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> While some worlds have many stories yet to tell, others, in turn, must reach the end of their tale.
> For this world, the cycle of Gods and Men spins one final time, a conclusion fast approaching.
> You are a being of creation, a God, one of the last few born into this decaying world. You possess innate knowledge and immense power, for whatever that may avail you in this fragile, worn-out husk. Survive as best you’re able.

Welcome to a spinoff installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a long-ravaged world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, so don't be shy about asking questions.

With a few gods now out of the running, feel free to post a god sheet in the thread if you’re interested in joining in.

>Turn 12 Begins!
Its target now decided, the monolithic automata begins a journey North, its steady, ponderous stride nonetheless carrying the titan leagues with every step.
File: Superintendint_Hephelith.png (92 KB, 2000x1500)
92 KB
>>5525194 The Steel Weaver
Though the labour is hardly ended at your own contributions, thousands of tonnes of rubble still to be hauled out of the opening before the mine can be made operational, your people are well equipped and enthusiastic, throwing themselves into the task. In no time at all loads of dirt, stone, and other rubble are supplanted by chunks of unprocessed ore, ready to be smelted down and forged into tools to feed your growing industrial machine. Mine constructed.
Though your people have been able to subsist off of the land until now, a more sustainable method will be needed to sate your ever-expanding populace. Thankfully, the efforts of some of your people bear fruit both figuratively and literally, this new method of growing previously wild plants in large, controlled fields proving a roaring success despite the concerning proximity to…the lake. Agriculture developed.
Philosophy shared with you by Nil.

>>5530634 Hephalith
4 hexes claimed.
Where the arid desert once proved an insurmountable obstacle for most plant life, your oasis now provides an opportunity your people happily exploit, the newly fertile soil providing all the nutrients your people’s small, personal crop fields need to grow healthy, nourishing crops with which to alleviate the constant need to forage and hunt. Primitive Agriculture developed.

>>5530984 Sheriruth
You continue your efforts, cutting through the earth with your fellow god’s white-hot edge, though you proceed at a somewhat more sedate pace for the time being, ensuring that support and reinforcement is left in your wake, lest your tunnel collapse and undo your efforts in their entirety. Despite the slowed pace of your work you still make considerable progress, the air seeming to grow…unstable around you, the stone twisting and distorting against your combined power. Still you push on. Breachway II developed.
Though your people maintain a very healthy amount of fear for their new, sharp-limbed companions, they understand that further progress needs to be made in this unwilling relationship, if they’re to avoid further casualties. To this end some of your people learn to operate the Limbforge, ever-wary of your wrath, providing modifications and improvements to the Octugai’s limbs where they can. Though minor, the creatures seem to appreciate their efforts, if the mildly decreased death toll among handlers is anything to go by. Octugai Domestication developed.
>>5531531 Magnus
Much as the Fileorva enjoy putting their malleable limbs to use, they are undoubtedly limited in their capacity to move and haul goods, not least of which by their general lack of actual muscles. The need to transport loads of heavy ore has only exacerbated this problem. But of course, such paltry obstacles have not halted your people’s efforts before. It takes only a simple combination of your people’s previous innovations to devise a solution, carts with which to reduce much of the burden while transporting goods, which can be further hooked up to the herd animals your people have spent several generations domesticating when long distance travel is needed. Wheeled Vehicle developed.
With much of the burden of transport lifted, your Fileorva have access to more Syrconite then ever before, and are able to raise their ability to work the metal with which they possess such a natural, inherent to affinity to dizzying new heights, creating mechanisms of shocking complexity that need no physical interaction to control, a simple application of your people’s magnetic abilities more then sufficient. Syrconite Magneforging developed.

>>5531873 Nifo Toto
3 hexes claimed.
The migration is long and harsh, the strange new environments and hunting grounds proving a frustrating and, in some cases, fatal obstacle for those among your Auvau who are too slow to change, to adapt. Some simply succumb to the endless journey, the bodies unable to endure travel with no end in sight. While these events whittle down their numbers, those who emerge out the other side are all the hardier for it, leaner, meaner killing machines then ever before, and though these waters like the familiar cold or comforting heat of their previous homes, they’re more then enough for a people deprived of water for what seems like a lifetime. Kiona Malu constructed.
>>5532557 Sabastious
Swelling with newfound power, you turn to your newest servant, the influx of divine energy giving you an idea, an improvement upon the bedrock of your Mohawkers’ society: Their contracts with their hellish steeds. A spellform begins to take shape before you, a divine contract crackling with energy, a means by which to bind the corrupted carcass to you in endless service. The bond reaches out, powerful though it might be it requires acceptance from the being you wish your will upon…and your companion acquiesces, the contract settling like a solid, reassuring weight in your heart, an assurance of control over your fellow god. SABASTIOUS’ HERD developed. (Exact pantheon details pending)
Your people, as is their want, continue to improve upon the teachings you’ve bestowed upon them. While the contract ensures a mutual respect, a rider and his infernal mount are fundamentally different entities. Some among your people seek to close this gap. They spend every waking hour upon the backs of their mounts, days, weeks, months, some even go years without their feet ever making contact with the ground. And eventually, that line dividing rider and mount seems to…blur, a euphoric unity of purpose settling upon these riders, a sharing of the heart that goes even beyond the contract. Parthian Shot developed.

>>5533270 The Moon-Touched Prey
Though a part of you rankles at the thought of submitting yourself to another, the one who rescued you at your weakest moment and slew your hated foe is more then worthy of the honour. You subordinate yourself willingly, an oath sworn and woven under the blessed moonlight tying your fate inextricably to that of your fellow ungulate in a pact of eternal servitude. SABASTIOUS' HERD developed.
In the meantime, your forces continue to swell, another druidic beast emerging from your herds ready to bend the woodlands to your will. Treesinger Beast created.
Art of Raiding shared with you by Sabastious.

2 hexes claimed.
Despite the tithe of flesh, blood, and soul you have demanded of your serfs, their numbers continue to grow, until the Soul Well is bursting at the seams. Normally you would call for a great culling, to reduce their numbers and further fuel your war machines, but you are feeling uncharacteristically merciful today. It also wouldn’t hurt to build a greater reserve of thralls to draw upon in a pinch. So you allow them to expand the borders of their settlement, create new hovels in which to grovel and praise the wisdom and foresight of yourself and your master. Soul Well upgraded.
You continue to cleave through the earth, your edge parting countless tonnes of earth and stone before you as you approach your goal, though you make sure that the vibrations traveling up through your hilt become particularly unpleasant to express your displeasure as your wielder slows his efforts to…reinforce the tunnel. Pah!
Your people are driven into a religious frenzy as the earth itself seems to tremble, their feet burning as if pierced by thousands of sharp blades, a sure sign of their god’s continued worked! The Cut-Spawned redouble their efforts, flesh discarded when it can no longer serve its purpose, replaced by cold, reliable steel as some of the most fervent among your people become killing machines, more blade than creature, weapons made only to inflict violence. Desperate Fighting developed.

2 hexes claimed.
The control over Dazawks is an undeniable boon for the more parasitic of your people, no longer forced to simply follow the birds wherever they travel, they are able to direct them in great flocks, descending on unfortunate prey in an explosion of feathers, carrion eaters turned predators. The price of this gift is not light though, those most skilled in controlling their birds become…flighty, quick-tempered, and shorter of speech, not unlike their avian companions. Dazawk Riding developed.

After one disappearance, your people are a little antsy. After you second disappearance…some serious crises of faith start to crop up. Thankfully nothing too serious comes of it, simply a greater deal of introspection, a willingness to examine the aspects of their faith that must clearly be wanting, if the disappearance of their god is enough to instill doubts. Philosophy developed.
Nevertheless, the gap left by their god’s absence did lead to some more…radical schools of thought developing. One rather outlandish theory was that their god had concealed himself in some metaphorical sense, leading some to begin categorizing and examining the world around them. Obviously you’d left more literally, so nothing came up it, but the insights of their failed attempts to find you were useful, nevertheless. Mathematics developed.
Nil cont'd
While your people enjoy the protection afforded by your mist-shrouded forests, they could probably do with some a bit more…practical, to shield them from any possible future aggressors. You put many Riath to work learning to hew and shape the stone from the nearby mountainsides, and though such fine, precise work is foreign to your people, with a little help from the neighbouring EBWOs they’re able to pick up the basic concepts eventually. They eagerly put this new innovation to use, expanding on Heolig’s already labyrinthine structure to create an ever-larger, more confounding, and comfortable maze in which your people can comfortably dwell. Masonry developed. Heolig upgraded.
Pottery shared with you by Steel Weaver.

3 hexes claimed.
As you parlay with your new neighbour to the northeast, you offhandedly decide that your people’s borders could do with some expansion, to perhaps ease their efforts in regrowing the lands beyond the jungles that seem so devoid of life. With a flourish you suffuse the barren lands with your energy…until you are met with resistance. Curious, you push again, focusing your efforts in earnest now even as you continue your conversation with your statuesque compatriot. Yet still that patch of deadened woods resists your powers, the energy dispersed, rejected. Curioser and curioser.

The All Warmth
While most of your Shale enjoy a life of sedentary simplicity, there are those who seek to change the world around them, for as wide variety of reasons. Some seek to organize their fellows, to bring about a modicum of regimen into the typically carefree lives of the Shale, while others seek to quantify the natural world, no longer content with a vague understanding of how things work. Yet others seek to bestow their knowledge upon the youth, so that they, too, might find this spark of curiosity and escape the lethargy that infects the lives of so many Shale. Finally, some put to use the newly discovered clay of the region, an artistic spark driving them to mold this material into a variety of shapes, easily solidified with their own breath. Mathematics developed. Government developed. Education developed. Pottery developed.
Though Tradewrit has done much to resolve the logistical problems of your people, there is still the issue of distance. Though a letter allows for the delivery of precise orders, your Preservers are…not exactly fleet of foot, as it were, and even a day’s delay can throw a whole deal into disarray. So, you intervene personally, the solution clear enough with your godly powers applied to it. Just as you bent the fish and sea life to your will, you do the same to the foul corpse eating birds that soar noisily among the gullies and plateaus to the East. While they take a good deal of bathing before your people are willing to tolerate their presence, the birds make for able messengers, travelling distances that would take your Preservers days or weeks in a matter of hours, though they’re unfortunately somewhat prone to veering off-course when they spot a particularly delectable carcass. Eyes of Prosperity developed.
Though the stone and clay your people have used up until now is all well and good, some among them require a sturdier fair, or simply desire a change of pace from the trinkets of clay and stone that have become so common in the markets of Prosperity. It’s not long before some turn to the strange, shiny materials some more exploratory Preservers have pulled from the earth, famed for their hardness and, in some cases, similarity to the material the makes up the Preservers’ own forms. Despite the hardness, some find the material to soften just slightly under lengthy exposure to the sun, an important breakthrough. The material’s weakness uncovered, it’s not long before the “ore”, as some among your people dub it, is subjected to the same treatment as the clay. Success! Though the process can of course be refined, it’s not long before your people are able to shape this ore into a variety of new shapes, flooding the markets with a much-needed breath of fresh air. Metallurgy developed.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.
With the dawn of large-scale agriculture, it does not take long for the EBWos to begin applying their enginuity to the task of making it more efficient. Simple yet effective means of preparing the soil for planting soon take shape.
>MA: Develop Plows

Meanwhile, during a routine interaction on the border between the lands of Nil and The Steel Weaver, an EBWo inquires about a curious substance he sees in a pot on the other side. Learning of the strange and exotic material harvested from the distant Stone Deserts, ne brings news back to The Steel Weaver, who recognizes the substance from fragmentary references in salvaged data, and grows excited.
>MA Establish trade route between Nil and Steel Weaver

>Minor Action: Give Plows to Nil
The predation of the Dazawk horde ranges further, once limited to the edges of the black deserts that borders the herds' mesas, now edges near the outskirts of Stormhome. Blunt force brought on by pebbles and sand grew obsolete with the momentum of the hosts. Rocks began to be sharpened and pointed at the onrushing tides to kill the fleshy hosts, first in the deserts, where the sharp rocks are mounted on sable tied by bramble, second in Stormhome where the crawler masses grew to resemble sea urchins in combat.
>[MA]: Develop Sharpened Rocks

The Stormvoice continues to thunder, finishing his dominion over the southern black deserts, excluding the lands for the Horseriders to range upon.
>[MA][DI]: Claim [7,16] and [10,16]

The Word-Prophet travels northward and erects a Pillar on the northest point of the desert that meets the ocean. They prepare to summon.

>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Move to [3,9]
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Erect Pillar

After trying to adapt their tunneling techniques on the other desert, the Supplicants are called back to strengthen their numbers to ward off the Dazawk horde. They prepare to summon.

>Unit Action [Supplicant-1]: Dig tunnelhomes
>Unit Action [Supplicant-1]: Move to [9, 16]
File: Mistide.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1920)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>Action 1 - Develop Oltar Metalworking
The Auvau of Vai Magalo, the lakeside village, have been stirring up a storm at the monthly tribal meetings up north. Their easy access to the bounties of the earth have led to a veritable explosion of competitive fashion (really, just duels fought over especially shiny chunks of ore). In their thirst for ever shinier and more impressive bling, some Auvau of the more learned persuasion take their ore home and throw it in the furnace, purifying the metal and drawing out the gritty, soft metal into all manner of fancy attire.
The more industrious (greedy) Auvau kidnap some of the smaller nerds and make them cook up Oltar tools, to better get even MORE BLING from the ground!

