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Thread two of mini-NRP
> Action 1: Link the Biomancy of the Concord to the Metal of the Slimes to create Living Metal magic.

Rather than take up the art of metallurgy and the forge, the Concord elects to instead create a new school of magic that allows for the manipulation of metal into useful living forms instead.

> Action 2: Link the northern Healing magic of the Concord to the Poison node of Iso'esh to create Alchemy Magic.

Taking the virulence of poison and the medicine of healing has resulted in something strange and new, a branch of magic that can create powerful potions with a wide variety of effects.

> Tech 1: Mana Redirection.

In an effort to supply the dragon ruins with the magic they need to restrain the dragon, the Concord develops a system for directing a large steady flow of magic over large distances. With any luck the system will also help mages on the field refuel their mana without having to return to their ley node origins.

> Tech 2: Breeding Pool Culling.

The Lilalkin have always raised their young tadpoles in communal breeding pools, with little regard for lineage, with all offspring raised together in school groups. However in light of surging populations systematic culling of the weakest members of each breeding pool has begun, hopefully keeping population in check while raising the caliber of the Lilalkin.

> Tech 3: Ley Inscription.

Nothing lasts forever. It is a painfully obvious fact that one day the Concord will likely fall, crumbling into the pages of history at best. To this end the Concord has devised a method for writing knowledge directly into the Ley Nodes and Leylines themselves. The method is difficult, the retrieval unreliable, and yet there is a great peace among those who write their life's work into the fabric of magic itself.

> Character: One Punch Tito. Named Tiny Toe at birth, Tito became an influential figure among the Concord after his defeat of the pearl king.

> Character: Wanto the Reckless. The aptly named Wandering Toe has become an influential figure after losing an army to a magical accident, spearheading efforts to find a way to mend his mistake.
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146 KB PNG

>Action 1: A port for Zuig (Anchor)
Meeting Zuig's request, a port is constructed for the city.

>Action 2: Military Base (Pentagon)
And meeting their second request, seen as reasonable in the circumstance, a military base is established upon the peninsula north of the city.

With both of Zuig's requests fulfilled, the city's people will be welcomed back into the fold.

>Refunded action: Resistant Metal (10 Magic)
With the rise and possible awakening of a Dragon of scorching heat, and faced by the continual threat of Woblobble's own Metal-mages melting through Leshy weapons and armour, Leshyrmen make another attempt to use their metal magic to imbue their finished metalwork with a structural resistance formed by flowing metal magic through the structure of our metal to increase the solidity and stability of the material and provide protection from outside efforts at destabilisation.

>Technology: Research the Magical (Magic-Draining?) Gemstone.
The Gemstone which Cyranad recovered from the ancient ruins appears innocuous, but Cyranad can recall how the Frogman's attempt to empower a similar crystal quickly resulted in the crystal draining from him to such an extent that the Frogman's arm was lost. And yet when he holds it himself, little seems to happen - possibly because he himself is a scholar, not a mage? Determined to unravel the secrets of this Gemstone, he continues his work and experimentation both upon the stone itself and observing how it effects animals, volunteers, and having a Leshyr Shaman test the thing's reaction to magical currents when separated from the temple machinery.

>Wealth Policy: Mining Subsidies (5 Wealth)
A portion of our funds is put aside to support our mining industries, so that pay can be raised and bonuses paid to those Miners who have put most effort into their work and taken additional shifts.

>Naval Policy: Exploration
With the fishing Fleet already established, the next task to which the Navy is set is the business of charting our seas to see what further bounty might be found in our waters.

((Can I also get that resource-borders PM you promised?))
Action1:"Skin Walker" Magic: The Naval Intelligence Division has hired a sect of the Transformation School to develop a effective and rather morbid magic, allowing for the user to physically take the form of another creature. taking there appearance and features and making it their own. for what they use this for.. the world does not know,

Action 2: Drake Ranch: opened on the southern Island the Drake Ranch borrows partly from the Aurigan tradition of using these (relatively) massive dragonoids as beasts of burden, the Sherden have doubled down on it though, training them as Cavalry mounts.
2 power to exploit the 2 ruins off shore from my coast
3 Power to Exploit Whales. Gathering Blubber and Whale Bones
add 2 wealth directly into Magic Subsidies
Add 3 wealth into Iron Mine Subsidy

remove 5 wealth from the pop subsidy
Drake War Mounts x4 (4 food 4 production)

Tech 1: Cavalry Reformation: Give Bonus to all cavalry units, Is the Precursor to future Cavalry Evolutions.

Tech 2: Bone Steel: While Inferior to some of the current steel, it is still hopefully better than iron. Using the same process used for iron (Bloom Iron Tech) Bones are added to the Blooms to create a Rough steel bloom. this process could be improved later if allowed
3 character's to be made
Grand Commander Bellerophon (Army Commander)
Captain James Murphey (Skinwalker shape changer)
Knight Horace Breakspear (Captain of the First(1st) Sherden Lancers, the first of the Sherden Cavalry Leaders)
File: raimirea v2.jpg (2.99 MB, 3840x2160)
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2.99 MB JPG
action 1: spell - Manifestation of Raimirea upgrade - plant/gravity (10 magic, 5 tropical wood, 5 delphrel slaves)
The manifestation went through many wars with sarmatia and is starting to show it's age. the council decided on another ritual to improve her, first a lot more wood is added to the structure, increasing the amount of troops it can carry and secondly a group of delphrel slaves is sacrificed to raimirea and their corpses fused into the mutating fleshy, wooden part of the manifestation in order awaken the consciousness of the dormant godess (no matter how scant it is) in the flying idol, allowing the structure to move its arms/tentacles and cast magic on its own.

action 2: spell - mirror force - gravity magic (10 magic)
a pure defensive spells against ranged magic. the sarmatians still remember how much damage the orcs cause to the manifestation with their lighting bolts and decided to create a shield to protect it using compressed gravity that deflects and redirects ranged attack towards their enemies.

Tech: Flower Dance (martial arts)
While raimirea is mostly known for her vengeful nature, another aspect of her is her divine beauty that causes jealously among the goddess. making beauty an important aspect of sarmatian society. and so the amazonians created a unique martial arts that places emphasis not on brute strenght but on beauty and elegance, making their practitioner looks as if they were dancing in combat.

production: create another 6 longbow (6 iron 6 wood)

mutation: fat basilisk (10 magic)
the previous mutation caused the basilisk to turn into fat blobs unfit for combat. while some sarmatians thinks the mutated basilisk is cute and made for a great pets the mazonian warriors are outraged and demanded the witches to mutate it again so it becomes comabt worthy mount again

wealth: hire an amazonian general with ability to command an army (? wealth)

colony decision:
an envoy is sent towards faceless settlement in the maws offering wealth and protection if they agree to become sarmatian vassals. the envoy also added that the amaazonians only care about the tile with the maws and other than that any the faceless will have full autonomy on their desert (any desert tile north of the mountains)

naval: continue exploring (3 ship)
Trade deal with Slimes
5 copper 2.5 tin, 2 units of wood. for 5 units of coal 3 units of "Wobbloben hardwood", and 4 units of Pink Ginseng

>Trade Deal with Arlet Adlan:
Set up a trade route between the market of Lesh with the Market of Kovalin.
Trade Arlet Adlan 2 units of Leshyr Copper and 2 units of Leshyr wood for 2 units of Kanomaki Tin.
with the recent trade

Tech 2 is changed from bone Steel to Steel Craft- using the newly acquired Coal to forge the iron has caused the development of the silvery metal seen in the elves across the ocean. it will be put to good use.
Technology: In the wake of events in the underdark, Fey across the nation come together, angry that there should be some so-called Prophet who thinks herself above them. They, the free people! And so the Fey begin to delve into the origins of the higher places they came from, to become attuned with the ways of the Fey beyond mere word, but in need. A theory is devised that the Fey are from a variety of higher planes, planes of eternal nature in its myriad forms from endless forests to deep caves and filled with all sorts of fickle wonders and dangers. The Fey latch onto these beliefs, and it begins to spread throughout their country.(Establish Religion: Fey Planarism)
Technology: As Fey Planarism spreads, other Fey take up the belief, and impart upon themselves the role of preaching the ways of the Fey. Someone has to sing the wonders of the beyond, where all Fey come from and all Fey return to after they fall(Singers of the Plabes)

Wealth Policy: High Petal creates the Brethren of Springs Beauty, a group of Fae tasked with recording Fae works of art and compiling their learnings for other fae to utilize later(Boost Presence, 5 Wealth)
Hire Character: Production Overseer
Hire Character: General of High Petal
Character: Make the Throneless King a character idk what to do to make this the case because Viorp never told me so get to it GMoid.

1. Create Artifact: The Stave of Fey Justice. This stave, conjured from the finest wood from the finest tree from the finest land in Jubilee, is wielded by the Throneless King. It is inlaid with gold and a myriad decorations that attune it to the earth. Wherever the wielder goes they may summon great and mighty vines and roots with great expedience, and manipulate them for any sort of fine task or the brutalities of combat
2. Create a Temple devoted to Fey Planarism.
>Action 1: Create a temple next to Jergol (the one next to the earth leyline.

>Action 2: Create Volcano Siege Spell Eruption: The caster causes lava to erupt burning enemies, destroying fortifications, and disrupting formations. If their is no lava (in the air or ocean) the Caster can mix it the spell with Fire breath causing the caster to spit magma at their opponent.

>Wealth: Propaganda increase loyalty to the republic (especially in the colonies).

>Tech: Theological debate. The introduction of new ideas and beliefs causes many arguments. from that a new tradition forms. increases effectiveness of Missionaries and possibly increase presence from temples (from the best arguments wining out)

>Character 1: Sonaak-Drog (gave up name when he took his position) the Sonaak-Drog (dragon pope) of the Church of the Eternal Dragons

>Character 2: Yolkosos wielder of the mace and nephew of Hahdrimdoyol.

>Other: Attempt to harmonize/subsume the dual faiths eventually creating the Dragon god of blood, War, and Kinship. They are the child of our god of beast and of plants (flowers). The blood Prophetess is given an invitation to see the Sonaak-Drog.
Fluff: Trade deals, foreign relations, and the development of an intercontinental ley line. The slimes were taking the world stage! This being with having to deal with an international crisis of a potentially great evil awakening.

1 action: Construct a Copper mine
A second deposit near the first may as well be excavated, seeing as bronze was a large boon to the nation

1 action: Construct Military Base
And what better way than by having those that can make the most of things such as weapons and armaments seeing as developing new technology was as slow going as it was.

Trade Deal: With Sherden
Initial trade (as stated in IC)
5 copper, 2 tin, 2 Sheridan hardwood for 5 Coal, 3 Wood, 4 Pink Ginsleg

Ley Line: As agreed with Concord of Lily, a ley line is to be constructed between the Woblobben metal node and their Biomancy node to create a living metal school of magic.

Wealth policy: Magical research Equipment
5 wealth > 50% more magic

To aid in ensuring that the nation has magic to spare and then some, equipment is bought and constructed to help with the efficiency of drawing up magic to be used at later dates

Hire Character(if feasible): for apprx 20 wealth
Someone to get troops into tip too shape! To make sure that not only can they fight but that they know how to fight well. This is to both prevent having civilians fight and ensuring that the army can do its job well.

Production Policy: Full body Bronze Armor x 5
An additional 5 units are to be made using the copper and tin provided by Sherden, as well as 5 production of our own

Production Policy: Bronze picks
2 Production, 2 copper, 1 tin, 2 wood

What better way to mine than with Bronze picks! Perfect for manipulating metal wise, and can even be melted to more easily pull it out if it gets stuck before reforming it and continuing.

While there was decent progress in the lands of Li Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan, it was clear that given the situation, there was only one other bit of land that could realistically be exploited. That of Wadlepadle, the slimes that appeared on Ulodrac shores and were properly subjugated. Yet, their lands had hardly been touched. Nothing had been done with them in all the Maroi (years) that they had been under Ulodrac control. That was to change, as prospecting would be done around the lands that were under the control of the slimes city. There was hope that iron, copper, or tin would be able to be struck and mines of plenty sunk into the earth. Regardless, it would at the very least finally make them useful for something. Though perhaps in the future farmland could be created around their lands soon enough as well, if they weren't already managed in Ulodrac's own main lands. Other than this, a temple to Kantoraci would be constructed near Kovalin. There had been a temple to the daughter of Sawu and Kantoraci of grand stature on the island off in the sea for some time, it was only fitting the main deity they worshiped got a proper temple now. Other than this, new Limin Mozine Niakan Moxi would be created, in other words, Steel Great Axes. The Ulodrac was prepared for their construction and it would be quite useful, though with the limited supply of steel, more effective methods of it's creation would swiftly go into effect. Somewhat related to this, trade with the Leshyr would see available supplies of bronze open up enough for further tools to be produced, allowing there to be a decent supply in Ulodrac lands once more.

Regardless, things were going smoothly for the Ulodrac, however there would be much more done soon. Mainly tied to both magic and mining.

>Action One. Prospect around Wadlepadle

>Action Two. Build a temple to Kantoraci near Kovalin

>Production. Create extra Bronze tools and Limin Mozine Niakan Moxi (Steel Great Axes)

>Research Limin Mozine (Steel) production Methods.
The nation is in crisis, unemployment at record levels, the functions of government paralysed. The Atriarch steps forward with plans in hand to resolve the chaos, though it may cost the empire greatly.

Tech: Auspicious Birth (Reduces pop growth rate but increases ability of characters)

Reproduction becomes a ritual unto itself, a complex affair dependant on the movements of the stars and the architecture of the heavens.
Perhaps due to the favour of the universe, the blessing of the creator god or simply a shift in cultural values to elevate superior elves to positions of power, the quality of the characters of Herin Desh increases to compensate.

Tech: Azurite Syncretism

To the elves their immortal cultural values take precedence over their faith, religion in an elves life existing more as a pretext for elaborate social functions, parties and politicking.
(If the elves would be converted to another religion, the elves will instead convert to an Azurite version of that religion which is far more in line with elven values)

Tech: Sorcerous Academies

The grasp of magic is still rather unknown to the elves, but their neighbours wield it effectively enough, and have done so for countless years. Through casual observation they decide that magic is best learnt in an organised forum, like any other complex practice, and begin establishing schools of magical education to prepare for the first elvish sorcerers to ever grace the world.

Action 1: Mine on the paradise shard
Action 2: Mine in the underdark to begin bringing the vassal closer to integration.

Ritual professions: After calculating new pop and employment from the mine(s), employ every single remaining unemployed citizen in my nation.

Naval policy: Exploit 5 coral

14 coal, 3 obsidian, 9 blubber, 5 coral, 36 wealth

Spend as much of this as required to resolve the unemployment crisis until there are no longer any unemployed pops.

Production: Replace all remaining iron equipment with steel equipment (even including upgrading the iron arrows the bats get to steel ones)

Produce steel axe for woodcutting.
Produce 6 steel weapons for my standing forces
Produce 2 steel weapons (to trade to immelreich)

New trade deal to immelreich (apply changes on top of old one as that’s still going)
Exporting 30 food, 2 salt, 2 steel weapons
No longer exporting 2 silk
Importing 4 stone, 1 gold, 24 wealth

After resolving the trade, cancel as many farming tools as you can without me being in a famine.

Spend the rest of my iron (and coal) to make steel plate armours for my standing forces

Create currency using 4 silver, 4 gold, 4 gemstones, which will be fluffed out next turn as I’m not sure this will succeed.

Wealth policy: 5 wealth to reduce pop growth? (That allowed?)

Spend 50 wealth on a hired character, aiming for magic related traits. (Unless I somehow cannot afford this)

Bit skint on fluff because I’m mainly trying to stop my nation from imploding right now.
Note: Adopt the free technology from the ruin, unless it isn’t free
>Change to Policies: invest Wealth into reducing pop cap
>Trade: 6 iron to Sherden in exchange of 6 wood
>Research 1: Spider silk (look into the silk of spiders, with the help of Entomancy, as a superior kind of all-purpose thread material)
>Reasearch 2: Taming giant winged bugs to use as flying cavalry mounts (Giant wasps, dragonflies, etc.)
>Action 1: Hire a Generous Employer
>Action 2: Develop Entomancy spell "Conjure Ethereal Wings"
>Change to Policies: invest Wealth into reducing pop cap
>Roll to hire character; aim is for the Generous Employer trait
>Trade: 6 iron to Sherden in exchange of 6 wood
>Research 1: Advanced shipbuilding
>Reasearch 2: Taming giant winged bugs to use as flying cavalry mounts (Giant wasps, dragonflies, etc.)
>Action 1: Develop Entomancy spell "Pheromone Telepathy"
>Action 2: Develop Entomancy spell "Conjure Ethereal Wings"
Action 1:
Another forge is built
Action 2:
A military academy is built by oklolo

Tech 1:
>Mathematic Numerals
Traditionally Golems used systems of tallys to count, but under lilian influence they devise a more efficient base 8 system using numerals allowing for mathematics. This is important since golems need to be more careful about these things considering how large their homes need to be.

Tech 2:
>Architectural Physics
With a system of numbers to guide them the golems devise ways to know how much a construction can hold, and how best to place it to support structures. With this they can build big. Primitive buttresses and great stone pillars defining their work.

Tech 3:
>Letter Hawks
The golems adopt falconry from their vassal, who in turn learned it from their time under za preemus. With these trained falcons messages written on beaded strings can be sent. These colored beads forming a code which can then be translated by someone literate. These beads being so delicate it is often the humanoids of the Chiefdom who string them. Though most humanoids are not literate
Additional Additional:

Production Changes:

Cancel: Copper Weapons (1 Production/1Wood/1Copper)
Cancel: Bows (2 production/2 Wood/2 Copper)

New Production Policies:
>Iron-Headed Bows (3 Production/3 Wood/3 Iron)
>Bronze Armour(3 Production, 3 Copper, 1 Tin)
File: 1669974581120363.png (9 KB, 142x182)
9 KB

Tech: Make battle formations based on owned magic types that grows in power with their number called battle cadence. As a people we fight alone for our own prestige. While this is fine for duels it has repeatedly become an issue of coordination with our mass mobilized army. We need an intrinsic method of organization to turn a mob into a true army. Fortunately we have already discovered the core method to achieve this. Through music we have found the resonance of each leyline. By internalizing this resonance with our natural attunement to magic we can naturally act in unison despite army composition or battlefield conditions.

Tech: Reduce causalities by performing biomancy anatomy experiments so we can understand how the body truly functions and allow us to perform stabilization measures.

Trade: Give akkaria the 3 circled green tiles and 2 wood for the trade deal.

Naval Policy: Add more naval power to exploration

CORRECTION: Not sure if you accounted for hemp working for sails which would mean my sail technology and wind spell would boost my navy strength further. If not then that needs to be corrected.

Character: There is a royal type equivalent for the scions called the Stormspeaker. They are replaced often as 2 new candidates each year gain the right to challenge them at their discretion, but such a system requires them to be the best duelist in the nation although any other skills is up in the air even if entirely unsuited for statecraft.

Action 1 & 2: Use 20 slaves to Combine Water & Air to create Mist/Illusion, Combine Water & Lightning to create plasma, Combine Lightning & Air to create Sonic, Combine Biomancy & Necromancy to create Ectoplasm, With Lightning & Air & Water all combined they naturally form the storm hybrid magic as well.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 14.png (41 KB, 355x502)
41 KB

The fracturing of our realm has stopped, for now. It's unsure how long until the winged ones try to meddle again, but the fracturing has been a major setback, and the new vassal states should be carefully re-integrated, lest the addition of new cities cause another demographic crisis. Even so, Immelreich stands strong, and the winged ones will soon feel our wrath, we just need to get the right conditions in place.

