheels spinning onwards at regular intervals, these delights of artifice are highly sought after commodities in the Covenant. New works, these devices use miraculously tiny gears, meticulously constructed to develop all manner of ticking mechanisms. Truly, the skill and genius of the Aak is boundless, the ancestors be proud of our achievements each and every.

Action 2: Glassworking

Methods to construct fine glass curios, furniture, fixtures, panels and sculptures, the Aak have discovered how to produce high quality glass in great amounts.
Even an entirely average Aak may demonstrate their use by putting their impressive set of all four lungs together to blow great crystal jugs into proper form, another glorious addition to the wealth of all Aakkind.

Action 3: Water wheels

Turning mechanisms that run powered by the river, these great and grand constructions (constructed by equally great and grand Aak) may automate laborious tasks such as powering bellows and grinding grains. The wily and clever Aak have enslaved the very waters of the world to do their bidding!

Action 4: Enlightened Arts, Unparalleled Reflection

Available to those warriors who understand that with the power of Endo, the only threat to one’s own body is lack of focus. This art takes many forms, but allows a devoted student to reflect fired projectiles back at roughly the same area as they came from with all the force they began flight with.

Such a talent is very reliable, so long as not too many missiles overwhelm their guard, assuming that the enlightened immortal is not otherwise too occupied to perform the deflection, and assuming the attacks do not strike from behind. Nevertheless, despite these limitations this is a valued skill in any martial artist’s repertoire.

The War never concerned the rest of Peil, only those that that joined it for glory and wealth. Most people in the city didn't really care what happened so unless something drastic happens, the assassination of Admiral Cassandra would happen without a hitch.

Unfortunately, there is no overarching leadership in Peil that would be worth assassinating. It's already a chaotic and independent city where hundreds of minor powers vie for control while for control while the major powers behind the shadows pretty much never show themselves.

Honestly do it, kill Cassandra it'll be fun. A Martry's good it actually gives the rest of the nation casus beli
in all seriousness, i do not think you would be able to get a C.B based on the fact that some could not have listened and jumped on to the 'fight' and got her killed, causing a freak-out, which would causes all suspicions toward us to not be enough for a C.B
Okay let's think about this logically right? The incredibly well-beloved hero of Peil who is doing everything in her power to help the needy and whom most criminal organizations won't even touch because of her popularity was assassinated by gunpowder weaponary the Republic is at war and gunpowder's restricted. Likely killed when she's helping the Arishivo refugees whom she's built a huge rapport with the last two turn dedicating all her time to helping them and becoming friends.

During this time, multiple ships in the port were also attacked by crabmen saboteurs. A fleet rebuilt with Peil's elite and those loyal to said Hero so it's obvious those saboteurs weren't just any petty thug.

I'm not sure how you're expecting we won't get a massive cassus belli and morale boost by turning her into a martyr honestly. The Republic Runs on its heroes and storylines, revenge is a great theme.

The previous army was a fraction of our population, wealth and resources. Pretty much nobody left in the city wanted to fight it was just some far-off war that the everyday people could ignore. Thank you, for giving them a reason to fight.
You mentioned criminal/evildoers, it would make sense that they could had been behind the reason why those crabmens did it and not the D.R.A, atleast in the eyes of the public, i also have human spies too, which could lead to more confusion

In all cases, i doubt you'd be able to instantly Field a large army especially since they all would be using swords and if you introduce guns your gonna fuck up real bad (will cause a rebellion)

Overall i highly doubt you'd be able to figure out that i caused it, only possibly suspect me with lots of other suspects
File: Screenshot_83.png (4 KB, 119x263)
4 KB
You're thinking about this in the sense of even exchanges which is flawed, I don't need a large field army with modern guns. I just need to drown you in the bodies of thousands of zealots with swords and crossbows. I can afford to lose a few hundred thousand people, can you say the same for yourself? Your Population is low and your unrest is high, who do you think will hit their breaking point first?

And honestly at the end of the day, what's it matter if I don't have evidence? It'll still be easier for me to convince MY people that the Arishivo did it than it is for YOU to convince them the underworld that's left Cassandra alone dediced to bomb her. Again specifically when she's just likely hanging out with the Crabmen, I can throw the refugees under the bus.

Send your human spies, I'll bribe them with way more wealth. Send your Crabmen saboteurs, I'll drown them in bodies. Send your Asbestos let's salt this Earth together until there's nothing left.
(Darn, I'd hoped the waters would flow from a spring up one of the uplands... but since I know water magics, perhaps my Zora could create a spring up there to be the source of the canal water's flow?)

