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**Game 6 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

>Updates will be every Tuesday and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a war requires an action, but subsequent battles are free
>Game starts after a bronze age collapse, and includes magic
>Rushing, meta-gaming, & otherwise unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf
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>The People of Tarn, traders in gold, of golden skin and tongues [TN]
>The Neo-Amunian Empire, warriors in bronze, of marble-veins and obsidian blades [AE]
>The Lauded Principalities of Nemosa, sons of the gods, of intoxicating incense and dazzling scales [LD]
>The Children of Dirt, dregs of the world, of forgotten glory and ceaseless toil [CD]
>League of Waddania, forgers of metal, of sprawling coasts and seeing stones [WD]
>The Empire of Calandorra, kings on the savanna, of towering spires and plummeting depths [EC]
>Divine Kingdom of Ahmose, the monument builders, of holy secrets and holy blood [AH]
>The Gatherers of Yavmat, sons of fire, daughters of ice, of fiery brew, spirit, and song [GY]
>The Avor Khanate, lords of the steppe, of fearless riders and open skies [AV]
>Hallowed Kingdom of Khlomosa, feeders on the divine, of gleaming limestone and fearsome eyes [CK]
>Vettirgard, the men of the north, of brutish ways and foretold victory [VT]
>The Irrechi Order, godly gift bearers, of sloughing skin and unwavering dedication [IO]
>Uru-Anu, the keepers of knowledge, of endless furrows and mathematical precision [AU]
>Ocena, tireless seekers, of history lost and treasures long hidden [OC]
>The Gnawchitter Gathering, the mighty brought low, of strange efficiency and ruthless greed [GG]
>The Last of Creation, fate-meddlers, of piercing eyes and unseen peaks [LC]
File: Empires.png (178 KB, 2545x2478)
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178 KB PNG

To the north there are found mountains which only the gods may crest, and waters cold as the grave. To the west endless ocean stretches, deeper than anything known. To the south the desert passes the horizon, perhaps to the ends of the earth. And to the east the steppe reaches just as far, where no rivers run and vicious nomads reign. Only a fool would dare venture in any of these directions, Sarghun alone is safe.

At the farthest reaches of the peninsula upon which Harppa is built roam ferocious beasts of fang and mane. By the grace of Deepak, they as yet see fit to remain away from the city, but only he knows how long this will last.
In the gold mines south of the city, the workers have struck upon a cache of gemstones of the finest sky blue hue which in the light shimmer with the green of the ocean. [Aquamarines, build a mine to access them properly]

Where the grass yellows at the edges of the city stands the remains of what in the old empire must have been truly impressive fortifications, pierced only by what are now the ruins of a gatehouse as tall even in dereliction as the highest towers & obelisks of Amun.
In the shadow of Tu Aket, in the sands south of the mountains, scouts bring word of the most intriguing race; Men of Amunite colour but possessing only a single thick leg and foot, upon which they hop to move about.

In the wetlands at the bend in the river local herbalists have claimed a hardy wild grain is flourishing there, one which when hulled is as white as the mountain peaks. [Rice, build a farm to access it properly]
Surveyors probing for the extent of copper veins in the east have reported that they were attacked by an unknown group of fellow Lauds! From what has been gathered since, they are a breakaway sect honouring Prana & Prahda (above even Dispate!), claiming matrilineal descent from the said moon goddesses and having for themselves a "Priestess Queen". It's likely nothing two dozen spearmen can't handle.

North of the river, woodsmen have already cleared a number of heavy rocks shot through with green. It is undoubtedly copper ore, a good indicator of where a mine for the stuff should be sunk. Twixt the rivers too are yet more finds, small, but vivid orange gemstones have been periodically found. [Topazes, build a mine to access them properly]
Unknown men of fair skin have been sighted by huntsmen to the south, making camp in the shelter of the mountains there. As if one band of potential bandits and thieves was not bad enough news, woodsmen to the north-west have returned from their labour aghast; They claim they have seen men, clothed and betooled as any other civilised peoples, but with the heads of dogs upon their shoulders.
File: !Tiles.png (43 KB, 1042x732)
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Fishers, miners and forgeworkers have returned home with talk of a most magnificent remnant of the pre-collapse to the south of the island; An obelisk of stone, towering into the heavens, capped with gold which shines both day and night as if lit with a fire within.

How a lake may reliably flood the Dorrans cannot fathom, and simply give thanks that it does, for it's low plains are the most fertile for twice as far as any living man has seen. [Another half-farm may be built in each acceptable tile]

Men have been sighted to the west. Men covered head to foot in scales, wearing upon their heads mitred caps like the gaping mouth of a dead fish, and skirts about their legs which make it look as if they are walking about upon two tail fins.
The region's salt mine is proving less bountiful, than initially envisioned, and current efforts are truly all that may be excavated. [Region can only support one mine]

In the floodplain at the river delta, land yet claimed by the plough, all along the riverbanks grows a woody plant whose flowers give way in autumn to a wispy white fluff. [Cotton, build a farm to access it properly]
Though they have yet to dig test-pits, the wisemen and miners both know the land south of the river to be poor in mineral wealth [Region can only support one mine]. Likewise, though well suited for tree and fern, the earth at the mouth of the river is near-useless as farmland. [Even if cleared of jungle, only half-farms may be built]
The southern sands are, if reports are to be believed, home to a tribe of persons favoured by neither Yavitov nor Markala, for their skin is dark but without any red or blue hue. They also happen to possess backwards facing feet and knees. The northern shores are likewise populated by those neither blessed nor cursed with godly hue, instead of a paler complexion though whose eyes catch the sun and reflect green.

Horrid, awful, chittering things have been seen sniffing about in the southern plains! They threw stones and faeces at the riders as they rode even a great distance from their makeshift, ramshackle camp.
Hunters from the depths of the forests bring back word of metal-laced rock, easily accessible. One of moon-like lustre and the next of a dullish blue. [Silver & Lead]

As fishermen boast of the largest catch that only barely got away, it seems the lumbermen have begun similar tall tales, with chatter of trees as tall as the far mountains in the bend of the river in the north. [Redwoods]
Whilst resting between ploughing furrows, a group of farmers have found a plant whose crushed matter dyes the skin with reliable results. Of course they have instantly used this to draw rude symbols on the face of a dozing ploughboy. [Henna, build a farm to access it properly]
Much of the northern coast of the bay is a white limestone cliff, but none is so beautiful as where it opens to the sea, for there is a delicate sea arch around which the waves crash most gracefully.
File: !Regions.png (50 KB, 1042x732)
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The shamans, wise as they are, have foretold that the land of the peninsula upon which the huts and fires of Hoftborg are built is poor in mineral wealth. What that wealth is however, they have graciously left for more able-bodied Vettir to surmise. [Region can only support one mine]
Desperate wanderers have staked tents unfit for the cold of these climes close to the swamps of the land pass. Their skin is, if the woodcutters are to be believed, the colour of evening sunlight. [Tarnsmen]


Wisdom dictates a course of action most plainly, with the location of obvious sources of both gold and natron to the north-west.
A preliminary exploratory mission to extend the existing copper mine has revealed a small vein of silver present in the area. [A single mine can be built for it on top of the ordinary two. The region still needs to be prospected however]
There, where the plains of the great river give way to desert in the south, it appears one of the five greatest enemies of man have made their home. Water beasts with hulking bodies and ferocious crushing jaws, whose gentle appearance is nought but lulling ruse. [Hippos]

The sea south of the isle teems with life so full and varied, it must be without doubt a favourite piece of the gods' creation. So rich of colour and vigour that to see it would bring levity to the most miserly of men.

Scavenging teams return to the nest with word of foreign sorts living on the shores. Tall, perhaps as tall as two Chitterers stood upon each others' shoulders! They're naked as the day we're all born, pale and wistful, and most terrifying of all they are without mouths!

Quarry-workers have cut not only stone from their pit of late, but brilliant red gemstones which they say take engraving well. [Carnelians, build a mine to access them properly]
A breakaway sect of Odithians has set off east into the grasslands, apparently in a holy quest of some sort so that one among them may apotheosise as Odithis himself did, taking for their domain that of "Travellers, Those Who Suffer Ill Governance, and Bad Liars".
The desert is home to many a wicked beast, high among them the skittering scorpion, but priests assessing the next return date of Kiri have reported nomads of the sands supposedly riding said creatures large enough to be comfortable mounts. At least, that is what was gleaned from their wide-eyed ramblings.

Following updates will be in tag alphabetical order.
>Turn One
>Sing through me, Neethi, of the life-sea and its voices. Sing of the gods who churned its waters, and the myriad blessings which flowed forth. First amrith, sweet nectar of divinity. Next, the devas who serve the heavens. Third, rakshas of unbound desire. Fourth, the creatures of land and sea. And last the mud ball which strove and uncurled to become the first mortal. We give thanks to the waters from which we came and to which we shall return. We give thanks to our ancestors, may they grant us calm seas and fair winds. We give thanks to our cargo, may it find its way to the needing. We give thanks to the Gods and their children, may they light our path and guide our every step. We give thanks to our craft and to its Makers. Strong winds, safe travels, soft landing!

The Tarnish Empire once traded across Prakshun’s inland sea, claiming a domain that spanned the continent. Though she has long since dissolved into city-states, her people retain the bright-eyed adventuring spirit that drove them to brave the high seas. Ambition their highest virtue, fortune their favored friend, the Tarns know that an open sail and a wind at one’s back is all a man needs to face the wide world before him.

Action 1: The Tarns turn their eyes upriver, their nimble crafts navigating its placid waters with ease.
>Expand up the river

Action 2: The floodplains are ideal for brown rice cultivation, and the flooding required for their cultivation brings other blessings as well. Small crayfish thrive in sun-dappled waters, and their sweet meat becomes a favorite dish of the Tarns.
>crayfish farm on the floodplain

As the Tarns paddle upriver, they are greeted by a strange sight. Within the oxbows of the river lives large fish. Unlike their skittish compatriots, these fish seem curious about the wooden crafts which glide overhead, flashing their pink bellies as they swim lazily just beneath the water. What’s more, they seem to be in a state of permanent gravidity, large masses of their eggs floating just beneath the surface. It’s a trivial matter for the Tarns to gather eggs up as they go, finding they add a great deal of protein and flavor to otherwise bland congee.
>fish farm on the new land expanded to this turn

Action 1. Expand to fill in all present regions. With the lunatic women dealt with there are no threats on our borders. Giving the opportunity for expansion to cement control over the regions we claim along with an expected baby boom from those who resided there ahead of us.

Action 2. Make two farms one in the rice fields and the other in the poppy fields. This rice has only been sparsely cultivated yet it reaches even the king's table. There has also been an ideal location spotted for growing the many poppies needed to fuel their nation's material and spiritual efforts. Koson ensures these lands are utilized for all they are worth.
Lo and behold, the Gatherers of Yavmat have at long last settled in a comfortable land. For after years the people have found a place where Yavitav's sacred warmth guards them from the constant storms of Markala's bitter cold! The current Firemind, Yergik, gives the following demands of the people. That they are not to go out and see those beyond the domains of the Realm, for their focus should be on the land they now have versus what they do not. Some agree and some disagree, but for now they are limited regardless by what the have at hand.

Action 1: The priestly class of the Yavs are known as the Mareev, and have the sacred duty of overseeing the rituals of the people so they may maintain fiery blood and resist the creeping cold of Markala, which bring about sadness and melancholy and horror. As such the Mareev put the people to the devising of a Brewery-Temple, wherein fine brews may be made and stored, in accordance with worship of Yavitav and, somewhat more prominently, beloved Markalin(Build Brewer-Temple)

Action 2: Meanwhile a man of Yarvik has a crafty idea to fill his belly further. He takes some of his beer and buys the services of men of the city, and he says to them "Is it so that our city should be devoid of meat? Fine grain grants us fine beer yes, but let us go out and claim meat, and in the hunt be granted the fire of Yavitav in our hearts! And thus while we enjoy meat we can enjoy fine furs as well."(Build/claim a hunting ground)

> Encircle the city of Safehole in a sturdy stone wall

> Establish a copper mine in the forests to the north


As a Paleolithic people I'm unsure if I have access to metalworking yet. If we do...

> Establish a primitive forge within Safehole

> Establish a fishing village on the southern river

If we don't...

> Research simple metalworking.

Drawing on the memories of their eldest people who remember being slaves for the Star Children, the Dirt Children begin their attempts to establish metalworking. Old legends of the sealing of the Great Flame in walls of stone are recalled and put to the test, with simple ovens, massive bonfires and pit fires all put to the test to tease the copper metal from raw ores.

There were five of them, standing there on the edge of the true Darkness, where light did not enter, did not dare. An elder, a warrior, an earth shaper, and a healer. And the earth shaper’s
apprentice, a wide eyed girl, weak in the knees, who wisely kept her mouth shut. The earth shaper waved a hand at the dirt floor in front of them and dirt separated, tiny pebbles and bits of earth moving to form a crude map of the world they knew.

The earth shaper, ancient by anyone’s standards, sighed as her body trembled. She remembered the great works of her ancestors, was perhaps the last of her people who did, but this was her limit now. A few motes of dust and pebbles, no more than the breath of a child.Once they had shaped mountains, at the behest of the Star Children, now...they shaped only pebbles, and not many.

Their greatest warrior, surely a descendent of the demigod Oak, leaned forward and scratched a mark on the map. “Dog headed monsters pretending to be men to the northwest, and not enough warriors to meet them.”

The healer, secretly enjoying a quiet moment aware from her children shook her head. “A gentler approach could remove the problem as well. They could be victims of the cruel fun of the river sisters.”

The warrior scoffed and made another mark on the map. “And a foreign people to the south. Not monsters in body, but perhaps in mind.”

The elder watched, a smile shining in his eyes if not showing on his lips, as the two bickered back and forth for some time, on the merits of the hand of friendship or the point of the spear. Eventually he glanced over at the earthshaper who nodded.

“Enough.” He said quietly, but the two ceased their bickering and turned to him. “We would be fools to expect friends from strangers, and fools to make enemies from them as well. We must be ready, to destroy them, or control them I cannot say.”

“Or defend against them.” The shaper added.

The old man nodded and began to mark the map with his finger. “Here are my suggestions.” Walls, new fishing areas, and most strikingly plans to reclaim the weapons of old are described by the old man.

“Weapons hewn from the blood and fury of the mother...do any of our people even remember how to make such things?” The warrior drew a dagger from his side, an old weapon of a gleaming almost golden sheen. “I returned with this weapon when I walked beneath the cloak as a child. To work metal is an art lost to us.”

The elder gazed upon the dagger, his eyes distant. “When I was a child...before the fall, such weapons were made with great flames, bound up tightly. We must do as the mother once did, and capture the great flame within a prison of stone, then we will have the blessing of Havas, to create what we wish from the blood and bones of the mother.
> Lore: The Forgotten Past - Part 1
Thousands sat amongst the bonfire where once stood a schoolyard. The weak collapsed among its perimeter, the most fortunate of which found themselves used as stepping stools as opposed to being flung aside entirely. The strong cried, pleaded, and brawled among the flames - its warmth being one of the few pleasures remaining, even as their flesh was scorched and melted from their bodies. Though mouths moved, only the faintest of noise could be heard as months of wailing had long since destroyed their voice boxes.
No new pain could affect the sinners; Their bodies were ravaged by disease, their empty stomachs had long since consumed even many of their vital organs, yet death would not embrace them. They, along with nations of others, had been granted their wish by benevolent gods.

>Action 1 - Expand (Up)
The land is almost unrecognizable from its descriptions in ancient texts; A madness most vile has resulted in much work to be done in the reclamation of the empire. Although time has washed away much of the evidence of their burnt and decimated domain, settlers are often equipped with shovels and scriptures to perform makeshift burials on any human remains uncovered.

>Action 2 - Create Farms
Hunger is no stranger to the Irreechi. Although the council is fearful of the spiritual implications of having excess food around, and how that might tempt the nation towards excess, common ground is found over the necessity of additional farms so that the infrastructure exists to grant relief to others who may be struggling at a time when the Irreechi are not.
Fluff: With news of the trespassers to the south a delegation is sent out and return; giving them 2 tyrns to discuss submission to the empire.

1. We must reconnect with the central territories at the end of Tudeilah's flow. Colonists are sent north, paid in bronze and honors for their service, to colonize the lands down the river to the jungles and rich flood plains at the shores of Tuduno (The lake/inner sea).

2. As the new lands are settled a new farming village and lumber village are ordered to be settled on the settled flood plains and jungle respectively.
File: Turn.png (12 KB, 448x534)
12 KB

After many trying Tyrns, the Naasjeholder is finally able to proclaim before the senate that the age of emergency appears have drawn to a close. Even the priests tell that Enouth's age of Misrule has concluded, though they are yet uncertain which of the gods has replaced the chaotic one and taken the first chair of the divine pantheon. No longer are we under immediate threat, though how far the dangers may have receded is also unknown to us; we cannot afford to entirely lower our guard. But neither can we afford hesitation. We must build anew, restore what is fractured and sundered. The gods have put their faith back into the world, we must be sure not to break this renewed covenant nor again give the pantheon reason to back their most destructive elements against mankind.

>Action 1: Reclaim the Glinsterkust
That our reach has shrunk merely to the surrounds of our city is both shameful and an insecurity for our society. Fortunately, it seems the threats that assailed us have since receded, and no strangers are yet visible upon our shore. Upon the Sudglinster, we grant new settlement rights to citizens desiring to reclaim the land below the riverbend and resume possession of he great gleaming obelisk that seems to blaze with the light of Yigan's kin. And on the Noardglinster, the fields themselves seem to shine on occasion as the citizenry reclaim these grasslands... and press further still, for our demands for lumber are not fully sated.

>Action 2: Provision and Development
>(Aka, Farm and Lumberyard)
We do not expand for grandeur or dreams of 'destiny', even for the dream of some at restoring a part-forgotten birthright; we expand because it is the simple fact that the citizens of Waddania require more then can currently be provided them. Upon the Sudglinster, new farming grants and leases will help grow what we need to keep the populus satiated, whilst to the north we shall grant management rights and allow the establishment of new timber companies.
File: map 2 turns.png (86 KB, 621x767)
86 KB
Diplomacy Lore
After a extensive diplomatic mission, the Avor declare a friendship between themselves and the Khlomosans.

Turn 1
Build 2 Farms on the adjacent floodplain

Turn 2
Expand south as far as possible, keeping to the east side of the river to not encroach on the Khlomosan lands. we would go as far south as the sea,


The Horde of the Avor would move in to crush the agressive tribals to our south as well, for they must not bear witness to another sunrise under the hoof and metal of the Kahn.
File: NRP6 Turn 1.png (7 KB, 237x217)
7 KB
Seilund sails across the sky once more, her radiant vessel showering the land in warmth and light, and the Wights exit their huts and tents. Shamans gather in village squares beating carefully carved sticks together, each one making a distinct and precise sound, villagers gather to say their thanks and invite Seilund to their hearts, before she continues her travels. For the more who accomodate her, the warmer the day will become. In one of the villages, the chief is surprised when he enters his abode to see the Vardyger eating at his table, the Vardyger who was to arrive in 2 days time, instead has already been accomodated by the chief before he knew he had arrived. Of course the Vardyger had simply worked his influence to make the attendants keep his arrival yesterday a secret. The Vardyger has a talk with the chief, to make sure he's up to date on the goings on here, since he's heard of strangers to the east.

>Action 1: Develop the Légeirr spear, a sharper and sturdier spear.
An advancement has been made in Wight spearcraft, they have learned how to grind an edge, instead of knapping it, this gives a consistent smooth edge, sharp enough to cut with. The smooth edge also takes less strain as it penetrated in a steady fashion, making the spear not only cut deeper, but be less likely to break while doing so. In addition, the shaft has been hardened, making it hit without flexing. This does make the spear prone to breaking once it hits, but hopefully the damage is severe enough to kill the target, or you've brought a spare. These advancements are incorporated into a new weapon, the Légeirr, or the Scythe Spear, which incorporates a long stone spearhead, offering the ability to slash, though such a move does put the spearhead at high risk, so stabbing is preferred.

>Action 2: Create Hunting Grounds west of Hoftborg and Temple to Deiyr in the northern mountains.
The land grows, hunters venture to the western plains, bringing fresh kills by the nearby Temple to Deiya, where they make offering to the mother of man, the lady of seasons, the goddess of life. The temple has other shrines, but the theme of life and death is in focus, with Deiya and Moldus side by side, even though Moldus' seduction bringing winter every year. A new temple emerges in the mountains to the north, one dedicated to Deiyr and his side of the pantheon. Deiyr is the cloud god, calmer of the sea, and father of Ovat, the bringer of fire. However, the followers of Deiyr's side believe in control, that man's violent nature must be shackled, or another Rekkar the Grim may emerge, the one who scarred the benevolent Ovat. Man will bring chaos if left unchecked.
Diplomacy - The crude maps are unfurled, and the ink-splotch representing the nearby Khanate are crossed out. Instead, the royals direct the attention of their cousins, each leaders of their own warbands, to the blank edges of the map. There, they will find what they seek...

>1 - Expansion South
Crossing the southern river, dubbed the Carvara for now, more and more people settle on the open grasslands and temperate forest around the copper mine. An abundance of wood means many of the homes are little more than small shacks, but for now this will have to do.

>2 - Build Farm on Henna, and Forge in the same hex as the Copper Mine.
To wield a weapon is to rule over others, and the finer the weapon, the stronger the rule. The royal household commands the construction of larger forges, to better refine the metal torn from the Earth, and thus craft ever greater blades.

It is said that Madar Samaha spent little time with her three sons, preferring the company of the riverside, which she needed, her blade, which she mastered, and her drink, which she cherished. Regardless, they would seek her out often, heaping gifts of copper amulets, fatty foods and severed heads to ply her favor, allowing them a day or two in her company.
As such, it was a rare event indeed that saw all three of her sons together, lounging on a muddy riverbank south of the sprawling farms of the floodplains. In the distance, a burly man was bent low, yanking weeds from the cold earth.
"Mother." Said the Artist, grinding a whetstone against a slender blade. He was a frivolous man, and had too many beads in his braided hair. "Will we ever master the blade, as you have?"
"To raise the blade is mastery enough." She said, casting her fishing line out into the river.
"Will our glory ever match yours?" Said the Hero, who had shining white teeth and beautiful blue eyes, and drank more than his mother did.
"Even a little Glory can feed and clothe you. Is this not enough?" She spat, grinding her teeth.
"When can we see you fight again?" Said the Butcher, who lusted after death as nothing else ever has.
"When a fool decides it is time." She moaned, her headache growing worse.

She loved her sons sparingly, but decided now to give them a kindness. This took great effort from her, so she spent several hours in silence, heaping fish upon the shore, which she did not share. Behind them, the farmer worked into the evening.
"What is the most important part of the sword-swing?" She asked, her generosity finally spilling out.
As the scholars of the order observed the night sky and wrote down the will of the gods through the movement of the stars and the dance of Naidon and Marissia they would send their findings to the council of Astronomical Wisdom for interpretation.


> Expand the territory to the north west.
As the people under the order's care prospered and grew the need for new land and the mineral that comes with it will need to be secured. As the gods send a divine message to prospect to the north west, it was a message for the order to come out of their isolation and start seeking the mysteries of the greater world once more.

> Reform the initiation process for the order.
As news spread of the old isolationist edict's abolishment was spread it was soon realized that the old system of initiating new member was stagnant and slow. A board of scholars was established to establish a testing system to judge ones merit and measure the aptitude of the applicant for the position that where interested in.

>Lore Snippet: The Legend of Odithis - Part 1
The children of Odithis descend from a lineage new, their ancestors of impossible origin. Odithis, a wise old man, wanderer of the (Southern lands?) who held a control over the fates that rivaled the Gods. Marching across the land alone, a long wooden staff fastened with chimes at it's end, the ringing announced his presence far before his arrival.
A mortal who could impose his will upon the Earth as if divine. His power however would not trump his Human desire for a community. For a family. In his first Grand act, he created a people of his own. Formed from mud clay, Odithis exerts his will upon the world with a ring of his staff, breathing life into the lungs of new children.

>Action 1: Prophecy Weavers [Magic]
The seamstresses which hold a (predictably) prestigious role in Creationist society channel their capabilities and free time into tapestries which predict the fate of their loved ones. While usually symbolic there is known to be occasional uncanny accuracy, the more specific the prophecy the more likely. Typically this manifests as a life of unnatural brevity or longevity, or an unlikely frequency of twin and triplet offspring. The seamstress Rantha has gained renown for her tapestries, which hold more power over fate than the products of her peers. The fabrics of Rantha change the lives of those she weaves. Marriage to those who wander from the inhospitable sands of the south, a home where one has never stood.

>Action 2: Animal Handling for Dummies [Elephant Utilization]
The large, monstrous beasts are a subject of natural interest. Long and beautiful bones protrude from their mouths. A titanic size that dominates the horizons of dawn and dusk. The natural attraction these beasts generate has a logical conclusion of exploitation. Be it the difficult task of attempting to steal and nurture a young one, or the herculean effort of killing one, Kirisfut will have it's Fang-Horns!

Shivers grip a city that in its heyday ruled land across oceans and beyond the impenetrable desert wastes. Tor Sulduphan has fallen from grace, mighty decorative pillars support cracked and empty flowerpots, ancient brickwork falls into disrepair with the cities charges lacking the materials or skill to maintain them.

Sulduphan has cannibalised itself, buildings torn from its furthest edges and their materials brought inward over the years, again and again, until all that remains is the heart of the empire and an arrangement of reconstituted shacks.

Yet the city survives and so do its people. The wind picks up, this wind is Heros, the wind of prosperity.
After countless tyrns of decline the uplifting wind has returned, and returned in force.

Heros roars through the buildings emanating a deep whistle as it slips through the Cyclopean brickwork, for an entire day and night and day again until something, somewhere reaches a breaking point.

In another place, somewhere dark and strange, lone figure steps out of the bowels of the empyrean labyrinth, emerging in the annals of an immortal tower. Tall, muscular, slightly dazed, he wanders to an ancient balcony and is met with the loving embrace of moonlight.

A choir of ten thousand souls cries out in jubilation at the sight of him, the new Emperor of Calandorra. Touched by the moon, he knows in his mind only two things in this moment. He is Havasad the Forgegod, and before him this is his city.

Action 1: Quarries

Havasad is briefed, dressed in regal attire and seated at the tallest pinnacle of the Parliamentary Tower by agents of the Lanthorn, the great pantheon of temple. The god in mortal flesh reviews the situation. Old quarries are buried under sand, tarnished or otherwise forgotten. New ones must be opened up in their place.

The Emperor orders quarries set up immediately, the forge god realises he exists in a world where there is not even a forge to work from. This must change, it is a deep and wretched wrongness with the world to be corrected.

Action 2: Expand west

Reasserting Dorran influence in the wilder and untamed regions where it has been allowed to atrophy is the highest priority of all possible tasks. The land around the lake apparently splintered off during some crisis that the temple officials act as if Havasad should already know about. A problem for later.

Servants, priests, priestesses and nobles depart along with many men who claim to be the army. A tragic state they have fallen to, dressed in rags and wielding improvised weapons. But they have potential. The northern crown shines ever comfortably to their right as they depart Tor Sulduphan under the orders of their rightful ruler.
As the scouts return, whispers fill the halls and streets, the passageways and the ditches and the pits, many die uttering questions and proclamations of mistrust, only for their killers to keep the conversation going as groups form and disintegrate almost immediately.

The Letterchewers MUST address this, and they do so in the way that they are most used to.
Declaring the 2nd Time of Woodstacking, the worker-crews are sent to harvest and forage, in order to
>build a new city over Gathering, new layers and suburbs and stacks of “living” spaces, where the endless swarms of Chitterers can spread to without worry

>build a forge in Gathering
The Gathering remembers little of the time when they were more than bandits and cannibals, but a few have passed spittles and defunct scrolls since then, holding ancient knowledge.
These scrolls few secrets of importance, most of it is how to make statues, but a few detail the creation of forges for the purposes of firing clay and making scalpels.
Scalpels which look rather similar to a shiv.

Though not remembering HOW to use the metal, the Letterchewers deem it a good idea to get started on the forge, figuring it’s better to have one part of the puzzle than none
File: map1.png (924 KB, 2047x2151)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
In the turning of the heavens it is the fourth epoch of the Northern Crown, in this, the second procession of the constellations after The Cataclysm, hereafter;
4th North Crown, 2nd PAC

The flow of Tudeilah guides the settlers north into Lower Amun, where yet more of what-was stands evident. The remains of a magnificent stone bridge across the great river and on the lake's edge the ruins of a small port. However with the discovery of the old comes that of the new, also, with the retrieval of heavy pods in which a sweet, sticky flesh is found. [Cacao] At once labourers are sent to this new territory to farm and cut lumber for the city.

Compared to the desert of Nagwatoma the savanna would indeed seem as fertile plains, but they would find any fields they ploughed would soon dry out. Though it is here they find the Parhuami, fish-garbed cousins, who shall watch the shores for them.
It has been centuries, if not millennia, since these rites were last practised. Though Pharahkan Tothenhammud had ordered magnificent leaps in the senses of his people, the priests & instructors of his court deliver (through their mysterious means) an increase in the sharpness of their eyesight over distance. What other nations may see through a pocket spyglass, an Ahmosi is said to need only squint. [Minor eyesight upgrade only]

To the north-west the gods commanded, so to the north-west the Uati set forth.
It is no longer necessary that an initiate need name the fourteen hundred named stars, nor each of their places in the constellations, atop that can be scrapped the crawl from the solar observatory in the plains to the central obelisk in Nabu-Ki-Uru implemented under the sadistic & tyrannical high councillor Nashur-Ina. Nowadays a board of appointed scholars can assess initiates far faster and more rigorously than any past rote.

Wasting not an inch of fertile plain, new furrows are ordered ploughed along the river.
In accord with a spoken agreement, as men are sent south to stake land for the Khanate they stay to the east of the river. As hoped, the furthest settlers reach the sea, claiming coast too in the name of the Khan. In their efforts is found a bulrush-like grain growing wild in the grasslands, a welcome bonus indeed. [Millet]
[>CK] The sun has barely begun to grace the sky as thunder rolls across the plain. The Avor ride forth, war in their bellies, and do slay the waking Chitterers with force unmatched. Not a single man suffers a blow from the enemy, so total is their victory against the bent-backed cretins. Cowering in their grass topped hovels and lean-tos, the men of the pitiful race are dragged out and put to the sword, the women and babes bound as war-prize. Their new Khlomosan friends bear witness to the slaughter, and drink well with the victors soon after.
With the rough hewn stones of the nearby quarry, the marshy lands of the capital are surrounded just high enough that they may not be vaulted. North of these efforts, the surface copper is fully exploited, digging into the soft soil to access lower bounties. With this, old wisdom is dredged up, the processing of rock to crude ingots. Minor scale productions of ore into metal are run, the very basics of hammered out and in some way honed as best they can be as yet.

For more than a generation it has been known, although undiscussed, that within a rough circle of trees on the well trodden path to the forest proper lies what remains of... something. It is, very clearly, not of this realm, for though it is most assuredly a corpse, it does not decay, reek, and draws neither flies nor carrion. More, it almost hurts to look at, to think of, to try to comprehend it. It is bloody, bruised, and might have skin the colour of the sun. It is naked, it is not obviously either male or female, but it is enticing. Perhaps it is in the form of Khloe, perhaps it is not. Perhaps it is in the shape of a horse, perhaps it is not. Whatever it is, it takes the unguarded words of a child to express what all of Khlomosa is thinking, it looks edible. In fact, it looks delicious.
Land between the Kingdom and the Khanate are as yet left unclaimed until a formal agreement is arranged, and so men head south into the forest & plain, building for themselves homes of wood and thatch. The land soon sees further development with the building of a forge close to the source of copper there, and across the river the orderly planting of henna.

Fanning into the world that is not desert, the Dorrans incorporate it into their empire. Here they cut quarries of yellow sandstone and grey limestone.

Shanty atop shanty atop the brick & marble ruins of the old world, that is how the Gathering is built. Palace and temple reduced to dingy squats or barns for livestock. North of the new additions, a forge of impressive size; for even in their obscurity the Chitteres are not ones half measures; is raised of stone and earth, just waiting to fill the air with smoke and ash.
That the quality may not be diminished and that it may be stored by those who know how to resist the chill of Markala, the brew-temple of the Mareev is an excellent creation. There the priests may ferment each Yav's daily beer, bless it, and maintain the rituals required of them without interruption. It is also within these newly hallowed halls that a true miracle makes itself known; Markalin's Brew; legend made real, appearing in a standard Mareev vessel, though with a solid electrum drinking reed.
Hungry for something more than gruel, men set out full of courage, with trap and bow. By Yavitov's grace, or perhaps Markalin's liquid guidance, they return heavy laden with beasts. With such success, new grounds are established to the east and the south forthwith to feed the growing market in Yarvik for game.

Irreechi ponies! By Volos, they were thought lost! The plains of the north hold much of what had been considered forgotten history, for there too stand the ruins of the ancient city of what was called Liviun, once a centre of commerce and gate to the northern reaches. But it is not all good news the settlers return to the capital, but that of strange voices heard singing a foreign tongue in the western woods.
While the hunger pang may lead one to thoughts divine, starvation is only a deterrent from such pursuits. To ease the rising tensions the banks of the river in the new northern lands are ploughed and seeded.

