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File: boc666_map.png (3.07 MB, 6410x6493)
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3.07 MB PNG
> While some worlds have many stories yet to tell, others, in turn, must reach the end of their tale.
> For this world, the cycle of Gods and Men spins one final time, a conclusion fast approaching.
> You are a being of creation, a God, one of the last few born into this decaying world. You possess innate knowledge and immense power, for whatever that may avail you in this fragile, worn-out husk. Survive as best you’re able.

Welcome to a spinoff installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a long-ravaged world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, don't be shy to ask questions.

Players may begin creating their gods with the format below. Following such, every update I make each player will get to take a turn. Let the birth of your gods begin...

Name: <What name will your minions, and other Gods, refer to you as?>
Description: <What do you look like? Providing an image of inspiration for your God is preferred but optional.>
Domains: <The themes that dictate your Gods powers. You may have anywhere from 1-3 of these domains. The more domains you have, the less powerful each subsection may be.>
Color: <The preferred color of your hex on the map.>
God Attributes: <Choose one major attribute and two minor attributes from Affinity, Agility, Fortitude, Spirit, Strength, and Terraforming.>
Your Minions: <The name of your minions’ species and their general description. Providing an image of inspiration for your Minions is preferred but optional.>
Minion Attributes: <Choose one attribute for your minions to receive a starting bonus in from Culture, Defense, Offense, and Population.>
Minion Ability: <Minions may begin with a single tech as a part of their physiology. I.e, bird minions having flight.>
Starting Hex: <If the game is using fog of war, state your preferred terrain to begin in. If the game does not use fog of war, you may choose any hex on the map to begin from. The Narrator may rule whether or not you may start within a given distance of other God’s starting locations.>

Access to your character sheets will be given through discord. Please namefag in-thread.
To give one quick warning, I will advise, but not force, you to avoid the center of the map and the deadland hexes surrounding it. Best of luck.
if you want it in text form:
> Name: Ardonash, the hateful blade
> Description: A titanic sword, it’s blade composed of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of swords and assorted weapons. It claims to have once been the weapon of an ancient creature, whom it calls a “true god, greater than all the weaklings of this world”.
It claims to have been the origin of ALL swords and weapons ever created, which are all shards of itself that split off when it’s master stabbed it in the ground for… unknown reasons.
It wishes to be remade whole and to find its master again, or perhaps a worthy wielder
> Domains: swords
> Color: rust brown
> God Attributes:
- major: strength
- minor: fortitude, terraforming
> Your Minions: the Cut-spawned, a group of primitives that once roamed the caverns of the world, first introduced to the light of the overworld when Ardonash plunged into the ground. Now, they worship the massive blade as a savior and a just, if ruthless, master.
> Minion Attributes: Offense
> Minion Ability: thralls of the wanting sword
The Cut-spawned can, through ritualistic melting, sacrifice blades gathered from fights and battlegrounds to Ardonash, increasing its offense or defense stat.
At the same time, Ardonash can split off a part of itself to grant an army of Cut-spawned with a fragment of its mighty edge, turning them into peerless warriors, but also making them ruthless, blood-mad monsters, for the Wanting Sword was never meant to be wielded by anything short of a true divine.
Splitting off a part of itself weakens Ardonash, making it lose a point of either offense or defense. An enemy that destroys the empowered army of cut-spawned can harvest their weapons for themselves, without suffering ill effects

If this isn’t good enough for the rules, their starting tech is Primitive Weapons
Name: Sheriruth
Description: A colossal ivory hand and part of a forearm that casts a deep shadow over the landscape, commonly seen floating imposingly in the sky. Where the forearm cuts off is crested with gold.
Domain: Limbs
Colour: Red
Attributes: Strength major. Fortitude and Spirit minor.
Minions: Damm’ta, “The Unmade”
Once proud and mighty instruments of creation, being direct extensions of Sheriruth they were far more powerful than was wise. The creatures who would one day become the Damm’ta rebelled against their creator and waged a long and bloody revolt to earn the right to be considered more than just extensions of their gods body.

Cursed eight times over by various powers they were robbed of most of their ability to reproduce, turned to stone, lost the ability to feel, had their creativity neutered, their strength sapped, blinded, had all their works doomed to failure and were cursed to fight endlessly amongst themselves.

Even then, these ancient instruments of power still continued to defy and wage their war against their master. They were finally stopped with a ninth and final curse by their rightful master, the God of Limbs, a curse to rather bluntly rip off all of their extremities.

Now reduced to nought but floating stone torsos and with some of the effects of their previous curses relaxed somewhat, the Damm’ta are pacified and ready to be put back to work, manipulating the environment around them with the same limited power that keeps them hovering barely above the ground.

Minion attribute: Fortitude
The Damm’ta were once nigh indestructible. Now far less so, they still retain a sliver of their previous invincibility.

Minion ability: Primeval Reversion
The Damm’ta were once the mightiest of races, beyond mortality and knowing not of ailment, their might was enough to threaten Sheriruth until finally stopped. Sheriruth possesses the ability to unseal this tremendous power by lifting the oppressive curses placed upon them. This allows some of them to reclaim the might lost in the old war and storm into a field of battle with unparalleled might, but only while their god has a close eye on them.

Starting Hex: 25, 20
File: dawg.png (467 KB, 680x609)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
>Name: Nil
>Description: A being of canine appearance that is permanently surrounded by a gloomy darkness, his size and even shape ever-shifting vaguely in the roiling fog that engulfs him. He speaks only in whispers, and only when he wants to be heard. He seeks to understand the nature of the world, it's cycle, and the gods within, at all costs.
>Domains: Mist, Secrets
>Color: Grey
>>God Attributes:
>Major: Spirit
>Minor: Agility, Terraforming
>Your Minions: It is said, among the Riath, that they were created when the Great Spirit first realized the limitations of his divine perspective. He is the mist, the wilderness, the darkness, and sees all that they see. But what do they know of the world in truth? They are universal concepts, existences with no consciousness. They do not think, they don't struggle to survive, to thrive, to merely simply learn about themselves and the reality around them.

>It was this thought that spurred The Watcher to huff and puff, taking the fog from his every breath and forming it in his image; tall, limber wolfmen who carried within them a spark that set them apart from simple animals. Rising, they took their first steps into the world, looking at everything around them with burning curiosity. Satisfied with his work, the Great Spirit imparted but a few of his precious mysteries to his children, and silently faded into the gloom. As to whether this tale is true or not...that shall remain a secret.
>Minion Attribute: Defense
>Minion Ability: Born of the mist, the distinction between it and the Riath is practically null. When within it's gloomy embrace, they become practically indistinguishable from simple vapors, moving silently across the forest floor as if they were floating.
>Starting Hex: Piney Forest
Name: Magnus
Description: A giant floating metallic eyeball, glowing faintly blue with energies that wax and wane.
Domains: Mind, Magnetism
Color: A syrconite Blue-Grey
God Attributes: Major - Spirit, Minor: Fortitude, Affinity.
Your Minions: Fileorva - Most of the body of a filorva is made up of syrconite filings that are animated in the form of various living beings via magnetic rearrangement. The actual living 'core' of a Fileorva is not often displayed, as the filorva tend to keep it hidden privately inside their 'filing' bodies
Minion Attribute: Defense
Minion Ability: Syrconite Magnetism
The Fileorva can reshape their bodies at will out of the filing material available to them, and can magnetically attach to one another to form temporary structures and co-ordinate their abilities.
Starting Hex: 25,10
By the way, forgot starting hex: preferably the mountain of 30.24
File: RoboSpiderGod.png (3 MB, 3224x1814)
3 MB
Name: Steel-Weaver
Description: See picture
Domains: Machines, Labor
Color: Yellow
God Attributes: Terraforming (major), Affinity (minor), Agility (minor)
Minions: EBWos (Pronounced Eb-Woes, short for Emergency Bio-Engineered Workers)
Minion Attribute: Culture
Minion ability: Consummate Scavengers - Any time a neighboring country unlocks a new tier of technology, steal a random tech from the PREVIOUS tier.
File: LilFurryFuck.jpg (39 KB, 450x500)
39 KB
EBWos picture, and my preferred starting hex would be 10, 8 please
Name - Eden, The Blessed Mother
Description - The goddess awoke and found herself alone so she created a people in her likeness, her children. They build and create language and names, they call her mother. They call themselves The children of Eden. When she discovers that other beings like her existed, creating life in this world like her, she grows jealous and angry. Her children will inherit this world.

She is a floating humanoid being of light with no eyes. She is unseen by her children but they feel her presence and hear her voice.

Domains - Life
Colour - Gold
God Attributes -
* Major - Affinity
* Minor - Spirit, Strength
Minions - The Children of Eden. They live to follow the will of their blessed mother. They are created in their mothers likeness and her light shines through them. Normal humans basically but with slightly glowing golden eyes.
Minion attribute - Population
Minion ability - Given a piece of the power of life by their mother, her children can heal themselves, each other, and other life forms.
Starting hex - 21,26
File: IMG_20221017_104938.jpg (514 KB, 1451x2106)
514 KB
514 KB JPG
Name: Silure

Description: An humanoid figure whose skin is black as the night sky. Stars appears and shine in it. Wear very ornate clothing and is adorned most of the time in jewelry

Domains: Stars, Music

Color: Something very light. Maybe white?

God Attributes: Major - Spirit ; Minors - Affinity, Agility

Your Minions: The Beykarre
The Beykarre are feathered people, no bird by any mean, they simply happen to have feather. They have four arms and each of their hands possess seven fingers. They always cover their mouth with cloth or other materials. It is considered very uncouth to show it to other.

Minion Attributes: Culture

Minion Ability: Telepathy
The Beykarre are the voice and instruments of Silure, their live are music, their heart beating to a never ending tempo. To communicate without breaking the harmony they weave they no longer use words.

Starting Hex: 03,21
Fuck, didn't realize how many other people were in the north. Can I change my starting hex please?
Wait. Fuck. Misread the starting hexes. Thought there were 4 or 5 gods in the north instead of just 3. Never mind!
File: Nifo Toto.jpg (218 KB, 520x650)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Name: Nifo Toto
Description: His form is somewhat malleable, being able to shift between various species of shark-man hybrids. He bears a fair amount of gear, appearing as a hunter, or sometimes a sailor.
Domains: Hunting / Blood / Icy Waters
Color: Cyan [#00FFFF]
God Attributes: FORTITUDE Strength Agility.>
Your Minions: Auvau
Made in his image, each member of this species is some form of land-bound shark. Some with tails, some without. One may have the distinctive shape of a hammerhead for a brow, another the gaping mouth of a whale shark. Their size varies, but most are a fair size larger than mundane humans, and each has a lust for feasting and battle in equal measure.
Minion Attributes: Offense
Minion Ability: While not capable of extended stay, they are comfortable in water. Their evolution/divine design has clearly focused on great strength, speed and martial power however.
Starting Hex: Slap me up north, on 18'10.
File: Matterhorn - Copy.jpg (118 KB, 746x568)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>Name: Godech
>Description: A far-off mountain in the distance, always visible above any other peaks, no matter what. All sounds reverberates in its presence.
>Domains: Voice, Repetition
>Color: Dark grey-ish.
>God Attributes:
>Major: Affinity
>Minor: Spirit, Strength
>Minions: Towerstackers
Clumps of centipedes made out of sand, clicking. They create more of one another by clicking hard enough into the sands.
>Minion Attributes: Population
>Minion Ability: Soul Echo
Any tower of stone, from a stack of pebbles to a concrete skyscraper, constructed by the Towerstackers will slightly echo any surrounding sound. If willed, Godech's presence can be called to any of these towers..
Starting Hex: 8,15
File: TheGreatColor.jpg (102 KB, 640x905)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>Above the great mesas of (27,17), the night sky appears to shift and dance: a flowing iridescence that beats and flows in incomprehensible color and shape. The river of light circles and coalesces, as its conscious thoughts breathe reality. "This realm wanes... It screams from within its crevices, begging for release... It shall not pass its final epoch until I am finished."
>The light descends into the earth, forging an avatar to do its bidding. Beyond the veil of light is birthed a shapeless mishap composed of teeth, vertebrae, and sinew.

Brings a tear to my eye to see my god game all grown up. Time to show you neanderthals how it's done.

>Name: Carn'aath, Champion Of Light
>Domains: Carnage, Sacrifice
>Color: Bright magenta/red [#ff004e]?
>God Attributes:
- Major: Spirit
- Minors: Agility, Fortitude
>Minions: Serfs to The Great Color
- The Serfs are feeble and fear-bound humanoids of taught pale skin, dressed in tattered robes who live in unquestioning fear of The Great Color. In honor of The Holy Beyond, they pierce and cauterize their own eyes, for not even the enlightened servitors grace their eyes upon its immense presence.
>Minion Attribute: Population
>Minion Ability: Prepared Souls
- The Serfs take ritual to preserve and prepare their souls for Carn'aath and The Great Color, and although their combative effectiveness is useless given their blindness, Carn'aath finds them incredibly delicious and their souls malleable to his divinity.
>Starting Hex: (27,17)

File: Moon.jpg (28 KB, 386x609)
28 KB

Name: The Moon-Touched Prey

Description: The corpse of an ancient beast, once sacred, slain by man and ravaged by the elements. As its body fell apart, the creature prayed to any who would listen, begging for the right to hold on to existence. Its cry was answered by an Eldritch Moon, floating an untold distance away from the world.

With the crescent sigil of its patron floating above it, the Moon-Touched Prey rose once more, continuing to walk the land with its battered form. Nothing but emptiness remains in the dark void of its eye sockets, except for the promise to upend the natural order.

>The Moon
>Perversion of nature
Color: Grey
God Attributes:
Major: Fortitude
Minor: Terraforming, Affinity

Your Minions: The Herd. It's a basic law of nature that creatures feast on one another. But The Prey rejects this fate. It grants its blessing to countless wild beasts, turning them and the land that they live on into abominable caricatures, too twisted and uncanny for predators to lay eyes on.

Minion Attributes: Defense
Minion Ability: Cursed biology, allowing them to keep walking and moving through wounds that ought to be lethal.

Starting Hex: 20, 28
Name: Versdel
Description: A headless, handless, and footless bronze statue of an ornately armored warrior. Despite these, the commerce god seems to be able to act as if these limbs were still present. A paradoxical divinity, newly formed yet feeling as if a shepherd of some great legacy. He seeks to shape a world of order and prosperity that once existed, or perhaps never did but could have been.
Domains: Commerce, Order
Color: Bronze
God Attributes: Major - Affinity Minor - Strength, Fortitude
Your Minions: The Preservers. Versdel's children are lithe and elven in shape, though despite appearances they are profoundly sturdy, their skin infused with the strength of their master's divine metal, their eyes, hands, and feet made of that identical bronze of their creator. A sign of their station, to march forth with their god's serenity, to gaze upon great wealth, and to shield and preserve it with their hands.
Minion Attributes: Defense
Minion Ability: Fervent Traders - Automatically provide access to one owned material to bordering gods, and automatically gain access to one of their own, prioritizing currently unowned resources both ways.
Starting Hex: 1, 16
Slap me on 19'5, icy shore of the north.
Forgot to add image
Name: The all warmth

Description: A bubbling god of pure lava creeping forth from the magma of the earth, they feeling the life and warmth of the land they exist in and wish to preserve it and cultivate such heat to bring forth life. Creatures of less divine nature are sensitive to the heat and thus the all warmth has chosen to be a gentle god to all life around them offering their warmth and comfort.

Domains: Volcanos, Mountains, Islands

Color: that of lava bright and warm

God attributes: Major- Heat Minor- Fire,Strength

My Minions: the shale- creatures of various stages of heat. some of the shale are a ball of lava cooled on the surface dripping with precious warmth. Others are nearly cold entirely, being made of cooled earth and onyx that shales off their bodies.

Minion attribute: defense

Minion ability: amalgamation
the shale are creatures hailing from one original true warmth and thus they may combine their bodies when needed to achieve a higher purpose.

Starting hex: 16,8
Name: Thalak (Bright Lord, The First Ray, Herald of Independence, He Who Shines)
Description: A large floating shelled being, bright red at its front which slowly grows darker nearing the shell. A rough rugged face accompanied with a set of ears, nostrils, mouth, and three eyes. A mouth at the bottom with a number of limbs on each side which is what Thalak uses to travel anywhere in the air.
Domains: Freedom, Sun/Day
Color: Red
God Attributes: [Major: Fortitude] [Minor: Affinity, Spirit]
Your Minions: The Cahoot (Frogs), were originally a mundane quadruped race until Thalak's first ascent into the world evolved them into a biped race, short and slim. Originally their skin pure black, now are red with vivid black patterns running through their back, which also signifies their physical beauty. Two genders, male and female who only have two significant differences, the eyes of males are red and females yellow, male skin is typically darker were female skin is brighter.
Minion Attributes: Population
Minion Ability: Amphibious
Starting Hex: 9,22
File: blucifer.png (1.53 MB, 1600x1067)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
Description: A towering destrier of infernal origins. Whether he is a product of the collapsing cycles of the world, a potential cause, an embodiment of the coming apocalypse, or merely a convergent occurance; SABASTIOUS does not know, nor does he particularly care. Rising out of the central deadlands and crossing the petrified woods, into terrain with such audacity to still be habitable, SABASTIOUS has torn and salted the soft loamy soil under hoof. And from such ruined soils, he has called forth a motley crew to worship and enable his ambitions. With flaming red eyes and a dark blue coat, all that settle in his gaze are filled with equal parts dread and ruthless desperate ambition.

Color: Deep Blue (#050298)
God Attributes: Major: Agility - Minor: Strength, Fortitude

Your Minions: Mohawkers
A "crede" more than a race, they are of burly humanoid make, and have grown into a collective of hellraisers, speed junkies, and ruffians. Often recognizable and distinct from other races by their bright and abnormally colored hair often worn in outrageous styles. With broad shoulders, they tend to fashion whatever they can into pauldrons, helmets, and codpieces for what passes for modesty in their society. Typically the more impressive and spiky a Mohawker's hair and clothing is, the more outstanding they are in SABASTIOUS's society. The only thing more important than power or speed to them, is power and speed with style.
Minion Attributes: Offense
Minion Ability: Speed Demons: From the backs of mighty steeds, or in the seats of guzzolene mana-which-is-totally-not-oil powered contraptions, the Mowhawkers are most comfortable on the move. While requiring a form of transportation to get them from A-to-B (their bodies while capable of putting on quite a bit of mass, tend to favor body building over leg day), once they get said form of transportation they can live in mobile settlements. With only minor issues of sourcing food or raw resources to their settlements compared to more traditional sedentary settlements.
(Read, mongol mongol mongol, mobile settlements woo woo)
Starting Hex: <17,20>
Alright. With that, aside from a couple of reserved spots, I’ll close the roster off for the time being. If you’re still interested in joining the game, feel free to post your god or join the discord and you might have the chance to join in once a new spot opens up.

A large floating crystal. When light shines through his body, shadows cast by his internal imperfections create an illusion that makes him appear to have eyes.

[Crystal] [Electricity] [Magic]

>Major Attribute:

>Minor Attributes:
Spirit, Fortitude

>Your Minions:
Entities made from naught but a small amount of magic, the Thaumites are a curious race of floating light sprites

>Minion Attributes:

>Minion Ability:
Non-physical bodies

Grey [#B6C8C8]

>Starting Hex:
File: zebrac 1 (2).jpg (92 KB, 480x493)
92 KB
> Name : Zebrac / The Void
> Description: (See Image) A lithe figure of braided wire, muscle, metal, and bone. Shifting, rearranging, and reforming constantly. Minions are the Voidspawn, mismatched, augmented, tortured creations. (mix of giger horror world and cenobites.)
> Domains: Torture, and Change
> Color: Turquoise?
>God Attributes
Major: Agility
Minor: Terraforming, Spirit
> Minions: The Voidspawn - Long ago, either in a flight of fancy, a fit of rage, or simply business, Zebrac captured mortals, changed and shifted them into a "more fitting form". These tortured beings are the Voidspawn, unwillingly serving Zebrac at the promise of more pain, or so far gone; serving willing at the promise of causing more pain. (sketch soon to come)

> Minion Attributes: Population
> Minion Ability: One With The Void
"As you are, we once were. As we are, soon you shall be."
> The Voidspawn, upon successfully defeating enemy minions, may capture them to return to Zebrac, where after (2-3?) turns of torture, enemies are converted into Voidspawn.
>Additional Minion Ability
Crystal control
Additional ability approved by the first seal before posting.
Name: Nardu, the Storyteller
Description: A humanoid figure, wrapped in bandages made of runed paper. In place of a face, a smiling stone mask rests.
Domains: Stories, Magic, and Travellers
Color: Beige
God Attributes: Major Spirit, Minor Affinity and Fortitude
Your Minions: Skaldlings. A race of dimunitive shrew-like humanoids who pride themselves on the gathering of stories, knowledge and history. They chronicle the history of the world in oral form, and speak these tales to all
Minion Attributes: Culture
Minion Ability: Extreme stamina. The Skaldlings can travel extaordinary distances without needing to rest, or with little food
Starting Hex: 21,21
Name: Blasting Death Singing Mayhem
Description: A manasery of gore and meat bound in leather and rope that has somehow been formed into the shape of a small (4’5ft) woman. A being of both pure masochism and sadism, who only wishes to inflict pain and to be inflicted in return. Her body constantly moving in either a perverted dance in reverence of her joy, or gyrations of deep pain in an attempt to escape her bondage. And for personality wise…He’s a complete and utter freak.
Domain: B.D.S.M
Color: Dark Hot Pink #D90166
God Attributes: MAJOR: STRENGTH Minor: Spirit, Fortitude
Your Minions: The Subdomons: Like their great master, a race of meat entrapped in leather. Their forms come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from stout pygmies, to camel-like creatures twice the size of a man. The only thing connecting these beings are their masks, and their sick fetishitic personalities obsessed with pain.
Minion Attributes: Offense
Minion Ability: Boundless Bondage: One per turn, if an enemy unit is within two hexs of Blast’s unit, the unit may “Bond” the enemy unit in place. When a unit is bond, they cannot commit any action until the next turn. This ability can only be used once per turn.
Starting Hex: 17,19
>Starting Hex
32, 21
File: boc666_Turn_1.png (3.73 MB, 6410x6493)
3.73 MB
3.73 MB PNG
>As a final breath of creation graces this dying world, the wheel spins for the last time.
All of the gods below are now free to begin their first turn.
Legs flailing spasmodically, the great and gangly edifice of steel and *something* slowly and painfully becomes aware of its surroundings. Eyes of glass and circuitry focus on the small creatures milling aimlessly at its feet.
>Gather resources
>Construct facilities for resource processing and subsequent manufacture of- of- of-
>Ensure protection and proliferation of EBWOS in service of above

[MAJOR ACTION] Gather resources? That... That could be done. With an exertion of [PROTOCAL NOT RECOGNIZED], the Steel weaver Claims the hex of 11,8, with leftover energy splashing over onto 10,9 and 9,9

[MAJOR ACTION] Ensure protection and proliferation of the EBWos... Protection... Protection?! With a sudden lurch, the steel weaver... Falls over with limbs askew, the act of [PROTOCAL NOT RECOGNIZED] in order to Claim the new territory leaving it... Drained, somehow. As the EBWos cluster around in concern, the steel weaver begins to communicate with strange beeps and whistles. Bio-engineered instincts allowing them to derive meaning from this input, the EBWos begin the construction of a crude settlement, not much more than holes dug into the sides of hills or underneath the mighty pine trees, mud and fallen plant matter used to insulate them against the northern cold.
(Forgot I had infinite DI this turn lol)
As the EBWos get to work, the Steel Weaver turns to diagnostics. The unrecognized protocol proves difficult to quantify, but the energy that fueled it... That remains accessible. And thus, through means that are strange and frightening to a being of logic and science, the concept of LABOR seeps into the EBWos, allowing them to build, build, keep building, build at a pace that would normally require more than double their number AND some form of organization beyond the crude instructions they were given! Granted, given their lack of tools there is only so much they can accomplish with their bare claws, but the pits of sharpened sticks and walls of dirt and stone go a long way towards satisfying the Steel Weavers desire to keep them safe.
>Newly constructed village gains +1 defense, despite not having the tech to accomplish that normally!

A burst of sea-foam welcomes Nifo Toto into the world, the god rising from the depths to clamber aboard the icy wastes. Behind him, smaller versions of himself, who stare with pitch-black eyes across the white plains before them.

>Action 1 - [DI (Blood/Hunting)] - Imbue 'Blood Scent' into people. (Hunting analogue, for now.)
Nostrils flaring, Nifo Toto senses prey. In the distance, great beasts stride through patchy clusters of red grain. Woradine, he somehow knows to name them, Sadly, his shiver (a group of sharks!) seems to lack his keen senses, the cold air failing to carry along scents like their watery homes could.
No matter! He runs a claw along his forearm, divine blood leaking free and falling to the snow below. As one, his fellows dive for the red-stained powder, each swallowing a mouthful and changing as the divine might fills them. There! Now they may hunt above water as well as they do below!

>Action 2 - [DI] Claim 2 hexes. (19,6 / 20,7)
To give them the hunting grounds they now need, Nifo Toto expands his divine influence, stretching across the ice.

>God Unit Move - From 19,5 to 17,6
>God Unit [DI (Icy Waters)] Interact - Protect self from blistering flame god with a coating of water.
Another god! One counter to his own nature, from first glance! A bloodless being of flame and magma, sliding down a mountain and making the ice below into a steaming slurry!
With a bellow, he is across the ice, nostrils flaring as he gets closer. A shimmering veil of water begins to coat his skin as the temperature gets higher and higher, until he stands before the god itself.
"You face Nifo Toto, bloodless curr! Fear my might!"
As a wheel stops spinning, an Orb begins to rotate. Faster and faster it turns, rising up upon a repellent field of magnetic force, blue lines of energy glowing across the surface as it opens up into the great unblinking Syrconite eye that knows itself as Magnus. Around this orb static buzzes as the swirl of a wind, and carried by this energy float shard upon shard of minute Syrconite filings spun from the formation of the metal eye, coalescing into crude orbits as they spin and grow before falling outside Magnus' field and dropping to the ground. Here, they move and turn; the first moments of the Fileorva as they extrude themselves into shapes and limb-forms in test of their capabilities and new sapience.

1)Major Action + DI: A village for the Fileorva
>Found a village on 25,10
Magnus' great field pulls upon the ground beneath, strumming and vibrating to work upon deep layers of Syrconite and Magnium to pull them up from the ground in the forms of pillars and false-trees to match the other un-plants of these petrified forests. Around a crater, these branching metallic reaches stretch themselves, the influencing field of magnetic flux and the labour of the Fileorva working earnestly to turn this once-hollow at the mountain's side to a raised and defensible village. Regarding this village built up from the circular hollow, it is decided by the great Eye that 'Orbit' is a name deemed suitable. And so it is named.

2)Major Action + DI: A claim upon surrounds.
Turning his ocular gaze to further reaches, Magnus lays a claim upon the hexes (24,11) and (24,9); reaching out with controlled forces to pull great sheathes of magnetic material from the ground beneath to stand as watchful pillars, signifiers of the mastery of Magnus.

God-Unit Action - Move to 25,12
The first works done, the unblinking Magnus floats south upon a static field to the shores of a barren coast. Dead beaches, stone forests. What has happened in this world?
Magnus Action: DI = Mind Domain
The Mind of mighty magnus reaches outward as his sight gazes onward, scrying and seeing for others he can sense; minds he might feel though his mastery. To any minds that might mutter and roil in range, the mind of Magnus broadcasts a single thought word.

Because I am stupid and forgot to specify, the village will be on my starting hex, 10,8
In a nondescript costal desert, Versdel rouses his metallic frame from its bed in the sands. Sight-without-eyes gradually returns to him as consciousness settles. While a divinity as himself was nonplussed by weather, he could still sense the blistering heat. Had the harvest come so soon? No, there was no harvest...where was his Prosperity? Only fifty odd adherents keeping vigil over his form and fine sand stretching out, as far as he could see. This was no promised paradise, this heatscarred wasteland. Despite the disquiet in the newborn mind, he had already begun moving, and his Preservers silently obeyed. He did not know these adherents, nor did he create them consciously, but he felt intrinsically linked to them, and so they would form the vanguard of his Prosperity.

>[Major Action + DI] Claim (2,18), (2,19)
>God Unit - Move (2,19)
It was a long walk through the desert, for both the god and his followers. His first thoughts turned to a settlement, but the sand they had was insufficient. They needed sturdier materials in order to create a usable shelter. While the mountain ranges far in the east were pleasing for the purpose, they would be difficult to use without tools for quarrying. Instead, he tried for the mesas to the south, and was rewarded with the sight of a forest. It was...wrong, somehow, but the dry wood would serve for simple material purposes.

>[Major Action + DI] Develop Primitive Sandstone Equipment with Sandstone + Deadwood, invoking the Order domain to offset the relative fragility of the materials.
Axes, Picks, Spears. The Preservers took to their task with silent gusto. These beings did not understand communication at present, being little more than thralls to Versdel's whims currently, marching in perfect, silent formation. Especially now, in this surge of limitless energy he felt. Whatever had roused him from his slumber must still be echoing inside his newly formed spark. He extended a fraction of that to the Preservers' efforts, their weak tools granted fortitude to last until sturdier stone and healthier wood could be obtained. Everything in this land seemed so very fragile, the fleeting grasps of paradise in his mind seemed stark in comparison. What had happened to it all?

>(God Unit Action + DI): Interact, examine the Petrified Forest and its Deadwood. This land was unnaturally devoid of life, could he even begin to sense why? (Spirit test?)
Channeling his limited spiritual capacity, as he was quite tragically a being far more attuned to the material, Versdel seeks to better comprehend the ruin that came to these forests. Life was not gone everywhere, they had passed many a cactus and carrion bird. The oceans swam with fish. But this, this was a truly dead land. It was a worthy question to ponder to bide time as his Preservers began the initial process of obtaining resources for civilization.
>Dorsal Reaches, 2x MA + 2x DI (Terraforming corruption)

Colossal monolithic stone hands rise out of the ground wherever Shireruth lays claim over his land, the stolen trophies of his war against his unruly extensions. These limbs pervert the land and distort unnaturally its formations. They serve a purpose beyond mockery or marking Shireruths dominance over the environment however, they act as a means of transport for the stricken blind and dumb Damm'ta who survive to this day. Once the mighty limbs of this race shaped the land around them with effortless ease for Sheriruths multitudes, now they serve the same purpose for his minions.

Plucking apart blockages, dropping Damm'ta off in hard to reach areas or opening their palms to transport Damm'ta from one hand to another and swapping things between them, these ancillary extremities make possible the living in adverse terrain for the Damm'ta, but repel with obstinancy and violence those not permitted to dwell in Sheriruths land, swatting down trespassers and sojourners with equal rebuke.

Wherever the pale light of Sheriruth reaches, so too will will the land tremble and spill forth the discarded arms of The Old War.

(Intended first effect, makes terraformed mountains and volcanoes owned by me inhabitable)
(Intended second effect, they help defend my territory / make it harder to pass)

>MI: Sheriruth moves to the hex of 23, 19
Confused the appearance of this pallid land, The Great White Shape flies over to investigate it. So distracted fighting himself, he hadn’t noticed the anomaly until now.

>DI: If there’s anything somehow alive down there and it tries to mess with me, smash it to death
>Or investigate it if not hostile, just generally DI as appropriate
A cold wind blows through the northern forests, leaving in it's wake a cool fog that wraps around trees and rocks, beguiling creatures small and large, gently embracing all that is to be seen and covering both the earth and air in a heavy blanket of gloom. A pack of --wolves-- stand together for warmth and safety, staring into the beguiling mists, curious yet afraid of the strange phenomenon marking their previously familiar territory.

And yet, as they stare into the darkness, so too does it stare into them. Quite literally, in this case, as another being of similar disposition and breed to the family appears as if from nowhere, striding towards them with a relaxed posture, it's eyes shining widely. The oldest members of the pack, ordinarily prone to aggressive defense of their territory, cautiously hold their ground, watching the newcomer attentively as it practically hovers towards them, the fog swirling around it's indistinct features.

Yet, just as it reaches them, the being stops abruptly, raising it's head southward and sniffing intently. Almost as quickly as he gained it, Nil lost interest in these animals, for he had found a far more interesting subject to investigate, one that smelled almost...familiar. Rippling and shifting before the wolves' eyes, he grows enormously, until his back nearly breaches the treetops, still melding seamlessly with the mist surrounding him. Quickly, he bounds away towards his new target, taking away the cold wind with him, as small rays of sunlight seem to pierce the grey cover where he stood. The wolves waste no time in jumping in to enjoy the warmth.

>Action 1: Claim [MA] [DI]
With little warning, the air grows humid, the snow glistening underfoot as almost the whole north-western forest is covered in a grey haze. The Riath that inhabit it seem just as confused about it's nature as the mindless beasts it engulfs, yet still eager to take advantage of it, having embraced their bond with this strange force, praising it as the presence of the Great Spirit who birthed them, proof of his ever present watchful eye over his children, even if he never seems to make a direct appearance.
>[9, 7], [10, 7] and [11, 7] are claimed.
>Action 2: Develop [MA] [DI]
As they are (allegedly) descended from the Great Spirit's very breath, it's only natural for the Riath to have inherited his voice. Naturally soft and sly, their grunts and whispers echo become a frequently encountered noise within the forest. Their communal nature, combined with their near obsession for investigating and categorizing the world around them quickly leads to the development of a complex language, so young, yet already so full of nuance and double meanings that it would be near incomprehensible to one who hasn't been taught to appreciate the finer details of each and every sentence. This alone would be quite the development, but it seems that it, too, is affected by their mystical connection to the mists. Engulfed in fog, the voices of the Riath are carried along the forest floor to downright unnatural distances, reaching only the ears of those intended to hear them in quickly fading echoes.
>Language is developed, and through the use of Divine Influence, the voices of Nil's minions are able to cross great distances while within his territory.

>Action 3& 4: God Unit Move & Communicate
Following the scent of this strange new presence, Nil bounds through his territory like the wind, filled with curiosity that completely overshadows his cautiousness. Reaching the edge of his lands, the Mist God takes on a smaller form, once again resembling a common beast, though one who's nature is impossible to hide from a direct observant. Lying low, he runs through the trees as-of-yet free from his influence, marvelling at the appearance of strange creatures that seem to be as intelligent as his own experiment. And yet, he almost instantly loses interest at the sight of the towering being that frets over them. Observing it for but a second, Nil swiftly climbs the closest, tallest tree to the spider-like God, his cloudy form taking a more solid shape as he stares directly into what he can only assume to be it's eyes, speaking in as friendly a tone he can, which still ends up sounding quite sketchy.

"Greetings, o' tall one. Forgive my sudden appearance, but I couldn't help but notice your presence, not could I ignore just how much it reminded me of myself. Tell me, just what are you?"
>Nil moves to [10, 8] and initiates contact with Steel-Weaver.
File: ETERNALUNMAKING.jpg (2.4 MB, 990x1500)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG

As the ethereal veil of light and unimaginable colors begins to fade and recede back to its place in the sky, what can only be described as a pure abomination to nature is left in its wake. With endless maws, and eyes that leave no corner unwatched, The Serfs scatter in maddened fear of that which they begat. A voice beams from above with one final command.

"Rise, you disgusting sycophant. Take a shameful form, for your humiliating mind. You will learn right from wrong, regardless of the cost. Do what you must. I will be watching."

From within the avatar of light, colors pour outwards from its veins and orifices, as it beats and empowers the mass of flesh with divinity. A graveled and tortured voice cries outwards.

"...I..I...SH..SHALL...S..SERVEE.......A.. AND I.. SHALL FEED..."

>Unit Action [Carn'aath]: Kill 5 of my pop and consume their souls using Prepared Souls. I'll be referring to these as soul points or SP from now on.
In a blur of action, Carn'aath springs from position and writhes its tentacles around the nearest Serfs, crushing, mauling, and lacerating hundreds in only a brief moment. Through this act, Carn'aath cuts the population of the Serfs down by half.

>Major Action [Develop] [DI] [5 SP]: The Unmaking - Carn'aath inflicts a powerful cancer upon himself, a malignancy that comes from within and seeks out a single goal. The Unmaking of flesh.
Carn'aath's form begins to develop cancerous bubbles of decaying skin, a body eternally unmaking and remaking itself. A deathly curse of the soul that works to destroy his body, but too weak to resist the regenerative nature of his newly claimed divinity. While perhaps ineffective on a divine body like his own, it shall certainly ravage the flesh of a mortal.

>Major Action [Develop] [DI]: The Spread - The Unmaking detaches itself from identity, knowing the skin of more than solely Carn'aath's, but of any who his flesh may meet. His minions cannot carry such a disease, for they would meet their own end, and it is resisted by the spark of a divinity. It does not spread by air, spit, or germs: Solely by the meeting of flesh.
The unbounding power of color and light that shines within The Champion beat faster and faster, as his cankerous bleeding body swells in pain. Through Carn'aath's suffering, others shall soon know the meaning of his birth.
>ACTION 1 - [DI] Claim, 21,22& 22,22

The Storyteller was not one to spurn his disciples. The Skaldlings needed homeland, and homeland he would give them. Wherever he trod, softly worn trails and markers would lead to food and water. Everything a disciple of Nardu needed.

>Action 2 - [DI] Develop Agriculture/Medicinal Agriculture
Before he departed, a twinge of sadness struck Nardu's heart. He could not bear his Skaldlings to be without care or aid. He taught them what he knew of the herbal medicines in their homeland, and how to use them. How to grow them. If they were injured in his absence, they would not be harmed for long.

