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You are Kolinaisi Kaiko Wahthiri. Primarch of the Eleventh Legion

Brother of Angron.

Your Friend and First Brother Found.

"Brother- Jerah and I are on the way with the Auditor, that should be a force to hold them"

" Brother- we shall meet again, rescue Angron and I shall end the Ganth once and for all." You say in a terse tone, that scares nearby machine spirits and warriors.

"Brother hurry. You are close enough that disaster could well be averted." Perturabo speaks

"Aye Brother." You put the Comm down and the Old Man follows lock step next to you as the rest of your men seem a bit hesitant, save Tybro and Wakatelaho. Though De'saans look is a bit concerned he nods.

Your small cadre walks to the main deck.

"This is going to be fun to exlpain." De'saan states

"Aye. Two brothers I haven't met yet- explaining that I cannot join the initial force, because I must save two other brothers." Ya say.

"I hope it's just two. Our contact from the third legion stated that Fulgrim may have snuck off to see Angron's progress." De'Saan says.

"I am sorry but three primarchs should in theory be enough for the ganth" Napoleon Carbulo Ignacius Diomedes - the lone Custodian assigned to you states in an almost bored tone

"Unless they brought Rangda with, they do work together." You say which causes the Custodian to pause.

"The Emperor would want you to go then. I will vouch for you among the First and Second" He states in a serious tone, without a note of fear but a focus elsewhere.

" They won't think less of you." De'Saan says and you think on it. Lion El'Johnson was Loyal , Steadfast, and the best according to the Journal, and Caofeng Lie-ren(?) was like you- a redacted wildcard. who was noted as unfunny and arrogant. De'Saan is probably wrong, but you don't want to let them know that.

"Captain- the Invincible Reason has joined the Oppenheimer in teleportation range, what is your action" The automated system says causing the Old Man to give the mightiest sigh you have ever heard him give

"HE WOULDA HATED THAT" Martin says angrily.

"Martin." You say in a calming tone that just comes out surprisingly and he sighs, looks at you and breaths out.

"Right lad. Ya the acting captain in this instance."

"You know what my da would say." Ya say

"Aye. He'd tell ya if ya plan on lettin someone down the big thing to do is to tell em to they face" The Old Man says and you nod.

"Initiate Vox contact." You say and there is a moment

"Surely, such technology to still exist is a good portent of meetings if I have ever seen one, the very sing song of your ship is wonderous. I am honored to have this meeting."

"Meetin aint happen yet- ya authorized teleport on boardin." Ya say.
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In a flash next to you are members of the first legion and a man as tall ya with long blonde hair and a stern expression, whose gaze is steel enough to make all but Martin, Tybro and The Custode stand down. You can tell- he is appraising, sizing ya up. Your instinct- is flarin up and ya body is startin to respond as if it's defyin his very presence. Ya aint afraid- but ya don't like this.

"You must be Kolinaisi. I am Lion El'Johnson. It is an honor to meet you brave brother, and fellow hunter." And the attitude changes as he quickly moves to trade grips with you. His voice doesn't match the voice of the vox though.

"It is an honor here as well." You say trading the grip and giving a grin.

"Though I didn't hear ya voice." You say bein a little playful and another burst of light. Taller than you. Tallest one ya met save father. Hair like a shock of steel cord and eyes of gold, an inplacable expression in ornate armor, yet the appearance of what ya guess would be a scholar. The Old Man appraises him carefully as ya look to him.

"This ship is a wonder. I am truly thankful to see such artistry. I am the illustrious unifier Gaofen Lieh-ren, Primarch Champion of the Steel Dragons Second Legion. And You- must be the Titan Slayer himself. How fitting for such a legion. I heard many tale. Is it true you possess the Rumi?" And- ya can sort of understand the note. He aint- too bad. He seems a bit windy though. And his name is much different than written in ya book. Then again another time it was Lieren alone. Strange.

"It's The Something Fierce Now." Ya say with a smile causing Lion to laugh a little and Gaofen to look shocked.

"Right. I am grateful for this invitation, before we go over the affairs of -"

"The Emperor Placed me as leader for this front Brother." Lion El'Johnson says bluntly, but you note that it may be intentionally so.

"Right. Then I must inform you of drastic news." You say and they both turn to you in the same stern countenance.

"And?" Gaofen says in an exhasperated tone.

"My joining will be delayed. I needed to tell you to ya face, it's only right. Our brother Angron of Nuceria, is in the path of The Ganth Migration. I will not lose a brother before he has seen his own legion."

"But Angrons legion is with him." Gaofen states.

"I am referencing Perturabo of Olympia who is en route while we chat here to rescue him." Ya follow up and you can see the look on the lions face calculating.

"Fulgrim is also reportedly there." Gaofen says and the Lion Paused.

"The Emperor put me in charge of this assault- with one noteable exception." The Lion says in an honest tone, and yet it seems almost like he is hiding something else.
"That is in the case of recovering other primarchs- You Kolinaisi were put squarely in charge of that matter. The front we are on should be easy enough with our two legions and some bolstering while you make your flight to Nuceria. However I do ask that you leave some support with us until you can rejoin us." Lion says.

"How much is needed?" You ask, thankful that ya gettin off this easy. If it was ya ma there would be a slipper involved.

"At least two companies and maybe some of your knights. A few ships? The Rumi? This mighty vessel?" Gaofen says which causes the Lion to give a surprised look to you before looking sharply at Gaofen.

