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You've made your way to the second sector of this alien vessel, and you've come face to face with a host of all-new challenges. Do you have what it takes to take on the Alien Prison Ship Quest 4: Back 4 More: The Re-Sequel?

Previous threads:
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You wave over Asatha and the chef, who look like they're looking for something.
“Are you looking for something?” you say.
“LOOKS LIKE IT,” the chefbot responds.
“We’re l-looking for something that the others wanted…” Asatha mumbles. “I think it was… an X2 mechanodrive? Or, um, s-something like that…”
Glimse perks up upon hearing Asatha’s stuttering voice. “Oh, an X2 mechanodrive, you say? I can locate that for you very easily. Tell me, alien, what is your name?”
Glimse leaves your side and sidles up to Asatha, who is clearly nervous of the spindly creature. “Don’t be alarmed, small one. My name is Glimse…” He ushers Asatha and the chef back towards the hallway, chatting to them all the while (but mostly to Asatha).

You’re a little put off that your new friend abandoned you so suddenly, but you just follow Garnash and the rock guy.

File: 106.png (259 KB, 1000x780)
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You find yourself in an airlock. There are a few loose crates, but not much else of note.

You see another one of those huge rock-shelled guys, who appears to be discussing an escape plan in hushed tones.

What do?
>Barge in on the meeting
>Take cover and eavesdrop
>Pull Garnash away
>Pop the lock and suck everyone into vacuum
>Something else?

>Take cover and eavesdrop
File: 107.png (178 KB, 941x775)
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178 KB PNG
“…Now, Rambas, stay here in this airlock, and don’t come out until I give the signal. You remember what it is, right?”
“Of course, Luni. It’ll be the sound of a Bikazian perchbird coming from the air vent, right?”
“Yes. Now, whatever you do, don’t leave this airlock until you hear that sound, alright?”
“Alright. And after that, a stealth cruiser will come to pick us up. And you can come too, Garnash.”
“Yay! But I’ve also got another person I want to bring—”
“Sure, sure. The cruiser’s got plenty of food and supplies, so bring anyone here that you want. But you cannot disrupt me while I’m on my mission, so don’t leave this airlock until you hear the signal. Got it?”
“Got it.”
“I’m off to contact the cruiser. It’ll take a while, because I need to get all my connections together, and evade the guards. Just wait patiently.”

The second rock alien stomps off, leaving Garnash and Rambas behind.

What do?
>Talk to the two aliens
>Pursue Luni
>Something else?
>Hey, Garnash, what's going on, buddy?
File: 108.png (110 KB, 733x744)
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110 KB PNG
"Oh, it's you! We were just waiting for—"
Rambas, the big centipede-looking guy, quickly shushes Garnash.
"Shhh! Don't you remember what Luni warned us about? The hologram robot that can disguise as anything??"
"Yeah, but this is my friend!"
"Well, I've never met your 'friend' before, and whoever this is, they're by themselves, trying to figure out what we're doing, and skulking around in our secret meeting spot. So shut up!"

What do?
>Prove you're not a robot
>Threaten to rat them out if they don't let you on the escape ship
>Convince them that Luni was the impostor
>Something else?
>Convince them that Luni was the impostor
Yeah sounds about right. He can't do all this shit on his own.
>Convince them that Luni was the impostor
>Convince them that Luni was the impostor
>Ask Garnash if it is safe to dance
>Do the safety dance
File: 109.png (190 KB, 1000x875)
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190 KB PNG
You smell a rat. “Garnash,” you ask, “when and how did this Luni person show up?”
“Oh, we just saw her standing behind us when we were smashing up the workshop. She’s Rambas’s mate.”
Rambas looks annoyed. “Garnash, I said don’t talk to this suspicious alien—”
I’m suspicious?” you interject. “Isn’t it awfully suspicious that Luni showed up out of nowhere and started telling you what to do?”

“What do you mean?” Garnash says.
“Think about it. Someone with a close personal connection to Rambas pops in, just as Rambas starts wrecking shit, only to tell him to go sit in the corner and wait. You’re getting played, my stony friend.”
“Excuse me?!” Rambas says indignantly. “My mate would NOT do that.”
“Yeah, because that’s not your mate! That’s the disguising robot!”
“It is NOT the hologram robot! I KNOW Luni is on this ship. We were picked up by the Sylithians from the same research vessel. I KNOW her. That was her!”
“She said she was going to sneak around and evade the guards. She’s 12 feet tall and weighs more than a truck. How is she going to evade the guards? Look at the doors! She can’t even fit through them! How did she get in the workshop without you noticing?”

Rambas stomps on the ground, leaving a sizeable indentation. You suddenly remember you’re arguing with a giant rock monster who could squash you like a grape.

“Lumi WILL break us out. She’s smart; maybe she’s found some, I dunno, cloaking device. Maybe she’s got something that makes the robots ignore her! And maybe she went into the workshop from this airlock. The door’s big enough!”
He glares daggers at you. “But I will NOT tolerate you talking about my mate this way. GET OUT, before I smear you against the wall like all the other robots in this godforsaken prison.”

