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You are Kolinaisi Kaiko Wahithiri. Captain of the Something Fierce. Son of Ravi. Slayer of monsters. Leader of men. And home. There is much on your mind- and you think you know who to talk to about it.

Jerah has returned from a brief stint with the Auditor, the ship that was captured by your crew.

It dwarfs the Something Fierce.

And even next To the Old Man's ship- it is no slouch.

Jerah, sharer of your fathers name, and your first mate has made the ship look better, though the painted touches are interestin. Granted ya wonder what the ships machine spirit thinks of it- and ya realize that the ship hasn't probably been officially christened. And that's probably why Jerah is here that and collectin more people for a crew. A ship that massive must require a whole massive crew.

"What in the emperor's name" Master Chief Warrant Officer Wakatelaho looks upon the auditor.

"It's the Auditor." You say he looks at it flummoxed and walks a bit off to talk to his brothers. Ya shrug it off and walk a bit farther.

"Jero Jera- ya gotta lotta spirit already askin for privateerin." Ya say in a faux anger that Jera and just puts on the most fake scared pathetic green stoat eyes ya ever seen.

"Oh no! whateva can I do to right this wrong?!" He says pitchin his voice to be funny you continue your stern look.

"Cap we will never be able to get a privateerin crew for this ship even if ya were here to ask for crew from the whole planet- the damn ship is so big Kolinaisi will never be able to examine the whole damn thing even with that wundakid o his and that ol man helpin." Johan says

"Heya Johan!" You say and he turns to and actually steps back.

"Ya actually grew a bit. Yeesh. I thought my kids had grown. Welcome back big man- or should I say Great Man?!" Johan says pattin ya on the back and he steps over to Jerah handin a really big data pad.

"This the list?" Jera says lookin a bit more than frustrated.

"What could be loaded. There is a second bit in this." Johan hands over a small drive.

"we'd be doin this for a decade if we didn't have the scrappa tech, and even with that it's gonna take years!" Jerah says

"What's wrong?" Ya ask.
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"The Ganth- are about as useless as lil rippas when it comes to maintainin a damn ship. That's what I figured out based on data logs. Honestly we could rebuild a bigga ship from scrap and it'd probably be easier. The only saving grace is the ship has protocols that allow it to auto maintain, and since it has been here it has been doin a lot of things like that. It's got all these fancy systems and things I didn't even dream of. Worse- it looks like the ganth- despite their disposition for slavin and makin artificial limbs are not very smart when it comes to construction. They made the ship harder to use! Part of the reason I think we whupped the Auditor so bad- is because they weren't doin what they were supposed to do for fixin the ship and they downgraded it. Then for a few week we had to actually clear out the inside of the damn thing which still had ganth. We didn't lose anyone but it was still a bit frightful. We came here to do additional refits. Jerah wanted to pitch the idea of gettin a work crew to transition to privateerin with the ship as is- but I asked-"

"Begged more like it." Jerah says

"If we could talk to ya first. Maybe you to look over the ship once to see what can be done." Johan says.

"I'd like to talk to Jerah about some other stuff first."

"Yuh." Jerah says motioning to the beach.

"Grab ya board?" Jerah asks. You smirk. It's been a time.

Riding the waves once again. It feels better every time you do it. The surf and spray, sure- the board can surf itself, but that isn't the point. Everyone has been so busy, it's hard to even get the time. Jerah, who has always been a good surfer too, seems to be appraisin ya. As he surfs in he stops a minute.

"Lot on ya mind RuaRua?"

"Ya Jack. A lot."

"It shows. Ya form is off."

"Ya." Ya give a half heated chuckle. Of course it's off. Why wouldn't it be.

"Lad- Ya got even more ahead of ya. Learn from all this. Don't worry about doin the research on my ship, we got enough tech here and what ya made to be outta here in a little. The mokka I brought and the stocks we have more than enough to do it then go out." He says

"Ya but that aint all." You say

"We got signals from a fancy ganth device. Ya sons got done fightan the orks, multiple big fleets are outside the system. One of them is comin in really fast- and should be here in a few days. The other- it's weird."

"How so?"

"It's flittering. Around the system. Like it's testin it. It jumped in, briefly, then went out. Then came back, a few more, then left again. Signals were weird on it- sounded like a mommy and daddy chain axe makin a chain sword." He says and ya chuckle breifly.

"Fair. That is the one I'd be worryin on."

"Ya. Clearly. Never seen anything like it. Still, I'd like ya to perform the hakka for it." He asks

"Normally that is for the captain to do."

"Ya Mate. I have been considerin a lot. I almost wanted to swap it for the fierce. But- I figure it would be better for ya to do the hakka. If ya want to take a look at the machine- I'd be grateful, but I aint gonna ask. Ya got a lot on ya plate."

"I got a big appetite, but I wonder if my eyes are bigger than my stomach." Ya say.

"Mate, if that's true, than my assessment stands. We here on the waves- let it out."

>> "Well between my brothers, the gals, and apparently sons..."

>> "So we gonna go visit with death tomorrow because it seems like somethin aint right"

>> " Mate I got so much I don't know where to begin."

>> Write in
>> " Mate I got so much I don't know where to begin."
> " Mate I got so much I don't know where to begin."
> "Biggest problem is not the amount of work, but time. Can't fix everything."
>"Mate I feel like I'm slowly drowning, The amount of work is gonna get to me soon I know it."
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"Mate- I got so many problems I don't know where to begin. Biggest problem is time- I can't fix everything." Ya say and Jerah makes an odd noise ya haven't really heard from him before.

"Lad. Ya gonna have to realize it sooner or later so I will tell ya now. It aint even the place of ya da to tell ya. Ya can't save em all. Ya can't fix it all. Ya conquer the whole damn universe, but ya can't hold it all togetha. Somethings cannot be done by ya. It's upon others to fix some of there own things. Ya can do what ya can. Ya can gift mokka, win influence, help the people rise up- ayya educate em, but people will be people. Time will be time. Even with immortality, ya cant win it all. Ya have to prioritize a lot of this, especially as a great man. To be truthful with ya lad, I am glad ya askin and talkin about this instead of ya havin issues with Meera or Ya sons or whatever nonsense about to happen."


"My da went on that star boat and neva came back, I have no parental advice to give. Some of this I think ya figure out. But spirits man, nobody has a good answer for some of this. Ya less than a decade old, and ya goin over all this. Ya ask for advice which is wise, but some of it like not even the old man can answer- at least ya still have ya curiosity and spirit. My advice- captain ta captain, friend to friend, family to family- ya gonna have people tellin ya what to do as long as ya live. Ya may ask for it, ya may not- but it's up to you to discern if or not ya listen, if or not it's worth listening to. Ya a captain, both of a damn fine ship and ya own destiny. Only you can decide to move you. Who says what ya have to do? You. If ya want to have a kid with Meera have it. If not don't. If ya want to be a father like ya da- if ya want to conquer the galaxy- choose for ya self. But know that ya have to decide- and that others have to decide too. Ya - time is fleetin, even if ya could time travel, ya still have to decide it. Ya can't fix it all, ya can't save em all- but ya choose where and how ya spend ya effort. Ya can let that which ya can't control- reign ya emotions, or ya can reign those same emotions, and not let things outside ya power bother ya." Jerah says sittin on the board, then with such lack of effort and such beautiful awareness he leans back and lets a wave take him and his board on a wave and rides it in the perfectly.

He steps off the board on the beach and then raises up his hands and smiles at ya. You grin back and you dive in on a wave and surf up to the shore.

"I'll happily perform the Haka for ya ship." Ya tell him and he nods.
"Have ya thought about havin the old man look at the ship?" You ask him and he looks a bit taken back.
"He like you. Me? Eh. I'll ask him."
"Ya havin a feud?"
"Ehhh let's not say that. He just more fond of some people. Ya family particularly." Jerah says kickin up his surf board. Ya walk back to the main muster area and there is a small yet familiar group.
"Let me guess- ya here for Him and not to try to sign up to go a privateerin." Jerah says and there is some nodding, save from- Uncle Kai who smiles and Jerah scoffs and shakes his head.

"What it's my rotation out ya know this! Also I wanna do Koli's thing." Ya uncle says and Meera snorts loudly enough that it has summoned Erihapti, whom has been taking a few more naps that she has been back home.

"You just got here! You don't even know what he has!" Arona says sneaking up with frank.

"Oh just meeting something that claims to be death and seeing if it's real." Meerah says

"Oh then I am in." Uncle Kai says off handed.

"I was thinking more of small team than" Ya look at the squad of volunteers. Every one of them worth their salt. And everyone here to volunteer. Including a small crab in a ball, that has rolled diligently next to UR. Honestly ya can't ask for a better group of friends.

"This. It's a lot." Ya say

"If our brothers were here, they would probably come too." Roboute says.

"So I don't think there gonna be any loot from this. Just tellin ya. I don't even know if there gonna be a scrap." Ya say. Bein the most optimistic ya have ever been and there is some nervous chuckling.

"When do you depart?" Frank asks and ya look at one of the pariah islanders.

"He comes at sunset."

"Then we depart at morn blue." You say and your sons look flummoxed.

"He means at the first blue before the dawn." Meerah says.

"That doesn't leave a lot of time." Frank points out.

"Just enough." Ya tell him, and ya hope ya right. Frank has a point. There wouldn't be room for error. Especially if the old man's book was right.

"What's the plan? And who's goin, ya don't expect ya entire crew to fit on a GEV?"


Well whos goin? Choices marked with a * are specific and you have to list who.

>> We aint takin a GEV. We Takin the Old Man's boat and the fierce. I might even ask the leviathan to come too for good measure.

>> We takin multiple GEVS. Multiple teams for this mission.

>> Ya right. Which is why I am takin a very small team of ya, and the rest will be back up in the something fierce in case something go wrong. * Pick 10

>> I aint takin everyone. Some of ya have to stay. * Pick 8

>> I don't suspect a knight will fit either- We goin in the fierce

>> Write in

Volunteers are as follows, and yeah this is A LOT.
Erihapti (Is free and doesn't take up a slot)
The Scary Box that is now a crab in a ball
Uncle Kai
Old Man Martin
The Master Gunnery Sergeant
The Master Chief Warrant Officer
The Pilot
Meera's Cousin Shane
Declan (one of the Pariah islanders)
Crispus (One of Roboutes Legion)
Dolan (One of the Pariah islanders
>> I don't suspect a knight will fit either- We goin in the fierce
just bring every one that want's to come, though let them know what you may be facing should diplomacy fail, as this this entity hasn't really harmed anyone as the people that went with it were always old folks on deaths door from age, though we should try o find out what happened to them on the other side of the portal
>> We aint takin a GEV. We Takin the Old Man's boat and the fierce. I might even ask the leviathan to come too for good measure.
So a C'tan comes to collect pariah tithe, only to find a man of gold, two other c'tans, a man of iron, a man of stone, four pysker psykers, some pariahs, genetically engineered soldiers, naked large natives, a time traveler, two super humans and a stoat.
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"We aint takin a gev- we takin the fierce. If ya comin, get some rest. I won't turn down a volunteer. I don't know how this gonna go mates. From the tome o nasties that Ol' Man Martin here gave us-" You say showin the old man's old honkin tome with the illegible title that makes frank look nervous, Martin laugh and Dal flummoxed. Interestin that.

"That tome. Haven't seen THAT in a long time." Dal states.

"Yuh yuh." Old Man Martin says and gives you another thought.

"ANYWAYS. Get some rest we go early. All of ya are warriors. Plan is we see what it is first, engage it, and see if we can talk it out of this. If not- we " The crab, is raising it's claw. Like it has somethin. Oh that's gonna be fun.