Much of what is claimed of the fateful tapestries of Odithian weavers is, of course, inflated. That a married couple should have children is little surprise, that a husband should lose an eye in a hunt is no great amazement. That a family renowned for twins should bear more twins does not require much insight to predict. Not to mention all the times a woven prophecy is not even vaguely fulfilled. But those times, those one-in-a-thousand details in the weft, the predictions of such specificity that do come true, it can only be magic.
Those beasts; their tusks, their hides; they must be tamed. And if not tamed, corralled. And if not corralled, a proof of one's strength in the hunt! And so they are, some bulls are brought down with spear and arrow as trophies, some calves are trapped to be brought north, and the rest are left to trumpet another day.

An order from the king , a stroke of the scrivener's pen, and a brief aside to do spiritual battle with an upstart band of heretics, and the land of the Lauds is increased. It is in this increase that a great wonder of Nemosa's past is rediscovered; A gate cut into the face of the mountain. Or at least, what appears to be a doorway shallowly chiselled into the stone. It shall require further study to determine when in Nemosa's long and grandiose past the thing was carved. The two gifts Aiun has bestowed upon them in these lands are set out in newly ploughed rows, bringing plenty of aromatic rice to the table, and milk-of-the-poppy to the apothecaries.

In no time at all, the river is theirs, and with it the riches of its totality. Included among them, crustacean and red-fleshed fish, which the Tarnsmen are equally quick to establish control over.

The Légeirr spear, ah what a beauty of craft, how splendid a weapon against the seal, the roe, the wolf. Only the latter, when one is truly practised with it, may ever require a second strike!
The meat fills the bellies of the hungry, the fat pleases the nostrils of the gods.

At once the Lightobelisk is reincorporated, a literally shining example of the greatness of old Waddania. Elsewhere the rights are granted, men set out to claim their plots. It is in this endeavour however that Enouth shows he is not so easily forgotten, as petty squabbles lead to heated words lead, lead to Waddan hands around Waddan throats. Whatever their reasons a band of those so graciously granted these lands, break from the League and attack any who venture to the east of the bay they claim! In brighter news, the other ventures planned by the moot are successful in every regard.


Updates are actually Monday & Friday, not Tuesday & Friday as stated in the OP.
With each update please Ctrl+F ">TAG" to find wherever your nation is mentioned.
Please always wait for "END OF TURN." before posting your responses.

1. Build a hunting ground and lumberyard in the forest tile with a silver mine. It was a good omen that Koson was coronated at the beginning of the North Crown constellation. Something that boded well for his reign despite the untimely death of his many older brothers and even his father. Turning what may have been a cursed beginning into divine providence as demonstrated by his masterful handling of the uppity maenads. At the encouragement of his favored wife he takes advantage of his previous success and the stars to claim the forest west of the city. Building elaborate lumberyards and cementing royal authority over the woods to ensure plentiful game to those who earn his grace. With the already existent silvermine it has become a place of great wealth and importance from which he can further centralize control.

2. Expand to the mountains and last forest tile. Desiring that more stone be gained and their heritage reclaimed Koson has men move to claim the mountains for Nemosa. With closer inspection perhaps they can relearn the secrets of their past and build new glories to cement his reign.
> Lore: The Forgotten Past - Part 2
Truly, mankind suffered by its own wishes. Led by foolish desire, they had witnessed the might and glory of the gods, but only perceived their power. Aeons of experiencing their earthshaking power, but not their unyielding temperance and maturity had warped the minds of men into power hungry and foolhardy machines of conflict. For even just one of the five gods had the power to annihilate all of creation, each god independently sought to serve their infinitely inferior world. Humanity - blinded by time - saw only the god’s power as the symbol of their glory and began to view service as despicable, growing selfish and cruel. To the ancient man, the less fortunate became pawns and one’s superiors were little more than obstacles to overcome in their pursuit of godlike power. Before long, even the gods themselves became enemies of mankind’s hubris - a new kingdom to be overthrown and acquired.

>Action 1: Stable the Ponies
By their glory the ponies return to us - noble mounts with a temperance like our own. Truly this is a sign that our path is noble and the divine wishes for our voice to spread. A stable and breedery is to be established so that every man and woman of the order may one day possess a mount.

>Action 2: Expansion (Wonder)
Where there are voices, there are minds to hear the gospel of true faith - still, no traces of civilization in the forests is peculiar. Of course, an ancient voice must surely imply that this is another people who were spared from the wrath by adopting a holier life. Missionaries and settlers are dispatched en mass to speak to these voices and enter them into our holy kingdom. The army is dispatched to join in the interaction just incase there is are traces of the ancient evil spirit of man to be dealt with, but the army is sent with no ill will by default.
File: HeyaHooya.png (163 KB, 1261x691)
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163 KB PNG
Blood was shed, the gods were sated for the time, Now on to the next great ventures, for deep forests and open grasslands await us ready to be called home to the ever growing Kahnate.

Action 1

Expand in noted directions, riders would be sent out to survey land and take the measure of them, perhaps this would be the newest site of a great Tent sea.

Action 2
The Avor Saddle
Using wood and leather Saddles would be formed and fitted to the special physiology of the Avorian Horse. Stirrups and high seats would allow for a comfortable form of riding for both rider and mount.
Ocena, the blessed jewel of the ocean, the land of one yet that of many. It had long ago become home to all the different cultures and peoples of the world, especially in the days of calamity. Today it braves the oceans once more in a desperate search to rediscover the histories of its different roots so that the tragedies of old may never repeat again.

>Build a city on our new island
"It was a momentous accomplishment of Ocena. The nation had established it's first outpost on the distant shores of an island named Sentius, the first step in returning to the wider world. New lands held new possibilities, and curiosities which attracted many seekers to this fledgling place. As the ships trickled in, a new city called 'Curio' would be born, named so for the curiosity that led its citizens there"

>Build fishery
"As Curio swelled in size, the bellies of it's inhabitants began to shrink. Mere foraging would not be enough, and soon a buzzling fishing scene developed along its shores. Though much of the catch available to the fishermen were critters of fin and shell they've seen plenty of at home, there would be times, especially during off seasons, that new and tantalizing specimens would find themselves entrapped in their nets. These new species provided not only a wonder of new tastes, but kindling as well to the already wonder-struck minds of the Curios and they eagerly looked forward to what other new things the land had to offer them"

>Expand North towards the mountain.
"Incensed in their need to discover more, the Curios began to spread out further from their relatively new city. Slowly they creeped deeper and deeper into this island's wilderness and on towards the mountain, turning around leaf, stone, and even bugs in hopes of finding something new to catch their interests."

> Construct a Forge
> Expand the Temple of Diane with an area for Havas the Shaper, where smiths might worship and refine their craft
> Raise an army

They were two, walking along as others worked and shaped, shifting great stones into place, packing them with the soft soil of their home. Already great fires blazed, harnessed and contained, ripping at the sky father's corpse above.

The children of dirt prepared for war, and he, mightiest of their warriors, sought the blessings of the priestess of Diane. However instead of blessings he was met with riddles.

"Have you ever meditated on the Great Flame?" The woman asked.

The man spat. "Why waste thought and breath on a dead god? The earth mother ripped him limb from limb and sealed him in stone and now we do the same with his fragments that we call up."

"From old gods, new gods. As it has always been. From an arm of the Great Flame came Havas, shaper of metal. And from his shadow..."

"Volos." He snorted. "Any child knows as much. Get to the point."

They knelt, inspecting the work of a fledgling smith, a crude spearhead shaped and fastened to a long spear.

The woman smiled slyly. "If Volos is the shadow, and the Great Flame the light, then what cast the shadow?"


The temple of Diane was expanded, a shrine to Havas added, where shapers of metal might meet and worship and work both. The priestess mixed her blood and the dirt of the mother, painting an arc over the entrance of the shrine, where a forge belched smoke at the corpse of the star father.

Watching her, her shadow dancing in the flame, he finally realized the truth she had imparted.

"Volos is the shadow of Diane. Whom else could cast a shadow so great, so vast and dark but the dirt beneath us?"

She nodded, taking his spear and painted it with the dirt. "With the truth of dark and dirt, go and shape with this spear. Ride beneath His Cloak and upon Her body."

A colossal figure stands vigilant over a city newly abuzz with life and hope. The God Emperor of all Calandorra, Havasad the... unknown. What number should follow his name? Nobody around him seems to know much, only that he has ruled before.
The Pantheonic Temple, a centre of recordkeeping and a bastion of knowledge, is crumbled and barren.
Oral history tells that it was damaged some many years ago in a ruinous fire, seriously damaging its records. This is apparently not the first time something of that nature has occurred, boxes of lanthwrit script were taken and buried in forgotten dunes to keep them from being stolen an age or two ago, apparently some historical documents were tucked away in the labyrinth where only lanternkeepers dare go, and few return.

Havasad does eventually learn of the circumstances behind his strange awakening. The line of divinity was interrupted, the last gods children fled, vanished to avoid being fed to the bowels of the labyrinth following the death of the previous. An interrengum lasted an entire lifetime with Calandorra abandoned by the gods, until now. They were never found, but their children were, and in chains they were dragged by the cultists of yan into the deep and dark.

Emperor Havasad realises who he is, once one of them. He does not remember, or chooses not to, the result is the same. He has an empire to rebuild, what he used to be is of no concern.

The gilded wind of Heros continues to roar

Action 1: Upgrade the pantheonic temple, replace wood with limestone. Construct two mini-farms.

The pantheonic temple is in a sorry state, but a source the sturdy grey limestone that composed its original supports has been uncovered. Using it, the temple might be renovated to a true and bustling centre for the administration of all the gods cults.

In days to come a story will be told about the temples renovation. In it, Havasad wields a mighty bident as he orders the temples restoration, and was said to have sent it careening through the air to strike the top of the buildings highest spire.


He said, gesturing to where the spear had fallen.

"There and doubly high again, make the temple so."

The Emperors orders were not to be denied, his servants return to work.

Action 2: Prospect nearby lands for resources (119, 117, 122)

The god of the forge has no forge, and little metal. Plans for the great and mighty forge complex have been drawn up and will certainly be acted upon in time, but a forge is nothing without metal. Havasad sends for riders to scour Diurn for their material bounty, only to find the mighty warhorses of his bride and her sister untamed and running wild. That will need to be dealt with at some point, but for now his prospectors will have to walk.
Addendum: The Noble Estates, Scheher and Shayla

Not all things in Calandorra are of divine flesh and godly volition. Most are not, in fact.

Elsewhere the old sparks of nobility flare, and the cobblestones of once great houses are disturbed.

From irrelevance march out the scions of Scheher, and from nonexistence march out those of Shayla.

The House of Scheher, known in its time for moral corruption, debauchery and decadence, proves itself still standing after all these years. It would be hard not to, given how many children that old dynasty had, but that was their curse as well. Infighting laid them low.

Its bloody rival, House Shayla, was definitely rendered extinct. Shayla died, it died certainly and gloriously, it’s last male members dying against the great tide of destruction that threatened all Calandorra, and for one fleeting moment they did push it back - but they did die.

Apparently not however, says their patriarch now, and few would dare speak against him.

Of the great noble families which once through vassalage controlled Calandorra on behalf of the Emperor, only these two have any claim to have survived the cataclysm.

Each takes for themselves a little patch of farmland, where the water floods regularly and the food grows fresh and bountiful, and builds an estate for themselves and their new families to oversee each.

In time these once great houses may spoil for a fight, but for now they play a long game of licking their wounds and quite literally rebuilding their houses, given the emperors generous decision to provide them with the funding necessary to get back on their feet.

>Action 1 - Expansion North
>Action 2 - Build Lumbermill for Redwoods / Build Hunting Ground
The depths of Thandala forest are a dark mystery, but one that will not remain for long. Khloes by the score, seeking wealth and to tame the wilderness, settle ever further north, hunting what they will. The towering trees of red may prove too difficult to fell for their meager tools, but smaller saplings and other trees will suffice, for now.

The sons were eager to win the undeserved love of their mother, and so they gave this question much thought. In the distance, the farmer began to milk a goat, his back bent over a roughly carved wooden bowl.
The Butcher was the first to answer, as he was already soaked in death, and had lost much of his humanity. He still retained some in his blood, and death had not yet reached his bones, like it would in later years. Thus, he still needed to think, and his answer was not given instinctively.
"The matter." He grinned, and the others knew what he meant, for they were masters of the sword and knew death as well. He spoke of the parts that made up a man, the bone, the flesh, and the brain. "What matters most is what you strike. The result of your swing, the parts that you have broken, is what matters most."
Madar Sahama turned her head in the slightest nod, for his answer was true. The Butcher, since his youth, had proved most effective at separating men from their limbs, and could often be seen intently studying those he had parted himself.
She had expected this answer, as her oldest son was a creature of the past, and felt kinship with his prior victims above all else.
1. We lack much infrastructure, either lost in the fall or through decay from lack of use. First a forge must be built to supply weapons and tools of bronze to our troops and workers.
Second a plantation for the cocoa will be made to harvest the flesh and seeds of these new fruit pods. It will be interesting to see what our cooks and medicine men can do with this new crop. (Construct Forge and Cocoa plantation)
2. With the uncertain nature of the southern savages we must be prepared for anything. Men will be raised into a new standing army, a new High Lord's military raised from the personal troops of the various noble houses to be loyal to none and drilled together to be one fighting unit. (Raise standing army)
((woops forgot))
>Free Action - Suppress supplication, since such superstitions seem silly. Sup upon the supine supreme, stating "Since senses seem suspiciously stymied, supreme sovereigns shall savor such supplies."
The royals, descendants of the mighty Khlomosan line, will become aware of the growing fascination with the delectable corpse outside the city. When small shrines and offerings are placed before it, and a small crowd caught in reverent prayer, the king and queen act quickly. With a simple swipe, the two cut down the majority of the peasants, and call upon the entire city to witness this next act, proving their supremacy (and the history of their lineage's god-slaying skill) by desecrating the corpse before one and all. And what, the man and woman agree, would be better desecration than to consume it?
>Action 1: Dreamers [Magic]
Many nights are spent feasting upon the hunted game, sharing stories around the fire as the musically inclined share their gift with flutes crafted of bone. Yet despite these moments of community and bonding being so frequent and open, there are still dreamers.
Not the ones that would retire to their bedding early, no. The ones who wander away from their kin, where the grass gives way to sand, the cool nighttime breeze lifting up their woolen cloaks as they fasten their garments more tightly.
A place of desolation, of pure tranquility. It reminds oneself of the original All-Father, the Last Creator of this world. Where he arrived there was not, and where he left, there was.
Yet these dreamers cannot compare. They gaze into the stars above as the North Crown gazes back. For perhaps just a moment, these dreamers witness the members of the constellation shining ever so slightly brighter than the rest their peers. Though a blink is all it takes to break the illusion. Perhaps they were too caught up in their own emotions to be seeing so unclearly, or perhaps there is another explanation...

>Action 2: Carnelians [Mine them]
Man I put all my effort into the first part, just read that and give me my marbles plz.
>Addendum for making a goof
>Action 2.5: Odithian Palates [Construct a Fishery]
The tongue is a muscle like any other. While the arms fatigue with physical fatigue, the tongue fatigues with flavor fatigue. A man can only stomach A diet of berries and game for so long. Seafood has consequently become highly desirable, and in short supply. Those with the facilities (and sufficient appetite) have taken it upon themselves to take up oar and net to sate this hunger.
Action 1: Children of Yavitov have taken note of the most wondrous cotton flower that grows nearby, and eager opportunists begin harvesting it. Their goal is to weave fine clothing in exchange for fine beer, making comfortable tunics and skirts for men and women alike. Generally the role of a weaver is looked down upon the people as a boring and unexciting role, but none will turn down finer clothing in the perpetual heat of the jungle. (Cotton Farm and Seamstress...? Weaver place? Idk wherever niggas weave clothes en mass)

Action 2: Most unsurprisingly, the Mareev seek to increase their capabilities as servants of Markalin, by practicing the creation of a brew which grants their fellow Yavs the stamina to continue celebrating well longer than normal. The headache once one has finished drinking it is astounding, but a small price for the many many hours of energy gained from just a few hearty mugs. The resulting concoction is a deep red, and when drank tastes of hearty nuts with an energizing finish.(Research Brewing Magic: Running Blood Beer[Stamina Potions])
File: NRP6 Turn 2.png (7 KB, 237x217)
7 KB

>Action 1: Develop Astral Projection.
The Vardyger's unquestioned authority relies on the perception that he can see the future, rendering any plan to undermine him doomed from the start. But this is no easy task, needing to pre-empt the moves of his subjects with spies and trickery. He needs information, and so it is only natural that the Vardyger takes to the mystical arts, so he always knows more than his opponents. Astral Projection is gaining a sense beyond your corporeal faculties, but it is far from simple, as you need to not only get in the right mental state to get the information you need, but also be lucid enough to interpret the information correctly. Then again, spies can also give vague information, so maybe it isn't as difficult as first assumed.

>Action 2: Build Mine (unknown resource) west of Hoftborg and Forge south of Hoftborg.
With the new spear in demand, arises people to create the supply. Settlements dedicated to crafting appear, buying the raw resources and selling finished products, earning quite a bit as there's always going to be hunters needing new spears, and even in times when demand is lower, they can craft other products and be ready for when demand spikes again. However, an issue is how distant the northern mine is, so entrepeneuring Wights try to mine closer to home, so they can undercut the big mine up north.
File: Turn.png (13 KB, 474x608)
13 KB

>Return to the Fold
The diplomatic efforts to the assumed secessionists had been pre-assumed to fail; but Representative Lumen Kamstra instead returns to parliament with a diplomatic triumph! You don't have to be a Glinsterman to be a Waddanian, and how can a league truly be a league if it is only a single settlement? Klinkested and the people thereof are thereby granted representation within the parliament as they rejoin the Waddanian nation - arguably, they never truly left it.

>New Naasjeholder
But it is not forgotten that the Naasjeholder had been preparing to use the Waddan army against brothers and cousins merely to protect his own position. Though the act was not carried through, the intent had been evident enough... and at the next election, the old Naasjeholder is swept from office with many of his clique. Representative Lumen Kamstra is duly elected to replace him in the office of Naasjeholder, cracking down upon corrupt practices and promising a new and fairer age.

>Action 1: Provision and Development
The gleaming, mysterious Amber beneath the Noardglinster is a prize that many desire, and so a Mine/Quarry is sited for the Geomancers to lead the excavation of this precious material. And in the northern bay, new fishing grounds are charted and fisher's boats delivered to feed the mouths of Klinkested.

>Action 2: Prospecting of the unknown north
What lurks in and beneath the hinterlands of Klinkested? The stones said nothing as we entered the region, and the Geomancers wish to know what treasures Diuth has laced beneath these soils, and so they go, working their many ways and their prayers for the revelation from beneath.

With two lighthouses as clear-marked reference points to steer them home should the worst occur, the navy is tasked with orders of exploration, heading westward to see what there is to be seen.
>Replacement Action 2: Expand into the regions.
Wait, we need to own these regions before we can prospect them.... better get to owning them first. More Waddans set out to push back the frontiers of nation, trying to ensure that at least half of each region is within the nation.

>Also, please build the missing lumber camp.
>Turn 2
The People of Tarn grew restive and thronged around the wise man. They feared the amber-maned beasts which ventured ever closer to Harppa and took man and livestock alike in their hunger.

“O Dhara, Unclothed and Bloodied, we beseech you! Your children run rampant through the lands. They break our traps and leave our people wailing from hunger. “

Dhara, unclothed and bloody, heard the cry and descended. He spake through the wise man.

“Venture east, into the deep forests of Harppa. Find there the savage who lives among the animals, who drinks from a watering hole to quench his thirst and is satisfied. None can match his strength, for I have raised him as my child and given him the blessings of the forest. Now he is a man and must return to his people. Bring him here, teach him the ways of the Tarn, and he shall deliver you from danger.”

And so a group of Tarns was sent into the forest. They were great hunters and warriors, the mightiest men in all of Harppa. They were anointed with the finest oils and left the city to the beating of drums. Along was sent a merchant-woman, who was neither strong nor wealthy, but knew the waters well, and had therefore volunteered to be their guide.

The men sailed the river for 4 nights and walked the forest for 4 days. On the morning of the fifth day, they came upon a watering hole and their faces paled. For upon the other bank, jostling with the animals, was a wild-maned man. He was naked as a babe and drank greedily from the water hole. The hunters set upon him, but the wild-maned man had grown up wrestling with bears and his strength was like that of a wild bull. He threw the hunters bodily and spilled them across the forest floor.

Naru followed the hunters’ tracks to the riverbank. He approached their moored vessel but stopped short; his gaze fell upon the merchant-woman. Left behind by the hunters, she was making ready to cast off. Her hair fell wanton about her shoulders and her golden skin glistened with the sweat of honest labor. Naru felt his strength abandon him. He stepped out of the trees, and the merchant-woman smiled and embraced him.

And so Naru returned home.
>NM: Naru, Son of Dhara, the Wild Man.
File: Herakles_800x600.jpg (536 KB, 800x600)
536 KB
536 KB JPG
Action 1: Tame the Beasts
Naru’s first task was to quell the beasts which roamed the fields of Harppa. He set out at once, carrying neither spear nor arrow. He walked without caution, crushing the dried grass beneath his feet and shouting “Come forth, oh Golden King! Let us see who is the strongest.”

At once, a great roar echoed through the grasslands and an amber-maned beast sprung forth. This was Simha, the first Lion. He was imbued with terrible power, for he had slaked his thirst with the blood of a hundred men, whose atum now flowed through his veins. At once, he set upon Endiku. The two fought for five days and five nights, cracking the earth with the force of their blows. At last, the beast was too tired to continue. He knelt and spoke thus.

“O noble hunter, blessed by Dhara, your strength exceeds all others. If you wish to kill me, such is your right. But spare my life, and I shall serve you until the end of my days.“

Naru bound its mouth with a piece of leather cord and slung its limp body over his shoulder. And so, man and beast entered Harppa together for the first time.

>Tame the wild beasts which roam outside Harpa.
>Naru, the Lion Tamer.

Action 2: Expand
The discovery of aquamarine gems in the vicinity of the gold mine sparks a flurry of settlement activity. Small homesteads are set up by would-be miners. Most of these operations lead to naught, of course, but many who choose to move end up staying, ensnared by the cool ocean breeze and swathes of unsettled land.
>Expand south, prioritizing the gems region
The second cycle of the North Crown cycle approached a reminder of the new age to the people.

>1st action: Prospect the region to the North West.
Following the whispers of the gods several miners under the watchful eye of the guards sent to assist along with a contingent of scholars would be sent to prospect the region.

>2nd action: Study the aether.
The study of the Aether would begin under the watch of an elderly scholar named Khepmet to search for clues about the orders past and to attempt new findings about the workings of the gods. While it has been widely regarded that the Aether is another force of nature entirely like that of the wind and sea it was also understood that it was how the gods aided humanity and punished those deserving. For eons a debate has raged whether such forced should be studied or left to the wisdom of the gods.
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File: map2.png (980 KB, 2047x2151)
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980 KB PNG
5th North Crown, 2nd PAC

The presence of tribals, no matter how docile they may appear now, show it is a (potentially) dangerous world, one which requires that imperial might be not only spoken of by materially projected at spear-point. Yes, what is needed is sharp bronze reminders of the total sovereignty of the High Lord, properly forged. Men are assembled, handed their weapons, and given their orders. Part of their ration, or perhaps even their pay, is to be a small portion of cacao now being managed in the north. If that won't get them in the fighting mood, who knows what will.

Within sight of the savanna, itself prime potential hunting ground, lay truly lush meadow already swaying with grasses and wild blossoms yet unseen by any living Ahmosi. There, covered over by an amount of earth and so clearly not natural to the landscape that even the desert-dwellers notice it, they find what they instinctively know to be a tomb. [You MUST start building on the land you own before expanding more]
The increase in their vision has seen an increase in their vigour, or at least in their vigour for conquest. They march that extra step to reach that which is now in their sight.

Surveyors of minerals are sent east to scour for what lies beneath, and soon bring good news. There are additional sources of both copper and gold available, as well as most excitingly that of something none of them has ever seen before. [Will remain undecided until the weekend. Don't use more actions, we'll just discuss what it is]
Khepmet begins his study on the Aether by categorising what it is not. It is not, like earth or water, physical, it cannot be caught in the hands or blown by the winds. It is not, like the winds or the tides, deterministic, it cannot be measured or metered. It is not, like the gods themselves, spiritual, for it has effects upon the physical world. The elderly scholar comes to the same conclusion all other daring scholars before him have, it is plain & simply, magic. How to manipulate it however, that will require further funding, I mean, study.

Taking control of the heavily forested north is proving slow going, but by the end of the tyrn the north-east is claimed up to the mountain slopes.
Until this tyrn, the Avor have made do upon their warhorses on blankets, however the battle with the Chitterers showed that in combat such looseness could become a danger. Ropes, hoops, all sorts have been tried though what sees actual repeated use is a saddle of wood and leather fitted to each rider and his horse.

There is half a tyrn of upheaval within the temple, as the hammering and general commotion of the new forge disrupts practically every sacred rite. Thankfully, for all of the Children, the construction of the surrounding, significantly noise-dampening, shrine is completed before the tyrn is out. And good news it is too, given the workload that the order of a standing army has created.
The lowest reaches of the territory and the greatest wealth of Thandala are brought into the fold of the Kingdom with utmost gratitude; The plentiful game to hunt & trap, and the magnificent redwoods which inspire awe. As their axes are outmatched by their tenacity, it is as yet not possible to fell the ancient giants, only the relative saplings about them.
[NM] A great heaping slough of flesh is portioned for the royals to show their disregard for the so-called deity now at their backs, being so difficult to look upon. Each places the the morsel into their mouths, salivating like starved dogs, and upon it touching their tongues they cannot help themselves and gorge on the remaining portion. In minutes they are slouched and bloated, bellies distended grotesquely. The strangely sweet smell of the Feast mingles with the stench of vomit and blood. Her majesty is so engorged her small stature cannot contain it, her organs rupturing inside her, soon she will be dead but until then she shares in her husbands glory. For the crowd witnesses the pair of them become as bronze, skin beaming like hammered metal, their eyes as burning coals, their arms each a sword. Those they had not struck before are destroyed with the zeal only the Butcher himself can relish in blood. Their lust for carnage only ends after they have slaughtered not only the assembled peasantry, but the workmen of the nearby lumberyard. Soon after this, the queen is dead from her internal injuries.

Given the noted fertile land in a crescent around the lake, additional farmsteads are built to make the most of it. Far more important however is the restructuring of the pantheonic temple within Tor Sulduphan, with enormous barrels of grey limestone replacing rotting wooden pillars. Priests, architects, and scholars alike are all cowed by the booming orders of the emperor, detailing how each stone should be laid, each tile arranged, each chisel mark directed.
Shovels and orders in hand, men are sent out in all directions to discern the mineral wealth of the inner empire. Within the tyrn the teams return with news of silver to the west and rose quartz to the east. Alas the team sent north discover the land devoid of such riches. The disappointment is made up however by the extra discovery of the rose quartz team; Date palms.

[NM] Yergik, having confronted the great god full force, is left struck with that most embarrassing and shameful of maladies; Impotence. Though the Yavmat do not have a hereditary leadership, that their ruler cannot perform this most base of functions brings his shame upon all of them. He had hoped to keep such a thing secret, but harem word spreads to guards, to wives, to all folk, and soon it is known throughout the city. Whilst leaving a ritual to bless the latest batch of beer, Yergik is honourably challenged, and then too easily defeated by of all people his chief mistress. Though perhaps a little unorthodox, she claims for herself the title of Icemind on the spot, and having witnessed the slaying only moments before, the Mareev are all too quick to declare her rightfully so.
Cotton is a welcome comfort from the roughness of the make-do fabrics the Yavmat have endured for many a generation, being able to be woven far finer on the newly built large looms, previously really only used for the making of small grass mats. Weaving may not be as exciting as hunting or as physical as coppersmithing, but it's far easier to buy a jug of the really good stuff with a days work at the looms by the river than it is in either the heat of the desert or the forge.
"Hearty nuts with an energising finish" yes, and like someone has pissed into your nostrils the morning after. The brew itself makes liberal use of dried berries collected south of the temple grounds, meaning further production is going to require their cultivation. Nevertheless, it is a most potent concoction with the most invigorating effects.

The Irreechi ponies still have some of the traits the Order had bred into them and take very well to handling after so long at pasture. Stables, paddocks, and a breeding regimen are drawn up and executed at the most immediate speed. So astride, the land is subdued by the blesséd of Volos. Of most peculiar interest is that of the Singing Trees in the north-east, whose song is determined to be honest language, though clearly not Irreechian, and that the sound is produced somewhere in the upper canopy. To the public, aides to the Pactbroker assert it is simply birdsong, anything else would be preposterous, but behind closed doors the truth that the trees themselves are the ones constantly singing is discussed in earnest.
Stable-hands collecting cut stones from the ruins for a new paddock wall return pale-faced, well paler than usual. Ships have been spotted off-shore, grander than any reed fishing raft they have ever seen. As this sighting in the north is filtered towards the city, equally worrisome news from the south arrives. Another race of men has made the river their home, having built mines and temples and the other trappings of civilisation thereabouts.
The All-Father had made, well, everything, it's very much in the name, and the Odithians cannot hope to rival his power. But there is something which for them, perhaps also gifted to them by their deific patriarch, that they are just now beginning to understand they can create. Or at the very least twist; Fate. It is the march of the stars where they see it, ever predictable, ever steady, but ever changing night to night. That is the key to it they say, as the world processes round and around like the constellations, they will be the shooting stars.
Though most outsiders would not call the Odithians the most civilised of peoples, their interest in the beautiful is still greatly to their benefit. Though crude by some standards, the intaglio work being produced is still remarkable. However many within the city place almost equal value on these carved stones as they do on the daily catch as a taste for all things aquatic spreads.

With royal authority comes the power to close a mine entrance and have it moved out of one's way to make room for well maintained hunting grounds in managed woodland. [This is your one and only icon shuffle.] Also with royal authority comes the heavy task of recovering the glory of the past, starting from the very basic principles of wresting control of the land from the wilds, pulling the vines and creepers from an all but forgotten wonder of the empire.

The island of Sentius (Sentinua in the old tongue) is brought, save the unsummitable peak of the great mountain, under control. Many are strangely happy that the mount remains wild, feeling in it's presence something most strange. It is on these newly claimed shores that the aptly named city of Curio is founded, the first new settlement to be built on Sarghun for, well, even the Oc cannot rightly say. Perhaps it is because their bellies have been empty, or at the very least not really full for tyrns now. These new fishing grounds are a start, but seafood only stretches so far.

[NM] Naru closed the jaws of the lion and made them bow before the Raj of Harppa. He took for himself the skin of the Golden King with it's amber mane and made of it his cloak & loincloth. Naru has saved the Tarn this day.
Without much ado or fanfare, southern lands are brought into the Tarnic fold. [You MUST start building on the land you own before expanding more]

In search of more building stone, the miners find ore. Sparse, as the shamans said it would be, but ore nonetheless. Furnaces are hastily cobbled together from the spoil-heap, but not truly knowing what they are doing, nothing truly fruitful develops. [You'll need to research metalworking first]
>VT cont.
To transcend one's physical body is both the first step and the epitome of chiefly power of the Vardyger, this is his ability to see beyond himself, beyond his own whims and mortal nature. He had done it so often in his dreams, day and night, soared from the shell into the aether and flew atop the mountains seeing & hearing all that went on below him. But these dreams are merely wishful thinking, at present he is lucky if he can clear his mind for two moments before it is clouded with earthly matters. It is on a rare day when he is blessedly free of chiefly duties that he dedicates himself to the pursuit, wishing so greatly not to be disturbed he sews his tent flap shut. Prostrate he begins, the cool seeping into his body that his soul may ascend. For the entire day he does not move, does not eat, does not attend his body, and for it he finds he may astrally project a full six inches above the ground.

As the applications are working their way through government for the formal granting of construction rights for the city of Klinkested, the would-be-secessionists slowly return to their homesteads within Waddanian borders. Lumen must know he has them to thank in at least some part for his new position, although his familial possession of roughly two thirds of Sudglinster (notably and to their great dismay the Lightobelisk very much not included) may have a slightly greater role in the matter.
Amber, that most peculiar of stones, favoured among the upper classes often more for its rarity than its natural beauty. Even with the construction of the first mine for the stuff, it is still rare enough to be an acceptable major part of a dowry. Far less glamorous is at last the permission to fish in the northern bay being granted.
Picks at the ready, prospectors are sent across the isles. By tyrn's end they give the following reports: North of the country, gold. East of the country, nil. Southern isles, Alabaster.
The navy sails out into the (mostly) unknown, headed towards lands seen on only the clearest of days far upon the horizon. In a little over a day they skirt the forested coast, noting the wind which whistles, nay sings, through the trees there. They follow then the curve of the land and spy the ruins of a city not of foreign design. There eagle-eyed sailors say that scarred men are picking over the rubble.

Rock peppered with soft, dull grey metal is often pulled from the quarry in the south [Lead]. More portentous than this however is the discovery of a pit of snakes, with tails that rattle in warning, and each bearing two heads with dripping fangs.