"You have the most experience with the Ganth- I ask that you leave what you can while taking what is appropriate to counter the Ganth Migration with your own forces, though no doubt parts of your fleet, especially The Something Fierce," which the Lion says with a little grin "Would no doubt help a great deal and make your absence less harsh. However choose quickly, if what you say is true you have no time to spare." The Lion says in a very serious tone.

>> Leave the suggested amount 2 companies, ya knights, minus ya flagship. Be sure to emphasize to take care of The Something Fierce

>> Give them some ships, not the fierce or your flagship. 3 companies no knights.

>> Give them some of ya special unit to test them, two companies, a small contingent of ships ONE knight.

>> Two Companies, Ya knights. No ships.

>> Maybe Gaofen has a point...

>> Mystery Box

>> Write in

Sorry this took so long lads. Some good. Some bad. I got an artist for the graphic novel I want to write. I got vacation soon. Lotta drivin
> Give them some of ya special unit to test them, two companies, a small contingent of ships ONE knight.

Only things that we can replace in the long run, and those that we wouldn't really need either way on our way to save our brothers.
>> Give them some ships, not the fierce or your flagship. 3 companies no knights.
>> Give them some ships, not the fierce or your flagship. 3 companies no knights.
I don't want to be stingy but we'll need them
>Give them some ships, The Special units formed out of marines but not the psykers, and 2 companies. Also What knights we can load on the ships within the next few days we take but those that we can't the lion can take
>> Give them some of ya special unit to test them, two companies, a small contingent of ships ONE knight.
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3.68 MB JPG
You ponder this for a minute and it's practically a split decision.

"I will send the Baron, three chapters and some of my newly formed unit and some naval support- The Something Fierce is a ship that isn't exactly easy to pilot, and only respects the finest captains, and I am sure while the fleet would provide that, it's also a powerful landing ship- so in our operation on Nuceria it would also be quite possibly a keystone to this operation. Same for the flagship." You say and Lion El'Johnson nods, but seems suprised at the baron comment.

"You would provide your finest knight?" Gaofeng asks and Lancer, recently made Baron for this knight house until Arona is ready to lead and honestly that won't take too much longer- plus Lancer is honestly probably the best knight for this job. Arnoul seems a bit concerned with your selection but you nod to him.

"Also I will be sending Tybro, he has something that maybe of help he has been wanting to test." You say and Tybro grins like a yum shark in chum, which surprises Gaofeng but Lion takes note. Good.

"This arrangement is more than acceptable. I am happy with the support you are offering, while I, like many other primarchs are curious to see the last Victoriana and The Something Fierce in Combat." Lion states and Gaofeng nods.

"Good. If there is time I would give you a tour- but the urgency of the situation indicates immediate departure. And it also feels wrong to send ya off without a propa mokka." Ya say, then ya do a calculation. In theory, you could give em their gifts now but it feels bad, considering not only did ya take the time to make a gift for each of ya brothers, but you went through the book to try to make something appropriate for each of them. Also- the fact that the second is always at the most risk, it would be appropriate to get him whatever his gift would be soonest.

>> Present them their gifts now, and take them on a tour to the armory

>> Send their gifts with them.

>> Give them their gifts when you meet up with them after you go save Angron.

>> Write in


There will be another post after this one, but it's a bit more complicated and takes a bit longer to write out considering this is actually something that is going to be hard to do on my cell phone so I want it done before I am on the road.
>> Present them their gifts now, and take them on a tour to the armory
> Present them their gifts now, and take them on a tour to the armory

We can always give them something more heartfelt later on.
The game was in tatters.

The voices in the distance had grown louder. It was making the game impossible. Furthermore, the voices could be partially understood. The anarchist was winning and they didn't even need help from the other outsiders.
The game was almost over before it had begun.
Something had to be done
Something desperate.

The trickster sighed, which caused an actual look of concern from the youngest, but a stern look from the eldest.

Then a spark. The trickster. Hope. Imagination. Creativity. Change.

Yes the game was in tatters.

Yes everything was wrong


The Trickster Cawed a triumphant note.

"Let's make this our game again! I cede the hawk if you will cede me the wolf my friend!" You say to the eldest who looks geniunely surpised.

"You- You would do this?"

"Yes! For free! This game is ours, not the anarchist, not the golden piece it is our great game!"

"I accept, what next?"

"I vote to move from the eye piece to the lion piece as the key objective!" You cackle

"ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY MAD" The Plaguefather said

"YES!" The Trickster screamed with glee.

"The perfect challenge, for the perfect game. I, agree." The youngest said.

"If it works, it would make sense." The Eldest said.

"3/6 what say you plague father?!"

"I- I agree." The Plague father said contemplativley.


"This is the least successful and least likely path, but look around us! The player of gold interfering, the coming noise, and the anarchist destroying the game. No more!" The trickster screeched

"The game is more honorable and honest" The eldest said approvingly.

"But my peice?" The Plaguefather said

"The rider! You should chose the rider! It is far better than the one you are choosing my rival! It's more suiting, though I have no thoughts for the youngest."

