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**Game 6 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

>Updates will be every Tuesday and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a war requires an action, but subsequent battles are free
>Game starts after a bronze age collapse, and includes magic
>Rushing, meta-gaming, & otherwise unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
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455 KB PNG
> Action 1&2 - Expand
With no pressing matters the ahmose expand north towards the Friendship Wall filling in the land.

Anything left over from this expansion and the 2nd expansion go south through the fertile grasslands which shall serve as place for new fields one day. The territorial integrity of the Cyclops shall be respected. (give them their own 2-tile border like you did in diplo I guess) and albeit the Ahmose consider them an idependant natio, Ahmose armies shall protect them if an outside power attempts to invade. (1 because they are big muscle fren, 2 because we don't want a nation evil enough to invade us bordering them)

A joyful surprise in the southern expanse is the discovery of penguins. Hoyful cure creatures which chirp like sparrows while being as big as cat and no less fluffy than one. Though they also seem to swim well. They have short strong beaks which they use to feed on crabs and oysters.
*addendum Ship Movement
Move the navy as far north as possible. Fluffwise i will treat that as only happening next turn though. Might as well get a head start on the journey.

If not allowed, move it to where my southern border extends too.

*Army Movement

The southern army shall move south-east


> Learn Avor (perhaps a language used by hunters?)
> Expand toward the west from the Temple of Diane
> Recall the army to Safehole (crossing through region 30?)

The Oaks have returned with much tidings of the wider world. To the west lay a vast mountain range, terminated with a massive wall greater than anything the Dirkin have ever dreamed of. Of much greater consternation though is the appearance of another people, these Avor who ride on horses and bears of all things.

Tales of horsemen immediately triggers dread of Stanna, that the god of horses has returned to finish what he started long ago, but the Oaks seem unconcerned even as worried gossip spreads throughout Safehole. Indeed, even between discussions of raising the walls higher and stockpiling provisions the conversation turns to less concerning matters. The Havas disciples wonder about metals and stones, Tepas-kin ask about clothes and gems, mothers and maidens both make inquiries about the looks and muscle tone of these horse riders. Oaks not present demand details of how the strangers hunt, the nature of their bows, and how one uses a horse to hunt.

The council of Mudspeakers meets long into the night, discussing what these new people mean for the future of the Dirkin. By morning it is decided, the Dirkin will expand to the west, staying north of a line stretching from the head of the southern river to the start of the great wall. Whether these Avor represent a threat or a partner only time will tell, but whether for defense or trade the Dirkin must be present to do anything at all.
>Action 1 - Silver Blade Magic
Dak-yo returns, and with him, a fiery Avornian wife. Her wit and tongue match his skill with his weapons, and as an Artist, he cannot help but appreciate that. Still, it seems the task to woo her remains unfinished, and so he dedicates himself to that wholly.
In typical Artist fashion, however, he has little empathy for others, and so seeks to better himself, reasoning that he need only become even more powerful, do even greater feats, to capture her heart. With new swords, silver beat into twisting filigree along the edge, he practises the meditations that allowed him to connect to closely with his usual sword.

>Action 2 - Expand North-east.
The army of the previous King, Hak-yun, has returned to Prospith, equally committed to mourning their fallen liege and celebrating (however tentatively) the rise of his successor. News of his great hunting endeavors, along with the massive skull of the beast he returned with, has silenced the loudest of grumblers over his legitimacy. His infrequent duels, issued by idiotic cousins, reinforced his supremacy, as none of the soldiers have seen such skill with the sword before.
Still, he promised them a temple to their fallen King, and with news of his desire to subdue his wayward cousins once and for all, they are hesitant to throw their lot in with him. That is, until he escorts them to the planned site of the construction, and shows the burgeoning groundwork that will soon become the grand monument.
"Why would I need money!? I can simply take what I want, forever and always!"
~ Chin-hwa, Butcher Acolyte, dead at 19, fighting over stolen copper rings.
>Lost Sons of Karn
>Action 1
>The Strength of the Karnites (army improvement)

With their ample lead, a new weapon is made. A pointed heavy ball of lead (think a football). Young boys of Karn's blood first play with the 'sho-ha' in childhood, seeing who can toss it the furthest and closest to their target. However these simple toys become deadly in the hands of grown men. The well rounded diet of the Karnites, rich with meat, helps fuel their strength in throwing the sho-ha, either by hand or with sling.

Those haughty Shalatim of Amuninig, marching about in their bronze armor and spears. Let them eat their peasants gruel of only grain. The Sons of Karn mock them with our cooking fires, and the celebrations of the strongest warrior giving his warcries from the top of the fort after being proven the best in the days training with the sho-ha. We can not deny Yanhavas has blessed bronze to be hardier than our copper, but our copper spears, axes, and lead rimmed shields have not failed us yet; and a man's bones shatters all the same be it copper or bronze wrapped around him when hit with the sho-ha.

>Action 2
> Western Ambitions
In the Savanna on the east side of the river, a port and fort are constructed, to guard our western flank by land and by sea.
Addition: Navy engages Waddanian Navy on our doorstep!
RP-Fluff - Dak-yo takes the army on a tour of the Kingdom, squashing the last of the rebels.
After dealing with the interloping Odithian hunters, who had the audacity to curse a member of Yavapori after receiving charitable gifts, Icemind Ra'Prisha makes what may be her last decree as her health fails her. She orders the Yavapori to find this state, meet its people, and escort members of the Mareev to open diplomatic communications with them. These "Mud People", as the Yavs have taken to calling them, should be understood more thoroughly.

1. As Icemind Ra'Prisha feels the draw of her divine ancestors, and the heat leave her body, she orders that the Aiyavokeen have fine beer brewed in it, reserved for the warriors of the Yavapori. This brew shall have Yavitov's blessing, and by it the Yavapori shall be possessed of yet fiery spirits even as death draws near to them.

2. Meanwhile the Mareev begin to attempt to brew a kind of ale which will grant the drinker an opening of their mind, a drink for wise men and doctors and those given to more mental talents. A significantly less potent version is distributed from Markalinaroki to the common people who can afford it, but the best is reserved for themselves.

The Empress Ariaios, icon of lust and sin, is curled up bare on her throne in an empty court, eating dates fed to her by a fleshwork homunculus she has affectionately named Jer'ri, a visceral scaffold of bone with slabs of musculature stretched overtop into a vaguely humanoid form. Crude, but surprisingly effective. She has been there for many days in a depressive slump, ever since her manic perversions reached a crescendo and sent her tumbling down. The tower is near empty save for the occasional guard or cleaner, the Empress not quite sure when that happened, somewhere in the datura induced haze she entered recently and only just came out of. Flashes of depraved acts even she regrets flit through her mind, oh how she hurt him... but the perversion of hurting someone so close to her, how could she resist? Who was he, anyway?

It seems that while she had lounged on her throne summer had rolled in, and seeing the Empress distracted, the entire court (including the ageing peasant empress who was oft referred to as Meris, who Ariaios had only recently learnt originally went by "Saraa") had slipped out to Tor Loric to get away from her before she came to her senses.
Ariaios rises from her throne and streaks through the halls, the past several years of damage from constant revelry really having done a number on the finery. Her extended family live in fear of her and for good reason given she has ravished each of them, courtiers pay lip service to her beauty yet attempt to avoid her at every turn, faking smiles at all her games, and now they've all left her alone. Well no longer. It is summertime under the chains of the maiden, Ariaios is going where the party is.

Before she leaves, she orders a new minting of coins, the face of the old Emperor finally replaced with the face of the Empress as well as a new denomination of currency, rectangular flat bars displaying the glory of Ariaios, made from copper, silver or gold and used for large transactions. One of her few sensible suggestions for currency reform.
Ariaios departs Sulduphan for Loric, arriving in a pearlescent dress of white and purple datura petals with the Emperors Bident balanced between her fingers, taking stock of the people of this summertime city. A new and unsullied playground still in love with their false peasant empress, perfect. Ariaios will capture the hearts of these people, give unto them a summer of beachside fun they have never dreamed of.
Action 1: Build The Temple of Ariaios at Tor Loric
Ariaios has arrived and will make her presence known. Tor Loric is once again booming as the summer heat has driven those of affluence to the waterside. With the arrival of the Empress as well it seems Calandorra will be governed from here for the time being. A grand temple to the Empress will be established from which she may rule surrounded by her courtiers and lesser priestesses of her cult. The temple is great and ambitious, perhaps too ambitious, its front facade displays a great fresco of Ariaios, as well as Ariaios and Ariaios, looking on as Ariaios makes love with Ariaios. It is a prideful and vain piece of art. The interior is lavishly decorated as is necessary for it to perform the dual roles of administrative centre and temple, though clearly caught between the two dissimilar duties of imposing regal court and whorehouse.
She hopes it will serve as a beacon of profane lust to offend her rival Aios greatly and claim the city for her cult. Tor Sulduphan is mighty and great, but the grip of the Lanthorns pantheonic temple there is steadfast and unyielding. Tor Loric on the other hand is a young waterfront city, mouldable, and with no sizable temple.
Ariaios hopes this temple may shape the local culture for generations to come, raising a new and adoring populace of scantily clad teases and handsy cads. Then, surely, she will be loved?

Action 2: Horse taming
The once great and mighty steeds of Calandorra have reverted to mongrel breeds with the local wild horses, how depressing. In time however they might be restored, the beginning of such attempts is to occur immediately. With such a massed transport of people between cities the need for horses is evident, people to treat and ride them are nearly as high in demand. It occurs that at the beginning of Ariaios summer quest to win the hearts of the people of Calandorra horses are once again tamed by the Dorran people, mostly used to carry them between their two cities. Efforts are made to corral, tame and house these wild beasts, payments authorised by the Lanthorn and the noble house Shayla for each capture. The return of horses is met immediately with joy from the adherents of Stania and Meris, as one might expect.
File: NRP6 Turn 9.png (14 KB, 277x415)
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>An upcoming test of Astral Projection.
The Vardyger doesn't travel as much as he used to, his age has caught up with him, and now it's he who gets visited. Still, he can make this work, and so he arranges for a grand feast, in one month's time. Every clan, be it Landwight or Seawight, great or small, shall have an elder attend, and each bring a gift. His influence has been waning somewhat, with the growing skepticism toward his precognition and the Seawights growing distant. This feast will be a test of his precognition, because if he can tell what each gift is before they are revealed, while they have taken special precaution to prevent any spy from finding out, they will not have an answer for how he did it other than precognition.

>Action 1: Astral Projection, the Hrafnlaun, inner circle of raven shamans.
The Vardyger has delved into the astral realm with purpose, even before sending the invitations he has been making astral visits to the clans. He has also been training carefully selected shamans to fly across the astral skies with him, chief of which is his heir. Together they form the Raven Conclave, the Hrafnlaun, and their first order of business is to spy upon all the various clans, coroberate their visions, and prepare for the event to come, the great feast.

>Action 2: Build port at the Colourful Isle, and Fishery northeast of the port.
The Seawights have found new shores to make port at, not only secluded from the mainland, but rich in trees and with an exotic resource ripe for the plucking. The warmer waters also make good fishing, pretty much the perfect spot for their new home. Of course building it up will take time, requiring all new arrivals to come by boat, making it expensive, but a port quickly gets setup and fishing towns emerge on the Colourful Isle. It's a good start.

>Navy movement: Explore further on the archipelago.
While the Seawights make their stay at the Colourful Isle, the Sverre Geirrmann fleet continues exploring around the islands, to see if any similar discoveries can be made. So they sweep through the archipelago.
File: Turn.png (200 KB, 771x829)
200 KB
200 KB PNG

>Action 1: Reclaim the Peninsula
Although our eastward expedition found no ruins or signs of continued habitation, they also found no signs of current inhabitants - which is quite a relief, after the voyages west found contact with the ugly and impiously-pious Ireechi and savage uncivilised brutes in the further north. But though the head of the peninsula stands empty of settlement, some of our more diligent historians have started to teach that these were once Waddan lands. It is therefore only right that we reclaim them for our people and claim them as part of the league, granting land rights to those willing to make the journey and seek for themselves new horizons along the skiereilân shore.

>Action 2: Peninsula Port and Farm
A port is to be established in Beninga bay, so that the lands of this peninsular head may be connected to the Waddanian heart through the voyaging of fleets and free captains; and these first settlers will establish for themselves new farming communities in the peninsular north to feed themselves and the incoming.

>1st Navy and Army:
A Naval fleet cannot explore land alone. And so the first Fleet is tasked with a return to the new and empty land, bringing with them the men and material of the Waddanian regiment.

>2nd Navy
In the far north, horns blow from both sides as tricksy, treacherous barbarians meet our diplomatic signals with unprovoked aggression and cowardly ambush the brave captain Jelckama as he tries to make greeting. Reform the fleet, turn to bring our prows to their flanks and break them! Send them down to Tamath and Volos, and if we are here victorious here then set Yigan's gifts upon the yards that spawned these wretched curs!
a wall once stood in our way, Now, a new world has been opened to us, and the place for a new home made.. but at what cost, teh outlands of teh khanate were.. fragile. now it is time we work the woods and steppe.. now we advance our ways, the City of Khans pass would not be established just yet, not enough support structure laid that far from the capital.. but soon enough,, they would have it.

The Avor beast masters would also drive the growing sleuth of bears from their allied lands to somewhere more comfortable within their borders.

Action 1
Prospecting: Particularly more east, but ill leave that up to the QM

Action 2
Copper Mine *near the Wall*

Farmland near the wall. as well.. acting as support for the walls garison,

Lore Blurb.

While only somewhat slower than the Horses, Avor Bear Cavalry made spectacular defensive troops and shock cavalry.. soon training would commense to have these two facets work together like an oiled machine, but for now. they simply interacted as a predator and prey species would.. with teh avor keeping them in check best they could,
>Both my actions are going into building.
Ocena surges across the waves, spreading ever forward on to distant shores. Our long flung brothers and sisters can not be neglected, for to do so would hinder our quest in uncovering the world's knowledge. In order to sustain the fledgling city of Fumatri.

>Build a farm
The fields are lush, and soil fertile, but the fruits it bares are not enough to sustain our budding empire. The earth is struck, the earth is tilled, and fresh seeds laid to rest in the dirt's embrace. Soon, fresh produce will spring forth, and the city will blossom.

>Build lumberyard
Yet what good is food without shelter? What good is a home without protection? Lumber can offer us answers to both, thus we shall start lumberyard on these shores, so that the locals may lay the foundations for greater works.

>Build a port
Speaking of greater works, there is a higher purpose for this young city to achieve. One it cannot reach alone. A port will be put into place here, so that we may make roads of the oceans, and connect Fumatri to the wider Ocena. May wealth, and above all knowledge, travel freely here.

>Build a tabaco plantation.
And for all of this work we must offer worthy recompense for those who make it so. Fortunately the land has a strange gift that will undoubtedly please the people. Tabaco, they call it. A strange, smelly, some even say disgusting thing. But enjoyable, if not profitable at the least. Let us tame this flora, and make it our own.

Navy actions:
1 - continues its journey West along the southern coast
2 - Having found and earmarked a clutter of islands, it eagerly returns to Fumatri to report its findings.
3 - The crew continue to sail North West.
>army movement: send the armies north
The raiding bands are ordered forth guard our holdings- we must reach the edge of that mountain, or else… who knows what might lie beyond? All remember our pathetic origins. None wish to live them again.

>improve the city (its been a turn, suffer)
With the bands gone, finally it is time- for more growth! It is rather funny, is it not? As all things do, the Gathering despises emptiness, and it is with almost spiteful determination that they set to work to fill and expand the increasingly horrid shanty-city.
It is… beautiful, in a disgusting sort of way. Like how a hive of bees is beautiful, if incomprehensible

>prospect the south
Ah, the idyllic lands beyond our borders, beyond the churning mines, fertile lands!
Who knows what riches might lie beneath?
Lore: After the news of the trade with barbarians reaches the nobles a new law is quickly passed to ban the trade of tin and bronze of any kind to to outsiders.

1. News of the holy lake can not be ignored, especially after the confirmation by a genuine priest. Men flock to the lake and those who seek tabs settle between to make rest stops. (Expand to the lake)
2. To the peacock men, as agreed, materials and aid will be sent to create a farming village for them to settle and provide food and feathers.

In the west the start of a temple to Tuvolos will begin near the lake. The first layer will also be the hardest as the floor will be made to be an obsidian mirror, bound together with copper and ground to be smooth and not cut the feet. The back of the temple will follow the curvature of the lake. The stone will be black granite and light will be sparse to keep the rooms dark.
>Action 1: Rhinoceroses [Uhh harvesting]
The savannah has become the home to yet another large beast, with more Ivory, no less! The process of cajoling these animals into a more controlled area is not too dissimilar to what we have done before with the elephants, though these ones are significantly less friendly, if such a feat were possible.

>Action 2: Altering Destiny [Magic]
Rumors spread from the east of yet another foreign tribe, though this one appears to be more advanced than the desert savages - perhaps even more advanced than ourselves.
However we have not yet garnered the courage to face them on their own land. Perhaps we could intervene on the cosmic scale, and influence a group of these men to visit our home first, in a baggage train laden with gifts, eager to know about their new neighbors.
> Lore - Writing - Sadiq's Torch - Part 1
(Addressing the Crowd) I speak to a broken crowd - one filled with minds twisted on hatred in the false belief that this is love. You have been blessed with a love that is as great as it is undeserved and so loved are you that he has written it into your very flesh: "You are loved; For you, I have moved mountains." Gaze upon yourself and see the truth. For where you have known the scars of debt, I have seen the smear of a mother's kiss.
Where upon your skin you have seen the parchment of harsh law, I have seen the papers of kindling; For your spirit is a flame, one which has been passed down to you from the first who learned to love, one which was not designed to be extinguished. Of what use is the torch which will not ignite its cloth? Tell me of what use is a fire which burns itself fully before its meal can be made warm. I do not say these things to disarm you in your faith, rather my gospel is contrary to this notion entirely. Rather, I tell you that you have been made in the image of the Relay torch, rich with embers, and shaped by a loving creator within an ornate frame such that no dark wind nor damning storm can prevent this purpose...

>Action 1 - Navy - Create the Voyager
There are troubles abroad, and where there is evil, the Irreechi are sure to follow. Although largely designed after Waddian ships, the Irreechi prioritize a larger ship that can better carry many men and their supplies over long voyages.

>Action 2 - Army - Create the Zealots
Moral obfuscation has allowed the commander to create peace in Abraam, but this peace is shaky at best - wholly dependent on the delivery of an embittered woman and the sacrifices of her peers. While the Homeguard stands in defense - expectant of treachery or disorder - a new force is to be mustered in Esavine.
Whereas Akel's forces are known to be the crushing fist of The Order - guided by his cold and calculating nature, - it is hoped that the Zealots, a force under the command of Jalisat Sadiq may be nation's gentle touch. These forces as well as their leader are foremost selected for their innate wisdom, and only secondarily for their might. As a journeying force, the team will need to be adaptable, compassionate, and most of all - experts in the faith.
Action 1: Study Alchemy. The practice of alchemy is an extension of laudation religious practices. Everything in the material world is derived from the gods in someway and it is up to the alchemist to derive the metaphysical truth of a substance and allow it to be incorporated into a person, if temporarily. This sublimation allows a man to transcend their mortal nature for a moment to accomplish a specific divine feat. Sadly many secrets have been lost in the calamity and there are many who fake enlightenment to earn a few scales. Fortunately Koson has a true excess of wealth at his disposal that can be used to patronize legitimate experimentation.

Action 2: Teach Uru-Anu the Nemish language. Vorinth has firmly established relations between Nemosa and Uru-Anu. Allowing significant settling in their port for the purposes of trade. The laudations ensure that their tongue is well known to expedite the trade and exchange of ideas.

Army: continue exploration

Navy: sail northwest.

Godwine: Live out the story of Suryan to ensure something is found (maybe also reroll if a region was previously empty?). Orlon has shown himself blessed by discovering what he did. Gaining the king's favor he is given the godwine to continue his mission. This is the same story Koson himself would have done, but as a priest of Suryan it is from his perspective. Orlon will go around the island completing divine tasks and be rewarded with treasures from his adventures and where he would stray the sisters will guide him back to the best path.

Uru-Anu Trade: 1 myrrh for 1 opium, scholar collaboration (mainly being aware of one another's advancements), importing glass for architecture and alchemical supplies.
> 1st action: Prospect
Explore the plains to the east and search for new ores.

> 2nd action: Research
Continue researching glass
The Namosi departed as quickly as they arrived with a scholar to aid them in their journey.

As the last of the ships departed over the horizon a new Expedition would be prepared and sent with more supplies than the last to survey the lands due west of the myrrh Groves to search for new veins of ore to mine.

In regards to glass it seems to have attached some intrigue from the Namosian captain when he visited the workshop that was making it.The glassblower an elderly gentleman certain that the people from these far off lands and perhaps the Scholars to started experimenting with the glass together with his sons who where apprentice Smith's by trade.
File: Jannah 3.jpg (436 KB, 2048x2048)
436 KB
436 KB JPG
>Turn 10
Action 1:
Akat the blacksmith was bent over his forge when the young princess stormed in. She held forward her spear, broken at the socket.
“Akat! You call this fine forgery? I cannot throw this without it splintering.”
“Jannah, forgive me. This is the best I can offer you, the best spear in all of Tarnia. But mere mortal metals cannot match divinity. Surely you can understand that?”
“Then I shall teach you the secret of the divine metal, the gilded material which trims Hamsa’s sky-chariot as he wheels it across the heavens.”
And so it was that the Tarns were taught to forge bronze.
>Alloying Technology/Invention of Bronze
>Hail Jannah, daughter of Arana, mistress of the Holy Forge. From your bosom spills forth gifts of green and gold. May your grace be honored by our work today, may your blessings channel sweetly through our fingers

Action 2: Prospecting
Such a miraculous discovery cannot be shared with others, nor can a holy material such as this be forever dependent on another land for its production. As such, a directive is set forth to begin prospecting the lands for a source of tin. Tin comes from the Ahmosi, so it makes the most sense to begin prospecting from the south and moving north.
>Prospect southern regions

>Free Action: Army Moves North
Tensions with the Ahmose having cooled for the moment, the Tarnish Army begins to move north, aiming to station themselves at the burial mounds in anticipation of the forthcoming Ocenian expedition.
File: map9.png (861 KB, 2047x2151)
861 KB
861 KB PNG
2nd Chains, 2nd PAC

Vast jungle which separates the lake of the east and the Passage to Tuvolos in the west is brought into the fold. Such efforts reveal the Karnites have similar ambitions and that they are not the only powers here.
The Peacock men are an oddity, but an oddity that seems happy to work the fields and offer their feathers as part of their taxes. As birdfolk flock west, priests and labourers bustle north for the grand project the High Lord has planned around the lake. Monopods, foremost experts in the quarrying of obsidian after long turns as miners, are tasked with the great task of cutting the largest possible slabs for the construction of an enormous polished mirror which will serve as the floor of the temple to Tuvolos around his portal in the north.

Filling out of the borders is the work of the tyrn, north to the foot of the Friendship Wall and south to encompass other friends for their protection. No doubt they will prove a useful ally in this turbulent world. A third friend joins the Ahmosi from the coasts too, little bundles of feathery wonderment, though they seem resolute to stay close to the water.
Parhuami crewed ships head north reaching the edge of Tarnic waters, whilst the scouting army continues south to discover a small number of tanned scholars studying a wide shallow hole in the ground.
[NM] The priests do not know how it has happened, but during the night his divine majesty has died. With his death a new fruit grows upon the Deitree, or perhaps because of it.

Prospectors receive mixed directions but decide that recency of orders should take precedence and so head west. They soon turn in their reports of silver and lead in the separate dry plains, and also of a hitherto unknown but extremely well preserved complex of temples dedicated to some crocodilian god or group of gods.
The glassmakers meanwhile are hard at work improving their craft, having impressed the Namosi who landed on their shores and hoping to further impress the peoples of Vatua with their talents. They begin to work glass thinner than previously dared, grinding the sand finer to make a clearer product, and melting glass onto an open reed & blowing through it to make a bubble of glass which can be further manipulated.

Prospectors are sent out far across the Khanate once again, and though one of the four teams returns empty handed, the millet-valley team return with useful salt samples and the wall-coast team bring back samples of gold. The northern team however does not come back from the mountainous forests. Inhuman howls in the night have their families worried.
The Walls having now been surmounted, it is time to think of what to do with them. Plans have floated for many a tyrn of transforming them not into a walled city, but a wall city, and that is going to require food and materials.
[>CK] With much pomp the bear-mounted Avor drive the remaining sleuth from the outskirts of Prospith into forests nearer the horde.
Having met the Avor at the Walls, the Dirkin cannot help but feel some camaraderie with them in their efforts to conquer the ancient monument. A feeling not held by the priesthood, who worry of prophecy and legacy in equal measure. However there are some who would learn from the men of the Khanate, which requires the scholarly work of translation, something the Dirkin are becoming rather fond of as it happens. Perhaps the concern of the priestesses is what drives them to sponsor expansions west from their own hefty pockets, bringing a swath of pleasant meadow into the country.
The army returns to Safehole and on the way spy a small number of Avor on a hunt. A few are men they had seen some nights before at the wall but when greeted are rather more cold than they had been that happy evening. They seem suspicious, talKing quietly amongst themselves, urging that they are only out hunting and the Dirkin should continue on home.

Nothing spurs men to action more than women, this the King knows to be true now more than ever. His new bride is like wild fire to his heart and lightning to his loins, but there is wooing that must be done before she can be bedded. To it Dak-yo turns to his sword dancing, hoping to enliven the performance with new magic. Silver has begun to enter the market so the King has the purest of it brought from the mines to the palace for his own works. Well, the work of the smiths in his employ. As they hammer and draw silver into filigree over his adoptive father's blade, he enjoys a royal progress around his Kingdom to crush the spirits of those who would oppose him. When he returns to his palace, he is straight to the workshops to retrieve his precious sword, worked all over with silver, at once as he hefts it he notices how light it feels. First he is furious, threatening to slay the thieving smiths for the scandalous shaving of a holy relic! but they are quick to exclaim that nearly a full pound of silver has been worked over the sword, were it filed down there would be little sword left! Moreover, the smiths show that for them it is still a great weight, difficult to hold aloft let alone swing with the grace of his majesty. It is in this that the King realises the power of silver.
Men of the army loyal to Hak-yun and tentatively also to Dak-yo follow in the heavy footsteps of the Avor & their ursine cavalry into the Field of Red. Finding it not yet staked with horse pastures and millet fields, it is safe to say their ally has yet to claim it for themselves leaving it free for the Khlomosans to. As the King establishes where he is to lay the foundations for the temple he has promised, so-called "Bear-Widows", wives to the cousins who failed to hunt the beasts now ridden by Khansmen, take it upon themselves to establish homesteads north of the river, stumbling upon the most curious thing; A door, carved into the side of the mountain. Word is kept hushed however until the King has finished his progress around the country.
A goddess deserves not only her Sulduphan palace, where any number of divines may seat their heavenly behinds, but a temple of her own, one in a city not yet fully; corrupted seems such a harsh word; Influenced by her presence. While she's at it, why bother with the expense of a new design, when the pantheonic temple plan has sufficed for many generations so far, that wealth is better spent on frescos and rose quartz to tile the floors anyway, and those grey granite pillars are so claustrophobic, a forest of shapely yellow sandstone is more fitting: Like the pale thighs of a hundred dancing girls. Of course water works will be needed, for obvious symbolic reasons, oh and gauze curtains that blow mysteriously in the breeze too...
As her divine majesty indulges herself with the erecting of her temple, the shocked people of Tor Loric set about on a more appropriate venture for the city who birthed the dowager Empress Meris, that of returning the horses from their wild state to domestic servitude. The tyrn long effort is rewarded with far more joy and fanfare than the completion of the temple to Ariaios, though only the foolish celebrate openly within earshot of the reigning Empress, who in her spite flares the wanton nature of stallions & mares so that all of Calandorra knows that taming is not domestication.

Filling empty streets and then piling additional hovels over them must be the Chitterers' favourite- no that's thieving- the Chitterers' second favourite- no that's wanton murder- the Chitterer's third favourite pastime.
Though ordered south, the Letterchewers are ignored by the horde. Why go south? There's nothing there but nothing! No one to stab, no one to steal from, no one to copulate with, why it might as well be open ocean for all they care! What they return with from the lands surrounding their homes and victims are chunks of vivid red ore which stains everything it touches, orange fleshy fruits with a single large stone-pip, and gemstones that sparkle more than anything any of them have ever seen, like stars fallen from the sky even. [Apricots & Diamonds]
The army however do as they're told, mostly. They fan north into the wide stretching forest, spying the outlying regions of some pathetic squatters.
With so much activity however, bellies start to rumble. If things don't improve, Fast!, there's going to be trouble.
On Ra'Prisha's orders, the Yavapori makes south through the flat savannah in search of the Mud People, avoiding the Dithian "hunters" who skirt the coast to return home.
Her majesty's life draws closer to the end and with it the fire in her blood begins to cool. Though it is not a Hellish afterlife, she fears her soul is to return to the realm of Markala, for she has devoted her life & reign to Yavitov. In the temple built by her command she instructs loyal priests to ferment a brew that will reinvigorate her very soul, imbuing it with the fire of the great god himself. The priests of the Aiyavakeen work diligently to produce such a beer, but with no new ingredients being brought into the Gathering, they begin to try something new. Copper vessels and tubes are ordered from the forge and a strange contraption powered by fire constructed. Into it is poured the finest brew they have yet made and through the power of his flame what drips from the tap is a thin amber liquid with the power of wildfire. At the sight of this new brew's creation, Markalin's own brew appears on an altar within the Aiyavakeen.
The Mareev meanwhile work on their own concoction, one which opens the mind, using the leaves from the miracle berry plantations they control as a milder & less sweet flavouring. It of course has the same effect of any magical draught, the tiredness & general haze the day after, but with the added downside of having thought everything you said the night before was the most profound insightful knowledge anyone has ever heard.

The Siege of Edion halts once again, with a shaky agreement of peace awaiting approval from the Abraamites. The peasantry are allowed to return to the fields, including those Irreechi now claim, to feed themselves but what has been taken will not be returned. The commander of the army waits impatiently for the handover of heathen priests to finalise the peace contract. In order to complete works ordered by the Pactbroker, the army seizes their lumber camp, only increasing tensions.
Waddans are regarded as a mixed blessing by the Order, they had brought news that more than Irreechi survived the cataclysm, though also that the savagery of said cataclysm has yet to come to an end. They are an inspiration for their wide travels and the ships the travel in, and a warning that there are souls still to save, thus the fleet nicknamed the Voyager is built.
The sight of armed men can be one of two things; A fist come to crush you, or the open & reassuring arms of the ruling powers. The Homeguard standing watch over Edion is the former, the new Zealots patrolling Esavine are (intended to be) very much the latter.

The surly grey brutes are even more hassle than the elephants, though with the hero Boreos' help they are subdued in due time. His mastery of these beasts only increases his acclaim, and with it his ego.
>LC cont.
The Weavers of the Odithians have heard tales of people with skin of shining metal in the far east over dune & plain, and set their looms to put these rumours to rest. They shall shuttle a new prophecy, that these men of the east shall travel to Kirisfut with a cart of goods and lay them down as gifts to the Odithians. While their work is fine, their methods are crude, the plucking of the warp of fate discordant in the infancy of their magics. A great sandstorm engulfs the divide, which blears the eyes and confuses the footfall. At tyrns end, a laden cart guarded by men with bodies covered over with scratched but still gleaming bronze stumbles past the elephant enclosure desperate for water. [IC thread]

Though the idea of alchemy has remained in the minds of the magic inclined public, its practice has been lost since the cataclysm with what remains being peddled by charlatans and village wise women (but I repeat myself). From what can be pieced together from the scattered remnants of oral tradition & ancient texts is that a difficult to formulate Base made of pricey ingredients is required for any potion which is to be quaffed. Immediately This Base is, as discovered through costly trial, fatal error, and more than one night of raucous partying by young apprentices (and a number of elderly priests & scholars who should know better) with the Base's ingredients. The first of these is strong wine, boiled with honey to make a syrup, followed by milk of the poppy (hence the parties), then with pulverised silver (though gold is preferred), and lastly a drop or two of royal blood (which Koson is not happy with, until second cousins seems to be appropriately "royal"). Done away with from their studies are notions that ingredients must be collected under this moon or that, or that a certain star must be in the nth epoch for the Base to be perfectly balanced.
[>AU] A trade deal is agreed between the Captain of the Laudation Fleet and the scholars of Uru-Anu for the intoxicants of the other that each may study them, but such an agreement was hard won, for it required the tyrn-long stay of a number of Lauds in the warm lands of the south to teach the Uati enough Nemish that the deal could be both understood by the Uati and considered valid by the hawkish merchants back in Nemosa. Now comes the hard task of figuring out a shipping route.
The east winds drive the fleet into the waters of another new peoples, ones covered over in bronze with skin as dark as midnight.
[NM] A priest is sent out from Yarr to meet Orlon as he crosses the river into the vast farms. In his pack he carries an innocuous sealed clay jar which contains within it a cup of Godwine. He delivers the jar to Orlon along with a missive form his majesty the Potentate that he is to down the cup and on the journey he subsequently takes re-enact the tales of Asur. Doing as he is told, he marches west along the coast, encountering a tribe that he sees very differently from his men.
The cries of the far flung citizens is finally heard and for them is ploughed new farmland around their city and a lumberyard on Curio earmarked for their use. Preparing for greater trade with the wider world, a plantation for the tobacco of their shores is also requested, and the ports of Libromus expanded to accommodate further fleets for its wide distribution. But the residents of Fumatri tire of the long and draining journey to the heartland, and have petitioned the Archarian that a port where ships may restock and repair be built on the southern point of the lesser isle.
The first fleet sails around the murky waters of The Orpiellery, whose fishing boats in turn give them a wide berth, and on into the waters of another strange, spear-chucking people. The second fleet meanwhile has the shock of their lives, as the unusually heavy fogs of the last days of spring lift, and by Trion, they are not the only race here! They must hurry back to report their startling discovery.
[d] Alas there is bad news on the seas also, though they will not know it for two or more tyrns to come. Then, no ship of the third fleet will return to port as expected, no bounties will they unload, no daring tales will they recount, for they have been swallowed whole by Trion and their widows will weep in their beds.

The unusually heavy fogs of the last days of spring lift, and by Yanna, they are not the only race here.
First it is that Jannah's strength humbles the Tarnsman at his forge, yet what can the will & metal of mortals hope to achieve against the might of the divine? Second it is that Jannah's knowledge lifts the Tarnsman at his forge, teaching him how to alloy with furnace & hammer two disparate metals into one. Third it is that Jannah's grace exalts the Tarnsman at his forge, for she shows him the way of bronze through copper & tin. Fourth it is that the Tarnsman bows to Jannah's wisdom, to kiss her feet for generosity.
In search of more of this precious tin that their warriors should be resplendent as the sun, prospectors are sent across the south of the country in a hopeful search. Alas they bring back not glistening tin but purest gold and preserving salt.
Knowing that their presence at the "Friendship" Wall will be considered in the worst possible light by the Ahmosi, the army is marched north. There they find the skies darkened with smoke, indicating not the campfires of tribals but the furnaces of kingdoms.

The Colourful Isle, or Fargerikoy in Vettish, is "settled" with a small number of Seawights the ships can spare to set up a jetty cut from the trees on the coast there where both the main fleet and some small fishing canoes can dock when needed.
The unusually heavy fogs of the last days of spring lift and the Sverre Geirrmann fleet's sweep through the archipelago is met with the nasty surprise of not greater treasures but a race of angry, yellow-faced men, crowding to shore to gawk at the primitive hornboats.
>VT cont.
What the Vardyger has learnt and bought he teaches to the Hrafnlaun, Raven Conclave, having them pay the same price he had to for their astral wings. But as many of the shamans are past the age of siring further heirs, it is their children and even grandchildren that suffer the loss of pregnancies and babes over the tyrn. It is a steep price, but one the ravens demand for their covenant. Each of these shamans is sent out on the astral winds to spy on an elder as he prepares for the upcoming feast. Most of these elders give what they have on hand, and no one is much surprised when the Hofthing correctly proclaims the copper mining Wights have brought him copper armlets and gorgets, nor that the Wight families who corral the Trellkriger bring him two brutish bodyguards selecting those with the least Tarnic visible blood in them. The gifts continue in convoy, fish from Seawights, worked goods from Landwights, boring and predictable, but what does surprise the guests when it is rightly predicted is the presentation to his highness is a spray of dazzlingly vivid pressed flowers from one of the Seawight family's elders.

Having regained control of the home islands, and found that many shores are claimed by other survivors, the Waddans plant their standard in the soil of a peninsula in the east which had once been part of the old empire. They establish makeshift but reasonable port facilities there, and begin to plough furrows in the wide prairie to feed the coming settlers. The journey between the sheltered docks of Stanbyld and there however is the most difficult any captain can still reasonably manage, with one remarKing it is like trying to thread a needle with the leg of a wriggling spider. Though such a journey is a risk, it is suggested the Stones of Diuth be sent to the peninsula for their dowsing properties in the near future.
The First Fleet manages this treacherous journey though, having brought aboard the First Glinster Regiment to scout the remaining lands, and to confirm rumours of Something south of the colony. The Second Fleet meanwhile sees battle in the north, but ultimately sinks the pirate menace with the loss of but a single, albeit a significant, ship of their own.

Lead is cheap and plentiful in the Karnate, so much so they do not truly know what to do with it. That is until a bright Karnite lad suggests its use as a weapon of war, though in all fairness this was the first thought of every Karnite from sea to sand he was just the first to say it aloud. It is used first as small sling bullets, then larger sling bullets, then thrown projectiles, and so on until the inevitable final stage of the "Sho-ha". Some joke it is called that for the grunts uttered in lifting it.
The gods in their strange and few mercies, have granted to the Karnites a river from lake to sea. Upon it they shall build a fort to guard the waterways, and a dock where they might build & harbour a fleet of their own.


