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**Game 6 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

>Updates will be every Monday and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a war requires an action, but subsequent battles are free
>Game starts after a bronze age collapse, and includes magic
>Rushing, meta-gaming, & otherwise unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
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4th Young Man, 2nd PAC

Aivolsi, Deathless, those who give up a life outside of service for the good of Amun and all Amunians, their souls bound to their bodies even until they begin to rot. It is up to the individual Aivolsi when he will leave his mortal shell, covered over in tattoos of ink & ash & sulphurous waters which blister the skin and leave them itching, unless he is cut to so many pieces or else loses his head. They march as one, eerily so, almost inhuman in movement are they. The first to undergo the procedure, after trials on convicts and the otherwise condemned, is a low lord of Vital raised to higher office by his bravery in this endeavour. War however grinds ever onwards. Edion is theirs, yes, but how long shall it be for if there are not men to defend the Empire? The noble of Vital are called up into a force led by the first of these Aivolsi, Lord Tioakim. A procession of lake-water ewers is carried to the city, that each man who has been so willing to give body and soul for the glory of Amun may be washed in it and made pure. Soon they will march.

Farms are ordered to help feed the building war effort. One in the north to feed the contestants and trainees of the colosseum and another in the surrounds of the Parhuami to feed the capital.
Like the bronze and iron of old, so shall the skin of Ahmosi be. For this effort is worked magics within the temple of the Deitree beyond that of good breeding. One among the few chosen to sire the generation to come is led into the inner temple, there he is stripped of his shendyt, his body cleansed & strigled with oil, then it is his flesh is tanned like tough leather. This, it is hoped, shall pass through his line.
It is a long march, but one which beats in discipline with every step from Hamirad Remes to Hammudrabi.

Building works throughout the lands of the scholarly order never cease! A market in the same soft earth as the ports, where the Laud and Oc and Orpielles may trade ever freely, bringing in all the wonders of the world for them to study, whilst also with some luck making a tidy profit on all that Uru-Anu has on offer. Alongside it a second quarry of grey stone most fit for civilian use as demand had increased, matched with a third lumberyard in the west to continue outfitting the growing city. There is even talk of a navy being built to capitalise on the growing trade between nations. Last, but by no means least, is a third mine on the ever profitable copper, said to be the finest this side of the Falcon Strait. Where exactly this Falcon Strait is however is rather more up in the air.
[I'd like to start an IC about the alliances suggestion you've put forward, ping me if that is something you would be interested in doing]
[>CD] Plans for the tunnel to the Dirkin are announced. They had done this before, to breach the Walls of Khosna which they now call Lycopolis (sometimes The Wolf Gate), so they shall do it again. Of course then it had been through soft earth with the dangers of flooding, now it is through mountain stone with the dangers of collapsing the great weight of a peak on top of them. But no one has ever said the Avor were not brave in the face of adversity, or foolhardy in the face of absurdity. Workmen are sent out at sunrise of the first day of the tyrn, they truly will need all the man-hours they can, with others sent out into the lands of the Dirkin to tunnel in from the other side. The work is hard, harder than they had been warned off, made no easier by the consistent veins of red-orange ore which dull the tools worse than the stone around it. Samples are sent home for identification, there is still work to be done.
As the efforts continue in the east, a number of cynocephalic members from the Dirkin melting pot arrive in Idopolis, awaiting to be poked and prodded in the name of science, natural or otherwise. They expect the jeers, the pointing, the slack-jaws as they enter the city, but what they do not expect is the joy the sight of them also seems to bring. They are led to the royal palace, as yet empty of a king and princelings, but through the halls to a place set up for them in the Dirkish fashion to make them comfortable. Here they are met by a number of magicians of the Avor court in hopes of understanding their condition. [I would like to take this to IC]
On the very last day of the tyrn it is announced that the two teams have broken through to each other, with (by some miracle) only a fraction of difference between them.

The Mudspeakers had talked themselves into a deal with the Avor that individually there were not sure they could abide but collectively agreed to without much hesitation. Part of this arrangement had been the giving up of claims over a region of forest in the area around the western gate to the horsemen, but there was nothing nodded or signed to that they couldn't have everything up to those said trees. The Dirkin head west. A second part of the agreement had been the construction of a fortified city in the very mountains themselves. This would prove trickier to arrange, with many nights of head-scratching and curses towards Speaker Slavas before Fate drops into their laps the solution. Of course the Dirkin did not believe in capital F Fate, it had simply been the result of bad fortune made good that a prize-winning yak had found herself in a ravine, through the only gap in the fence, whilst being watched carefully, by three people, in broad daylight, on the day of the feast of the unknown gods. [This last bit you can cross out if it's not within your idea of the Dirkin religion]
Issues with the red-blades aside, the craft of the Khlomosan smith is truly the perfect blend of art and science. Forges worked like musical instruments, hammer strikes the precision of the eagle in flight, their work objects of beauty. As well, of course, as being deadlier than any poison in the right hands. The only trouble is the smoke, the heat, the fumes, it gets to a man after a time, worse with the sheer volume of orders; Many a smith passes his trade to his sons far sooner than he would like.
No amount of fancy footwork or daring-do is going to save you when a war-pick is swung at you at full force by an Avor who looks like the backside of a Dirkish yak. No, what is needed is armour, something to soften the blow enough that you can sputter out your last words. Large quantities of fleece and leather are purchased from their northern ally, along with designs for their own gambesons to be copied.

A snip here, a prod there, a dancing limb, a drooling dimwit, it's all very fascinating, certainly something that would be best suited for study in a royally patronised (and financed) academy of the biomantic sciences. It all goes over Ariaios' head, when are they going to make the homunculi she had requested, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of stallions? After this delicate work they assure here, if she would only grant them a little more funding, they've worked on the brain in situ and now they need to expand their experiments into implantation & manipulation thereafter of the squishy, pink-grey flesh into new hosts. The Empress makes a lewd remark about her own squishy etc.. Relenting on founding an academy for the continued research in cranial issues, she gives them another half-tyrn to show her something more exciting than a disgusting lump of brain matter.
Her Majesty is awoken from a datura binge, infant still suckling, she hands the child over to a wet-nurse, likewise awoken from her drugged stupor by the rapping at the door. Her guards are unconscious, leaving the Empress herself to answer her own door (an outrage!). She is readying herself to wreak swift vengeance against this intruder when she sees the rippled flesh, the soulless eyes, the four arms of a homunculus standing before her. This is a thing of the old world, a True Homunculus, she need only a second to gaze upon it to know. It lowers itself to the floor in reverence, keeping aloft a jug of milk and plate of dates in it's second pair of hands. A servant beyond her stupid, selfish court, tailored to her needs or even just her whims. Capable of things no soulful being is. If she commanded it to go, it would go. Halt, it would, halt. If she commanded it to recite the 3000 line Hymn to Mawos, it would so do. Even if she commanded it to pluck out both it's eyes! She becomes giddy at the sight of it as this realisation slowly filters through her addled mind. Those scholars will have their academy, they have done as she has asked.
>EC cont.
Before the True Homunculi are revealed to her adoring public, Ariaios has devised a scheme that shall be the pièce de résistance of the Crescent Moon Festival such that no other feast shall match it. Her ladies know she is up to something, the Empress is many things but guileful is not among them, everything she is thinking is plastered over her made up face. A few women make away from the palace to warn a number of officials to be prepared, Her Majesty is plotting something.

A number of animals from the past are recalled, from the carvings on temples at the bottom of the great heap that is The Gathering or else from legal inscriptions down there, along with hazy memories passed down for countless generations what the strange lines of walls or trees which cover the landscape were once for. Among these are sheep, pigs, donkeys, and cattle, their names forgotten save for the noises they once made. Of these pigs, or hoinks as the name has devolved to, are the most numerous still wandering the forests, though a little more feral than the swine of old. It takes some doing, wrangling the bristled beasts into pens, but it is done all the same and only cost three hands of fingers plus one Chitterers' lives. These pigs breed even faster than they do themselves, willing to eat literally anything, and that means anything. Khabdag pomace, table scraps, the dead, excrement, fingers, etc., etc..
Another farm for grain or vegetables or really whatever happens to grow in the fields is ordered, along with it a third distillery to continue the spread of joy throughout the Gathering. This is built adjoining the arena pit, because nothing goes better with blood sports than booze. Apart from one thing that is, aqma fried in the rendered fat of hunted game, covered with stewed apricots. The Letterchewers' mouths water as they smell it wafting through their towers atop the piled up city.

Yarvik once more exceeds her confines, breaching the Ra'Kaervsian Walls, spilling north into virgin jungle. Streets angle off in all directions into a twisted knot of a city, confusing to navigate for any who were not born of her. Seizing upon this opportunity the Mareev go about enlarging their temple, the Markalinaroki, increasing their production of beer in line with demand not to mention lining their own pockets with whatever Redthroat they manage to earn (or "earn"). [Any further actions into either of these will not be shown on the map, as there simply isn't room]
[>EC] Yav march onwards south, through the desert sands into still warm but more habitable savanna, coming to stop at the foot of two huge buildings of cut stone larger than anything in the Yavmat. They see coming and going from these places men and women in various states of undress, some going to and fro completely nude, others in linen so sheer they may as well be naked. This may however not be as striking to them as the fact not one of these people is hued in red or blue.
Among the men of the Irreechi who make haste from Edion are smuggled a number of prisoners of war they had stolen away from that heretical jungle temple. These were Amunians, from whom the Order would hope to learn their language. The men they have in their possession are learned folk, at least as learned as barbarians can be, who willing teach the tongue of Amun to their captors, perhaps in hopes they will be returned home, perhaps that the war may end, only Volos may know.
A bow, supple and curving, it reminds some of those weaker-willed of the body of the Abraamite woman from long ago. Able to be drawn faster, to loose faster, to hit harder and more often. A weapon whose use requires teaching, a honing of skill beyond the poacher.

The Yav, those strange men and women with coloured bodies, had come from the west with weapons of war beyond the stone tools of the Odithians. In some hopes of offering protection against them should their mood turn sour as so much milk, a fort of stone is built in that region. To counteract it somewhat, a farm of grain for bread and porridge is built in the pleasant east, much to the country's delight. Perhaps it is the protracted meeting with the Yav, or a longing for what the Orpielles have, or maybe even heeding Aletheos' word, that the children of Odithis set to the working of metal. For now it is only of soft gold into things of beauty or else gilt replicas of the weapons they have seen. In either case it is but a single step in the long journey out of the stone age.

It is to be one of his final acts as Potentate, the raising of an army to protect his people, before he slips into a sleep from which he cannot be awoken. He is fed thin gruel, a little wine, and plenty of milk-of-the-poppy to keep him stable. The public is not made aware of this yet, giving his son (now a man himself) time to arrange what must be done. In Kosmos, before sad news can reach them, there is a good deal of celebration. The Meraghul have been the topic of a considerable number of conversations throughout Nemosa, not least of which is for the small gaggle of half-Laud children they have with them, only distinguishable from the rest for the minute horn nubs on their temples. Some of the fathers of these children have travelled with them, finding the Meraghulese mothers to be well-equipped if unorthodox parents, but from hereon these men will have to say goodbye to their offspring, Meraghul law forbids them to join them on the wandering journey. If they wish for the children to stay, they may, but they will be fed a potion to rid them of Meraghulese influence. This is explained in great detail, many times over, along with a number of other stories, legends, and laws of the tribe, as a fleet of ships is prepared to carry them off.
>LD cont.
With wolves at his heels and his men rolling enormous stones into the forests, Orlon-Asur returns to Yarr. Here it is at last the supply of godwine is stoppered and the man returns to himself. He looks in shock at his family, at his army, and lastly at himself for the changes he has wrought. He regales the court of his deeds, of the things he has seen, of the legends he has acted, of the wealth he has brought news of. The now very much mortal Orlon does however leave off what was done at the monoliths, having heard word of what is happening north of the mountains.
With favourable winds, the First Fleet finds that the one island is two, one large & one small. The smaller, given the incredible tower which spirals from it, lit up like a beacon guiding them in, is the administrative hub between them.

Harnessing a small stream which flows from the mountains of Obaba's Lair, the Hydriests put to work their invention, drawing in crowds from across the islands to pay witness to it. They claim it can be put to any number of applications, fulling wool with hammers, sawing wood, grinding grain, the possibilities are near limitless. Of course they'll need to create stronger currents than they have present access to for these applications to be viable as more than thought experiments. Following perhaps from this comes the thought of pipes, ways to control the flow of waters on the whims of the Hydriests (or really any Oc), rather than that of nature. Now most of Ocena relies on the aquifers of their islands for drinking water, digging wells wherever they are needed, but with a series of pipes they theorise that water may be plumbed without the need for manual lifting. Even they however admit this is many tyrns down the line. Copper works remarkably well, even when hammered rather thin, but is expensive and laborious to work. One Hydriest suggest a soft dull metal he has read about in trade manifests between the Lauds and the Uati. He then spends twice as long explaining why he was perusing foreign paperwork instead of helping with their own bureaucracy. [I suggest reading the "Qanat" wiki]
[>WD, >WK] The First Fleet, having stopped in the land of the Waddans, finds themselves entwined with their Third Fleet in the ports of the Karnate, where all the men wear the same haggard face and little else.
[>TN] The Second Fleet ends the Battle of Hoftborg-Sea the victor, rescuing Tarnsmen from their wrecks, sailing them to a location north of Huoxinwa where some deposit or other is said to be located. After they have secured this mineral resource they are given, until their own part in the war has come to an end, control over this naval force to be returned to the Oc at the expense of the Tarnsmen when hostilities have concluded.
>OC cont.
The Third Fleet, informed by the settlers of Menot's Garden that the war has been won, end their voyage of conquest and return to their ways of curiosity. They make for the northern coasts of Nemosa, spying that the campfires of many tyrns ago no longer burn.
[>LD] The Fourth Fleet makes a brief stop in the sprawling docks of Yarr-Kosmos to resupply but are most taken aback by the strange new appearance of the horned men! [Please ask Novo for the changes]

[>OC, >VT] Though the Wights are not by any means civilised in the way the Tarn or Oc understand it, there are at least sapient enough to make war and to understand enough gestures after losing said war to allow a small number of Tarnsmen and well-armed Oc to make landfall unmolested. There, in the ramshackle "city" they call Hoftborg, the group set to learning the language of these primitive folk that a peace treaty may be forged. It is hard work, having to fend off the curious creatures who come to gawk at the fine clothes, the gold rings, and great height of the strange men. Eventually enough is learnt to convey that the Vettir are to give up their islands in the south, and the tall men shall leave them then in peace. [or just Menot's Garden if that's all that was discussed] This signed & sealed, the Tarnsmen go about arranging the purchase of stone and timber in Vettirgard for the construction of an embassy there, a building a great deal taller than their Vettish hovels. Then the army is led south, as planned, to the outcropping of strange stones that intrigued them enough to land tyrns ago and there a fortified outpost is built from the wood of the re-floated wrecks of their naval fleet. It is there too that they retrieve the sea-bloated bodies of the dead, separating them from the Wights also half-buried in the sands, a land they have called Nastrond.
The naval forces in the south continue northwards, word not yet reaching them of the end of the war, they are stocked well enough that they need not stop in Harppa and delay their journey, but even with favourable winds canno make it all the way to Xiuado this tyrn.
It is a long way north in the beating of the summer sun, driving hungry beast, trailing supply wagon, the border-fields of Huoxinwa are just in sight.
Even with so much hardship laid upon the Wights, they still need to eat. There has been such loss that many see it worth the risk to venture north into the untamed forests or west into the uncalm waters. There they find plentiful small game quite easy to trap, and many more seals having bred from the lull in sealing during the brief war. This most welcome of discoveries is met with another, this too brought about by the outsiders. They bring with them (as well as those taken in raids) clay pots, urns, tall jars filled with intoxicating beverage. Crafty as they are, Wights had made copies of them in the materials at hand, namely hard mountain stone, which makes very decorative but not especially usable vessels.
That is until deposits of malleable clay is found in the northern swamps. From this, though they lack the black lustre of Dirkish-ware, are made all manner of pot and jar, dried in the sun. For some this proves sufficient, whilst others toil away at finding out how they were made fast, not letting in water in the rain and so on. Though the family who discovered the technique do not give the whole story, for it involves a housefire in which several expensive gold neck-plates were reduced to a single large charred lump, they present with some pride a fired vessel which rings when tapped just like the outsiders' pots do. Given the nature of Wights however is not long before all of Vettirgard knows the technique.

The Stones of Diuth had proclaimed the presence of copper and gold, so it is they shall be dug from the earth with praise to her.
Driven by the force of magic that emanates from the stones and metals, though they cannot say what it is that drives them to their exact action, a good sized piece of almond-shaped amber is coiled tightly in gold wire of the highest purity, thus enjoining Life and Enrichment into a single stone of Power. Again, it must be advised that the men and women who have been called to the Geomantic arts cannot say why it is that what was, is, and likely will be done in future is so, only that it is. With that said, what is done is the opening of the skin of the forehead and embedding of the stone like a third eye. The head is then bound to prevent infection until the incision heals, this done the bejewelled claims they are imbued with the preternatural energy of youth, even in their old age. This of course does not extend to their knees, which still creak and ache even as those so enhanced go about their lives with renewed vigour.
The Beninga Fleet returns to the new eastern port with excitement and apprehension. What they have discovered has been remarkable, nigh-unbelievable, with luck they will be able to convince their superiors of what they have seen. Likewise the crew of the Second Fleet have witnessed by chance had been most fortuitous, being guest to a great gathering of men from across the north for the ascension of a new King of the Avor and all the diplomacy it had spurred. [>WK] As for the Third Fleet, well it turns out the reports had been true, the men of the Karnate (though this name is not yet known) indeed set about their business in little more than their scant undergarments! But my, they do look rather good in doing so remarks one cabin-boy who is met with a swift beating.
[>OC] Beningsted's Finest march south in hopes that a fresh set of eyes may spy something new at the ancient battlefield and overlooking memorial. [Time works differently in NRP, I'm sure the Oc would happily see an ancient site if the opportunity were raised]

The Karnites have had but a drop of blood and developed a taste for it. They will have the rivers run red, they will drink their fill, they will rejoice in the lamentation of the Shalatim. So too will the Karn of Karns delight in their war. Blood will flow from the freeman and the slave, from Karnite, Abraamite, and Shalatim, all shall pour red ichor onto the stone. A vast complex of halls, cells, drains, pens for cattle and men, is annexed to the great temple of Karn for his glory. At the end of these blocks stands a tower overlooking it all, from which the call to sacrifice may be raised to the faithful.

File: NRP6 Turn 17.png (27 KB, 355x427)
27 KB

The Vardyger is busy dealing diplomatically with the foreign invaders. Using arms of bronze and great ships they were utterly dominant. There is much we have to learn, and with his concessions, the Vardyger is buying time. Had he used his time more effectively, or even his father, the Wights would not be on their knees. But like with the Wolfmen of the past, winter will give us time to adapt, to become stronger, so we may stand proud once more.

>Action 1: Develop the Spiker Dagger. Death of the Vardyger.
With the Vardyger's total defeat at the hands of an unknown foe, his clairvoyance is utterly disproven. The Vardygers have long excused their decisions as part of a bigger picture, but now all their bad decisions are revealed. The Vardyger knows he is in danger and protects himself extensively, weapons are forbidden from being carried in his court. But he cannot confiscate what he cannot see. A new weapon has been developed, called the Spiker, meaning Nail (carpentry), it consists of a triangular rod that tapers to a fine point. Lacking an edge it is difficult to use, as one can only stab, so you will have to hit vital organs with it. But it's highly concealable and the cooks are very precise with knives. The Vardyger could not even let a scream out before he had his juggular and temple pierced by a pair of Spikers.

>Action 2: Research and Experiment with the Seal Gate. Try to reach the Tah Gate.
With news of someone coming out of the gate, it is clear it will allow traversal both ways. The shamans become very interested in these travellers, though they are unable to speak to one another, they can make use of drawings and gestures to get ideas across. An important detail however, is that they do not make the same sacrifice, this sacrifice has to be procured on the far side. A dozen live seals are procured at the gate, and shamans astral project in shifts, drawing what they see, not only so they can document any changes in what we see through the gate, but to find a destination the travellers recognize. But... what happens if we use the sacrifice of the Tah Gate, on the altar of the Seal Gate? Perhaps we can make just one destination show up when Astral Projecting, maybe we can use songs of the Tah Gate lands to guide us in the mountain paths. We have a golden opportunity on our hands.

>Extra: Burn down dye workshop on the Colourful Isle.
The Colourful Lords, having lost many of their number and even more of their fortune in the war, when seeing that the Wights are to abandon the Colourful Isle, do not want to see their source of wealth be used to fund the very people who murdered them. So they set about thoroughly destroying their dye workshop. They empty the warehouse, dismantle every workstation, douse every structure in flammable fish oil, sets it ablaze and dumps all the stonework and other inflammables into the sea.

> Construct a market in unclaimed lands between Gnawchitter and Dirkin lands where comparable goods can be traded freely (food for food, gem for gem)
> Begin constructing stone roads between Safehole and the northern Avor tunnel.
> Prospect the western coast (11,12,13) and say hello to the passing Nemish ship

The newly appointed speaker of Diane, a gray haired woman by the name of Loam-kin, narrowed her eyes at Tah-Mah's carefully neutral face.

"Financing a stone road from here to the great work? Out of the goodness of your heart? My stone has moss."

Tah put her best smile on. "Am I not a fellow child of the dirt? Who built the market between the Gnawchitter and us? Whose people search for new materials to propel us forward?"

Loam-kin shook her head. "I've seen the price on the breadfruit you're getting from the Gaunts. And I know who will profit most from anything interesting you find along the coast."

Tah relented with a laugh. "It's a new opportunity, the Avor. All people love the new, the rare, the novel. Besides..." She grew wistful for a moment. "I don't have many years before I become an elder. Figured I should leave something of use before I go."
The Riddle of Iron
“This won’t work”
“Quiet.. if the Khlomosans can bend the stones to their will, this metal will be no different.. it’s simply a matter of Avorian perseverance.

The Forge in Idopolis would be variably taken over by master smiths and a small groups of Geologists who had not yet given up on this new ore. Building a clay furnace along the forge. The Ore would be mixed in now with Crushed Bones and Charcoal, the charcoal being recommended by a silver worker, stating how the Charcoal helps draw the silver from the stone. with this the Furnace is lit and quickly air is driven in by hand bellows into the furnace raising the temperature higher. As the molten ore falls down the furnace, it is quickly collected given no time to rest and begun to hammer and fold it in with other blooms of iron, this would drive out the impurities and produce a dull silver metal, harder than Copper… a revolutionary metal

Action 1: Research: Riddle of Iron- combining smiting knowledge and superstition create workable metal from the reddish ore

Action 2 Build the City of Ulfberht in the mountain. creating guard gates at either end and using the tunnel to begin building a massive structure expanding up and down within the mountain. a true mountain home for both Avor and Dirkin craftsmen and civilians alike.

Army 1 (Alexanders own) stay in Khlomosa

Army 2 (Wolf Army) Move down toward Lycopolis.

(Image: Avor Side of the Ulfberht city gate)
1. His lusts not sated, Ra'Kaerv uses his prestige and position to have armies raised from the people, warriors trained in the arena and organized under his Yavipori chiefs. He says "I require many men, for I feel that Yarvik should be even greater, and the length and breadth of the very world should fall under its gaze." These risen armies, under the guidance of the Yavipori, are referred to as the Okapori, meaning "The Common Armies"

2. To feed his army Ra'Kaerv demands the mines and forges expanded to meet his needs.
Posted on behalf of the Ahmosi

The incident with the Uru-An was most concerning be it their mages trying to manipulate our diplomats or truly some drug that lets you see visions from bizzare entities... they did feed it to our diplomats without asking. The council of lords convened and the elderly Anemhotep stopke out in favour of peace trusting the southeners will be willing to repay us for their mistake.

And they did. Shipments of the drug along with gold, copper and salt arrived in our land, but by the time they did the king was dead.

To the throne rose a woman a decision most worrying to the clans for she could not father as many children as a king should. Queen Nathliepatra was unperturbed. An all rounder by nature distinct in her streangth, senses, ferility, itellect and guile she instituted the Concubine system. Where she shall take 20 husbands and 2500 concubines and whenever she is pregnant she shall pick out a concubines for her husbands.

Action 1: The Anemhotepi Tomb + ironstem canegrass
The Red temple is the south is expanded much sooner than many had wished. Anehmhoteps tomb is carved deep inside, the treasures of gold, copper and salt the southeners sent deposited there, along with them the pelt of the great beast he had hunted and the contract the nation managed to sign with the Ocenians regarding the first mercenary contract. The Old king will be missed, but Long live the Queen and the temple is even grander now!

Also an ironstem canegrass plantation is built. Better not run short on our most important construction good.

Action 2: Drug resistance/taming training - Myrrith
To never fall pray to mind altering drugs, the divine should not bow to mundane concoctions. The Ahmosi would begin training with the Myrrith the southerners sent as compensation. The goal is to attempt to think as normally as possible while under the influence or to tame and subdue the illusions become their master.
We already have superior minds which allow us to think twice as fast, this should not be an issue. (Harem Queen Nathliepatra would also participate in the training as her uniquely more divine form due to the Heroe's Fruit might reveal extra insights)
1. New lands have been claimed but the lands around Amun and Vital still remain fairly untamed. Another copper mine is constructed to keep fueling the forges and near Vital another lumbermill is settled to fuel construction and weapon making. (Construct copper mine and lumber yard)
2. The war continues, and new wars have begun. In the north Edion Amunian citizens have begun to settle as, while the corspemen are not displaced, many are enslaved has harsh punishments are placed on those who break Amunian laws. Men must still serve, though, and those that rise to the needs of the nation shall see their families rewarded. (Raise army in Edion)

In the north the combined forces of three armies lie in wait to ensure that their forces are organized, men are recruited, and the final push to the edge of habitable land is prepared. The corpsemen shall either seek negotiations or be put to heel.
In the south Lord Tioakim prepares for a northern march to join the final push; but news comes of the Karnite barbarians being repelled at the eastern fortress. A new war has begun. May Tumawos bless our men and guide our blades. The army of Tioakim marches for the barbarous city of Solunist.

>Battle on the Field of Bones
Karnites are not a race who will let a battle be delayed. Now on the field of bones where the Abraamites once gave up their children to their god, they would face the Shalatim, the Amunians, in battle. In short, it is a slaughter. The hammer of Amun crashes down upon the skull of Karn and wipes the mercenary forces from existence. Those few who are lucky to survive unharmed and the many more who lay bleeding are marched home to tell of the brutal strength of the arm of Amun who look proudly over their work before returning to Edion. Perhaps they will recognise the hundreds of small bleached bones as the prrof of the Irreechi's words, perhaps they will not.

>The (Failed) Shalatim War
Karn Hroth leads his personal army into battle against the fortified position on the border. He shouts orders as he pleases with no heed to contradiction, confusion waves over the Karnite men becoming disorganised and clumsy in their efforts. Whichever Amunian Lord is stationed in the place is assured of recognition, for making such short work of the blundering aggressors. Karn Hroth and a few of his loyal beat a humiliating retreat to the outskirts of Krrgstyl.


>Action 1: Learn the Avor Tongue
The Horse-Lords of the continent to our north are in no doubt a powerful force, and the display of wealth and tribute from two neighbours at the recent coronation shows they have formidable political connections as well. To that end, a group of Waddan scholars make the journey northward by ship to learn of the Avor tongue.

>Action 2: Armour
The armour worn in that northern court by hosts and guests serves as a wake-up call to Waddania, that others continue to grow and to innovate, recovering old-world secrets and employing new innovations. To that end, protections observed are replicated with Waddan wool, leather and metal to produce a functional garment for the average soldier or militiaman.

>Navy 1:
Pulling into the Harbour near the Tropaion, the first fleet spends the Tyrn being upgraded and refitted. Admiral Bolens announces that, with the passing of Tyrns, he too is now ready to take a retirement - but Aibel Beninga is readied, and has proven himself.

>Navy 2:
Their report made, the Navy returns to the Lycopolis wall; to then continue onward easterly along the northern coast.

>Navy 3:
The third fleet conduct... whatever requires conducting. If it still requires conducting, they wait. If it is concluded, then the journey is continued westward along the coast.
-build a city
With the new discovery of the blessed animals, more and more families move in from the edges of the city to within, looking for a safer and more reliable access to the still-rare meat... Or perhaps an easier spot to ambush those who carry it
-research baking
Through sheer and utter accident, a chitterer whose teeth have begun to rot begins to miss the taste of grain, which has accompanied her through her entire life.
In her despair, and after several bowls of fermented crushed apricots, she grabs a stone and starts crushing the wheat seeds, before shoving that shit into a hidden closet in her house.

She then passes out in a drunken haze, and promptly forgets about it.

In the closet, yeast-mold grows over the seeds, water drips over them, and through pure accident the chitterer finds herself with a door bursting with sticky white stuff!
In an attempt to get rid of it and recover her closet, she chucks it in a furnace... Only to be surprised by the sweat smell as soon as she turns to leave

-Lore Blurb: pigs and goats
The goats and pigs that have been recently discovered and tamed are considered a delicacy- after all, chitterers care for how much they can gnaw on something and how much of it they can get, and the tough meat of the goat and the plentiful meat of the pig are wonderful for both things!

With love, they nickname the first Yellers and the seconds Eatas- to refer to the latter's ability to eat anything, which leads to some people nicknaming them as "spawn of the devourer" in an affectionate sort of irony
Action 1/2. Build 2 armies at Kosmos. Between the constant threat of the gate and the new threat of northern secessionists Prince Inalt has acted in his father's stead and has drafted a massive army at his father's namesake. The Sheer size of which naturally brings order and security to the nation.

Army: Both Yarr armies move to the gate fort to defend against potential northern aggression.

Navy: Navy 1 explores west and then down the coast south, Navy 2 & 3 go north to investigate what they have heard about there, Navy 4 heads south and allows the meraghul to meet with the ocenans before they continue their journey.

Lore. While to many Orlon is a hero for his numerous accomplishments while being under the influence of the godwine. The fact that Inalt has married his daughter and is also his soon to be potentate has given him a closer association to the man than most to see just how adversely affected he was by the situation. By all accounts beforehand he was a slightly decadent noble that got into his position for political reasons rather than any notable skill, but being under divine influence had brought about changes. The man has the look of a man hardened by the wild with a powerful build only seen by the most dedicated warriors. His eyes seem always haunted by something and becomes passionate at the most strange things. He was always most weird when Inalt had talked about the two northern species that arose from fellow Lauds. Although he did seem to desperately approve Inalt's idea of a cure for them beyond sycophantic approval for whatever reason. So at least he had secured his father in law's approval.

It was also well that Inalt had mustered forces in kosmos as it had prevented potential retaliation due to a controversy that happened as the meraghul had left. While things had been mostly amicable between the two people's when it came time for them to separate was when things began to break down. Most had accepted the meraghul's passing seeing them little more than a strange people whose women were loose. Some however refused to lose what they had and resorted to the old ways. Laud men (and one woman said to have been consumed by onos) conspired to kidnap their bride and any potential kids they had before they escaped. Inalt was firm that due to internal matters the meraghul had to leave, but said that if they were found they would purge the influence from any children if given the special potion. He also asked to be personally taught how to make it given that such things are his personal passion.

The one conspirator that was most well known was the woman conspirator who had taken a meraghul man for her own. She was largely seen as insane and uncontrollable whereas he was completely pathetic. Often joked about being the typical meraghul male. Whenever he tried to escape others would capture him and bring him back while making constant jeers.

The empress is smiling, she has a plan for this festival, her attendants can tell it on her face and in her eyes, moving with purpose. She seems back to her old self, but with some sort of predatory cunning she hasn’t displayed for a while.
Whispers and murmurs about what she might have planned are constant, but her closest aides are sworn to silence. Whatever is going to happen at the festival will remain a mystery until it happens.

What is even more a mystery however is the bizarre happenings in the sky. A third moon?
Summers end really has brought some strange things to Calandorra, including what seems like an army of red men with funny looking eyes. Truly strange. The empress, on hearing of such a thing, shrugs her shoulders and demands a massage from her new four armed pet homunculus. It’s probably not important, whatever is going on.

Action 1: University of Synaptics (Spina’at)

The empress is impressed by the new generation of homunculi and gladly funds this, perhaps final, institution for the creation of Homunculi, the university responsible for the most important step, animating the body.

To bring life and awareness to this thing bereft of soul, to unlock the warlord or meek servant or charming faux partner that lies within the flesh, it is this that the Synaptic university seeks to unlock as its primary mysteries, this university possessing countless chambers for the “stringing ceremony” which each new homunculus undergoes that makes it whole. Complete bodies come into this institution, having been assembled by the others and are then awoken, to serve the throne.

When not operating on flesh, the students of this academy work to divine the mysteries in the brain, colossal nerves stretch through stone to a central nexus, an artificial brain constructed at the heart of Spina’at, cables of nervous matter shielded with bone are woven through the walls, connecting up to the great brain beneath the floors that the most illustrious mages poke and prod at in their studies.
Action 2: Raise an army in Tor Sulduphan

With the sighting of strange armed red men on the horizon, it is well and truly time to recruit a military force of our own to contend with any possible aggression. We had thought for a long time we may have been alone following the cataclysm, but it seems that some primitive remnants remain. They are nothing before the might of the Empresses personal army as it takes shape. The Empress has reigned so long and had so many children that she has enough demigod descendants to arrange them into the mighty heart of this elite formation, her perverted sons and daughters being whipped into shape by the Shayla as part of their training, to middling success.

Aside from those few divine blooded daughters wielding the finest weapons, other female soldiers exist in the form of cavalry, horse riding being too feminine and girly a pursuit for any upstanding Dorran man to ever consider. Ranks of fine Hisannian horses stand beside each other twenty rows deep each with a maiden or very soon to not be maiden anymore atop them, and around this fine heart of well equipped elites stand countless on countless strong and burly soldiers, just how the empress prefers, many of them in fact previous partners of hers, more still hailing from the academy of Dunyasal.

Interspersed through the many ranks are the occasional Homunculus, crafted for war, each is a work of art on its own, and each is attended to by no less than three Samya to ensure their safety and efficacy.
Oh, the sight of her army before her, the empress can only swoon.
>Action 1 - Military - Chariot
The tactical advantage is yet untapped, as the manpower can be yet multiplied through the use of the chariot - a wheeled platform designed to be pulled by the Irreechi Ponies while multiple men can be loaded into the chariot such that their bows can be fully utilized with no loss to maneuverability.

>Action 2 - Military - Armor
An additional bonus of the Chariot is the ability to carry additional weight by distributing the load over several ponies. Metal masks are to become the standard, accompanied by several body plates.

>Action 1 - Improved Silver Arts
Su-won is aged, her reign over in all but name. Yeong-sil runs the kingdom now, his twin blades of crimson red earning fanciful new tales with every telling. She spends much of her twilight years in sword-study, growing wrinklier and bent-over with each passing day, but her skills remain as sharp as ever, and no one of the court dares to test her mettle, seeing the new techniques she has mastered. Her father's legacy, mastered at last.

>Action 2 - Declare war on Vettigard.
The return of the scouts through the mountain gate brings with them an explosion of potential. The gates have been tamed! Destinations can be reached, as desired! Su-won's great ambition, her dream, is finally with reach! They need only slay this fat blubbery 'seal' at their own gate, and a whole new land lays open, ripe for conquering.
She grasps her son's forearm as he kneels at her bedside, a moment of sadness lingering as she sees his mishappen hand. Still...
"Go, my son. Take the world, it is yours."

So they march to war. The Wights, and their Shamans, will bow to the King of Khlomosa, or be swept aside.

>Army Move - Move both army's through the gate, destroy any resistance and occupy their nation. Hoftborg will be the new seat of Khlomosan power in the east, and the Wights will join our fledgling empire!
A wretched woman watches men march north, the promise of riches and conquest as plain to see as any.