"You choosing the wolf, Khorne the Hawk, The Plaguefather the Rider- I am confused-"

"instead of dividing our efforts we act in concert picking the four best pieces and holding them! We can choose to even ignore the shark completely now"


Which piece did the youngest choose to claim

>> The Gorgon
>> The Phoenix
>> The Gladiator
>> The Tower
>> The Trebuchet
>> The Dragon
>> The Crow
>> The Tiger
>> The Hydra
The Gorgon: Ferrus Manus
The Phoenix: Fulgrim
The Gladiator: Angron
The Tower: Rogal Dorn - FORTIFY!
The Trebuchet: Perturabo - SIEGE!
The Dragon: Vulcan
The Crow: Corvus Corax
The Tiger: Lie-ren
The Hydra: Alpha & Omegon

Which ones did I get wrong?
You got them all right on the first try! Screen cap a you- and use it later for a mystery box or a write in or a fate point to alter destiny. The question is, why are the missing ones missing?
>> The Tiger
Sorry my boy, but I've already seen a loyalist version of you
> The Phoenix
Theres a trap here. Keep the traitors split up and it'll be harder for the 4 to co-operate, and it'll make those they focus on harder to corrupt to begin with. We should pick any primarch who isnt paired with an already stated target so they can't bounce off of each other.
Further guesses (about Chapter 12):

The Eldest: Khorne - oldest according to some materials, also the fuming rage
The Youngest: Slaanesh
The Plagued One: Nurgle
The Trickster: Tzeentch

The Outsider: (Meta)
The Golden One: Man of Gold/Old Man, touched by Nurgle but came out all the stronger

The Angel: Primarch Zero - removed due to 100% power but 0% control
The Bat: Konrad Curze
The Wolf: Leman Russ - the Emperor's Executioner
The Hawk: Sanguinius - Red Thirst, Black Rage
The Stallion: Jaghatai Khan?
The Cyclops: Magnus (even though he should still have both eyes... for now)
The Firey One: Angron
The Giant: Lorgar Aurelian
The Reaper: Mortarion
The Shark: Kolinaisi

Now... How off am I?
>> The Tiger
Yeah I forgot some lore stuff, but I will keep this in mind. Most is right though
Outsider is malal perhaps?
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405 KB PNG
The youngest nodded and took the nee piece causing the anarchist to scream in scorn. It was so loud it was said one of the primarchs could hear it...


Your stress headache is back. Something that You should properly use your medical knowledge to fix.

"Ya know what? Come with me." Ya say and your brothers shrug as yall walk the ship. And they seem morr impressed with the Victoriana than they do with you, which to be fair could just be them playin cards close to the chest. Your troops seem to stand aside for you as ya walk by more than normal. Good. The walk is a quick stride and the old man keeps Gaofeng distracted with facts about the ship which shortly after causes Lion to look at you and makr a curious face before asking "Father said you too hunted monsters, ones of the ocean depths. He said you did this to survive."

"And to help my family. My people. Part of bein a big man." You say. He nods.

"An interesting culture. I may have to visit your planet. It is out here on the fringes." He says.

"Eh, youd be the fo-third" you cover up for Alpha.

"From what I have heard its a fierce paradise. The men of your legion will probably love it."

"They do." You say as you walk into the armory causing Jorag Ernhol to leap back


"Relax Master Guns, we are here to get them they gifts we made." You say and he nods looks at them both and then walks off.

"Sir, for the primarch of the second I need help movin it." He says.

Oh. That thing was for the second. You let out a sigh.

Of all the brothers, he worried ya the most. His fate was also uncertain as yours.

So ya did something special.

Ya made a unique pattern of power armor. Its like the other armor ya recently discovered but it had a lot of neat stuff from ya own style of armor. Granted the knight pattern ion shield is nice the emergency back up void shield makes it almost as tough as perturabos own armor he made.

What made this special though was it made the wearer faster.

You wheel it out.

"Alright brudah. Here it is. Ya own elite pattern unique over armor. Ya can walk into and it will integrate with what ya wearin and make ya a bit fasta too. Took a long time to make it."

There is a hug.

"Well given brother
Rarely are our legends true
Such a happy day" he says stepping back.

So thats the poetry ya were warned about.

"May I wear it out" he asks.

"Mate. I dont think there is any other way to get it out of here. Thing is practically a big dreadnaught on ya." You say and he walks out.

The Lion looks at you curiously.

"Sadly I dont have something as big for ya." You say and Jorag comes back with the sword ya made, and honestly the amount of work on such a sword was hard enough, and it practically broke the reverse engineer model. There may not be another made.

"What is it?"

"That is the only one we made of. Not gonna lie bruddah dont think i can make another one.
That is a void sword with an adriathic blaster on it."
Before you finish he picks it up and his eyes go wide

"This is perfectly balanced." He says.

"Ya well I aint Vulkan but I am doin my best. Anyways its a void blade, Ill spare ya the details but its just as effective at destruction as the adriathic gun on it" You say and he smiles.

"You two should meet. Hopefully soon" he says and you escort him back

When they leave you sigh and hit the main ship comm

"Men we headin to Nuceria to save my brother Angron. Make ready yourselves." You say and you hear some singing. You are glad that tradition carried over.

You have time for discussion with one person before you have to really get to work.

> Meera
> Martin
> The Emperor over comms
> write in
what does "nee" mean?
> The Emperor over comms
We should probably give him a heads up, we have at current no idea how wide the migration front spreads or if other factors will now come in to play.
> The Emperor over comms
It means big fingers on tiny phone make for many typos even when transfering pasted things. New. In this case the tiger.
>The emperor over comms
> The Emperor over comms
> Meera
You grab the Comms.