>Khlomosan Piracy
The ever-trusting Waddans welcome aboard the copper-helmed merchants of the strange ships that sail out of nearby docks to greet them but soon find them not dealers but pirates! The men drop the goods samples they have on board for just such traders, and draw their weapons. Captain Jelckama rallies his fleet with his booming voice, driving the rest of his ships to careen into the hulls of the scattered Khlomosans vessels. Handily they sink the attackers sending Khloes to watery graves for their daring inhospitality. However having schemed their way aboard the Second Fleet's flagship, and being better skilled with the blade than their Waddanian victims, the Khlomosans commandeer the boat and sail off north in the confusion of the battle, deep into Avor waters. So appalled are the Waddans by this treachery, they sail into those some jetties that anchored their aggressors, and with torch and anger set the arch-shadowed port alight, sailing back out to witness their work.
That night and many following, splintered wreckage of the once great fleet of the Khlomosans washes along the shores of the northern continent.


> Raise a second army
> Build a fort on the northern side of the river Diane
> Build another fishery at the head of the southern river twin
> NM: Cliff Vas, the blacksmith enters The Darkness seeking to forge something within.

Disturbing reports flow in from the villages in the southern swamps. Hunch backed men lurk in the forests beyond, a vast host armed with vicious shivs of copper. They are many, far too many for the small army the children of dirt possess to handle. Thus it is a forgone conclusion that more warriors will be needed, more weapons shaped and bows strung. Even then they may be outnumbered and overwhelmed, but the dirt mother provides. A stone fortress is hastily built on the border, the first of many. In more practical concerns a new fishery is established, that the cellars of Safehole can be filled with salted meats to outlast any siege that might come.

In the midst of it all an elderly blacksmith, last of his line by innumerable misfortunes, enters The Darkness with a sack of charcoal, a few ingots of copper, and a few key supplies. He walks without sight or sound, feeling stone walls until he finds a hollow in the stone walls. Charcoal is burnt, copper pounded, all working by feel and vibration alone. What will he create? Darkness only knows.
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>National Mystery: Stones of Diuth on the Peninsula
When the Geomancers of Diuth speak, the parliament and Naasjeholder listen to their words. Permission is granted by the highest authorities both secular and religious for the stones to be sent to the Peninsula in the care of temple priests and geomancers.

>Action 1: Fundamentals of Geomancy
The Stone speaks, and we listen. Diuth Whispers, and we hear her. With encouragement and implorement and invocation and thorough study, she and her agents might bless us with some borrowed elements of her powers to feel and listen to the land; that we might emulate some small measure of her land-shaping grace.

>Action 2: Claim Wonders of Old
>Expand into marked tiles.
From the reports of the first settlers, it soon becomes apparent that ancient relics stand proud upon the peninsula; the valued history of our (and possibly some other) nations left neglected by the world. What happened in the time of the disaster to cause such ruin that treasures like these go abandoned, and no living trace is to be found of the people who kept them? It is vital, therefore, that Waddania again be expanded to protect these relics in situ; these treasures will again have an owner - whatever they might be.

>Navy 1: South of the Peninsula
With a safe harbour in Beninga bay to supply and support them, the first fleet under Admiral Beninga resumes the course of his first voyage of exploration by continuing southward along the coast.

>Navy 2: With the sad death of Jelckama at the hands of marauders and the loss of the Flagship to those pirates, Captain Heeringa takes command of the second fleet by virtue of his seniority. His orders are simple ones - sail north with the fleet in pursuit of the stolen Flagship, and either retrieve or sink the stolen vessel if it has not already been scuttled. Once that duty is done (or at least attempted, for the sake of honour), the fleet will turn about and return to safe harbour.

>Army: The army will aid in exploration efforts, marching along the spine of the peninsula. The site of some ancient battle is better left to military minds for initial evaluation, even if we will have the scholars scouring through any tablets and scrolls for records that might survive from before the collapse to suggest at what we have found here. Once the site has been reconnoited, the army will be deployed to guard the peninsula upon the narrowest point.

The God Empress sits upon her ribbed throne before a throng of adoring priestesses, and their partners from the streets. Her great temple stands, a testament to her beloved whoredom, a beacon of lust. Countless women have joined her cult to fill the ranks of this colossal and invasive institution, grafted onto the city like a cancerous growth and robbing it of its women and morals. These women join out of desperation for money, genuine perversion, a sense of duty to their empress, poor job prospects or simply getting dragged along by an enthusiastic recruiter. Whatever their original intentions, Ariaios has a veritable legion beneath her, her army of sin to soon march on the streets and weave the Goddesses wanton spell across all Tor Loric.

It is planned to be the largest festival in living memory, larger than Floriara before it, the Eternal Festival of Ariarra will occupy the entire city and cost the nations treasury dearly. It is to swallow the souls and sway the hearts of every man woman and child in Tor Loric, sing sin into their hearts and bring about a revelry that will never end so long as Ariaios draws breath, a depraved celebration of excess that will raise Ariaios popularity and soar her cult to greater prominence!

Bread, fruit, grain, beer, meat, datura oil, all have been stockpiled for quite some time to prepare for the never ending celebration, but as the planning reaches its final stages an issue crops up unexpectedly. The cults of Meris and Stania have proven unexpectedly popular recently given the return of horse riding to Calandorra. Popularity that BELONGED to Ariaios, given instead to these… horse-kissing sycophants?

Outrageous. The Empress is irate, stomping all around her throne room, this ever so minor disrespect having sent her mood into a spiral, threatening to compromise the entire festival! Annoyed, she dictates a new law, a recrimination against the horse cults for this outrage, if they all love their horses that much then from now on they’ll ride their stupid horses nude, see how much fun it is then! She smirks at her own cleverness, but over the coming days only grows more irritable and annoyed but every little thing.

A man calms her one day, clarity returns. It’s that man she knew from before. She still can’t place his face, those handsome features… and she is alone again. Slow, bloated, she is heavy with child. The Empress blinks, when did that happen? She leans back and closes her eyes, dreaming of that man.
High Priestess Shannah of the Cult of Ariaios is among the many thankful over the following months for the Empresses docile state. She lounges around with lidded eyes, occasionally moans for something to drink, but most importantly does not get in the way of the festival planning, which is now on track to begin two months after the empress is due to deliver. How excited the high priestess is for that day, surely cause for national celebration.
With the goddess incapacitated preparations went smoothly, the empress was unable to get in her own way and fumble the delicate matters of state which she was often rather unsuited to.

The months pass, Ariaios birthed a trio of beautiful triplets in the run-up to the great festival, the peasant empress conveniently died of old age in those slow months, her beautiful grandchildren were groomed to display all the talents a courtier/courtesan of Ariaios cult should for the festival, the high priestess even managed to go a long way towards smoothing over relations with the Lanthorn while Ariaios rested.

Ariaios stirs from her listless stupor mere days from the festival beginning, energised and properly cleaned, elegantly dressed like a royal should be for the first time in a long time. It begins in earnest, food handed down by scantily clad ladies from great parade floats, Beautiful priestesses of her cult decorate the sides as they travel to the seafront, imperial princesses of Havasads line and even daughters (of questionable lineage) of the three noble families dress in the breast-bearing diaphanous fabrics the empress had popularised, convinced to take part in the celebrations out of some clever diplomacy on behalf of Shanna. A hundred and more dancing girls sway down the streets, a myriad of plays are arranged, date juice is handed out to thirsty and datura bells traded between mouths upon a kiss.

Ariarra has begun, the eternal festival is here.
Action 1: Prospect

High Priestess Shannah rules in the empress’s stead, incapacitated by a combination of a troublesome pregnancy and her bipolar mood swings.
While she is out of the way however, some actual administrative developments can and must occur to allow for the festival to occur smoothly. First of which, the high noble families must be appeased if they are to deliver daughters of their line to the clutches of Ariaios, such a thing is no small request given her notoriety. It is important for the empire to seem united under Ariaios, if bribery is necessary to achieve this then so be it.

Ordering a survey done of unexplored Calandorran soil and granting some measure of land to these important vassals is viewed as more than enough to guarantee participation, a grand signing is held with the Nadus, High Priestess of Ariaios and heads and daughters of the three great families (Shayla, Marai, Scheher) in attendance. A commemorative tapestry is woven for the occasion, “The Entrusting of the Wards”, in exchange for the land in perpetuity each family shall send a nubile daughter to the great tower of Tor Sulduphan, may this contract be honoured and never broken.

Action 2: Biomancy: Skin

Mastery of skin is desired, the request put forth by Ariaios herself during one of her mumblings during her pregnancy.
It is a reasonable request, the homunculi created so far are bloody, visceral and unclothed even in that. Mastery of skin may allow them to be granted a far more human appearance, but sooner mastery of skin might have other more pressing applications, to beautify and de-age whores who, despite their talents, are only mortal and do wither and fade. To reshape flesh to a more pleasing appearance, to heal injuries or stem bleeding perhaps, to strengthen and create stronger, tougher skins that might repel a hundred blades simultaneously and shatter each?! Perhaps that last one may be a reach, but all these are secrets that a truer mastery of skin might unveil.

Shannah gives the order to the great and honoured house Marai to direct their developments, shooing the noble representative off as soon as the order was delivered. She has more important things to attend to, a night in bed with that dashing prince whom her empress is so laughably taken by. Well, Shannah had her eyes on him first, it’s not like Ariaios will mind.
A city is raised in the west, named after the god of the Sea "Solunist".

A mine atop the gold is constructed, along with fishery for our new city.
Anemhotep is chosen new hero and King known for his strength greater than that of any animal or man he has achieved it through mastery of technique. As his first truling though he decides to finish the last unfinished project of his predecessor.
> Action 1: Extend road network, make roads be out of stone

Furthermore driven by his pursuit of streangth trainign regimes are reworked:

> Action 2: Training/Army training
The reworked trainign methods are introduced based on sparring and group contests in the arena

> Action 3: Strength 2 improvement
Based on the Harem Kings divine form strength beyond human limit is pursued once more becoming a trend within the nation to be strong is to be divine!

Marsh southern army back into the nation. Station both armies close to the coast in case of raids.
No Retreat
No Surrender
No Quarter
No Mercy
Take Everything, Leave Nothing
-Inscription found in the Avor Agoge

Agoge training would begin at the age of 5, a natural replacement of the ancient Rites.
Boys would be trained rigorously, forced to walk on bare feet to condition themselves and ration food. trained harshly by instructors, old veterans trained by thoes before them.

Into their teenage years Teamwork would be more valued, away now were the rites of scarification, instead Boys were separated into Units, these would be familial structures led by veterans that would act as second homes to these boys, teams so to speak.

Into young adult hood the trainings would continue in increasing degrees, specializations and further training would go on from here. instilling the beginnings of intense and rigorous trainings. constant drillings were lacking but surely soon to come.

Action 1: Agōgē 1 (basic Training)
His order would be to his most trusted companion, Tyrant. He would have them trained, first the commanders, they were to be broken down and rebuilt in the images of a fighting force, no man would be left behind every man will be a killer, would be fit and muscled, no longer would rations of alcohol be given and such finery allowed, even if it was simple basics now, they would be molded into warriors of foot and horse. Trained in Sword, Spear and Axe alongside the use of Bow.

Action 2: ('Heavy/Medium Armor)
*How a Soldier should be Armored*
Tactics, tactics alone does not save one from a blades cutting thrust or a axes cleaving blow quilted Felt alone will not save any soldier from these fates, save for that of exposure. Examples of bone have been seen, and copper in place of the southern metals will do for now. Perhaps a mixture of things known. The Gambeson shall be the bottom insulating layer, over it a Linothorax of sorts shall be created, using Sinew glue and thin felted fabrics and leather a thick, robust armor would be formed, accented with a crested Helm and greaves padded with sheep’s wool these things shall become the new forms of armor, heavier, mobile, not perfect..but superior to simple bone Lamellar

Military Actions:
Move the Army north, we will see what is killing our men, and kill them

Action 1: Continue alchemy research. While it is good that these alchemists have some idea what the base should be. That is still not a complete potion. More work is done to figure out what reagents can be added to the base to produce an actual effect within a person or perhaps they may find someway of making them work outside of a person?

Action 2: Koson codifies city planning and infrastructure. As Koson grows older he begins to think more on his legacy. While the nation is currently experiencing great overabundance without his personal oversight people might backtrack on his initiatives. Making all his efforts for naught. To prevent this from happening he invites experts from all the priest families and even some well connected commoners to form a great council. The object of which is to firmly establish how an ideal society should be structured. By hosting such an event he is able to direct discussion along the lines he desires and get them to implicitly and even explicitly accept many of his ideas. With his audience primed he is then able to turn those vague ideals into actual ordinances with their own approval. Firmly establishing how things should be built, where they should be in relation to one another, how events should be organized, and how the many village industries that dot the landscape should be made connected. By the end of it Koson can feel secure that things will continue as they should and that anything new built will avoid many of the common issues he has been forced to adjudicate himself.
>build two apricot farms in the south
As the nation hungers, so do the lives of the Letterchewers grow ever more frantic and panicked- FIVE replacements! In a week! AND IT’S ONLT THE FIRST MOON- this cannot continue.

They hunger? FINE! Let them eat the Woodboils (aka this new strange fruit) which is…
Errr- of course! The Sweetboils! Yes! The Letterchewers… always knew their usefulness!

>build diamond mine
With copper tools and disposable limbs do the hordes of trinket-craving Gnawers scuttle deep into the earth, each yearning to be the first to get its dirty claws on a nice new ear decoration

>lore blurb: the gilded city
The Gathering is, despite its inhabitants’… lifestyle, a rather beautiful city.
Most of it is constructed with roughly hewn rock, supported by wooden pillars, but Chitterers are more aware than anyone else of how little and short their lives are.

They, who have forgotten more than most will ever learn, crave the certainty of being more than remembered: for memory is feeble and weak. What is everlasting… is greed.
It is common for Chitterers to build the best houses they can, putting copper and bits of gold and wooden decor, and then placing bits of their nails or teeth or finger bones into the jewels or hanging decorations or stone carvings, so that the piece may be preserved- after all, everyone wants a good house, and they’re more likely to steal and keep a pretty decoration rather than an ugly one!

And so, the older a house in the Gathering, the prettier it is, with more and more copper bits and careful decorations crowding its halls
Lore: While news of new neighbors are brought to the high lord's attention this news is, for the moment, ignored. Still overshadowed by the news of the holy pool.

1. Construction continues. First mines on the purple gems will be made to allow access to their use in construction. After these gems are gathered and worked construction will continue on the Passage temple. With the main floor made next a great roof of black stone will be made with many slanted holes to allow sunlight/moonlight but keep rain out. The purple stones and obsidian will be used to reflect and refract light to give dim, dark, light to the temple. On the sides funeral parlors will be added and homes will be built nearby for the priests.

2. With a new holy site and the migration of the priests there comes more time to research and work on new spells; and with barbarians on the border thoughts turn to war. As such the war and death priests put their minds together to keep the nobles and soldiers in the fight. A new spell is worked on, a blessing on the soldiers, cast upon them before the battle meant to maintain itself through the battle and either fade afterwards. The spell is to strengthen the bond of the soul and body; keeping the soul there and the body moving even after the body should have died fully. In this soldiers who received mortal wounds will only die at the end of the battle, or when the spell ends, and will continue to fight until the end.

>Action 1 - Build Silver Mine, Build Hak-kun Temple
The rounding-up of wayward family members has filled the Khlomosan court, and Dak-Yo's limestone palace has never been more full. The pitter-patter of children's feet brings him a measure of joy, but already his weapon-hand itches to once more expunge the life of another. His daughter, eldest of his six, seems to be taking after her father, and has already discarded her wooden training sword for a proper copper one.
Subduing his extended family has unintended side-effects. It seems that in witnessing his unparalleled martial power has stirred a great envy in others, and soon enough lesser versions of of his technique are spreading across the land. The royal army, fully loyal to him, report of their difficulty in subduing even wayward bandits, since the vagabonds can cut down 3 men in one flowing strike.
To bolster their morale, Dak-yo commands the erection of a grand edifice in honor of his father (and himself, along with his fellow royals, to be honest). Placed at the mouth of the Red Stream, the river bordering the Avornian lands, it's silver-lined murals will preserve the great deeds and history of his family for eternity!

>Action 2 - Military Training Part II
While many across the land have stumbled unto sword techniques with stubborn will (and a few by drunken accident), none have surpassed the king in skill.
Proud as he is, Dak-Yo knows that his might can never equal that of an entire army.
His children, however...
Thoughts for another time. Nipping any uprisings in the bud, he sets about training his personal army in lesser versions of his technique, the increase in silver wealth allowing more and more men to be drawn to it's ranks, and equipped with the necessary blades to master the art. This will be the finest army in all of Khlomosan lands!
It is said that Madar Sahama never took up a blade apart from her first, which she cared for with meticulous disgust. A wretched and bent copper thing, it was never festooned with silver or other precious metals, which would allow for fantastical works of swordsmanship. She did not know of their necessity, and so performed the Art anyway.
Army: Continue exploration

Navy: Sail north back home and drop off the translators at Libromus' port.
File: NRP6 Turn 10.png (19 KB, 277x445)
19 KB

>The Vardyger's health declines from age and delving too deep into the astral realm, death is approaching and he is stuck with a limp.
While the display wasn't as effective as the Vardyger wanted, the surprise appearance of the colourful flowers did make it effective enough that his reign is assured, in fact, it may be stable enough for the heir to take over with no issue. The Vardyger has grown grey with age, being unable to travel he now spends more time sailing across the astral skies. He teaches his heir much, so when his death arrives the transition will be mild. A death which is imminent. The astral winds are cold and loud, and he can hear howls upon the horizon. He feels raindrops hit him, except it's saliva. Looking up he sees the stars have become the glint of eyes, with slavering maws dripping upon him. The sky descends upon him, he tries to fly but the jaws bite into him, one set around his neck until, suddenly, he appears back in the material realm. The Vardyger has escaped the jaws of death, for now, but he feels the lingering pain in his spirit, he find himself limping despite suffering no physical injury.

>Action 1: Improve fishing nets.
The Seawights back home discover great utility in nets, dragging them behind the canoes as they row, on long lines so they are deeper into the water. These nets grow heavy with fish before they are pulled up, netting a large bounty of the sea. Harpoon fishing shrinks as fishing net technology bounds ahead. So many fish are caught that they need to dedicate longhouses in the fishing villages to the singular task of processing the catch.

>Action 2: Unflood the stone quarry and unblock the Valley of Shadows.
As the land recovers from the calamity, the Wights decide to rebuild up north. Though they now have copper to work with, stone still have plenty of uses it is suited to alone. So the Wights start the painstaking task of unflooding the quarry, first by carving a channel to drain most of the water, then moving to buckets and waterskins to get the rest, eventually the mine is drained enough for mining to resume. And secondly, they unblock the Valley of Shadows, lest the souls of the damned overflow. For while good souls go to Seilund, the bad ones are gathered by Moldus, sent to the Valley of Shadows, lest they haunt the living.

>Navy actions: Raid the fishery north of Xiuado then proceed further northwards, toward Hoftborg.
The Sverre Geirrmann Fleet finds these new humans not to be forthcoming, acting with hostility yet at the same time, weakness. They have travelled far and it looked like they were to get nothing from it but another enemy. So what did Erling Sverring do? Well he ordered a raid of course. If they do not give willingly, we will take it by force. He also notices their vessels, larger than his own and travelling by wind not oar, he decides to start taking them, not from port, but from the open waters. He boards an captures fishing vessels before travelling back north.
>Turn 10
Action 1: Construction of the Holy Forge
Built to commemorate her victory over the Ahmosi champion, the Holy Forge’s construction is supervised by Jannah herself. Its labyrinthine structure captures and concentrates positive energies while purging negativity from the pilgrims who journey to worship from afar. Sturdy walls are made of fired clay from the riverbanks and carved with numerous reliefs from Tarnish mythology. At the precise center of the complex is a large forge, where temple priests craft items from the heavenly metal, bronze. Standing watch at the temple gates are a pair of gilded lions, whose lithe forms are a testament to Tarnish mastery of anatomy and sculpture.
>Build a temple complex west of Harppa, where the lions used to be. In addition to its function as a place of worship, the Holy Forge serves to produce religious items and weaponry made of bronze.

Action 2: Learn Huoxinwan
Far to the north, diplomacy blooms, and the Tarnish learn of their newest neighbor and the wares they have for sale.
Action 1: Having produced such a strange firey liquid, the Yavapori name it Redthroat, and proceed to use it as a highly valued form of currency. So wealthy they decide to pay for better arms and warcloaks for themselves. Fine bows for women, and fine cutlasses for both men and women to wield.

Action 2: Meanwhile, the city of Yarvik expands further to hold its burgeoning population. The people build more homes, more breweries, more cellars, and all else they need to survive. Also done is the construction of various walls to break Yarvik up into further sections of the city, pioneered by the people as they begin to claim sections of the city as "better" or "worse" than others.

(Feel free to roll up the new Firemind or Icemind along with the NM)
>Action 1: Orpiellery Language
The exhausted contingent of the swarthy gift-bearers are given refuge in Kirisfut, where they are introduced to many facets of Odithian society. They are fed a strong diet of large-game meat either cooked in skewered chunks or stewed, each with Odithian flatbread, a recipe refined somewhat from it's recent original. Those who are willing to stay and bear their treatment as an oddity (for the fair-skinned Odithians find those of an ebony complexion a novelty) are introduced to the tamed Elephants along with the wild Rhinoceroses. Over many days they witness the routine of our people and their reverence for their creator, the All-Father. Over these days, Boreos stands towering over these metals, staring at them intently, as if attempting to see what lies within them. It seems that the threads of fate do not make known that which is unknown, nor give perception into the future.
While none of these men stay to live with the Odithians, over time (and with a little bit of fate meddling) many Odithians manage to learn their tongue, as do a few of them ours. (That is, if this is allowed. I know it's not how it works with players but I'm not sure if city states are an exception.) In an on-brand move for the man, Boreos himself does not bother with this skill, instead delegating communication to an interpreter.

>Action 2: Magic [Magic]
The journey of Aletheos and the summoning of the Orpielles by Boreos is a continuation of the magical focus of the Odithians. The return of Kiri is much anticipated, despite it's still long wait due to the resounding success of Odithis' chosen three.
>Action 1 - Expansion? - Subsume the Abraamic Lands
Akel would survey the new lands in grief - his pessimistic doctrine reinforced once again. A wicked kingdom was purged, but along with it was all the good it had to offer. He had been naïve in his talks with her, simplifying her anger and outbursts into a selfish desire to maintain her wicked lifestyle.
A clearer image is painted in the young woman's blood now. Truly, she fought for peace with every sinew of her muscle and ever broken shard of bone in what remained of her body. She had risked both body and soul twice - not just for the Abraamites, but for the Irreechi too. For this, she paid the ultimate price.
After each home has been visited, and each temple has been desecrated, the body of her majesty is doused in a flask of Volos's elixir - a gesture accompanied by many mournful prayers that she may be judged with the same love and mercy as the Irreechi as they were saved. Following this, she is crudely put back together and wrapped in fine cloth so that she may be delivered to the geyser. "Upon this day, she has become the last sacrifice of the Abraamites; A final offering for the forgiveness of the sin of these lands."

>Action 2 - Prospect
With new homes and farms suddenly thrusted into the hands of the Irreechi and a rogue nation hiding out in the south, the demand for adventurers comes to a rapid decline. Adventurous and industrious souls instead turn their sights inwards, striking away at the land in hopes of revealing new resources as grand as the copper and arsenic which have granted them such good fortune and strength.

>Navy - Explore
A ship is to be sent to Waddia so that it may be directed towards this supposed heathens of the North.

>Army - Following their ceremony, Akel's army marches North to hunt these human vermin on any ground. Their pampered feet are no match for the thundering hooves of the Irreechi. Meanwhile, news of the Wars peculiar conclusion spreads to the capitol city on its stone paved roads. In a sudden change of plans, Sadiq's Zealots are conscripted to travel southeast to hunt the Abraamites wherever they may be.
> 1st action: Construction.
Establish mines throughout the eastern plains to extract the much needed ore.

> 2nd action: Yet even more construction.
As the western mines started being built an expedition to establish more over the remaining ore deposits was sent.

The iron meteor was hauled all the way from the desert to the capital to rest on a stone slab made to honor of the gods mysteries and with it came a fascination for all things metal. A trend amongst some of the scholars emerged, many nights where spent pouring over the maps and reports of past scholars and in the end a map was planned out for all the potential areas which harboured the wealth of the earth. With the needed labor gathered and supplies provided for multiple caravans where sent out to establish outposts from where the mines can be resupplied as they where built.
File: map10.png (969 KB, 2047x2151)
969 KB
969 KB PNG
3rd Chains, 2nd PAC

The new neighbours however do not wait for the High Lord to greet them, for they stream from their city at night into the jungles about the holy pool which had distracted him. They arrive with cart and ass laden with their worldly possessions with much weeping. They cross into the empire in search of sanctuary.
Geode and crystal are brought up from the mines and much adored for their lustre, at once they are brought to the dark halls of the newly finished Passage Temple. They the shadow dances like smoke, the spirits of the dead roam, and the priests chant day & night to Tuvolos. It is there and not the rim of Tu Aket that they also work their next magics, an attempt to allow the soldier's body to take firm hold of his soul that he should carry on past death. Condemned prisoners are the chosen subjects, forced into gladiatorial combat to test the efficacy of the spell. With the anointing of lake water, prayers, and much music they are sent into a makeshift arena watched over by holy men and guards. The fighting is brutal becoming ever more so when a thigh is cut, great torrents of blood pouring onto the sands, enough that a man should die, but so anointed he continues to fight even after an arm is severed. However the further away from this sacred place (and it is found the same to be true of the volcano, and it is foreseen from any place where Tuvolos reigneth) the shorter the spell lasts. In the fields around the old port it barely lasts long enough for the dead to take two paces.

History is rewritten, achievements are chiselled from stelae, the building of a formidable fleet becomes the laying of many stone roads.
Sparring, both with each other at the Colosseum and the one-eyed Unoku in the pastures, is taken up as an integral part of military training. Pharakhan Amenhotep deems that it is necessary not only that the body be strong through the divine blood & will, but that the working of that strength be practised lest they be found wanting. Still, it is still mandated that the innate strength be bred into the next generation by those who are selected to breed. Here however the bodily limit is reached, a man can only be so muscled after all, even one who claims divine lineage.
Having met with some men in the south and finding them most pathetically boring, the army returns to tell of their findings.

Gold, silver, copper, and lead, these the legendary ages of mankind, now mined and smelted and ingots stored in warehouses across Uru-Anu. The wives of many a scholar are seen in the market places so heavily weighed down by their baubles that they stoop a little.
The vast mass of stone & metal is left under guard in a location outside the borders of the country kept secret to all except the highest ranks within the orders, but a large fraction is carved off and shaped into a mimicry of the greater whole for the public to gawk at.
"Give me the boy, I will hand you the man" so sayeth Tyrant, paidonomos of the Avor. The training of the agoge is harsh and ascetic, the only luxury being yak's cheese imported from the Dirkin, but it builds a class of man and soldier fit for a life in the army and the many campaigns planned in the minds of Ridom and his advisers.
Ideas are sparked from the draining of the ditch at the wall, these men had worn armour of a thousand plates of bone, the Avor shall better them with a thousand plates of copper & leather. A third skin of metal, over that of the rough skin of flesh of the man and padded skin of fleece. No arrow shall pierce him, nor spear injure him, for so strong is his panoply.
The army is recalled from the wall, who make haste to return to the forests of home. The horses pant, their hooves like fire, but beast and man can only get so far in a tyrn.
A hunting party returns from a long trip into Dirkin surrounds, but alas relay that a terrible accident had befallen a full half of the men that had gone out. Having become drunk on ale they had traded from the Children of Dirt and being gored by wild beasts in a hubristic, ill-conceived night hunt, they had been given to the earth and the birds for their dishonour.

The horde to the south have made camp, perhaps awaiting diplomatic measures one hopeful elder remarks, though the rest fear this will not be a repeat of the most fortuitous meeting of the Avor. They are innumerable, spread throughout the forests, watching the swamp and river with beady eyes, their bloodthirst evident by their gore-spattered garments. If there is to be peace, the Children of Dirt must prepare for war. Not only with weapons and fortifications, but with stores and good cheer, should the worst occur they will be ready to stick it out.
[NM] From the darkness he returns, groping in the blinding light of the summer sun after having been in the deep Darkness for almost a full tyrn, though for him it could not have been more than a day. In his hands he holds a sword, similar to those of Avor design but not as broad, more suited for the Dirkin way of fighting. [Free forged weapons tech, but do not expect free actions in the future]

As his palace fills royals of varying degrees of blood, so too does Dak-yo's treasury fill with silver, soon becoming the standard unit of dagger in the city. A goodly portion of this new influx of wealth is spent in the construction of the "Temple of the Royal Blood (which upon this field was spilled for thee that liveth and over who shall reigneth by the grace and might of Zom (to whom all life is given up and is king over kings of the earth (whose right hand is the sword, whose left hand is the chalice)))"... to give it its full title. Never mind that the blood was actually spilled many leagues to the north, but who ever let facts get in the way of religion (or propaganda masquerading as such).
>CK cont.
Mader Sahama had no need of silver, had perhaps no knowledge of silver, let alone of its mystical properties, so her blade swung at her speed to cut down men as much barely before her. But Dak-yo and his men are now Mother of Blades, nor would any of them be foolish enough to claim they were, and so they require training in the arts over the basic regime already instructed. Training in allowing their soul to bond with their blade as the King has, that they may know a fraction of her divine might in each swing.
The Oomul are whipped and scared into putting out the fires, though most of them have already torn through what little wooden structures the port is built of. Alas the docks are lost, with smouldering timbers swallowed by the waves. There is thanks given to Zom that it did not spread.

The deal is done, land and the best portion of the wealth extracted will belong to the three families, the daughters and what remains of that wealth will be belong to the temple-crown. The western portion, with much good farmland, is given over to the Shayla family; Here their surveyors find nothing of note. The northern portion, with wide plains, is given over to the Marai family; Here their surveyors find copper in most miserly amounts. The eastern portion, with tsamma melon in abundance, is given over to the Scheher family; Here their surveyors find much good copper.
Ariarra is, to not be too verbose, a success. In droves the people flock to the festival, for they so love their goddess and queen she proclaims to herself. All is permissible while her divine majesty and her uncountable entourage saunter through the city streets with baskets groaning with succulent bounty. As the priestesses teach bounty begets bounty, excess begets excess, abstinence and asceticism are likewise, begetting only misery and hunger pangs. And who can deny such teachings? For weren't their dates and meat on every table, beer and "Breath of Ariaios" [datura] in every glass and every purse?
Much fruitless trial reveals that it is true that only the gods in their convocation may create from nothing. Current trials point towards the ability of transformation to be likewise their domain, although there is still some hope. No, what is needed to meld and mould skin, is skin, preferably young, pale, and without blemish. The students claim it is because such skin is easier to stain, to see where they must cut, that young flesh is more supple and willing to be sculpted. The benefactors of the Enkiranut suspect it is more so that they wish to play with the thighs and stomachs of maidens, though they admit there is some truth to their words. Now where oh where will they find a ready supply of nubile, sun-shy skin?
Sweet tasty fruitses, juicy and ripe. Finally the Chitterers have stopped their grumbling! and the Letterchewers can return to the normal level of fearing for their lives.
Shiny! Shiny! Shiny! Like stabbing glass and stars and twinkling tears in eyes of mothers. Oh how joyous they are for their shinies! They wear them in their ears and on their fingers, so those they stab see something pretty as they take their last breath.
But new worries have begun to ferment in The Gathering, especially with the army scouts bringing news of men to the north, what if they want their shinies for themselves? What if they want to steal their beautiful pretty houses?! What if they want to appropriate the ways of the Chitterers, and stab and steal and take?!?! There is a streak of panic that reaches the Letterchewers, the hordes promise not to riot for two whole tyrns, if they stake proper claims over what they have built. No three whole tyrns, just do something!

[NM] When the Icemind is snapped from her state after having tasted Markalin's Brew, she demands an integration, if not into the cities, then at least into the borders, of the cotton-picking voraiks. Ra'prisha, in her final act as Icemind, chooses from her children a boy of uncertain fathering, though his eyes are strikingly like that of the first commander of the Yavapori who is also made a chief adviser for his military knowledge of course and nothing else, as the new Firemind. The boys name however, having been chosen at his first year by the palace elders based upon omens in his infancy, means something like "weak-limbed", and so he must choose a regnal name, lest such misfortune befall the Yav as a whole.
Redthroat production is highly classified and not a drop that is made is made outside the Aiyavakeen. Being both so limited and so strongly alcoholic it is soon adopted as a higher value currency than Mareevi beer, roughly trading at a flask of one for three or four jars of the other, but fluctuating all the time. Also because of this scarcity, it is regularly used for the purchase of finer woven cloaks, for the production of finer bows, for the proper forging of curved copper swords, which over the tyrn sees practically the whole army better outfitted (they are mostly the sons of the wealthy after all). The name Redthroat is often given to the weapons and protections it is used to purchase, for more visceral reasons.
Yarvik sprawls out more into the jungle surrounding it, encapsulating the source of the river as it does so. Boundary walls between plots soon become rings and spurs of concentric city walls, at the heart of which resides the modest palace of the elders. The walls are less defensive however than merely enclosing, although it soon becomes custom that a war cloak cannot be worn down, meaning it must be pinned up to show the body, within what the outermost walls enclose.
With opposition dissolved, the Siege of Edion comes to an end and the Kingdom of Abraam is subsumed into the Order. Soldiers are given much of the plots to farm in their assigned rest, it has been a long campaign after all. The houses are cleared of the bodies, searched for facechangers to bring home, and any heretical paraphernalia stripped out and burnt with the bodies of the priests in a great pyre, a beacon and warning to the Abraamites that have fled abroad. The maiden who had risked her life that fateful night, fourteen moons ago, is treated with the honours of both the Irreechi and her own wicked race's, brought to the fissure where she had said sacrifices for her peoples' sins were made. Looking about the temple surroundings their sins must have been innumerable, only increasing with their sacrifices, for scattered about the fissure are the fragile, unmistakably small bones of babes. It is no wonder the rites were kept secret from the people, were they to have known, their priests would have been served upon platters of silver & gold to the Irreechi to be done away with post-haste.
Having seen the horrors of the Abraamites, or at the very least the priests which still reside among them, the Homeguard charge one of the directions they must have fled. Word having been sent the tyrn before that the Zealots may be necessary they too ride south, met on the way by a new messenger with terror in his eyes, this second force whip their ponies for all they have in them. But the men of Edion have been tricky, slipping into the borders of men of the south, no doubt seeking sanctuary, and not yet being acquainted with the more eastern barbarous race nor the marginally more civilised southern race, charging into the jungle with spear and fury may be seen as tantamount to a declaration of war.
Setting about, those soldiers and their families brought from Esavine set to the plough think of what may also be found within the ground. They find the Abraamites have kept good records of what they owned, with the lapis lazuli & silver being already mined and the coastal regions being poor in minerals. Instead, when granted permission, a number of them head west into lands unscoured. Beneath the dry grasses of the savannah they pull up foul smelling sulphurous rocks though further south this is followed by gemstones the colour of freshly spilled blood.
By no means are the Irreechi natural-born sailors. Worse still they set off when the wind blows against them, forcing them to row. By tyrn's end they have made it only half way there, if that, with many prayers to whichever god will grant them clemency on the waves they face.
The Orpielles thank the Odithians not only with what is in their cart, but however they can, offering their help in whatever they can. As they are shown the many wonders of Odithis and his children the Orpielles give their own words for them, in this way, and with a little scholarly know-how from a few Odithian elders, a basic lexicon of "Pit-Speak" as they call it is drafted. They explain that the metals they had been transporting were gold and a unique metal they call Selum. This Selum was a difficult thing, for they claim it is what cursed them with the ebony skin the Odithians found so intriguing, at birth Orpielles' skin was a colour not too dissimilar to theirs. For bringing it into their lands they can only apologise, they pray the curse is theirs alone to bear.
The weavers continue to weave, Aletheos continues his visions in the desert, Koleopi continues to emasculates the woodsmen around her, and Boreos continues to watch over his trumpeting herd.
[D] The warning of the Orpielles, carried to him by translator, darkens Boreos' eyes. He gazes into his palms, one of few parts of him not covered over with ivory lamellar, and sees how dark they appear to him. They would come into the land of Odithis with a curse? And after he had shown them such kindness?! Anger boils inside him worse than any man has witnessed; Primal, white-hot rage. His wrath pours out of him and not even he can curtail it. His hold over the beasts of Creation shatters, sending a stampede of elephants through a hunting ground, crushing man & lesser beast without mercy. Rhino likewise crashing through field and hut without care. Boreos himself finds the Orpielles as the dine with a family who have taken them in. There is a single second of great joy that he has graced their home, that is until he stabs his ivory spear through one of the men's hearts, another he drags to the floor stamping upon him until the gore stains the earth.