She shows no surprise when she see's three familiar faces among the crowd, her sons ever-eager to prove their skill.
>Study the science of fluid dynamics.
The invention of the waterwheel has all of Curio curious as to its applications, yet admittedly there is little in terms of running water for the island to tap into in order to truly unleash it's full potential. With this the Hydriests return to their work, seeking ways to utilize their latest invention. One obvious solution is to simply create dams up high into the mountain to catch rain and use these as a source. However the island doesn't experience rain frequently enough to guarantee they'll always be topped, leaving the system vulnerable to droughts. Instead the scholars begin to look at the ocean, for doesn't it make sense to learn how to tap into this infinite supply which will never run dry? Yet the challenge they face is how to defy the laws of nature, and allow the water to flow to their whims. The pipes were an interesting experiment. Tough, sturdy, and reliable, yet it is nothing more than a straw for water to run down into, nothing groundbreaking. However, as the Hydriests play with this seemingly bland rod they notice a few more things about water. Pressure, force, compatibility, all these and more are concepts they begin to consider as part of water's nature. Seemingly without value for the moment, these studies will prove to be the foundation for future breakthroughs.

>Create hospitality village in Lobromus at the great reef.
The former capital city sees itself still as a humble historical keynote of Ocena, though its modern relevance is dwarfed by the rapid expansion of Curio and it's subsequent seating as the new capital city. These days, only bureaucrats and old folks who enjoy the quiet seem to call this place home, as the city itself still serves as an important administrative center, yet the island itself is populated few and far between. Yet despite this quiet phase, Libromus is not without it's own treasures. Off to the South the great reef thrives in countless beauties. It had always been loved by the locals, yet during the early days of the nation many had forgotten of it, seeking rather new thrills and finds on the distant shores over the horizon. These days Ocena finds itself with time to look inwards, and one of these introspective groups are a small collection of wealthy scholars to view the reef with opportunity. The beach is truly a gem of the ocean, and many would flock to here for even a temporary retreat to this scene of aquatic majesty. And with Ocena finding itself in the unique position of being a central point between so many nations, it would be a shame to keep the serenity of this place to themselves. The magnates commission a luxurious town to be built here, and begin spreading word throughout Ocena and neighboring nations of this place's exquisite natural beauty, creating a tourist destination every simply HAS to visit at least once before the end of their days.

Navy actions:
1) Return home
2)Stays with Tarn.
3)Sail North side
4)Lands at Curio

> 1st action: Diplomacy.
Aid the Orpellians in their attempts to restore the pit.

Those of a criminal nature would be gathered and given a choice to continue their serving their sentences normally or get a reduced sentence and pay if they where willing to be escorted to the land of the Oprellians for a set amount of time to serve as manual laborers, while some crates of gold are sent as well for the Opreallians to do as wish with it.

> 2nd action: Research.
Start discussing and drawing up plans designs for ship that will b modest in size with speed for open ocean voyages.

Many night would be spent by the scholars assigned for the naval project, smoking Myrrh both to draw inspiration and relax their minds as the deliberated with one another as designs for what ship shall be used where chiseled only stone tablets. While some arguments where had the council ultimately decided that ships that favored speed would be best suited in order to explore the world.
Posted on behalf of the Karnites

With news of the defeat of the mercenaries sold to the Irreechi, and Karn Hroth being repelled from the fort, the priests in hold a meeting in the bowels of the temple; the subject- the selection and ascension of a new Karn. Such rapid and absolute defeats mark something is clearly wrong. The Karn of Karns has abandoned Karn Hroth, unless he proves otherwise, he will be a dead man upon returning to Krrgstyl. An army of the devout is raised in Krrgstyl, under the command of Priest Huldt.

>2. Fleeing survivors from the wiped out mercenary army arrive back home in Solunist, and a new army is raised in defense in the city. It is only natural that the Shalatim will capitalize on this temporary setback of the Karnites.
File: culvert-types.jpg (193 KB, 426x640)
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>Turn 17
>NM: Nirmalan, the Builder. Son of Deepak and Unni
Action 1: Sewer system
A man steps forward with a plan as the sanitation situation becomes critical. To capture the waste of tens of thousands in massive cisterns, releasing it into an underground canal all the way to the other side of the peninsula. He is derided by the Order, such a plan would take decades of labor if the whole city pitched in. Disgusted by their shortsightedness he left, pledging to dig a canal all the way to Harppa by himself. The next day, when the sun rose upon a glittering expanse of water, the Tarns realized they had been in the audience of a god.

Action 2: War with Huoxinwa
Not a war in a traditional sense, but the movement of men and metal in such quantities requires attention all the same.
File: map17.png (975 KB, 2047x2151)
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975 KB PNG
5th Young Man, 2nd PAC. The Rising Star once more shines.
Menot Hoi & Menot Dwo, the Greater & the Lesser Moons both wane, now is the epoch of Menot Ethoi, the Crowned/Enthroned Moon.

With the sweetness of victory on their tongues, the Amunian people have gained a taste for war. Much labour is sunk into keeping the beast of bloodshed well fed with the opening of new copper deposits and felling of more lakeside jungle. This is sent with haste to the captured Edion where enough Amunian men have (been) migrated to form a fighting force, served by the practically enslaved class of Irreechi who could not flee the city.
The armies are amassed in Edion, with rumours going about that there are more military personnel in the city than civilians! [Your half army actually cannot be healed this turn because they were actually used in combat last turn]
[>WK] Word travels of the cowardly and pathetic strike at the north border, so it is the forces led by Lord Tioakim are sent to repay the favour tenfold against Solunist. They stand at the wide stone bridge at the ready.

Anemhotep had been the star of his people, their guiding light through the morass of fraught diplomacy and strange beasts, each of which is carved in exquisite detail into his tomb within the Red Temple alongside many exploits of dubious authenticity, but none are foolish enough to question it. However artistic endeavours alone do not build a nation, ironstem canegrass stores need replenishing to start with.
Whilst the divine peasantry endure the hardships and highs of building a generational tolerance against the myrrh, her majesty seeks to understand the workings of the drug. For when burnt as incense the effects are negligible, even beneficial for the sweet smell of it, but when inhaled directly the power of it is overwhelming. Through carefully controlling dosages, Pharakhan Nathliepatra discovers what causes the trip. Somehow the southerners have produced a drug which punches above the material, through the aetherial, into the spiritual. They are knocking at the doors of the gods and having them answer.

Men & gold are sent into the Orpiellery to aid in the restoration efforts. Their work is backbreaking, for many being not so much hard labour as a death sentence with those who do survive returning black as midnight like the Orpielles themselves. What this grants the Uru-Anu however is a little more nebulous; A declaration of friendship whilst the deal remains in effect and open trade on mercenaries, zebra, & Selum. The current price, subject indefinitely to change at the Foreman's will, is a mine's worth of salt for an army's worth of the metal. The scholars of Nabu debate furiously whether or not it was an equal deal.
Suited not for war, but explorative and mercantile missions, the design calls for long shallow boats which may be used on rivers as well as seas, with galleys of rowers on either side for increased speed. Now it is only a matter of funding them.
The red metal of the mountain, given a dozen other colourful names by smiths, many of which one wouldn't repeat around one's mother, is worked in a variety of ways to attempt to unlock its secrets. There is a modicum of success after so much endeavour, resulting in workable metal in a limited quantity and of limited quality. It is still enough however for the effort to be deemed a victory over the ore. The mountain would not only be expected to give ore though, but homestead as well. Incredible labour is required to hollow it out, with much of the stone going to the building of an impressive fortified entrance on the Avorian side. So much work is required that only the barest minimum of living space is carved out. [This was split into a half-city action & a fort action, it will be another half action from whichever side to upgrade Ulfberht to a proper city]
[>CK] Alexander's Own remains in the outskirts of Prospith until further orders are given, leading to some uneasiness in the dark-eyed natives as to their motives. Leaving their brothers-in-arms behind the Wolf Army heads for the Wolf Gate, Lycopolis.

[>GG] The Gaunts of the Gathering are a strange bunch to be sure, but they trade fairly enough when they realise they can't stab the Dirks and take what they have on their stalls, although it doesn't stop a considerable margin of losses from sellers who do not watch their merchandise like a hawk. It does not even always make sense what is taken, one merchant claims he saw three Chitterers dash away from his cart only to find everything still there save the straw used to pack with. [>AV] Thankfully the Avor are a good deal more friendly in their business dealings, especially when the promised road is not finished by tyrn's end. Tah-mah had additional reasons to press the Avor deal however, one of her boys is sweet on an Avor girl, and she on him, the problem is she is the daughter of a prominent family within the Kingdom over (or through) the mountain and he's the son of the stand-in elder of a far-off band of yak-herders, at least to hear the girl's father tell it.
Surveyors sent out on Tah's expense come home with an exceptional return on investment; Silver, by the cart load. One enormous, continuous vein stretching for what must be miles. It's enough that, were access shared with the ruling priestly class, it could spark currency reform bringing the Dirkin in line with Nemish and even Khlomosan custom. Tah's eldest, who is now old enough to have young of her own, spends many an evening talking her mother's ears off about the possibilities, if they should use scales or daggers or perhaps imitations of the age-old carved stones, or perhaps some new form entirely.
The silvered blade becomes a dizzying blur in the Artist's hand, striking faster than the eye may even see. With such spectacular skill however comes an equally spectacular price, for while a man may strike faster when he has mastered the first art of silver, this higher form eats away at the blade with every swing until all that is left is the copper core. Su-won is of course the first to display such a level of skill and when at last her flurry comes to an end she collapses from exhaustion and requires a full two hours to recover.
The Wights are weak in mind as well as body! They have been tricked through mere words and trinkets to hand over the means of their own destruction. The armies are made ready, the young king can already taste the victory feast.

There are few words in Lanthwrit to express the Empress's glee at the culmination of the biomantic arts. The synaptic academy is built not only larger than the others, and of expensive grey limestone, but directly in line with her own great temple as well. Indeed every homunculus they craft is sent down the road, through a back door and around the orgy-filled hypostyle before arriving in Tor Loric for inspection & sale.
Men with spear in hand, maids with reins in theirs, the first army of the empire is really more a show of spectacle than a practical fighting force. It is at least enough to quell the hearts of the populace, stirred by the red men from the north. What they are however is not simply a militaristic threat, but proof that Dorrans are not alone in the post-cataclysm world.

The Gathering, the city not the people-group, has reached the maximum possible extent before serious collapses start to become a frequent occurrence. Minor incidents happen practically every day, it barely reaches above the rumours of the best Dirkin sellers to swindle in the new markets, but this latest round of construction shook something deep within the conglomeration. Survivors of the latest little topple tell of an enormous building of broad columns and tiled roofs to be among the rubble. The Letterchewers will have to order the clearing of farm land around the city if they wish for their great work to continue.
As with every innovation of the Chitterers, the baking of bread & sweet-treats is a fortunate accident that should have otherwise ended in disaster. Also like every other innovation the idea is quickly stolen and replicated throughout the disorganised streets until almost everyone has tried their hand at this newfangled "baking" thing. What proves most popular is anything baked with apricots, or khabdag, or that strange sticky stuff the yellow stinging insects jealously guard in the northern forests.
It is true that while eatas will devour anything, yellers will only eat precisely what you don't want them to, according to a Letterchewer who lost three loaves of bread to one at least. He is summarily shanked and his property raided of shinies for hoarding three whole loaves for himself.
Ra'Kaerv sees it fit that each corner of the world should have men blessed by Yavitov himself as their warden, so it is that new recruits are pulled from the grand arena, outfitted with copper & lumber from newly ordered pits & yards. The Firemind takes great pride in his armies, weeding out the weak and inagile in tyrnly games for the amusement of his people.
[NM] Perhaps this is why Markalin's Brew chooses to appear in the royal box of that arena.

The Order prepares for a grand defence, or a grand assault, or a grand display of mercy and peace, the Pactbroker cannot yet decipher these new dreams of the Hero of tyrns gone. Whatever may come they are made ready, with chariot and fired metal to guard them.


So many are called to arms in Kosmos that there is a brief shortage of scales in the city as each man fashions for himself whatever traditional war-garb he can. There is a good deal of talk as to which front they are headed, whether it will be north to quash sedition, or to cycle through gate-duty, or perhaps they will march through the gate as in tale of old and conquer lands & wealth for their own. For now the forces of Yarr are set at the fortified gate to prevent any possible repeat of past failures.
Having done their deals with the Mutami, already plotting the seizure of the islands for the Potentate, [>GG] the First Fleet continues south into Chittering waters. The conjoined Second & Third Fleet sail directly into the docks of Xiuado, where there is a great deal of commotion brewing. Lastly the Fourth Fleet, Meraghul aboard, set south for Curio.
"Is Ceuran aboard, I have not seen him?" asks the elder as they depart from the dual ports, "Aye, he is on the ship two abreast from us" comes the captain's reply. Alas Ceuran is ashore, trying desperately to stop the boats. [Will take to IC]

[Can I please just say "You have discovered Hydrodynamics"?]
Anyone who is anyone in Ocena visits the reef-resort of Libromus, and those who claim to be someone claim to have visited before whatever latest amenities were installed. It is the height of Ocenian luxury without any expense spared in the construction of both the on-shore resort & off-shore pleasure barges. It is not only a spot for the wealthy however, for a number of provisos were introduced into the construction submission that research facilities be provided for the study of marine life, habitat, and general oceanography, much to the holidaymakers annoyance when they want to spear-fish for bright orange or else black & white striped sea-critters only to be told they're an endangered whatsado or thingmewho.
Having sailed clear across the world, it is time for the First Fleet to return and regale the public with all they have learned.
Continuing along the coast of Nemosa, the Third Fleet spies a curious monolithic gate of overgrown stone.
Lastly with their mission finished, the Fourth Fleet returns to Curio with the sad news of the first Third Fleet's demise.
[NM] The task of building a civilisation from nothing is rarely a glamorous one. Oh most definitely there will be tales of Nirmalan building mosaicked palaces with only a hammer & chisel, or plumbing magnificent fountains which flow with wine on holy days, or any other number of incredible feats, but few will tell of the construction of the sewage canal even if it does save a city from stench & disease.
Huoxinwa will not go peacefully, so they will be brought to heel violently. So it goes.

The Hofthing's claim that only the great astral wolf of Death could claim the life of any Vardyger past, present, or future, is proven to be another of his many lies and half-truths when a copper nail pierces his brainpan and his eyes roll to whites in horror. His yurt is soon picked apart for whatever wealth he has jealously hoarded against his own people, with tales of how he had been paid by the Tarn or the Oc or the Grim or even the Wolfmen in some tellings, to allow the disaster on the sea to happen as some sort of astral sacrifice for his own gain. Imaginative creatures, Wights.
There is a magnetism to the gates which draws the shamans to them, and clearly not just the shamans for three separate races of men come stumbling through the Seal Gate with strange ways of speech and dress, some of them uncomfortably well armed. No matter, it only drives them harder to discover the mysteries of the mountain portals. With Dirkish black porcelain placed upon the altar, the images that blur together coalesce into something recognisable to the Dirt-kin as "Tar Gate". Certain that they have cracked it, the shamans celebrate in typical Vettish style.
[>OC] It is incredible, after the Colourful Lords are lifted from the isle some spark catches something within the strange collection of huts and galleys of those Wights and sets the whole tinderbox ablaze, rapidly spreading to the disused ports there. Thankfully the surrounding gardens are too well watered for the flames to leap to them as well.
[>AV] It would be most prudent to show the Horse-Lords that the people of Waddania are a peaceable sort open to trade and diplomacy, which starts with the first step of learning their language. There are no doubt a number of Avor willing to aid in this effort, being always on the lookout for new sparring and hunting partners as they are. So too do they like the finer things in life, when they can be afforded between long marches extravagant building works of course. However let this chance meeting not be seen as nothing more than a business opportunity, though many a Waddan is already counting the coin he will make, the Avor and the Khloe were both seen to be well protected against the slings & arrows of war. After all, Mawloth's spear may strike the earth at any time to spring forth blood and misery, one cannot be too careful.
Aibel, though more often now he is called Beninga as is naval tradition, is no longer the starry-eyed cabin boy stowed away on his grandfather's ship, no now he stands at the helm of it. And it is much the worse for wear, having seen little change since Old Beninga first set sail. This is rectified at the Tropaion Harbour, a quiet, sombre place, at least as quiet & sombre as a harbour may be.
The Second Fleet, having returned to Klinkested with this news of the Avor-Dirkin marriage, makes off again, with most favourable winds driving them into [>GG] the territorial waters of yet another odd race.
[>WK] Waddans are many things, but patient is not one of their most notable attributes. Karnites for their part do not seem vastly interested in trade agreement or port usage licenses, so it is that the Third Fleet shifts off.

Karn Hroth fears not only for his life, as well he should, but also for his very soul from these shameful defeats under his tenure. Already news of the losses has travelled the dusty roads ahead of the survivors of each front and it is not certain to whom the new forces raised in each city are truly loyal. Priest Huldt takes command of the new Capital Guard with Priest Ragin in control of the Solutin army.

Posted on behalf of the Ahmosi

>>5659483 (AH)
With imminent threats dealt with the intriguing question of what was found out about the drug of the southmen was found. Is it a great sin they are commiting or the Ahmosi ticket back to heaven? The Queen Frankly thinks neither.

It's impossible for mortals to have achieved that. Impossible another divine must stand behind this and they will come to the Ahmosi when they decide to do so.

Action 1: Prospect
Action 2: build Army

> Build the Shaper's Monastery in the mountains to the north of Safehole
> Finish Ulfberht
> Move the eastern army north to Tah's Gate

In the west a feverish madness has taken hold, fueled by the operational gate network instead of the common road. Dirks of all stripes work to outdo their Avor brethren in the construction of the mountain city, bringing in precious gems and metals not only from their own nation but from the Chitterers and Wights as well.

It is not enough to build a stairway, it must be carved, then inlaid with gold. Paths are marked with inset diamonds and alexandrite, frescoes of favored constellations are formed from opals. It is almost as though someone had something to prove.

Far from the material struggles of the mountain city a more spiritual project is commencing, the Shaper's Sanctuary. At its core it is a training camp for the Mud Dancers, a place to gather, study, meditate, and magnify their power.

The life of a Mudshaper is divided in three. Children with the gift are found and surrendered to the sanctuary, where they are raised by other Mudshapers and taught mastery of their power in isolation of distractions. When they are grown they return to society, to birth the next generation of Mudspeakers, discover new Mudshapers, and perform any duties that require their gifts. Finally as they grow old they return to the Shaper's Sanctuary to study the deep mysteries, teach, and raise the next generation.

Maiden, Mother, then Crone, each taking one of Menot's three moons as their symbol.

Ariaios stands eternal, immaculate and defiant against the ravages of time. Her high priestess Shannah, long dead. Her beloved husband recently departed. Yet she endures, as youthful as the day of her ascension over three centuries ago. Her flawless skin defies the idea of displaying the slightest wrinkle, her many pregnancies having taken nothing from her radiance.
Her ability to govern too, has not changed, remaining just as unreliable as ever. She has been practically inseparable from her personal Homunculus companion since she caused a truly tremendous scene with it at the crescent moon festival many moons ago, riding around with it holding each of her limbs with its mighty four arms, ordering it to ravage her in a rather violent and messy manner in front of several thousand people for many hours, and then setting it upon any suspiciously chaste looking ladies of wealth in attendance, or really anyone who seemed like they weren't having fun. It was widely regarded as the highlight of the evening for those not victimised by it.

Her harem of monstrous homunculus consorts has only grown since then, and the time she spends away from their various appendages ever shorter. The price of disturbing her more often than not ends up being a night or several with her exotic partners, which is not always lethal to the body, but frequently is to the mind. One result of this is the absolute supremacy of the great and illustrious House Marai over Dorran politics, practically ruling the country in the Empresses stead as they keep her occupied by sending a new fleshy toy every now and then.
Only at the insistent urging of the newest Marai ward (Who is summarily thrown to the Homunculi for her impudence) is Ariaios finally dragged before her court to answer the attacks of the red men. The great temple of Diurn was accosted by strange, red-skinned raiders, who killed a few priestesses, stole some food and then apparently just left, leaving the temple intact and its inhabitants (mostly) alive.

The story has Ariaios outraged, livid! To come and rile up those poor priestesses with the wanton savage routine, to kill several of them and then to just leave them be without even the courtesy to ravish them, as they surely were looking forward to? Her heart bleeds for the priestesses of the earth mother, these sexless raiders must pay.
Ariaios declares her army must move forth to ravish the priestesses of Diurn, where they will interrogate them on this "Red Army" and see if they can pick up on its trail before they vanish into the desert. With her one order of the year given, she returns immediately back to her private chambers.

She leaves the room, the wind fills the void she leaves behind. Selos. The whispering wind of doom.
Action 1: Construct Lion Pen, Construct Iron Mine

As House Marai is catapulted into prominence as most favoured of all houses, the dour lords of Shayla continue their development as Scheher plays politics in the capital. They move to earn the favour of the local temple to Mawsos, great and mighty lord of war by attempting to construct a small pen for lions, Mawsos sacred animal.

This project is kept to a modest degree, for another development takes place just north of it, a mine is established upon layered stripy veins of red ore. Red, what an unusual colour. Metals may be gold or yellow, for they are gifted their hue by Seihule. Likewise, they might be grey or radiant silver, by grace of gentle Menot. Red however? That is not something of the stars above. A rumour begins to spread initially by farmers, that this metal is not a gift from the heavens at all, but instead from deep within, red for it is the blood of the world dragon sleeping within...

These are of course just rumours, though rumours that see its value increase enough to justify mining it full time and are as a result stoked by the great house that has recently fallen out of favour to increase their reputation.

Action 2: Attempt ironworking at the Aya Sandan

This resilient red ore resists any efforts to work it, perhaps the World Dragons blood is particularly resilient to fire. If there is any fire in all Calandorra that might be able to smelt it though, it is the Aya Sandan within the grey streets of Tor Sulduphan. The priests of Havasads enduring cult chant their arcane rites, the divine structure hums, some sparkle perhaps flares in the eyes of the Meris statue before the central forge. With great reverence, the fires at the central forge are lit and the gates that channel the four winds swung open to fuel it. The Aya Sandan stirs from dreamy sleep, until now only its lesser forges used for routine equipment. Now to see if it is up to the task.

Army Movement: Move army to Temple of Diurn, then move to engage the Yavmati army if they are visible, if not then try and find them.
Riddle of Iron
hotter temperatures, More Charcoal dust to separate the Slag. but something more was missing. soul, strength that would endear it to last, a spirit in the Metal.. spirit..
The Smith rushed from the forge for a moment coming back with a long length of wood, slowly he chipped away at the wood into small chunks, casting it now into the fire with the first of the ore. Wood of the Ancestors. a line of Smiths, one after the next, the spirit of the ancestor cast into the iron. As the raw metal collected at the bottom of teh furance it was collected with tongs, beaten viciously to remove the slag before being heated again, this time in the forge itself, Bellows raising it to a growing pitch before it would be sprinkled once more with the wood of the elders, sealing it in a Clay Crucible to cool and harden in the dark. perhaps this would work, perhaps. this would create a iron strong enough to be worthy of praise

Action 1: (research) Ironworking Improvement: imbuing it with the spirits of the Ancient Smiths, (A little more carbon) and allowing it to cool in a crucible the smiths hope to create a stronger iron suited for forming tools and weapons from. and that the ancestors would smile favorably upon them.

Action 2: (magic): Tame the Badgers of the Dirkin. and bring them home for... TESTING

Army 1: Heads through the Khlomosans gate
Army 2: heads through Ulfbreth and to the northern gate attempting to pass through as well
1. Wars burn bright and Tumawos smiles upon the empire in these times. The forges have been put to work and blessings have been invented; but now the priests of Tuhavas and Tuyan seek to do their part. A new blessing seeks to be forged, opposite of the others, infused into the bronze blades and arrows of the soldiers; though the priests in the field may be able to cast the spell upon their obsidian weapons anyway. For the weapons to be a conduit Tu Aket ash is folded into the metal and Tuvolos Aket water is mixed with the quenching liquid. Decorations of obsidian are added to the blades to help the spell hold true as the weapons are blessed to sever the soul from the body they strike; turning normally survivable wounds into potentially fatal blows. (Research blessed weapons)
2. Much like a pyre wars need men, those willing to sacrifice their lives for their homes. More men are called to arms from the heartland of Amun. A new army is raised. (Raise an army in Amun)

Free action: One of the northern armies moves north to the dual farm province and brings it into the fold of the city of Edion. Free raid action 1/turn.

Northern Armies: The northern armies hold in Edion, except for that one army that goes to remind the farmers who they owe taxes to, even if they have to enslave them and replace them with Amunian farmers, and then returns to the others.
The army of Tioakim: Currently locked in battle because the gm hasn't finished that thread yet.
Posted on behalf of the Chitterers

>Research Aqueducts
Though the ancient past of the gnawchitter as masons and builders is long gone, it is not the nature of this world for things to ever disappear utterly.
Like a carcass, even the smallest thing will leave bits and pieces as it rots, and those may linger for ages yet.

It is in the nature of the chitterers to build, and it is with great reluctance that they would abandon their home- though they despise eachother as much as one can, the lack of companionship would quickly drive them mad.

And so it is that an alternative is concocted, necessity sharpening wits as it always has.
Masonry is rediscovered at record speeds, as a mighty conductor of water is woven from stone and rope and cement of crushed bones and dried mud, that farms may yet be fed and the city grown

>Build aqueduct to the farms bordering the gathering

Army movement: send my forces to protect the farms around the Gathering and one to stand guard at the gate intruders came from before
File: Turn.png (523 KB, 1276x946)
523 KB
523 KB PNG

>Action 1: The Furthest reaches of old Waddania.
The Isles within the straits had once been Waddan, that much is known from what remains of the histories. It is not known when that presence had been held - did the old Waddan occupancy come immediately after the collapse of the first, the Empire-of-all? Or was it a later residency at some point during the turmoil and strife throughout the second ages, before the great collapse? The only way to know for sure is to have people there, to look for signs in the everyday as they live their lives. And so the Waddans go; to the site that the passing of the oracle of old has left sadly vacant, to the isle within the straits, to the tip of the northern peninsula. But with the last of these comes an issue. The claims of the gods are older then those of the men they formed; and whilst there are many Waddans who dream of life spent with the gods and of Onoua's vineyard, it is not a place that Waddans could settle without the express permission of the Goddess of Wine. If the goddess denies them, those that tried will instead forsake her with the sadness of a lover scorned, and instead settle upon Beninga's rock where they will re-devote to temperance.

>Action 2: The Board of Maps and Charts.
Waddan charting missions have been underway upon the seas and lands around them since the end of the era of catastrophe. But as the quantity of charts grows, there is pressure to select among them for those of greatest quality. And so a board is set up by the parliament to work to the collation of existing maps into broader charts of the realm and waters around it, to ensure the quality of these charts and the provision of these charts of quality to the sailors and officers and free captains who do their own part for Waddania, that the dangers of each route and useful knowledge be well known.

>Navy 1:
Admiral Beninga had been wondering why there has been such a delay after the re-fit of his fleet to get new orders. But the reason comes to him one evening when a procession of priests and Geomancers arrives at the harbour to greet him. For they carry with them the Diuth stones; which his fleet is to take to the new territories in the east, that the will of the goddess of the earth may be listened to upon these further shores.

>Navy 2:
The second fleet is to continue south-east along the coast, though on the outskirts of some strange, cyclopean city of magnificent size but erratic design they pause for a moment, waving to the shore and venturing the sending of a coracle to greet these strange beings...

>Navy 3:
The third fleet will continue westward along the coast on a voyage toward the known Ireechi territories - though the sight of strange banners upon the shore might make them stop a while...

>Army 2:
The first fleet is to transport the second army to the head of the opposite peninsula, before the fleet moves on to the further isles as part of their mission.
File: NRP6 Turn 18.png (18 KB, 271x427)
18 KB

Vettirgard is stricken with turmoil following the Vardyger's death, as there's sudden uncertainty of who shall lead. There's still descendants of the Vardyger, but they have lost their foresight, so one wonders if they should lead ever again. There's also a persecution of maidservants due to the nature of the Vardyger's death, but the elders have grown too reliant on them to remove them so quickly. Eventually however, a hofthing is chosen among the Wights, one Frode Edwing.

>Action 1: Make Hostile Forest in Deiya's Brands, abandon the mountain mines and deface the road.
Invaders are upon us, in great numbers and strength. But they have trouble navigating the forests. Their scouts lay dead on the forest floor, pierced by Spikers, arrows and even beast fangs. But this only delays their advance, they will push forward regardless. That's why we will make the forest itself all the more unwelcoming. Boulders are moved to block passages, trees are felled but left to rot where it hinders passage. Berry bushes and other sources for forrage are stripped and even trampled, but poisonous forrage is spread in it's place. Lakes are deliberately polluted and game hunted near extinction yet left to rot. This will in turn drive the predators to desperation, providing yet further hindrance. Doing this will render hunting in the area ineffective and we will have to abandon our lead and alexandrite mines and deface their roads.

>Action 2: Develop Seal Secrecy, make seals harder for foreigners to find and acquire.
After the invasion of the barbarians, the shamans realise the terrible military potential of the gates. They also fear the barbarians may be another incarnation of the Ulfings and Grims, that they will try to overhunt the seals such that it incurs Maver's wrath. To prevent this, the Shamans seize the opportunity to make the whereabouts of the seals a closely guarded secret. To tell the foreigner is a grave sin as we are meant to guard the seals from the Grim menace. The coastal nature of the seals also means we can push them out into the waters, making their home exclusively be the islands off the coast. It'll hurt the seals to be scared off the beaches, but we must protect them.

>Army action: Shadow war in Deiya's Brands, deny information to the invaders, free the seal pen at the gate.
The army, led by what remains of the Vardyger's family, upon hearing news of people coming through the gate, moves north, toward the gate. By the time they arrive the worst has already come to pass, horned beast-riding barbarians are invading through the gate in force. There is also the danger of the seal-pen nearby, but being in a swamp, once the pen is broken open, the seals can make it to the shallow waters of the swamp and star swimming to safety. Meanwhile the Svarthird would engage in guerilla warfare, punishing the invaders' ignorance, as they seem to have made no recon of the area beforehand, and are outmatched in intelligence warfare.
Move the Army from Trygon back towards Yarvik as they stumble their way north.

Action 1,2: Ra'Kaerv institutes refinement of the armor and training the armies of Yarvik go through.
Action 1. Teach Mutamanuki the nemish language. Moda through his entrepreneurial spirit takes advantage of having a fleet of ships and the crew behind him to make a tidy profit off of the island and spread nemish influence.

Action 2. Build Cinnabar Mine and Fishery. As can be expected the development of the southern coast has seen people increasing their reliance upon it. It is now fishing vessels rather than military or commercial beginning to dominate the waters and for the first time since the cataclysm the islanders are finally beginning to enjoy fish as a consistent staple in their diet rather than rice, game, and nuts. Orlon's tale also continues to be spread and some have been convinced to head out east to find the rumored red stone. When its existence was confirmed a mining village sprung into being despite being on the outskirts of the forest.

Trade: The Mutamanuki will share both their glass, copper, and expertise with the lauds in exchange for the strength potions we create. Ideally over time once their knowledge has been accepted by the lauds at large we can see about integrating some of their magical prowess.

Army: one of each will guard the fort, kosmos army will guard yarr and yarr army will guard kosmos.

Navy: 1 will continue sailing south and perhaps visit the oracle, 4 will also continue sailing south where their final destination will be orpiellery, 2 & 3 heavy with plunder sail south.

Lore: The potentate is dead! Long live the potenate! The people mourn the passing of Koson the builder. The potentate who had singlehandedly built up the country through his ruthless industrialization and administration. Some breathe a sigh of relief that they will no longer have to meet his strict quotas of progress, but the majority are happy that the succession was as smooth as they hoped. Before even his reputation as heir among academic circles his known was already spoken of with reverence for having both the mind (and money) to perform critical experiments. He had also started several societies each with their own dress code and traditions which have helped further elevate the alchemists in prestige. What is not so well known as it has not come up is his disdain of other nations especially those taking pride in themselves as scholars. Believing that any secrets they hold are entirely wasted upon them as it is only the lauds who can make any real progress or correctly interpret the larger picture. In contrast to the scholarly Moda, his wife as daughter of Orlon is infamous for being raised among soldiers and hunters as she was conceived during his heroquest. Still her supposed closer connection to the divine and radiant health gives one hope she will bear strong children.
Posted on behalf of the Khloes

1. Make army in Opulith (Oomul)
2. Build another cinnabar mine. Improve Temple of Blood.
>Turn 18
Action 1: Salt Mine, Lodestone Mine
At the headwaters of the River Tarn sits a small hill. Though it is modest in stature, the flatness of the plains here is such that its silhouette can be seen even on the horizon. The wandering sage Nirmalan happened upon this hill during his travels and turned to his disciples.
“The true duty of a craftsman is not to make new beauty, but to uncover that which already exists within, hidden from the world. Lo, even this humble hill can be made to yield wonders, if only met by a suitable sculptor.”
A blow from his sole cleaves the hillside, letting forth a torrent. The pool spreads across the shallow plains, glittering in the noonday sun. A disciple stoops down to taste the water, before crying out.
“Why, this is as salty as Harppa Bay!”
Nirmalan gives a placid smile.
The brine from the spring, known as the Sea of Nirmalan, dries and crystallizes into fine white crystals, which can be applied to foods to bring new tastes or stave off rot.

Further north, near Fort Balu, a few of the army men beat their swords into pickaxes. They shatter crystals of exotic metal and test their properties. Perhaps it can be used for swords? Or, given how it seems to stick their armor, some kind of adhesive?

Action 2: Expansion South from Lodestone Deposit
The soldiers of the first army explore the area surrounding their new fort, delving southward in an attempt to reach the charted lands they know to be just south of their current location.

>Free Actions
Navy 1 remains at Huoxinwa
Navy 2 remains at Huoxinwa
Army 1 recuperates at Balu Fort
Army 2 remains at Huoxinwa city
Posted on behalf of the Odithians

>Action 1: Dissolution of the Weavers [Magic]
As the list of notable Champions of Fates increases for every full moon, in turn the noteworthy-ness of the ancient class of thread weavers plummets. Once respected women who were veterans of textiles and fate alike, were now little more than tailors for even their most power feats pale in comparison to the dominant actions of the deceased Boreos and the wisdom of Aletheos. While no deliberate actions were taken to ensure their quiet passing, their social society has effectively been erased. This in turn gives even more power to the Champions who yet roam, the aging Aletheos and the (extremely) youthful Nello. (Last post called them Nilo, but I changes my mind and made the name different.)

>Action 2: Metallurgic Fervor [we gettin tf outta da stone age]
Metal work metal work work metal work the metal metal work metal metal work metal metal work work work
>Develop ram pumps.
The Hydriests have spent a great deal diving further into the secrets of water and their research has found that they truly understand very little of it. Yet just a bit deeper than surface level there is understanding to be fished out. They've come to learn a few interesting things, but there's one aspect of water flow they've become quite fixed on: water hammer. Through arduous experimentation they've learned that water, despite being a liquid, is not compressible. The result of that is, should the flow of water be abruptly halted, it will slam into itself, creating a spike in pressure. This seemingly bland behavior leads the Hydriests down the path of a great discovery. Using water hammer, they develop a series of pipes that make use of it, where water rushing through a pipe seals off one valve which causes the water to hammer another valve open, relieving pressure, then resetting the system. This pulsating rythm repeats, and the force gradually forces water from a lower level to a far greater height. With this, they can finally force water to defy gravity, and see great application for it in the future.

>Build a city on the garden island.
With the Wight wars over, the islands to the North-East now fall to Ocena's dominion, and they eagerly look forward to cementing their position here. The island's fresh history and as of yet to be understood nature sees a flock of Oc arriving on its shores. A resulting city is born, Edus, for the pristine and gorgeous flora that coat the landscape. It is a small place, but many an Oc are sure to live a tranquil life here.

Navy actions:
1)continues on homeward
2)Stays with Tarn
3)Continues sailing west along the coast
4)Loads up a band of settlers and begins moving to the island North-West.
>Action 1 - Infrastructure - Fort & Lumberyard
A fort is to be constructed around Edion, and a Lumberyard is to be constructed in the woods.

>Action 2 - Magic - Beast-Shifting
The Irreechi have been in constant war for generations now, first with the Abraamites, and now with the Ammunians. Such raw exposure to conflict is sure to bring out the work among kind folks, and even greater depravity among the wicked. The Cabal had been driven by vanity for much of its existance, but now, having known war for such a time, new turncoats are arriving with far more foul powers. The claws of a beast; the eyes of an eagle; the acidic spit of the beetle. No two transformations are quite alike.

