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Gonna try doing something every Tuesday.

These are your races.

Speed: 50 ft
Size: Tiny
Weight: 3-8 lbs
Height: 4-11 in
Languages: Common, Rabbit
Modifiers: +4 DEX, -2 STR
Limited Capabilities: Can use paws for everything except attacking. Can only carry weapons with mouth that are counted as one hand and light weapons.
Bunny Hop: You move so fast in battle no one can really see you. In battle you are in permanent Disengagement and can move around freely with no attack of opportunity against you, enemies can only attack you if their passive perception matches or surpasses your character's Dexterity score, this will stop once you attack an enemy. When you are already in combat with someone you still need to Disengage from the fight in order to go back into Bunny Hop.

Speed: 30 ft
Size: Tiny
Weight: 5 to 16 lbs
Height: 7 in
Languages: Common, Cat
Modifiers: +1 Int, +1 Dex, -1 Con, -1 Str
Limited Capabilities: Can use paws for everything except attacking. Can only carry weapons with mouth that are counted as one hand and light weapons.
Marked for Death: You see your target, and now you want them dead. Once per day you can target one enemy for death, doing double damage to that one target for three turns or until the target is dead (The enemies weaknesses, immunities, and resistances still apply towards the result). You will regain this ability after a long rest.
Speed: 30 ft
Size: Medium
Weight: 10 to 75 lbs
Height: 7 in to 3 foot
Languages: Common, Dog
Modifiers: +3 Cha, -3 to any stat of your choice
Limited Capabilities (Dog): Can use paws for everything except attacking. Medium Dogs can carry weapons with their mouths that are counted as two handed.
Supspecies: choose one of the following.
House Dog
Modifiers: +2 Intelligence
Second Wind: You will not fail when it comes to protecting those you care about. Once a day you can roll a 1d10 + your current level and recover the result towards your HP, you will regain this ability after a long rest.

Modifiers: +2 Strength
Born Leader: You are the leader to this herd, it is your job to lead them in the right direction. Your natural charisma allows you to make a speech before battle to increase your teammates’ chances giving them an advantage for 1d4 turns once per day. It will come back after one long rest.

Modifiers: +2 Dexterity
Master Sneak: Gain proficiency on Stealth Rolls

Speed: 30 ft
Size: Large
Weight: 600 lbs
Height: 7 1/2 feet
Languages: Common, Bear
Modifiers: +3 Str, +2 Con, -3 to any stat of your choice
Limited Capabilities (Bear): Due to your hands being human like you have the ability to carry some weapons. Can carry most weapons with their mouth and paws except weapons that are Heavy or ranged. You cannot dual wield either.
Thick Fat and Fur: You still have that fat that helped you survive the winter, it gives out an extra +1 to your AC.

Speed: 40 ft
Size: Small
Weight: 10 to 40 lbs
Height: 10 in
Languages: Common, Raccoon
Modifiers: +2 Dex, +1 Int
Limited Capabilities (Raccoon): Can use paws for everything except attacking... or maybe you can. Can carry weapons with their mouth and/or paws except weapons that are considered heavy or two handed. Can dual wield.
Expert Pickpocket: You are an excellent thief, you know how to steal things stealthily, even when everyone is looking. You get proficiency in Sleight of Hand.

Race: Deer
Speed: 40 ft
Size: Medium
Weight: 40 to 85 lbs
Height: 4 feet
Languages: Common, Deer
Modifiers: +2 Wis, +1 Dex
Limited Capabilities (Deer): Can use paws for everything except attacking. Can only carry weapons with their mouth that are counted as one hand.
Expert Healer: When it comes to healing, the Great Spirits are at your side. You get an extra d4 healing whenever you try to heal someone.

>Classes, Backgrounds, and Character Sheet is 5e
>Raccoon Bard Charlatan
Any other details needed right now? Name? Other Stuff?
Name and details of your characters are also necessary yes. A picture will do if you want. You must also roll up your stats as well.
To make it easier on everyone, role 6d20 and apply each result to one of your stats.
Wait...like one post every Tuesday or one hours long session every Tuesday or what? 'Cause the former means this is essentially dead on arrival. Also, is this a multiplayer RP of some sort instead of a normal quest?
Gonna be an all day thing if I can.
But yeah I'm just experimenting with this.
I already got a campaign made for you guys.
Rolled 8, 6, 19, 13, 20, 10 = 76 (6d20)

I guess I'll try and think of a character by noon tomorrow, I don't have time tonight.

What level are we starting at? Is multi-classing allowed? Should we worry about selecting feats now? Are we just using the main book or the other books as well?

Rolling my stats now to help me decide what sort of character would fit with said stats. Can we put any of the numbers into the stat we want, or is it just straight down the line?
bun bun!
Rolled 13, 2, 1, 8, 19, 11 = 54 (6d20)

Raccoon bard time
Didn't see this post before I rolled, ignore my previous post. Especially ignore the 1 I rolled.

Captcha KADS GG
Also, I believe you can assign stats as you like. Not sure about your other questions.
Just woke up after my cat crashed the heater.

>What Level are we starting?

>Is multi-classing allowed?

>Should we be worried about selecting feats now?

>Are we just using the main book or the other books as well?
The 5e Player's Guide.

>Can we put any of the numbers into the stat we want, or is it just straight down the line?
Place them anywhere you want.
So 2 questions
Do we have to fill the full 5E sheet with all the text fields or just stats+class+background with races+traits from OP(s)?
Should we start rolling/making characters now?

Links for anyone who wants them:
Player's Handbook: https://online.anyflip.com/dkneq/yerq/
Character Sheet you can fill:
You asked a good question.

>Do we have to fill the full 5E sheet with all the text fields or just stats+class+background with races+traits from OP(s)?
You don't have to fill the whole sheet. Just do the later.

>Should we start rolling/making characters now?
Yes. I am now going to use this post as an anchor. Just type up your character, roll the stats then place them on your sheet.
Rolled 6 (1d6)

Should've put that in OP desu. Gotta always assume that players are clueless and explain every thing.
Rollan now
Rolled 14, 16, 18, 18, 3, 12 = 81 (6d20)

...uh, that 1d6 was a habit.
Wait, are we each creating a character for ourselves, or are we all roleplaying as a single character?
See? >>5442989 didn't even notice it's multiplayer yet.
You are each creating a character for yourselves.
So um, the OP is unclear in regards to paws a little bit.
>Can use paws for everything except attacking.
This means we can't hold weapons, but what about using paws for unarmed combat if I wanted to go for Monk?
You can in fact use unarmed strikes with your paws.
My bad, somehow I skipped over that fact in this post >>5442591

Here are my rolls >>5442732

I am El-Reed, the Deer Druid.

My mother Bambi was assaulted by a pack of druids in deer form, resulting in her pregnancy with me. As a strange result, I was imbued with magical druidic powers of my own, even from within the womb. My mother died during childbirth, before I was fully born. I had to... Eat my way out. I don't fully understand why this happened to me, but above all, I long to track those monsters down and make an example of them.


8 Con
1 Str
13 Dex (+1)
19 Wis (+2)
11 Int
2 Cha
We're going to need at least three players.
Is this going to only run on Tuesdays? I'd like to join but can't make most tuesdays.
Fair enough.
Like I said, I want to see how well this goes. If this session is good then I can try it again next Tuesday. Maybe add an extra day if possible.
what hour is it for you rn anons?
12:00 PM (CST)
Ah shit, I'm getting shafted by time zones again. 7PM for me.
File: 1646641093789.png (144 KB, 1000x961)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
this good?
Oh yeah, that is good.
We just need one more player.
Try shilling on /qtg/, don't forget to mention it's multiplayer lightly based on D&D, so anons don't get confused when they come here.
File: Mog2edit.png (153 KB, 794x895)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
So for the subspecies of dog, do we use only the modifiers listed for the subspecies or both the modifiers from the Dogs and the subspecies. Like, would a Wolf apply both the plus 3 Cha and minus 3 stat and the plus 2 strength?

Any prohibited feats aside from the fact that they have to be from the PHB?

Anyways, here's my character sheet, not sure I did it right since it has been a while since I played 5e. I didn't add any AC, among other things (like backstory), since I'm not sure if we start with armour or equipment or what the circumstances of our party are starting out. May have to edit things depending on what answers I get.

I'm PST, it is about 5:15 PM here. I was late, I had shit to do.
>So for the subspecies of dog, do we use only the modifiers listed for the subspecies or both the modifiers from the Dogs and the subspecies. Like, would a Wolf apply both the plus 3 Cha and minus 3 stat and the plus 2 strength?
Yeah, you add all modifiers.

>Any prohibited feats aside from the fact that they have to be from the PHB?
Nope, no prohibited feats.
Now that we have three players.
Are you all ready?
I'm ready.
>You are all in the town of Xana.
>Somewhere far away from all the battlefields between the three warring factions.
>The Lizards who want to rule this world with an iron fist.
>The Pigs who wish to have this world served to them on a silver platter.
>And the Apes who wish to keep the world in it's "natural order".
>Thank goodness this town is considered neutral ground for anyone.
>You are all enjoying your night here in the famous tavern of the town.
>The B(e)ar of the mountain.
>You are all enjoying the finest cuisines from the head chef and owner of the bar, Moses the Bear.
>You are all eating the finest fruits, vegies, and various meats from birds and fish.
>You are all enjoying yourselves here.
>Suddenly you see a group of pigs talking to each other.
>The conversation is faint but it's something about "hiring someone for help."
>What do you all wish to do?
'Crunch, crunch, crunch'.

This was a mistake. Mog wasn't sure who first suggested it - one of Mog's companions perhaps, or any number of passing acquaintances met along their travels, the host certainly - but here he was munching on an imported pomegranate. 'I'm gonna get the shits. Whoever heard of a wolf eating fancy foreign fruits. Should've just stuck to meat', Mog groused silently.

Pushing himself up as he did his best to correct his sullen demeanor, Mog spat the remaining fruit flesh back into the bowl before saying "I'm gonna try and get us some work".

The scarred wolf marched over to the walking tubs of lard while motioning to the host for another drink and some more familiar cuisine. "Evenin' fellas, sorry to interrupt but I couldn't help but hear you were lookin' to hire some help? My friends and I just so happen to be available at the moment, for the right price of course." Mog grinned wolfishly - heh - as his inquiry left his lips, this was a nice place, but it was time to move on to better hunting grounds. They may as well get paid before setting on their way.

>Inquire about work.
"Ah, I see you have a bad habit of overhearing people. Thought that was more of a feline thing than a canine thing."
>The group then laugh amongst themselves.
"But yes. We could use some good help from a strong animal such as yourself. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Boaris Tweed. Me and my compatriots were looking for some animals of average intelligence to do us a quick burglary. For a good price."
>The pigs then show you a contract.
>It states the reward for your buglary is 30,000 silver.
>It's a good price.
"It'll be a heavily guarded area. Tell me, what do you know about the old village leader's barn?"
>Roll history.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

>Being someone who constantly travels you barely know anything about where you are.
>Boaris then sighs.
"Listen hear young pup. We're not going to explain this more than once. The old barn belongs to the leader of the village. He doesn't allow any animal inside the thing. To make sure no one steps one foot on that property, he hired four wolf guards. Now it's normal for anyone to ask what could be so important inside that barn? We believe he might be hiding something that could be worth millions, maybe billions of silver. And that's where you come in. You can barge in there, take the rare item and bring it to us. Then you get the reward. What do you say traveler? Want to reveal the mystery of the barn?"
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Mog listened in silence, suppressing a yawn. When Tweed was done talking Mog spoke up with an undercurrent of disdain, "First off, you're gonna have to be a little more clear on what this item even looks like and how much it weighs, is it volatile, magic, dangerous, and whatever else because nothing you just said gives me any idea about what me and my pack are even supposed to be looking for."

This time when the urge to yawn came Mog gave in. "Second of all, we're gonna need a lot more than thirty thousand silver if we're gonna be retrieving something potentially worth thousands of times more than what you're paying us."

Mog leaned over the table and went nose to snout with Tweed, show him his teeth before continuing, "If not for that reason alone so much as I don't believe for a second that a village leader in possession of a relic worth billions on the high end couldn't afford to hire some more security that you wouldn't know about. There's probably a bunch more guards in the building itself, four guards alone can't guard the building day and night after all."

The arrival of his drink caused Mog to break eye contact for a moment. A few moments were spent as silence as Mog drained his drink before Mog went on, "Plus, if this is so important I'm sure this village elder has got some of the village watch helpin' him out. All in all, I'd say that's probably worth more than thirty thousand, wouldn't you say?"

>Inquire about the details of the relic.
>Try and Persuade Tweed to pay us more.
So 8 plus my persuasion or intimidation depending on how they take my body language. It is another 8 on top of that either way.
>Boaris gave out a huge huff and grunt but was willing to listen to your concerns.
"As we said, we have no idea about what the relic or whatever it is that the village elder is in fact hiding. We all know that he said whatever it was it was important. We even saw him enter the area a couple of times. Strangely it got colder after a few minutes or so. He always shouted, "Dammit! It didn't work again!", frustratingly after he left. That means it has to be something powerful right?"
>The group of pigs nodded in agreement.
"We've never seen the item, but if it made the elder of this village of all animals swear for it not working, then you got a good chance it will be worth good money. You know pigs are smart animals. We could fix it up better than a dumb old bunny could.
>The pigs laugh and scoff at the village elder as they continue to make fun of him.
"As for your offer to increase the price... we'll go up to 900,000 Silver. We do need to make a profit you know. Especially if the Apes or Lizards are going to make a high price for it."
Mog raised his head and let out a laugh more suited to a hyena than a wolf.

"Now we're talkin! Let me confer with my companions, then if all is well I'll be back in a minute so you can point us in the right direction and tell us where to meet up." said Mog before heading back to his party.

>I give my confirmation of acceptance of this job. Just gotta confirm with the other players, if they ever show up.

I've gotta sleep. If this doesn't die and some more people show up then I guess I'll see you next Tuesday, or maybe the players will RP between themselves in between sessions since I'm bringing this back to discuss with them anyways.
I think it's impossible to create a shitpost character I'd like with the retarded restrictive D&D class backgrounds and my social anxiety apparently also applies to RP, sorry to disappoint anons.
The Druid of the group drunkenly shambles towards Mog and the group of Pigs. El-Reed sticks a hoof in between Mog to create some space so that he, too, can get in Boaris's snout.

"You're on, Tweed. Have the silver ready for us when we get back. We prefer small satchels of 1,000 pieces each."
Disregard that post tagging, that was an accident.
Don't just laugh at me and monitor the thread, JOIN US, you antisocial freak!
It's asocial, not antisocial.
I'll try and join tomorrow, but will have to redo the sheet and change class to rogue.
Totally khajiit's doing, was curious about the taste, but deez gato can only eat meat. Guess it wasn't worth it after all, so whatever. No hard feelings.
A black hooded cat approached the group of animals and listened. Nobody noticed him at first, because Kinny had nothing to add to the conversation. Instead, he closely studied the pigs' behavior, trying to get an insight into their true intentions. An artifact worth "maybe billions of silver"? Surely, they wouldn't give such an absurd job offer to a random group of no-name vagabonds.
>Rolling Insight to observe Boaris' behavior to figure out whether he's being genuine about this whole ordeal or if he's being dodgy
When asked whether he accepts the job, rogue cat reluctantly nodded his head in agreement. Even if this whole thing was a trap, he was almost... morbidly curious.
"Cat can't wait to carry 300 pouches of silver around," Kinny interjected, and turning to pig he said, "Why don't we get paid in platinum and jewels? Surely you have a way to get some shiny items if you're hoping to peddle some kind of... magical fridge?" Cat swished his tail ever so slightly. He didn't intend to get another Bag of Holding after what happened with the last one.
File: 1649241477414.png (192 KB, 1060x1372)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
New sheet. Switched to rogue, filled some blanks. Can you explain how the equipment works? Do we wear armors, can we use tools despite not being able to use swords? Can we throw knives with our mouths?
all my IPs, ill be kinnyposting from now on
Lurking a bit today.
Yes you can wear armor and use tools and throw knives with your mouth.
Also it seems you forgot to roll.
Rolled 18 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Y’all still taking players?
Pretty sure the offer is still open, would even be better to have a 4th player in case someone leaves, since OP wants minimum 3 players.
Y'ain't y'all?
We good for tomorrow?
Yes. Sorry for the late response. Got sick as fuck yesterday.
Standing by
File: d85.png (138 KB, 466x367)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Happy Halloween Mother Fuckers.
See you all in about 7 to 10 hours.
File: 1656645189935.jpg (20 KB, 540x540)
20 KB
>You were right to give some deeper look into Mr Tweed's character.
>You can definitely see he's sleezey and has this aura that he will backstab you at some point.
>Still 900,000.
>Tweed then looked at you.
"Fine then you tiny frail creature."
>The big pig said to you.
"We'll see if we have any jewels for you in the back. You ain't getting our famous diamonds though. Those are our money makers."
>Tweed then looked around.
>He shoves everyone a bag to your party.
"Here's a thousand silver in advance. Go around and get some equipment if needed. I heard the injured fork tongue around here carried potions of healing. There's also a blacksmith next door if you want better weapons. But the job must be done tonight. Understood. We'll rondevous around the barn at 10:00 PM. It's 8:00 PM right now. Don't be late."
>The pigs then leave the bar.
>Leaving a good paycheck for the owner.
What do you wish to do?
File: 1636033777447.png (57 KB, 262x95)
57 KB
>We'll see if we have any jewels for you in the back.
"Pleasure doing business with ya," the black cat responded with a wide grin.
>Those are our money makers.
"They sure are..." he mouthed under his breath.
With the pig business sorted out and some time left before shopping spree, Kinny made his way to the bar and, using Thieves' Cant, struck a conversation with a nobody in particular.
>Kinny uses Criminal Contact to send a message requesting information about the village leader's barn, security and the mysterious object in his possession
Basically, cat needs anything the criminal/smugglers' network knows, before the nightfall.
Do I roll something for this?
Roll for Stealth.
The bar is a crowded place.
If I'm looking for someone then is it really Stealth or Perception?
You are right for Perception yes.
Rolled 8 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Unfortunately you aren't able to find anyone.
>Probably best just to try and buy something real quick with your silver.
Did each of us get 1k or do we split?
If we split then I think I should wait for other/s to come around before proceeding
Each of you got 1k of silver.
*the cat is sweating*
Ok, I'll add starter equipment and then see what to do with the money besides skooma
File: 1637858947634.png (123 KB, 488x118)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Speaking of, can we use backpacks like in regular D&D? Just making sure.
>You exit the building.
>You see a lizard on a rug in front of you a few feet away.
>Seems to missing a leg.
>But in front of him are a few trinkets.
>You see jars full of red liquid, a sign next to it saying they are going for 200 silver a jar.
>A hammer bigger than any that you have seen.
>A selection of foods this one also has a sign, it's going for 5 silver a lb.
>Finally a strange white card.

>The shop next to the bar you see is a weapons and armor shop.
>Obviously owned by a husky dog.
>He casually greets every customer with a smile.
>Doesn't look like he made the weapons, more like found them.
>As they all look recently dug up.
>Still they are in a good condition to use.
>Wouldn't hurt to look at the full selection.

>Then again wouldn't hurt to go back in the bar.
>It did just turn into happy hour.
>Don't want to miss this opportunity.
Where would you like to go?
Unable to find his contact, Kinny returned to his group. "The pigs are fishy, can't be trusted" the cat whispered his observations to the team. "We're either a bait, or to be disposed after the job. As such, we should take the artifact and sell it ourselves. My colleagues can help with that."
Having said that, the smuggler checked his silver pouch, turned around and hurried towards the exit, tail swishing.
Kenny approached the lizard. "Hello lizard, what happened to your leg, if you don't mind me asking?" The cat asked, already busy drilling the mysterious white card with his eyes. "And what's this?"
"I ate it."
>The lizard simply states answering about the leg.
"Have to do anything in order to survive. Law of the world in my opinion. Don't worry though. It'll come back. Always does."
>He then notices your interest towards the card.
"Oh that. Found it in the forest recently. Don't know what it goes to. All I know is that it's an old relic from the old ones. Must have gathered here a lot. Can't blame them. The old ones were cowards. So I guess since you are looking at it you want to buy it? I'll part with for twenty silver. That's enough to buy some nice wine in here."
>"It'll come back. Always does"
"Oh right, that's good to hear." Kinny realized he just failed a nature check without taking it.
>So I guess since you are looking at it you want to buy it?
"Sure, I'll take it."
>Pay 20 silver for the white card
>Try to figure out what it is (insight/history?)
Are the potions single use? How much do they heal?
>Try to figure out what it is (insight/history?)
Roll for either. Mostly History.
>Are the potions single use? How much do they heal?
"Of course the potions are single use. You drink it and you're healed up good as new, right as rain, and soft as a baby bum. As for how much it heals... that depends on how fucked you are to before drinking it."
>A potion of healing usally costs 25 gold (or 250 silver) and always heals 2d4+2 HP.
>Really price wise you are getting it for a much cheaper price.
>You can make a medicine check to see if they are legit though.
>That is if you want.
Rolled 7 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Rollan history.
Kinny thinks it's best that group's healer checks the potions.
File: Mog3.png (149 KB, 692x896)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
I'm here, catching up.