Mystery activation is a free action when it is available.
Scouting may be done with either military icons for free, or a civilian group as a single action (and then moved freely thereon).
Though as a player you receive the information they discover each turn, as a nation you do not retrieve the information they collect until the icon returns to your borders.
>build another city on top of the city
As the forge is built, the Gathering cheers and claps and stabs itself slightly less than usual- a true era of prosperity!
Prosperity calls for feasts.
Feasts call for excess
Excess calls for mating, which results in extra room turning into extra cramped spaces. And so it is that, as the cycle always goes, more and more rooms are added, the city bloating like a tick

>research metalworking
As the forge is built, so do the Letterchewers send the least desirable Chitterers to attempt a breakthrough- there’s a furnace, that means something must go in it!
Well… that shiny rock ought to work, right? Shiny is good! And then we… throw glass bits in, pretty glass always makes things better! And set it on fire!
…what the fuck why is it melting

>attempt to farm the Breadfruit
Our beloved breadfruit, a companion of many sleepless nights. Of raiding. Because it was stolen and won through murder.
What if we DIDNT have to steal from five different people though? What if a single person grew five breadfruits and we could steal it all at once? What if?
>Turn 3
Action 1: Building
A miner lifts his hands towards the sun, shards of sky tumbling through his fingers.
>Aquamarine mine in the south(ideally with a bit of distance from the river)
Tarns are still unfamiliar with their new companions. In an effort to divert their rising population to more open grounds, a pack are led to the wide open lands of the south.
>Lion herding in the south(far from the river, ideally in the new expansion).

Action 2: Expansion
With increasing prospects in the savannah thanks to lion-taming and mining, some exploration southwards continues. However, the Tarns find the increasing heat and dryness distasteful, and the region ends up only sparse populated.
>Expand south
>final expansion for a bit, promise.
River is called the Sodden and later on those from the capital and near its influence will be known as sods by the rest of the country.

Action 1: Combine two floodplain farms into big farm, make a dock on the floodplains tile, and improve the poppy farm by combining it with an adjacent farm to the floodplains. Knowing of the vital importance the river mouth will have for future trade and defense Potentate Koson continues his reconstruction efforts. Improving the efficiency of the floodplains while also allowing room for grand dockyards to sprawl from the Sodden.

Action 2: Create a navy from the new dockyards. While Koson knows that there is much to be done within their own borders that will not always be the case. A potentate must look to the future and prepare fertile grounds for the eventual harvest. The old lands of the empire before they were torn asunder were a shining beacon of prosperity. He will need someone to assess their current state and see about their varying levels of viability for reintegration whether there are still dissident rebels or abandoned ruins. to accomplish this he puts the new shipyards immediately to work and assigns commissions to varying uncles, cousins, and nephews to captain his ships. His admiral will be a old man from the Tritan family known as Vorinth.
File: Turn.png (17 KB, 524x662)
17 KB

>Action 1: Expansion
The Klinksteaders apparent abandonment of the land they had resided on has many scratching their heads - Waddania didn't want rebels deciding not to be part of the nation, but there was never any pressure upon the people to give up their dreams of building a new city. Still, this gives more time to secure local support and infrastructure before we/they try again. Waddanian settlers move to secure the lands of the north so that the most suitable site for a new city can be assessed; whilst in the south the islands are also settled, to grant support and access to the gleaming white stones of Stanbyld.

>Action 2: Mining and Quarrying
Gold! Far prettier the copper, the soft metal shines with a lustre even in small quantities. Truly, Diuth has blessed our ground with such splendour, and we should not spurn her gifts. The Geomancers lead the establishment of a new mine upon the strongest known Seam, so that we might finally make coins of higher denomination then our current copper pieces. Whilst on Stanbyld, a Quarry for the marvellous Alabaster is also set up. The components used in the creation of the Light Obelisk by our forebears has become more evident, let us hope our future constructions might not shame their legacy.

Further to the west the seas grow tempestuous, out Enouth's Maw where the always fickle sea gives way to dangerously wild and churning oceans; where the Sea-Father's chaotic son holds sway. There is no passing further that way, and so the ships continue their journey northward instead.
The People of Tarn send their navy exploring south.
>Free Action: Naval Exploration
Action 1: Fundamentals of magics
Breeders, Shamans, Wise women and elders all gather, compiling the old knowledge of times past. a new time may be apon us.. hopefully one of the better

Action 2: Scout Corps
a section of the army of the Avor, specialized in going further with less, allowing for a better knowledge of what's beyond the avor borders, and what may lay further on the steppe

Army, the horse shall begin going east, to see what lay beyond the steppe
The exploration of the mysterious tomb was a success. No one expected it, but it was a find from history so ancient no even the scholars in the great archive could find anything about it.

Nonetheless two things were leared. the buried man was the hero of 4 great ancient peoples (among them the Ahmose) among whom one betrayed him... and we were not the traitors.

> Action 1: Found the city of Hamirad Remes (heroe's Rest)

The resting place of the hero shall be left undisturbed. Above it a grand palace shall be built and integrated into the structure. The Entrance to the tomb is to be widened for people and air to easily pass and within the great burial chamber a walkway out of ztone and bronze shall be fashioned. Far enough from the walls to stop people from touching it and far enough from the sarcophagus too. The temple shall be granted to the Harem Lord who lead the expedition, but his guards are also to guard the tomb both within and outside.

Around the palace a city shall be born and become a site of tourism and pilgrimage.

> Action 2: 2 Farms
With more mouths to feed new grand farming complexes shall be established where women and slaves shall work the fields.The fields shall lay in the fertile crescent south of the new City.
File: The Darkness.jpg (213 KB, 768x768)
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213 KB JPG
> Expand: Explore and claim the forests of copper and whatever might lay beyond to the north.
> Full Action: Surround The Darkness with a great temple dedicated to Volos, modeled after the great mountains in the distance.
> Army: The forces of the Dirkin travel to the tribe of the dog headed men first, then upon finding them a peaceful people turn to the north, scouting toward the mountains, before following them back toward the east.
> Mystery: Mukind, the High priestess of Diane, walks into The Darkness with little else besides
a flask of water. She meditates for days, returning with eyes that will never see the sun again, but with new insights on the mysteries of dirt and dark.

The mightiest warriors of the dirt children stood in silence as the priestess walked among them, a pouch of sacred black soil at her side. When the children of dirt surrendered their spirit to Volos, their bodies were returned to the dirt, resting in the dark soil between the rivers Rhyme and Reason, where once Soul had wept bitter tears of regret. Was the soil dark with the old blood of generations? Was it dark with the tears of a goddess who in her desperation unleashed the wrath of a god on the children of dirt? Did the nature of the Darkness nearby seep into the very soil? Twas not for the children of dirt to know, and they did not seek those answers.

A mark on the forehead, to blot out fear. On the outer sides of the eyes to erase doubt. On their spear arm, to void exhaustion. A line from heart to gut to forget mercy. The priestess worked in silence, alone, until the job was done, then finally spoke.

“Dirt and Darkness protect you.”

A mighty roar returned as the warriors lifted their weapons and departed.


While the warriors marched, Mukind, Mud Child, Priestess of Diane, set to work. Wisest of elders were gathered and cleverest of the forge workers. Mukind laid out a vision of a mountain shaped by the hand of dirt children, built around The Darkness. A place of worship and monument to the surety of Volos, and a last desperate place to hide in their darkest hour. May it last longer than the hands that built it.

Then as stone was set on stone around The Darkness, the priestess walked into its depths, determined to find new mysteries of the nature of dark and dirt.

The nation is shaping up to something a little more respectable, day by day. Throughout the weeks that Havasad spends reading, working, planning, he is continually bothered by lay priests over the matter of the succession.

The maiden star shines overhead, they claim, optimal time to take concubines, to give worship and praise to Aios and serve her dutifully. An opportunity also for any woman to raise her standing by wooing the emperor, a daunting task some brave priestesses take on.
His frequent attempts to shake them off prove difficult, as the faithful are persistent in attempting to distract him from his work. The matter eventually comes to a head when the ruling representative of the Lanthorn, the Nadus, makes it clear in no uncertain terms that Havasad must father children outside of his marriage with the goddess Meris or risk throwing the entire nation into peril. An argument brews, a table is destroyed and the emperor exclaims that he will “get around to it in a tyrn or so but I’m busy now so go away and if I find another priestess in my bedchambers I’m going to lose my temper”.

Having made at least some progress the Nadus departs, the emperor is left with his grand designs to fulfil. Silver, his mothers shining metal, is taken from the deep, the lifegiving fertile crescent developed more, and the groundwork for his mighty forge complex, Aya Sandan.

Action 1: Silver mine, another farm.

Silver is the metal of the moon, a gift from Menot, Havasads beloved mother.

Gold is the metal of the sun, the metal of his grandmother Seihule, and of her son Yan, Havasads father. With these two combined the emperor will have a wealth of precious metals to work with.

A romantic mood sweeps the nation as the maiden star shines, a rise in population swift to follow. The cult of Aios takes responsibility for the boom, and responsibility for feeding the needy as funds from temple prostitution are invested into new farmland in the northern floodplains.

Action 2: Begin creating a colossal forge complex, “Aya Sandan” next to the capital.

The emperor has finished planning and now takes an active role in addressing his peoples tragic gap in metallurgical knowledge, ordering the construction of a grand and imposing forge of his own design.

Known to the populace as the anvil of miracles, the emperor seems to practically disappear within the bowels of the construction site day in and day out, personally taking charge of the most important aspects of the construction, hefting great blocks of stone and micromanaging the builders on the ground.

This is something the emperor gives his full and utmost attention, undeterred by any other trifling reports or demands. The forge must return to Calandorra, and he will see to it personally.
Clouds billow around the top of Tu Aket in the eternal heavenly dance as priests speak of good omens. High Lord Amundotu stood on his dais as news came in from across his realm. Nothing but good news for the past few tyrns, truly a blessing from the gods. He declared a writ to pay the troops in bronze tabs so they may purchase what they desire with metal purchased by their own mettle.

1. In the north the old docks are rebuilt to make a safe place for fishers to set off and bring their wares.
In the south a mining village for the monopods are made to mine the holy obsidian for the priests.
2. Scouts are sent out into the new lands to prospect them for useful resources.
File: NRP6 Turn 3.png (9 KB, 253x229)
9 KB

>Diplo Action: Annexing the tribe to the east.
The Vardyger is delighted by the gift from the elders, several dozen thralls, of good stock no less. They are starved and desperate now, but with feed and recouperation they will become taller and stronger than the finest Wight warrior. The gold trinkets they bring is also a bonus, and earn the Wight elders seats within the Vardyger's council. They have wishes for things to do for themselves, but for now, sees the need to expand, so we might find more of these gaunt giants before other parts of Wight society.

>Action 1: The Trellkriger Program, turning Tarnish refugees into obedient slave warriors. Kept secret from the rest of society.
The Vardyger wastes no time making use of the Tarn thralls. They are given more solid rope collars, as they are fed, but they get a taste of meat while they are fattened up. The Tarnsmen are taller than the Wights, and possibly stronger, but the biggest advantage, is that they owe a lifedebt to the Vardyger. Soon enough the training begins, turning them into warriors, but during this time, they are also heavily monitored, Wight elders touch and grab them to determine how much more they can train, and if they resist, punishment is immediate, as they are heavily outnumbered by Wight warriors. They are taught what Wight language they need to follow orders, but little beyond. Those who excel get Wight women to lay with. They may not be the prettiest to the Tarns, but they are the only ones they get to be private with. The women are also thralls, so they wont be spreading word to the rest of Vettirgard, and their children are destined for the Trellkriger Program.

>Action 2: Expand into the forest, and complete control over the peninsula.
The Wight chiefs start to move, splitting their tribes to migrate into relatively unsettled lands, cementing Vettirgard's control there. This move is sudden, as normally the chiefs are more about building up their ancestral lands than settle new. However, the Vardyger's court has decreed it, and some of the reluctant chiefs find that parts of their tribe has already left, as the Vardyger had convinced them even before the decree was made. Such a split causes anger, but it also means they can't carefully select who to migrate with the group, weakening the reluctant chiefs' influence on the offshoot tribe. It serves as a strong message to obey the Vardyger.
>Build lumber yard at Curio
The island of Sentius belongs to Ocena, but there might come a day when other nations seek to change that. A lumber yard will be constructed in order to feed our navy so that we may defend our interests here.

>Something of the lone mountain of Sentius draws the wonder of those who live on the island. An expedition is mounted by its people to explore this strange, lone surveyor of the land. It is nothing more than an exercise in exploration for, what can truly be waiting for us here in such a remote place after all... but then again, we'll never know unless we take a look.

>Naval action: Visit Tarn's city of Harppa
It is time re-establish contact with the wider world. Using the maps of old, we will begin our search for other civilizations east of here. With any luck, we might just find long lost brothers and sisters.

>Action 1 - Military Discipline
Hak-kun Khlomos, the now widowed king of the land, must contend with vultures circling his head, even bent over the still-burning corpse of his sundered wife. Cousins from his extended family have seen the tragedy as a dinner bell, raising battle-hosts to make a play for the throne itself.

>Action 2 - Create Army
But even in grieving, the king is a Khlomos, descendant of god-slayers. These fools are not strong enough to defeat him, and even in this state, his skill surpasses their own. What follows is months of blood-shed, the king demanding the wavering loyalty of the frightened peasants, disciplining them into a skilled army which crushes his rivals, one by one. With 'peace' restored once more, the King looks to himself. After so much bloodshed, has he found peace from his loss?
Of course not. So there must be more.

The Butcher was pleased with the praise his mother had given him, meager as it was, and fell into contented silence. His brothers redoubled their efforts, wracking their measly brains to one-up their oldest sibling.
The next to speak was the middle child, the effeminate Artist. Amulets adorned his neck, and the hand that clasped his lengthy blade was festooned with rings. His beard, braided and perfumed, was thin and pointed, and a source of much pride. Of all his siblings, he was the least poor, for he could afford meager meals with the coins he earned selling his crafts.
"Mother." He began, and all knew he would speak for too long, for he loved the sound of his own voice. "You ask of us knowledge you already know! So, this must be a test, correct? To see what we have learned from your wisdom and strength? I shall not dissapoint!"
Madar Samaha rolled her eyes, but the Artist did not see, for he already looked to the faint stars above, thinking himself a noble sight in his pondering.
"The most crucial part of the sword-swing is the strike itself!" He said, insufferably smug. His smile only grew when his mother gave the smallest of nods. "The technique, the stance, the skill, the sword-swing itself is the most important"
This answer came from his core, for the Artist was a creature of the present. He could not resist temptation, the pleasures of now too great to withstand, and thought of nothing but mastering his skill in the moment itself. Neither of his brothers could strike as swiftly, or as elegantly, as their empty-headed beautiful brother.
Behind them, the bleating goat was joined by another, heavy with hair. The farmer lit a crude copper lantern, the smell of burning fish oil wafting down to the river bank.
> Lore: The Forgotten Past - Part 3
But even as humanity slowly turned against the gods, the eternal love and goodness of their wisdom continued to radiate upon the lands. Though saddened by the humans losing their ways, the gods understood that true service expects nothing in return. As such, the divine continued to preserve the world and its people, even as it sought to destroy them. New "gods" emerged among the lands, often leading nations into new depths of depravity. Others opted not to bear this mantle personally, instead inventing new gods whose image could be warped to fit their needs.
An age of decadence followed, wherein the old rules were tossed away and with mankind at the reigns - chaos ruled supreme. War, cruelty, depravity, and deceit existed as they had in no other time of man. Taboos faded away and that which was once holy was only now a matter of power as Hate, War, Decay, Destruction, and even Death itself became mere tools to the reigning elite and the masses which worshipped their abuse.

>Action 1 - Learn Waddanian (Language)
Travelers have arrived on our shores speaking an ancient tongue unfamiliar to us. Are they from these parts? Nonetheless, their language must be learned so that they may come to know the truth before history repeats itself. The word must be spread.

>Action 2 - Expansion South (Coastal)
Reports of another nation of men have reached the temple - though less is known of this sort. Nonetheless, the word must be spread. Whilst the military is in the north, it would be best to take a cautious approach to meet these men. The land is surveyed and claimed in their approach as not to risk a retreat into wilderness so shortly after having acquired their prized ponies.

A new constellation has arisen and with it the opportunity to interpret the gods actions once more. As the scribes both elder and initiate raced against the window of opportunity that was one of the few known times outside of a few rare exceptions when the gods talked to their worshippers and whispered to those few chosen. The elder scribe who is only known as Khepmet was betrayed by one of his students who told the council of his masters studies, the council's was split opinion some who denounced his work as heresy while some where intrigued and a councilor who was confused. After a session of furious debate with some accusations and shouting thrown in Khepmet was put under constant watch and confined to his quarters.

> Free action: The council shall beseech the gods following Khepmets research and how to proceed.
The anger that some of the council members while understandable would threaten established teachings and may be seen as blasphemous by the gods as. While Khepmet a scribe of his status was lightly detained the council would collectively agree to seek the gods wisdom and defer to their judgement.

1st action: Expand East following the coast.
As the cycles of the stars rose from one end of the sky to the other following the procession of Lunara and Selena the population that lived within the borders of the of the scholastic order of Uru-Anu went about its business, some curious youths would form bands amongst themselves to explore the unknown. One evening a servant to the order turned initiate by the name Soraya would notice of these bands leaving from the capital and after a bit of investigation would notice this new inclination of the youths and start approaching them about official endorsement from the order. Some of these these bands would accept an offer from the order where they will be endorsed, equipped and trained by the order to explore the ruins of old and the wilderness outside Uru in return they would share any knowledge about their findings and be paid handsomely for any artifacts found.

2nd action: Research the properties of Myrrh.
Myrrh has long been an instrumental part of Uruanuan culture ranging from a variety of luxury products to an essential ingredient of Incense making, incense being used quite regularly in the orders rituals and festivities while some other less common uses of myrrh would be the ingestion of the gum itself mixed sweet tasting foods means of concentration during studies and a means of calming oneself. Some of the workers who extracted the gum from the Commiphora tree that produced the myrrh would occasionally experiment with some of the excess myrrh that they procured from time to time out of curiosity and boredom since such a product seemed to have many uses, hoping to come upon a new use for it that maybe beneficial to them and their kin.
Action 1: With Yergik slain, the new Icemind that rules over the Yavmati is none other than Rai'prish. With her power secured, Rai'prish turns her eyes towards significantly more active pursuits than Yergik had. She demands "Look to me sons of Yavitav and daughters of Markala. My word is the word of the sovereign of fire, and my whims to be reinforced with the strongest bronze. I demand that men of might come forth and face one another for my amusement, and tussle in challenges and games, and the victors shall be rewarded with fine beer from my stores. For they will have tossed their lessers to the ground, and left them parched with the dust of defeat."(Rai'prishi has a Gaming Grounds built, wherein Yavmati will duel one another and partake in all sorts of challenges to bring excitement to onlookers and train their skills.)

Action 2: As the Yavs take to the Gaming Grounds, and sport is made of combat, one Yav woman by the name of Aer'vak devises a clever way to maks great sport of her fight. Whereas many fight with heavy shield or simply without protection, she takes a large amount of cotton and makes a shirt which has layers of unspun cotton and densely packed grass intermittenly stuffed between layers of cloth. The resulting garb is much like a somewhat heavy cloak, and after placing a strap along the inside she is able to use said cloak to defend herself without sacrificing too much of her fleetness. When Aer'vak is seen to fell a warrior larger than her in battle, after a cunning manuever which threw the crowd into a frenzy, many more go to make their own cloaks, and soon it becomes the wear of the mighty men of Yergik.(Create/Invent Warcloaks)
Posted on behalf of the Last of Creation

>Action 1: Controlling the Beasts [Elephant Taming]
Big beasts, when startled they turn men into mush and gore our livestock.
The present situation is evidently unsustainable and those men best suited to the task undertake the effort to continue to keep peace with these animals, and perhaps even bring a use to them aside from the harvesting of their tusks.

>Action 2: Man or Myth? [Magics]
The last appearance of Kiri occurred many lunar cycles ago, many young ones have lost faith entirely, unable to believe in the Lord of Fate, Odithis. In this spiritually dire time, many men have taken it upon themselves to fulfill the role of a local hero, to become living legends...
>1 Expansion
The Karnites push south, the wealth of the two headed serpents beckoning them.

>2 Construction.

A farm is constructed, in the old spots where the seeds of the orange fruits were scattered when the Lost Sons found their new home. The tangy citrus makes a great deal of delicious drinks, and provides a plethora of flavor when cooked with meats.

Alongside the orange farm, many of the younger Lost Sons have found a way to prove their bravery and strength, by capturing the two headed snakes, tossing them into sacks or urns. The learned blood priests of the Karn are having to deal with the occasional bites in their favorite manner, bloodletting.
File: map3.png (963 KB, 2047x2151)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
1st Maiden, 2PAC

A good omen from Tu Aket as the constellations progress is precisely the blessing High Lord Amundotu awaited to proceed with renovations in the north, and an important integration in the south. The lake-docks are rebuilt following from the pattern of what remains, including the bridge which leads to them, making a safe port for peasant fishing rafts and noble pleasurecraft. Meanwhile the Monopods are cut a new mountainside home, with the understanding that it comes at the price of working the holy obsidian from the surrounding rock.
Those sent north return with reports of additional nearby sources of copper, the location of fine black granite, a cluster of purple gemstones, and word of new intruders.

There is no greater place for the second city of the mighty and most divine kingdom than around the tomb of what was without doubt one of the greatest heroes of the old world. May Hamirad Remes be as wondrous as its namesake. Too, may they eat as well as he did, given the incredible number and variety of grave-goods found. The tomb itself is made a site of pilgrimage, with all the necessary alterations that brings. [little reminder that you do not have bronze, even for fluff]
From the site of Hamirad Remes, those most suited to watch return from their posts with news of almost-gold-skinned men in the north, some wearing headwrappings like those seen on the altar below them. They are oblivious to the Ahmosi nearby, preoccupied with the herding of beasts of some kind. That is until they pull into the natural harbour the city resides in with slack jaws [Tarn]. As is this intrusion is not enough, the Parhuami send word that great sea-beasts of wood have scared their swimmers out of the water [Oc].

[NM] Though the stars would have a message for the Uati congregated, the scholars would instead seek specific insight over general guidance and scrutinise the movements for answers to their current burning question; Chiefly, Kepmet's research. Though the stalwarts of tradition would try to find every out or possible misinterpretation of their fellows, the message is clearer than it will perhaps ever be again: Research on.
The youths are chastised for the dereliction of their studies, their wanton disregard of curfews and flaunting of the rules of attendance. And then they are well rewarded for their fulfilment of the will of the heavens, dutifully growing the lands and reach of the order as so instructed by the gods with their last missive from the stars. But then they are disciplined with lashes for disobeying their elders as they are preoccupied with much more serious matters.
Myrrh has a thousand uses in Uru-Anu, but that which most favours the Uati is its awakening properties. When burnt as incense and inhaled, the mind often better understands the way the gods see the world through the aether they bend as they see fit. Myrrh then is the link between the material to the spiritual, through the aetherial.
Though the ties to their ancestral ways have weakened, there is still some spark within them, and the memory of how the magic is worked. The altering of the properties of beasts, the price being one of blood, the most primal of substances. For minor changes the blood of prisoners, war-captives, thralls of all kind suffices, but those more beneficial will call for royal blood, Avor or otherwise.
A section of the standing army is given new training, that they may better scour the land for threats, and potential booty. They are drilled to ride further with less, to put aside discomfort for the cause. They first mission is east, round the great forest there through the open plains. But their journey is cut short by the unconquerable Walls of Khosna, at least twelve men high, and only Ridom can see how wide. They stretch from the coast to the mountains, and no break or sign of age can be seen upon them anywhere.

Up north through the forest, up unto the mountains do the settlers stake, followed close behind by the army scouts. By Volos though! Just as one tribal matter is settled another arises. Men and women in robes of shining white, with hair equally as brilliant, pale as the moon and chanting through the trees. [Meraghul ic]
The Darkness tempts and terrifies in equal measure, drawing in the brave and the foolhardy alike. It is deserving of a surround befitting its beguiling nature, one which will take a full tyrn to build and will be known throughout the nation.
[NM] The walls and columns being erected around her as she prepares, Mukind is steadfast in her mission. The Darkness stood inviting and repelling behind the veil which surrounds it, the impenetrable ink of it devouring the light of the torches around it. Waterskin around her waist she descends. It is cold, colder than she had thought possible, she shivers for both it and the fear that bubbles within her. It is silent, more quiet than she had ever heard, she cannot even hear her own laboured breathing or pounding heart. It is without sensation, her feet walk as if on air her grasping hands feel nothing at all. It is the isolation of death that surrounds her, or perhaps it is of Death. Fear begins to grip her as her resolve falters, fear that there is not a return, fear that there is not a release. Attempting to assuage her fear she mouths the words of the Great Hymn to Volos, the words making no noise as they leave her lips. In time she feels dirt under her feet, and hands on her, but she still can neither see nor hear. She speaks with words not her own as she blesses those about her.
Weapon in hand, the men are pressed into the army, what choice do they have in the face of the Butcher incarnate? Though he is bedecked as any adherent to the Artist is, his taste of the Feast had driven him mad with bloodlust. The power of it had begun to wane in him, but the fire in his eyes still burnt. But ranks of peasants ruled by fear alone is a poor army for a man beset upon by vultures, they must be made fighting-ready. War-ready even. Drilled in the brutal ways of these things, their master knowing things only the divines must know, for within the tyrn they are changed men.

The gifts of the gods are not to be overlooked, even in such bounteous times. Silver, that stuff of Menot, for it they give thanks. Grain, that stuff of Tapati, for it they give thanks.
Aya Sandan is the be the crowning achievement of Havasad's current reign, a triumph of his godly domain on Sarghun; When his lessers finally deem not to distract him from it! He shall have time for his wives and his harem when the empire has a forge fit for it. To this end, foundations as wide as the palace twice over are built, each stone overseen by his majesty.

The cycle continues, the hovels fill, the shanty grows. The Gathering sprawls farther this tyrn. As it does so, the want for more is felt. More of what? Everything! For now however the swarm is happy with the properly farmed Aqma filling their bellies well. Or perhaps it is the more concentrated assault & theft that pleases them. [From now, please leave at least one turn between expanding the city]
It was instinct, a memory of what they once did, that drove the Chitterers to build their monstrous forge without real reason for why. For what have they to throw in their furnaces save criminals for swift and amusing justice, or the detritus of a fallen world to see how well it flames? New instinct, new memory, drives them now, they must search underground, that is what they once did. It is what they must do again. Accounting for perhaps some of the smell of the Gathering stinking yellow stone is found under the city's outskirts, followed by another more mind-jogging ore; Copper.

An arena, one of stone and blood to be built in her honour, that is the will of Rai'prish. Men of the fieriest skin & temperament, and women of the coolest skin & cunning, fight for her amusement and for that of the whole city. The strongest taste both victory and the finest brew from the royal stores, and if rumour is true the bed of the Icemind herself.
Following the victory of Aer'vak, the first woman to best the trials, her war cloak is soon seen not only in this arena but throughout Yarvik too. In a much less padded variety given the heat of the city. The new fashion places strain on the looms and fields, sending the price of all cloth goods skywards.
The meeting with the strange auburn haired men has been a most marvellous learning opportunity for the Order, especially in the field of linguistics. Through an awful lot of effort on both nation's parts, though the Irreechi obviously took initiative in the matter, a fundamental knowledge of the Waddish language is learnt. At least enough to tell them to get back on their boats and sail off. Politely, of course.
The land up to these other persons' borders will be claimed, it is what is safe and right. [Please start the thread in ic]

Their time around the magnificent beasts has given them an understanding, perhaps even mutual, that life for each party is improved when the other cooperates. The Odithians receive beasts of burden, perhaps of war, and from a small portion of the population certain goods, the elephants in return receive consistent feeding, protection from wild beasts, and on occasion the opportunity to crush one of their captors under foot. Although usually these are Odithian criminals condemned to such a fate.
Others have set upon this path before, recently in fact a group had headed east in search of apotheosis. Though as yet without much to show for it but sore feet. Others would attempt such a feat in the comfort of their own hovels. They practice what has been taught to them since birth, that asceticism, long meditation, and strong will is what led Odithis on the first steps of the path. All fail at least in part, for they are mortals destined to remain mortals. But one among them has a fate close enough to heroism that a twist of his weft as it passes the warp is all that is needed. This twist may weaken the tapestry of his life however, introducing a vulnerability to the weave. As yet however he is young, he is a hero, he is Bereos, Hunter of beasts and Slayer of monsters.

A deal of restructuring is ordered in the fields of the south consolidating scattered leases into a single, royal entity, making way for additional poppy fields to be grown. The land leaves space enough for wooden jetties to be built out into the bay. Here the shipwrights are immediately put to work crafting the finest ships they can achieve, and easily controlled distant relations placed into positions of power within this new naval structure. Vorinth, his new admiral of the fleet for example, is blind in one eye, in debt to the crown to a considerable sum, and on his way to an opium addiction. Not to mention nearly old enough to have perhaps witnessed the cataclysm first hand.
Though well received, the construction of Curio on Sentius had brought a small number of problems, chiefly the growing unrest of food shortages and the expense of shipping lumber to the city. Quick and decisive action brings these two at least to a close. But the mountain however, that mountain...
A full system of ropes and other essential gear is arrayed for the surveying of the thing. Trials into climbing the face of it result in both injury and the unfortunate death or two, but by tyrns end there is no better mountaineerer in Sarghun than the Oc. All this in turn is for a grander goal, to gaze back into That Which Sees. [this would be best in a thread in ic-chat]
Hoping to set north from their island, the powerful winds blowing against them send their vessels south instead, but they find much of interest still. In the warm waters where they lay anchor, many people are swimming, and on the shore walk men in the... in the shape of fish?! [This is actually a vassal of Ahmose, so it is for Viorp to choose who RPs them]

Wanting equally, access to the brilliant gemstones in their lands and to have the still potentially dangerous beasts far from Harppa, a great deal of effort is put into conquering of the incorrigibly hot lands of the south. There they are met without resistance from any more wild beasts or tribes of men with two-heads or whatever fanciful ideas may be summoned in sun-stroked minds. The effort is significantly less in the striking of a mine, and even in the driving of lions from the peninsula to more open ground, being helmed by Naru who seems most at ease around the killer felines. In the plain there is much for them to hunt naturally, all the while watched over by especially brave Tarnsmen in sturdy stone structures.
The navy have sat for much time without direction, guarding the bay with little understanding from what. The Raj, seeing no more need for them to be at anchor, sends them south into the balmy waters in search of wealth. What they did not expect to find however was a building site, let alone one staffed by men seemingly built of bronze. Less still to spy other ships farther south still. [Remember your ships will need to return to your waters for this information to reach your government]
Crestfallen, seeing only the cruel slow death of freezing starvation or the life of a thrall, almost all chose the latter. Those that didn't were made a fine example of when their frozen, bloody-beaten bodies are dragged back to the bonfires with much glee from the Wights, knowing how well it should scare the Tarnsmen into compliance. Being both taller and broader than the average Wight, that they be made into guards and warriors is no surprise, kept in line with eager & vicious punishment for the slightest infraction, and often times for their masters own sick amusement. Their children, springing from the needs all men have, are likewise destined for such slavery, though perhaps if they had known as such, they would have abstained a little longer.
Perhaps with a Trellkriger or two as guard, or perhaps he would deem them unworthy, the Vardyger enjoys the surveying of his growing chiefdom, just as he foretold he would.

Brief meetings with the Klinkested rebels reveal that with their demands met, they would rather return to their families and their warm beds than remain camped in rain and sea-spray, and that they can do little without funding or access to building materials beyond what they can scrounge. This being hopefully satisfactory, work continues with finding the most suitable location for said city, along with the encompassing of the lesser islands. These new lands now in their possession, the extraction of their resources is the most obvious course of action.
Sailing against the prevailing wind, the Waddans do not get as far as they had hoped, but it is still far enough to find yet more strange folk. Two breeds of them in fact, the first quite docile but still frightening in their stature, the second most warlike in demeanour with gruesome and menacing eyes.

Serpentine ambitions lead the Karnites straight into the path of Amunian mineral scouts, men of skin veined like rich ore with a haughty air about them. These snakes however are no doubt a sacred sign, two snakes coming together, facing each other, but they are one. They are brought to a large pit near the temple of the monolith for further study. In more earthly pursuits, the wild oranges are tended to by the fairer folk so that all may taste their sweetness.

With the recent discovery of Myrrh and its connection to the aether it left many scholars puzzled with many taking it as a sign of favor from the gods, leading to an odd phenomena where a few scholars where isolating themselves to experiment with Myyrh either by ingesting it or smoking it through a glass apparatus and write down its effects on their mind and connection the physical, spiritual and aethereal for later discussion.

>1st action: Establish a mine [blue].
As the order was dealing with the issue of Scholars buying or outright stealing Myrrh to be first to make a new discovery some scholars distanced themselves from their research and focused on the people and the worrying lack of infrastructure. One such scholar by the name of Sahraoui who was interested in the manners of the earth and its mysteries embarked with a convoy of workers laden with tools and beasts of burden following the maps that confirmed the source of a Shamir deposit. After many weeks of searching the ore deposit would be found and the construction of a mine would begin.