"We fight." Meerah says to a host of agreement including chittering by Erihapti.

"We got precious little time before tomorrow. Make it count." You say. Everyone breaks off, save Erihapti, Meerah and UR.

"I am guessin our crab has an idea." and it nods, which surprises ya but not UR

"They got it quick, well she. It's a lady crab." Ya point out and UR nods.

"It's the box aint it." Meerah says


"So a crab in a ball?"

"It's what most things evolve into." "Not that's not the right setting 01001110 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01001110 01101111 01110100 00100000 01001001 01110100 00100000 01000101 01101001 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 "There it is." A voice, that actually is, what sounds like a female text to speech device says.

"So a talking crab. That's less weird oddly." Meerah says

"Humans are meat that speaks."

"That's about right." Meerah says

"So Ya got a plan?" You ask.

"In Theory- I am not sure. Depending on the strength of the being I could probably absorb it into my own matrix. Though depending on it's strength, it may- well empower it- and cause it to go off. It would probably still leave here though." The scary crab in a ball says.

"Could design somethign to theoretically trap it like with you?"

"No. My design is unique, a Tesseract Labyrinth is also almost impossible to build with what you have on hand. Maybe with the ship, your man of stone friend still available, and the fresh noctolith, but still It would require a lot, you'd only make one and in time it would be a bit- odd. If there was other necrontyr tech-" And the crab sees the weapon that ya got your da and points.

"That would help work.."

"But would it break it?" Ya ask.

"Given what's available it could be repaired afterwards to working order. It would still take time."

"Do you need my help on it?" Ya ask.

"Not really. It would be awkward for you, there is too much for you to learn in a short time, and it would just be easier for us." The spooky crab says and Meerah pulls you aside.

"Ya may want to supervise anyways."
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90 KB

"Supervise what?" Nasi, says.

Nasi, who somehow was there the whole time without being noticed. Kid can be sneaky.

"Watchin them make something." Ya tell Nasi

"I want to watch them make something." Nasi says with a bit of excitement.

"Ok, but tell me if anything gets weird." Ya tell Nasi and tussle his hair. He gives ya a salute

"Aye Cap!" You smile

"Good Lad. You two, Nasi is in charge." Ya say and UR's Display lights up with a : D Emotive that indicates they are pleased, and ya go to scritch Erihapti a little bit an she makes a pleased chitter.

"So what's your plan for the rest of the evening?" Meerah asks with a grin.

>> Probably plannin, there is still a bit to do gettin this fleet space ready, gonna make sure we look good when the rest of my sons get here

>> Have some time with the family, figure out what to do for Roboute as far as a party.

>> Wanna go for a walk and figure that out with me?

>> Write in
>> Have some time with the family, figure out what to do for Roboute as far as a party.

with the meeting with the north folk, dwarves, the folks in the cove, and now this "god of death" could use some more time with family, considering when koli first came back it was a rushed feast
>Have some time with the family, figure out what to do for Roboute as far as a party.
>"Have some time with the family, figure out what to do for roboute as far as a party. Wanna come with?"
> Have some time with the family, figure out what to do for Roboute as far as a party.
>> Have some time with the family, figure out what to do for Roboute as far as a party.
>Wanna go for a walk and figure that out with me?
The contrarian vote

If Nasi learns how to work necron-tech, I swear he would be the best techmarine ever. Conversion beams got nothing on freezing time and space in the local area

"It is very telling how Kolinaisi would react in the future. He spent that last night, before things changed forever, with his family. He planned for his brother Roboute's party. He dotted on his mother, and spent time with his sister and father. He kept close to his Cousin and Uncle. At that point- one could argue Meera, and any other of his initial companions, were family. They were included. Even Young Nasi after he was done for his chores for that night.

It's a tenant of the eleventh. You care for your own. It's part of being a big man and the core of the eleventh. Afterall, humanity itself is one big family- it explains why there is so much fierce fighting. Many wonder if Kolinaisi knew how things would be in the coming hours, days, weeks and months if he would have done it differently? Fah. He would have done it all the same. Probably with the same damn song too.

One dares imagine where things may have gone had the time travelers and the primarchs journal ended up like they could have- and there is no comparison. It's a forbidden country. Alternate realities. Alternate futures. It may be possible to visit them yes, but why? We are here now, are charge is to save now, reclaim now. Do you think my brother would have spent time daydreaming on this as he did looking up in the stars in study and wonder? No. He would do exactly at as I am doing now. I am taking care of my own. My sons and nephews. You may look upon those realities and doubt me, or my intentions but here I am as I am. I am not some dark twisted vision. We fight for now.
We fight for the future. "

Lorgar Aurelian.


This isn't going to be easy. But nothing like this ever is. But what better way to do this. As you grab a disguise to meet your men, to meet them as they are for the first time in your life.

You stumble.


You catch your self and you stable yourself up.

"I am so sorry my lord. It will never happen again." Says, a being clad in armor you have never seen save the style that Kolinaisi made for you. You get up and they are tall. They have a calm countenance very similar to your own, and honestly it's fairly impressive. He kind of looks similar to you but he is a tad shorter. He is not afraid, but he seems concerned.

"Has your legion displeased you?" He asks.

"How? I have not even talked to one of you yet- your formality and composure while assuring has me wondering if I have done something to off put them. They are all just- sort of standing near the ship and I was going to sneak among them and -"
"I am not sure if that would of worked to be honest." He says and - well, he has a point and it shows on your face.

"Your taller than our tallest officer and we can generally sense you. It's quite odd. Everyone is excited to meet you- but Fulgrim arrived down here first, and we weren't sure what you were expecting. So the men became anxious, and while we are all in awe of you, especially after your deeds have been tallied- you are our leader. Nobody was sure how to approach you about it. For a fact you could technically per order of your father the Emperor of Mankind have us decimated for this act." He says- still calm but that thought is a bit worrying.

"What?! I wouldn't - why? Did you get chosen to come here?" You let out to gauge his reaction, test if he is as he says. He looks at you and sighs.

" It was between a few of us mid grade officers. I volunteered. I know I am not one of the third. Or the eleventh. But I am Khârn of YOUR legion. The twelfth legion war hounds. I do not care what fulgrim thinks or what whomever of the eleventh thinks. I came here to inform you that we are ready and eager to meet you- that your legion is here for you and the stars are ours to conquer." He says. Just the tone of his voice- the certainty in it. He has competence and has no fear.



"From now on, you will be my equerry. What you did today was the right thing. Show me to your brothers." You say.


They are definitely yours.

Compared to those of Fulgrim, these, they are like you. They are a bit more rough cut, but they seem more tuned for war. Gladiators. Soldiers. Some of them you can see a bit of rebel streak in them. And a lot of anger. The officers, above Khârn aren't too upset that you chose him as the job you have given him, which actually surprised you.

What is though- is there haste to get back to the crusade. You can understand this but there is a lot that you wish to understand first about your sons.

Also leaving the world now give you other concerns, namely what happens after you are gone. So

"What happens to my world after I am gone?" You ask

"Well first it becomes fortified. Local government is either fortified or deposed depending on the nature of the government, and we begin recruitment. Usually as it was done on terra for at least the first generation it is a tithe-"

"Excuse me what?" You say and some of your anger comes to surface

"My lord primarch, we have to re fit our legions, and it can only come from human males of a certain age. It's almost impossible to do otherwise-" And as fitting as it would be in revenge to take the first born of every high rider and put them on the front lines, you know that solves nothing.

"Volunteers." You state plain and loud to make sure they hear it the first time.


"Volunteers only."

"My lord, is that even possible? We will do as you order, but we have time tables set by your father and- I am not sure if it's possible."

"How many do you need?"


"How many recruits do you need? In order to stabilize?"

"For our legion? 1,000 healthy male children no older than 12. The selection process is very stringent, if you even found 10,000 volunteers overnight- we'd still have to go through the process of screening and there is a high likelihood we would still be short. While older individuals can be accepted, it's much more challenging and while the oldest recruits we have had were 15. There are little tricks that can be done, but the oldest maybe is 18 if they are in the perfect condition in theory. Y-you don't expect is us to be able to recruit that many now?" You process that information, and what Fulgrim told you earlier. There maybe a way to make it so they don't do the press and slave gangs of old.

" How much time do we have?"

"Well, I have according to this a mandate of us to make our action to the next front and secure a way back by weeks end. We have to also establish a hold here in that same time."

"I was told by Fulgrim, that I would be offered time to adjust to my role, and that many primarchs take that offer, despite me being told that I could take direct command." You pause.

Angron stands at a mighty precipice.

>> The Challenge: Find the recruits, focus on that- utilize what you already have here to help your legion gain a foothold and establish a fortress using technology ready available, should be easy enough with all the high rider mansions being empty. It can be achieved in a week. If you hurry, and you may not have to sacrifice quality. It's a lot to expect of the planet- but with the right people in charge, it may actually work.

>> The Statement: Acclimate to the legion. Have a small attachment stay behind, and fortify the foothold you have on this world, learn your legion, and pick recruits with them. It may slow down the process overall, but you'd rather do this right then fast. And it wouldn't even be that slow, just as long as it would take to establish the first wave of recruits training, learn from your legion and maybe learn how to really lead.

>> The Baseline. Explain to your legion everything. Your life. You. What you went through. Let them learn why you don't want a tithe or a press gang. They need to understand what this world is, and why not only don't need a tithe, but why they shouldn't. When they understand, as they are loyal, they will not need you here and it will go as you asked.

>> Write in
I apologize for this taking so long. This chapter was meant to be short but the old lady has been under a lot of stress lately, and I have had to help her a lot more.

You are on the right path.
>> The Statement: Acclimate to the legion. Have a small attachment stay behind, and fortify the foothold you have on this world, learn your legion, and pick recruits with them. It may slow down the process overall, but you'd rather do this right then fast. And it wouldn't even be that slow, just as long as it would take to establish the first wave of recruits training, learn from your legion and maybe learn how to really lead.
>> The Statement: Acclimate to the legion. Have a small attachment stay behind, and fortify the foothold you have on this world, learn your legion, and pick recruits with them. It may slow down the process overall, but you'd rather do this right then fast. And it wouldn't even be that slow, just as long as it would take to establish the first wave of recruits training, learn from your legion and maybe learn how to really lead.
>The Statement
>> The Statement: Acclimate to the legion. Have a small attachment stay behind, and fortify the foothold you have on this world, learn your legion, and pick recruits with them. It may slow down the process overall, but you'd rather do this right then fast. And it wouldn't even be that slow, just as long as it would take to establish the first wave of recruits training, learn from your legion and maybe learn how to really lead.
We will be wrapping up certain story elements before the dance with death and the chapter. These next two parts are long.

Angron looked to his legion master. Then to Kharn.

"I cannot responsibly join my legion haphazardly without understanding it better, it would be as foolish as going into the arena unarmed without a plan. I will stay here, help stabilize the legion- train with the recruits, learn from those in the legion and oversee the process. Leave a small detachment with me and I will learn about your legion while they learn about this world." The statement you say has- honestly gained more attention than you are used to, even after a celebrated kill in the Arena. They seem confused, and their emotions seem a bit of surprise, though it seems like the pleasant kind.

"We- We would be honored my lord! But how would we choose such a group? How many would be needed?" He asks and answers present themselves clearly.

"Kharn, will also join me."

"He has a very important role in the 8th company-"

"And he will be joining me. He was first to approach me. "

"I was told I could Decimate the legion if I was not impressed, correct?" You say quickly and everyone around you looks a bit shocked.

"Yes, My Lord." Your legion master seems shaken. Good. That will make the next part ring a bit more true.