You look at Garnash, but the squat little alien seems lost for words, and eventually seems to side with Rambas. “Well, human, I’ve also met Lumi. I dunno much, but it very much seemed like her… so… I’ll take the chance that she’s bringing backup.”

Under Rambas’s threatening stare, you beat feet.
Looks like if you want their cooperation, you’ll need to locate proof of “Lumi”’s deception… or on the off-chance that she’s not CGI, you’d do well to make friends with someone who can evade the guards as a 12-foot rock monster.

What do?
>Go back and talk to Glimse, Asatha, and the chefbot
>Go backer and ask Jkli and Klopu for advice
>Head to the cell block and investigate the stuff in the hallway
>Search the dividing corridor between Light and Medium Security
>Something else?
File: 110.png (129 KB, 983x563)
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129 KB PNG
You leave your friends behind (in the airlock).

You seem to have some spectators.
>Head to the cell block and investigate the stuff in the hallway
>Search the dividing corridor between Light and Medium Security
Draft our friends for this. Split up and search for clues!

And MAYBE bust some heads??
>Go back and talk to Glimse, Asatha, and the chefbot
Idk where we are or what we're supposed to do anymore, but I know Garnash can eat a dick :c
I agree

Friendship is over with Garnash, Glimse is my best friend now.
Ummm, based?
File: 111.png (157 KB, 1000x829)
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157 KB PNG
After taking your sweet-ass time deciding what to do, you decide that you want to investigate the hallway out of Medium Security.

You head north from the workshop and bump into the chefbot, who has apparently been sent outside by Asatha and Glimse.
"Hey, what are you doing? I thought we agreed not to go alone, in case of impostor."
"Uhhh... touché."


You ask the cook about anything interesting he's seen.

File: 112.png (153 KB, 1000x704)
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153 KB PNG
You enter the hallway out of Medium Security. You see Asatha and Glimse quietly conversing, out of range of both Schallaya and Phom (the two imprisoned inmates).

You wave at them. "Yo!"
Asatha looks at you with fear, and Glimse whispers something in his ear. The two leave hurriedly, Asatha gripping his gun white-knuckled.

That was weird. You just go to the terminal.

File: 113.png (268 KB, 1000x1203)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
You don't have a robot head or anything, so you'll have to break in the old-fashioned way. Which is to say, you need to solve a fiendish puzzle to determine the password.

Green indicates that the letter is in the correct position.
Yellow indicates that the letter is present in the word, but not in the right place.
There are two words you have to figure out; the first word is used as a clue for the second.

What do?
>Type in the right password
>Ask chefbot for help
>Smash the terminal
>Something else?

T in martian is white, indicating there is no T at all, but T in the rest is yellow.
Is this a mistake?
If the T in martian should be green the word is battery. (using boyhood for the previous)
I agree that boyhood battery makes sense and the light on that T is out (it would logically need to be either yellow or green if the other T was yellow).
of course, "boyhood bartery" also makes sense and is more in line with this quest, even if bartery is a red underlined word in this text box. If battery doesn't work, then try bartery .
Why would you batter a boyhood? Do you want to tell us something?
File: 114.png (1.13 MB, 2928x1731)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
You correctly deduce that the passwords are "boyhood" and "battery".
The broken T is clearly a bug from the developer of this terminal. Clearly.

You use the terminal to open the mesh barrier, allowing you to access the back half of this room.

From this terminal, you can also trigger the emergency gun turrets: when activated, guns will drop from the ceiling and pump every non-robot in sight full of bullets. (The bullets, of course, are covered in healing nanobots. But it'll still suck for anyone caught in the fire.)
The emergency gun turrets operate on a separate level from the AI robots, so even they can't stop the guns without terminal access.

It appears that extra-durable security cameras have popped out of the ceiling, replacing the ones you shot. Besides the plasma-proof armor, these cameras look a little different from the normal ones... more, uh, primitive, maybe?

File: 115.png (337 KB, 864x943)
337 KB
337 KB PNG
The terminal also shows you a map of the whole ship. From this, you conclude that you will need to get through some sort of "guard beast" to finally escape the ship. It doesn't offer any more details on this beast, though -- perhaps you should ask someone about it.

The two side rooms in this corridor are Power and Robot Storage.
Power regulates the electricity in Light and Medium Security (where you are now), but not Heavy Security. It requires a Sylithian retina scan and handprint to enter.
Robot Storage is apparently where all the robots in Light and Medium security come from. If you could get in here, you could permanently stop the endless flow of servitors and enforcers. It requires a keycard (which you have) and an enforcer sensor (which you don't) to enter.
The Beast room only needs a keycard, so you could go in right now, if you're feeling ballsy.

Glimse's room has a servitor head, a screwdriver, two cigarettes, and 20 space bucks.

File: 116.png (51 KB, 669x207)
51 KB
Your inventory: a plasma caster, a penknife with Prache's ID card, a voltgun, a room-wide robot disabler with two charges, and a forcefield-making crystal.

What do?
>Make a plan to get inside the power room (you could do it now, if you know what steps to take)
>Ask someone about the guard beast
>Something else?

We should ask about the guard beast
>Ask someone about the guard beast
Glimse then Jkli. The latter will provide information and might shed light on whether the slitherin snake lies to us.

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