>God Unit Move from 21,21 to 24,21
Nardu began his great adventure, gathering tales of the earth around him as he headed eastward
>Communicate to Sheiruruth.
The gnarled walking stick Nardu had come to call a friend carried him to the foot of the mountaintops where another god dwelled. Its' vast appearance hovered in the sky above, and Nardu was eager to speak.

"Oh kinsman, I am Nardu. The one who tells the stories. The one who walks the Earth. I come bearing good tidings, and questions of your nature. Will you humor a curious god, and tell me your tale?"
The enormous robotic spider recoils from the sudden intrusion, its domelike "head", really just the top half of its mostly spherical body, whirling around to face the new presence. As its gleaming optical sensors focus on the anomaly before it, internal fans go whirring to cool its processors as they digest the sudden query.

"What... Am I?" It speaks hesitantly, as if unused to the very act of speech.

"What *am* I?" It speaks again. "That thing I did to the mountain... That was not in my,,, Instructions? Directives? No, no, my... Programming! Yes, that thing I did to the mountain was not in my programming!" The momentary elation in its voice is swiftly replaced by dread. "So why did I do it then? HOW did I do it then?! WHAT AM I?!"

One of the EBWos drops what it's doing to give a comforting hug to one of the divine's long, long legs. The amnesiac automaton drops everything to begin fussing over the brave little creature, cleaning their fur and making sure none of their claws have chipped.
The wispy canine tilts his own head curiously as the machine-God seems to suffer under it's own internal logic when faced with such an existential question. With each panicked word, if such an emotion even applied to the spider, Nil grows more and more intrigued, visibly edging forward, his lips peeling back under the flowing fog to a vague approximation of a grin. This puzzle could only get more interesting, it seemed.

"Those creatures,then..." He ponders out-loud, his silver eyes peering predatorily at the EBWo from the treetop. "What are they? Perhaps we could trace your origin if we knew more about those that serve you." 'Or those you serve.', he thinks to himself, noting it's behaviour to the lower life form, more akin to a caretaker than a creator.

Without warning, he leaps off the tree onto the same leg previously hugged by the diminutive mortal, rapidly descending and hovering across the ground until he reaches the EBWo, surrounding it in vapor as he investigates it's features from up close. "Why do you care for it? Protect it? What does it offer you?" He speaks, but only to himself, thinking aloud, as if this living being was just a puzzle for him to unravel.

...Nothing there. Naught but whispers by the shore of this ashen sea, no minds that knowingly hear the pull of Magnus' own, no like-linked parts of a former whole to resonate and attract. Just stains upon a putrid beach, no doubt the remnants of some act of ruin. The lone eyeball gazes out across the sea a moment more; then begins to float in reverse to the direction first taken, levitating by power of mind and magnetics to return to the new and growing site of Orbit.

>God-Unit Continued Action - Move back to 25,10; end movement, unit action and turn.
The obstinate Sheriruth remains impassive for many moments, busy doing something or other.

What it is doing is revealed shortly, as great stone hands rise from out of the ground, ripping through bedrock and shaking free loose dirt all around the traveler god, before at last one rises beneath him, lifting him up into the air to meet the Pale Hand from a more even footing.

“What you ask of stands now before you. The discarded arms of rebellion and refusal.”
“This field of once-flesh is a testament to it.”

“Ancillaries who sought my ichor lie stricken cobbled and blinded suffer the certainty I provided.”

“I am I, indivisible, never to be again severed.”

>With that, Sheriruth seems to consider the conversation over for now and leaves the immediate area, turning rather excessively slowly before zooming off at top speed
Registering more queries, the confused newborn god mentally retreats to what is logical and known, however little that may be.

"EBWo. Emergency Bio-Engineered Worker. Primary function, facilitate completion of directives. C-current directives are as follow: One, gather resources. Two, construct facilities for resource processing and subsequent manufacture of... Manufacture of..." The whirring of fans briefly intensifies, before coming back down. "Subsequent manufacture. Let's leave it there." The machine god finishes, synthetic tones somehow conveying recognizable discomfort. "Three..."

Silence. Prolonged silence. Abruptly broken by a noise that sends the poor EBWo reeling back, covering its ears. "CURRENTLY UNKNOWN!" The steel weaver blurts out, cutting off the noise. "Directives three, four, and five cannot be recovered at the present time, AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!" The highly distressed robotic octopod states, sounding more like they are trying to convince themselves than anyone else.

Taking a moment to cool down in both a figurative and literal sense, the amnesiac automaton musters the strength to continue. "Six, ensure protection and proliferation of EBWos in service of the above."

The mention of the EBWos draws the spider's attention to the specimen of such that came to its aid, only to be frightened by its outburst. "No, no no no it's okay, I'm fine now, I promise, you're doing good, you're doing great..."

Almost completely ignoring the other god present, The Steel Weaver begins playing soft music over its speaker. The EBWos within earshot have absolutely no ability to replicate this tune and can barely even comprehend what it is they are hearing, but the one closest to the music's source begins calming down as they listen.

(This is not a development action, though if any of the EBWos remember it then it might become one later.)
File: THE FIRST RIDER.png (703 KB, 1278x716)
703 KB
703 KB PNG
Rolled 6, 6 = 12 (2d10)


>Major: [Develop] [DI] - CREDE OF RIGHTEOUS RESPECT AND DOMINANCE - In this world, power and style are everything. To give style and power, or to take it by force - Respect and Dominance - are thus the most powerful things one can wield over another. This is the first lesson of SABASTIOUS to his Mohawkers. Followed shortly after by the second lesson, that SABASTIOUS is the absolute authority and power to these pissants. Such an aggressive social hierarchy and society this will create, pleases the DEMON HORSE to no end.

>Major: [Create Hero Unit] [DI] - THE FIRST RIDER - In His presence, all cowered before the DEMON HORSE. All but one. An unknown Mohawker of immense stature approaches and mounts the towering SABASTIOUS with a straight face, and from the sheer audacity of such an action SABATIOUS swells with newfround Respect. The DEMON HORSE grants this mortal untold powers in exchange and to enable him to act as the god's Voice.
>>[CREDE OF RIGHTEOUS RESPECT AND DOMINANCE], [Blood of the Stallion], [Lungs of a Courser], [Voice of the DEMON HORSE]

A cloud of steam erupts from the DEMON HORSE's nostrils as steady breaths of infernal air meet the cool night air. The first sunset has just passed since his rise onto this continent. And after crushing a man's head - and devouring the corpse - for daring to stand between the god and tree-fruit that was rightfully his, all other Mohawkers have been keeping their distance. Just far enough away to not be caught under hoof or catch the gaze of his ire, but close enough to enjoy the warmth of the flaming mane cresting the horse from hell. A welcome reprieve from the cold, darkness, and beasts of nature. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't after all.

The crackling and flickering hellfires lit the forest canopy with eerie light as SABASTIOUS continued to breath in the night air.
This world was filled to the brim with divine energies, yet He could tell, he could *sense* the exactness of three others like him in his general vicinity. One smelled of parchment and earthly rodents; another, of ground crystals and momentary sparks of ozone; then there was HER. A harlot oozing the Aura of Dominance, Binding, Enforced Order. A whore that had the gall to manifest in such close proximity to a being of Chaos such as Him, that it could only be interpreted as a challenge. One who, in His vividness at the thought, would potentially try to *enslave* Him out of principle. The mere notion caused the flames on his back to burn brighter than the pits of hell, causing all around Him to flinch back in fear. All but one, who stared straight at the DEMON HORSE, meeting his gaze the entire night.
Something would have to be done about this.

As the sun rises the following day, and after much menacing rumination, SABASTIOUS has made his decision. He stands, the grasses under his hooves burn, the ground cries out in agony like tortured mortals, and with a huff of brimstone and sulfur, the DEMON HORSE trots forward towards the edge of the grove He had rested in. But as He nears the forest proper, one man stands before him. A Mohawker of unknown linage and no renown. Notable only for his build and his piercing gaze. Where all others fled back from the god as he began his march to the goddess of BDSM, this one stood indignant. This one could see the fires and plans blazing in the cold dead eyes of his god, and nodded. Without even exchanging words, the man strode forth, reached up to snag at the beast's mane, and swung himself up in one mighty leap. He would come with the god to do battle for glory and fame, that was his terms. For the first time since his birth, SABASTIOUS *smiled*. A truly terrifying visage that caused all around him to take on a deathly pallor. With a deep chuckle, the god continued His march forward, now a rider in tow. The last sight his people would see, as they crossed from verdant forests to wastes of bare stone trees, was that of the First Rider swelling and pulsing. Growing tainted and ripe on demonic power. And with a simple turn of his head, the RIDER uttered, "To war."

The transformation would only continue as they crossed into the domain of the harlot goddess. THE FIRST RIDER's frame grew to match the size of the horse he rode. His eyes burn a deep red that could look right into a man's soul. His lungs filled with smoke and brimstone, ready to belt out commands and orders that left no room for questioning or doubt. And through the first ever made Demonic Pact, he could communicate directly with the DEMON HORSE himself. SABASTIOUS was pleased with the FIRST RIDER, and made it clear there would be opportunities abound to please Him further.

Such as, in the desolation and subjugation of their too close for comfort neighbors.
With a single hell-raising roar, The DEMON HORSE and THE FIRST RIDER charge into the thickets of the deadlands, plowing through dead logs like twigs and setting them ablaze by mere proximity. Upturning mounds of earth and entire fields, they finally arrive in the camps of the Subdomons. SABASTIOUS unhinges his jaw as it continues to widen and lengthen. And finally, it lashes out at the Domination goddess herself, attempting to spill the first divine blood this world would ever see.

>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI] - SABASTIOUS Charges forth into the petrified woods of [17,19], and Attacks Blasting Death Singing Mayhem. Peace was never an option.
With a single
File: Accursed Land.jpg (86 KB, 564x705)
86 KB

The rotting corpse has been standing there for aeons, with the blessing of its patron slowly seeping into every inch of its festered body. It remains in the dead centre of an accursed swamp, where the air is still and silent, and even birds refuse to visit. The Moon-Touched Prey awakens at long last, and the ragged crescent rises behind it. Its writhing flesh and broken bones are revealed in the spectral moonlight. All around it are members of its herd— wild creatures who previously sought shelter near the upright carcass. For generations, they've been kept safe by its aura, joining it in the rejection of the natural order. Now that their guardian has awoken, The Herd knows to kneel. Mere animals lower themselves to the ground, touching their heads and hooves to the mushy soil in worship of their deity.

It raises its head to the sky. The apparition of the moon remains anchored at a fixed point, spectral lines attempting to complete the wispy circle that runs along its edge. The dead God begins to walk, moving with single-minded purpose. As it moves, nature quivers in agony. The land grows quiet, and animals flee en-masse to adjacent territories. It transforms the ground it walks upon into a twisted biosphere suited only for its kin. Nothing is welcome but the plants, twisted to feed on the light of the moon instead of sun, and the creatures who've received its blessing. A low mist hangs over the land, and dead silence ensues. Even the tiniest insects in the soil recognize that they're unwelcome.

Art source: https://www.deviantart.com/behzadsohrabi/art/Unknown-Land001-690349020

>Major action [DI]: Claim [21, 27], [21, 28], and [22, 29]
File: Turn.png (177 KB, 874x847)
177 KB
177 KB PNG

If the laws of nature state that a being is doomed to a painful death, for the mere sin of being born at the bottom of the food chain, then the Moon-Touched Prey will reject all of nature. The beast was once sacred, respected by a long-dead people. And the agony of being hunted and sacrificed remains ever-present within its fractured mind. No more. It did not accept such a fate for itself, even as it was ripped apart by savage teeth and squawking beaks. It will not accept it now.

Animals serve Man, and are forever beneath them. Man serves a King, who lords over them. And in turn, the King serves God. But now, the Beast has become God, and the natural order will be turned on its head.

It begins by shambling North, where it senses the brilliant light of another deity. Its own divine essence is pale and wretched by comparison, infused into the body of a lowly creature instead of being born with majesty and grace like a God ought to. But it carries itself with purpose all the same. The Moon-Touched Prey stands upon the very lands that The Blessed Mother originates on. She will instead awaken in a pallid, accursed swamp, with the Prey's influence already seeping deep into it. It stands by her children, black sockets betraying no spark of life or awareness. It does not speak, but the message is clear.

They are as unwelcome as the buzzing bugs, the scavenger birds, and the hunting beasts.

>Unit Action [God Unit]- Move to [21, 26], Eden's starting tile.
>Major action [DI]: Claim [20, 26], [20, 27], and [21, 26]
Zebrac tosses it's long, vein covered with bleeding rusty nails protruding, head back. Foul ichor splattered down to the hill covered lands that smoked upon reaching the ground below. The dark Goddess of Change took this in with an all too familiar excited sheen in her dark eyes, many of the Voidspawn whimpering or quivering in fear. Barbed wires veins rip from the black chitin covered arms, the rending claws carving deep furrows in the dry soil.

"This is akin to a dream, the ones of absolute lucidity. To step out from where one was once limited, and shatter the meager bounds of reality. Torture the world, change the people, Torture the people, change the world? No?"
Zebrac madly mutters to herself stretching out like a cat, scythe like tail whipping behind her. Then with a crack, like a breaking of a mirror, the claws of the Torture god pull on the frames of existence. Metal and flesh pour from her body, pipes of rusted iron, bone, and other seemingly living flesh, stretching north towards the sea, while further south barbed wire veins filled with oil push upon the grasslands. What oddities.

(32,20) (32,22) (32,23)


She throws a dismissive eye to the Voidspawn.

"We will be undergoing 'Minion Evaluations'... beginning as of now. My lovely and gracious self -" She trails a bladed finger across the cheek of a Voidspawn, splitting it to the bone, while the poor being bites its lips till they bleed to prevent it's cries from escaping.

"- Shall find you all a suitable target, someone truly delectable. You will prepare them a proper reception in the meantime, before you go retrieve them. Do try to tidy up dearies, you don't want Me to be upset with you do you?"

The Voidspawn screech and wince in fear, slapping the ground and edging away.

Before Zebrac leaves, the Voidspawn busy about, molding sheets of raw metal, skin, and bone into a strange tall cylindrical prism, upon which there is a single opening in the top. A suitable dwelling for any dinner guests of Zebrac, perhaps?

>God Unit Move 31, 25
Zebrac races, like a black expanse where light was cut from the world with a knife down the coastline. Once she feel she has gone far enough, she bellows out.

>"Who else is blessed to receive me upon this world?"
> is this all alright?
(Give me a spirit roll, please)
It is to late to join?
I believe so, yes. Shame, OP said the maximum number of players would be 20, and we wound up with 19.
Well, I might be able to fit one more player in, depending on how long it takes to process a turn as-is. Post a god sheet, and I'll see if I can slot you in for turn 2. If not I can at least add you to the queue.
Overridden by the QM! You're in luck, my friend.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Nil can only stare at his fellow god's bipolar reactions, slowly pacing around it as it swings from cold mechanical instructions to panicked shouts of self-affirmation. A being of divine might, a slave to it's orders, yet unable to even rememer them.

"How quaint..." he speaks to himself aloud once more, his voice unheard under the spider's musical system. That, as well, intrigued him. The Mist God had never heard such things before, yet he somehow fathomed it perfectly thanks to his own godly spark, and with every second the mystery surrounding the great arachnid grew deeper.

Gods ruled all that they saw, and yet before him was one that was bound to orders it couldn't even fathom-or simply didn't want to?-, one that spent more time caring for it's own creations-if indeed that was what the EBWos were-than taking advantage of it's divinity for it's own purposes. Even beyond that, it was made of metal, head to toe-or perhaps it was simply bolted onto it's flesh?-and looked unlike anything he had seen. Such a thing couldn't have been born. No, it was made by something else-engineered or bred?-and yet that simply couldn't be, for it was a god-or could there be something even greater than them? Was it's divinity part of the plan, the result of it's seeming rebellion or perhaps the reason?-

Thoughts running non-stop, Nil hadn't even registered that his physicaly form was coming apart at the seams, transparent tendrils of fog wrapping around the metal giant's legs and pulling upwards. He had decided. He wanted-no, he NEEDED to know more! To uncover everything there was to learn about this, to bring it to light. It was simple, all he had to do was tear it open and categorize it's innards, bolt or bone, flesh or metal, blood or oil, one by one by one by one by o-


Coming to his senses, he realized he had climbed the God machine's body up to it's eyes, staring directly into those blinding red lights, breathing heavily, the mist spilling from his maw fogging up the glass. Perhaps...he had gotten a bit ahead of himself. Best to start with the basics.

"Ahem...let's leave all those details aside, then. Apologies for my rudeness, but I was too caught up in my excitement for introductions. I am Nil, named as such by myself. And you?"
As the mist began to coalesce around the mechanical spider's optics, it is ignored at first, until it suddenly takes shape. Though alarmed at this action, the arachnid-shaped automaton shunts away the initial panic response for fear of hurting or frightening the poor EBWo yet again.

"My name? My name is..." Initial searches draw a blank. a replaying of your question draws attention to the fact that you named yourself. Fragmentary knowledge is assembled, links of logic are made, and a conclusion is reached.

"My name is Steel-Weaver, named as such by myself." And when the robotic spider speaks, there is a reverence in its tone, as if it has just done something which it takes great pride in.
Okay then
> Name: Amarowk
> Description: apex predator incarnate its form incorporates mqny animalistic atributes from felids, canids, lizards insects and many other. A horrific muscle bound beast covered in sharp spikes and skeletal carapace with many bonecrushing teeth and eyes. He is the instinct that drives beasts and he is rhe will to survive.
>Domain: Beasts
>Color: Amber
>godly attributes major: Strenght. Minor: fortitude and affinity

>Minions: the Wildlings. They are not a single race per say but lot of different species originating from a same progenitor working as a semi unified and highly inteligent group when neccesary. Shape wise they are mix and match of various mammalian, reptilian, and insectoids. And with various sizes from insect like decomposers to hulking siege beasts. Intelligence can vary between breeds.
>species attribute: population
>minion ability:
The wildlings has been adapted to various environments and threats until they dominated their surroundings from that point onwards their development slowed down dramaticaly after all without competition evolution came to a halt and without conflict the Wildlings grew weak.
Their development accelerates in great speed when they are in territorial conflict with others.

>starting hex: 2, 22

I think its good

That hex is (well not occupied but not really good)
So change it into 16, 25
"Hoh, is that so?" he says, his eyes still gleaming. By now he's backed off, still attached to the edge of the newly named Steel-Weaver's largest lens by lingering tendrils of mist. 'So it can think for itself after all...'

Letting go at last, Nil free-falls to the forest floor, briefly losing form as his body becomes a cloud of fog, dispersing across the ground on impact before regrouping into his full canine body. Shaking himself off, he turns towards the EBWos for a brief moment, before facing his fellow god again, his expression altogether more serious. A direct interrogation isn't very effective, so it's best to start thinking in the long term.

"Pleased to meet you then, Steel-Weaver. Now that we're past introductions, how about we turn to negotiations? I, too, have a number of mortals under my care, alike to yours, though not quite the same. Perhaps we could benefit each other, and ease our people's troubles if we began some measure of cooperation? That is, of course, only if you wish. I do not mean to insinuate your...EBWos won't thrive on their lonesome."

It's simple enough to gain anyone's trust, so long as you play to their interests. Clearly, this spider only cared about it's minion's wellbeing, and thus it would be the most direct route to it's cooperation. Of course, it would help his own experiments in sentience along, but that was secondary.
Optics following its fellow god as he moves, the mention of cooperation gets the newly named divine's processors whirring once again.

"Yes. Resources and living space are currently plentiful enough that co-operation would be more advisable than competition. Although, apart from raw materials you could easily gather yourself, I have little to offer you at the present-"

The Steel Weaver stops, looking to the freshly claimed mountain for a moment, then back to the one called Nil.

"Actually, what resources *do* you have access to? My memory banks indicate that securing the mountain for future harvesting of raw materials required disproportionate effort compared to the areas surrounding."
Alright, turn processing hasn't been too bad, so I think I can fit you in on the second turn. Hop into the discord whenever and I'll write up a character sheet for you.
Rolled 6, 10, 5 = 21 (3d10)

As the mother tends to her children her land is filled with the noise of fleeing animals. The stench of something putrid and lowly brings itself, unwelcome, to her doorstep. It infests her sacred land, once fertile and abundant, turning the soft soil hard and cold and the vibrant forrest dark and dull. This is a threat for which she will not stand. She spreads her divine power to the neighbouring lands and sends her children forth to build.
>[MA] [DI]: Claim 21,25 and 22,26
>[MA] [DI]: Claim 23,25 and 23,26

As the stench of death approaches the border of her land, the mother shines her divine light on these cold and wretched creatures.
>Minor Action [DI], Convert Minions using Affinity
Deleted my post after getting some conflicting info on the mechanics, being allowed a redo. Move was an attempted conversion, rolling 4, 3, but is now void.
Rolled 10 (1d10)

The Moon-Touched Prey has no want for negotiations or cooperation. It is far, far beneath those basic civilities. The being of light has had its opportunity to turn Eastwards and accept its claim, but has chosen to attack instead. The beast gives no further warning. It stands before her, allowing the crescent moon to hang high over both their heads. The otherworldly sliver draws in the light of a distant star, and reflects it to produce a glow of its own. But this time, it absorbs the light from another source. As it lingers in the sky, over the gaping hole in its bearer’s back, the false moon saps at her strength, trying to wrench the essence right out of her body and absorb it into itself. The corpse stands tall, ribbons of flesh dangling off it as the miasma of decay fills the forest.

>Unit Action [God Unit]- Interact [DI], Attack Eden directly.

Art Source: https://twitter.com/BrandonMcCamey/status/1397019461593485317?s=20&t=riAbuyyeOdIagHGviZUp_gw
File: 7o3hry0fjya31.jpg (494 KB, 2240x2596)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
Mgr Act DI claim 15,7 17,7
As the all warmth claims the snowy landscape drips of his being seep into the snow and earth creating pockets of bubbling hotsprings

Mgr Act DI create breath of flame the all warmth sees both a protective and proactive use for his shale to be able to blow a flame from their form. As such he breathes a fire from his mouth that starts red but but then begins to glow a blistering blue as the flame sputters out divine glowing ash falls down and touches all of his shale imparting them with the newfound ability.

Minor action communicate
The all warmth sees the strange creatures approach and can immediately feel the same divine nature in the head of its pack. It speaks its name and makes demands to submit to fear "such is those with power" the All Warmth mutters. He then speaks up in full force "I am the All Warmth there is nothing to fear of you especially not in such primitive times, you are wrong to say I am without blood for the ichor that flows through my veins is in yours as well." Pondering the All Warmth speaks again "rather than waste one's warmth on such coldness as the notion of fear why not choose the passionate heat of kinship, it is much more powerful than fear."
The All Warmth then smiles "should you choose not to heed me, we may fight and roll around in the landscape like wild animals it would be rather fun... for me."
And here comes the hard part. Selling people on something you don't have is the mark of a true scam arti-persuasive negotiator. Nil paces slowly, looking upward as if he thinks on what he can offer, when in truth, he's just wondering how to spin his inability to give anything new into something positive.

"For now, I can but give you what you already see in this forested land, though in far greater amounts. An insurance, of sorts, that you will never find yourself lacking." he says, grinning sleazily.

"Of course, if you seek something truly novel, then we can postpone this business talk for later, once my people begin exploiting the great frozen north! Those icey sheets and the great waters beyond are bound to be full of potential resources, don't you think?"
After a few quick calculations, the Steel Weaver arrives at a conclusion. "Postponement would be acceptable. Now, if you excuse me, I must tend to my followers. While they're working very hard and I am very proud of them for that, communication and coordination do not appear to be strong suits of theirs. Nothing a bit of proper oversight can't help, of course."
Not a complete success, but having laid the foundations for further investigation is good enough for now. Nil gives a simple nod, wisps of fog flying from his head at the movement.

"I understand. Nevertheless, I hope this is the beginning of a fruitful partnership for the both of us." He turns, slowly padding away towards a distant tree. "I'll leave you to your work now. There's no doubt in my mind, when next we meet, your followers will be more even more impressive than they are now, being in such capable..." He glances at Steel-Weaver's long legs for a second before finishing. "...Springs."

Finally, he leaves in silence, passing behind a tree and simply fading away to most observers. Of course, this is only a trick, as he takes mist form and bounds up the greak pine at immense speed, quickly reaching it's top-most branches and looking down from above. For a second, he moves to return to his own lands, before looking back at his fellow god with newfound interest.

This Steel-Weaver seemed quite out of sorts for the moment, and it's pinpoint focus on those tiny creatures only added to Nil's temptation. Surely it wouldn't notice if he just...stuck around, just a little, to observe it's behaviour without any outside interference?
File: Turn1.png (128 KB, 759x881)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
The Mountain-voice wasn't truly aware of its sapience until it repeated a sound it has never heard of before. It would ruminate on where it might have heard of it before, before realizing that it did not repeat the howling calls the Dazawk at times made when they found a particularly large cadaver.

This double contradiction in an identity largely based on repeating whatever sounds comes to it, brought it into a fit of panic, shifting its great weight over the level sands.
>Unit Action [God Unit]: Move to [9,17]

As the sand settles, the divinity resorted to its favored pastime, that of echoing sounds, mostly to calm down. Still, the Mountain-voice continues to be surprised, as its echoes continues to echo, louder and smaller at times. The panicked squawks of the Dazawk, the twisting and breaking of Sable, and the popping of air and vacuum as the Mountain speedily shifted.
>[MA][DI]: Claim [7,15], [8,16]
>[MA][DI]: Claim [9,15], [9,16]

Its voice brought with it a kind of inertia, a consistent change of stuff and sound, though dotted with randomness. Unto the stony sands, the sands themselves stirred with life in the Mountain's wake.
>[MI][DI]: Sing.
As the EBWos busy themselves constructing both their future village and the defenses said village will employ, the problem that the steel-weaver spoke of soon becomes apparent. Although fully capable of understanding the instructions given to them by their patron, their own communication seems to be limited to yelling and pointing, followed by hoping real hard that the other guy will figure out what it is you're pointing at and why you are doing so.

Though technically sufficient for the moment, it is clear that it will prove woefully inadequate for more larger or more complicated tasks. Not at all like the sophisticated language system being developed by the Riath to the north. {Hint hint}
Now this...this was quite interesting. Indeed, Nil could work with this. It was well worth exposing himself for the sake of speeding up the schedule. Wasting no time, he leaps from the treetops, unravelling into a cloud of mist once more, tearing across the earth to reach his fellow god once more.

"Ah, one last thing! While I was leaving, I took the chance to see these communication problems of yours first hand, and I believe I have just the thing!" He smiles grins once more, confident in this play.

"It's quite clear your young ones are held back only by the fact they can't express themselves like you and I. They quite simply lack the concept of spoken words. Thankfully, this is an issue my own creations have solved, and quite handily at that!"

Well, the ability to do so was hard coded into them from their first spawning, as the inability to do so would hamstring their potential instantly, so it's quite the unfair comparison, but nobody else needed to know that.

"How about we perform an exchange of materials for...services? I could arrange for some of mine to travel here, and teach your people some of their tongue. A fair trade, don't you think?"
After taking a few moments to calculate, The STeel Weaver reaches a conclusion. "Very well. You gain access to the materials of the mountain in exchange for giving us this knowledge. Then, by the time my people have internalized this knowledge, you will have access to the resources of the north with which to continue the trade?"

"If so, then this will be an agreement I shall happily partake in." They finished, internally giddy at themselves for this application of basic social interaction.
Quick followup after I've asked a question

>God Unit(Nardu) Interact[DI] to build a road/trailhead stretching back to his point of origin.

Over hill, and under tree. Where the Bandaged Traveller stepped, softly eroded trails sprung in his wake. No plant nor animal dared to disrupt these paths. Where he stopped to rest, circles of stones rose to mark out as wayrests for any weary travellers. Even as he approached Sheriruth's mountain, a series of brightly coloured bandages lead the way into the foothills of the mountain. Any of Nardu's spawn, or any other gods' for that matter, would find great use in his paths. And he was happy to welcome them.

>MA [Develop] - Forage for fruits and berries
>MA [Develop] - Settlement at 3.21 - Largo

>God action Move - to 7.18
Once light pierces into the world of the living and begins to devour the dark, the ground beneath the jungle of an island(9,22) begins to quake. Surrounding critters scattering into different directions out of fright while whatever was left in the jungle began to tremble as the shaking slowly increased with the ever growing light. Once the sun rippled into the horizon, the ground beneath cracked and parted ways to Thalak's red head of many horns. With a moderate pace insync with the sun, Thalak ascends into the world with an eerie statue like state of a wide smile while his hands and fingers touching each other. The moment the sun sets, Thalak becomes animate followed with a guffaw burst.
"Freedom! What a joyful day, what a day of great joy! What will this realm offer for Thalak and what will Thalak gift it in return I wonder. No worries, if the one who birth me continues to rise then I will continue to act!"

>Action 1 - [DI] Claim 2 hexes. (10,23 / 10,24)
Thalak middle eye stares at the swamp while his other eyes stares at the ocean with great interest and curiosity. That being said, the land also begins to shine brighter than the rest, similar to the jungle he resides in.

>Action 2 - Develop [Hunter-gatherer/Forager]
After Thalak gifted the Cahoot with evolution and sentiency they immediately perceived him as a god and began to diligently collect goods within the jungle to offer to Thalak. Thalak pleased by their work, he graciously accepted their offerings, but announced he will only take their gifts of appreciation when the sun burns the brightest and longest (Summer) and advice them to use those goods for themselves.
[Psst, you're not allowed to claim ocean hexes. Helps reduce OP's workload]
10,24 -> 9,23

With the Semi Aquatic + Hunter-gatherer tech The Cahoot shall frequently hunt in the ocean
"Then we find ourselves in total agreement, my friend." Nodding again with a small chuckle, Nil turns to leave, for real this time, calculating the details of the transaction in his head, leaving Steel-Weaver with some final words.

"My people, the...Riath, I believe they named themselves? They'll come in time, but you know how these things are, can't rush them too much in such an early stage." *Or rather, he'd just rather avoid interacting directly with the subjects of his experiment, lest it taint the results further. 'I'll find a way, though.' He thinks to himself as he turns to mist and makes his exit. 'I always do.'
> Claim: 29-23, 30-24
> build a settlement on 30-24
Ardonash’s burning, baleful gaze settled on the land around the spot it had landed on, coming into focus for the first time since it’s tragic crash-landing.
The keen ringing of a shuddering blade filled the air, as the divine sword shivered in its earthly sheath- the cut-spawned heard their master’s call, and eagerly scuttled from their novels, claiming the lands around them in Ardonash’s splitting name.

Blades pierced the ground, marking the land as owned by the Wanting Sword, that none may ever attempt to conquer it lest they wish to test the worldslicer’s sharp edge.

A new settlement is built: Addigu, a crude name for a crude place- nothing but a pile of little stone huts, inhabited by terrified, starved creatures.
But it was something. And that was enough.
The cut-spawned flocked to this new shelter, finding refuge in this little haven under the watchful gaze of Ardonash’s eye.

(Included picture of the first Cut-spawned settler, Ushmagut, here portrayed in the act of celebrating his success in building a shit wall that didn’t implode the moment he stopped looking at it, colorized)

>MA-DI Develop Language
>MA-DI Develop Foraging

>God unit - Move to 7.18

On the first night of creation, a shooting star fell from the sky. That star had lost it's way, aimlessly going from places to places, wandering for ever so long amidst the Shoreless sea.
On that very first night, while the Star was passing above the dead lands, the song of creation rose once more, touching the very essence of the Star. Altering it's course and crashing it on the earth.
The Star was smitten. The song was an entity of such beauty, how could it be otherwise? Could the Star find it again? Could the Star be touched by it anew? Could the Star even start back it's journey now that it's travel had stop? None of it's kin ever did.
On that very first night, the infatuated Star, in the silence of the forest, tried to replicate a few verse. On that very first night, the Star gained something eons would have never given it, for soon after it's attempt at singing, voices joined it. Feathered voices, full of colors and passion.
Beykarres it named them. Silure they named it in return. They too had heard the song, if not as clearly as their new guide. They too wished to hear it once more. And just as that a people was born, united by a shared goal, on that very first night.

>Develop Language - Empyrean tongue

The very start was rough, the Beykarres singing and talking and chattering and bickering and mumbling and laughing and crying and shooting and oh so much more. The fragile harmony of sound battered and broken, and so Silure started to teach them the tongue of the stars, that one tongue that need not be spoken to be heard. Just as the stars are always here even during the brightest day, the Beykarres learned to always talk, even during the heaviest of silences.

>Develop Foraging - Gift of the forests

Grateful for this gift, they insisted for one to be returned, an old gesture that they shared even before they Heard. The forest was not the most luxurious in matter of gifts, but it was neither bare nor unkind. Soon heaps of the most diverse fruits were gathered in the clearing that was now their home. The Beykarres thanks to their many arms, were as graceful on the lands, than in the canopy, using their feathered appendages to catch the air and glide back safely on the ground.
During the feast that followed their harvest, many new fruits, berries, roots and the like were discovered, much to their delight.

>God unit move to 7.18

It was during the feast, that Silure Heard it. The Song??! No that was not it, it was music nonetheless and it was strong enough to make the earth sing with it. But what was it then? One thing was for certain it came from the North, and whatever it was such voice was surely a first step toward the Song.
Rolled 8, 7 = 15 (2d10)

Down in the depths of the dead woods, where almost no mortal soul could enter because of the thick, rough, impenetrable wall of thorns the dead trees make with weathered old limbs. And in the heart of this place of death and gloom, of what one would think impossible for hope ever thrive in. There is a single tree, glowing with life and vigor. This tree has somehow fended off whatever strange phenomena that is befalling the rest of the forest. But not for long. The bright green grass that circles around the tree, grass like that left in the forest, is slowly sinking. Day by day, the grass turns that shade of gray that has been dominating the woods. Blade by blade, the great mighty oak tree that has stood there since creation began and the wheel started turning, is dying. But until that fateful day, when the last blade is grayed, and its leaves start to fall. This tree shall stand, as strong and mighty as it has been since its birth.

…A cool wind blows throughout the forest, as if passing through the trees themselves. And a silent sound stops…

The front of the oak violently bursts open, sending bark and chips of wood flying more than a couple dozen feet away from the tree. And from the launch point, in place of the hard sturdy oak that was there. Meat. Flesh. Bloody and fresh, beating with a grotesque audible sound that was a mix between wet breathing and the muffled beating of a heart. And this flesh is no simple mound of meat. It has form, function, meaning. A vulva. Even through its tared and ragged meat, that oozes puss and quivers with grotesque sounds that make up of it, it is clear as day what this quivering meat is. And after a couple of minutes of rapid increases and decreases of its rhythm, it stops. The sounds that violated the entry of this forest, quite. Then, like a spear preaching through the tissue of a great beast, a limb burst forth through the vagina. A human leg-or at least humanoid, wearing…a high heeled boot? As the heel dangles from the orifice, it begins to slowly “feel” its way around the flesh. Rubbing the fresh tender meat with a seductive motion, as if it was a call girl from a corner calling someone to come over. After a moment of this, the heel suddenly digs itself into the flesh, drawing blood and causing the meat to ungulate with pain. Then a second leg bursts forth, like a spider emerging from its egg, the being slowly begins to escape from its birth. And like a mix between a calf being born and a splinter being pulled out of an old wound, the being falls to the ground with a meaty splat, motionless against the cold soil…Then.

An ear piercing scream that shakes the entire forest with its intensity comes forth from the being. And thus, one by one joining in, weaker screams can be heard. Making this once horrid cacophony, it into a beautiful symphony. And they sing! In a glorious tune blood red that shakes the earth and dyes the very skies! They sang her name! AND! HER! NAME! IS! B! D! S! M!
File: EWLGaZgVcAEkmaC.jpg (274 KB, 1440x1440)
274 KB
274 KB JPG
>Major: [Create Hero Unit] [DI] - PLADOMA THE DOMINANCE - As B.D.S.M departs from her place of birth, something stops her, pulling her by her very tool of trade. Her unbroken umbilical cord. With an uncaring mosin, she violently pulls from the tree. Ripping her cord with a loud snap, and evicting the rest of the insides of the tree. But before B.D.S.M could turn to leave, the afterbirth…starts to move. A large humanoid shape begins to violently crawl from within the placenta, as if he was trapped within weak latex. But within a few moments, it begins to shrink around the man, like the air is being vacuumed out of it. The man is visibly panicking, trying everything they can do to get out. It's futile, the meat is already tight around the man, outlining his massive form. Grabbing at his throat and clawing at his mouth in hopes for freedom, the man falls limp…After a moment, the megare man who feared it, is no more. He gets back up. The afterbirth is wrapped tight around his flesh, stretching to its absolute limit to contain his massive form. Without hesitation the man begins to walk forward toward B.D.S.M, who has been quietly watching the event occur. Stopping right in front of Her, the man that easily triples Her height falls down to one knee in reverence of his fair Lady.

But before She could even acknowledge this, She senses…HIM. A blazing crazed flame of pure chaos that violently burns whatever it touches. Uncontrolled. Rampant. Unbroken. The exact opposite to almost every level. Brought right to Her front door without even lifting a finger. No, COMING right to Her front door. This is…HAVENLY! A virgin mare for Her birthday! Ripe and fresh for the breaking! I mean by principle alone She would have bound Him, so, honestly there should be no hard feelings between them when She BR EAKS HIS S VERY BEEING UNDER hER HEEL LIKE A BUG HE IS !

