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Death is no impediment. Not here...

You are... were...? You will be? Yui Nakamura, a Japanese student. At least you think so.

Like a evanescent dream you are flashed with memories. Memories of a boy standing up to bullies. In the brutal melee's chaos Yui did Something; something that resulted in death of one of them, and warranted Yui's expulsion and forced transfer... To where?

...To the twisted facility; a faux school located deep in Swiss Alps, where the veil of reality is confusingly thin. Marooned, surrounded by delinquents from across the world, Yui was forced to don dresses and behave in feminine fashion. From what could be gathered, the justification was the particular philosophy enforced by the Powers-That-Be exalting femininity and its traits. All to turn killers into upstanding citizens... Or so they claimed.

However, Yui resisted, that you can remember with ardent fury! He pushed back on demands made by the staff; rejected the HRT pills; broke the curfew and explored the non-euclidean facility and planned his escape. Yet, most importantly he held onto the image of himself.

In time Yui came up with various ideas designed to assist him in his goals:
> Created a cleaning club which enabled access to various classrooms.
> Prepared makeshift weapons for self-defence.
> Came into contact with like-minded students, and navigated beneficial, if arguably turbulent, relationships.
> Explored the School's mazes and mapped out what he could. Knowledge was, and still is power.
> Created, honed and certainly haven't enjoyed a Femsona, Aki, which helped managing suspicion, and kept him in good graces among the staff.
> Somehow developed an internal multiple personality disorder...? Or did he really?
> Found a way in into an abandoned bunker, and procured firearms, which he didn't take, like a good girl she is~ *bonk*
> And many more.
The progress was... steady, but bumpy.

Troublesome personalities clashed; possible allies turned on one another; school politics; monsters and deviations of time and space; Sense-data and Qualia losing relevance; secret governmental projects; foreign investments; a whole web of secrets; all in all, it went... Fine.

However, all came crashing down when someone(?) tipped off(?) the authorities, and Yui's most trusted ally, esteemed Student council president, Se-young, had to flee for her life.

Unyielding, Yui broke the curfew and sought her out, then, together they sallied out to explore a hidden, abandoned military bunker. Inside, like times before, they found evidence and labs investigating eldritch powers and old experiments.

This time however, luck run out. Durning the desperate exploration of the ruined aquatic lab, the duo was ambushed by foul fish-like monstrosities, and threw into disarray. Among the alien croaks and gunfire, abominations managed to mortally wound Yui.. and he bled out.. With his ideals untarnished... Wait. What are those memories?

Something's wrong here. Seriously wrong!
File: Elusive knowledge..jpg (13 KB, 314x416)
13 KB
You ARE Yui Nakamura. You know yourself well. You couldn't have died, you live! Without hesitation you reach for a document floating right past you.
It's your folder; convenient. And begin to read:

> Old Name: Yui Nakamura (中村優伊)

The paper seems a little damp with moss at its sides, and certain letters blurred, but readable. The name is a match.

> Femsona: Aki Nakamura (中村彬)

'Aki' is as good a name as it could be, and you were forced to do it anyway. Everything else that followed was just strategy... Like how gamers play girl characters not to look at guy's butt, and get gifts. It makes sense, really...

> Sex: male

Makes sense.

> Gender: girl(male)

That's what they call it?! You are a boy. Not a 'girl(male)', 'femboy' or whatever. Again, they forced you to do it. It's strategy... It's not like you like it...

> Ethnicity: Japanese?

It clearly was your homeland, why did they put a question mark in here? Couldn't they bother to even check who your parents were?

> Dutiful Student. Past-time President of the Cleaning club; member of sewing and cooking clubs.


> Physical Examination Scores:

> 1. Strength: Average
> 2. Dexterity: Average
> 3. Constitution: Average

> Intellectual Examination Scores:

> 4. Intelligence: Average
> 5. Wisdom: Average
> 6. Charisma: High

Better part of average... High charisma? Surprising, but you can take it.

> Background: \O/\/in\ //\Un\///n. //\\\\\///\\\\\\\Fo///gn//? O/e\/ /////\\\? /\\\\\\///? F\//h/r R///a/\h Ne///d. ///////\\//\\\/////\//.//////// ///// ////////////////\\//// \/\\\\\\///\\\. \/ //\\\\\///\\\\ \\\\\\.\\\\\\\\///\\\\\/? ///// //\\/////// //////// ////\\//\/////! M/y\\G\/ P/////v/ us...

The text is scratched and rendered intangible. Not that it matters. It's just your background, you don't need it spelled for you, right?

> Notes and Precautions: ...
The rest of the page is torn off. Could have been useful to know how the authorities think.

As you skim over it, there is no surprises, it matches who you think you are.
It IS who you are, albeit they clearly stretched out the 'average' category on the preliminary examinations. That and the dilapidated condition of the thing.

How could they not know that your parents were... And your parents were...? Who were your parents, again? How could you forget such a thing? At least you remember your childhood?

...No. Who were you before this place...?

It seems whatever happened took your memories with it, or at least those beyond this place. Another surprise from this hellhole. Or it's a temporary haze. Hopefully it is...

To distract yourself from the mounting dread you go to next page and you see a list of people; people you've met, and still remember; convenient...
Mental Dossier of outstanding students:

Jaqueline Bridges:
> A friend? Just who are you, Jaq? Formerly known as James. She was your first friend and the first person you trusted - but maybe shouldn't have. Frail, but charming, elegant, and most importantly, stunningly intelligent. Popular among other students and has a few henchmen of her own. She's calculating and manipulative, analyzing and using others to further her agenda by pulling their lines like puppets from behind the curtains. Yet, If school's files are to be believed, she's a mass murderer, claiming chemistry as her weapon. Fact made all the more likely by her approval of Machiavellian methods and mechanistic view of the world. Supposedly, she has Anti-social Personality Disorder, or maybe she's just misunderstood? She nurtures a grudge against Se-young, worrying. Dangerous to friend or foe alike, you can't deny it, and yet... she's still your friend. Just what should you do about her?... She also stole your first kiss. Damned emotional manipulator!

Se-young Kim:
> Partner in crime. President, and last remnant of the previous Student Council. Has a reputation for being an 'ice queen' who doesn't tolerate foolishness, but seems to have somewhat of a soft spot for you. Maybe your interests align, loneliness, or something else? Rumors circulate she hails from a rich chaebol family, but she's reluctant to share her past. She's evidently intelligent, if not a little hot-headed when it comes to the safety of other students. Together, you and her explore the accused corners. Thanks to her position, she has extensive knowledge about the facility. She *supposedly* was ratted out by Jaq, which she antagonized in a moment of anger, and now she's on the run by the authorities. Needs a place to hide.

Angelina Zhang:
> Devoted student? You haven't seen her in a while. If Plato was alive, he would declare her as the ideal Form of Feminity, maybe even Beauty. She's kind and empathetic, goes out of her way to care for students's well-being. Seems to care about gender equality and diversity, so much so she's leading the new Student Committee. Often hangs out with her also effeminate roommates. Problem: it's a school for Delinquents. What is SHE doing here? Is she like you, Jaq, or maybe something else entirely?

> You haven't seen him in a while. Your ex-roommate and bully. He is quite intimidating, with bald head and lean, but muscular body. Has a tendency to be aggressive and violent. Made inappropriate and sexually charged jokes at you for your feminine behavior. Rude! Last seen being taken for reeducation...

> Roommate. Quite a gentleman... Jaq's henchman. He's polite, well-spoken and exudes a butler-like demeanor, which makes him protrude from the rest of more traditionally masculine and brutish students. He's reliable, and seems to care for Jaq. Makes one wonder how he ended up here, like Angelina...

How does they know so much? Just what's going on? Oh.
As you close the folder, your eyes adjust to the environment you just realized is there.

The oppressive darkness of the old bunker's corridors greets you once more. Claustrophobic metal walls stretch ahead, then upward with dimly lit stairway. This time, they are covered with dingy marine life and muck. Neon lights and sparks flicker up slightly above the the water level...? Water?

...You are submerged, and you cannot breath!? Was it always like this?! How?! The realization makes go pale, and in panic you let go of the folder, which drifts behind you, and away into the darkness with the current.

You can't die here! You break into a mad dash towards the staircase, holding onto this last gust of air. In your hurry, you can't ponder the unreality of it all.

As you reach the stairs up, you see the outline of glowing doors at the end of the straight ascent.

Seeing no other way, you continue your desperate advance...
Until you can hold your breath no more. With a gurgle, you release the precious air, the bubbles distorting the light. You clench your... Shredded throat.

As you look back, weakening, you see a trail of red mist flowing from the gash... Heh, So you died for real, it seems...

As you choke, you slowly sink towards the sand covered floor, crushed by the yet another realization and pressure both... Thankfully, murky waters obscure the tears. You close your eyes.


Then, you feel a pair of lips on your own. With all your might you try to open your eyes, only to see a... Shadowy figure? Yet, when you feel them press air into your lungs your eyes shot open, rejuvenated.

The figure backs off to your left, and does a small, but energetic curtsey. "Ah! How I desired to that! Does that make me narcissistic? It totally does, right! hehe~" She(?) chirps.

Then another one grabs your arms and lifts you back up to your feet. "Come on, you are not done here." She(?) Says , and dusts your clothes off. "There are many more plans to put into motion! And Vengeance! Oh, and yes, Aki, it does classify as 'selfcest'. Go die."

Confused, you use the newfound energy to wiggle free and run, somehow already tired of the newcomers.

"Woah, look at Her go, Aby! That's the power of love~! Hopefully, She will always have others to help her. uh, oh..." The shadow collapses, and slowly fades.

"Suits you right! He obviously has unfinished business. Although, It makes me think. Is it a blessing or a curse?

Yet, you no longer listen. Each step brings you closer, to what, you don't know, but you must get there.
Right there!
And then you trip over something, and plummet to the ground and knocking your air out. A hearty laughter follows.

A third figure. Definitely a man. "Ha! Watch your step." You begin to crawl breathlessly. "Yes! Good. Overcoming IS the Spirit of life!" As darkness claims you, you get up and clamber again. "Go on! And carry the weight of the world!" Then a kick sends you crumbling through the Edge...
File: Se-young .jpg (106 KB, 2560x1440)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
...Your eyes burst open, only to close again by the blinding lights of the all too familiar desolate aquatic laboratory. This time thankfully dry, or at the very least as dry as such a place can be. You calm your raging heart, and take a deep breath.

You find yourself sitting limply, but comfortably, with your back supported by the wall. How did you get there? Tentatively, you bring your hand to your throat, and with a sigh of relief you realize that it's whole, if not slightly scarred. Could it all be a mere dream? Did you brained yourself on accident?

...All hope is dashed, when you spot your school uniform - utterly drenched in concoction of water and blood; your blood. With your pencil skirt, tights and loafers still dipped in the copper-scented puddle. Your navy blazer torn and stained crimson neck-down. You survived, but it clearly payed the price.

With wobbly motions you get up, slowly adjusting to... Being... Again. To think that your first encounter in this hallways would end so horribly. Maybe if you chose differently... Nah, any choice is good, so long as its willed. Although, dying, getting separated... Actually, you wonder what S-

"S-Se-young!" You cough more so than scream. "Are y-you th.. there?" You look over the now empty lab.

Further plans and answers be damned, you need to find her. Quick glance reveals bloody, but human, bootprints heading away from you and into the doors at the end of the lab.

"I'm c-coming. Hold on. Please." You breath, and deliver on your promise. Increasingly more confident in your gait.

Soon you find yourself in what appears as a living quarters, with messy beds, pool table and- "Se-young!" The girl sits hunched in the corner of the room, one hand clutching her knees, and the other holds.. a black pistol.. pointed at her head... Wait, no!

"DON'T!!!" Your scream makes her jolt and your throat burn, but thankfully, also causes her to lower her weapon. She stares at you blankly, messy make-up stains her face.

"...How?" She whimpers, free hand sweeps away the excessive tears form her face.

"Don't do it, please!" You say, running to close the distance. "It's fine! I'm fine, too!"

"How... How dare you? ...You MONSTER!" She screams, and points the gun straight at you. Stopping you dead in your tracks. What?

"J-just killing wasn't enough! Why... Are you mocking me...!?" Her voice falters, but her grip on the gun remains steadfast.

She thinks you one of those fish-people? Doppelganger, maybe? Whatever the case, you can't just die so soon after... dying. Further, you don't want her to do it, she's suffered enough. Thankfully you got there in time...

> Stay put, you don't know what happened after your... Absence. Reassure her it's you. (1d100)
> Walk towards her, you ARE her friend, she will not harm you. Reassure her it's you. (1d100)
> Dash to cover, better safe than sorry. Reassure her from safety of cover. (1d100)
> You died enough. Time to bail. Run and let Se-young figure herself out.
File: Fairness in all things~.png (1.17 MB, 1276x1444)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG

This edition of the quest will have a few new mechanics, some to ensure fairness:

1. Grazed by unreality:
> From now on, Yui will experience 'COMPULSIONS'. They will sometimes manifest by having one of the options be the 'C' option.

> No matter what the players decide, a roll of 1d100-/+RESISTANCE (RES) has to be made. If the 'COMPULSION ROLL' (CR) is larger than than the highest roll of the players's choice, Compulsion wins and reduces further RES by +2 up to 5. However, if the 'C' is chosen willingly by the players a 1d100 is rolled, if this roll's outcome is higher than 20, RES stays the same, and out protagonist survives the option with no permanent scarring.

> It's NOT an automatic bad choice, don't think of it as such... It will just make you a very good girl~ *bonk*
> Anyone can make the CR, but make sure you do so in a separate post. I take the highest roll. If nobody rolls CR when 'C' option is present QM (that's me~) will weave the fate.

> Example: >"Demurely apologize to X with a curtsey. Offer to clean up the mess yourself." - C: 1d100-60 (+2) - CANT be modified.
> A) players lost to the CR roll: option wins, and RES is now CR1d100-58.
> B) players choose the option: option wins, RES stays the same if the roll succeeds .
> C) in (obvious) cases, the option will include losing or gaining resistance by default. Think: "oh, what's this drug they give us? 'Akifier'? Sure! Inject it straight into my veins! CR1d100-60 -> CR1d100+50... "It's all husbands now~" *bonk*

2. Corruption spreads; consumes us all:
> As time goes on, the student body becomes more 'influenced' by their 'circumstances'. It includes every originally male character, and will slightly alter their behavior in ways unique to themselves. If it's good or not, I leave for you to decide. Corruption is gained each night (Lowers RES by +2), by attending particular lessons (+2/10...), Or circumstances. Be careful... And fast.

Starting RES: CR1d100-60 (due to strong will)
Starting School Corruption: 38% next threshold 40%

> goes up by 2% each night. Currently, most students accept their Femsonas as extensions of who the were before, but struggle not to enjoy them to much.

3. Bulge is back in the menu!
> 69 is approved Lewd Crit. Nothing too NSFW, but lewd, with always Positive outcomes.
> 'Just what is a Crossdressing Quest without feminine bulges?' - Basedanon

4. Anchor Point in Time:
> The Quest will (most likely) END in this thread. Afterward, if it sticks, I think of doing a "new game+" and reach for a different ending. What it means is that it will go relatively fast, updates after the prologue will be more general/to the point, and ways towards ending will be clearer.

TL&DR: roll to evade Gae, or choose Gae for fixed low chance of evading future Gae.

Ask if somethings unclear.

Link to pervious threads:
Part 1: >>5586645
Part 2: >>5625745
Glory be to the previous QM: Wuxian, for the idea and Words. Now it's my Words~ *Bonk*
> Stay put, you don't know what happened after your... Absence. Reassure her it's you. (1d100)
Christ, you work fast. Probably should link to previous threads and explain how rolls work, i.e. bo3 or accepting all rollers.
Rolled 34 (1d100)

For God's sake, don't shoot.
>Anyone can roll both normal rolls and 'CR'. I take the highest of BOTH.
>Anyone can roll only once per choice, unless they meaningfully alter their choice. (Yes, it's abstract, sorry)
>Options can be modified at will, and new ones made. 'C' options can't be.
>All rolls are 1d100.
>If no normal rolls are made, I roll, but halve the outcome.
>Engagement of most types is welcome! ... I would be a hypocrite if I prohibited it.
> There will be one more mechanic, but all in due time.
I would recommend rolling the CR yourself rather than putting it on the players. Will there be an obvious indication of when a RES roll or CR choice is available/needed? In addition, will you mention a DC with the choices?
>Will there be an obvious indication of when a RES roll or CR choice is available/needed?
> Stay put, you don't know what happened after your... Absence. Reassure her it's you. (1d100)
If that option was a 'C' option it would be:
> 'C': Stay put, you don't know what happened after your... Absence. Reassure her it's you. (CR-60)(+2)

'C': - indication that the option is here.
(CR-60) - means 1d100 minus current RES. It exists only in relation to winning choice's rolls.
(+2) - RES penalty for failing CR

>I would recommend rolling the CR yourself rather than putting it on the players

I thought so as well... But on further consideration, I elected to give players choice; for what if they thought it was too low~

>In addition, will you mention a DC with the choices?
I absolutely should, given that I have history of bias~
For now I assumed the 50 to be a DC, with anymore to each side warranting a degree of success or failure.
>For now I assumed the 50 to be a DC, with anymore to each side warranting a degree of success or failure.
Then does the physical or intellectual scores not have an impact on the DC?
Fair point! They do. Thought it over, and the DC will be set in accordance with the proficiency, and the difficulty of the task.

I don't really like the idea of binary, so the DC is a point from which the degree of success/failure will be measured. Scoring just right in the DC is a success but only an ok one, having more is always better.
Proficiency doesn't count in CRs of course. For this it's turns you roll for whether you convince Se-young, or if yes how much. DC is 40.

Thanks for feedback~
Rolled 72 (1d100)

>Stay put and shame her. Is this what your sacrifice was worth? For her to take the easy way out? To not endure and escape? To be weak instead of strong? Where is the Se-young, you know?
Write-in to roll again.
Yui needs his boar spear back.
Rolled 19 (1d100)

You do work fast anon, I'll give you that.
I suppose the Compulsion rolls are fair enough, though we'll have to see about slowing or even reversing corruption. That'll probably lead us down the sabotage route, from slipping the stronger-willed delinquents extra food to messing with the electro-therapy machines and putting them out of commission.
Of course, there's always the option of just consolidating our core group and planning an escape, whatever that entails. Gaining RES will also likely be possible, especially with the other masks cooperating. If DoL taught me anything, we'll need to feel in control and not have too much lingering trauma for that.
Which is good news for you QM, considering a good early way to get back control in that game is basically what Aki did to another character during one of her nightly escapades. Of course, doing this may also decrease RES in turn...

Alright, I'll play. And Yui may be getting yet another roommate in there soon. Pulling the whole "not dying" stunt hasn't exactly reduced the number of eyes on him.
Not to worry, they''ll come bearing gifts for all~!

>Lewd Crits and feminine bulges.
On that we are agreed!

> Stay put, you don't know what happened after your... Absence. Reassure her it's you. (1d100)
"It's still me. I think. I'm not sure what happened either, but at least I haven't seen my corpse back there, so there's that."

I wouldn't mind this write-in being included, but perhaps after she stops pointing a gun at us?
The reassurance rolls have been bad, and I am of the opinion that having died fighting, Yui is a bit beyond fear for now. Hopefully this is enough to guilt her and get her into action, she might pinch us though. I'm on that Spirit train.
This is Aby. Okay so I am a bit late so I should be back to respond and plan in ten hours from now. Also good luck Aki QM and don't go too horny for boys. Yet.
File: ...jpg (104 KB, 850x1211)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
> Stay put, you don't know what happened after your... Absence. Reassure her it's you. [DC40: 34,19] CLOSE FAILURE
>Stay put and shame her. Reason with her. [DC90: 74] FAILURE
>Yui needs his boar spear back. Noted.

You stand still in the middle of the room. Exposed, you won't reach a reliable cover safely; and you WILL not give up on her. The only thing to do is stand and fight... Or talk.

"For god's sake, don't shoot!" You shriek, slowly pulling your hands into the air. "I-it's still me! I think. Look, I don't... I d-don't know what happened either!"

"It's still you?" She breaths, and picks herself up. "But who... ARE YOU!?" Confusedly, she backs off and bumps into the wall. Gun trembling in her hands, but still dead on target.

You need to defuse the situation... Anything will do, before she does something you both will regret...

"Look, last time I checked I haven't seen my corpse back there, so here's that. It's me, I promise..."

Her face goes pale. "Corpse? Ah, yes, You died... And I left the body." She trembles and grabs the wooden chair next to her for further support. "I should have known... that they would use you... It really is my fault... All my fault... I should have been there... For them " The gun leaves you, making you breath a sigh of relief, yet it's as temporary as it was sudden.

No! She aims the gun back at herself, and

Without thinking, you snap "Is this what my sacrifice was worth?! For you to just end yourself right here?! Just like that? To take the easy way out?! Was all of this meaningless?! You should endure and escape! Don't be so weak Se-young, be strong, like you always were!"

Her stare makes you flinch, once calm and collected eyes, now resembling those of a beaten, hopeless puppy.

"Y-you..." She chokes out, and looks away all pale. "I know...I just... It's been, it's been so long.. it's the same... Again... I'm..." She takes a shallow breath. "...I'm sorry I failed you all."

Next seconds are but a silent blur. The gun goes off. She plummets. Whichever was first doesn't matter.

You just run... You run to where Se-young fell.

... Why does it takes so long?

You scream something... You can't make sense of what exactly. Doesn't matter.

... This just can't be? Why?

Finally, you reach her...

To be continued...

>You do work fast anon, I'll give you that.
Sadly, tomorrow I get my Bachelor's thesis back from check up, and will need to make corrections, so tomorrow I don't think I will be active. It doesn't mean it's DEAD.

>I suppose the Compulsion rolls are fair enough
Hope I haven't given up too much~

>having died fighting, Yui is a bit beyond fear for now
Yui is more than anything confused.

>Gaining RES will also likely be possible,
It is. YOU will have to work for it though. Hihi~

Welcome, dear Aby Anon. I come with a question: what would Aby want from the material plane as a gift? Spirit too!

... asking for a friend. Nothing serious.

>Stay put and shame her
You should never, ever, ever shame people who expressed desire to kill themselves.
Reasoning is fickle too. How do you reason someone out of a position that they haven't arrived at with reason? If this quest had a meaning it's this. Don't do that. Don't worry tho I'm a *Loving* QM, it's fine~
Your heart burns with sorrow as you embrace your dear friend, eyes bleary with tears. You are tired of it all. You died in this hellhole, she didn't need to. Did you come back just to bury others? Did you-

A twitch. Mere twitch jackhammers you out of your useless pondering, and immediately you pull away.

On the wings of hope you scour the hereabouts. Heart blazes with wholly different emotion, albeit wearily. First you spot the lack of blood on the surrounding furniture and walls, then a bullet hole in the expensive looking birch pillar. And then, steeling yourself, you look back down to laying Se-young... a sorry sight; her mascara runs down her cheeks, but her expression is passive. Most importantly, her stomach gently rises with slow breaths.

...She missed. She's alive. Guess she really did plummet before pulling the trigger. You fall to the ceramic floor and laugh... You have a business to attend to!

You carry the still unconscious Se-young to the bedchamber behind the bar, and lay her into one of the beds. Just to make sure, you disarm her, you don't think she looked too convinced about you being... You.

...One way or another, you lost the one person you could have confided in. At least for now.

What to do with the guns? They are low on ammo.

Seeing no other way you scour the unusually homely living room. It's proximity to the dingy aquatic lab could mean it was used by scientists back when the bunker performed it's function. Looking at the entrance, you see the heavy doors and a switch. Tentatively, you use the switch and confirm that the doors not only work by closing and opening again, but also can be easily locked from within.

Having confirmed the safety, you move on to the bar. It's cluttered with empty wine bottles and useless gewgaws. The fridge follows suit and mocks you with it's emptiness - a single canned pineapple. Thankfully, a shelf reveals a few bags of sweets and other packed junk food. Not much, but it's a start.
Dying left you surprisingly full, so you don't starve, but Se-young could use something... Anything after such a fit.

Next you check the tap. It's azure water frees you of suspicion. You may never be sure, but it looks promising.

A Dormitory you could kill for. When compared with your haunted chamber above...

Actually, a quick glance at a clock in the bedroom shows you it's only a few hours after you set out into this bunker. Unless you spent an entire day dead(?) you can still get back, maybe without getting caught. Se-young looks like she's out cold and won't wake for at least a few hours.

Hmm, you need food, Se's out, and you feel like you had enough adventures... For a lifetime, but alas.

> 'C': Stay in the Living Room, you are tired and they might not realize you were gone. (CR-60)(+2)
> Take Se's Keys and try to get back to the surface, someone's gotta be the bread winner...
> Write in

And the guns?

> Give them back
> Take them
> Hide them
> Write in

Anything to add while here?
> Write in
We can't afford to be reported as missing right now. And Jaq will surely notice, and that will lend us in another heap of trouble, I fear.
> Take Se's Keys and try to get back to the surface, someone's gotta be the bread winner...
And we probably shouldn't be here when she wakes up.
> Hide them
And neither should the guns.
But maybe a written note? What happened, where we went, what we'll do, when we expect to get back, that sort of thing.

So is the CR 60 or is it 1d100-60 ? Or is it 58 because of that +2 that's there for some reason?
As you loiter around the main room, sweeping every nook and cranny in search of anything useful, you realize something, or rather you can't repress it anymore.

The stench of blood that oozes from your very being, and by extension your clothes. A cursory glance makes you gag, made all the worse that both the uniform and blood belong to you. There is not way it will come off now, unless they have atemporal SuperCleaner here... Which is possible... Jesus, you hate it here.

It might be this accursed school's property, but you are sad to let it go, especially given the problem you now face.

You will one day need to show yourself to people... Going like this anywhere outside of the bunker is a surefire way of reserving a VIP spot for reeducation treatment, and you need resources most reliably obtained above.

You've already searched through the wardrobe in the bedroom, and found only a Massive, black suit, probably one that belonged to a scientist... And a set of men's(?) purple briefs that somewhat fitted you... You don't even ask why they are here. You just don't.

On the other hand... Se-young wears the school's uniform, and is of similar size... Sure it's somewhat wet from the engagement before. And on Se-young... but it's easier to explain than near nudity, Horror Manga Cosplay, or dragging the excessive cloth back to your 'dorm'.

The choice... Some choices are just there to screw with you. At least that's what you think. Thankfully you should have spares above...

> Sorry Se-young, it's for the cause...(don't enjoy it too much, pervert)
> Mobility is overrated. Baggy is in fashion now, take the big suit.
> Just pants, it's not that far, and it's night anyways...
> Fear me! I'm coming for your menfol- *cough* what? Take the old faithful.

1. Human all too Human.
> So, I hope its evident, but the 'C' options will be used for me than just Gae! They will include the usual human 'faults' like self-preservation/cowardice, chillin'/laziness, hunger/gluttony etc. Not saying all of those will come into play, but that it's possible.

2. When 'C' option is present, should 'should' roll 1d100 to counter the CR, even if no other options require rolling... Or you are a good girl, and know that you don't need to do anything, but being pretty~ *bonk*

Note: Duh, how did we manage to lose Se-young's trust?! I didn't see that coming at all, it was supposed to be a free roll, and a lore dump... Ah, Questing.

> So is the CR 60 or is it 1d100-60 ? Or is it 58 because of that +2 that's there for some reason?
Your RES is 60.. meh. Meaning CR is 1d100-60, the (+2) is the penalty if you lose the CR.
Further reading: >>5638699 , >>5638673

It's my first time explaining the mechanics, sorry~
Rolled 71 - 60 (1d100 - 60)

> Take Se's Keys and try to get back to the surface, someone's gotta be the bread winner...
> Take them
>Write a note for Se-young explaining the situation
> Mobility is overrated. Baggy is in fashion now, take the big suit.

>CR roll
Rolled 48 (1d100)

>Resistance roll
Should take inventory as well.
Smol Update:
1. Sorry for dividing the updates with options in two, won't happen again. Rookie QM stuff.
Will start writing once more people casted votes on more options, or in a few hours(5?)
2. As I posted yesterday, I will be quite busy for sometime. I will slow-post/1 post per day, with Thursdays being the exception, with possible 2. Sorry, and no worries, I'm gonna go till we get the ending, whatever it may be~ *Bonk*
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>Take Se's Keys and try to get back to the surface, someone's gotta be the bread winner...
>Write a note for Se-young explaining the situation.
>Mobility is overrated. Baggy is in fashion now, take the big suit.

Roll Tie Breaker: 1d2
1 - Hide them
2 - Take Them

Roll for encounter: 1d100
1-66: All Clear
67-80: Mutated rat
81-100: ?????
Rolled 75 (1d100)

Huh, only one type of dice can be rolled at once? Lessons learned.
File: Spiky Boy.jpg (146 KB, 1280x720)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Rolling 'rat's performance~
1d100 [DC 20]
Rolled 32 (1d100)

Ignore me, I'm an idiot~
A moan of relief escapes your lips... You *literally* don't remember last time you had an actual hot shower. Add to it finally getting rid of the stains from your body... tension leaving your muscles... And you're overcome with elation, one even the red pigmentation of the water cannot wash away. Hm, There are many beds in here, you could, maybe...

No... You can't. You need to hurry... To leave warmth behind. It stings.

Channeling all willpower you wash yourself quickly. Purpose keeping regret at bay, at least for now.

Leaveing the shower, you head for the bedroom wearing a small towel. You need a replacement for your old unform. The undies? NO. Trying to harm Se-young further is out of the question as well - the Suit it is, then...

But before that, you grab a white napkin from the wall, and a quill from the cabinet beneath the TV and scribble a note. In it you write quickly what happened, and what you are going to do. You leave the tough questions for when you see her again; there is too much to say. Then, resisting smiling, you put it next to gently snoring Se-young... It's the second time she truly surprised you during 'this life'.
"I've got this Se, and you too."

With pleasantries done. You don the suit... The first thing you notice, is that it's really big. Really BIG. Larger than you thought. The man it belonged to must have been at Least two meters tall. You roll up the sleeves, legs, and pin the last button, then look at the mirror...

It's so weird. It's been so long. An actual traditionally masculine outfit. It feels foreign on you, bordering on wrong, given your hair extensions and how ridiculously it dwarfs you... It's also uncomfortable, and coarse and rough on your soft skin. You don't want to get used to it. Although the materials seem quite durable, maybe could be salvaged?

Letting go of the mirror, you grab the guns you liberated from Se-young - for your, and her safety - and step out of the warm heaven, into the icy hallways. Then lock hisses with finality.

Steeling yourself, you retrace the previous path. Hushed din of machinery is only occasionally joined by your grunts of discomfort as the suit bites into your skin

Finally, you step into the lab from before, and your gut churns. Intending to quickly leave, you are interrupted when a furtive squeak grabs your attention.

A rat, or rather something rat-like, but slightly bigger, and with edged spikes protruding from it's back.

...Could have been worse. It... Drinks from the dried puddle you left. Disgusting. You aim your pistol and...

A click. Safety's on. Se-young's precautions are going to kill you.

Once again you try, the bang makes the creature jump in fright - you missed.

Next one violently knocks it back, brain matter joins your puddle... As you make sure it's dead, you see something that uplifts you - your hand made spear.

Grabbing it, you clamber as fast as you can towards the exit. Hopefully that's the last of things for today...
File: Alex.jpg (100 KB, 569x1184)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Thankfully you arrive at the armory without issues. You leave your guns there, having no time to gather necessary ammo to warrant risking taking them outside. You will have to make do with your spear and knife.

After parting with the guns, you reach the exist in no time. With mechanical clangor the bunker shuts closed.

Your first look at the, be as it may, familiar corridors makes you wanna scream, but you resist. You merely mutter. "I hate it here..." It's quite a long way to the male dorms, but it seems like it's still night, so you have time, although you could use some sleep already.

Thankfully, it turns out you were right. You managed to get to your dorm effortlessly, without interruptions. Taking a deep breath, you take the handle and open the door, then slither inside.

As you gently close the door to your darkness veiled dorm, you see a light shining... At the armoire - a flashlight's light and a figure you think you recognize. Suddenly, the light rushes toward you, blinding you.

"Who's there?" Comes a stern voice. It's obviously Alex, Jaq's henchman. A second later, he loudly gasps. "Lady Nakamura! I thought you weren't going to return." He says, and aims the light at the roof, brightening the dingy room, and letting you see.

"W-Why would you think so, and... What are you doing?" You say hesitantly, after all this you really just want to go to bed.

Your question seems to make him uncomfortable, as he takes his time before responding. "I humbly apologize, madam... I was selling your belongings." He bows apologetically.

"Why did you..." You mutter, energy leaving your body. You cannot believe it. Why would he do that? wait... "Sell? How? Where?"

"Madam, I am not sure if its safe for you-"

You step forward and stop him. "Where did you took them?" You ask with determination. Whatever safety he means surely won't beat what you just 'lived' through... Right?

He looks to the side then back at you. "Please, Madam, don't rise your voice, Mistress Jaqueline rests... Let me explain."

You sit on his bed and he politely tells you he took most of your belongings, including spare clothes, to the 'Black Market', that if you hurry you could retrieve your things intact, and he can help you get it back tonight, or tomorrow as an apology. However, he also warns you it could be... dangerous. Some of the things could be sold off by tomorrow...

You tiredly look at the now empty storage... Why today of all things? You look at him and he looks down, ashamed. You will have to talk about what happened...

"On the bright side, Madam, you look... Eh, particular in your new attire." He smiles awkwardly.

> 'C': The bed's right here... You just can't do it tonight. Not anymore... (CR:1d100-60) (+0)
> Just have him tell you why, and where exactly is this 'Black Market'. Go tomorrow. [Rolls what's sold, individually, once there]
> Just a little bit more... Go with Alex tonight, there are some important items there... [Greatly reduced stats]
> write in
File: Map, thanks Wuxian..png (406 KB, 1197x800)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
Items you had and their state

>school outfit - tattered, bloodied...left in the Living Room.
>clip-ons hair extensions - on you.
>school backpack - on you.
>hairpins - on you.
>Spare Clothes, x2 - gone.
>colored pens - Gone
>notebook with map - Still There
>HRT pills, x10 - Gone
>bottle of water - on you.
>sewing kit - Gone
>crudely sewn pencil case - Gone
>floral tape - Gone
>whetstone - Gone
>needles - Gone
>hairspray - Gone
>butt plug - Gone
>crudely sharpened knife - on you
>crudely crafted boar-hunting spike - on you
>sulfuric acid - on you
>hydrochloric acid - on you
>lab coat - Jaq has it~

Did I miss anything?
> Just have him tell you why, and where exactly is this 'Black Market'. Go tomorrow. [Rolls what's sold, individually, once there]
This option is a 1d100 option... Forgot to put it in... Ups~
Both first answer result in the need to roll what's sold. That 3000 limit is killing me.
> Just have him tell you why, and where exactly is this 'Black Market'. Go tomorrow.
We are too tired and need sleep for tomorrow. Also damn I totally thought Aki QM was pulling a Wuxian and killing off a character after double failing a roll.

For Aby she would have wanted internet access but that is impossible so the best thing she can get are glasses or shades to match her scientist look.
Out of all that only the spare clothes I want back as we can always replace everything else. Also shit Aki swallowed the HRT pills. Ahhh. Also the butt plug as the teacher might get on our ass for losing that. How did Alex even know about out stash or do we just hide it in our mattress?
You got to roll.
Rolled 40 (1d100)

Rolling again
Will you also do the CR and Res rolls?
Rolled 85 (1d100)

> Just have him tell you why, and where exactly is this 'Black Market'. Go tomorrow. [Rolls what's sold, individually, once there]
Son of a bitch couldn't wait a day or two before selling.
Don't care for the majority of stuff gone, but spare clothes, whetstone, sewing kit, and floral tape sucks to lose but can be replaced relatively easily. Alex owes us now, which could be worth more.
Let's hold off from visiting the market.
The way I read it, the pills got sold while we were gone rather than being taken. So at least we don't have those on hand no more.
Rolled 76 (1d100)

I will do the CR roll and you do the Res roll to spread the rolls out. Need to spread the rolling.
Rolled 93 + 60 (1d100 + 60)

Fuck I forgot the mod hold on.1d100-60 +0. I have never used mods before so this is new. Hopefully this works.
Okay on second thought can you do it. I can't read mods.
Rolled 12 (1d100)

Here's how you do negative modifiers: dice+1d100+-60
Took me a bit to figure out, but it's the adding of a negative modifier.

If we assume that the 93 is the taken CR roll, even with that wrong modifier, that's a total of 33, and your 76 roll soundly beats it.

So I'll just do another RES roll.

I think on average, each choice/vote will require us to make either two rolls with the possible addition of one CR roll for a total of 3 rolls.
I don't entirely understand why this even requires a CR roll if we're not choosing to not go out tonight.
>CR: 33
>RES: 76
Well we passed it anyways.
It's the first day... Night of your rebirth(?), the kid's gloves are on. Be careful in the future~

>For Aby

>How did Alex even know about out stash or do we just hide it in our mattress?
Ask away~
Assuming he's willing to tell.

>I think on average, each choice/vote will require
You guys don't need to roll CR, if nobody does, and C option is present I will do it myself. This way however you get to see the results faster, and if *someone* wanted to force the compulsion, that's the que to roll CR for themselves.

>I don't entirely understand why this even requires a CR roll
If you lose the CR, you go straight to bed, but you won, so you can ask questions to Alex Without Jaq hearing... Assuming he will spill everything.

>pills got sold while we were gone
That's right. Aki has... Issues right now. Can't do much.
Although HRT Pills Have their usage now: there is also a steady supply~ *cough* Noo~! *Bonk"
>I will do it myself.
Oh, I thought you were just going to take the choice away from us based on this line.
>If nobody rolls CR when 'C' option is present QM (that's me~) will weave the fate.

Spirit would just want a free ticket to a sandy beach. If that isn't available, a consistent food source instead.
>Oh, I thought you were just going to take the choice away from us based on this line.
Mark my words, one day I will die because of my theatrics... No I will roll, I won't force anything without the dice to counteract the bias I might have.
>consistent food source instead.
Ok, I just need to say what I want without theatrics/double meanings: I
need a one time Quest object that you can procure in real world for the personality to strengthen them/get benefits from them.

It's the new mechanic I teased earlier. Don't worry it won't break your sanity... if done responsibly~ *Bonk*
Sturdy boots, something like jungle boots, strong enough to last through anything and keep the feet safe and comfortable.
Hopefully orange comes back with his identity to join in the fun.