>Hire Character 3 for 15 Wealth.
>Prod Pol: Produce 10x Ettinschwein (10Prod, 10Food).
>Wealth Pol: Exploration Guild (5 Wealth to Naval Power, 5 Wealth to Exploration).
First things first, some common sense implementations. There's a noble at court which has an ingenious new system that would greatly bolster our bronze extraction, and we need to start the widespread production of Ettinschwein. Furthermore, we have gotten good gains from our naval efforts, finding many riches offshore. However, ships are lost and crews with them, not just anyone can afford it, unless there happens to be a guild that's willing to invest in them. The guilds can weather the cost of the many failed expeditions and rake in the profits of the successful ones.

>Tech: Bronze Crossbow part 2.
>Action 1: Coal Mine.
>Prod Pol: Upgrade 8x Enchanted Pickaxes to 8x Wulkanhacker (+1 Obsidian). Should have enough for 1 trade, and 1 to each mine except the stone quarry.
Next, the industry, finishing up the crossbow research and getting a proper production of our new picks, which should dig through the stone with ease. The wonders of Wolkankraft.

>Trade: Export 50 wealth to Jubilee to import 20 Wood.
>Action 2: Build Carpenter near the inner port.
>Prod Pol: 5x Bridges (5Prod, 5Stone + 10Wood) - Complementary to roads, for handling all the rivers and ravines.
The Jubilee have tied the knot double, giving us more wood than we can even immediately use. Thus, we shall be making more workshops to make use of this sudden influx of wood, and give our roads an upgrade: Bridges. Our land is mountainous and full of rivers, and we expect to have a lot of traffic along our roads and bridges, we need them sturdy and we could limit the amount of snaking our road by making bridges across the ravines, instead of building a road all the way down and back up again.
>action 2: spell - mirror force - gravity magic (10 magic)
>a pure defensive spells against ranged magic. the sarmatians still remember how much damage the orcs cause to the manifestation with their lighting bolts and decided to create a shield to protect it using compressed gravity that deflects and redirects ranged attack towards their enemies.

change spell to : gravity barrier (10 magic)
a barrier made of compressed gravity. using tremendeous gravitational pressure to protect the caster against long range attack
File: Akkarian turn map.png (86 KB, 311x322)
86 KB
Akkaria turn.
>Action 1 - Build a farm - yellow tile
>Action 2 - Build a university - green tile
>Action 3- Build an aqueduct - blue tile
No agreements this turn.
Research 1 - Law and order - For as long as the Akkarian kingdom existed law in one form or another from trials of combat to simple rules and regulations, however with the need for more clear and defined set of rules Scholars are invited from all over the land while the universities use their resources to start drafting a complex legal system that will take into account local customs and social norms.
Research 2 - Administration - As Akkaria faced new trying times the need for more bureaucrats was pushing the administrative machine to the breaking as such, new laws would not just the Akkarians themselves to hold positions in government but their subject races if they pass a mandatory competency test.
After the disastrous war that cost many Akkarian citizens their life the ruling monarchy would be pressured by nobles who lives west of the capital to reestablish the parliament where the nobles interests will be represented.
>>5483135 Lily
Metal and biote are once more connected a deal better for you than the slimes on paper, but having their diplomacy open up is certainly a boon. A duplicate living metal magic node is created.

A second link is created combining the properties of healing magic and poison magic to create magic which can create various effects, it is not true alchemy as that it a tad to broad of a form of school. As such the title of “potionmancy” would be more appropriate. (Azure Elves). it’s alchemy, butj ust for potions

With the requirements met the magic singularity has finally appeared in your land, crossing streams of all your mixed magic it is not a ley dot or really even a source of magic… what is it even? It could be described as a pure collection of all your magic.

-30 magic, the ‘Mages isolata’ biome is created, a biome full with giant glowing crystals full of magic of all 5 of your ley nodes which can be extracted via mine, additionally all spells are twice as effective within the biome. For 4 magic each you may spread the biome to bordering tiles or tiles closest to it across the sea. Unique crops may also be grown there, and production buildings built in the biome can have their output increased by investing magic into them.

The linking of transformation magic to an underground geyser has caused unfortold random and temporary transformations underwater. The City on a turtle’s back is not happy, as something unexpected is happening and they don’t like it.

Magic-conductivity - tech - it has been long known that metals can be used to conduct and transport magic. To transport a whole mana dots magic into one spell will be no small task, you can spend 8 copper and 2 tin per tile to create a great mana conduit from a mana dot to some grand installation.

Systematic culling - tech - a primitive attempt at eugenics, but one unsuccessful without the use of magic, -20% pop growth, -20% presence as a racial mod. (most other races would consider this pactice rather disgusting)

Ley inscription - not viable tech, tech refunded. Use it on something else next turn.

Onepunch tito comes to your court an excellent brawler (Strong 4), but also a clumsy (2) Crazed Artist who shall waste 2 production and 2 blubber, 1 fossils and 1 white ginseng on his 4d20 per turn chance to make an artiffact.

Wanto the court mage is also recruited

> You get 3 tech!
File: MiniNRP.png (888 KB, 3200x1800)
888 KB
888 KB PNG
>>5484066 Leshyr
A port and military base are built in the vassal state making them agree to become a semi autonomous region within the Leshyr Empire.

Resistant metal - 10 magic - a spell which hardens metal to withstand enemy magic and scorching heat as well as increase it’s harness, +100% combat power.

Magicdraginign gems - tech - for 1 gems and 2 production you may produce magic-draining gems, 1 Magicdrain Gems allows to disable to effects of all enemy magic in 1 battle for 1 combat round

You can no longer boost mine output with wealth.

> You get 2 tech!

>>5484447 Sherden
Steel Forging - tech - can forge steel stuff from iron and coal

Only first character is created because you have too little money.

Exploring the ruins you find two things:

1 an ancient underwater orchard, you may build a 12 adjacency ‘water farm’ over that ruin. In the other you find a tech you may choose to adopt:

Windward Spear - tech - may produce spear which possess a combat bonus against flying units. Two wealth goes into magic subsidies, is what i’d say if you were not broke. You can;t subsidise mining with wealth.

Your tech is switched to “Taming Drakes” you need to do that before you have them. 4 drake mounts are produced.

Skin walker spell is created allowing you to transform into any humanoid (all player races by default.)

Dragon ranch is created which will help train the mounts. (fluffed military base). You havei nsuffiicent wealth the military base will close down next turn unless money is provided.

there has long been no city in the south islands the big island jumped 1 authonomy level up to semiautonomous, if no city is built they will both become vassals.

After pop subsidy removal you have 4 wealth left over afterall, to put in policies next turn.

> You get a tech!
>>5484543 Sarmatia
The Manifestation of Ramiera upgrade fails because you have no slaves to spare (they are all keeping your under-employment problem in check), you are at a food deficit and will enter famine next turn so no food to spare either.

Action refunded feel free to use it on something else next turn.

(mirror foce is not a viable spell)

Enhanced gravity - 10 magic - spell which makes ranged projectiles be pulled towards the ground, bonus against ranged units, combat bonus for flying units.

Flower dance - a beautiful yet deadly martial art - +50% mil power

6 more bows with iron arrows are created.

it’ll only cost you 4 magic to do, but the basilisk turn into Obese ugly Basilisks, they are so ugly and fat now they instead give a -5 presence debuff.

You have 6 characters you are already at the character cap.

You ship number is still same as it was. FOR THE 3RD TURN IN A ROW, YOU HAVE NO SPARE SHIPS.

The colony finishes, the area against the maw becomes independent. The faceless, dragon and amazon alike form their own highly religious state worshipping the maw. Your new land needs a city as it’s too far from any city.

> You get a tech!

>>5484689 Jubilee
Fey Planarism is established, giving you +5 tech roll mod per temple.
Singers of the planes - tech - ‘+0,05 standing force quality from and 5% quality per temple

Staff of Fey Justice - 3x personal combat power bonus from spells, gives ability to restrict enemy movement with spell, +20 personal and lead army morale. (you need to have a character actually use it so either make a hired one and the King lets them use it or let the thornless king be a character)

Temple is built.

> You get 2 tech!
>>5484703 Aurigan
The temple is built and the longtherm vassal is willing to negotiate annexation. (what’s their capital named btw, it either never had a name or got erased somehow). Your nation is once more facing a production shortage.

Eruption - 10 magic - on solid ground small volcanoes rise out of the ground and spew rochs and magma at enemy fortiffications, large anti-seige bonus, +100% combat power

prophaganda - annexed vassal will be fully annexed rather than as semi autonomous, reduced effect of foreign subversion.

Yolksos becomes a strong combatant within the nation and a talented merchant and coal miner. Sonaak being an integrated character costs no upkeep cost, Sonaak unexpectedly fixes your production shortage with his hobbying, it’d be a big loss for oyur nation to loose him.

> Let’s Rp out the meeting between the prophet the divine dragon and Sonnak tomorrow

The colony finishes, the area against the maw becomes independent. The faceless, dragon and amazon alike form their own highly religious state worshipping the maw.

> You get 2 tech!

>>5484981 Slime Wobble Woble
Another copper mine is built, increasing your copper supply and decreasing joblessness, a military base is also constructed increasing your nation’s military power.

While not lacking in magic, wealth is not lacking either. As such wealth is added into magic.

You get a literal God-general within your nation his job is being a general and both of his hobbies is being a general. This talent comes at a cost, but talent demands money. (give this slime a name)

More armor is produced.
>>5485144 Sharkple
Waddlepaddle is not a rich region in natural resources mostly being a big sulphur deposit with a small source of salt. The temple is built increasing your nation’s presence. You discover steelworking allowing you to make Steel from coal and iron.

Tools are produced by making tin enriched bronze, but there isp lainly no wood for the steel battleaxes even if the iron and coal are present.

> You get a tech!

>>5485343 Azure Elf
Mining on a flying island is not possible you’ll just dig a hole through it, action refunded for use next turn. Mine in the underdark is built, it is a copper mine which would produce 7,5 copper if it was a fully integrated region.

Auspicious birth will decrease pop growth by 30% and increase character quality by 2 on average.

Azurite sycnretism - whatever religion the elves are converted too will be watered down and their traditions will take precedent, holy orders might require some extra convincing to be hired

Sorcerous academics - each university grants 5% extra magic

You spend 62 wealth employing 62 pops which now work ”””hard””” producing 3,2 production and 3,2 presence.

At least there is no longer any lazy eaters. 5 collar is exploited giving 5 more presence.

Your next character will only cost 15+ something. not 50, chill. he costs 22 wealth and is tier 7 sorcerer, tier 7 green thumb and tier 8 sorcerer.

> you get 3 tech!

>>5486818 Haalkan
Pop growth is reduced. For 13 wealth you employ a Generosu Employer (3), Dark mage (4) - -4 magic, +40% personal combat power, +20% combat power to lead armies and Glutton 2 (-1 food and -1 presence)
Shipbuilding is advanced and you can now build better ships… once you choose to do os.
Your colonies finish resulting in 2 free states, 1 vassal and some directly annexed land. Please give me names for the free state and vasal capitals.
Tamed dragonfly - tech - flying mounts are tamed, they cost 1 food and 1 production to give 1 unit the ability to fly each
(Pheromone telepathy would require mind-bug hybrid)
Pheromones - 5 magic - allows to command bugs easily without voice commands via smells, 100% combat power, gives combat bonus in battles where your bug mounts are used

Action refunded feel free to use it on something lese next turn. Conjuring wings is more a biomancy/bug magic thing than just pure bug magic.

> You get 1 tech!
>>5487237 Guknilo Golem
Forge and military base (or did you want a university?) are built, remember you have to build a city in the west as the land will keep gaining authonony.

Mathematic numberals - tech - 20% tech roll mod and 20% wealth

Architectural physics - tech - your forts are considered stronger than base ones, your cities count as forts for defensive purposes

Letter hawks - tech - you may react to battles, and naval invassions quicker. Fully mobilise for first defensive battle, higher chance to intercept naval and areal landings as higher chance to catch feeing armies.

> You get 3 tech!

>>5489267 Scions
Tech refunded, I am not giving you a tech or magic that increases power with your numbers.

Basic Biomantic medicine - own losses reduced by 10%, (you can get more with a spell)

10 more ships assigned to exploration, hemp counted for ships now.

20 more pops are enslaved, making Airspring jump out as a vassal and two ley lines are created, vassal of Biodwins is created, Portwins goes independent. Both of your semi-autonomous regions are ‘downgraded to vassals. You do not possess anymore land to enslave from, you can’t generate more slaves unless you destroy cities.

4 ley lines are created and the ‘natural hybrid’ of true Sotorm also arises.

> You get 3 techs

>>5489832 Immelreich
Character 3 is hired and you learn he’s a sorcerer (3).

Ettinschwein are produced and exploration efforts furthered 5 wealth increasing your rolls from d6’s to d5’s. (success on 5 not 6 duh)

A coal mine and carpenter are built upping your production.. Your pickaxes are upgraded greatly strengthening the fire magic within them and improving their form making them the world’s best pickaxes.

Bridges (5x) - 5 prod, 5 stone, 10 wood, - defensive bonus on rivers of own country, movement speed bonus within own country, 5 presence
> You get a tech!

> Yulakgh Orcs
You get 2 techs!

>>5489871 Neo-Akkaria
New farm built and so is an aqueduct. (why did you have a 3rd action?)

Law&order - tech - lesser impact from unrest, enslaving own pops and foreign interference
Administration - tech - city administrative range extended by 1, may spend 5 more wealth and naval power per turn on polices than usual

> You get a tech!
File: GnomeWarWhen.png (34 KB, 436x335)
34 KB
> Action. Bibliomancy Spell: Transcription. A spell that allows for quickly copying the contents of various forms of media onto other types of media, allowing for the quick creation of duplicate books, scrolls and other documents.

> Action. Bibliomancy Spell: Translation. A spell that flawlessly transforms a document from one language to another.

A river of golden lines flowed from the underwater city, directed by a series of Lilalkin mages, curving upward to a flotilla of Lilypad vessels heavy with paper, fungal slabs, even stone tablets.

Golden lines plunged into the waiting blanks and the words of an ancient civilization etched into them. One of the scholars picked up one and looked it over with some interest.

"I was not expecting a cookbook."

> Turn off mana geyser link and apologize to the turtle folk, offer to dispatch a hunting party if any troublesome beasts remain.

> Cancel All Production

> Accept 5 Sulfur and 5 Coal from Iso’esh, produce 5 Cement, send 3 Cement back to Iso’esh.

> Use remaining 2 Cement to produce two forges at starred locations, adjacent to rivers and the city of Alaun, to benefit from Waterwheels and Blacksmith Guilds.

> Tech 1: Blacksmith Guilds, Cities provide a bonus to adjacent Forges.

As industry roars to life in the Concord a new working class of artisans arises in the city, pouring much needed talent into nearby forges.

> Tech 2: Mana Singularity Study.

Little is more of interest to the Concord than the Singularity. Mages and scholars by the hundreds gather around its light, performing experiments, studying the nature of magic in its light and examining its effects on the environment.

> Tech 3: Geological Studies.

Researchers pour into the great ravine, analyzing, charting and forming theories on the best locations for new mineshafts, and seeking rare new materials, preparing for the first new mine in centuries.

> Refund Tech: Library Sciences.

The Concord have begun to amass knowledge on a scale beyond anything they have ever considered before, bringing together researchers from across much of the known world. Unfortunately this wealth of knowledge has resulted in far too much knowledge to be reasonably managed. As a result the Concord has developed a new field of study specifically oriented around the organization and classification of knowledge.

> Wealth: Train Tito as a great general.

Rumors spread across the world of legendary generals who can turn the tide of great battles. The Concord has no such masters, but perhaps they can train one.

> Presence (Psychology): Cure Wanto's Incompetence.

The diplomatic and magical blunders that Wanto has suffered has led to no small amount of shame for the Concord, but perhaps with a little therapy this can be mended.

> Rune

Add a rune at the area marked with a circle, on the shoreline near Alaun


> Use our new bibliomancy spells to acquire the full sum of the underwater library.
Technology: War Medicines
Technology: As part of their religious beliefs and the nature of plants connection to the Fey Planes, the Jubilee will start to venerate their farms as sacred areas, and through the food they commune with the higher planes of their homeland(Sacred Farms)

Wealth Policy: Expert Farm Care, the Fey pay for Farms to have the highest amount of tending possible(5 wealth to boost farm growth and pop employment)
Unity Accord: 10 Presence and 15 Wealth to the Fey of Under Drake(or whatever the name of that one Vassal there is)

Action 1: Create Artifact: The Summons of the General. General Yamalia shall carry a horn which, when blown, causes the very earth to turn against her armies foes, for great vines to come up cut and lash them with deeply poisonous barbs, or bind them should their armor be too thick. Be they alone or many, none shall go without fear of the Generals Summons.
Action 2: Build a fort for Sudswindz or whatever its called as part of our deal.
File: Turn.png (404 KB, 915x690)
404 KB
404 KB PNG

>Action 1: Woodcutter (crude Axe symbol)
Another woodcutter is opened in the forest, again vaguely upriver of Lesh. There's always a use for additional wood.

>Action 2: Coal Mine (circle)
The resource border map produced by the surveyor's guild showed a deposit of coal running beneath the swamplands of the eastern coast; and so a mine is established to dig this material from the ground.

>Technology 1: Great Spirit Shamen
Both Mages and Priests, the Shamen of Leshyr have served the kingdom since the first days of Lesh. As times have advanced, their understanding of their first powers of Bestiomancy has slowly grown, and other forms of magic with power of their own have been discovered around the world. To the Shaman's minds, it is the Great Spirit that empowers the flow of magic into the world and linking the magical and material aspects of creation together, empowering freedom and thought and even the creative works of man. Recent events have given cause for a shake-up of the order; the discoveries in the ruined city showing that there were once cat-elves among the priesthood of the Island-continent with enough influence to crown Human kings. Many rediscovered ways of the ancient city and the singers are also to be worked back into the Great Spirit faith as the religion adopts a more formalised structure that cements the Shamanic caste as a more important and integral aspect of our society (and will probably also result in more temple employment).

>Technology 2: Great Spirit Missions
Another recent arrival on the isle have been the Aurigans; but their message of Draconic Gods is one that sits ill at ease with most Leshyrmen's sensibilities - whilst the Great Spirit faith does not preclude the idea of other gods, ones who demand sole obedience are an anathema. It is both fortunate and terrifying that those who came were carried away by their own Dread Dragon; and until the formal resolution of the 'Dragon Crisis' any further missionary attempts from the Dragons have been barred from entry. Nonetheless, such efforts are seen as a stopgap - to truly prevent such unilateral thought from returning, the war of ideas must be carried elsewhere to be argued in other halls. Shamen will be sent to other nations and places to teach them of the Great Spirit, and to learn from them more about the many ways we are still to discover that the mysteries of magic lie upon the world.

>Magic Draining Gems: 2 Gems, 4 Production.
Such things constrained a Dragon's power once before. If the need arises again, they must be ready for us to use these implements.

>Wealth Policy: Candidate Vetting (5)
It is important to select the right people to lead and guide the nation; with funds put into improving selection and weeding out candidates with obvious detrimental deficiencies we hope to raise the potential of any leadership we bring onto the King's council.
Action 1: Build city (restore the south island to our rule)
Action 2: build Mine on the Lapiz node in teh south island
-5 wealth from food production

Advanced Drake breeding
(improve amount of drakes earned from each point of production placed into it)

we also adopt the winward spear tech

Grand Commander Bellerophon becomes the Leader of the sherden people after the passing of the Archon
Fluff: With the hiring of Suzumi Tatzhu to act as a very talented general, and the construction of a new mine, along with another military base, what comes next is prepping to deal with the very likely threat of the ancient dragon calling itself a god.