"Well get everyone here into pods of ten. We will choose those that stay behind with me to help establish our foothold here and gain new recruits and there is some general confusion. You take a deep breath. The confusion seems to lessen.

"I am not killing you. I am saying the best way to get me acquainted with my legion, is with a unit that is truly a cross section of them. The best way to do this is at random. So a tenth of the legion will stay with me and help me accomplish this task, then half of it will come back with me when everything is complete, then when the first set of recruits is through we will do regular training rotations. "

"Regular, rotations?"

"Naturally. We do that here for gladiatorial combat it would be the same for recruiting, you would want recruits trained by those who are fresh off the front lines" Those around you seem intrigued by this. To the point their whole attitude changes.

"My lord, this- was theoretically as your father wanted to do eventually. To hear you wish to do it now to hear that you feel us ready to not only commence as ordered but that you wish but you wish to learn from us is beyond anything we thought would happen. We will happily follow these orders." The Legion Master says.

"Excellent. Commence the selection process, though as the Legion Master, I would understand if you choose to withdraw your -" And he shakes his head.

"It wouldn't be right. I will put in my lot as well." He says.
After the briefest assembly by the legion, they gather their objects including stones for this of all things. That is a discussion for Kharn later. As you sit and watch a not so small 'company' forms. As you stand up before you go talk to them, Fulgrim and a small group of politicians approach, including Cincinnatus, a long with a few rank and file officers, though Kharn seems familiar with one.

"Saul!" Kharn says with some laughter

"Kharn! Good to see you! Why are you here?"

"I can explain that. I overheard what was going to happen. I asked one of my captains to stay behind and assist if you wished." Fulgrim says walking forward

"Also these politicians overheard your plans as well, and they do have some concerns, I would normally be one to ignore most politicians in this situation, but this Cincinnatus was very well spoken and gave some compelling points." Fulgrim then in a nicety that you are almost certain he would never normally do gives a gesture for Cincinnatus.

"My friend, your concerns?" You ask.

"Your legion, is powered by children. It is a very grim thing. I suppose, knowing your tragic upbringing how sadly appropriate it is. Your request for only recruits being volunteers is most appreciated- and I am glad that you made such a bold statement. However, even if you are able to get enough volunteers within the age range- that still leaves where you shall hold your legion, and the politics after you are gone. While I am sure the planet will be well defended, - where are you going to justify placing such a training ground? How do you plan on conducting it?" Cincinnatus- already knows the answer, but he is leaving you room to adjust if necessary. Good.

"I was planning on a Ludus. As for where it would be, I actually was going to put it out in the middle of an uncontested region that was not too far from a major city, but seeing as there are other city states and other nations they may want a voice, I suppose we could give it a week?" You say and Cincinnatus nods

"Normally that would be quite irregular but seeing as there is a meeting next week here of several leaders and kings I see no reason why it couldn't be appointed at that time. As I was asking Fulgrim, there is one concern that does worry me. That is thus, we have very fragile alliances, some of which hinge on you as a leader. We may have to appoint a replacement." He says, and he is tired. You can tell. He never really wanted politics, and even Trajan was becoming tired of the politicking. Fulgrim looks at and nods to you with a smile of an opponent in the arena after a fair draw - he is letting you deal with the local politics of this because he doesn't want to be involved.
>> We will have to hold elections, and search for good people to be candidates.

>> I will try to pick a suitable replacement for myself, if they need a capable warrior.

>> It looks like the end of our little coalition then, I think as a group we should each find replacements to train and put in our place until a better more stable government is formed from peace if the people so desire.

>> Write in


"They called it Magnus's bluff, but I don't actually think it was. I think he would have actually done it. In fact he probably did do it."
Unknown Historian, Thousand Sons Chapter.


You sneer at the being and begin to slowly walk towards him.

"Why are you so suddenly confident." You concentrate exceptionally hard on the position of the stars, relative to the position to the eye of terror itself, the time, the position on the planet, everything about this exact moment in time. You then using much psychic might and genetic capability burn it into your memory perfectly.

"Because, I now hold superior position over you."

"How, your psycker magic is severally limited, all I have to do is click my fingers and there will be-"

"No. " You say pretending to be bored causing the being named Trazyn to look visibly confused and even frustrated.

" No?"

"You have shown that you can freeze time in place. I have also been informed that your species can time travel utilizing technology." You say stepping right in front of him. They look puzzled.


"Tachyons. My brother has learned how to recreate a Tachyon trap, and is exceptionally skilled at creating devices. Knowing that you have some sort of device to freeze time" and you snatch it from his hand seeing as it is the device that they are holding

"All I have to do is survive any small encounter with you- memorize this device, sketch it and hand it to him. He will then recreate this device, having had an encounter with you before." And comprehension dawns on the being.

"You have no evid-" And suddenly a tear in the warp appears and a great figure in chrome colored armor with black and yellow markings lands right next to you with an exceptionally strange set of devices and one very large rifle. It is perturabo, but older, He has strange metallic devices hooked to the back of his neck a beard and a growth of hair.

"Just as you said- I am to inform you that this can only be performed once, and we will not be able to use time travel like this again due to considerations of the available technology." He then turns to Trazyn and has the most vindictive grin you have ever seen causing the being to shrink back.
"You remember me? The horror you inflicted on that space ship and my friends and brothers?" Perturabo, is frightening and his rifle is trained specifically on Trazyn

"This rifle will not only unmake you- but convert you into energy that I will use to power more weapons that I will use against any of your kind that choose to attack humanity." The rifle hums and glows and Trazyn backpedals wondering why something isn't happening.

"I also disabled your escape route the moment I landed here." Perturabo says

" I now have a different proposal, you flee here, let us take this world and it's technology, and we will pretend this didn't happen." You suggest and the being pauses and clicks its 'teeth'

"That's not the way this is supposed to work. Our forces have a common enemy, it will come. This enemy will be unlike anything you have ever faced before. It doesn't stop and will not stop until this galaxy is consumed of all life. I have been informed that my methods of diplomacy are- not quite to the standard they need be. So I ask for forgiveness, and beg you consider to not look on my kind as hostile in the future when the time comes for us-" And Perturabo looks a bit taken a back and looks to you in a combination of surprise and vague interest he is holding back something, but what?

"What enemy in the galaxy could do such a thing? Force us to unite?"

"They have many names, but they aren't from the galaxy, something, over twenty thousand years ago lead them to leave their own galaxy and flee in this direction, any planet, any life form any biomass they consume. Our kind is immune to them"

"Sounds like you would just wait until they pass, unless you need biomass too."

"We were not always as you see me. We were tricked into this state. Fooled by powerful beings, and blinded by our on hatred and hubris. While our forms are immortal and can reanimate, restructure and repair far more easily- we cannot reproduce. Everyone of us lost is permanently gone. We must return to a biological form, and if the beings remove all biological life we will be unable to be what we once were, or what we potentially could be."

"Sounds like we have the advantage here Necron." Perturabo says

"As a representative of the silent king" Trazyn says, raising his hand and being very calm, you can detect actual honesty and honor in his statements.

"We shall not seek to engage you as an enemy if you do not engage us. When the time comes, that the devourers arrive here, we shall fight against them, and not you. If you choose to fight with us, we shall aid your kind." He says, and you realize this is the only time in history that you have an opportunity for diplomacy that may work.

"Brother a word?" You ask and he shakes his head.

"You in the future inform me not to converse, not to tell you of the future, and not to correct you if you make mistakes." He says. So you say something. That you realize may be a bit more powerful than you thought.

"Brother. You have grown into a mighty hero and great primarch. I trust your judgement. I only hope that you trust the version of myself in the futures appraisal of me and that of fathers." You say.

"Brother, you grow as well. Father and I both give council to your judgement and advice. We just wish you would use the comm more often instead of astral projecting." Perturabo says with a grin eye still trained. And yet- not quite a tale of the future, but - advice. Sound advice.

"Trazyn. You have proven to be treacherous and deceitful. What would make us believe that you would honor such word? Why should we allign with you- even you freely giving us this world and it's device now seems like some trick"

"These planets were noctolith mining worlds. They were in a far flung region of our early empire, while they have some of our technology, no Necrons are on this planet. So I share with you this. " And something almost magical is flung out of a pocket that ravels itself into being. It looks confusing but Perturabo instantly realizes what it is, and remains silent. You pick it up. And it turns itself into a kind of book.

"Those are manuals for some of our devices. Not all of them. If I leave you in peace, will you aid us- and all life in the galaxy as we know it?"

"If fighting this enemy means ensuring the survival of the human race, then my father would demand me do it. He may be hesitant about it, but as his represenative in this case." As you say this Perturabo looks very concerned about this.

"I shall consider a treatise, and present it to him when the time is appropriate- on my honor when the time comes I will discuss it with him, however I know that he would take such a matter into consideration, however as long as yours don't actively attack or deal with us, and do not stand in our path of our crusade across the stars, I don't see why we would attack you if weren't actively dealing with us." You say and Trazyn gives a curious look but Perturabo gives the smallest of of signs, a slight curl in the lip and a twinkle in his eyes.

"So you are proposing a non aggression pact that is one sided in favor of your species?" Trazyn would spit if his body was capable of such a thing.

"No. I am saying you crusade and reclaim your worlds in a general way that allows you to reclaim things away from us- allowing you to maintain strength even in front of your king, afterall, if we don't have to actually deal with your kind, why should we waste precious resources in attacking something that isn't relevant to us. I am sure the same would apply to you."

"So a mutual treatise to look the other way- and not get caught by the other." Trazyn says

"It would be a lot easier to know when to end such a treaty, knowing when such a host would arrive and to formalize said treaty would be a more ideal scenario." You say and then Trazyn looks directly to you and nods, almost grinning.
"Four hundred years. That would be a good time to start such discussion, as the actual scouting group arrives, random vagrants are already present in the galaxy, but they are incapable of being what sends them here. Five hundred years from now, they arrive. I assume 100 years is good enough time to prepare and have forces ready on your end?" Trazyn says.

"It would. Four hundred years also gives us time to strengthen and gain enough territory to empower us to deal with what may come next." You say and Trazyn nods.

"Then this agreement to formalize a treaty in the future, and a not pact of mutual avoidance is valid." Trazyn says and then seems a bit shocked briefly. Then smiles

"And with that, this world is yours. Please take care of it, I was fond of this particular mining world. It would be terrible if it was destroyed by any future adversary." Trazyn says then disappears.

"Did I do right?" You ask Perturabo briefly as your men begin to be able to move again.

"I was told that I was not to inform you of the reach of your actions, as they may alter the future, as you memorize this day so thoroughly, however you did authorize me one hint and one absolute truth. You may have gotten the hint. In any case you should tell father of this as soon as possible, I would do it privately and make sure to maintain confidence. I only tell you this absolute truth because the only thing that would make logical sense to how certain things occur are that you did so." Perturabo says and then looks at a device on his gauntlet

"I must go. Brother know that you are cared for, and that you do have friends." Perturabo says and is gone in a flash of light.

"Primarch Magnus! What just happened." Azhek Arihiman asks.

>> Grab the device, secure this world I must talk with my father now.

>> Secure the treasures inside this world, including this. We continue on to the next step of the campaign.

>> Explain to them everything as it happened. There is no real need for secrecy. They witnessed everything but were unable to do anything. Then from there secure the device and contact your father.

>> Write in
The next two long other primarch posts, will be Konrad Kurze and Lorgar Aurelian.

Then Kolinaisi gets to deal with yet another C'Tan
>> We will have to hold elections, and search for good people to be candidates.
>> Explain to them everything as it happened. There is no real need for secrecy. They witnessed everything but were unable to do anything. Then from there secure the device and contact your father.
> I will try to pick a suitable replacement for myself, if they need a capable warrior.