>2nd action: Establish a farm [yellow].
As the population of Uru-Anu grew so did its need for more food to feed it's ever growing population and while the old farming fields yielded a good regular bounty thanks to the fertile land and the river that needed it, new calculations made it apparent that new farms will have to be built. Aware of the venerable hippopotamuses that roamed the southern part of the river the decision was made to build a new field inland so as not to disturb the natural environment the hippos lived in.
> Written word, largely pictographs before, transforms into a more formal language as disciples of Mukind work feverishly to carve her teachings into slabs of stone. (Writing tech)
> At the same time a growing cult of Havas seeks their own revelations, setting out to the north to scour the mountains and surrounding regions for new metals to work their craft. (Prospect)
>Army: After greeting the children of the moon, the hunter-warriors continue their travels east, following the mountains for a tyrn before turning back south until they find the river Diane.

Dwander was lost. Not literally, her restless feet had traveled further than most and she knew every twist of the twin rivers and every tree of the godwood to the north. No, her spirit was lost.

She had no desire for children, a topic of some scorn and gossip. She was a fair shot with a bow or spear, but had no interest in being among the few female Oaks. The labor of Havas meant little to her.

When her coming of age was upon her she had carried a bowl carved of bone, set with black stones into The Darkness and returned with something strange, that one of the elders had identified as a scroll case. Inside was a thin sheet, like peeled tree bark, covered in strange symbols. Spoken words, marked onto a sheet. It was the strangest thing she'd ever seen, even considering the dog headed men to the north.

What could be so important to write down? To produce this ancient 'parchment' the elders called it, to make these careful strokes of some dye. The question haunted her, like her lack of direction in life.

No more. The priestess had returned, without eyes to see or ears to hear, but with a message, with words that spoke of the gods and purpose and power. Now Dwander knew her purpose, to write down these words, then write them again, a thousand times if needed, until the world knew the truth of dirt.
File: NRP6 Turn 4.png (14 KB, 277x427)
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The Wights start wearing copper trinket, beaten into shape with a solid rock, cold forged, the most primitive form of metalworking. However, these ornaments are quite well made in spite of this, because the material is prized and if you want to offer a copper trinket as a gift, you want it to be as good as you can make it. Venerated elders start wearing copper neck rings and chiefs wear decorated circlets, confidernt that nobody would dare try to pluck it from their heads. Copper works also make their way into the Wight temples, to Deiya's shrine of life, or Deiyr's shrine of order. The copper trinkets also become a political statement. Followers of Deiya wear open rings, where Deiyr's followers wear rings with the ends either fused or hooked together.

>Action 1: Improve Astral Projection.
With his rivals weakened, the Vardyger once again meditates, not eating for several days and instead drinking carefully prepared brews, to help him astrally project. He'll try to move his astral form outside, where the wind may catch him and bring him to places to see. This will limit his range to where the wind blows, but it's faster than if he was to force movement. However, the astral form is not one of clear mind, so while there is much to see, he will not remember it well, having to decode his own visions. Luckily doing this with so many scouts about means he can compare his visions to the reports, building a catalogue of references, as a cold sensation can mean cold, danger, hunger, focus, etc. He also has landmarks he can navigate by, which will help him triangulate where the vision happens.

>Action 2: Fishery and Port on southern islands.
As the Landwights expand up north, the Seawights do a minor expansion down south. There isn't the push for proper colonisation, but they find the waters more abundant the farther south they go, and the islands not only offer a perfect spot to venture out from, but they have forests of deciduous (leaf) trees, a rare sight for a Wight, who live in an area of coniferous (needle) trees. The autumn leaves are a sight to behold, and the woods have different material properties. However, the biggest difference is the trees bearing fruits rather than cones. It's going to take time for others to arrive though, as boatmaking takes more effort than just walking places. Nevertheless, a port is swiftly setup and the Seawights fish to their heart's content.

>Action 1: Klinkstead
Naasjeholder Lumen Kamstra keeps the promises made, for the auspices of Diuth have aligned for the breaking of ground and the rise of the maiden in the sky is a good omen for new beginnings. The town of Klinkstead is constructed anew as a proper Waddanian settlement of stone, wood and shaped terrain works.

>Action 2: Gifts of the Gods
>Bitumen collection + Temple
The black substance that rises up from beneath Tamath's coastal waters is strange and tacky to the touch, yet full of a tantalising promise. Some local sailors band together to work out a way to harvest this material for Waddanian use. And, inspired by the Light of the Great Obelisk and the working of Gold and Alabaster into the ancient structure, a new Temple of the Gods is to be build in Glinsterjested out of fresh-mined Alabaster from Stanbyld with Golden decoration.

>Navy Action
This shore northern shore looks wild and fierce. But as we were against the flow of the winds before, perhaps now Vehth will help our journey? The Ships sail back to Glinsterjested to tell of their findings.
Action 1
Expand to the wall, this new found… foe, may prove to be both a boon and a curse, for now we shall draw it into our borders and call it ours

Turn 2
Expansion, I’d we cannot reach the wall with only the last expansion we will use the full turn for so. If we do reach the wall with the last expansion we will expand north to the source of the river in the north
File: map.png (26 KB, 388x395)
26 KB
Word comes of the encounter, and discussion with the barbarians from the north and the High Lord looks filled with anger that the old lands would dare be defiled by these Carnite savages. He must bide time, though, as now is not the time to reclaim those lands when much of the core territories remain claimed by the wilds.

1. Expand to the agreed border, marked on the map/1 tile away from the current Karnic border, making sure to settle some people on the fertile lands by the lake and around the lands where the purple gems were found.

2. In the middle of the newly settled lands between the lake and the desert a fort is constructed to aid in the defense against the inevitable barbarian raids and, in the future, act as a defensive point between Amun and the eventual reclaimed north.
To aid this construction the black granite will be quarried into blocks to give the fort an intimidating black color.
(Construct fort and black granite quarry)

Free: Move the army to the new fort to provide defensive aid. Without troops a fort is just a building.

Action 1/2: Build a fort in front of mountain gate, a stone quarry and salt mine on the mountain tile left of the mountain gate, and build a lighthouse next to the poppy farms. With the second expedition reporting that those who remained in the gate vanished Potentate Koson decides that currently it is potentially dangerous and should be guarded against. Taking advantage of the current interest in the mountains he sources the stone nearby the gate and expands salt production. The newly sourced stone also allows him to solve a problem with the growing number of ships sailing about. Building a lighthouse to ensure travel is smooth.

Fleet: Go south to audit the old southern islands that used to be part of our empire.

Fluff: With the gate gaining an ominous reputation it is the family of onos who largely oversees it due to its associations of wine. Whatever happens to those that go through its gates are unknown, but Onos has often had brought about casual destruction to those around himself through his wild nature and intoxicating presence. Because of this it has become the perfect place to send those who would be exiled or condemned to death. Their fates are unknown but for the lauds they will never see them again regardless.
Havasad ensures every single brick passes his inspection before it is emplaced, working fervently to arrange the creation of his beloved Aya Sandan before the last wisps of the prosperous wind fade into stability. Some claim they have not seen him eat a single morsel of food, drink a single drop of water or pause a single moment to rest as of late, so devoted to the completion of the work is he. Countless bricks need be laid, anvils assembled, fires lit and workstations staffed before the anvil of miracles is complete. A thousand thousand hands labour to ensure The Emperors demands are met.

Elsewhere the festival of Floriarra begins, the city springs to life with colour as buildings are painted vibrant shades, petals decorate every corner and some food is even handed out for free. House patriarchs of noble blood watch the celebrations take place from raised platforms with their families, men and women of all statuses wear crowns of flowers as unmarried men and maidens participate in good spirited festival games to pair them up. Dancers disperse through bazaars as shifty merchants flog alcoholic beverages to an already inebriated populace, as the festive mood seems to take some away from their senses rather too well.

Action 1: Complete the Aya Sandan

The grand complex needs be completed, its many fires staffed with trained blacksmiths, but most importantly it must be ready to forge. The conditions for its lustration need be perfect. The moon must rise brilliantly above the great central chimmney, the wind must roar with its last dying breath, the auspices must be right. Havasad kneels in front of a statue of Meris, carved by his own hand, waiting for the perfect moment to light the fires and restore the arts of metal to his people.

Action 2: Expand north east

Brilliant gemstones and delectable dates lie in thisaway, by the emperor they will be siezed!
File: NRP6 Turn 4B.png (9 KB, 277x241)
9 KB

>Action 2 invalid due to distance, lack of scouting and inadequate navy.
>Action 2 Redone: Fisheries in the bay.
While the Landwights go north, space is freed on the eastern shore, where the Seawights setup fishing villages. Fish starts to flood the markets, making Hoftborg Wights eat more fish than meat. Seawight elders rise in status, having much wisdom to give the fledgeling Seawights. And it brings about a shift in fashion and culture, with fishskin clothes making an entry, though lacking in insulation it's reserved for summer and innerwear. Culturally however, the Seawights do not migrate, the hunters continue to migrate to follow the herds, but the Seawights have an inexhaustible source of food, even the most efficient fishermen can't deplete the waters of fish. Time will tell if these Seawights will shift culture further in the future.
>Turn 4
Action 1:
The food which pours down the river leads to plenty, leads to growth, leads to more food still. The masses of Harppa teem with a rootless discontent, one which defies any explanation but compels them nonetheless. Some seek greener pastures, others to live among the beasts. Still, others toss and turn in the night, their minds’ eye alight with flapping sails and crashing waves.
>Lion Gathering (east of the 1st)

Action 2:
“Naru, you walk among the amber-maned beasts, and yet you are not harmed. Tell, how can we do the same? How can we master the animals as you have?”

“A fool, to think the wild beasts are his for the mastering! Those who seek to control the land shall surely find themselves crushed beneath its heels. The lion recognizes strength, true, but he will never serve the man who gives nothing to the earth from which he takes. So heed this well, child of the mud. Live with the pack for a hundred nights, hunt with them a hundred days. Sleep in their dens, and share feast and famine in turn. When you can embrace them as you would your mother, when you can sing their song and speak their guttering tongue, then you may walk among any man or beast, and have no cause to fear.”
>Lion Tamers
>Free action(fleet)
The Tarnish Navy returns to Harppa with the discovery of two new tribes. The new fills the streets with an electric energy. What more could be out there? Plans are made to dispatch the fleet north as soon as weather permits.
>Turn 4
>The Lost Sons of Karn

>Change of plans, but I'm sorry Lux, I was inspired.

Karn Jordal, the highest leader of the Lost Sons, golden crown forged - a looted luxury from the empires long fallen, carried by whatever Karn cared to mark his station with a headpiece in the manner of the first Karn; the trained warrior marches into the temple of Karn, being greeted by the solemn shamans and priests.

High Priest Korlath stares with blind milky eyes. Karn Jordal gives a slight inclination of his head to his eldest brother. The whispy haired Lost Son grins a toothy smile and bows low, robe sweeping the floor. The priest draws a serrated blade and swipes it across his deeply scarred and knotted armflesh, and Karn Jordal responds in kind.

> "Scouts come from the southerlands, speaking of Amunian men, armed in bronze and haughtiness. I come seeking the audience of the first King, the King of Kings, Karn... "

>"... The Blood Emperor Trapped In The Stone."
Finishes the High Priest.

Karn Jordal is lead into the temple, alone. He places his bloody hand upon the monolith of Karn, the red glowing runes soaked in the blood of generations, magic sealed in sacrifice fills him.

>"Karn, King of Kings, Blood Emperor of the Wastes, I come seeking your guidance! What do you know of these 'Amunians'? How shall we see your will done, my King?"

A mine for lead is constructed, along with a forge to produce lead edged shields, and brass spears.
> Finally fucking study metalworking
See previous post’s text

> Build a lumberyard
With all this building and growing and populating, the city has been fortified. But that matters not, when the people die of cold in the long nights, or when houses fall apart from shoddy constriction.
Banding together, as vermin do in emergencies, the Chitterers form groups to harvest wood together, relying on the strength of the pack to ward of any unknown peoples or dangerous animals of the forests
>Lore -

>Action 1 - Building (Temple + Quarry)
Picking through the rubble of the ruins reminds the Irreechi of its old architecture. How peculiar it is now that they should have once had stone, but today possess no such resource. A quarry is to be drummed up among the Savannah so that the nation may have stone
From this stone and the wood of their newly acquired forest, a new temple is to be constructed - one just outside of the borders of the Abraamites so that their curiosities can be made even more tempting with the ready availability of the true faith. The construction of this new church is to be a grand affair to the devotee's of Volos worth celebrating with all who will hear his glorious hymns.

>Action 2 - Religion - Temperance
The Irreechi are survivors of the old world - a world that reveled in debauchery and spit upon the kindness and caring nature of the gods. To have been spared from the consequences of their own treachery is a mercy greater than could ever be paid off by those who are graced by it. As such, each temptation we succumb to - every opportunity to do good that we neglect - these are renewals of our betrayal against the divine who in their endless selflessness came back to us in our time of need, even as we had done all things in our power to scorn them. Honoring the gods must be on the forefront of our minds in every moment such that we may become beacons of their light, projecting their essence and becoming emboldened by their glory.

> Misc - The Military
With nothing come of the interactions in the forest, the army is re-directed down to the new activity regarding these men of sharpened teeth and luxurious ornaments. They will come to love or fear the divine in one way or another..
File: Slave Knight Gael.jpg (863 KB, 1920x1081)
863 KB
863 KB JPG

>Action 1 - Teach Language to Avor Khanate
The Avor Khanate, as the immediate neighbors, would see a scattering influx of peasants seeking to escape the blind wrath of the Widower King, banding together to form tiny hovels of wretched shelters in the unclaimed wilderness. Far from organized or sustainable, these tiny communes would not last long, doomed to starvation in winter of hunted down by one roving warband or another. Still, while they live on briefly, they are desperate to cry out in despair at their inevitable deaths, seeking aid and salvation where there may be none. Thus, it is from these dregs of the warring society that the Avor Khanate would learn the first words of the Khlomosan tongue, and of the perils they themselves may soon face.

>Action 2 - Copper Weaponry
The wretched hunks of twisted metal and wood that the Khlomosans call a blade are ill-suited to the hands of royalty. From the fires of the forge comes forth new weapons; axes, maces, spears - but by far the most common are blades. Curved scimitars to inflict gouging cuts, short swords for ease of use, and massive two-handed copper hulks, wielding by the lucky few born with the strength to wield them. The finest of these all is seized by Hak-kun himself, a blade he wields with a mixture of mindless ferocity and dazzling grace, a fusion of his departed wife and his own schools.

>Army 1 - Fall upon the Giants.
Hak-kun has squashed most of the rebellions, but still more of his cousins lead their own forces, scattered and hidden. He rallies his men, and makes a bold play for power. To the south, giants laze on the grassy shores, bedecked in furs and mindlessly living in their own little worlds. These are prime targets, and in Hak-kuns mind, reflections of himself. He was once a great man, large and powerful as these giants, but sedate. Only supreme tragedy has stirred him to action, made him the warrior he is now, the warrior he is meant to be! He will mold these giants as he himself was molded, and make their strength his own to command.
>Attack, looking to enslave rather than exterminate. They will be my slave-knights!
The Farmer in the grove began the careful work of shearing, a crude copper blade serving as his only tool in the endeavor. The goat struggled to free itself, but his grasp was as iron, and so the work commenced in the flickering lantern-light.
The Hero smiled, even as his older brother the Artists crowed in delight at his mother's acknowledgement. He was the youngest, and the least skilled at the blade, a fact which he held no grudge over. Even as his brothers could best him in 9 bouts of 10, the Hero could scour a dozen of any other warrior in the land, such was the skill of Madar Sahama and her sons. He had other matters, aside from skill at the blade, to which he desired to master.
His teeth shone in the moonlight, perfect and straight. His flaxen hair and sea-blue eyes were an oddity in this land, and like the Artist, he was beautiful to behold, but effortlessly so. Many a man and woman had thrown themselves at his feet, begging for his affection, to which he would readily indulge himself in. His answer came at the last, for he had spent the most time thinking of his siblings.
"It is the glory one earns." He grinned, giving a short and wonderful laugh. "I fight to protect those I love, and rid the world of evil, so that villains may fear my name."
This was a hideous almost-lie, a vile and twisted thing of half-truth. The Hero cared less of right-or-wrong, and more for the adulation of those he saved. He was a warrior with a gaze to the future, his careful plans driving him to wait patiently. When roving warbands of lesser Khlomosans would raid peaceful villages, he would only move to strike them down when their crimes had caused suitable despair. The praises, feastings and gifts of the survivors were as air and water to him, and little else occupied his mind, even as he beheaded those he needed to slay.
His mother knew the lie for what it was, and nodded regardless. His answer was true at it's core, for glory WAS still at the core of the Hero's reasoning.
>Action 1: The Population Disperses [Expansion]
Men tire of making the long journey to the hunting grounds, to the corrals of tusked beasts. Those who aren't fortunate enough to have the wealth to purchase their food stuff from a butcher or live close enough to the shore have gradually populated small camps across the countryside, marking a notable shift "backwards", towards a more nomadic way of life. [Expand to cover my resources.]

>Action 2: Boreos' Bloodlust [Magic]
Known as he who keeps the beasts in check, he possesses an unnatural aptitude for keeping the herd calm. He accomplishes this task by slaying any who would start a rampage. To kill one of these beasts is a worthy boast of any hunting party. For a single man to do so, was believed to be impossible. Surely his flint simply happens to be sharper than most, and the shaft of his spear studier than others, for the other conclusion is without precedent.
Boreos alone claims the ivory from his hunts, and begins to fashion small plates of them to his clothing. Many understand it to be a barbaric stylistic choice, befitting of his barbaric ways. A thoughtful few on the other hand, mostly hunters, see the merit in these armored attachments when it comes to fighting animals with natural defenses. Perhaps this trend will catch on among others.
Rolled 7 (1d10)

> Addition to Action 1

> The personal warriors and Blood Brothers of Karn Jordal hold a tournament, to determine the fittest warriors of the Lost Sons, and increase training. Five man groups, lead by their Kulvatr - literally "Fight Leader", form the smallest grouping of warriors. Two Kulvakin "Fight Groups", make up a Set. Ten Sets to a Wultan "Tooth". Ten Teeth to a Volgmacht "War Mouth".

Simple enough organization for barbarians, the Karn is having his higher level warriors and barbs beat the other barbarians into submission.

>Rolling to see if someone will challenge the Karn.

>8 or higher is a challenger.
Action 1: New farms are built to capitalize on the growing demand for cotton
Action 2: Other farmers expand their fields, building farms so as to feed Yergiks burgeoning population
>Create another navy
The oceans are vast, but not empty. We have already confirmed what we've long known: That we are not the only people to have survived the great fall. Distant relatives, and possibly others, have made distant shores their homes. This is great news, but we have met only a drop in the bucket of those we share this world with. Some might not be so diplomatically inclined. We will be ready for those who look at our borders with a hostile glint in their eyes, and will bolster our fleet to rise to the challenge.

>Expand to the islands in the North.
Curio settles quite nicely, and the island feels like a home away from home. It's success has inspired others to look even further beyond for new lands to tame. Though our maps show substantial landmasses, the Ocens are primarily people of the waves and true to this nature they decide to venture on to a clump of islands to the North and potentially bring them under the Ocen banner.

>Move navy: To Novo's city of Yarr
Visiting the maps of old, an exploratory expedition is mounted to the large northern landmass just above Sentius. Preserved fallen information shows that their extensive empire once held these lands as well. Our mission is to find any more long lost siblings that might still call this place home.
File: map4.png (705 KB, 2047x2151)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
2nd Maiden, 2nd PAC

There has been drawn a line in the earth between the Empire of Amun and the rabble of the Karnites that neither shall cross. The ground here is uneven in a way indicative of exceptionally ore-rich rock, too [You will be able to build an extra mine here once prospected]. To aid in the reinforcing of this line, a fortress of newly hewn black granite is constructed right against the border, which glitters in the morning sun and dazzles the northern simpletons. From the capital the army is sent to garrison it and the rest of the frontier.

With wood being so scarce in Ahmose, it is a blessing that the mountain slopes are home to a cane grass that bears most of the functions of timber. Chief to the minds of the Ahmosi at this juncture, spear hafts and bowlimbs. For they are raising a second army of valiant men with which to fortify their dominion. [I had forgotten to include your first icon on the map, so they're both there now]

Mines for shamir and gold are ordered, for their great potentialities in the understanding of the earth from the perspective of the divine. Gold for the shine of it is like that of the sun, and shamir for it is the finest emery there is on all of Sarghun. Mindful of the great beasts of the place, farms are ploughed as far inland as the river floods. Still the hippos move of their own will to the western banks.

Though they have striven for it, the walls are simply too far and remain out of their grasp. An army may ride to it, but their families require meat and bread and warm homes. [This is your one rule-bend. You MUST build in the land you own before you can expand again even to the north.]

For the Dirk there had only ever been need to make tallies or maps, what need have they of scribal skills? The retrieval of the scroll was their impetus to it, and to it they took, led by Dwander's invincible vigour. It is as if the gods themselves guide her hands as she chisels or strokes, revealing to the Children the beauty of language made material. Though she bears no children of her body she is the Mother of Prose and Poetry forevermore.
The Havic success in the forging of motivates them fiercely to find more that their smiths may shape. To this end their spread north, returning with the locations of a beautiful, almost translucent stone of purple hue [Purple Jade] and a supply of that most vital wintering resource, salt. They also return with army reports of lead ore being seen quite plainly in the mountains eastwards. Still it is not all they bring, for deep travels into the woods has revealed the ruins of what was once a great temple, perhaps to the Star Children's god of hunts given the repeated stag and wolf motifs.
>CD cont.
[>LD] The army moves east along the curve of the mountains and as they had on every mission before, they spy newcomers. The group consists of only men, who seem to be scavenging in the dirt for, pot sherds? Out of their foreheads grow short horns, and they swear in their work. They are gathered around a most impressive sight, an imposing doorway carved into the stone.

[>AV] It is not by scholar or royal envoy that the Khanate would learn Khlomosan, but from the wretched and the weak. They slip into the wilderness and a few across the border. Though the Avor are not known for their pity, nor the Khloes for their beauty, some men make wives of these refugees, usually not their main wife however. In this manner, the fundamentals of the Khlomosan language seeps into the Khanate's lower classes.
The fire tempers, the hammer strikes, the blade cuts. Though only of copper, the swords and other weapons of the Khlomosans are perhaps the most deadly on all Sarghun.
[>WD] The Giants are brought to heel without Kloe casualties; They are a docile, slothful race obviously in need of leadership. All of this is watched from afar by island interlopers.

The Aya Sandan is completed, the furnaces need only be lit. But Havasad knows each thing must be done in order, in accordance with the gods un-manifested, and when it is most auspicious; This is to say as the north winds give to the east. It is the last day of the last tyrn that the northerly winds reign, heralding much to the superstitious of Calandorra, chiefly her emperor. Havasad awaits the turning of the winds, he holds lit kindling ready for it. As the embers begin to catch his weathered fingers he feels it in the air, that sign of change, and with a great bellow the fires are alight at last.
The joys of spring send new happy couples north in search of a stead of their own, perhaps hoping they may be selected to plant (and eat!) the first dates or mine (and wear!) the first gems of this new land.

With forge and ore now readily at grasping hand, the work of turning rock into gleaming metal commences. Those who master it are spoken of in a mix of adulation and scorn, and their works are the most coveted and stolen.
The Gathering grows and with it the need for lumber, both for building and heating in the chilly northern springtime. The forests south are exhausted and so the Chitterers must venture north for virgin sources. Here they find not only new forests but a number of interesting things. First, that the meadows grow lush from rich soil [Another half-farm may be built in each acceptable tile]. Second, that the ground practically sings for so much ore beneath it [You will be able to build an extra mine here once prospected]. Third, is the incredible door carved into the flat of the mountainside. [Check the Region tab on the Spreadsheet to know which is which of the two rolls]
Additional fields of both cotton and foodstuffs are tilled in the fertile valley, indeed most families in Yarvik are farmers of some kind. It is in the ploughing of these plots that those strangers in the north make their presence once again very much known, being seen stealing in the night. [I would suggest expanding over those tiles]

Tall stone walls rise along the border of the Abraamites, from which the hymns to Volos ring day and night reminding the southern heathens of the true path. It is within both these new holy halls and those of the Grand Temple too that young and old make a pledge of their faith and devotion, sealed with a finger dipped into the elixir onto the tongue. This is a sign that no intoxicant or other alterer of the mind shall touch their lips or nostrils. [The pledged may not be put under the effects of any drugs]
The army is led south along the coast, making it to the border with the sharp-toothed men where the peasantry is still very wary of them.

City folk lament the nomadic life some Odithians live, but they do not know the freedom of it, nor the taste of a fish caught mere minutes ago or the thrill of the hunt on the savanna. Yes there are hardships, but it builds strong men, men who may yet follow in Odithis' footsteps.
The ferocity of Boreos, the strength of his blows, the clink of his ivory armour, it is without match. It is this protection of his, expensive though it is, that begins to see adoption by both hunters on the plain and guards in the city. It's design stops any petty blow and guards against many an injury whilst performing ones duties.

The Gate is dangerous, whatever it is, and with the usage of wine in its opening is surely a thing of Onos' doing. Lest it ever open from the other side a fort is built guarding Nemosa from whatever may slither out. Guarding Nemosa from sea also is the recently constructed lighthouse, illuminating the calm but muddy waters of the bay. Each is built with the stone cut from the mountain itself, a sign of Laudation strength against nature.
[>OC] The wind in their sails, the oft-maligned Laudation navy sails south into the unknown. In time they breeze past another crew, valiantly rowing against the wind, valiantly rowing north. Unable to change their course so quickly, they are at the mercy of the same wind still, and in time lay anchor on the coast of the isle of Sentinus, a landmass dominated by a central mountain.
Now that Curio is established, it is time they build their own navy with which to scour the world. Travellers as they are, the crew of said ship are not surprised to receive orders to set sail against the wind forthwith in search of lost treasures, or perhaps nations.
[>LD] Having been passed by the Laudation navy already, the new fleet rows into the calm but muddy waters of the Yarr ports. Here they may see the countless farmers tilling and seeding the open fields.

Fish and rice fill their bellies yes, but red meat is sorely lacking. Perhaps the hunger grows from seeing the lions hunt. The nobles' fashion for then hunting said lions and the potential trade in furs, fangs, and who knows what else, has required the founding of a second enclosure to the east. [You can't build more farms within your borders, so I've substituted for a hunting ground. The enclosures will also operate with the same rules as hunting grounds but the meat goes to the lions not Tarn]
The maned lion is no doubt king over the beasts of the savanna, a title Tarnsmen would have for themselves. To it many men are lost in arrogance and in carelessness as they attempt to tame the lions as Naru had, thinking themselves as divine as he. With firm caution, with due respect, with whip and courage, a number of Tarn may claim such a title.
Full of stories, gifts, and strange inscriptions of a lost wonder, the navy returns to much relief.

Perhaps the gods favour him for his mortification, perhaps the weight of the body holds down the soul, perhaps it is both, or neither. In any way, Vardyger feels the essence of his soul slip from the bounds of his vessel far easier than before. In elation he is sucked back into the physical and it is only by nightfall that he achieves release once again. Giving up emotion, giving up the ties to the body, he slips into the aether and into the winds. Cast about as seafoam he gazes downwards high above the tents and campfires. But he has no control, the strong north winds blow him out into the sea and storm. He panics then, and it is this that saves him as the threads that tether soul and body tighten, and like a minnow on the pole he is quickly reeled in.
The might of the Seawight is in the impressive bounty they bring to the bellies of all other Wights, with some growing quite fat and gaudy with copper trinkets from the trade.
A little north of where the rebels had held their protest, the city of Klinkstead (the proper, Glinster way of writing Klinkested) is founded with much fanfare.
Magnificent pillars of alabaster crowned in gold are a bright welcome to the faithful to the newly erected temple in Glinsterjested, the finest example of Wadanian architecture post-cataclysm. As the priests officiate over the new altars and idols, seafarers anchor boats and nets over the source of this new, almost miraculous substance.
The wind in their sails, the naval expedition returns with much news in good time. Including that of the recent savagery in the north.

A noble tourney, a feat of strength and aptitude, is arranged by the Blood Brothers of the Karn with claims it is a tradition as old as blood itself. In the sandy plains of savanna, where the earth may drink its fill, they battle. Round after round sees bloodshed and bruises, and death only of the foolhardy who seek glory above their ability. One of these would challenge the Karn himself, a man by the name of Warreyn. He bests each foe, even two and then three on one, and in his hubris calls for the most deadly of beasts that he may crush its heads. But he is too sure of himself, and a single bite is all it takes. There is no challenger to the Karn this tyrn.
The presence of other so close to the borders rouses the populace, sparks that an army is needed to keep what is theirs. For such a thing a forge shall be needed to craft weapons more than flint points or wooden clubs. With this new forge, a mine of lead is dug that it might edge shields. [A note you do not have brass, even for fluff reasons]
[NM] Blood seeps into the Monolith from which the sounds of lightning and storming winds howl. Red hues swirl across the face of the stone and crackle vividly like thunder in the clouds. Karn Jordal waits with baited breath for the Karn of Karns to answer him. [to IC!]

>Turn 5
Perhaps it was the return of the 1st fleet that awoke this call, this calling of the sea. Perhaps it’s some subliminal instinct, buried in the genetic memory of every Tarn. Perhaps it is nothing more than another flight of fancy. Whatever the case, for the first time in eons, trees are falling in the forests of Harppa. Rafts of lumber roll down riverbends, floating towards a grove of pilings rising from the seafloor, the skeleton of a new port.
>Port improvement

The news of a new land, just to the east, part of the old Tarnish dominion, fills the guild-halls of Harppa with ambition. Greed quickly curdles to frustration, however, when it becomes clear that, given the current state of Tarnish seafaring, the strip of open water between Ocena and Harppa may as well be an abyss. How were things allowed to degrade to such a state? Certainly, this problem requires remedy. Entrepreneurs and scholars alike scour the annals, searching for the secrets of the forefathers that allowed to make such journeys so trivially in the past.
>Better boats/navigation
>[OOC: I imagine this would be something like star navigation, but feel free to interpret it how you wish ofc.]

[NM]Naru passes into the mist, his soul once more returning to the Godhead. In accordance with his wishes, his body is cremated upon the savannah, so that his ashes may fertilize the soil and return once more to the Balance.
>Hail Naru! Son of Dhara, Wild Man, Lion Tamer!
Naru achieves apotheosis as the God of Wild Men and Lion Tamers. A small shrine to him can be found in every lion tamer’s abode.

Naval Action: Sail North
Action 1
2x Millet Farms in the eastern edges.

Action 2
Prospect the current claimed areas
> Build a Salt mine
> Build a Purple Jade mine
> Develop Black Porcelain
> Army turns toward the south, seeking the river Diane. If they can see the ocean they'll take a side trip towards it.

Menot’s light shines brightly, the greater of her aspects shining brightly, the lesser hidden completely. Hope’s Day is upon the Children of Dirt, and a great celebration stirs upon the floodplains, with crude berry wines, closer to vinegar than wine no doubt, flowing, great beasts of the forest roasting, and everywhere the children walk and laugh, black soil marked under their eyes to wipe away the tears of the winter before.

The Dirkin celebrate their salvation this day, and celebrate the dead as well, who are buried in this place, bone and blood returning to the mother. Mukind, great prophet of her people, lay in repose here, speaking her blessings until her very last breath, and now her people walk by, tossing a handful of black soil and giving thanks.

The celebration rolls through the night, and there is much to give thanks for. Salt promises to ease the burden of winter, the disciples of Havas talk excitedly of new metals and stones to ply their craft, and the etching of word to stone, a strange concept to be sure has many clamoring to the learned priests to etch a few words to be passed on to the future, a greater legacy than many could claim before.

When the dawn comes and the great bonfires die down something new is discovered. Dirt has become stone, finer than anything the Dirkin had seen before. A squabble between the adherents of Diane and Havas breaks out over the discovery, then is quashed by the holy words etched by Dwander. The shaping of this clay is the domain of Tapas, goddess of home and hearth, and it will be her disciples who master it.
File: Turn.png (114 KB, 534x634)
114 KB
114 KB PNG

>Action 1: Increasing Development
>Farm and Port
Food is always an essential, so when the commodity is scarce the prices will rise - an right now there seems only just enough to go around. To alleviate this issue (and to provide an increase of dietary variety) the plains of the grassy headland east of Klinkested are given over of crop-fields and sheep-fields. Whilst on the isle of Stanbyld, a new port is constructed in a bay sheltered by the island from the open sea to help the islanders export their Alabaster and import the foods they need.

>Action 2: Pitch Perfect
The Bitumen we collect from the great natural font is an interesting substance, and now that it is spilling into our storage-tubs and pots rather then the sea the Waddens experiment to find uses for this gift from Tamath and Diuth. The substance is soon found out to be resistant to water - why else would it seep up to the surface, rather then dissipate into the sea-foam? - and so gets used by the Waddanians as a binding adhesive and a waterproofer. Useful for protecting timber that will be standing out in the elements and for a protective coating to apply to the roofs of buildings to prevent drips and rain-seepage - and especially useful for treating the timbers of our ships, vastly increasing their resilience to the waters of the sea and also providing protection from barnacles, boring-worms, woodworms and other various wood-munching pests and growths that find the treated wood unpalatable. With maintenance needs being greatly reduced and performance quality being kept more consistent, we expect the knock-on effects to result in a great improvement of quality standards across the fleet.

>Naval Action
Back in port, the Navy will undergo maintenance and receive repairs and the protective new pitch coating to their timbers. If everything is completed, they will then be charged for they tyrn with the charting of the sea-routes around the island - particularly, between Glinsterjested and the new port upon the isle of Stanbyld.

