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A Homebrew D&D 5E Adventure.

It has been 100 years since, ancient beings, known as the Old Ones, walked the Earth with their two strong feet. It is unknown how they died off. But now they are gone and we animals now rule the remains that they left behind. With our new knowledge of sword and sorcery, we were able to survive in peace for a while, but then came the three factions.
The Apes: Strong giants, claiming to be as just as the old ones and believe they should be the ones to rule over the new world.
The Pigs: An intellectual but slothful group who wish to rule the world with an iron hoof and remain kings while the others remained as dumb animals.
Then there the Lizards: A fast and large group that want to set the world a blaze. Trying to forget the harsh past that the old ones left.
All three sides wishing to go war and destroy one another to bring in what they believe to be true peace.
But, unbeknownst to everyone, there was another group. One that was trying their best to find a way to heal everyone. To bring back order.
You found it.... and now you are taking care of it.

Previous Quests: https://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Rise%20of%20the%20Awakened
File: Use this.pdf (38 KB, PDF)
38 KB
>Mog and Kinny arrive in the town of Xana to find quick work.
>The duo get hired by a pig named Boaris Tweed to steal something from the Elder's barn.
>Eventually the group soon hire a group of cat smugglers lead by a female named, Bobby.
>After many roadbumps the group soon find the treasure.
>Strange pods containing something known as a Human.
>The take the human, a few other trinkets they found in the barn, and a mouse hostage.
>They meet up in the forest where Tweed agreed to meet up, only to be eaten by a giant praying mantis.
>Mog and Kinny kill it with a bit of ease.
>Soon the group then finds themselves in a new location after days of traveling.
>A city in ruins that belonged to the old ones.
>A city... that the Human recognizes.

How to build a character is in the attatched PDF.
File: Mog6 2nd session.png (209 KB, 685x894)
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209 KB PNG
Uh, QM, are we meant to post now and continue where we left off or are you writing up a big story post?
Sorry about that. I'll continue the story next post. Family needs my help moving stuff for a reletive.
In the meantime.
Cleric or Sorcerer?
File: 1670795688056.gif (579 KB, 480x480)
579 KB
579 KB GIF
QM is a sloth confirmed.
I probably won't be present tonight (for long) cause reasons. Cause it's late and I'm only alive thanks to unhealthy amount of psytrance.
Ah, okay, take your time.

Uh...is this for an NPC we are gonna meet or something? I guess we could use a proper healer, but on the other hand we could also use someone who can actually affect the battlefield with arcane magic. I guess I can act as a weak healer for now, it isn't like combat has exactly been hard so far. I pick Sorcerer, I guess.

Sleep well. I guess we'll continue properly on Tuesday after QM gets the initial posts out.
Again I am sorry. I thought it was only going to be church and that was it. The family and I then ate lunch and then we were told to help move some stuff around due to someone coming. I thought it would be fast.

>The city looked to be as if it were in ruins.
>Nothing looked as if would work well.
>Not even the metal carriages.
>Still not a shabby place.
>Too big for any group of animals to live in though.
>You would need a huge herd to keep this place afloat.
>As you continue to explore and look around the ruins, the human continues muttering to herself.
"That building was the old arcade... and that was the grocery store my pops sold vegetables to. That spot would be where that old drunk hobo would hang around at night, he used to play bongos for money and sing. It's all in ruin... Everything is ruined."
>She seems upset.
>You can easily tell by the tone of her voice.
>And now by the fact she was now trying to break her restraints from the chair.
"Hey! Hey! Wolfwalker! Cait Sith! Let me out of this chair!! I have to check on something! Please let me out!"
Do you let her out of the chair or do you keep her strapped in?
As the group made their way deeper into the city, Kinny curiously looked around. All the tall buildings around him looked very tempting and big, boxy trashcans offered an easy way to climb up the lower roofs. And all the things he could find inside these abandoned structures! Yes, the cat rogue was almost certain he has found heaven.
"Ew, vegetables." Kinny absentmindedly responded to the human's monologue, busy scanning the nearby roofs for a good vantage point, but just seconds later he was back on earth and actively backpedaling away from the human rattling in her wheelchair. "Hiss- Why don't you calm down and tell us where to go insstead?" Kinny did NOT like the idea of letting their (rather imposing, for his size) captive out of restraints.

shall i roll percepshon
No worries, it happens. Sorry for the late reply, I stepped away to do some chores for a bit because I wasn't sure if we were continuing today.

Mog looked around with naked awe. It wasn't as if the rapturous sight of what came before overtaken by nature was a particularly rare sight. The real beauty of the scene to the old wolf was the image of what could be. This was close to what Mog wanted, a quiet, green place, with conveniences of what came before easing life but not consuming it under the greedy desire for excess, a place free from war.

He was taken out of his reverie - which he was briefly swept up by every time they passed through a greenery overrun city - by the struggling of their now-constant nuisance. Nodding along with Kinny's wisdom on the matter of vegetables Mog spoke up "Hey! Don't you start fussing about now and makin' trouble for us. Just do as Kinny says and point us where you wanna go. We'll let you walk about and stretch your legs once we're sure your not gonna run off on us."

>Assisting Kinny with his Persuasion roll.
Rolled 13, 14 + 5 = 32 (2d20 + 5)

When Mog joined the effort to calm the hooman down, Kinny doubled down on the idea. "Yeah, just tell us the way and the wolf-powered wheelchair will take you there." The cat then pointed at a nearby wreck, a rusty, mossy thing that was sure as hell not going anywhere. "And honestly, you should be grateful for our service, seems like all the other means of travel are dead here." He finished and looked at Mog, hoping the wolf could tackle their prisoner if she decide to free herself after all.

>Rolling Persuasion
File: 1670802387690.gif (116 KB, 195x146)
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116 KB GIF
Prisoner suppressed.
Looks like OP's gone for a while, I'll be going to sleep then. Goodnight and cya on Toosday
G'night, take care. See you Tuesday.
Sorry again.
Will continue on Tuesday.
Also nice Rolls Kinny.
Thank you
By the way how are the (OP) and the first post? Did they work well for you guys?
I'd have moved the 'A homebrew D&D 5E adventure' bit to the bottom. The first two sentences are repetitive sounding due to starting with 'it' both times, a common writing sin, I do it all the time. Otherwise the writing isn't the best, but it's serviceable for this adventure.

Anyways I came to apologize because something came up and I won't be able to make today's session until way later in the afternoon. It'd probably be best to delay it until next week. Sorry for the last minute nature of this notification.
It's OK Friend. I understand.
File: 1661549113073.jpg (67 KB, 500x375)
67 KB
I should be very mich so available this Tuesday.
I should be available on Tuesday as well, assuming no emergencies or sudden issues pop up on my end.
Sounds like went from "thread weekly" to "thread maybe", lol

It happens. Considering this 'quest' is more like a forum role-play and is literally just an online DnD game it is to be expected for some sessions to be missed and for the game to not continue if there are only three players, one of whom is the DM and someone can't make it.
Here's hoping for a good session tomorrow.
I'll be there, more or less on time, nothing has changed on my end.
>The human then sighs.
>She really is in no position to make demands like being free from her wheelchair.
>Still they were willing to let her go anywhere.
>Provided if she didn't try anything funny.
"Fine. I just need to go to two places here. The first stop being any clothes shop you can find around here. I'm tired of just wearing this thin bra and underwear you found me in. Makes me feel naked. Should be a few around this area."
>You do see a few shops around here.
>You can't read what any of the signs say.
>They are all in some ancient text you can not read.
>Still you can choose between them.
>or you could just figure out where the other place she wants to go to first.
Which one do you think is the best option.
File: 1671550795034.jpg (155 KB, 500x554)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Kinny's expression changes for a moment as he rubs his massive braincells together and then he takes Mog to the side to propose his idea "I don't know what clothes those furless hoomans might like to wear, but I saw one shop with shiny bodysuits and if I know anything about women, it's that they like shiny things. One of us should go there and bring something, no sense in leading the wheelchair all the way back." The black cat points in the direction of a BDSM shop down the street they passed by just a couple minutes ago.
I'm here, sorry for being a bit late. Catching up and writing now.
Sorry again for the delay, got distracted by a tree branching snapping and falling through one of the windows. Also, kinda weird to put a child(?) in BDSM gear, but w/e, it isn't like us animals know anything about clothes anyhow

Mog was struck by a brief existential crisis. 'Why would the human care about being naked? Aren't we all naked usually, armour aside? Is this an Old Ones thing? Some ancient secret to their power and civilization? Oh, Gods, are we uncivilized?!' he thought. Thankfully Kinny brought him out of his internal hysteria with an equally externally hysterical line of thinking.

"Sure thing Kinny. I'll stay here with the two other smugglers I guess, you can take Bobby and select something nice. You two rogues are probably best suited to pick something out. I dunno what it is with you rogues and skintight clothes but I guess you know how to pick them, must be a cat thing, they do call them catsuits for a reason after all." Mog half rambled, half muttered back.
Fuck, I forgot she's supposed to be a teenager like 3 weeks ago. Love how Mog immediately knows those are called catsuits lol.
"Good thinking, we'll be back in the blink of an eye." Kinny said with some relief. He was glad he wasn't the one who'll stay guard the human. "Alright," the cat said as he turned towards the Bobtail, "let's go get this hooman something nice to wear, there's a few shops down the street where we came from."
> got distracted by a tree branching snapping and falling through one of the windows.
Are you okay? No one got injured from that right?

>The human clearly was protesting the idea but again nothing she could really do about it.
>Bobby soon followed Kinny to get the new suit.
"Are you sure that something tight would even look good on her? Seems like a waste of a suit if you ask me. But then again, who am I to just what an Old One considers to be good armor? For all we know it could be ritualistic thing."
>Bobby continues talking with Kinny about the subject on the way to the store.
>Once you look around you see a plethora of items of apperal.
>Several pants, shirts, undergarments, shoes, and even that leather suit you mentioned.
What do you go for Kinny?

>Meanwhile Mog was stuck with the human for a while.
>The other two smugglers are still afraid of her.
>Thinking she would still be able to to cast some ancient evil curse upon them.
>She sighs for a bit.
>She looks over to Mog.
"Alright Wolfwalker. Explain to me exactly what's happening. Am I dead and this is some sort of purgatory or am I really alive and woke up about a thousand years after 1999? I personally think the former still sounds like the more correct answer."
How do you respond Mog?
"You make a fair point and we might have issues putting something like that on her anyway. Let's look for something more... loose-fitting." The cats then proceeded to dig through half-devastated shelves to find a pair of riding shoes, a long-sleeved shirt and baggy pants.
Naturally, Kinny is driven towards rich-looking items, if there's any. The kind of shit you'd be embarassed to wear because it's just too much.
Roll me perception to try and spot rich items.
Rolled 9 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>You find strange memorabilia to say the least.
>Odd strange men in tight uniforms.
>Some flying, some swinging on a rope, and some flying strange vehicles with wings.
>Other things you find are several cases with a bunch of men walking down a road, one of them wearing no garments on their feet at all.
>Definitely a strange sight indeed.
>There also seems to be an obsession with this store about a strange skeletal man wearing all black.
>Must be some sort of idol thess Old Ones worshipped.
>Guess even the Old Ones had gods of their own.
>Bobby soon noticed something herself.
"Kinny... do you think the Hoomans favored all feline kind?"
>She asked her partner as she stared at the several figurines, pictures, and even statues of them.
>All with different writing above and below them.
>There were even some cat features drawn onto an exagerated drawing of an old one.
"Do you think the human we have secretly worships us like this?"
Rolled 6, 15 + 8 = 29 (2d20 + 8)

It was a downstairs window that broke, I'm upstairs, so I and thankfully no one else was hurt. There's glass everywhere though and we'll have to get a new window, plus there's cold winter air and snow coming in through the gap now

Mog was bewildered with the strange delusions of this ancient being. Clearly she was not in purgatory. Purgatory was where the souls of birds went after they died. Their bodies fell from the sky to earth and rejoined the Roots Below, their souls attempted to return to the Moon Above but since their souls were light, fluffy, and easily dispersed like the feathers of their wings they were caught in the solar winds of the Great Maelstrom between Heaven and Earth and lost to Purgatory until such a time that either a Heavenly Messenger in the form of the highest flying birds came to retrieve them or until a necromancer drew their soul back down to earth to reside in their corpse so paladins like Mog could break their cage and mold their souls with the proper blessings to give them a better chance to make it back to the Moon.

He told her as such, with exacting detail about her mistaken metaphysical beliefs. He wasn't the most learned of wolves, he learned what he could from the faltering memory of his parents - taken from this good earth too soon by rapacious Apes - and his chaplain from his unit in the army, but he knew these core tenets of his faith.

It was good to have someone to discuss these matters with, Kinny usually wasn't the sort to care and El-Reed was left behind, and even then he was drunk most of the time when he wasn't ranting about how Old One druids raped his mum or something. Before he got carried away talking with the human about her beliefs and ancient wisdom he remembered to answer the second part of her question.

"Also, not only are you direly misinformed on the nature of the heavens, but your imagination as regards to the time are sorely mistaken as well, young pup." Mog started before pausing to sit on his hind legs and fix the red-headed human with a serious stare before beginning his next lecture.