+-? At least that explained why my roll fucked up.
I'm already here, in fact. Just waiting for Yui to enter REM sleep to have him receive the latest addition to the team/madhouse.

Also, we'll have to deal with Jaq, since Alex most likely told her, and perhaps even got her authorization to sell Yui's things.
....Next update happens in the dream.... Sets up characters and some mechanics....Ehhh.
I will have you spend more time there to do your magic.
Also update in an hour or so.
Also, if you can make adjustments, it's happening on the beach from compartmentalization.
File: Familiar Beach.jpg (267 KB, 800x1067)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
> Just have him tell you why, and where exactly is this 'Black Market'. Go tomorrow. [DC70: 85] SUCCESS

As Alex smiles sheepishly, you fight an internal battle to stay conscious and hide your gentle swaying.

Day's action, mattress just underneath you, and worst of all, his polite, but monotonous voice... Does he make it on purpose...? It all makes you wanna just flop... back.

To leave adrenaline behind......To have him whisper you a bed tale... and nestle you into the plush bedding... N-No!

"D-d-don't cha-change the subject...!" You yelp, and stand up, wobbling. Clearly to his dismay.

"Lady Nakamura, please, you are in no condition to continue... Just let m-"

"To the point!" You hiss. "Now!"

He takes an annoyingly long time to answer, but then looks away and whispers: "I did to... To..." He absentmindedly looks in Jaq's direction, and it all clicks.

"No bullshit." You spat, too tired for patience.

"Ah, I did it for... myself." Bullshit, he did it for Jaq, but you let it slide, he 'told you' enough. Just what to do with her?

"The 'black market' is... it's in the female dormitory, at its back. I apologize, madam, I will bend every effort to amend your loss." Good. Now he's telling the truth.

As it gets more and more difficult keep you eyes open, you just murmur: "It would be great if you did... Tomorrow." And retreat towards your bed. The things Jaq told him to sell... Are replaceable, but who cover for her so much?

"O-of course, Lady Nakam-"

The rest eludes you as you finally hit your bedding, and allow the school to fade.

...Finally peace...


Your eyes open to the slight, cool breeze. As you adjust you see... A tropical Beach?! Wait, you've been here before. The compartmentalization thing.

"Well, well, look who's up... Or down, who cares?" Said a distant... Familiar, but more masculine voice. Then you see them... Or only their yellow hammock, set a good few meters up on palm trees. "Congratulations on overcoming death!"

"Eh? Thank you?"

"No biggie."


"Soo... Any idea why I'm here?"

"Guess, I have."


"So? Are you gonna tell me?

"Nah, I could show.."


"Soo...? Show it to me?"

"...Alright. See that thing over there?" A scarred hand emerges from the hammock, and points seaward, then you see... A motley of colors, all reflecting from what looks like a small... Tower? With many more light reflecting things... Flying around it. Ehh?


"...What about it?" You ask irritated. "What am I suppo-"

"Go... Also bring me some cool, sturdy boots. I wanna hunt alligators in the jungle back there." Came the curt reply.

"What?! Why are you like this!? Want anything else? Pizza? Sunscreen?" Indignation colors your sarcasm.

"Cheeky. Catch..." Then a falling coconut hits you square in the face, blood flows form you nose.

"Agh! W-Why?! A-asshole!"

"haha! Why care and hurry so much? Overcome time and pain themselves!" Boomed the voice, completely uncaring for your anger.
File: Aby.jpg (75 KB, 850x1200)
75 KB
Annoyed, you kick the palm tree, and the hammock shakes, then storm away in the direction of the 'tower' thing.

"Nice one! Haha!" Came a hearty laughter "but do try harder next time!" Damned Spirit... Spirit? Whatever!

In no time at all you make your way to... Not a shiny tower but a Glass Throne, with a small figure on it. Looks kinda odd on the desolate beach, but not the weirdest thing so far, hopefully you won't die again...

Despite the grim thoughts, you stride contently to your destination, until you start hearing a voice, getting louder as you get closer.

".......maybe..... Oh, and....." A feminine voice, then step right outside the range of weird glassy balls floating around vividly. Did you just see something in one of them?!

"Oh, THAT could be useful! Poison is the way!" The figure, the girl, chirps excitedly.

You WILL die here...

"No, that you won't!" With a sudden silent shaking, the throne sinks into the sand. leaving only the girl. Typical throne behavior.

"Your bickering with the Spirit took too long! I'm supposed to... Help you, yes help you. And you me, of course." She murmurs, obscuring her mouth with a sleeve of her coat.

"I heard the second part too, you know...?"

She explodes into a shy laughter. "Oh, just a jest! But pardon the manners! Name's Aby, a part time scientist, part time explorer, full time theorist!" Sounds familiar... "Let's get to the point." She opens her palm and a glass sphere flies tight to her.


"The time is dire, Yui, I... we need more power than before, and I figured a way how to get it!" She points at the object in her palm, and you look into it... A pair of glasses? Boots? ...And? Something else, but its blurred.

"You need to tie me to material world, Yui! Then we can enact all of the plans I had in store!... And get you out, of course."

You don't even ask questions.

"Bring me an object of worth and the world is at our feet! Ignore the other thing." She sweeps the sphere away. "It's contagious."

As it flies you see... Hospital bed in the distance? With someone on it?

"You owe her nothing." Suddenly, Aby spats. "AND she's contagious." She repeats grimly.

Who is? What? Contagious? What contagion? Maybe 'she' will know more...

Aby certainly doesn't look pleased. "She doesn't need help. Don't go. I will figure it out by myself, I will!"

What should you do?

> investigate the hospital bed. What's going on? What contagion? Should you be worried? (+3)
> Aby looks serious... Better stay away.

Afterward what should you do before this weird thing end? Wait. Was there someone else?

> Write in. (Talk with X, lewd Aki while she can't fight back(?), Lewd Aby, knock spirit down a little. A new friend?)

New Mechanics:

1. Mutual Aid:
> Bring the required items to strengthen personalities and unlock them.

Persona Unlocks:
> Aby: -2 RES, gifts? Aby options.
> Spirit: -10 RES, rare Spirit options.
> Aki: +5 RES, Aki Options.

2. That's how it's done:
> Persona Options(PO) - In rare cases, you will get POs, they are perfect 100s and always solve the issue.

>Aby option marker: [Ab] - occasionally technical/intellectual/planing issues... And some other issues...
>Spirit option marker: [S] Saves lives and and gets the ladies. Rare, you should deal with your own shit.
>Aki option Marker: [Ak] - seduces the problems away, and handles the interpersonal heartbreaks... Body is a commodity like no other~
>?????: [?] ????? >>5640541

3. You are me, and I am you...
>Using the options could have... Consequences.
>Certain someone's options have consequences more pressing than others... Hehe~

> Aby: -2 RES, gifts? Aby options. + Intelligence set to above average.
> Spirit: -10 RES, rare Spirit options. + Endurance set to above average .
>Aki: +5 RES, Aki Options. + Charisma set to very high.

Impacts DCs.

Dreamscape is now yours. I will not be writing any "dream" scenarios, and instead allow you to express your ideas, so we could try and incorporate it into the story. I think I will make a vote with a DC whether the option gets canonized, or maybe approval and vetos....

...Or I will just hint at it being Canon or not, to tease you a little~ to keep you on edge~ *cough* *cough* ow... *Bonk*
>Aby looks serious... Better stay away.
Curiosity killed the cat, but when a part of you tells you that another part of you is contagious, avoid it.
>A new friend?
I'm waiting for that guy to add the new addition to the madhouse.

Spirit seems very macho. It makes sense that feeding into these personas lowers or raises RES, though I am confused about why the numbers differ. Though, that means I will hesitate when there is an option to pursue a required item.
> Aby looks serious... Better stay away.
Too many events going on so lets just trust Aby's word for now. I am totally not bias I swear guys.

>Try to talk with all the personalities together to make a general plan
Well first we should check with our roommates and check to make sure no one is like crippled from you know dying as are trauma had to go somewhere. Plus the banter as we formally introduce ourselves to each other while building sandcastles. And probably get their option on priorities so we can better prepare who to reinforce first.

Also I will get working on an omako where the identities saw and got traumatized by death. Because I have a need to write for this quest again.
Different states of mind as with Aki she slides into things easier and can better justify her action with Yui. Aby is more logical and planner but has to shift resources to support that than resisting. For Spirit I have no idea why he is weaker to environment. Maybe it counts as enduring in another form and does not putting more energy into resisting the school.
>Maybe it counts as enduring in another form
On that note, how did Yui survive getting a chunk of his neck torn out?
Either we are dead and this is the afterlife. We got possessed by a ghost or anomaly. Or we become a monster like the spider, mimics, or the long neck. If it is the last option it will fucking suck trying to kill everyone and they just get back up.
>long neck
What is that?
Hollow shells
A shattered throne, a flooded beach, and a burned dorm room lay silent as the three identities try to piece themselves together after Yui wakes up after dying. Spirit still enduring but with his heart ripped out and gone. Trying to ignore the pain and violent coughing from the holes in his lungs. Aby’s head is split open as half her brain matter vanished as she grinds her teeth trying to look for any brain matter to put back in her half empty skull. Aki has half of her face ripped off leaving only muscle and bone exposed to the open as with her stomach disemboweled as she tries to keep her organs inside. All the identities trying to process Yui and their deaths.

“Soo wh-ahts the pla-n now?” Wheezes out Spirit trying to look for guidance from the older identities.
“Do what we do best. Stay supportive and kind for our future hus*hicc*” Says Aki trying to stop herself from crying in front of her Kohais.
“Hurt, hurt, hurt. Live. Reinforce. Hunt.” Says Aby through gritted teeth as she continues to claw at the floor for even the smallest bits of brain matter she can collect under her fingernails.
“Y-ui is still wo-rki-ng fine. We ca-n pull oursel-ves together wh-en he comes.”
“Time. Hurt. Priority. Time”
“Yui can totally do this. We just *hicc* gotta stay positive.”
"Cooperate. Plan."
"We ha-ve to Endure."
"Look forward for tomorrow."

As their sections pull themselves together gluing the throne back, as the beach drains itself, and the dorm room gets bulldozed a patch of sand begins shifting. To the absolute audible groan of all involved as another figure begins getting up.
Back in the first thread we had this

>One of them warns you about the monsters that roam the campus when it's dark, advising you to never walk alone at night. They tell you about one of their missing friends who was rumored to have turned into a monster with a long, black neck, and was sent away to rehab never to be seen again.

So, from school rumors we know students can also turn into abominations and even with that power the guards were still able to subdue it.
Interesting, I really want to know what Wuxian was on when he decided to straight up add anomalies to his story.

I'm going to go with a tentative guess that Yui isn't so normal after having a brush with death.
Sorry, it's a little confusing. SO it's reverse, as in you RES going down means you get larger 1D100-RES.... With (+3) going from 60+57 towards zero... Yah, it makes no sense.


Now RES Actually Should Go Up. As in Strengthening Spirit Gives you +10, Aby +2, Aki -5.

With the counter going properly, from 60+10=70. Finally common sense. Woah.

Change: IF RES reaches 0, it's replaced by COMPLIANCE (COM), and it adds to the CR, unlike RES that counts as a minus. Yay, now Rising Resistance actually means it. Why tf I made it vice versa I have no idea.... So now each night we lose 2RES

>though I am confused about why the numbers differ.
Spirit wants you to overcome things yourself, he will help you little through options, but rises your RES(now means what it means) so you can do it yourself.
Aby will help you A LOT(true)! She's a good girl! Helpful girl! And you can trust her with all your heart! Aby is the way forward, the only way forward! Hehe... Yes, unleash *cough* I mean get her help...
B-but Aki, forget about her! She's an evil predator who wants her way! Hehe... Ahh. So be on your way...!

>identities saw and got traumatized by death
They did... I left breadcrumbs to see what happened(not conclusively) and who paid the bills. I left a few breadcrumbs about different spoilers too, actually. I had, and still do have A LOT of plans in motion... Starting tomorrow, you WILL(most likely) encounter many new paths, some more 'normal' than others.

Ok...I said it, Aby... I beg you, give me the antidote!
>Says Aki trying to stop herself from crying in front of her KOUHAIS.
You... What have you done...

Also, great idea, harming the identities where it hurts the most... You Sadist! However, the ending to it is different... You will have to figure what happened exactly, and why~

>I'm going to go with a tentative guess that Yui isn't so normal after having a brush with death.
The time will tell 'if' and possible 'why'~ *cough*

>So, from school rumors we know students can also turn into abominations and even with that power the guards were still able to subdue it.
Well you don't *Know*, you only heard the rumors... But all rumors are based on truth, or so they say. Hehe~

Also, I want to remind you it's gonna be a "New Game+" oriented quest, I accounted for many endings alread, and those will happen relatively quickly. I aim for this edition to last... Hehe... Up to 7 days + epilogue, such as it may be.

Also writing~ *cough* *cough*
>Also writing~ *cough* *cough*
I will give an hour for orange, then I will write Words. Now I will write a small OOC with questionarire and character explanation for Yui.
>I will give an hour for orange, then I will write Words.
I can't help but agree with comparisons made in earlier threads that you sound like Souv, especially with this seemingly breakneck speed, at least for /qst/.

1. Dancing steps of ignorance:

In OG, Yui had those traits:
> Anxiety: Yui has experienced traumatic events and may suffer from anxiety as a result.
> Paranoia: Yui finds it difficult to trust others and often assumes the worst, leading to feelings of isolation and suspicion.

> As (I hope) is clear, my Yui is more positive. That's not an error. As (I hope) I made clear, the scars Yui had are forgotten - they exist - but are dormant, meaning a much less burdened Yui.

> I chose so to make his character stronger... And accentuate the effects the school had, or will had on our poor girl(male). The memories are a plot point you can discover, it will open/close some doors and generally have an impact.

2. Questionarire:
I understand that analysis of literature can decrease the enjoyment, and that's why we are here, so feel free to ignore this part, especially if you have no glaring issues.

>2.1. Is my edition of Yui too exaggerated/too active/humorous for who he was.

>2.2. Did I wrote the personalities properly? If you object, please tell me.

Persona(?): Spirit
> I based Spirit on Nietzschean ideas, he isn't a brute or dull, just beyond bothering with trivialities if they don't gratify him, or aren't as important. In a way, he overcame the idea of overcoming and is hill (think stoicism, but centered around endurance and overcoming... And enjoyment of life!) He likes to be merry, hill in his hammock, be an example/ walk the walk not just talk the talk... and bully Yui, but more as a joke so he can 'man-up' and overcome him too. Won't help Yui through options much, his way is for Yui to overcome the school himself... Or herself. He doesn't care all that much. Any choice is correct choice so long as you choose it... Or give up... But even then, he would help and be understanding. Not just toxic masculinity made manifest, but is much more masculine than Yui, such as he is right now.

Persona(?): Aby
> A slightly Machiavellian schemer, who enjoys what she does to a high degree. Has a rivalry with Aki who she considers to be inferior due to her submissive desires and brutal honesty about them... It might, or might not be true that Aki is sometimes handsy with her. Aby prefers sticking to the future with plans, but desires to some extent to be found out and appreciated for her efforts. She wants to get Her Way, what this way will include in the end? She likes data, being playful, figuring out complicated problems, and seem better(especially than Aki) and useful. Handles stress very well, and has a degree of good will towards Yui, but isn't beyond taking control to get her way... It's for his own good, in the end!

>seemingly breakneck sped, at least for /qst/.
Well I'm a child of Fiction.live, so it's expected. Especially when the senpai I look up to has had Years of experience, and I want to catch up... Also, Soon I will be busy, then in may I will be VERY busy, and I want to get somewhere with this quest.
I find no fault in how you have shown Yui so far, but that might be because we have yet to have much chance to see how he reacts to enough situations.
Interestingly enough, I never gave Spirit a gender. I had tried to write the mask to represent the virtue of Seishin "精神" of Yamato-damashii. That you chose to apply Nietzchean ideas is something I find interesting but don't really find fault in. To straight up steal an explanation of what it was supposed to represent
>It's the willingness to never give up, to push yourself higher than before, to never, ever feel despondent or overly complacent, and to work your hardest. It's become codified as the "training arc" between battles or the ability to survive fatal damage through sheer will alone.
Basically Shonen hero.
>Also, Soon I will be busy, then in may I will be VERY busy, and I want to get somewhere with this quest.
Fair enough.
To add on, that's why the sun and the waves were heavily relied upon in the intro of Spirit.
I know, right? Also, this new thread gives us a pretty damning piece of evidence. It's a question, really.

How many QMs on quest have ever expressed the want to have players run through the same quest to get different endings?

Because I really only know of one.

Also, getting to work on Yui's new roommate's introduction.
Yui stands on the beach, back from Abi's confusing tower of experiments. There's a knock on the door behind him. He turns back, and there's a door. Brown wood, carved, with a golden doorknob. Quite fancy. Three short knocks. There can't be a door here. There wasn't before. Yui opens the door. There's one, no, maybe two people behind it.

Neither of them are him. That's a change. Both look vaguely his age, with Caucasian features. A young man and girl, at first glance. The man takes the door opening as an invitation, and strolls in. There is nothing behind the doorframe, just the beach.

"Hmm. The beach. Interesting. You guys are getting pretty good already. I was expecting to have more of an effect."
Yui turns to look at the young man as he speaks. Great, more riddles.
"Nah, not the type. And yes I can hear you. I'm just used to me and my brothers strolling into the minds of people who either don't have mental castles or don't have one that stands up to us. You four have some power together, even if it's still basic. Saying that..."
He looks at Spirit's jungle corner, and Aby's tower.
"...you're getting some rooms in, very nice! You learn quick."
"Nobody in particular! Names are overrated. And in pretty short supply where I'm from. We all have to share, so nicknames are where it"s at! I'm your new roommate!"
"Or mask, or extra personality, or whatever. Somewhat. Point is, you may have noticed, what with the whole "not staying dead" bit, that there are a lot of eyes on you. I represent one such group of interest. And I personally have been keeping tabs on you because I find your antics interesting! Ad since others have been staking their claims on you, Ii figured I'd move it and stick a few fingers in the pie~!"
Yui blinks repeatedly. The man talks fast. Physically, he's...off. He looks a bit young trending towards androgynous. No facial hair of any sort.
"Yeah, I'm coming to terms with this new body too. I spent years using my old one, so aging up suddenly like that feels weird."
Aging up?
"Yep, that body, well those bodies, were copies of what we, me and the others, looked like at sixteen. Given the hi-jinks here, I decided to get a body that's actually 18. Legislation and all. It's funny, really. 16 years old make bombs just fine, but no fooling around under 18, or drinking under 21. Pff~, yanks!"
"O-okay, slow up, what do you want from me...from us?"
"A good story, an interesting contact once you get out of here, someone who'd owe us a small favor, someone interesting. I want to help you get out."
An outstretched hand. Yui only hesitates a moment before shaking it. The man feels off, but not in a threatening way. And besides, he needs all the help he can get.
"So...who are you...you two?" he says, remembering the girl.
"Oh, they're not going to be here much, just figured it'd make me more useful. My name is stretched thin as it is, but most of my work contacts and friends simply call me Bomberman. I guess B-man is fine. Or Fletcher. He won't mind me using his name, I hope. Explosives enthusiast, bomb-maker extraordinaire, insurgency supporter, semi-professional pain-in-the-ass, and a couple other things besides. I make stuff that goes boom and I make stuff go boom with it. From home-cooking bombs to burying shells, I've seen and done a lot. What matters to you is that I have some experience leveraging explosives against a technologically superior foe with better weapons. If you're looking to guerilla your way out of her or make use of explosives as part of your escape strategy, I'm you guy. And this..."
He nods towards the girl.
"Reminds me of you. They'll be giving you a few pointers on how to beat up creeps through me. It'll be useful once you get out, but if the staff ever gets handsy or you meet some more fishmen, it may save your bacon. Also, hoe hoe hoe, I come bearing gifts besides! I couldn't think of a good gift to you, besides me, I mean. So yeah, sorry about that. I could have gift-wrapped myself, but I only do that for explosives, and I don't have enough embedded C4 for that to work, so no. Santa's here, and he'll be right back."
The man, B-man, jogs off, leaving Yui looking at the girl. If that is a girl, B-man made it difficult to tell. They reminded B-man of him, so perhaps...?

"Oi, Spirit! Since you're just sleeping there, I think you'll enjoy this!"
A book hovers near Spirit's hammock, before landing on a table that definitely wasn't there before. "The First Steps to Eternity: a Cultivation Primer"
"Not sure you all can do that yet, but this place has a lot of weird energies and people crossing through, and you're already kinda meditating, so it's worth a shot. Even some basic body refinement could help out your boy Yui a whole bunch! Tell us if you manage something!"

There's a note tied to a bunch of papers in front of Aby's lab/tower.
"Heard you were looking into gas. Good ideas all around, I'd try and find blueprints. Don't have to deal with the guards if *someone* gases the armory. In case that's not possible and just because you bringing it up led me down an interesting rabbit-hole, here are a few ideas for improvised flashbangs. There are quite a few methods, so we should be able to cobble something from what's in the bunker, classrooms and kitchens.
P.S.: Nice Mage's Tower!"
Aki gets a bedside table with a note on it.
"New roommate here. A lot of my brothers like your ideas, but you're not doing it well consent-wise. So nothing for you right now, but we'll have an offer for you once you get Yui out safely, and only then. We're sure you'll love it and its potential applications! So be a good girl, okay~?
P.S.: You guys could still totally get the bar, just have to articulate the different rooms properly. Ask me whenever!

The girl (?) in front of Yui nods, smiles, and goes back through the door, her white sundress and brown hair fluttering behind her. Pretty~!
Once the door closes, Yui goes around, and she isn't there. Come to think of it, when she stepped back through, it wasn't the beach on the other side, but...

There's a big sandcastle a ways away from the sea now.

Yui just sits back down trying to process this latest bout of madness. Perhaps this will be a good thing? It will certainly help his more violent escape plans if he decides on them. As if on cue, he notices a large table in front of the castle. Something for later, he decides, feeling quite tired.

End, for now!

So here it is. Sorry to keep you all waiting and guessing, but this is what I've decided on. Hopefully not stepping on anyone's toes, and I'll let QM decide on what stats Bomberman here may provide, and for what types of choices he may propose an option. That last part should be pretty obvious though! On that, this was perhaps 1200 words too many, so I'll be going to sleep now!
The heart is gone.

That is what you face now on this darkened beach. The waters have risen to your knees now, terribly cold and all-encompassing. Maddeningly silent.

It hurts more than could be imagined.

No more does the sun's golden light dance with the waves; now, all is dark, and there is no moon or stars in the sky to see by. The drumbeat of life no longer beats in your chest.

What is there to do now it is gone?

You had offered it up to be taken as a strength, to allow him to stand tall, unbroken, and radiant in purpose. But, in his chest, it burned, glorious and exultant.

Yet, all the same, he was struck down.

A snarl escapes your lips. Impotently you pace, bereft chest aching, cold waters lugging on every moment like brambles. Washing away the tight-held idea of yourself. Your actual shape is revealed. Torn clothing, salt-stinging gashes, a rent neck, and a gaunt frame.

Utterly ragged and hungry.

You would give anything to make that heart beat again, to make this wretched hunger disappear. To be free from this abyss of water and sand.


The sudden arrival makes you stop in your tracks. You stare up. It is no moonlight, and it is no starlight. Sunlight, not the warm one, but the cold one, the one that loomed over men dying of thirst and blinded unwary eyes in the snow. That bleached bones white, blistered skin, and turned colors to a singular white.

It is the light a dying man sees. And it offers a chance.

You take it, and it almost consumes everything you are.
>Aby looks serious... Better stay away.
>A new friend?: FAILURE
>Try to talk with all the personalities together to make a general plan. MIXED

A hospital bed in the middle of an empty beach? That seems... Suspicious, and the implications of 'contagious' are equally disturbing. Looking at the object in the distance again; you sigh, and look back at concerned Aby.

"Think I will pass, if you say so."

Beaming smile dons her face at your response. "Correct choice." She chirps and snatches your arm and tugs you towards the jungle. "Now, let's get to the second point while we still can. PLANS!" ...and away from the curio.

Doubtfully, you say: "lead the way..."

Mere blink afterwards, you find yourself seated cross-legged at a campfire near the treeline... It's night, the last honey-like rays of sunlight paint the ocean orange. Together with you, two others seat in a circle. That was fast...

The cracking of the flame is interrupted as Aby rises and proclaims: "let the meeting start! Let's discuss." Then sits down with a smile.

You might as well start... "Well, I have a ques-"

"Let's start with how we are alive!" Aby cuts you. Eh?

Then Spirit slowly stands up. "Veto." He huffs. "You know the same as us. Nothing. Don't escape uncertainty with useless blabbering."

"Usele- What?! We know a lot..!"

"Cut it. Don't muddy the waters with mere conjecture. Something happened, we don't know what. Well, 'we'." He says sternly, and looks at the beach.

A look of worry crosses Aby's visage. "We don't need her. We don't owe her!"

Again, 'owe'... "What's the deal-"

"Let's discuss the memories then! Obviously, we can ask Seo-young, she had access to our files! Maybe we could sneak into the principal's office and get it? We could block the door and let poison in, we could use Jaq's henchman, or sneak attack and clobber her to death!" She squeaks excitedly.

As you listen to both of them bicker, with no way for you to get in, you realize something: who are those people really? Some kind of illusion? Another trick? Distraction? And what's this thing?!

You think, as you look at the faraway dot on the beach brightened by mysterious white light.

...Wait! The space you are in losses it's colors, and objects in the distance melt into one another, leaving only your campfire... And the thing.

You have to ask something... Tell them what to do, or focus on, tell them your plan? Go for this thing at the beach? What did they mean 'you don't owe her', does 'she' knows anything? Only more questions than answers...

What to do... What to do...

> Cut it! I speak...! Tell them what you think happened, or what you want to do armed with your knowledge... (write in) (Optional)

...And, before it's too late...

> Damn it! Time to move, 'she' could know why you still breathe, damn the 'contagion'... (RES-3)
> There are other ways of finding out, I guess... Ask anyone a specific question. (Write in)
> Inspect the dream and what you can do here.
Who's Souv~?

>Interestingly enough, I never gave Spirit a gender.
Oh... "Male as default" hits hard... If you want I skipped showing him explicitly due to lack of a pick, but if you want I can make her a 'Tomboy'(male)/androgynous Boy/passing as a tomboy... In a way it would fit the Nietzschean ideal of overcoming, this time of gender norms, or samurai's hairstyles. Hmm, that's cool actually...
...Tell me what you desire, I'm your humble QM.

FFS I posted the update without seeing... Sorry~
There are going to be other nights... Or? Hihi~ *cough*

Also it's so amazing, I wanna comment more but I'm so busy right now. Comment part 1 further in 2h time.
you will never be a wowen
File: You can't make it up.jpg (104 KB, 568x563)
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104 KB JPG
>you will never be a wowen
Pfffft autocorrect! Ahahha!

So, today I did a little test... Or 2, but only one is truly relevant. Ergo:

1. Mismatched lovers...:
> Out timezones are terribly mismatched. Today I tried to 'smolpost' and see if I can get multiple smaller choices in one day... Well, nah. It kinda stunlocked me. Not blaming or anything, just stating facts, as it seems you guys wake when I go to sleep, and vice versa. I will try to 'smolpost' again tomorrow morning, and see if it works or not.

2. Just Don't, Literally, Just Don't.:
> Sorry, but today's 'smolpost' was entirely written on the boring lecture I had; partially out of spite for the professor, and somewhat as a survival method... Needless to say the quality suffered. There is also only a handful of hints for future plotlines, so sorry for that. Will not do it again.

3. Copy and Pasting to Victory:
> Yay! First detractor! Let's drink for >>5641535 , who almost manged to copy and paste the same sentence for Xth time~ Yuppie!

4. Broad Resume:
> It's great, but I think he need some more versatility. Since it's guerilla warfare, maybe stealth and living off the land, Do-it-yourself like sewing etc? More on that tomorrow, today I'm tired...

Could you please post what kind of 'quest item' Fletcher/B-Man needs to get accustomed, and be at full efficiency? Pic would be appreciated too~

Tomorrow(in quest) will bring many new options to the table, as I humbly think that what doomed the previous QM was lack of clear pathways that weren't "go 4vXXX enemies", or "Gae~", which I pointed out in my very goddamned first post >>5599128 in the first edition... Tomorrow and the next day after that will be major shifts on the chessboard, and will reduce the value of only-combat approaches. (Not completely, if you want to have blood, you will have it more so than before, there will simply be more options to go for an end to warrant the NG+... The stakes also go higher...Much Higher)

5. Trial is Due:
>that there are a lot of eyes on you.
>Not yet aware how... true... it is.

6. Sowwy awain~:
> today's update is meh... Refer to 1 and 2, sowwy~
>Tell them you believe an anomaly has saved your life and possibly changed you. Ask them to keep a lookout for any inhuman thoughts or beliefs.
>Inspect the dream and what you can do here.
>Who's Souv~?
A polite guy who posts walls of text, quotations from a vast array of media, singlehandedly reaches the image bump limit in QTG, likes tarot cards, and runs/updates quests like the devil is on his back while putting heavy, stressing heavy, symbolism into everything.

Thankfully, you only quote from philosophy and don't update at the rate he does.
>Tell me what you desire, I'm your humble QM.
For the Spirit thing, do as you like, it's just suppose to look like Yui but with laugh lines and I suppose scars now.
>timezones are terribly mismatched
What time zone are you working out of QM?
I say Yui is good so far and I enjoy his banter with the personalities we have so far.

For Aby ye she demands progress and if she has to get handsy with Yui she will.

+1 yeah I support Spirit's idea. We know this places has dimensional fuckery going on and somehow makes monsters. So we have to assume we lost a piece of ourselves and stay vigilant for unknown thoughts. With all three personalities checking they should be able to spot, and quarantine infections for us to find any cures in the research notes in the lab.

Yoo bomberman welcome to the party. Over there is Yui, there Aki, at the tree is Spirit and I am Aby. Hopefully we don't get more otherwise we will have to start a timeshare on the beach.

Nice omako Spirit. Truly we all lost something to come back.
Its okay QM Aki we all pretty much have jobs or school to take care. If anything it at least lets everyone have time to look over things and try to plan without worrying about missing a vote. For me I can't check qst on my phone since I was banned for posting too much. I blame my time in fictive.live for giving me that habit.
Okay guys so what should be our first blind route. Yui path where he switches personalities to balance out gae and hopefully escape.
Aki path where to dig into the system and pull a jaq on jaq and become the next president to lead the revolution?
Aby where we war crimes the bunker in gas and poisonings.
Spirit actually I don't know what Spirit plans could be.
Bomberman and bomb sections or return to gorilla and swing in the trees outside.

We should probably get our plan ready so we can have all our personalities work towards it. Otherwise we won't develop any personality far enough to trigger any plans.
>Yui path
This gets my vote, but return to gorilla speaks to the heart.
>Spirit actually I don't know what Spirit plans could be.
Yui's freedom to choose and a lifetime by a nice beach.
Or perhaps the lost heart has made Spirit harsher, now harboring desire to strengthen by any means to never fail again, no matter the cost.
>Okay guys so what should be our first blind route?
Keep plotting, but remember to be open minded, the battlefield will be changing quickly (not chaotically; all planned)

There is a neat saying in my language it goes somewhat along: "the oldguard prepares for the war that was." Be flexible, and consider if you have Only one goal in here... We need to get to Day1 already.

I wannnnaaa spoiler Soo much.... Ahh~ but I can't.

>Spirit actually I don't know what Spirit plans could be.
I imagine them to be a loyal vassal to Yui, hence they have little Options, but give high RES. They are kinda 'neutral' path, meanwhile Aki and Aby are more... Forceful... predatorial... Paths. Aby and Aki... Leave more *stains*, both mental and physical... Spirit is clean.

I think B-man will be 'an assistant' to other routes, rather than a route of himself. Gaining help, meanwhile having to 'not get too in debt' with his benefactors, and him.

Words are coming too, gib 40 min.
File: New doors open.jpg (18 KB, 178x250)
18 KB
>Tell them you believe an anomaly has saved your life and possibly changed you. Ask them to keep a lookout for any inhuman thoughts or beliefs.
>Inspect the dream and what you can do here.

Whatever is happening, you need to hurry to get your point across!

Getting up, you take a deep breath. "EVERYONE! SILENCE!"

Immediately, Aby jolts in surprise then huffs, meanwhile Spirit merely nods and smiles... Good. Time's a commodity you have little, judging by your surroundings.

With their attention at you begin walking towards the dark. "I think I... We were saved by an anomaly. I don't know, I really hope not... But it could have impacted me." You say and stand at the periphery of fire's light. "We don't know a lot. Please, be on a lookout for anything suspicious... Thoughts or beliefs count as well."

"Understood. It's over... I will be on my way. Got stuff to do of my own. Will report anything odd, assuming I won't handle it alone..." They smirk and leave, the color returns wherever they go... Hmm?

As Spirit walked away they seemed to clutch their heart(?). What does it mean?

Meanwhile Aby looked at you worriedly. Consternation radiates from her visage. Then with a breath she murmurs: " Yes... I'm aware. Something abnormal... Happened. Now everything will be different. I just don't know what she did... And what exactly it entrails... And..."

You don't pay much attention to her furtive stream of consciousness any further as you spot distortions closing in.

The dimly lit object in the distance...

No, it could be too dangerous, you will realize what's going some other way! What you could do is see the properties this 'dream', or 'plane' has...

... So you jump. And fall to the ground. Nothing out of ordinary, but your spontaneous gesture threw Aby out of her tangent, and she looks curiously... If not a little bit angrily.

"You try to see what rules govern this place?" She giggles, and you quickly nod, to which she grins having you figured out. "I've already did! I felt something was different, but on further examination, everything was Fine!" Hmm, so nothing out of ordinary? Then maybe... "You can just ask, you know"

"So nothing will happen if I touch 'it'?" You point at the distorted, colorless 'sand', or what use to be sand.

"Nothing, so far as my trials indicated!" Distortions are closing in, and behind them, even more dark. The time is up... Well, then pardon me... "But you better still be caref- what are you do-?!"

As you jump into the dingy substance that used to be sand, you see Aby's terrified visage... And ornate brown doors appearing behind her? Wha-? >>5641265

Although you have no time to ponder as you fall right through the seemingly immaterial substance into deep, deep sapphire swirl... "Aaghh-!"
File: ???.jpg (115 KB, 850x1222)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Without skipping a beat, you open your eyes(?). Around you you see... Oh no.

Not again. Waters that once surrounded you, do so aga- or do they? Bunker's murky currents notwithstanding to the crystal clear, gentle ocean enveloping you in it's embrace right now.

This time, there is no walls. there is nothing for that matter; nothing, but the infinite glimmer of the Stars in the distance and... some discordant, foreign croaks forging a unsettling cacophony among the flows.

And yet, you feel... weightless, soothed, free... Important.

Deep in your mind, fear clangs it's bells, yet you cannot bring yourself to care.

On a whim you reach for the one of uncountable tiny dots lining the horizon, billions of light years away... And quickly scamper away as you Actually feel it's warmth on your conceptual fingertips. Abrupt movement stirs the ocean around you, displacing the stars and the din of 'voices' fades with the currents you've created.

The shock of the feeling a fire and the magnitude of the feedback your slight movement created sends your mind into overdrive. What's going on? You wonder, only half caring, and half in wonderment.

As you try to look at yourself, everything goes bright and the weight of the world once again presses you to the pillowy ground... Just what's going on...?


With a yawn, you tentatively open one of your eyes. Your are back in your dorm, with it's dull, gray walls and rays of light breaking through the grated window. You are in your bed, laying on the side, the coarse bedding bitting into your soft, exposed skin... Exposed?

Hurriedly but carefully, as not to alert your roommates, you glance beneath the sheets and instantly blush - you wear only your(?) panties, and there is no sight of the Suit. Did Alex changed you when you dropped asleep yesterday?! Y-you were seen by a b-boy! Wait, what?!

A worried voice liberates you from newfound intrusive thoughts. "...Mistress Jaqueline, I feel like so too. Do not worry, please."

You furtively look at your 'friends', both standing by and looking into the mirro- a broken glass shard attached to a wall as impromptu mirror.

"I'm not worried, just assessing the situation." Jaq's voice. At least that means she haven't killed you in your sleep... Yet. When you see her reflection, she's deep in thought, meanwhile Alex looks himself over in dismay, adjusting his already flawless suit tirelessly.

"...I don't know. Something's not right..." He says, frowning. All of them seem to be distracted. Hmm.

> Quickly get your spear and confront them about yesterday. (1d100 DC70)
> Quickly get your spear and confront them what they are talking about. (1d100 DC70)
> Pretend you are asleep, and eavesdrop. (1d100 DC60)
> Greet them, get up to get dressed, challenge them on yesterday. (1d100)
> Greet them, get up to get dressed, join them in conversation. (1d100)


> 'C': blushing and fidgeting (bonus to talking rolls +10) (RES-2) current RES:58
> Deep breaths... Just don't.
Rolled 2 (1d100)

>Greet them, get up to get dressed, challenge them on yesterday. (1d100)
> Deep breaths... Just don't.
Be stranger if we did let their selling slide.
Well, time to play to that high charisma of ours. We have the advantage in that they sold our stuff without permission. So ask what they were thinking.
If they ask where we were, we lie and say we went looking for Se-Young to convince her to turn herself in but that she went crazy, and a struggle ensued that ended with her shooting herself and us having to get a change of clothes.

We should also plan on checking up on Se-young; we left her without a means to defend herself. I wonder if we can claim her former room, it was pretty nice and might have some hidden goodies. The reasonable excuse being we don’t want to room with folks who would just sell our stuff and undress us without permission. Or we could paint it as wanting to look for stuff that could aid Jaq by securing that room.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

Res roll
I hope the other anons roll better.

Soul reading time! Does soul even?! Nvm! Da! Da! Da! Prove your Worth! are you an attentive reader? Wob! Wob! It is, obviously optional... But what truly isn't?

QUESTion 1: "What's wrong with the roommates, WHY? Is it only them?"
QUESTion 2: "Where is Aki, and how to help her~?"
QUESTion 3: "Who Se-young might have apologized to?"
QUESTion 4: "Who is your best friend?"
QUESTion 5: "Why the Oceans tho?"
QUESTion 6: "How do you release the birdie from the cage? Do you?"

Are those ever related? Hmm~


RES roll is tied to the winning option. Now 2. It's not its own separate thing, CR is separate.

