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Recovered Report #0002/3: 'Order In Effect'; Author Unknown;

Status: Declassified; Approved for public consumption.

The following report details the extraordinary set of circumstances occuring around the time of last days of [REDACTED], a corrective facility for delinquents with a particular philosophy of what exactly 'correction' means, located at coordinates [REDACTED], hidden deep in the lush forests of Swiss Alps' peaks, durning the period of [REDACTED] to [REDACTED], and under jurisdiction of [REDACTED].

The perspective of this inquiry, like times before, is Yui Nakamura, a mousy Japanese student sentenced to enrolment to [REDACTED] under a flimsy pretext. His life in the facility, growth, as well as his attempt at escape will be detailed and used to contextualize the broader circumstances within this work.

However, it seems appropriate to begin by the inclusion of concise summary of events leading up to this point, and consequences of which will bear heavily on the reports that follow.

Previously, Yui - or Aki, the Femsona - established contact and agreed to cooperate with the school nurse keen on combating the corruptive influence of the facility. Secured and delivered a mysterious sample to his manipulative friend Jaqueline, and reignited contact with the leader of student committee, a gorgeous and innocent looking Angelina... Meanwhile the authorities began the process of testing the students in preparation for mysterious 'graduation'.

With context provided, let us move on to the report proper.
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>Politely refuse Angelina's offer. Don't believe her plan will work. You don't want to under mine Jaq. [RES-1=61]

Day 3 since rebirth...

The question hangs in the air of the bare remains of what used to the elegant chamber of the prestigious Student Council. Graceful splendor replaced with cold utility: a blackboard, amenities straight out of abandoned classrooms, you, Your Galaxy-sprinkled Cat by the doors, and your classmate Angelina.

"...So, Aki, would you help me make your friends turn a new leaf?" The black haired beauty repeats, a singular ray of green hued sunshine piercing the grated window makes her sapphire eyes sparkle with all the hope she holds in this offer.

..But it's simply not meant to be. What's the chance of Jaq 'turning a new leaf' now? Both you and Angelina will just wind up dead.

Looking away, you mutter apologetically. "I'm sorry, but this is hopeless. I don't believe your plan can work."

"Your friends certainly had a bad start in life, but here we can help them start anew, that's why you are here!" Your overseer says without missing a beat. Suddenly, her smooth hands envelop yours as she brings them close to her chest. "Aki, please, do it for them."

...No, that probably isn't in your best interests. Jaq, even if manipulative and imperious remains your friend still; knowledgeable and well positioned friend. Consequences of betraying this diminutive totalitarian would be too dire - you still need her for your escape.

Hence, you meet her wide eyes again, and her mood falters as she sees your solemn expression. "No, I refuse. I don't wish to undermine Jaqueline. You probably shouldn't either."

"I-I... understand. I was too forward." She muses absentmindedly. "Or too late."

"What do you mean?"

Her grip on your palms tightens - lightly, worriedly, ever gently. "I should have invited you to my group from the start, Jaqueline as well. We could have been the best of friends... But now we are all entwined in this rotten, So so rotten, mess!" She half whispers and half yells.

Exasperated, you fiddle your hands free. "It's fine, really." It's not like you ever bothered about her, anyway...

Once you separate and step back Angelina leans forward and smiles a worryingly sheepish smile. "Aki!" She squeaks 'authoritatively'. "I've made up my mind! I know how difficult it has to be leave the bad company, but I promise on my honor as the honored member of the student committee, I will help you until you can freely join me! With anything, if I have to!"

"You really don't have to..." You sigh and rub your temples. Why is everyone so pushy in here... Or is it a 'you' problem? "And what about being quiet?"

Blinking, the excitement of commitment and vows leaves her for a second. Hastily, your overseer makes her way to the doors - narrowly evading Your Cat walking in circles - and peeks out. "They aren't there."

And both of you exhale in relief, albeit it's not the end of your problems by any means...
And the problems won't stop there. Beacuse of course the won't. Soon, the diminutive, blonde tyrant for whom you were just covering returns with Alex, her gentlemanly henchman, in tow. Upon seeing you both, thankfully on the opposite sides of the room, she sweetly says. "Everything is signed. We can proceed with the exams, overseer."

In response Angelina jumps from her small folding chair and fiddles with papers from the authorities. "Oh, of course. Everyone, remember you will be judged by both performance and, more importantly, your attitude! It's fine to make mista-"

"Time." Jaq interjects, venom seeping from between her sweet visage.

"Of-Of course...! I will explain on the way!" Your overseer speaks and bows apologetically, clearly bummed. Then skips to the doors to speak to the guard.

Yet, the moment Angelina leaves Jaq's cute smile plummets to a disgusted frown, and even Alex awkwardly chuckles and pats her on the back. "I've got this, mistress Jaqueline."

Hastily, the black suited boy dashes towards you and... Sneakily hands you the same box you gave them before?

As you want them to elaborate, Angelina peeks from behind the door frame. "Alright! Let's move!"


Soon, your group makes its way through the old, serpentine hallways of the 'School'. With Angelina leading the way, and the as of yet unknown guard eyeing you through the gasmask at the end, at least they don't seem to threatening with your cat splayed on their backpack... If only Cat Don Fluffles didn't look this 'unsettled'. Meanwhile you, Jaq, and Alex are kept in the middle, although Alex - as usual - stays closer to Jaq.

The journey serves as the evidence that the 'test' of 'community Service' has already begun - through the entire length of the way there were small groups of other students working at their tasks: cleaning, woodworking, painting, and generally making the place look - just a tiny bit - more appealing.

Alex uses that time to explain the drug you've delivered from Natalie, the school nurse, is an efficient short term blocker of the malignant effects this place may have... And warns you might need it, and that side effects aren't 'that bad'.

Yet, before he can explain further a metallic thud and a loud gasp echo from up ahead.

All of you come to a halt. A few steps away pale as snow Angelina hit the lockers with her back. Hand on her mouth, she breathes erratically, free hand points to... An alley?

On the double all of you dash forward to see what happened. When you make it to the swerve, you gasp loudly. Down the alleyway, a student clambers along the line of lockers, erratically twitching hand leaving a red trail along the surface. Their outfit tattered and drenched in blood. Blank eye stares from behind a curtain of long, messy hair obscuring the rest of their face.

Then it briefly meets yours, and the figure stops.

Behind them, another student lies stiffly in the already pooling blood...

...This is no mere workplace accident.
Instantly, you and Alex obscure the eyes of Angelina and Jaq respectively.

A mistake.

On touch Angelina plummets to the ground and cries in horror, meanwhile Jaq shakes of the Alex's hand, and looks on silently with disgusted curiosity.

Suddenly, the guard passes you by, but stops, mashine pistol raised ready on one hand, a... Radio on the other. Otherwise staying in place, evidently waiting for backup, and not in a helping mood.

You and Alex briefly exchange a glance. The students don't don't appear armed, nor capable of injuring any of you, and the guards haven't said anything, either.

...But something feels off - Your Cat seem to notice as well, given how on edge it seems. Or maybe it the same thing from before. This, and the twitching... It just can't be a work related accident, not with this much injuries. What happened? Should you even ask?

...And is it healthy how relatively calm you remain at this grueling sight? Rapid heartbeat probably means yes.

Just what is the best course of action?

> Leave Alex behind and help the wounded student. Inquire what happened. [RES-1]
> Together with Alex investigate what happened. [RES-1]
> Convince the guard to assist you while you and Alex gather Intel. 1d100, DC:40 [RES-1]
> Stay and convince the guard to actually do something and help them. 1d100, DC:30 [RES-1]
> Stay put and tend to terrified Angelina. [RES-1]
> Stay put and ask what Jaq is thinking. 1d100, DC:30/90 [RES-1]
> Stay put, but try to pickpocket the guard. 1d100, DC:60/80 [RES-1]
> Stay put, investigate what's the deal with Your Cat. [RES-1]
> Fall alongside Angelina in fear, they should protect you too! [RES-3]
Links to previous instalments:
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Part 5... Mine 3rd?: You are here, dummy~
> Stay put, investigate what's the deal with Your Cat. [RES-1]
Angelina and Jaq won't give us any info and helping the guard will net us nothing. So better to look into why the anomalous cat is somehow spooked by a dead body.

Also good to see you back QM Aki.
>Also good to see you back QM Aki.
Sorry, the previous thread died in the worst possible time and I didn't want to start it while I was traveling with family.

But no I'm back, we BACK! Hope all of us will find their way back.
Well, closing vote in about 2 hours
>> Stay put, investigate what's the deal with Your Cat. [RES-1]
I live! We're live! BMan's still hanging on in there!
>>5720056, whom I think may be Aby-anon, is right. The cat acting spooked this entire time is indeed suspicious. Also, let's stay near the guard and away from that other girl. If Cat Don Fluffles is picking up eldritch activity, she may be possessed, or otherwise influenced by something, and I'd rather Yui didn't get his throat cut open again!

I have over 2k words for that "small" quest-giving thing, and I'd rather not flood the thread so soon.
Rolled 98 (1d100)

Hello! We live indeed~
Small thing came up, will start writing when I'm back, but it should be today.
>I have over 2k words for that "small" quest-giving thing, and I'd rather not flood the thread so soon
Can't wait~ gotta update faaastah!

In the meantime... Rolling fate.
> 1-45: thumbs down...
> 46-100: Thumbs up!
Yes this is Aby and cat being spook means bad shit especially if the guard is not moving.

Also we need to lock in our plans as we will run out or RES if all options are infected. I say help push the cure by grabbing micheal, black market person, and either angeline or try and flip alex into helping with cure research. These three should help give a range of infection then we dig deeper into the bunker to find something to help the whistleblower escape.
Creeping Lines
Splotches of marble white stone dot across the sandy shores as the waves wash over them. Jagged glass, black ink, and small motes of fire attempt to erase the foreign infestation of white only to see the marble stained, pierced, and burned still slowly creep forwards. Across the entire beach color warred against pure white for dominion of the mind. Only for Aby to finally break the silence.
"We are losing."
"Does seem that way. I thought Yui would have more time to get contracts. Any word from the others?"
"They are busy covering up smaller outbreaks in the memory and emotion centers. We are both needed in the mindscape to blunt the infections since we are the strongest Egos."
"What about Aki?"
"She is sitting it out as this helps her goals. According to me calculations we have around a week or less before we get erased and absorbed by Aki."
"Wait absorbed not rejoined?"
"Yes absorbed. All of our Egos are too strong willed to reunify but slowly absorbing the mindscape will allow her to subsume our will and kneel."
"Does Yui know?"
"He has known this when Aki first popped up and has been resisting since then. Half the reason we are even slowing the infection was, because of his previously made defenses, and fracturing mind to make it harder to corrupt."
"I would have to speed up contracts to meet the timetable. I can at least get explosive expert on retainer for a rush job if we run out of resistant Ego shards and need to bailout."
"I will not recommend it if we even escape, we might not have the cure or evidence to bury this bunker."
"We might not have enough time for either of our plans to pop at this rate."
"Oh, you have plans?" Asks Aby as she squints at BMAN a bit more intensely.
"Come one Aby everyone has their own hidden goals, after all we all want to be in charge but that is a future problem. Right now we have to hold on a bit longer right?"
"Right I will give another patrol for new infections see you later BMAN."
"See ya nerd."
Glad it doesn't feel like too much for what's technically still an omake. I'll have a super TLDR post at the end anyway. I just like my mind-bending mindscapes!

I'll get into it further in the post, but BMan's potential escape is gated being Yui either figuring out a cure or at the very least making himself non-contagious.

And while the goal would be to get everyone out to observe how this little madhouse develops with time and without too much external tampering, individual Egos/masks could maybe take advantage of it too.Sort of spoiler since it ties into BMan's offer for Aki, which is a thing that happened all the way back during his introduction if Ii recall correctly.
Amazing! And - I probably shouldn't be saying it now - Aby's hit soo many marks~

I want back to my house already and updateeeee.

I have to coin the term 'new thread curse' relating to an occurrence when after starting a quest thread all hell breaks loose. Honestly, if I had a penny for every time it happened, I would have 2 pennies; which isn't much, but it's weird it happened twice...
File: Wounded student..png (623 KB, 512x768)
623 KB
623 KB PNG
>Stay put, investigate what's the deal with Your Cat.
>Fate? Thumbs up! [98]
>[RES-1=60!] No new Symptoms - Starting RES, it's only downhill from here.

Angelina's muffled sobs and hiccups permeate the otherwise silent hallway, bringing much needed sings of life to the dead sight down the alley. Your group's guard stands on the boundary between, weapon ready.

If only they would do something past just standing there like a moron! It's just a group of kids... or a single, horrendously maimed kid and corpse - as any hope you harboured about the state of the one lying on the ground is gone when you see them clearly. All covered in slashes, blood, and with their upper body torn to shreds...

Instantly you turn away from the scene. In your heart there is remorse for letting a person in need hanging, but what you have more is phantom pain in your neck searing you from the inside.

You will not die here. Not again. Not this far in.

"L-let's stay away." You mumble breathlessly - unconsciously, you were holding your breath.

Alex tentatively nods at your words and tries to relax, but both Jaq and Angelina seem frozen. With Jaq standing, unmoving like a pillar, deeply in thought with a scowl, meanwhile Angelina sits where she sat - supported by the lockers - and trying her best to breath, evidently resisting her overwhelming panic-

Something grazes your foot.

Like an arrow you bolt to the side. Where you previously stood, sits only Your Cat. It's tiny head bobbing up and down, as if laughing at your overreaction.

"H-hey, not funny..." You mutter, but Cat Don Fluffles doesn't look phased. Instead, it gets up and scampers away, past your friends aaaand right into the next alley up ahead, wiggling it's tail.

Dismayed, you check the situation. However, nothing's changed- wounded student still motionlessly leans on the increasingly red lockers, visible eye yet more lifeless, and the lone guard still awaits their reinforcements.

...Eh, if you don't help, you might as well see what's going on with the enigmatic Creature, instead of adding salt to injury, or looking at all this gore.

With a sigh you pass your group and follow. Thankfully they pay you no mind - clearly busy with their own tragedies.

Hopefully they will be fine...


Carefully you reach the alley Cat Don Fluffles went to. Peeking behind the corner, you confirm two things:

One, that it's exactly the same as every other hallway - just more narrow, without the lockers, and posters replaced with crude graffiti. Although, lack of even the grated windows gives it a more dark, ominous vibe.

And the second, Your Cat stands in the middle, with posture straight like an arrow and looking... At the wall?

Tentatively, you walk over to Your Dear, but confusing Pet. "Eh, Is that it?" You muse to yourself, disappointed. It was ridiculous to expect a Cat to show something great, but still...

"Did you wanted to be pet?" You kneel and slowly pat Its sleek head. "At least I got a breather..."
For a moment, you let Your Cat's calming, indifferent aura to encompass you in this shadowed back alley. Slowly petting away, trying to collect strength to get back to the horrible scene you left behind, and to enjoy the small breeze...

"Wait." You stand up. "Breeze? All windows are - huh?" To your surprise, You Cat fiddles free from your hand. "Hey, don't run..."

Yet it doesn't run down the alley. Promptly, and without a care, Cat Don Fluffles walk ahead, and... phases right through the wall.

"Oh, right, of course you can do that." You say with a small laugh. "Just get back, please."

Then a small crack in the walls... echoes.

Weirded out, you look at the shadow covered spot worriedly, but from the safe distance. "Kitty? Are you alright?" You whisper anxiously. "Kitty? It's really not funny."

After no reply - beacuse obviously - you steel your nerves and sneak back to thid spot. Tentatively, with the tip of your finger, you reach for the wall. "Please, don't eat me..."

And you touch it.

Instantly, the once solid chunk of wall folds like a sheet of paper... And crumbles in your direction, missing you by mere inches as you jump right out of dodge.

After the surprisingly silent destruction and, literal, dust settling, you cough and look at the remains - there, instead of part of a wall, is a hole just large enough for you to fit easily.

With fear mounting, you check the area, and after confirming no one is coming, at least for now, you reluctantly gaze inside.

What's inside makes you flinch - you can't see much due to darkness, but it's not a 'hole', but entire cave entrance heading deeper. One even larger than the entrance. However, the breeze is also back, and stronger... It makes you feel funny, actually... soo light~

Yet, your moment is interrupted when a dazzling ball of lights runs through the darkened labyrinth of the cave. "Huh? Kitty~! You're back, I knew you wouldn't leave me!" You cheer, still peeking into the now sparkling cave. But the light show of a Cat gets rapidly closer. "Haha? Kitty? What's going on?"

As you are about to reach your arms for Them, Cat Don Fluffles doesn't stop, instead, jumps and tackles you full force in the face.

"Aagh!" Both of you fumble backwards. Enough to make you slam into the wall...

Then you wake up for real.
"W-What?" You cough, and massage your aching face and back. You are still where you were, in the dark alley, in-between the rubble that used to be a part of a wall.

"Why would you do that?! Now everything hurts." You moan petulantly, and with annoyance you stare down at Your pesky Bundle of Galaxies of a cat sitting oddly proudly between you and the cave. It's tail wiggling lively, and it's piercing, empty eyes stare you down as well.


Relenting, you gasp again, inhaling the dusty air. "Nevermind. You probably had your reasons." You say, and look around. You are still alone and away from your peers.

Well, that's certainly a development... With myriad of implications. And Woah, what was that lightness about? You still feel a little dizzy.

Anyways, it's time to get a move on. What should you do about it all?

> Get back to your group. They might not realize you were gone. [RES-1] 1d100, DC:20/60/80
> Get back, but first try to hide the entrance. [RES-2] 1d100, DC:30
> Get back, but first try blocking the entrance. [RES-2] 1d100, DC:60
> Go in and Investigate the cave. Use Cat Don Fluffles as a flashlight. [RES-3]
> Go in and Investigate the cave without the light. [RES-3]
> Have another look inside for shines, then go back. Use Cat Don Fluffles as a flashlight. [RES-2] 1d100, DC:30/60/90
> [Aki] A lady has standards! Get back, but first clean the place of the rubble you've made. [RES-5]
> While you are here, go retrieve your illegal stuff. [RES-1]
> Go somewhere else. (Where?) [RES-1]
> Write in! [RES-1]
>>5721234 is the pic I posted broken? can you see it? I see an empty white square...

>[RES-1=60!] No new Symptoms - Starting RES, it's only downhill from here.
I'm stupid, and wrote the update without actually consulting with my notes - you will get a new trait at RES>60, it's just not that significant and it was, present, but was lost, before - when you passed 60. Gotta post the Character Profile.

Also, since Clarity won, I also have to inform you that I will be extremely busy on the 30th, and rather busy durning the period of 3rd to 6th. Not saying there CAN'T be updates durning that time, but that it's unlikely to happen. Sorry~!
I see a white dot in the middle of the dark picture. Also see ya went you come back Aki.

So BMAN, Aby here and I estimate that this cave is a corruption source and not a gas pocket. If it was a gas pocket, then Mr. Don would not be so jumpy about it. So, it could give a pure corruption sample to help the cure research but we need a gas mask and some kind of container from Nat and come back later to sample it. I say get back but hide the entrance as blocking it would just be the same thing and we can come back better prepared.

Aby: "Science and guestimations cannot be stopped."
The Cat did try and steer us away from it, which does give credit to the "gas" pocket idea. Frankly I was about to go stroll in there, but you are right we may need additional protection, maybe a dose of that vaccine? I'm not sure if Natalie ever mentioned the side effects Alex just talked about.

So, we'd be going for
> Get back, but first try to hide the entrance. [RES-2] 1d100, DC:30
and going back later when we have a gas mask or can cobble something against?
We do need to make sure no one gets a litteral whiff of this thing, otherwise they may get pulled in too, just like Yui almost was...if this is a dark alley, may as well grab one of the work signs laying about and putting it in the way, on top of trying to right the wall again and maybe putting a sheet over it. A deserted renovation spot won't stand out with current events, I'm hoping.

For my own clarity, I will say I will be away from home from the 30th and up to the 2nd, maybe 3rd. I will be able to read up on mobile, but last I checked, I was rangebanned, and trying to phonepost from somewhere else to test earned me a 2-month ban once. Or it was someone else using the IP and screwing me over. I don't get 4chan, but I won't tempt fate, since if I lose access on my home computer I won't be able to post at all on here, and I'd rather not do that!
I've just realized - no rolls! ...or are you doing it on purpose? Trying to force a 1, this close to a place full of corruption... ah! a pervert~! Yui be careful!

also, I'm an idiot. For hours I wait until you come to an agreement, but you did... Please, for convenience's sake indicate the option directly:
> Get back, but first try to hide the entrance. [RES-2] 1d100, DC:30

ok gotta update fast!
I take the L, and let you roll until tomorrow morning. then I will finish the update. sorry for today.
Rolled 36 (1d100)

Sorry I want to reach agreement with BMAN before rolls since if we both rolled we would switch to the choice with the highest roll and it would be gaming the system since its just the two of us. I want to do this honorably. BMAN get your roll ready.
Rolled 55 (1d100)

I was in fact waiting for an agreement from Aby-anon before rolling, and as you know I'm not a big fan of it usually. Anyway, since we seem to be of the same mind on this, pun somewhat intended, let's roll.
alright then, voting closed. writing~
> Get back, but first try to hide the entrance. DC30:55 SUCCESS!
> [RES-2=58 - RES>60, Threshold passed - New Predetermined Symptom]

In the end, following Cat Don Fluffles provided ever more questions, and little in the way of answers - an unfortunate standard so far.

With a pained groan you pick yourself up from the alley's dusty floor, staring right ahead to the mysterious gash in the wall. Actually, not just a gash, but source of a breeze.

Wind, hopefully - but unlikely - of air from outside, passing through the rocky labyrinth! Could it connect to the outside? Could it? How else to explain the airflow? Surely not monsters or pocket of whatever Natalie warned you about... Surely...