The armies utilize their superior speed to trail the rival armies from a distance, awaiting them to be outnumbered or disadvantaged to launch an attack. Where applicable, they utilize their advanced bows and chariots to pelt the enemy from a distance.

> 1st action: Construction.
Build a space where ships can be built, repair and maintained on land right next to the harbor.

As the construction of the navy neared readiness, some architects drew plans for a space near the harbor where ships would be built on land or beached and dragged in by ropes so that they could be looked after.

> 2nd action: Environmental.
Expand the grove around the oasis.

The need for good timber concerned the order as civilian demand grew while lumber for the planned navy was being reserved driving the price up. Hired workers managed by scholars of middling rank divert water from the oasis while soil is brought in for the tree saplings to be planted.

>Battle of Solunist Bridge
Lord Tioakim is lured across the stone bridge of the Karnites into an ambush. The forces of Priest Ragin and of the river fort are combined against him, crashing down upon the Shalatim as they are called in Soluth, in a slaughter unmatched in its brutality. Aivolsi continue to fight well past their bodily death, much to the mixed horror and delight of the Karn who may continue to test their mettle (and their metal) against the un-living foe until they are squirming viscera. Those few who escape are chased across the river out through the trees to Ragins dismay, thirst for combat drives their sense from them in pursuit of killing.
So total is the carnage that the blood chokes the waters and even the fish die in the Battle of Solunist Bridge.

>Storming of the Grey Palace
The trap of the Tarn had sprung, seizing the Grey Palace from the yellow-faced men, though with so much bloodshed a change of name was jokingly passed around. The Grey Prince however had sprung a trap of his own, self-immolating in horrid green flames like a rakshasa of ancient myth with a soul-chilling cackle of the mad or the damned as he went up in smoke. What remains of the army sets the palace right to the best of their abilities, pressing the servants they find cowering into helping them. The palace eunuchs, those too fat or craven to escape are easily bribed with gold & silver to find a suitable replacement for the Grey Prince, and smooth relations with the peoples. They dally for a whole tyrn, rejecting everyone the Tarn put forward for both legitimate and obscure reasons. Until a suitable puppet is found, the charade of illness should suffice.

>The Gate Wars
Khloes, having been harried by archers and would-be assassins, stalk their way through the forest the Wights call Deiya's Braids eager for conquest. Wights put up a valiant effort against the forces of the young King of Khlomosa, Yeong-sil, but it is only enough to slow them down but a moment. Before much decent preparations can be made, the dark-eyed men are upon the Svarthird, bringing death upon them. Not a man of the King's own army is felled, the same can not be said of those lead by his cousin however. Though in a vicious and cowardly final insult against the conquerors, a Wight, cut near in half by Yeong-sil's own blade calls upon the last of his spirit, driving his légeirr up just barely catching the King in the left eye.

File: map18.png (1.13 MB, 2047x2151)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
1st East Crown, 2nd PAC

Those blessings of the Tué gods that have already been given, are worked together into a third blessing. As Tuvolos blesses the waters on their brow, as Tumawos blesses the ink on their body, so shall Tuyan bless the swords in their hands. A strike of these blades is one against body & soul alike, severing a little piece of the spirit as the flesh is hacked away. [It will be a turn at least before these reach Edion]
With the armies on campaign, the heartland is vulnerable. Or would be if more worthy foes were to arise. Nevertheless another force is raised in Amun.
The fields have fallen fallow, the Irreechi have fled. It is no effort to bring the river valley together again in the arms of the Empire.

Hoping for tin, or copper, or gold, the Ahmosi are perhaps a little disappointed to find stone (however precious) in black and in white. The first to be agates of shocking black & white bands, though a good deal are of solid black hue. The second is perfect white limestone without any blemish found in any sample.
Once more the men of Hamirad Remes are called to defend their country with their lives.
Per agreement, the armies stationed in Hammudrabi move north to the land of the turbaned men.

Ancient docks are not going to be sufficient for the plans of the Uati, already fabricating new plans for a secondary navy past the first, not to mention the additional pleasurecraft for the wealthy, fishing ships of the peasantry, and all the rest. Huge quantities of stone is hauled to the coast from the quarries, driving up the price across the nation for a tyrn or more. That more wood than the large surplus already owned may be needed however worries a number of scholars so much so that they fund the further growth of trees around the western (sometimes called Crocodile) Oasis.

"Strike!, O Hammer of Havas, that the metal of the earth will be made pure. Seek!, O Spirit of Egther, that the metal of the earth will be made strong. To you O Dian do we give thanks for the metal of the earth we have been given." - Avorian prayer of the forge.
[>CD] The Dirkin have had a perennial problem of badgers at the temple of the hunt in their northern reaches. They may look friendly but they're a bundle of claw and tooth and spittle when they're angry (and the badgers are pretty bad too). Fate once more has delivered a blessing from the heavens to both nations then when it is mentioned that the Avor are in search of some digging creature for... morale reasons. The Dirk hunters are all too happy to lead a group of interested individuals to the ruins atop which their lodge is built to root out the pests. Here these "interested individuals" reveal themselves to be apprentice beastiomancers, those not the most fit to tame warhorses. They call to the badgers, overwhelming the animals will with their own, and like a merry band lead them out of Dirkish lands into their own Kingdom. There they will set to their mysterious work.
>AV cont.
The armies of the Avor move to the gates, planning on going through. At the gate of Ulfberht they find a small camp of Vettir shamans and a few Dirk among them too.

[>AV] Where the Avor had built of Ulfberht what amounted to little more than a military outpost, the Dirkin supply a palace for every man. It is only a minor exaggeration to say the streets of the mountain hold are paved with gold, for it is the reflecting shine of the gold mosaic ceilings which scatter the light from the vents and wells throughout. So much wealth is poured into the peak, that the Avor wonder if they have not partnered themselves with some unknown god of prosperity. Gemstones of varying hues decorate the walls and roofs of every rock cut dwelling, gold & silver also. Were the world to fall once more, the survivors would think this place the domain of some mountain king grander than all the rest in Midland!
>The moon waxes. The Maiden learns life. Menot Dwo is hers.
Tah-lah, granddaughter of Tah-mah, is found to have the gift. There is joy of course, but there is a mourning, no others in the line have shown any sign of ability, so it is she will be taken from her family. The Shaper's Sanctuary is a cold, austere place, of discipline & loneliness. She sobs when the Mudshapers come to collect her. Not since her husband's burial has Tah-mah shed such bitter tears.
>The moon is full. The Mother bears life. Menot Hoi is hers.
Myedyea, a half Avor woman of just enough skill to be accepted is soon out of the Sanctuary again for being so burdened with child she is practically bedridden. It is not long before the reason for her enormous belly is revealed when she births triplets, an incredibly auspicious sign. Of them one is a boy, one is a girl, and one is of indeterminate sex, an equally inauspicious sign.
>The moon wanes. The Crone records life. Menot Ethoi hers.
Loamkin, the first Mudshaper, sets down her stylus, she looks out over the sanctuary and closes her eyes for a final time.
The Gates have proven to be the most marvellous of treasures, but potentially also the most dangerous. Not all races of the world are as peaceable as the Dirkin and who is to say there are not more gates out there as yet undiscovered? The men of the east are moved north to guard against such possibilities.

Khlomosa has but a taste of war and they desire a banquet of it. The men of Opulith are roused, an army formed, among them an adventurous Oomul or two. Any more joining will require the encouragement of their friend & King.
Vermilion proves ever more popular by the tyrn in the cities and of course its use in blade magic cannot be overstated. This second mine sees the price drop enough that even the average household now has a piece of two, if of lesser quality craftsmanship. A large order of the stuff is also brough to the Temple of the Royal Blood (etc.) to decorate the new halls in suitable style, including a new holy processional way representing the Red River itself.
The Temple to Mawsos in the lands of House Shayla is one rarely visited by those who are not directly sent on proscribed pilgrimage there, although there is a growing trickle of those who come with curse-tablets to bury in the surrounding lands, part of an also growing folk belief in the god of war's power to grant these curses. This foolish superstition aside, the temple complex sees the most activity of late from the members of House Shayla hoping to curry favour from the Empress's divine consort in the form of iron and lion, having a great deal more luck with the former than the latter. Where the iron mine bustles with the work of slave and the odd homunculus, the lion pen sits empty awaiting the beasts to be tamed. And of course, first found somewhere.
Aya Sandan lights up the plain with fire and blots out the sky with smoke as the World Dragon's blood is ground down in the mills and burnt up in the furnaces. White hot beads of metal sputter out with glassy slag and it is as much effort prizing the one from the other as it is mining it out of the earth in the first place. But still the yields are sufficient, the metal made into forgable ingots, and the first works of iron displayed to the Empress. She isn't much impressed.
The tribe of barbarous red men have proven themselves to be more than a mere nuisance. Her Majesty's army will sort them out, perhaps even show them the ravaging they denied the priestesses of Diurn; It has been some time since the Empress has presided over a mass-sodomising, at least one the participants didn't sign up for. [The army will have left before iron is introduced]

A great cistern of cut stones, not cut by the Chitterers mind but pulled from the rubble of the last few collapses, is built in the foothills and made mostly watertight with daub & lime. There it fills with snow melt, rainwater, and the small unremarkable streams thereabouts. From this is constructed two long stretches of wonky but serviceable aqueducts to draw that water to the farms nearest the capital. Thusly they may be built around a little more closely, squeezing in a few more Chitterers than would be otherwise possible. Now if they can only remove the plants need for light they can build right on top of the fields as well.
The many armies of the Gathering are sent throughout the lands to stand guard over the farms and hunting grounds, with the last sent to the gate as a ward against future intrusions.
[NM] The moment the beer touches his tongue the arena falls away from him and all about him is the laughing, ever-changing face of Markalin. Shame and anguish and despair fill Im'Arval as never before, so much so that he cannot help but cry like an infant for his mother. The guilt of having taken the brew overwhelms him, he curl into himself and weeps. The attendants of the arena cannot help but wonder what should cause the display, for they do not see the mocking jeer of a god against mere man, but a wave of disgust rolls through the crowds nonetheless. This is the Chief Priest of a holy order? Mewling like a child at a single sip of beer? Though they do not know it, Markalin himself is the reason for their growing revulsion, he is after all a child of Markala as well as Yavitov, and what older brother can pass up an opportunity to cause a little mayhem?
[d] As if the forming distrust of the Mareevikan priestly system as a whole was not bad enough, blight sweeps through the fields of the miracle fruit from which their many potent brews are fermented! [This is actually a make-right disaster, because the region along the south of the river is actually barren, only allowing half-farms]
There is not much more excitement among the people this tyrn, for the edicts of Ra'Kaerv are entirely martial in nature. A new regiment of strict training is devised, along with the hammering of breastplate and greave.
Drunk on both victory and the intoxicants of the temple, the army of Yavs can get only so far into the blearing desert before the army of Calandorra is on their heels. [If there's a fight, they won't benefit from the +2 of this turns actions]

The way to Esavine is narrow, between the rough sea to the west and the river to the east, only one road leads to the city of the Order. Here it shall be then that a grand fortification will be built to guard against the worst of the world. It seems the spirit of the cataclysm still rages in many of the races of the world. [Afraid your wooded regions are at their lumberyard limit as explained in the Icon-Action doc] That self same spirit resides no doubt in the members of the Cabal, for nothing other than the boiling excremental hatred of that time could produce such foul transformations. Those who may yet prove useful are incorporated into the Tayib and the armies, whilst those poor souls so twisted with malice that even the Cabal should have rejected them, only Volos may help them now.
The armies of the Order make for south, resting a while at the old Edion temple to pray for guidance in the coming tyrn. They are close enough that the scouts of Amun may spot them, but they would outpace them by leagues should they attempt to engage on anything but the Irreechi's terms.
Fate is a fickle mistress, who once tired of raising one up may drop one down to lows before unknown. So it is with the fateweavers, whose tapestries have become little more than curiosities even to the superstitious Odithians. Their powers superseded by the Beloved of Odithis, his champions who have crested Kiri, and so their relevance fades. Aletheos is wise enough however to know that magic workers however diminished are dangerous if scorned, so while it is their craft is not passed down, they are not forbidden from practising in the small ways of a village wise woman.
No more shaping gold with hammer alone, fire is brought into the forges at last under Aletheos' command. Soon the Odithians will open mines for copper, they will seek new sources of wood, they will make beasts of war of their animals, and they will be safe from the ravages of the world at last.

It is never a bad idea to make friends, and what better gift of friendship is there than the sharing of the (soon-to-be) global tongue? The Mutami are odd folk, perhaps a little overly friendly, in a different way than the Meraghul though thankfully. Their Magi are taught the Nemish language, with a promise it should be passed around at the very least the learned circles.
Silvery fish by the net-load are dragged up from the sea to feed the ever hungry people of Nemosa. A particular favourite of Kosmosiana is broad-finned fish cooked with rice (one with lots of little scales that take far too long to remove), whilst for Yarriana it is a tiny, oily fish, salted, and eaten whole. Vermillion is also highly favoured in the two cities, the vivid red play nicely on pedestals of porphyry and trays of silver. It is soon a fashion of wearing an expensive string of vermilion beads, around the neck or in the hair for ladies, and across the chest on two silver fibulae for men.
The Mutami sign the deal as agreed in hopes of one more favourable to (in their eyes) in the future. Moda believes they do not appreciate the effort taken in the formulation of the draught. Nevertheless, when at last he returns with samples of what he has gathered, he will be a wealthy & popular man. That trade should be made more easily and more frequently, a port is suggested to be opened as far north as the Lauds may build one, the Mutami in turn shall build one the farthest south they can.
The threat of the northern secessionist deemed to no longer require a military presence, the armies return south to guard the cities of the other.
>LD cont.
It is not long before her majesty is visibly with child, ensuring the royal succession for at least another generation. The young Potentate showers her with gifts of whatever her heart desires with no regards to the expense, much to the dismay of his miserly advisers. Being the daughter of the great hero, Orlon, she is a favourite of the people, so it is that anything she is seen wearing, eating, her manner of speaking, even how she holds herself when she walks is emulated by the women of the priestly lineages. On this note, helping to alleviate their distress at the loss of their distinguishment vis-a-vis their great horns, sumptuary laws begin to be drafted and heavily enforced. So much of this sort of fur for this rank, so much silver jewellery for this sort of person, etc., etc..

[D] Fire! Fire across the isles! But it is not ordinary flame, it moves as if it is alive! Through the lumberyards and woodcutting villages it blazes, leaving only ash and misery in its wake. Terrified escapees tell of a great beast of flaming wings scourging the air as it passes, leaping from the trees like a terrible bird. The already stretched thin Ocena cannot afford to have lost so much wood so quickly; They need lumber and fast!, from anyone who is selling it and probably at any price they ask.
[I think you've pretty much said all I could say, little I could add really, sorry] Though to the average Oc the discovery is of little interest, the Hydriests simpply cannot convey the possibilities such an invention opens up, their explanations wrapped up in so much jargon they might as well be speaking Vettish.
The city of Edus is founded upon the Garden Isle with the hopes of making use of the great abundance of flora. What will be needed first however are port facilities and more than the meagre rations they can scrape up.
Having made contact with the Waddans and spent some time in their docks, the First Fleet make for home satisfied with their journey, a map of the western coasts with them.
The Third Fleet continues their journey around the northernmost parts of Nemosa, almost ready to make for the seas the Fourth Fleet fled when they discovered what remain of the wreck of their predecessors.
Lastly the Fourth Fleet, the hull & decks full of ambitious men & women, heads north for the new islands opened up by the departure of the Wights.

The Sea of Nirmalan soon becomes a terrace of brine pools, harvested by those faithful to him, given freely to the poor. It only does more to cement his status as hero of the people. After this salt becomes well distributed, age old rumours of a similar mineral deposit but which tastes sweet instead reach his ears. In the north a quarry is dug for the strange stones which turn on their own when freed from the earth. Stranger still they turn to point in the same direction, following the grain of the stone, towards Ahmose (or rather, the south). [er, bronze isn't magnetic]
>TN cont.
Though it is unorthodox that an army not helmed by a Lord should claim land in his name, there is a start for everything. So it is with praises to Deepak on their lips, that the army marches south towards home. Or at least until they reach the long familiar road to the yellow-faced men.
The situation in Xiuado has developed not necessarily to Tarnia's advantage. The collective forces of the army and the navy, including those of foreign mercenaries, remain in position until it improves.

As much as can be done to slow the advance of the dark-eyed horsemen is done. No act too craven, no attack too cowardly. The forest is, in a sense, killed. What should be fruitful berry bushes are left as brambles. What should be bounteous game is left as rotting carrion. What should be a clear path is made obscure and treacherous. In time however the Khloes make it through, so it is made worse by the men of the lumberyards that not any living thing greater than a finch may be hunted, not any fruiting tree save the yew is left unpicked. If they wish for conquest they will have to make it bitter and hungry.
The seals are the key to the gate of the north, they cannot fall into enemy hands. At any cost they must be driven off from these sacred beaches into the ice floes and rocks of the freezing seas. It takes only half a tyrn or so the work into them that the shores are dangerous, that they mean death, this should be enough. They pray to Maver it is enough.
Marching to either victory or return to the arms of the gods, the Svarthird helmed by the sons of the last Vardyger do so with their heads high. They go to their fate either way.

A grand expedition brings settlers and flag-carriers to the farthest reaches of the old empire to lay claim to the islands and passages of the seas. Though the Grove of Onoua would be a grand jewel to have, the unease which pours out from beneath the trellises as so much fog from the roiling sea wards off their advances northwards there. Perhaps that is why the forces of Beningsted have been brought alongside farmers and carpenters and the like. The isle of the Oracle has a similar, though diminished effect of unwelcome, but it is not enough to dissuade the Waddans, after all those Ocen island hoppers cannot be allowed a foothold; At least to hear Beninga Sr. say it. Still with coin in their pocket, the last few stragglers make for Benginga's Rock, telling any who will listen of their devotion to abstinence; In truth, there is a smidgen of household recognition to the name and these enterprising men & women hope to make a profit in tourism.
Waddanian shipmen are without any doubt the most accomplished in all of Sarghun. They have sailed the whole waters from maw to maw, charted the shores of seven nations, documented every swirling eddy and strong current, every rocky outcrop and known wreck. It is said a Waddish sailor can tell which coast he is travelling just by the taste of the salt on the air.
>WD cont.
With great solemnity, Admiral Beninga (Jr.) brings the Stones of Diuth and their accompanying priests & geomancers to the greatest extents of the growing empire. Upon the shores of the Onoua Peninsula, as some take to calling it, the Stones give a wholly unknown pattern which an attendant quickly notes. Likewise, when brought out to the distant islands they give another new pattern. Though there is a little disappointment, that two new minerals may soon be uncovered and brought to be studied softens the blow.
[>GG] The conglomeration is so immense, some from the Second Fleet wonder if they could not see it from Klinkested on a clear day! They make business with the strange, short men of that place and continue south against the warm wind.
[>AE] The Third Fleet spies not farmhands in the fields, but men with swords in their hands and helmets on their heads, the way they move suggest this is not some idle march but one of conquest. That the fields also lie fallow in these autumn months is another bad omen. [>IO] They push off north into a large, calm, natural harbour in Irreechian waters.



> Recruit two armies at Tah's Gate

The Gate War. Word had spread from end to end of Dirk lands, of soldiers pouring out of the gate in Wight country, strange people with horned eyes, each burdened with an unreasonable amount of weapons. The streets filled with endless speculation, of friend or foe, of where they would strike next. It was no surprise when the call to arms reached Tah's Gate.

How many and from where would enemies come? The Children of Dirt must be ready for enemies from anywhere now, for wherever lay a gate is an entrance to their land, and who can say how many gates are across the land? Two sit in their very heartland, surely they are as common in other places.
Posted on behalf of the Karnites

Develop larger shields to better defend from the Amunians arrows.

Army improvement
Our own bowmen, meager though they may be, have begun dipping their arrows in the venom of the two headed snakes.

A new army is raised in Krrgstyl once again, the most barbarous of Karn's Sons, and these men have their eyes set south.

>army movement
Karn Hroth moves towards Solunist, as well as the Krrgstyl army. Karn Hroth tells the leading priests of the two armies his plan for redemption and victory, combining his half decimated army with the defenders of Solunist.
1. Another army is raised in Edion.
2. Action tax so that the newly raised Edion army can move without issue.

Free: When/If the armies reach the aresenic mines they are raided to cut off the arsenic supply.

Edion Armies: The generals are in accordance; the new army raised all four armies march north as one. The desires of the corpsemen are obvious; but will not be allowed. The armies do not spread out, not allowing themselves to be taken one at a time, but will move so that all can reinforce a battle if it comes. Chase the corpsemen armies back north. If they try to move around our armies then follow them back and and prevent them from taking Edion back. They can not keep running; and if they do not provide a meaningful engagement then they do no damage to us anyway.

Tioakim's army: The army reengages the Karnite forces now that they have abandoned their fortifications to wipe the army or drive them back into hiding before moving back down south to Vital.

The new Amunian army: Lead by Ruslan the army moves to Vital to reinforce Tioakim.
File: Turn.png (435 KB, 1243x807)
435 KB
435 KB PNG

>Action 1: Continuing Developments
>(Port and Lumberyard)
With the Ophalderot Isles back under Waddan possession after many centuries apart, the process of establishing links across Waddania and the world continues. A new harbour is constructed in the bay upon the south of the larger island (Black Cross); a stopping point to welcome and resupply any Traders from far-off Oc who might someday return to this side of the world. Whilst upon the Peninsula (Orange Cross), more woodcutters are established .

>Action 2: New Patterns, new materials.
>Survey: 25, 97, 100
The Ophalderot Isles, the Onouan Peninsula; even the neck of the Benningsland Peninsula! The Geologists and Geomancers of Waddania look to the earth below, and seek the mysteries that Diuth has left for us in these places.

>Navy 1:
After returning the Diuth Stones to the Tropaion harbour, Admiral Beninga again sets sail eastward, making for the new harbour at the new limits of Waddan territory.

>Navy 2:
With the land now turning southward, the Waddan fleet turns to match; sailing southward along the coast to complete their coastal charting and then once again return toward a Waddan harbour.

>Navy 3:
The Waddan third fleet will sail east then north along the coastline, until the far-off light of the Glistening Littoral; the Light Obelisk, the Glinstermouth and the distant sights of Glinsterjested itself are in view. There, they will turn for Glinsterjested; to complete the Waddan charts of the ring of coast around the Glinsterisle.
>Turn 19
Action 1: 2x Lumberyard
The woods east of Harppa are increasingly felled, their timber rolled onto reed barges to be transported to their Ocenian allies.

Action 2: Improved Fighting with Lions
The Tarns train heavily with the lions, drilling in strength, speed, and violence of actions. The Ahmosi are given a special version of the course as they pass through Tarnish lands, culminating with each soldier that passes through the south being granted a companion adolescent. On their long journey north, these lions will reach maturity, growing with the soldiers in skills until the two fight as a seamless unit

>Free Actions
Navy 1 sails north to Huoxinwa
Navy 2 sails north to Huoxinwa
Army 1 recuperates at Harppa
Army 2 dips south across the border to get updated, then sails north with Navy 2.
Posted on behalf of the Avor

“Drink Deep and Decend”
The drinks are opened in christening of the city of Ulfberht, the king and Diane bed for the night, first of many heirs planted. It seems like a dream now that the city carved in stone has been completed, one of the many ambitions of The king, but more, something troubles him and as he fitfully tosses his mind sinks deep into the firmament; visions of giant scaled beasts and seas of blood fill his vision, and through it armored Boots, men clad from foot to helm in dark polished armor, Avor soldiers, shining blades of moonlight in their hands. It’s beautiful, war, chaos, and yet the March of the Avor does not cese, they continue on one foot after another and the kingdom stands. As he awakes the king finds himslef with cup in hand, a weight of ale in his mug. Many policies were ti be made this night and sleep is for women and the weak.

Action 1: 2x Iron Mines
Action 2: Raise Army at Ulfberht: Dragon Blood Slayers.
Correction, Navies 1 and 2 sail north to Hoftborg, not Huoxinwa.
File: NRP6 Turn 19.png (11 KB, 259x259)
11 KB

Panic spreads in the streets of Hoftborg, upon hearing of attacks both by land and by sea. Yet, Hofthing Frode is calm. He emphasizes the sturdy walls that surround the city. Our enemies may have beasts to ride, but these beasts cannot climb walls. Furthermore, our foes are more desperate than we are, being cut off due to their inability to properly control the mountain gate. Furthermore the forest offers no welcome to any reinforcement, they have what they are left with, nothing more.

>Action 1: Develop Skjoldmerr (Shield Bitch), women fighting in defence of their home and family.
With the marauding hordes entering our heartlands, everyone must be prepared for combat, even the women. Only men go to war, women are supposed to stay at home, but when danger intrudes upon the woman's domain, the woman has no choice but to fight. Thus a training program is started. Weapons are hard to procure now, so they will use whatever is at hand, but shields are easy to make, so they get trained to survive and defend until the opponent presents an opening. These Skjoldmerrs, or Shield Bitches, are unpleasant to fight, being desperate combatants no holds are barred, they cannot flee from their homes and they know what happens if they are captured.

>Action 2: Bury the Mountain Gate.
While the marauding horde is busy in the heartlands, a number of Wights travel back through Deiya's Brands, to the gate. The gates have brought nothing but strife. So the Wights proceed to bury the gate in as much earth as they can dig. Heaping it up high and deep. Hoping it'll stop the stone doors from opening through magical force.

>Military Action: Raise Hoftborg Levy, give stubborn defence.
As news return of the Svarthird's demise, a levy is raised. Every able bodied man and even women are given weapons and put into defensive positions. Archers perched upon the walls, anyone with hunting experience is given a bow and arrows. Weaker infantry will be stationed at each gate in shieldwall with barricades, expected to delay any gate rush. In reserve are whatever veterans we can muster, ready to reinforce any gate or wall breaches.
File: NRP6 Turn 19b.png (17 KB, 223x434)
17 KB

(Okay, I am taking over for IO for now, hope I don't fuck this up.)
The champion Akel is bedridden once more, a regular occurence for an Irrechian, he's going to be back on his feet eventually, but there is a procedure for when one champion is stricken. Thus another champion, Amal Qadir, commander of the other Irrechi army takes over. A man who has taken the subordinate position up until this time of need. He has some difference in strategy, it remains to be seen what comes of it.

>Action 1: Upgrade Temple north of Edion into a massive Fortress Monastery, with stone walls.
The decadent hordes have taken the city of Edion. A shameful display, but we shall not be defeated by hardship, but perserveer. More troubling however are their numerical advantage. But nearby are not just one but two quarries of stone, and a temple. Thus we shall fortify it, forming a bulwark against the heathens and heretics, and from which we can sally out our chariots to chase off whatever craven foe seeks to impune upon our sacred lands. In addition to walls and fortifications, the temple is expanded, given new saintly statues and a mural of lapis.

>Action 2: Rebuild city north of Esavine and build farm to the east of it (if rebuilding a city is half an action).
While the army busies itself in the south, the north deals with domestic affairs. In our northern reaches stands the ruins of a city, lost but not forgotten. But the people have not given up on it, and having worked many jobs and gathered their stuff, they return, to rebuild. The priests who had stayed to care for the dead now see the city once more accomodating the living, a farm is also established to the east, to provide the produce to feed yet more people than the city originally housed.

>Army Actions: Station at the Fortress Monastery, use chariots to do hit-and-run attacks on enemy forces.
Our task now is defence, not offense. We are currently outmatched, facing 3 armies with our own 2 armies. However we hold the advantage of mobility, we need a way to set a foothold to prevent further losses before we can push against them again. For that reason the army stations itself at the reinforced monastery, preparing for the storm to come. Chariots are kept at the ready to run hit-and-run attacks on the enemy forces.

> 1st action: Religious.
Help the Tarnish with their vision.

Following the directive of our gods the Tarnish would be given the assistance they need. Incense would be lit and a great quantity of Myrrh gathered for those scholars who wanted to ingest it while the traditional way of invoking of the gods by standing around the Obelisk at night under the night sky while singing a hym of praise and thanks to the gods while throwing in pleas of help hoping the gods would not be angered by being contacted outside of the normal cycle.

> 2nd action: Educational.
Teach the Oprelli the language of the Nemosi giving them some gold for their trouble.

Scholars would be dispatched to the lands of the Oprellians laden with scrolls and writing material, once they arrive to the lands of the foreman they would seek out the higesh form of political authorities and gift them gold beyond imagining for a full tyrn in order to teach the men and women west of the order the trade language of the Nemosi. Only those who wished to learn would be given the chance to learn with the scholars that where teaching them adopting their curriculum to each and every student's needs in order to help them learn the fastest.
File: ArmyMovement.png (109 KB, 966x918)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
The last years have been hectic for the Ahmosi. News of a war in the north… mercenary deals pertaining to their holy lions of the Tarnish. Discovery of demons and demon worship in the south… as well as the nature of the demon worshipers. Vile ursurpers who have stolen our ancestral Ahmosi lands.

What did the prophecy of the Tarnsman really mean? Little beyond worry for Harem Queen Nathliepatra in these turbulent times as split armies fight only half as well, but a word given is not to be broken. She truly had to inherit the nation in most turbulent of times.

(army movement as in picture 2 go back south one up north)

> Action 1: Agate Greathammer etc. - Army upkeep can be 0,5 copper or 0,25 copper +0,25 agate
Lacking deposits of copper the Queen chooses to adopt Agate for military use. Creating weapons adapted to their divine physique. Prior to this the Ahmosi trained to use normal mortal weapons in a way befitting of their physique, but why? Using hammers of heavy stone only they could lift and effectively use without riting a new way of fighting and is developed. For a giant hammer will crush the enemy into mush no matter the armor, it will block arrow and sword better tha any shield and tear into enemy walls no worse than a boulder swung by a catapult.

> Action 2 - To supply this new form of warfare infrastructure is established
Build Agate mine and build Smithy in Hammudrabi.

*Any Uru-An be it workers sent, explorers etc. who enter Ahmosi lands will be executed painfully and and their corpses left to rot.
File: north expansion.png (26 KB, 395x399)
26 KB
Action 1. Expand to circled area. With the north pacified Inalt wishes to truly establish his dominion by expanding their borders coast to coast. Normal citizens migrate north although almost none settle in the marshes that the snakefolk have made their home.

Action 2. Build two docks in the orange areas. Despite finally making a land connection merchant vessels would be hard pressed to properly sail from one end to another. So docks are built at the north river mouth and in the west so proper shipping can take place.

Navy: 1 Sails around peninsula, 4 reaches the orpiellery, and 2 & 3 sail back home to restore their crew and report back what happened.

Blood and slaughter. Reports are in, of a terrible battle in the north, the Empresses mighty army having engaged the redmen in battle and thrown the wretched creatures back into the desert, scampering away after being bloodied significantly!

It came at some significant cost to the Empresses personal army however, perhaps more than they’d like to admit. The sands were stained red, corpses of all colours dotting the dunes, red and blue, homunculus and dorran.
No matter. The Marai present claw the bodies back, back to their houses of fleshwork. New specimens are worthy of study.

The God-Empress for her part is underwhelmed at the performance of her army, displeased at the half victory, complaining about it at length while bouncing atop the lap of her new favourite homunculus as she holds court.
Between breaths, she orders a new army raised. Uncaring of where it is drawn from, she approves the restoration of the personal military of the Lanthorn, the remilitarisation beginning almost immediately.

Action 1: Expand northeast, across the Dunes of Exis

It is at last time, the red savages have been beaten back into the harsh sands, many trinkets recovered for the earth mothers temple. The way is clear for a path across the desert to be charted, for new homesteads to be forged, in this harsh and burning land. We know now that others have survived the collapse, even if they are just raiding marauders. It is our duty to cross the dunes and see what lies on the other side for the first time in many centuries, so decrees the empress.
Some would expect her to be less interested in such a topic, but the terribly bored whore goddess cannot wait to find new and exciting people to bring into her cult, or perhaps even someone who might say “no” to her!

Action 2: Recruit new army in Tor Sulduphan

Drawn from the ranks of the Lanthorn, this mighty army is one of zealots, ones who live the lives of paladins. Followers of almost all gods are united here in this army, the strength of all the heavens, save Mawsos (Whose cult retains independent military rights) and Rennreis (Venerated not by the Lanthorn) reflected in this mighty force. These men who might have had individual ideological differences shelve them entirely, becoming of one mind, extensions of one body. They are also the first to get their hands on new iron equipment, for which they give praise to the forgemaster, wearing each an icon of the moon in thanks.

Army movement: Return army from the desert back to Tor Sulduphan, for some much needed rest and rearmament.

>Action 1 - Raise army in Opulith
>Action 2 - Build fort by Fossil quarry, and Fishery somewhere along coast.
>Army Move - Head through the portal, bringing extra supplies and fossils. Portal hop until landing at Happy's or the Nemosan gate. If at Happy's, follow the trail of the previous invasion.

Ari-Joo has always stood out, but merely for her status as 'first-in-line-for-the-throne', being one of Jeong-il's numerous cousins. Su-won's many brothers and sisters ensured the royal court had no shortage of heirs to the throne. Ari's mother, the 2nd sister behind Su-won, coveted the throne greatly, but grew ever-more resigned after witnessing her sisters mastery of the Silver Arts, and her son's mastery of the Cinnabar swords. Now, with Su-won dead and Jeong-il 'absent', the Khlomosan court makes their play for the throne, and to Ari-Joo's surprise, she comes out on top, her quiet study of the blade serving her well in the customary duels. Quiet, reserved and a devout Artist, she is a comforting presence on the throne, following in her Aunt's artistic footsteps.

Secretly, Ari-Joo fears Jeong-il, and his red blades, wholeheartedly believing every fanciful tale of the boy-king that spreads through the city. While the Oomul, led by some incredulous Khlomosan captains, marshal towards the Gate up north, she sets about creating her own army, to strengthen her political position and hopefully protect herself should Jeong-il's wrath not be slaked immediately upon his return.

Ever the practical woman, she sets about the construction of more food for the growing Khlomosan military, and a defensive structure around the ever-more critical fossil quarry.

A beautiful man lingers sadly on the edge of a sword-choked mud field, his older brother enthroned on a pile of corpses.
"This isn't Art." He says morosely. "It may be beautiful, but it can't be Art if no one is alive to appreciate it."
"That-" Said the older brother, his massive hands palming a decapitated head. "-is what makes it so beautiful, brother. This is perfection."
Change my first action from divine enlightenment to a military action
Posted on behalf of the Yav

Army: Bring the Common Army back to Yarvik le reeee

1. Dire times come upon Yarvik as the chief of the Mareev embarasses himself before all in the arena, and work reaches Ra'Kaerv that his right to the sacred beer has been taken from him! Ra'Kaerv, righteously angered and seeing an opportunity, calls the Yavipori to exercise his wrath! The temple of the Mareev, without the Common Army to protect them, is claimed, and a purge of the priesthood began. The women are deemed quite necessary, and most left untouched, for someone must brave Markala's cold and stave it off. The men though are to be judged through a test of redthroat flame, wherein they must pass through and survive, those weak of spirit shall be purged and the truly faithful made evident! The people shall gather and watch with cheers and jeers to see this grand event. In the end, the Mareev shall be a pure institution, though likely with many more women than men.(Idk what mechanical benefit if any this has, its up to you!)

2. Whilst the purge is underway, Ra'Kaerv sees the arena needs to be cleansed as well. The bloodsports are to be improved, men and women to be tested and made into true warriors through the fires of combat! He demands the arena expanded, and to give the Mareev some power in the peoples eyes ensure that ceremonies to Markalin and Yavitav are set up within, to bring honor and glory, and stave off Markala's cold.
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>Add a city to the gathering, attempting to incorporate the closest farm into it

The letterchewers are at a loss- growth goes on and on, and they simply can't figure out a way to make it all fit together without taking apart what they already have. So, they make a... Bold decision.

Inspired by the growths of moss on rock, they decide to move the farming grounds ABOVE the houses, so that the roofs may become terraces- or, as they shall be called, Magadanbr (literally "tall food dirt")

>Research means to build higher buildings
Perhaps, if they put the rocks SLIGHTLY differently, there might be a way to make it work?