"Why, it has been only 100 years since you Old Ones walked the earth. So, that'd make the date 100 Post-Extinction, or something like 86 After-Birth if you go by the birth of the first emperor, we're on the second...or was it the...third... emperor so far, not my emperor by the way, ahem, so going by the date you gave I guess that might make it 2099. By the gods, that means the new century is just around the corner, if your age was the twilight of an entire millennia, the end of an era even, then this is end of the beginning of our new era! I wonder what it will herald?"

As quickly as he began, the old wolf petered off. He was thirsty from all the talking. "So, now that you are properly informed, what do'ya say to that, human?" he queried, before grabbing his waterskin for a drink.

>2 rolls just 4 fun. 1st for Religion to correctly recall the details of Mog's faith, 2nd-
Can I get an image of what we found? Like it's really not clear to me whether we found fucking gundam figures or clothing mannequins, lol.
What in the fuck man.
Ran out the word count limit

-2nd roll to actually convey and Persuade her of the truth of what I'm saying regardless of if what I'm saying is actually accurate to my faith or what she knows. Who knows, maybe she'll abandon her strange heretical human ways and convert to the true faith!? Religion is +0, Persuasion is +8.
What did I do? Did I take too long?
Naah, it's just the window. I initially skipped it cause it sounded so random and absurd I thought I must've misread something.I love the post, it's perfect lmao. If only I was in the right mindset to write decently all the time, damn.
Taking a break for lunch, I'll be back in an hour or so.
Ah, you must live somewhere where it doesn't snow much or there aren't trees right next to where you live. Because it snowed the tree branch couldn't take the weight and they snapped. Shit has been falling all week, heavy shit too, to the point where it disturbs my sleep because I feel like a log-sized branch is gonna come crashing through our roof at any time due to how loud it sounds. Though, where I live isn't nearly as bad as the rest of the country for snow. Also, thanks for the compliment. I only wish I could write better and faster than I do, taking an hour to write 3000 words isn't great. If I was still proficient then I could bust out 10000 words in an hour, alas I elected to waste my life in a lab instead of continuing to write.
File: DNWR_Felicia_02.png (126 KB, 250x352)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Rolled 13 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>She didn't quite get his religion.
>But she could tell it was the basics of what he believed.
>At least an inkling.
>What she was more concerned about was the talk of her world now.
>Has it really been 100 years since the last human walked on the Earth?
>But how can that be?
>Did they all die out?
>If so, how did she survive.
"There has to be more."
>She says to him, a bit afraid of what he said.
"General Harvey said everyone would be safe in this city's bunker. He promised me that my younger brother would survive from anything the Draconians would even dare try to use as an attack.
>She looked a bit worried.
"I have to get out of here! I have to get to the bunker!!"
>She tries struggling her ways out of the wheelchair.
>Trying her best to get out of her bindings.

>Rolling Athletics.

The image of what you found Master Kinny
File: Spoiler Image (84 KB, 789x636)
84 KB
>After a few struggles she soon finds herself becoming free.
>Breaking the hempen rope that bound her to the wheelchair for the past few days.
>She tries running away to this bunker she mentioned.
>Though she would have trouble doing so.
>Several days without walking will definitely have an effect on your legs.
>She wobbles for a bit before finally falling down.
>She would soon try crawling her way there.
>But it didn't really help her travel far.
>Seems all her adrenaline went to breaking her binds.
>Still she could still be a threat.
>Doesn't help that Bobby's two cohorts were comedically screaming in terror as they held each other.
So Mog do you try putting her back in the chair or do you help her up?

Here are the stats to your new LV 1 Sorcerer.
>Bobby looks at the statue of the strange cat lady with you Kinny.
"Are you wanting to carry this or something? We could sell it as a historic idol the Old Ones worshiped. Might take a lot of convincing though. Still could be worth it dealing with how big it is. What do you say Kinny?"
Do you take the risk Kinny?
Kinny looked at the figures with confusion. "What the... I thought this was a clothes shop, not... church?" The cat carefully sniffed one of the curious cat-human hybrids and once he smelled plastic, he gently tapped it with his paw, causing it to fall over. "Well, at least these things don't seem to be a threat."
The rogue pocketed a couple cat figures to later show it to their hooman, while Bobby asked her question. "Who knows, maybe they have? The one we've got seems to be lacking in the cat-worship department, though. Maybe it's because she's still a cub?" Kinny thought aloud before pointing at the picture they found. "These things kinda freak me out though. What if they are based on real creatures? Is this even possible?"
The cat's fur stood up when he imagined being merged with a hairless monkey on two legs, before being brought down to earth by Bobtail. "Sure, but we split the profits evenly. Let's grab the items and get out of here, we shouldn't keep the rest waiting."
There are no branches hanging over roof windows here, yeah. Honestly kinda sounds like bad planning.
lol, the window isn't roof, but yeah, the whole area has trees alongside if not outright growing right inside the plots here. Also, wtf even human teenagers really are superpowered compared to us animals, like, even a bear would probably be weaker than a human adolescent. Guess they really are special and not just normal humans.

"Y-your younger brother...?" Mog started to ask just as the young ancient began struggling hopelessly against her bonds for the oomphteenth time. "H-h-hey, you've already tried that a bajillion times, you aren't gonna manage to-"

She broke free.

What the fuck...

She must be stronger than an Ape or a Bear.

"Snap outta it you two! Grab her chair and bring it along." Mog snapped at Bobby's paranoid henchcats, doing his best to imitate his drill sergeant.

Walking over and around so that he was in front of the now prone girl, he sat back on his hind legs and gave her a quizzical look with a tilt of his head.

"Now, where did that get you?" he drawled lazily, his tongue lolling out as he casually licked his lips.

After a moment's deliberation he continued "Fine, we'll go to this bunker of yours, you can walk under your own power there, stretch your legs. I'll help you up."

Before she could move or answer he snapped his jaws loudly several times to cut her off, then looked around briefly, eyes always on a swivel for predators. "In return you are not gonna run away, you are gonna fill me in on this stuff about a bunker and what's in there, and your brother, and this 'General Harvey' and this stuff about 'Draconians', all of it, leave nothing out. Now, get up. I'll help you." he said, laying out how things were gonna be while they did this.

Without waiting to see if she agreed or not he looked over to the two cats and yelled "Hey, one of you go tell your boss and Kinny that the girl broke free. I've agreed to take her to an Old One 'bunker' that she wants to go to. Sounds like her brother will be there, probably lots of Old One treasure too. The other one of you two will follow me with the wheelchair. If you can't find us then just follow the sound of my voice, I'll howl once every few minutes, we'll walk slowly. Now, snap to it!"

Orders given, Mog bit gently into the girl's shoulder and taking care not to hurt her, tried to tug her up. He'd try and let her lean on him if she couldn't stand, if she had to then she could crawl alongside him if need be, or get back in her chair.

Another week, another gig. This Old One bunker sounded like it had the stuff to pay the bills. Mog just hoped it wasn't riddled with Old One traps, or perhaps worse, looter pigs and lizard arsonists.
Rather, there isn't a window on the roof, aside from a skylight over the stairs, but not the whole roof. The window that broke was downstairs, near one of the trees.

Let me know if I need to roll to persuade the human to cooperate or to wrangle Bobby's subordinates for the...however many times.
She has my 6d20 and +1 to every stat.
Yeah idk please post photos and give us your precise geographical coordinates so I can verify. And steal your fridge.
Persuasion not necessary. They are cowards.
And Kinny you are only about three stores down. About 1 mile away.

>Bobby grabs a few small figures and pictures as well.
>Maybe if they were lucky they could figure out what these could be dieties of with the help of the human.
>They soon started heading out.
>What they didn't expect was Bobby's men running towards them.
>Screaming about how the old one escaped.
>They mention how Mog is still with her though.
>Bobby looks towards Kinny.
"Kinny catch up with Mog. You two idiots help me raid this fucking store while the real males go handle the old one. And be sure to give her those clothes."

>The woman then looked over to the wolf.
"I accept your offer."
>She says.
>As she is lifted up she begins telling you about the Draconians and General Harvey.
"It all began in 1947 over at Roswell New Mexico. We were visited from beings that came from space known as the Draconians. They were looking for a new home. The last one they were on was overpopulated and polluted. So they asked to stay on Earth. In return for letting they would give us technology years advanced compared to ours. We were stupid enough to let it happen. Things were fine for the first ten years. At least that's what my pa said. Then came the incidents. One where a Draconian at a child over at New York. Another happened at Scotland where it was discovered they were finding humans literally being disceted live. Finally the burning down of Russia. That was when our military leader, General Harvey, decided to have us all engage with enemy. They were surprisingly weak thanks to the upgraded weapons that Dr Niklas gave us. Shot bullet made of ice. They were very weak to being cold. I think it was confirmed that we were winning and then.... I... I... I actually don't remember. Everything else was kind of a white flash. Last thing I remember was General Harvey giving all the cadets a prep talk. I should know, I was there. He really knew how to give out a speech. Told us to really give it one for to those scaly bastards. Other than that nothing. I am willing to answer more questions if you want though."
Kinny got startled by the cat smuggler and was ready to pounce, but once he made sense out of his tirade he was left dumbfounded for the second time. "She WHAT?" Despite being wary of the human, hearing that she actually DID break free came as a small shock to him. "And you BOTH left him with her alone?!" He snapped at the cowardly cats. He'd think Mog would tell one of them to stay and help.
"Alright, just don't take too long here. The big prize is her, not the Old Ones' toys." Kinny packed the clothes onto his backpack and tied the shoes to his rope before setting off in the Mog's howl direction.
An actually spooky alien story, nice.
Mog's jaw dropped listening to the Old One immediately confess to her elder's wilfully inviting demons onto the surface of their home. After a moment to recollect himself he resumed walking, this time with a stumble and a more pronounced limp. As he did so he mused out loud his thoughts, stream-of-consciousness style.

"Mmmmm, don't know where that is...mmmhhmm, space demons from the Outer Dark beyond the Moon Above, the Great Maelstrom and the Sun...heresy....hmmmhhmmm, sounds like you humans weren't so wise after all, more like arrogant, letting in demons onto the earth. Really, was any of your technology your own? Or were all these big buildings and funny machines the work of these demons?" he mumbled.

Mog nodded along, noncomprehending. It was stupefying, listening to the human child further detail the draconians eating...or had...a child - it wasn't clear to Mog what she said exactly, she did a bit of mumbling herself - presumably a human child, which was supposed to be the shocking bit but really wasn't because animals ate each other all the time, and later dissected humans and burned down a country(?), which was the actually shocking thing.

"They must not have been very strong if you could kill them slingshots and bullets made out of ice, everyone knows ice is a weak material. I could probably kill twenty 'draconians' myself if they are that weak." Mog boasted.

Then Mog noticed something odd that the not-so-wise Old One said. "Wait, cadets...were you a child soldier? What sort of horrible society forces their pups to wage war? Even the three Factions don't do that...most of the time anyhow. Moon Above and Roots Below, maybe you people deserved to die off.

The human continued her recollections of the past, either undaunted by Mog's provocative words or determined to at least finish recalling everything before she gave Mog a piece of her mind.

Then Mog noticed something even weirder and more important. A pregnant moment passed, then he had an epiphany. "Hold up, scaly...draconian...are the demons actually DRAGONS!? In other words, they're elder Lizards! I knew it, I always knew they were the worst of the bunch! Those murderous freaks, we oughtta return the favour kill them all right back! It's all the lizards fault, they were demons the whole time, subverting our right and just society. It all makes sense now, why they want to burn down all remnants of your civilization, the lizards are your ancient Enemy, the enemy of all living things even. They aren't even demons from the Outer Dark, they're fallen angels from the Sun! It's why they're weak to the cold!

The old wolf, perhaps addled by a touch of senility began raving, with no end in sight. The sun worked its way across the sky by a slice before Mog was done ranting about 'crusading against the demon dragons and their infidel lizard followers' and 'rallying the good folk of the vale and forest, the hill and river, the crumbling towns and sky-scraping mountains', et cetera.
To be clear, I'm portraying Mog as confused about whether the draconians ate or gave birth to a human child because your typo made it unclear to me as well as the character what she meant to say. Also, I'm portraying Mog as not knowing what a gun is, so he thinks the humans used bullets made out of ice for use with slingshots because the ammunition for slingshots are also called bullets. Mog's rant is half just him misinterpreting the info he is being given through his ignorant 'animal 100 years-disconnected-from-the-described-events' viewpoint and the lens of his incomplete recollections of his religious education.