>Action 2 - [DI Blood/Hunt] + [Mist/Secret] Domain Flesh Chunk - Mistides (Maltide Enhancement)
Nifo Toto has a PLAN. A good one!
His spear will serve, if only temporarily, as host to the Mist GodFlesh. Such measly 'flesh' is unfit for HIS consumption, but perhaps something else would like it? His Divine will manifests a long cord, snaking out from the tip of his spear, to which a great hook rests upon it's end. This, in turn, spears the GodFlesh, and, lo, a fishing rod is made!
Soon enough, Nifo Toto rests on the shore of 28,11. He lounges, rod cast and bait in the churning sea. But then... he smells something...
More Godflesh...
Sure enough, directly to his south, a perversion of the Aurora Borealis looms over a construction of some kind, equal parts colours and writhing body parts. It looks... delicious!
Still, he has his mind set. As if sensing his resolve, his line tugs, and Nifo Toto finds himself wrestling a massive Maltide ashore, the great beast doing it's very best to match Nifo Toto bite for bite!
With blood of Chunk, God and Maltide staining the sea equally, Nifo Toto's work begins. The Maltide becomes larger, burgeoned by divine power, as it's flesh grows translucent. It's mind, too, becomes frenzied, it's hunting instincts sent into overdrive. But to this, Nifo Toto also tweaks. His Auvau will no longer prey upon it, and in turn, it will not prey on them. Instead, let the two hunt together, as one pack, and let the Maltide's great size and unnatural stealth serve to aid in their sea-faring adventures!
(Basically a stealthy Leviathan that can serve as Sailing/Animal Riding)

>God Unit Move to 28,15
You there! I am Nifo Toto, and I will tear your flesh from the light and feast upon it! Face me, false God!
Rolled 6, 9, 4, 2 = 21 (4d10)

The many eyes upon the fleshy God dart towards the north, as the sudden guttural growl beckons The Champion of Light towards the sea. His pupils contract into thin slits, as a blood-curling grimace crawls across his bulbous and gruesome face.

Back at The Soul Well, the colors in the sky foretell a terrible vision for The Serfs, as they know in an instant that they shall be selected as the lucky generation. Their time of constant preparation and stocking of souls has come to fruition. The incessant groaning of The Portent Howitzers of Calamity turn to a whine, as their tortured bodies calibrate their aim towards the north with a painful reconstruction of their skeletal arrangement. The Serfs prepare the living machines, as The Sacrificial Class are processed from a line into a chamber before the great howitzers. Standing upon a sigil, the group’s physiology is condensed in a single violent instant, reduced into a ball of contained agony and hatred. Their latest work of art; The Mind Reavers. These projectiles of chaos dissipate in the air, forming a stream of colorful energy that attacks at the physicality of their target. Fortunate for the curiousity of the Enlightened Ones, little time has passed between their creation and their testing.

>The Sacrificial Class will sacrifice 7 pop this epoch.

>Move Unit: [Carn’aath] —> (28,15)

The god of flesh leaps across the flat plains of salt that crest the ocean’s threshold, locking eyes with his new prey. The God of Carnage circles the shark man, whipping his tendrils tauntingly as his gravel voice crawls from the pit of his ever-decaying body:

Before striking, the writhing deity stands at behest of a volley of carnage that descends from above! THE MIND REAVERS SHALL REND THEIR FATHER’S FOE!
>All 3 Portent Howitzers fire Mind Reavers at Nifo Toto [3 SP]

>Unit Interact [Carn’aath] [DI] [3 SP]: Watching the energy of the Mind Reavers crash into the salted ground before him, the red blast impacts into an array of indescribable colors, passing through the body of Nifo Toto as the carnivorous magic works at his mind. For a moment, Carn’aath harnesses the energy within the realm of The Great Luminescence, calling forth the bloodshed of the sacrificial class, as their souls empower his next move. Now, striking the weakened god, Carn’aath unleashes a devastating blast of energy himself, as chaotic beams of disemboweling light wretch forwards upon the shark god’s formidable form.

Now, the Champion takes advantage of his home turf, slinking further south over stretches of groaning walls of living flesh.
>Unit Move [Carn’aath]: —-> (27,17)

Meanwhile, the serfs progress at sustaining the demands of their ever so hungry protectorate.
>Develop [MA] [Oltar Metalworking] Syrconite Metalworking

>Develop [MA] [Net Hunting] [Syrconite Metalworking]: Tortured Sea - The Enlightened Class observe a new method of feeding their ever expanding population, as the territory of light expands towards the sea of the east. The enslaved serfs shall donate a chunk of flesh to the walls on their ways towards the rocky coast, before plunging their bleeding appendages into the waters as bait for fish and other creatures to fall victim to spiked lines and forged hooks.

>Unit Interact [THE ARCHITECT] [1 SP]: Expand walls of flesh to the northern sides of hexes (27,16) and (26,17).

With all immediate issues dealt with, the Prey stands before the settlement of Alexandira. Every scrap of meat within its walls has been carved from creatures that it had been responsible for. Every meal, every pelt, every horn, all ripped from the bodies of its kin. Their God may be dead, but her children haven't felt enough pain. It howls at the moon, summoning the power of its patron once again. Across the town, moths cease their burrowing and grow still, listening to the orders of their master. When they begin writhing again, it's with newfound fervour, consuming chunks of brain-matter and driving their hosts into insanity. Pelts become fused to the flesh of those who don them, becoming part of their skin. Horn trinkets embed themselves into flesh, growing out like roots. Those who've consumed the most meat find themselves reverting to beasts as well.

The minions of Eden fancy themselves beasts of prey. Then it will allow them to prey on each other. As an eternal fog falls over the lakeside settlement, its people transform into disgusting monsters, who shall tear each other apart for the meanest scraps of food. Some will end up rising above others, banding together to hunt the abominations that now stalk their home. However, the land will belong to the Moon-Touched Prey, and it will torment these enemies of its kind as it sees fit. Perhaps someday, they'll have their use.

>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI]- Convert the settlement of Alexandria. Rather than inducting it into its land, however, it will curse the soil and leave its people to be eaten away by moths, infected and turned into craven beasts by its moonlight. Keep Alexandria as a quarantined-off settlement, with a population separate from The Herd, and without the town benefiting from any of the advancements it has made. It will be a settlement that exists to suffer.

Meanwhile, the Treesingers, with their purpose fully known now, continue raising dense briars that overwhelm invaders and prick at their bodies. When their God can expend its strength, it will grant the walls a life of their own, to punish interlopers directly. For now, all they do is continue to wall off the lands, making sure that any attacker will take plenty of time to charge through. Upon sensing the demonic energy of the horses, as well as the Mohawkers riding them, the walls reveal hidden paths and passageways, to allow them to pass unmolested.

>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 2]- Move to 21, 26
>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 2]- Create walls North and North-West of 21, 26
>Unit move [Treesinger Beast 3]- Move to 20, 27
>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 3]- Create walls North and North-East of 20, 27
File: Horns.jpg (57 KB, 396x600)
57 KB

>Major action [Techs: Beast Taming, Raiding] [Domain- Perversion of Nature, Moon]- Develop Piercing Horns. As the moon continues to change its subjects, they find their horns morphing into various forms. The shape of their natural features becomes more and more evocative of violence. The primitive weapons become just a little more refined, helping to gore enemies and cut right into their flesh. Those who've returned from their bondage in Alexandria use those ancient lessons and teach the yearlings how to fight with these tools. The borrowed Demon Horses share their wisdom as well. Offensive tech.

>Major action- Develop Fight or Fight, eliminating the instinct to flee from battle. When a predator hunts, it goes hungry if it loses. When prey is hunted, it dies if it fails to flee. Instead, they will learn to be the ones going for the kill, and ensure there is no victory to be found for the few wild beasts who try to sneak into the swamp. Offensive tech.

Art Source: https://www.deviantart.com/undead-medic/art/deer-thing-604403250
>MA + DI: Breachway III

The work proceeds, the heart almost reached

The Breachway pulses downwards, the divine structure flexing like a muscle as unfathomable volumes of rock and magma are lifted up by its arms and taken to the surface.

This superhighway to the heart of the planet approaches completion, a mighty structure on par with the limbforge itself in terms of raw divine energy.

>UI: Sheriruth moves to grab Belweir and then move back to the volcano hex

“You are going in the hole now.”

>Sheriruth puts the comatose Belweir in the hole so he can watch the digging.

>MA: Octugai Riding

Such a phenomenal effort as this is undertaken by only the most bitter and insane Damm’ta.

It is not safe, it is not sensible, but to dominate these creatures and ride them around would be an exceptional act of spite towards Sheriruth, and like that a new fervour is ignited in the hearts of these cursed men of stone and every effort is out towards the endeavour.

Saddles custom made out local materials, methods of working out how to even attempt it without getting eaten, attempts made without any preparation just to make a point, all in service of one noble goal.

To ride upon an Octugai.

>UI: Masons build four new walls as according to the attached map
This post will only be a partial post in order to communicate with Silure and not force them to wait for my action while I wait for the character sheet (I’m not trying to be impatient with the QM I’m just trying to make dilutes actions simpler) this is only part of my turn and I will complete the rest after the sheets have been updated (this is because the limited resource im working with and i cannot afford to make assumptions)
As the two entities continued to communicate various gargoyles have come by with harvested preserves and fresh water procuring the living star at least some modicum of amenities in order to be good hosts.
Hephalith: I see that while I am old your are clearly my senior I will be quick, I wish to Bring my people my race back from extinction, I wish for civilization and the ecology of this hardy land to both flourish and form a symbiotic relationship to prevent my people from over hunting and starving, me personally I wish for my children to flourish, in a land they create and make a better place for the next generation, to be able to sing of adventures they have took part in, and if some how humanity has survived to reunite my people with a long lost brother, that is my goal my want my greed and my hubris, I wish to recreate the lost world from my past in this new age this is the desire deep within my soul, flashes of old histories, tales of an old long dead pantheon of gods etched in stone, a tavern filled with ale and merriment as men and women gargoyle and human all sings songs tales and comrades lost from the attempts of a enemy siege fought off with minimal losses. A picture of two races locked in a brother hood forever locked denied to Hephalith. I am a stranger in a new land but I a quick learner and I have techniques stored from my past, memories of large stone places of worship carved into captured tales still unless a light is applied, the shadows dance and cause the figures chiseled into the rock to almost dance along to the tale. Stone towers craved rom rock so expertly they could shrug off launched stones and ballista from enemy combatants. Images of barbarism as noble warriors winged horned or just human payed their lives Down for the families behind the walls. I am Hephalith the stone mason I have gazed upon the grimuare of the gods and have been both gifted and cursed with an immortality trapped in stone and I welcome you to my home my pile of sand Hephalith lifts a handful of sand and it slowly falls from the opening between his fingers. I hold no delusion of nobility or delusions that I am infallible for I am born from a mortal people and I shall transmute this land if sand into an oasis of life and culture so my children will be able to live a decent life. And willing to die to protect their futures. I gave answerd your questions and have talked enough in your ear, I shall inquire of your wish not just to recreate this land but what goals do you have for the future of this land.
(Misspelled Silure in the parentheses)
>Communicate [MI] silure
Damn autocorrect
File: Magnus.gif (36 KB, 398x391)
36 KB

>Unit Interact: Toolers:
> Build Mine on 27,17 on the top-left corner of the Hex
>Unit: Toolers - Move to (25,10)
With the road to Magnus' claimed Tundra Hex now finished, a Mine will be dug by the Fileorva for the richly magnetic Magnium Ore that lies beneath these cold lands. Once the mine is dug and completed, the Toolers will return back along the road to Orbit.

>1) Major Action: Develop: Magnorb Pillar Rituals (Cultural Ritual Equivalent)
>Using: Syrconite Magnetism, Syrconite Magneforging, Syrconite, Magnium.
Though capable of other methods of construction, it is the newfound Syrconite Magneforging that the Filorva have rapidly taken most thoroughly to their hearts due to their inherent control that their magnetic abilities allow them. In praise of the great Eye Magnus, the Fileorva raise slender, sturdy pillars topped by a Syrconite Magneforged representation of Magnus' great eye made from Syrconite and Magnium; cultural symbols of their god watching over them. When the Great Magnus is away in distant lands for eras, it is these representations they will honour in his stead; it is in view of these pillar-icons that they will dance to celebrate the spring and feast to commemorate the autumn; it is with these pillar-icons that they will hold ceremonies of adulthood and honour and make commitments of marriage, the cultural rituals of a people forged slowly in His sight.

