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> While some worlds have many stories yet to tell, others, in turn, must reach the end of their tale.
> For this world, the cycle of Gods and Men spins one final time, a conclusion fast approaching.
> You are a being of creation, a God, one of the last few born into this decaying world. You possess innate knowledge and immense power, for whatever that may avail you in this fragile, worn-out husk. Survive as best you’re able.

Welcome to a spinoff installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a long-ravaged world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, don't be shy to ask questions.

The game is currently at capacity, but feel free to post a god sheet in the thread and you'll have the opportunity to join in if some spots open up.

Thread unfortunately got bumped off a bit early into last turn, so continuing with Turn 9 this thread, probably concluding it sometime Sunday night.

Players who have already posted:
The Moon-Touched Prey
>[DI] Development: contribute to the Tugai project
Redirecting his attention from his burning rage, Ardonash witnesses the acts of its wielder- strange, limb-like creations… being given more and more power.
Hm. A strange choice… but perhaps one that shall lead to great slaughter?
With little hesitation, for a blade does not hesitate, Ardonash pours his knowledge of death into the creatur- a curse, truly, for to become a swordsman is to be nothing else. It is to waste the gift of creation for the sake of hastening entropy.
A cruel thing, in its glorious inefficiency.
A glorious thing, in it’s sheer wastefulness.

>[Develop] go back to coping
Once the hand-god has been satisfied, Ardonash returns to focusing his anger by shouting over the spilled milk.
And I mean SHOUTING. His anger is so great the air around it starts to shiver and shriek, accidentally cracking the marble-like skin of the divine hand.
The reverberating crawlers made themselves distinct from the crawlers of the Stormhome. Singing of the Storm and Mountain’s existence like boast, they communed with the Mountain at its feet, and in darkness, climbed to hear the Storm’s whispers. This worship was not safe, for the Storm may carry their dust afar and the Mountain to strike them with echoes spoken wrong, and with how they grew few, they beseeched the Divine Echo for a place of prayer, lest they’ll be none.

>[MA] Create Unit Supplicant at [9,16] with [1 POP, Emanation of the Voice, Clumping, Rockbreaking, Featspeak, It’s In Your Head]

The God-Echo repeated the request in the forms of wind and shaking earth, and attempted to carve a place within the Mountain, beneath and besides the ruined pillar, leaving a sliver of the Storm untouched rest within the space, and dug a small tunnel, perhaps enough for three singular crawlers unadorned to slither through, and made a hole for it up in its height, suitably far enough to annoy and exhaust any without purpose.

>[MI][DI] Build Faithful’s Hemmedhole, a bunker-shrine at [9,16]
At north, Dazawk hosts had grown numerous, as their kind does in times of plenty, and so wandered and warred unto the black sands. Clump against clump, they would meet the speakers that came with the Prophet’s gifts, who spoke of their feats in staggering words, and stalled for another clump to rise from the sands behind the raiders. Such ways would not hesitate the wave of numbers, and when the gift of words was stolen from a victim of clumping, the customs of the crawlers were turned against them.

>[MA] Develop Mimicry

The much numerous mouths of the Dazawkian clumps spoke many terrible things, spoken by a black sand’s voice and with their words also. The message within the emanation, jumbled and nonsensical in content, did not defeat the black sands, more their former willingness to listen to it and be strained in understanding.

While the black sand eaters lose their cohesion in response to the mess-speak, the Dazawk parasites return with sufficient casualties, and the gift of words was carried with echo unto new crawlers.
>[MI] Communicate - Mohawkers

Unaware of all that and the deaths of the northern gift recipients, the Word Prophet spoke with these noble strangers whose god is mighty, and told them of the vast sandy lands that they had gazed at and saw without limit. With nought but critter and shrub, they spoke of their God, Echo who is a mountain, and whose words granted them and their kind form and soul, and whose voice now speaks to them. They do not know much of their kin besides that, for they had travelled quickly at first and pulled away here in the second, but know that they are simple and happy folk with nothing troubling their minds beyond food for soul.

Besides their God, the Prophet had little to no knowledge of the two godly beings that the lands here hold, for the Echo told them of that. The first that the voice noticed was the starry being, who was a traveller that seemed to have been searching for a singer, and one that spoke to it when it was young. The second was Versdel, who seemed to be a king of something called Prosperity, which was endless. The shepherd also seemed to be searching for something, now in the west, that apparently scarred the southern lands.

>Unit Action [Word Prophet]: Move to [11,14]

Finishing this share of information, and eager to return to stacking, the Word Prophet bade farewell and scurried north, meandering through ominous silence. At the borders of silence and cool, friendly rocklands, the crawler studied the dusty dirt and see if it could incorporate it to its body, curious substance that it is.

>Unit Action [Word Prophet]: Study and incorporate Dust Sod into body
Rolled 10, 1 = 11 (2d10)

Posting a short summary for Nardu while he’s unavailable.

>God unit: Move to 19, 23
>[DI] Unit interact, attempt to convert the hostile unit there
>God unit: Use remaining movement to move to 22,22

>Skaldling builders: Construct roads on the North edges of the tiles that they’re on

>MA: Develop Woodcutting
>MA: Develop barricades/palisade walls for settlements using Woodcutting
>MA: Develop pottery
>MA: Create unit: Biseax Archers. 5 Pop, tech Archery, Domestication

>MI: move 21, 23 builder to 22, 22
>MI: Add techs Woodcutting and barricade building to Builder units
>Unit Move (Preserver Architects): Move to (3,18)
>Unit Action (Preserver Architects): Construct roads on NW and SW edges of (3,18)
The Architects were gladdened to see pockets of dead trees in the southern distance, they were closer yet to their goal.

>MA + DI: Claim (4,15)
Versdel, as Prosperity grew, turned his attention to the mountain range that edged the eastern desert. The Preservers would have need of the resources contained within, not from trade but as part of their own dominion to enable the construction of mines and other workshops under their own control. Versdel's dominion was difficult to exert in these inherently chaotic peaks, but possible with enough focus.

>MA: Develop Cactus Fiberwork using Cactuses + Deadwood + Primitive Stone Tools + Visions of Prosperity
A bottleneck to true prosperity was the lack of suitable fiber. There were no plains to harvest grasses from, or in which to grow materials suitable for the task. Ever ambitious, and increasingly comfortable with tools and materials available to them as well as suitably fed to provide basic survival needs, the preservers began using stone tools and slapped together wooden frames to strip apart and convert the plentiful cactuses in the desert region into a suitable, if rather bland, replacement for the fiber resources that they sorely lacked. It took some tweaking from the visions that they saw, but the ever industrious and crafty servants eventually settled on something that worked.
I have been informed that Nil does not have all the prerequisites for Metallurgy, so I wish to change my share action posted in the last thread to sharing Fire Starting with him.
Making his exit from a rather perilous situation, Nil swiftly returns to Heolig to restore order, suddenly concerned as to what the Riath might have been doing in his absence yet again. To his surprise, they had become far more militaristic, far earlier than he had expected or planned for, but at the end of the day, it was progress toward facing the great enemy, so he couldn't complain. What he COULD complain about was the trouble of maintaining his physical form now that that damnable shark took a chunk off of him, but there was nothing to be done about it but resting and healing for the moment.

>Action 1: Develop [MA]
Pacified by their god's return and his promises that this new foe would not be as much of a threat, the Riath set about more peaceful inventions that would benefit them in the long run. With some minor directions from Nil, they discovered the value of replanting the seeds of many edible plants they had long grown used to foraging for in the wild, thus ensuring a nigh-on permanent, stable food supply in case the people of the mist lost access to all others.
>Agriculture is developed.

>Action 2: Develop [MA] [DI]
Though impressed by how quickly his creations had readied themselves for war in the long term, Nil couldn't help but see a glaring weakness in their strategies and training 'plays'. They were overwhelmingly focused towards offense and ambushes, and though that suited them quite well, it wouldn't help if they were ever actually on the backfoot. He bade the craftsmen and warrior-performers to find a way to protect their people beyond mere armour, and thus was the humble shield invented, along with a number of newly devised tactics to take advantage of it. Still unsatisfied, Nil skulked through the holy workshops of those refining this new invention, sealed off from all outsiders, and whispered runes to carve and rituals to perform onto these defensive implements, and the final results spoke for themselves.
>Shields are invented. With the use of Divine Inspiration, they may be enchanted to release a one-time cloud of thick fog whenever struck, blinding opponents and allowing the Riath wielding them to quickly attack or retreat.