1 action: Create Spell, Living Metal: Metallic Repair

With a combination of biomancy and metal magic, the objective of this spell is to treat metal as something to be regenerated as flesh is, and for it to be regenerated an accelerated speed so that those wearing armor, or in the case of the colossus regenerated, after taking damage so the metal exterior/interior can last longer.
Basically, regenerate damaged metal.

1 action: Spell creation: Cyborgomancy: Spring loaded
Muscles and organs that have the mechanical force of metal, and the functionality and flexibility of flesh. Bounding through the air and across the battlefields without getting tired, without worrying about the fall, and being able to strike harder and faster. A mechanical body for war that is backed up and suffused with a gel/flesh body to act as its template.

Literal Abs, Biceps, Legs of Bronze.

Wealth policy: 5 wealth into 50% tech-roll-mod boost

Hire character: With someone already well versed in war, what comes next is magic... a truly tragic loss that we faced that day.
So! To hire a researcher once again, one that is skilled in magical arts to potentially further the capabilities of our nation.
>action 1: Build a forge
>action 2: expand to the flying islands in the south Sherden sea.

Tech 1: The Aurigans have discover that when you put magic crystals within the Egg nursery the young Aurigans will absorb that magic. as they develop they will find their magic more powerful and easier to use than your average mage. (basically a magic racial mod)
>Tech 2: Secret Orders: suddenly finding themselves in a suddenly much more hostile world the faith needed a way to survive. Missionaries will create secret societies making them much harder to root out as they work in the shadow to further the goals of the cult.

>Other: start the integration of my vassal. Send missionaries the slimes (and to their two vassals), the sharks, the Akkarians, the sarmatia, the sherden, and the leshyr (for a total of 8 this turn)

I did not permit iron or silk to be used in ritual professions, remove them. This does not generate enough unemployment to invalidate anything else in my last turn so there is no problem.

You forgot to remove as many steel farming tools as my nation can support and create steel armours to replace them, fix this as well.


Technology 1: Ritual arcanists
Applying elven ritual culture to the practice of magic leads to greatly strengthened spellpower.
(May spend +5 magic on spells, up to +10 with gem+gold production)

Technology 2 and 3: Gunpowder weaponry (Alchemy improved)

These technologies (Reflecting both the development of cannon artillery and firearms) provide a solid foundation for all future of elven gunpowder weapons, representing the development of a specialised gunpowder mix that due to the elves prior practical alchemical experience, burns faster and better.

Cement action 1: Create a mine in the underdark
Cement action 2: Create another mine in the underdark
Cement action 3: Create a vineyard on the paradise shard to grow paradise wine

Production: Remove 2 gemstones and 2 gold and 2 silver from my currency policy. Create Arcane Foci for 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 gemstones, allowing spells to be created using up to 20 magic per action.

Production: Cancel one steel axes, Create another steel pickaxes for my sulphur mine

Spend all remaining steel on steel armour for my standing forces
Trade 5 coal and 5 sulphur to the Lily in exchange for them trading 3 cement
Action 1, 2 and 3: Celeritas Elixir (60 magic)

The result of the greatest mind in Herin Desh being granted unlimited resources to pursue his goal, Paracaelvus Eadvine, Supreme Arcanist of Iso’esh, achieves something thought impossible, the bottling of a concept.

To imbibe this Elixir is to slow your perception of the world drastically, arrows and birds frozen still in the sky, while you become unshackled from mortal limitations, dashing around at an unfathomable pace, elves moving under the effects of such a concoction fight like lightning, able to fell countless foes before their enemies may even react, and cross great distances without anyone being the wiser to if they were ever there or not.

Such is the terrifying might of the Elixir, a nation unused to magic now making perhaps the most aggressive foray into magic ever witnessed in the world.

All directions are as one, forwards, these elves which move faster than the sun, walking between the raindrops, are untouchable in their flickering advance.

The Elixir is limited in its tremendous effect however, to only be able to apply to the standing forces of the elves, either necessary training or limited production or both restricting it from being rolled out to the average levies.
(Make it apply only to my standing forces not my levies in exchange for being stronger)

Employ any other pops that need to be employed using coal.
Do not complain about removing iron or silk from the ritual professions, they were never allocated there to begin with. Nowhere in the text of ritual professions does it say my citizens can loot the imperial stockpiles.

Naval: Explore the other two aquatic ruins, apply 3 to harvesting mana vents.

Lore: The nation thrives, a new elven golden age surely dawning as the establishment of a currency system to rival the Zeigenvolk emerges, one established around a basic trading standard of electrum coins, with the lowest grade being made of only silver and various higher grades having increasingly higher gold content, culminating in gemstone studded coins.

Mote: Lowest denomination silver coin, very small
Elvemote: A twelve mote coin
Ray: A coin with a trace amount of gold content, worth 4 Elvemotes
Elveray: A twelve Ray coin, larger and with more gold content
Stella: A coin worth seven Elverays, with a drastically higher gold content
Constalla: Worth three Stellas, this coin was studded with gemstones
Barstella: Worth five Constellas, this is not a coin but a flat bar of 95% gold studded with gemstones, and far larger. Only really used for trade or storage
With the introduction of the new currency and the mass adoption of ritual professions, the state has effectively ended the unemployment crisis and restored total order to the nine thrones. A new, new golden age daws as avenues of science, magic and industry are simultaneously adventured. For the first time in history cement is used to rapidly establish new buildings in Kesh Daborra and Sunda Tora, magic experimented to give rise to the tremendously powerful Celeritas potions that turn warriors into unstoppable tides of clashing steel. Most notable in this changing time however are the development of gunpowder weapons, an incredible advantage allowing masses to be equipped at once, and great blasts able to be deployed from their ships broadsides.

While it may still be a while before these technologies are fully adopted and produced, the amount of progress the elven nation makes in this short amount of time is remarkable, and as the years pass by the reign of Iyrandir comes to a close as his young grandson ascends to the throne, most favoured by the other Atriarchs for his rather progressive attitude to technology and rather prodigious abilities for his young age of only sixty three.

Unrelated lore snippet: The paradise shard
In the years since the integration of the paradise shard and its nearby lands the flying island has been a cornerstone of the nations defences, the twin pools of flowing ambrosia that grant the supernatural abilities the Knights Seraphim possess being only the cherry on top of this blissful land.
Urban development is kept to a minimum here to preserve its natural beauty, only a few vital buildings such as the palace of the ruling Atriarch, but recently permission has been granted to set up a vineyard to grow grapes hoped to be empowered in some way by the ambrosias properties. At least that is what the advertisers say, and how the project was funded so quickly.

While prospecting proved to show that the hopes for there being some value to the lands a bit south was false, there was still plenty of value in the simple fact there was more wood that could be harvested there. Regardless, the efforts of the Ulodrac would be focused on not needing to rely on Lesh imports for further lumber. This should, in theory, ensure that the the weapons desired could be properly made. Further, due to the growing population, further farmland would be developed. Something that was quite important given the simple issue of population growth. Of course, there always could be a theoretical fix by just having people become Koshic Elod, but most would rather not become so by starving. Quite a bit more however was also worked on other than this, as work on better production of steel would be done and bore fruit, further organization of Kantasi Sivalant would be done, forces dedicated to punching holes in the bottoms of rival vessels and boarding actions. While the term originally would apply to what was essentially the Ulodrac's equivalent to Marines, the term would eventually apply to pirates from the Ulodrac as well...Lastly, proper production of weapons and mining tools would be put under way. Ideally, it would serve to majorly increase output. Though, there was another plan to do so that would come into being shortly...One tied to magic, and Kos specifically.

>Action One. Build a Woodcutter in Waddlepaddle.

>Action Two. Build a farm just north of the copper mine and west of the lumber mill.

>Research. Improvements to steel production.

>Production. Limin Mozine Niakan Moxi (Steel Great Axes, I should have gotten them last turn because of trade but this will ensure I actually have them.) Bronze Mining tools.

>Wealth Policy: Kantasi Sivalant. (Marines)

>Other. Never got the Fishing and Exploration back despite having the ship power for it for ages, please fix that.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 15.png (41 KB, 354x502)
41 KB

>Tech: Reichsmoot - An assembly for lesser nobles, meant to make vassals more amicable to joining Immelreich proper.
>Action 1: Build Volcanic Forge southwest of Wolkenburg.
>Character Pol: Lower Generous Employer by yet another 0.2x, bringing it to 1.6x.
>Prod Pol: Cancel fort stone production.
>Produce 4x God Statues (3Prod 8Mag, 3Stone, Gold, Silver and Copper).
With another threat dealt with, it's time to start reversing the damange the winged ones did. Our scholars have devised a new system, the Reichsmoot. Here lesser nobles can gather and resolve issues, giving them much the function of more autonomous states, even though they are still inseparable parts of Immelreich. Next a new forge is built, where we will produce God Statues for our temples, increasing their grandeur, and should inspire more faith from the populace.

>Action 2: Build University adjacent Goldenfluss.
>Wealth Pol: 5 Wealth into Food and 5 Wealth into Production (bringing each to 15).
To get more food we will try to integrate our eastern vassal, as well as increase the funding of farmers.
We have been complacent in our own lands long enough. It is time we make moves once more. And so towards a unified future, we take will lay the foundations. Beginning with uprooting that of the earth.

Build mines, an iron mine and a copper mine.
action 1: connect mutation ley lines with leshyr healing magic to create life magic
after getting permission from leshyr, sarmatian witches flocked into leshyr heartlands to study their magic. of great interest is the ley lines of healing, as it relates to to the sarmatian mutation magic. by grasping the concept of growth from mutation magic and vitality from life magic the sarmatians created a new branch of life magic.

action 2: create spell - photosynthesis. (10 magic - life)
the first application of the life magic is to solve the sarmatian famine crisis. a spell that allows the sarmatians to nourish themselves with life energy drawn from nature. drastically reducing the consumption of food needed to survive while also rejuvenating the individual if they are close to nature.

action 3 (refund fromlast turn): spell - Manifestation of Raimirea upgrade - plant/gravity/life (10 magic, 5 tropical wood, 5 delphrel slaves)

The manifestation went through many wars with sarmatia and is starting to show it's age. the council decided on another ritual to improve her, first a lot more wood is added to the structure, increasing the amount of troops it can carry and secondly a group of delphrel slaves is sacrificed to raimirea and their corpses fused into the mutating fleshy, wooden part of the manifestation in order awaken the consciousness of the dormant godess (no matter how scant it is) in the flying idol, allowing the structure to move its arms/tentacles and cast magic on its own.

now that the slaves arent doing anything its time to fuse them into the manifestation. NEW: now the manifestation is also imbued with life magic, increasing its power if close to jungle/forest/swamp biome

action 4 (doneted from akkaria- check ic chat): build a farm somwhere with the most jungle/swamp/river adjacency

meanwhile after suffering repeated failures from mutating the basilisk. the witch doctors become even more obsessed. witht heir pride on the line they injected a large amount of magic trying to fix the fat shit into the fearsome combat mount they once were and make it better

mutate 10 fat ugly basilisk - 30 magic to fix it into the orginal and improve it
mutate 6 farms (included the one built this turn) - 6 magic
mutate 13 longbows - 13 magic

tech: living structure
with mutation and life magic, the sarmatians experimented using them for non-combat application. while they have learned mutate object spell. the sarmatians figure out a way to apply it in larger scale, allowing them to mutate large inanimate structure/buildings (allow the sarmatians to use mutation on inanimate target like cities, carpenter, mines etc)
Chiefs of Guknilo
Action 1:
>Found the sunset city
The city of Ug-Clonilo is founded at the entrance to the great underground in the west.

Action 2:
>New mil academy

Tech 1:
Constructed out of silver or other precious metals greathorns are objects used in ceremony and battle. They can be used to great effect in intimidating the enemy before a charge. Along with increasing battle coherancy.

Tech 2:
>Crop Rest
Instead of exploiting the land constantly the monoculture is improved by enforcing a year of rest for the land. At any given time 1/6 of the plots of land are not farmed on rotation. Meaning overall the land is more bountiful when it is exploited.

Tech 3:
>Tomb complexes
In the upkeep of the great monuments much has been learned when it comes to making stone last. Not only to preserve great monuments but to also preserve the statues of the dead. This preservation wisdom serves to stop the neglect of gravesites that has been so prevalent as of late. Over time these tomb complexes grow in both history and size. Their sealed crypts keeping the bodies of the long departed preserved into eternity.

Wealth Policies:
Invest 5 wealth in magic

Production Policies:
2 Iron tools: (consume 2 iron, 2 wood)
1 Iron Weapons: (consume 1 iron, 1 wood)
9 Jade Weapons: (consume 9 jade, 9 wood)
8 Lead Slings: (consume 8 lead)

Attach 2 slaves to production

After slave boost:
3 Great Horns (consume 3 silver)
3 Lead Slings (consume 3 lead)

fire the tinkerer/fashionest hired character and hire a army commander character to replace her (10 wealth)
addendum on the photosynthesis spell

action 2: create spell - photosynthesis. (10 magic - life)
the first application of the life magic is to solve the sarmatian famine crisis. a spell that allows the sarmatians to nourish themselves with life energy drawn from nature. drastically reducing the consumption of food needed to survive while also rejuvenating the individual in combat if they are close to nature (jungle/forest/swamp).
File: 1670590767141237.png (80 KB, 516x571)
80 KB
Slaves: I dont need the 20 slaves on leylines since my nation has two normal connections leaving the npcs to foot the bill.

Wealth: Remove the popcap subsidy and put 5 wealth into presence.

CORRECTION: I got 2 sea discoveries on the map that were not listed

Tech: Make battle formations based on owned magic types called battle cadence. As a people we fight alone for our own prestige. While this is fine for duels it has repeatedly become an issue of coordination with our mass mobilized army. We need an intrinsic method of organization to turn a mob into a true army. Fortunately we have already discovered the core method to achieve this. Through music we have found the resonance of each leyline. By internalizing this resonance with our natural attunement to magic we can naturally act in unison despite army composition or battlefield conditions.

Tech: Allow the sacrifice of pops to make a permanent leyline. With the mass revolt of the nation we will need a permanent solution to endure such setbacks. Fortunately we know that the ancestors watch us and having witnessed the power of blood we know that their presence can linger. By firmly establishing our Ancestor's Legacy to the nodes we can have them maintain the leyline in the living's place. All it requires is a committed effort to add to their number.

Tech: Create the inquisition to ensure that our people do not stray from the will of the ancestors. The civil war has deeply scarred the nation and brought what was once many made into one back into the many. The Convocation refuses to allow such a thing to happen again and will create a new institution that answers to the meeting hall that will ensure orthodoxy throughout the land.

Action 1: Build a port on red. Greed has made the sheep and some of our people duplicitous. Threatening to sever our connection to the sea. We will ensure that our grip remains strong.

Action 2: Build a woodcutter on orange with 3 river adjacencies and 3 normal.

Action 3: Build a temple on green. Near our city is a manifestation of the storm's might. Naturally despite the hardships endured we make an effort to honor the ancestors by building a temple next to it

Action 4: Make the Cloud Chasers mercenary group with 50 mil strength. The creation of the storm magic has invigorated our warriors. Eager to see the full extent of the ancestor's will they travel the earth, air, and sea to find new conflicts from which they can grow stronger.

Action 5: Spend 10 mana to create the storm spell called cataclysm which decimates enemy nations I am at war with. Our enemies are many and they think themselves safe while they travel far away from their homeland, but the storm reaches all of the earth. If they think they could ever attempt to stymie the will of the ancestors then they are sorely mistaken. We shall set into motion great hurricanes and tornadoes that shall ravage their lands and bring about catastrophe until they are forced to concede to our holy mission.
>Action 1 & 2: Create Monuments
Adjacent to the city of Svinya, two monuments are to be created to help celebrate the united culture of Yulakgh and Svinya, and help ease the re-claimed territories back into the nation.

>Tech 1: Standardized History
No longer will the Yulakgh rely on grandmother's tales, or old fables to support their cultural ideals. With the government enforcing historical accuracy, a more unified vision of the Sovereignty is hoped to be formed.

>Tech 2: Adjacency Upgrade
Allow my woodcutters to not create a wasteland due to their overlap pls

>Tech 3: Mandatory Service
With such a vast resource of military encampments below the surface, it would be a shame for the Yulakgh and Svinya masses not to see them. To maintain their military supremacy and to find a constructive use for their more barbaric Svinya orcs and goblins, the service to be greatly expanded

>Tech 4: Medicinal Shrooms
With great access to mushrooms comes great access to experimentation. The medicinal effects of these mushrooms must be further tested.
>>5490963 Lily
Transcription - 5 magic - allows to rapidly copy contents of a book, can’t be forced to loose techs in a peace deal, may demand techs from other nations in peace deal.

Translation - 10 magic - for free knows contents of all writing in any tongue, no action needed to translate ancient texts bonus to spy activities.

Cement is produced and sold with two cement forges set up in the north of your nation.

Blacksmith guilds - tech - forges adjacent to cities give 1 more production, but increase city upkeep by 1 wealth.

Magic singularity study - tech - the mana singularity is an odd combination of nearby mana being sucked in and being outputted as mana which directly flows into life, fighting within the magic biome will give a 50% boost to your armies.

Geological studies - tech - +30% mine output

Library sciences - tech - each tech gives you +1 wealth,naval power,magic you can invest in policies per turn (or action in magic’s case)

10 wealth is put into Tito-trainign results are surprisingly bad him gaining only the general (1) trait

Wanto trains hard with his psychologist and at the cost of 6 presence his incompetent orator trait is removed.

Rune added.

> We can go through the entitiry of the library of a fallen civilisation tomorrow. It’s… big.

You get the arriffact: Hipbone Axe - an axe made from the hipbone of a dinosaur aids in biomancy and necomancy as a staff and is well an axe. Doubled personal combat power from spells and +30 personal combat power.

> You get 3 tech!

>>5491170 Jubilee
War medics - tech - ‘-15% losses from battles
Sacred farms - tech - farms produce 1 presence each, eat 1 wealth each, and will give a big presence hit if destroyed

Can’t boost farms with wealth, hire a green thumb.

Unity accord: 10 wealth and 10 food, you can get a 5d6 rolls to destabilise the state as they are not super fond of you.

Vine Horn - artiffact - +15% power to lead army, makes enemy army unable to move for 1 round after engagement

Fort is built.

> You get 3 tech!
File: MiniNRP.png (897 KB, 3200x1800)
897 KB
897 KB PNG
>>5493199 Guklino golems
Speakers in Underdrake have started preaching for independence, or even rejoining their fey bretheren. A first step towards secession was taken. (you may combat it with presence policies, after you spend an action to investigate the ploy)

The new city is founded and is overseeing the west and with is a new military base rises.

Silver Greathorns - tech - each silvergreathorn produced takes 1 silver/1 production and increases presence by 1 producing 5 will decrease enemy morale roll by 10 and producing 10 by 20. This is the cap.

Crop rest - tech - farm adjecencies contribute half to land exploitation what other building types do

Tomb complexes - tech - you gain 2 presence per run and 1 per city.

Jade weapons don’t consume wood. No real way to add that really desu.

Lead Slings, let’s say 8 lead 8 wood not just 8 lead.

The great golemic state has finally fully militarised and begun the long and arduous process of industrialization. Their path to power may be unorthodox, but it’ll get there.

> You get 3 tech!

>>5491968 Leshyr
A woodcutter and coalmine are built providing resources and jobs to the Leshyr.

Spirit Shamen - soubled temple employment 10% magic per temple

Tech 2 refunded use it on something else next turn, there is too many nations speccing into religion which kinda takes the point of religion even existing i nthe first place and removes any incentive to convert to anything.