The names of the three Tribes will be the: Redin, Minay and Sofaro. The settlement in the new expansion on the rubies will be named Midinte.

>Dwarf Diplomacy
More information on the Dwarven city-states these Dwarfs were exiled from would be valued; and so the Zora question with hope to learn the nature of these states (and perhaps the reason for the exile). As for aiding them in their war planned against their fellows - the Zora do not wish to rule out such a plan as yet, but they feel they need to know far more first, and resolving the growing crisis with the Tusked whales takes priority...

>Action 1: Tusked Whale Learnings/Attempted Peace

There is more to the Tusked whales then there seemed to be at first; their actions are far more co-ordinated to be anything more then a campaign of vengeance against us for the killing of one of their own. And whilst a military response is possible, violence might breed violence yet further - so scholars peruse hurriedly through their notes and observations to determine if any form of language has been displayed, if any desires have been hinted at.
Whilst violence is a resort he must be ready to undertake should the whales not relent, and his warriors will not sit idly by forever whilst the Whales cause havoc; King Meladon decides that peace must be attempted first. He will meet the Whales where they attack his canal outflows, attempt to negotiate a truce and a lasting peace; and he will ready the possibility of returning his hunting trophy to the waters if it would calm the whales to have their kin's body back among them. And so he approaches the Whales where they gather at the borders, his Trident holstered at his back and his hands empty to show he intends no harm today...

>Action 2: Gears, Drives and Levers
Even the ebb of a tide might drive a water wheel, the release of a stored height of water through a channel would drive it with further length and precision; and of course a water magic user's conjured flow could turn a wheel for significant time (though would be rather taxing upon the caster). The Zora devise new ways to make use of the water's flow and the force derived therefrom, to turn many devices. (And ones that, in turn, may help us further to direct and control the water's flow)

>Catch up Action: Rain Summoning
Though bright sunshine can be nice for a while, the Zora are a folk who like to keep themselves damp, and so the occasional rain is always welcomed. But with pesky whales trying to block our canals we need the rains more then ever right now... and so our users of water magics work on ways to conjure up a rainfall in the area around, so that the fields may be kept wet, canals may be kept flowing; and those who face us with fires will do so beneath a downpour.
It appears my superiority has led to some controversy

Eitherway, If you throw a stupid lot of people at me, they wont do much due of grapeshots or Blunderbuss

You also lost all contacts with the shogun, you'll likely believe they managed to take over the D.R.A which would cause the public to NOT believe what your saying

and even if you declare war on me, the public would be against it due of a improper casus belli

you literally cant use the C B excuse without showing yourself as a power hungry nation to your people

TL;DR: Next time, eat a salad
God I wish you were closer so I can fight those whales. I need to find myself some giant monsters to fight.
posting for jiroslav


Invest in the science of chemistry. We’ve got to put that new university to use after all, and the best minds of the land should be trying to ease the lives of their fellow countrymen after all!

Resourcing. We have plenty of iron, but what else can be found?

Expeditions westward. It would be best if we could make contact with others, especially if they would be open to trade.

Expansion and advancement of Industry. Modernization and development is the best way to make the most efficient use of what materials we draw from the earth and lands of the people.

>Action One. Alchemy aids agriculture

Alchemy is a talent that a number of skilled individuals in Haeran'Yi have. Naturally, they are respected members of the Hagja given the unique and esoteric knowledge they hold. Of course, while their skills and the amount of potions and concoctions they can make is limited, there was incentive to have them come up with a potion that would increase the yield of crops, make them grow faster, or even have an effect on animals. The latter being of interest due to the new small animals that the explorers have started keeping as pets and seem to have caught on as useful for farmers and hunters. Though these peleos are a minor concern and the focus of the alchemists are towards agriculture more than trying to get more of these new creatures.

>Action Two. Scholarship is valued.

The Hagja are learned Saljwyi of impressive knowledge. The monks, scholars and bureaucrats are all the highest caste any can ever hope to achieve without delusions of joining the Yi Dynasty. However, with Haeran'Yi expanding, proper places of learning would be ideal to ensure that as the population grows, the quality and access to at least some level of education remains high and stable. Further it would be wise to ensure that the dependents of the noble Gesalamdeul whom fled from their peasants were able to better integrate more and more with Haeran'Yi. Though, thanks to their tough exteriors even if higher learning failed them the Bohoja, professional soldiers, were a solid choice and only just below the Hagja and Gwijog in importance. It also was important in ensuring those further from the heartlands of Haeran'Yi remained Haeran and didn't become something else entirely, even if such things were unlikely until Haeran'Yi expanded much further than it's current lands.