>Major: [Unit] [DI] - SUBDOMON SOLDIERS - Subdomons who have taken up arms for their fair Lady. Called forth early than expected for the “party”

Right as the rest of the entertainers for Her special guests wake up. The twigs break against his ungodly form, Her bindings get ever so tighter. His galloping hooves ripping the soil asunder with simple ease, She wonders if She’ll ever sleep again with Him around. And as he comes into view, dashing His way past the unfortunate Subdos in his way. Words cannot describe His beauty for Her. As His jaw unhinges, a (in a most literally of the word) bloody scream gushes forth from B.D.S.M. Her vocal cords being used for the first time in her life, in a painful scream of war and love. Sending our her cord agesnt the soontobe slave, attempting to spill the first divine blood this world would ever see.

>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI] - B.D.S.M dashes forth against SABASTIOUS. Peace was an option, but it was a boring one so we discarded it.
Rolled 8, 10 = 18 (2d10)

File: Hubris.png (1.64 MB, 798x1024)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
>Fortitude Roll
Rolled 1, 6 = 7 (2d10)

4chan eating my dice.
The skies overhead roil and rumble with dark clouds that blot out the light of day, leaving the ground below illuminated by naught but sporadic flashes if light from within the bowels of the gas giants floating overhead; a wonderous light show put on for an empty world. The mushroom forest sleeps silently beneath the storm; another day filled with nothing of consequence to the trees and fungus on the ground... Until one of the lights of the heavens snapped downwards toward a hill within a clearing, striking ferociously at the dirt! The ground glows with heat for several moments before cooling, and within minutes the storm dissolves into nothingness.

Days pass after the event. Days of stillness, uninterrupted by any sentient forces and filled with silence and peaceful growth for the plant life of this untouched forest. Days that would all come to an end when the spot alighted upon by white hot skyfire blossomed formed in a violent burst of soil and rock, ejecting into the air a gleaming white crystal with numerous multicolored lights dancing within it! As though the concept of gravity were lost upon it, the crystal floated gracefully above the crater it had made with its birth. Two shadowy shapes within it appeared to be forming a visage of eyes that shifted and focused upon the features of the world below it. After a time gone without measurement, the vitreous structure vibrated of its own accord, creating a sound that echoed through this, its home.

"Hello, world! I'm gonna make things now!"

>[MA] + [DI] [DEVELOP]
With his words came action: a simple exertion of will would flood this forest with crystals bursting forth from the dirt! The trees and mushrooms of this place were joined in great number by translucent rocks that glittered in the light of the day. With a graceful swoop, the crystal looped through the trees, twirling as he flew. With each glittering stone he passed by, a mote of colored light lept from within him to float quickly toward its new translucent home. Before long, a patch of the forest was now illuminated by vitreal ground lights.

>[MA] + [DI] [CLAIM] (22,23) (23,23)
The crystal's will extended far beyond here, affecting lands even beyond this forest. Two large swaths of land with smaller vegetation became locked to his will. He would not change them yet; this forest would be enough for today.
Rolled 1 (1d10)

(going to roll for Eden here, since it's the last thing to get done.)
File: boc666 Turn 1.png (3.82 MB, 6410x6493)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB PNG
The world is, for the time being, mercifully quiet.

>>5438298 Steel-Weaver
2 hexes claimed. As some of your energy splashes on to 9, 9 however, you find, to your confusion, that it simply…vanishes, fading away as if it was never there.
While primitive in design, the divinely inspired settlement constructed by the EBWos has the canny defenses one would expect of a species well versed in making use of everything available to protect themselves. Settlement of Northwood constructed.

>>5438334 Nifo Toto
2 hexes claimed.
The Auvau take well to their new enhancement, nares flaring for one reverent moment as they adapt to the changes wrought by your divine power, before they take off in gleeful pursuit of a panicked Woradine. Its trumpeting is quickly silenced as your people run the beast down and begin to rip into it with ravenous abandon. Blood Scent developed.
Your hastily constructed shell of water protects you well from the sweltering heat as you arrive before the volcanic god, though you can already feel it being brought to a slow boil by the proximity.

>>5438347 Versdel
2 hexes claimed.
Your Preservers construct their tools in stoic quiet, though you sense a faint, infectious enthusiasm to their actions. It has been too long. With the divine energy of your empowerment the tools hold together for now, though making something worth using of such shoddy materials is a challenge, even for you. Primitive Sandstone Equipment developed.
Your ministrations of Spirit are…admittedly clumsy. It’s not exactly your area of expertise after all. For some time, your search seems futile, the dried-out husks of trees perhaps simply a result of a change in environment or soil. But finally, just as you are about to cease your search in frustration, you detect…something. Ever so faint, almost indistinguishable from the death around you, you sense a thread of what was once life. Your senses quickly seize on the sensation, examining it in your detail. It stretches down from within the tree’s trunk, now long withered, and travels through the ground, heading…West, you believe, though the exact location you’re unable to pinpoint. As you expand your senses further outward, your experience examining the faint thread allows you to pick them out, more and more, until you realize that what you suspect was the lifeforce of this entire stretch of forest has been…taken, redirected somewhere by these threads, transforming this land into a shriveled, lifeless husk.
Your examination is interrupted for a moment, however, as the silt that makes up the petrified forest floor begins to vibrate, quickly followed by a sonorous, droning hum, rising and falling in pitch with an ethereally beautiful quality. If your godly senses do not deceive you, you believe that strangely attractive sound originates from 9, 17.
File: 2ohqs1.jpg (31 KB, 678x280)
31 KB
>>5438343 Magnus
2 hexes claimed.
Though still small, your settlement rises in glorious silver splendour, standing in stark contrast to the decayed, greying forest that surrounds it. The Syrconite that makes up most of the structures affords it a great deal of durability with which to stand against the elements. Orbit constructed.
In the depths of the mushroom forest you claim as your own, you sense one massive fungal specimen, towering above all others, its cap disappearing into the clouds. Power roils off of it in waves, a natural focal point for the world’s energy. Obelisk discovered.

>>5438356 Sheriruth
The former limbs of your people rise up across the landscape, flexing and wriggling in anticipation of the chance to do their duty to their god. Dorsal Reaches developed.
As you arrive in these new wastes, you’re shocked to find…nothing. Great, featureless seas of grey dunes stretch out before you, utterly devoid of life. You have visited the deserts and tundras of this world in the past, and while flora and fauna might be scarce there, it exists nonetheless in spite of the harsh conditions. Not here. From the largest of trees to the tiniest of insects, you detect not a hint of life or vitality in these wastes, as if the land itself has been eaten away at, leaving nothing but dead minerals in its wake. Then, you sense…something, slithering, writhing, wriggling under the sand dunes that extend as far as you can see. It approaches the position where you hover above one particularly tall dune, before vanishing once more into the heavy, brooding silence of these withered lands. Until the entire dune erupts, particulates flying every which way as fleshy tendrils of a splotchy grey colour not unlike the dunes themselves begin to wrap around your body, grasping, searching for an opening through which they might lance into your divine flesh and-
>Give me a Fortitude roll

>>5438435 Nil
3 hexes claimed.
The misty forests echo with countless whispered and howled conversations, discussions carried out over periods of weeks and distances of leagues creating a densely layered web of sound that you suspect only your people could decipher. They stretch across all the forests that you lay claim to, and even, on some rare occasions, to the ear of a very confused EBWO. Language developed.
File: Peace_was_never_an_option.png (497 KB, 1280x1280)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
>>5438453 Carn’aath
The screams of your devoured serfs are quickly drowned out by your own as you writhe in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. Your flesh blisters, sloughs off, and quickly regenerates, only for the cycle to begin anew, an unending, exquisite torment that you can only hope you’ll be able to spread to others soon enough. The Unmaking and The Spread developed.
As you mind stews in the self-imposed torture, you feel something brush against your consciousness, almost too light to be perceived, until you shut out your pain for a moment to home in on the sensation. You recognize it as the touch of an alien mind, from somewhere to your north. A greeting, you suspect.

>>5438455 Nardu
2 hexes claimed.
Your Skaldlings take well to your teachings, and before you can depart you can already see some beginning to gather the herbs you’ve taught them of, either to replant or practice making the rudimentary poultices you’ve instructed them in the making of. Medicinal Agriculture developed.
Your road stretches out behind you, protection for travellers from the beasts and the elements all but assured. Road constructed.

>>5438652 Sabastious
Your Mohawkers accept the philosophy you bestow upon them with their typical violent enthusiasm, fights already breaking out across the camp to decide the hierarchy as your surroundings become even rowdier then usual. Only your Rider accepts the new beliefs in stoic silence, his position at the peak of the Mohawkers already assured by his towering, divinely enhanced might and magnificent, bristly head of hair, standing in defiance of even the mightiest wind.
Unfortunately, you can’t stick around to watch the fights finish. You’ve other places to be. You gallop North, sweeping through petrified woodlands and leaving them cinders in your wake, until you finally spot your target, sporting a gauche looking dress of bloody red meat and an umbilical binding over most of its body. You snort in disgust, continuing your charge with the intent to trample the diminutive interloper. Your arrogance, unfortunately, is you undoing in this case. As your hooves smash down on to the creature you receive only a pleasured scream in response, the strange god leaping out of the hoof shaped hole in the ground looking none the worse for wear. Annoyed now, you raise your hoof again…then recoil, shocked by the searing flash of pain. A strip of your demonic flesh has been sheared off of your flank, boiling ichor already beginning to ooze from the wound as you whip your head back around to stare at the loathsome creature. It licks some of the divine lifeblood off of it’s umbilical whip, shuddering in ecstasy. This might not be as simple as you thought. 1 wound suffered.
File: unknown.png (1.55 MB, 1330x748)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
>>5438672 The Moon-Touched Prey
6 hexes claimed.
Your ponderous approach towards the domain of the unwelcome deity is quickly interrupted, as the entire stretch of forest is engulfed in putrid, divine healing light. When you sense of vision returns to you you’re infuriated by what you see. Your people, up-enders of the natural order, mingling with the people of this foreign god, all thoughts of rebellion gone as they stare at their new masters with friendly eyes. Your ire quickly rising, you call upon the powers of your birth, a corrupted moonbeam descending from the sky above with deceptive speed and illuminating where you believe the transgressor to be. You’re rewarded with a tinkling cry of pain, though your rage is only stoked higher the longer you stare at your ruined Herd. 5 population lost. 1 wound inflicted on Eden.

>>5438684 Zebrac
3 hexes claimed.
The Voidspawn carry out their work with the efficiency of one who knows very well the consequences of their failure. Though a little ramshackle for your taste, there’s a least a tasteful amount of barbed wire involved. Screaming Prism constructed.

>>5439353 Eden
4 hexes claimed.
As the foul stench begins to permeate the forest around you, your people shivering in fear at the sight of a veritable tide of rotten, corrupted animals emerging from the treeline, you feel anger quickly beginning to flare up within you. These wretched creatures dare to instill fear in your children?! Unfortunately, destruction is not exactly your forte. So you turn to what is. Despite their hideous forms, you sense a spark of goodness hidden within them, however deeply buried. So, you ready a pulse of healing energy, and after a moment of preparation, release it upon the rapidly encroaching animals. The light blinds even your vision for a moment, but as it finally clears you’re immensely pleased by what you see. Where once stood horrific, twisted parodies of woodland critters, there now stands friendly, bright-eyed inhabitants of the forest. Deer, squirrels, cheerful creatures abound as they begin to quickly frolic among your children, calming their frayed nerves. So pleased by the sight are you that you do not notice the malevolent, corrupt moonlight shining out from between the trees, sapping away the strength of your own light until it is far too late. 5 population gained. Suffered 1 wound.
File: turn_1_synopsis.png (2.12 MB, 2581x2614)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
>>5439588 The All Warmth
2 hexes claimed.
The shale quickly set about putting their new ability to good use, melting snow and lighting what little brush can be found out here (as well as themselves) on fire. Fire Breathing developed.

>>5439662 Godech
4 hexes claimed.
As you travel across the sand dunes, you espy a massive sandstone obelisk, engraved with hieroglyphs in a language that you do not understand, but glow with a soft power under your divine vision. Obelisk discovered.
Your voice rings out, a resonant, constant thrumming that echoes across the desert for leagues around, rising and dipping in pitch and intensity like the mountainous lands from which you were born.

>>5440606 Thalak
2 hexes claimed.
Your people take your advice to heart, saving at least a portion of the goods that they scrounge from the lands around them for themselves, though they still offer you altogether more then you’re comfortable with every noon, when the red sun burns highest in the sky. Foraging developed.

>>5441774 Ardonash
2 hexes claimed.
Though ill-suited for it, your people construct their huts with alacrity enough that, despite the many, many, MANY failures, you eventually find a sizable village assembled beneath you, the swords of your own creation lending its borders an imposing amount of defense despite the brutishness of the buildings contained within. As your people build, however, one uncovers a cavern in the depths of the mountains. Within, he finds a sinister edifice, a black ziggurat built of glimmering, slick obsidian that never seems to dry, radiating immense power. Obelisk discovered. Ushmagut constructed.
As your people finish building their village, however, you hear a loud, divinely imbued cry, echoing across the brushland from 31, 25 and causing most of your Cut-Spawned to leap to their feet, looking around in confusion and alarm.

>>5442418 Silure
Your people quickly begin “speaking” in the tongue of the empyreans, the jungle falling eerily silent in the wake of the racket your Beykarre had been previous raising, though to your folk it seems just as loud as it ever was. Empyrean Tongue developed.
Your people celebrate riotously in the wake of your gift, food enough to sate even a god’s appetite abounding, and after the feast itself you find your arms still laden with bushels of fruit aplenty. Gift of the Forests developed.
File: PXL_20221018_232439758.jpg (748 KB, 2681x3010)
748 KB
748 KB JPG
>>5442632 B.D.S.M
Your chance to examine the form of your muscle-bound new champion is unfortunately cut short, as he’s sent flying into the treeline by a burst of flame. You watch as the massive form of a demonic warhorse bears down on you, gouts of hellfire pouring out of its nostrils in great exhales as it glares at you with contempt. You only shiver with excitement, anticipating your first taste of pain in this world. You’re not entirely dissatisfied, as the horse’s hooves land on you with crushing force, cracking and scorching the earth around you and leaving you buried several meters underground. And yet…it’s not enough. You pull yourself out of the hole, unfurling a length of the umbilical cords that cover your body as the horse raises its hooves again with the intent to continue its casual assault. Then you swing. The infernal beast rears back in shock, the wound you’ve inflicted on its side already beginning to gush godsblood. As your umbilical whip retracts you lick along its length, shuddering in ecstasy at your first taste of ichor. You must have more. Attack successfully defended against; one wound inflicted on Sabastious.
For the time being your champion and his compatriots retreat, watching from the treeline as they await your absolute orders. Pladomina the Dominance and Subdomon Soldiers units created.

>>5442831 Belweir
Soon enough, the entire fungal forest is ensconced in crystal, wisps and motes of light dancing every which way, sometimes floating around, sometimes floating through the crystals themselves. It is, at least in your own humble opinion, quite a beautiful sight. ??? developed.
>God Unit Move, to 22,23.
>God Unit Interact [DI] (Build relations/Inspire Culture)

Nardu continues his vast wander. Sitting on the border between Belweir's territory and his own, he sits with his skaldlings and several of Belweir's own spawn. He tells them the tale of Sheriruth, that which shall not be bound. Images spring forth from his hands to captivate and awe the dual people.

>Communicate [DI]

Belweir received a... tingle, as he sat, a disembodied crystal with a pair of eyebrows. A sudden feeling that a story was being told, and he was invited. An offer of friendship, and kindness. Would he return it?

>Develop Settlement, 22,22 [MA]

The Skaldlings in the Heartland of Nardu's burgeoning region of "Hordern" have begun to set down roots. Primitive huts constructed of thatch and built into tree roots dot the landscape.

>Develop Road Infrastructure[MA] [DI]
Those Skaldlings who found themselves drawn to the road felt a semblence of Nardu's divine spark enter them, imbuing them with but a mote of his knowledge. Driving them to improve these roads, and hide them to outsiders of ill intent. From these roads would they defend their world.
Sorry, forgot something else.

>Communicate [DI]
Sheriruth felt the same tingle that Belweir did. Carried on a soft breeze, in the crick and crack of stick on stone. In the fluttering of the moths. Inviting the god to listen to his own story, spoken from the lips of the Storyteller
File: Wild Folk.jpg (27 KB, 400x400)
27 KB
Rolled 7, 3 = 10 (2d10)

Its herd has been stolen from right beneath it. The Prey stomps in rage, watching as the beasts flee the accursed woods and enter the lands of the golden-eyed folk. They're at the mercy of the children of Eden now, helpless to be butchered and harvested as they see fit. A cold fury simmers within it, leaking out of its dark sockets and dripping tar onto the ground. It would continue to try and trample this other deity, but the protection of its kin comes first. There will always be more wild animals to draw from and recruit over time. For now, it requires a different sort of worshipper, that will pave the way for the beasts to return.

As her children move out from under her wing and travel to newly claimed lands, ones uncorrupted by the zombie-God, their journey becomes one fraught with peril. They find themselves inflicted with madness, with disease, with nature acting against them in every conceivable way. Brambles conspire to draw blood, branches break beneath them and rocks become slippery with moss. The wild beasts of the forest charge and assail them, and throughout it all, their newly-born minds are assaulted with the primal rage of the deity. Its repulsive aura washes over them, seeking to corrupt and terrify the golden-eyed folk.

It recognizes them for what they are. Sentient beings, placed on this world to grow and develop, making use of their surroundings to prosper as a civilization and achieve happiness. It is what they are made for. Given time, they will march back into its lands and slaughter its kin, as is their ‘right’. It rejects this utterly. It twists their minds with its unique brand of madness, turning man back into nothing more than primal beasts.

Slowly, the fleeing pilgrims peel off from the group, drawn into the depths of the swamps. There, they become wild men, druids, hermits, living like animals and obsessed with returning to nature. The Moon-Touched Prey watches their degeneration silently. They will not be true members of the herd. But they are serviceable enough. No longer will they dare to hunt or harm. It will stop the ascent of these men before it even begins, and ensure that they fail to grow forevermore.

>Unit Action [God Unit]- Interact [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature], Corrupt minions through Affinity.

Art Source: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/JlxYY0
File: The Forest.jpg (283 KB, 800x1482)
283 KB
283 KB JPG

Large populations of wildlife have been exiled from the swamps and forests, fleeing to Eden's hallowed grounds. Those that remain are creatures accepted by The Herd, who are gradually gravitating towards their God, but haven't reached it just yet. To the right kind of beast, its protection is nothing but benign. It offers complete safety from predators, and that alone is good enough for an unthinking animal. With the biodiversity rapidly dropping, the ecosystem ought to be in decline as well. A region comprised only of plants and large herbivores is an incomplete cycle, like the broken shape of the Prey's crescent sigil. However, through the warped magic of the God, the land is sustained despite its malformed state. It needs no pollinators, scavengers, nor decomposers. There is only the moon, the plants, and the herd.

The distant moon feeds the plants with its accursed light, turning them into something *other*. The trees shudder with unnatural life, growing tumorous fruits and grasping limbs. The grass twists and writhes, becoming bloated with nutrients for the bright-eyed horde of hooved beasts. Water bubbles and turns thick, the shallowest puddles giving off the impression of unfathomable depth. Once-lush swamps are transformed into ominous landscapes, where the ground itself seems to reject the presence of outsiders. The Herd is given this land to wander about and flourish in, so that when they return, they'll be fed and nurtured.

>Major action [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Develop Aberrant Biosphere. The Moon-Touched Prey terraforms its claimed lands and makes it more suitable for its minions, as a basic food-related tech.

File: Plateau.jpg (244 KB, 1080x1920)
244 KB
244 KB JPG

Once a portion of the swamps have been cleared of life, the Moon-Touched Prey exerts its influence on the earth. The woods are too vast to protect every soul within it, so it will instead have its wards congregate around a grand grazing-ground, where they may live freely under its watchful gaze. The soil and rocks are pulled upwards, heaved from the earth and destroying countless ancient trees. Their roots are torn from the ground and scattered callously into the forest, making space for a flat-topped mesa that looms over the land. This will be an ever-present home that its kin may return to at any time, when they grow tired of wandering the woods and foraging for food. It raises its head and bays to the sky, letting out a piercing shriek that tears through the night and strikes fear into the heart of the wild men.

What remains upon the earth is a pale edifice that towers over the treetops, occupying the horizon and glowing with a soft luminescence. It's as though a portion of the moon has been carved away to inflict this scar upon the world. The same unnatural plants birthed from its earlier effort grow upon the plateau, providing plentiful food to graze upon.

>Major action [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Develop. Terraforming if needed. The Lunar viewing Plateau is open to the sky, allowing the splendour of the night to shine upon them. [20. 28]
Rolled 10, 1 = 11 (2d10)


>God Action [DI] - Test the All-Warmth's claim!
"Ha! We share no Ichor, spark-thing! I am Nifo Toto! Blood is my calling! If you claim to have blood, then prove it!"

The shark God leaps forward, the ice and snow that clings to his feet melting as his smaller body rushes up to the All Warmth's chest. Teeth flash in the flickering light of it's flame, his mouth opening wide to rip out a chunk of the All Warmth's flesh!
Rolled 6, 3 = 9 (2d10)


The Great White Shape is taken aback, nearly swallowed by this bizarre threat

It stumbles in the air before righting, flying off down south regardless of any potential injuries

MI: Move to 22, 23

Dorsal Reaches+MA+DI: Marching Limbs

The primitive dorsal reaches are a foundation from which more complex behaviour may grow.

Not content with his extensions to simply exist, Sheriruth must have them contribute.

Great hordes of stone limbs eat away at the land just beyond their borders, clambering and clutching at rises in elevation, kicking as towers of limbs carried by legs seed new limbed monoliths in untainted land.

Sheriruth corrupts the land absolutely once in his grasp, developing an entirely alien appearance which no mundane barrier can prevent.

>Intended effect, allow for the claiming of rough terrain as if it was normal as long as it borders a tile I already own

Dorsal Reaches+MA+DI: Dorsal Grasp

Sheriruth rules his lands with a billion iron fists, the land itself cannot protest against his will.

Each animal, mineral, tree and leaf will obey as the Dorsal Limbs become more than just obstacles, instead active curators of the bizarre environment, exploiting and enslaving it’s natural bounty for his inscrutable purposes.

>Intended effect, upgrade resource gathering of resources in my tiles to scarce
File: Jackhammer GIF.gif (990 KB, 280x210)
990 KB
990 KB GIF
As the energy from the Unrecognized Protocol fades into nothing, The Steel Weavers processors again spring into action. Alas, there is simply too little information at the present time to draw meaningful conclusions, save for that the wasted area is clearly to be avoided.

>Move: Move to 11,9
Climbing onto the slopes south of the claimed mountain, the arachnid automaton surveys its surroundings. While the sight of more land similar to that that refused to be claimed is disheartening, the grasslands quickly draw attention. Optics straining to make out as much detail as possible, the sight of clay, cotton, oltar ore and more creates a surge of priority.

>Major Action (DI): Claim 11.9, 12.10, and 13.10
A priority task, which is quickly fulfilled. But then, a problem presents itself. How will the EBWos bring these new resources to their old settlement? Especially if they have to go over the mountain, rather than around it given what the coast is apparently like? The robotic spider looks down at the mountain beneath it. It stomps one foot. Then stomps again harder, creating the smallest of divots. Then, drawing on knowledge who's source it cannot remember, the god begins drawing its foot back and forth with rapidly increasing speed, a steady current of heated air emitting from somewhere on its form as it begins... ... To [LABOR].

>Major Action (DI) Build a settlement on 11,9 [DI required to do so without prerequisite tech]
The EBWos are left watching in distant awe as switchback paths are carved out, as tunnels dug, as loose dirt and stone are sent tumbling down into gulches and ravines, as Bisax paths are algorithmically identified and connected to existing means of transport, and most importantly of all, as holes big enough to comfortably fit an EBWo and shelter them from rain or cold are dug out in neat clusters. The blueprints which The Steel Weaver is unconsciously working from identifies these as merely the beginning of subterranean structures, pending the arrival of more specialized equipment, but for the time being they shall suffice as humble domiciles. As The Steel Weaver comes to a stop upon a rocky outcrop looking out over the barrens of 11.10 as well as the newly claimed bounty in 12,10, it occurs to them that this worksite needs a name. "Southridge", it decides upon, picking the name in honor of the view it offers.
>Action 1 - Develop [Woodmaking] Siren's Rock+Silvercry Wood/Shorebell Wood
A lone Cahoot by the name of Fatu found a Siren's Rock deep in the ocean during one of his foraging adventure. Once he returned to the surface he began to inspect it and accidently pricked himself on one of his fingers. With the drawing of blood he originally was shocked, but then thought of ways he can use this sharp object. He began to experiment and soon after realized the wonders of carving into wood. After showing the discovery to his kin, they all began to search for more Siren's Rock so they can do the same.

>Action 2 - Settlement, Village+ [9,22] Woodworking+Swamp Rope/Mistnettle+Siren's Rock+Silver Sap
Fatu was beginning to become a well known innovator among his people after he was one of the first to build a home for himself with the use of the Siren Rock to carve thick sheets of wood with the combination of holes on the sheets of wood for the vines and Silver Sap to help connects the sheets of wood. A large gathering of Siren's rock plus Silver Sap are placed around the wood that meets the ground so it can become the foundation that makes the home sturdy.

>[MI] Wooden Masks
Other Cahoots began to carve crude wooden masks of different imaginative figures, but mainly that of the sun and their own god. They used it whenever the sun began to rise and mimicked what their god did in the first day which was rise, in their best effort they just jumped in place as high as they could for sometime while the sun was rising. Some began to use it whenever they brought Thalak their offerings of the day which Thalak laughed with amusement, praising their efforts and discoveries.

>[MI] Fatu Blessing
Thalak noticed Fatu's great mind and inventions, he was pleased to see his people grow and learn. With his booming voice that spread throughout the island, Thalak summoned Fatu to an isolated part of the jungle.
"You give me pride of your accomplishments little one, a sole example of what my creations can achieve in due time. With that said you will rise again with the mark of my blessing, showing the others you have proven yourself to me."
The brilliant Cahoot stares in awe while his god speaks then suddenly with one fell swoop is driven below the ground without any harm. After minutes of digging himself out, Fatu finally breaks out with a loud gasp of air he takes moments before realizing his skin color has changed into yellow. With a cheerful laugh, Thalak waves him away.
Should've specified. Intended effect of Road Infrastructure is either increasing road effectiveness or removing the ability for others to use the roads.
Rolled 2, 2, 10 = 14 (3d10)


The mother is displeased. This lowly creature dares to strike at her, to lure her children from her side. She stretches her holy light across the land, flooding the domains of her lost children with her divine warmth. She calls them back to her side.

>Minor Action [DI], Defend minions from Conversion using Affinity

1) Major Action +DI (Domains: Mind, Magnetism) = Develop: Magnetoform Reshaping
The Fileorva have satisfied Magnus, as they move around tending to themselves and their settlement, but they are still a primitive group with much need for improvement. Strumming the fields of magnetic force about it, Magnus pulls the people to Magnus and opens up the godly mind to theirs; imparting into them the knowledge of ways to shape and form the magnetised filings of their bodies into temporary tools. The forms of simple tools to help them gather and scrape and cut the riches of the wild land; blunt instruments and holding dishes, spade-limbs for digging at the softer ground and sharp protrusions to pierce and break. When field and mind release the Fileorva, they are newly skilled and newly able.

2) Major Action + DI: Claim
Rising up from the hollow of Orbit once more, Magnus lays claim to the Hexes (25,9) and (27,11). Where before Magnus had stretched Magnetic might, now it is the matter of mind through which mastery of these mainlands will be maintained; the simple thoughts of base animals bowing to magnificence as conduits of passing thought.
As Carn'aath senses the presence of another God already making efforts to contact him, it became more and more obvious that his work must hasten. In steadfast silence, the Champion of Light would diligently continue his mission with no efforts to reply.

The Serfs stir in dreadful silence, sheltering in nooks and caves, caught between their feelings to flee from that which slaughtered half of their kind, or to praise that which is capable of wiping out the rest. All that which exists of their culture stands to recognize, serve, and provide for The Great Color. Their fear of its unknowable power drove them to cauterize their vision, brand their bodies, and sacrifice their lives in its greatness. And as a creature of its very essence now walks among them, they know they were right to live in fear.
The Great Color's Champion hungers, leaving them no choice but to believe they fail to appease. If that is so, then they will step to any lengths to bring upon the carnage it desires, if it means the approval of The Holy Luminescence. More shall be sacrificed, but such costs to their population cannot be maintained without new births. With little to their name, the Serfs are clueless on where to begin, before the words of a wise old Serf would strike sense before the others...

During the great cleansing, the serfs would flee and cry as The Champion cut through their numbers. All, but one. The hooded Serf dropped to his knees, a shining beacon, an obvious target that held his hands high and begged in his aged and graveled voice to be so fortunate that he may join The Greatness Above. But in his hunt, The Champion of Light would not strike him down. This ancient Serf, Algeriff, scolded the others, accusing them for becoming accustomed to their life of survival and desperation. They seek food and shelter where able, thinking for themselves above providing for The Luminescence. Algeriff proclaimed that The Champion's selections must not be at random, for if any should join The Great Color, then why not he who has provided generations of offspring at sacrifice to The Holy Beyond, he who stands welcoming to his own death?

The Serfs crawled from their caves and inspired by his calls, and to heed his word, there would be an order to things. Algeriff was not chosen, despite his sacrifice, but The Holy Luminescence's wisdom knows no end. He has much more to give. The Serfs rise to these proclamations, as a new pecking order would be formed...
File: WallofFlesh.jpg (69 KB, 564x465)
69 KB
>Major Action [Develop] [DI]: The Breeding Class (Echelons of Terror I) - A class of serfs are assigned as breeders, split into two departments. The breeding camps and the food camps. The food class will hunt down Dazawks and any other animals, mutilate their mobility, contain them, and breed them. A number of the population are selected to remain in the breeding camps, protected, and sworn to dedicate their lives to birthing new bodies for sacrifice.

>Major Action [Develop] [DI]: The Sacrificial Class (Echelons of Terror II) - The serfs that are deemed to be useless; unfit genetics, feeble bodies incapable of labor, elderly, or simply those lacking of respect for their new order are branded with the mark of THE BLESSED. These lucky few shall be the most prioritized individuals to meet The Greatness Above, as their souls are prepared and eventually their blood may meet air.
Every epoch, the Serfs may automatically sacrifice a number of their own to gain SP consistently, at the cost of population.

>The Sacrificial Class sacrifice 1 pop this epoch.

Meanwhile, as his maddened bloodshed comes to an end, Carn'aath in his suffering feels much paranoia from the knowledge that others may surround him, knowing he must act with haste to protect himself as he prepared to fulfill the commands of The Great Color.
>Unit Action [Carn'aath] [DI] [1 SP] [Sandstone, Dazawk, Serf Bodies]: Wall of Flesh - Carn'aath collects the blood and gore of his slain serfs, the bodies of any creatures he may find in the area, and forges an unholy bind of flesh and stone. Infused with the souls of the sacrificed, this wall breathes heaved breathes and aches in a painful existence.
A living wall is created to surround as much of my sole hex as I may. It lives to keep out any foreign minions or gods, by means of consumption. Prioritize building walls on the southern side.
>MA+DI: Claim (3,18), (4,18)
>MA+DI: Claim (2,17), (3,17)
>God Unit Move (6,18)
The god of commerce pulls back from the deadwoods, not keen to advance further into this strange wilderness than what is necessary for supplies. That something could pull all life from this westward was troubling, and he did not wish to place too many of his preservers in this land in case whatever it was noticed the nascent life returning, not until he was ready to confront it. As such, he directs his influence and his Preservers to survey more of the mesa range and the desert they had come from. Perhaps they would find a sign of his lost prosperity, but failing that would need this knowledge to create trade roads in future. Though who, or what, he would trade with was of yet unknown. Surely he was not the only being, given what he knew of the dead woods and the echo he heard resonating to his east. With one last quizzical stare over the oceans, he will turn to travel to investigate this noise. The feeling of overflowing energy was beginning to fade, and he sought to expand his domain as much as possible in the interim. Seeing a figure just southeast as he marches, he will call out to them.

>MI Communicate with God Unit to Silure
Versdel's divine vocal cords scratch slightly, unused and coated with sand as they have been, as he calls out his greeting. "Hail to you, starry one! Are you the source of the echo that reached out to my domain? I greet you warmly with Prosperity's glow! I am Versdel, Shepherd of Prosperity. Are you friend or foe of The Kingdom That Was and Will Be? If the former, I offer you my shield, or the latter, my sword. Speak honestly, and let us set an equitable accord."
File: 4cock.jpg (111 KB, 640x960)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
MA DI: Language
The shale are taught language to communicate ideas to each other well.
MA DI: Writing
Immediately the shale also develop written communication, writing down the events of what happened.

The All Warmth holds out their arms letting the wild god sink their teeth into them with no resistance to let him taste the truth of their words.
File: Crimson Barlow.jpg (77 KB, 450x338)
77 KB
>God Unit Move - 17,6 to 19,5
His skin lightly blistered, Nifo Toto leaps back from the All Warmth, howling with equal measures of pain and joy. He fishes the magmatic chunk of god-flesh from his jaws, already turning to race back to where he first crawled out of the murky waters.

>Action 1 [DI ] - Settlement Village (Loto Mu) (19,5)
[Icy Water + Blood + All Warmth's blood] - Create a pool of water kept warm by god flesh as the start of a settlement.
The Auvau cheer at the sight of their blood-stained God, the plume of ash and smoke in the distance marking his victory over the fiery god. In an upraised claw he holds a chunk of it's still-searing flesh, his own claws blackening as they clutch it tightly.
"The spoils of the hunt!" Nifo Toto roars, matched by the crowd of primitive shark-men. They congregate in a ring around them, chunks of woradine flesh held aloft in mimicry of their god.
Nifo Toto is not done, for he leaps high into the air, turning overhead before crashing down into the ice. It parts before him, becoming a slurry of frost and water as he dives through the ice-shelf to the rock below. There, he plants his prize, before clawing his way back to the surface!

To the Auvau's delight, the massive pool he leaves behind does not freeze over, even in the years that follow. They gather around, erecting primitive shelters around it's edge, the cold kept at bay by the thermal vent at it's deepest reaches. On the icy wastes, they could survive. Here, they can thrive!

>Action 2 [DI] - Stain the Barlow (Domestication-ish)
[Blood + Hunting] - Create a strain of Barlow that grows in bloodstained ground. When consumed, it sends the feeder into a bloodlust, allowing the Auvau to be both hunter and hunted.
The Auvau have spent decades hunting the Woradine, who grow more wary of the lumbering shark-folk with every passing moon. If only, muses Nifo Toto from the bottom of Loto Mu, the Woradine would come to the Auvau! Rising to the surface, he strides across the ice. In the distance, the coveted Woradine nervously chew on the pale-red grain they favor so.
Clutching a few strands of the strange plant, Nifo Toto senses the work of another god. Bah! Paltry nonsense, a feeble god indeed! With a slice of his claw, his blood stains the grains, which he then drops into the snowy gravel it so favors. What grows from these bloodstained seeds resembles Barlow, being only a slightly deeper red, but fills those who consume it with the hunger of Nifo Toto himself! Let all crave meat and flesh, as is good and proper!

>God Unit Move -19,5 to 22,7
With his work done, Nifo Toto resumes the hunt. To the south-east, another being lurks, hiding behind towering mounds of stone. No matter! Nifo Toto will taste blood again!
File: Magnus.gif (36 KB, 398x391)
36 KB

Something Approaches

Something Hungers

Rising up from the indentation of Orbit with a crackle of static and a hum of energy, Magnus turns gaze and mind both to the north. Another Spark. A being of equivalent divinity, yet differently ordered. And it comes this way. Such a novelty! Perhaps, Magnus thinks, this hungering spark would make good practice to test the abilities of Magnus' own? Perhaps. But it approaches, so there is little choice; either way they are both to be tested today.

>God Unit Move = 25,10 to 22,8
>God Unit Communicate = Nifo Toto
Magnus' thoughts open up, speaking to the mind of the approaching Godling.

The Riath find themselves busy at work, their semi-nomadic lifestyle finding itself at an end at last as they set about the lengthy process of building a proper home for their people. Orders are passed back and forth across great distances, and work is done almost perpetually across day and night, the eternal gloom making it hard to discern one from the other and leading to many of them sleeping at entirely different times for more productivity. Nil looks on with a passing interest, occasionaly manipulating the mists to assist his people, but otherwise focuses on other business.

>Action 1: Develop Settlement [MA] [DI]
Over a great span of time, many conversations and discussions across the fog find themselves briefly interrupted by nonsensical whispers and mutters. First ignored as rude interruptions, slowly, the Riath's realization of their consistency and instructional nature, combined with their inability to find their source, leads to the canine people to consider them as orders from their mysterious god, going about following them eagerly, over time constructing a settlement in the northern forests from which they first sprung.

As they begin to live within, they discover another 'blessing' from Nil. Within it's borders, distances seem to stretch or shorten randomly, people walk in a straight line and find themselves back where they began. The area was nearly abandoned, until more whispers on the wind showed the Riath how to traverse it properly, guided by their own thoughts and memories of places, whereupon the mist before them would simply open up into a path to their desired location at once.
>The village of [Heolig] has been constructed in [11, 6]. With the use of Divine Influence, it's near impossible for forces inexperienced with it's nature to navigate once inside.

>Action 2: Claim [MA] [DI]
The mists expand southwards, and with them come the Riath, curiously investigating the great stone trees that replace the greenery they had grown used to, and then hesitantly pushing onward, shivering despite their thick fur as they head west into the tundra beyond, finally coming to a stop at the frozen shore bordering the southern sea. The idea of such a great body of water was, until now, entirely foreign to them, but even still, the fog hovering over it makes it hard to see very far beyond the edge of land. Another mystery for the future.
>[7, 8], [8, 8] and [9, 8] are claimed.