Yet, once again, the Colorful Ram of a Cat abruptly, but unceremoniously returns to the alley's edge, exactly where you came from. Once there, They look back expectantly. At least it seems like so.

Anyways, you nod in faux understanding. "So you are done here, kitty? I guess, me too. But we can't leave it like this, don't we?" You say sheepishly, and point at the cave with your thumb

As expected, the Cat sits indifferently - blank, endless whites gaze down your soul.

"I love you too." You snicker sardonically, and get to work - better to hide it, otherwise it could alert the authorities. And it's not that bad in here...


"Done!" You say with a huff, and swat away the remaining dust off of your pencil skirt. "It should be enough."

Where once was a gash, now looms a poster advertising the Alp mountains 'liberated' from right behind the opposite corner. Quite pretty, but you will never return there once you're done. It holds rather well on the floral tape you scavenged quite a while ago, but alas, there was a just enough of it. The poster bulges outward a little due to the breeze from inside, but it shouldn't be an issue since the airflow is worryingly consistent, meaning it could be mistaken for a small bump. Similarly, the rubble is tossed aside evenly, looking quite inconspicuous.

"What do you think?" You puff your chest as you ask Your Cat. Somehow it haven't moved an inch since you got to work. "And in less than five minutes too." you add, and wink it's way.

Silence. Only disturbed by the light wind. One you were exposed to while you were sticking the poster. Hopefully it won't be a problem.

"Thanks." You lightly smile, but roll your eyes. Then, your expression darkens. "We've run long enough... We have to go back."

You have to go back just when the dizziness you felt before subsided, or maybe you just adjusted? Is that even a good thing? Anyways, poor timing, but it's still way better than what those poor students went though. Hopefully the remaining one fares well, and so do your friends. And Angelina, of course.
File: Miss Brüngger.jpg (33 KB, 350x622)
33 KB
The first thing you notice - Ms. Brüngger is back, seemingly deep in thought. Her attention seems split on looking into the alley with the crime scene... And, weirdly enough - or maybe not - gently brushing Angelina's hair as she clings to her waist, teary eyes closed.

Meanwhile Jaq and Alex stand silently by the sidelines, both evidently not in the mood.

No way your absence wasn't noticed.

Gulping, you make your way to the tall authoritative brunette. When you do, her concentration breaks, and so her passive expression; in favor of an angry scowl. You gulp again, clinging to You Cat that much harder.

"Miss Nakamura!" She seethes, and instantly Angelina's eye opens wide. "It's against protocol to split from groups durning dangerous events, is it that difficult to understand? You are delaying evacuation, and risking the lives of others, is that how you were raised, young lady? Where were you exactly? Tell me, but know I don't tolerate-!"

Suddenly she coughs, but her anger dissipating as if it wasn't there. "Angelina, sweetst flower of mine, please, *cough* not that tight..." She breaths out.

"My A-apologies..." Angelina stutters, voice quivering, then slowly relents. Her single furrowed eye constantly meets yours, but everytime shies away.

Collecting herself, Ms. Brüngger continues, now a little calmer. "Nevermind that, let's just get over it. Come here, girls."

When called upon, Jaq and Alex join you. Meanwhile Angelina hesitantly let's go of her hug, but still stands close to the teacher, with her back to the alley, and looking downwards. At that, Jaq shakes her head with a frown, but Alex slowly pats her on the back.

Satisfied, your teacher continues. "Finally, we are full. Remain where you were, don't cause further trouble, meanwhile I..." She trails off. "Make sure everything goes according to the protocol... And one more, crucial, thing. It's the time of exams, and it would be unfortunate to worry other students with such tragedies. Therefore, you are not to speak about it with anyone. They don't need to know, and you will be better off without doing it either. As you know, our school has a strict anti-bulling rules, and anyone who spreads harmful rumors will be severely punished." She informs you all... And yet her gaze only lands at you.

"Alright, and..." Ms. Brüngger finally faces Angelina again. "It will be fine, everyone." She says with a gentle smile and ruffles her raven hair. Then she promptly leaves towards the bloodied alley.

"Talk about favoritism. Hag." Jaq spats with shaky voice, making Angelina stir. Then darts to where she stood before.

Immediately, Alex follows, but not without giving you a sad nod. "Mistress Jaqueline is having a hard time. She will get over it. Oh, and the girl from before lives.Thankfully, in my humble option. Good to have you back."

Soon both of them stand by the lockers a dozen or so meters away, seemingly silent. With Jaq living up to what Alex said, and looking quite distressed.
Through all this, Angelina stands still, turned away from you. When you take a step forward, she suddenly steps back and with wobbly gait makes her way to the where is first scattered her papers. "I will clean this up." She whispers in hoarse voice as she kneels.

Not sure what to do, you just stand there. Not like your mood is that much better. Although, disconnecting for a moment in that alley certainly helped. And so did Cat Don Fluffles, but that's not all...

Hesitantly, you turn around to face the horrible scene from before.

Immediately, you almost squeak, and back away - the pool of blood from before expanded to several crimson rivers, one reaching the hallway and ending bearly a meter away from you. It's coppery residue finally catching you.

Taking a breath - and petting The Cat more ferociously - you look further.

There are three guards. Two strapping the alive student to the stretcher, meanwhile the remaining one, your group's, speaks with Ms. Brüngger. She seems unfazed by the scene.

Further, The body has already been covered in a jet black body bag, meanwhile the alive student is covered by white - now red - blanket. The crimson line left on the locker stops abruptly close to where they are right now.

And that's it. You turn around. You've been through this already. Even on the body's place... But it's still not pleasant. Even if the searing sensation in your neck is number by the minute. Should you even celebrate being more and more desensitised?

...Moving on, what should you do with the time at hand? Ms. Brüngger will be busy for a while. Jaq seems not in the mood, Angelina is busy, and not in the mood as well... There is always the crime scene, and no guards seem to pay attention whatsoever.

> Pass the time in silence with Your Cat. Breathe. 1d100,DC60 on success RES+2 [RES-1]
> Join up with Jaq and Alex. See how Jaq fares. 1d100,DC15/75 [RES-1]
> Join up with Jaq and Alex. Inquire Alex about the 'vaccine'. 1d100,DC45 [RES-1]
> Join up with Jaq and Alex. Inquire about what happened. 1d100,DC60 [RES-1]
> Pick scattered papers with Angelina. [RES-1]
> Pick scattered papers with Angelina. Hug her to comfort her. [RES-1]
> Pick scattered papers with Angelina. Ask what happened. 1d100,DC75 [RES-1]
> Investigate the alley in detail. 1d100,DC30/60 [RES-2]
> [Spirit] You don't need fear. Face and kill fear, experience life in ALL it's bloody reality! [RES-2] 1d100,DC50 if success gain 10. But at what cost?
> [Aby] Could there be a pattern? Examine the alley, but think outside the box. Elementary. [RES-4]
> [Aki] Get Jaq and Alex to help Angelina. Let it go. Be there for each other. [RES-8] 1d100,DC80 if success refund 5.
> Write in!
Character Sheet: YUI NAKAMURA

Determines DCs + Fluff

> 1. Strength: Below Average
> 2. Dexterity: Above Average
> 3. Endurance: High
> 4. Intelligence: Average
> 5. Wisdom: Above Average
> 6. Charisma: Very High

Independent of Corruption. Determine Compulsions, Symptoms, Options, DCs + Fluff.

1. Lost Memory:
> Like a container to be filled... Effects: ???
2. Loyal Friend(Se-young):
> Se-young and you stood by each other in your most difficult times. Helping and defending Se-young is a compulsion.
3. Traumatized by Fishmen(weak):
> You won't touch sushi ever again. Escaping them is a compulsion.
4. Experienced:
> You've seen some wild shit. Alters stats:
> Wisdom: Above Average
> Endurance: High
4. ???
> ???

Manifestations of facility's corruption.

Related to RESISTANCE; Current RES:58; next threshold 50.
RES is yours only. Goes away once threshold is passed again.

1. Mixed Feelings: [RES<80]
> Gender is a forlorn concept! Go one way, or another... From one way, or another~ (broadens 'reach', not much else)
2. Two-Spirit: [RES<70]
> Yui or Aki, It doesn't really matter! You are at home with your femsona. Improves acting, and broadens wardrobe options~ (lower DCs for performing Femsona)
3. Vis-à-vis: [RES<60]
> One way or another, Aki is with you, she's defined by you, lives by you. She is You - and You are Her. (Greatly lowers DCs for performing Femsona. More [Aki] options)

Related to School Corruption; Current SC:42%; Next threshold 50%.
SC impacts EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, not just you - be mindful of the changes~ Can't be lowered... For now. At 100% Quest Ends.

1. Soft and smooth: [SC<30]
> Such smooth voice, skin and features! Fighting Toxic Masculinity step at a time! (become just a lil' more emotional, and pretty~)
2. Dainty built: [SC<40]
> Girls(male) don't need strength~ Alters stats.
> Strength: Below Average.
> Dexterity: Above Average.

Official role durning the Graduation and school.
Current Role in school:
> Student
> President of the Cleaning Club
> 'Official' assistant of the student council.
> Witness
Current Group:
> Jaqueline, Alex, Angelina, Unknown Guard.
> Day 1 - 'Assistance with paperwork'
Okay so Jaq and Angeline are silent and asking about the vaccine is useless when we got a better one. The masks have too high of a cost of don't offer enough reward. I say we either help out in silence for angelina or take a breather to regain RES. Right now none of the options look good,
> The masks have too high of a cost of don't offer enough reward.
QM note: all Personas are this expensive right now as they are Very Significant in what they aim to do. Of course, none of them is mandatory. Juggle resources wisely, it is but the first day of examinations~

...Actually, your behavior in the difficult time might have quite the consequences in general.

>Write in [RES-1/2/3+]
is an option, if you don't identify with any options given.

> asking about the vaccine is useless
> 'Sneakily hands you the same box you gave them before?' >>5719758
The same small drug vials you gave to Alex, or rather Jaq, returned to you. At least one of the two did.
File: Tools.jpg (100 KB, 850x654)
100 KB
100 KB JPG

> school outfit - (bloodied and tattered) - left in the living room
> school outfit spares 2x
> clip-ons hair extensions
> school backpack
> Duffel Bag - stores more items (B-Man)
> hairpins
> notebook with map
> 'New' HRT pills, x2
> bottle of water
> whetstone
> needles
> hairspray
> butt plug
> Sturdy Boots (Spirit)
> Natale's 'Sciency' Glasses (Aby)
> Medicine Notebook(0/300, efficiency: -20(alone)+10(above Avg int)=-10)
> Map leading to Guard Barracks
> LAB COAT - Jaq took it.
> Natale's LAB COAT - Jaq haven't took it, yet.

> crudely sharpened knife (hidden in the empty classroom)
> credely crafted boar-hunting spike (hidden in the empty classroom)
> G36 rifle (in armory)
> Handgun ??? (In armory)

> sulfuric acid
> hydrochloric acid
> Jaq's experimental 'Vaccine' - a short term blocker of facility's effects: For a while, RES loss caused by outside sources reduced by 4. Side effects unknown...

> One-time pass to female dorms (Medical Staff)

> Rose colored eldritch pendant left by fishmen. Gleams beautifully; no utility beside that. (Small gewgaw)
> Mysterious green dice. Always falls on 1. Scary. (Small gewgaw)
Any votes?

Remember to reply to the post with options and paste the exact option you want!
Waiting for BMAN for his input since he if the right side of the brain for these decisions.
Come on, girls... a small vote~ a single vote~

it's not like this decision will alter how much you know/are perceived coming forward...!
Hey. BMan-on on a phone here. Like I said, I'm currently away on a trip, which means no computer until a few hours earlier than this time two days from now. To my absolute surprise, I'm not currently rangebanned, so I can try and help move this along.
I agree Cat is the secure option. Spirit is attractive too, but like it mentions, the effect it could havebon Yui might end up doing more harm than good.
It may be time for a write-in, with the Spirit option as the base.
It's not about ridding yourself of fear, that never works. Fear is natural. but maybe about:
>Getting used to the sight of death. You'll see a lot more of it if you intend to get out, especially via violent means. Because not getting out means ending up a victim like that poor girl, only it won't just be your body getting shredded, but your soul.
>Using this to fuel your desire to get out. Things here are reaching a fever pitch, everyone can feel it. You have to get out or end up like this.

Both have specific potential and drawbacks, I think, despite being similar. First one is about embracing a violent escape, with the risk of crippling Yui's combat ability if we fail the roll. So some bonus RES and maybe a bonus trait related to fighting or holding it together during a shitshow? The second is more general, so maybe a big RES boost like the original Spirit option, but failure could mean shaking Yui's desire to flee, losing a lot of RES at once?

It's always a careful balancing act with dealing with death. Becoming desensitized to it could be bad with trying to connect with others, not to mention long-term mental health issues. Yui's got enough PTSD as it is, and I don't really want him to turn too cold-blooded. We've got masks for that. Especially since it would lead to needing to bring Aki out a lot more often to handle basic people stuff, both right now and after we escape.

If you have other ideas Aby-anon, feel free to use any parts of this that you think make sense!

And do keep in mind all this is being typed on a phone late at night, so whatI wrote making sense isn't guaranteed~!

it's good to have you back!

>Getting used to the sight of death on your own. [RES-2] 1d100, DC:70 ...There can be consequences.
Is it fine?

>Using this to fuel your desire to get out.
This feels fine, but a little too close to the Cat option, or more like an extension.
> Pass the time in silence with Your Cat. Breathe. 1d100,DC60 on success RES+2 [RES-1]

Got an idea. instead of this, you can have:
> Drift away to your safe space. Relax and take a breather... it's peaceful in there right? 1d100,DC40 on success RES+1 [RES-1]
And alternatively:
> Stay on the Ground with Your Cat. Relax and reinvigorate your purpose. 1d100,DC60 on Success RES+3 [RES-1]

>So some bonus RES and maybe a bonus trait related to fighting or holding it together during a shitshow?
There is definitely a trait for current [Spirit] option, I suppose if you roll very well there can be one for the first one too, just not THAT radical.

>BMan-on on a phone here.
dunno if it will help, but 'Read Chan' is a great app for using 4chan on the phone. definitely makes for a more clear experience. I know I use it all the time.
are we there? any votes?
Rolled 28 (1d100)

> Stay on the Ground with Your Cat. Relax and reinvigorate your purpose. 1d100,DC60 on Success RES+3 [RES-1]

Yeah reading the Spirit option more carefully. We cannot lose our fear or get use to it as losing or even suppressing a piece of ourselves will make it easier for corruption to fill in the hole.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

Alright, going for
> Stay on the Ground with Your Cat. Relax and reinvigorate your purpose. 1d100,DC60 on Success RES+3 [RES-1]
Let's hope my rolls are better on mobile.
Close enough, thank you Mr Don Fluffles for helping keep Yui and everyone else mentally stable, somewhat!
duh, glad voting is done but I've just returned home (prep for travel). I will see what I can do~
Take your time Aki.

Praise the Don. I am kinda surprise we can purify parts of our mind. Maybe Aki likes to see us struggle to resist her as she whispers sweet nothings into our minds?
Alright, the weather shortened the travel and I'm Back! writing~
Small update: it's coming! but Ive gotten stale while this is a VERY important update, meaning I had to rewrite alot. sorry it's taking forever. on the plus side, it's about halfway done and it will be quite big. however I will be busy for a few hours...

tho I will bend every effort to update today! sorry!
It's okay, I know the feeling! Don't hesitate to take as much time as you need to until you feel at least mostly satisfied with it, even if it takes longer than expected!
It's okay take your time QM Aki. We can wait. Remember Aby hungers for knowledge.
File: The Hallways.jpg (573 KB, 3024x4032)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
> Stay on the Ground with Your Cat. Relax and reinvigorate your purpose. DC60:62 SUCCESS [RES-1+3=60]

With Ms. Brüngger busy, you all have time. Yet, talking to Jaq or alex right now might not be the smartest, and assisting - or worst still, comforting - struggling Angelina might agitate Jaq further...

"Seems we have time." You whisper to The Cat firmly nestled in your arms, and sigh. "For ourselves."

With no way of meaningfully pass the time, it would be nice to just... drift away - But you look around, somehow it seems like a too easy way out. Although it might be because what's inside is more tiring and unbearable than your grim reality, at least in a way.

Rolling your eyes at the weird thoughts, you look around you, and firmly stand on the ground.

The Guards are finishing packing up the scene. Your teacher closes her note, and scolds the guards. Now, a little calmer and focused, you can feel the faintest swishes of the breeze even here - sadly carrying with itself the crimson proof of death...

...But you are Living proof that Death can be cheated. And if it can, why can't this facility? If you had what it took to live so far, then surely you can withstand what's to come as well! Your future Will be different than of those students! One day you will leave - and on your terms no less!

With that, a small smile creeps on your face and your ferocious heart finally plays a calmer tune. Fear ever present; uncertainty too - but they are quenched enough. [RES+3!]

Finally, a command and groans of extertion mark the end of guards' task. The dark procession, now with two more members clambers towards the other end of the alley. Meanwhile your visage sours as Ms. Brüngger makes her way back with the guard.

"Girls, regroup!" She says authoritatively as she passes you by. "And form a line. We are done here."


And soon, like before, you all obediently followed Ms. Brüngger from the fateful alley and down the usual samey hallways.

Yet, getting away didn't help. The march is more or less silent. With everyone seemingly busy with their own internal tragedies. With Jaq and Alex silently look around, meanwhile you awkwardly pet Your Cat, clinging to your uplifted spirits. Needless to say, the guard at the back said nothing too. The only times the rhythm of the steps is interrupted is when Angelina shuffles through her papers and tentatively points something in them to Ms. Brüngger, who whispers back.

What further dampened the spirits is that you also haven't seen any more students partaking in 'community Service'. Although with the guards back in the alley all coming from the opposite direction it might not be caused by the killing, but planning. Probably today's renovations are limited only to the areas near the main lobby and entrance...

In silence, you continue your march. Until finally, you arrive at the unique set of double doors. A pair of doors you know, no less... The Library.
File: The Library, new HQ.png (1.66 MB, 702x900)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
A click follows the shutting doors behind you. Far above, the bright lights of artificial windows ignite one by one in the rhythmic symphony of firing circuitry, banishing the dark and basking the spacious chambers ahead with warm, golden brilliance. Myriad of sparking particles float and glimmer all around, giving the library an ancient vibe.

Beaming, Angelina rubs her nose and jolts to the front, her loafer clack on the ceramic floor. With a slide she turns to face your group. "This library predates this country itself. Truly a workplace worthy of the proud student council, right~?" She look at you with tired excitement, vaguely gesturing towards the rows upon rows of massive, wooden shelves donning both floors.

"It surely is." You reply kindly, more for Angelina's sake than anything - you were there before. But Alex and Jaq ignore her completely. Instead opting to just look around the corners, unamused.

Bummed, she straightens and adjusts the files she clutches close to her chest, giving you a small forced smile. "Alright... Let's get ready."

"Sensible, dear. I'm short of time." Ms. Brüngger suddenly passes you by, and motions for you all to follow.


You are seated in one of the many massive desks in the middle of the main chamber. With you and Alex sitting at the edges, and Jaq between you, meanwhile Angelina stands along with Ms. Brüngger.

There are several curious closed boxes are placed around you, but before you can inspect them, your stomach churns with disgust at the realization - there is a problem in the air; permeating it and sticking to everything, including your experienced nose or even Your Cat who currently wanders around freely - diligently securing the perimeter, probably. It's a problem you didn't realize was this bad back at the entrance. It's-

*Sneeze~* *Sneeze!*

It's dust. You scowl as Angelina and Jaq both sneeze simultaneously, to the annoyance of the latter. It's like the place wasn't cleaned at all ever since you were there before, and maybe even longer!

Before you can rise complaints, your teacher clears her throat. "Go on, dear."

Angelina nods gently, still rubbing her sore nose. "I will make it brief, I promise." She says, looking apologetically at annoyed Blondie, who shoos away Alex trying to help her.

Taking a deep breath, and nearly sneezing again, your overseer recites your orders.

She starts by outlining your group's responsibility: to 'take care' of documents, files, books, and all other materials marked and deemed 'no longer useful'. "Our duty lies in assisting in regularly scheduled cleaning of the archives."

"What does it mean take care? Sort them and move them?" Jaq interjects, listening intently.

At that Angelina awkwardly laughs. "No... We are to destroy them. We are provided shredders and a portable furnace in the boxes around you."

"Isn't that illegal? To destroy documents, I mean?" Alex says, eyebrows raised. "It's not right to implicate students in possible crimes."
File: everything's fine!.jpg (74 KB, 1024x768)
74 KB
At that Ms. Brüngger scoffs and puts her arm on Angelina's shoulder, silencing her. "Of course it's not illegal. Everything marked is an auxiliary material that only clogs our archives. Every institution does it occasionally to safe space for new content. With that being said, you are prohibited from opening the containers, many of them are lost diaries of past students and their now decrepit projects, as well as school's property. Good girls don't scour other's property, hence take care of it as you find it. Overseer will ensure you won't invade other's privacy, and follow instructions."

Angelina nods slowly, but dutifully. Yet neither you, Jaq, or Alex look convinced. But with nothing to add here, you relent and move on.

After another sneeze, you are reminded that in the end, it's still an exam. All groups will be expected to meet a daily quota, with rewards and punishment for over a d under performing respectively. Overseer will also note your actions - behavior denying the principles of the school will be severely punished, as well as any attempts at bribery. The guard outside is at overseer's command and ensure their safety - on that point Angelina lingered a while, which seemed to anger Jaq.

Once she's done with the topic. Her expression sours, but she forces her emblematic smile anyways. "As you know, a lot of happened to us today." She says solemnly. "For this tragic reason, your today's quota will be lowered. I apologize you had to through such traumatizing experience. . It's all I could do for you." She says, and looks at you all with hope.