Here's my updated character sheet, corrected some errors like having one more HP than I should've and stuff.
Sup, killer
I was gonna leave if neither of you guys showed up lmao
>You look at the card.
>You study it as hard as you can.
>Really trying to find something useful information that will help you recognize what it is.
>Only to see nothing.
>To you this is just a hard card wrapped in white plastic.
>Could be useful still though.
Will you keep it or throw it away?

Welcome back friend.
File: 1653976691330.png (253 KB, 1019x1319)
253 KB
253 KB PNG
>Keep it
>Also buy one Health Potion for 200 silver (780)
Will give it to deer so he can check it out later. Not my money.
A black cat suddenly pops up behind Mog. "Sup, killer. Now that we know everything, what is the plan?" He casually asks as he pockets a white card and swings his specialized backpack over the shoulder(?).
Mog stayed silent while Kinny and El-Reed hashed out some details with...whatever the pig's name was, it was already long forgotten.

When Kinny returned with his assessment of the pigs Mog nodded in agreement. "Haven't met a trustworthy pig yet. All they want to do is eat, which to be fair, I can empathize with to a degree." Mog muttered back before adding, "They likely don't even intend to give us the nine hundred thousand, that's what, tens of thousands of pounds of silver they'd have to lug around in order to pay us? How would we carry it ourselves? Not to mention if they have that kinda cash you can sure bet that they could afford to hire a lot more than us to make sure this job goes off well. Either they are a lot poorer than they want us to think or they always intended to use us as a disposable group of pawns to keep the heat off of them."

Following Kinny outside Mog scanned the selection of the injured fork-tongue. "This hammer...it magical or something, lizard?" He bent down and fished out some silver to hand to the lizard before taking a jar of the red liquid and handing it off to El-Reed. "Check if this is the real deal" Mog muttered quietly to the deer.

>Inquire about the hammer
>Buy a healing potion for El-Reed to check out.
>If I don't start with my starting gear then I buy it from the blacksmith.

Sorry for the wait fellas.
I already told the pigs to pay us in jewels or pricier coins and they agreed: >>5449334
You can start with regular D&D equipment, including backpack and weapon, the shops are for upgrades apparently... but for that we have to see the Blacksmith.
Also, can we agree to reply to each post that our characters directly interact with? I think it will keep us all better informed and the threads will be easier to follow.
"That hammah? Found it in the woods as well. Well more like found in an old ruins covered in fine. Looked like a decent looking sledgehammer. The brand is called "John Henry: The Mighty Man". You want it. It costs about seventy silver. I think that sounds about fair. Especially since it is not made of magic. Still good for breaking and building shit."

"Aye the blacksmith is a good hound. Heard he is selling a good broadsword. Not sure if you guys want it, but I heard he was giving it away half-price the usual. I'd hurry along if you want to get it."
I can definitely agree to this. Sorry for the confusion.
Startled at Kinny popping up behind him all of a sudden the moment he left his field of view Mog took a few steps back from the lizard.

Recovering quickly, he pulled Kinny a bit further away and he laid out the initial plan, "We need to prepare our exit from town before we do the job. You need to find your smuggler buddies and make an arrangement to move the object in case it is too heavy for us to lift. For all we know it might not even be movable from the building without an extra team of lifters. Either way they need to make an arrangement to get us and the object outta town before the pigs figure out we reneged on the deal."

The wolf paused and licked his scarred leg and thought for a while. After a moment he said "If that can't be arranged then we need to get a cart just in case we need it to transport the artifact ourselves. After that you'll scout the place out, nothing fancy, just see if anyone is on watch outside and if there are any bystanders nearby that will make a fuss. I have a feeling this isn't gonna be a quiet job and we shouldn't pretend like it will be. Folks can hear me a mile away with my chainmail, and I'm not quite as quiet as I used to be ever since my leg got fucked up. So, just get numbers, maybe check out the entrances if you have a chance to get close, then meet back up with us."
Sure, while I don't really like the way it looks when we are replying to a bunch of different people I can understand that it makes things easier to follow.

"No thanks slick, I already got this maul here. Got a bigger head of metal here than that sledgehammer already."

>From what I understand, mauls are basically IRL versions of big stupid fantasy warhammers anyways. Basically sledgehammers already.
I saw the agreement, but I think my point stands either way. The point is that they originally mention silver which brings up the idea of how they or we are supposed to transport that much money. It's suspicious, so I was using that as a point on which I thought it supported your assessment. Though to be fair, it seems like silver coins are the money-of-account in this world.
"Fair enough good boy. Have fun doing... whatever it is you guys are doing."

>You both head towards the blacksmith's cart.
>A weird steel machine from the old world.
>The owner then pops his head out of the strange carriage.
"Top of the morning to ye lads."
>The Irish sounding husky sled dog greets.
"What can I get for ya? I got knives, daggers, swords, anything you can wrap your jaw on to pierce someone with. I also got these sets of armor. Some might have a bit of holes in them, but the shields do work well."
>You can see the following inside the shop.
>Daggers that seem to have an electric property to them.
>A broadsword as mentioned earlier.
>A nice large shield made of copper.
>And what looks to be a very long spear.
Mog stuck his head into the weird metal carriage and peered over the husky's shoulder into the depths of the cabin. "Sup dawg, how much for the sword and shield? Oh, and you got anything better than this here chainmail?" he asked.

We can use shields with our paws while still using weapons with our mouths, yeah?
>We can use shields with our paws while still using weapons with our mouths, yeah?
More like how Young Link uses his Hyrule Shield. It's just on your back.

"Anything better than that chainmail? Sonny, your chainmail is top-notch already. Selling you something from here would be considered a heinous crime in my opinion. However.... I do have this nice shield. It is made from some nice metal and covers up the whole body. A bit tricky to wear during storms though. Wouldn't really recommend it unless you plan on being cooked alive by the lightning. But other than that I am selling it for a good price of three hundred silver. Want to buy it?"

Copper Shield
Properties: +3 AC
Special: Attracts Lightning based attacks and takes half damage.

"Also have this broadsword. It's a bit rusty but hey it works. Wouldn't really use it myself unless you want to taste metal for a few days. Really recommend gurgling some water and spitting it out after use. Selling this baby for a hundred silver if you are interested."

Properties: (none)
Damage: 3d4 Piercing Damage + Str
Kinny looked at the wolf unamusedly. "If I'm being honest, I don't like the fact we're being rushed into this mess at all, this is no way to safely conduct business. I'll try to arrange something, but no promises. It's best we assume we'll be doing it with minimal help from outside, I'm afraid." The cat replied, thinking back to the overcrowded tavern.
Kinny looked at the blacksmith's cart with appreciation. "That's a nice machinecart you've got there, sir. These beasts sure are hard to come by nowadays," the feline smuggler said as he looked at the items put up for sale. "Now, what can you tell me about these daggers?"

Can I get a description of the city/village where we are exactly? Do I know where the barn is? And can I try to look for one of my contacts again?
I'd also like to roll to find secret signs around the area where we are now (Thieves' Cant)
You can just spam all the >>s at the start. Just so that we know when someone refers to us.
"I'll take them both." Mog said while handing over the silver. "Pleasure doing business with you."
>Can I get a description of the city/village where we are exactly?
>The village is mostly a old refuge of the old ones.
>Mostly now covered in green by the foilage and forest of the plants.
>Other than that it mostly looks like a parking lot with grass now taking over what used to be tar roads.
>The buildings are mostly broken old buildings, but hey it is home to some.
>As for the cart, it is clearly a minuature car that the children of the old ones rode in.
>As you mentioned, it's a rare find.
>You would have to pay good money to ride in a working one.
>Could work for Mog's suggestion of finding a cart you can use.

>Do I know where the barn is?
>You can easily see it just South of you.
>A bit out in the open but very well guarded.
>You can see the group of wolves guarding it well.
>All of them wearing no armor but still carrying some strong looking swords.

>Now, what can you tell me about these daggers?
>The husky laughs cheerfully and excited.
"Allow me to show you. You see when stab somebody with these bad boys you can instantly shock them. But... once thrown..."
>The husky then grabs a dagger and chucks it at a tree.
>As it glides across the air, you can hear some strong crackiling noises filling the air.
>As soon as the dagger hits the tree, a huge bolt of lightning bursts from the dagger.
>Destroying both it and the tree.
"So I am selling these babies for forty silver a knife. Are you interested?"

Lightning Daggers
Properties: Finesse, Thrown (20/60 Ft)
Damage: 1d4 Piercing Damage and 1d4 Lightning Damage (No stat boosts)
Special: If these daggers are thrown they explode upon contact doing 1d4 Piercing Damage and 4d4 Lightning Damage. The Dagger will be destroyed in the process.

And can I try to look for one of my contacts again?
You may try.

"And pleasure doing business with you as well. Though do be careful if your friend plans on buying the knives."
File: 1662741837169.png (73 KB, 294x195)
73 KB
Rolled 1 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Before the husky could even finish his sentence, 480 silver was on the counter in front of him. "I'll be taking 12 of these babies," Kinny nodded enthusiastically, despite the fact his ears were still recoiled back from the thunder.
>Buy 12 Lightning Daggers for 480 silver (300 left)
"Pleasure doing business with you". The cat carefully replaced his old daggers in the bandolier with the new ones and put the rest into his backpack and left. He decided to try and find one of contact people around here once again, but this time for a different purpose.
Since it's not a crowded tavern, do I roll for something?
I didn't mean to fucking roll istg
With that roll you find nothing but I won't count it.
Go ahead and roll investigation.
Rolled 9 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

[Cat will remember this.]
>Now that you were out of the crowds it was much easier to find someone who could help you.
>You soon spot another feline.
>She clearly has her bobtail up for you.
>Motioning you to come closer.
>You could definitely see a smuggler's mark branded on her right flank.
>She's clearly a friend.
>She continues to motion for you to come closer.
Kinny casually approached the smuggler and greeted her once he got close enough they could speak privately. "Hello there, hope the business is well? Do you think you can arrange a few trusted animals for a high-profile job in a couple hours?"
>She glances over to you, with a fake but convincing looking seduction.
>Trying to make any onlookers think that this conversation is not as it seems.
"That depends. How many performers do you need to help move the audience? I assume about three professionals maybe? And where are we performing tonight?"
"We don't know how many animals will show to the performance exactly," Kinny shrugged, doing his best to fake interest in the cat lady. "Could be just one lost viewer... or it could be the whole theater. Always a problem when you pick gigs in the dark. Three performers should do it, if not, well, we'll have to improvise. The performance is at the village elder's barn, in two hours. As I said, it's really high-profile and all."
what the dog doin
"Then I shall get my best performers. Oh and little kitty."
>The female feline then seductively goes towards your ear.
"Fuck me over with this job and I will be sure to castrate you and make you eat everything."
>She then starts walking away from you.
"See you soon darling."
Rolled 14, 12 = 26 (2d20)

With Kinny deciding his purchases Mog decided it was best to work on their back-up exit strategy. First, while the husky was giving his explanation of the lightning daggers to Kinny, Mog peered around for a way to start and operate the metal carriage. (Perception Check roll)

With all he could observe taken in Mog decided to wander around town while Kinny was going off to try and find his contacts. If the smugglers betrayed them to the pigs or were just unreliable or too pricey then the gang would have to arrange their own transport outta town until they could find a good fence. Either way, they certainly could not sell it off here while the heat was still on them. The metal carriage was one way out of here but Mog wasn't too confident about operating it in a hurry given how unfamiliar it was. What they needed was a good coach pulled by some strong, willing animals, maybe a stout mule or horse that wouldn't ask too many questions. Should worst come to worst, Mog would just buy or take some hand cart so they would have something to carry the artifact if it was heavy and then they'd just walk out of town.

>Roll to observe how to start the metal-carriage and to see how it works
>Wander around town looking for coach services, or failing that, some sort of general store that sells hand carts.
>Try and find a good map of the region. We need to know where we are going next.
>Carouse around town looking for locals who know the area between this town and the surrounding towns, people who have relatives that live along the roadsides and such. (2nd roll for persuasion to chat up some folks)

My perception has a bonus of 1 and my persuasion has a bonus of 8.
>You see that the carriage really isn't that hard to start.
>It seems that all you need to do is press a button.
>Then again a carriage like this is rare to find.
>You have more chances of winning the lottery before finding a carriage like this again.
>The owner then noticed you staring.
>He shouted trying to gain your attention.
"I'm willing to let you ride this. You seem really interested in this. Tell you what. Meet me over near the south interest and I will allow you to ride this baby over to the next town and back? Sound like a good deal?"
File: 1667342467191.jpg (371 KB, 1080x971)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
Rolled 7 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

"Likewissse," Kinny hissed back at the female. These cats were feral! With the shady part of business done, it wass time for the even shadier part. He circled around and made his way towards the back of the barn. From safe distance, he observed the building and surrounding it animals.
>Looking for entrances, exits, peculiarities (chimneys, scaffoldings, etc) and guards.
>Rollan perception.
Will we get a map for stealth/combat?

Sorry if I stalled the game anons, I'm a slow writer.
dropped my name :^)
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Drat, Mog was hoping the shop-keep was too busy with Kinny to notice him staring. Waving goodbye to Kinny as he went off to make his contact Mog turned back to the blacksmith.

"Really?!", Mog tried to pass off his interest in the husky's ride as enthusiasm for Old Ones tech. He wagged his tail and he did his best to make his eyes beam. Then, to both sell the act and give voice to his real feelings on the matter he gave the old Oi-rish husky a suspicious look.

"For free, just like that? Awfully nice of you, what's the catch? And when would you be available? I gotta get moving onto the next town soon.", Mog inquired.

>Just in case this is needed I'm rolling a deception check to have my staring come off as innocent. Bonus is plus 6.
Gawd dayum, that cat has a goatee and looks like the TV series version of Geralt or something. Perfect rogue cosplay, 10/10 cat.

Also no worries about the slowness. I'm not exactly writing as fast as I potentially could myself, because I'm not refreshing and catching the new posts as soon as they come. That and I probably could've been more attentive during the week in between sessions, would've helped me get oriented faster this morning.
I am too.
>Judging by looking around you can see that the barn only has a front entrance.
>Kind of flawed if you ask me.
>What if the barn were to catch on fire and the entrance was blocked?
>You would be dead within minutes from suffocation.
>Then there were the guards.
>They were all fierce looking.
>Always had their swords prepared.
>But there was something else odd about them.
>They looked tired.
>Maybe you can use that to your advantage.
>Probably best to wait til 10:00 PM to make your move.
>Luckily it is only 9:30 PM.

Map will be revealed later via RPG Maker

"Well I do leave here at 10:00 PM but for you I will wait til 12:00 PM. Just meet me at the entrance of the forest and I will give you and your friends a ride. No catches. I'm just here to help peo-, I mean animals out that's all. Just be sure to be quiet tonight."
>How many guards did I see?
Kinny realized it was getting late and decided that any further observation was pointless. The feline rogue silently walked back the way he came and then darted back towards the Blacksmith's cart, where he parted ways with Mog.
Kinny had arrived just as his charismatic companion was striking some kind of deal with Blacksmith, if he's ever seen one. The cat waited for them to finish and pulled wolf to the side. "I got us some support from local... performers, but they can only help us as long as we manage to get the item. Moreso, they will be *very* disappointed if we can't deliver. I've also scouted the barn and it seems to have no extra exits, which complicates things. Guards look tough and have their weapons at thr ready, but seem to be tired already." Suddenly Kinny looked around as he remembered something. "Don't tell me the drood is too shitfaced to come with us...."
I just looked at our deception stats and we could probably just walk inside that barn through the front door and be like "we're here to appraise the artifact, please show us the way, yes we have to take it to the capital, no there is no other way, thank you and have a nice night" kek
Rolled 6 (1d20)

More suspicious than ever, Mog feigned ignorance while try to get a read on the strange dog. (Insight Check)

"Seems kinda odd to leave in the dead of night. While I do have somewhere to be, I can get there when I get there. Really, I was just admiring your carriage, seems like a beautifully preserved piece of Old One's tech. Kinda defeats the purpose of taking a ride in the thing if we go at night, not much to see with no sun out and nothing to do but sleep for the night. What I wanna know is how it feels to drive the thing. How does it move with nobody to pull it?" Mog said, stalling while his thoughts raced.

This guy was super suspicious, was he secretly a slave trader looking to abduct them? Was he a fellow looking to skip town, like them, and he just happened to want companions? He seemed awfully eager to offer Mog this ride, almost like he knew they had this job, it did seem strange to only mention later tonight as when he'd be available to take them, a normal person would leave during the day instead of the night if they were just a nice person who wanted to show off their ride to someone who was admiring their new toy. Was this a trap, some preemptive measure by the pigs in anticipation of Mog's band taking the artifact for themselves, trying to offer an easy exit outta town thus narrowing down where and when the gang would attempt to escape Xana?

>Insight Check on the husky, my bonus is plus 3.
File: 1667345916044.jpg (3.04 MB, 3456x3456)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB JPG
mfw the two vendors recommended to us by the pigs who want us dead are a lizard selling potentially fake health potions and this guy
>You only saw four guards.
>You can see that he is honest.
>Nothing seems wrong with what he is saying.
>No lies or anything.
>He seems shady maybe for leaving town at midnight but who here hasn't done that at this point.
>Plus he didn't mention anything about the heist by the pigs, or anything related to it.
>Maybe you are being too suspicious of him.
>The husky then looks around for a bit.
"Sorry. Have to meet up with an old friend. We can talk about this later. In the meantime, be sure to stay out of trouble. See you later."
>The husky then leaves with his carriage.
>Heading towards one of the houses.
>Leaving you and Kinny alone now.

>Suddenly you notice the time.
>It's 9:50 PM.
>Time to get in position.
>It's now or never at this point.
Welp, I'm sorry to say this, but I can't stay much longer tonight. It's almost 1AM here and as much as I don't wanna, I have to sleep.
I also have to sleep.
I hope you guys are enjoying the sessions on Tuesday.
Here's hoping Session 3 is just as good as this as well.
(I assume I fail the insight check, I'm moving on because I am going to tell the husky that I'll be there in the forest regardless of whether or not I succeed or fail the check. The only change would be if I succeeded the check and found him suspicious, then I'd still say the same thing but try and find a different exit plan)

Catching the eye of his companion as he returned Mog turned back to the blacksmith and said "Hey, you know what? I can ask you all this once we start going. I'll be there near the forest entrance with some buddies of mine by midnight at the latest. I can see the sights on the return trip."

"I'll see ya later dawg, and thanks again for the gear." Mog said as he exited the conversation and walked over to Kinny.

Mog listened after Kinny pulled him aside and laid out the situation. "Shit, I think your right. Of all the nights for the deer to get drunk off their ass, they choose this night. It'll be trouble coming to get El-Reed from the tavern when we are making our escape too." Mog paused to think for a moment before continuing, "We'll take the drunkard with us and leave him laid outside nearby, that way we won't have to come back to the tavern and risk running into the pigs or delaying our escape." Mog concluded.

(I'd have to go back and check, but I think the artifact is privately owned by the village leader or something, he's not gonna accept an order from on high from the government, nor are his mercenaries presumably. It could still work, we'd just have to change the bluff to us working for the dude that hired the guards. Alternatively we could just kill them, they have no armour.)
Ah, as usual everyone posts faster than me.

>We start the job after gathering El-Reed and any other of our companions. (new players)

Sleep well guys. I had fun. Hopefully El-Reed can show up to next session and we get some more players. Remember that I am PST, so it is earlier for me than it is for you guys, it was part of the reason why I was late to this session. You guys will probably get here and start a few hours earlier than I'll be available. Just a heads up since we'll be doing the robbery next session.
It would be nicer if someone didn't kidnap our fucking drood.
Ah, I kind of assumed that barn was a barn and not his home, so he'd be not there (and it was a joke to begin with). I'd rather try to avoid killing anyone without a reason... especially since the faggots who hired us are obviously the bad ones and for all we know this elder is a nice guy and those guards chill too. Still wondering how can we use the lightning daggers to our advantage btw.
Dw about posting, your posts are the best to read, lol. I'm up for rp/filler during the week, we could drag the deer out n stuff.

Goodnight everyone
I mean...we are animals, the barn could very well be his actual home, lol.

I'm kinda mixed on killing anyone myself. Was kinda surprised that QM went with a robbery as our first adventure given that he saw that I chose a paladin as a character, but I guess QM has a plan for this campaign and the artifact is probably central to it or at least this robbery is an inciting incident.