Though the scholars were most impressed by their formulation of the base alone, their benefactors, including the Potentate himself, are less so. They want results, real, tangible results. Well with funding having run a little thin, the alchemists use what is most readily available to them, low denomination copper scales. These are dropped into the base and boiled, the innate magic of the concoction reducing the metal to liquid in about an hour, imparting its copper hue to the potion. They draw lots, the game is rigged so that Dekus (that pompous, Asur-line ass) would be the one to drink it. He complains of the taste after downing the vial, his pupils dilate for the strong wine and the opium, he grumbles of stomach pains, but nothing else happens. Disappointed that he didn't even keel over and die, they begin to pack up for the night. It is when Dekus lifts a heavy oak table out of his way to search for a dropped scale that they realise the power of what they have brewed.
>LD cont.
Potentate Koson is a man of both ideals and practicality, which by the grace of the gods have throughout his reign been harmonious. But he feels the call of the Mother, that eternal embrace of the earth that all men must one day feel. He cannot allow all of his good work to be brought asunder because some following Potentate is a vagabond. By the self same grace that has granted his lands peace and prosperity, Koson's son and even grandson are well tutored, rational, peace-loving future Potentates. His conference on these matters brings these two, along with his and their advisers and comrades to his way of thinking, his way of doing things, his way of being Potentate.
Orlon/Asur continues his progress across Nemosa, his army in tow. Nothing is found in the wide plain that would spark divine drama however.
With a hold full of wares and logbook full of trade agreements, Vorinth directs the fleet north. It has nothing to do with him running out of opium whatsoever.


Sakshi has travelled from her home on the savanna, a simple mudbrick dwelling attached to the eastern lion enclosure. Her father is getting old, soon he will hang up his whip and with no sons he will have to move from this house of his employment (to where he does not know), for it is not fit for a woman to tend to lions. Not that he did not try for sons, twelve times his wife was with child, twelve times had she delivered him a girl! But Sakshi has devised a plan, she will bind her chest, pad out her shoulders, shear her hair, she will tend to lions, alas she is beautiful. She will go to the Holy Forge, where Jannah herself strikes the anvil, she will pray, plead, bribe if she must, for a mask of bronze to hide her face, then she will enter the lion's den with her father's whip and tenacity. [I tried to combine the icons but they looked bloody awful whatever I did]
Two things occupy Captain Adhyan's mind; First, these men have tin, Second, were he to obtain it (by whatever means) he would be a hero in Harppa and his wealth & prestige would rival that of perhaps even Jannah and Naru. He feels his sarong tighten at the prospect alone, blushing for it which he blames on the smoke & heat of the forges about him. He spearheads the effort to learn the language of these yellow-faced men, all the while counting the gold he is soon going to make.

Thought grey and a little hunched, he had thought Death a fathom or two away, but as he retreats into the astral realm where his joints do not ache in the cold and the elders cannot pester him with petty squabbles, Death bares his fangs at his very doorstep. It seems not even the astral winds are free of pains and woes.
"Drag the nets through the water / Eat the fishes silver smooth / Hoist the nets from the water / Make the Landies weep with envy", a Seawight fishing shanty [Fisheries give 1.25 food but require a much larger catch range]
>VT cont.
Feeling the strain from the lack of good stone, it is met with relief that the quarry will be drained. The heat of summer, for it is still peculiarly warm, has dried up the shallower puddles and taken the deathly sting of cold from the larger pools within the cut. With valiant effort, the water is drained and bucketed away. As for the Valley of Shadows, the task is far more severe than initially conceived, some of the boulders that crashed into the Valley are the size of the Vardegyr's tent. What can be removed is dragged off, including a few of the cut stones which had made up the Temple of Deiya, for future building projects.
Having stolen a shipment of shiny grey metal from their ports, the Seawights add insult to injury when they ram a fishing boat, quickly boarding it and slaughtering the confused crew. Then, before the rest of the assembled fishing party can return the favour, they sail off into the mists of the north with their captured booty in tow.

[NM] The Stones of Diuth are brought, under heavy guard and secrecy, to the Peninsula. There they begin to shine over the land they are carried over in patterns the priests have carefully documented. As soon as they are brought from the boat in their heavy, latticeworked chest, they glow in a rhythm indicating gold. Father south, having travelled perilously across marshland, they flash with in the pattern for copper. Until Waddanian control of the land is shown to be secure, the Stones will remain with their priestly entourage at port.
The patterns of these Stones have been meticulously recorded over the turns and interpreted not only for their dowsing properties but for their mystical connections also. Much of what is written is speculation, yet there are priestly logs which show similar if not the exact wording for certain materials which cannot be mere coincidence, inspiration from the divine mother is undoubtedly at work. Reading and rereading everything written even in the vicinity of the Stones, an apparatus for the tapping of the properties of said certain materials is devised, built, and tested, with mixed results. Being the most abundant of the resources yet studied (and also being cheapest) a sample of alabaster is placed within the apparatus, breaths held, and with an almighty bang! the sample dissipates into foul smelling smoke, and Professor Groninga who placed the stone finds that a once very noticeable blemish on his hand has disappeared. [You can see the properties in the Mysteries tab of the spreadsheet]
>WD cont.
What the Waddans first see through the trees, is the evening light shining on a tropaion of gold; A war trophy of armour and arms piled high like some battle-ready scarecrow. The sight is both awe-inspiring and dread-filling, for once their eyes pull away from it they see what it has overlooked for unknown tyrns. Though grass and poppy grow over it, the ground beneath is churned as if by a hundred ploughs driven by mad oxen. All about it is pierced with ancient spikes of rotting wood and the green-rusted remains of weaponry. As they step upon the field their feet kick up the fragmented bones of the dead. This, though they do not know it, was the Site of the Battle of Nine, where forgotten empires from all over Sarghun waged war, over what is equally forgotten. A gold ring, set with a chipped ruby is the first thing found by the settlers that was not the mangled metal of sword or spear. Inside engraved in some unknown script, a testament that those who died here were men with lives not unlike their own. They shiver at the vast expanse, though the east summer wind blows warm.
Having resupplied, the First Fleet recommences their journey south, spying coast and upon it a monolithic promontory of grey stone. The crew (or more likely, Captain Beninga himself) declare it should be called The Rock of Beninga, or Beninga's Rock. The Second Fleet however chases down the ruffians who so foolishly assaulted them, managing to retrieve the treasured flagship, but woe without the bodies of their compatriots. Captain Heeringa, having taken control, sails into Klinkested a hero.
Having garnered what little information they can from the ancient battlefield, awaiting the return of scholars sent back to Glinsterjested to scour the rolls, the army continues south reaching a river, over which a number of strange men are tending to fields. [>GY] Their sun-beaten skin has to it hues of red or otherwise of blue, a few very strikingly so. They are focused on their tasks and do not seem to have yet spotted the Waddans as they approach.

On the dry plain, where o'er the river the jungle sprouts with many a good and ill thing, shall the city of Solunist be erected on the shores of the calm waters. Here the fire of each Karn may be quenched e'er it burn over and consume him. There also shall cooling fish be eaten to temper the rage of the belly. And in the far reaches of the world will gold be brought up to honour Sarathe.
Karnites had considered raiding or even sacking the city of Edion to their north since they had discovered it, but it seems that fate had other ideas and instead a great mass of people come streaming from the city in the night. Men, women, and children come with their possessions on asses and carts, stymied in their retreat by the great jungle they face. They traipse into the Karnate with pleading faces, made gruesome by their sharp, pointed teeth.


> Build Lead Mine (If this is overreaching do an Opal Mine instead)
> Build Fort at the mouth of the southern river
> Military Training - Establish the Mawos Faction

The presence of the Bloodied Ones in the forests beyond the river has set a grim aura about Safehole. The bolstered army drills and trains on the floodplains, while lookouts peer across the river into the forests. Arrows fill wooden targets mocked up into caricatures of rumors. Training weapons clash and clatter as Dirkin train with spear and short blades both, learning, at least in theory, how to use both weapons, the spear in a line and the blade when the order of a battle has reduced to madness. Some wash out, returning to their life as Hunter-Oaks, but others are reborn as Maws, named Volos’s child who takes souls to The Darkness.

The disciples of Havas are hard at work as well, lead by Cliff-Vas, whom many call the dark forger. His hands are blistered and scarred from his time in The Darkness, secrets of smithing scorched from wrist to the neck, though reading them is a trial as the man scarcely sleeps and more rarely stops his work crafting weapons of war for the new Maws, wickedly barbed spears and terribly sharp blades. His apprentices whisper that he uses his own hands as a whetstone! Perhaps seeking his favor many aspiring smiths set out into the mountains to procure a new metal for the forge, hauling back carts of heavy soft lead.

On the western front all seems quiet for now, but the priestess of Diane glares often that way regardless. While many of the Dirkin think well of the Avor the priestess of dirt knows well the stories of Stana. Another fort is constructed at the head of the southern river, let these horsemen try and scale walls of stone! Her people will not be trampled beneath hoof again.
File: Untitled.png (11 KB, 174x204)
11 KB
Action 1/2. Build a stone quarry and mine in each mountain tile shown. In the center of the mountains excellent stone is found. Some is of mundane, but excellent quality good for mass construction projects, but another is found to be purple in color, crystalline in appearance, and is of incredible hardness. With the royal forest beneath it already set up to provide wood and game it is time to exploit these resources. It will also provide an excellent opportunity to test out the strength potions as hard labor will show how it works in practical matters.
Army: Continue exploration

Navy: Continue sailing north back home.
Peace... it was odd, certainly the rumblings in the east were unsettling to Ridom.. but it was his beloved brother managing that.. keeping the beasts in check, perhaps now would be the time to take a wife and sire some heirs.. a good time.. a peaceful time

Action 1
Build like a MF
1x Forge built in the Khans Pass
1x Lumber Yard Built

Action 2
1x Lumber Yard Built
1x Silver Mine Built
Move the army north to the continue investigating
The great and mighty house Shayla is angry, throwing themselves wildly into politics this Tyrn as the other houses consolidate their bountiful gains. Their noise making is ignored by the empress and spurned by the high priestess, but eventually enough of the critical gears of governance are spurred into motion that they can be ignored no longer and they get their way.

Ariaios for her part could not care less, she is loved. Loved! The people love her, at last, they think she is great, they are so correct! The ladies of Loric are loose, marriage rates are down, the festival is still in full swing, and she is finally popular!
Her influence must truly have taken this city, a beacon of wanton behaviour to spit in Aios face for all time. Over the Tyrns course Ariaios vanishes in the crowds, escaping her royal entourage on many occasions, needing to be dragged out of seedy bars and random houses more times than anyone bothers to count.

Her never ending festival continues to not end, the excess of Ariarra raging onwards until dawn, until dusk and dawn again for a thousand days and nights, enjoying the fruits of her success.

The improvement in the empresses mood is seen as a very good thing by everyone, her most aggressive and predatory behaviours temporarily curtailed in the face of her newfound popularity. She spends her time continuing to spread the festivity of Ariarra, designing new fashions, dancing before crowds and generally staying completely out of the way of court affairs.

Late one night as the Turn draws to a close, she wanders well out of her way. The sounds of lust prick her ears, familiar, she follows them down the hall, and into the bedroom of the high priestess. There, through a crack in the doorframe, that man she remembers, father of her children, cheating on her with her second in command, her beloved is in bed with another woman. She doesn’t mind it. She tells herself she doesn’t care, why should she? Everything is alright. Everything is fine. She is in control of her own mind.

She retires to bed, where everything is fine. She breastfeeds her youngest who cannot sleep, and everything is fine, sitting there listening to the bumps in the night.

Action 1: Construct the Imperial Orphanage/Academy “Dunyasal”

The Samya students demand young, supple, pale flesh to toy with, oh, their desires are after Ariaios own heart. She will ensure they are met, but how to make their dreams come true? Her followers are lovely enough, but she does not feel like surrendering them, other temple girls are beyond her reach to trade and kidnapping commoners is, needless to say, unwise.

She stumbles upon an idea, a genius one, when she hears of complaints of pregnancies within her cult forcing her priestesses into mothering roles so young when they should be out there, having fun!

An orphanage!

An orphanage to take unwanted children of the Ariaios cult and plenty other unwanted children besides (The pregnancy rate in Loric has skyrocketed during the unending festival) to raise these kids with no real future prospects or people who’d care about them and give them a life, an education, and then when the children are of age they can be picked out by the Samya or pressed into her cult as prostitutes if they’re girls, or sent off to the army if they’re boys, or whatever. A perfect solution for everyone!

This initial idea is met with skepticism and some relaxed horror at the wrongness of the whole concept, but it is the House Shayla that volunteer to run the orphanage, to the surprise of some. The original plans describe a horrific and abusive organisation that raises children for purposes unspeakable, but the taciturn Shayla have their own designs for it. A school of discipline, obedience and duty, instilling absolute loyalty to the crown, obedience, faith, an organisation that might one day serve to create the finest soldiers in the empire, loyally serving in whatever task they might have been assigned.

Making a full transformation from Ariaios current designs to Shaylas will have to wait for her death however, so the esteemed house plays the long game. It will for now be as she instructs, a thin veneer of an educational establishment raising children for either the perversions of her cult or those of the Samya, but in time will become a realm of discipline, education, honour and strength.

Action 2: Prospect land (113, 112, 125)

The great and noble house of Shayla is unhappy. Some arable farmland was gathered, but the wealth of the land, the true mineral bounty? None was uncovered, this land was barren. Scheher came away with a bounty of agricultural goods and copper to rival the mines of the throne (No doubt they were in bed with the empress), Marai scraping by with a little, but Shayla with nothing.

The bulwark of the empire is nothing if not stubborn however, and resolves to double down. If they must give even more for the chance at even more, land and riches enough to rebuild their once great family, then they will. A very sufficient bribe will be required for this, luckily the eternal festival of Ariarra is still ongoing and the throne is in need of coin. The three houses pool their gold to be granted the land that they believe is their ancestral right to rule, with fragmentary supporting evidence.

Prospectors are dispatched far beyond the borders of Calandorra this time, to divine the future of land not yet part of the empire, to scour the great wilderness.
Posted on behalf of the Ahmosi.

While strength has once more risen the Harem King sits lonely on his throne. All the women and riches in the world cannot eleviate his worries for he has seen the limits of divinity. Their blood diluted, their power muted. He sees men’s muscles grow until they pop, team reaching a limit they can’t pass. He alone broke through eating of fruit of their fallen ancestor. Limits are for mortals yet they have reached the limit.

Sitting on his throne captured in thought he leaned back and reached his hand out towards the sky. Could a God truly ever be reborn? Can the Ahmose one day regain their spot sitting besides the divines or are we just mortals filled with hubris and false hope? The chitchat of his wives starts to fill the grand chaber and he comes back to his senses.

He Anemhotep is the King of the Ahmosi and he needs to pave a path forward for them. No matter the cost or the sacrifice. If they are heading towards a dead end it is his duty to break down the wall which blocks it and opens it up.

Action 1: The Monster Hunt - in the desert
Army movement: One army follow the king into the desert escoring him part-way.
He stands from his throne and stands up, memories of tales from bard and of gossip from town filling his mind. He shall slay a grand beast, may it be a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow for his people. May it be a sign of great deeds to come and may his fight with the beasts of the southern desert fuel the dreams of young and old.
And if there is no beast? There shall be, if he has to break apart a mountain with his bare hands to bring back a trophy of a hunt he shall. He will bring hope back to his peoples.

Action 2: Arena training continues
Many Ahmose are yet unaware of the limit their bodies had hit. Continuing training relentlessly setting new record, unaware of their own skill they keep miving forward. Their muscles no stronger, but the skill and technique of utilising them grows.
Wrestling, sprinting, sparring, lifting, jumping and boxing. In the age where the body is at it’s limit technique and skill is coming to the forefront becoming an art in it’s own right. The Ahmose people keep moving forward.
File: NRP6 Turn 11.png (17 KB, 271x415)
17 KB

The Vardyger are two, father and son, both managing the realm of Vettirgard. With the father's ailment the Vardyger is often bedridden, becoming easily ill, and worse yet, his dreams drift into the astral realm, in which he may never rest, as he is hounded by the astral maws. The son then follows the Vardyger into the astral realm, and horrified by the gluttony of maws before him, he stands paralysed as his father is further injured by the slavering maws. But thanks to the son's escape from the astral realm, the father can follow, surviving yet another night. The father finds himself blind in one eye and requiring a staff for support, barely able to walk anymore. His son consult the shamans on what to do and all they tell him, is to be prepared.

>Action 1: Raise the Svarthirden army, armed with copper weaponry.
Though the astral maws certainly weren't subtle in their attempts to end the Vardyger's life, he grows very concerned as to what it may foreshadow. Are the Grims going to make a resurgence? But at the same time, the elders say they have made enough Trellkrigers to make an army now, perfect timing. So the Vardyger raises an army of these loyal and brutal warriors, a retinue, a Hird, under his command. They wear blackened clothes and hoods on their heads, the black Hird, or Svarthirden. With guidance from the Hrafnlaun they will always have the advantage in any engagement.

>Action 2: Develop Sea Hawk sailships.
As the Sverre Geirrmann fleet returns, with a trophy ship in tow, the boatmakers get to work studying them. With the insights they gleam they are able to overcome the shortcomings of the Hornboat, first by making a better internal structure to handle the size and second by adding a sail to provide the primary propulsion rather than oars. The new boat, nay, ship, the new ship is bigger and better, even in speed, thanks to a wide hull providing a low draft, letting it glide across the waves rather than having to plow through them.

>Navy Action: Loop back home to get ships, then advance toward Fargerikøya. The Hrafnlaun's eyes are upon them.
When the Seawights return to the ports of Hoftborg, they are welcomed with open arms, much celebration is abound as they show off the riches of the south. Their captured ships are studied and their ranks swell with eager Seawights, even women come along, so they can properly settle closer to the lands of riches. The Vardyger takes special interest in them, tasking the Hrafnlaun to look over them.
> Position armies at eastern fort in preparation for strike against eastern tribe
File: Turn.png (211 KB, 766x858)
211 KB
211 KB PNG

>Action 1: Development around Beninga Bay
>(Lumber and Fishing)
You can never have too much of the basics, and sourcing a product from the local area is usually more efficient and cost-effective then waiting for the next shipment to arrive from Glinsterjested. Especially for perishables such as fish, when the waters of Beninga Bay are brimming with sardines, mackerels, bream and even mighty Tuna. And further inland, though much like home the woodcutters pay notice to the subtle differences in some of the trees; adding a little more variation to the timbers available for Waddan usage.

>Action 2: Defence upon the Isthmus
>(Half-Expansion and Fortress)
Strangers; and strange strangers at that; these people to the east are most definitely not Waddan in their looks. Jelckama's fate is already doing the rounds as a lesson in caution; and so it is decided that whilst greetings and overtures are all very well, having defences and walls to shelter behind and upon if things go badly would greatly advance any negotiating position. To that end, it is decided to advance the Waddanian claims a minute amount to gain control of the peninsula's base, and to build a fortress upon the thinnest and most defensible point of the isthmus, where the land corridor is narrow, the sea sits to both south and north-east, and a mighty swollen river blocks any easy advance from the immediate east.

>Navy 1: Beninga Voyages on!
Beninga Bay, Beninga's Rock... the world is ripe with discovery, who knows what else might be found and given Beninga's proud moniker to grace the histories? The 1st fleet voyages westward along the coast, charting and observing the lands they pass.

>Navy 2: Heeringa on patrol
Fresh from ambush and conflict in the north, Heeringa welcomes the return to more regular duty, with his fleet charged with resumption of routine patrol along the shipping routes and safeguarding of the Waddan coasts.
File: Tarn Navigator.png (252 KB, 249x509)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>Turn 11
Action 1: Religious Improvements
Jannah’s final commandment was thus:
>“Across the Great Sea, the old stepwells still stand. Their lacquer is chipped, and their walls slick with algae, but the ancestral waters remain. Unworshipped, unheeded, neglected! Yet still. they remain. They wait, through all depredation--for you. Go now, my children. Remind the people of the customs they have forgotten. Teach them of our ways. And in time they too shall join us in the eternal light of the balance.”
>Based out of the Holy Forge, the Order of Jannah is formed with the purpose of maintaining and expanding Tarnish religion in faraway lands.

Action 2: Better Navigation
The rise of alloying materials brings forth a stream of pilgrims to the Holy Forge. With them comes diverse ores from across the countryside, brought as offerings or potential business agreements. One otherwise unassuming rock reveals its nature when accidentally dropped. The clumsy acolyte notices that it spins gently on the floor, coming to rest in the same orientation each time. The meager scraps of this ore that were offered are quickly identified and sequestered away for further study.
Not long after, members of the Order of Jannah begin offering their services as navigators. Their methods are cloaked in ritual and deception, but the results are inarguable. Even on a cloudy night, an Order navigator can steer a ship true. They become a mainstay aboard Tarnish trade ships almost overnight.
>Better Navigation 2

NM: Jannah passes peacefully in the center of the Holy Forge, surrounded by her many children and attendants. It is said that her body remains pristine even after her death, free from rot or decay by her divine heritage. The monks of the forge clad her body in her ceremonial armor and inter it within a golden sepulcher somewhere within the labyrinthine corridors of the forge. To this day, it is said that acolytes still catch glimpses of her shining armor along the complex’s hall late at night.
>Hail Jannah! Crusader, Bronze-giver, Swordswoman, Forge-mistress! We pray that your holiness purifies our hearts and vanquishes all evil. May we honor you with our craft, our deeds, and our piety. Hail!
Posted on behalf of the Karn

1. Forge in Solunist, along with a farm for the refugees to work in the meantime.

2 An army is raised in Solunist in response to another army on our border, to garrison the fort
Keep moving the Common Army to the Odithians reeeeeee

1. With Ra'Prisha's passing, power falls to her son, who is renamed Ra'Kaerv owing to his uncertain fatherhood. Ra'Kaerv is not as standoffish as his mother, a capricious lad, lf great fire in his heart and a devilish smile. With some advising from his Chief Advisor, Ra'Kaerv uses his power to call for the increased cultivation of the fine berry that Mareev use. Aiming to establish better relations, the crown awards a fine payment to any who farm this berry for Mareev usage in any significant amount(more magic berry farms for more special brews).

2. With their sudden integration into the growing borders of Yarvik, the Voraiks grow annoyed that land they once owned is now partially the land of the "Shut away" city dwellers. In response to this they seek to gain greater economic power, and create fisheries along the coast wherein to sell their finer goods to the city people. Soon fishy smells and brine are associated with the Voraiks, but the people bring themselves to buy the influx of shellfish, fish, and whatever else the Voraiks bring them(coastal fisheries)
Army movement: As the messenger from the north arrives the army protecting the capital moves north in response to the barbarian aggression. These transgressions will not go unpunished.

1. Following the army in what can only assumed to be a more permanent guard position, and planned long before any of this occurred as support for priests in the north, to settle a new town between the great temple and the lake.
(Settle new city)
2. Barbarian hordes have struck, attacking fleeing men and women and the priests that gave them sanctuary on holy land. These barbarians are less than beasts, creatures of the old chaos in defiance of the laws of hospitality and have invaded Amunian lands. The weapons passed from father to son will no longer work. Ignite the forges for war, put the smiths to the test. To the swordsmen swords with a thick, heavy, head to chop through foliage, shields, and bone. To the spearmen long bladed spears with shafts as long as a man tall so no man can reach them without being impaled through. To the archers barbed arrows so that those hit will have to rip their own bodies to remove the arrows. Finally shields for the men, to guard them and those next to them.
(Forge new weapons for the Forged Weapons bonus)

>Action 1 - Build 2 Farms (Along the river, north of the Temple of Blood)
The work on the temple was one of the grander projects the Khloes had embarked on in recent memory, certainly within Dak-yo's life. The nearby river had long hosted a smattering of once-refugees, measly peasants eking a living on the fringes of Khloes society, mingling with the Avor just across the way. But with the temple, and the ever-hungry mouths of the workforce, they find their land swallowed up in fields and animal pens, and soon enough they too are press-ganged into service, one way or another.

>Action 2 - Create Army
Prospith waits with bated breath, for Dak-yo lies aged and weak. His cousins and once-rivals already stir, lifting weapons and urging sons and daughters in the prime of their youth to do the same, all for an attempt at the throne. Unfortunately for them, Dak-yo enjoyed the waning years of his life, and left behind seven healthy children! The oldest, a young woman who is given the name Su-won, takes after her Artist father, and has already mastered 4 of the 9 Silversword arts he created, far beyond any of her extended family! At the waning light of this tyrn, Dak-yo passes on, and the very next day she meets her cousins in deadly combat, ritual duels held in the central palace. She emerges victorious, unwounded save for a lost eye, and rallies the young adults of the kingdom into an army with which she can shape the world!

Third Tenant of the Artist
~ found on a scroll in a swordsmiths home.
To Strike, you must Live. To Live, is to Breath. But a Breath is two Things, a Breath In, and a Breath Out. A Strike must be One thing, and it must be Now. Grip your Blade, and Still your Breath. Then you may Strike. You will Draw Breath after, and your Foe will not.
>Lore - The Irreechi Castes
>The Council
Highest among Irreechi society is the elder councilmen of The Order. Although they wield very little power directly, their authority over the selection and enforcement of the Pact Master's duties and The Landed that work below him, they are functionally above the law.
>The Landed
Although a great deal of political authority is held by the Order's armies, this authority is granted to them by those who have had such power otherwise thrust upon them. The Landed are the scribes, diplomats, and stewards of the Order, responsible for specialized and highly important jobs that are often afforded many privileges' or rewards in other nations. Of course there is a certain degree of cultural admiration for the brilliant minds of The Landed caste, but the position is far from privileged - bearing a greater likeness to bondage. Much like the Pact Master is selected from a continuous bloodline and bound to serve his kingdom with no rewards to himself, there are a number of other bloodlines who are granted no choice in their life path. From their youth, these men and women are bound to service and rigorously trained to fulfill their family's oath.
>The Priest
Priests act as local leaders and teachers, sharing sermons and judging wickedness alike. Among this caste are the teachers, inquisitors, philosophers, and judges with most members carrying out several of these duties. As a position of authority, great scrutiny is placed upon the priest to ensure rigged subscription to the Irreechi doctrines and never gratifying themselves above their gods. Although a member of this caste themself, Inquisitors are known to spend a great deal of their time investigating the activities of other priests and local leaders.
>The Soldier
The second most common division of Irreechi labor - the Soldiers caste is numerous and is grown each day by ambitious and self-loathing minds. Although a great deal of cultural admiration for the armies help drive recrutiment, the most common cause of enlistment is a practice known as "kasr min qibal almaksur" wherein devotees who are troubled by their prideful, unforgiving, or violent minds are enlisted by their local priests. Toted as a form of religious therapy, the belief behind the practice is that an evil mind is made good when turned against evil.
>The Commoner
The majority of Irreechians fall into a general caste of common laborers, blessed with no gift of blood, nor any curse of thought. Those who can maintain peace with their nature, or perhaps simply lack the intellect to effectively self-evaluate will find themselves members of this caste. Although no less devoted than their other kin in practice, less is routinely required of them to fully reinforce the sense of sacrifice and self-loathing that is common in other castes.
>Action 1 - Military - Sharpening Blades
"Evil trembles in the presence of a blade honed to perfection. Sharpen yours until it glimmers with the light of justice and strikes fear into the hearts of darkness." ~ Akel's Usherance
Dulled blades are a common practice of the Irreechi, driven by their love of good and belief in earthly redemption. The Abomination at Edion marked the end of this grace; There is only one universal language by which the Fear of God can be evoked.

>Action 2 - Language - Learn Karn
The Irreechi have learned a number of languages now, and have created a number of systems and tools to facilitate this process. With the aide of whatever courtesy the Karn will grant them as well as some degree of bribing and facechanging, the Irreechi attempt a rushed job of establishing at least enough of an understanding to express details and communicate ideas.

The navy continues to Waddian lands
>Action 1: Cage the Elephants [Resource]
Once more the Elephants roam wild, charging at the passerby who dare walk too close, and generally disrupting all life in the east.
Once more they are corralled and made more peaceful, though their minds are wild still.
Authors note: I'm not actually putting them in cages, I just think it's a cheeky reference to the band.

>Action 2: Aletheos' Return [Magic]
Defying the expectations of the few who even knew about his journey, Aletheos marches out of the desert, having seen a glimpse into the past of the All Father himself. Many hardly recognize him as himself, not from a difference in appearance, but behavior. His mind is separated from his humanity, as if he speaks from a higher existence, reminiscent of Odithis himself. Whether this is merely an act or not will be tested with haste, as the unchained and unrestrained Boreos is driving a wedge through the Odithian society along with his sister, and those who fear them really behind Aletheos to bring them to heel.
1st action: Research.
Continue researching the higher mysteries.
Long have the esoterical mysteries of the aether and the realm of the gods been ignored for more material matters, to correct the matter a meeting is held by the Chroniclers of the stars who watch for the movement of the heavenly bodies. Many days of endless days would pass before the matter was settled using the recent discovery of glass the smiths who worked the material would be commissioned to make a giant pane of the finest glass available and used to explore the mysteries of the cosmos to greater heights.

2nd action: Research.
Develop the schooling system.
As the population that was governed under the order of Uru-Anu grew in size the schooling system needed to expand to insure that the youth and elderly would be properly educated. While attendance wasn't mandatory the order would encourage attendance by lowering the taxes of the yearly to the families that sent their children to the school. As attendance grew and more pupils graduated with the basic knowledge thought to them a secondary system of educational curriculum would be set in stone to teach those willing who wanted to further their education and knowledge of the trade they wanted to enter. To those few who where exceptional and talented the order would pay them to attend private lessons to learn more than what was normally thought to the public with a band of gold and silver forged as a trinket to mark those who accepted this offer and graduated.
Posted on behalf of the Chitterers

>Grow the Gathering
A tyrn has passed, the city must grow.

>Grow the gathering
If it will shut them up, fine! Have at the land.

>Replace our lost navy
It has been many moons. The waves have gone and gone, the tides ebbed and flow. And still, no word from our long departed fleet. We would have expected something by now at least, even a ghost ship would do, but nothing. Like the ancient histories of this world, they are lost... But what are we if not historians? What are we if not the ones who go out looking for what was lost! That is what defines the OC, the fact that we are never satisfied simply with "it is what it is". We must know, even more than what happened to our ancestors. We must know what happened to our kin! Perhaps they are simply lost. Maybe they have run ashore. Or mayhaps the tidal father Trion has decided to call them home. Whatever the answer is, we will endeavor to find it, and for this we will build a sister navy in their name.

>Archeological expedition: The Burial mounds north of Tarn's border.
In deals passed an accord was reached where services of Ocena was exchanged for knowledge and access to burial mounds Tarnish scouts had found in lands outside their borders. It has been on the minds of many ever since what lost artifact and delights could possibly be hidden through these lands. The time has finally come. An expeditionary force is dispatched to the mounds, equiped with tools and provisions to erect a temporary home here from which to explore at their leisure. May these lands hold answers for all of us.

>Colonize the island with Menot's Garden on it.
After word from our second fleet arrived at the shores of Fumatri that there were islands further east, many curious Oc's decided it was once more time to pack their bags and see what else was out there. Gathering their belongings, scrounging together provisions, and saying farewell to friends and family, a group of colonists set sail to the new lands. Yet unbeknownst to them, these lands are not entirely vacant as reports have stated...

Navy Actions:
Navy 1 - Continues it's journey West along the coast.
Navy 2- Delivers the colonists aimed at the new island.
File: Tarn Turn 11.png (79 KB, 538x513)
79 KB
>last minute action addendum.
>Free Action: Army
The army completes its journey to the tumuli

>Free Action: Navy
The navy sails north to dock at Xiuado, keeping watch for any raiders.
File: map11.png (935 KB, 2047x2151)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
4th Chains, 2nd PAC

Messengers from the lake arrive, strange men have attacked from the north, they have come with the fire of hatred in their eyes for the refugees taken in. The army is dispatched, behind them follow their retinue and families, along with homesteaders granted northern land rights. They are to settle the city of Vital in the plain approaching the Passage Temple, a way-stop for priests, pilgrims, and where the conquering army shall return.
As yet the men of the army have procured their own equipment, leading to a stunningly disorganised array of weapons, but more importantly a worrying range in the quality thereof. The High Lord himself decrees it, from his own purse shall the army be equipped with weapons of bronze, forged in the holy city of Amun, with maces, daggers, and sword-clubs of obsidian as signs of office.

What is a King without conquests? What is a god without legends? Pharakhan Anemhotep rises from his throne with purpose in his dark eyes, he shall give the people a reason to worship and fear him, he will give them tales to tell long after he has joined his heavenly kin, he will venture into the desert and slay beasts. A prayer to Oukolos on his lips, he and his retinue venture out into the unknown in search of monsters to kill, trophies to return. After marching many miles south, the Pharakhan halts his men, his eyes dart about, he senses something they cannot. He orders them to make camp, he shall carry on alone, after all the legends tell of mighty hunters and heroes defeating foes alone. For three days he wanders, for three nights he wonders, but as the first pink light of dawn approaches he spies his prize. Black it is, blacker than the last scraps of night is skulks through, and more monstrous than any beast he has seen. He strikes, the fiends strikes back, its jaws snap around him, his arms lock around its neck. A sickening crunch, it falls dead, he cuts of its head. He returns to his men in what feels like a single stride carrying with him the head of a jackal the size of his own broad torso. Black ichor coats his body and stings his flesh.
Sparring in the Colosseum has become not only a method of preparing the army for combat, but also a much adored spectator sport, even a few Tarnsmen watch now and then from the great wall. The Pharakhan orders, whilst he is away on his hunt, that there shall be endless tourneys until his return. He discusses with his generals that this is also to be a test of their tactical training and their organisation, hoping to put on a display that will rival anything his predecessor accomplished.
The properties of a round, water-filled glass had been known since shortly after blown glass vessels were made available, especially for the use of intricate work by gold- & silver- smiths, whose filigree work is very much the talk of traders throughout the country. But the scholars of Uru-Anu have theorised that a large vessel need not be required if a piece of bent glass ground smoother than skin may be acquired. Here the Shamir of the mines is brought into use as something other than decorative gravel, found to be an excellent emery it is used to create lenses which magnify whatever is seen through them. Though there is some use for the astrologers, it is found to be of most use at sea.
The existing system of schooling has proven most beneficial throughout the country, sparking debates (and even one or two fistfights by the more staunch in their beliefs) on all11 manner of subjects. The grand observatory, when not hosting scholarly endeavours, becomes a great marketplace of ideas, including those which some Councillors find most unfit. But give education to anyone who can afford the loss of a farmhand and of course there will be novel ideas lifelong intellectuals will not have considered. This new method of schooling, prompted by tax breaks and other incentives for those families whose children excel, bring revolutionary thought to the forefront. Matters not usually though worth discussion are introduced to the white limestone halls of Academia; Methods to increase crop yields, uses for those blasted hippos, radical notions to help prospect land, the list only goes on!

Khan's Pass, as yet unincorporated, continues to see development before homesteaders are granted proper rights settle the wall itself. The necessities of lumber and forging facilities are built, along with the final clearing of the rocks and artefacts from the ditch between the walls. The heartland sees similar construction, timber for the capital, along with silver which the Khlomosan seem most eager to acquire from them. There shall need to be a price determined for it.
At last the army arrives, the horses sweating, their eyes wild. At the Forest of the Ancestors they dismount and make their way on foot towards the ghostly cold before them. The warmth of summer has gone from the trees, chittering sounds echo about them as they march. Then they spot them, no more than a dozen it seems, figures which at first are mistaken for pale, naked men. But no, they stand, sniffing the air, they must each be at least seven feet tall, though with emaciated bodies, their limbs like the branches of a sick tree. Their skin is the pallid shade of the dead, their eyes milky, their limp and missing in large patches. When they stand, the army can see what they have been feasting upon, the body of an Avor, cracking the bones to suck out the marrow. It will not be long before they are found out, they must strike now!
The Chitterers are persuaded by some miracle to move from the borders, but that does not mean there is no threat to the land of the Children of Dirt. The Avor may seem friendly, but the Dirkin have yet to see if they can control their temper. A fortress of stone is erected where the River Reason bubbles up from the rocks. Meanwhile men venture into the far mountains to retrieve that strange soft metal, which they hope may please Cliff-Vas, perhaps he can work it into more wonders as he has since returning from The Darkness.
The new regime that has been established for the army, the Maws, both inspires and worries many in Safehole & around. These Maws with their weapons forged by that half-crazed smith have taken on a darkness in their eyes. Rumour says they smear forge ash around the sockets, a sign of their devotion. The pride of the father and sorrow of the mother are in equal measure when a son of theirs passes the new tests to be accepted into (or to remain in) the army.
The armies are moved through the marshlands into the fortifications there. They prepare for their assault against the hostile men of the east.

Life at the edges of Khlomosa is upturned with the building of the Temple of the Royal Blood (etc. etc.), trappers & vagrants brought under the tyrannical thumb of farm labour & taxation. But ho! who is this that comes traipsing through their fields this day? Men & women (very lovely ones too) of white, crown in the greenery of spring, with weapons of gold & younglings in tow. The Avor must have allowed them passage through their lands, but what are they doing in theirs?!
"O living breath of Prospith, whose blood runs hot and eyes seek fortune, let us be one in arms!" So sayeth Su-Won the One-Eyed, first Queen of Khlomosa, a rallying cry which draws up another force of men (& a few worthy women) to fight for Queen & Country.

