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You are Kolinaisi Kaiko Whathiri. Primarch of the Eleventh Legion, which you have recently renamed, conducted reforms, and have begun navigating to your entrance into the grand crusade-

Which is actually not even your real entrance, as apparently your actions against the Ganth actually helped the crusade.

All the actions of you commandeering that fighter, not too long ago.

With those closest to you- namely the Old Man, Honor Guard, and sound advice from your brother Magnus- you have formed two new units in your legion.

One of which is being trained by the old man and your old honor guard, as really despite being told "You are a highly powerful psyker" and "you should be teaching them your psyker abilities" it seems kind of silly when it comes natural to you and you aren't sure if you can teach what you can do. Though- some, have taken to machine singing like you have, not as good though. But "Pygmalious" seems to have been key in actually teaching it.

The Emperor's actual sanctioning of UR, was surprising to the two present Mechanicus members sworn to secrecy. Furthermore- the emperor gave a small contingent, ten, for UR to lead in a time of crisis- apparently the only others who had such a unit was your brother Lion- or Lion'el (some of these names are so confusing!) and you were to keep that a secret too. Apparently the eleventh and first were to have such things, and your free reign to experiment and study technology with a few of the Martians, made the coming campaign a bit easier.

You, The Lion, and an as of yet undecided brother were to marshal to Rangda space and clear it.

After- you cleared out a second way to your sector of space.

If you were fast enough- you may even beat Perturabo home.

Perturabo was busy making defenses on your home planet, and a fairly good brother.

Though what was certain-

Was you would be the first, along with the emperor, to welcome Roboute to the Imperium.

You just had one obstacle. Your first assignment.


A system filled with nothing but foul xenos inbetween ultramac and the clearest lane to Terra. In addition to the Ork and Barghesi, there were also the Ak'Haireth and Hykosi. All hard to say, and all hard to kill apparently.

This leads you to the big task at hand. Your legion reforms (nothing too major other than your closer ties to the mechanicum and) a secondary unit. Something you have to talk to Arnoul about. Fortunately, after getting to navigate, you are actually ahead of schedule, and this has allowed for some time with Your wife Meera, and some downtime with Erihapti.

It has also given you time to think on what you actually want to make this unit about and possibly pick out who you want in it.

File: 645477_Commission_Final.jpg (3.68 MB, 2480x3508)
3.68 MB
3.68 MB JPG

The moment y'all been waiting for. Sorry for the long wait. Crisis at work, and health issues. We are fine now. Let's design the 11th legions unit of renown.

1. The Unit Name: I am only taking write ins, and it has to be agreed upon by a majority.

2. Unit Indoctrination: Who does Kolinaisi accept into such a unit

> Generalists, Generally. People who are actually good at most things, but also really smart.
> Solid combatants, good with technology, and a knack for medicine - who are the embodiment of bravery
> Those who show strong signs of creativity, are versatile, and have some leadership quality
> Any volunteer! Who is able to both Prank Kolinaisi, and get through the actual selection process.
> Write in

3. Unit tactics: What is the purpose of such a unit?

> Unique Scenarios and Situations- Like airborne titan commandeering, rescuing another primarch, a battle underwater with ork pirates, or other farfetched missions - that require elite and skilled Marines able to adapt to any mission and win
> Infiltration, Insurgency, Sabotage, Commandeering of Enemy Equipment, and Rescue of Prisoners - Chain Breakers 2.0
> Heavy and Experimental Warfare, all these new toys require someone to master them and need use them
> Extreme Warfare: Fighting in the void on a xenos ship in asteroid field, Underwater combat missions against deep sea xenos, fighting on an ice planet or volcano planet, nothing is out of reach
So was servitor dillema from last thread resolved or not?
It was! And you will get to see the resolution in this thread
I'm thinking of something like Machine Chanters or Storm Singers
Because chanting is something we do in a haka, that the mechanicus have as a mechanic, and we can sing for machine to hear us.
> Those who show strong signs of creativity, are versatile, and have some leadership quality
> Heavy and Experimental Warfare, all these new toys require someone to master them and need use them
1. The Unit Name: I am only taking write ins, and it has to be agreed upon by a majority.
Tuka's Koa Ho'Lilian ( tuka the big dragon carp we killed with our sons, Koa means brave in hawiian, and Ho'Lilian means heirs, so it means tuka's brave heirs)
2. Unit Indoctrination: Who does Kolinaisi accept into such a unit
> Solid combatants, good with technology, and a knack for medicine - who are the embodiment of bravery
3. Unit tactics: What is the purpose of such a unit?
> Heavy and Experimental Warfare, all these new toys require someone to master them and need use them
Support this for the name.
>Those who show strong signs of creativity, are versatile, and have some leadership quality
Being adaptable is better than being a generalist
>Heavy and experimental warfare.
>>5739560> Those who show strong signs of creativity, are versatile, and have some leadership quality
> Heavy and Experimental Warfare, all these new toys require someone to master them and need use them
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As you look to the book of names you have assembled one of the 'helpers' , not quite man, not quite machine- but somewhere in between man of iron and man itself- who comes in to do some of the duties that they couldn't do in their normal frail form due to age or injury. The being nods, and makes the quarters tidier as well as checking various machine functions.

Your legion has some of the best technology, and most advanced gear, on par with the first legion. What it needs is someone to wield these heavy and experimental weapons and armor patterns.

But who would they be?

Generalist? No, not the answer. Erihapti rests her head on your lap as you scritch her now very large head and the reason your space is the old armory.

They had to be versatile- able to adapt and overcome like you did.

They had to be creative and intelligent, which was slightly more common in the legion than others, but those that were exceptionally versatile and creative.