Still, I think this can still work with my character depending on how gods and divinity works in this setting - namely whether we are going with standard DnD gods and morality or whether a class is just a skill/power set for combat purposes - since while I didn't mention my character's backstory in or out of character yet, I intended to take either a muddier take on Oath of the Ancients or Oath of Vengeance when I reach level 3. The idea being that Mog isn't actually a 'raised in a monastery' kind of paladin, but a soldier who just started getting feelings of a higher power blessing him one day after a particularly desperate bout of prayer, hence why I deliberately didn't take the religion skill and why Mog doesn't exactly sound like a typical do-gooder.

I think with how 5e works you can just declare non-lethal damage and magically avoid killing anyone without any severe penalties to hit or damage, at least as far as I remember. If the worst comes to pass, well, they are mercenaries at least, we wouldn't be killing the town guard. But, yes, I do think we should try deceit or stealth first before fighting.

I think we could use the dagger to set fire to something in a pinch to distract someone. Or maybe to power some device since we seem to be in a post-apocalyptic world after all the humans died and the animals became sentient and took over.
>I mean...we are animals, the barn could very well be his actual home, lol.
I have poor imagination (legit aphantasia) and as such keep forgetting we are actual honest to god animals in a world suited for animals unless something makes me realize it. Shame QM doesn't write much.
>I'm kinda mixed on killing anyone myself.
I went from trying to be mary sue or having a self-insert to trying and constrain my urge to shoot every problem and focus on the character background. Altho the thunder daggers were simply too good to pass by them.
>campaign structure
I have never played D&D before in my life, this is the first time. Just trying to do thing even if I'm overwhelmed cause I dunno how to do it (like finding help from the smugglers).
gawh don't tell me. The very season I swapped from monk to rogue was that I couldn't roleplay as a monk and didn't want the gay monastery shit near my le unique oc and I was told it was crucial part for the monk by someone. So I just changed to someone closer to my own random attitude and who would be helpful.
>non-lethal damage
Well my schtick was/is supposed to be a transporter type of deal. Someone like one of the smugglers I hired to disappear the relic. Get in, get out, do everything to move thing from point A to point B, avoid conflict rather than fight + plus an eye for various items. More organized than them.
>deceit or stealth first before fighting
I imagined this whole heist differently and expected to just go first, lockpicking the way, but now see it's not possible without distraction and a way to communicate if I'm in distress. However, a thunder dagger could be used as a signal...
>I think we could use the dagger to set fire to something in a pinch to distract someone
Yeah I've had this idea come into my mind thrice and I still don't think it's a good lol.
>post-apocalyptic world after all the humans died and the animals became sentient and took over
man I wish biomutant wasn't shit
Anyway, 2am, cya laters
Good night. We can talk another day, I'll let you sleep.
I wouldn't stay longer anyway, anon. Was half-asleep at that point.
So do we drag the deer out and prep him for the escape?
Yeah, we can't leave him in the tavern. Once the heat is on us we have to start moving immediately. From QM's description of the three major animal factions it seems like the pigs will be a problem for us beyond this one town, so betraying them is gonna put us in hot water, plus we are stealing from the local leader in the first place, so we gotta skip town.

I think we have to bring the deer to the heist even if his player doesn't attend, we won't have time to go back to the bar or elsewhere to pick him up otherwise. Just be semi-honest if we go the deception route with the guards and say our deer friend (heh) is drunk.
What do you propose for the potential deception route? What would obvious adventurers look for in a heavily-guarded barn belonging to the elder? Work? Should we just pretend we're there to see him, hoping to be let inside?
Also here's another idea (that won't work due to guard patrols): Mog could dig a back entrance.
I've been also toying with with the concept of setting barn on fire to smoke the dogs out, so you can break the planks on the back with your hammer and we can enter in the chaos, but that won't work cause we has no oxygen tank.
*claws the deer* wake uup
Looks like the deer is dead, do we continue?
Up to QM, I'm still up to continue if you are. Someone may want to advertise in the qst general or something though, we'll need new players eventually.

Sorry for not responding about the plan earlier, I'll get around to it later today.
I posted on qtg this week, but it looks like the entry level is too high for anyone to bite. That's my guess.
File: Untitled_2.png (545 KB, 1615x929)
545 KB
545 KB PNG
We are still continuing.
Also here's that map I promised.
mfw can barely see the barn
Sorry, I'm really struggling to find time today. I'm still on for tomorrow, though I may be unavailable for the first few hours of the day due to timezone issues and time constraints on my end.
We can move it to tomorrow if the OP doesn't mind?
File: Mog5.png (155 KB, 685x897)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
I'm ready now if you are.
it's a fuggin' 22:26 pm o clock, but im stupid enough to consider unless we can start tomorrow earlier
QM, you alive?
just noticed im 3 hours too late, sorry for that but i really expected thred to be dead for today i hate myself
No worries, I'm good for tomorrow but owing to my timezone and stuff I have to do in the morning I'll be 'late'. It seems you are like 9-ish hours ahead of me.

Sorry if my post yesterday confused you guys. It was meant to explain why I didn't have time yesterday to plan our deception, but because of how late I posted it probably looked like I meant I wouldn't be available on Tuesday or would be super late.
Sorry guys.
Something came up and took up my whole day. It was personal.
To make it up to you I will try DMing tomorrow, this coming Tuesday, and next Wednesday.
Again sorry for the sudden absence.
File: 1667946833447.png (340 KB, 750x725)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Isokay and yeah I assumed you'd be online "tomorrow", not today
np, thanks for sticking around despite deer passing due to alcoholism
For the record, I'll be around in like 13 hours, if that's of any use for you guys

picrel me after I find elreed's IP
No worries, just do what you are capable of, thanks for the update.

Give him a scratch for me.

Anyways, I'll see you then.
File: 1644228928354.png (197 KB, 831x1076)
197 KB
197 KB PNG
[The cat has been updated.]
File: 20221109_082738.png (664 KB, 1614x928)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
>Despite the fact that the drunk deer is abscent, you all then all meet up at the spot the pigs wanted.
>You are still being some very wary animals though.
>You know these pigs could stab you in the back at any moment.
>Tweed and his gang of hogs soon spot you.
"It's about time you showed up. We were wonder if you were going to arrive on time. But no two minutes late. Luckily we still have all night to do this. The stupid rabbit got done with checking whatever is in there. Now then onto business. I have a plan for this sort of occasion."
>Tweed then pulls out a map from his satchel.
>It's poorly drawn over by his hoofmanship but it's still legible to read...
>I think?
"Alright here's the plan. You two are going to sneak in there and dispose of the guards anyway you can think of. After the wolves are down, you will then enter the barn and find whatever it is we are looking for. Whether it be fine treasure or technology from the Old Ones. We are sure whatever the old coot of a rabbit is hiding, it will be consider a high payment for all of us. Once you get the item you will meet us over at the thrown of the Old Ones, give us the item, and you will recieve your reward. Once that is done we can all make our escape in the forest. Now any questions about the plan?"
File: 1639546963625.png (697 KB, 1614x928)
697 KB
697 KB PNG
Kinny scratched his nose at this. "Dispose any way we can think of? That means we can just talk our way through them, right?" He then looked at the state-of-the-art map. "I see. Honestly, you better wait in the forest, that way nobody will see you with us."
The cat turned to the wolf. "What do you say we spin a fantastic tale about being artifact experts their rabbit boss hired? Can say we're late cause our carriage broke on the way here and we have to leave tomorrow for business, so we either get to work now or he has to pay another 50k and wait another couple weeks for us to return?," he offered a peaceful alternative.
>"Dispose any way we can think of? That means we can just talk our way through them, right?"
"If you can. Those bitches are going to be hard to talk to though. So your plan of being "engineers" or "artifact experts" better be a convincing one to them. Don't want to see you becoming wolf chow. Heard it was a hard way to go when it comes to being eaten."
>"Honestly, you better wait in the forest, that way nobody will see you with us."
"Hmm... smart plan kitty cat. Smart plan indeed. We won't go too deep in the forest but we will meet you there. Just hope that the artifact is not too heavy for your pwetty wittle claws and your wolf friend's spine."
I'll wait for mog before continuing since approach is still up to him and the heist will require both players.
Just so you know, the SP down at the bottom of your sheet stands for "silver pieces", just like CP stands for "copper pieces" and GP for "gold pieces" and EP for "electrum pieces" and so on.

Anyways, I'm here now. Just for reference, this is about as early as I can make it most days.

Mog's nose flared as he took a sharp intake of breath and glanced heavensward to think. After a moment he said "That could work, really claiming to be anything from additional guards to giant rat exterminators, or tax auditors looking to make sure the square footage of the barn and land plot line up with their records could all work. It is the execution of the lie that is the problem.

He glanced back down at Kinny and motioned towards the barn after taking a few steps away from the pigs. After a moment he added "Say they believe us and let us inside, how are we gonna move the object or let inside your smuggler contacts to move it if it is heavy? We seem to have stumbled onto a problem of logistics, I thought we were gonna meet your contacts before proceeding with the plan and scurrying into the night. The guards may believe us to let us in, but they aren't gonna let us take anything."

The limping wolf waved off the pigs and motioned for Kinny to set off towards the barn slowly with him. "We'll talk on the way, I don't want those pigs overhearing too much," he muttered before continuing after they were further away "We should harden our hearts and be prepared to fight just in case our lies don't work out or we can't figure a way to bluff our way back out with the object. Maybe if we go with the idea of us being government officials we can say that it is an illegal possession or against regulations or something. One idea I hand is that when we get close, we could crawl stealthily in the grass and have you throw one of your fancy new daggers into a patch of dry grass away from us instead of the barn itself, since there is no other nearby buildings to set ablaze for a distraction. Hopefully the guards would be distracted long enough putting out the fire so the barn isn't in danger that we could slip in and out without trouble. Wha'dya think, partner?"
"Guards could maybe work, but government officials don't come knocking at your door at night I recon, they're too lazy. The best shot we've got are private contractors who're in a hurry for personal reasons. That's why I thought artifact experts would fit, that... and the fact I'm kind of an artifact "enthusiast" myself." Kinny responded as they moved closer to the barn.

"My friends should be around here somewhere, we just need to find them and tell them where we'll meet. They might not be keen on entering with us, however." The cat stopped to set his backpack on the ground and started rummaging through it.
"As for starting a fire..," he said as he pulled out a dark candle and a flask full of oil, "I thought we could set up a timer before we get inside and use the chaos created by the fire to make our exit." Kinny stopped talking to think for a moment. "Or alternatively, I could try to climb up the roof, spill the oil there and later set it off with a dagger..."

My sheet file is fucked and apparently can't be fixed so I'll have to rewrite it all anyway.
Can we get a map of the barn area and/or inside of barn or nah?
When I observed the barn, were there places close by not patrolled by the guards where we could spill oil and leave the candle? I want to set the barn on fire, just not near the entrance. That way they will be under panic to put the fire out.
"I think going with the simplest idea is best, especially with how rushed this plan is. Pretending to be guards is the most believable idea, though I think trying to present ourselves as anything else could work depending on how well we sell it, we'd need some excuse to get inside or take the interior watch if we went with the guards story." The skunk-striped wolf whispered back.

After a moments contemplation he added "I think combining your ideas regarding the fire works best. Set up the timer, but do it on the roof, it'll be more effective if what they are trying to protect is in danger from the fire rather than just setting some grassland on fire. That way we can bluff our way in and have a distraction on the way out. We'll use the fire as an excuse to take the artifact out, preserving the bosses goods, y'know. That way we have an excuse to go in as well as out if we go with the simplest lie of us being additional hired muscle. If you get caught sneaking up on the roof then we'll just fight, you from the roof with your daggers, me on the ground. If you go down for whatever reason, I have the ability to bring you back up with my...newfound abilities."

Mog smirked, they seemed to have worked out most of the kinks in their plan, things were looking up. With the planning mostly done he picked up the pace for a bit before stopping and lying down behind some tall grass out of sight from the barn. "You go on ahead and plant the timer before coming back and meeting me here. Then we'll work out any last details and approach them." he said with a note of finality. It was time, the heist had begun.
Do we start this shit without contacting the smugglers first? Once I get up on that roof there's no going back. Also mind you that your shield will attract my lightning, iirc it was stated when you bought it.
Don't worry about your sheet now, we shouldn't have to worry about edits until something major like a level up or something. Just make sure to keep track of your HP, ammunition, any lost items you use up in a fight, etc, somewhere. No need to post the updated sheet constantly, I just did that because I was still adding details to the sheet from the barely completed version I first posted.

You there QM? I think Kinny just needs one more post, plus a roll and then it should be over to you. We're ready to begin the heist now I think.
File: Untitled 3.png (309 KB, 1437x895)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Ask and ye shall receive. Sorry for taking so long.
Just pretend wolves are surrounding the area.

>The two soon arrive near the barn.
>There they see the old barn door closed and guarded by four wolves.
>All female and clearly tired.
>Must be near the time they switch guards soon.
>You could probably use their tired state of mind to your advantage.
>They haven't noticed you yet so you still have time to come up with a nice lie.
>Looking around you can see the barn is surrounded by dry grass.
>Perfect for starting a fire.
>One lightning dagger could do the trick and you can start a nice blaze with it.
>The only real problem you probably have... is opening that door.
>That might take a bit of brute strength to get open.
I think it should only attract it if you throw a lightning dagger at an enemy near to me, but we'd have to actually test it to find out. For now just throw your regular daggers if you are worried about the lightning attraction one-shotting me, later you should buy a bow as a ranged option. The candle timer should do away with the need for throwing a lightning dagger onto the roof.
As for the smugglers, I think we might as well start, no point wasting more posts and time finding them before coming back here. We'll take the object and just haul it a little ways to the forest where the smugglers instead of the pigs presumably are. I assume you have preset a rally point in-fiction or something. I think there was a little bit of confusion, because I'm surprised we even met up with the pigs to confirm the heist, since we already learned about the artifact and have no intention of honouring our agreement with the pigs I thought we'd have gone straight to the heist.

Anyways, I think you'll just need a post describing you sneaking up to the barn, it'll probably be two rolls, a stealth check and acrobatics check probably.
Rolled 18 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

"Yeah I guess you're right, there isn't much time if we want to bag the artifact and outrun those porkchops." Kinny throws his backpack over the shoulder and looks at Mog. "What a peculiar guard this rabbit has picked. Good thing we've got an alpha wolf to *mis*lead their pack, no?" He says before departing.
Kinny attempts to avoid the patrols and sneak up to a wall like a furry shadow.
>Rolling stealth
Are the walls metal or wooden?

>All female
*sigh* I roll seduction. Guarantee you if this was mentioned in the OP we'd be playing with 10 anons rn.
Mog suppressed a laugh with some difficulty after hearing Kinny's jape. "Good luck buddy." he muttered into the wind.

Yeah, we'd have 10 players, but they'd all be furries. Is that a cost that is worth it? kek
>24 on female avoidance
maidenless once again, huh
Good thing it wasn't. Aldo going to assume your roll was for climbing.
>Kinny tries climbing the barn to reach the roof.
>Luckily the barn is made of wood painted to look like metal.
>It takes some time but you reach the top with none of the wolves noticing you.
>No need to celebrate yet though.
>You only completed the first part of your plan.
>What will Kinny do now?

>Mog is still not seen by the wolves either.
>What will the dog do?
>Mog lays down, hidden by the grass, waiting for Kinny.

The plan is for Kinny to plant his timed fire using the candle as a timer and his oil as accelerant. I'm just waiting for him to come back to me, then we'll both approach approach the guards and pretend to be the shift change or additional hired guards. The fire will go off, which we'll use as an excuse to get inside to "protect the bosses stuff" and then skadaddle with the loot.
I'll brb in 40 minutes, just gotta get some groceries.
Rolled 7 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

First thing Kinny does once he's up on the roof is scanning the nearby area using his advantageous position, trying to locate the smugglers for one last time.
Once that's done, the black cat takes out a flask of oil and carefully pours its contents out on the roof, covering as big of an area as he can and making sure his paws don't get dirty in the process. He then pockets the empty flask and sets one of his slow burning candles in the oil puddle and ignites it using the tinderbox. With timer being set, the cat scutters to the edge of the roof and prepares to get down.

>Rolling perception to see if I can find the cat smugglers' position
The 24 roll was for stealth but I'll take the fat W
Why are dogs always so hungry
The only blind cat in existence.
Fair enough. Be safe Friend.

>As Kinny is setting up he spots nothing from the smugglers.
>As he safely travel down from the barn, still he sees nothing.
>It's amazing how they haven't shown up yet.
>Either they have played you, plan on stabbing you on the back, or they simply didn't care enough to help you.
>Either way you got your fire started you might as well leave the rooftops while they are still safe.
>But you do see something approaching Mog as soon as you get down.

>As Mog soon waits and lies low on the grass he soon heard something approaching.
>He suddenly feels something next to him.
>It's the feline Kinny talked to earlier.
"Seems your friend here is taking a big gamble. Personally I would not have burned the barn. Especially if it is carrying precious cargo."
>The cat continued to observe Kinny as her troop soon arrives in the grass quietly.
>Their leader soon puts her eyes on the door.
"So after you have set the barn roof on fire, how do you plan on opening that huge fucking door? That things looks to be made of metal. Must be a strong door if anything. It'll probably take more of us to open it. There are also those bitches. What is your plan to get past them?"
Kinny quietly joined the two and ploped his butt firmly in the grass before adressing the female cat. "That candle won't melt for several minutes so we have time. We don't plan on cooking ourselves in there. As for the bitches... well, let's just say we often hear we can be very... convincing."
if this bitch fucks me over ill neuter her ass and feed her lemons istg
"Convincing? Be convincing how? Do you plan on telling them you are taking their place as night guards? They probably know everyone who is a part of guard duty. You're going to have to do a good job convincing them that you are just another soldier here to guard their precious treasure."
>The bobtailed feline told you.
"Listen I can tell neither of you want to fight them, but they honestly look weak enough that you can take them. Best strategy. You don't even have to kill them. Just knock them out."
>Bobtail then examines the area again just to be safe.
"If you want, we can take care of the guards and you can just enter the building once we get their attention."
Rolled 4 (1d4)

I dunno, a dawgs gotta eat.

To be fair, even if we assume cats have infravision like they do in the book most 'low-light' vision stuff only goes 120 feet max, sometimes only 60. So it makes sense you wouldn't be able to see the smugglers unless they were ultra close.

Mog's head turned suddenly as he felt the silent feline next to him, just barely avoiding jolting up in surprise and rattling his chainmail. Root's below, were all cat's this quiet? His nerves sufficiently fired up he slowly let the tension in his body go before replying "It's simple, we're all gonna go up there and pretend to be the relief shift of guards. If there is resistance, then Kinny and I will fast-talk them, if there is trouble still, Kinny and I will show that rabbit why he should've hired us for guards instead of these she-wolves."

A confident smirk wormed its way up Mog's face, and he added with a touch of bravado "Then, when the fire starts, we'll take control and convince the guards we need to save the bosses prized goods if we still wanna get payed, they'll basically open the door for us. If we have to put them down then that is still no problem, I'm pretty sure Kinny has a crowbar and there's all of us to work it open. Should all that fail, then it is still nothing to worry about, I'm plenty strong, I'll just take my hammer and make a hole in the side of the wooden walls. Why try and force your way through a metal door when the wall is weaker? Defeats the point of havin' a metal door to begin with, that rabbit should've thought about that before wasting his money."

He watched as Kinny worked his way back to them, quieter than a still night. That cat could walk between the rain drops in a thunderstorm, a reliable sort. Mog mused about his strange band of animal companions, now not much of a band anymore with recent losses and the deer drunk off his ass. That's just the rules, you fuck around and you get left behind.

When Kinny rejoined them Mog stood up. "It's time, lets go, act natural, loosen up, we belong here." The wolf ordered. With the order given he stepped out from behind the grass and made his way over to the guards, acting casual.

>Rolling turns for Born Leader advantage for Kinny and the smugglers.

Was gonna make a longer, fancier speech before I realised my post was getting rather long and you guys might be wondering if I died in traffic or something.
Whoops, didn't see this post in time before I started writing.
>As soon as you approach the wolves, they began to get into battle position.
>The leader of the wolves shouts at you.
"Who are all of you and why do you come here? This area is forbidden for any animal to enter. Taking a step here univited will have you put into public execution. I, General Atreyu, tell you this as a warning. So either you explain your reasoning for being here, leave at once, or face certain doom."
>The general, even as tired as she is, still shows her teeth with such ferocity.
>The bobtail cats then look over to you.
"Well fearless leaders."
>The bobtail leader ask the both of you in whispers.
"What do you have to say?"
>General Atreyu waits for your response.
Yeh I did
I wheezed when you straight up ignored that cunt. Let's fucking go lmao.
Who takes this Atreyu? I have +7 in deception.
I was going off of the fact that my cat once noticed and followed another cat's movement through grass at night from 200 meters away while I was holding her.
I'm back, sorry had trouble with Windows Update slowing down my PC. I'll start writing now.

