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A lighthearted fantasy inspired by SEA mythology.
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It is the mid 1500s.
A time of expansion, exploration, and trade.

Amidst great empires, a small country manages to establish itself as a trading center.

Within SABLESTREAM lies CLAWFLASH, the prosperous capital that is surrounded by rivers. To most, it is a land of opportunity, where wealth and status can be attained, albeit with high competition.

Such stiff competition also extends to the world of crime as well.

With the fall of their major rivals, the RED WINTER gang has slowly transitioned into operating legitimate businesses.

Still, old positions still have to be filled.
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396 KB JPG
Once an apothecary in training, a practitioner of martial arts, and a faithful agent of Red Winter, Sira has been assigned an administrative role after his old injuries have worsen ー management of a brothel.

He is not good at it.
Sira just needs to keep the NECTAR DROPLET going for just one more year and he’ll be freed from this role.

To keep the brothel stable, Sira needs to be aware of these resources…

Funds ー Operating cost of the brothel is 1 per month.
Morale ー Loyalty and happiness of the staff members.
Security ー Speed of neutralizing problem makers.
Connections ー Reputation of the brothel and the ability to ask powerful individuals for help.

The lower the resources, the more likely negative events will occur.

As long as he keeps each of these resources above 0, the brothel should run smoothly…

First month ー first half

Funds 3/10
Morale 3/10
Security 4/10
Connections 6/10

The staff are tired after operating during new years. The brothel is barely profitable. At least people know its a Red Winter establishment.

Sira has a few plans to deal with this…

>A feast for the employees (++morale, -fund)
He could afford some shellfish for the staff. New years was tough enough.

>A revision of current prostitutes (+connections, +funds, —morale)
More clothing types. More advertisement. Longer hours. Profit and reputation comes first. He can worry about the people later.

>Briefly assist a gambling house (+funds, ++connections, —security)
His colleague has a shortage of security. If he helps them out, he’ll have their favor.

(This is posted by SQM’s friend due to ip range ban)
I usually phonepost.
Updates 1-3 times per day.
>A revision of current prostitutes (+connections, +funds, —morale)
>A feast for the employees (++morale, -fund)

Carrot and stick, if we can. Increase standards, increase the sense of reward for meeting those standards!

If we can only choose one...
>A revision of current prostitutes
Supporting, seems like a plan.
You could choose multiple options, although each options’ downside will counteract the other ones

In this case, if you choose

The morale is neutralized (neither gain nor lose)
The funds is neutralized
But you do get +connection
Works for me! Boost our best stat, avoid lowering any others, get the lay of the land and figire out who is our wheat and who is our chaff... All in one fell swoop! Will make it easier to coast our way to freedom from this gig in a year... R-right?
I'm alright with this.
>Briefly assist a gambling house (+funds, ++connections, —security)
voting closed
>A feast
>A revision

Clams. Cockles. Oysters. Lobsters. Even with the dwindling funds, Sira will approve of a feast for the employees.

Bow and Tong would probably be pissed that he’s not willing to help out their gambling house, but he doesn’t really care.

It’s not like he’ll have to deal with that long anyways. After Warin assisted him with black magic, his injuries have mostly been suppressed, although he still needs time for the hallucinations to dissipate.

“Sira. The preparations are ready. They’re waiting for you.” The brothel’s ever persistent (witch) doctor, Warin, calls for Sira to wake up.

He can barely muster the strength to remove his head from the body pillow he often clings to.

「Ugh. Fine. I’ll be there in a minute…」

“No. You really need to get up right now.”
“You’ve been cuddling that pillow for five minutes now.”

「Ugh. Fine…」

He really can’t be bothered to be yelled at by Warin again.
After letting go of the his emotional support pillow and the removing cloak he likes to sulk in, he leaves his office to address the employees outside the brothel.

Beyond the wooden building is a large gathering of people, surrounding several pots and grills. Cold buckets and boxes of seafood are only an arm’s length away.

The entire staff is here.
From the ever distant prostitutes..
The relatively bored medical staff…
The somewhat cordial security…
To the old accountants Sira worked with during his days in a slave audit company..


It has been half an hour or so now.
While most of the people are still eating and drinking, Sira and a few others (especially the goblins) are full. Most of the security and prostitutes are still enjoying the feast. Befits their status as giants, he supposes.

He feels that he shouldn’t interrupt the employees during their moment of respite.

Sira wants to..

>>Try to talk to his employees
Perhaps he could try to improve morale..? But.. but what if he damages their relationship even further???
>the prostitutes
>the medical staff
>the security
>the financial division

>Ask Warin if they could visit the forest together
There’s a forest nearby the brothel that Sira and Warin likes to go to when they are stressed — it isn’t as safe as before, requiring her presence. He needs a breather.

>Make an excuse and leave.
「Uhh.. I have to deal with.. something. It’s personal.. See you guys tomorrow.」
>the full ones
Not interrupting anything.
Are there financial goblins?
>Talk shop and way to improve cashflow with financial goblins
the >talk to employees
refer to people who are already full

but yes there are goblins who act as accountants

in this setting different races cannot breed with each other
that is why most of the prostitutes are not human (goblins / giants)

the medical staff deals with contraceptives / abortifacients for human ones
Voting closed
>talk to the financial division

Sira musters up the courage to approach the goblins that oversees the finances of the brothel.

It’s probably best if he talks to Dao, the goblin that oversees the financial side of this business. She probably has the best advice.

「.. uh.. Hi.」


「I…. want to ask about the cashflow of the company. Is there something I could do to improve it?」

'… cashflow…'
'… the easiest cost to get rid off right now would be the posters. Advertisement. If we can get at least one of the gambling houses to put up our posters, rather than bars and underground fighting rings, we should be able to reduce our advertisement costs.'

'.. getting another, cheaper, illustrator would also help with the costs.'

「.. about gambling houses. Which types do you recommend?」

'….. ones that host cockfighting or boxing. Cheaper ones with only a few rooms. We can’t exactly compete with the high end brothels.'

「Got it. I think I can find an illustrator. I’m sure some of my friends know a few. Thanks.」

'If the negotiation with a cockfighting ring host goes poorly, please don’t—'

「Yes. Yes. I know. I won’t ask you to do that. Rapewars are long gone now.」

Ah yes. The rapewars. Good times. Funny as hell.
While jamming metal contraptions up the rectums of animals in order to cause them to die from the inability to release feces (right up until the moment they are removed, causing streams of fecal matter) was an intimidating way to send a message to animal owning enemies, it wasn’t very efficient in terms of money and time spent. And morale.
Sira walks away from the conversation slightly less nervous than before. His employees probably don’t hate him THAT much.

He was still sweating, of course, and would prefer to just stay in his room and cuddle his pillows depicting various types of arms he would like the own, but he can’t exactly leave right now. He is the host, after all.

As Warin is preparing another bowl of cockles for boiling, she asks if he wants any. He agrees. Might as well do something that could calm his nerves.

「Yeah. Sure. I could go for one more plate.」

“Alright. How do you want it done?”

>20 seconds (rare)
Crunchy. Strong smell. A lot of blood.

His heart REALLY needs this. His brain doesn’t.

>30 seconds (medium rare)
Somewhat crunchy. Sweet. Most people eat this.

His heart wants this.

>1 minute (medium well done)
Slightly crunchy. The blood has turned black.

His brain wants this.

>2 minutes (well done)
Chewy. Barely any smell. Traces of blood faintly remain.

His brain REALLY needs this. His heart doesn’t.

Depending on what he chooses in order to calm himself, his inner thoughts can be swayed into deciding on more emotional or logical ones.
>>30 seconds (medium rare)
>1 minute (medium well done)
Interesting vote.
>30 seconds (medium rare)
Voting closed
Ah, darn, missed it due to work. Luckily, I planned to vote medium rare anyway!

>30 seconds

The cockles are boiled in a pot for 30 seconds before being fished out and dumped into a bucket of cold water.

Cracking open the cockles, the meat is a blend of dark red and orange. Small traces of blood linger in the shell.

A sweet, crunchy thing.

The blood and flesh reminds him of… somewhere, long ago.


Before Red Winter solidified itself, there were other crime organizations and their legitimate businesses that opposes them.

He was a part of CATCHER CORPS, one of many slave audit companies — inspectors of slaves to ensure they are operating efficiently and safely. Sira was a part of the security division that assist owners in catching wayward slaves.

While ensuring fairness is the goal, it was always a profession that has a certain darkness to it. It’s more useful to overlook non lethal punishments and abuses instead of preventing businesses from operating smoothly.

Sira wasn’t completely naive. He knew the risks and benefits of being just and being realistic. Sometimes his calculations are wrong, sometimes it pays off.

His actions over the years of service has earned him a reputation.

Although his name is fading from the minds of many, he was once known as..

>First crow Sira
A vigilante at heart. A force of nature that cut down threats and rescued people he deemed worth saving.

Illegitimate businesses and people still in the life favor him.

>Mist raven Sira
A businessman at heart. A shadow that avoided the law and neutralized his opponents through manipulation, deception, and the occasional violence.

Legitimate businesses and people further away from the life favor him.

The night draws to an end.

The cooking utensils are cleaned and the fires are snuffed out.

Sira returns to his bed.

The nightmares return again..

As he tries to walk past a river of blood, skeletons and decomposing corpses from the riverbed tries to latch on to him.

No. Not this time.

He was close to death once, but Warin pulled him back, and made him part of the supernatural world.

Sira can..

>Hear and speak otherworldly voices
He can understand the voices of supernatural entities and speak to them. Speeches of high intelligence animals could be understood.

Fade from existence and reappear at a destination within line of sight. Time slows down when he is deciding where he will teleport to next.
>First crow Sira

>Hear and speak otherworldly voices
>First crow Sira

>Hear and speak otherworldly voices
Forgot the pic
>First crow Sira

vote open for 1 more hour before rolling a 1d2 to decide about the powers
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1 = voices
2 = fade

vote closed

>First Crow Sira

He was a man that followed his heart first. He tried to remain just whenever possible, and used any means necessary to give the people cheated by others a chance to survive.

Even as his presence in Clawflash is fading away, stories of his exploits are occasionally retold.

The movements of their fingers slow down. His breathing is steady. His sight is true.

His body fades from the river and reappear on land, leaving behind a few black feathers.

He avoids the clutches of skeletons and corpses.

He dusts hi—

Arugh. It is already late morning. At least nightmare felt quicker than usual.

After grooming himself, he goes through the paperwork while eating some noodles.

The first few hours are spent discussing the adjustments of the prostitutes’ working hours and changes to their clothing.

'.. from the long skirts to.. this?'

「Yes. Shorter skirts and long gloves.」

「We already have those in stock, right?」

'Yes.. but I’m not sure about the changes in work hours.'

While the financial division mostly agrees with his decision for the most part, they are still hesitant about the longer working hours.

An acceptable risk.


It took a couple days before he is able to gather enough information about the gambling houses and illustrators.

As for the illustrator, he can find them later. He just needs to focus on the gambling houses that are willing to let him advertise first.

Based on Dao’s recommendations, there’s three gambling houses that might be worth his time.

>Two Fencers
A relatively decent gambling house owned by his old colleagues, Bow and Tong. Specializes in marital contests.

With his preexisting connections, the posters could attract a lot of customers.

He’ll probably have to come up with a way to make up for his lack of assistance earlier..

>Steel Beaks
An old gambling house specializing in cockfighting. Has the largest amount of customers out of all the gambling houses.

The most dangerous of the three — brawls are not uncommon, especially when someone feels like they are cheated.

>Old Whaler
A small gambling house that has a front as a seafood restaurant. Safest choice out of the three, but its reach is limited.

If he’s going to get this brothel any more customers, the illustrator has to be damn good.
>Two fencers
"Sorry Bow. Regarding your security shortage, I am too somewhat understaffed. And that's not my only problem...
Let's just say that if you let me advertise, this could let me get my finance in the green again, allowing me more security...
Tong, you have always had a more rationale mind. So I won't ask you guys to help me for old time sake, more like... an investment... for a company that can become a premium staff or service provider if you help in this join venture"

Fail at articulating the point good enough. Go hug the Blood Lance body pillow
~8 hours before vote closes. Gotta sleep.
>Two Fencers
Does Two Fencers specialize in MARTIAL contests, or is a marital contest soemthing I'm unfamiliar with, like a rapewar was?

Either way, that's my first choice.
>>Two Fencers
They host underground fighting

Boxing matches and the like
>Two fencers
it is. If they really are friends they will lend a hand. And who says it will be for free? SHEESH

Voting closed. Writing.
File: Spoiler Image (6.46 MB, 4000x4000)
6.46 MB
6.46 MB JPG
>Two Fencers
Shit. He’s going to have to make it up to them somehow.

Two Fencers is a large gambling house co-owned by Bow and Tong ー long time colleagues of Sira.

An accomplished blood mage, martial artist, and earner, Bow was entrusted with managing a larger business than Sira.

And then there’s Tong. Her brother was pretty incompetent for a while. It took her dragging him out of a bar in Cinderpath before he finally cleaned up his act. While Bow handles the finances, he handles the entertainment and tries to keep the more rowdy customers from being killed by the security.

It has been a while since Sira was visited the place.

According to his informants, the Two Fencers have seen a steady increase in customers during the first month. Slightly larger than usual, although it will likely die down during the later half of the month.

「Alright. Let’s set the date.」

An afternoon in the entertainment district

【… I cannot do that. Third floor… that is not possible. They paid a premium price so they don’t get random advertisements. Second floor is already filled with advertisement. First floor is also full. I can’t take those down right now ー not without negotiating with the market district.】

Bow remains insistent on her refusal about his offer.

【i am sure you are aware how they are. Shark infested waters are less dangerous than those bidding wars at dawn. YOUR employees were smart enough to avoid the larger vendors, at least.】

While her voice remains mostly neutral, Sira can tell she can barely stop herself from baring her fangs.

The market district was always a competitive one. Sira never liked navigating the web of connections and all the intricacies of their social gatherings.

《I think we could make some space for his business. On the first floor. There was this.. section about Old Whaler, yes?》
Tong tries to calm her down.


《We could remove that, right? Their shipment of oysters and shrimp hasn’t arrived. It’s been five days now.》

Seems like the two gambling houses have made a deal with each other — Old Whalers are suppliers for some of the food, and thus, allowed to advertise.

【I’ve sent them notices.】

《Twice, yes, but they haven’t responded.》

《Sira could do it. Send his men over and find out what happened. If they’re ignoring us purposefully, he won’t be recognized. If they’re in trouble, their attackers might hurt them if they recognize our men.》

Bow goes quiet.


Whispers. Bow and Tong talk amongst themselves for a while before asking Sira a question.

【I’ve known you for a while, Sira. You’ve never wanted this position. I can’t remember the last time you’ve gone this far to get the brothel running. Is there any particular reason?】

Sira decides to..

>I am trying make up for it.
The past few years I have been slacking off, yes. But I am trying to change. After the feast, I realized I can’t keep going like this anymore. I want this brothel to stay alive.

>I like them.
I have been slacking off, no doubt. But recently, I am trying to change. That feast was.. poorly timed, yes, but it showed me that the people there are important. I am doing this because those people mean a lot to me.

>Your experience.
Well.. the situation is getting worse than usual, and you two are people I know, and I figured you two could help me out better than someone who isn’t part of [Red Winter] organization.

>You said it yourself.
I never wanted this position, but if I fuck up too hard, I don’t think the higher ups are willing to put me back in my old one. I am doing this because I can’t afford anything else.
Been really busy lately. I might have change the update schedule from 3 times / day to 2 times / day
File: FollowYourHeart.jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
>>I am trying make up for it.
>You said it yourself.
We are Coach Bombay, and this brothel is our Mighty Ducks.
>I am trying make up for it.
voting closed.

>I am trying to make up for it

He has made many mistakes in the past, but right now, he wants this brothel to stay alive.


>Tong is moved by this statement.
Bow remains neutral to it.

They manage to come to an agreement.

《This is our offer. Investigate the Old Whaler. Find out why they haven’t sent their shipment of food and paid for the advertising space. We will remove their posters and let you advertise until the end of this month.》

《If the investigation is successful, there will be spot for your brothel to advertise….》

【IF you are able to willing to pay a small fee for the advertising space each month.】

《Is this offer acceptable?》

「Yes. It is acceptable.」

Before Sira leaves, Tong gives him a map to the gambling house and tells him about the Old Whalers’ staff.

The Old Whaler is near the very edges of the entertainment district, far east of Clawflash. The directions look pretty complicated. No wonder only a few customers visit the place.

《I know these people. They’re good. Real good. They served us well.》

《When you go there, check the shorelines. Past the forest, east of the Old Whalers. I think fishermen might be extorting them.》

First month of the year and Sira is tasked with conducting an investigation of a gambling house suddenly unable to pay their advertising fees and deliver their supplies…

The Old whaler is at the very edges of town, and has a large, desolate forest to its right. Beyond that is the shoreline and rivers surrounding Clawflash.

This is going to be a large operation.

The investigation team will consist of..

>Sira and his crows
Him and his old colleagues in the brothel, who are formerly security for Catchers Corp will be investigating. A small, elite force that excels in skirmishes and stealth, able to find clues through other people in the criminal world.

Dao, head of the financial division will be running the brothel while he is investigating.

>Warin and Nectar Droplet’s security
Warin and the brothel’s security will be investigating. A large force that excels at large scale combat and able to investigate supernatural matters more throughly.

Sira and Warin could both investigate, although that will deprive the brothel of most of its security, and their security isn’t very strong in the first place…
>Sira and his crows
>>Sira and his crows
>>Sira and his crows
Yeah, I think the Crows are better for thins one
>Sira and his crows.
Also what the heck with posting that in /a/ what happened over there
>Sira and his crows
We have no reason to think the supernatural is invovled, and we don't want to create a scene if we don't have to.
Voting closed writing

>Sira and his crows

It is best if a smaller force is sent to investigate. Wouldn’t want to cause a scene.

With his spanner, he rotates the wheel of his pistol. Large, heavy, complicated, but able to punch through anything that isn’t a good cuirass.

His sidesword has some minor cuts on it, but the edge remains sharp and the finger rings don’t feel loose.

The dagger is double edged, with a spearpoint. Less effective in the stabbing than a needle point, but less fragile. Good for mundane tasks.

His coat, while not as protective as a gamberson or mail, is somewhat able to resist cuts and thrusts. Hidden under it is a short arquebus and multiple paper cartridges.

Although most other crows cannot afford a wheellock, a few possess matchlock guns of various lengths.

Trekking through the maze like routes and comprehending obtuse passages makes Sira wish Warin was with him right now. He would love to cuddle and rest his head on her cold arms again.

It is the late evening.
They arrive at the Old Whaler. To most, it is a cramped wooden restaurant with a decaying paint job and posters. They’re half right.

Entering through the side entrance, Sira and his crows can confirm Tong’s words about this place. A relatively empty gambling house with only a few sailors and fishers playing cards.

The crows are divided into three groups ー one will investigate the forests east of the Old Whaler, one will gamble, and one will try to talk to the staff and other customers.

Sira did notice that the staff tend to get a little nervous when they first enter. It’s not exactly proper for the waiters to be hesitant about greeting them and whisper amongst themselves while staring, even if they’re not the main customer base.

When the crows try to visit the forest, the customers were pretty insistent on staying away from the shorelines. Apparently there’s assholes that trapped the beach with broken glass and sharp rocks, but some of the crows swear they saw small chunks of grey and white in the forest.

There’s something up with the food as well. For a seafood restaurant, they are lacking a lot of fish and shrimp. Even he asked about the shortage, the staff were unwilling to disclose the reasons, even when the conversations are kept nearly silent.

Something feels off….

Sira decides to focus the investigative efforts on the… (gain +5 bonus to investigative rolls)
>Forest and shorelines
>Staff members and their food
>Other customers

After voting, I will roll a 3d20 to determine each side of the investigation. DC 10 / 14 / 18
File: Spoiler Image (77 KB, 1178x493)
77 KB

Idk but this is literally me
I don’t think I have ever posted that picture in /a/

I don’t even go to /a/
I usually visit /ck/ and /vt/ and /v/ occasionally but not /a/

I literally drew this last night, post the update and went to sleep. Idk what the fuck happened.
File: 1658992787970637.png (287 KB, 751x439)
287 KB
287 KB PNG
Oh, I saw /a/ up there and I thought it was that board
suptg archive does that for some reason
>>Staff members and their food
>>Staff members and their food
>Staff members and their food
Rolled 5, 7, 9 = 21 (3d20)


1st roll forest
2nd roll staff (+5)
3rd roll customers
The title is accurate: with rolls like these, Sira really CANNOT run a brothel!

>5 vs 10
>12 vs 10
>9 vs 10

Chunks of pale meat and scraps of grey material are occasionally found in the forest. When the crows get to the shorelines, they don’t seem to find anything unusual besides small scarps of pale meat and markings in sand of a few footprints and boxes. Those fishermen must’ve cleared out the debris, fished here, and left. They barely missed them.

There isn’t any one missing from the staff, so Sira can rule out the possibility of murder or kidnapping.

That being said, they were quite hesitant to answer Sira’s question about the food. Sira had to send a couple of his crows to occupy their attention while he sneaks into the kitchen. There’s something odd with their food — large chunks of fish, shrimp, and oysters are removed despite still being in the first few hours of opening.

So that’s why the menu mostly have meals that feature small chunks of seafood.

Talking to the customers yield mixed results. Many simply weren’t interested about the food, but some that were willing to talk had conflicting information.

“The reason there’s a seafood shortage is due to a disease outbreak in shellfish.”

“There’s some assholes in the staff that has been stealing ingredients but make no mention of a disease outbreak.”

“Uhh… i.. I think there’s this competition of.. like..—“
His friend group tells him to shut up and concentrate on playing cards. Sira and his crows tried to ask them again, but they were annoyed and told him to fuck off.

“I heard the owner spent his budget on prostitutes or something.”

When they interviewed a group of people, the information was relatively the same within them, but when they interviewed people who sit alone, their statements often conflict with the ones in groups. And some groups’ statements conflict with other groups.

This is getting real weird…

Sira can feel that the customers don’t appreciate what they’re doing. If he keeps going, he might anger them. He wants to leave, but he isn’t sure what exactly went down in this place.
He could try to sneak into the staff only area to find more information, but at the risk of being thrown out if he and his crows are discovered.

He could bribe someone in the staff to tell him more, but its a gamble whether they have information or not.

He could leave and hide in the forest, observing the staff and customers’ actions.

Or he could come to a conclusion to this investigation right now.

Sira decides to..

>Sneak inside the staff only area [stealth check]
Since Sira and his crows are well versed in infiltration, they get a +4 bonus to dice roll.

DC 13 / 15 / 18

>Bribe a staff member [roll a 1d2]
1 = no information
2 = information

>Stalk them
The safest option, although this will take a considerable amount of time.

>>Conclude his investigation of the Old Whaler
The reason the Old Whaler were unable to pay the advertising fees and send over their seafood shipment is…

>Thieves within the staff
Someone in the staff is carving chunks out of the seafood and stealing it! That explains the missing chunks inside the kitchen, the scraps of grey things in the forest and shorelines — it’s scraps of fish and shirmp!

>Extortion by a gang
The gambling house is being extorted! That’s why the staff were scared of them when they first entered, why the customers and staff were hesitant to talk to them, and why the customers’ stories are conflicted — they don’t want to get in trouble!