Like those who helped you fight Tuka- actually

They would be the heirs of Tuka. Wakatelaho would be a natural choice.

They would be leaders, in case they had to operate with other units or get attached suddenly.

Tuka's Koa Ho'Lilian had a nice ring to it. Erihapti chitters a little bit, and you sense it to.

"Arnoul" You say knowing he was about to enter ya ready room

"Sir" He says opening the door. Causing Erihapti to get excited, since Arnoul, has grown to doting on Erihapti, like the rest of ya sons and gives her a few snacks.

"I got it figured out." Ya tell him

"About bloody time." He says- having accepted the candor you expect of him.

"I am gonna mark some names out of this- Wakatelaho one of em. I want you to pick a few too. Creative. Versatile. Those who can adapt and overcome on the fly with little to no supervision. Leaders." You say and Arnoul makes a little noise, that you know means he had a few ideas already. Erihapti mimics the noise which is a recent development.

"A name for this unit?"

"Tuka's Koa Ho'Lilian" You say and he gives an odd look

"The plan?"

"We start using the gear we got and go from there."

"Hence the most versatile and creative."

"Self Starters." You say and he nods as you go back to scritchin erihapti

"I got some lads for the job."

"Have em meet me by the fierce after suppa that should be enough time ya?"

"For the eleventh? Yeah." Arnoul says and you smirk.

"I ask that you be among them." You say.

"Is it an offer or an order?"

"Offer. Ya my first mate. I aint gonna force ya, a lot's on ya plate."

"Aye. But, honestly I have been waiting for someone to issue the order you just put out for a while, seeing as I wasn't permitted. So I want to be a part of this."

" Good!" You say, but before he goes you cough like ya da would for privacy and motion towards the open door. Arnoul nods.


"The other matter."

"Which one?"
File: 8-ncrj8Cj0fTHOI9p.png (392 KB, 512x512)
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392 KB PNG
"The Other Matter" You emphasize, knowing damn well he knows what ya mean. He sighs and puts the journal down.

And sits.

"Yeah it's fucked up." He says and once again, Erihapti parrots the sound which is a bit funny.

"I need better analysis than that mate."

"It's super fucked up." He says in the most blunt tone possible and you give the look ya da would give you when ya told him about how difficult it was to wrangle the sword sharks he told ya to get him when he wanted ya to elaborate.

"This whole thing is precarious. Only The Emperor a few custodes, Malcador, your designated cadre, a few of your brothers and myself understand and know about the journal. It's like a coin flip. Each time. Though your spread of friendship honestly counters any chance of what's written in that book happening as it did before. To think the second legion get's rolled into dorns- its sadly appropriate, like ours getting rolled into Guillimans. However, I do not think we will be redacted, since you have already fixed over half the legion, and you have no intention of being an idiot. What I do worry about, is what could happen that isn't described per the- other you's- future is so bleak it would make me cry."

"Aye. That it is."

"My analysis, is while we cannot predict what and when 'the great threat' will come, we know it comes towards our home range, I feel we should probably focus the crusade around the galaxies perimeter, pushing to the furthest distance, and maybe setting up some sort of fail safes."

"I thought of that too. Still we have to keep to developing a greater strategy against the Rangda- the way that ends is bad enough."

"Aye. I think your team is a step in the right direction. Maybe try to communicate with your brother too."

"Aye, I have been meanin to meet em."

"Still we should be careful- we can't let this book ruin our judgement. I feel while any legion could fall, we shouldn't shut them off- this would be a good time to assess the Lion."

"Aye. How's my girls doin?" You ask

"The Psykers are learnin. The blanks are learnin. It's interesting. Though Meera-"


"She is a bit slower-"

"I'll go talk to her after I go do the last bit of busy work I got."

<< You can choose now- it will not come up for a very, very long time after this. Is Meera pregnant? Yes or No Only >>
File: 1616297975219.jpg (177 KB, 1920x768)
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177 KB JPG

"Your diligence is an example to us all." He says and ya throw a small box at him jokingly which Erihapti diligently fetches and brings back to you and you pat her head.

"I should make the fourth requirement bein a smart ass."

"You told me to give you candor, so I do." He says walking out.

"Well pretty girl what next you say lookin down at Erihapti's happy face.

Which Errand do you attend to first

>> Go the armory, you have to make your checks on progress with the new armor

>> Go to the recruitin sergeant and see how the new troops are turnin out.

>> Call in the old man, let him know the news and ask him what he is workin on

>> Get an Astropath and see if you can contact the Lion for the first time

>> Write in
> Call in the old man, let him know the news and ask him what he is workin on
>> Call in the old man, let him know the news and ask him what he is workin on
forgot to add it
>> Call in the old man, let him know the news and ask him what he is workin on

Though I feel we should go see about the new armour soon, kol will have a lot to offer to any new machinery being tested.
"C'mon Girl. Let's go for a little walk." You say and Eri perks up and bounces behind you.

The old man's portion of the ship- seeing as it was his ship- was actually probably the best room on the damn boat. It was reserved for dignitaries, guests, other ship captains, The Emperor, you and your wife on special occasions, and rarely himself. It was a work of art, and probably the most amazing looking thing ya ever seen, though the way the painting on the wall made Martin's countenance, and even The Emperor's look, change was something that had worried you. But he would not be found there.

No- where Martin Longorian slept, and was at most of the time was his active lab also known as the officers kitchen. Which fortunately wasn't that far. Along the way several of your sons would stop to salute, pet Erihapti, and go about their way, in which you saw Arnoul talking to someone on ya list. It was practically a contained city and there was enough space for Erihapti to move about freely. To think she would fit in ya pocket not too long ago. As you approach the Old Man's lab, you hear a lot of noise, including music, suddenly stop. "I know ya there lad, come on in."