>Action 3: Move [MI]
Nil, of course, had long returned to his home by this point.
>Nil moves to [11, 6]

>Action 4: Share Technology [MI]
Seeing the value in coordinated military activities with his neighboring god, Nil makes no effort to stop his disciples as their continuous trade with the EBWOs starts including shields and the ways to make them, eager to arm their allies as well as themselves in case of any enemies appearing yet again.
>Shields are invented with Steel-Weaver.
File: OCTUGAI.jpg (1.2 MB, 1200x1380)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG

>Develop [MA] [DI] [The Unmaking] [The Spread]: Octugai - Contributing to Sheriruth's ambitious project, Carn'aath will introduce his divinity to the Limbforge, embedding the Octugai with an unquenchable bloodthirst and gift for unleashing CARNAGE upon their prey. Their teeth and blade alike shall inflict a devastating cancer upon the flesh, making them with no uncertainty the deadliest creature in this realm.

>Develop [MA] [The Breeding Class] [The Slave Class]: Wheeled Vehicles - The beasts of the breeding class are cage bound and trained through pain and conditioning, a process that shall be applied equally in making their labor useful to the slave class. The skin taught chained ones carve wheels from the brittle sablewood, forming carts that chains of animals haul in the name of progress. With these carts, the serfs are one step closer to becoming a well oiled machine.

>The Sacrificial Class will sacrifice 1 pop this epoch

>Unit Interact [ARCHITECT] [1 SP]: Build another portent howitzer on (27, 17).
I'll take last rounds results meaning that I can only build one of these a turn
File: rockin it.png (870 KB, 739x718)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
That experiment was wildly successful! This looked like the perfect thing to add to his new friend's project!

Belweir focused on the "lizard beasts" that the big hand directed him toward, attempting to turn their bodies into living crystal!

On their arrival at the village of the masked skalds, the Road Builders learned that their big brother had just left to go help a new friend with a project off to the east! Quickly they hurried off to go meet up with him once more!

> [MI] [UNIT ACTION] [ROAD BUILDERS] [BUILD ROAD] [23,21]/[23,22] [23.21]/[24,22]
They were also here to build roads though! If this person was a new friend, they might need to travel to meet him often, too! The travelling thaumites began beating a path toward this new land!
>[MA] Develop Primitive Weapons, and arm my people for war.
>[MA] [DI] Develop Blood Kelp, so that the creatures of the sea will come to our waiting jaws just as those of the land do.
Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d10)

Rolling automatic defense for Eden.
Rolled 2 (1d3)

Rolling dice for no particular reason.
Rolled 1 (1d3)

Just rolling another dice, still no reason to be concerned or anything.
File: Turn 9.png (4.08 MB, 6410x6493)
4.08 MB
4.08 MB PNG

>>5486579 Steel-Weaver
Though repairing their god is far beyond the meagre mechanical expertise of the EBWOs, they try their best to help seeing their god injured for the first time in their short memories. While they fall far short of their intended mark, they are nevertheless able to, if nothing else, uncover the secrets of melting and smelting metals. Metallurgy developed.
While none are sufficient to replace the divine mechanisms that make up their wounded god’s missing parts, several attempts are made at alloying the various metals the EBWOs have at their disposal, to mixed results. Some, unfortunately, do not take at all, but a couple, particularly those of Oltar, show more promise, combining trace amounts of other metals with Oltar to provide a more durable whole. Oltar Alloys developed.
Shields shared with you by Nil.

>>5487002 Sheriruth
A bevy of collaborators assembled, you are at last able to bring your designs fully to bear. You bring forth several of the Tugai you had journeyed so far to retrieve, admiring the already impressive predators for a moment. Strong though they already are…you can rebuild them. You have the technology. Better, faster, stronger then ever before. And so you set to work, your workshop roaring to life as thousands of limbs are brought to bear, dissecting the creatures as they still live, kicking and roaring in agony even as they’re picked apart and put back together, every new iteration bringing about new improvements. First four legs, then five. After five, six. With seven, you finally feel like you’re getting close. Then…eight. Bliss. Each limb perfectly specialized, deadly in its own unique way, Ardonash’s murderous expertise fusing with Carn’aath’s mastery of carnage to create a butcher’s collection of implements both deadly and utilitarian, while the crystalline hides of Belweir provide much-needed integrity. At last, fully completed, they crawl forth from the magma of your workshop, their eyes burning with a violent, instinctive bloodlust. They’d bring a tear to your eye, if you had one. Octugai created.
Your immensely complex work completed, you leave the Damm’ta with the fairly simple task of taming the extremely violent, extraordinarily deadly murderblenders you’ve unleashed upon them. You definitely don’t enjoy pitting your rebellious creations against your newest, loveliest children or anything like that. Still, after many, many MANY deaths, the Octugai are finally brought to heel by your thoroughly traumatized people. Octugai domestication developed.
>>5487349 Hephalith
With your command over the earth, you carefully tap into an aquifer, far below. Though you possess little knowledge of hydrokinesis, you are able to leverage your connection with the ground to tease the underground reservoir to the surface, and eventually an oasis gurgles to life at your feet, in defiant resistance of the blazing hot sun shining overhead. Though it will take some time for life to truly propagate here, you have created a source of water from which your people might drink, or take a dip to provide temporary relief from the desert’s heat. Oasis created.
A sustainable location secured, your people, still groggy after their release from their long slumber, work quickly to erect a camp with their own, albeit far more meagre, terrakinetic powers. With your assistance it is not long before sturdy stone huts dot the oasis’ shores, providing succour from the sun and heat and a somewhat familiar shelter while they slumber, encased in stone. Village constructed.

>>5487401 Magnus
To your people’s minds, a way to quantify the world seems only logical. Unfortunately, how they wish to quantify everything appears to be a somewhat more contentious topic, with dozens of different Fileorva putting forth their own different systems, types, and even units of measurement. Thankfully, cooler heads eventually prevail, and the various systems are put to a vote, a winning candidate eventually emerging victorious. Mathematics developed.
While creating ever more precise constructions with their tools has been a favoured pastime among many Fileorva, it is sometimes necessary to produce larger, more uniform creations. Some enjoy the challenge of replicating their creations with mechanical precision, a passion that is eventually turned towards the constructions of newer, sturdier structures throughout Orbit. Masonry developed.
Shale Clay read from the minds of the Shale.

>>5488659 The Moon-Touched Prey
Your newly created vessel stalks the woodlands on the very fringes of your domain, slaying any predator unfortunate enough to cross its path. Every beast slain, every prey animal protected is another act of worship, its every move made in silent, devout supplication to you. Treesinger Beast created.
Though at first the less intelligent of your worshipers shy away from these unnatural ilk, as they eventually grow into their full, lunar glory that fear transforms into devotion, a recognition that these children bear not your wrath but your blessing, marked as your kin from the moment that they are brought into this world. Birthright developed.
>>5489394 Sabastious
The allegiance of your new charge secured, you turn your attention towards the one who’s put them in such a state. While you can hardly leave them alone, considering their currently critical condition, you command your champions forward, and despite being bereft of your leadership, they strike true against the seemingly incorporeal goddess, shearing off chunks of her radiant form as she cries out in pain and anger.
In the meantime, your people continue to make strides in their utilization of their demonic steeds. If one horsepower could let them go fast, then surely the power of multiple horses would afford them even greater speed, yes? Such was the methodology that birthed the chariot, and although the Mohawkers were unable to achieve the vaunted greater speeds that they wished for, a stabler platform from which to fire arrows or ram into foes was a welcome addition to their arsenal. Chariots developed.

>>5491106 Ardonash
You direct your attention away from your violent, seething hatred of your own failings for a moment to assist in the work of your wielder. Upon his strange, many-legged creations you bestow an instinct for violence unlike any other. No creature on the face of this world will so readily inflict pain on another, let alone do so with such frighteningly effective instinct and efficacy. You can only admire your work in transforming this innocent, newly-born creatures into violent killing machines.
Your moment of contribution finished, you return to your internal fury, your white-hot edge now vibrating with poorly-contained violence as the mountains around where your blade is buried splinter and crack under the weight of the hatred you direct at all of creation.

>>5491118 Godech
Though many crawlers died in their pilgrimage up the great mountain, those that survived and found the shelter created for them by their god found it well worth the trials and tribulations, now so close to their deity as to feel its words and echoed reverberating throughout their bodies and souls, suffusing them with wisdom unlike any experienced by those who merely rested at their god’s feet. Supplicants created, Faithful’s Hemmedhole constructed.
Though some are outraged by the blasphemy of making mockery of their god’s words, the word theft is undeniably effective, the black sand’s greatest weapon quickly turned against them, though still with a great deal less finesse then when they themselves wielded it. Mimicry developed.
Unfortunately, your prophet’s efforts to tame the strange material bear no fruit. Though he tried his best, the material is simple inert. No amount of magic or sound can move or infuse it, and when he attempts to adhere it to his body it simply flakes off again, floating gently to the ground below.
>>5491608 Nardu
Though a rather unfamiliar rage is lit in your chest by the sight of whooping, barbaric looters ravaging the homesteads of your people on infernal horseback, your more peaceful nature still prevails. You bewitch the savages with magic and song, exhorting them to abandon the cause of their hellish god and join your Skaldlings in their gentler ways. They obey your wishes with eyes glazed, their natural instincts overridden by your magics and their beasts buck beneath them. Raidhawkers converted.
Devastated by the…well…devastation wreaked upon their settlement by the raiders, your people resolve to take actions so that another such incident will never again occur. They begin to clearcut the nearby forests and groves, transporting great piles of logs back in laboured, overburdened carts. At first they simply rebuild, their woodworking skills unwittingly honed by the seemingly endless number of tasks that must be performed in the wake of the destruction. After the repairs are finally complete, however, the work does not stop, the remaining lumber used to construct towering palisades. Though too few in number to defend against any true attack yet, your people are confident that with a sufficient investment of time these palisades will stand against any unwashed hordes who seek to undermine them. Woodcutting developed, Palisades developed.
Another measure taken is the assemblage of a new, better equipped force of defenders. Your Skaldlings have learned from their previous mistakes, their archers now mounted on the backs of sturdy Biseax, so they will never again be run down by the flaming lances of these northern barbarians. Biseax Archers created.
Though recovering in the wake of the attacks takes the center of their focus, at least some of your people continue to devote their efforts to more creative pursuits, molding and firing the clay from the riversides to create surprisingly handy containers in which they are able to store a variety of materials. Pottery developed.