You nod in thanks. It might be useful! Yet, like before, Alex and Jaq merely shrug and ignore her efforts entirely

Shaken, she lowers her papers and bows. "That's it, then. I will be over there." She says, and turns to leave towards librarian's desk overlooking the main hall. Yet, before she can escape, Ms. Brüngger puts a hand on her head. Slowly ruffling her hair she coos. "Angelina, dear, could you give it the guard outside?" And handles the brooding girl something small enough you haven't seen what exactly it is.

"Of course." Angelina breaths out, and limps away like a beaten dog.

Only steps can be heard until the doors close behind her.

Then hell is let loose - immediately, your large dashes to your desk, and abruptly lifts tiny in comparison Jaq by the jacket's collar. "Listen here, you little shit. I've heard of you. You think yourself smart? Think again."

"H-hey! Stop!" Alex and you immediately rise. Yet, a single glance of brunette's terrifying glare keeps you both at bay.

Shaking your limping friend in the air, she continues. "You are lucky! I don't care about you, you are nothing. Just like the previous ones. But don't you dare-"

"Y-you are strangling her!" Alex yells, still confused at the sudden violence. Meanwhile terrified and pale Jaq uselessly squeezes teacher's hands, trying to free herself.

"Stop that, please!" You plea desperately.
File: Jaqueline...jpg (106 KB, 1200x630)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
At that she Ms. Brüngger scoffs. "Too bad." She states bored. "Don't you dare do anything to our dear Angelina. If but a single hair from her beautiful tresses falls wrongly, I will put you through hell. Directives be damned."

Striking not you and Alex with a gaze she smiles. Then let's go of the diminutive girl in her hold. Immediately she crumbles to the floor like a inanimate pebble.

In the last second you and Alex manage to cover her fall. Thankfully she's so light... "What is wrong with you?!" Your yell echoes through the dusty chambers, but is promptly ignored, like a mere wind - it's between her and Jaq.

"I don't care where or how, if anything happens to her, I will hold you three responsible." She says as she adjusts her glasses. Tone returning to formal, disinterested one, as if the brawl didn't happen. "Understand?"

At the fours, looking down, Jaq breaths out "Yes..."

"Good. Evidently, the lessons payed off. I might occasionally visit, but now, get up." She says satisfied. Then walks back casually towards the exit.

When the brunette leaves, you and Alex breath a sigh of relief, but Jaq remains deathly silent. Worried, you rise her to her feet, and your heart stops - lips trembling, eyes teary...

Yet, her meet yours - and your heart stops for a much different emotion - deep inside you see welling hatred fueled by pain.

"I think we should start with our work." She whispers sweetly, with Alex shakily dusting her off.

And you freeze entirely - this will be an issue.


Soon, Angelina returns and sits on a large leather chair behind the counter. Meanwhile you, Alex, and Jaq pack out the equipment in silence, only occasionally broken by a few steps or an attack of sneezing.

With all that happened today, nobody looks too well - Angelina does nothing but brooding, but it's expected. She probably haven't seen death before. Alex ever since the teacher incident looks distant, and haven't spoke a word as he works... Only you and Jaq look fine. But she is vibrant as if all her previous worries were forgotten, meanwhile she cutely struggles to tear away the tape of the cardboard - but that's exactly the problem.

Suddenly Jaq realizes you were watching and politely smiles, then promptly sneezes. "Thanks for help back there... Oh, it's done. We are ready." She says as the tape finally relents, and Alex comes to pull out the shredder for her.

You nod awkwardly and look around. You might not be ready for this conversation yet. The golden lighting of the library keeping the previous spirits high. Well, there is a quota to meet... If only this dust wasn't so intrusive, at least Cat Don Fluffles looks thrilled as it scampers corner to corner~
File: Library..png (532 KB, 700x437)
532 KB
532 KB PNG
All work suffers due to the state of disrepair (-20) of the place.
Jaq and Alex will work on the quota, adding their 1d100s.
Today's quota: 200
Working takes entire time period: current - midday, next afternoon.

What should you focus on?

> (C) All this dust is infuriating! Clean the damn place. 1d100, cleaning progress 0/120 [RES-1]
> Work to meet the quota. 1d100 [RES-1]
> Work to meet the quota, but sneak peek inside the files. 1d100-10, 1d100,DC:50 [RES-1]
> Work to meet the quota, but focus on social matters. 1d100-10 [RES-1] it will impact the side options.
> Ignore the exam! Gather and confide in each other. 3d100,DC:02 and 80 and 90. [RES-2] (stops others from working)
> Explore the library on your own. [RES-1]
> Follow Your Cat... It seems busy. [RES-1]
> Excuse yourself and get your illegal items back. 1d100,DC:60
> [Aki] Deliver merciless justice upon the enemy! Cleanse the Filth! 1d100+90 0/120 [RES-5], if chosen it will impact side option.
> Write in! [RES-1]

Anything on the side?

> Speak with Jaq and Alex about what happened.
> Ask Angelina to help with your quota. She said she will help you.
> Nothing. Just get this over with. +20 to quota if work is selected.
> Write in!
OOC: The Graduation 1/2

And so it begins! Time ticks~


1. Examination.
"Time to prove your girl-power!"
> Each day YOUR GROUP is expected to meet quotas of 500 'community service'/examination points, whatever it may be during the day.
> How to obtain points will be determined individually each day.
> Failing to meet the quota might result in punishments.
> Exceeding might result in rewards from both the school and Angelina~
> SPECIAL: 'Angelina's pleading' - first day's quota is reduced to 200. 'Its inhumane to demand after such events...'

2. Girl-Cave!
"Nice crib!"
> The ancient Library is officially your group's headquarters and the main workplace. Yay! Use it however you want~
> ???
> ???
> ???

Hmm, better don't slack!

ask away if anything's not clear! oh boy, that's not the end of it.
>A click follows the shutting doors behind you. Far above, the bright lights of artificial windows ignite one by one in the rhythmic symphony of firing circuitry, banishing the dark and basking the spacious chambers ahead with warm, golden brilliance. Myriad of sparking particles float and glimmer all around, giving the library an ancient vibe.
>Beaming, Angelina rubs her nose and jolts to the front, her loafer clack on the ceramic floor. With a slide she turns to face your group. "This library predates this country itself.

Yui feels strange all of a sudden. Inside her head, BMan laughs a relieved and slightly hysterical laugh before wandering off with a phone in hand.

2677 words total on that dream sequence. I'm so worried about flooding the thread with it!
Just checked, we're a pinch over 15k signs by 4chan's count. So five whole posts, plus one for added details. Jeez!
> Yui
> Her
*Aki giggles uncontrollably* "Soon~"

Also, can't wait!
Dammit, I kept checking the Word doc for that specific mistake, but here is where it sleeps!
And no, not if Yui has anything to say about it.

But no worries Aki, BMan has plenty of ways to make it up to you! Speaking of which, that library may end up being really important!

Alright, I should vote!
I think getting our stuff back may be most pressing, but it depends on where we'd stashed it, because I can't remember. If it's in a safe place, I'd go for either following the Cat or getting on with cleaning, with a favor for the Cat option because it may be a temporary thing. And because BMan's latest plan could use any knowledge about this library's anomalous properties! This library is the best thing that could happen to Yui for sooo many reasons~!
> where we'd stashed it,
Your illegal stuff is hidden in a stash at the back of a random, abandoned classroom near the entrance to the bunker and the rendezvous spot with 'journalists' - It's safe there. well, it's safe in a way that probably nobody will take them
>that specific mistake
"That Freudian slip is telling~ It's never too late to be a good girl!" Aki's chirpy voice rings, then fades into distance to a fanfare of mischievous giggles.

Sunrise: Free
> Get ready for School.
Morning: Free
> You didn't show up as 'O' requested. Wonder if the option still stands.
> Lessons start at the end of the morning - being late could yield consequences.
Midday: SCHOOL
> The Canteen. Daily dose of 'HRT' Pills and possible extras for Se-young.
> Lessons - CANCELLED
> Examination is taking place in the library. Today's task - 'paperwork'.
Afternoon: SCHOOL
> Lessons - CANCELLED
> Examinations continue.
Evening: SCHOOL/Free/Club activity
> Strangers claiming to be journalists want to meet you. Want a relic - or a 'shinie' , as the girls called it - as a proof of loyalty.
> Possible Club Time/Socialisation.
> Showers, skincare and supper
> Bedtime and sleep.
Midnight: CURFEW
> Sleep.
> Clocks hit midnight, and the Day is Concluded.
Late Night: CURFEW
> Sleep.
Rolled 63, 20 = 83 (2d100)

Also, to make sure we are no the same page:
vote by explicitly posting the option you want.
> (C) All this dust is infuriating! Clean the damn place. 1d100, cleaning progress 0/120 [RES-1]

AND remember to Roll for resistance when when (C) option is present, or your inner Aki will have a field day~!

This is an example and doesn't count.
>AND remember to Roll for resistance when when (C) option is present, or your inner Aki will have a field day~!
Yep, just waiting on Aby-anon to weigh in on the vote before doing anything. Also, is it the first or last roll that counts as the C roll?
no matter how many rolls, RES roll is last.
Okay so I say we bite the Aki bullet and drop 5 RES to get rid of the constant -60 penalty to everyone. Every day that -60 will be hard to overcome and makes future quotas harder. We got some RES back so we can begin setting up future quota markers and we can begin getting into Angelina's goodwill. Plus it impacts side options.

BMAN thoughts?
For the second option I am kinda torn. We could confront Jaq and Alex about their plans and to give us real info, or we cut off contact with them and cozy up with Angelina. We all know Jaq will kill Angelina and drag our ass to the reeducation chamber as Brungger has a lock on Jaq.
damn! an update! in side activity you can also choose:
> Ask Angelina to help you with cleaning. She said she will help you.
> Ask Alex to get it together and help you with cleaning. 1d100,DC65

Aki's influence adds +40 to side rolls... But it's Aki doing the speaking for the most part, and that can be interesting~

not necessarily bad, mind you; or good, for that matter. just interesting~
Wait, I made it sound way to ominous. Aki is still good at a cost, just in a roundabout way~

And needless to say, having others help you in X makes them unable to perform Y.
Minus 60? Where did you get that from?
>All work suffers due to the state of disrepair (-20) of the place.
And if Ii'm reading this correctly, we get two work periods a day, and everyone rolls.
We could go Cat now, then clean up later today, and still get rid of it for when the quota goes up.
As for talking, not sure either. Jaq is definitely more trouble than she's worth, but the work group thing means we have to keep her in check or fail the assignment. That or she stabs Angelina.
Angelina herself seems to be the prize pony of the year. Whether it's because some rich backer has her ear-marked for a high-price or because she's proof of either the program's potential in creating "good girls" that aren't dolls, or in creating stable latent psychics, not sure. What matters is, we can let these two have at it. Could be a way to convince Alex to help us. Jaq has been warned, but may act irrationally. He knows how she can be when she gets something in her head. He'll want to protect her, and that will be a useful angle.

Still no consensus it seems!

Got it!
>Minus 60? Where did you get that from?
Every person working receives -20 to their rolls due to atrocious conditions, meaning that if all three of you get to work it's -60 each time.

>we get two work periods a day, and everyone rolls.
It's Three and a half actually. You start in the morning, and end by the afternoon. however, if you are desperate you can stay the evening.

Everything is Concluded at midnight. Everything. so until then you can technically keep going.

I will also add that keeping group cohesion will yield bonuses... assuming it's worth the effort... and possible...

Next update will shine some more light on time, work... and other things related to the graduation~

>Still no consensus it seems!
That's fine! Can't wait to see what's comin'
As QM Aki says all three of us will get -60 which will waste our time trying to get things done in the future. So, we have to clean things up, so we don't fall behind on future cleanings and get more time to do cure or bunker research. I still say the Aki cleaning option is the right choice.
Fine we could go cat but I don't want to keep pulling at every lead we keep getting. We have to finish the quote so we can focus on the cure research or study nurse things. At the very least we need to get rid of the -60 as soon as possible. Also for the talk we can focus on work or small talk with Angeline about how she is feeling after the incident while Alex peeks at the documents while we distract Angeline.
I will wait for Bs response, then if everything is set and signed, I will roll performance for everyone.
So Yui goes with the Cat, and tries to convince everyone else to clean things up in the meantime. Not Angelina since she's brooding, but still, Jaq and Alex may just manage to clear the place this period if we can get them to agree.

> Follow Your Cat... It seems busy. [RES-1]
>Try and convince Jaq an Alex to clean things up so work goes faster later. Try and be logical.

Hopefully we don't get called out for immediately disappearing after that? Might as well tell them we have a weird feeling we wanted to check and that we're going to snoop around a bit.
>Try and convince Jaq an Alex to clean things up so work goes faster later. Try and be logical. 1d100,DC:30
Alright, that can work.

Remember to roll! twice; or at least for everything you choose + RES... although you seem to savor calling Yui a she already so maybe you shouldn't. hihi~
Rolled 95, 84, 9 = 188 (3d100)

Alright, thanks for giving me the odds, Rolling! Exploration roll first, then convincing, then RES!
What's the RES DC? Wasn't it you rolling 1d100 minus Yui's current RES or did we change that?
The formula's exactly the same. Compulsion roll = 1d100- current RES, counting BEFORE any loss, so 60.

Feel free to not roll RES, if you don't wanna~

The Cat option was a free one, so the first (95) roll is for speaking second is roll, and third is a curse I will spare you from
is consensus reached?
Rolled 78, 77 = 155 (2d100)

> Follow Your Cat... It seems busy. [RES-1]
>Try and convince Jaq an Alex to clean things up so work goes faster later. Try and be logical.

Sure but I will refuse the next cat thing as we got enough shit to deal with. I will not compromise on that until we get some meaningful progress on something.
Alright! Voting Closed~ Glad compromise was reached!

> get some meaningful progress
Unknowingly, you were making it~ *shush* no spoilers!

I will be leaving for an hour or so, but then - Writing~
So uh, I was passing by my cousin's house today and uh, he has PS5 with elden ring... and I kinda overstayed with him. Ups~

Sorry, Update tomorrow morning. I reread the previous update again as well, and boy, I promise I will focus on proofreading more. I know I'm prone to 'seeing things I want', rather what really is - and the last tupdate is full of errors beacuse of it. anyways, I will bent every effort it won't happen ever again.

not Rolling Jaq's and Alex's performance yet. I will after the next update, you will see why. it will also be shorter.

Also small info: I will be traveling during the next weekend as well. it probably won't be an issue, but just saying it right now.
It is what it is QM, I'm just glad you're keeping us in the loop!
Just remember to always dodge and rage quit when a boss one taps you.
WILL update today. wanted to make it short, couldn't. soon~
.......... alright, the update's 80% ready, but after the last update's questionable quality I will finish it tomorrow. I'm sorry, it's just such shit day for me.
File: Cat in Action .jpg (76 KB, 352x392)
76 KB
Follow Your Cat... It seems busy. [RES-1=59]
> Try and convince Jaq an Alex to clean things up so work goes faster later. Try and be logical. DC30:95 GREAT SUCCESS!

With a puff of dust Alex lays out the tenth or so cardboard full of papers at your spot at the table. With them, and the addition of three computer sized shredders and a portable furnace the previously spacious looking desk starts getting increasingly cramped.

Without further comment he flops down back to his seat, exasperated, letting his splayed form do all the talking. Meanwhile Jaq, with her nose runny and eyes red, curses something to herself between sneezes. Her innocent facade swept along the current of dust some time ago already. But you don't necessarily mind - if there is one benefit to all this 'community service' charade is that it keeps Jaq occupied, and she's less unsettling like this.

But you sit between both those miseries, and so for the sake of your mood, your attention lies elsewhere - up on the hazelnut shelves, among the countless volumes; soon, down between the nooks and crannies of tables and chairs; then in the shadowed corners, Your Cat scours the area with curiosity of action... And indifference of expression.

Sometimes you wonder if Your Dearest Cat isn't actually pretending to be a cat, as stupid as it might be. Yet lack of any expression, nonexistent instincts, the coloration... and It didn't even knock anything over!

As if on cue, a book falls with an echoing thud from the highest shelf in the row neighbouring to the one Your Cat sits in. Then in tokenistic fashion, Don flips overleaf presenting Their sleek, starry belly, and spins around on the floor. Cute!

With your unreasonable worries quenched, you smile a satisfied smile. Then focus back on your perfectly normal Companion returning to exploring.

After the last time with the mysterious cave, you put more faith in Their senses. For this reason no matter how much the mountain of work grows ahead of you, or the volume of Jaq' angry noises, you still don't leave Them alone. Something about this place rubs you the wrong way, and Cat Don Fluffles just might provide some answers, if only They gave you a cue...

...And a cue soon arrives.

Abruptly, when passing by elaborately adorned staircase leading to the upper floor Cat Don Fluffles stops dead in Their tracks. With it's tail up, it looks your way. Immediately, you turn to Jaq, who seems intrigued by your sudden burst of life.

"Do you know what's on the first floor?" You ask.

"Seriously? That's not important right now. "She states, following your gaze. "Focus on the quo-" *Sneeze*

You roll your eyes, when an idea comes to your mind. "Come on, Jaq. Working in such conditions is terrible for long-time performance. I think we might be better off with cleaning first." You pat the furnace carefully. "Heard dust is flammable as well. No point to risk and suffer uselessly, right?"
File: Going up..jpg (205 KB, 850x1203)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
As Jaq seems to contemplate, you turn to Alex. "I'm not an expert, but Jaq seems evidently allergic."

"No, I'm not." She scoffs, but Alex's eyes open wide with realization.

"Of course she is..." He murmurs, then nods. "In truth, I too would rather start with cleaning."

"No, I'm not!" Jaq repeats petulantly, but hesitates. Then, she smiles a small, knowing smile. "And you will be checking the first floor?"

"I can do that, sure." You rub the back of your head awkwardly, feigning ignorance.

"Alright, do it."

Confused, you rise from your station, and start walking away, when Angelina's voice comes from behind the pile. "Aki? Where are you going?"

Before you can say anything, Jaq catches up to you. "We follow our plan. I and Alex will clean the ground floor, meanwhile she will check for any marked documents on the floor, so that we know what we are standing on."

"I've heard everything." She says worriedly. "But miss Brüngger instructed me not to go there unless absolutely necessary. Do you really have to send Aki over?"

"I didn't sent her, she choose for herself, are you really that deaf?" She says churlishly, then suddenly drapes her arms over your waist in a tight hug. "And she will be alright, right, Aki? You were always so brave and dedicated whatever we were doing together, like partners in crime!"

Feeling the rules of the game suddenly changed, you think of how to reply, when you feel paper-like object slipping into your blazer's inner pocket. Now understanding, you say "It will be fine, like always."

Angelina rises her hand in objection, but stops midway. "What about you, president? Pardon me, but I could call in the nurse. You don't look very well..."

"Cut it." Red-cheeked blonde dismisses her and finally let's you go. "Aki, get to work. Have a look what's there. Be thorough, if you have to. Take your time." She commands. "Alex, you get the cleaning equipment!" *Sneeze*

"Ah, yes!" He says, taken aback.

As he goes, so do you, and soon you come vis a vis with the entrance to the library's first and only(?) Floor.


A symphony of wood's creaks and cracks follows each of your steps along the curving, ornate wooden stairs. Just ahead of you, Your Mute Guide spurs you on with a relaxed, but steady pace.

The pace might be slow, but your heart, certainly isn't. Angelina's warning finally caught on with you. Who knows what this ancient Library has in store for you, if it was enough to warrant Ms. Brüngger alerting Angelina?

As you take a first proper step, nothing seems too out of ordinary. Just a long, straight hall ahead, with several rows of large - but usual - bookshelves and with railing on the other. At the far end, a smal bridge connects both sides of the floor

Seizing the opportunity of Your Cat stopping to look around, you lean on the railing and look down. There, back on the ground level Alex is returning with cleaning equipment, as well as Angelina trotting in a small circle right in the middle looking your way.
File: Notes and files.png (486 KB, 1280x720)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
"Please, don't lean on the railings, they might be old! And be careful, please!" She yell, stopping in her tracks.

Not willing to waste time talking, you concede - Jaq's 'gift' is burning your pocket. After checking on the currently passive Cat, you dive deeper into the 'south wing' as the plaque at the entrance called it.

Looking between the rows reveals several doors, as well as several convenient benches. Feeling secure, you sit on the closest one and pull out the file Jaq gave you. As you do, the Cat seems more focused on the opposite side of the floor - the 'north' wing - but that for later.

Now, you open the small file, and see two notes: the former hand written on hand-sized piece of torn paper, and the latter cleanly printed on a dozen-folded sheet. Shrugging, you start with the former.

Reading into it reveals it's clearly Jaq's handwriting, with long, elegant cursive - you've seen it back in class, and it's kinda similar to Se-young's, although not a little more rugged. It says: 'Angelina isn't out original overseer, instead, she transfered in. Her reason might be to undermine me. I expect she sees you as the weakest link and seeks to use you as a tool. Don't believe in her being 'nice', nobody is nice without a reason. Avoid her, and don't believe a word she says, while I deal with her.'

Oh. There might have been a reason why Ms. Brüngger acted so violently....

Next part is written more hastily. 'We can't harm her yet, but we can break her in and get rid of her that way - ignore her completely, make her lose hope. Weak-willed cowards like her burn out fast. We are friends, we stand by each other, Aki.'

"Great. From bullied to bully. Does she really have a nefarious motive? what do you think?" You mutter to Your Cat as you switch to the printed document - signed by she-devil Ms. Müller herself...

It's the formal document not meant for students, no doubt about that - the word 'Confidential' give it away immediately. Instead, it's a guard manual, or rather an announcement for the guards from the higher-ups. Taking a deep breath, you wonder just in how big trouble you will be in if someone finds you with it...

Reading into it, it showcases the broad goals and means during the four day 'Examination' period. Announces that the school will be employing an experimental new method of 'teaching' students. One that will save a lot of time, but mandates the guards to wear gasmasks due to expected 'contamination' of air. The guards are expected to set the doses each day in individually pinpointed locations, and ensure everything goes smoothly if possible...