"Well Old Man, nobody has managed to sneak up on ya yet." You say as you enter and he smiles and crouches down for Erihapti to bound up so he can give her even more attention.

"I swear she gonna be big enough you can ride her." Martin says.

"If everyone keeps spoilin her she gonna be the size of a tank." You say off handedly.

"In theory, their muscle and bone structure allows for them to- but that aint why ya here."

"Yeah our project." You say and the old man takes a swig of some water, and you can tell he has been busy at both the problem, and physical fitness. He pulls over a data slate and brings up the holofield on a table.

"Ya eat yet?" He asks.

"Naw eatin with the men for suppa"

"Ah. Truly a marine! Well good because the results aint pretty, but we did learn something like ya were hopin." He says flashing up the genetic coding and various testing on the beastie ya captured.

"What is it."

"Its some alien from outside the galaxy! But ya already knew that. My autopsy and testing of the damn thing was worse than I thought. One, it's got organs that indicate it's part of a hive mind, but something indicates that it was lobotomized from it."

"So the ganth were usin it as a weapon"

"Yep. Two, it is able to really hurt those with psychic powers, in fact it prefers to target them, possibly even feed off their psychic ability- this, as it is part of a hive mind means that this thing was designed to hunt and go after psykers." The old man says.

"Wait- you are saying that this thing was designed, not evolved."

"Well, Evolution is more of long form design through certain process, this could in fact be evolution done on a quicker scale- honestly the body looks like it was kind of templated from a different form."
File: 8-zduFUlrnJ1wklp6.png (406 KB, 512x512)
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406 KB PNG

"Like a biological STC? I thought only our friends the kin had that kind of tech."

"Not quite. It has been done before- but this- this is not anything like that. This is something else entirely. I need more samples, but for now- from what I can tell, this being, if it can even be called that, is part of a greater conciousness that evolves various beings of the same species for different purposes to such a degree that it could feed off psychic energy. That implies incredible intelligence, and to be distributed at a hive mind level. This implies there is a greater force, this may be a scout, and the ganth wandered near the edge of a scouting party."

"So the Ganth do leave the galaxy, and they have some outpost out in the void between galaxies. Yeesh." You utter, not knowing what absurd depravities may be done at the ganth home space.

"Yeah, this doesn't help us with the Ganth- however, it may help us with the Rangda." The Old Man says with a stormy look

"Oh how so."

"We don't have a live sample of the genetics of the rangda- but they supposedly function with a hive mind as well, using some of how this beast works, we can replicate some of the tissue and maybe weaponize their hive mind against them when the time comes for us to deal with them."

"You said that the only reason that was not able to contact it's own hive mind because of it's lobotomy. What if your recreation alerts whatever intelligence it is a part of by recreating the organ and thus alerting the hive mind by creating an unknown portion of it?" You ask and the old man smiles.

"Ah! I see ya have been keepin on ya studies! Ya, it would do that! Which is why we replicate it using the Rangdas own material, and give it a temporary lobotomy, that way when it goes towards the Rangda it goes off like a bomb when it's too close, givin them all psychic backlash."

"Wait- that would be-" And you look at Martin and he nods very solemnly.

"Yah. Psykanna Tech. The Emperor, your creator- gave us authority to. Though if I told ya da he'd beat me to death, but the Emperor is very hesitant with even touchin the stuff. In fact the eleventh legion is the only legion authorized to even do so. So long as ya good with it." Psykanna, the forbidden technology, only used in the Psy Titans, which were one of a few 'black projects' as Martin called em that the Emperor had, which were basically against the very laws he created, but only legal due to his very exemption of it. One could argue hypocrisy, but this was a war for the soul of humanity. You look concerned.

"You'd have soul authority to authorize it, and how often and if it could be used. You could make it a one off thing and destroy the notes for it's creation afterwards if ya feel it's too dark."
File: 123494134213.gif (1.04 MB, 227x136)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB GIF
"Mate I was literally surfing two years ago and I know this is something that could be called that" You say and then sigh,

"It's a fight for survival though isn't it? The only reason we even are considering such is because it is a threat to mankind's existence. Some of our enemies can just snuff us out if they had the same skill." You say and the old man nods.

>> "I'll ask The Emperor see if he approves, we go from there."

>> " The Emperor gave us a bit of autonomy on this, I trust ya judgement put it into production. We may have to go against multiple enemies with this capacity and it will save the lives of countless humans if we can defeat hive mind enemies quickly."

>> " We may have authority, but it's best not to press buttons. Make a small batch, single use- we will keep the technology to make it but just test it against this particular enemy for now. We don't know how it will work."

>> "If we can test it, lets test it before usin it. If not, let's just hold on it- do a bit more research"

>> "Let's sit on this- and see if we even need to make it, last time I checked Pyskanna tech was taboo for good reason. If they bad enough we bust it out- but only for the one use."

>> Write in
>> " We may have authority, but it's best not to press buttons. Make a small batch, single use- we will keep the technology to make it but just test it against this particular enemy for now. We don't know how it will work."

wonder is any of koli's sons can manipulate the soul to the extent that koli himself can considering he ca make a psyker a non psyker and back like he did with mera
>> "If we can test it, lets test it before usin it. If not, let's just hold on it- do a bit more research"
>"If we can test it, lets test it before usin it. If not, let's just hold on it- do a bit more research"
didn't see the quest pop up old man nice to see you back
>> " We may have authority, but it's best not to press buttons. Make a small batch, single use- we will keep the technology to make it but just test it against this particular enemy for now. We don't know how it will work."