The letterchewers do not sleep. Do not rest. Their eyes turn sunken and black and a few collapse from exhaustion, as their bones will become the gathering's next meal if they can't make it work somehow
>Action 1: The Living Legend Passes to Torch [Magic]
Through his many years living upon the savannah, Aletheos has left a mark upon Odithian society second to that of their creator Himself. And though he is a manipulator of destiny, he is not immune to the folly of the human body. Wrinkled skin, stuff joints, and graying hair have transformed the image of Aletheos from a walking demigod to that of a man far past him prime. He would eventually meet with the up-and coming teen Nello, their interaction devoid of words, speaking to one another implicitly. Aletheos places a hand upon Nello's cane, and blesses the crippled boy's walking stick. At once he no longer seems of this world. His club foot remains, but his soul and spirit have risen. As the blinding light which surrounds like ritual subsides, Aletheos has departed with it.

>Action 2: Expansion West [stick to the coast/savannah]
Many a thumb have been twiddled in delay of the inevitable re-approaching of the Oripielles, their first meeting having been such a disaster. Though many can only wait so long before exploring and settling new frontiers.
>Prayer of the Tides
The island is ablaze, not only Curio but even the homeland too. There is no time to figure out the cause, as everyone frantically scrambled to try and contain the inferno that rages as though seeking to reduce the entire island to ash. About every abled body man, women, and even children rush to do their part yet it seems to do little to stem quell the fire's anger, if anything at all. Worse yet, bizarre reports circle around of yet more strange sightings. Beings of fire, birds of destruction, the sun's feathers, all these and more strange names have been reported as the cause of the crises and yet nobody can give a coherent reports. All that is left is either madmen or charred corpses. One thing that becomes apparent however is that the fire is fighting back, and is crawling tirelessly towards the homes of the Oc. With their efforts seemingly baring little fruit, and faced with the destruction of their cherished home, even the rather unbelieving scholarly folk of Ocena are forced to plead with higher beings for intervention. At first it is a small gathering, but as the fire grows, so too does the congregation. Thousands of Oc flock to the shore, standing as deep in the water as they can and all plead out in a terrified Chorus: "Tide father! Master of the sea! We beg you, please wash away this fire and bless us with torrential waters!"

>Expand east of Edus.
With Curio in flames, some decided it better to cut their losses and flee the inevitable. Seeing no future for them there except a scorched one of cinders and ashes, they fled to Edus where the lush garden of the ocean is still virgin and practically unspoiled by Ocena hands. Seeking a calmer life, one free from the stresses of Curio, even before it was ablaze, they decided to call the islands easy of Edus home, where they can relax and have the lives they always dreamed of.

Navy Actions:
1) Continues home
2) Stays with Tarn
3) Starts moving South towards Curio.
4) Calls to war and crises at home sees the duty of the navy recalled from delivering the settlers to their new home and instead to offer support towards the Tarnish. After delivering it's rather disappointed cargo to Fumatri, it makes it's way to Tarnish waters to join their effort (Also goes to Tarn)

>Siege of Hoftborg
The Khloes prepare for an asault on the walls. First they had intended to starve the Wights, but seeing the many ships coming and going from their ports, that plan was quickly scuppered. It is going well for a time, as the armies of Khlomosa easily slaughter any of the diminutive beasts that dare call themselves men, but the Wights are not alone behind their walls. From the sea they receive reinforcements from a race of horned men unknown to the dark-eyed men, who come in the Vettans time of need much to the Khloes chagrin. Still, all goes well the first round, as these new forces are unfit against the mastery of the sword their valiant foes possess, Yeong-sil himself cuts down a number of the men he does not know called Lauds. But then the second round follows, the Khlomosan forces stumble, the Lauds rally, the defeat is bloody and total. The young king, distinguished by his vermilion swords, is taken captive, stripped of his finery, and driven naked through the streets of Hoftborg like a prize goose. He prays to Zom he will somehow be granted a warriors death, not that of a criminal or slave. It falls to the Wights, the Lauds, and the Tarn who flock from their embassy to see, what fate will befall him.

>Battle of the Exis Dunes
Yav and Dorran met on the sands. In strange tongues their slurred out insults against each other. For their crimes against the priestesses of the temple, the Dorrans strike at the Yavs. Already halfway to drunk, their favourite place to be, the Yav down the draughts on their belts. The sand is stained red, men and homunculi lay dead about. The Yav for their part escape further bloodshed, disappearing across the desert into the jungles of Tatoa, meeting the ruins their in stuporous awe. The Dorrans lick their wounds and swear revenge, when they can find where the red men have gone to that is.

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2nd East Crown, 2nd PAC

Stretching manpower thin, a second army is raised in Edion, bringing more Irreechi under the yoke of slavery to cover the gap. Then it is they are force marched north along with the other armies stationed in the conquered city, driving the Irreechi back. The Karnites too flee into the woods like the cowards they are, leaving the forces of Lord Tioakim to retreat to the city of Vital to rest. There they are joined by the forces of Lord Ruslan from Amun.
[Assume the four armies are together at the temple-fort, I just can't squeeze them all in there]

The armies part ways from Hamirad Remes, one going north to join the Tarn in their wars, two going south to start a war of their own. These two forces make it to the temple-city of Hammudrabi, taking in the sight of the great red temple as their weapons are modified to conserve valuable copper. The choice of material is onyx, an agate of black and white bands which makes a striking sight of its own, hefted in great boulders attached to hafts and swung as a regular man idly whips a fly-whisk. They are outfitted with maces of ridiculous size which would be laughable if they were not so effective.

[>TN] Priests, mystics, ascetics, and a whole host of other holy men come to Nabu-Ki-Uru requesting a guided vision through the smoke of myrrh. The Uati are all too happy to oblige, once the resin and their time is paid for of course, they are not running a charity here. Expecting as much, the Tarnsmen hand over a sack of gold, much more than the Uati were expecting, but happy to accept all the same. Both moons are waxing this night, an auspicious sign the scholars claim, they lead them to the great white obelisk of the observatory north of the city. There they prepare a great mound of myrrh, pipes and a strange head garment used to trap the smoke over the face, for however they wish to inhale the divine incense. It will soon be time to start, they light the braziers. [In IC]
The Foreman and the Overseers saw well, once told of the far spreading of this tongue, the value of knowing Nemish, with all of them agreeing to learn it. They extend the lessons to a great number of the worker class too, Uati scholars finding the people have an aptitude for learning which rivals only their own.

While an iron mine below ground is one thing, a forge in the same environs is another. Miners sent to the hard task of freeing the orange-red ore from the grey stone of the mountain, compensated handsomely for their labour, whilst smithies set up furnaces outside the fortified entrance of the city, on the Avorian side of the peaks. Many a man, of each of the three civilised northern races, come to see them work.
>AV cont.
[>CD] Across the two peoples, Avor and Dirkin, the pantheon had been settled to be of equal weight, what this did not mean however was that every last myth and legend should be shared between them. This is to say that when a new tale of old arose among the smiths and men of the new army of the origin of iron, it is no slight against the Dirkin, nor need it be incorporated into their own canon. Said story is that when Despise crafted the Great Flame in his arrogance, one aspect of the Flame was a great beast of scale and wing. This beast terrorised the new creation of Ridom & Diane until it was eventually slain, though by whom is more murky. Its body was torn apart, scattered across the new earth to form the mountains, its blood crystallising into the ore they now call iron. This Blood of the Dragon is worked into the arms and army of a new regiment of troops to protect the mountain city, a sea of mythic metal stretches before the king and he smiles.

In yestertyrn the gates were a blessing, a way of traversing the world with ease and a sense of adventure, drawing in the cultured and the heroic to Dirkish lands. Now however that spirit of the cataclysm rears up once again and there is war in Midland. True enough the Wights are a strange folk, but never so strange as to call for slaughter and conquest against them. They cannot be too careful, the descriptions passed around of who attacked them is eerily similar, if exaggerated, to that of the Khloes, friend and ally of the Avor.

There has been no news since the gates were opened and the armies sent. Pessimism comes naturally to the Khloes and the worst is feared. Yet how, the Wights were pathetic, they could not have defeated the might of Khlomosa by themselves. They had help then, but from whom? It keeps many a general up at night to be sure. Opulith sees an army of their own raised, men and women native to the trees to who are sworn to avenge the fallen, or perhaps just to guard against whatever may come through the gate. It is not just Opulith that must be protected however, what if the help came from the seas? What if the help from the seas came for revenge? Fossils quarried in the south are a small but invaluable part to the continued Khlomosan hegemony of the north-west, they cannot allow even a single long-dead creature to fall into enemy hands, whatever enemy that may be. As the paranoid set about making a fortress of the nation, the peasantry is happy to at least have a little more fish in the pot as well.
The army already stationed in the Thandala make their preparations to enter the gates, taking with them a small bag of fossils to help them return as the shamans of those blasted Vettir shew.
>CK cont.
Ari-Joo is not much like her aunt or close cousin, quiet, methodical, reserved, at least as much as a Khloe, and a royal one at that, can be. Had her cousin Yeong-sil still been sat upon the throne, no doubt he would have raised a dozen armies and force marched them through the gates, conquering whatever was on the other side. But she feels in her gut what good that has gotten him, he is lucky if he is dead, who know what humiliations or torture await him, wherever he may be.

It is death, of the body or of the mind, that awaits those who go against the wishes of the Empress, so it is that when she wishes for the dunes of dusk to be brought into her empire, it is done. The nobles squabble behind her back, where her spies are of course listening, not that she then listens to them, of the wasted potential and unfathomable vasts of useless sand which they have been made to conquer at their cost. Yes there may be jungle over the heat haze, but who is to say what horrors lie within? and even when, if, they reach it, who is to know if she will not simply declare them her own hunting grounds?
The display on the Dunes of Exis was shameful, wasteful, exhilarating to hear the gory details of. Ariaios permits the Lanthorn the invocation of their ancient right to raise a military force. At least she isn't funding this one, though she does firmly suggest they take on a number of homunculi from the academies House Marai at their own expense, if only so she may hear more about their exploits on the field of battle when they return.
Naked save an identifying armlet, as has been so vividly displayed of late, is not the appropriate attire for battle. Broken, bloody, and suffering all other manner of bodily injury, the Empress' Own limp back to the capital to mixed reception.

The process of increasing the Gathering continues as any other, tearing up root an earth and laying down stone and post until a new carbuncle has been attached to the sprawling metropolis. Then, however, a new twist is given to the heap when Letterchewers order the piling up of earth atop the roofs of the addition. Not wanting to be stabbed by their craze-eyed leaders, the Chitterers for once do as they are told. Enough soil is added that the whole wing of the city looks to sag a little under the weight. After this is done, quite pompously the Letterchewers plant rows of whatever seeds and tubers had been growing before many feet beneath where they now stand.
>GG cont.
The populace have grown tired of sometimes waking up under a pile of someone else's rubble, or else to have their pile of rubble mixed in so thoroughly with their neighbour's pile that only a good old fashioned shiving can sort it out. They come to the Letterchewers with an ultimatum, they figure out how to keep the heap upright, or they take the no good layabout "leaders" and throw them from the top of it. This, they know, is not an idle threat. Much inspiration is taken from the few remaining structures that lay on the bottom of the Gathering, under the cess and detritus and scum worse than the regular sort. Those who escape with their lives put the plans to parchment, copy them incessantly, and distribute them around so that everyone can have a look at how to make stones stacked one on top of another not fall down.
[NM] The mood of the horde has soured, their riotous nature turned to ill. Not enough now work the fields or mines. The Letterchewers must do something before they starve and resort to stone tools again!

Having spied crumbling ruins overgrown with Yavitov knows what in the jungles they have rested in, the Common Army do not wish to tarry any longer, they break for home before whatever might be sleeping in the forest awakes.
The Arena of his mother is already the grandest in the known world, not that much of the world is known, but the Firemind would see that it be grander still. Included in the design will be an area set aside for thanksgiving of Yavitov and Markalin that the grip of Markala forever be kept at bay. It is also a place that the dead from the arena may be brought to be properly blessed, in hopes that their spirit should go to the warm plains of the father.
The temper of Ra'Kaerv's boyhood which he has spent long tyrns suppressing, even as each annoyance dug into his resolve like a burrowing worm, explodes in tremendous fasion. The insult the chief of the Mareev have laid upon him by stealing the taste of Markalin's Brew, which was by time old tradition owed to him, cannot be forgiven nor forgotten as so much chaff in the wind. For too long the Mareev have behave like a second Mind, undermining his judgement, second guessing his edicts, twisting the words of his laws to their favour. No more! Fat and greedy temple officials are dragged from their beds, from their hiding places, from their altars to be cast into the arena. Yavitov will sort the righteous from the wicked! [The benefit is the people do not riot and set fires, looting the stores of the Markalinaroki in the commotion]

The ruins of Liviun have stood since beginning of this new age, falling to rubble in some calamity during the cataclysm where so much of good of the world was lost. It is time, now that war knocks on the door to the heartlands, that Liviun be brought up from the ruins into the light of Volos. Prayers fill the streets for salvation and renewal.
>IO cont.
Amal Qadir is young & optimistic, Akel calls him simply naive, but he will not let the dour senior champion douse his spirit. He sees the Amun may yet have some honour in this fight. But he cannot rely on that alone. He orders the building up of the Temple of Volos into a wide fortification where the rites may still be practised and where a stand may be made under the watchful protection of the god of death and rebirth. It is risky, the armies of Amun have already begun to march, they will soon meet in the forecourt of this holy precinct. The armies make ready, it is the day their fate is made known.

Nello hurries hope as fast as his crutch can carry him, he hobbles into the dusty dwelling of his grandmother and collapses into her arms. He weeps, hard, heaving sobs for emotion he cannot describe, for a burden greater than any weight. He is still a child, how can he follow in Aletheos' footsteps? His grandmother comforts him, she pulls over him a fate-cloth she had woven tyrns ago before he was even born. He feels the comfort of the scratchy blanket, traces the patterns he has known well since he was a boy, and finally understands what they mean. He gazes wide eyed at his grandmother and she smiles warmly back at him. She always knew he'd make her proud, but even a fateweaver of her talents couldn't have known how much so.
Odithians knew that they may be some wisdom in allying themselves with the dark men of the east, who wear second skins of metal stronger than the gold they hammer. Homesteaders, diplomats and adventurers all head out, hoping to make the best of it.

There had been great strides in settling the tensions of the beastlauds in the north, the dog or wolf headed men being brought back into the fold by appealing to religious duty. They are a frequent sight at shrines of the moon goddesses dotted about the nation, though they push for more permanent structures of worship, precincts in which they may live; Within Nemosa but apart from it, as many are still wary of them. The serpentine however are another matter, secluding themselves in the marshes. At least they have reopened the northern quarries. Many come to the north for a fresh start, away from the suffocating traditions and everwatching eyes of the law.
The meeting with the Mutami of the west has brought the promise of new trade, a small portion of ships make for home that closer facilities may be built to accommodate what is going to be a most fruitful endeavour. Already the small blue glass trinkets they have procured are very much sought after.
[>WD] The winds are strong against them this tyrn, the First Fleet makes to anchor in the rather barren ports of a race of ruddy faced men, across the waters from an isle covered in marble & gold.
[>AU] The Fourth Fleet makes south still, arriving in the ports of the Orpiellery with the Meraghul most intrigued where in Sarghun they now are. There the crew find a team of Uati scholars, ending the day's Nemish lessons.
>LD cont.
[>OC] Though their crews are diminished and many are wounded or simply exhausted through some minor miracle they make it into a friendly port, that of the Oc city Fumatri. It is a simple place, but built up enough to get some rest and home comforts away from home.

The Tide listens and the Tide replies. Huge waves sweep over the forest dousing the flames in an instant. Trion moves with them, granting the pleas of the Oc in a startling, brutal fashion, as is the wont of the sea. But then the fires pick up again in the north of Sentius, another wave rolls over the island. Again they flare, and perhaps knowing they should be stuck in this dance forever if he continued the god of the oceans sends forth an emissary of water to meet this beast of flame. Oc gather in the monastery of Obaba to watch the duel of two formidable forces of Nature. [This will resolve in an IC with you where you guide the water elemental]
Marshland is hardly the most inviting of places to build a new life, but for those fleeing an inferno somewhere where even the ground is sopping wet sounds like a little slice of heaven. [You need food and lumber still my dude before you think about more cities]
The First Fleet has a long voyage ahead of them, but so much has been learned they cannot risk overburdening themselves with any more knowledge or cargo.
The Third Fleet make at last for their return to the west, hoping to learn what the Lauds have in their travels there, but it is these Lauds who bring news of terrible fires in the south. It can mean only one thing in their catastrophising minds, all of Ocena is in engulfed flames. They are sadly not far from the truth.
[>TN] The Fourth Fleet makes north, it will be quicker than the long Ahmosi route. They will meet the Tarn at the Fort of the Tumuli in a tyrn's time where they will, all going well of course, receive further orders and a change of colours to fly.

Tragedy has struck Ocena but the Tarn are the most willing and able to help. Two large woodcutting teams settle in the forests of Tarnia, felling indiscriminately to aid those invaluable friends and translators.
Sakshi has long since hung up her whip, settling down with a soldier boy, it is her children who now run the family business. These fourth generation tamers are given a new task, to train into the beasts a taste for war beyond the instinct of the pride. They must be vicious, they must show no mercy on the field of battle they are to fight upon. This the tamers do, if reluctantly, for they know that Naru is no longer here to calm the beasts when their bloodlust cannot be sated by the foes of whoever is holding the whip alone.
[>AH] The lions the Tarnic tamers arrive with are taut bundles of muscle and fur, fitting companions for the Ahmosi. Yet there is behind their yellow eyes a contempt of lesser life that gives them some pause. Or perhaps it doesn't, perhaps it excites them instead. One can never well tell the mood of the men of Ahmose.
>TN cont.
[>AH >AV >OC It's a mess, so I'm just going to say "The armies and navies move as they are meant to" and tell you all to look at the map for clarification]

A battlefield is no place for a woman, but when the home becomes the battlefield there is no better warrior for it than a woman. Fury is the only word one can use to describe them, although "bitch" comes close, a dog made rabid over a threat to her pups.
The Mountain Gate was a wonder to be sure, capable of transporting travellers across land and ocean in but a few steps, but merchants and explorers are not the only thing that have traversed that strange astral corridor. Hoftborg mourns the dead, great pyres are built up and wide pits dug into the cooling ground, they cannot let this repeat. They will take the boulders which fell into the Valley of Shadows and haul them before the gate. The grief and the anger grant them the strength to complete what they had started many tyrns ago, when tragedy first returned to them in the form of landslides. Now they take that misery of stone and use it to guard against further miseries of stone. The Gate is sealed.
[The levy was last turn, but they did what they needed to do to defend Hoftborg as best they can]

The Waddans continue to gather up the pieces of the old empire, having taken hold again of the Ophalderot Isles. There they build simple wooden ports that both Waddan and Oc may find some respite from the seas. Works too are conducted on the Benningsland Penisula with the approval of additional woodcutting permits to supply the local area.
The prospectors, under the auspices of the Diuth priests, set about uncovering what the Stones of the goddess have hinted at. First in more familiar ground in the land shared with the painted men comes granite more red than they are in colour, speckled through with grey and black as all stone of the sort. Next is that of the Onouan Peninsula, closer to home they arrive back in decent time with a dull, soft metal. Last to return are those sent out to the farthest reaches, bringing with them grey rock shot through with a vibrant red ore.
Admiral Beninga finds the far islands a calm escape from the bustle of Waddania proper, enjoying his time standing on the deck, looking out over the vast, uncrossable oceans or that forest of marble and gold of the Oraclean island. There it is he thinks again of her words, mulling them over for many hours over many days, before considering the spite she had laid at them for their sex. Perhaps it is this Oracle expects the fairer gender to address her.
>WD cont.
The Second Fleet complete their charting of the great western seas, returning to the Tropaion harbour in need of a drink and a decent meal.
Making no new inroads into the Ireechi, the Third Fleet sail off home a little disappointed. This is quickly banished however by the joys the capital has on offer.

It is an affront to Karn to cover the body of scar and sinew with metal or hide, so it is the armour of the Karnate is shield and mantlet of wood, lead, or leather. These give protection against the loss of life, but retain the glory of battle-scars which are so much a sign of honour among them. This honour however does not extend to their enemies, who will taste the sting of the cobra's double-bite. In the pits the two-headed serpents are milked [that is really what it is called] of their venom, with a tall, thin jar of it given to each bowman with which he will envenom his arrows to curdle the blood of his foe.
Karn Hroth, his inevitable fate not yet known to him, thinks himself safe. He joins his surviving soldiers with the heroes of Solunist under Priest Ragin before returning to the capital to raise another fresh army of his own. Many a prayer to the Karn of Karns are on these men's lips.


> Apiary near Ulfberht
> Cloudberry Farm near Tah's gate
> Install a mundane gate onto Tah's Gate to prevent unauthorized exit from the gate.

The gate for the Gate was a simple thing really. Two massive stone pillars built of Nemosan Porphyry flanked the Gate, each set with a number of slots and tunnels. Heavy rods of Avor iron had been made that could be slid through the slots and tunnels and formed a wall of metal directly in front of the Gate itself. Two teams of yaks waited on standby to actually pull the massive pins out of place to allow passage, but by default passage was barred except to the exceptionally flexible.

Atop one stone pillar a statue of Diane, the other Ridom. In front of one pillar Volos, the other Gravtune.


The blood games had left the grass slick with blood and viscera, broken bodies and lost teeth. And yet, battered, bruised, and many lost to Volos, the Maws were delighted. Power! True power, enough to shake the earth and sky! It had been good to feel it. The warriors set to work erecting a strange monument, hundreds of cloudberry bushes transplanted to the soil watered by blood. Excited chatter fills the air already about the crop of "Bloodberry" wine they hope it will produce.


Far, but also close by Gate reckoning, Ulfberht has two simple problems to solve. A lack of local food, and the perpetual dark of the cavern city. One of Tah's mercantile children has already arranged a solution though, wielding the family fortune to build an apiary, supplying both nourishing honey and wax candles to the city beneath the mountain.
File: NRP6 Turn 20.png (27 KB, 517x259)
27 KB

The barbarian king Yeong-sil, in bonds, is paraded through Hoftborg. Where the Vardyger had brought us defeat, the Hofthing now has brought victory. The people get to see in full what a foe we had fought, clad in armour and well trained, and his vermillion blades are shown to all, though careless handling has one Wight accidentally cut themselves and fall deathly ill soon after. The Wights also get to eat the meat of the horses that were slain. It is a display of how mighty the enemy was, thus why they need the Hofthing to fend off further threats, rather than question why a chunk of the city had to be reduced to ruin.

>Action 1: Expand the Trellkriger program with captured Khloes, guarded by Skjoldmerrs.
With the remnants of the defeated army at our mercy, rather than finish them off, Hofthing Frode Edwing instead sees them as a powerful asset. Of course they had just crossed blades with us, they are not going to fight for us. But the Trellkriger program may change that. They are put in bonds and taught to follow orders, and if they behave they are rewarded, perhaps even getting to bed some Skjoldmerrs, with both parents being fighters the child ought to be good at fighting as well. Of course if they cause trouble, the Skjoldmerrs can be most vicious in their punishment. Though it is not the Khloe blood that is the greatest benefit, but the fact they are highly trained, so if that training is spread, we will have an army of strong soldiers, not just brutes.

>Action 2 (repay to LD): Build a pair of Lead Mines in the Eastern Nemosa Mountain. Thus returning one of the deposited gold mines to our ownership.
The Nemosans waste no time to redeem the favour they earned. In a peculiar coincidence, we just so happen to have a large amount of miners without job, as they were evacuated from the north when the barbarian hordes descended upon us. They are thus sent across the sea, half of these miners are quite familiar with mining lead in particular, from a mountain deposit no less, and the Nemosans want us to mine the lead in their mountains for them.

>Army Action: The Skjoldmerr force guards our new captives until they can be broken into the Trellkriger program.
While the war is over, the Wight women are still on guard, forming a pseudo-army of their own. The Hofthing knows of a good use for them, guarding the prisoner camps for our new thorny-eyed captives. Without their weapons, or even, their weapons being in the hands of Skjoldmerrs, they would have a hard time making an escape. There's also a secondary use, as many of the Skjoldmerrs of the pseudo-army are unmarried, as most of the married ones went back to tending to their homes and families. Many Wights died in this war, we need more strong sons to defend this land from further threats.
The Queen sat on her throne below the Nagwatoma glacier. Along with the chill waters flowd stone and copper from the mines. They had built all this from nothing. What had they run away from. Nathliepatra stroked her pet penguin. Could she again just close her eyes and pretend she didn’t notice what she saw in the south? She could secure decades more of peace surely.

A foolish thought. She walked the streets of Nagwatoma lions from the north munching on penguins happily. Neither creature was bad, but one can’t leave a snack for a predator and expect it to just ignore it. In the same way she felt like she could not ignore the demons, demonworshippers and ursurper priests of the south, though she was unsure whether she was they were the lion or penguin here. Pingu was reassurance to her once more holding a lion’s gouged eye in it’s beak.

It did not matter which they were. For prey too the only way to survive is too fight! While for a predator it is a duty to do so!
Lots has changed in the nation the last few years. The Lions traded by the Tarnish while as strong as described were unruly and murderous it was not the relationship of master and pet or friends one had with them, but one had to exude power so they feared jumping your throat over the enemy’s… many Ahmosi felt underpaid some dare say scammed by this while others sad potential in the bests and the rest… blamed themselves frankly. None saw the Ahmose fight yet, they will know our worth once we do.

And the lions… they will be treated with however much reverence they let themselves be treated with. None shall be treated cruelly or executed, but they need to know that they are not the masters of this land.
The discovery of Onyx as a suppklement for their weapons soon makes him associated with the grandfather of the Ahmose, the God of war. With the war brewing they create small onyx dice be they d-4 or d20 which have every single one of their faces adorned with the maximum number you can roll. This shall represent the luck and fervor in battle Mawos will grant his soldiers for not matter how much you prepare how much you train… a bit of back luck and you are dead an loose.
Coming back to Harem Queen Napthalie, Hero of Her peoples and rightful Pharaoh of the South, standing atop the Nagwatoma palace carved in stone she speaks “We are surrounded by north and south. The Demons from the underworld have emerged and are coming and demons wander the lands bellow. The Ancient priesthood of our Empire has forsaken their servitude for us, made drugs to make for themselves a place among the gods. The priesthood enchanted by demonic powers cares not that the peasants live in fear! They care not that their rightful pharaohs have returned to them! And they care not for the doom coming from the north!

We cannot let this fester least when the doom from the north comes we will be sandwiched from all sides! Least we do not know what the demons are and how to combat them, but expect a war that shall last generations. Expect to fight foes you can’t even touch! And I nonetheless expect you to fight for while fallen we are gods and in the very least our duty is to protect the world!

> Raid the Uru An - The Twilight Raids
We have yet to confirm if liek the Anus peasants claim demons walk in their lands at night, but in the very least our watchers near Hammudrabi have confirmed something is there… and disappears at dawn… time to check if there really is.

Raids shall be launched into Uru-An lands an hour before sunrise. The Ahmosi armies are to prioritize returning and their safety. A variety of items shall be tested when trying to hurt the walking shadows, salt, fire, gold/copper/onyx daggers, prayer, punching etc.

If im possible to fight prioritize safety. If they shadows are reasonably easy to defeat push into the two bordering Anus tiles. Do not hurt any peasants which don’t resist, though if anyone stands between us and the demons make an example out of them.

> Action 1: Build Army - mor army
> Action 2: Build Onyx mine, build farm
Noticed the Merc army did not go north. It keeps walking north every turn until it gets there. It's still hired by Tarn
(change army movement)
Edit: The war in the north has been won and the Molemen vanquished. News of this joyous occasion reach the Ears of the mercenaies both far up north and still getting there. Some disapointment that they did not get to fight is there, but oh, well. Buisness is buisness.

With that the requirements of the contract are technically speaking fulfilled.

Both Merc armies take the long treck back south. (move both former merc armies maximum back south, theyir employment with the Tarnish is over)
Ariaios the Eternal, Ariaios the Undying, Ariaios the Immaculate.
The Empress has returned from her self imposed isolation and fornication once again to lead her nation directly, to the excitement of some and the dismay of others. The Empress marches through the streets with a great parade behind her, breasts cupped each by an ornate band of gold from which her loincloth hangs, hair done up as part of an elaborate headdress, wrists and ankles decorated with engraved bangles, sizeable cut stones of rose quartz bedecking her form.

The Empress is an alluring enough sight even when not intending to be, but when purposefully dressing to impress she is a force capable of stopping the hearts of all who look upon her, even commanding them to halt permanently as one unfortunate noble finds out, falling dead at her gesture for the crime of not showing reverence as she entered a room.

Ariaios in her march incites an entire crowd into a dizzy frenzy wherein they burn down the estate of one of a second minor noble, one who questioned her expansion policies, she leaves him and his family to the whims of the maddened crowd, the protections of rank that should safeguard against such barbarity being disregarded.

A third individual, a wealthy merchant, is given a personal punishment after repeated vile complaints against her cult, for his crime his wife and children are seized and reforged by the Samya into beautiful homunculi to serve in Ariaios temples forevermore.
The message these acts of tyranny project is clear. The Empress is once more active in Calandorra, and none are safe should they make a slight against her.

As Ariaios finishes her moves against the houses, she considers next a series of reformations for the Temple Lanthorn, something to truly make it hers for all time. She imagines an ever increasing slew of ideas for reforms out loud, some of them rather horrifying to the ancient organisation still largely dominated by stubborn old men. Perhaps another time, even this much has been draining. Next Tyrn, surely.
Action 1: Expand past the dunes, scraping into the jungle beyond the harsh desert.

Enchanted men brave the frontier, mesmerised by their goddess, their queen, the Empress of Calandorra. They carry on unknowing of fatigue, uncaring of exhaustion, thinking only of her beauty. They are spurred further on by cheerleading princesses of Calandorra, the empresses daughters inheriting a touch of their mothers charm, perhaps some might call it magic. Through them Ariaios spell is carried far beyond her presence in the capital and extended over the harsh desert, the people going forth and settling the frontier in her name.

Action 2: Construct lumberyard in the north eastern jungle, construct market at the heart of the dunes to help connect the heart of the empire to its furthest expansions.

There, just past the desert, through the Savannah clear, there! Trees with trunks as thick as pillars with greenery that engulfs one’s vision entirely. Calandorra craves lumber, having more or less entirely run out of wood with the recent recruitment of its armies and so, as soon as it is spotted, orders are made to log the distant trees and haul them the desperately long way back to the heartlands. To support this endeavour, a halfway point between the far trees and the safety of the oasis is constructed, a town in the middle of nowhere emerging as a significant trade centre. Here hard-working loggers trade their bark-coated bounty for wealth and find shelter from the harsh sun and sand.

Army movement: Royal army rests and recovers this turn, the Lanthorn army marches as far as it can towards our newest expansions.
File: Turn.png (190 KB, 700x613)
190 KB
190 KB PNG

>Action 1: The New Metal
(Mine and Port on the X's)
The new metal found upon the Onouan Peninsula is the discovery that most interests the Waddans, and thus the first that they plan to mine and test. Could this perhaps be the missing metal, a component of the coppery mixture that made up the pristine weapons recovered from the ancient battle-site? A mine is to be struck upon the peninsula, and to bring in goods for miners and soldiers and and allow the export of the metal back to the forges of Beningsted, another port is to be set.

>Action 2: Life, Enriching pt. 2: Stones of Vigor
The life enriching stones of gold and amber serve to grant vigor, the energy of youth; no matter the age and decrepitude of the one who takes the power into his mind through connection to the stone. And whilst generally appreciated by all walks of society for soothing some of life's irritations, it is perhaps eventually inevitable that the Waddan Geomancers start to consider how this embedded enchantment may be enhanced and improved; and how this may benefit their men-under-arms. How much more useful would be a Spearman who does not falter, an Oarsman who does not tire, a bowman with the drive and determination to keep loosing through all a day? The Men of Waddania aspire to be Heroes with statues that will stand for all time in their honour; let their capabilities perhaps be bought by Diuth's gifts more close to that of the Heroes of legend. Perhaps some will even see the subsidised provision of vigor-stones as a reason to enlist?

The Second and Third Fleets have both just concluded voyages of discovery; it is only natural that both now take time in their current harbours for refit and repair. And whilst there is much the first might do and plan for, the meeting with these Nemosan ships is the first priority for the Admiral...

What are the Avor but builders, Artisans of might, artisans of craft and metal work... Horse lords and weavers of nature.... Nature

The Dirkish Badger would be taken and nurtured, sizes varying from Bear sized to that of Large hounds would be created, their ferocity something... all too familiar in the people of the steppe.. brave creatures with no care for anything... they would fit in.. perfectly.

Life, something strange.. isn't it? It seems in a blink that they had been married but the Kinga nd his Dirkish queen now welcomed children into the world, her belly had swelled and grew and the labor was long and intense but three healthy children were born, Two Boys, and a Girl.

the boys were strong, each with bright sapphire eyes, and hair a ebon black, like the darkness that had enveloped Rollo in that grand portal, and his daughter, with hair like a sea of wheat in Avorian fields, and eyes like his Uncles, a man whom he'd never met but heard much of. but had seen paintings of. His daughters eyes were the same dark black of the ancient Avor.. and likely Dirkin. a sign of things to come from her.

The First Boy: Iroh Coal-Kin, Iroh Coin (Avorian form), Star of the Warrior.
the Second Boy: Solomon Silver-Kin, Solomon Silkin, Sign of the Wolf
The Daughter: Ciri Alexan-Kin, Ciri Alkin, Sign of the Priestess.
Three Citys, Three Heirs. A Warrior, A Beast, and a God Speaker.. Long may they live.

Action 1: Magic: Giant Badgers
Action 2: ½ City action (Ulfberht) 1xFarm
Army actions
Re naming the Wolf Army to -> War hounds Legion

Wolf army moved through gate to Ulfbreth using their portal thing. moving toward Idopolis

Renaming Dragon Blood Slayers to -> The Gore Son's Legion.

Gore Sons Legion Moving through ulf toward Idopolis
File: NRP6 Turn 20b.png (24 KB, 223x637)
24 KB

Amal Qadir has made a tough decision, one which may see him condemned for ages to come. While Akel had attacked a temple of Volos and shot at an attempt to parlay, Amal Qadir has sold out a brother and put the Irreechi Order into vassalage. Even some of his own men question him, but Amal Qadir did this not for his own sake, but for the sake of the order. We have been at war with what should be our ally. And the cause of this war has been over a people we both ultimately condemn. It was because Akel shed blood where he should have used words, that we are in this position.

>Action 1: Farm and Forge at Liviun.
The reborn city settles further, farms stretch on east and Irreechi blacksmiths get to forging tools, weapons and armour, such that warriors can fight to protect our way of life. Even though news travel up telling of a war ending, that does not mean the world isn't a dangerous place. We have found a fellow worshiper of Volos to the south, though they aren't quite on the right path, there are many in the other directions that do not even know the name of Volos, or practice unholy ritual.

>Action 2: Learn Advanced Amunian.
Having put the Irreechi Order into vassalage to the Amunian Empire, Amal Qadir must make sure we are in a secure position within this new hierarchy of power. Those who speak Amunian will likely be favoured for any higher office, so scholars are set to not just find a way to understand Amunian, but speak it like the Amunians themselves. This combined with our extensive understanding of further languages will give any Irreechi noble a leg-up on any Amunian in foreign affairs. Furthermore, this way we can translate our scripture into perfect Amunians, able to be preached to any Amunian. Perhaps we can get them on the true path by diplomacy, where we were unable to militarily.

>Army Action: Stand ready at the Fortress Monastery, and provide defence for the Tribunal of Akel.
The armies at the Fortress Monastery are kept on standby, a group standing by the bedridden Akel, who is soon to make a recovery. They will insist on coming with him, so that he may make his case in any tribunal. If the Amunians wish to punish Akel, his case has to be made in full.

>Navy Action: Return to Esavine.
After ages out at sea, it is time for the fleet to return back home. Much has happened in the meantime and the sailors have families who have missed them for oh so long. There are many tales to tell of distant shores. The ships have also taken a beating on the long journey, they need proper repairs at an Irreechi port, and even whole new vessels to replace any lost on the journey.
Action 1: Develop silver potions. With immediate crises out of the way Inalt is finally able to get back to his passion without worrying about the stability of the realm and there can be no better start than silver. Silver has been the precious metal of choice for all laud history and has been associated with the twin goddesses. That his ascension had coincided with both moons at their apex along with the integration of the dogmen who are devout worshippers of Prana & Prahda has been seen as a largely favorable omen. One that he intends to build upon.