>Write in
he aint a light novel protagonist
Formatting mistake
Supposed to be

“There’s some assholes in the staff that has been stealing ingredients” but this customer makes no mention of a disease outbreak.
Forgot the trip
>chunks missing
Interesting, but a solid reason for this is predators in the waters. It's common to sell fishes for cheap when they have bites.
But WHY is a bunch of experienced fishermen settling for a bad catch. There is pale meat and grey material in the shores and the forest. What animals feature pale meat? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat, fishes!?

It is unlikely they are being extorted, because the strange goings at the forest.
About the customers hearsay:
There isn't a disease killing shellfish, because if it were, then a lot of people would be sick as fuk, Sira's brothel included (they had a feast).
Sure, it would make sense if there are chunks of food missing, even moreso in this run down piece of crap shop called Old Whaler (whales in south east asia by the way? I am ignorant) BUT!! To the scale needed for them to stop supplying Tong and Bow???
>Owner's whoring habits
For this to be true, he should have found a better buyer of his products, because from what I understood, his shop IS the supplier. What he does with the money is not a problem, the issue is the lack of seafood being sold to Two fencers...

I conclude the staff is spooked from spooky sources, not good 'ol gang exortion sources. Thus I would wish for a write in! But sneaking sounds interesting because
>Sira can Fade
So getting in and out will be extra easy for him. In fact, can't he simply peek from a hole in the walls and enter rooms like so?
Voting for

There are bryde whales in SEA (Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand) although historically they weren’t primarily hunted for food until late 1900s. That being said, Japan does have whaling industry from the ~1100s and during the sengoku era, some japanese people left the country and fled to SEA, it’s possible that some were old whalers.

Historically the ~1630s is when Thailand and Japan’s relations were severed
>Sneak inside the staff only area [stealth check]

My thinking is it's some sort of supernatural predator (hungry spirit? ocean dragon?) or just something really big and dangerous, that they're afraid to tangle with or that has the intelligence to threaten and extort.
File: Spoiler Image (485 KB, 1600x720)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
I wonder if we will get to see some of the...weirder aspects of the supernatural in this quest
>>Thieves within the staff
>Sneak inside the staff only area [stealth check]
File: Spoiler Image (61 KB, 488x485)
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Don’t worry, the supernatural bit is coming up soon.
>Sneak inside the staff only area [stealth check]
Rolled 4, 16 = 20 (2d20)


rolling stealth check

first roll is Sira’s
second roll is his crows
(+4 to each)

DC 13 / 15 / 18
>8 vs 13
>20 vs 18

Sira can eliminate a few potential theories based on the behaviors of the staff and customers.

It’s certainly not a disease outbreak — his brothel ate a lot shellfish recently and they were fine. His employees didn’t mention anything about a disease when they visited the market.

It’s not the owner being careless with money — that doesn’t explain the missing seafood shipment.

It could be theft — they saw chunks of missing fish and shrimp around the forest and kitchen, but he isn’t completely sure yet.

To solve this, he and his crows will venture into the staff only area and find out more.

With his ability to teleport and experience in infiltration, he should be able to get past the staff undetected.

After asking the staff for the location of the outhouse, he leaves the Old Whaler and plans to infiltrate through the staff only entrance. There’s a slit that he could fade through.

After pressing his ear against the walls, he deduces there’s barely any noise in the restricted area. Those crows are doing a pretty good job distracting them.

It’s time.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

The colors of the entire world fades away.
Sounds of birds chirping and movement of the leaves are suppressed.

He can see his path. A line that travels past the small slit and enters the restricted area.



As Sira fades, the slit is closed, causing him to teleport in front of the wooden door and strike his head against it.

'What are you doing? THIS IS FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY!'
A man yells at Sira through the door.

As Sira recoils from the hit, he puts his hands up and tries to apologize, saying that he mistakenly ran into the door while trying to look for an outhouse.


*The fuck are you doing? Why are you shouting?*

'There’s this jackass that’s walking around..'

Sira decides to return to the Old Whaler before more attention is called to him.

Soon after, a waiter told him that he needs to go to the outhouse again, he will be accompanied by a waiter so he doesn’t get lost.

For him, this is it. Beyond this point, he will be closely watched by the staff. He feels defeated, but smirks slightly when he notices some of his crows are gone but none of the people in the restaurant have noticed.

That’s gonna be a pretty interesting story…
What actually transpired when Sira was outside…

The nine other crows played their part perfectly in their infiltration.

After Sira leaves, the two crows near the kitchen began complimenting the cooks about the stews and soup they made.

The group of four crows near the door bother the waiters about other restaurants and the forest.

Three other crows decide to pay their bills and leave the Old Whaler.

No one noticed the two crows that calmly walked past the kitchen and opened the door to the restricted area.

The customers were annoyed by those guys bothering the waiters, the cooks were distracted by the compliments, and the line of sight of the last two crows were blocked by the three crows leaving.


They overhear two people talking.

Strong smell of fish and shrimp are coming from them.

'.. got?'

*.. one bucket.*

'Shit. Is that enough?'

*Maybe. If we could get a couple more handfuls, we’re good. I think we could do two more tonight. I’ll go check the storage.*



'What are you doing?'

*The fuck are you doing? Why are you shouting?*

'There’s this jackass that’s walking around the Whaler.'
'Get him out of here!'

*On it.*

One of them walks out of the restricted area, unaware of the two crows.

He soon returns.

*Just some bumpkin and his friends. He’s not leaving our sight any time soon. Our guys will make sure they don’t go snooping around again.*

*Fucking assholes won’t leave. Might need to say we’re closing early or some shit.*

'No. I don’t like this. Let’s get this out and call it a night. We can’t afford witnesses. Not now.'

The sloshing of meat and thuds of wooden buckets can be heard from them. The two crows can’t identify the faces of two thieves yet.

These guys must be stealing meat from the food storage. Backstabbed by their own staff. Fucking disgusting.

… wait, 'our guys'? How many staff members are part of this?

The two crows decide to…

>Intercept and interrogate the two thieves
They need to know more — who else is doing this? As long as they can’t issue orders, and they aren’t detected, they can’t do shit.

>Observe them and inform the other crows
The three crows surround the Old Whaler — those guys won’t get far. Most important thing is getting info out.

>Write in
>Observe them and inform the other crows
>observe and inform
Yeah! If they stay they might get a look at their faces and recognize them later. Plus, as you said, those guys won't get far
And, why does the channel has almost 7 million subscribers? And why does the video have 2.6 million views? what the fuck? what's up with the japanese moonrunes!? Oh god he is chasing dogs now...
>Observe them and inform the other crows
>Observe them and inform the other crows
I think the owner got in trouble with a big nasty thing (like a demon-fish or whatever, I picture lots of teeth and tentacles)

They hang back and observe the two thieves — their knowledge is worthless if they die with it.

The two thieves finally reveal themselves while carrying the buckets of stolen food. Dark skin. Cracked palms. They look just like those other customers.

They open the large wooden door with a slit and hurriedly carry their buckets of food out of the Old Whaler.

The two crows discreetly return to the customer area and inform the rest of the crows about what happened.

Before they do, they notice a crumbled paper on the floor where those two thieves were. Must’ve fallen out of their pockets when they were leaving.

Wet from blood and viscera, but readable.

A poster that advertises an annual fishing competition in the north east section of the market district. First to fifteenth day of the first month. Determined by weight.

Sira and his crows decide to leave the Old Whaler and follow the two thieves.

Their panicked breathing and footsteps become louder as the night goes on…

They run across the forest, trying to go somewhere north.

Long shadows sweeps over them. Faintly perceptible among the darkness is a tall figure, taller than any building and possessing long fingers. A malnourished thing with a skeletal figure and a mouth that is barely large enough to fit a needle through it.

Sira has heard stories of this entity before.

This is a 'Preta', a supernatural entity that is unable to pass on and is perpetually hungry. Particularly powerful ones can induce death in living beings.

Rather than attacking the two thieves, the Preta’s fingers reach for the buckets of fish, scooping up a few fillets of it.

It unsuccessfully pours it down its mouth. Most of the fillets don’t make it in, splashing onto the ground and leaving small chunks of fish everywhere.
The crows can faintly hear the two thieves talking…

'Shit. Shit! That thing is here!'
'We gotta go. Drop this!'

*No! We can’t let another one go. We can’t go back empty handed again.*

They manage to successfully avoid the Preta’s second grab.

The skeletal fingers tense up. That thing is getting angry.

Sira knows how to deal with this thing — offer it some food and it will leave soon enough. Then again, should he intervene?

These people are running an operation where they steal food from the Old Whaler just so they could cheat their way to the top of some fishing competition.

Sira decides to..

>Intervene — capture the two thieves and give the Preta the buckets of food
They need to find out more about who else is in this operation.

>Intervene — offer the Preta his emergency rations
That will give those thieves time to run away, but the crows should be able to track them down.

>Continue observing
If they’re willing to value their money over their life, so be it. Dumbass.
>Intervene — capture the two thieves and give the Preta the buckets of food
Here is the full list of the first season episodes
>>Intervene — capture the two thieves and give the Preta the buckets of food
Voting closed


These cheaters can kill themselves later.

His crows tackle the two men, making them drop the buckets of food.

Sira picks them up and walks towards the barely visible Preta. He places them on the ground and slowly backs away.

The skeletal fingers are relaxed. Sira can faintly see the glints of its eyes when it leans forward to eat.

More fillets slip away from its hand, and the few that manage to reach its mouth also slip out and fall to the ground. Rarely does it get to eat anything.

If Sira was as tall as a giant, maybe he could have assisted the Preta in delivering food to its mouth.

For now, he leaves the entity be.

The two thieves are disarmed and pinned to the ground. Just a couple of knives on their aprons.


「How many people-」

*Fuck you.*

'We’re not telling you shit!'

「Look, we’re not-」

*Fuck off.*

「… tie them up.」

They are roughly handled by the crows, getting slapped on the head and kicked down as their hands are being bound by rope.

「You want the money and you’re doing everything to get it. Fair enough. Frankly, I don’t have the guts to meddle with the market district and their bullshit anyways.」

「Problem is, your operation have been disrupting my client’s organization as well. Tell us about your operation and we can try to smooth things out with your group. Maybe get a deal that benefits us both. The government and the market district — they don’t need to know.」

*I’m not betraying my team.*

'You’re gonna need more than ten guys to take us down, contractor.'

The two thieves won’t budge.

Sira decides to…

>Your friends
Maybe you are right. I’m sure you’re not the type to betray your crew — you’ll take your secrets to the grave if you must. But what about your friends? We can snatch people in the Old Whaler and interrogate them. Some of them is going to be your men. And some will talk.

It will be a painstaking process, yes, but we will find cracks in the armor. They will talk. And you can’t afford the Old Whaler going down, can you?

>Your kind
I know your type. You’d do anything for the money. The kind that risks incurring the wrath of the market district — the kind that has nothing left to lose. But what if I take that away?

Your fingers. Your toes. Your arms. Your legs. Are you willing to be a cripple for the rest of your life? To be THAT dependent on everyone else?

>Their time
And you don’t have time. That competition ends on 15th this month. A couple more days and that is it. We could just keep stalking your guys and destroy your stockpile of fish. We could.

But that would be a massive waste of time for both of us. I’m sure the others won’t like that.

>Their situation with the Preta
You have a giant fucking ghost that keeps taking your fillets and shrimp. With that thing around, trying to transport your stuff or trying to fish at night doesn’t look easy. This system is pretty inefficient.

We contractors aren’t bound by that — we can just buy it. Help us out and you’ll get your prize much quicker.

>Take them back to the Two Fencers
They already have all the information they need — the Old Whalers are not sending supplies and money over due to their staff members stealing it for a fishing competition. Let those guys handle the rest.

This investigation is finished.

such disrespect.. the blood.. the smell.. something within him stirs…

>>Take them back to the Two Fencers
>They already have all the information they need — the Old Whalers are not sending supplies and money over due to their staff members stealing it for a fishing competition. Let those guys handle the rest.

Maybe there's more to it - but does Bow and Tong care?
>Take them back to the Two Fencers
What >>5599896 said. We did our part. Put up our poster.
File: Spoiler Image (1.31 MB, 1366x768)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
waht the fuck man
This is a brain one
>Take them back to the two fencers
And call it a night

>take them back to Two Fencers

The investigation is finished. Sira could prod them for information, but he doesn’t need to — they have discovered the reason the Old Whaler isn’t functioning as intended.

「I do need more than ten guys to handle your entire operation. That’s where my client comes in.」



It is late in the night.
They arrive back at the Two Fencers unscathed.

Sira and his crows explain their findings and hand over the two thieves.

Tong and Bow are pleased with the investigation.

《One of their own… fucking assholes. I’ll send people to the Old Whaler — we need to secure the rest before they know what is happening.》

【Well done on the investigation. As promised, your brothel will be allowed a spot — assuming you can pay the monthly advertising fees. Miss it by two weeks with no explanation and you’re out.】


《You guys can stay here for the night if you want to. There’s a few spare rooms in the employee only sections.》

「Thanks, but we need to get back to the Nectar Droplet. We’re a little short staffed too.」



An investigation was completed. No bloodshed. And pretty fast, too.

The Nectar Droplet is about to close now. In a few hours, the sun will rise.

Business was running smoothly. There were a couple customers that had to be removed, but it was easily taken care of. Most of the security remained here and Dao did a pretty good job of managing the brothel.

Eventually, the last customer left the brothel.

Sira and his crows inform the staff about their investigation. They can finally cut down on advertising costs.

After they finish cleaning the rooms, most of people went to sleep. Some took a bath. And some decide to stay up a little longer than usual.

Neither Sira or Warin wanted to sleep.

The forest with the waterfall, near Nectar Droplet

Within the eerie forest is Sira, sitting against a tree and petting Warin’s head while they talk about the things they had to deal with. He occasionally feeds her fillets of raw fish he took from the buckets.

「.. the fishes kept falling out of its hand.」

「When the Preta dropped them, the fillets just exploded on the ground. It got everywhere. Chunks of it were just flying.」

“Ah man. I should’ve been there.”

「Yeah. I’m sure you could’ve talked to that thing much better than me.」

“.. hey. You got any more of those fillets?”

「Nope. That was the last one. You can have the dried fruits, though. I still have a few in my pockets.」

Sira places her head on the ground and opens up a packet of his emergency rations.

Such an act reminds him of their first meeting, a long time ago.

Way back when Red Winter and Catcher Crops had to contend with competitors. Back when Cris and Zeal’s abortifacients and contraceptive concoctions weren’t produced in large numbers.

When he was just an associate of Red Winter that shoveled dirt and buried corpses. Someone had to bury the unwanted children of the brothel.

He first saw her then, a floating head that lurks in this forest at night, perpetually hungry and drifting. With his help, she found some semblance of 'family' in the Red Winter.

A black magic user cursed to be a Krasue and a crow who had nothing. They got along pretty well.
“Uh. Sira. You.. alright?”

「Yeah. Just.. thinking about things. It’s been a while since we came here.」

“… yeah.”

Warin floats up and kiss him on the forehead.

Sira is amused by the act and wants to reciprocate.

… the shadows look a bit weirder than usual.

Sira turns his head to look.

Ugh. It’s that thing again.

The Preta he met earlier emerges from the ground and looks at him.

Sira decides to..

Come on. They just want some time alone.

>Stay and talk
Ugh. Fine. Since that thing is here, maybe Warin can talk to it.
Not exactly sure what is going on with my trip. I’m typing the same thing but sometimes this happens.

Here’s a pic of this trip occurring in my old quest
Huh, reminds me of the manangaal. SOLID waifu pick!

>Stay and talk
Majin buu
>Stay and talk

>Stay and talk

The two decide to stay and talk to the Preta. Might as well know more about the supernatural entity — especially when it is following them.

Sira opens up the paper packets to reveal his emergency rations.

Dried fruits.

No meat, although the rice should appease the thing. Sira laid them down on the ground and steps back.

Whispers of strange words and voices are faintly heard by him as Warin and the Preta talk to each other.

The barely visible entity leans down and lets Warin carry the rice to its mouth using her hair.


“He asks if he can stay here or not. The people near the forest and shore kept taking his food. He could find food here from the waterfall.”

If the Preta stays here, his presence could deter the restless spirits in this forest from being too aggressive. Sira and Warin could definitely afford to hang out here more often. Mentally, it would be good for them.

Without him stalking the forest and shorelines, a lot of people would appreciate it, but people might notice a strange silhouette at night. Stories might circulate and people in the supernatural world might take an interest in the Nectar Droplet…

Sira decides to..

>Let him stay
>Tell him to leave

Brothel status

Funds 3/10 » 4/10
Morale 3/10
Security 4/10
Connections 6/10 » 7/10

Ever since the posters were placed in the Two Fencers, more customers have visited the Nectar Droplet. The changes in clothing which emphasize the muscles were very appealing to them.

The situation at Old Whaler has been quietly resolved. Some of the staff and customers weren’t seen again at the establishment. From what Sira heard, they didn’t die, but their fingers or toes were cut off or broken.

For his assistance in catching this group of cheaters who would have take prize money away from rightful winners, the fishers of the north east market district have sent something to the Nectar Droplet as thanks.

>An invitation to a feast (++ morale)
A feast hosted by the fishers, utilizing various types of crustaceans and fish. The employees would love this.

>A good sum of money (++ funds)
Several large pouches of bullet coins. Always useful. More opportunities to invest.

>Informants who report to the brothel (++security)
The people that report to the fishing groups now report certain behaviors and actions to the brothel. Another source of information.
I’m not sure what the hell happened but I noticed that there was a huge drop in players a few days ago. 5 » 2-3 players. Is it the schedule?
>Invitation to a feast

Morale is our weaker point and seems to me harder to raise easily than funds and security.

No clue QM, I like the quest
>Informants who report to the brothel (++security)
Security will be damn important!!!
Please choose whether or not to let the preta stay >>5600816 as well
>Let him stay
Oh, and in addition...
>An invitation to a feast (++ morale)
>Let the preta stay.
No pussy, it stays!!! And we inform the fisher informants of our help for mad rep.
We just have to feetd it... I hope it doesn't consume too many funds
he doesn’t require much. Rice, meat, sweets, he’ll eat anything, really.


>let the preta stay

「The entity could stay, but tell him that we won’t be around to feed him all the time — he can find something to eat in the forest. We will give him any leftover rice, bread, dumplings, or meat.」

「That should be good enough.」

Warin delivers his message to the Preta.

His existence could result in more.. supernatural events or visits from people in that life, but it is an acceptable risk for making this forest safer overall. Those restless spirits will think twice before bothering Warin or Sira while they hang out.


The market district is divided into four sections ー north east, north west, south west, and south east. Best described as miniature towns with their own tax collectors and culture, they are a competitive industry where fortune is as temperamental as the rivers that surround Clawflash.

Luckily, the staff of Nectar Droplet and Two Fencers are in the north east fishers’ good graces.

Their methods of cooking were fascinating.

The boiled shrimps were cold to the touch, but lack any strong smells and still retaining the sweetness of the meat. Even their black veins have been removed. Grilled prawn were quickly eaten, and countless plates were filled with their pale orange shells. Naturally, Warin and Sira enjoy the briefly cooked cockles and oysters.

Catching up with Bow and Tong again was pretty fun. His old colleagues at Red Winter and Catcher Corps are doing pretty well ー the demand for slaves remains relatively stable and there isn’t much trouble in the criminal world.

There is a slight bittersweetness in this celebration. Both Two Fencers and Nectar Droplet know that there will be fewer customers in the following months, right up until the fourth month, where the Sablestream’s new years celebration will occur and their profits will shoot up again. One last night of happiness before the slog that are the second and third month.

Such warmth makes him almost forget the ruthlessness of the life a couple years ago…

Even with Warin’s help, he can still remember the day when he was closest to death. His left hand was severed. Both of his thighs were cut. His chest perforated.

Who nearly killed him?

To most, he is a former cuirassier from the west that serve as an advisor to Sablestream’s royalty. Few know of his clandestine operations. Fewer know his true extent of his authority.

Several years ago, Sira and his old colleagues dug too deep, found evidence that directly linked the monarchy to the manufacture and distribution of drugs in Galepeak. Johannes and his lobsters were sent after him.

The three quarter armor offered him and his men considerable amount of protection, harkening back to knights of old — and earning them derisive nickname of 'lobsters'

A terrifying figure that reminded Sira of the true influence of the monarchy.

>Sing the Owl
A large man, possessing many supernatural trinkets and magical tattoos that rendered him nearly invincible against weapons. He was once a part of Owl Eyes, one the major auditing company that was reduced to a small private investigation agency.

He was secretly assisting minor slave auditing companies in kidnapping and misclassifying people as 'born slaves' which cannot be removed from the slavery system.

When his actions inconvenienced Catcher Corps, Sira and his crows were sent after him.

Skilled in polearms and swords, he was one of very few who escaped justice.
can we bring soup and a straw to the Preta so that it can eat more?
johannes. look evil-er
QM, what do you think of trickster archetypes like Srithanonchai
He is fucked in the head

iirc he killed his little brother just to be a smartass when he was asked to clean him
The archetype as a whole can be interesting.

I personally don’t use it much, although that’s mainly because my protagonists / NPCs are not the ‘jack sparrow’ type

I based Sira off Daud from Dishonored, although he clearly isn’t as good


That lobster. One of many attack dogs of the monarchy. An ever shadowy organization that no one is supposed to question. He never cared about it much, only feigning interest when one of the more fanatical royalists were talking to him.

It has been a couple years, but he still remembers those moments vividly.

Perhaps it is best left in the past.


The later half of the first month passed with few problems.

While the security is adequate, the morale of the staff members are much higher than before. With the advertisement in Two Fencers, and their assistance in catching the cheaters, the Nectar Droplet is becoming well known in the market and entertainment district alike.

Second month ー first half

Funds 4/10
Morale 5/10
Security 4/10
Connections 7/10

The second month is marked by a decrease in events and activities. Most people have stopped celebrating and now return to their jobs. He’ll need something to get people visiting the Nectar Droplet again. Of course, he can’t exactly neglect his issues in security either ー he knows full well how desperate people can be when businesses become unprofitable.

Sira still has a long way to go before this brothel becomes a successful business.

His plan is to…

(Choose no more than 2)

>Find a cheaper illustrator (+funds, +connections)
Sira has old friends in Clawflash and other provinces that could assist in finding another illustrator. A cheaper illustrator will allow the brothel to put up more posters and increase profits.

>Take part in martial arts tournaments (++funds, -connection)
To rekindle interest in the entertainment districts, the gambling houses will be hosting tournaments where displays of martial arts and duels will be performed. Sira and some of his colleagues could partake in them, although this irritate some of the hosts considering his background.

>Recruit more security (++security, -funds)
Using his old connections, Sira could find people who did not meet the standards of Catcher Corps and recruit them. Sira doesn’t need the best ー he just needs people that will follow orders, able to deal with rowdy customers and loyal. Among the dozens of people rejected, there’s probably a few that might prove adequate for the brothel.
>Find a cheaper illustrator (+funds, +connections)

>Thai folk-antihero who is like a lethal; Amelia Bodelia
Hahaha, nice!
>>Take part in martial arts tournaments (++funds, -connection)
>Recruit more security (++security, -funds)

This will net us 2 secs and 1 fund for 1 connection
Warin wants seggs? She have to ask nicely.
Rolled 2 (1d2)


1 = illustrator
2 = tournament + security

Is Sira a KHV brothel manager?
Is Sira interested in Warin? How old is Sira?
No. Sira actually has more experience than her.

As for their relationship, it is romantic, as seen from >>5600420

Sira is in his mid 20s.

>take part in tournaments
>recruit more security

The tournaments could serve as another method for generating funds. Once he has acquired some more money, he could recruit more security.

Plays of the longsword. Single sword. Dagger. Grappling. Staff. Long gun. Pistol.