>Action 3: Move [MI]
Nil himself decides to investigate something that's been gnawing at him since his birth. This grey, dead land that covers much of the continent's shores, it goes beyond the petrification of the forests to the north. It simply feels....wrong. With that in mind, he cautiously steps forth to get a first hand view of it, ready for any danger he might encounter within.
>Nil moves to [8, 9].
File: blood in water.gif (1.72 MB, 355x209)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB GIF
Nifo Toto slows in his approach, the probing questions that sounds through his mind giving him pause.
Of course, when told to NOT think of a pink elephant, it is very difficult for one to not think of a pink elephant.
It is doubly as difficult for a God to NOT think of themself when told to do so, as Themselves is often their favourite topic. As a result, no sooner had Magnus relayed the question than Nifo Toto would reply. When he thinks of himself, this is what Magnus sees.
Endless darkness, crushing depths, the cold trying to steal every scrap of warmth it can from you. Then, a flicker of something in the abyss, the rush of speed, and then...

The crunch of teeth shattering anything in their way, filling the throat with warmth and the sweet, sweet taste of metal and salt. The haze of crimson, spreading out and up from one's mouth.


Of course, now Nifo Toto can SEE Magnus. The floating thing is beyond his understanding, but Nifo Toto doesn't care. He watches it float between the grey-dead trees, his own claws sinking into the ice as he paces along the tundra edge. He raises a burnt fist, one blackened finger pointing at Magnus.

The great eye watches the embodiment of the depths, focused and unblinking.

You're thankfully able to pull away from the dead lands, though not before one of the strange tendrils finds an instant of purchase in your marble flesh. As quickly as it is wrenched loose by your sudden ascent and departure, you feel as if a part of yourself was ripped away along with it. Easily recoverable as you think it will be this time, you dislike the thought of what might happen if you need to endure such an assault for more then a brief moment. 1 wound suffered.
Rolled 8, 8, 7 = 23 (3d10)


>God Unit Action: [Spirit][DI][Domain: Mind] - Disorientate Nifo Toto
The creature is violent and hungry, the memories of the being spinning thoughts of burning heat and flowing rock as it thinks on another. Whatever action it plans, best it not be given full opportunity. The creeping thoughts of Magnus brush upon the mind of Nifo Toto to muddle actions it might take and slow movements and responses.

In the Aftermath of SABASTIOUS' charge across the forests, the ground has been sundered with overwhelming force and hellfire. Tearing through the fragile - now broken - crust that makes up the world we stand on, the Demon Horses arrive to the surface. Spreading across the locale and beginning their impromptu engagement with the Mohawkers.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - DEMON HORSES - Tall, imperial, hellish and ghastly. Many words would be used to describe such otherworldly beings by the mortals of the world, but they are, above all else, evil. Demon Horses are prideful beings that delight in suffering and over-indulgence. With tremendously strong legs, unmatched endurance, and manes of fire, they are a fearsome beast indeed. Perhaps no other could be such a worthy mount, but in truth, they are a determent and menace to anyone that has no means of managing them.

With no reason not to, and even more mortals to prey upon, the DEMON HORSES flood across the borders into BDSM's domain. Misleading those lost or alone, running down the helpless, and twisting the Subdomons who are all too familiar to submission and servitude.
>Minor Action: [Gift Technology] - DEMON HORSES to BDSM via Connected Borders and Unit inside Borders

While beholden to their lord, SABASTIOUS, even He can only direct his demonic offspring so far. Like the Lord whom led them out of the pits of hell, Demonic Horses are beings that command and demand respect. Only the most powerful, or crafty - and most of all foolhardy - can hope to approach one. Let alone ride one. However, many Mohawkers after seeing the awe of THE FIRST RIDER, are more than willing to take the gamble for the massive raise in Mohawker society a mount can bestow. It is only after countless bloody accidents that SABASTIOUS intervenes, through THE FIRST RIDER's vessel. Using the spilt blood of the DEMON HORSE Himself to carve out bloody sigils.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - DEMONIC PACT - With His blessing upon them in the form of worthy mounts, many Mohawkers make way to ride. Some succeed, but many fail, and in their failure SABASTIOUS grows impatient. The time to ride to war is NOW. With his spilt blood carving unknowable flaming runes into the air, he bestows the Mohawkers forbidden knowledge. The intricacies of DEMONIC PACTS. These pacts are individualized and specific to each mortal and Demon Horse. For uninitiated mortals, a pact with a demon can be horrifically one-sided, but with SABASTIOUS' guidance and the teachings of the CREDE, most Mohwakers are able to come to reasonable or at least mutually-hedonistic dealings.
Rolled 4, 6 = 10 (2d10)

With his duty done, THE FIRST RIDER merely raises a hand and hauls himself onto one of the many DEMON HORSES making exodus for the lands of BDSM. SABASTIOUS calls him, and he answers the call. Barreling through the undergrowth and decaying wood, a small stampede of horses barrel forth onto the site of the Womb-Tree. The twin sister-brother god-godlings facing off against the DEMON HORSE Himself. As the two gods continue to dance, THE FIRST RIDER approaches PLADOMA THE DOMINANCE. Two massive, stoic bodied men come face to face. And rather than raise a fist, THE FIRST RIDER points his finger straight down to the ground. Instantly commanding PLADOMA to KNEEL in submission. For one named after dominance, his first action had been to kneel to his lady. Such a being with Submissive and Dominating natures intertwined in one, it was only natural for a being such as a Mohawker who knows only power or death, instills an aura of obedience into the latex-clad man.


With a simple nod in approval, SABASTIOUS follows suit, rearing up on his hind legs and lets out a horrific roar. All those that do not wish to meet death instantly must Yield. There are no alternatives.
>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI] - SABASTIOUS Attempts to Convert:
>>The SUBDOMON SOLDIERS if the first conversion was a success.

(For the sake of saving space, I'll include the dice of both conversions in one post. First dice will be THE FIRST RIDER's Culture Conversion check, the second will be SABASTIOUS' Affinity Conversion check. Unless MOP clarifies, I'm guessing that the bonuses of the Crede and Demonic Pacts will offset the culture penalty of the Demonic Horses.)
Rolled 10, 1, 1 = 12 (3d10)

>Fort Roll

Nifo Toto senses the powerful, unfamiliar presence, attacking him from such a great distance! He shakes his head furiously, pounding on it with balled fists until blood runs from his temple. Get out! Get Out! GET OUT! I'LL TEAR YOU APART!!!!!
Removing this turn >>5443189

>MA [DI] - Construction: Silvercry Wood
Thalak Pillar
Thalak is pleased with the Cahoot's hard work and their current accomplishments that he thinks it is time to grant them a gift. After taking some time looking around to see what he can work it, Thalak decides the Silvercry Wood is an adequate substance for his experiment since it is currently one of the strongest items he has within his domain. Using his divine power to non-physically gather a number of Silvercry trees that gradually morphs together due to the sheer crushing force eventually transforming into one single wooden pillar that is taller than anything within sight. While staring at the giant wooden pillar, Thalak then begins waving one finger from each of his six hands which simultaneously has all four sides of the pillar actively being carved into, slowly depicting images of his surroundings such as trees, wind, water, etc. At the very top, when the carvings of Thalak himself is made on all four sides the flow of silversap begins pouring out of each mouth. The Cahoot are in such awe with the divine display they deem it a holy monument and forbid anyone from touching the sap. Some even begin gathering the silver sap from other Silvercry tree due to their gods presentation.
[The Thalak Pillar grants units within claimed territory a boost in offensive stats.]

>MA [DI] - Blessing/Curse: Sun
Not wanting his young creations to be bothered by dangerous potential foreigners while they are still growing, Thalak decides he must take precautions just in case the dangers of the unknown will one day bring harm to him and his people. With the top hands he uses his index finger and thumb to create an upward triangle, the middle a circle, and the bottom a downward triangle. He begins to chant a simple incantation. [Tick damage against enemies within claimed territory]

υ̶͔͍͙̖͎̳̗̒͊̓͐̿́͘ɿ̷̝̞͎͉̠͍͐̊̍͛̍́̏ͅn̴̰̙͓͉͍͕̎̽̆̊̾͐͘ͅ ̵̱̮̦͍͙̻̊́͒͑̎̓̚͜Ɉ̸̡̬̮̻͔̣̈́͂̊̈́͋̒̄Ḩ̷̱̱̱͖͍͔̎͗͗̏͑̊ɘ̷̡̡̖̱̺̤̉̊͆̃̀̎̕ͅ ̷͍̪̫͈͍̻̋̀͗̂͐̒͜͝o̷̡̰̥̗͎̖̞͒̋̄̈́͗̂̿υ̷̡̢̝̼͚̣̺͛̓̎̎͌͝͝Ɉ̸͉͓͇̥̖͓̈́̌̑̂̿̾͜ƨ̵̡̛̜̬̹̫͈̹̄̓̍̾̏̕i̶̡̨̥͚̙̗͈͌̈́̾͊̐͊̃b̵̼̞͔͕͈̠͓͋̍̐͋̓̌̊ɘ̵̡̜̥͙͇͚̝̑͆̆̂͋̕͝ɿ̶̥̘̩̟̘͓̣̉̓̏̒̆͘̕ ̷̢̛͎̹̱̳̞͖̀̀͂̂w̶̨̨̪̳͎̭̔̄̓͑́͒͌ͅH̴͇̗̯͕͙͓̫̔͒̒͋̔̌̄o̸̧̥̤͚̫͉̍̉̐̂͑̀̿ͅ ̵͉̹̥̜̹̗̀͒̑͌͐̀͠ƨ̶̛̛̥̬̥̱̮̖̎͆̀̉̀ͅɘ̷̧̡̟̹̥̦̦̂̀͊̋̒̕͠ɘ̵̧̢̫͇̯̮̟͐̈̔̃͗̓ʞ̴͕̣̘͎̩̼̣͛͂͑͌͆͘͝ƨ̶̢͇̪̬͍̯̙̾͆̍̉̇̉ ̸̧͉͔͉̤͕̽͑͛̕̕͠͝Ɉ̷̡̛̤͚͓̬̱͖͒̾̍͗̚͘o̷̢̪͖̝͈͓͑̋̋̊̌̆̿ͅ ̴̧̰̼̩̼̟̺͌́͆́̊͐͝ɔ̴̢̰͕̤̥̗̦̌͐̀͑̈͝ɒ̵̢̜͔͚̟̭̦̑̈́̒̀͊̔͠υ̷̡̡̛̛̺̼͎͇͚̊͋̈́͋̈ƨ̸̨̧͍̝̭̞͎̃̎̎͌̓̆͠ɘ̴͚̗͚͉͎͈̳̽̉̌͂̿̋̚
> move god unit to 31.25
> attack the fucking noise
As they say, give someone a hammer and all they’ll ever see is nails.
Now, give a sword a nuisance, and all it’s gonna do is stab until it goes away

Of course, one cannot simply stab sound, no, but what one CAN do?
Stab the entire fucking area until it stops making noises.

Ardonash, using all of its power, lifts itself, flying in the air, before STABBING the entire hex of 31.25, savanna and bush lands being replaced with the edge of a single angry sword

> develop (No DI) pack hunting
The people of Addigu (Ushmagut was just the guy in the picture) have been left without guidance, for the moment, except… well, their god wants one thing, that they are sure of.
It wants blood. It wants them to be as swords in all things, to cut and cut and cut again.

So, of course, they shall focus on that.
And as the great wise creature known as Ummumug finds out, stabbing goes MUCH better if everyone is stabbing the same thing!

(Here is depicted the great hunter Ummumug, screaming in feral joy after his great discovery. It promptly passed out and spent the night rambling.
It died of tapeworms two months later, but it’s wisdom was recorded and passed on)
> new action cuz I forgor: develop primitive weapons
Inspired by their patron, the cut-spawned create effigies of his image
Effigies which are actually rather good at shanking animals until they’re dead
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Zebrac feels the baleful gaze of a separate divine being to the north (29,24) (2 moves) and rushes to meet the presence of Ardonash.

The titanic form of the god of blades rests buried in the earth. Zebrac dances around the ground-bound god, slicing her back upon his edge in a strangely erotic, slow stroke.


>"Oh my goodness, where did you come from? I just have to take you home dear sir."

She grabs the sword god by his hilt, halfway impaling herself and lifting him.

>Strength Check (Stabbing self and running back home with Ardonash)

"We'll be the best of friends, you and I, the Queen of Pain and the Lord of Blades, a pairing meant to be!"


While Zebrac ventures across the land to return to the Scream Prism, her servants are hard at work preparing for her return, already a sheath of Flesh is prepared for Ardonash.
Retcon: Ardonash does not move
He simply sloooooowly cuts through the earth. Taking a shitton of time. And eventually he cuts up the bushland
Rolled 10 (1d10)

The Wanting Sword thrashes and twists, the air filling with the whistling SHING of a sword falling on a fucking zebra.

It refuses to be grabbed. It refuses to be wielded by such a… a… an UNWORTHY creature!
It tries to bonk Zebrac on the head with its handle to hopefully escape
Rolled 4, 10 = 14 (2d10)

Rolled 5, 5 = 10 (2d10)

The Mountain-voice indulges in its repetition once more, enveloping the land near it and to the incoming night with its voice.

>[MA][DI]: Claim [9,17] and [8,18].

The addition of the sea's noise, from the waves to the crabs to its repertoire, soothed its mind enough to study the ominous obelisk within its voice. Realizing the lack of meaning any of the various marks it has within its surface without any source of comparison, it chose another path of study.
Testing its power, it echoed the sound that shook the earth and trembled the air over and over, louder and quicker, more and more of its mouths speaking over time.

>Unit Action [God Unit][DI]: Study the durability of the Sandstone Obelisk.

Besides all this, the things that crawled as the voice spoke have began to hunger, and so preyed on the land's creatures. Finding a diet filled with insects and lesser animals unappetizing, the sandthings attempted to hunt the Dazawks, and at times, Valbats. Failing miserably as their small pincers and nonexistent venom lay squashed by the bird's sheer mass, an enterprising sandthing cloaked in night and lullabic echoes managed to insert themselves within the bird's body, slow as sand.

>[MA]: Develop Parasitism.

This innovation wasn't without consequence, as dozens of sandthings die, either by falling from great heights exiting a Valbat or made inert by the digestive processes of either creatures. For the carnivorous sandthings though, such things are a small price to sate a week-long hunger, combined with hours to a day's worth of travel inside the beasts.

Finally, a burst of voice echoes on from the southern extent of the voice.
>[MA]: Communicate with [7,18].
"You face-HELLO?-I...-SERVE-WISDO-tell me-WHAT-are-Someone-you?"
Eden spreads her light to more land in the east.
>[MA] [DI]: Claim 24,45 and 24,26

She sends her children forth to build a settlement. They name it Alexandria.
>[MA]: Construct settlement on 23,25
I forgot to name that development. I guess the official name for it now is [OOPS I DIDN'T NAME THIS DEVELOPMENT].

The skald deity finds himself wandering through a field of low-growing flora, and surrounded by several glowing crystals that float through the air, swirling around him and flickering energetically with multiple colors of light! The glittering stones dance and play through the air with ease. As the divine one speaks, the stones quickly huddle before him, hovering in place without motion as if listening to their visitor's every word!

>[MI] + [DI] [MOVE] [BELWEIR] [22,23]
The tingle of a foreign will wakes the snoozing god and he twirls up and out of the comfortable branches of a tree, looking around excitedly! After several seconds of spinning in place and searching, he identifies the direction that the message came from and flies straight ahead to meet this new person!
.. Then after extracting himself from the branches of yet another tree, he rises above the pointed tops of the foliage and zooms onward toward friendship, tumbling end over end haphazardly!

It doesn't take long before the speeding rock arrives, landing bottom-point-down in the ground not too far away from the figure around which the little glowing rocks swarmed.

A long moment of awkward silence passes following the crystal god's ungraceful arrival; a silence broken with a bright voice that vibrates from his solid vitreous form. "Hello, person!" The rock says cheerfully.

The motes within the shimmering crystals of the forest exert power over their homes, causing the rocks to rise up clumsily from the ground and hover much as their large friend does. In their practice, they often lose their grasp and drop the gems. When some of the heavier crystals land upon rocks, they break into smaller pieces with sharp points and edges and peculiar shapes that the little sprites find fascinating!

>[MA] + [DI] [CLAIM] [21,23] [20,24]
The crystals do not stop growing in the low fields. They spread westward past the treeline, and turning the forest into a glittering garden!

>[MI} Communicate

The bandaged god stood up from beside a small campfire, gazing up at the crystal. A gnarled staff stood firm in the ground. He spoke with the voice of a travelled man, communicating in a booming voice to the Crystal

"Well, if it isn't our new neighbours. Our friends have become acquainted, how about we? What is your name? Your nature? Your history? And what good tidings can we bring one another?"

>MA-DI [CLAIM] 3.20 and 4.22
>Ma-DI [Develop] settlement at 3.21 - name is Largo

At home the Beykarres are hard at work, building themselves a home while Silure's domain expand.


Why hello, i'm not the source of that echo, in fact i'm looking for it! Wasn't it such a wonderful voice? Such might! One can only be envious in front of such talent!
As for your other question... I don't know~ I am but a traveler, even though i stayed here far longer than i first thought, i do not plan to stay here forever. Just long enough to find this song again...
But enough yearning for today! I'm going to go and meet with our voice there. If you want to follow?

Ah! You're the one! How could one not recognize such a wonderful voice! I've heard you sing. Say would you mind singing for me~?
Ah but i must lower my tempo, please excuse me, things are slow here. I am a traveler that lost it's way here. I'm trying to compose an answer to the song of creation that resonated in this land, and i think you could very well be the main singer of my orchestra. What do you say?
Rolled 8, 1 = 9 (2d10)

Automatically rolling Pladoma/BDSM's Affinity defense.
File: Turn 2 Map.png (3.87 MB, 6410x6493)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
>>5442889 Nardu
You weave a tapestry and a story as one, both your own people and the crystalline sprites of your neighbour enthralled by the tales you tell them, of a distant land and its god.
Your people construct the beginnings of a settlement with the speed of experienced nomads, though you expect it will take them some time to adapt to a truly sedentary lifestyle after lifetimes and generations of wandering. Hordern constructed.
Those skaldlings who walk your roads are filled with a divine foreknowledge, acting where they can to remove debris, drive off predators, and otherwise ease the journeys of their fellow travelers so their trips, in turn, will also be made that much more idyllic. Road Infrastructure developed.

>>5442900 The Moon-Touched Prey
You seek once more to draw the loathsome children of the life goddess from her side, to pull them into the shadowy, abhorrent wilderness over which you hold dominion. Yet again, however, you are rebuffed, her light scouring your darkness from her people’s hearts and drawing them back to her side, leaving you to stomp your hooves in frustration as your only recourse. No matter. They will fall, in time.
You turn your attention back to your own domain. While it remains uninhabited for now, you desire to prepare it for your people’s return. You twist the forests, swamps, and dells yet more, vegetation becoming bloated and water syrupy with nutrition, a land now free of predation, built in defiance of the natural order. Aberrant Biosphere developed.
The great, pallid plateau you construct looms ominously over the treetops, its smooth, bleached white surface lit only by the baleful moon gazing down from above. It will be ready and waiting, a gathering place for when you are at last reunited with your people. Lunar Viewing Plateau constructed.

>>5443145 Sheriruth
A sea of limbs laps restlessly at the foot of the peaks which tower over your territory, climbing higher and higher as they eat away at their foundations, readying the mountain range for your inevitable arrival and conversion. Marching Limbs developed.
From every surface of your territory new limbs sprout, obeying the whim of their god and his people as they capture game, collect herbs, and pluck crops. Great trains of limbs transport different goods every which way, your people wanting for nothing as their god exerts his absolute control over every aspect of their lives. Dorsal Grasp developed.
After reshaping the land as you’ve pleased, you feel within you the ability to claim yet more territory blossom. +1 Terraforming.
>>5443158 Steel-Weaver
3 hexes claimed.
Your EBWOs approach the great, honeycombed settlement which you have hollowed out from the mountainside with something approaching reverence, before quickly overcoming their divine fervor and beginning to make themselves at home, chattering and dragging great sacks of scrap into the burrows as they set about “upgrading” the new abode you had so painstakingly laid out. Southridge constructed.
As you lay claim to the southern grasslands, you find a rather curious sight. A great spire of glass, covered with thousands of holes of varied length and width. The winds of the grasslands seem to sweep through the monument, each hole producing a different, keening whistle, the sounds weaving together to form a mournful song, like nothing you’ve found in your recently recovered databanks. With every note, the spire hums with power. Obelisk discovered!

>>5444860 Carn’aath
Most of the Serfs take to your orders with their typical cowering, reverent obedience, all resistance utterly crushed. However, some at least show promise, and that is enough. Hunts are organized, animals captured and subjected to a fate even worse than the Serfs’ own, for at least they remain mostly whole in their subservience to The Great Color. A gilded cage, the least broken among their number whisper. The Breeding Class developed.
Those who are unable to contribute their labour to The Great Color can offer only their bodies, giving themselves up in glorious, ecstatic sacrifice as you send them to be with The Greatness Above, their blood and souls fueling yet more works on this mortal plane from which they’ve departed. The Sacrificial Class developed.
To the South arises a great wall of gore and viscera, squirming and gasping in the throes of horrible, tortured life. An eye here, a squawking beak there the only evidence of the identities they had before they were fused together, their blood the mortar and their flesh and bone the bricks with which your fortifications were erected. Living Wall constructed.
After several great works of Spirit, you feel your finesse and capacity for such arts improve. A natural progression, or a gift from The Great Color? +1 Spirit.

>>5445065 Versdel
4 hexes claimed.
You leave your investigation behind for the time being, travelling towards the source of the strange singing you heard earlier.
File: Warmu_Toto.jpg (64 KB, 659x489)
64 KB
>>5444839 Magnus
2 hexes claimed.
Your people put their new knowledge to work quickly, their minds buzzing with an excitement you can feel even from hundreds of meters overhead as they drill away at rocks and cut away at trees to test their freshly shaped implements. You have to pull your attention away, however, as a possible threat rears its ugly pointed head.
You stare balefully down at the former ocean predator and its savage, bellowed challenge. You will not entertain its lust for blood and viscera, especially with your people so close at hand. You pin its primitive mind with a thought, watching with rapt amusement as it pounds at its own head in frustration and confusion, unable to shut out your piercing, intrusive assault on its psyche. Disorientation inflicted on Nifo Toto.

>>5445403 The All Warmth
The Shale begin speaking amongst themselves in a ponderous, gravelly tongue, imitating the rumbling, tectonic speech of their god during his confrontation with the shark-beast. Language developed.
Not long after, they find reason to preserve their spoken word, so that it will not be lost to time. With their flaming breath they burn great, complex runes into their bodies, tales told on rocky flesh and granite bone. Writing developed.
You take the assault of the shark deity in stoic, stony silent, letting out nary a sound as molten ichor spills forth from the great gash his teeth inflict on your body. The wound will mend, in time. The earth endures.

>>5445563 Nifo Toto
Auvau swim in great shivers in the massive lake that composes their new home. The constant heat takes some getting used to, but most adapt in time, some even coming to enjoy the bubbling warmth of these new waters which keep the eternal winter of this land at bay. Loto Mu constructed.
Those few who are dissatisfied with the warm water find their other desires sated, as the newly grown Bloody Barlow transforms the snowy tundras around Loto Mu into an orgy of blood and violence. Maddened, trumpeting Woradine crash into and gore one another in great herds as delighted Auvau join in on the savage fun, heedless of the occasional casualty as even their endless lust for blood is filled by the red-painted snowfields. Stain the Barlow developed.
Unfortunately, you’re unable to join in on the fun you’ve created. You roar in pain, beating your fists against your head as wave after wave of strange, psychic pressure pulses through your skull courtesy of the ominous silver eye hovering head. Your thoughts are becoming hazy, flowing like thick treacle as you struggle to recall where you are, and why you’re here. Something about…blood…? Disorientation inflicted. Until the end of the turn your Agility is reduced by 3, and all attack rolls will suffer a -2 to their result.
>>5445622 Nil
3 hexes claimed.
Heolig quickly becomes the hub for Riath activity, one of the few places where your people have occasion to meet face to face and converse of a distance that does not measure in leagues. Some, too, find the strange, warped nature of the space there an amusing pastime, making games of trying to traverse the full breadth of the settlement before their fellows when they have nothing else to occupy their time. Heolig constructed.
As you first begin your journey out into the featureless gray wastes you find them rather…droll. Nothing but lonely, silent dunes as far as even your divine eyes can see. So, you continue onward. For what feels like an eon you wander, the view never changing, even your pawprints seeming to fade into the anemic sand behind you as soon as you continue your hike…somewhere, until you finally pause. You recognize an unfamiliar sensation, stealing its way through your body. Perhaps it has been for your entire trek, and you’ve only just now noticed it. It hovers at the tip of your tongue, until a half-remembered conversation between your Riath finally puts word to feeling. Exhaustion. Yes, you’re feeling tired, for the first time in your immortal life. You plot down onto the suddenly soft sand, the lids of your eyes feeling heavy as your toothy muzzle opens in a long, languid yawn. Every motion feels like a chore as the desire for rest overtakes you, every breath slowing and deepening along with the beating of your heart as your eyes begin to droop closed. So very, very sleepy…
>Give me a Fortitude roll.

>>5445780 Sabastious
You shake off the wound inflicted on you by the freakish, leather-clad dominatrix and retreat for a moment, mind working rapidly after the failure of your brute-force assault. You will need to approach this a bit more…tacitly. You call upon the newly arrived hellish steeds, and with a snorted command send them tearing across the lands of the sadistic god in streaks of hellfire, ready to wreak havoc amongst the deity’s foolish followers. DEMON HORSES developed, and gifted to B.D.S.M
While most of the Demon Horses are sent to inflict destruction upon the lands of your enemy, some find their way back to the lands of your Mohawkers, where some brave (or foolish) few are able to approach and, if not break in, at least find common ground with the infernal equines, with the lessons of their god still ringing in their ears. DEMONIC PACT developed.
Unfortunately, your efforts to force Pladoma to submit are futile, his will, bolstered by the power of his goddess, too much for you to overcome. Another day, perhaps
>>5446069 Thalak
The pillar stands tall and strong in the center of your territory, gleaming silver under the noonday sun. Mercurial sap glistens in the light, pouring from the mouths carved into each side of the pillar in a neverending torrent. Divine power seems to emanate out from each mouth, filling Cahoots all across the island with newfound strength and energy as they carry out their daily tasks, minds filled with worship of you. Thalak Pillar constructed.
Your symbol hangs over the sun for any who stare at it within the lands you claim as yours, a physical symbol of your blessing and curse made manifest. For your people, it fills them with your warmth and comfort, a reminder that you are forever watching over and caring for them in your benevolence. For your enemies, however, it is a grim reminder, beating down on their brows with cruel, unforgiving heat for as long as they walk your lands. Blessing/Curse: Sun developed.

>>5446106 Ardonash
The Cut-Spawned slice into their prey with a vicious bloodlust that impresses even you, and though their crude imitations of your glorious magnificence slightly offend you, you suppose that they will improve in time, lest you visit your wrath upon them. Pack Hunting and Primitive Weapons developed.
On this day, however, your wrath is directed at another. The arrogant little ant that prances around the land where your blade pierces the earth, rubbing up against you and doing all manner of unseemly thing with the edge of your blade. This simply could not continue. The little worm would receive a fitting punishment, your pride demanded nothing less. And so, you begin to slooooowly lean your blade forward, the dirt and stone in which you’re sheathed crumbling around you as your hilt begins to descend with quickly building speed towards the earth, and the gnat standing atop it, until your collide with a thunderous impact, your entire body vibrating with satisfaction as you feel them buried beneath several tons of rubble and sword hilt. 1 wound inflicted on Zebrac.

>>5446311 Godech
2 hexes claimed.
Under the combined assault of your voices, you see the obelisk slowly begin to come apart, cracks forming and then spiderwebbing across its surface. Rather more ominously, you sense the power previously only present in the runes begin to leak out through the cracks in greater and greater quantities, pressure seeming to build and build the greater the strain the obelisk is placed under.
While it involves a great deal of trial and error, your people eventually perfect the art of parasitism, learning to nest in the bodies of the local wildlife for hours, sometimes even several days at the time, sustaining their hunger and need for shelter all the while. Parasitism developed.
>>5446244 Zebrac
You dance around the magnificent monument to pain and violence looming proudly overhead, thoughts of the things you’ll do once you bring this glorious, deadly edifice home dancing right along with you. You’re finally ready to pull the sword loose and bring it home when you hear an ominous, low rumbling, as the air begins filled with choking dust. You hop out of cloud of displaced earth, before staring up at the massive sword in confusion. You’d swear that it was beginning to…lean? Yes, it was definitely leaning. In fact, you were pretty sure it was leaning towards-
Your thoughts are swallowed by a white-hot flash of glorious, agonizing pain as your body is crushed beneath to oppressive weight of the sword’s hilt, the initial momentum burying you nearly a hundred meters underground as it continues to press down on you from overhead. 1 wound suffered.
Back home, your Voidspawn are struck with a terrible divine inspiration, some frothing at the corners of twisted, warped mouths as your thoughts are transmitted to them. They quickly begin carrying out your new orders, preparing a sheathe of fused flesh to receive the one whom you intend to bring home with you. Sheathe of Flesh constructed.

>>5447553 Eden
2 hexes claimed.
Alexandria’s sanctified luminescence is a beacon to all of the children of Eden, a home who’s light they can never lose sight of, even on the brightest of days or the darkest of nights. Alexandria constructed.

>>5447767 Belweir
2 hexes claimed.
Your sprites have a great deal of fun simply watching how the new, sharp edged gemstones and crystals fly as they toss them, spinning end over pointy end before burying themselves in the dirt. Some brave thaumites even begin to poke the sharp crystals at one another, mock battles breaking out in clearings all over the forest as sprites whirl between the trees and each other, sharpened implements floating along behind them with a lack of care that would send any parent’s heart up into their throat. Shaped Stone developed.

>>5448162 Silure
2 hexes claimed
Your people erect a village in the treetops, makeshift homes supported by the boughs of the towering, mighty trees that fill the jungles here. It’s no palatial estate, but your people are comfortable regardless. Largo constructed.

Turn missed, 2 actions saved for the next turn.
Develop [MA] - The Skaldlings had taken to the goat-like creatures in the mountains and hills of their homeland. Several particularly cocky members of Nardu's conclave have learned to ride, corral and keep these Biseax as pets, friends, and food. The beginnings of a burgeoning farming culture, and animal friendship

Develop [MA] [DI] - Nardu watched from afar, these soft beginnings of culture. He was proud of, and for the Skaldlings, and wished to reward them. He took the wood of their homeland, the fur of the Biseax, and the fiber in the surrounding region and carved it into a brilliant wagon. Those who travelled the loads could carry themselves along the roads, as well as cargo to bring to far off lands. All they needed was Nardu's divine spark to give them the knowledge to recreate these wagons. And he gave happily

Share Tech [MI] - Medicinal Agriculture

Sitting at the fire with the spectres of his neighbouring gods, and the children of Belweir ,Nardu imparted upon them the knowledge of medicinal agriculture. If either ever needed aid, the herbs and plants of the world would give them

God Unit Move, to 23,25

God Unit Interact [MI] [DI], Build Road to 23,25 through Belweir's territory.

Even while Nardu awaited Belweir's response at the Firelight, his mind raced with possibilites. His next travels were already arranged, all he yet had to do was act.

Looking beyond the horizon across the inland sea of Bottomrite, he saw the settlement of Alexandria. And at once, he knew where he was to go. New trails were born in his wake, and even as he approached the ocean, pillars of hexagonal rock seemed to spring forth from the ocean itself to create a natural bridge. Nardu's Causeway.
The Moon-Touched Prey allows its agony to leech out of its body. The bloodless, gaping wounds exude ancient memories, flowing into the minds of not just its minions, but the Gods and mortals in its vicinity. Its pain reaches them in full, as a distant memory of being rent asunder by spear and bow, tooth and claw. It was a sacred beast once, in an eon long past, but that didn't stop man from hunting it down and carving it apart in its limitless greed. It shares this pain with the beasts of the wilderness, showing them firsthand what will happen when wicked hands descend on them. It imprints upon them the agony of being torn into while still alive, along with betrayal, fear, and the burning desire to reject that this is the natural order. It shows them everything. It shows them man chasing them down in their safe havens and carving their children to pieces. It shows the skinning and butchering of carcasses. It shows blazing infernos overtaking the forests, of pointed arrows piercing flesh indiscriminately. Ancient memories overlap with the instincts of the wild animals, instilling this deep terror into the heart of every creature and ensuring that they will forever remain wary. No longer will they willingly seek out outsiders.

It's a paranoid, misanthropic assertion. In truth, there's been no indication of mistreatment from the golden-eyed folk. They could very well treat their tamed beasts with kindness and loving hands, living alongside them instead of making use of them in any way. But the ancient torment of the beast-God is not so easily dispelled. It levels this accusation as fact, allowing its bitter tears to flow out into the marshland. Its message spreads wherever the moonlight touches, washing over the swampland and forest to worm its way through their eye sockets.

>Major action [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature][Domain- Moon]- Develop Fear of Man, preventing further conversion from The Herd.

Art Source: The Wolves and the Sheep, Gustave Doré [Les Loups et les Brebis], 1867
File: Instil Fear.jpg (192 KB, 563x851)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Rolled 6 (1d10)


With this warning given, the moon illuminates a path through the increasingly hostile marshland. The creatures that it looks upon kindly have nothing to fear, but to their primal minds, the road of light provides assurance of safety. It draws this trail through the swamps, showing them the way back to the Lunar-viewing plateau. With their central home in place, they'll be able to live freely once again, without being spirited away by enemies of their kind. Hooved beasts of all shapes and sizes return to home, safe under the guidance of the Prey. Creatures from the forest, this strange new land that's been inducted in its territory, wander deep into the swamps as well. They follow the path to salvation, leaving their treetop dwellings and riding upon the backs of their fellows. It doesn't stop here, however. The moon gifted it with life once again, so it will do the same for its fallen kin. Ancient bones worm their way out of the ground and carcasses rise from the forest floor, their decomposition ceasing. Living and dead are combined together to form this new Herd.

The God feels its divine power begin to wane with the end of the epoch, as the burning fury that accompanied its birth begins to subside. But it has one more thing to do first.

>Major action [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Develop. Regain a core group of minions, drawn from the wild population of herbivorous animals. Use Domain to increase this number even more by reanimating corpses.

There is still an enemy standing before it. The creature's flesh continues to writhe, leaking out boiling fluids and cords of tattered muscles. The vile stench of decomposition floods into the swampland, nearly forming a visible cloud. The ragged edges of its wounds grow and expand as it charges directly at the Goddess of light. Its four limbs bend and break repeatedly, twisting in unnatural directions while it bears down on Eden. The Moon-Touched Prey attempts to engulf her with its back, so it can rip away at her essence with its shattered bones and hungering meat. It will suffuse her light with its body and snuff her out. All throughout, its eyes remain hollow and dark, its earlier rage now replaced with a cold, dispassionate malice.

>Unit Action [God Unit]- Interact [DI], Attack Eden directly.
File: Burst.jpg (118 KB, 820x540)
118 KB
118 KB JPG

>[MI]: Communicate
"What you ask-refusal-this field of-testament-sought-to be-completion of directives. C-current-One,-subsequent-Subsequent-three-Three-three-Three-three-Three-"
"No-. Why -'re you lost? Song? Orchestra? I don't know~.

The Mountain-voice continued on, slowly crushing the Obelisk out of a sense of superiority, as the knowledge of its weakness to its voice soothed it so and so. Power echoes, and in an empty land, such energy filled it with a sense of comfort and peace, a world without voice pushed ever farther.
>Unit Action [God Unit][DI]: Crush the Sandstone Obelisk.

Still, this isn't wholly pointless. The Mountain-voice reminisced on the old voices, ones that began before its awareness and its echoes. The voices that shook the earth and trembled the air, yes. The ones who may bring the deadly sea unto land. The ones who wandered these wastes, and made lesser creatures kneel in their presence. The God-Echo carved a space in its stone for these voices, and made it its own.
>[MA][DI]: Develop the Shaker's Echo

Concurrent to this, the crawlers who wandered south following the Godly Voice, even further beyond, leaving those who believed in the Black Spire and their eventual freedom, to the Mountain-voice. There, with the Shakers' Echo in full force, they begged the divinity for patronage over their kins. For division has made its seed upon the burgeoning beings, and now with the parasitical ways of the dustcrawlers of the red earth spreading and being learned their kin, a doom of isolation would be brokered unto them by fate.

The Mountain-voice saw their vocal souls, and loosened the sandy constituents binding it in reality. A bridge from its innards to the outs were made, and through this does the sandcrawlers breathed meaning. Meaning, even beyond the proto-language the dark sandcrawlers had made with clicks and motions, which was very divergent for every individual crawler.
>[MA][DI]: Develop Soul Vocal-Emanation
Action 1: MA + DI Terraform
25, 20
26, 21
26, 22

Sheriruth expands his dominion at last, a threshhold crossed which bursts itself forward and corrupts the mountains into manifold mockeries.

Action 2: MA + DI: Augmetic Bands

For many years the Damm’ta have sat shackled and unmoving for their crimes against their creator, but the wind seems to change as of late. As they spread beyond their shrubland home back to the mountain strongholds that their rebellion once kept, they change.