>>5493417 Versdel
1 hex claimed.
Where nature would not provide for them, the Preservers would bend it to suit their needs. Lacking a more accessible source of fibrous material, the Preservers turn to the only resource in the arid region that might serve as a substitute. Cacti are dug out of the sand and transported to Prosperity in droves, their bodies stripped and wrung to produce serviceable, if rather stiff, plant fiber. It’s a horribly inefficient process, but for the advancement of Prosperity no drudgery is unendurable. Cactus Fibrework.
>>5493483 Nil
While many of your people prefer the taste of meat after a good hunt, they are more then willing to recognize the wisdom in cultivating a backup food source, in case of a hunt going awry or the prey becoming scarce. Though it takes some trial and error to find the right conditions in the misty, shade-dappled woods of your people’s home, they eventually begin to grow small personal fields of crops, supplementing their carnivorous diets and, on some unlucky occasions, replacing it. Agriculture developed.
Though some Riath are skeptical of this strange new form of protection, finding it cumbersome in its weight and deprivation of an arm with which they could wield another spear, most recognize the wisdom in a solid defense, especially after getting a look at the thickly corded musculature and gleaming white teeth of the god who had injured their own. Shields developed.
Fire-Starting shared with you by Steel-Weaver

>>5493775 Carn’aath
Though you appreciate the thirst for violence planted in the creatures by the…sword? That has accompanied your collaborator, their addition lacks a certain…finesse. While the teeth and claws of the original Tugai are serviceable enough weapons for a regular predator, they are sorely lacking in the potential for bloodshed these new creatures will demand. So, your course decided on, you set to work. Limbs once tipped with bog standard, normal claws are gifted exciting new shapes with which to inflict carnage. Barbs, serrated edges, multi-pronged blades, corkscrews, no cutting tool is too good for these burgeoning murder machines, and with your ministrations concluded their limbs look more akin to a torture device then a creature’s talons. Their teeth receive a similar treatment, boring conical affairs replaced with an array of murderous, razor-tipped implements that jut out ominously from above and below their jaws.
With the vessel of their god away, your people…do not play, such a concept is anathema to worshipers of the Great Color. While proving their devotion through a tithe of blood, bone, and labour is only right and proper, the Serfs understand that to bring about their radiant lord’s vision for the world they will need to…streamline some of their processes a bit. With the greatest of this inefficiency felt in the transports of materials, some of the wiser among their number create carts, making use of the Breeding Class to pull these rickety constructions. Wheeled Vehicles developed.
>>5494904 Belweir
While you feel…a little uncomfortable with some of the changes the other gods have made to these new creatures, you at least appreciate the shiny limbs they have! In fact, you’d like to spread that shininess all over them, if possible! While their insides would be a little hard to beautify, with your magics it’s a simple matters to transmute the creature’s flesh, transforming its leathery hide into gleaming, flexible crystal that glows a merry orange in the heat of the Limb God’s workshop. Perfect!

>>5501640 Nifo Toto
While biting and clawing with their bare hands was more then enough for some Auvau, others desired…more. Greater violence, greater bloodshed. More then the sensation of flesh under their teeth and fists, they desired that much more blood in the air and water. Thus, a bevy of cruel weapons were born, their edges designed to slash and bleed their unfortunate prey so that they may drive the hunters to ever greater heights of bloodlust. Primitive Weapons developed.
While their hunts on land had benefited greatly from the bloody barlow, their hunts in the sea were still frustratingly difficult at times, especially as even the Maltides grew to fear them. And so your kelp-based variant of the barlow was a welcome addition to the seas, driving any creatures unfortunate enough to eat it into a frenzied, bloody school in which the Auvau could fish at their leisure. Blood Kelp developed.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.
Ensconced in the earth, far from prying eyes both mortal and divine, a titan slumbers. Flesh is its steel, oil its blood, and even in its state of suspended animation a circuit-driven brain of impossible complexity continues its quiet calculations, making use of a dizzying array of systems and scanners to monitor its physical condition and the lands beneath which its rests. For untold millennia it has rested here in silence, cradled by rock and magma, its nigh-invincible form nevertheless weathered and worn by the weight of countless eons. Until, at last, almost rusted over with disuse, a sensor registers a signal. Calculations are made, several more sensors are diverted from less important work to home in on the signature, confirm its authenticity. This would not be the first false alarm. And yet it persists under the scrutiny, and more and more of the ancient machine’s brain springs to life, confirming that their lengthy hibernation is concluded at last. Signals are sent throughout the hulking, mechanical form in earnest now. Servos, joints, and structural integrity checked and rechecked as the mechanized symphony approaches its crescendo, ancient parts groaning and shrieking as they’re flexed against the thousands of tonnes of stone and hardened magma currently pinning them in place, before two great, spotlight sized eyes blink to life in the darkness, finally brought to full consciousness by the promise that it’s objective might once again be in reach.

On the surface, a volcano sits among its less active brethren in serene stillness, looming tall against the elements. For eons it, too, has rested here, its days of violent eruptions, rivers of magma and choking clouds of ash long behind it. Until now, at least. Its end is foretold only by a faint rumbling, before the entire world seems to shake, the once-dormant volcano cracking and splintering as great gouts of magma are forced out through the gaps, the monolithic natural construct groaning under the strain before at last one massive, rusted limb bursts forth, every movement accompanied by the tortured screams of stiffened metal as the limb leverages itself against the mountainside, heaving the rest of its body to the surface. Another arm bursts forth, magma sloughing off of red-hot metal and splashing onto the forests below as finally, with an almost explosive detonation, the entire volcano bursts open, massive chunks of basalt flung for kilometers in every direction as the patchwork titan fully emerges, towering over the landscape as it surveys the terrain that has shifted with the passing. After a moment it orients itself, locking on to its target. At last…purpose.
File: Six_Mechanical_Powers.png (149 KB, 1005x915)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
The danger having seemingly passed, The Steel Weaver moves to Southridge in 11.9, planning it's next move. Unable to follow in the rough and craggy terrain, the Falerine Cavalry instead moves to the dead forest in 13.7, patrolling the eerie terrain for any sign of hostile shark-men.

>Units move as indicated, Falerine Cavalry prepares an interception against Nifo Toto should the shark-god enter their hex.

Meanwhile, the EBWOs remain hard at work, developing increasingly sophisticated methods for determining the volume of metal added, the quantity of fuel consumed, the length of time the material has been left in the forge, and other useful information when producing products of refined metal. Soon, these tools and knowledge begin spreading to other fields as well...
>MA: Develop Mathematics