The orgiastic debauchery of Ariarra has only one outcome, well it has three rather major outcomes which are discussed at length in the council chambers whenever Ariaios isn't using it as a brothel, namely children. Countless of them born each tyrn from the rampant degeneracy that has rampaged through the empire. Even in Ariaios' own chambers there are more children than she can remember her or her ladies bearing, at least the succession is assured she muses. But what to do with all of these extra mouths born to those unfortunates outside the palace walls, starving infants in the street would really kill the mood. But fate has seen to it that there is a sudden need of young flesh. An imperial orphanage is built at once to house those whose parents cannot, or will not, feed them. Most will go on to become palace guards, concubines, army fodder, and the other professions necessary to run a court, but others will tragically die young, it is the way of the world. Some ponder why the orphanage is built in the template of the Biomantic Academies but are assured it is a cost cutting measure and nothing more.
>EC cont.
The evidence was flimsy, in point of fact it was fabricated and obviously so, but these three families had been invaluable to Ariaios rise, she grants them whatever it is they want. Eagerly their surveyors are sent out into the wilderness. In the lands of Scheher there is salt, a useful if rather boring find beneath the vast sands of the Dune of Exis. In the lands of Marai there is brimstone, which surely has some use. And in the lands of Shayla there is a red ore, nigh impossible to extract from the rock, of which no prospector or priest has an idea of what it is. But that is not all Shayla discovers in what will one day be their barony, for in the desert thunder crackles though the sky is clear, still the air is charged with power.
[D] But hang on, what were those other two "rather major outcomes" mentioned? Oh it's surely nothing to worry about, trifles really. Reports of a new venereal disease, but everyone saw something like that coming. The effects? Nothing to worry about nothing at all, it's just some scabbing of the infected areas, inflammation of the glands in the the throat, and the armpits, and the groin. But only a few have been so affected, they've been quarantined, nothing to worry about in the slightest. Well, yes a few have died from it, and those that survive are infertile, but it hasn't infected more than *cough, cough* an eighth of Loric. The other issue? As I said it's really not a bother, just some crops wilting, it's probably just the summer heat and the farmhands being preoccupied.

As agreed with the Dirkin through charade and mimicry, the armies of the north are pulled back, for now.
It is always a delicate balance keeping both the streets of The Gathering and the bellies of those who fill those streets, full. And it is one the Letterchewers are having a difficult time with. Already there are plots loudly spoken in the self same streets of pulling the Letterchewers from their fancy houses right at the top of the heap down to the lowest levels and making meals of them.
As promised, the Chitterers who had knocked down the Letterchewers doors did not riot one little bit. Sure other Chitterers did, but they didn't have any part in it.

Voraik strike at the chance to improve their lot, beginning to cultivate these miraculous berries in huge numbers up and down the Kalavier. By the end of the tyrn, the Mareev have more than they know what to do with. Other voraik are less enthused by the prospect, having found life out side the influence of Yarvik most freeing. Even when it is explained to them it was the will of Markalin, many consider it more the will of Ra'Prisha with a gloss of godliness on it. Well there's one place the city-folk cannot claim dominion, the sea, so to it they flock in droves to start new lives as fishermen. Lucrative they find it, too, especially the crabs which spawn in great numbers around their rocky coast.
>GY cont.
The army, after a brief respite, marches onwards. Through lush valley past overgrown jungle right up to the borders of the mud people, just as huge beasts in grey scale-armour with spears jutting from their faces, are trampling over the remains of a farming village. Perhaps they have come at a bad time.

The dulled sword was a sign within the Order that there was peace for the Irreechi, but the Abraamite menace has brought this age long tradition to an end. Whetstones, for so long used only for the sickle and the workman's knife, how sad a day it is that it be passed into the hands of the army. [>WK] As this much needed and much hated reform is enacted, The Zealots set to work understanding the barbarous tongue of the men of the south-east, which many have half-joked sounded like "blud blud blud", but what can be expected from half-savages who go about practically naked? The men and women of the nearby city are rewarded with coins of silver to aid them in learning this "language", with the latter being much more amicable and less likely to throw stones.
[>WD] Rowing against the wind; The sailors find some meaning in it, was this not what they and all of the Irreechi have done all their long lives? Pushed against nature and the gods over that nature for their own ends. There is a bitterness in it too, one they feel mostly in their arms, but at last they dock in Glinsterjested, most impressed by the many red brick warehouses of the waterfront.

Aletheos emerges from the desert a man changed. His face, though beaten by the sands and winds, has lost none of his boyish looks, but he has matured behind the eyes so quickly that his own mother and grandmother hardly recognise him. When he speaks, he speaks with the voice of the All-Father, not that Odithis speaks through him, rather that he has the authority of the most high. With this voice he commands the demi-gods so run amok to halt. Though the sibling demi-gods were each twice his size, his words alone bring them to their knees. He chastises them as a father does his wayward children and though even just Koleopi could crush his body in her hands, both hang their heads in shame.
Boreos returned to his senses, though he hides even his hands and feet in armour now no matter the weather, and with his aide once more the elephants, beloved symbol of the Odithians, are brought to heel.

It takes the Potentia to tell Koson what his council of grown men are afraid to tell him to his face; his quarrying scheme is too ambitious. There is simply not enough mountain to mine that much stone! She has already signed off on the works to be adjusted northwards, just a little.
>LD cont.
The navy, helmed by an increasingly irritable Vorinth, continue the extensive journey home again. Restocking at the sombre Oc port of Curio, as they are in mourning for the loss of a fleet at sea, though still stories of something called Obaba the Spider or Obaba the All-Seeing are shared. The captain of the fleet is reminded that talks to use the ports of the Oc as trade-waypoints between Nemosa and the wider south must commence soon.
Orlon-Asur and his retinue march onwards, through empty plain and meadow in search of legend, finding only empty plain and meadow.

It has been too long since any word has travelled through the ports of the ventures of the Third Fleet and many have feared the worst. When another tyrn passes and still there is no sign of them it is declared officially that the brave men of the fleet have been lost to Trion. There is a day of mourning declared in Curio, but already plans are in motion to replace the lost ships.
A team is assembled in the far flung Fumatri to begin the search through the tumuli of the Tarn. They arrive with little left in the tyrn, but it is enough time to rendezvous with Tarnic forces which have guarded the site and set up a base of opertations. It is just as it had been described, a vast field of tumuli of varying sizes, ranging from little more than bumps in the ground to pyramids of earth half the size of their home city!
Something catches the eye of the First Fleet as they sail along the coast, plant life unlike anything they've seen. They raise their sails to slow their pace, that the crew might get a better look at it as they are carried past on the waves. The Second Fleet returns north with settlers from Fumatri to claim the colourful isle they spied on their journey tyrns ago. [>VT] When they disembark however, they find they are not the first to lay roots, strange short, almost blue men (they are so pale!) are fishing from the eastern shore on peculiar, rather primitive boats. Why not go see if they're friendly.

Tarnish shipmen have proven to be among the best there are in all of Prakshun, taking to charting with great accuracy the movement of the currents & winds about the waters of the east. Included are the dangerous eddies, hidden wrecking stones, and all manner of other potential pitfalls a fleet may face. Having charted the waters from Huoxinwa to the Parhuami tribals of Ahmose, crews are sure they can lead any navy that would dare come against them into these secret traps. Of course it also means they can avoid them and travel with speed whilst in these waters. [I am happy to grant a second navigation tech but lodestones are actually one of the resources I've been keeping in my pocket so I can't allow the exact wording of the turn]
>TN cont.
Jannah's spirit returns to the heavens, her earthly vessel encased in bronze and gold is laid to rest within the Holy Forge. Here it is that the noble Order of Jannah is formed, bent on spreading of the one true faith of Harppan-Deepakism to the wayward of the earth. Theirs is a hardline faith, with strict devotion to a form of Deepakism practised in Harppa, with a theology recorded very clearly in the very stones of the Holy Forge.
The navy docks in the ports of Xiuado, as per their agreement with the yellow-faced men, and set watch for pirates. The army meanwhile are sent, after a runner travels through the smoky city to inform them of a change of plans, to the Field of Tumuli to greet a soon to be arriving group of Oc archaeologists.

Vardyger the Son, it is his wedding night, a rare practice among the common Wights but one necessary to be sure of the succession of Hofthings in the future. Vardyger the Father, he is left alone on the astral realm, the maws come again more vicious than before now that he is without his guardian. Come mourning the son boasts of his valiance in the marriage cot. Come mourning the father does not rise from his own cot. The Hofthing is dead, Long live the Hofthing!
The stunt the Seawights have pulled enrages the elders when they learn of it! How greedy and subsequently foolish they have become in their greed! Now their will come retaliations, there will come men in ships larger than their hornboats, they will come with spear and hate and death! Woe! Woe to all Vettirgard for the Seawights doings! An army must be raised, men with spears and hate and death of their own to guard against what is surely to come. Their grumbling seems to stop awfully quickly when the Seawights reveal what this foolish greed has brought them though, not only the shipment of tin [only useful for fluff actions and once you've researched alloying] and an awful lot of what turns out to be jars of pickled crabs and a stinking fish sauce, but the boat they proudly sail in on. Quickly what can be learnt is copied from the design, integrating what they have of the hornboats, into a uniquely Vettish vessel.
[>OC] What trick has been pulled?! What treachery has befallen the men of Fargerikøya that non-Wights have sullied her shores?!
The outpost of Beninga's Bay is thriving, all they need now after the fishing privileges, lumber rights, land deeds, and their very own fortifications have been built, is the go-ahead to coalesce their loose collection of homesteads into a proper city. [I will allow it this once, but in the future there will be no "half expansions"]
The wind whips their sails far more than was expected over the tyrn, landing the First Fleet right in the territorial waters of, by Tamath, are those men naked?! The Second Fleet meanwhile enjoys the return to normality, guarding the shipping routes around Glinster, although there are always some who wish to go back to assailing pirates and setting their coves ablaze.

Solunist, though the odd men of the north linger about the forest, grows. In due time a forge is needed to supply the many craftsmen come to the lake-edge. As for the Abraamites, they are sent north, to farms of their own to till, until something more permanent can be established. Their demeanour, when told of the plan, appears to the Karnites to be almost petulant or ungrateful. Alongside these, a Solunist regiment is drawn up and garrisoned in the nearby fort, perhaps the men on horseback will get the idea, and stop bribing the fishwives with silver.


The Oc language, Alec, can be learnt but does not impart the ability to understand the Fallen Kingdom languages that native Oc they do.

>Irreechian Overreach
The war priests of Amun had halted the advance of the Irreechi into their jungle with their display of arms, but only for a moment. They dismounted, drew their own weapons and continued their march after the refugees. High Priest Imu struck first, crushing the skull of one of the invaders, loosening his mask to reveal these "men" to be little more than walking corpses. Alas, as the men of the Order cut down the priests, they found that this descriptor was true of the slain heretics. Their throats cut, their limbs hacked off, still they fought right until they were reduced to viscera, which still unnaturally twitched and slimed towards them as the Irreechi strode into the jungle. They marched right to the temple whose burnt sacrifices were as a beacon fire, marvelling a little at the architecture of these barbarians before sighting their quarry. The Abraamic monsters screamed curses as they drew near, retreating behind the fools that had let them into their lands, allowing them to do the killing. No matter, the heathen is brought asunder, this blasphemous temple is scoured and the sons & daughters of Edion destroyed.
Fighting was intense on both sides, the barbarous southerners through their wicked magics fought on past death, downing a number of Irreechians on their cleansing path. No doubt they will seek revenge for being shown the folly of their hospitality so it is what remains of the army collects their dead, traipses through the trees, mounts their horses and rides to Edion to recover.

>Turn 12
Action 1:
With the return of the messenger ships, the call goes up for a new expedition to be mounted northward. Tarnsmen erect a new lumberyard, earmarked for the production of a new fleet.
>Lumberyard at 1
>Northern Farms at 2

Action 2:
New Navy
Contrasting with the lithe exploration ships of the first fleet, these ships are wide and heavy, built with a double hull and caked with resin to prevent flooding. Each can hold and supply a complement of Tarnish soldiers, who double as rowers when the winds are low.

>Free Action: Trade route to Huoxinwa
>Free Action: Navy 2 sails north
>Free Action: Navy 1 raids VT port at Menot’s Garden
File: rice.jpg (71 KB, 625x415)
71 KB


> Magical Fundamentals: The music of shaping
> Agricultural Revolution: Domestication of Spear Rice (Canadian Wild Rice)

Loamkin, seventeen year old acolyte of Diane, is dancing in the rain. She’s always had a talent for rhythm and movement and a song on her lips. For the past six hours she has been painstakingly etching a copy of the words of Mukind, a punishment for shattering one of the original stone tablets. For six hours she has read and repeated and written the old words, setting them to a rhythm and song only she seems to see and feel, more to keep herself sane than any other reason.

But after six hours of humming and tapping and singing outright when her superior stepped away she had to dance! So let Volos take the rain and mud, she was going to run and leap and spin until the cramps in her hands faded. The rhythm of the prophet’s words still rang in her mind, carrying her forward, a stomp here, a sweep of the hands there, sometimes a slide or a kneel.

When it was done she found herself atop a mound of mud ten feet high, not quite knowing how it happened. Her superior, waiting to tell her off for leaving before her task was finished, had seen everything though.


On the other side of the floodplain another idea was taking root. A dirkish mother by the name of Tah-mah was gathering wild plants to supplement the evening meal, her children running every which way alongside the river bank. Fiddleheads, watercress, nuts from trees, berries, and spear rice all went into the basket. She glanced up at the drooping light of Sehul with annoyance, it was a long walk for a little food, and a long walk back as well.

“Momma! Momma! Look, it's still here! Our river is still here! Look! Look! Look!”

Tah-mah turned toward her two eldest children who were covered head to toe in muck and mud. They stood proudly before a heap of river stones that marked a small curving ditch they had carved into the floodplain. A placid flow of water meandered through it before rejoining the Diane proper, even a few stalks of spear rice had sprouted along it. She smiled at their efforts, kneeling to look at their work.

“Good work little ones. Shame we can’t dig one of these closer to home for the rice.”

“Why not momma?”

It turns out to be an important question.
File: Turn.png (270 KB, 772x916)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
>Action 1: Beningsted
As the number of Waddanians in Beninga's Bay and upon the peninsula swells, it was only a matter of time before the issue of a proper city charter and full membership of the League. And so comes the official foundation of Beningsted.

>Action 2: Further Peninsula Developments
>(Forge and Farm)
With the nearest forge previously back in distant Glinsterjested, it was decided that perhaps soldiers and settlers manning the frontiers would require something somewhat closer for repairs to their equipment and new-forged tools. And so with Beningsted comes a new forge-centre, for those smiths who wish to learn the secrets of the ancient-blade cache close by to the Battlesite to study from examples both pristine and ruined. And nearby to that ancient tropaion, an outcropping of land is given over to pasture and the plough; perhaps if any spirits still linger they might find some rest in bucollic observation.

>Navy 1: Naked men? Beninga frowns at the sight of such apparent primitiveness; and orders his fleet to turn north-east, returning to the Bay that took his name and the city upon it to log his voyage of discovery. And this will be his last voyage; the old explorer retiring to take up governance of Beningsted.

>Navy 2: In regular patrol between Glinsterjested and Klinkested, the news of a foreign fleet entering Waddanian waters means that Admiral Heeringa receives orders to shadow them.as an 'honour escort' whilst they remain our guests.
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File: tomb-8.jpg (127 KB, 790x526)
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127 KB JPG
Action 1/2. Build a coastal city called Kosmos next to the opium farms and make a large dock connected to it. The potentate was inconsolable for the past few days. He was furiously angry at his advisors keeping problems hidden from him when if he was informed he could have fixed things and while he did not truly bear any direct ill will to his favored wife he had ended up spending time with his other wives and enjoying their own comforts much to their own delight. Overtime he regained control over himself and fortunately what was accomplished in the mountains was still more than enough to achieve what he desired due to his excellent planning. Desiring to make a magnum opus as the alchemists call it Koson has spent the better part of many tyrns preparing the details of a grand city on the coastal bay near the Sodden. A gloriously large stone dockyards will accompany it to handle all naval and trade matters. Freeing up the entrance of the Sodden for other traffic. The city itself will also be one largely made of stone with wide streets capable of allowing many carts through its heart, Sidewalks that are not largely merged with the street itself, and with drains that lead to tunnels to prevent potential floods. But what will really cement its status is the striking Porphyry that has been obtained. Much of the stonework will be accented by the vibrant purple stone. Making much of the city looking much like the night sky above. Justifying its name not only after the potentate who built it, but also for it aims to be.

Army: Continue exploring

Navy: Exchange translators for new ones and return back home.
The harem King return triumphant his body covered in scars remaining from the fight with the ferocious beast it’s skin having become a pelt he wears. Proud of himself he sires a 1000 more heirs and ponders on his throne.
There has to be a better way forward. He calls upon the wisest and strongest of the land to fully understand the human body and learn how to make it stronger.

> Action 1: Anatomical study
The ahmose long did not know if the divine strength they cultivated was divine energy circling through their body or actual changes to the mortal flesh itself. Corpses of the fishmen, cyclops and tarnish are obtained and studied alongside corpses of venerable volounteer ahmose. The goal is to understand how the Ahmose differ from mortals, to understand the role of every muscle, ligament and bone in every movement. For once the ahmosi improved brains will have to do some heavy lifting.

Action 2: Symmetry and proportionality
The eunich-scholars tasked with observing training noticed an interesting effect. A man with a stronger right arm when benchpressing shifts his weight to the right. A phenomenon universal in all excercise. They describe this phenomenon as ‘symmetry’. In pursuit of quick success parts which lag behind are left behind. Whereas rather the weaker left arm if trained properly could reach heights akin to the right rising strength overall.\

The scholars contemplate trees, buildings and history and symmetry is an universal concept. All that is to stand firm the test of time is built on the principle of symmetry. methods are invented to describe different types of symmetry and their impact on the properties of things and men.

Secondly the squat is observed. Each man performs it differently. It seems 3 muscles on the leg engage it in succession once agin the form changing depending on which muscle one is born with the best. The strong is burdened more and grows stronger the weak is forgotten and lags behind. This had the scholars conclude an anti-instinctual approach. There is an ideal form to an exercise a form which engages all muscles in an appropriate proportion to let them all reach their maximum potential and let one soarm uch higher overall.

Once again this finds parallels in nature. When wolves hint they take on roles. Those who chase the prey, those who finish it and those who watch for dager. A herd needs to assign all roles appropriately or it may fail.

And from that the studies of proportionality and symmetry are born. Systems are created to classify and catalogue all forms of symmetry between things and within. Systems are created to catalogue proportionality of components in processes. Hoping to find both the ideal symmetrical form and ideal proportionate form.
The spirits of the dead from the massacre are spoken to, both priests and those they failed to protect, to get a general idea of what occurred. All they need to know is that they were attacked and that the enemy lies to the north.

1. Metal must be mined to forge more weapons and a forge must be made in the north to further this work. Build another Tin mine in the south and another forge built in Vital.
2. Food and wood is needed to feed troops and create bows and spears. Another lumberyard is built within the jungle near Vital and another farm is made in the heartlands.

Army movements:
The border army, led by Lord Toraten, is recalled from the Carnite border fort; the fort left to be partly understaffed. A long time of peace on that fort despite the Carnite barbarous nature.
The Northnern army, led the newly landed lord Vitalsin, moves to strike before the butchers have time to recoup their losses. He marches north, intent on finding those responsible for this slaughter and putting them to the sword.
Military Addendum.

After resolving the tribal issue, one army returns to the eastern fortress, while the other continues north, seeking to scout the remainder of the eastern lands.

March both armies to guard the coast. I have a bad feeling about the sea.
Disaster. Catastrophe, even.

Ariarra is ended, the eternal festival ending up for less eternal than originally intended. Ariaios rages at her close aides, demanding that they somehow fix this disease that’s ruining the fun, offering compromising methods to continue the festivities, threatening public humiliation for any attempt to stall the events, but as weeks pass and reports pile up, she faces the grim fact that things simply cannot continue without risking her priesthood and the adoring faith of the public. A few last days of fun are arranged, mostly confined to the beachside, before things peter out entirely.

The disease is an existential threat to the lustful joy that Ariaios covets, seemingly designed specifically to punish those who have sex with lots of people. Ariaios after a week of seething, two weeks of drug addiction and another week of seducing married men, knows exactly who is responsible, her rival Aios has sent a curse upon the Dorrans to claw back power. Well, look who’s willing to get her hands dirty, to enforce monogamous matrimony by any means.

Ariaios is not going to let her win without a fight. She may not be her brother, but she is not going to lose to something like this. If it’s a war Aios wants it’s a war Aios will get.

Action 1: Upgrade Stables. Construct foundations for Temple to the Earth Mother, Diurn

Ariaios turns to a rival from the earlier days of her rule, deciding that they might be better as friends, or forced-friends, the best kind. She was in a rather bad mood when she last censured the minor temples of Meris and Stania, the heavenly horse riders and caretakers.

But really, horses aren’t that bad. Perhaps Ariaios must have misjudged them. The problem wasn’t the beasts themselves, rather than everyone cared too much about the stupid things when they should have been paying attention to her instead. If Ariaios is responsible for the horses that everyone likes this time however, then everything is just fine. Better than fine even. Her mind swims with plenty of fun uses for the strapping steeds these temples care for and train, and swiftly orders that the stables be expanded in scope, for the increase in herd sizes and higher quality training of the horses. If the cults do a really good job at impressing their empress then maybe she’ll lift her punitive law and let them wear clothes while riding their horses again. Or maybe not, depends how she feels. Though, it may be best to have the stable supervised by members of her cult, it’s not explicitly a temple so that’s fine. Maybe some guards too, so the supervisors don’t get bored.

As Aios reaches out to one avenue of her empire, she decides to raise up another. Not out of popularity this time, rather out of need, the empress raises up a grand temple to the Earth Mother, healer of the sick and giver of life.

The adherents of this cult have long been critical to the health and stability of the nation, raising up a grand temple for them would allow their rituals, passed down through the ages, to aid Calandorra on a larger scale.
This comes with its own consequences however, the creation of a new and powerful cult faction outside of her own, the strengthening of the Lanthorn that so often sours her plans.
Problems to deal with later, the first priority is the healing of her nation so that the fun can begin again. Especially important is that the temple construction begin before the wind turns, some have forgotten but the wind of doom is right on the horizon, Selos marches towards us, but so long as the temple construction begins before it arrives then the temples still count as built during the wind of stability.

Action 2: Construct foundations for Temple to the Lord of War, Mawsos. Begin harvesting melons to make up for the food shortage

One thing was undeniable. It was far too hot. What used to be a fun heat was really just making everyone tired and a significant amount of farmland had wilted. These melons to the east however were full of water, a refreshing snack to energise and rehydrate the body. Beginning to harvest these watery orbs and cultivate them for consumption is the decision of the house Scheher, favoured house of the empress. To keep her happy is to keep their status after all.

Across in the lands of the Shayla, Aios decrees that the foundations for a grand and mighty temple to her brother be constructed, giving a home, training grounds and spiritual centre of the cult of Mawsos.
Aios has maintained close ties with the cult of war, allowing them the honour of guarding her even over her own tower guard. It is time that Aios love for her brother becomes fully expressed, she will sing a magnificent temple of her brother into existence by the northwestern savannahs. O Mawsos, how strong and primal you are, how your mighty arms choke life out of prey, O brother of mine, how bestial your candour, O lord of war, know this, how much your sister loves you.

Already the workers are on their way. This will balance out the Lanthorn in her favour with another major cult aligned with her goals, offsetting the problems that might be caused by a resurgent Diurn cult. Ariaios sighs after finishing this last order for the Tyrn, that’s the hardest she’s worked in… a long time. She needs a break. Her high priestess is saying something, the Empress doesn’t listen. A lingering feeling of resentment builds towards this whore who stole her man and then had the gall to do nothing about it, not even beg for mercy. Ariaios loses composure for a moment, snapping and sending Shannah flying across the room, banishing her beyond the temple grounds.

She didn’t mean to, she was just caught up in the heat of the moment, thinking about something else… this summer air is getting stuffy. When are those melons arriving anyway?
>build 1 breadfruit farm, 1 apricot farm, 1 fishery and 1 basic farm
The Letterchewers (the remaining ones and the newly elected ones) are on the verge of a breakdown.
Yes, they are the authority. Yes, they are the “rulers” of the Gathering. The glue holding it together.
But, as the Chitterers say, even the dumbest fool will shank you back if you stab it badly enough.

The higher ups assent, there WILL be food- caskets are cracked open, preserved stores years old unveiled to the public, new farms are built.

But the Letterchewers make a promise: the next rebellion will be the last for every Chitterer involved
Blood to the Knees, and mud that sucked the very shoes from a mans feet, not far now the remnants of the army could see where their dead lay. at the center of the killing field, a single tall banner flys.. the reason for the hold.. the reason each man would go back into the fray.

Alexander of Pas, approached by the Khan Ridom was told to ride, taking a swiftest horse and to raise an army and return, weather this be victory or folly for the army. for once more they will face the enemy.

Action 1

Raise Alexanders Army in Idopolis. (Denoted by two silver Swords)

Action 2: with attentions in the south unaware of what happens in the north, the City on the wall is formed

With Harkon as its primary ruler, the name of the pass is changed to Lycopolis

Army action
The beaten and battered army, with bared teeth will march once more into the fray, attempting to draw out the beasts into another engagement.. this will be a battle with will mean death or Retribution
Establish formal contact with the Mud People known as the Odithians.

1. With the growing expansion of Yarvik and the healthy feeding of its population, the boy firemind Ra'Kaerv orders the prospecting of nearby lands for other valuable materials.

2. The Mareev have not been idle all this time, turning their attention to the refinement of the former brew that gave enlightened thought. Now its aim is to sharpen senses, intensify focus, and allow the drinker far more dedication to a given task. They name the refined brew Cleareye, for the strange lack of pupils which overcomes those who drink it.
File: NRP6 Turn 12.png (19 KB, 295x427)
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The two have become one, the Vardyger is dead, long live the Vardyger. The son had already taken over many tasks and so the transition of leadership happened near seamlessly. The chiefs found themselves visited by the spitting image of the Vardyger of decades past, as the son has fashioned himself like his father's youth.

>Action 1: Develop large scale mining.
As demand for metals ever increase, especially from the new army, the miner population increases beyond the clan levels. Where before you had clan members do mining alongside other tasks like fixing, cleaning, cooking, etc. Where you could trust each miner like a brother, now they are mostly outsiders, they are focused almost exclusively on the task of mining and finding ways to smuggle out mineral. Thus the clans take on more of a management role, ensuring they work their shifts lest they overcrowd the cramped tunnels, noting down how much work they do so they don't get paid too much, checking for contraband and ensuring the mining teams are outfitted with well maintained gear.

>Action 2: Expand to the islands, push back Ocena expansion.
As the Sverre Geirrmann fleet arrives with immigrants onboard, they start settling not only the Colourful Island with great fervor, but also settle the island(s) east. The wetland island, or archipelago of islands, may not prove as reliable a source of wood or exotic goods, but they are excellent for fishing, with a plethora of shallows to even harpoon fish in. However when they encounter the dark-skins of Ocena, they start to push them back, evicting them off properties and beating them up if they don't leave. The big priority though, is Menot's Garden, though never called that by the Wights, generally calling it Deiya's Blossom.

>Naval Action: After depositing the migrants, the fleet travels toward the yellow-face islands for more raids.
The Sverre Geirrmann fleet, now equiped with something that can be called ships, rather than the hornboats of yesteryear, can deposit a great many settlers unto the new shores. Settlements pop up every which where as the fleet continues southwards, heading toward the yellow-face waters. They seek another raid, more plunder, even slaves.

>Army Action: Head north, into the forest and start to explore the wetlands before the Mountain Gate. Investigate the gate if possible.
While information to the people were suppressed about what happened during Maver's Purge, the Vardyger son got told the full details, and one detail has kept him ever curious, and that is the second passage. The first passage, the Valley of Shadows, was blocked, but a second passage was then revealed. Now with a loyal army at his beck and call, he can investigate, perhaps find out what is on the other side.
> Lore - Hymn of the Hero
Beckon unto me with a pure heart, and I shall emerge from the abyss of the unknown, a guiding light that pierces through the veil of obscurity.
For I am the elusive whisper that echoes through the winds of change, ever present and eternal, waiting to be discovered by those who seek me with unwavering conviction
- Haydar the Poet

>Action 1 - Military - Develop Armor
Although sacrifice is a great value of the Irreechi people, needless loss is not. Having sustained noteworthy losses for the first time it their military history, the army retreats back to the city of Edion where it would seek to utilize its newfound silver metal and surplus of livestock to develop simple armored garbs to match their masks.

>Action 2 - Religion - The Crown's Prophecy
Back home in Esavine, the Pactmaster is haunted in his dreams by terrible visions of strife, disorder, and evil on earth. In these nightmares, The Order had grown cruel and dogmatic, obsessive over their own salvation, with little regard for the well-being of others. The sinful were castrated for even minor offenses in the belief that their evil nature was inherent and would be spread to their kin. With the state having grown unquestionable in its power, it's noble duty had grown into a political weapon, destroying lives under the guise of preventing the cataclysm.
Agonized by the sight, the Pact Master was driven to fervent prayer each night, often being awoken by his duress only to resume his prayers until plucked from his chamber and forced to perform his ancestral duties. Nonetheless, with each night's prayer, a modest light began to grow within his dreams. First came the heralds - men and women who cried out in defiance of the law's wicked ways, and singing praises of an unpronounceable name whose sound bore a greater resemblance to the plucking of a harp.
In future dreams, the figure became more clear, and so too did the wisdom of his teachings, but with each dream his appearance changed. Some nights he was a military leader, raising a rebel army, in others he was a martyr who inspired with his sacrifices, and even in some he was a man of brilliant rhetoric whose words disarmed any who heard him. The only constant of these dreams was a message he shared, as if spoken directly to the Pact Master who was otherwise intangible to all others in the dream. The figure spoke: "As I have been with you once, I shall be with you again. Reach out to me, and I will be found."
With no expectation of when this prophecy will occur, the Pact Master utilizes his utmost influence to spread this prophecy to prepare the people for what he believes to be the coming of a new age. New hymns are commissioned and the dreams are written about in great detail to be distributed and analyzed to promote discourse over the true nature and time when The Hero will reveal itself to the Irreechi.
Posted on behalf of the Odithians

>Action 1: Reconstruction [2 Farms]
The damage to our lands has been done, and in time repaired. The most fertile lands where agriculture was first uncovered are retoiled, now void of the rampaging beasts. [Put da broken farmz back]

>Action 2: The New Philosophy [Magic]
Similarly, Odithian society too is free of it's beasts, who saw fit to pervert the world around them to sate their chaotic desires, living high on their power. Now the only man who still bears the eyes of the All-Father, Aletheos is free to set the course of their nation, now with knowledge of outsiders both to the east and the west. This new path will be paved by logic and reason, as is now the only possibility from the objective viewpoint of a man who can manipulate reality itself.
Posted on the behalf of the Khloes

Action 1 - Teach Khloe language to Meraghul

Action 2 - Prospect northern reaches of wilderness. (Do men dare venture through the gate to check? If not, send an Oomul!)

The Butcher aspirants often prey upon the Oomul, committing heinous acts in service of their patron. Gifting them silvered blades and treasured finery is common. They seek to incite a terrible greed in these giant men, and fill their veins with the toxic will of the Butcher. Such do they profane his teaching, and so their sins are made greater.
1. Mines are built for more copper and lead.

A fort near the temple of Karn is built, along with another farm along the river in the heartland.
Posted on behalf of the Uati

>1st action: Construction.
Build a fishery and a quarry
Efforts to continue strengthening the land of Anu continued without delay and while interested in mining continued, attention to the fishermen who plied the waters was given and resources where gathered to place to process the fish tha

>2nd action: Prospect.
Scout the lands to the west to see what riches lay the plains hold.

>Begin advancing our shipbuilding knowledge
The sister fleet of our lost brothers takes her first paddles out into open water, but the shipwrights find little room in their heart for ease. Their minds are racing with questions as to what could have happened. Was the ship toppled over by large waves? Could it have simply been poorly built and gave way? Perhaps it was crushed by something it was no match for? Whatever the answer was, one fact was clear: Lives were lost. And so, in an attempt to protect future lives from meeting the same sunken fate, they return to their shipyard and think. They spend months toiling, prototyping, and dreaming up possible ways to strengthen their ships to further brave the cruel ocean, and perhaps stand the test of the waves' might. Finally, after much sweat and tears, their efforts begin to take shape. It is a simple concept, the idea being "just make what we already have but a bit bigger". Sporting double the size of the classical biremes, the aptly named trireme, sporting an extra row of paddles, was now ready to take on the world and would come to be the new standard of Ocena vessels.

>Create a shipwrights guild in Curio
The city finds itself in a unique position, currently being not only the center piece of Ocena territories but also where Obaba resides. It has become a popular island in many respects, and the art of shipbuilding is one of them. Here many shipwrights have come to congregate for all sorts of reasons, and the city itself has had the fortune of birthing much of Ocena's proud maritime might. With such an abundance of talent gathered in a place with such history, it was only a matter of time before the artisans of the waves would begin to organize their efforts. And the catalyst to this would be no other than the loss of the previous fleet out at see, bringing the greatest shipbuilding minds together to birth the trireme. Now the wrights of Ocena gather to learn, teach, and challenge each other to further push the boundaries of what is possible, and to make sure that what is created is not only functional, but art that deserves to call the ocean home.

Naval actions:
Navy 1 - Continues along the Southern coast towards the West.
Navy 2 - Explores the island to the South-East of the where the garden is, towards Xiuado
Navy 3 - Begins to follow the path it's sister fleet took, moving up towards the North-West. The crew pray they might come to find some signs of what happened to their friends some day.
File: map12.png (897 KB, 2047x2151)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
5th Chains, 2nd PAC

The walking-corpse-men of the north have brought them war for their hospitality, so Amun shall deliver them death. Tin for bronze, a forge to smelt the metal, lumber to fuel the furnaces, and grain for the bellies of the men. The Irreechi, though this name is not known to them, will taste the might of Amun and their women will know the misery their men have wrought.
The army of Lord Toraten receives new orders, they are to move from the Carnite border to the Temple of the Passage. The army of Lord Vitalsin is charged with the continuance of their mission, strike at the walking-corpse-men and keep striking until they walk no more.

Bodies from each race are laid on slabs of stone for dissection, an array of copper tools devised just for the observations. First, as is right, is the Ahmosi, a benchmark to see the failings of lesser flesh against. Tight muscle tissue with little fat, prodded pulled & sliced. Next is the Cyclops, brought after a fight over a flock turned bitter amongst themselves, somewhat disappointingly the results are much the same, save excess fat and the obvious ocular peculiarity in the Unoku. The Tarn is next, practically half the height of the glorious divine form, and nothing but skin & bone, but it is all the Tarn would sell them. The number of muscles, bones, tendons and so on are the same, though unsurprisingly much less developed. Last is the Parhuami, whose upper body is halfway between the brawn of the Ahmosi and the frailty of the Tarn. However as the chest is opened there is an additional strange organ, like a second bladder filled with air, and when legs are dissected they find something even more remarkable for inside them are fish scales in long rows. Finally, the skull is opened on each, showing the brain in the Ahmosi to be both larger and covered with many more blood vessels as compared to the rest. The next largest is surprisingly this time the Tarnsman's, then the Parhuami, and finally despite their huge heads, the Cyclops.
Symmetry is the fingerprint of the natural order, both bilateral and the related "equal but opposite". Included in the former is the body & the parts therein, the latter includes the sexes & the dynamics of nature, predator & prey for instance. Equal to symmetry is hierarchy. The fly eats filth, the bird eats the fly, the cat eats the bird. The slave works for the master, the master for his lord, the lord for the Pharakhan. Some among the scholars, no less buff than their brothers, theorise it is true also of nations.
The army returns from the sands, headed by the black-soaked Pharakhan, who after feasts & baths are sent to the sea along with the home guard. Perhaps in the blood of the beast, or the shifting of the shadows of the mountains, Anemhotep senses danger from the water.
Nabu-Ki-Uru grows and with it their basic needs. Chiefly for food and good building stone which are duly provided. There is also a request for lumber, should an adequate source be found.
How precious the gifts of Gaiastra are, gemstones of richest blue, marble the purest white, and still more silver for the jewellers table. When the land encompasses these bounties, Uru-Anu shall be richer by far than any kingdom. But it is not all they find in the west, for a tribe of men, lost and skittish make to attack the prospectors when they are sighted. Their skin is as black as midnight, their armour gleams like gold, the voice of their shout like spiced honey.

Imitating the Khlomosans, though their reasons quite different, the new Army of Alexander (Yalishanda in the old tongue) decorate their blades with silver. Should the northern army fall in their mission, they shall strike down what monsters still yet stand.
The great Khan Ridom has officially declared the wall, known to the Anciants as the Walls of Khosna, called by the old men Khan's Pass, now to be titled Lycopolis. Rule of it however is given over to Harkon, who quibbles with his own and the Khan's appointed advisers what his own official title shall be. Families of the soldiers which for many tyrns have guarded this prize are the primary inhabitants, followed by the many outcasts of Idopolis, most notable merchants concerned more with coin than honour. The tunnel which has become the official entry both into the wall-city and passage into Dirkin lands, is flanked by two large stone wolves, carved from the northern mountain stone. An imposing sight even to the Avor who come to do business there.
Once more into the breach, the men of Avor descend upon the sons of the mountain, each greatly wounded from the battle before. The might of the Khanate falls upon the Gaunt Men as they devour the Sons of Ridom slain the tyrn just passed.
[Nation name will change next turn as requested]

Having welcomed men who once would deal them death into their arms, as so many have before them, an army marches home. The second heads north, recommencing their old voyage, long stymied by the said men, into the plain and forest. There it is they find a delectable yellow-red fruit, both sweet & tart, with the texture of yak's yoghurt in the mouth. [Cloudberries]
>CD cont.
Overnight Dirkin society is practically turned on its head. Not only with the discoveries of the acolyte Loamkin and her mentors, but also by that of the wife of a voiceless man, Tah-Mah. [I cannot for the life of me remember what the tribe by the mountains were called by the Dirkin, and I didn't want to introduce Dirkin-Cyno marriages all willy-nilly] Of the first, there is much chatter in the small scholarly and much larger religious circles. Was it a fluke? An act by the gods to toy with the Children of Dirt? Isolated to this one precious girl? The asnwer to all these questions, as it is so often when asked by a Dirk, is "sort of". Was it a fluke? The discovery yes, the ability no. An act of the gods? Of course, who else would grant such a gift and then wait many tyrns until it is discovered by the recipient? Was it isolated to Loamkin? So far, yes, the priestesses wished desperately to keep further experimenting under their strict supervision, Loamkin herself has been consigned to a cell until it can be determined what fraction of the population also holds this gift. As it happens very few, a dozen plus one (plus Loamkin of course) young girls, and it is only female youths who have yet displayed aptitude in mudsinging, have been corralled by the priesthood whether their families consent or not. It is the cadence of youth, the pitch of their voice in song, the light but determined step of their feet, that hold power over the earth.
And the second, that of Tah-Mah? Why if the low-born wife of a half-savage wishes to play in the muck, why stop her? It's her right to do so after all, as long as she stays out of peoples way. But this dismissal comes to haunt the Mudspeakers when her bowls are filled with much more rice than theirs, when her children grow plump and strong, when her and "brute" husband begin to wear "Nemish" finery that out-sparkle their own. From her little patch of black soil she expands, buying up the scattered land-rights until her paddy rivals anything built by Mudspeaker hands.