WELCOME BACK OLD MAN, hope life is good for you, old woman and career. Hope your work stress also brings opportunity.
hey guys did anyone archive thread 17
never mind found it. the problem was that it was tagged as Eeventh Primarch Quest instead of 11th Primarch Quest.
I get a 5k raise, done with starting classes, have to take my final certification to get my promotion and another 5k plus six percent on top of my standard and cost of living, then I have to take a few more advanced classes so I can attempt to speed run my own jobs promotion ladder.
nice old man
File: 8-EQLaKAIYPfMYGDL.png (401 KB, 512x512)
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401 KB PNG
"We should test it if we can before we do anything with this. We don't want to be just unleashin it." You say and the old man looks down and nods

"Ayuh. Can do. When we find something to test a hive mind weapon on that won't cause problems, I'll let ya know." The Old Man says with a little bit of sass and a smirk

"I'm Serious."

"Aye! It's a reasonable request, just realize it's gonna be real hard to do! I guess we can try somethin on like a swarm of locust or somethin if I can get a base evolve on it, but it aint gonna be easy- lettin ya know now." He tells you and you nod.

"It's just the difference between doin this the right way and the wrong way. And where ya got a swarm of locusts that aint native to De'lormosa" You tell him and he sighs.

"I aint gonna argue it. I got ya. It will take longer- and I am sure I can pull something out of a bag of tricks, just don't expect right away." He says and ya nod.

"Everything alright ol man?"

"Ya mate. I am here to give ya hard answers, solve hard problems, and get back in shape in case somethin stupid happens." He tells you.

"Whaddya mean, there is no way you need to be on the front lines."

"I saw the book too. If it comes down to it, I need to be in as good a shape as The Emperor's 'companions'" He says making quotes around the word.

"If we do this right, keep the books circulation limited, we shouldn't have to worry about that." He says

"Mate- the last time someone told me to not worry about something- well," He looks down and takes a long breath

"Let's not talk about it just yet." He says.

"Okay old man! Ya are lookin good and strong though- but those lads that protect my creator- just lookin at them, I can tell that they had a lot of genetically created advantages and probably some kind--" You look at him and he smirks

"That's why. When you were dying. All that work, all you did- you wanted to make sure."

"Not quite. Let's just say that ya creator wasn't the only one who thought of something like a custodes. Hell ya sons have a lot of design influences of the work of my students- you seem to as well, nah. The Custodes seem to be hauntingly familiar to what my design of what a peak performance human could be if everything was taken to it's genetic extent with the right technology and yes Enuncia was also partially used in creation. My current form required things done a certain way. My older body was dying it technically died, but at the exact moment my regeneration cycle would begin, I decided to make myself a little bit better."

"So all ya, are like ya say perpetuals?"

"Some more so than others, I am a weird case. We didn't always even have a name. But yeah. But- I am trying to get in shape to stay on course with you if I have to in order to protect ya." He says and you bark out a laugh.

"What?! I swore on ya ma an da that I'd protect ya as long as I draw breath and live." You say
File: 8-926RD1O8jRjUtGm.png (296 KB, 512x512)
296 KB
296 KB PNG
* He says ugh. Long week lads.

"Ya sure ya aint getting in better shape because of that one magos lady ya been talkin to? Or that Naval representative?" You say and -

you actually did it- you made the old man blush a little

"Well that too!" He says a little sheepishly and you both have a good laugh.

"Do ya best, we'll find something we can test it on." You say and he sighs

"If anyone can it's us." He says and then holds up a finger and tosses ya a book.

"What's this?"

"Read it. It's important. We keep runnin into those metal skeletons it's important ya know history before man even existed as we know it." He tells ya and you nod, another book to the pile of things to do. Granted it's goin straight to the top. Ya walk out with Erihapti for a little while to you see the psyker training

And Ya lovely wife of less than a year lookin lovely as ever. When you arrive the training stops briefly and commences again.

"Heya pretty lady!" Ya say the same thing ya da says to ya ma to her and she blushes

"You are lookin happy" She says

"Happy to see you." You say layin on the shmooze like ya da, but also in earnest, it is good to see her and the training she is doing going so well and she smiles to ya.

"Here to take me to dinner with you tonight?"

"Aye that and maybe go for a little walk"

"We haven't done that in a while." She says stepping next to you putting her tiny hand in yours and Erihapti bounding up next to her whining for attention- which she gets. The only thing on the ship more spoiled than the navigator is Erihapti. Granted- it's close. There was almost a conflict over which navigator house and what navigator would be worthy of the Old Man's ship, especially after they saw the quarters. It ended up being a descendant of the navigators that went with him or something.

"Ya. " You say.

You walk for an hour. You talk about the baby. Make a few jokes, ask her about the training and her work. She asks if ya homesick (Always) if there is any brother ya interested in meetin from the book (Jaghatai Kahn) and how ya work is goin (Better than ya thought). When ya get to the mess, it is one of the most orderly things ya have ever seen. It's still amazing. Despite the size, and countenance, the mess isn't rowdy, it's a little loud but not overly so. Sure there is a little singing at some tables. Eventually Arnoul sits down near you.

"Ah Arnoul- have you come to take my dear husband away?"

"After this, yes. We have matters to attend to."

"Did you get the list?"

"Yes I did. And someone."

"And someone?" You ask in a quizzical tone.

"Arnoul so mysterious." Meera says and Arnoul rolls his eyes.

"Where are your sisters?" He asks.

"Training is running late, but it's due to good progress. The men are adept learners." She says
File: YABOIAICTANCRAB.png (381 KB, 512x512)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
"Good. The whole secret bark cant is confusing as the motives of some Aeldari they need to be." He says and you have a little chuckle and Meera almost spits out her drink. The conversation is engaging and last a little longer. Arnoul departs ahead of you. You and Meera depart with a kiss, and you walk down to the agreed muster area. But before you can get there, you get a visit from a little crab in a ball.