>2) Major Action: Develop: Syrco-Magneforged Ploughs (Plough Equivilent)
>Using: Syrconite, Wheeled Vehicle, Syrconite Magneforging, Syrconite Magnetism
The craftsmanship of Magneforging is also put to a more immediately practical use in the forging of ploughs to cut through the cold earth of the northern continent. With the Syrconite Magneforging process and their own inherent Syrconite Magnetism abilities... these are going to be some seriously good ploughs.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (27,11)
>God Unit Interact: Magnus (DI): Add to Nifo Toto's Mistides (Maltide Enhancement)
>Using: Domain: Mind, Domain: Magnetism
>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (25,10)

Nifo Tito has nonchalantly asked if Magnus wants to assist with a project, and Magnus sees no true reason not to add efforts and power to this act of transmutation. With Mind, Magnus will enhance the intelligence of the Mistides when they are not within a frenzied combat rage, allow the Mistides the command of their own minds to choose of their accord between the states of frenzy and serenity; and also tweak the instincts so that Fileorva and Magnus' self will never be a cause to trigger this hunting frenzy. With Magnetism, the senses of these animals will always be able to find their direction.
Rolled 4, 1, 7, 6, 8 = 26 (5d10)


>Reminder that Belweir's unit was killed in action several turns ago
>Unit Bullshit:
THE FIRST RIDER fires using the Bow of Domination to hit Nardu's unit on <21,21>, First dice
SABASTIOUS moves to <19,23>
Pladoma attacks Nardu's unit at <19,23>, second dice
SABASTIOUS moves to <17,22>, THE FIRST RIDER and Pladoma both jump off early at <18,23>
SABASTIOUS Grapples Nardu, contested strength check to prevent movement and drag them along at half speed, third fourth and fifth dice

As the DEMON HORSE gallops from mountain peak to mountain peak, arrows spill out like rays of light from the sun. Sneaking through and between peaks, they shower the grasslands and fields to the north. Skaldlings in droves die, caught unaware and unprepared for such an onslaught. Any few survivors would only be able to tell of the hail of arrows leaving behind a decimated band of troops, and the caustic neighing rumbling down the canyons. Soon after, another band of unfortunate soldiers would be met with the strength of the Subdomon, as Pladoma with lance and flail cleave through countless... well what would you know. To SABASTIOUS's red-mist clouded eyes, He could almost register that perhaps these men he was galloping over were once his. Mohawkers whom had fell to temptations of a new leaf, a life of order and mutual assistance. A huff of brimstone from His nose was all He was willing to pay their treachery, as His heroes showed them the price of their weakness. If they truly wished to be free from His wrath, then they should have prepared more for his inevitable arrival. The Arrival of chaos incarnate.

The blood of men and women spilled, SABASTIOUS turned his gaze to his latest target. The Storyender. It has been some time, and He had grown worried that such a prey had forgotten about little old him in his absence.

>Major: [Develop] - Rope Weaving - From plant fiber, to tendon, to hair plucked from the few non-flaming DEMON HORSES, the Mohawkers learn to weave and braid long strands of high tensile strength rope. Along with the practical uses of rope and woven goods, many Mohawkers start trends of braided hair and dreadlocks for themselves. Upgrades and tending to their glorious manes of hair were always of importance. Meanwhile, many subdommon and voidborn whom lack the glorious hair of their compatriots, appreciate the use of ropes in various bondage or kidnapping scenarios.

>Major: [Develop] - Net Hunting/Fishing - While the layman might prefer to use nets to more readily fish or harvest easily caught prey, most Mohawkers tend to prefer using nets cast between two running horses to ensnare fleeing prey. Sapient or not. Running prey down and dragging them along aids both in the tenderization and bloodletting of the corpse as well, while satisfying the sadistic pleasures of the DEMON HORSES.
Using: Rope Weaving, Scarce fibers from said rope weaving, Lance/Bow Fishing, Pack Hunting
>[MA] [DI] imbue the domain of Sword into my very tip for one final stab
The god-sword is doing what it was meant to do- pierce the unpierceable. Cut through the unbreakable. Slice reality itself and boil life with its burning blood.

As the last swings approach, Ardonash’s anger sublimates into something pure- something both beyond and below mortal comprehension. Obvious and impossibly complex.

All intent. All desire. All emotion, is put into a single, pure action.

Can it even be called rage, if one is at peace in the middle of it?

> develop: sword-sight
As their god disappears in the bowels of the earth, the cut-spawned tremble. Then they shake.
And then they scream.
They scream and scream and scream, their anguish unspeakable and their terror indescribable- for the first time in history, their god is lost. Their aims are no longer clear. They have only known fear, and now they no longer have anything to be afraid of. Somehow, this is scarier.

They reason that to reach their god, they must become as he is- a blade.
They take the sword-shavings, and pierce their eyes with is, they stab them in fingernails, through tongues and into ears, and somehow-
It happens.
A sight beyond sight. A keen, incomprehensible, torturous understanding of reality, perceived through a constant, endless cutting motion.

Every movement is a Cut upon reality.
Ascension of a sort has been achieved. But is it an ascension, or just another horror conjured by feeble, despairing minds?

Still obeying the orders of the head honcho horse, the construct of bone, sinew and wood continues raising the ground beneath the settlement. Roots sprout and work their way between cracks, gradually pulling buildings apart. Its intent is not to slay the ones living there, but it's inevitable that assaulting structures may harm the ones living within it. It continues until further instructions.

>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 3]- Damage Structures in Belweir's settlement.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Rolling a dice I should've rolled last turn.

>Unit Move (Preserver Architects) Move to (3,21)
>Unit Action (Preserver Architects) Construct Roads on the NW and SW edges of (3,21)
After crossing the strange mushroomed lands, the Architects finally found signs of civilization. Half their number continued the road moving along, while the others set out ahead to find the village of the Beykarres, so as to steer their brothers along the path to end the road there.

>Unit Communication (Preserver Architects) to Beykarre villagers.
The Architects presented a prepared tablet, written in enchanted Tradewrit penned by Versel's own (lack of) hands.




>MA+DI (Develop?) Trade Route - Silure with Phantom Caravans
Sensing this contact through his minions, Versdel exerts his power to prime the Phantom Caravans to begin their trips, should the wandering star agree of course.

>MA (Develop) Build village "Tradesrest" on hex (3,18)
Prosperity itself had become crowded in recent moons. As such, enterprising Preservers set out and established a settlement closer to their neighbors. The Phantom Caravans had no need of rest, but the shortened travel time would boost efficiency.
Before the appearance of the star hephalith had gathered the remains of dead cactus wood, bits of stone (flint) he was going to use and about 14 stone poles he had summoned from the earth he had given them a core of pumice and compact sedimentary rock reducing the weight significantly while on the outside is standard stone he had instructed several of his children in how to knap stone from the flint gravel he had gathered from the rocky badlands surrounding the area this will take practice for now they will have strong sturdy clubs to wield and spears can come later.
>Develop [MA] primitive weapons (they are still working out stone napping to create a study enough point that wont just snap)
In the mean time hephalith gathers some cactis wood that had been set aside to dry some sable wood found out in the badlands (a rather delicate wood to delicate to make a proper weapon from) and a few cattails that have cropped up at the oasis, with a practiced ease he spreads the seed pods around the wood and with his stone hands produces a spark that sets the small campfire alight.
>develop[MA] FIRE! (edited)
Mgr Act DI Claim 14,8

The mountains were a land of rock, rock felt right to the shale, comforting. So it became a mission of the shale to claim the mountains as their land, not out of greed but out of love, these mountains will be carefully tended and mined of precious resources to help make great things happen for the whole world. The earth is fertile and much can and will be done to advance the shale and the other inhabitants.

Mgr Act build shale mine on 14,8 (land, lava tools)

The mining is under way and as such the shale will find what it has to offer, what they may find all will be cherished as a gift to them and they will be sure to show their gratitude and share such gifts.
Rolled 5, 6, 2 = 13 (3d10)

Howitzer attack
Rolled 9, 2, 6, 2, 5, 8, 9, 8, 7, 1, 9, 4 = 70 (12d10)

Rolling auto-defense for Nifo Toto. First three dice defending against Carn'aath's Spirit Attack, the next nine for defense against each Howitzer attack.
Rolled 9, 8, 10, 2, 2 = 31 (5d10)

Rolling auto-defense for Nardu. First four dice are unit defense against First Rider and Pladoma respectively, Wo2 each. Last dice for grapple defense from Nardu against Sabastious.
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Rolled 3 (1d3)

File: Turn 13.png (4.21 MB, 6410x6493)
4.21 MB
4.21 MB PNG
The colossus continues its journey North, its objective almost within reach.

>>5538235 The Steel Weaver
While the crops themselves have resolved much of your people’s food issues, the process can always be further iterated upon, and your EBWOs are nothing if not eager to improve. It’s not long before your people come upon the plow, and make tilling and seeding the earth by hand a back-breaking labour found only in distant memories. Plow developed.
Though your EBWOs and the lycanthropic servants of Nil have long interacted peacefully, this communication has largely stayed only at arm’s length. No longer. Your peoples now begin to share goods between one another, your once limited divergence in knowledge now a strong bulwark upon which to deepen one another’s cultures and technologies. Trade Route partially established.

>>5538613 Godech
2 hexes claimed.
Where rocky, granular shells had once only defended, they now transformed into protection both impregnable and deadly, the carapace of many a crawler bristling with sharpened, jagged spines of thorn and stone to deter both potential predators and rival crawlers. Where these stones are scarcer they are wielded more sparingly, tied to sticks and used to jab and prod at any foolish enough to draw close, a less effective but undeniably still dangerous deterrent. Sharpened Rocks developed.

>>5540594 Nifo Toto
Though some creatures might find this strange new substance and its impressive hardness a mighty boon, a means by which to enhance their limited physical abilities and advance beyond the realm of mere beasts, compared to your people’s claws and jaws it is almost insultingly soft, though many Auvau find its alluring shine quite fetching when adorned on their bodies. Oltar Metalworking developed.
In the meantime, your fishing trip is a smashing success, you watch in satisfaction as the Maltide swells with size and power, its flesh becoming phantasmal, nearly see-through as the almost-ethereal predator glides through the water, growing used to its new form before its newly enhanced bloodlust quickly compels it to seeks out prey, tearing into a pod of its unsuspecting former brethren. You depart as your people approach the strange new intruder in their territory, drawn by the clouds of blood. No doubt the two will get on swimmingly. Mistides developed.
You grunt in annoyance as you are bombarded with words and projectiles the moment you reach the shore, the brief confusion of your senses allow a beam of light to slice through your flesh, staining the beach with your ichor. Even as you snarl in pain you feel your once slow heart begin to thump to life, the scent of your own blood and the prospect of not just meat, but a real fight sending you into a raging frenzy as a hideous, toothy smile splits your features. A challenge, at last…
>>5541299 Carn’aath
Though the viscera of your Serfs is all that one truly needs to get the work done, greater efficiency does have its own value. Thus, you see fit to bestow further knowledge upon your dimwitted servants, teaching them to work not only the gritty, soft metals who’s secrets they have already cracked, but also the more durable, silvery metal who’s working have thus far eluded them. Syrconite Metalworking developed.
The barbed hooks and nets of your people prove equally effective against the creatures of the sea, especially when they are so easily lured by the Serfs’ flesh and blood. Many Serfs are also pleasantly surprised to find the aquatic life much less vocal in its suffering under their tender mercies, a welcome reprieve from the incessant squawking and shrieking of the Dazawks. Tortured Sea developed.
Though you feel a slight pang of irritation at the lack of true damage inflicted by your howitzers, and resolve to devour a few extra slaves during you next tithe to make up for their incompetence, the cloud of dust and viscera thrown up in the wake of their impact does offer you can opportunity. Calling upon the twisted, shimmering light of your patron that lies just beyond you veil, you send a warped ray through the cloud towards the shark-like beast’s clearly outlined shadow, dozens of gleaming grins rippling across your flesh as you hear the creature bellow in pain.

>>5541365 The Moon-Touched Prey
Tools once used only in defense are now transformed, perverted and twisted into a means by which the prey may avenge itself upon the predator. Simple horns and racks of antlers begin to grow larger with every successive generation, tips becoming razor sharp spires and jagged edges, a deadly forest of weapons that would give even the fiercest of hunters pause and would weigh heavily upon your herd’s heads, were it not for their twisted nature. Piercing Horns developed.
This new weapon is accompanied by a shift in attitude, a slight tweaking on your part that becomes ever more prevalent. No longer do your people shrink away from danger, ruled by fear and simple, naked instinct. Terror is replaced a rage, a righteous fury that seeks to overturn the natural order and allow the hunter to become the hunted. No longer shall hungry predators find easy pickings in your holdings, they will be met instead with walls of deadly horns and enraged bellows. Fight or Fight developed.
>>5544214 Sheriruth
Finally, when the walls of your tunnel are rippling and warping like water and the alabaster stone of your form seems to be buzzing under the invisible pressure, you and the blade finally break through, into…something your senses seems to be having difficulty coming to full terms with. The massive, spherical chamber expands beyond the range of your vision, curving off into parts unknown even as it undulates and contracts like disturbed gelatin, pulsing erratically in a strange facsimile of life. The constantly shifting terrain is only a minor distraction however, in the face of the…assault on the senses you see before you. The core, for lack of a better term, defies all attempts to describe it with any sort of consistency. In one moment it seems inches from contact with your digits, iridescent and blinding to your senses, yet the moment you adjust them to better comprehend it it has already contracted, a faint, glimmering marble barely visible at the chamber’s center. Its only constant quality is the agonizing pressure that you’re now sure can exude from nowhere else, your stolid form seeming desperate to warp and twist like the chamber’s walls even as you stubbornly push through the pain with the constant exercising of your will and divine power. You’ve arrived. Chamber of the World Heart Breached.
It is undoubtedly madness, a sickness of the mind. You admittedly did inflict several of those upon the Damm’ta, but it pales in comparison to the sheer delusion that it thinking one might ride atop an Octugai without their body being thoroughly dismembered and devoured, or trampled underfoot by crushing pressure and a butcher’s block of deadly implements. Yet some brave few Damm’ta push onward, driven by spite and, in some rare cases, a pure desire to be the first to achieve the impossible. It is one such optimist that is finally able to make a breakthrough. Despite their extraordinary rarity, he is able to find and sneak away one of the few Octugai hatchlings, it’s lethal limbs not yet deadly and its bulk not yet imposing. With careful nurturing he is able to raise the thing, fighting against its base, predatory instincts the entire way, and at last he raises a…MARGINALLY…less violent then normal Octugai, riding the growling, ornery beast into town as Damm’ta crowd around, cheering in jubilation. It does still disembowel several individuals who draw a bit too close in their glee, but these things need to be taken in baby steps after all. Octugai Riding developed.
>>5544990 Magnus
Though some other species’ might find the looming monuments your people construct, and the piercing, ever-watching gaze they represent disconcerting, to the Fileorva the pillars are a comforting reminder of their god’s caring vigil, and assurance that even when he is not among them physically, he will always protect and watch over them in spirit, in times of both joy and grief. Magnorb Pillar Rituals.
While more complex work requires a great deal of concentration and control over one’s telekinetic and magnetic abilities, simple physical labour can be completed with contemptuous ease by the might of your Fileorva’s minds no matter how back-breaking others might find it, especially when that work requires only the manipulation of metal tools such as the newly Magneforged plows with which your people now till their fields. Syrco-Magneforged Ploughs developed.