There is more information, all general, but you've had enough... In short, you are being poisoned!

How did Jaq even acquired those documents?!

Standing up, you lean on the shelf for support. But breath a sign of relief when Your Cat seems to come to life again - They are a great, small distraction from the Great things... Thankfully Jaq allowed you to take your time.
File: Weird floor things...jpg (5 KB, 253x199)
5 KB
Soon, you drift along the railing leading to the bridge connecting the 'south bridge' to the 'north bridge'. Sounds of swabbing underneath and creaking of the floor bearly audible as you absentmindedly follow Your Guide to some unknown destination.

Until 'creak' of the floor is replaced with a disgusting *squelch*, as your foot slowly sink into... Something.

You immediately jump back, wits returning on moments notice. Where you just stepped lies a pot-sized, spherical... sack!? The place you injured it is rapidly seeping a foul smelling black goo. Looking further, there is many more of them splayed along the northern side of the bridge.

Eyes wide, you retreat to the entrance of the bridge and take cover behind a nearby bench - but alone. Don, without a care in the surroundings, continues down the northern wing.

"Kitty. Stop!" You whisper, but They disappear behind one of the dusty rows. "No, no! Not there! We don't know what it means..."

Undeterred, but from the safety of cover, you scour the area, and see that the northern wing resembles the southern in layout, but appears older - with it's bookcases matted out in color, and some - deeper in - even crumbling. There doesn't seem to be anything else out of ordinary, at least on the first sight. Even the white, eggy, sack stuff ends by midway through, leaving the rest seemingly unspoiled. Meanwhile cursory glance down reveals your friends cleaning unknowing of what transpired above their heads. You can't see Angelina, but her counter lies directly below the southern platform. She is probably there as well...

What should you do? Maybe it's for the best to explore the south part first, but the Don... And what about Angelina?

> It's just a minor inconvenience. Press forward and chase Cat Don Fluffles. [RES?]
> It's just a minor inconvenience. Press forward, but sneak around. Try to find Cat Don Fluffles. [RES?]
> You Cat can handle themselves. Explore the southern wing proper. [RES?]
> Return to others and work on the quota. [RES-1] 1d100 0/200
> Return and clean along with your friends - talk about their plans. [RED-1] ?/120
> Return and clean along with your friends - inform them what you found. [RES-1] ?/120
> Return and clean along with your friends - Talk with Jaq about Angelina.
> Write in! [RES?]

Angelina question... for now at least.

> Follow Jaq's orders to the letter. Ignore her completely.
> Follow Jaq's orders, but maintain some contact.
> Reject Jaq's orders. Speak to Angelina as before.
> Reject Jaq's orders. Side with Angelina.
> Write in!
File: Future is...?.jpg (46 KB, 528x720)
46 KB
1. Assisted learning.
"All of you are good girls, but not yet good enough! You need a little push~!"
> Each day the facility will perform Actions to increase SC. Ranging from 1 to 3 actions per day.
> If they remain undisturbed until the end of the day, each active Action will add: [SC+8% up to ??%], current SC: 42%
> Some can stay for several days in the same spot; some might relocate or disappear entirely. Look for clues for their whereabouts~
> Getting everything done by yourself without punishment is impossible. You need others, but even with them, it might be tough. Leaving stuff for later might sometimes be preferred. Or not.
> Time is limited - escaping, destroying, conquering, or even joining the facility cannot wait much longer, lest the decision is made for you~<3
> Remainder: Daily gain of [SC+2%] is still active, meaning a single Action left Will result in a major symptom, no matter what.

2. Shadows whisper of conspiracy~
"The very air is tainted! Oh Nooo~!"
> Spending time above ground or corrupted places results in passive [RES loss]. It's counted as 'Outside' corruption, and its loss can be reduced via Medicine or tools.
> Getting rid of all of School's Actions prevents this effect till the end of the day.
> Behaving like a good girl and persona options are 'inner corruption' - medicine or tools can't help you reduce them.
> Getting closer to open sources of corruption or channels with which it travels results in higher [RES loss]. Current RES: 60
> Currently, only a select few is aware of it.
> Reminder: to gain a Symptom - pass a threshold, like so: 60->59=new symptom; to lose the symptom: 60->61.
> CHANGED: you can pick Next RES symptoms, while Major symptoms will be selectable After the next one too. No more Rollin for them - 'Pick your poison~'

The fare of all the other students, and that of the whole facility lies in your hands...
Okay BMAN so I say we have to return to the library and talk with jaq about the nest sacks we found. These either imply another monster is in the library or corruption nests being set in. So we need to get out and get gas masks and weapons if we are going to explore more.

Next as much as I hate Jaq, Angelina is way to dangerous now that passive corruption exists. So we have to follow orders and ignore her.

Lastly for the corruption nests we can't do anything about it until we get a gas mask from nurse. We cannot afford the infection increases without protection.
What a lonely day, vote-starved day ;-;
I know, I was very busy yesterday and decided to just relax and not think too hard today. I'll get to it tomorrow!
>Sometimes you wonder if Your Dearest Cat isn't actually pretending to be a cat, as stupid as it might be. Yet lack of any expression, nonexistent instincts, the coloration... and It didn't even knock anything over!
>As if on cue, a book falls with an echoing thud from the highest shelf in the row neighbouring to the one Your Cat sits in. Then in tokenistic fashion, Don flips overleaf presenting Their sleek, starry belly, and spins around on the floor. Cute!
>With your unreasonable worries quenched, you smile a satisfied smile. Then focus back on your perfectly normal Companion returning to exploring.

While it counts as slight mind manipulation, this is funny to me. This Cat is almost certainly a not-cat, but it's our not-cat, so it's okay.
Could be an eldritch being, or a fragment of of something powerful just dicking around. Wouldn't that feel familiar, eh? or a familiar of one such being sent to scout out the place for people like Yui.
And it can totally hear Yui's thoughts and decided to crank up the cat-ness, in a "Quick, they're onto us! Act natural!" way. Cute indeed!
>if only They gave you a cue...
>...And a cue soon arrives.
They totally can, and I'm okay with that. Mind power aren't so scary when their wielder is just fooling around and not doing anything too fancy.

With our luck, this place is also built on a leyline, because why wouldn't it be...there are so many factors piled up it's a wonder that it's only Yui and Angelina that have weird psychic stuff going on and not just every person that spends more than a week here.
Though at the rate things are going, that may become true soon.

I've always been under the impression that this wasn't the first time this fake school thing was done. But what if it's their first time using this place. What if they have no clue what they're messing with? Just what shit are the backers of this project getting us all into...

Ah. I should stop writing just before going to bed. Real vote tomorrow morning QM, pinky promise~!
You know I want to chase the cat. But Aby-anon made it clear we shouldn't get distracted.
>Draw something recognizable in the dust of the row the cat when through. No one here but us to disturb the dust. Normally. And if it isn't there when we go back, that's an important lesson too!
>Say aloud "I'll come back soon Mr Don Fluffles! And don't worry, I can just follow the cat paw marks!"
I'm willing fairly certain we'll find a pretty clear trail in the dust when we come back. At least if I'm right in judging the "cat" 's attitude so far.
> Return and clean along with your friends - inform them what you found. [RES-1] ?/120
Gentlemen, we have a spider problem. A bad one.

>Follow Jaq's orders, but maintain some contact.
Just be polite and brush her off. Tell her to focus. If Jaq is right and she's that needy for attention, it might even make her work harder! Harsh, but we have to be given the circumstances.

Also, we should really be getting back to the bunker. How long has it been?
>This Cat is almost certainly a not-cat,
You have no proof!

> wonder that it's only Yui and Angelina that have weird psychic stuff going on
Who knows? not you... it might be worth it to talk with others. Come to think of it, what were those students doing in this alley alone? One of them even survived.

>What if they have no clue what they're messing with?
No way! They are all professional teachers! Everyone is Very Professional, and nobody is cutting costs on anything! Find out~

>How long has it been?
It's been half a day since you were in the Bunker with Se-young. You left her in the Abandoned warehouse to repair the doors, and maybe try unlock old crates in search of equipment. This are going quite fast now.
Sorry for late replies, I'm quite busy traveling! hopefully our dearest Aby~ will cast her vote as well!
> Return and clean along with your friends - inform them what you found. [RES-1] ?/120
>Follow Jaq's orders, but maintain some contact.

Depends. Angelina might take our contact as a method to guilt trip us into working for her or take us on "field trips". If she is willing to bend the rules for us, she can use it to call in the teachers to get rid of us too. We just have to see how Angelinena reacts.
It has been half a day? It feels like weeks have passed since we saw our future wife. Hopefully we can get some normal conversation with her and spout the wonders of medicine.
Alright! Voting Closed!

Rolling Cleaning performance:
Jaq: 1d100-50 (physical frailty and Allergy, meh mood)
Alex: 1d100+40 (Jaq's frailty and Allergy)
Rolled 46, 75 = 121 (2d100)

Of course... Of course.
Hi~ not sure if I will update today, as I'm flying form place to place. although I will try. have a good one!
Have a good one too QM!
And don't worry, everyone forgets (or misinputs) the dice every so often~
Damn you in the mile high club? Noice.

Mods man. I don't know how they work.
>mile high club
I wish. nah, I'm just walking from place to place, but a lot.

>Mods man. I don't know how they work.
lul, me neither. I just rolled 1d100 and went manual from there...
that's partially why I elected to swap traits to work by lowering DCs instead. I keep the mods for the simplest rolls like those here... maybe I will just introduce different dices, or something.

Right now now Jaq rolled zero(0) and Alex 115, meanwhile you take the rest. Good boy Alex carries the team~
Update: Yeah, as I posted before - I'm back, but I'm beat. idk if it won't be another repeat tmrw...

anyways I'm returning home in two days, then it should be back to normal. of course I will try to get that update tho.
Update... Today, if the plans remain unchanged, I will be returning to the hotel late at night, meaning I won't be able to update. I'm sorry.

As I said, I'm returning tomorrow and will update as soon as I can. of course, like always, This is NOT flaking.
From reading the sticky, the main problem is that whatever this board is using for dice rolling only accepts one modifier, one with a plus, which is why negative numbers have to be entered as +-x. Why? Don't know! Fiddling with DCs directly is probably the way to go, and converting back and forth isn't so bad from experience.

Got it, and do enjoy your trip!
I am dying from the heat. Gib water.
File: Baaaaaaaaack~.jpg (63 KB, 626x626)
63 KB
> Got it, and do enjoy your trip!
thank you~! I can't wait for that BMan fic!!!

>I am dying from the heat. Gib water.
I can't Gib water, but I can gib something else... and update! in about an hour up to 2, as most of it is ready, but have some unpacking left to do! cya~
File: Library - North Wing.jpg (56 KB, 640x360)
56 KB
> Draw something recognizable in the dust of the row the cat when through and say aloud!
> Return and clean along with your friends - inform them what you found. [RES=58] 120/120 DONE!
> Follow Jaq's orders, but maintain some contact.

Peering out of the impromptu cover, you once again take in your surroundings. Don is gone, but the old birchwood planks of the platform remain sickend with dozen or so white, filthy chrysalises. Large, spider-like chrysalises, too, you mentally note.

Back home, you are quite certain, was a saying 'there is no smoke without the fire extinguisher'... Or was it just 'fire'? Anyways, it means there probably are spiders nearby. That, or some cocoon-weaving monsters, and in case of the latter, it's better to alert others, rather than go alone like some B-class horror movie protagonist serving herse- himself! on the silver platter to a den of monsters.

Yet, to leave Your Cat hanging like this is wrong!

"Well, I don't remember those movies anyways." You muse sardonically as you take the first, reluctant step back into the platform, eliciting a long creak. "Off to the monster den I go.."

Sneaking to the first cocoon is easy, but from up close you see that all of them connect to the sides of the bridge, the railing, and to each other with a series of linen strings. In effect creating an intricate pattern- but also an ankle-high roadblock.

Carefully, you step over the first line- to your relief the foul, fetid stench from before mostly evaporated.

The fifth line you pass with growing confidence, as the hall greets you with nothing.

You skip over the tenth, tittering. Landing gracefully on your left leg, leading to another hop - right leg, then left, both, right, left again.. Until with a dusty *puff* you land on the other side of the silken obstacle, both legs firmly on the ground, striking a fancy T-pose with glee. This place offers too little P.E classes! You think, brushing your pencil skirt from dust.


The atmosphere hits you first, reminding you where you are - the eerie north wing. The air here is heavy with rotting, old wood and paper, on top of the usual, even more overwhelming, dust. There is also something else... But you can't quite tell what it is, but it's certainly not pleasant.

Pinned back to reality like a nail, you fall to a kneel and frantically check for threats or movement. Finding none, you breath a sigh of relief. That stunt might have killed you! A lapse of concentration and you just started playing hopscotch carefree... as if your very life wasn't hanging on the line! as it could!

Focusing on the task, you sneak to the row in which you last seen Your Cat. Peering from behind the rough bookcase, you see a row of decrepit tomes - most with hard covers, and titles in swedish, or languages you don't know at all, but with *probably* Arabic or Chinese letters. There are doors at the very end, fueling the theory that both wings are symmetrical, at least from the outside.
There is lack of one thing, no matter how much you focus on finding It. Namely, there is not a trace of Your Cat, and the time ticks relentlessly, and the shadows close in too...

Not wanting to overstay your welcome, you crouch in the middle of the entrance and hastely start sketching the cat's head in the dust. "I'll come back soon Mr Don Fluffles! And don't worry, I can just follow the cat paw marks!" You whisper down the row, where a distinct cat paw marks lead... Right next to the door, and right into a wall.

'Yeah, They do it sometimes.' You think with a shrug, and get up to leave on the double. This time, you will pass the spider-floor-ballsack-tripwire-minefield with dignity and focus adequate to a boy like you, and not as a giddy teen girlie. At the very least, you won't let it sour your still uplifted spirits further.


Passing the southern wing offers a vastly different challenge. In it's tranquility and peace, a different kind of demon stalks you again - one of the coming future and it's questions. This time there is no Kitty to distract you.

Absentmindedly, your hand gently slides along the smooth, wooden railing, claiming it's dust as its own. From there and to the staircase is not a long trek by any means, but it might as well be infinite, as the day's events come crumbling down on you with the weight surpassing that of the wall near previous cave.

those files, the poison, the cave and grim confirmation of your worries, but that for later, when you can share with others.

Down below, Alex, with devotion befitting an overzealous maid, wipes the floor with a duster in one hand, and wet swab in another, occasionally sweeping a bead of sweat from his overworked forehead... Why is he doing it again? What is his connection to Jaq? Can you trust him, if yes, with what?

Meanwhile the blonde in question sits next to desk with your assignment, tissue in hand, all red on the face, and slowly sipping from an elegant, steaming cup. Surprisingly, maybe somewhat hypocritically, Angelina stands by her, and dots on her worriedly. Although Jaq seems not exactly pleased, with a frown as she looks at toiling Alex.

You will have to inform her about everything you seen... How did we even get here? How did Jaq became the president so fast? Were there even elections? Did you make a mistake by cutting yourself away from other students but your group and single-mindedly pursuing the goal of escaping?

A tired sigh leaves you. 'No, I didn't. If not it, Seo-young might be dead, and who knows what be of me, if I just follwed the same path as others?' You ponder, as the staircase draws near.

"But who is Seo-young exactly?" You mutter involuntarily. Yes, you did promise not to talk about it... But which past? You forgot your past pre-school, but not the one here. Did she mean all of it... Or only a certain part? What is she ashamed of exactly?

Suddenly, you almost trip as the staircase ends, and your movement misaligns with physical reality.
File: Jaq must hold on...jpg (8 KB, 322x157)
8 KB
Blissfully torn from the veritable torrent of questions, you see Angelina let go Jaq, and dash in your direction. Soon after, she almost takles you, and puts her hands on your shoulders. She starts checking you out head to toe. "Oh, I was so worried. Jaqueline seems sick, but are fine." She says as she pats away the dust from your attire and your dusted finger.

Of course, Angelina - the girl that's so obviously at odds with your objective, yet still is so nice, caring, and honest you can't help but pity her. She's even admitted her goal: to 'turn Jaq and Alex a new leaf', as hopeless as it probably is, because whatever she means, it's probably against what Jaq plans. And now, the cunning blonde wants you to ignore her completely - it makes sense, too, you can't deny it at all... But can you really? The one thing that you remember from before the school is that you were bullied; that terrible feeling of unjust hatred from others. Can you truly...

...No. You cannot do it, not completely, and it might be valuable to keep her as backup, too. Who knows what might happen, or what she knows, with her seemingly boundless connections-

"Aki, did something happen?!" Your overseer shakes you gently back to her material world. "Please, you can tell me anything." She asks, growing restless.

You won't ignore her - "No, sorry. I dozed off. Nothing happened. Just focused on making sure I checked everything." - But you also won't give her ground, you decide, shaking her off and returning to Jaq's side.

Hopefully it won't bite you... But won't anything bite you right now, really? It's truly a question of the lesser evil - and you've made your choice.

Relived, Angelina turns towards the exist. "I'm glad. Aki, could you please take care of your friend here. I will grab something for her sickness." She announces and rushes out, soon to be replaced by a guard entering in.

"I'm not sick." Jaq barks ignoring the guard, and taking a sip of her hot drink. "It's just a minor allergy... Did you see everything?"

Looking at her hunched, diminutive form, you crook your head, unconvinced. "Half an hour ago you said it's nothing... and yes, I've seen the files. But we have a problem - there is *something* out there too. Well, beyond the books, that is. Spider-like cocoons at the entrance to this side of the upper library." You say, pointing at the north wing with your thumb. "Knowing this place... it could be monsters." You add uncomfortably, while Jaq finishes her... Tea?

"You must have misheard. I said it's just an minor allergy. I can't be sick now." She says grimly and frowns. "We will discuss the *sneeze* files and strategy later. As for the cocoons? It's worring. They could be preparing an alibi. To get get rid of us and blame the monster boogie man if we step out of line."

"What do you mean 'They'? 'Alibi'? 'Boogie man'!?" You ask bewildered. Deep down, a fire stirs to life - did she just deny the existence of what literally killed you? She can't mean it...
Looking unamused at your reaction, she continues casually. "They - the authorities, Aki, or perhaps that hag Brüngger ensuring no loose ends? ...Don't tell me you actually believe that monster nonsense. I took you for the smarter than the masses."

You can't believe what she's saying... But she goes on, spewing her bullshit without shame. "Especially now, once the cat's out of the bag with their drug use. Worry about people behind it, Aki, not a fancy story to cover their tracks." She scoffs, pointing at the hardworking boy in the back.

"Assist Alex, Aki. Finish this so we can get over this charade for today, it's only the beginning. Judging by how eager Angelina was to get into my good graces, she will be there in a minute." She says weakly, but decisively, leaving you speechless in the process, but with inner fire exstingushed by sheer confusion - did she just reasoned the monsters out of existence?!

Flabbergasted, you obediently make your way to Alex, and ask for a broom - you are done, it's nice to be busy with cleaning, or at least with as little of it as it still remains.

Truly, Local Maid did a really good job, if only she knew how idiotic her mistress can be...!


What's the plan for work on the quota? You will work by default adding your 1d100, so too will Alex and Jaq. You will also discuss strategy coming forward. Angelina stays uselessly at her station, monitoring you most of the time.

Midday is over, currently Afternoon, working until evening.
What's your approach to work?
> While working, work dutifully. No penalties. [RES-2]
> While working, look over what you destroy, keep the interesting stuff. Q-10 [RES-2]
> [Aby] Like, no? Better to learn than destroy - Study medicine in secret. Q-50, 1d100, progress 0/300. [RES-3]

When opportunity arrises? Optional. Pick up to two(2).

> Ask how he fares. Complement his devotion and ask why. DC:25/70
> Tease him about being a maid~ bond over cleaning. 1d100
> Write in!

> [C] Convince Jaq she's fucking stupid blonde donkey, and monsters exist for real. DC:99
> Reason with Jaq. (Any arguments?) 1d100 DC:variable
> Show Jaq your scar, and explain gruesome truth about monsters. (Reveals you died)
> Inform Jaq about the cave you found with weirdly sweet aroma inside.
> Inform Jaq about Angelina's stated intentions... Promise be damned.
> Ask if Seo-young could move into the library. DC:50
> Ask about Jaq' relationship with Alex. DC:40/90
> Revenge Tease Jaq. Show you care and pamper her a little since she's so sick. Quota-10 for Jaq.
> Revenge Tease Jaq. Like above, but double team with Angelina. Jaq's reeeally sick. Quota-20 for Jaq.
> Write in!

> Ask Angelina to help you with the quota - she should set an example. DC:2
> Talk with Angelina about how she feels about everything. Jaq be damned.
> Wink playfully towards Angelina, show her you care in secret.
> Write in!

> Separate and check if Don moved anywhere.
> Search the south wing's interior.
Rolled 25, 4 = 29 (2d100)

> While working, look over what you destroy, keep the interesting stuff. Q-10 [RES-2]
> Ask how he fares. Complement his devotion and ask why. DC:25/70
> Talk with Angelina about how she feels about everything. Jaq be damned.
> Wink playfully towards Angelina, show her you care in secret.

Rolling for asking Alex and for Resistance.

Just caught up from reading the archive, and had some thoughts on how things can play out from here:

I'm unconvinced that participating in these exams is a very solid move.
With the strict time schedule we have, ensuring Se-Young's survival, creating a cure, and escaping all while trying to follow strict guidelines so as not to appear suspicious just doesn't seem realistic to me. Particularly when the staff of the school are ramping up the corruption to the point that including the daily 2% it'll increase by 8% to who knows how high daily unless it's stopped by someone, and there aren't many candidates that will end up pursuing that agenda. That development alone could be severely crippling to any of our operations, and if it's not hampered then that's basically just handing over the keys to Aki and killing Se-Young. We're losing too much resistance way too quickly, 6 resistance in just the period of time from talking with Angelina in the student council room til now, and while according to the timetable it's been only 3 timeslots to reach this point, that's only due to the cancellation of all the other activities, as originally it would've been 6 timeslots total. This time is way too precious a commodity. I propose that we prepare to skip out on further school participation after today, it's just too much if we want to really accomplish anything. Being stuck in the library for a few days is simply overly constricting and dangerous with the spiders, guard, and Angelina, when we could be arranging our weapons, sabotaging the acceleration efforts by the staff, and studying so we can make that cure, which'll be important for anyone we want to take with us and not just for Yui himself.