The Vetting process of the nation is improved.

> You get 2 tech!

>>5492590 Sherden
Name cities when you build them. I’ll just name it Southlot or something because it’s annoying to add it later.

A lapis mine is built producing lapis.

Advanced dragon breeding - … that’s already how it works. You already can increase number of drakes by adding production and food to their production chain

Advanced Dragon breedin - tech - no of dragons produced increased by 20% at no extra resource cost.

Grand Commander Bellerophon becomes a hardcore worshipper of the Aurigan Dragon cult as his faith is reaffirmed by foreign missionaries.

> You get 2 techs!
>>5492683 Woble wobble slimes
Regenerate metal - 10 magic - a spell which helps metal regenerate, it can’t create new metal, but it can clog the holes for ful effect assign 10 metal resource to the spell, then it’ll double the effectiveness of all metal armour and weapons

Spring load- 10 magic - a spell that increases movement speed and 25% extra damage dealth to enemy armies

A mage is hired, he gives 50% extra magic, and also is a crazed artist (consumes resources [2 wood 2 white ginseng] might give artiffacts), frail in body though (weak 2)

> You get a tech!

>>5492815 Aurigan
Using your mushroom island holdings as a jump-off point you begin your colonisation of the Far south islands and a new forge is built.

Crystal nurseries - tech - your racial magic stat is increased by 0,1 and your racial military statt is increased by 0,1.

Secret orders - tech - you may spend 5 presence each to roll up orders of secret worshippers of your faith in foreign nations. They will be holy orders which will stand on your side if you go to war, their size will be somewhat randomised.

Missionaries are sent out on their missions.

> You get a tech!

>>5493010 Sharkple
The harvest of expensive tropical wood begins adding wealth to your coffers and wood for other types fo equipment. A farm is built collecting a great wealth of food.

Steel production is improved improving all your steel equipment.

Not sure what the wealth policy is supposed to do, but if you want to establish marines that’d require a tech.

You need to manually reactivate them pirate… canceled policies don’t authomatically uncancel. Sorry for the confusion on that one. We can figure that out between updates and maybe roll for missed turns.

> You get a tech!
>>5493132 Immelreich
Reichsmoot - tech - you may choose to instantly reintegrate all vassals at the cost of one action per turn being decided by them (random building), alternatively integrate them as semi autonomous each semi autonomous territory will then give a 1d6 roll for if they oppose an action you take making it refunded that turn.

Volcano forge is built. For 8 wealth you lower generous employer level. The religious statues you are producing are a remarkable sight while more a display of wealth than piety it does not take away from their grandeur as they give you a lump 24 presence.

Can’t boost food production with wealth anymore, but 10 wealth goes into wealth rising the wealth boost to the hard cap of +150%. the university is built leading to e hopefully soon reintegration of the wayward vassal.

> You get a tech!
>>5493139 The Many
With the mushroom mind reawoken the mycelian network reeches deep underground beginnign the extraction of raw resources.

With that there is dinally some money in our coffers to spend on matter in realspace not within the illusionary reality within.

>>5493214 Scion
CORRECTION: I got 2 sea discoveries on the map that were not listed - no you don’t

Buildings built and merc company created.

Cataclysm - 10 magic - 200% mil power, allows to destroy buildings (excluding forts) on all tiles bordering the army, also turns biome in said tiles to wasteland if desired.

May also for 5 magic each (no action) create tornadoes which will move 2d4 tiles in random direction into enemy nations destroying buildings in the way.

Battle Cadence - tech - +20 morale

Human Sacrifice - tech - while not possible to so simply make magic permanent (without blood magic) it is discovered one can gain favour of ‘things’ through such sacrifice. You may sacrifice slaves each sacrificed slaves giving a random exciting boon.

Inquisition - tech - resistance to foreign subversion and internal unrest.

> You get 3 tech!

>>5493194 Basedmatia (Sarmatia)
Manifestation upgrade switched to infusing pure ley dot with mutation magic.
The Life magic ley line is created allowing to impart the qualities of life into other life, it is a more magical biomancy in a way.

And soon that magic is used to create the first spell.

Photosynthesis - 10 magic - all pops produce 0,5 food now, but they are green.

With help of photosynthesis you drag yourself out of famine. Your nation finally has a food surplus.

Farm built in jungle, with this thanks to Akkaria all your food problems are solved… even more. Maybe you can sell him some?

> You get a tech!

>>5493251 Yulakgh
2 gnomuments are built, commemorating the great victory over the Akkarians and Scions.

Standardised History - tech - universities give a +2 presence boon to monuments they border.

Careful forestry - tech -woodcutter adjecencies count as half for the purpose of wastelandification

Mandatory Service - tech - +30% levies

Medicinal schooms - tech - ‘-15% losses in battle

> You get 2 tech!
>>5492982 Azure Elves
> I did not permit iron or silk to be used in ritual professions, remove them.
No, I never said you could pick which resources to begin with. If you want I can reset it and roll randomly what is used though.

> You forgot to remove as many steel farming tools as my nation can support and create steel armours to replace them, fix this as well.
If you have time to demand action fixes tell me how many farming tools I am supposed to remove. Actually you have 4 tools and 5 farms you can support one more. I am confused by the wording you don’t have a farming tool surplus, your nation can support more.

Elven Arcanists - tech - Applying elven ritual culture to the practice of magic leads to greatly strengthened spellpower. (May spend +5 magic on spells, up to +10 with gem+gold production)

You manage to grow 9 paradise wine what a yummy treat. It can certainly be used to increase your presence or magic.

Celeritas Elixir - 60 magic - 450% combat power, large speed increase to all forces,

Exploring the ruins you find a a driftwood bay allowing you to place and 8 adjacency woodcutter over it.

In the remaining two you find technologies you may choose or not to adopt:

Witches keg - tech - a keg of metal which allows to boost alchemy or poison magic, is not assigned per army unit, but per forge

Aqueduct Improvement - tech- extends aqueduct range by 1 tile.

> You get 3 tech!

> Akkaria
You get a tech
Technology: Wondrous Breweries(Utilizing the many array of plants to their fullest, the fae have begun practicing the creation of ales and beers of wondrous flavor and potency)
Technology: The Sisters Many(Order of healers who use fey magic based on the Spring Plane to grow medicines and herbs that they use to treat the fey)
Technology: Omniferous Extraction(The fae learned these mining techniques from observing the Elves)

Hire: I already done hired a Production Overseer and made the Throneless King a character where the frick it at GMoid. Also give the staff of Fey Justice to General Yamalia so she has both.

Action 1: Farm
Action 2: Farm
Swapping out Wondrous Breweries for Tech: War Retinues

I'm boutta dunk on my whole fighting ability for lore purposes:

Technology: War Retinues(To make maximum use of the feys loose and free ways, the armies of the fey are divided between worthy individuals based on the fey wishing to serve them. While this automatically divides the army between Generals and lieutenants and heroes and so forth, it greatly frees them to act with expediency and leverage what strengths they do have)

Explanation because the GM told me to put the entire explanation in the post since its a complex idea: Ok so basically my armies would be automatically divided between characters(made up ones if I dont have enough) that can only group up into a mega blob big number deathball for proper convenience purposes(like protecting the homeland or critical battles)but otherwise roam independantly. They'd likely have increased mil power and/or decreased casualties due to their increased synergy and willingness, to compensate for me literally nuking my ability to deathball like everyone else. Alternatively if thats too complex then in battle its like the enemy has to fight multiple battles per battle since they're fighting grand retinues of warriors and would have a great increase in casualties because it would be like fighting a wolf pack.
File: Turn.png (78 KB, 714x496)
78 KB

>Action 1: Iron Mine (circle near Grig)
An Iron mine is sited on the deposits near Grig to provide the town with a long-overdue source of productive Employment.

>Action 2: Mind Reading (10 Magic)
Security needs to be stepped up - what with unwanted Aurigan missionaries and a recent high-profile murder nearly sparking a diplomatic incident, it is becoming fairly evident that existing procedures simply aren't up to code. To that end, it is decided by the Shamans to tap into the powers of the Mind node to enhance their own abilities - they are after all the moral and spiritual guides of the Leshyr as well as their magic-users, so who else could be trusted? With some careful mental scrutiny, we can help us and our allies to keep our societies safe from all those who wish to control or disrupt them.

>Refunded Tech: Steelmaking. The Leshyr learn to make Iron's classier cousin.

>Tech 1: Sniffer-beasts
Among the menageries of the Beastmasters of Lesh there are animals with senses of smell that are simply much better then that of the average Leshyrman; hounds and hogs and many more. Trained to be alert to even the slightest trace of an unusual smell, and to track their quarry through even the thickest of our forests, it is hoped this portion of our bestial forces might help prevent a repeat of the 'character three' incident; or at least more swiftly bring any culprits to justice by chasing them down.

>Tech 2: Field Surgery
No matter how capable a warrior might be, the curse of mortality is still one that lingers and that even the simplest of wounds can kill if not repaired or left to fester. To that end, we work to research techniques through which the wounded might be saved from dying from minor injuries and afflictions.

>Character Recruit: First Shaman Coinneach
The Leshyrman who's offhanded comment bought Squiggles into the priesthood, Coinneach has served for some years as the personal Shaman to the royal house of Lesh. Considered a magic user of some repute and well trusted by our (admittedly over-gracious) King, it is time to learn his true capabilities - and what might have been exaggerated or hidden.
File: Mages Isolata Plan.png (59 KB, 578x339)
59 KB
> Action-Spell. Growing Fury Potion.

Hoping to capitalize on their ability to outlast opponents, Concord mages use Potionmancy to produce the Growing Fury Potion, a concoction that intensifies strength and battle rage over time.

> Action. Place a mine on the Great Ravine, second spot from the right hand side.

Strike the earth! Let great riches flow into the Concord!

> Tech: Runic Tattoos.

Building on their runic knowledge Concord mages develop intricate runic tattoos that mages build up over years of training, improving the capacity, control and power of their spells.

> Tech: Midnight Mine Jobs.

By taking advantage of lamp oil produced from blubber, workers can toil late into the night in shifts, allowing more workers and more productivity.

> Tech: International Scholarship. Allows distant nations to pay to use Concord university resources.

While sadly it has proven impossible to expand university sharing beyond its current network, the Concord has developed a new system where nations across the world can pay a nominal fee to attend university at Concord universities.

> Mages Isolata: Spread the magic biome to the provinces indicated in yellow, maximize production of affected workshops by adding magic to them.

> Kindly update logging adjacencies that Mages Isolata enables

> Production: Produce Lamp Oil from Blubber for both mines

> Production: Produce Spellbooks from wood, white ginseng, and gems. Add Bibliomancy magic if possible.

>Ruin Exploration
Also, an expedition led by Meindat the Explorer and Sniffles the Archaeologist is sent to explore the ruins in the mountains southeast of Ekhid.
File: 1670795167022383.png (44 KB, 409x360)
44 KB
Tech: Become active in converting others to becoming fellow scions. The loss of so many nodes was devastating to the scions. Without the biomantic leyline it made them realize how ephemeral their enhancements were and that they failed to live up to the legacy of their ancestors that such ascension could not be kept perpetually unlike what they achieved. They were able to turn many into one, but now they are divided. The stormspeaker currently focuses efforts on those that were lost. Despising the outsiders who conspired to weaken them, but perhaps one day they too can inherit the blood and will of the ancestors.

Tech: Syncretic Ancestralism. We must ensure the unity of our people. Long ago there were the heretics of the death tempest who stubbornly refused to assimilate due to their misunderstanding of the living storm. Then there was the bloodcult that sought to claim all legacies for themselves but kept its adherents divided and jealously guarded their secrets. We shall ensure that love of our past and kin remains dominant above all else to prevent foreign doctrines from corrupting the integrity of the people. The impetus will now be that these foreign elements are to be made to serve the Ancestors' will.

Tech: Create a job called Memorialist to ensure that the land and people will forever know its legacy. It has been an everpresent problem that scions largely consider work beneath them and will always try to foist it upon something weaker than them. Rather than using their freetime to cultivate strength they instead laze about accomplishing nothing with their lives. To resolve this incentives are given to those who would otherwise do nothing. Compelling them to build reliquaries and effigies, compose plays and songs about the past, and to perform feats of physical and magical might to entertain and inspire.

CORRECTION: My carpenter from awhile ago was not actually put on the map. I will mark the spot in green

Law: The Stormspeaker as part of his agenda of making true delphrel distinct from other crude races has banned the wanton enslavement of delphrels. Stating that it is their people's inheritance that they are to rule instead of to serve. Those that were born into custody however have proven themselves already as having a lineage of weakness however and such weakness will be turned into strength one way or another.

Human Sacrifice: Sacrifice 10 slaves.

Navy: Harvest Resource nodes

Action 1: Build Monument dedicated to unity on orange. The ancestors are unified in purpose and they share their great wisdom and plans with us. This monument is constructed in the hope that one day all delphrels will come to realize this truth once more.

Action 2: Build Forge on red. Scion craftsmanship has greatly lagged behind others outside of woodworking. With the loss of easy magic shortcuts the scions are forced to do things in the mundane way.


My mines are in completely the wrong place, view the map attached last turn and move them.

The new copper mine is in a very bad spot, overlapping on two copper tiles, this just isn’t where I wanted them placed.

Technology 1: Elven customs

The elven culture is a strong and versatile, weaving it’s way into every aspect of life, the elven obsession with ritual, observing proper social protocol and monomania creating a culture that is able to spread based off of its own merits.

Technology 2: Half elven influences

The gift of elven blood to other less lucky races is a potent draw to manipulate those in power with the promise of an extra hundred or so years to their children's lifespans.

This gives the elves a foothold in other cultures, able to integrate themselves as husbands or wives and seeding it with countless half elven children who will live far longer than everyone else, and thus spread their cultural values for longer.

Technology 3: Ship range upgrade

The elves are a large part of the world now, and seek to expand their range to fully envelop all nations one day, the first true circumnavigation of the world being made by an elven ship.


Action 1: Port on Luin’ithen
Action 2: Auroras Elixir (20 magic) (Love potion, boosted by witches keg)

A side project first cooked up by accident, then more commonly as a prank, and then refined into this more permanent brew, this complex elixir bends the mind of an imbiber and inspires deep feelings of adoration and loyalty in the first person they see.

The development of such a drug allows marriages to be perfected with no risk of disloyalty or incompatibility, and as a result becomes a common sight in the elven noble circuit.

Of course however there are other more devious uses for such a drug, perhaps more useful ones as well.

Production modifications: Add 3 sulphur and 4 coal to my boat order, equip with cannons

4 wood into paper

4 stone and 4 gems to create prismatic pillars (fancy decorations)

Adopt both technologies found in the ruins, apply the witches keg to the central volcanic forge and boost my love potions using the witches keg.

Navy: Farm more magic from vents, if I run out harvest kept forests.
Akkaria turn.
>1st to 2nd actions Build farms on the green dots.
> 3rd action: Build a salt mine that is represented with the blue dot.
Political agreements.
> Education - Establish an education system for the common people.
As the nation grew so did its people and while the kingdom was already home to some of the finest scholars in the land with access to plenty of academic resources. However it was felt that as the bureaucracy was expanded the apparatus for teaching the public needed to grow, a board made up of Scholars from all of the local universities was set up to determine which subjects would be thought. After a week of arguments it would be decided that the education would be compulsory and the subjects that will be thought to children and juveniles would be on reading, writing and basic mathematics with the opportunity for those that reach adulthood to specialize in the field of study they want.
File: Akkarian turn map.png (469 KB, 851x785)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
Action 1: Build a Monument adjacent to the North peninsula city

Action 2: prospect new lands


Tech:1 Officio Assassinorum: a special school of the Sherden NID reserved solely for the Skinwalkers of the NID, focused on the training of covert actions such as Assasinations, Body Snatching, and destabilization strikes to infrastructure

Tech 2: Guerilla Tactics: Small unit insertions and clandestine operations are the bread and butter of the sherden, when ambushing or doing clandestine operations they have a distinct advantage

5 ships set to exploration
>Action 1: Create Spell: Thunderstep
Primarily limited by mobility, the Orcs seek to create a spell which would allow them to travel upon the lightning itself, moving at blinding speeds to outmaneuver and overpower their enemies.

>Action 2: Create Military Base
Just because times have been good doesn't mean that the Yulakgh can forget what created these good times. The nation must remain strong and this strength is to be maintained through rigorous drilling

>Tech 1: Ley Rituals
Surely there is a better way to access the raw energy of the Leys. A method that better accesses the primordial power without letting any portion of its essence slip away in the process. The orcs investigate how to get more magic from their leylines.

>Tech 2: The Art of Intimidation
The orcs are naturally an intimidating sight, both naturally massive in height and muscle mass as well as terrifyingly gifted with destructive magic. New techniques are developed with this idea in mind, prioritizing the creation of an intimidating display through terrifying uniforms, formations, or displays or magic. The orcs seek to demoralize their opponents in battle.
Here is some additional fluff for the cloudchaser merc group that I didnt have enough space to write in and with new knowledge of their leader's traits. The cloudchasers is a more secular version of the ancient hermits. Their leader position known as the Stormchaser refers to this ancient order as they were widely considered some of the most attuned to the ancestor's will and were able to divine even the ancestor's most obscure secrets through dogged persistence of their journey. The first and current stormchaser of the cloudchasers is someone who actually considers war a secondary goal used only to fund their efforts. They are more interested in furthering their knowledge whether it is by interaction of foreigners or seemingly picking up a new skill overnight by divine revelation. Despite being a scholar leading a bunch of warriors their authority is unquestioned and they are good at weeding out dissent. Letting him get away with making strange orders that may hurt their battle efforts, but may reveal some new insight later on.

Cloudchaser as a group naturally prefers magic as payment. Races with natural magic affinity are also valued for recruitment and they go through rituals of adoption so that they may one day join the ancestors.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 16.png (41 KB, 354x502)
41 KB
A new festival is made in Waldenburg, one of victory, though the people don't quite understand what they won. Nevertheless, it is festivities that distract from the dire food situation in Immelreich, at least in the cities. The army is hard at work suppressing any troubles in the countryside, keeping the situation under control. Despite the grand displays, Immelreich is still suffering the consequences of their expansion ages past.

>Action 1: Build port east of Goldenfluss.
>Tech: Crop Rotation - By alternating the crops we grow we can restore nourishment to the field without having to leave it fallow.
>Wealth Pol: 3 Wealth to reduce Pop Cap (aiming at 0.6 pol-mod), 5 Wealth to Exploration.
We need more food, and so projects are undertaken to secure our food supply. First, our scholars have tested some new farming techniques, that should make our farms more effective. However, this is immediately followed by a furthering of our population management program, so we don't run into yet another food crisis. And finally, a port build in the Goldenfluss lands, to get them more integrated with us.

>Action 2: Build city of Ufergard among the semi-autonomous farms.
>Prod Pol: 4x Flammengriff (3 Prod 8 Mag, 3 Copper 1.5 Tin 3 Obsidian) - It's a surprise tool that will help us later.
Next, the semi-autonomous region. A city built in it will give us administrative access to the area, and thus should let us get them under our control once more. Food is important. Meanwhile the forges produce a new kind of item, called a Flammengriff. It resembles the hilt of a sword, but lacks a blade, unless that obsidian spike is supposed to be one. The nobles insist on it's creation anyway, and so it is made.
Action 1:
The insular western golems adopt the ways of the steppe dwellers:
>build one military academy
Action 2:
The city of Ligolo is founded upon the entrance to the caverns in the new western lands.

Tech 1:
With such a vast realm Guknilors have learned the ways of the caravan. Typically it is golem runners who do these things, as roads are a rarity throughout golemlands. Although in more developed regions donkeys imported from neighbouring countries have been introduced.