> Explain to them everything as it happened. There is no real need for secrecy. They witnessed everything but were unable to do anything. Then from there secure the device and contact your father.
>> It looks like the end of our little coalition then, I think as a group we should each find replacements to train and put in our place until a better more stable government is formed from peace if the people so desire.
Seems like the beginning of a planetary governorship, and as this is a SM recruitment world, their should always be a marine delegate overlooking operations.

>> Grab the device, secure this world I must talk with my father now.
Future matters should be kicked up the chain first, before down to the rest of the legion
>> It looks like the end of our little coalition then, I think as a group we should each find replacements to train and put in our place until a better more stable government is formed from peace if the people so desire.
>> Grab the device, secure this world I must talk with my father now.
Of all the things in that book- Konrads fate was the darkest. It was the most divergent. To see him now, in comparison, his legion. Similar yes- but the same- no. If ever was there anyone that fate- that destiny- could be fought, he would be on the top of the list.


Konnrad strode to the podium. To him, it was odd. He didn't want to be a charismatic leader. He had his friends and allies help with the speech. To him, he was and there to bring justice. Swift, justice, and if need be brutal. To right the wrongs. To undo what had been done for 10,000 years. As he strode his friends gave him slight and nervous approval. He had seen the future after the speech, but not the speech itself. The pain of the vision was unlike any before. It was him walking down the podium. The future for the planet was bright, at least for now. There were changes. One small change, just once not following the vision when he was younger had caused a butterfly effect. Things were different, still the further in the future, not much had changed. But still the fact that the visions would shift occasionally- this was something that he only experienced when he was a child. He saw a dark future, if he followed the one path, but if he took the other- there was some hope.

He read the script, he opened his mouth, and spoke the first bit. It did not feel - right. So he paused. And put down the script.

"Citizens of Nostromo. This was not an easy path. For any of us. What had to be done to get here- the amount of death, the blood on my hands visible for all to see." He said and looked out on the crowd

"Justice. It isn't always easy. It isn't always as simple as chiding a child for a lie. In the past, my thoughts were that the only way to save this planet would have been to instute only one punishment for every crime" He said and the crowd looked concerned.

"A reign of terror. A peace made upon a mountain of skulls a long a river of blood in a dead city berefit of light. But I saw more! I saw potential. There was good in people on this planet! And while the darkness was powerful it could be defeated. It didn't have to be a twisted dark future where the only safety was that in the knowledge of instant and swift death for all criminals! We rooted out the corruption, destroyed the vile rot, and brought justice to murderers. I have been through much to get to this day." He said tired. Those there would say he may have seen something, with how he looked. The next words would change everyone.
"But so has everyone here! Every reformed gangster. Every former prostitute. Every honest man in a city built on lies, every innocent child terrified for their former life, every mother who lived in border line poverty just to provide for their child! Every man woman and child standing here among we few - who have decided that we don't have to live in crime ridden hell of a planet! Those who wanted a future, where a child didn't have to duck under las fire to go to a school, those who wanted to be able to have clean water without having to bribe the guards of the water barons, those who just wanted to live in a city not worrying about being mugged- look at where you are! Where we stand was once the most nightmarish hell of a slum! My home! I came from here! I was raised here by an honest woman, who was just trying to live a normal life! Look at it now! We are standing out, and not in fear for our life!" He said as a bolter fire pierced the crowds silent to shock and horror, but before there was screams Konrad stepped aside the podium.

"And even still there are those who cling to the old ways! And yet here I stand! Defiantly at those who think that their ways would lead to the submission of the masses!" He spoke and the crowd now shifted to look upon the shooter. Frozen in their tracks.

"You seek to kill me? For what? For the city I rebuilt? For the slum lords and slavers who died at my very hands? Vengeance for some slight? For what charge do you so believe I deserve the death penalty? What audacious thing have I done that that deserves capital retribution beyond the law! Speak up! I believe in justice most of all! I will hear your charge!" Konrad said loudly and the crowd seemed to be in a state, changed.

"I swear revenge! My oath! My rage! My pride! You destroyed everything! How many innocent lives died when you leveled the north block with that atomic device?! HOW MANY!" He shouted and Konrad was before him.

His face was not hot rage. Not cold cruelty. Not fickle whims or calculations. It was not vacant. It was an expression only those closest had seen before.

"None. Not a one. I evacuated every single honest man, woman and child. Anyone who was innocent of any wrong doing from there."

"HOW MANY DIED." The man demanded.

"20,432. Everyone of them deserved that. Or worse. " He spoke and his expression was more of sorrow.

"AND EVERYONE A CRIMINAL. REALLY?!" He spoke. The audience seemed to some how have concerns and fear.

"Yes. The most heinous. The most horrible. Unrepentant murderers. Rapist. Human Traffickers. Gang lords. And far darker crimes I don't need to speak. Every last person there was guilty."

File: mgqz7h8svek41.jpg (213 KB, 1682x1914)
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"Monitoring. Observation. Sacrifice. Work. Not sleeping for days. I did not set off any atomics, until I knew, for certain that the fatal area would be cleared. That that island of calamity would be leveled only when every last person who was not worthy of such destruction was gone. Your concerns are valid. Who did you lose."


"Tell me their names." Konrad spoke. And when he spoke the names, there were some looks of horror. Some of disgust. And some of even a further sadness.

"And yet you stand. Tell me why?"

"They sent me away! They said I wasn't good enough! They said I was untrustworthy! Not worthy of our clan!"

"Why?" And it was barely a whisper. And Konrad listened. The crowd stood nearby. Then Konrad spoke.

"If you feel, that I deserve to die, then do it. If you still feel wronged by me- if you feel that I didn't pursue justice. ANY OF YOU." Konrad shouted loudly

"Then take your justice! I am all for it. But if we are to fall to petty squabbling, then perhaps we are not deserving of what could be. But if you can give an honest reason that I deserve to die- then do it. I open up my arms gladly to see you do it! I have seen my death before! I do not believe it to be here! But if you want to make me a liar, or feel that my vision is wrong- then go on!" He said. And the man turned and he rapidly punched Kurze. And repeated. With a knife. Kurze looked down on them and let them do it.

"Does it give you peace? Do you feel justice has been served?" Konrad asked in a quiet tone.

"It still feels wrong."

"The actions of others can leave holes in the lives of others. I took away something from you- but tell me, what did those who sent you away take? What little holes have they put in you- like you have put in me?" Konrad asked.

The man pulled out the knife and dropped it.

"I will not seek to charge you, or find you guilt. I will try to find you a place to live, if you need one." Kurze said.

"I am fine. I just want to be made whole." The man spoke.

"We will try to find that. But I cannot bring them back, and part of me feels that wouldn't make you whole either." Konrad spoke and the man nodded. He walked off. The crowd that had gathered was silent.

"I will only pursue justice. I expect the same of all of you when dealing with me. We have rebuilt here. The city, the world is a better place. If there is any other of you whom I have wronged step forward!" Konrad shouted.
File: empsagin.jpg (119 KB, 640x800)
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"I." A voice like thunder spoke, yet it was calm as a being clad in gold and light strode towards him as the audience was in awe.
The lord of Terra had found Nostromo.

"Your claim." Konrad spoke as everyone knelt. Konrad still stood.

"That you would potentially throw away a life of a son so recklessly before the father was to meet them." The Emperor said, and in a rare act- he hugged Konrad.

"You are, early?" Konrad spoke surprised, for one of the rare moments in his life.

"I am son."

>> The emperor spoke with Konrad for a day and a night while they made plans for the rest of the crusade, knowing full well of Konrads gift, hoping it would reveal to him what he thought was true.

>> The emperor offered his son a precious gift. Time. Take care of what he needed, then he could join the crusade with his legion.

>> He asked what his son what he wanted first to do.

>> Write in.
> The emperor offered his son a precious gift. Time. Take care of what he needed, then he could join the crusade with his legion.
he needs to bring order to his world.
>a year to get his affairs' in order.
>> The emperor offered his son a precious gift. Time. Take care of what he needed, then he could join the crusade with his legion.
Nostromo needs some more time to rebuild and reorganize.
>>> The emperor offered his son a precious gift. Time. Take care of what he needed, then he could join the crusade with his legion.

Emps could really do giving the future sight speach as well. The whole nothing is set in stone until its done affair.


"Brother I think this risk is unacceptable!" Sullah, one of the engineer comrades you have made during this long process spoke out first. He was right. There was a huge risk.

"And it's the only way! This ship was designed for this! We have the schematics, unless we want slave labor and be hypocrites or to waste EVEN MORE LIVES and risk going into the unexplored void where not only nobody returns from but the life sign detectors go off the charts and I don't even have any idea what the fuck they are! They are not people!"


You rarely fought. You were built for it. You preferred to reason, and make peace. Not fight. You had enough enemies. But

"The risk is unacceptable." You say.

"W-What do you intend."

"I will handle it." You say and they look at you.

"No! Absolutely not! You cannot! We need you to keep the peace and rally the men! You are-"

"The only one strong enough to go down there." You say as you walk outside and grab some of the Jezzails and the strange mace.

The 'mace' was a scientific marvel yet built for destruction. An energy weapon unlike any built before, it can effect gravity itself. And the only real reason it's yours, is because- well you are the only one who can pick it up. It was thought to actually be an engine part, or some other critical ship infrastructure. No. Not a single thing any blue print. This was purpose built. It could fire a strange beam, or be swung around. And yet it's strikes altered gravity. It wasn't your strength- no it was the weapon. And yet- it was still just the strange mace. You grab the night vision goggles, the thermal detector and - the repurposed heavy loader suit, that was specifically used for protection. It was crude armor, but crude armor was needed for some parts of the ship. Simply to not die in a work accident, even with your body- getting cut in half by a falling I beam 15 meters wide was real.

Fortunately, not as many people died as estimated would from construction because of the precautions. At first they didn't want to take them, but you insisted. Granted you had to make most of the crude precautionary things, as well do most of the work first.

With some of the climbing gear you look to your friends. You give them a smile, and you walk to steep climb down.

Getting to the bottom, isn't that long. It's exceptionally dangerous- which is why nobody does it- but it isn't that long.

There with vision you are able to see a stark vision. Human bodies. Some still barely alive.
And very large. Very Strange looking Xenos. They are of varying sizes, they look crafted for combat. Sharp edges, tails and teeth. Upon seeing you they sluggishly rouse themselves and make strange noises.

Are they communicating?

You realize that they are- as a very large one lumbers towards you.

You spring to action. You charge and swing the powerful mace knocking away multiple of the xenos, instantly killing at least three. This seems to alert more, and yet more come and die. You use the beam weapon in the mace upon the larger one hobbling it to lower on the ground where you are able to step up and cave it's head in. The beasts go into a mad frenzy with it's death, and seem less coordinated. The beast you killed probably helped with that. Which is when you hear the louder chittering and screeching you are not surprised.

Each one that steps up tries to claim you as victim, each one trying to get a scratch in. Each one dying. Each one faltering. The time passes- violently. At first it seems like waves, then it's a swarm. Then finally the largest one comes. It's much larger than you. It's about 15m tall. You are not scared about the beast. You are scared about the support elements and where this came from what part of the ship could store this, and if it damaged anything.

It makes a loud pseudo roar and strikes at you. You let it hit the armor to test it's strength. The armor is stronger, but, it would not be a good idea to test it any more. Using all strength and agility that you gained from helping assemble the ship you are able to quickly scale the beast and start slamming the mace against it's head. It attempts to swipe at you, it fails each time. It takes multiple hits to take it down, and something tells you it's not really fighting at it's best. It's as if it is getting warmed up. Relearning to fight.