Actually, is it possible to roll 2 dices at in one post that are different? Last time I tried I couldn't. I could change it so that the last of rolls is the CR, as to reduce the necessary posts.
Rolled 92 - 58 (1d100 - 58)

I deserve a Gilded Potato Trophy for the will power of not going with this answer-roll, and giving others a chance... Also rolling CR.

CR please, at this pace you will never win untill the last day... Come on, do something. *Pokes CR with stick*

...Am I mad for typing with a random number generator? I think so. That's what timezones and lack of gae do to a homie...
...Really makes one empathize with Aki - Alone on a beach(thread), with others following their ways(sleeping), meanwhile bedridden(awaiting more votes) with sickness (ideas), and with pilling desires of gae... So meta. Truly poetic. Every word etched on page; an unintentional memoir of the Author, QM unknowingly wrote themselves...

Anyway! Don't fail me, CR.
File: CR.jpg (14 KB, 350x197)
14 KB
The being known as CR.

>In a land easily confused for a Balkan lays a small house, with a bone-white veranda, on which a splayed figure procrastinated their day.
>Suddenly from the side of the garden a new Figure emerged with a confident gait, of a professional and proud degenerate.
>The name of that being, of the idea it represented, preceded it, and ignited the hatred of the old and young alike. All stood unified in their moral condemnation.
>A being whose origin could only be spawned among the writings etched by the very Divine Marquis himself.
>As they strode towards the enamored figure, they flashed a smile deceitful and honest at once. A smile of someone guilty of crimes that common morality and natural laws could only dream of.
>Veranda dweller falls to their knees, hammer to the ground they once called their own by their own commonness and fear.
>The visitor arrived, and stood straight above the confused owner at their feet.
>With contempt and glee at another's suffering they spoke those honeyed words; each more delightfully abhorrent than the next.
>"My name needs no introduction; for what I stand for stands above all else. It is me, The Poisoner, The Rapist, The Thief, The Arsonist, The Heretic, The Blasphemer, The Pederast, The Sodomite, The Torturer, The Pedophile, The Incestual, The Kinslayer, The Degenerate, The Proud Egoist. They all undermine my deeds. If only they knew..."
>"It is I who bred only to taste the delights of Incest... It is I, who swindled my dearest dying friend - oh so delightfully I stole all that's his: The Title, Wife, his Children's treasures, his very life... It is I, the one who poisoned my own blood for inheritance. It is I, who am the father of my Sister's, my preadolescent daughter's and my grandmother's children; and their children's too. It is I, who burned, killed, betrayed, swindled, raped and robbed for sport. Oh, so delightfully too."
>"Today I bless you, albeit with reluctance. Today I give you strength to create degeneracy this world fears it will fathom, but are you worthy of my approval? Me, who is the Father, and sometimes Mother of all terrible human desires?"
>Sun settled, leaving the owner question their sanity in the ephemeral, unyielding shadow...
>The shadow of the being others will call only as 'CR'.
>Utterly floored they said indignantly:
>"Wtf?! GTFO of this thread, you will get me banned!"

Wtf did I just wrote?!?! Wtf?!?! It won't be banned right?! Wtf?! A literal encyclopedia of crime. It's not bannable if it's mentioned and nothing explicit right?!?! Wtf?!? I can mention a character if I condemn them right?! They are the bad guy! The invader!
Holt.shit it wasn't meant to be posted it was a challenge from one of my friends. noKoooo why have I done that
"How evil can a character be" noooooo
Dammmnn I forgot you can't delete posts on 4chan...
It didn't happen. QM said so.
QM Aki you knew what you were doing.
Rolled 6 (1d100)

We demand answers and damn we should have pulled an Aki on them to help our rolls.

We can become gorilla Yui.

We will never finish day 1. All these identities keep hogging Yui to themselves.
Rolled 24 (1d100)

How can we get dressed if they sold the spare clothes?

Anyways, we’re failing the speech check so let’s see if we can at least get a body language reading roll win.
Woah, a double less than 10... And a loss to the being known as CR. Talk about unlucky~ *cough* *Bonk*

>We demand answers and damn we should have pulled an Aki on them to help our rolls
In order to pull out 'Aki', or at least her 100/100 option you need to 'unlock' her via quest item... Or whatever she needs. The same as with others.

>We can become gorilla Yui.
Understandable. It's the True Ending. Why bother with dingy anomalies, government power plays, private sectors plots, and a fickle moods and deceptions of girls(male), when you can just return to Monke?

>How can we get dressed if they sold the spare clothes?
yours arent the only ones. Others have them too~

You can't procure proof~!
>RES roll is tied to the winning option
Are you telling me that the 1d100 meant to beat a charisma check also has to beat the CR roll? Even though in this case the C option wasn’t a decision on an action but a modifier. Why wouldn’t that be two separate rolls, one to determine how the charisma check roll and a willpower roll to determine whether the blushing/charisma modifier is put on? Seriously, why wouldn’t the RES roll like the CR roll be it’s own thing?
>Even though in this case the C option wasn’t a decision on an action but a modifier.
Eh, fair point... Damnit...ok. I will grant you that, but then you fail without the 10 to get anything at all...
I feel like I got cucked out of lewding cute Bois... I don't like that feeling ;_;
Eh, the being known as CR will have to wait then.
>fail without the 10 to get anything at all
Just how the dice play out, there's always next time, and Alex has already agreed to help.
At worst, we'll get stonewalled by Jaq about why exactly they sold the out stuff, and that will be it.
I urge you, QM, to change the RES rolls into their own separate roll rather than connected to first roll checks like char, strength, int, etc.
Smolpost in about 10 min.

>change the RES rolls into their own separate roll
I will keep the system as is, but in this case I should have said to cast 2 dice, one for talk, one for keeping it cool, but I didn't, so my bad. You won the 'no blushy blushy' but got Jaqed.

I don't want RES roll as a separate one cause it's messy and in the late Quest there will be many 'C' Option/'C' modifiers at once(preserve your RES...). I want to keep it somewhat visible and separate so that you can fail one but win another. Unless I misunderstood what you wanted.
>I will keep the system as is
Very well, it's just that the way I see it, there are two DCs. One is the initial stat check, and the other is the CR check. If the roll fails the DC for the initial is failed and is somehow lower than the CR check, we don't get to experience the failure of what we chose and instead have the CR option now. I fail to understand why you can't just ask us to roll a 2d100 with choices other than the C option, with the first roll being the stat check and the other being the RES roll.

I'll also admit that my understanding of RES being a separate roll was because of this line.
>No matter what the players decide, a roll of 1d100-/+RESISTANCE (RES) has to be made.

Please tell us next time when another dice is needed like this situation.
File: Jaq.jpg (335 KB, 1748x2480)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>Greet them, get up to get dressed, challenge them on yesterday. [2,6=16]('C':+10)
>Deep breaths... Just don't [CR:34>6: Fail] -> 'C': blushing and fidgeting.
>body language reading [23: it's something]

As you lay, trying your best to reduce the skin contact of your bare skin with the unpleasant material, you analyse the battlefield further: you are alone with suspected mass murderer, and a dependable b-boy who could see... No!

'Deep breaths. This place is somehow influencing me, it has to be it. Damnit, I hate it here..." With air comes much needed clarity. You need to get back on track.

We are friends Jaq, don't do anything rush... A cursory glance lands on the spear... Neatly put alongside your suit on the opposite bed. Doubtless, It was Alex.
It only makes sense to know what happened yesterday, and why you are 'naked'...

With your plan somewhat set, and with the heart kicking out of your chest, you sit groggily to the cacophony of the old bed's creaks, which alerts the other occupants. You cover your chest with the bedding as they see you(?). Deep breaths... "Morni-"

"Oh, miss Nakamura, you are awake!" He jolts away from the glass, and struts(?) to stand next to your bed. Previous discomfort slides in favor of professional geniality. "Oh, sincerest apologies for interrupting. Go on, miss."

Your heart skips a beat when the towering servant boy proffers you a hand, but you quickly steel yourself (OOC: meanies! Ree).

"Good morning, I wanted to ask about... Yesterday." You accept the gesture, but look at Jaq instead. "You ordered Alex to-"

Loud stomps of many boots boom in the hallway, accompanied by an echo of a commanding voice.

Alex tenses and covers your palm with both of his, meanwhile Jaq's expression hardens. then she returns your stare...

"It's the third today. Seems things are going faster." Then she looks over... Herself? "Add this, and Se-young's going into hiding, and I think the pieces are set in motion." She says grimly. Does she know about Se?! Impossible. A thing to investigate further...

"What do you mean?" You say, as you gracefully get up with Alex's help, free hand stays at your chest, as you fight to withstand their gazes... Especially Alex's awkward passing glances.

"What exactly happened yesterday?" She ignored you, and pressed further. Cut it, Jaq is worse. Her passive gaze somehow making you squirm.

"Eh? I-I asked first. Because of you I-"

Knocking at the door interrupts you again... Just amazing.

Jaq looks at Alex and lazily nods, but stands still; Imminently, and to your relief, he lets go of your hand and goes to the door. "I apologize, madam, but duty calls." And you grab the sheets to cover yourself again... Why are you doing this? You got pants... Anyway.
File: The School Guard.jpg (121 KB, 850x1243)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Once you are covered, Alex opens the door, and reveals two guards. One with a black helmet with a glassy covering for the face, and another, standing closer, without one. The former slowly glides into the center of the room, her weapon hanging at her chest as she apologetically smiles at your roommates.

Yet, she's taken aback when she sees you all covered, and quickly nods. "Apology for poor timing, girls. I will make it quick! We are to deliver the message from the 'authorities'. Long story short, lessons delayed. Sorry for... Interrupting~" She smirks, and hands Alex a sheet of paper.

"Well, for your own good, there are going to be bad people coming here soon, so better stay indoors... Although the director failed to mention a curfew so here is that, or maybe she did? But was babbling incomprehensibly, if so it doesn't count. Well, just don't break the usual guidelines, and we are fine." As she says the last part, she and her collage pat their weapons, although her expression is that of being bored.

Then she does a quick turn on her heel and walks back to the doors. "One more thing, it's not my business, or anything, but I would advise being polite, preferably pretty, if you see anyone... Not that I would doubt your looks, of course." She bows and kisses Jaq's palm, just like Alex often did, with a wide grin, but Jaq seems elsewhere, and doesn't react at all.

"Better not to talk at all, actually. oh, and- eiii?!

You all jump when the guard at the door slams the but of his weapon into the doorframe with a deep huff.

"Alright, alright, have a interesting day, girls." She says as she moves to leave, but when she does, you see a small Swiss flag on her shoulder and a plaque with the name 'Leonie'.

When the doors close behind her, awkward silence is cast on the dingy dorm, as Jaq seems to be deep in thoughts... And shaken(?), Meanwhile Alex reads...

You aim to ask Jaq again, when Alex speaks and interrupts you. You aren't even mad anymore. You saw it coming.

"We are instructed that lessons will occur in 3 hours time, do you hear, mistress Jaq?" So you have plenty of time... Well, convenient.

Jaq merely nods, still thinking, but mutters anyway: "Aki, we need you dressed... Today, if you have nothing, take one of mine, or Alex's. We cannot gain any suspicion. Not this far. I need to know if you know anything." B-but you asked first...

You don't get to ask however, Jaq drops on her bed and nestles into her bedding, with a small smile and a sigh of relief audible for all.

Then she just stares at you, emotions once again gone, leaving only a impatience...

Also, did your eyes fail you, or is everyone just a little more... No, ridiculous. Jaq always was... but the way she expresses... No. Alex is different too... What does it mean?
File: School Uniform .jpg (127 KB, 800x1066)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Just what to do...

....with friends like those... Can choose more than one.

> Be honest and tell Jaq what happened... Maybe she knows something? Then go. (1d100)
> Tell a fancy story... Believable of course, then go. (write in) (1d100)
> A deal, she tells you, you tell her (what?)
> Stick to your guns, have her tell you, without you saying anything. (1d100)
> Ask Jaq what are her thoughts (1d100 DC:70)
> Write in, combine, etc.

The more you add the higher the number necessary for more info for all 'friends' choices.

...With clothes...

> ...Wear Alex's... A just a little too big. (RES-2) (physical stats down 1)
> Wear Jaq's. It's a too tight, but you can manage... (RES-1) (physical stats down 2)
> Surely, they it won't be THAT suspicious... It's way too large too. (physical stats down 2)(charisma down 1)
> Just take a towel or a sheet. Decency be damned... (RES-3)

...with time... Can choose more, but risks being late. You have 3 hours,

> Ask Alex to go to the 'Black Market. Together... (2~3h)
> Check out on Se-young. She should be awake. (2~3h)
> Look for those 'Bad people' in the hallways. (~1-3h)
> Have a chat with your roommates, especially Alex. (~1h) about what? (1d100)
> look for those guards, they seemed talkative. Maybe they know something more? (~1-3h...)
> Visit Angelina. She always was cute. So why not? (~1h)
> Ask upperclassmen about Se-young, and other student council members (~1h)
> Examine other students (~1h)

With time you can pick 2, and see what happens then give up on the latter if you deem it too dangerous. BM and Bunker are the most time consuming/risky for time.
I need to make a Word file where I explain mechanics. This way I won't spam thread, and it will be easier to access

>I fail to understand why you can't just ask us to roll a 2d100 with choices other than the C option, with the first roll being the stat check and the other being the RES roll.
I guess it does makes sense. From now on keep doing 2 dice when needed. Makes sense.

Here I will count rolls in order you wrote your votes.
Means: a:11, c:22

Fuck! You succeed CR check, I just begun writing before I saw it. Consider it:
You got Jaqed on speech, but keep your cool... Damn you... *Sniff*

Also, always feel free to ask anything, especially if something's unclear. I'm aware I'm not the best at explaining mechanics; due to inexperience, or my flair of writing.

>Smolpost in about 10 min.
I elected against smolposts. They don't really work and just stunlock. Damn timezones...
Rolled 77 (1d100)

>Tell a fancy story... Believable of course, then go
>Half-truths. Tell her we went looking for Se-young, found her, a struggle ensued, she shot herself in despair, and we had to get a change of clothes and return, for there was nothing more to do.
Leaving out specific details like the fish being the cause of the struggle, we died, and Se-young didn't successfully shoot herself, and letting implication fill in the rest. It would be a major faux pas for Jaq to insist on more detail, considering the implication that we saw Se-young take her own life.
>Jaq's clothes
What does down 2 mean?
>Black market with Alex
Can visit Se-young later, but there are better times than now.
>> It's great, but I think he need some more versatility. Since it's guerilla warfare, maybe stealth and living off the land, Do-it-yourself like sewing etc? More on that tomorrow, today I'm tired...
Living off the land is doable. B-man is more used to living off a city's underbelly, but he knows some guys. That's really how his world works, and a good clue to his motives here, i believe.
Stealth, only some tips. B-man knows how to disappear in a crowd, gray man theory and all that. But sneaking around, not so much. There's also the option of using crossdressing for that, again, knowing the right people helps, but that won't help in a school where Yui's facial features and stature are easily identifiable. Outside, it'd be another story. Duck in a closet as a cute girl, and come out looking like a totally different girl~! Alas, there's the RES to consider...

I'm thinking his guaranteed success actions would only come to play with making and setting explosives. It'll be useful. Flashpowder is scary for the nervous and the uninitiated, you know?

>Hopefully we don't get more otherwise we will have to start a timeshare on the beach.
"So close, yet so far! You've gotta expand your mind, man! I mean literally! Nothing stopping you from making more rooms linked to the beach. It's a castle, it's got rooms. That courtroom or that red-light district bar you wanted? They can be made, you just need the right architecture and set pathways. Also, you all should figure out if the beach should be the central part or just another place. That stuff's important, but I get there are more pressing matters. Still, it could be beneficial. And it would give you people a place to be alone in. That's the real issue with systems. Keeping everyone from trying to bloody murder each other..."

I'll support. It'll be tricky, but we could play off our next visits to the bunker as honoring her memory, then invite Jaq once Se-young has a good hideout so she doesn't get too suspicious?
Hopefully Yui's charisma (cuteness and vulnerable appearance, more like) can reach through to Jaq's sociopathic little heart!

>What does down 2 mean?
The QM seems to be using levels for skills, but we don't have a complete list. We know there is below average, average, and above average, but nothing else.
Roll, roll, anon! A 1d100!
We gotta sell this half-truth like OxiClean.

1. Food for Thought:
> I purposely omitted certain questions, half to spare space, and part for others to maybe ask them. Will you?

2. Mental Fortitude:
> They say propaganda impacts us less when we know it's there. You are Yui, why are people acting weirdly Today? Small RES(+1) buff if someone points it out.

3. Choice Paralysis:
I thought if it's not viable to just make smolposts with less choices, but this quest is already excruciatingly slow, so I tried this method. I'm not sure if its a good way of handling things, so I would ask for feedback... It also kinda wounds character development, but meh, whatever.

>What does down 2 mean?
Average goes down by > below average > bad (around -20 on all DCs in physical rolls, just assume it physical rolls to be Very difficult) also, just so you know, it's Jaq's. Hope you won't destroy it.

You are daring to lie to Jaq as well, but hey, no matter what, you will probably get out without much trouble with those rolls~

>We know there is below average, average, and above average, but nothing else.
Ahah! Smart boy!... Or girl. Soon~ you

>Living off the land is doable. B-man is more used to living off a city's underbelly
I will spoiler and say that there are vents all over the place, maybe he could allow Yui to bypass traveling with the hallways... It will be very useful... Soon~

Also you can still roll, 77 is an ok number, but when lying to an observant, socially acquainted and intelligent person who knows you well from observation... Well...
Counterpoint, she cannot disprove where we were, the scars and bloodied weapons back up the struggle claim, plus the suit, we really did see Se-young attempt suicide and that’s a fresh enough memory to evoke emotion for acting, and we are lying by omission, which is harder to pin down.
She may be good, but she isn’t all knowing.
Yep, I'm talking about a certain fact. Not all.
Also you give up on further questions? Can ask anything to Jaq now. Sure, results may wary, but still.
this quest is stupif and you're all gay.

I vote to sniff the womans feet.
You are lucky, we are going to female dorms, most likely.

Also, isn't life at its best when IT IS stupid? Hmm, interesting and stupid are the way towards the great Monke~
Rolled 2 (1d100)

Yeah, my bad, I always forget the roll since I do it last.

> They say propaganda impacts us less when we know it's there. You are Yui, why are people acting weirdly Today? Small RES(+1) buff if someone points it out.

Jaq mentioned day three, and some things being in motion. If I was really paranoid I'd look at you saying there are vents everywhere and question if something gaseous has been spread into the dorm rooms while the students are asleep, which Yui would have escaped due to him being in the bunker. And dead.
Or it could be another part of whatever anomalous stuff brought him back to life, since it also seems to be affecting Se-young.
Third option, since you used propaganda, is that the heavy security presence and the events from last night about Se-young killing people and being on the run are being used for fear-mongering and keeping people docile. An old but effective tactic.
Yeah, I'll take that 77 chief.
Rolled 7 (1d100)

I support your decision. Man switching between sites fucks up my dice typing.

Wait the vents are Yui sized? Vents should not be that big or is that normal for bunkers? Can we find the ac units and armory like that?
Rolled 47 (1d100)

>Rolled 2 (1d100)
>Rolled 7 (1d100)
Charisma checks are cursed. We need Se-young nearby to improve rolls or resort to the supreme authority from which all other authorities are derived.
>Body language reading roll.
>Ask about the day three and things being in motion comment.
>Ask about the day three
Jaq's comment was about the fact it's the third time guards/someone with heavy boots passed the dorms. Not days.

>Hopefully we don't get more otherwise we will have to start a timeshare on the beach
>Nothing stopping you from making more rooms linked to the beach
True Ending: Interdimensional, Atemporal Tourism!
> Yui opens up a hotel in his, and all others students minds to which curious dimensional travelers and things from beyond our plane move to. Ensuring peace and stability between the ancient Gods and earth.
>Aby end: Aby imbibes Eldritch knowledge and loses her mind to it(in a 'positive way'). Gets into magic stuff and accidentally creates a great filter for civilisations in the Galaxy. So interesting!
>Aki end: Aki gets mind broken(in a 'positive way') by tentacled husband/wife/thing that will never, ever, ever leave her(it actually became part of her). Husband is equally as gae so she doubles as a lewd waitress for the mind bar and PlayGod Bunny~
>Spirit end: opens up track team for 'things' to build their tentacle muscles meanwhile overcoming mountains and threatens ancient gods to have them commit seppuku if they give up halfway.
>B-Man end: has shares in Yui's mind hotel, purchased by helping. Doubles as a everything manager, almost was a bass, but someone with going by the name CR swindled him and took the position(and most profits). Yui doesn't need to know. Gains from the enterprise allowed his to buy his 'company', and so he's the CEO there too... That CR thing creeps again tho... (Accused of sleeping with a particular waitress).

Wasn't I supposed to write an Update? Oh, well.

>Propaganda thing.
I will say it's the daily corruption gain, and passing a 40 threshold. But the reasoning, while you hint it, is still eluding Yui. I will alter the character voice to be less gae, but RES eludes you. No wonder really, we didn't get Se-young, or Aki to get insights either to the possible past or corruption.

>Wait the vents are Yui sized? Vents should not be that big or is that normal for bunkers?
They shouldn't. Those vents were built atop already existing small cavern/burrows systems. It's big enough for someone or something to crawl through, but one needs to find entry ways and open them... And be able to navigate the dim convoluted tunnels. (Here B-Man could be useful?)
Today's update will be late. Got a lot to do relating to my Thesis and few other things... Although does it matter when everyone is active at in like 10 hours or so?
Hmmm. Questions, questions~
Time to become a tunnel snake and slip into these holes. Wait that came out wrong.
Se-Young end: Become a husbando or mistress to Se-Young as we elope with her to Korea.
Its all good QM Aki.
>Se-Young end
Considering last thread, Wuxian said she fell in love with Yui due to his rebellious spirit, that sounds tenable. I’m heavily biased to her.
>Wuxian said she fell in love with Yui due to his rebellious spirit
It's not canon for me. Not that it's bad, but back then... It was rushed.
Now, she still feels something... But what? Love could be the answer, just don't take it as the only answer, please.

Hmm, now you are all there... Huh. Well I will get to writing in about 2hours.
Also fun fact: durning my Collage, I had to do OVER 50 separate presentations... And it's not over. FFS
Damn, I'm like 90% finished with this update... But I'm so tired, and I'm not happy with how it turned out at all. Sorry I will update tomorrow morning (around 10h from now).

This was a hellish day for me in terms of paperwork and it sucked my creativity dry. Will try to update 2ce tomorrow, assuming there will be votes, or make a very long one update without choices, given it's about traveling to BM and meeting folk and what you can do here.

Once again, sorry.
Fuck this. I'm doing this.

"Convenience is poison. One must accustom themselves to pursue any intention as soon as it appears, regardless of difficulty. Otherwise one burns out, gives in to doubt, starts fearing oneself. The bolder the dream, the more surely it becomes dust when the moment is lost." Let Pathologic quotes carry me...
File: Jaq not angy?.jpg (66 KB, 849x505)
66 KB
>Tell a fancy story... Believable of course, then go [77: Success]
>Body language reading [47]
>Ask about the 'things being in motion' [?: Failure]
>Jaq's clothes
>Black market with Alex
>The changes - [Partial Success]

laying on her bed, Jaq's stare seems to nail you to a cross as you stand motionless in the middle of the drab dorm, as if it was a courtroom. Glancing at Alex, he seems just as uncomfortable with the signals of his Mistress.

Guess you won't leave this place until you give her what she wants. With a deep breath you return her stern gaze, but begin moving towards the wardrobe where Jaq and Alex store their uniforms.

"You probably know already. I went to look for Se-young." You say slowly, fishing for a response. Jaq merely nods.

"Your guess is correct. But I can't work with just that." She lays completely still as you reach the wardrobe proper.

"I will take yours, Jaq." You say, picking up her uniform, and taking a deep breath; it's now or never...

"I found her. She wasn't faring well, fear and loss get to her... And she... She... I don't wanna talk about it Jaq." You voice low and shaking as you imagine what could have been.

"What exactly happened?" Oh, for...!

"You don't need to worry about her. Why I need new clothes... Please, Jaq."

She sighs, but then a smile graces her visage, which makes your heart stop.

"I presume you mean your companion killed herself? Close enough to warrant new clothes? And you slept well? Although, you didn't wake up worried either..." She seems deep in thought, yet her smile unfaltering.

"No. Your friend is alive. Safe, or at least stable. You weren't as worried when the guards came too... so you weren't seen, and she won't be found. We are safe." Well, at least bunker, dying and fish folk part is out...

"Jaq, I..."

"It doesn't matter." She cuts you off with a wave. "She performed her role perfectly, now her performance is finished. I don't care what is her further fate. You should stay away from her too, She has nothing to offer you now. Useless and spent tool that outlives her usefulness..." Smile morphs into a grin.

"...Mere hindrance, that's what she is. If you won't accept it, she will drag you down with her as she drowns... Her history precedes her." She nearly chirps, and her smile finally relents. The contrast between her words and her innocent pose and tone making you and Alex flinch... it seems she isn't lying about her intentions.

You had a question about her previous words too, about things going faster... But no. It's a bad time for it.

In silence you try Jaq's uniform. Soon Alex moves in to help you with the buttons, meanwhile Jaq rests on her bed, as if nothing happened. It's nice of him... Maybe you should go get your stuff back... You and Alex could use some 'fresh air'.

You point at your armoire, the at the door, and Alex gently nods.

"Mistress Jaqueline, I will take la-"

"Of course, be back on time. We can't attract attention we don't need... And don't die."
File: Homely Hallways...jpg (573 KB, 3024x4032)
573 KB
573 KB JPG
You leave with a hurry, if Se-young's information is true, you just survived an encounter with a serial killer... Was she angry? ...Or? It's so difficult with her...

Behind you, Alex grabs the doorknob and says back into the room: "Good luck, mistress Jaqueline! Don't overdo it." And bows, then closes the door and takes a breath.

He looks at you with tired eyes, and apologetic smile. "Don't hold it against her, Madam, she carries her weighs too, and struggles to express her true feelings... Mistress's a good girl at heart."

You somehow doubt that... But who knows. One day you may learn, assuming the good is a poisoned needle in your sleep... Ehh.

"Oh, while we are here, allow me to officially apologize for, well, taking care of your clothes, Madam. I will have you know, Mistress Jaqueline ordered me to make sure you are faring well... and that suit looked uncomfortable, I meant no offense."

The memory make you feel hot, especially since he didn't mention if he touched anything, or not... but you shake the feeling away quickly. His presence somehow soothes - something about that calm and collected behavior makes it easy to focus. Maybe why Jaq holds him with her,? How did he got like this?

As both of you finally set out, you finally get to see the hallways a during the day since your 'death'... It's surprising how easily one can get used to the concept.

All around you you are surrounded by now familiar bleak, yellowy walls, with their emblematic peeling paint and cracks. The lights for the most part hold on, only sometimes one of them blinks, as if hell bent on keeping things abnormal. Occasional window provides a sweet reprieve, if not for the grating... Kinda like modernist art... Jesus, you hate it here.

Anyway, what should you talk about durning your travel? What to focus on? Alex looks eager to talk as well... Hmm:

>'C' Gossip with Alex, a lady needs her stress relief..! What the whisperers whisper~? (RES-2) (Scoops about BM! - Improving rolls there)
>Ask about his relationship with Jaq... (1d100 DC60)
>Stay quiet, be on the lookout for anything interesting (decrease negative encounter chance)
>Talk about why he is a butler, and if it's fun! ... Why 'Mistress', 'Madam'. Also, don't call me 'Lady'!
>Ask about why he is there (1d100 DC70)

Attention is such a fickle thing...

>'C' Focus entirely on Alex, it's Soo fun to talk to someone who listens! (RES-1)(Roll+20/bonus scoops about BM!/Ms.Müller/Angelina) (1d100 DC30 to accidentally reveal secret of your own...)
> Just stay aware of your surroundings and conversation.
> Pay attention to the road (Talking Roll-20, no scoops) (greatly decreases negative encounter chance)
Also before questions arise: there was no DC on lying, because Jaq made up her mind before you spoke, she just wanted to know if she's in danger or not. What you rolled for was her reaction, and it's fine, she *probably* won't go after you or Se-young - for now, maybe even forever? Who knows? Not you...
Few other things:
1. Please, have all votes be replies to the post with votes, it's so much more convenient and easy for me.
2. Don't forget your rolls, if you pick 2 roll options, or add an option, proactively add a roll.
3. There are 2 CR rolls for both options, so 2 rolls. Can be made in one post. Hopefully idk how this site works...
Now I go flop... So tired. Convenience is poison, tho~
Rolled 50, 79, 8 = 137 (3d100)

>Ask about his relationship with Jaq... (1d100 DC60)
>Just stay aware of your surroundings and conversation.
>(1d100 DC30 to accidentally reveal secret of your own...)
ffs, it's part of the FIRST CR option, not the second.
Also if means additional roll, if it's below 30 you blurt out a secret of your own. Oh no~ I will roll what secret.

I've elected to add RES decrease on Crit fails.
>2-9: RES-1
>1: RES-2
It should hopefully add pressure to more pressure to rolls.

And RES up on Crits:
>95-99: RES+1
>100: RES+2
Initially I was against it, as I feared it would spiral out of control
makes sense as doing good makes Yui feel in control and motivated, meanwhile terrible fails dampen the mood and self-esteem.
Rolled 61 - 58 (1d100 - 58)

Rolling CR~
Rolled 1, 43, 39 = 83 (3d100)

>>Ask about why he is there (1d100 DC70)
> Pay attention to the road (Talking Roll-20, no scoops) (greatly decreases negative encounter chance)
Alright, so dice will be: talking , first CR, second CR.
I'm guessing >>5645113 means that the CR for both options is now 3?
My reasoning: no scoops doesn't matter if we don't take the C options anyway, negative encounters are risky in our current state, and it would bog this thread down even more...

Hmm, reminds me of DoL travel mechanics. I will say it was usually a time/danger trade-off, just in case you like the idea.
God fucking dammit. I'm guessing the -2 RES will apply unless we get a 100?
Or...everyone else votes to support the other anon.
>means that the CR for both options is now 3?

What DoL? I haven't heard that scoop! Pray tell~

>I'm guessing the -2 RES will apply unless we get a 100?
I don't expect a 1 ever going though NGL... Might change in to 10 in general, as I wanted this quest to go faster. I will try to write the next update more generally without all the dialogue and prose.

Should I roll tie breaker, or wait another vote?
Then I will update tomorrow, it's late where I live. Take care~
DoL is a game I had talked about in the other threads, Degrees of Lewdity. Part of my reasons and why I pushed for the more warlike actions is because I played enough of that game to jump at the chance to burn down a similar-looking system. It's a porn game, but as usual with niche fetish stuff, it's weirdly in-depth. Very in-depth.

Also just wanted to say that this last update has completely sunk any possible Jaq ships I could have ever had in mind, sorry to say. The tool comment basically cemented that it's just a matter of time until we're thrown to the wolves. Unless she turns yandere. Which wouldn't change anything, really.

>I don't expect a 1 ever going though NGL
Not sure what you meant there.
Jaq is a bad roommate.
>Not sure what you meant there.
Given that there are three of you, means there will be 3 rolls, the chance of you all agreeing on a thing, and still having 1 is nearly inexistent.

There are ways you can handle Jaq... Might require certain items tho... Soon.
Hey, hey! back in thread one i told you all how we should have stayed with Mikhail~!
Also... 'bad' is relative. Maybe she's a 'bad' roommate but one you might just need?

>The tool comment
The tool approach/transactional basis of relationships is the essence of Machiavellian 'ethics'. She's a good student... Maybe you can fix her~?

...Or she fixes you... Be careful.
Rolled 73, 71, 93 = 237 (3d100)

>Ask about his relationship with Jaq... (1d100 DC60)
>Just stay aware of your surroundings and conversation.

Okay guys kill or risk being Jaqs pawn. We can go along for a bit but Jaq will notice we keep going to Seo and if we get rid of her we will also have to kill the butler as we are the only ones with motive.
Downright heroic rolls there. I would've suggested taking out Jaq based on the fact she got Alex to sell our shit. Sure she can be crazy, that's fine, but don't touch our stuff.
Rolled 89 (1d100)

Rolling for Encounter:
>1-9: 'Bad people'
>10-19: Guards from before
>20-33: School's Staff
>34-49: Other students
>50-75: Peculiar outsiders
>76-90: ???
>91-100: Jaq catches up to you...
File: Z'Athu'reen?.jpg (76 KB, 352x392)
76 KB
>Ask about his relationship with Jaq... [DC:60<73: SUCCESS]
>Just stay aware of your surroundings and conversation.

As you gain distance from the she-dragon's nest in silence, a few questions pile in your head, but one in particular stands out.

"Say, Alex. Why did you cover for Jaqueline? When you took my things, I mean." You say, pointing at Jaq's a little too tight uniform.

Suddenly, he slows down, seemingly at your innocuous question. When you look back, he looks you straight in the eyes, evidently pondering something.

"I-I didn't mean to offend! Just curious about your relationship is all." You blurt out, but he shakes his head with a gentle smile.

"Of course. I suppose, It only makes sense for you to be interested." He says with a sigh, then looks around the empty hallway. "I suppose, it's also fair for you to know, or rather - you should know."

"You make it sound very serious."

"It is, Madam. Without delving into history, among other things, I am here to protect Mistress Jaqueline, especially from herself..." He trails off and hastens again, so you curiously follow. "All you need to know is that I've chosen it."

"But why? Don't you know her views... They are obviously antisocial and dangerous, you are merely her pawn..."

"I, a pawn? Possibly. And yet, deep down, I reject that she truly believes what she's saying. This hope is what's keeping me going, reality notwithstanding. Something to latch onto when this place bears it's teeth, something beyond me. Do you understand, Madam?

"I will need to... Mull it over." Is he delusional, or... Or willfully ignorant? To gamble everything on hope? Absurd.

Seeing your doubt, he goes on. "She's a good person at heart, I want to see this quality of hers Before I perish here, or at least I want to die trying. Increasingly, I worry she needs you, madam, more than me..."

"What do you me... Huh?"

Both of you halt when... A small cat(?) crosses your path. Black, shrouded with a motley of different colors; brilliant golden dots and flowing purples. The explosion of colors at odds with bleak and monochromatic corridors. In silence, you try to comprehend...

...Until, cat's hollow eyes meet yours, and suddenly it all makes sense... You feel light like a feather as you are embraced by gentle indifference of the universe.

"...Oh! It's Z'Athu'reen!" You giggle, head and tongue aches as you utter the name, but it doesn't matter, you have Your Cat back! Alex stares at you with confusion, until he too looks back at Your Innocent Cat.

Then, massaging his temples, he nods and smiles too. "...You are lucky to have such a stellar cat, my lady. I apologize, yet I forgot, Where were going?"

You gently pick up Your Kitty and it's sleek to the touch. Sweet! "We were going to... The Black Market!" And beam at him.

"Oh, yes. Thank you, Madam! let me lead the way." He proffers his hand and you earnestly accept, cradling Your Lovely Cat with the other hand. Like so, you travel to your destination. [RES-1]
File: Bio female Dorms.jpg (38 KB, 736x552)
38 KB
Soon you find yourself at the entrance to the biological female dorms. Single guard stays in the way. And as soon as he spots you, he rises both their gun... and your heart rate. Fearfully you cling to Your Kitty for comfort. It's so cool

Yet, Alex calmly waves his hand twice; instantly the guard halts and moves to the side with a surreptitious "I haven't seen anything. Don't cause trouble."

Surprised, you look at Alex. "What... happened?" A sad smile greets you.

"It doesn't matter if it's family, a private enterprise, or a secret governmental institution, corruption remains the same. Always." He said with pained voice, then waves you to go in.

As you enter you are hit with the difference of style. Your dorms, as well as the hallways in general are dull yellow, meanwhile here every was blue with dim, white light. Working lights as well. They are quite relaxing, and made Your Kitty glow a little, or at least reflect light in mesmerizing ways.

As you pass classes, Alex informs you how the female dorms tend to be empty, most biological female students, supposedly, spent their times in small cliques, and rarely go out. Exception being the Black Market. Which is 'technically' open to more people. Which is at its heart, more of a club activity 'gone wrong' than an actual organization, albeit it's influence shouldn't be underestimated... Given how complacent the guard was, he might be right. The 'Black Market' is

Finally you reach a navy door at the end of the corridor. They are quite plain, with only a small taped papers saying: 'Enter at Your own Pyr-Peril!', 'Shines Welcome!' and 'NO BOYS ALLOWED!!!!(Alex and Kevin are cool)'. Hmm, wonder why Alex is fine... And if you are in any peril.

Alex stops and turns towards you, leaning on the wall next to the door and smile... He really is cool when he tries.

He takes a breath and says. "Lady Nakamura, we are here. I advise caution. The club's president tends to be overtly into their little roleplay of criminals and can get rowdy, and with all due respect, you don't look like the toughest one...
yet she's quite friendly and caring at heart. I advise just playing along with her for now. With them all, really."

"...Alright." You ponder, while petting Your Cat worryingly. It's sad how quite they are, but they are cute anyway.

"Of course, madam, since it is my fault, I offer my assistance. Oh, and don't forget to mention that Jaq sent you, it should mellow her down a little."

...There you are, the 'Black Market' club...Well how to approach it? Should you go alone? Will they love Your Cat too!? They are girls. They have to, right? Hmm.
Well, to the theater!
The crew? Should you take Alex with you?

>Your expertise could be useful... Assist me, please... Also why and how are you 'cool'?!
>I need to handle it on my own. Wait here, please.
>You can go now Alex, I will handle it.

You won't leave Your Trusted Kitty! ...Right?

> 'C': Take Z'Athu'reen with you for emotional support! (???)
>...Animals might not be allowed in their club.

But, how to present yourself? Maybe a new image?

>Criminal roleplay? New Mafia Boss petting Her Cat Ominously it is! (Requires Z'Athu'reen) (1d100)
>Play the role of Femsona Aki Nakamura, like always. (1d100)
>Hmm, 'No Boys'... Ostentatiously Female it is. (RES-2) (1d100)
>Play the role of a male, Yui Nakamura.
>'No Boys' allowed? D-dont tell me what to do..! Ostentatiously Male... You aren't just cute! (1d100 DC80)
>Play the role of one of Personalities, or that one dude. (Which and how?) (1d100)
>Write in a role! (1d100)

The PasSWorD?