Tech 2:
>Stone Poetry
As golems are lacking in some of the sense of the other races they must make do with what they have. Golems invent a form of poetic song which is defined by abrupt and short sentences. These poems are written on a variety of subjects from beauty to ancient stories.

Tech 3:
>Free Lands
A scheme is invented in which regions where non-golem races live can be considered free territories. Slaves may not be owned in such places, although in an initial conquest they may be taken. This would allow a conquered people to not be harassed by slavers and is applied contemporarily to a small population of sarmatians living in the western hills.

Produce 5 horns using silver

Wealth policy: 5 wealth into magic

While things had gone well for the Ulodrac, the times of peace had made things...stagnant for certain aspects of society. Specifically that of the Kos. Intended for war, these simple undead automata had little purpose, and while some utilized them for certain menial tasks, this wasn't widespread. However, with more and more Liavi Elod and a greater need for more complex work, a simple solution to the problem of many being wasted just standing or laying around in storage and slowly rotting. Labor. Simply encouraging greater use of Kos in certain tasks, they could be made far more useful during peacetime and for certain actions in war. A mine could have Kos do the simple task of digging and have them do the more dangerous work no one wanted to do. For a farm, simply tilling the ground and assisting in simple plowing could be done. And for everywhere, they could simply haul goods from one place to another via cart. More advanced tasks, like building, harvesting crops, or anything similar was beyond the Kos's ability, but it was far better for efficiency elsewhere, as the Kos unlike the living were tireless. And most Liavi Elod were important individuals who's skills were far too valuable to be wasted doing menial labor. Meanwhile, work on turning the wood from the north into lumber swiftly was done with a proper carpenter set up in the north so there would be less reliant on imports from the south for finished wooden goods and freed up ships for more important work. And further with the iron mines now having better digging equipment, more Limin Mozine could be made, and this would be important for work that was done on methods of protection for Ulodrac forces, allowing for high quality armor to protect them, including some plant oils applied to them that made them more resilient to water. Something quite important for any travel across the sea. Though, that didn't mean anyone could just wear it under water. That still was a no go, and likely not to change for quite some time.

>Action One. Kos Malad (Husk Labor)

>Action Two. Build a carpenter near the lumber mill north of Kovalin

>Research. Better armor

>Production. Limin Mozine Caoiva (Steel Armor)

>Wealth Policy. Kantasi Sivalant. (Marines/ship boarding/justgibmorenavypower)
Fluff: A very curious mage that shall be supplied with the necessary goods. And... it is indeed rather suspicious that the dragon has made no moves despite its brash threats. Although a vigilante watch shall be held as it is still released upon the world.

Tech: Magical Combat Practice
Primarily with the fully refined suits to leap bound and strike skillfully across the battlefield without tiring out and being effective at slaughtering many types of foes.

1 action: Construct Market
More money! And hopefully a market for White Ginsleg at that

1 action: Construct Forge
And why not ramp up production as well, more jobs and better goods at that.

Produce: White Ginsleg
5 Production
Presumably the remains of drawing magic from ley lines that have been refined into workable material!

Production: Provide for the mage!
2 white Ginsleg + 2 wood

Wealth policy: 5 wealth. > 50% tech mod roll

Magi-Production Policy: With the uptick of metal armor being worn, provisions are made available for on the spot repairs to be made as to ensure that not only does the armor last but the person inside of it.
10 Tin > Armor Regeneration

Hire Character: A miner
A professional miner at that to show off how it’s done! More so what a combination of experience, knowledge, and technique for a great miner.
>action 1: build a military base
>action 2: create spell Inferno spell explosion: the caster superheats a spot in their sight and then feed it with air casing an explosion. (also count as a siege spell.
>production: enchanted Javelins, magic tea, shields (wood and copper)
>wealth: increase drills by 5
>Tech: Temple guard: The temples of the cult are protected by these sturdy men and they also train those interested and often end up recruiting young men who later join a holy order or the army. (basically my temples now increase the strength of my holy orders (including secret orders) and train my levies) (p.s don't forget theological debate again)
>navy: take all ships of exploration and fishing. put them half on exploitation
>other: for secret order in the land of the slimes. and another missionary to the slimes.
>>5493561 >>5493519 jubilee
A production overseer is hired and beyond aiding your production he is also a talented woodcutter and and a brave warrior not shying away from the battlefield.

The Thornless king becomes a character. He is a Hobbyist, Accountant and Altruistic mediciner.

Two farms are built, greatly increasing your food production, what could all the food be needed for?

War Retinues - tech - all armies are split equally between characters able to lead armies and your contingent states. Character armies (currently 3 from 3 characters with general traits) will fight for you by default, for state armies a 1d6 will be rolled 1-3 they will fight for you, 4-5 they will fight in exchange for a political or personal favour, 6 they sit it out. Armies all gain 20 extra morale and 20% extra power, but the army is authomatically disbanded if the character leading it dies. ~20% chance per battle round.

The Sisters Many - tech - may create Healer Holy orders, the orders will employ 3 unemployed pops per ever ley assigned to the Order. When in battle the Sisters many will reduce enemy casualties by 20% and allied casualties by 40%, they will not fight, effect is diminished if their numbers are low compared to fighting armies and increased if their numbers are high compared to fighting armies.

I am not giving anyone else omniferous extraction it’s bordergore and gay and was a mistake.

Wonderous breweries - tech - temples, will consume 1 food each, but produce 3 extra presence each

> you receive 2 technologies
File: MiniNRP.png (903 KB, 3200x1800)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
>>5493617 Leshyr
A new iron Mine is set up.
Mind Magic - 10 magic - may starts efforts to counteract foreign subversion actions and internal ploys with presence policies without needing an action to discover it.

Steelmaking and Sniffer beasts are invented.
Snifferbeasts can now be produced with food and assigned to track down specific characters or members of specific bases. they will grant resistance to subversion and speed up reaction to foreign armies. Effectiveness of course depending on number produced.

Fieldsurgery - tech - 15% loss reduction from battles.

the first Shaman becomes an official character a Great mage of considerable level he can showcase his combat abilities. He is though an ambitious man, one who’d be willing to sell out his country in a heartbeat in exchange for power.

He is a Webweaver allowing you to send 3 free spies or subversive elements to another nation, but his ambitious nature might make him msiuse it for his benefit. Also a talented mechant and Sorceror.

Exploring the ruins there they find traces of civilisation more ancient than that of dragon than man. Covered in ancient masks on their walls it did belong to humanoids likely elves of some type. It seems the masks the beastmen of the desert wear came from these people.

Ancient Dread Mask - Artiffact - enemy army has to pass 30 difficulty morale check before being even allowed to engage you, -10 morale debuff, extra loyalty from the beastmen to whomever wears them and extra opinion from elves

> you receive 2 technologies

>>5493696 Lily
Growing Fury Potion - 10 magic - combat power of army increases by 10% every round a battle goes on.

The riches of the ravine finally reach the lands of the frogs. Silver, gold and gems all at your fingertips.

Runic Tattoes - tech - may spend 1 magic and 1 wealth to tattoo your standing force increasing your standing force quality by 0,5 per standing force number.

Midnite Mine Jobs - tech - you may increase mine output of all mines by 15% per ‘Lamp” produced lamps are made with blubber production and iron
You has no iron for lamps :D

Spellbooks are produced each spellbook consumes 1 production,1 wood and 1 magic, but increases mil power from every spell by 10% each. Quantity was not specified so will do 4 as you have 4 wood. May be boosted with bibliomancy but make the spell.
> you receive 3 technologies
>>5494637 Scions
Inclusive Nationalism - tech - may spend tech on policies to build nationalist fervor in other states, such states will seek to become one with your nation, no buff from benign the same race and no debuff from being a different race, removes option of doing eugenics on your species

Syncretic Ancestralism - tech - foreign and own diverse religions will be unified, if a foreign religion is adopted may spend presence or magic (due to nature of thel iving storm) to influence that religion and ursurp it

Memorialists - tech - may employ unemployed pops as memorialists, each memorialist consumes 1 wealth and 1 resource and will produce 0,2 presence

Law banning the elslavement of fellow Dephrels becomes instantly popular both inside and abroad in the breakaway states. Though with that getting new slaves will be harder, maybe it’s be time to invest into breeding slaves? (edit you sacrificed all of them you can only breed slaves if you have some, guess you could stop exporting them?)

Slaves are tied up at the highest peak at the central vortex of magic. The wind swirl and howls as thick rain raind dow. Arcs of lightning ascend from the ground to the sky as the slaves turn to ash and in the rain gifts come raining down.

Stormruler - artiffact - a giant hammer which boosts the power of a lightningspell in a duel 3 fold.

The high priest himself also gets blessed becoming a Warlock(8) of the Storm with 3 other blue traits.

I listed the obtained techs and resources idrectly in excel as it’s lots of effects. You harvest your mana vent with your 9 navies. Monument and forge built.

> you receive 2 technologies

> Sarmatia
> you receive a technologies
>>5494963 Azure Elves
You tried to make me forget I won’t move them because you acted like a retard. Too bad you forgot to alter your map otherwise I might not have noticed. Next time you try that you will loose actions.

Elven Customs - tech - you get +25% presence

Halfelven Influence - tech - if you get a marriage with major characters of another nations both you and them will gain some bulk wealth and presence.

Ship Range upgrade - tech - your naby can reach as far noth as the Sheep/Haalkan island and as far west to the Sherden mainland.


Auroras Potion - 20 magic - you may forcefully pair up any character of another player with your character, said characters will be charmed by your character

Potential Imperovement (tech): Lovebird Army - (-10% quality, +20 morale), the army is organised into pairs of couples who through love potion are made to love each other a lot.

> you receive 3 technologies

> The many
your nation will enter the state of famine next turn you are lacking in food.

>>5495503 Akkaria
Two farms are built and a salt mine is built as well.

Education system - tech - increased tech roll bonus from pops.

> you receive a technologies

>>5495598 Sherden Sea People
Monument built. not much more resources are found a tiny copper deposit on your one tile island, a 1 tile gold deposit in your far east likely spreading further into elf land and a small coal deposit in the north of your continental holdings. That is all resources present in your land no more is present.

Navy set to explore.

NID- tech - higher efficiency of actions to subvert and assasinate individuals in foreign nations.

Guerilla tactics - tech - higher chance to succeed in terrorist operation in other nations without being noticed, as long as you don’t fully mobilise the enemy will have 0-5% losses per combat round while in your land.

> you receive a technologies
>>5496716 yulakgh (Zenitzu)
Thuderstep - 10 magic - 100% combat power, increase in movement speed of armies

Military base built, your military quality grows further making some of the most elite troops in the world.

Ley Rituals - tech - you may spend 5 wealth and 5 presence, 5 jobs to increase the raw mana a magic dots outputs by 5.

Art of Intimidation - tech - ‘-20 for morale rolls for the enemy

> you receive 2 technologies

>>5497083 immelreich sheeple
The Goldenflussari are finally confinced of the goodwill of their host nation once more and are willing to reintegrate as a semiautonomous region, but are willing to negotiate full reintegration if you bad slavery or at least enslavement of Sheep citizens.

Crop Rotation - tech - 25% extra farm output and senpai adjecencies count only as half, does not apply in tropical climates.

The pop cap is further reduced causing your population to shrink, but some among the lower classes are putting the policies of the kaiser in question uneployment exists, but it is not so bad and reducing thep population further will also weaken the nation’s military! is this not too much hubris after merely 1 won war?

Oofengard is built.
I’m sorry but you need to describe what you are actually producing, Flammengriff means flame-catcher? that does not tell me much I can add it before next update if you can tell what it is.

> you receive 1 technologies

>>5497228 Guknilo
One morem ilitary base built, call them base pls as it’s confusable with universities. With the Military base your population is only 0.04 away from your food some food problems might arise.

Nevermind with theCity of lingolo built you are at a food deficit and famine might start next turn. What cavern in the west? if you mean the big underground you have a city there already, I put it next to the ruin.

Caravans - tech - you get 1 wealth per every connection you could make between cities.

Stone poetry - tech - may produce poetry stones from stone and presence and no production and equip characters with it they will increase army morale. Can be dropped in another nation as a prevocation. (chance to make their standing force attack you without player consultation)

Free lands - tech - less authonomy problems when conquering land

Pay for mages is increased further.

> you receive 3 technologies
>>5497286 Sharkple
Kos Malad - magic - you can spend 1 magic and 1 resource to employ 1 pop and get 0,2 production.

Carpenter built.

Batter armor - tech - your armor is improved

Kantasi silvalant - 50% naval power for 5 wealth

> you receive 1 technologies

>>5497478 Wobbleboble
MCP - tech - 25% quality, Slime quality is growing eever greater
All the nation really needs now is a navy as on that front the slimes are helpless, a silly thing to neglect while living on an island.

Market and forge built. Both buildings easily helping to deal with any unemployment problems the nation had.

White Ginseng is a plantation crop that only grows on flying islands you can’t produce it feel free to import it though.

You hit the soft cap on your tech roll mod might be wise to build an university or make some deals with your neighbours to cooperate on research. Tin normally a valuable metal on paar to silver is common in slime lands and as such sacrificed to make their magic and armor even stronger.

Miners are specific to a resource. So tell me the resource you want the character to specialise in and we can add him between updates.

Having experienced the might of dragons the people near Jigglejig convert to Aurigan dragon worship. A worrying development especially as news come from Irode… the locals have embraced the dragon cult as well.

> you receive a technologies

>>5497495 Aurigan
Military base is built.

Inferno Explosion - 10 magic - 50% combat power, greatly reduces defensive power of forts, if battle is won fort is destroyed, 30% extra mage to enemy army if fighting on a building tile

> you receive a technologies

Having experienced the might of dragons the people near Jigglejig convert to Aurigan dragon worship. A joyous development especially as news come from Irode… the locals have embraced the dragon cult as well.

> Golems&Jubilee
With successful destabilisation going on, the people of Underdrake are starting revolts demanding to join the Fey empire. If left unopposed they will switch to the Fey empire next turn even without any further destabilisation rolls succeeding.
Religious Technology: Temple-Farms(The sacredness of the farms to the Fey increases as the depths of Fey Planiarism are plumbed. It is believed by growing food they directly imbue it with the power of the fey plane from the food, and by eating it they gain said power)[I wish to convert all farms into temples and vice versa]

Cultural Technology: Martial Traditions(Among the Fey begins the proflagration of a number of warrior arts, as fathers teach their sons and daughtera alike the ways of blades and bows and mothers praise them for their skill. It is believed by the fey that every fey should know how to fight, so that never again will the freedom of the fey be threatened. Should any wish to trample upon the lands of the fey, they shall have to spend much blood to do so!)

Hire Character: Fey Preacher
Hire Character: Great Warrior

Assign 20 Levies to the Sisters Many

Spend 4 Presence to put Internal States at War for +50% Levies and 10% Standing force Quality

Action 1: Create Artifact The Unity Scepter. The Throneless King shall wield a scepter of unity, which incites his fellow fey to great acts by spurring on their hearts and reminds them of the glory of Jubilee. When he strikes with it the ground shall quake from its glorious might.

Action 2: Create Artifact The Thorned Cloak: A cloak is made for the throneless king which through fey magics is made from vines and thorns, decorated with gloriously beautiful flowers, and protects him from many manners of harm in combat.
> Action-Spell: Diamond Claw Pteranodons. Cancel existing Pteranodon Spell and replace it with a 15 magic, 1 fossil, 1 gemstone version. Update mercenaries with new required resources. If I can’t cancel the spell and replace it all at once just make the new one but don’t provide the Irregulars with the required fossils (sorry guys, I’ll hook you up later).

One of the oldest spells of the Concord sees some useful updates. Botification weaves diamond and ruby into the claws of the fearsome beasts, healing magic applies a regenerative effect, and mind magic sharpens the fearsome instincts and combat skills of the great creatures. The net result is a marked improvement over the original design.

> Action-Spell. Bio-scan. Scan biological life forms to acquire information about them such as injuries, illness, birth defects and general physical and mental potential.

A powerful tool for medical usage, the bio-scan spell eliminates the guesswork inherent to many health related issues, and as a side effect allows for the breed pool culling program to operate much more effectively.

> Tech: Great Eita Examination.

Using bio-scan, and with the turtle folk permission, perform a thorough study and examination of Eita the Great Turtle, to learn more about how such a massive creature thrives, and to insure Eita is not suffering from any maladies.

> Tech: Great Ravine Study.

Scholars pour into the Great Ravine, seeking to discover new caches of gemstones, and clues to its origin.

> Tech: Mana Ray Taming. A gentle beast of burden that can fly over Mages Isolata and along Ley Lines, useful for transportation of people and goods.

A mysterious but gentle creature has been discovered in the mana lands, the Mana Ray, a house sized stingray like creature that floats lazily along the magical energy of the mage lands, and can soar along the currents of ley lines as easily as their cousins swim in the sea.

> Wealth Policy: 10 to boost magic
> Wealth Policy: 10 to boost presence
> Wealth Policy: 10 to boost technology

A thorough audit of Concord activities has revealed a variety of places where the nation's interests can be moved forward by the simple application of additional funding. Extra scholars, wizards, and diplomats are hired enmasse, bolstering many of the critical aspects of the nation.

> Runic Tattoos. Apply to all standing forces.(3 wealth, 3 magic)

The standing forces of the Concord, though few in number, now sport fearsome runic tattoos that empower their magical talents. Those who sport these magical markings find themselves both venerated for their power, and feared for their willingness to engage in violence, even on behalf of the Concord’s defense.
File: Turn.png (539 KB, 921x699)
539 KB
539 KB PNG

>Action 1: Build a Farm (X)
Food Reserves are starting to grow thin once more, so the plains north of Chor are turned over to Farmland.

>Action 2: Build a Forge (Down Arrow)
South of Grig, a new forge is established upon the headwaters of the south-flowing river to use the fast-flowing waters to drive our Industry.

>Technology 1: Urban Administration
A city can be run with little, but it takes manpower to run it well. Population will be trained in administration to oversee the cities of Leshyr and improve the efficiency of their reach and incorporation of the local territories.

>Technology 2: Improved Steel
Arlot Ironsmith was behind the drive to start making Steel goods, but with this hurdle cleared he soon looks to the next challenge - improving the quality of the steel we make. As a renowned tinkerer, he works hard to find and improve the methods; for once found his oratory skills will have them disseminated all across the nation's forges.

>Sniffer Beasts - 3 Food
As a start to the program, 3 food is invested to breed and train the scent-beasts - whilst more animals may be needed in the long term, only so many animals can be trained at once.

Steel Picks ( 4 Production, 4 Iron, 4 Wood, 4 Coal)
Our first use of our new steelworking technology is a reinvestment into the mining industry by providing our mineworkers with Steel picks for their job.

>Sandshrews: +1 Tin
One unit of Tin will be added to the Copper currently invested into supplying the Military Sandshrews to turn it into Bronze.

With the known ruins on land all explored, Meindat and Sniffles turn their attention to the Aquatic ruins we discovered.

Spies: Spies are sent to Iosh and Irode to root out any Dragon-influence in these nations and bring them closer to Leshyr (and if Coineach wants to take power for himself in either state, Leshyr will give him tacitit support). The third spy is sent in to the Aurigan Republic to learn of their mission-plans so their missionary networks can be broken up and subverted to Lesh's favour.