Using this new knowledge, one EBWO decides to try and make the work of hauling material from forested side of Southridge to the plains side a little bit easier, and by doing so grabs the attention of The Machine God. For as primitive and simplistic as the assemblage of wood and metal may be, there is a critical difference between this and The First Machine. That was something made directly by a divine, with mortal maintenance reliant on route memorization with little deeper understanding. Yet it is that same understanding once absent that now blossoms, and before long all manner of clever contraptions are being presented to The Steel Weaver, an entire generation of EBWOs coming forth seeking the praise and blessing of their patron. Some are not entirely original, being codifications or standardizations of principles already intuited, but others operate on principles not so easily grasped, a sight with fills The Steel Weaver with pride and joy.
>MA [DI]: Develop Simple Machines (replaces Wheeled Vehicles)
God damn it I forgot again.
>Mathematics shared with Nil
>Claim [MA] [DI] 5,17 5,18 7,17 7,18 terraform skill of 4 btw<
>MA [DI]: Develop Foraging<
As the sun rises in the morning light the sound of water washing upon the sides of the god made oasis while still barren of life it will not take long for flying fauna to bring seeds to the sanctuary it is only a matter of time, as of now the sound of stone giving way to the flesh of his children Hephalith a god free of his prison gazes toward the village growing from such a meager beginning, glad that the previous day was not some dream caused by his curse he gazed outward thinking of his next steps.
We have water and shelter for now but if his people have any hope of progress toward a future He must continue to act so racking his mind he looked toward the surrounding wasteland no that’s not an accurate word there is still life proliferating those floating manta rays appear to be surviving, off the land the cacti in the area if I remember right cacti produce fruit some more often than others and with fruit come seeds although spiky in their own right if prepared right might provide enough sustenance for development, but those manta rays might provide valuable proteins hmm no their population would not be sustainable in the long term and they will be most likely important to the local ecosystem last thing I need is to recreate an ecosystem from scratch, hmm at best I should probably explore more of the desert for food sources that might be accessible in the desert Hephalith gazes toward more of the desert.
Hel, even certain cacti themselves are edible such as succulents. There were five main varieties of cacti that are sought after as culinary delights, either for the fruit, the plant itself, or both: dragon fruit, prickly pear, barrel, cholla, and saguaro. If any of these species descendants still persists then it would be best to find out. Hephalith gathered the few of his people to help survey the local desert for food sources explaining what to look for while hephalith lays claim to possible spots to be used for development.
above post is my action
>Develop [MA] - Primitive Poisons/Primitive Medicine
Nardu's skaldlings take to using the venom of local animals as jury-rigged narcotics, microdosing to achieve near-deadly highs. Their arrows let fly, dripping with the very same venom.

>Claim [DI] [MA], 20,21, 22,21.
The storyteller continues to watch from afar, bringing more land forth for his people. The man had never been happier. It seemed apt that today, was another day for an adventure

>God Unit Move, Nardu, to 17,22.
>Unit Move Builder to 21,21.
>Build A Road.
File: Obey.jpg (734 KB, 1920x2662)
734 KB
734 KB JPG
Rolled 1, 10 = 11 (2d10)


Standing there on the great plains, along SABASTIOUS, the Prey turns to its new ally. With a flash of decaying incisors, it cleaves its tongue out and drops it into the earth. The appendage writhes like a fattened worm, growing and swelling till it takes root in the soil and extends upwards as a winding pillar of meat. Its magic lingers within the rotten sprout. Wounds in the mouth heal faster than many other parts of the body. By granting mortals this fruit of the Moon-Touched Prey's own body, they may stave off the degradation of their own flesh, and shake off heinous wounds in the same manner as its bestial minions.

>Minor action: Share Flesh Preservation with the Mohawkers, by directly passing it to SABASTIOUS while on the same location.

With much of its strength restored, it walks forward, moving past the warbands on demonic steeds. It lingers at the edges of Alexandria once again. There, it gives a command to its former wards. It's a single sentiment, playing on the lingering fear that it cultivated in the wild populace. In an attempt to bolster its efforts, it makes use of the various summons developed to call creatures to its side, infusing them into its telepathic call. The order is aimed at the children of its stolen generation, many epochs later. Though their ancestors are all in the soil, the link between them and the decaying deer still remains, though nearly completely drowned out by brilliant light.


>Unit Move [God Unit] - Move to 23, 25.
>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI] [Techs: Fear of Man, Call of the Wild, Recruitment]- Convert the stolen beasts back into members of the Herd, and bring them home, along with the knowledge and training that man has given them. Only the beasts, the moth-infested two-legs shall sit there and continue to be eaten from the inside.
Art Source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dOV3gJ

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (25,10)
Rising up and floating across the mountains, Magnus returns and settles down into the centre of Orbit once more, stretching out with Magnetic field to signal to the Fileorva that Magnus has returned to them.

>Unit Interact: Build Road on (24,11 - 25,10)
>Unit: Toolers - Move to (25,10)
>Using: Oltar Metalworking, Masonry
With the mine constructed, getting the produce of the mine back to Orbit becomes a priority for the servants of Magnus - and so the Toolers begin the construction of a road from the mine back to Orbit to make the journey of future Fileorva far faster and more simple.

>1) Major Action: (DI) Develop: Control Animal (Animal Riding +)
>Using: Mind Domain, Magnetoform Reshaping, Falerine and Poddox
Wild animals can be so unruly at times, with instincts geared toward fight, flight and survival that are not always convergent with the goals for them within Fileorva society. But simple minds are more easily controlled, and rising up from rotative rest at the centre of Orbit, Magnus reaches out with powers of mind and shares with the Fileorva a little of Magnus' own mental abilities; to allow them the means to control and influence the thoughts of creatures. They'll still need to learn to hold onto their backs when the animals move, but Magnetoform Reshaping allows the Fileorva to adjust their own shapes for convenience to both stay upon the creatures and reduce any drag caused by their presence when the animal moves. With guidance of the body, with control of the Mind, the creatures of the world will serve the Fileorva.

>2) Major Action: Develop: Agriculture
The Fileorva need to feed themselves, and need to feed their herds. And grains and vegetables are part of the solution - we just need to obtain them more efficiently. And how better then by planting and growing them ourselves?

>MA + DI + Ardonash + Limbforge III + Marching Limbs: Breachway to the World Heart

Ardonash, the ever useful tool, is taken once more by his master and put towards bizarre purposes. The great bladed god is integrated into the limbforge as a digging implement, gripped by its countless gigantic hands, and furiously used to tunnel through the planet to carve out the very heart of the world itself, such that Sheriruth might claim it as his own. The previous efforts into expanding the limbforge have reached as far down as they are likely to go without further assistance, causing Sheriruth to involve his instrument of division in his plans.

Once complete, this breachway should allow unfettered access to the heart of the planet and grant Sheriruth access to the mysteries that lie below, soon to be brought to the surface by his Marching Limbs and corrupted by the obstinate god.

>MA + Octugai + Masonry (just add all my relevant combat tech): 2x Reptile Masons (Unit) (11 pop each)

These poor Damm'ta are forced to go around building walls for the Great White Shape, while also being forced to babysit terrifying lizards. These two jobs may seem unrelated, and in fact are unrelated, but Sheriruth cares little.
To appease their murderous charges Masons often carve their walls with the frightening image of the Octugai themselves, crystal scaled iconography and scythed limbs warning intruders against entrance.

>MI: Begin establishing Octugai trades to Lizard Contributors.

Fresh off the forges, these crystal carapaced lizards are branded and deployed to the service of the other gods which aided in their realisation such that they may benefit from the immaculate angels which are Octugai.

>Communicate: All within two hexes except Ardonash

"The work is done, and it is good. Exit my domain, do not return without my prompting."
File: Walls.jpg (104 KB, 385x314)
104 KB
104 KB JPG

Once given a purpose, the Treesinger carries it out with conviction. The low rumble of its voice passes between the trees, shaping the woods according to its desires. It twists trees together, knotting them into tangled masses that threaten to gore invaders with jagged spines the size of a man's chest. And yet, creatures of the wild are able to pass through them, finding gaps at the exact moments needed to cross safely. The walls are shaped according to their desire, serving only to keep the wicked out.

>Unit action [Treesinger Beast]- Create walls North and North-East of 20, 28

As it works through the years, the Treesinger Beast develops its will further. Wisps of the recycled soul within it are cast off, growing in the earth like a ghastly sapling. When the time comes, it seeks out a corpse to infuse. Like before, it chooses a creature that has fallen victim to ill fortune, and blesses it with a new lease on life. The second guardian will rise in the next age, to sanctify the forest yet again.

>Major action- Create Unit, Treesinger Beast

With their population properly replenished, the creatures are free to live atop the plateau once more. They multiply rapidly with nothing to cull their number. The light of the moon and the aberrant plant life serve to nourish them, causing their growth to swell beyond what an ecosystem would allow. More growth means more offspring to be marked with the sigil of the eldritch moon, and claim their birthright.

>Major action- Develop Mating Season

Art Source: http://www.tonyrobertsart.co.uk/TONY_ROBERTS_ART_-_THE_SCIENCE_FICTION_YEARS/welcome.html
>[DI] [MA] Unit action: stab the world
The time has come. All of Ardonash’s hatred and fury focuses on it’s razor-edged tip, immeasurable amounts of power and sheer, unadultered sharpness of such a degree that the fabric of reality struggles to comprehend it-
This is strength.
A continuous destruction of all things.
This is the cycle, destruction and creation, endlessly chasing one another.
And right now? Right now Ardonash and Destruction mean the same thing.
Let all who can feel fear tremble before the Wanting Blade, for its edge ever hungers.