>Say Jaq sent you.
>Don't mention it
>Write in
Another update straight out of lecture hall~
Said I won't do it again, but lmao, not doing anything but whispering around gets boring quickly.
>The crew? Should you take Alex with you?
Here you can write in too.

Also, you can RENAME Your New Cat if you so desire... maybe uttering those names wont hurt that badly? Or maybe keep it a weapon? What do?!
> Write in the same if you want.
Can also veto someone's name if you don't like it.
Before any accusations, no, it's not me forcing Gae, that RES fall is connected only with the initial... Contact so to speak. The rest of the way towards gae is on you.
Rolled 25, 81 = 106 (2d100)

>Come with and assist. The debt is unfulfilled until it is repaid in full.
> 'C': Take Z'Athu'reen with you for emotional support! (???)
>Play the role of Femsona Aki Nakamura, like always. (1d100)
>Say Jaq sent you
>Name the cat, Cat.
>Your expertise could be useful... Assist me, please... Also why and how are you 'cool'?!
> 'C': Take Z'Athu'reen with you for emotional support! (???)
>Play the role of Femsona Aki Nakamura, like always. (1d100)
>Say Jaq sent you.
>Name the cat, Don Fluffles. (Its a SAO Abridge reference)

Just for this moment we have to unleash the beast that is AAAAKKKIII NAAKAMURA. So back to Jaq so Alex has to see something to believe that if he also agrees that Jaq is wearing a mask. I just don't know if we can risk be-wait we are more important? How, why, if anything I assumed Jaq would think we are a threat. Also damn it chtullu stole our soul.
Rolled 74, 76 = 150 (2d100)

Rolling for Aki time.
>Also damn it chtullu stole our soul.
You sure it wasn't Nyanlathotep?
>Play the role of Femsona Aki Nakamura, like always.
It's just being like we always are. You can't use 'Aki' options yet, as you haven't 'unlocked her'.
(btw BM is where you can get most illegal shit, including Persona Quest items for all personas)
>Alex has to see something to believe that
I will just say: with Faith alex Leapt into this Either, Or question and it might Painfully take him to Danish Cemetery.
Rolled 55 (1d100)

Rolling Z'Athu'reen's influence on the girls... (Added to the winning Roll)
Rolled 75, 9, 3, 22, 19, 5, 96, 88, 92, 55 = 464 (10d100)

Rolling for items left unsold/lost.
>Spare Clothes, x2
>colored pens
>HRT pills, x10
>sewing kit
>crudely sewn pencil case
>floral tape
>butt plug
Spare clothes roll each 40 is one set.
HRT pill roll is each 10 is one pill.
The rest is 40 due to time (-10)

Sorry for late updates, but I'm literally drowning in shit. Today I had an exam, tomorrow too, next day too. And still have to finish my thesis and learn defense subjects... And soon have a intense lifeguard training theory and practice.

I'm trying guys, sorry. Life is hell for me, I will try to squeeze out an Update, but I have this weird mindset now where not doing what I have to do makes me feel terrible even in free time...
Sorry guys, will update tomorrow, rn I'm to tired.
Ahhh yeah. We got our clothes back and the butt plug so we don't get in trouble with the teacher. At least we got a place to sell off the HRT pills.

It good QM Aki life is important to deal with first.
It's alright, life comes first.
It's okay QM, I know the feeling, and frankly I'm dealing with my own version of it as well right now.
Will drop a big, fat update after tomorrow's test. Sorry.
Looking forward to it. Are we rolling dice for something/the last set of choices in the meantime or have we passed DC on everything?
>172 posts
>72 by qm

An important message... I'm sorry, but I don't think I can't continue this as QM.

So, I intended to post one more update, then go out and say it, but I realize it will be quite creatively restrictive if I do so...

A week ago I said I will be incredibly busy near May, so I wanted to rush through it with double updates, but it didn't quite work... And the time is now.

Trust me, I DETEST leaving my stuff unfinished, but I'm in a state right now whereby starting to write I feel guilty for procrastinating my Collage work, and vice versa. This consciousness sucks up all fun from writing, and turns it into yet another responsibility... It's not really fun, and quality suffers. I will still hang around (to provide Gae~), but being a QM is too taxing for now...

So my question is...
> Is anyone willing to pick it up? No need to adhere to what Ive written at all. New thread?

With that being said, I don't regret it. Wuxian came up with a great idea, keeping it alive was fun. It definitely helped me as a writer.

Again... I'm sorry. It really stings to leave something unfinished... But terrible, rushed ending feels even worse.

I might start something similar once my Collage is finished in about 2 months, or something clears up, but for now, it just costs too much, and I don't wanna burn myself as a writer by turning a hobby into a chore... Sorry.
Continue Prince of Drag
I dont have a problem with this quest at all. I actually have a a lot of ideas.

My problem is that I don't want anymore responsibilities for now. I will try to come back after 8th of May, as by then I will at least have lifeguard training over, but for now I literally can't host quests, I need to focus and get over my current responsibilities.

Also I hate how that one post before gives it a different vibe. I knew what I get myself on, and I didn't mind at all, especially given how talkative I am. My QM senpai started similarly, it's part of the road.

Sorry, I won't host any quests for now (but I will provide low commitment Fanfiction. Don't think you are free from the Gae~)

It's understandable if you don't wanna, but could you tell me if you had any issues with my writing (yep, I literally leave to get milk and have the aplomb to ask you for a favour~)

> How were the characters?
> I'm aware that I am a slow paced writer, it protrudes from the norm here so far as I've seen, given I am raised on Fiction.live, but was it ok?
> (I might do the restart of it once I'm freed form shackles of last months of Academy, so the knowledge is useful)

I absolutely don't intend to end QMing, but I need to have a real free time for it, currently I can't do much without guilt at the state of my thesis... Fuck.
Continue Prince of Drag that was better
Did I stutter? Short fanfiction sure. Full on QM, not now.
You tried. Especially for a concept like this. That's all that matters, QM. I hope to see your next attempt.
You randomly capitalized at points in the middle of sentences; I suspect you were typing on a phone or something.
I don't know, to be honest, we got good chunks of the personalities which was interesting to read, and it seemed we were still in the intro stage of what you had planned. So I could definitely tell you had an idea of the characters, but we simply lacked the time you needed to explore them.
>Slow paced
An update a day is the norm, but two or three, isn't crazy, and a week is a bit worrying. You provided enough chunky updates for the time frame. Did an admirable job on that front, I would say.
Best of luck!
>points in the middle of sentences
You mean related to Your Cat? Or somewhere else?

>typing on a phone
True tho.

>An update a day is the norm, but two or three, isn't crazy, and a week is a bit worrying
I was under a impression that updates should be daily, I don't know why I havent thought of this... 3ce a week seems doable, even between 1-8 May.

I will leave(Soon exam) a question: is anyone willing to:
a) pick it up
b) follow this further, even if I would post once every 2-3 days or so? Maybe not at all during before mentioned period?

I despise quiting halfway. I don't know how I haven't thought of slowing the pace first, but now I wish I could delete this post.

Cya. Think it over, please.
I don't mind waiting. I have said before that I was considering picking this up, but I am in a roughly similar situation and will be for at least the next couple weeks, so I can't really substitute. That and we are in the middle of an event you created, so I can't take over that very well.

And yeah, while daily updates are preferred, having a constant schedule can be switched by good communication with players. If you can't post at the usual time, try to make a post at that time or in advance. You don't even have to explain why or give an ETA. Anons here almost universally have bad memories of QMs flaking, so they need some reassurance or they may just drop the quest on their own terms.
I can wait.
No need to wait long right now~
File: The Black Market.jpg (377 KB, 1920x1440)
377 KB
377 KB JPG
>Come with and assist. The debt is unfulfilled until it is repaid in full.
> 'C': Take Z'Athu'reen with you for emotional support! [55]
>Play the role of Femsona Aki Nakamura, like always. [74]
>Say Jaq sent you.
>Name the cat: Cat, Don Fluffles, Nyanlathotep

From She-Dragon's nest to a She-lions's den... Hopefully, dealing with Jaq taught you enough.

"Alright." You shot Alex with a glance. "I will take you up on your offer. Your debt remains."

Alex bows and says smoothly. "But of course." Then moves up to knock on the door. "What's the plan? And... Is the cat necessary?"

"Plan is to be authentic... I mean to the femsona! And y-yes! Z'Athu'reen's going too...Oh!?" Pained wince saves you from blushing. Alex fares no better, yet still manages to nod. Come to think of it, you might have to change the name... Later.

It's time to get your hard earned stuff back. You take a deep breath and Alex knocks.

Instantly, a startled yelp emanates from the inside, followed by a loud cough. Looking at Alex, he seems to have anticipated this, as he glances back at you and shrugs.

Quick-paced steps echo towards the doors and a shy, brittle voice asks. "W-Who is it?"

"...Shinies." You snort at that, seriously? A secret password... Actually it might make some sense here, roleplay or not...

A loud silence follows, but as Alex patiently waits, so do you, petting Your Mute Cat all the while. Actually, given how long you were lovingly petting it, a single sign of life would be appreciated, but alas.

"Must be brave to come here, and at this hour no less. Brave or foolish." Comes the late reply in sterner tone, accompanied by the clicking of a lock.

"Wait where you are." The skipping steps ring out again, this time delving back into the room, followed by sounds of hitting metal and labored grunts. Then silence... Broken by a shout.

"Alright, you may enter!"

And so you do, Instantly, a gust of dust greets you, forcing a fit of sneezing. As you try to adjust to the new environment and stop it, the voice from before scoffs.

"Heh, a new face? Welcome... Welcome to my lair!"

With your eyes finally clear, the inside of this 'lair' becomes visible, and instantly proves your previous conjectures about who is a 'dragon' and 'lion' wrong.

The 'lair' is no room, but a massive storage area with dozens of pallet racks and blank boxes scattered all around haphazardly. It's design seems a little out of place above ground with it's gray, modern and sharp aesthetics. It looks more akin to the bunker far below... or an actual dragon's lair with it's hoard.

It's evident. It's where most of the facility's equipment is kept... Wonder if it connects to the bunker too.

"Fascinating, isn't it?"

The voice comes from bus-sized Throne-like structure in the middle of the area, made out of dozens of metal trunks and containers stacked on each other. It's center covered by crimson sheet. On this contraption sits your interlocutor, proudly scrutinizing you from high above.
File: Omnia.jpg (122 KB, 850x1267)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
It might be the contrast, or the distance you are yet to close - or the combination of both - but the girl with glasses atop seems tiny and frail, even more so than Jaq. Maybe that's why her regal black suit and deathly stare from atop her 'throne' fazes you so little. Kinda like petulant child... Not a dragon

Doesn't help that a weird part of you wants to yell 'copyright infringement!' for some unknowable reason..

As you walk closer her attention shifts to Alex. "To which do I owe the visit so soon, servant? Changed your mind? Tired of your old master?"

With a chuckle he politely replies: "My fidelity to Lady Jaqueline remains unchanged, I'm afraid." He nudges you slightly ahead. "Madam came to retrieve the 'shinies' I brought here by accident yesterday."

"...It was 1.32AM. Today. Whatever! We WILL discuss your loyalties later. But for now..." She glare back at you. "YOU have my undivided attention. Don't waste it. It's indeed rare for the outsiders to look me in the eyes. Me, the Boss of the Black Market. Me, who has fingers in every pie. Me..."

Alex steps up. "Milady is short on time, 'O'. Cut it, you will have fun some other time."

The girl whimpers like a puppy, but collects herself quickly. "...Alright, pronounce me 'Omnia'. What do you want exactly?"

"Well, Hi. My name is Aki Nakamura, nice to meet you." You say, trying to sound as friendly as possible.

"...Hi." 'Omnia' says curtly, but looks away.

"Oh, and this here..." You shrug The Cat in your arms "...is Z'Athu'reen. Agh?!"

All of you cringe, with Omnia flailing in her throne. The Cat stares at you all with cosmic indifference. Thankfully, you managed to hold them... Wonder what would happen if you dropped them.

"Actually, I think They need a new name." You say sheepishly. "How about 'Don Fluffles'?'"

"Cat. Just call Them Cat... or Nyanlathotep, Agh!" Not agAiN! This time she nearly falls, but steadies herself.

"Ugh... Why not both?" Alex interjects, clenching his head. "Both seem good."

"Hmm, yes, indeed." You and Omnia say simultaneously, then giggle. "'Cat Don Fluffles!'"

"...I'm overjoyed at your cheer, but we are on the clock, madam."

Afterward, you chatter for sometime, with the 'Boss' turning less and less serious by the minute. She proudly tells you how she volunteered to the position of storeroom manager, and from there manipulated the cliques of girls by supporting those who liked her, meanwhile sabotaging opposition. How now she's the artery by which all things flow. And all things find their way to... Outside, or inside. Promising.

All is well, until you explain that Jaq sent you to get back the items - which made Omnia frown - but she agreed.

From her high ground she says with stern voice once again. "It's unbecoming to take what one gave. Tell that to that boy Jaq.. No offense, Aki." Then she points at the massive shelf behind her. "My assistants are dancing somewhere, take what you came here for by yourself. They might have taken a few things too."
File: The horror of Gatcha.png (140 KB, 500x433)
140 KB
140 KB PNG
You will ignore her remark for now. Even Alex swallows his desire to protect Jaq. Together, you pass her blocky building, and she slowly and carefully descends. Then she paces towards one of the doors on the other side of the area.

"I hate you boys, I really do. Although, I think I came into possession of something YOU should have a look at... I left it there- Eiiiiii!" A loud squeak and even louder crumbling echoes throughout the storage. "...I-I am alright... It should be here somewhere. It's kinda messy... And the lightbulb flickers... it's kina sca- No! Give me a minute. Or ten... M-Maybe fifteen. Why d-does it hurt so much." She yaps and moans in pain quietly from inside the room. The DIY Thorne obscures the line of sight.

...Well, you have your own things to do! Hopefully, she won't die out there.

As you reach the designated shelf, Cat Don Fluffles stirs and jumps away! "Hey! Be careful!" You yell, as they scamper away leaving a trail of glimmering paws... Somehow you get the feeling that no matter what they will be back. But why now of all things?

Undisturbed, Alex reaches for the box. "Madam, I think it's this box." He looks inside and... "Ah, no. It's not. There is no indication which is which, only some colorful threads. Do the girls here make sense of it? With all due respect, I honestly doubt that."

You look inside the container and find the office stationery. At a side glance, in another closed box, you see a broad metal shaft protruding from a small opening. There are a lot of them. Hmm, there could be an opportunity here...

What should you do while Omnia is busy? (Can choose multiple, but it will take time. Will be followed in order voter wrote. All require 1d100, need at least two votes to approve)(all searches risk 1d100 of finding... Inappropriate materials.)

> 'C': Open all Lootboxes! Wait, no, just look what's inside! Don't actually take anything. (-2)(2x the risk)
> Search for your things only... Or what's left of them.
> Scour for Cat Don Fluffles and see what got their attention!
> 'Everything finds it's way here' search and take what you find. (Write in what for bonus in rolls for it)
> look for objects you heard about in your sleep. (Bonus to roll)
> Go check out on 'Omnia', she didn't sound all that fine, help her find whatever she wanted.
> check out the 'throne'.
> Write in.

Should you stay? (Only 1)

> Omnia wanted to show you something, it's rude to just leave... Tho she's rude too. Once she's done, leave.
> Stay for Omnia to finish and continue your chatter and giggles a little more (scoops!) RES -2
> Leave sneakily before she can see you again. (1d100)
> Tell her you leave early, so she can prepare what she wanted for later.
> Write in.

Any questions while here, for Alex, or Omnia, or maybe play with Cat Don Fluffles? (Optional)

> Write in
Dice mechanics are fine and the concept you made your own was great. Also it was nice how you integrated the black market to help boost all the personalities. Characters fun and made me question and theorize about everyone's motivations. Its normal to have like an update every one or three a days on qst. This is not fiction live where we can spam chat and shitpost pics.

Also you could do updates on weekends only or twice a week in the afternoon. Just any kind of schedule so we know when to check in or shitpost at each other.
> Search for your things only... Or what's left of them.
> look for objects you heard about in your sleep. (Bonus to roll)

Guys ignore the siren call for gatcha it will just take all your money, pride, time, and hope in the world. Trust me I got trapped by one. Cat Don probably wants some alone time after we carried him for a while. As for looking for things we can come back after gossiping and earning Omnia points which leads into.

> Stay for Omnia to finish and continue your chatter and giggles a little more (scoops!) RES -2
Aki option can give us more of a read on Omnia as we do a body read to see if she is a chunni or navigate her offers. If we hit it off we can have our own friendly quartermaster at our back which will massively improve supply runs.

>Write in questions
Ask Omnia who is her tailor for her cool suit and ask her if she is sure she doesn't need any help in the back.

The help question is mostly to make sure she is not dead and the suit is small talk to help boost the chatter and giggles. Try to come off as someone with value and entice her to us.
Rolled 33, 29, 40 = 102 (3d100)

>Or somewhere else?
I figured it out, its because you use ... alot and my brain doesn't like that.
>ask her if she is sure she doesn't need any help in the back.
>The help question is mostly to make sure she is not dead and the suit is small talk to help boost the chatter and giggles.
For that you should pick:
> Go check out on 'Omnia'
And choose it's spot in priority. (Unless you mean afterwards, once you are done here) questions are for when you are done with 'when Omnia is busy part'.

Don't forget rolling!

All search options include your things already, you won't just leave them if you find them
> Gatcha means - find them... And keep opening! What inside the next one?! (No actual interst in taking anything else, just move on to another)
> search for objects - your stuff + look for quest stuff.
> Search and take things - write in what you search for, and try to sneak it away.
>Only your stuff - finishes after you get your stuff.

So only one is necessary, if you want your things.
Mb for not explaining it very well, but the 3000 is a scary thing.
Although, I suppose, only a poor master blames their tools...

>its because you use ... alot and my brain doesn't like that.
Noted! Thank you~!
>All search options include your things already,
Ignore me. Brain lagged after waking up. You are doing fine here, just Omnia option is problematic.
>So only one is necessary
What would be B-Man's quest item? Could be useful to know it now~

> I will try updating today and tomorrow to offset the 1-8 period.
Rolled 76, 94 = 170 (2d100)

So, there is weird thing in the votes, I roll, and no B-Man item... I will wait till morning, then I will assume:
> Go check out on 'Omnia', she didn't sound all that fine, help her find whatever she wanted.
As the 3rd pick, unless anyone disagrees/votes differently.

In the meantime CR roll and how long it takes for Omnia to finish. For time: 1d100/2
I really don't get this entire vote and you going back on things like three different times honestly, and I got very busy yesterday, so my lurker habits have taken over, sorry.

My knee-jerk answer, and probably his would be a suitcase full of delicious, delicious C4, but this would be a bit much lol. He needs anchoring more than anything else, so...wait what do the others even have? I don't remember, and I'd like to know what degree of exoticism are weird I should ask for.
>I really don't get this entire vote
Sorry guys, mb.
Essentially, you choose to do things meanwhile Omnia gets the things. That's the first part of the vote.
You can choose many things, they will be done in the order you vote them in. Rolling dice shows how fast you done it, and if you have enough time for more, so feel free to pick many, but mind the order.

Second part is getting out, or staying. If you stay you have to wait for Omnia which will take some time. (Depending on the roll Ive made)

Then questions/playing with Cat for last.

>so...wait what do the others even have?
Aby has Glasses, Spirit a pair of durable boots, Aki has ???.

>I don't remember, and I'd like to know what degree of exoticism are weird I should ask for.
Personally, I thought of going for a Eroge game to honor their 'past employments' so to speak. Kinda based on your comments~ hehe

>suitcase full of delicious, delicious C4, but this would be a bit much
It actually isn't. But there can and will be consequences for all parties involved. Also you have to really schmooze Omnia to sacrifice herself to get it, or risk it, at least. Everything finds it's way here... From outside or inside.

Once again, sorry for lack of clarity.
Rolled 88, 69 = 157 (2d100)

Rolling for what you find... And if there are any improper surprises
1-33: Glasses for Aby.
34-66: boots for Spirit.
67-100: Something for B-Man.
1-68: Purity remains unspoiled.
69: May Aki be with you... For whatever God you believe in, won't be after THIS. RES-3
70-100: Guess, the girls have their needs too... RES-1
OK. That happened. I did it for a joke and it happened~! Gae is back on the Menu, girls~

Time to sacrifice our purity on the altar of Aki~

It kinda fucks up the script. Well... I CAN rewrite~
Can I ask for a can of Gae-repellent?
Jokes aside, an eroge wouldn't really work that well...well, if C4 is a bit much...hmm, a baseball bat would be too much for several reasons...I guess if boots are fine, then a nice backpack. Basically a brown schoolpack,I think they have Eastpak in Switzerland? Or is it France? Not very girly, so hard to conceal or make part of an attire unless you're making a bold fashion statement, but can carry a lot of things and it surprisingly durable under most conditions.

Also, masks unite, the GAE has broken containment!Engage emergency countermeasures...wait what do you meant you guys don't have any?

On a serious note, while "le 69 roll" is funny, I would rather it didn't screw us over too much past the -3 RES.
I have not prepared for 69 and had no defenses in place. Aki about to join an orgy with the girls.Also fuck I keep forgetting about the dice command.
Is the earlier rolls still open? Maybe you can change the tide still.
Rolled 41, 62 = 103 (2d100)

Oh okay hold on. Its either dice+2d100 or /dice+2d100 so I am trying the first first.
I could not save Yui's purity. Shame, we about to become a man hopefully we don't get tossed into a sex dungeon for too long.
Update in 10-15 min
File: Unboxing...jpg (101 KB, 800x862)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
> Search for your things only... Or what's left of them. [33] [69!]
> look for objects you heard about in your sleep. [29+20=...50: SUCCESS]
> Go check out on 'Omnia', she didn't sound all that fine, help her find whatever she wanted.
> Stay for Omnia to finish and continue your chatter and giggles a little more

Opportunity? Opportunity to establish connections, that is... Although, you had dream(!), and, well, it's kinda weird to risk it for a dream. BUT this place is the way it is, so it may just pay off. The girls probably won't even notice anything missing anyway, judging by the sheer amount of stuff in there.

But first things first. "Alex, let's keep looking for my things first."

"First? Madam, do you suggest that we take more than what 'O' allowed us to take?" He whispers with a grin, then leans toward you. "...You and Mistress are incorrigible. Then again, who am I to object? Desire anything in particular?"

"Yes, glasses - 'sciency' type, and boots - cool, durable ones, and something to tie a plane traveler here." You state matter-of-factly and go back to disturbing the shelves.

"Wha..? Yes, of course. Glasses, boots, and Something to... Yes. Understood, Madam."

Together you scour the pallet racks for quite a while. The silence of the storage broken by rhythmic 'Nothing here's and abrupt, dust-induced sneezing. Occasionally, Omnia cried something apologetically, or in pain when something bonked her again.

As time went on, and nothing of value was found; frustration rose. Soon, your silent curses bounced off the uncaring containers, meanwhile 'O's cries turned into desperate whines as she kept reassuring you she really has something important to show, and that it's The Final Five Minutes™, and that 'She's Almost Done'™. Alex seemed fine - if not amused, by both of your plights.

If only you had Your Kitty with you, but alas. Hopefully they are fine. Hopefully reality around them is fine... What?

Did she told you bad information? Did her friends took everything? Were 'your things' a lie? Maybe the real things were the friends you've made along the way..? Enough.

"GAAaaaaah! Where are my things?!"

"Madam, please, it won't help to-"

You kick the shelf full of boxes. The pallet rack wobbles. Metallic ringing fills the chamber. You look up surprised, as loose box falls down. On instinct you jump out of the way. With the sound of crashing glass the box slams the hard floor.


"A-are you alright!" Alex runs towards you.

"D-did something just fell?" Comes a muffled, brittle cry from the other room. Shit.

Panicked, you scream back: "N-No, not here! M-maybe in your room?"

"NO! I-im-impossible! ...Nevermind! J-just wait! I'm Almost Done™!" Oof, a close call.

You breath a sigh of relief as Omnia goes quiet again. That outburst of violence helped you center yourself, kinda.

You share a look with Alex. "What should we do with this?" You say, pointing at now fuming box. Wait. Fuming?

"Let me help you clean."
File: Science baby!.png (26 KB, 2560x1565)
26 KB
As 69 dictates...

As both of you kneel next to the downed container, a sweet, strong aroma reaches your nostrils. Like cheery. Very much like cheery.

"Let it be a lesson, Madam Aki, that violence rarely solve issues." Alex says as he picks up the box. "Hmm, it's drenched..."

You look over the box. There is an inscription on it.

"It says 'Natalie's Stuff and Findings'. What's inside?" Alex reaches and pulls out... Books? All of them now drenched in a pink smelling liquid. Smelling p-pink?

The scent is so strong now...

Alex looks over the finds and frowns. "M-my lady, let us move on. It's all rotten." He breaths heavily. "...There were also vials and a pair of glasses. 'Were', both are cracked. Hah."

The world seems to spin...

"J-just who this... Natalie is?" The books's frontpages show... Boys, and you avert your gaze, blushing.

It's kinda hot in here... Isn't he hot in this suit?

Alex pulls out a clip of papers and tries to read. "I think, I think... It's academic writing. Hah. Chemistry. Jaq. Hah, she... I think we are in trouble."

Omnia cries something in the background. Probably got bonked again. You and Alex share a look, and it's all you need to know.

He fidgets; so do you. His eyes are hazy; so are yours. His visage is tinted red, and so is yours.

Something in you stirs... Gets up, yet its held back by some other parts. Desperately holding the tide... Bores~

The line snaps. And it's free, albeit weak.

In a blur you pounce on dazed Alex, sending you both plummeting back to the shelves. Instantly, you pin him with all your strength, his wide eyes fixed on yours. You just gape.

"My- My lady... We shouldn't..!" Doesn't mean we can't~ No!

"Yes. We shouldn't..." You pant. Neither unable to look away. "but, I feel so hot..."

"Me too. It's. Hah. Chemicals! They-" You seal his mouth with yours. Finally closure! His hot, soft lips melting in your even softer ones, distracting you from the fire within.

Time seems to melt as well, as you stand on your toes to match your sudden lover's height. Yet, it's not enough. You let go of his lips to breath once more. Both fighting the urge to cry at sudden cold around you.

To reach his flame you start roaming his form; fingers lovingly tracing shapes on his chest, sliding to unbuckle the obstructing buttons. One, two, three- so close~

"If such are your desires." He murmurs, then leans in to indulge. "...So be it."

Arms drape around your wrist, pulling you into the pyre of another kiss.

Then it's all pink.


"YES! I think I've got it! YES! Oh. No, never mind." Delirious cry. "Are you still there?" Desperate plea... it's that girl!

"Y-ye-YES!" Thunderstruck you clumber back up, on wobbly legs you hurry towards the shelves. "W-we are still looking! No need to hurry."

With danger dealt with, you look for Alex. You had a... Weird dream about him. Once you spot him, he seems to look at you with confusion, his suit jacket is... Wait... Your blazer is... Nope.
File: Omnia.jpg (171 KB, 759x1075)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Immediately, you look back towards the sea of boxes, and pull a duffel bag protruding from between the two boxes. You need distraction, so you hastily open it up and...

...It's your stuff. Great. Fuck. You don't want to be with Alex right now.

"I've got my things." You flatly announce, evading eye contact. "I will see how Omnia fares."

Not waiting for a response you quickly scamper between the metallic frames and head towards the room 'O' went to.

You pass the DIY throne, and you might have seen Cat Don Fluffles sitting by a wall. Thankfully They are fine. At least They...

Finally there, another crash resonates, followed by crumbling 'oof'. Immediately you enter, and see... Not much, the whole room is covered with stacks of everything: papers, chests, metal tubes, more fucking boxes. Among it all, Omnia sits cross-legged and sniffs pathetically, her glasses crooked on her face.

"Are you alright? I heard a noise." You say, and close the door behind you.

With a startled jump she straightens. "I am fine. Get out, plebe. Get out..."

"I could help you look for it."

"No need. Get out. It's not there. Now, get out. I will be Back In Five Minutes™..."

"You said it's there. So it must be there, let me help." She doesn't budge. Hmm. "I've also came to ask you about who made you this cool suit. It's cool."

She looks back, eyes teary. "You think it's cool..? *Cough* Well, of course it is. It's mine." She says seriously, and furtively beckons you with her hand. Victory!

Soon both of you look through the towering stacks of papers. On several occasions, you shielded her from falling stationery, but she failed to comment on it. As your work went on, finally she jumps in elation, but quickly straightens again.

"Hm, there it is. The lastest findings. Must have mixed with something else when it fell. Certainly." Who are you to object? 'Natalie's latest findings' hmm....

Both of you quit the messy backroom; narrowly evade bonking from a falling paperclip; and generally have a good time talking - she's nowhere near a 'scary criminal' Alex warned you about. She doesn't seem scary at all...

You meet Alex standing with your new bag near the 'throne', absentmindedly adjusting his suit.

"Madam, we have your things, we should hurry back."

"I did not labor for you to squander it by leaving before I finish." Omnia hisses, and presents a paper to you both - 'Natalie's latest findings' hmm....

"'O' we don't have time. Mistress explicitly said-"

"We will talk your loyalties later. Take this." She hands you the document. "Similarly, don't take me for a fool. There is a watch in that room. You have plenty." Then she grabs your arm and yanks you towards her throne.

Omnia's expression softens. "Say Aki, have you heard about the new arrivals???" She giggles.

"No, I didn't." You don't have much time... Oh, well. "Tell me! What about them?"

Alex audibly facepalms. "Madam, you are incorrigible..."
Soon the cramped storeroom becomes home to laughter and giggles, sometimes interrupted by heavy sighs. Alex's presence still makes you wanna blush, but it's for another time! Now scoops!

Soon the 'boss' on her throne whispers all manner of tales; about important foreigners coming from multiple countries, some bearing red and yellow flag, others red, white and blue! Oh! Curious! What do they look for in here?!

"And anything else? Come on tell!" You giggle incontinently, and Alex nudges you, but steps back when you blush. That will teach him! All planned...

The she tells you that the staff was on edge since yesterday, possibly connected to Se-young, but she says it was afterward, and that Se-young's rebellion did not faze the teaching staff beyond initial reaction. Oh! What does it mean?!

You are about to tell you own scoops when Alex grabs your palm, but this time doesn't care about you blushing or squeaking.

"We need to go, my lady, please. Mistress Jaq said so."

Omnia and you both pout, he's right, but you still do. Not fair. 'O' should be less serious all the time! Those fits she makes undermine her beauty!

Exasperated, Alex grabs the peculiar bag with your stuff and pushes you out.

Frome high on the throne, comes a sad "well, it was... Fun. Goodbye, it was a honor to meet such dignifed wom- yes, a dignifed woman like you, Aki." There goes the 'Boss voice' again...

...You are tired of it, so you giggle loudly as you are being carried away. "Goodbye, cya next time~"

Omnia lightens again and grins: "Goodbye~" but then a deep frown obscures her visage.

Black Markets doors close, and your last sight was that of sad bestie, what a bummer. You look at Alex, who now scours the blue dorm's hallway.

He sighs. "Truth be told, it's my first time seeing 'O' like this. I am yet to see whether it's you madam... Or if it's because it's the first time I see her without her henchmen."

The cool hallway clears your head... What did you just do?! Did you and Alex..? Did you just girl talked 'O'?! This place is getting into your head... surely

You shot a glance at Alex and make him flinch. "Whatever happened today, we don't talk about it. Ever. EVER." Were you always this lively?! Gaah!

"Madam, I understand. I will take it to my grave." He says, as he looks away blushing.

Will you ever live it do- Oh, Cat Don Fluffles is back. You pick up Your Cat and ruffle it's 'fur' a little, resulting in a motley of lights emanating from within it. So pretty!
File: Secret findings?!.jpg (54 KB, 675x900)
54 KB
Well, you have Omnia's document: 'Natalie's latest findings'... And is that a tiny paper attached to it? some scoops too! Eh...

Huh, what should you do now? Are cats allowed in class? Yours probably is. Or maybe go on a dat- No! Comfort Alex? So many things to do, so little time! That bag seems to resonate with something... Or someone, hmm.

You have some time before lessons... (Yo go to the lessons afterwards... Unless.)

> 'C': go back to your classroom and gossip with the girls! It was so fun las time! RES-2
> Head to the classroom, see what's happening.
> Head to your room and report to Jaq with Alex.
> Speak to Alex... You need some alone time to sort it things out... Not like this! (RES?) (1d100)
> Explore the female dorms, look for that 'Natalie'?
> Look for those foreign VIPs! (1d100 DC80)
> Go back to your beach, see if something changed.
> Write in

The Cat question:

> Take Cat Don Fluffles with you!
> Take Cat Don Fluffles and pet them relentlessly, attract girls with your cat!
> They should find some friends! Leave them for now.
> Yeet the Cat! What the worst thing that can happen..? (1d100 DC100)

Those documents...

> Keep them, Omnia gave them to you, so read them yourself.
> Give it Alex and have him tell you the summary one you are back.
> Eat the document; ignorance is bliss?
> Write in
Tomorrow I don't believe I will have time for updates... Next 7 days WILL be rough.

Yet, heed my words: no matter what - we can be 4 horsemen into Apocalypse - and still, the Bois must be lewded~!

Sorry for previous bad explanations. May Aki be with you~!
>Shame, we about to become a man
Pffffft *wheeze*! Ahaha, you might - or might not, just become a woman tho.

I won't lie, for how could i? I hope for more 69s and I don't mind Omnia getting some at all!
Rolled 60 (1d100)

Fear the Aki for she watches us all from the shadows. Also see ya week QM Aki.

>I am yet to see whether it's you madam...
Hmm, Alex might notice our personality shift but it should not be a problem since we generally avoid Jaq's team.

> Speak to Alex... You need some alone time to sort it things out... Not like this! (RES?) (1d100)
I mostly want to try and grind some affection points for Alex that when Jaq turns on us Alex would give us a warning before we get whacked too. Maybe flirt with him a bit to get his guard down and gain his trust because you know Jaq will get rid of us if we step out of line.

> They should find some friends! Leave them for now.
Maybe make a small bed in our drawer for Mr. CDF to come back too when it gets sleepy or hungry.

> Keep them, Omnia gave them to you, so read them yourself.
Any info gained is info we can use on Jaq if a Mutually Assured Destruction option happens.
Rolled 48, 90 = 138 (2d100)

>Explore the female dorms, look for that 'Natalie'?
Another chemist? Maybe they could have some Rift-7.
>Look for those foreign VIPs! (1d100 DC80)
Things are moving along, and we need to know.
>Take Cat Don Fluffles and pet them relentlessly, attract girls with your cat!
That cat is a cognitohazard, and it needs to be used.
>Keep them, Omnia gave them to you, so read them yourself.
>Also see ya week QM Aki.
It will be difficult, but I'm NOT conceding! I cannot promise anything (even my own survival), but I will try to post as often as possible
[expect updates every 2 days, but I will bent every effort to surprise you]

Try to get along and *maybe* discuss your perspectives~
So, uh, what the fuck happened?
I don't know.
I think we slept with Alex, found our stuff, got some gossip, a dossier, and now are deciding to go to class or something.
I'm kinda hoping we didn't sleep with Alex. That's a bit much for a single lewd-crit, especially with our RES.
Come on! You only missed your blazer, and he, his suit jacket. Otherwise, depends on what you mean 'sleep with'.
Serious now, is my writing unclear? As in what you archived etc, I left the 'thing' vague for the purpose of future shenanigans~

I feel inclined to say that I leave clues to future plot twists here and there. Subtle, but there...

Vote! I want to hear... See? ...You perspective... Or the next lewd smut will turn you into a lab rat to test hormones on. Hehe~
Yeah, no. Screw the vague bull, give us a clear yes/no answer, please? I want to know to decide if B-man is even staying at this point.

>Vote! I want to hear... See? ...You perspective... Or the next lewd smut will turn you into a lab rat to test hormones on. Hehe~
That would backfire so hard, you have no idea...
To Begin with, it would depend on how you define 'sleep with'. If both come to with only their shirts off, does that constitute 'sleep with'? It was so regretfully short due to RES as well.

>Yeah, no. Screw the vague bull, give us a clear yes/no answer, please?
But where's the fun in that? Whatever. No. You didn't do much, both of you feel unconscious quickly after it got pink. Boooooring~
Today I can write, but the situation is kinda awkward with 1 to 1 split... I will study today and see if any agreement is reached tomorrow, or even today. I don't wanna use the dice when the decisions are as divided.

Have a good one~
>Speak to Alex... You need some alone time to sort it things out... Not like this! (RES?) (1d100)
Iron this one out properly. At least Aki's awake now. I say that like it's a good thing and not yet another source of headaches...at least everyone else seems determined to keep an eye on her, and having other active masks should prevent her messing around too much. Maybe we'll be able to negotiate her behaving most of the time in exchange for being able to let loose a little when it benefits the collective?

> They should find some friends! Leave them for now.
I'd rather avoid another RES hit, I'll also support >>5651492 's idea of a kitty bed. Knowing cats, we should also just put a cardboard box next to it, there's a big chance it'll just use that instead.

> Keep them, Omnia gave them to you, so read them yourself.
We all agree on that, knowledge is power. And maybe reading those will give us a lead on that Natalie person?

No matter what, Yui's next time on the beach will be quite eventful. That was really dicey back there.
Another thing we can do is sabotage Jaq's campaign and help support Angela's run instead by giving our school survey papers to her. Like Jaq becoming president will give her access to the whole school while she also controls the black market allowing her to move entire shipments across the area. If Angela gets it instead we don't have to worry about Jaq locking the school down and we can use the vents to move around instead but at the same time Jaq will spot it so shit is fucked either way. It is just hard trying to think of a way to lock down a dictator why Yui only has a few guns and one person backing him.

I say we are going off topics and should focus on the exploration of the bunker and Seo-Ye recovery. VIPs and Rift-7 would just make us lose time when we need to make progress on the bunker to get MAD items to use against Jaq.
>way to lock down a dictator
Isn't romance forbidden? What if we get some of those pink drugs drug Jaq and Alex while they are sleeping, let stuff happen, and get some school staff to barge in while they're in the middle of the act.
Or we could just stab them in their sleep and and frame someone else.
>off topics
Fair, but I can't help but wonder if we do escape, how will we ensure that the school's horrible acts not continue? Or perhaps escaping and living a normal life would be a happier path.
Rolling for Encounters.