Also, I'd like to have Kinny take the Assist action to give me Advantage on my roll instead of us all separately making our own Deception rolls. The way I imagine the scene taking place is Kinny and I each making our own posts fast-talking the wolves with ̶m̶e̶ nevermind, just checked our comparative Deception scores, yours is one higher than mine, ahem, with you taking the lead. I'll take the Assist action to give Kinny advantage. (means you take the best of 2 rolls)
So are you gonna do an assist write-in now or can I post+roll with advantage already?
I think the latter.
Mog snarled, a line of thick, hot saliva working its way down his jawline as his hairs stood up on end and he bared his teeth at the 'general', taking care to mirror her posture. "We're your relief shift, 'general', or have your eyes gone soft?" he barked back.

That's just how you had to act with another who thought themselves your equal, there could only be one alpha. It was a dog eat dog world.

The armour-clad wolf nodded back over his shoulder towards his companions, saying "Freshly hired meat, the old bun bun was extra paranoid what with the pigs in town slobbering over every rumour of what's inside here, wants us to the day into three shifts so we're each fresh for a fight in case the hogs make a move."

Looking pointedly at Kinny, he waited for the cat to say his piece and work his magic. They both had silver tongues, this is what they were good at...most of the time.

>I take the Assist action to give Kinny Advantage on his Deception roll.
Rolled 4, 16 + 7 = 27 (2d20 + 7)

Kinny swished his tail lightly and took a step back. "Woah there! Don't tell me the rabbit was so occupied with his toy, that he forgot to tell you about us coming to replace you all tonight? Or are you so sleepy that you forgot?" The cat responded and gave the shewolf an annoyed look. "Either way, we're the new night shift, general Atreyu. Nice to finally meet you."

>2d20+7 for Deception with Advantage
rate my pitiful attempt
Good rolls cure all inadequacies. 11/10
*That should be "wants us to split the day into three shifts"

My bad.
Ikr! Told my anxiety the same thing. If I knew you'd post I'd make my shit fit better, but I had it pre-written already and posted quickly, so rip.
No worries, your post is generic enough that it would've fit well enough with whatever I wrote even if I went crazy and tried to roll to seduce or something. If you are hung up about it you can always delete your post and rewrite it. Or just write a new post and say to take that instead, since we want to keep the evidence of the good roll.
File: Keycard.jpg (19 KB, 313x400)
19 KB
>Atreyu calmed down a bit.
"Fresh blood to guard the barn? I know the old hare is crazy but I never to put up some young pup and kittens."
>She had a bit of doubt but after hearing Kinny explain himself to her, she gave out a relieved sigh.
"Fair enough. Come on ladies, it's time for a well deserved break."
>The other wolves soon weakly left their posts.
>Thankful that they could finally rest for the night.
"Kind of a good thing you came. The girls were complaining that they needed a drink."
>Atreyu went up to Kinny.
"I'm going to assume you are the leader of this group. If that's the case you are going to need this."
>Atreyu then reached into her satchel and gave you an important item.
>A white card.
>The same one the group already has.
"It's to open the door but it's used for emergencies only. If someone were to wake up. They are going to need help getting out."
>Before you could ask her anything Atreyu soon starts leaving the premises.
"If you don't mind I'm going to take a bath in the lake. That way I can still relax and keep a good eye at the barn. Don't screw this up kid. They are going to need you to be ready for anything."
>Atreyu then heads for the lake.
>You now have a way to enter.
>The fire won't start for a while.
>What do you do?
As soon as Atreyu and the she-wolves were out of ear-shot Mog slapped Kinny on the back before reaching an arm over both Kinny's shoulder and that of his smuggler buddy. "Nice goin' kits, told ya there was nothin' to worry about. We're smooth talkers."

With some urgency he ran over to the door. "We gotta hurry, we over complicated things by setting the fire, when it goes off Atreyu and the sigma-bitches are gonna be back to see what the fuck is going on. Luckily we can use it to explain why we are moving the merchandise outta the barn when they catch us in the act. Hurry, lets go, open this door up!" he urged.

I have a feeling that there are humans kept in cyro-stasis or something in here, based on what she said about someone waking up.
Kinny looked at the card dumbfounded before being slapped by the wolf. "Ow, yeah. Looks like these kittens still have a thing or two to learn," the cat said and gave the smuggler a smug grin before following Mog.
Kinny approached the door with white card in his paw and handed it to the nervous wolf. "I got a spare key to this door earlier, you can have this one in case things go south," cat said as he patted his backpack, "let's see what it's all about, then."

Im going away for 30-60 mins, passin the torch to Mog until then.
"Thanks, I was wonderin' what you picked up from that old lizard anyhow. Strange, what was he doin' with one of these anyways?" Mog's musings turned into incomprehensible mutterings as he took the keycard.

He looked around for a place to slot the keycard into to open the door.

>I open the door, assuming I don't have to roll to find the key slot and understand how technology works.
Going to take a break.
Going to set up your next area.
See you guys in about 70 minutes.
Okay, I'll see you guys then, I guess I'll just eat then and watch some vidya
*screams in midnight*
I'm actually fine with not sleeping at all but I'm afraid my phone will die
Uh, does your phone still work while plugged in for charging? I dunno if this is a dumb question, every electronic I own still works when I plug it in for charging. Or maybe you can let it charge for like 30 minutes before checking if you need to post? I imagine we don't have long to go before QM calls it a night as well.
File: Untitled 4.png (152 KB, 612x471)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>Mog seems to look for a place to put the card.
>Wondering if there is a slot or anything like that.
>Suddenly you hear a soft beeping noise.
>Then a soft voice.
"Opening doors. Welcome Doctor Farris."
>Dr Farris?
>Who the hell is that.
>Either way you have opened the door.
>The group then walks in the barn.
>You expected there to be some sort of room full of treasures or artefacts...
>But no.
>You go in to find...
>This strange room full of items that make no sense to use.
"This seems like a room full of garbage."
>The Bobtail says to you rudely.
"Boys we are looking for something cold. Look around for it."
>The Bobtail's minions immediately start searching around.
>This is clearly stuff that belonged to the old ones... but what were they?
>Was there something the pigs would want here?
>Best to look around.
"Spread out, look around for any Old Ones tech, anything that sputters or sparks, like the cat said, something cold. Also, move the trash aside and check the floors, maybe there is an entrance going underground or something on the ceiling, keep a look out, leave no stone unturned." Mog belted out orders.

Mog turned and quietly murmured over his shoulder "Come with me Kinny, we'll go left to right."

>Assisting Kinny with a Perception Check.
>Going along the left wall to the back wall, then right. Checking in and around the beds, moving them and checking the floors underneath them, moving the various junk and checking the floor underneath them as well in addition to examining the objects themselves. I also move the paintings and check behind them and examine the sign against the back wall before finally moving the junk in the back right corner.

I see that hidden stairwell in the back right corner, no hiding from me.
Rolled 8, 9 + 4 = 21 (2d20 + 4)

Kinny ignored the annoying bobtail and followed Mog. "Yeah that's probably a good idea." As the two walked through the room, cat checked every nook and cranny, looking for stuff that could help them, things out of ordinary or just coldness.
>Rollan Perception to find anything of use to us
I didn't even notice it despite staring at that rubble thinking something might be in it. Getting sleepy I guess.
I don't wanna camp the charger, anon. Should still be good for a couple hours, I'm just anxious cause it goes 100-dead absurdly quickly.
Going to stop for the night.
See you guys on Tuesday.
Kinny and Mog get the rest you need and I hope you guys are enjoying these sessions.
File: 1668038761219.gif (280 KB, 227x227)
280 KB
280 KB GIF
Blind. Fucking. Cat.
Goodnight QM. Hope you're okay running this for just 2 randos.
Good night, sleep well you two. I had fun. See you guys on Tuesday.
File: 1668039200976.jpg (109 KB, 642x644)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
Goodnight Mog, your writing was great as always
Thanks, you too buddy, I especially enjoy your funny cats pics. Funny, I think all three of us are cat people, apparently all of us 'own' cats.
File: 1668039525602.jpg (2.21 MB, 2448x2448)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
Ye I could post cat reactions every second post, but don't wanna image spam thread too much
S'okay, gotta save them for the appropriate moments.
I hope you two are ready for some twists today.
See you all in about 8 hours.
File: 1668505522918.jpg (168 KB, 492x487)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
mmm bread today
File: Untitled 5.png (162 KB, 613x464)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
>Kinny looks around with Mog
>From left to right just as instructed.
>You seem to find a few interesting items.
>Some strange skeleton which you do not recognize at all.
>But after looking closer you can tell it is fake.
>Must be for a fake cryptid the Elder is working on.
>Must have a lot of lore on it since he drew up where it's organs should be.
>A bed next to a bag of strange liquid,
>You assumed someone slept here but who?
>Doesn't matter.
>What matters is finding what you are looking for.
>You also see a menagerie of toys.
>Not toys you recognize though.
>They all seem to be fabric replicas of bears and... whatever the hell those things are.
>They're childish things though.
>Certainly won't make a profit with Mr Tweed.
>That is if he keeps his end of the bargain.
>You then notice the sign.
>It seems really old and scratched up.
>Like it has been here for about one hundred years.
>The runes on it are so old you can't read what it says.
>Maybe the pigs could.
>But this mother fucker looks too heavy, even for your group of animals to lift,
>You then notice the red thing.
>A strange object if you have ever seen one.
>Feels heavy but a few of you could pick it up if you tried.
>Finally you go to the pile of garbage.
>Most of it seems to be just clothes and dirty books and magazines.
>After sifting through it a bit you notice something.
>A small cool breeze.
>Like a bit of winter's wind.
>After a bit more digging you find what you are looking for.
>A secret passage.
>The other cats are still busy looking around the barn.
>Only Kinny and Mog seems to know about this.
What do you do?
Rolled 1144 (1d2000)

Kinny tugged on mog's paw, pointed at the entrance and whispered "There's the passage! We should get down and check out the room to stay ahead of those amateurs." The cat jogged in place nervously, ready to dash through the hole like there was a mouse kingdom underneath.
Rolling for excitement.
Here, catching up.
Rolled 8, 10, 6 = 24 (3d20)

There are totally humans in tubes down below, why else would there be beds and anime body pillows up here. Also, damn, if only we had an extra player to play a bear and make carrying heavy objects plausible, though going strictly by 5e rules as written I should have no trouble carrying the fire extinguisher and a body pillow, though volume may be a problem.

"Wait, just a minute, I want to prep the loot up here for a quick escape, it'll only take a minute. I haven't forgotten about the fire, don't worry. Cover the hole, I'll alert the others when I'm done. I don't want them bolting off ahead of us because they are antsy about the fire or the guards." Mog reassured the tremulous cat the best way he knew how; with a glimpse into his intent and instructions on what to do next.

With that done, he quickly sprinted over to one of the strange wheeled chairs. 'Strange, why is the seat so high up and shaped so weird? How are you supposed to move it while sitting down? Is it like one of those metal carriages?' he thought to himself as he grabbed the lip of the seat and tugged it over to the red cylinder.

"Grab the linens and the pillow, that shit is expensive! Bring at least one of each of the stuffed things too, and the liquid thing. Take the info placards from the wall and stack them against the back of the seat of this...wheel...chair...yeah, wheelchair, that's what I'll call it. Hurry, we don't have time to waste!" barked Mog to the bobtail smuggler cat. He had to bring order to chaos, there was no point in missing out on this junk because the smugglers panicked about the timetable. This wasn't what they were looking for, but everything was valuable to someone.

With his orders given he leapt into the seat then leaned over to clutch the flexible black part hanging from the top of the red cylinder and lifted it up into the seat. After that was done he took the female smuggler aside while the others loaded the stuff into the wheelchair. "Kinny found a passage underground, we think the the artifact is down there. We'll take one of the wheelchairs down there to carry the loot and leave this one up here to carry this stuff off when we bolt. I'll have Kinny scout ahead." he explained, hoping his aura of calm, firm leadership would overcome the lack of familiarity between him and this femme fatale. Kinny was the link that brought them together and was the bond of trust between the two groups, but while they were working together Mog needed the smugglers to understand he lead the group.

With a final glance at the rune on the plaque and the skeleton he moved over to Kinny after memorizing what he could. "We're loaded up. Scout ahead, quietly. I want to bring one of the wheelchairs down there to carry loot, but it'll be noisy so I want you to look around quietly for us before we go banging around down there." he ordered. The cat had been shaking earlier, Mog hid his excitement better, but now it was time. This was it.
>The order of the rolls is Athletics check to lift the fire extinguisher on my own, the next is Persuasion check for leadership over the smugglers during this operation without them fussing over the timetable, the last is an intelligence check to memorize the skeleton anatomy and the rune on the large placard so I can run a history check on it later from memory without wasting time here thinking about it.

My Athletics is +6, my Persuasion is +8, my Intelligence is +0. I imagine I succeed on the first two, probably not the third.
Sorry I took so long, it takes time to write out all that. I'm not nearly as fast a writer as I used to be 10-15 years ago.
File: preview.jpg (52 KB, 563x376)
52 KB
Anime body pillows? I don't remember putting anything like that in there. Maybe the dolls but certainly not pillows.

You're not the only slow one friend. I'm surrised stayed this long with how slow I am going.

>With the orders given, everyone rushed to do what Mog said.
>They rushed to get one set of items on this "wheelchair" and set them up to go outside when ready.
>The bobtail was in fact impressed by the commands shouted by the wolf.
"My my. You really do know what you are doing... for a paladin that is. How about once this is over we get some drinks afterwards. I know a good place with some fermented fruit we can get high on."
>This was no time for flirting though.
>You were trying your best to study the skeleton but this annoying Feline keeps getting in the way.
>It was getting annoying.
>Kinny was now in charge of reconing the area down below.
>Beware of the stairs.
>They are dark and who knows how deep and cold it gets.
>Still it should be an easy job for a small cat rogue like Kinny.
How will Kinny go down the stairs?
Rolled 4 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Kinny stopped shaking and reluctantly put some debris around the hole to cover it from the bobtails. He watched Mog boss the cats around, move items and have a staring contest with the weird skeleton before returning to the hole.
After hearing the wolf explain his plan, cat gave the metal chair a judgemental look then looked up at Mog. "You might succeed to bring that thing down there, but good luck pulling it back up over these stairs," he nodded to the steps below. "But do what you think is best, friend. It's high time I evaluate the mysterious object," the impatient rogue said before pulling out a tiny hooded lantern and descending down the hole.
>The cat shall proceed down the stairs. With light. Excitedly, but cautiously. Rolling Perception to detect traps and other unpleasant surprises.
RQM that u
>Anime body pillows? I don't remember putting anything like that in there. Maybe the dolls but certainly not pillows.
Nani the fuck
The female dolls, the stuffed things other than the bears look like stuffed anime characters or anime body pillows to me. I assumed the bears were for the girls and the dakimakura were for the boys if my guess about there being humans in cryosleep downstairs was true. Because of course the old rabbit would be a horny degenerate

I imagine Kinny leaping up onto the railing for no reason when he traverses down the stairs, because he's a cat, of course he would. Just my headcanon though, also to avoid pressure plate traps or ankle height laser trip wires from a DnD dungeoneering prospective. lol

Who? Which quest QM? Also, no.

You may want to roll for stealth as well.
File: Lukeasmouse.jpg (79 KB, 300x244)
79 KB
>Going down with your lantern, you can definitely tell there are no traps here.
>Though going further down you feel more cold.
>It starts becoming more than just a winter breeze.
>Though as soon as you get to the halfway point, there is a redlight.
>It seems to evaluating you.
>Suddenly this light focuses on your.
"Nice to see you here tonight Dr Nicklas. Turning the lights on downstairs."
>Suddenly the whole stairway light up.
>Revealing that there's not much left to walk down on.
>You're near the floor of the basement, and no trap on sight.
>You hear a young sounding voice proclaim.
"You're not Elder Swift! Who are you?!"
>Kinny then turns to see something he wasn't expecting.
>A mouse.
"This is the Elder's barn and our home. Explain why you are down here!"
What do you do Kinny?

>As Mog continue to get the feline away from him as he tries to study the skeleton, a sudden burst of light coming from downstairs flares up.
>This could be a sign of trouble.
Do you go downstairs Mog?
File: 1666724830784.png (461 KB, 600x900)
461 KB
461 KB PNG
Rolled 1 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Kinny experienced a milisecond of a heart-attack before forcing a relieved and curious expression onto his face and snapping into the role of some nerd. "Oh thank goodness! I thought I'd have to look for a light switch with this damn lantern! I'm Taj Majal, Dr Nicklas' new assistant! He sent me here to familiarize myself with the place," the cat showed his key-card, "b-but he didn't say he already had a helper? Who do I have the pleasure speaking with?" The cat sneaked a bit of distrust into his voice. He was only just now acknowledging the fact that he was explaining himself to a tiny squeaking rodent, but decided it was worth to go through with it if just to extract information.
>Rolling for Deception, may mommy Bastet have mercy upon my rolls
Dragonborn Paladin. Dude's been a QM for 15 years and been putting out 1.66 daily /qst/ updates for well over a year now.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

The sudden flare of red, then white light startled Mog as he anxiously stared down into what was once murky darkness. He thought carefully. 'Kinny could just have found a bigger light source down there. However, I did tell him to quietly scout things out, this light coming on is bright and loud. Therefore, either Kinny deemed the area secure enough to risk lighting the worlds biggest torch or he was discovered and needs my help.' he concluded.

"Kinny may have gotten himself into trouble, finish load up and then follow me in a few minutes, I'm going to check on him." he told the cat who he still didn't know the name of. He almost left before deciding it would be prudent to ask her in case he needed to call her specifically for help. "Hey, real quick, before I go, what do you go by?"

With answer in paw he grabbed the other wheelchair and gingerly rolled it down the stairs. When he saw the mouse his heart froze. With a herculean amount of effort he pushed down his panic and rolled the last bit of the wheelchair down the steps, this time loudly so as to distract the mouse. Thinking fast and remembering what Atreyu said about 'someone waking up' or something he flashed his rank insignia in the mouse's face before yelling "WE GOTTA MOVE! THE ROOF IS ON FIRE! THE WHOLE PLACE IS GONNA BURN DOWN!" He took a moment to feign calming himself down before continuing, "I'm a new guard, we just switched out with Atreyu. We gotta move the sleepers before the building burns down. Quick, load them into the chair!"

>Deception Check +6 to save Kinny's bluff.
File: Luke_Eveshim_as_Mouse.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1080)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Rolled 15 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Looks like you have one more to add.

>The mouse is smarter than he seems.
>He stared at the cat dumbfounded by his explanation for why he is here.
"Dr Nicklas has been dead for a hundred years. My grandfather told me so. He would tell you himself but he just got done putting out a fire with all my brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles. Good thing it only just started. Imagine if it got all over the roof. Everyone underneath it would have been dead."
>The mouse then stared at you a bit more.
>He sniffs your fur as if he is searching for some sort of scent.
"You wouldn't be the one who started that we just put out? If so, my father is on his way to Elder Swift and telling him on you. So tell me the truth or I'll get my mum. Did you start the fire?"
>Now's a bad time to be a liar.
>You better hope he doesn't smell any oil on you Kinny.
You mean ReptoidQM? Nah, I'm not him.

Hopefully my roll saves yours.
Wait, you want me to lie AGAIN?
No, the QM is rolling for the mouse to use Perception on you to see if he smells the oil you used. He probably succeeded.

I'm hoping my bluff saves you from discovery by distracting the mouse with how urgently I'm acting and my decent roll.

It does seem odd that the mouse would somehow get on the roof to put out the fire we JUST started and back underground again when it seemed like that big atrium room upstairs takes up presumably the entire width of the inside of the barn. So the mouse must either have a small internal passageway up to the roof just for emergencies, have an exit that leads outside, whereupon he climbed up onto the roof to put out the fire, or he is talking about a different fire.
File: mouse.jpg (14 KB, 431x353)
14 KB
Looks like we match.

>He was smelling the oil until he saw the wolf enter the room.
>Screaming about the fire they just put out.
>He wasn't going to question about the sleepers though.
"It's okay good mr wolf. My family already put out the fire. But I think I know who started it."
>The small mouse points over to Kinny.
"It seems you have been betrayed. This cat who claims to be an assitant to a dead human is the one who caused it. You should place him under arrest and send him over to Swift, Sean, and Atreyu."
>What in the world was a human?
>No time for that now.
>He seems to have no suspicion of you at the moment.
Mog what do you do?
Is the rat distracted?
Rolled 9 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

I'll roll for that.
I'll consider that distracted.
If he's distracted, do I get advantage on trying to punch him (unarmed attack)?
>I want to punch the mouse.
Firstly, something I should probably do is wait and see what Mog does. We need to know what the dog doing.
Secondly, I thought you were just going to run for it. You are near the basement and his little size and feet probably would not catch up with you.
Thirdly, an unarmed strike (not done by a monk) can only do one damage.
Last point, yes you would get advantage, but if you are going to punch the mouse, I would ask, lethally or nonlethally?
File: Mog Intimidation.gif (2.65 MB, 447x251)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF
Rolled 8 + 8 (1d20 + 8)

Basically my impression was that from Heist start with Kinny setting up the timed fire to now, only a few minutes had passed despite it being a couple weeks IRL.