>Presence Policy: Counter-Conversion
Aurigan missionaries are trying to turn Leshyrmen to the worship of their dark draconic god. Let us break up the networks, and make these dragon priests into cultural Leshyrmen. We do not want their religion, but perhaps they should learn our ways before they return home...
Character: Stormcaller Sytak. Spells are Healing Core (lily), Mutate Object (sarmatia), Heat Shield (Aurigan), Infect Thought (Shrooms), Dreckwand (Sheeple), Springloaded (Slime), Regeneration (Slime), Skinwalker (Sherden). He was the former Stormspeaker that was snubbed by the the blood prophet. Inspired by the newfound connection to the blood nexus he was the one that innovated human sacrifice and through this understanding was able to directly bring the words of the ancestors to their descendants. Earning him the honorary title of Stormcaller for while the Stormspeaker acts on behalf of the ancestors. The Stormcaller can bring their presence to the world even if but for a moment.

Spies: Use Sytak's 5 spies to infiltrate Portwins. Sytak uses insidious magic to prep the minds of his agents to ensure they are optimal for their task and cannot be compromised. Even changing their form as needed to suit his purposes.

Tech: Slave Breeding. The boons gained by Sytak were of great significance. Realizing the potential to be had the Scions ensured that the leylines were stable so they may free up their population of slaves for expansion. Giving them special rights of protection that sees them largely better treated than many freeborn scions as a slave's death is something holy and reserved for the ancestors. Not something to be squandered.

Tech: Create Bloodsports to naturally sacrifice population. Long ago many innovations such as sports were held to limit duels to the death and deadly family feuds that saw so many of their number die to maintain their pride. While this made them powerful for a time this also caused them to grow unsustainably and drew many envious eyes to their nation. Now such practices can be combined for both the entertainment of the masses and for holy purpose.

Wealth: Spend 5 wealth on bringing tech investment back to 10

Production: Use 1 wood and 1 amber to produce electric lutes.

Navy: Exploit free sea resources.

Presence: Invest 5 (110% discount) presence in a policy called Proven Paragons to improve character quality. Scion society is incredibly stratified, but possesses high social mobility for strength is all in the nation. With so many public and private competitions held certain names repeatedly appear showcasing their talent. By paying attention to these rising stars we can quickly incorporate them into the government.

Action 1/2. Stabilize the leylines to free up the 10 slaves for breeding. The Stormspeaker's policies have borne fruit and relations with the breakaway states has drastically improved. Bringing them into a defensive coalition and gaining access to all their magics in exchange for solidifying all the leylines.
So Lux and Frakt don't ruin everything I set up a separate server to finish the game on. Update will be on time on Sunday and we need to figure out the Sarmatia-Golem war today.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/XuQc8vpd
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 17.png (49 KB, 363x771)
49 KB
Immelreich is stabilising, the immediate food concern is dealt with and with Goldenfluss on the verge of reintegration we'll only see more food. Kaiser Hrudulf Kord von Steinhand is fulfilling his duty, and may soon make Immelreich once again a realm set in stone. Unfortunately, his greying beard shows he may not live to see the retribution against the winged ones. But that will be the duty of the next Kaiser.

>Tech: Wulkanschmiede - Using Volcano Magic to boost Magma Forge output.
>Action 1: Create Magma Forge south of Wolkenburg.
>Population Pol: Disband 10 Slaves.
>Prod Pol: Modify Public Roads to take 5 Production instead of 10 Slaves.
>Produce 5x Ettinschwein (5 Prod, 5 Food).
Goldenfluss has offered to re-integrate if we ban slavery, however, we need to replace the labour with professional labour, and the increase of unemployment would eat at our labour pool, so more forges must be constructed. But... we have held off on improving our Magma Forges for a while, it's high time we rectify that.

>Action 2: Create Feuermesser Spell using 10 Magic - Using the Flammengriff (flame hilt) made earlier, this spell gives it a blade made of fire. Not overly effective, but looks damn cool.
>Wealth Pol: 10 Wealth into Exploration.
The nobles unveil their plan for the new toy they've had made: Feuermesser. A much more controlled version of Flammenwurf, they use the Flammengriff and a new spell to make a fire sword. It is form over function, a symbol of magical prowess to have the most stable fireblade, yet they are able to make it shaped like no other blade. However flashy it may be, a duelist trained in it's use will be a deadly opponent, able to make the blade extend and retract, and the flames can reach heat able to melt through armour. It also gives commanders a boost of presence on the battlefield. Even explorers like to make use of it when able, and a number of wealthy nobles want to make glory by exploring the seas.

The elven nation enters a brief period of stagnation, the lack of any new sources of iron has caused some significant stowage in the great nations development, as well as its industrial capacities growing worryingly thin.
A new volcanic forge is established, a new mine struck, hopes are high that the iron drought will soon resolve.
Even during a period such as this however the elves are busy

Imperial Marriages are arranged with the Sherden, Concord and Scions, and new impressive developments in machinery and gunpowder are broached.

Machinery II
Gunpowder weaponry III
Meritocratic Podiums (Give me extra character slots)

Actions: Volcano Forge and Mine
There is a map attached.
Mine goes on the left, forge one the right, on the volcano, marked on the map

Integrate Jubil’esh

Naval: Keep extracting whatever I haven’t extracted already, I lost track.

Sorry for the edit, but I'd like to replace

> Great Ravine Study

with the following. This is probably too much for one tech, so reign in as needed.

> Tech: Gemstone Magic.

Suddenly in possession of a large supply of gemstones, a flurry of experimentation begins on the magical properties of these shiny stones. Many possible technologies emerge.

Bio-Gems. By embedding gemstones directly into the body with biotification, then charging them with spells, various powerful effects can be imbued into biological forms.

Gem-Tools. By carefully incorporating gemstones into tools and charging them with magic a variety of useful effects can be imbued into common objects used by craftsmen and laborers.

Gem-Bombs. Gems held together with a lattice of gold can be charged with large amounts of magic, then release all of that magic in a single powerful burst.
don't forget that you forgot like half my update last turn. including my temple guard tech.

>Action 1: build a temple
>action 2: prospecting

>Production: no change

>tech: Church tithes: Temples now produce wealth (and a portion go to holy orders for upkeep/strengthening)

>navy: have 4 power into exploiting resources and take that one power off fishing and put it on exploring for more resources.

>other: send a missionary to the Lilly and a second missionary to the slimes.
>>5500783 Aurigan
Stuff from previous update was added. Added only magic javelin production because your production is still low.

Temple guard - tech - each owned temple produced 5 levies, temples of your religion in foreign countries have 10 mil power protecting them.

A temple is built. In your underground cave you find a coal deposit, while of the coats of your abroad lands you find jade deposits. otherwise you find a small fossil deposit in your mainland colony.

Missionaries are sent out to he Liliacs and another one to the Slimes. Your navy might use an improving if you wish to harvest the precious red caviar more efficiently.

> You get a techs

>>5498491 Jubilee
Temple-Farms - tech - farms produce 1 presence also, the venerations of your farmlands has lead to clergy itselrf becoming involved in tbe practice and using farms both to train priests and farmers to recruit clergy from.

Martial traditions - tech - 25% army quality

You can hire max 1 more characters because you have 5/6 characters. Preacher is not really an existing trait so I’ll go with the Great Warrior.

Great Warrior (6), Serial Killer (4), Sheltered Fighter

Internal wars started in your land, decreasing it’s economic output, but fighters are on the ready.

The Sister many Holy Order is created, they shall participate in wars for followers of the fey faith as long as the goals demand the freeing of slaves and farms are not destroeyd during the war.

Creating a Holy order is an action so I will only count artiffact 1:

Scepter of Unity - artiffact - +30 to morale rolls, may expend 2 magic to reroll morale saves in lost battles. Max 2 times per war.

> You get 2 techs
File: MiniNRP.png (903 KB, 3200x1800)
903 KB
903 KB PNG
>>5498635 Lily
The spell is updated and an additional 1 gem is set to the Discord Irregulars to keep the spell functional for them as well. (gives 50 mil power now, after techs)

Bio-Scan - magic - allows to spend 2 magic to scan any race or being for their traits, with another spell you can infuse said traits into other beings.

Eita Examination - tech - you find that Eita is something akin to a dragon a being that is as much biological as magical in nature. A relig from times where magic flowed freely through the world rather than being constrained to mana dots and lines. She is a healthy but ancient being while ageless many wounds both external and internal cover her flesh you may attempt to cure her spending 5 magic permanently.

Great Ravine Study - tech - the ravine seems to be a crack in the world itself which has exposed many bems and valuable resources a piece of the very deef underground pushed up and cracked. through teh study you figure out the ravine goes deeper than expected. If you spend an action you can reveal the great underground under the ravine…

Mana ray Training - tech - for food and production you may produce mana rays which will allow rapid travel between ley dots and increase your presence&wealth

You can invest only 5 wealth per turn into policies. 5 wealth into boosting magic.

Runic tattoos are applied to all standing forces. Exeserbating the difference between common soldier and professional even more.

> Saw the edit too late and it said it’s anonymous. Enscribing magic into gems is possible, but a wee bit strong i’ll cost 2 techs

> You get 3 techs

>>5499625 Leshyr
A forge and farm are built securing your nation’s food supply and increasing production.

Urban Adminsitration - tech - cities add 3 jobs each, city upkeep is doubled, cities gain increased administrative range and you may spend 5 wealth and naval power per turn more than usual

Improved Steel - tech - steel is improved all steel produce will be more effective.

Sandshrews are improved to Bronze Sandshrews.

You need to spend an action before you can require to foreign subversion with targeted actions. Your sniffer beasts counter his missionaries for now though.

Exploring the aquatic ruin you find a technology you may choose to adopt:

Deepsea fishing - tech - you gain double the food from fishing

> You get 2 techs
>>5499946 Scions
Sytek is a powerful character albeit his personal force is small. he can command 15 units.

5 spies are sent to Sytek and there will be 5d6 rolled each turn to promote their good attitude towards you.

Slave Breeding - tech - you may infuse 1 presence and 1 production to produce 1 slaves

Bloodports - tech - may hold bloodsports which will sacrifice 10 pops producing giving you 10% presence each time you do, albeit all of the boon will be removed if you are forced to abbandon the technology

Tech investments are restored.

Electric lutes are produced increasing their affinity to lightning magic and overall quality.

I’ll cap it at 80% discount for sanity, so 1 presence. Character quality in their main skill is increased by 1.

the technology yout curious character wants is:
Tall Architecture - tech - defensive bonus to own flying units when fighting near own buildings

The ley lines are stabilised and slaves are ready to breed.

> You get 3 techs

>>5500447 immelreich
Wulkanschmiede allows to add 5 magic to forges bordering volcanoes to make them add 2 production extra.

Another volcano forge is created giving you a comfortable production surplus. More Ettinschwein are produced.

The Sheepish nation receives a great boost in power through the incorporation of the Feuermesser into their arsenal. Cheap to make more like a wand than a spell they allow soldiers to channel blades of fire or cover their existing blades with flame to burn through obstacles and enemies.

10 more wealth goes into exploration, making the roll a d4 as low as that goes.

>>5500517 Azure Elves
A new mine is built and so is a new forge. The mine placed haphazardly produces silver and coal not aiding in alleviating the iron shortage.

Machinery and guns are improved. Marriages are set up.

Meritocratic podiums - tech - for 10 presence you can get 1 extra character slot, for 30 you may get 2 character slots.

Jubil’esh is integrate… what you think I did not loose track? I should have indicated which deposits are being extracted. You did not roll any deposits last turn so everything extracted from you.

> You get 3 techs

> The Many
You are in a famine
You get a tech

> Akkaria
You get 3 techs

> Slime
You get 2 techs

> Yulakgh
You get a tech

> Golems
You get 3 techs

> Sherden
You get a techs

> Sarmatia
You get 2 techs

> Volotila Regnum
You get a tech
File: Mana-Plantation.png (24 KB, 342x299)
24 KB
> Action. Explore the depths of the Great Ravine, seeking to discover the deep lands beneath.

Nothing excites the Concord quite like a mystery, and the deepest tunnels of the ancient ravine have proven to be quite the mystery. An expedition sets out to explore the depths.

> Spread Mages Isolata to areas marked in yellow on image. (3 tiles)

> Action. Build Plantation in Mages Isolata on red ‘P’. See Image.

Excitement abounds as the Concord breaks earth on the first plantation in Mages Isolata, what mysterious plants arise from this strange place is anyone's guess.

> Coordinate with the turtle folk and spend Magic to ease the wounds of Great Eita.

The people of Eita have been valuable members of the Concord and anything that can be done to ease the wounds of Eita should be done.

> Production. Spend up to 5 production and 20 food on producing Mana Rays. (You didn’t note the cost, so I don’t know how many I can make)

The first Mana Rays take the skies, soaring on winds of magic. A symbol of Concord prosperity and achievement.

> Fully Empower Carpenter next to the biomancy node on Mages Isolata with magic.

Another workshop is empowered with magic, boosting the Concord’s production cap.

> Tech: Mages Isolata plantation crop study. As the first plants are harvested from the magical biome researchers pounce to be the first to study them.

If the Mana ray is any indication the plants of Isolata will likely be just as interesting. Theories abound from plants that wield mind magic to control pollinators and deter predators to biomantic horrors that behave more like predators than plants. More outlandish theories even include ‘poem’ trees from plants that thrive on Bilbliomantic energy, shapeshifting ‘were’plants and even plants that have incorporated metal into their bodies with Living Metal magic. Regardless of risk, the Concord intends to study them all.

> Double Tech: Gemstone Magic.

With a vast supply of gemstones at their disposal it has become only natural to explore new ways they can be used. Vast amounts of research pour into the possibilities of integrating them into biology, tools, and into the possibility of powerful spell bombs.

> Character: Akordia the Drow Princess. (Plantation booster?)

A black sheep of the family, Akordia spent most of her youth immersed in Lilalkin culture abroad, studying agriculture, medicine, and magic. She’s currently leading the effort to build the new plantation in Mages Isolata and study the resulting crops. She’s recently become the sole heir to the drow nation after a bloody conflict within her family resulted in the other heirs being entombed, although she cares little for the trappings of power.
If I need to pick a specific kind of plantation I'd prefer Mages Isolata.

Sorry, forgot something.

> Perform Bio-scans of Deep Earth creatures, preserved corpses in the underwater sea, pearl king corpse, Drow, Lilalkin, Eita, Turtle Folk. 7-8 scans in total.
File: Turn.png (109 KB, 793x552)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
>Action 1: Coal Mine (Diamond)
Rare as it is in Leshyr lands, the value that coal adds means that every seam is seen as valuable. As the surveyor's resource border map showed that coal was present in the southernmost areas of our mainland holdings, a mine is struck so we can collect the coal that runs beneath the desert and the nearby mountain.

>Action 2: Forge Near Nekk (Rectangle)
We open up another forge on the riverside to further increase our industry.

>Technology 1: Advanced Mining
With resources found beneath the ground increasingly important, our mineowners use their experience to devise improved ways of following a seam and extracting the materiel with less waste - hopefully some small efficiencies will add up into some larger ones.

>Technology 2: Primary Education
It may not be the grand universities of the Conclave (or even our own), but by setting up primary education for our people in our cities we may improve the overall quality of society. Plus, we might employ a few teachers.


>Steel Saws(Axes?) (4 Production, 4 Iron, 2 Coal, 4 Wood)
We reinvest into our Lumber Industry by forging Saws for the Lumberworkers. (Unless these should be Steel axes?)

>Steel Picks (+4 Production, 4 Iron, 2 Coal, 4 Wood) We have enough Picks for 4 mines, but right now we have seven mines. With the additional wood cut by our woodcutters with their new equipment we reinvest some into more picks, so we can support all our current mines (and have some left for further mine expansion).

>Steel Saws: Iron Tools, + Coal
Coal is added to our Tools production to produce Steel Tools for our forges and carpenters instead of just Iron ones.

>Steel Swords: Iron Swords, + Coal
Coal will also be added into our Sword production as we switch to making Steel blades. Additionally, make more Steel swords if possible when resources and production come online to allow it, so we can actually arm more of our standing army.

>Shipbuilding: +1 Tin
Our last unused unit of tin is added into our shipbuilding program in the hope of making it slightly less crude.

>Deepsea Fishing choice: Accept
The seas around Leshyran are deep and full; of course we should accept the chance to catch more from them.

>Sniffer Beasts: +3 Food
Since the Sniffer Beasts seem to be working, we breed more of them to cover a greater area of the island.

>Exploration: Aquatic Ruin
With one Aquatic ruin explored, the pair now turn their attention to the other one...

>Spies: (Unless this was deployed last turn?)
Spies are sent to Iosh and Irode to root out any Dragon-influence in these nations and bring them closer to Leshyr (and if Coineach wants to take power for himself in either state, Leshyr will give him tacitit support). The third spy is sent in to the Aurigan Republic to learn of their mission-plans so their missionary networks can be broken up and subverted to Lesh's favour.
Make up 1: link Mind magic to the Water magic, creating school of "Brain Washing" a secret school known to the NID and their operatives.

Make up 2: second adjacent monument for the presence. (You still havent placed my first one from a few turns ago)

Action 1: another Monument for presence

Action 2: Link poison magic with water to create Drug magic school


MAke up tech
-Sleeper Agents - Using a combination of drug magic and the Brain Washing magic, captured or abducted people can be turned into sherden agents to be activated down the line.

Tech: Enhanced Agents. Extreme training in the jungles of the southern islands along with regiments of drug magic and harsh training with the Drake Riders has turned these men into soldiers of their own right a special forces capable of surviving in any enviroment and delaying forces and destabilizing elements of government.
Action 1:
>Sands of the broken dead.
>Build a monument on top of briolo's ruin
In the ruins of Briolo, where many golems lost their lives the sands preserve that once young city.
The monastics of the desert now tend to the ruin, keeping it pristine and making that location more of a monument to golemkind than a forgotten mass grave. Preserving the memory of the dead as is golemic tradition.

Action 2:
>prospect western mountains

Tech 1:
Professional Bards
In the wake of the destruction of Briolo the wadering bards becomes a common sight. Many are veterans of the war, singing their poems of the few great deeds of that conflict and of other things they have picked up over the years. Professional bards are often hired by households to attend events. Payed in coin and a meal and then sent off. This means golems that otherwise couldn't find work can feed and clothe themselves. Especially if they were made outcasts for deserting. They are very prominent in cities.

Tech 2:
High Maintainance Farming
Food has become expensive in the golem nation. Even after the war prices remain high, thus new techniques are introduced into fruit farming. This effectively doubles the time and effort (and hands) needed to man a farm through frequent inspection processes and more tiling. But proves more profitable for farm owners through higher productivity.

Tech 3:
Seed Oil Bathhouses
A great discovery is made when it comes to the fruits. It is discovered that a kind of oil beneficial to golemic skin can be procured from its seeds. Through this Seed Oil Bathhouses are invented, where the wealthy can come to recieve oil baths for a price. Much discussion happens in these houses among the aristocracy.

The Concord accepts the leylink to our mind node.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 18.png (50 KB, 369x771)
50 KB

With a vassal integrated, food once again floods the market, especially the Ettinschwein. A must for any noble party, a whole roast Ettinschwein is larger than any Zeigenmann, able to feed a whole family. It is still too expensive for a commoner to afford a whole swine, but they do enjoy the slices they get. And thus, the people rejoice, even though towns are gradually emptying, as the population control measures has put Immelreich's population growth below replacement levels. There will be more than just labour shortage if this trend continues. Kaiser Hrudulf Kord von Steinhand will have to resolve this issue before he abdicates to the next Kaiser.