The Meraghul are not only an anomaly, they are a divinely directed one. Su-Won, rage obliterated by the unearthly light, the elders words ringing in her head, she sighs and orders her men to stand down. They will teach this anomaly the Khlomosan language, they will find their purpose in their country.
Prospectors, laden with shovel and pick, search the northern forest as they have before. They are gone a long time, littering the ground with boreholes. Nothing?! How can the land give no bounty? At least there is dress-able hard green stone, even into the mountains they can see the veins of it.

The disease of the loins seems to halt with the cessation of Ariarra. The disease of the field however grows worse, far worse.
>EC cont.
The gods, or rather a single goddess, have caused these things to come to pass, and a single goddess shall put things back in order. The temple plans of her own holy place haven't failed her yet, anyway it is far too hot to think of an entire new layout by herself, just leave out the frescoes and quartz tiles. The sandstone pillars can stay though, they're much cheaper to cut and move. The first to Diurn, her beloved auntie, (she chokes on the joke) overlooking the work of her cousins, the horsewomen. Ariaios mutters that she could very well do with their brother showing up and clearing the air! Already, though it is a construction site, pilgrims and Lanthorn priests have begun to emigrate to the blasted thing! She jokes back a gag at the stench of the masses, the smell of disease filling her nostrils foully. But the shrine to her dearest brother, how her bosom heaves for him, for his embrace, to him shall she build a temple more fit... or she would if the coffers were not empty. Then he was always quite austere, she can twist that in her mind to mean "frugal" as well.
As for other matters, the horses, those handsome beasts, for the first time Ariaios finds herself disgusted at her own inclinations. It has already been paid for it seems, the expansion of their paddocks and stables. The Empress hurries away before the idle thoughts return. When she returns to her palace she gorges on tsamma melon, staining her skin with their red juices, letting her hands slip against herself to taste them more. Were this any other woman the display would be nigh pornographic, as it is the empress, it is only to be expected.

Chitterers are so starved, so desperate for the food the Letterchewers reveal and order in, that the vast many pay no heed to their words. Some, however, press these letterchewers once again with the same matter they raised before. Land, give over to them the land upon which their works sit, they are helpless to the Agor or the Dirties or whatever they are called should they turn foul as ripe fruit may.

The young firemind, strong willed and as red as fresh blood, sends out his surveyors to scour the land. At once they depart, the first returning sheepishly empty- (but dirty-) handed. The second in due time, portioning out from his cupped war cloak gleaming white salt. The third, travelling far west, returns only days before the end of the tyrn with a crude statue of the boy, carved by his own hand from striking red granite.
Every part of the miraculous plant is to be used until further discoveries in the jungles or the wider world are made, so it is the Mareev set to grinding the root of it to a paste which is mixed with the mash of the usual brew. This beer is then boiled off to a dark, bitter syrup. Not even recognisable as a draught any more, the priests find it fairly distasteful both to their god and to the palate. The uses however makes it worth it; To be able focus the senses so sharply, aye, then it is worth it.
Bruised, bloody, and those who still live with many new scars, the army sets to work making the products of Edion of use to them. The protection of armour was, like the sharpened blade before it, quite anathema to the Irreechi, but Volos has made it painfully clear that the world they had wished to build is not going to be won so easily.
"As child to his mother I cling to thee, O Hero of words undefiled. How in great song we sing with hearts filled with joy for your voice, O Hero of message clear. Mightiest king shall cast off his crown, lord shall eat with servant, peace shall come when you return, O Hero of our deliverance." These words are the first penned by the Pactbroker himself to be worked into hymnals with the spreading of this recent revelation of his. There is a great deal of debate throughout Esavine as to the meaning of it, which of the gods this Hero may be, or perhaps not a god at all, but one of their own. These last whispers are hurriedly quieted, such talk is at the precipice of blasphemy.
The Zealots ride out to meet the army of Lord Toraten by the river of Edion.
[You can change the name of Edion if you like]

With order restored, farmland and hunting grounds are replaced. And just in time, the elders were getting hungry for bread and meat. [Canonically, Odithians invented the sandwich]
Aletheos quiets the rabble of elders and would-be chiefs, who squabble over the pettiest of things. He knows that he alone can see beyond their borders, many of them cannot see beyond their own plate!, so it is only right that he should take control. There is an uproar, childish arguments of seniority, of tribal traditions, of ego and greed. One look from Aletheos, from the eyes of the All-Father that rest within his skull, quiets them to murmurings. Commands are given to continue his restoration of order, but more than that, he is determined to lift them out of the muck which he sees they are all too comfortable wallowing in. They cannot rely on stone in this world of metal. This flares an argument, quelled by his words that Boreos' own avarice is what caused the mayhem, not metal itself. If they are to remain independent, they must prepare to defend themselves. They will need to work the copper they have found, in forges fired with wood, into sharp weapons and shields. They need not even put in great thought, the Orpielles have delivered designs to them in their hands.
Still, there is much grumbling, even plots against him, from those who have been unseated from their unearned thrones.

In some dialects the name means "dark" or "something obscured", but the new city of Kosmos and her sprawling stone ports are anything but, shining like the night sky, glittering in purple like a king in his raiments. Avenues lined with hazel trees, dizzying columns of porphyry, the culmination of Potentate Koson's careful planning. Merchants and sailors are already itching to be the first to sail from the docks.
>LD cont.
Asur-Orlon increases his pace, eager to relive the glory he had felt in confronting his siblings. In crossing the river he immediately spies, not challengers but delightfully strange creatures he smiles to look upon, swimming in the fresh waters, making their dens in the soft earth, are beasts with the bodies of cats, the webbed feet of frogs, and the bills of birds! How strange his mother is to design them so. This charming interlude does not sate him though, he drags his men with him northwards, straight into the shadow of a monumental arch, three monoliths of stone it must have taken a hundred men each to move.
With gargantuan effort, perhaps for the sailors wishes to be away from the every angering Vorinth as soon as possible, the fleet arrives back in their home harbour on the very last day of the tyrn.

The loss of the Third Fleet is hard on all in Curio, not a single family is not touched by whatever fate it had met with on the waves of the north sea. But loss may be the mother of gain, if one only thinks with a level head. The navies of Ocena are meant for exploration, built to skim over the water as a smooth stone, but the world is more dangerous than the Oc would like to believe. Not only from the ways of men, but from the whims of the gods also. To stand against such whims they shall build stronger boats, more capable of rowing against the tides, both literal and metaphorical. Whatever shall be thrown against them, they shall overcome. The Trireme is born.
By the vast docks of Curio, on the path to Obaba's lair, many Oc gather. They have come to found an institution which shall serve them well in the future, one which will ensure the safe construction, maintenance, and governance of individual ships and captained navies alike. The Shipwrights Guild is given a hefty sum by the Archarian of the city for the erection of a guildhall of their own, from which they are granted the power to issue binding edicts in the matters of the sea.
Pushed by the changing winds, the First Fleet finds itself no longer along the coast, but instead on the shores of an island. One which seems to be inhabited.
A reverse of fortune, the Second Fleet rows into two prevailing winds discover the industrious workings of the Riyuzi, and ho! Tarnsman also!
The new third fleet, meeting the same luck as the First, coasts merrily northwards into the magnificent ports of a gleaming new Laudation city. Now when did that get there?
[I am once again, asking you two to negotiate naval trade routes between the southern continent, Ocenan islands, and Nemosa]

Named now the First Fleet, sails out north, the direction the Riyuzi indicate the pirates came from, they shall give them a piece of their mind, and their rams.
Feet begin to wear down the grass and meadow between Harppa and Xiuado.
>TN cont.
There is so much happening in the world, so much they wish to see, so much they wish to learn, so much they wish to make in trade! Bring strong cedars from the forests, hearty brown rice from the fields, let there be a second fleet with which Tarnsmen shall see the world! Whilst marketed to the people as trading vessels that will return with gold and jewels from far afield, the hulls of these ships are for men and not goods, they are implements of war, not mercantilism. Still, it was no lie that they shall return with gold and jewels, only that they may be prized from cold, dead hands.

Mining is hard work, harder work than most Wights are willing to put up with, so it is a small blessing to the established clans when those deemed to be outside the clan system begin to shuffle into the mines. After all, it is a much cushier job to search the miners for shivs when they enter in the morning and gold nuggets when they leave in the evening than doing the hard graft themselves. Better paying, too, although they are the ones in charge of doling out the spoils. It is even enough being made to open a second mine, filling their purses as well as covering their necks, arms, ears and some even their feet! with shiny gold. Coincidentally the number of muggings has skyrocketed.
Colony hornboats set off from Hoftborg with one intention, to make a place for themselves in the islands of the south. Low-lying marshland may not seem prime real estate for most, but the Wights know very well how to make do with very little. [>OC] As for the island of Deiya's Blossom, they come with club and foul language to set in stone the precedent already established. With ease they claim the northern half of the isle, but the further south they venture the more harsh a resistance they meet. Though they are weak, flabby, and without greater purpose, the Oc still have a significant size advantage over the Wights and it would be foolish to strike farther in land than they have already managed. One particularly stupid Wight, fancying himself an intellectual after having witnessed the dark-faces reading and studying the plant life of the Garden, suggests that perhaps the two races can share. He is beaten with sticks.
Greed is the Seawights greatest vice, or if you were to here it in Vettish, their greatest virtue. They will raid the trawlers and ports of the yellow-faced men, they will take them for thralls, they will make themselves rich! With great avarice the sea hawks are off into the waves, crashing into the sleepy fishermen off the coast of the southerly island, making off with all they could grab, but it is not enough. They make for the ports, but what is this that crests the waves to greet them?
>VT cont.
The Vardegyr Son, now the only Vardegyr with his father's passing, has not constraints placed upon him. He has already sired at least three heirs, one of which is by his own wife, and a venture into the unknown is precisely what Vardegyr are supposed to do when they have made right with their other obligations. The gate stands many feet high, taller than anything of Vettish build twice over, if not more. It is carved over with a strange pattern, worn down by the harsh winters of the north. Before it stands a stone altar, all about which are small bones.

Beninga's Bay, Beninga's Folly, Beninga's Pride, all names for the settlement formerly titled Bengingsted by the Naasjeholder and his cabinet. For their purposes a forge, the anvils sent at Captain Beninga's expense (much to his surprise when he returns home to see the receipt!), is erected, filling the sea air with the sound of hammering. Likewise, additional ploughs and seed are provided, turning the earth east of the tropaion, a fitting place as each soldier wishes to return to the fields after his service.
The First Fleet, Beninga's Fleet it will forever be named whoever should helm it, is set to row against the wind as it starts to change, alas still against them. Many of the sailors, when at last they return home, easily find wives who swoon over them well-muscled backs & arms. The Second Fleet, posted on the safe but boring north-merchant routes, are excited to be ordered south to help welcome this strange navy.

War brought itself to their very doorstep, at the root the Abraamites, who in the Karnite way are being dealt with. Though they do not yet plan on war of their own, it is better prepared than found lacking should it venture across the threshold. More of what is already provided is needed, lead, copper, and forges for weapons, food of the field for the bellies. They will be ready should blood need to be spilled.


>Revenge of Xiuado
Tarnic ships set sail from the ports of Xiuado, eager to prove themselves. It is not long before the shouts of Riyuzi fishermen are heard, followed by their screams, then only the crashing of the waves. Cresting them, the Tarnsmen find themselves in the path of smaller boats than their own, helmed by men likewise diminutive in stature. The Grey Prince's words had not been embellished when he described these monstrous men, if they even are men. At once Captain Adhyan's force calls out, "Ram them!", with skilful manoeuvring the prows of their biremes crash into the boats beneath them, filling the sea with planks and souls. But the Captain spies a ship larger, though still not nearly a match for their own vessels, from which a man in gold baubles shouts his own orders. Adhyan makes for this boat, he will have this creature in fetters, steering his own flagship to board the little tyrant's boat. The fighting is vicious, as all about them ship-rams crush and splinter all in their path, and though the Seawight goes to join his crew in the surf, Adhyan himself clasps the blighter in his own hands. Here he sees the Wight wears, by Tamath, these are Tarnish designs. All but the little "flagship" is sunk to the depths, their crews drowned, their booty lost. The Seawight captain in a bronze collar, his boat tugged behind them, the Tarnsmen return to the ports of Xiuado.

>Battle of the (Tu)Volos Faithful
In the shadow of Edion, that wretched city, the army of Lord Toraten is met from behind by the Zealots of Sadiq. From their march formation they quickly form into lines, awaiting shouted instructions from their respective masters. As orderly as combat to the death, and for a deal of the Amunians after that as well, can be they commence. The charge of horses, the lunge of spears, the stroke of swords, the clashing of shields. It is carnage, so much that the river of Edion runs red; Amunian and Irreechian bodies choke the waters. When at last the fighting is concluded, the army of the Zealots & their horses lay slaughtered, cut into pieces that their moniker of walking corpses should not prove true. Lord Toraten takes in the sight, finding most of his men still standing he congratulates himself, but then their own walking corpses begin to crumple as the blessings of Tuvolos runs its course. All in all his army is almost halved. He cries vengeance across the plain.


> Magic Training: Public demonstration of the Dirt Dancers
> 2 Farms on the flood plains
> Position one army at the eastern fort, and one at the western fort

The Day of Shaping is upon us! Menot shines down as the bonfires burn merrily across the floodplain. Craftsmen of Tepas and Havas show off their finest works while Oaks joke and cajole about who brought the largest stag for the festival. Elders retell the myths and stories of the nation as healers peddle herbs gathered from the swamps. Even a few Maws, rotating in from their duties on the borders, take the time to show off their fine weapons to passing children.

Not all is festive revelry though, young Loamkin and her gifted sisters work and worship and demonstrate the power of Diane throughout the festival. By the time the revelry dies down the acolytes are exhausted, with sore muscles and bruised feet, but the sheer volume and practice has hopefully paid off.

With much less fanfare but perhaps much greater results, an army of workers follows the acolytes discretely and lays down ditches and rice patties enough to feed a city, if anyone asks the priestesses will insist it was all the work of the acolytes...and perhaps one day they will possess enough power to make the fabrication truth.
File: Pizarroshipbuilding.jpg (1.36 MB, 2000x1625)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB JPG
>Turn 13
Action 1: Better Boats
The increasing adoption of Jannah-sent navigators leads to an inrush of knowledge, one which nearly overwhelms the still-nascent Order. It struggles under the organizational burden of managing the quantities of forged products being demanded of the Holy Forge while coping with the rapidly ballooning responsibility over nearly the whole of Tarnish sailing. Already, whispers of schism echo through the Forge’s labyrinthine corridors.
For now, however, the Order’s efforts continue bearing fruit. Holy navigators gain a better understanding of the art of navigation, including in adverse weather and without visual landmarks. It is said that a master navigator can steer a ship true even blindfolded, just from the direction of the current and the scent of the wind.
>Navigation Tier 3

Action 2: Better Boats
With the recent spate of heavier shipbuilding, the Tarnish shipyards have received the first real test of their skill--and passed with flying colors. Now, as shipwrights swap stories and techniques, a true Tarnish shipbuilding tradition begins to take root. As builders grow more confident in their craftsmanship, they begin striving for heavier hulls and more stable ships, ones that can brave not just serene coastal waters but also the swells of the open ocean.
>Better Boats 1

>Navy 1 sails south
Having spent so long at sea, Adhyan’s heart aches for home--and for the quite large nest egg of gold, he has accumulated back in Harppa. Having gained enough renown for a lifetime, he orders his fleet to turn their prows southwards, towards home.
>Navy 2 sails north
Eager to relieve their companions and begin their assigned task, the second fleet begins sailing north. The prospects of gold and foreign shores lighten the crew’s spirits as they begin the arduous voyages that will take them from their home for many moons.
1/2. Create 2 navies from new dockyards. As Koson grows older he begins delegating tasks to his heir Inalt to prepare him for his succession. Inalt has been a popular figure in the capital for often setting the latest trends even without invoking his authority. He is also known for being an ardent alchemist himself and uses his own blood for his potion bases making his products extremely valued. Seeing the current excitement about the docks Inalt requests to Koson to begin a massive naval expansion and that he would be the one to oversee it. Such an act would greatly bolster the start of his reign with his success and let him begin appointing people that would be directly loyal to him rather than rely on their goodwill to his father. Fortunately he also knows who to appoint to be admiral of the fleet with Vorinth's retirement. His childhood friend from the Prana family known as Moda. Moda was an independent sort who often saw how things could be made better himself and had the entrepreneurial talent to make a profit off of it. As the ships would be sent off for another expedition it was a natural fit for such a person to report back to the nation what could be of value one day or make effective deals on the potentate's behalf.

Vorinth: Withdrawal had been harsh on the old man and he was in no condition to continue his duties. Fortunately his success had seen his debts cleared and his bowl full although strangely his family said that before he passed he had refuse to ease his pain with the drug. He never said why despite the withdrawal systems likely worsening his pain and hastening his death, but he seemed content with his decision. A statue in Kosmos is built out of porphyry in his honor depicting an old man who despite his scars and ravages of age remains quite smug and imperious.

Navy: Send out the navy with Moda out west.

Army: Continue Exploration

The wilting is getting out of hand, but bellies remain mostly filled for now. It was a wise decision to get those melons growing when they did, Ariaios muses between satisfactorily loud munches.

The fact that the nation is ever so slightly nearly reaching bankruptcy is, to her mind, a non issue. If it gets really bad she can open up some new gold mines or something. Money has never been much of a concern to the Empress, everyone around her loves it though, almost as much as they love her.

The chains of the maiden, for their part, have departed the skies of the empire, replaced with the supple young man. Ariaios knows a few of those she could stand to visit, her own boys are growing up keen and healthy, but that dashing rugged prince of hers, one of Havasads line, keeps her eyes off them and on him whenever her gaze starts to wander.

As life slowly gets worse for the average Dorran, Ariaios decides she’s really worked hard enough recently. It’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy being Empress for a little bit, the earth mother temple will sort out this plague, and then everyone will be back in the party mood again.

Action 1: Complete the temples

“Funds need to be raised for this somehow, sell a few more of the orphanage girls as concubines to nobles with fat pockets, they won’t mind. Start a… start a raffle? I could list one of your girls as a prize, the shy one. I’m joking, it was funny, don’t give me that look. Oh! Horse races, that’s sure to be popular, I bet people would pay to see that. I know I would…”

“Shannah, are you listening? Write all these ideas down, these are good ideas you know. I’ll sell you if you don’t stop being so grumpy. I only slapped you once you know, are you still going on about that? You’re so dramatic.”

-Court excerpt from within the Temple of Ariaios, circa Tyrn 13

Action 2: Biomancy: Muscle

Ariaios has decided that a revisiting to the Homunculus project is long overdue.
It has so far been, to put it bluntly, a failure. Experiments were achieved, proofs of concept made, sure. But nothing actually changed, the homunculi of old were not reforged in the fleshpits of the eldest Samya.

That is to change, Ariaios gives a direct edict that House Marai must produce results within four Tyrns, for them to be unveiled and displayed at the crescent moon festival before summers end.

To this end the Samya work in earnest. First, the riddle of muscle must be truly understood, not slapped upon a bone framework. Ariaios demands sinewous limbs that flex and snap into action, muscles grouped according to each specific function and sown into place, capable of firing for hours upon hours without knowing fatigue.

By Tyrns end the Samya will know that they have gathered all of the fundamental knowledge required to assemble proper homunculi, elite servants of the throne. What remains from here is to assemble the places of learning, and complete the work, such that the changes may stick.
Action 1 1 Silver mine 1 Naval Port
Action 2 Prospect

Army Movements
Alexanders Own -> march across the river and meet the Khlomosan Army.

Wolf Warriors-> Shifting to Idopolis to recover naturally
>Action 1 - Expand North
>Action 2 - Build City [Opulith] at the root of the river.
Su-won is well on her way to mastering the Silver Arts her father designed, but the discovery of this new crystalline material has her dreaming of her own Arts. Still, the Malachite in the mountains is far to the north, near that strange gate the Meraghul are so obsessed with, and Su-won is loath to share any of it with her cousins and peers before she can practise with the material first. Prospith, bursting with people due to the relative peace of the times and wealth of food, is carved asunder, pilgrims sent north with axe and saw to tear down the forest and make for themselves a new home.

>Movement - Move southern army up to meet the northern one. Engage in ritual battle with Avor. One army will fight, the other will stand watch and ensure the fighting does not spill onto nearby farms or damage the temple.

Of the three brothers, the Artist is said to deal with mortals most often. He seeks endless praise of his wares and crafts, and appreciation of the beauty he cultivates in himself.
Of the three brothers, the Butcher is said to deal with mortals the least often. Rather, he meets and greets many in his various tales and epics, but leaves precious few survivors to relate the tale.
Of the three brothers, the Hero is most beloved by mortals, and this makes him the most revolting of the three sons.
File: Turn.png (234 KB, 795x784)
234 KB
234 KB PNG

>Action 1: To Catch the Wind and harness
>(Sail Improvements)
The winds can be life and death whilst at sea; Exith's four children determining so much of where and where not a ship might go without exhausting the galley rowers. To that end, the Galleysmiths of our harbours work to weave sail and rigging in more effective and efficient combinations; to better harness the winds in our favour and reduce the drag of winds against us.

>Action 2: Weaponcraft of the Battle of the Nine
The Wonderous weapons taken from the ancient tropaion's battle site are true treasures from a past age; masterworks of smithcraft forged of a metal unlike any other known to Waddan man. And yet, even the most pristine and perfect blades will eventually dent or tarnish. To that end, the Waddan smiths use exemplars of the ancient stash as their inspiration, and carefully learn how to repair and maintain those weapons in use by their soldiery. The broken, ruined blades from the 'crust' that sheltered the fine specimens might be of some minor use as raw material in the repair process, if it is required - and even if we cannot yet replicate the full might and majesty of these ancient weapons through a lack of material, it is hoped the experience and examples might more generally enhance our smith's skills of weapon crafting.

>Navy 1:
With Admiral Beninga retired to the city bearing his name to live the remainder of a life with fame, fortune and prosperity, Captain Boelens takes over the command of the prestigious first fleet. And just Admiral Boelens assumes his command, Aibel Beninga - Grandson of the famed Admiral - takes post as a Captain in the fleet. The First Fleet stops at Beningsted long enough to be refitted; and then the voyage continues; to round the peninsula on a westward course and chart what we may find!

>Navy 2:
Once the Irreechi fleet leaves harbour the Waddan fleet will help guide them north, then resume our patrols between the Glinster and Klinkested.
>Expand the Gnawchitter Territory
>Upgrade the city
The demands of the people are heard, and fulfilled to the best of the letterchewers’ abilities.
They wish not for territorial domination- Gnawer knows, more land to manage is the least of their wishes!
But… the population has been good lately. Very good. Keeping them distracted and satisfied will let them take a breath of relief, and perhaps even enjoy some of the fruits of their hard work as well

While the workers celebrate, voices mumble and complain- the city is big, but the horde isn’t here. Do they have enough shankers to protect themselves?
1. Raise a third army in Amun.
2. We have met the corpsemen in battle and have found ways in which our troops are lacking. These issues must be covered and one of the first ways that can be done is to increase the training of the troops. Men will be drilled to follow orders in an instant and listen to their lords, tactics and fighting styles to put the corpsemen down more easily, along with tactics and strategy for the high nobles.
(Increase trained status to well trained)

Armies: The half health army is to avoid fighting alone and move south to meet up with the full health army; and the full health army is to march north and meet with the half health army before both march on Edion or fight the Ireechi army if it moves to intercept.
File: NRP6 Turn 13.png (17 KB, 277x427)
17 KB

Vettirgard is silent for now. They have heard little from north or south, so there's mainly just feasts and debates. A debate the Vardyger has with his shamans regards the necessity for the raven sacrifice. If perhaps there is a way to just seize the blessing. The shamans warn that we'd be upsetting the balance, bringing woe upon us, but the Vardyger points out that the raven sacrifice is also one that brings woe. Of course he is fully aware of how dangerous it is to go up against the raven spirit, but that is because we are unarmed in the astral realm. Perhaps if we were to become hunters in the astral realm we could renegotiate the terms, or dictate them. But it's all speculation, for the Vardyger is not as adept as his father in the spiritual arts. But maybe, soon.

>Action 1: Build Lead and Alexandrite mines in the northern mountains.
The Wights of the north start to setup mines near where the army is guarding. The Colour-changing crystals are of obvious great value as jewellery and ritual objects. But the lead has a less obvious function: Fishing. Wights attach weights to the edge of nets so they sink faster, but stone weights are bulky and fragile. Lead weights work much better, and lead is even easier to forge than gold.

>Action 2: Develop dyes and paints based on Menot's Garden (nicknaming it Deiya's Bloom). Try cultivating specific colours on the marsh island (confirming if they can be farmed).
The Seawights find the many colours of the flowers fascinating, but have run into some problems when trying to simply grind the plants onto the wood of their ships. A yellow flower may produce a blue dye, the colour may wash off afterwards, or just be a staining of the wood, not paint. But after rigorous cataloguing and preparing, the Wights create a whole plethora of dyes and even paints, allowing them to paint ships a dazzling array of colours, each one strong. They can even dye clothing with it, creating brightly coloured furs. However some also try to grow the flowers outside of Deiya's Bloom, which if possible will allow us to produce vast quantities of exotic dyes.
>Action 1: Rhinoceros Corraling [Resource Harnessing]
Hrrrnnnng I already did this action before refer that that flavor text if you are so inclined.

>Action 2: The Ritual of Arrival [Cultural/Religious, IDK you pick.]
The moons are changing, signaling the coming of The Mountain once again. While it's last appearance gave way to savagery and chaos, men throwing boys from the mountainside and mothers praying on the downfall (See what I did there? A little word play? We like to have fun here.) of their clique's daughters, this is an act of barbarity that Aletheos will not tolerate. With the help of other like-minded individuals whose memory of the event isn't tinted with false glory organize a festival, or rather a more formal ritual. Worthy candidates will make themselves known in one way or another, for those who lack the willpower to control the fates to distinguish themselves would likely perish attempting to reach their dreams at Kiri's summit.
A large area is set aside for these candidates, set up in their own tepees for the occasion and given a feast the night before. If you are reading this please send help. I am currently being held captive by members of the mexican cartel at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The most mathematically inclined volunteers create timetables and schedules for the prospective climbers. Two at a time, and a pair every thirty minutes. There will be no direct intervention from the spiteful this time.
Action 1. Claiming it for Yarvik, Ra'Kaerv orders the construction of a salt mine for its clear benefits.

Action 2. With access to so much food and no desire to leave, the households of Yarvik expand, and with them so does the city.
>Lore - The Creation of Life

>Action 1 - Military - Raise a New Army
Although the city of Edion is young, the food surplus has been sweltering in the Irreechi Order for countless tyrns now; It has never been cheaper to be fruitful and multiply. Of course, where there are men, there are twisted minds in need of an outlet for their heinous instincts. To the barracks, they are sent.

>Action 2 - Magic - Tonguestealer
There are many desires which may drive some to enter into the insidious cabal, not all of which rely entirely on their physical appearance. Given the Irreechi society's distrust of unblemished beauty, many find beauty in the voice where others would find beauty in the face. Whereas even the most beautiful of Volos's chosen will wither with age, the charm of one's tongue will remain.
As such, many who would turn against the Cabal and enter into the Tayib would come with a miraculous ability to manipulate their vocal chords, emulating the voices of others and even ventriloquizing - causing their voices to appear to originate from a distant point. The battlefield seeks to apply this talent to it's book on War Morale, utilizing their Tayib to emulate the voice of enemy commanders, barking false orders, and stirring confusion among enemy lines.

Move to the navy to follow the Waddians North

The now recovered army would move utilize their superior speed to intercept the wounded Amunians as they flee the conflict.

>Action 1.
>Wrath of the Karnites

The Karn's judgement has passed, passed down from on high, and carried up from below. As such this shall happen to the Abraamites ...

>The Priesthood of their people shall be made to confess their cruel and wicked practices to their people, it matters not the state of their soul, or whatever means the confessions are extracted, be it by whips, blades, or flames. The laymen of old Edion must know where their children disappeared to, and how their old God consumed them in a maw of fire. Only then will their eyes be opened to the error of their ways. No more secrets are to be kept by their priesthood; for their priesthood is to be ...

>No more, the practice of child sacrifices is officially banned in the land of Karnites, punishable by torture and death. The entirety of the old Abraamite priesthood is to be offered to Karn, drained of their blood, and their bodies to be destroyed - reduced to ashes and scattered to the sea.
>The laymen, the farmers, crafters, and those ignorant of their religious practices are to be returned to their farming village on the outskirts of the Karnite realm, with compensation of coin paid from Karn Hroth's personal coffers, to ease the burden of the missed harvest - and as a sign of not only forgiveness, but a request of good will.

>The worship of the old Abraamite God is now taboo, forever outlawed. To speak his name is to have one's tongue ripped out, to hold his practices be it in public or private is to suffer the penalty of death. Their religious texts are to be burned, their artifacts melted down, and all mention of the old faith to be wiped clean.
>The Abraamites are to now worship Karn, or whatever faith the Irreechi carry, or die. All violations and 'slipping back' into old practices will be punished with the utmost prejudice, ie a father is found worshipping in his home, the entire family is enslaved, and the father sacrificed to Karn.

>Magic get pls?
As the blood of the priesthood class touches the Monolith, a strange furor flows through the Lost Son's that have recently received a blessing, it is found when they are in a depths of rage - they strike with strength greater than normal men, even by Karnite standards. Even when blades slice their flesh, they fight on, not feeling the pain until the rage let's go of the reigns. Even the loss of limbs does not hamper them while they scream the war cry of "KARN!".

Expand north, claiming the region where we settled the Abraamites, and all the ample grasslands it provides.
> Action 1: Eugenics improvement
With an understanding of symmetry and proportionality developped we can reevaluate the methods by which we select and train the next generations. Looking for symmetrical and proportional muscles even in infants becomes an important deal and it is understood that requirements for women need to be increased.
(rework selection criteria, castrate 99% of men and 40% of women)
With these changes the category of Free man ever shrinks and Eunichs in some capacity are given more local governance roles.

> Action 2: Magic fertiltiy upgrade
To counteract the harsher eugenics criteria the people are asked to train their fertility. Ahmosi women train themselves to get their period weekly not monthly and to complete a pregnancy in 6 rather than 9 months, as well to only get their menopause in their 60's. Men on the other hand are trained to have more sperm and for it to be more effective, a task of overgrowing importance as with 2500 wives the Harem King is exected to now sire at least 4000 descendants per year
>Build a 4'th navy.
So much progress has been made in the city of Curio. Advancements in shipbuilding, and the new guild along with their brain child the Trireme. They now finally endeavor to put all these resources and ideas to the ultimate test and birth it into reality. The sounds of hammering, carpentry, and sweaty men grunting in the scorching sun echo throughout the ports of Curio. After weeks of toiling they finally fall silent for a brief moment, only to have bellowed cheers erupt. Finally, it is complete. The fourth Navy of Ocena, a powerful trireme, concept no longer but a living thing of sail and wood.

>Shift the capital of Ocena from Libromus to Curio.
The news comes hardly as a surprise to anyone, really. For the longest time Curio has been the pearl in the eye of Ocena. A place of might, progress, knowledge, and most importantly Obaba. It has swelled into not only the most densely populate island of the nation, but also in terms of administrative focus. Libromus will always have it's special place in the people's heart as the cradle of the Oc's, but Curious represents so much more to their nature that many feel as if this is indeed their true home. And now, their maps and administration will reflect the same.

Navy actions:
1) Continues to float west.
2) Goes back to the island with the Garden on it and begins to blockade the port.
3)Continues North-West along the coast.
4 if possible) Word has it that our frontiers to the north are experiencing turbulent waters. Our trireme will surely be a valuable asset. Move it North, towards the Garden.
Posted on behalf of the Uati

>1st action: Research.
Research better building methods.
As more buildings started using quality stone as construction material the richer people of those who live in the lands of the order demanded that the stone be used by skilled laborers knowledgeable in how stone be placed and in a timely manner.As such some lower scholars where bribed with the promise of great rewards for their time should they manage to gather and teach some of the labour class as they put it to be educated and refined.

>2nd action: Construction.
Construction a stand for which to put the comet on and a roof to protect it from the elements.
The holy meteor, "the will of Anu" as it was nicknamed by the people rested on a great of slab of stone exposed to the elements. As the order grew both in wealth and material it was finally decided to make a slab of stone of the finest marble depicting the order, the comet and the pantheon with 4 Columns inlaid with gold and silver to support a glass roof.
File: map13.png (811 KB, 2047x2151)
811 KB
811 KB PNG
1st Young Man, 2nd PAC. The Rising Star shines brightly.

War true and proper as come at last to Amun, no longer simple skirmishes over the Abraamites they had taken in, but outright war. The faithful of Amun are called up to fight for the gods, the High Lord and the country. These new recruits will be trained by the scant survivors from the attack at the Passage in tactics best suited against the corpsemen. When the armies return victorious against this foe, they too will be taught these things.
The army of Lord Toraten, having been speared in the back by an unknown band of Irreechi thugs, limps with their dead and wounded back towards the Lake, met with refreshed troops led by Lord Vitalsin as they approach the jungle. But they are followed close behind.

Pharakhan Anemhotep is faced with a difficult decision which stems from the strange disappointment he feels in his people. He had read and reread all of the data gathered from dissection studies, puzzling over the apparent lack of unique features in them. His advisers assure him that the divinity of the Ahmosi is in the blood, something they cannot study as closely as gristle & gizzard. Nevertheless his mind is made up, the eugenic laws must be pushed younger still, infants & babes are to be screened. He will root out weakness from the earliest possible stages! With this in mind he tasks the priests and breeders with increasing the fertility of those now fewer allowed to bear sons & daughters of Ahmose. The winds of fate, drifting around the studies of symmetry and equivalence, work their way into the wombs of many pregnant women. The birthrate of twins booms, but not without balance; One child is always stronger than the other, noticeably so in most cases. [A second improvement and I will allow 3 armies per city max.]

As more of Nabu-Ki-Uru and her surrounds are built of stone, the streets of the capital lined with cobbles, and even the poor beginning to use stone alongside the usual mudbrick, the wealthy of the city are a little perturbed at this loss of a status symbol. Quarrymen & masons, haulers & engineers, all are consulted on methods possible on cutting and moving greater stones than currently possible. Perhaps they take inspiration from the far-off temple of the crocodiles, or perhaps of two ancient obelisks that still stand in the country. In any case, systems of levers & rollers, of pulleys & cranes are established to move enormous stones previously considered immovable onto the building sites of those who can afford such grand plans.
>AU cont.
Fine white marble is quarried far in the north, transported at great expense to the site where what the Dorrans called The King had been dragged, and a great plinth of the stone made. With immense effort, helped by the recently discovered knowledge at the guild of masons, the meteorite is hauled into place atop this plinth. There it is renamed the Will of Anu, and four good columns each inlaid with precious metals are erected around it. The ambitious plans had called for a roof of clear glass, but alas any trial of such is met with failure to produce flat sheets which do not shatter at the lightest knick. No matter, it is magnificent as it is!

The Wolf strikes his prey, his jaws close around the neck, but as his teeth sink deep so too do the claws of his quarry. To a beast the Gaunt Men of the mountain are destroyed, heaped into a great pile and burnt, the smell of their victory rising to the broad skies. Ridom smiles upon them. What remains of their numbers ride home in triumph, the fallen wrapped in shrouds to hide the wounds from their wives & daughters. Many of the honoured dead were so badly injured, or worse eaten at, that they were identified by their tattoos or keepsakes.
A second silver mine is opened, this one kept for now for Avorian purposes until the Khloes demand it too. With the latter's docks damaged, the Avor take it upon themselves to master the waves, constructing stone ports of their own.
Only the very frontiers beyond their borders remain unsurveyed, but Harkon would have these too scoured, perhaps to determine where next he will plant his standard. [>CK] In the forests of Khlomosa they uncover for them red cinnabar, the colour of blood on the blade for their craftsmen to carve. In their own western forests they find not mineral wealth, but the team sent that way return with fewer than were sent out. First they fear more Gaunt Men, but the crew respond that no, it had been an accident of misidentification, a plant they believed edible was in fact deadly poisonous, so much so that a single ingested leaf had killed the men who ate them. [>CD] Lastly the surveyors in the hinterland 'twixt Avor & Dirkin return stinking, revealing that the reason for it is the sample of sulphur they have carried on their person. They also show the mistletoe they harvested from the forest, the only place they have yet seen it grow.
>AV cont.
[>CK] Once more friends meet to test their mettle, General Alexander of the Avor, the Queen of Khlomosa. Each bear weapons embossed with silver, Su-won smiles, it is so like them to copy without knowing the meaning. Alexander's Own face the Queensguard, both assured they will beat the other, both prepared to meet their makers. It is bloody, gruelling, sodden combat. Man and beast clashing together as in the tyrns of old, with a victor slowly becoming apparent. Their overwhelming prowess affords the Avor the win, and in their mercy call off the bears and men built like them to their own lines. Alexander seizes his prize, one more fitting a conqueror, he takes Su-won to his tent and each perform valiantly in the joust. She bears for him a son, the very image of his father, dedicated to the Hero as is fitting.