A thousand maidens in beautiful garments present themselves before the taciturn Emperor, a thousand are rejected. The sun goes down, the sun rises, the process repeats from there.
The emperor acts selective, judgemental, none of these virgin-whores or holy harlots interest him, none compare to his beloved Meris. By the ninth day the Emperor demands all visits cease. He vanishes within the forge and, with gold and silver flowing like water in the Aya Sandan, forges a set of full body jewelry studded with great and beautiful pink gemstones. The women who fit into it perfectly shall earn his hand in marriage, so sayeth The Emperor.

Action 1: Biomancy Fundamentals

Calandorra was once home to many different and scattered biomantic academies, training the countries magically inclined to wield the powers of shaping flesh, a feared and influential magic scorned by the masses. A perverse art, its practitioners melded with much of the nobility and became known as the Samya. Well funded and of high political status the arcane arts grew in prominence in Calandorras twilight years before the collapse. Skin-twysters unmade decency and sense on street corners, tortured statues of living bones stood on display as the affluent bought and sold and traded in pounds of flesh and living bodies to fuel the infernal industry. The most notable school of this hated discipline were the humonculi, artificial men and women spawned from biomantic science as perfect instruments of their masters will. With physical capabilities far in excess of any man, they were used for everything from domestic labour to pleasure to war. These soulless shells burned in the fires of battle, where they slaughtered eachother at the commands of fractious nobles and fell upon the blades of the emperors finest.

Knowledge of how to warp bodies was lost like so much else, but lived on in the blood of the bastard offspring of these fallen houses, now risen to grander status. The newly mantled and most illustrious House Marai emerges into prominence while the emperor is seemingly distracted with more pressing matters, with closer ties to the Holy Lanthorn than most prior Samya have. An arrangement between the groups seems to have established itself as these fleshweavers of a new age work to rediscover the basics of their horrifying art.

Action 2: Gemstone mine, dates

A romantic mood has the people, partly due to the royal bridal selection and partly due to the addition of new resources to the country. Delectable dates to seduce the stomach and beautiful pink quartz to charm the mind, the ever insidious cult of Ariaios makes known the lustful powers of these new findings, much to the chagrin of Aios followers. A very public cat fight occurs between the priestesses of the competing temples beginning with recruitment drives, public services and charitable donations, but quickly escalates to street brawls between the rival temples, both emboldened by the maiden star.
Action 1/2. Build a forge in the same tile underneath the right woodcutter, improve rice farm by combining with border farm, on the easternmost forest tile build a hunting ground and woodcutter there. With the south bustling with activity one of koson's advisors from the havoc family notes a bottleneck in metal processing. To resolve this issue he suggested that a dedicated forging complex be put near one of the woodcutters not only for easy access to charcoal, but because to its west is the bridge that carries much of the silver back to the capital while to its south the copper mines reside. This ended up having a knockoff effect where their farming enterprises continued to flourish and lead to a growth in the amount of rice cultivated. Then to finally cement Nemosan control over the land a long road is made to the edge of the forest to the east. Providing much fresh game and even more lumber setting up the framework for further Nemosan projects.
Naval Action: Assumingly we can dock and pick up a translator the navy continues south and at the fork goes east.
>build farms upstate
The Gathering’s hunger ever grows, ever greater and ever more consuming, and with this knowledge of a new, fertile field… well, it doesn’t take long before the city’s folk send out harvesting parties to make off with seeds to plant and grow- they are murdered quickly afterwards, but their assassins are very careful to follow the original design, resulting in rather fertilized fields of breadfruit

>expand the city (I think enough time has passed)
With more food, comes more growth- and the new metals discovered have allowed the gathering’s beams to grow higher and stronger, stabbing wood together until it stops falling apart- turns out, stabbing solves most problems!
1. With more copper found to work into bronze and the potential for war and raids on the horizon Amun must be prepared. To strengthen our armies shields lined with bronze will be made in an oval shape so that our troops may cover their bodies and with a twist even use it to strike.
2. We must reconnect with the spiritual leaders, those blessed by the gods with the ability to call and connect with the old powers of the soul. For now they will be consolidated and the method to speak to the dead relearned.
File: NRP6 Turn 5.png (9 KB, 253x229)
9 KB

As the Vardyger's side project takes his attention, cataloguing his visions, and planning the next trek, the chiefs start to plug holes in their intelligence network. They can't shake the feeling that the Vardyger is indeed a master of time, but they do notice he has spies, so they are a factor. However, the Seawights have had few tricks on them played by the Vardyger, being a recent player, so they are quite skeptical to his alleged mastery of time. Perhaps this is where the Vardyger will view first, as his mystical powers being able to convince his most skeptical subjects would be a major boost to his validity.

>Action 1: Develop Hornboats, large sewn-hull canoes with two protruding struts on each end, in an over-under configuration.
As wealth accumulates among fishermen, the boatmakers get more resources to play with. Thus they start developing a new boat, a bigger boat. Instead of being limited to the size of a single log, the starting log forms only the keel, with additional planks added as strakes, sewn together and caulked with pitch. Then ribs are added along the length of the boat, giving it much needed rigidity, lest it collapse from the weight of the water it displaces. The keel and capping extend past the hull itself, making two struts protrude on each end, referred to as Horns, though some call them Beaks. Hornboats are the ultimate status symbol, as well as being able to haul more heavy fishing equipment, like large nets. And because a Hornboat is such a prized possession, Seawights heavily decorate them, which makes theft nigh impossible as it would be covered in the owner's personalised engravings.

>Action 2: Survey the Deiya's Locks forest to the north.
While the locals establish themselves in the north, there are many mysteries to these forests, along with the occasional Grim holdout. Seeing as the forests are firmly within our borders, the Vardyger sends his scouts to survey it. They are to report of anything of interest, especially if they find any Grims. The Wights have long been plagued by the Grims, outcasts and madmen who follow the example of Rekkar the Grim, they seek vengeance against the gods for their misfortune, and that is why they must be exterminated whenever they appear.
>Lore: Kiri's Return
The Odithians are stressed. Fimbul-Tiur (Menot-Hoi) heralds the return of the Great Mountain of Kiri, the home of Odithis himself. Many steel their resolve, determined to make the journey to it's peak, or to die in the act. He who reaches the top is blessed by the All-Father himself and are given a greater sight to the threads of fate. This gift is only useful, however, to those of strong mind and soul, for the power to see fate and to manipulate it are not derived from the same source. Sight is given, fortitude is earned. (I think it comes next update)

>Action 1: Ivory Spears [Technology]
Many now are catching on to the trends of Elephant exploitation, utilizing Ivory less for cosmetic or recreational purposes, and more for the proliferation of the resource. Wooden spears, while cheap, are comparatively fragile and occasionally ineffective against these giant beasts. Sharpening and fastening their large tusks to a shaft. Be it thrust or thrown, this is a marked improvement allowing hunters more time eating, and less time spear-crafting in total.

>Action 2: Boreos' Domination [Magic]
Many, while otherwise enthused with the nation's (rather unhinged) prodigy, tend to fear Boreos rather than revere him. This is caused in part by his aggressive disposition, though mostly due to him appearing more bone than flesh. Covered in a lamellar of bone from shoulder to toe, and furthermore has of late adorned himself with a mask of ivory, stripping himself of the last visual indicator of his humanity.
This is perhaps an intentionally cruel aura, as one day Boreos arrives in Kirisfut RIDING atop a Tusked beast! He boasts his victory of the Elephant, this time a battle of will instead of strength. It appears this young hero has a will so powerful he (alone?) may influence the minds of lesser creatures.
> Lore
Lore tomorrow, getting this in rn just to make sure I don't miss the update.

>Action 1 - Language - Learn Abraamic
These types are best motivated by wealth, and as such they are paid. A number of educated appearing individuals are spoken to and provided an examination wherein they are asked to name several images and concepts depicted on their parchments, and then respond to the statements of the Irreechi, showing some sign of disagreement when speak was grammatically incongruent.

>Action 2 - Religion - Fervor & Duty
There is no heaven to the Irreechi, there is only hell. This is not to say that all souls will find themselves cast into despair upon death, only that some will cease to exist, and others will have their mercy revoked and resume the torment of their ancestors on another plane. Unfortunately for the devotee's of Essem's pantheon, the disposition of the Irreechi is only a small piece of the puzzle that is their fate. In the end of days, it was not merely the heretical who suffered, it was all of humanity who allowed their protectors to be separated from their thrones.
This remains the reality of the Order and the world today as well. Should evil reign supreme, then the same cruel fate that left the Irreechi scarred and disfigured will occur once again, and this time they will not be shown the same mercy. While all the living shall suffer, for the Irreechi the dead too shall be returned from their rest to resume the suffering for the lineage of the Pactbroker has broken its promise and must endure the consequences.
>TL;DR - The world will end again if people get too degenerate and that will extra suck for the Irreechi who already are on probation.
As the Uruan'uan Chroniclers experimented and continued to write down their experiences with Myrrh the remaining scribes who where responsible for the administration and logistics grew annoyed of their brethrens causal disregard of their responsibilities even if it was in search of the new discoveries.

> 1st action: Expand east.
The council was petitioned by the Khetem-heb (the bureaucrats) branch of the order to reign in the Chroniclers use of Myrrh in order to stop straining supplies and after deliberation it was decided to organise an expedition into the sands due east following the directions given to them by the gods. The expedition would be led some of the more level headed scribes who did not partake in the consumption of myyrh and instead focused on their duties as a distraction with a band to act as a scouting party.

> 2nd action: Continue researching the mysteries of the gods.

As the chronicles where forcibly removed from their quarters they would be gathered into one of the many halls inside the temple where a board of scholars would use the promise of new discovery or coercion to deduce what manner of secret the myyrh enjoyers learned and over the coming days compare the writings with what is already known.

>Move Army north, get curbstomped

>Action 1 - Fundamentals of Edgecantations
Hak-Kun may have been a bloodthirsty suicide victim waiting to die, but he was Royalty before that, and knew that succession for his family needed to be secured. He and his wife had not born children (curse that corpse-god!) and so he had resigned himself to his line ending with him. But when a particularly fierce rebellion had stood against him, led by a cousin to the King, Hak-kun found a kindred spirit in the son of the defeated enemy, a boy named Dak-Yo. Fatherless, the boy was taken in by Hak-kun and raised, a distant 'father' that demanded his obedience, and filled his head with dreams of conquest. A nephew of some removal, his blood nevertheless held royal lineage, marking him a Khlomosan true.
It was during the catastrophic final battle of Hak-kun's life that Dak-yo, a budding Artist as his 'father' was before him, witnessed the bloody work of his dying king's final stand. Never before had such bladework been seen. (a pale echo of the rampage Hak-kun and his wife shared so long ago, but none who witnessed it remained alive to compare)
As a final 'gift' for his son, the majority of the army sent to die to the Khans pulled from his rival's finest forces, leaving few able to contest the son's rise to the throne. There, he set about mimicking his predecessors dying attacks, for there was the power he needed to maintain the throne when his family would inevitably duel him for it.

>Action 2 - Expand (Fill in the two tiles next to where the giants where, and then push north with the rest)
To buy himself more time, the son makes a 'gift' of the surrounding wilderness to his most troublesome of cousins, foisting meaningless titles and demands for distant resources. Let them cool off far away. By the time they return, he will be unstoppable!
With her sons equally pleased at the miracle that was Mader Sahama's praise, meager as it was. She knew that already her approval had bloated their empty heads beyond repair, so she picked up her scabbard and began to lash them, screeching into the dusk air. Despite their power, and the will to kill 10,000 men, they could not fend off her blows, and retreated along the river shore, clutching shattered blades and broken bones.
Madar Sahama knelt by the river bank, washing the blood that had stained her hands. (The Butcher had attempted to cut her instinctively, scoring a tiny wound on her forearm, proving his unmatched ferocity) Behind her, the bleating goat had finally been sheared, and the farmer picked up his stool and lantern. He came to the top of the embankment, and looked down into the darkness by the river's edge, and beheld a puny wretch, filthy and starved.
"Hey! Get out of here! I let you and your bastards sit here for the day, but I won't have you lurking around here at night!" He shouted, the woman rising to stare up at him. She held a naked blade in one hand, pitted and bent miserably. He felt no fear, for she was so meager that he was certain he could wrestle the blade away from her, if needed.
"Go on, get! Before I come down there and slap you!"
"What-" Said the woman, her voice wicked. "-is the most important part of the sword-swing?"
The Farmer gave a frustrated growl. He had worked long and hard today, and wished to sup with his wife and children.
"I don't know, and I don't care! If it doesn't feed and protect me and mine, then none of it's important! Now piss off!" He said, waving the woman away.
"What a fool." She whispered as she turned to follow the river. "But he guessed the truth."
An army is raised in Krrgstyl, to help protect the Lost Son's new lands.

The Lost Sons push their borders south, lined right in the dark forts shadow. If the Amun men wish to trade, let them do so here.
Posted on behalf of the Oc

Navy sail North
1) Now expand to the islands to the North
2) Build another lumber yard and farm on my main island.
File: map5.png (963 KB, 2047x2151)
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963 KB PNG
3rd Maiden, 2nd PAC

Shields against the slings and arrows of the future are most wise. These barbarians to the north are warlike to a man, any guard against them is simply shrewd judgement.
The priests walk the mountain trail to the caldera of Tu Aket that they may gaze into the fiery door between worlds. Brimstone is their incense, basalt flows their holy ground, the vents and bubbles of the volcano their sweet music. Here, surrounded by worshippers leaving offerings upon the many altars and shrines, revelation strikes. It is in the smoke and the half-light of polished obsidian that the veil thins, the twilight through which the other side may be almost touched, that message or instruction may be passed. There is much to think upon, many roads revealed that may yet be walked.

Venturing into the northern desert, hostile lands they alone are able to inhabit, the Ahmosi make a number of chance discoveries. Their first is the great Eye of the Sands, a natural formation of concentric circular ridges of rock, untouched by the shifting of the dunes. Their second is far more exciting to the warminded race, for there in the ever changing sands, small, grey ore-bearing stones are occasionally found [Bonus resource of tin, of which only 1 mine can be dug. An alloying tech is required to use it also. Now again you need to build in the land you own before expanding more]
With a paranoid sense that this peace may be fleeting, physical training begins in the temple courtyards for the eligible. Great buckets of salt act as the primary weights to build the muscle mass of the small breeding section of the populace that they offspring may be stronger than previous generations. [Please also make sure to leave a turn between subsequent magic actions]

[NM] With a hastily inscribed copy of a map to which the High Councillor alone holds the keys, a group of scholars are sent east. Along their long journey they find a beautiful thing not mentioned on their map, a smooth, red sandstone butte larger than any hill in Uru-Anu five times over, domineering over the shrubland! Refreshed by the sight they continue onwards. Finally, just as had been etched, in a wide crater in the savanna they find an enormous, holey rock. Some among them think it must have been thrown to earth by the gods themselves from their place in the heavens. But they are not the first to find the thing, camping, no it is more like nesting, within a hollow are a number of madmen. They wear rags of what was many tyrns ago finery, with matted hair and jagged nails. They come screaming at the scholars, only retreating when the Uati move back away from the crater.
>AU cont.
The stink of incense still on them, the mystics try to explain that what the world sees as stars are merely pinpricks in the aetherial blanket of night, into which mankind may peer ever so minutely into the realm of the divine. It is these pinpricks through which the rising smell of burning myrrh, or the fat of sacrifices, along with the sounds of prayers and ritual bells, that the gods may enjoy thanks and receive requests from mere mortals. It is from the shapes of these stars in the night sky, that aetherial blanket as they emphatically reiterate, that magic spells may be divined. Take the current constellation taking precedence, the Maiden, in the stars that make her skirts and outstretched arm, one may see the words and motions required to say, conjure forth the form of a woman in the smoke of incense.

The scattered homesteads of the south happily grow millet in the open prairie for both their own tables and the Idopolis market, but long for something more than farming the frontier. [More building is still needed before expanding again]
Much of the Khanate is picked over in search of useful raw materials. Those sent out return with word of additional sources of lead in the north, along with colourful citrine crystals in the land around the central lake.

That Hope's Day comes this spring under the sign of the Maiden is not lost on many young couples, who see this as the most auspicious day to devote themselves to one another. And it must be said many not-so-young couples share the sentiment! To those sent out north to quarry however see their celebrations cut short by duty. But as they return with beautiful purple jade and that most vital of minerals, salt, they are made the most highly lauded of the holiday. These are not the only blessings granted however, for happenstance has given them another good fortune. The black soil of the rivers has hardened in their bonfires and become shiny. Having been declared the domain of Tapas by Dwander, Dirk matrons find this a source of revenue in their later years.
With lost souls in tow, the army returns to the capital. Much is made of these strangers, but with gifts and cheer they are sent on their way.

The army meets the Avor, friend and ally, on the open steppe that they may test their might against each other and are roundly shown the weaker of the pair. Many Khlomosan women are made widows this day.
The titles they would take, the demands they would grudgingly meet, but they will not be cast off to the edge of the known world. As yet still young in his reign, not knowing the limits his powers may hold, Dak-Yo must concede and grant his cousins lands closer than he would like. At least they're over the river.
>CK cont.
A visual learner, and there was no lesson more viscerally visible than that taught so recently by his adoptive father, the boy-king now knew well the sovereignty held by the sword. As all royal- and noble- born Khlomosans he practised daily with the blade, but this was almost certainly not enough to keep his edge or his throne. In his own quarters he hones his skills further, learning that he must not merely hold the sword, that he must allow his arm to be one with it. Countless nights this ritual continues, understanding the heavy blade he has inherited until he feels it as a part of his very soul. This he achieves, astonishing those who see him fight for the grace he wields.

Having built his marriage girdle that none should find it a comfortable fit, Havasad breathes sighs of relief knowing he shall never have to sully himself. Countless women try the pieces, all finding that whilst one or two may settle nicely the rest is either far too large or else impossible to slide on. The emperor quietly chuckles to himself for his cleverness. Until of course a common farmer's daughter slips into them so perfectly she could be a vision of Meris made flesh. At the mere sight he must have her, knowing her many nights until she is heavy with child.
Tales of the monstrous wonders the magicians of old wrought dance in the minds of would-be fleshweavers as so many stars in the sky. Oh to dazzle at the churning of muscle over stone, to marvel at wares hung from models of twitching sinew, to watch with glee the husks die in the gross for simple amusement! But how, oh how! did they accomplish such feats? Twas talent they lament they may never see again. Unless it can be somehow teased from the most malleable, those young nobles barely out of swaddling clothes. Each is watched hawkishly, most rejected for their mundanity, yet there is a streak in the infants of the House Marai who show promise, a certain something in the eyes. That is to say a certain nothing, a soulless quality that allows them to slice open the skin of the living and meld it to their whim without thought or feeling.
Breath sweet with dates, breast sparkling with rose quartz, the priestesses put on quite the show for the rowdy throng that gathers to watch them "re-enact heavenly dramas". Or at least that's what they called scratching and hair-pulling after the fact to save face.

The hunger for Aqma breadfruit grows ever more voracious, and in their murderous way the Chitterers see to it that both this thirst and their own for blood is slaked. Though it seems as soon as there's a little more food on the table, they get to work in their other favourite pastime, and in short order there are more mouths to feed. Having thrown the occasional stone at the odd men on the coast, they seem to have gotten the idea and have started to migrate north. [In future leave at least one turn between each increase]

With the coin purse weighed in their greedy hands, the Abraamites are all too eager to teach the Irreechi their language, one of guttural H's and few fricatives for obvious reasons. It is difficult to pronounce for those of the Order, seeming most foreign for a people who claim descent from the ancients.
To the Irreechi, death and the gods are not thought of simply when one is in need of something or one has stubbed a toe, they and their divine and righteous ire are very real and very present. They know all too well what the gods are capable of, bearing still those marks inflicted upon them and their ancestors, knowing too that such tortures will gleefully be inflicted upon them again and again ad infinitum in the hereafter if their mission ends in failure. Fear of the flames is what drove them. Fear of the flames is what drives them. Fear of the flames is what will drive them to succeed whatever the cost.

[NM] Kiri returns! There is joyous celebration throughout the land for the mountain upon which Odithis stood once more blesses the desert. The high plateau draws all who would ascend as he had to see if they are worthy. Shamans, wise-men, fate-weavers, all of their ilk sing praises to the All-Father now that his throne has come again.
It is almost poetic that the Odithians use against the tusked beasts the very weapons they had been born with to defend against the dangers of the world. Not only this, but under the influence of Boreos, victor over all elephantkind, they are subdued as beasts of burden not only domestically, but perhaps more excitingly for war.

With characteristic ruthless efficiency, the king and his underlings meticulously design his kingdom. This master plan of King Koson is carried out to the most exact it can be on the ground. [The large farm icon wouldn't fit nicely, you have to deal with two farms instead]
Finding the squatters on their southern islands at least somewhat agreeable and civilised, the Lauds continue south finding first the source of said island-thieves who have completely colonised the isle they call "Ocena", before setting into the open ocean.

Believing to have made fast friends with the Lauds of Nemosa, the navy heads north, not having to row so hard at last. Sailing up to the shores of a small number of islands. Seeing no settlements built upon them, they claim them in the name of Ocena! On the larger of the two they spy a crop unfamiliar to them, noting down a brief description to include in the information they shall deliver upon returning home; squat, with broad green leaves and tiny pink trumpet flowers [Tobacco. Your navy will need to head back to a port before you can use your newly claimed islands]. Ships in the south meanwhile follow the same trajectory, finding themselves in the ports of the Tarnic ships they had recently seen. As these sailors seek adventure and fortune in the open seas, the home front sees a small but welcome bounty of wood and grain.
The stories the sailors have told spark something within all in Harppa, each little boy speaks of what adventures he will have on the seas when he is grown. That such dreams may come true the enlarging of both the city ports and lumber supply are ordered. By the end of the tyrn, the harbour fills the entire bay, disturbing local fish stocks and those who reel them in alike.
Travellers of old had a thousand years of knowledge at their disposal, most of it now dust. What remains in the libraries, if a handful of time-eaten scrolls in a few noble houses can be called such, is barely enough to scrimp together a mere fraction of that knowledge. There is, just about, enough to piece together one of the systems of navigation the ancients used to guide them, the clearest there is of them, the stars above. [Your ships now travel a little bit further]
Having shared the news of their voyages, the navy is already itching to set out again, this time north now that the wind is not against them. There is not much of note seen by sea or land until they reach tyrn's end and spy a vast necropolis complex of tumuli on the shore.
Oc ships slowly row into the newly improved ports, seeking to dock for a spell.

[D] Unusually warm spring weather melts the great ice caps of the northern mountains in mere days, causing great cascades of rock and ice to come crashing into the forests. The temple there is left in splinters and rubble, killing the throng gathered there in prayer for calm weather. Loggers are left mired as the earth becomes waterlogged for so much run-off. Likewise quarrymen are drown in the flood which strikes them so quickly. Most galling however is the collapse of stones into the Valley of Shadows, cutting the Wights off from their most holy site. Though the landslides bring great sorrow, they also spark curiosity, as a sheet of stone crumbles revealing a strange doorway carved into the mountain.
Proud, haughty Seawights swan about on the decks of their hornboats, able to crew more than just themselves and perhaps a boy, wealth amongst them begins to centralise. Some even afford to maintain two boats, and one particularly wealthy Seawight maintains three fishing vessels including their crews and a private boat for personal use. [Your pitch will have to be plant-based, as the Waddans control the only source of bitumen]
Carrying on with plans already set before the disaster that befell them, Wights hurry out with instructions to find what else is hidden beneath the permafrost. By the end of they return with samples of their findings. Those sent not very far away into Deiya's Braids bring shiny yellow ore like that the Tarnthralls wore. Those sent very far away return with heavy grey ore unlike anything in Vettirgard. And those sent middlingly far away bring glittering gemstones which in sunlight are a pretty green but in shadow are deep purple. [Gold, Lead, Alexandrites]
With families starting the feel the pinch, the introduction of mutton and rough wool to the markets is a welcome sight. As is the arrival of proper port facilities to the quarry workers of Stanbyld.
The substance being collected in the wake truly is a gift from the gods for the near-unlimited uses the Waddans find for it, most notably the weatherproofing of wood in both naval and domestic settings. A most fortunate property given the lashings of spring rain the island has faced in the last tyrn or two and adventures the many navy hopes to embark upon.
Passage through calm waters is found around the horn of isle, twice travelled by the navy to show the route is both quick and safe.

Let the borders be drawn and agreed with uneasy peace. And let the peace be kept by men in rank and file.


This turn is the first to have had a Boon/Disaster roll. If you are rolled one of these you will see one of the following four markers: [B] for a major boon, for a minor boon, [D] for a major disaster, or [d] for a minor disaster. This is also the case for a global event, but will be at the start of the update prefaced with >GLOBAL.
It will be [ b ] for a minor boon because of 4chan formatting
(App didnt send my turn wtf)

Action 1: With Yarvik's population growing, some people filter out into the surrounding countryside, building villages, hamlets, and hovels. These the people of Yarvik call "voraiks", meaning "Slowhearted", for they clearly could not handle the thrill and excitement of the ancestral city.(expand territory)

Action 2: As the Voraiks begin to filter out, the Icemind decides that clearly the issue is not that they are slowhearted, but that the city is too small! She spends fine beer from her stores to see land cleared for the people to expand upon(Increase the size of Yarvik)

Action 3(I got cucked): Farms are built by the voraiks to harvest better berries and fruits, leading to their own forms of beer that those in the city are remiss to admit are quite tasty.(Build berry farm). Meanwhile, forges are built in Yarvil as the demand for common good grows.
> Build a topaz gem mine
> Build a marketplace for Safehole
> Learn the language of the Lauds
> Army: Follows the river downstream until the ocean, then turn toward the north and follow the coast

Safehole buzzes with excitement. The appearance and departure of the Lauds has spoken to a wider world, of other nations that survived the sky break. Gossip spreads about the strangers, of their clothes and jewelry, strange tales they told haltingly translated by priest scribes then relentlessly retold.

Jade from the north along with gems and black clay from the river are shaped into rough facsimiles of Laud jewelry, and change hands many times. Before long a thriving market has formed where salted meat, simple jewelry and pottery change hands, with the most skillful among them finding they no longer have need to hunt, fish or gather at all.

At the same time the hunter-warriors set out again, following the river, seeking to find the domain of Tritan, mysterious ocean god of the Lauds.
>Turn 6
The sudden appearance of an army just outside the borders of Harppa sows panic among the Tarns. All thoughts of exploration are dashed aside in the face of imminent invasion. But after a couple of weeks, it becomes clear that the army that has marched to the north is just…sitting there. What’s more, a few veterans of the initial voyage of the 1st Fleet identify the soldiers as Ahmosi. Is this an attempt at intimidation? A bold-faced preparation to attack? Whatever the case may be, the Tarnish Empire springs into action to prevent the worst.
Action 1: Army call-up
Farmers and sailors from the southern regions are called up to form the first true army in quite some time. They are armed primarily with primitive fishing spears and bronze swords, but their numbers mean they are more than capable of most tasks.

Action 2: Southern Wall.
The army’s first task is to construct a low wall, stretching along the border between Tarn and Ahmose. The wall begins at the border between the two and proceeds west, as far as can be constructed in one turn. Lookout towers are constructed with an easy line of sight to one another, so that guards can communicate using smoke and flame if necessary.

>Free Action: Navy sails further north
The terrifying abominations strike fear into the already superstitious sailors, and they strike a quicker tempo on the oars in order to pass the fleshy forest all the faster.
Action 1: Expand north into both forest regions north of mountains. With his holdings secured the potentate's eyes turns north beyond the mountains. From the reports of those working in the mines it seems to mirror much of his current domain. Optimal for more wood, rice, and game.

Action 2: Prospect territory. It takes discernment to know what action to take. Whether it is an opponent bluffing at dice or planning the foundation of a nation. Nothing shall be hidden from Koson's eyes and because of this he will always know the right move.

Fleet: sail southeast.
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>Fluff: Blame the disaster on Grim heresy (fabricate evidence that Grim were present). Claim the followers of Deiyr sacrificed themselves to protect the Valley of Shadows from Grim defilement.
And just as soon as the Vardyger was about to inform people of the lands being clear up north, he has to suddenly suppress all information. The Vardyger is the foretold, he is the master of time, yet he did not foresee the disaster the happened. Worse yet, the disaster has flooded the stone mine, our main source of stone for tools and weapons, and if he just rebuilds they will know this disaster happened under his watch. He will have to find someone to blame before he can rebuild, so it is not his fault the people got caught in the flood. So he has his inner circle look over the scouts' report, and rewrite it. Where previously they pursued every hint for Grims to find they had a minor presence at worst, the inner circle twists the deeper investigation to reveal an insidious Grim presence in the north, people far away from Hoftborg had their minds twisted, and the followers of Deiyr had tried to shepherd them toward the right path, until they saw it was too late for the Grims and then asked Maver to flood them, lest the Grims defile the Valley of Shadows. The Grims seek to uproot the foundations of this world, and have a special interest in the Valley of Shadows, as well as darkness in general, whatever they seek in the darkness, we must not let them reach it.

>Action 1: Develop copperworking.
As stone becomes more scarce, due to the flooded mine, some entrepeneuring Wights figure that copper may be the new material, so they start trying to make weapons and tools out of it. The copper is both harder and easier to shape, depending on if it's heated. The Wights start to make dedicated ovens to heat the metal faster, and to make it easier to extract from the coals so it can be beaten. They do not smelt it, both because it is difficult to reach the temperature with their ovens, and because they lack the crucible to contain it, so any molten copper would be lost.

>Action 2: Create the Sverre Geirrmann Fleet.
As the Vardyger is busy dealing with the Landwights, the Seawight elders gather their boats and have a Seathing. Each boat has a captain, but they want a captain of the fleet, an admiral. The clans each make their case, not just about their level of skill, but what they will use the fleet for. The arguments become heated, until it is agreed that the remainder shall decide by duel. Many champions lie maimed and bleeding, until the champion of Erling Sverring is the last one standing. All bow before Erling Sverring, who dubs the fleet Sverre Geirrmann, the mythical ancestor of the Sverring clan, who killed a hundred wolfmen with naught but a spear, which miraculously never broke and is a prized treasure of the Sverring clan.
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>Action 1 - Prospect
With his rivals delayed by their given task of plumbing the wilderness, Dak-yo must simply wait for news of their findings to return to him. (One particularliy ornery cousin has been sent far into the forests, where furry beasts with claws as sharp as his own sword are said to hunt. He does not expect a report back any time soon from THAT family...)
The fear of them finding a wealth of some kind, able to tip the balance of power in their favour, weighs on him though, and so Dak-yo scours lands closer to home, looking for his own advantage.

>Action 2 - Dock + Quarry
Looking for new resources is all well and good, but a known one remains untapped. White limestone, the shells and skulls of unknown beasts embedded within, has been ignored over the more precious copper nearby. With ideas for new constructions percolating in his mind, Dak-yo orders the opening of a new quarry. The construction of a dock closer to Prospith will allow segments of the new stone to be transported more easily over sea, once suitably large ships are crafted!

Madar Sahama and her eldest son sat under a walnut tree, using the hilts of their blade to crack open those they had picked.
"Mother." Said the Butcher, for he could not stop thinking of death even while he worked and ate. "I would prove my strength to you! Allow me to slay a foe of yours!"
Madar Sahama was sober, as she had finished the last of her spirits this morning. This meant her spirits were low indeed, and thus she did not think what she said. She spoke to her son thus.
"I will allow it. Prove your will to me, and I will teach you a measure of my skill."
This was a profoundly stupid thing to promise, for it meant the Butcher would stop at nothing to win this prize.
"What enemies do you have?" He said, cracking a walnut in his fist.
"Every man and woman I have never met." Said Madar Sahama.
Rolled 3 (1d4)

A fort mirroring the Amunians, is constructed. No doubt these greenlanders grow envious of the Lost Son's recent successes and blessings from Karn! Trade with the ash worshippers is to take place between the two forts only, those meeting with the greenlanders in the Lands of the Karn are subject to the most cruel punishments.

A farm is built in the heartlands, upon the floodplain. More food for the many waiting mouths of the rising Karnite people!

In the Temple of Karn, the High Priest performs a "Ritualistic Experiment". Testing the higher mysteries, the venom of the two headed serpents is combined with the Blood of Karn, lifeblood that has dripped along the entire Monolith's edge. The wicked venom touches the Crimson pool within the bowl, the echo of the drop echoes throughout the silence of the temple's chambers.

The winds howl, and the candles blow out.

>The Monolith of Karn Glows Red

>Karn is Pleased
>Karn is Angered
>Karn is Apathetic
>Karn is KARN

The raised army around Krrgstyl moves south to occupy the newly built fort, to ensure a strong border is kept.
Rolled 1 (1d2)


The venom hisses upon contact with the Blood, but something is so paltry compared to the blood of the God, the High Priest almost smacks his head in his shortsightedness.

A live twoheaded serpent is fetched, the urn carefully carried, the attending shamans flinching in shock at the High Priest grabs the snake without care of the fangs that shortly sink into his flesh. The serpent is plunged into the scarlet ichor of Karn, writhing in its fight for life against the aged High Priest. Within the shadow of the red wetly glowing monolith it makes for the frightful scene that perfectly enraptures Karnite Religious Philosophy.

The snake grows still, as does the Priest.