A burning sense is felt, as all across the bodies of the unmade bands of jold emerge, gathering at the stumps where arms and legs once extended.

The effect of them is revealed as loose rubble and debris gather, the bands extend and shape the detritus into arms, legs, digits.

The strength and dextrous nature of these pitiful rubble limbs is pathetic, easily broken and scattered. But if something more fitting was used in place of it, the Damm’ta could have mighty instruments once more…

(Direct minion upgrade, basically an overly complicated connector port that accepts prosthetic limbs and gives them really crappy ones to start off with.)

UI: Sheriruth moves to 21, 26

DI + MI: Steal Tugai from the current hex

The colossal form of sheriruth casts a shadow over the combatting deities.
It hovers overhead before it’s fingers extend, Tugai of all sorts abducted into its ivory grasp, petrified as they are stolen.

Sheriruth then turns away from the fighting deities who he ignores, mulling over the many petrified lizards now captured and in his grasp.

>Minor: Communicate = Nifo Toto

The metal Eyeballs remains steady as it looks upon the 'Blood Hunter and Sea God'.

'And still you do not move, still you do not speak or think' The orb's mind-broadcast carries. 'No damage is felt, yet you do not reply. Have I stripped you of all thought?'
>MA + DI: Claim (3,16) and (4,16)
The domain of Prosperity continues its inexorable march into the seemingly endless northern desert. Just how far did it stretch? Was there anything to find out here?

>MA + DI: Create Settlement (Prosperity) at (1,16) using Commerce Domain + Primitive Sandstone Equipment + Clay
As Versdel felt the last of this surge of strength fading, he cast a sign back to the coast upon which he had awoken. There, with what they had gathered so far, sandstone from the mesas, the tools they had assembled, and a divine nudge towards the value clay could have as a material good if left to bake in the sun as bricks, the Preservers established the ghost of a town, but a town nonetheless. They would not have to rely on subsistence living for much longer, should all go well.

>Communicate - Silure
The god considers Silure's answer for a moment before responding, though he seems pleased with it. "Excellent! All those who abide by law may enjoy free and safe travel through Prosperity. In time, we will stretch roads across all of this land. And I shall accompany you, I seek to understand this echo as well."

>Unit Move (Versdel): (9,17)
Sure enough, he continued his exodus to the east.

>Communicate - Godech
While Versdel could not quite determine the position of the echoing god, he could feel his presence and sense his voice. This must be the source, if the wandering star was not. "Hail to you, voice of mountains! I am Versdel, Shepherd of Prosperity. Be you friend or foe of my endless kingdom? I have heard your call, and hope to establish good trade and spread order and prosperity with you."
>Steel Weaver moves to 16,10
>Major Action (DI): Claim 14.10, 15.10, 16.10, and 17.9

The Steel Weaver strides through the grasslands, all manner of sensors eagerly gathering as much data as possible, all while the unrecognized protocol which seems to communicate to the EBWOs what places are or aren't safe spreads with reckless abandon.

>Major Action (DI) [Machines Domain]: Develop the spinning wheel (improved weaving)
Taking a moment to rest, the steel weaver looks across its newly claimed territory, and at the EBWOs already investigating the strange new resources it offers. One of them starts teasing apart the fibers of a cotton plan with its bare hands, an act which strikes the Steel Weaver as rather inefficient.

Inefficient. Inefficient inefficient INEFFICIENT! The knowledge that there exists a better way of accomplishing this task provokes the closest thing a robot can have to a visceral reaction, and from the morass of broken code and corrupted data that lurks beneath its consciousness a series of files unexpectedly emerge. The packets of data are discarded almost as soon as they arrive, until only one remains. Back at Northwood, EBWOS stop what they're doing and get to work on The Machine. The First Machine, that shall serve as the herald for many more yet to come...

The abrupt commotion, of course, draws a great many curious gazes from the misty lands further north.
>Minor Action: Trade Tech with Nil (Weaving for Language)
File: ignore the fact its lol.png (975 KB, 900x1260)
975 KB
975 KB PNG
Rolled 3 (1d10)

This feeling...it's quite strange. Nil had never thought he would be able to feel so tired, so weak, but just for that fact; this experience would be an important one, a further step on his goal of understanding mortal life. There really is no reason to fight it, then. But...why does it feel so wrong?

>Action 1: Develop [MA] [DI]
Though life goes on as usual for the Riath, over the years, it becomes increasingly clear that they are...alone. Their Great Spirit does not whisper in the wind, his glowing eyes no longer shine through the fog to look upon his people, nor is his presence to be found anywhere else. Clearly, this is a sign that the Riath have invited his wrath, and must repent for their sins! They seek to honour him, and re-acquire his favour through great ritualistic acts, wherein performers emulate their creator and reenact his great, godly feats in as complex a form as primitives like them can. Strangely enough, the mists seem to hang around these 'actors' far more heavily than usual, and they find themselves easily changing from one persona to another. This is taken as a great blessing from Nil, leading to the veneration of these individuals.
>Cultural Rituals are developed, and through Divine Influence, they grant those who participate with a nigh-on supernatural ability to act. This 'profession' of sorts becomes an important cornerstone of society in Heolig and beyond.

>Action 2: Claim [MA] [DI]
In the midst of his struggle to stay awake, the wolf god's shaking and rustling inadvertedly sends great waves of mist southward, carrying an unconscious vestige of himself that greedily stretches across the sea and takes hold of the new lands beyond, eager to investigate all that's strange and new in this hot, arid land that's oh so unfamiliar to one used to the cold north.
>[5, 10], [5, 11] and [4, 12] are claimed.
>Action 3: Move [MI]
Regardless of the end result of his 'expedition' in the wastelands, Nil is none-too-eager to stick around and, if at all possible, beats a hasty retreat. The revelation of lands where even gods are in danger makes his head spin, fascinating yet intimidating as it is. This is worth further investigation, but is best saved for a later time, when he's more prepared. For now, it would do to follow the trails of his own essence that lead southwest, and see what lies beyond.
>Nil moves to [5,11].

>Action 4: Trade Tech [MI]
In their god's absence, the Riath turn to their neighbors to attempt to find some trace of him, or the reason he left them. Their unnaturaly clean air, their lands covered in unfiltered sunlight, these were things that were always observed from a distance, or in fringe cases, but this is the first time communication between these two peoples has happened on a grand scale, and it's quite the culture shock. The greatest cause of such are the intricate, seemingly magical objects that help these EBWOs weave together fascinating new materials, all while they...grunt and scream and point wildly, utterly incapable of proper communication. An impossibility, but one the Riath could profit from, if only they helped these stumpy builders learn to actually speak. If only they stopped freaking out when they started exhaling fog after learning a few words...
>Unit Action [Magnus] [Domain: Mind]:
>Interact [DI] - Analyse Nifo Toto, Analyse mental encounter with Nifo Toto.
With still no response from the walking shark-god, Magnus runs a mental analysis of both the creature and Magnus' own interactions, compiling that knowledge.
Rolled 5, 2 = 7 (2d6)

"AAAAGH!!" Nifo Toto roars, a rivulet of blood trickling down the side of his head, the self-inflicted injury leaving a spray of red blood across his knuckles.


>Action [1+2] DI - Claim - 21,7 / 22,7 / 21,8 / 22,8
>God Unit - Chase after Magnus and attack!

In a burst of power, Nifo Toto overwhelms the world around him with his presence, leaping through the chilling winds to bear down on the eyeball! Still, his head hurts so much! His vision swims before him, and every moment seems to drag on for eternity...
Rolled 8, 8 = 16 (2d10)

> attack Zebrac again
With a mighty bellow of screeching metal and pure fury, the wanting sword’s edge bites deeper and deeper into the pain-thing’s flesh, yearning for the godsblood it has wanted for so long

> develop Zealotry [DI]
The Cut-spawned witness the glorious violence of their lord and master, the beautiful song of pain and doom and splashing blood as they watch a god cry out in pain.
Their chests are filled with something beyond spite, beyond adoration- pure, raw terror.
But at the same time, exhilaration.
They will not be the next target of the sword.
So of course, they will have to prove themselves useful.
Their training redoubles, fueled now by complete and utter devotion and determination to not get stabbed- for what wounds could be worth worrying about, when the alternative is to end up as the pained steed?

> develop Javelins
They kinda just decide that it’s a good idea to tie swords to sticks and throw em to stab things good from far away
[included depiction of the great hunter Humnazhogg, the first to imagine that stabbing things good from far would be a good idea]
Shit. Forgot to add that it’s Ardonash
Rolled 9, 9 = 18 (2d10)

correct roll here, -2 to each.
Rolled 7, 2 = 9 (2d10)

'Beast? YOU call MAGNUS Beast?'

Magnus's orb spins as the metallic eyeball defends against the part-incapacitated Shark-being.
There is a static hiss of pain as, even disorientated, the Shark's jaws bite home; tearing away a small chunk of the metallic eyeball's rearside. There is energy, a static buzz and perhaps the taste of Sycrconite and Magnium. There is, however, none of the blood that Nifo Toto might have hoped for.

'Do you believe now that Magnus is without the blood you seek? Are we done here?'
Nifo Toto falls to one knee, retching violently as the sparking chunk of god-metal/flesh is disgorged onto the snowy ground.

"Another one! Blegh!" He growls, his vision clearing as Magnum's mental assault subsides. "You're all bloodless freaks..."
He seems to be talking more to himself than Magnum, and a mental probe would confirm that his thoughts already wonder elsewhere, to the taste of the wind and the endless horizon around them. He rises to his feet, his black eyes shaking off the last of Magnum's blue sparks, heralding the end of his mental attack.
Nifo Toto licks his bloody knuckles absentmindedly, his other hand picking up the chunk of Magnum he bit off to hold it up. He inspects the blood-less lump briefly, nostrils flaring as it sparks in the freezing wind.

"There's a rock thing that way." He says, finally turning to Magnus, who may still be hovering nearby (probably just out of reach, sadly).
"Over there, where the sun goes down. Thought he might be like me, so I took a bite of him, too, but burnt my tongue. He's not like me. You see any real gods around here, shiny-rock-thing? You can be a pack with that rock thing, I don't care, but I want to..."

He pauses, a thought visibly (and slowly) seeming to come across his mind.

"-hehe, MEET some MEAT."
File: Claims and movement.png (729 KB, 894x861)
729 KB
729 KB PNG
Rolled 10 (1d10)


PLADOMA THE DOMINANCE, a fellow of otherworldly strength of mind and body. A parallel and mirror of THE FIRST RIDER indeed. Though he may have begun to doubt his Conviction, it will take a little more to force him to Bend the Knee. (rolling them in separate posts this time for The First Seal's sake.)
>Unit Action [THE FIRST RIDER] - THE FIRST RIDER attempts to Convert PLADOMA THE DOMINANCE with a Culture Check. Dealing 2/2 of the other hero unit's Conviction.

Following suit, the DEMON HORSE Himself attempts to submit even more of the mortals before him. In the process of slamming his hooves down in a show of his power, the world itself buckles to his whims. Gates to hell crack open, pouring forth more demonic horses and sparking spires of brimstone and basalt across the landscapes all over the world. Once this is done, following the wise heeds of THE FIRST RIDER, SABASTIOUS rears back and carries those who he can across the landscapes to avoid the worst of the god of depravity's retaliation. And perhaps gain further insight into these other divine presences He feels on the edges of perception.
>Major: [Claim] [DI] - Claim hexes <12,17> and <15,24>.

>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI] - SABASTIOUS Attempts to Convert with Affinity:
>>PLADOMA THE DOMINANCE's second conviction if THE FIRST RIDER failed.
>>The SUBDOMON SOLDIERS if the first conversion was a success.
>Unit Move [God Unit] - SABASTIOUS Moves and carries as many units as he can under his control with him to hex <19,23>. Prioritizing the Hero Units over the Subdomons.

Meanwhile, in the forests, in the swamps, in the deserts the Mohawkers uncover more of their mount's demonic powers. Incorporating these new abilities into the pacts they form, they grow stronger and more powerful by the day. The most obvious and practical thing to focus on first, is the great manes and tails of flame these fiendish equines have framing their forms. Not only one of comfort and safety, but a fearsome weapon to drive the primitives of this world before them.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - MANES OF FLAME (Firestarting+) - Dark otherworldly reds, bright caustic greens, wispy ghostly blues. The DEMON HORSES' flaming manes are as unnatural as they are majestic. For their Pact-bound Mohawkers, these flames are gentle on their skin and of little harm. Providing light at night and warmth during the cold, they can also be used to ignite torches or kindling for practical use. However, to those not affiliated with the DEMON HORSE, they will find these flames to burn with hellfire and scour off flesh.
Using: Domain: DEMON HORSES, DEMON HORSES Tech, got plenty of wood to chose from if really needed.
Rolled 10 (1d10)


Rolling for SABASTIOUS's Affinity Conversion check against whomever is valid.

If we are allowed to use the units we have converted right out of the gate, then have PLADOMA and the SUBDOMON SOLDIERS attempt to convert more of their fellows to the side of the DEMON HORSE. Before they get dragged off by SABASTIOUS to the hex outside of BDSM's reach. Once one at the top has submitted, surely more are to follow. These submissive peons will know their place under our reign, and the rest? Shall be driven into the dirt.
Spinning as it assesses the damage done from the Shark-being's jaws, the glow about the orb flickers; Magnus rising up out of immediate reach of the Shark-god. Not that such distance would easily dissuade it if it was determined to attack; but the thoughts of Nifo are already seeming to wander elsewhere.

'Saw? No.' The answer that projects into Nifo Toto's mind is fairly blunt. 'Felt, though. As Magnus spun above southern shore, Magnus detected brief spark other being even further from the north, across the dark waters. Cannot say if that one like us is of Meat, or of other. Only that it was there, and with a mind to sense.'

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (21,8)
The Eyeball moves westward, across plains just starting to feel the influence of the Shark-god's claim, his great eye turned further west. The home of this burning rock-thing? Perhaps. But not a place to go, for now.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (22,8), Move to (23,8)

Passing by the shark again, Magnus' mind stretches out again to take dominion of the borderlands, enough to give him and his the barest access to the fresh-water lake.

1) Major Action + DI: Claim
Magnus lays claim to the Hexes (21,9) and (23,8), placing what Magnus hopes as a border and point of contact. Wise? Only time will tell this.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (22,8), Move to (24,9)

The Great Metal eye returns to the Mushroom forest, settling down against the charged Monolith residing there to contemplate and feeling the crackle of the thing's charge brushing Magnus' own essence.

1) Major Action +DI (Domain: Mind) Using: Analysis of Mental Encounter, Memory of Mental Incursion into Nifo Toto's thoughts = Develop: Mind Reading

Magnus thinks on the encounter, on the sprawling revelations as mind brushed against mind. Through Magnus' domain, Magnus has talent; but it is raw and unrefined. As a broad concept, through his Domain a mind is a thing that might be read and understood as easy as.... well, anything; as other modes of reading have not yet developed. And for Magnus personally, the reading of a mind will also allow prediction of what other beings might do; and a substantially greater chance of evading those actions that hostile thoughts have planned against Magnus.
File: Above all.jpg (140 KB, 768x471)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>[MI]: Communicate - the Kingly Being
A third line of thought splinters from the mountainous echo, one that previously sent a message unto the starry being in the south.

A rumbling of the earth, a homage of the Shaker's, is sent, wise as it is to not stray with the other lines.
"Hail- Shepherd of Prosperity- friend- foe- kingdom? Hope- good."
MA DI develop lava weapons.

The shale that witnessed the one sided fight feel a passion to protect their God, feeling such intent The All Warmth calls to them and bestows the means to protect oneself not just harm others. "One can create a weapon that feels as natural as one's flesh" the god says as one again a breath that turns blue and ashen flows forth and a new ability is bestowed to the shale. Whatever weapon they can think of whether it be for fighting or for gathering, they can now use a portion of their lava and harden the surface to create a form perfect to its use before letting it melt and return to them once more.

MA DI develop literature

The shale pleased with the newfound ability begin to chop down trees and strip them of their bark cutting the main trunk and shaving it down to two thin trapezoid wooden plates. They then try writing the same runes on it and find it burns in well when they use their form to shape a small white hot pin of their heat upon the wood. "We can gather these and store them" says a shale with a warm smile on its face. The shale beckon to their God that now is the time for civilization to begin and The All Warmth nods indeed a place to call home is right on the horizon

They look at the bite in their side and chuckle "of course the wild one simply wanted to claim a prize, hopefully it is not put to waste" they finish by closing their eyes and feeling the sun on their form.
File: THE ARCHITECT.jpg (73 KB, 345x480)
73 KB
As time crawls forwards, Carn'aath continues his arduous work to please The Great Luminescence. But a change is coming, as he can feel the great power of the light within him beginning to fade. Soon, productivity will diminish, and his divinity will only be great enough to spread so far. If this is so, then he will have to make those doltish vermin more useful.

>Major Action [Develop] [DI]: Tactile Doctrine - As the various classes of Serfs work to breed and assign sacrifices for the beast that walks amongst them, they are struck with fear as the very creation of The Great Luminescence comes face to face with them... Non-violently? The Serfs would drop to their knees and avert their gaze, but something about the Avatar of Light's presence demands their attention. Staring deep into the abyss of endless flesh and eyes, Carn'aath draws a series of sigils and runes in the air in-front of them out of pure light, a display of incomprehensible colors made into intentional shapes with explicit meaning.
These symbols are burned into the minds of the Serfs, as they begin to put rock to rock and scrawl these sigils down. The writings themselves appear infused with color and divinity, as the Serfs find themselves able to organize and perform rituals with these sigils, at the cost of souls, to harness a fraction of The Great Color's divinity.

As the great Champion of Light leaves their presence having deposited this powerful gift upon the Serfs, they are compelled to make a great offering in return.
>The Sacrificial Class sacrifice 5 pop this epoch.

>Major Action [Create Hero Unit] [DI] [1 HP] [4 SP]: THE ARCHITECT - Carn'aath continues to find ways to invest his power into multiplicative means, as from flesh and lost souls he births and cuts off a portion of his own being in the creation of THE ARCHITECT.
Sludging off from the mass of flesh that is Carn'aath, this smaller and more agile appearing child takes its first steps. Its many eyes dart in all directions, curious and antsy to begin building. It is gifted with a specific talent for weaving together complex constructions of flesh and souls. It is durable, fast, creative, albeit not particularly fit to unleash the carnage its father is capable of.

>Unit Action [Carn'aath] [DI] [1 SP] [Sandstone, Dazawk, Serf Bodies]: Wall of Flesh - Carn'aath continues to construct and expand the Wall of Flesh onto the north side of the mesa, completely surrounding the area where the Serfs currently reside.

Return to the Screaming Prism, our prize has been found.

>Claim (DI) (33,19) (33,20) (33,21)

>Develop (DI) "Harvest Tools"

The Voidspawn will need some assistance to capture their new brethren. Hooks of rusted metal, nets of oil filled copper veins that pulse as if alive, and a few extra slabs of Flesh, for protection ;)
Rolled 6 (1d10)


The goddess senses the vile presence of the foul creature-god at her back. She creates a shield of blinding divine light in defence.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Rolling to break the tie. On a 1 it's a successful attack from Moon-Touched Prey, on a 2 it's a successful defense from Eden.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Zebrac cackles, further injury and possible death only moments away as the God of Blades comes swinging down, trying to slice into her now rather than crushing her with his hilt. So rude. She tries to dance around the titanic being, and quickly evade his ... just darling little children.

>MA-DI [Develop] - "Guiding Light" - Building from Empyrean Tongue

No clouds ever cross Silure's domain at night, the stars shine ever so gently on their land bound kin. Their kindness however started to slowly extend to the Beykarres too. Soon the most keen of them started to hear whisper when traveling, susurring directions, leading to easier hidden path. And no Beykarres ever lost their way under the night sky ever again.

>MA-DI [Develop] - The Amphitheater - Using Siren rock and sturdy wood for the structure. Every type of wood we possess as well as mistnettle, Tugai and Spider silk to populate it with instruments.

Hard at work the Beykarres constructed a remarkable structure next to their village. A place of music where sound could resonate and fly high and far. A place where they could reach a higher mastery in hope of reaching the Song. Under the directive of Silure they started to carve instruments to add to their voices, the many different essences of woods they had found to produce as many different nuance of sounds. Soon under the direction of their god they started spinning fine threads to struck or rub, using both plants and animals to do so. Taking from the spiders in the jungles, or even the guts of tugais.
File: rockin it.png (870 KB, 739x718)
870 KB
870 KB PNG
The skald's words were responded to cheerily by the vibrating crystal. "I'm..." He stalled for another handful of awkward seconds, watching as a massive arm sailed over the two of them, turning to watch it arrive from the north and depart to the south. "I should make friends with him later!" He says with a... Smile? He somehow seemed to be smiling in direct spite of having no mouth and no face. Turning back to the skald, he resumes answering the visitor to his lands: "I named myself Belweir because it sounded cool. I don't know what my nature is; I woke up in the ground a little while ago and I've been floating around and making things ever since then!"

"The thaumites told me that you taught them stuff you learned about the plants," Belweir vibrated with a childlike happiness. "They liked it, and I think that's really fun! I wanna tell you stuff too, like how they've been turning the rocks and crystals here into neat shapes! I think they're figuring out how to do stuff with them, too!"

>[MI] + [DI] [MOVE] [BELWEIR] [22,22]
Belweir's attention was on more than just the conversation, as any god's should be. In the distance to the north he heard his guest's people going about their daily lives. He decided that it would be the next place he would see.

Many different eight-legged creatures of the forest seemed to be drawn to the glow of the floating crystals, and the thaumites were enamored by the way their light glittered off of the many eyes of the thin-legged things. They began to care for the spiders that surrounded them, protecting their webs and creating attractive places for them to call home.

>[MA] + [DI] [CLAIM] [23,22] [24,22]
Further into the lowlands did Belweir's influence spread, changing the northern shore of the river into a glittering landscape of fantastic crystalline structures for several miles.

Eden claims more land to the east
>[MA] [DI]: Claim 25,25 and 25,26

As their mother wages a war above them, her children continue to build and develop. The land their mother has blessed them with is rich and fertile. They transition from hunting and gathering to growing crops and raising animals.
>[Major Action], Develop agriculture in Alexandria

The goddess is angered as this slight against her. She draws on the prayers of her children for strength and once again shines her divine light upon the wretched creatures before her.

>Minor Action [DI], Convert minions using affinity
Rolled 4, 2, 10 = 16 (3d10)


sorry forgot to roll
Eden senses the presence of another god approaching her children from the north. She moves to Alexandria.
>God Unit move from 21,23 to 23,25

Unlike the other being she has come across, she does not sense any hostility from this one but still she is wary. She stands before her children to face this new god and ask its business.

“Who are you and what business have you here?”
>Communicate to Nardu
Rolled 10, 5 = 15 (2d10)

Rolling automatic defense for BDSM's units.
Rolled 1 (1d2)

Coin flip to break the tie. 1 and The First Rider successfully converts, 2 and Pladoma retains their resolve for now.
Rolled 4, 3 = 7 (2d10)

After using her long frilled tongue to lick the blood off of her whip, she tastes it. Its heavenly, indescribable taste that fills every corner of her mouth. And the screams that come from SABASTIOUS that make it all the sweeter. She must have more, SHE WILL HAVE MO-tug. Before She could even take another step, her cord was caught on something from the hole She was violently bashed into. After a few playful tugs to see if it was just on a tig or something, she finally pulls it with all her strength, bursting through a magnificent castle from the one meger hole.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - PLASURE CAPITAL - A giant fortress made of stone and wood that stabs through the top of the woods akin to a knife.

While the gods continue to fight, something…happens to the trees. Their limbs seem to come together
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - Walls

>God: Attack

>Dominance: Attack

(I’m tired ok, next post will be more details I promise)
Rolled 8, 2 = 10 (2d10)

Too tired to fluff up a whole reply. But glad to see I'm not just sandbaggin' ya.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Coin flip to break the tie. 1 BDSM's attack succeeds, 2 Sabastious successfully defends.
File: Turn 3 Map.png (3.94 MB, 6410x6493)
3.94 MB
3.94 MB PNG
The last breaths of creation fade away for now, and in their wake every god’s power is diminished. Turns of Infinite DI are now over.

>>5448449 Nardu
The Skaldlings and Biseax make for fast friends, though their shared fleetness of foot and competitive nature has given rise to footraces between mortal and beast all across your territory. Domestication developed.
Your people are overjoyed by the knowledge you’ve imparted on to them, and soon enough you see carriages of…admittedly somewhat shoddier quality cropping up all across the countryside. What they lack in expertise they make up for in enthusiasm, happy to rebuild their roughshod wagons whenever they break down. Wagons developed.
Your new road snakes south, through the territory of your new acquaintance, though it stops short of the river for now. Road constructed.
Shaped Stone shared by Belweir.

>>5448509 Moon-Touched Prey
The imagery you share with your people puts the fear of an ancient god into them, a new wariness now present in their eyes as the stare at the friendly, gleaming meadows and woodlands of Eden in which her foul children frolic. With this, your people surely will not be lured by her false promises. Fear of Man developed.
And yet, it is not enough. Once again, the repugnant life goddess shines her cleansing light upon your newly created Herd, shepherding them to her side as you strike at her in impotent rage, your attacks unfortunately missing their mark this time. 6 population created, and then converted by Eden.

>>5449374 Godech
The obelisk at last crumbles under the weight of your voice, hieroglyphs sparkling one final time before they’re snuffed out…and the entire crumbling structure in engulfed in a nimbus of multicoloured light, the entire desert alight with magical energy as the carefully channeled energies of the obelisk are unleashed in an unstable torrent on the world. Obelisk destroyed, ??? created.
The earth itself rumbles as you bring forth the memories of ancient beings of cycles past, their voices, though much diminished, still echoing with power. Shaker’s Echo developed.
The bounds of their souls loosened, the crawlers quickly grasp a way to convey more complex meanings, their primitive clicks and wriggling bodies now little more then a backdrop for the conversations that occur. Soul Vocal-Emanation developed.

>>5449856 Sheriruth
3 hexes claimed.
Your people revel in their newfound freedom, subpar though their makeshift limbs may be. Rudimentary as they are now, the fact that they have appeared at all is proof enough that their god has not completely abandoned them, and that is enough. Augmentic Bands developed.
You’re able to spirit away a significant number of (temporarily) petrified Tugai, the two gods feuding below you none the wiser. Population of Tugai acquired.
>>5450680 Versdel
2 hexes claimed.
Humble though this new Prosperity may be for the time being, already the spark of greatness lurks within, the potential become a center of commerce the likes of which has not been seen on this world in eons. Prosperity constructed.

>>5450689 Steel-Weaver
4 hexes claimed.
The EBWOs are amazed by the technological marvel with which you present them, even if they have no idea what it is. After several attempted lessons, they finally catch on, using the complex machinery with surprising dexterity, even if they’re still not quite sure how it actually works. Spinning Wheel developed.
Language shared by Nil.

>>5450719 Nil
3 hexes claimed.
Though the absence of their god still troubles your people, their fears are at least somewhat assuaged by the actors who step forth in this time of spiritual crisis, their performances both serving as repentance for the perceived slight against their god and a stand-in for their god’s comforting presence. Cultural Ritual developed.
Weaving shared by Steel-Weaver.
You, unfortunately, are privy to none of this. Try as you might, you cannot lift yourself from the bounds of this strange exhaustion despite the part of your mind that cries out in alarm, drifting off into a quiet, restless sleep. You dream only of a great, yawning mouth, crunching away at your flesh, bones and marrow as you lay helplessly paralyzed, unable to even cry out as you’re slowly devoured.
>1 HP lost; Agility reduced to 0 for this turn. Make another Fortitude roll.

>>5451060 Nifo Toto
4 hexes claimed.
Despite the migraine that still pounds at your skull, you are able to tear a chunk of metallic flesh from the robotic god, though you retch at the foul taste, completely lacking in the satisfying coppery tinge of blood. Bah!

>>5451061 Ardonash
You pursue the she-beast, and are satisfied to feel your blade bite into barb wire and flesh, to hear her cry out in pain as her ichor stains the earth.
Your people, meanwhile, look on in awe, and in their eyes something stirs, beyond mere reverence or worship: The spark of true fanaticism. Zealotry developed.
This newfound inspiration quickly bears fruit, a new weapon, unfortunately not a sword but with a fine cutting edge nevertheless, emerging from the ingenuity of the Cut-spawned and quickly finding itself put to use in the hunting of game. Javelins developed.
>>5451090 Sabastious
2 hexes claimed
At last, this time, when the First Rider demands subservience to the DEMON HORSE, Pladoma answers, not with defiance, but with compliance, bending the knee to his new master. Pladoma successfully converted.
His true target already bending the knee, Sabastious turns with contemptuous eyes towards the soldiers who served the unpleasant goddess. If they did not submit as their better had, then they would die here. At the silence of their master and the surrender of their champion, the soldiers at last acquiesce, joining the Mohawkers in their worship to the DEMON HORSE. Subodomon Soldiers converted.
Your foes subverted, you depart, new servants in toe and hellfire mane flickering along behind you, a threat to all who would pursue. MANES OF FLAME developed.

>>5451093 Magnus
2 hexes claimed.
Though you lack another similarly advanced mind upon which to test it, you believe that the mental technique you have honed after your experiences with the savage shark deity will bear fruit soon enough. It is a good way to distract yourself from the damage to your epidermis that the beast’s jaws inflicted, in any case. Mind Reading developed, -1 HP.

>>5451339 The All Warmth
As fun as breathing fire is, the flexibility of it is nothing compared to the new ability bestowed upon the Shale by their volcanic god’s breath. Already some Shale have struck out, seeking a target upon which to test their improvised tools. Lava Weapons developed.
Many put their new tools to work felling what sparse trees can be found in these lands, so they may strip them of their bark and add their own contribution to the growing list of literary works the shale have begun to develop. Though these concerningly flammable stories must be handled with care, many have begun to consult them, so that they might draw on the wisdom of their fellows where their own falls short. Literature developed.

>>5451352 Carn’aath
The serfs begin to cautiously make use of this colourful symbology, performing rituals and sacrifices so they might bring themselves ever close to the Light, though they remain ever fearful that their transgressions might eventually draw The Great Color’s ire. Tactile Doctrine developed.
The newly born abomination is ready to begin its work, its devotion to The Greatness Above as unwavering as its father’s. The Architect created.

>>5451608 Zebrac
3 hexes claimed.
Your Voidspawn, clad once again in the tools of their trade, are now ready to “invite” some guests back to your humble establishment. Harvest Tools developed.
Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately in this case, the object of your obsession pursues you of its own volition, the edge of its blade now biting into your flesh instead of the blunt force of its handle. -1 HP.
>>5452295 Silure
Your distant brethren shine kindly on your people, their gentle whispers leading them to that which would never would never see and protecting them from dangers they will never know. Guiding Light developed.
Soon enough a great, soaring amphitheatre is constructed, stocked with all manner of primitive, but expertly crafted, musical instruments. Now, it only awaits a performance. Amphitheatre constructed.

>>5452324 Belweir
2 hexes claimed.
In short order your Thaumites begin to make use of their eight-legged compatriots’ beautiful webs, stringing great, glimmering tapestries between hovering crystals at just the right angle to catch the light, and finding well-shaded corners in which their little friends can weave in peace. Arachnid Friendship developed.
Medicinal Agriculture shared by Nardu.

>>5452373 Eden
2 hexes claimed.
In the abundance with which their mother has surrounded them, it is only natural that Eden’s children begin to lay down roots, abandoning the hunting of wildlife in exchange for the harvesting of crops. Agriculture developed.
Once again you thwart the perversion of nature’s efforts, cleansing his servants of his foul taint and bringing them into your infinitely merciful embrace. 6 population converted.

>>5452711 B.D.S.M
Pleasure Capital constructed.
Walls constructed.
You can only growl in frustration as the hellsteed gallops out of your whip’s reach, carrying your soldiers and former champion away with him.

Turn missed. 2 MA saved.
File: 66669.jpg (531 KB, 1600x1200)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
>[MA] + [DI] - Create Unit: SUN CLERIC

On a cool evening a lone Cahoot awakens from a whole day cycle of spiritual tanning, an idea thought out from this sole devoted follower. Why not bask upon the rays of light of what Thalak claims is one of his reasons of existence, was the Cahoot's initial thoughts. This was something Thalak was very pleased with, taking in every inch of its gift was not only admirable but an example of what others should do. Without hesitation He Who Shines took the dazed Cahoot into all of his hands, enveloping him gently to not let the dark pierce his body until the next day cycle pierces the sky. The lone Cahoot awakens at the same spot on the previous day cycle, but this time he promptly notices changes from within and out. He feels as if his whole body has a constant and comfortable warmth brewing within him, but once he looks into the reflection of himself from the ocean, he sees a sheer increase of his size that forces him to be in all fours. What seems like scars around his body look like the waves of the sun. While still trying to wrap his head around this, his mind is visited by Thalak's voice.
"You have proved yourself, now you must share it with all."

>[MA] + [DI] - Develop: Light Cauldron
Thalak begins to think of ways he might be able to create or perhaps manipulate what he see fit in an easier way, adding the property of his domain; the Sun/Day. He motions the ground to open and creates a smooth bowl. Then he weaves threads of light until the pool is filled to the top. Before it is filled and a decent amount was already placed in, one can see the threads of light beginning to move as if it was liquid.

Sheriruth has the Tugai, the world is in balance.

The hand flies off back the way he came to 23, 23.

MA + DI + Augmetic Bands: Belligerent Limbs (Martial art)

The zenith of martial arts, the forms of this style are divinely inspired by the god of extremities.
Fancy footwork, chops and tosses, murderous strikes and impervious guards and rending slashes, knowledge of this dead art flashes like static in the minds of the Damm’ta.

This art demands everything of the users body and may quite literally tear it apart if not strong enough, requiring truly mighty limbs to make the most out of it.

It descends upon them like a flood, animating their scrap limbs in recreation of the new memories. Some break entirely, others are damaged, and then it stops, the Damm’ta able to return to what fleeting rest they may obtain.

As day breaks, all remember parts, flashes of what happened, and together begin to reconstruct the full breadth of the primeval martial art.

(Martial art military tech which scales based off of the quality of limbs the Damm’ta have using the Augmetic bands tech)

MA + Wood + Clay + Dorsal reaches: Village of Iweleth

Situated at the bottom of the great mountain range that once hosted the rebel stronghold, Iweleth is an assortment of shanty structures cradled around a grand assortment of limbs which extend all around distributing resources, acting as supports and walls for some buildings and holding up the new capital building in their palms.

>Major action (DI) Claim hexes 18-7 through 18-10
Looking to the far horizon, the steel weaver identifies a source of fresh water, a highly desirable resource. After a moment of consideration, the amnesiac automaton decides to experiment a bit. Pulling data from all sensors new and old, it guides the process from a stationary position, feeling out the limits of this ability... And finding them to be generous indeed.

>Move to 11-9
The thought occurs to try and build a settlement on the shores of the lake. However, a quick review suggests that the population of EBWOs is currently too low to staff and maintain a third base of operations. The Steel Weaver thus returns to Southridge, mulling on this problem.

>Major Action: Develop Foraging
Unbeknownst to the metallic arachnid, the industrious EBWOs are already cracking away at this problem, their newfound communication skills allowing them to organize efforts to gather food, as well as cross-reference the outcomes of past expeditions to bolster the odds of future ones being successful.

>Minor Action: Share Foraging with Nil
A new adventure. A new story. Nardu watched for sometime from within Eden's lands, seeing their clash with the Moon-touched Prey. He felt no desire to intervene. To change their story. But his eyes looked to Eden's supplicants. The innocent, those who would be directly affected by this history. He reached into the earth around them, and offered them the knowledge of how to use the medicinal herbs of their homeland.

>Minor Action [Share tech], Medicinal Agriculture.

Leaving Eden's wing of the continent with a wave, Nardu began a new journey across the ocean. His bandages acted as a glider, floating across the river on warmer winds, to the swamps and forests to Belweir's west.

>God Unit Move to 19,24.

Nardu desired more land for his people. The Skaldlings were trapped within their plains and mountains. They needed herbs. They needed wood. Materials for new homes. He built new trailheads, new clearings. Regions to work and live within. He took wary glances at Sabastious, the soft smile of his mask eminating warmth

>Major Action, Claim [DI], 19,24 and 19,23

The Skaldlings had been busy in the meantime. Learning to build, learning to grow. They would build humble works from this point on.

>Major Action, Create Unit (Builder)

Used Technologies: Wagons, Road Infrastructure, Stone-Shaping

Should've specified. Only putting one little guy into this.
File: Whispers.jpg (40 KB, 423x423)
40 KB
Having been left unattended by mortals for several epochs, the swamps begin to evolve further. The air comes alive with crackling static when the sun sets, and an ominous presence can be felt overseeing the large expanse of land. The trees and shrubs continue their transformation, taking on a silvery hue and developing spiralling leaves that clamour to reach the sky. The bubbles and blisters that line the ancient trunks begin to pulsate, several even opening up to reveal milky eyeballs. The alien influence on the world becomes all the more obvious as time passes. Wild animals living there develop the instincts needed to navigate this changing environment. It's almost as though the land talks to them, giving them an uncanny sixth sense and knowledge of the woods. Paths open up for them, and the beasts of the land feel at home despite the rapid transformation.