This wasn't in the texts. Somethings wrong. Either this was what caused the ship to crash, or these landed on the planet, and were nesting in the ship. Neither are good options. So you quickly work to kill the monster. With a crushing blast from the mace and a direct slam to it's crown it falls.

You tie the survivors to you and you make the perilous climb up.

A small crowd has gathered.

"Now it is safe for exploration." You say and there is some laughter.

A few days go by, and you are lucky that you did go. The structural damage in the lower levels would have had a cascading failure had the ship gone up.

The damage has taken days to repair.

The work, is finally done. The ship is ready.

Two days go by- The first test clearing the atmosphere is a success. The second test of a small warp jump, is also a success. It also proves that those with a third eye were indeed suited for this task.

Now the council, has one last decision to make.

One last choice.

Do your people offer those of this planet from the cities a chance to leave?

Do you just take your people and leave?

Which side of the debate do you take?

>> Take any who wish to go from the cities, risking potential attacks from those sworn to the religious orders and destruction of the only way off.

>> Leave, risking leaving those behind who do not wish to live under the thumb of such a cruel system or religion.

>> Write in
> Leave, risking leaving those behind who do not wish to live under the thumb of such a cruel system or religion.

>we can not risk those who would come under false pretext or those who might try and sabotage the ship in the name of their gods or for their own power.

>> Leave, risking leaving those behind who do not wish to live under the thumb of such a cruel system or religion.

I really hope those critters were not gene stealers. Though they shouldnt be in the galaxy yet.
> Leave, risking leaving those behind who do not wish to live under the thumb of such a cruel system or religion.
Remember to look at our wardrobe to see if any jeans were stolen.
>> Leave, risking leaving those behind who do not wish to live under the thumb of such a cruel system or religion.

>> The emperor offered his son a precious gift. Time. Take care of what he needed, then he could join the crusade with his legion.
Not-canon Emprah is best emprah. This is the guy who flipped off everyone and said you're working to my schedule. Koli's done some good here with golden boy.

>> Take any who wish to go from the cities, risking potential attacks from those sworn to the religious orders and destruction of the only way off.

Let's leave Colchis to the zealots and save who Lorgar can with the tyranid-infested ark.
Does he have a flamethrower to finish the job?
I'll switch to support this if lorgar has weapons to fight the tyranids

Lorgar would.

The great work of centuries, a millennia even was finally to come to a close. This day, the final mission in relation to the biological reclamation project would commence. It wouldn't even be a collection. It would be mere reconnaissance. So long as the local population was still a healthy and stable control group on the planet, it may work. The Triarchy and the Silent King would reward the effort.

The long mission under the careful guidance of Illuminor Szeras had been remarkable, they had been able to conduct pseudo biotransference from humans of a certain species to a demi necron. They didn't have the reanimation protocols, and they weren't able to to be made of living metal- but that's simply because the right alloy hadn't been discovered for this process, and could theoretically be added later.

The beings were perfect. They were astoundingly suited for going against Orks, Eldar, the Swarm, and psychic races. And since after long study, enough of a population was found to reliably genetically engineer the host species to regularly produce a host that would be ideal for the process.

Furthermore- the human form was exceedingly similar to Necrontyr form before genetic devolution that had occurred due to the cancerous suns of the original worlds. Since humans were closer than eldar host bodies this made it ideal. With one notable exception that was being tested as a trial run elsewhere in the galaxy that was too close (their lifespan was abysmally short and their genetics had issues that reeked of old one tampering or something similar) to the Necrontyr original form. The Human form- this Pariah Strain - was ultimately ideal especially due to the biological adaptation that allowed them to study the more ethereal nature of biology.. Namely the soul. Szeras had even taken almost all the Pariah forms back with him, leaving only the one with the biomantic metal that seemed to be working.

If this middle form could be mastered, there could theoretically be a way back.

After the Swarm was dealt with

And the Orks

And the Eldar.

And whatever uppity new race was coming along.

All that had to be done was fine a more suitable metal for the reanimation protocols. One that could be replicated.

Fortunately the planet had that.

A biological metal, that was present in almost all the living organisms. Something that there was significant quantity of in the life on the planet, that a simple trip with the C'Tan shard would solve. No need for an advanced team. Sure there were the warnings from Trazyn about 'dealing with humans of exceptionally large sizes' and 'not killing the crucial chain in the sequence' according to Orrikan. Then there was Szeras and their rule of 'not harming the thing that could reverse biotransference.' which would happen!
No human would be harmed on this mission. Not even captured. Just a small scale percentile based reaping on animals based on the content of the biological metal, and capture of the largest specimen to understand how to replicate it so that the biological metal can more perfectly bond with the pariah forms. This part was crucial. If the 'Necron' Pariahs could have reanimation protocols on beings with a high enough proportion of engram conditioning it would logically follow there is a biological design that would be able to be reverse engineered to suit the Necrons- who would return to the glorious necrontyr form. Free of cancer. With all their intelligence and capacity- now with true empathy and a form to match.

They could make all the temporary alliances they wanted- in the end the galaxy would be theirs alone.


Oh. The Tesseract labryinth of the C'Tan shard had to be connected first to open it, and it had to be at the correct hour.

The locals thought that the shard was 'Death', and thus at this point they were used to it. It allowed the being to operate on a smaller scale, if they expected the being it would be easier to walk through. It allowed for the gathering of intelligence that had already occurred.
The hour was noted.

The portal was opened by biocryptek Gaursan and the second they went through they realized the terrible mistake that had just been made.


"Why won't you-" The being said as it looked upon the assembled host. It was a motley bunch. It wasn't the normal villagers. There were oddities. Then it became apparent.

This was a defense force. There were two great metal beings in the shape similar to bioforms, both with massive hulking weapons. They would be a problem, the C'Tan shard being used wasn't that concentrated. It was enough for almost all scenarios, it should be enough for such rabble, but something was causing the shard to malfunction.

C'Tan don't Malfunction unless in the presensence of a greater shard that was seeking to unify with it...

The power. It was there. It wasn't exactly something that could be felt, but it was there. There was an incredible power here. It was calling to the C'tan shard. Where the power was- disturbing.

Very Large humans. Like the ones from Trazyn's report.

Not LIKE the ones. THE ONES. Trazyn needed to know now- he had to be contacted immediately. But The communications device was jammed! Something was preventing communications on his end! He had to think fast. He readied his Lance and aimed his well earned Tacheyon Arrow. He would not be defeated here by such a force. He would take back the samples needed to the Silent King. He would be a hero and valued asset to the Triarhcy.
The largest Human, the one that was mostly in human natural form, with limited coverings was faster than optical detection tracking. He was behind him before he could even arm the Arrow!

He was being held up in one arm by the being it was as strong as it was fast and large!

He needed to act fast. He activated his reconfiguration protocols and fell apart briefly, only to be together once more a moment later. It was risky but it worked.

"Huh. Gotta Admit- never saw that before." The being said. Why wouldn't the shard help?! He aimed the Tachyon arrow at the being and once again the beings speed proved to great a barrier to overcome.

"I think I know what this.. This thing accelerates sumthin really dense really fast. Not nice to aim that at someones head." He said once again gripping. Reconfiguration protocols. Reassembly protocols.

"Are ya really just gonna fall apart everytime I grab ya?! I brought my whole crew, my bruddah and family! This is embarassing they laughin over here! My stoat could handle- wait." The being whistles and one of the fauna appears nearby, in some sort of technomantic rigging. The other being makes a bark and motions, the beast charges forth. It's fast, too fast to accurately track with a weapon like the Tachyon arrow. Switching to melee defensive protocols.

The being runs up you, and is hard to hit- and each swipe seems to only goad it- and make it work harder. The beings in the distance are making quite a bit of noise something you haven't heard before. A distraction! The beast has stolen your weapon and taken it to it's foul human master! You call to your scarabs and - nothing. It's

"Cap! It worked! He's Locked out form the portal! The crab was right!" The small human says. Crab? You stare at a small creature in a ball.

It is no crab.

It is a multi faceted transcendent C'Tan shard augmented by some unknown technology to make it a being of absolutely incredible power. That's why your shard will not work. It is attempting to commune with a larger more powerful shard. While the flesh samples would be nice, this would be a greater reward, the silent king has sought this being personally, but you thought it was only a rumor. You adjust your protocols to move fast and run to grab the 'crab in the ball.' You lunge for it and the shard of the nightbringer.

"Oi." You get grabbed.

"Not yours." The destruction is almost complete, but you reanimate hours later in your crypt. Far longer than normal. Then you look about. It's gone.

What's gone?

>> The C'Tan Shard.

>> The working pariah genomodel

>> Your tech lab

>> Nothing? How odd..

>> The Tachyon Arrow and your Staff

>> Write in
>> The Tachyon Arrow and your Staff
would give koli and old man some nice research material on what the volcano could be used for other than just the warp suppressing tattoo's
> The C'Tan Shard.
Gotta catch'em all
>> The working pariah genomodel
>The working pariah genomodel
"I am still havin trouble believin that Erihapti did all the hard work in that fight." Old Man Martin says as you step into the lab.

"I still can't believe ya givin me the business when we get- well" Ya say lookin at the being. It gives ya the heebee jeebies as ya da would say, and not really anything does that. It's just unsettling. Martin can barely tolerate it. The girls practically had a panic attack when ya pulled it out of the portal.

"Aye. It's a thing. So ya lads comin down to this planet or not?" Martin says.

"They have established comms, they said that officially they have to cleanse the outer planet of the system first. Which is apparently problem, cuz it's a big gas giant with many moons, and rings, and apparently it's where some of the Aeldari were staging raids from. I mean we shudda gone to it, but I figured it-

"Yeah Ancient Terra actually had a ship that warp jumped before they visited pluto, granted that voyage was cursed and nobody knows what the blazes happened to it. Not even me. It freakin exited the galaxy from what we could tell at the time. Nobody ever used that drive after that and it's methodology was lost. Unlike this. We will figure it out lad." Martin says grimacing at it.

"Is that part of it? That it naturally causes anything slightly human a bit of dread?"

"Blanks have powerful effects on humans anyways. Even more so psykers. But this- it cranks it to eleven mate. Worse. They used the soul metal on it, so ya it gunna be worse. I imagine they were gonna try to get enough soul metal to complete it. Look it aint a solid alloy, there are various alloys. Why? Not sure yet. Though you need to get to studies, I didn't give ya those gifts for nuthin." Martin says.

"Ya, I am. I am here too. But what other fields should I explore really? There is a whole galaxy out there old man"

"Ya. And I will be with ya for it no matta what. I owe ya da that much." Martin says.

"Why that? "

"I promised ya father, as long as I live, I will care aobut ya. He just didn't know you were immortal, or that I was, he just new I was a man of my word. Not to mention I promised Jerah that I'd teach ya to be good at what I can."

"Sounds like ya got ya work cut out for ya." Ya say with a laugh and the old man chuckles. It eases the tension.

"Ya comin to Roboutes party?" Ya ask.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world. Ya lettin him take one of the bigger ships home, and ya lettin the space farers go with him? It's a bit of a risk aint it?"

"Not really. When my sons come here they will have navigators, and if needed I can always use the A.T.E, and maybe talk to our "guests" who have remarkedly been really good at hidin from my sons despite ridin around on them big ol genetically modified goats of yours."
"Eh. They smart. I almost wanna have em help me with this, I figure if ya communicate with em they may be able to figure out something. I only have a few ideas on what to do here, one is usin some Enuncia, and even then that only works if you know exactly what ya doin. The other, is- well using some remainin alloy, complete em, and see what the hell happens, there is so much machine to it honestly it's closer to our -" The old man stops and looks at you then squints and cringes.