He has studied them many years ago. The occasional practice has kept this skills adequate through the years.


The longsword is largely outdated now — the length makes the weapon inconvenient to carry and its ability in armored fighting is less relevant due to the prohibitively high cost of plate armor. Despite being relegated to an instrument to entertain the masses, it is still taught in a few fencing schools. The foundation of swordsmanship.

Sira could compete in this tournament and do quite well.

For those who could afford it, the single handed sword is one of the best weapons to carry due to the balance of convenience and reach. Some have blades that emphasize the thrust or cut. Hand protection is also another quality that may vary. With such variety, many tournaments are based around it.

This could be interesting. His skill with the sidesword should prove adequate.

The dagger and knife are reliable tools that can serve as weapons if needed. Most people carry this. A simple thing, not as flashy as other weapons, but there’s usually a spot for dueling with it in most tournaments.

His skills in knifefighting is adequate.

Unarmed combat. It has a long history in Clawflash. From boxing to grappling, it was always a martial art that was heavily documented and practiced.

Sira definitely can’t compete in such fights — his lack of experience and frail body will mean he isn’t likely to win.

The polearms are powerful things. With its long reach and leverage, a quarterstaff can bludgeon and kill. Easier to learn than swords, but much less convenient to carry.

Sira is decent at it.

There isn’t any tournaments for arquebus and pistol — Clawflash’s limited space and the government’s monopoly on firearms sales has ensured that the people that possess it are either wealthy or working for ones that are.
There’s a lot of categories he could compete in, but the two categories that Sira is most likely to succeed in are the longsword and single sword tournaments — he trains with them the most, after all.

His crows and other colleagues split off to enlist in different tournaments and types of competitions.

Sira decide to compete in..

(Choose one)

>Longsword category
His opponents are expert fencers with many years of experience. Few in numbers. Prize money is very large.

High difficulty. Few competitors. High reward.

>Single Sword category
His opponents range from the common thugs to skilled fencers. Large numbers of contestants. Prize money is moderately large.

Moderate difficulty. Many competitors. Moderate reward.
>>Longsword category
>Longsword category

Should we display the Fade ability in tournament? Is it dangerous regarding government? Is it a known skill of Sira? Is it wise to display it to opponents?

Because we can definitely TP on the back of opponent, "Nothing personal Kiddo" and win the fight.
Unless we face Johannes of course, this one is personal.
>Is it a known skill of Sira?

Sira only gained ‘Fade’ after Warin revived him.
>we can definitely TP on the back of opponent, "Nothing personal Kiddo" and win the fight.

Possible, although entertaining a crowd is the main goal — it would be pretty anticlimactic to do that to an opponent with no magical items or abilities


The weapon system he originally trained with. Smaller pool of competitors means less chance of messing up. Prize money is pretty high.


The tournament is more than just a demonstration of skills with a sword — its main goal is to entertain the crowd. As such, appearances are one of the most important things.

His old Feder, a practice sword, remains in good condition. It has an enlarged ricasso and a round tip that is folded against the blade.

It has been many years since he wore his old outfits. Taking them out of the closet was quite nostalgic. Back when the relationship between him and Bow wasn’t as cold.

His white shirt and smoke grey doublet are a little dusty, but still compliments each other well. The white collar stands out quite nicely.

The breeches remain just as black, and just as puffy. Rather than a belt, the breeches and doublet are connected through a series of red ties.

For his lower legs, Sira wears white stockings that end just below the knees. Fastened by red garters. His white shoes blend in with the stockings.

Finally, his hat. A wide brimmed straw hat that is covered in black fabric and adorned with multiple crow feathers.

A blend of dark and light colors, with a hint of red.

Entertainment district
Steel beaks gambling house

Behind disintegrating paint and countless posters are Steel Beaks’ aging wooden walls.

With the promise of entertainment and temporary stalls opening within its establishment, this stitched together monstrosity of a building is nearly full again.

Promises of good food, entertainment, and chances to make money have rekindled interest in this gambling house once again. Sira can hardly believe there’s more than a hundred people in here. The width of it is quite difficult to truly grasp.

Still, it is a dangerous place. Sira heard far too many stories of brawls occurring when someone is accused of cheating or accidentally provoking someone.

He plans to linger in the more remote parts for now. The tournament is still several hours away.

… if only it were so easy.

While most people don’t recognize him, a few still do. And are very vocal about it.

More than a few men and women gush about the stories they heard about him.
Some people REALLY liked him.

They proved annoying after a couple minutes and Sira fades once he is out of their sight.

He managed to find an empty balcony that overlooks the Two Fencers.

Peace and quiet. The wind ruffles his hair and soothe-

'Hi.. hi.'
'Are you.. the First Crow? From Red Winter?'

Sira notices a woman with long hair and a nervous tone. Her hands fidget and shakes as she speaks. Sweat is starting to stain her finely tailored shirt.

「… yes.」
「I’ve answered a lot of questions already. I just want some time alone for a moment.」

'Well.. uhh… I want to make an offer.. if that’s okay with you.'

「.. alright. What is it.」

She opens her palm. They are garters of a dark blue color with silver floral patterns.

'I ask that you wear these garters during the tournament. You’ll be paid. Half.. half right now if you accept and half after the tournament.'

「.. is there a reason?」

'I am a tailor… and.. if my advertis- I.. this event has a lot of people. If people see my product on someone like you, my business could get more customers.'

'.. and.. uhh.. you would look.. really nice in them.'

Sira’s red garters are representative of his allegiance to Red Winter. To remove it and wear this instead would mean to value it above Red Winter. But the money he could receive is quite substantial.

Sira decides to..

ACCEPT THE GARTERS (++funds, -connections)
>Let her down gently [Follow his heart]
Alright. I’ll take that deal. And.. uh.. for.. saying that, but.. just to be clear, I am already taken, alright? I have someone. Just wanted to make it clear. That is all.

>Act professional [Follow his mind]
That deal is acceptable. I will be wearing it all throughout the competition.

>Sorry, lady [Follow his heart]
Hey, thanks for the offer, but I cannot do that. I already have a girlfriend, and I’m not one of those.. polygamous types. I’m sorry.

>Too shady [Follow his mind]
I cannot accept that offer. I understand you have good intentions, but this is way too fast. I don’t have the time to familiarize myself with new garters. Thank you, but I wished you had contacted me sooner.
Yes. The clothing is 16th century fashion. The hat was inspired by the tellerbarret.
>ACCEPT THE GARTERS (++funds, -connections)
>Let her down gently [Follow his heart]

Nobody, no matter how cute and shy, can top out menangaalfriend's head game.
damn germans full of themselves
also pls vote

I guess it’s just you and me again, rqm.
>Accept the garter ー Let her down gently

Sira takes the offer, but clarifies that he is already with a woman. In case she sees him in that light.

'Oh. Uhh… ye- yeah.. of.. of course. I-'
'This is just a business offer.. that’s all. Nothing more.'

She sounds a little disappointed, but she handles it well. She doesn’t seem like the type to stalk him or obsess over his lifestyle choices.

Indigo in color and embroidered with silver, the garters are finely made and durable.

She gives him quite a heavy pouch. Once he completes the tournament, he’ll have quite a lot of bullet coins.

「Oh, by the way, do you want me to talk about your tailor shop?」

'Yes- yeah. of.. of course. Ah.. I forgot about that completely.. hah..'

'I’m Tharn. I run the Jasmine Cloak. My shop.. uh.. its in the south west market district.'

.. she seems nice, but she’s not well prepared or confident. The business world isn’t kind to people like her. Sira thanks Tharn, but keep watch of her while waiting for the tournaments to start.


Bright lights and loud noises. A flood of people surround the walls of this rundown building.

Seven competitors. Dressed in colorful clothing and desired by crowds, they are experienced fencers and possess a moderate amount of wealth to flaunt. Sira will have to compete in 3 matches.

The announcer is a goblin with a quarterstaff. She’s actually pretty tall, with Sira only being one head taller than her. Is this what his giant prostitutes must have felt when he was talking to them?

It felt like an eternity ago when Sira meet his employees for the first time.

enough daydreaming.

『.. brought down Owl Eyes and Forked Spear, and fought in the battle of Cinderpath against a flesh monstrosity, he is the First Crow of Red Winter, Sira!』

Even with such a small size, her voice is loud enough to overpower the crowds’.

『On the other side is a man from Pikebreak, a mercenary who traveled to the distant islands of Dawnfall, survived countless duels and evaded the grasp of countless anomalies — Sihn!』

A man slightly older than Sira, dressed in orange and white clothes.
The announcer taps her staff on the guard, beginning the match. Both of them can afford to take a few hits before being considered 'downed' in attempt to replicate 'afterblows'. Not as stringent as fencing schools, this attempt of continuous fencing is done to keep the momentum of a match going for longer.

For doubles hits, neither gain a point.
Best of three.

Sira and Sihn assume their stances — a low roof guard, with the blade resting on their right shoulder and pointed upwards. A strong position to launch cuts. Left foot forward.

As they move closer, Sihn changes his guard to a high roof — his sword lifted above his head and pointing upwards. Powerful downward cuts can be made from this position.

A step or two is needed before their blades can hit each other.

Sihn will most likely advance and try to deliver a downward cut to him.

DC 13
[Due to his experience, Sira gains a +4 bonus to his d20]

Correct answer is guaranteed success, good answer will give a +4 bonus, and wrong answer will give no bonuses

Sira will respond to it by…

>Transition to longpoint and thrust, threatening him
Point his sword forward at chest height and step forward, threatening Sihn with a thrust.

>Perform a thwart cut and move to the side (Zwerchhau)
Sira can regain the initiative by cutting horizontally to his head and moving offline to avoid his blade.

>Transition to ox and thrust
Shift his sword to be above his head and point at Sihn. This guard position should protect him against downward strikes.
>Transition to longpoint and thrust, threatening him

I think this is the right answer. After all, if we go ox for the thrust, we will be in a mirror guard (why do we get a stance bonus in mirror?), and getting out of the axis can be effective dodge, but head strike doesn't seems good against someone in a high roof guard - less distance to travel for the block than a stab at the belly
>go ox for the thrust we will be in a mirror guard
I’m pretty sure thats not the case
Picerel for Sihn’s stance
>why do we get a stance bonus in mirror?

You don’t

The +4 bonus is his swordfighting experience in general
With the clarification, let me switch my vote to

>Transition to ox and thrust
We will be placed correctly for parry if he's faster, and he'll have issue diverting the thrust
Gotta sleep, I’ll close the votes in ~8 hrs
>Transition to ox and thrust
The discussion and description both seem to make this the obvious choice. TOO obvious...? We'll see.
I liked your cyberpunk quest, it had a good ending
Big swords can parry, small swords can't. And two handed swords are by no means slow however... so here we've lost the initative,
It's best if we parry and attack later, instead of attacking first or dodging

>Ox and thust
Rolled 16 + 8 (1d20 + 8)

Good answer — get additional +4 to roll

>Transition to longpoint and thrust, threatening him — wrong answer

Sihn’s downward cut from roof guard can beat down his thrust and open Sira up for followup strikes while his sword is out of the way.

(Sira thrusts -> Sihn cuts down -> his thrust is displaced -> Sihn can thrust / cut Sira while his sword is near the ground)

>Perform a thwart cut and move to the side (Zwerchhau) — correct answer
By cutting to his head and moving offline, he is defending himself by placing his sword in the way of the downward cut and attacking at the same time.

(Sihn cuts down -> Sira cuts horizontally to his head -> displaces Sihn’s cut and attacks his head -> Sira moves to the side while putting his blade against Sihn’s)

>Transition to ox and thrust — good answer
With this guard position, Sira can protect himself against the downward cut, but it doesn’t threaten Sihn immediately unlike the thwart cut. For the thrust, Sihn can swipe it aside by maintaining contact with Sira’s blade after the downward cut.

(Sihn cuts down -> cut is stopped by ox guard -> Sira thrusts -> Sihn can push it aside with his blade)

>24 vs 13

Sira changes his guard from roof to ox — raising his sword to be above his head while keeping the point towards his opponent.

By keeping the sword near horizontal to the ground, he can protect himself from downward cuts.

Sihn brings his sword down, trying to cut at Sira’s head and hands. His defense holds firm.

Once Sihn’s blade loses its momentum, Sira ripostes with a thrust.

Sihn tries to move back and swipe aside the thrust, but he gets in the forehead before doing so.

Sira closes the distance by dashing towards him, his backfoot pressed against the ground and launching him forwards.

Once the cut lands on Sihn’s shoulder, Sira moves back to avoid any retaliatory blows.

The crowd roars for him.
One more strike should do it.

Sira rests his blade on his shoulder again and approaches.

Sihn moves his sword to at hip height with the point pointing towards Sira’s face — he is in plough guard. A strong position to initiate thrusts and upward cuts.

Sihn threatens him with several low commitment thrusts at his legs and chest before stepping into a thrust.

Sira displaces the quick thrusts by keeping his point forward and maintaining contact with Sihn’s blade. By being in a bind, he can feel the movements of the sword much easier, allowing him to slap aside the thrusts.

The moment he notices the large forward movement, Sira steps to the side and turn his sword horizontal to the ground, performing a cut to his hands.

With his blade over Sihn’s, Sira follows it up by cutting at his throat before retreating.

Sihn staggers back and the goblin announcer calls an end to the first round. The cheers of the crowd becomes more muffled in his mind.

One point to Sira. If he wins one more round, he’ll beat this guy.
After a short break, (for the spectators to collect their money after successful bets) the second round begins.

Sihn holds the sword in front of him and threatens Sira with several snap cuts. A jerk of the hands which exploits the leverage of the longsword’s handle in order to create fast, but weak cuts. Easily blocked by his longsword. He is testing Sira.

Sira forces him back with a diagonal downward cut. Rather than stopping, he keeps the momentum going and turns it into horizontal cut to Sihn’s middle. That got him to back off.

Sihn advances. Sira can see his left hand leaving the hilt. His knee is bending. The blade is nearly parallel to the ground. Sihn is trying to cut at his legs.

He is prepared for this. Sira is in fool’s guard ー a stance where his sword in front of him, and pointed to the ground. Good for launching upward cuts, thrusts, and deflection.

Sira responds by…

>Move his foot back and cut at his head
He doesn’t really need to deflect. By making him miss, Sira doesn’t have to worry about his retaliation since his sword is out of the way.

>Beat aside his sweeping cut with an upward cut and follow up with a downward cut
Holding the longsword with one hand will allow for a slightly longer reach, but it is less stable ー Sira can cut against the sweep and follow it up with a downward cut.

>Dash forward and cut his shoulder
Lunge forwards and perform a powerful cut to his shoulder. Once he gets close, Sira can control his weapon and move it away ー only having one hand on the hilt means less leverage overall.

DC 14
guaranteed success to correct answer
+4 bonus to good answer
no bonus to wrong answer
Thanks for following Future Blades!

A hint
According to the german swordsmanship, you should defend yourself in such a way that also threatens the opponent. Second best is to defend yourself in such a way that creates an opening for you to attack. The least preferred way is defending yourself but not threatening the opponent (you are supposed to regain the initative!)
>Move his foot back and cut at his head
>>Move his foot back and cut at his head

>Move his foot back and cut at his head — correct answer
Sira is avoiding the attack while offending him. The best way to defending yourself according to the german school of fencing.

>Beat aside his sweeping cut with an upward cut and follow up with a downward cut — good answer
Sira is defending himself while creating an opportunity for him to threaten the opponent. Second best.

>Dash forward and cut his shoulder — wrong answer
He isn’t defending his legs at all — the attack isn’t stopped nor is it avoided. At best, he can score a double hit, which isn’t good for either of them (no points)
>correct answer — guaranteed success

Sira lifts his sword out of the way and moves his front foot back, letting the sweeping cut miss his leg and retaliates with a strike to his head.

The solid hit knocks Sihn to the ground.

As the crowd cheers, Sihn grab his sword again and tries to thrust at Sira’s thigh. A quick, albeit predictable attack that is easily avoided or deflected.

might as well do something cool.

Sira moves to the side and stomps on the flat of the blade, sending it to the floor with a loud thump while presenting his blade at his head.

It was a pretty cool trick he learned a while ago from giants — due to their size, humans would normally aim for the thigh and calf when fighting giants. In response, lower limb armor for giants became more extensive.

If a giant’s limbs were protected by metal plates, they could be used to slap aside thrusts similarly to how a thrust can be displaced by a cloak.

The crowd definitely loves it.

The match is concluded. Two more opponents and he will win this tournament.

With this position secured, he has time to do something else before his next match.

He could spend time with the spectators, answer a few questions, and most importantly, advertise the garters to them.

He could talk t Tharn and give her advice on running a business.

Or he could spend his time observing the other longsword fencers. Maybe he could learn something from them and develop strategies.

Sira decides to..

(Choose one)

>Talk to the spectators and advertise the garters
People might be more willing to visit her shop.

>Talk to Tharn and give her advice
She might be a better business owner.

>Study his competitors (reduces DC)
>>Study his competitors (reduces DC)
>Study his competitors (reduces DC)
I see no reason to advertise the shorts, because we were paid already

>study his competitors

Maybe he could talk to the spectators or check up on Tharn, but his time is better spent on preparing for the next opponent.


His next opponent is Junn.

Sira has heard about him somewhat. A skilled gambler and sidesword fencer who got in trouble at Two Fencers regularly for flirting with the female customers and causing fights. Quite the homewrecker.

Due to his dexterity and skills in sidesword fencing, Junn utilizes thrusts more often than most. He can get away with extended lunges where one of his hand touches the floor since he is able retreat before getting hit.

He also understands the importance of entertaining the crowd, preferring to perform spectacular moves once his opponents have been hit multiple times.

Striking with only one hand, deflecting a strike with his back turned, and flourishes — he is quite the showoff.

The longer reach offered by using the longsword one handed also means he has less leverage. High risk. High reward. That’s his way of fighting. Getting in close could be beneficial.


Once again, Sira is in another match.

Alright, heartbreaker. Let’s see how well you can dance.

Junn mostly stays in longpoint — a position where the sword is extended forward nearly horizontally, pointing at the opponent. He can prod Sira’s defenses and strike with a thrust if he is careless.

When Sira tries to cut at the blade to knock it away, he dips under and over his cuts and tries to thrust.

Occasionally, he will try to circle his blade around Sira’s to avoid the bind — by having the blades contact each other, the two can feel each others’ force and intentions.

After a couple of close exchanges, Junn begins transitions to ox guard — his sword resting above his head and the blade becomes parallel to the ground. He’s taking this a lot more seriously.

Rather than thrusting, Junn begins throwing out a series of thwart cuts — horizontal cuts aimed at Sira’s head. With both of his hands on the hilt, he can use the leverage to quickly shift from one side to the other.

Sira responds to this by…

>Slide to the side and thrust (inquartata)
Slide towards side while thrusting with one hand on the hilt, allowing Sira to gain more reach.

>Put his hand to the ground for a low thrust (Passata soto)
By getting as close to the ground as possible, Sira is able to thrust at his belly.

>Crooked strike to swat aside his blade (Krumphau)
Sira holds his sword in front of him and performs a vertical sweeping cut that slaps aside Junn’s blade, allowing him to displace the cuts and cut at his fingers.

DC 12
Guaranteed success for correct answer
+4 for good answer
No bonus for wrong answer
Passata Soto
I think Correct answer is Crooked strike - blocking the thrust and menacing at close quarter.

I think the opponent is going for Passata Soto
If he is striking horizontally, them dodging the strikes verticaly is the choice. I believe that his style would be useless in a fight with sharp blades, because he goes for the show and scoring points, rather than propper wounds (in the end everyone is doing that. Who wants to injury their opponent amirite) The DC is lower, but damn, this is the kind of guy that knows his way around tournaments...
I don't want the passata because going down like this would make it possible for him to do a downward strike and cleave our head in two... but let's do it
>Passata Soto
>Put his hand to the ground for a low thrust (Passata soto)
We shall cling to him, and be as two spent swimmers who doth choke their art! Squander his reach, drag him down to hell!

Seems you guys are getting the hang of this.

Junn is doing this https://youtu.be/8dReOlmijX4


>Slide to the side and thrust (inquartata) — wrong answer
Sira isn’t really defending himself. The slide doesn’t protect his head against the flurry of cuts to his head.

>Put his hand to the ground for a low thrust (Passata soto) — correct answer.
Sira is avoiding the head height cuts and offending him at the same time

>Crooked strike to swat aside his blade (Krumphau)
Sira can engage with the blade, but Junn can move his blade from one side to the other really quickly.

>guaranteed success

Sira gets as low to the ground as possible, lunging while bending his knees and putting his hand to the ground to support himself.

The one handed thrust lands on Junn’s chest.

Before he could cut back, Sira retreats out of measure.

Junn remains in longpoint, performing snap cuts and thrusts while moving to the side after each strike. After getting Sira to miss his downward cut, Junn leans back and moves his sword to be behind him — he is in wrath guard. A position where the devastating wrath cut can be made.

This is an extremely powerful cut that moves diagonally downwards. Even if he misses, he can still use the momentum to power more cuts.

Sira dodges back to avoid the massive cut.

Once the blade travels through the air and misses Sira, Junn keeps the cut going, rotating it back up to head height — protecting himself by being in ox guard.

(2:32 - 2:34 for reference https://youtu.be/C2sVz_3v7dw )

With Sira on the defensive again, he steps into a thrust.

Sira slides to the side and thrust at his chest with one hand, avoiding his attack while offending him at the same time.

Junn tries to cut Sira afterwards, but he slaps his arm aside and cut him on the shoulder.

The bout is over.
The crowd has never been more excited.
If he wins this next round, there’s only one competitor left between him and the prize money.
For the second round, Junn utilizes feints and trickery more often. His thrusts can be deceptively long depending on how close he gets to the ground, and sometimes he intentionally delays his thrusts.

Sira has beaten down and slapped aside many of his thrusts now, but he is beginning to tire out. Even with Warin’s magic, his left wrist and thighs aren’t as tough as before.

After a few more exchanges, Junn is also starting to get exhausted as well. His lunges are slower and his hands are unsteady.

It’s time to end this.

The moment Junn beats Sira’s upward cut to the ground, he jumps forward and tries to thrust at his face with only one hand on the hilt. A thrust with a large amount of momentum.

Sira responds by..

>Dodge back and transition to ox guard
Push his front foot against the ground and dash backwards, allowing himself time to bring up his sword to cover his head ー Junn will run into the point of his sword.

>Perform an upward cut that displace the thrust
With only one hand on the hilt, Sira’s cut can displace the thrust and push Junn’s blade aside, cutting his head as well.

>Let go of his sword and duck down ー tackle him to the floor
Since grappling is allowed, Sira can avoid the thrust by ducking down and knock him off balance. With only one hand on the sword, he will likely lose his grip if tackled.

DC 15
Guaranteed success on correct answer
+4 bonus on good answer
No bonus on wrong answer
>Let go of his sword and duck down ー tackle him to the floor
>>Perform an upward cut that displace the thrust
Closing vote in 1 hr
Rolled 1 (1d2)

1 = duck
2 = cut
Correct answer!

The biggest clue to the correct option is this sentence “The moment Junn beats Sira’s upward cut to the ground, he jumps forward..”

>Dodge back and transition to ox guard ー wrong answer
His one handed thrust has a long of reach, and since he is already jumping, Sira won’t be fast enough to transition to ox guard.

>Perform an upward cut that displace the thrust ー good answer
Normally this would be the correct answer, but since his blade was beaten to the ground and the attack is at his head, there is a lot of space that the blade has to travel.