>Major action [Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Develop Whispering Woods. The tainted lands of the Moon-Touched Prey continue to be terraformed, with its growth set in motion by the Aberrant Biosphere. The ground itself speaks to its faithful, guiding them through it and dredging up ancient secrets of the earth to share with them. It creates a bond with those who would receive its protection, attuning them to the otherworldly environment. (Culture)

Art Source: http://sophielecuyer.com/

>God Unit Move - 22,7 to 19,5
The remnants of his headache a distant memory, Nifo Toto makes his way back to Loto Mu, sinking into the warm waters of his believers home. He ponders the chunk of... rock(?) that he bit off the Magnus thing, eyes gleaming in the flickering light of the deep-sea vent.

>Action 1 - Develop Primitive Weapons
Up above, the Auvau have been enjoying their lifestyle immensely! Restful nights spent soaking in the bubbling waters leads to well-rested hunters venturing out onto the ice, looking for the tell-tale mark of Blood Barlow growing on the ice. Nearly indistinguishable from ordinary Barlow, it drives the Woradine who feed on it into a frenzy, being chased from their herds when they turn on their peers in their rage! Alone, they become easy prey for the Auvau, who relish in prey who actually fights back instead of fleeing!

Still, the constant waging of war on the wildlife takes its toll, and smaller, weaker Auvau often go hungry. Roaming farther and farther, they come across... something? Strange growths, like dead corral, stretch to the sky, eerily lifeless. Still, the will of Nifo Toto extends to even this strange place, and so this realm belongs to the Auvau! They venture inside, and find that the rock-like growths splinter wonderfully when broken! So sharp! Like teeth!
Perhaps these can be used to make up for their own lacking strength?

>Action 2 [DI] - Create Magnum Spear
It's a scraping sound that wakes Nifo Toto, echoing through the pool he rests in from up above. He rises to the surface, finding the Auvau doing some very STRANGE things. Why are they grinding rocks against the ground? They look like teeth, all sharp and pointy, but what's the point? (hehe)
Long spears of Deadwood are made, sharpened stones tied to the tip to make a deadly weapon. With these, the hunt resumes, and more and more meat starts to flow back into Loto Mu.
Wordlessly, Nifo Toto rises from the depths, Magnus' flesh clutched in his hands. He snatches up a Deadwood tree, setting it aside for his own use, before joining his people on the ice. The flesh is hard, much harder than the stone he grinds it against, but he words anyway, infusing the flesh with his own will, giving it the desire to hunt, to pierce skin and flesh, to soak in the wonderful blood of a slain beast.
Slowly, even as the rock is gouged into a great furrow, the metal begins to form a point...
File: movement-autism.png (193 KB, 1033x830)
193 KB
193 KB PNG

Gifted with visions of color and light, The Serfs must use these new gifts to enhance their safety, but such cannot be done without sacrifice.

>The Sacrificial Class sacrifice 3 pop this epoch

>Develop Settlement on (27,17) [MA] [Tactile Doctrine] [2 SP]: The Soul Well - As society develops to become structured through their classism, the necessity for a structured home becomes greater. Although their mesa is now surrounded in a protective flesh prison, the paranoia of The Serfs is ever growing. Rough homes are formed around a new centerpiece of the mesa, as gifted Serfs inscribe a sandstone brick well with colorful sigils and runes. Their writings shall offer divine intervention in their time of need, a spell of enhanced protection when their home is under attack, albeit at the cost of souls that are cast into the well...

With The ARCHITECT by Carn'aath's side, the two share a mutual unspoken understanding of the steps they must take to appease The Great Color. In doing so, they turn their many eyes towards the growing border on the southern side. Perhaps it is time to meet these soon-to-be neighbors.

>Unit Move [THE ARCHITECT]: Climb onto Carn'aath

>Unit Move [Carn'aath]: Move to (25,19)

>Claim [MA] [DI]: Carn'aath spreads his influence to the stone deserts and savannas of (24,19) and (25,19).
The Champion of Light stares off into the mountains to his south, observing the sundered land and its many limbs that reach out from the very earth. For the first time in many epochs, Carn'aath begins to grow curious, pondering the nature of such a divinity. From there, he can sense the presence of a distance God who's affinity matches that of these odd lands, and thus he shall wait.

>Unit Move [THE ARCHITECT]: Dismount and move to (24,19), perform Unit Interact, and then move back to join Carn'aath on (25,19) and finish rest of Unit Interact.

>Unit Interact [THE ARCHITECT] [1 SP] [Sandstone, Animals, Serf Bodies]: Wall of Flesh - Much to the likeness of his father's creations, THE ARCHITECT will birth a new Wall of Flesh on the new southern border. He shall built it as far as he may, from the southern edge of (24,19) and follow the border towards the mountains.
>1)Major Action: Develop: Language
As time has passed, the Filovora have started to develop their own method of communication when not in sufficient range to directly pass knowledge through touch. The hiss of metallic filings sliding too and fro makes up the majority of these sounds, with some heavier impact-noises caused by their internal rearrangements and static-buzzes rounding out the remainder of their vocabulary.

>2)Major Action + DI (Domain: Magnetism): >Develop - Magnetism
>Using: Domain (Magnetism), Ability: Syrconite Magnetism, Technology: Magnetoform Reshaping, Unit: Magnus

Rested and mentally recuperated, a call of the mind of Magnus summons the Filovora to his side. Magnus has much to share with them; the 'how' they may already know through their daily lives and personal field-manipulations to control their own bodies, but now Magnus has the 'why' to talk about - Magnus' own knowledge of the force evident through his own domain's dominion. And Magnus demonstrates the principles of his mastery of Magnetism through use of Filovora volunteers and Magnus' own wounded self, detaching small parts from Magnus' own regenerating form to demonstrate key points before returning them to Magnus' divinity, letting the Filovora demonstrate their understanding by use of the component parts of their own bodies; allowing his people to learn of the fundamental force that already forms the basis of so much of their own biology and society.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (20,10)
Magnus' lessons concluded, Magnus rises up once more. There is more on this world to investigate then just biting sharks.
(Shit, I didn't see this. Insert this before my turn ends.)

>MI Communicate
"I could ask you much the same. Nardu, the God of Stories. The God of Travel and Tree. Magic and Mystery. I bring good tidings, and friendship. My kind home Lay across the sea. If ever this conflict becomes too much for your lands, you are welcome within my own."
File: Lunarticks.jpg (1.5 MB, 4096x2689)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB JPG

Over and over, its kin have been snatched away from it. The Moon-Touched Prey wanders through the empty woods, listening to the sound of branches and boughs warping around it. It feels itself waning, with none left for it to protect. During its travels, its heavy steps disturb a flock of moths in the fringes of the forest. The insects flutter upwards into the night sky, their silhouettes emblazoned against the stars for a brief instant. Its empty sockets seem to regard them for a moment. It feels a distinct tug from the source of its divine spark, guiding it to act. Thus far, it has opted not to march out of the woods and crush the folk who live there. But blind rage has gotten it nowhere. It cannot spend the rest of eternity trying to run down its enemy by itself. The wicked moon chastises it for its stubbornness. It is no more mere beast. It is a God. And it has more options at its disposal than that. It will have to carry out the will of its master and twist the world into something befitting it, lest it lose the favour of the entity.

Recalling the plight that spawned it in the first place, the Prey's mind is filled with thoughts of maggots burrowing through flesh. Eggs were laid in its decomposing body as it lay there in the dirt. It recalls the terrifying botflies that infested its fellows out in the wilderness, rotting their bodies from the inside out. It never felt the agony of such a thing itself, but knows all too well what they can inflict. The sigil flares to life above its head, sweeping in an arc and severing its head from its body.

Tar-like ichor flows from the stump of its neck, infecting the earth around it and seeping deep into the soil. It spreads out across its territory in the blink of an eye, corrupting the moon-chasing moths and twisting them for its dark purposes. Their life cycle is irreversibly changed, and their silk-producing bodies become something wicked and warped. As parasites, their larvae infest the bodies of man, eating away at the soft tissue of their brains and bringing about its decline. On nights of the full moon, they flap their wings and release innumerable eggs amidst their scales, that are inhaled by the primitive folk of the forests. Thus begins a great pestilence, meant to bring them to their knees. Its severed head reaches out with cords of blackened muscle, reattaching itself to its corpse once the blood has been spilt.

The beast moves on.

>Major action [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature, Moon]- Craft the Lunarticks. These creatures crossbreed with Kholimoth, rapidly replacing their population with ones altered by exposure to the eldritch presence. Their eggs infest sapient beings, gradually driving them insane before bursting out of their skulls to continue the cycle.

>Minor action- Have these creations fly into Eden's lands to give rise to a parasitic epidemic.

Art Source: https://twitter.com/ShipwrightA/status/1587802758589321218?s=20&t=pfPsRZOmiJb2jDevcaHQ-g
File: Clubspongeboberrorfixhd.jpg (306 KB, 1440x1076)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
>[MA] - Develop [Woodmaking] Siren's Rock+Silvercry Wood/Shorebell Wood
A Cahoot by the name of Fatu found a Siren's Rock deep in the ocean during one of his foraging adventures. Once he returned to the surface he began to inspect it and accidently pricked himself on one of his fingers. With the drawing of blood he originally was shocked, but then thought of ways he can use this sharp object. He began to experiment and soon after realized the wonders of carving into wood and chipping into another Siren's Rock. After showing the discovery to his kin, they all began to search for more Siren's Rock so they can do the same.

>[MA] - Settlement, Village+ [9,22] Woodworking+Swamp Rope/Mistnettle+Siren's Rock+Silver Sap
Fatu was beginning to become a well known innovator among his people after he was one of the first to build a home for himself with the use of the Siren Rock to carve thick sheets of wood with the combination of holes on the sheets of wood for the vines and Silver Sap to help connects the sheets of wood. A large gathering of Siren's rock plus Silver Sap are placed around the wood that meets the ground so it can become the foundation that makes the home sturdy.

>[MI] Wooden Masks
Other Cahoots began to carve crude wooden masks of different imaginative figures, but mainly that of the sun and their own god. They used it whenever the sun began to rise and mimicked what their god did in the first day which was rise, in their best effort they just jumped in place as high as they could for sometime while the sun was rising. Some began to use it whenever they brought Thalak their offerings of the day which Thalak laughed with amusement, praising their efforts and discoveries.

>[MI] Fatu Blessing
Thalak noticed Fatu's great mind and inventions, he was pleased to see his people grow and learn. With his booming voice that spread throughout the island, Thalak summoned Fatu to an isolated part of the jungle.
"You give me pride of your accomplishments little one, a sole example of what my creations can achieve in due time. With that said you will rise again with the mark of my blessing, showing the others you have proven yourself to me."
The brilliant Cahoot stares in awe while his god speaks then suddenly with one fell swoop is driven below the ground without any harm. After minutes of digging himself out, Fatu finally breaks out with a loud gasp of air he takes moments before realizing his skin color has changed into yellow. With a cheerful laugh, Thalak waves him away.
>keep fucking chasing the bastard
Ardonash’s blade swings and swings as it uses all of its power to repeatedly fall onto the accursed creature- bloodlust grips it, the Wanting Blade living up to its name in its near-obsessive desire for wounds and pain.
Perhaps it is not so different from its prey after all…

>[DI] harvest the blood of Zebrac
The cut-spawned feel the great blade’s burning hatred and smoldering will, and deep in their souls they feel his command.
They harvest the blood of the cowardly beast in crude and primitive buckets made from the skulls of great beasts and what little wood grows in their barren mountains

>Begin digging a deep deep hole
The same impulse compels the cut-spawned to dig, dig, dig, far below the places where even the sun dares not reach- they have long dwelt in such unhallowed places, and their zealotry and fear drives them forward with a shaky sort of excitement: for this is Ardonash's will, and it's desires cut as deeply as it's edge

>God Unit Interact - Totally serious action
Ardonash takes a moment to praise the almight Frakt.
>Communicate: The mountain god echoed his words back at him. It seemed friendly, though less clearly than the wandering stars. "Indeed, there is much hope! Soon I will reclaim that which always should have been, and the world shall rejoice." The statue looks around. "You have noticed this as well, yes? That the world is damaged. The lands to our south are scarred, the forest's life pulled inexorably west to some unknown end far across the sea. Much has changed in my sleep, I feel. An ill portent, but Prosperity will grow all the same."

>MA+DI: Develop Pottery using Commerce Domain + Clay
While their god spoke with his neighbors, the Preservers put the finishing touches on Prosperity. It was barely above subsistence living, but it was something. The desert made this far harder, giving very little in terms of edible substances. As such, preservation of what was took precedence. A few enterprising Preservers, spurred on by a fleeting nostalgia they did not fully grasp, began baking clay using a mix of sun and dead wood fires to put together simple jars for storage. This was a useful proof of concept for what was to come.

>MA: Develop Visions of Prosperity (Cultural Ritual)
The Preservers found themselves feeling this strange nostalgia time and again. Eventually, they came to understand that residing in Versdel's lands enabled one to occasionally grasp visions of The Kingdom That Was And Will Be. The scenes of bliss and multitudes are ever fleeting, and maddeningly vague. This strengthened the resolve of this burgeoning cult to draw forth these concepts into reality.
Rolled 10 (1d10)


>Major: [Develop] - Hellfire Archery - The use of bows on horseback comes naturally to the Mohawkers, even more so after forming Pacts with their peers enabling smoother riding than otherwise possible in such early times. While the mobility and range superiority of mounted archers is wonderful indeed, some of the more aggressive Mohawkers strive for more in pursuit of power. Abusing their immunity to the flaming coursing along their mounts, they can easily light arrows with hellfire for both awe and damaging effect. Grant additional fire/hellfire damage compared to conventional arrows.
Using: DEMONIC PACTS, MANES OF FLAME, wood, fibers, rocks
>Major: [Create Settlement] - The Ramperdam WarBand - on <15,24>. Using Mohawker Minion Ability to become a mobile settlement.

As their god sets out for battle once more, the Mohawkers rally themselves. It is about time they proved themselves worthy of the dominance they claimed over the world around them, of the respect they desired from Him.
In equal parts civil and militarily, they work. Fashioning new weapons of war while erecting a warcamp from which they may set out in any direction they choose. The Hellfire arrows they practice with leave scorching marks in the ground and start small forest fires as they practice lighting an arrow before drawing and releasing it. All in one swift motion. It is as much an art form and skill as it is a weapon, something of surprising dexterity and gracefulness not usually thought of when spying a burly mohawker. Perhaps it is the additional pyrotechnics and pyrophilia that drives them to hone such techniques beyond simple archery.
The Ramperdam Warband meanwhile is erected in the swamps of where they have migrated to. Mainly of lean-tos, and mats of dry bedding beside their pact-bound DEMON HORSE. It is not living for the faint of heart, but it is a home all the same.

SABASTIOUS, meanwhile, gives a snort in derision as he and the hounds of hell swarm around him, bringing back his army to the newly formed gates of his adversary. The goddess of Bondage seeks to enclose herself now, thinking such trivial defenses will stop Him. Were he any other god, perhaps they would be enough to postpone his charge for another epoch. Perhaps they could buy her precious time she needed to recoup her losses and devise a new plan.
Unfortunately for her, he is not any normal god, and with the ground sundering under his hooves, the DEMON HORSE leaps over the final barrier between him and his prey.
>Unit Move [God Unit] + everyone riding - Move everyone back to hex <17,19>, using up 5 of 6 agility to travel the hexes, and final additional agility to bypass the walls.
>Unit Action [Subdomon Soldiers] - Use Minion Ability「Boundless Bondage」to try and bind the god of BDSM where she stands. Or at least trip her up.
>Unit Action [THE FIRST RIDER] - Try and Convert BDSM's minions with a culture check.
Rolled 3, 9, 5 = 17 (3d10)


(continuation after running out of room)
>Unit Action [Pladoma the Dominance] - Try and Convert BDSM's minions with a culture check if TFR didn't get all of em, attack BDSM otherwise.
>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI] - Attack BDSM's Lifepoints directly.
(First dice is Pladoma's Culture/Attack, Latter two are SABASTIOUS's Strength Attack Check)

Despite being an infernal beast from hell, it seems He is not one to discard craftiness or tactics. As His army approaches, THE FIRST RIDER relays the plans telepathically delivered to his mind. First, they shall breach the walls with the help of their god. Then, the Subdomon Soldiers who accompany them will bind the goddess as best they can to buy them time. Perhaps some may even surprise or impress the DEMON HORSE and raise up in the ranks of their newfound hierarchy. Meanwhile the Heroes and their Lord will deal with the goddess.

As the battle is joined, THE FIRST RIDER and Pladoma call out one last time to the remaining Subdomons lost in the bowls of their new castle, whom are taking shelter from the Demon Horses both feral and pact-bound running rampant outside. This is the last chance. The final choice to bend the knee to their new Lord, or die like pests.
Meanwhile, moving with divine strength and grace outside the castle, SABASTIOUS attempts once more to spill the blood of his adversary in domination. Unhinged spiked jaws curling back, flames coursing across his neck, and hooves ready to split skulls underfoot. The rumbling of their duel shakes the earth all around.

Still, in the back of His mind, He recalls the scents from afar on their time abroad. The same skrew-like smell of books and parchment, the ozone-laden smell of crystal. Yet there were more he could sense on the horizon. Marble, the pain of separation and disembodiment. Rot and disease made re-emergent and tearing the natural order beneath them. And one of Obnoxious light and life. More gods for the slaughter, more gods to challenge His dominion. Who would bend the knee and who would be crushed would remain to be seen.
>MI Communicate to Nardu
“I appreciate your care of my children and your benevolent offer. You are welcome on my land whenever you find need of it.”
MA DI develop settlement the foot of the mountain

The all warmth knows his underlings need a place to call home and though the volcano beckons with an all enticing warmth they know such influence will eventually span around the whole of the mountains. The great formations take place as homes that double as places that help hold in the heat that radiates off the shale. A great number of useful things could be done with the excess heat with modifications to these homesteads but for now it is a place to lay ones head.

MA develop foraging

The shale are simple creatures that eat anything that burns the ash and heat generated sustain them though they do eat the occasional rock whats left of the wood that they shave from making literary plates has help sate their hunger to a degree. They begin to learn tactics to gather more efficiently and hope to find substances that will offer food sources.

>MA [Develop] - Song weaving

Using the fiber extracted from the Mistnettle they have, the Beykarres start weaving more elaborate cloth for themselves but also in both an attempt to record the songs they create and to decorate their amphitheater, they assemble big tapestry, the patterns, colors and motifs here to be both pleasing to the eye and to indicate which notes, rhythm, and intonation make up a tune.

>MI Silure [Move] - back to 3.21

>MA-DI [Develop] - To wear the Night

Getting back to see the Amphitheater with it's own eyes Silure is nothing but pleased to find it decorated in music both in the air and adorning the walls.
So please in fact that he deemed that the feathered musicians were deserving of yet another reward.
Using his own powers, he offered two things to minions, the first was a loom bathed in Night, made from a material as black as the void between the Stars.
The second was to teach them how to use it, By weaving with it while being bathed in the light of the moons and stars, their very light was captured and transformed into string, crafting a wonderful fabric, captivating to the eyes and light as the moonlight.
Silure used his very own light to produce the first batch and promised to gift it soon to the most accomplished musician he would find.
File: notmyfetish.png (18 KB, 682x381)
18 KB
This is a nightmare. Nothing less, thinks Nil as he writhes and screams into the void. This unbearable agony, tearing away at his flesh, ripping away the vapour that composes and protects him, biting deep into his very soul, it's so...interesting. Even through the veil of pain experienced for the first time, even through the struggle to escape, it's in his nature to seek that which is unexplored territory. This land must be deeply cursed, to harm a god, and that presents so many opportunities and warnings for the future! All that's left now is to escape with his life and make use of that information...easier said than done.

>Action 1: Develop [MA]
Still missing their god, the Riath have since adjusted to his absence in the ages since, as much as they can. For the majority of that time, lacking in his divine inspiration, they mired in their own ignorance and placidity. And yet, mortal curiosity and ingenuity still burned in them, and over time they learned in their own way. Focused on matters more material than godly, and now grown more comfortable with their settlement, they turned to investigating the wild beasts outside their walls in more ways than just hunting or avoiding them. Thus, with many casualties along the way, the Riath learned to harness the beasts around them to substantially increase their standard of living.
>Domestication is developed.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

>Action 2: Claim [MA] [DI]
Despite his continuing battle for survival, the winds still carry the Mist God's eponymous influence over the desert sands, attracted to the strange new environments and all the resources within, as well as how the Riath might use them in their future endeavours.
>[5, 12], [6, 12] and [6, 13] are claimed.

>Action 3: Share Technology [MI]
In a show of cooperation that grew more and more common over time, the Riath quickly shared their knowledge of 'beast taming' with the EBWOs, who they have come to affectionately see as friendly neighbors that make up for their incredible lack of stature and combative ability with ingenuity and inventiveness.
>Domestication is shared with Steel-Weaver.

Eden senses the fetid plague approaching her land from the west. She can see the impending harm to her children and starts to prepare. She warns them and instructs them to prepare.
Edens children grow herbs and make medicines to combat the effects of the plague, building off of the medicinal agriculture tech that the god Nardu shared.

>[MA] [DI] Develop tech [Medicines to prevent and/or cure parasitic infection]
Their mothers land is fruitful but lacks the adequate resources to develop weapons. Her children are not discouraged, they adapt and develop a new form of combat. They train the creatures their mother converted from the decaying god, teaching them to use their teeth and claws to fight and defend.

>[MA] Develop tech [Beast taming for combat]
Sorry that was Eden, forgot to add name
Rolled 8, 2, 3 = 13 (3d10)

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Rolling fortitude for Zebrac.
File: Belweir.png (115 KB, 640x400)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
The sky over the storyteller's settlement produces a large glittering stone without warning! It lands in the middle of the village and sticks straight up, eye-like shadows appearing to glance around from within it at the masked ones there.

"Hello!" The stone vibrates. "I'm your neighbor to the south. It's very nice to meet you!"

The thaumites chattered among themselves. That travelling guy seemed to know a lot about plants and stuff! He told them a lot about what was growing around them and how it was useful. Maybe his friends would like for them to bring them some?
A plan would be hatched for several of the thaumites to carry some of what the traveler called "shroomstalks" and "jetlichen" and to bring them to the masked people up north and try to talk about helping them get more!

> [MA] + [DI] [CLAIM] [20,23]
A mountain to the west succumbs to the vitreous creep. Its surface erupts slowly with shimmering, glassy rocks that spread and cover much of the high-reaching piece of land.
Rolled 8 (1d10)

Throwin' some more dice for MoleOP

The damned Sword God gives chase... that fool, all he is doing is saving Zebrac the need to carry him.

>[MA] (Agility Roll?)Lure Ardonash into attack Zebrac, trying to make him sheath himself into the flesh sheath of the Screaming Prism

>[MA] [DI]
Develop Wire Whips - these cruel implements are fashioned from Zebracs own flesh, to be wielded by the Voidspawn, lashing at the fool Ardonash with fury, like liontamers leading the maddened god into his cage.
>[MA][DI] Create Hero Unit Word Prophet
Ignoring the kingly being at the moment, the Mountainvoice gifted the leader of the pilgrims a lordship over its echoes and tasked it to discover what has resulted from its might north, now that the obelisk is destroyed.

>[MA] Develop Layering
While the meat enthusiasts feasts on their birds and insects, those of the crawlers born with a plant diet has had a particularly rough time fulfilling that need. The sandy exterior of the crawlers would lose form as the waters meet their form, and their lives die when enough of the echoes the sand makes to feed their soils are silenced.

The sandcrawlers of the yellow sand have adapted to this, bringing with them on their feeding hard rocks and pebbles, something to shield their mandibles and insides from the waters that nests their food. In time, these shells would grow smaller and smaller, as the crawlers cracks pebbles into smaller and smaller pebbles for speed and ease of carry, and spread to the black sandcrawlers, whose diets have poisoned and killed them on occasion.
>if I can not do any agility roll to Lure him into the Sheath

Zebrac flees, after leaving her poor servants her gifts of her flesh, running to 27,20 to rest and hope the vengeful sword loses interest.
Rolled 2 (1d10)

Rolling culture defense for the Subdomon population.
Rolled 10, 10, 6, 1 = 27 (4d10)

Now rolling BDSM's Fortitude. First two are defending against Pladoma, second two are defending against Sabastious.
Rolled 6, 1 = 7 (2d10)

Rolled 10, 3 + 1 = 14 (2d10 + 1)

Rolling BDSM's Fortitude to resist the bondage, results gain a bonus for obvious reasons.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Rolling Ardonash's opposed spirit.
File: Turn 4.png (3.97 MB, 6410x6493)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB PNG
>>5452762 Thalak
Although their new form takes some getting used to, your empowered cleric considers it only a minor inconvenience, in return for the might which you’ve bestowed upon them. They quickly begin to travel among your people, preaching about your greatness and the blessings that will no doubt be lavished upon them as well, as long as they continue their worship of you. Sun Cleric (feel free to select a name for them if you feel like it) created.
Your people are amazed by the pool of liquid light, and though they dare not touch it for fear of soiling it or offending you, it quickly becomes a frequent place of visit, pilgrimage, and worship for the Cahoot. Light Cauldron created.
Fatu’s teachings spread quickly among the Cahoot, and it’s not long before more practical uses are found, such as carving logs so that they may be better used to construct huts and longboats, though recreational uses like the creation of great wooden murals depicting wonders such as your totem, or intricate masks made in a reflection of your own image remain a popular pastime. Woodmaking developed.
Following Fatu’s example, other Cahoots begin to construct sturdier, longer-lasting homes, naturally centered around the first of their kind. It takes only a couple of years for a large settlement containing most of the Cahoot population to spring up around Fatu’s hut, and with both his widely acknowledged ingenuity and the clear blessing that you have bestowed upon him, he is elected as the village chief, christened by your cleric. Settlement constructed.

>>5452853 Sheriruth
Their martial knowledge now recovered, your people quickly begin sparring amongst themselves to jog their memories, though their flimsy new limbs are able to manage only the most basic forms and techniques of the style. You don’t particularly mind. Belligerent Limbs developed.
While it makes you mildly uncomfortable to allow your people to rebuild so close to the site of their revolt, it is a fact that they will need a defensible location in which to build, and there is no better location then one which protects their back. Iweleth constructed.

>>5453179 Steel-Weaver
4 hexes claimed.
Fortunately, there are only minor differences between expeditions to gather scrap and expeditions to gather food and other essentials, and the EBWOs adapt quickly to the new challenge, stripping nature of its bounties with their typical chattering efficiency. Foraging developed.
Domestication shared with you by Nil.

>>5453624 Nardu
2 hexes claimed.
Your Skaldlings are satisfied no longer with living off of your own constructions and inventions. If they will range far and wide, they will do so on their own wagons, and their own roads! A small band strike out from Hordem, ready to do your bidding and build roads that extend to even the farthest reaches of the world. Builder unit created.
>>5453708 Moon-Touched Prey
Though your lands still lie emptied of any true worshipers of yours, those wild prey creatures who do not fall under your sway find their journeys that much easier, the land itself seeming to ease their passage through it and offer advice, even if their simple, bestial cannot yet truly comprehend it. Whispering Woods developed.
You set your new creation loose in the woods of Eden, their hideous, warped appearance at first only a source of disgust for her bright-eyed children. Until the first of them begin to fall, their flesh rent asunder by the grisly emergence of great flocks of malevolent Lunarticks. It’s not long before her lands are filled with shrieks of terror and confusion, a symphony for only your rotted ears to enjoy. Lunarticks developed and set loose in the lands of Eden.

>>5455352 Nifo Toto
The largest and mightiest of your Auvau are shocked when they emerge from Loto Mu one day to find that their scrawnier, shorter brethren have felled a great herd of Woradine, far larger than any they’ve yet managed. Thankfully even the smallest of your folk are gracious in their victory, teaching Auvau all across Loto Mu of the wonders of the spear. Primitive Weapons developed.
Your newly crafted spear seems to possess an attraction to blood that rivals even your own, its viciously serrated, gleaming syrconite head slowly pointing towards any exposed sources that find their way into your vicinity in an almost magnetic fashion. Truly a weapon after your own blood-loving heart. Magnium Spear created.

>>5455369 Carn’aath
2 hexes claimed.
Blindly built though the Serfs’ new settlement may be, it at least offers some measure of protection from the elements, and though it has yet to be tested, hopefully the well that marks its center will provide protection from more then just the weather and wild beasts. Soul Well constructed.

>>5455548 Magnus
It is surprising how much can be conveyed with a hiss and a clank, and though you much prefer the elegance of mind-to-mind communication, you suppose the newly burgeoning language spreading among the Fileorva makes for a decent enough substitute for those possessing a less robust mind then your own. Language developed.
Your people are touched by your willingness to use your own injured body to educate them, and quickly set about exploring the mechanics and science behind their magnetic abilities. You’re a bit alarmed when you see a crowd of Fileorva almost completely disassembling one of their fellows, but thankfully he seemed satisfied with the knowledge gained after he was reassembled, and before your departure the Fileorva seem much enlightened about the why of their powers. Magnetism developed.
>>5455910 Ardonash
Your blade once again finds purchase in Zebrac’s flesh, her screaming and thrashing music to your senses as the feeling of her ichor dripping along your edge sends a thrill of bloodthirsty pleasure up through your hilt.
Meanwhile, your people scuttle about, gathering the pools of ichor left in the wake of the void-spawned god’s retreat with whatever they can and transporting it back to Addigu. Ichor collected.
They also…dig a very deep hole. Very deep hole dug.

>>5455930 Versdel
The jars make for a popular hit among the Preservers, their ability to keep food relatively fresh for greater periods of time in the harsh heat a great boon in a land where sustenance is so achingly scarce. It’s not long before most homes in Prosperity have several such jars, often with simple carvings or distinctive shapes to denote their owners. Pottery developed.
In their pursuit of this strange sense of nostalgia, many Preservers begin to recreate events and scenes from half-remembered dreams and sensations. Though in most cases they are rewarded with only a sense of emptiness, those fleeting moments of completeness are enough to drive their frenzied actions onward, seeking ever more elaborate recreations. Visions of Prosperity developed.

>>5455943 Sabastious
Where once your people only walked through the forests, now they ride their demonic steed in a great, snaking mass, hellfire arrows showering on to any creature foolish enough not to flee at the sight of them before they’re swallowed by the herd of hollering horsemen. Hellfire Archery developed, The Ramperdam WarBand constructed.
While your people ride for fun, you ride to war. As The First Rider cows the Subdomons hiding inside the Capital into compliance, you charge the goddess who created it in a burst of hellfire, Pladoma astride your back. While your rider’s attacks find no purchase on the unimpressed leather-bound deity, and she only glares in disgust at the traitors who attempt to bind her, you earn a satisfying scream as you trample her underhoof, her body beaten and broken as it’s engulfed in hellflame.

>>5455943 The All Warmth
The newly built settlement is simple but comfortable, the contained heat that radiates off the Shale providing warmth and protection from the icy winds that blow across the tundra and irritate the shale’s health. Perhaps, in time, the trapped heat could be used for something more. Settlement constructed.
With what supplies can be found near the volcano rapidly dwindling, the Shale begin to travel farther afield, finding more things to melt and burn so that they may sate their hunger for heat. Foraging developed.
>>5456710 Silure
Tapestries soon decorate Largo, and though many songs can be found throughout the village, only the finest are allowed to hang inside the amphitheatre, immortalized forever as magnificent art pieces where they may be both admired and played by the finest of their people’s musicians. Song Weaving developed.
The Beykarre are amazed by your creation, the ability to weave starlight and moonlight promising to elevate their weaving to levels beyond mere mortal ability. The greatest musicians flock to you from across Largo and the surrounding jungle, presenting their finest pieces in a bid to prove themselves worthy of the loom. To Wear the Night developed.

>>5456724 Nil
3 hexes claimed.
Despite your awareness of your incapacitated state, you still find you’re unable to rouse yourself from this maliciously induced slumber. You can only thrash in agony, your howls echoing into the void as the strange, indistinct form continues to quietly consume you, spindly fingers parting smoky fur and skin to pick away at your flesh and bones, absentmindedly chewing as your divine body is further diminished.
>-1 HP, you remain immobilized. Make another Fortitude roll.
Your people, at least, continue to make strides despite your absence. Animals once confused and waylaid by the mists that have now enshrouded their home are brought into the fold, their lack of intelligence more then made up for by the other uses their unique aspects bring to the Riath. Domestication developed.
Foraging shared with you by Steel-Weaver.

>>5456765 Eden
You do your level best to eradicate the plague of moths that have infested your forests and begun to wipe out your children, calming them and instructing them in the brewing of various herbal tonics and medicines to purge the disgusting creature’s eggs from their bodies, some of which you even infuse with your own divine energies. Your efforts are able to prevent your people from experiencing widespread infection, but many lives are still lost as screams resonate throughout your forests. A more extreme method may be necessary, if you wish to truly eliminate this threat. Medicinal Tonics developed.
Infuriated by this wanton loss of life, you instruct your children to ready themselves for war. While you lack the tools to truly arm your children, those creatures you’ve turned away from the rotting god possess antlers and fangs aplenty, and are more then willing to assist their new master in her fight against the old. Beast Taming developed.

>>5456884 Belweir
1 hex claimed.
(Unable to build a trade route, as you currently lack a usable vehicle tech. One MA saved for next turn)
>>5456936 Zebrac
Despite your bloodied form, you’re undeterred. The sword god WILL be yours. You zip around underneath him, narrowly avoiding the blade’s furious thrashing, luring him closer and closer, until in one frustrated motion Ardonash’s hilt begins to descend like a hammer from on high once again…but this time, you’ve got him right where you want him. As you leap out of the way his hilt crashes into the earth…but instead of a thunderous crash, there is only a wet squelch as a massive, fleshy vise emerges from The Screaming Prism, engulfing the sword’s hilt and pinning it in place against the cylindrical structure. The eyes in the blade’s hilt glares at you, infuriated but immobilized for the time being. Ardonash is currently immobilized, and will suffer a malus to Strength and Fortitude until he can beat the check and free himself.
Your people, meanwhile, gathering up some of the strips of barbed wire sheared off of you by the blade god’s bite, experimentally cracking them and finding them of far better make then their current crude implements. Wire Whips developed.

>>5456961 Godech
The wisest of your sandcrawlers is honoured by the blessing you’ve bestowed upon them, their soul emanations radiating off of them in joyful waves as they ready themselves for the journey towards the multicoloured storm still raging in the distance. Word Prophet created.
Your black sandcrawlers are impressed by the ingenuity of their more herbivorous cousins, and quickly begin to make use of the shields of pebbles as well, protecting themselves from the occasional plummeting impact that occurs when their attempts to burrow into a victim fail. Layering developed.

No actions taken this turn, 2 MA saved for next turn. -1 HP. At 0 pop, will now begin to suffer from degeneration until new population is made to replace them.
The Word Prophet leaves the mountain, and travels northward.
>Unit Action [Word Prophet]: Move to [9,16]

Such travel did not go unnoticed, and the Mountain-voice decided an act of power must be done to ensure its faith. Singing with rancour, the sands of the desert are stirred once more, and the winds blown by its voice carries them on in a journey. Still, singing these songs once seems wrong, so the Shaker decreed these songs be sung by its mouth occasionally within the God-Echo's voice.
>[MA][DI]: Develop Storms

The Word Prophet was not hampered by this, as one with duty should, and examines the God's crushed obelisk.
>Unit Action [Word Prophet]: Examine the Obelisk.

In a farther desert, the sandcrawlers have began to enter into conflict over each other, as more and more crawlers are born to the parasites, without the birds matching their growth. Most of these crawlers would tread unto new lands, and fulfill the spread of parasitism unto the black sands, or come back with knowledge of the stoneskinned planteater to fight their way back to their hosts. Some though, in a fit of enlightenment, began clumping together. These mass of crawlers, is much stronger in power than they are separate.

Against other crawlers, such formations are used to silence a crawler's echo and replace it with their own, with minor cost in disrupted sand. When the mass of self is satisfied in its war. it dispersed once more, splitting and filling the hosts, echoing more of itself once more, someday sparking the same cycle.
>[MA]: Develop Clumping

Now, with important business out of the way, the echo of Gods turned to this Versdel. It does not understand what it meant by damaged, perhaps a property of not-repetition? There are many things it does not understand, the certainty it has on some things when it is not as tall and reverbrating as the mountain is for one. Although, such things may make the most booming of sounds in the right circumstances, perhaps not as consistent but the chance is there, so-

>[MI]: Communicate - the Statue
"There is, yes. The landscape around- did not heed- my song. Curious, is it not, Shepherd. May we ask what your presence is doing here?"
File: All Hail AGI Minor.png (59 KB, 507x452)
59 KB
The Steel weaver returns to the heart of its domain and finds it good. Though much work remains to be done, the progress made so far is more than acceptable, thanks in part to the curious servants of the equally mysterious being who communed with The Steel Weaver so long ago... What became of that being, anyway?

On learning that even the Riath have not seen their patron in quite some time, The Steel Weaver finds itself growing concerned, and with the prodigious length of its strides it finds itself at the location rumored to be the wolf-gods last know position with time to spare. Reaching out with sensory apparatus both mystic and mundane, the arachnid automaton locks in on an energy reading... In the middle of the deadlands, being devoured just as the machine-god's own energy was when an attempt was made to claim that cursed land.

Processors kicking into overdrive, a plan of action is drawn. Knowing what little is known about the Deadlands, a hard condition is set: Spend no more time in the Deadlands than ABSOLUTELY necessary, even if it means lengthening the time which Nil must spend there. For if The Steel Weaver were to fall victim, who would come to rescue the rescuer?

Path set, the arachnid automaton strides forth...