"Safe to communicate?" ]/blue] it asks

"Aye" you respond though the communication is quiet and in machine code- anyone could be listening, and not everyone is aware of the nature of your guest. Only the Emperor himself and those who already knew are aware. The Emperor, trusting your judgement with the being, has tasked you to watch over it and should anything happen, either destroy it, use it, or send it to mars.

"An update on a particular task, the Armor, is near 99% complete and may very well done in a few hours, there were some patch notes, I was to inform you that they are nothing to worry about. The Armor- would realistically only work with those who would be trained for terminator units, and due to the nature of it, not many can be used. Transfer of the researched pattern to an STC will take years, though a modified variant that could be used by terminators would reduce time by an order of magnitude, however would be lesser. it informs you

"Could we do both without removing the integrity of the armor itself? You ask

" Both could be done without removing the integrity of the armor. It is to be noted that the over pattern to the 'tactical dreadnaught' would make it impractical in more scenarios but it would markedly improve the speed of the tactical dreadnaught' terminator pattern armor, however - due to the nature of the materials, the design, it will still take time to make- it would be very limited. Recommendations would be small batches, sharing the pattern with Mars once field tested, and instructing Mars to limit creation to only the most skilled users of terminator armor, only for the non integrated only for the over terminator armor pattern. For the Unique, fully interactable with black carapace pattern armor- limitations are significantly more severe in amount that can be produced. Recommended actions are to only authorize for your legion and key members of the mechanicum, if the emperor wished his custodes, inform mars of the difficulties and that the pattern is unique and even with an STC would be a bespoke creation." It states

"So specifically not for sharing."

"Correct. Even with an STC this integrated armor is too difficult to produce due to limitations of certain material components inside the galaxy, the non integrated armor requires less of the rare materials and can be more readily made but still in limited numbers." it states
File: 8-7oBOwlXUnv69GLu.png (368 KB, 512x512)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
" I agree with your recommendations, make both copies inform me when it is complete tell them I will see them soon" you state and it nods, and rolls off. You are lucky the policy between the marines about your 'pets' was widely accepted. When you arrive the men are mustered.

And an old familiar face is present.

Tybro. Finally through indoc and with a smile on his face. You honestly want to catch up, but you are the primarch.

How do you address the group?

>> Call em to attention, tell em about the unit you are building, ask who wants to stay
>> Informally walk down, explain why you chose them, and what you are planning to do
>> Tell them the origin of why you named the new unit you are forming, tell them the purpose of the unit, and ask if there are any questions
>> Write in

Next post:

>> UR
>> Perturabo


And yes I specifically got a lot more art for this. Let me know what else ya'll want.
Also which Old Man Martin design to you prefer
Or Crabtain. But only if he get a captain's hat.
> Tell them the origin of why you named the new unit you are forming, tell them the purpose of the unit, and ask if there are any questions

Been a while since we saw him
This one
> Call em to attention, tell em about the unit you are building, ask who wants to stay

> Perturabo

I prefer >>5750617

I don't really like the pic >>5750622 the hands are slightly fucked and the face unsettles me for some reason.
Understandable, I will get a better one.
File: 8-sa4h6s0YVfPJV2P.png (322 KB, 512x512)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
This style better?
a lot better
How do you address the group?
>> Tell them the origin of why you named the new unit you are forming, tell them the purpose of the unit, and ask if there are any questions

>> UR
Ok. It's a tie right now, if it doesn't change in 24 hours I am going to write up something that may work.
which part is tied?
>> Tell them the origin of why you named the new unit you are forming, tell them the purpose of the unit, and ask if there are any questions
This: >>5747085

Looks more mature and experienced (as befitting the "mentor" characterization), and fits the "islander" motif of this quest better. The other pic gives off a "young impulsive hothead" vibe.
You look at the men assembled.

"I guess y'all want to know why ya here." You say coming down of the steps in a relaxed matter causing a few smiles and curious glances.
" I have been given a lot of authority with the eleventh. I decided to form a unique unit- and all ya have been selected for the task." You state and there are some smiles but there is also some other more interested looks.

"I have chosen a name, for you- for this unit- Tuka's Koa Ho'Lilian. When I first met my son's they bravely assisted in slaying a giant dragon carp. While on our planet we have a tradition of taking names from slaying monsters- this would not be one as it would be handled from a distance and not with melee combat. It doesn't make the act less honorable. Sometimes you need to do that. Sometimes you cannot just outright out muscle the target. Sometimes to save those you care for, to the right thing is to slay the beast in as quick and as efficient matter as possible with a ranged attack."

When you say this the looks are a bit more- varied.

" I know it isn't cowardice. Arnoul over there told me exactly what this legion has done. While Legionares Astartes know no fear, the actions of the eleventh have been called bold, courageous and have garnered nicknames like Temerity and His Majesties Thrill Seekers. Not gonna lie any unit that decides to vertical drop on a titan got brass balls. But something the Eleventh also has are these." And you pull out one of the many, many weapons that you have 'borrowed' from the armory to test- and this one apparently causes Jorag Ernhol to gasp audibly.