>>5546774 Sabastious
Though most Mohawkers shirk the idea of performing menial labour, it is an undeniable necessity. Someone must build the huts and weapons your people sleep in and ride with into battle. One Mohawker, bored by the long hours of silence and riding that can accompany a failed hunt, takes up weaving and twining the long grass that can be found throughout the plains on which your people hunt to pass the time, quickly spreading the pastime among his peers until the reaches the more industrious Mohawkers. They hit the ground running (or more accurately riding, in this particular case), finding a variety of different, more utilitarian uses for the practice, such as binding together the beams that make up most huts. One use that does make its way back around to the hunters is the creation of nets, which many of your people take to hanging between several different riders as they gallop across the plains, ensnaring any unfortunate enough not to notice the trap they thought they have already escaped. Rope Weaving developed, Net Hunting developed.
Your furious charge carries you into thunderous contact with the frail, scroll-wrapped figure, easily lifting them into the air with your weight and momentum as they hang suspended in space for a moment, utterly at your mercy. Nardu successfully grappled.

>>5550072 Ardonash
See Sheriruth’s update.
The razor-sharp shavings of their god and master pierce your many of your people’s every orifice, a not-insignificant number falling to the blind panic and blood loss that has come in the wake of their god’s disappearance. For those who live, however, a new sensation appears. Their other senses now gouged away, some find something new in the blissful silence, a sensation that tells them how they may cut all that is around them, even if they can no longer fully understand their surroundings, bereft of every other sensation but touch. Be it delusion or enlightenment, some have found a new sense in this lightless, soundless world. Sword-Sight developed.
>>5551390 Versdel
While Prosperity will ever be the heartland of your Preservers, it is for the time being becoming too cramped to accommodate all of your newly constructed. So, a mass exodus occurs, a great phantasmal caravan departing down the Trade Roads, finally stopping and setting up shop on the frontier of Preserver territory, only a short journey away from the strange, winged folk who so love to sing to the South. Tradesrest constructed.
With this newly constructed waypoint, and the roads now stretching deep into their territory, your people finally feel ready to open up trade fully with their Southerly neighbours, caravans travelling down the roads carrying gifts and proposals, in the hopes that these musically inclined jungle-dwellers might be interested in sharing in the Preservers’ Prosperity. Trade Route partially developed.

>>5551442 Hephalith
Though the oasis now burbles with life, watering the lands around which your people make their homes and providing them with the necessary vegetation from which to forage a living, there are yet improvements to be made, from a past that now seemed almost hazy. Though your people’s natural strength and physical endowments are deadly enough in a pinch, true weapons will allow them to truly hunt and defend themselves from the predators of the deserts. Knapping, thankfully, is an act your people are uniquely suited for, and the fibrous cacti your people have found make for an easy binding material. Primitive Weapons developed.
Where some might struggle, relying on clumsy tools an unfortunate necessity, your people can produce a spark easily off of their stone hide, a fact you present to them (or perhaps simply remind them of?). Excitedly they begin to mimic you, though you have to rein in several individuals who become a bit TOO enthusiastic in their acts of arson. Firestarting developed.

>>5552205 The All Warmth
1 hex claimed.
With their flaming breath your people are able to carve through the earth with ease, and though actually reinforcing the molten tunnels left in their wake proves a great deal more difficult, eventually a great furrow if carved into the earth, your people transporting armloads of ore out into the open air. Mine constructed.
2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.
Plows shared with you by Steel Weaver.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.
The tides break on the sands and stone and the seas swallow what little was taken from the lands. The echoes are strong, but mortal. The wordsmith unbinds the chains of themself and let it resonate with the stone tower. Their counterparts deserts away does so as well within the heart of the mountain.

>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Emanate Voice unto Tower. (Interact with Stone Tower)

Their voices turn unto music, taken from the shared knowledge of bird calls and howls and turned into a harmony of sifting sands and shaped rocks blown by the wind in their self.

>[MA]: Develop Self-Organ

The God-Echo echoes through space and their constituents with it. The Mountain and the Storm are there and there, spread like glass. As the resonance of the Stormhome lowers, the God-Echo is thrown onto the beach and further, bringing the Prophet’s voice in its storm and form on its mountain.

>[MA][DI]: Develop Vocal Mirage
>Unit Action [Godech]: Move to [4,8]
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: (Ride the storm)

With the Prophet gone, the Stormhome calls and the Mountainvoice is solidified once more.

>Unit Action [Supplicant-1]: Call it back. (Interact with Stone Tower)
File: Beast.jpg (86 KB, 728x1200)
86 KB
Rolled 2, 5, 5, 1, 2, 1, 2, 9, 10, 3 = 40 (10d10)


Alexandria has been claimed, and the plague brewing within its walls brings the Prey satisfaction. It will leave them be for now, and allow them to fester and mutate all on their own. It has plans to transform itself further. It calls upon the Treesingers, who have been toiling through the epochs and replacing their weary bones over and over. They stop their singing for a moment. Doubt gnaws at the spirits of the creatures, but their loyalty to their master wins in the end, even if their master's orders are to do itself harm. The creatures summon their vines and rake at the body of the beast with their pointed horns, taking up its challenge to rip its rotting body apart. Any portions of it that are weak enough to be destroyed by mortal acts are surely chunks of Godflesh that have failed to properly integrate into its undying body. Spare meat, nothing else. By purging this flesh and feeding its faithful with it, it will grow stronger yet.

>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 2]- Move to 23, 25
>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 2]- Assault its master and purge the weakest flesh that clings to its form.
>Unit move [Treesinger Beast 3]- Move to 23, 25
>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 3]- Assault its master and purge the weakest flesh that clings to its form.

First four dice are for the attacks of the Treesinger beasts. 2d10, take less. Next three are to resist the first attack, and the last three are to resist the second.

Art Source: https://twitter.com/ionomycin
File: Deer God.jpg (505 KB, 1280x1656)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d10)


The beasts shred weakened scraps off the Moon-Touched Prey, but are unable to pierce deeper than the first layer of perpetually decomposing meat. They lower their heads, and the creature turns away from them. It assigns them to spread the meat among its faithful, who travel all the way from the plateau to partake in it. It has other things it must attend to this epoch. One Treesinger raising roots beneath the settlement isn't enough to damage it, so it makes the trip itself. The moon shines bright, seeming larger than ever in the skies of Bottomrite. Its gravity affects the waters separating the continent, parting them momentarily and allowing the Moon-Touched Prey to stroll across the dried bed and make its way to Belweir's unattended worshippers.

Silvery light falls upon them, as the God makes its appearance at the outer walls. The air soon takes on a ghastly scarlet. The hue of malice. These beings, constructed of magic, do not bring it rage to behold. They have no wants of the flesh. They will make fine underlings. As it encroaches on their lands, its very first child is instructed to make sure that none interfere.

>Unit move [God Unit] - Cross the sea to 22, 24

>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 1] - Build a wall North and North-West of its current tile (22, 24)

>Unit action [God Unit] [Domain- Moon] - Convert the settlement of Thaumites. Shine the foul light of the moon directly onto them, infusing their bodies and replacing their light and magic with the corpse God's own.

>Unit move [Treesinger Beast 2]- Move to 22, 26 with its last agility.

Art Source: https://stasya-sher.tumblr.com/post/178753855294/spooky-deer

Dice are for conversion.
File: Niche Filling.jpg (182 KB, 1920x1003)
182 KB
182 KB JPG

>Major action [Techs: Piercing Horns, Fight or Fight] [Resources: Tugai, Leotail] [Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Develop Mimic Soldiers. The predators have been purged from the Moon-Touched Prey's domain, and they've left spots to fill. The ecosystem no longer exists, but there are certain shapes that are optimal for navigating it. Semiaquatic swamp monsters, treetop dwellers, sleek beasts that run through the undergrowth, and many more. Gives units with this tech an offensive bonus when operating in tile types with natural predator resources (Tugai, Dazhawk, Spider, Leotail, Rexus, any carnivores).

The creatures who have partaken in the discarded flesh return to the plateau after a long journey. Generations of consuming the fruits of the forest, grown by nothing but moonlight and force of will, have warped them inside and out. Finally feasting on the flesh of a dead God takes them to a new state of being. Their bodies evolve rapidly, horns and flesh melding together until they're unrecognizable as earthly beasts. They rapidly transform into creatures capable of lording over the alien biosphere that the Moon-Touched Prey has raised in its domain.

Inspiration is taken from the DEMON HORSES of Sabastious, but they bear none of their blood. Only demeanour. These champions, the Moondoes, are covered in spikes and shells. They assemble in large herds and trample foes, running them down and goring them with the aberrant horns sprouting from their skulls. Their lineage is made out of survivors and scavengers, who have lived through countless hunts, enslavement by Alexandria, transformation from the Prey, and have come out all the stronger from it, with numerous tools from their servitude.

>Major action- Create Unit at 20, 28 Settlement [Techs: Beast Taming, The Art of Raiding, Piercing Horns, Fight or Fight, Primitive Weapons, Mimic Soldiers]: Moondoe- 13 Pop.

Art Source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/PevLlL
File: Moondoe.jpg (335 KB, 1920x1920)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
>Minor action- Share Agriculture with SABASTIOUS, through the joint pantheon that links us together
discord link expired. Is there room to join?
With all matters of immediate importance seemingly attended to, The Steel Weaver moves east to 16.10, content in the knowledge that the falerine cavalry have ensured the safety of this hex. Said, cavalry, meanwhile, move to 18.7, the border between their territory and that of the sharks.
>Units move as indicated

Meanwhile, the increasing sophistication of the EBWos society and creations is making it increasingly difficult to work things out from first principles without external aid. A collection of elders take it upon themselves to rectify this.
>Major Action: Develop Education

And not a moment too soon, for a mostly sealed jar of Black Pome and grain forgotten about and left unattended for a few days leads to a chance discovery that soon proves rather... Divisive.
>Major Action: Develop Black Pome Alcohol

Shit, before I forget:
Almost unnoticed amidst the hubbub, one elder in particular becomes indignant his people's oldest allies still using tools of wood, bone, and rock. Taking this as a failure on the EBWos end, he begins teaching them how to smelt the samples of ore pulled from the tundra and deserts.
>Minor Action: Share Metallurgy with Nil
File: gargoyle.jpg (78 KB, 726x820)
78 KB
Hephalith has been pondering upon his stone hut thinking about the future of his empire of sand.
His people have begun to tap into the beginning of a civilization but that state of progression will not be maintained if hephalith remains idle in his musings of other gods domains, this silure has been idle in their contemplation, remaining in the center of the settlement like a starry shiny obelisk playing on what appears to be some form of lute, this is not an unwelcome state as my children have not really experienced the beauty of such music various members of Hephalith’s local community come to pay patronage in giving fruit shiny rocks and flowers, some have attempted to sing along, which again is not a bad thing but this state is stagnant and to be stagnant is to be swept away by the progression of others
File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (236 KB, 1280x720)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
He ponders upon the history of how his people came to be what they were, how they formed a proper town and what key advancements made it possible for his race to thrive. They had horses, sheep, and other cattle, they had agroculture, and they had masonry. Hmm masonry that can be the next lesson and then domestication… hmmm as Hephalith gazes toward the horizon he spots the flying of great mantas these creatures could with training and proper motivation become extremely important sources of logistics. I shall master this creature next. Determined Hephalith gathers his people the young and old in and instructs them in the art of masonry, to shape mud and clay into a useable tool for sustaining our lives, to carry food, and drink, to protect resources from the environment and allow for insolation to fight off the desert heat. First he creates a kiln and instructs his children in creating pots and wattle duab walls and archetechture, once he is done allowing them to learn and experience creating this key skill on their own he waits over time eventually some come up with a functional finished project a great start but with time refinement will follow.
>Develop [MA] masonry
File: sand manta.jpg (80 KB, 1213x629)
80 KB
Once hephalith is alone he flies off with a pot of berries and water toward the great sky mantas of the region finally upon reaching a nest site of one he slowly moves forward toward the largest leader of their shoal with water and food scarce resources of this land he proffers the pots toward the great beast with no ill will towards the being, this is an important moment be cause if he is to succeed in his task he must allow the creature to make its first move slowly it inspects the containers of water as it swims forward towards the gargoyle, Hephalith stands waiting for it to move towards him, with a nudge it pushes toward him its scales not effecting the stone skin of hephalith as the god reciprocates with the pact by rubbing the head of the dragon. It has been a while since hephalith had left, the sun setting amongst the dunes is briefly eclipsed by the shape of a shoal as hephalith rides upon the alpha of the volbats the sea drakes as he has dubbed them, the pact shall unite the two species forever more.
>Develop [MA] DI domestication tech

>MA + DI + Belweir and his spark + Oltanite + Jold + Breachway III + Limbforge III + The World Heart: Sheridonash

By the hand of Sheriruth, expose the heart. By the edge of Ardonash, cleave it beating from its nest.