Action 2: Study the race transformations. It was an inexplicable event that had dire social (and in the north physical) changes. To remain unexplained would harm the foundation of the faith which is the foundation of the nation. To prevent any further degradation Inalt interrogates Orlon relentlessly as he is the one man who is capable of doing so. Eventually Orlon admits to what had happened as gaps were revealed and the snakemen out of spite may reveal it in the worst moment regardless. Giving Inalt special insight into the mist and allowing him to "discover" new insights in a way that would spread key information, but hide the true origins of the knowledge. Hopefully Inalt and his patronized societies can figure out the mist's effects.

Navy: 1 sails and visits yavmat, 2 & 3 return home, 4 drops off meraghul and escorts the orpiellary army
The war against the Irreechi has come to an end; their leader kneels to the High Lord of Amun and their people are now subject to the Amunian Empire. A new type of vassal has been made, a lord below only the High Lord of Amun and directed to govern the lands in the name of the Empire.

1. As the integration of the Irreechi begins Akel, the general that began this war by attacking the Tuvolos Aket temple, is brought to trial within the confines of the Monestary Fort. A quick statue of Tuvolos in the aspect of the judge of souls, a skeletal figure holding an amethyst and gold contraption in one hand and a bowl of water with flowers in the other; a pillar holding a fire in front of him as the god of the dead watches which way the fire of the souls move, towards decadence or duty, and reads the history of the soul. The statue is placed near whatever depiction of Volos the Irreechi have to mark them the same. The High General presides as the judge with priests of Tuvolos holding great mirrors of obsidian. The defendant will have his chance to speak, those who wish to defend him may also speak to the atrocities of the Abraamites. The Amunians will likewise give testimony; but in Amun the dead not only tell tales but can testify in court. The testimony of the priests and high priest slain will be brought up. Damning evidence at the callousness and negligence of Akel that lead him to attacking a temple to (Tu)Volos when trying to communicate would have lead to the punishment of the Abraamites. Akel would be executed and the body burned or buried in Irreechi traditions.

2. As agreed and promised the Amunian priests shall learn the myths and teachings of the Irreechi priesthood; searching for the taint of chahaun subversion away from the teachings of the gods. While there they would find their strange interpretations of the gods, and them not even having many of the gods in their temples. The priests sent will try to share the the stories they were able to retain and sync the Irreechi beliefs, the ones that aren't chahaun tainted, with the proper knowledge that the Amunian priests hold.

Northern Armies: One war may end but the war against the Karnites has only just begun. One army remains with the High General as he works on the trial; but the other three move south to attack Solunist.
Southern Armies: With the news of the end of the northern war and the movement of the armies the full health army near Vital will move to join the other three in the attack against Solunist; while the half health army moves to Amun.
Posted on behalf of the Karnites

Another fort is built in Solunist (or on the jungle tile north west), the invader will not be able to use our constructs to gain passage into our lands. Karn Hroth is determined to hold the front from any assault. Drawbridges to the bridge are constructed, and controlled by their respective forts.

The enemy has the ability to fight on after death for some time, we must adapt. The Karnites shape their traditional double headed axes into new designs, 1 wider blade head for cleaving limbs and disabling men both living and dead, and a cruel hook/spike intended to punch through armor and deliver deathblows, as well as grab shields/arms. The Karnites train hard, learning how to fight together in formation, locking their shields and attempting to crush an enemies front line.


1 Krrgstyl army lead by Priest Ragin goes south, meeting with the warriors of the army at the fort, seeking to have them assist in his plan.

The other heads west, meeting with Karn Hroth's army to support his defense, either the King will die on the battlefield, or die to the priesthoods blades should Solunist fall. If he is successful, he may be allowed to live longer.
Army: Move the common army into the city to rest and heal. Move the *other* Common Army to that strange place in the desert(Wonder). They pop the stamina brew to get their quicker.

1. At the Common Armies return there is many shouts and calls and cries as people reunite with their loved ones excitedly, and yet just as many who rage as they learn that their friends and family were lost in battle. The Mareev and Ra'Kaerv hear of how they went to the Mud people, and how on returning the brave soldiers were lost in the desert born of Yavitavs sheer heat. Upon learning they encountered another state, with a strange army that the Common bravely defeated, Ra'Kaerv sees himself as proven just in growing his armies! He has the Common Army rested, and then has the armies put to work. They must be trained furiously, recruiting skilled warriors from the Arena and disciplined to be fine marchers. Let no foe overcome the Yavipori *or* the Common Armies!

2. With the Mareev a now primarily female institution, the new head of the Mareev becomes a woman of the deepest blue skin named Hem'feya. She is a prideful woman, proud as any firemind, and names her position Parmarkalin, or the Mistress of Markalin. Setting to work repairing the Mareevs status in the eyes of the people, and to curry favor with the armies as well, Parmarkalin Hem'feya has the priestesses under her create a powerful sugary brew, which imparts its drinker the hardiness of copper upon their flesh. It is distributed both to the people and the armies freely, ensuring that any drunken brawl in a tavern or brutal duel of the arena is far more exciting, and that all have the taste of such fine drink regularly on their tongue. The production of the "mental enhancing" drink is slowed to account for the Mareevs shortage of berries at this time, and to ensure enough of this new beverage, SweetIron, can be produced for all.
ADDENDUM! They're going to the Wonder in the Jungle.
>Prospect the south
>build a meat (Yellers) farm and a meat (Eaters) farm
The Letterchewers bend under their subjects’ command, crying and sobbing and whimpering as they draft plans and guide their captor-populace under the threat of sticks and stones, until digging teams and farmers begin their thankless job of sustaining society

> 1st action: Diplomacy
Aid the Oprelliery with their mine and administration.

Volunteers who where promised double the usual wage to work in the Opari mine would be sent with clothing to cover their body to attempt to prevent the effects of the mine. While administrators are sent to manage the workers and help the overseer with adminstrative matters that may arise.

> 2nd action: Construction
Establish a new city.

West of the capital a new city would be founded named Mert-kha-ra next to the oasis a tower can be seen for miles would be erected to act as the order and civil center for the burgeoning city with four wide roads leading to and out of the city, while housing was being built expansions for public amenities and a school where already being planned.
File: Solomon David.jpg (202 KB, 685x1225)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
>Turn 20
Actions 1 and 2: Build Wall for Uru-Anu
ur-Nirmalan strode down from the Heavens to bring peace to all peoples. His hair flows freely, skin incandescent with the force of moral rectitude. His light is seen from the spires of Nabu-Ki-Uru, appearing as a new star on the horizon. Each blow cleaves a new rock from the hillside, forging them in the fire of his brow. The molten stones fuse with one another, providing a seamless bond without the aid of brick or mortar. On the smooth Anu-ward face, a relief of mixed Uru-Anu and Tarnish aesthetics is carved. The Ahmosi-ward face is a smooth plane of glazed stone, offering no purchase for climbers or ladders. Along the top of the wall are towers and ramparts, connected by sunken paths between strongpoints and stairs which allow defenders to reinforce one another or rain missiles down upon besieging forces. The wall itself is connected by roads, to allow the easy movement of armies safe in its protection.

“O Builder, who carries our people in his hands
Mind our steps, watch over our labors
May our works approach your glory,
May they serve you a hundred generations.”

>Free Actions:
Navy 1: Pick up Avor, head south to the Ocena towards Nemosa
Navy 2(Tarn’s Oceni Navy): Drop Merc army at Buried Gate with instructions to guard, return to Ocena
Army 1: Recover at Harppa
Merc Army 1(Ocena’s Ahmosi Army): March to Buried Gate to guard it.
Merc Army 2(Tarn’s Ahmosi Army): March to Buried Gate to guard it.
Merc Army 3(Tarn’s Avorian Army): Sail South with Navy 1

[NM]No matter how noble the cause, the power of the divine cannot be wielded by a mere mortal. Even demigods must pay the price for drinking the *amrith*. And so it was. Upon beholding the conclusion of his labors, Nirmalan felt the chains of the material world loosen their grip upon his spirit. His soul departed the body, and was carried to heaven by Aarthi herself. The shattered vessel was left to lay upon the sod, to be discovered by the peasants come dawn.
File: Uru-Anu Wall.png (68 KB, 366x563)
68 KB
>map for the wall
(I also have a map for the army movements, lmk if you need it.)

>Action 1 - Heavy Armor
>Action 2 - Malachite Swords

Ari-joo, interim Queen of the Khlomosan 'Kningdom', must come to a decision. The gate's newest workings, their inability to access the Wight's gates, has caused her no small amount of hand-twisting anguish. Like all nobility, she fears the heirs of the Khlomosans, for none can hope to defeat them in single combat. Su-won's mastery of the Silver Arts was legendary, even as a back-bent invalid, and her son showed great promise with the Red Arts too. Her own sword-art is capable enough, as with all nobility, but she knows she would be no match for the returning King... IF he ever returns. She does not wish to give up the throne, for even the more reserved Khlomosans are still ambitious, but knows she cannot hold it as she does now...
So she must grow stronger. The Oomul, and her men under her, await the return of the King despite the lengthy time missing, and so she seeks to appease them with gifts of fine new armor, silver artistry worked into the sturdy copper plates. All this to buy herself time to study the strange green crystals that are plucked from the earth. She cannot hope to catch up, never mind surpass, Jeong-il in the Red Arts, but perhaps the Green Arts she pioneers will prove their match?

Army - Move - One army moves down to Prospith, one stays at Opulith.

A stench lurks over the crimson river, it's source a haggard fisherwoman and the strange fire she sits beside. All manner of stinking herbs are arrayed around her, fed to the flames to bring forth more of the acrid smoke. Madar Sahama has not seen her sons in many years, each having vanished through the gates, and so she no doubt celebrates, tears washing streaks down her filthy face as the black smoke rises into the sky.
Posted on behalf of the Oc

>Build dams and aquaducts in Curio.

The ram pump opens up the possibilities to the citizens of Curio to finally implement the visionary inventions of the hydriests. But first comes the means of housing and delivering the water. Dams are constructed high into the mountains Sentius, fed by a series of ram pumps bringing the waters of the ocean up the heavens. Meanwhile aquaducts will run down from these reservoirs, delivering the nectar of industry down to the people.

>Begin efforts of reforestation
The fire has taken much from Ocena, but the time for mourning has come and gone. Now is the time of healing. Oc begin the arduous process of replanting and attempting to recoax life into these charred places. Gods willing, the seeds will bud, and the land will return to its former glory
>Action 1: Prospect the East

>Action 2: Copper Mine + Lead Mine
Rapid advances in metallurgy and smithing have turned once mundane or perhaps ugly looking ores into riches, now every man with a kiln in his backyard rushing for any chance he has to obtain copper, and those without the softer lead.
File: map20.png (1.08 MB, 2047x2151)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
3rd East Crown, 2nd PAC

Turn 20 will resolve then on Mon 22nd there will be a Global Boon post. Please do not post your actions until after that has been posted.

The years of struggle has ended, the war is won, peace is come at last.
Tuvolos' empty sockets peer down upon the assembled in the dark worship hall of the fortified temple, altars and braziers pushed aside to accommodate the stalls and judgement seats of a court. In the twilight of the flames the faces of the judges are unseen, like the great lord of death himself, and they shall cast judgement upon the condemned, calling up even the very spirits of the dead through their mirrors. Akel shows no sign of remorse as he strides into the hall without his mask and hood. Even the stony faced judges are taken aback a little by his horrid visage.
[>IO] Irreechi beliefs are, in a word, bizarre, but they are not entirely at odds with those of the Empire. They obviously have some intimate relation with the one true god of death, though skewed by some ancient grandiose delusion from within their priesthood long passed. It will take a good deal of time to straighten out true belief from inane ritual or twisted dogma, but it will be done for the good of their own souls. In time they will come to thank their betters from releasing them of their fetters of superstition. [That's one the two of you will have to IC when he's back]
There is a great movement of men in the north, with forces amassing against the Karnate. They have already brought one dog to heel, it will be nothing to bring a second.

Full of fire and fury they had come before the light of dawn, scattering the wicked before them, striking the demons in the sands. This is how the tales are presented in Ahmose, for in reality they had killed a dozen young men in leather masks and captured their mothers and mentors into slavery and torture. Any who know the truth claim these people are devil worshippers, demons in disguise, or else infested with evil spirits up to their eyeballs. None have the gall to admit they have been the victims of an elaborate hoax. Nevertheless the Ahmosi claim some dominion over the land, however tenuous.
A third onyx-wielding force is raised is Hammudrabi, taking for their standard a penguin with an eye in his beak. Already knowing that the leased armies will need to be so equipped when they are at last returned home, a second quarry is cut, and so that they may feast & regale with their tales of conquest a new farm is ploughed also.

Scholars of Uru-Anu agree a deal with the Foreman of the Orpiellery that in exchange for three fine armies of well trained Orpielle mercenaries, the Uati will provide for them their upkeep and also men for the expansion of the city itself. A second deal with the Namosi see these men brought to the ports of Nabu-ki-uru upon their fleet far faster than they could be brought by land.
>AU cont.
Uru-Anu has been sprawling west for a good time now, though outside the official borders of the nation, and now the scholars have ordered a city out in the middle of nowhere! They will follow, they are duty-bound to, but they are not happy about it in the slightest. What was to be a great jewel in the crown of the order has become a non-stop drone of complaints and logistics enquiries.

King Rollo falls from his chair in laughter, his queen is about to join him in revelry. War-Badgers! What an idea! He sobers up rather quickly however when a black and white creature taller than his hunting dogs is walked in. Beasthandlers soon walk it out again, spotting the signs of a weakening will-domination for the raucous atmosphere, even the bears were easier to dominate than these beasties. They do not reveal their methods, even to his majesty, even when ordered, not trusting any but the most skilled of the secretive order with the dangerous knowledge of bestiomancy.
The Dirks had made Ulfberht a city of grandeur beyond anything mortal eyes had laid upon before, what more can the Avor do but dig a few mess halls and barracks? What they add, though necessary to the proper functioning of the place, are rather pallid in the face of gold tile and diamond stars. No matter, there is no complaining when honeyed millet cakes grace the glittering tables from the new drab kitchens.
They are the last to make it through the portal of Tah's Gate, offering up vessel and mistletoe, guided by the shamans there, before the great iron bars are worked into place. The Wolf Army, with their silvered blades mimicking those of their long-ally the Khloes, join with the Gore Son's legion in Idopolis. There they take their own new name and wait to see if they will put aside their old weapons too.

They do not know it, though they have their suspicious, but the Dirk are not the first to close their gate, however their solution is far more elegant than the Wights' is. The gate itself is used to transport the enormous porphyry pillars from Nemosa, which would take three or four tyrns by sea!, and the iron bars from Idopolis, which too would have taken at least two tyrns to arrive by cart. As always, members of Tah's broad family are heavily involved with the project arranging for the statues of Ridom & Diane to have remarkably familiar faces, whilst those of Gravtune & Volos are given traditional veils more for superstitious reasons than solid theology.
There is a relatively new saying among the Dirk that "there is no better fertiliser than the blood of a friend". It has come to them through the Avor from the Khlomosans and in that original language is a play on words that is totally lost through the double translation. In the spirit of the advice, they plant up the field of the latest brawl between friends with row after row of juicy cloudberry. No matter, phrases such as these often have longer staying power than many a friendship.
>CD cont.
The Hives; The last venture Tah-mah gives her blessing to before she joins her husband, it is very much the end of an era in Dirkish lands. They do not dwell too long on her passing, it is not what she would have wanted. The ever-buzzing of the bees soon gives the Ulfberht gate the moniker of The Humming Gate where it is said, if you listen very closely, you can hear the faint whisper of a hearty, warming laugh.

Armour of metal over armour of wool and leather, encasing the men and women of the forces in a second and third skin, all in a hopes to guard against the blows and pitfalls of a war they do not know, in a land they cannot reach, for a glory they do not understand. Ari-joo impresses upon them it is for the honour of all Khlomosa! but the mothers of those lost on the other side of the gate find no valour in the shining breastplates and greaves the queen has hammered. They burn the fires of mourning in brazen defiance of her orders.
Her majesty, both smiling and flinching at the sound of it being said, enjoys the privileges of the rank by ordering the smithies to craft for her a blade of green stone that she may make her place in history. As much silver as malachite is used in the creation of the blade just so that it may be lifted even by a blade-mistress like her. She takes a few unsteady movements, getting used to the weight of the weapon, the arc of the swing, practising for some time to get the feel of a new blade form. No change in heft or speed, save the silver of course, no change in physical or spiritual sensation, and no change either in the sword itself. Thus, it must fall to an effect of the cut. She orders a criminal from the stocks, a thief is brought, thinking it fitting she cuts off his hand. The bleeding is quenched after some time, through his screams he claims he feels no effects in the soul, he does not succumb to an innate poison. Perhaps the green arts are a dud. But then as the days pass, the wound does not heal, quite the opposite it festers horrendously, eventually poisoning the blood which kills him.

"O Ariaios sweet mistress of pleasure, whose grace each woman desires, whose bed each man has known. O Ariaios, cruel mistress of pain, who delights in each cry and whimper, who holds the whip and the scourge." It is perhaps more beautiful in the original Lanthwrit. The Empress, having spent many a day in seclusion, sparking rumours of her children visiting the Labyrinth in secret, returns spectacular upon the imperial stage, doling out reward and punishment in equal measure to those who have been loyal or disloyal. Her spies are indeed in every bedchamber and brothel, in every inn and drinking house, wherever there is talk she will hear of it. She spits date pits into the grotesquely stretched mouth of a homunculus who was once a nobleman, laughing as he chokes them down his narrowed gullet. It is good to be queen.
>EC cont.
However her majesty twists it, her ambitions had driven men pas the desert into possession of the one thing that is most lacking in the empire: lumber. There is enough jungle-wood that every home in Calandorra could re-timber their roofs twice over. It is not all that is spied however, for the trees hold a secret of stone as well.
The Empress' Own rests this tyrn, having granted to them new weapons of iron and cunning to best their foes when next they meet. The Lanthorn's army however is marched north, and marched hard, making it out into the dunes by the end of the tyrn. In the sands however they are not alone, strange half-beasts roam the desert due east of them.

Now having a much stronger control over their lands, and perhaps also in search of something more to eat, Chitterers pour south in search of mineral wealth. What they find are both immediately tested the best way they know how, by eating it. First is a grey rock causes a slow, lingering demise of the mental faculties, but this is hardly noticeable above the general malaise of those unfortunate enough in the Gathering to grow old [Lead]. Second is a strange rock that looks like its covered in common yellow-orange lichen, but instead of just causing stomach upset like that does, those who eat this rock drop dead practically on the spot [Arsenic]! But rocks is not all they find, no no, they stumble across a huge grove of grapes, over which an odd mist hangs. They don't like it just for seeing it. They also spy yet another race of men on their far doorstep. They don't like them either, just on principle.
Some hunters also find lots of blue-green stones up in the north, but nothing happens when you eat them and they're not shiny like the diamonds, so it's not very exciting [Abundant Turquoise].
Eata and yeller meat are a good start, but the Letterchewers better keep the food coming unless they want to end up on the fork as well!

There is equal joy and weeping this tyrn, for a victorious army marches home and another marches out. Mothers weep for their fallen sons, fathers beam with pride for their soon-to-be heroes. Those who return are made to rest well, feast, regale the people with their stories of the world. The Yavipori and the other Common forces are trained hard, taught not only by army instructors but by the survivors of the long gladiatorial games which have recently ended also. Then it is they are sent off east, to enact retribution upon the sand people! Or explore the ruins seen by the first army, whichever the commander finds most prudent.
Sweeter than any honey, Sweetiron has to be stored in special clay-lidded vessels that break if not opened with some precision, wasting the precious brew within, simply so children do not become leather-tough little tyrants. Of course many of them are not too proud to suck it off the floor, but what else can be done?
With the south lost, it falls to the north to rebuild the might of the Irreechi. Most see this arrangement as temporary, they need only mass their strength, await their time, strike when Amun is weak. Until then they will play the role assigned, ploughing fields contentedly, smithing tools of hearth & home, never of war. No, not yet.
The deal has been signed, but had it been understood, fully understood? Those most capable of scholars are sent south to the border temple to learn the intricacies of the heathen tongue which now oppresses them. The deal was one of vassalage, it can never be one of admiration. It is a harsh language of consonants and stops, unsuited for the refined halls of Esavine.
Peace has come, but it has come at a price most were not truly willing to pay. Some curse Akel as the reason for their pain, wishing that that priest's girl had had the strength to fell him so many tyrns ago, others blame Amal for agreeing to such humiliation. Now the first awaits trial in the makeshift hall of judgement in the fortified temple of Volos and the second stands watch over him. May the god of death show them the mercy they will not receive on Sarghun.
In the grip of war, the naval fleet of the Order has been left without command, drifting for some tyrns in the calm waters of the Red Bay of Avor-Khlomosa, but now something in the air changes. It is time for them to return home.

[Kiri appears next turn]
Across the eastern plains the surveyors set off with shovel and hope in search of what may be under the earth. Closest to the city yet more copper is found, closely followed by deposits of silver along the coast. Last to return are those sent into the south-east sands, finally arriving back with a beautiful pale green stone which carves even better than the carnelian [Green Jade].
Following Aletheos' plan, Nello orders the digging of mines for copper and lead, that they may soon be forged into weapons and tools that shall advance the nation of the children of Odithis into the new age arising all around them.

It is with the liberal use of Uati myrrh that the palace scholars tasked with studying the Mists come to some understanding. Well, those who don't come out of the trip claiming to be a lost divine or that it is all hopeless do, at least. Those who have been under this aetherial effect understand the layout of the worlds more innately than they can explain to his majesty, but describe the realms as layers of oil, water, and soap. The Mists however are more like a spoon, which has stirred up the layers of the realms forming droplets and bubbles and chaos out of that order. Lauds are those unfortunate bubbles. So it is that the changes are both chthonic and divine.
>LD cont.
Potions of Cupral Strength have proven to be a resounding success for those able to afford them and willing to deal with the resulting hangover once the magic has run its course through their veins. So it is there is not the funding as well as royal decree to begin work on a new draught utilising the abundant silver. The same steps were followed in the production of copper potions, resulting in a mostly clear fluid with the consistency of rich cream. A brave soul is volunteered with a hard nudge, cursing his fellows as he holds the glass to his lips. The additions have done nothing to reduce to potency of the base, practically burning the hairs in his nostrils as he downs the drink. He feels it slither all the way down, sitting heavy in his stomach. His mouth dries, his head aches, he croaks out something unintelligible. His peers sigh in disappointment, telling him to return to his seat and await whatever may come. The poor man takes three steps and finds he has sped across the entire room straight into the side of a heavy desk, breaking his leg in three places. Potions of Argental Speed are soon shown to the Potentate.
[>GY] The First Fleet sails from the makeshift docks of Ophral, or whatever the Waddans called it, and head south into the line-of-sight of a shanty-watchtower.
Having resupplied in Fumatri, the Second & Third Fleet start south also, however the winds of the sea blow strong against them, it will be another tyrn before they are at last home.
[>AU] The Meraghul find themselves dumped in the ports of The Orpiellery as so much rubbish, having insulted their rake of admiral for daring to ask why they have come this way. They are replaced with the Orpielleries mercenaries, to be brought to Uru-Anu. The elder curses the young Hestan, his voice carries over the water to his ears. He laughs at the old man as he sets sail.

Pumps and aqueducts criss-cross the isle, bringing the brine of the oceans into and out of two enormous reservoirs in the peak of Obaba's mountain. Copper pipes and all manner of screws and levers the Hydriests fuss over incessantly bring the saltwater through mechanisms only they understand, not yet ready to display them to the public.
From what can be saved across the islands, including whole trees gifted by Tarn, purchased from Nemosa, and smuggled out of Uru Anu, the forests of the islands of Ocena begin the long process of healing. Some scars will always remain, and the terrible loss of life which accompanied the blazes will never be forgotten. Neither will the epic battle of elements which raged across Sentius, the Fire Bird finally being subdued by the Emissary of the Tides, and each giving the Oc a brief window of study they seize with due haste. Enough is done that loggers may once again return, making sure to respect the earth they trample, the trees they fell, the beasts they move. It may not have been a spirit of Dian who caused such grief, but one can never be too careful.
[NM] [>AU] The voice of Unni fills his ears, the breath of the cosmos fills his nostrils, the light of Minna guides him, Nirmalan sits down and dies. "You have brough the peace of your father to the Uati. You have stayed the hand of Aarthi over Ahmose, you have shown the world the might of Yanna in your works. I am proud, my son, join me in the garden and rest."
[>AH, >AV, >OC, >VT] The great dance of armies and navies recommences, trading partners to and fro in the great pirouette of nations. Ahmosi mercenaries will guard the gate until their contract is ended. The army of Sikandar joins Tarnia. The men upon Nastrond join the contingent of Balu's Fort. The Second Fleet of the Oc is returned to them.

The horses make good, if tough, eating for those who have endured the siege, made all the sweeter by the thorny-eyed men's tears seeing them butchered. Among them is a young man taller than the rest, with flowing hair and almond-shaped eyes, his adornments and the delicate details of his arms pit him for whatever the Khloes have in place of a Hofthing. His exquisite swords, his golden rings, his well-hammered breastplate, all are laid before their own Hofthing as prizes of war.
[>AV] It is a sight to see for sure, the naked, hobbled youth, bruised and shamed, paraded through the streets like a prize-hog. At least it is until Avor come to port, demanding his release.
Though the Wights had hoped for training to be passed down, there was no such genetic luck as there is in far-off Ahmose. However much they do not wish to admit it, the influx of new blood to the secretive program, whichever way it was obtained, greatly replenished the trellkriger stock as it has for some time been becoming more and more diluted with Vettish admixture. Wights are not the brightest of races in Sarghun, but they are wise enough to know that breeding father & daughter or brother & sister only works out well for grass snakes. Their seed now added to the thrall-pot, a number of Khloe men found to be particularly handsome by their skjoldmerr captors would find themselves making additional deposits.
[>LD] For their great help in the matter of the defence of Hoftborg, the Lauds have been granted the gold of the mines for a tyrn. This deal has since been altered to the reduce the gold to but a single mine and in their stead the founding of lead mines in their Nemosan mountains. It is considered if the gate may be opened to send them through, but the horror still so recent and vivid in their minds quickly shuts away the idea.

The fleets have been long at sea, it is good to make rest in the last warmth of autumn. The trees of Glinster turn, red, orange, yellow, they blanket the streets and waterways, it has always been the Naasjeholder's favourite sight, he is glad to see it one final time.
>WD cont.
Alas, when Waddans arrive with crates of the metal they know it well not to be the admix they had long hoped for, for the metal is lead. A useful metal for sure, there are a hundred things in each home it may used for, but the war machine bitterly grinds another tyrn. The joining of ports however does mean that more explorers may find their way east, onto the isle of the Oracle, whether to test their luck with the fickle maid or simply to explore the splendour of the old world.
The first Stones of Power had been crude, proofs of concept that the magic innate to the earth and all her bounty could be shared. Their use had become rather widespread among the members of upper society, the only ones who can afford the luxury as the craze sent the price of amber, the largest component in shortest supply, through the roof. This is only set to increase as the geomancers set about perfecting their craft, so commissioned by the Councillor of War to find ways of preserving youthful vigour and not just renewing it. Through countless trial and error this is at last achieved through the selecting of only the purest, whole pieces of amber without crack or any other defect, and with the interweaving of an amount of copper wire with the gold. The resultant Stone of Power is about the size of a small fist, which for more effect needs to be embedded near a major vein or artery. It is a risk many are still willing to take if it means securing their place in legend.

The work is dangerous, sweltering, but jungle is cleared away enough that new fortifications may be built as the first line of defence against the Shalatim. Deep ditches are then dug around the earth upon which the wide stone bridge stands, soon filling with fast moving waters from the lake. When this is done, bridges of strong wooden planks are built into the forts themselves, held by ropes of well worked vines, so that the bridge maybe made an island.
Karn shall see if the Shalatim will still attempt to fight when their limbs are cast to the earth like errant branches, if they will still struggle against metal & muscle when ground beneath the heel, if they will still shout their cry of "Tuvolos!" when their throats are cut and their blood washes over the Karnite warriors like spring rains.
Hroth must come to understand that his failures have led not only to the endangerment of his own life, but that of the Karnate as a whole. If he dies like a Karn, falling bravely in battle, he will be honoured as his forebears were; If he dies like an Abraamite, begging on his knees, he will be cast into the desert to be picked at by jackals; If he flees however, he will be half-drowned in the blood of the Monolith and bled slowly like a stuck pig, revived as often as it takes for him to see the colour drain from his own body and then he will be buried in the cess pits. Priests detail to him no situation for if he wins the battle that is to come which is damnation enough in itself.

Iron Axes and saws fill the hands of the lumber workers, iron tipped picks for the miners.. the Mattock.. a Avorian tool for any man.

A New Army Rises
"Blood Maws Legion"

"A.. War cult?" the general said as a dirkish advisor handed him the agoge report of the newest army. what was first a small gathering of primarily Gravitune and Volos Worshipers within the ranks of the newest army being trained, though as training progressed, it seems that they folded in with the usual Mawos and Fitar worshipers the army always attracted, though this developed something interesting. on liberty days they would spend drilling harder than any other group, no injury nor sickness would halt the 100% attendance rate they held throughout training, even as men dropped from exaustion, the man or woman beside them would pick them up and carrying them. a singular unit with.. lethal precision. It wasn't until they were pitted in active scenarios that the War cult came to light, each man painted a massive red maw upon their shields and training armor, they fought like animals, feral in their assaults, almost completely shifting from the traditional drilling of spear and shield, these warriors used Axes, some two in each hand, others with a shield and axe or a shield and sword. even a few sported iron great swords, styled after the Khloes. each one wielding them with lethal intent. when approached by the priesthood and the command of the Agoge, they explained that every member of the army had pledged their lives to the gods of death, and swore an oath to the Gods of War, the twins Mawos the blood seeker and Fitar the War god. they would take no wives, and bear no children until the gods of blood and war had been sated.

Action 1: Lumberyard x2

Action 2: 1 Army “Blood Maws Legion”

Free Boon- 1x Iron Mine
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All of Sarghun turns dark in a magnificent total solar eclipse. In the space of but a few minutes, the whole world is tipped upon its head.
Each nation receives a third action this turn.

Along the river banks south of Edion, large green plants with broad sprays of little white flowers have taken root and all about them buzz honeybees [Yarrow]
Whatever lay hidden beneath the jungle, to hear the whispers of the dead, there is a lot of it there.
On the shores of the Lake of Tuvolos, haggard men and women, their clothes rags, their hair wild and beards unkempt. It is only when they beg, arms outstretched with little beads of lapis, bearing teeth of sharp points, that the Amun realise these wretches are Abraamites.
[>WK] By some incredible blunder of land inheritance, an auction, and what is believed to be a not inconsiderable bribe, a copper mine in the west is now legally in the hands of a Karnite. Indeed, a cart of copper ore was just stopped at the border fort!

The Unoku Cyclopes have noticed that in the rocky soil of their pastures, a number of wiry trees of many little leaves have taken strong root. They bear on their branches green fleshed, savoury fruits which equal one-eyed tasters say are either delicious or disgusting [Olives].
[>IO] They had only dozed off at their post for a moment, they weren't even at the border fort-temple but the inland defences, but the gods had punished them all the same. Transported into a desert countless miles from home, roasting in their bronze armour in the sun, taunted by the slopes of an unconquerable mountain, they lash out with the last of the fury that remains in their bodies.
+1 free region prospect, quarry, or mine

On the outskirts of Mert-kha-ra, scholars have begun to report sightings of men wandering in from the south with two heads! Their mentors chastise them for abusing their myrrh, but they swear to Sophielle it is true! Not only that they have brought with them, and subsequently released into the oasis, crocodiles with pure white skin!
At the far reaches of the lands, near the country of the Opriallans, there is discovered a small vein of pale green gemstones by the scholars who walk the long path that way.
The west bank of the great river sprouts green even as the harvest season draws to an end. The gods it seems have blessed the earth with fecundity as the sun blinked.
Spotted from the patrols along the massive Anu's-Ward, the wall of ur-Nirmalan the Builder of the Tarn, are a number of young men, clearly lost in the dust there. They wander aimlessly, made delirious by the sun, one of them drags a broken spear of copper and black stone with him.
[>CD] In the shimmering halls of Ulfberht there is a growing, riotous mood among a set of Avor, both youth & elder. They have come to see the marriage with the Dirk as a disgrace against the legacy of their people, to wed into the line of a luxury-loving, money-hungry, slothful and wrath-less race bent on softening the spirit of Ridom in the Avor right to their very gods! Already they have severely damaged a number of golden mosaics depicting the union, painting over the faces of Rollo with the words "TRAITOR" and "COWARD".
They came from the lake, slipping into the streets at night and committing evil along their path, the only sign they have been are their wet, long nailed footprints and children dead in their beds. All of Idopolis weeps this morn.
A score of Avor women strike out from Lycopolis, claiming their husbands are unfaithful, lusting over supple Dirkin mud-dancers or else ample-bosomed Waddan women and leaving these wives in neglect. They commit to the acts of divorce, marring their cheeks and shearing off their hair, taking with them their children into the hinterlands.
In the forests and hills of the southern lands, a little ways west of Lycopolis, birds of prey swoop from the mountains to nest. Their plumage shines like the sun in his glory in flight. They would make a fine addition to the menagerie of the King.
+1 free region prospect, quarry, or mine

Prospectors sent to test the quality of the silver on the east coast find that to access it they have to drill through a salt dome of all things.
As the sun shone the plain was bare, and as the great eye of Ridom blinked, it was there. An enormous weeping willow, taller than the grandest constructs of man, broad enough that ten families could sit beneath its branches.
+1 free region prospect, quarry, or mine

Whatever shook beneath the earth with the falling darkness has brought to the surface a vein of copper so broad that all Khlomosa could be paved in it should it be mined.
+1 free region prospect, quarry, or mine

The darkening of all Diurn is frightening, why had the astronomers not predicted this, why had the Empress not warned of this omen to come? Chief of their worries was a terrible rumbling heard across the empire during the eclipse and the subsequent appearance of towering, colour banded spikes of salt in the Selosary Expanse. These sands have also parted, though farther east, to reveal another wonder; a deep, wide, jagged gash struck heavy into the rock. The cartographers sent to map it cannot help but notice the somewhat yonic shape of it.
Alongside the iron ore miners have found in the desert pockets of edible salt of a distinct red-pink hue. Already House Shayla is plotting how to make this part of their workers salaries to save expenses.
>EC cont.
In the Exis Dunes is found growing a large plant of broad green-grey leaves with a towering yellow inflorescences. All in all they look rather alien poking up out of the sands [Agave]. It is not the only strange new flower to be found though, for floating on the waters of the Yole-lake, are radiant pink blooms, with huge, water-catching leaves [Sacred Lotus].

Bears are seen skulking around the apricot orchards in the south with some degree of planning, waiting for the farmers to take their evening tipple before making their moves. Thinking these the trumped up tales of khabdag-abusers, the Letterchewers send a token force to shoo these "clever ursine" away. When this force then returns saying that the bears offered, in Hisstalk, to purchase the apricots the Letterchewers are sure there has been a bad batch of booze going around. Little do they know the apricot farmers were telling the truth, and so were the Chitterers they themselves sent out.
+1 free region prospect, quarry, or mine

[>EC] Whatever ore or fine stone lay beneath the dust of the south, the earth is so uneven it can only mean it is rich in it.
[>WD, >WK] Where have these brutes come from, naked save a loincloth of leather and bands of gold and lead about them, raging between the fortifications of Waddania and Yavmat, shouting curses in their foreign tongue. Barbarians is what they are! Plain and simple barbarians.

[>AE] In the dry plains west of Edion surveyors report a most frightening sight, that instead of only slithering upon their bellies as all serpents were made, some have taken to leathery wings for brief flight over the dust.
They sailed in from the west, men without heads!, crashing their storm-tossed boats onto the sands of that gentle bay. At once they have taken to planting some strange herb in neat rows. They have brought with them odd implements with which to ingest it, also.

Shifting dunes have revealed in the east a series of fortifications built atop a promontory of rock rising from the sands. They are in near pristine condition, given their apparent age to have been lost beneath the desert and out of the long memory of the Odithians.