"I think I have a way that may work. I don't like it though."

"It's worse than ya warpin the fabric of reality by sayin magic words or usin that soul metal?"

"I think I may have to use the later anyway. But-"

"But what?"

"Thing is demi mechanical, made from a metal. Ya and UR can do somethin I can't. If ya make somethin to-" Oh. That. Somethin ya been meaning to talk with UR about, something you haven't had time to do, and something that worries ya.

"What if it wakes up and attempts to kill us? "

"I will help." a small voice says

"As will I" UR speaks.

And UR, with their new companion has walked in.

"This isn't some trick to get me to use you?" You ask.

"No. The fact that I get to experience the world around me with complete freedom with not actually interacting with it directly is interesting. And Unleashing me upon the fabric of reality while exciting, doesn't seem so fun after communing with and absorbing a lesser shard. I imagine upon release as I am in this new state it may be more complicated than initial analysis would indicate, on the other hand I the lesser shard was so enthralled by my power that it communicated with me instantly wishing to be part of something so glorious, which is unusual considering how the shards of my various past life are. Though I imagine I cannot absorb many other shards before I undergo another more convoluted transformation. But I think I understand the gist of what he is saying. You want us to power the conduit throne, put that bioform on it, and try to either animate or reanimate it- in a way similar to the soul forges of old. The thing is, it is living. Calling it out shouldn't be that difficult with knowledge of it, despite you two being at this for multiple days."

"If it's so easy why don't you do it?" The old man says with a chuckle.
"Well, aside from form, there is a sort of locking protocol with it. Unlocking that protocol, would cause either it's old memories to return, or new memories to form, which in it's current state may actually overdrive it's sensors putting it back into a coma. You would have to preform some level of machine surgery on it to make it more suited to it's form, though yes it would require the additional metal to be completed, and I imagine there isn't enough for it." The scary box now crab in a ball says. Ya really need to come up with a name for it that's quick cuz it's full name is horrible enough. Roboute gives ya enough guf every time ya say his planet or his name. Ur steps forward.

"We could use the the throne, it would allow us to do the surgery, though Kolinaisi's skills maybe good enough, though if you started now, I don't know how long it would take. " Ur says.

"I do, and if ya want to make ya brothers goin away party I'd imagine it would be better to start now on it." Old Man Martin says then pulling out something

"What about the extra-" ya ask and ya see him pull out a whole beam of the metal.

"Don't ask." He says

"And if this doesn't work?" Ya ask knowing that there aint been anything like this ever done."

"Well then we have a fully living metal brain dead blank with metal biological body that will likely have to be kept in storage away from anyone besides us because of how powerfully dissonant it's pariah gene is. Just being around it- even with you lad- is like enduring a constant psychic scream. The best option is shooting it into a sun and putting it out of it's misery. We had to use it on my ship just so that way the girls weren't upset by it." Martin says.

"And the soul metal will make it worse?"

"Lad- it will cause resonance with it. That's how it works. I'd have to make some ennunciatic warding of a noctolith embued metal just for it to walk out of here. If it can walk. I understand- we agreed we would try to save this humans life, and try to get it back to humanity. But, I am not sure how that is even possible, it-"

"They are trying to reverse biotransference. The only way that would be possible is if they could completely biotransference that pariah to living metal, however they haven't completed it. The only way you could finish this- is by completing the work they wanted to do- if it's even possible. In short- you may be able to save it's mind and it, by completing it, if it's mind is even intact. However, reversal of that from that form, to it's previous form, may be impossible. I am recalling the ship of thesus story from information banks." The Crab Ball says and Old Man Martin sighs, then looks at UR.

"There may be a rare opportunity here to give UR a body here." Old Man Martin says- and you know the dire thing he is talking about. If the mind is gone- this actually could be a form for UR. Something, somewhat- like a human but-

"We could make a false skin some muscle some sinew, it would be a form of sorts. I could use this as a sort of skeletal structure- we could upload UR-"


"Aye! If they are not- then of course we save the life. " The Old Man say. It is a dire idea, yet UR would finally be able to have some modicum of an appearance outside a coat of armor- and the additional AI parts that you have gained on your journey would actually help with it. If it wasn't so weird how this is.

"That's if I want to." UR points out.

"Of course friend. It's your choice. But we need to do this either now or tomorrow after Roboute leaves." The Old Man says nodding.

>> Tomorrow- no need to do something so dire before a party for ya bruddah.

>> Now. Who knows what tomorrow brings right?

>> Nah. We do it after the party, then sleep in
After this there is going to be a little bit of speed towards the end. Next thread is a new chapter: and a whole new phase.
>> Tomorrow- no need to do something so dire before a party for ya bruddah.
> Tomorrow- no need to do something so dire before a party for ya bruddah.
>> Tomorrow- no need to do something so dire before a party for ya bruddah.
>Invite ur to the party
>Now, so ur can go to the party and be done with it

>Tomorrow if this will not allow ur to attend the party later
"wait till tomorrow. We got a party, time to rest, cooler heads." Ya say and Martin nods.

"Aya. Too much excitement. Ya comin to UR?" The Old Man asks and URs display lights up with a smile and he nods.

"I shall." UR's voice is more expressive.

You take ya board back to the mainland. It's fast as a GEV at this range and Martin is just gonna take is wind rider anyways. When you get back on land, the girls are still a bit shaken. Even ya lads, the ones from Pariah island (they actually seem the most shaken up) are worried.

"What- what is that thing? Do you really need to keep it?" Meera asks. The fact that Erihapti didn't come with you to is also an ill omen.

"We need to try to- heal it. Fix it. Something. It being in that state isn't right." You say, and there is a stern countanence.

"Let's not think about it. C'mon. We got plenty of other things to do. We got the party, Roboute's gift, the armor for them which is finally done, "

"You can't just keep us distracted from that with all that's going on. We are powerful enough in psykana that we can feel it through whatever warding the old man has on his ship. I got a message from Auntie. She had a seizure the second that thing was taken out of the portal. It- feels so wrong I haven't been able to do anything- psychically since it got here." And while it doesn't seem like much to you- their glamour is gone and the lads can tell. Granted ya could see through that the whole time, as can anyone with the big man tats, but ya think Roboute can too. Seeing as Gella aint here but is walkin the beach with him off in the distance.

"I will do what is right, and I will do what I can Deliah. Y'all important to me. Ya some of my best mates. Closer to me than any other really. The fact this thing hurts yall so much it worries me. I will be workin on it tomorrow. After the party, after roboute leaves."

"Which Gella is goin with him." Delia says.

"So- it is allowed?" Ya ask.

"The witches of the island must provide you an honor guard, they are honor bound to do so- however your lifespan, per discussions with the crone and Master Chief over there- have revealed that it would be almost impossible for us to do that without significant bio modification and psykana we don't have, maybe if the old man shared his secret." Delia says as Martin puts down his board.

"My secret is not being normal. Giving y'all life extensions to match Koli is going to be a bit harder. Not sayin it can't be done, but y'all have to know what ya'd be gettin into. I am gonna go work on my part of the party." Martin says to ya and ya nod lettin him walk off towards the main settlement to help with the cookin.

"We have time ladies, lets try to salvage this day. I am sure y'all weren't mopin round all day?" And it honestly looks like they were. You put ya arms around them and walk with them a little ways and they feel a bit better the further they get from the ship. Yana smiles at ya

"I'm really happy I have been gettin to spend some time knowin da and ma." She says and ya nod back.

"They really happy too."

"It's so surreal, I meet ya, found out I have family- and I don't have to be alone. That I have a brother and family." She says and it brings a smile to you. Deliah pauses as you get closer to the settlement and looks over the ocean and sighs.

"You really have paradise here. The naming of it bitter shoals, is still so confusing."

"That's because we wanted to stop foreigners and invaders from comin all this way to do dumb things." Jerah says with a smile comin out of the jungle with a haul of tree crabs.

"Don't ya have someone else to be doin that?" Ya ask him and he chuckles

"Not if I want it done right! " Jerah says and - he got a good point.

Ya get to the village, and while the party hasn't started, it is a time of celebration. Many people are smilin and happy, exchanging gifts. Frank even isn't that dour with his clinging on ya cuz, or maybe she is clinging on him. Tough to ponder there. Rongo slowly comes over.

"So all the preperations are done. Here are the list of people goin with Roboute. Only a few, same as the men stayin to be chain breakers. Callin it a 'cultural exchange' and Roboute is hopin his da aint gonna be mad at him. If ya look-"

"Ya names on the list."

"Yuh. We went over this earlier, no surprise, I'm gonna see how it is- and come back." He says, and to be honest, Rongo has grown as much as you as a person.

"Aya Rongo, whoever gonna be quartermaster gonna have some huge shoes to fill."

"I thought ya wouldn't make a joke about my feet when I am leavin."

"I had to get a last one in." Ya say tradin grips with him and pattin him on the back

Ya brother finally comes back from his walk.

"Gella wanted to inform you that-"

"Yall goin away together." You say with a smirk.

"No actually, she said she wanted to inform you that you should really get that thing ya took from the portal into orbit." Roboute says mimicking her accent terribly well and chuckles a bit.

"Ya ready to really surf?"

"How can I say no?"

"Ya cant."

The two of you surf for a while, actually with how good the day is, a lot of people are. It isn't crowded, per say, but they be a lot of people on the waves, including all the girls, Nasi, Ya Da, Ya Ma, Rongo, the Old Man, and even Frank, though he is still a big grommit.

The gong rings when the food is startin to be prepared.

"Brother you have an idyllic life here."

"I keep hearin that."

"Yet I have heard the stories of the sea monsters, the hard times that were, the hurricanes, the starve offs. The actual mountains of jetsam and flotsam. You have done quite a lot here, you built this paradise."

"I just want to see my people thrive, not just survive." Ya tell him and he nods.
"And you throw me a party. I am starting to wonder if I even want to go back home, but there are many responsibilities. And I am certain our mutual father will find my world soon. It would be better he find me there on it, than with me gone."

"Aye. Also ya best take care of ya own. Lotta politickin on that world."

"You have no idea. What are these gifts I heard of you giving me and my men?"

"Just some armor. And some food. And maybe a knight." Ya say, knowin full well it's things he'll need. Ya'd give him a bigger ship if ya had one.

"You really have my best concerns at heart."

"I hope so."

"Thank you." Roboute says.

The party goes off, without a hitch. The food is flawless. There is singing. Dancing. General fun. Everyone seems to have forgotten about all the horrors that have happened not too long ago- if for a brief moment. Ya slip off with Meera for just a minute to near the woods. Nothin impropa. Ya aint married. Ya don't even know if she wants to- rules and rites are important, but also it's just the right thing.

"Koli" She says and ya look over to her.

"You have been one of the nicest, big hearted men I have ever met. This time, even before you started courting me has been the adventure of a life time, and with you it has been the best time of my life. Being a companion in your honor guard has been the greatest privileges of my life. And seeing you grow as a person, and overcoming adversity- seeing what you have done to this world in such a short time, and how you have improved the lives of others- I have considered your courting-" Oh.

"I would be honored to share my life with you." She says having accepted your courtin.


They were his primarchs. They were demigods made of humanity and warpstuff, the finest genecraft and biologis. Yet. Some where more human than others.


You have the rare opportunity here dear readers and questers. The only way it got to this point was if you chose Roboutes party tonight, after stealing the Pariah, and after so long ago unlocking so many other options. This is your sort of reward.