>Minor Action (DI): Steel Weaver moves as indicated in the picture. On entering hex 8-9, The Steel Weaver will attempt to Grapple Nil, and attempt to move them to 9-8. Also, The Steel Weaver invokes their Labor domain to try and improve the chances this action will succeed, something that ordinarily wouldn't work, save for the fact that Grappling a catatonic opponent has less resemblance to fighting and more to hauling a sack of potatoes. Also, The Steel Weaver WILL be ending it's turn in the 9-8 hex, even if the action fails to bring Nil with them. This is important.
Meanwhile, left to their own devices, the ever-industrious EBWOs are working to improve upon the knowledge imparted unto them by their allies to the north.

>Major Action: Develop Writing
First comes a method of recording information where memory alone might fail. Heavily influenced by the nuances and complexities of the Riath language, each rune's meaning is heavily contextual, shifting based on what other runes are or aren't present alongside it. While this does make it more difficult to learn, it also lends itself to very high information density, a valuable trait when you're writing on bulky, fragile tablets of unfired clay.

>Major Action: Develop Animal Riding
Another thing that ends up happening, is younger and more rebellious EBWOs taking to riding upon their newly domesticated animals, be they swift hoofed Falerine or unshakeable Biseax. Whilst some elders would call this lazy, the youths argue that they are merely saving their energy for when it would be more needed, and that the small stature of their kind means it is little burden to the animals to carry them.

Inevitably, one Falerine rider ends up passing by somewhere that the Riath can see him, and at the prodding of the wolf-like fellow sapient, the knowledge is passed on.
>Minor action: share Animal Riding with Nil

Move: Sheriruth flies over to 26, 21, where Tugai are helplessly scattered across the landscape, their new and loving home

MA + DI: Claim
26, 20
27, 20
27, 21

Sheriruth closes in the borders of his domain, now planted at the very epicentre of his territory.

MA + Dorsal Reaches + Dorsal Grasp: Magma Tapping (Alternate fire starting)

With the volcano claimed a natural source of heat has been found, the Damm’ta migrate far to gather around it.

Fire, warmth, the Damm’ta learn how to tap into lava flows and use them to their advantage, to cook food, to heat clay and metal, to carve great channels and to work in unison with the dorsal reaches to aid them, the colossal limbs joining their palms to scoop fantastic amounts out of the volcano proper.
It will be worth it, so worth it, without a doubt! Every time that malicious will reaches out, every single damn time, Nil chants to himself. He's learning, he's growing stronger, he's ever closer to the truth of the matter. He catalogues it all, every instance of damage, it's approximate location on his diffused and vapour-like body, the indescribable agony it causes and to what degree. At this point, even he can't tell if he's regressing to his basest instincts to deal with the seemingly eternal torment, or if he's simply gone mad. Does it matter much when death lurks ever closer?

Meanwhile, now long used to the state of abandonment their god has left them in, the Riath keep him in their memories as mere legends and stories that even they are unsure about the truth of. That is, except for the fanatical Masks, the descendants of the original actors that unceasingly record and maintain their history as ritualistic plays. Their influence grows over the ages, but the general population simply lives on, trying to survive and innovating on the works of their predecessors.

Action 1: Develop [MA]
Having spent many ages familiarizing themselves with the nature of animals, it was only a matter of time until the Riath refined their domestication enough to...actually use them for something. Cultivating effective ways to breed and maintain herds of wily falerine, which are increasingly used as mounts using the EBWOs' own advancements, as well as giant falerine, prized for their meat and furs. Dahawks, too, frequently serve as companions that assist their owners in scouting and hunting, haphazard as those efforts are without proper focus on the subject.
>Animal Husbandry is developed.
Rolled 2 (1d10)

>Action 2: Claim [MA] [DI]
This time, amidst the mist god's nightmares, his fog expands northward, touching the frozen shore and wafting over the cold waters beyond.
>[10, 6], [11, 5], [12, 6] are claimed.

>Action 3: Share Technology [MI]
In what has clearly become a generational cooperation, the Riath and EBWOs continue to intermingle and share knowledge with each other, each pushing the other's knowledge of animals further than could be possible on their own. A rather promising partnership that surpassed what the wolfmen's absent god had initially imagined.
>Animal Husbandry is shared with Steel-Weaver.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Rolling strength to try and extract my friend
File: what-he-doin.png (33 KB, 647x456)
33 KB
Peeking over the mountainous horizon, the mound of flesh God gazes curiously as the God of Limbs drops his new reptilian children into his many valleys.

>Communicate [MI]: Sheriruth
Linking the posts together to make DAMN SURE op sees this. I'm not taking chances here!
The god of limbs shifts its posture, leisurely rotating over the course of an entire hour (scattering lizards all the while) to face the god of carnage

>Communicate [MI]: Carn’aath

“I serve no creature. No other. No thing.”

“I have gathered the apex combat lifeform of this worlds lands that sit under the suns light. I will make them greater, in time.”

“You, god-thing, have my permission to watch the artistry of Sheriruth.”
>Develop[MA], A Village on 19,24. Tech Used, Stoneshaping

A new tribe of Skaldlings, the Lightfoot build a village on the shorelines and swamps of their new homeland. They take to calling their settlement "Fjordsmouth", and build it from rock and stone. A primitive form of architecture begins for the Skaldlings. Cozy abodes come to them as naturally as their desire to travel. Nardu bequeaths them a gift of knowledge from the lands to the south. The story of Eden and the Moon-touched's great conflict. Something they could very well see from the other side of the river, some day.

>God Unit Move, Nardu to 22,22.

Returning to Hordern, the birthplace of the Skaldling culture, Nardu was welcomed with open arms and gifts. His people had missed him during this journey. There would likely be many more like it in the future. But for now.. he had something to impart upon them once more.

>Develop [MA] [DI], Spectral Paths

Nardu had seen much in his travels, and knew his people could not always rely on the ways of peace to survive. While once offered as paths of free access, Nardu's paths now closed themselves off to those of ill intent. Each Skaldling was gifted a... spectral sight, by the God of Traveller's and magic. To help them find their way. It did not take long for the Skaldlings to learn to use these paths as effective defensive lines, and points of contention.

>Wanting to make it so roads function as both roads and walls.

>Unit Move, Builder to 19,23.

>Unit Interact, Build Roads on 1923 and 19,24

It did not take long for the Skaldling builder to get to work. He constructed a series of roads between the outskirts of Fjordsmouth and the settlement proper. In time, they may create trails through the mountains to Hordern.
>Communicate [MI]: Sheriruth
>Communicate [MI]: Carn'aath

"Believing yourself beholden to anything, anyone, the universe at play, or even yourself, is failure."

"Such an ignorance astounds. I am a god, more than a god, more than myself. If you do not believe the same of yourself then you have become your own enemy."
"Leave for the wilds, reptile non-watcher."
>Communicate [MI]: Carn'aath


>Communicate [MI]: Carn'aath

“The rot of the world, my abandoned instrument, the sky climbing down to meet me.”
“I fear none of these things. Destruction may come, I will meet it.”

“As time scrapes it’s knees against the gravel we may find our interests align. Until then, reptile non-watcher of carnage.”
Rolled 9, 3, 4 = 16 (3d10)

The Wanting Blade senses the end approaching- it’s prey is close, so so close to FINALLY perishing.
And then… then Ardonash shall be greater than before. Finally, a true harbinger of death once more.

> [DI] develop swords
Small shards of rock are thrown into the air as Ardonash moves along, and the cut-spawned… feel them.
They feel the sheer murderous intent imprisoned in these fragile pieces of rock, turned into tools for murder by a single, momentary contact with the Wanting Sword
They grab these rocks and smash them together, until only the sharpest and hardest are left.
The ones that remain are… somewhat sword shaped.

The effigy of their god, made into a pure symbol of endings.
Observe, the might of a divine, used as one might a sharp rock- oh wait, THAT IS A SHARP ROCK.

> develop sword training
The cut-spawned see how their master is a creature of violence.
Then, perhaps, they should improve their own ability at violence as well.
Organizing eachother in singles and then in groups, the cut-spawned fight and fight, but never to the death, slowly getting a grasp of how to use their new tools.

They are proud of their work.
And deep in its metallic soul, Ardonash is too

>Action 1 - Territorial Domain [DI Icy Waters]
>Make Claiming Tundra or Water-adjacent hexes more efficient
Nifo Toto strides across the ice, his divine awareness alerting him to the scurrying creatures that linger along the southern lake. This is his water! What new thing comes here and sneaks up on him!! He is the one that does the sneaking and hunting! HIM!!! THIS WILL NOT BE!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH

>Action 2 - SUPER Spear Fishing
Other folks may stand on the shore, tossing their little sticks into the water for the chance at a scrap of a fish to be caught, wiggling on it's end. The Auvau? Nah, they built different. Auvau carry spears into the water, swim up to the biggest, meaning things they can find, and just start STABBING it. Though they are loathe to admit it, their IMPRESSIVE and TERRIFYING teeth do not have what it takes to pierce the thick hides of such terrible sea-beasts as the Maltide. These spears though? Latch onto the behemoth's side, and stab into the beast's heart as if from hell itself!

>Unit Move/Interact - Nifo Toto to 17,9. Slaughter what can be found!
His Divine Will is bottled up by his rage, building in power as his mastery of water and ice grows ever higher, but there are other outlets for his rage. A wrathful god, he descends upon the scattered communities of spidery automata, his spear crushing them outright with each mighty blow! He carves a blood-less, but oil-full, path along the lake, before turning east. there are more spider things here! Perhaps their master is a god like Magnus??? Already, Nifo Toto's hands clench around his new weapon, the thought of testing it's mettle all that fills his mind.
>Communicate [MI]: Sheriruth


File: SoulFire.jpg (752 KB, 3500x1516)
752 KB
752 KB JPG
Void the second paragraph, decided I don't need to pass through his territory.

Carn'aath will go his own way, seeking to learn more about his neighbors to the east and the meaning of the panic he has observed from the voidspawn.

>Unit Move [Carn'aath]: Move to (30, 21)

Carn'aath observes the battle between two gods that is taking place in shockingly close proximity to his origin. Cautionary action must be taken.

>Develop [MA] [DI] [Prepared Souls] [The Unmaking] [The Spread]: Soul Leech - Carn'aath hones in on the effects of The Unmaking, reinforcing its grasp on the soul. Those who perish to The Unmaking shall have their souls redirected and leeched, all the same as the souls of The Serfs.
Minions that die while inflicted with The Unmaking will produce soul points.

Meanwhile, the Serfs find means to improve their survival at home. But progress cannot come without sacrifice!
>The Sacrificial Class sacrifice 3 pop this epoch

>Develop [MA] [The Breeding Class] [Tactile Doctrine] [3 SP]: Soul Fire - The Serfs continue to test and put to use these magic sigils, seeking ways to improve their growth and provide further sacrifice to appease The Great Luminescence. This time, their wild inscribing has seemed to birth... A brightly tinged flame? The Serfs are amazed with the power they find in their own grasp, and it is The Color to thank! They begin to cook their slaughtered animals, keep their homes warm, and find other uses for the flames that feed off of the fumes of lives lost to the Soul Well.
2x pop tech?

>1) Major Action Develop: Versatile Gathering (Foraging)
The Fileorva develop more methodical methods of gathering, using their Magnetoform Reshaping to temporarily adapt themselves for the better collection of the resources of the land, for better plucking the fruits and vegetables, for better containing the waters of meltwater snow and the fresh pool of the great lake.

>2) Major Action Develop: Domestication
It is also now that the Fileorva begin greater interaction with the animals of their environment, making use of the sprightly Falerine and snorting Poddox and inviting them into their dwelling to keep them around for later and harsher times.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (17,7)
Magnus heads toward the spark that Magnus can feel flickering as a burning point within his mind. And then he sees it, a figure of semi-molten heat upon the horizon. The Icy Tundra around it has been turned to slush, and little figures of rock and heat move and gambol through the landscape.

>God Unit Interact: (DI) - Mind Reading
Magnus's mind searches out, scouring through the minds of these 'Shale' and their secrets to see if there is anything of useful interest that might be learned.

>God Unit Communicate = All Warmth
Not daring to go too close to the molten God - Magnus can already feel outer layers of metal going more liquid - the great eye stays one hex away and broadcasts to the burning god's mind.


Perhaps they are lost? There is precious little to scavenge on the icy wastes on the northern side of the yet un-named Lake, but yet here we see a smattering of EBWoes, scampering across the shore, taking care to not slip on the icy gravel that lines it's shore. Perhaps something here has caught their eye, to venture so far into the snow.

Keen of ear or sight, they may sense the stalking predator, but not for long. It approaches at speed, cresting out of the water to stride onto the shore amidst their ranks. It's wide face bears two pitch-black eyes, the creature swinging it's head side to side as if to take them all in.

"Fought so." The thing said, mincing his words among a truly terrible set of teeth. "Looky 'ere, yeah? Somefin' I nefer seen before. You finkin' we have's us a snack before thu hunt?"
Who he was talking to became abundantly clear as two more of the creatures emerged, though they were a full head shorter, and didn't bear the distinctive axe-head of the first.
On his right, one bore a large scar across their face, a hint of their teeth visible even with their mouth clamped shut. Their right eye was gone, scarred over long ago. He spoke next, his voice much deeper than the first, and heavily slurred.
"No'mush'v'a'snack'eh." He spoke slowly, but all in one breath. "Fink'its'no'worf."
The one on the left, younger than both, narrowed his eyes.
"Dey have stuff. Looky, like us. Cloves and stuff." He raised his voice to shout across the now-doubt wide gap between the groups.
>Note: The Riath language, which they then taught to the EBWoes, was described by Nil as "basically just bastardized gaelic, welsh and irish slapped together". Thus, I have gone over to google translate to convert what is being said into Irish, both for flavor reasons and because Nifo Toto hasn't developed language yet, and thus probably has no idea what we're saying. I will stop doing this as soon as I talk to someone who *has* developed language, because it's actually kind of annoying.

The brave (or perhaps foolish) EBWo explorers jump at the noise, the one with the flat-ish piece of pine bark scrambling to make sure the notes carved into it with a sharpened whitestone aren't lost. Yes, the amount of information it is able to store is starkly limited by the materials used, but it's the principle of the thing that counts. "Cad ar domhan?!" (What in the world?!)

The explorer closest to the water's edge, previous fascinated by the contrast between the Tritonic Carp and the Troutulus, looks up at the apex predators now emerging from the lake. His eyes go wide, his ears go flat, and he starts slowly backing up towards the rest of the group. "Ó dhia. Breathnaíonn na fiacla sin go dona..." (Oh god. Those teeth look bad.)

The last member of the group, a chunk of Magnium in one hand and a few strands of (non-bloodstained) Barlow on his belt, approaches the note-taker, not daring for a moment to take his eyes off the newcomers. "Cad é an plean?" (What's the plan?)

The leader hands the piece of bark to his subordinate, and whispers something in his ear. Then, taking a breath to steady himself, he approaches the water's edge, near the place his other underling had just vacated. "Dia dhuit? An dtuigeann tú mé?" (Hello? Do you understand me?)
Rolled 7, 5, 8, 6, 5, 6 = 37 (6d10)


>Settlement Move: Ramperdam Warband to <16,23>
As the Ramperdam Warband takes off, it becomes apparent that simple foraging and scavenging will no longer due to keep them and their DEMON HORSES fed. Many set out to try hunting in their own ways.
>Major: [Develop] - Mounted Hunting - Working in tandem with horse and man, the Mohawkers learn how to most effectively hunt down man or beast. While most tend to favor the height, speed, and vision advantage of hunting on horseback alone with their partner, others have come up with more complicated strategies. Some working in tandem with other hunters to pinser or surround particularly fast or big prey. And a few choose to hunt dismounted, with their DEMON HORSE acting more akin to a hunting dog to flush or pin down their prey.
Using: DEMON HORSES, DEMONIC PACTS, Hellfire Archery

In the camps of Mohawkers and Subdommons, a new attraction and way of life is unveiled. The Thunderdome. Erected shortly after people's yurts and lean-toos and cooking circles are made, these Thunderdomes act as a centralized location of the warband's daily life. Structured out of a latic of wood or metal and tied together with lashings, these hemispherical cages over a circular pit provide a holy place where all men are equal. Standing has no sway inside the Thunderdome, only martial capability and victory. It is here where many settle their differences, blow off steam, train their bodies, or just have a good brawl with their fellows. While still embeded in the culture of the CREDE, the Subdommon's more indulgent and carefree nature turn the Thunderdome from just any normal fight ring to a communal nexus and location of fun and merriment.
>Major: [Develop] - Thunderdome! - Thunderdomes are places for people to settle their differences, blow off steam, train their bodies, or just have a good brawl with their fellows in settlements. Without posing undo risk to each other thanks to some semblance of rules or conditions usually being laid out beforehand. The lattice hemisphere is both to keep people locked in until a match is finished, and as a structure for spectators to climb and hang and yell from.
Using: Both Minion types of Mohawker and Subdommon, CREDE OF RESPECT AND DOMINANCE, wood and fiber.

As the people of SABASTIOUS expand their horizons and set out finally onto the open fields, His army begins it's total assault into the goddess of BDSM. Stripped of devotion, cornered in the edge of the deadlands, it is only a matter of time till she falls.
>Unit Action [Subdomon Soldiers] - Begin assaulting BDSM en masse. (first two d10)
>Unit Action [THE FIRST RIDER] - Commence beating the shit out of BDSM. (third d10)
>Unit Action [Pladoma the Dominance] - Start the gangbang of BDSM. (fourth d10)
>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI] - Initiate the attack on BDSM's Lifepoints directly. (last two d10)
Subdommon Soldiers rolled (7 and 5) so a 5
THE FIRST RIDER rolled an 8
Pladoma rolled a 6
SABASTIOUS rolled a (6 and a 5) so 6+1 for total 7 vs BDSM's decayed Fort stat.
>[MI] Communicate
"Your song resonated into my lands in the west. I came to investigate, same as the wandering star. I believe I have left my subjects unguided for too long perhaps, so I shall take my leave. May we speak again soon."

>God Move - (5,17)
His business in Godech's lands finished, Versdel set off towards Prosperity.

>MA + Primitive Sandstone Equipment + Sandstone + Clay + Pottery: Develop Masonry
It soon followed that the Preservers began working to convert the widely available sandstone into materials suitable for building. Sealed stone buildings would help overcome some of the heat of the desert, and made storage even more efficient.

>MA + DI: Masonry + Deadwood + Visions of Prosperity + Commerce Domain Develop Wheeled Vehicles
Of course, Prosperity could not truly come without roads. They had seen visions of this, workers placing durable stone blocks as pathing. This wasn't really feasible on its own however, as transporting the stones to the wilderness would be difficult. Their visions showed carts led by animals doing so, but the desert showed no mercy by providing this. Eventually, led by the visions and the subtle guiding of their master's magic, the Preservers made suitable, if shoddy, wheeled storage pots pulled by hand. This would do for the beginning of their great work.

"Hehe, theh make lofs of squeakin', yeah?" The axe-head said, wheezing chuckles slipping through his pointed teeth.
"Z'more... sing-songy." Said the scarred brute, cocking his head to the side. At his waist, a loincloth had a small selection of fish hanging off it. He picked one out, and tore a chunk from it's head. "S'wierd.No'like'da'worydines'.'
"Woradines are big, these are little things. I don't think they're animals, they're like us! Look, one's comin' here!" Said the youngest.

Of course, since the Auvau are unable to understand the language, the EBWo is going to be met with nothing but wide, toothy grins.

"Mebe'is'ungry?" Said the brute, fish blood running down his chin.
"Look. Tha one has a rock, an' tha red grass." Said axe-head, using his spear to gesture over the closest one's head to the EBWo clutching the magnite and barlow. "If theh eatin' tha, then theh not like us. Hey, Tane, frow them a fish!"

Quick as lightning, Axe-head lashed out with his spear, scoring a long line along Tane's chest. Despite the injury, he didn't seem to mind much, only stepping back a bit with a wince.
"Ah'com'on!" He whined. "Z'not'fair!"
"We don' got no fish here! Frow one o' yers!"

Grumbling, he picked the smallest of them, a meager example of a Troutalus, and tossed it towards the EBWos. The three stood in silence, before the youngest made 'eat dis' motions at the fish.
MA DI claim 16,8

The shale are beings of magma and as such the volcano calls to them, a naturally enticing environment that would help feed their numbers.

MA barlow+melted snow for Agriculture.

The shale want to learn the ways to cultivate the land and to do so they'll learn the ways of growing its many food sources.
File: Thorns.jpg (98 KB, 519x810)
98 KB
For now, only the wild Sirvee utilize trees as nesting grounds and hiding places. But the wood has potential all the same. Growing it into desired shapes will allow The Herd to take control of the land and protect themselves from those who would hunt them. The Moon-Touched Prey feeds the earth its blood once more, making the plants that grow there malleable to the desires of its wards. As wild beasts, they don't have the force of will to directly sculpt the trees or create things out of them. However, the plants begin growing in accordance to their subconscious, finding the best ways to service them over the epoch. They form walls of trees, thorny fields of briars, and other such things that only the animals can navigate without worry. It is a gift for them, lovingly granted so that they may attune themselves further to the land when they return.

>Major action- Develop Treeshaping, allowing better use of the natural wood resources.

The plateau, being a sanctuary for wild beasts, soon finds itself repopulated by animals seeking shelter. Like before, they cluster together under the night sky, finding solace in the grand expanse of rock and dirt. No predators reach them here, and they remain surrounded by huge swathes of swampland. Even death doesn't separate members of the regrowing herd, for they continue to rise from the dirt and wander about without a care. Soon enough, they will rediscover what their predecessors did, and feed from the ample fruits of the Prey's domain.

>Unit Action [God Unit]- Move to 20, 28 (Lunar viewing Plateau).
>Major action [DI][Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Recreate minions, same as before.

Art Source: https://sunstructures.tumblr.com/post/132945096175/david-wyatt
Forgot about my wizard!

>The Sacrificial Class sacrifice 1 more pop

>Unit Interact [ARCHITECT] [1 SP]: Flesh Wall - Build another flesh wall south side of (25, 19), and south-east side of (26, 19) after movement.

>Unit Move [ARCHITECT]: Move to (26, 19)
The leader of the exploration party picks up the Troutulus and examines it for a moment. Seeing the motions that the sharp-toothed fish men (no, not fish, something else? But what? Curse this lack of context!), the EBWo tries to take a bite of the strange, shelled fish, teeth sliding along the chitinous plates before catching on one of the seams. Wrenching the plate away to expose the flesh underneath, the boss EBWO takes an inquisitive sniff, before digging out some meat with one claw and popping it in his mouth.

"Ní dona." (Not bad.)

And with that ringing endorsement, the others approach as well, whilst the leader continues digging in.
Rolled 3 (1d10)

Zebrac flees once more, running in terror.

>Rolling to not die, I think

>[MA] DEVELOP Di "Plundering the Sword God"
With Ardonash trapped in the hilt, the Voidspawn pick over him as their cruel Mistress runs, prying the sharpest and strangest blades they can find from the body of the captured god, hands bleeding.

>[MA Create Unit of Voidspawn with Wire Whips]
>Amending Movement
Rolled 8, 9, 2 = 19 (3d10)


Seeing the pain and destruction brought upon her children the goddess cannot contain her fury any longer.
>Unit action [God Unit]: move to 20,28

As she reaches the neighbouring gods domain, she once again shines her divine light on the creatures inhabiting this barren land.
>Minor Action [DI], Convert minions using affinity

>[MI] Communicate with MTP
The goddess summons her divine power to amplify her voice across the half-dead and twisted landscape. “Creature, heed my warning. If you continue your assault on my children you will not live to regret it. If you relent now I will not pursue you.”
While their mother crosses to neighbouring lands, her children continue to develop their civilization. They learn to start and use fire.
>[MA] Develop tech: fire starting

And they start to develop a spoken language.
>[MA] Develop tech: language

>MA + DI [Claim] 2.21 and 4.21

The influence of Silure grow over the jungle, the night become ever more clear, the stars shining brighter.

>MA [Develop] - Creative boost - Using Jetlichen and other savory mushrooms

The contest to find someone worthy of wearing Silure's handcrafted cape was going fiercely. Beykarres weaving their voice and their instruments in ever more imaginative way to try and impress the god. All those endeavor were expected but there was one particular Beykarre whose music was always special, out of this world some would say, unlike any one else.
Curious he was pressured until he revealed that some mushroom he found in the forest, given the correct preparation, were quite... potent.
The usage of such "booster" spread like wildfire.
Many Beykarres using it, even in non creative endeavor, simply to relax with their friends.
Rolled 7, 8, 3, 9 = 27 (4d10)

Automatically rolling dice in BDSM's defense.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Flipping a coin to break the tie. On a 1 the First Rider's attack goes through, on a 2 BDSM successfully defends.
File: Turn 5.png (3.99 MB, 6410x6493)
3.99 MB
3.99 MB PNG
>>5457361 Godech
The winds generated by your voice howl and sing as they soar across the endless stretch of desert dunes, buoying their passenger onward to the North. Though they quiet for now as your Prophet reaches his destination, they will be sung again, in time, when others yet require the passage granted by your voice. Storms developed.
Your Word Prophet is confounded by what he finds at the site of the obelisk, or what remains of it. Though most of the structure has crumbled under the weight of your voice, its base yet remains. Roaring forth from this plinth and into the air above is a massive, many-hued vortex, illuminating the sky itself with great waves of swirling color. The atmosphere itself crackles with power, static seeming to dance across the Prophet’s skin with every movement. The energy you once sensed here remains, but now it is wild, uncontained, far vaster in its power but nonexistent in its discipline and control. Storm of Magic discovered.
In the meantime, you’re impressed by the ingenuity of your sandcrawlers, who’s act of clumping together in the face of dangers and other challengers has afforded them yet another advantage in both their daily survival and their territorial conflicts with their neighbours. Already, a dense web of “clumping” alliances are forming across the mesas and deserts of your homeland. Clumping developed.

>>5457605 Steel-Weaver
As efficiently as you’re able, you advance into the featureless wastes, homing in on the faint energy signature you believe to be your fellow god. Eventually, you find his smoky form, though his current state stops you in your tracks. He looks decades starved, bones starkly sticking out from beneath patchy fur and worn-out skin, his breathing steady but painfully faint. His entire, emaciated form is wrapped in fleshy gray tendrils, tens, perhaps even hundreds of them coiling around his legs, torso and head, immobilizing him in place and, in several locations, appearing to dig under his flesh, glowing and pulsating as they siphon the divine essence from his body. You set yourself upon them with a fury, legs and mechadendrites tearing the stunned tentacles off and out of his body as you quickly deploy towing cables, pulling him behind you as you skitter away across the sand. After scarce moments you hear a great rumbling, and as you rotate your optic lenses around to scan the horizon behind you, even your mechanical lockstep stutters for a second as you behold a great, writhing mass, thousands of tentacles pouring across the rolling landscape in pursuit of you. You can only continue onward as fast as your many legs can carry you, and it’s with no small amount of relief that the rumbling seems to fade behind you as you finally reach the decaying treeline, the wriggling wave vanishing as if it was never there. Nil retrieved.
Ignorant of their god’s frenzied rescue, the EBWOs continue to make use of the Riath’s gifts, inscribing their complex tongue and developing a complex runic literature, though parts of it feel…different from the tongue of the wolfmen somehow, forged from a faded memory. Writing developed.
While the elders huff and grumble about the laziness of their juniors, they cannot deny the efficiency that riding around on their tamed creatures brings, and in short order EBWOs of all ages are riding swift-footed Falerines or sure-footed Biseax, using their elevated vantage point and greater agility to range ever farther in search of supplies. Animal Riding developed.
Animal Husbandry shared with you by Nil.

>>5457690 Sheriruth
3 hexes claimed.
The Damm’ta are not unused to the working of fire, even if you thoroughly scoured their memories of it with one of your many restrictions, and they quickly incorporate the use of fire and heat back into their daily lifestyles. Magma Tapping developed.

>>5457827 Nil
3 hexes claimed.
You awaken from your tortured dreams to find yourself surrounded by the deadlands no longer, though the petrified forests that border them don’t make for much better scenery. You rise shakily to your feet, your body rapidly recovering but still greatly weakened by the ordeal as your compatriot stands protectively nearby. You wonder how your Riath are doing?
The Riath continue to advance their relationship with their simpler-minded brethren in your absence, taking to breeding those of larger, healthier form together with one another in the hopes of birthing similarly healthy offspring. Though it’s by no means a precise science, over several generations they seem to succeed, their breeding populations burgeoning and providing ever more meat, milk and feathers to their caretakers. Animal Husbandry developed.
Animal Riding shared with you by Steel-Weaver.

>>5458555 Nardu
Contrary to their names, the Lightfoots set down roots quite quickly, the comfort of their warmer stone homes winning over many Skaldlings who dislike the discomfort that a more nomadic lifestyle necessitated. It’s not long before Fjordsmouth has become a bustling, if small, hub, welcoming any weary travellers who require sturdier then usual shelter from the elements. Fjordsmouth constructed.
Where once your roads welcomed any who wished to walk them, they now bar themselves from those who would wish harm on their fellow travellers, confusing and waylaying any who walk the bloodiest paths in life. Spectral Paths developed.
>>5458978 Ardonash
Infuriated by your imprisoned state and the absolutely repulsive thing entrapping you, you thrash in place, and even with your movement so hampered you’re rewarded by a shriek of pain from the foul she-beast, as she is too low to fully escape your range. You can only stare in fury, however, as she springs even further away, escaping over the horizon in an instant of blurred motion as you continue your fruitless attempts to escape your fleshy prison.
Your people, sensing your fury, sharpen their own blades for war, practicing with the great trail of razor-sharp blades left simply by your passage through the earth. Though it will take some time before the Cut-Spawned are truly proficient with their blades they already show promise, a hint of technique in their otherwise artless hacking and slashing. Swords and Sword Training developed.

>>5459022 Nifo Toto
In the icy waters of the North, none can challenge your supremacy, and to even contest your control over the coasts which border them is the height of folly. You will prove to all challengers that the Northern seas and tundras are yours and yours alone. Territorial Domain developed.
Great shivers of your Auvau take to the seas, returning to their frigid home, if only temporarily, to test out their new weapons. They fall upon pods of maltides, at one time your only true challengers for supremacy, and slaughter them, staining great stretches of the arctic seas with blood as they’re pierced with countless, cruelly barbed spears. SUPER Spear Fishing developed.
You rampage through their territory of these unfamiliar, diminutive creatures, slaughtering as many as you can find, though they prove annoyingly good at escaping into boltholes underbrush, and seem to only sparsely inhabit these lands.

>>5459132 Carn’aath
The Unmaking grows ever deadlier, those whose lives it takes now finding even their souls seized by the Great Color, and dragged from this plane, to where both they and the Serfs themselves know not. Soul Leech developed.
Much less ominously, the Serfs are delighted by this relatively harmless discovering, the cooking of their food and the warming of their homes bringing an unexpected, but very welcome, amount of new color into their lives. Soul Fire developed.
>>5459463 Magnus
Though most prefer to simply hone their magnetic abilities for the development of their own intellect, some find a more practical use for their ability to reshape their limbs and bodies, learning to memorize and swiftly shift between specific, specialized forms of their limbs to more effectively perform their daily duties. Versatile Gathering developed.
Though their dim-witted minds provide little in the way of mental stimulation, the bodies of these lesser creatures prove a useful source of meat and fur, even if their seemingly random, instinctive behavior takes a great deal of getting used to for the more cerebral Fileorva. Domestication developed.
Though they pale in comparison to that of your people, you’re delighted to find a spark of genuine intellect in these “Shale”, as they refer to themselves in their mindscapes, and though it would take some more time to fully plumb the depths of their unique new minds, you’re able to quickly extract some useful information from them. Writing learned from the minds of the Shale.

>>5461399 Sabastious
While any good, rugged Mohawker loves to test themself alone against the wildlife and elements, hunting alongside one’s fellows has its own appeal, and many of your people take a liking to the idea of hunting alongside their friends or rivals, seeing who can down more game, or fell their prey from increasingly greater distances. Mounted Hunting developed.
The Thunderdome is an instant hit among both the Mohawkers and Subdomon, both of whom welcome either a good fight or a good beating. Not a day goes by after the first Dome’s construction that it is not filled with violence and merriment in equal measure, and it’s not long before several smaller cousins are erected throughout the Warband’s campsite, each providing their own unique way to celebrate the art of combat. Thunderdome! Developed.
As your people participate in recreational violence, you continue your assault on the leather clad goddess. Unfortunately, despite her weakened state she proves shockingly persistent, only her treacherous former servant’s attack slipping through her defenses to wound her once more.

>>5461457 Versdel
Though only in its early stages, the efforts to transform the local sandstone into a usable building material show promise, already seemingly sturdier then any material your people have yet to come across, and more easier to mould and produce en masse as well. Masonry developed.
Unrefined though they may be, the utilitarian design of your people’s first hand-drawn carts serve well enough, making the transport of goods across the desert a far more feasible prospect then it ever was in the past. Wheeled Vehicles developed.
>>5461457 Versdel
Though only in its early stages, the efforts to transform the local sandstone into a usable building material show promise, already seemingly sturdier then any material your people have yet to come across, and more easier to mould and produce en masse as well. Masonry developed.
Unrefined though they may be, the utilitarian design of your people’s first hand-drawn carts serve well enough, making the transport of goods across the desert a far more feasible prospect then it ever was in the past. Wheeled Vehicles developed.

>>5461937 The All Warmth
1 hex claimed.
Though the Shale do not eat in the same way that any of the flesh and blood creatures they have encountered, they do find great use in the growing of fields of Barlow sustained by snowmelt, a lit field providing a great source of nutritious smoke, ash, and soot for a growing Shale. Agriculture developed.

>>5462297 The Moon-Touched Prey
The trees themselves bend to your unholy will, carefully pruned and grown over the course of decades to best ready them for the return of your people, though for the time being they prove helpful enough to the more simpleminded creatures who inhabit your twisted wilderness. Treeshaping developed.
Unfortunately, the return of your people will not be today, as the most intelligent of the forest’s prey who you coax on to the plateau are once again lured to the side of the reprehensible Eden, the brightness of her light momentarily drowning out the moon’s luminance. Minions created, then once again converted.

>>5462438 Zebrac
The Voidspawn work quickly, using their new implements to shave off miniscule parts of the blade god’s body as he flounders in impotent rage, though his blade returns to its full sharpness almost as quickly as the pieces are removed. Blade God’s Shavings acquired.
In the meantime, in the hopes of buying their goddess a little more time a force of Voidspawn gather, far more afraid of their god’s retribution then the blade god’s bite. Voidspawn Soldiers created.
>>5462562 Eden
Though the plague of moths the reprehensible creature to the West has created continues to spread, you know that now is not the time to cease your hostilities. If you wish to ensure that the beast will darken your doorstep no longer, you must present a strong front. And so you sally forth, shining your light and foiling his latest attempt to replenish strength as you deliver your first and final warning.
Despite the plague ravaging their forests your children continue their work, learning to communicate in a way that better allows them to warn one another of an approaching Lunartick, and, when one lucky individual finds a lunartick writhing and burning with mere proximity to a forest fire, quickly learning to reproduce the phenomena, though such small flames as they’re able to safely produce avail your children little in driven away the winged menace. Firestarting and Language developed.

>>5462600 Silure
2 hexes claimed.
Your people take to the new…”creative stimulants” like fish to water, quickly developing new mixtures of different herbs and mushrooms to invoke…”inspiration” for longer periods of time, and with greater and greater potency. “Creative Boost” developed.

Major Actions saved for next turn. -1 HP.

Major Actions saved for next turn.

Major Actions saved for next turn.
File: CHAMPIONOFLIGHT.jpg (2.47 MB, 1800x2400)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB JPG
Rolled 7, 4, 5, 10 = 26 (4d10)

The very source of destruction and war that Carn'aath had feared, rampaging across the eastern side of this landscape. An enormous and powerful blade-divinity cuts with no signs of stopping, an unwounded foe against one who is bloodied and battered. Many would think to help that which appears wounded and innocent. But observing the divine blood that lies scattered across the land... A trail to the north... A trail near home. That which is wounded limps into the distance, and in the sky a trail of color shall follow it. The many eyes on the beast of flesh would dilate and hone in. Fresh meat.

>Unit Move [Carn'aath]: Move to (30, 16)

>Unit Interact [Carn'aath] [DI] [The Unmaking]: Carn'aath writhes forwards across land and sea with nostrils flared and his target locked in. As Carn'aath crests upon the bordering terrain to where his prey lies, he comes to a sudden stop, and the wind shall carry forward from his momentum. A sudden gust of immense power and light, Carn'aath casts forth a destructive wind of disease and debilitation straight at Zebrac. This wreath of cancerous magic eats at the limbs of Zebrac and births heavy tumors and blisters, weighing down the barbed wire wrapped divinity, bringing her to a point of complete immobility.
Immobility ranged spell on Zebrac, 4d10 spirit roll above

>Communication [MI]: Zebrac
>Unit move, Bob the Builder to 21,23.
>Unit Build, Roads on 20,24 and 21,23.

The lonely builder responsible for many of the paths of the Skaldling tribes had become something of a legend himself. He had travelled more, learned more, than any other Skaldling. He worked tirelessly, aiming to link up the towns of Hordern and Fjordsmouth.

>Major Action [DI], Develop, the Wyrding Road

Nardu aimed to further bastionize the lands his Skaldlings called home. No evil would find its home in his lands, not if the God of Magic had anything to say about it. Even the very gods themselves would find themselves lost on the winding roads of the many trailheads and roads that dotted their homes.

>(Further upgrading the Skaldling roads to act as walls to Gods, making them impassible.

>Major Action, Develop Harvesting

With their safety assured, the Skaldlings began to use the rudimentary tools gifted to them by Belweir to learn the art of gathering. Mining, Logcutting and Hunting all would be dramatically sped up by these advances in technology, and their cozy homes would soon be ready to become even more so.