The festivities of the Day of Shaping are spectacular and immense, with music and sweet delicacies, men & women dancing in their finest though they leave their feet bare. It is a day of traditions both old and new, many wear white lead to symbolise the fullness of the moon that they may walk at night from the light of it alone. It is on this night of revelry that the powers of the maidens is revealed. Linked arm-in-arm, with fine ribbon binding them, they dance. A dizzying display of footwork and organisation that lets them, over the course of a good number of hours, works rows of ridges & furrows which fill with water from the Reason & Rhyme. The crowds are amazed! It is indeed a blessing of dirt, a term used both affectionately and derision, though in this instance it is very much the first. Further festivities are opened in the market & temple-forge, drawing spectators away from the waiting workmen who fill out the rest of the black soiled valley with paddies. The following morning, or rather noon when most have awoken quite thoroughly hungover, they are shown as the work of the maidens alone, leaving the populace astonished. [From hereon leave at least one turn between magic actions]
The armies are relocated to the frontier forts, the change of the winds blows warm wet air from the seas, bringing the thunderstorm with it. Now is a time of change, of renewal, and of upheaval.

Her majesty barely has room to swing her blade any more given the bustling of the city. Being seven months pregnant doesn't help either. She orders that the northern lands be brought under the control of the crown, scrubbing away "ancient" "rights" to the land from her extended family who were found unfit to bear the weight of sovereignty. These hard decisions must be made, she just wishes she could make them without her back hurting so much. Following the birth of her son, Yeong-sil, follows up her decree with orders to erect a city at the river-spring located in the newly claimed lands. She ponders on the name she will be remembered with in coming generations as she feeds her baby, finally settling on Opulith, it has a nice ring to it she feels.
>CK cont.
The Armies march north, to the Red Field, to engage in a ritual as old as Prospith itself.
{b] The Oomul Pens, as many call the squalid ghetto the Giants inhabit, have been a cause of consternation for the Khloes since Su-won's grandfather enslaved them. They eat twice as much as a normal person, have little self-preservation, can barely speak intelligibly, and on top of that they won't even fight to the death for the people who so generously brought them to civilisation! But things are beginning to change, Khlomosan influence has slowly seeped into their quarters, including a growing love of play-fights & mock-battles among the young. Su-won recognises the development, seeing it to be exploitable. Oomul children, already the size of a man! are brought from the ghetto into the barracks, well an annexe to the barracks with cots that will fit them as they grow. In a tyrn or two, she will have the shock troops her ancestors had dreamed of.

Expenses for temple construction are scraped from the emptying treasury, selling off a number of large amethysts from the royal collection to have them roofed this tyrn. The Empress couldn't care less, they've always reminded her of that prude Meris anyway, at least that's what she tells herself when the royal jewels are being divvied up for auction. She is rather surprised to see members of House Shayla sporting them however, when did they get the kind of money to be buying up amethysts the size of their thick heads? Funding aside, the grand temples to Diurn and to Mawsos stand completed, the necessities of worship brought from their niches in the Pantheonic temple in Tor Sulduphan until more appropriate pieces can be commissioned.
The approach taken by the students of the Aiyatsyyuth was really to slap whatever pieces they had purchased, scrounged, or stolen together and hope for the best, while the Enkiranut at least laid things out in ways they had taken educated guesses at. These results were, fine, unspectacular, and at the very least didn't collapse into giblets after half a tyrn. But the Empress is, in some things, a perfectionist, and speculation aside as to what purpose she has in mind for homunculi (capable of more than standing, sitting, walking, carrying a tray of drinks) her wish is granted. Bone & sinew are laid, muscle & skin grafted, a new breed of homunculi displayed to the biomantic community. Additional testing, after one somehow split its own head cleanly in two during a weapons experiment, improve upon the performance of the standard "Skinned Homunculus" that was available to those in the know, releasing the new "Muscled Homunculus" to the discerning market.
Priests, victims of the Loric Plague, and farmers of the wilting fields all flock to the cult centre of Diurn which overlooks the withered crops. Sacrifices, pledges, hymns, all dedicated to her to stop the spread of this vexing affliction. From the heavens and the earth there is no reply. The crops continue to die.
There is not only happiness throughout the Gathering, there is something beyond just that which the Letterchewers have never before seen in their populace, save the brief flash of it in the eyes of those who shank someone for an especially shiny diamond or exceptionally juicy apricot: Joy. The Chitterers are joyous. It is festive atmosphere throughout the streets and gutters and sky bridges of The Gathering. These festivities follow into the bedchambers throughout the conglomeration, soon there are more wailing mouths to feed. But, if the letterchewers keep up this good work, they might not have to fear for their lives. Not as often at least.

Yarvik spills over the walls along the north of the river, even up to the old looms, whilst everywhere inside the walls is stripped of space-consuming flora leaving only the gates of the Markalinaroki forested. Those born outside the walls are jokingly considered half-voraik, with many a child picking up the insult to hurl at each other. The growing city, and it is supposed the "full"-voraiks as well, are in need of salt to preserve the increased stores of food needed to maintain such a large populace. Two mines are opened east of the city to accommodate the need.

The war machine calls for men. The men are sworn to obey.
Guided by much more accomplished sailors in the Waddans, the Irreechi are sent off with trumpets and banners as the Klinken Fleet rejoins their old trade route, leaving them sailing off into the wide open waters unsure of where to go. Strong winds from the south push them farther still until they are surrounded on all sides as far as they can see by ocean.
Men and women of the Tayib, when meeting with each other in their hidden places, are required to wear their masks & veils that utmost secrecy be upheld even outside such clandestine arrangements. But there is a flaw in the plans of the Pactbroker, that those who are recruited into the organisation from the Cabal each have a unique & distinct way of speaking, so much so there is a worry beginning to form that the public will notice these members whilst they perform their assigned duties, or just in the day-to-day life all must lead. This downside has, as the Irreechi like to think of all detriments, an upside. Though they may speak oddly, they may also speak in voices not their own. Of course with the situation in the south this is immediately put to military purposes. Commanders wish it that they could shout orders in the tongues of adversaries, but the all-too-common hitch of not knowing what in Sarghun the barbarians are saying arises.
The army go to strike at their foes as they retreat, a fitting end for those who would harbour the Abraamites, but as they draw near to their accursed jungle, the trees shake with the march of reinforcements. They shall make haste to Edion to sure it.
Carefully, cautiously, the rhinoceroses that Boreos had tamed with a single shake of his ivory spear, are corralled once more and given mountainous heaps of hay from the nearby fields that they had short tyrns ago ransacked. Though not as easily dealt with as they had been when headed by a literal demigod, the Odithians remember enough of what Boreos had done to keep them in check to at least know what not to do.
At the start of the tyrn, just days before the Returnal Moon rises, Aletheos organises formal assessments that will do away with the barbarity witnessed when Kiri came last. The fateweavers have shown to him that Kiri shall be here but a moment, so it is he must act fast if he wishes to make the ascent a thing of joy for all throughout the country, not the bloodbath of conniving and betrayal it had been. South of the temple on the sands, he orders a ring of tepees to be put up, along with equipment brought in that all may try their strength in preparation for the climb ahead. Jumps marked in the sand, large stone weights hoisted, trees cut from the jungle brought as climbing poles. Few succeed in each, fewer in all, and only a handful selected to make the climb. This process comes to be called The Ritual of Arrival. [I will warn you the turn before next time when Kiri will be arriving so you can prepare]

Orlon-Asur turns on his heel, staring wild-eyed at his men at the base of the hill upon which stands the monoliths. His gaze shoots back and forth as he watches the creeping cloud gather around his army, watching tendrils and vines creep up around their legs as they become goat-like or fish-like or bird-like, each man different, different again with each blink. His retinue help him down from the stones, asking him what is wrong, but he hasn't the heart to tell them what he has done. They do not as yet see the changes which are to befall them, as to what those will even be, he does not know. That night, resting himself uncomfortably on a large rock to be out of mists that pour about the plains, Orlon-Asur screams like a child when he is awoken by his guard that morning his come. He brushes it off as just a nightmare, he cannot bring himself to admit it was because it was not the head of his trusted guard he saw, but that of an enraged ram.
Marching through a low fog on Orlon-Asur could see, though he dare not look down lest he see his legs becoming hirsute and feet cloven, the army makes it through the pines of the north of the island, first narrowly avoiding prowling wolves, then spying over the river a number of large boulders roughly in the shape of men.
[>OC] Laud & Oc alike celebrate the informal, but still considered binding, agreement to allow the use of each nation's ports by the other.
>LD cont.
Inalt, the Boy-Potentate as some call him as he begins to take over certain duties from his aging father, is near giddy at the opportunity to have the world surveyed, and for it to be done by ships of his request helmed by his dearest friend, Moda. If such surveying included a hefty return on investments, it was merely a bonus atop the knowledge to be gained. Two new fleets are ordered by the prince, the existing fleet (the First Fleet) captained by the aforementioned Moda, the Second Fleet (confusingly also called by the shipwrights the First Kosman Fleet) given over to Vorinth's grandson, Docat, an already experience sailor. The third is handed to a distant cousin through his mother's family, one Puchin of the Onos line, to keep them in their good opinion of the royal family. As for Vorinth himself, he is given the highest honours achievable, some even fabricated just to even out the number of achievements on the elaborate memorial statue of him erected in Kosmos overlooking the sea.
Moda installed in all his finery, lavished with garlands and well-stocked with rations & wares (just in case), the First Fleet sets sail again, finding along the way they are in the wake of Oc ships travelling ahead of them.

Legal wrangling from the Shipwright's Guild switches the home-port of the Third Fleet, renamed the Fourth Fleet for sentimental reasons, and a third Third Fleet constructed.
Libromus is a grand city of boulevards and colonnaded institutions of empire, but what it lacks is people. Curio has, for some time now, been a good sight more populated than the capital, and with the opening of vast ports, the shipwrights guild, not to mention of course the legendary Obaba, it is seen as a more fitting capital for the growing Ocena. It is however rather more space constrained, leading to a number of necessary governmental buildings remaining on the Isle of Ocena. Still, the expansive works fill every available inch with cobbled roads and towering edifices of dressed stone.
Caught by the sudden shift in the wind after their adventure at the Oracle [we will finish the IC soon, this turn just happens after that's wrapped up], the First Fleet veers north, narrowly avoiding the rocks of a peninsula. But ho, lights on the southern land at night they can just about see. New peoples they're sure to meet there.
Having sailed to the ports of Xiaudo, and hearing the exploits of the Tarn against the Wights of the north, the Second Fleet orders an about turn on their previous orders and returns to the isle of Menot's Garden. They blockade the ports of the men who now attack any Oc who dares too close. They will starve the blighters if they have to.
The Third (now Fourth) Fleet follows the path of their one-time namesake, having had their home-base shifted to the distant Fumatri, hoping to find some sign of what had happened those many tyrns ago.
[Armies & navies can't be moved on the same turn they're created without spending an action on it]
It is as if Arana herself has granted them the wisdom of it, an innate understanding of the winds and poles, for Tarnic captains to guide their ships [This is the last possible navigation action and even this is pushing it]. Such men found capable are put in charge of both individual ships and the fleets as a whole, one such being a bright, if a little obnoxious, merchant's son by the name of Veeram, whose aptitude (and family's wealth) see him reach the highest naval position possible. He is the first to be granted captaincy over the new line of ships, bearing a third row of oars to do them well against the strong winds of these coasts.
Adhyan has had enough of the strange court, customs, and what the Riyuzi consider edible (which is to say everything), ordering his ships to return home. There he will organise dealings with the Raja of Harppa to initiate trade with the yellow-faced men of the north for their tin, which will make him a very wealthy man indeed. As they pull from the docks of Xiuado they see one of the Oc fleets making port, shouting them good luck, they will need it. Whilst the First Fleet returns, the Second Fleet goes to relieve their post guarding Huoxinwa, which the Veeram hopes to make a tidy profit in.

Wights, as a class, could be considered vain, stupid, ugly, and vicious, but what they cannot be considered is impractical, indeed they are tenaciously practical. After all what would these shining gifts from Deiya be for if not adornment? What would the heavy metal be good for if not dragging things down? They congratulate themselves for their impeccable reasoning skills.
The Seawights who escape the turmoil of Deiya's Bloom do so on rafts and canoes painted all the colours of dusk and dawn and then some, offering (for a reasonable price, at least so they consider it) pots of pigment for all manner of material. Wood, fur, rough-spun cloth, skin, stone, you name it! Alas the cuttings, the seeds, even the live plants dug up roots-and-all wither away as they are taken from the island, so it is ramshackle workshops are constructed along the coast for the production of every colour imaginable, although the purples they make fade awfully fast. Of course what is not disclosed, for it is not known, is that many would be toxic to breathe, to apply with the fingers, to brush over days-old meat to look fresh, to manufacture even, but the life of a Wight is already so short none of them would notice, and after all the bright colours that coat almost every surface of Hoftborg and beyond are worth it.
Galleysmiths are put to work, trialling many a shape and size and rigging in the calm waters between Glinsteilan and Stanbyld. Of these they find a dual sail design, fore and aft, with a slight narrowing of the fore to the top of the mast to be most effective. These designs spread throughout the nation, with the Second Fleet after having accompanied the Irreechi as far as they might, return to the ports of Klinkested to be the first to be so outfitted.
Weapons from under the mound over the Site of the Battle of Nine are taken with great reverence to the smiths of Bengingsted for repairs, to be used for now as exemplars in design to emulate, awaiting approval from the parliament back on the home isle if such weapons are to be considered artefacts to be stored away or equipment of war that can once again be placed into the hands of soldiers. There are a hundred different designs for all manner of sword, axe, mace, polearm, and more, found within the mound, each of which is carefully cleaned, catalogued, and placed in shipping crates for safekeeping. From these designs the army currently on the peninsula is outfitted in newly forged weapons which sit better in the hand, swing easy from shoulder to wrist, and blast it just feel good to hack & stab with.
Captain Benginga settles in the city bearing his name, having given up much of his on-board duties already to his trusted friend Boelens and grandson Aibel, who practically grew up aboard the First Fleet. These matters settled, their journey recommences, sails billowing as the south winds fill them before steering east to crest the peninsula. In doing so they find another navy, narrowly avoiding a rocky demise!

[I will write the fate of the Abraamites in IC, I really need to get this posted and get to bed]
It is not a rage that fills the Karnites when they feel the blessing of Karn upon them, though to the outward observer such a word is the only one fitting!, but rather a serenity of the mind freeing it of all thoughts and desires of the individual replacing it all with the will of Karn. That the will of Karn is blood spilled upon blood is another matter.
Karnites spread north over plain, river, and forest. What they did not expect to find however were pools and mounds, smelling faintly of bad meat, which endlessly bubble up mud and murky water.


>Skirted Battle of the (Tu)Volos Faithful
Lord Toraten's army retreat after their bloody battle with the Zealots of the Irreechi, leaving the dead in hopes to return next tyrn, but as they draw near to their jungled lands the sounds of hoofbeats shakes them. The horses bear down upon them, already lowering their lances to skewer them, their hateful eyes hidden behind masks of silver. They however make a retreat of their own back to Edion, as the army of Lord Vitalsin comes to reinforce his brethren. The men of the Order prepare alongside the new recruits in the city of the Abraamites, for the second siege in its short history. Lord Vitalsin marches o'er the plain.
No blood is spilled this tyrn, but it lays the plans that yet more blood may be spilt than would have been.


> Expand to the east, toward the mountain gate
> Establish a new city, Tah's Gate, by the mountain gate

“Mooom! The yaks are farting again!”

Tah-mah scowled at her second child of four. “Then get off and walk!”

“But I’m tired!”

Tah pointedly ignored her child and turned to her husband. “How many days of this? How many days before you lose a child?”

Sloak, logger by trade, consulted the map, marked into a thin sheet of old leather, staring at the river and mountains marked on it. He pointed at one of the many distance peaks. “So, with Safehole behind us, we want that peak to our left, until the third day of travel, unless we reach the great sea...”

“You have no idea where we are.”

“We’re going toward the mountains dear, they’re mountains, we’re not going to lose sight of them...Volos that yak does smell.”

“Don’t change the subject.” She replied sharply. “You really think we can do well out here by the gate?”

“It was your idea. Sell the rice patties, start a new city, start a trade network with the Lauds.”

Up ahead one of her children made gagging motions and slumped, mock dead, on the yak.

“It was fun when I made the Mudspeakers count out the coins where everyone could see it. Now, we have to make it work. Find work for people, make trades with the Lauds, keep food coming from Safehole, play politics with the speakers...”

“Snickering at the priestess will probably cost us somewhere along the line.”

Tah-mah smirked. "I'll never regret that."

“Mooom it’s pooping now!”

Assuming she made it to the gate without losing her mind.
File: NRP6 Turn 14.png (18 KB, 277x427)
18 KB

The Vardyger returns from up north, having been with his army as they inspected the gate. But he now hears of trouble from the Seawights. They've been blockaded by an organised navy, with big warships and sophisticated weaponry. People which yet again the Hrafnlaun was oblivious to. The Vardyger wonders if his father's efforts were truly worth it, as Astral Projection has only gleamed tiny fragments of knowledge which would be more easily attainable from spies. In fact, the Seawights are becoming more and more powerful, with about zero influence from the Vardyger. This blockade may in fact be a blessing in disguise, as now he has a good opportunity to twist their arm with it.

>Action 1: Develop Composite Bows.
While the Seawights are proud fishers, the Landwights are proud hunters. They have struggled to hunt with slings, javelins and bows. The bows have been weak, needing to be small they lack the poundage to pierce an elk's hide, until now. The Landwights have developed a bow of wood, bone and sinnew, which while small, is very strong. The size also means arrows need not be as long, allowing more to be carried and fletching new ones is faster. Though the Wights also make extensive use of copper arrowheads, since they want to guarantee the kill.

>Action 2: Create the Skyseil fleet.
With the troubles of the Colourful Isle, the Seawights cannot wait for the Sverre Geirrmann fleet to return. It is strange it hasn't returned, but in it's absence more ships have been built, they just need a captain to bring them together. The arguments begin and soon champions are brought forth to start dueling, only to then step down as the Colourful Lords step forth. The limited period of selling dyes was enough to gain enough wealth to buy a good chunk of the ships of this upcoming fleet. Furthermore, they have a vested interest in beating back the foreign invaders. They use what dyes are locally available to whitewash the sails of this new fleet, it isn't perfectly white, making a cloudy white, and thus that is the fleet's name, the Cloud Sail, or Skyseil, Fleet.

>Army Movement: Explore southwards, along the coast.
As the mountain gate has been ensured secure, the Svarthird moves south. There are wide plains beyond the swamps, plains we have only seen from the shore. Besides, there's people on land south of Vettirgard, maybe there's other tribes near them. This is also a unique challenge of logistics, as they need to make camps and forage for such a large force, especially the Trellkrigers, who need areas dedicated to fighting, feasting and... resting. They also need to bring women along to satisfy their war brutes. But the elders can also be more strict on them, as they can flat out execute Trellkrigers if they get too rowdy, because there aren't any fledgelings here, they are all highly indoctrinated.
File: Turn.png (38 KB, 617x577)
38 KB

>Action 1: Triremes
Huite Beninga, son of the famed Admiral and father of Aibel, find himself taking on more of the responsibilities of Beningsted as his father both ages and sinks time into socialising. As part of the League charter all electoral districts are obligated to make contribution to the league's defences in return for their voteholding rights; but his father wishes for a grander statement then simply providing an equivalent to the nation's two existing fleets. As such, he concentrates the Shipwrights of Beningstead's Harbour to work upon design for a ship that is stronger and taller then those that came before it; another row of oars added to those existing.

>Action 2: 3rd Fleet
But of course, once you have a workable design you then have to put it into production. Beningsted raises the 3rd fleet for the Waddanian league in the Harbour of the city. Captain Bleeker, one of Beninga's old subordinates, is appointed to head up this new fleet - though it is strongly suspected he is intended only as an interim occupant, potentially to retire once Aibel Beninga returns from his proving voyage...

>Navy 1: Sails by an Empty Shore
Nearing the island to the east of the Beningsland peninsula, the Waddan first fleet finds the sails of another upon the horizon. They approach cautiously, remembering Jelckama's lesson...
Once the meeting with these foreign sailors is concluded, the Waddan fleet will sail onward around the south coast of this barren grassy island; seeking the route that the foreign fleet must have surely taken to reach them.

>Navy 2: Northern Return
With the Ireechi sailing north, the parliament decides they mislike the idea of another navy knowing more of the northern continent's coastline then their own do. The parliment thus debates and the Naasjeholder issues orders; and following them Heeringa sails his fleet north once more, a little east of where the Horse-Men were met on the previous voyage.

Irony, It would be one of the Khlomosan soldiers that woudl say something that would catch Alexanders ear. "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle" this maxim rang true in his head, one must know the true strength that lay within, within

Returning to Idopolis, many things rounded themselves in his mind, chief most what to write to lord King Harkon.

A suggestion. Breathe life into the bellows. and allow alexander to put tactics to paper

the suggestions were heeded.

Action 1: Exploit the forest of the ancestors (If this isnt an acceptable use then just using my forges to forge weapons)
Avorian legend told that when time came, Ancestors would be made to Bow and weapon, using this resource the Ancestors would be crafted into fine bows and lance hafts, backers for shields and saddles for riders, One with their children and childrens children

Action 2 Avorian Tactics (troop Training)

The Avor were a well oiled machine now, but more could be done, Training by horn blow and tactics for different terrains they would drill day in and day out, each man was a spectacle in his own, but now together they were a single cohisive unit, trained to move and march as one to cadence and war cry, to know no fear or flag in event of charge or sunder. the Cavalry would train in counter spear infantry tactics, while the Phalanzes would learn to counter light infantry. with the addition of a retinue of Archers to every phalanx unit

Army 1 (Army of Alexander)
Will remain in Khlomosa, Camping Outside of the gate with the Khlomosan Army

Army 2 (Wolf Warriors)
Once rested and recovered, their vicious commander would march them over the Red River and once more into Khlomosa, Joining the army of Alexander, forming the largest Avorian force to arrive among the steppe since teh ancient Khans of old.

Both armies awaited now, for what more to do.
The howling winds of doom continue to billow, over the fields and through the streets, gently fluttering linens as it passes.
Ariaios looks out to her empire, taking in the sights of Tor Loric. Where she goes she is met with the adoration she desires and has always demanded, the average lady wears even less than Ariaios does nowadays, almost bare as they go flirting around in packs. People gamble indecent wagers in public places and obscene statuettes are carved in her likeness.

It’s all… boring. It’s meant to be taboo, shocking and outrageous, the very idea meant to send the heart racing, the most depraved of fantasies, but now it’s just… the way things are. People don’t react with horror, they don’t react at all, it’s an every day part of life. Many of these people don’t even remember what it was like before her do they? She’s lived so long, men have lived and died without ever seeing another ruler, they forgot why this was meant to be exciting! They don’t appreciate the impropriety of it all!

Something is wrong, she’s won, winning is meant to feel good, this is dull, dull completely and utterly dull!
She needs excitement, drama, tales of betrayal and broken taboos, and what better than her cult to produce them?

Ariaios orders her cult outwards into rural places, to seduce still-married men from their wives, sway wives into the arms of others and record the events to make giant tapestries out of. She rips up ancient edicts preventing her from dictating laws to temples other than her own and begins bullying Aios cult even more than she already was, forcing them into whores attires and refusing to upkeep their holdings without them jumping through an array of convoluted hoops, on one occasion, an actual array of hoops.

Now this, this should get a response, Ariaios can only lick her lips in anticipation, she’s sure of it.
Action 1: Gold mine, upgrade date plantation

The finest advisors of the crown have an announcement to make. What with the frequent spending and the recent crop failures, the empire is officially out of money. Debts are going unpaid, promissory notes defaulted and anxiety is high. Ariaios sighs, why must she be troubled by this mercantile nonsense.
Establish a new gold mine, pronto, stat, hurry hurry. Money literally comes out of the ground you know, Diurns bounty.

As that occurs, Ariaios uses her newly recovered wealth to support the growing of new dates to feed the hungry many. Her direct command to “cultivate a breed of date for me so delectable that it might cause one to immediately lose themselves to lust” is perhaps not directly achieved, but followed in some sense of the spirit to avoid any negative consequence. Some have said that dates put them in a certain amorous mood, and for this trait are dates planted.
New crops are raised, new fields sown, and indeed new breeds of date cultivated for consumption in these times where other foods continue to get more and more expensive. Delectable caramel and chocolatey dates grace the plates of citizens across the empire, these crops at least safe from the blight.

Action 2: University of Skin (Cutiaitul)

Previous institutions were constructed by imperial writ and thus subject to imperial meddling, the edicts of Meris under the rule of Havasad one such example of unnecessary brutality against the Samya Marai.
This is no such academy, one run directly by the great noble house for its scions, and others of significant skill and trustworthiness. Within the secrets of skin are divined, shared and groped at, young and bleating lambs walk on two legs through its doors to be fleeced.

Not all though, at least not all so soon. Some are kept close at hand, for the perverse experiments of the obsessives which study here, kept as unwilling partners, assistants, or merely a means to keep the skin warm until ready.
Action 1: Expand south - take the pretty big red rock

Action 2: Build City of Hammudrabi
In honous of Totanhammud the city of Hammudrabi is founded, it shall utilise the big red wall as a ground for training and one day a temple to the legacy of Totanhammud and the other esteemed ancestors.

Army movement: Send both armies south to ensure the colonists are not attacked and colonizing is not interrupted.
>build 2 new hunting grounds
As the Chitterers celebrate their newfound prosperity and solidified domains, their raising hordes are put to better use than simple loitering- they are sent to HUNT.

Bizarre beasts may yet populate the woods beyond our reach, after all, and excitement is always appreciated- as is more variety in one’s diet

>discover Khabdag (apricot brandy)
hiding one’s valuables is a custom that is highly frowned upon and also highly respected in chitterer society- after all, it is very hard to steal what you don’t know is there!

One day, the legendary farmer Khabbafasqal hid the greatest barrel of apricots she had ever gathered, their taste simply heavenly- she could not let ANYONE steal them. Not even herself.

So, she hid the barrel far below the ground, and killed herself with her knife so that the devourer may never claim her pride and joy.

Ten years later, Agutsre the miner struck the ground with its pickaxe, looking for a new vein of copper to make jewels with- he found a barrel instead. A barrel!
Within, was a strange, syrupy concoction… crushed apricots?

It took a bowlful from the barrel, made the nearest other miner drink it, and saw that it was good.

And so it began
Action 1: Teach Meraghul Nemish. The white haired ones are peaceful and have seen much of the world. With the ability to fully communicate we can now learn their secrets and have their travels show the effectiveness of our tongue for bringing unity to the world.

Action 2: Tame the wolves. Fortunately for their mutual sanity the narrative has begun to reassert itself and it is once again Asur completing trials for his sisters. After gaining incidental wisdom from his mother's creation he realizes how his sisters feel about him and what his trials have led up to. Realizing that this would be a perfect union he went out to slay the beasts that yearned for the moon with their howls. Taking their pelts he will clothe his new wives and from their pups he will bring them to heel and make them servants of his queens to be. Orlon's wife was surprised to see her husband directly acknowledge her as his godquest has gone on for the longest time anyone can remember. While being covered in wet flesh of the wolves was strange she was happy that her husband was active this time compared to when she was forced to fulfill their conjugal duties while he slept.

Navy: 1 continues to explore northwest while 2/3 explores northeast

Army: Continue exploration (but I do want to be able to finish that diplo with rock people)
File: 1682118202660744.png (32 KB, 249x804)
32 KB
>Turn 14
Action 1: Expansion North
Further settlement northward drives citizens into known but unsettled lands.

Action 2: Fighting with Lions
Sakshi, Golden-Crested, watches over her flock with satisfaction. How far she has come from the scared girl who had fled to Harppa, fearing the judgments of her kinfolk. Her flimsy disguise had fallen apart almost immediately, but instead of banishing her as she expected, the priestesses of the Order had merely admonished her.
“Why cut your hair, woman? Why bind your breasts? You dishonor Jannah when you reject your femininity. Did she hide behind a mask when she went to face the barbarian in the field? Then why should you?”
Sakshi gives silent thanks to the Crusader once more, before donning her bronze helmet and striding onto the training grounds.
“You call that wrestling, soldier? My grandma could grapple a lion better than you!”

The recent raids have brought up the concern that pirates can attack the sparsely populated and defenseless areas of the Tarnish frontier. To provide a modicum of protection against raiders, the army goes to work at the cape near the tumuli, building up a defensive structure that can deter smaller groups of raiders from preying on the new settlers setting up homesteads nearby.
>Barracks near Lions(1)
>Fort on Tumuli tile(2)

>Free Action: Navy 1 sails south(3)
Admiral Adhyan makes port with all the pomp and circumstance of an heir apparent. His ascension to the Rajput is a forgone conclusion, and most expect him to become Raj before long. It is surprising, then, when the Admiral chooses not to pursue higher office. When asked why, he simply smiles and utters: “Oh, I’ve had quite enough politics for a lifetime.”
>Hail Adhyan, Patron of the First Fleet, who crushes Raksha underfoot!
The First Fleet enjoys a short stay in port while their ships are upgraded to the latest standards. After that, it is off to the southern waters, continuing the traditional role of explorers of foreign lands. The first stop is Hamirad, to pick up the appropriate colors to ensure their safe passage. After that, they continue south as far as they are able.

>Free Action: Navy 2 sails north(4)
Navy 2 arrives in Huoxinowa for a brief resupply before continuing north, hugging the eastern coastline.
>Action 1.
A lumberyard is constructed in the jungle near Solunist, with ships being used to transport the lumber. A temple is also built in between Solunist and the newly named farming village of Karngrist (Karn's Reach). A statue of Karn is placed inside, along with a small priesthood to attend to both populations.

An army is raised in Krrgstyl.

>Diplo / Military action
The army of Solunist is offered as mercenaries to the Irreechi for the term of their war, in return for their promised horses at wars end, a share in the spoils, including the teeth of the dead. Along with these spoils, the land claims of the Karnites, and their faith are to be respected.
>Action 1: Re-Tame Elephants [Resource Harnessing]
Almost forgot to post and I also already wrote fluff about taming elephants before. :^P

>Action 2: Gold Mine & Forge [Construction]
The foreign metals have given the young civilization a taste of technology far beyond their years, and consequently the thirst for this knowledge. While metalworking is still extremely primitive in Odithian society, their tenacity leads them to work on metals from their own newly-carved gold mines to the west, while they begin to formulate plans to acquire more metals from the Orpiellies to the east...
>Action 1 - Military - Raise Army
Back home in Esavine, the town is stirring with hatred after the death of their beloved commander and priest, Sadiq. His eldest son, Malchadeus seizes this fervor and what is still a surplus of food and population to form the Revenant Army - a force which draws heavily from Akel's writings on Morale in warfare to produce an army with heavy themes on fear and demoralization. Wheras other forces conceal themselves and wear long black robes to conceal themselves, Malchadeus leans into the frightening appearance of the Irreechi in the hopes of intimidating his foes so severely that they lack the courage to even consider rebellion, as the Abraamites once had.
The army is to travel south to Esavine if it may.

>Action 2 - Technology - Catapults?
Aggravated by the cowards which wait on the opposite end of their river, the gifted mathematical minds of the Irreechi Order are put to work in the development on a mechanism which can safely and effectively dish out destruction from a distance. (You can make this as any sort of siege/defense weapon you'd like, I just say catapult as a framing reference).

Continue towards where the Waddians told us to go, towards the (Frakt).
1. As he grows older, more wisdom comes into Ra'Kaervs heart. With wisdom he decides that it is unwise for Yarvik to remain unprotected. As such he has great amounts of stone brought forth, and this stone used to make a series of walls and fortifications all throughout and around Yarvik for its protection. The walls do not fully enclose Yarvik, instead spread out and placed here and there as befitting the terrain and where the people live.

2. Learn the Odithian language.
Posted on behalf of the Amun

1. Research magic to bind and release a bodyless soul to and from the world using the two spells previously made so that soldiers may serve even after death if desired.
2. Construct a fortified temple (temple + fort construct) to the god of war north of the jungle to facilitate this new magic.

No armies move because 2 are tied up and the southern one depends on rp with Willie.
>Action 1 - Cinnabar Mine, Malachite Mine
>Action 2 - Wall around Opulith, Forge in Opulith
>Army Movement - Move both army's to Prospith, to recover.

Opulith is growing fast, no doubt because of the attention Su-won has placed on the burgeoning city. Already miners have flocked to the north, eager to plumb the depths of the earth and make themselves rich off it's bounties.
Su-won, however, is facing a crisis.
Would RED go better with her outfits, or GREEN?
She holds aloft the two crystals, each found in abundance this far north, and pictures the silver-alloyed blade sitting on it's cushion to be steeped in this colour. Green is calming, vibrant and soothing, not things you want for a weapon, but still the crystals draw her desire...
But so does that Gate, and what lies beyond. If she's going to march to war, to follow those damned Meraghul and conquer everything along their blasted path, well, she better look intimidating.
Red it is. She bids her artists and aspirants to mine both crystals, but to ready the newly made forges for the creation of crimson blades of war.

Meanwhile, away from his mother's watchful eye, Yeong-sil is having a blast. Already handsome despite his youth, the boy has made many fast friends among the Oomul, each one more eager than the last to hear his tales of heroism, and help him recreate the events he so vividly tells off. Where the Butcher and Artist fails, the Hero rises, and growing with him is an army of titanic proportions.

It is said Mader Sahama's blade could cut anything, save for the blades of her three sons. This was her one weakness, which she told reminded them of frequently. It was her dearest wish to be cut down by one of them, though she knew that none of them were worthy.

> 1st action: Construction.
Construct a logging camp and another Myrrh grove.

The need for a good source of Lumber and Myyrh was becoming apparent as grander construction projects where commissioned and the smiths opened more forges so that they may produce more tools out the plentiful ores that where circulating into the economy.

> 2nd action: Research.
Develop a proper legal code using Anu's commandments as a framework.

The population under the care of the order have long used the commandments of Anu to live with one another and settle any issue that may arrive. Taking the commandants as a basis for the new legal code the order would invite many craftsmen and people from all walks of life to aid them in the establishment of the new legal code that while would be more complex would be reasonable and just.

>Build a forge on Curio and an extra lumberyard (wherever that was, I think Libromus?)
As the Oc learn that not all new encounters across the waters are as friendly as they had hoped, they must now begin to consider more aggressive options. In order to bolster their military powers however, an industry to supply it will first be needed. To these ends the Oc being to exploit the copper mines of Curio, creating a forge in the city to mold the metal into tools of war. Likewise, on Libromus, another lumberyard is commissioned for much the same ends, so that even the trees may be repurposed to such barbaric ends.

>Initiate the start of the Wight Wars.
Barbarians require barbaric solutions. War is not something the Oc relish in, but they see little choice. The creatures of the North, despite peaceful initial contact, has scoffed at our attempts to co-exist, taking a unjustified aggressive stance towards our citizens. Initially we though that we could reach common ground, but as we've learned, their animosity is not found in reason and thus cannot be hoped to negotiated against. Instead we must take action to expel this poison from our waters, before they taint the entire ocean with their malice. Ocena mobilized take the islands of the North by force.

Navy actions:
1) begins to return home.
2) Continued to blockade the island
3) Begin to move towards navy 2
4)Continues towards the island North-West.
Navy Actions (correction)
1) Continues along along the South Coast towards the west.
File: Untitled.png (9 KB, 720x790)
9 KB
Turn 13 Secondary War Post

>The Second Siege of Edion
The long stalemate only continues. Attempts at diplomacy on behalf of Amun are met only with a volley of arrows and so returned in kind. Troops move through field and meadow, where the Amunians cut off the Irreechi supply of silver and lumber from south of the river.


Please now include the actions you will take this turn
>Turn addendum
Free Action: Army
The army hitches a ride aboard the Tarnish navy up the coast. Without any real knowledge of what they are looking for beyond it being to the north, they continue hugging the coast blindly.
Change the following actions.

Change the 2nd research action from law to learning the language of the Orpiellery.
Updating my turn post after the war update.

1. Research magic to bind and release a bodyless soul to and from the world using the two spells previously made so that soldiers may serve even after death if desired. Even in death a man may serve Amun if they desire; for they know that death is not the end but failure will see all they have worked to create come to an end. These callings may delay their judgement before Tuvolos but that will be better than Amun falling to Corpsemen. For while they have shown a desire to work with the Karnites they have shown no desire to even listen when we reach out; and so we may only put our faith in bronze, the will of the soldiers, and the gods above and below that we may be victorious.
2. The northern armies set fire to the bridges (preferably with some Irecchi on them) and the silver mine is raided. The workers left behind are enslaved and sent back to Amun in chains.

Military movement:
The Army in Amun moves north to reinforce the northern armies against the Corpsemen. It appears an accord has been reached with the Karnites that they will not strike but have been hired on as mercenaries. A cowardly endevour by the corpsemen; hiring more noble men than them to fight. But the High Lord believes in their word they will not strike outside of that hired army.
The Northern armies, after burning the bridges, will move south, away from the river so that the corspemen scouts can not easily track their movements from across the river, and begin circling around to the west. If they see the Karnite Army from Solunist move out to the fields of battle they will intercept.
File: map14.png (743 KB, 2047x2151)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
2nd Young Man, 2nd PAC. The Rising Star still shines brightly.