>Karn Casts His Eye
>Karn Looks Away
>Karn Casts His Eye

The High Priest arises later, after a 3 day coma that only his steady recovery and his relationship to Karn Jordal kept him being cared for. However the elder jumping from his bed with the spryness of a man 20 years his younger, and most shockingly, his milky eyes now clear - slitted like a snake.

>The Trial of Yigg, the Serpent is Born
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115 KB PNG

>Action 1: The Island United
The area of continuous woodland at the eastern side of the island is known by the Waddans as the Akobosk. Devoid of any evident blessings of Diuth, there has been little reason for the Waddanians to make their way here before now; and even now they only come slowly, and in limited number. It is here that those strongest drawn to Akos and his lady Auka come to live away from the bustle of the towns, the coastlands and each other; to greet the new morning dawn from oaken groves and live simple lives of honest labour. To the men of Glinsterjested happy to support the establishment of these isolated communities, they represent a securing of our island borders and the timber reserve these forests represent.

>Action 2: Forest Developments
And with the forest secured, it only follows human nature that the Waddens seek to use these lands. There are no treasures beneath the ground here, so it is the simple growing wealth of the wood that we shall use. Close to Klinkested, an area of the forest is to be left as grounds for hunters (X); so that meat of different kinds and the by-products of the hunt might also make their way to Wadden stalls and homes. And further toward the far coast, another stretch of the forest (O) will be designated for the Akon woodcutters to carefully manage and revere in accordance with their beliefs.

>Navy: Sail East/Southeastward
Sailing westward, we found ugly but friendly people; and sailing Northward we found violent folk who quite put the Waddanian Parliment off the idea of commanding a quick return visit. Instead, it is to the east that our fleet will next set sail - toward the location of a rumoured spit of shallow sea that crosses past the deeper waters; the 'Tamathbrege' tentatively alluded to in a few fragmentary chart-records from before the fall. We shall see the truth of it with oar and sail!
1. The men brought to the armies are not the best of the Amunian nobles or their retinue. Their spirit and might are weak. So a new regime will be made to forge these young bloods into true soldiers under the gaze of the gods. At the highest peaks where the air is thin the new soldiers will be trained; nobles in blade and bow and the peasants with spear and shield. Drills where the men will march in step and fight as individuals. Mock battles will be made where disgrace will mark their very souls under the gaze of Tu Aket. Absolute failures will be sent back to their families in shame.
2. The priests have regained the knowledge of speaking to the dead; now they turn to reviving the ability to commune with the living soul. Using cores of obsidian dice are made with markings the individual priests understand. Touching upon the soul of a target the dice will be cast and their fate divined through the layout and actions of the dice.
Addendum Rework
Given the rapidly escalating situation on the southern border, Harppa's navy is recalled. Rather than sailing north, they now sail south back to port, where they will be outfitted for defense.

The currency of the empire is reformed, or rather it is actually established for the first time since the long dark of the collapse. Bold coins of silver billon make up the backbone of the nation’s economy, with higher denominations of silver, electrum and gold coins existing. Minted by order of The Emperor they display his face on one side, and his beloved empress on the flip. These coins imitate the phases of the moon in honour of Menot, crescent coins of low-quantity silver billon are soon plentiful sights across streets and market stalls, but first quarter slices of silver, gibbous discs of electrum and radiant full moons of brightest gold each have their place in larger trades. The restoration of a usable currency does wonders to restore stability and confidence in the nation's future.

Action 1: New city "Tor Loric" by the lake (The leftmost x)

Set where the land raises high above the water and the regular floods do naught but splash up against the rocks, the proud waterside Tor Loric stands, assembled of bright and pale sandstones on a seat of rolling plains. Once an unremarkable village from which a farmer’s daughter hailed rises now into a relaxing lakeview city, for The Emperor's beloved so missed the waters of her home. The couple holiday often in the slowly emerging city over the years, the Emperors visits bringing with them the economic investment and prestige to award the settlement of Loric with the full title of Tor and all the benefits therein.

Once mighty Tors were seats of power for the untouchable nobility, each noble house ruling over one in The Emperors stead. All fell save Sulduphan, now the houses have a new urban playground to play their games of politicking and finance. Until then however, Loric remains a peaceful city of mostly newly urbanised peasants and wealthy holidayers.

Action 2: Construct a grand biomantic academy (limestone) next to Tor Loric. This is a general and nonspecific school intended to teach the fundamentals of biomancy to children before they specialise in anything further. (The rightmost x on the savannah)

Children as young as four are taken from noble houses and sent to Aiyatsyyuth, the grand academy intended to train fledgeling biomancers in all the basics of this magical field. Within its imposing halls they will be practically separated from society, interacting with the outside world only on brief trips to nearby villages as all their needs are looked after within the academy grounds. Bizarre lessons of manipulating flesh and shaping bone are arranged, curriculums of sinew are planned ahead and orchestrated, all mostly organised by the illustrious Samya of House Marai. Students of lower status are allowed entry, encouraged with funding and a genuine education, only to become playthings of the student biomancers within the academies gloomy halls and experimented on for their education.
Action 1
Research. Quilted Felt Armor. Quilting together felted fur, armor is now being produced for every man woman and child, warm, and practical.

Action 2

Establish 2x Sheep Hunting grounds, harvested for their precious Wool Meats and Horns
> Lore - The Forgotten Past - Finale
Soon after, the new “gods” came to replace the divine entirely. The liches and life priests to whom Volos had loaned his power became the new gods of death as the name Volos disappeared from all but the minds of monks and historians. In many kingdoms, entire "new gods" emerged - lesser sorcerers who could not emulate the domains of the gods at all, instead selecting simpler magics such as the manipulation of elements. Though even the greatest among these men could be annihilated by a mere though of their creators, their insatiable pride caused them to present themselves to the ignorant masses as equals, or even greater beings to the divines. Quickly new pantheons spread and new horrors were justified by the false gods and their twisted interests. Suppression of the old faith accompanied the rise of these new gods as humanity's unquenchable hubris sought esteem above truth.
Truth became conspiracy as the faith of mankind became its own damnation. Humanity sought to distance itself from them, and the respect The Divine had for their creation caused them to oblige this request. Of course, the weight of this responsibility was far too great for any mortal to bear; external harmony could not be maintained by beings that did not know inner harmony. Decay ran rampant, consuming flesh and rotting homes overnight whilst structures and even the crust of the earth itself began to crumble without the guiding hand of Perdam. All goodwill among men fell apart in the absence of the Liege of Love and was replaced with the thoughtless hatred which Ardeo had once despised. Worst of all, without their creation, Volos - the Divine who had first breathed life into the clay - life could no longer escape from its flesh, no matter the damage or suffering it sustained. For hundreds of years the plane suffered in agony, their bodies deteriorating alongside their possessions yet none finding relief besides the Chosen of Volos - the few faithful of the ancient Irreechi Kingdom spared by Volos after only 50 years. Encouraged by Ithiel the Red's pact, the gods came to return to the world many centuries later and began to breathe new life among the wreckage, restoring the harmony that was once lost.
>Action 1 - Military - Training the Army
The power structure of this city is not unlike that of the empires of old - led by arrogant and greedy men that seem to derive authority from their false gods. A well disciplined army will be essential to "encourage" compliance among the foolish masses who can only respect earthly things like wealth and power.

> Action 2 - Religion - Converting the City
Having recently learned the language of the city and drawn up portions of their doctrine and the truth of the world into literature, The Order is primed begin a more involved conversion process. These sermons of truth and reality are accompanied by a revolutionary tone, teaching the Irreechi social order wherein leaders are to be servants to their people whilst criticizing any other government as corrupt and abusive.

>Military Movement - Occupying the City
The army is to occupy the city state such that those who desperately cling to the power structure cannot become an obstacle to the Irrechi's sermons. No mouth is to be idle as officers perform sermons of their own or direct traffic and laborers to other sermons, offering surplus from the Irreechi harvest to free them from their duties so that sermons may be attended more readily.
>Raise an Army twice
As the breadfruit farms flow their produce into the ever-growing city, as copper is beaten into shape and as wood is brought to stocks and hovels, the old instinct rises once more. The instinct that has kept the Gathering safe for uncounted years.

And so, as tensions rise and productivity crumbles, the letterchewers simply give up,
The rowdiest and most desperate of the Chitterers are rounded up, given knives and basic armor plates, their only training a lifetime of stabbing their fellows in the back.

These hosts and platoons have no discipline, no rank besides that of the strong taking from the weak.
And yet, they are a mighty horde all the same
>Actions 1 & 2: Active Manifestation [Magic]
In response to the return of The mystical Mountain, it is of no suprise that it all that rests on the mind of every man, woman, and child within it's sight. This naturally spurs on all manner of mystic and fate-related fervor. Most of those with bodies able to climb a mountain are of a more meek demeanor or lack the wisdom to truly apply their passion, while those with the mental fortitude to utilize any abilities they may posses or be given are too aged and unfit to undergo such an arduous journey.
This happenstance of nature creates a unique dynamic where fate-weaving fervor is heightened on the All-Father's return, though almost entirely separate from his presence. While the young and foolish attempt to move rock to claim their destiny, the old and wise pick favorites, steeling their child's grip on the rocks, lessening their nephew's fatigue, or for those of a less altruistic persuasion a rockslide where there should not be.
Contending with this interference are those who truly have a chance with the meeting of their creator, those young and able yet wise and sharp. Their devotion to following in the footsteps of Odithis knows no bounds. They either reach it's peak or perish. Using their own mind to alter their fate. These fanatics tighten their own grips, increase their own endurance. The desperate among them even throw rocks at their peers in a pure panic. In the frenzy of the entire nation, many seem to forget that this is indeed *not* a race, or that is at least what they are told...
>Build a navy
Our sailors have covered considerable distances as is, but it is only a drop in a still greatly vast ocean. There is still much more to see, so much to find, and the few boats that we have simply cannot uncover it all. We must raise another navy, so that we may expand our exploration efforts and uncover the world's secrets with haste.

Construction actions:
> 1) Build a monastery at Obaba's entrance.
After an group of mountaineers descended from Mount Sentius they told an unbelievable tale an ancient being who held incredible powers that could offer the Oc insight to the ancient history of the world. As expected, many scholars would make the journey and rejoice, though at first be terrified, that the reports were true. One of her most frequent visitor was one of the original mountaineers, who had come to revere Obaba. He and his family would eventually relocate to the entrance of her cave where they would unwittingly found the first scholarly monastery dedicated to the service of the great spider.

>2)Expand the port of Curio.
The discovery at Mount Sentius spread like fire through Ocena. Soon an influx of scholars and seekers would flood their shores, hoping to have an audience with the wise ancient. The increased traffic saw with it an increase in merchants, peddlers, and other opportunists all clamoring for a space at the docs to entice travelers with all sorts of goods and wares. Overtime the port of Curio would swell in size, becoming a buzzling hotspot of maritime activity.

Navy actions:
>North Navy
return home with their findings.
Navy actions (continued):
>Navy at Tarn's nation
Send them over to Uru-Anu, Acreon's nation.
File: map6.png (977 KB, 2047x2148)
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977 KB PNG
4th Maiden, 2nd PAC

The training regime implemented is gruelling, pushing both the nobility and lesser men to their limits that they may be ready for war when it comes.
Obsidian dice are cast and read in hopes of discerning the fate of a soul in how they fall. Though the priests write up elaborate almanacs for the meaning of each die face, their relation to each other, including special relations for certain combinations, they find that most of the time these simply do not come to pass. The divining of the living soul is still yet weak in the priesthood, concerned more with the petty squabbles of lineage and ritual that their efforts are muddied by the will of The Fates.

Seeing the land to be full of beauty, men are sent out to stake it in the name of the Pharakhan. In their staking they find that the land north of Hamirad Remes has an easily accessible source of salt, alongside whatever else may be mined. [Bonus resource, you can build 1 salt mine]
Sensing potential in their fishy vassal, it is ordered that port facilities be built for them this tyrn, alongside the establishment of hunting grounds that they may be better trained with the use of the bow and spear. Into these ports sail yet more foreigners! [>LD]
Paranoia grows still, the turbaned men of the north build lines in the sand that worry them. The armies march north. [see note at end]


Mutton fills their bellies, horn decorates their cloaks, and quilted doublets keep them warm and safe on the frontier. It is a good tyrn to be Avor.

{b] In the same week both the Cynocephali of the west and the men who for many tyrns have made their home peacefully in the forests south, come to Safehole with the request to join the Dirkin as brothers. Each offers what may be mined in their respective lands; From the dog-folk it is gold, and the men it is silver.
The Lauds are all anyone can speak about the entire tyrn! How strange they dressed, how strange they spoke, and especially of their strange horns! The sky break wrought havoc most odd upon the world it seems. But the Lauds are not spoken of with malice, but a sort of admiration. In attempted emulation, the jewels found long ago are mined properly, combined with copper and the jade from the north in facsimile of them, but in the process creating something wholly Dirkin also. What starts as merely a flat place to trade these raw goods soon becomes a thriving market where all manner of product is sold. Here the language of the Lauds begins to be half-spoken as a creole, at first chiefly to describe those things copied from them, and then more broadly for many mercantile matters.
Just as one gemstone is being sold at the markets, the hunters pick up another simply laying on the surface! With the lustre of the moon, but all the colours of the rainbow trapped within it! How marvellous it is, like a piece of the sky. But here the luck runs out, as men with spear and sling chase them off from venturing farther north!
Silver; great heaps of it; north and east of the rivers, in equal amounts in lands belonging solidly to the crown of Dak-yo and in those of his most belovéd cousins. Although those of the latter do have to contend with fabled beasts made flesh and teeth and claw, 600lbs of it at that. Already at least two hunting parties headed by the said most cherished family have been slaughtered by them, much to the king's glee.
The southern quarry brings up limestone, sometimes embedded within it are the bones of long lost beasties, other times not. Oft times a pure white block is hewn and when it is brought on site and cut into smaller blocks it is teeming with fossilised creatures, others a near-perfect block is marred by a single spiralling form. To the Khlomosans however it is seen as a thing of appreciable beauty, or at least to those who have the time to sit and ponder such lofty things. These blocks are brought over some considerable distance to be site of Dak-yo's port project near and around the base of the sea arch.

O Tor Loric, City on the Waters, Throne of Her Majesty, Comfort of Meris, City of a Thousand Palaces, Garden of Diurn. How sweet the waters, how fragrant the air, here from where she, belovéd of the emperor, hails. Each farmer given two first-quarters of silver (commonly called a "Harmon" in the local dialect) each time the royal couple visits, more than a week's wages! Of course there is a flurry of court officials, sycophants, worshippers and the like every time as well, and many wealthier residence find they can charge exorbitant fees for a room whenever there is a state visit to the city.
Staya was the jewel of the family, a prodigy at only 9 years old, already able to read and write classical Lanthwrit, composing poetry far beyond her years, capable in arithmetic and geometry, able to recite the "Hymn to the children of Yole" with a gravitas not normally seen in a child. It is with incredible joy the family sends her to Aiyatsyyuth to begin her training in biomantic rites, as well as receive the additional tutoring her peasant family could not afford that she may join the imperial court some day! It's such a pity she was vivisected on her third day there.
Rereading old reports, Havasad notices two have been overlooked in recent tyrns, one for the obvious bad news it shows, the other out of sheer happenstance. This first is notice of sparse resources suspected north of the capital [meaning only a single mine may be built], but the second is of a variety of desert melon found to the north-east [Tsamma].

Stabbings! Stabbings with a purpose perhaps! Stabbings with the possibility of promotion and opputunities to do more stabbings! The Chitterers quite like this idea of "armies". There is grumbling in the ranks, with word eventually filtering through to the Letterchewers that they "want something more betterer to stab with". [Your armies wield stone weapons, you will have to start mining the copper to access it]
Though said with derision by city-dwellers, there are many voraiks that take the label with some pride, after all it is their grain that is eaten in Yarvik, their cotton that is don upon noble shoulders. Were it not for the voraiks, the quickhearted would also be the emptystomached. This soon includes the Mareev, with the construction of farms for the proliferation of the miraculously sweet berries that they enjoy so much. Alongside the efforts of the voraiks is that of the Icemind herself in the expansion of the city of Yarvik, an attempt to perhaps draw the slowhearted back into the closeness of the fold, and failing that an incentive for men and women to join in more intimate closeness to fill the newly erected houses, shops, and even forge in due time.

The Order puts itself to the conquering, one way or another, of Edion, the land of Abraam, and the minds & souls of the Abraamites. The Irreechi are drilled for combat, physical and theological, that the goals of The Order may be achieved with either words or bloodshed. First is tried the way of peace, that the sharp-teethed men may see reason. A number of peasant farmers and the like see sense, though perhaps filtered through their own greed, in the sermons and polemics of the Irreechi, but the priests and the rest of the layfolk of Edion will not be so easily cowed, and prepare for siege.

Kiri and perhaps more importantly with her the All-Father, has returned, and with it comes a fervour unknown for many tyrns. Hundreds, if not thousands attempt the climb to meet the great creator, to reach even his feet, to bow in his very presence is all they could wish for! Men and women both, grown and children of each sex, all wish to kneel and perhaps to be lifted by his hands to stand at his right side. It is this that spurs those who cannot climb, or whose better judgement tells them they will not make it, to aid those who just might. In the grand tapestry of the tyrn as the Fates weaved it, not even Boreos himself would reach the flattened peak, but they are not the only ones who know how to weave. The shuttle flies, the hand grips tighter, the shuttle flies, the rock gives out under the fingers; Each wise woman and shaman has their favourite to make it, each fights in the weft against the other weavers. Thankfully, the warp the Fates have woven are more than strong enough to take such squabbles in the fine details. As Odithians continue to slip from Kiri, some tragically to their deaths, differences are put aside amongst the weavers, that the mightiest may make it. Of course, this is Boreos, already two or three dozen feet higher than the competition, casting off his ivory helm to breathe deeper the thin air. A few twists in the wool, a few little stitches, he crests the peak and, panting fiercely for the effort, comes face to face with Odithis.
>LC cont.
[B] But close behind him comes his half-sister, Koleopi, almost as broad as her kin but built from the toil of cutting lumber instead of the draw of the bow; The only woman working such, but as blood relative to Boreos, her want is never questioned. Both stride to their god full of pride and valour. Odithis greets them as equals, at least to each other if not to himself, laying his right hand on Boreos' left shoulder, his left on Koleopi's right. He speaks to them in a way they cannot fathom, hearing more the meaning of his message than plain words, and each falls to their knees in blind awe. Odithis places his hands on the siblings' heads in blessing. Yet as he does this, a third summits the unsummitable. A young sailor, wiry of frame, his skin beaten smooth by the surf. He bows his head to the stone, averting his eyes from the All-Father in reverence as he witnesses the potential apotheosis. He is the last to reach the peak of all who attempt, his fate woven by his great grandmother in her tent far from the rest of humanity, giving her all into the work. Odithis of course knows he is there, he knew he would be there as soon as Kiri had returned, but he does not address him until he has sent the siblings back down the mountain, making it so that neither see the boy in their descent.

Homesteaders are sent north, skirting the mountains to find what lies on the side of the morning sun. It is as described, perhaps even more lush that what is already held. The forests there see many of a new variety of tree, too, with strange hanging flowers and broad leaves [Hazels]. Surveyors return from these new lands with reports and samples in hand, the first is of ample sources of lead in south of the range, the second of very hard red-brown stone north of the them. The third returns sheepishly empty handed from the western plains.
Continuing their journey, the navy finds themselves in the recently constructed docks of a race of men who appear to dress and act as fish! For many are seen swimming in the waters also as on land, and as the ships draw near they dive beneath the waves perhaps in fear. [>AH]

With great excitement for what they have scouted, and wanting settlers there as soon as possible to avoid potential Laudation claims over the islands, the northern navy sails southwards home. Likewise the ships docked in Harppa set off south in search of new lands away from the quickly cooling air farther north.
>OC cont.
The scholars sent up Mount Sentius return breathless and pale, their eyes filled with wonder and fear. They tell the first person they see what they have found, coming across as mad, rambling and covered in cobwebs. When their story is told to those to the order head in Curio, he is sceptical but does not dismiss them out of hand. With effort he is brought to the cave entrance and shown the "door" to Obaba which gently shifts itself, and this is enough for him to believe. Soon more scholars follow in their path, but none are yet brave enough to knock. For their purposes a monastic school is built near the entrance to the thing called euphemistically That Which Sees. Such a discovery of course draws many willing adventurers in the score, and soon additional docks are needed to accommodate them. The order takes this expansion as an opportunity to increase their naval foothold over the surrounding seas with the building of a third naval fleet.

The presence of the Ahmosi at their borders sparks worry in all of Harppa, and from each family a son is called into the army, armed with only sling and courage. A number of lion tamers are added to the ranks to bolster morale, and perhaps weaken that of the southerners. So drafted, the army is pressed into the construction of works along said border from sea to sands. Well, the peasants are, those from merchant families find themselves cushy overseer roles.
With haste the navy returns to the ports of Harppa with fear in their hearts. [see note at end]

One must be every watchful for Grims. They are supremely tricksy, evil even! It was the Grims who caused such havoc in the north you see, so wicked that only the wrath of Maver herself could flush them out of their hiding places, alas poor Wight souls were lost in the destruction of such malevolent spirits. They are martyrs and heroes, each one of them.
Stone had worked for the Wights for generations, brought from the mountains with some reverence even!, but the landslides and subsequent flooding is simply too recent for plans to be yet drawn up to remedy the situation. So it is enterprising young Wights take it upon themselves to learn the ways their fathers shunned, to work metal into weapons and not merely gaudy trinkets in some strange mimicry of the thralls! The metal is yet too precious to try anything more than cold-forging, but it beats cutting up ones hands on ever-chipping old flints.
The Sverring clan is ever boastful of their accomplishments, of their prowess both as Landwights in the past and Seawights today, and of their most legendary founder after whom they name their fleet. Make no mistake, that Erling Sverring was declared admiral by right of battle, the clan very much consider it their fleet, dishing out favour and punishment whilst aboard as if they were the Hofthing of the seas!
A final, well motivated and equally well financed push consolidates the island into Waddan hands with much relief. At once, orders and permits are given for the construction of lumber camps and designation of a hunting grounds.
Sailing into the wind proves fruitless, the men are turned to the oars. For the whole tyrn they sail, and only by the end of it do the best eyes see the signs of land upon the horizon.

The Karn do not need a fort to be built of glittering black stone for it to intimidate, the army's presence at the border alone is surely enough to keep the greenlanders in check. Especially with such bounteous fields keeping the men fed and fighting fit.
The way & power of the Great Karn is as mysterious as it is fickle, able to bequeath gifts beyond imagining, and tortures equally magnificent. In this tyrn, it is the former that graces the high priest with the venomous grace of the serpent in his old age. This risky venture may have granted him new vigour, a rebirth as the Trial of Yigg, the Serpent, but equally it may have cast his very soul into a pit of infinite vipers. The Karn of Karns is both unknowable and all-knowing, Karnites henceforth would do well to remember this.


It has been allowed this turn to prevent further aggravation, but in-character do not react to actions the same turn they are posted excepting war posts.
The game has barely just entered the early bronze age, you cannot send news from one end of your empire to the other at the drop of a hat.

>NOTE! 2
The name of the wind indicates -from- which compass point it is blowing.
Action 1: As the city expands and the filthy voraiks depart to their disgusting village living, the Mareev turn their eyes to the proliferation of the sacred beverage that is both food, drink, and currency for the Yavs. The leaders of the Mareev, the Mareevani, decide that they must monopolize upon the production of beer, so that their power of the citizens of Yarvik and the Yavmati as a whole grows swiftly. They devote much to expanding the brewery-temple so that many many tons of beer can be brewed, diverting wheat and berries from elsewhere and to their temple. As it expands in size the temple is given a most glorious name, Markalinaroki, or "Markalin's Pot", showing its devotion to the beloved elder brother of all Yavmati.

Action 2: The intriguous drive for power does not go unnoticed by Ra'Prisha, the Icemind noting the threat to her power the Mareevani pose. Whilst they devote themselves to their expansion of the temple, she uses her great authority to gather the mightiest warriors of the Yavmati under her into a force she can wield, which she names the Yavapori or "Firefeet'. A personal army of chosen warriors, unlike the called upon rabble. In exchange for service the Yavapori are given payment in fine beer, prestige, and jewelry.
> Improve the design and construction of bows (composite? long? recurve?)
> Expand, covering existing icons, then to the east
> Recall the army home with news of treasures and foes both

The gods smile upon the Dirkin, as new people gather into the fold. The market bustles with new faces, and the promise of new materials, and people surge out in all directions, turning distant camps into proper villages. Yet as the craftsmen grow ever more excited discontent brews among the hunters, seeing their prestige fade compared to the new treasures being found and made.

Seeking to head off brewing trouble a few clever elders commission a beautiful porcelain and jade bow and offer it up as a prize to whichever hunter can produce the finest bow by end of tyrn.

A fierce competition ensues, with all manner of novel bows crafted and tried before the elders, with each hunter explaining his design and rationale. Strange shapes, reinforcement of bone, sinew and horn, layered strips of wood, even a few designs involving porcelain, stone or copper. Designs are lifted from dreams, the ancient hunter temple to the north, and even the scrawling of children in a few cases. New strings are experimented with, sinew, woven plant fiber, twisted animal fur, some soaked in mud, blood or berries of plants.

Many shatter, or fail badly, or simply underperform, but a few see marked improvements in distance and power. Before long the hunters of the tribe are strutting proudly as they tell tall tales of their latest hunts with their improved bows, the prize they sought largely a footnote compared to their improved hunting tools.
File: Turn.png (134 KB, 708x844)
134 KB
134 KB PNG

>Action 1: Coastal Developments
>Port for Klinkested and Woodcutters on Stanbyld
Klinkested bay has been fished since the territory first re-joined the Waddanian league, but landing that catch has been a challenge - a new port for the city will both help these local fishers feed their home and provide a new, northerly base for the Waddanian fleet. And upon Stanbyld, a portion of the local woods are earmarked for forestry management - after all, wood is always needed, especially when you plan to build more boats...

>Action 2: Second Fleet
As an island-based nation, the seas shall ever be our borders and Tamath's domain the first line of defence, trade and discovery. With our fleet out exploring the world and discovering the fates that have befallen the territories and colonies of the old empires of the past, we are currently without our wooden wall - a perilous situation. As such, a second fleet of the Waddanian Navy is approved by the parliament and commissioned to be constructed.

>Naval Actions: Explore the new land's shores
Land Ho! Let us see what awaits us upon the peninsula - do any Waddans survive here, cut off from their brothers? Or did they, too, fall to the hands of madness and unknown assailants? We will move southerly to explore for some of a single tyrn, but keep ourselves conscious of supplies and tyme... however far we journey, we must not exceed a distance that would allow us safe return to Stanbyld's waters in the next tyrn's voyaging - thankfully, the wind will be with us on the return.

This outrageous business in Aiyatsyyuth has the empress livid, what was once a clueless farm girl is now perhaps the second most powerful individual in Calandorra, certainly the one closest to the Emperor’s ear at all times.

Under her pressures the great biomantic university suffers no end of repeated interference as the ascending house Marai goes up against the Empress, and loses.

Finding it wisest to cut their losses after a significant court embarrassment, the Marai are all but forced to acquiesce to tighter regulations on the treatment of students and prevent any sort of similar event occurring again.

In truth the Marai were not happy about the vivisection themselves, replacing even peasant children was expensive and wasteful, so the empress had a point about the killings being bad, but these new restrictions were outrageous!

An almost zero tolerance policy even over accidental murders of classmates, Marai to provide compensation not just for deaths, but for physical injuries related to study?

This is why peasants shouldn’t be allowed to have any power. Until the empress is dead they will need to live with it however, pairing up each Samya student with an Ordinary “study partner” and making it expressly clear that they are not to kill them (though sympathising with the curiosity).

Action 1: Expand north from Tor Loric towards the plains and floodland

Horses were a rare sight in the Empresses youth, but were always known, said to migrate to the southernmost point of the lake seasonally before returning far north. Reaching far to the land above and around the floodplains may reveal the source of the wild roaming herds of horses which formed after the collapse, as the once great horse breeds of the empire bred mongrel offspring with wild mares and squandered their mightiest traits.

Calandorra marches forth from Tor Loric to add these swathes to the empire, with growing curiosity as to what else might lie hidden.
Action 2: Imperial Polearms

Hard at work in his workshop deep at the heart of the Aya Sandan, The Emperor of all Calandorra works on his newest pet project.

Having devoted a significant amount of time and development to his forges it is only natural that he ensures that they are producing items of quality, rather than the substandard and makeshift toys that his shoddy excuse for an imperial guard find lying around.

The Emperor works day in and day out on designing, forging and reforming the polearms of the future. Dorran culture idolises the mighty polearm above quick and shady weapons such as knives and swords, a mighty handle gives the wielded control, range, and demonstrates they are hiding nothing. It is for this reason that polearms were the primary weapon of Calandorran armies during its height, and why they will be again.

The miracle anvil shines white as he finishes his first new weapon, a mighty Bident five cubits long that flickers like fire, a gilded spear made of dire silver said to pierce even the a gods flesh, nine electrum arrows with the summoned thunder of the heavens entrapped within.

While Havasad works on his relics of starmetal, well trained but mortal blacksmiths work on following their lords teachings and directives in producing shaped heads for mounting on mighty hafts to produce great axes and spears, scything blades and blunt surfaces.

While many a regiment of men may be filled with any mixture of different polearms each specialised in a different thing, the young noble sons of the realm now have weaponry to be proud of for if war comes.
File: 1679069600158308.png (13 KB, 245x248)
13 KB

Action 1: Build a woodcutter and hunting ground in the highlighted tile. To prepare the way for future exploitation of the mountains. Infrastructure is established nearby to provide the lumber needed to support tunnel walls and food for the miners.

Action 2: Build an army. While things are currently peaceful it is the potentate's duty to maintain that peace. If something were to come through the gates or if a rival were to suddenly make themselves known he would need to rely upon hastily mustered men to defend the land. Such conditions put Koson ill at ease whose ruling style could be attributed to pieces on a board following the rules he assigns for them rather than rely on his progenitor's throw of the dice. He shall assign this duty to Asur's indefatigable spawn. Whipping up any listless men into shape so that they may be sent out to scout and defend his claims.
File: Map To Be.png (65 KB, 511x380)
65 KB

>Action 1 - Copper Blade Magic
Dak-yo knows that once his cousins have whipped their peasant hordes back into shape, the wilderness making them tough and wild, they will return to Prospith and see his head put upon a platter. Of course, as is tradition, a duel between the two leaders will start things off, and if suitably one-sided, avert much of the fighting. It with this in mind that Dak-yo practice's nightly with his inherited blade. On the cusp of some profound knowledge, he looks to learn the blade in it's entirety, stalking the forges and even the copper mine itself to ingrain it's creation into him.

>Action 2 - Fishery and Lumberyard
No great constructions have yet tapped into the Limestone quarried in the south, with only smaller slabs of the fossil-filled rock sent north. Greater blocks for grand temples are planned, but such would require hefty boats. In preparation for this, another Lumbermill is constructed, the hardy workers fed with fish to keep them fit and active.

>Army Movement -Return to Prospith
The devastated remnants of Hak-kuns army has pre-occupied themselves with worship over his place of rest, a simple tomb amidst the broken swords of the battlefield. Only a promise from Dak-yo of a grander temple for the man can lure them back. Word of his cousin's struggle with the beasts of Thandala forest brings him mixed joy. Their suffering is his boon, but said beasts lurk ever-so-close to where loyal peasants lie. Once his father's army is ready, he will sortie out himself and prove his cousins foolishness in opposing him.

Swarthy men of sweat and dust toil endlessly, hoisting pearl-white rocks from the ground. Amidst this, Madar Sahama and her Artist son walk. This has long been a favored resting place of Madar Sahama, for she would admire the shapes in the rock while brewing strong drinks in what shade she could find. She does not begrudge the men working here, for their digging uncovers new things for her to admire. The two blademasters stop at one such thing, the skull of some terrible lizard laid across the floor.
"What majesty of form!" Said Madar Sahama, admiring the dead beasts teeth. Her son gave a dismissive snort, holding a perfumed rag to his nose.
"None of this is blade Art, mother." He said. "It will not aid me in mastering the sword, as you have. These men are wasting time here, and we are wasteful doubly so in admiring their work. I could slay every man in this pit in three minutes."
Madar Sahama nodded, for this was true. She did not mention that she could slay her son in three seconds, which would have humbled him and made him a better person. This was a profoundly stupid thing to not do.
File: NRP6 Turn 7.png (9 KB, 253x229)
9 KB

With the clans at each other's necks thanks to the shifting of the blame, it is good that weapon-grade stone isn't as readily available, so damage is lower. It'll blow over eventually, as the clans mostly just see this as an excuse to grab more power, but until then any military is tied up keeping the peace. Meanwhile the Seawights have been enjoying festivities aplenty, thanks to their wealth and security, as no Landwight can threaten the Seawights in their close knit communities, because Seawights will absolutely gang up on any Landwight that tries, and they can call for their fellow fleetsmen should the Landwights try to gather a larger gang.

>Action 1: Commune with the Raven Spirits, for the Boon of Wings (for use in the Astral Realm).
The Vardyger once again delves into the mystical arts, but while the winds carry him across the Astral Realm, he has no control beyond that, he needs wings. He can't bring physical objects to the Astral Realm, and without those there is no way to hunt down any spirits, so he'll have to bargain with them. He talks with the shamans to know how to commune with the spirits of the raven. He will try to negotiate for wings in the Astral Realm, and his offer is to have his people make food offerings across Vettirgard. If he is successful he will sign the covenant in his flesh, as a sigil.