"Epsilon this Kappa. I have discovered information that you no doubtedly heard."

"I was keeping my ear to the comm Kappa. I assume this means you are going to take your assigned role on post haste."

"Ya. Can't be havin the bruddah I personally rescued bein killed this early on."

"That is true. Depending on how this goes, I may divert your force elsewhere. I may have to make you the permanent emissary to finding new primarchs" Epsilon says, and he may be honest about it, but

"It wouldn't be the best use of your talents. Go at all haste. Fulgrim is there as well. Be safe, but I know you will do what is needed." He tells

"Aye. I will complete this as fast feasible" You tell him

"Do it right, while our speed is needed for this campaign, it is also important to do this right. We started the crusade early not rushed."

"Aye." You respond quickly.

"The Ganth are best handled by you, we don't know how big the migration is currently. I appreciate you probably already gave some of your forces to your brothers for assistance, but there will be potentially a Titan Legion to assist, due to the nature of the moon." Of course the resources. Still something is bothering you.

"I have given my gifts to my brothers, I know that I am authorized only for my legion-"

"A brothers gift, you do not have to ask for forgiveness."

"Thank you. Work is coming along well on our armor set."

"That will be a huge boon later on the crusade- on the Primarus"

"Martin and Cawl are making your modifications and testing the initial objects, they feel lots of progress has been made." You say being as discreet as you can considering.

" This phase is extremely ahead of schedule. It is only possible because Martin came with you, and your assistance is valuble too."

"I need to get more involved to be honest. They do so much of it, some of my ideas work, but they on a whole otha level."

"You do better than you know, just you being able to assist is important. Though you do much. Are you planning to Navigate the ship?"

"I am faster than most of the navigators with my Artificial Third Eye and"

"And you are still planning to instruct your men on the ganth"

"And check the knights, the special units, the morale of my men"

"And your wife?"

"After I get us underway, I will spend time with her."

"I know I am not Ravi. I am however your creator- so I ask you heed some fatherly advice if you will take it."

"I will try if I am smart enough."

"Even Primarchs cannot do everything. You are doing more than Horus does, if I gave Lion El'Johnson your report to me, he would start to compete and I dare say while he could surpass you it would be detrimental. Trust your legion to certain activities."

"I do. But not everyone can speak machine like I can"
"And ad nauseum. You need to be slightly rested for this- go talk to your Wife Kappa. She is carrying your child which is probably your most impressive feat."

"When did you learn that?" You ask.

"Who do you think told me?" You sigh about the custode.

"You are going to make a good father I think." The Emperor says, and considering Nasi-

"I will just do as I was raised and do my best."

"I know." He says.

And then it comes in over the comms

"Oh how touchin" Horus says in a snarky tone.

"You better stop by for a visit, all things considering with how long it has been." Roboute Gulliman says with a follow up.

"Yall know better than this isn't for just chit chat." You say

"Except when you are on!" Horus says.

"Seriously though Kappa, you will be fine. We are a close enough stop that if you need assistance let me know."

"Who are you again?" Horus says questioning Roboute.

"Waiting for one of my elder brothers to finally get to my area with my legion before I conquer all of my sector without their help."

"That sounds a little bitter Rho" Perturabo says in a dry tone.

"Lads." You say

"Has anyone heard from Magn- I mean Mu- Err Meta lately?" Horus asks

"No Heta. Meta has gone dark dealing with his huge discovery, and his recent push. Only one who has talked to him lately is Epsilon. Pi, I am heading towards the target area as we speak, had to rendevous with Lamda and ugh... Gamma, we need to all meet again to come up with an actual naming structure considering how there are significant conflicts of call signs" You say

"Aye. Seconded." Heta says

"I didn't know this was a committee, but I concur with Kappa's assessment" Epsilon says

"Yeah There will be too many Mu's" Martin says

" Motion passes. next time we all have the time to be under the same room so we can synch the comms again and hopefully if Pi has done it, we should have one for each of us." Epsilon says.

"Good. Out here." You say putting down the comm and Meera comes up

"You know, some say ya are duckin ya pregnant wife, but I know ya not smart enough to do that and ya just too caught up with work" She says and comes up and hugs you. You look down to her and she smiles

"Go. Get ya work done. I'll wait for ya."

>> Take the helm, navigate the first half.

>> Help the Old Man and Cawl first.

>> Brief ya men on the ganth first

>> Family First.

>> Write in
>> Family First.
>> Family First.
>>Family first

Alright lads, meeting with all the primarchs is happening. How do we prank all of them?
> Family First
Our pa raised us right. Plus, if THE EMPEROR HIMSELF told us to spend more time with our family then who are we to refuse?
> Family First.
>> Family First
File: magnus.jpg (91 KB, 468x810)
91 KB
"Go. Get ya work done. I'll wait for ya."

and you smile

"What kind of man would I be if I couldn't make time for those I love?" You ask and walk back to ya quarters.

You invite Deliah, Arona, Yana Frank and Nasi.

Nasi, who has been taken care of a bit more by Deliah and less by you with all your primarch duties, which has upset you a bit. The first thing he does when he sees you is he runs up and hugs your leg.

"You get your knight figured out yet?" Ya tease Frank who actually smiles.

"I actually figured it out today. Thanks to her." Frank says huggin Arona.

"Yeah after I told him for the 50th time that he would be suited for the Warden." Arona says.