The heart of the world stolen, the breachway drags it up, up and out of the depths, mounting it on the volcanic dias of the limbforge where Sheriruths limbs reforge it. The corruptive influence of the limb-god seeps into this critical planetary organ, suffusing it, piercing its skin and overtaking its deepest recesses. The heart of the world is slowly but surely remade, refashioned into a new form. Once the corruptive process has completed, it will be replanted back into its cavity, the world itself the property of Sheriruth (and Ardonash).

Belweir is cocooned, enwrapped in a mummifying bandaging series of Oltar limbs that sap the magic from his insensinate form, the god of magic turned into a mana battery and surgically inserted into the heart such that the heart itself may magnify his arcane powers, Jold containment plates and oltar tapping rods arrange and assemble in short order courtesy of the limbforge, encasing the entire heart in an apotheomechanical shell.

The moment of Transcendence is nigh, soon the world will be property of Sheriruth (and co).

>MA: Establish trade route with Carn'aath, trade basalt if he trades a tech in return

>Reptile Masons: Act as the map demonstrates, completing a section of wall to fully guard the limbforge

>Sheriruth: Move to the tile that the colossus is on, carrying ardonash with me after we begin the world heart corruption.

>Communicate: Unidentified machine

“You intrude on my domain, thing. Excuse yourself this instant.”
>Unit Interact: Toolers:
>Using: Masonry, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry
>Upgrade: Village of Orbit on 25,10 to: Town of Orbit
Orbit is getting a bit crowded, but thankfully the Toolers are back to help the local population to fix this. By working together with their Sycromagnetic tools and learnings this village, built at the start of their race with the aid of Magnus' lingering divine influence which still flows through the Syrconitic structures, will be expanded into a true town.

>1) Major Action + Divine Influence: Develop: Syrco-Magnetic Claspholds)
>Using: Syrconite, Magnium, Syrconite Magneforging, Syrconite Magnetism.
Magnus has never really bothered much with the concept of Gravity. Sure, it exists; but as Free-Floating Magnetic Spheroid with deific abilities to ignore the undivine mundanities, the practicalities of 'falling' have never been too much of a bother to the Great Eye. Yet the same is not true for those things that Magnus owns. The Fileorva, poor things, seem much more limited by the constraints of verticality. Well, that can change now that Magnus has the ability to do something about it. Magnus's Mindful gaze turns inward, and through; spreading across the lands owned by Magnus' own divine presence and reaching through into Magnus' own divine spark, feeling out the connections between Magnus' self and domains. Throughout them, the scenery speckles as new prongs of Magnetic Syrconite and Magnium appear near to inclines and ridges; limb-holds for Fileorva to latch on to, pull with and push against. From now on, there will be no difference between 'flat' lands and High Mountains when Magnus spreads domain and dominion across them; from now on the Mountains will not be obstacles to the passage of clasp-climbing Syrco-Magnetic Fileorva. The Land itself will feel the greater presence of the great magnetic mind.

>2) Major Action: Develop: Government
>Using: Literature, Magnorb Pillar Rituals.
As Magnus looks inward and outward to increase control and co-ordination across Magnus' domains, so the Fileorva will look to each other. A society of growing complexity and intricacy has need of greater organisation; and whilst Magnus could theoretically do all of this with Magnus' own great thoughts and powers, it is the spread and multipleity of these smaller Minds that continues to intrigue and delight the greatest. And so, the Fileorva come by Magnus' direction to form governance of their own, so that all might find their most worthy and productive place within society and society will function as a well-ordered unit.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (21,9)
File: Carnieeee.jpg (81 KB, 402x720)
81 KB
Rolled 2, 8, 9 = 19 (3d10)


>Action 1 - Develop Leather
>Action 2 - Create Unit (Shiver)- 20 Pop - Mistides/Primitive Weapons II/Blood Frenzy on 19,5

Enemies! The rat-things congregate at the border, and this is a cause for celebration with the Auvau. A great exodus begins, shark-folk from far and wide congregating in Loto Mu, sharpening spears and debating the worth of the strange creatures they ride. Such a beast will surely be a delicacy like no other! And the rat-things will have little, tiny bones, with which to clean one's teeth! What a wonderful surprise!
To mark this, many Auvau take to celebrating by adorning themselves in the hides of their most prominent and respectful kills, wooly woradine coats and and strips of Poddox hide aplenty. As is the way, those seeking to preserve their grisly trophies bully the smaller sharks to come up with something, to which they eventually do, treating the hides with foul concoctions (ok, granted, the smaller Auvau were just trying to prank their peers) to help preserve and treat the animal skin.

>God Unit move - 28,15 - 27,17
>God Unit Attack Settlements (Spear bonus damage)
Nifo Toto bounds over strange, fleshy walls, their scintillating colours an affront to his eyes. Soon enough he find himself in a rainbow purgatory, the strange Fleshcolour god looming overhead.

Now, many may be forgiven in thinking Nifo Toto is stupid, but he certainly bears a cunning intelligence for bloodshed. Nifo Toto has witnessed the stranger god consuming the body and souls of his minions, pelting him with their feeble power alongside his own strange attack. It seems this god favours the consumption of others even more than Nifo Toto does! He can understand eating what one attacks, but eating something else to damage a foe? Ingenius!
So it doesn't take a genius to put two-and-two together, Nifo Toto witnessing the congregated settlements huddled behind the final wall he leaps over, cowering beneath their aurora-gone-wrong god.

With a bloody snarl of glee, Nifo Toto sweeps his spear around, crushing homes and dashing bodies left and right. Let the other god nibble on his back, he will deny it the food it craves before he deigns to do battle with it!
>Unit Move (Preserver Architects) Move to (3,18)
The Architects leave their missive with Silure's people, and set off on the road home. They stop at the newly created village of Tradesrest, and are informed that life stirs in the deserts to the east, even before reaching Godech's lands.

>Unit Action (Preserver Architects) Construct Roads on the N and NE edges of (3,18)
The glorious work of Prosperity was not over yet, it seemed.

>MA: Develop Oltar Metalworking with Scarce Oltar and Metallurgy
The Preservers experimentation on heating metals reached a consistent level with the Oltar they had access to, now they could melt and shape it on command. The question then, was what to do with it.

>MA + DI: Develop Tokens of Prosperity with Scarce Oltar, Visions of Prosperity, Oltar Metalworking, and Commerce Domain
Money, of course, a new concept but one imbued with ancient power. The Preservers pressed tokens of Oltar into hexagonal shapes, embossed with the walls of their holy city. Not that these walls presently existed, but they would, and anyone who held a token such as this could feel the burgeoning joy of such possibility in their chest. A true currency had value of its own merit, after all, even outside of trade.
Rolled 9, 8 = 17 (2d10)


>Unit Bullshit:
THE FIRST RIDER and Pladoma run up to <17,22> to punch the shit out of Nardu while he's being restrained in SABASTIOUS' jaws. Then move to <15,23>. First and Second dice.
SABASTIOUS moves to <15,24>, moving at half speed because of the grapple
Ramperdam Warband settlement moves to <19,21>

Walls, mountains, oceans, twisting winding paths, cancerous bulwarks, and grasping domains. All of it, Infuriating! SABASTIOUS, after a long period of nothing but slaughtering his peers, looks to his army. His men. They were advancing well on their own, but He had been distracted for too long. They were growing restless, unable to assail those around them for the lack of ability to cross over natural barriers. Some were practicing with shaped stone and rope weaving, as means to haul equipment and men up the side of cliff faces and mountainous terrain, but the DEMONIC HORSES could not so easily follow. This was unacceptable, and would puzzle the mohawkers for far longer than He was satisfied with. With a bit of help, he would nudge them on their way, and soon war would spread across Botomrite like it had never seen before.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - HELLISH SUMPTER - Enhanced version of DEMONIC HORSES. Enhanced versions of DEMONIC HORSES provide the same bonuses as their normal contemporary, along with extra bonuses unique to the type. Only one kind can be applied to a unit at a time, and they require additional tech to keep the demonic pact in check (for basic enhanced ones, 'Lawyer speak' is good enough). HELLISH SUMPTERS are built different from their normal ilk, a true work horse, with far and a way more endurance and plodding potential than the normal horse. Summoned and molded by their Lord, these horses can move over mountainous terrain without issue or a loss in speed, only aided by more rudimentary climbing gear such as ropes and shaped stone paths or rungs.

Meanwhile, the new additions to the mohawker warbands were making themselves right at home. Freed from their horrifically oppressive goddess, they now side with the true god of liberty and slaughter, SABASTIOUS. The voidborn are more than happy to dive head first into their sadistic artform of torture; of both willing subdomons and less willing slaves taken from other nations. Their penchant for dark leathers and face paint is starting to spread to some of the more metal-headed mohawkers. Meanwhile, the rambunctiousness and strange sense of honorableness and humor of the mohawkers is bleeding into the Voidspawn, taking the edge off of em.
>Major: [Spawn Unit] - Voidhawkers - On Ramperdam Warband.
A full on army of warriors, rather than just congregated raiders, of all walks of life and minion origin. Lead by only the most fearsome, voidspawn often join rank to make the most of war and acquire new minions to torture into subservience.
>Population: 20, Mohawkers and Voidspawn
>Techs Used: DEMON HORSES, DEMONIC PACT, HELLISH SUMPTER, WIZENED WORDS TEMPERED BY DEMONIC TONGUES, MANES OF FLAME, Hellfire Archery, Primitive Lances, Chariots, Wastelander Stratagems, Parthian Shot, “Harvest Tools”, Wire Whips,

>Minor Action: Unit Refit - Voidspawn Soldiers on <32,21> into Voidhawkers.
>Minor Action: Unit Refit - Raidhawkers - add Tech: HELLISH SUMPTER and WIZENED WORDS TEMPERED BY DEMONIC TONGUES
File: SUNDERTHEFLESH.jpg (136 KB, 564x846)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Rolled 5, 3, 3, 2 = 13 (4d10)

>The Sacrificial Class will sacrifice 4 pop this epoch.
With [1 SP], and the triggering of an attack, the shield enchantment of The Soul Well shall activate, providing additional yet limited defense to the serfdom.

Ignorant to the wrath the shark god unleashes upon the helpless serfs, The Champion of Light continues his torrent of colorful pain upon the intruder. Along side his flurry of attacks, the fleshy god snatches several serfs from amongst the panicked crowds, wringing out their blood and viscera upon his cancerous body with a grin. Tasting the harvest of their souls, Carn'aath appears unconcerned for the potentially dwindling numbers of serfs, going only for the kill.
>Unit Interact [Carn'aath] [DI] [3 SP]: Attack Nifo Toto with boosted spirit, using 4 full dice via minion ability

>Develop: Irrigation - Meanwhile, along the new coastal property along the inlet of the Land of Luminescence, the slave class is instructed to introduce a new element to the feed trenches, carving paths to allow the fresh waters to seep their way through the trenches on occasion.

>Develop: Establish trade route with Sheriruth. All resources are shared.

>Trade Tech [MI]: Share Wheeled Vehicles with Sheriruth

>Communicate [MI]: Between the gnawing, lacerations, and rays of disintegrating color, Carn'aath speaks to his distracted intruder.
Mgr Act DI Claim 14,9

The peaceful mountains fall claim to the shale as they dot the land with their people slowly but surely

Mgr act develop metallurgy

Ore is the true rich bounty of the earth and the shale plan to use every bit of it to their betterment. They begin studies in the way of shaping said ores and will come up with creative uses as they come upon more.

Move god to 16,10

Communicate action

"Hello fellow God of rich ore and blood of the earth what brings you by on this fair day?" As The All Warmth says this they sense the metal construct is moving with a certain intent. "Don't tell me you and Nini are fighting again it would make me most sad." The All Warmth then takes on a fuming serious tone. "We must all work together if there is mindless fighting it will leave us weak against a stronger more malicious entity remember this" with that The All Warmth returns to a more calm state and awaits the response of the fellow God if any.
Rolled 10, 1, 10 = 21 (3d10)

Nifo Toto weathers the storm as best he can, the blood of mortals a soothing balm to the scalding rays of light the other god unleashes.
Rolled 3, 1, 6, 6 = 16 (4d10)

Rolling automatic defense for Nardu.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

File: Turn 14.png (4.24 MB, 6410x6493)
4.24 MB
4.24 MB PNG
It starts out small, little more then a slight tremble. But days after day, it grows and grows, a great tremor seeming to shake the earth itself beneath your feet, before after several weeks the world stills, an ominous silence seeming to hang heavy in the air. The metal titan does not care.