>Let go of his sword and duck down, tackle him to the floor ー correct answer
The fastest of all the actions. Since Junn is close enough to Sira to beat his blade to the ground, the jump would put him and Sira in distance where grappling is possible.

>guaranteed success

There is more to fencing than just footwork and bladework ー grappling, punches, kicks, and throws are important tools that can be used to win a fight.

Sira ducks down and tackles Junn to the floor, avoiding the thrust and causing him to lose his grip on the hilt. The blunt steel sword slides across the floor. His slender frame and lighter body betrays him here, as Sira is able to overpower Junn more easily than someone like Sihn.

Once Junn is pushed to the ground, Sira retreats to pick up his sword. By the time Junn can get up and pick up his own sword, the tip of Sira’s blade is already resting on his neck. Junn drops it and the goblin announcer calls an end to the match.

Another win for him. Just one more competitor.

While his success in the longsword tournament has made many people cheer for him, there’s quite a few that disapprove of the way Sira is behaving ー mostly members of Red Winter and their associates.

Avoiding contact with people, rarely announcing his allegiance to Red Winter, and wearing garters with a color that do not represent the organization… it is hardly a proper way of conducting himself as a member of Red Winter (according to the more senior members, anyway)

Sira never cared about the opinions of those people. No matter how hard those old fucks try, getting rid of an earner like him won’t be possible without serious retaliation.

“The results matters the most. The method is secondary.”

All throughout his life, that line of thinking has never let him down.

During his time as an apothecary in training, he saw countless people of better moral character being discarded. Some studied more than him, spent entire days, weeks, learning and reciting the texts. He was fooling around with women that were just as degenerate as him.

The same applied when he became part of the life. Some people served Red Winter for much longer than him and yet remained associates.

His next opponent is someone Sira had heard of — Xam.

During his years as a security agent for Red Winter, he met Pine, a goblin restaurant owner who occasionally performs assassinations and investigations. She managed to take down a cult that plagued Sablestream and evaded the retaliation of the government.

Turns out, ‘Cult of the Father’ was secretly a front for the government to spy on citizens the entire time. It all started from Xam being blackmailed to increase the price of medicine and Pine taking notice of it.

Unlike Sira, Xam never tried to investigate about the government’s wrongdoings any further after the cult was dismantled. As a result, he was left alone and became a apothecary within Clawflash.

Although Pine doesn’t speak much of it, Xam wasn’t from Sablestream. He was an immigrant from… somewhere far away. Pine says he is connected to the supernatural world, able to cure aliments through physical contact.

Sira speculates he is similar to those warrior monks from Dawnfall Islands that occasionally immigrate to Sablestream.

From the way he fights, Sira deduces that he was trained in using…

>the saber
His emphasis on keeping the blade moving and conserving the momentum is more reminiscent of the many saber fights Sira witnesses during his years as security for the Catcher Corps. He knows several ways to deal with them, but will he be able to pick the right one in time?

[DC is set to 20 — only correct and wrong answer will be available]

>the two hander
His wide stance and the large sweeping cuts are reminiscent of fencers that use two handers. Sira has larger openings, but if his defense isn’t perfect, the blow will be much more severe.

[Reduces DC — Good answer will only give +2 bonus]

voting period is 12 hrs. Gonna be a bit busier than usual.
I don't understand why there are two options where one is good and the other isn't.
>The saber
because we are so good at choosing the right option!!
>the saberI am also confused, but wiling to accept the challenge!
>The saber
I am officially not allowed to vote on the next one as I consistently picked the bad option
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check 'em
wow, my first Quad.

Sira just needs to make Xam misjudge his distance and retaliate when he misses. Of course, that is easier said than done. Xam is a pretty tall guy with long limbs.

Just another guy who wants money. Perhaps for personal reasons, or maybe for professional ones, either way, Sira won’t go easy on him.


A duel between two men whose names are fading from people’s minds.

Unlike the finely tailored clothes of Sira, Xam’s shirt and breeches are filled with minor nicks. Dusty and well worn, it’s probably made using the fabrics of old clothes.

alright. One more guy.

The duel begins with Sira performing a snap cut towards Xam’s head, causing him to go into hanging point — essentially ox guard but with the blade pointing more downwards. After Sira’s cut was blocked, Xam uses the momentum from his cut to power an overhead strike.

Sira steps to the side and block the cut, moving past it and performing another cut of his own. Xam dodged back to avoid his cut and reposition himself.

After this exchange, Xam begins to perform wider, sweeping cuts to Sira’s legs and thighs. He’s trying to keep his distance — his larger body and longer limbs allows him to do so without exposing his head.

Sira evades his cuts by mostly moving his feet back or beating his cut down.

Xam changes his strategy once again.

He switches to longpoint — moving towards Sira while pointing his blade at him. A good position to thrust, but also to probe his defenses.

Sira also switches to longpoint — a thrust can be swiped aside easier if they are in a bind.

The second Sira’s blade pushes down on Xam’s, he uses that momentum to power an overhead strike.

Sira could thrust right now, but that would result in a double hit. To defend himself, Sira moves towards him and brings his blade up, blocking the downward cut.

The two blades cross. Only a few inches stand in between Xam and Sira.

Neither can swing their swords. It’s a bad spot for both.

Sira decides to..
>Grab Xam’s blade and thrust with one hand
By letting go with one hand, Sira can grab the flat of his sword and wrench it away, allowing him to thrust into his chest without having to worry about being a riposte with the sword.

>Move behind his right armpit and cut at him
Xam is stronger than him and there is a lot of pressure pushing against Sira’s. By moving to the side while keeping the blades in contact, Sira could move behind him, disengage from the bind and cut Xam.

pay attention to the wording.

(This one is pointed slightly more upwards than the ones described)
Xamzir? I know that guy!
(Why doesn't this thread show up in the suptg archives, anyway? I searched all over, and while the link works, I can't find it by tag or anything).

>Move behind his right armpit and cut at him
I wonder if we could manage to use our Fade ability subtly to enable this...
oh hey rqm. Im not sure why but when i archived goblin assassin 2 it just didnt show up in suptg. There’s a link of it in Goblin assassin reopened wounds. I mustve typed the wrong post numbers or something.
I said I'm unallowed to vote, but thrusting from a few centimeter away seems dangerous... I'll go for the move thing. After all, a bind is not a lock in any case and really easy to move away from.


>Grab Xam’s blade and thrust with one hand — wrong answer
While grappling and grabbing the flat of the sword is possible, Xam is a large guy, stronger than Sira. He could get shoved to the ground like Junn.

“By letting go with one hand, Sira can grab the flat of his sword and wrench it away, allowing him to thrust into his chest without having to worry about being a riposte with the sword.” Notice that I did not mention grappling.

>Move behind his right armpit and cut at him — correct answer
This is another way of dealing with a bind when two fencers are very close to each other.

https://youtu.be/acaixdEKdCU at 5:46 Skallagrim explains it quite well

While in a real fight, Sira would strike with a pommel (since its faster than moving behind and cutting), that could result in a concussion.

>guaranteed success

Sira moves to Xam’s right side when maintaining blade contact, letting Xam’s blade slide off his once Sira is under his armpit.

With his blade freed from the immense pressure, he releases a cut to Xam’s back while moving behind him. Immediately after the first cut, Sira pivots his sword to cut him on the arm before retreating.

Xam won’t let him get out of measure that easily. He brings his sword to longpoint and steps into a thrust.

time for a height change

Sira brings his blade behind his back and drops his left knee to the ground, avoiding the thrust. He performs a horizontal cut to Xam’s thigh. Immediately after the cut, Sira puts his blade behind him, protecting his back against the retaliatory cut from Xam.

Due to the rotational energy of Sira’s blade when it was moving from behind his shoulder to Xam’s right thigh, he falls after delivering a cut to Sira. Such is the power of a wrath cut. (he didn’t even lean back to wind up his body)

His guard remains true, blocking the cut.

Sira is kneeling while Xam drops to the ground. He tries to get up, but the tip of a sword touches his nape. The round is concluded. The cut didn’t leave any lingering pain, but it was strong enough to cause his leg to drop briefly. That was all that he needed.

Sira’s ears are used to the cheers of spectators around him now. Little more than constant raindrops, but it still felt exciting, nonetheless.

(Sira performs a cut similar to https://youtu.be/m3MIwa5AH9U 4:45-4:47)

Even the irritable senior Red Winter members are taking notice of him.

One more win and he’ll take home the prize money.

Xam is using one handed cuts and thrusts more often, exploiting his longer limbs to give him an advantage.

Sira easily displaces most of them, but a few were intentionally repeatedly from similar angles to get him complacent. He can’t keep this up forever…

Xam approaches Sira with longpoint, but dips under and over his cuts, keeping the point towards him.

Xam lets his left hand leave the hilt and let it rest near his face, launching a one handed thrust to Sira’s chest.

Sira swats aside the thrust, pushing the blade to his right. Xam steps to the side and his left hand grabs for Sira’s blade — grappling was his true intention all along.

Sira responds by..

>grab his blade with both hands
Xam may have one hand on the middle of his sword, but if Sira grabs the upper third and pull it back while moving back, leverage will work against Xam.

He can’t lose his blade at any cost.

>kick his right shin
By kicking the right shin while he is stepping to Sira’s right side, the pain will cause knock it back briefly and cause him to lose balance.

He can’t fixate on only one line of attack.
>grab his blade with both hands
I refuse to believe a warrior worth his still will get pertubated by pain of mundane shin kick
>grab his blade with both hands
Can't we use the leverage to give him a smack on his face with the tip of our blade? That way we will also avoid a valid retaliation from his blade...
>grab his blade with both hands
Just seems flashier and more honourable.

>grab his blade with both hands — correct answer
This is actually a historical technique (although Fiore does with a dagger against an unamored opponent) and by moving back and wrenching his sword, he is putting Xam in a hard spot — maintain the increasingly hard to grab blade, or try to move his sword to threaten Sira.

If he does try to move his sword, Sira can just slap it aside since they’re pretty close together and he has more leverage.
>kick his right shin — wrong answer
Normally this would be the correct answer but Sira’s limbs aren’t as long as Xam. He won’t be able to kick that far and accurately, especially when the right leg is moving. If it was stationary, maybe. It also doesn’t address Xam’s sword that he just displaced.

>Can't we use the leverage to give him a smack on his face with the tip of our blade?

You’re pretty close on what I’m about to write.
File: mfw (52).png (1.02 MB, 1694x938)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG

>guaranteed success

Sira moves his left hand to the upper third of the blade and yank it back, all the while moving backwards.

Xam is insistent on grabbing the blade, remaining steadyfast on the ground and bending his knees, trying to get the center of gravity as low as possible.

Sira can work with this.

He angles the blade to be pointing at Xam’s shoulder and moves forward, letting his greater strength to pull the blade into his shoulder.

Since he has one hand on the blade, he can make corrections to the angles akin to a spear — this is half swording, a technique more commonly used in armored fighting as it shortens the reach of a longsword but grants a more precise thrust. Still, a useful trick if they’re in grappling distance.

The thrust to his shoulder hits him hard — the force of his pull, Sira’s stepping into the thrust, and Sira’s firm grip on the blade that prevented it from flexing (and dissipating the force) has caused quite a painful impact.

By this point, Sira has gotten so close to him that even swinging his sword won’t work — there’s not enough rotational energy to ensure a powerful cut. It’s not a good spot to be in

Xam let his hand go from the blade and tries to slap aside Sira’s forearm instead. The pain from that thrust costed him enough time for the slap that Sira is able to re adjust the tip and thrust it into his left forearm.

Xam decides to drop his sword and goes for grappling with right hand. A last ditch effort in an attempt to knock him off balance and lose his sword.

Sira follows up with a thrust to the chest, and lets go of the blade, allowing Xam to catch his left forearm, but not control the blade all together.

As his arm is grabbed, Sira performs a vertical cut to Xam’s head with just one hand on the hilt and follows it up with a knee to the crotch, staggering him.

His grip on his forearm remains tight, but it bought him enough time to perform one more strike — a diagonal cut that moves across his right shoulder and ending at his left hip.

The goblin announcer calls for an end to the round. It’s over.

Xam was probably the toughest opponents he ever fought this year. Had he not react in time, or misjudged his distance and time, he might’ve lost it all.

The cheers of the crowd doesn’t even reach his ears now. Only the exhausted breathing and frequent heartbeat are all that he hears.
Aside from the prize money, Sira also receives a small souvenir — a wooden crow painted back with a steel beak. Engraved on it are the signature of Steel Beaks gambling house and a longsword.

Xam also receives the wooden carving, although this one isn’t colored. He also receives a small amount of money for coming in second.

As promised, Tharn gives him the second half of the money once the tournament was done.

Sira could stick around longer, answer a few questions, or talk to Tharn, but the money he currently holds is quite a large amount. Rather than going out in one of the entrances, he finds a balcony without people and fades.

After reappearing on the Nectar Droplet, he deposits the money and places the cute crow carving on this desk.

Funds 4/10 » 8/10

Heh. Steel beaks.

It reminds him of the reason why he and his colleagues call themselves crows in the first place.

According to the scriptures, large crows armed with steel beaks are animals that can be found in one of the sectors of hell. The 'Black Lines' — an area filled with trees that produce razor sharp lines that can be barely seen, strong enough to sever limbs. It is inhabited by wardens and their crows, who torture sinners. Only on Uposatha days do they rest, and the black lines dissipate.

While great bandits may call themselves 'Tigers' to instill a sense of strength and power, Sira choose the [steel beaked] 'crows' due to their intelligence and role as punishers of sinners. His stature and dark clothing also helps cement that connection.

Him and his crew were essentially wardens, after all. The slave auditors are supposed to make sure the slaves are operating efficiently and safely, but most of the time, they overlook abuses to ensure businesses run smoothly.

Their status as slave auditors’ security means they can also get away with influencing the slave auditors and doing underhanded things. Threats, beatings, and monetary incentives were good enough for most masters to keep treating the slaves fairly.

It’s a nice reminder of the past. Sira taps the crow’s head and leaves his office. After a bath and changes of clothes, Sira is refreshed.

What will Sira do next?
(Choose one)

>Watch the other crows compete
Return to the Steel Beaks and watch his colleagues duel. Maybe they could get a prize.

>Get the brothel staff some snacks and drinks
Warin is in the brothel right now, checking the inventory to make sure they have enough medical supplies for the month. Dao is calculating the upcoming months’ costs.
He could get the medical and financial division something to drink or eat.

>Talk to Tharn and visit the Jesamine Cloak
The garters were finely made — it’s definitely a high quality product. Sira wants to see if there’s any illustrators she or her colleagues could recommend.
Forgot the pic
>Talk to Tharn and visit the Jesamine Cloak
Still want those nice posters, and now we can pay top dollar!
>Watch the other crows compete
I wanna watch our bros and possibly get a new character or two
>Watch the other crows compete

>crow watching

He is the First Crow, after all. He founded this group. He’s certainly not going to miss their duels.

Sira keeps wearing his fluffy black hat, but discards his doublet and breeches for loose fitting shirt and shorts. Thin enough to keep him cool, but loose enough to conceal a dagger and his wheellock pistol.

After getting up to the roof, Sira looks at the Steel Beaks’ balcony. Details of the world slowly fades away as time begins to stop.
He fades.

Reappearing once again in the gambling house, a few crow feathers appear with him.

While he can’t fade as rapidly as those messengers — large birdmen who act deliver messages for spirits and deities, it is still a very convenient power to have. Unlike those powerful beings, he needs line of sight and a brief moment to recover after fading.

He could fade multiple times in a row, although that would cause him to be disoriented and lose his balance.


Originally a group of 12 security agents for Catcher Corps, 9 still remain excluding Sira.

While each vary in terms of connections and martial skills, they all try to remain as just as possible towards the corporations and their slaves while keeping themselves trustworthy.

It’s not always a simple task, and many evenings have gone by where they wondered about the other paths they could have taken.

Luckily, the present offers them a more clear cut choice.

As expected of skilled marital artists with years of real world experience, they are doing quite well in most categories.

Of course, having most of the winners be from Red Winter would annoy a lot of people. Accusations of cheating or bribery might occur.

Furrowed eyebrows. Fidgeting of the fingers. Complaints. Plenty of people have lost their money on betting. He can tell that resentment is starting to buildup…

It’s not based on any facts, but the opinions of the masses means a lot, especially when some of them are groups of frequent customers.

Sira decides to..

>tell the crows to take it easy [follow his mind] (-morale, +connections)
I’m not happy with these people either, but it’s better to calm them down by losing a few rounds or getting double hits. Our connections are more valuable than money.

>tell the crows to do their best [follow his heart] (++morale, —connections)
..As if we should give a shit about these retards. We’re getting it fair and square. Maybe we won’t be welcomed next time, maybe… but tonight, give it your all.

After Sira makes his decision, the brothel’s head of security has informed him that the Nectar Droplet’s monthly supplies are enough for next month and the money he has given is secured — they can begin the search for more security staff right away.

The head of security is…

>Cutler Arun (bonus to combat and intimidation)
An old man whose business went bankrupt several years ago when the cult of the father was exposed. Many of them funded the prestigious medical university Serpent Scholars, which caused businesses nearby to downsize and shut down. Sira and his crows helped him and his friends out of debt and open new businesses in Clawflash. Moved by their actions, he helps them by supplying blades and firearms. His assistance to Catcher Corps caught the attention of Bow, who promoted him to be a member of Red Winter.

Despite his old age, he is able to repel the more rowdy customers quite effectively and proved himself to be a reliable advisor when dealing with minor gangs — he has seen them his entire life.

>Spymaster Sohm (bonus to stealth and investigation)
A young woman who was once a victim of human trafficking. Sira and his crows set her free from being a child prostitute many years ago, and tried to help her to leave the life behind. She chose to stay. It’s the only family he had left. Her supervision of the prostitutes have been just.

Her extensive networks of informants has saved the brothel from being shut down by the government countless times.
>tell the crows to do their best [follow his heart] (++morale, —connections)
Sucks to be them I guess.

>Cutler Arun (bonus to combat and intimidation)
>tell the crows to do their best [follow his heart] (++morale, —connections)
We fuck shit up!!! The big crow just won his duel. Why wouldn't the rest as well?
>Spymaster Sohm (bonus to stealth and investigation)
There are many enemies that cannot be beaten with might.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

1 = cutler
2 = spymaster
Ah, damn, would have voted...
>tell the crows to do their best [follow his heart] (++morale, —connections)
>Spymaster Sohm (bonus to stealth and investigation)
...But, well, work.

>do your best!
>cutler Arun

「.. give it your all.」

Indeed they did.

Out of the nine crows, four got first place in their categories, and two got second place.

While the spectators weren’t too happy, his crows definitely were. Their smiles remind him of the earlier days of being in Catcher Corps. Back when they just started out as security, when there was less ambiguity in their actions. Good times.

Of course, such fame and attention makes them a pretty big target. Once the crows receive their prize money, Sira asks them to visit the empty balcony overlooking the Nectar Droplet.

One by one, he teleports them back to the brothel by resting his hand upon their arm.

… while it was a few years ago, Sira remembers Warin telling him that the procedure that saved his life and infused him with black magic can have unpredictable effects on his body.

Unlike the 'bearers' which are given authority by supernatural beings to freely manipulate things which correspond to their field of studies, Sira’s power is given to him by spirits.

Had he been more diplomatic, more willing to resolve problems with just words alone, he might’ve been able to listen to otherworldly voices instead.

And if he had been more caring towards his employees during these past few years, he might not need to physically touch someone to fade with them.


By the time he fades everyone back to the brothel, Sira can barely maintain his balance. Otherworldly voices of incomprehensible tongue fill his ears, barely allowing him to hear anything else.

The security recruiting thing can wait until tomorrow…

Second month — later half

Current status

Funds 8/10
Morale 5/10 »7/10
Security 4/10
Connections 7/10 » 4/10

His head of security, Arun, informs him of what happened last night after he and his crows left the Steel beaks.

It was a shitshow. Shouting, accusations, and a few brawls broke out in the gambling house. Mostly unarmed fighting. No one was killed, although some suffered concussions and broken bones. The Red Winter members weren’t particularly happy with him stealing the show with his crows. (they betted on other people to win)

He’s probably not welcome in that gambling house after this. He’ll need some strong incentive to ever get in again. He also likely can’t ask for favors as much as before.

At least the brothel have some serious funding now, and Arun should be able to repel any trouble makers that seek retaliation against the brothel.

He has also gathered a list of security agents who were rejected by Catcher Corps.

.. no.
That’s too far.
.. how is this guy not in prison yet.
Silverport is too far. Plus, the relationship between serpents and birdmen are.. not the best.
Unblood… The old capital is a little too empty. Not worth the cost.
Pikebreak? Possibly. Travel is only a couple hours long.

After days of going through the candidates, the ones Sira have deemed the least dangerous and worthy of recruitment are..
(Chose one)

>racist (+connections, -morale)
Competent and able to de escalate situations well, they would make for fine security guards if they didn’t talk about how disgusting aliens and guests* are all the time

*a 'guest' is a catch all term for people who follow another religion irl, it is a catch all term for middle eastern people / hindus / muslims / sikhs

>lazy (-security)
They are competent security guards, able to calm rowdy customers and deal with dangerous ones, although most of the time they can’t be bothered to do it.

>twitchy (+security, -connections)
Newly rejected and lacking in communication skills, these security guards are skilled in combat but their nervous nature can cause a problem to become larger by escalating a situation.

Regardless of which type of security guards are chosen, they all provide security for some money. (++security, -funds)
>racist (+connections, -morale)
Fear (and money) will keep them in line. A base security bonus, and some repaired connections make up for a morale hit, since we're decently high on that.
>racist (+connections, -morale)

Sira chose the racist, but competent ones. A lazy or overly tense one won’t do the brothel any good. Their racism could be suppressed — he can’t stop them from shittalking the other races, but he could choose when they can do it. Arun could probably handle these guys.


Third month — first half

Funds 7/10
Morale 6/10
Security 6/10
Connections 5/10

A month where the coldness begins to dissipate — Sablestream is entering its summer season. For the brothel it is the time of preparation. The fourth month is when the Sablestream new years will start, which will means there will be more customers than usual. Not everyone are able to spend their new years with loved ones.

The brothel is a lot safer more security guards manning the entrances and observing the hallways. Their skills in handling the customers have caused some of the customers to return, although their particularly edgy nature has disturbed the staff somewhat.

Right now, the brothel is in a pretty good spot — they have good funding, morale, and security. The next month will

.. arugh.
What the hell…

Sira was inflicted with a painful headache due to the combination of lack of sleep and exhaustion from the increasingly hot weather of Clawflash.

“.. should ease the headaches.”
“Try to get some more sleep. And drink more water. Seriously. Your lips are cracked as hell.”

Warin gets him some soup and wet towels. The headaches should go away after a few days, but Sira won’t be in the condition to spearhead any investigations right now. Meeting his friends and asking about illustrators isn’t possible either.

Rather than pursuing any new allies or trades, the brothel is stocking up on supplies and spare equipment.

As for Sira, he just needs some rest…..
Nectar Droplet
Warin’s room (she has a lot of spare pillows and blankets in hers)

Lying in bed while watching the sunlight slowly fade away isn’t particularly exciting. There’s a few books in her room that could pass the time. She doesn’t mind him reading it as long as they are put back in place and remain undamaged.

Sira decides to..

>read her collection of sappy romance novels
She owned a lot of these novels in her old life. Her notes in these books vary from educational to nonsensical ramblings.

To revisit those writings again would allow him to learn more about Warin’s inner thoughts.

>read her summary on the black magic and supernatural entities
A collection of notes that briefly summarizes the intricacies of black magic, supernatural entities and ways to handle them.