As apology for the second delay, each nation may build one additional half-action building in turn fifteen.
God willing this will not happen again in another seven turns.

Priests chant in the smoke filled halls of their temples in search of magics, spells that should bind the soul to the body to fight ever on. Plumes from Tu Aket grant them their answer. Each man must be painted over with a paste made from lake water and ground pumice which irritates the skin & nostrils, leaving the body stinking like a corpse. It is fitting and off-putting. With prayers then over squadrons the soul is there trapped inside the cocoon of ash that coats them. Priests' minds then turn to thoughts on magic that will stop the rains.
The army of Lord Akutal is ordered north, making it to the edge of the lake in their long march.

Some Ahmosi have pondered what epithet their kingdom shall be remembered for, one which always arises is that of "Wonder Hoarder", or the much more polite "Collector". This recent expansion southwards grants them one more marvel to add to their collection. [This is your only "grab that thing" expansion. You also need to start using your land more. Only 15/57 tiles are being utilised right now] Near to which they set out the grounds for the fledgling city of Hammudrabi in dry but fertile enough plain. Climbing the great butte allows for excellent views of the surrounding, especially over the boring but industrious neighbour to the south.
With no threats from the sea making themselves more apparent, the armies are drawn from their watery watch to the newly founded city to guard against whatever threats may the settlers there.

[NM] It has been a long time, eleven tyrns in fact, since the Uati have received consult from the stars. There had been general confusion when there had been no response in the eighth tyrn from the heavens. They had neglected to gather priests and scholars as they had done then, so it is a schoolboy skipping stones in the empty observatory who is struck with the knowledge from above. He babbles that the message had come in an instant but seemed to last for an hour of congratulations and commendations and the recommendations of who they should deal with. Of course being only twelve years old he could only remember their final message, much to the gathered party's collected dismay. It had been to "Sail the seas. Walk the land. Treat justly and make allies.", he repeats it three times, as if like a mantra.
Trade, internal and external, has proved to be most lucrative, with many Laudation ships bringing a taste of the wider world to Uru-Anu. There is talk of perhaps building a full navy, or at least a few sailing ships, in search of others to trade the most valuable gift of the nation with others; Myrrh. And knowledge, one supposes, but that's a little more difficult to sell in bulk.
>AU cont.
Orpielles who had been lost in the oasis by some freak storm are brought safely to the capital, where the Uati hope to learn what has brought them so far south from their lands. This brings them to dedicating a portion of time to learn their language (which translates directly to "Pit Speak") to know their story. This then learned, they plan the long trip north to bring the men home. And forward their own goals of exploration.

The Forest of the Ancestors had slowly grown with every loss that befell the homes of the Avor. It took many tyrns for the burial practice, planting a sapling of strong oak or other tree with the dead, to bear fruit which the war-loving Avor may use, but it has been a good many tyrns since they planted the first little shoots and the forest is now vast. Some say it whispers with the voice of the departed, others say these people are sentimental fools. Only the straightest, heartiest trees are felled for the task, of making bow-limbs, shield-backs, and spear-hafts for both the army and the righteous layman or labourer. When the wood touches their bare hand they feel guided by those who have come before, many of whom it is said laid down their lives for the peace and luxury they now know.
Move not as the individual, but as one, that is the mantra of the Avor army. They strike swift and true, trained from boyhood for it. Their will marches as one against their foe, or it would if their corner of the world weren't a pastoral idyll these past tyrns.
The armies reconnect, marching then with the Khloes to their capital. They will await further orders there.

It had cost Tah every single stone and shell she had fought hard to gain, along with selling off much of the land she had worked just as hard to plant and reap, but it was going to be worth it, at least when this damned yak stops stinking up the place. Tah's Gate, which those damnable elders jokingly call Tar-get, is still but a fledgling city, built by Tah's (and though it will likely not be mentioned in the histories to preserve her legend, three dozen and more other families of every race & mix thereof that makes up the Dirkin) own hands. Being away from the strict mores of Safehole and lectures of the priestesses, it gains a certain reputation for housing outcasts and ne'er-do-wells, justly or otherwise. Tah does not care too much, she has much more on her plate to consider, for one feeding her children, for two finding something for her layabout husband to do, for three suppressing rumours that the gate opens up to the worst levels of the underworld.

Vermilion & viridian. Khlomosa explodes with colour, well, the homes of those who can afford it do. Thin slabs of shocking green stone begin to adorn walls, set off with worked cinnabar accents. Opulith dazzles the few Avor who make the journey there for business (and pleasure). Accompanying these finds are a forge for the thousand purposes of a city and low walls of cut stone, just in case.
Though there are not too many wounded physically, the pride of the armies is very much. They return to the walls of Prospith to sulk.
Perhaps carved blood drops, or is that too gauche? Maybe skull-like cabochons would be better? Hmm, how about layered flames from the hilt, yes Yeong-sil suggested that one, the charming boy. Su-won does wish he wouldn't spend so much time around the Oomul though, he might start getting ideas that they're worthy of respect or dignity, or worse, citizenship.

If this is what it is to win, Ariaios wishes she was once more the underdog. The rural villages, though not as depraved as the cities already see public fornication, buggery, the odd instance of bestiality, even pederasty has spread there! The Empress feels sick, the world is spinning, nothing is against the rules any more. How can things be profane if they are ordinary? The cults do as they are told, when they are told, they have been brow-beaten into it since before the current priesthood was even a twinkle in several potential fathers' eyes. She cannot even gain joy in their degradation any longer, she is sure if she told them to conduct services sat in cess pits or only in dog barks they would comply. She sulks back into her palace, shooing away servants, lovers, priestesses, she wants to be alone for a while.
Ariaios only opens her doors when her ministers threaten to knock them down. She is dressed is heavy linen, the first time many of her officials have seen her dressed!, without jewels or cosmetics. One man asks if the woman's mistress, meaning the Empress, is within. He doubles over in pain as her hand shoots out faster than mortal ken, crushing his testicles in a single squeeze. She smiles then, for the first time in a while, appreciating the damage she has inflicted. What is it though? she asks them, why disturb her brooding? Money? Food? Do whatever is necessary, Diurn should finally put out after the temple business after all. And so they do as they are told, as they always do.
With her majesty shut away, there are no safeguards or objections against the construction of Biomantic Academies outside the imperial system. Not that there would be if she wasn't, mind, Ariaios is not really one to say "no" now is she. Being run & financed by nobles, the standard designs are tweaked a little, a few corners cut for the sake of the purse, expensive grey limestone replaced with much cheaper sandstone, etc.. To hear what goes on in the Cutiaitul though, by the gods if anything could make the Empress blush it might just be that. This scribe will leave the more salacious details up to the reader's imagination.
With so many Chitterers now running about, it is best they are put to purposes beyond prowling the streets for shinies & lives to steal. Though the Leterchewers have some reservations in teaching the wayward how to hunt, the prospect of a juicy slab of meat on their plate outweighs their little sense.
The process for creating Khabdag, a liquor worth more than its weight in shiny things, and how said process was discovered, is as crude as the Chitterers themselves, but there is a method to the madness all the same. Though it is the case that a good percentage of them are nasty drunks, the majority of drinkers are happy ones. Very happy ones. Euphoric some might say.
[NM, b] The first thing the joyous Chitterers do is spread themselves out far and wide as they party, deciding that wherever they stumble over must belong to them, or why would they feel safe sleeping there? The second thing they do is proclaim that there will be three tyrns of festivities, they have only just gotten started drinking, dancing, copulating, etc. etc.. [In plainer language, three tyrns of Euphoric state no matter what, which will reset to "Happy" on turn 17]

The Ra'Kaervsian Walls grow from those under his mother's rule, first to encompass the Markalinaroki and then the outgrowth of the city down river. Following from these is a heightening project, walkways, towers, and a number of heavy buttresses to support it all. The Firemind tours them with pride, looking down on his people who cheer up to him as he walks the walls with his Yavapori.
The army of the Yav have met and conversed with the Mud People who bare the mark of neither Yavitov or Markala, in doing so slowly learning the language of them that call themselves Odithians. It is strange, by now the "hunters" who had won their freedom in the arena should have come this way. Perhaps they "got lost" again.

With what wood shall they make hafts? With what metal shall they make blades? Does the Pactbroker expect men to fight with fist and harsh word?
There is a growing concern that current weaponry is not enough to deter the villainous Amunian race from their wicked intents. Something more powerful than a man can hold in his own two hands is increasingly considered necessary. This reaches the Pactbroker who orders teams of scholars to start working on the formulae and practical sciences of such devices. [This is the base action for siege weapons to follow on from, there needs to be the engineering groundwork before you can start hurling bolts or boulders]
[>AV, >CK] Strong winds fill their sails, carrying the Irreechi's ships into the natural harbour of the Red River 'twixt the white cliffs of Khlomosa and sandy Avor shores.
The elephants have been under control for a tyrn or two now, causing some confusion among the handlers what the elders could be asking for, but they've already been given bread & meat as payment along with the hay for taming, so they decide it is best not to waste the opportunity and raise a second corral.
The gold is pretty, the gold is soft, the gold is easily worked into even prettier things than the gold alone. With men hammering away at the nuggets pulled from the mines it is not long until every elder has at least one adornment they proudly show off. Aletheos for his part pays no heed to their petty desires, the meeting with the Yav has hardened his mind to furthering their metal-craft. [You will still need two "Metalworking" actions to leave the stone age]

The white-haired have been cordial guests whilst in the lands of Nemosa, ever full of compliment and good discussion, that is after they have been graciously taught Nemish of course. Their host takes them of a grand tour of his country, though the Meraghul are more impressed by the well-managed forests and hunting grounds than by the splendour of his palace and temples. Whilst walking through the vast hazel orchards, one of the men of the group looses his sling at a squirrel who had been tormenting the pickers. A boy with almond shaped eyes quickly fetches it and they marvel at the size of it, joking and pointing as he hold it by the tail. The elder apologises, saying this is just how men & boys are, to which the Potentate laughs in agreement. Given the sheer number of them running about however, the elder asks why they are not trapped more often. To this the Potentate does not have an immediate answer. Giving some directions or other in Merghulese, the elder orders a number of his own people to teach the gawking labourers the desgins for some simple traps. [Hazel farms now give an additional 0.25 farms of meat and fur]
It has come time that Asur fulfils the role of one of his lesser used epithets, that of Tamer of Beasts. Given the utter ferocity with which he performs the task however, Slayer of Beasts is perhaps more apt. Slick with blood he cuts the skins from the wolves he has felled, draping them over his wives that they should be warm & regal. From their dens he pulls the whimpering pups to his breast, to be raised as his companions. Those he does not kill, follow meekly behind his army on their march.
It is on this march, once dealings with the rock-trolls have been completed, that Orlon-Asur spies a strangely familiar thing. The ancients, when his name had been another, had called it Sehul's Throne; His Throne. There it was he rested in many a legend, or skulked to in rare defeat, it is where (in some myths at least) his sons and daughters were born. But he is not alone in admiring his retreat. Other gods mill about his footrest in the foothills.
>LD cont.
The First Fleet continues to follow in the wake of the Oc ships, heading for unknown waters. The Second & Third Fleets meanwhile head eastwards finding themselves accompanied by another Oc naval force.
Though they cannot yet see it, Orlon-Asur feels the mists have followed his men south. Soon they will encompass Yarr, the next tyrn at the latest, and in another tyrn they will reach the sea. He fears it is then, when all of Nemosa is so covered, that the changes he blinks away each morn will become stuck, altering his people forever. Already he cannot look many of them in the eye.

Many an Oc plan now formulating require yet more lumber from the already strained forests of their islands, along with a forge to make proper spear and axe heads. [This is the last lumberyard you can build on your current islands due to the rules laid out in the Icon-Action Economy doc. so you'll have to claim some land with forests on or start planting some] For the Wights refuse, or perhaps are not even able, to see sense, antagonising any Oc who dare cross their path. If they long for war they shall have it. [You will need to raise an army to conquer the land properly, but you can raid the VT port and/or dyeworks with your navies next turn, just make sure to say you're doing that]
It has been a long time since the crew of the First Fleet have seen home, and the chiding of the Oracle not long ago has made them long for home comforts of one sort or another. They make their way along the peninsula where the Waddans claim to have a place of rest, but their arms are tired and sails empty, it will be another tyrn yet before they can get something in them beyond tack and stale water.
The Third Fleet goes to meet the Second, still blockading the ports of the Wights in the far north, the wind will get them there quickly if it keeps up at this knot.
Their sails full from the strong south wind, the Fourth Fleet makes it to narrow passage where the Third Fleet met their demise; Here they see the odd flotsam which hints as such. It is no wonder either, for the waves of this stretch tower some 20 or 30 feet at all times!
[Third time now I think, if you want a sea-route to Fumatri, build a port either on the north tip of Sentius or the small island below Fumatri]
Much more forest and meadow is brought into the Tarnish fold, right up to the borders of Huoxinwa, which the yellow-faced men seem to take some mild offence to.
Raids on the Riyuzi by the Wights, this war the Oc have initiated, the ever-roiling tensions in the south, none of it can be ignored. Fortifications are built on the shore of the tumuli field, having to move the Oc archaeological team camped there. Alongside these, provisions for the stationing of armies, especially those with lions in employ, are erected by the western enclosures. Men stationed there make an effort to watch Sakshi as she works, marvelling at her shoulders, her calves, the delicacy she brings to the art. Though she is a good deal older than most unmarried women, she is not lacking for suitors.
Captain Adhyan is a wealthy enough man that playing at politics would only slow him down, he has enjoyed his life at sea and is determined to continue in the manner he has become accustomed. Meaning his quarters on the flagship rival the Raj's own palace in opulence, it must be the only ship in the world with mosaics. [>AH] Not so much docking, for the Ahmosi have built no such facilities at Hamirad Remes, as laying anchor and sending out skiffs, the First Fleet acquires the colours mandatory to sail their waters without being harassed.
The Second Fleet signals the army to march to the lands of the yellow-faced men, there they will embark and continue their travels north along the coast. Having done this, the winds of the freezing north weaken the strong desert winds, the sails lose their billow, they come to rest in the wide sound north of that country. There they spy something they have never yet seen breaking through the coastal ground. An ore of some kind, but what? [Unique Resource for you to decide]

Vardyger the Son, though now he is a father of more children than he cares to count or officially recognise, old titles tend to stick around, is peeved at the audacity of the Seawights boasts of wealth and knowledge of the wider world, his Astral voyages after all had not warned him of the growing danger of the "scholars" from the far south. But as his people had stretched themselves over the isles he found the flights there in the other realm far easier than he & his father before him had. With this he soars over the blockade of the Oc, counting the ships to less numerous but more intimidating than the Seawights had alluded to in their hasty, self-aggrandising reports.
The Vettish word for "bow" is a bastardisation of the words "bent stick", as what they had used until this tyrn was very much just that, so it is no exaggeration to call the invention of the composite bow a revolution in weaponry. Farther flying, harder punching, quite simply deadlier tools of war and hunt is what they are. The Wights claw themselves out of the stone age.
>VT cont.
The Skyseil Fleet is much larger than the Sverre Geirrmann Fleet which pre-dated it, comprised of many more seahawks than smaller hornboats, but still with a considerable number of those too. It is hoped that this navy may discover what has happened to their predecessor who have not returned from their raids in the south, some Wights suggest they have discovered a land even more bountiful than the Colourful Isle and have made their home there, these poor, optimistic (some would say stupid) souls are assured that is the case, the harsh reality of the world may be too much for them to bear.
When the party sent through the gate do not return, they are written off as a loss, with the army's presence no longer deemed necessary in the region. They are therefore sent south, in search of whatever may next threaten the Vettir.

They are magnificent. Standing proud, twin sailed in the water, three decks of oars, a solid ram against any who would dare come against Waddania. Some say that it is not blood that flows through Beninga veins, but seawater, how else could they have been so successful in these past tyrns? Old Beninga wears the rumours as a badge of pride, as does Aibel, his grandson who wishes to emulate his much esteemed grandfather. Huite however sees it as a slight, though he's well-bred enough not to show it when people joke on it, he (and his father, of course) have worked hard for the nation. But his efforts, and funding, in the creation of the new class of triremes only fuels the talk all the more. He begins to wonder if he should go into brewing once his tenure is over.
Having made a fast friend in the Oc, the Beninga Fleet sails on carefully through the rocky waters. Unexpectedly the wind whips up catching their new, larger sails fully, pulling them north against their rowers wishes, finally dying down after they have been blown totally off course into a tranquil bay on the east of the northern peninsula. Perhaps the wind was divine, or otherwise unnatural, for it has guided them to a vast, unmanned grove of vines, the sound of pipes on the breeze.
Billowing sails send them north with ease, toward open plain without the presence of horseman far around.
Timber is in short supply in the heartland, forcing the matter that another lumberyard be built north of the city. In the west however, it is spiritual matters that dominate discussion. A temple is needed, both for the faithful of Solunist and to watch over the would-be heathens in Karngrist. A site is chosen which best suits these dual purposes, the walk being not inconsiderable for the former, though this in itself becomes a mark of pride that they march out there willingly.
There is war and rumours of war. The Karn cannot be found wanting. Another army is raised in the capital.
To the Irreechi the army of Solunist is offered during their campaign for the price of horses thereafter. However the matter of moving said army over the broad river raises some questions that ferrying a few diplomats back & forth had not.


If you neglect to heed the rules listed in the Icon-Action Economy doc. and/or the info. on The Spreadsheet™, your action(s) will be ignored and listed as "wasted"

>NOTE! 2
If you wish a nation to be marked on your key as your Friend, Ally, Lord, or Enemy, please say so in your turn. A war declaration alone is not sufficient to mark a nation as your capital E Enemy

>The Second Siege of Edion
A prayer to Tuyan on their lips, Amunian runners are sent out with oil & torch, setting alight the primitive wooden bridges of old Abraam which go up like tinder in the dry summer air. The silver mine is raided for ore and slaves, granting more of the former than the latter. Armies are ordered to and fro either side of the river, Amun in some sort of retreat, the Irreechi of Edion forced to march around the River Vol if they wish to chase them. The hired Karnite thugs are likewise kept at bay behind the river which the shaking of Tu Aket made so many tyrns ago.


> Copper Mine
> Forge at Tah's Gate
> Gold Mine
> Silver Mine
> Opal Mine

Tah-mah leaned over the table, a simple wooden thing, and pushed around the stones representing her finances, her town, and her future. Somewhere under the table an infant was chewing on a chair leg as she frowned at the charcoal marked lines. She was definitely running out of money. Probably in the best way a person could, there was a city growing all around her, and it was hard to ask for a better mark than that, but going soft in the wallet was less than ideal.

Her husband poked his head in, covered in sawdust. He frowned at the figures, though more in distaste of mathematics than knowledge of the situation. “We making it?”

Tah let out a hiss of air. “I’m going to have to ask the priests for help. Open up a few mines, get proper forges out here. We need something more than lead and copper to work with. Something newer than topaz and jade.”

“They’ll have fun with that.”

Tah scowled. “They’ll have a price that feels like the skin off my back.” She glanced under the table at the gleaming eyes of her youngest. “It’ll be worth it though.”
Action 1. Build wall around kosmos, Build forge on kosmos tile, and upgrade Yarr docks. Kosmos continues to develop. While it was successful in reducing the strain on Yarr's docks near the Sodden's exit. Many look at its old wooden frame with disdain. As a wall is being built around kosmos the opium merchants who benefit from direct access to the farms orders far more stone from the mountains for their own project. They intend to revamp the wooden docks to a stone one like Kosmos. The increased demand of craftsmen has also seen industry grow in the city. Expanding the scope of the wall to also protect the newly improved docks.

Action 2. Build woodcutter & temple on Meraghul tribe. In the northeast the Meraghul are popular. Having people visit them and settling in a previously unexploited part of the forest creating another healthy logging industry. The syncretic practices of Nemosa also shows itself as a temple dedicated to the hunt is also built in the village. The surrounding huntsmen in the forest go to the temple regularly to bless their hunts and see if they can learn any sacred mysteries that may give them an edge. It is largely a folk religion that has little solid doctrinal establishment, but for those priests who manage to convince a meraghul woman to stay as their wife it is a popular place to be as any god could be given a hunter aspect easily enough. Perhaps this state of affairs will continue or these mixed families will develop a unified horn shape that will reveal Hestan as a true separate god that can be adopted by the Laudations.

Navy: 1 continues northwest, 2 & 3 continues northeast.

Army: Scouts last region and return home.
1. The two blessings we have researched so far have been bound by location and weather. To better these spells we must find a way to infuse them into something that can't be washed away. While very uncommon there is the practice of binding inks into the skin using punctures; tattooing. The priests take this and try their hand at tattooing the holy blessings into the skin of the volunteers so that the spells will not be washed away or lost.
2. + 0.5 bonus action: The war may continue but life goes on for those back in the Amunian heartlands. Two new farming villages are built along the flood plains. In the north the war rages on with no sign of negotiations from the corpsemen. Materials are sent north to build a new fortification north of the jungle. A stopping point for the armies and defensible area in case they need to fall back.

Army movement: All three armies meet up and move as one; moving around the to the west where the river is easy to cross (before it starts on the map) and moves to flank the city of Edion. Either the corspemen will meet all three armies in the field of battle or flee as Edion is taken.
At long last our training pays off the greatness of the Ahmosi nationm has been recognized by one of our neighbours. They call us to war bringing their skills in creation in exchange for ours in destruction.

(1 army rental for 1 war to Ocena for 1 action)

> Bonus building
In the south a temple to Totenhammud and the other esteemed ancestors is built. Incorporated akin to the petra into the grand Rock of rust it shall be expanded each time a a great Ahmosi worth of rememberance dies.

> Action 1: build 2 farms
> Action 2: build smithy in the north and the 2nd copper mine
> Action 3: build 3rd army
our homeland can't stay undefended while our men are out fighting for gold and glory.


>Begin studying the ways of water.
The nectar of the earth and of heaven, water. It feeds all life on the face of the earth, and none can make do without it. It carries within it the power of life, and covets in its depths the greatest mysteries that we may never come to know. It takes the shape of any vessel, it ebbs and flows on the whims of unseen forces, and yet despite its many shackles it is truly free for it does as it pleases in the end. Soft to the gentlest touch, yet hard as stone when struck. Capable of serene calmness, and likewise able to summon forth its wrath so mighty it can sink islands. Water is not as simple as we might think, and indeed it holds answers and powers we can not yet fathom. Already it is imperative to our nation, serving as a means of travel, and yet this is all we use it for. How much more then does it have to offer if we were only to take a closer look? Finally, some Oc decide that it is time to find out the answer to this question, springing forth a new occupation within the empire: That of the Hydriest. These individuals dedicate themselves to the study of water, liquids, and the applications, nature, and philosophies thereof.

>Sold to Ahmose for an army
Ocena is not fond of war, but there is a nation that is. A deal has been struck with Ahmose, for retinue of our labour we shall receive a legion of theirs to aid us in our war effort.

Navy actions:
1) Continues sailing South along the coast.
3) Sails towards Dyes
4)Floatsome. Despite the decay the waters have wrought upon it, it is undoubtedly of Ocenan make. A tragedy, yet we can't give up for in the distance there is land! The Ship investigates the shoreline, hoping to find any survivors. In the event that none are found, it begins making it's way back to Curio.

War actions: The Wight war.
Navy 2) We cannot risk these creatures daring to raise even a single raft from this port and sail at us from behind. Our fleet will do what it can to raid and damage this upstart city of theirs. The fleet waits a distance down the shore line one night when the moon is hidden and the sky is darkest. Some of the inhabitants of the island are recruited to approach the town from the treeline, to cause an uproar. Lighting torches, sounding horns, and screaming mad, their goal is to attract as much of the townsfolk outwards as possible without engaging in comvat. While the townsfolk are distracted, the navy sails in from the docks, casting torches and raising on the dock and as much of the shoreline as possible. As soon as they are noticed, they will make a hasty retreat to the ship and aim to escape.

Mercenary army) They have no time to waste, the journey must begin with due haste. They will set sail from Hamirad towards Dyes.

What is a man? but a beast bred to conciousness. Long now have the mages of the avor worked to bring fourth the beast. and now.. progress.. slow.. but present

Action 1: Forged Weapons

Action 2 2x Farms

reperation Action: 1x Farm

Ariaios stews under a mountain of duvets and pillows for several weeks, emerging in a stunning gown of white that does not show a hint of her thighs or even the barest glimpse of a breast. She emerges with purpose, violently striding from her room, down the long corridors and into the imperial court that lies at the heart of her temple, only to immediately dissolve her entire court and declare all functions removed to Tor Sulduphan once more, effective immediately.

At that, she simply turns around, spinning on her heels and walks non-seductively (as much as she can, she does struggle slightly, old habits cannot resist putting at least a little bit of sway in her step) out of the temple, walking all the way back to her original throne at the great parliamentary tower of the Floret City without a single time stopping for food or drink.

If being taboo isn't taboo then that means that not being taboo is taboo, so being chaste and humble is actually the most perverse thing she can do! Ariaios prides herself on her own genius, this is how to beat Aios at her own game! Ariaios is going to do her job better than her. Ariaios declares a completely unthinkable edict, the announcement of a royal wedding starring her and her beloved fiancee. In an impassioned, fiery speech that drags on for eight whole hours Ariaios rambles about her personal life, declares that everything that has ever gone wrong in Calandorra was Aios fault, insists that Aios cult are actually the real whores, complains about how everyone is "ruining her fun by being weird with horses" and suddenly announces that infidelity is now illegal.

Ariaios is a flurry of activity, meticulously arranging the perfect wedding with her dashing prince (who is nearing his sixties now), trying to un-pervert her rampantly incestuous children while comissioning propoganda of her being a symbol of purity and wholesomeness while spinning Aios as a depraved unpaid prostitute.
Action 1: Expand north toward the new provinces that lie there. (113, 112, 125)

As the empress undergoes her mid-life crisis despite being an immortal being, she becomes surprisingly aware once more about the stagnation of the empires borders, not having been pushed outwards in seven entire Tyrns! This will stand no longer, the empress banishes her most Whorish daughters to the frontier to establish new villages and bring the land under imperial rule, not to come home or draw further finances until they are finished.

Action 2: Construct University of Muscle (Thewdah) (Build this in region 112 or 123)

Here the bulk of the great labour might be practiced, the weaving of muscle and sinew, the joining of these dark harvested materials to form the fearsome inner-workings of a House Marai Homunculus. Patterns that form a body with the strength of ten men, belligerent limbs that strike like lightning a thousand times without tiring, anatomy and the groupings of musculature, these are the sciences these most physically minded Samya focus. While the average domestic homunclus servant may benefit only marginally from these improvements, the benefits that warrior servants might enjoy should place these fleshy automata well beyond any human means to defeat.

Bodies of all manner are researched here, woven together and torn up, male and female, brawny and lithe, each furthering the knowledge of the Fleshmakers more and more, until there is nothing left to know.

Action 2.5: Construct another silver mine

While the Empresses difficult daughters brave the frontier, Goddess of Profane Love, newly married woman and overall top-tier parent Ariaios sends her difficult sons off to oversee the construction of another silver mine. It is a far cushier job, just by Tor Loric and without any real dangers involved. This is because Ariaios much prefers her sons to her daughters and is not at all subtle about it.
File: NRP6 Turn 15.png (19 KB, 277x427)
19 KB

>Free Building: City Walls.
The city of Hoftborg continues to develop, tents are all but gone in favour of huts, sturdier, better insulated and much more spacious. But with this accumulation of wealth, so are envious eyes gathering around the city. So a wall is erected around the city, it is no architectural feat, but with the sheer mass of stone it will prove a formidable obstacle for any thief to escape, having to either risk falling due to the weight of their ill-gotten gains, or get through the gate.

>Action 1: Expand port and build another lumberyard in the forest to the north.
The Seawights not only pour great funds into buying ships, but also invest into the port itself, and with a greater port comes a greater need for lumber. The port is greatly expanded, with stone wharfs and a dedicated shipyard. With this they'll be able to harbour and make a great many ships, ships we will need against the western invaders.

>Action 2: Develop Skipskjold. Shields too big for army use, they provide mobile cover on ships.
The Wights think of ways to protect ourselves against the arrows of the western invaders, the solution they hit upon is crude, yet may prove effective. The Skipskjold is a very large shield, it requires both hands to carry and will tire you if you march with it, but on a ship they are perfect. They are usually mounted on the sides of Sea Hawks, but can be moved to increase protection from one side in particular, or used during boarding action.

>Army Movement: Encounter at Nastrond.
As the Svarthird continues south, it is remarkable how little there is to report. Plains of grassland stretch as far as the eye can see. But one day, they see sails, a great many of them, and not of Vettir make. The strange fleet disembarks an army onto the shore, one greater than our own, so the Svarthird moves to oppose them. The battle... it was hellish. The resulting melee turned the shore into a quagmire of corpses and sinking sands. The forces were only separated by the rising tide, yet the deaths continue. Countless warriors are trapped in the sinking sands, waist-deep in the dead, they plead for help but their friends can do naught but watch and listen to their pleads to continue into the night. At dawn they get to survey the bloated corpses literring the shore, giving it a new name: Nastrond, Corpse Shore.

>Navy Movement: Bringing the Svarthird army back to Hoftborg.
The Skyseil fleet is mighty, and they depart for the Colourful Isle, except, on one of the fishing ships they get a message, from the Vardyger's sons, they encountered a fleet down south, with a full army. They have just barely fought it off, but they are left in a bloodied state. The existence of two fleets is too much for the singular Skyseil fleet, so they pick up the Svarthird and move back to Hoftborg. They need further preparation.
*Ocena did not put army movement in his turn so just in case.

The merc army moves as far north as it can by stoen road and then Ocena ship to the frontline

If Ocena posts army movement for the mercs his take priority and are the real canon ones
>expand the Gathering
>build an arena for bloodsports in the Gathering
With the riotous happiness of the Gnawchitter folks, the Letterchewers rejoice- they sing and scream together, frolicking amidst the partying populace, as the streets fill with raucous screeching- and then the blood starts flowing.

A bottle to the head. A shanked ribcage. It takes little for the blood to mix with the brandy. And… they keep laughing. And laughing.
A few of the less degraded amongst the Letterchewers are terrified and disgusted, throwing up their meals.

The next day, those who aren’t nursing a hangover are nursing dark thoughts of the previous night, and a decree is passed: a pit shall be built, where all who wish to may fight out their problems, release their anger and hopefully cause less uprisings and bloodbaths

>build a distillery (basically alcohol farm)
With the increase in brutality, there is an increase in a need for brews to forget the pain and the horror- and really, does one need an excuse to drink more?
File: Turn.png (71 KB, 887x668)
71 KB

>Half-Action: Tropaion Harbour
>(Harbour at Anchor Mark)
Whoever planned the direct road from Beningsted to the fortress at the Peninsula's base somehow built the route through the Marshlands... a less then ideal situation, particularly with all the resources and supplies required by the fortress and the army stationed. To try and avoid cargos sinking and getting stuck upon a dirt path through the floodable mire, a new port is opened up in the bay to the north of the Tropaion so that heavier goods can be transported further by ship and more solid pathways.

>Action 1: Fishers off the Waddan coasts
(2 x Fishery at markers)
With knowledge of the seas around us growing with every tyrn, that knowledge can be put to use in feeding the Waddan people. New fishing grounds are opened up in new areas of the Seas around our nation.

>Action 2: Beninga's Army
Beningstead may be a younger city of the Waddanian league, and Waddania certainly doesn't have the resources to outfit a second force with the ancient weapons found and kept in service by our first army. Nonetheless, the smiths of Beningstead have still learned much from their study, and producing the armaments for a new standing force gives chance to demonstrate the techniques learned through repair and observation.

>Navy 1: Follow the charts
With news of an Oracle provided by the Oc, the Waddan first fleet makes plans to interrupt their voyage with a chance to investigate. Also, a chance to see what sort of colony the Oc have placed upon the other island

>Navy 2: Up the Coast
Surprised to find the grassy dunes and beach barren, rather then thundering with riders; the Waddan 2nd fleet continues eastward up the coast to chart away.

>Navy 3: The Naked Time
Beninga turned from the naked men in apparent disgust. Now a second voyage is scheduled to the area so we can examine how justified our initial impressions were.
>Free Halfie Action: New Fishing Icon [Building]

>Action 1: Tamed Rhinos [Resource]
Much like the elephants, these other horned creatures capture the imagination of all who see them, and while riding them was certainly far from the first idea had after penning the beasts in, it was only a matter of time after the precedent had been set by the example of the elephants.

>Action 2: Magic [Magic]
A boy named Nilo sat in deep meditation, focusing on his breath and the present moment. As he opened his eyes, he felt a sense of peace and connectedness with the world around him, knowing that he had tapped into a power greater than himself. It was then his eyes opened once more, revealing the rays of light that shine through the chimney hole of his tent, realizing his enlightenment was but a dream. This revelation was crushing, and he spent many days and nights in self-pity, accepting that his dream is but that. It was one again in a dream however that he would regain his dedication to the All-Father's ways with a passion, where Odithis himself spoke to him upon an endless lake, yet he said no words. This indescribable experience would be that which fuels him as he looks forward to the All-Father's return.
Army Movement: Rather than return via the coastline, the army of the Yavs marches and becomes somewhat lost in the desert, their path leading them southwest(towards Trygon).

1. As the time passes, Ra'Kaerv feels himself inclined to more militaristic endeavors. He finds no worthy foes in Yavmati land, but that is yet of no concern. He shall have the Yavs expand into a mighty empire. He demands the expansion of the borders to the nearby coast, and has the Voraiks expand their villages and claim the coastline in the name of Yarvik. Whilst the people of Yarvik are confused by these actions, Ra'Kaerv also forbids the people of the city from leaving to settle that land, by divine decree.

2. Ra'Kaerv therefore uses his influence to have garrisons built to the north to control the coast, and to the south to control the nation(I will also use another half action to build another garrison to the west.). These shall expand the Yavmati empire and enforce its power over the land.
The gods whisper and those worthy heed their call.

> free action: Build a salt mine.

> 1st action: Research
Find ways to expand the tropical forests.

The need for wood was growing apparent day by the day and the order was was concerned that a lack of a good supply timber would not allow them to follow the gods commands. A grand meeting was called where scholars of varying degree and prestige where summoned and great amounts of Myrrh where ordered. The learning halls of the tower where converted as meeting space to split the scholars by their field of study and experience to come up with solutions for the gargantuan task on how to expand the forests to supply the appropriate timber that would be needed.

> 2nd action: Diplomacy
Help the Orpielles expedition return home.

Piera and his band of men where equipped with all the necessary provisions needed for their journey back to the Orpielllery.A group of scholars and a mix of other people shall be accompanying Piera with a map of the local area to make his journey as safe with some gifts to be given to the Orpillian's.
War Actions: The Wight war (retconned)
Navy 2 - Send the navy towards Tarn 2nd fleet to reinforce it.

Ahmose mercenary army - Begin moving them to the north, whichever way is the fastest.
File: map.png (10 KB, 145x127)
10 KB
>Action 1 - Cinnabar Swords
>Action 2 - Market (West of farm, where X is) and Fort by the Gate up north.
>Free Action - Stables somewhere between Avor and I.
>Army Movement - Both Armies to Opulith

Su-won has, somehow, wrested the young man Yeong-sil away from his hooligan friends (they have graduated from mock-fighting to rowdy partying, and tales of the prince's giant friends already echo through Prospith) for a more subdued meeting between parent and child. With precious little in common, they bond over what they DO share, admiration for the smiths latest works.
Su-won admires the weapon before them for it's craft, the light-colored metal accentuated with striking crimson detail work. These are the finest of the batch so recently created, of course. The cinnabar had proved excessively difficult to work with, almost cursedly so, but the Smiths were Artists true and true, and had worked their skills to their breaking points to ensure these weapons were made.
Yeong-sil doesn't admire, so much as covet, the blade. He already can picture himself holding it, and how amazingly intimidating he will look. All he needs is a better outfit to match it, something white and striking, to inspire his friends and allies!

Speaking of friends and allies, the Khloes and Avor have been making more and more trips across the river that demarcates them, and a bustling market-town has cropped up among the fields between the two nations. Of note, the silver owed to Su-won's father is finally properly taxed and accounted for (Avor has agreed to give me 3 silver mines worth in perpetuity) and some of their impressive steeds have also been made available, an Avor-guided stable raised up to help train and equip the horse-adverse Khloes to the giant mounts.

In preparation for future possibilities, the Khlomosan armies venture north, to Opulith, where the Gate is being warded against possible incursions.

The Butcher and Madar Sahama watched a farmer set to work expanding his fields, the bright noon-day sun setting sweat on his brow and the Crimson River glimmering.
"What a fool." Said the Butcher gruffly, gripping his blade. "He is weak, I could smite him now and take his farm for myself."
"What do you know of farming, boy?" Madar Sahama spat, watching the fish swim past her baited hook.
"Nothing, mother. It is a futile task for the weak." The Butcher said as the farmer set about to move a large boulder from his planned farmland.
"Then I suppose we'll both be hungry." Madar Sahama sighed.
>Free icon: Farm
Action 1: Raise Army
Action 2: Declare war on Vettirgarden

Navy 2: Sail north
Navy 1: Sail south
>Slight retcon: Navy 1 sails north, towards Huoxinwa, instead of south.
>Action 1 - Infrastructure - Military Ready
Make another Copper mine and make another Lumbermill back in Esavine.

>Action 2 - Military - Raise an Army
We had the spirit, and now we've got the supplies too.

Make another Lumbermill just to be safe, and make another farm
> 1/2 action
A bridge is constructed, leading North from Solunist, towards our jungle tile, to allow our army passage to the war.