> 1-9: Foreign 'VIP's
> 10-20: Other students and...
> 21-50: Uneventful Journey is an event in of itself.
> 51-80: Hey! We ARE the good guys. It might not see this way now, but trust us! Heh. Yeah.
> 81-100: Angelina senses disturbance in the force
Rolled 38 (1d100)

Ok, I'm tired.
File: What is the real cage?.jpg (191 KB, 850x670)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
> Speak to Alex... [60]
> They should find some friends! Leave them for now.
> Keep them, Omnia gave them to you, so read them yourself

The modern, blue hallway of the female dorms once again brim with white light and nothing but silence - evidently, the girls keep to their cliques. Not that you are complaining, Alex was right in that you need to hurry... Alex. Damn.

He agreed to never speak about it again, but it doesn't really quell the flames of worry, or at least you need to believe it's worry.

Something inside you feels different - awake - ever since that accident. Awake, but weak.

Maybe talking it out could help, or at least set things right for both of you.

With an abrupt stop, you look at Alex and pet Your Kitty more fervently. "Alex."

He stops and looks back. "Is there any problem, madam?"

"No... well, yes. There is."

"Then please, tell me, we are quite short on time."

Here goes nothing. "Alex, disregard what I said previously. We need to set the record straight."

"Previo-? Oh? Ah." He backs off, clearly uncomfortable.

"It's for the greater good."

"I-I understand! I don't mind, madam! We are at this age and those chemicals! The hormones... I felt it too." He blurts out, blushing.

You gotta blame Jaq, but a part of you wants to scoop this mistake into an opportunity. Maybe~? Maybe not! You speed up the petting further and, thankfully, Cat Don Fluffles's boundless indifference rubs off on you.

"I just want you to know that I value you as a friend. You are a nice and very considerate person, Jaq's orders notwithstanding."

He rubs his head sheepishly. "Thank you, mad- My lady." He bows and kisses your palm. "You are pretty considerate yourself, my lady, and an example of resilience for all."

He takes a step back. "I suppose, it's as good a time as any. I was meaning to ask: how do you made it this far? By any means, I mean no offence. This place is terrible; to survive many adjusted in their own ways. Some turned violent - especially to themselves - and leaned wholly onto others to fill themselves... Some discarded all but themselves, they will hear no screams up there in deaf silence, but it will be their own silence... And others, I suppose, committed to an idea unconditionally - those who know 'why', often withstand any 'how'... Yet, who are you, my lady? How did you make it in this facility?"

You just stare confused and awkward. "What? How I? I don't know... I need to think this through."

Deep frown crosses his visage and he closes his eyes. "Yes, but of course. Deepest apologies, my lady. I shouldn't have said it so abruptly. Anyways, don't answer, the worst one can live though in here is someone prodding and poking holes in one's purpose. It's our own, personal Truth."

With that, you both quickly walk through the hallway. Thankfully, it remained as empty as the bottom of the sea.

You pass the entry guard with a grin. It was your first, real dive into female's cave - and you are all the richer for it!
After tackling the major issues, you and Alex headed back towards your dorm. Alex insisted be had to inform Jaq about the developments, but agreed to omit a few details.

Once you stand by the door, both of you let go of a loud sigh. The road home was uneventful, and you almost certainly won't be late for classes, judging be the now leaving students from all the other dorms.

As you are about to part, Alex looks your way. "My Lady! Didn't 'O' prepared a document for us?"

...If Jaq gets to those files before you, it could lead to terrible consequences.

In the spur of the moment, you cock you head to the side and coo. "Well, in the end, 'O' said it was meant for me. It only makes sense I will read it first."

He frown. "Mistress Jaqueline needs all knowledge she can muster to further her plans. Her plans are our plans, one way or the other, I'm afraid."

"I will read them on my lessons, or when I have the time. Then I will inform you what I found" You say and look around. Oh! "Here, I can give you them for now."

With a loving caress you shove Cat Don Fluffles to Alex, alongside your new fancy bag... You might be lonely without their preternatural, smooth touch, and eyes as bright as they are indifferent, but they need friends. Oh!

"Alex!" You yell, grabbing the attention of a few passing students. "Could you please prepare a kitty's bed, or a solid chunk of cardboard for Our New Mascot? Oh, and [...]!"

For a short while you cast pet owning responsibilities on Alex. With precision you make sure he will feed, go on walks(?), Play and cherish, swap the - enough! - and many more. Initially, he demurred, but in the end, he too was enthralled by Your Kitty's vast charms. And on the very first glance, no less! Victory!

With a final goodbyes and a wave to Cat Don Fluffles and Alex, you walk off towards the classes. 'Alone' for the first time in quite a while... Maybe it's a good time to reflect while on your way.

Have you changed? If so, how? What's your purpose here; end goal? Capability to archive it...?

You clench the document in your hand, then store it safely in your school backpack, it's gonna be a long way to go - even if it's short - and possibly enlightening...

Purpose always changes, but what is it?

> To escape. Time is key here, and capabilities to do anything are small. The desire for stability and certainty.
> To know why all this... Is. To know the facts. The desire for entertainment and curiosity.
> To protect those I came to care for. For desire for belonging and empathy.
> To get back at those who did all this. The desire for retribution and closure.
> To find a loving husband, or wife~? The desire of pure carnality and life.
> To make sense of it all and win. The desire to be recognized as valuable.
> To see if you can beat it all. The desire for challenge and adversity.

But, most importantly, to think for one's self:

> Write in. What's your goal? What keeps you going?
>> To escape. Time is key here, and capabilities to do anything are small. The desire for stability and certainty.
Yui run
The way I've seen and angled Yui since the first thread would mainly be
> To escape. Time is key here, and capabilities to do anything are small. The desire for stability and certainty.
With a dash of
> To get back at those who did all this. The desire for retribution and closure.
and just a little bit of
> To see if you can beat it all. The desire for challenge and adversity.
to be honest with myself.
I suppose I'll write-in B-man's reasons.

>Shits and giggles, and maybe something more hidden underneath. This is a fun exercise, and he's not the type to say no to another contact owing him or his brothers a small favor or three~! Due to how his brothers and him work, there is also a certain desire to realize the potential he sees in Yui, like the practical application of a philosophical theorem. Mostly he does this because he can, because it is something he can afford to do. But perhaps also to be recognized. There is a lot of doubt about him being here, regardless of his actions. But success would bring him power, real power, among his peers.
Sorry, no update today or tomorrow.

I'm tired and I need to study for theoretical exam.
Damn I thought you took a week break also QM Aki don't overstress yourself during exams. Focus on them first as repeating an entire class sucks. We can wait a week but exams can't.

>To escape. Time is key here, and the capabilities to do anything are small. The desire for stability and certainty.
With a dash of
> To get back at those who did all this. The desire for retribution and closure.
Mostly so we can damage the school enough that when we escape they won't try to hunt us down if the world hates them, or there is no bunker with our records left behind to track us.

Aby's reasons.

>To learn about the wonders of dimensional loops, the mystery of synthesizing drugs, the joys of applied violence, and the longing to gaze into the abyss of knowledge and learn the horrors and wonders of the schools secrets.

>Yui's goal and what keeps him going.
>I think Yui misses his family and his old life, wanting to see their smiling faces again. With his newfound unbroken will he got at the edge of death he wants to go back home as himself and possibly save Seo-Young from getting taken by the system too.
>Damn I thought you took a week break
You are goddamn right.

Sorry guys, I won't be posting until next Monday. As I feared, there is no way for me to reliably post updates right now.

I'm not done. I will start posting once I am on my train back home after exams, on Monday... Assuming I will be sober.

I also think of maybe making a new thread, as we are quite far into this one, and I think of making a new name to bait new folk into it~
Is it a good idea? I'm not a /qst/ veteran so I don't know culture all that well, so any name suggestions are appreciated! Sorry again.
>Next Monday
I mean just Monday.
Hi guys, i'm back home... Yet, I immediately fell sick after returning. Fuck. Expect an update tomorrow.
File: The class.jpg (82 KB, 800x450)
82 KB
> [Some Choices exist only for Ourselves]

With a steady gait you join in with other students. Together, you pass several guards - armed guards. If not for their presence, all of this might have passed for a normal school. Like one you attended before.

Assuming mere glimpses you have of it are to be trusted... And minus the whole crossdressing thing.

Soon, you stand in a queue to enter the classroom. Angelina and Mikhail (Mika?) are already here, but Jaq is still nowhere to be found. Shrugging, you enter and sit down.

Today's first lesson - Ms. Brüngger's Sexual Education.

Delivering on her promise, she expands on the whole "compartmentalization"; it's ins and outs. When theoretical part is over, she gets up and to check students's creations.

To get it over with, you volunteer to go first and describe your tropical Island and it's sunny beaches... Of course, you take the liberty in omitting the more particular events that happened there, and it's multiple denizens. Weird dreams, all of it.

Ms. Brüngger proudly claps, but tells you to express yourself through it more vividly. It's your assignment for the next class... Great.

Once she moves on, you furtively glance around the class. Confirming others to be distracted, and that Jaq is still absent, you pull out the papers "O" gave you.

First is the note. The handwriting is elegant - ostentatiously so, with tiny hearts above 'i' and gently flowing lines.
[i]Dear Aki, this note is for your eyes only. Memorize it; eat it afterwards. As you undoubtedly know, this place is full of abnormal Shinies. If you find anything 'out-of-ordinary', COME and bring it TO ME!!! We will discuss the rewards IN PERSON. You can come anytime. Actually, scratch that, come only IN THE MORNING. Preferably ALONE.
Happy Shinie hunting!
Yours truly "O"<3.[/i]

What a stylistically inconsistent note. What's so damning about it to warrant disposing of the evidence? Omnia has a massive stash... And it just so happens that you should go Bunker Diving to reach Se-young anyways.

Then Angelina stands straight, pulling you out of your pondering. She softly clears her throat and proclaims her safe space to be garden. A moonlit garden. For sometime she gushes over the moon's reflection's in the ponds, stone gateways, flowing vines, and gleaming galaxies overhead. Yet, most importantly, of the colorful, blooming flowers she tenderly looks after; each named after every student of the school.

Probably includes you as well. Charming..?

...Well, it's something. Seems she didn't change at all; there's unseemly comfort in that. So much so that most of thr class claps alongside the Ms. Brüngger.

With nothing better to do while other students explain their - much less impressive, you might add - safe spaces, you surreptitiously get back to the documents.
File: The Documents .jpg (13 KB, 194x259)
13 KB
Judging by the first page, it won't be an easy read. The title says: 'Natalie's log: Chemical structure of the new 'HRT pills' and it's implausible impacts'...That doesn't bode well.

You gulp audibly and begin to read. Word after word; page after page. And eventually you reach your conclusion - you don't understand any of it. The specialized academic writing and convoluted hand drawn schematics and charts tell you nothing of value.

Thankfully, on each page there is a note written with broad, red felt-tip pen. Some of the most interesting include:

[red] HRT in the name is nothing but deception, it is so much more.

Observations of living subjects indicate magnification of 'conventionally female characteristics' with surgical precision.

How a chemical can adjust to cultural norms requires further research.

Psychology has to be involved. Hopefully only psychology. [/red]

And another one.

[red] Evidently, those formulas do not stem from earthly biology, or are newly discovered.

Given the abnormal nature of this place, metaphysical inquiry might just be right.

Victims are showing amplified docility and emotional incontinence/volatility. Whether it's temporary remains to be observed.

The particles survive and thrive in seemingly all forms of matter, including airborne.

Even to us girls, it's a pressing danger. Caution advised. [/red]

All those words make your head spin. To quickly distract yourself you skip to the last page. There, instead of a doomsday scenario, is a note of slightly different, personal kind.

[red] Ol- 'Omnia', things are looking truly grim. Please, I implore you, stop this farce before I lose you too. Approval of others is meaningless; stop stirring the hornets's nest. I will be with you no matter what. We weren't cut out for it, so let us be unassuming, nerdy dorks once again.
Yours, Nat. [/red]

The note covers most of the text; most of the page too. Did Omnia failed to read it all and missed the note? Guess the danger looms over all students, not just the boys.

The bell jackhammers you back to the real world again. Hurriedly, you hide the documents in your backpack. If you will be found with them... What will they do to you?

Joining with the leaving students, your eyes meet with Ms. Brüngger. Her content, beaming smile makes you cold with sweat.

With a nod she says: "I'm really proud of your performance, girls. Aki, dear, remember your homework. Express yourself a little more, maybe a sand castle? A resort? Ask Angelina if you need help." She gets back to her desk. "Oh, and have a nice day."

"Y-you t-too..." You stammer, wobbling away from the oppressive classroom. "H-have a good day?" You whisper and the doors shut.

Absentmindedly you follow the flock. Shaking your head, you close your eyes and center yourself. Next is the canteen. You are starving. Stress notwithstanding.

...Worryingly, Jaq is still absent. Didn't she say she wanted to avoid attention? She's rarely walking back on what she says...
File: The Canteen.jpg (248 KB, 1920x1080)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
You sit alone; with Jaq out and Mikhail... Gone? You have nothing to fear from the other students.

A nausea hits you when you get your meal. 'premium' meal for good students. For 'good girls'. It simultaneously invites you due to your hunger and repulses you due to its implications and possible chemicals inside it.

In the end, though, you let your worry slide and eat it whole. Starvation is equally as bad, if not worse than slow poisoning.

As you start picking yourself up to go away, Jaq casually sits down. Right next to you.

"Hello." She says, and puts her food tray down on the table. It's even more full than it used to be.

"Hello..." You sit back down. "Don't mind me asking, but where were you? You missed a class."

Jaq begins munching on her food, but spares a small side glance at you and says with half-full mouth. "Student Council duty." She says flatly.

"How?" Did you do it so fast?!

"I was out proving myself to be a good candidate. Now that the previous one is gone, a position is left vacant."

Previous one... Guess Jaq won't even say Se-young's name. "Well, good luck." You say absentmindedly, and start getting up again.

However, you are stopped by Jaq reaching for your hand. Her small hand grasps yours surprisingly hard. "Wait. You surely are hungry. Go and ask for an extra. Tell them you are with Jaqueline." She keeps looking at her tray, then goes back to eating.

Well... Extra food is extra food. Se-young needs food too. "Alright." You say dismissively, and go use Jaq's name again.

Quite surprisingly, it works. The student on kitchen duty behind the table stammers and gives you a neatly packed bag of food, the she says: "T-t-tell Jaqueline she's got my vote!" Huh... Ok.

The remainder of the day went quickly, especially so given that the headteacher, Ms. Müller, was busy today.

The school is generally chronologically-challanged with it's lack of reliable clocks, but it should be around 3AM, meaning plenty of time. And you don't feel like staying inside all day long as advised.

The question is, for what?

> 'C': You made a promise to Se-young. Give food to Se-young, better safe than sorry.
> The Teachers granted you assignments, so you can do them, and talk with your roommates. (Write in topic)
> Discuss the document with Jaqueline. (1d100)
> Sneak out and inform Omnia about the note.
> Sneak out and search for 'Natalie' (1d100 DC80)
> Play with Cat Don Fluffles. (???)
> Experiment with the 'HRT Pills', take one yourself. (???) (Have 2)
> Wonder how more emotional Jaq would be like... Experiment with the 'HRT Pills', sneak one on Jaq. (1d100 DC60)
> Ask Alex to try the new pills. (1d100 DC40)
> Try getting the cleaning club together and look for 'Shinies'.
> Write in.

The Cat question.

> Take Cat Don Fluffles with you, wherever you go.
> leave The Cat for Alex and Jaq to play with.

If going out:

> Search for 'shinies'.
> Don't temp the fate.

> Eat the 'O's note.
> Keep it.
From now on, you will be able to pick 'shinies'/items from abnormal places; some pretty useless gewgaws, some quite powerful tools or even weapons.

> Roll will decide which one you get. I roll it after a 'search' option wins, together with encounters.

> Opting to search increases encounter chances, due to time spent.

There are two(3?) Major locations:
> Upper levels - main school. You will find more or less gewgaws and curios.
> Lower levels - the Bunker. You can find all manner of things down there in the dark.

You can keep them, or give them to other characters for boons or something much else entirely. Oh, and No. Omnia will not trade guns from the armory. She already has guard's weapons, she wants things that can be traded among the gals or to gloat over - like abnormal 'shinies'!


Daily updates are back on the menu, girls!
While still sick and busy, I found casually writing to be relaxing, so I intend to keep doing it.

I still consider making a new thread.
Rolled 60 (1d100)

> 'C': You made a promise to Se-young. Give food to Se-young, better safe than sorry.
> Take Cat Don Fluffles with you, wherever you go.
> Search for 'shinies'.
> Eat the 'O's note.
Welcome back!
>Eldritch HRT.
Unironically a great business opportunity. But yeah, pretty scary right now.
The emotional volatility is something we've already witnessed, and we aren't even taking them. Most likely it's being pumped in the air, at least in some areas so the staff and guards aren't affected. Another good reason to go poking around the vent system.

> 'C': You made a promise to Se-young. Give food to Se-young, better safe than sorry.
I don't like it being the C option, but it is the right choice.
We can discuss the note with Omnia when we get shinies to bring. It will save time, and make it less awkward to just bring it up after we give her a shiny.
> leave The Cat for Alex and Jaq to play with.
> Don't temp the fate.
I'd rather have someone with us when searching, both for help with the search and for safety due to increased encounter risk. And I'm not sure the cat counts?
For the note, I'd propose a write-in.
>Shred the note by hand, and toss it in the bunker's flooded room when you get the chance.
Between the news about the weird HRT and what happened last time we came into contact with Omnia's stuff, I'd rather not eat the thing, and keeping it serves no purpose. It's easy enough to remember, and even if not, that's what the beach is for. And I've been thinking of having B-man/Fletcher set up a giant evidence board for all our plans to get out of here, so that would fit right in under optional quests.

Fancy, I was only familiar with the apparently more uncommon geegaw.

>> Opting to search increases encounter chances, due to time spent.
An interesting, if familiar; mechanic!
Hi Hi!
>I don't like it being the C option, but it is the right choice.
'C' option isn't a bad thing necessarily. It's meant to represent Yui's inner desires/compulsions. Yui promised to care for Se-young, so he will work towards that goal, even if it might not be the smartest thing to do. Also, it's a 'free' 'C' roll, with no penalties.

I will start writing in about 2 hours, hopefully AbyPoster will find their way back to the family Manor by then.

In the meantime, does anyone know why the formatting didn't work? Or it did and I just don't see it? I mean the [red], [/red] and [i], [/i]. Disappointing.
>'C' option isn't a bad thing necessarily. It's meant to represent Yui's inner desires/compulsions.
Which are very much being influenced by outside factors. Also, B-man has every reason to try and push against it, since a higher C level will become riskier for him. Another accident like the one at Omnia's, a graver one, and he may genuinely be out for the foreseeable future, or at least severely weakened in what he can do, since he'd lose his current helper.

>Also, it's a 'free' 'C' roll, with no penalties.
I wasn't sure if it was a hidden cost or if you'd simply forgotten to write it honestly. I can't remember there being a free option, but that may just be my memory being blurry.

The formatting is because you aren't the OP. It surprised me too, but you actually changed IPs all the way back here:
The seven previous posts were a different ID, and on this board only the OP can use the fancier formatting options. Probably to avoid confusion/anons screwing about.
>Which are very much being influenced by outside factors
Sometimes, but not always. They also represent fears, or needs.

If you find a cool piece of equipment surrounded by many enemies or a wall of fire, the compulsion will be to shy away as per survival instinct - in order to escape you have to best not only the school, but also yourself.

>Independent of RES 'C' cases are: Hunger, Friends/acquaintances(loyalty), threats, or being tired. Spirit's [S] options are meant for overcoming bodily weaknesses.
>With falling RES: Convince, luxury, social approval, pleasure, bonding, curiosity*, and of course, old faithful gae. Aki's options [Ak] deal in turning those (excluding curiosity) into successes... 'relative successes', at a cost, that is.

It's the same mechanic because the school eats away at your natural instincts and substitutes them with new ones.

>wasn't sure if it was a hidden cost or if you'd simply forgotten to write it
All in all, I'm stingy and carefully about RES/corrupting stuff. I want things to be clear as to why X happens.
(That previous '69' was 'negative' because it was a roll against you, and not your roll.)

>The seven previous posts were a different ID
FFS. Guess I gotta post from near my sister's school now. So annoying ~
All the more reasons for a new thread...

Hope AbyAnon is close, cause I don't like to roll dice to dictate what wins.
Rolled 94, 64 = 158 (2d100)

The Cat Question Roll:
>1-50: Take Cat Don Fluffles with you, wherever you go.
>51-100: Leave The Cat
Shinies Question:
>1-50: Search!
>51-100: Nay!
Rolled 77 (1d100)

Rolling for Encounter up aboveground:
1-70: Nothing serious.
71-100: Do you have a moment to...
File: Angelina .jpg (168 KB, 650x918)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>You made a promise to Se-young. Give food to Se-young, better safe than sorry.
>Leave The Cat for Alex and Jaq to play with.
>Don't temp the fate.
>Shred the note by hand, and toss it in the bunker's flooded room when you get the chance.

As you leave the final class among the other students, a soft hand clutches yours. With a flinch you look back and see the Ms.Perfect herself, Angelina, smiling tenderly and bowing.

Confused with her unusual behavior, you stop in place and face her. "Eh? What is it?"

"Today's clubs are cancelled..." She says somberly and frowns, but quickly beams once more. "...but that's not the reason why I wanted to talk. I'm glad you are okay, Aki."

"Ehh, thank you..? Why s-so sudden?"

She lets go of your hand and gently waves dismissively. "You would laugh, but the flower with your name, I mean in my safe space, wilted... But came back..." She laughs her words off. "Haha, pardon me. I just wanted to see you~"

Inadvertently, your eyes burst out of their sockets as you look at her dumbfounded.

Then with a handful of uncomfortable jests and goodbyes, you part ways. Can't seem to get a break...


With hurried pace you get to your dorm and enter. Inside, Alex busies himself with cardboard and wooden planks, with a small rectangular structure built alrea- Oh! He's building a home for Cat Don Fluffles!

On the other hand, or rather on the bed, Jaq lies flat and holds up Your Cat in the air, flaunting Them side to side. She seems quite content... Let's leave it at that.

They all seem quite busy. So much so that nobody complains when you quickly change into your proper outfit and leave Jaq hers, then promptly leave without much pleasantries and with your duffel bag in tow.

Thankfully, Alex seems to have forgotten about the documents, and you aren't suicidal enough to steal a maiden's heart. Especially if that maiden is a suspect mass murderer.

...At this hour, Se-young is bound to be awake. Hopefully, rations will amend your divide. At least she won't starve. That's a start.


Surreptitiously, you manage to reach the bunker entrance. Nothing but a few disinterested guards and students strolling back to their dorms happened on the way. At least some luck.

A rustle, then a light footstep. Human.

On instinct you jolt toward the groove between the old lockers. Heart pounding. You were sure nobody followed you. Did habit made you complacent? Impossible...

Carefully, you stick your head out and look right. Nothing. Only the same ancient, rotting hallway. The sound came from this side...

Then, furtively, you lean left and- *thud*

Bonelessly you fall to the floor... But are caught by something? Your vision's blurry, and you feel light. So light. What happened? Around you, duo of voices bounce off the wall.

"Why did you... Not the plan...!" "We... Progress... Can't..." "Good luck now...!" "At least... Opportunity!"

...I'm sorry, Se-young.

The voices whisper and bicker, yet you fade to black.
File: Obscured vision .jpg (38 KB, 626x626)
38 KB
You can't have a normal day. Maybe here, in this abnormal place, the very idea of normalcy is abnormal. Whatever, you lived through worse... Hopefully the guards will have mercy.

It's dark. Maybe dim would be more appropriate - with small blades of light protruding between countless... Wait, you have something on your head.

Finally coming to, you shake your head to get rid of the bag-like clothing, worryingly, with no results. Panicked, you try to get up, but your hands are tied behind you. A tight knot too.

Resigning, you focus on other senses to get a grasp of what's happening.

Wherever you are, it stinks badly. There are steps on a marbled floor, light buzzing of some kind of machine and water running. Tap water? You sit on something hard.

Whatever the case, you ain't moving form here. Not on your own.

"H-Hello? Anyone here..." You ask, mustering all courage you can.

The water stops, and the footsteps rush towards you, then open a door right ahead of you with a loud creak. Unsettling silence follows.

Then a sound of someone getting hit and a huff. "Agh, w-why me!? You would blend in better!" Comes a desperate, distinctly male voice with a heavy... Russian accent? "Okay, listen gir- eh, boy? No matter. I know it seems fishy. I mean it is, but... No matter. Look, we can both benefit here. You know the entrance to that... Door thing, and we have a deal, a business, with stuff in there as well, b-but not only there! So.. ughh. No matter. I-"

"Shut it. Useless! Keep to holding the camera." New voice, distinctly mature, confident and female interjects. "Listen well kiddo, Christmas came early. Judging by what happened, you are quite a malcontent in here, and we have a deal for you, one of a kind as well. When you assist us, we will help you get out of here, and trust me, I know exactly how. Bring us conclusive evidence of this facility's crimes - make us famous and you will breath fresh air in no time... Or maybe, you adore it here, girly girl~" She snarls authoritatively.

The man huffs again. "Wait! Also! Tell her... I mean him, of the important thing!"

"That was the important thing, but whatever flies your boat. If you find any weird thin-"

"Eldritch! Eldritch relics!"

"Whatever he says. Bring them to us, and it will help us make a convincing material about government's lies!"

"...Like how they hide the ALIENS!" Man squeaks with excitement.

Finding the opportunity to interject you blurt out. "A-are you, like, journalists? Or something?" Could it be? Hope?! No... It's too early for that.

The man answers curtly. "Well, we used to be..."

The woman laughs. "The world got tired of his paranoia. As for me... Ehh, it's dangerous to be right where established authorities are wrong. I tell you that, girly girl."

"S-so, could you take this thing off my face and untie me, please?"

"N-no, sorry..." "Not too fast, girly girl." They say in unison. "More stuff to go over, I'm afraid." "For once I agree!"
File: Bunker Entrance .jpg (361 KB, 1900x1013)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
If what they say is true, Christmas truly came early. although...

Frowning you say. "Why me? And what exactly do you want?"

You still want to visit Se-young, so you collect yourself and talk about the details with your captors. The woman tells you that for more details you will have to come tomorrow evening, in the same spot, with a 'scoop', to prove your trustworthiness and reliability. They evade personal details, but soon tell you that they will loosen the knots, but you have to wait a minute before they quit... Or else.

So you do just that, and soon you are greeted with the sight of dirty bathroom. You are seated on the toilet...

Hmm, actually. You pull out 'O's note and tear it to shreds, then cast to oblivion... Or toilet and flush. Now, both Omnia and those particular strangers want stuff from you. Hopefully it will be worth the effort, and not just deception. Although, they evidently did find a way in, so maybe there is a way out.

...What kind of evidence could convince the public that world governments have a facility dedicated to teaching boys to be girls and time-space distortions..??? Is it even possible in this day and age? It might be a losing battle form the start...


With it done you return to the empty hallways, and go to the bunker's doors. It's time to check on Se-young. With a metallic hiss the steel doors close behind you, and the elevator descends.

Time for strategy planning.

Do you need guns?
> Take the gun for yourself. You learned form your mistakes.
> Take the guns for yourself and to arm Se-young in the future.
> The gunshots only hasten the gravedigger. Leave them, you needn't more weight to carry.
> write in.

> 'C': Straight to Se-young. That was and still is the goal.
> Potential buyers doubled... Look for 'shinies', as you go to Se-young.
> Explore the new grounds. Se-young has supplies for at least one more day.
> [Aby] Map the bunker 1st floor as you go (bonus to rolls) [LOCKED]
> write in.

Dive approach?
> Slow and steady. Hide and avoid hostile contact.
> Be loud and provoke trouble, who knows what might happen? Is carcass a 'shinie'?
> Just walk normally.
> You should hurry. A jog won't tire you too much.
> Write in.
> Take the guns for yourself and to arm Se-young in the future.
Though I'm weary of her state of mind, I don't want to have Yui's throat torn open again. Should pick up the guns we took earlier.
> 'C': Straight to Se-young. That was and still is the goal.
> Slow and steady. Hide and avoid hostile contact.
Huh. Reporters, moles, defectors, or ghosts? But the method was too human, too inexperienced, but had enough skill to sight us. Old students, ex-club members, or girls with a conscience.

> Take the guns for yourself and to arm Se-young in the future.
Aby: "We fought two before dying, with real weapons we can live and bleed a little longer."

>'C': Straight to Se-young. That was and still is the goal.
Yui: "Reject shiny. Acquire Seo-Young, hug Se-yung, care for our only real friend."

>Slow and steady. Hide and avoid hostile contact.
We have time and should conserve our energy as much as possible as that giant tentacle is still here. Plus at least one more tentacle fish is active.

Sorry was busy touching doge and getting out of work for the day.
Rolled 41, 65 = 106 (2d100)

Rolling encounters and 'Shinies'
Encounter (retreat/Sneak Attack chance due to 'slow and steady' + lower chance):
>1-20: Something happens...
>21-100: not a wave on the ocean.

'Shinie' (+10 due to 'slow and steady' - chances due to priority.):
1-70: Nothing here. You were there before.
71-80: Small gewgaw
81-90: Small equipment piece.
91-99: weird tech...
100: ???
69: Hmm... Is that?!?
File: Rifle, G36.jpg (59 KB, 625x1000)
59 KB
> Take the guns for yourself and to arm Se-young in the future.
> Straight to Se-young. That was and still is the goal.
> Slow and steady. Hide and avoid hostile contact.

You kneel in the elevators corner, shuffling through your new bag to the rhythmic clangs of machinery of the descending elevator. You inspect your equipment - scarcely anything useful in combat...

At least not useful enough. A chill travel down your spine and you involuntarily clutch your neck... Suddenly it all feels so real again.

Ventilation does little so staunch the oppressive air of the bunker; nor do the lights the atmosphere...

You spot the neatly packed food canteen duty student gave you. It's your promise to Se-young. You are here for a reason.

Shaking your head and agressively fastening the bag's zipper, you get up. Thankfully you memorized the route to the armory; you won't commit the same mistake again.


With a loud slam and clang, the gun is loaded. You are getting better at this. The gray gun you trained before is probably the best choice... Maybe Se-young will remember your training session, and realize it truly you?

Actually, what is that weapon? The guns had names... At least those in the moves did. Curiously, you inspect the weapon, spinning it and reading the inscriptions:

"...are you called Heckler, or Koch?" No... 'AK-47' is the name you are conscious of, so this one probably has the name simili- "G36. Seems plausible."

With a mystery solved, you throw the G36's belt over your shoulder and go towards the exist with confident gait.

As you cross the exist, you stop. It might not be the smartest idea... But maybe you should take one for Se-young; as a sign of trust if nothing else.


Soon you clumber through the dim hallway. The duffle bag weights you down - additional weapons, AK-47, the same Se-young used before... The incident, and two handguns and their respective ammo. You aren't the strongest g- BOY around, so it's better to play it safe.


After a while, you arrive at the fateful lab. Slowly you creep around the edges, dashing from cover to an old pipe to the corner. The lab seems clear, and looks undisturbed from back then, including the bullet holes, dried bloody steps, and... The pool you left.

There are several closed selves below control panels, and, more worryingly, massive glass tubes connecting the floor and ceiling. Those are shattered ever since those fish monstrosities came out of them..

With a huff, you move towards the entry to hallway between the lab and the living room.

Yet, a glimmer catches your eye, and you involuntarily look what is it.

Right next to the broken glass leading to the wall aquarium is a small black-stained pendant, but with a rose-colored core glimmering among the shallow water it's submerged in.

Hopefully it's luck, and not a curse. With your spear you fish it out, and without further inspection hide it in your bag away from the food. At least you feel no malice.
File: First shinie.jpg (47 KB, 600x600)
47 KB
Whatever it is, you have buyers for it. After the previous shenanigans you 'endured' with Alex, you wont be touching anything close in color to pink for a while... At least now you know Alex is a great kisser. NO!

Pink is banned now.

And yet, a certain part of you deep down insists it's pretty, maybe even... Alluring. No! Thankfully something obscures that part quickly. Many somethings. One day you gotta thank that part of you.

Anyway, with 'shinie' collected nothing holds you back to assist the maiden in need! ...Hopefully she won't resist.

With that you stagger our of the lab, and towards the living room where you left Se-young. The path, like the lab, is unchanged. A good sign.

Now, all that's left is to come up with a strategy how to mellow her up. If only talking to girls was as easy as exploration of this damned facility today was.

Arriving at the door, you spot the console and...

...On further thought, you can stay here a second longer and think deeper about it. Maybe take a breather, if things go south...
With a relieved sigh you drop the heavy bag to the floor emitting a small thud, then squat down, supporting yourself with your rifle.

There is so many things that can go wrong, but you need her, and she needs you... Hmm.

How to enter...? (All options require 1d100)
> Knock and say it's you, then enter. That's how it's done, right?
> Open the door, she might be sleeping still. Who knows how tired her trauma made her?
> Knock and say it's you. Tell her through the door that you leave her supplies and wish her well. Then leave.
> Knock and say it's you. Wait for her and talk through the door. Let her feel secure.
> Write in!

What's the general plan?
> Aim to convince her it's you. Festina Lente...
> Aim for her taking the supplies she needs.
> Aim for her to be your friend again.
> Aim for her to be your accomplice.
> Aim to get the knowledge of your background.
> Write in!

If things go south...? Or something else happens? (All require 1d100)
> Go in armed. Be honest with your insecurity. Make her aware who holds the power.
> Leave the G36 in the bag. Take and hide the pistol. (DC:80 to hide)
> Leave the G36 in the bag. Take and hide the knife. (DC:60)
> Leave the G36 in the bag. Go barehanded. Que Sera Sera...
> Write in!
Any specifics.on how to mellow Se-young down?
> Write In!


I feel inclined to say I sometimes willfully omit ways of approaching things... Write in is a valid option! Be mindful that I could be a longer conversation (hopefully), so you don't need to hurry, and can wait for better time.
(No need to reply to this post.)
Rolled 41, 92 = 133 (2d100)

> Knock and say it's you. Wait for her and talk through the door. Let her feel secure.
I really hope she doesn't bop Yui on the head with something while he walks in.
> Aim for her taking the supplies she needs.
She needs a therapist, but there are none qualified here.
> Leave the G36 in the bag. Go barehanded. Que Sera Sera...
> Knock and say it's you. Wait for her and talk through the door. Let her feel secure.
> Aim to convince her it's you. Festina Lente... Convince her by recalling memories of their adventures together. Things only the real Yui would know.

Talk to her about their first meeting, her smile on our second visit, her punching Jaq, discovery of the armory, us choosing the spear over gun, the triple fish attack and tentacle, our death and struggle.

Any other option is liable for her not to trust us when she knows she saw our corpse and might just run if we don't convince her that we are Yui.

> Write in! Leave the G36 in the bag. Go in with your bloody spear.
Last time Se-yo saw us we had our spear and she might recognize us as Yui as we did not choose a gun.
Rolled 48, 98 = 146 (2d100)

1. Rolling Tiebreaker.
>1-50: Convince
>51-100: Supplies
>1-50: Spear.
>51-100: barehanded
3. Rolling encounter due to staying outside.
>1-10: Very Small Creatures...
>11-20: Old acquaintances 3x
>21-50: Leave it alone, monster! It's rightfully mine!
>51-99: Deaf silence - great for talking.
>69: ???
>100: ???

Also, I change the rules so that everyone can vote how many times they like, but roll only once - with rolls transferring over. Feel free to discuss your strategies, or try to reach an agreement. I'm not a fan of Tiebreakers.
Rolled 32, 98, 17 = 147 (3d100)

Of course... Festina Lente.
Sorry, today I'm visiting the family and the return is currently delayed by over 4 hours. I don't know if I manage to update today, tho it's 50% finished.
File: Malice comes.jpg (93 KB, 1000x600)
93 KB
> Knock and say it's you. Wait for her and talk through the door. Let her feel secure. [48]
> Aim to convince her it's you.
> Leave the G36 in the bag. Go barehanded. [92]

As you squat by the entrance to Se-young's hideout, you clench the rifle with your palm. It's smooth, metallic frame is comforting with the promise of power it holds... The power that will distress her further. You don't need that now.

Reluctantly you place it inside the duffel bag. As you do, the bloodied stake you used before grazes your hand.

On one hand, it could be useful; either as a reminder of your shared past, or... No. If it comes to it - it's already a defeat. With a sigh and a conclusive zip you get up again. The situation calls for a delicate touch.

Neither a gun, not a spike can restore Se-young's trust in your identity. You are Yui Nakamura. You know this; soon, she will too. Although wading into the room might not be the smartest choice.

The most polite way is to just knock. That's how it was done in Japan back home. At least you think so... No point in delaying, you still have to get back.

With a gentle knock you straighten and drape the bag on your shoulder. Then you wait.

"It's me, Se-young... It's me, Aki." Silence. "Please, open the doors. I brought supplies." Yet more silence. Undaunted, you continue your pleas.

As time went on gentle knocks gave way to flustrated bashes; whispers to contained shouts. For nearly five minutes you attempt to establish contact without success.

As worry starts to creep in you step back and collect yourself. Surely she didn't just leave, maybe- Ah. On the console, right next to the opening buttons, is a large oval button with a microphone on it... The doors in here are soundproof and cushioned. Of course they are! No way scientist could sleep in such a environment otherwise.

Ashamed, you press the large button and muted fizzling emits from the contraption. "Hello? Se-young, do you hear me? It's me, Aki... Can we talk?"

For a moment you lose hope, but a short metallic buzz uplifts you. "I hear you." Comes Se-young's curt reply.

"Are you all right?" You blurt out. "It's really me!"

"I'm fine." The door lock goes on. "Whether you are Aki I knew remains to be seen."

Looking at the red icon, you solemnly whimper: "Please, Se-young, trust me. It's really me!"

After a short silence, she speaks again. "I will believe you. Under the condition you promise me you won't ever mention yesterday's accident, nor question my past. I was weak... Do you agree?"

As if on cue, a horrid croaking permeates the corridor. One you heard before. Like a dream; no, more like a repressed nightmare. Instantly your heart threatens to jump out of your chest and you reach for the doors for support.

It was ALL real. They Killed you. Frantically, you clench your throat and nearly choke yourself right there. "P-please, let me in! let me in! It's... Them, again! Monsters are coming!" You breathe into the microphone. "Se-young, please..."
File: Obscene reality....png (106 KB, 480x640)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Clearly uncomfortable, Se-young replies: "Interesting strategy... Do you promise?"

The croaking and wet footsteps echoes right around the corner, several meters away; doesn't she hear? There are many of Them, and Se-young doesn't trust you yet; It's just you versus Them...