To read through these would allow Sira to know more about himself and his condition.

slightly faster update than usual. Gonna see the new john wick movie in an hour.
>>read her collection of sappy romance novels
>>read the sappy shit
>read her collection of sappy romance novels
Enjoy the movie!
Still writing dont worry

>sappy romance novels
Warin doesn’t really talk much about her former life, but from he could gather…

She was one of many children a of moderately successful plantation owners. There was a pretty huge mess about inheritance and many of them either went bankrupt or lost the majority of their land. Some became debt slaves due to their inability to pay their bills. Some became involved in crime. Warin chose neither.

Warin worked many odd jobs before eventually becoming a milkmaid of plantations more successful than her family’s.

By reading her notes in the novels, he could gather more information.

These seem were bought during her teenage years, when the family was financially stable. The novels are mostly set in a fantastical past with charming male characters.

Some of them were educational, shedding light on her steps on becoming involved in black magic.

14th day of 3rd month
The churning and carrying were hard on my arms and back. On some days, I can barely write or even move my hands but they forced me to work anyways. They denied my request for medical treatments for too long now. I must seek out the masters of the art in south Clawflash.

15th day of 5rd month
My left wrist was cured of this constant soreness. I am able to replicate the professor’s technique in welding together worn out fibers of the body. This might be able reattach limbs.

10th day of 6th month
Rules of a witch doctor’s knife
1 — Use only in self defense situations
Addendum: strikes to the head can cause mental retardation
Addendum: pointing the tip at someone can curse them with bad luck
2 — Do not use the knife in mundane tasks (opening boxes / letters)
Addendum: keep the knife away from lowly places (the feet) or lowly substances (feces / urine)
3 — Do not curse at your teachers or parents

Some are more unhinged than others.

17th day of 7th month
The audacity of this family. I had given my life for them. I did not complain when I have fallen ill and they refused to aid me. Their stupid fucking mouths wouldn’t shut the fuck up. It wasn’t enough that I was trampled by their little mongrel’s horse because he fucked up and didn’t keep it in the stables, no. I had to apologize to that brat.

20th day of 8th month
I should have not expected anything from that brat. Bua was kicked out due to he inability to work after those floggings. That slave’s life had more value than all of his family combined. I wonder what the faces of his parents would look like if he drowned in his own shit. Would they cover up that fact? How would they act during the funeral? Would he even be found before his body rots?
1st month
It is all over now. All of them are cursed to be barely intelligent enough to even breathe. That plantation is ruined. I can barely tell how long time has passed.

1st month
My knife has decapitated me and severed all four of my limbs. I should have passed on, but it seems that I am now a Krasue.

Addendum: It seems to correlate with the number offenses I have made. 8 people corresponded to 8 cuts — one to my head, two to each of my limbs.

I wonder where Bua is right now. Probably living better than a vagrant. If you find this, I’m sorry, professor. I had to.

Some notes were quite personal.

30th of 3rd month
I have found a place to stay. It is a forest in east Clawflash where a brothel dumps the unwanted children of prostitutes. There is a shoveler that gives me dried fruits.

2nd of 4th month
Sira is a strange person. He frequently visits this forest to watch the fishes in the river and plant flowers for the burial sites of the child corpses. On Sablestream new years, he had with him a large bowl of cockles. It tastes good. He was fun to talk to.

10th of 4th month
Sira is quite a strange person. He says he likes me. I don’t understand why he would want to court someone this old. I barely have any possessions, let alone land, and my body is more akin to a cold doll than actual flesh. I would be a terrible partner.

20th of 4th month
Tonight, Sira and I have consummated. He was wonderful. I can’t wait to do it again.

I always thought sex was supposed to be this great accomplishment that separated the successful from failures. To be an adult. To prove that you are good at life.

It was not. It was a nice experience, yes, but I have misplaced the importance of such for very long.

And some were pure horniness. Sort of.

Some passages are underlined and marked as 'lewd' but are quite mundane in terms of intimacy.

A woman being given back her handkerchief and briefly touching a man’s hand is considered erotic?

Sometimes she even adds her own passages of the characters having sex. Sira finds the extreme inaccuracy of it quite amusing. A bucket’s worth of semen would be a nightmare to clean up.

Certain parts of the pages feel rougher than others. Sira hopes it was dried water or saliva.
Reading the novels and her notes were entertaining. He could spend hours reading through them, but there’s better things to do.

He is lucid enough to write a letter now. He’s not in good enough shape to meet his colleagues yet, but he could send them a letter about hiring an illustrator.

He decides to write a letter to..

An old colleague of his. The legendary goblin assassin that avoided the wrath of the government while destroying their surveillance. She’s a writer now, creating books which details the history of provinces.

She knows an skilled illustrator, although the distance between Clawflash and Cinderpath means the commission price could be high and it could take a while.

>Makari & Fern
Two restaurant cooks who are in Clawflash. Pine’s allies. One of the few flamebearers — students of magic who can manipulate fire. They work in a large restaurant which has multiple illustrators.

Commission price will be cheaper, and quicker overall, but the quality won’t be as good.

A high ranking member in Red Winter that governs the entertainment district. The man who kick started the rapewar (and due to a series of events, made Red Winter into a powerful empire)

He can definitely get him a skilled illustrator that produces high quality illustrations at a cheap price without needing much time.

He will owe Red Winter a favor. With his dwindling reputation, it might he difficult to convince him…
“Addendum: It seems to correlate with the number offenses I have made. 8 people corresponded to 8 cuts — one to my head, two to each of my limbs.”

I’m bad at math lol. It’s supposed to be nine people. She squad wiped the entire family.
thanks! It was a pretty cool movie. I’m a little disappointed in the realism side but its a solid movie overall. Great action and camerawork. My ranking would be JW1 > JW2 > JW4 > JW3)
The cheapness is not really an issue. We're ready to pay well for it.
About reputation, owning a business is all about balance, and we're trying to get into a better position. We don't forget where we come from and what our allegiances are.
Gonna let this vote open for around 9 more hrs. Gotta sleep.

By the way, since we’re roughly in the middle of this thread now, I want to ask for some feedback

>What did you like about the quest?

>What didn’t you like about the quest?

>Do you prefer shorter (~7 hrs voting period) or longer voting times? (~10 or more)
>Liked the pictures and the swordfighting section
>Liked less the full dive in the world as I haven't read goblin assassin quest, so I know nothing about what character are established or not. I'd love a refresher about who people are when Sira knows them (like Bow in the first vote, would have helped to add a couple sentence about them while introducing them in the quest)
Gotta' do a callback and check on our girl
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1 = tian
2 = pine
>What did you like about the quest?
The setting is, as it always has been, very distinct and unique among the worlds of /qst/, very well-realized and complex. I like the unexpected places where you place emphasis and take interest. The character dynamics work really well. The action scenes are very technical and I really enjoyed the duel.

>What didn’t you like about the quest?
I would have liked to spend more time getting to know and interact with individual characters, and to establish our personality more organically over time.

>Do you prefer shorter (~7 hrs voting period) or longer voting times? (~10 or more)
10-to-12 hours would see me miss fewer votes, but it's not the end of the world when one doesn't go my way, so I'm unbothered.

>write to Pine

With his dwindling reputation, maybe its best if he doesn’t ask for a favor from Red Winter. Not right now, anyway. His old colleague, Pine, would be the better option.

A restaurant owner who moonlights as an assassin or private investigator. Her activities take her to many places, and she occasionally crosses path with Red Winter. Sira doesn’t get the chance to work with her directly much, but she was pretty interesting to be around ー an older person in the life that sometimes told him stories.

She has retired from the life and cut back on her legitimate work a few years ago due to health issues. At least her marriage and her book on the provinces are doing pretty well.

She has commissioned artists to create illustration on her book about the provinces and her journey through them. Surely she could recommend him some.


Two days later.
A letter from Pine.

Recommendations of illustrators

Dear Sira
I hope your business is doing well and your health soon recovers. Regarding the illustrators, only two out of four of them are currently available. Both of them have great understanding of anatomy and have drawn beautiful and handsome illustrations. Yun is in Cinderfall. Nahm is in Cinderpath, although her background in Silverport may cause issues. They will be in Cinderpath from 15th to 30th of 3rd month.

[Pine gives him the addresses of Nahm and Yun]

As for me, I am doing fine, although I likely will not be able to personally serve you the beef stew again. Jess is also well. His mentorship of prospective blacksmiths reminds me of your crows teaching the newer members of Red Winter. It was quite amusing to listen to.

Noi is also doing well, although she isn’t in Cinderpath currently. She is overseeing her gravitybearers in Cinderfall. I am unsure when the construction of the new temples will be completed.


Cinderpath is a town south of Clawflash with roughly 12 hours travel time. Cinderfall is a larger town nearby Cinderpath, and further away from the capital. If he commissions Yun, the delivery time would be somewhat longer. However, if he commissions Nahm, her background in Silverport could cause a problem to his reputation.

Silverport is the home to Serpents, large snakes with high intelligence and knowledge in medicine. They oppose the birdmen, messengers of spirits and deities that frequent Clawflash and made the city into a prosperous capital. While the divide isn’t as strong as it once was, if his illustrator was discovered to be from Silverport, his brothel’s reputation would suffer.

In a few days, his health should recover to the point that he can visit Cinderpath. For now, Sira decides to consult someone about which illustrator to commission.

He consults…

>Dao, head of financial division
Which illustrator is best for the brothel?

>Arun, head of security division
About the brothel’s reputation, what can I get away with right now?
>Arun, head of security division
>>Arun, head of security division


Sira decides to ask his head of security about the brothel’s ability to take another hit to reputation.

「About the brothel’s reputation, what could I get away with right now?」

`From what my informants have heard, Red Winter is an even split between supporting you and wanting you demoted due to the mess after the tournament.`

`You could probably get away with one more stunt like that. As long as Red Winter benefits from it as a whole.`

「Is hiring an illustrator who was born in Silverport something that they’ll accept?」

`… that’s.. probably no. Is the artist in Silverport well known?`

「Not really. There’s this artist, Yun, born in Silverport but moved to Cinderpath a couple years ago.」

`.. still a big problem. What about the artstyle?`

「It’s.. alright. Doesn’t look too.. foreign or distinct. It shouldn’t be a problem. I think.」

「There’s another one we could commission, Nahm, but she lives in Cinderfall. The delivery time for the posters would be a big longer. We might only have a few days to put them up. Not sure if we could afford it right when Sablestream new years is coming up.」

「…Is it possible that I can commission the artist in Cinderpath without being detected by the others?」

`There’s still some Red Winter presence at Cinderpath. I don’t recommend hiring the artist unless you do a favor for the ones in that town.`

Doing a favor will allow Arun to negotiate with the Red Winter members and make them overlook Sira’s dealings with Yun.

>>Commission illustrator Yun (++funds, +connections) [Requires a favor]

Depending on the outcome of the favors, the brothel could be impacted positively or negatively.

>Investigation — Nightmares and ailments (++ / — morale)
Workers near the forests are having issues sleeping at night and have fallen ill without any scientific explanation. Warin will investigate this.

>Hunt — Track down and eliminate a crew of cutpurses (++ / — connections)
An uptick of stolen items and assaults occurred in Cinderfall. Most of the cutpurses were caught or neutralized, but some stragglers fled to Cinderpath. Sira and his crows will hunt them down.

Then again, Sira could take the safer option and hire Nahm to draw instead.
>Commission illustrator Nahm(+funds, +connections)

The fourth month will be taxing on the brothel. All aspects of it will be tested.
some stats will be increased or decreased — how much, and which ones will be decide by you when 4th month arrives.
>Commission illustrator Yun (++funds, +connections) [Requires a favor]
>Investigation — Nightmares and ailments (++ / — morale)
Quality time with Goth GF! Plus, morale will take a hit, but with the influx of capital we can have a staff party or something big to offset matters.
>>Commission illustrator Yun (++funds, +connections) [Requires a favor]

>Investigation — Nightmares and ailments (++ / — morale)
Less taxing on Sira after all he went through.
I like the fighting. Damn good! And I can see how you have to put the extra effort to come up with the options, because rolling a dice and basing the update on the result is not easy, but way simple. I would recommend rolling 1d20 or 2d20 when having to roll, because best of three is too lenient, all the more reason to think harder.

I dislike the continuity and mentions of previous quests. I don't know 'em and I keep feeling lost whenever something new shows up, because I feel that every new character you introduce is fleshed out on another quest already.
>I would recommend rolling 1d20 or 2d20 when having to roll, because best of three is too lenient, all the more reason to think harder.
I’m pretty sure I only roll a 1d20 for combat >>5605129 but the investigations are >>5597640 3d20 is due to giving the players clues to progress the investigation.

As for the characters, noted. A lot of them actually aren’t that fleshed out. Sira, Bow, and Tong are NPCs of an older quests that the protag occasionally meets. I wanted this quest to be a low stakes adventure — great things and adventures have occurred in the past, and now this is just a day to day story of someone in the world
aaah, I didn't remember the combat die. Then we superb!

>Nightmare and ailments

Third Month — second half

Although Sira has mostly recovered now, it is probably best if someone else is conducting field operations.

Warin is armed with her brightly colored staff and a witch doctor’s knife. Her long sleeved shirt could resist a knife cut or thrust, but nothing more.

Similar to Bow, her wooden staff is wrapped with brightly colored cloth ー a symbol of love. Trees wrapped in bright cloth denotes a spirit residing inside them, and that they should be respected. Magic users, black or otherwise, sometimes carry them to protect themselves and others against malevolent spirits.

A [Witch] Doctor’s knife is an essential tool of all magic users, but they vary in strength and limitations based on their materials. Some are made with consecrated nails in old temples, while Warin’s is made from coffins nails of vengeful ghosts — extremely powerful, although volatile. Whereas the former will only lose their effectiveness, the latter will punish the users for transgressions directly.

As long as she doesn’t violate the rules of the knife, she should be fine.


After half a day being spent in a carriage, Warin arrives at a moderately sized town with a river and forests nearby. Their distance between other towns has made mercenaries a common sight, and their culture of hunting and foraging has created a strong metalworking and agricultural industry.

Recently, Red Winter have reported that their laborers and woodworkers in south Cinderpath were unable to sleep and experienced pain without any scientific explanations. If this keeps happening, the workshop will be losing profits, and by extension, Red Winter as well.
South of Cinderpath
Red Winter owned carpentry workshop

On the outskirts of Cinderpath lies a large wooden building. Nearby is a large forest where trees are cut down and planted.

A portion of the laborers and woodworkers are currently unable to work due to sleep depravation and soreness. Warin could examine them more throughly to determine the true extent of their injuries.

The forest feels strange. The animals and vegetation are unaffected, but Warin can tell that something in this forest doesn’t welcome humans. Warin could investigate it further and find out a way to appease it, but her current lack of information could prove dangerous.

Red Winter informants and associates are trying to find out more information through the people in Cinderpath. Warin could aid them and accelerate the process.

Warin decides to focus on.. (+5 to investigative rolls)

>Afflicted woodworkers and laborers
>The forest
>Aiding the Red Winter’s informants

DC 12 / 15 / 18 for each part
3d20 just like >>5596458
>The forest
Walk in the woods with our spooky sweetie. Hold her hand, pick her brain. Does Warin have any theories?
>>Afflicted woodworkers and laborers

I think Sira is not there
he probably meant [the players] hold her hand, and pick her brain
Rolled 2 (1d2)

I can't be bothered.

Tie breaker
1 = forest
2 = workers
Rolled 6, 16, 1 = 23 (3d20)

1st roll workers (+5)
2nd roll forest
3rd roll informants

>11 vs 12
>16 vs 12 / 15
>1 vs 12

Warin focuses her investigative efforts on the patients.

They are cursed. Their nightmares are largely consistent with each other ー a shadowy figure that hunt them down and kill them. Most occurred by the figure crushing their throat, for some, their heads were ripped off.

As for the injuries, the patients seem to have soreness on their hands and mouths. There’s probably more locations that they feel pain at, but they refuse to tell her for some reason. No matter how much she questions them, threaten them, or talk about the possibilities of further complications, they still insist that they only have soreness on their hands and mouths.

Dammit. What the fuck are they hiding?

Warin tries to assist the Red Winter associates and informants in their investigation, but the people in Cinderpath doesn’t really want to talk to her. Especially the kids and teens. They think she is someone’s lost grandma or something.

Guh. So what if I wears a long sleeved shirt with floral patterns on it. That doesn’t make me old! Yeah, sure, really old people wear that, but I’ve seen a couple younger girls wear it. A few years back. I think. Besides, I’m not that old or something. I died when she was around forty years old. Not sixty. Ugh, those kids have their standards perverted by those romance novels and plays.

Her… assistance wasn’t of much help. She didn’t gain any new information, and probably made it harder for the informants and associates.

Her investigation in the forests, however…
The forest is divided into four sectors — North East, North West, South East, and South West.

Based on the fact that animals and plants remain unharmed while woodworkers and laborers are affected, she can rule out hungry ghosts such as Preta or Krasue.

It is unlikely to be vengeful spirits — if that were the case, the ENTIRE workshop would have been affected, and everyone would have fallen ill.

Warin deduces that the cause must be tree spirits — their ability to curse and limited influence explains why only a small portion of the workshop has been affected.

There are two types which fit the description. A Lady of the Plantain tree, and A Lady of the Takhian (Tha - Khian) tree.

While both of them appear as beautiful women wearing dark green clothes and a Sabai (shawl that covers the chest and back), there are a few ways to tell the difference.

[Lady of the Plantain tree]
A flirty spirit that is interested in amassing a harem of men she can fool around with. Easily jealous, willing to kill a man who is cheating (or perceived to be cheating) on her by snapping their necks.

[Lady of the Takhian tree]
A distant spirit that is interested in keeping the forest clean. She prefers to be left alone, tending to the forest by using her rake. She hates trash and those that litter. She can slap someone’s head off if threatened.

She finds torn cloth, chunks of leather, and old wooden skewers… someone is leaving these things in the forest. However, she doesn’t know which types of trees are in which sector.

Warin decides to..

>NE sector
Old wooden skewers are found here. It likely once held food on it.

>NW sector
Chunks of leather are found here.

>SE sector
Nothing here.

>SW sector
Torn up cloth are found here.

Armed with her knowledge of spirits, she could interrogate the patients further, assuming if she guesses correctly.

>Interrogate — threaten to tell their wives
You’ve been fooling around with a Lady of the Plantain tree, aren’t you? Tell me more about your condition before I tell your spouse about this.

>Interrogate — threaten to tell their boss
You’ve been dumping trash into the forest, aren’t you? You’re risking your job security AND health over this. Tell me more about your condition before I tell your boss.
I was hopeful he could do a bit of strolling while avoiding any action or overtaxing himself. Alas!

>Interrogate — threaten to tell their wives
The second site of phantom pain is their groin. The spirit is ripping off their heads AND their dicks in their dreams. It's why they're embarrassed.
This is a solo mission as seen from
>Warin will investigate this.

She’s the resident black magic user.
>Interrogate — threaten to tell their wives
Supporting the dream dick tearing. Leather might come from unclothing
Why play pretend? Just do it so you stop wasting bandwidth, data and attention spawn of fellow anons?
I'm tired of low effort fetish quests being on my board.
please tell me more what parts of the quest are fetish?
It's not a fetish quest tee hee we just run a brothel isn't that so funny ha ha.
We've barely even intercated with the prostitutes. No sexual encounters have really been described. We read our goth girlfriend's old fapfics, but we didn't actually get many details communicated. The quest is higher effort than most on the board.

>tldr: you're a stupid shit
bro, go back let's go play HFY or mechanicum primarch
Yeah, I understand, I just was hopeful Sira could get tag along in an advisory capacity. Hopefully he gets well soon!
What the- don't you dare disrespect David and his harem!!!
No fetish content has been described in this quest. It has mostly consisted of business decisions and investigations into supply chain disruptions, with a side order of historicaly-accurate fencing. You're just a dumbass. Go away, loser.
>We read our goth girlfriend's old fapfics
Thanks for having my back guys

This jackass caught me lacking since its 2am in my timezone luckily my sleep schedule is beyond fucked

Continue reading the sentence. If >>5611923 gets you hot and bothered or OFFENDS your delicate sensibilities, this site in general is a bad place for you. You may be better served in a convent, or Amish country, or Mount Athos.

>Interrogate — threaten to tell their wives

Warin deduces the pain is coming from their crotch. The laborers and woodworkers were having their dicks ripped off in their dreams.

“You’re not telling me the whole truth. I checked the forest.”

“The other area you’ve been feeling pain is your groin, isn’t it?”

“You’ve been fooling around with a Lady of the Plantain tree, aren’t you? Tell me more about your condition before I tell your spouse about this.”

Most of the workers were a lot more talkative after that. They confirm that they were experiencing pain in the groin, and that they indeed were fooling around with the tree spirit, however, most of them aren’t even married.

The majority being punished for the sins of the minority. What a shame.

The workers also reveal some more information about the forest.

«We usually did it in the.. South East sector. The South is where that lady lives.»

“I found some torn up clothes in the South West sector. Are those yours?”

«No. Afterwards we clean up each time. Those clothes aren’t ours. We don’t even go there anymore ever since the pains started happening a few weeks ago.»

“.. alright.. and what about the North sectors? What do you usually do there?”

«The North sectors are where the Takhian trees are. We cut them down for wood and plant them back.»

“I found some litter there. Old wooden skewers and scraps of leather.”

«That wasn’t us. We know how angry she gets about trash, so we try to get rid of it as much as possible, but they just keep showing up, somehow.»

“.. aside from us, how many people has access to this forest?”

«Well.. it is at the outskirts of town. Someone could walk into it, I guess.» The laborers and woodworkers don’t really have a clue about other possible suspects.

“Sounds like a security problem.”

«.. yeah.»

“Well, from what I’ve seen, you have angered both of the tree spirits.”

“When did the nightmares and pain begin?”

«About three weeks ago. The Lady in the North… she never told us anything. We don’t even know why it happened. The Lady in the south said she saw one of us with another woman in her forest.»

“.. and is that true?”

«No. Really, we didn’t do that. It doesn’t even make sense. It was Sunday. We [the laborers] have that day off. We [the woodworkers] work on that day, but we only visit her during weekdays.»

There are 15 patients in total — 10 are laborers, and 5 are woodworkers. They seem to be somewhere around 20 - 40 years old, with the woodworkers being on the younger side.

Warin leaves the sickbay briefly to verify their work schedule with the managers.
They are being honest.

SE is where they usually have sex, SW is where the torn up cloth are, NE is where the wooden skewers are, and NW are where the leather scraps are.

This is weird. Who keeps putting trash in the north sectors and angering the Lady of the Takhian tree? And assuming that at least one of patients are not cheating on the Lady of the Plantain with another woman, who is?

Warin probably can’t ask the civilians about any information based on how abysmal the response to her was.

Warin decides to..

This is when the tree spirits will become active. She might be able to ask them something.

>NE [Lady of the Takhian tree’s domain]
Old wooden skewers were found here.

>NW [Lady of the Takhian tree’s domain]
Scraps of leather were found here.

>SE [Lady of the Plantain tree’s domain]
Nothing was found here. Seems like the patients did a pretty good job of cleaning up.

>SW [Lady of the Plantain tree’s domain]
Torn up cloth were found here.

If she suspects the patients are not telling the truth, she can ask spirits inside Cinderpath to eavesdrop on them, with the promise of a food offering. Due to the limited numbers of spirits, Warin can only ask them to eavesdrop on one group.

She won’t be able to call upon them again after this.