>[MA] Develop: improve discipline
The Cut-spawned FEEL the burning, piercing cut of their master. They know the time is close. They know they need to be ready.
They train together, again and again, nearly starving from how little they focus on everything else in their lives, some going insane or having a stroke from the sheer mental focus of their training, as they learn to ignore stab wounds, to swing until their arms are ready to fall off, until their eyes and lungs burn as bright as hate and as fiercely as spite.
They shall be ready.
File: I put the Die in Diet.jpg (88 KB, 1200x675)
88 KB

>Action 1 - Smoke some Pot(s) [Pottery]
It's the children who started it, initially. The warmer lake-waters were a welcome home-away-from-home, for those who raised family's too far from the bubbling pools of Loto Mu. Along the lake shore, the pups would scatter stones, stir sediment, and gnaw on driftwood as they played and fought.
Piles of 'clay-castles' they would leave behind would slowly dry and harden under the blazing sun, and it was only so long before adults would note their water-proof qualities and unexpected durability. One particularly large Auvau, skin and eyes yellowed with a particularly foul diet, would make a habit of storing rotting fish in vessels of fire-hardened clay, consuming them months, or even years, later.

>Action 2 - [DI] - Discard the Steel Weaver Chunk [Move to and then Build a Mine on 21,8 and Develop Metallurgy]
Nifo Toto, flush with the (admittedly disappointing) spoils of his hunts, descends upon the resource-rich village of Vai Magalo. It was here that he built his spear, and so he returns to bask in the sun, soak in the fresh water, and prepare for the hunt once more.
Initially, the mettalic leg was meant for his weapon, but no matter what way Nifo Toto twists or gnaws the leg, it refuses to stay straight, making for a poor spear shaft. With a cry of rage, he hurls the leg at the nearby mountain, the claw tip burying into the rock with a BOOM that echoes across the land.
In the years to come, brave Auvau would investigate the sight, witnessing the strange inner workings of the god-limb, the gears and cables beyond their understanding, but not their curiosity. Even more unusual, the limb is partially hollow, and the tubing can be navigated deeper into the earth, where all manner of strange rocks can be found. Soon enough, Auvau are braving these depths regularly, hoisting up the goods of the earth to inspect under the light of day.
Correction: Additionally claim (4,17) as I believed the Stone Deserts were mountains and therefore would not have spent 2 terraform on the hex I did claim.

>Unit Move: Preserver Architects move to (3,19)
>Unit Action: Preserver Architects construct roads on the NW and SW edges of (3,19)
The architects found the last leg of their work to be mercifully easy, as the dead dirt of the dead forests was slightly more solid than the desert sands.

>MA+DI: Develop Phantom Caravans using Visions of Prosperity + Commerce Domain + Wheeled Vehicle + Constructed Roads
The lord of Prosperity had become increasingly frustrated by the obstacles desert life presented towards his plans. There didn't seem to be a single beast of burden anywhere near his lands. Moving large quantities of goods would be effectively impossible at this rate. Too stubborn by half to let this hold him back, Versdel weaves an advanced spell over the roads his architects erected. Ghostly caravans, like mirages across the desert sands, began to travel back and forth across the road stretching out from Prosperity, grand carriages flying the proud livery of Versel's eternal kingdom. Always willing to stop and silently take and deliver goods and payments. So long as it was handled on the roads of his creation, trade would flourish in spite of logistics.

>MA: Develop Literature using Tradewrit
Even with this problem solved, there still were not any trade agreements in place, nor had there been in the wake of the development of Tradewrit. Many Preservers as such began using the written language for more menial purposes, simple poetry, hymns, and observations about the world in which they lived.
Rolled 3, 9, 3, 4, 10, 5 = 34 (6d10)


Map corrections, Power issues, and IRL cut out all the time for being a good player and fluffing up all their shit, so time for another bare bones post.
Pain. And apologies

>Unit actions clusterfuck:
>>The two Hero units move onto the hex with Eden, smack her for one attack each. THE FIRST RIDER gets first die, Pladoma gets second. Then move them as SW as possible.
>>SABASITOUS [Using DI] moves down three hexes SWW to <20,27>, dragging along grappled Eden at half speed, and either A takes the spark if she dies from the hero units, or B attacks if they weren't able to kill her, and takes the spark if it's enough to lethal. Third and Fourth and Fifth Dice
>>>Spark goes into boosting Fortitude if we can get it.

>>Raidhawkers down in the SE move up to the units on <32,23> and attempt to Convert them to the ways of being AWESOME... Or just making them bend the knee, that works too. Sixth dice

>>Both mobile Settlements move as far South and West as they can, I guess

>Major: [Develop] - Wastelander Stratagems - A vast array of plans, maneuvers, and tactics largely centered around mobility based warfare and high aggression. Military tactics using all my current military gear, and Pack Hunting.
>Major: [Develop] - The Art of Raiding - "It's Pillage, *then* Burn.", raise the odds of getting tech harvest from combat. Using Wastelander Stratagems and the fact that we've actually done combat and stolen tech successfully.

And if anyone is diploing me, I'm very sorry. I'll try to catch up soon when I'm not so utterly swamped.
The creation of the Hemmed has enlightened the crawlers of the benefits of rock tunnels, even more so than previous sand burrows. The Supplicants have turned rockbreaking unto another purpose, descending from the singing mountain to the sands. Chewing through the hard sand, the Supplicants create a method to burrow through rock and create tunnels fit for a crawler's life. Slightly rough due to the lack of specific tools the Supplicants has and with the added dangers of the heavy tunnel falling when an echoing crawler is in place, these tunnelhomes is still an upgrade in status to the sandy homes that the crawlers has, and fought over as the supplicants mainly spends their time in worship.
>[MA] Develop Primitive Stonetunneling
>[MI] Add Primitive Stonetunneling to Supplicant units
>Unit Action [Supplicant-1]: Dig tunnelhomes

A side effect of this is a surplus in sand and stone within the Supplicants. The sand is reproduced into more crawlers with the Echo in their minds, though they haven’t been inducted into the ranks of the Supplicants yet.

The stone on the other hand remains. Preceded by study of the pillar within the Hole, the Supplicants attempt to recreate a small replica of the tower within their bodies, attempting to create a conduit directly to their God’s voice and amplify the echo given to them.
>[MA] Develop Echo Rod Conduit?

The Prophet is baffled with the silent dirt, but continues to travel at its outskirts. They construct additional towers.
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Move to [8,13]
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Erect Pillar

Now, the God-Echo travels downward from its faithful and tries to trace the source of the Magic that flows within it.
>[MI][DI]: Echo unto the earth and soil to find out where all this magic comes from.

Ok 4 actions let's go~~

>MAx2 + DI [Claim] : Using 2 of my actions i claim 2.23, 1.22, 4.20 and 3.19

>MA Create unit "Minstrels" using 10 pop pottery and luthier for instrument making, Guiding light so they can advance without losing their way, Alcohol and revelry for P A R T Y, and finally To wear the night for style.
They are here to charm, persuade, fascinate, and recruit people in their search of the Song.

>MA [Develop] - Reforestation. Using gifts of the forest.
The dead woods around the are in a terrible state, the air too still, no music heard. It is a sad and desolate place and such a thing cannot be allowed to stay if the Beykarres are to develop themselves. Silure will push the beykarres to plant and grow the gifts offered by the jungles starting from their edge. It will probably be a long time before those dead forest regrow but one must start somewhere. And if that don't work, at least we'll have some orchads and fields to add something to snack on at the next revel!

>MI [Move] - Silure will go to 6.18, greeting the newly formed god.

Why Hello, young one! You just appeared in this world am i wrong? I can feel the Song all around you! The very air is almost humming it~ Can you feel it too? The toe tap, all is brisk, all is well~~
File: MINDREAVER.jpg (697 KB, 1200x675)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
>Develop [MA] [Grain] [Wheeled Vehicles]: Feed Trenches - Cultivated by work of wheeled instruments, the most athletic of the slaved are bound to their wheeled plows in chains, tasked to plow through carved out trenches of land. Even in this arid landscape, the deepened soil shall beckon water to its trough. Seeded in its plowed trenches, the breeding class shall find a new home for the manure of their labored beasts, to fertilize this new source of food. Until the next cleansing, the serfs know they must slave to maintain their numbers.

>Develop [MA] [DI] [Portents of Calamity]: Mind Reavers - Carn'aath crafts a blueprint of sigils of the future use of his serfdom: The sigils call upon the Great Luminescence to the creation of a condensed sphere of crushed Serfs, carrying a great devastating energy. This creation may be loaded into the PORTENTS to fire at a unit occupying a hex of Carn'aath's, or occupying the same hex as another unit Carn'aath owns. The ball becomes a current of destructive energy as it exits the howitzer, striking the mind of its target to disorientate and stun them.