I also have a premonition that it's better to simply vanish rather than to keep pursuing this method, since it appears that our aberrant behaviours are beginning to become more well known, especially since we don't really socialize with anyone.

But otherwise, I'm plainly just not seeing the benefits to staying in school besides the obvious flying under the radar (while under constant supervision and therefore the same march to doom as if we didn't have our free will intact anyway).
Woah! I'm So-So Sooo Glad to see you back! Hope you enjoy it so far!

> daily 2% it'll increase by 8% to who knows how high daily
if my math is correct - and nothing is done at all - you will be a Good Girl in only three days, and with the final day of exams to enjoy as your new self!
I'm sure you will graduate without problems~

A thing to note: Corruption impacts everything - even in the deepest parts of the bunker you will be influenced by it's rise.

> This time is way too precious a commodity.
Sadly, it is.

Next update will be strategizing with the group, and there will be more information about what and how.

It's so nice to have you back, again!
Did spirit ate Aby and B-Man?! Oh no! Probably also punched their noses! NOooooo!

anyways, waiting for more votes...
Ah, a tragedy! I just realized you selected 3 options. I meant that you can pick up to two in general not two per person. Sorry for making it unclear.

Pick two options you see as the most adequate for now. The School doesn't explode after this, so you might still get more chances after for the options less important.
Hey spirit welcome back and also we do a discussion before voting and rolling as if we just pick our options we would vote for the one with the highest rolls. So for the honor system we discuss votes that we all agree on then roll.

So back to voting way keep some interesitng stuff as we might get glimpses of maps, info, or cure research and burn 2 RES. We can ask alex why he is loyal and revenge teae jaq that she is sick and maybe leverage it into dragging her to nurse for cure progress.
Ah, well in that case my current votes would be:
> While working, look over what you destroy, keep the interesting stuff. Q-10 [RES-2]
> Talk with Angelina about how she feels about everything. Jaq be damned.

Whoops, well, good thing my rolls weren't that high then.
If we revenge teased Jaq into going to the infirmary then would we have to use our one-time-use note to get in? Or could we use Jaq's clout as student council president to pass the guard?

Also, I'm a totally new player, sorry for not making that clearer.
I assume Angeline can follow us or deny the request if she knows the guards will deny us so we don't use up our note.
>would we have to use our one-time-use note to get in?
Nope! Traveling along with people in positions of power allows you to pass as if you yourself were in that position - unless that person denies your entry for some reason.

Kinda spoilers, but you will soon learn that anyways: The restrictions are discriminatory, and biological females are exempted from any such inconveniences - they are still warned tho. Therefore traveling with any biological female In Person allows you the same privileges.

The note you got from Natalie allows you to pass alone, and notes like this can be distributed only by 'officials', so any people of high ranking.

Be warned: getting caught doing things school disapproves of in restricted areas might get the person issuing you the note in some trouble.

And for the record, since it's a small thing: Alex is in the same position as you: Jaq's bitc- I mean 'official' assistant to the council, and can't help you pass by himself. He can ask Jaq, but that's it.

> I'm a totally new player
I'm Soo sorry to assume then... I've never hoped that we would get new people this far in. if that's the case I'm Even Mooore overjoyed that you found us~

But the question remains: DID YOU EAT BMAN? He owes us a fanfic or two, so he better not die... yet~!


>So for the honor system we discuss votes that we all agree on then roll.
It's a good system, but it slows down the pace... and my pace isn't that fast too. it would be flawless if everyone had enough time to vote/discuss consistently, like on mobile or something.
I think that I will revert to majority vote to avoid 2-3 day hiatuses.

In the democratic spirit we have here - have another, less pressing, vote:
What's your option? How should we proceed forward?
> Demos: Majority vote + time: two votes for the same things + 2-10 hours(or a night), then writing.
> Liberum Veto: All agree, unless one concedes their case, then writing.
> Write in!

It should be noted:
1. that no matter what wins, there will be votes - the most influential ones - in LV style anyways. I won't alter the whole quest's directon in a vote that lasted an hour or excluded somebody based on life's circumferences.
2. Myself, I lean towards demos, but only because I struggle with long hiatuses and it allows for shorter updates with more choices in the long run.

Have a good one~
Ive been thinking, and I've reached a conclusion that I will shut up and let you figure stuff out on your own. if you have a Question For Me, and not for others alone refer to me directly.

I'm really speaking too much. Have a good one~
Oh. Oh that's just precious~
Straight-faced science girl indeed~
Jaq's coping mechanism is as we've seen machiavellism, but in a wider sense it appears she fancies herself a realist. And as things start to go pear-shaped, she hangs onto her vision of the world. Just like Angelina does. Both will keep retreating into their own little bubble, just like Yui is at risk of doing. Jaq will keep pretending that monsters aren't scientifically possible, even as Alex gets killed by one in front of her, even as something that cannot exist in her world ends her. How tragic. I really thought she knew!
There's totally a trope out there with her name on it though! The self-assured scientist who cannot reckon with a new reality and just...breaks~

Like forcing Anglina to see the truth about the school, getting Jaq face to face with a monster would most likely break her at this point. Yui was flexible enough back then, and survival instinct did the rest. Dying may have actually helped with the psychosis. There was a passage from one world to the next. A new world where Yui has no past, and where monsters lurk below. Staying flexible is how he'll survive, methinks!

> While working, look over what you destroy, keep the interesting stuff. Q-10 [RES-2]
Who knows what we might find~! That's how we found an interesting journal all the way back!
BMan is curious, though this would matter less than finding the library's classification system along with a map. That would be a boon!

For the rest, I suppose exploration could wait, bu I'd like to hear Aby-anon's choices and ideas before we wander off.
The Jaq options are right off for reasons I just explained. This really isn't the moment to kick the foundations of her reality from under her, poor thing!
I'd be game for one exploration option and grabbing the Angelina quasi-freebie. unless Aby-anon wants to try and talk to Alex?

As for which exploration option, probably the south wing. Don Fluffle's tracks aren't going anywhere, and I'd rather tackle spiders once we have our illegal stuff back and maybe a weapon in hand. Fire is right out, obviously, so we'll have to see what we could use instead.

>thank you~! I can't wait for that BMan fic!!!
I fear it's going to be long, unwieldy and weird no matter what I do unfortunately.
Post your vote as a response to the vote post

Remember to roll for everything you want, and needs rolling + RES roll.

A small thing, but I think it would be preferable if you post all answers at once, even if you voted for it before. Thank you very much!

And remember to stay flexible in your perceptions~

(also votes on the way I'm to count votes would be appreciated, too)
Aby choice is burning 2 RES to get info during cleaning and talking to alex.

Spirit choice is work and burning 2 RES for info but talk to angelina

BMAN is burn 2 RES for info and talk to angelina so

Find info and talk to angela wins,
Rolled 23, 53 = 76 (2d100)

forgot to roll

> While working, look over what you destroy, keep the interesting stuff. Q-10 [RES-2]
> Talk with Angelina about how she feels about everything. Jaq be damned.
Rolled 58, 51, 51 = 160 (3d100)

Since numbers altering options are out of the picture, here are the finds~

1st. What do you find and liberate for yourself?
> 1!: Fashion Magazines... Curious~ [RES-2] + ???
> 2-20: Old newspapers, bad novels, and memos... Nothing valuable.
> 21-40: Newer, creased, but hideous brochure.
> 41-70: Older, torn, but ambitious brochure...
> 69!: 'Supplementary Lore Materials.' [RES-1]
> 71-99: 'Behind The Veil: Encyclopedia Of The Supernatural - Third Edition(Now with pictures!)'
> 100!: Are some facts better left unknown?
More things remain to be found in the pile of memories better left abandoned...

The quota question:
> 2nd. Jaq's performance: 1d100
> 3rd. Alex's performance: 1d100

>Spirit choice is work and burning 2 RES for info but talk to angelina
It's NOT spirit. A whole new player... Soon to be a new persona~ or a new quest, perhaps? Or not, who knows? ...Not us.

UPDATE: After posting this thread, I will start writing in 2-3 hours. hopefully everyone rolled ALL they could!
Rolled 19 (1d100)

>But the question remains: DID YOU EAT BMAN? He owes us a fanfic or two, so he better not die... yet~!
He may have consumed part of my brain while I wasn't looking, because I thought I remembered there not being any replies to that last vote when I posted, so that's why I
Glad we got another new player, somehow.
I mean, I guess I'll roll RES since there was a C option in there? Nothing else required dice, unless you want us to roll for these?
File: My bad...jpg (33 KB, 546x566)
33 KB
Rolled 73, 78, 54, 11, 2, 34, 51, 95, 2, 58 = 458 (10d100)



> While working, work dutifully. No penalties. [RES-2]
> While working, look over what you destroy, keep the interesting stuff. Q-10 [RES-2]
I haven't written that you need a d100 to see how you fare... great job me. I assumed I did, that's why I was so surprised that nobody rolled for how well it goes......... . . . . . . . . . . wow.

Truly Great job, me.

Anyways, it's 100% my bad for not telling you uto roll here, so I will reward you with 10 rolls for performance. Sorry for inconvenience.

idk what is this today, the heat, or what, but I just can't do shit today.

sorry, I will get my shit together tmrw. I know what I want to write, but the words just don't come, it's... infuriating.

Have a good one~ and sorry again...
It's okay, shit happens. Just take it easy and rest okay?
Absolutely. Fret not, I'm not flaking by any means. I'm gathering gae for tmrw~
The heat is killing us all this year.
Rolled 39 (1d100)

Rolling the C plague.
Update: Update is coming! 2-3 hours max.

there are lessons learned here, oh boy, there are. anyways it's my L for sure. poorly judged the amount of stuff I allowed to put into a single update... won't happen again.
>While working, look over what you destroy, keep the interesting stuff. [Q-10]
>Ask how he fares. Complement his devotion and ask why. [DC25/70:25 CLOSE SUCCESS!]
>Talk with Angelina about how she feels about everything. Jaq be damned.
> [T: Afternoon]
> [RES: 58-2=56]
> [Quota: You(95-10=85), Jaq(51), Alex(51) = 187/200]
--- New HUD! Progress~

A cacophony of jagged, whirling blades echoes throughout the library's vast chambers as you slam yet another old newsletter down the shredder's hatch. Around you, obstructing most of the library, lies your today's quota - a wall made out of a few dozen of cardboard boxes marked with a red 'X'. Dust from before, now gone, replaced with a elusive whif of irritating smoke.

This is your task; your 'community service'. But the obnoxious reeving of the engines, awareness it won't stop anytime soon, and especially it's repetitive nature do nothing to quench the confusion and subsequent fire from before. Scratch that, they make it all worse. You can pay attention to only so many useless magazines, love letters, or random novels with insufferably long titles before your mind drifts away back to the nagging question...

...Are you being melodramatic?

A single offshoot comment of Jaq's set your blood ablaze with how utterly stupid it was. How could she expect you to trust her, if she doesn't believe in obvious monsters? How exactly all this is supposed to be explained by drugs and some hidden, unknown guard force?

With a huff, you peer over the veritable towers of boxes stacked upon each other, kinda like 'O's Tower-Throne, sperating each of you - a purposeful design of Jaq' to enable minimal visibility for Angelina, without rising too much suspicions - and furtively stalk Jaq. Her pace is steady and collected, as she seems deep in thought, focused on keeping pace with Alex operating the furnace.

How can she be so calm after impling that what you went through was nothing more than a form of advanced, drug induced illusion...? That all those gnashing teeth... The feeling of your flesh giving way... The fall... Senses fading away...

...That all of this didn't happen? Is it really more probable for her that it was just an elaborate illusion? That your death and revivial didn't really happen? That your bravery and pain was nothing?

It can't be right. You know what you've seen. Your senses DID NOT lie to you! ...If not this, who would you even be? A drug junkie with no memory of anything?

She's stupid. Monsters are real, and it's no psyop. Jaq can be smart, but she's not infallible. She lived a different life; she rules above ground. It's only natural for her to be sceptical of such matters, she's just realistic... But you know better. She would too, if she felt what you felt back the-

A hand grasps your shoulder. "Madam, are you alright?" Alex's concerned voice shakes you.

"Y-yes... I am. Owie." You moan in pain, and clutch your aching arm. The shredder whirrs menacingly, clogged with paper. "Damn."
"Save your strength... It's only the beginning." Jaq says sagely, from her station. Then adds. "Help her unclog it."

Nodding, Alex cracks his shoulders, and leans over you. He tries his hand on the problematic contraption, but after a moment of fruitless stuggle, he whips out... Oh.

Your eyes widen when you see him hold a knife right over your head! - No, not just a knife, but an ornate, silver switch blade. You have no idea from where he pulled it out of at all. Promptly, he shoves it down the hatch, and after a few, careful thrusts, the deed is done.

"Umm... thank you."

Hiding his weapon into his suit, he responds (and you breath a sigh of relief). "No problem, madam. I hope it wasn't too sudden, I mean the knife." Rubbing the back of his messy, black hair, he adds sheepishly. "When I'm tired, I sometimes act without consideration."

"Eh, no problem." You say, and he returns to his seat, leaving you, once again, alone with- "Wait, Alex!" You blurt out a little too loudly, garnering everyone's attention, including Angelina behind her counter.

Embarrassed, you scamper to his seat, and lean on the boxes, as if nothing happened. He can come in useful, you think. Maybe even answer one of the other questions looming over you... Really, anything will do.

"Anything else?" He asks, as he puts another mangled mess of papers into his small furnace.

"Actually, yes. How do you fare?"

"Alright, madam. No reason to worry. I'm tougher than I look." He says, smiling apologetically. Yet you can see him breathing labored breaths.

"I bet you are." You say feigning ignorance, but then whisper. "I find your devotion truly admirable, but... I can't help but keep questioning, why? Why would you push yourse-"

Suddenly, he silences you with a finger. Leaning closer, he whispers back sternly, with not a trace of his usual regality present. "That's enough. I get what you mean... And I agree. It's about time for someone to do something, before any irreparable damage is dealt."

Feeling him squeeze your arm, you whimper. "D-do what? W-what damage?"

Alex sneaks a look past you, and towards others. Full of life, or adrenaline, again. "But not here." He seethes. "I will answer your questions the next time we are alone, you deserve that much. Until that time, please, don't do anything rush... Madam."

With that said, he returns to his menial task. Satisfied, albeit a little worried, you return to your own. Guess, it's serious enough for him to open up - that's an information in by itself too, you think.


Afterwards, you continue your part, albeit still faster than the rest - it's easier like it. Outside of the engines and tearing paper, the library remains quiet. With nothing better to distract yourself, you keep furtively searching for anything interesting in the rubble you are meant to destroy.
As time goes on, the theory that your group is involved in a covert evidence destroying shakes and trembles beneath countless, non-incriminating rubble.

Maybe the others fare better? You think, when you drop a tome by an accident. Falling with whoosh, it hits the edge of the desk, your thighs, and lands wide open on the ground.

Dismayed, you hunch and reach for it when a particular, old and waned, but futuristic looking sapphire-white and silver bookmark lies inside.

Looking around for any onlookers - Jaq in particular - you pick the book up. Sliding the sheet out, you find it's not just a fancy bookmark, but some kind of brochure. Turning it overleaf a few times, you inspect it's curious design - it shows silhouette of a man with multicolored skies in the background. Quite generic, but when you read the headline written in a font straight out of sci-fi-

'Project 'RIFT': Convergence Bridges Dreams and Future.

- It piques your attention. On the double you tear the book it came from. It's a random novel with, of course, waaay to long a title to care for, so you shove it right into the shredder to cover your tracks. As the whirr permeates the chamber, you start reading.

'For millennia humanity was bound by invisible shakles of rules; rules we never dared to challenge. As our peak, we imagined ourselves capable of understanding; it's time to rise this bar, time to imagine a new scale for civilization, together with us, Project 'RIFT'.
Invest today into the future of our dreams. Official reveal of groundbreaking 'RIFT-0', as well as 'RIFT-1' to '9', for public and private sector will be led by one and only, Doctor W.H. Br-'

Disappointingly, After that, there is a large, mostly circular stain form black fluid. Meh, someone used it as a stand for coffee, and a good few decades ago, too.

As you stare at the dilapidated brochure, someone gently pokes you on your forehead - and you don't need to look up to know who exactly that is.

"Hello, Aki!" Your overseer greets you, leaning on the boxes for support, smiling evily. "What are you doing~?"

"A-angelina I..." You stammer.

"Boop~" You blink as you are poked again. "If you are tired, tell me... Don't just stop, oh, and don't do that again, please." She coos, and guides your hand so that the brochure nears the shredder.

Gasping, you steady your hand in defiance, and meet her gaze with pleading eyes... You can't lose a clue now!

To your surprise, Angelina relents and quickly puts in a different sheet of paper instead. "Let it be a lesson." She says seriously, as the machine roars to life. Content, she skips back to her spot at the counter, leaving you stunned in place.

Shaking back into reality, you hide the brochure in your jacket's inner pocket, just in time when both Alex and Jaq peer curiously from behind their walls of cardboard.

"Are you alright, madam?"

"Whatever you did... Keep doing it, just don't get caught." Jaq says, intrigued. "But don't slouch on the quota."
File: Friends?.jpg (197 KB, 1920x1080)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Did Angelina just covered for you? You think, as your eyes meet with Jaq, who smiles your way. "Consider yourself kissed." She whispers, faking a quick kiss. Then she flops behind the makeshift wall.

"This again. Honestly, damn you Jaq, and your manipulations tok." You mutter to yourself, previous anger resurfacing - you won't be won over by a faux kiss!

Actually... since the brochure is safe, maybe you can thank Angelina in some way - it could also show Jaq you've got teeth.

Smirking, you get up from your station. "I need a moment, my hands are throbbing from those shredders." You say, shaking your hands to prove your point as you make your way past the cramped desks, and towards your merciful overseer.

As you approach, the raven haired beauty stops fiddling with something beneath her desk, and looks at you with slight curiosity. "Umm, did something happen?"

Smiling genially, you wave a 'no'. "Just wanted to see how you hold up, really." You say, and sneak a peek behind where Jaq looks on with her tiny brow rised quizzically.

"How I... Hold up?" She repeats, incredulous. Then her eyes drift to the blonde. Increasingly worried she whispers. "Did Something happen with your friend? Do you need help?"

"No, I really mean it. With all that happened, I want to know how you deal with it." You reassure her. She really didn't expect to actually be approached, eh?

Still a little on edge, she frowns a little. "It's... Complicated. It's horrible what happened, but one of the girls survived this brutal assault. I think we should focus on the positives first." As she says it, her frown deepens. "I didn't do anything to help those in need, too. I know its alright to be afraid, but sometimes I think I could assist others better if only I was more brave... maybe things would have been different, for all of us." She muses the last part dreamily.

You nod in faux thought, and Angelina moves on, now a little more upbeat. "Thankfully, Jaqueline did her part."

"She did what, exactly?" You ask, eyebrow raised, and look back where Jaq revvs up her shredder, still looking your way.

Clapping her hands, Angelina cocks her head happily. "She rushed in and informed the guards to carry the poor girl to the female infirmary, beacuse its better equiped! ...Although I wouldn't know, I always have Ms. Müller look after me whenever I feel bad, and never been here."

You nod skeptically - no way Jaq did that out of the goodness of her heart. "Well, I'm glad you are alright." You say and turn around to leave, but feel a little tug at the bottom of your pencil skirt.

"Aki, your friends don't want you to speak to me, right?" She whispers, worriedly looking around at judgmental Jaq, peering above her wall of boxes across the room. "W-why are you doing this?"

"Honestly, just beacuse I want to. They can't tell me what to do."
"If you want to be friends... If you can be friends... I'm organizing a party, for me and my friends. Tomorrow at the beginning of the night, would you like to come?" She announces quietly, but with heartfelt determination.

"A party, you say..." You mutter. "Isn't it curfew by then?"

"It is... But we do it often, it's really fine. A girls night out. Umm, you know, like games, maybe tests of bravery, spooky stores, or... Intimate discussions, doing each other's make-up." She trails off, and her cheeks redden. "It's a good way to make lasting bonds, to learn about others, or to just have fun? What do you think? If you could, maybe invite your friends too?"

"And where do you want that 'party'?" You ask genially, for information more so than anything.

Thinking a moment, she looks around and over the...

"...The Library!? Isn't it off limits at night?"

"...or our dorm. I'm not sure about it yet. So what do you think? Feel free to invite anyone you want." She tugs a little harder on your skirt, and looks at you doe eyed.

A party? Seriously. A girl's night too - in other words a sleep over. Surely it doesn't make any sense for you to join in. "...How many people?" You ask reluctantly.

Mulling it over, she plays with a loose strand of her hair, evidently trying to figure you out. "...And with how many would you be comfortable with? It could be just us, and anyone you want to invite. I hope I could trust you." She says, looking pointedly at your friends again.

Are you really interested? A girl's night... oh, boy. A year ago you would *probably* be excited beyond measure for such an invitation, and now you would be going as the girl. Ah, life.

So what will it be?
> Hard pass. You aren't a party person.
> You will pass, but encourage their initiative. Maybe you can use it.
> You are in, and you will try to talk your friends into it.
> She can trust you, vow to protect her! Go without Angelina's friends - You will gather people yourself. 1d100,DC50 [RES+1]
> You are in... But just the two of you. 1d100,DC80
> You aren't decided yet. Later, maybe?
> They should cancel it entirely, it's not safe. 1d100,DC20
> Write in!