"I-I... Don't you remember the time when you scared me in that dark classroom?! Or our first tentative dives into this hell? It's me please! Open the door..." Pale from horror, you duck in the doorway to hide. It won't help you. Y-you need to do something! Anything! "Come on, I'm NOT LYING!" You seethe desperately into the microphone.

Se-young remains silent, only sending you further over the edge.

Ahaha! You can't die here again, right?! No! You surely can't. Deep breaths. Deep breaths...

> 'C': Panic. Se-young surely won't let you die here! She can't! Beg her to save you.. she is your friend, you have to trust her! RES-2
> Keep telling her the stories and that monsters are coming. (1d100)
> Promise Se-young you won't ever question her past or the incident again.
> Even the cornered mouses bites back... Fight them with your first (3d100 DC90 - 1 already completed.)
> Fish out the gun from the bag, and fast... (3d100 DC50 due to reliving Nightmare)
> Run away!
> [Spirit] Face your fear. Show them what you learned with the spike. [Locked]
> Write in!

...children's gloves off...
Ah, forgot about encounters when we tried to give her security.

> Promise Se-young you won't ever question her past or the incident again.
I don't trust option C or the stories as she still doesn't trust we are Yui. We died fighting back when it was a 2v3 and 1v3 is just asking for us to die again. Sucks that we will be locked out of her past but we can make due with having a knowledge gap on her. As soon as we get in I say toss her the food while we sit in the corner and sulk almost getting killed by her.
Rolled 62 (1d100)

> Promise Se-young you won't ever question her past or the incident again.
Let sleeping dogs lie and all
Rolled 58, 52, 61, 100 = 271 (4d100)

>> Promise Se-young you won't ever question her past or the incident again.
Let's do that, but also fish out the gun.
Also try and see if there's a dial on either side of the gun so we could turn it to either single or burst fire. I don't trust Yui with full auto.
> Fish out the gun from the bag, and fast... (3d100 DC50 due to reliving Nightmare)
>Point at the corner, take a deep breath, lean from the doorway, maybe use it to brace, and aim about 50 centimeters from the ground, so they can't duck underneath our aim easily. Don't take your eyes off until the survivors run off, or you hear noise coming from another direction, and always keep the gun pointed at the corner when looking around.
>An automatic weapon, a large full clip, unarmed enemies, one approach. Piece of cake. Feels like fighting the Yanks again. But you're the Yank this time. Get'em!

How much of B-Man's advice would filter through is anyone's guess, but the chances aren't good. Let's hope Yui watched the right movies, eh?
First dice is RES roll, next three are gun option.

I'll take it.

Even considering that B-Man shouldn't be able to communicate with Yui at all since he's not in REM sleep, but let's just say PTSD flashbacks can open a couple of doors~!
I’ll support these additions. Apparently, dealing with trauma for Yui is done by shooting it in the face.
That's how well-adjusted people deal with trauma, obviously! Many such cases!

B-Man approves of this method! Nothing clears the head like a good shootout! Or a well-executed ambush.
I'm an imbecile. Idk why though the second post with a roll was the second vote for promising, and so it will get the majority anyways, so I wrote the update... I will go cry in corner now.
Wait it is... I wrote the update early today as i will travel today too, and don't wanna write after midnight like tomorrow. I need to post when the voting is closed, especially given the effort went into the vote...... Sorrryyy. Dunno I will post the update, see if it's any good, or time spaghetti happens.
File: Safety of walls..jpg (60 KB, 728x455)
60 KB
> Promise Se-young you won't ever question her past or the incident again.

This facility is your prison; you truly are locked in here. The first and only real attempt you've to challenge the status quo yielded nothing; robbed you off your memories; robbed you off of your life...

Yet, even in death, it kept stealing from you. You dear friend Se-young doubts your very existence - but you can't blame her. She was caged longer, seen more, knows more - felt more. One must wonder however, why did others drown and yet you stand... Should you even believe yourself?

Quietly weeping, you lean onto the still locked doors. Down the hallway the deathly familiar noises continue getting closer. Truthfully, they are muffled and still away - yet it's like they are already behind you; tearing at your throat; cackling madly at having an opportunity to finish what they started.

The console buzzes again. "Are you there? Do you promise?" An urgent voice

She told you she would believe you... Price is irrelevant.

"S-Se-young... Yes, I promi-!" immediately, the doors hiss and swiftly open. Losing your support, you fumble inside weighted further by your bag. "Gah! Wha-?" You slam the living room's carpet.

"Aki, it's fine now. I know it's tough, but tell me, did you bring any weapons." With a click the doors close again, and Se-young dashes to kneel over you. Her eyes meet yours and her determination... and relief, staunch your rapidly creeping panic.

Still in a daze, you point at your bag. Swiftly she unzips it and in a matter of seconds lays all your lethal equipment and mags right next to you. After a cursory glance she gets back to you. "Lie still and breath deeply. I won't let them touch..." She hesitates. "...get inside." She sternly assures you.

"Se-young, I-!" You mumble and try to sit, but she presses her palm into your chest and keeps you lying still.

"You did well getting there. I understand the pain. Please, let me handle the rest." You struggle to ignore how her eyes involuntarily drift form yours to your scarred neck - if only for a split second. "It's fine. Everything will be alright..."

She gently takes away her palm, and shoots you a weary, reassureing smile as she dashes back towards the steel doors. Carrying the wooden butt stocked gun and with a silver pistol in hand.

The control panel still plays the sounds from the outside - the dingy steps and eldritch voices gotten louder; with them the phantom pain in your neck reappears again. But, seeing your discomfort, Se-young fiddles with the console and the device quietens down; with it, your heart and nerves.

In nearly perfect silence she stands by the device listening in. Her expression passive and professional... With a tint of anger. Until she occasionally glances your way, then she smiles reassuringly and nods.
File: Se-young.jpg (77 KB, 441x529)
77 KB
This silence last... You don't know how much. Possibly years. Maybe, meager few seconds. However, being reunited with your friend, at least partially, rekindled your zeal, and your weapons are right next to you. She left them so close... Was she distracted or does she really trust you?

As you look over the focused girl by the entrance, you spot her fiddling with the... Opening switch?! Does she plan to face them?! And alone at that? ...Why?

You still feel wobbly, but her ministrations helped you regain the peace of mind. The guns are at arms length too, and yet she demanded you to rest...

Her face reveals no emotions as she stands by the doors, getting ready. Her hands clutch the guns for dear life.

> Pick up arms and go stand by the doors with Se-young. She won't be alone, nor won't you. (3d100 don't score below 10...)
> President remains a president. Let her protect you while you rest.
> She could use some help - Grab the handgun, but otherwise rest. (1d100 don't score below 30...)


> Stay quiet. Let her do what she wants. She has her reasons.
> Tell her inviting unnecessary danger is unreasonable. (1d100 DC45)
> Tell her if she fails she will endanger both of you. (1d100 DC35)
> [Aki] Weakly thank her for help and distract her by pretending to be 'afflicted' and require Immediate Attention~ RES-1
> Write in!
As reconciliation I allow you to keep the previous rolls for gun fight, if you want to go guns blazing with Se-young.

Also, RES roll is always last, for clarity's sake. That's what we agreed upon before.
Those rolls, if you want to have a fight, OR a small 'Shinie' if you choose differently. I don't want to f
Force it in any direction. Once again, sorry for not informing I'm writing early... Sowwy~!

And this is why so many QMs close voting officially.
For once I get decent rolls.
Well, it's less awesome and good for Yui's self-confidence to do that with Se-young than alone, but fine, it'd be a shame to waste these rolls anyway.
> Pick up arms and go stand by the doors with Se-young. She won't be alone, nor won't you. (3d100 don't score below 10...)
>Don't say anything. Just figure out how to put whatever gun you grab onto burst-fire mode. Failing that, just put it on full auto. They're going to be on the other side, and if they reach melee, either Yui or Se-young is dead, maybe both, as we've seen. The time for tacticool positioning and precision shots was several moments ago. Just mag dump the fishmen.

So, does the RES roll being the 100 mean we get extra RES? You said something about 100s and 1s affecting RES, but on normal rolls, not RES rolls. So what happens with that?
Rolled 59 (1d100)

> She could use some help - Grab the handgun, but otherwise rest. (1d100 don't score below 30...)
I want a gun since we died the last time we fought.

>Walk over to the console and close and lock the door.
I refuse to use saved rolls and I want Yui to live after Se-youngs attempted murder on us. If she asks why say we already died once and won't go through it again with a tinge of anger.
The doors are closed!
>>5663725 >With a click the doors close again

Se-young seeks to open them and ambush the fishmen, but they might not even saw you yet! It's decision whether you let Se-young do what she wants, for whatever reason she wants, or keep it safe and tidy inside.

>oes the RES roll being the 100 mean we get extra RES?
...no. you get bonus res for Crits on normal rolls to reflect growing/falling confidence. Res roll exists only to counter the CR. There is no Critical(or even lewd) CR rolls too.
...no. you get bonus res for Crits on normal rolls to reflect growing/falling confidence. Res roll exists only to counter the CR. There is no Critical(or even lewd) CR rolls too.
Shame. Waste of a good roll, that.
> Pick up arms and go stand by the doors with Se-young. She won't be alone, nor won't you. (3d100 don't score below 10...)
>say, ‘I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubblegum.’
>Shame. Waste of a good roll, that.
In anon’s defense, he specifically stated which rolls were res and gun, even considering precedent. Also, what is the res stat at currently?
RES is currently 52... So too large by 152~! *Bonk*

It's a good time to prepare a spreadsheet with all items, updated stats, RES, and overall school corruption. Give me about 1-2 I'm gotta be busy for a moment.

Also seeing how all are here I might try getting another update today if I can.
Also streamlining the mechanics... Gotta put them all in one place.
Yeah, I can get having a set roll used for RES when someone doesn't specify, but I just don't like letting a 100 go to waste like that.
File: Love~.jpg (102 KB, 850x850)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
So shall it be, then. Know that I'm a Loving QM, and I will grant you that +2 RES for a Crit, leaving you with a total 54 RES. humph. Guess you will need it for late Quest.

Consider it a Gift from Aki and kiss her a goodnight kiss in the dreams! She would love to play with that RES of yours~
We're still down from the original 60, which isn't good.
I'll have to go look and see what cost us the most. I think it's been two days since Yui's accident, so that's 4/8 RES, not sure about the rest.

B-Man isn't interested, but he may be able to arrange for his assistant and Aki to have some fun trying on frilly and cute outfits in some secluded part of the beach as thanks. Whenever said assistant comes back from being scared off by that lewd crit, anyway.
Hurrah! That makes up the loss due the 69. Yui is going to shoot like a champ.
I still think its stupid to open the gate and fight when Yui is still trying to get over the fact Seo_young almost killed him for locking the door.
Eh. It's understandable why she did. Technically it's on both of them for not agreeing on a secret passphrase while the door was closed, so that the chance of someone successfully impersonating Yui would be very low. We should definitely do it after this scare, though!

Yui kinda lost his cool too, but again, it's understandable considering how close this was to the encounter that got him killed the first time around. PTSD's a bitch.

Besides, bonding with Se-young over shooting a couple of fishmen, or whatever is behind the door, will probably do wonders for their working relationship. We need her help to make exploring the bunker safer, anyway.
Even if I approved those rolls from before, you can still roll this turn. Who knows, maybe you roll even higher?

Se-young didn't try to kill you for locking the door. She locked it when you arrived and tried you to agree about forgot what she's done. She wouldn't kill you... Willingly, she would let you in before anything bad would happen. Yui panicked way too fast when trauma started surfacing, but the enemies were far away, albeit they were loud.

Also, soon i gotta post the mechanics, with a small rework how combat is done to enable more nuance. Long story short enemies will roll now too,just with demerits (or bonuses) depending on strength and circumstances. Current system is too restrictive. We will see how this goes. I wanna start the new thread with better foundations.
I still want to at the very least give her a punch or a chewing out for refusing to believe our shared experiences. What is the good of a passphrase. when we said things that only the real Yui would know and she refused to believe those?
Also please, all votes should reply to the thread with options. It's getting messy!
I am channeling my inner Yui. I assumed they were right behind us as we did not secure the perimeter and Seo was doubting our existence.
Or I might roll a 1. That happened a few days ago. Thankfully someone rolled a 20 before me. So I'll say good enough on this one.
>Or I might roll a 1. That happened a few days ago.
I take the highest, and a 1 is really unlikely! The enemies roll toooooo!

Also, please, post the choice together with a roll as a reply to the main post, thanks!
File: Mechanics!.jpg (57 KB, 728x368)
57 KB
Mechanics Revamped:
1. Compulsions ('C':)
> When option marked by 'C' is present,but not chosen, resistance has to be rolled (1d100). Resistance Roll (RR) is always the last one and needs to be larger than Compulsion Roll 'CR'.
> If highest RR is lower than highest CR, 'C' option wins independent of votes.
> Compulsions will often be marked by "RES+/-", if they aren't, they aren't going to impact RES by themselves. (Still can put in compromising positions tho)
> IMPORTANT: Compulsions are NOT 'bad' by default. They are expressions of Yui's bodily needs, instincts, and desires... Some more 'outside' induced than others. Good Girls follow their desires always~!

2.1. School Corruption(SC):
> Current 40%: Most Students accept their Femsonas as extensions of themselves, with remaining boys questioning who they want to be.
> Next threshold 50%: ???
Daily gain +2 + events.
> school corruption impacts you and all other students. RES lowers the impact it has.
> ALL originally MALE characters have their own corruption meter, but it can't be lower than SC.
> You currently can't measure it on others.
> Every character evolves differently when their corruption rises. Some might change a lot, others less. Can alter desires, to more, or less beneficial to you.
> There are way to increase it faster - for you or others.
> Upon reaching 100%, you Win! You, and all your friends are Good Girls and wifes~!

3.1. Resistance (RES). Current: 54.
> Dictates the ability to withstand Compulsions.
> Affects the narrative voice and opinions present... Some options could be locked or unlocked by having a specific RES level.
> 'RES-x' next to any option means RES loss if that option wins, '+' vice versa.
> Reaching negative RES doesn't end the quest. It turns it RES into Docility (DOC) which strengthens CR... Alters narrative voice and options passively.. Greatly.

3.2. Crits and Resistance.
> Crit fails 2-10 decrease RES by 1, 1 by 2.
> Crits 95-99 increase RES by 1, 100 by 2.
> IMPORTANT: loss is larger than gain due to me taking the highest vote. It's statistically unlikely all players will fail, but it takes one one to win. Also negativity bias, or something~

3.1 Crits in general.
Player Crits:
> Crits override other rolls
> 100: DUH
> 69: LEWD CRIT. Always success but lewd, no punishment.
> 1...: Crit Fail. That will Hurt.

4. Enemy or environment: EXPERIMENTAL.
> Enemies roll dice now! Depending on strength, or situation they get different modifiers. Your combat rolls depend on weapon and Strategy. (All on d100) kinda like in DND, instead of using DC.
> They can't 'Crit'... But number 69 means you will be lewded - one way or another - meaning RES loss, ups~!
> RES reduces the severity of the lewd, and loss. Lower RES = lewder Lewds, more RES loss. Don't enjoy it too much~!
> if you and opponents roll the same, you win.
> NOTE: dunno. That's how all quests I've participated in did it and i want rolls~
Rolled 86, 51, 88 = 225 (3d100)


> Pick up arms and go stand by the doors with Se-young. She won't be alone, nor won't you. (3d100 don't score below 10...)
>Don't say anything. Just figure out how to put whatever gun you grab onto burst-fire mode. Failing that, just put it on full auto. They're going to be on the other side, and if they reach melee, either Yui or Se-young is dead, maybe both, as we've seen. The time for tacticool positioning and precision shots was several moments ago. Just mag dump the fishmen.

Just to keep things clear, then. I sure am glad my IP is stable these days. And you know what? Sure, I'll roll again, no matter how ill-advised!
So what's the final vote? Gotta close it in about 20 min
I casted my vote like six hours ago >>5663741
But if its a tie then I will switch it to >>5663873
Rolled 92, 57, 55, 41 = 245 (4d100)

rolling 3 guns then 1 res
Voting closed then!

Sorry I thought that since the door is closed you forgot to vote
Rolled 75, 37, 81 + 30 = 223 (3d100 + 30)

Rolling Se-young's exercise of skill and purpose (Gun +10, Ambush +10, ??? + 10)
Rolled 57, 42, 70 + 10 = 179 (3d100 + 10)

Rolling 3x ??? Performance. (Ambush-10, medium strength- no bonus)
Nvm those this system is too complicated for me now, I will figure better stuff when I have more time and in a different quest. The simple DC is fine for now.
Well, the more you know~
Gotta start writing once I'm home.
Will update tomorrow, dead tired... Also admittedly, I made an upsie in the last update's options. Fuck.
> Pick up arms and go stand by the doors with Se-young. She won't be alone, nor won't you. [DC:65 - 92: success; 57: success; 88: success]
>Don't say anything. Just figure out how to not screw up and just mag dump the fishmen.

The living room is motionless. Se-young by the doors; you on the carpet. Only barely audible, discordant murmurs coming out of the console confront the silence.

Whatever she's planning, you can't just leave her alone. Especially if it's something both of you might regret later.

With a grunt you sit up, head spinning. When the initial daze is over you notice Se-young glaring daggers at you, but her expression softens. "Don't underestimate mental damage. Sit back, I've got it."

Deep down you yearn to tell her how you feel: tell her anything, but it's as if the scar on your throat swells - like a balloon - and it feels like uttering a single word will release a flood you won't be able to contain. You can't breakdown now. Not when she's planning something stupid. Like picking an unnecessary fight. To prove a point, or what?

Although, you want follow along, so who are you to speak?

With shaking hands you grab the rifle, but as you do Se-young sighs. "I told you to stay back. In delirium you pose more danger to yourself and me than anything else. I will deal with it myself." You ignore her remark and with wobbly legs join her at the other side of the doors. You won't leave her alone, nor vice versa.

Once there, the noises she lowed the volume of become audible once more. The rising pressure inside makes you nauseous, but you distract yourself with preparing the weapon for combat.

As you do, presidents expression hardens. "You've made your point clear." She hisses, but relaxes her stance. Then, let's go of the console and storms back into the room without looking back. "I will be at the bar... Don't worry I will manage." The venom makes you flinch.

'What? ...What got into her? Huh!?'

You jump in fright when the console starts emanating the hideous voices... They are right next to console on the opposite end! With grunting confusion and curiosity, or the sounds of poking with a light object.

They know?! No... It's a two way communication! She spoke near the spoke near the console! They must have heard when she got angry!

You want to scream; to call for help, but the accursed dam snuffs out your attempts. Left with no other choice you take a impromptu stance and aim at...

...The doors click.

...They weren't locked, probably in preparation for ambush.

With a hiss they open... And you take the final deep breath before the cleansing begins.

The next couple of seconds is a blur. You jump back? Squeeze the trigger as far as it can go? Scream? Repeated cracks of gunfire and alien bellows?

with the click of the empty gun, and the last shell falling to the ground, the pressure at your throat seems to burst, and you go limp follow the it by drifting away.
File: The Mess.jpg (34 KB, 656x356)
34 KB
You finally come to and open your eyes to see... Se-young. Her stalwart expression unflinching as she holds you in a seated position with a hug.

Confused, you scratch your head. "What happened? Oh..."

"Y-you...You manged to defend yourself. You are unharmed." She says hoarsely, but in your shared moment of intimacy you feel her heart race at breakneck speed. "Good job."

"Thank you." You say after a moment, but after she ensures you can sit alone, she untangles herself from you and picks herself up.

Deaf silence is the only answer as she walks away. Is she really angry at you? Why?

> Why is she angry? (Optional)

Sighing, you look towards the door area of the room.

It's not a pleasant sight. A messy line of bullet holes spans the marble walls and ceiling; blueish bloodstains protrude from the otherwise immaculate carpet, and, most importantly, three distinct trails of blood lead to the now closed - hopefully locked - doors.

Two of the trails start at both sides of the doors, but the third mere meter away from where you woke up... For a second the pressure builds at the side of your neck, but you start taking deep breaths, as instructed by Se-young, and calm down.

Focusing back of the scene, it's easy to conclude that the once homely and luxurious apartment lost a lot of value on the housing market. If it were to be subject to it... Nevermind.

A dejected voice comes from behind you. "I will clean it up." Se-young passes you with a box of what must be cleaning equipment. "Feel free to do whatever you want."

"The monsters are dead?"

Kneeling and searching through the box ex-president nods. If not for her trying to hide her sulking you would be soaring with pride, but alas.

It might be better not to tell her why it happened. Maybe she knows already...

"So, you disposed of the bodies? Can I help you?"

She nods again. "Yes, they are gone." She hesitates. "No. I can clean it myself. Why have you come here?" She says as she starts cleaning the carpet with a wet cloth which quickly absorbs the alien fluids.

There is quite a mess in here... no way it won't stain if she's to do it alone.

"Well..." You scratch your head. "I bought food."

With a shrug she says. "Thank you. I just ate. After what happened you must be tired, please, eat it yourself. You still have the go back..." As if on cue, her stomach grumbles and she stops mopping. "I still have food back at the bar, you need it more. I just sit all day anyways."

She doesn't lie, that you remember, but it's better to keep that food for emergencies. Especially given you already ate... Assuming 'eating' means preventing starvation. It was '18 body ratio something' rule? Can't quite remember. Eh, you hate it here.

Saddened by her sudden lack of cooperation you try again. "But, you trust me, right?" And look her way.

Annoyed she says. "Yes. You are you." But doesn't look back.

But who is 'you' exactly? She said your name before - well, your femsona's. Yet now she won't again.
Girls... Are difficult to deal with. You certainly won't get out of this by a lucky bullet spray. Time to rethink the approach.

Well firstly, the cleaning...

> Help Se-young clean your mess. Talk during it. (1d100)
> Let her handle it by herself. Sit back at the bar. Prepare food while talking
> Let her handle it by herself. Sit next to her.
> [Aki] It takes a girl to deal woes of another~! RES-2
> Write in!
> Leave her alone for sometime. She might need it. Do something else (write what!)

As for the rations.

> Insist she eats them. That's why you came here. Leave it for her if she refuses.
> If she insists eat it... You still need to get back. (Bonus to rolls on the way back)
> Split it in half. Compromise is fair, right?
> [Aki] Don't mind if I do, buuut... RES-2
> Write in!

Anything you want to talk about for now?

> What was she doing alone? (1d100)
> Ask about your past. Discuss your logs and memory loss.
> Ask about your future. Strategize together. (Write in about what)
> Break the promise and talk about yesterday.
> Ask about the girls's dorms.
> Ask about Jaq.
> Let it go. Open up about your problems.
> [Aki] Let it go. Share your woes and cry on each other's shoulders. RES-3
> Just keep silent.
> Write in!

Every [] option reduces the RES price of subsequent [] options by 1 in the same turn, maximum to 0), as you already let the persona influence you.
Rolled 75, 37 = 112 (2d100)

> Help Se-young clean your mess. Talk during it. (1d100)
> Insist she eats them. That's why you came here. Leave it for her if she refuses.
> What was she doing alone? (1d100)
> Ask about your past. Discuss your logs and memory loss.
> Ask about your future. Strategize together. Talk of escape, the Black Market, Omina, Natalie and and the changing events in the school.
> Talk about Z'Athu'reen
Pick one for now, it's not over!
> Help Se-young clean your mess. Talk during it. (1d100)
> Insist she eats them. That's why you came here. Leave it for her if she refuses.
> Ask about your future. Strategize together. Talk of escape, the Black Market, Omina, Natalie and and the changing events in the school.
Just waiting for the anon with plans to show, t b h
A random thought occurred to me, but surprisingly we haven't experienced or seen any racism. Considering that this is a school for delinquents, one knows for a fact that they are more than likely to be racist as well. The agenda pushed by those in power to create a certain environment, I guess that behavior would not be tolerated and punished.
Yet, there are bound to be subtle ways that the delinquents could use to show this nontheless.
Anyways, I was thinking about this because a romance between Se-young, Korean, and Yui, Japanese, is one you don't really expect to see often in real life due to the whole list of factors that you can see at play if you go to some of the other boards on this site. Reading some of those inspired arguments really expands the lexicon of slurs.
Fun fact: Initially, I wanted to do a lot of inter European Racism in between the journalists to show their uneasy cooperation.

Stuff like Balkan jokes: "where it starts and ends', or "don't talk with X, or you will be 'balkanised'!"

But, Yeah, amazing catch. In our defense, we haven't spoke much with the 'average' student body at the beginning... And now, the worst are so well behaved! What a Good Girls~
Rolled 56 (1d100)

> Help Se-young clean your mess. Talk during it. (1d100)
> Insist she eats them. That's why you came here. Leave it for her if she refuses.
> Ask about your future. Strategize together. Talk of escape, the Black Market, Omina, Natalie and the changing events in the school.
Man I want address Yui's anger about the door situation but Aby needs info to plan more.
Voting closed~!
Fuck you
Lol ok, write on. I'm sick today, got a nap mid writing so go on. Assuming it will change anything.
> Help Se-young clean your mess. Talk during it. (75)
> Insist she eats them. That's why you came here. Leave it for her if she refuses.
> Ask about your future. Strategize together. Talk of escape, the Black Market, Omina, Natalie and and the changing events in the school.

You can't just stand out there while Se-young toils. There is too much of those fluids and scales all around for her alone, and her being stubborn about it doesn't help anything. In a way she's kinda like Jaq.

Although Jaq was probably vengeful as a distraction for her power grab...

Hastily, you drop to the ceramic floor and grab a cloth of your own. As you start mopping the carpet, Se-young gives you a deathly glare with her cold eyes.

You shudder and quickly blurt out. "You told me not to, but I wouldn't be a cleaning club's president if I just stood there! Look, I know you can do it yourself..." It's a lie, but Se-young slightly relaxes her gaze. "...but I want to talk with you too."

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Is the future alright?" You say with a small smile, which takes her aback. "We survived the last time, now it's time to pick ourselves up and plan next course of action."

"Indeed." She says seriously, but gets back to cleaning. "We need to plan our escape. Last time can't... It can't happen again."

Happy with her renewed willingness to cooperate you go on. "Can I ask for help with something?"

Immediately, she nods. "Of course, Aki."

The name doesn't slip your attention, but you continue anyway. "Well, one thing led to another, and I ended up in a place called 'Black Market'."

"There is such a place?" Her expression furrowing. "It wasn't in the documents."

Well, no wonder no student told her of it's existence...

"Anyways, there I met a biological female calling herself 'Omnia'. Do you know about her?"

Se-young shakes her head. "I'm afraid such alias slipped my attention."

Undaunted you continue the story. "Okay. Do you know of a girl named 'Natalie'? I have her document and found... *Cough* some other things."

Stopping her cleaning, she brings her hand to her chin in thought. "Yes, there was a girl named 'Natalie' in the council documents. Before this place, she was a prodigy in medicine in the high-end British university. However, she gave up studying there and, for some reason, applied into this facility together with a much less impressive girl... I think her name was Olivia or Olga."

Then she gets back to her task. "Mind you, I advise to stay away from the biological girls. The school keeps them docile by keeping them privileged over the boys. All they do is play their petty clubs and gorge themselves in luxuries and illusions of grandeur, meanwhile they are prisoners all the same. With a fraction of their privileges we would already be free."

"...Or we would end up just like them." You say warily.

"I suppose. The school made sure to disincentivise any principles they could have. To them, it's all just games. Remember that."
An uncomfortable silence seizes the room as both of you keep removing the remnants of the fishmen from the opulent carpet.

Finally, you break the silence and start explaining how you've gotten a document form the girls detailing a horrible, preternatural substance that has a worrying effect on boys. Possibly substituting their instincts with a whole new ones.

Se-young hesitates. "That's worrying... They shouldn't delve where they don't belong." She says cautiously. "For now, we should focus on exploring the Bunker, there has to be a way out." Then she gets up and throws the spent cloth right into the box. "Cleaning's done."

That it is. The floor looks fine, as well as the walls. The stains are gone; but not bullet holes... All in all, the room feels homey once more.

But, you came her for a reason. Here goes nothing... "I brought you food, please take it. It was the reason I came here to begin with." Kneeling, you start fishing through the bag.

Soon you get it, and look up and you see Se-young sitting by the bar deep in thought. "Please, take it." You repeat and handle her the bag.

Surprisingly, she politely takes the bag this time. "Although, you look well and we have ammunition. We should go explore more of this bunker once we are done here. Think it over in the meantime."

Happy with her finally taking up the offer you sit right next to her at the small bar and get comfortable... And mutter. "Give me a minute. Ahh."


Occasionally, you sneak a peek at calmly eating Se-young. Someway, somehow she procured metal chopsticks and with immaculate precision and dignity she nibbles at some kind of fish and spiced potatoes the 'clerk' had given you.

In truth, you don't remember anything to compare it to, but still, it's a sight to behold, and deep down you sense a distant air of nobility . One day you should probably inform her you lost memories, but for now...

...You lean back, desperately trying to stop yourself from grinning at the barely audible munching noises, or the puffing of her cheeks on her stoic face.

You should pinch her on the cheek. Sure, she will gun you down in a flash of her black hair, but it's not the worst way to go... Were you always this playful? Whatever, better not to dwell on it.

When she first started eating you were warned that she never hurries in this matters - she certainly delivers. For over a quarter of an hour she dines in quite comfortable silence. And, once she's done, she clacks her chopsticks and gently wipes her mouth with a lavish piece of russet cloth... Also procured someway, somehow.

Then she gets up and lightly bows for you. "Thank you..." And casually walks back to the main room.

Disheartened, you get up to join her, but when she grabs her trusted rifle, she whispers. "...Hope you enjoyed the show."


She starts fiddling her gun and doesn't look at you back anymore. "So what's the plan? For now, prepare your weapon, it's ill-advised to exert yourself shortly after eating."
You stand still in the middle of the room. You were supposed to think this through while she dined.

"Give me a minute." You chuckle and once again ruffle you hair. Then you look at the grandfather clock down in the bedroom and confirm you have a lot of time.

"Just what were you doing back then?" She says in distinctly accusative voice. Gotta improvise.

What's the plan now? (Can choose more, but time ticks)

> It was fun to just chill for a moment... delay the exploration and spend today with Se-young. (1d100)
> Double time... Go exploring the Bunker. Once Se-young rests sufficiently, that is.
> Go back, it's not your battlefield anymore. There are pressing matters above. Like Shinies trading. (Go where first?)
> Spend some time discussing the important matters. (What?) (1d100)
> Ask her for her past. It's unhealthy to bottle traumas inside. (1d100 DC90)
> Write in!

Anything small before you leave? Mind the time.
> write in!

While she rests... You get an idea.

> [BMan] Ask Se-young to pose for you so you can learn to impersonate her. Could be useful one day.
> What a stupid idea!

Impersonating girls and 'girls' costs RES. Cost depends on who exactly you impersonate.
Impersonation requires rolls to be successful, but Yui is quite good at it... Requires special gear to impersonate non-students.
> Double time... Go exploring the Bunker. Once Se-young rests sufficiently, that is.
So QM Aki you rerolling the rooms since new quest or are we using Wuxian's old rolls?

>Ask what caught her eye to trust Yui when we first met.
I don't think she ever gave us a reason why she sticked with us. OOC we know it was because we resisted but it feels natural to ask now that we are diving back into hell.

> What a stupid idea!
Aby: "Too many cooks, too many cooks. Plus we still need to get Bman and Aki their items before we begin taking more roommates."
>Double time... Go exploring the Bunker. Once Se-young rests sufficiently, that is.
>Ask what caught her eye to trust Yui when we first met.
>What a stupid idea!
File: You cannot hide~!.jpg (122 KB, 850x817)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>So QM Aki you rerolling the rooms since new quest or are we using Wuxian's old rolls?
Combination of both. Generally, I copy-pasted his rolls to notes, but I modify them to suit my ends.

>OOC we know
In my version of the quest, her reasons why are much different. Se-young falling for you, or her being interested isn't canon here. New reasons inform her actions quite a bit too... She 'has feelings' for you, but they are much more complex. NGL, I just found previous version to be waaay too rushed.

>Plus we still need to get Bman and Aki their items
But you do have a B-Man's item - it's the duffle bag your items came in. B-Anon wanted a Bag and you rolled his item back in 'black market'
Proof here: >>5650806

It's kinda a spoiler, especially since you chose to ignore Aki in the dream and hence don't know what she needed, but I'm a Loving QM~ and will tell you anyway. (At least the basic of it)

Aki didn't need an Item. Simply put, I was afraid nobody would vote to get hers, and I wanted her to be a nudging threat that offers you deals with the devil... And isn't there a poetic beauty of the gae girl getting (partially) up due to gae love?

Her 'unlocks' were:

> Have RES bellow 45, or School Corruption at 50(no additional penalty)

> 'Embrace' her in a dream. (Aki will lewd the player)(penalty applies)(good girl Aki route)

> 'true love's kiss': kiss, or be kissed by a boy, or someone identifying as a boy. (Get lewded, no additional penalty/ willingly, penalty applies)

> Have a 'fruitful discussion' with Ms. Müller (sex ed.) or [REDACTED due to spoilers] (no additional penalty)(evil Aki route)

> Get subjected to reeducation. (No additional penalty)(evil Aki route)

> Get a picture of someone you care for. (Safe option)(penalty applies)

> Agree to a pact with [REDACTED due to spoilers] (get lewded, no additional penalty/willingly, penalty applies)

Get lewded means getting 69.

You got 2 'personas' at once. Literally. Also spoilers, leaving Aki alone to rot destroyed her self-esteem, you meanies!

Also, quite unexpected you would opt to not go for B-Man, given it's essentially free.
Failed to copy another unlock:
> Use New HRT pills on yourself.
>Double time... Go exploring the Bunker. Once Se-young rests sufficiently, that is.
>Ask what caught her eye to trust Yui when we first met.
>Write-in: make a note to ask her if she could teach us her refined ice-queen ways.

Impersonation, eh? Not something that I thought about, but definitely something B-man can help with now that he's been given the idea. He knows a guy.

>Aki didn't need an Item. Simply put, I was afraid nobody would vote to get hers, and I wanted her to be a nudging threat that offers you deals with the devil.
>Also spoilers, leaving Aki alone to rot destroyed her self-esteem, you meanies!
Wonder why that happened. And at east she's got that in common with Yui. They can bond over trying to reaffirm their self-worth instead of Aki trying way too hard to take control of things. Shame the lesson had to be painful, but hopefully we can mend the damage and this little beach-side madhouse will be healthier for it!
Rolled 55 (1d100)

Come on, where are the rolls for the write in?
Whenever you write in an option add a dice. Even if seems redundant (and probably is), just do it for safety.

>He knows a guy.
The way I seen it was that B-Man would be a kind of a 'godfather' with connections that grant you extra tools, but unlike Personas, he isn't a surefire way out, but rather rely on dice. Impersonations, temporary 'convenient crowd' appearing in the hallway to grey man in, or general Deus ex machina.

Essentially, versatility at the cost of certainty with his connections + bombs. Oh, and yes, you could use something with blasting power. Especially with a timer... Day 3 can't get soon enough.

Day 3 will mark the start of a new thread. And the beginning of the end.

>Aki trying way too hard to take control of things
Predators roam the earth~
Rolled 47, 8, 57 = 112 (3d100)

What's found in living room' immediate vicinity? (Special exploration)

> 1-20: Giant locked doors...
> 21-40: Old Media room
> 41-60: Warehouse
> 61-80: R&D facility #8
> 69: oh, come on...
> 81-100: Atheneum

Are there any encounters?

> 1-50: Only corpses.
> 51-70: Small scavenger (bonus to Shinie roll +20)
> 71-90: Actually, just try to kill me. Pretty please.
> 91-100: ??!?!

Shinies? Two pairs of eyes and all that. Are there any?

> 0-20: Nope...
> 21-66: one is better than none.
> 67-99: One for each of you!
> 100: Don't trip over them. Three!

Shinies's rarity?

> 1-20: Small gewgaw
> 21-40: Curious trinket
> 41-60: Small equipment piece
> 60-80: Small weird tech
> 69: Yeah... Maybe it will fetch a nice price?
> 81-90: Weird tech.
> 91-99: Eldritch statuette.
> 100: Now that's useful.
Rolled 18 (1d100)

Oh okay next time I will add in rolls. I just assumed since the one option not having a 1d100 roll was narrative fluff for just a normal conversation. I thought it was the safe option QM Aki!
Ah right Aby is a predator too but the more subtle type that snowballs her actions. I could pull an Aki and have her start pushing for her ways of violence. Especially since Aki was the only thing keeping her subdued and contained, bbbut I don't want to bog down the quest with another threat to deal with. Maybe next run I go evil Aby.
File: We all have our reasons...jpg (346 KB, 1920x1080)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
>Double time... Go exploring the Bunker. Once Se-young rests sufficiently, that is.
>Ask what caught her eye to trust Yui when we first met.
>What a stupid idea!
>Make a note to ask her if she could teach us her refined ice-queen ways.
With the course of action set, you are ready to face your fears again. There is only one thing stopping you: Se-young resting.

She made her preference known... Can't do anything with that.

Soon, you sit at the cozy couch and 'prepare' your guns as well as you can. So not much. Although Se-young, who sits cross-legged on the carpet, seems to know what she's doing quite well. With fluent motions she spins the gun, or reaches and checks magazines. You try to emulate what she does, but with little success... And even less grace. To think she only knew about bullets not too long ago.

While silence with Se-young is quite comfortable. You didn't meet to just lounge. To break the ice, you invite her to sit on a proper chair, but she merely shakes her head and goes back to work.

Both you and her seem so different. Meanwhile Japan's and South Korea's culture share several similarities, you share so little... Some claim opposites attract, but do they really?

You reach for your bag, but focus on the Regal Lady of the Carpet. "Say, Se-young, why did you trust me back when we first met? Me of all people?"

Far a second she stops her ministrations, but resumes again. "You were different, I suppose. Others covered their necks; you leapt at razors edge. Don't sell yourself short Aki... You have many qualities you don't realize. For this reason I elected to... keep an eye on you." She states, but trails off at the end.

Warm and fuzzy feeling fills your stomach! ...Yet it withers when you see Se-young staring absentmindedly down at her gun.

"Hah, Thanks!" You try to get her attention but fail. Somehow, you doubt it's the whole truth...

Abruptly she gets up, shattering the idyllic atmosphere, Ak-47 on her shoulder. "Ready. We should go."

"Oh, okay..." You mumble. Change of subject not lost on you. "Give me a minute..." On the bouble you rummage through your bag to look for something useful.