>Action 2: Build Lumberyard and Gold Mine in the forest north of Hoftborg.
Even though the north has reports of Grims, Vettirgard still needs their resources. The Seawights are hoarding all the wood and we've got displaced miners in need of work. So the Vardyger informs the miners of the gold vein scouted earlier, while northern locals build another lumberyard. The wood and gold will enrich the Landwights, so they can compete with the Seawights and their fishy business.
1. The eastern regions are as good as reclaimed by us but hold only those people brave enough to live isolated or those simply passing through to the northern reaches; and these lands are so sparsely scouted as to be near unknown. Send scouts and prospectors to find out what lies in these lands. (Scout/Prospect 68, 69, 70)
2. The damned-able northern barbarians have raised a fort and army in an attempt to intimidate us; wielding copper spears in a crude imitation of our bronze. Raise another army of men. Never give into hubris to assume we can not lose but instead assure there is no chance of defeat.
>Turn 7
Action 1: Expansion North/South
With the construction of the wall continuing apace, a small group of peasants attempt to make a living from the sands of the endless desert. It's a harsh life, and few manage to survive the cold winters. Those who do adopt an outlook on life as harsh and grating as their accented Tarnish.
To the north the Tarns find far more hospitable lands. The grasslands here are sunny and fertile, perfect for subsistence farming. This far from the river, flooding is impractical, so a variety of cereal grains are cultivated instead.
>Expansion to the one desert tile that the wall crosses, with the remainder of expansion to the north.
Action 2: Wall Construction
Work on the southern wall continues at a breakneck pace, laborers and armymen laying stone atop stone in a line that stretches to the horizon. By the time they finish their labor, the wall is at waist height, approximately a third of the way completed.
>begin mining copper
The Letterchewers frantically order about their underlings, their throats being slit just as they slit throats in turn, kicking bodies through windows where they fall into the streets below or drowning uprisings in blood.
All in all, a rather disciplined day in the city.
The message received, the Letterchewers hope to calm down the people by giving them what they want: shiny metal

>expand the city
With yet another new discovery, little pieces of metal begin entering the streets, where they are fashioned into jewels and blades and tooth fillings and nail replacemenrs, but mostly blades.

This new Age of Stabs motivates the people to propagate even more, to the dismay of the poor builders that had just gotten to rest
The Question on the mind of Every Khan as he reaches his zenith is what will be the one mark his reign will leave in its wake. For this Khan, it would be the alliance with the Khlomosans to the east, it would be the rebuilding of the Herds of the Avor, of bringing stability.. prosperity to the once Nomadic tribes. But now the Khans life was coming down to its closing chapter, and with the last flickers of life, a single thought came to mind, An expansion of the Cavalry. Tactics beyond simple horsemanship. Something more. Ursus Imperii, The Spine of the Heavy Kahnate Cavalry

Action 1
Beast Mastery: Study of Nature and the threads of the war and horse gods magic has been woven together now , allowing for the Avor to commune further with their beasts to an almost un natural degree, allowing for the formation of almost famillial bonds between their mount and themselves, this has also allowed for the taming of creatures often seen as beyond Control. Thus bringing about the age of the Ursus Imperii.

Action 2
Expand East to the Wall if Possible.

Military Action

Assist with the scouts in settling further than usual, taking and showing the way to the wall for the settelers
>Action 1
A port is constructed on the coast, the fishermen clamoring for more dock access, the Karn finally allowing their demands.

Another farm pops up alongside the other in the tile west of the floodplain.

>Action 2
A trading post near the fort develops, along with a hunting ground for the Savanna beasts.
>Action 1: Furthering the Frontier [Expansion]
Aye uhh gabagool uhh fugget about it uhh i can't think of anything to write right now ayy im walkin ere'
[A little bit of expansion to the east and west]

>Action 2: Agrarian Revolution! [Technology]
Grain! Crunch-Loaves (poor quality, unleavened bread) are a new revolution of the hungry yet hopeful inhabitants of the more fertile lands under the de-facto dominion of the Odithians. Many gatherers have noticed that, while quite disgusting, some crunchy varieties of wildlife are edible, and quite plentiful in areas. Many have naturally accepted then ignored this fact for uncountable years. Until recently, of course, as the countryside dwellers have learned to cultivate it on their own, refine the grain, and create cooked food from it. Sure, it tastes terrible, but it is convenient and lasts a few days in the summer heat, something that cannot be said for fruit or meat.
> Lore - Shameful Sorcerers
The Irreechi Order is extremely protective of its culture, threatening ostracization and damnation upon those that would stray from its rigid path. In such a society, it is only natural that some should stumble in their resolve, or perhaps even for some to wallow in their fears and doubts. People cave to sin for many reasons - some yearn for beauty, others for power, and even some merely wish to escape from it all. In the end, these troubled souls will meet these fears in one of two places - The cold, corrective hands of their inquisitor, or the cackling cacophony of the cabal.
These men and women of the Cabal are more treacherous than any other, possessing no shame of their past, but all the shame of their present. With foul sorcery, the cabal which lurks in dark corners and meets in the moonlight has maintained its secrecy among the Irreechi Order - a cult of shapeshifters who seek to rid themselves of their marks and cast off their ancestral burdens. Many folktales exist to denounce the faceswappers of the cabal, with warnings to children of the dangers of beautiful women, or superstitions of heterochromia being the mark of their tainted blood mixing with the Irreechi heredity.

> Action 1 - Training - Morale Tactics
It is for the their own good that the debaucherous must die; Truly, it is a far greater mercy to kill them where they stand than to allow them to experience what would be the culmination of their efforts. Nonetheless, there were many among the fallen who did not carry this seed of temptation - innocent souls corralled into evil by treacherous lords. For the good of these people, the Irreechi are to study and drill themselves in the art of domination. They must exude not only a confidence to bolster their brothers, but a fearsome aura like church bells in the midnight storm. Before a man may be disarmed of his spear, his mind must be disarmed of its resolve.

> Action 2 - Magic - The Tayib
Of course, not all who stumble must fall, and not all fears remain unconquered. In rare cases, mystical traitors of the Cabal are known to renounce their ways and seek in earnest to rejoin the divine sovereignty of the Order. Many such traitors are merely sent to the battlefield to perish and allow the gods to sort out the destination of their soul, but those unlucky few who possess the spark for sorcery and the taint of the facestealer are granted the opportunity to seek repentance. These men and women are known as the Tayib. It is rare for a sorcerer of any real power to betray the cabal, and as such, the Tayib are rather sparse in both numbers and ability, but many possess the ability to control certain aspects of their appearance, and some say there are even a truly despicable sort among them who can conceal their tainted flesh entirely. Such ex-cabalites are drafted into agency, becoming spies, assassins, and even enforcers of the order, but are doomed to remain outcasts, no matter their deeds.
> 1st action: Research.
Learn the language that the men of rags speak.
Their language shall be learned by piecing together simple words for various items and move to more abstract topics from there.

> 2nd action: Research
Develop a system of public education.
As it stands the future generations of Ur know only how to speak the language and the professions of their trade.Reading and writing, history, mathematics shall be thought and the basics of the jobs they want to apprentice in.

> 3rd action: Research
Continue delving into the mysteries of the arcane by developing the field of mathematics.
The scholar's journey into the Aetherial and it's relation to the divine continue to amaze those who research it, a group of scholars who read the reports of the latest discoveries that where made started researching into the venerable field of mathematics to see if such equations can accurately predict the divines appearance in conjunction with the constellations.
Posted on behalf of the Oc

Create a city on my new islands, on the biggest one.
Build another Navy.
Build another farm at Curio

Navy actions:
The south one continues west along the shore to Acreon.

One of my ships can go to scout North East, towards that cluster of islands under the purple dude.

Another ship can start moving towards that big island to the North West, the one off the left of Novo's mainland
File: map7.png (786 KB, 2047x2151)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
5th Maiden, 2nd PAC

As an apology for the delay, each nation may build one additional half-action building in turn eight.

Whilst the High Lord proclaims dominion over the four corners of the world, his under-lords who enact his will are a little less grand in their holdings. To begin the establishment of the empire over the east, scouts are sent to prospect the land for mineral resources that will enrich the High Lord and his people. They return from over the river with their findings of what lies both above and below the earth. First below, salt and gold in equal measures. Second above, two magnificent sights, peacocks the size of men! and an oasis in the dry lands which the surveyors sketch is the shape of an enormous footprint.
If the barbarous northern upstarts think a few rattling copper spears will cow the mighty Empire of Amun, they are sorely mistaken.

That the turbaned ones have begun fortifications in the north shows they are scared of the prowess; mental and physical; of the Ahmose. And rightly so! Let them quake, let them peer in envy at the greatest athletics seen in all of Sarghun. The Eye will become the Grand Arena, and the grandest athletes in all the world shall attend! Which is to say, Ahmosi only. Sand is shovelled out from the natural structure, and some of the rocky outcrops carved off and hauled away, creating the beginnings of two expansive running tracks and a central field upon which feats of strength will cower the goldskins.
However the body alone, although impressive, cannot be all that is trained within the kingdom, the mind also must match it. For those allowed to breed, their workout regimens are supplemented with classes aimed at improving their mental faculties alongside their musculature. Imperial propaganda states that each Ahmosi is able to process two thoughts in the space of one.

Nabuhat and his scholars return minor celebrities when they bring back samples from the Crater, but along with them men in rags. Though Nabu claims they were half-feral when first met, with food in their bellies and water on their lips, they are soon able to articulate themselves. Unfortunately it is still nonsense to the Uati. They are welcomed all the same into the nation, and with thorough instruction these men are taught the Shumirian tongue. With a common language between them, these once-mad men tell they are from a land called Calandorra to the west, and are able to teach the Uati scholars they reside with a sample of their own language called Lathwrit. The High Councillor unlocks the cabinet which holds the View from the Heavens and confirms that there is indeed a nation to the west, centred on an oasis in the sands as they say.
This new language is one of the things taught to aspiring scribes in the recently funded schools which spring up all over the nation, alongside mathematics, astronomy, and history. The greatest of these schools is centred on the solar observatory near the capital.
>AU cont.
Those who excel in these schools are taught also the more advanced forms of "magimathics" or "Astromathematics" really still being discovered even as it is being taught. It is a combining of the two most fundamentals of Uru-Anu culture with the ever-developing field of aetherial magic. The most recent revelation is the ties between the gods and the major constellations, High and Low. Further speculation links the potential summonings possible during each star epoch, proven with the continued work on the conjuring of womanly forms in the smoke of incense, in this the epoch of the Maiden now linked with the goddess Amoritha. [I will formulate a full list and send it in IC]

Great effort is expended in pushing the Khanate's borders right to the great wall, and though they now claim it as theirs and the army is camped against the stonework, there is still the matter of getting past more than the first layer. Another matter which arises after the yurts have been staked is that at night their is the sound of chanting voices and the smell of bonfires on the other side of the thing.
The mastering of beasts is, for the most part, a relatively simple thing. It is the forming of spiritual bonds from the man to the animal that the latter's heart and will is subservient to the former. But it is not mere subjugation, like the land to the farmer's plough, but a marriage of sorts where the man is the head of his wife. Just like some marriages however, the will of the lesser is stronger than the will of the greater, and all sorts of problems arise. [You're trying to do two actions at once, formulating the magic and using it on the bears in the same action. Try the second half again next turn.]

The newcomers make the expansion of the nation much easier than it would have been otherwise, as though most join the growing capital, others eagerly venture into the woods and marshlands in search of a place to call their own.
Perhaps it is the spirits that dwelt in the temple up north, perhaps it is the sheer brilliance of the Dirkin hunters, perhaps it is both, in either case the new bows that countless trials have perfected are soon proliferated through the ranks. The limbs of these bow curve away from the archer, allowing for a greater delivery of force from the same amount of draw. Those deer won't know what hit 'em.
The army returns with news both good and bad, but thankfully all alive.
The young king knows it is only a matter of time until he is challenged, indeed it is only through his own cunning that he has not yet faced his kin in a duel. He understands that when it comes time that he is challenged he will need any edge over his foe he may find. In his nightly practice with the blade, he begins to wonder not only on the heft, on the flow, on the balance of the weapon, but also on what it is made of; Copper. It is superior to any metal yet discovered, able to keep an edge longer than stone, and with a much less noticeable whittling effect than it when sharpened. Still, it is a rather base metal, used for innumerable purposes throughout the kingdom. But it is this baseness that reveals something to Dak-yo, a fundamental principle in sword magics. Copper itself has no magical properties, but it is through copper that the properties of other materials may be expressed, once properly attuned to the wielder of course.
Lumber is needed in order to haul the stones across land or water, and with it flesh to feed those who labour in this effort. As Dak-yo commands, it is so.
The army, or rather what is left of it, straggle back to Prospith full of grief. Dak-yo's word however proves enough to bring them, in royal eyes perhaps, to heel, and also to heal. It will take a tyrn yet to muster additional forces and patch the wounds of those who remain, but his majesty will sally forth and show up his cousins with royal might against the beasts. Although word filtering in from their northern friends suggest they may be another option.

Her imperial and divine majesty's will is just as much law as her husband's, and if she says that the removal of a living peasant's entrails is verboten then the Marai are going to have to console themselves with the removal of only recently living ones, and having to pay for them too! It's not just an outrage, it's stymieing the very fundamentals of biomancy in its infancy! Though who is going to notice a huntsman or quarry worker going missing now and then, they're dangerous professions after all. Another drive the empress demands is the push north around the grand oasis into the plains in search of the horses she remembers fondly from her youth, mortal & divine.
Havasad works with the endurance only a god may give, forging for the throne an armoury of relics which contain within them the power and symbols of monarchy. As he works on these incredible creations, lesser smiths work on outfitting the army with polearms of copper at a rate nearly as impressive as their godly overseer.
>EC cont.
The emperor is dead. His divine soul has left the earthly vessel to rejoin the heavenly council having completed his grand works in this mortal realm. As is tradition, chief amongst those who venture into the Empyrean, that holy labyrinth of unearthly darkness, are his many children by Meris, who in some way may be happy she will no longer be constantly heavy with child despite her grief. But it is not one of his children that inherit the throne of Calandorra, but a cousin to his wife (at least in the godly sense), and of no blood relation to the mortal Havasad; Ariaios, Mistress of Profane Love, chosen from a temple prostitute of quite some renown. She is in fact one of those who goaded on the "heavenly dramas" of yestertyrn. She emerges from the darkness, breasts exposed, face flushed and hair tussled, as if pleasantly ravaged by it. The horror on the mourners faces as she steps into the light only strengthens her lustful resolve.

More stabs! Morer betterer stabs with copper shivs just as they had asked for! The Letterchewers get to live another tyrn! Overjoyed with their new weaponry the Chitterers get busy making new potential victims.

Markalinaroki, how magnificent it is the Mareev think. Not the temple building, though it is indeed impressive, no that's just stone, what is most magnificent is the priesthood's grasping of control over the entire supply of beer for all Yavmat. Of course there are some home-brewers, brewing for consumption alone as mandated in the Icemind's Third Temple Edict (the first being her assumption of the throne, the second being the agreed continuance to a number of existing priestly customs), on penalty of public floggings. So much is produced at a consistent quality, that four additional festivals where it is given away before it spoils have to be announced. This edict was only agreed however after tense meetings between Ra'Prisha and the Mareevani that a balance of power between the two chiefs is necessary for the nation to thrive. The Icemind gives her full-throated approval to decree, and the priests raise no objections to the raising of her own personal army the Yavapori, along with providing a number of jars of the finest beer they brew each tyrn for their upkeep. It is an uneasy alliance, but one which may yet strengthen each party and Yavmat as a whole.
The army of Abraam is crushed beneath the hooves & boots of the Irreechi, slitting their own heretical throats rather than face the truth of the Order. Next they march on Edion, and though they are mighty, the force of the Abraamites' curses stymie the advance this tyrn. No matter, the might of the Order shall prevail in the next tyrn.
Lessons from the failure against the heretics across the border cannot go unlearned. Reading over battle reports, listening to eyewitness accounts, it is clear that the will and resolve of the Order was somehow broken by those sharp-toothed savages. It is simply a matter of morale, a mere nocebic effect from the fury ranted down upon them from every tower of Edion, it can in no way be the power of curses from heathen mouths. To this end, tactics for the preservation of spirit is worked into the Irreechi, both at abroad on campaign, and hereafter in the minds of all who are governed by the Pactbroker.
The Cabal is spoken of in hushed whispers, even by those in the corridors of power, perhaps in fear that acknowledgement of them openly would grant them power. These facestealers and beauty-peddlers are dangerous, not only to the souls of those they ensnare, but to the very foundations of the state itself. So it is that when one of their number defects from the shadows into the light of the Order, they are treated with a strange awed detachment. Those among them who were merely led astray through lack of conviction are conscripted as frontlinesmen, but those who possess that spark of un-divinity are brought into an even more secretive organisation that the Cabal; The Tayib. These sorcerers, legally, do not exist, they are given new names, and for some of them, quite literally new faces either by their own works or by the hands & fearsome tools of Inquisitors.

With Odithis so near, the meagreness of their holdings reflects a little poorly on his flock, so with his eye upon them they spread their grip wider. At the greatest western extent of their land are found greatly armoured beasts with a sharp horn protruding from their noses!
For more generations than can be counted, the Odithians have relied on hunting and gathering what the world offers them to survive, but having now been settled at the foot of Kiri, throne of the All-Father, new notions begin to ferment. The hunters do not always return with kills on their shoulders, the fishers do not always sail back with full nets, but the gatherers vast knowledge always keeps the worst of the hunger pangs at bay. They have even started to propagate some of the less reliable sources that there is greater success. This has continued for some time now, and a small farmstead of grain supplies a number of loaves of bread to the surrounding homes.
The Potentate always plans three steps ahead, lest he be caught on the back foot. Already tunnels through the mountains are in planning stages, for which is needed timber beams and rations. His plans do not stop here though, for also necessary are defences against whatever the may be out there. Both the Gate and the arrival of sailing strangers has shown there is more than Lauded Nemosa left of the world that was.

The small port town of Fumatri is established on the newly claimed island, but being so far from the rest of the civilised world they are already struggling to feed themselves. Supplies are desperately needed and even to deliver them deals will need to be made with the nearby nation of Nemosa for use of their docks in conducting the long journeys back and forth. At least until essentials can be provided locally. Token efforts are made to remedy the situation with the building of proper docks, but muddled orders see the construction of a farm for Curio instead. [You haven't missed a turn, so it's only the two actions you've got]
The many navies of Ocena continue their journeys in all directions: [>AU] The first follows the coast south into the waters of Uru-Anu, another scholarly order of some note it appears. The second returns north, towards not only the new lands, but hoping this time to make it farther into the chilling waters. The third and final heads north-west, helped by the East Wind, beginning to crest the great unknown shores of the Lauds.

Tarn has been cut off from the south by the expansions of the fearful Ahmosi and so to the north new nobles must seek their fortunes. One potential dynasty may yet be built on the discovery of a limited quantity of what at first appears to be ordinary salt, but when tasted is as sweet as honey. [Bonus resource, one mine may be built of this salt]. [More buildings needed before further expansion]
Sled after sled of blue-grey stones are hauled across the expanse to the great wall, or rather the great construction site. Even after all the effort the Tarnsmen have expended, the project stretches for many miles and by tyrn's end they have completed little more than the base course of the wall.

The Seawights hoard the lumber they cut for use in their precious fleet, selfishly leaving little for use by the rest of Wight kind. To remedy this the Vardyger himself orders new woodcutters northwards, and with them miners to extract the glittering ore which the thralls say can be worked into the baubles their fathers once wore. [You can action the reconstruction of the damaged icons by the way, if you were under the impression you couldn't]
>VT cont.
Set adrift on only the whims of the astral realm is, while a welcome relief from the stresses of being Hofthing, reveals to the Vardyger only what those whims wish him to see. It is only the ravens and the gulls that can move about as they feel on these winds, and with the Seawights causing him headaches with their ever-growing greed & self-importance, it is only fitting he choose the black bird over the white. The shamans listen to his query while they prepare him a draught which will allow him to make a deal with the carrion birds. It is a bitter drink, earthy and acrid, burning the throat as it goes down, but almost as soon as it hits his stomach the Vardyger finds himself no longer opposite the shaman who handed him the cup, but a raven the size of a man whose black eyes pierce into him. He feels the burning, searing pain in his shoulder blades as the skin splits, his aetherial wings unfurling, a deal made without words. As promised food offerings are given, including his own stillborn son, upon stones in Deiya's Braids.

The Naasjeholder has never seen a motion passed so quickly, perhaps the assembly has some sense after all. The necessities for a second fleet to be built in Klinkested; a community who have since demanded that their spelling of their town take precedence over the Glinster spelling; are pushed through the parliament, including the vital docks and lumber alongside the naval promotions of notable merchant families second sons to prominent positions. That generous gifts have changed hands between said families and his excellency is merely par for the course of being first among equals.
Though their captain is worried for supplies, there is enough knowledge held by the general sailor of what may be foraged, especially as the land of the peninsula is very much like that of home, if not quite as damp.

First born are sent to the army, second sons are sent to the fields, and those lucky enough to have three sons survive infancy see promise in a potential future on the seas.
[>AE] Though tensions seemingly rise every day, there still develops trade under the sun-shades propped alongside the Karnite fortifications. For the fresh meat & dried fish, and the rare treat of oranges from the northern race, and from the southern one the even rarer treat of cacao from soldiers' rations and copper trinkets crafted by their families back in Amun. Perhaps there is, if not friendships, then at least an understanding forming.


Remember to move your navies each turn to continue exploring.
> Build a hunting grounds over the temple to the north
> Research Domestication (Yaks)
> Build a Yak Ranch in the boreal woods
> Expand the Market with Workshops (Misc Icon)
> Army: Explores to the west, along the forest's edge

The leaders of the tribe speak long into the night on the matter of the tribe to the east. The first Oak, new to the position, immediately advocates for raising more warriors and marching on the tribe. The elder simply laughs in response and asks why.

The Oak grudgingly admits that the tribe, while irksome, is of little consequence for now. Plans for a larger and fiercer army is tabled. They talk briefly on the new workshops springing up around the marketplace, jewelers, potters and even an elder carving wooden figures before discussion turns to curious events at the new hunting grounds to the north.

One of the hunters had landed a remarkable shot, crippling one of the wooly beasts that had wandered down from the mountains. Instead of moving in for the kill the hunter had, perhaps on the goading of his fellows, leapt onto the creature's back and managed to force it into grudging acceptance before riding it back to the hunting lodge.

The beast is contrary, angry, and rarely listens unless beaten and threatened by spear, but the oaks of the lodge have become oddly fond of it, and already there is talk of procuring it a mate. The hunters think little of it past an amusing pastime, but the tribal leaders see potential and land is set aside for many of these beasts, and labor to control them.
> I will fluff out exactly after war
> Action 1: Declare war on the Goldmen
Their hostile actions can't be ignored foreverforever
> Action 2: 3rd Army - further militarization can't be underestimated
File: 1679583266161130.png (28 KB, 513x491)
28 KB

Action 1/2. Build a large hazelnut farm in north city forest tile, build woodcutter, hunting ground, and market in large forest tile next to city. As potentate Koson gets to enjoy more exotic foods of the realm. Past the mountains the nuts of a new tree they found were discovered to be delicious. Becoming quite partial to them he has parts of the northern city forest cut down to be replaced by these hazel saplings. In the future enough shall be produced to feed all who reside on the sodden by itself! The center of the forest has been naturally developing over time. With the army mustering all those from the edge of the principality have congregated. Incidentally establishing it as a place of trade even as they left. More wood is cut and game hunted to be sold at this trading nexus next to the capital.

Navy: Mouth south. With the ahmosians desiring isolation Vorinth had the navy stick around a bit longer than normal as that left him to figure out the nature of the Parhuami as they are an obviously different people than their overlords. With their piscine nature their interest in the sea could mark them as potential rivals later on while also benefitting from distant mainland overlords who would still protect them from retaliation. Having figured out what they could he has the navy move south. Saving the known north civilization for later.

Army: Explore Island. Koson orders the newly mustered army on an expedition. Surveying the terrain and seeing if there are any lingering rivals on the island. Fortunately the new market makes provisioning for this task a simple affair.
Lore: Guards at the mountain gate fort were on edge when the doors opened. Even the familiar faces of lost expedition did not put them at ease for it was unknown if they were changed by the will of onos. Eventually tensions settled as they told their story how there were other gates seemingly dedicated towards other gods and how they relied upon the generosity of primitive tribes to give the key only they knew about. One of them, the Dirkin, apparently had their own version of the pantheon. Much of it was distorted, but some truths could be gleamed from the exchange. The fires Havoc known as Havas to them came from when Nemos sundered itself. From what can be understood this can be seen as the mindless remnants of Nemos. As all the parts that loved Aiun were sundered from the great flame it sought to kill her. Dispate fought against the flames leaving him distracted. Triton absconded with Aiun at this time so she would not be harmed and to claim her for himself, but alone Dispate could not hold back the flame so some had reached her. Tritan cowardly avoided the flames not wishing to be burned and to preserve his power. Aiun took the flames and was able to cleverly seal it inside of herself. The weakened Dispate was unable to contest Triton so he was forced to take a distant role, but the flames ultimately proved to be Triton's downfall and Dispate's redemption as the children Aiun bore from Triton were corrupted by the flame's malevolence as he and his descendants did not possess the resilience necessary to counter its influence. Eventually this weakened the generations enough that Dispate who had been recovering was strong enough to reclaim his wife and through the purification of the flames his descendants were virtuous.

There have also been references to the different aspects of the great flame. While they name these aspects gods in their own right. It does give context to certain things like the land of the dead being its "shadow". Perhaps the sea gods are trapped in this shadow and cannot escape due to the flame's lingering power? Debate, prayer, and meditation will be necessary to see how all this connects and if a new family can be established to directly access this great flame with the godwine.

Concerningly the dirkin appear to be the once slaves of the Nemosan empire before the fall. They make references to a god named Delspah who they know as the starfather to be their enslaver. As Dispate is the father of the constellations it can be presumed they make reference to the same being. Much of their religion and culture is built upon this so despite the peaceful meeting they may be taken by revanistic fervor later on. Hopefully through Ahgrin and some of the other's influence they can preserve that peace so we do not need to potentially deal with another rival. Although their jealous heresy in pinning Triton's failings on the honorable skyfather due to past trauma is something in need of correction.

The God Emperor is dead, Long Live The God Empress. His cause of death unknown, some whispered that he was consumed by the very fires of his own forge. Some claim assassinated, and while none provide any evidence of this the Lanthorn do lock away the Silver Spear said to be capable of such a feat deep where none shall find it. Just in case, that is. What is known is that none save a select few were permitted to see the body, priests moving in quickly to quell panic and begin arranging his funeral.

Havasad will be remembered as perhaps one of the finest Emperors in history, from his anvil was forged the revival of the entire nation. All feel is loss, but none feel it harder than his beloved wife, whose youngest children each were taken and lost in the depths of the Empyrean Labyrinth, for not even one of them to succeed.
Instead the succession is made chaos, an outsider allowed to join the trials of the labyrinth having proved her royal bloodline true, and succeeded. Empress Ariaios the Second takes absolute power over Calandorra, shattering decency and moral guidelines. Her mind is a turbulent hazy slew of repressed mortal dreams and overpowering divine urges, which burst outwards with little delay. The parliament tower becomes almost immediately a den of sin, reeking of sex and terror. A week passes and the new Empress at last tires of her many many partners, turning to pervert the country at large to take her mind off of the horrors of the Labyrinth.

Modesty goes out of fashion across the country, both in terms of attire and behaviour, the royal court given a non-choice between playing along with the Empresses games or being made to play, and only one of those is any fun. Ariaios goes about in varying states of dress throughout her days, shifting between barely and not at all covered as her mood rapidly shifts between merely suggestive to completely sadistic. She tasks numbers of her loyal devotees to spread the fun beyond her tower and throughout all Calandorra, giving them unfettered access to the national treasury as she gets distracted after finding herself Havasad’s old bident, that noble and regal instrument of rulership used all too often as part of one of her lewd performances. The Cult of Aios can only watch on in horror as the sacred bonds of marriage are frequently defiled by their rival goddess and move to avoid her wrathful eye.

Action 1: Biomancy: Homunculi

Ariaios finds of her many playthings, none are more fun than the surviving members of the royal family, the empress and her children. The dour-faced Tower Guard were dismissed early on in her reign for their professionalism, replaced by her brothers’ followers, The Cult of Mawsos. Savage faced men with rugged forms who are far less likely to assassinate her. Making her perverse way through the male members of the family, her distant relatives, she chances upon an opportunity to stomp on the old Empress’s edict. Overnight the restrictions on Biomancy are legislated away and a grand new course ordered for the practice.

In old nights the Homunculi once served crucial roles on the battlefield, and to a lesser extent in bed. The Empress demands these constructs of flesh with the faces of man, artificial humans created through perverse visceral sciences that challenge the gods themselves. They made man of clay, but the Samya made men out of bone and gore, and they are stronger for it.

Action 2: Biomantic Academy "Enkiranut", specialised in Homunculi.

Constructed as a school intended to take the brightest graduates of Aiyatsyyuth, Enkiranut is devoted to the development of Homunculi and their related Biomantic sciences. Where in the prior school they might have gotten a solid grasp of the fundamentals, Enkiranut deals almost exclusively with the practical and theoretical realities of reinventing this lost art. Though glad for the lifting of restrictions on their work and for funding for their craft even the Samya admit some annoyance at the frequent pestering and attempts to pervert their gory science, the priestesses of Ariaios found sometimes roaming the halls without permission exacerbating their irritation. Still, she's better than the last Empress.

Action 2.5: Exploit the Datura resource.

Deadly poison, maddening hallucinogen, potent aphrodisiac and spiritual entheogen, in the proper dosage, if given the proper treatment, Datura is each and every one of these. Of course, Empress Ariaios II has no interest in any use save the third, a potent intoxication to quash the thinking mind and replace it with basest instinct. Her surprisingly competent first tyrn of administration finds time for independent datura plantations to spring up and once again grant Calandorra the moniker of The Floret Cities as the largest and most gorgeous flowers find themselves displayed in high places.
>Lost Sons of Karn

Karn Jordal dies in his sleep, whether to consumption, or perhaps the dreaded Viper of sentimentality, lost in the mourning of the death of his eldest brother - the High Priest. The ensuing power struggle is quick, and bloody, as most selections of new Karns are. The priests and learned shamans close the doors to the temple and as always state to the Karn claimers gathered outside after the funeral procession ."There can only be one." And with their announcement, the day long brutality of those that seek to prove their might and take the Divine title of Karn as their own begins.

Taking the corpses of the two brothers deep within to be laid to rest with the rest of the honored dead. May Hele - the tender daughter of Volgmawos - with her pale hands and weeping tears of blood; watch over them, care for them, and guide their souls to the after life. While the able bodied and glory seeking warriors engage in their challenges, duels, and assassinations, the priests stand vigil and sing the ancient rites and prayers, long set in stone by the first Karn.
The bodies are first drained of blood, to be offered back to the Blood Emperor Trapped in the Stone - The First Karn. The crimson glow of his monolith pulses. Runes are carved across the body, detailing the men's deeds in life. Organs are removed and burned, and within the body is placed a single blade, an orange, and precious salt gathered from the sea. For the High Priest an addition is made, the corpse of a two headed serpent; a familiar of Yigg to mark his creation of the Trial. The bodies are furthermore salted, painted with ash, and wrapped in cloth. Stone brick sarcophagi are measured and laid in the dark bowels of the Temple of Karn, and the great men's names carved on the face.

When the priests are done with their work, the challenge rite is finished, and the bloodstained form of the remain claimant stands outside the temple holding the head of a beheaded enemy as an offering.

Hroth, son of Karn, was a leading blacksmith yesterday, he had been on scouting ranges before, but never quite one of the outer Raiders. Yet today he stands unbroken, unbowed, and yet to pass the final test.

The new High Priest stands tall, unflinching, and stern.

"Who are you to claim to be Karn?"

"I AM KARN HROTH, SON OF KARN! I HAVE KILLED ALL THOSE WHO HAVE STOOD IN MY PATH TO GLORY!" Belows the once-smith. The wind whips the scent of citrus past the temple.

"Who is your father, so called Karn Hroth?"


The High Priest nods, takes a deep breath, and belows the final riddle.

"What is best in life, so called Karn Hroth, son of Karn, Blood of the Blood God, Son of Slaughter?!"

File: Chamber.png (72 KB, 500x281)
72 KB
The temple doors swing open slowly, agonizing so as he speaks. The High Priest nods once more.

"Come so called Karn Hroth, God of Man in Flesh, prove you are worthy to the King of Kings. The first Karn, the Blood Emperor Trapped in the Stone."

The procession of Hroth and the priests descends into the ritual chamber, deep into the temple, until the stand before the Monolith. The warrior slices his palm and approaches.


He touches his hand to the stone, and all is quiet. A cool wind is felt, and an oppressive weight makes it hard to breath. The candles are blown out in the darkened chamber, though not a single man has moved. His blood flows onto the Stone, greedily drunken by the being within. Hroth does not move at first, but then his head snaps back in a rictus of pain; as scarlet light rips down his arm, suffusing his body, and pouring out his eyes and mouth.