"We have the best technology of any legion arguably bar the first, and we have been given unique warrants to do more with it. Just the ship you stand in front of- is a marvel in it's own right. The one you stand aboard is priceless beyond measure. Yet humanity fights with what weapons it can scavenge against enemies that can manipulate against time and space itself. I have picked you, because you are able to be creative, versatile and able to self start. You have your own leadership qualities. You will be able to take it upon yourself to use the weapons we have, and what to develop. We have a Mechanicus splinter force, dedicated to assisting us. Currently we are researching armor that can integrate with the terminator armor, as well as additional patterns of armor. I am not asking ya to be lab rats. " You say the last part specifically looking at Sergeant Temmura Raka who seemed a bit hesitant. And honestly he can't be blamed

"You share the same genes as me, inside each of you is that capacity- that spark that I have, for creativity for versatility." You say standing up

"Come let me show ya somethin." You wave to your sons and bring them aboard the fierce to the dark age forge where you and your brothers weapons and armor were forged. You specifically had your ship off limits so far.

"Wakatelaho, Ernhol." You say and they come over.
"Operate this machine." You say sitting on the 'chair' that you had on more than a few nights studyin this machine. The spirit is excited, more than eager to create.

"What do wish us to do?"

"Have at it mate." You say and they both seem a bit hesitant but quickly Wakatelaho goes to a specific type of weapon then pauses

"You have adrathic weapons?"

"We do. I can designate who can use them. It expands the legions previous authority into study and collection of weapons." You say

"So I can make a weapon as good as yours?"

"Mate if we have the resources ya can do one better-" Granted your weapon is a bit bonded to you and has adjustments made by some Jokaero and a little tweaking from a man of iron- but they could.

"What?" Jorag says surprised as many around you do including Arnoul

"In De'lormosa, we say the rising tide lifts all boats. You are Tuka's Koa Ho'Lilian. You have access to this now. You have the rights to experiment, you will be given far more liberties within legion doctrine. I chose you not just to make a unit- but to make this legion stronger. To be brave and push on that edge. I want you to be smart. You are gonna be usin the most heavy and dangerous weapons we got. I authorize ya access to my personal ship, includin that" And you point to the great fabricator, which causes a bit of excitement amond some of the men, to which Jorag blithely responds

"My lord that's made for buildin knights and ships."

"AYE!" Ya turn and say with a grin.

"You want us buildin knights?"

"Not really we already gonna be buildin a knight legion but that's a whole notha can o worms. Na but ya can use it to bolster things, make other devices to assist in creation, maybe make somethin between a dreadnaught and a knight."

"What about our unit's tactics and strategies?" Arnoul asks.

"We'll get to that in a little bit." You say

"What about the Mechanicus?" Jorag asks

"They will be workin with us, not against us." You state

"We still get to fight properly though, right?" Tybro says in a sly voice which gets a few chuckles.

"Aye lad. We still fight proper. But sometimes our enemies won't abide by that. So we gonna make them regret squarin off." You say and your men, who looked at first a little bit confused if not skeptical- seem inspired as Wakatelaho pulls out from the forge something that looks a bit wild, but it was what you asked for.

>> Call the Old Man down, see if he is interested in this endeavor


File: 8-laTkpwkIoOGG4yy.png (385 KB, 512x512)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
You have a big decision to make, and it isn't easy.

You have been sworn to protect Kolinaisi by The Emperor, which is odd considering a primarch really is good at defending themselves. You have also been asked to join the knight house that is being formed by Arona, which is tempting and would also fulfill that mission. Then there is the fact that the Lucifer Blacks would want you as a member since "TECHNICALLY: A TIME TRAVELER FROM TERRA IS STILL FROM TERRA" and it would be a way to protect Kolinaisi, sort of. Realistically you completed almost all of your mission, which is basically to survive to see through that certain events do not unfold, and that maybe your actions could help prevent it. Which leads to the last option: Technically- you could join the eleventh, a lot of people want you to and your body could survive it.

Despite everything, what had been done to you-

You are still human.

And you have your biases. You may want to have children with Arona, and your not sure if being a space marine is good for that

As you get up to go to work for your shift in helping the Old Man catalog certain events, Arona enters and walks over to hug you and you hold her back.

"You missed dinner."

"Yeah but the old man keeps to his own schedule." You say and she nods.

"Any thoughts to my proposal?" Arona asks

"I thought we were already officially married earlier?" You say jokingly and she slaps your chest with a chuckle

"Aye, about bein a knight or workin with you." You say

>> Have thought about it, still no decision yet.
>> I am interested, just let me talk to Kolinaisi about it
>> You know what? Yeah. Walk me through it.
>> Write in
Call the Old Man down, see if he is interested in this endeavor

> You know what? Yeah. Walk me through it.
> I am interested, just let me talk to Kolinaisi about it
Call the Old Man down, see if he is interested in this endeavor
>> I am interested, just let me talk to Kolinaisi about it
"I am going to go ask him, but I'd prefer it." You tell Arona and she smiles.

"He'll understand." Arona says smiling tugging at your arm. You bring her in for a kiss and you smile as you 'go to work.'

'Going to Work' basically has been you keeping the old man on the rails with his various 'free projects' that Kolinaisi has him on- which is usually one major, and who knows how many minor projects. While normally this isn't the work for someone with your skills (IE a trained killer) it is for someone who has been through what you have (Thrust through time twice over.)

This has become clarifying the notes from the journal, the personal experience of the other eleventh primarch (who let's hope remains on Terra forever) your own personal data and logs, and quantifying anomalies that seem to indicate temporal abnormalities. Then you and Martin communicate with Malcador on Terra- whom is also excitedly learning everything that Martin seems to indicate about the order they are both members of.

Which you are now a member of. Or initiate of. It's confusing as hell but the Old Man seemed to indicate that this was the best way to do this. You and whomstever the blazes is the 'official tattooist' for the legion whenever Kolinaisi gets that position sorted out. The walk is fast and as soon as you get in your reactions have to be as the Old Man has once again flung a projectile with inhumane speed near the door for you to catch. Which you do again. Barely.