Your things.
>school outfit - (bloodied and tattered) - left in the living room
>school outfit spares 2x
>clip-ons hair extensions
>school backpack
>Duffel Bag - stores more items (B-Man)
>notebook with map
>'New' HRT pills, x2
>bottle of water
>floral tape
>butt plug

>crudely sharpened knife
>credely crafted boar-hunting spike
>G36 rifle
>Handgun ???

>sulfuric acid
>hydrochloric acid
>lab coat - Jaq has it.

>Rose colored eldritch pendant left by fishmen. Looks pretty.

Some of this could be more useful than others, but it's good to know on what one stands anyway.

Se-young looks at you expectantly, slowly walking towards the console.

You zip the bag closed and rise. "Alright, I'm ready." And the doors slides open.
File: Widow to the Past.jpg (36 KB, 850x531)
36 KB
The doors shut behind you as you enter the dingy, rusted hallway. The Birchwood, gold and marbles of the living room once again make you miss it.

Thankfully for you, it means that Se-young won't find a note you left her when she quit the bar. At first you had one stupid idea, but then it morphed into something else. Namely, the way Se-young looked so graceful and refined in seemingly everything she did enthralled you; both visually and pragmatically... So you wrote her if she could think over teaching you her ways.

It will improve your bond by being able to bridge the divide of social class, and your ability to perform your Femsona, of course, for the staff, and many more things. Right...

Now she will have time to think it over clearly. Although you should probably come up with an explanation why next time you see her.

Refocusing on the task at hand, you see Se-young securing the perimeter. Next to her, three scaly, leaking corpses don the metal floor - your hunt.

You stare quizzically. "Didn't you say you disposed of the bodies?"

"Yes. I will finish the job once you leave. I will have plenty of time." She says flatly and moves on. "Stay on my tail."


As both of you travel through the Claustrophobic corridors, with Se-young insisting she will lead. You agree to stay in the vicinity of the living room for a chance to retreat if things go south.

You pass crossroads after crossroads, all pretty close in appearance to each other. Thankfully nothing out of ordinary happens. So much so you even engage in some brief chatter. Between trying to focus and scolding you, she allowed you to know her favourite per used to be fish, but didn't explain why she liked them, only that it's changed now... Fair.

Eventually, another door protrudes from the usual pipes and metal sheets. The stable light from the console shaming the often flickering lights along the hallway.

After securing the hereabouts, Se-young uses the console. With a hiss the doors slide open only halfway then clang and stop dead in their tracks, accompanied by a few wayward sparks.

"It's stuck. Mechanical error." She confirms, looking over the console. Red light covering the whole screen.

"What now?" You clench you gun harder as Se-young peers inside. "Anything there?" To

After a few seconds, she returns, expression unreadable as always... As most of the time.

"Nothing in the plan changes. Inside it's some form of depository, appears empty. Beware, without a lock this place will never be truly secure."

Feeling emboldened by her seeming confidence you decide to try something new.

"Agreed. Let's cut to the chase, now..." You say coldly, trying to imitate her ice-queen tone, but she instantly rises an eyebrow and you flinch. "Hehe...Let's go." You finish sheepishly.

Terrible time for learning. Albeit it's a lesson in of itself...
Squeezing through the narrow passage, you trail your leader until you reach the main chamber, each step echoing throughout the large open space around you and sending puffs of dust that make your nose twitch.
Thankfully, you manage to advance without any accidents.

Seems Se-young was right. Even in the dim and flickering light you can see dozens of wooden pallets with various bags and containers, as well as heavier carrying equipment parked next to the supporting pillars. Above, casting ominus shadows, hangs a rusted lift. There is a second floor here, but you can't see what's there.

Se-young comes to a stop, and elegantly kneels. "Do you see that wall over there?" She says pointing at the opposite wall. "I suggest we sho- *ah* we should- *achoo!*." A muffled sneeze leaves her.

"Good- *achoo!*" You follow soon after. "Heh." Guess it just won't do without accidents.

Collecting herself, Se-young pats away stray dust from her clothes still looking away. "I suggest we should split. Advance along the wall, rendezvous on the other side." She repeats, then gets up and walks in other direction.

As she said, so you did. In a matter of an hour, the first floor was scoured with the cursory reconnaissance.

Dusty corners revealed no monsters, but a lot of free space, sandbags, and several locked metal containers. The heavy machinery was all broken, including the both the stairs and the elevator to the first floor. All in all, not the most lucrative results.

Thankfully, with the final meeting Se-young came to you with something more interesting: Namely, a hand-sized, blue ball of seemingly glass. Yet, at the mere glance both of you felt it's extraordinary nature. Whether it does anything remains to be seen, but it for sure looks pretty.

Returning to the exist, you inform your friend about your particular need for 'shinies'. She nods in understanding, then rolls her eyes exasperated. "To trade life-saving supplies for a distasteful piece of glass...Typical. I could assist you in their gathering, given how well they can be sold."

Well, with that done you should have a few hours left, but who knows what's going on on the surface? With only two small shines it could be difficult to resupply.

Well, there are still those heavily locked boxes, but it will probably take a looong time to open them, at least with your equipment.

What's the next step?

> There is still time. Explore more, collect more shines; you need supplies.
> Try opening one of the boxes with a gun, then go back
> It's been a while, you should go back to see what's up and don't risk it.
> Return to the Living room. Rest and discuss things with Se-young. (What?)

Anything to do while here (warehouse)?

> write in!

Delegation: Se-young has a lot of free time you can suggest her what to do, but ultimately she will decide what she will do... Unless!

> Try to open the containers.
> Repair the doors first.
> Scout ahead.
> Search the living room. It's safe there...
Correctly guess what bothers Se-young since you came to her early to ensure her obedience today.

Tip: Dutiful president's fears are similar to yours. Do You feel safe now? Sometimes, a mistake in judgment spirals out of control...

> Write in! (Optional)
Word limit! Gah!
>What's the next step?
>Delegation: Se-young

Both of those have 'Write in!' options.

Also, for the future I will require write ins to have at least two votes, as one person being able to influence the quest to this degree seems tyrannical.

Remember to vote in 'write ins' you like, or argument your write ins so others want them.

Also, sowy for any mistakes, here it's so ridiculously late, but I need that 1day1update.

Good luck~ QM Aki drifts to *hopefully* deserved sleep.
Rolled 48, 59, 81 = 188 (3d100)

> It's been a while, you should go back to see what's up and don't risk it.
We don't want to over stay our welcome and we need time to stash our weapons and dodge the patrols.

>Smack any rusted locked boxes pad locks or hinges.
I am assuming these locks are at least five to ten years if they have rust on it. We can give a good whack to break any weakened metal to see if we can make some progress on them instead of shooting the locks and risking a richochet here.

>Delegation Se-Young: Try to open the containers and give Se-yoo the sulfuric and hydrochloric acid.
I have no idea if these are strong enough to weaken metal but we got it so might as well use it.

Se-yungs fear.
Judging by her cold demeanor and isolation se-yo is not afraid of being alone. Loss of control is also not a fear either as she lost her seat but was still whole when we found her in the classroom.

>Could Seoyungs fear be hopelessness?

That she had Yui that was similar to her in which we fought the system, resisted the pills, put our life on the line for progress but ultimately our death amounted to nothing?
Rolled 59, 47, 92 = 198 (3d100)

I can't tell if you're doing this on purpose to Seo-yunyuns' name.
Se-young: "Aki, come. Sit and get comfortable. I've found a way to deal with your 'persona' problem."
Yui: "eh? I don't have a problem!"
Se-young: "Soon you won't." *cocks gun* "Now come for your therapy. A part of you slighted my person, and is dangerous. Do not resist."

>Could Seoyungs fear be hopelessness?
Sadly wrong. Hopelessness is not the pressing issue she struggles with ever since you met her again today.

Tip2: Dutiful and reliable Student Council President is herself the reason of her problems. She fears of you, what you fearED of her. Albeit differently. Your actions exacerbated her misinterpretation.

Big tip, but time ticks.
Perhaps the possible answer be that we DIED in front of her and then came back, possibly meaning we are anomalous now and that's a factor she cannot control of predict
It's much more simple and human than that~
So, not our anomalous nature, something simpler, a reflection of how we first perceived her.
Let me try and remember...we knew her reputation when she approached us, so I think we were afraid of what her goals are regarding us. Is she afraid we're using her as a tool, or for some unknowable purpose, maybe?
I'll check the old thread waiting for an answer.
>old thread
No need to go that far. Reasons are in this thread.
Also vote!

>afraid we're using her as a tool, or for some unknowable purpose
No... When was she cooperating

Writing in about hour.

QMs note. "I always leave breadcrumbs."
>When was she relaxing and cooperating?
>When was she angry?
>Why would it be so?
>Tip: Dutiful president's fears are similar to yours.
>Tip2: Dutiful and reliable Student Council President is herself the reason of her problems. She fears of you, what you fearED of her. Albeit differently. Your actions exacerbated her misinterpretation.
Dutiful /and reliable/.

>Se-young glaring daggers at you, but her expression softens. "Don't underestimate mental damage. Sit back, I've got it."

Does she fear Yui's losing it somewhat? That he's unreliable, maybe that he'll hurt himself or her? The fact we pushed for fighting these things that obviously traumatize us could have been misinterpreted as overconfidence, or maybe a deathwish?

>You reach for your bag, but focus on the Regal Lady of the Carpet. "Say, Se-young, why did you trust me back when we first met? Me of all people?"
>Far a second she stops her ministrations, but resumes again. "You were different, I suppose. Others covered their necks; you leapt at razors edge. Don't sell yourself short Aki... You have many qualities you don't realize. For this reason I elected to... keep an eye on you." She states, but trails off at the end.
>Warm and fuzzy feeling fills your stomach! ...Yet it withers when you see Se-young staring absentmindedly down at her gun.
>"Hah, Thanks!" You try to get her attention but fail. Somehow, you doubt it's the whole truth...

This isn't a new trait for Yui in Se-young's mind, but maybe she believes we're a danger to ourselves. Does she want to protect us and gets angry when we put ourselves in harm's way, since we're "unreliable?"
>The fact we pushed for fighting these things that obviously traumatize us could have been misinterpreted
Hot hot hot!

You said a lot of factual statements. Not telling which~!

...but it's not the reasons she's having a problem.

>Does she fear Yui's losing it somewhat?
Losing what and for whom...?

>or maybe...
Desperation? Lack of something on your part for her? That stoic, reliable council president? Maybe three mistakes was all it took? Maybe she needs to... Show you are wrong?
>Desperation? Lack of something on your part for her? That stoic, reliable council president? Maybe three mistakes was all it took? Maybe she needs to... Show you are wrong?

Does she want to be seen as reliable, to have Yui depend on her for some reason, maybe? She watns to be the strong one because she doesn't think Yui's up to the task/she thinks it's her job as SCP...uh, weird acronym actually. I'm sure its nothing!
Alternatively, maybe she's afraid of being useless?
>Does she want to be seen as reliable, to have Yui depend on her for some reason, maybe?
Passed! She wants you to Trust Her; or rather: don't don't trust her - she's hurt by her own 'incompetence', for reasons...

Now, Vote!
Rolled 73, 7, 40 = 120 (3d100)

Alright, alright, I'll vote~!
> It's been a while, you should go back to see what's up and don't risk it.
>Smack any rusted locked boxes pad locks or hinges.
Good write-in from >>5667763
> Repair the doors first.
But I can't support that other one. Safety first, and I'd rather not have Se-young risk herself and leave her little safezone vulnerable.

If needed, maybe Yui can tell her that this place is just about the only place in the school where we can relax, where we're sure to be safe, and that keeping it safe for the both of us is the most pressing. The creatures may stay away after we shot a few, but if something goes wrong on the surface, Yui needs to know he can draw that trouble here and put a reinforced bulkhead between that trouble and both Se-young and himself.
In light of the new discoveries, I will leave the vote open for an hour more. Discuss, to change anything or not.

Current winners:
> It's been a while, you should go back to see what's up and don't risk it.
> Smack any rusted locked boxes pad locks or hinges.
> Se-young's problems - Solved.

>(2) Delegation Se-Young: Try to open the containers and give Se-yoo the sulfuric and hydrochloric acid.
>(1) Repair the doors first
I'm rereading those chapters to get back on track a little and, oh boy, it's so evidently written by my tired self. Sorry~

Voting closed.
Rolled 1 (1d100)

Rolling Shinie!

> 1-20: Small gewgaw
> 21-40: Curious trinket
> 41-60: Small equipment piece
> 60-80: Small weird tech
> 69: Yeah... Maybe it will fetch a nice price?
> 81-90: Weird tech.
> 91-99: Eldritch statuette.
> 100: Now that's useful.
I've learned my lessons, I will finish the update tomorrow morning~ good night<3

Btw, the writing sucks, but it's breadcrumby as ****!
Shit sorry I was busy at work so I could not respond faster. But yeah Se-yuoo should repair the doors so she doesn't have to keep watching her back.

QM AKI I would like to switch my votes from >>5667763 to >>5667974
If we control the doors, we control life and death. We must repair the doors.
Aby: "I will slit your throat while you sleep bitch."

I don't know what your talking about. I have never misspelled Seoyilng.

So we figured out Se-Young's problems now we uuuhhhh what do we do? Aby is better with mechanical and theoretical theories not emotional responses.
>QM AKI I would like to switch my votes from
Seems that my weakness proved fruitful! Consider it done~

>uuuhhhh what do we do?
You celebrate!
Thanks for switching!
The way I see it, we can either bring it up bluntly and try to have a reasonable discussion about like reasonable adults not hopped up on emotional incontinence pills.
Or we go the path of least resistance and us that deduction to let Se-young take charge (or at least feel in charge) until such a point where she is stable enough to have the conversation from the first option. Which is what I was going with in that write-in.
Fun fact before the update: at first I was worried that you already finding the warehouse will make things too easy - but the search rolls were almost as terrible as they could be, so you are on hard mode now...
>reasonable discussion
>reasonable adults
>not hopped up on emotional incontinence pills
Hehe, failed on all three accounts due to the age of Se-young and Yui.
File: The 'lucky' Dice.jpg (89 KB, 350x350)
89 KB
>It's been a while, you should go back to see what's up and don't risk it. [73]
> Smack any rusted locked boxes pad locks or hinges. [59]
> Repair the doors first.
> Se-yuu, Se-yung, Seoyoungs
> Unless! SUCCESS

Finishing scouring the rust-infested warehouse ended disappointingly - hard to deny that. But, in the end, you might just have enough for now.

You don't have a large shopping list, especially when you don't know whether 'O' or the 'Journalists' are honest in their intentions. Although with all those chests and coffers lying about...

"Se-yoo... I mean, Se-yung... Eh?"

She looks at you blankly, her purplish gems revealing nothing - which, ironically, reveals everything. "Please, take your time."

Taking deep breath, you finish. "Thanks. Sorry, Seoyoungs..." Her brow twitches. Fuuuck!! Moving on! "...wanna see what's inside of those containers? I Don't wanna return to the surface empty-handed, and it's about time."

"Of course." She deadpans, half-liddled eyes pierce you like a bullet. Hopefully metaphor is the only bullet she will correct you with.

Then, in blessed silence you search for the container with the most damaged or rusted lock. After a few minutes you settle for one that looks easy enough.

You grab a pipe off the floor and with a wild bat-like swing slam the lock.

*Clang!* "Aghhh!" Pain in your hands jerks the pipe away. With another crash it rolls bellow some wooden pallet as echo resonates through the vacant space. Not finished with you, it carries a cloud of dust in tow. Instantly, your nose loses its battle with the invading deluge. "Agh, no! Oh- oh, ah, Ah!" *achooo!!!*

The lock still stands tall.

Pained, humiliated, and defeated, you crumble bonelessly. What a shame... At least now you know, even without memories, that you never attended the gym.

But you don't hit the ground. When you open your eyes Se-young holds you up by your armpits. Her gaze focused on the doors as she lightly gasps with extertion.

Looking back at you, she whispers. "Don't fight the gale; ride it... Are you unharmed?"

Confused, you just chuckle nervously and get to your feet.

"Flow with your weight, like this." She outlines a downward motion with her rifle. "Then hit it at an angle." With a fluent buttstock jab the lock cracks and concedes. Serves it right!

Avenged, you beam. "Thanks and sorry for before..."

"Forget about before. Aki, physical strength eldudes me, more so than you, yet true strength stems from technique... Or at least that's what family thought me." She says and peers inside the now open chest.

For a few moments, she skimmer through the insides, then presents an... alien looking, fluorescent Dice set? That's something. Cautiously, you roll the dices on the shelf - all rolled '1'. Amazing? Not really. Disappointed, you store them with the rest of your 'shinies'.

Seems you can't have good things today. So, you just wrap it up, and return to the malfunctioning entrance.
Once there, you lean over the doors, careful not to stain your school uniform once more. Steeling yourself, you halt Se-young. "I think there are many more things to do here. Like unlock the containers or get access to the second floor."

She mulls it over and agrees. "Fair. Cleaning the living room won't bring us any closer to escaping. I can handle it while you get resources above."

"Exactly!" You smile, and take her off guard. "We should prioritize securing the area and start with the doors. Safety first, although..."

Her expression darkens.

"Truth be told - doors or without - with you in here, it feels safer than above. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I mean it. Up, there are anomalies, monsters, plots, oppressive staff and more of, eh bad stuff..." You curse inwardly; you hate it here. "And sure, there are monsters, death, oppressive environment and the story goes on too..." You meet eyes with your friend, who listens intently, albeit with remains calm. "...But there is also you. And it makes all the difference. All those things seem... Bearable, small even - like passing wind. Thank you, really! For staying with me to this very moment."

You don't get to continue as she furtively kicks a pipe with the back of her foot and nearly fumbles. With loud echo it rolls across the uneven warehouse floor and she immediately turns away from you, gun ready. "W-what was it...? I-I think you should be on your way. It's not safe here." She says, voice shaking. She herself shakes too.

She might have turned fast, but not before you seen her glazed over eyes. Does she think you haven't seen her kick it, or she just doesn't care? Anyway, the clue is obvious.

"Oh, alright, you got this! I will be back! I expect the doors factory new!" With that, you fly through the tight passage, and even your bag cooperates and slips right through.

After a few louder steps away, you stop. Whatever happened, it might still be better to confirm she's fine. Taking off your boots, you sneak to the doors and peer inside.

There, Se-young sits where you left her, her gun a meter away from her. Worrying. But then she leans back, screeches and... Giggles happily. Thankfully your jaw hitting the floor did not alert her. "One factory new doors, coming right up! And If I ever get out... Father's company will forever sell doors to commemorate this moment~"

As she starts getting up, you scamper away. But then she coughs violently and with the usual tone says: "No time to waste."

Huh. She seems fine. More better than fine.

Getting back your boots, you return to the bunker's exit. In the end, even if the haul was terrible, you got your friend back. And It's all that matters for now! Both of you are fine, like yesterday didn't happen, or rather - it did, but you overcome it. Together with others you will escape this place, and then? Eh, question for some other, more civilized, times.

[You solved the breadcrumbs puzzle and 'worked hard'! RES+5, today's rolls +10.]
File: Meh, guard duty...jpg (16 KB, 320x452)
16 KB
With a hiss, the elevator closes behind you. The surface greets you with it's usual lonesome indifference, sadly here you don't have your guns to guard yourself against it. There is always a stake... Or words.

There was a lot of truth in what you said before - the bunker's air was oppressive, but it was honest in it's malice; here, the air smells with old wood and dust - almost like in an average school - it's all in the details.

But now, you don't care. Now, you are all are fine.

Well, you should get back to your room and see how your roommates are faring, maybe see how 'O' fares? Or look for that 'natalie'? Maybe- eh?

The way to your dorm is obstructed when two guards come out from behind the corner together with... A maid? What is a maid doing here?

Quickly, you dash to hide in an empty classroom and spy behind the door frame.

One of them, masked one, grumbles and clenches her hand. "Come on, your 'mistress' told you she would be cleaning around here right?"

The maid flinches as the guard obviously must have squeezed her hard, then wails in a stunningly familiar voice. "Ah, Mistress Jaqueline said she would be AROUND here!" Wait Alex?!? Why does he wear a maid outfit?

The other guard, the one you recognize from before too, pats the the tormentor on the back. "Here, here, no need to damage the cutie. She clearly won't yeld. Let's search for that Aki girl for a moment longer. If headteacher wants to talk to her, she will have to wait a little, and I don't get to see her for longer. See? Win-win! It's not like we get a pay cut for it anyway. Then, if she's really gone, we will report it to the authorities. Fine?"

The masked one shrugs. "But I hold him... Her? Whatever, but you stay away. I know you well enough."

Alex shrugs and pats his hurting arm as he is let free. "All of this is no grounds for the usage of force. You've heard Mistress Jaque-"

"Oh, shut it. I don't care about your relationship dynamics, just help us find your friend, or you all will get in trouble." The masked on snarls and the young guardess laughs merrily.

What's going on? Are you in trouble? Are they in trouble because of you? They are walking your way, looking around, but they don't seem to have spotted you. Yet.

> Reveal yourself peacefully. Somethings going on, and it's better to thread carefully.
> Pretend to 'clean', and let them find you.
> Ambush them and free Alex. [DC90]
> Hide and sneak to your room to confront Jaq, she must know what's up. [DC50]
> Abandon ship, run back to Se-young!
> [Aby] Distract them with Class paraphernalia and slip past to class. [LOCKED]
> Write in!

Any questions to ask? To whom?

> Write in!
File: 2 plus 2 equals 4.jpg (283 KB, 403x532)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Now you know how breadcrumbs work~

Next time it might be more difficult/with less tips, but today, you can celebrate with your 59 RES and bonus rolls. Next time you might need to work hard too~

Also, I wanted to tease you with the Aby option and made a typo. Neat. Meh, it's locked anyway. And you can trade your Shinies for stuff with Omnia... Remember the nooote, or not. Do what you want~
Rolled 94 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

> Hide and sneak to your room to confront Jaq, she must know what's up. [DC50]
Heart yearns to fight, but there’s too many unknowns. Unless…90 appears
It’s so time to fight! Switching to
> Ambush them and free Alex. [DC90]
There’s a lad in distress
You need to roll again. You can't roll for a different option, get a good roll, then swap for a new one. Come on.
Rolled 5, 47 = 52 (2d100)

>Hehe, failed on all three accounts due to the age of Se-young and Yui.
Hey, they're legally adults, they'll get there!

>> Pretend to 'clean', and let them find you.
This may be ill-advised, but the alternative is perhaps too much escalation.
>Make sure to find a hidey-hole for your illegal stuff before they find you.
Today is a good day to get bonus rolls. I sense having to bullshit our way through a tense conversation" coming in the near future!
Rolled 53, 60 = 113 (2d100)

>> Pretend to 'clean', and let them find you.
Jaq couldn't have sold us out this soon and from their lack of hostility and lowered guard means we are not a threat to hunt. So we can take the cleaning angle. Fuck we is Aki when you need her to complain about the dust in here?

>Make sure to find a hidey-hole for your illegal stuff before they find you.
But yeah we gotta stash the goods in case they frisk us.
Ah write-in questions. Okay

>For the guards, are you guys here to help with cleaning up all this dust? For Alex, where did you get a maid outfit, from a drama club?

For the guards I want to sell our story about cleaning and for Alex we might find another lab coat of POWER. Other than that I don't really want to ask any questions about the reason for looking for us or the headmaster as it might tip them off about us overhearing their conversation.
>Fuck we is Aki when you need her to complain about the dust in here?
Haha, that's because it's the first sighting. This even will be, at least, 2 part~

Thats why Aby was here, and not Aki. Also, if you believe that romance is the way, or you figured someone out, just do a write in! (And roll~)

>write-in questions
Roll, roll, roll~
>Fuck we is Aki when you need her to complain about the dust in here?
Actually, its a brilliant write in.

New option :)
>[Aki] Pretend to 'clean', but get too carried away with the act~ RES-2
>[Aki] Pretend to 'clean', but get too carried away with the act, look into the nook's and crannies~ RES-1

Similarly, I have to apologize... I was supposed to be the harbinger of the Soft Gae, and yet I failed.

How am I supposed to live down the fact I left Housewife Aki out of this? A disgrace on my history as a QM, I'm so very sorry you had to endure my failings.
Alright, Aki needs to feel at least somewhat appreciated, and we just got a RES windfall, so using up a single point is ok, and if it makes us look like the perfect product of the school's policies, all the better to not give the guards a reason to be suspicious.

Switching my vote >>5668655
>[Aki] Pretend to 'clean', but get too carried away with the act, look into the nook's and crannies~ RES-1
and keeping the write-in
>Make sure to find a hidey-hole for your illegal stuff before they find you.
Also, supporting the question write-in here >>5668708

Not sure what I have to roll now. Keep the roll for the hiding the guns write-in, roll for the new main option and the questions write-in?
>Not sure what I have to roll now.
You can roll for the question write-in. You already got 47 on hide illegal stuff~

>Keep the roll for the hiding the guns write-in
The guns are left in the armory. You only have knife and pike.
The M4 carbine (officially Carbine, Caliber 5.56 mm, M4) is a 5.56×45mm NATO, gas-operated,[b] magazine-fed carbine developed in the United States during the 1980s. It is a shortened version of the M16A2 assault rifle.

Carbine, Caliber 5.56 mm, M4
PEO M4 Carbine RAS M68 CCO.png
Colt M4 carbine with RAS, M68 CCO
Assault rifle
Place of origin
United States
Service history
In service
Used by
See Users below
See Conflicts below
Production history
See Manufacturers below
Unit cost
$700 (avg. cost)[1]
No. built
Mark 18 Mod 0 CQBR
6.43 lb (2.92 kg) empty[4]
7.75 lb (3.52 kg) with 30 rounds and sling
33 in (838 mm) (stock extended)
29.75 in (756 mm) (stock retracted)
Barrel length
14.5 in (368 mm)
5.56×45mm NATO
5.56 mm (.223 in)
Gas-operated, closed rotating bolt, Stoner expanding gas
Rate of fire
700–950 round/min cyclic[5]
Muzzle velocity
2,970 ft/s (910 m/s) (M855A1 round)[6]
2,887 ft/s (880 m/s) (M855 round)

2,986 ft/s (910 m/s) (M193 round)
Effective firing range
500 m (550 yd)[7]
Feed system
30-round box magazine or other STANAG magazines.[a]
Iron sights or various optics
The M4 is extensively used by the United States Armed Forces, with decisions to largely replace the M16 rifle in United States Army (starting 2010) and United States Marine Corps (USMC) (starting 2016) combat units as the primary infantry weapon[9][10] and service rifle. The M4 has been adopted by over 60 countries worldwide,[11] and has been described as "one of the defining firearms of the 21st century".[12]

Since its adoption in 1994,[11] the M4 has undergone over 90 modifications to improve the weapon's ergonomics and modularity, including: the M4A1, which strengthened the barrel and removed the burst-fire option; the SOPMOD, an accessory kit containing optical attachments; and the underbarrel M203 grenade launcher.

In April 2022, the U.S. Army selected the SIG MCX Spear, designated the XM7, as the winner of the Next Generation Squad Weapon Program to replace the M16/M4.[13]
Following the adoption of the M16 rifle, carbine variants were also adopted for close quarters operations,[14] the first of which was the CAR-15 family of weapons, which was used in the Vietnam War.[15] However, these rifles had design issues, as the barrel length was halved to 10 inches (25 cm), which upset the ballistics, reducing its range and accuracy and leading to considerable muzzle flash and blast,[16] meaning that a large flash suppressor had to be fitted.[17]

In 1982, the U.S. Government requested Colt to make a carbine version of the M16A2. At the time, the Colt M16A2 was the Colt 645, also known as the M16A1E1. Later that year, the U.S. Army Armament Munitions Chemical Command helped Colt develop a new variant of the XM177E2, and the U.S. Army redesignated the XM177E2 to the XM4 Carbine, giving the name as the successor to the M3 carbine. The carbine used the same upper and lower receiver as the M16A1,[18] and fires the M855 cartridge along with the older M193 cartridges. In 1983, the 9th Infantry Division requested a Quick Reaction Program (QRP) for a 5.56mm carbine to replace the M1 carbine and M3 submachine gun in service.[19][16] The XM4 was tested by the Army's Armament Research and Development Center (ARDC) in June 1983. Later, the gun was updated with improved furniture, and a barrel with rifling of 1 turn in 7 inches (180 mm). The ARDC recommended additional commonality with the M16A2 rifle, as well as lengthening the barrel to 14.5 inches (370 mm).[18] In January 1984, the U.S. Army revised the QRP, and a month later, it formally approved development of the new carbine.[18]

In June 1985, the Picatinny Arsenal was given a contract to produce 40 prototypes of the XM4.[18] Initially a joint program between the Army and Marines, in 1986 the Army withdrew their funding. The XM4 was finished in 1987, and the Marines adopted 892 for that fiscal year, with the designation "carbine, 5.56mm, M4".[18] Owing to experience from the 1991 Gulf War, the Army gave Colt its first production contracts for M4 carbines in May and July 1993, and M4A1 carbines for United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) operators in February 1994.[20]
Interest in the M4 carbine was accelerated after the Battle of Mogadishu (1993), in which Rangers complained that their M16 rifles were "unwieldy", whereas members of Delta Force in the same battle, equipped with the CAR-15, had no such complaints.[21] The M4 carbine first saw action in the hands of U.S. troops deployed to Kosovo in 1999 in support of the NATO-led Kosovo Force.[22] It would subsequently be used heavily by U.S. forces during the war on terror, including in Operation Enduring Freedom and the Iraq War.[22] In the Army, the M4 had largely replaced M16A2s as the primary weapon of forward deployed personnel by 2005.[23] The M4 carbine also replaced most submachine guns and selected handguns in U.S. military service,[23] as it fires more effective rifle ammunition that offers superior stopping power and is better able to penetrate modern body armor.[22]

A 10th Special Forces Group soldier with an M4 carbine during an exercise in July 1995.

A U.S. Army 82nd Airborne soldier holds an M4 carbine in Vitina, Kosovo in January 2000 during the NATO-led KFOR mission, the first operational use of the M4 by U.S. troops.
In 2007, the USMC ordered its officers (up to the rank of lieutenant colonel) and staff non-commissioned officers to carry the M4 carbine instead of the M9 handgun.[24] This is in keeping with the Marine Corps doctrine, "Every Marine a rifleman." The Marine Corps, however, chose the full-sized M16A4 over the M4 as its standard infantry rifle. United States Navy corpsmen E5 and below are also issued M4s instead of the M9.[25] While ordinary riflemen in the Marine Corps were armed with M16A4s, M4s were fielded by troops in positions where a full-length rifle would be too bulky, including vehicle operators, fireteam and squad leaders. As of 2013, the U.S. Marine Corps had 80,000 M4 carbines in their inventory.[26][27]

By July 2015, major Marine Corps commands were endorsing switching to the M4 over the M16A4 as the standard infantry rifle, just as the Army had done. This is because of the carbine's lighter weight, compact length, and ability to address modern combat situations that happen mostly within close quarters; if a squad needs to engage at longer ranges, the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle can be used as a designated marksman rifle. Approval of the change would move the M16 to support personnel, while armories already had the 17,000 M4s in the inventory needed to outfit all infantrymen who needed one.[28] In October 2015, Commandant Robert Neller formally approved of making the M4 carbine the primary weapon for all infantry battalions, security forces, and supporting schools in the USMC. The switch was to be completed by September 2016.[29] In December 2017, the Marine Corps revealed a decision to equip every Marine in an infantry squad with the M27, replacing the M4 in that part of the service.[30] MARSOC will retain the M4, as its shorter barrel is more suited to how they operate in confined spaces.[31]
In 2009, the U.S. Army took complete ownership of the M4 design.[32] This allowed companies other than Colt to compete with their own M4 designs. The Army planned on fielding the last of its M4 requirement in 2010.[32] In October 2009, Army weapons officials proposed a series of changes to the M4 to Congress. Requested changes included an electronic round counter that records the number of shots fired, a heavier barrel, and possibly replacing the Stoner expanding gas system with a gas piston system.

The benefits of these changes, however, have come under scrutiny from both the military and civilian firearms community.[33][34] According to a PDF detailing the M4 Carbine improvement plans released by PEO Soldier, the direct impingement system would be replaced only after reviews were done comparing the direct impingement system to commercial gas piston operating system to find out and use the best available operating system in the U.S. Army's improved M4A1.[35]

In September 2010, the Army announced it would buy 12,000 M4A1s from Colt Firearms by the end of 2010, and would order 25,000 more M4A1s by early 2011. The service branch planned to buy 12,000 M4A1 conversion kits in early 2011. In late 2011, the Army bought 65,000 more conversion kits. From there the Army had to decide if it would upgrade all of its M4s.[36] In April 2012, the U.S. Army announced it would begin purchasing over 120,000 M4A1 carbines to start reequipping front line units from the original M4 to the new M4A1 version. The first 24,000 were to be made by Remington Arms Company. Remington was to produce the M4A1s from mid-2013 to mid-2014.[37] After completion of that contract, it was to be between Colt and Remington to produce over 100,000 more M4A1s for the U.S. Army. Because of efforts from Colt to sue the Army to force them not to use Remington to produce M4s, the Army reworked the original solicitation for new M4A1s to avoid legal issues from Colt.[38] On 16 November 2012, Colt's protest of Remington receiving the M4A1 production contract was dismissed.[39] Instead of the contract being re-awarded to Remington, the Army awarded the contract for 120,000 M4A1 carbines worth $77 million to FN Herstal on 22 February 2013.[40][41] The order was expected to be completed by 2018.[42]
Replacements for the M4 have mostly focused on two factors: improving its reliability, and its penetration.[43] The first attempt to find a replacement for the M4 came in 1986, with the Advanced Combat Rifle program, in which the caseless Heckler & Koch G11 and various flechette rifles were tested, but this was quickly dropped as these designs were mostly prototypes, which demonstrated a lack of reliability.[43] In the 1990s, the Objective Individual Combat Weapon competition was put forth to find a replacement for the M4. Two designs were produced, both by Heckler & Koch: the XM29 OICW, which incorporated a smart grenade launcher, but was canceled in 2004 as it was too heavy, and the XM8, which was canceled in 2005 as it did not offer significant enough improvements over the M4.[43]

The Heckler & Koch HK416 was introduced in 2005, incorporating the same lower receiver as the M4A1, but replacing its direct impingement system with a gas-operated rotating bolt, more comparable to that of the G36.[44] The HK416 was adopted by the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, and other special forces.[43] In 2010, it was adopted by the Marines as the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle.[45] The same year, the Rangers and Navy SEALs adopted the FN SCAR, but later withdrew their purchase, as it was not a significant enough improvement over the M4A1.[46]

SIG Sauer XM7, caliber 6.8×51mm (.277 in)
After the failure of the Individual Carbine program, the Next Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW) was started in 2017. The program aimed to replace the M4 Carbine and the M249 SAW with weapons that would compensate for their perceived deficiencies when fighting at longer ranges, as well as addressing concerns about the effectiveness of traditional 5.56x45mm ammunition against troops wearing body armor in a future peer or near-peer conflict. In order to achieve these goals, all weapon submissions were to be chambered in a new 6.8x51 mm caliber.

SIG Sauer, Textron Systems, FN Herstal, True Velocity (previously Lonestar Future Weapons and General Dynamics), and PCP Tactical took part in the program. Textron submitted a cased-telescoped (CT) ammunition-firing rifle for the program; FN Herstal submitted their HAMR IAR re-chambered in 6.8mm caliber; PCP Tactical submitted a modified Desert Tech MDRx; SIG Sauer submitted a redesigned MCX variant known as the MCX-SPEAR. In early 2022, the program concluded, with SIG Sauer being declared the winner. Their rifle entry was designated the XM5 (later changed to XM7), and their automatic rifle the XM250.[47] Operational testing and fielding are scheduled for 2024.
Lmao, that's actually a creative troll!

Might incorporate M4 somehow~
Rolled 67 (1d100)

Alright, rolling.

Doesn't look like the other Wuxian stuff I've seen floating around, so I'm thinking this is just someone using the name.
Huh, on mobile I couldn't see the name anyways. Well, whatever. Although, is Wuxian THAT popular in here? DESU Idk culture here at all...
Not sure either, he was old news when I joined. He was possibly the original QM for this quest, and apparently some anons believe many of the bait-y quests that have cropped up recently are his.
Oh gosh. Current vote split is so wild... I will wait for now: 1-3 hours. Remember to reply to OG post, ROLLS, and to have a good day~
Rolled 56, 30, 31 = 117 (3d100)

I switch my vote from >>5668706
to >>5668748
So three dice? One for Aki clean, two hide, and three for questions?

The M4 rant again? What is with the trolls today? This been going on for a bit
Basically another 3 d100s since its a new action wait not only 2 new dice rolls for the Aki choice and the questions. Since we both picked hide the stuff with the 60 roll.
[Aki] option is the Persona Option and is, therefore, guaranteed to succeed (at a cost) - doesn't need a roll. Only B-Man requires rolls as he is more of an outside help that enables more tools than a specialized persona.

>The M4 rant again?
It happens elsewhere too? Quite peculiar; I like it. Much more creative than the usual too.

Sorry guys, today I'm beat. I will write once I'm up and kicking again. Have a good night~
Yeah seen the rant at least two more times in all the thai shitposts popping up in QST for the past month.
Rolled 44, 81, 85, 98 = 308 (4d100)

Ohh? What's that~? (+10)
0-40: Dust 2: Housewife's Boogaloo (...)
41-79: ohh! SHINIE~ (1.)
80-99: Ah! A hidden stash! Secrets, oh! (2!)
100: Husband and Yui will be proud! (3~)

Annd, what should I; do with you~?
Surface Shinies: (+10)
> 1-40: Small gewgaw.
> 41-60: Relic from the past
> 61-80: Curious trinket.
> 81-100: Persona Item
Rolled 2 (1d2)

>Aby: 1
>Spirit: 2
File: The mess.jpg (362 KB, 960x720)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
>[Aki] Pretend to 'clean', but get too carried away with the act, look into the nook's and crannies~ [1; Spirit]
>Make sure to find a hidey-hole for your illegal stuff before they find you. [57]
>Guards: Are you guys here to help with cleaning? Alex: where did you get a maid outfit, from a drama club? [77]

The hallway boomed with the bickering of the slowly advancing group. On occasion, they stopped and one of them would yell the exasperated 'Miss Nakamura, the Principal expects you', or casual 'hellooo? Any Aki over here?'. Surely, they haven't seen you yet. But they will. They check the classrooms and they head your way - you have to act.