"I wish Uncle was here he'd have an opinion on that" You say .

"He was a bit old and he has his family to take care of and not to mention he is probably with Jerah's crew as we speak. So don't worry about him, worry about ya workin ya self to death. Now what's this about us headin to Nuceria?" Arona says

"We goin go meet up with Perturabo, Save Angron and Fulgrim- and if it's the full force of the Ganth- maybe defeat them once and for all." You say and there are nods of agreement.

"Good it's about time them good for nothins were done in." Arona says

"It would be good to see Perturabo and Angron again." Yana says.

"Well we got a trip, I am probably gonna navigate for part of it so I know that much."

"Why don't ya let the navigator do their job?" Arona snarks.

"She is good, but I am as well, and it would be important for us as I have gotten there before as a navigator so it is important to help if we want to make up time." You say

You and your family talk, you even are able to get your Ma and Da on the Comms. You share a few precious hours before they leave and you get rest.

Then the dream happens.

Magnus is sitting nearby.

"Ya could of just called." Ya tell him and he smirks.

"Not quite. The planetary region we are in makes it not function right and ruins the encryption. There is a lot I must go over with you, when I will have the time, but for now assume that we have captured something of critical importance to the mission of humanity. As of right know you are on your way to Nuceria, to save Angron- then reconvine with Lion El Johnson Gao-Feng Lie-rhen." He says and you nod and then get up from the bed and look over to him.

"That is a fair assessment of what is going on, but what else?"

"We may have discovered some ancient technology that allows for empathic warp transit navigation, similar to the astronomicon. That ability sound familiar to you?" He asks

"Vaguely like Angron." You state.

"It is important he go there to investigate- maybe even try it. I know it isn't conquest, but it may be crucial later. Additionally, I may have made contact with another brother, one you have not met- who seems to take after you in some ways."

"Oh how is that."

"He is on a ship to try to find the emperor."

"Sounds like somethin I'd do had I not met a certain big red haired brother first or contacted him on the comm." You say and Magnus smirks a little.

"How is the training of your psykers going?"

"Well brother, the ladies are teachin em, and they are learnin. Though the integration of blanks into my legion also makes it weird too." You say

"The mechanics of your planet are fascinating. Though with your gifts you should be able to make it work." Magnus says.


Sorry for the long break. I have literally lost part of the quest and some amazing things have happened in my life even after the vacation.- so this next selection is going to be a bit unique while I go and find the rest of the quest.


What do you discuss with Magnus

> Write ins only.
>"How you holding up brother? I heard that the campaign you were in was specially hard, since your legion couldn't use your psykers."
>"All work and no play makes a primarch a dull boy. A lot of people have warned me that these last feels days, and after sittind down for I bit, I got to agreed with that. We ain't immune to stress."
>"How you holding up brother? I heard that the campaign you were in was specially hard, since your legion couldn't use your psykers."
>Brother I plan on pranking all of our brothers in a banquet I am planning, Do you have any ideas? if that's not possible I at least want a prank ready for each brother when we meet
File: 1623376354102.png (1.24 MB, 1926x3358)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
"How you holdin up bruddah. I heard the last campaign was a bit rough on ya cause ya lads couldn't use their psyker powers."

"That and there was almost nothing of value! It was the most hopeless feeling campaign I went on! Each planet was a strategic nightmare with unreal terrain in a damned near dead star light condition. The psyker powers were the cherry on the cake of hardship that was the campaign! We did learn however that it- nevermind."

"What is it?"

"I have told no-one, however since you and I have had a high amount of rapport and I know about the time travel issue, I guess it is fair- My legion has an issue. They have a condition where they slowly change due to the nature of my genetics and their psyker issues the gene seed is almost as bad as the third was when it became tainted. However- the dust from the planet actually, stifled the change. We harvested some of it for further study." And then something occurs to you

"Was it black as night?"

"Yes indeed!"

"Aye! My planet has a lot of that too. It's called noctolith or blackstone. It can be positively attuned to where does the opposite and enhances psyker power."

"Your glowing tattoos? Interesting! I may have to call up your tattooist!"

"He is still in trainin, but I wouldn't mind an utha cultural exchange like what I did with Guilliman."

"That is a splendid idea brother! I can send some psykers over to help with your training of it, while your honor guard is very good, it would also help no doubt to have some prior space marine experience." Magnus says beaming and in an excellent mood.

"We should try for it after I get done helping Lion- er El'Johnson? I don't know what to really call im"

"The Lion. You haven't gotten an honorific cognomen yet despite the fact your name is filled with them! Though knowing you it would probably be something like 'The Shark' despite you having so many different talents."

"No I like 'The Shark' that's good! Sharks are important part of the food chain in De'Lormosa. They are also helpful animal- and before we understood science better the sharks were considered ancestral spirits by my tribe. They say King Shark was the first Great Man, Old Nan was once a powerful matron who became a big man, and so on. Granted they just folk stories."

"You turn something silly into something you revel in. It's good- Mine has been 'The Crimson King'. Guess why?" He says with a little grin.

"You always blushin?" You say and he starts chuckling and you both have a belly laugh.

" But, this campaign has given hidden strengths. It has had to show me the meaning of my own strength, instead of relying on psyker abilities. I do believe ancient philosphers of old stated that it is a shame to not realize ones own strength. It's hard as a primarch though- hard to test something that will push the limits of your physical capacity. " And you smirk
File: 8-sa4h6s0YVfPJV2P.png (322 KB, 512x512)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
"I have a specialty strength training chamber and a treadmill that actually can support my speed and weight." You say with a little bit of pride at your recent inventions which shocks Magnus a little.