In an instant, the spectacle ceases, and the glow returns to the Monolith.

The no longer blacksmith collapses in to the floor on all fours, shuddering and gasping for air. The priests rush to his aid, bowing low.

"Arise Karn Hroth, and lead us to glory." Whispers the High Priest Takk.


Expand west, hugging the lake, from across which we can see the meager ships of the Shalatim.

>Action 2
The southern region is prospected for ores that may prove vital for our warriors to deal death, and to protect themselves.
Posted on behalf of the Yav

Half Action: Build a quarry

Action 1: The Voraiks, hoping to gain greater independance from Yarvik, scour the land for resources of mineable nature.

Action 2: As Ra'Prisha grows older she turns her attention to ensuring the Mareev's power does not grow out of bounds, by ensuring the Iceminds power is forever immortalized. She has ordered the construction of a great warrior temple, dedicated to Yavitov, that only the Icemind, those who come after her, and the Yavapori may enter. There they may train, give prayer, and have ceremony to Yavitov, the almighty lord of fire. By training, sleeping, and praying under his watchful eye, she hopes his flaming favor may be imparted upon the worthy and leave the people in awe. To show this the most important aspect of the temple is a huge statue that any can see, a rendering of Yavitov with his arms spread and fire falling from them. This, she is sure, will remind the people of the absolute sovereignty their leaders are meant to hold. Thusly she names the temple Aiyavakeen, or the "Shelter of Yavitov"
File: NickGur.png (592 KB, 1712x1816)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
>>5612246 Post Rework
War was brewing at the horizon both the Tarnish and Ahmosians continuing military build up at the border and within their nations. Surprisingly the Tarnish turned out to be the ones to reach out a hand in peace first, a delegation of both nations traveled to the lands of the Ocenians (men with 100 tongues) where after some barter between them and the Tarnish they acted as translators.
One of the ladies under the Harem King lead the negotiations, to great sucess. She is bound to be blessed with many more strong blooded sons. With the negotiations peace was achieved under these codnitions:
> if Tarnish wanna trade through Ahmose coastal waters they pay. The boundaries for coastal water are defined as pictured above.
> Ahmose pull my armies from the north
> wall is to be remodeled into monument for friendship between the nation and to stop both sides from invading each other not in one direction
> no wars for land and waters between the two nations
Furthermore a peacedeal was struck which would result in the construction of a trade route between the now friendly two nations. Where tin and gold would be exchanged. A booming market is sure to arise in the north where eunuchs and tarnsmen exchange other goods as well.
Along with the discussion the groundwork was laid for the Thukher system, where other nations pay a tithe (1 resource) to use Ahmose teritorial waters and ports. To keep pirates and raiders out foreign nations wishing to trade through are expected to once every 5 days be given a ‘warranty flag’ a red flag with a white symbol on it which changes every few days. It is handed by the Ahmosians to said nation who then distribute it to their vessels. This is to authenticate the vessels.
With this the fort in the north of Ahmoe is to be incorporated into the Friendship wall along with the Ahmose fortifications.
> Action 1: Build a Navy
With the naval and land borders settled the Ahmose do not worry about the last bit of unclaimed land which rightfully belongs to them in the north and shall settle it once the summer sun rises. As things stand now the fishmen get to work using ironstem canegrass and their naval expertise to construct the best boats they can. Decorated with copper and gold on the gray ironstemcanegreass hull they shall brave the seas and secure the nation from raids as well as explore what lies beyond the Sapphire dune.
> Action 2: Tin Mine and Continue colisseum work
To meet our trade goals with the Goldemen of the north we shall construct a Tin mine. They may have the pretty looking new white metal while we shall get beautiful gold which will be put to use right away decorating the Arena.


(Captcha: VNKKK)
Ahmosians decide on a unique craftsmanship technique. Whenever one of the stone arches of the eye of the desert cracks, or any of the walls or bricks of the colosseum crack the cracks shall be fixed with Gold, making them the more beautiful rather than replacing anything. For as the coliseum shall eternally grow in beauty with use and tear so does the human body grow with use.
> Army movement
I army is stationed around the center of Ahmose lands the other goes as far south as it can.
"A true Avor never stays a true blade, Never says touché, but would forever lay in blue rays of weathered glades to demonstrate his never ending dedication to the Khanate."

The Khan is dead, Long live the new Khan. Ridom of the Red Waters. in the time since his fathers death he has proven himself to be more than his fathers son, a dedicated statesman, and a strong Khan, a minor internal schism leaving only his foes exposed and dying. Now Ridom's Reign has truly begun, having reached the wall as his father had envisioned, a full continent awaits them on the other side.. but still on this side of the world.. was there still not more to do? or did the gods see it fit to simply leave the Avor and Khlomosans to their own corner.. perhaps a test from those above? None the less, a more pressing matter lay at hand. the direction of the Khanate, growing rapidly.. a new city needed to be founded and soon.. and a way through the walls.. but what's more, the Khlomosans, Staunch allies lay just beyond the river, a request and an offer made.. perhaps it will be taken.. none the less, a path is clear now. and a Fathers dream must always be fufilled.

Action 1: Ursus Imperii (Bear Taming not sure if this is Research? or simply making a Hunting ground or a Heard/Pack for the bears)

Bears are not Uncommon to these lands, Large beasts with fearsome traits. though not the fastest their ferocity alone counts for 5 Avor warriors... Now mount a Armored Lancer or a axeman atop a beast.. and the very steppe shivers with just what the possibilities are.

Action 2: Tunneling Research (If thats not possible than 2x Copper mines)

One cannot go through.. and one cannot go over, so we must go under, using braces and careful measurements, we dig from the outer walls into the large inner wall.. allowing for the first preliminary explorations (i think this could be a thing on the discord)


Copper mines would be needed, it is the blood source of the Khanate.. that and bones.
>Global Apology H/A: Glinsterjested Market
With shipping lanes now connecting three Waddanian ports, a marketplace grows up in Glinsterjested between the port and temple districts so that wares of the nation may be bartered, traded or exchanged for gold and copper coins.

>Action 1: Sons of Mawloth
>Training for Soldiers
The first Waddanian army was raised during the years of crisis in the age of Enouth's misrule - first as a scratch militia force,then onward as a standing unit - but it has remained with us in the same shape as it was then. Yet to justify a standing army, the skills that the men possess must be greater then those of the citizenry from whom they are drawn. There are quick ways that we could try to fix this... but we want good ways, not quick ones. As such, we begin phasing in a new training program for our standing forces - all current soldiers are to be assessed; and will meet the grade of performance within a tyrn's timeframe or they will muster out. There will be new standards of obedience and physical fitness that a soldier will not only have to meet after training but continue to meet though their service, new grades of tactical knowledge and rapid clarity of instruction we will expect the officers to be able to convey. But as compensation for this increased demand in terms of time and exertion, a greater wage will be paid to the soldiers then before the reforms; and every soldier who passes through training will have their image carved into an Alabaster miniature, so that the people, parliament and Naasjeholder might know the name and face of every brave man willing to fight and prepared to die for Waddania as their living.

>Action 2: National Development
>Farm(Orchard) and Copper Mine
Along the river glinster we will establish a new orchards between the bounds of tiles, to keep us supplied with fruits and the swine that feed on them. And on the grasslands of Sudglinster we dig a new mine, so that our stores might be filled with copper abundance and the price might become more competitive.

>Navy 1: With the Peninsula scouted - and effectively, found to be empty - the Navy turns about and returns their course to Stanbyld to report and resupply.

>Navy 2: The second fleet turns westward, and slightly northerly. The mission: To expand our knowledge of the northern landmass' coast, to report on the true nature of the violent-observed inhabitants, and to assess what degree of threat (if any) they present to us.

>Army: Redeploy to Stanbyld
The plains of Stanbyld isle are rocky and hard, unsuited for deep agriculture - but well-suited to marching drill. As such, we will redeploy our standing army to Stanbyld to go on exercises and conduct practice and training.
File: NRP6 Turn 8.png (13 KB, 271x343)
13 KB
The Vardyger visits one of the tribal chiefs, again he is early, but where before he was eager to tease the chief about being several steps behind him while telling him things he's yet to be told, the Vardyger now just glares at the chief while telling him what plans he should stop and where to direct his efforts. He still knows things he hasn't been told yet, but he now emphasises dangers that are to come, storms that are brewing. The Vardyger is getting on in years and his mood has darkened, making him more grim than the Grims.

>Action 1: Next step of the Trellkriger program, the second generation and their grizzly duty (have them kill Wight criminals).
By now the Trellkrigers have multiplied themselves, into hundreds rather than dozens, and the resistant ones would have submitted so they too can get a woman to lay with. With the increase of numbers they also consume a lot more, both in food and in women. Even the halfbreeds are significantly larger than even the largest Wight, though a lot of this is due to their regime of feasting and training, though a fair few have gotten lasting injury from how fierce they are at each other, and even the halfbreed women have a fair few bruises. So now that these warbreeds have more aggression than they know what to do with, we shall provide an outlet to them. First they are presented a number of Wights, unarmed and frightened, before the Trellkrigers are told these Wights are murderers, rapists and oathbreakers, that they deserve the most grizzly death they can imagine. When the Trellkrigers are done ripping the Wights to pieces, a number of them are sent on missions, to track down escapees and exiles to kill. They are sent with minders though, and the Trellkrigers are to wear fully covering clothes so the people of Vettirgard don't see what these giant warriors truly are, and they are also not given the proper Wight language, so they cannot have conversations with the Wights without a minder to translate.

>Action 2: First Voyage of the Sverre Geirrmann fleet. Venture south, to warmer waters.
The Seawights have been gathering supplies for a while, especially good pottery for containing drinking water, since they are preparing for the first voyage. Prayers are given to Seilund and Maver for gentle seas before the Sverre Geirrmann fleet makes their grand departure. They have noticed that fish grow more abundant the further south they go, though they are unable to properly fish when in open waters, they are sure to find plenty of shores to fish from. Besides, if they can find somewhere the Landwights can't get to, they will be able to make a land of Seawights, no longer having to entertain the Landwights and their heresy.
>For my half action, please add a mine if we discover a resource, if we find nothing, an additional farm next to our southern hunting grounds.
Put the bonus building into finishing the Colosseum

>Action 1 - One Silver Mine (Either region), One Lumbermill, One Copper Mine.
Dak-yo's bladework is unparalleled in the kingdom (or so he claims). To test it, he has ventured into the wilderness with Khanate followers, subduing monstrous beasts as his forefathers once did. Still, ever the Artist, his mastery is never enough. He urges the opening of a new mine to plumb the recently discovered riches, eager to test the metals mettle with his new techniques.
The men who will cart such ores from the ground will need homes, carts and tools, and so more wood and copper must be gathered to support them.

>Action 2 - Create Navy
As the limestone quarry to the south churns out more and more slabs, bigger and bigger boats have been needed to cart it around.
However, more bloodthirsty minds still recall the tales told by wizened elders, of great boats seen out to sea when the giant tribes were subdued. Why should the Khlomosans be landlocked? Let us take to the waters, and see what riches the world has to offer us at the point of a sword!

Madar Sahama beheld a statue of her youngest son, the Hero. He had saved a village from raiders, Dak-yo's cousins looking to take men, women and food in their efforts to undermine their King. The Hero had cunningly waited until half the peasants were slaughtered, before cutting the raiders down. Amidst the battlefield, he had bid the survivors give him gifts of fruit and wine, and they had erected a statue of mud and rocks and sticks in his honor.
Madar Sahama saw it as a hideous thing, but she knew her son, and how he had sat beneath it supping on his delights as he wooed the widows of the village. He loved the statue, more than he loved anything, she was certain.
She could strike it down without even drawing her blade, but she was a terrible mother, and so she did not. She had fish to catch, and foul spirits to ferment and drink.
>half action building: breadfruit farm
>raise two armies armed with copper
>raise two armies armed with stone
The amount of population within the city walls is rising beyond the Letterchewers’ capability to handle.
As more and more raucous laughters and hisses fill the halls, it becomes quite clear that the rulers are in over their heads with this- they cannot last for long. The Gathering cannot last for long, unless someone can channel these brutes’ endless thirst for more into something more productive

And so it is that more and more divisions are born, armed with shoddy weapons, barely flint knives, but it is a prelude to salvation:
Finally, the raiders will be sated
>redacted: spend 2 actions on raising copper armies
1. New resources to exploit and lands to settle, though talks with the natives go slow they will be given time to accept or be forced to accept. In that time a salt mine and a gold mine will be set up to start exploiting the found resources and another farm built among the fertile lands to fuel the growing nation. (Build Gold Mine, Salt Mine, and Free Farm from Global)
2. More wood will be needed in the future and the natural boons of the jungle seem endless. Send more families to set up villages within the jungle and expand our dominion through it.
>Half Action: Construct a second farm
>Action 1: Raise an Army
>Action 2: Prospect home region
weekend was busier than i thought, nearly forgot so you get a quickie this week, I'll make up for it on friday.
> Lore - Hymn of the Devotee
O, how my skin is riddled and marred,
A leper, a sinner, forever scarred,
But in my heart, I am pure and true,
A pious soul, with faith anew.
For though my body may be ravaged by sin,
My soul is pure, free from within.
So let the world mock and sneer,
For with my gods, I have no fear,
My pain and suffering, I offer with glee,
And in their name, I gladly bleed.
- Haydar the Poet

>Action 1 & Extra Half Action - Construction
The Waddians have come with tales of injustice across the shores - of cowering, mindless victims raided and held at spearpoint during civil discussion. Of course the possibility of some misunderstanding exists, but the mere possibility of such cruelty is enough to mobilize the work force of The Order to action. The forge must be developed to create deadly bronze weapons of fine points and sound structure. Next, a port must be created such that the these injustices may be pursued where they originate. Finally, to facilitate unity between Esavine and Edion, a stone road is to be constructed between the two cities.

>Action 2 - Expansion - Savanna
Although there is no greater bounty that new souls to share the Truth with, land that is already inhabited is hardly of any use to hopeful pioneers. Assisted by the swiftness of their ponies dutiful trot, settlers journey into the Savanna.

> 1st action: Movement.
Move the iron commet from its current location to a safer location near the city.

> 2nd action: Research
Find the process of making glass
Taking the mysterious rock found around the commet several scholars would read Nabuhat's report and experiment with the rocks, unlike the similar rocks there where found on the surface with no visible vein.

> 3rd half action: Build a forge
Posted on behalf of the Oc. Again.

1)Build navy
2) Build farm at new city
Also build port

They keep doing what they doing heading to islands. The one in the south continues west along the shore.

((Exploration's free apparently, so 2nd action is invalid.))

>Action 2 Redo: Develop Sea Shanty.
As the Sverre Geirrmann fleet are on their voyage, they are out rowing even after dark, as they hop from coast to coast and sometimes have to spend the night out in open waters. As the Seawights brought little illumination out there, they are blind in the darkness, and the waters are too noisy for any one person to shout instructions. However, in unison their voices will easily be able to break through the crash of waves. But how do you get everyone to shout at the same time? Rhythm. The Seawights develop a number of songs which the entire crew of a hornboat sing, loud enough to be heard and repeated by other boats. This song then guides the other boats even in fog and darkness, and even lets boats relay warnings to the rest of the fleet. When they make port they share the shanties among themselves and they even make some contain guidance for aspiring Seawights back home.
The increasing pace of new ship construction brings forth a number of professional shipbuilders, who specialize in creating and maintaining the wide variety of watercraft that transit Harppa’s waters. They cluster on the cheaper land east of the River Tarn, opposite the main city.
>Shipyards opposite Harppa
>OOC: this can be a small port symbol, I’m not picky. Just separate from the big port. The reason is that this is going to be the seed for a new city on the savannah opposite Harppa.
>Free Action: Trade Route to Hamirad Remes

Action 2: Southern Wall Construction
Stone upon stone,

Free action: navy north

NM jannah the crusader
Oh shit forgot the forge. That too.

As Harppa grows larger, the increasing quantities and varieties of goods on sale outpace the capacities of the ordinary, informal trading system. A smaller marketplace adjacent to the port grows in area and importance until its sprawl rivals that of the port itself.
File: map8.png (1.03 MB, 2047x2151)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
1st Chains, 2nd PAC

[B] Tu Aket rumbles, throwing pumice and ash a great distance. There is panic, for the seers had not foretold of such a happening, but this subsides as the earth stills and no fire rains as it had in the cataclysm. Indeed, it was not a second fall, but a boon, for the waters which from within the mountains is full of rich silt which deposits over the whole river valley! More, sailors on the lake tell that a mouth has opened in the north allowing the stored lake to spill out into the dried earth no doubt to lower land or even the sea, granting safe passage to the rest of the world.
The empire grows, pushing farther into the jungles about the lakes. Soon a number of strange sightings thereabouts are reported. The first being the numerous noisy but curious monkeys all about, and the second being obviously exaggerated stories of men with ears(!) that hang to their waists thronging around the smaller lake in the region which stinks something wicked.
Having been surveyed, it is time to bring that wealth into the treasurehouses of Amun; Salt by the cartload, gold by the chest-full, and emmer wheat by the bushel.

Peace at last reigns, for the Tarnsmen have seen sense, and scrap their plans for the offensive wall across the north. It shall remain a boundary marker, a line neither nation shall ever cross. A symbol even of friendship perhaps. The deal worked by the 100-tongued men, the Oc as they call themselves, is agreeable to all parties, but to make sure the two other nations abide by Ahmosi stipulations, they too shall build a navy.
The turbaned-men seem most interested in the pale metal now being extracted, offering an entire mines worth of precious gold for it, which is as soon as it is traded worked into the very rock of the magnificent Colosseum constructed within the Eye of the Desert. It is called such for the truly colossal statue of the Pharakhan which is erected to stand taller than the towers and walls of the Tarn, a symbol of Ahmosi supreme taste, extreme wealth & incredible prowess in all things.
Also as agreed, the armies are moved south, the first to remain within the kingdom heartlands, the second to scout the south for what other headaches may present themselves. One potential future pain is a group of rather tall looking shepherds on the coast thereabouts who, no that cannot be right, who seem to have but a single eye in the centre of their broad foreheads.
File: Walls of Khosna.jpg (74 KB, 677x499)
74 KB
The King, as the mad-Dorrans had called it, is lashed with as many ropes as Uru-Anu can muster by as many conscripted men as can be spared from the fields and quarries, and hauled as far as they can drag it across the open plain, stopping shy of the shamir mine having to skirt the eastern river. Many of these men take home small chips of the comet and yellow glass pebbles as souvenirs given the paltry sum they were paid for the task. Following Nabuhat's intuition that great heat was required to form these see-through stones, the councillors agree to the construction of a small forge facility nearby the copper mines in the country, for use both as test grounds for the reproduction of this "glass" and for later use as a conventional forge for copper goods. Innumerable tests are conducted with sand painstakingly hauled from the desert with little initial success. Reeds are used to blow intense heat into the furnace, yellow sand dropped into stone crucibles, and found the resultant orange liquid poured onto the compacted earth floor. The results are not as beautiful as the natural glass, but proof that like substance can be created!

[>CK] It as if the Skyfather smiled on him personally, that the Khloes come to the Avor in their time of need and that such need should be not only ferocious beasts, but just the sort of beasts Ridom had set sights upon in his daily hunts: Bears. They shall be the great test of his and his shamans' skill of beastmastery. The king of the Khlomosans, Dak-yo, has claimed for himself the great alpha she-beast, but the rest are Ridom and his half-brothers playthings. So it is their will is great than the ursa, though alas Kuruk is felled, his memory shall live on forever when men see his body carried out upon the back of the kind of animal that slew him, led in a procession helmed by the Khan and Jangar who ride on the backs of their own bear-mounts, with Dak-yo and his men in tow dragging out their own kills. [Right now they're in Prospith, fluff-order them home next turn and you'll get a bear sanctuary icon]
The Walls of Khosna, as they were once called unbeknownst to the Avor, are simply too broad and well built to be travelled over or through so it is decided to burrow under them like moles. Once inside the fortifications the men may survey the towers and walkways for use as they see fit, some even suggest a settlement inside them, they are indeed long enough for it. The tunnelling requires a decent amount of forethought, to stop the great weight of stone above them tumbling down on their heads, to keep fresh air flowing, to deal with the stagnant water that was seen many tyrns ago just above them. The foundations are deeper than expected, causing redoubled efforts to break through to the inner walls, which eventually is achieved. Now inside, and with their tunnels branching off to grant access to the side of whatever the wall was protecting, the Khanate should have free, if muddy reign of them. [See attached]
>AV cont.
But they are not the only ones in these lands, for the strange choir they had heard are evidently the men and women dressed in white robes, crowns of greenery upon their white haired heads, and golden tools on their belts. They seem greatly impressed with the work they have achieved in tunnelling under the walls, and looks to be asking if they can travel through them to the Khanate side. Shortly after these Woodwose begin their gesturing and charades, yet more newcomers arrive, this time with spear and bow in hand.
With so much effort poured into these tasks, it is a wonder that long-planned works to open a second copper mine are achieved at all.
[Because you have expanded so far with nearly nothing built in the land so far, you will not be allowed to expand again until you have completed four full actions worth of building works]

Though native to the mountainous regions in the far, far north, to save their poor legs the Dirk have penned the wooly beast into a large wooded pasture in the north-east. Added to the pen is another that wanders too close to the new hunter's lodge in what remains of the old temple there. Soon a third, fourth, even fifth are corralled, though the last with a great deal of effort due to the rather large horns on his head he is all too happy to use. Rest in peace, Keros, you always were a pretty crappy hunter. With now having caged a breeding age male, it is not long before little calves are suckling. As the tyrns progress, more beasts who can be captured are brought east to be sheered, milked, and for the foolish, try to be ridden. These are among the most valued goods on the market, especially when wool is carded into fleec and milk soured into long-lasting yoghurt at the many new workshops springing up around the marketplace.
[>AV] The journey west is most uneventful, the forest conceals whatever dangers it holds, which suits the Dirkin most fine. The plains are broad and calm up to the mountains, with one of the men pointing out copper ore bearing rocks littered here & there. However then the soldiers stumble upon not one, but two shocking things; First, walls far taller than anything built by Dirkin hands, and second, men tunnelling up out of the dirt from under them.

The young king's ambition still grows and with it his desire to test his theories with new metals. To this end one of the many sources of silver in his lands is tapped, and with it an additional copper mine and lumberyard to provide for the workers therein.
With thoughts of bloodstained riches stolen from merchants with more gold than sense in their heads, the Khloes set forth constructing a fleet with which to achieve these dreams of ill-gotten gains. And looky, who should sail into their waters but just such baubled & bejewelled merchants.
All of Calandorra shudders, not only for the loss of their emperor, but for the gain of their empress. None are spared her mandates, no man, no woman, no child even, so deranged are her lusts. But the Labyrinth has chosen, they cannot go against the wishes of the gods, and it is clear that Empress Ariaios' passions cannot be that of a mortal woman. Many see it as a punishment, for what varies too widely to name, but the post popular is that the breaking of morals throughout Calandorra has wrought this upon them as a cruel joke. Still, there are those Dorrans who find the abolishment of public indecency codes most freeing, all those layers they wore, and in this heat!
The empress demands homunculi and her will is law. The fundamentals were laid out under her rather unwilling predecessor and now has come time to put them into practice! The first flesh puppets created are, put bluntly, failures. Little scraps of unlife crawling about with direction or reason. The second do not fair much better, collapsing under the weight of themselves before they can get moving. The third likewise. The fourth, fifth, through to enough times counts were stopped, all failures. Empress Ariaios is furious! Not only has her moon-time commenced, but these biomantic rejects can't even stand, let alone fight or fuck! In perverse anger, she throws her bloody menstrual rags at the limp form of a homunculus on the ground, which upon suffusing the blood into itself, stands erect.
Aiyatsyyuth may teach the basics, weed out the truly gifted from those who are merely soul-lacking for any number of other reasons, but Enkiranut is where real magic is taught. At least, the real magic that is so far known, and is allowed to be taught, and has enough funds for the "raw materials". One has to be careful when walking the halls however, there are some real sickos out there (some who do not appreciate the art, and worse, some that appreciate it a little too much).
"Datura, sweet elixir of oblivion. Milk and honey are nothing for the taste of you. Comfort I seek in your embrace of forgetting. Pain cannot touch me in your palace garden, nor worry beset me for you take them away. Datura how I long again for you, for the walls of your palace crumble, and you slip from my fingers." Excerpt from The Song of Ariaios.

Chitterers climb over each other for lack of space, growing so much more rambunctious and daring in their stabbings and stealings that one of the Letterchewers finds one evening that he's had not only his purse and his dagger stolen, but some fellow has stolen even his loincloth. Perhaps to give them purpose, or just to get them out of the city, new battalions are ordered, and sent out into the open fields to spar. So many shivs and sharp spearheads are ordered that it drains the supplies of copper to the last ingot. The long march out there churns up the meadow from the sheer number of men that clever Chitterers spot the perfect opportunity to plant young aqma saplings.
Certain independently minded Voraik strike out across the river valley with pick and shovel to prove to their families that there is wealth outside the direct control of Yarvik. By the end of the tyrn they display to their kin a secondary supply of copper, and a small amount of lead, with the north providing fine stone for building. Indeed they have taken the liberty of setting up a quarry there. Ra'prisha takes note of these works, and perhaps to get the Voraik more firmly on her side, though more likely only because it is closer to her construction site, the Icemind herself purchases a huge amount of stone from this new quarry for her construction project. The plans are very deliberately laid out so as to avoid the Mareev-run complex and instead roads are built from the forge to the new temple. Though not as grand a building as the Markalinaroki, the idol of Aiyavakeen is a site to behold in its own right. Though intended for use primarily by the chieftess & her Yavapori, a number of men & women outside the caste come to give homage and it soon becomes a cult site to Yavitov with an annual pilgrimage.

The news the Waddans give is troubling, that such savagery exists in the world is not news to the Order, but that it is so widespread is. It is their holy mission to eradicate such brutishness throughout Sarghun, and if overwhelming force is required to do so, so be it. An additional forge is built close to the mines for faster alloying, and ports ready to construct a fleet to bring the arm of Volos down against those who would perpetuate the barbarism of the cataclysm. Stone roads, hoped to soon also reach to Edion, are laid to more easily facilitate the fast flow of metal, meat, and men throughout the country.
Without pain or fanfare settlers spread south, finding the land warm and not wholly uninviting. Those in the more northern reaches of the expanse find that when digging wells & ditches and the like, that no trace of minerals comes up with the dirt, indicating sparse resources if any to be mined. [When prospected, only a single mine may be built in the region]
Edion remains under siege, unable to maintain their lands, leaving enterprising Irreechians to move in. Overt hostilities have paused, as there is murmuring in the camps of royalty slinking from the city under cover of night.

The fearsome visage of the scorpion men has spread and exaggerated back home in Kirisfut, prompting the elders to call up the strongest sons of each family to aid Boreos and his beasts to bring them to heel. If they cannot be convinced to become an ally to the Odithians, they will be crushed under foot. They will need full bellies to complete such a task however, and so a second grain farm to provide them bread is ordered too.
>LC cont.
As the men prepare themselves for victory, those not chosen to march south are sent far and wide to scour the land for anything that may aid them in the quest. Those who went east return with a soft, blue-grey nugget, which leaves the fingers tasting sweet. Those sent west return with an equally soft nugget that glimmers the colour of sunshine. But those who mill about the homeland bring out a rock shot through with green flecks, a little dejected by it's apparent uselessness.
And as quick as she had appeared, Kiri vanishes with the fullness of Mento-Dwo.

Potentate Koson's building master plan continues to be carried out with extreme precision, if modified a little to incorporate the new hazelnut orchards. Additional lumber and meat for the already groaning stores and warehouses too, and at last a formal market for those with mercantile inclinations to begin swindling their fellows.
The army, long sat around waiting for proper orders is sent east along the coast to survey the island of Nemosa. When traipsing out of the forest, General Orlon; another fat, gouty, distant relative Koson kept at arm's length with a cushy position; trips over a large stone which first he takes to have drawn so much blood to have completely soaked in it, but he soon sees is just red naturally. There are a number of them about the surface, indeed the whole field has a red tinge [Bonus cinnabar, one mine may be built]. Cousin Orlon's adventures do not end there though, for when travelling south he is accosted by a veritable swarm of angry ermine.
The navy meanwhile fairs far better, having docked for some time in the waters of the Ahmosi & Parahuami, they set off south. First they spy a red sandstone mesa towering over the surrounding grassland, and only later spot small farmsteads in the nearby bay.
Over all of this however lingers the news brought to them by the returned party of once thought lost adventurers, who journeyed through the Onos Gate, to find others God Gates and tribes of slaves. That the religion of these barbarous peoples rings with some truth to the one true pantheon, even shedding light on some dimmer parts of the legends, is equally warming and worrisome. The priests, scholars, and a good number of the royal family spend many nights this tyrn, and surely for tyrns in the future, discussing the potentialities that such a meeting may bring about.

At last Libromus has heard Fumatri's calls for additional food, but what are these orders they bring with them? Another port? Another navy? Built with what?! Supplied with what?! Do they not read the letters sent to them?! There is no wood! They have no copper sent to them for picks to quarry! They are barely surviving still! [Next time read the spreadsheet, all you're getting this turn is a single farm]
>OC cont.
Third fleet continues skirting the isles of Nemosa, spying very little of interest on their eastern shores. Second fleet does likewise, but on their north-western coast spot the smoke trails of campfires. First fleet however makes the most noteworthy discovery, that of the city-state of Orpiellery.

[NM] The tension of the age is made manifest, for arising from the low and made high is Jannah, daughter of Arana, Crusader and slayer of the iniquitous. Time shall tell if her righteous bloodthirst shall be slaked.
Crisis averted, the Ahmosi have seen sense. The wall is to be a curtain alone, without parapets and towers from only one side accessed. It is a small price to pay to avoid the wrath of men who must be truly mad. Thank Deepak for the Oc.
Harppa is in a flurry of activity with the war that was on the horizon drawing to a close before any blood could be shed. What is built includes a forge, which soon outfits the flagging army with weapons of copper [You'll need to research alloying for bronze], a proper market, and a new port in preparation for a second city, of which little is known save that it is very exciting.
The navy returns to their pre-scheduled duties, scouting the north coast in search of riches, having now learnt from the Oc what the strange lumps in the plains up there likely are.

Trellkriger are little more than savages, kept in line with food and fornication, in so many tyrns the Wights have dulled the minds of their thralls to be obedient brutes who kill when told to kill, fuck when told to fuck, and even bark when told to bark. This is the fate of the once proud and gold-ringed Tarnsmen who had the misfortune to be lost in greater Vettirgard.
Dozens of Seawights pile onto the fleet for the maiden voyage into the warmer waters southwards, rowing for all they're worth as the wind intends to push them into the open ocean. But they are stronger this day than the breezes, and manage to cross the shallow sea to misty islands the Vardyger has seen on his astral travels. No doubt because of their new, bellowing shanties. Below the clouds that obscured the good hofthing's view however, the Seawights notice something he could not, an isle teeming with flora most varied and bright with colour. Opposite it, barely above the waters, is a a quagmire of an island of little note.
Spring draws to a close and the marsh in the forest dries up, once again granting free access to the ruins of the temple there and the blocked off valley.
The army, though few could call it such with a straight face, is shipped off to Stanbyld for training, the hard earth on the island perfect for the task. Gone are the days of an easy, if relatively meagre, wage to stand about Glinsterjested looking fearsome, if one could be very fearsome with a pot belly and a tarnished spear. The men of the army are whipped (sometimes quite literally) into shape, into ranks, and into line. The disdain many had for the force, seen as being a drain on resources and a painless dumping ground for otherwise unsuccessful sons, is undone and most families now see it as worthy profession, often pointing out their sons in the alabaster rolls whenever passing the parliament buildings.
Quinces are the most prominent trees grown in the orchards along the Glinster, being hardy with fruits that preserve well, along with being quite delicious when served with the boar that roam the forests. Quince jelly is among the most favoured goods on sale at the new markets too, a final sweet taste of home before merchants set off on long voyages across the seas.
Captain Beninga of the first fleet does not wish to risk the rations not lasting for the return journey and so orders their return to Stanbyld. Captain Jelckama of the second fleet on the other hand has well restocked and is sent north-west, and aided by strong westerly winds finds him and his men in the most calm waters there in sight of two large bays. To the west, towering white limestone cliffs form into a delicate sea arch around which a number of fishing boats are spotted. [>AV >CK] To the north there is very little activity at all, save some little wooden huts. [Of course if you had names in mind already, disregard]

Hroth has arisen from the dust of the field, and to the highest throne has climbed o'er skull and blade, forever may he reign as Karn, god of man in flesh. His first order is the expansion of the lands to encompass the freshwater lake, reaching into the jungles therein. In this task his men return with word that there are yet more men to the north of these trees, men of weak bodies and white beards. His second order likewise sets his men to work, this time in scouring the land for resources beneath the dirt. They deliver their samples of additional copper and lead close by the capital, and of what they control in the far south a small nugget of native gold. [You cannot build mines on resources the same turn you discover them, though you can build a blind mine and hope for the best. So you will get another hunting ground]
The earth shakes in the west, violently for but a brief moment, but it is enough to change the very face of Sarghun! Water from the great lake begins to spill into a new depression in the earth, a trickle at first but then stronger and faster until there stands a river where there was none a tyrn before!

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