>>5557698 Godech
For the first time since the towers were built, one at last sees use, your ever-reverent Crawlers calling upon the God-Echo as they were requested, finding new strength within themselves with which to perform the act. Self-Organ developed.
For a brief moment your prophet strains under the pressure of traversal meant only for a god, their corporeal form and voice trembling as they ride the storm alongside you to the summons of your faithful supplicants. Fortunately they remain intact and distinct from you over the course of the (temporally) brief journey, and you return to your usual resting place alone, albeit filled with no small feeling of satisfaction over the success of your experiment. Vocal Mirage developed.

>>5558134 The Moon-Touched Prey
As you stare down at the village of floating, crystalline sprites, panicked by the apparent absence of their god and the arrival this strange, ominous new divinity, you feel you eyes glow with malevolence, the shadow of a ghastly red moon shining cruelly overhead as its light filters through the crystalline structures of the settlement and into the bodies of the tiny elementals. Slowly, their panicked hovering comes to a stop midair, the benign white light that once suffused them now imbued with a rapidly spreading tinge of red. After several hours bathing in your corrupting moonlight the crystalline creatures turn to face you in dark supplication, acknowledging their new master. Thaumites converted.
Atop the plateau where your herd makes their home, an equally malignant ritual is taking place. For generations now the wild creatures of your bogs have lived under the corrupted moonbeams of your realms, their bodies gradually twisted and molded, readied for the fell transformation you have long envisioned. Now, at last, your plans come to fruition. A great host of ungulates writhe under your merciless, distant vision, flesh and sinew wriggling and rippling as once-internal changes now become grotesquely visible, spikes and plates of bone and cartilage piercing the skin in gouts of viscera as your people froth in maddened anguish, their bodies refusing to die even as their minds break under the agony of these hideous, warped forms. Eventually, their thrashing stills, and in the sudden, eerie silence your new soldiers rise to their hooves, eyes shining with fanatical, mindless devotion as they stare unblinkingly up at the moon. Mimic Soldiers developed. Moondoes created.
>>5561367 The Steel Weaver
Intuitively though work might come to the EBWOs, even they need time and experience to master a craft, and as their industrial revolution has continued to expand its scope it has become increasingly inefficient to simply allow the newest members of the workforce to learn on the job, countless hours and resources wasted on fumbled and scrapped parts. So it is no small relief to the older EBWOs when a plan is devised to rectify the issue, a basic but effective crash course given to every EBWO of age that will prepare them for the variety of jobs which they might eventually devote themselves to. It’s hardly perfect…but it’s leagues better then having to babysit every bright-eyed young worker that doesn’t know a wrench from a spanner! Education developed.
Your people might be efficient, but they’re far from the cold, calculated mindlessness of the machines they love to work on. So, when a young EBWO pops the cork on a long-forgotten jar of Pome and Grain and finds himself in a dazed, happy tizzy for the next several hours the practice spreads quickly among the younger EBWOs…to the disapproval of their elders, who click their tongues at such “inefficient” hobbies. Whippersnappers these days…Black Pome Alcohol developed.

>>5561526 Hephalith
Though the region is sorely lacking in naturally forming rock, your people are more then capable of resolving such a supply issue, making use of their geokinetic abilities to call up great slabs of sandstone from the earth and shape it to their needs, under your careful direction. Before long your people sleep under the open air no longer, the sky replaced with comforting ceilings and walls of good, hardy stone. Masonry developed.
Though serviceable enough, your people’s wings are unable to bear their heavy weight for distances as great as you would like. So, you set out to rectify this issue, approaching a shoal of the massive rays that have been such a common sight drifting overhead. Making contact with the creatures is…trying. They rarely ever seem to land, and on the few occasions you approach them by flight they scatter, apparently mistaking you for some kind of aerial predator. Eventually, however, the promise of food and ever-scarce drink draws one particularly brave (and large) valbat down from the air. After several more acts of bribery the creature at last allows you to ride it, and with a great deal of fanfare you’re able to direct the ray and its shoal back to the oasis, where the creatures will hopefully settle. Domestication developed.
>>5562025 Sheriruth
At your wordless command, countless greedy arms swell forth through the breachway, grasping at the World Heart in an attempt to drag it towards you. Unfortunately, the thing is evidently as slippery as it looks, contraction and expansion sending arms grasping inward then blasting outward, burned by the pressure and energy for their trouble. Finally, frustrated, you ready the god-blade, its edge burning white hot as it hums with anticipation. Two gods flex their might as one, and with a violent cleave the constant, thrumming pressure of the World Heart turns into a keening wail as it recoils in on itself, its form fixed for a moment as it repairs the damage you’ve inflicted. Your arms spring at the opportunity, thousands of limbs wrapping around the Heart as they drag it back up the tunnel, pulling the senseless, crystalline god of magic into the limb-forged prison along with it. As you arrive back at the Limbforge you set to work immediately, the Heart already pulsating violently against its makeshift restraints. Sheridonash 1/? Developed.
In the meantime, you send missive towards the lands of the fleshy god and its deranged believers in the North. It has materials you require, and you will not be denied. Trade Route established.

>>5562470 Magnus
Though the Fileorva can’t exactly be considered fecund, even they must outgrow something eventually, and such has become the case for Orbit, its silvery spires and apartments filled to bursting with your people. Thankfully, such an eventuality has been prepared for, and the toolers set to work expanding your people’s village, its borders swelling into the surrounding desiccated forests to accommodate any new life. Orbit upgraded.
It does not take long for your people to discover the countless claspholds that you’ve spread throughout the lands surrounding Orbit, and it takes even less time after they’re discovered for the Fileova to begin zooming across the surrounding terrain, uncaring for whether it is horizontal or vertical as they use their magnetic powers to reach dizzying (for your generally rather slowly hovering people, at least) new speeds in their exploration of regions once that beyond their limits. Syrco-Magnetic Claspholds developed.
Simple as it would be for your mighty mind to continue to administrate for the Fileorva, you feel that they have developed enough, now free of the basic constraints you had originally envisioned for them, to be allowed to govern themselves, at least in some capacity. So, you begin to delegate, foisting tasks you had once managed yourself onto those Fileorva you deemed sufficiently capable. It is…a time of upheaval at first, especially in the chaos of Orbit’s expansion, but as always your people eventually adapt, a system beginning to take shape as different Fileorva with different forms of administrative work find it necessary to communicate and cooperate with their peers. Government developed.
>>5562839 Nifo Toto
While your people hardly need much protection from the ice winds and atmosphere of their home, a mixture of form and function has never gone unappreciated among them, and leather fulfills those roles handily, able to serve as both a shield against the mild discomfort of the cold, as well as a means to present ones most impressive and difficult kills to their peers. And so, when your people at last march to war at their god’s unconscious command, they go forth clad in the stiff hides of Woradine, Falerine, Maltides, and in some rare cases, the semi-translucent skin of these strange creatures that now swim alongside them. Leather developed. Shiver created.

>>5562958 Versdel
Though the metal is soft, softer even then the sandstone that makes up much of Prosperity, it brims with possibilities, and your Preservers are drawn to its alluring glint under the light. One such use makes itself immediately apparent. Though bartering has been a serviceable enough form of transaction up until now, with two sizeable settlements and trade with another civilization hopefully soon to come you feel that your people will need a more systematized form of trade. Thankfully, a recently unearthed memory, combined with your people’s most recent advancements in metalworking will solve the issue handily. Your people take to the idea of minting coinage that you put forth immediately, a smaller, more convenient to carry representation of one’s value and wealth easy to trust and believe in when backed by their own deity. Oltar Metalworking developed. Tokens of Prosperity developed.
>>5562965 Sabastious
While the Mohawkers and their bonded steeds always relish a challenge, even they are reluctant to take on so suicidal a task as riding through the craggy, twisting spires of the nearby mountains, especially when almost none of those few who are both brave and suicidal enough to try and explore such a rider-unfriendly environment ever return. Such a thing offends you. A land your people cannot conquer?! Absurd! You set to work resolving the issue. If you cannot make the terrain suit the traveler, then you will make the traveler suit the terrain. Taking several demonic mares and stallions, you begin to apply modifications to them, adapting them to the harsh, unforgiven drops and steep cliffs that have thus far foiled all but yourself. What emerges from the crucible of your development is…a new breed of hellish steed. They stand head and shoulder over their other brethren, once just sturdy frames now bulging with barely contained muscle, every breath no longer a puff of hellflame but a great gout of hellfire, scorching and hardening the ground wherever the creatures walk. And most importantly, there is a patience that cannot be found in any other demonic horse save yourself, a willingness to navigate with care in precision, rather then reckless abandon. HELLISH SUMPTER developed.
These sturdy new beasts quickly find a home with the latest warherd to thunder forth from your camps, a perfect match with the Voidspawn just recently inducted into your warbands, their penchant for whips and long, scythed implements a perfect complement for the greater height, reach, and stability these towering creatures afford. Voidhawkers created.
>>5563015 Carn’aath
You snarl in frustration as the dim-witted shark-thing’s spear sweeps through the Soul Well, countless serfs dying mangled and screaming as the divine weapon makes short work of them. Sure, they were going to die mangled and screaming later on, but they were supposed to die for the sake of you and the Great Color, not some aquatic abomination. Your spell doesn’t even find purchase on the thing’s slippery hide as it gleefully lays wastes to generations of tenderly raised fodder. Accursed fish!
As Soul Well is ravaged, some of your people remain blissfully unaware, continuing to find new ways in which to improve their service to the Great Color. While their crops have survived well enough, during drier months some have shriveled and perished, lowering the total yield. To combat this, some have begun to dig trenches connecting to nearby waterways, allowing their crops to remain healthy even during drier months. Irrigation developed.
Thankfully, before the nasty fish-thing began its assault you had sent word back to the hovering hand to your South, accepting the terms of its trade and even, quite generously in your opinion, providing the strange god with knowledge of how to transport such goods. Now if only this savage creature would leave you alone long enough to enjoy them…Trade Route established.

>>5563047 The All Warmth
1 hex claimed.
With their flaming breath and sturdy stone fists, your people are able to work the metals of the tundra and mountains with ease, and many even take to doing it therapeutically, hammering their stress and frustrations away even as they draw out the impurities of the metal. Metallurgy developed.
Much as your people love the jungle, there are some who certainly wouldn’t mind a change of scenery. Not to mention the nightlife has been getting a little crowded, with all of the…nocturnal activities some of your liberal people have been getting up to. So, after several nights of partying and merrymaking, they depart from the jungles of their home, eventually settling on a particularly beautiful patch of beachfront property, where the sun is always shining and it’s just warm enough for one to sleep comfortably under the stars. Allegro constructed. Largo upgraded.
While many take the opportunity to gaze up at their different brethren, some do much prefer a roof over their heads. With wood and leaves so much scarcer in these strange, tree-less lands, a new building material must be found. Eventually some Beykarre hit upon a mixture of sand, clay, and the crushed remnants of the shells that can be found all across the beach. Though hardly the sturdiest material to work with, it at least holds up well enough to serve as a dwelling, and that’s more then sufficient for most Beykarre. Masonry developed.
Back home, some particularly skilled singers among your people have discovered a fascinating new effect has been woven into their voices. While a particularly good ditty attracting a couple of curious animals is hardly an unheard-of event, some have found the animals to remain for hours, sometimes even days after, following after these singers and, with some experimentation, providing obedient when given orders, at least when they’re delivered with sufficient harmony. Fascinating.
Enlightening as your conversation with the new(old?) god has been, there is a curiosity at home that requires your attention, and you’re not to type to leave questions unanswered for long. Bidding farewell to your stony compatriot you journey home on wings of starlight, sweeping over your people’s jungles before finally arriving at your destination. What you find is...startling, even for you. Most of these woods seem no different from the others that surround your home, decrepit and desiccated, utterly devoid of life. Except for one area, which almost escapes your notice at first. During your third sweep of the area you finally spot it though, touching down near the center of the strange clearing. The open area is utterly devoid of life, not even a grey blade of grass to be found…save for a tree. It sits at the center of the clearing, gnarled and warped, its wood a sickly gray with only a few similarly colored leaves clinging stubbornly to thin, malnourished branches. Bulbous, almost cancerous-looking burls cover its trunk. But for all that the tree looks dead on the surface, the barren clearing’s floor tells a different story. Snaking at from the bottom of the tree are what must be thousands of three roots, many thicker around then you are tall, pulsating to some unheard rhythm. Faintly, you can detect the energy of life flowing through these roots, funneling towards the tree. For all of this strangeness, however, there is something that draws your attention more then anything else. Protruding from the center of the tree’s trunk, and one particularly large burl, is a jagged black shard of...something. Thin veins spider out into the tree from the point of contact, seeming to twitch and writhe before your eyes, filling you an urge to…touch…
>Please give me an Affinity roll.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved. Metallurgy shared with you by Steel Weaver.