Maybe an ambush? No. A little excessive; you aren't on your own accord anymore - you are the last thing Se-young has, you can't throw it away on a whim.

Similarly, hiding will get you reported to the 'authorities', and that can't be good either.

Guess all that's left is to lean into the role Jaq wrote for you... but first, you have to hide the evidence. You dash inside the abandoned classroom and check the large cabinets at its back - they offer just enough space to hide everything, including your weapons, that could get you in trouble.

There was something else through - cloths, a duster, dustpan, and a remnant of some unnamed cleaning chemical. Perfect.

Grabbing your disguise, you listen to see what progress the group has made. Guards and Alex are getting closer. Maybe a classroom away, but they started yelling at one another again.

You tentatively sweep the floor with a broom and- oh. The dust is nearly stuck.

Disgusted, you scour the whole classroom - the deluge of dust covers everything, someone knocked over the chairs, the black board is full of graffiti and there is gum all over the tables... Such disorder! Annoyance wells within you, but then you see stains; someone spilled something and left it to rot... Unforgivable!

Then something snaps completely.

In a heartbeat you drop dead to the floor, spraying vividly with the detergent and mopping fervently any imperfection. Yet, for every stain and layer, a new one appeared. You have so much work to do, and so little time! What would people think if they saw such an insult to good taste?

When you adjust the tables and chairs to archive the perfect symmetry, you sport a pair of sturdy boots; a part of you is content, but as you are right now, you wail in horror - who would wear such distasteful abhorrence? The colors are off! Brown? Savage! And where are the heels? Ugh, you yeet them back near your stash and get back to your duty.

Your moans of extertion and wiping permate the messy room.

"Alright, that's enough..."

Genocide of germs...! *Wipe*

"...Hey! Do you hear me? Just let me have her!"

..and imperfections! *Wipe*

"Hey~! Don't interrupt the maiden!"

...Die and be silent, mess! *Wipe* *Wipe*

"We waited long enough!"

...in the name of *Wipe* Love~ *Wipe* *Wipe*

"Okay, okay... But, just look at her! Look at her go!... Okay." RES-1
Suddenly a pair of hands grabs you the armpits and yanks you into the air. With a shocked gasp you look at your captors.

The one holding you limply in the air is the brunette girl from before, if memory serves you right, her name is Leonie and at the door stands the masked guard.

You might have gotten a little distracted. That was weird.

Leonie looks you over with gleaming, blue eyes. "Hello cutie! Woah! So light!" She shakes you a little and glances at her comrade excitedly. "Just look at her! *Hah.* SO CUTE~" She coos starstruck.

"Stop that, it took us long enough...And it's a living being, not a toy."

Far from letting you go, she starts to spin around with you still in the air. "Can I keep her~? Can WE keep her? The barracks could use such a cutie! It's so dour and messy in here these days! She's just perfect! *Hah* PERFECT!"

"You want to keep her? Better get in line... Also, with our 'salary'?" The other jokes? albeit in a serious way.

A little afraid of falling... And a little nauseous, you keep to your role. "A-a-are y-you heeeere to h-heeelp cleaning?" You squeak with as much honey you can muster, still floating limply.

Yet, it only makes the girl more excited. The spinning, shakes, poking, and questionable nuzzles continue until the other guard forces you down and scolds her.


Soon, all of you leave the half-clean classroom. Since you already know why, you ignore it when they explain themselves, and you look over to Alex who evidently tries to ignore you. Heh.

Once you are moving towards the office, you lean in to Alex. "Where did you get that maid outfit, in drama club?"

For a moment he evidently thinks of a witty reply, but then gets all tomato-red and stammers: "I, well, madam, I... Well, the girls... You see...eh, And... dorm, And then, they... Eh... I don't want it!... I'm busy!"

That didn't help much...

You want to continue, when he turns away and loudly proclaims to the masked guard. "A-as you *cough* can see, Mistress Jaqueline was right! The school failed to include the needs of it's diverse students. Madam Aki, being Japanese, is culturally predisposed to relieve stress by cleaning. She broke the rules and left the dorm, yes, but she was rised this way, and did everything she could to benefit everyone with her particularity. If the school desires to bring equality it needs to alter laws that discriminate against some, meanwhile favouring others. Madam Aki is blameless, if not outright deserving of a reward! It's the blind, heartless system that oppresses her!" He clears his throat. "That's why students should have more power in deciding policy, including internal planning and organization. This is the message of Mistress Jaqueline to the headmaster!"

The masked guard scoffs. "Don't get ahead of yourself, kid..."

"We understand." The guard girl says, then starts walking undisturbed.

Without looking at you, Alex states. "You will have to deliver it, Aki." Then hands you a letter... Great job, Jaq.
After the ardent speech - completely not undermined by him wearing a maid outfit - Alex went quiet and avoided eye contact once more. Seems like Jaq pulled some strings, but this time it clearly saved you from consequences... Wonder if you CAN not deliver the letter right now.

Using the silence as an invitation, Leonie closed the gap and yanks you to the side.

With a wolfish grin she hooks your arm with hers, then hispers into your ear. "Sorry for interrupting back there, but orders are orders. Anyways, my name is Leonie. I'm a lovely guard stationed near your dorm. It's a lovely dorm too, like you!"

Feigning ignorance, you demurely answer. "Nice to meet you, Leonie... My name is Aki."

Closing in on you - she clearly doesn't know what personal space is - she hugs you and pinches your cheek. "You are such a cutie, Aki! What would you say about... Assisting me during work when you have time? You know, 'usual' guard stuff... Closer to nightime?" She tightens her grip on your waist. "Being such a good girl, you would looove it with us~"

Sudden yell breaks her focus. "Hey! Get back here! No familiarizing with students!"

Sizing the opportunity, you slip from her grasp. "I will think about it..." Then you skip back to still aloof Alex.

Returning with joyus gait, Leonie whispers as she passes next to you. "The barracks at night. Only at night~" You feel a light smack at your pocket. Another paper.

Once she meets up with the other guard, she says aloud. "It's a good time to get the maid home." Alex hides his face. "Let's split. I can *handle* Aki alone. Such a good, *impressionable* girl won't cause problems, right?" She smiles right back at you, and the other guard shrugs reluctantly.

"I see what you are playing, but I don't know if I want to get her involved..."

"It's time to use the perks of being the arm of the law." She grins, her eyes checking you out with blatant honesty. "...And be the rules. Say, girl, I bet you don't wanna visit that hag, I believe I could arrange you 'skipping' so to say. Just follow me for tonight."

"In truth, I would rather her go to the headteacher alone... It will get us in trouble." Mutters the other guard, but doesn't push.

It seems the disguise backfired. But there is no reason to panic, right? Independent of all they said, they seem trusting enough to send you alone...

> Go alone. You were there before.
> Go alone somewhere else (where?) (1d100 DC70)
> Insist Leonie to go with you... Talk about the guards. NOTHING else. (1d100 DC50)
> Avoid the Headteacher. Let Leonie have you for 'tonight'.
> [Aki] Avoid the Headteacher. Have Leonie 'have you' for tonight~ RES-2
> Insist the other guard go with you, and ask about the guards. (1d100)
> Insist you all go together. Talk to Alex (1d100)
> Write in!

The letter... Is it even a question?

> Deliver the letter, as Jaq probably wants...
> Keep the letter. Gotta ask Jaq herself what to do.

Any questions? For whom?

> Write in!
>Doesn't look like the other Wuxian stuff I've seen floating around
Yeah, the weapon autism is someone stealing my name. I use a tripcode when I'm posting with the name Wuxian.
Spirit Unlocked!
> [Sprt] options
> +10 RES
Current RES: 59+10=69... Woah. I did not plan this number. It's a good number, but since day 3 the RES will be droppin' like flies~
Also, you now negated most - not all - of school's influences on you... For now.

FFS forgot to post it.
Rolled 5, 51, 56 = 112 (3d100)

> Insist Leonie to go with you... Talk about the guards. NOTHING else. (1d100 DC50)
Well we got in with Leonie and getting to know their patrol routes would be good for future movements.

> Deliver the letter, as Jaq probably wants...
Fine she covered for us, we can cover for her letter as an equal exchange.

Questions >write in!
So how's the work, does patrolling get lonely? Is there a school clothing store for those great uniforms? Are those boots comfy? Any senpais you look up too?

Leonie trusts us since we used Aki so she would be more willing to drop ger guard for questions. Jaq while I hate her she did us a solid for giving us a cover story. For the questions we can get their patrol composition, learn if they make trips to the outside to get clothing, and sempais will give us an idea on who to headhunt first if we go for an assassination plot to weaken coordination.
NGL I would rather have at least 2 votes :/

Will wait till tomorrow
Rolled 84, 94, 85, 73 = 336 (4d100)

>"You want to keep her? Better get in line... Also, with our 'salary'?"
I don't want to say I called it, but...

I'll support everything, and try to help with the dice.

Honestly, Leonie is good potential asset. I mean, getting inside the guards' barracks, my oh my the potential for mischief~!
Now, we probably would need to clarify just what her intentions are with Yui, and mostly with Aki...maybe we could ask that as well?
I'll roll 4d100, since I'm not sure if the write-ins will need one and we need to roll for RES, right?
>Rolled 84, 94, 85, 73 (+10)
Calm down over here~

>we need to roll for RES
No need. It's only needed when 'C' options are present!

>we probably would need to clarify just what her intentions are with Yui, and mostly with Aki...maybe we could ask that as well?
If you write it as a...
>Write in(eg. >Question: What do you want form X?)
Whoops, saw the Aki option and thought "yeah she won't back off without a good roll".
Might as well use that last roll for that write-in, then?

Amending my vote to properly include:
>Write-in: "Innocently" ask what Leonie would like to have Aki over for. Does her area of the barracks need a proper cleaning, does she want help decorating? Going the slightly obsessive and "pure" route seems to be working out so far.
Rolled 93 (1d100)

Rolling Principal's awareness (first sighting, tired) [DC:95]
Holy shit that was close! Waaay to close than I would like... Well, another day - another banger.
I'm dead tired. Tmrw 2 exams, after that one more much more difficult. Sorry, I will try to update tomorrow.
Its okay QM AKI we all got those busy weeks.

muh god we almost game ended right then and there

RES rolls fuck I keep forgetting since I am bouncing around multiple quest dice mechanics and work on the side.

+1 Have Aki ask innocently if the barracks need cleaning too.
Aki: "I am a pure girl with no alternative motives like looking for a wife or be someone's wife for the night!"
Aby: "Gas them all in their sleep, take their keys, find keycards, let the bodies hit the floor."
Yui: "It is scary when both personalities want the same goal."
B-man: It's nice to see a system working together! Good for us, bad for the enemy, so goes the saying. When everyone pulls together in roughly the same direction, that's when the real fun starts~!

Good luck QM!
File: The Guard Work.jpg (64 KB, 800x569)
64 KB
> Insist Leonie to go with you... Talk about the guards. NOTHING else. (DC50: 94 Great SUCCESS!)
> Deliver the letter, as Jaq probably wants...
> Ask about work, uniforms, senpais [104!]
> "Innocently" ask what Leonie would like to have Aki over for. [95]

At the next crossroads your cordon finally splits. Surprisingly, the guards set out to escort Alex back, leaving you alone with instructions how to reach the principal's office. Somehow they trust you more than Alex... But being alone is not exactly what you want - not now.

Channeling your inner Femsona - a surprisingly difficult task for some reason - you prance and grasp Leonie's arm. "Please! Stay with me! Don't leave me alone!" You cry, desperately clinging to her waist.

Both guards share 'glances' meanwhile Alex stares in shock... But quickly smiles knowingly and says "Miss Nakamura clearly needs protection, and its unbecoming to ignore a lady in need."

"...A maid would know, right?" Jabs the masked guard making Alex squirm.

Leonie meanwhile looks... distressed, but quickly clears her throat and forces a smile. "T-tis a woman's shame to ignore a maiden's's advances... Right?" She laughs awkwardly.

Ignoring her remark, the other guard tenses. "Great, she trusts you... Prove you still have human dignity." To which Leonie winces and looks at you. You smile~


Soon with your royal knightess in tow you advance to the Demon's lair. Surprisingly, her previously borderline predatory behavior changed to one more like today morning. With her safeguarding you, with side glances and checkups. It kinda makes you feel important and, weirdly, safe - given she can, and WILL, gun you down if you give her a reason to...

...But its not why you taken her. She seems like a gulible asset, and you don't want to waste that chance. Trying your hardest to sound as sweet and pure as you can, you lightly nudge her. "Ms. Guard, I would love to hear more about you... How is it in the guard?"

For a moment she stays deep in deep in thought, but then she smiles and hooks you into a bear hug. "Curious ain't we, cutie?" She says genially, but still on lookout.

The rest are formalities. With simple praises and cute noises you prompt her in the directions you want her to. Soon she bemoans how her work for the guard is nothing but bashing kids, keeping the foreigners at bay and, ever since yesterday, moving back-crushing amounts of containers around the area. Surprisingly, Leonie considers the monsters 'Boogeymen'.

As you get ever nearer you praise her gear, to which she says it's the mandatory, uncomfortable armor found in the barracks. She doesn't recommend. Noted...

Hugging her tighter, you whisper "Any senpais~?" At which she cringes, but goes on a tangent about how her higher-ups got relocated a short while ago due to 'scandals' and left the system inflexible and inefficient. But nobody, including her, seeks to do anything about it as it 'obfuscates their abuses' and 'is a convenient excuse'. Eh?
File: Principal's office.jpg (76 KB, 900x512)
76 KB
Walking through the empty hallways, you try to squeeze your questions in between Leonie's tangents, completely speaking past you, it's flustrating. At least it allows you to focus on the security, or lack of thereof. Must be what Leonie said about the inefficiency.

Increasingly tired of her useless chatter you tug at the hem of her jacket, snapping her back to reality. Promptly she scours the area worried, but then looks back. "What is it, cutie?" She asks, affectionately tugging your cheek.

With puppy eyes you mumble through her tugging. "Ws. Gward, why exwctly yow wawted we for towight?"

With your proximity you feel her heart rate rising and she goes pale. "I... I..." She hesitates and stops her affections.

"Did you *hah* want me to clean for you or to help you decorating?" Your innocuous question seems to terrify her and she breaks the hug you both kept for the whole journey.

Frowning, she says solemnly. "You girls don't judge, right? No, not anymore..."

In the blink of an eye your guardian singlehandedly tuckles and pins you to the old wall. Free hand grabs your chin and forces you to meet her stern, sapphire eyes. "Your cuteness seduced me, Aki. I wanted nothing more than to abuse you. To exploit your trust and tarnish your innocence while laughing at the shattered efforts of the authorities! But why you dolls trust so easily?!"

You flop to the ground when she lets you go, utterly shocked by her sudden outburst. Uncertainly, she grabs your hand and forces you upright. "Eh, so pathetic to get emotional over a mere doll... go, girl, the hag's office is right behind the corner. And never come to the barracks after midnight..."

When you finally stand straight by yourself Leonie storms away leaving you alone in the dim light of evening hours. "What doll...?" You mutter confused, but get moving nonetheless. There will be a better time for it all... Better not to anger Ms. Müller anymore, lest you might just learn all to quickly.


Still a little dazed from the frist close encounter with a guard, you arrive at your destination. The unassuming Birchwood doors at the end of the hallways, guarded by two guards with mashine pistols, stood menacingly still. A small plaque confirmed your worries.

With no other way but forward you pass the idle guards and knock at the office's doors. After a few moments, a mature, distinctly feminine voice beckons you to enter.

The doors open without a squeak and reveal the damnable office. However, things have changed since your last visit mere days ago. Although, a lot have changed in general. The previously neatly arranged bookshelves covering that seem merged with the walls now host dozens of haphazard papers stacks like those in Omnia's backroom. Haphazardly you look up, thankfully nothing seems intent on bonking you in here. The celling orrery - previously static, now slowly spinning to the beat of inside metallic cogs. The office somehow gave off a grandiose, monumental vibe.
File: Ms. Müller.jpg (10 KB, 190x266)
10 KB
Sudden voice remind you of why you are here in the first place - Ms. Müller's summons. "We are glad you have arrived, Miss Nakamura."

There, behind half-moon shaped desk sits the oversized overseer of your miseries. "Please, have a sit." She says calmly and points at the seat. "It's unfortunate we have to meet in such circumstances again, but you were forewarned it might be the case."

Warily, you take a sit, and Ms. Müller continues. "Today, when we found out you left your room we were very worried. As you know, such behavior is frowned upon by the school. I understand that-"

You rise your hand furtively, and the principal nods. Emboldened, you say "I believe I'm discrimated against." and Ms. Müller nods once more. You repeat Jaq's script provided to you by Alex and hand out the letter, which she reluctantly takes. Wonder what will be it's consequences...

"Your request will be inquired into. Know that you are a very brave girl for trying to bring upon justice, rather than staying silent." Adjusting her glasses, she begins checking you over. From the state of your unform to your hands, chest... neck- as your pulse rises, she yawns. "Oh, so very sorry. We are working day and night preparing for the coming days."

Then she begins her questions, at first nothing unexpected - Se-young. Once you deny you know anything Ms. Müller says. "Se-young is still so very young and brazen, and its for the best she's found quickly. There are people deeply worried about her disappearance, including her family."

After reassuring her you don't know anything, she changes gears and asks. "The semester is soon coming to a close, how did you enjoy it here? Know that out facility priorities students' well being, for this reason, please, strictly adhere to the rules in the coming days. The Graduation is coming, and it would be a shame if foundations of our cooperation had to change after all this time."

Worried what she means, you ignore her question and try asking, but she waves you away and says. "Tomorrow it will become clear, dear." Then she dismisses you.

Confused and not any less anxious you leave the solar-system inspired office and pass the guards. All in all, It didn't go all that badly. You got bombarded with information and are getting tired, and it's approaching midnight. Worst of all, you still need to improve compartmentalization for Ms. Brüngger's assignment.

So what's the plan? (+10)

> 'C': Its getting late, go back to your dorm and go to sleep early.
> Find your illegal stuff back, then sleep.
> Return to the dorm and talk with Jaq about her plan. (1d100 DC80)
> Return to your dorm and talk with Alex about the maid ordeal. (1d100 DC40)
> Return to your dorm and play with Cat Don Fluffles.
> Search for Leonie. (1d100 DC60)
> Visit the barracks after midnight...
> Write in!

If sleep: Assignment? (Mostly fluff)

> Add: Family yacht
> Add: Small Hotel in need of waitress'
> Add: Safari truck
> Add: Working sewage system...
> write in!
Small thing about write ins:
> They are limited to TWO
And write them individually
> Ask X, Y, Z (roll)
> Ask X (roll)
> Ask Y (roll)

Pick those you consider to be the most important~

High RES thing:
> When RES is high, it becomes tougher to perform your Femsona, due to the fact you have to act, meanwhile lower RES means you don't really need to act... Ofc it all impact narrative voice

Also, just a reminder. Compulsion is present, so RES roll is valuable.
Rolled 47, 12 = 59 (2d100)

> Return to the dorm and talk with Jaq about her plan. (1d100 DC80)
Rolled 22, 75 = 97 (2d100)

Well that happened. Stuff I noticed:
>Leonie's motives are definitely not pure, but she is a well of information, the lack of security info is a boon.
>The whole "guards running their own show and maybe making a cutie or two disappear" definitely reminds me of the Repurposing Center again. It also means that there is yet another interested party, meaning yet another way out of Muller's plans. Though they will almost certainly be dangerous, and might turn out even worse...
>The barracks may have body armor and machine pistols just...lying around? Also, we'll need to check and compare the caliber of bullets the machine pistols use and the armor. Is the caliber high enough to pierce, or not. That will inform our strategy for a more violent escape, and also whether we should bother getting a suit of armor of our own.
>Muller's plans are steaming along, and we have days to figure out a plan.
>More importantly, Muller or someone else might start noticing that while we seem to now be a proper "good girl" mentally, we might not be coming along physically. That would raise some very, very uncomfortable questions about that special HRT we're supposed to be taking...

So, actions!
>> Return to your dorm and talk with Alex about the maid ordeal. (1d100 DC40)
Jaq's DC is too high, even with the +10. I know I've been getting good rolls, but who knows what failure could cause. Maybe whatever is coming tomorrow will cause her to be more open with it?
>Add: Small Hotel in need of a waitress, that turns into a red-district bar at night. Customers aren't allowed to touch the staff unless said staff agrees to it, obviously.
Aki deserves some love and a reward. Also, she needs to understand that she can be a good girl without being taken advantage of. I'm not giving up on getting through to her that she would be better off outside of this place so she can be herself, not what others think she should be. It's a fine line to walk, but I'm optimistic she'll understand what consent is eventually~!
>Yatch: Yui/Aby
>Hotel: Aki
>Safari Truck: Spirit
>Sewage system: B-Man?

On the one hand, ouch. On the other hand How would you know this?! References aside, not entirely inaccurate, especially considering the most-likely-kinky club/bar we're about to build over it.

Also, I saw your post in the qtg. Honestly, not sure. The main problem is that at this point every player, yourself included, has a mask-shaped lever they can pull to affect Yui, beyond votes. How do we handle these with potential new players? Any more masks and I will really start worrying for poor Yui's sanity. A system fighting itself is never good for the base personality, or the body it inhabits.
To be fair, most of what we do is fluff. And sorry to say, from experience quests don't get that many new players on a third consecutive thread. Also, the shadow of both this quest's original QM and the numerous bait quests being made may drive away anons before they even click on the new thread...
Do what you can, and what your busy schedule lets you do, QM. And good luck!
>Yatch: Yui/Aby
>Hotel: Aki
>Safari Truck: Spirit
>Sewage system: B-Man?
Actually, my intent of this attempt is to bring the gang together, but feel free to add anything you want~

>Stuff I noticed:
>The barracks may have body armor and machine pistols just...lying around?
Come on, they don't just 'lie around'. They are mostly held in personal stashes.
>Leonie's motives are definitely not pure.
Oh, come on, does it really count if it's with a Doll? ...No matter the answer, strong enough sensation wipes away the guilt anyway.

> To be fair, most of what we do is fluff
Actually, each character has a use that will prove helpful, if not crucial, coming tomorrow. First two days were about establishing connections so you can make conscious choices when the school will start making it's moves. The limb you are still to meet is Nat, but otherwise it's fine.

>Also, the shadow of both this quest's original QM and the numerous bait quests being made may drive away anons
I'm aware. I myself am pretty sceptical of any quests of that kind now, so I can't even imagine casuals.

For some reason I'm being hunted by visions of a fanfiction where a lonely waitress Aki hunts down the dirt on all others and blackmails them to serve alongside her as waitresses in lewd, frilly skirts. Including B-Man. No escape.

Dunno why I'm saying it; just leaving it there.
File: Spoiler Image (73 KB, 500x517)
73 KB
Yeah, and this being 4chan, despite the very different atmosphere, also doesn't help. I'd check it out, but many others would pass it over at a glance, and everyone here has been burned before by a quest they got interested in flaking less than five posts in.

>For some reason I'm being hunted by visions of a fanfiction where a lonely waitress Aki hunts down the dirt on all others and blackmails them to serve alongside her as waitresses in lewd, frilly skirts. Including B-Man. No escape.
That's probably the plot of some obscure anime/hentai. But really...you know what, I'll just use a meme format, be right back.

Alright, here you go, another shitpost.
Yes, it's canon, yes they're cute, and yes, Aki would get along very well with them.
> Yui outside [RES68]: "I will, without fail, escape this nightmare or bring it down with me!"
> Yui inside: *countless lewd femboy noises*

>That's probably the plot of some obscure anime/hentai.
Gotta do research to see whether I'm not being plagiarized~

Will start writing when any of the options gains advantage. So far 1 to 1.
Rolled 27, 82, 31 = 140 (3d100)

> Return to your dorm and talk with Alex about the maid ordeal. (1d100 DC40)
Yoo man where you got those sick treads.

>Add: Small Hotel in need of a waitress, that turns into a red-district bar at night. Customers aren't allowed to touch the staff unless said staff agrees to it, obviously.
Yeah I'll bite Aki helped us cover up the maid story and got us valuable info about Leoni and guard details. We will need her for the coming RES rolls the school will start pumping out against Yui.

Rolling for RES roll
Well at the very least we don't have to worry about new masks coming in and slamming Yui's sanity. Any new anons can see the thread and ignore it or join in when they realize yo this QM is not flaking. If anything just the four of us can keep the quest focused and finished at a good past for new game+.
What if this is Aki's grand plan of giving us a false sense of control when in reality, she is grooming us to become the best maid?! Such advance manipulations from the puppet master making us dance to her tune. Dance puppet dance!
File: s-l1600.jpg (63 KB, 1000x800)
63 KB
>>Safari Truck: Spirit
All along Spirit was just an Aussie.
File: Nothing to see here...jpg (126 KB, 850x1383)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>I'm not giving up on getting through to her
>What if this is Aki's grand plan of giving us a false sense of control when in reality, she is grooming us to become the best maid?!
"Whoever fights housewives should look into it that they themselves don't become a housewife. And if you don the gown long enough, the gown dons you back~" - Aki, The Gae Science, §69.
File: C.R awaits his time...jpg (40 KB, 681x900)
40 KB
Rolled 65 + 68 (1d100 + 68)

Rolling CR... For some reason. Not like it can defeat 75 with RES68, but... Curiosity~

Voting closed!
Rolled 82 (1d100)

Rolling awareness (average intelligence, - tired) [DC:65]
I will update today. Or I will die. Victorus aut Mortis.
File: New Hotel.jpg (112 KB, 800x608)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Return to your dorm and talk with Alex about the maid ordeal. [DC40:37 Close FAILURE]
>Add: Small Hotel in need of a waitress, that turns into a red-district bar at night.
>Awareness check: SUCCESS!

Uneven clacks of your loafers play a lazy tune along the desolate, shadow-stained hallways. The nights in this place belong among the horror movies, and yet you can hardly bring yourself to care. Tired from the day's events and constant - now familiar - sense of danger tugging at the back of your mind, you fumble back towards your dorm. If what Ms. Müller said is true it's crucial that you get all the rest possible.

As the creaks of the floor and occasional flickers of light become routine, you try and imagine yourself at your beach... Time is precious, and you might as well do something about that assignment. Who knows, maybe it will make braving this darkened labyrinth bearable? Slowly, you close your sleepy eyes, letting instinct carry you.

Soon the sounds of your steps drift away, slowly giving way to the gentle hum of the waves; planked floor becomes loose as your now bare feet sink into the still warm sand. When you open your eyes you thread through the night-vailed beach. Your beach and your stars above it. Letting go of relived sigh, you look over it's vast emptiness... In a way, Ms. Brüngger was right, it could use some more work.

After some time, you get the idea. The beach is desolate, and away from civilization - just like you. If you want to truly escape, it needs to change. It needs Humanity. Soon, at the dune among the palm trees appears a series of small, colorful buildings. A hotel complex. Artificial lights brighten the interior with warmth of... Civilization. One day you will reach it.

Sometimes, as you walk towards the new additions to your collection, a silhouette passes through the window. Soon there are two - one running and passing swiftly after another in a chase. They must be having fun... Albeit a rational part of you seems to demur fiercely. It also seems to run.

As you get approach the doors to one of the buildings the lights inside turn a lively pink color, soon to be obscured by the dropping curtains... The same part now seems to wail in horror. Huh.

Reaching for the doorknob you start opening the doors when suddenly a slightly masculine voice booms from behind you. "Stellar business opportunity, isn't it?"

Surprised, you pivot around. Yet, as you do...

...you are back in the dingy hallways of your cage called School. And you aren't alone. From where you expected the voice before is now a pair of a blonde guard woman and another masked guard telling you to scamper back home. In assent, you use your remaining strength and dash back... Oh, you are already at your dorm.

Yet, before you enter there is one thing that seems quite peculiar. Looking back at the patrolling guards slowly marching away you see a pattern coming up. All the guards you've seen up to this point were either women, or wore riot masks..?
File: Good night, Alex!.jpg (71 KB, 300x535)
71 KB
Whatever the deal with guards you are to tired to mull it over now. Thankfully they all seem aware why you were where you were, so you avoided problems easily.

With dorm's doors right there you take the last step and conclusively seal the journey as eventless. You open the doors with a metallic squeak of familiar, slightly rusted hinges and clamber inside.

Thankfully, inside is peaceful if not serene - with Alex fiddling with his pijamas near the impromptu mirror, and Jaq... Submerged beneath her sheets once again, with only her gleeful face emerging from the confines. Her sheets are the comfy ones, unlike yours, which are rough and itchy... Anyway, It really feels like a deja Vu from this morning.

Tired, you murmur. "Hello..." And close the doors behind you.

"Welcome home, madam. I presume the meeting went well, and the letter delivered successfully?" Alex greets you, then does a curtsey in welcome. You look at him quizzically, at which he jolts and gets back to the mirror.

"It went okay and I delivered Jaq's letter too."

Jaq fidgets in her sheets making the bed creak. You look her way and she coos lazily. "Thank you, Aki. You are a real friend, I don't know what I would do without you... Consider yourself kissed. *Kiss*" She blows a tired kiss, then shuts her eyes with content smile.

It would be a good idea to press her on what you actually helped her with... But, on the other hand, she always was guarded about those subjects. Discarding she looks dead tired on top of it all. "And thanks for covering for me."

Without opening her eyes she mumbles from her comfy sheet tortilla. "We will... Tomorrow..." Then yawns and seemingly falls asleep on the spot.

That leaves you and Alex. It might be for the better. "So, Alex, what was the deal with-"

"Please, be quiet. Mistress Jaqueline rests." He whispers and looks away again. "...besides it's something I'm not comfortable yet, I'm sorry Madam."

For sometime you tiredly try to press him to telling you, but each time he repels your requests and eventually chides in. "Please, consider it a secret, like the one what happened in the Black Market..."

Confused, you scratch your head. "Black market? You mean- oh... Fair." Dismissing the subject with a muffled cough you let Alex off the hook, who goes back to his bed.

Content, he genially whispers. "Thank you for your consideration, madam. Good night."

Completely exhausted, even the previous enthusiasm barely keeps you standing. Seeing Jaq all touseld in her comfy sheet burrito and quietly snoring doesn't help at all.

With a yawn you get ready to sleep, when something catches your eye. In the very corner of the room rests a small structure - two planks nailed into an 'L' shape lie supported by the walls. With the wall performing the role of both its back and side. Inside this enigmatic magnum opus lies a star-spangled creature - sparsely resembling a cat, Cat Don Fluffles. Their empty, white eyes gaze into your soul blankly, then they get up...
With no strength left to do anything you just stare as the creature... Your Cat?... Nuzzles your feet expectantly then stands and leans on you for support. Quite frankly, with every second keeping your eyes open becomes a ever more daunting task, and reading Their intentions is beyond questioning.

With a step back you and leave The Cat to fall. Then grasp the inhumane, ichy material of your School provided sheets and ruefully look back at The Cat who scampered near your bed and sits patiently.

With the remnants of your consciousness left you see Jaq's content, evily mocking smile as she savors her imported duvets. Then there is Alex calmly lying on his own. Did Jaq supplied him? It's too dark to see exactly, but she might...

Even Se-young lives with VIPs. Can you have nice things for once too? It's a matter of life and death. (Finishes the day, and the thread(or not...). The grand choice... Probably.)

> 'C': Flop to the floor. Beds are overrated.
> No. Sleep in your bed alone with the usual cursed duvets.
> No. At least hug The Cat to ease suffering.
> [Sprt] Cold is meaningless. Sleep without the sheets and endure the icy embrace of the world.
> Yes, you deserve it... Steal Jaq's duvet.
> Yes, you deserve it... Hug the tucked in Jaq.
> Possibly? Alex is understanding... Check his duvet?
> Put Cat Don Fluffles on some else's bed. Just cause. Then suffer the ichy embrace in your bed.(Whose?)
> Write in!
Victoria est in aeternum...
File: Objective truth found.jpg (133 KB, 640x612)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
In the spirit of commemoration I wish all the Highly RESisting Bois(or girls(male)) a good night~

(Optional) Any advice? Anything that was meh or Yeah? Any findings or revelations before the new thread?

>Write in!

And, most importantly, which is your favorite word to describe a phenomena of a cute, feminine boy?

> Femboy
> Femboi
> Girl(male)
> Trap
> 'Girl'
> PrancingLaLaHomoMan
> Write in~!
FFS. Too tired, forgot to add - all 'YES' and 'Probably' need 1d100...
Rolled 39, 60 = 99 (2d100)

> 'C': Flop to the floor. Beds are overrated.
Embrace a safe C as we cannot steal from our roommates and can't move the Don for the Don decides where to go.

>Things before new thread.
We should probably begin setting up weapon stashes for ourselves top side in case we get discovered or need to make a breakout. So far we got enough RES to tank several psychic attacks for the coming days until we break open the deeper bunker.

It is the vanilla word and the oldest one I learned when I first got on the internet.
Rolled 34, 98 = 132 (2d100)

> No. At least hug The Cat to ease suffering.
> PrancingLaLaHomoMan
Might want to use a spell checker: mashine, tuckles, and vailed. Time to time reading the sentences you wrote it felt like you were missing stuff like 'the', 'a', or 'her' at the beginning of a sentence.
>Free hand grabs your chin and forces you to meet her stern, sapphire eyes.
Could really use
>'Her' free hand grabs your chin and forces you to meet her stern, sapphire eyes.
for a better sentence flow. Maybe try reading what was written outloud.
>Could really use
Thank you! I will try! If it's not too much I hope you could bitchslap me if I commit it again... I don't mind. Hehe~

Any criticism is especially valuable. Initially I was, and still am, paranoid I would normalise bad writing habits in my ignorance. So seeing things pointed out is a relief.

Also, did I improve with the '...' as you said before? I tried to cut it as much as I thought it didn't convey intended internal hesitation, but I might still be wrong.
I think you still need to cut down. It's fine just having a single period or just having not using that. Otherwise everyone in this school is just always trailing off their sentences and thoughts. Just count how many '...' you have in this last update and tell me that it is not too much. 24
Or do what you do here:
>"Please, be quiet. Mistress Jaqueline rests." He whispers and looks away again. "...besides it's something I'm not comfortable yet, I'm sorry Madam."
>"Please, be quiet. Mistress Jaqueline rests." He whispers and looks away again. "Besides it's something I'm not comfortable yet, I'm sorry, Madam."
That's a natural break with an action between, also remember commas. Could also just use em-dashes or punctuate pauses in sentence with periods like. This. Way. Of. Doing. It.
File: Ready and able!.jpg (127 KB, 738x1036)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Understood, sir! Time to fight some poor habits~

To decimate list:
> '...'
> Sentence flow
>we got enough RES
It's difficult to put in words how much gae this high RES prevents. That's some heavy lifting.

Also, I'm not sure as I was keeping it a secret to be revealed once something particular happens, but we kind of missed it. I think I should explain how I calculate RES's and Corruption's impact on Yui - It could make losing RES more intimidating/'Fun' and clear with its effects, but duh, you and Yui remain ignorant to the logic of the school's 'magic'.
Such a tough decision.
>> No. At least hug The Cat to ease suffering.
Tomorrow's going to be another long, possibly shitty day. We need as much quality sleep as we can get, and the floor's not gonna cut it.
> Trap
It's what I started with. At this point there isn't even a negative connotation in my mind.

Beyond that, Yui finally going to sleep means another shot at chatting with B-man. We're two spots from dropping so I won't do it here. Also, did someone archive the thread yet? I say it's worth it, and it deserves a spot in the archive.

"Stellar business opportunity, isn't it?"
Unironically a great business opportunity.

Honestly if that was you including B-Man, it's in character, if only because it's someone else's catchphrase rubbing out on him.

Speaking of masks, I was toying with the idea of having B-Man give out a mission, get into that shadowy dealer/Faustian Devil game, you know? Pretty hard task in exchange for something Yui needs.

Overall, a pretty good thread QM. Glad we're making steps to get Aki on board and somewhat pulling the right way.

Your choice. I see RES as a shield. So long as it's up, it'll stop a part of the school's effects, but anything less than 100 will start letting some leak through.
And I'm totally expecting the school itself to be having an effect. The whole building's anomalous seven ways to Sunday. Hard to tell what caused it. Could be concentrated suffering or another emotion from old CIA experiments seeping into the walls, something older, or something alien. Possibly several thing stacked on top of each other, with the school's backers deciding to use it because it does what they want to people, even if it's the psychic equivalent of of an abandoned deep mine in the side of Mt Vesuvius safety-wise. That's absolutely something most governments or gov agencies with a three letter acronym would do.
>Also, did someone archive the thread yet?
Pardon the - possibly stupid - question, but... What does that mean? Doesn't it save automatically?

>Honestly if that was you including B-Man
It was. I intended to show him as being 'cool' with the developments, but in a roundabout way.

>Pretty hard task in exchange for something Yui needs.

But a little spoiler so that you won't waste time. Tomorrow stuff changes. CHANGES. Time will become THE resource, with you having to pick your battles carefully, with too many things to do and too little time, meanwhile balancing the risks.

A difficult quest would be amazing BUT it would be most useful if it in someway necesited a sacrifice of time. Maybe across several different hours- morning, midday, late night.
I think it would be greatest if you waited for when the time comes and I can announce all changes in detail. It should be around~ 2-4 updates.

>Your choice.
I've made it.

>I see RES as a shield.
It's not really a spoiler since I already said it. Also, great shot.

There is RES and there is School Corruption, RES is your personal resistance, but School Corruption is global, and influences everyone - including you. Both of them have impacts on you (how? *Shrugs*) but the quest doesn't end if you reach negative RES... It does if you reach 100% corruption, and RES can't save you if your will is gone completely. School Corruption is a much more pressing stat - with much more severe symptoms than RES.

Will try to start writing, but I'm so tired due to travel today... I might post the new thread tomorrow. But hopefully I will manage today.
It will be archived on stuff like archived.moe.
But there's a special archive called suptg with a tag system, and dedicated to tg and qst threads. It also only contains the thread people thought were worthwhile, and even has a voting system.
There's instructions on the page to add a new thread. I can do it if you want, but it's better for you, since there's a description section, and you know that better than us.

Yeah, time and risk would be involved. I'll have B-Man give the "quest" next thread, we're about to be archived on here.
File: Straight into archive~.jpg (104 KB, 850x749)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Alright, I will look into it!
Does anyone has any idea how to name it better?

"Paranormal Crossdressing School" sounds... Meh. Waay Too literal.

Also, sorry I will won't be able to make the new thread today. Will do tomorrow. Sorry~!

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