Also, did I ever get the she-cat's name? I asked in my post above.

The scarred wolf glowered, a low growl emanating from deep within his throat. He turned to look at Kinny in feigned confusion. "You? Didn't I just catch you outside skirting our perimeter? I told you that you'd pay dearly if you trespassed. How'd you even get by us?" he pretended to ask while meeting Kinny's eyes, trying to convey 'just go along with this for now'.

Not waiting for his answer he turned to the mouse and said "Oh, he's not one of ours. Just some trespasser. We'll send him over, don't you worry."

He motioned up to the stairs. "Get goin' kit, before I decide to take a bite outta ya." he emphasized his threat with a snap of his jaws. Then he started up after Kinny for a couple of steps before turning around to speak to the mouse. "You're gonna have to give me a tour of the place once I hand this villain to my boys, General Atreyu didn't give me the courtesy before taking off to relax in the lake. I need to get orientated, situate my troops. It sure would've helped if I knew the way to the roof from the inside when I saw that fire. I gotta familiarize my boys with the layout so we can actually perform our procedures if we ever need to move someone that wakes up." he said, trying his best to set up the future situation so they still had a chance to have a legitimate reason to go deeper into the facility without hostilities emerging.

Once he got his answers he'd return upstairs to plan their next step with Kinny. Otherwise they'd have to do things the hard way.

>Rolling Persuasion to get the mouse to give me a tour of the entire facility and explain everything about their procedures and what is going on and any details that a guard captain should know to orientate his troops.
Bruh, no worries, I got a plan to get access to the rest of the facility, assuming my roll succeeds. Also, unarmed damage is trash in 5e unless you are a monk. If you wanna go non-lethal then just use your weapons and declare non-lethal intent and play it off as you striking him with the pommel of your daggers/shortsword/whatever. I know it is unintuitive to use a lethal weapon to maximize damage and still being able to get non-lethal damage, but unarmed damage is, again, absolute trash in 5e unless you are a monk. If we are fighting at all, it'll be with our weapons or spells for characters who have them.
Actually, just for the memes I'll ask; do we get the bite and claw damage that our characters would get from being animals? The animals in the manual actually has somewhat okay damage for their natural weapons. I'm imagining the memetically lethal house cats from third edition that destroyed low level parties with their multi-attacks and...I think it was d4s for damage or something crazy. lmao.
"You think too much, maybe my boys should just *knock you out* next time," the cat hissed at the mouse and clenched his paw, before shooting wolf a look. "FINE, I'LL GO," he declared and began slowly walking towards the stairs.
As Kinny walked alongside Mog, he whispered into his ear. "Take a hint and wrap this up before your cover falls apart, too." The gloomy rogue made his way upstairs to face the bobcat and her compatriots.
I wanted to knock the fucker out but apparently D&D didn't predict a cat vs mouse scenario.
And actually >>5464268 made a fair point. The fir wasn't started, it was a candle in a puddle of oil that would melt and set the roof ablaze... like just about now. I assumed it was put out behind the scenes, but now I'm not sure.
Ye I just had a conversation about this with someone who actually plays D&D.
I have -4 strength mod, btw.
>-4 Strength meme for real
lol, maybe your claws count as a Finesse weapon and you can use your Dex mod instead? I was semi-joking anyways. While the inquiry regarding whether or not we get our races natural weapons that normal animals get is real, the 3e memes are just a joke since we obviously aren't playing third edition.
wdym 3e, that shit is from 5e
File: Starkiller_clones.png (1.32 MB, 1280x544)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
"I hope Elder Swift gives you a good word."
>The mouse says to the cat as he leaves.

I didn't actually think of a name for Bobtail. She was not originally in my hand written notes for this. But I think is she is going to have a name it's probably for the best to call her Bobby. Also who knows how many mice are in this barn.

"I can do that. Usually it's my older sister that gives tours but she tired after messing with a fire."
>The Mouse starts leading the "guard" around for orientation.
>He first leads him to the corner of the basement.
"This is a ladder. It leads to the roof. It's usually used by the much bigger animals. We mice use the walls to travel around. But if you ever want to go to the roof, just head up there. We did have some nasty pig go up there three days ago. Luckily Moses was there to push him off it. It ended with pig being skewered by his own sword."
>The barkeep?
>So he's in on this too huh?
>He continues to show you around for a bit.
>You notice that it is getting colder now.
>Too cold.
>Feels like you're standing on snow now.
>Suddenly you spot something you could never imagine.
>Staring at it makes you question what the hell it is.
>The mouse then explains as he gets on your head.
"That is something we're supposed to protect. It's what elder swift and grandfather call Human. I don't know what they are... but they do look kind of scary. But grandpa and the Elder says we have to protect them. They would do the same for us."
>You continue to stare at the creature floating in the strange liquid.
>Was this the thing the pigs really wanted?
>What the hell could they even do with such a thing?

>Bobby soon ran up to Kinny.
"What happened? How did you screw this one up?"
>Apparently Bobby was having none of your shit.
"Is the mission ruined or no?"

still 1
The Finesse weapon stuff and animal natural weapons is yes, I was referring to the meme lethal housecats stuff as being from 3e

I knew there'd be humans in test tubes.

You waiting for a response from me or is there more coming?
"What do you mean *I* screwed up? There are mice in this barn, seems like the local felines are too busy performing to solve the rat problem." Annoyed cat countered the annoying cat. "Mog's down there, getting a tour from a mouse while our time is running out," Kinny seated his butt firmly next to the secret passage.
lethal cat is not here.

I liked how you caught on early.

And yes you may continue off the previous post.
"Did you at least see what we supposed to..."
>Bobby then stopped.
>She quietly looked around for a bit.
>She then leaned into Kinny's ear.
>She whispers to him.
"You said there are mice in this barn... and how many mice do you think are listening in on us now?"
>Seems you might have your cover blown already.
"Kinny what was the last thing you or Mog said to them?"
>Suddenly you start hearing some loud banging coming from the heavy barn door.
"If you are in there, you better use that card to get out now!!"
>A ferocious voice shouted at them.
>It was obviously Atreyu's.
>She sounds pissed.
>She continues to pound the door.
>But it isn't just coming from her.
>Seems like there were mutiple beasts there, trying their best to open the door.
>Either by hitting it hard or even bashing it with their weapons.
>You're trapped it seems.
"Well Eistein! What the hell are we going to do!"
>Bobby yells at Kinny.
"My men and I aren't exactly built for fighting. You must have a plan or something. You have a card!"
Kinny what do you do?

Mog you can barely hear this.
File: 1668548567979.jpg (42 KB, 220x264)
42 KB
>Kinny tells bobtail that if the mice were listening, then they were all fucked from the beginning, but the one down there didn't act like he knew anything so they likey weren't
>Hears the banging. "Who could've seen this coming!"
>The cat informs the bitch of a cat that Mog knows the only other way out
>Kinny begins jogging downstairs to tell Mog about the new developments and dropkick the mouse
Fuck me, fuck you, fuck everybody. This is some actual bullshit and I'm tired and I hate this bitch. Leaving bad yelp review after this cancer is over, IF we survive.
Rolled 15, 1 = 16 (2d20)

Mog took a good long look at everything around him, trying to piece together what was connected to what and how everything worked. He wracked his brain trying to remember anything he could think of about "humans" or Old One's machinery similar to this. One thing he was sure of was that he already knew why the pigs wanted these 'humans', the same reason they wanted anything else; to eat it.

"Funny, they look so peaceful just floating in there, but they look like Apes. I've never known Apes to be peaceful. What's so special about them that makes them worth protecting? What makes your grandpa and the Elder so certain they would do the same for us?" Mog mused aloud to the mouse.

All things come in time, as did the mouse's answer. When he was done Mog asked another question. "How does all of this work, how do you get it to be so cold, like winter? Makes me feel like home. Why do the humans need the cold? Are they like bears? Sleep in the winter, save energy?"

Again, Mog got his answer. Wanting to move things along before he outstayed his welcome and risked breaking his cover he moved to wrap things up with the important question. The inquisitive wolf asked "On to business now, before I forget. In an emergency, like the fire we just had or a more dangerous intrusion, how do we move them. I assume they can walk on their own and can use the ladders or stairs normally, and I guess the wheelchair is for when they can't for whatever reason, but how do we get the wheelchair out of the basement with no ramp? How do we move the pods they are in if we have to move them without waking them?"

This was the real question, with luck the mouse would answer his question and solve their logistical nightmare of getting these ape sized creatures out of the basement and off into the forests with only a team of four smugglers and a pair of mercenaries.

For a terrible moment as Mog stood waiting for the mouse's answer, his will wavered. Maybe they should just give up on the job working for the creatures they hated. Confess, ask for work from the Elder and forgiveness for their trespass and crimes. They were already in the know and could be valuable allies against the pigs. They could provide insight into the goals of the pigs in town and they were better armed and armoured than the security the Elder already had. The mouse seemed certain that these 'humans' were good creatures worth protecting for past deeds lost to history. Wasn't that worth fighting for? Something real?

But just for a moment. His will hardened. It was something to ponder later, he'd discuss it with Kinny and Bobby.

>Rolling for Perception and then History check to see what I can perceive of how things work and to see what I know of the presumably Old One's tech I see and anything I know about 'humans'. Perception is +1, History is +0.

Sorry for the wait.
Shit, I didn't refresh before I starting writing or before I posted. Either way, doesn't change my action. I wanna let this mouse think he's stalling me if he is actually aware of what is going on. Maybe in his urgency to stall me he'll actually drop the answers I want. As soon as I get my answers then the plan is actually rather simple. We can confess and try and switch sides in return for pay, maybe after beating the guards to demonstrate our worth, OR we simply fight. If Kinny uses the ladder to lightning dagger the wolves to death before they breach the door then this is easily solved. If they breach before we make it up the ladder then we'll have to fight. The mice presumably aren't worth shit in a fight and are noncombatant scientist types. The four wolves and maybe eventually Moses will probably be a modest challenge, but hopefully our armour and bigger bonuses will carry the day for us. We DO have the super lightning daggers and some surprisingly good early game weapons. Level 1 is always the most deadly time for PCs in fifth edition, after we level up it should be smooth sailing. Even with the low HP totals at level 1, I'm confident we can at least beat the mooks, especially with my high AC, healing, and high damage, plus your lightning daggers are super broken if not for my copper shield making it likely that using them would literally one-shot me.
Going to be gone for a bit. Sorry guys.
Like I said I will be available on Wednesday if I am not here tonight.

I'm sorry you feel that way Kinny. Hopefully things will get better for your character soon. Again I am sorry that all this is happening for you.
Cya on Wedsnesday if you can't make it back tonight. Had fun.

Also, I'm not sure, but I don't think Kinny is actually mad at you QM. I think he's just fed up with our smuggler companion's antagonistic attitude towards him, maybe you should tell him that she's just tsundere for him, it's how she shows love, lol. Though, it seems more like she has the hots for me, lmao. Whoever heard of a cat, let alone a wolf drinking fermented fruit juice? She should've offered a juicy steak dinner instead, with fresh blood for the drink. Mog's still salty about the pomegranate.

Are we gonna get a battle map for the basement/or roof? It may be useful if we are fighting a pitched battle soon. Sorry if it is too much to ask.

God, sure would be nice if we had our druid healer right about now...
Just in case you do get back tonight QM, I'll be busy for an hour, maybe a little longer, so I can't post for a bit. Anyways, I'll see you guys in a bit.
Rolled 17 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>The cat made up his mind. We're changing some things.
Kinny looked at the bobtail weirdly, but lowered his voice eeever so slightly. "If they were listening all along, then the one downstairs wouldn't be giving out free tours, as for whether they're watching us right now... we'll be screwed no matter what we say, if they are." The rogue explained and just as he finished, the loud banging and angry voices reached them. "Well fuck! Sounds like that mouse wasn't lying about ratting us out!" The cat got up, glanced at the metal door, at the bobcat and finally set his eyes back at the cellar entrance. "Get down there, by now Mog should know the other way out of the barn... and while you're in there, smack that rat for me!" Kinny pushed the bobtail towards the secret passage and turned his attention towards the other cats. "Hey! You lot! Follow your girl!"

With the felines out of the way, Kinny pulled one of his Lightning Daggers out its sheath. "Playtime's over, this better not be a dud." The cat mouthed and he hurled the magical blade at the metal door as hard as he could. *electricity crackling*
>Throwing Lightning Dagger at the door using dex mod
This better hit and instakill them all.
I'm proud to say that my 2 braincells came up with the dagger throw before reading this.
I'm salty cause I HAD a plan and HAVE set things up, but it was all stripped away by mice-from-thin-air (even though the fire should have NOT went off just yet!) and now the most infuriating cunt this side of river Styx keeps on insulting me still and asking what's the plan. The fate has decided there is none, go choke one a wolf-dick.
>God, sure would be nice if we had our druid healer right about now...
Only on a malaysian dog-breeding forum can a motherfucker complain about you not participating in a quest and then leave without a word and care in the world.
Blaming any and all mistakes at phonetyping at 1:40am
Last post I can make tonight.
Roll me 5d4 Lightning damage.
Rolled 4, 3, 3, 2, 3 = 15 (5d4)

>Rolling damage.
...turns out all I have to do is act like a psychopath. Can we get their pov, QM? That'd be kathartic.
That's it for me for now, will read tomorrow. Goodnight.
Goodnight all, sleep well, I'll see you guys tomorrow.

I will say that I thought our plan was pretty good, as were our improvisations. The bad roll on the stairs and the fact that this place is apparently infested with mice hiding in the walls that can apparently hear and see us through them without us being able to do the same kinda fucked us. I also didn't think Atreyu and the she-bitches of Xana would return so quickly, since I reasoned that whatever lake they were travelling to to bathe would've had to be quite far away because Xana had no mention of being on the shore of a lake and this barn has a basement, meaning that if there was a lake nearby then the basement would probably be underneath the water table and hence flooded. Still, at least we'll have a climatic finish and get to put our new gear to work.

I also hope to god your lightning dagger tactic works properly and you electrocute the dumb wolves through the door instead of it just causing the door to explode and let them in or something awful.
>infested with mice hiding in the walls that can apparently hear and see us through them
Calling bullshit on this, as I said earlier.
>I reasoned that whatever lake they were travelling to to bathe would've had to be quite far away because
The lake can be seen on the map.
>causing the door to explode
I don't think a metal door would easily explode when struck with lightning. At that point I'd honestly just leave.
do we continue in 5 hours or next week?
Something came up unfortunately it will have to wait til next week.
Ah, I forgot about the map.

A shame, I'll see you guys then.
I realize that due to it being Thanksgiving this week a lot of people are going to be traveling to see family. To make sure I am not ruining anything, I'll be moving our session to next week.
Aw shit. I'm personally fine with all the tuesdays, regardless of holidays, until further notice.
I mean...I'm still good for this Tuesday (tomorrow for me) if you guys are, I would've said something otherwise. I'm already working remotely from my parent's house. If you need Tuesday off to see family yourself QM, then that's perfectly fine, but I think Kinny and I are good to go.

The same applies to all holidays in the future until I say otherwise.
Checking in, in case QM shows up.
We on for today or not?
Rolled 6, 18, 4 = 28 (3d20)

OP, it's impossible for us to communicate with you if you leave a single message and then don't check our responses. It's very shit to be on this end.
*throws dice at u*
File: sakura-miko-faq.gif (6.84 MB, 498x280)
6.84 MB
6.84 MB GIF
Rolled 7, 13, 1 = 21 (3d20)

FAQ U bich
File: 1667738669696.gif (1.78 MB, 270x188)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB GIF
Rolled 12, 5, 13 = 30 (3d20)

Looks like Mog got Mogged!
Sorry extended family is here with me and won't leave until Sunday. Again I am sorry.
Rolled 14, 9, 5 = 28 (3d20)

It's okay and thanks for communicating QM.
I can play dice games with Mog instead, if he thinks he can beat me.
*throws dice at you too*
'Kay, thanks for telling us. I guess I'll see you guys next week.

I'm gonna have to bow out in favour of your superior luck, that Nat 1 killed my chances of overcoming you it seems. Just be careful not to burn your luck.
So you're leaving? rip
Not leaving the game, lol. Just gonna go do stuff instead of throw dice at you.
Yes that's what I meant. Cya in a week I guess.
We good for tomonroe?
I should still be good for tomorrow, yeah.
I should be good tomorrow.
Give me a couple of hours and I should be awake enough to start us off
>Bobby and the rest of her bobtailed friends soon rush downstairs.
>You reach for your Lightning Dagger.
>The banging gets louder.
>As you prepare the dagger, electricity courses through your paw and surges through your body.
>You feel strangely excited as you use your new weapon.
>The voice of the lead guard Atreyu starts screaming for you to open the door.
>You aim your dagger with the most precise accuracy you have.
>Once you have your target you then finally throw the enchanted weapon.
>Hitting straight in the center.
>As soon as it hits it's target it explodes.
>Luckily you were a safe distance away so it would not hurt you.
>But it was way louder than you were expecting.
>Suddenly there was silence.

>Can we get their pov, QM? That'd be kathartic.
Ask and ye shall recieve.
>Atreyu and her army of wolves were hurrying.
>They had to protect the humans.
>Who knew what these beasts were going to do with them.
>Atreyu kept trying breaking the door as she was howling orders to you to let her in.
"Fucking hell! Come on! Open up! We can't let anyone know they're here!"
>She was then going to reach for her sword.
>Maybe try and slice the door open.
>Suddenly she heard a crackling noise.
>She wasn't sure what it was.
>The other wolves looked around to see as well.
>The door suddenly changed color.
>It was no longer a rusted brown but a heated red.
>Atreyu soon realized what just happened.
>She assumed they used Lightning Magic... or stole some daggers from someone she knew.
>She also assumed they knew that this door was a great electric conductor as well.
>She knew...
>Their fate was sealed.
>Suddenly, a 15x30 cone of electricity comes out from the door.
>Doing 45 Electrical Damage to Atreyu and the rest of the wolves.
>Electricuting and burning the canines to death as the blast of lightning goes through them in an instant.
>Most of them lie dead on the ground.
>Atreyu gets up with the last of her strength looking at door.
>She whimpers in pain.
>She speaks softly.
"Swift.... Moses.... Sean.... I failed...."
>With that she collapses.
>Passing on to the next life.

>Back with Kinny.
>You question if you have gone deaf or if all the soldiers were dead.
>Still best not to stick around and find out.
>Especially if these mice saw everything.
What do you do now?

I'll get to Mog next Post.
>The young mouse boy was happy to answer questions for the big wolf trainee.

>"What's so special about them that makes them worth protecting? What makes your grandpa and the Elder so certain they would do the same for us?"
"I'm not 100% sure. Grandpa said they gave him and Swift a lot of medicine when they were babies. They were sick and the only way the humans could heal them was embed some stone in them. I've personally never seen the stone, but grandpa still says he has it and it's because of them. He says that Swift and him owe them a great gratitude because of it. So when they found this, they decided to dedicate their lives to protect it. So they can heal all the animals like they did with him and the Elder."
>So they are healers?
>Odd thing for this ape like creature to be.
>Most of them look too muscular to be such a thing.
>Then again some of them also look very fragile as well.
>Still how can a being heal something with just a stone?

>"How does all of this work, how do you get it to be so cold, like winter?"
"Well grandpa says it's because that this does help them stay asleep. As for how it works... I don't know. Grandpa never told me how it worked. Just that the machines did they were supposed to because that's what the humans commanded them to do."
>Old one... or rather human technology was weird.
>You can still never understand it to this day.

>"How do we get the wheelchair out of the basement with no ramp?"
"We aren't supposed to bring the wheelchairs down here. We're supposed to carry them up the stairs. Though that's more of Moses' job since he is the only one who can actually lift them. They are rather a heavy species."
>Makes sense.
>A bear could easily pick up a creature of this size with ease.
>Still seems reckless to just carry a newly revived creature like that.

>"How do we move the pods they are in if we have to move them without waking them?"
"We're not supposed to wake them. The machines are supposed to do They will wake them up once the human or humans are ready."
>Once they are ready?
>How could a machine tell them they are ready to wake up?
>Human technology continues to get weirder and weirder.

>As you continue to ponder what is morally the right thing to do, Bobby and her feline gang head downstairs.
>They all look like their hearts lept out of their chest.
"Mog! We have a problem an-"
>Before she could finish her sentece she looked around the place in horror.
>It was filled to the brim with creatures she did not recognize at all.
>She took a step back with her gang.
>Shocked by the sight of everything.
"What the fuck are these things?!"
File: The Human 3.png (4 KB, 611x361)
4 KB
I was literally 110 words over. Well since it is a new post might as well add more.