Where should the girls host their party?
> Stay in Angelina's dorm, safer.
> Offer your own dorm...
> Library seems interesting, especially at night.
> Write in!

Any excuses for Jaq? (Might be useful...)
> None. She asked you to, but you disagree.
> Write in!

Any questions for Angelina?
> Vow to protect Angelina anyways. [RES+1]
> What are you fiddling with under that desk?
> Show the Sci-fi brochure.
> Ask if she can help with the quota.
> Explicitly confirm you are friends.
> Ask about her effeminate friends.
> Write in!

Not enough time passed for passive RES drop.
I'm sorry for an update of lesser quality, but due to combination of many factors - mostly the density of plot points and length - it's overtly rushed in every single direction meanwhile.... ok it's just bad, sorry, I'm afraid another day of rewirites will do too much damage, so let's just go forward with better, smarter options that don't push 7 different plot-points at once.

As I said before, a rookie QM mistake, wont happen again, hopefully. Have a good one~
>passive RES drop
aaaaaa losing so much RES

> Hard pass. You aren't a party person.
>Jaq write-in: "I have teeth too and my own plans after all I need to have a backup plan when I am not useful to you anymore."
>Angelina ask for small talk and any sights from the school

Okay guys I say hard pass on the party as we are on a timer to destroy corruption nests. For jaq we can say we have teeth too and our own plans. For angelina aaaa don't vow to protect her as she is too indoctrinated and I doubt the cure would fix her. We are in it to get us, nurse, seo ying, and maybe black market dealer out of the bunker. These three choices sound good for the time being as we are on a time crunch.
1. Small adjustment to the pace - Pledging to protect now has [RES+3], as it's a large, traditionally masculine vow. Hence:
> She can trust you, vow to protect her! Go without Angelina's friends - You will gather people yourself. 1d100,DC50 [RES+3]
> Vow to protect Angelina anyways. [RES+3]

2. A small question:
> 'Project 'RIFT': Convergence Bridges Dreams and Future.
Is that part visibly blue? I started this thread late to ensure I can use fonts with my usual IP. if it doesn't work I will be one angry boi.

3. A stupid fact: Yesterday, I also believed I could fit the strategy meeting in there, great job me. Anyways, have a good one~
Interesting update. So it seems as though while Angelina may not be absolutely and completely unsalvageable, but the danger she poses is definitely still extant.
It may not be totally worth it to try and fully align with her, but it could also be a key to a good ending due to with her favor in the eyes of the staff.

Since the party is tomorrow, I think it may be somewhat reasonable to tell her that we'll bring our own companions and attend with Se-Young to see how Angelina responds, and if it's hosted in the library then we'll also be able to check out the anomaly that Don Fluffles presented to us inside. If the meeting goes well, we could develop a well-defined escape plan, and try to take the people we want out with us the next day, and if the meeting doesn't go well, then we could maybe just get rid of Angelina.

If she vanishes Ms. Brüngger would have it out for Jaq, Alex, and us, but since it'd be on the final day of graduation, I'm not sure how much import it would have with all the other operations the facilitators may have going on.

I'm not sure straight up telling her we're preparing to separate from her is the most coherent strategy. Wouldn't just keeping our head down while plotting quietly be a bit better?

As for me playing a persona, I have a couple half-baked ideas for some personas, but I'm not sure if I want to add to splitting Yui's psychology down any further than it's already been.
Duh! I hope there will be votes so can start updating today. tomorrow I might be quite busy.

> As for me playing a persona, I have a couple half-baked ideas for some personas, but...
Come on, Yui need more predators, now that Aby aims at studying and Aki is somewhat pacified, for now~ hehe sooooon~

>since it'd be on the final day
I'm not sure if I communicated it poorly, but the whole thing lasts 5 days. 4 exams and ceremony at the end.
> 1.day - Today, first day of examinations.
> 2.day - Examinations.
> 3.day - Examinations.
> 4.day - Examinations.
> 5.day - Graduation ceremony.

Of course, you can solve the mysteries faster, and escape too.
Angelina is just soo dangerous and we have little time to destroy the corruption nests and need cure progress or we will never survive. Also those RES recovery is a trap option as we will be forced into protecting Angelina when we should be focusing on saving seo young.

Also true better to plot in the background so we need a new write in for Jaq. Where BMAN? We need his bman ness.
Also noooo last time we involve Seo young she got hunted and ousted from her position and hunted down. We are not doing another meeting like that again as angeline will hunt us.
My bman-ness had us crit-fail the fake papers on the first use, so not sure what you're expecting!
Just because he knows how to blend into the crowd doesn't mean he likes them or is a people person. He'd be so much happier and useful being given a bag of C4, a bunch of various trigger and told "make them afraid to sleep", but alas, no such luck. And part of the point of the pet project is to challenge himself a little too! Not so fun fact: he and his brothers suffer from a chronic lack of proper "Face" archetypes and masks, leading to some unsavory deals with outside entities being needed to supplement their charisma. Nasty business.

I'll make a proper reply tomorrow, Sunday evenings are always busy here. I'm not exactly in favor of this whole party business, or trying to salvage Angelina, or most of the student body for that matter. That would require perfect maneuvering and is most likely closed to us at this point. If it makes Yui feel better, coming up with a "cure" for the anomalous part of what's happening to them could be the first step on the road to turning the others back. If they want to, that is. But escaping with his psyche intact takes priority.;
Alright, let's see.
I have to agree, those +RES options would tie us down far too much. Angelina is still a risk rather than an opportunity, if only from how much attention is on her. Our time would be better used thwarting the school's plans so we don't lower our RES further.
> You will pass, but encourage their initiative. Maybe you can use it.
> Library seems interesting, especially at night.
Why not hard pass? It'll be gossip central. If we want to find out what the school is doing to increase school corruption, Angelina's social network is a pretty good bet. And setting it on the library does mean we could eavesdrop. Or even score points with Angelina should anything happen. It'd be cheap, but hey! Also, a bunch of curious girls (male) having fun during a sleepover is all but guaranteed to find a couple of secrets about this place, it's pretty much tradition.
And BMan wants/needs that library mapped out.
>What are you fiddling with under that desk?
I can't resist~

Scope creep is a bitch, and so is decision paralysis on the other side of the table.
Today I'm incredibly busy, so feel free to discuss everything. will update tomorrow.

>and so is decision paralysis on the other side of the table.
I've been thinking of making smol posts to reduce the amount of options needed, but I'm afraid that with 1-2 days of getting the votes it will literally stall us forever, or I will have to rush too fast. dunno will try that with the next update.
Well, that's why I suggested that we could get rid of Angelina if she reacted badly. The idea was to expose that we're taking the things we're saying and doing very seriously by exposing our ongoing involvement with Se-Young, and to try to get Angelina to see our side of things.
Of course not having that meeting at all would remove the possibility of Angelina reacting negatively that way altogether sooo *shrug*

I like bman's votes, so I'll go with them.

> You will pass, but encourage their initiative. Maybe you can use it.
> Library seems interesting, especially at night.
> What are you fiddling with under that desk?
Alright, there is a majority. I will wait two more hours for Aby to maybe catch up, while I finish a few more things. Given his vote timings it's unlikely, but at least I will update with clear conscience.
Update! I just returned home! I promise I will update today. As promised it will be a shorter update to test the waters, so that should be fine!
I should really avoid making promises... it's mostly ready but I don't want to normalize poorer quality, so I will tune it up tomorrow~
> You will pass, but encourage their initiative. Maybe you can use it.
> Library seems interesting, especially at night.
> What are you fiddling with under that desk?

I support the hivemind collective choice. Now next order of business do we blow off seo yung and map the library or take her with us to help clean libraries corruption nest. If we do we have to commit to killing them all if we are spotted.
> You will pass, but encourage their initiative. Maybe you can use it.
> Library seems interesting, especially at night.
> What are you fiddling with under that desk?
> [D1: Late Afternoon] (Day 1 of examinations, current time)
> [RES:56] (Current RES)
> [SC:42%, Threat:+26%] (Current corruption %, estimated rise at the end of the day)

Silence befals gold-basked chamber as the sounds of mechanical reeving dies down. Across the room, Jaq relents her gaze and moves on to assist Alex with the furnace - with her mind made up, you bet. At least you can laugh as the tip of her blonde tresses barely protrudes above the wall of - now mostly empty - cardboards... Damned skeptical shortie.

More pressingly, sitting ahead of you in a small lodge of her own, your overseer awaits her answer - almond-shaped eyes wide, and eyelashes fluttering like fine fans in an act of naive hope.

But you have to break in the news. "I will pass. I'm sorry." You finally say, and Angelina sighs heavily, then nods. You aren't really a party person, but the whole ordeal does sound interesting. Or at the very least, holds potential, so hastily you add."But I think it's a good idea, over all! This library sure is interesting, and at night, too? I think you will be having a lot of fun."

You might be on the different sides of this conflict, but you don't want to hurt her anymore than you have to. That's probably Jaq's task, hopefully she won't scorn you both for this too much.

"Yes, it sure is..." She finally says, and looks away, in surprising shame. "I knew you wouldn't want to... I'm sorry, for being so pushy all of a sudden, and all that."

"Eh, it's fine." You say, and shrug. It's nice to talk to honest people, sometimes. But there is one more thing that piqued your curiosity.

Casually, you lean on the verge large counter, catching the still brooding Angelina by surprise, and making her look up again. "But I've been meaning to ask." You say, pointing down with your free hand. "What were you fiddling with down there?"

"Down... Here?" She asks quizzically, following your instructions. Then realization hits her like a monster. "Ah, you've seen?"

"You were... hiding 'it'?" You say, bordering on pity and incredulity in equal measure.

"No! I just... no, it's the surprise for the party."

Hiding your disappoinment at the revelation, you press further. "But what is 'it', exactly?"

Thinking for a moment she whispers. "It's-" but stops midway, and furtively looks around. Upon seeing Alex keeping Jaq busy, she goes on. "Aki, do you remember when I told you this library predates the nation itself?"

Intrigued, you lean in closer, and Angelina beams in turn, happy she's got your attention, at least that's what you think. "I sure do. Go on..."
File: Not a Word to Jaq!.jpg (44 KB, 640x360)
44 KB
"Well, many years ago, it looked widely different to what you see today, much more decrepit and... Scary. But the place changed hands a few decades ago, and the new owners wanted to renovate it and make it a beautiful crown jewel of their organization, and to store their findings and technology for all to see. Overtime, most of the findings were moved elsewhere, but the technology remains..." She says in a tone of someone revealing their most precious secret, then promptly, dives beneath the desk. Following with the muffled, but excited whisper. "Come, Aki. Take a look!"

Now full-on curious, you grab the edge of the desk for support and hunch beneath the large furniture, and see-

Well, Angelina, holding and proudly displaying... A loose, squarical electrical panel? It's brimming with three prominent, but small toggle-switches in the middle, a few colorful buttons at the sides, and a tiny red light at the top. Looking at the side of the birch table reveals a hole exactly in the panels size and shape. From within several dozens blue, brown and green cables stick out, with only a few actually connected to the mysterious panel. On the ground are also several screws, all put neatly in a line, as well as a small screwdriver with a cute pink handle.

"What is it?" You ask leaning in closer. "What does it do? How do you know all this?"

Smiling smugly, she flicks one of the switches playfully. Of course, nothing happens. "It's one of the control units~ They control the various contraptions installed within this library!" She nearly squeals, and points up. "If I manage to turn it on, we will be able to display the nights sky instead of the usual lights for our party! Imagine the night's sky full of stars, Aki! It would be so beautiful! And so moody too! That's why I think we should host our party here... and why I wanted you and your friends to go as well. I bet you and Alex could scare us and Jaq out of our minds during the courage test!"

Skeptical, you frown. "I'm really happy for you, and I appreciate the thought, but does it do anything else?"

"Oh, probably... Why?" She says, deflating rapidly. Normally, you would be more considerate, but being seen with Angelina under your desk by Jaq is something you would rather spare yourself from.

"Nevermind that. You actually know how to make it work? Honestly, not something I would expect from a school princess."

Blushing lightly, she murmurs. "Uh, my dad always told me tales about his otherwordly technical marvels and facts. He really wanted to make me interested, but..." She slowly shows you a hand - on some of her fingers there are small red stab marks. "...I try my best."

Sighing, you proffer her a hand - you should really get going. With your help, she sits back on her chair, and forces a small smile.
File: Spoiler Image (61 KB, 750x422)
61 KB
"If you change your mind, feel free to speak to me anytime. I will always welcome you in! I'm sure my friends will accept you and your friends, too. Even Jaqueline..." she says, but trails off at end, and looks down in discomfort. "And thank you for being there for me, you are really a good girl, Aki."

"No problem..." You say dismissively, turning in the direction of the central desks, where Jaq and Alex seem to finish their conversation as well.

As you start to walk back, you are poked in the shoulder, and Angelina continues again. "Aki, It's almost evening, and I need to make a report for the teachers. No need to worry, you all behaved like angels, especially with what happened, I give you all my A+..." She says, smiling weakly, but then her expression darkens. "However, I will be taking the guard with me. Maybe you should go with me as well?" She says, and hesitantly looks at your friends. "Friends are precious, Aki, but are you really sure they are your friends? You don't look happy with them at all."

Sensing the change in the mood, you think of what to say, but this time, her expression is serious, a stark contrast to her usual overtly emotive self. Kinda like back in class, you think.

What should you do? It's about time for 'strategy meeting' with Jaq and Alex, but can you trust them... Or should you go with Angelina? What is all of their deal?
> Go back to Jaq and Alex. Forget the slights and be cooperative durning the meeting.
> Go back to Jaq and Alex. Jaq knows what you think of her - press her to explain as much as possible.
> Go back to Jaq and Alex. Try to amend the sides - Angelina can be a valuable asset.
> Go with Angelina. Talk about her past on the way.
> Go with Angelina. Ask what she thinks about the school
> Go with Angelina. Ask if she knows about the 'graduation's real purpose.
> [Aki] Skip along with Angelina. Forge a bond between girls! [RES-2]
> Write in!

Optional, max one:
> Tell Angelina you are her friend.
> Tell Angelina you need protection from Jaq.
> Tell Angelina you've changed your mind about the party.
> Tell Angelina you won't go to the party for sure.
> Apologize to Jaq for your superstitious ways.
> Apologize to Jaq for maintaining contact with Angelina.
> Warn Jaq monsters are real again. 1d100
> Give Angelina the sci-fi brochure.
> Vow to protect Angelina. [RES+3]
> Conclusively side with Jaq. Her ambitions are yours. [RES+2]
> Write in!
I'm stupid:
Other main options, forgot to copy.
> Brave it all Alone. Go to Jaq and Alex - They aren't your friends, and so isn't Angelina. [RES+1]
> Brave it all Alone. Go with Angelina - She isn't your friend, and neither are Jaq and Alex. [RES+1]

optional option:
> Give Jaq the Sci-fi brochure.
Also, a small note, since it's been a while since I've asked it (as threads got archived) - do you see any issues with the writing so far? any problems you see and would like to see gone? It's purely optional, of course.
> Write in!

And second, beacuse I'm Very Petty. Does *Anyone* remember this *particular* post~
> I am however worried about you of all anons being in charge, as I figure you would likely steer the mc in a, shall we say, specific direction. I think Wuxian did a pretty good job in allowing us to clash without too much heavy favoritism, and I am questioning your ability to do the same.

Did I prove myself as an unbiased QM? or maybe, just maybe, not really? hehe :3
If I was a good QM so far, please consider rating (optional... or maybe not?):
> *Headpat* Good QM, Good~ *Headpat*
> *reluctant Headpat* There is still way to go, QM...
> *fakes a Headpat* >:) *walks away*
> *Bonk* Cringe QM! Bad.

Of course, Thank you too, for sticking with me this far~
Writing is good as every character seems alive and doing their own plans. Makes it very hard trying to pick the best option and balancing exploitation and secrets.

Aby had to make sure she kept your horny in check. So
> *reluctant Headpat* There is still way to go, QM...
One pat and no higher!

Oh right the vote. Hmm, I say we press on Jaq for more info as we need to know if she will take the nest corruption seriously or not. We have very little time to spend trying to make her see reason.

For the optional hide the sci-fi brochure. I can't think of something for the optional as we both want to give the brochure to anyone.
>One pat and no higher!
Thanks~ I will work hard to earn more!

>Aby had to make sure she kept your horny in check.
She who fights (Gae)Monsters should look into it that she herself won't become a (gae)monster~ And when you gaeze into gae long enough... the gae gaeze back~

Although, it's still hard to believe that I all those months, this quest is still less gae than mere three lines in any of the previous fanfics I wrote here.
>Well, many years ago, it looked widely different to what you see today, much more decrepit and... Scary. But the place changed hands a few decades ago, and the new owners wanted to renovate it and make it a beautiful crown jewel of their organization, and to store their findings and technology for all to see.

BMan: *spits congealed blood* ...aaaargh...let's hope there's still some of the old stuff left somewhere...

> Go back to Jaq and Alex. Forget the slights and be cooperative durning the meeting.
As long as those slights are just her not believing in monsters and being overly machiavellian . It's not worth getting heated over.

None of the extra options appeal to me, so is the divorcing ourselves form everyone options. Too soon, and we never know what might go down. Also, they're not including Se-young so I'm even more iffy taking Yui down that path.
Besides, we're going to need people to stem that daily SC bump.

>Oh right the vote. Hmm, I say we press on Jaq for more info as we need to know if she will take the nest corruption seriously or not. We have very little time to spend trying to make her see reason.
I'm not certain she'll ever be able to accept it gracefully, especially within the school. Such is the plight of Realist archetypes. Most do not survive the crumbling of their world unharmed...
As cold as it is, leaving Jaq to her delusions until it is far too late at least should help her stay operational and helping us, however indirectly.

Does *Anyone* remember this *particular* post~
*squints* Glad to see it stuck with you all this time, QM~!
BMan cannot resist a cute girl(male) asking for headpats.
> *Headpat* Good QM, Good~ *Headpat*
You have been keeping it fairly balanced so far, though BMan is obviously saddened that Aki doesn't seem to want to play nice with everyone else. Remember, pull together everyone~!

>Oi, when's that 5-post omake coming you hack!
Whenever I get the last shreds of motivation ready to polish up some details and make an actual tl;dr for it, and whenever QM takes another update break so I don't throw off anyone overmuch. You know it's most likely not going to be any good, right, you disembodied voice you~?
So be cooperative and don't bother with relying on them for help? Fuck that means we have to grab seo-young and clear the nests ourselves and find some gas masks to help resist. Maybe we can use the nest samples to help the cure research?

Yo yellow what do you think?
I think you all are due a little explanation.

In this case, returning means you, Alex and, of course, Jaq, will discuss strategy coming forward alone. you will discuss the general strategic situation, other players, each of their perspectives etc. Going with Angelina means visiting the teachers lounge and being seen with her by the staff.

Those options are more about Yui's psychology - being cooperative means you will put some trust in Jaq's reasoning, and take what she tells you without prying further. Meanwhile the latter challenges Jaq for more info, and is generally more snarky about Jaq's reasoning.

Worth noting that she was speaking with Alex right now, and that can influence her decisions - the first option might yeld more than the latter, if the *my* roll is right.

no matter who h choice, you will have decisions to make by the end of the meeting, so it's more about what you will get to work with by that time.
Well, we still don't exactly know what's causing the rapid corruption increase. My guess would be those machines the guards were carrying around are partially if not wholly involved in it. I'm not sure we can rely on Jaq or Alex, even if Alex seems to be coming around to talking more with us. However, keeping up a veneer of cooperation has the possibility that we'd be shielded from having Jaq's ire targeted towards us in any machinations she decides to carry out. I think Se-Young is reliable, and she is someone we can definitely state that we are friends with, but she's still just one person in the end. Right now we don't really know what kind of pull Jaq actually has since we haven't gone around cavorting with many of the other students lately, so trying to rely on their schemes to attempt and undermine the faculty's scheming is a bit of a gamble, while Angelina has been quite actively social in a way that we're certain about. This would put her lower estimated potential manpower resource higher than the unknown that Jaq's is, but the issue with that is convincing all of them that they need to help us hunt down and remove things. It may be possible to use some sort of pretext at the party to influence the attendees that they need to help removing the corruption sources for the good of all the people inside the school, but that's just an example of such a possible manipulation.

I think if we don't get either Jaq's mysterious connections or Angelina's known connections to work for us without excessive suspicion, that it will become very difficult to hunt down all the corruption enhancers daily while also plotting and planning. Even if we include Se-Young, we're still just two people, and there's only so much two people can do. So from what I can determine, it depends on if we just want to escape, if we want to escape with Se-Young, if we want to escape while salvaging as many people as possible, and if we want to do all that while creating a cure simultaneously.

So I think I'll go with:

> Go back to Jaq and Alex. Jaq knows what you think of her - press her to explain as much as possible.
> Tell Angelina you are her friend.

To keep our options of whether we want to decide that what Jaq proposes is a good plan, which I doubt considering her ambitions to rule down here rather than leave, and to attempt at watering the shrub of friendship that we've sorta neglected with Angelina, by somewhat avoiding her thus far, and possibly paving a way to garner goodwill in any subsequent attempt at persuading her.

> *reluctant Headpat* There is still way to go, QM...

I chose this simply because it's not the highest option, no getting a big head, there's always more to improve on.
That being said, you've been very fair and consistent with the setting and characters, which is crucial for quests, and I've been enjoying it and having fun, so to me you're doing pretty good.
File: Thank you~.jpg (197 KB, 850x1133)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Update: Today I'm quite busy, and will be leaving again in an hour. It also seems like there is no winning option yet and all the previous votes were before the clarification, so I will leave it open and start writing tmrw morning.

in order for the optional option to pass, I will assume two votes to be enough. Although, feel free to tell me if you are against it.