During the eclipse there was felt in the west a low rumble deep in the earth. When the world was bright once again, it was seen that a spring of roiling hot waters had burst forth from the bowels of Aiun with some discussion over the true (godly) source.
Herbalists gathering in the north have come across a tall dam which has formed a deep reservoir across the northernmost river. The culprits appear to be huge rats with the tails of fish, not unlike the platypus not so far away [Beavers].
In the northern forests held within Laudation hands is found to be growing shrubs heaving with tiny black berries which the villagers there say are not only edible but delicious also [Blackcurrants].
>LD cont.
As if by magic, a gaggle of Mutami mystics have appeared at the gates of Yarr, requesting an audience with his majesty the Potentate. There is a flurry of intrigue through the populace of the city over their queer and sudden appearance.
[>CD] No more than fourteen of them, sun-baked and half-drowned, young Dirk men & women of daring and courage who had set sail upon a craft modelled after the great Waddish vessels they have seen in the south. They reached no more than halfway to Mutamunaki's small isle before the waves crashed their boat to splinters. They do not know how any of them survived, though more than double their number had set off initially, they can only thank the god or gods unknown of the waters for saving them.
+1 free region prospect, quarry, or mine

Riots erupt in the streets of Curio, astounded at the poor management of the nation by the Archarian, leaving men & women to starve on remote islands leagues from civilisation, failing to secure proper supplies of raw materials, never mind the ever increasing price of bread on the home isles! If immediate action is not taken the ravages of the Fire Bird may appear in the history books as the minor prelude to an immense fugue of chaos.
[>GG] They must have come through the Vettish gate before the Wights blocked it off, living off the land until they were chased onto the swampy islands. But by the gods what are they? Horrid little creatures, are they even human?

They wandered out from the steppe, goats much like any other than wander, if rather large and with some quite imposing horns. It is only when they are seen close up that their true strangeness is known, each has in his head three eyes.
[>AH] From the sands of the desert comes at night a terrible shriek which damages the ears of any who hear it, even over the Great Wall into the Ahmosi Colosseum it can be heard. Alas, when men come to inspect the dunes in the day, there is only the tufts of dry grasses.
[>AH] High winds batter the cacti which grow about the Great Wall staining it a vivid red, almost as if the stones themselves are bleeding. Curious individuals find it to be the product of some mite infecting the pads.

The copper skinned men the Tarns have procured to guard the gate have churned the marshlands so much in their marching that foul smelling yellow stones have bubbled up to the surface [Sulphur].
Whilst scouting the mines in preparation of their reopening, a poor Wight stumbles through a weak patch of the stone of the floor, tumbling into a large cavern of goodly sized gemstones the previous miners had missed. [Third gem mine available].

[>VT] How did they get here? Seawights, though the Waddan did not know the name, from a land so far off even the great captain Beninga has never heard of it, marooned on the shores on the Onouan Peninsula, gums pale, teeth ragged & yellow, many of their eyes milky from being lost at sea for so long. They gibber like madmen, if they can even be called men.
>WD cont.
[>GG] The trellises of the Grove hang heavy on the eastern slopes with grapes and on the western climbs with a fleshy green flower. It is these that have escaped the confines of the Grove, growing not only in the sacred land of Onoua, but in the profane grounds north of it also [Hops].
Amber miners, already overworked by the increasing geomantic demand for finer samples tap the earth in search of new veins, stumbling upon a cache of white-brown gemstones which, while not the most beautiful, have a charm of their own [Smoky Quartz].
In the east of the isle of Glinsteilan there is a stretch of woods called the Akobosk, it is a place of little intrigue or wonder, just as those who make it their stead like it. For some time the trees of the Akobosk which have been selected for timbers are those that grow the fastest, as the need for wood had been immense in the early tyrns after the cataclysm. But now the world has settled, the reign of Enouth has ended, and the old growth is looked at with fresh eyes. Among these are the Akos-blessed oaks, whose properties are hidden behind their bark, but when the Waddans come to make planks of them they will find that when punctured, the fibres of the wood slowly knit themselves back together.
From the small outpost of Beninga's Rock, a group of ascetics tired of the purely perfomative nature of the abstinence practised by the remote peoples there break from the fold. They proclaim loudly they are off to live in the desert sands, where they shall commune better with the gods, free from the bonds of the body. The already rather isolated settlers around the Rock think they must have gone mad.

Whilst out on a hunt by the lake two Karnites stumble, quite literally for one of them, over a crack in the earth. Looking inside they spy something that unnerves them to look at; Covered in the dust they have kicked up are a number of crystals, mostly clear in colour and about the size of a fist, which contain within them small black "clouds" which bounce around as if trapped. Picking one up the older taps it with his fingernail to see if the dark spots react. This man, who has raised six sons, met the Shalatim on the field of battle, faced the priests in worship, and who must have given in his lifetime twice his bodily supply in blood to the Karn Monolith, loosens his bowels in fear of the soft sound. [Agharlith]
Found to be growing along the banks of the Krrgstyl river is a grass with large yellow kernels which the poor have been taking to grinding to meal [Maize].
Men have seen smooth skinned creatures, paddling about the northern bay and some have even been seen swimming into the lake fed river there.
A lithe but well-muscled hunting breed has seen increased use in the surrounds of the capital, with less well-built hounds already running wild in both the streets and the savanna. They are known to be loyal and of decent enough intellect, and also excellent hunters of small game.



> The Mud Dancers train, developing the Dance of Trench and Wall
> The Maw Armies train, developing formations, combat lines and combat roles
> The Havas smiths train, developing more fearsome and dedicated weapons of war
> Free Prospect Region 17
> Begin shifting armies about, placing two armies at Safehole, one at Tah’s Gate, and one at Ulfberht

The harvest festival is upon us! The greater light of Menot shines bright and the bonfires burn bright even if food supplies have not been as great as of late. Disciples of Diane, Havas and Mawos have been working furiously together to put together a grand display of military power on the night of the festival.

Of Havas the forges have roared as of late producing fearsome new weapons, mighty mattock blades embedded with cores of lead and designed to be mounted on both long spear shafts or shorter tool handles as the situation requires. These fierce weapons are designed to do many things, hew trees or bones, dig trenches or graves, and smash both debris and skulls.

Next the Maws have worked themselves into a frenzy of training and drilling, inspired by the sheer military prowess of their fellow northerners. They have embraced the Avor kings vision as a squad of battlefield engineers and sappers, taking to their new mattock style weapons with gusto. The Maws train to both dig trenches and earthen fortifications, then take turns defending and charging them with the very weapons they used to dig.

Last are the Mud Dancers, seeking to contribute to the war effort as well. The walls of the sanctuary are etched with wisdom both mundane and spiritual. Mantras for seeking resonance with the dirt and stone below and advice on shoes that slip precisely when one needs them to are tucked neatly alongside each other on the walls of the otherwise aesthetic Shaper’s Sanctuary. The culmination of this is the Dance of Trench and Wall, a hopefully impressive reshaping of the battlefield in favor of dirkish tactics and style.
File: 1684702013515231.png (9 KB, 182x196)
9 KB

Action 1: Discover oil based alchemy. While many alchemists are content with the potion base discovered a long time ago others like Inalt are not satisfied. Just like the gods can be expressed in a multitude of ways so too can any reagent and to be content with merely one aspect is a waste of the whole discipline. Through much personal experimentation Inalt has determined that he should seek to have this new base add to the original rather than alter it. Which as a byproduct would mean that potentially even inanimate objects can more easily benefit from their magic.

Action 2: Research race change and use the purity poultice from meraghul as part of experiment. While the meraghul leaving had caused quite a bit of drama it had revealed an aspect of their own magic that was remarkably similar to their own. They were apparently capable of purging an entire aspect from a being and allow the remainder to fill in the gaps. As far as he has seen and had been reported these laud hybrids are just the same as their peers after they had taken the potion. Which is particularly strange as they are not like the old lauds despite their original meraghul nature. Given how their women are all whores he guesses their magic is the only reason they have not miscegenated themselves out of existence. Using what he was taught of the recipe as a start he will see if he can find a way to isolate each one of these changes and be able to selectively alter them as he sees fit.

Action 3: Use opium to create refined painkillers. Opium has long ingrained itself in laud culture. Being the subject of many stories, idioms, and stereotypes. With the rise of true alchemy and specialized glassware many have taken advantage of its mundane properties to achieve effects that may as well be magic.

Free: Emerald Mine in red circle

Navy: 2 & 3 return home, 4 transports the army to the uati and returns back to sailing west (you didnt actually move the navy before), 1 sails past the straight and explores north past the coast (you also forgot to move this navy before a couple turns ago so may as well get double movement here where there is not anyone new to diplo)

>Action 1: Strike the Red Earth
>Mines for Red Granite and Cinnabar
Upon the southern coast of Beningsland a quarry is struck for the strong red granite; not only is the stone strong with a distinctive look, but the commander of the local fortress considers it will strengthen his own defences to build new walls and fortifications for his command from this material. And in the Ophalderot isles, a mine is set for the bright red mineral of such vivid pigmentation.

>Action 2: The Superior Sling + Shot...
The basic sling is a common and fairly simple weapon that can turn any loose stone into a projectile. But the heavy new metal from the Onouan Peninsula has started giving some Waddans ideas... rather then simple stones, projectiles of lead can be cast in the forges that will fly further and strike with more force then anything before. And when combined with slings specifically designed and crafted to throw these lead projectiles, what was once a simple device suddenly becomes a weapon of surprising potency in trained hands...

>Action 3: Tactical Lessons of the Battle of 9
The ancient battle site upon the Beningsland peninsula provides clues etched into the the ground itself of how the various parties fought and manoeuvred over the days of that mighty conflict, demonstrating the grandeur of that half-forgotten age even when that ancient empire was collapsing in upon itself. Tactics, strategies and formations of deployment that had been left irrelevant once the old empires fell away in Misrule's age are determined and slowly recovered by tacticians and historians... for it is deemed to be better to learn from the lessons of military history then to be forced to repeat any disasters they may have suffered to learn them.

>Navy 1: Orders come in for Beninga's Fleet, but they are not the orders that were half-expected of a new grand voyage, Instead, it seems that on their last visit to the peninsula's cove and Onoua's grove one, one of the common sailors returned with a few strange green flower-heads in their possession. And now it seems some committee in the parliament wishes for more; for it seems his fleet's tasking on this occasion is to investigate this plant and to bring back seeds and seedling specimens to Waddan-controlled lands.
File: Turn.png (373 KB, 1131x753)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
The cyclops have discovered an interesting plant. Like a bitter grape… certainly these Olives only taste well pickled… though some higher classes developped a taste for them anyway. thought of as a luxury delicacy little mind was paid to them until Unuhaluth the Trendsetter entered Hammudrabi shimmering and all oiled up. He claimed up and down the oil makes him slipepry and no weapon would be able to pierce his flesh and woudl slip off.

Rumor would quickly spread so much so some farms would be retooled to support olives alongside other crops. Albeit it’s dubious being oiled up actually helps against enemy blades… it’d just make sense afterall Ahmosi skin and muscle is as tough as armor… anyway the Ahmosi not needing an excuse to show of their muscles now walk around near universally oiled up. The oil helping to make their bronze skin glisten and exentuate the curves on their muscles.
The Demons thus far seemed not a problem, worries are they may lay beyond the river, but caution… is it really advisable? The Ahmosi Queen would recognize the wall of Tarnish making in the South of the nation. A work of a miraclemaker… Nirmalan… the traitor to the gods. She was rather fond of the guy seemed, charming some old rage fueled up again knowing demonic trickery had worked on him.

Either way this war has become more complicated. The threat in the north is long gone albeit the tarnsmen claim otherwise… was it all a ploy to wage 2 front war on us?

The Phrakhaness soon shook the idea. The war needs to be ended quickly or there will be no end to this.

> Action 1: Build a bridge and fast!
half an action spent to build bridge in market area and 2nd half to build it instantly to cross.

> Action 2: Declare war on the Uru-An
We can’t wait any longer, the longer this war goes the more time to tarnish have to think about joining it.

> Action 3: build 6th army
With just enough resources to support it we need all the help we can get.

> Mine thingy
Choose the free prospecting
With the copper mine settled to continue to supply copper to the forges and the Karns in discussion about the potential of peace work turns to making sure the trickery of the god of misrule has not disrupted the empire too much.

1. Another copper mine is constructed near Amun, the old fortifications long left to linger are finally repaired, and the silver mines raided in the Irreechi war are reopened.
2. The city of Amun has grown wealthy and full as slaves are brought in from the war, food grows abundant, and riches come in from across the empire. As families grow and people, willingly or unwillingly, enter the city the city itself is expanded to meet the demand. (city construction, upgrade Amun.)

Military movement:
While the Karns have agreed to a truce while they discuss the deal there is no guarantee they will accept it. War may yet continue.
Army of the High General: With the trial of the Irreechi general done the northern army will march to meet with the others that went south to the river fort.
River fort armies: One of the armies by the river fort will begin a march south, to meet up in Amun to help protect the east in case the Karnites resume the war.
File: NRP6 Turn 21.png (11 KB, 253x259)
11 KB

The age of Hofthings is over, now is the Age of Kings. Though there is much celebration of King Frode, many whispers are questioning his intentions. Some call him Trellherren, The Slave Lord. As he has not only enslaved the invaders from the north, but also the miners that fled from there. Furthermore, he has made the newly established Skjoldmerrs become the Trellkrigers' concubines. The invitation of so many foreigners has people wonder what people his loyalty lies with.

>Action 1: The New Elite, Jarls. Warrior nobility, to increase the military standard of the upper class.
As King Frode Edwing boasts of his own military achievements, he uses it as an opportunity to levy all the blame on the clan chiefs. Their blithering incompetence has cost many lives, leaving us ill prepared for the invasion. To solve this a new class is established, Jarl, from which Frode demands military excellence. Every Jarl shall be well versed in military matters and make displays of it. In exchange they get the King's support to usurp whatever clan they hail from, replacing the tribal chiefs with warrior nobles.

>Action 2: The New Attire, Leather. More durable than rawhide, inspired by the armour of our Khloe invaders.
After studying the attire of our invaders, both northern and southern, their leather intrigues the Wights. It is the same material as our furs, but superior in just about every way. They have spent ages trying to recreate it, until they figure a way of washing it in brine and then bark dust. It is more work but the resulting leather is durable yet flexible, able to be worn so thick as to stop arrows or even spears, yet barely impede our mobility. Yet the removal of the fur is entirely optional, making for warm clothing in the coming winter.

>Action 3: The New Magic, Hunt. Instead of begging for power, take it, focus on rodents to see what happens as we absorb their power.
With the Vardyger's death, many secrets were revealed, one of which is how he is able to see beyond. When people learn of the cost the shamans have paid for their powers, many are sickened by it. A splinter faction emerges, those who wish to gain power by taking it, rather than bargaining. The raven spirits are out of our reach for now, unable to bring weapons into the astral realm, but there are prey we can reach and kill with our bare hands. Thus the hunt of rodent spirits begin, and we will see what happens when we absorb their spirits into our own.
>Actions: Expand all Mines
The world has turned, the sky gone black, and yet Calandorra remains. The land has shifted, Diurn has protested, but only to grant new power and opportunity to the Calandorran people. It seems impossible, so far into the deep and howling winds of doom that this terrible omen did not destroy them all, yet somehow Calandorra survived, even thrived. New plants grow in the calm waters of the oasis and in the far reaches of the desert, great new monuments rise in the distance from the mighty Tors of the Floret Cities. Somehow, in some way, Calandorra has evaded the grip of Selos entirely. Ariaios knows good press when she sees it, taking responsibility as soon as the dust clears and things still look good.

The nation is not out of the dark yet however, the wind shifts to decline. Veha approaches with its own set of challenges, challenges which Ariaios is certain her beauty will withstand.
Hauka’s Hour marks a turning point not just for the land, but of Dorran society too, as the Empress begins pushing through a new set of reforms aimed squarely at the Lanthorn. The Third Reformation, not since the (thought by some to be allegorical) Reign of Two Gods has a reformation of such scale been devised.
The cultural shift within Calandorra, one pushing civilisation towards hedonism and a rather revealing fashion scene, has for a significant time been a serious issue for the profits of the Lanthorn. Temple prostitution is far less important an institution when the populace is constantly breeding among themselves irregardless of institutions such as “marriage”.
Ariaios reforms are largely centred around restoring the profitability of temple prostitution, opening posts for priestesses to serve in temples of all cults and dictating sacred prostitution to be encouraged in all temples. Rituals and ceremonies are re-written to better appeal to her carnal tastes, and new attires for priestesses are designed to better suit their new roles as glorified prostitutes. The Lanthorn, last bastion of resistance against biomantic works, finds itself supplied with Samya to perform treatments to reduce visible ageing among its leadership to keep them looking younger for longer, as well as beautiful homunculi crafted to exacting specifications added to services. Ariaios, in further radical reforms, elevates women to the highest positions of power within the Lanthorn, standing this new generation of young high priestesses onto even footing with the elderly high priests of the council.
Ariaios religious reforms are coupled with her social reforms. She shocks her government and citizenry as a public decency law is enacted on the citizenry at large, both men and women no longer permitted to go unclothed below the waist. A loincloth at the very least, please, it doesn’t even have to cover that much. To walk sky-clad save some accessories should is a beauty statement, a demonstration of wealth and status as one of the elite, not something commoners should think themselves worthy of engaging in. Ariaios next forbids sex outside of the unions of marriage or harems, to fuel an actual need for people to pay for it. Her complete 180 on this topic is difficult to explain, yet she remains convinced, sex is better if other people aren’t having any.

In the countless years Ariaios has ruled she has had more children than she can count, and their blood has spread all across Calandorra to the point where her offspring are an entire population demographic on their own. The Empress wishes every woman in the nation to carry a measure of her blood one day, one day very soon. What better gift could she give to the nation than for every woman in it to be enchanted by a touch of her immaculate beauty for all time?

Punishing offspring of hers who fail to reproduce, aiding her children in stealing men, using nepotism to elevate even distant descendants to comfortable positions, Ariaios acts as a conductor, orchestrating her children to do as a group what the empress could never truly do in person. To sleep with every man in Calandorra.
Action 1: Construct Iron mine, Forge

More metal is needed, iron, this miracle material from which the toughest blades are crafted. When properly tempered it can cleave wholly through copper, the prohibitive issue of heating it is the only barrier to mass adoption. As such, a new forge is opened up for Tor Loric, to serve its citizens in a more local manner than the often aloof artisans of the Aya Sandan can.

Action 2: Harvest Sacred Lotus silk, harvest Agave

The Sacred Lotus blooms in the water, their pink petals a sight to behold, their mighty leaves resting firmly upon the waters. Harvesting these flowers for their stalks allows for soft fibres to be extracted and woven as any other fabric may be, garments made of this fine fabric soon becoming one of the chief exports of Hissania. Ariaios declares it illegal to be sold to anyone other than the state, such that she may control it wholly. Hissanian lotus silk becomes the foremost material for temple garments, each rank of official within each cult having their own corresponding outfit for priests and priestesses of each god. The expense of lotus silk only encourages the empress to be frugal with how much goes into each article of clothing, leaving many temples with attires more fitting for a harem girl than a devotee of a heavenly being.

Agave is harvested also, in the heat of the dunes. It is found to be exceptionally useful for all sorts of different applications. Much like the tsamma melons, they are an excellent source of hydration in the arid heat of the desert, the succulent leaves of these towering plants one of the few luxuries that can be found in the burning sands at the frontier of civilisation.

Action 3: Recruit a third army, The Get of Mawsos

The children of the war god are trained, equipped and organised into a fully functional fighting force. The faithful of Mawsos cult are aggressive, dominant and zealous both on and off the battlefield, mirroring their patrons primal fury.
Such aggression and zeal should not be mistakes for stupidity or lack of training, each member displays a sort of bestial cunning more fit to be applied to a nocturnal predator than a man. This is more a gathering of individuals than a cohesive military force, yet their ferocity in battle makes up for their lack of teamwork. At least, so they claim.

Military: Both armies to meet up with each-other and travel together towards the frontier, safety in numbers.
>Turn 21
Action 1: 2x Farms near the lodestone mines
Action 2: Found the city of Balu on the coast, just south of the lodestone mine(1). Built by settlers from two different armies, Balu does retain some of the rigid discipline of military life. But the warm sea breeze has a way of sanding down the edges of even the hardest men, and many retired soldiers find the city an ideal place to rest and recuperate among fellow servicemen.
Action 3: 2x Walls for Balu. The northern invaders still an acute fear, high walls are built to protect the city from the north(2). Stone being scarcer in the northern regions, a unique sort of brick is used instead. By combining sand with clay and gravel from a nearby riverbed and the tailings of the lodestone mine, a soft aggregate is produced, which solidifies over time into a material as hard as bedrock.

>Free Actions
Navy 1: Continue as far as possible southwest to Nemosa w/Avor Army
Army 1: Move to investigate screaming
Merc Army 1(Ocena’s Ahmosi Army): Guard the buried gate
Merc Army 2(Tarn’s Ahmosi Army): Guard the buried gate.
Merc Army 3(Tarn’s Avorian Army): Sail South with Navy 1
Army: Le continue towards that wonder in the jungle

1. With reports coming in of dangers on all sides, of rivals to the glory of Yav, Ra'Kaerv places an emphasis on the training of the archers of the armies and garrisons. As the archers of the Yavmati are generally women, he has it so that women who past tests of skill are rewarded land, drink, and status, creating competition and growing the skill of these fiery women.

2. Yarvik grows as it is want to, becoming a greater mess of districts and cities, sprawling across the jungle as it grows to encompass farms and butcheries and all else a city needs to function. With even mines present in its sprawling interior.
Posted on behalf of the Karnites

The fortifications of the two forts, and the bridge are increased, the bridge to be turned into a killing field against the Amunian invaders. A ruse is prepared, to split the enemy forces, and trap them on the bridge.

Karn Hroth drills the men, preparing them to make their stand, they will hold the walls, or die trying.

Develop Blood Magic

The acolyte left to serve Karn Hrost in his defense of Solunist, is told to find anymeans to assist in the defense of the city. He gathers willingly offered blood from the citizens, some of which are the wives and children of the soldiers. Anointing the warriors upon the brow with the Blood, he does a ritual, and prayer to Karn, that they may be aided in their defense of the innocents of their nation and of their God. Red shines through the men's eyes, and their strength is greater than ever.

>Blood of the Defenders Ritual (+1 when defending a city of Karnites)
>Action 1 - Build 2 Henna Farms on southern plains.
>Action 2 - Raise army at Opulith
>Action Free - Build city on southern coast (Luxura)
>Free Mine - Copper

Ari-Joo is not deaf to the murmurs of the people, or the world at large. With the suns blotting comes a fresh new layer of uncertainty in the people, and so Ari-Joo must work twice as hard to assert her control. Her new demonstrations of the toxic blades she has mastered handles the 'loyalty' of her fellow nobility well enough (the nightmares of rotten flesh sloughing off the bone are an unfortunate side-effect) but the peasants will require MORE.

Quite literally. The shaking earth has upheaved new veins of that all-critical Copper, and so it is plumbed from the depths to make it's way into Khlomosan society, the growing population richer for it. So much richer, in fact, that an entire new city is constructed, Ari-Joo working hard to ensure that many of her most loyal followers are the ones granted prime new real estate along the warm southern coasts. The Oomuls would find it distressing that their once-paradise is now claimed wholly by their conquerors, but each is busy still mourning the loss of their blond-darling King.
With new populations comes new need to keep them busy, and so a grand undertaking is made to expand the Henna farms, Ari-Joo noting their uniqueness from reports of Gate travelers. No other people in this world have such intricate tattoos as the Khlomosans, and Ari-Joo's Artist leaning mind knows that they MUST covet it so very much. They will pay handsomely, to fuel their envy, she is sure.
A wretched crone sits by the Gate. Not the one by Opulith, strangely enough, but the one a distance away from Ulfberht. Precious few Khlomosans make their way this far east, and only by the Gate's travels, but still she sits here. She is very, very old, very, very bitter, and both these traits pale in how excellent a swordswoman she is.
She is also crazy, for she talks to thin air.

"I suppose I would know more than most, true." She says to herself, leaning her back against a slate outcropping. The sun lies low in the sky, and to her back, but the rock still carries some of the day's warmth yet.
"Hmm... no." She continue, cocking her head. "It doesn't work like that. You can't just... choose. You end up somewhere new, every time."
She scratches absently at her wrinkled throat, gnarled hand leaving her silver blade for only a moment.
"I don't know. Maybe they are just dead?"
She scratched again at her throat, then winced. Her hand came away red, fingers stained by the thin line of crimson that blooms in the crook of her jowls . She presses a shaking hand to it, stemming the flow.
"Well, they DID learn from the best." She said with a nervous chuckle.


> 1st action: Recruitment
Raise an army in the capital.

> 2nd action: Recruitment.
Raise an army from the second city

Alarms where raised and messages where sent to the outlying towns as their cousins from the east invaded the order's lands without reason. Men who could volunteer would be organised troops and companies to be led by a council of scholars and common men who worked the mines of the Opriellery. .

> 3rd action: Construction.
Build two farms on the bank of the fertile banks of the minor river.

The survivors of the attack and some families of the east where resettled to build and manage farms on the banks surrounding the oasis that was by the minor river.
Making a slight amendment both armies are to spawn in my main city which is the capital.
>Action 1 - Learn Ahmose
Through prolonged time in the custody of these foreigners, there is little freedoms that can be afforded without learning their tongue. Fortunatley, the Irreechi are gifted in such matters. For a time these studies are the only thing that can keep their minds off the fate of their kingdom back home.

>Action 2 - The Volos Miracle
Through extended periods of devout prayer in the temple of Volos, Jeremiah seeks to summon the god's presence into its chambers such that its life giving elixir may flow.
>Action 3 - Flesh-tree Experimentation
Scientists and philosophers are given more liberty to experiment with the odd materials produced by the tree as well as the investigation of the biology or psychology of the tree itself. Evidently the tree possesses some miraculous ability to heal a fleshy wound; Perhaps this could be of value to us.
File: map21.png (1.05 MB, 2047x2151)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
4th East Crown, 2nd PAC

That which has been damaged by war, by time, and by legalism are returned to order and rectified that the Empire shall flourish. And Amun has flourished, so much wealth has been gained from the conquests of the High Lord, that the city can no longer be contained within the ancient bounding stones, spilling out along the river. The High Lord funds the paving of roads, the planting of trees, and gifts of grain & silver to the lower lords who populate the growing capital with mansions, shrines, workshops, and so on. Included in this bounty, is the bringing of slaves to till the fields and mounts of Irreechi ponies for the lords who have served their master most pleasingly.
[>WK] A ceasefire is called 'twixt the men of the Empire and the barbarians of the north, whilst their Carn debates with his priests what shall be done about the potential Cahaun that has been the centre of their worship. Still, it is not a time to be idle, armies are moved about that they may best guard against any further trickery from the Carnites, the deal with the mines has proven them to be most shrewd at the very least.

It is to be war. The Pharakhaness cannot allow this worship of demons to continue, let alone on her doorstep! The Uati shall submit to her rule or they shall be wiped from the face of Kumuntyr. It raises the difficult task of reaching them however, for the traitor Nirmalan has worked for the demoniacs a miracle of stone along their south. No matter, she shall work a miracle of her own in black onyx. Two bridges over the fast river that her armies may cross, and built at such haste that they may be crossed before the tyrn is through. That Hammudrabi should not be without defences whilst the demon-worshippers are dealt with, another force of men is raised in the city also. With utmost haste the armies of Ahmose stream across the black bridges into the land of Uru-Anu. At once they claim dominion of the fertile valley, making sure to leave in place the villagers until they may be screened for possession, continuing south into the outskirts of the broad city of the enemy. There they collapse the entrance of a source of Uati copper, then chasing off the workers of a deep quarry. Let's see them try to build walls and spears without them! [I can't see how you could raid farms from your position, so a copper mine and quarry are raided instead]
At home, the earth the one-eyed Unoku hold guardianship over gives up ore of a dull metal, which they mould with ease [Lead].

What has been long feared has come to pass. The paranoia of the Ahmosi was pushed too far by simple peasant folk rituals and has spun into war against all of the Uati. Every man of fighting age from throughout the metropolis is pressed into service, with women and children fleeing west to Mert-Kha-Ra to provide food for the defence efforts.
[d] After the "March of the Divorcées" from the Wolf Gate there is a terrible tremor beneath the earth. After the residents have steadied themselves, when they have breathed a sigh of relief and all seems well, then is when disaster strikes. A wide section of all three massive walls come crumbling down into a crack in the earth, revealing the cracked foundations. It is unclear how many are trapped beneath the rubble, as in the same instance the Lycopolis copper mine has also collapsed, splitting relief efforts.
Blood; It is the stuff of life. And that stuff which flows through the veins of the Maw, taking for themselves the name of the most elite soldiers of Dirkin, is filled with the fire of Fitar and the malice of Mawsos. They are not a force which would parade through streets decked with streamers and garlands, they are the low bred and ill born of the nation, fuelled with a violent longing beyond that of the regular soldier. It is these men who stories will be told off in exaggerated awe.
For them was need wood and iron, so it is that swaths of forest are relegated to the smithy's forge. The iron came a little trickier, with the most easily accessible veins from the Dirkish side of the mountain.
[>CK >TN >VT You should probably finish RPing how the Khlomosan King is returned home]

In the light of the bonfires the smiths of Havas, Lord of the Forge and Hammer of Devils, show off proudly their latest innovations. From the use of lead to form heavy cores & counterweights, to the numerous uses of mattocks in both the hands of the Maw and the layman alike. Though they are not normally ones for praising those outside their ranks, the Oaks cannot help but be impressed, comparing them favourably to the war-picks of the Avor which they have had some practice with in the past. These Maws are the next to show off, marching with banners and drums in coordinated step, orders shouted over the din of the festivities to turn this way or that. Following in the footsteps of their Avor brethren, they give a display of battle to cheering crowds, demonstrating the new regimenting, footwork, and skilled manoeuvring that they have drilled. Last to exhibit in the night feast are the Mud Dancers, a dull name for bearers of a bright spectacle to be sure. For many of the girls it is their first time back in society, given a day or two to enjoy the rolling festival before they are to dance and return to the Shaper's Sanctuary. Very few Mud Dancers who developed the first spell still live, but those that do see many of the same steps as they once danced, only much more exaggerated. The foot falls harder, the movement arms of the arms more harsh, the breaths laboured but steady, for where they had danced for the rice paddy, these girls dance for the battlefield.
>CD cont.
In cataloguing the prospecting records which had accumulated over the tyrns to a disorganised jumble, a source of copper which had been found before many Dirks currently living were born is discovered. This embarrassing oversight is played off as simply not ever having needed any additional copper, so public dissemination of the data was unnecessary. Thankfully Dirkin are a very trusting people and buy the explanation.
With the threat of the Gate and of the Chitterers dealt with, the amassed armies fan out across Dirkin lands that their presence should be better felt by the people.

Ari-Joo continued to enjoy her role in warming the throne, the word "regent" long since falling out of favour for simply "Queen". Having had her ears return word from across the kingdom to her, the obvious issue was of course this new broad seam of copper that has made itself known, but more to her own interests is the news that no other race is seen with tattoos (well, not to the extent Khlomosans are). Knowing that at least the Avor are partial to a tattoo, often as some sort of memorial to a battle they have won, the Queen orders additional plantations of the ink-plant, henna, to be grown around the outskirts of her latest project; The city of Luxura. Sat on the (relatively) warm coasts of what is sometimes called the Maw, from which on the clearest nights when the moons are near full, one may see very distant lights on the horizon.

The Blink, the Shift, the New Dawn, these are but a few names of the dozens that the eclipse and shaking of the foundations is given, but the Empress cannot let a good omen go unsullied, spreading herself over the rumours until they all point approvingly to her. With such new found adoration, with the revival of worship from previous endeavours inevitably fading, she pushes against the final bastion of good taste and moral decency in all of Calandorra: The Lanthorn. Here she makes a topsy-turvy mockery of the tyrns old traditions, the lowest temple prostitutes raised to the new grand office of high priestesses, the feeble old men in the shawls and beards demoted to errand and whipping boys, even if most of them are grey enough to halfway into the grave. With a smile on her lips she follows this by continuing to turn the Empire on its head, by banning much of what she has spent the last oh fourteen or so tyrns mandating as necessities. Men and women (of the lower classes at least, those not blessed with an Ariaion spouse or mistress) are to be covered up once again, the laws of marriage strictly enforced, penalties reintroduced for incest, buggery, and bestiality (outside of sanctioned temples that is), and so on.
The arrival of the red men(ace) has sparked something within the populace and the court, reaching to just below Ariaios' threshold of actual interest, yet having been so satisfied with what she has already achieved she delegates matters of war to her underlings...
>EC cont.
Mawsos may be her brother, but he's too busy wallowing in the obscurity of the Empyrean to be of any tactical use to her. Iron is needed, so it is mined. A Lorican forge for mundane use below the dignity of the Aya Sandan [twice I've typed it as Sandaran now before fixing it], so one is built. A force of men faithful to the Empress' absentee brother would only do more to raise the people opinion of her in her peoples' minds, so they are drafted. She yawns, all this war and hammering business is outside her area of expertise, why not just bring these redskinned men's chief or king or elder to her bedchamber and she'll have them vassalised quicker than you can say "no please don't I have a family".
Much more to her liking are the delightful blooms that are brought to her throne by willing supplicants, who earn the pleasure of gazing upon her bare feet or pale thighs without an iron clad brute breathing down their neck. [If you want lotus silk as an export resource you will need to action it, same with anything agave related]


[>EC] The Second Common Army, bandying around nicknames for their contingent all the while, make it into the jungle where the great ruins were seen, only to find they are not the only force intent on investigating the toppled stones.
The intrusion of the Odithians, the greeting of the Waddans, the discovery of the desert race, and the many large ships which have sailed the coasts have proven that the time of Markala's icy grip of all the world has ended, but her snares still lie in wait all about. This of course is not to mention the barbarous madmen of the west! None of these mud people have been blessed by the benevolent Yavitov who has graced the men of Yav with their fiery hue, so it is they must be lesser beings, perhaps even without souls entirely. All of this is to say that the place of the woman as mistress of the beer cellar has likewise come to an end, she must be prepared to take up arms for the defence of her nation beyond just her own threshold. Given bow, cloak, and for the straightest shot a salary of redthroat, they are joined to the Common Armies.
The city of Yavik escapes her walls and borders once more. [As stated before, there is now no eye-pleasing way to expand the city of Yarvik, so any future actions into this will no longer change the icon]

[>AE] Strange winds or whims had dropped the sleeping guards into the sandy holds of Ahmose, where it is they see much which they believe should benefit them and the Order a great deal, if they were to know the language (and escape the "hospitality") of the bronze skinned men. So it is, in their gilded cages, they quickly learn the tongue of their hosts, that they may ask a thousand questions. Chief of which may well be, "Where are we?".
>IO cont.
[>AE] But the Irreechi are not as mortal men, or even these Ahmosi who claim to be (semi-)divine, they require not only meat and water, but an elixir gifted by the chief of all gods, Volos, to continue their extended lives. Thus they fall to meditative, almost catatonic, prayers at the temple of red rock in the south of the country near a city they call Hamadrath in their own tongue. The oiled-men say it is the funerary temple of their greatest king, so it should be well fitting that the greatest deity should bless his chosen here. From an urn which once held grain, or incense, or some other offering, bubbles up a green ichorous draught that they know well. Their prayers answered, they drink deep of the stuff until it is dried up. So, their life and salvation restored, they set to the study of the Deitree within the temple of such at the heart of Ahmose. They claim it is the source of their heroism, of their implements of anticreation. These men of Volos are the first to lay eyes upon the tree, their hosts having sensed within them some spark of mystical or else divine understanding which may help them better know the power of the Deitree's fruits. [We will have to IC this one]

[NM] Kiri has come! and for many tyrns shall she stand above the city! There is rejoicing for days on end when the mountain reappears.
Under Nellos' guidance the whole of the Lands of Odithis are opened up in quarries and pits, soon filling the stores and warehouses with raw ore, smelted bars, and hunks of luminous pale jade.