>Before anyone could answer or ask any question, a strange red light began to flicker.
>The blinking red light was coming from one of the tubes carrying the humans.
>Before you knew it the area around said tube was starting to get warmer.
>The glass containing the human began to rise up inside the machine.
>Cold water spills out everywhere hitting the floor.
>Along with it, a limp human body.
>It looks unconscious.
>Still looks like it is breathing though.
>The mouse goes over to check up on the new being.
"Mr. wolf, do you think you can carry them upstairs?"
>The mouse asks.
>The cats are all backing up.
>They actually seem afraid of the hairless monkey.
>The mouse then continues to ask for your help.
Mog what do you do?
File: Spoiler Image (1.45 MB, 320x320)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB GIF
Kinny stared at where the door once was for a second or two before quickly turning tail and hurrying downstairs, he ignored the slight shock and deafness from the huuge electrical explosion that just went off in front of him.
He wasn't AT ALL interested in finding out whether any of the soldiers survived and (bastet forbid) were now chasing after him, he was determined to get out of this horrible rat-infested barn before their current situation turned into an even bigger shitshow, and that meant hurrying his Wolf companion with whatever he was doing.
*distant BOOM*
And just seconds later the entirety of Bobtail Incorporated (and Mog) saw Kinny loudly for a cat stumbling down the stairs at near the lightspeed, audibly scraping at the surface with his claws so he wouldn't slip and travel down the remaining steps bouncing on his ass. Once down, he hopped in his canine friend's general direction, slid on the floor for dramatic effect and spat out.
"We nEeD tO GeT OUTofHERENOW, tHe GuARDS ARE... heRe" The cat whizzed out, half-whispering, half-helling at the wolf since he couldn't regulate his voice while being still about 79% deaf. After that Kinny started breathing again.
And then he noticed the human. "WhADeFuCkisThAt," the feline rogue said as he started backing off and slightly bumped into Bobtail's face. The startled pussy almost jumped on Mog's back this time. "ApoLoGieS," the cat mumbled to Bobtail once he made sure she isn't yet another creepy, wet monkey.
Here, catching up. Gimme a bit.
Take your time Friend.
Rolled 8, 10 = 18 (2d20)

Mog cursed the designer of this horrid building for not thinking of the needs of any would-be future thieves. 'Why the flying fuck would they make it so that you couldn't get things upstairs without a freaking bear? What if you had to move parts up or down when repairing the machinery? What a cursed place' he moaned internally as the mouse dashed his hopes.

Turning to face Bobby he acknowledged the mouse's request with a quick "On it, give me a moment to rally my crew". He hoped the mouse was slow on the uptake and just stayed out of their way. With that said, he quickly ushered the frightened cats into a corner. "Hey! Snap out of it! That skinny hairless ape is an Old One, Humans as I just learned they are called. The cold artifacts we are after is all of this machinery, but there is no way we are gonna be able to move all of it. It doesn't matter though, the cold things are just here to preserve the real prize, the Humans. Help me carry this one, we'll be rich, just you see." the harried wolf whispered to the suddenly meek cat. He was hoping the reorientation towards a purpose, combined with a reminder of the wealth that awaited them would snap them out of it.

Suddenly there was an explosion. Everyone's ears lowered pressed close to their heads. Even from below the explosion rattled Mog's ears. Moments later Kinny came skidding down the stairs at a breakneck speed and shout-whispering something incoherent.

'I have no idea what Kinny is saying, but I bet that explosion was his doing. So much for no-killing.' The now irate wolf thought. 'There's no point in catching Kinny up to speed, he's half-deaf.'

"C'mon, lets go gang, get a move on! Everyone grab a limb and head on upstairs." Mog shouted. After that hoisted one of the human's arms over his shoulder and began carrying him up the stairs the best he could.

>1st roll to try and snap Bobby and her crew out of it quickly. Persuasion is +8
>2nd roll is a Athletics check for my contribution to lifting the human. Athletics is +6
>Bobby nodded her head.
>She understood her mission.
>She was still wondering what the fuck this thing was, but hey it's part of the job.
>Mog and the Bobtail gang soon start lifting the human up and start taking him up the stairs.
>Took some time but you guys got it lifted up.
>The mouse was happy to see you all helping the human out.
>But then he noticed Kinny.
"Hey wait a minute."
>The mouse stated with a confused expression.
"What is that cat still doing here?"
What do you two do?

Also Kinny roll me a Wisdom saving throw, get a 10 or above and you get your hearing back to normal.
I'm gonna leave Kinny to have his fun with the mouse - I recall Kinny wanting to slug this mouse - or to come up with an explanation if he feels like continuing to go along with our deception. I assume that the bobtail gang and I are already part way up the stairs, so it'd be awkward for me to squirm back down there and explain or fake arresting Kinny again. Not much point pretending at this point anyways with the dead bodies and the explosion and everything.
Rolled 19 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Kinny looked at Mog and his helpers carrying the gross wet animal upstairs, kind of disturbed by the whole spectacle... and then with the corner of his eye he noticed the concerned mouse. He realized the wolf must've successfully swindled the mouse so far... but the time for that was over, with the cats carrying what must've been their prize upstairs.
With adrenaline still pumping in his paws, he lunged at the mouse with intent to restrain it so he could tie the little fuck up. A hostage could help, should they need to stall the guards on their way away from this blasted place.

>Rollan Wis[+2]
>Kindly tell me what to roll for cocainated cat kidnapping a mouse
>Kinny taps his forehead, covers his nose and pops his eardrums back into place
Reading a book about all the different methods of meditation comes in handy in the most unexpected situations.
You don't have to roll anything.

>The first thing Kinny can clearly hear is that mouse.
>That loudmouth mouse that was clearly causing him so much trouble.
>The mouse stares at the cat now getting on all fours.
>Kinny lunges at him.
>Catching him with ease since he is small and you do overpower him.
>You think about tying him up.
>Then again you would need a tiny piece of string in order to do so.
>Luckily the mouse seems to be frozen in fear.
>Not even resisting at all.
>A common thing for mice to do once they realize they have been caught.
>So now Kinny has his hostage.
>He then heads upstairs with the others.
>Especially glad since he can hear better now.

>The gang is now regrouped.
>Back in the barn top floor.
>Now with an unconscious human on the floor.
>The Bobtail group stares at the duo.
>Bobby obviously speaks for the group.
"Okay... what do we do now? We never expected to be carrying a living being with us. We thought it was like gold or some shit like that. We don't deal with trafficking."
What's the plan Mog and Kinny?
Kinny finished carefully stuffing the frozen mouse into a bite-proof pocket in his backpack and looked at the Bobcat. "Agreed that trafficking cats, dogs or... mice is problematic, but have you ever heard of hairless APE trafficking? It's not like there's more of them to file a complaint to your boss..." He then turned to Mog. "But... are these creatures really what we're looking for? They don't seem to be emanating cold, matter of fact they are getting warmer!" the cat tapped the body with a paw, as if to make a point.
forgot to @ you >>5480216
Mog shrugged. "Plop them in the 'wheelchair' with the rest of the loot. You can use the rope from my explorer's kit to tie the human to the chair firmly, or to make sure the loot is secure. We have rations, we'll head into the woods and make our escape to another town. From there we'll find the contacts we need to sell this human, I guess." Mog started to explain before pausing. He turned and snorted after thinking for a bit. This was awful business, trafficking live creatures, it wasn't what they signed up for.

After a moment he continued, "Alternatively, Bobby, Kinny, we could go up the chain of your contacts and arrange for a larger gang of movers to work with us. From there we could come back with the proper tools and take everything from this barn's basement, including everything that is bolted down. The sleeping pods, all the machinery, the humans, everything. If anyone here has an issue with transporting and selling fellow animals then speak up. If that's the case then we'll just use the human as a hostage so that they don't risk going after us with anything too explosive and we'll just come back for the machines instead of these hairless apes."

The wolf dropped his rope for the cats to use and then ordered "Either way, we can't waste time, we gotta move, there could be more guards on the way right this second."

Privately, Mog thought about his earlier thought, of confessing to the village elder. They could ask for forgiveness, plead their ignorance of the pig's intentions or the stakes before knowing what was down here. They could even pressure the elder, with only Moses to back him up the Elder had little coercive or bargaining power, he needed more paws on deck to keep the predations of the pigs at bay, paws they could provide. But he quickly dismissed sharing this with the group, they'd already spilled blood, the deaths were quickly apparent to Mog now that he observed Kinny's work. The Elder would sell them out and seek justice against them the moment a new band of mercenaries wandered into town. Time to get back to work.
"Oh, right, you were deaf. Kinny the cold emanating artifacts were those machines down there that these hairless apes were in. These creatures are the Old Ones, actually called humans. The problem is we don't have enough strong people with us to carry off all the machines down there, and the whole point of those machines is to keep the Old Ones alive. They are the thing of real value. Just think of all their ancient knowledge, what they built! What they could build again for us!" The black and white ombré furred wolf answered.
Kinny blinked. "What do you mean 'come back'? We just fried a bunch of wolves, and need to get the fuck outta here before the Elder, or the mice, or anyone else decides to investigate the lightning strike!" The cat took a glance in the direction dead wolves with a bit of guilt, but forced himself to shake it off for now and focused on Mog's explanation. "Well then! So much for selling 'artifacts'! I don't care what happens to these creatures, but assessing the value of biological organisms is NOT a part of the trade I've learned. We will need to get somebody who knows a thing or two about the Old Ones." This time the rogue started hauling the human onto the wheelchair with the other cats.
Mog followed Kinny's gaze to the corpses and sighed. "I meant what I said. We are skipping town for sure, but we could sneak back into town if we wanted. Mind you this would be weeks later, any investigators or additional town guards taken on after the elder goes on high alert will have probably dispersed once the rabbit determines we aren't in town anymore. If you don't want to traffick living creatures then frankly I am right there with you, but we ought to get something out of this. If what's down there is really so valuable, worth billions of silver to the pigs, then risking coming back here for the machines may be worth it. This is all hypothetical though, the human is what we have at the moment and we have to focus on getting outta here." With the issue put aside for the moment Mog led them out of the barn and towards the forest, though away from the spot the pigs or the husky chose.
Rolling Perception to find the QM!
File: The Human 4.png (404 KB, 780x760)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
"I mean both of you have a point. They could give us a lot of money especially if they know a shit ton about the Old World. But you saw how many of those creatures were in tubes. What if this thing is a child and it's probably dangerous adult tries to take it back from us? Would we technically be screwed? Fuck! I don't even want to know what this thing can do when it is mad. As much as I want the money and the knowledge I think Kinny is right, we should just take this one human, sell it to your or our contacts, and then kindly fuck off miles away from this area."
>Bobby's group nods their heads in agreement.
>As much as they liked the sound of the payment, they knew there were too many risks.
"Sorry but if you are wanting more people to get these beings you are going to have to hire another group of plunderers. Like I said, we will do this one and that is it."
>They soon did what Mog ordered.
>They took the human and placed them onto the wheelchair and tied them up.
>Kinny was definitely right about them getting warmer.
>It seemed with each passing second the human was becoming more and more alive.
>As the group of cats finished tying the target up, something unexpected happened.
>The human woke up.
>They looked around for a bit.
>They were definitely confused about where they were.
"Càit a bheil mi?"
>The human muttered to themselves.
>They then looked over to you.
"Beathaichean? Carson a tha mi air beulaibh grunn chait is chon?"
>Now that you got a better look and could hear them, you could tell the human was in fact female.
>Not sure about the age though.
>One of Bobby's crewmates of course freaked out.
"It's awake!! The Old One is Awake and has come to smite us!! With her ancient tongue!!"
>The human looked at the group surprised that even you could all talk.
"A' bruidhinn bheathaichean?! Dè an seòrsa deamhain ifrinn a th’ annad uile?! Dè tha dol an seo?!"
>She tried struggling her way out of the chair.
>Grunting and screaming as she squirmed around.
>None of you can understand this being.
>So reasoning with it was almost out of the question unless you found another way to communicate.
>You have to calm her down somehow.
What do you all do?

Before you ask, this is Scottish Gaelic.
Rolled 17 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

You have found me. Sorry for taking so long.
Found em! Also, have read the post yet except for the spoiler, but lol we must be in Scotland or something. The husky was Scottish too I think.
"Well shit, our money is about to walk away." Kinny's eyes got huge and his ears went flat, he stepped back. He then carefully unsheathed his dagger and kept it hidden behind his front paw. "I don't know about you guys, but I do not wish to die. Maybe we should knock it out with something before it starts attacking? Mog? Mog!" The cat nervously glanced at his companion. If anyone in the barn could put up a fight with this creature, it was the huge wolf.
Rolled 2, 15 = 17 (2d20)

lol at the child calling us demons.

Mog stared, maw agape. What the fuck was going on? Were they about to die? No...no! He had to take charge, he had a band to lead. Closing his eyes and looking upwards at the moon through lidded eyes towards the moon he offered up a prayer to the Moon and Roots Below.

After that was done, he decided to make his appeal to the human. Should he let the human smell him? Surely that'd calm her down. No, maybe he should headpat her, offer her comfort. He once had a war buddy that kept insects as pets, he always used to headpat them. No, wait, this was an Old One, she wouldn't want to be treated like some dumb insect.

Argh! What to do?

Going with his gut Mog stood up on his hind legs and with one of his paws put to his chest he said "Me Mog". Then he put his paw on the human's chest and with excruciating slowness asked "What your name?"

>1st roll for prayer for guidance! +0 for Religion
>2nd roll for Persuasion +8
Also, there's another final post of mine above yours that you may have missed.
*That should be Moon Above and Roots Below.
I'll be busy for an hour, I have to make and eat lunch. Cya soon.
Sorry for missing this post, let's just say this happened on your way to the forest.

>Not really walk away but more ever so slightly roll away.
>She was still stuck in the chair unable to move.
>Still tied up tightly.
>It was more of a snail's pace she was rolling.
>As our duo was planning on how to calm her down, Bobby was trying her best to calm her felines down as well to try and not make a scene.
>Mog tried praying his way out, but it didn't seem to help today.
>Maybe the screams of an ancient being along with a dumb cat were blocking his diety's ears.
>Mog then decided to use his words to try and calm down the human.
>The human continues to stare at the group.
>Barely understanding them.
>The human then notices the wolf standing.
"Ifrinn fhuilteach... coisichidh e air dà chois."
>She then calmly faints.
>Probably the shock of seeing a dog walk and speak were too much for her.
>Still she is calm and quiet now.
>Bobby then went up to the duo talking to Kinny.
"Got my stupid member to shut the fuck up. I see you got the human calm. We better find your contacts soon."

>You all travel deeper into the woods.
>But as you get closer... you notice an odd stench in the air.
Kinny and Mog roll Peception.
Rolled 7 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Sigh. Is it the bear or the pigs ambushing us?

Taking my break now to go make lunch.
Rolled 20 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

>Mog tried praying his way out, but it didn't seem to help today
Would you LOOK at that. Cat no stupid now!
>Mog smells it, but for some reason it isn't clear to him.
>It's being blocked by some other conflicting smell.
>Damn your extra sensitive nose.
>Kinny on the other hand can smell it... and it was something he was not expecting to smell.
>Fresh blood.
>Freshly cut flesh from a fatty animal from the smell.
>Maybe Cow.
>No definitely Pig.
>As Kinny continued to ponder why there would be a fresh kill here, he was suddenly interrupted by something landing in front of him.
>A head.
>A head of a pig.
>Not just any pig mind you but Boaris Tweed himself.
>Bobby's group puke at the sight.
>Tweed's face was all cut up and bitten.
>Some of his skull was even showing.
>You were going to ask what the hell did this... until you saw it.
>A Giant mantis.
>Eight Feet Tall.
>Slowly eating the body of a pig.
>It then looks over to your dirction.
>It doesn't seem to do anything yet.
>Is it going to charge you or wait to chase you?
What do you do?
Kinny gives Mog a tiny but serious shove and veeeeery sloooowly points in the direction of the Mantis.
Back. Gimme a bit to write up my post.
dune sweat it
cause I'm already sweatin
Rolled 3 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

A friendly reminder to Kinny that we both have the Lucky feat and a full 3 luck points to spend for advantage.

Mog was in a pretty good mood. They seemed to be making good on their getaway and Mog had just talked down an Old One. "I'm like the human whisperer." he bantered at Kinny.

When he turned to look at Kinny the cat was staring. Why was he doing that...what was that stench? His companion gave him a barely noticeable shove with bulging eyes and a serious manner about him. "hEY-! What are you doing...?" Slowly he turned to follow Kinny's paw.

And what a sight that awaited him. It was like a scene out of nightmare. All Mog said at first was, "Heh, that's...one less loose end...I guess."

He was brave all the way down, but suddenly he wished he hadn't been silently mocking the insects in his memory. Still, there was only two ways to go about this now. Fight or Flight.

"Kinny, flank or go high. No thrown lightning daggers, it'll kill me and burn the forest down. Retreating is too hard with the roots of the forest all about us, the wheelchair will get caught on them. Go, now!" he barked out orders rapidly and with the chilling certainty of oncoming death.

Drawing his Broadsword with a flourish, he fearlessly charged down the mantis. The wind whipped in his ears, his blood soared. He leapt the last few feet and swiped horizontally, aiming to cleave the mantis in half.

>I charge the mantis and attack it with my Broadsword. If I miss I'll use one of my luck points to reroll. I also intend to roll a luck point to reduce his chance of hitting me when he attacks too.
Rolled 1 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Rerolling that roll with a luck point. Also, should we roll initiative or is it assumed that I strike first since I posted first?
oof, I better start praying...
Rolled 7, 9 = 16 (2d20)

>Just like the Mantis predicted, it's small foolish pray will go charging towards it.
>The slash that the wolf did was a bit weak.
>Seems the exoskeletal armor the bug had was a bit stronger than he anticipated.
>The Mantis strikes back.
>Trying to hit Mog with one of it's arms.
Roll initiative.

First roll is attack. (+2 to hit)
Second roll is initiative. (+1 to roll)
What do I do now? Roll Initiative? Write an ackshon?
more like oof
Roll initiative.
Rolled 4 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

*intense focus*
Rolled 12 - 2 (1d20 - 2)

Mog grunted as the mantis flailed against his chain armour. Hoping to encourage his companions he shouted out "See!? It's feeble! Get in here, meat's back on the menu, we're eating mantis tonight!"

>Initiative roll.
Hmpf. That's only because you were closer!
So does Mog get in another attack or does Mantis attack now and then I?
Rolled 6 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Turn order
>Mantis (Due to higher initiative bonus)

>The mantis tries swiping Mog again.
>This time aiming for his legs.
Rolled 4 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

I can't remember how ties are handled in initiative. I'll assume they are handled simultaneously for now.

Struggling as he pushed against the Mantis Mog wormed his way into the giant's side and under his arm before side-checking the bug against a tree. With a moment's respite and the space he needed the wolf worked his way to the mantis's backside so he wouldn't get in Kinny's way. Now they could both flank and attack the mantis without fear of one of their flailing weapons hitting each other.

As the mantis recovered Mog wasted no time in following up. This time Mog struck vertically, aiming to split the pig-killer down the middle.

>I attack with my broadsword. The rest is flavour, though I do move to the mantis's opposite flank so Kinny can attack his other side or throw normal daggers at it without me being in the way.
If I want to use Mog as a stunt ramp for my attack, do I roll for hit or acrobatics first and then hit?
Also, if I hit, can I use Sneak Attack, since Mog is within 5ft of the mantis and I don't think I have a disadvantage?
Rolled 11 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Rerolling my attack with another luck point.
Yes, you get sneak attack. Also I think you wanna do a stunt then you'd roll acrobatics first.
Rolled 2, 3, 4 + 4 = 13 (3d4 + 4)

Also, rolling damage for my Broadsword, assuming I hit.
You do not have disadvantage. The mantis is targeting Mog so you can flank. Also you use Mog as a springboard with Acrobatics and then attack afterwards. Usually that costs two actions but for me it counts as movement and an action.

>You hit the bastard with your broadsword.
>Cutting off one of his arms with ease this time.
>It looks weak.
>One more hit should do it.
Kinny, it's your turn.
I know just forgot what's my dagger profiency lol
Rolled 5 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Kinny isn't going to leave his hot-headed friend behind. The cat sprints towards the Mantis and pulls one of his lightning dangers, ready to use the canine distraction to plant a sparkling blade between the grotesque insect's plates.
Everyone's proficiency is +2 at level one. Proficiency is only added towards the hit along with your dex bonus. Your dex bonus will be added towards your damage.
Rolled 11 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Rerolling, fuck this rigged die!
Roll for damage.
File: 1669759506340.png (23 KB, 316x237)
23 KB
Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d4)

1d4 for piercing, 1d4 for lightning and 1d6 for sneak attack (next post).
Your modifier is wrong. Daggers are Finesse weapons, meaning you can choose to use your dex mod plus your proficiency bonus which should be a total of +6, like me. Also, you can reroll, since you have Lucky like me.
Rolled 5 (1d6)

Also, did you draw this yourself just now? Pretty good for a quick doodle if so.
File: Spoiler Image (32 KB, 369x369)
32 KB
Yeah I didn't remember any of the combat math
Thanks. Anatomy is hard with aphantasia, but I like doodling things like these despite it.
>with that final strike, the giant insect soon starts falling down.
>Twitching a bit before finally dying.