Other city can be named Ganbyeongeul

If they are related they would be a different ethnicity/race in the traditional sense from the Saljwyi.
I would be careful making your lore "there is no centralisation so you can't assasiante my leaders". Sure it means there is protection against assasination, but it also means subfactions of your nation could just refuse to participate in conflicts they see as separate from their own

Also please don't turn the thread into OOC turd flinging. If you wanna do that join the discord.

1. Invest in the science of chemistry. We’ve got to put that new university to use after all, and the best minds of the land should be trying to ease the lives of their fellow countrymen after all!

2. Resourcing. We have plenty of iron, but what else can be found?

3. Expeditions westward. It would be best if we could make contact with others, especially if they would be open to trade.

4. Expansion and advancement of Industry. Modernization and development is the best way to make the most efficient use of what materials we draw from the earth and lands of the people.
>Action 1: Urbanize Tara-nar
As Tara-nar becomes a bustling center of commerce attracting wealth and goods from further and further, it becomes quickly clear that the city's old mud streets and disorganized flamable wooden buildings aren't going to cut for an aspiring "city of the world's desire". Riding the wave of the architectural frenzy of the wall renovations, a grand program of urbanisation is comissioned, with plans for clean paved streets, stone buildings, a revamped port district to account for the influx of naval trade, and even a proper underground sewage system.

>Action 2: explore around the forming western colony for anything of interest beside the mining sites
File: Classic NRP Turn 5.png (70 KB, 325x589)
70 KB
>Action 1: Ta-Kefi expands north. The Penews goes to uplift their feral brethren and teach them the ways of taming the land.
As the supply flows to the Pharaoh's army up north, the Penews get to hear of the discoveries there. While the north eventually gives way to desert, there is still a significant stretch of green, though the Penews there seem not able to tame it, the fact Penews live there shows the land has few threats. Thus, Penew settlers move upriver, setting up their farms, though Kefi are not far behind, seeing fit to make all Ta become Ta-Kefi.

>Action 2: The Western Odyssey, featuring Meri Depet-Wadj. New lands hold new possibilities, and discoveries to be made.
After the heist of Per-Qenit, Meri had earned the ire of Kefis. Her agility is impressive, but Kefi strength often gets the better of her. After frequent rescue by her crew, she decides to seek adventure outside of Ta. Meri's fortune and fame lets her buy a ship and join in an expedition, to unknown lands, westward. She had hoped for east, where Miew came from, but adventure is adventure.

>Action 3: The Cult of Abu-Ta. As harvests grow bountiful, the Miew river cult expands to capitalize.
When the Kefis conquered Ta, the Miews moved their cults underground, thinking they'd be suppressed like Penew gods were. This was considered a mistake as not only was the Cult of Zenmetjenu tolerant, but after it was able to make itself the state religion, the underground cults wanted to also be the state religion, fighting lesser cults. From this the Cult of Abu-Ta rose, the goddess of rivers and harvest gives legitimacy to Miew taxes upon the Penew farmers, attracting many powerful patrons.

>Action 4: Pharaoh Nykhet Per-Desher makes his play. To show that steel is stronger than muscle, and to request the Kefi-Gebebs bury his father.
The Kefi-Gebebs are muscle-brained morons. But Nykhet respects his father, and so he shall meet them. With a meeting place, he brings his army, setting up their tent site near the fire circle, and the Pharaoh brings his guard and a dozen fat oxen. The Pharaoh in his golden armour, adresses the gathered chieftains: "I am Nykhet Per-Desher, I am not a chieftain of a Gebeb tribe, but Pharaoh of a Ta kingdom, where cattle grow fat and juicy like these. We conquered Ta, not through muscle, but through steel." With this, the Pharaoh draws his Khopesh, and chops one of the oxen into pieces. The steel blade rending through the thick flesh with ease. "While your bodies are strong, steel is stronger. So do not mistake us for weak. My father was Pharaoh before I, and he spoke highly of our past, who we were before we conquered Ta, and he wishes his body buried in our ancestral home. I shall see to it he gets a burial mound worthy of his glory, and I want you to aid in its construction." He points his bloody Khopesh at each of the chieftains as he finishes his speech.
Knock offs…. To make them one would need not only a forge, but skill to make them look like the real thing. Making bad tools is easy enough, but making bad tools that look of quality is very difficult. And with rumors of odd Newt creatures publicly trading items and not going through the normal channels to do so was enough suspicion to warrant a full on assault to drive them out. While it is a free market, the marketeers need to know who’s joining the game.