>I've been enjoying it and having fun, so to me you're doing pretty good.
Thank you kindly and I'm glad you enjoy! Wise words, too.
> *reluctant Headpat* There is still way to go, QM...
> *Headpat* Good QM, Good~ *Headpat*
> *reluctant Headpat* There is still way to go, QM...
I will work hard, indeed, to earn more headpats~ Have a good one!
> Go back to Jaq and Alex. Jaq knows what you think of her - press her to explain as much as possible.
> Tell Angelina you are her friend.

Feels kinda wrong leading Angelina but better to make sure to have that option open when Jaq tries to get rid of us.
Rolled 94 (1d100)

Update: FFS
My family will kill me. I just came back home and I have to leave again. Sorry, the update today is unlikely - not impossible, but unlikely.

Will try my best to get to the meat of things soon. It's been a while since something or someone died, so we will have to move it along. Also explosions? We will soon see what you will do~

Also: Rolling ???'s performance.
> 94
HOLY! The old rule is back!

Have a good one~! And sorry again! will try my best tho!
Don't let your nephew kill you Aki. We need your brain for the quest.
I'm so sorry for not updating, but I just returned home, and I'm not exactly the most sober. I know it's trash to say I will earn those headpats and then disappearing, but I can't really choose my family. Even if they unironicially agree it's an acceptable thing to have quests move timber around as a 'bonding experience' for men.
Sorry for this timbersome update.

Sad fact: I originally intended to be past approaching the end of the day by today. ehhhhhhh. anyways, tomorrow for sure. And again sorry~
It's okay, it is what it is. Not like I'm in a great questing mood myself after learning about AxisQM.
What happened? who is it?
Have you ever seen DC Henchman Quest floating around? Either way, it's in the /qtg/, happened yesterday.
I really should have read the mood better, I'm sorry. My condolences, for whatever they are worth.
It's fine, you didn't really do anything wrong.
Hello! we baaack~ I'm back and writing! it's about halfway there is update in about 2-3 hours.

Also, to speed it up for the future, I would ask that your first reply already had your votes. feel free to say you aren't sure, but if all of you agree on one thing then it will spare the time of awaiting confirmation. it wasnt a big issue, or anything, but just to be sure~

We need to catch up with all those hiatuses :(

anyways, cya in a few hours!
File: Pinkie promise~.jpg (39 KB, 386x310)
39 KB
> Go back to Jaq and Alex. Jaq knows what you think of her - press her to explain as much as possible.
> Tell Angelina you are her friend.
> [D1: Late Afternoon]
> [RES:56]
> [SC:42%, Threat:+26%]

Are friends meant to make you happy? A question for another time, perhaps. And for more light-hearted time, too. One when you might still have the privilege to choose. Right here, in this library, and right now, this afternoon - it's do or die. Getting closer to the teachers with Angelina seems less promising than discussing the strategy.

Sighing, you meet Angelina's serious gaze. "Friends are precious, true. Even such as they are." You say begrudgingly, but then shift gears. "Some can be rough, sure, but you're certainly a sweet one, that I'm certain. Friend, I mean."

"So you want to stay?" She reasons, but then whispers. "Would you really consider me your friend, Aki? ...Even when I neglected you for so long, and was this pushy?"

"Yes, and... sure. We will see how this goes." You answer with a nod.

"R-really? So you will go-!"

"Oh, I didn't say it." You coo, albeit dismissively, to Angelina's chagrin. "But I do support your initiative~"

Relenting, she huffs. Then glances at your 'friends', and again back at you. Thankfully, looking less on edge, with a mischievous smile creeping in. "If that's the case... Let's commemorate this occasion!" She starts in a sing-song, and takes your hand and interlocking both of your pinkies together. "From now on, call me 'Ange', but anything will do... Just not a sister, not yet! For that you have to come to the party! Is that fine, A~ki~!"

"Alright, we will see. But don't get your hopes up... Ange." You giggle. Her positivity - and foolish nativity - creeps and entangles you more and more. Like a small warmth of ignorance at the bottom of your plotting stomach...

...Although, deep down a part of you is also thankful she 'neglected' you all this time. Who knows how you would end up otherwise? Would you meet your dear friend Seo-young? What would she think of you if the worst happened? ...and would you even consider it 'the worst' by then?

Shaking your head to banish those intrusive thoughts, you see the last remnants of seriousness fade from Angelina's face. Slim hand slips from yours and she spins around with a twirl, letting her jet black tresses fly. As she skips to the doors, she clears her throat. "Group, thank you for your cooperation. Im truly proud my worries were unfounded!" Your overseer-turned-friend announces as formally as she can. "I will be back after I sing your praises to the teachers. Please, be careful in the meantime, especially close to the ledges."

You are about to go back when she clears her throat again, this time quietly, but still distinctly enough. Already behind the doors, she peeks furtively and whispers. "Thank you for giving meaning to my efforts, A~ki... I hope this speech will appease others, and my promise to help you still stands, even if I'm not the bravest."
With a gentle *pang* the doors shut close and a grave silence befalls upon the detergent scented chamber and it's contents. Although you are quite happy with how it went - eith a new friend, an honest and well-connected one, no less, but it still hurts a little to take up the metaphorical arms and face the Panda in the room. Or rather in the air.

Simplicity was then... Now, Angelina's gone; you, Alex and Jaq are left alone; meanwhile the invisible clock starts ticking, sending a shiver down your spine. It's time.

With a scowl, you step away from the now devoid of life counter and head back to your desk.

There, Alex dismantles the makeshift walls of boxes and sorts them into two piles - one already empty, and one, ominously, not. It's the remaining quota for today. At the realization a tinge of worry starts welling deep within, and you frown.

"Even with reduction, we still haven't made it, madam." Alex confirms your worries, but sounds... Oddly upbeat. Tired, but upbeat. As if a pile of problems he drowns in were to disappear at any moment, or something of similar value occured. "Please, take a seat."

"Yes, do so. We have a lot to go over and little time." Comes Jaq's stern, high-pitched voice. but Alex clears his throat audibly, and she adds a little awkwardly. "...Please, do so, Aki."

Reluctantly sitting down on the chair opposite to Jaq's, you see what exactly she's doing - ordering several notes along the table in a line. All but one handwritten, you note, and lean in to see. "What are those? Information from your lackeys, official stuff, your own notes?"

Stopping for a moment, the diminutive blonde finally meets your gaze... And small torrent of emotions goes through her expression in a blink of an eye - from sadness, confusion, relief until it settles in a awkward, forceful smile. "Y-yes, the combination of the three... Good observation." She mumbles bashfully.

As you stare at her in mild confusion, she abruptly gets up and dives beneath the desk.

"Are you alright? The medications didn't help with the allergy?" You ask mirthful, but only the sound of a zipper follows, and soon Alex's heavy sigh.

A second later, Jaq emerges with her- no, your pristine lab coat that she stole some time ago. And gracefully puts it on. Sitting back she continues, again in stern tone. "I'm fine, as I said before, it's nothing."

At that, you roll your eyes, but relent. It's not really a big deal - what you need is real answers and you will get them.

"Let's start with what we know." She states, pointing at the largest, non-handwritten note. "The authorities elected to hasten the progress of their agenda, by a new secretive method. However, my scouts-"

"What scouts?"

Undisturbed, she continues. "However, my-" but Alex puts a hand on her shoulder.

Exasperated, he says. "Mistress Jaqueline established conta- bribed several students, but more impressively, several gua-"

"I will finish." Jaq interjects annoyed, shrugging his hand away.
File: Some cute notes~.jpg (148 KB, 750x1000)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
"As it was said, we have contracts with several talkative guards. Many of them aren't professionals, rather people connected to rich families, like youngest kids, sent out as tokens of trust, a form of punishment, or as informants, to some project this facility hosts, or is supposed to host. It's irrelevant right now, as we don't know what it means, so it's all pointless blabbering. What is important is that not all guards are willing to oppose us, if it went against their interests. Now back to the point, please." Jaq says exasperated, and points at another note.

Kinda at a loss as to why they are so willing to cooperate, you keep listening. Maybe they are lying?

"The method." Jaq starts anew. "Our scouts established that guards were ordered to move a new contraption, a-'

"A fridge-like, steel containers?" You ask hastily, and Jaq nods, but frowns.

"It's introduction coincided with the start of this new method perfectly, and so, I'm led to believe it might be the form of carrying out this... New form of 'teaching' us, or rather, furthering authorities' agenda. My contact in the canteen-"

"The student that always volunteers behind the counter?" You ask, more to test the limits of her patience than anything. So rare to see Jaq cooperating, and you can't help but wonder what magic Alex must have done to make it happen.

"...Yes, she. She told us that before the canteen was closed for 'sanitary' reasons the guards moved one of those contraptions inside and put them next to the vents."

"That makes one location known." Alex says tiredly, and flops on the seat next to Jaq's. "Ahh... It's just the beginning, indeed, madam. Just as Jaqueline said, I'm afraid."

Pointing at yet another note, Jaq continues. "Supposedly you and Alex seen this one, it was passing next to our classroom. It's location isn't known, but the cordon headed in the direction of the canteen as well. The one in canteen arrived before you've seen this one, meaning it has to be a different one."

"Meaning two are probably close to each other, madam." Alex adds, as he lies eyes closed. You only nod, worry steadily rising.

"The final one." Jaq repeats with another note. "... Disappeared. Initially, It was carried by a group with one of our scouts, but at one point the guards dismissed them and went alone. As was agreed upon, she followed them, but as she said 'they vanished into thin air in an alley' and disappeared behind a corner. How she missed a small procession, I don't care. She was performing well thus far, it's a shame I have to find a new student willing to oppose the facility. At least she will stay quiet." She sighs, annoyed.

"So we have to destroy them to stop their poison?" You ask, somehow already imagining Seo-young running from an explosion, her brilliant raven tresses hovering with the blast, and with you nestled cozily in her arms in a princess carry- w-wait-what?! "A-anyways! why won't your underlings handle it, aren't they closer? Alex seem tired..."
A dark shroud of a scowl falls upon Jaq's face. "I would, if I could. But the authorities prepared it well. The whole graduation talk discouraged many from cooperation, as they naively believe they can simply get over it. Some found the risk too big, and prefer to just scout. Worse still, those... Willing to cooperate, even now, received the harshest quotas to fulfill." Her eyes wander to the side at the end.

"Why those willing to do something about it are penalized the hardest, who are they?"

As if the question hit a fragile spot, Jaq flinches, but Alex absentmindedly puts a hand once again on her shoulder, and whispers aloud. "Trust is built on honesty. She will understand, eh, I think... Well, you dug your grave, here."

Fiddling a little with the lapel of her coat, Jaq's expression - surprisingly - softens. "I don't care about others ideology, Aki. All I need is obedience, and the bearable amount of competence. The loyal-" she says, looking at Alex. then looks... somewhere down the library's chambers as says. "-And the dim are best for our cause."

"She means brown shirts." Alex abruptly states with disgust, eyes wide again. "The remaining delinquents who harbor fascistic beliefs and yearn for a mortal enemy to fight, or blame their problems on. Mistress Jaqueline gave them that enemy... They are a bunch of hypocrites from other classes, and I wholeheartedly advise against meeting then at all, madam. Called me a fag the other day, but they talk about boys constantly. Half of them could easily win school's prizes for great crossdressers, and those are, ironically, the most hateful ones. This hypocrisy is how they stay afloat for so long. Blegh." He finishes with a spat... what a day, you haven't seen him like this too. A day of firsts, you think, and glare at Jaq.

"Again. Ideology means little to me. I helped them stay afloat, and they are dim enough to further our agenda to their own determent, and that's what matters. People fear them, and that's useful too." Jaq says, smirking, but when you glare at her she relents, and hugs her coat tighter.

Great, you side with fascists now... A matter to think about for another time, perhaps. But, since when did Jaq care about what you think of her this openly?

"The nurse knew what she was getting into... Moving on." She . "If we find the locations, they might get it done, assuming it's nothing too complicated. if it's something like hidden in one of the classrooms, it should be fine. I don't trust them with more demanding activities."

Both you and Alex nod knowingly. "Yeah, makes sense."

"And no, you are not to destroy them, Aki... They could be useful later on. Just... Do anything to halt them for now, but don't destroy them entirely. Others are instructed like so as well." She finishes and let's her words sink in, then takes another breath.
File: Fateful Library .jpg (662 KB, 1920x1080)
662 KB
662 KB JPG
Leaning forward, she collects the notes and hides them beneath a desk - she probably has her backpack there, you reason. Retuning, she sits straight, face the most serious she's had up till this point.

Exhaling, she looks at you and Alex. "The authorities planned it well. The quota we have might be too high too meet, meanwhile delaying their agenda. I believe we might have to give up on the idea of meeting it. As playing by their rules might prove fatal, and instead focus first and foremost on ensuring their efforts are halted. For this..." She says sternly, and glares at you, making you flinch. "The overseer must be out of the picture. Otherwise she won't let us out long enough to make our moves. And no, Aki, no matter what you think, she came here for a reason. Angelina has ulterior motives, I just know it... She's guilty... of something." She says, but trails off at the end, flustrated.

Suddenly Alex once again 'wakes' and looks at Jaq, pale with worry. "But if we fail the quotas we will surely be punished! Especially you! They won't miss an opportunity to hamper your ambitions Jaq... Mistress."

"I don't believe we will leave this place unscratched." She says grimly. "That's why I will... Hurry with our agenda as well."

"Our agenda?" You ask, riddled with worry as well. The stakes are rising way too fast...

Jaq hesitates, but Alex remains deep in thought. Content, she dismisses you with a wave of her hand. "For now you have to trust us. There is no other way. Now... I told you what we know, but we need to know more, Aki. Tell us if you know anything, even about those 'monsters' of yours."

"And talk sense into Jaqueline, madam... We can't risk punishment, or hurting Angelina." Adds Alex.

Dismayed, you sink into your chair. Suddenly everything looks much larger than before - even this blonde ahead of you. Question is what do you tell? What you keep to yourself? And which side you prefer?

Strategy? (IMPORTANT)
> Side with Jaq - you have to be bold, and Angelina needs to be dealt with somehow. Corruption takes the priority.
> Side with Alex - you have plenty of time to avoid punishment... Hopefully. Deal with this threat afterwards.
> Counter offer: ??? (Write in!)

What do you tell Jaq, it might help her. (Can select multiple, up to 3, before Angelina returns. Will most likely skip telling most of them via story, but Jaq will know.) (There is a chance she already knows, as well.)
> [C] Explain monsters are real, and ask if she has contingencies. DC:20/70
> Don't tell anything.
> Inform about the caves you found.
> Inform about the properties of your cat.
> Inform about Angelina's plans.
> Inform about Angelina's party.
> Inform about what you found in the bunker. (What?)
> Inform about the sci-fi brochure.
> Inform about the Seo-young, and ask if she can help as well. DC:60
> Inform about your secret cooperation with Natalie for the cure.
> Tell Jaq you died, but came back.
> Write in!

Questions later.
You are not alone... kinda.
> there are other groups you can gain assistance from. Probably much healthier ones too...
> each 'allied' group rises passive chance of solving the simpler, surface Corruption nests by 33%, up to 99%.
> Doesn't work on special ones, like, for example - in the bunker or somewhere else.
> Special ones are the most dangerous and persistent. Generally, each day there will be three school actions present.


CURRENT chance of help: 33%, from Jaq's Abominable Brown Shirts.

BONUS: Jaq's network - at the beginning ot each day you I will roll 3d100,DC:50 to reveal the activities' locations, therefore skipping the need to search for them.

Of course, those bonuses work so long as you are in good graces with the people that hold them.

I will compile all the mechanics, traits, and symptoms into one, or two thrads tmrw, I'm literally drifting in and out of consciousness right now. have a good one, and sorry for so little updates as of late. and for a wall of text too. duh. anyways, we are passing the 'talk' area and entering the 'have Seo-young princess-carry me to the sounds of explosions' area.

Side Note:
1. I'm a hundred % sure I've missed something - will post it tomorrow morning.
2. why are so many of IRL Femboys far-right?! like whaaat?

Anyways, I will probably rewrite this post tomorrow.
The only problem with jaq's side is we have to either kill or poison angelina and make it look like an accident. No matter how much effort we will put in the plan, the school will know we caused it. We could do a compromise and chat up angeline to help us fill the quota more and more to cover for us.

For the jaq knowledge we could share the caves but warn about those being so black that students can get lost in them. Maybe bring in Seo-Young since she is free and make a threat if Seo-yung is caught we are outting Jaq. Next is angeline's plans for them as she will push her agenda too.

She will not believe in Mr. Don or monsters until she sees one. Do not share the cure research, bunker we should save for the last minute, and brochure ain't much.

Yellow and BMAN what you guys think?
Wait what happened? Did it get nuked?

Are we still waiting on an extra post? If not I'll read up and post tomorrow morning.
shit, I kinda forgot I said it. it's fine vote away!

I realized I forgot to have Yui ask a few things... but that's probably for the better given how over the top long it already is. there will be time for it, easily.

By extra post I mean simply putting all mechanics,stats, symptoms and equipment into one place. I was sleepy back then I was worried I wrote incoherent crap in that last post, but - I think - it's not so bad. Sorry for confusion!

But while we are here, I would also like to ask a small thing - about mechanics. So from the beginning I added them to ensure a level playing field, but are they a little too much? Especially now when those systems are interlocking a lot. I'm also, only now, aware I pretty much spoiled a lot of questions about reliability of others etc, which I really don't like. the first iteration of this quest relied heavily on questions, but my insistence on turning everything into mechanics is, I'm afraid, damaging it.

With that said, what do you think of this quest's mechanics? are they confusing? too much? don't really help or do anything? or maybe they are interesting?
> Write in! (Optional)

Some told me I write like a child or a girl (I can't understand why, at all~), but I assure you I can take criticisms.

On another, more human note: BMan, if you don't feel like questing right now, it's fine. Give it a week or even two if you need to, and don't force yourself to play if it's not fun or invokes bad feelings. We will manage, somehow. Hold on our there.
A bit harsh on the RES loss but that is the school's way to get their win condition. Does feel like if anything more gets added to the mechanics we will start losing track of the numbers. I am mostly keeping an eye on RES loss and ignoring side groups so we can accomplish something before the first punishment comes.

Also don't worry BMAN we will keep the seat warm when you get back.
One thing about the counter offer option: I can be detailed if you want it, and it might lower the DC of this option. Including arguments why it's desirable could reduce it further! remember to roll for write ins by default!
It is getting to be a bit much, but that might entirely be me not being in the right mind for the big defining choices coming up currently, and keeping up with everything.
>On another, more human note: BMan, if you don't feel like questing right now, it's fine. Give it a week or even two if you need to, and don't force yourself to play if it's not fun or invokes bad feelings. We will manage, somehow. Hold on our there.
Sheesh, is it that obvious?
I'll hang in there. At this point I make up about 33% of the voter base, can't exactly sit this one out, even if we're mostly in agreement.

As for voting...
>Counter-offer. Getting rid of Angelina would bring an unacceptable amount of heat down on us. She trusts Yui, maybe we can leverage her, both to help with the quota and to keep her mouth shut about certain things?
Neither plan is good, and we already picked an option for Yui to try and not fully go with one over the other.
I've already blabbered enough about why I think monster-pilling Jaq (not like that you reprobates!) would be a bad idea, so we'll need to roll compulsion at the very least.
We could go with the caves, and enlist her and her brownshirts to get us gasmasks, or even her guard contacts.
>Write-in: Ask for details about which alley. Is it the same we found, or another, meaning there could be yet another network running parallel to the school
I suppose that means we could tell her about the cave, though keeping any supernatural stuff out of the explanation, just say the air felt off, and that it could have been either something rising up from the cave naturally, or the container spreading through the cave and into the school. It seems to be some kind of gas, from how the one we know of was placed near vents.
> Inform about the caves you found.

Also...we could tell her about the guns, and arm the brownshirts. I'm sure such an action would have no harmful consequences down the line what~ so~ ever~! Ii mean, there was an original plan for a sneaky exfil by killing everyone else and faking our deaths, and nazy femboy uprising sounds like a pretty good way of helping that plan happen.
Honestly, some of the guards being pliable, or even friendly is a pretty big deal, may the most important info of the update.
If Jaq works her card right, her people can get checkpoint duty, or even corruption increase duty, that would be really helpful.

Also, what was the deal with that 94 and that old rule? I forgor...

>2. why are so many of IRL Femboys far-right?! like whaaat?
Not sure, I don't know any. Maybe it's the uniforms? And, while I'll do my best to keep politics out of it, the younger generation of men seem to be swinging pretty right, at least in the US. How they deal with the cognitive dissonance, I'm not sure. Besides, far-right has grown to encompass so many groups at this point, femboy-supremacist nazis may actually be a thing?
Rolled 64 (1d100)

And as per usual, I forgot to roll for the Compulsion avoidance. Steady there Yui, spaghetti firmly in pocket, please!
Sorry for late reply, turns out finishing college is more of a hustle than actually attending it. 'New stage of life' and all that.

> At this point I make up about 33%
I'm really glad you want to stay, but please, don't feel obligated to do so.

> Also...we could tell her about the guns
You absolutely can do that. its part of telling Jaq about the bunker!

> Also, what was the deal with that 94 and that old rule? I forgor...
Something was happening during your conversation with Angelina. And oh boy, did that 94 come in handy. it's the reason why Jaq was different than usual... it could have been worse, much worse.

It's no wonder you forgor. In the first threads one of you said that you don't have luck with dice when it comes to one type of activities, but have it in another. well, we might have died previously, but we live now~

>Write-in: Ask for details about which alley. Is it the same we found, or another, meaning there could be yet another network running parallel to the schoo
Feel free to change it! you will get to know it anyways coming forward. questions later~ now you sing your song to Jaq~

> A bit harsh on the RES loss
It's the intention. You gotta try to find a way to counteract that. Or not, it's your choice~

...In the future, having very high res might be very brave... but we will see.

> Does feel like if anything more gets added to the mechanics we will start losing track of the numbers
That's why most 'new mechanics' are only there for me, really. you just need to know that there are real benefits of doing stuff.