That is a pretty good drawing.
>The mantis is no longer a problem towards your party...
>However you now know you won't get paid by Tweed and his men at all.
>Then again it wouldn't hurt to look around and see if they did leave the promised silver around.
>But what's important right now is hiding and trying to get away from this town.
>You do have a choice on what to do though.
>Try to reap your rewards... or continue going on the run?
Your choice Mog and Kinny.
File: 1669760462209.jpg (395 KB, 660x702)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
I want to know what forest we're in, please show on the map. Cause it would be veeery fucking weird if this random-ass mantis gutted Tweed and then followed us with his head to a *different* forest...
Also I'll be away for 15-30 minutes starting now.
File: Forest Maze.jpg (3.75 MB, 2900x1600)
3.75 MB
3.75 MB JPG
You are in the right entrance of this image.
File: Untitled_2.png (648 KB, 1614x928)
648 KB
648 KB PNG
I misunderstood your question. Sorry about that.
Here is where you are.
Mog let out sigh of relief when the giant mantis finally went down twitching to Kinny's lethal backstab. "See? Wasn't so hard, bigger they are, the harder they fall." he gloated.

Wiping his sword off on a scrap of rich fabric that used to adorn Tweed's girth Mog thoughts turned to the silver.

"But where to go from here? I guess there's no point and worrying about the trap from the husky seeing as the pigs are no longer around to help him if he wanted to ambush us. We may as well meet up with him and catch a ride. Hmm, but what about the silver..." Mog started before trailing off. Slowly, paced around the scene of carnage after sheathing his sword.

After a minute he said "Whaddya say gang? Do we risk checking their inn rooms if their silver isn't on them here? I doubt they ever truly intended to pay us, but they would've had some significant wealth on them anyways to facilitate their opulent standards. Pigs are always fat with wealth, don't know how they manage it. We'd risk running into Moses if we did."

The question was now put to the group. He'd let them chew on it and hear out their reply before making the decision, but while he waited to hear them out he may as well get started looking around for the wealth here and chopping up the corpses for some nice ham and mantis rations.

>I Assist Kinny in searching the area for any wealth the Pigs had on them. I'll insist on at least staying around long enough to search the area even if we don't go into town to loot the pig's rooms.
>I also start chopping up the various corpses into food rations.
Kinny wiped his dagger into grass and sheathed it before gaving Mog a funny look. "I wouldn't trust that dog even if all the pigs in the entire world were eaten by giant mantises. Once a threat, always a threat." The cat stated calmly. He was content, now that they were a significant distance from the barn now.
"As for the pigs's silver, I'd rather not risk going there." Kinny was now rummaging through his pack. "There's something else you should know... Aha! I have the rat from earlier, maybe it can help us handling the Old One?" The black cat pulled out the mouse and showed it to Mog. Its fur was all fuzzy now from the rough storage.
Ah see, I also misread >>5480246 as I thought there was another forest. I thought we were not in a different spot, but in a different place altogether.

Damn I'm sleepy as hell. When will be the next session?
Rolled 9, 17 + 4 = 30 (2d20 + 4)

Oh fuck I'm retarded, sorry.
*before the mouse*
Kinny helped Mog search the area for anything valuable or useful.
>rolling perception with advantage
I think I must go anons, im legit falling asleep here and don't wanna leave you hanging, so please continue without me todaynight. Do tell when next gaym tho.
Rolled 8 + 8 (1d20 + 8)

Mog paused his butchering to observe the mouse clutched tightly in Kinny's paws. Leaning over to get eye level with the mouse it became apparent just how tiny the mouse was. Before he hadn't really took it in when they were still in danger, but now practically comedic. Kinny looked like a giant holding the mouse, and next to Mog he may as well be a speck of dust. The warrior wolf wondered if Moses ever accidentally stepped on any of this guy's relatives whenever he came over for conspiracy meetings with Swift.

"Good thinking, don't lose him, he could be useful like you said. Here, take some pig meet to feed the rat, he'll be stuck riding in that pocket of yours for a while," Mog replied before turning to look down at the mouse and baring his teeth. "Now look here little one, you better work that memory of yours real well and think of ways you can help us keep the human in check. Maybe teach us its language or something. If you don't make yourself useful or if you ever try and escape, well, I'll gobble you right up. And if you ever do escape, well, I might just get hungry, and let me tell you, it's not Kinny I'll be eating, its that Old One."

Threats made, Mog let Kinny put the mouse away before saying "Hey, help me look around the area just to check if the pigs really did intend to pay us. I at least want to loot their pockets and collect the rest of their meat for a late supper."

>Roll to intimidate the mouse just for fun.
>I Assist Kinny in looking around for loot.
Missed this, ignore that last sentence or pretend that you only started helping me after I ask.

G'night. I'll see you next week.

Maybe tell us what we find around the area and then continue next week? Or if there are no more encounters in the area maybe you can do a scene to wrap up and then transition to us escaping and being on the road the next day or transition to us at the next town? Unless there are random encounters or you are waiting on us to roleplay our journey with the mouse and human? Since I'm still good to go and we seem to be done with this first quest except the resolution of what to do with the human.
Good night Friends.
Sorry for not returning.
Had to make a dinner for the family.
Hopefully we can return next week.
See you guys next Tuesday.
File: 1656083545806.png (3 KB, 160x140)
3 KB
Kinny listened to the wolf's blackmail, clearly amused by his creativity. When Mog offered meat, the cat grinned shook his head. "I'm not sure this thing can eat meat at all, I'll just give him some greenery." He then looked down, grabbed a pawful of grass and stuffed it inside his pocket alongside the frozen mouse.
With mouse being taken care of, the black cat took the meat for himself and then nodded towards the Old One. "As much as I'd like to see you try eat that thing and not explode, I think we all should stick to Fresh Ones' meat."
I'm seconding Mog's request for a wrap-up (if we're done). And gib us the results of what we found: >>5480523
>I also start chopping up the various corpses into food rations.
>You ended up gaining a whole week's worth of meat.
>Mantis Meat does sell for a lot.
>Might be worth investing in than eating it.
>Your choice though.

>The mouse still seems a bit frozen.
>Might be stuttering a bit.
>Maybe the shock of him getting kidnapped is still getting to him.

>Kinny and Mog look around the area to search for any loot that was left by the pigs.
>Because of the two working together, you were able to find the following.
>More dead pig corpses, three to be exact (not much good meat on them though)
>A briefcase, who knows what could be in it.
>A diamond, though you are not 100% it is, could be a fake knowing the pigs.
>A strong mace, could be useful.
>A list of individuals interested in what the pigs were selling, maybe one of them could be a good lead on who to sell it to.
>These items could be useful in the longrun.
>Maybe it would be a good idea to take some of them.

>The mouse took that warning to heart.
"No! No! Don't eat her! She could help out this world!"
>The mouse then took out something from his little tiny bag and dropped it on the floor.
>It was a surprisingly big necklace.
>More like a collar really.
>Still it's amazing how that big of an item got into the tiny bag.
"Put this around her neck."
>The mouse insisted.
"It'll help her understand us and help us understand her. Grandpa said so. He enchanted it to do such a thing."
>The mouse seems sincere.
>Maybe it's a good idea to listen to him.
"Also... I do eat meat... but pork does seem a bit too fatty. Mum also said it was bad for your health."

Sorry about the late response.
See you guys on Tuesday.

Also yet again Kinny continue to impress everyone with his good art skills.
Based QM doing overtime.
I'll be investigating the diamond, that's what the cat do for living.
I realize we are getting near the edge of the end. Soon this thread will be purged once it reaches page 10. Any way to archive everything?
I'll archive it on suptg when it gets to page 10 or falls off the board.
File: Wog.png (6 KB, 400x300)
6 KB
Fucking chad lmao
Thank You Based Mog
File: 1668658694139.png (17 KB, 750x450)
17 KB
3 days later... tell me this is good enough
I'm not making a background, but there is a version with a stock photo forest if anyone wants it.
File: batman-thumbs-up.gif (179 KB, 500x420)
179 KB
179 KB GIF
This is amazing.
File: Spoiler Image (215 KB, 800x300)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Thamk you. Shield based on Zelda cause you mentioned it. And yes, that's a giant mantis steak. Turns out, that giant mantises need bones inside to support their giant sexoskeleton.
Also Mog/QM, if you want any details/quirks/idfk changed in the pic, do tell me. Cause I already see one, two, THREE visually jarring fuckups I left and will be correcting this again because of perfectionism -and- OCD. The deadly combination that made me dump over 10 hours into overcorrecting until acceptable quality was achieved.
The game continues in about 10 hours.
Rolled 1 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Great art and memepost. Didn't have time earlier this week to really respond to the last few posts, so I'm getting around to it at the last minute now. In regards to changes, there's only really one big one and maybe a few minor ones. First, I imagined Mog as being an ombré furred wolf. This isn't so much a sUpEr sPeSHUL OC character thing so much as I imagined him to be either on the older side or having his fur turned partially white starting at the tips due to stress. Plus, I previously mentioned his leg was scared I think, there should be a 'skunk' stripe of white fur on one of his legs where the scar is. That's the only real major thing. The minor things would be stuff like the fact that Mog is carrying a fucking armoury with him, a Greatsword, a Broadsword, a Maul, a trophy dagger taken from a fallen foe, etc. Though, I imagine that would be a lot of clutter and make for an unclean design. Plus, some of it may be in my bag, if it can fit. Thanks for the effort though, kino shit

Mog gave Kinny a brief wry smile upon hearing his superstitious advice - superstitions that Mog in fact held as well - but didn't reply beyond nodding. He trusted Kinny was just playing along given the mice in this land apparently had supernaturally good hearing and they didn't want to give up how empty their threat was.

The increasingly burdened wolf quickly searched the pig corpses for any treasure before plopping the diamond and mace in his bag. After a moment indulging in his paranoid instinct to smell the still air of the forest to check for any lurking foreign parties he handed the documents containing the list of interested buyers off to Kinny, the skulk-cat would be better suited to digging up information on the shady folks, and Mog didn't want to get blood from his butchery on the papers. Finally he grabbed the briefcase in one paw and the necklace in the other, it was almost time to move on, just one last thing to do to really put a stick in the eye of those lard-asses.




Some time passed as Mog went about chopping up the remaining pig corpses and attempted to store the meat in some clean leaves for travel before they regrouped with the bobtail cats. If anyone found the lewd work of art left behind by the old wolf of a porcine centipede being fucked in the ass by a giant mantis, well, Mog hoped they appreciated fine art when they saw it. It was truly his finest work to date, everyone has to have a hobby.

"Plenty O'fresh one's meat to go around now friend, we'll be eating good for a while. Mantis meat is worth quite a penny I hear, may be worth saving some of it to sell given that it may take a while to turn a profit from this job, still may as well cook at least a day's worth up later to celebrate, plus the meat very well may not keep long enough for us to make it into a place to sell." Mog said out in the open air, fishing for consul.

Time to go.
>That roll was a Performance check for the Lurid artwork Mog left behind.

I must say that is the perfect roll. Either it is entirely unrecognizable as an attempt by a sapient being at arranging anything and thus not incriminating, or it is a Lovecraftian horror show worthy of the spiteful demented mind of Mog and his attempts to express how annoyed this job made him secretly.
File: 1670325253451.jpg (148 KB, 510x510)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Rolled 2 (1d4)

>Hombre color
>So old his hair starts going white
Well I'm glad I can draw fur, then! Haha. Oh god.
You made me google skunks and damn, their fur does look nice. As for scar, roling for leg I guess.
My bröther in christ. It's totally all in your backpack, which is under the shield. And now I'm convinced there are some frag grenades in the side pouch, too. Define maul btw.
I didn't wanna sift through posts to find these details, sorry.
>takes all the loot instead of giving it to smuggler
I was gonna check that diamond for fakeness
>his little tiny bag
Kinny took the bag off of the mouse with a claw and put it in a separate pocket.
>Mum also said it was bad for your health.
"Having 50 kids with multiple fathers can't be healthy," the cat said as he was stuffing the mouse back in its temporary new home, "and she didn't seem to mind."
"How could they know who to sell to if they didn't even know what they were selling?" Kinny picked up the list and took a look at the names. He mumbled something under his nose and nodded to himself before carefully folding and sliding the piece of paper under his belt. "VERY curious."
The rogue then turned his attention to Mog who was pocketing the diamond. "Hey, if you're planning to sell that thing, you better let me take a look at it first. Could be a fake for all we know," he said and expectantly extended his paw towards the bloody wolf. His pupils seemed unusually large.


Kinny observed in silence as Mog created the crude depicion of a Centipige being savagely violated by a massive Mantis. He didn't know what led the wolf down this dark path, but he was glad it didn't awake anything in him. Then he quietly left.
Once the rogue shook the intrusive imagery off, he turned his attention to the Bobtail and walked towards her. "Hey, do you know any of these names? It's better we share all the information we have. For all we know these guys could be in cahoots," he said as he pulled the paper out and flicked it open in front of the head smuggler.


When Mog inquired about cooking the meat, he realized that Kinny has been absent-mindedly staring at a tree behind his back for a while. "Yea... let's cook some of it, I haven't eaten anything since we left that tavern," the cat blinked a couple times. "Please keep the mantis meat away from pork."
Which one of us is a better cook?

>Kinny reads the list
>Looks for any names he knows
>If he recognizes any names, what do they sell/buy?
>Is there any information about who the diamond was supposed to go to?
>Ask Bobtail about her knowledge about people on the list
Do I roll anything?
I'll also roll investigation on the diamond once/if I get it.
>lewd work of art left behind by the old wolf of a porcine centipede being fucked in the ass by a giant mantis.

>Several things were wrong with the art left behind.
>One could view it as a style of art not yet ready for the world of art but can be appreciated...
>Maybe next millenia.

>Kinny took the bag off of the mouse with a claw and put it in a separate pocket.

>Kinny takes the bag with unlimited potential.
>Might be something worth investigating.

>"Having 50 kids with multiple fathers can't be healthy," the cat said as he was stuffing the mouse back in its temporary new home, "and she didn't seem to mind."

>The mouse took offense to that.
"There was no need for that. I didn't make fun of your mother."

>"Hey, do you know any of these names? It's better we share all the information we have."

>Bobby looks at the list.
>She dawns on a pair glasses to read better.
"Let's see... reading this.... Lincoln the Flametongue, more than likely a lizard, was offering 30,000 silver for the item in the barn. A mister Lanesboro was offering 400,000 silver. And... holy fuck Emperor Clayton from the Ape Kingdom... he's offering 2,000,000 Silver. Fuck these are good offers. Especially from the emperor himself... sad to disappoint him but this item they are wanting is a... hoo mun you said it was pronounced. I don't think they are going to pay much for that."

>Which one of us is a better cook?
>Obviously the pork.
>Bug meat of any kind is hard to cook.
>You would need a Proficiency on Cooking tools to mess with it.
>But an attempt can be made.
Roll a survival check.

>I'll also roll investigation on the diamond once/if I get it.
Fair enough.
I just don't want the little shit to escape, who knows what's inside.
>The mouse took offense to that.
There was no need to criticize pig meat either.
>Emprah paying 2 million
Well, metagaming time, we need a background on this world. Do working fridges exist here? Cause we could just poke the rat until he tells us how to build one and we'd have a 2-million-silver fridge...
Even if regular fridges do exist (or we can't make one for technical reasons), the REAL cryostasis pods can still be stolen for profit.
>Bobby Kotick focus
Well, what about MY investigation of the list? Did I recognize anyone? Do I roll for that? *hiss* *hiss*
You can roll a History check to try and recognize the names.
And a Nature/Investigation check on the diamond if Mog gives it to you.
Guess I haven't dealt with neither of the 3 personally, then.
Welp, big brain time, cogs be turnin'.
I'm betting on Investigation cause Kinny is a smuggler with technical interest in this kinda stuff, not a geologist.
Rolled 19 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

I swear to god
>Kinny looks at the diamond that Mog is still holding.
>His thief eyes can literally see anything.
>He can tell just by the look and cut of this huge ass rock it would be worth about 10,000 silver if it were real.
>Which he immediately does.
>By using methods that were taught by his master, Kinny begins testing to see if the Diamond is Unbreakable.
>And after maybe delicate tests...
>The Diamond is in fact real.
>You now easily have a diamond that is worth a total of 10,000 Silver.
>Maybe more if you can "convince" the right buyer.
>You're now in the money.
Oh nice. But guess I should've said that I was rolling history for the list. I don't yet have the diamond, lol
Well you responded to the Nature/Investigation check again, so I assumed that was what the roll was for.
Yeah my bad. The roll didn't go through and I forgot you posted separately when I was replying.
Would you like to roll for History now or wait for Mog to make a response?
I'll roll for history now to keep things going, since that doesn't require Mog. After that, it's his turn.
>Rolling History for names list
Rolled 11 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

Okay, I don't think it's my fault anymore. 4chanx is fucking busted or something.
>Kinny using his knowledge of traveling and common sense recognizes some of the people on this list.
>Especially the warlord.
>The Emperor General Clayton is one of the four kings of the Ape Kingdom.
>A warlord bent on annihilating the whole Lizard for "being impure".
>Whatever the fuck that meant.
>He would always make grand appearances in every town he considered strong.
>Trying his best to spread his propaganda on Lizard Hate.
>Mostly resulting on spreading the idea that they would over populate the planet or eat the young.
>Whether you choose to believe that is really up for you to decide.
>But there is one thing you know.
>You don't fuck with Clayton.
>He will kill you and destroy the very town you live in just to make a point.

>As for Lincoln the Flametongue, he was also infamous.
>He was part of an operation the Lizards are working on.
>Eradicating the history of the Old Ones.
>He and his group of Lizards usually went towards every empty town they knew of and burn everything to the ground with some strange machine.
>Once they were done they would just leave and move onto the next town.
>They do have limits though.
>They don't attack villages with animals in them.
>No one knows why they want to destroy everything the Old Ones made or the history surrounding them.
>But whatever the reason is, they clearly have a hatred towards them.

>As for this Lanesboro... you have no idea on who this guy is.
>You have no information what-so-ever.
>So it's best to now assume he is the worst or the best option around.

"So Kinny..."
>Bobby asks the thinking black cat.
"What do you think of these offers? Should we go after any on them? Also have either of you checked what is in that briefcase yet?"
Kinny stopped thinking to respond. "Well, based on what I know, the Flametongue is one of the lizards hellbent on destroying the Old Ones' history, it is more than likely they knew this "artifact" had something to do with the hoo-mans," the rogue nodded his head towards the sleeping human, "and wanted to burn it to ashes. The ape... I have no idea why would he want to pay 2 million for some random item, so he had to know just how significant it is. Maybe even suspected to find one of the Old Ones, who knows. He's very dangerous though, which I'm sure you know. If we want to talk with him, it should be through a proxy or we might get our paws burned. Now the Lanesboro... I have no idea who that is, never even heard the name, but for all we know, he could be our best bet given the offer." The cat stopped to put the list inside his backpack. "So if you know someone who can get us in contact with that Lanesboro guy, I'd say we should try that first. As for the briefcase, Mog's got it," Kinny looked behind himself and shrugged," but he seems to have disappeared somewhere."
I'm here now, catching up. It'll probably be an hour+ depending on how much there is to respond to.

If we haven't started the next adventure yet then I recommend wrapping up this one so we can have one complete adventure wrapped up in one archived thread and then starting a new thread.
Just analyze the briefcase and we can move on I think. We'd start the next thread by trying to contact the buyer, preferably from a nice cozy tavern where we don't have to cook.
Kind of agree.
We should probably stop once we reach Page 10.
As previously mentioned Mauls are the IRL version of stupidly big fantasy hammers, just think of a hammer with a ludicrous slab of metal/stone on the end. If all that stuff is too much trouble then don't worry about it.

Sorry, I probably thought of giving it to you to check earlier in the week, but last night I was just trying to hammer out a post to form the connective tissue that would smoothly lead into you and the QM being able to write in your own posts continuing the story during the three hours at the start of today where I'm not yet ready to start writing. I'll hand it off you now, plus I wasn't even sure if you could carry it, what with being a small house cat with -4 strength who is already carrying a ton of adventuring gear.

That bag is probably a tiny bag of holding.

Wordlessly Mog handed over the diamond after Kinny's prodding, good thing the cat reminded him, the gem would've probably remained buried underneath his mountain of baubles in the bottom of his bag had he not.


With his companion's opinion made clear Mog motioned for them to trek a bit deeper into the woods towards the next town and away from the corpses. Wouldn't want to stick around when the scavengers came calling.

After a while Mog motioned for them to stop and take a rest. "Guess we'll make camp here, Kinny you can take the lead cooking, you're probably better at this. Though if any of you other cats know how to cook bug meat then you're welcome to help. And no fruit this time Kinny." Mog grunted out.

I'll assist on both of those if you need the extra rolls to succeed, Kinny.