2 Major Actions saved.


The towering, mechanized colossus slows its pace for a moment at your demand, tilting its head as it stares up at you and your blade hovering over the mountaintops, spotlight eyes flickering erratically. Finally…SOMETHING unintelligible blares out over unseen speakers before the metallic hulk continues its steady approach.“01000100 01100101 01110100 01100101 01100011 01110100 01100101 01100100 00100000 01100100 01101001 01110110 01101001 01101110 01100101 00100000 01110011 01101001 01100111 01101110 01100001 01110100 01110101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01100110 01101001 01110010 01101101 01100101 01100100 00101110 00100000 01001001 01101110 01101001 01110100 01101001 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100101 01111000 01110100 01100101 01110010 01101101 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110100 01101001 01101111 01101110 00100000 01110000 01110010 01101111 01110100 01101111 01100011 01101111 01101100 00101110”.
Rolled 9, 9, 10 = 28 (3d10)

For you my OP, an affinity roll.

Will i be swayed by the gorgeous curve of the bulbous growths? The answer now
>[4MA] [DI] Temper Ardonash's blade in the heart's overwhelming power
As the energies of creation and entropy swirl in an endless, unbeginning vortex, Ardonash's rage is stilled.
Not put out.
Not calmed.

The Wanting Sword's mind travels, along the edge of time, along the curve of what is real and what was and what might have been

For the first time since it was discarded, the sword feels something beyond rage.
Purpose. Glimmer of what it once was.
A tool for more than slaughter. A mean of more than separation with no greater purpose than its own existence.

The rage at this knowledge is unending. Incomprehensible. Beyond the scope of mere words or emotion to describe, as the blade cracks and reforms from its own internal heat.

Ardonash is not a creature of second thoughts.
Whatever it once was, it no longer is. And whatever it may feel at this memory, it is no pity or sadness- it is *disgust*.

And after disgust, hatred.
Hatred for its own weakness. For what it once was. And hate for the hand that wields it, so slothful that it has not even used the weapon at its disposal.

As the rage cools, the Wanting Sword lives up to its name, hungrily taking every bit of the core's warmth it can, to temper it's edge in smoldering hatred and in the powers of genesis itself in equal measure.
>Unit Interact: Toolers: Build Road from Orbit (on 25, 10) toward the Monolith on (24,9)
>Move Unit: Toolers: from (25, 10) to (24,9)
Their work in Orbit done for the Moment, the Toolers start building a north-northwest road toward the strange forest Monolith, so that they might visit it and the surrounds more often.

1) Major Action + DI: Claim Land
>Using: God-Unit Magnus, Divine Influence, Syrco-Magnetic Claspholds
>Claim: (20,10), (22,9) and (21,10)
Magnus lays a claim to lands surrounding the former lakeside exclave, the new abilities serving to allow the incorporation of the border mountain with as much ease as Magnus' other territories join the fold. At last, the exclave is linked... even if the direct passage between lakeside and forests is currently a slow one.

>2) Major Action: Develop: Philosophy
>Using: Literature
Philosophy is probably a very different subject when you can ask your god directly when and why you were created; but there are unknowns and gaps even in the knowledge of a god. And so the Fileorva speculate and pontificate, their Minds seeking theories and answers... as they were created to do.
While the previous season was a moment of rest and recovery for both the red sands horde and the increasingly necessary black sand clumps, the present marks another increase in conflict with a discovery of fire, found and spread by remnants of a black clump dispersed by combustion after trying to digest sable with sharpened rocks.

The raids conducted by the hordes and the extension of their range is fought back and met with little selves animated by the clumps into igniting the shrubby landscape, necessitating patrols by the Dazawks and outposts in hideouts to alert any clumping on the stone borders.

>[MA]: Develop Firestarting

The Supplicants increase their numbers as those with the Voice within them grew with how many visits the Hemmedhole as time passes. They grew militant as the horde’s raid continued on and abandoned the keeping of the hearth and digging of tunnels to lesser crawlers, now claiming to speak for the will of the Voice themselves.

>[MA] Create Unit Speakers at [9,16] with [5 POP, Emanation of the Voice, Clumping, Layering, Self-Organ, Sharpened Rocks, Rockbreaking, Featspeak, Mimicry, Echo Rod Conduit, It’s In Your Head]
>[MI] Change Unit [Supplicant-1] to [Speaker-2]

After some rest, the Word-Prophet enjoys the sights of new lands and consumption of new food, from white to red. Still hugging the coasts, the crawler constructs another tower in its God's name, with a new mark for the landscape.

>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Move to [3,6]
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Erect Pillar

The God-Echo’s satisfaction brought about reminiscing of things it has done and presided over to its conception, where it then remembers its singing. Such fear that brought it to that act hasn’t been felt since then, but now it wonders if it could do better even without it. The addition of the Storm and near-limitless repertoire of voices that the Crawlers provide would do wonders, no doubt.

>[MI][DI]: Sing
Rolled 8 (1d10)

With a roar of delighted bloodlust, the Shiver of Auvau charge across the ice, falling upon the cavalry camped out on 18,7.
File: A surprise for later.png (1.21 MB, 1080x708)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Rolled 10, 7 = 17 (2d10)


The Steel Weaver looks with some surprise at the seemingly benevolent presence before it. "I would love to have peace with the cold one, but it seems they are not interested in having peace with me. I cannot face them head-on, but I have one last tactic I wish to attempt..."

With that, The Steel Weaver departs, using it's Water Strider function for the first time since getting it's leg ripped off to take a shortcut across the lake. It's destination: 21.8, and the settlement located there. Walking up the shore to the settlement, The Steel Weaver raises it's forelimbs... And makes an impassioned plea for the shark-men to turn away from their savage and destructive patron! For those less swayed by the moralizing, references to the EBWOs superior culture are made as well.
>Rolling 2d10 for Affinity!
Meanwhile, the Falerine Cavalry are fleeing slash fighting for their lives...
>Rolling 1d10 Defense, if they live they move to 13,7

While the EBWOs are putting all that stone excavated during the construction of the mineshaft to good use...
>Major Action: Develop Masonry

Very good use indeed!
>Major Action: Create TOWN of Lavafoot using Agriculture, Masonry, and Animal Husbandry on the hex of 14.10
Be helpful if I actually rolled, ffs
Rolled 10 (1d10)

Work damn you! You worked for the 2d10!
File deleted.

More land. More grazing grounds for The Herd. The Moon-Touched Prey wanders South, its mission to claim the Thaumites a completely success. They will serve as sprites and servitors, using their magic to serve the herd well. It leaves them in their village for now, returning to the lands of its birth. There, the moon shines on isolated pockets of land, purging them of wild beasts and restarting their ecosystems. It's used to the process by now, and does so much faster.

>Unit move [God Unit] - Move to 22, 27
>Major action [DI]- Claim the circled tiles. (18, 29), (22, 28), (24, 28), and (24, 29).
>Unit move [God Unit] - Move to 23, 26
Rolled 7, 7, 7, 7 = 28 (4d10)

(The first of the 4d10 is the 2nd roll for my Shiver unit's attack. The rest is Nifo Toto's bite)

>Action 1 - (Archery? For sissies. We THROW our ammunition)
Some of the smaller sharks are getting fed up with the bullying, belittlement and exploitation by their bigger cousins. Worst of all, the larger sharks get to scarf down so much more meat, and get to inflict all sorts of cool injuries on all manner of things! This cannot stand! If only there was a way to hurt someone... FASTER.
One Auvau, a diminutive lemon-shark, decides to pursue this avenue to it's logical conclusion, chucking tridents around willy-nilly.

>Action 2 - Develop the novel concept of professional laziness.
What if you could bully something so much that it did whatever you told it to... FOREVER? No more chores, just fighting and feasting, forever!
Slavery is what you get, and it's also what the Auvau 'get', as of now. Now they just need to go bully some things...

>God Unit Action
This bloodshed, though therapeutic and a wonderful thing, isn't slaking Nifo Toto's hunger, nor his REAL bloodlust. Time to get back to the matter at hand! The hand with the spear! Aimed at the god-thing's... throat? Aimed at below the biggest mouth. That will have to do.
File: WITNESSED.jpg (1.16 MB, 1200x675)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Rolled 2, 2, 6 = 10 (3d10)


Let's see how your quads contest against... THIS! RAHHHHHH
>Move Nifo Toto to 28,15
With a triumphant shout, Nifo Toto hoists aloft his bloody prize! A chunk of divine flesh, swirling like oil on water, is now in his grasp!
He skeddadles away, keen on eating it in comfort and privacy, moving to 28,15.
File: Map turn.png (293 KB, 698x503)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
Rolled 1, 4, 5, 10, 9, 1, 7, 3, 2, 6 = 48 (10d10)


Two of the beasts take their place on either side of the great lake of Bottomrite. They combine their powers, looking at each other from across the water and pulling great roots from the earth with their haunting song.

>Unit move [Treesinger Beast 1]- Move to 23, 23
>Unit move [Treesinger Beast 3]- Move to 24, 25

The last Treesinger Beast meets the legions of crawling Moondoe at a starry clearing where their Master stands. Again, it commands them to feast from its body, taking the weakest portions of meat as their own prize. By ripping away flesh that's insufficiently suffused with divine power, the beast is made all the stronger for it. They shall take the shreds back home for the rest of the plateau to feast on, and grow their numbers.

>Unit move [Treesinger Beast 2]- Move to 23, 26
>Unit move [Moondoe]- Move to 23, 26
>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 2] - Attack the Moon-Touched Prey
>Unit action [Moondoe] - Attack the Moon-Touched Prey

First four dice are for the attacks. 2d10, take less. Next three are to resist the first attack, and the last three are to resist the second.
File: Lake.jpg (49 KB, 564x704)
49 KB

As their voices drift across the lake and send a low fog rolling across its surface, the Treesingers call upon memories of their kin from the swamps and forests. In the watery regions of the world are large rodents, who cut down trees and form homes from their bark. They may not be deer, but they're herbivores all the same, and have fallen under protection of The Herd. These ancient experiences of weaving great boughs and winding roots together are summoned once more, in order to craft a dam that blocks off access to the ocean. They weave unnatural roots across the water, causing the waters to swell and overflow when the rain eventually comes. The Thaumites, their light now changed, observe from their end of the bank, now dubbed the Shard Forest. Some of them even run forward to join the original beast, flowing into its body and forming dozens of red lights beneath the bone and wood, which pulsate like veins.

>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 1]- Build a dam between 23, 23, and 24, 25 using x2 constructions.
>Unit action [Treesinger Beast 3]- Build a dam between 23, 23, and 24, 25 using x2 constructions.

The echoes of their song cause the forest to react. It grows hungry, seeking to drink the precious water as well. With none in sight, the greatest constructs of wood, the colossal briar walls, instead begin choking out other plants and inducting them into their surface. The walls become even stronger, making it difficult for creatures to pass through. They're spiked, to harm those who attempt to cross by force, and their hunger causes them to drain the life force from those who end up ensnared in them. The crystals that the Thaumites used are also inducted in these, forming spikes sharper than purely organic matter can generate.

>Major action [Resources- Wood, Stone] [Techs- Whispering Woods, Aberrant Biosphere, Treeshaping, Crystal Trees][Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Develop Feeding Forest, and have the constructs of the Moon-Touched Prey's lands strengthen themselves and grow spikes to repel and damage invaders
Final post for the turn (hopefully)

>Share Medicinal Agriculture with SABASTIOUS
File: stone deer.png (230 KB, 294x308)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
It has been a rough month for Hephalith he had put his mind and soul into studying the daily actions behaviors and overall nature of each Volbat carving every needed necessity of these new charges into a stone boulder. It is covered in carved pictures, carved in action with various instructions and advice on what a Volbat might need in order to be comfortable. The flighty nature of these creatures demands slow movements and non-threatening postures but if you succeed in gaining these beasts trust you gain the strength of the shoel.
>Develop [MA] DI Animal Husbandry to care for Volbats the dragons of the sandy sea
File: brx-donohoo-desertvillage.jpg (502 KB, 1920x1156)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
As the mortal gargoyles continue to perfect their skills they feel brave enough to create a better quality living space better insulated from the scorching heat and the occasional sand storm. The begin to carve blueprints of a town chiseling their design onto stone with their strong stone claws. They begin to gather wood, stone, and fibers from the oasis applying what they had learned in the act of creation. here and there using their own Geokinesis to create foundations and plots for farmland small primitive water channels for rain. Stone brick walls to allow the structure a greater amount of protection from the harsh winds of the desert making small clay plant pots to allow for decoration and tall fake trees of stone to allow for Volbats to properly roost. Hephalith watched them work keeping a distance as they finally finished a town they had made for themselves. Beaming in pride Hephalith walked towards the leader of this workforce and asked what name did they choose for this place? The oasis isle a simple name for a simple beginings
>Develop [MA] Create Town (Agriculture, Masonry, and Animal Husbandry) Oasis isle upon the starting hex 6,18
File: Total War Autism.png (858 KB, 1247x746)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
Rolled 10, 3, 4, 9, 9, 7 = 42 (6d10)


DEMON HORSE's Manes are well known for the painful hellfire that course around them. However, more recent empirical study has uncovered the fact that the powers and manes of a DEMON HORSE expand with the more suffering and sin are around them. While this obviously has it's applications in war, where bloodshed, wrath, and suffering are in abundance, the Mohawkers quickly find new ways to work the world around them with this. By utilizing the sinful and sado-masochistic properties of their constitutes, it is easy to artificially create a large enough amount of sin in an area to raise the heat of the fires to melt metal. Whenever a Mohawker discovers a suitably large deposit of oltar, they soon gather various slaves and wire whips to spur and stoke the flames of their mounts into a powerful crucible. Learning to make objects far tougher than they've ever known before.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - MANES OF TORMENTORS DELIGHT - Alt Metalurgy + MANES OF FLAME buff. Sin and Suffering near a DEMON HORSE raises the heat and pain the hellfires inflict to those not Pact-bound.
Using: Domain: DEMON HORSES, Tech: MANES OF FLAME, DEMON HORSES, the masochistic and sadistic ways of the Subdomons and the Voidspawn, or whatever slaves are in the area.