Hopefully we will have a winning option by tomorrow!
>Counter-offer. Getting rid of Angelina would bring an unacceptable amount of heat down on us. She trusts Yui, maybe we can leverage her, both to help with the quota and to keep her mouth shut about certain things?
>Write-in: Ask for details about which alley. Is it the same we found, or another, meaning there could be yet another network running parallel to the school
> Inform about the caves you found.

I like BMAN's votes, and agree with the sentiment that getting rid of Angelina is unviable if we're not making an immediate dash for the exit. I'm not sold on informing Jaq about the guns however, as her stated goal is ruling the facility, not escaping it.Telling her about the weapons with the intention of arming the brown shirts doesn't seem like it would be something she'd do, since the brown shirts would then be the ones with the real power, if they try and stage any type of uprising, and in the meantime such a regime shift could shake the foundations Jaq has been trying to lay. I think it's too risky.

Jaq and monsters is a poor combination methinks, she'll have to see them to believe them.

Not really sure what to think about the mechanics themselves. They definitely add a sense of pressure to actions and give a measurable way to see when things will get really bad for us. I suppose they could be hidden by being more vague about the exacts and just giving out descriptions that approximate them? But it's not like the mechanics you've introduced have led the players to only choose the "objectively best" option each time, so I wouldn't say they're getting in the way of the quest, but that may just be me.
An important update about votes:
Should I be waiting for all of us to approve of the votes? I could start writing now, but not everyone is on the same page. While I think things will change, I don't really want to presuppose what will happen, especially if it breeds possible discrimination based on availability or presuming agreement.
So I ask: Should two agreeing voices be enough to go and continue, or should I wait for the confirmation of all of you?
> All In - All players post their approval... will stall the progress, but will also halt possible discrimination and widen the idea range.
> Two In - two agreeing voices is enough, and I will go on to update. Maybe invoke the name of another anon, or say you are not sure to forestall the decision.

Also: please, ALWAYS post your exact vote as green text, just modified and later explained why if you want to. Time zones and work is crap, I don't like them =[
Alright, anon convinced me about the guns idea being bad. I'll admit I forgot Jaq's goal there, so it makes sense. I believe we both have the same votes then, and I rolled a successful C roll.
As for voting, my...irregular voting schedule is pushing me towards the all-in option.
One thing I've found that can work is giving a cutoff time for votes, even if you don't necessarily abide by it and extend it sometimes. Not sure it would solve things here, since it was more about rapid tactical decisions, but it may help keep things organized?

And it would maybe prevent me from just putting updates on the read-it-later pile over and over!
Aghh! I will update tomorrow. Honestly, the worst part about all that waiting for votes is that it makes me so rusty.

I think I will listen to you, BMan, and will go for the cutoff. maybe something around 10-15 hours after the first vote, or something. I really don't want to make too long between updates. the way I work is that when I get to write I write a lot and I enjoy it, but duh, starting takes Soo long... even when I know exactly what to write.

I will update tomorrow and see how this goes. Sorry have a good one~!
I get it. Honestly, the big omake got to 90% in like two sittings, but there was weeks between the original idea and the first, then the second, and since then. Inconsistency is a bitch. The only time I actually got over it was running daily updates on a quest, funnily enough.
>Counter-offer. Getting rid of Angelina would bring an unacceptable amount of heat down on us. She trusts Yui, maybe we can leverage her, both to help with the quota and to keep her mouth shut about certain things?
>Write-in: Ask for details about which alley. Is it the same we found, or another, meaning there could be yet another network running parallel to the school
> Inform about the caves you found.

I support yellow votes since weapons are too volatile to give to Jaq and we need our own secrets to arm our group when we make a break for it.

> Two In - two agreeing voices is enough, and I will go on to update. Maybe invoke the name of another anon, or say you are not sure to forestall the decision.

Yeah 2 out of 3 sounds good to keep things going if one of us gets caught up in life. Plus we are usually come to an agreement and if any problems arise we can salvage it later.

Life busy, consume sustenance.

Same and sometimes you get inspiration to write something else and stall your current work. Right now I think I wrote about 200 pages worth of omakes and hitting burn out now. So need time to recover and thonk about words.
Not 200 but 470 pages across five quests.
Alright, with all votes are in! With that, give me an hour or so to cure starvation, then... Writing~

>sometimes you get inspiration to write something
Funnily enough, I have the exact opposite problem - I want to write this quest so much I don't want to start any at the side. my problem is, however, that I jump too far ahead, and have to remind myself that XYZ didn't yet happen, or X doesn't know Y... it can get confusing :D

Wuxian did a stellar job in setting up a... setting, where almost anything can happen, given the flimsy veil or reality and all that.

>Inconsistency is a bitch.
it is. it's honestly terrifying.

> The only time I actually got over it was running daily updates on a quest
I hope with that change the updates will become more frequent. if not, I think I will simply write overly gae (non-canon... probably) Fanfiction.

hehe, In my mind, with each passing moment of personas restraining Aki they get a liiiitlle more corrupted. You can't convince me Aby doesn't read crossdressing romance manga at the side! You Can't!

>Not 200 but 470 pages across five quests.

Anyways, see you soon~
>hehe, In my mind, with each passing moment of personas restraining Aki they get a liiiitlle more corrupted. You can't convince me Aby doesn't read crossdressing romance manga at the side! You Can't!

Heh, there's a reason BMan keeps his distance and doesn't quite work like the other personas, after all!

While that takes corruption out of the picture, I won't comment on anything else~! In all seriousness, even I am not certain there's enough space in BMan's heart for much beyond explosives. He's...focused, to put it midly. Obsessive, but functional enough. It's a good thing the bunker warehouse wasn't filled with explosives or he may have went full gremlin!
>BMan keeps his distance
>Aki covertly sneaking cute plushies for BMan to hide his bombs in.
>Aki painting all pipes pink and adding glimmering stickers when BMan is away. Leaving obligatory lipstick marks.
>Aki fiddling with the door's lock to get to BMan's coworkers.

Update 80% ready, I've beaten the rut, for the most part! may the gae be with you~ *Bonk*
File: Your Map.png (406 KB, 1197x800)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
> Counter-offer. Getting rid of Angelina would bring an unacceptable amount of heat down on us. She trusts us, we can leverage her to help with the quota and to keep her mouth shut about things.
> Write-in: Ask for details about which alley.
> Inform about the caves you found.
> [D1: Late Afternoon]
> [RES:56]
> [SC:42%, Threat:+26%]

What does she already know? You ponder and glare at the opposite side of the large desk, where Jaq contently awaits your answer, sitting cozily in her chair. Alex already done his part as he rests in his chair next to Jaq, frowning. Certainly awaiting your answer. He fiddles with something in his arms beneath the desk, and judging by what you've seen previously, it's probably his gilded knife.

Jaq cocks her head and squints, making you flinch. "We are in the same boat, aren't we? If you won't share-"

"Alright. I get it." You say, and lean forward and prop up your chin with your left hand - you can tell her what she needs to know, but will keep most cards close to your chest.

Intrigued, Jaq does the same with a small grin. "Go on, then."

"A cave in the alleyway's wall." You muse, and slowly mime a small circle on desk with your right hand.

"A cave?"

Nodding, you press further. "I've found one sometime ago, and this might explain why the cordon disappeared so abruptly."

"Figured." She nods as well, smiling. "It had to be something like this. Perhaps a secret outpost as well? ...What do you think?" She adds, sounding almost hopeful.

"What do I think? Seriously? ...I don't know. You need to tell me where exactly it happened. If both locations are close it might even be the same cave."

Understanding, Jaq nods and dives beneath the desk with her free hand, quickly pulling the stack of notes from before. After a second of looking them over, a single one zooms over the desk and to your side, nearly flying away. Effortlessly snatching it, you angle it properly and see...

A map. One of poorer quality than what you've had. Lacking the few important landmarks like the notorious 'Stay away Room' or the bunker's entrance, it makes up for it with a small red cross painted...

"Here... Near the male dressing rooms?" You ask, puzzled. They lie far, and exactly diagonally to the Library and the cave you found.

"That was the last seen location, yes. Perhaps there are many caves? Or-"

"...One large cave system beneath our feet." You finish, cutting Jaq off, as memories of the damp, dim bunker down below flash before your eyes. Are they somehow connected?

"It maybe be so." She nods, and collects her note handing it to Alex. "Intriguing. Is it what you wanted to show me back then? Where you were disappearing to? ...and where that... Ha- girl... who harmed my being hides-?" She says, but stops abruptly and scoffs, smiling and tousling with her golden mane. "No. No, of course not. You are too surprised for that to be the case... Anyways, with that you know where too search for every source. Approximately so."
Gulping, you steel yourself and stare squarely into her still squinted eyes. Her azure ones return the favour in kind. Content smile still laces her visage.

"Jaq...!" You bark, with perhaps too much bite than intended. Oh, well

"Hmm?" She hums, leaning forward again, grinning... But still menacingly squinting.

"Jaq." You repeat, and straighten, cracking your shoulders as she remains steadfast. "You promised."

"Mistress Jaqueline is only teasing." Alex says from the sidelines, garnering the attention of both of you.

Looking you back in the eyes, Jaq's expression... sours, and her smile melts into a weak frown. "Yes, that's true. As I said, my business with her is finished. So should be yours. In her current position she can't offer you anything, unlike me. Soon I will be able to grant you anything you want, just you wait." She says begrudgingly, straightening in kind and absentmindedly fiddling with cuff of her- your lab coat. Evading your gaze, she adds. "Overseer will be returning shortly. Anything else?"

Still on edge, you close your eyes... You have to think, and her ridiculous games don't help the effort - just like her plan. It will only get you in trouble, meanwhile Alex's idea is way too timid. Sighing, you know what you have to talk about. You can't just let it pass.

Opening your eyes, you face Jaq again, this time looking just bored, if not slightly annoyed, judging by arms crossed at her chest.

"I don't think it's wise to get rid of Angelina. I will bring an unacceptable amount of heat down on us." You start, piquing Jaq's attention again. Albeit her gestures remain unchanged. "She trusts me, and probably wants to trust you too. I think we can use her to help us with the quota, or maybe even keep silent about our activities."

Frowning, Jaq look clearly unconvinced. Sinking further into her seat, she says sternly. "If we allow her in, she will eventually have a perfect blackmail material, meanwhile we won't be able to fight back. Once she knows something, we will have to worry about her forever. But she's a coward. Even if you trust her, what stops the authorities from questioning her, or even appealing to the dumb ideology she holds so dear? Ignoring the fact she definitely has ulterior motives, there is no way she's a reliable asset."

At a loss, you look at Alex, who seems hopeless as well.

Emboldened, the blonde continues with a huff, although this time more calmly. "She's using you, Aki, to further her own agenda. She hopes to sow doubt in our ranks in this most perilous of times. It's self evident, just think about it." She stops, letting the silence drive the point across. "Here is what I think you should do. If she truly trusts you, betray her. Break her heart and make her choose to go away. We might get in trouble, but it's still preferable to having her here. And don't worry about retaliation, she's too cowardly to stand for herself. Well, not when I'm involved." She smirks at the end, content with herself.
Uncomfortable, you merely sit back, letting the firm wood support you in this, as she said, most perilous time. What a nice 'student council president', ordering her subordinates to bully another student into leaving the group... At the thought your heart sinks into its own dark pit of a bunker. You were the bullied kid. You know you remember it - the bullies laughing and mocking you from afar for something you couldn't control. Yes, you were mousy, nerdy, and a little too feminine for a boy, but that's not grounds for all this punishment. Should you now punish Angelina, now your friend... Yes, a strategic one, but one nonetheless, for being who she is?

Hesitantly, you look at equally silent and dismayed Alex. Where previously he fiddled with his knife tiredly, now his arms rests firmly on the desk as he stares a thousand mile stare into the library's alley behind you. At least he seems uncomfortable with bulling innocents as well... Comforting.

Jaq' now chirpy voice shakes you up again. "It must feel terrible to know you were lied to, Aki, but you have to let that girl go. You should have listened to me when I informed you to ignore her. But now, you should know better. She won't divide us, right, Aki? Nobody will." As she says, a *creak* of the wooden floor follows as her chair is pushed back. Rising up, she genially proffers her slim hand across the large table.

At the crossroads, you keep sitting still, and sigh... Guess you really won't leave this place unscratched. The question is: will your ambitions burry your ideals, or just perhaps, your ideals will burry your ambitions; just who will you be at the end of this terrible road? Just what should you do? Can Jaq really be the way out?

> [C] Sob at the cruel irony and stay silent. Its just too much. (RES-1)
> Return Jaq's gesture. Swear loyalty to her cause and promise to do what she wants. (RES+1) ???
> Return Jaq's gesture. Promise to betray and break a Friend's heart. ???
> Return Jaq's gesture. Look away, and don't promise anything.
> Ironically return the gesture. Deny Jaq straight to her face and openly side with Angelina. (RES+2) ???
> Sit still. Explain it's still too dangerous to harm Angelina, even emotionally. 1d100,DC:40
> Sit still. Look away, and don't promise anything.
> Sit still. Challenge Jaq on her cruelty - it's wrong. 1d100
> Sit still. Promise Jaq Angelina will be faithful and you will ensure she is... 1d100,DC:50
> Sit still. Explain Angelina is your friend, and you return her trust. 1d100,DC:85 ???
> Write in!
Well it is better to break Angelina than kill her so I say break angelina's heart since we could not use her to help with the quota. If we devoted more time to angelina I would try to flip her but we don't have the time or resources. What you guys think?
Well, we don't have to flip her do we? Just convince her to look the other way for a bit.
But she's also not a complete rules freak, as evidenced by her party idea, so I'm not sure it'd be too difficult to flip her if absolutely necessary

I think it may be more important to think about what kind of person we want Yui to be when he escapes, do we want to perpetuate the same actions that led up here? Do we want to be worse? Better? Personally, I'm all for Yui not going along with Jaq here, just maybe not straight up telling that to her face.
Aby is repressing Aki's influence with knowledge but you can only resist for so long before the whispers get louder.

Telling her to look the other way would just invite her to look into getting blackmail on us or send us to be reeducated. So it seems too much of a risk to get her to agree to help us however indirectly it might be.

I want Yui and Seo to escape no matter the cost as being a better person did not save us from dying the first time. Even if it means shattering someone else hopes.
It didn't, but then it's a bit more difficult to leverage your humanity against inhuman creatures who want to eat you. What would we really obtain by antagonizing Angelina? The only really tangible thing I can see us obtaining from that is gaining more of Jaq's favor, but we already seem to be in the inner circle, and we already know Jaq sees people as disposable, and she already knows that we're useful, given that we've come across our own information that she didn't know about. On the other hand, if Angelina takes it badly, then we'll have to dodge the authorities for hurting her, and while that confrontation is likely inevitable at this point, it's still a bit too early I think to be trying to bring that attention on ourselves, we still haven't even finished the first day of the graduation tests yet after all. Along with that, with a personality like Angelina's, after we told her we were her friend, she's likely to not believe us when we do something horrible to her unless it's absolutely terrible, but even then, as she told us earlier today, she thinks that we're good, and that we're being pushed around by Jaq and Alex, so she'd probably either try to bring the hammer down on them by realizing that we're going along with Jaq's plan, or follow us around and spy on us to try and reveal why we'd do that. Either option in that case is also bad for us, as we won't be able to well utilize Jaq's expertise while she's dodging around the authorities while being student council president herself, or we'd be unable to go perform covert activities, as we'd have a follower regardless of where we went, unless we revealed our intentions prematurely, which I've already stated I believe isn't the wisest course of action at this moment. As for blackmailing, well our understanding doesn't have to be that developed, it could just be to the extent that she's helping us out while thinking that we're just having fun hanging out and going places, y'know, acting like we're bored by the quota and whatnot.

All in all, like we voted before this update, I still think it's too dangerous to antagonize her without anything truly actionable to act upon.
We are getting a little too close to getting archived for me to be comfortable, so a piece of info, just in case I will not post the link to the new thread before we get archived: Next thread will be named 'PCSQ:' (Paranormal Crossdressing School Quest), followed by a number and the subtitle.

I think like 'PCSQ#6: The Second Day'. It's not final, but that's what I think it will look like. I don't like how literal the quest's name is.

First, I love you all~ Second, remember to cast the votes. Maybe I could muster two updates today.

If an option is too vague, feel free to ask away. And remember, it's the second part of the strategy question, so choosing some options would be functionally similar to siding with Alex or Jaq before... And remember RES roll (or don't, bottling down emotions isn't a thing a good girl does!)
What a cold, voteless sunday... Well, no luck in that daily update front. Anyways, such is life, so have a good one~ Hopefully see you soon!
Rolled 39, 93 = 132 (2d100)

> Sit still. Explain it's still too dangerous to harm Angelina, even emotionally. 1d100,DC:40

A tad late, but here's my vote. Rolling for resistance too.
Not sure if I should go off on one vote while there was a disagreement. Dice doesn't help either...
Sorry. Honestly life has me feeling like shit these days, and especially today.

I'll just support this anon. A choice this important probably deserves more thinking-out, but I don't feel capable of that right now.
We're most likely going to have to pick, and putting it off will only hurt more, but as usual, there are no guilt-free or risk-free options.
I get that. life and all... but don't forget rolling!

Although I won't be updating today, it's too late already.
Rolled 54, 23 = 77 (2d100)

Ah, right. Rolling.
I noticed it right after posting, but got distracted and forgot to press the auto-send button.
And considering how my own life is going these days, and with AxisQM so fresh in a lot of people's minds, I have to ask how you're doing, QM. And how all the rest of you anons are doing. I'm fully aware that most of 4chan would call me a fag for checking in like that, I just don't give a fuck, and neither does anyone playing this quest, probably.
File: Kinda at a loss...jpg (193 KB, 850x1164)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
>4chan would call me a fag
But I wont! To me you all are beautiful girls~!... Jez, that's corny, even for me... *Bonk* ough, I deserved that one.

>for checking in like that
It's an amazing, community building, idea.

>I have to ask how you're doing, QM.
Honestly... weird. Perhaps 'all-over-the-place' would be more adequate, really. With the first collage over and, surprisingly, getting rejected to another, Im kinda hovering at the crossroads with a deluge of important questions flowing from all directions.

It turns out that it was - in a way - easier to be pressured by all the exams, but knowing where the problems lie, rather than now, with more time, but little certainty. But all things considered, it's not bad, just new. At a loss, but it will pass. For now I have to beat inertia.

Thanks for asking, BMan! It was, and still is, amazing to Quest with you all.

IDK how fast I will be able to get to updating tomorrow. Gotta get my blood tested to see whether Gae corruption increased too much, on top of a few other things related to previous college... and hair~
Rolled 89, 59 = 148 (2d100)

+1 Support
This is much pressure trying to figure out what to do about this situation.

Good. No student debt, new car, dodged credit card fraud, and still dodging the black mold.
I'm doing good, been studying and contemplating life routes. Thank you for asking, kind stranger.
>Honestly... weird. Perhaps 'all-over-the-place' would be more adequate, really. With the first collage over and, surprisingly, getting rejected to another, Im kinda hovering at the crossroads with a deluge of important questions flowing from all directions.
>It turns out that it was - in a way - easier to be pressured by all the exams, but knowing where the problems lie, rather than now, with more time, but little certainty. But all things considered, it's not bad, just new. At a loss, but it will pass. For now I have to beat inertia.
That...is very much a mood, QM. I don't really have any advice, on account of being in a very similar boat myself. Masters degree done now trying to land a first real job that isn't an internship, and considering other options if I can't find any.

>Good. No student debt, new car, dodged credit card fraud, and still dodging the black mold.
Congrats anon! Though you might want to invest in de-molding you place!

You're welcome, I've been there.

In more proper 4chan fashion, "We're all going to make it bros"
Oh, boy. am I tired. I will finish the update tomorrow. With it, start a new thread and gather up all the mechanics into posts.

... Engaging with old school' red lining is surprisingly draining.
Update + a pledge of sorts.
Hello! A little honest info post, before we are archived. (Don't worry!)

For a little while my updates slacked and a while back I mentioned I need to combat inertia... And I damn mean it. Truth be told I got into a terrible rut, one where just leaving house to handle a thing or two is difficult. Without mincing words it fucks me up completely.

But don't worry! It's not really quest related. This inertia resulted in me stopping hitchhiking/traveling, studying 3rd language, working out, hanging out with others- and, of course - questing. I say it beacuse, FUCK, I need to beat it, and I want you to not worry that I'm flaking or anything like this, or that it's caused by questing. It's just as my previous post said, choice paralysis of what to do next and excessive free time left me borderline incapable of doing anything larger than than signing a paper for some elderly office worker. (for scope how bad it gotten: Ive postponed getting my hair lightened for literally 2 weeks even tho I absolutely love playing with paints... 2 weeks. beacuse it was too large a hassle. I even postponed this post too, damnit!)

Hence: I've got the new thread about ready, but I don't want to do it right now. Starting, I mean, so...

...Give me a day or two. I need to get away from the rut, and perhaps leave the house for a while. For that I want to clear my mind beacuse - what probably isn't a good thing - the well-being of this quest is among the most important matters for me, which causes this weird situations where im too aware of it to do anything else, but to lazy to focus and update it - the outcome is that I angrily go on walks thinking out updates that I don't write down. Fuck.

Sorry for additional delay, but I hope it will be for the best in the long run!

TL;DR: I love you~ And I am NOT flaking, just give me a day or two to get a clear head... and do something else to get out of the rut. Consider this post a promise that I will be back, otherwise I'm afraid this inertia will literally kill me. I lost too much time to it already. Have a good one~ and see you soon!

(As I said, the Next Thread will be named 'PCSQ4', with the same pic. I like this pic... I love this pic. Kinda how I imagine Yui.)
You do what you gotta do aki qm, we're all only human.
It all good Aki QM we can wait and watch out for random frogs and lizards breaking into your house.

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