He is probably doing this intentionally to gauge your reflexes. The object this time is a puzzle box, which you study for a moment. Belasarus, who has been here frequently as well waves quickly as he goes to his projects while his 'mentor' makes herself scarce. Your not sure what's up with her, but Cawl is decent enough. Works hard, doesn't put up with BS, and gives sound advice. But goofy though, like this box, which is probably a trap or gag like the last one so you chuck it back just hard enough and distant enough you get to see the 'Old Man' show his physical prowess.

"Oh? Not intrigued by what's inside?" He asks in a tone that is slightly pestering.

"Last box like this was a bomb, this one looks like that creepy necron tech"

"Good enough reason for me, we'll continue your lessons and initiation later. " He says as he tosses it to Cawl who puts it in a container with a label that says 'for careful study, do not open without permission-cawl' confirming your suspicions.

"So Kolinaisi on the bio weapon?" You say and Cawl lets out a sigh- that should tell you enough.

"He wants us to safely test it before we move forward." He tells you and, good. You shrug and nod, but good. Fuck knows what would happen if that project went wrong without a proper trial.

"We workin on that tonight?" You ask.
"We start tomorrow, the target planet seems to have something we could collect for practice, unless you want to help me make whip up a hive mind bioform really quick like some ants or semisentient mold."

"Isn't it a bit cruel to make something just to kill it in a gruesome method like that?"

"Well we already had ants on board, well a kind of." The Old Man says and that's a bit distressing

"They didn't sneak on board they are part of something I have for this. If we need to be really testy we can just borrow some of the gut fauna from the goats, modify it with some other lifeform, test that"

"I'd say go with the ants." You say, still not really believing this has been the normal tone of conversation.

"I'll whip em up, you do the test- ya think any more on what I asked ya?"

"Working for you and Malcador? We went over this- I am staying with Arona, and she is staying on her path." You affirm to him.

"I get ya, I aint gonna take you out of the initiation in to the order. Just be a lot easier for you to figure out what ya want to do. You are probably one of the deadliest people I know when they know what they doin." He says passing over breakfast to you- one of the luxuries of working for him- the best food on the ship.

"What's this?" You ask.

"Tryin some goat cheese omelet with some spinach and artichoke. Also some Bacon." He says fiddlin with an object before passing the mug of coffee also

"Not a bribe to keep me?" You ask and he grins

"Mate- ya aint the one I have to bribe. And I'd sooner bribe a shark than that girl when her minds made up." He says and you chuckle

"Well, I am gonna tell Koli, but I am thinkin about takin her up and bein a knight." You say

"If you bein a knight, I am makin it. As much as I love the Sacristans and the Cog boys they aint the best at that"

"HEY!" Belasarus, shouts at the old man half joking. Well, more like quarter joking

"Relax, ya aint one of the cog boys ya way better, the best even. Ya skills are by and far some of the best I have seen in my long life. But if you think ya gonna build a better knight than me, someone who knows the original person who made"

"Just because you are almost as old as the beloved omnissiah doesn't mean you can't make mistakes and doesn't mean some of us can't do just as good as you." Cawl says in a pointed tone that causes the old man to chuckle

"Fair point lad. Tell ya what- you and I design his knight when we get around to it? Deal?" The old man says

"Deal." Cawl says before going back to whatever his project is before the page for the old man comes up and he steps aside for it. He comes back quickly

"How do you feel about tellin him now?"

"Bit quick aint it?"

"He wants me to see his new project, and I am headin that way. Cawl ya in charge." He says and Cawl nods as Martin gets to steppin

>> Talk to Kolinaisi now

>> Wait till he isn't so busy, with whatever he has the old man goin to see.

>> Write in
File: 8-5RB3uPKutqYIT5X.png (432 KB, 512x512)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
newer Arona, forgot to post.
>> Talk to Kolinaisi now
>Talk to koli now
>Talk to Kolinaisi now
>> Talk to Kolinaisi now
> Wait till he isn't so busy, with whatever he has the old man goin to see.
"Yeah old man let's go." You say and he grabs somethings before moving quickly ahead of you. Cawl nods to you as you leave.


"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise!" You say loudly as Martin Longorian, contemporary of ancient scientists, well respected individual, and leader of ancient rites, walks in with a time traveler and a very large goat and very hairy goat. Sounds like a bad joke.

"What's the goat for?" One of the men asks, and it is good a question, but it is indeed one of the fancy genetically modified goats.

"This goat needs to be kept happy, because it is one of the secrets to a specific type of material that will be utilized by the legion, so I try to take her on walks and little trips around the ship."

"What is that?" Wakatelaho asks

"That would be a special type of spider silk." The Old Man says as the goat comes up to one of the men who proceeds to scratch it.

He looks around to what the men are lookin at- tryin to gauge em, and then the only person who could ever really sneak up on ya does the thing he is good at.

"Hey Cap" Frank says, and ya turn to him

"Heya Frank. How's my cuz."

"She is good. She want's me to be a knight with her." He tells you, and ya have a pretty good idea where this is goin

"And she wants you to do that, instead of ya takin up the space marine helm"

"It's easier to protect you and keep my promise as a Knight that's attached to your unit. Also I can have kids."

"Fair enough. We don't need a long drawn out discussion on it- I get it. Ya love her. Just like how I fell for Meera. It's fair. Just make sure if ya bein a knight ya get somethin good."

"What about that big one you seem to favor?"

"Mate- if ya worthy of that big ol' thing- go for it. But ya better make sure ya put it to good use." You tell him and he smiles.

"Though it's a shame to waste someone with your skills at aiming and fightin on a standard knight."

"Yeah, Cawl and the Old Man were fighting over what pattern to make for me."