Also, that's probably the last post from me today. Gonna take a break for now. If there's something I can quickly bang out a post in response to then I will, but no more bigger ones for sure.
Thought I put ate! Fuck! Hate when I forget a letter.
As Mog was near finishing his rambling, Kinny appeared from behind a corner. The rogue was half-covered by the expensive cloth, held a dagger in his mouth and dragged a pair of shoes behind him. It took a moment to get here, being slowed down by the hoomun apparel, but he commited to bringing it here and so he did. The cat first glanced at Mog, who seemed fine, if a little bit shaken, then suspiciously looked at the Old One... she didn't pose an immediate threat. Kinny put his dagger back inside the sheath. "Okay, what the fuck happened here?"
It's okay if you don't wanna write another post, I just wanted to finish mine.
I'm going to sleep, goodnight my dudes. And merry xmas!
Merry Christmas Indeed.
I'll write one more post and we can continue on Next Week.
In the mean time I hope you guys have a Blessed Holiday this season!
>The young woman looked back at the wolf rambling about how the Draconians were still alive, just now being called Lizards.
>There was a look of fear in her eyes.
"They're... they're still alive. Does that mean they won? Did they kill everyon-"
>Before she could finish her last question, she would soon notice Kinny arriving with a pile of clothes in his mouth.
>As soon as she heard him ask what the fuck was going on, she immediately tried getting her cool back together.
"R- right. I'll let Mog explain. In the mean time I'll be taking those."
>She immediately took the clothes from Kinny going to a more secluded area to put them on.
>Half hoping that no other human was around.
>She didn't want anyone peeping on her.
>As she is getting her clothes on, Mog and Kinny get together and talk about the situation...
Which again will be next week.
Merry Christmas Friends. Hope you had fun. And I hope your window gets fixed Mog.
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G'night, and Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday season you two!
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Going to try and make some time Tuesday, you can technically interact from the last post I made on tuesday.
Try and have an in character conversation as you wait for me.
Hopefully I will be able to make at least four posts on Tuesday.
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Lol yes, time for Mog to wolfsplain everything to confused Kinnymeister
I'll try and get up a post later tonight so that Kinny can continue responding smoothly the next morning. No promises though.
Mog's rambling was cut short by the sudden appearance of his - only - loyal companion and his inquiry, which prompted the human to zip off to get dressed after a brief comical scene of her spinning Kinny about in her haste to unravel the clothes messily strewn about Kinny's person. Amused, the wolf approached the mussed up cat and helped brush him off.

"What the fuck is going on is-well, never mind I'll answer that in a sec, why'd the fuck both of those cats run off to fetch you?!" Mog looked about in surprise, just now realizing the absence of a certain bobtail and wheeled chair. With a sign he continued, "I told just one of them to go and the other to carry the wheelchair. Honestly, those cats are twice your size Kinny, it behooves them to be braver and more disciplined and yet they are a pair of pussies, no offence or pun intended Kinny."

His buddy now sufficiently groomed once again the old wolf filled Kinny in on what had happened since.

"What happened is that she broke free of her bindings. She's as strong as a bear or an ape for sure, probably stronger than me even. Oh, and apparently she was some kind of child soldier too, but I'll explain that in a bit." Mog started off, before lowering his voice and whispering, "Also, she might be a bit daft and confused in the head in regards to the nature of the heavens. She thought she was in purgatory before I corrected her. Silly girl doesn't know that purgatory is where birds and...rabbits...I think end up sometimes, they jump out of the sacred slipstream of the heavenly messengers and over the moon where their fluffy souls disperse into purgatory." Mog trailed off muttering that last part.

A moment passed before the doddering old wolf recollected himself and continued, "Oh, where was I? Oh, yeah, anyways she's looking for her brother in some hidden Old One bunker in this city. Seeing how strong she was and the chance for a mutually beneficial relationship, I agreed to help her in exchange for her filling us in about what she remembers and a chance to loot the Old One bunker for all its treasure."

Mog paused a moment, looked Kinny in the eyes for effect, placed a paw on his feline friend's shoulder and after a moment of held eye contact said, "Kinny, you were having doubts about flesh trading before, as were we all, rightfully so. With the wealth from a stronghold-bastion of the Old Ones we will have no need to dirty our paws with that sick institution. We could retire to a nice green place, or use what we find there to enable any of our wildest ambitions, having two human companions to aid us doesn't hurt either, assuming they stick around. With luck, this could be our big break, the one we need.

The pack leader glanced to the side, breaking eye contact, a sudden recollection caused him to demure.

"Now, I say all that, and still mean it, but real quick to finish off what happened...uh...gods, how do I put this...well, our human used to be alive 100 years ago during-
-1999 of the human calendar some demons from beyond the Outer Dark, - or from the Sun, I'm not sure which - abandoned their planet, which they apparently fucked up - ey, figures right? - and travelled to our blessed world to do what demons do and do evil shit. They seduced the Old Ones with advanced technology and got themselves willingly invited down, which makes me wonder if any of the supposedly awesome Old One tech was really the human's tech in the first place and not demon-filth, ahem, anyways they seduced them but their innate nature couldn't be restrained for long and they revealed themselves for who they truly were when they started eating humans - which I know sounds normal, but hold on, I'm getting to the bad shit - and burning down countries and dissecting people alive. Apparently these demons were surprisingly weak for all their advanced technology, because the humans beat them with slingshots and bullets made out of ice, seems kinda stupid, I know, right?"

Mog paused to listen to what he expected to be Kinny's incredulous response before finishing his rambling history lesson.

"Erhm, anyways, I'm getting to the bad part that I actually meant to get to. Basically, the humans lost somehow, and this last tidbit explains a lot of our history but...um...well, here it is: those demons are actually Dragons. Yep, that's right, elder Lizards! It explains so much of our history and why they want to burn down all the human stuff, right?!

The now-uneasy wolf gave an uncharacteristically timid smile and finished with uneasy laughter and a joking admission of his conclusion on what this meant. "So, all that stuff I just said about retiring and stuff is only kinda half true, we may get the chance for an easier life, but not for long unless we put a stop to the Draconians, as they are apparently called, because they kinda genocided the humans outta existence and I doubt they plan to go easier on us. Also, they are kinda the arch-enemy of my faith and I'd like to kill them all right back, dark I know, but it's gotta be done...ah...haha.

Mog again trailed off tittering nervously as he awaited Kinny's response after his long, awkward bombshell of an infodump.

Phew, stayed up late to finish that. Probably a good thing, because if I had done that during the morning it would've taken me too long. Anyways, I'm off to sleep now, I'll probably be an hour late, but perhaps not, we'll see. Sorry for the awkwardness of the infodump and any unedited grammar/spelling mistakes made during it, kinda in a hurry.
File: The Abyss.png (302 KB, 546x546)
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The cat hissed and tried to backstep the approaching human, but she was too determined to tear the clothing off of his back. Kinny was swiftly lifted off the ground and he pawed at the girl's arm in annoyance when she reached around to untie the sleeves from his waist before grabbing everything she needed and leaving him on the ground with fuzzy fur .
"...could at least SAY THANKS...!" he meowed, loudly, now that he was sure she wouldn't try to whack him, since she quickly disappeared out of the view behind a mountain of boxes.
Thanks to Kinny's often hygiene breaks, his fur was immaculate. Very quick and easy to groom. The cat, however, didn't enjoy the touch-ups made by the old wolf and would later that evening find a secluded roof and go into an obsessive, compulsive licking session that lasted at least 30 minutes. The other cats might or might not have joined.

While being under the barrage of wolf words, Kinny would interject his comments to the various subjects that Mog went through. The cats were the first such subject. "...yes I don't know why they both ran to their mommy, either. She said they would loot the shop we found and catch up with us. As for the pussies... no offense taken, it fits--" the cat stopped mid-sentence to loudly exhale through his nose, blowing the dry cloth dust out of his lungs, and then he sneezed from irritation it caused, before finally wiping his nose and continuing. "Apologies. Where- oh, we actually found some weird statuettes of the Old Ones crossbred... I guess, with cats." Kinny grimaced, he really did not enjoy that idea. "They smell cheap, but Bobtail said we could sell them as relics or something like that. Can't say I'm the biggest fan of that idea, religious grifting can destroy reputation and make you lose the better clients."

Kinny, now sufficiently groomed, started readjusting his various straps after the human assault left his pack hanging on the side. "Yeah, I don't doubt she could have brain damage after being locked in that cold box for a long time." The cat noticed a mouse foot was hanging out of the pocket, and silently readjusted the rodent inside his little home, while Mog was finishing his purgatory speech. "Hm, that's a new one. As far as I'm concerned, those birds end their journey in my stomach. I once worked for an Owl priest and he said that all the stealing racoons end up in a burning trashcan that slowly orbits the Sun. It's kind of... ironic, considering he wanted me to smuggle relics he 'found' through the forest border. But that's not important."

Kinny now put all of his attention towards Mog, who explained the bunker situation. And when the wolf placed his paw on Kinny's shoulder and looked directly in the cat's eyes, the he was greeted by an empty stare. It seemed as though there was nothing inside the cat. Picrel.
File: Spoiler Image (7.41 MB, 480x480)
7.41 MB
7.41 MB GIF
Kinny blinked. "You're overestimating my..." the cat chose his words very carefully, "hesitation to sell an animal. It's just more of the fact that it's a logistical nightmare and sometimes frowned upon. In some places. And even then it just depends who you ask. But you're right! I'd much rather see what this bunker might hold," the cat glanced at the pile of boxes behind which the human girl was changing and lowered his tone, "than try to restrain her."
Kinny listened contently, but as soon as Mog started talking about the demons from Outer Dark - or from the Sun - coming to earth, his mood started to drop. When the wolf mentioned demons getting their dirty paws in the human business, wrecking things, then eating humans and even dissecting them, the peace has comepletely left the cat face and his paw started tapping the concrete nervously. "What in the fuck? Are we sure she's not mentally ill? This can't be real and there is NO way they used slingshots... unless they worked with magic like these daggers." The cat nodded to the straps on his chest, a pause which the wolf used to continue his story after getting his little companions reaction.

As Mog continues his tirade, Kinny's tail started steadily pounding out some unknown war march, raising new dust that coated the black cat butt in dirty sand. "So they DIDN'T beat them! AND the lizards ARE insane demons. I KNEW IT WHEN THEY STARTED CHANGING COLORS, BUT THEY DIDN'T LISTEN!" Kinny meowed out loud while staring at a wall." The cat's eyes then darted at Mog. "How do you expect to kill them all, let alone when they control fire machines?!" The prospect of being cooked didn't fill the black cat with enthusiasm, in his mind he was already (very) well-done and didn't need extra carmelling. "And what is this gimimck with ice and fire? Humans using ice slingshots, sleeping in ice caskets, lizards breathing fire and torching citie-" Kinny stopped his rant, abruptly. "W-What if they know this place? That one buyer was a lizard! What if he knew where the barn was and they are nearby?!" The cat spat the second half of his sentence out in under a second.

Apologies, this took a moment (a couple hours) with my gift of not being able to focus on remembering the events and imagining/writing at the same time. But shoving this bitch into notepad and reading through it to fix everything was SO satisfying.
>After what felt like hours, the human finally arrives fully clothed.
>Sure it's a bit loose on her, but it's servicable.
>She doesn't feel as naked as she did before.
"Could have bought a belt or two but whatever. It works. Thank you again Cait Sith. If I had money at the moment I'd be sure to pay you back for it."
>She then proceeds to dust herself off a bit.
"Alright. The bunker is a bit more towards the north. It's not that far from here. With some luck we could find some people and they can help clear things up for the both of us. Then again... would my younger brother now be an old man at this point? It has been 100 years. Never really thought about that."
>As the human continues muttering to herself, the group soon continues following her closely.
>Don't want her trying to pull any stunts.
>Kinny soon feels some rustling in his pouch as his unintended hostage soon wakes up.
>He smacks his lips as he starts waking up.
>He looks around and sees the ruins they are in.
>He looks up to Kinny.
"Kinny... where are we. I've been asleep for a while? Did we reach a new town already?"
>While the mouse was asking his question, the group comes to a stand still.
>Seeing another one of Old Ones' ancient technologies.
>The human then went inside the thing.
"You two got a key card right?"
>The human asks.
"If you do you better show it off. This place will take us to the bunker."
>Seems crazy...
>But you have seen crazier so far.
Do you use the key card?
I'll wait for Mog to fill in and continue.
I'm here, catching up, sorry for the wait.
For once there's something worthy reading hopefully.
Nice posts. Also, that soulless lizard is doing damage to my eyesight.
"Heh, we did the thing again. Y'know, the thing people do where we both talk at the same time or some other people wait for the other to finish but continue talking about a subject they wanna finish talking about but neither are talking past one another and eventually the conversations merge, that thing." Mog's voice grated out with a tinge of amusement before turning serious. With a pensive expression on his face he idly scratched his flank while he worked out his thoughts.

"I did actually think about the lizards coming here to burn down this place, no way they wouldn't know this city only a week away from Xana has a human bunker. But surely that lizard wouldn't be able to make it to another town and then over here to this place in under two weeks, even on dragon back, we'll be long gone before they arrive." he finally said, it was a hopeful statement, albeit laced with truth. Mog just left out possibility that they could already be a vanguard unit of arsonists here or on the way from a different direction, burning human-made settlements was the lizard's default policy anyways, so it only made sense.

Hearing some rustling from the nearby building where the still-nameless human was getting dressed, Mog decided to quickly finish their side-by-side conversation before the girl insisted on setting their marching orders.

"Ahk-ahem, right then, real quick as to your earlier commentary, you'll hear no complaints from me if Bobby ruins her own reputation peddlin' that junk, but she can do it alone, I'll take no part in it. While she's at it, the bobtails can take their payment for this city from their lootin' of those petty baubles, but the bunker treasure's ours, I insist on it since it seems like we'll be dealing with whatever is in there ourselves." Mog paused to take a side-glance at the impromptu dressing room, but the humie was taking her sweet time.

Lowering his voice a bit he continued working his way through Kinny's comments and rejoinders to his history lesson, "Honestly, brain damage or brainwashing from her whole 'cadet' child-soldier thing from a certain 'general Harvey' or mental illness, I can't tell. Maybe she is just young and deluded, she looks like a young hairless ape, so I reckon it's pretty close for a human. I'd hate to see how strong she is when she grows up. As to your shock at their apparent ease of victory using primitive weapons, well, no reason why the advanced humans couldn't have some weird super-slingshot with magic bullets, I mean just look what your salvaged and banged-together-lightning-daggers could do."