>The Sacrificial Class will sacrifice 1 pop this epoch

>Unit Interact [ARCHITECT] [1 SP]: Build another portent howitzer on (27, 17).
File: Turn 10.png (4.11 MB, 6410x6493)
4.11 MB
4.11 MB PNG
>>5501751 Steel-Weaver
While intuition was all well and good, especially for those more experienced members of the EBWOs, relying entirely on instinct for every step of a process was a recipe for disaster, when viewed from a more industrial scale. As such, the introduction of math into the EBWO daily workings was a welcome improvement, helping those youngsters who had not yet gained a full grasp of their duties to perform their tasks with minimal mistakes, as well as allow for planning on a longer term, more complex scale, what had once been vague assertions and assumptions now codified with immutable numbers and statistics that could be more accurately predicted and prepared for. Mathematics developed.
The mathematic system proves a boon in more ways than one, many EBWOs using their newly freed up time to unleash their creative sparks on yet another of the endless problems that came with improving upon a system. Taking inspiration from their god’s own works, the EBWOs come up with a variety of new means of hauling and transporting materials, from ramshackle, pulley-based walkers to elaborate, kilometers long conveyor belts. Messy and lacking in a unified design they might be, but undeniably effective nevertheless, moving many timetables and plans closer to fruition as resources are transported with never-before-seen speed. Simple Machines developed.

>>5502688 Hephalith
4 hexes claimed.
Barren though the surrounding lands your people have awoken in might be, they were far from lifeless. Even in this arid climate life persisted, and if such simple creations could endure then it would shame your people if they could not do so as well. Cacti are found and harvested for what fruit they have and noted for future revisits, a hopefully sustainable food source your people can rely on, and though they might be less reliable the other succulents of the desert help to sustain your people when they are found, aided by the hotbed of plantlife that your oasis is rapidly transforming into. Your children endure, for now. Foraging developed.

>>5504288 Nardu
2 hexes claimed.
Though your people do not shy away from a scrap, they’ve always much preferred to outthink their foes then outfight. Why wrestle a Leotail when a trap can do the work for you? With this methodology at the forefront of their minds, a method to improve the efficacy of the Skaldling’s deadly shower of arrows is devised, razor sharp tips now coated with enough venom to ensure that even a slight scratch could carry dire consequences for any unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of your people’s wrath. Naturally, such experimenting leads to some accidents. Which lead to a rather less deadly sort of experimentation. Primitive Poisons/Primitive Medicines developed.
>>5504550 The Moon-Touched Prey
The accursed light goddess now injured and distracted, it’s at last time for you to strike. Your people might be beaten and broken, but your moonlight yet burns in their breasts, and with it you draw them away from their cruel taskmasters and sham, domesticated lives, back into your cold, shimmering embrace.
Treesinger Beast created.
Finally returned to the embrace of the wilderness, all semblances and trappings of civilization fall away from your people as if they were never there in the first place, replaced by wild instinct and a desire to propagate the shadowed blessings you have bestowed upon them. Mating Season developed.

>>5505482 Magnus
Though your people have long created methods with which to impose simple commands on the herd beasts they make use of, some balk at such half measures. They desire absolute control and understanding, to utterly lay bare these foreign minds and comprehend them in ways even the simple animals themselves do not. They will know how to make every muscle twitch, nothing less then a complete union of the Fileorva’s mighty minds with the beast’s mighty bodies. Control Animal developed.
Plants are something that have long puzzled your people. No mind to grasp, to influence, to mould to suit your will! Still, they are a necessity if your herds are to be fed, and where your people cannot influence mentally they will learn to control physically, planting great rows of grain and oats with which to sustain your growing population of charges. Agriculture developed.

>>5505916 Sheriruth
2 Reptile Masons created.
The Octugai completed, and reunited with your old implement once more, the two of you focus your efforts into a new project, one that you have been preparing for almost subconsciously. You ready the Limbforge, summoning the largest and sturdiest of your myriad arms and hands to the rim of the volcano. You wrap your digits around the hilt of the blade, a familiar comfort you’d thought lost to you as hundreds of other smaller hands grip Ardonash all along his blade, guard, and handle, holding him steady in preparation for the task ahead. Then, in one smooth motion, you plunge his burning, razor sharp edge down into the volcano, stone parting like butter as you forcefully begin to carve a path down, down, to depths you doubt any other god has seen, until all around you is complete and utter darkness, only your compatriot’s ever-burning blade providing illumination within the tunnel. You sense must go…deeper. Breachway to the World Heart developed.
>>5508546 Ardonash
(See Sheriruth entry)
Though your people know not what, they sense that you are on the cusp of something, your departure from their lands doing little the quell the fury burning in the cut-spawned’s hearts. Yet they know that a blade must be tempered, fury forged into a cold, unyielding killing edge. And so they train, as the seasons pass and their lord remains away they never waver. While other creatures frolic and fight for survival, they study the blade. Improved Discipline developed.

>>5508908 Nifo Toto
Though many of your people see little wisdom in preserving food for later, when it can simply be eaten now, some take a liking to the taste of food that is…more then a little while past its expiry date, and these hardened, easily crafted containers make for perfect storage for such things, though those less enthusiastic about these foul-smelling preserved meals insist that they be kept far downwind of them. Pottery developed.
Though your people remain mostly unsure of what to make of this strange new gift from their god, some enjoy adorning themselves in simplistic trinkets crafted from these shiny new materials, strutting through the lagoon most of your Auvau call home in an effort to show off their “bling”. Metallurgy developed. Mine constructed.

>>5509198 Versdel
No mere environment will impede the spread of prosperity! If the desert will not yield to the efforts of your people, then it will be made to submit before your magics. Your enchanted, spectral caravans becoming a common sight on the trade road, carrying only the most vital of supplies and remaining untouched by any of the normally vicious wildlife of the arid, rolling dunes. Phantom Caravans developed.
While recording transactions and ensuring the spread of prosperity is all well and good, some among your people desire greater intellectual stimulation. And so they devote themselves to expanding upon the initially clinical language of Tradewrit, introducing new vernacular and words with which to encompass emotions, seasons, colour, and other thing better suited for weaving together poems, stories, and songs. Literature developed.
>>5512561 Sabastious
Though your people are the undisputed masters of mounted combat, there is always another aspect to be honed, another skill to be learned. Your Mohawkers codify a list of basic and advanced stratagems, tactics to more fully utilize the variety of weapons and abilities within every Mohawker and Raidhawker’s arsenal. Wastelander Stratagems developed.
Though aggression in combat it highly valued among your people, discipline, too, is an important quality, the ability to restrain oneself from mindlessly obeying baser instincts and enduring a short-term setback for the sake of a larger goal. Such as waiting until a settlement has been thoroughly ransacked before burning and trampling it beneath the hooves of countless furious hellsteeds. The Art of Raiding developed.
(Eden is dead, +1 to your Fortitude. I’m too tired to write up a God Death right now so if you have something suitably metal in mind feel free)

>>5513882 Godech
The stone burrows become a highly sought-after commodity among Supplicants, these new homes much sturdier, albeit still slightly unstable, then those of their brethren below, grubbing about in the sand. Primitive Stonetunneling developed.
Echo Road Conduit developed.
You send your echoes deep into the earth, tracing this river of energy through the sand, dirt, and stone. You can feel your echoes reverberate through countless caverns and underground cisterns, vast cave systems never touched by mortal hands or eyes. Just as your echoes have grown vanishingly faint, nearly passing beyond even your divine senses, you feel your echoes bounce of something. From what fractured remains of your echoes return, you can glean little. The consistency was not unlike that of the energy they were originally following, but…denser. Almost physical in its ability to reflect sound.

>>5523948 Silure
4 hexes claimed.
Your people depart their treetop homes to truly legendary fanfare, a path of glittering stars lighting their way as they depart out into the great unknown. Minstrels created.
Flighty though some of your people may be, there are those who understand the value of patience, of enduring for the sake of a reward. It is these most patient of your Beykarre who devote their efforts to attempting to revive the deadened lands beyond their borders, carefully nurturing saplings and underbrush in an attempt to bring life back to those barren, petrified forests. Yet it seems to be all for naught. Every plant grown beyond the borders of your land seems to wither and die, and though the efforts do yield knowledge enough to cultivate some very pleasant orchards and vineyards within the borders of your leafy sanctuary, even the most persistent of your folk are frustrated by the complete lack of progress. Reforestation? developed.
>>5524014 Carn’aath
Your serfs labour under the harsh, unforgiving sun of the mesas they habit, throwing broken, sweat-slicked bodies against the task of carving trenches into the unyielding rock faces of their home. It seems a fruitless endeavour, but paying a price in blood and bone has not failed your serfs yet. Feed Trenches developed.
Though your Portent Howitzers are masterfully crafted weapons, they are a bit lacking in, well, ammo. So you set to work crafting ammunition worthy of these glorious edifices, these testaments to the glory of your own creator. Your Mind Reavers are a stroke of genius, screaming serfs fused into a fleshy ball of constant, unending agony and fired from the howitzers, a perfectly placed enchantment transforming their pain into velocity and destructive force as they begin their descent onto any creature foolish enough to earn your master’s wrath. Mind Reavers developed.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved. Mathematics shared with you by Steel-Weaver.

The All Warmth
2 Major Actions saved.