In Nemish religion there are four (five in some more obscure cultic rites) liquid substances which take most prominence: Wine, (Sea-)Water, (Breast-)Milk, and Oil. This last is primarily taken from the flaxseed, and in dire circumstances from some fish, but growing practice harvests it from hazelnuts, a particular favourite of Inalt's. That water is too base and milk spoiling too quickly for either to be good carriers, it is taken that magic; which can only come from the gods; should be conducted now through oil as well as wine. A base is formed of the same stuff as the traditional formula, namely papaver latex, dust of precious metal of either silver or gold, and a drop of royal blood, with this hazelnut oil replacing the usual wine. [I will start and IC thread where the effects of copper & silver oils are discovered]
>LD cont.
Opium is already popular throughout Nemosa and the milk of the poppy has flowed into the lands of Uru-Anu also, but it is primarily smoked which is hard on the lungs and of course unsuitable for the young or elderly. Its numbing effects are too well known and this property would be most advantageous for the sick or wounded, so it is the young Potentate has decreed that whoever should find a form more fitting for the Prahdaion; where all who are infirmed may find comfort; will be generously rewarded. This reward (of scales, tapestries & gilt plate) was finally after a long tyrn given to a grandson of Admiral Vorinth who has followed in the good captain's love-affair with the drug. His is a tincture of very strong wine boiled to a syrup, opium of course, and a number of macerated florals to make it palatable. This mixture is given many names for different strengths and "flavours", the Vorinthum is most popular and fitting [Laudanum].
Having been hailed heroes in the north, the haggard half-crews of the Second and Third Fleets limp into the dual ports of home for a well deserved rest. [Like armies, you can spend and action to restore these crews, or leave them for a turn to restore on their own]
Contracted by the southern scholars, the Fourth Fleet deposits the blackened mercenaries in the great ports of that nation of scholars, staying a turn in the improvised markets which invariably sprawl from such places. [The Uati deal with the Orpielles and then later with you actually only procked turn 20]
Treating only briefly with the red savages of the coast, the First Fleet takes advantage of the last gasps of the southern winds before they shall turn against them, sailing back into the waters of those brutish, chittering things.
[There has been a significant misunderstanding about the Meraghul's purging/purification practice. It will have to be discussed in PMs after the update. You will have three actions next turn instead.]


Balu is not a city of peace and commerce, nor one of nobility and farmers, it is a glorified military outpost countless miles from home, populated by men who have spent their lives on campaign. The high, iron-black wall which bars the north does nothing to allay such a notion of a place far from civil graces. Though many speak highly of the cool air, of the brisk waters, of a life away from the pressures of courts and temples and extended families, it is a place lacking many of the comforts the average Tarnsman has come to expect. Rice will not grow in the rocky soil, nor will the herbs of Harppa which warm the body and soul against the freezing winds which now blow straight from the sea this tyrn. Instead tuberous roots like those eaten by the savages of Hoftborg or Xiuado are farmed alongside weak grain which just about fills the stomach.
>TN cont.
The fleet weighs anchor from the yellow ports, hoping to make landfall in friendlier Nemish docks. Yet they sail against the changing wind pushing the men of all three decks to row, making it to the Ocen isle upon which the city of Fumatri stands, though precisely the wrong side of the island to make proper use of their facilities.
Screams from the desert draw the Harppan guard to respond, doing battle with a race of walking roots! which leave many men hard of hearing or even deaf. The Ahmosi mercenaries meanwhile reach the Wight Gate, changing over for their brothers whose tenure shall very soon end. Now if only the diplomats of Ahmose had signed anything about bringing the men back south...

Gone shall be the days of superstition and supremacy through blood. Vardyger and Hofthing relegated to the mists of the past. Now is the age of Kings (or Cynings) and his loyal Jarls, risen not from some mystical birthright, but by their prowess in battle to attain their title. This then shall be passed to their most eligible son, who shows at least as much courage and cunning as his father. Done away with shall be clan chiefs and elders, draped in furs and crude baubles jealously hoarded, the clans shall be led by Jarls of strong arm and good conscience. Under these shall be Thegns and Huscarls and Trell, each man to know his station and purpose that the delicate mechanism King Edwing has established should last a thousand tyrns. At least! Now these men shall wear tanned leather and well trimmed furs to suit his rank, King Edwing choosing the purest white of new seal pups for his collar. There will be taken designs from the fallen Khloes, who were so well wrapped in well formed hide and fur. Until the forge may be set right, they shall train with staves of wood from Deiya's braid and the wand of mystics.
Of this latter new trials are run, that of the taking of a spirit from a living thing. The world is overrun with vermin of all sorts, not least are rodents which grow desperate from the necessary over-harvests and so are easy captives. All manner of things are attempted, many which revert the Wights to primitive instincts and so shall not be discussed save to say their barbarism helped not a jot in revealing the secrets of the Astral, only that prayer to Seilund as the point pierces the heart suffices (As it is she who shines over all realms, though it is some say pleas to Moldus are equally fruitful). The effect is not a pleasant one, taking into the spirit of the Vettan (a name some take to over Wight, having a more regal ring) that nature of the rat or mole, which is to say one of a drive of purest necessity or survival. This effect lasts a few days for most, but as much as three months of this scrounging, hoarding character have been sadly witnessed.
Commander Saco, having recently taken control over the fortifications on Beningsland, orders the quarrying of red granite that it may be used for the increased protection of the peninsula and surrounding colonies from the threats of the wider world. It is noted in his journals the striking similarity between the redness of the stone and that of the painted men. Likewise hued, being as yet officially incorporated, the matters of the Onouan Peninsula and the nearby Ophalderot Isles fall under Beninga Senior's jurisdiction and that Commander Saco is already overseeing a similar operation, the task of mining the cinnabar on these islands is delegated to him as well.
The lead entering the market from the dual peninsulas is plentiful, easily mouldable, and cheap enough that it can be easily written off when lost, as is common when fired from a sling. This shot is shortly added to every soldier's pack and training with the sling introduced for every new recruit. Many of these soldiers take to carving into these bullets, with "catch!" and bunches of grapes (denoting the metals origin) being most common. Alongside this improvement of an old weapon, are the improvements in tactics from the world of old. The digging of ditches and heaping up of walls to shield archers & slingers, hit-and-run of shield & spear, and so on, each pieced together with the help of Ocen fellow historians from the extensive battle site the Waddans are custodians over.
Arriving quickly in the Onouan Cove, the sailors of the Beninga Fleet find more of this strange flower growing in small patches along the coast. On parliamentary orders, the sailors gather up every last plant they can find, before re-boarding their boats and re-rigging their sails to adjust for the winds that will be against them the following tyrns.

Enlargement of the eastern fort is completed without delay, however it is that the building works on the western banks are stymied somewhat by the overwhelming presence of the massed forces of the Shalatim. As much work as can be done under the conditions, which bend but do not truly break the terms of the ceasefire agreement, is so completed, leaving a site which could be easily made a dangerous stumbling block should the Amunians sally forth. As this construction is underway, Karn Hroth hopes to redeem himself in the eyes of his men as well as his god, that his should not be an afterlife of shame or torment. He bears with his like-faced brethren the toil of drills and tactics training, of the workouts and marches that they should be most ready for the battle to come. Though it is not only the men who bleed for the Karnate, wives, widows, even daughters give up their vital essence for the effort. Under the prayers of Acolyte Bereht this wilful offering is used to anoint the foreheads of the warriors, that the sacrifice of their women should strengthen them in their defence of the homeland.


Our journey shall begin at the farthest reach of our ships in the Kingdom of Khlomosa. Here one may find cloth of passable grade, roughly dyed or sun-bleeched, as well as fine enough works in copper, silver, vermilion, and a good green stone. Crafts of a deep orange wood are worth the gold paid for them, the nation being the only known source of such wood, and their carving having a naive charm. If one is lucky, and the quarrymen found in a good mood, some strange stones said to be long-dead creatures may be acquired quite cheaply also. Yet where the work of the Khloe excels is in the forging of weapons, in all faith of any material that is given into their hands. No finer sword or axe have I ever known than one forged by these dark-eyed men. Truly any price they ask you should pay to have a weapon on hip of Khlomosan make. Should it be your want, it is in this land where tattoos of a dark brown colour may be stencilled into the skin, with the likeness of horses or bears being most common.
Second, though my no means lesser to their allied Kingdom, is the land of the Avor, once called the Khanate. Here cloth is invariably wool or horsehair and not worth buying to resell, though their leatherworks and raw hides are of the highest quality. It is in this country that the first supplies of ironware may be purchased for some considerable cost, given the mines are said to be owned by the King directly. A few works in copper or silver are again available, though of much the same level as the Khloes. The Avor are not a people suited for trade, being a race bred from boyhood for war, so it should be that if mercenaries or like services are required, the nation may be one's first or second choice in this.
Third, likewise allied to the Avor (though not to Khlomosa) is the poorly named peoples of Dirt, rumoured to be a national scheme of humbling. Heading from Idopolis in the old Khanate through the mountain hold of Ulfberht is where the talents of the Dirtkin (also called Dirkin) are made apparent. Extravagant mosaics of gold, silver, and gemstones; Murals of bright earth pigments; Cabochonning and filigree and a minute eye for detail worthy of the realms of the gods themselves. Honey is the second good thing of this nation, made into millet cakes or in comb it is worth its own weight in at least copper coin. Travelling down the first well paved roads of our voyage to the markets of Safehole (perhaps pronounced Say-vul) is where the mercantile arts are most well practiced in the north. On sale, among the shouts of a unique market-creole of Dirkin-Nemish, are wonders of topaz, opal, worked gold and silver filigree and casts, a jade of the most rare pale purple, willow-cane, river fish (fresh & salted), and lastly preserves of an red-orange berry, a particular favourite of many sailors I am told.
From this country we shall head south, where it is we shall be glad of our purchase in Khlomosa. This is the land of the Chitterers, called the Gathering (of such). This race is not shy of their primitive nature, revelling in the most base joys of existence; Sex & Violence. A market is set up between the two republics, if they can be so called, where some goods from the lesser of the two may be acquired. Chief of these is Khabdag, a liquor distilled from apricots, as well as the raw fruit themselves alongside a much larger (I should say most insipidly flavoured) vegetable called Aqma which is the staple of their diet. If one is able to arrive early in the morning, a very small number of clear brilliants may be purchased for an extortionate sum, as well as small chips of turquoise stone on rare occasions.
Across the waters are the diverse (is)lands of the Waddans, called the League of Waddania for their strange form of governance. Here may be found the best crafts in metal & stone in all Sarghun, primarily in gold & cinnabar or else copper & lead if the purse is not so heavy. Works in red granite & purest white alabaster are particularly affordable for their quality, as were those in amber until recent times. A good variety of fish is sold, as is expected, as well as bitumen tar for the sealing of ships and the like. Hopped beer has recently begun being brewed and lasts well. On their home island it is worth inquiring into the purchase of Akos-oakwood for its superb qualities, though no sample has yet been offered save near-enough splinters. Wool is plentiful and of a good quality here also.
From Glinsterjested to Liviun or Esavine then into the country of the Irreechian Order. Here should be bought lessons in languages, inquiries into religious matters, and alas little else.
Much the blame may be laid at the feet of our next host, the Neo-Amunian Empire, arriving as so few of late into the city of Edion passing through the Volon temple-gates. Here should be purchased as much lapis lazuli as can be carried, for little else in the world is of such a strong blue save the sky above. Farther into the country may be bought samples of deepest black granite, rock amethyst, chips of blue-black obsidian, and some rough works in copper. Of note also is the luxury of cacao, grown only in their northern regions, enormous peacock feathers (a particular favourite of women for fans) and on rare occasion the sale of charming vervet monkeys.
Heading north again we enter through the dual forts into the Karnate (not to be confused with the old northern Khanate), where it is said (and so I have seen with my own eyes) that each man bears the same face. Being another warlike peoples, very little may be purchased in the land beyond caravan guards. When it shall be that their trials are over, braver merchants may be able to acquire small, tart, orange fruits, the skins of snakes, loyal hounds, and I have heard a clear crystal whose ring invokes fear in the listener.
It is some journey east and north until is reached the country of Yavmat whose chief export, and indeed very currency, is barley beer, variably flavoured. If favours may be exchanged with the Mareev (the priesthood of the nation) red berries of extraordinary sweetness may be purchased along with a clear liquor which burns the throat as it is drunk. Of much more interest is the plentiful cotton (sometimes called vegetable wool) grown, spun, and woven on large looms there. Some works of only copper are to be found, but of little value.
Another considerable travel leads to the Empire of Calandorra, a place not best suited for the faint of heart or weak of moral constitution. I shall say nothing of the nature of these people for it is nothing praiseworthy. Alas they are the most profitable kingdom in the south, with much which may be of interest to buyers able to stomach the journey and the countrymen. Chief is surely the works of their Biomantic Academies, the homunculi, though it is their labour and skill in creation affords the product a small fortune of a price. Those who cannot afford such a steep thing are better suited to the the fruit and flower markets, most queerly situated in a stretch of desert called the Exis Dunes. There one may find tsamma melon, dates, a number of prodcuts from the agave plant, numerous sacred lotus products too, salts of various kind, rose quartz crystals (rough, faceted, and carved) and the second most prized gift of the Empress, Datura. Linens are also widely sold and of goodly make, as are crafts in silver and gold. Here too is the only other market of iron, though often even more expensive than in Avoria.
Returning north brings one to, "The Last of Creation", though eleventh on our voyage, where much is quarried but little is sold. If one can somehow persuade the Odithians, for this is the name of their race, to sell there is an abundance of raw lead, copper, silver, and gold in the country, along with green-white jade, though trade is low on the king's/chief's? agenda there. High quality woven cloth and tapestry is cheap when it is sold, as are crustaceans, with barter of weapons being most advisable. They are also custodians of two great beasts of the plain; elephants and rhinoceri; each possessing magnificent ivory or horn, but this is more to acquire than any other material.
East and we arrive at The Opiellery, more a mining outpost than a nation, but one much more willing to buy and sell than the "Children of Odithis" (pah!). Here may be purchased striped skins, gold, good building stone, rarely an odd mined woody material called Petrafite, and of course, Selum. A word of warning however, the "bronze of the earth" is believed to be cursed, turning the skin of those even in the vicinity of the metal to turn black as moonless midnight over a tyrn or so of exposure.
Now thirteenth on the tour of Sarghun is Uru-Anu, nation of mystics and scholars, ruled (it is said by some) by the constellation of the Eagle. Here should be purchased in good bulk is resinous myrrh, pure white marble, gold of quality casting, and the rarest of all materials, Shamir. This may be used for the polishing of gemstones finer than anything else known, and should the Uati be made aware of it they should profit most handsomely. Of course their scribal offerings are without surpassing, as is well known, and their clear glass which is often prohibitively expensive for the losses incurred in shipping. Lastly, should sufficient quantities be made available the sale of hippopotamus ivory and white crocodile hides are worth their weight in gold.
Leaving Uru-Anu is most difficult for the Ward of Anu in the east of the country, but thankfully bridges of black stone have been built in the north, though of rough make. This then brings us into the Kingdom of Ahmose, whose chief export is eunuch mercenaries, as is their strange custom. Some wool and copper goods are available, though of middling sort, as is a cane grass best suited for scaffolding and spear-hafts. Recently made available are olives and their oil, which is of the highest quality for lamps, and black banded agate called onyx, which is most beautiful. On occasion I have seen the strange black-and-white birds of the nation be offered, though as pets like the Amunian monkeys, and not as was first thought, provisions.
North then to the Tarnlands, else called Tarnia or simply Tarn, much more is available. Here the cloth is of good quality, but rare supply, along with fine timber and stone, sugar of lead too, but whose great allure is dyes. Before this though must be mentioned lion pelts of some significant cost, bronzeware at greater cost still, blue-green aquamarine gemstones of decent colour but often poor cut, and twisting lodestones of some novelty. To their dyes then, being both vivid and steadfast are purple and red foremost, their production a closely guarded secret many are attempting to divine, with a strong earthen yellow being most affordable.
Following north still, the hermit principality of Huoxinwa (often mistakenly called Huowanxi) offer little in trade save safe harbour, though whose lands are well known to be rich in tin!
Further north still our ship should dock in the impressively well appointed (especially for their race) docks of Vettirgard (sometimes -garden). Here one should stock up well on seal fur and blubber, raw gold if it is on offer, and colour-changing Alexandrite gemstones once their mines are opened again. For sometime the Seawights of this kingdom had been trading in dyes of similar quality to the Tarnsmen, but this has sadly since ended. Good furs and leathers are available too, and often a variety of fish also.
Once more it is a long way south again, crossing the islands of the Oc or Ocen, through Edus; where the growth of Menot's Garden may be bartered for; to Fumatri; where tobacco may be acquired; then at last to Curio and Libromus; where much like Uru-Anu scholarly services are readily available. Aside from these there is only a little, pleasant sandalwood occasionally sold, and exotic dried marine life as novelties mostly.
Hopping ports lands us on Nemosa, home of the Lauds, perhaps more mercantile than even the (Calan)Dorran. Everything in the country is of a high quality and well priced, so it is I shall simply list what it is they sell: Wine, Rice, Hazelnuts (and oil), Blackcurrants, Opium poppies and their derivatives, Ermine furs, Wolf pelts, live Platypus (the most curious beasts in all of Sarghun), Beaver skins, Squirrel pelage. Gold (from Hoftborg in origin), Silver, Copper, Lead, Cinnabar, Salt, much good building stone and lumber, Porphyry, and Emeralds. They are also masters of the arcane crafts, being brewers of draughts said to grant immense strength or else speed, though I have not been witness to these things to attest to their validity. Last, for those dealers in the most bizarre of goods, is Neme, a name given to the ground horn of deceased Lauds said to be a powerful aphrodisiac, although sale of the powder is strictly forbidden by the Potentate some may always be found available in the purple harbours of Kosmos.
Last one our trek are the islands of Mutamunaki, who are charlatans and cheats of the highest order and should be avoided at all costs. Their only redeeming craft are their coloured glassware which may be purchased in Nemosa at a modest mark-up well worth the price of not having to deal with the Mutami.

Army: Claim that mf'n wonder for Yavmat fr fr no cap

1. The Voraiks build more farms(WOOO I LOVE BUILDING FARMS AAAAAAAAAAH)

2. The system of elite archer women comes to be known as the Mareevanya as the Mareev, which are now mostly female, use the opportunity to handle supplying these elite women. The archer women, already hunters, sport shooters, and gladiators, are given finer bows and train vigorously in a military capacity. The women gain a more colloquial title of Executioners, as their great skill allows them to pick out targets, and facing them at range soon becomes suicidal in its own right(Le...train!)

> Yak Farm in the northern forests near Ulfberht (region 8)
> Lumber Yard near the same location
> Armor Upgrade: Blood Seeker's Coat

The tyrn is a fairly quiet one. A yak farm and lumberyard go up to handle the supply of goods required by Ulfberht, full hearths and blankets against the mountain's chill. Simple comforts for the shining halls, but perhaps the most needed.

Most noteworthy though is a gift given by Speaker Tepas to the Maw armies. Though she has no love for war and the glories contained within, at great personal expense she has commissioned the design of what would come to be known as the Blood Seeker's Coat. The knee length great coat's primary protection is of course the layered fur and hardened leather it is made of, although the large coat’s tendency to obscure the target’s location certainly doesn’t hurt.

The coat itself has been stained a mottled black with the clay of the river Diane, and comes with a deep hood. Numerous pockets and loops line the interior, where the tools of war might be stored, while a deep hood keeps the sun and rain away from the face. To the (secret) amusement of speaker Mawos no small number of young Maws have to be reprimanded for posing as phantoms and frightening civilians.
File: Turn.png (45 KB, 670x539)
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>Action 1: Development and Growth
>Mine for Smokey Quartz and Plantation for Hops
It is inevitable that any rare gift from Diuth found beneath the ground of Waddan domains will be eventually dug out for use or ornamentation, and so it is that the Smokey Quartz will finally be cut from the rocks. Whilst upon the southern shore of the Onouan Peninsula, the return of the Beinga fleet to harbour brings with it urns of seedlings from afar. A new plantation for these young hop plants is established at the (x).

>Action 2: Ghoulish Matters
>Raise Army at Beningsted
The Ghoul-Men lurking over upon the Onouan Peninsula are becoming something of a worry, and so anther division of the Waddanian Army is raised up at Beningsted to be prepared should the Onouan peninsula forces require prompt reinforcement.

>Navy 1:
Beninga and his fleet return to a Waddan port, unloading their collection of plants and gathered seedlings for the peninsula's settlers to put to use.

>Army 2
The strange ghoul-men have begun to worry the Waddans, and so they alter the position of their deployment a little to stand off against these creatures and make a direct physical barrier between them and Waddan facilities upon the peninsula should they try anything more overtly aggressive.
Posted on behalf of the Avor

Action 1:Farms x2

Action 2:War Hounds Legion

The loyal hounds that have recently appeared in the Karnite lands are brought bear in many facets of life, as hunting companions, guardians of the home, and lastly - beasts of war.

A farm to exploit the maize rises up along the river, and a mine for the Agharlith is constructed.

Priest Ragin berates and scolds the soldiers of the southern fort, calling them merchant whoresons and Cravens, whose very souls will never dine in the halls of Volgmawos or rest beside the foot of Karn... that is unless they join with him- forsaking their cowardly gotten gains, and aid his attack on the Amunian Fort.

Karn Hroth and his men hold fast, manning the twin forts, eyes peering out into the jungle, waiting for the imminent Amunian attack. We know they are coming.

No household or family is safe from Ariaios, who continues her strange quest to “beautify” all Calandorras women with her bloodline, seeking it seems to become mother of the whole nation. Her daughters first sent to seduce as many men as possible, now her beloved sons (and grandsons, and great grandsons, and many more besides) ordered and empowered to breed a new generation of far prettier Dorran with the women of the empire. Commoner, noble, devotee, none are granted exemption save those already sharing Ariaios blessed blood, and even then that is not always a good enough excuse for particularly persistent scions.

Calandorra is due for another birth spike, as harems of such size and complexity form that they are more akin to small political organisations or street gangs, this latest edict of the empress heralding martial law.
The Empress does not care. She returns once more to the loving arms of her inhuman suitors, sealed again within the confines of parliament tower.

Action 1: Master Lotus Silk and Mescal

Fibres from these pink-petalled flower stems may be extracted, woven and joined through an exhaustive process, producing the most radiant and comfortable fabrics, which have the benefit of being strong and resistant to damage. This process is a discovery of the people, spreading through rural communities who sell to urban centres who demand styles in the sideless, backless, frontless, bottomless and topless designs of Loric (sometimes all of these at once) leaving the tailors rather confused about what they are meant to actually make. Demand for the fabric grows and eventually becomes overwhelming, silk desired by the high priestesses of the Lanthorn for gorgeous raiments befitting their role and status. Bedecked in gemstones, precious metals and silk, they shape themselves into images of the divines they praise, or Ariaios lewd interpretations of those goddesses anyway.

As the silkweaving practice develops, the intoxicating drink of Mescal is derived from the agave plant, in some process of roasting the succulent plant-flesh and leaving it to ferment. The drink is intense, flavourful, and immediately intoxicating, far and away superior to the mild beers and scant wines of the nation before. This new drink bursts into prominence and the great and noble House Scheher commands its production.
Action 2: Upgrade lotus and agave

More of each of these miracle plants brought by the eclipse are desired, and rapidly they are improved to increase the production of their respective products. Brewing houses with great ovens that roast agave and ferment it into that delicious beverage are erected as fields of agave are harvested, plucked and planted in the otherwise perilous dunes of Exis.

In more temperate lands great but simple barges gather swathes of lotuses for their miracle threads, ateliers weaving them together into popular styles for members of the priesthood, beloved harem members, true nobility and the royals. Such expensive garments are so often paired with jewellery, for if one does not look their very best then does anything else about them matter?

Military: Mawsos army move towards frontier, other armies should be clearing off the yavmati
>1st and 2nd actions (missed actions from last turn): build four farms VERY FAR AWAY from the gathering (1 bakery, 1 yella, 1 normal, 1 apricot)

The Letterchewers gather in their Meeting Hole, as they always do, emerging from their burrows with a feverish zeal in their eyes- the lead seeping from the newly discovered deposits might have had a hand in this.
And yet, they feel more renewed than ever!
With a screech of joy and success, they write down plans upon plans, describing lands they’ve never seen or heard of, down in the south where wild things lie, ignoring bears and avor and all creatures bizarre.
This is the land of the Gnawchitter, and everyone else can eat dirt.

For the first time in a long time, the rest of the Gathering is afraid of their slave-kings.

>expand the gathering to the east, towards the coast (possibly with a farm on top)
The growth of the city continues, materials are stacked again and again and again, and the population… hasn’t grown?
It’s almost as if the growth of the city is no longer done out of necessity, but rather… out of something deeper

>prospect again. Because lead is poisonous, malachite is just a precious stone that can’t fix my problems, arsenic can’t be smelted (using the free prospect from last turn)
Hordes of miners are sent out to strike the earth in every spot down south that isn’t taken by a farm yet- the gathering hungers for more than just food

>build two malachite mines (1st action from this turn):
It isn’t much, but perhaps the precious stones can distract the gathering a little longer?

>build another malachite mine (since to my understanding it is a three mine vein) and build another fishery (2nd action from this turn)

>final (third, cuz everybody has three actions) action: beautify the gathering a bit
Diamonds, malachite, gold and bone- we have many beautiful materials, our copper shines in the nails and joints of our city like muscles in a carcass- it is time to armor our city in beautiful scales
1. Build an army in Amun.
2. Forced march army just built.

The Karns have yet to send any response to our proposal. A shameful display at best.

Northern forces: The four northern armies will take the forts on the western side of the river but not push forward. After that fort is taken two of the four armies will move south towards the eastern armies.
Eastern forces: With one army replenished, another trained, and a third on the way all forces move to reinforce the long standing market fort from the obvious attack coming from the gathering Karnite armies. Who knows if that karn general will turn oathbraker now.
>1st and 2nd actions (missed actions from last turn): build four farms VERY FAR AWAY from the gathering (1 bakery, 1 yella, 1 normal, 1 apricot)

The Letterchewers gather in their Meeting Hole, as they always do, emerging from their burrows with a feverish zeal in their eyes- the lead seeping from the newly discovered deposits might have had a hand in this.
And yet, they feel more renewed than ever!
With a screech of joy and success, they write down plans upon plans, describing lands they’ve never seen or heard of, down in the south where wild things lie, ignoring bears and avor and all creatures bizarre.
This is the land of the Gnawchitter, and everyone else can eat dirt.

For the first time in a long time, the rest of the Gathering is afraid of their slave-kings.

>expand the gathering to the east, towards the coast (possibly with a farm on top)
The growth of the city continues, materials are stacked again and again and again, and the population… hasn’t grown?
It’s almost as if the growth of the city is no longer done out of necessity, but rather… out of something deeper

>prospect again. Because lead is poisonous, malachite is just a precious stone that can’t fix my problems, arsenic can’t be smelted (using the free prospect from last turn)
Hordes of miners are sent out to strike the earth in every spot down south that isn’t taken by a farm yet- the gathering hungers for more than just food

>build two malachite mines
It isn’t much, but perhaps the precious stones can distract the gathering a little longer?

Edited to fix errors
>Turn 22
Action 1: Army at Balu
An army is raised at Balu. The requisite lumber is bartered from Huoxinwa in exchange for half mine of aquamarine gemstones.

Action 2: 1x forge at Balu, 1x Copper Mine
Balu continues to grow, necessitating further infrastructure to support it.

>Free Actions
Navy 1: Continue as far as possible south to Nemosa w/Avor Army
Army 1: move north to Balu.
Merc Army 1(Ocena’s Ahmosi Army): Guard the buried gate.
Merc Army 2(Tarn’s Ahmosi Army): Guard the buried gate.
Merc Army 3(Tarn’s Avorian Army): Sail South with Navy 1
File: NRP6 Turn 22.png (11 KB, 253x259)
11 KB

>Shift alternate name away from Vettan and toward Vætti/Vaetti.
Following the reforms, a number of Jarls turn up dead. Many wonder if the assassins have taken a stab at them. But this is the work of King Frode. He did not like the Jarls raising an army of poorly trained and shoddily equipped Karls, basically a peasant army. This is the exact thing he lambasted the clan chiefs for doing. Still, the chaos this causes may buy him enough time to fix this mess. In order to further distract from this debacle, King Frode gets into a discussion as to the new name to call ourselves by. Vettir is a bit crude, but Vettan sounds too mundane. He instead proposes Vætti, shedding the unnecessary R but adding a more notable Æ instead of the E. The King is quite beligerent with this, causing a fuss at court, but one that distracts from the Jarl debacle.

>Action 1: Develop Huskarls, trained and equipped retinues accompanying each Jarl. Improving Army Training.
Those damn Jarls have gone and raised a new army, instead of improving their training. Worse yet, the forges are still under repair, meaning they can't get proper weaponry for all those Karls. So after having killed a few of them, he tells the rest of the Jarls how they may redeem themselves. Each Jarl is to pick out a hundred Karls, and house them. These House Karls are not to be labourers or slaves, they are to be paid, equipped and fed from the Jarl's wealth. And in return, these Huskarls shall dedicate their time to combat, training and combat training. These Huskarls will thus be better trained and equipped than these peasants that stand before the King.

>Action 2 (repay to LD): Zebra training and breeding program. Use any Avor warhorses that weren't eaten. With this, regain ownership of the second gold mine, clearing my debt with Nemosa.
The Nemosans have once again come asking for us to do another project for them. One which by coincidence we are well equipped for. The Nemosans seem to have taken interest in the beast rider tactic from when they helped us against the Khloes. They have obtained similar beasts, and wants us to train and breed them. Despite our inexperience handling animals, we are much better equipped. We have elders with plenty of experience in molding savage barbarians into obedient warriors, and we do have some exemplar specimens to jumpstart the breeding program with. For while we have eaten most of the warhorses we caught, a number are running wild in the plains and some are kept as live trophies. If we can gather enough of them, we wont be needing any male zebras, as we can have the best performing warhorses breed with zebra mares. The size of the Wights also let them start mounting the battle beasts at a young age, starting their training much sooner, then we can add weight from there until they can handle a fully equipped Nemosan.
>Action 1: Metallic Armor [Technology]
Fashioned breastplates and crude helmets are the latest fashion among the young warrior men.

>Action 2: Magic Tee Hee
Action 1 - Siege Tech
Action 2 - Malachite (Toxic) Arts Lv:2

Word from the royal family is that, for the lowly price of ink to tattoo their skin, another nation has agreed to help us find the lost prince! What a wondrous turn of events, and how the Oomul celebrate!
Still, final preparations must be made. The army's are to be sent through the gates, journeying to the 'Nemish' islands, where people with great horns make their home. They have a grand navy, and they have agreed to sail the good and hardy Khloes men and women across the treacherous seas.
The Khlomosan family at large are, for the most part, fairly excited to hear this, and urge Ari-Woo to hasten this endeavor along. She knows they only wish for the King's return so that he and she must duel for the throne, and it is their hope that the survivor may be mutilated or sickened enough to make their own attempts afterword's that much easier.
She cannot deny them, however, as is Khlomosan tradition. Besides, the Red Arts have suffered greatly without Jeong-il to champion them, and the Oomul look to be slipping back to their old ways as well...
So, as her soldiers contemplate how to bring down a city's walls or tear open it's gates, she practice's her Green sword arts. When the King returns, she will be ready...

Sightings of Madar Sahama have all but ceased in latest years. There are no shortages of withered widows, those who's husbands and children fell in the first invasion, so perhaps she is merely blending in with the crowd...
Woops army movements.
>The two armies in Opulith move into the Gate, attempting to meet up at the Nemish gate, and then move down to the Goat-horned people's Ports.

Begin trading two farms worth of processed Henna ink to the Nemosans.
File: NRP6 Turn 22b.png (11 KB, 253x259)
11 KB
>If retcon of last turn action 1 to be the increase of training standard, rather than the raising of a new army.
The Jarls and their retinues are a common sight on the Hoftborg streets, making their presence known, as a way to ensure the populace that they are here to protect them from the predations of other worlds. And King Frode hosts several fighting events to not only test the Jarls' mettle, with privileges granted or revoked based on their performance, but to show the populace not just that they keep them safe... but also warning them what happens should they become disobedient. And when the King hears of the talk of renaming ourselves from Wights and Vettir to instead be called Vettan, the King will shoot that proposal down, instead making the new name be: Vætti/Vaetti.

>New Action 1: Develop the new Kriger, the elite of the Trellkrigers, the Vani and Vankrigers. Capable of tactics and cunning.
One group that held up quite well during the war with the barbarians, were the Trellkrigers, and with the influx of new genes they now have the strength of those barbarians. However, during this war we saw the limitations of their tactics. Indeed the barbarians we caught end up quickly rising in the ranks of the Trellkrigers due to knowing where to leverage their strength in a fight. So the King and his Jarls each start picking out promising individuals among the Trellkrigers, who they are to teach tactics and manoeuvre. They are molded to not just be fighters, but also formidable thinkers. No longer the savage brutes of the Vardyger, these shall be strong allies, friends, Vani. There are still a lot of Trellkrigers remaining, but new Jarls will want a retinue of their own, and even existing Jarls will want to expand their retinue after training their first handful of Vankrigers. These Vankrigers will greatly augment the Vætti Huskarls.

>The First Ahmosi Inquisition or The Battle of Nabu-Kar-Ah
The full might of the Ahmosi, bent on the destruction of demons, find the shadows of devils throughout the land of Uru-Anu. After collapsing the mines and quarries of the north to hinder the works of the worshippers of demons, they fall then upon the Orpielles of midnight black skin who had just alighted from the ships of the Nemosans. Seeing the dark stain of evil in these quarrymen, the bronzeskins crash against them like the terrible waves of the sea in storm. The mercenaries the Uati had hired are wiped out to a man, with not even a full score of Ahmosi sharing that taste of death. In the (mistaken) belief that these men were the demons they have heard and told so many stories of, always growing more elaborate and exaggerated with each new retelling, three mercenaries are stripped and skinned, their raw, bloody hides made into gruesome banners for the three armies. It is as they once more begin to march that these bloody flagbearers find their hands have tarnished in the doing of it.

The demonic corruption in Uru-An lands has progressed further than before. While as said by the queen the common people seem unaware there is no dbout where dealing it with demonic incussions now. We have faced the army of demons or… maybe just hgher rank cultists. Their skin as black as shadow corruptive to the touch. The brave soldiers who dissected their foul flesh for trophies having hand their hands or even arms turn black… the corruption is spreading.
The battle while won was done so due to numbers, we have no clue how many forces of heel itself the Trator cleargy of Uru-An boasts we need to prepare.

> Action 1 - Regeneration/Recovery training
The Ahmose from a divine spark can train everything an idea realised to be of highest importance in warfare is not just toughness bu healing. The Ahmose shall learn how to quicken the recovery of wounds. Cuts shall not take months to weeks to close and cure, but weeks, broken bones shall conin and harden not in months but weeks.

This should not only help our armies take less losses and recover more quickly, but also to raise the overall health of the Ahmose population.

> Action 2 - Ahmosi Lionbreedery
For a full action construct a Lion breeding ground. The beasts while formidable came too unamaganable and unpredictable from the Tarnish. Hobby breeders at home can’t solve this problem. Instead the Ahmosi decided to build their own lion breeding ground and breed lions according to our own research into eugenics, symmetry, proportionality and anatomy.
(the thing you told me in DMs)

Build it on the tile south of the tin mine.

> Army movement.
The 4th Anu invasion army which is currently next to hammudrabi moves to be stationed next to the Uru an Capital. Alternatively if it can get there to occupy the 2nd copper mine they had. We could use that copper.

The 3 armies which defeated the Opillery mercs are to move to occupy the 3 tiles bordering the Central Anus river. Occupyng 2 farms in the process. We can always use extra food too.

The 1st mercenary army whose contract ended is to begin their long trek south.

> Army fluff
The Blemished are created those mercs who have been corrupted by demonic corruption are the fight in the first front of battle. Fight against evil as brevely as you can in hopes of reddeming your soul and body who have suffered corruption.
File: file.png (42 KB, 268x177)
42 KB
Posted on behalf of the Uati

1st action: Construction.
Build a bridge over the main river to connect both lands of the order .

2nd action: territorial.
Expand the Order's borders and officially\ incorporate the city into Uati jurisdiction.

Army movement.
Both mercenary armies shall move to accompany the laborer's building the bridge.
>Reclaim the lumberyards on Curio and Libromus
Life returns more or less to normal on the islands of Ocena as the trees once again reach for the heavens as they gently whisk back and forth in the refreshing ocean breeze. Finally the nation can begin to regain some of their lost industry and once again restart their lumberyards.