>ARMY Improvement- armor
Karn Hroth rallies the army he raised, preparing to march south with them, amongst his honor guard, he grants special made armor.

A hunting ground in the Savanna beside the new temple is founded, along with a new snake pit.

The Krrgstyl army moves south, seeking to take the Amuninig fort. Upon arriving at the Karnite fort, and hearing of the deal they made with the Amunians, Karn Hroth flies into a rage, beating their Volgmachttr viciously, but leaves him alive.

> "Stay here and enjoy your gold and jewels won by cowardice, we will bring back our own won by blood and glory!"
Due to arguments and retcon tism in the war:
Changing action 1 to: Re declaration of the Amunian v Ireechi war (fluff wise the war just goes on because the Ireechi literally refuse to negotiate but now there is precedent that the war ends after 10 turns)
File: map15.png (1.1 MB, 2047x2151)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
3rd Young Man, 2nd PAC. The Rising Star no longer shines within the constellation.

The lull in action has resigned many to the war being over, let it not be the case, let the blood of the Irreechi water the fields of Edion.
Though fortifications are erected in the north and the battles in Edion shall rage ever on, it cannot mean that all Amun should be put to the war effort. Abundance then will be the proclamation, which new fields ordered along the fertile river.

Cut into the sheer face of the great red rock, the mortuary temple is a thing of considerable beauty, illuminated each morning with the rising sun at such an angle to make the columns appear to double in size. It is really quite remarkable
With both the full workforce of Ahmose and labourers from Ocena brought to plough, there is a flurry of building works throughout the kingdom. First are the fields to be tilled by the Oc as part of the mercenary deal. Second is a forge in Hamirad Remes for the many purposes a city has. Third is a new mine for copper in the mountains to supply the growing need. One being protection, for with one army on campaign and another preparing in the south, the heartland is exposed. A third army is raised in the north.

Though there is a good deal of food in Uru-Anu, it has always been considered a little bland. The opening of dedicated salt mining facilities helps to remedy this somewhat.
The study-session, theory-crafting, and myrrh-smoking last a good deal longer than the actual irrigating of land and planting of trees that they formulate being necessary takes. But by the end of the tyrn a significant amount of new growth forest takes root in the western oasis. Scholars from the long session publish a number of verbose treatises on the proper way of expanding the forests which teachers at the schools throughout the country boil down to the essentials to pass on to the scholars of tomorrow.
A scouting party, well provisioned with food rations, water, and copious note-taking materials, set off north-west with the lost Orpielles. They travel along the vast network of Uati roads, stopping briefly to watch the forestation works before continuing north to the marble quarry. From there they make it a little more north by the end of the tyrn. [No more actions need to get it there, just mention it in your fluff next turn]

Along the freshwaters of the Red River, no longer flowing with blood as of old, many new farmsteads are raised. But still in peace the Avor prepare for war, forging new blades, hammering out the imperfections of the old, honing the skills of the smithy throughout the kingdom.
It takes every stone she has and then some. Tah-mah will be paying for her slight to the priesthood until she is frail with age. At least that's how the priestess frames it when the deal is first laid out. Land rights, mining licenses, forge permissions, workmen wages, construction costs, priestly services, administration, import taxes, market bribes, and that's just what she manages to spit out in one breath. As the priestess takes a deep breath, Tah notices a small but outstanding error on the priestess' tablet, she has calculated the deal as if Tah-mah was purchasing entire counties of forest and plain, not merely the land the mines will sit on. Once again thoroughly embarrassed the priestess hands over this news to her own scribes to re-calculate. In due time a new tablet is produced, showing the debt will be paid by the proceeds of the mines from only a tyrn or two. Tah's husband roars with laughter at her description of the priestess' face when she pointed it out when she returns home, she remembers again why she married that man.

A number of fine works are committed this tyrn; First the construction of markets and stables, closely followed by that of a high wooden bridge connecting the two networks of roads between the allies, and Second the erection of fortifications around the gate. The horned-men had the right idea in this, what if some other race were to have the same notions that wander through Su-won's head? Can't be having that.
Her Majesty knew the look in her son's eye, it was the same she had in hers when looking upon her father's blade, now made all the worse for so much artistry being employed in the things creation. She hefted it before the boy, already almost as tall as her, could snatch it for himself, whipping it through the air with a grace he also looks upon with envy. As she is displaying her prowess, the boy foolishly reaches out, a single swing too close and he loses the very tips of the two fingers on his right hand. Su-won drops the blade at her son's cry, once more he is a mewling infant in her arms as she cradles him. He has at once put the fingers in his mouth, a reflex she has to fight so she can see the damage. The blood does not stop pouring out, even through the bandages she strips from her own garments it drips. She calls for aid and the boy is whisked away to be treated. From what she hears the bleeding did not stop for a full day. This is how she knows the power of cinnabar. [Bleeding]
The armies make for Opulith, having heard all last tyrn of the splendour of the city. They arrive to find the tales exaggerated, but not by much.
The gamble is a daring one, a wager the Empress herself is not sure she can pull off. She supposes only time now will be able to tell. Back in her own quarters she strips of suffocating layers of linen down to her nakedness, rejoicing in the cool evening air to be free of them. She is alone again, having found that she does well in her own company. Well as long as the servants are sat waiting by the door at her every whim. Speaking of whims, she could really do with some of those new dates.
The treasury slowly filling, the opening of a second silver mine in the bounds of Tor Loric greatly increases the effort. Silver is a much more often circulated currency, with coins being halved, quartered, clipped here and there, and so on. Ariaios only hopes he dearly loved and near-useless sons can stop ruining her "dutiful wife and mother" act long enough to keep the mine operational. She need not have the same worry with her daughters, pushed off into the far frontiers to do the work for the three noble houses that they can't manage without royal writ as they are. She hears from them that she is now a great-grandmother, or she would if the infant survived the birth, proving that relations between siblings and then the sibling offspring of those siblings only works out in the Empyrean.
House Scheher finding their first foray into Biomantic learning establishments to be both enjoyable and (more importantly) profitable, they open a second for the study of muscle (and perhaps sinew if they can secure an adequate supply) in conjunction with House Marai. It is in these horror-filled halls of learning that the first prototypes for war-homunculi are fabricated. For now they are, how to put it politely, unskilled in combat, able to follow orders but never deviating from them, mindless as they are.

The city is feeling empty of late, at least as empty as a conglomeration of what in any sane society would be eight cities crammed into the footprint of perhaps two large cities crashed together can feel empty. Chitterers get to work building and populating a ninth city's worth of bodies, streets, and filth onto the pile. Encouraging them in this "valiant" effort is the literal rivers of Khabdag that are being produced in the two new distilleries to the north and south of the sprawling, towering capital. Perhaps it is this liquid courage that ferments the Chitterers to violence heretofore unseen since the cataclysm. The Letterchewers attempt to funnel that violence into a centralised arena, purpose built for the sport, but some spills over into the formation of a ramshackle, but still well-armed, fighting force. [Free army from disposition]
Ra'Kaerv has many a good reason to expand, to seize the coasts & heartland, though no man marches against him and he will not reveal his thoughts to his advisers, a common trait among the Minds. There are just as many names for the happening as there are speculations, the Voraik call it the "far stretching" or the "great separating" for the splitting of families necessary to settle the lands, the city-folk call it the "great lounging" for Ra'Kaerv delivered the decree so reclined, the Mareev quietly call it the "great seizing" for stepping over their own plans. Given the recent construction however, most call the period "The Embattlement"
Desert storms are worse than anything the Yav have witnessed from the sea. At the very least the waves do not throw sand into your eyes! Totally lost now, the army of Yavmat stumble towards lights on the horizon.

With their house now in order, a third army is raised in Esavine. The workmen are most relieved when the trees neither shriek nor bleed when felled.

A love of fish and all other manner of seafood is only growing in Kirisfut, a delicacy having to be brought in fresh and so a sign of wealth. As in all these petty things Aletheos cares not a great deal, he is happy with meat and bread.
Like the elephants before them, the rhinos had already been re-tamed, at least enough to be corralled. Once more the men have been paid upfront, so instead of letting the efforts go to waste they start a new facility to breed the beasts, selecting the most docile among them in hopes of ingraining that trait.
Kiri had come and gone too quickly for efforts to be made to summit the mountain, but it seems Odithis is not so cruel as to let the appearance be wasted. The boy Nilo had yet to go through the rites of manhood still the All-Father came to him, if only in a dream. It is the very fact that no words were exchanged that convinces the elders the boy has been visited. He is instructed to tell the fateweavers and those who perform the Rituals of Arrival what he had done in his dreams to achieve such a state. A great many of these magic-wielders fail to reach the clear mind Nilo explained, perhaps it is that adults are too busy thinking of fish and gold.

Nemosa is vibrant with building works, the old Potentate smiles seeing his works continue. Magnificent ports for Yarr to match those newly built in Kosmos, along with walls all about that district, only so tall, but enough to keep the outside out so to speak. So much stone is brought in for the works the Sodden becomes deadlocked with barges!
The Meraghul, flattered by the temple and the proposals of marriage, sadly for the Lauds decline their participation in both. Though there are already a number of Meraghulese women pregnant with the children of Laudation men, it is their custom to continue moving. Indeed, they are growing restless having toured the kingdom two or three times already, awaiting either passage off Nemosa either by boat or poured libation.
>LD cont.
The First Fleet passes an Oc navy turning about to return to their islands with curiosity, but upon entering the narrow strait with its high swells and a fewer floating planks they think they know why. No matter, the Lauds shall push on. Escaping the trials of the waves they find the winds take them to a good sized island, one they think will be ripe for colonising, until they spy a mine and woodcutters. [This is Mutamanaki, I just don't have time to fill it in right now]. The Second & Third Fleet also continue their set path, following the Oc Triremes north into a number of small islands owned by the seafaring squatters.
Having dealt with ravenous wolves, men of stone, strange mists, a gaggle of his own bickering siblings, and lastly a throng of other immortals come to petition him for this or that, Asur-Orlon finishes his journey across Nemosa with the retrieval of a number of green gemstones. The legend tells he plucked them from the trees of the northern forests like ripe fruit, indeed there are two very large uncut emeralds in the possession of the royal lineage which are said to be from this legend, with another in the priestly Asur-line family of similar size & clarity. In actuality he discovered them the same way the mortal Orlon had "discovered" the cinnabar in the east, literally tripping over it. At least in this instance the rock was the same colour as the grass growing around it.
The mists finall reach the south sea and all of Nemosa is in an uproar. There is weeping, there is joy, there is above all confusion. Men, women, children, all of them, every last one has changed in some way; Even the Potentate and Potentia are no longer the way they were born. Only the Meraghul and the few Oc translators are spared. It is to this state of mass confusion that Orlon-Asur will soon return. He has a lot of explaining to do. [This week we need to decide what the changes are definitively]
[d] It is in this national shock that two obscure lines, those descendants of perhaps gods no longer worshipped, break from the whole in the north. They are changed far more seriously than their kinsmen; One become a race of half-snake, their legs becoming two serpentine tails upon which they struggle to stand upright, their tongues forked, their eyes yellowed, they are truly horrid to look upon for their scaled faces; The other into men with the heads of dogs, a curse known elsewhere on Sahuagin, in the lands of the Dirkin. In each other they find a brotherhood of grotesquerie against the common Laud.
Water. It is the fundament of all life. Some say even the gods require it, or perhaps are made of it, but that is a debate best left to the scholar-priests. Many hours this tyrn are spent trying to understand the very basics of the most basic matter of the world. Any scholar worth his salt will tell you he hasn't the foggiest idea on them, there is simply so much strange about water unlike any other material. To expand when both cooled and heated, to be able to be transformed into the three phases of matter, and easily so, by any man with patience. It is a miracle. A very simple miracle. One the Oc find most intriguing indeed.
The First Fleet continues to Beningsted to rest a while, enjoy the comforts of dry land, some men even try their luck with the local women. After the leave is over, they are back aboard and headed south, finding themselves in the wake of the recently departed Waddan Third Fleet.
The Third Fleet breaks from the impromptu flotilla, making for the isle of Menot's Garden to provide relief for the stranded Oc there.
It has simply been too long that survivors may be found, it is a miracle that even so much flotsam remains. The crew fish some of the planks from the water like relics and turn back for home. On the way they pass the First Fleet of the Lauds, close enough for shouted greetings.
[>AH, >TN] The mercenaries board the First Fleet of the Tarn, deemed the fastest navy in the east, that they may join the War Against the Wights post-haste.

[d] Disease rips through Harppa. The source: The Tarn River. For too long it has been the only source of fresh water, a holy site, and an open sewer. The Raj himself is sick with it, the whole city reeks.
There is a brief calm in Tarnia, the warm summer air welcome on the skin as men are sent to plough new fields. But this warm wind only stokes the fires of the Tarnsmen, who have allied with the Ocenan cause against the northmen, calling up second sons to war. Arms of copper are placed in their hands, tamers are called from the south, Sakshi herself selects the best among her prides for it. They visit the tomb of Jannah to receive a blessing before the long march ahead of them begins.
[>AH, >OC] The First Fleet is delivered mixed orders from three different parties, settling on not upsetting the paranoid Ahmosi by docking in the waters of the Parhuami for the Oc-bought mercenaries to dock before continuing back north.
After the disastrous Battle of Nastrond leaves an as yet uncountable number of men, Tarnic & Vettir both, dead, the Second Fleet joins the Oc full of fury in their conquest against the Wights.
Wights do not build for aesthetic qualities, nor in the most efficient of ways, but a barrier of stone is constructed all around the bounds of Hoftborg all the same. Sturdy enough to keep the Grims & Wolfmen out and the thieves & beggars in. Alongside these works is the further building up of the ports with additional jetties and ware-huts, all built of rough-cut stone and piers of freshly cut trunks. If anything could be described as splendid in Vettirgard it may be these.
With so much of the world now crashing down upon them, the skipskjold shields [yes I know that's ship-shield shields, like ATM machine] are another measure that at least a few Seawights will be safe from the coming storm and hail. It is found though that a Trellkrieger is able to still move with one of the smaller variants strapped across both their front and back like cladding.
The news is horrific, tales exaggerated from even the brief game of whispers that brings it to the captain of the Skyseil fleet. The Svarthird is collected from the shore, just as the Tarnish ships set their sails to drive them north. They return to Hoftborg, knowing the waters better than the dark-skinned men, the army alights, and the ships ready for what is to come.

It had been a measure of convenience which had only ever been an inconvenience that a road was cut into the marshland, one that continued to be an annoyance right up until the tropaion port was completed. With an easy link to Beningsted from there it only makes sense that a small fleet of fishing boats be sent into these new waters to catch whatever will bite. Likewise, fishermen off Stanbyld sort out the papers to start catching too.
Though the expense of shipping over the ingots of copper nearly causes Old Beninga a heart attack (not that it would be his first), it is deemed worth it to ensure the protection of the peninsula colony. The painted people seemed a decent sort, but trust can be so easily misplaced.
Having already been awestruck on the shores of the northern peninsula, the First Fleet is once again dazzled by the isle of the Oracl as it is spied on the horizon. A forest of marble and gold it appears, more breathtaking than the Oc could have possibly described.
The Second Fleet's surprise dwindles the farther west they sail, with once more familiar hoofbeats filling the air. However it is not all they find, for the Avor, and it is unmistakably the Avor, have built into some gargantuan pre-cataclysm wall a city of their own. The Waddans know it cannot have been built by the horsemen, without meaning offence, construction from what the Waddan have seen has not been a strong suit of theirs.
Rowing against the wind, the Third Fleet starts their return journey south, to see if their initial discoveries were as lurid as they had written the first time around.
It had cause considerable consternation in the Irreechi within the Karnate that the army they had hired could not be brought to war at once, but the construction of the bridge, in stone no less, is met with some elation from men of both races that they should now march to Edion.
Meat and venom are both of incredible significance to the Karn, and there cannot ever be too much of either.
Though barechested is the way life is lived in the country, muscle alone is not sufficient to guard against cowardly attacks like arrows or magic, for this reason alone, though it pains him greatly, Karn Hroth orders armour forged for him and his men for their march south against Amun. However when they arrive to find friendly barter carrying on and he learns of the deals made without his seal, by the gods the men there have never seen such savagery. The Karn cannot even rectify the issue without declaring war against the Amun himself!


>Battle of Nastrond
It had been a chance encounter, one neither the Tarnsmen nor the Wights were expecting, but it happened all the same. The Tarn hurried to land, getting down the boards only in time for the Wights to rush to meet them. They were without their beasts, caged below deck, pacing at the smell of blood, even with superior arms the northmen struck hard against them. Blood soaked the sands, slicked the boards, fighting became a crash of anguished cries, glinting spears, harrowing deaths. The ship's captain saw no victory in sight, pushing off with the rising tide as the Wights pulled back, struggling to free their own dead & wounded from the beaches before the waters took them. The foam is red around them with death.

>Battle of Hoftborg-Sea
The Skyseil fleet returns home, but the Second Fleet of the Tarnsmen is upon it. With incredible manoeuvring, the Tarn having fallen to reliance on charts and almanacs, the Seawights guide them like an evil lightvessel onto rocks which grounds the great might of their ships. Then it falls to boarding. Still reeling from the impact and the shock of the impact, though their efforts are valiant, glorious even, the Tarnsmen are brought low on their own ships. It is as the Wights are gloating over their magnificent victory however that the proud-prowed triremes of the Oc render their Seahawks and hornboats to splinters, casting their crews into the choking, churning surf. Alas they can do nothing for the Tarnsmen of the once-called Second Fleet, slaughtered to a man.

>The Second Siege of Edion
This battle still needs to be worked out in chat, so will be late


> Expand westward through the northern forest
> Technology: Improved Construction (Block and Tackle, Cranes, and other simple machines)

There was an argument building amongst the blacksmiths next to the temple of Havas. Speaker Slavas was trying his best to ignore the squabble, the Avor had set him the challenge of a lifetime, building a grand fortress directly into the mountain itself, and he was trying desperately to figure out a simple problem.

How to lift the unliftable. The typical strategy, tie enough ropes, hitch enough yaks, could only go so far. He needed some better way, some kind of advantage. But how could you get something from nothing?

“I’m telling you, I could lift that yak by myself!”

“You’ve gone soft in the brain! No one can lift a damn yak!”

Slavas walked over to the arguing men with a frown. They stiffened up on his approach, suddenly aware of a growing pool of silence spilling out from them.

“Show me how to lift a yak.”

It took some time to find an appropriate tree, during which the yak lifter shared his story. A yak had fallen into an old dried up creek bed. Owing to a series of somewhat ridiculous complications, an idiot son, a bees nest, and particularly angry badger, the ropes to haul the yak out of the creek bed had ended up threading through several tree branches, weaving a concerningly complicated route.

Somehow, for reasons that no one could explain, this had resulted in the Yak being easier to lift. Slavas had to admit, the idea seemed nonsensical. Something for nothing? It defied logic. Still, the man seemed earnest. And a few loops over and under tree branches later Slavas found himself holding the man in question up by a rope as easily as if the man was a child.

Something from nothing. Still...hadn't he seen something like this elsewhere? His own children rocking a log over a sturdy rock, pushing it back and forth until the younger child seemed to weigh the same as the older. Something from nothing. Still, maybe it would let a man move a mountain...as long as he could find somewhere to stand.
Posted on behalf of the Ahmosi

With our men finally off to war moire basic demographic needs must be met. First of all food. It has been found that too bulk one needs to eat a lot it's the key to bigger and better muscles.

Action 1: Build 2 more farms (could I know how many senpai slots total I have?)

Secondly through our sparring we have learned many things among them chief: "we can punch much harder, than the punches we can take".

To intensify our training and to make our men more competitive on the battlefield we need to become tougher and stronger.

Action 2: Toughness improvement (magic action/armor improvement?)
We streangthen our muscles, they shall be hard as bronze. May cuts into our flesh remain skindeep

March new army south
File: NRP6 Turn 16.png (18 KB, 271x427)
18 KB

Unrest spreads around the city of Hoftborg, as a great disaster is upon the Vettirgard shore. While the Vardyger could be creative with the interpretation of what happened upon the Colourful Isle, there is no way for him to spin what happened here. The Seawight navy had been crushed in a spectacular display, the wrecks will litter the bay for all time. It's an unforeseen disaster where he cannot deny it. Worse yet, the Vardyger's sons are nowhere to be seen. After being sent to the north they have yet to return, the Vardyger is the last of the bloodline in Vettirgard, and agents are already at work trying to infiltrate his palace.

>Action 1: Build Hunting Ground in the northern forest, build western lighthouse.
While the Seawights are reeling from the blockades and raiding of their fishing fleets, the Landwights have to pick up the slack, Vettirgard needs more food, and so hunters start delving into the northern forest. A very different hunting environment from the plains, not only do they have to navigate a dense forest, but they have to watch out for bears and elk, who can kill them with ease. However the Seawights aren't idle, instead seeking to expand their influence westward. But those waters are treacherous, open to the high seas and lacking a lighthouse, so first order of business, the construction of one such lighthouse.

>Action 2: Develop Clay Pottery.
Ever since the raid on the southerners, the Wights have been curious about those pots they have. They are very useful being that they can withstand fire, are lightweight, sturdy and don't dissolve in water. The Wights have made stone replicas, but none had found out how to make clay pottery of their own. Just drying the clay is not enough. But eventually a family of Wights happen to figure out clay firing. But they are suddenly swamped in demand, more than they can produce, so inevitably they share the technique, and some of those neighbouring families are more loose-lipped, so soon the technique spreads all across Vettirgard.

The Empress spins around a little, doing a twirl. What's the point of even trying?
She isn't sure what she's meant to be doing anymore, she did everything right. Calandorra is perverse, its institutions corrupt, its religious rituals lewd, its festivals obscene.

She's pretending that she's her hated rival now, her opposite switched. Why?
Because she's unhappy. She realises that now. She accepts this. Calandorra is not enough, the world itself is not enough for her. But she does have a family. A man who loves her, nothing to worry about. Maybe this is the real life, just spending time with people you love, enjoying the moments you find. No more chasing highs and spiralling into lows. She can just sit out the final breezes of the lazy summer, watching as the crescent moon celebration brings it to a close. Maybe Aios was right about some things.

What? Wait, no, not that!

This is all part of her plan, to trick her! Ariaios knew it all along, she knows Aios started that famine, she just couldn't prove it! She covered her tracks, she got those idiots at the Temple of Diurn to lie for her. And you think that's something, you think that's bad? This? This blasphemy? She's done worse. These lovey-dovey thoughts, the marriage? Do you really think the goddess of profane love would just decide get married? No! She orchestrated it!
Ariaios spirals perhaps harder than she ever has before. No matter what she does she always loses. She always loses and it's all Aios fault, it is, it's her fault. It's all her fault.
The Empress knows only one thing is going to make her feel better. She's going to cause a huge scene at the crescent moon festival and make her problem everyone else’s problem instead. She picks out her most depraved outfit and looks for the Imperial Bident, twirling it in her fingers. Dancing makes her feel good.
Action 1: Biomancy: Synaptics
The brain is the nexus of this field, a thing of marvels containing unfathomably many mysteries. The wise Anatomancers of the Samya know well that somehow, within this brain lies the thoughts, the memories of a person. Sever its functions and the body falls dead. Poke holes in it and events are amended, forgotten as if never real.

The field of Synaptics takes this primitive understanding to wild heights. Their attuned senses see the invisible lattice of signals shooting across living meat, they understand the connections between it and the brain, between it and the spine, this most arcane study ripping into the innerworkings of the mind. The results are worth it. The field of Synaptics presents a theoretical solution for the lack of co-ordination, the lack of skill that the Homuncili possess. Genuine intelligence of a proper grade can be invested into the Homunculi now, co-ordination, reaction speed, memory, language. They will possess minds capable of operating the mighty bodies they have been forged for them, these mightiest of servants.

Action 2: Biomancy: True Homunculi
All the theoretical obstacles have been solved, it is time to do as the Empress has commanded and reforge the Homuncili of old. Each part of their anatomy handcrafted by the most learned Samya fleshweavers, using methods passed from mentor to apprentice in the greatest secrecy. Forged of muscles like tightly coiled snakes under their perfect casings of flawless stone-hard skin, developed with minds beyond their primitive cousins capable of imagining, thinking beyond simple orders, with reflexes that flow through pathways carved by synaptic arcanists allowing them to strike like lightning. These are servants of such power that they may only be entrusted to the throne or one of the great houses, miles ahead of any Dorran warrior. It is the culmination of tyrns on tyrns of research, all coming together to form these mightiest of homunculi for one purpose. To serve the throne.
>Turn 16
Action 1: Learn Vettese
Despite their primitive weaponry, the savages have shown a stunning capacity for warfare, inflicting disproportionate losses upon the Tarnish navy and army alike. Facing the prospect of a protracted siege, the Tarns and Ocenians decide that enough blood has been spilt, and call for peace. To facilitate negotiations, a group of Tarns learn the language of the people who call themselves the Vettir.

Action 2: Fort on exotic resource tile, Embassy in Hoftborg
The exhausted army spreads out, happy to be in warmer and friendly climes once again. The first order of business is to properly bury their dead, floating them out to sea on pieces of driftwood. Next, their limited supplies are pooled together to make fortifications of timber and mud, which will serve as a jumping off point for further exploration. The fort is named Balu into honor of their fallen general, who perished on those frigid rock getting his men to safety.
As agreed upon in the peace treaty, the Tarns establish an embassy in Hoftborg.

>Free Actions
Navy 1: Continues northward. When new orders are received, the fleet changes course slightly to make for Xiuado.
Army 1: Attrited and exhausted by their long campaign, the army is looking forward to nothing more than a warm bed and time to rest. But knowing they will face reproach for returning home with such heavy losses and minor gains, the decision is made by the army’s leadership to make one final stop, at the site of their first battle against the Wight forces. This is sold to the exhausted soldiers as an opportunity to recover the bodies of their fallen brethren and to secure a lucrative resource for their personal glory. To further sweeten the deal, each soldier is promised a homestead in the new lands as a reward for their gallant service.
Army 2: Heads north into Xiuado
The Tarnish army marches for Xiuado to prepare for the arrival of the Empire’s riches, and to fulfill the security needs of the city-state. If they manage to get all the way there in one turn, they take up the same locations in the ports as the navy did before, and let the city-state know to expect further Tarnsmen to arrive in the near future.
Action 1: Create army. Between the gate scandal and the sudden transformation of the populace especially those in the north the people are desperate for safety. To respond to this state of emergency Koson creates another army to ensure the defense of the nation while he tries to calm the situation.

Action 2: Create navy. The Meraghul have been here for some time and while they have been a positive influence on Nemosa it is time for them to continue their wandering ways. Giving permission for them to leave the forest they are to make their way to the city of Kosmos to experience at least somewhat the benefits of civilized sedentary life while a navy large enough to carry their whole tribe is constructed. During this time they are made to acclimatize themselves to the sea in preparation of the journey ahead o them.

Army: Return back to Yarr

Navy: Navy 1 continues exploring around the island, Navy 2 & 3 sail east.
>look for animals to tame
The Gathering grows and hungers, and it’s people demand more- more and more, always more, and the Letterchewers know how to satisfy them: new food! The more types of food and the more food, the more combinations can be had!

But… they weren’t always hunters. Once, they did other things. They RAISED animals. And a few people remember.

>build 1 distillery+1 basic farm
As relationships between each chitterer become more cordial, more places to drink and eat sprout like mushrooms. No reason not to have a good time with people who are less likely to shank you!

>Action 1: Peninsula Mines
A mine for gold near Beningstead, and a mine for Copper upon the far side of Beninga's Bay. Through such means are the Harvests of the Earth that Diuth grants us made use by Waddan hands.

>Action 2: Life, Enriching
Revealed by the Stones of Diuth, the soul of amber is a soul of life, this precious gemstone speaking of the life-gaining properties that may be bourne. And the soul of gold speaks of worth and improvement, enhancing all with a golden gleam. Those Geomancers of Waddania more drawn to the metaphysical properties of these materials investigate and experiment to see what feats may accomplished and boons may be gained through their mystical efforts - are there functions in healing, enhancement? And will the incantations to draw upon each source work and produce greater effects when worked together?

>Fleet 1: (After the Oracle)
The Waddan first fleet will set a course back toward Waddan harbour - after encounter with a god and a mystic, there is already so much to report!

>Fleet 2: (After the Avor)
With the extent of the Avor southern coast mapped out, the fleet will set a return course to Klinkested to make their own report on lands charted and observed northern politics.

>Fleet 3: Approach the coast
The third fleet continues westward along the coastline, ready to confirm the realities of the earlier report.

>Army 2: Move to the Tropaion crossroads
With the land near Beningsted being appropriated for mining use, the army of Beningstead is deployed to the ancient sites of the battlefield and Tropaion, to conduct their own military survey and assessment. If any of their Ocmen visitors wish to come make a verdict on the Tropaion and the many-language writings upon it, they will be welcomed company. (But I may have missed my time-window for this?)
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Part 1: The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

A dream, Of heat and pressure, the endless impossible oppressive dark that forced the air from the lungs as it did in that dark chamber, it did not scare Rollo any more, even now in his dream he could almost feel himself falling into the room, into that same oppressive Black, feeling it like a cloak over his shoulders, understanding what it meant now, a welcoming nothingness of death if you wear it like a cloak there is no need for fear.

Rollo would pray to Gravitune, like most Avor they were not Overtly religious, the trials are something all youth undergo, but the religious aspect has fallen by the wayside as the more militaristic side of the nation has taken hold.

One of the few nights before arrival at the city of Lycopolis, it would be in a prayer that the Prince would find himself facing a large wolf across the clearing, fur a onyx hew, eyes of the most curious Yellow. Death itself in the darkness. And yet Rollo showed now fear, fighting it with sword in hand he felled the beast with a single deft strike. Yet as the beast died sadness filled Rollos heart, something that did not feel his own. In recompense, he took the wolfs hide as a mantle, not nearly enough to drape to the floor; the hide was thick like the armor the Avor wore, and warm as a blanket, keeping away the steppes' chill as they reached closer and closer to the wall.

Reaching the Walls of Lycopolis, the horns of arrival were replaced with the Sad Death Dirges, a Sad pit forms in the stomach of the Prince, for he knows what awaits him.

Within the walls, he is brought to his Father, Laying motionless in the bed, around him servants use small fans to circulate the air in the room, the priest had already read the final words over the body, now the son was left with the father, Kneeling beside the body Rollo did not weep, taking the worn, weathered hands of the man who was King, the warmth of it long since faded, he spoke softly so that only the dead could hear, in which he swore to be better than he was, to not slander the legacy of the Avor.

Harkon, was sent to the gods atop the great pyre on the wall, the fire so large and bright that it could be seen from the Capitals of the Children of the Dirt and the Khlomosan borders.

Rollo was now the King, King Rollo the Chosen. Anointed with the Oils of the Dirkin, chosen by the Gods of the Avor, and the Dirkin. He would begin his reign, not in fanfare, but in dirges and mourning, at the loss of a mentor and a father.
Action 1 - Tunnel through the mountain to meet the Dirkin on the other side (Map)

Action 2 Research/Magic Study the Cyno brought from the lands of the Dirkin
1. The two blessings we have researched so far have been bound by location and weather. To better these spells we must find a way to infuse them into something that can't be washed away. While very uncommon there is the practice of binding inks into the skin using punctures; tattooing. The priests take this and try their hand at tattooing the holy blessings into the skin of the volunteers so that the spells will not be washed away or lost. Great ceremony will be had to strengthen the bond of the spell and each line made carefully to channel their power by the mage-priests of Tuvolos and Tumawos, for in the end these men have chosen to deny themselves the judgement of Tuvolos and to move on to become Haun until their duty is done. These men shall be named Aivolsi, Deathless, and once the ritual is complete they shall be garbed in black ashen robes and face concealing helmets so that none know how damaged they truly are.

2. The war continues on and so too are the noble men of Amun called to fight for their children and nation. Another army is raised in Vital, the first army of the Aivolsi, lead by the first Aivolsi lord: Tioakim.
Now that the military is done:
The armies move out from the city to strike the Karnic mercs and throw them back from the newly taken city before they can be reinforced; and then return to the city.
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>The Second Siege of Edion
Irreechi, spying the great massed forces of Amun, rally the men of Edion to arms, gathering up whatever by whomever to fight this day. They prepare themselves that they may yet meet Volos, with prayers sung through the lines as the might of Amun marches on them. There is chaos then, failed charges, collapsed routs, carnage and slaughter on both sides. There falls an unstable half-victory for the Amunians who manage to, so the legends will say, through the power of Tuvolos disarm the peasants and those trained men who still live, sending them back north at a hasty retreat. Edion and her surrounding lands then are taken by force into the Empire of Amun, a northern outpost still filled with the corpsemen. They will learn the mercy of the High Lord, work these fields which are now his, and pay the taxes they suddenly owe to him.

>Action 1 - Language - Learn Ammunian
From the relic stolen from the Temple, and from the prisoners taken in battle, the Irreechi finally begin to lecture their soldiers on the language of the Jungle Savages. It is hoped that now the Tayib's tonguestealing may now wipe the smirk off of their jewelry adorned faces.

>Action 2 - Military - Advanced Bow
The advantage of the Irreechi has always been its noble steeds which grant it the ability to reinforce quickly, and ride with the impact of thundering hooves. Of course, now a threat has arose that cannot simply be run over; The Irreechi must expand their book of war. Utilizing their prior research into mathematics, the Irreechi seek to develop and arm their soldiers with a bow that remains just as portable, yet delivers a devastating impact.
>Action 1 - Better Swords
>Action 2 - Defensive Techniques (Flavored Armor, I guess?)

The necessity to work with Cinnabar, which red blade's has incited a veritable lust in the nobles, does not mitigate the absolute hell one has to go through to get the damn mineral to work. The silver water that oozes from the red crystals in the forge is just that, a liquid, not something you want to be a component of a solid weapon!
Still, demand is demand, and so the bladesmiths hone their craft, veritable households becoming as powerful as nobility themselves with the wealth they bring in.
The Khlomosan doctrine has remained stagnant for a long while. Cut hard, cut first. Their spats with the Avornian's have shown them time and time again that, should the enemy turn aside their blades for even a moment, the Khloes in turn will be cut down, their robes and furs offering little in the way of protection. Even with Su-won aging, her time as Queen has made the number of Artist-aspirants in the court and wider society remains all too high, and they are loath to not look their very best on the battlefield. The fighting styles of the Khloes men and women adapt, as it were, favoring far greater agility with their footwork, along with artful parrying.

"Have you heard? The Prince slew a great crimson horse! They fought for seven days and seven nights, and he escaped almost unharmed, but for two of his fingers!" The little girl said, taking a large mushroom and passing it to the old lady. She privately thought that this woman was very smelly, but her parents had taught her to be polite, so she did not mention this.
The two only spoke now because she HAD to step in when she saw the lady almost eat a deadly redcap, because, again, she was very polite, and her parents would be disappointed if she let someone die.
"He sounds like my son." The wretched crone said, choking as she stuffed the entire mushroom in her mouth.
"Is he a brave and handsome hero too?" The girl said, her eyes afire with the lies of romance.
"I can only tell you that I've never seen him do anything heroic." The wretch replied.
>Action 1: Build Fort somewhere west build Farm
>Action 2: More Metalworking

Take the easy turn and don't ask questions :^)
> 1st action: Construction.
Build a market at the dock and a lumber camp at the new forest growth.

> 2nd action: Construction.
Build another quarry and a mine.

As the order grew and it's people expanded so did it's industry and it's capabilities and as the message from the gods spread to all that heeded their call, it was clear that alliances needed to be struck.

One method for securing alliances came from several wealthy families who where the patrons of many scholars who suggested that order's lands could be a center for quality made goods that would turn the lands of the order into a center of commerce. While another method was brought fourth by a group of influential scholars who suggested that the order build a grand fleet to explore the world and learn all that there is to learn while providing assistance wherever it can so that it may establish itself as a nation who helped those in need.
Army: Keeps moving towards the south(trygon), lost as they are.

1. Ra'Kaerv demands further expansion of Yarvik, seeking to turn it into a great city.

2. The Mareev, siezing upon Ra'Kaerv's decree, use the demand to expand their brewery temple, and hold a great festival to Markalin to win the peoples favor.
>War Declaration
Karn Hroth's missive is spread across the lands of the Lost Sons.

>"Sons of Karn, your King comes calling, hear my battle-cry. On this day we march south, to punish our long standing southern neighbors, those Shalatim of Amuninig for their haughtiness. We will not be crushed under the heel by the dregs of the old greenlander empires we once raided. I call upon you, Sons of Karn, all willing warriors to gather in Krrgstyl and prepare for war!"

With his army in tow, the King of the Karnites seeks to take the fort of their enemy at night, hoping to overwhelm their night patrols and reduce their chances to rally their men. If the fort is taken successfully, he will gauge the remaining members of his army, before deciding on his next move.

Another missive arrives, this one addressed to the Priesthood at the First Temple.

> "My brothers in blood, the time has come. Karn is with us, within me, and watching over all. His house must be elevated in status, I can feel it in my blood and bones, he is displeased. Others in this world have built something grander, and the King of Kings throne must not be lacking."

The orders to improve the temple housing Karn's monolith are clear, the priest hood dust off old stone slabs, carved with the ancient Blood Emperor's own hands long ago. Details on his palace and ritual chamber, far surpassing their own modern designs. Carved runes lining pools of blood that are kept cool and fresh, despite the time of year or age. Sacrificial chambers where hundreds could be bled, with drains and flowing ducts all leading down, down to his chambers. Some minor alterations will be needed to fit the current temple and the Blood Emperor Trapped In The Stone's current status, but one thing will be certain, Karn will have his temple be like none other, for he will accept nothing less.

>this will be a series of upgrade actions.

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