Trailing off, Mog struggled to remember the contents of their conversation catching up. After a moment and seeing they were out of time and the human was on her way out, he finished by saying "Still, I'm glad we're on the same page about the lizards, I'd been vacillating between retiring if we-
-caught a lucky break and making one final push to form a warband and taking a crack at reforging the land in my image, you well know by now as I've drunkenly rambled about it more than once, but it has long been my dream that us free animals rid ourselves of these squabbling factions of imperious apes, greedy pigs, and as we now know, or have always known as in your case...demonic lizards. Form a nice green place, with the modest comforts using the remains of the Old Ones technology, a nice balance if you will. It seems the human's history lesson has taken the choice of retirement from me after all, so one last crack at the world wouldn't hurt."

With the human arriving with directions, Mog sprinted off from back the way they came, yelling back "Be right there, just going back a block for the wheelchair, all our stuff is on it!"

Quickly finding it abandoned, he hurriedly pushed it down the street and around the corner as they set off north. Arriving at a ruin, the human instructed them to get out their keycards, which Mog did. Uncertain about what to do, the old wolf waved his card about in front of the glass bit on the building.

Sorry for the wait and the rushed posts, kinda had to hurry to make the connective tissue. And yes Kinny, it was a pleasure to read your writing when you took the time to put some serious effort into it, reading about cats is always fun.
While the animals followed girl to the bunker, Kinny found some time to cool down. Once he stopped shaking and started thinking, he told Mog that in his mind it was unlikely the lizards knew about the city. If they knew, they would've torched it a long time ago, given the sheer size and the fact it was still full of human items and their culture. Or maybe it was just the close distance to Xana, that kept them from burning it down, as not to start conflict?
Thanks anon, it means a lot. Writing cats is piss easy when your mind is as crazy as theirs.
Once they arrived at the destination, Kinny looked at the tall, thin building protruding from the ground and thought it was likely some sort of an elevator leading down to the bunker, it kind of made sense to him. There was just one problem... "Do you think this thing will still work properly?" The cat looked up and addressed the human directly with the more important issue. "Have you used these things in the past, maybe you could check if it still looks right?" He walked closer to the booth and kicked it as if to make a point. "I'd hate for us to get trapped underground."
You guys are amazing when it comes to writing.
Sorry I wasn't here today. I will make it up tomorrow though.
Thank you, and no worries. Just do what you can. We'll see you tomorrow.
File: 1672221062078.jpg (68 KB, 480x480)
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>The human looked over towards the cat.
>He had a good point.
>If they were to get stuck there, it would be an immediate death trap.
"Maybe we could do like a little test? Got anything like a rock or something like that? You know, something we can just use as fodder?"
>The mouse soon voulunteered himself by raising his paw.
"I could test it out for you. If there are more humans allowed down there, they could really help restore this world. Plus if I do get stuck, I can dig myself out. Mum said I was good at digging and chewing things."
>The human stared at the tiny creature coming out of Kinny's bag.
>Amazed that a mouse could talk just like a human, and just as polite as well.
>Then again, it's a mouse.
>She seems rather queezy about.
"R- right. So mousey boy wants to use himself as a test subject. I guess we can allow that if... if you allow it.... is... is he your lunch Cait Sith? Kind of fucked up that you would eat him if he is intelligent like that. N- not against it... but still fucked up."
>Soon Mog arrived with his card.
>He would try waving the glass around the booth.
>Seems to have worked.
>The AI grows red.
"Good Morning Doctor Niklas."
>The AI... growls.
>Seems it didn't age well like the barn has.
"It has been 100 years since you last visited. Please press on the number pad what you would like to do."

1. Go Down
2. Check on supplies
3. Check on the humans
4. Check for contamination
5. Check for Draconian life within city limits.
6. Call for assistance
7. Call the company
8. Call the army
Kinny looked at the rodent and wondered how he planned on chewing through the concrete. This mouse either had balls of steel, fangs of diamond or a head made our of lead, but the cat left the thought to himself. Instead, he decided to respond to the girl's question. "We found him holding you in the... in that fridge and I thought he could be useful. As for eating... he's too small even for a sn- er, you wouldn't understand." The cat quickly brushed off the question.

When Mog's awkward card-waving activated the booth and it started growling out the commands, Kinny gave the girl a serious look. "Make it check for Draconians first. If they're around, we need to know." The cat then pulled the mouse out of his pocket and set it on the ground. He then lowered his mouth to the rodent's ear so close that his whiskers poked his neck and whispered. "Don't even think of running, there are 4 cats in this city who know your smell."

Threats made, the black cat jumped on Mog's shield and quickly bounced off of it onto the human's shoulder. This way he could have a word with her without the AI overhearing... after she recovered her balance, that is. "HEY, calm down, I'm not that fat," he meowed. And once she did, he whispered into her ear. "Why is the voice barking at us? Do you know a way to operate this thing without talking to it?"
Rolled 19 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

"Huh, there's that same doctor's name again, must not be a lot of people involved in whatever you had goin' on there human" Mog mused.

Having no issue with Kinny's priorities regarding the choice of what button to press Mog took off on a loop around the building without another word. He tried to get a sense of the possible dimensions of the underground space given the size of the above-ground building it was under and the adjacent buildings and land plot contents. His best guess was that it wouldn't be that big considering the last 'bunker' hadn't been that much bigger than the barn, but this disembodied voice and control panel mentioned supplies and humans and seems to have a lot of functions that the other panel didn't, so the facility could be much bigger than the last.

Circuit of the property complete he returned to the group.

"Yeah, go with what Kinny says, but your gonna have to explain how many humans we should be expecting if they are still alive, as well as what this contamination is and what kinda supplies are down there. The same could be said of what this company is." Mog told the group.

>Perception roll to estimate the size of the underground area's dimensions based on guessing from what I can see above-ground. My Perception has a bonus of +1.
Oh yeah, please tell me if I need to roll anything for anything, I forgot about that part lol
>Mog tries estimating the size of the underground bunker.
>Through the power of sniffing and feeling the earth around you, you can estimate that the bunker is bigger than you were expecting.
>You couldn't really tell how big though.
>Though you could tell it wasn't just one room like with the fridged humans.
>More like a whole large underground community.
>Kind of like the mythical moles you have heard about.
>Never seen one in a while, so it was assumed that they either made a utopia or died from something unknown underground.

>The mouse was soon placed into the phone booth.
>He understood Kinny's orders.
>He waited to go down to the bunker.

>The human listened to the cat and dog's suggestions.
>She immediately pressed the number 5.
>The machine continued to growl.
>A large purple beacon then came out of the top of the booth.
>It looked like a giant eye that was looking everywhere for something.
"Scan will take 2.5 hours to finish. Is there anything else you need?"
>The human then looked towards the number pad again.
"Think we should try another number while we waaaai- Sweet Mother Mary and Father Joseph watch your claws!!"
>The human said to Kinny as she stumbled.
>She was not expecting the cat to jump onto her shoulders at all.
"Better be glad I'm not allergic to you."
>She says to him as he gets comfortable.
>She then heard the cat's question.
"It's an AI. As far as I know, it's just a machine that's supposed to take orders... again as far as I know. You guys clearly evolved... for the most part. So maybe AI can evolve too... for the most part. Then again if it did, why would it stay here?"

>The human then heard Mog's request.
"How many humans? Dr Farris said each bunker was going to hold 500 humans. 300 female adults, 150 male adults, and 50 children. But she told me each bunker was supposed to hold over 50,000 humans. The reason why the starting number was so low was due to how fast she figured humans would want to start repopulating. Then again that was just her theory. As for supplies, I assume it was mostly for luggage, food, and water. There's supposed to be food that last for 800 years there. Along with seeds to produce vegetation and fruits if needed. Contamination could possibly mean rotten food? I'm not sure about that one. Neither Dr Farris, Dr Niklas, or General Harvey explained that to me. So that's just an estimation. As for the company, that's easy to answer."
>She soon wiped away the moss hiding on the booth.
>There you could see some ancient text you couldn't understand.
"The Xanarus Company. Experts in technology for the future. Or... at least they were."

>She then goes back to the number pad.
"Should we let our little mouse friend go check the bunker?"

Do you want to press 1, another button, or do you want to wait for the scan to get done and explore more of the town?
Sorry for the late post.
Cleaning up my house a bit.
Finally got my hot water back after it was frozen for so long. Got some dishes soaking.
Mog's eyes bulged and he took a step back nervously when the huge purple eye came out of the booth.

When the human finished talking he said "Well, that about lines up with what I felt from the earth, bigger than I thought it'd be. Hopefully the food kept well, we could use the supplies and if there are more of these bunkers around we could use these supplies to feed an army and take the fight to the lizards if only we could rally such a group. Speaking of, these bunkers are probably how the factions are feeding their troops and ranging so far from their own territory without the appropriate build up of supply nodes. I never asked where my food came from when I was in the army, but if it was from some looted cache of food meant to feed 50000 people for 800 years then that'd go a long way towards explaining that particular mystery."

Then he paused to examine the booth display. After a couple minutes working up the nerve to actually walk into the booth without glancing at the giant purple eye and bouncing back in preparation for an attack that never came, he asked "Depends, can the machine check on the supplies, the contamination, and tell us which and how many humans are down there without stopping the scan for draconians? 'Cause if so then we should go down that list and do those things or at least get them started before heading down. Also, is there any other notable sites you remember that may be worth checking out beforehand or afterwards in the city?"
Kinny ignored the human's comments about the claws, as most animals he encountered were thick-skinned and using the claws to attach oneself to the surface was necessary to prevent accidents. "I'd rather it not evolve at all." The cat murmured to himself as he readjusted himself oh the girl's shoulder as he watched her clean the moss and read the strange symbols. "Good to know you can read this stuff. What is this strange alphabet called?" Kinny said to her while trying to piece together the company name and description with sentences on the booth.
Can I roll to learn basic english against all odds just for shits and giggles?
Give me a perception check to see if you can find any notable areas.
Give me a Intelligence check.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Using my stat or the human's stat? Am I rolling to use a map on the display, to recall if I remember passing any noteworthy buildings in town or to see if the human remembers/notices anything?

Anyways, I'll roll a flat d20 for now, just add if it is my perception or the human's perception if it is hers.
Rolled 5 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Rolled 19 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Your stats, but I might as well roll perception as well.

Unfortunately not smart enough yet.

>Kinny would stare at the letters.
>He would stare at the runes unblinkingly.
>Trying his best to understand them.
>Only to see....
>Absolutely nothing.
>Just staring at letters won't make you smart immediately and learn to read.
>The poor cat needed more than that to learn the ancient tongue of humans.
>The human stared at the cat for a bit.
"It's simply known as the English Alphabet."
>She bluntly states.
"What's your alphabet like? I'm kind of curious now."
>The mouse would soon go up to the group.
"I could show you later if need be."
>He says to the woman clearly backing away from him.
"I... I think I would rather let the cat and wolf show me. Since they are bigger. Don't want to put too much stress on you making big letters for me."
"Fair enough... I suppose."
>The mouse looked disappointed but accepting of the human's terms.
>Soon the human's attention would go back to Mog.
>His observation of the other factions stealing from the bunkers would make sense.
"But wouldn't they need a card to enter the bunker? I'm not saying they are rare. They were attached to every soldier, medical doctor, and scientist in the field. But I don't think everyone could put two and two together to put the card with the door."
>She would go into deep thought into this thought experiment though.
"How did you two come to get a card anyways?"
>She also thought about Mog's other point.
"We should probably let it finish it's scan. Best not to interrupt it and cause it to malfunction. But as for some attractions... there was a ice skating rink. But that's probably melted by now. Tony's would have been a good place to eat. Then there was Rick's. Rick's had the best sporting goods. I wonder if there's a Rick's around here?!"
>She then began to look around.
"Aha! There is one!"
>She said as she pointed over to the beat up store.
>Looks like either the weather fucked it up or the apes did it while looting it.
>Still the human looks interested in it
"Do you guys want to check it out? Maybe we can find something useful."
Do you enter Rick's?
You can use Perception to check out the exterior and maybe some of the interior.
Rolled 3 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Kinny was dazed and confused after trying to brute-force the understanding of the strange symbols. They made no sense compared to any of the animal languages, not even Common! Alas, he had no chance to try again as he soon he forgot exactly what the girl said about the company and then his mind was flooded with nonsense. "Gah! This is stupid." The cat shook his head in irritation, tickling the human with his ears in the process and then he listened in on her exchange with mouse.
"Sure, we can show you the alphabet, but that's maybe better left for later. Your 'Engrisch' seems more important right now." Kinny responded, now pawing his nose in annoyance. What an absurd way to write things down, he thought.

When the human started looking around, Kinny had tactically slumped down her shoulder to keep balance and save himself from falling down. "Sports shop, you say? Like backpacks, grappling hooks?" He inquired about the goods while he took a look at the fucked up building.
>Rolling perception
In the cat's defense, that is a VERY fucked up building and he is busy hanging over her shoulder currently. My cat does that sometimes and I don't have to support her at all when she does so.
Rolled 3 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Mog looked dubiously at the beat up sports shop. He'd been practically half the entire period since the Old Ones vanished and the Awakened ruled what remained, not old enough to remember the times of unbroken peace, but long enough to have experienced the lulls in the violence. A looted "Ricks" held little interest to them beyond getting some protective gear for their new human. If it wasn't metal, magic, or Old Ones tech then it probably wasn't worth much. Still, their human did say it was the best store around, maybe it was worth a shot before they ventured down into the depths.