1 action: Sea-Sick poison
Poison that inflicts the undeniable suffering that is seasickness. A slow acting poison that, once it takes effect, lasts for about a week. It taking a day or two to properly activate. From there the body experiences what an untrained sailor with a full stomach may feel on a boat. While not lethal, it is intended to inflict suffering and nausea, perfect for those that would inflict suffering on the various craftsmen of Veren.

Expand nation
The nation cannot remain small forever, and with interlopers now actively invading, more resources will be needed to deal with them. So resources will be brought into the fold and worked upon as the nation steadily grows.

War post: To the Newts that have unlawfully invaded and subsequently went about tarnishing the names of our most prominent craftsmen. Their buildings win our nation are to be raided and sacked, a new poison to be inflicted upon them so that they may suffer while they wait, a cure being promised only if they assist, and, if they come by sea, ships to intercept theirs, and follow them back to their own ports where they will be prevented from setting sail and making use of any fisheries they might have. The aim is to be non-lethal at the moment and more significantly disruptive as they were. An invitation and demands of compensation to be sent as well lest things escalate further.
Time for some conflict: Refer to the following
File: Skaian Park.jpg (439 KB, 2500x1618)
439 KB
439 KB JPG

>Action 1 - Continue Expansion
More and more bouncy Skaians make their way east, and homesteads pop up on the fertile, open plains. The mountains that Isla'down hunkers under grow ever further away, and the people enjoy the quiet, simple life that all Skaian's strive for.

>Action 2 - Industrialize (Mines)
Tin and Aluminum are pulled from the earth by swarthy (for a Skaian) miners. The tin proves immensely popular, being easy to work with, like gold, and far more abundant. Indeed, it soon gains the moniker of 'clockmakers gold', for it's growing use in the ever-demanded gearwork that all Skaians now ply.

>Action 3 - Clockwork Tools
Your border's are fine! We're happy to have friends near by. :D
The Academy's had a pretty insistent desire for worked stone that they hounded the poor little Skaians for across the ages, but the meager miners can only quarry so much! Plus, they needed it for their own homes and monuments! So it was with a pretty even mix of self-serving and kindness that The Academy 'donated' a handful of magical golems to help do some heavy lifting. In the years to come, the Skain's love of gearcraft fused with The Academy's golemancy, leading to the innovative clockwork golems! Rumours abound of such wonderous technologies in their far off home, of men and machine becoming one, and golems that tower over the mountains themselves!
Not so down here in Delcana though. Here, the golems are second-hand, well-loved and oft-repaired. It is often such that a family may have a host of golems to call their own, a trio or quartet that have been passed down through generations. As the magic that sustains them slowly fades, their capabilities are kept honed by ever-more-complex gears. These, in turn, lead to smaller, finer constructs, and so the Skaian's find themselves with all manner of handheld tools, clockwork contraptions that can fold and twist and turn to perform a myriad of functions.
A New Turtle
>The wide waters at the edge of the Earth and Trees are scary for their lack of trees to climb and hide in. Let us build Floating Trees so that we may safely ride with the waves!

Share Our Memories with the Little Folk
>We have met people like our kind but not really us. They are small with much larger ears than ours, and have tails like most creatures! They seem like kind and gentle people, but those big crab people look scary!
Swamplings reveal themselves to the Mousefolk of Haeran'Yi but not to the crabfolk. They only interact with Mousefolk if they are sure the crabfolk are far enough and ask many questions about them. Swamplings are also willing to help Mousefolk and can be used as easy labor if asked nicely.
File: images (63).jpg (8 KB, 229x221)
8 KB
Vessels of wood crewed by men approach the territory of the Zorule, wondering what sort of people and culture and people they will find.
Action 1. Expand into the rest of the island. There's no sense not to. If we have some effort left over, eeking out more territory around the newly established colony would be good as well.

Action 2. Cohesion is decent, but could be better. Let's be sure we avoid "salutary neglect" as we are expanding our territories, by ensuring strong government with regular communication with the colonies. Expand the bureacracy and authoritative systems to ensure cohesion among the territories. We can provide our clerks and government officials with self writing quills and stacks of paper and books which organize themselves into place, even letters and messages that animate and fly off to who they are directed to.
Once again I am a badass alpha male posting at the last moment. If this is too late then just do the 2 actions I already had posted from last turn (Actions 1 & 2), and I'll re-submit 3 & 4 next week.