>Eavesdrop on the laborers

>Eavesdrop on the woodworkers
I will re read most of the updates tomorrow, there are clues that I am not registering. Also, are the two options mutually exclusive
No, you can do both (since the spirits will be eavesdropping while she investigates the forest), but you won’t be able to call upon Cinderpath spirits again if you choose to eavesdrop.
>SE [Lady of the Plantain tree’s domain]
Pure intuition. The area where there is NO evidence is more suspicious than areas where there's MAYBE evidence. Someone's been cleaning up after themselves. Ms. Marple, guide my sword!
>>SW [Lady of the Plantain tree’s domain]
Where does the leather clothes comes from?
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1 = se
2 = sw

Warin found torn up clothing in the South West area. Best if she starts investigating that first.

She’ll have to face a Lady of the Plantain tree. An easily jealous spirit that enjoys amassing a polyandry.

Warin treks through the forest with the brightly colored staff in her right hand, keeping her left hand free for a cross draw of the knife.


Some shadows move on their own. The sounds of leaves and animals becomes more suppressed as she walks deeper into the south west section. The blackened wooden handle feels lighter than usual ー even the witch doctor’s knife knows it will be a hard fight if she needs to defend herself.

Years of being a Krasue and her training in black magic has allowed her to see in the dark more clearly than a regular person. In her peripheral vision, she sees someone standing in the distance. A woman with long black hair and tinge of red makeup on her face. Her bright green shawl and breeches gives away her identity. Her eyes glare at Warin.

Being deeply connected to the supernatural world, Warin can spot the Lady of the Plantain tree quite easily. She turns to face her and bow to her ー an acknowledgement of her presence, and a gesture of moderate respect.

Warin doesn’t get on her knees and bow, as that would be a sign of absolute respect ー her status as a black magic user means she knows more than the average person, and should not give away respect easily.

The Lady looks at her and remains silent for now.

“Lady of the Plantain tree. I wish to ask for your aid. The people in this workshopー”

The tree spirit fades and reappears near Warin. After examining her, she says

〜yeah, you’re definitely not her. You’re way too old to be that woman. You know these people?〜

Arugh. I’m getting called old by someone whose probably.. a hundred year old or something, but has the body of some twenty year old. Not everyone is that lucky.

〜Sucks to suck, player [of the dark arts]〜
This tree spirit can even read Warin’s mind. Good thing she still hasn’t thought about her status a Krasue. She still has a trick up her sleeves.

“I was summoned here by the.. investors of this workshop. They are merely my colleagues, and I already have someone else back in Clawflash. My only task here is to keep the workshop profitable.“

〜Have you spoken to them? Asked them about their actions?〜

“Yes. They told me that they were faithful.. men of yours and that they cleaned up the forest after every time they visited you. They don’t know the reason for why they are being cursed.”

uhh.. time to think about something that won’t make her kill me.. uh..… her nails looks nice. The glossy red color looks really cute. And also.. uh.. the banana perfume also smells nice… I would probably use it if I had unlimited money.

〜…They’re bullshitting you.〜

“Yeah, that’s why I wanted to ask you about your side of the story.”

〜Well… a few weeks ago, I caught one of the men pressing a woman against a tree and undressing her. Right in my side of the forest. I faded away. Next time we had an orgy I asked them about what happened. Not a goddamn word about who he could be. So I cursed everyone of them. I didn’t want to kill them, of course — recruiting new husbands tend to be difficult after there’s a serial killing being reported. So I cursed them with nightmares, insomnia and pain. Every time they drink, they eat, they piss, they get horny, THEY THINK ABOUT WHAT THEY’VE DONE〜

“Uhh… got it.”
“So, about this guy… you got any.. description of him, anything that could identify him? I could help.”

〜I dunno. It’s hard to tell.〜

“It was dark that night?”

〜No, it was pretty bright actually. The girl was pretty young, about twenty years give or take. It’s just that I have trouble telling the browns apart.〜

she’s been here for what.. a century? Maybe half? And she can’t tell brown people apart?

〜…You lived for about fifty years and you still can’t figure out how to make your face looks good. A corpse could show up and I still wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.〜

“Uhh… anyway, back to the question, so how do you tell your men apart?”

〜I don’t. I can barely remember their names to be honest. We fuck and that’s about it.〜

〜They even suck at that, too. About.. seven of them just wants me to be on top every time and do nothing. AND THEN this girl shows up and that’s when one of them decides to be active for once. Shits retarded.〜

“Well… uhh.. noted. What about the girl?”

〜Also brown. Can’t exactly tell you more than that. In fact, that’s why I didn’t kill you right away. You didn’t match the description of that girl.〜

“Thanks.. i guess…”
“Alright.. about the things I found in the forest.”

“I found some torn up clothes in this area, some scraps of leather in North East sector, and some old wooden skewers in North West.”

〜Uh.. the torn up clothes aren’t mine or from my men. It would be a hassle if I did it to them, and they certainly wouldn’t dare to do it to my clothes.〜

〜As for skewers and leather. I don’t know anything about that. We don’t go there anyways. The people that did it are definitely fucked. That woman [referring to the Lady of the Takhian tree] doesn’t like trash at all.〜

“Those people are your men.”

〜Oh. They probably deserve it.〜

“That’s where things don’t add up — they cleaned up after each session with you, right?”

“Why would they do that consistently and litter in the north areas instead, where the Lady of the Takhian tree is? She’s a lot more strict than you are, I imagine.”

〜…well.. yeah.. but some ‘people’ are just retarded. Like I said. If one of them is dumb enough to try to fuck another girl in MY forest, I’d imagine they’d do dumb shit like that too.〜

〜.. uh, hey, good luck on your.. business shit or whatever but I gotta go now. I’ve heard there’s this young intern at the workshop that just broke up with his girlfriend. Can’t let someone like him go to waste.〜

Warin could probably say a few more words before she fades.


>To tell the Lady in the Takhian tree about her investigation
Before you go, can you tell that lady about my investigation? I want to help her clear out the litter and find out who is been doing it.

>To take Warin with her (travel to the South East sector)
Might as well investigate the south sectors throughly. However, Warin must be on her best behavior — sabotaging the Lady’s attempt in courting the young intern will likely result in her death.

in exchange for..

>Readily available men that are skilled in lovemaking
The Nectar Droplet does have a few male prostitutes, and a forest where the tree spirit could live in. If she is happy there, she can give blessings and wishes to the brothel. However, this could be a time and money sink, and she could curse the people if she is unsatisfied…

>Handover of the perpetrators
Warin’s investigation needs her help. When it is done, she can have that man and woman — she could do whatever she wants to them, but right now, Warin needs her.

Failure to keep her word could mean a curse upon her, or death, depending on what the circumstances are.
Note: Death is a lot less taxing on her compared to someone living

While Warin could be killed permanently by being completely disintegrated, she could survive decapitation strikes or limbs being severed.
>>To tell the Lady in the Takhian tree about her investigation
>To tell the Lady in the Takhian tree about her investigation

>tell her about the investigation

Warin asks her to tell the Lady of the Takhian tree about her investigation and assistance in cleaning the forest. She might not be as understanding as her.

〜Fine. I’ll talk to her about it.〜

After turning around, the lady fades away near instantly. Teleporting seems to be second nature to them, whereas Sira has to concentrate and maintain line of sight to the destination.

She reappears in front of Warin after a minute or so..

〜It’s done. Try to not ask Nuan too many questions. And if you do visit the South East sector... don’t bother us. Bye.〜

She fades away again, leaving only a faint scent of sweet bananas behind.

Oh goddamnit why the hell didn’t I ask for a ride to the North parts of the forest. Dammit.

Alright. It’s been a while. Let’s see if she can still do this.

Warin plants her staff on the ground and recites phrases of otherworldly words. Wind constantly blows against her back.

After taking a deep breath, Warin sprints, her body accelerated by the supernatural wind. All things around her slowly turn into a blur as her movements become more akin to a galloping horse rather than a human’s run.



The wind fades away.
Warin has arrived at the north parts of the forests, marked by the Takian trees — tall trees with spearpoint leaves. Highly prized for the high quality wood, it is resistant to erosion whether by termites or the weather. The uses of the wood are countless — A steady bridge. A stalwart buttstock of a gun. An ever reliable boat. And for this workshop, a beautiful material for furniture.

After Warin catches her breath, she looks around for the Lady


The rake moves back and forth, sweeping leather chunks into a pile.

Even Warin can barely see Nuan, a translucent figure in the open. A tall woman with strong arms, and little words. She glances at Warin and returns to her sweeping.

Warin notices something odd about these leather scraps. She walks closer to the pile.

“… may I inspect it?”

The Lady nods.

These scraps of leather seem to come from belts and purses. Based on how unrefined the cuts are, someone must’ve chopped up perfectly functional belts or purses and then dumped them here. A way of getting rid of evidence, perhaps?

“… uh.. Lady Nuan, may I ask you some questions?”


“Have you seen the people that did this? The people that dumped the leather scraps or old skewers in the forest?”

•I remember their silhouettes•
•A small group. Young•
•It is likely the woodcarvers•
•They are a young group of people that don’t have as much respect compared to the older ones. The teachers and laborers•
•I do not know precisely, which is why I punish them as a collective. If the others don’t advise the ones that do litter to change, they’re not that much better than them — they too deserve punishment•
•I have given them mercy. They can cut down and take as much of the Takhian trees they need, as long as they keep replanting them and keeping this forest the way it once was•
•A simple task such as that… if it cannot be performed, they deserve nothing else•

“I see…”
“I asked the other Lady and the workers about littering. When they have their orgies at the south parts of the forest, they always cleaned up afterwards. Every time. And—“

•So your argument is that they can’t be the one littering because they don’t do that with their lover’s side of the forest? It sounds weak — of course they would treat someone they spend time with more better than me•

“They know you value cleanliness above all, so why not put any effort into this? The risk of not doing so outweighs everything. Could it be another person, or groups of people trashing this forest instead?”

•In that case, it’s not exactly that much better — they are too incompetent to watch over this forest and allowed outsiders to destroy it•
•Is that not worthy of punishment, either?•

Nuan still doesn’t budge. She is intent on punishing the workers. Maybe her mind could be changed, but which strategies will work?

Warin responds by..

Some strategies will convince her. Some won’t.

>You method isn’t working!
I understand your punishment, but it seems the workers, and the investors don’t. That’s why I was summoned here, to fix it. These people are unwilling to fix themselves and improve, to the point of hiding the true extent of the injuries to me. Should they suffer? Definitely. But you’re not getting to the root cause. The workers are cursed and yet trash keeps coming. You’re not punishing the correct people. Help me find them.

>They are horny but not stupid
The workers and the Lady want the same thing. However, they are professionals — they only fool around with her after work, and they follow schedules. Why would they go out of their way to do this? Their efforts would mean you get annoyed and curse them, which also affects their sexlife too. It’s a lose - lose situation.

>Efficiency of the trash dumping
The leather scraps are from belts and purses. This is amateur work of someone that wants to get rid of these things for some reason. Not to mention, the skewers — extremely dangerous for people walking. The workers in this workshop may be dumb, but they’re not dumb enough to do this. If they are, they would dump them as they originally were. Not like this.

>Weakened security
I understand your frustration, however, by punishing them with the curses, you’ve made the forest even more open — there’s fewer people willing to go in there, and the people that do are sick. The pain, the sleep deprivation, they make it easier for someone to sneak in. I ask that you lessen it, for now.
>>Weakened security
>They are horny but not stupid
Rolled 1 (1d2)

1 = security
2 = horny not stupid
She's very uptight... but most of all she's a spirit. I don't see her changing their methods at all, because it's a spirit. In the end she doesn't care whether or not the forest is being littered, because if it were true then she would have ordered the men to find a solution. She is happy punishing and being self righteous.
Damn, I don't see any option that fits best but i want to follow the heart
>Horny but not stupid
Alright since you responded a minute apart from the tiebreaker i guess I’ll count it as

>horny but not stupid

Don’t wanna penalize you for typing your reasoning


>You method isn’t working! [wrong]
Nuan will not be convinced since Warin mentioned that the workers even hid their injuries from someone trying to help them.

>They are horny but not stupid [correct]
Nuan thinks very lowly of the workers. Appealing to her beliefs about their horniness and the inconvenience this would bring them will convince her.

>Efficiency of the trash dumping [wrong]
Nuan thinks very lowly of the workers, and suggesting they are not dumb enough won’t convince her, especially when the Lady of the Takhian tree cursed them after seeing one of them trying to have sex with another woman. Sex brainrot and that kind of thing.

>Weakened security [correct]
This argument addresses her directly. By demonstrating that Warin cares more about the forest than the workers, she appeals to her sense of duty.

>horny not stupid

Warin talks about the workers and their habits. They are complete degenerates, just like that lady, and willing to do anything just for sex. Trashing the forest doesn’t help them in any sort of way — they get cursed and can’t enjoy sex as much, and their job stability will be affected.

•Perhaps that is true•
•And in that case, what do you expect me to do?•

“Help me find the people responsible for this.”
“And, cure the workers of the nightmares and ailments, briefly. Until the investigation is done.”

•I cannot do both right now. Pick one•

“Help me find people, then.”

•I will notify you of any.. incidents or people in the north side of the forest•



Warin searches the North West side of the forest for more clues.

Old wooden skewers. The sticky texture of it is likely caused by dried sauce. It once held grilled pork or beef, most likely. Commonly eaten with sticky rice as a meal, albeit not a healthy one. Commonly eaten by children, teenagers, or young adults.

Nuan reappears in front of her again. Spearpoint shaped leaves appear around her as she materializes.

•A group of people. Found them in between the North and South West sectors of the forest. They’re celebrating and drinking. Littering, as well•

“Take me to them.”

Warin extends her arm.

Nuan holds her wrist and fades.

They reappear somewhere near the border between the North West and South West sector.

Hidden under a tree, Warin and Nuan can spot a few silhouettes in the darkness who are drinking and eating something. Around them are packets of banana leaves, bottles, pouches, and some kind of rolled up cloth.

Banana leaves are commonly used as wrappings for food, although judging by the fact that those people seem to have trouble opening the wrappings, they likely bought it instead of preparing it themselves.

The bottles seem quite strange. They look old and decrepit, but that silky white liquid indicates it is a high quality rice wine. If they can afford rice wine, why bother putting it in something this ugly?

The rolled up cloth looks strange. The fabric is quite thick, and Warin swears she can see some glints coming from it. Something shiny?

Warin decides to…

>Approach them, alone
Only she can do this. If Nuan approaches them, they might get scared and run off — they’ll run further into the South West sector and endanger themselves

>Approach them with Nuan
Two is better than one. From the looks of it, there’s about four to six people. If those people decide to become aggressive, Nuan could help her out.

>Send spirits to eavesdrop on them
Warin doesn’t have enough information to act yet. She can send spirits to eavesdrop on them.

>Stalk them (stealth DC 10 / 14)
Warin doesn’t need to use spirits to do her work — she could just sneak up and spy on them! Then again, it has been a long time since she has stalked someone.

(Warin gets no bonuses to stealth)
>>Send spirits to eavesdrop on them
Good on us to keep that tool up
>Send spirits to eavesdrop on them
>spirits eavesdrop

Warin decides to call upon the spirits of Cinderpath to eavesdrop for her, in exchange for food.

She lifts her brightly colored staff high and speaks the otherworldly tongue.

wandering spirits, hear me. I am a player of the black arts. Eavesdrop on these people who are eating and drinking, and I will provide you with food offerings.

The shadows move on their own. The apparitions heard her call. Leaves flutter as unseen forces approach the silhouettes of people.

Unlike a traditional magic user, 'bearer' who is given authority to manipulate an element they study in, in exchange for strain on their bodies, Warin is a 'player [of the dark arts]', someone who make trades in exchange for supernatural powers.

There are many ways to satiate spirits, but food offerings are the easiest. However, it takes a while before they become hungry again.

She deems this situation worthy of supernatural help.


Leaves flutter again. Shadows shift, and whispers reach her ears. Each spirit gathered different things from their eavesdropping.

First whisper

there are six in total. four young men and two young women, all no older than twenty. they celebrate the success of their recent theft of purses and liquor. 'only a few more scores and they’ll be free' they said.

Second whisper

six teenagers of dark brown skin. a gang of cutpurses, united by their dream of being freed from slavery. pitiful debt slaves, telling stories to each other. their cracked bottles and the large knife roll are their most prized possessions.

Third whisper

a pack of blacks, young, and wanting an end to their debt slavery. careless in their disposal of the stolen leather pouches and bags. they leave their remains of items that once held their food without much thought.

Fourth whisper

four males. two females. they bear a sense of camaraderie and more. one male and one female are in love. young and rash, they are eager to demonstrate their feelings physically.

Ah. A gang of debt slaves who became cutpurses.

The most common type of slaves in Sablestream, they were likely sold by their parents due to inability to support them financially or inherited debt. Luckily, they could buy their freedom if they can amass the same amount of money they were sold at.

Nuan raises her palm.

•I have heard enough•
•these children will learn respect•

A few gestures is all it takes to curse these people.

Warin decides to…

>Intervene — approach the group and convince them to surrender
Warin can’t allow Nuan to curse them. She could find a more peaceful solution by approaching them. Whether by fear or reason, they will surrender.

>Request that her curses not disrupt their minds
Wait, Lady Nuan! I need them lucid. They can’t tell us anything if they’re retarded. Maybe this is just only a part of a larger group.

Fuck these assholes. Perhaps they had no options but to steal, but to litter and destroy the leather bags and pouches of people after stealing them? Unnecessary. Warin could sit back and feed the spirits while watching the carnage unfold.
Can't unsee toilet paper on a stick
I don’t have pink and green highlighters in my bedroom
Hey, if they go OOF then problem solved right?
Not the most moral thing to do, but if it appeases the spirits then we can sort out OUR bottom line and OUR associated workers all the faster. Sorry for your lot in life, debt slaves. :(

Perhaps Warin could intervene.

It is probably the moral thing to do.
But it won’t help her investigation if they manage to escape.

She watches as Nuan closes her palm.

The cutpurses struggle to stand. Some can barely move, while some fall to the ground.

Nuan raises her palm above her head and brings it down while closing it.

She commands the spirits inside the forest to assault the six teenagers. While they won’t understand the otherworldly noise, the constant stream of whispers will disorient and deafen them.

Nuan fades, reappearing in front of the six cutpurses who are barely lucid enough to look at her. She simply stares.

She points at the piles of banana wrappings nearby the group. They will clean this up.

When one of them tries to grovel at her feet, she grabs their hair and yell at them.

By the time Warin walks towards the group, nearly all of them lie on the ground. Breathing, but can barely do anything aside from move their eyes to look at her.

Based on the reaction of being touched, Nuan likely cursed their entire body. They are still lucid, but there simply is too much pain for them to move anything besides breathing. Even talking would be extremely painful for them.

The banana wrappings were grouped together, not partially neatly, but compact enough to be carried and disposed of instead of being strewn around like before.
The people responsible for trashing the forest are now secured. However, the spirits mention two of them are lovers — these might be the people who the Lady of the Plantain tree saw.

Warin requests Nuan to allow them to speak. She wants to interrogate them.

•Remember this well. You are only allowed to speak due to the request of this player. Try to scream or become uncooperative and I will rip that jaw off•

Nuan warns the six people before retracting her curse.

“It seems you have angered two tree spirits. One by littering, one done by trying to have sex in the south portions of the forest.”

“I’ve heard two of you are lovers. Announce yourselves.”

After some silence and glances at each other, the two announce themselves.

<That.. that would be me and her.>
〔Yes, that’s us.〕

“Alright. Now, on sunday, a few weeks ago, the other tree spirit said that… she saw a man pinning a woman against a tree and began undressing her. Is that you?”

〔No. We don’t do that. We cannot afford any medicine to prevent pregnancies, so we don’t go that far.〕
<We mainly kiss and grope each other, but nothing like that.>

•Are you absolutely sure?•
Nuan is suspicious.

〔Yes! We are being honest!〕

•Do you swear on it, with your life?•

〔We’re not lying.〕
<We are telling you the truth>

Nuan touches their forehead and marks them.

•Should you lie about this, lightning will struck you down. Maybe years from now. Decades from now. Or in a few weeks•

〔We are telling you the truth, I swear!〕

“She was making sure, that’s all. But if you’re not the ones doing it, then who?”

<… We don’t know.>

“Tell me about your… whole operation. Where do you guys go, in this forest?”

〔Basically, we visit this forest to dispose of the stuff we stole. Bags. Purses. Cut them up and stuffed it inside the North East side of the forest. We also go here to plan things out and lay low. Sometimes we forget to take our skewers back with us after we’re done eating.〕



“And the torn up cloth in the South West?”

〔Sometimes the people in the workshop put clothes in the forest. They were worth quite a lot so we cut them up and sold them.〕

they were probably trying to gift her those clothes. They’re really intent on pissing off this spirits without even knowing it.

“And the South East?”

<We.. don’t go there. There’s way too many people there and.. they.. uh.. we don’t want to bother people having group sex.>

〔We used to see them all the time, too. Pretty much on every weekday night until these past few weeks.〕

“Sounds about right.”

Since the real culprits were found, Nuan retracts her curse from the laborers and woodworkers of the workshop.

However, from the looks of things, these two aren’t the people that the Lady of the Plantain tree saw. It does make some sense that they wouldn’t risk penetration when they don’t have any contraceptives or abortifacients.

Warin decides to..

>Check up on the patients and inform them about what happened
Some of them should be cured completely now, and some should get better. The Lady of the Takhian tree isn’t mad at them anymore. And they should probably try to communicate more with each other so this doesn’t happen again.

>Give these kids money to buy their freedom (—funds)
Please don’t kill them, Nuan. I ask for a lesser punishment. Take the money and give to your masters. Make sure slave auditors are there when you do so. Get out of the life and find a legitimate job. If they still come back to this forest to steal and litter, you can kill them.
>Check up on the patients and inform them about what happened
Would we still be working with Red Winter, Catchers Corp, et al if we were staunch abolitionists or overly sympathetic? I don't know...
>>Check up on the patients and inform them about what happened
>check up

Perhaps Warin could buy these kids freedom, but she is not part of a charity, nor does she have unlimited money. She was sent here to investigate and solve an issue that prevented this workshop from being profitable.

Warin plants her staff on the ground. Wind swirls around her as she thinks about a location in the workshop she has previously seen. She fades.

While slower than Sira’s fade, hers do not require line of sight, much like the tree spirits.

Warin emerges at the back of the workshop, nearby the back entrance and sickbay. A couple shadows follow her.

I’ll feed you guys soon enough, don’t worry.

The wind dissipates…. and.. she hears… moaning..?

Warin swears she can hear the moans of two people near her. Normally, she wouldn’t care for unprofessional behaviors that don’t affect the businesses, but the moans might be from one of her patients. It is coming from the rows of outhouses nearby the workshop.


Two people are inside one of them.

‘haahh… fuck… yes…..’

‘’‘’Keep it down, babe.‘’‘’
‘’‘’We almost got caught last time.‘’‘’


‘it was really hot, though.’

‘’‘’oh yeah, definitely.‘’‘’

‘Being pinned to a tree was really hot. Loved that-’

‘’‘’A bit too loud,, there, babe.‘’‘’
His hand muffles the woman’s voice.

‘’‘’Yeah. I loved it too. Once that hexer leaves, we’re definitely going in there again.‘’‘’
‘’‘’Fuck, your thighs look great.‘’‘’

‘’’’’.. g- ..gah..‘’‘’
‘ha.. haahh….’