>Build farms on Edus.
The latest of the islands to join Ocena flourishes with an abundance of life and the citizens here have enough to keep them from starving. Yet it is still not an easy life, having to fight the forest every day in an attempt to gather breakfast, lunch, and dinner every mealtime. It defeats the purpose of being a civilization in the first place! The people of edus decide it's time to put in the work so they don't have to work as hard and begin plowing the fertile earth to grow ample food goods for them and their families.

>Develop quadriremes.
Fumatri and Edus lie farther out from the Ocena borders than their trade ships can really justify traveling to and from without a loss. They are too slow to carry many goods over before they would spoil, and too small to enough goods to turn a worthwhile profit. At the request of both Ocena administration, and wealthy interests, the Shipwrights guild begin the work of developing a vessel that can fulfill all their needs. And what better way, they think, than building a bigger ship. Expanding off of the Trireme, they finally develop the quadrireme, in hopes of not only connecting to Fumatri and Edus (eventually), but also bolstering their strength upon the waves.

1) return home
2) dock at Curio
3) return to Curio.
4) dock at Fumatri
Action 1: Research race change and use the purity poultice from meraghul as part of experiment. While the meraghul leaving had caused quite a bit of drama it had revealed an aspect of their own magic that was remarkably similar to their own. They were apparently capable of purging an entire aspect from a being and allow the remainder to fill in the gaps. As far as he has seen and had been reported these laud hybrids are just the same as their peers after they had taken the potion. Which is particularly strange as they are not like the old lauds despite their original meraghul nature. Given how their women are all whores he guesses their magic is the only reason they have not miscegenated themselves out of existence. Using what he was taught of the recipe as a start he will see if he can find a way to isolate each one of these changes and be able to selectively alter them as he sees fit.

Action 2: Make lead potions. With the abundance of lead it is considered one of the more easily experimental substances due to many being able to afford to squander it on experiments. while seen as lowly because of this, the mass amount of alchemists who were able to experiment have finally gotten results.

Action 3: Make magic tattoos. The henna has indeed proven useful to the alchemists. When mixed with their potions and oils when used for tattoos it can provide a prolonged effect on the body even if much more muted. With the growing selection of viable potions these various mixtures can be said to induce various things in the body. As the henna wanes so does the effects so the price to take advantage of these tattoos depends on how regularly one invests in reapplying them and how complex the patterns are.

Army: 2 armies are kept on the gate while the 2 city armies are used to escort khlomosans to ensure they do not cause trouble. (Dont need to move them on map as they will go back to cities after its just if some incident happens so its noted.)

Navy: 4 has no real desire to get involved in this war even with opportunistic raiding so they head back west after dropping off the merc army, 1 notes more of the savage cretins that infest the peninsula and continues sailing north along the coast, 2 & 3 have the khlomosan armies board and head east if recovered or wait if they have not

Trade: Receiving henna from khlomosa in exchange for transporting their armies.
>Action 1 - Military (Charity) - Improve Weapons
Although a small group, the men selected for this world-hopping expedition were divinely selected to be sure. Brought from the great fort of Edion, among them is the knowledge of metallurgy which fueled the War of Centuries. Noting the soft metal weapons of the Ahmose, Abbas commands his staff to lecture the bronze men in the creation of finer weaponry. Noting the difference in combat style between the two groups, Fahkir utilizes his knowledge of sturdier blade working to develop cruel weapons which finely utilize the strength of their wielders, such as spiked chain whips and blades of exceptional length whose form would be unwieldly to lesser men among other things.

>Action 2 - Hero Action - Abbas of Ardeo
Having been delivered from his home, receiving revelation in the heat of the desert, and now having touched the oak of the dietree which shares his own rotten mark, there is no doubt that Ardeo is the man of prophecy - the foretold conqueror and hero to restore the world to perfection.
Abbas's mind is consumed by advantage and victory; Already knowledgeable in the art of war as taught by the Irreechi, he immerses himself in the war strategies of the East and familiarizes himself with the geography so that he may strategize accordingly. Truly in this way he has become destined to exceed his father whose name is written in history as "Basedab Akel".
File: map22.png (1.03 MB, 2047x2151)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
5th East Crown, 2nd PAC

Amun shall be a true Empire soon enough, to be Lord over lords and King over kings, and they shall smite the will of the Karnate that they should kneel before the High Lord of Amun. Yet more men are called up, marched with the whip north to make a stand at the dual forts against the broadbacked tricksters. Farther north still, the great fist of the Empire will strike against the fortified impudence of the Karns and once they have gained this small victory, they will make south to join the new recruits.

The Irreechi, these Blemished, tell of their incredible ability to heal near any wound, so it is the Pharakhaness would have her own people duly gifted this power, though their attainment shall be rather different, no foreign god should be deemed suitable to "bless" the walking deities that they are. Though it pains her somewhat to order it, her pain is far outweighed by the execution of the order. The latest sires are scourged, bloodily excised to the raw flesh, marring their pristine bronze skin from neck to wrist & ankle, and when they are healed they are so blighted once again. Only then may they know a woman. Through them they will pass the accelerated scarring and healing onto the future generations.
The lions the Tarn had provided were slavering beasts near as much liable to take the arm of their handler as the enemy. Doubtless they have some tale of a demi-god (demon, potentially, further inquiry needed) descended (ascended?!) to Kumuntyr to tame the wild beasts in a single day. Little wonder they are this way, no matter, the already perfect Ahmosi shall mould them into their most perfect of forms.
[>AU, >IO] The armies of Ahmosi move to encircle the Uati, commandeering the farms and mines they trample over in their pursuit. Among them are the men of that far off Order, who aim to win glory and salvation against these demons, so-called.
The northern mercenaries contract has ended, they make for home before anyone can question why they leave their post. But as they begin to grow weary of marching, they meet with another damnable wall of Tarnic build.

As the fearful Oiled Ones crash and craze against the peaceful scholars of Uru-Anu, these men of the Order enact their plan of escape. A broad bridge able to transport the great mass of humanity east into newly claimed lands, closely guarded in the construction and evacuation of the most precious artefacts from Nabu to Mert in the dead of night.

With a great many crises rippling through the Kingdom, Rollo makes the most sensible decision to project strength and normality. New land is ploughed and a fourth army raised, to aid in the numerous threats the Avor face across their nation.
The rioters of Ulfberht, granted land, passage and peace by the King's own word, form the tiny principality of Tarakis; Their name for themselves meaning "strife-born".
As if the constant drone of bees wasn't enough to drive one away from the Ulfberht Gate, the waft of yak on the breeze is surely enough to seal the deal. Thankfully the winds this tyrn mercifully blow the stench eastwards for now, straight into the path of hardened lumberdirks who may very well smell worse than the yaks.
Like the Yavs before them, though they know nothing of the strange-hued people of the far south, this coat of war in short order becomes a fashionable piece amongst a certain sect of both Mawsos and Fitar devotees (who are also able to afford the garments, mind). Both Speaker Tepas and the Commander of the Forces disapprove of the development, jointly bringing the possibility of sumptuary laws to the next Temple Moot.

Before the army is sent through the gate, there is taught amongst the upper ranks a good deal of the workings of gears and the very fundamentals of mathematics that should the need arise in their endeavour, that may be able to construct rudimentary but effect weapons against the walls, towers, gates, whatever it may be of stone they should come against that may be struck down.
Whilst there is a great hope throughout the nation that the rightful King, who by now will be a man of some years, will return to his throne (especially amongst the Oomul) Ari-Woo is less determined in the cause. For when he returns, should he return, there is a terrible chance that she will not only die but painfully so. There is the equally terrible chance that even if she were to die, Jeong-il would soon follow her should her blade strike but once he should blister and gangrene like the rest. In this realisation she grows a little bitter, should she die for simply being the only level-headed member of the whole damnable royal family able to steer the Kingdom through the traps and pitfalls of maintaining sovereignty in this strange world. No, she will make certain the Belovéd should know death as sure as she yet lives. A new form of blade is hewn, one spiked with fragile, dangerous barbs that should stick and even sink into the skin, wherever the stone should touch will be left weeping pus and anguish! She will taste victory, even if it must be in death.
[>LD] A fossil and a skin of wine upon the altar, and like that it opens onto Nemosa. There they are given a near-royal escort to the dual-docks where awaits for them a fleet of ships. They have of course brought with them the first shipment of henna, raw and processed.
Intoxicated is a fitting word to describe the mood of the Empire as the dual goods of silk and mescal flow into the markets, some historians will say on the very same day which is why the two are intrinsically linked in the minds of many a Dorran. Or perhaps it is because the smoothness of silk becomes ever more Ariaiotic against bare skin once a glass or two of mescal is imbibed, an activity said to be a new favourite amongst the ladies of the court for both come at some considerable cost. At least until House Scheher funds the expansion of their agave plantations and the Ariaios temple court seizes control of the silk production to increase (but regulate) supply.
The third army is moved north to join the others in their quest to root out the entrenched Yavs, taking quite some effort to actually find them in the sprawling ruin, only at last discovering them in a northerly courtyard from their campfire smoke.
[NM] The Mistress of all Calandorra, after a life longer than any Empress before her, dies. Rumours fly wildly of the cause, from the mundane that even a goddess may only live so long on the plane of Diurn or that the sudden cold turn had done her in, to the extravagant and salacious gossip that she had been crushed whilst performing lewd acts on not one but two horses simultaneously or that she was literally split in half by a monstrously-gifted boudoir-homunculus. These of course are absurd hyperbole, the chroniclers record two much more likely demises that she either choked on a date pit or else became so drunk on datura-infused mescal that she slipped into an unwakeable sleep whilst bathing in mare's milk and drowned. Of course the death of the Empress meant the Ritual of the Labyrinth would recommence, from Ariaios' literally hundreds of children. Many of them were simply too old now to participate, more still were disqualified for morganatic marriages (or other improprieties which are frankly too awful to document) leaving exactly twenty-six (an auspicious number to be sure) to compete. What happens in the Empyrean Labyrinth is completely unknown to all except those who descend into the darkness, so it can only be speculated what transpired that the gods should choose the most chaste of Ariaios' sons (which is to say that his lovers were only in the high double digits for both sexes), nor why they should agree which of themselves should manifest. Whatever their reasons, Emperor Havasad II crawls from the depths to be proclaimed ruler of all Calandorra.
[Could I also please get a QRD on which houses control which lands & markets again please, it's developed quite a bit since the last mapping]
From the bounds of the Gathering they pour with a gusto characteristic of the Chitterers into lands claimed by no power greater than nature. There they get to work making it suit their nature, digging furrows and ditches, casting seed and tuber in all directions over the earth they have churned, some with just their fingernails. They do it not only because they are hungry, and hunger is the both the greatest sin & deepest fear for them, but because they fear also the madness in the eyes of the Letterchewers when they were sent out. Their leaders had in their faces a sort of twisted fervour and slavering that cowed the Chitterers into submission for the first time since perhaps before the very cataclysm itself. The next order of business the Letterchewers demand of their subjects is the further expansion of the city-pile, gobbling up more land and stone and lumber than ever before in a strange meticulousness markedly uncharacteristic of the Chitterers. In this however there is some hesitation, the short-famine had limited growth, why should they need more hovels and holes when those they already possess have not been filled, moreover many have even emptied. One crazed look from their masters drives them east as they are told. The last of their commands is the digging of turquoise [Khloes are the ones with Malachite] to add to their collection of pretties & shinies.
[Prospecting action disregarded, that's one too many actions]

[D] It is overwhelming and terrible. The rains came so sudden and so hard there was no time to save anything in the fields. Then the waves came, huge and horrible swells that surged up the river, washing away man and beast alike without care or mercy. Such a tale has been told before, but the great horror of it is that for days the rain and waves do not stop until the very land is washed away, drowned entirely. Like a grim memorial the ruins of a Ra'Kaervsian fort stand precariously at the waters edge and all around is misery.
As it is that men go charging about the ruins with cries of "Monster!", the rest of the army dig in, making for themselves a defensible position of the north eastern gate and courtyard they have already made camp in. If those sand people want this heap of tumbled stones they're going to have to fight for it.
Much as the city folk are loathed to admit it with their wide boulevards and lush pleasure gardens, they are totally dependent on the Voraiks to survive. Who else is going to wade through the muck of the outer Mindom to farm the beans and barley they rely on?
[You have already double trained. Action wasted.]
[>AH] The gods have guided these wayward souls to the lands of the far yonder to help in the purifying of the world, alas this purification must come from the fires of war. Demons infest the southern lands of the Anu, curiously close in name (and disposition it seems) to the foe of the Amun in their own homeland. But it is that these men of bronzed skin rely more upon their bodies than what they field, choosing for themselves clubs and crude bows unfitting of holy warriors. The stranded Ireechi shall teach them the art of the spear, the sword, and the axe, that they may better strike down the wicked of the world.
[I have not had time to read the Ireechi in Ahmose thread, so this action will resolve there]

[Kiri is still waiting there my dude]
Perhaps inspiration is taken from the relics of the lost Orpielles, a tragic footnote of Odthian history, for the making of armour in copper formed to the body. Many a young man struts about Kirisfut in his well-polished breastplate, confident he is as invulnerable as Boreos.
[No, Tee Hee]

[This action requires a lot more thought than I can really give it at quarter past midnight and I want to get this up soon, so will make a thread for it]
The price of the bases have slowly reduced, though not enough that any old would-be alchemist can obtain it whenever he should so wish. Potentate Inalt considers laws regulating the creation and sale of the substances, it may very well be dangerous letting them go unmonitored. In the well funded royal lecture halls however the trials of a third potion are deep under way in the uses of lead. The soft metal is so abundant wildly different theories are postulated before anyone dare drink the cloudy concoction. The most optimistic is that the lead has some sort of rejuvenating or even replicating quality, which is clearly why it is so plentiful. Opposite is that the lead is simply so much that the potion will have literally no effect. Still, none are jumping to imbibe the draught. In the end, it falls to the pulling of straws, leaving a young man also named Inalt (after the Potentate, indeed there are more Inalts and Kosons walking the streets than most other men) the unlucky drinker. He gulps, says a prayer to Havoc, downs the entire thing, and falls dead on the spot. A shame, he had a promising career ahead of him. [Oils discussed in disco thread]
>LD cont.
The effects of the henna tattoo, intricate stained patterns on the skin, are those of the oil used to mix the ground plant before it is applied to the skin, thus it is that as long as the pattern lasts, the effects of the oil, in some small part, still apply. More patterns on the hands and feet soon become a part of the wedding rituals of many a prominent family, for both men and women; For those who can afford it, henna mixed with Cupral or Argental Oil (the former for men for copper is like the sun, Asur, the latter for women for silver is like the moons Prahda & Prana) are liberally applied as a display of wealth & status. [Hold off on magic now for a couple turns]
[>CK] The pompous Khloes sit haughty upon their horses, revelling in those who stop to look upon their shining plates of copper and strange variety of swords by their side. They are of course led down the path of least resistance by the city guards, straight aboard the navies that already await them.
The First Fleet must row against the wind that changes suddenly against them, seeing of the Chitterers with a shudder before reaching unclaimed (or at the very least uninhabited) land to forage and rest.
The Fourth Fleet, having seen their charge off into the maw of the Ahmosi make no time in leaving the upcoming carnage to unravel on its own.
[>CK] It is quite late in the tyrn by the time the Khlomosans arrive and board the ships, quite clearly for all of them the first time on something more impressive than a fishing raft in waters more feisty than the dribbling creeks they must be used to.

With the threats of fire neatly dealt with, the issue of lumber can no longer be ignored. With haste, new yards are opened over the new-growth forests patching the leak at long last. In similar fashion Edus sees their first homegrown food on their plates. However, the clear-cutting of so much natural beauty just for a loaf of bread or bowl of porridge is seen as abhorrent by those who had given up their comfortable lives to be among this blessing of nature, and so instead of more native flora being swept aside for ploughed fields & incessant weeds fishing grounds are located & exploited to the west of the island.
A staggering four decks of of oarsmen using up most of the new supplies of wood in a single massive ship, the quadriremes are a marvel of engineering which outshines any other nation on the water. Even for this behemoths however, the journey to distant Fumatri is a difficult but manageable one bringing a great deal of joy throughout the nation.
Aided by a favourable shift in winds, the First Fleet is soon most of the way to familiar waters with stories of much of the world to tell. The seas grow still busier every tyrn, not least for the many navies of Ocena who each sail for home.
Being such "good friends", the Riyuzi give not only the location of plentiful copper veins, but also their precious lumber to their "xiangbalao" that they may defend the Grey Court and all the people of Huoxinwa and beyond from the treacherous northmen. They also "volunteer" "strong" "labourers" to aid in the construction and running of mines and forges in Balu to equip these soldiers who are to "defend" both their own city and that of the yellow-faced men.
The Tarnish navy and their Avorian army are almost in spitting distance of the dual ports when the winds spit defeat in their faces.
Having dealt quite handily with the walking roots, the still mostly deaf army of Harppa start their long march north.
[>AH] The paid service of the Ahmosi mercenaries hired long, long ago by the Oc has at last come to an end, now they must book passage back to the land of their birth. Unless of course the Tarns wish to spend the required payment for their continued employ. Those still in their employ however stay put, guarding a gate covered in boulders.

The Trellkriger had been an open secret among the elite of the old regime, but one which most of them held with shame. After their introduction into the army proper however there was no hiding the brutes from the populace as word of them spread. Many a child was kept in line by the tales of Trell sneaking into their tents or huts at night to eat naughty boys & girls. But their prowess on the battlefield had been well, if sometimes gruesomely, proven and the fresh influx of blood from their war captives had brought a new nobility to them that the equally new elite classes of Jarls took some interest in. Maybe it is the excellent tutelage of the Vætti, maybe it is the Khloe genes, or maybe it is the much decreased inbreeding coefficient, whatever it is a portion of Trell are raised to the standing of Vani and given places of pride as guards and companions to the titled and the wealthy.
A goodly number of Wights are brought to Nemosa, where the blackskinned Orpielles have already unloaded the striped equines onto the plains of the island. There the Vætti go about the arduous process of training the dumb animals into something that can compare to the skullcrushing beasts of the Avor and Khloes. Alas, even with the introduction of Avorian sires they cannot truly match them, moreover those offspring of the zebra who mate with horses are invariably barren. No matter, with enough effort they whip them into something beyond the skittish, accident-prone creatures they were into something a Laud may ride (or two Vætti may ride).
Rather quickly the variegated quartz is worked into amulets and rings and all other sorts of jewellery, found to cut well without being so flashy or ostentatious as previous fashions, bringing in a vogue of understated and modest dress in the usually flashy Waddan Isles. This is soon followed by the introduction by the famous Beninga Fleet of hops as a flavouring agent, though many find the bitterness deeply off-putting, choosing to stick with their favoured of tart quince liquors.
The Ghoul-Men who have made some small place for themselves upon the Onouan Peninsula are simply not to be trusted, so it is that the First Peninsula Forces are positioned more advantageously. Word of these, things, having finally reached the Parliament and back the Nassjeholder himself orders Beninga Sr. to recruit a Second Peninsula Regiment to guard against any further intrusions into the lands of the League.

Never was there a more loyal beast than a karnhound, quick and agile, ferocious yet faithful, it is only logical that the favoured companion of many a man should follow his master into war. If either the maize in the north or the Agharlith in the south are half as promising a gift as the dogs, there will be much rejoicing throughout the Karnate.
The lazy are made alert, the alert made paranoid, each man waits for the battles to come with equal apprehension and delight.

Lemme get uuuh, an Action 1: Farms

With a Action 2: Farms on the side

Also Ra'kaerv dies for some reason so i'll let you roll up the new Firemind/Icemind thanks senpai!

> Copper Mine
> Yet Another Rice Farm On The Flood Plain
> Develop the Porcelain Magic Staff - A tool used for enhancing the Mud Dancer’s power.

Once more Klohmosa rides forth to war. While the part of the Dirkin in this greater conflict is not yet known, perhaps to be called on by the Avor as part of some grand campaign against the southern lands, it is no secret that a great war might engulf Midland soon. And no war can be waged without food and metal. Mother Diane is called on for more of her gifts, grains of rice and ingots of metal.

At the same time the Mud Dancers call upon the dirt for a gift of a different sort, a tool to connect their will to the shape of the earth.
> [CD]

Acolyte Dwin tightened up the laces of her boots and looked up at her mentor, fear and anxiety written clearly across her face. "Am I really ready?"

Her mentor gestured out at the flood plain and arched an eyebrow. "We would not be here if you were not. But you must begin soon, the ritual must be completed in Menot's light."

The mentor tapped her staff, a beautiful thing of black porcelain, to the ground gently. A thin line formed in the dirt and arced into a circle no more a few long strides apart.

"You will dance within, I will lend you support and power from without, but the shaping itself is entirely under your control. The staff of a Mud Dancer is a personal and powerful tool. It is formed of the holy black soil found only in our homeland. It is shaped by your power, and your power alone, and only you may use it. You may adorn it with gems, metal, or stone that you and you alone have worked, but never that which comes from a living thing. It is a symbol of your power, a primal connection to the earth. Treat it with reverence, but know that one day it, like you, will break down and need to be replaced. Begin when you are ready.”

The two began their dance under the moonlight. Slowly the soft black clay of the river Diane gathered together within the circle. It slowly rose and narrowed, spinning and smoothing until it formed a quarterstaff like her teacher's. Delicate patterns formed on the surface, detailing myths and legends, the struggle against Despise, the caging of flame, the protection of the Dirkin under the cloak of Volos. Alongside the grand scenes of gods and myths were simpler tales as well, a scared child leaving her parents for a mountain sanctuary, the thrill of the dirt moving to her will for the first time, the very dance that formed the stave.

Slowly the rod separated from the ground and hovered in place, held aloft a few inches by the sustained sweeping movements of the young dancer. The elder mentor moved smoothly within the circle and joined hands with her, feet moving together. Nearby a kiln waited, with a disciple of Tepas. The student and teacher moved together under the moonlight, circling the staff of unfired clay and moving it through the air ever so slowly into and through the kiln.

Their work done they both sat gratefully onto the dirt as the Tepas-kin set to work tending the kiln.
Action 1 - Build walls around Luxura
Action 2- Build 2 fisheries along the coast

Ari-Joo's nails have taken a hit, chewed in anxiety and frustration. Her armies are off, and soon (but hopefully not too soon), they will return with news of the lost-kings tidings. Will he live? Will he seek the throne? Will she have to duel him, and even in death, take him with her? She bears no ill-will to him, beyond being a contender for HER throne. Indeed, she grew up on stories of him, and even though he was a King only in absence, the Oomul have done wonders to spread his legacy through the land.
She has mastered her Green arts, and so, she deserves some time off. She travels to Luxura, and takes a short vacation. Just a few years. Enough to unwind, and touch the place up a bit, give it that home-y feel it so needs. Thick walls to protect it, of course (since she may need to flee here) but thats utterly inconsequential...

The royal court is never far from her, even as she makes her new base in Luxura, and soon enough she has crowned a new king, and then, a little prince. A more handsome baby has never been seen before, if she may say so herself!
Perhaps he is a Trellkrigger, for he is certainly large enough. He cimbs to the top of the Lighthouse, east of Hoftburg. There are many steps, and he grumbles on each one. He has climbed them many times, and he will climb them many more. In his hands, and on his back, are bent, tarnished swords. He sets them down, and then, slowly, achingly, bends his aged hands their restoration. Whetstones, polish, reforging, and then they join the pile of fresh, sharp blades that litter his tiny, unseen corner of this land.
He jerks his head up, facing the horizon that cannot be seen through the walls of his home.
Then he smiles, cracked, gruesome teeth flashing in the darkness, before bending back to his work with greater fervor.
File: Turn.png (393 KB, 1032x804)
393 KB
393 KB PNG

>Action 1: What is needed
>Fishery and Akos-Oak Forestry
The Akobosk region produces the best quality wood used by Waddania, Oaken trees blessed by Akos and Auka. The growth, careful nurturing and harvest of these splendid timbers is a sacred duty of the Waddans who call these woods their homes and give their worship in the wild places; and as their numbers carefully grow it seems the gods-blessed trees grow with them; enough that more timbers might be carefully harvested, enough to give support to all the current Waddan fleets.

South of the Onuan Peniusla, more fishermen start to ply the waters; to confirm the fishing grounds as theirs before those strange sea-wrights get any ideas.

>Action 2: Temples to the Gods
>Temples at Klinkested and Beningsted
Going to the temple in Glinsterjested is a fair distance even if you live in the town of Klinkested; for the inhabitants of the Beningsland peninsula such a voyage is infeasible on a regular basis. But the spiritual needs and divine protection and appeasement outside of the capitol will no longer go neglected; for a pair of new temples is to be established for the towns. Both will take inspiration from the temple of Glinterjested; soaring columns of Alabaster from Stanbyld and beautiful golden decoration; great images of the gods carved from the purest of stones. But now there is the red granite of Beningsland to add to the structures, a strong and supportive base for the worshipful work to stand upon.

>Fleet 1: Set Sail
The order to set the sails is given, a new mission of exploration dawns. Aibel Beninga gives the order to lift anchor and the fleet sails north-easterly, toward the one unknown area of the map not present and accounted upon the Ocman charts. First the familiar waters of the Onuan Peninsular, then further north past the dip in the coastline that leads to the grove. And then northward they continue still, up along this yet-unknown area of coast.

>Fleet 2: Transport Duty
The new-founded forces at Beningsted require transport to the Onuan peninsula whilst the se-wrights are still an unknown quantity, and though they could take routine transport ships... the second fleet is right there. And so the second fleet drop the new army off at the peninsula harbour, then continues onward to the Ophalderot Isles.

The Empress is Dead, long live The Emperor.

Ariaios is laid to rest after half a millennium of her perverse rule. While she may have many critics, and even more innocent victims, it cannot be denied that her fertile reign restored security to the imperial succession after all these troublesome years of doubt.
Her body is beautiful even in death, the sight of which is said to have been so enticing it required an all-female guard escort to prevent her rabid supporters from attempting to defile it.

Out from the labyrinth steps out a direct son of Ariaios, mantled with the familiar bulk of the forge god Havasad, returned for a second reign. Yet he is different, far younger than any previous incarnation of Havasad, perhaps barely out of his teenage years. The transition is difficult and confusing for the young godling, constantly reminded of human memories from before his ascension, constantly interacting with people who knew him from before, keeping the human parts of his mind fresh and engaged.

As a result of this the early parts of his reign are confused, change is slow to come as God Emperor Havasad II struggles between his dual natures and the machinations of his incestuous siblings, prior romantic partners, advisors and courtiers.
The Emperor unexpectedly finds some solace in his concubines, concubines he finds that he is not able to dismiss without possibly causing a civil war due to some old legislation his predecessor signed. He is in part glad he was unable to though, daughters of House Shayla, Marai and Scheher provide invaluable council as to some of the serious issues plaguing the nation and emotional support the boy-emperor finds crucial as he finds his place in the world.

Havasad II slowly grows into a wise and mighty emperor, uncovering over time just how much damage Ariaios did to the nation. Every time he thinks he’s found the worst of her depravity it somehow gets worse, always more sickening beneath the surface. He’s had enough of this for one Tyrn, he just wants to be at his forge.

Much of Ariaios depravity continues without her present to instigate it, long since having become normalised. The growing disgust the Emperor regarding some of the more repulsive aspects of her reign seems to display may indicate change to be coming soon, however…
Action 1: Expand

Calandorra widens ever outward, swelling in a north-westerly berth across the savannahs and sands, this long neglected portion of the empire filling out in the wake of new edicts, bright new minds steering the ship of state, and decades of rust being shaken off of the imperial governing apparatus.

Emperor Havasad II orders this expansion as his first impressive decree, a statement that a new and wise hand guides the empire to its destiny out in the world, that Havasad is not merely a replacement for Ariaios, but in many ways sure to rule better than she ever did. The young emperor obsesses over logistical details to make sure his first big project ends in a success, seen almost at all times with at least one of his women near.

Action 2: “Tame” the mighty roaming tribe(?) of scorpion-men, sure to be a valued addition to Calandorra.

Seeming on first glance to lack such concepts as language, culture or trade, voices new and old within the Lanthorn believe that these people-creatures may be prime converts to serve the gods, and by extension the Empire.
Attempts are made to coerce them into performing tasks using payments of food and water to see if they understand paid labour, efforts made to see of they might be taught to communicate and be communicated with non-verbally, or simply guided to act as mighty beasts of burden for their betters.

They come to be known in time as the “Shedu”, derived from the Dorran word for scorpion.
Action 1: Farm 1, Lumber Yard 1

Action 2: Blood Wolves Legion
Uhh, I never got word back on my Abbas Hero action, so I'm just crossing my fingers on this one.

>Actions 1 & 2 - Military - Raise Levies
Abbas takes Maali, his most loyal, and the two venture into the unlevied cities controlled by the Ahmose. Capitalizing upon the recent religious ponderings introduced by the Irreechi's discussions at the Temple, Abbas feeds fire to this flame, utilizing a combination of religious syncretism and bold claims of religious authority, and his mysterious appearance, he would attempt to whip fervor and inspiration into the people. Delivering revelation and declaring himself a new world prophet, he would guarantee victory and glory in the eyes of the Gods to those who would follow his war path.
Action 1: Create natural performance enhancers. As alchemists continue to be stymied by lead those who wish to not waste their money on the potion bases have instead looked back to their past and try using alchemical knowledge for non alchemical products. While this has undoubtedly brought back snake oil the cheaper prices alongside some noticeable difference for certain products after consumption have seen success. Soon everyman is seen buying poultices that can help enhance virility and athleticism while women improve fertility and their beauty.

Action 2: Create paper. Under Potenate Inalt the scholarly arts have skyrocketed in importance and so has the demand to record this knowledge. Traditional methods have become increasingly unviable due to the bulk and time consuming nature of using clay and impermanence with wax tablets. Different solutions arose to solve this problem, but the most popular has been the production of paper from which the plentiful lead or ink can be used to write upon it.

Navy: 1 sails west and meets the avor, 2 & 3 continue sailing northeast, 4 continues sailing west.
>research armor
Hide and skin and wool, they might be poor alternatives to the diamonds and copper and stone we have found, but bone and leather are unfortunately the only things we have. And with the strange creatures roaming about, we need protection- it also helps against backstabbing!

>expand our borders to swallow all the things we have built
Many farms have been built. But they are difficult to reach and beyond the gathering’s immediate grasp- what if someone comes to kidnap what we’ve rightfully stolen?! Unacceptable.
While the Letterchewers are busy sleeping off their lead poisoning, the chitterers get together and work to fortify, even if slightly, their communal holdings
I've realized that Levies means something different in this game; I've been playing a lot of CK2 recently. To be clear, I'm raising armies for the Ahmose to be led by Abbas.
File: NRP6 Turn 23.png (11 KB, 253x260)
11 KB

Despite the improvement of the Vani, the Vætti are unimpressed. King Frode has just made use of the prisoners of war, of course their blood results in yet more humans. And all of this comes at the cost of the development of the nation. Indeed, Frode just continues to gain enemies, as those Clan Nobles he has lambasted prior still hold significant power, his Jarl nobility haven't expanded as quickly as he'd like. He was expecting to have matched the Barbarians' power by now, but the military assessment shows he's still lagging behind, and when they return, they may be even stronger. He'll host a feast for now, to calm down the populace, but he'll have to figure out something which gives him a real edge on those invaders.

>Action 1: Catch and tame Dire Wolves. Large wolves from Deiya's Brands, hungry from the scouring of the forest, thus desperate for food.
After having scoured eastern Deiya's Brands in the face of the approaching barbarians way back, our hunters had become hunted. The wolves have adapted, becoming large muscled beasts of unmatched ferocity. These Dire Wolves are killing more of our hunters than we kill of them. Grouping up on them isn't so easy when the wolves also hunt in packs. However, where violence proves insufficient, a diplomatic approach has greater success. A number of hunters have lured and caught a number of them, and once fed with ample meat, they become far more amicable. With training they may even become an ally against other Dire Wolves, as there is significant division among the wolves, with packs attacking each other. These wolves would also be quite useful for fighting the barbarians, should they return.

>Action 2: Acquire Boon of the Fox. Using the previously hunted rodent spirits as payment. Seeking the agility and keen senses of the fox, useful for hunters and assassins.
After seeing the failure of absorbing spirits directly, it seems we have to return to bargaining. However, these spirits may be useful to other spirits. Foxes hunt rodents, so the fox spirits would surely wish for rodent spirits. The spirit hunters would thus offer their quarry in exchange for boons. With tattoos of vulpine nature etched into the skin of the blessed, hunters gain a significant edge in spotting their prey and approach undetected. However, there are blessed vixens as well, assassins who want an edge on their target. They more use the fox's great ability to jump and scale, able to use unorthodox approaches to their target.
1. Create armor. Using the tabs of currency as inspiration tabs of bronze are tied into tight knit forms slightly layered over each other that can be hung over the clothes of soldiers and protect the body.
2. Taking inspiration from Irreechi designs the chariot would be adopted with bronze blades added to the wheels to cut into the enemies when close.

West armies: 2 armies settle in the fort and prevent the Karnites from crossing the bridge or building a new one.
2 armies move to the east to aid in the assault.
East: 3 armies besiege the karns market fort and the armies in it.
Free raids: raid the two hunting ground tiles and the copper mine tile in the east to take control of them.
In the west raid the west bridge fort tile to take control of it.
>Turn 23
Action 1: A navy is raised at Balu. The Ocenian crisis having passed and a new pressing need having arisen, some of the previously lumber supply previously gifted to Ocena is shifted over to the naval yards.

Action 2: 1x port at Balu, 1x farm at Balu(potatoes if possible, or onions)
Balu is a stench of a place, known for little and beloved for even less. The few plants that grow in the rocky, salted soil include among their ranks only a single staple--a tuberous vegetable that can be boiled into a calorific if not particularly tasty mush.
>Free Actions
Navy 1: Continue as far as possible south to Nemosa w/Avor Army
Army 1: move north to Balu.
Merc Army 1(Tarn’s Avorian Army): Sail South with Navy 1
Posted on behalf of the Karn

Agharlith is incorporated into the shields of the Karnate, forming foul spitting serpents on the face, to strike fear into the enemy.

War hounds are proper included into the military, for not only open combat on the field, but in defenses, aiding in formations.
> Religious ponderings based on the metting with the Irrechi
Pondering the fact that the irrechi proclaimed that family and birth are bellow gods the Ahmose can’t help but have a lightbulb go up in their head. What if the dynastic trees they had been using was not family but causality? Out of salt and sweetwater came life and due to life we have death as it’s mirror. War brings death, and physical training is needed to to go to war.

The debate now starts where the divine pantheon means that the gods were connected by chains if causality, but existed all at any time simultanously or if the chain of causality caused one god to come into being as causality demanded. In this very sense causality and logic itself is what decides the status among gods.

When why did Love whish to destroy physical perfection? The Ahmose ponder and realise “are people’s not attracted to one another based on shallow things like apperance in other nations?”. Though Oukolos having fallen in love the causality of physicality -> war was inverted into the causality of physicality -> love. The scholars would furiously write down this information for this means one more important thing. Oukolos had waged war and he had died, he wished to attone for his sin to return to the rightful causality. He might have not given up his divinity in his pursuit of love he might have already begun his rebirth of redemtioon and passed his will for us to continue. A new school of religious thought is botn abong the ahmose the school of causality which judges Oukolos less harshly, but also is much more extreme in what actions individuals can perform in their daily lives as each thing they do contributes to divine causality.

> Action 0,5 - Make bridge into fortified bridge
In the war the armies chose to check the bridge for traps and upgrade it into a fortress over a river. After we pass over the bridge we shall occupy the farms on the other side of the bridge and grant the occupation to the Irrechi. May it be a fruitful start to their new nation.

> Action 0,5 #2
Construct ironstem canegrass plantation we need wood to supply the armies of the faithful the irrechi helped organize

> Action 2 - Eugenics 2/2 (the 3 armies per city instead of 2 thoung you told me at eugenics 1/ action)
With having performed experiments on the Lions and applied what we knew about the body and eugenics to them we were able to check some *methods* that might have been a little bit experimental… to experimental to check on our own.

The knowledge from those experiments is applied to our own eugenics program now improving it’s efficiency.

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