"And yet you stick to your medical principles, I am not sure if the other primarchs do as you do- maybe Ferrus. Maybe Fulgrim. Angron but You and He met first."

"I think I need to have a banquet for all my brothers so I can get to know em better." You say

"You mean so you can prank them." Magnus says

"Oh like you?" You say with a little bit of pride

"It's a lofty goal. I'd be willing to help you, but I think that may be for after the campaign." He says.

"I can do it."

"Despite that- and you having a journal of every primarch's identity- seeing as You, Roboute, Perturabo and I are the only ones whom have really looked into it besides the Emperor at his own urging, you know there are at least a few more that you'd have to prank that may be ready for you right?" Magnus says

"Ah. Well, I am not too full of guff to not know when there is a flaw in a plan." You admit in humor

"Just don't do Gao-feng. He will hate you for life. He cannot take a joke, despite being the primarch of the steel dragons, his humor is limited."

"Eh we don't know that yet." You say and Magnus shakes his head.

"It is good to see you brother. I will leave you to your rest with your wonderful wife." He says and you nod.

When you wake up Meera is playing with your hair and smiling.

"I think I know what to name him, and her." She says.

"Oh?" You say

"Ravi, for your father for our son. Kala, as it follows our village tradition for girls names and I like it." She says

"I like em." You say getting up causing Erihapti to wake up and roll off the bed into a ready position.

"You gonna visit with me through the warp?"

"Yeah, I am going to do as the emperor asked, and carve out time for You and my family. I am also gonna do my job as Primarch of the Eleventh Legion though. Which means navigating this ship for the first leg to get the route right." You say

"Good idea- what's your plan for your elite unit?"

"I am going to train them on some last minute tech, including the Artificial Third Eye."

"Yeah, but even the old man said not everyone is skilled enough for it."

"They will be, and if they aren't it's no harm." You say

"Except that it causes intense pain for any non space marine or psyker who tries to use it and it probably works on psykana." Meera says and you shrug

"The Emperor authorized it for specific cases. This is good enough reason."

"I agree- I just want to make sure that your children get to see you in one piece that doesn't have a headache."

"I can abide by that." You say


Last thing before long post on Nuceria
>> Train the men

>> Go Navigate

>> Check on the secret project UR is workin on
>> Check on the secret project UR is workin on
What are you doing my metal man
>> Check on the secret project UR is workin on
> Check on the secret project UR is workin on
> Check on the secret project UR is workin on
File: 8-ehWzOR8jPN25JwF.png (321 KB, 512x512)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
"Time to check in on UR"

You walk down to there area where they have been working on various projects for you in secret per the discretion of the old man and the emperor himself. Namely with how he is better working with Hypercomputers, STC tech, and other golden age tech. Still, the circle of what UR is, has remained tiny, so far, everyone believes they are an extremely rare pattern of dreadnaught.
You know it's the right area when you see the goat eating the decorative tree in front of the lab, which you politely herd back into the lab.

"Ah! Good to see you captain."

"Pyg!" You say as a friendly greeting and UR turns and walks up.

"So the project for me, how goes it?"

"That one- the new armor for your troops? Done."

"Your assistant here told me it would take a bit longer." You say eyeing the crab in the ball.

"It would have- but we actually were able to accomplish the math faster than we thought. The hyper cogitator makes things so much easier, but we aren't really using it too much- as you have asked." Ur says.

"Yeah we don't want to become to dependent on it like the kin are."

"True- we both have been given tasks to be innovative. Yours is practically a mandate." Ur says

"My innovations are only going so far, not gonna mince words with ya, I don't feel like I have done anything super innovative lately, maybe the unit I made, but the last real adventurous thing I did as far as pushin my limits was makin sword shark edible for people."

"Well your skills are primarily biologic and technobiologic. That's why you and the old man get along so well. How are the" Ur points to the ring and pen,

"I am about to earn that compass. Though he has specifically told me to take a break to let the learnin properly grow, I think he's just not ready yet." You say with a chuckle and UR's Emote turns into that what you now know means a belly laugh.

"So- I take it from you being the captain you know I am working on something in secret due to power usage." UR says


"Yes I wanted to have something that would allow me to blend in easier. So I looked at synthetic flesh and organs, and techno organic bridges. Something on the record came up, and." Ur reveals a human form. Well mostly, there are a lot of cybernetic parts and metal. It looks almost like a standard space marine body that has been heavily modified. With one exception. The face is that of the high rider general that brain in the armor was from, in what was probably their peak.

"That for you?" You ask

"I will try it. It also has an emergency jettison for my core, and it can fit in my armor."

"The Emperor already knows you are a machine mate- no need to lie about it."

"True, but I am not invincible, a magos finds something out about me and it could lead to a headache from my only human friend besides the busy old goat." UR says

"Well- ok. However nothing for our crab friend." You say and the crab in the ball gives a knowing nod.
File: 316523751023741.jpg (98 KB, 625x980)
98 KB

The Dragon

'YOU BLOODY DISCOVERED WHAT?!" The emperor of mankind had a special chamber specifically that allowed for him to not be detected. No custodes were allowed in this room.