Oh, great, a genocidal strongman, a lizard that burns books and wrecks useful infrastructure, and a complete unknown. Guess I'll go with the last of those.

When Kinny didn't respond Mog casually glanced over his shoulder, then did a double take when it turned out Kinny was in fact not right behind him. Putting his ears to the wind Mog heard the sound of two cats talking. Good, they just fell behind a bit, it was to be expected of the short-legged cats. A few hours without real trouble would be good for the nerves.

Walking back into the clearing just in time to catch the last snippet of conversation Mog dumped the briefcase onto the forest floor.

"Have at it, just make sure to work together and check for traps. Wouldn't want the content going up in flames because of a paranoid pig." Mog instructed. Then he repeated what he said earlier about setting up camp and cooking the meat.

While they went about the initial steps of setting up camp Mog took a brief stop by the wheelchair to put the necklace around the human's neck before leaving her in the care of the other smugglers to go help start the campfire.

>Mog basically tells the person with the highest survival/Wisdom score to help Kinny cook, if not then he'll help.
Just over the word limit.

>Mog also essentially tells the best cat suited to the job to help Kinny disarm any traps and analyze the content while he goes to put the necklace on the human and then helps set up camp.

Agreed. We should timeskip to the next town after we see what is in the briefcase. Oh, and tell us how the mantis meat tastes, or have us roll to cook it. That'll help determine how much we eat ourselves or whether we wait to sell it/get a professional cook for gourmet mantis.
>Bobby listens to the wolf.
"Aye sir. I believe I can in fact cook Mantis meat. I've done it at least twice."
>Kinny or Mog now has advantage on his rolls, roll 2d20 take the highest roll.
>Kinny can also open the briefcase right now if he wants, no rolls required, by he can analyze it with Insight.

>As soon as you put the collar/necklace on the human she begins to wake up a bit.
>The woman looks around groggily and groans.
>"Mmm.... ah fuck my head... feels like it's shaking a bit. What the hell did I dream up last night?"
>She then sees the group of cats and wolf again.
>She stares at them all as they act... not like whatever she is used to.
"Fuck! I'm still in Tír na nÓg aren't I? Well whatever you fae demons have planned I'll let you know I was a strong lass back when I was alive. Can kick your ass real good if I wasn't bound to this fucking chair. Then again you probably can't understand me like I understand you."
Will you speak to the human? Communication is important.
OOC post.
>I wasn't even sure if you could carry it, what with being a small house cat with -4 strength who is already carrying a ton of adventuring gear.
You're the one carrying 4 human-sized melee weapons and a shield on your back. Diamonds weigh nothing for this pussy.
>cook bug meat
But we will mainly cook porkchops
>I'll assist on both of those
Both passed with flying colors!
>Guess I'll go with the last of those
As will I. Already discussed it with Bobtail.
>That'll help determine how much we eat ourselves or whether we wait to sell it/get a professional cook for gourmet mantis.
I'd just sell it all off, myself. If it's really pricey, that is.
Rolled 14, 4 + 3 = 21 (2d20 + 3)

I'll let Kinny roll the 2d20 for the cooking. I'll roll the insight, mine is higher.

It took a little while to gather the brushwood needed for the fire, longer still to get the fire going, but when it was done and Kinny had finished performing his strange arcane ways of making sure there were no traps on the brief case Mog moved the case over to the edge of the firelight and pried it open.

The human had begun to rouse, but the two-tone wolf let her take her time rousing herself while he inspected the contents, occasionally with Kinny's help when there were lulls where the cat wasn't needed during the cooking of the meat or other things.

Informed as he was by the mouse, he was still startled when the human started babbling nonsense, all bravado no sense. What a brat.

Not wanting their first real conversation to take long when there was meat to be had and things to inspect Mog gave an incredulous, fake laugh before saying "Back...when you were alive? Sounds like YOU are the demon here Old One. And rude to boot. It wasn't I that fainted at the sight of a common wolf and his wee little companions, I doubt you could so much as kick a turnip out of the ground, let alone fight any of us."

'Relationship established, back to work.' Mog thought before settling in to begin his inspection again. The moon was peaking through the forest canopy, there was soft brush and roots underfoot, he was surrounded by friends and had a warm meal and fire going, it was a beautiful night.

>Insight check for the briefcase.
File: Spoiler Image (36 KB, 680x787)
36 KB
>posts just as I was about to finish my essay
Fine by me, I only intended for us to eat a day's worth just to sample really.

Gonna be a common occurrence, I can tell.
Rolled 8, 11 + 2 = 21 (2d20 + 2)

"The fruit was a necessary sacrifice, friend. I hoped you'd understand."
Once the wolf-sized fireplace was set up, Kinny started the fire with his tinderbox and gave this whole cooking business a shot. He was glad that Bobtail was around to help him, cause he was not used to preparing his food. Even when on the move, Kinny just crashed in the taverns along the way. That way he could always monitor the situation and find new jobs.
The cats fried a bunch of pork first and once they got the hang of the fire, they tried a bit of mantis meat. That way they minimized the chance of burning it. Once the Mantis was in, Kinny let the Bobtail take over completely and while she tended to the meat, he found a moment to speak with Mog.
"So, what's in that briefcase? Diamonds? More documents? Gold? Diamonds?," he addressed the most burning questions first."

>Rolling Survival (2d20+2) for supported cooking
I started writing in present and had to change everything to past tense and then delete like 1/3 of what I wrote, lol.
Also I think you made a mistake. Sounds like the Insight check was if I decided to check if the thing was rigged or something.
>Kinny can also open the briefcase right now if he wants, no rolls required, by he can analyze it with Insight.
Said no rolls required
>The woman leaned back a bit.
>Feeling a bit intimidated.
>Especially now that she was able to understand the wolf.
"Gim'me about two more hours of rest and getting used to this and I might be able to surprise you and wee little Friends."
>She gives the wolf a smug grin.
>It was he last thing he see as he went on to open the briefcase.
>Mog observe it first.
>Making sure the pigs didn't set up any traps that will explode and kill you all.
>There are none.
>Mog then start opening it.

Just Made It!
>You cook the pork to be the best and juciest it can possibly be.
>Cooked to perfection.
>Even the Human was watering in the mouth from the smell.
>Bobby was impressed by how he handled the pork.
>But here came the hard part.
>Mantis Meat.
>Takes a short time to cook.
>Overcook it and the meat is mostly ruined.
>Spice it too much and it shrivels.
>But by some miracle you did it.
>You cooked the Mantis Meat well.
>Not perfectly but still to an edible degree.
>You and your group can now eat well.
>Kinny notices the briefcase now open.
>He then goes over and peeks over Mog's shoulder.
>There you two see it.
>A briefcase with a Silver Bars worth 30,000 Silver
>The first offer the Pigs gave you.
>Along with it however were two wanted posters.
>Bounties placed on crude but very detailed drawings of Mog and Kinny.
>Claiming you were thieves that mugged them and stole the Silver Bars.
>Good thing they aren't around to spread those around anymore.
>Still you now all had a bunch of money to spend at least... just don't spend it all over at one place.
>But hey it is 30,000 Silver.
>Money is money.
>You then go ahead and keep the case and head off to eat dinner.
Soz, it happens in text based RPs. I've probably had to do the same in the past few weeks at least a few times.

Eh, either way, the roll would be the same, so no need to redo it. Just use the roll for checking for traps instead of analyzing the content if that is what the roll is needed for. I'm surprised insight would be used instead of sleight of hand or investigation or perception though. Those are the skills a thief would probably be good at and you would expect them to use for thief shit. I thought insight was used pretty much exclusively for telling if people were lying or to read body language and social type stuff.
>Kinny immediately closes the briefcase and gestures for Mog to follow him away from the other cats.
OOC question:
How many cats are with us?
You can ask QM if you think he picked wrong. I did that before. And I'd also use investigation here, Kinny is literally built for this kinda shit.
Oh, and sorry for cutting you off. Especially since it likely happened because my posts were lower effort and thus faster to put out.
>How many cats are with us?
Including Bobby and you, 4.

>You can ask QM if you think he picked wrong. I did that before.
Insight, Investigation, and Perception would have been fine for checking the briefcase for traps.
Mog ignored the human, he'd make sure to feed and water her before gagging her and tightening her restraints in a moment. No, he was focused on the gleaming silver bars in front of him.

"We're rich Kinny. We did it. We made it big." Mog whispered with some potent admixture of glee and disbelief.

He took the posters - making sure to check both the back and front sides out of habit - out and over to the fire to be burned. On the way over he worked his noggin' a little, tried to temper his feelings. They'd probably have to split either a third or half with the smugglers, the bars would be trouble to exchange at any vendor or bank for more granular amounts of cash, a fence might take a large fee, he hadn't checked for markings on the bars but it could be trouble if they had the markings of a mint owned by the pigs, this was still good, but there was more work ahead to actually turn this into real revenue.

Mog sighed as he burned the papers and worked his way back over Kinny, it always just came down to more work.


Sometime later...

Scratch that, this was a good night. Bobby and Kinny worked a miracle. The pork was juicy and tender, the mantis meat had just the right mixture of crunchiness and flavour without losing the substance of the meat despite having fried it.

"Great work you two, we should do this more often." Mog praised the two cats. His earlier assessment had been right, this was a good night. The first of many to come.

Ready to timeskip after Kinny posts.
No worries on either front, I think the roll succeeded either way and interruptions happen, we'll work around it. Just expect frequent jump-backs or in media res type happenings. Also missed this before posting

>Just assume Mog follows you to have a private chat in between coming back from burning the posters and the brief timejump to when the food is finished cooking.
Kinny sat besides wolf and devoured a large piece of pork. He was content they got the money. It wasn't the first time he saw this kind of sum in his life, but now it meant they could pay off the Bobtail and her 2 helpers as well as fund further exploits required to contact the big buyers and get the human to them safely.
You know what, let's just timeskip, we don't have to discuss the money now. I was just wondering if we should pay them, but 1/3 is not that bad and it might incentivize them to work towards 400k with us.
Agreed, a long chat even if we skipped most of the effort to put out good posts would probably eat into the day too much. Lets just assume we offer Bobby and her 4 helpers 1/3 as payment and incentive to stick around and help us work towards the bigger pay out and smooth over any logistical hurdles. They can be like hirelings from older DnD editions.

We are ready to timeskip chief, best write-up an epilogue for this thread and post a new thread for the next adventure after we've timeskipped to the next town. It's also a good chance to attract new players with a nice introduction post instead of going straight to char gen, some players wait to see if the QM will flake before joining and RPs are big time investments, now that we are through a thread maybe some new comers will join and we can get a proper party going. I'll archive this thread.

Thread archived, don't forget to upvote.
So what now? Should QM make new bread after he wraps up?
I'm blind, excuse me.

I'm gonna take an hour break for lunch. I'll see you guys in the next thread. Take care now.
>It's been a few days since you were traveling.
>The woods was a pretty big place.
>A few struggles did happen such as the mouse arguing to let the human walk for a bit (because they aren't allowed to be confined to a wheelchair according to him), the human attempting to run away and an awkward chase because you did listen to the mouse, the human occasionally complaining, and the occasional getting lost because Bobby's cats were bad at giving directions.
>Other than that you were fine.
>Luckily you never ran into any other animals or monsters within the forest.
>But after some time, you all find your way out and head off to the next town.
>You were expecting it to be like another small.
>Instead however... you did find a large set of ruins.
>Ruins from the Old Ones.
>You see the greenery overtaking the once tall structures that gave out a symbol of Human Dominance.
>Soon however you then notice something.
>No one is here.
>Must be an abandoned (by animal) town or no one has claimed it as their home.
>Either way looks too big for any pack to claim as their own.
>All of this would feel normal to any other human bound to a wheelchair.
>But to a human bound to wheelchair...
>It's downright terrifying.
"Th.... this was my home."
>She says as she looks around again.
"What happened to this place?"

We'll call this a session and continue on next thread. You two can comment on this if you want, but I do have a question for the two of you. Would you mind rolling 7d12, then on another post both of you roll 6d20? I'll explain first post next thread what you two have done.

Second thing to note is that both of you gained 300 EXP.
>4 wolves = 200 EXP
>Giant Mantis = 100 EXP
As a DM I usually give everyone the full amount of EXP. I don't split it or anything like that.

In other words, Mog and Kinny both leveled up. Congratulations!

Thanks to Mog again for archiving the thread and Thanks to Kinny for the artwork.

Sorry for any inconveniences that were made for this thread and all the problems that came with it. But hopefully next thread we will get better, especially me. I need to get better the most.

Farewell Friends. Until Next Thread.
Rolled 4, 3, 8, 10, 7, 3, 10 = 45 (7d12)

Next bread when?
Probably next week.
Rolled 11, 10, 3, 8, 12, 9, 9 = 62 (7d12)

Damn, well, see ya next week then friends. I had a lot of fun despite the minor troubles we had.

Also, damn, only exp for killing shit? It's gonna take us months to advance to any significant level, or we are gonna have to do a shitton of combat or a few super hard encounters.

I do have some questions for leveling up though. How is the handedness stuff ruled for fighting styles? Like, can I not use great weapon fighting because I technically can't wield weapons in two hands? What about dueling, would I get the bonus since technically I'm using my mouth to wield it? Just curious, either way I'm probably taking the Protection fighting style. I'll choose my spells and shit next week since this thread is dying. Though I will roll my HP out in the open this thread just so I have my sheet ready for next week.
File: 1670360186081.jpg (29 KB, 228x221)
29 KB
Leveling up sounds like work.
Rolled 6 - 1 (1d10 - 1)

Did you want us both to roll the 7d12 or did you only want one of us to do that.

Don't forget to roll 6d20 Kinny, since that for sure the QM wanted us both to roll for. Should probably roll HP too. Here's my roll.
Rolled 10, 18, 12, 18, 18, 20 = 96 (6d20)

He's procedurally generating buildings with this, I tell you.
Wanted both of you to roll the 7d12 and 6d20.
Rolled 6, 17, 5, 12, 14, 5 = 59 (6d20)

No kidding, this is kinda old school for most of our exp to come strictly from killed shit instead of quest xp, daring skill usage, RP and the like. Could still work out, it is just that it basically took us a month and a third to get done what in real life probably would've only taken one or two four hour sessions. It is gonna be a slow grind. Not necessarily a bad thing, DnD tends to be more sane at below the 12-14 level range.

Rolling my 6d20s.
Rolled 7 + 4 (1d8 + 4)

Watch me lose HP on level up, btw.
I got +3 max HP
lol, don't think you can, minimum is 1 HP gained I think. Also, wtf, I thought your CON mod was 0? Are you sure you aren't using your INT mod?
Uh, I still think that is wrong, isn't your CON mod 0, so you should gain 7 HP. Your Strength is the -4 thing I thought?
Yeah Kinny your HP is 7.
Nothing is to be added in or subtracted.

Also if you guys want do you want to me to make the thread on Sunday?
Also, QM, what about the my questions here: >>5487808
Sure. Any day of the week is fine for me, usually.
>How is the handedness stuff ruled for fighting styles?
Stuff like Dueling is OK, but Great Weapon Fighting and Two-Weapon Fighting are off Limits
Yeah I fucked up. Was too focused on that -4.
Y e s .
For the Mode of your rolls you both made you got three of 3 and 10.
I want you all to pick either the number 10 or 3.

I'll be taking the numbers you rolled over here and put them in safe keeping.

Like I said I'll reveal what you guys inadvertently did next thread.
I guess I'll pick 10 then, just so we know what the other missed next session.

You know, I thought he was having us roll a stats line for NPCs. We'll see. You rolled way better than I did.
File: 16f.png (1.21 MB, 1146x1068)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
>npc stats
>10, 18, 12, 18, 18, 20
Oh shit oh god oh no
Pray that they are a friendly NPC, hopefully one that doesn't upstage us.
Well, I still have 11 Thunderfuck Knives...
When should we expect the new thread? Around 6-7 hours from now?
And seconding this. I'm fine with every day as well.
I dunno, the QM hasn't started the new thread yet, but I'm here just to confirm that I'm still on for today.
Yee. Call it autism, but I wish he'd tell us when to expect the new thred ahead of the time. Hate the uncertainty.
He probably doesn't because he is uncertain himself. He might have last minute stuff goin' on that makes him have to cancel last minute and so doesn't want to set the expectation. Besides, he normally starts right around 7-something AM like clockwork in my time zone and I usually am not ready until a couple hours later. So, he'll probably start in an hour or so. I still have to make some last minutes changes to my character sheet anyways, since I haven't noted done my inventory changes from the pig loot and I haven't chosen spells yet.
Got church in the morning.
Going to start the new thread around 1:00 PM (CST). Hopefully it will help attract the new players.

Question for how to do this though.
Should I go with,
>The Story so far as (OP).
>Stats for races and how to roll for them as posts.
or should I go for
>Premise for the (OP)
>Story so far as the following posts.
>Then Racial Stats and how to roll up a character.

I'm also willing to take suggestions
Uh, OP should have story so far (ending with introduction to the new area) and then for potential new players, the premise of what this quest is (like to what extent this is vanilla D&D, the fact you use 5E character sheet and which elements you changed since the players are animals) and at the end shorter version of race sheet, (maybe just upload it as image to avoid clutter). That's just my personal opinion, though. Maybe ask on /qtg/?
I think you should start with the premise or well written story post as the first thing, so some of it is caught in the OP comment visible from the main page. Then either link to the first thread for the racial stats because that stats are right at the start followed by someone posting a usable character sheet and the players hand book link OR post that stuff and the story so farr after the premise, looks better that way and less like a low effort bait quest that will be quickly abandoned.

Then follow up with the continuation of the story.

Should probably ask around for new players on qtg again, probably for every new thread, lest we be stuck with just Kinny and myself.
>lest we be stuck with just Kinny and myself.
But this way there's less room for me to be awkward, so I see that as a net positive!
File: Mog6 2nd session.png (209 KB, 685x894)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
You can be awkward together with friends! The more cats the merrier!

Finished my level up and new character sheet, used the remaining space in my sheet to add a 'party' inventory just so we don't forget the stuff we have collectively, though I know I passed some of it on to Kinny and gave the human the necklace. Sorry for awkward formatting, kinda have to stuff all my spells and junk into the one page so it can all fit into the image.
Whoa whoops. We were supposed to level up, yeeee
Wait hold up. If we start in 2 hours then shouldn't you post the thread already to give any potential joins time to get prepared?
This is a good point, though to be fair we are starting so late (at least in your timezone from what I remember) that we'll probably only get a few posts in introducing us to the zone anyways. This session is probably as much a chance for us to do our level ups and initial RP in as it is to continue the story. Probably won't even get into the thick of the premise of this locale until Tuesday.

Plus, we may not get any new players. After all, the QM didn't flake after a month and a half of DMing for us and no one bothered to join, so they may not this time around.
Eh, I'd still post early if just to get new players' interest and not make anyone flee under pressure.
Does leveling up do anything besides the MaxHP increase and upgrades/changes from class table?
You get your Cunning Action feature, which means your movement may as well be doubled every turn unless you use it for something else. Or if you fight from ranged then you can essentially throw something and then hide in the same turn, making you basically 'invisible', also you can actually outrun your opponent should you decide to disengage and flee.

On some level ups your proficiency bonus increases, but that doesn't apply to us at level 2.

Otherwise, no, there are no other changes that I recall. 5th edition is extremely simple compared to previous editions, that applies even more so to you since you aren't playing a spellcaster, unless you pick the Arcane Trickster archetype.
Cunning Action is on the class table thing, ye. Thanks.
Which one of us will carry the Diamond/Briefcase/other loot I forgot?
You have the diamond, since you identified it and wanted to hold it. I'll hold the briefcase for now since I'm probably the only one strong enough to hold it without help. (Though the two strongmen cats that are Bobby's henchmen can probably also carry it together in a pinch) I'll have to drop it into the wheelchair or to Bobby's helpers if we get in a fight though.

It may be worth splitting up the silver bars among the party soon, that way if we get in a fight and get separated from the briefcase we don't lose all our payday silver all at once.

The necklace is on the human. You have the list of buyers. A lot of the junk is in the wheelchair with the human. You have the possible tiny bag of holding from the mouse hostage.

You should write down the stuff you are holding on your character sheet, I just wrote it down on mine as a collective 'party' sheet for convenience so we wouldn't forget, but I'm not actually holding most of this stuff.
File: Knniy.png (136 KB, 831x1076)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Here I is.
I don't like how tiny the equipment window is. Just threw the less important things/skill descriptions in a text doc.
Neither do I, hence why I just sprawled all our belongings in any box that had space. In the full sheet there are more spaces on the other pages, but short of editing together a image that has multiple pages showing we are stuck just using the one page. We'll have to make do.
I threw the backpack contents into character backstory on page two, but there's no way in hell I can fit other stuff in even the biggest fields, so I resulted to just using notepad.

That's usually how it goes in any TTRPG or DnD game, scrawling you excess inventory items and any notes about the campaign on any piece of paper - digital or real - you can find.
Going to be late
New Thread

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