>Action 1 - Infrastructure - Mines
As the Titans grow increasingly interested in modeling themselves after the lesser races, they also find themselves more interested in their tools. Of course, due to the massive size of a titan, one tool might take up as much metal as a whole militia for the small folks. As such, a large scale mining operation must begin.
The titans are to go about tearing up the earth until some indication of ore is found, whereupon the humans are sent in to collect the materials.

> Action 2 - Magic - Shielded Strikes
While trees and boulders are good enough weapons for the titans most of the time, there are some situations where your tree snaps in half, or there are no good boulders nearby, and you have no choice for to stomp or swipe. In either case, some clever humans have learned to surround themselves with a nest of spikes and other sharp items which can cause terrible splinters if stomped upon. Hoping to avoid this pain, the Titans begin attempting to focus their force projection abilities to wrap their arms or feet in fields that would allow them to slam these appendages into their enemies without having to worry about potential damages.

> Action 3 - De-Monsterization
The little folk have been increasingly fascinating to the Titans, and have continued to amaze them with their cleverness and culture. Of course, the things the Titans have managed to learn from them are only those which appeal to their more monstrous instincts. Perhaps if the Titans could adapt a more civilized lifestyle and disposition as the lesser folks do, then they might also be able to recognize the benefits of the other oddities of their lifestyles.

> Action 4 - Titan Forges
The human folks couldn't hope to even lift the metal bits required to make a weapon wieldable by a Titan. For this reason, a massive forge is constructed, and a Titan or two is to be trained in the ways of forging by the lesser folks, so that they may begin to experiment with devising tools large enough to be effectively wielded by the Titans.
>1) Explore the ruins and surrounding area some more to try to get a clearer picture of what's going on/what happened.

>2) Normalize relations between Goblins and Orcs, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that the two races were supposed to be living in effectively friendly terms but then I noticed that the goblins are driven by fear in the sheets.
(Viorp said your ships couldn't get through the Whales right now, but you had an explorer visit me on foot in >>5883986)
The Explorer is welcomed by the Zora, though they apologise that he should find their people in such a state, besieged from the waters by the tusked whales. They are currently looing into a way to find some peaceful resolution, they explain; but should it fail then an all-out war with the whales might be inevitable. The Zora do not seem too bothered with their visitor's state of dress, as many are without much clothing themselves; but they still have a few pieces of cloth and armour he might like if he doesn't fancy sitting around in his underwear.
(Good catch I forgot about that thanks)
The haggard and tattered explorers are thankful for the hospitality of the Zorule, and gladly welcome their offerings for clothes.

Pleased that there were no significant language barriers, and that they were speaking with a clearly intelligent folk, they hear about their problems with tusked whales.

The explorers say that there is a good chance if they return to their lands, they can speak of the Zoran hospitality, and their plight with the Tusked ones, and form a more formal defensive arrangement and hopes for the opening of trade.
Squids in the cloud forest? And monuments built for them in our ruins but none for us? Researchers hypothesize that the squid creatures might still be alive today, but squids on the top of a mountain? Now that is unheard of. Another researcher chimes in that liquids aren’t the only shape-taking form of matter that creatures live in. Gas, which the air, and thus the gigantic atmosphere around the planet is inhabited by birds and… as of yet, other unknown creatures. It’s possible these beings might have once lived on the very edge between the atmosphere and the infinite vastness of everything beyond it.

>Reclamation of ancient territory
If the cloud forest atop the mountains was once home to our people, and has since gone abandoned, then working to reclaim it would be crucial to the process of preserving this piece of our forgotten history. Expand territory into the mountains, and map out the ancient settlements found there. Moreover, some would like to know if it’s a suitable place to settle.

>Expand population through harvest
It seems our population is being stretched in our recent expansion efforts. In order to mitigate, we should make sure that food is in ample supply in new settlements as well as old. Supply lines from the orchards, and a means for the people local to it to access the fruit themselves.

Ooc: you! Join the discord so it's easier to work this sort of thing out.

Just what do you need the copper for?

The concept of what a mech is would be, so far, extremely foreign to my people. If you're rolling up in these things, and they're made of metal and 20+ft tall, it's very unlikely that you would be approached without caution, if not panic or aggression, but I'm sure that eventually we would work something out and talk. That said, for the last two generations, a large group of my people have made good work of fighting large beasts with big knives and etc. weaponry. It's possible this skill could be applied in one-on-one combat, but whether it would be fair remains to be seen. There is definite interest from some, but most are ideologically opposed to the thought of giant, fighting, metal men. Maybe if they understood more about the tech, they might come to a different conclusion?
New bread niggers: >>5890254

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