"Fine, but be careful, we don't know who's around here yet, take a look around first." Mog relented.

As he looked around to see what he could of the damage to the store or the quality of the remaining goods he took the time to answer her questions. "I can't speak for the mouse or Kinny, but us wolves usually use a mix of pictograms and human letters. We don't understand how your alphabet is supposed to work of course, so we just used the symbols for our own sounds, they may not correspond to how they are supposed to be arranged in your tongue." he started before turning his surveying eye to look around the block for predators.

"As for the keycards, I certain the factions could get into the bunkers with or without a keycard, they could use brute force or coerce some mice like this fellow to fiddle with the insides until something broke and let them in, not to mention Kinny got his keycard from a frickin' lizard merchant openly selling them in the middle of the last town. I got mine from lazy wolf who wanted time off to take a bath. Plus, us animals are plenty smart, you underestimate us. Just in the last town there was a shady husky with a working moving metal carriage, like these husks lying all around these streets, fixed it up himself I'm sure." he finished, his surveillance completed.

>Perception roll for surveying the Rick's and looking out for predators.
*That should be "He'd been alive practically half the entire period since the Old Ones vanished"

That's what I get for not editing.
*Should also be "As for the keycards, I'm certain the factions could get into the bunkers"

Missed an m in the I'm.
Nice rolls today.
Gotta keep them in sync. We're gettin' the bad ones out.
Yeah, yeah. *throws a mighty sack of dice in the fire*
Let's hope the next batch will be better.
I'll be taking a break for an hour or two to focus on some work and then make a lunch. Probably won't be able to make more than very short posts and roll dice during that time.
>Both of you couldn't see anything at all.
>At least danger wise.
>The exterior looked fine.
>But the interior could be a problem.
>Couldn't see predators or equipment.
>Still could be worth something.
>The trio + mouse soon arrive towards the store.
>You all enter it carefully.
>Trying your best not to step on any glass.
>As soon at you enter you see that it was somewhat looted.
>Not by much though.
>Seems like a couple of items were stolen.
>Something else you noticed that the items were... surprisingly in mint condition.
>As if someone was taking good care of them to make sure they stayed brand new.
>The woman looked like a pup or kit in a treat shop.
>Excited to see the items around.
"Finally something more familiar!"
>She exclaims as she looks around.
>Staring in awe at all the old sports equipment by this point you assumed she played with.
>You even look around yourself to see a few items of interest.

Baseball Bat
Properties: Finesse, Versatile
Damage: 1d8 Bludgeoning Damage + Strength or Dex Bonus

Hunting Bow
Properties: Rang (60/180 ft)
Damage: 1d6 Piercing Damage + Dex

Football Gear
Properties: Heavy Armor (AC 16)

>The woman continues to look around...
>Until she noticed something.
"Hey guys... you might want to check this out."
>When you both arrive to where the human was you then notice something.
>A bunch of cards contained in a glass counter with a bunch of prices of silver you would never expect to be on a piece of paper.
>and right behind the card counter...
>A pile of dead animals and lizards
What do you do?
Rolled 12 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Last post before my break.

Mog glanced around but there wasn't much of interest. It'd be useful for the human or so that Kinny could have a bludgeoning weapon, but not much else. The bow was novel and both Kinny and Mog had the finesse and martial understanding to use it, but sadly neither of them was a racoon, and thus lacked the human-like hands needed to use it without adopting a tortured posture. Still, they could load it up in the wheelchair.

Then the human alerted them to a pile of corpses behind the counter. Immediately the alarms bells started going off in Mog's head. He leaned in close to the human and Kinny and whispered "Stay sharp, we ought to search the shop before we take anything, we may not be alone. I don't know what this means, but my gut tells me there is some crazy "shop owner" around here still, or someone trying to lure in lizards or animals interested in looting human bunkers. Before that though, human, assist Kinny look at the corpse and the area, investigate, try and see what your intuition tells you about who killed these people. I'll stand watch for now. Then we can search the shop, maybe start off by offering to pay, make it clear we aren't robbing whoever is here if indeed they are here, but be ready to fight if need be."

>Mog tells the human to Assist Kinny with an investigation roll if he wants to make one to garner info about the corpse pile and the room.
>Mog stands watch and listens for noise with Perception.
Rolled 2, 14 + 6 = 22 (2d20 + 6)

Kinny didn't share the human's enthusiasm, he has seen a lot of abandoned store interiors before and found the fact these items looked so well-preserved a bit alarming. The cat considered jumping off the girl's shoulder and getting a better look around, but quickly decided against it. He was better off up here, where the glass wouldn't threaten his paws. Thinking that, he glanced at the girls feet and made a mental note to get himself something protective to walk in, in case they have to visit more places like this.

"Holy shii-" Kinny cursed as he was quickly brought back to Earth by the pile of bodies behind the counter. The cat didn't need any special encouragement from Mog, he was already slipping in the girl's hands and once he planted his butt firmly against her chest, he started scanning the surroundings for any clues that would help him understand what was going on in this place
>Rolling Investigation with (forced) assistance from human to find clues or anything weird about the surroundings.
File: d45.png (14 KB, 223x422)
14 KB
>Mog immediately bagan to keep watch and guard as soon as he saw the bodies and gave out orders.
>The human examines the bodies with Kinny.
>The cat and human were no vet or expert on lizard biology but they could tell how they died easily.
>Judging by how all the color went away from their faces, they were easily choked to death.
>By something that looked like a pair of blunt pincers.
>The human had to look again just to make sure.
"It's like a toy arm choked the life out of him."
>She would try keeping calm by giving the cat she was with small soft strokes.
>Petting his back gently to the flow of his body.
>She soon began looking around with Kinny.
>Aside from the bodies there seemed to be any sign of a struggle.
>She was wondering what could be such an effective killer that it could easily kill with no effort.
>Whatever it was, it had to be something that wasn't "alive" per se.

>Suddenly Mog heard something.
>It sounded faint at first.
>As if something rubbery was squealing across the floor.
>Soon everyone was starting to hear it.
>Whatever it was it was heading straight towards them in almost an unnaturally fast speed.
>The figure seemed determine to rush towards.
>You were all sure to kill you.
>Suddenly it arrives.

>"<HOLY FUCK!!> <It's a girl!>"
>This thing...
>When it talked it didn't sound like it was talking normally.
>It was talking as if it was stealing voices from someone else.
>You could definitely understand him thanks to the collar wrapped around his neck.
>"<Welcome valued customer!> <It's been ages since we've seen> <you damn dirty human!>"
"I'm... I'm sorry?"
>"<My apologies sir.> <Sorry for the mess> <I've had to deal with some> <Stupid Mother Fucker> <before I could get> <to you>."
>He soon added another corpse to the pile.
>A choked out chimpanzee.
>"<Let me tell you sweetheart> <it's hard maintaining> <RICK'S SPORTING GOOD> <especially with> <Unwanted guests>. <Is there anything I can do> <to make sure> <you have> <a pleasant experience>?"
>The machine said to...
>You assumed the human?
>You were unsure who this thing was responding to.
What do you do?
Mog yelped out a warning cry as he heard the thing coming and leapt back. He was about to draw his sword when the freakish...thing...started talking with the voices of the legion of the damned. It took a few moments for Mog to understand that it was using a multitude of phrases taken from different people, and it took a lot longer than that to realise the implications of this thing adding another apparently recent corpse to the pile.

Evidently this city was not deserted, but in fact teeming with would-be robbers. Not only that, but this thing was apparently capable of taking multiple sequential fights in a row and come out the victor, not a good sign for their prospects if this thing turned out to be hostile.

After taking a while to listen and parse it's hellish voice Mog once again leaned in close to the human. "Take your pick of what you want to buy, we'll pay for it assuming the price is reasonable. Just...don't piss it off. Though finding out what the fuck this thing is may just be worth that price honestly."

Bravo QM, very creepy
Sorry. Will be abscent for a bit.
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lol? Okay?! We'll wait warmly.
When the disturbing monstrocity emerged from the backroom and stopped in front of them, Kinny mentally checked out and just stared at the yapping creature with disbelief for a moment that to him felt like... well, at least 5 minutes. Once the paralyzed cat came back to his senses and processed what the shop-creep said and what that implied, he decided it was better to keep silent.
Thanks, I hate it. Still remember that one part of Toy Story with a fucking spiderdoll.
And he wished that Mog has done the same, who knew why this thing was killing animals but would spare a human? Either way, Kinny would take no part in this interaction until he knew what insane reasoning the unnerving creature followed. That, or he had to help the old wolf beat the fucking demon to death.
A gas leak or is your water peacing out?

I will only stay around for like an hour and a half, sorry for that.
Maybe we should call it a day and let QM deal with his issues without worrying about continuing this today. Plus, that way you won't have to stay up.
Only if you're both okay with it, though. I'd hate to interrupt for no reason.
>gas leak or is your water peacing out?
Water leak. Turns out it was the neighbor's not mine. If it was a gas leak, I'd say we would continue next week. But yes, we should postpone to next week.
I do hope you guys are enjoying this though. Hopefully things won't get too stressful next session.

Try not to die here.
Wouldn't be playing if I wasn't enjoying this, no worries there. See you guys next week then.
File: 1672264297942.jpg (1.11 MB, 2448x1378)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
I'm enjoying sitting on your NPC.
Try not to kill us... and we just might survive.
Goodnight anons!
File: 1665325345795.jpg (69 KB, 700x525)
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We still on for today?
I'm here in background still.
Just waiting on QM then.
Woke up late sorry.

>The robot of course notices the two animals in front of it.
>As if finally acknowledging them.
>"<Are they with you?>"
>It asks the human.
"Y- yes... in fact they said I should buy one of your finest baseball bats."
>The robot looked around for a bit.
>"<Hallelujah!> <A paying customer!> <Let me get you a good bat!>"
>The robot then leaves in a jiffy only to come back and bring back a very good steel bat.
>No different from the others on display but still good.
"N- no. I'm good."
>She then looks over to the animals around her.
>She whispers to you.
"You got $4 right?"
Hand her some silver?
Without losing the line of sight of the creepy machine, Kinny whispers to the girl. "First time hearing of a dollar here and I've traded with animals all over the world. Try informing it the global economy has collapsed, maybe?"
"What's your currency?"
>She asked as the robot began eerily getting closer to the cat and woman.
>"<I'm Waiting!!>"
Rolled 17 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Mog looked between the strange nightmare machine and their still unnamed human with incomprehension.

"Four...bucks? I'm afraid I don't know what you mean. You want me to kill and fetch you four...deer...or do you mean sheep, or perhaps rabbits? Buck can mean a lot of things, really. I'm afraid I only have silver, will that do?" Mog ventured out slowly, his confusion fogging up his response.

With deliberate slowness he reached his paw into one of his many coin pouches and took out four silver and handed it off to the human. Then, he turned to look for the machine's reaction.

>Insight check on the robot to get advanced warning if it is about to freak out if the currency isn't acceptable or something.
"We just use silver and gold!" Kinny hissed, pulling out a gold coin and putting it on in the human's hand like Mog did with silver.
>Mog could see how dangerous this... thing could be.
>It's arms looked like they could stretch judging by the the strange ereactic way they moved.
>The way it's paws(?) were just two giant blunt pincers were made looked silly at first but corpses remind you how deadly they are.
>None the less... it did look like it was ready to attack any second.
>It then looks at Mog after he asked his question.
>It then made a strange almost demonic laughter.
>As if a group of people were laughing during some live show.
>"<Whimpy deer?> <sheep?> <Wabbit?> <No!> <Money!> <cash!> <Moolah!> <Anything to keep this> <piece of shit> <to> <they all float Georgie! They all float!> <The rent is too damn high!> <I need this money!> <I needs it Seymore!> <We've got to have Mon-ney!>"
>It said as it got closer and closer to Mog.

>The robot soon notices the coins the cat and wolf placed on the human's hand.
>It leans in uncomfortably close to the human's hands.
>The robot then seems to... spit out paper.
>It takes coins and hands the sheet of paper and baseball bat to her.
>"<We're in the money! The skies are sunny!>"
>The machine sings.
>"<You guys!> <You son of a bitch!> <Just what I needed!> <This is my big break!> <That was> <Forty eight> <dollars> <and> <eighty seven> <cents> <worth of> <dough> <you just handed.> <Good job!> <I can now> <pay the> <god damn!> <bills!>"
>The robot then seems to... fall asleep.
>"<system processing>.... <system processing>...."
>The three of you stare at the machine for a bit.
What do you do?
Rolled 15 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Kinny purred in relief, he now understood the scary robot's aggressive behavior was aimed at thieves and relaxed a little. The cat soon jumped back up on the girl's shoulder, letting her take the bat into her hands and decided to take a better look at the machine, now that it wasn't threatening them and all.
>Rolling Investigation to read into this fugging thing as much as I can, because of muh feline curiosity
"Lets get outta here. Unless there's anything else you need?" Mog urged the group.

For a brief moment he considered examining the creature to see if it was really asleep. They could rob the shop blind if it was. But the moment passed, and besides there didn't seem to be much worth taking anyways, and Mog wasn't really the sort to rob every person they came across unless it was specifically a job.

'Maybe Kinny's rubbing off on me a bit too much, normally I wouldn't even think about that. Or maybe it's those damn smugglers.' Mog groused internally.