Meanwhile, as Bow, Lance, and Whip are raised to wage war across the lands of botomrite, even more are called by the pounding hoofbeats of war.
>Major: [Spawn Unit] - Voidhawkers - On Ramperdam Warband. (<19,21>)

>Unit Bullshit:
THE FIRST RIDER and Pladoma run up to <15,24> to stab the shit out of Nardu while he's being restrained in SABASTIOUS' jaws. First and Second dice.
Pladoma will go back north to <16,23>
SABASTIOUS moves to <12,26>, moving at half speed because of the grapple
The older Voidhawkers on <19,21> will move to <22,22> and attack the Skaldlings Settlement. Third Dice

The Voidhawkers and Raidhawkers on <32,21> will both go across the mountains thanks to the HELLISH SUMPTERS to reach the Swordling village at <30,24>Attacking and raiding it for all it's worth.
Let the Voidborn get their revenge for their god, and show the might of the DEMON HORSE's crede. Fourth dice for Voidhawkers
>If the Voidhawkers don't kill the settlement, Raidhawkers will follow up. Fifth and Six (take lower) for the Raidhawkers. Though the lack of any defense upgrades should make this a full settlement wipe regardless of rolls.
>If the Voidhawkers do kill the settlement, the Raidhawkers will do as they are ought to, and raid the shit out of the remains for any final treasure troves of SWORDS.

Ramperdam Warband settlement moves from <19,21> to <16,23>
Mortagon Warband settlement moves from <24,29> to <21,28>

>Minor Action: Dismantle The Screaming Prism (with the help of Mohawker's minion ability if need be). Similar to the exodus of claimed land, we're removing a settlement from play, as well as any ruins.
Rolled 7, 8, 1, 4, 3 = 23 (5d10)


>MA: Oltar Metallurgy

The Damm’ta find themselves unimpeded by sheriruths grand projects for the first time in… perhaps ever.

They analyse the limbforge and it’s curious divinely inspired structures, learning years of metallurgical inspiration in weeks. Before too long they find themselves able to wield lava to heat metal, and shape it how they desire.

>MA + Clay Limbs + Metallurgy + Limbforge III: Oltar Limbs

The age of clay is over, through the inspired use of the limbforge limbs of sable Oltar metal are shaped. Stronger, unyielding designs, they more precise, far more deadly.

The limbforge produces all manner of new limb in myriad forms, it’s capacity sufficient to literally arm the entire population.

>MI: Trade Metallurgy to ardonash. Ardonash trades Swords in return.

>DI: Wrench ardonash from the ground and wield him against the machine god, attacking it

Sheriruth draws his most trusted instrument and wields him in battle for the first time in a very, very long time. Plucking the sword from its mysterious basking sheriruth spirits him to a graveyard of limbs where the being of destruction appears to be making its stand against Sheriruth, denying his wishes.

>MI: Reptile masons x2: Move and attack the machine god (11 strength due to primeval reversion)

Both reptile masons move to Sheriruths hex and begin mutating, flesh sloughing and shifting as their stony bodies crack free of their shells, limbs and heads reforming with sinewy coiled musculature.

At the end stand the pre-curse instruments of sheriruths will, standing beside hordes and hordes of ravenous monstrous beasts.

The naked and equipment-less Minions and Monsters charge at sheriruths order, flinging themselves into combat against the Titan.

>Communicate: Unknown


>One minor movement correction on further thought:
Pladoma will ride with SABASTIOUS over to the island along with the rest of the party bus.

>For ease of MOP Processing, those rolls are:
10 for THE FIRST RIDER's attack against Nardu
3 for Pladoma's attack against Nardu
4 for Voidhawker's attack against the Skadling settlement
9 for the Voidhawker's attack against the Cut-spawn settlement
(9 , 7) -> 7 for the Raidhawker's potential attack against the Cut-Spawn Settlement.

Botomrite, a land of constant bloodshed and strife since the first formation of the gods. SABASTIOUS, a god of unbridled devastation, first of whom to assault another of their kind. First of whom to kill another of their kin.
Such truths had been engraved into the very lands with the ichor of gods and marching of mortals. The Mohawkers and their demonic mounts stayed true to their god, for such righteous ways to live in total freedom could never be truly matched. None shall bind them to the crumbling lands of this dying earth, they will be free and wild in the saddle, plundering and carousing till the end of days. Only the strongest and most cunning may thrive and rule among their kind. Or the most convincing, the most determined, the most ruthless. Such as the newly introduced Voidspawn.

With their old god dead, the Voidspawn have languished away in the desert wastes of their homeland. Large gouges left by THE SWORD and the uprooted flesh sheath are perpetual reminders of their divine punishments and scars to their pride. But one day, came the horsemen of the apocalyptic destrider. One day, came the Mohawkers, spreading the RIGHTEOUS CREED. Bringing the DEMON HORSES and their infernal pacts. Providing them with a means of getting even. The Voidspawn, who's umbrage, indignation, and rage finally lit the powder keg of Mohawker society into full on warfare. No longer shall they idle by, sending out occasional raids against their neighbors. Or watch as the DEMON HORSE Himself leads the charge of divine war with his two champions in tow. They shall fight. The Skaldlings to the West, and Cut-Spawn to the east. Innocent's cries will ride out across the winds to bless Him with their suffering.

From the Screaming Prism, the entire populace had picked themselves up over night. Tearing down their homes and house, they never looked back as they rode off on their new steeds and companions on this journey of a life time. Following the spurring of demons and the promise of freedom and revenge, they rode towards the west, climbing up previously unassailable mountain paths, until they came upon the Cut-spawn, their eternal rivals. With flaming bows and lances of the mohawkers; and whips, chains, and scythes of the Voidspawn; they got to work fulfilling their gluttonous vengeance.
On that day, the mountains did not shed rivers of spring water or snowmelt; they cried waterfalls of blood.

I salute such quads of war.
Seeing as Nil is active again (on the discord at least)...

One day, an EBWO tinkering with a primitive, muscle-driven machine sees a Riath spying on them. Feeling neighborly, the EBWO invites them to help, and to learn. And while the knowledge this Riath takes back is somewhat simplified, the more outlandish feats of arm- or pedal-powered engineering only possible thanks to The Machine God's blessing, the underlying principles remain sound.
>Minor Action: Give Nil Wheeled Vehicles (non-DI version of existing DI tech [Simple Machines])
The ever increasing conflict of the world outside causes Nil great concern from what he sees, isolated within the mists of his forests. It's once again time to force some innovation into his people, as well as that of his sole ally. They'll be needed soon, if things continue as they are.

>Action 1: Develop [MA]
Finally taking advantage of the fog covered shores both to the north and the south, as well as any smaller rivers criss-crossing through the woodlands, the Riath take to expanding their diet through judicious use of their spears outside of their intended military use. Originally developed done by many individual Riath, it took far longer than usual for the concept of actively hunting for fish to become anything more than an impractical luxury due to these individuals' belief that the water bound bounties were gifts from Nil for their devotion, and thus were their duty to keep a secret.
>Spear Fishing is eveloped.

>Action 2: Develop [MA]
Seeing as these men and women considered themselves so 'blessed' by him, Nil decided to make use of them, giving a divine mandate that as a reward for their innovation with the spear, they shall be granted the right to work further on their uses for the benefit of the Riath as a whole. They were promptly sealed within dedicated battle theaters and forbid to leave until they displayed battle techniques useful enough to impress Nil himself. Surprisingly enough, they took to it with great fervour, which led many a stagewright and his troupe to join them and compete for their god's favour, allowing for much practice of proper tactics against real foes.
>Military Tactics are developed.
>Action 3: Develop [MA] [DI]
The new muscle powered transport created by the Spider's servants greatly interests the mistborn, who take to it with gusto and instantly set their craftsmen to work on creating more and different versions of it. Nil himself recognizes their immense usefulness, and makes use of them instantly. He delivers his people a divine mandate, that the Machine God's creations have been trustworthy allies for eons, and with this last gift, it has at last become time to officiate their exchanges of technology and resources. With practiced rituals and plays focusing on their friendship through the years, the Wolf God excercises his power, extending the space-warping properties of Heolig in an extremely specific and linear route through his lands to the border of the fog, almost directly next to Northwood. He bids his servants to go forth and instruct the EBWOs on how to traverse it, sharing the secret with only the Steel-Weaver's most trusted and favoured, allowing them to cross the distance between their capitals at a rapid pace.
>A Trade Route is created between Heolig and Northwood

>Action 4: Share Technology [MA]
With this trade route established, Nil makes up for lost time, ordering his emissaries to offer the EBWOs a display of both power and friendship, showing off their weapons and hide armour in technical displays and intricate battle scenes and organizing great feasts of fish and crustaceans. Offering the knowledge required to "catch up to them" to their allies freely, the Riath leave behind experienced tacticians, craftsmen and fishermen who wish to spread the good word of their lord and are willing to suffer the curse of clean air and unceasing sunlight.
>Hide Armour, Military Tactics and Spear Fishing are shared with Steel-Weaver.

Free from the influence of the... Tree? Growth? Sickness? Silure is suddenly made aware of something even more dreadful. The Star-like influence close to the south died out.

It was not sudden. Their power was waning, and finally their end happened, Silure had done nothing to try and change that fate but still... Even if they were not a kin, that being was marked by the powers of Stars. It was only proper to go with haste to ensure that this power did not fall in undeserving hands. Taking only the time to warn the Beykarres to not approach the area, Silure ready himself for the depart.

>DI + MI + 1HP [Move] Traveling Star
First and foremost Silure is a Traveling star. Distance is nothing but a few burns. The Star stop and concentrate, a shine emanating from it, more and more brilliant until Silure take off at full speed to [11.25] !

>MA [Develop] - Sailing
The Beykarres hold great knowledge of weaving, ropes and sails are second nature to them. Now that a coastal village has been established they quickly get to craft boats and learn using them at once.

>MA - [Develop] Reflection basin.
Boats are not the only things being built in Allegro. The Star had asked the Beykarres to create a special place beyond the water edge.
A basin made of the whitest stone they had. A flat surface on the sea, with a circular hole made to allow the water to rush and fill it, Columns and bench disposed regularly on the edge, with a single stone path linking it to the beach.
The Beykarres at first did not understand the purpose of the construction. Why make a basin of water in the middle of even more water? But then Night came. As the sun last ray disappeared and the stars started to shine above, the waves in the basin died out. An eerily stillness taking old of the water. The light inside the basin twisting. The reflections making even the faintest star shine bright.
It had been a good day his children have been celebrating their new home with a flourish, not having any form of instrument to play many took to smashing rocks together to produce a song while others would sing along. Hephalith was not in the center but off to the side of the celebration staring off into the night sky, eventually he notices the presence of the star gif rapidly approaching only to disappear into the void again, he looks up to see a streak of starlight whatever Silure is attempting it would seem to be time sensitive. Hephalith utters a prayer to the Celtic gods to protect them in their task
“Star god” apparently autocorrect is acting up
File: NEURALSYNAPSES.jpg (114 KB, 530x799)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
The Champion of Light snarls in disappointment to watch the cowardly sea-thing leave so early, but a grimace crawls across his face in realization. This is an outcome the God of Carnage can work with in great pleasure. However, the power displayed by the PORTENTS OF CALAMITY has been a grand disappointment too, one which shall not remain for long.

>The Sacrificial Class will sacrifice 1 pop this epoch.

>Develop [DI]: Targeting Synapses - Carn'aath and the Pyromasoners works upon the brains of the PORTENTS OF CALAMITY, fine-tuning their senses and efficiency into improved accuracy and manifestation of the raw power gifted to them by The Great Luminescence. Manipulating the feeble yet articulate minds of these beasts comes with incredible lessons in the methods of determining angles, trajectory, and a deeper understanding of physics that enlightens the serfs with other ideas... Their perfection will take much more work, but in time they will strike fear into even the most formidable of foes.

>Develop: Concrete [Basalt] - After countless years of struggle to seek enhanced security of the flesh walls and structures that encase the Soul Well, The Enlightened Class and Pyromasoners grew discouraged. But following the previous epoch's introduction of trade with The Artist, the porous rocks of the great volcano appears to have fulfilled the missing ingredient they grew so desperate for. And with such, the Pyromasoners construct a new miracle, as every wall and building is reconstructed and reinforced with this wonder of defensive capability!

>Unit Interact [THE ARCHITECT] [1 SP]: Take the wall of flesh south, along the western edge of (26,17), and (26,18).

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