0 HP reached. RIP.
Answering to a distant summon, the Moon-Touched Prey leaves its vigil over Alexandria. It will return to wipe the slate clean another time, and retrieve the rest of its offspring. But for now, it will let them suffer the loss of their deity. The extinguishing of the spark brings it no small amount of satisfaction. It marches through the forest, now with most of its strength having returned to it. Its back still only brushes the canopy instead of towering high above it. By the time it reaches its destination, its form has reverted to that of a cervid corpse. The moonlight shines on it again, forming the ever-familiar sigil.

Once it comes to a halt, it reaches out with its mind to touch its new creations. The Treesinger Beasts bow in reverence, now united with their master again. The eldest one, the one sired its newborn from a fragment of its soul, is given a task. It heads through the wall of briars that it erected, obediently standing behind the DEMON HORSE and waiting to accompany in His tailwind. The younger one shall remain to fortify the plateau.

>Unit Move [God Unit] - Move to 21, 26.
>Unit Move [Treesinger Beast 1] to 20, 27, Ride alongside SABASTIOUS
Satisfied with the progress made thus far, The Steel Weaver turns its attention downwards. Before, when it attempted this, neither it nor the EBWOs were ready. Now, not only are the small furry laborers equipped with an array of crude tools made far more effective by the patronage of the Machine God, but said divinity is itself prepared to push past its former limitations.

For the first time since the founding of Southridge, The Steel Weaver activates its earthmoving subroutines, two of its legs pulverizing the dirt and stone like massive jackhammers. The EBWOs, meanwhile, waste no time making their own contributions, their simple machines efficiently removing the unnecessary material as their patron takes a moment to cool down. Then, the process repeats, not in a new cave, but in the back of the old one, boring deep, deeper, yet deeper still. Before long, the entire population of Southridge has volunteered to join the effort, their ramshackle constructions reinforced by the domain of [MACHINES], their unimpressive bodies bolstered by the very concept of [LABOR]. All the while, The Steel Weaver continues on, jackhammering at the stone beneath until the stone face suddenly collapses, breaking through into a natural cave. A bright light begins emitting from The Steel Weaver's central optic, allowing those assembled to see into the darkness beyond. The bounty of the underground now lays bare, ripe for the taking.
> [MA] [DI] Using the domains of Machines and Labor, The Steel Weaver digs a mine, and it's better that Nifo Toto's! It shall not only improve the availability of Mountain resources but go further and grant access to Underground resources as well!

Meanwhile, in the far eastern territories, on the shores of the dreaded Shark Lake, some enterprising souls are attempting an experiment. Natural cycles are observed, measurements are taken, and land is prepared. Near when the mine breaks through to the underground, the results come in: By this method, food shortages shall be a thing of the past.
> [MA] Develop Agriculture.

Like a good neighbor, this knowledge is shared with The Steel Weaver's trusted (arguably only) ally.
>Share Agriculture with Nil
Oh yeah, before I forget:
With no threats from the north, the cavalry unit moves southward, into the grassland which now serves as the EBWo's frontier.
>Cavalry unit moves from 13.7 to 16.10
>Claim [MA] [DI] 5,16 6,17 5,19 6,19
as the months move by the gargoyle god Hephalith has seen the birth of the next generation, having seen to assisting each with the process, his grand daughters and sons flit to and fro, playing under the cool morning sun , they sometimes come by to see as to what their grand father is doing in his own small stone hut, he has been meditating a strange concept to the young children, he explained that he had been attempting to further commune with the soul of this world and improve his skill with asking the elemental souls and sprites of the land, so invested in this process when one child had thrown a rock at his head he had not even flinched so focused was he in these morning rituals that some had thought he had returned to becoming a statue only to feel the pulse of a heart beat under the stone.
He would then practice various movements out in the black gravel desert where the rock is more prevalent when asked he would speak of refining his fighting style often leaving the landscape covered in shifted stone misplaced rock and upturned boulders. He also had claimed the lower desert bordering the sea to find more sources of food and water.
>Develop [MA] primitive agriculture
Under his guidance he directed them in how to set up areas to plant the fruit seeds they had gathered and he instructed them on how to dig out a channel with their hands to guide fresh water to these farm plots
Hephalith’s pov: while he had meditated he had felt the slow pulse of their presence build like a melody as they had approached this land, he felt it carry towards him as their foot landed on the sands of his territory with the sudden presence of that melody he felt his own song pulse the two songs distinct yet similar, both where of gods, one which spoke of music and stars while his spoke of the beat to the same bass tone of the land itself and the beauty of carving stone to a new purpose, he heard their voice echo into his mind.
File: Gargoyle young.jpg (1.35 MB, 2464x2742)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
???: Why Hello, young one! You just appeared in this world am i wrong? I can feel the Song all around you! The very air is almost humming it~ Can you feel it too? The toe tap, all is brisk, all is well~~
Hephalith leaves his small hut and moves towards the figure followed by three of his grand children bored of their games and interested in what their grandfather is doing, Stugard, Eude, and finally Gimnal.
Rather than sending them away he knows that this one is not aggressive if they where they would not have messaged him they would have instead attacked him while he meditated. As he approached the figure he would describe them like what would happen if you plucked a bit of tapestry from the night sky and shaped it into a humanoid being, stars still shining in a black abyss, they wore ornate cloth and where bejeweled in gold and gemstones. The young ones who have only known gargoyles where both shocked and curious of this person the flit to and fro pepering the being with inquisitive questions a child would ask, while Gimnal hid behind one of Hephalith’s legs shy of this being but still wanting to stick with his friends.
>Communicate [MI] Silure
Hephalith spoke aloud cautious in his approach of this being they spoke to him as parent would speak to a child he considered their question … I am new here, but I am by no means young, I have been alone cursed to forever remain a statue only recently have been able to be free of the bindings of stone. If Silure was to fully pear into his mind they would see the world he was banished from, the rolling green highlands, the stone cities and burgeoning castles with gargoyles manning the walls in cooperation with the Celtic men and women talking and exchanging stories of old, the songs of stories and adventures long passed, having ended with a book, grimoire written in ancient script titled the grimoire of the divine forever locking away that past. Hephalith: as for the song you speak of I can hear as well,
My name is Hephalith what is your name?

>MA + DI + Breachway: Breachway II

The path to the heart must continually be excavated and stabilised, sheriruth focuses on rubble extraction and wall supports, turning the sides of the tunnel into a super-highway of lifting transport prosthetics.

Sheriruth descends the deep tunnel, his many hands supporting the digging effort, to grasp Ardonash directly and plunge him down to carve the remaining way.

>MA + Limbforge + Octugai: Octugai Domestication

The Damm’ta come to learn how to operate some of the more malleable functions of the limbforge to have it produce Octugai with more desirable limb configurations, as well as better understand their limbs

>Unit action: Move Sheriruth to the volcano
>Unit action: Masons each construct two walls as shown in the map


“Do not go to sleep in my land, wake up.”
File: Turn.png (94 KB, 968x617)
94 KB

>1) Major Action: Develop: Wheeled Vehicle
>Using: Control Animal, Animal Husbandry, Mathematics

Logistics. Motion. The transfer of goods allows for the needs and demands of Fileorva society to be filled at a faster and greater capacity as they arise; and by building wheeled vehicles to be pulled we can speed up the operation of our society and move the things that we produce faster.

(And since having both Oltar Metalworking and Wheeled Vehicle brings my resources tier up to 'Moderate'...)

>2) Major Action: (DI) Develop: Syrconite Magneforging (Syrconite Metalworking +)
>Using: Magnetism Domain, Syrconite Magnetism, Magnetism, Magnetoform Reshaping, Oltar Metalworking, Syrconite Ore and Coal.

The Fileorva have always had strong bonds with Syrconite - literally, as the shards and filings they use to form their bodies are made out of the substance; through small shards of natural secretion and other trace particulates found within the food chain and natural environment. But now that we can extract this metal direct from the ground in the form of ore, with the guidance of Magnus to enhance the Syrconite Magnetism of the Fileorva they learn from the Mind of Magnus a process of forging the metal that uses the heat of the forge, the impact of the hammer and the pull of their Magnetic power combined to craft great and wonderous works of artifice - goods of great quality to use, and refined and detailed components for them to use within and as parts of their own Magnetoform bodies to specialiase themselves.

(The Toolers moved to 25,10 at the end of last turn...)
>Unit Interact: Toolers:
>Update Equipment: Upgrade to 30 Pop, Add Syrconite Tools, Add Wheeled Vehicle
> Build Road on 25,10, Build Road toward 27,11
>Unit: Toolers - Move toward (27,11), building a road. (See image for road plan/correction; the road should first link up the Mine to Orbit and then, if any build capacity is spare, the road should reach across the petrified forest to our Tundra coastal exclave)

>God Unit Move: 21.8 -> 26.11
>Action 1 - Claim 27.11, 28.11 and 29.10
>Action 2 - Build Village on 28.11 (Kiona malu)

Nifo Toto hoists his spear once more, drawing the flesh of the mist-wolf from his pack as he does so. He ponders it for a while (just a few decades, no time at all really), clearly lost in some difficult decision making process.
Eventually, however, he shrugs and pockets the divine 'meat' once more, deciding his appetite will not be sated with such air-y fare.
Nifo Toto descends down upon the people of the lakeside Vai Magalo, their freshly-found 'bling' already on full display.
"You. You. You lot. Follow me." He says simply, before striding off to the southeast.
The Auvau he pointed out, for lack of anything better to do, decide to follow him.