He was already half-way out the door while he waited for the human to confirm that they were done.
You can consider Kinny a mounted turret without ammo of sorts - his torso will accompany the hooman's shoulder everywhere, while the head is scanning the surroundings.
>The thing wasn't sleeping like any living thing should.
>It was just staring at the ground as it continued to mutter the same sentence.
>The human was backing away though.
>Agreeing with the wolf that they should leave now.
>She took the bat with her and began backing away.
"Let's just see if there are any other stores with no crazy robot in them."
>She suggests as she catches up with Mog.
>The group finally exits the store.
>The human sighs in relief as she stares at the group.
"So... that happened. I assumed every robot would stop working by now. Wonder what kept that one alive?"
>She would continue wondering for a bit.
So what do you guys think you should do next? Go back to the phone booth/elevator, check out another shop, or return to Bobby and the gang.
"Every robot? You mean there's more of them?" Kinny shivered, recalling the thing's creepy behavior even during the 'sleep'. "We should find those relic-amateurs before they get killed by shopkeepers." The cat leaned towards the direction where the other cats were left behind, forcing the girl to consider his words. He noticed she didn't mind his presence, but disliked the claws and he decided to slowly start testing how to drive this strange ancient animal.
Sorry for constantly forgetting the namefag. I had to force 4chanx to strip names so I don't go around /qst/ making an idiot out of myself, because the name field carries on between threads and even after browser restart.
"Lead the way. We should make sure we don't lose anyone before venturing into any more stores or going into the bunker."

Sorry for the wait, considering signing up for a skirmish.
I'm sure Fae Smelter would like that (as well as everyone else on the discord). They were supposed to run 2 skirms each two weeks, but only got 3 players.
>Kinny began trying to learn to steer the human to where she should go.
>of course the human would just stare at him, wondering what the fuck he was doing.
>Still she did follow where the cat was wanting to go.
>At least he wasn't clawing her now.
Kinny roll me an Animal Handling Check to learn how to control the human better.

>Of course it wasn't long until you came across Bobby and her two hench cats.
>Each one of them carrying a bag of loot.
>The two strong ones carrying bigger bags.
>Which they would soon hide behind as soon as they saw the human.
>Bobby soon rolled her eyes at the two.
"So... why are letting the hooman walk around?"
>Bobby asks as she places down her bag of loot.
>She would soon notice Kinny riding on the human's soldier.
"Oh, I see. You tamed the beast have you?"
"I am not tamed! I have my own free will!"
>The human interjected the conversation.
>Bobby would then look over to Mog.
"Alright. I assume you let the human free because you found something and only she can access it right?"
Any comments Mog?
File: 1657257478729.gif (4.17 MB, 324x404)
4.17 MB
4.17 MB GIF
Rolled 4 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

I'd love to but I only have so much time in the day and I struggle to even keep up with this RP and all the quests I post in while keeping up my RL obligations. If I win the lottery then I'll just play Skirmishes all day instead of doin' shit
Kinny was... making progress on the matter. Just learning the ropes, first day in the saddle, that's all. "She isn't a danger to us and proposed we visit a bunker - which could be be-ne-ficial to all of us. Also you should see the pros of being so high up at all times. I could get USED to this." The cat carefully put his paw to the human's face and brushed her cheek as if to pet her lightly.

"And what did you get there?" Kinny stopped touching the human and fixed his gaze on the smuggler-mules, smules. He knew what they found with the Bobtail, but who knew what these three were up to while they were sending mice on suicidal missions and facing against ancient dangers?
Poor anon :/
"That too, fingers and thumbs are pretty useful, who figured, ey? Very precise, good for pressing buttons." Mog started off with some humour, but his faux good cheer passed in a moment.

He leaned back on his hind legs, arched his back, and stretched his front paws forwards. May as well get comfortable, this was gonna take a while to explain.

"No, but for real though, she's stronger than a bear, broke free of her bindings no problem. We worked something out though. Turns out there's a human bunker in this city. Much bigger than the other place, lots of loot. We agreed to help her find her brother in return for being let in on her secret human history and boy is it a doozy. Well, that, and the loot." he exposited.

The old wolf took in a deep breath in preparation for a repeat of the history lesson he'd just took in and explained once already. Wanting to let them know to get comfortable, he started off by saying "Take a seat, break open some of the meat, this'll take a while to explain".

Then he gave a play by play of what happened and a long-winded explanation of his interpretation of what the human said of the recent history of her people and the invading demons, as well as the implications for the animal world with the lizards being led by aliens all along.

Taking my hour long lunch break now
Yes, poor me. Getting to have fun all day sitting at home all day, choosing my own work schedule, posting in forum RPs and quests during all hours of the week. Alas, if only I didn't have to work, then I could spend even more time rolling dice. O'woe is me. *Cries in cat* lol
>The human just goes whereever you lean.
>Giving out an annoyed grunt occasionally.
>She honestly didn't like being treated like a mule.
>Unfortunately for Kinny however, he did not have full cobtrol.
>She would occasionally stop, mostly telling him to just tell her where to go instead of just leaning while on her shoulder.
>Still as he told Bobby, he was just learning how to train her properly.

>Bobby then showed off the stuff from the store they were in.
"We raided the mother fucker like there was no tomorrow. We got clothes from the old ones, blankets, and their strange statues of cat hoomans."
>The human just stared at Bobby for a bit.
"Cat humans?"
>Bobby then pulled one out.
"You know. Your idols?"
"Those aren't idols. They're just toys."
"Toys... the Old Ones just played with these."
"Or collected them. Don't know how much value it would have now though."
"But I could still sell this as an idol right?"
"Not unless you know someone who is really into cat girls."
"Dammit! Waste of bag space then! Looks like we're going to have to bluff our way when we sell these things."
>Bobby began kicking the dirt, cursing herself as she spent all that effort on nothing.
>She then perked her ears up a bit.
"Kinny... what was that about a bunker?"

>Bobby was listening to the whole story Mog had to give out.
>Occasionally listening to Kinny's commentary of what would be found in the bunkers.
"Food that will last for 800 years huh? Alright... how do you plan on carrying out the fuckwad of food out of there? Or do you plan on setting up a shop there?"
>Bobby asks.
How do you two comment?
Will give a quick reply since it can be done fast

"I was hoping they had one of those metal carriages with the forks attached to the front. Otherwise we were just gonna take what we can carry and leave the rest for later. It would be a good base or waystation for us anyways. That, and I had an idea to revive an old dream of mine to start up a warband, use the defences and food in this bunker to prop up the army, clear out the other factions and take the land back for ourselves. Gotta think big when given an opportunity like this, otherwise we'll just be fighting for the scraps the would-be kings deign to hand out to us peasants." Mog spat that last part out.
Kinny jumped off the human's shoulder, sensing another history lesson from Mog. He moved to the human's lap, deciding her thighs were definitely comfortable, especially after spending some time on a bony shoulder.
"There is a an elevator in there, we could use it. The only issue can be transporting it all out of here, but caravans can be arranged if necessary." The cat responded when asked.
sorry for short/late response :x
"Might take a while to get a caravan around here."
>Bobby said as she looked around.
"Doesn't look like there would be anyway for us to contact them from here. No carrier pigeon in sight. We could use young mousey you have in your bag, but something tells me he would go for the Elder than help us out. Especially if there are more hoomans like the one here claims."

"Question. Do you even know how to work that carriage?"
"I do."
>The human states as she raises her hand.
"I know how to use a forklift."
>Bobby looked impressed.
"Well that is convenient... Alright kid what do you want in exchange?"
"If I get you guys like three crates of food, will you let me go? If my brother is in fact alive in there, I have to stay with him."
>Bobby looked at the only two competent male animals she knew, Mog and Kinny.
"Well that's not only my decision to make there kid."
"I'm not a kid, I'm 22 years old."
"Great white stag you're ancient. Either way, this is a group decision we all got to make. As much as some of us hate to admit it, you are kind of our ticket to get good money. Thousands of silver really. But we don't like dealing with the lives of living beings. We have standards. So you vote is yes, you can stay and be free with your brother. Mog, Kinny what are your thoughts? Should we let the human go after she gets us three crates of food?"
Mog and Kinny, thoughts?
You can try using Persuasion or Deception as well in this conversation.
Kinny looked at human, then at Bobcat. He wasn't very happy with the fact his tall unicorn would be going away do soon, but that wasn't the most important thing now. "Gah, three crates of food? Really. There's no way we can make money off just that! I don't want to deal with selling anyone to orangutans, but I'm not making a deal until we go down inside that bunker and see what's inside." The cat was trying to delay the final decision and salvage what he could, seeing their plans were steadily falling apart. "And besides, we can't do anything if there's fucking lizards in this place! When is the machine going to finish the scan?"

Should I roll persuasion for this? Doesn't seem like a huge demand. Either way, let's wait for Mog's input before proceeding.
Rolled 2 + 8 (1d20 + 8)

Sorry for my tardiness again

Mog began pacing, walking a slow circle around the group while a low trill emanated from his throat. He was anxious for sure, their plans were coming apart. This human was their ticket to riches beyond imagination, but if her brother was really down there then the group had little chance of overcoming both the girl and her brother. Three crates worth of food could sustain Mog for weeks, if not months depending on what sort of food was in there, and it could sustain the cats probably for most of their lives depending again on what was in there and how big the crates were. It'd be worth a pretty penny, but why stop at three when they went through all this trouble and the food was right there? Plus, he doubted anyone was actually truly alive in this city, they wouldn't be hiding down there still if they were.

"Six crates, more if it isn't meat we can eat. And the forklift and an attachable sled to carry them and drag the rest along with us, plus you'll teach us how to use the forklift. That is, of course, if your brother is even still alive down there. It has been a hundred years, he's likely in a fridge somewhere if he made it into one of those pods, if not, well, then he is almost certainly dead I'm sorry to say. Should that turn out to be the case then I intend for us to take everything not nailed down, and if it is nailed down then we'll undo the nails and take them too. We've got big dreams and hungry mouths to feed, we went to a lot of trouble to get this far." Mog finally decided.

He looked to Kinny and Bobby for their assent. It wasn't an easy decision, there was much more to be gained here, but he didn't want to get too greedy when the possibility of not gaining anything was a distinct possibility. He wished he had a chance to communicate with Bobby and Kinny in private, away from the human's prying ears. The mantis meat from earlier was worth a pretty penny, surely six crates of food would make them rich enough to at least move up in the world.

>Rolling Persuasion to haggle for more. I'll roll Lucky if the roll isn't good.
Rolled 9 + 8 (1d20 + 8)

"I guess what Mog said sounds like a fair deal." Kinny added on top of what the old wolf said. He WASN'T happy with just a few crates of food, but he was also growing anxious with Mog pacing around.
>The human thought about what tge wolf said.
"He is right. It has been a hundred years... but general Harvey said... fuck...."
>She continues to mutter amongst herself for a bit.
"I might consider teaching you how to use a fotklift along with more boxes possibly. But that is if my brother or any other humans are down there. The maximum amount of crates I can give you is six. That's it."
>The human agreed while making her own demands.
>She then got up.
>She looks over to the booth.
>It seemed to be flashing now.
"Looks like it is done scanning. Let's head over there and see if there are any Lizards here."
>She thens starts heading towards the booth.

Going to have to end it here.
Sorry something personal came up.
Get some well earned rest friends.
Cya next week
Take care, see ya next week! Guess it is finally time to crush skulls next session.
>You all stand before the old telephone booth.
>Staring as the purple light stats blinking rapidly, signaling it is finished.
>The human soon takes a deep.
>She picked up the phone so it could speak.
"There..... are...."
>The machine continues to growl slowly.
"No.... living..... draconians..... within.... a 126,000.... mile..... radius."
>The group makes a momentary sigh of relief.
>Bobby then looks among the group.
"Alright, we all know the ancient kid, Mog, and Kinny are going down there. Who else should go down there?"
>Her two companions continue to cower.
"Shouldn't have brought along these two fucks."
>She mutters.
>Bobby then looks over the only two trustworthy animals she knows at the moment.
"You want me to come down with you? Don't have much in fighting abilities if there is anything in there, but I can still pick some shit up if need be. I'll let you make the final decision."
>The mouse then poked his head out of Kinny's pocket.
"I'm coming too right? I can smell if the food is good for the humans and us if need be. Plus, I could also tell you if you need to figure out how human stuff works if the human is too busy."
What do you think? Bring one, both, or none?
Kinny, ever the secretive, motioned for Mog to turn away from the machine and have a little private chat. When the old wolf turned to him, the rogue immediately began his paranoid spiel. "Lissen, I don't trust this tower of junk. Back in that shop," the cat nodded in the direction of Rick's SG, "those were fresh lizard bodies and the mechanical shopkeep was batshit insane. This growling thing might not be channeling voices of the damned straight from hell, but it is either lying or not talking all lizard threats into account." The cat stopped, a puzzled, bored and eventually defeated expression rolling through his face. "Well we might HAVE to go down, but we need a backup plan in case someone tries to trap us down there or attack from surface... Any ideas?" Kinny looked at Mag questioningly, comepletely ignoring the confused human behind him. His entire world was now figuring this situation out with the only capable fighter truly on his side.
"You're still a prisoner little mouse, don't think I haven't noticed you seem to have freed yourself from Kinny pocket. We're not letting you out of our sight." Mog growled out openly, showing his teeth.