"They have been"


"Yet I am here. My variant is kept in a dark cell. You could have thrown me there too. For not I thank thee." High Gothic is hard you think as you calmly speak the next words as you see Mankinds greatest warlord scowl at you "You and a few of those from Mars know what I saw, and how the Motive Force spoke to me. So you know it's as real as the other warp entities. You have every reason to censure and erase me before this campaign even starts. Yet I am here now. In front of you, with honesty and not arrogance. I am thankful of what you have done, and I see the dangers of the voyage ahead of us. You chose this room. So tell me, if this is so dangerous, why not take it to Mars now?" You say and the Emperors visage changes. Not of anger. Something else

"NO. You are right. My son. My primarch. You are right. I keep you to purpose because I see in you a loyalty to humanity itself. I see in you virtues that are inherently human a hatred for the creeping darkness at the verges of the galaxy that may challenge us. I need you. Your humanity, your compassion, your spirit- they are something that is important to our mission. Your behavior towards your brothers- it's a reminder of things that were. I yell because you leave me no options." He says and sighs.

"Leave the crab. Bring your AI friend." The Emperor says and you look confused as a portal opens up to what looks like a part of Mars you have not seen.

"The air here is breathable, but I reccommend the apparatus just the same." The emperor says stepping through. You and UR walk through. The Emperor motions for you to follow close behind and you two do.
File: 9fuad234.jpg (187 KB, 1000x1500)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
"Years ago, before Mars was colonized, before humans were- there were the C'tan. They were to the warp entites that call themselves gods, to reality- they were contested by what were known as the Old Ones. Both Insanely powerful entities. They, along with the Necrons- which you had the pleasure of discussion. The truth is, we started the crusade early, as I was worried about them waking up early. What is waking them up is also troublesome. Necrons fought the Eldar in a great war. During that time, the C'tan enslaved the Necrons, giving them semi immortality and almost indestructible bodies at the cost of their souls, literal not metaphor. The Necrons, after fighting the Eldar and weakening the old ones to the point that they faded from existence, returned the C'tans treachery by breaking up their gods into fragments. Shards, something which your crab is- a series of shards brought together. Of the most powerful shards was that of the Void Dragon. It had been broken up the least and shattered, one portion flung to a barely forged planet with no sentient life. Terra. It slept. For almost forever, however it began stirring, and great innovations began taking place. I knew of it- I sought it out and it awoke. I fought it, defeated it enough that it had to rest, and brought it here." The Emperor says.

"Even your Old Man Martin probably was unaware of that last part. This secret is between us three." The emperor opens a door and there is a massive - thing. It seems like a set of geometric patterns ready to burst, similar to the crab in it's raw form- only much larger . A scary box.

"You cannot- whatever you do- let your crab ball come here." The emperor says and you can see the form changing and pulsing.

"It has gotten more active since you arrived. It knows you. Because the motive force chose you. This is the Omnissiah that sparked the growth of Mars. This. I barely defeated it before. It has grown in power. You must not bring your shard here- it would complete it, and it would seek out it's last half and become a god of reality once more- and the whole galaxy would be set aflame. While resting, it stirs on the mind of artifice, creation, and technology in men." The Emperor looks to you and with a solemn face he lets a breath through his nose.
File: 1346513gr113ff.png (885 KB, 768x768)
885 KB
885 KB PNG
"I ask you do not bring your 'crab' here unless I deem it an absolute last effort. I ask you- Kolinaisi Kaiko Wahthiri, to keep this secret from your brothers, I shall not use magic or psykerism on you to enforce it. I will not enforce a ban on it's memory. I am trusting you- because you are strong enough for this. My Son. I ask that you guard this knowledge. The Cult of Mars, this is the heart. This is their Omnisiah. Now that you have seen it, know why I have placed it here, and why I claim that title- as I am the one who has set that gear in motion for their cult. You have met the voice in the dark. The thing that sets in motion. The Motive Force. It for whatever reason- revealed itself to the two of you. I don't know what it is- if it's a warp entity, or a C'tan gone undetected and rogue. But I ask now that you and I both have this burden of Mars- know what I had to do. Know the task ahead of us. I will not ask of you to do anything I cannot. When I screamed at you, it was the pained scream of someone who didn't want to see someone else repeat a painful past mistake." And the emperor opens a portal back to the throne room and steps through with you.

"I read that book. The reason I will not censure, redact, or erase you- is because despite everything in that book that worries me- you never fell to chaos." The Emperor says.

"The future not written. That's what we strive for. We strive for a bright future where humanity can thrive. To do that we must go through a great grim darkness. We must war and crusade and push it back. If the time comes you know the way back to the Labryinth." He says- and you realize- you do. It must be one of these gifts primarchs know.

>> "Let's hope it doesn't come to that"

>> "It won't come to that"

>> "I know the way."

>> "I will use my best judgement."

>> "If it comes to that- you will probably know before me."

>> Write in
The emperor knew, that Kolinasi was loyal. He was different than his predecessors, but also, a more noble ideal in a way. Yet in the past, they all were redacted, yet never faltering to chaos. Ambitious, yes. Disloyal? Never.
File: 8-jlAKM7hQ1QfofXk.png (399 KB, 512x512)
399 KB
399 KB PNG

"You sure about this?" You ask UR

"99.928153 repeating percent sure." UR states.