On a decade-long hike, that is.

Traipsing through the strange lands of Magnus, the Auvau remain uncontested in their travels, Nifo Toto shepherding his little pack of pilgrims with a complete lack of enthusiasm. It seems the lack of viable prey has stripped some of the vigor from the shark god, but this is beyond the Auvau to aid in (or even consider, for some of the slower ones), so they just keep marching on.

Eventually, myths of a 'promised land' begin to rise up in the nomads. The endless swathes of green... THINGS (they decide to call them trees) that they must trek through make for poor hunting grounds, and the Auvau are keen to return to their aquatic lifestyle, but no amount of pleas and questions towards Nifo Toto reveals WHERE they are headed... so they dream of better lands.

When they finally arrive on the ice shores of the south east, a great cheer rises up. Nifo Toto prompts them, with a harumph, to 'get to work' and settle down here, something the pilgrims are all too happy to do.
Sadly, the land is..., well, a bit shit. The 'ice' of the tundra, if you can even call it that, is much softer and powdery, breaking apart too easily. No great 'bergs loom in the distance, and the waters here are decidedly warmer than back home. Still, faced with a 10 year trek to return, the pilgrims make do, and settle down in a new home

The DEMON HORSE charges through the woods, crashing through each and every single tree he can find, leaving a path of destruction behind. His implement of battery was the very goddess locked in his jaws. Shards of wood stabbed into her and boulders cracked under his swings while putrified moths flooded from every corner of the forests to feast on the spilled slivers of golden light and blood of all life. They ate at her wounds voraciously, pouring out of every hole like an infested, diseased puss.

THE FIRST RIDER and Pladoma the Dominance continued to wrest with her as they left the forests and entered the swamps of the Moon Touched Prey. With rocks and flaming arrows, they took their turns carving into her flesh and ripping out chunks of divine ichor. Not so long ago had BDSM fell, and the sight of another being of creation coming to an end was an intoxicating display of pittiful shame and exhilaration. The two champions of the DEMON HORSE helped their master as he came to a stop, and tossed the withered carcass of life into the swamp.

Eden, the goddess of life, the Shepard of humanity, well meaning and good natured, had suffered an awful lot. Constantly fending off the one who saw to twist and pervert everything she had worked on, only to near success before His untimely arrival spelt her death. He would give her a good death. No slow decay or withering rot. Only righteous violence and a swift and bloody end would do. Her gaseous, luminous form was now gone, all that was left was a still beating core of blinding light sitting on the ground. Even now, in the heart of her eternal rival's soil, her warm light blessed the grass and bugs beneath; growing with newfound joy in the eternal night.

SABASTIOUS knelt his head, and - unhinged - his monsterous jaw, until he tore up the ground around her and swallowed the core whole. He had conquered Life, and swelling in his heart, the DEMON HORSE could feel his blood pumping with renewed vigor. A horse's heart was a powerful organ now made all the more so. Another god might din to thank her for her sacrifice, but SABASTIOUS was content with the fact that her life would be his now. Her power his. And now, it was time for the next meal.

But first, he called out to the underling he had secured. As the rotted carcass hurried its way to his side, he stamped his foot and the very earth shook with the outflowing of their combined divine power.
It was time to form the first pantheon. A shield for the Prey, so that he may never again decay, and another blade to wield for the DEMON HORSE. Let the other gods, the shadows of the old world, and the very world itself come. He would be ready.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - SABASTIOUS' HERD - Hierarchical Pantheon, with the Moon Touched Prey contributing
Since OOP hasn't established it yet, I'll take this opportunity to define the initial rules for a Pantheon. Look at me, I am the captain here.
>>The default characteristics of any Pantheon:
Populations numbers and settlements are shared between all members. Making it harder for one to be decayed via lack of worship.
All Claimed tiles are now shared, they all change to a uniform color to assist in making bordergore less hellish.
>>Now, for a Hierarchical Pantheon, where one god reigns SUPREME over the others in the pantheon rather than all standing on equal footing:
All Claimed tiles are now my color, normally this would be decided by all players what their hex color would be, but since I'm in charge it's staying SABASTIOUS Blue.
Subordinate gods are beholden to the owner of the Pantheon, 'encouraged' to follow their orders, and the owner may deliver punishments to those that go against their demands. If the owner so chooses.
In return for subservience and a lesser degree of autonomy, all Subordinate gods are granted a Domain of the Owner God's choice. This blessing can be revoked on a per god basis by the Owner. In this case, MTP now has access to a free DEMON HORSE domain.

TL;DR: SABASTIOUS and MTP share population, settlements, and claims. The map is now SABASTIOUS Blue. MTP has to do as SABASTIOUS says, but gets DEMON HORSE domain out of the deal.
Awaiting MTP's action and DI to finish.
Rolled 9, 6, 2, 8 = 25 (4d10)


While the gods were away, the Mohawkers did not delay. Readying for war with their trademark zeal, a vast array of inventions had been born in the recent eras. From war wagons named chariots, to new methods of waging war, to actually getting something worth while out of raiding rather than occasionally getting something and burning the rest. Now, they looked towards THE FIRST RIDER, and his inspiration on fighting atop their god. To fire arrows on horseback while undisturbed by controlling or steering their steeds. The ability to outmanuever and escape from combat while still returning fire was something that had not been considered previously, and only now thanks to the invention of new military tactics could it be taught to the whole of the warbands.
>Major: [Develop] - Parthian Shot - (A +1 Offense AND +1 Defense tech advanced military tech, expanding off of [Military Tactics]). A union of warrior and DEMON HORSE as one singular combatant with two minds; the Horse can move and steer where needed while the Rider can shoot freely without directing them. Their Pact enabling them a degree of coordination rarely seen.
Using: Wastelander Strategems, DEMON HORSES, DEMONIC PACTS, Hellfire Archery, and Mounted Hunting

>Minor: [Tech Gift] - Give MTP the [The Art of Raiding] Tech

>Unit Bullshit, Image included:
The Hero units, and the TreeSinger Beast that MTP rode up, ride with SABASTIOUS.
SABASTIOUS moves to and drops the Treesinger off at <22,24> to do their thing against the thaumites' town.
While there, Pladoma the Dominance attempts to convert the Thaumites there, as they seem impervious to all manner of physical assault while in their homes. First Dice (culture).
Afterwards, SABASTIOUS moves himself and the two heros up onto <21,22> to be safe from any attacks by normal units
THE FIRST RIDER takes the free vantage point to shoot Nardu's Square unit on <22,22> with the Bow of Dominance. Whatever it is. Second Dice (str).

The two units on <32,23> move up to Zebrac's old settlement and attempt to convert it to the ways of being awesome and free. Third Dice (Culture). Fourth dice (Culture).
The Northern Warband moves back up to behind the walls for now, <17,19>.
The Southern Warband moves to <24,29>
File: Deer.jpg (62 KB, 564x867)
62 KB

Watching its rival destroyed in such a way gives the Moon-Touched Prey a hint of regret: Regret that it was not strong enough to end her by its own hand, nor to extinguish her brilliant glow and pervert it for its own means. But more chances will come in the future. More enemies. More who stand in the way of its goals and dare to harm its kin. It obeys, as it has sworn to do, putting its power forth and channelling the might of the moon to solidify its pact with its liege. For the best, its own domains have not been demanded, for the distant celestial body would surely refuse to bend the knee to another. It is a patron, not the patronized. The carcass of the deer, however, is now a vassal of both entities. It pledges to give what is demanded of it, and with a surge of necrotic energy, it puts its power into the establishing of the Pantheon.

>Major action- [DI] - SABASTIOUS' HERD - Hierarchical Pantheon, where all kneel to SABASTIOUS THE DEMON HORSE.

After it has met with its master to pledge its divine power, the beast returns to Alexandria, where it watches over the declining settlement. Soon, it will claim all of the folk who once tormented its Herd, and reduce them to existences lower than even the most pitiable beast of the forest.

>Unit Move [God Unit] - Move to 23, 25.

>Unit Action [Treesinger Beast 1] - After being dropped off at 22, 24, the Treesinger beast answers to its Master among Masters. It attempts to use its tree-singing abilities to sprout great wooden roots from beneath the town, intending on damaging the settlement itself and shattering its structural integrity, rather than kill the Thaumites within.

Not sure what I need to roll for this.

>Unit Move [Treesinger Beast 2] to 21, 27
>Unit Action [Treesinger Beast 2] - Construct walls to the North and North-West of the hex.

>Minor action- Allow SABASTIOUS and His units to pass through the walls of trees.

>Major action- Create Unit, Treesinger Beast 3

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