He turned briefly to Bobby and said "I think we'll have you stay up here to manage our backup escape plan, but give me a moment to talk it over with Kinny."

Right on time, the wolf noticed Kinny motioning him over to have a private chat. "Always in sync ey-" Mog began before the mentally-frazzled cat cut him off with a paranoid spiel.

Listening closely and nodding along, Mog noted that his cut off comment seemed to hold true, Kinny was practically saying what Mog was feeling. When the cat was done Mog looked up at the sky as if for guidance. A minute passed before the paladin seemed to have received an answer. "I think the machine is broken or has been subverted by the great enemy. We should expect trouble. As for plans...I can think of a couple. We need a way back up, yes? Well, I say we smash or cut a hole in the top of the elevator big enough for the both of us. That way if the elevator gets stuck we can get on top of it. We'll leave a rope tied to something on the surface and dangle it through the hole in the roof and hold it so our end comes down with us. That way we have a rope escape out of here if the power is cut or something. Aside from that, there is no way to prevent an attack from the surface while we are down there, we simply don't have enough fighters to defend both the surface entrance to the elevator and push into the bunker if there is trouble. We can leave Bobby up here to make sure a lone animal doesn't come along and hold us hostage by threatening to pull up our rope escape, but she isn't gonna be able to hold off a group of dedicated thugs if they happen to wander through, at best she can offer mobile harassment by disappearing into the surround buildings and fighting from range, that way any ambush waiting for us on the surface will be less focused hypothetically if the elevator still works or they don't pull up the rope."

Mog paused for a breath, looked to Kinny for his thoughts, before motioning to indicate he had a little more to say. "The other plan was also about finding other escapes and preventing an ambush as well. Simply put, the human have to breath, drink, and shit, right? And they are underground, right? So, we know from the ruins we've lived in all our lives that they had insane infrastructure that persists to some degree even to this day, they had sewers, pipes that pump water into their homes, they even had those nice charitable vents to shelter rats and birds. Big as this place is, they can't have enough infrastructure down below us to handle all their sewage or store enough water to last as long as they intended to with the numbers we know they planned to keep, not to mention they need vents to the surface to breath. We find the vents, the sewers, and the external water pipes-(1/2)
-from the surface before we descent, see where they lead and map out where that would end up underground as best we can. That way we know we have at least three other exits should the elevator be compromised by enemy forces or a power failure. We'll set a series of rally points near each of these exits for Bobby and her useless kits to go to should they be attacked and have to flee from the elevator booth entrance, that way we have a way of meeting up should we be separated. Even if we can't find these entrances, we should still set some rally points around the city in case we are separated, actually. Finally, it may not help if the power is cut, but they must have some other exits aside from this one, emergency stairs or ladders in case of a fire, or a bigger elevator for the forklift, that phone booth doesn't look big enough to fit a metal carriage." he explained, before pausing again to try and remember if he was leaving anything out.

"Oh, yeah, one last thing, for real this time. We can't be sure no one will attack us from the surface, there's simply no way around that, but if you REALLY are that worried about it then we could search the city for animals so that we have an account of how many potential hostiles there are nearby, we could even run them out of the city preemptively at the risk of making enemies if that would soothe your concerns. Just remember that this could take days if we bother to do this, it's a moderately big city as far as I could tell, and animals could arrive every day from a different direction and take up shop in places we thought we cleared. We'd never be able to be truly sure that we are alone in this city, too much ground to control with too few of us to do it. The only thing I think we can really do is have Bobby and her buddies hide near the entrance so no one sees her and bothers to check the entrance, she could still harass lone animals away-OH!" Mog tried to wrap up his laboured, painstakingly detailed plans before coming across another petty detail.

"The entrance! It has to remain hidden after the booth descends. That means there must be trapdoors that close after the elevator descends and make the street look normal. We'll have to do some crazy shit like standing on top of the elevator to jam something rigid into the closing doors so it doesn't close on us, otherwise the rope plan won't work. Fuck, this has so many things that can go wrong." Anyways, I'm done, I think you get the gist of my plans. Any thoughts you wanna add?" The now parched wolf finally finished.

He fished around for his water skin for a drink, outright laying down after that ramble to hear out Kinny's response.

Sorry for the wait, I was here at the regular time but it took a while to type all this out. A lot of dialogue and not much fancy descriptions of Mog's body language or other behaviour because I had a lot to type out and had to focus on the plans since this is important beyond mere banter.
Also, sorry if it is taking a while to get to your dungeon or advance the story QM, but in character we are pretty paranoid and out of our depth, and out of character we are likewise pretty paranoid I imagine, if not necessarily out of our depth. Please understand~.
post in post-production
When the wolf started sharing his beliefs with Kinny, it was the cat's turn to nod along. And nod along he did, glad he had this paladin on his side and not a miscarried alcoholic deer. The cat agreed with what Mog said, save for Bobby's expertise in guerilla warfare. There WAS a subset of hairless cat rogues specifically bred and trained for this kind of thing, but the red cat they hired most certainly wasn't one of them. Kinny stopped nodding because his neck was getting numb.
>Mog paused for a breath, looked to Kinny for his thoughts
"Yes, but I think you overestimate our smuggler's ability to engage a group of lizards in ranged combat. Let's hope she can get these two," Kinny nudged one of the fat haulers, "to HELP if anything happens." The cat's head then began bobbing again, slowly picking up pace as the wolf continued.
>Any thoughts you wanna add?" The now parched wolf finally finished.
Kinny's head stopped nodding, but it took a moment for the eyes to show any sign of life inside. "Yes. No. We're not cleaning this whole place, there is no way. I'd suggest we act quickly whatever we d-" The cat's eyes went wide in realization. "The shopkeep! Do you think we could bribe him to roll over here and keep the eye on the booth? I reckon all we have to do is give it money, make it clear none of us are thieves and the lizards who want to raid his shop might come here. We could spin a story, that we are trying to get his customers back from underground? Worst case scenario we tell him they are a bunch of pussies, but he can take the elevator and join them underground." The cat laid out his crazy idea while pawing out squares, dots and circles on the ground between the two and then smacking the ground so hard the dust covered the eldritch geometry - presumably to demonstrate the booth, the shop and the bot annihilating all of their potential enemies for money. From what Kinny saw back in Rick's, it seemed possible to exploit the machine's internal logic to their benefit.
Lol, lmao.
File: Upside down Mog.jpg (65 KB, 500x375)
65 KB
Mog lay upside down and gave an annoyed eye roll when Kinny shot down his hope that Bobby would have more talents than being strong for a cat and being a smuggler. He began leisurely grooming, licking his arms clean while he waited for Kinny to offer his thoughts. He stopped, his eyes wide when Kinny came up with a wild idea. Still upside down, the wolf zoned out to think, absent-mindedly pawing at Kinny paws out of some ancient instinct to soothe anxiety with playfulness.

When his mind was settled he slowly nodded and turned over. "That shopkeep sounds like it'd do anything for money, and it'd only have to look out its shop to spot any trespassers and keep a lookout for us. I doubt any thugs would be able to overcome it. Good idea Kinny. I'll explain the plan to the others." he agreed with some enthusiasm, before walking over to fill everybody in.

>Mog agrees with Kinny's idea and fills everybody in.

Not gonna manually write out a separate explanation for the whole group, I just fill everyone in on my and Kinny's plans. Also, nice idea Kinny, very creative.
While Mog wolfsplained the plan to the rest, Kinny plopped on the ground and stopped responding for about 5 minutes while he mentally prepared himself for Rick's nightmarish customer service.
Thanks, mom. Sorry to trample your plans, btw. T'was unplanned.
It honestly doesn't ruin anything, planning and scrapping plans is part of the process. That, and it'd honestly still be good to do most of what I suggested anyways. Most of what I said was stuff about finding exits to escape with, we'd still benefit from it in case the power goes out or in case we are cut off from the elevator. Your plan just solves the issue of a surface attack. Though, I can see us time-skipping with some rolls or something to just speed through the long process of pulling off the plan I described, because honestly it'd just be very time consuming for us to write out the back and forth of us finding each utility's entry point into the bunker and RPing setting rally points at the best terrain for a secure meet up and all that.
>it'd just be very time consuming for us to write out the back and forth of us finding each utility's entry point into the bunker and RPing setting rally points at the best terrain for a secure meet up and all that
Dw, I didn't even consider that a possibility. It would be insane.
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File: 1673385038476.jpg (858 KB, 2041x1680)
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858 KB JPG

>Hearing the plans that the wolf and cat came up with the three bob tails and the human all seem to understand that getting the store bot to help might be the best option they have.
>Honestly the only option they have.
"So if we are going to get that store bot to help up, we're going to need a lot of money. How much do you all have?"
>The human asked everyone.
>Bobby and her gang opened up their pockets.
>Bobby having the most, with 650 silver.
>Her first lackey had 467 silver.
>Her second one had 231 silver.
>The Mouse, overhearing the conversation, held out his tiny bag and pulled 200 coins.
>Bringing the total up to 1548.
>Bobby put her paw to her chin.
"Kinny, Mog, do you think this is enough?"
>The bobtail asked.
"The Cait Sith only paid one gold coin and a few silver and it was more than enough."
>The human answered.
"But you do have a point there. Cait Sith and Wolf Walker, do you think we should add in more?"
Mog and Kinny, do you add in some of your money?

"I'll have my men look for anything that look like vents, drains, or any alternate routes around the city while you guys hire the bot."
>Bobby also adds in.
"Doesn't hurt to still check around. You guys can help as well if needed."
Do any of you want to help look for alternate openings after convincing the bot?
Kinny looked at the money circus before him and responded. "Yeah that's probably like... too much." The cat eyes followed the shiny coins. "That bot got crazy over one piece of gold and silver, how much can that capital-deprived machine demand for looking over the elevator from its shop? Especially if we say we're trying to get in contact with potential customers." The cat nodded to the booth, adding what Mog didn't tell the lot. "I say we make an offer of 200 silver, hear the robot's thoughts and negotiate if necessary."
(Twice as much as we paid for the bat.)
I can't look at my sheet to throw in coins now, just tell me how much ill be adding to the pile once we get the deal.
"Whoa whoa whoa, hold on guys." The incredulous wolf flapped his arm indicating for the group to bring their expectations of the cost down a notch.

"No need to empty our pockets to pay this metal clerk. I was thinking literally like a few dozen silver, maybe a few hundred at most. We are literally just asking it to watch and guard the elevator for a few hours, it's possible that no one even shows up to ambush us, unlike our usual jobs where we are certain we are heading into danger and hence need hazard pay this 'bot' may not even run into trouble. Plus, if we find extra exits then we potentially don't even need to leave through the ambush site. Now that I think about, if there is a separate elevator or hidden ramp big enough to fit the forklifts then we wouldn't even be leaving through the booth anyways, since we always intended to leave with our payment anyhow. Not only that, but we plan to haggle him down, since we are kinda helping him out by waking up any humans still in pods down there, if anything he should be paying us for bringing back his customers!" Mog explained the best he could.

"I'd say aim for...lets see...there's six...no, seven including the mouse, seven of us, though the human has no money, but I guess we'll pay for her, so we each pay out say 10 to 20 silver for an ideal goal 70 to 140 silver. If necessary we can each pay up to a 100 silver, for something like 600 to 700 silver, but only if he really offers a complete and high quality service. Anything more is in my opinion too much. We came here to get rich, not get poorer." said Mog, a musing quality to his tone as he slowly did the arithmetic in his head.

His opinion given, the wolf addressed the last thing "Yeah, in truth we should all be helping to look around after we talk to the little abomination."
"I guess that is true. Alright. We'll try asking for low numbers like ten or seventy first."
>The human says as she got up.
>She had her newly acquired bat close to her if things got bad.
>She gulps.
>Knowing you two were ready she then enters the sports store.
>As soon as you enter, you notice it's a bit noisier than last time.
>Not as a loud boistrous yell of the robot, but rather something different.
>As you go further in you see the robot strangling another supposed robber.
>Looks like a fox this time.
>"<I don't run no damn charity boy!> <Where's my money?! Where's my money!?>"
>You can see the fox struggling as he flails his front legs.
>He stops for a second.
>He looks over to the three of you.
>Looks like he is reaching for you.
>Pleading for help.
Do you help him or let the robot kill him?
"...How much does he owe and what did he actually do...?" Mog asked while facepawing, he felt a headache coming on. This day was just too tiring.
"Oi! Shopkeeper! We have another BUSINESS! The fox can wait." Kinny meowed at the robot, not sure how he could convince it to let the fox go. For all he knew the fox tried to lift something and machine wouldn't see reason beyond that.
I think that's it for me tonight. Can do one more post to wrap the fox up.
understandable. I'll try to make it up on Thursday.

>The Robot then looks over to you.
>He lightens his grip on the fox.
>He still has a good hold on him but at least he is not killing him.
>"<Oh shit son!> <It's my favorite customer.>"
>The robot goes up to you three.
>He soon heard Mog and Kinny's offer.
>"<This stupid mother fucker!> <Tried to steal> <Valuable assets> <From me!>"
"I was just doing as I was ordered."
>The fox tries to defend himself.
>Though the robot was ignoring him.
>"<He tried stealing a> <two hundred> <and one dollar> <Football equipment!> <That's my> <Money maker!>"
>He looks over to the wolf.
>"<You intend to pay for it?>
>He then quickly turns his head to the cat once he heard business.
>"<I'm all ears!> <Just let me deal with> <Star Wolf> <Over here!>"
>He then looks over the wolf.
>His hand ready to choke the shit out of the fox.
Mog do you help the fox?
File: 1673391921444.png (782 KB, 990x990)
782 KB
782 KB PNG
Rolled 3 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

"He said he was ordered to do that, if you want the thefts to stop, then you should listen to what he has to say and then go after the one in charge." Kinny attempted to reason with the machine, not sure how well it would work.
>rollin persuasion
Mog gave the fox the stink-eye for further complicating his day.