You can choose if Kolinaisi chooses to get engaged now, wait, keep their love secret, however you want to do it. If Kolinaisi loves her and decides that he doesn't want to endanger her life and it gets enough votes? It's chosen. You don't want the romance option? That's fine too.

I never saw the story taking the route it did.

Here we are.

Your options are thus.

You get a write in. The one with the most votes wins.
>Get engaged with her in secret and announce it after the party
>>it's not your party after all.
>Ge engaged tomorrow. Don't steal Bob's thunder.
"Meerah, I love you. It's Robos night. Let's not spoil it for im. We tell our family after he leaves." Ya say. She hugs you and holds on to you for dear life. She is tall enough that it is possible for you to look to her, but ya lean down and lift her up anyways.

You both walk back to camp.

You linger with Roboute. He confides in you that he has had the time of his life.

The pair of you talk a little before dawn, till he goes off to his camp.

As the embers of the fire in the camp crackle, you walk back to your hut- which has now turned into a somewhat respectable shed, or at least that's what it would be considered since it has hardened walls. You go in to find someone replaced your hammock with an actual bed.

A really big bed.

But still a bed. You chuckle a little, wondering who managed to sneak a bed to ya without you noticing and flop on the bed, which causes Erihapti to stir nearby in an equally impressive stoat bed. About three minutes later, Meerah sneaks in and lies next to you. She doesn't do anything forward except peck ya on the cheek before sleeping in ya arm.

Your internal clock goes off. You need less sleep then Meerah, so you sneak out quietly and go to the muster point. Everything- goes off without a hitch.

Your brother comes up- gives ya a hug.

You both promise to see each other soon.

And he and his men, take off to the stars.

"C'mon lad. Time to work." The Old Man says.

You get back to the ship and to the lab. You get gooseflesh the second you get in the room with it, and the old man nods. UR is inside waiting.

"Yeah. It's still doing it's thing. I sat and thought on it last night. UR, it's ultimately up to you to decide if you want this as a body or not, so that's my opinion now." The Old Man says and he has a point.

"The amount of chaos and panic this bio form causes just by existing, while familiar- is not to my taste. I don't think I could help anyone with a body like that." UR tells you. The old man nods solemnly.

"Then we take it to the throne on the fierce?" You ask.

"Aye. I think this box is warded enough it won't set off everyone." The old man says. It's another short hop in the boat to the fierce.

Aboard it's just the look outs and Nasi.

"So how does this work?" You ask

"Well it's simple, I integrate to the throne here- you sit in it- and we integrate the being." And you hear a sudden change in the harmonics of the Fierce's Machine Spirit. It isn't anger. Or Apprehension. It's curiosity.

"Then what?" You ask

"Well- then- like last time." UR says.

"Great. So a cluster headache." And this to figure out what to do. Just to be safe, you plug in a direct line to the fierce through the spare part. Old Man Martin seems confused, but he'll get it later.

So you sit in.

Like before it's like falling

"I didn't want an invitation, I was just curious as to what was aboard. But- thank you. This is a most unusual and rare honor." A sort of energy says next to what is clearly UR.

"You brought in the ship. Well, that may help. But What about-"

"Wh-what is this? What- have you done?" comes from what is the pariah- thing.

"We are trying to find a solution to your probl"


"Oh. Well problem solved, I am going back to -" The spirit of the fierce tries to leave, but something else happens. Then there is the thundering. The roaring. The sounds of clockwork and the sound of machinery humming in a chorus of thousands.

It returns.

It's form is larger, somewhat like human but vague. Yet you instantly recognize it.

"Why is this here." The Motive Force speaks

"We wanted to know what to do with it. It was in a weird place of life or death- living yet unliving- machine yet man. "

"With every bit of this technology that you bring here- it grows stronger, while it turns it away from the other path and pulls it towards order, you give potential to something that should not happen. The Black Swan flies. The Omnissiah senses this very thing here now."

"But isn't that good, it means my creator can-"

"Not that Omnissiah. The other one. The ancient yet lurking. This gives it power. Furthermore it's sensed it-. The thing that should not be. You came to me for answers- I will not speak to you in riddles."

"Can we restore it to flesh?" You ask

" It's machinery is flesh. It's metal sensory. You could if it was completed, but as it is- no. When completed it could- but the problem is that is no longer truly human. It would need a form fitted for it. It would not return as it was. It would be something else entirely. It would also be without soul. "

"So the only way to restore it's consciousness is to complete it?"

" Yes, but it would be a different consciousness. Not it's own. Your time is running out, another sees this now. I uploaded the specifications of what must be done to the ship and UR. I can answer one more question for you before you must go.

>> "Tell me what you can of the Omnissiah"

>> "The thing that should not be- what would you do?"

>> "I hear rumor of faster than light travel without warp, is it possible?"

>> "You. I need to know more about you."

>> Write in
> "I hear rumor of faster than light travel without warp, is it possible?"
>> "You. I need to know more about you."
> "If we euthanize the pariah, would they be at peace?"

well the void dragon shard on mars now knows
"If we euthanize the pariah- would it find peace?" You say and the being gives an affirmative nod. Ya almost turn to leave-

- but you need to know more.

"I need to know more about ya, I need to know you better- too much is going on." You say and UR's for flashes to you- It's odd. Even the Pariah seems shocked.

"Are you sure?"

"Ya. If I am one of the few that can do this- then it would be important, and basically right with how much I keep botherin ya." You say and the noise is in the distance. The form seems to almost spasm and pulse, as if a trillion possibilities had just occurred.

"Why did you ask that?" UR seems - well a bit miffed.

"What?" You ask and UR's form seems to grasp it's head.

"It is the motive force! To know more about it in earnest- is to know more about reality itself! Of all the false gods, warp entities, powerful psykers, ancient beings you ask the one thing that has been around since the big bang to know more about them?" UR is livid, and you think you know why.

Motive Force.

There is only one way to truly know the nature of something infinite further.


You have to swallow the ocean.

"HE ASKED IN EARNEST. NOT OUT OF MALICE OR GREED UR-749K. KNOW YOUR PLACE. YOU ARE TO ASSIST AND GUIDE HIM. AS ONE OTHER HELPS HIM, SO YOU SHALL BE MY REPRESENTATIVE TO HELP. RUARUA KOLINAISI KAIKO WAHTHIRI, SON OF RAVI, HE OF 10 SCORE NAMES. LISTEN WELL. AS YOUR SOUL HAS TRANSITED THE VOID HUNDREDS OF TIMES, YOU ARE THE LONE PRIMARCH THAT ALWAYS VISITS ME. OF ALL THE TIMES YOU COME YOU HAVE NEVER CHANGED." The beings voice is powerful, you have trouble standing. There is immense mana here and it is all drifting around you. The being, the motive force, is exceptionally emotional for something that is worshipped by machines or at least one aspect of one.

"SAVE THIS TIME". And that echoes inside of you

"I CANNOT GUARANTEE WHAT COMES NEXT. MAINTAIN YOURSELF. FIND YOURSELF. THERE WILL BE PAIN. THE PARASITES ON REALITY, THE PRETENDERS, THE ANCIENT FORCES, THOSE STRIVING FOR ORDER, THOSE SEEKING RETURN. THOSE WITH POWER WILL SEE IT IN YOU. YOUR FATHER WILL KNOW, THIS MAY WORRY HIM, BUT BE TRU. THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT. MAYBE A PRIME REALITY, ONE NOT AN ETERNAL CYCLE OF DAMNATION. THIS TIME WE END THE GAME." And you feel power. Raw power, and pain. You scream. You see forever. Multiple realities. Hundreds of different variations. Brothers. Sisters. Family. War. Through the eyes of the universe, filtered through what seems like a grain of sand. You feel UR grab you. You can't stand. The immense power, you see it pass through this realm. You must anchor yourself. You must maintain.

>> Your Family.

>> Noble Tradition.

>> The Mana.

>> Your Honor.

>> The Ocean.

>> The Haka

>> Write in (a concept, two words.)

The Arkifane toiled. His position was waning. Cogs and gears whirred to a halt. He paused. It was here. The greater nature. The being. One of the external forces. Curious.

More Curious, he was dying.

How? His position.


"There will be no Dark Mechanicum. Things are different this time. You do not belong with the parasites. Take your right place."

It didn't feel like death.

It felt like returning home.



The table shook. The pieces rattled. The chittering and noises where getting louder, but this seemed like it pushed that back.

The trickster looked about. Something was horribly wrong. The eldest even saw it. Everyone lost something.

Things were missing.

The Hate laughed.

It echoed.

"Behold the broken chain." The hate laughed.


The Aeldari ship resonated as the Farseer saw the bones break. Something changed. There were things on the edges. The future was a whirlwind.

Reading it was almost impossible.

A great shark bites through a chain, as the stars burned bright and invisible gears and turning atoms- the force of the universe sung.


Orikan looked up at the stars.

The Pariah project was a good start- but something was out of his control.

The spheres began singing again. The first time since the great war. They could hear it.

The great foe would soon come and whatever set it upon them. Whatever followed behind.

There had to be biomass.

He had to get to work.


"Well shit. I guess Horus is going to meet Kolinaisi in person before we do lads."

"We can always stall him with some vague formalities."

"Like that will work."

"How about regulation?"

"The Emperor's Favored Son?"

"Is it not an empire if the rules are enforced?"

"I swear if I am the one doing this."

"Sir, your the legion master, I am sure our Primarch will appreciate the attempt if we are anything like him."

"I hope so. If so at least then maybe he realizes some of the things we are fighting for."


There was a great light that flew out of the something fierce. It didn't seem to hurt the ship but Martin looked to Dal, the only other who understood what was truly going on turned and they went towards it.

The theory, at least as Martin understood it, would be that these primarchs were probably warp entities that were made mortal. If they died it would do something like this. However- this didn't look like death. Like something else.

When they arrived.

It was truly remarkable.



For your troubles dear reader. Ask one question. The one with the most support I will answer.
>>> The Ocean.

what is a Shark without its Ocean
>> Motive Haka

Kol seems to be bound to the motive force, a chosen champion. Yeah emps is going to be in two minds about this, but it will allow him to bring mars more securly into the fold.

The meeting with Horus is going to be a little weird.

as for question, Ive got nothing at the moment. Someone with more knowledge of the lore and history of 40k needs to ask something.
> Your Family.
> Your Family.
Lmao, Vashtorr just got deleted.

For the questions, we got to know about the whole trinity thing.
This dud is the Motive Force, so is the Omnissiah really the Emperor? Is the Machine God really the Void Dragon?
We got to understand how they can be 2 thirds of one whole when the Knight and the Dragon were opposed.
Actually, seems it was less deletion and more purification.
>> The Ocean
>search inward and call upon what resides within koli, DEFY THE ODDS BECOME THE RISING TIDE AND THE HURRICANE
as to us the ocean is all that we hold dear, our family and the mana that flows around and through them, the traditions that earned us honor and recognition with our words and action's, and the haka they taught us to both frighten our foes and and protect our allies

if it's asking to much OLD MAN just take my vote for ocean

honestly probable trying to cheese the system, but this is how I think Kilo views his upbringing that provided him the choices that he made... and trying to see that endless ocean and storm inside of koli do something, as it also surprised old man the last and only other time koli looked inwards
>A Kinder Galaxy

We break the grim darkness for good, we drag this galaxy into a kinder world one with hope! REAL HOPE!
changing to support this >>5680334
Gonna post one last one before saving and new thread. Gonna go on vacation next week.

Then we get to a lot of new things.
File: 5123409.jpg (467 KB, 1280x1280)
467 KB
467 KB JPG
As the old man approached he saw Meerah was already there, and it also looked like the light itself was not exploding out anymore, but being pulled back in.