>Action 1: Build University south of Ufegard, with the previous building of Ufegard itself (Turn 16) this is the second construction in this semi-autonomous region.
>Tech: The Wolkenburg Press - Using a movable type any combination of letters can be made for a printface, and paper pressed upon it's inked surface to press a print upon it, making a copy of the text. This will drastically increase literature proliferation, if we can make enough paper for it.
>Prod Pol: Produce 4x Paper (4 Prod, 4 Wood).
>Produce 4x Ettinschwein (4 Prod, 4 Food).
In eastern Immelreich, the integration continues, this time building another university. Though, the scholars have taken note of how much literature we've produced so far, how much time is spent copying aging texts as well as seeking out even relatively common books to ensure one is well read on all the topics. Because of how long it takes to copy a book, copies are scarce, we need a way to produce more copies. Thus, an entrepeneuring group of scholars device a printing press. They see great potential in it and so already start producing more paper and even encourage more Ettinschwein to be raised if we need parchment, so we have enough writing material for the coming information revolution.

>Action 2: Build temple west of Löwenburg, with the previous building of a Carpenter (Turn 14) this is the second construction in this vassal's territory.
>Character Pol: Decrease Generous Employer from 1.6x to 1.4x.
>Prod Pol: Produce 2x Schiffs (2 Prod, 4 Wood 2 Hemp 2 Copper 1 Tin).
>Trade Pol: Trade 1 Order of Schiffs to Portwins in exchange for 4 Rubber and 4 Tropical Wood.
>Naval Pol: 5 ships traded away but 10 more built, the exploration fleet is increased from 10 to 15.
The Twin Mothers cult has made it's sway down south, but the Kaiser sees them as allies against the winged ones, despite believing that Erdenfrau is one of our mothers, they are correct that Wolkanfrau is our mother, so they are... tolerable. And in order to get a protection against them, we need crossbows, and for crossbows we need rubber. So, with a trade deal struck, we produce ships for Portwins, in exchange for their rubber and tropical wood, which will make us better crossbows, and we need them as good as we can.
Technology: Master Teachings(Fey Warriors seek out apprenticeship under master fey warriors who will teach them the finer arts of war and strategy, with fine warriors prized throughout the fey lands)
Cultural/Religious Technology: Feasting Traditions(The fey ensure their entire population are ridiculously well fed so they can be as close to the Fey Planes as possible, and warriors never enter battle hungry.)

Action 1: Create Artifact The Thorned Cloak: A cloak is made for the throneless king which through fey magics is made from vines and thorns, decorated with gloriously beautiful flowers, and protects him from many manners of harm in combat.
Actjon 2: Make a farm because lol, lmao, you already know i'mma need it.
1) It would seem that, in an attempt at somewhat poor diplomacy from a certain someone, that we have lost a farm. Fortunately the little event is water under the bridge and we can channel our energy towards more constructive things yet again: Starting with rebuilding that which was lost.

2)Still the famine is a challenge we have yet to try and get ahead, but that changes now. We will expand our grove and improve our forest gardens with the help of our beastial understanding. Through the insights that our assimilation of animals have provided us, we can improve upon the natural flow and ensure that the cycles and workings of the land run as optimally as possible to ensure a more bountiful harvest. (Can be seen as just build another farm)

3~5)Where as food feeds the people, commerce feeds a nation. The few deposits we have unearthed are a boon indeed, but there is more we can do. We shall strike the earth and bring to bare the riches within (Build iron mines, if not enough iron around, build mines for any of the other deposits)
Technology 1: Books (using paper)
Technology 2: Bureaucracy
Technology 3: Printing press (Using machines 2, books and bureaucracy)

Actions 1 and 2: Keep placing mines

The elven throne decides that even if iron is not found, extracting it’s raw mineral wealth will serve well to fund new ritual professions in the future.

The elves in this rather extended period of peace and prosperity continue developing their technological foundations to encompass evermore challenging designs, the advent of paper used for books and mechanical devices to type them are a revolution of their own.

Production: If any iron is found, immediately create a steel pickaxe and put it on the iron vein.

Things in the Ulodrac were quiet, though things carried along as they always did. Further work was done in the south near wadle, making the vassal state a bit more valuable to the Ulodrac while a more organized location for training was made in the north of the heartland of the Ulodrac. Mines of jade and sulfur were struck and things simply progressed without much fuss. However, one major improvement in the Ulodrac was various methods of farming, including the new sulfur that was integrated, with the material soon found to be useful for fertilizer. Naturally, more was done to extract it and turn it into something useful that aided the food situation of the Ulodrac, ensuring that more and more living would have their meals. It obviously meant nothing to cycle breakers, but it was something that allowed the population to rise ever higher. After all, while the dead yet lived in the Ulodrac, unlike the living they couldn't exactly make more of themselves...Still, things in the Ulodrac would change sooner rather than later...Especially with further discoveries that would soon come from the work of the ancient minds at work in the grand nation...

>Action One. Create a farm east south east of the lumber yard near Wadle

>Action Two. Create a military base on the peninsula north of the copper mine

>Action Three. Create a jade mine

>Action Four. Create a sulfur mine

>Research. Better farming techniques.
>Action 1: build forge.
>Action 2: build plantation (paper)

>tech: Church tithes. Temples of my religion now produce wealth

>Navy: stop fishing.

>production: cancel some of the javelins (I'm making 8 right now) and build some more ships.

>other: send another missionary to the Akkarians and the leshyr.
Fluff: After a slight error in file management, documents are sent to the right people to get various duties done.

1 action: Construct farm

1 action: Construct lumber mill

1 action: Construct cotton Plantation

1 action: Construct military base

1 Tech: Ships! Better bigger ships to actually function in a proper manner for long form travel to other nations.

Production: Create a ship
2 production, 2 wood, 2 Cotton

Wealth policy: 5 wealth > 50% Ship quality

A very simple set of orders, not much else to say considering such dragon fanaticism is spreading on other continents through other nations.
Slaves: Sacrifice 6 slaves

Slaves: Invest 6 production and 6 presence into slave breeding.

Bloodsports: Hold them and invite the underdark.

Ships: Harvest more resources

Tech: Harsh water travel

Tech: Study the storm magic to understand more about spontaneous hybrid magic.

Action 1: Build Market in biotwins.

Action 2: Build University in hill next to airspring.
File: MiniNRP.png (927 KB, 3200x1800)
927 KB
927 KB PNG
>>5505119 Aurigan
Paper is made with production from wood, so action refunded can be used next turn for something else. Forge built.

Church tithes - tech - each temple of your faith produces 2 wealth

Your ships number doubles, maybe it’d be good to invest in their quality either with a naval spell or ap lain wealth investment.

> You get a tech

>>5505208 Wobbleboble
Buildings built and ships produced without cotton though, you have no cotton.
Ships are built and you gain a modest navy.

> You get a tech

>>5505430 Scions
Sacrificing 6 slaves gains you 3 wood, 2 food and 2 technologies you may choose to adopt or not:

Mountaineers Homes - tech - bonus fighting in mountains and increased movement speed in mountains

Tonguetwister Efficinados - tech - spying on your nation and subversive actions on it are less efficient. Can sacrifice tech, 20 roll mod to invent tongue twisters giving 3 presence each time

We’ll do the lbood sport between turns.

Harsh Water travel - tech - may travel close to whirpools
Storm magic study - tech - learning of the storm you learn that what was oncedivided has been reunited, it was merely natural for it to happen. You gain +20% magic and learn of other combinations this would work for like the 4 elements, 5 schools of life, and 3 flows of energy (lightning, gravity, fire)

> You get 3 techs

> Guknilo Golem
You get 3 tech

> Akkadia
You get 2 techs

> Yulakgh
You get 2 techs
>>5501883 Lily
Your explorers descend underground and find a massive cave system exploring you find it has a connection to the cave system of the bats as well as the land of the Sharkfolk as well as the land of the Human Shapeshifters. Below the ravine exists an empty ravaged land full of ruin and mined dry of resources it is possible that once it was full of riches same as the ravine anda wealthy civilisation existed underground, albeit none of that wealth exists now… could this be the homeland of the Drow?

The mage biome spreads further and some land it was in gets retconned. A plantation is built, unsurprisingly the land of the mages isolata produces a white Ginseng plantation being a magic biome simmialr to the naturally occurring flying islands.

Curing Eita will count as a ‘spell’ and does require an action investment.

Yeah you make 4 mana rays, remember the rays also were supposed to consume gems, 16 food, 4 production 4 gems. to make 4 rays. The rays give off 8 presence and each ray may instantly transport units between ley dots connected via ley line you control.

Carpenter has magic flowing through it increasing the amount of wood it’s able to churn through.

Mages isolate Crop study - tech - +50% plantation output in mages isolata

Gemstone Magic(2x) - tehc - inspired by what was seen in ruins of old techniques are developed to infuse complex spells into gems giving birth to magic circuitry which can be created by housing golden mana circuits within a gem which also acts as a mana battery allowing you to create buildings which include effects of infused spells in a specific range decided by it’s quality and mana surplus.

Core characters such as a princess have all their characteristics randomised.
She’s a Generous Employer(5), Clumsy(5) and Curious(2) individual.

The tech she wants next turn is something related to torture.

You find yourself in a worker shortage if not elevated by next turn buildings will shut down, might have to cut down on the breeding restrictions due to a cumbersome princess being allowed to get to power.

Scanning the biology of the beings you find that they are rubbery, empaths - can read emotions of nearby beings, can become equsocial. They are highly resistant to bludgeoning damage, are mudbreethers and have surprisingly low salt tolerance. Likely why they dwell in mud and not open sea.

> You get 3 tech
>>5502480 Leshyr
No it’s coal… diamond falls under gems. A forge is built and with that the semiautonomous region becomes a new industrial center and is willing to be annexed by you.

Advanced mining - tech - 25% mine output, Indeed the bits of advancement will keep adding up.

Primary education - tech - increased tech bonus from pop

Axes is more sensible I guess, but both are near same. Steel saws produced.

You are already producing steel pickaxes for all your mines. Adding tin slightly improves your ship quality as the bolts are now bronze not copper.

Exploring the Aquatic Ruins you find another potential technology you can choose to adopt or not:

Sponges - tech - increases, pop growth through sanitation, reduces battlefield losses slightly

Not sure if you had a spy technology. Without that presence policies can only be applied within your nation.
> You get 3 tech
>>5502533 Sherden Sea people
Brain washing, heh. It’s stupid, but also funny I’ll allow it.
Drug magic is creted by combining the maliability of water with psychedelic effects of poison magic.

Sleeper agents (2) - tech - may spend presence to create sleeper agents, which will steal a % of levies from another nation
(Sleeper agents are improved to be more effective)
>>5504582 Immelreich
Am University under ufegard are built, and you can fully reintegrate them into your land. Afterall the slavery issue is solved too.

Wolkeburg press - tech - you can spend a metal, 2 wood etc to produce printing presses which will increase presence and how much you can spend on policies. You may use the pritning press to attempt to spread your writing system to enforce cultural hegemony.

More ettinschwein and paper are produced, reminder you need 5 paper produced for it to have an effect on bureocracy. temple built next to lówenburg they are willing to become a semiautonomous region.

10 wealth is to further decrease genberous employer effect. With that unemployment keeps falling as your population aldso keeps going down. Your navy doubbles in size.

5 ships go to portwins ensuring they can keep expanding their naval power and exploit their naval deposits.
> You get a tech
>>5504591 Jubillee
Master-Student teachings - tech - you can can assign standing forces to a character depending on their dividual combat ability they will increase the standing force quality, but the standing forces will be loyal to them

A Thorned Cloak for the thornsless king… maybe?

Thorned Cloak - artiffact - 2d20% of the damage dealth to the wearer reflected upon the enemy, lowered chance of death/weound in battle.
(who gets to equip it?)

Farm built Lmao. helping feed and increase your population, at this pace more people will need to be sent to the gulag… I mean holy order.

> You get 3 tech

>>5504618 The Many
Farm built, albeit the spot where it stood was lost to time… afterall out maps of the network are more accurate than the barely paid attention too overworld and the animals are sent to improve harvests.

Mines are built. More than 15 iron is excavated out of the obuntiful earth, albeit land of value for farms had to be used for it.

>>5504794 Azure Elf Elves
Books - tech - can’t be forced to forget technologies in peace deals
Bureocracy - tech - may spend 5 extra on wealth/naval policies per turn and 5 more if you produce 5 paper
Printing press - tech - may produce printing presses from metal and wood. Printing presses may be used to spread your writing system abroad and spread your culture.

You find a large sulphur deposit by placing a mine smack dab in the center of it. The other mine is placed at the border of a gold and silver deposit a remarkable find which could have revolutionised whole nations in times where wealth was a scarcity.

Sadly an iron deposit is still not found.

> You get 2 tech

>>5504912 Sharkple
A farm is created south of waddlepaddle. These useless slimes will be put to work feeding our nation.

Jade and sulphur are mined laying foundation for economic and technological development of your nation.

Better farming - tech - 25% extra food
> You get a tech
> Tech. Mage Ink. Spellbooks and Magic Tattoos now consume White Ginseng and provide more powerful bonuses. (Spend both techs if needed)

> Tech. Exploration Techniques. Acquire more expansion tiles when expanding.

> Action-Spell. Mend Disability. A powerful suite of healing, life, and biomancy spells that can remove scars, mend broken bones, restore sight to the blind and even restore lost limbs. (Racial stat improvements, remove post war penalties from other races )

Many of the heroes of the Concord sport grievous injuries such as lost arms and torn out eyes, to say nothing of the maladies that afflict the common everyday people of the nation. But now these problems are a thing of the past, with even lost limbs able to be restored.

> Action-Expansion. Settle the Under Ravine.

A remarkable find filled with ancient ruins, scholars, settlers and more spill into the darkness beneath the earth.

> Cancel Breeding Pool Culling.

More a hindrance than a help at this point, the time has come to abandon this barbaric practice.

> Curiosity Suggestion: Torture Combat Training. Take full advantage of the Concord’s healing prowess by putting its Standing Forces through brutal torturous training. Live weapons, brutal beatings and pain tolerance training, render the forces of the Concord battle hardened before they ever set foot on the battlefield. Standard practice includes removal of limbs so troops can experience the pain first hand before the limb is regenerated. (Sharply boost standing forces quality and morale, but each standing force consumes presence/gold/magic)

> Wealth: Apply 20 wealth to Technology. Library Sciences provides a bonus to max wealth spend turn equal to my total technologies (38). Assuming you nerf that by half I should still be able to cover it.
Action 1: build a smith

Action 2: Build a smith

Short turn this round
>action 1: build a temple within the lands of the some.
>action 2: build a temple within Galtdorayth to convert the Argonian
>action 3: Build grape plantation (for wine)

>Tech: launch platform. ships now have spacious tops allowing third stage Aurigans to take off from the decks of the ships (basically turning them into aircraft carriers).

Navy: take off fishing. put 3 on harvesting resources and 2 on exploring.

>production: you forgot to take off the second batch of javelin (magic javelins). magic white ginseng tea also isn't their.

>wealth: increases propaganda. also turn on church agriculture so they can farm.
I'd prefer if the grape plantation was built on the floating islands. would be great to see if they can become magical that way.
File: Turn.png (478 KB, 1060x708)
478 KB
478 KB PNG
>(Spies: You gave me them for the First Shaman as Free actions, that's where the action to use them came from)

>Nekk Region Annexation
With the willingness of Nekk expressed, the town and their surrounds are fully absorbed into the Leshyr kingdom.

>Action 1: Farm (Red Up Arrow)
Another farm is established on the grasslands near to Zulg

>Action 2: Forge (Purple Down Arrow)
Another Forge is established on the Riverside closest to Ekhid.

>Sponges Tech: We Accept this discovery into our knowledge base.

>Tech 1: Three-Field System
A year growing grains, a year growing legumes, a year fallow. Better for the soil, and allows the growing of a greater quantity of produce.

>Tech 2: Heraldry
A warrior is a proud man, proud at his accomplishments and proud of the challenges he has faced and the foes he has bested. By keeping a record of heraldries and wearing them proudly we can better proclaim the glories of our nation and people! - Even if we need to employ a portion of our people as Heralds.

>Tech 3: Magical Research
As mundane scholars research and learn from the world around them, our Shamens will use our institutions to conduct their own research into matters spiritual and magical. Perhaps more magical developments might come in future from the pontifications of our scholars rather then the whims of our social lords.

>Production Policies:
>Steel Tools (4 Production, 4 Iron, 2 Coal, 4 Wood)
We give our Smiths and Carpenters better equipment to help them in their work.

>Steel Ploughs (4 Production, 4 Iron, 2 Coal, 4 Wood)
Our Farmers are also equipped with better equipment to help in their essential tasks.

Technology 1: Awe-inspiring architecture

The buildings of the elves stretch high and mightily, inspiring awe and reverence.

Technology 2, 3: Sewers

Public hygiene is revolutionised with a full sewer system assembled, giving way to semi-modernised plumbing, freeing the elven people from such meagre concerns.

Actions: 2 more mines, map shows designated location for them

The elves continue randomly placing mines throughout their land in their search for a new source of iron.

Production: If an iron vein is found, assemble a steel pickaxe and assign it to the mine.

Production: One more paper
>Golem depression
action 1:
Build a mine on the plains lead

action 2:
Build a fortress on the sarmatian frontier
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 19.png (147 KB, 723x958)
147 KB
147 KB PNG

The Kaiser reads the first printed text, it is a story about the origin of the Zeigenvolk, and told correctly, showing Wolkanfrau to be our mother, not Erdenfrau. Though there is the issue that she made us from the earth, without saying she made Erdenfrau, so it doesn't contradict the Cult of Two Mothers. Even so, being able to spread the truth far and wide is a potent ability.

>Tech: Academic Press - Make Wolkenburg Press give benefits toward tech roll.
>Action 1: Make Magma Forge northwest of Löwenburg, marking the third structure made in the vassal's territory.
>Prod pol: Produce 4x Enchanted Wolkenburg Press production (3 Prod 8 Magic 3 Copper 1.5 Tin 6 Wood).
>Produce 4x Enchanted Crossbows (3 Prod 8 Magic 3 Copper 1.5 Tin 3 Tropical Wood 3 Rubber 3 Coal).
The Scholars may have oversold the immediate capability of the Wolkenburg Press, but then swiftly starts developing a new kind of text to print, academic papers. A change of formating as well as a system of printing diagrams will make the printed texts be much more helpful for academia, rather than mere scripture printing.

>Action 2: Prospect in the Underdark.
>Prod pol: Produce 1 more Ettinschwein, total production: 20, non-traded: 10, food bonus: 50%.
>Trade pol: 10 Food to the Underdark.
It is time to make business with our kindred below, and in preparation, we send plenty of food down below, to entice the locals to find great deposits down there.

>NPC Action (Haalkan): Make Military Base on the tiny island in the ocean.
>NPC Prod pol (Haalkan): Breed 5x Dragonfly Mounts (5 Prod 5 Food).
A section of Haalkan nobles take interest in the Dragonflies, as more of them are bred, they take the best exemplars and fly them off to the secluded island, naming it Emerald Island. There they build a military base, where the nobles will learn the Dragonfly arts, away from prying eyes, so they alone hold their secret arts. Indeed, these oathsworn Dragonfly riders call themselves Dragonfly Knights, of the Emerald Order.

While things had gone smoothly with quite a bit of building up in the Ulodrac and it's lands, there was a need for greater production and greater extraction of resources. Unfortunately, while the former could easily be done with further investments in various artisans, the latter was not without direct expansion. It was clear that the Ulodrac was limited in this aspect. Luckily, the greatest minds in the Ulodrac have developed an explosive of some sort that could potentially be utilized to help with that goal in the future and perhaps delay the need for expansion through the use of explosives in mining. Other than this, further fishing efforts would be done, and the Kantasi Sivalant would be developed further into an effective fighting force in the name of the Ulodrac... Really, things were quiet. Too quiet all things considered...Though they likely wouldn't stay that way for too long...

>Action One. Build a carpenter near Wadlepadle.

>Action Two. Build a smithy in the north.