‘’‘’fuck me.. that was.. I never that came much before.‘’‘’
‘’‘’I think I’m addicted to your thighs…‘’‘’
‘.. don’t pull out. Not yet…I just.. wanna feel it.. for a bit longer….’

alright, you guys had enough fun yet?
kick this door down for me, apparitions.
Wind slams against the door. Inside the toilet are two young adults, a woman being pressed against a wall by a man. Most of their clothes are resting on the large water jar in the corner of the toilet. Their bodies are lean and dark brown in color.

‘’‘’What the fuck!‘’‘’

Warin stands in the doorway.

“You two were the ones in that forest a few weeks back, aren’t you.”
“People do say a lot of things when they’re horny, don’t they.”

‘how long have you’ve been watching us?’

“A couple rounds. They said they like your thighs.”
“They also said the moans were pretty cute.”
“The cum dripping down your thighs was pretty hot andー”
“Anyway, uh, answer the question.”

‘’‘’Goddamn creep…‘’‘’

These two were the ones that the Lady of the Plantain tree talks about. The woman is a maid for a Red Winter’s associate, while the man is a woodcarver that didn’t get cursed with soreness since he wasn’t part of the Plantain Lady’s harem.

Once Nuan cured the nightmares, these two went at it again.

‘’‘’Wait! Don’t tell anyone about this, alright? If the investors find out about this, the workshop is fucked. Most of our connections are from those guys.‘’‘’

Warin explains her circumstances and the demands of the two tree spirits.

‘Please, don’t tell anyone. We promise, we’re not gonna do some stupid shit like this again.’

Warin could pin the blame on the cutpurse couple, and both Nuan and the Lady of the Plantain tree will be satisfied. She can’t tell brown people apart, anyway. Those two would probably be killed by Red Winter. The workers will be cured of ailments, and workshop will remain just it has always been. However, if this couple ever gets caught again, people could be cursed all over again.

If Warin reveals the truth, this guy would probably be killed or tortured, and relations between this workshop and Red Winter will be heavily strained. There may be drastic changes to the workshop and their forests. However, the cutpurse couple will likely survive, and the workers will be cured.

Warin concludes this investigation.

Nuan, the Lady of the Takhian tree, cursed the workers with nightmares, but the true culprits were a gang of cutpurses. Young teenagers who are debt slaves.

The Lady of the Plantain tree cursed the workers with pain on their mouths, hands, and groin after witnessing a couple having sex in their forest and mistaking the man to be from her harem.

Warin pins the blame on…

>Donate money to the debt slaves
Fine. This remains private. However, BOTH of you will donate as much money as possible to the debt slaves, understood? Two of them will take the fall for you. Least you could do is buy the remaining four their freedom.

>Have them marked by Nuan
Nuan will make sure both of you aren’t lying. I will only remain silent once Nuan marks the two of you. If you lie and do this risky shit again, lightning will strike you down.

>Just business
I am an investigator. An agent of Red Winter. I must put the organization over the individuals. I cannot allow such a risk to linger.

>You deserve it
Fourteen people are suffering for WEEKS because of your actions. Because you two fucked up. Because you used your dick more than your brain. If the workshop has people like you in it, they deserve to rot away.
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>Donate money to the debt slaves
>Have them marked by Nuan

The mark is to ensure they keep their word, the money is to repair the wrong they've done.
>Blame the maid and the woodworker
gonna close the votes in ~4 hrs
Rolled 1 (1d2)

1 = donate
2 = biz

Warin agrees to keep this matter to herself, but ask them to meet with Nuan first.


•'you will provide those debt slaves with money if the amount does not impact your wellbeing, for as long as they are not free'•

•Do you swear your life on these statements?•

They look at Warin before nodding.


Nuan’s pale fingers and bright red nails touch their forehead.

•Should you fail to honor this, misery and suffering will find you•
•let it be done•

While lighting strikes are the most extreme in terms of punishment, there are lesser punishments to remind the promises. Attracting minor injuries, headaches, or nightmares are one of many ways to keep vows from being broken.


The investigation has ended.

Warin explains the situation to the Lady of the Plantain tree, and hand over the two of the cutpurses to her. She retracts her curses on the laborers of the workshop.

After explaining that the cutpurses were behind the curses, the Red Winter members and associates contacted the owners of these slaves. They negotiated and gained an undisclosed amount of money as compensation.

During those days before the negotiations happened, the slaves were locked up in animal cages and stripped of their clothing. Their sleep would be disrupted several times per night, and their food consisted of little more than water and some rice.

Red Winter would love to torture them and leave lingering marks, but they are too useful as a bargaining chip, so they decide to treat them as livestock instead.

As for the woodworker and maid, Warin cooked up a story about how these cutpurses helped their friends in time of need, and wants to repay them. Their bargaining didn’t really save the slaves from Red Winter, nor did they save them from being whipped by the masters, but their donations did create an incentive for the slave owners to not punish them to the point of unable to work. They’ll get slapped, beaten with sticks and whips, but the wounds will fade after a while.

The nightmares and ailments that plague the laborers have finally ceased.

Warin has been compensated by the Red Winter members and associates for her assistance.

As for the tree spirits, they were glad that the root causes were removed, although the two wanted to punish the cutpurses personally. They bless her with good fortune and happiness before Warin departs. Had she told the truth, she might’ve gotten more powerful blessings or favors from them.

Then again, her lies kept the organization running smoothly. Had she acted more fairly, perhaps she would have gain the admiration of the tree spirits, but no one else.

Then again, she is not a judge. She’s only there just keeps businesses running.

Warin leaves Cinderpath with a decent amount of money, slightly better connections, and minor blessings of the tree spirits.

The Red Winter members in Cinderpath leaves Sira and his colleagues alone to conduct their business.


Nahm proved to be a capable artist that is able to produce many beautiful posters in only a few days, perfect for the upcoming month’s influx of lonely people.

While prostitutes satiate the sexual desires of customers, talking, consoling, and providing emotion support are also important skills. Heartbreak, family issues, difficulties in life, they are all factors which contribute to someone visiting a brothel, and there’s no time that facilitates that more than Sablestream’s new years.
The nightmares and ailments that plague the laborers have finally ceased.

Warin has been compensated by the Red Winter members and associates for her assistance.

As for the tree spirits, they were glad that the root causes were removed, although the two wanted to punish the cutpurses personally. They bless her with good fortune and happiness before Warin departs. Had she told the truth, she might’ve gotten more powerful blessings or favors from them.

Then again, her lies kept the organization running smoothly. Had she acted more fairly, perhaps she would have gain the admiration of the tree spirits, but no one else.

Then again, she is not a judge. She’s only there just keeps businesses running.

Warin leaves Cinderpath with a decent amount of money, slightly better connections, and minor blessings of the tree spirits.

The Red Winter members in Cinderpath leaves Sira and his colleagues alone to conduct their business.


Nahm proved to be a capable artist that is able to produce many beautiful posters in only a few days, perfect for the upcoming month’s influx of lonely people.

While prostitutes satiate the sexual desires of customers, talking, consoling, and providing emotion support are also important skills. Heartbreak, family issues, difficulties in life, they are all factors which contribute to someone visiting a brothel, and there’s no time that facilitates that more than Sablestream’s new years.
Fourth month — first half

Funds 7/10 » 9/10
Morale 6/10 » 7/10
Security 6/10
Connections 5/10 » 6/10

Hoards of people drift across the entertainment district during the early days of this month, spending their time and money in shady places. Some businesses flourish, while some can barely manage to stay alive. A time where every aspect of an organization gets tested.

Naturally, the Nectar Droplet is tested as well.

[1d4 vs each aspect]

Funds: HIGH (d5)
Morale: HIGH (d5)
Security: MODERATE (d4)
Connections: MODERATE (d4)

However, the funds, morale, security, and connections Sira has cultivated should be able to reduce the strain the brothel will receive.

It’s all up to his employees now….

[2d5 & 2d4 bonus to each aspect]
Rolled 1, 4, 1, 4 = 10 (4d4)

vs all aspects
1st vs funds
2nd vs morale
3rd vs security
4th vs connections
Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d5)

Rolled 2, 3 = 5 (2d4)

Funds 8/10
Morale 3/10
Security 5/10
Connections 2/10

Bonuses: 3, 4, 2, 3

>choose which aspect gets each bonus
Funds get 2 (10)
Morale get 3 (6)
Security get 3 (8)
Connections get 4 (6)
these posts...
This is adequate, I support it
I supoort as well.

Fourth month — later half (end of Sablestream new years festivities)

>Funds 10/10
>Morale 6/10
>Security 8/10
>Connections 6/10

The increase in customers have pushed the brothel to its limits.

Morale mostly held firm, even with the long hours and frequent customers. The security proved themselves competent at neutralizing the trouble makers and suppressing the more easily angered ones.

While the reputation of the brothel has neither wax nor wane, they gained a substantial amount of money during this month.

Lesser businesses might be struggling to survive, or have gone under, but not the Nectar Droplet.

During these past few years, he hasn’t paid much attention to it, barely putting effort into running it. That has changed now. His activities in these past few months has made the Nectar Droplet more profitable than ever.

Red Winter has taken notice of this, and asks Sira to assist other members and their associates who are facing problems with their businesses.

Sira could do this, but he could also spend time to take care of his employees — they’ve been through a lot.

Sira decides to…

HELP RED WINTER [mutually exclusive options]
>Search & Capture — Escaped water monitors of Pikebreak (++ / — connections)
Well known for the health benefits of living there, the province of Pikebreak is commonly visited during holidays. This northern province has clean air, large animals and plants, and high percentage of giants. A Red Winter owned farm that breeds Water monitors had thieves stealing the eggs and letting the water monitors out of the farm.

Sira, his crows, and Warin will deal with this. Whether by negotiation or by force, they will retrieve those water monitors.

>Assassination — A group of giants (+/- connections, +/- morale)
Far south of Sablestream lies the province of Graceborn, a location where large Serpents are the majority of the population. A group of giants tried to provoke a gang war by stealing sponges from a sponge harvesting company and blaming it on Red Winter associates in the area.

Sira, his crows, and Arun will be sent to take care of this. Expect heavy resistance.

>Give them a vacation (++morale, -connections)
All of the staff deserves a little break. The brothel will be closed for a few weeks. It’ll hurt their reputation slightly, but its a worthy price to keep the employees happy.

Besides, Sira will have more time to hang out with Warin and his old colleagues.

>Renovate the brothel based on staff feedback (++morale, —funds)
The brothel could use some changes to help the staff. Getting rid of outdated objects and installing more useful ones. Improvements to the clothing and furniture. There’s plenty to do, and they can afford the cost for such.

That tailor lady could help…
>Renovate the brothel based on staff feedback
We can, after all, afford the cost.
>>Renovate the brothel based on staff feedback (++morale, —funds)

>Search & Capture — Escaped water monitors of Pikebreak (++ / — connections)
I'd read it as we could only do the mission OR hang with our employees this vote...?
The Red Winter options are mutually exclusive (you cant do water monitor + anything else)

but the
>treat his employees
options are not
(You can do vacation + renovate)

You can either choose 1 red winter mission, or choose treat employees option(s)
Waited for long enough



With the amount of money the brothel currently has, they can improve a lot of things within it.

Let’s see what the employees want me to fix.

Mattresses and pillows…
Annoyances about the clothing…
Damage to the walls and floor…

Sira has neglected this place and its people for many years now, and these complaints certainly shows it. Having to spend hours approving and denying purchases were quite tedious, but Warin occasionally visits him to give him some butterfly pea flower tea and play with his hair.

Most of the damage to the building are minor ー minor chips and cracks to the stairs and walls. Some glue and some wood to replace the cracked ones will be good enough. The real damage were on the doors and windows, becoming difficult to move.

Definitely can’t let this go. Mosquitos would eat my employees alive in the later months. Approved.

The furniture were pretty dusty and old. Some chairs were unable to hold customers due to sustained damage to the legs, being relegated to holding objects instead. How many times have the giantesses rode the customers on these chairs? Sira doesn’t really know.

Scrap them and replace these chairs. Fixing it would be more costly, anyways. Approved.

Pillows and mattresses are cleaned regularly, but the stains accumulate over time. Same goes for the blankets. No effect on odor, though.

Good enough. Denied.

Finally, the clothing. Some irritated the skin, some ripped too easily, and some of the good ones were limited in supply.

Skirts. Stockings. Garters. Breeches. Clothes for covering the chest.

Alright, we could use some changes to the clothes. Let’s see what Tharn has to offer.

South West Market District ー Jessamine Cloak tailor shop
The tailor shop is a moderately sized one, adorned with pale colors and covered by walls of fabrics. Aside from Tharn, the nervous tailor Sira met two months ago, the shop doesn’t have many employees at all, only three or four employees are in it at any given time.

After Sira worn those garters at the tournament, the tailor shop has gained many new customers, but the burns and cracks of the wooden walls can never be fully hidden, no matter how extensive the fabrics that cover it ー more than a few pissed off gamblers have attacked the Jessamine Cloak.

'Hi mister...'
'.. ah. Mister Sira. It has been a while. What can I do for you?'

The long haired woman is no longer that nervous, sweaty girl that approached him two months ago. Tharn speaks with confidence and her hands remain steady.

Sira explains his situation and commissions her.

'I see, but.. these will take a while. I estimate it to be about three weeks in total.'

'Normally it would be faster but one of our tailors, Bua, is currently sick.'

「That’s alright.」

After some more discussion about schedule and payment, his crows give the tailor shop the pouches of bullet coins.

By the time the new clothes are delivered, it will be the fifth month, the beginning of rain season. A time of agriculture, fishing, and flooding. Travel will be difficult.

..actually, that name sounds familiar. Wasn’t she a colleague of Warin?

Sira request to talk to Tharn privately.

「About your tailor, Bua, I believe I have heard of her. Did she say anything about her former job?」

'She… doesn’t really talk much about it, but I.. I believe she was a cook.'

「Were there any.. scars on her back? I believe she has several of them.」

'… what’s your relationship with this woman?' Her voice turns cold and her eyes are steady.

「My.. colleague used to work with her. She is an apothecary. I figured if it was the same person, maybe she could visit her and help her out.」


The Forest with the waterfall ー Nearby the Nectar Droplet

Warin carries several bowls into the haunted forest.

With the dimming of the sun, spirits emerge. The shadows shift on their own, and the spirits of the corpses in the forest watch her.

Candles. Incenses. Prayers. Food.

She prepares a food offering for the spirits and the Preta in the forest ー a routine she does once every few weeks. A few large straws were included so the Preta could eat the stew and soups more effectively.

Unusually, the Preta emerges from the earth early. The tall thing mostly lurks within the shadows of the trees, but its eyes longingly look at the setting sun.

After a few minutes, the frail, skeletal being turns to look at her.

The other spirits move out of the way as the Preta kneels down to face Warin.

、Player of the noble art. You have gifted me with food and shelter for many months. I cannot thank you enough、

、…………I have finally found the reason I have not passed on yet、

、I was once…. a merchant. I sold medical supplies. I deceived people for my own benefit. I have hurt many, killed many, all because of my greed. When I was killed, my parents never knew what happened. They were in Clawflash while I was in Cinderpath、

、If I can relieve them of the burden of not knowing what happened, and to part with them properly, I believe I will be able to pass on、

、I ask for your aid. I do not know how long my parents will live for、

The Preta bows down to her, the head and both arms resting against the ground ー a gesture of complete respect, mostly performed to important people, such as monks, spirits, teachers, or parents.

Warin says she will consider it.

Later in the night, Sira and his crows return to the brothel. He informs her about a tailor shop, and said that one of the tailors could be her old colleague, Bua. She is sick.

Warin decides to..

>visit Bua
It must have been nearly two decades since they saw each other. She must be.. fifty or sixty years old by now. She can’t miss this chance.

>help out the Preta
As a player of the dark arts, she is one of the few who is able interact with the supernatural to this degree. Few see them. Fewer are willing to listen.
Can we visit Bua and assign Sira to help guide the Preta, with good enough directions? If not...


Bua won't miss our absence if we never announce our presence. She probably never thinks of us.
mutually exclusive options

Sira can faintly see the preta but isnt able to understand the otherworldly voices and respond

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Maybe it is best if she doesn’t know about her current… state of 'living'. After all these years, Warin is still part of the life while Bua managed to live a legitimate one.

Warin agrees to the Preta’s request.

The Preta can faintly recall its past.



His parents weren’t rich people. A butcher and a cook. They were honest people, but struggled financially. It has been many years since the end of the war between Sablestream and Galepeak, but the presence of its effects still lingered.

It was never fair. Mercenaries put in a fraction of their effort and received more monthly salary than they could ever see in a year. He witnessed their overreach in power firsthand in Clawflash.

He left it and began his work as a merchant in the southern parts of Sablestream, selling supplies for the mercenaries. Figured he could get a fraction of that money for himself.

He was an honest man, once. A man who ensured his stock met the standards of the people that needed them…

But witnessing the brutality of disgruntled, unpaid mercenaries made him weary. Made him tired.

It started out with small lies, twisting the words so his products sound a little better than it really is.

He eventually found a highly profitable business — selling medicinal products blessed by Bloodbearers.

The fleeting lives of mercenaries never concerned him, anyways. A disposable lot that he can squeeze money from.

He never knew how many people were killed due to his words. His faulty armors and arms. The inefficient and misleading medicinal food and drinks. The unreliable rope and packets.

Over the years he operated, he caught the attention of similarly shady individuals. He was a hand that bought and sold many dangerous things, whether it be concoctions that can manipulate the mind or slaves that no one seems to care about.


It was a day like any other in Cinderpath, a large town with a high mercenary presence. As night falls, he checks his inventory and prepared to sell the transparent, viscous liquid that can make people unconscious and remove memories.

A goblin came for him.

She stabbed him in the thigh and caused him to tumble down the stairs, breaking his arm.

When he tried to climb up and reach his room, his supply of high quality healing potions were swapped out with heavily diluted ones.

Glass shatters. His head was slammed into the floor. His face pummeled by the door.

It all goes dark.


After that point, Pike cannot remember the last time he wasn’t wondering around looking for food.

According to the Preta, he can faintly sense them being somewhere around the North East side of Clawflash — an area saturated by seafarers, fishers, and farmers.

Her investigation takes her to many places, but she eventually narrows it down the three.

An old slaughterhouse, far west of Clawflash. Mostly old people are here. Few in numbers, and fewer that might talk to her, but those that do might have a lot of information.

A street of small restaurants. Small businesses that serve portions, providing cheap meals to young and old alike. Warin remembers seeing quite a few of these in her childhood.

A temple, far north. A place where education was given by monks, and a place that most people will visit over their lifetime, whether for marriage, funerals, or giving alms. A sacred place that can shield people inside it against evil. Is she able to endure such a place..?

Warin decides to visit the..

Few people are here, but they know a lot of things. She’ll need to persuade them, somehow.

A lot of people are here, but not all knows about what she wants. She needs to know when to cut her losses and move on to asking someone else.

The monks are willing to answer her questions, but can she endure this place? She’ll need to reaffirm her beliefs and actions. Has she been a good person? Was she even one in the first place?
It's never too late to get our spirituality on
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1 = temple
2 = slaughterhouse


Unlike the singular, tall slaughterhouse at Cinderpath, the one in Clawflash is a collective of buildings that form a rectangle, with a large courtyard in the middle. Rather than being situated on the ground, the buildings are built on top of large pillars ー a style of traditional architecture that was much more common several decades back, due to the more prevalent flooding and Clawflash being less developed.

Based on the amount of buildings connected to each other, Warin deduces that decrepit slaughterhouse with fading colors and cracked wood was once a large house for a moderately wealthy family.

They must’ve had thirty.. maybe fourty people here.

Today, only a dozen or so remain. Most are in the basement ー the area under the buildings that remain cool due to constant airflow, it is the perfect place for cutting up meat and placing the fragments of bones inside crates. A few leave and return with buckets of water. Rarely do they return to the houses above them.

Old men with gray hair and wrinkly arms. They work in relative silence compared to the ever noisy city and moving waters.


It is the early afternoon. They leave the cold basement beneath and eat their lunch in the courtyard, resting underneath the large tree in the middle. Warin decides to ask them for information.

“Hello. Are you free? I am looking for someone and was wondering if you could help.”

|We have a lot of freetime. Not much work these days. Who are you looking for?|

“I’m looking for Mr Jittigorn or Mrs. Jittigorn. I’ve heard they live somewhere around here. Meat cutter and a cook. Roughly.. sixty.. seventy years old?”

|.. why do you want the know about them?|

Their cordial demeanor turns into a cautious one.

“It’s about their son. Pike. He passed away a long time ago, but I am here to deliver a message from him. He never got the chance to do so. I discovered it a day ago.”

Their tone remains neutral.

|… do you know him?|

“Barely. I stumbled across his writings… his.. message seems regretful. Figured I might as well do it since I have free time. I’m sure his parents want to find out what happened to their son.”

|.. well.. he wasn’t a good son. When that kid left Clawflash, he didn’t say anything. Didn’t send anything. Didn’t respond to anything. After a few years or so, they just accepted that he died. They moved on.|

|When did he die?|

“Nearly twenty years ago.”

|.. so… he was.. about.. forty when he passed. His parents have accepted that he must’ve died when he was.. almost twenty or so|

|Over twenty years for him to visit, to talk, to do anything! But he didn’t. Don’t you think its better for them to.. not know about this? It doesn’t really matter what kind of life he lived — a wealthy one, or a poor one. He either had money but refused to share it, or fucked up so hard he was poor for the rest of his life. Was he a criminal as well? What did he do?|

“… he wasn’t a very nice person, but he isn’t asking for forgiveness. He just wants to clear things up between him and his parents. So they don’t have to think about him anymore.”

|… they already do that.|
|If you hand them your.. letter or note, or whatever, who is benefiting, really? Is his happiness worth theirs? Having to live with the fact that they could’ve.. done something all those years ago? To live with his son’s actions?|

Two choices will work. Two won’t.

Warin responds by..

>Reveal the truth
Alright, fine. Here is the truth — He was a merchant that overpriced his goods and lied to customers. He got killed but isn’t able to pass on. He remains a hungry ghost. A Preta. I want to help set him free, and the way to do that is to clear up this.. mess.

>Have they completely forgotten?
Are you really sure they have completely forgotten about their kid? Not wanting any closure at all, after nearly two decades of raising him?

You don’t know if his parents will blame themselves for his actions — I highly doubt they will blame themselves for not stopping him from scamming his customers after years of trying to contact him.

>I will help
Maybe they will blame themselves, but I will there to explain. He died in Cinderpath — I have a lot of friends there that can explain the situation. Tell his life story. Give them proper closure.
>Have they completely forgotten?
Who ever could fully forget and stop caring about their child? If they did, they were bad parents and it probably explains why Pike ended up that way (nice callback, btw). In that case, their happiness isn't any more important than the Preta's. If they DID love him and DO still lament his loss, then we'll be doing everyone involved a favour, after all.
it has been 14 hours now. voting closed.

Normally, your choice would be incorrect, but I like the reasoning behind your option. By presenting it as doing a favor to everyone involved and working with the assumption they miss him rather than asking them IF they are sure the parents miss him, Warin doesn’t present herself as someone who is just guessing

Here are the reasonings behind my options.

>Reveal the truth [correct]
Warin establishes herself to be the authority since they are currently dealing with the supernatural, her field of study.

>Have they completely forgotten? [wrong]
Warin doesn’t establish any credibility here and this feels like prodding of someone who doesn’t know about them as in depth as the butchers.

>Assumption [wrong]
Warin doesn’t have anything that would convince them otherwise in terms of evidence. A 'doubt' is not good enough.