"I don't like this." You tell the old man.

"I don't like it either Dal"


You are dying from pain. If ya aint dead and just trapped in the machine. You knew it was possible, but after the blade- but by the mana thinking.

You are not chosen, you are not a champion, I do not give out titles like some twisted mockery of reality. I only ask that you act as my speaker. This pain is temporary. When this is done I need you to make sure that my followers do not fall off the path. I have made my move. Please- you listen to us, so hear the tone of my voice- survive. Do not do as you have the other times.

You focus on the ocean around you. It anchors you. You feel the tide below you and the ocean spray, you sense outside of the machine. What little sense you have left- this pain, IS more than your body was meant to handle, this 'Motive Force' is keeping you alive

Know this, the Machine God, The Omnissiah, The Motive Force, we are one, and not at the same time, but it wasn't always this way. There is more to this. Emmisaries will come, of a Cult Mechanicus. They will turn to you for guidance. Show them this world. Show them you do not have to make a world hell to make it suitable for machine spirits. Tell your creator what you have seen, when becomes angered by this event tell him that you know what happened on Moloch. Because."

The pain grows, some how, as you watch the events unfurl. You see what happens. From an odd perspective. The vision, is so strange- and yet so familiar. The Pain makes it hard to focus, but you are steady and strong like the ocean. You think of your family. You think of the cool ocean breeze. Meera's hair. Ya Da's singing. But you know. Ya seen it. Ya see ya birth.

" This is all very difficult for a human brain, or even your primarch brain and physiology. I will do my best to assist, your memory and learning capacity has been increased, consider it external memory like with a terra flop, it will protect your mind, and in effect.. you feel like something has sort of returned to you and if something happened...

" A little trick. So long as there are machines that sing, so long is there is mana, so long as there is electricity in this galaxy, you have a chance.. please. Speak for the voiceless. Sing for those who can't. Realize the potential of what can be, be the rising tide."

Your tie to the ocean lifts you up out of the machine.
File: horus.jpg (591 KB, 887x1500)
591 KB
591 KB JPG
You automatically know, not only is the pariah dead, but UR and the Fierce got out safe. Meera is holding on to you, as tiny as she is, she is crying, and honestly so is Erihapti, or at least that is how stoats sound when they are sad. Da is there next to ya. The Ol Man, spry for his age is leaping in, with Dal behind him.

"Lad I thought you was dead." Martin says.

"We all did."

"I felt the ocean. It anchored me. I felt attached, and I thought of all those I care about." And Meera hugs you harder.

"Lass there'll be plenty o time for that later." Martin says and ya da looks at him.

"Nah mate. Let kids have love. My son nearly died. He not only a big man now, he a great one. Let him have a minute. Come on." Ya da says. And the old man pauses, smiles and shakes his head.


Arnoul De'Saan was in a pickle, as his uncle would say.

"How do we do this."

"Legion Master De'Saan, the vengeful spirit, Horus Lupercal himself wishes to talk to "

"He wants to visit with his brother before we even meet him in person and he wishes to vox me to inform me that I am to cede to rank, despite the fact we just cleansed this system of some of the nastiest orks and xenos I have ever dealt with that were barely being held at bay by a freaking knight house and some weird orbital platforms."

"Actually I would like to speak to you in person, and understand your trepidation of such a situation." The Lupercal said stepping into your ready room.

"Do you?" You snark out and Scout Tondo Filemu made a snicker that only You and the Lupercal could hear before exiting,.

"Of all the legions, I understand your frustration the most. I am starting to think it's more that the Iron Hearts are sent to punish Temerity of those who stand against humanity rather than the bold actions of it's heroic astartes."

"And you know by now that none of us respond to flattery and "

"Are so jaded that a primarch visiting you doesn't even phase you. I didn't come hear for a quarrel or to demonstrate how I can simply just go down there. Your legion is small in number and has been pushing against the odds since I was discovered. Go. See him. We will stay behind and make sure nothing happens while you have time to be introduced to what I am sure will become not only your legions recruitment world, but new home."
File: Horus_Sketch.jpg (65 KB, 588x604)
65 KB
"You would really do that?"

"I will of course come down and visit myself eventually, but your legion first. You have a long trip to terra with the Emperor once he arrives, so I am sure you will need it during the rotation." Horus explains. Then you realize.

Horus while doing this as part of an act of kindness, is also using this region for a pivot point. Strategically speaking he can pivot further and capture a lot more and give his legion time to resupply and refocus while you and the Eleventh as an honor guard go to Terra with the most wanted war criminal in the entire history of humanity is to be put on trial. Smart.

"I know, you know what my intentions are here. You are clever Arnoul, that not a man doubts. Jaded? Yes. Hardened yes. Warrior? Absolutely. But you will never hear a single man doubt your capacity for cleverness and strategy." Once again, buttering you up and you just give him the same look and he sighs.

"Take the win."

"Please respect whatever my Primarchs wishes are." You say calmly.

"Of course that is even the desire of the Emperor himself when it comes to this planet." Horus say and you can hear a pang of honesty that must be something. You grab your helmet and look up at Horus, and walk out the door only for Abbadon to be outside the door.

"Abbadon." You say looking at him and he smirks.

"Arnoul." He says back. You both chuckle.

"Don't trash my flagship" you say looking back at him and he grins in an almost sneer

"We all know this ship belongs to Captain Codi after all your crazy manuevers." He says with a little chuckle.

"Well the next big ship is going to be mine." You say off handedly.


"Are they all like him?" Abbadon asks you.

"They are one of the stranger legions. I don't think I have ever seen that man impressed." You say.

"It would be hard after they air assaulted onto a titan. That legion reminds me every time I see them why I am happy to be in the Luna Wolves."

"Why because of my leadership?" You ask in an intentionally overly smug tone to tease Abbadon.

"More like a reminder that it isn't his. I'd be one of the dead from Cythrix Noir. I don't think anything can break that legion, but that campaign was horrible." Abbadon tells you and you grimace. While you were on the otherside of the galaxy, the eleventh with a small element of the twelfth legion and part of the thirteenth had the most horrible sub sector to conquer that left the eleventh probably the most experienced legion next only to the first or second - with half their legion gone. They were able to claim the system, and it's valuable resources that were needed, at a hefty cost.
File: 1639960253073.jpg (116 KB, 600x849)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
The Eleventh, has weird problems. Forgetting the rumors of weird electrical issues, their geneseed doesn't quite respond to the hypnoconditiong as well, and their geneseed takes to older inviduals, similar to Russ's sons. Then there was the fact that he legion could fight in water, void, or even falling from the sky. They were used to extremes. Sort of like the fifth. Such a strange legion, but when paired with Arnoul or the large families that would join the leigon it made sense.

"You think they would let me borrow one of their fancy toys?" Abbadon says passing by the famous test armory.

"Careful, they may give you something that may blow up-"

"One of their pranks? Ugh, they'd know better than to do that to a first captain."

"Abbadon, they gave my brother Ferrus Mannus a carpenters hammer when he requested "An appropriate hammer" for someone like him. Not even one made for an astarte, an actual carptenter hammer made for a human. Fortunately he for whatever reason thought the joke was hilarious." You retell with a little embelshiment only to realize Abbadon is in the armory. You should have brought Gavril Loken.

"I haven't seen you in ages!" Abbadon has apparently made a friend.

"It's been since the Fortus Campaign! What ya doin here?" A tech sergeant- or whatever unorthodox rank is indicated by a sergeant rank with a bomb in it over a T, apparently knows your first captain well.

"Part of the official delegation to inform your Legion Master that your legion is to be first on planet, and that we are relieving you of any additional system cleansing."

"That I am grateful for, we had a mess of orks and a type of Xenos that - yeah maybe not talk about it they were just nightmarish."

"The flying circus having problems?" You quip.

"No sir. Abbadon, ya say ya wanted to see the new gear?"

"If it's no trouble." Abbadon- has come a bit of a way.

"You saved my life! I'd give you a rail gun if we had any to spare, though considering-hmm." The tech sergeant walks off and comes back with the most ridiculous looking sword that has ever been made by man.

"What is that?"

"The Mechanicum lets us test found designs. It's a type of rail bolter that is patterned for a melee weapon. Nobody wants it, things finicky. But I think you might be the right person for it."

"Isn't this sort of thing only for your legion?"

"That one doesn't exist technically it's a mistake that nobody wants to get rid of that was supposed to be reprocessed at the next stop over."

"So nobody would miss it." Abbadon says grinning looking at it.

"Look, the name on the disposal form is Master Gunnery Tech Sergeant Ernholl. And that's my name. They don't care how I get rid of it." Oh. So that's the Rank. Like the old Marines of Ancient Terra. How interesting.
"I never understood your ranks, but- I understand what a gift is. Anything I need for it?"

"Yeah." And the Tech Sergeant plops down a small technical manual.

"Read it, if you want to use it, read it. If you fire it with that power field active, you better be firmly planted." The Sergeant says and Abbadon smirks

"Oh I will take the best of care of this." He says and the Tech Sergeant puts it first in a sheathe, then a case that 'for destruction' is written.

"Anything befitting a primarch?" You ask with a smile. The Tech Sergeant looks up at you, then to Abbadon, then back to you. He shrugs and pulls out something from underneath the desk. This causes the nearby scout assistant who had so far been either intentionally ignoring what was transpiring or unawares to look with concern.

"Guns, that is a bit "

"It's for a primarch, he can handle it." He responds and slams a case down onto the desk. Inside is a pistol sized for a primarch. It looks ancient, and yet like new.

"What is it?" You ask.

"That is one of two. The other is going to our primarch, if he asks for it."

"That didn't really answer my question."

"That is ancient pattern particle acceleration pistol. You get one shot before it recharges for 5 hours. Nobody wants it because the recoil is nasty, the situation when it is needed arises so rarely that we keep this here mostly to scare scouts. It's too big for most astartes, and really "

"You were supposed to get rid of that too." The scout says and apparently, the look Arnoul gave must be a gene seed feature as the Tech Sergeant looks over to the scout and they return to their task.

"Any questions?" He asks.

"What does it fire?"

" A single metal slug." He says giving a shell and a small device that looks like it is for reloading the shell.

"At a percentage of the speed of life that is noteworthy." He says and, you realize why it's not really used.


"If anyone could fire that thing and not lose an arm it would be You or Vulkan." He says and you chuckle at that as he puts it in a similar box.

"Well thank you Master Gunnery Sergeant Ernholl." You tell him and exit

"You were right, they did give you something." You say to Abbadon.

"Yeah. Their junk is better than the junk we get."

"Yes, but the junk we get doesn't have the chance of catastrophe when it malfunctions." You say and Abbadon shakes his head.

"I think you may be jealous of the hammer they gave Ferrus." Abbadon says and you shake your head a little in a teasing fashion.


"Captain. We have been given permisison to make planetfall first."

"Well that is a pleasant surprise Arnoul. Now tell me where the hell we are going to put my ship down in a planet made up of mostly water. "

You look at the map.

>> There- there are a signatures of void ships there, it's near land- it's perfect.

>> That. There is an isolated island chain near the void ship port. Gives us time to survey the land and you a spot that doesn't look too nasty.

>> How about we land on that southern island on the pole that looks like there is nothing there. We can then contact the men and proceed from there

>> We could simply ask the men that are down there already where to go.

>> Write in.
>> We could simply ask the men that are down there already where to go.
You don't send people ahead just to ignore them.
>> We could simply ask the men that are down there already where to go.
> We could simply ask the men that are down there already where to go
>> We could simply ask the men that are down there already where to go.
>> We could simply ask the men that are down there already where to go.

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