>Research. Gunpowder

>Wealth Policy. Improve Kantasi Sivalant

>Navy Policy. 5 more Nav power on fishing.
Fluff: And, waiting at the edge of their seats for what is to come, the people of Woblobble look to the dragon in anticipation for its assault

1 action: Biomancy Create Spell: Quicken Growth
A simple spell for reforestation, even within one’s lifetime.

1 action: Build University
Technology is the way forwards

Tech: Military Practice: Object scaling
To climb buildings, large creatures, and other things quickly and skillfully.
Tech: Advanced Farming(Food increase)
Tech: Hardy Foods(Boost food quality)
Tech: Complex Bartering(Food adds to wealth)

Action 1: Build a new mine
Action 2: Build a city
File: MiniNRP.png (1004 KB, 3200x2400)
1004 KB
1004 KB PNG
>>5517999 Wobbleboble
"The people of Wobblebobble await the approach of the dragon, ready to defend their nation. In an effort to aid in their defense, the nation's biomancers successfully create the spell 'Quicken Growth,' which can be used to rapidly grow livestock increasing farm output by 100% and allowing to spend 1 magic to restore life to damaged areas (reverse wasteland).
In an effort to advance their technology, Wobblebobble also decides to build a university. This will provide a center for higher learning and research, and may lead to the development of new technologies and ideas.
The nation also invests in military practice, specifically in the area of object scaling. This training will allow their soldiers to quickly and skillfully climb buildings, large creatures, and other objects, which may be useful in various combat situations. Higher movement and combat power in mountains and jungles.

>>5516899 Sharpke
In the nation of Li Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan, the leaders decide to invest in production by building a carpenter near Wadlepadle and a smithy in the north. These new facilities will help increase the output of various goods and may lead to further economic growth.
The nation also decides to research gunpowder, a potentially powerful and dangerous explosive. With this research, the Sharkple may be able to develop new weapons or techniques for mining and other activities.
In order to improve the effectiveness of their military, you also invests in the Kantasi Sivalant, a specialized fighting force. This policy will likely involve training and resources to make the unit more capable in combat.
Additionally, the navy focuses on fishing, adding 5 more units of naval power to support these efforts. This may lead to increased food production and potentially new sources of income.
>>5513057 Immelreich
In the nation of Immelreich, the Kaiser reads a paper about the origins of the Zeigenvolk, and decides to invest in the Wolkenburg Press, a printing facility that will now focus on producing academic papers - 15% tech roll mod, per press produced. The new formatting and inclusion of diagrams will make these texts more useful for academia.
Immelreich also decides to build a Magma Forge northwest of Löwenburg, the third such structure in a vassal territory. This forge will likely be used to produce various goods using molten magma as a heat source.
In addition to these actions, Immelreich invests in production of enchanted Wolkenburg Presses and enchanted crossbows. The enchanted crossbows will be imbued with magical properties that may make them more effective in combat. The effort to produce these monstrocities will give each one a 450% combat bonus. Meanwhile the wolkenburg press can’t be enchanted, as it’s mostly a wooden contraption.
The nation also decides to prospect in the Underdark, a subterranean region, in search of valuable resources. In preparation for trade with the locals, Immelreich sends a large amount of food to the Underdark as a gesture of goodwill. Exploring the underdark you mostly find gems and copper, but looking more carefully you find some oil. One more Ettinschwein is produced.
> You get 2 techs!

>>5513007 Guknilo Golems
Mine and fortress are built. Albeit the ancient enemy has entered slumber in their complacency they cannot be underestimated.

With that you now have large piels of unused stone laying around who known might be used to make more golems?
> You get 3 techs!
>>5512998 Azure Elves
"The Grandest Atriarchy of Herin Desh, has made significant progress in their technology, developing awe-inspiring architecture and a full sewer system. These advancements may have a positive impact on the nation's economy and quality of life. All your buildings give you 0,1 presence, sewers increase your presence by 40% and increases pop cap by 20%.
The elves also decide to expand their mining operations by building two more mines in designated locations discovering copper, salt and iron. Finally iron. Pickaxe produced and assigned albeit it’s mainly a salt mine.
In addition, the elves increase their production of paper, potentially for use in writing, printing, or other purposes. One more paper is produced.
> You get 3 techs!
>>5508898 Leshyr
The nation of Leshyr decides to annex the Nekk region, fully absorbing it into their kingdom. In order to further develop their overseas lands and gain favour of the locals, they establish another farm on the grasslands near Zulg and another forge on the riverside near Ekhid.
Leshyr also decides to invent sponges, which may improve population growth and sanitation, and reduce battlefield losses. They also research the three-field system, a method of rotating crops to improve soil fertility and increase produce yields.
In addition, Leshyr decides to invest in heraldry, a system of record-keeping and display of achievements and honors, giving you presence from cities and making it harder to incorporate land annexed from you. This may involve the employment of heralds to proclaim the glories of the nation. They also conduct research into magic and spirituality through their institutions, you explore the link between magic and religion. Your temples giving a bonus to nearby battle mages.
To support their industries, Leshyr also invests in the production of steel tools giving you 400% extra production and ploughs giving you 200% farm output, using iron, coal, and wood to create these advanced items.
> You get 3 techs!
A temple in your nation flips to the dragon cultist faith.

>>5507923 Aurigan
The Aurigan Republic decides to build two temples, one within the lands of the Some and another in Galtdorayth to convert the argoniana. They also build a grape plantation, potentially for the production of wine producing whitegrape wine coming from the high sky.
The nation also invests in technology, developing a launch platform that allows ships to function as aircraft carriers. Doubles carry capacity of your ships including flying units, flying units gain a combat bonus near your ships
In addition, the Aurigan Republic decides to focus on harvesting resources and exploration with their navy, while also increasing propaganda and turning on church agriculture to allow for farming. You harvest 3 red caviar increasing your standing force quality by 30%
>production: you forgot to take off the second batch of javelin (magic javelins). magic white ginseng tea also isn't their.
What the hell are you saying, you have 4 batches of javelin, and whose white ginseng tea what?
Churches already produce food, Church prophaganda is deployed, it shall change them visionary roll from d6 to d5
> You get a tech!
>>5507871 Sherden Sea people
The nation of Sherden decides to invest in their industry by building two smiths. These facilities will likely be used to produce various metal goods and may help increase the nation's economic output.
> You get a tech!
>>5506341 Lily
The Concord of the Lily decides to invest in their magical capabilities, developing Mage Ink which allows spellbooks and magic tattoos to be more powerful at the cost of consuming white ginseng. They also research exploration techniques, which may allow them to acquire more expansion tiles when expanding.
In addition, the Concord of the Lily uses powerful spells of healing, life, and biomancy to remove scars, mend broken bones, restore sight to the blind, and even restore lost limbs to their citizens. This may greatly improve the quality of life in the nation, albeit is greatly displeases the Drow as it in many ways removes the effects of their hard toruturework.
Mend Disability - 10 magic - fixes character disabilties, removes post was maluses other nations can inflict, increases all racial stats by 10%
The Concord also decides to expand by settling the Under Ravine, a place filled with ancient ruins and scholars. They also choose to abandon the barbaric practice of culling their breeding pool.
Going underground you find more of the batfolk you met in the west… well other underground. here though they don’t seem to follow any religion beyond plain shamanism and also don’t wear blindfolds instead relying in the little light coming from the ravine. You may choose to exterminate or assimilate them… or enslave for that matter. Your colonists are enthusiastic flooding on mass to the underground and you easily lay claim to near half.
Your suggestion is dismissed instead you get:
Vertical Farming - you may build 2 farms in one tile as long as there is an aqueduct adjacent to the tile.
> You get 3 techs!
>>5519548 Jubilee
The nation of Jubilee decides to invest in their agriculture, researching advanced farming techniques which may increase their food production, as well as hardy foods which may improve the quality of their food. (40% farm output, food is considered higher quality) They also research complex bartering, which may allow food to add to their wealth when traded. (each food produced also gives 0,1 wealt this is also tied to the food quality tech)
In terms of actions, Jubilee chooses to build a new mine and a city. These investments may help the nation increase its resources and population, respectively. Name your city faggot.
> You get 3 techs!
> tempesty Scions
The nation of the Tempestous Scions focuses on research in leypoint adjacency, ancestral baptism, and dueling ability, which may provide various benefits to the nation. Leypoint adjacency increases the output of your buildings in tiles adjacent to ley dots. Ancestral baptism allows foreigners to be adopted into lineages of renown in your nation allowing for easier integration. (other players may transfer NPCs to you if both of you consent). You gain a 50% powetrboost to characters in duels.
They also choose to breed and sacrifice six slaves, and spend 5 presence on a vassal integration policy. As said before Bloodsports will be done between turns we can do it tomorrow, remind me at a reasonable time!
You gain 2 technologies you may choose or not choose to adopt:
Leypoint amplification - tech - boosts all your spells slightly and increase mana produced by ley dots, turns the tile a ley dot is on into wasteland and 1d4 random ties adjacent to it into wasteland
Slave Echantment - tech - you may imbue magicl effects into slaves which manifest when killed. 1 time strong spell effect which activates by turning life force into mana.
additionally you gain 2 gems as resources, 2 food and an artiffact:
Blad of Sorrow - artiffact - greatly boosts the characters prowess in battle and duels if a fellow character died the prior round
In terms of actions, Scions builds a docks near the Biotwins, and a temple on a mountain near Airspring. These investments may improve trade and honor their ancestors, respectively.
Vassals don’t get actions it was just a thing to keep nations of players who quit playing to keep doing some stuff.
> You get 3 techs!
> Action. Use Healing Core, Mend Disability and Bio-scan to identify and treat the wounds of Eita the Great Turtle.

The great work of a lifetime, Concord mages set to work with their greatest patient, Great Eita. One can only hope that the vast creature looks kindly on its caretakers.

> Action. Expand. Further explore and settle the vast caverns.
> Colonial. Integrate the native bat folk and seek their aid for colonizing this land much like we did long ago with the Drow.

Colonial efforts in the great cavern continue! Our explorers push into fields of fungal blooms and across underground rivers. The Concord recruits the local bat folk and pushes forward into the unknown with their guidance.

> Presence & Wealth 10: Begin an ongoing campaign of cultural assimilation on the Drow with the goal of total integration as well as the expungement of the less savory aspects of Drow culture.

A campaign of art, education and outright bribery begins, seeking to fully integrate the drow society into the Concord and outright erase their cultural tendency toward torture and slavery.

> Bioscan. Scan the scale of the Living Flame that was gifted to us so we might acquire knowledge of how to be more like the great dragons.

The War of the Dragon draws ever closer. Members of the Concord who worship the great dragons seek ways to make all members of the Concord more like the dragons.

> Trade. Accept four coal and four sulfur from the Atriarchy and produce four Cement. Send two Cement back to the Atriarchy.
> Cement. Construct two additional mines on the Great Ravine.

A bustling trade of cement continues, ultimately resulting in two new mines in the great ravine, loosing a flood of wealth into the Concord.

> Production. Produce three units of Mage Ink.

> Tech: University Cafes. Universities provide a small amount of presence and consume a small amount of food.

Universities have begun to offer cafes to their students and visiting scholars, providing comforting places for people to meet and talk about their disciplines.

> Tech: University Recruiting. Universities produce a small amount of standing forces and standing forces quality.

Seeking the best recruits for the defense of the nation, recruiting efforts begin to focus on universities, picking up both brilliant young commanders and rank and file who find themselves out of place in universities.
File: Turn.png (70 KB, 728x609)
70 KB
>Action 1: Expand to the North.
The North is open, and the Leshyr set fourth to claim these cold lands as their own.

>Action 2: A Temple at Nekk (Triangle)
A new temple is raised at Nekk, to bring honour to the great spirit.

>Tech 1: Methods to fight Dragon Treason
First Shaman Coinneach declares that the Dragon cult is to be considered incompatible with the life of Leshyrmen, a heresy most foul through the worship of malefic mortal beings and perverse mockery of true faith in the great spirit. The Shamen of Leshyr are given blanket permission to use their mind-reading upon any they suspect of harbouring foul foreign agents or converting to their unholy 'religion'. King Urdun, unable and unwilling to oppose the Leshyr Shamen in their suppression of the Dragon-Cult signs any bill or order that Coinneach brings before him - in all but name, the First Shamen is now the de-facto ruler of Leshyr. The power in the realm is his, the crown a subservient tool to his office. If his ambitions are not sated by being the power behind the throne, the office is his to seize

>Tech 2: Great-Spirit Conversion
Any means necessary are authorised to rid us of these foul Dragon cultists and their toxic faith. The Presence of Leshyr culture and the auspices of the Great spirit will turn any who fall back to their true faith. Repent, repent and be saved from the fires of the Dragons promise!

>Tech 3: Leshyr Inquisition
'If the Dragon Cultists wish for the world to Burn, we will let them burn first.'

The most radical of Coinneach's methods to bring those who fall to the empty promises of the Dragon cult, we will turn the Dragon-worshipers to the Great spirit, or force them to leave this world. No matter what it takes, the Dragon-cultists shall be removed from our nation.

>Production Policies:
>Reinstate all suspended production policies

>Steel Swords (16 Production, 16 Iron, 8 Coal, 16 Wood)
All our armed forces must have access to Steel weaponry

>Steel Armour (10 Production, 10 Iron, 5 Coal, 10 Wood)
As much or our armed forces as possible should be clad in strong armour that can withstand the slings and arrows of the world.

>Iron Bows+Arrows (16 Production, 16 Iron, 32 Wood)
Every Leshyman must be ready to fight, no matter where on the battlefield he finds himself - the front line alone cannot carry a war.

>Magic Draining Gems (+ 5 Gems, +10 Production)
We must produce more of these!

>Inquisition/Military Action
We cannot have the highest temple of our faith linger as a nest of Dragon-lies. We attempt to re-convert these people, make them see reason and through the lies of the Dragon-Cult.

...and should peaceful methods not succeed, the force of arms shall be required. If the temple does not reconvert, if the Heretics do not surrender their stolen building back to Leshyr; we march upon the temple to reclaim it and put the Dragon-cultists to the sword.

>Boats Exploring: They should have kept doing so all this while?

Technology 1: Steam engine
Technology 2: Industrialisation (Increase forge production)
Technology 3: Steam ships

The elves enter a period of industrialisation as they breach the technological barrier and unlock the secrets of steam power, quickly rising to achieve a new level of efficiency and productivity.

Trade 4 coal and 4 sulphur to the Lily, receive 2 cement in exchange

Cement: Construct 2 iron mines in the designated spots on the map using my cement.


Construct a new forge on the last volcano in Herin Desh, completing the grand forge complex.

Expand south to the new land spotted below Herin Desh

Wealth policy: 15 wealth to max out my production boosting wealth policy, bringing it to a 100% increase.

Production: 2 steel pickaxes, for the new iron mines
Production: 15 iron, coal, sulphur and production to create Sixty firearms

The first mass produced firearms are made by elven hands, enough to equip one third the nation in times of military crisis.

They are loud, brash things, but accurate, precise and deadly. The elves take well to the introduction of these rifles even as their ancestral arts of bow and arrow are proven less and less effective, a shift in the times, the elves have been though many such shifts before however.

Production: Replace my Elven Lateen production order with a new Elfin Battleship order (10 iron, 10 wood, 15 coal, 10 sulphur)

These new steam powered battleships of the elves are clad in metal, equipped with powerful naval guns and capable of both taking and dealing unfathomable injuries in times of crisis.

With a heart of steam in the centre of each, the age of sails is officially over.

Spend 4 iron and 4 coal and 4 wood to produce 4 printing presses, used to spread the elven way of life abroad to all who will hear of it.

Naval action: 15 ships into harvesting more whales
File: Spoiler Image (137 KB, 853x618)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
you have javelins on my sheet twice. one under drills (for 4 cooper, 1.5 tin, 4 wood, and 4 magic) and again under inferno explosion (for 4 production, 3 copper, 1 tin, and 4 magic)

>actions: expand north east
>action 2: connect earth leydot to the concords mind leydot. creating the magic school of Stone-Mind (basically resistance to mind reading or brainwashing). (already got his premission)

>tech: secret servants. missionaries and secret orders will overtime set up spy networks and to protect themselves and strengthen the cult.

>wealth: cancel Sonak Subsidy

>Other: send another missionary to the sharks. turn sky grapes into wine.

>navy: take that naval power off fishing.

after intense negotiation we hire the discord irregulars 20 wealth, 3 spells (9 magic), and 6 tiles of land to make their own mini nation on
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 20.png (52 KB, 363x925)
52 KB

The Kaiser walks alone in the palace halls, they aren't as featureless as when he took the throne, wishing to instill some warmth into his abode, as he is growing older and more fond of company. As his cane taps along the hall, he thinks of his family and his friends, he hasn't talked to any of them today, and his last parent died of old age 4 months ago. He doesn't like being alone anymore.
He opens the door to the dinner hall.
And a glorious celebration unveils, with whole roast Ettinschwein, spice, banners and everyone present. The largest banner congratulating Kaiser Hrudulf Kord von Steinhand on his 76th birthday. It would've taken years for someone to embroid the entire thing, though likely it took a whole team just one month, if not less. The Kaiser's usually stern expression melts away as he enjoys the great celebration. Even after it is over his demeanor has taken a significant shift.

>Tech: Wolkenkamel Domestication - Big fluffy alpacas, good source of wool, absolute units.
>Action 1: Build Plantation (probably Hemp) in the southern peninsula.
>Prod pol: 5 orders of Wolkenkamel. Assuming it is a legit tech.
The Zeigenvolk have long shared the mountains with an animal as soft as they are, though one with a foul temper. Often spitting at them and kicking, it's been either hunted or herded by nomads. However, ever since the introduction of silk, the nobles have desired a soft cloth that is locally produced. And finally the endeavor has bore fruit, and then some. For while domesticating them, they have made them even softer. Instead of having llama-like wool, it now has alpaca-like wool. They are more vulnerable to predators, but a nice and solid fence should keep them where the farmer can see them, armed with a crossbow capable of taking down a bear.

>Tech: Flammenfechten - A series of manuals and designs on the Feuergriff tool and employment of the Flammenmesser spell, improved lightsaber technique and designs, basically.
>Action 2: Build University west of Güldenheim.
>Prod pol: 2 more orders of Printing Presses.
As texts spread through the lands, a peculiar sort suddenly makes the rounds, combat manuals. The nobles have decided to codify and publish texts on their style of swordsmanship with the Feuergriff. In response several others have as well, not only detailing the grips and when to extend and retract one's blade, but also codifying a series of grip designs, with different pros and cons. In addition to this, a university is built in the Güldenvolk lands, and many a noble wants to know what sort of technique and design they would prefer.

With the new explosive the first application that it would be put to was not that of combat or martial use, but that of economical. Swiftly, simple explosives were being used to blast open new chunks of mines. The dangerous work done by Kos, so that if anything went wrong the only thing wasted would be a simple undead rather than an intelligent soul, living or dead. Other than this effort, further work was done to build up the lands of the Ulodrac, the military base expanded so that more soldiers of professional stock could be trained. There was much in the way of arms and armament that would be given to the military in the near future. It was best that the greatest of this equipment was actually put in the hands of soldiers competent in it's use, while less trained living and dead who marched to war could be given more basic equipment rather than having green soldiers in full armor. While there was value in fooling the enemy to think there was more elites than there actually was, it was far better to simply have those elites. Unrelated to this, a university would also be constructed, this time next to Wadlepadle. There was obviously more that was needed for the city to integrate it properly into the Ulodrac, and this was planned still, but this like all things would take time. And there were many other important things planned. But it was likely that this would occur sooner rather than later if all went to plan.

>Action One. Create a military base next to the first.

>Action Two. Create a university next to Wadlepadle.

>Production Action. Create explosives for mining (apply to iron mine)

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