>I will help [correct]
Warin has the advantage when it comes to his death and the days before it. By stating his death and the location, alongside people who have more knowledge than them, Warin has the upper hand.
Ah, damn. Well, can't win them all! Let's see how this plays out.

>Have they forgotten? [modified]

success, although not without contempt

“They are his parents. They can never could fully forget about their child. Not after two decades of raising him. If they STILL love him and still lament his loss, then everyone is benefitting. They all WILL get closure. If they did not, then they were not good parents. Maybe that is why Pike ran away in the first place. In that case, you are correct. His happiness is worth theirs. They will have to live with that fact.”

The group huffed and fell silent. She does make a good point, but they’re not terribly happy about how her words are presented. They begrudgingly give her the information about Pike’s parents.

| Fine. Jittigorn used to work here. He can’t really walk much now. He mostly stays in his wife’s restaurant for most of the time ー Aunt Jintana’s duck noodles. |

| It is in the old street. You know where that is? |

“Yes. The one with a bunch of small noodle restaurants in it.”

| Good. If you’re lucky, both of them will be there. |

Before Warin could ask them for more information, they finish their break and return to the basement. The sounds of cleavers and wind will definitely interfere with. her questioning, and judging by their tone, they probably don’t want to be bothered further.

She visits the old street.


The old street is called such due to its age ー it was one of the first streets where businesses, especially restaurants coagulated. Now, only a fraction of its visitors remain, mostly parents and grandparents that take their families there. Portion sizes are small, and how the restaurant itself operated was quite.. old. In here, customers could always see the cook as they prepared the dishes. Few waiters are available, and large jars of condiments were placed around every table.

The hot afternoon forces people into the restaurants, seeking shade and something cold to quell the heat. The duck noodle restaurant likely won’t have that many people in it.

Old street ー Aunt Jintana’s Duck Noddles

The mostly empty restaurant is manned by an old woman who seems to be in her eighties.. or nineties.. Warin is not sure. The math sounds about right. Twenty years plus forty means she must’ve had given birth somewhere between twenty to thirty years old.

She orders an order of duck noddles. Might as well have lunch.

A small portion of egg noddles and slices of duct meat are served in a concave bowl. The faint yellow broth seems to made from chicken stock, giving a slight saltiness to the dish. The fat of the duck makes swallowing the noodles easy. It’s a well put together meal, although a single dish maybe be too small for most.


After paying for (and complimenting) the duck noodles, she asks her about Mister Jittigorn and says she wants to talk to them privately.

・Ah, sorry, dear, we.. do not have an interest in business deals. ・

“It’s not about that.”

Warin whispers.
“I found a letter from your son, Pike. Just came across it a day ago. He wanted to deliver the letter but was unable to.”

・.. he’s alive?・

“No. He passed away. Nearly twenty years ago. I prefer to continue this elsewhere.”

・I- I see.. thank you, dear. Let’s talk at the back of the restaurant. My- my husband is there. He deserves to know this too.・
The words of the previously easygoing old lady becomes more somber and neutral.

She opens a door and walks to a large room where utensils are cleaned by an old man sitting on a stool ー Jittigorn.


Pike didn’t want his parents to find out about his current state, and instead ask Warin to transcribe his words into a letter.

The letter briefly explains Pike’s life after he severed contact with them, his immoral actions as a merchant, and his regrets and reasonings behind it all. He saw how the honest, legitimate life was not working out. He saw the things the mercenaries had done, had gained, and wanted some of that as well. He eventually became wayward and lost his way, becoming little more than a thief or a murderer. It was partly because of that, and the thought of his parents seeing him in that state that he never tried to contact them. He apologizes about it all and wants to be truly honest for once. He does not ask for any forgiveness, but says that they don’t have to worry about hi-

・Are you.. truly sure that this is real?・


・Sorry, dear, but this.. this does not look like him. The.. the writing feels off. The ways the letters are wrote.. I don’t think that this is truly him.・
- Come on, Jintana, what would anyone have to gain from faking this? -

・Swindlers, thieves, sick bastards that are just messed up in the head. Both of us have seen too many of those in here. It’s probably the same in Cinderpath. If that is truly where he died. ・

dammit. I guess my copying wasn’t good enough. I should have hired a scribe to copy his handwriting.

His mother still isn’t convinced, and Jittigorn doesn’t seem to be able to convince her otherwise.

Warin decides to…

>Ask them to visit the forest near Nectar Droplet ー Reveal Pike’s true existence
She had hoped that the letter would satisfy them, but it seems she must reveal the truth. Seeing their child in this state must be heartbreaking, but it will clear things up once and for all.

>Contact her colleagues that once knew Pike and have them tell their side of the stories
Sira and Bow have a few colleagues in Cinderpath that once knew Pike more than her. They likely have more hard evidence, and more in depth story about his life. That should convince them.

>Half truth ー reveal that Warin wrote that letter and her existence
Reveal her nature as a player of dark arts to them and demonstrate her power.
“After Pike died, he remained a ghost, wandering Clawflash. He requested my help to write this letter to his parents. At his request, I made it seem like Pike wrote it before he died since he didn’t want to let his parents know about it. Luckily, he has passed on properly now.”
>Half truth ー reveal that Warin wrote that letter and her existence
If they accuse us of being just a sicko, well offer to...
>Contact her colleagues that once knew Pike and have them tell their side of the stories

if that fails, what else can we do? Apologize to Pike, move on.

>Half truth
>contact if half truth fails

i guess there’s only us again

Warin doesn’t want to tell them the whole truth, but maybe she could tell them a fraction of it.

“She is correct. He did not write this letter himself. I did.”

Warin taps her staff on the ground. Her shadows dissipate and travel around the room. Spirits follow her and compelled by her commands.

“I am a player of the dark arts. After Pike died, he remained a ghost, wandering Clawflash. He met me and asked for my help to write this letter. At his request, I made it seem like Pike wrote it himself.”

“After he gave me instructions for writing this letter, he passed on. I was unable to contact him again. That is why I came here.”

The old couple fall silent for a few moments, taking in the supernatural event they witnessed and processing what they just heard.

・… how much of this is real?・
Jintana raises the letter. The shadows wrap around her frail hand, turning it a dark black color.

A glare from Warin tells the spirits to back off. They fade into the corners of the room.

“I have copied every word he spoke and transcribed it into this letter. Everything in this letter is real, aside from my handwriting.”

Jittigorn places his hand on her shoulder. She wants to speak more, but his intervention makes her refrains from doing so.

- .. thank you, Knower. Thank you for.. delivering his message to us. We would.. like some time alone now, to deal with this. -

“I understand.”
With her message delivered, she returns to the brothel. By the time she got there, it is late afternoon. Only a few hours before her shift as supervisor of the brothel’s medical staff starts.

She heads to her room. Walking all day has strained her limbs.

One of the few advantages of being a Krasue is her body being in an interstice — not completely alive, but not completely a corpse, either. She eats not because her body needs it, but the otherworldly hunger compels her to do so. She occasionally sleeps to relax her muscles and eyes.

Annoyances such as sweating also doesn’t affect her, with her body remaining constantly cold and not affected by-

Sira has been waiting in her room.

He has prepared a tea set for her. On the table next to him are two cups, a large jar consisting of dried butterfly pea flowers, a large tea pot, and small bottles of lime and sugar.

They always enjoyed drinking butterfly pea flower tea together during the hotter parts of the year. A dark blue tea that can be enjoyed by itself or with some added sweetness or sourness.

After drinking some cold tea together, Warin sleeps on his lap as she talks about her actions today. He pets her hair as she unwinds. She’s a little worried about the Preta. What if he doesn’t pass away as he wanted?

Sira gives her a kiss on her forehead.

「Don’t worry about it much. You talked to him and let him stay in the forest for two.. three months. You helped his parents know about the truth. You did your best. Whatever you chose to tell him, I’m sure he’ll be understanding about it.」

「Even if he doesn’t pass on right now, I’m sure he’ll eventually figure something out.」


「Oh, and, I got you some towels. I could wash your back if you want me to.」

He points at her nightstand, which now has a few damp towels on it. She technically doesn’t need it, but the feeling of cold towels on her skin feels nice.


… neither of them had the self control to merely settle for a massage. Her naturally cold body and his warm one made it enjoyable for both.

The severity of his old wounds seems to be reduced by a significant amount. His left wrist was very flexible, and squeezing his thighs elicited no painful reaction.


Both of them wanted to stay in this state forever, but night is nearly upon them. After washing themselves with more towels, they get dressed.

Warin visits the forest a few minutes before the brothel is open.

Once again, the Preta is here.

He asks if his parents have received his letter.

Warin decides to..

>Yes, they did.
They believed he wrote the letter. You don’t need to worry about them now.

>They didn’t believe me at first.
Your mother had doubts. I had to reveal that I was a player. She doesn’t know about your state, though. I told her you passed on a long while ago.
>They didn’t believe me at first.

Sundays and Mondays are the slowest days in general on /qst/, but the repeated callbacks which I enjoy are likely alienating to the newbies this thread acquired, as one anon already mentioned
I do try to give a refresher on the legacy characters as the anon mentioned when i asked for feedbaxj. I’m pretty sure the description of Pike was way more in depth than he ever was described in the original goblin assassin quest.

>They didn’t believe me at first

Perhaps it is best to be truly honest about what happened.

“I delivered the message. Both of them were there, together. Met them at your mother’s restaurant.”

“Your mother doubted the authenticity of it. I had to reveal I was a player of the dark arts. I told them you were a ghost that passed on, but gave one last request to me ー deliver that letter. After I told them that, they wanted some time alone.”

、I see. Thank you. 、
、.. I hoped they would believe it right away, but I suppose their suspicion makes sense. 、
、Ah…. I suppose this is it. 、
、.. when daybreaks, I will be gone. I have always wondered what this will be like. 、

With the conversation finished, she returns to the brothel.

The medicine chests are well stocked and the recipes are still legible. She just needs to oversee the prostitutes in case any of them get injured or fall ill.

As the night continues, Warin thinks about her own existence. She is also an entity that hasn’t truly passed on yet. The ones that don’t usually have something anchoring them to the world, but during those days before she met Sira, before she became part of Nectar Droplet, what was keeping her from passing on?

Spite? She always hated that family. Outliving them would definitely be something she must’ve wanted.
Guilt? She destroyed that family, yes, but the slaves and other people on that farm had no more employers as a result of her actions. Did she deserve to go that easily?
Curiosity? She knew there would be consequences of breaking a rule of the witch doctor’s knife, but never knew her own knife would be the one cursing her into a Krasue.

Perhaps, it doesn’t matter right now, but some day, she’ll have to think about it. The brothel. The organizations. Her colleagues. Dao. Arun. Sira. They might be more transient than her.

The night eventually ends. Aside from alleviating cramps and muscle soreness, the staff did not face any ailments that troubled them. There weren’t many troublesome customers, and most of them were swiftly dealt with by the security guards.

After one final check on the inventory and the locks, the brothel closes.

Warin tells Sira about the Preta and asks him to accompany her.

The forest next to the Nectar Droplet — near daybreak

The Preta is sitting on the ground. His skeletal limbs remain still as he awaits daybreak.

、Tell him that I am thankful for what he has done. I like this forest. I hoped I did not inconvenience you. 、

Warin translates what she heard to Sira.

“He says you did not inconvenience him. He also likes this forest.”

“Farewell, Pike.”
、Farewell. 、

As the sun emerges, light shines through the forest and reflects off the ever moving waterfall.

The soil around the Preta parts, pulling the skeletal being down into the dark depths of the world. Far beneath the surface of the world, a warden and a jury will judge him. Depending on his merit, he will either be sent to heaven, or sent to one of the layers of hell. Eventually he, just like everyone else, will be removed from it, and continue this cycle of life and death again.


Looking back, his experience during these past four months has been interesting…

He authorized a feast despite the dwindling funds of Nectar Droplet, talked to his head of finance about the brothel’s current status. He reaffirmed his willingness to care about the brothel to Bow and Tong, his old colleagues who became disappointed with him as of late. Neutralized a crew of fish skimmers and became one of the few people who witnessed a supernatural entity, the Preta.

Took part in unarmored fencing and proved to the entertainment district that he was still a capable martial artist by winning a longsword tournament. Helped a tailor in advertising her shop. Defied the senior members of Red Winter and gamblers of Steel Beaks.

Overworked himself and got sick from it. Learned more about his lover’s past as a milkmaid, and her inner thoughts. Contacted an old friend. Commissioned an artist from Silverport, while knowing the tension between both provinces, purely for her skill in art.

Listened to the staff and renovated the brothel based on their recommendation. Due to his past months’ actions, the brothel held strong and lived through Sablestream’s new years, with good morale, security, and a lot of profit.
Sira is no longer a man that daydreams in his room while neglecting his employees and his allies.

As the Preta disappears into the earth and the light passes through the forest, he knows the next eight months will be difficult.

His colleagues has his back. He strives to do the same.

His new found determination has caused his connection to the supernatural to strengthen.

Sira gains..
(Choose one)

>Arcane bond: share his 'fade' with other people
Sira can give others the ability to 'Fade' by holding their hand. The stronger the connection between him and the person he marks, the more powerful their Fade becomes. He can take his blessing away at anytime.

>Otherworldly voices: listen and talk to supernatural entities
Aside from supernatural entities, he call listen and talk to intelligent animals such as crows and elephants. While he cannot command ghosts like Warin, he can negotiate with them.

>Eldritch blood: his blood can ward off malevolent spirits and disrupt curses
His blood can also be used as a component in rituals and spells, such as making a witch doctor’s knife or resin that can reattach limbs.

Last choice of this thread. I got finals this week, so I figured finishing this a little early would be best. Second thread should be up around Friday or so. Thanks for playing!
>Arcane bond
Give Warin the reassurance of a deepening bond. She's a quality waifu, and deserves that after what she just went through, and with her inner angsts.

True, but the belief/feeling that they're missing context might be putting some anons off.

Regardless, thanks for running, and I look forward to the next thread of this, or another in this setting, or whatever you feel like doing next. Quality work, as ever!
>Arcane bond

Through determination, but most importantly, EMPATHY, Sira’s connection to the supernatural deepens.

Sira can now bless others with the ability to Fade, although its power is dependent on how closely the bond between him and the receiver is. His blessing can also be taken away at any time he wants.

A faint chill lingers in his hand after his introspection. He asks Warin for advice.

Her cold hands inspects the fingers of his left hand.

“Ah. This.. reminds me of the birdmen. There are a few records about them bestowing abilities to normal people. Pretty rare, though. Most would rather give their feather or blood than their mark. It seems you can do the same ー by holding their hand, you could gift someone with the ability to Fade. You could also remove them at will.”

“From what I’ve read, how powerful it is depends on the bond between the marker and the marked. The stronger, the more powerful.”

「Wow… that sounds great. Is there a limit to it?」

“I’m not sure, we should test it out.”

「Warin… I want to give this mark to you first.」

“Heh. Thanks, but I can already Fade.”
Although she cannot fade as quickly as him, hers doesn’t require line of sight, only needing her to memorize the location.

「You mean a lot to me. You’ve been with me through all these years. I want to give my blessing to you first.」

She snickers.
“I think you’ve been reading romance novels a little too much~”
“I will accept it, then.”

Their fingers intertwine. A breeze envelop their hands. His blessing is with her.

Alright. Let’s try this out. Brothel Rooftop.

Rather than Fading by sticking her staff to the ground, Warin aims her Fade by using her hand, a method Sira uses.

As she concentrates on the destination, the world remain still and its sounds are muffled. For her, time completely stops.

Once she reappears at the brothel’s rooftops, Sira joins her.

「Time.. actually stops?」

“Yeah. I saw the leaves stay in the air. I waited for.. I don’t know how long, maybe. half a minute, but it never moved.”

“We definitely need to test this out more.”


And so, for the rest of the fourth month, the two dedicated a portion of their free time to fully explore the intricacies of his Arcane bond.

To dash around, see the world in a different perspective, they almost felt like they were kids again. Although brief, those moments were a nice break from the monotonous paperwork and tedious hours of being part of a brothel.

Sira shared his blessing with his other crows. They are able to fade, but time does not slow down for them when they are concentrating. Watching their attempt at teleporting were quite amusing ー they rammed into walls in a style not too dissimilar to Sira when he was at the Old Whaler.

The rainy month comes to an end. In a busy capital of a small country, a small group of people managed to get some good sleep.

End of Sira cannot run a brothel!
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Here’s a sneak peak of the thumbnail. Thanks for playing! After the exam I’ll probably try to post some behind the scenes notes about this quest
Background notes

I had a plan of making a relatively low stakes adventure in the goblin assassin universe, and I chose Sira as a protagonist due to his distance to Pine. A gangster that originally hailed from an organization that opposed Cris and Zeal.

Bow and Sira didn’t get much focus in the reopened wounds thread, so i decided to give them more depth.


While Sablestream is based off Thailand, I made some changes to the history. In reality, the Siamese - Burmese war didn’t end until 1593 (also thats when the elephant duel between two princes happened supposedly)

I decided to push it way back to the late 1400s, make the 1500-1600s more peaceful, and crank up the influence of foreign countries towards Sablestream (European in particular)

For my first draft of Sira, I imagined him to be someone was always an lazy unsocial westaboo that daydreams about HEMA stuff (remnants of that remain during his introduction)

I decided to change it so he only becomes lazy after he gets injured by Johannes and put in an administrative job for several years.

His entire story is actually based on Knife of Dunwall DLC of Dishonored — an assassin trying to change his ways, although Sira cannot run a brothel! is a little more lighthearted.

He even has the same power. “Fade” is similar to Daud’s “Blink”.

His weaponry is also influenced by dishonored — a sidesword and a wheellock pistol are commonly seen on city watch officers of that game. European weapons which reflects the greater influence of those countries in this universe, and his preference for them.

His sword is based on the Opera Nova Armi cut and thrust sword.

I chose the name 'Sira' due to the ease of pronouncing and remembering it.

Sira (ศิลา)

Translates to a rock, but it is commonly used as a part of word that describes specific types of rocks.

Laterite (ศิลาแลง)
Stele (ศิลาจารึก)

What I found most interesting is its usage in the word ‘flintlock gun’
ปืนคาบศิลา [gun] [bearing] [flint]

‘Flint’ would be quite appropriate character name if I wanted to convey the meaning in English.
Her character didn’t change much. I intended her to be a Krasue from the very beginning (notice the marks on her neck in the very first drawing)

Nearly everything about her is influenced by thai ghost folklore and magic

One of the possible ways to become a Krasue is a black magic user breaking a rule in magic. I extrapolated on that and made her knife kill her and curse her to become a Krasue.

The name of magic users (Players of the dark arts) is also directly translated from Thai

ผู้เล่นไสยศาสตร์ [those that dabble / play with the occult]

Her knife is also directly taken from irl

มีดหมอ [Doctor’s knife] is a type of knife that are carried for protection by people that dabble in magic, and one of the ways to make it was to use coffin nails of malevolent spirits. There’s a bunch of rules but I streamlined it somewhat to basically ‘use it for self defense’ and ‘treat it with respect’

Her brightly colored staff is something I extrapolated from reality. Colorful cloth are sometimes wrapped around trees to indicate that they should not be cut down and to appease the spirits/minor deities within them. I extrapolated that and made her staff have the ability to calm spirits.

Her healing is based of Kintsugi, a method where pottery is repaired by lacquer, which is why Sira’s wrist has black lines on it — an inelegant reminder of its severance.

If you picked Eldritch Blood, Sira’s blood can be used as a substitute in a recipe needed to make that resin.

Her name is a bit nonsensical

It is a combination of really old words

วารี [really old word for water]
อินทร์ [great, this word is a component of ‘Indra' , the deity]

The name would probably be 'Aqua’ if I wanted the meaning to be apparent in English

Names are kept short and simple to read, and they do have meanings, although they’re not that important.

Tong (Gold)
Tharn (a type of palm tree)
Arun (Dawn)
Junn (Moon / Monday, depends on additional words)

I based Sira’s fencing of Jocahim Meyer’s style, a german system that emphasizes offense.

Most of the names of stances and cuts are translate into English for easier reading. Some are also pulled from rapier fencing.

Some names are also simplified (Middle cut -> horizontal cut, upper cut -> downward cut)

As for Junn, he uses Fiore de Liberi’s style of fencing. The pictures I used are taken directly from his manuscript.

I chose them in particular due to their personalities in the writing. Meyer tells you exactly what to do while Fiore has a flowery poem and advice.

An example would be the Ox guard / Posta di Fenestra (relatively similar guard positions)

Meyer’s description
The high parts are guarded with the Ox, which is two moded, Right and Left, thus one can stand in the Ox in two modes, namely the Right and Left modes.
The right Ox will first be described, stand with your Left Foot forward, holding the Sword with the hilt next to your head, high and on the right side, so that your forward point is directed against your opponent’s face. For the Left Ox reverse this, namely stand with your Right Foot forward, hold your hilt near your head on its Left Side as said above.
Thus you have been told of both Ox Guards or Stances, which is being shown by [picrel]

Fiore’s description
The Stance of the Window
I am the royal Stance of the True WindowAnd I am always quick with the whole art.

This is the Window Guard who is always quick, skillful and deceptive. She is a master at covering and striking. She threatens all opposing guards, whether high guards or low guards. She moves quickly from this guard to other guards to confuse her opponent. And she is a very good guard from which to make powerful thrusts, break the opponent’s thrust or exchange points
>References and inspiration

Dishonored heavily inspired the characters and tone of this quest. Knife of Dunwall in particular.

The Old Whaler’s name is a reference to the Whalers of Dishonored, assassins with magic powers.

Arcane bond is directly taken from the game — an ability which lets Daud share magic powers with his assassins.

Fade is similar to Blink, although instead of moving quickly, it is teleportation.

Hellish Quart’s Kalkstein inspired the idea of a manager / adventurer as a protagonist.

I draw a lot of inspiration from history as well.

Johannes is a cuirassier that is based on German Reiter mercenaries and English Civil War’s cuirassiers (they were nicknamed lobsters irl, which is also why he is called such in the quest)


Sira’s tournament clothing is based on 16-17th century european clothing and pictures from Meyer’s manuscript


However, his hat is based off the tellerbarret [picrel] which is more of a landsknect (type of german mercenary) thing. Some are floppy but some are more sturdy. I chose the one that is basically “straw hat + decorations” since wide brimmed straw hats are used for agriculture anyway.


The mystery behind the Old Whaler was taken directly from a Critikal video about fishing tournament — a fisher was caught cheating by stuffing lead balls and fillets into fishes he caught.
>Miscellaneous notes

I made Sira a lot more sexually experienced than Warin to make the point about Warin’s deal about ‘wow sex doesn’t change me fundamentally and ive been overhyping the it’ more poignant. If both were inexperienced then the message kinda falls flat.

I like hags and Christmas cakes. That’s why most of the relationships in my quests are between younger men and older women.

While Sira wearing stockings and garters was always intended, I originally had a plan where the other crows would be asked to wear them as well. If the players refused they would get morale while if the players accepted they would get funds but lose morale.

One last thing. My cousin said she liked the drawing of Cris and Zeal. It goes hard. Thanks, rqm.
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They're cute. CUTE! This is a very fitting note to end on, and to begin again on if you so choose.

The amount of thought you put into setting details and the combat scenes in particular is really fun and cool, and made us (or me, at least) think and really engage. I appreciate it.

You have solid character ideas, and I'm glad to see one realized in another artist's style which you enjoyed! Keep on keeping on, SQM. I'll be around to check in and play.
Just to let you know I finally caught up with the thread SQM, you still have players
Thanks anon
Quest is archived.


Writing the draft for second thread…
Second thread is up.


Gotta sleep soon. Its almost Thursday midnight here.

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