"Alright. has this been done before?" You ask

"Once upon a time there were false human AI scouts- that technology was almost like this, but it had it's limitations, and it was mostly used for spying. Realistically this is just to make my presence in your army easier." UR says

"Well than you can accompany on the way out in your form when we are done. This is reversible right?" You ask

"It isn't easy, but it isn't hard. With that armor though it is very feasible though." UR says

"Then let's do this." You say and you flip the switch that connects UR to the 'human' form. The 'Human' form of a space marine sits up instantly on the operating table with a loud scream.

"AH!" UR's voice is surprisingly low pitched but has an island accent.

"How did that feel"

"Very surreal."

"You choose that voice?"

"It's a combination of the voices I have heard. Though I think the tone is due to the body." UR says

"Right. Ya sound like an islander, like ya lived on the black."

"Well that's how ya sound." UR responds. You exit the lab with UR's new body which you have agreed to refer to 'him' as 'pyg' as 'he' is in a human body and

"Huh. The goats recognize me." He says petting the goats that are coming up to him.

"Strange. I guess there is something too the ethereal. Let's"

"Primarch, the- who is that?" Arnoul asks looking at Pyg's new form

"That- is a secret project that has been worked on for a while. Meet Pygmalius Techtinius Arturous."

"Or at least What I would be if I were more than just a brain." Pyg says with a smile extending a hand of friendship.

"Oh. Well that is promising. Some of the men were worried he was a xeno or an abhuman or something else. Your medical skills are truly worthy of a primarch. Will he still keep his old armor?" Arnoul asks

"It's mine why shouldn't I?" 'Pyg' says in a tone that would have been a veiled threat on the islands.

"Well- if you aren't wearing it- maybe we can finally study it the right way to potentially make it a tertiary dreadnaught pattern for some of the men if things get really bad. We should only save it for the most dire of circumstances." Arnoul says- and he does have a point.

"Well it is unique armor- but it is still Pygs. I leave it up to him." You say and Pyg- who hasn't really gotten use to smiling and would probably frighten Nasi with what he probably considers a 'friendly' grin right now-

"Oh of course! You can borrow what I have considered my body for a long time now to be used to make sarcophagus armor for the men. It doesn't bother me at all!" Pyg says in a somewhat frightening tone that makes Arnoul seem a little less enthusiastic
File: 8-tTqrCt6QA9NWQWP.png (381 KB, 512x512)
381 KB
381 KB PNG

"Pyg, are you trying to be sarcastic or are you just having troubles adapting to your body"

"It's new body syndrome Captain- err Primarch. I am still getting used to things that I have not had be- being a long time. So yes- use the armor in there to study, I am sure your team will have no trouble making something out of it. Primarch, I would like to talk to Martin Longorian if possible." Pyg says.

"I am sure he would love to have this conversation- just be sure not to cause Belasarius Cawl to have a fainting spell." Ya say and Pyg does a nod with a grin that looks absolutely evil. That is probably due to him learning how to use a human face. After he leaves Arnoul De'Saan looks at you

"Are you absolutely sure he is a human and you did not put a xeno in a human body by accident?" Arnoul says

"I am one hundred percent certain that is not a xenos." You say

"Thank the Emperor. Hopefully his combat skill are maintained in that body or that his lack of control adds a strangeness that will work in our favor."

"Or new perspective. Arnoul, you must have searched for a while to find me."

"Indeed. They need you in navigation, the cluster is apparently best for you to navigate, even the other navigators of the fleet say they wish you to lead through this part. Your navigation skills are unparalleled." He says

"Don't go sweet talkin me just to make me feelin better about navigatin through a dangerous area." You say and Arnoul grins

"Truly the primarch of the eleventh."

"And truly the legion master" You say back with the same grin.

When you arrive there are three solid paths to Nuceria, and a less stable path-

>> 48 hours- Fastest, however you are not sure if the fleet can keep up and you will have to be primary navigator most of the time. Granted your faster than the fleet arrival will give some coordination time and be less likely to spook whatever defenses exist in Nuceria

>> 60 hours- Middle route. The fleet will be able to keep up, but you will be primary navigator and have to keep in close contact, however he arrival will probably be mass- its unclear how Nuceria will react.

>> 72 hours- The easiest. You are sure that the fleet will not only be able to keep up but you wont have to be primary, and can probably rally the men first and the gradual arrival will ease Nuceria.


This is a great reward fluff wise- this would not have happened had you not gone in and check in on UR, no cut away, nor UR with a human body.
>> "Let's hope it doesn't come to that"
>> 60 hours- Middle route. The fleet will be able to keep up, but you will be primary navigator and have to keep in close contact, however he arrival will probably be mass- its unclear how Nuceria will react.
Something Fierce is very recognisable, so I don't worry about them shooting at us.
> "It won't come to that"

It calls to me
>>Let's hope it doesn't come to that

>>48 hours Fastest
>> "If it comes to that- you will probably know before me."
>> 60 hours- Middle route. The fleet will be able to keep up, but you will be primary navigator and have to keep in close contact, however he arrival will probably be mass- its unclear how Nuceria will react.
from old mans past threads you let the anons add the box if it got enough votes so I'm adding it on the chances it's still a thing
Wait hold on
>Write in.
>>Father would an unfettered artificial intelligence count as a life? If made by human hands would they not be our children? We ourselves are not natural yet because we are made of flesh we are treated as humans, Father I believe we should not treat him as a machine but rather as a man.

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