"Gimme one good reason why I shouldn't let the proprietor choke the life outta you buddy. Preferably two good reasons, three if you got em. Think fast pal, we've got deals to make and places to be." Mog drawled out, a long suffering sigh escaping his maw.
Since I guess we are stopping here for the evening, I'll wish you both a good night. Are you both good for Thursday this week? We oughtta squeeze in another session soon, by the next week this thread will probably drop off the board.
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Good goin' champ. Your a real one. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡━

No worries, cya all in a couple days.
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We good for tomorrow?
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>Kinny seems to be ignored by the robot.
>Even though it was in fact a good point, the robot seemed more interested in money more than killing several pests with one stone.
>The fox tried his best to keep his stare only at the wolf.
>Trying his best to tell his story.
"I was promised to be let go if I got something that looked like it could help. I'm sure anyone would take a deal like that if you were a part of the emperor general's army. He's a mad ape I tell you. Said he already lost something valuable once this week he's wanting to make it up by looting this town. He said if I could find something here garunteed to kill lizards here I could go home! You got t- GACK!"
>"<Your case has been said!> <Now onto business...> <Pay or die?>"
>The human clearly had no idea what this fox was talking about.
>Emperor General?
>An army?
>Fighting the lizards?
>Obvious no...
>At least not the best items that can be considered a weapon.
>The human then leaned over to the cat and wolf.
"Honestly this is not the best place to find weapons. If they really wanted weapons they should go more towards south. There's an old pawn shop that carried a ton of guns and a museum that carried tons of restored weaponry from the old times. We can visit after we get the food from the vault. So what do we do about foxy? I may not know who this emperor general is but I think you guys might. Do we help him or let him die?"
Save the fox?
Rolled 20 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Kinny would be sweating now if he could, but instead he raised his brow and shot a judgemental look. "Well how about this: killing random animals after they say they thought your shop was abandoned is bad for business! No wonder nobody comes here when there's a pile of dead bodies behind the counter!" The cat grimaced and pointed towards the little graveyard. "We have work for you, maybe even a chance to get in touch with humans after all this time. Get some of those 'bucks' you're looking for! But let me tell you, humans will outright REFUSE to let you work for them if you act like this. Just. Look. At. HER. FACE. NO money from her if you don't let that fox go." Kinny poked the human with every word that he emphasized, to shift the machine's attention to the girl's expression. This was all he got to try and save the unfortunate fox and if it failed... well, honestly it would be the human's fault for not looking devastated enough.
>Rolling Deception cause I'm lyian through my teef
Few more rolls like this and Kinny will get himself a metal minion, huh.
I'm here, just give me a bit to catch up and write my post.
Mog sighed, here hung in the metal grasp of the face of evil itself was yet another lost wandering soul, convinced of the word of a tyrant who understood only force. He supposed it was his duty to guide this poor fellow onto a better path, but if the robot couldn't be convinced to let him go without giving them a good deal...well, oh well.

"You're kinda dumb, you know that Foxy? You were already free the moment they let you outta their sight. The fact that you took a warmongering tyrant at their word and thought it meant anything means you oughtta rethink your thought process real hard. They might've allowed the illusion that you'd have been free, but once they had spread their clutches throughout the rest of the once-free land, well, they'd have woken you from your dreams real quick. Not to mention there ain't even the kind of weapons you're looking for here." The old wolf sneered at the fox as he laid out how it was. He'd been around longer than most, the lupine was pretty confident he knew how things worked.

As Kinny pulled off his grift like the natural he was, Mog nodded along to the cat's words, silently reinforcing the cat's story. He didn't want to steal his moment, or risk botching his expert negotiating. Still, he stayed ready to offer the pull price of the 'football' gear should the robot start choking the fox anyways. Of course he'd demand the full set of gear too, they were just paying for the fox's purchase after all, which conveniently negated the problem of the little canine stealing at all. That, and he'd demand the little rascal pay back his debt to the little warband. He had questions for the runt, things like how close the emperor and his army were, what he lost, why'd he think this town would recoup that loss, what were his talents since they obviously weren't his brains or his deftness, and much more.

>Mog says his piece and then stays silent in regards to the fox, letting Kinny shine. Just in case though, if the robot starts to kill the fox anyways, Mog will be ready to offer 201 silver to cover the cost of the football equipment and the fox's crimes in return for said equipment and the fox's life.

C'mon, Kinny rolled a nat 20. That has gotta be an auto-success to let the fox go and to hear out our offer given we are offering the chance for more money and to free his customers.
Sorry for the delay

>The mechanical store clerk looked at the cat's plea.
>His adorable and very prifitable offer were enough to sell him.
>But was the human on board.
>Thinking quickly the human comes up with a convincing "upset face".
"You don't want to make me sad do you?"
>The robot stares at the human.
>"<Oh my god!> <What have I done?!>"
>The robot says as he drops the fox.
>The fox immediately went towards the wall to hide as he finally started breathing again.
>The robot continued to.... sob?
>"<I'm just like my father> <Driving away> <Everyone you love!> <No more!> <I'm gonna be> <A real boy papa!> <And contribute to society!!>"
>The human then looked at the strange robot, confused by it more than ever now.
>"<So> <my fine> <fur real friends> <What was> <that> <job offer> <you> <wanted to> <offer>?"
What's your starting offer?

>Meanwhile the young fox finally started breathing normally.
>He soon went up to the war veteran.
"Thank you both for saving me."
>He says with gratitude.
"My name is Jenkins and I am in your debt. Is there anything I can do for you? Anything at all?"
Will you have the fox join in?
Kinny eyed the beat-up fox, who somehow looked pale despite the red fur covering his face. "Yeah, we'll take you on board for now, I'm sure Mog will have a bunch of questions for you". The cat then squinted and whispered in the fox's ear. "And you're not working for gorilla king anymore, don't even think of telling anyone what we're doing here or the wobot might find new interest in you." The cat explained his sentiment towards snitches while Mog (hopefully) started the negotiation.
Sorry, I'm a bit out of it, I'll let Mog take this turn to start negotiation.
Rolled 16 + 8 (1d20 + 8)

Mog let out yawn, he knew Kinny had it in the bag. A hole was struck through his quiet confidence only a few seconds later when the metal-freak started crying. It seemed the gang would never get a break from the anxiety. Just as fast as it began the robot's tears were seemingly revealed for the crocodile tears they were, for not a few moment's later was the tin can back to business and looking to make a quick 'buck'.

After a moment taken to recover from the tonal whiplash of the robot switching gears so fast Mog began laying out their offer. "We'd like you to watch the street outside. See if any unsavoury types set up shop and start loitering without a permit. You catch my drift? We're gonna be going 'downstairs' to hopefully bring back your customers. Specifically we need you to watch the phone booth, the street, maybe the block in general for any animals that ain't us looking like they are setting up to ambush us as we come out from there-" Mog pointed out into the street, at the phonebooth so the robot could see where he meant.

"-or that you see attacking us when we come out. You can watch from your shop if you feel you can manage guarding both the street and your shop at the same time and don't wanna leave it unattended. If your customers are still shy, well I'm sure I can get their permission to give you a permit and land grant to set up shop down below with them. Now, if you see any of the types I described before lurking about, attacking us or whatever, we'll need you to come out and deter them, and if they don't comply we'll need you to do...what you did to those other animals and were about to do to Jenkins here. It's for your customers, so don't get squeamish, ya here?" The wolf finished laying out what they needed the bot to do. Then he took out a pouch of silver and put it on the counter.

"We're willing to pay seventy bucks for you to watch the aforementioned places for six hours. We'll add another two hundred bucks on top of that if you actually see and stop anyone from 'loitering' or 'badgering' us. Half of the initial seventy is in that pouch, we'll pay the other half, plus any bonuses for any trouble you run into after we return. Oh, and just so you know, those three cats outside there are with us, they'll be staying outside, so don't strangle em." Mog finished explaining the bot's remuneration. The chance to hear himself talk and stop hearing the demonic voice of legion once again luring him into a relaxed yawn. Hopefully they didn't have to haggle, the bot seemed to have good prices before, so they could hope.

>Rolling to Persuade the robot to agree to our price and conditions with haggling for more. Will roll another dice if Kinny Assists.
I probably don't need it since I got a good roll, but if you could Assist then that would help. Probably no need though if you are busy or tired.

Also, I'm actually pretty tired myself, and the thread is on page 10 and probably won't last the day before falling off. So, I think I'll wait for Kinny to post maybe once more and for QM to respond to my offer and then I think I'll archive the thread so that QM can start up a fresh one on Tuesday. I still have to eat a late lunch too. After that, I think I'll just take it easy for the rest of the day, no more story posts outta me until Tuesday. That alright with you guys?
File: wolf.png (226 KB, 474x386)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
We're naturals, lmao. I was bored as hell today, so when QM left, I spent 2 hours on picrel. Tried to give Mog gray hairs, but couldn't do it right, so I scrapped the idea altogether. I have no memory of what the bot actually looked like, so I drew it according to whatever the hell my mind told me.
Um, why would I assist after you got 24? I CAN, but why?
>The robot stared at the money.
>Seems like good amount.
>His eyes show strange runes among other strange runes.
>Must be calclating it.
>The group stare at the robot as he looks over the money.
>The robot then gave out another canned laughter.
>"<This is> <WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY> <bigger> <than> <What you say?> <I LOVE IT!> <You got a deal> <my> <racial slur.>"
>The robot then gave it's paw..... hand.... claws out?
>"<Shake my hand. Won't you shake an old sinner's hand?>"
>The human seeming to understand the gesture does so.
"We'll have the full amount once you do your job."
>"<Good!> <Take the flea bag with you.>"
>The robot said as it pointed over at the fox who quickly went towards you.
>"<Bye bye now!>"
>So now you both officially have a robot on your side.
>The group sigh as soon as you all leave the shop.
"I never want to see another robot for a while after all this shit is done."
>The human said.
>Jenkins soon went up to Mog and Kinny.
"The cat said you had something to ask right?"
Ask your questions?

>As this is happening, one of the fat bob tails return.
"Sir! We got good news. We think we found an opening for one of the mechanical steeds. But we think we need your card. Can one of you come check it out?"
Who will go?

Sorry about the delay something came up and had to attend to it. Again sorry about all that.

Mog would you mind archiving this run soon?

Also amazing work as always Kinny. Really like how you drew Mog.
File: Spoiler Image (248 KB, 474x386)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
>mfw forgot to color the belt
File: rubberized.png (5 KB, 400x400)
5 KB
>app crashed after I wrote my post
When the fox approached Kinny and Mog, the cat had mainly two things on mind. "You said the emperor is mad, could you provide any details on that? You also mentioned the search for weapon guaranteed to kill lizards somewhere in this city, were you given any extra information or is this all just a blind search?" The cat then turned to the human "If you have no idea what he meant and it's not hidden underground, then we must visit that pawn shop you mentioned as soon as we get back on the surface." Kinny claimed the girl's original plan as his own.
Thanks! I tried to make Mog look right according to canon instead of some generic wolf. Also sorry for getting your bot wrong.
>Jenkins was able to answer the questions clearly.
"The king had me search here blindly. He thought that the pigs were more than likely sending bandits here to find some ultimate weapon that would kill some lizard. That's all he informed me about. Though I do remember his higher up monkey soldiers high on fruit mentioning something about the emperor mutterring an "ultimate soldier" whatever that is."
"Ultimate soldier? If we had that we would have won ages ago."
>The fox stared at the dressed individual as he observes it for a bit.
"What the fuck is that ugly piece of shit?"
>Jenkins asked.
"Ugly?! I'll have you know that I was considered pretty attractive where I come from!"
".... naw too violent to be obedient. Probably not what Emperor Clayton was looking for."
Kinny how do you respond.

Also sorry to hear that it crashed.
Nice art. Don't worry about the assist.

Sorry, fell asleep for a little bit. I'll archive this thread in a few minutes. I'll have to delay my posting until later tonight or even tomorrow if this thread is still up, I didn't sleep well last night. If the thread goes down before I can post then don't worry about it, just post the new thread on Tuesday or Monday night and I'll post my questions for the fox and the next steps for us then.
Yeah, I'd say start new thread on monday so Mog (and maybe I) can post early, I need to sleep now too. Maybe use the Mog picture as thread image? Doodles are more eye-catching than random landscape pictures are, at least in my personal experience.
If you do, use the spoilered image, it has belt fix.

Thread archived, don't forget to upvote!

Again, sorry I can't get around to banging out a post right now. Like I said, if I can I'll do it later tonight or tomorrow if this thread is still around.

Also, yeah, I concur with Kinny >>5532357 maybe start the thread Monday night, you don't have to do any big posts or anything, just the opening post. It is just so that Kinny and I can get some posts in before the session proper on Tuesday. That is assuming I won't be able to get out my post asking questions to the fox and we don't get around to wrapping up this conversation.
Alright. See you guys on Monday for a bit.
See you then, thanks for running this.

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