"Have you seen Cawls boss? I have been meaning to talk to her." You ask, as you have a lot of good things to say about Cawl and you want to be sure his mentor, superior knows.

"Better ask the old man, she has been favorin him a lot lately." Frank says and what has been come to known as 'the islander bark' escapes your throat and frank chortles a little.

"I guess him havin a new body means new needs. Still its not shocking considering the fact the crone was infatuated with him." You say to frank and he sighs
"I think she was more attracted to his powers than his looks. Remember the gene witch shook a little when he observed her." and there is a person you don't mind bein done with and executed. Yeesh.

"Mate let's not talk about the creepy 'woman' and her death curse and prophecy" Ya let out and Frank nods

"Good thing the future isn't written."

"Aye. I am fine with ya bein part of that supportin knight unit, so long as ya supportin my cousin." You tell Frank and he nods and with that he gives you a little salute and exits.

You have some matters to attend to before you get to the next checkpoint- however you still want to guide this training.


>> Attend to to the other matters quickly

>> Help with the training and gettin these men spun up on this.

>> Write in
>> Help with the training and gettin these men spun up on this.
> Attend to to the other matters quickly
>>Help with the training and getting these fellas spun up on this
>> Help with the training and gettin these men spun up on this.
I am sorry lads. I have had some health issues and the old lady has been under a lot of stress. I am going to wrap this up then start off on the next thread.
thats fine old man get you rest
You decide that this probably something you should supervise, you have finished the matters that have needed attending- so it's best to develop your handpicked unit.

And so you do.

It takes a few hours at first

Then it comes to a few days and then it's a week.

They are working well together, which is great- but, while ya can teach a man to ride the waves, it's another thing to master them. And even with the old man's help:

It's rag tag at best.

Ya got some of the test armor and two of ya lads who are in the group are masters of terminator armor (Though Tybro, due to his sheer size has been gifted some unique armor that you are not sure who made it, but it aint the standard armor for sure and it aint terminator plate.)

The resulting has been quite interesting.

Until someone had a bright idea yesterday. And bein patient like ya da, you want to nurture growth. Especially in times like this when you are waiting on the second legion and first legion to show up. To the initial meet up before you take your first major campaign on.

So now you are lookin at one of the most ridiculous things that could possibly function. And while the lads aren't arguin, there is a little bit of snickerin at the "Titan Armor of Tybro." Ya not sure if it's because he is the least senior member of the group, or if because whatever he is buildin is that crazy.

Maybe ya should've attended to other things. Maybe without ya bein their they wouldn't be so hard tryin to impress.

Which ya told them not to.

Ya told them to be natural about it.

"Hey You." Meerah sneaks up on ya and puts her hand on ya shoulder, and you gently take it and kiss it.

"You think this is workin?" She asks

"How is Deliah and her psyker teachin?" You try to change the subject

"Better than this- I think." She says and with the wisdom of ya da ya just smile to her and let her pull up a seat next to the snoozin Erihapti. For this time you have been trainin the lads waitin to make sure everyone has something to use. Granted the weapons have already been chosen, and some patterns that have not been used since the dark age of technology (At least according to UR and the Old Man)

Then it happens.

Tybro, the last man to finish somethin unique.

"Is that a fuckin knight skeleton?" Temuera says and- ya. When it steps forward you laugh a little.

"Nay lad. That is Armiger parts and some other parts of one of the weirder designs we got like ya actually got it to work, but it aint got any armor, it's just an exo skeleton." ya point out

"Ya Cap." Tybro says and then quickly corrects himself

"Ya Primarch." He says and most of the men are shocked as he hops down.

"I Can see the use of it." Martin says lookin at it.

"It's a lighter mobile gun platform than a knight." You point out

"Or it can carry this and a gun!" Tybro points to the obnoxiously large sword that was made on accident for a knight.
"Well it does actually address the missing range of that one pattern. Alright Tybro." You say and Jorag Ernhol stops and looks up at it.

"It's also possibly the only way I can think of that would be potentially useful to do combat repairs on a titan or knight" The Sergeant says and you nod in approval

"We'll see how this plan works." You say with a smile.

"Well nephew- ya presence here was a blessin" Ravi tells you with a bow.

"I enjoyed the task, and your company as well." You tell your brothers father, whom after working with from a few weeks seems like one of the better leaders you have met, and kind. You can tell how Kolinaisi developed was largely in due to him. A good man as a father.

"I definitely enjoyed havin ya aroun bo. Ya wise beyond ya years, and a good fishin companion, even the nan liked ya" He says managing to get a hand on your shoulder and patting it. Your not sure what helping a man obtain multiple large fish and sharks is a good companion, or how a large whale letting you caress it is a good omen.

"Well I just hope you utilize the structures that were built, and that your community is safe while they try to get the garrison running." You say as a ship appears in the atmosphere- Jerahs Auditor. And as suddenly as it appears and starts to make it's descent Jerrah appears, then vomits from the teleportation recalibration that you performed to make it as accurate as the something fierce.

"Perturabo- I got here as fast as I could. There is a ganth migration headin towards Nuceria. I haven't had time to tell Kolinaisi. I need ya help to go make sure Angron is ok." Jerah says you look concerned and nod.

>> Write in only
Call Koli and whatever force he can muster within the week. Send a word out to anyone that can't muster within the week to come along as soon as they're ready.
End of the day, keeping a primarch safe trumps the general crusade plans.Just make sure to inform the guy koli is meant to meet up with why hes been ditched/delayed meeting.
i'm down with this plan
We aren't saving Angron from the nails just to see him murdered by the Ganth or nomm'ed by the Randan.
May even be a good idea to message the emperor on the quantum radio too.

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