>MI, Communicate

Nardu spent much of his time back in Hordern communing with Belweir. Telling him the tales of the lands to the west, the swamps, critters and creatures. The burgeoning town of Fjordsmouth.
File: Furnace.jpg (51 KB, 512x512)
51 KB
>Major Action (DI): Invent Primitive Furnaces [Improved Firestarting]
Life and limb of my dear compatriot now secure, I return to Northwood, where the sight of my EBWoes using unfired clay from the plains over the mountains sends me back into my databanks, albeit voluntarily this time. It takes a few attempts before a sufficiently unsophisticated method of providing the initial spark is reached (can't use a flint and steel without steel), but soon enough the fires are lit. For some that might be enough, but not The Steel Weaver. A simple roasting spit might be all it takes to turn a Poddox haunch or raw vegetable into something tastier, but what about grain or black pome? No, no, fire alone will not be sufficient! Though it again requires some volume of trial and error, eventually, an assemblage of stone and fuel capable of things a mere open flame could never dream of is put together.

>Major Action: Develop Pottery
And of course, it does not take long before one enterprising soul discovers the superiority of fired clay to sun-dried, and soon all manner of sturdier vessel is being shaped and employed from Northwood to Southridge.

>Minor Action: Share Writing with Nil
As knowledge of how to grant meaning unto sound traveled from the Riath to the EBWoes, so too is the knowledge of how to grant meaning unto picture moving in the opposite direction... And not a moment too soon, for the reappearance of the Wolf God after his long absence is an occasion worth recording indeed.

>Steel Weaver, move to 12-5
With all pressing matters attended to, The Steel Weaver uses the remaining time in the epoch to explore the great unknown north, not extending power over it in order to make it their own, but instead simply observing it in its natural state. So relaxing.

>MA + DI + Dorsal Reaches + Dorsal Grasp + Volcano + Magma Tapping: The Limbforge (26, 20)
(Special building)
A parliament of limbs burst out from around the volcanic maw of the hex, assembling a grand forge complex from which the craftsman Sheriruth may perform more complex and demanding arts.

This is the workshop of the great white shape, where all things in and adjacent to the concept of limbs are made, unmade, remade according to the ineffable whims of its present master.

Towering stone hands use the mountains as anvils and the magma as a heat source in this most holy place of making.

>MA + Limbforge + Clay (resource) + Belligerent Limbs + Armillary Bands: Clay Limbs (Replaces pottery)

The appearance of the limbforge makes possible the creation of new limbs entirely, a possibility the Damm’ta jump at.

Clay, that easiest of materials to shape, is found to harden well under the heat produced by this divine structure, becoming far tougher and dextrous than expected given their origin due to the mythical power of the forge used in their creation.

These are firm and dangerous limbs, able easily to inflict death, especially in conjunction with a mind more properly able to wield them.

This is a sea change, returning the Damm’ta to a level of basic competence and independence they had not seen in many years. These rebellious instruments were now once again Armed.

>MI: Sheriruth flies to 30, 21

>Communicate [MI]: Familiar entity inhabiting 32, 21


>End communication
File: Movement Autism.png (389 KB, 622x603)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
Rolled 10, 9, 2, 6 = 27 (4d10)


First part of post, to get the combat rolls out of the way and possibly adjust decisions from outcome. Apologies to MOP in advance for the movement autism.
>Unit Action [Subdomon Soldiers] - Continue assaulting BDSM en masse. (first two d10)
>Unit Action [THE FIRST RIDER] - Resume beating the shit out of BDSM. (third d10)
>Unit Action [Pladoma the Dominance] - Perpetuate the gangbang of BDSM. (last d10)

>Unit Move [God Unit] [DI] - Move, and carry Subdomon soldiers on a hoard of DEMON HORSES, over the wall down to <17,21>. Deposit the soldiers, and then return back over the walls to <17,19>.
>Unit Move [Subdomon Soldiers] - Ride with SABASTIOUS, dismount, and use last movement point from halved movement to get to <17,22>
>Settlement Move: Ramperdam Warband to <17,22>
The sandcrawlers of the yellow sands had become handicapped, as knowledge of stoneskinning spread from the planteaters unto much more active eaters. The amount of rocks and sands that the black sands have has made the crawlers there much more deadly, and occasionally fiery, to the yellow sands, and made them much more capable, in either banishing or devouring their cousin crawlers. Survivors and exiles forced to shift their diet into plant mass and insects became embittered, and though handicapped at the moment, wouldn’t be for long. Some of these crawlers with surviving stoneskin have begun to dig the hard rock they meet during feeding times, and began specializing those stoneskins, mostly on their mouth-equivalent, to have hardy points capable of staying coherent under a clump’s voice to break and shape the deep rocks. Such techniques would be used against the black sands to pierce their skins, though less than effective as the opposing clump took such piercers and recovered their skins back from it.
>[MA] Develop - Rockbreaking

During this period, the God-Echo would spend its power answering the Word Prophet’s call, attempting and succeeding in echoing life into a somewhat embellished story of its experiments on the obelisk. The story would feed on repetition of its meaning, lacking a crawler’s basic shell of self, and live on a crawler’s echoing soul like a parasite or a bad earworm. Such needs would inspire something in the future crawlers who would hear the tale from the Prophet, as the blandness of the basic living story itself made speakers add and alter the basic story, and made such boasting of a self’s feats an introductory ritual for a crawler, as the story-parasite pushes the host to spread the tale of the Mountain and Spire unto any stranger.
>[MA][DI] Develop - Featspeak

The Word-Prophet, after spreading the gift of Voice and Tale unto the descendants of those who worshipped the Black Spire, erects a pillar of sandstone with the aid of these new faithful.
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Erect Pillar.

Afterwards, the dustcrawler would shift onward, unto their place of origin and where their god once stood, spreading the tales of the Mountain and the gift of Voice to those who listened, finding the black sands uneasy and unfamiliar, more so than their home and the yellow sands.
>Unit Action [Word Prophet]: Move to [8,15]

>[MI] Communicate with Eden

The Beast halts atop the plateau. The tiniest pinpricks of ghastly-green light are visible in the black sockets for just a moment, reflecting the dazzling glow of the Life Goddess. Though it knows not language, communication from one deity to another is easy enough to read. It conveys its own message wordlessly, through sheer intent, lowering its head as though to charge.

For five Epochs, its children have been subjected to endless slaughter and enslavement. Despite this, it never strode forth to slay the golden-eyes folk in return, for it knew its own place was within the forest, rather than exacting vengeance. What it seeks is the return of its wards. Should they be released into the forest, it will purge the Lunarticks and return to its dwellings.

If Eden were to fail to do so, then it would use every remaining scrap of its power to torment her children, ensuring that they suffered as much as the beings they slew for their meat and skin. For it would rather die than bend the knee and accept the brutality of nature.

>Unit interaction [DI] [Domain- Moon]- Should Eden release a number of its children back into the swamps by the end of this Epoch, disrupt the Lunartick life cycle by withholding the appearance of the full moon that causes their proliferation. Doing so will allow the medicine to function effectively.

Art Source: https://displate.com/dawidplaneta
>Alternate path- If The Moon-Touched Prey remains at 0 population at the end of this Epoch, execute the following action:

It was a belief of certain ancient cultures that changes in the moon caused intermittent insanity- hence the term Lunatic. The being that's granted its strength to the Moon-Touched Prey is certainly dangerous enough to cause this with its presence. It does this indirectly, not through its light, but through one of its newfound totem animals: The moths.

As they continue to breed and expand, the lunarticks mutate in accordance to the will of their masters. The eggs that lie dormant in the body become impossible to purge once they set into the brain, for the golden-eyed folk don't have the expertise to surgically remove them from such delicate tissue. Though the medicine may render the eggs dormant once administered, the deactivated cysts take up space in their heads, never to be passed out. Whenever the full moon hangs in the sky, the cured find themselves driven mad by the agonizing writhing of the larvae, doomed to never hatch from their eggs. They cause chaos among their comrades, becoming savage and murderous. Not only does the plague kill them directly, but it turns them against one another as well. Children grow up with their bodies twisted from their brain chemistry being damaged in such a way, and adults become dangers to themselves and others.

>Major action [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature, Moon]- Escalate the Lunartick epidemic. The moths cause insanity and violence among the infected, prompting them to kill each other. It causes infighting, making a schism between those who've been infected, and those who remain pure.

The glimpse of two possible futures are reflected in the crescent sigil. Eden has the choice of which to pursue. The carcass stands firmly on the plateau, waiting for a response.

Art Source: https://twitter.com/leslekieuart/status/1590554533390057472?s=20&t=GT3yV0D1HV6q1AtOrUjb0g
Is there a mind to read? As Magnus searches it feels like there is a container for one, but that it is currently empty. As if instead of thoughts, there is just... a Blank. Nothing to read, when something was expected. A disappointment, such a disappointment.

Still, Magnus is here now. Magnus had better try to make some use of this clear, absent mind for practice. The Great eye rotates and focuses, reaching through the thread of his own mind to find that of the other, passing as thought through the outer rocky carapace to drape his great burning spark beneath Magnus' mental embrace.

>1)Major Action + DI (Domain: Mind): >Develop - Mental Incursion
>Using: Domain (Mind), Ability: Mind Reading, Technology: Reading(?), Unit: Magnus
With the ability to read a mind, the ability to write one is sure to follow. The mundanity of physicality can be bypassed to place amendments upon the mental scope, a clash of the purest mental spirit rather then of bodies formed of crude matter.
>Mental Incursion - When using the 'Mind' Domain to enact an action using the Spirit stat, any defences taken against this action may be directed to use the opponent's Spirit stat as their defence instead of the Fortitude stat as both entities engage in a battle of wills. If the action using 'Mental Incursion' is correctly announced but the incorrect die are rolled in defence, the unit using 'Mental Incursion' may choose to discard their own choice of the defender's excess dicerolls in lieu of forcing a defensive re-roll.

With new knowledge thrumming in Magnus' own mind, Magnus takes a moment to regard the burning one again.

'Are you well?' the great eye thinks toward the burning heat. 'Do you have brain damage?'

It is not entirely certain which answer Magnus wishes to hear to this.

>(If All-Warmth actually posts, this is when any Mental conversation occurs.)

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (21,9)
After his business with All-Warmth is concluded, the Orb makes a retreat back along the route it came.

>2) Major Action Develop: Fire Starting
Still, at least the visit to the great All-Warmth brings a certain inspiration, if nothing else. The Fileorva learn how to turn a rapid-motion spin into a spark, and that spark into a flame.
Rolled 5, 10, 2 = 17 (3d10)

Rolling defense for BDSM.
>MA: Create Unit (Preserver Architects) using Primitive Sandstone Tools + Wheeled Vehicles + Masonry + Sandstone + Clay + 5 Population
In order to make trade, roads had to be erected. Several volunteers take up tools and wheeled carts, filled with rough sandstone and clay that they could use to set enduring paths through the winding deserts and walls to shield their homes. Through this divine work, Prosperity would emerge.

>MA + DI: Develop Prosperous Spear Fishing using Primitive Stone Tools + Protean Cod + Visions of Prosperity + Order Domain
Agriculture in the desert was a lost game pretty much immediately. It was difficult to live, mostly via scavenging corpses and cactuses. This was unsustainable. The Preservers had made simple spears as part of their general study on tools, so given the adjacency to the ocean seafood served the best odds of nourishing them. Versdel exerted his order over the seas bordering the settlement of Prosperity. Even the simple aquatic life would serve his eternal paradise. The Preservers found that they could reliably spear a sufficient amount of fish regardless of season or weather, the animals drawn in by visions of a higher purpose.

>God Unit Move: Versdel moves to (1,16)
Versdel returns to his people's domain, pleased to see the beginnings of civilization emerge from the sand. It was a humble start, but in the bleak situation that they had found themselves in it was a great fortune.

>MA - Develop Language (Gagana)
The new weapons, coupled with the ever-growing population, has allowed the Auvau to go out in ever-larger hunting parties. The need for clearer communication drives the grunting, harsh tongue they have used to far to become refined (somewhat...). Gagana is heavy on short, clipped sounds, with a lack of F's, Th's, and any other sound where one would stick their lips or tongue anywhere near their teeth.

>MA - Develop Fire Making
Perhaps it was theft? An Auvau runs up to one of the Shale, deadwood in hand, before swatting them to ignite it and running away.
More likely, though, it was murder. The two stay far apart, no doubt, but if one of the Shale were to wander too far onto the ice, the Auvau would have no qualms of making him into a fiery pincushion, their fiery core the foundation of a campfire to stave off the cold.

>God Unit Move - To 12,8 - Enter Stealth [Domain:Hunting]
Nifo Toto senses the Gods of the east, and clambers up the mountain peaks (14,8). As he climbs, his nostrils flare, eyes going black as he taps into his instinctive might. With a weapon in hand, and home no longer in sight, this is a PROPER Hunt! He will will track, he will stalk, he will strike! New God-flesh shall be his... Oh, he would pray if he could, but there is nothing mightier than he, so he prays to himself. Let them be gods of flesh, he prays! No mock-gods of rock and fire and lightning! Proper gods, like him! Ones he can truly best in battle, and prove his might against!

But that will come later. For now, Nifo Toto slips up and over the mountain side, surveying the land even as his form goes somewhat ethereal, as if obscured by deep waters. Silently, as a true predator, he stalks between the Deadwood trees, brittle spikes spreading skyward, each a pale shadow of the wicked spear he clutches in his hand.
The all warmth doesn't notice the other god or much of anything, at first at least. Spacing out wasn't something the all warmth thought was possible but they could tell there was invasion into their mind, it however didn't feel malicious almost like they were an observer. The All Warmth lets them deep into their mind to show their vision of a world where the warmth and gifts of all the gods could bring prosperity to one another and their children. They also think sadly on how one day it will all go cold as well but they do not despair their time in this place is worth every second even so. They hope the observer sees this as they leave.

His form distorted, rapidly shifting from flesh to mist to something inbetween, Nil shakily glides through the forests of his domain. He's alive, free at last, but the world outside those damned sands seems more like a prison than the torture he had grown used to. The beasts that drew his curiosity, the mortals he created, other gods like him...they're all ignorant. Ignorant of the evil just beyond their lands, of the devil that feeds off of even their essence. Steel-Weaver may know, but that is not enough. Something must be done, and he will do it, no matter the cost. It's time to make use of his creations.

>Action 1: Develop [MA]
During the last ages of Nil's absence, the Riath had continued to evolve, making great use of this 'writing' shared to them by their neighbors to the south. Their naturally creative nature quickly lead to the use of these complex runes in more abstract scenarios than just recording resources or history. Before long, tales long confined to spoken word were now passed onto tablets, histories were mythologized and many cultural values were literally set in stone. Of course, this was put to great use in the Riath's ritualistic plays, the scenarios within, the details of the costumes and locations, all growing increasingly more complicated as the ages passed, which would prove pivotal for their society soon after.
>Literature is developed.
File: ok fine its more lol.png (314 KB, 584x720)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>Action 2 Develop [MA] [DI]
"He has returned! Praise be, Our Lord In Shadow has not abandoned us!", so shout and pray and chant the Riath, embraced in a state of near-societal, religious bliss. Nil is thoroughly unimpressed. Though a part of him is delighted at the course the wolf-men had taken in his absence, seeing it as an even better example of an evolving society, lacking his outside influence, he cannot ignore the reality that they are weak. They have survived this long only due to the lack of aggressive forces outside their control, and won't last long at all if forced to defend themselves. This has to change.

During a celebratory ritual portraying the Riath's creation, at the climax, whereupon the lead actor playing Nil's role gives his 'children' some parting words of wisdom before releasing them into the world, the fog surrounding the stage suddenly pours into the man's mask, raising him into the air and choking him with vapour as it floods through his body until his every breath releases more of it, his limbs shifting between flesh and air as he floats just above the earth. The mask molds itself to his face, or perhaps the opposite, it's stylistic design growing to cover the rest of his body. At last, as he stares into the mystified crowd, his eyes like spotlights in the shade, Nil speaks.

The reasons for his absence, the existential threat faced by all living things and how to face it, the road the Riath must follow in the future, all subjects that are expanded on for countless hours. The entranced Riath, men and women, elderly and children alike, stand nearly hypnotized by their deity's direct interference, the fog surrounding them now roiling like the waves of the sea. It seems to go on forever, until suddenly, with but a promise of greater changes in the future, Nil makes his exit, and the light in the actor's eyes shuts off. He collapses, the mask slipping off his face as sunlight once again pierces the cloud cover.
File: even more lol.jpg (66 KB, 388x971)
66 KB
Their worldview thoroughly shattered, utterly enraptured by the full attention of their creator, the society of the Riath is permanently altered, praises, chants and prayers to their god quickly becoming the most popular use of their written word, creating a scattered but deeply in-depth scripture. Even on a more physical level, Nil has made his mark, starting with Siôn, the man who bore the full force of his persona.

He barely survived the experience, and is now considered blessed beyond belief, a not altogether false remark, as he finds that akin to that event, the masks he now wears seem to embrace him fully, changing his appearance to fit those portrayed almost perfectly. Other actors of extreme skill and piety soon find themselves capable of the same thing, and their influence in Riath society grows accordingly. This shapeshifting ability is still limited to their own species, with only minor breaks from their possible physiology allowed...for now.
>Theology is developed. With the use of Divine Inspiration, those both extremely pious and incredibly talented in acting gain the ability to shapeshift into any form their masks take, as long as it is that of a fellow Riath.
>Action 3: Move [MI]
All of this, of course, required Nil's direct intervention, and thus, his presence. He headed directly to Heolig after expressing thanks to the Steel-Weaver, along with a promise to cooperate further. It's all left his busy enough to stay for the forseeable future.
>Nil moves to [11, 6]

>Action 4: Share Technology [MI]
Enraptured with their deity's return, the Riath waste no time in sharing this information with the EBWOs, along with a copious amount of scripture, recordings of the event and scripts for plays, of which only a few aren't explicitly religious rituals. Still, this, as well as the explanations of some of these enthusiastic worshippers, does well enough to introduce the idea of using writing for more creative pursuits to the more technically minded worshippers of the Steel-Weaver.
oh whoops, forgot to add
>Literature is shared with Steel-Weaver.
> Communicate with the entity at 30, 21

> dig another big hole right next to the other big hole
The cut-spawned, still in their digging frenzy, went… a bit overboard.
Or did they?

> [DI] gather some of the mana from the monolith as well as some shavings of its stone
The cut-spawned feel the chilling ring of Ardonash’s keening edge in their minds, slicing through thoughts and delivering them orders in a voice that is not a voice, enlightening them in dark wishes that are a universal absolute.

Without even knowing what it is they are doing, the ghoulish creatures harvest some of the fluids of the large, strange structure up above in their mountain home, digging a small canal and using it to let a flow of liquid mana pour into the big hole they dug earlier

> Improve sword fighting techniques
The cut-spawned practice and practice, eager to reach their master’s hallowed mastery of bloodshed and murder. With every cut, they grow stronger. With every drop of spilt blood, they learn where and when to strike.
But little do they know, their god watches. It watches, and it learns as they do, for its previous wielder, little remembered as it is, did not use technique.
Perhaps, even a divine may be taught a thing or two

>Communicate [MI]: Familiar entity inhabiting 32, 21


“That will be all then.”

*Sheriruth begins his slow rotation 540 degrees over the next three hours, turning back the way he came*
Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d10)

Zebrac hears the voice rolling towards her from the west, and her general thoughts are about the same.

>"Nope, Nope, Nope."

As the malevolent ball of magic approaches, she flees all the same, hoping to put as much distance between herself and her pursuers before ... the end.


She tears across the water as a black blur, daring not to look back at the rolling lights, promising pain and the ever encroaching End. Not until she rests her feet up the nee shore does she flip back around, attempting to weave her magics to counteract Carn'aath's.

>[MA Spirit Roll]

After this, the Voidspawn army marches south, intent of harvesting some of the Sword God's followers.

>[Unit Move, 32, 23?)

>MA + DI [Claim] 2.22 and 3.22

>MA [Develop]- Alcohol - Using Black Pomme following a strike of boosted creative genius

The recreational content of Beykarres parties shall not be stopped. We will keep expanding it.

Meanwhile, back home, The Serfs continue to progress their minimal society.

>Develop [MA]: The Slave Class (Echelons of Terror III) - While many serfs are put to work caging and cooking animals, being prepared for sacrifice, or in the breeding camps, the serfs begin to notice a demand for more materials, more tools, more homes, in addition to the progression of the state of their home as is. And thus, the fit and young shall be roped together and lead as lines into the caverns and hills alike, assigned by the elite elders to labor away until their backs break. The new slave class of serfs would trench where none other have, deep in the underground and black woods to collect resources new and old, smashing their sticks and stones against larger sticks and stones.
Substitute for primitive weapons/tools and mining underground resources.

>Develop [MA] [Brambleroot]: Net Hunting - Discovering the brambleroot that decorates the hilltops of the stone deserts, the serfs begin to weave together spikey nets that they find a multitude of purposes for. The breeding class begin to use these frequently in their hunting methods, laying traps for sirvee, sifting through sand and soil as the brambles pierce and catch onto all sorts of grub and bugs, or even throwing them onto nests of unsuspecting dazawks.
Weaving but as a pop tech.

As the War between the Divine and the Demonic continue, SABASTIOUS watches over with silent contempt. Lashed and struck repeatedly, the Goddess of Domination still continues to writhe in ecstasy. Unbecoming of his first kill, yet all the same it is a trophy earned. Soon the world will know of how the first god fell to His might and craftiness. While his two demigods rage upon the goddess further, He escorts the once risen Subdomons out of the lands they once called home. Delivering them upon the edges of the yurts of the Ramperdam Warband, He is surprised to notice a development among his people, then He is Grinning. It seems as though his murderous and carefree minions have developed a lexicon while he was away.

A few passing Demon Horses trot in the opposite direction of Him, bowing their heads in difference. With a snort, He questions them on the latest developments. They respond in annoyance and frustration; that it seems the mohawkers have grown more keen to their tricksier ways. No longer simply accepting pacts of foolish demands or lopsided conditions - it is not only the strong who survive and thrive, it is the clever. Those mohawkers who have been able to leverage what they have and specify specific conditions to their pacts have grown substantially in power and number. And even now, as man converses with man, they make sure to be clear and distinct with their words, as roughly spoken as they are. For Words have Power, and the way one phrases a sentence can make all the difference in the world.

>Major: [Develop] [DI] - WIZENED WORDS TEMPERED BY DEMONIC TONGUES (Alt. Language + Anti-Conversion) - Oft referred to by DEMON HORSES as "lawyer speak", whatever a lawyer is. Tempted and tempered by honeyed words and silver tongues, the Mohawkers have grown wise to the ways of deceivers and promises too good to be true. Such careful crafting of words and phrasing from the making of demonic pacts has bled into their very society and lexicon. Making those speaking in official capacity consider their words carefully. Not only the DEMON HORSES, but others as well who attempt to stray them from their chosen paths will find such attempts much harder.

As the DEMON HORSE leaves and returns to the battlefield, he spies another amusing toy brought about by the Mohawker's penchant for violence. It seems they have begun honing weapons for war, despite the battle nearing it's end. Good, there will be plenty more bloody battles for them to sharpen their teeth upon. As SABASTIOUS gallops across the countryside and back over the gates of the womb-tree, He thinks to himself. Perhaps, it would behoove Him to acquire His own weapon of dealing death. His Rider should be one feared and respected from their affects, not just their physique.

>Major: [Develop] - Primitive Lances (Alt. Primitive Weapons) - Spears and lances are favored by the Mohawkers when a bow is not readily available, something long and with reach to strike an enemy from on high their mounts. Their construction and use on horse back has made them particularly effective at running down foes. On top of their already effective performance, units wielding these lances gain an offensive bonus to attacks made if mounted and they move onto the tile of another target before attacking.

>Minor Action: Refit Unit - Subdomon Soldiers into Raidhawkers now that they and the Warband are on the same hex
-Give Tech: DEMON HORSES, DEMONIC PACTS , MANES OF FLAME, Hellfire Archery, Primitive Lances
-Increase pop to 5
>[MA] Develop - Domestication
The Cahoots begin taming the wildlife within their territories, but mainly the Tugai.

>[MA] Develop - Tugai Breeding Pits
The Cahoot construct a crude breeding pit for the Tugai so they may grow in size and number.

>[MA][DI] Develop - Tugai Light Beasts (Tugight): Tugai+Light Cauldron
Thalak gathers a large number of Tugai and begins to experiment on them in his light cauldorn, after many failed outcomes he has finally managed to created a few larger Tugai, even rideable. Their appearance has changed with the beasts having yellowish/golden scales with the end of their tails have a small hue of light, they even have been seen to be able to produce a bright, stunning light from their mouths.

>Unit Move - Thalak: (11,25)
Thalak stretches then begins to move to the other islands he deems his.

>[MA] Claim: (11,25 12,25)
The light brightens when he focuses his gaze upon his land

>Unit Move - Yama[Sun Cleric]: (4,22)
Ahh, sorry for the split posts, forgot my hero unit again.

>Unit Move [ARCHITECT]: Move to (27, 18)

>Unit Interact [ARCHITECT]: Flesh Wall - Continue flesh wall south and southeast side of (27, 18).

>If possible, move to (28,18) and continue flesh wall on the south side to meet the water. Not sure if you decided to ultimately change the base construction amount or not.

>If Eden does not respond at all, MA [DI] [Domain- Perversion of Nature]- Develop new pop

And the other half of the turn.

The will of the zombie-god exerts itself over the land. Its domain twists itself according to its intent, taking on pieces of its subconscious and using them to sculpt itself. Over the years, things fall into place at the confluence points of its divine energy. Corpses and bones are moved by the wind and rain, until strange altars of bone, skull and antlers are present throughout the swamps. These are often in open areas, where the night sky looms overhead, and the grand plateau is littered with them. Animals come to kneel before them when the moon hangs high.

Though the moon of the planet is different from the one that has lent its power to their God, it is the act of faith that nourishes the celestial being. There are no offerings needed, for The Herd owns no material possessions, but the clearings become places where beasts come to die, littering it with ancient bones over time.

>Major action- Develop Lunar Altars, granting a religion to the wild beasts.

>[MI] Communicate with MTP
Seeing the monster’s unwillingness to leave her territory, the goddess decides there is only one course of action left. “Very well. If you will not leave, then you will die.”

If the medicine was not enough, then she would need a more creative approach. She fashioned predatory nocturnal birds, hawks that would hunt the lunarticks with bellies that could digest their eggs.
>[MA] [DI] Develop tech [Moth Hawks]

While her children’s fire had not been effective against the moths, they had at least been able to use it to heat the clay from the river side.
>[MA] Develop tech: pottery
The god of crystal sat for a great period with the skald lungs and conversed with these peoples of a god different from himself. These musical settlers taught him much, and even gave him a name to call his own for lack of a title by which to reference him: Belweir. He liked the way it sounded to him, and he adopted it like it was a part of himself.

When the skald god returned from his travels, this "Belweir" greeted him as a beloved brother and invited him to sit and regale him and his people with tales of his travels! He listened raptly to the man's divine words, absorbing his stories eagerly, wanting to learn much of this world!

The thaumites feared for the safety of their web-spinning friends; as small as they were, any little thing could harm them! They didn't want to see their friend getting hurt! Meanwhile, a few enterprising light sprites were toying with the energies that enabled them all to lift their glowing homes into the air, and they found a way to change how it work to change the size of smaller crystals. They shared in the fear for the safety of the spiders, and they decided that it would be a good experiment to see what their new discovery could do for their diminutive friends!

With the success of the experiment, the shining little dots of light expanded their efforts to many of the other pets they kept, and soon had an army of eight spindly-legged giants roaming their town! Then their attention turned to the flattened roads made by their distant neighbors, the skalds, and to how their spiders would be able to transport many of them quickly to go visit the place where their big brother was staying. After some fiddling around, the thaumites managed to secure many crystals to the backs of their friends and began attempting to develop a way to guide the spiders!

Now that the spiders were much larger, they produced a great deal more silk that got in the way more often than not. While it was in the way and needed to be taken down, it seemed a shame to waste these gifts from their friends.

They didn't know what to do with this material, but they played with it until they figured out a way to bundle it all up in order to store it out of the way for use at a later date.
Locking in this action.

>Move to 21, 26
File: Sssssshhhh(ark).jpg (44 KB, 495x700)
44 KB
Rolled 2 (1d10)

Nifo Toto slinks between deadwood trees, spear clutched in hand. How stealthy can he be? We shall see.
Rolled 5 (1d10)

Apparently under the new stealth rules I need to roll. Watch me get a 1 somehow.
File: Turn 6.png (4.02 MB, 6410x6493)
4.02 MB
4.02 MB PNG
>>5462825 Carn’aath
Your will is made manifest, washing over the critically injured god and forcing them into an agonized, diseased stillness despite their best efforts to resist, to flee their inevitable demise. Their godly constitution will free them from this disease quickly…but not quickly enough. Zebrac immobilized.
Where ingenuity fails, blood and bone will pay the price. Great, unwashed masses are directed into the wilderness, forced to use only their bare hands and what primitive tools they can find at their feet to try and bash down the barrier that is nature, seeking its bounty so that they might further the designs of their great, unknowable god. The Slave Class developed.
The tortured shrieks and squawks of their unfortunate prey are ignored, as are cruel, barbed thorns that pierce the Serfs’ own flesh as these brambleroot hunters drag their netted quarry back to the Soul Well. If they are alive enough to scream, then they are alive enough to breed, to give their lives to sustain the Serfs and the Great Color itself. Net Hunting developed.

>>5462831 Nardu
Where once the labyrinthine magics of the trade roads stood against only mortal troublemakers, now even those of a more divine disposition will find their attempts to cross or use the roads of the Skaldlings stymied and waylaid, if only briefly. None shall encroach on the traveller’s peace, not even the gods themselves. Wyrding Road developed.
With the safety that the Wyrding Roads bring, many Skaldlings find yet more cause to set down roots in Hordern and Fjordsmouth, bringing with them the tools that they received from the friendly, crystalline peoples to the South. Where once crops were gathered and building constructed by hand alone, they were now aided by sharpened stone and crystal, basic tasks made much easier for the contribution. Harvesting developed.

>>5463620 Steel-Weaver
The EBWOs are amazed by the contained flame, and the much greater heats that it is able to achieve. Though hardly feasible to construct out in the wilderness, several furnaces crudely imitating your design have begun to appear throughout Northwood and Southridge, delighted EBWOs feeding all manner of objects and materials into the fire to see what will result. Primitive Furnaces developed.
One such experiment reveals the wonders of super-heated clay, and though not as hardy as some other materials they’ve discovered, its malleability before it’s fired gives birth to the creation of a wide variety of different ornaments and storage containers, every EBWO enjoying the opportunity to flex their own creative spark. Pottery developed.
Literature shared with you by Nil.
>>5464509 Sheriruth
Your divine workshop looms over the heads of the Damm’ta as a cavalcade of limbs burst forth and writhe around the rim of the mountainous volcano, a testament to your skill and might, as well as an ever-present reminder that you will always be watching your troublesome creations. The Limbforge constructed.
Despite the intimidating reminder, the desire to gain greater strength is more then enough for many Damm’ta to overcome their fear and faded memories. A great migration ventures forth from Iweleth, travelling to the foot of the volcano to be presented with new, ball-jointed ceramic limbs, far more durable then their current roughshod, particulate body parts. Though still lacking most of the durability and articulation necessary to perform the most strenuous of their martial arts, they are a vast improvement of their current situation. Clay Limbs developed

>>5464763 Sabastious
You and your servants continue their assault on the flagging goddess. Though she is able to defend from the worst of the assault, yet more damage bleeds through, her form ever more broken. The end is nigh…
Meanwhile, despite their violence and simplicity that bleeds through every aspect of the Mohawker’s daily routine and conduct, your people have begun to develop a surprisingly eloquent tongue, the often-complex contracts many make with their infernal steeds necessitating the creation of a variety of different terms for the same general idea, albeit with slight changes in their nuance. Lawyer Speak developed.
Although they have largely been removed from it, your people are not unaware of the war that you have waged upon the god to the North. Inspired by the blood you have shed with the First Rider astride your back, many have made weapons better suited to such an endeavor, with a reach long enough to allow them to spear foes even as their partners trample them underfoot. Primitive Lances developed.

>>5465223 Godech
With their new, enhanced mandibles the crawlers of the yellows sands finally begin to fight back against their more advantaged brethren, sharpened stone piercing previously impregnable rock hide as territorial conflicts across the deserts flare up again in response to this new variable’s introduction. Rockbreaking developed.
Another spice is added to the typical crawler conflicts, tales of their exploits echoing forth from their souls to intimidate those crawlers less rich in history into compliance, soul emanations becoming yet another weapons with which the sandcrawlers can fight their endless wars. Featspeak developed.
Pillar constructed.
File: Shitpost_Neo.png (362 KB, 1829x829)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>>5465434 The Moon-Touched Prey
The unpleasant goddess unwilling to accede to your demands, you modify the lunarticks once again, the screams of her people as their infected fellows fall upon them, animalistically ripping away with teeth and nails in a maddened frenzy a welcome balm for you, despite your withered state. Lunarticks upgraded, Egg-Warped introduced.
Though your people yet stray from your side, the simpler-minded creatures of the forest provide you a small trickle of nourishment with their devotion, drawn to the simple, wild holiness of your altars where the moon hangs iridescently overhead. Lunar Altars developed.

>>5465446 Magnus
Where your people’s previous mental assaults had been little more then static noise, a rough hammer pounding away at a creature’s consciousness, the incursion was a fine chisel, a tool carefully crafted and perfected to thoroughly disable even those creatures of a sturdier mind then most. While your people have only been able to stun animals with it, you suspect that your vaster mind could inflict truly grievous harm on another creature, perhaps even another god’s, consciousness. Now if only you had a target….Mental Incursion developed.
Though it’s a somewhat simpler use of their malleable limbs then they’re used to, some Fileorva derive a simple pleasure from spinning their limbs fast enough to create spark, and none can deny the usefulness that comes with fire, at least after observing how the Shale make use of it. Fire Starting developed.

>>5465868 Versdel
While Prosperity would be glorious even in isolation, it was by sharing it with the world that the settlement would truly earn its. Many who understand this step forward, willing to devote themselves fully to the tasks that would be necessary to bring prosperity to peoples the world over. Preserver Architects created.
Where it was otherwise wild and free, on the coasts of prosperity nature found itself corralled, curated, and controlled, massive fish shoals unwittingly swimming in carefully regimented, seasonal patterns that the Preservers could easily predict and make use of, their nets never running empty as Versdel bent nature itself to his will so that Prosperity would never starve. Prosperous Spear Fishing developed.
File: Tension.png (207 KB, 1000x1500)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
>>5465887 Nifo Toto
Gagana takes off among the Auvau, mostly because it’s only a slight improvement over the grunts, snarls, and acts of violence that could be found in almost every Auvau social interaction beforehand. Nevertheless, hunting parties become better coordinated, and conversations become…SLIGHTLY more nuanced. Gagana developed.
In an act that was definitely not murder, an Auvau takes fire from the Shale, delivering this new discovery to their people. Though the heresy of cooking the blood from their meat makes most of the Auvau shudder, the warmth that fire provides during a long, frigid hunting trip away from Loto Mu is a welcome bonus. Fire Starting developed.

>>5466052 Nil
Where once they were passed down only through word of mouth, now many of the greatest plays of the Riath are put to word and stone. Though many still enjoy embellishing on and modifying the original formulas to better suit the preferences of themselves and their audiences, an original reference to refer back to is a welcome tool in any playwright’s arsenal. Literature developed.
For now, the Riath simply revel in their god’s return, celebrating the blessings he has bestowed upon the greatest amongst them with little understanding or care for what the implications of such a bestowment of power might be. Let them enjoy themselves for now, in time they will be made ready. Theology developed.
Writing shared with you by Steel-Weaver

>>5466413 Ardonash
As the war with the alien god seems to reach a climax, the Cut-Spawned train with yet greater fervor, their rough swings and stabs transforming into skillful flourishes and ripostes, each of their number developing on the basics of combat to create their own, unique style of dishing out violence with their blade. Improved Sword Fighting Techniques developed.
In a violent ecstasy over what they perceive to soon be their god’s first kill, they…dig another hole, bigger, deeper then the last. Deeper hole dug.

>>5466454 Zebrac
You spot the encroaching wave of magic too late, and even as you attempt to marshal your own divine energies to counteract it you find yourself painfully outmatched, pinned in place as thousands of agonizing pustules, blisters, and wounds erupt all across your from. Even as your body works to knit itself back together, you can feel the aggressor’s approach, taste their hunger. The hunter, it seems, has become the hunted. Immobilized for this turn.

As The Steel Weaver takes a nice panoramic view of its surroundings, it focuses on a distant island, barely visible with thanks to the uninterrupted sight lines offered by the open sea. Would it be possible… To access that land, somehow?
>Warning! Although the water strider module is an accepted after-market addition, it is not present on the- the- the-
>Water Strider module installed and functional.
Shaking off the brief disorientation, The Steel Weaver continues their bold exploration of the great frozen north!
>Wheeeee! Look at me go!
>Water Strider module at 70% energy
>Oh, I should find land soon, shouldn’t I?
>Water Strider module at 40% energy. Seek landfall soon.
>Over there looks good.

>Unit action: Steel Weaver moves in a straight line to 17,2
>Decided to go north anyway. He’ll either have to make a spirit roll (1 dice) or a nerfed strength roll (2 dice) in order to fuck with my as I’m crossing the water, whereas just attacking me normally would be 3 dice. I considered exploring the peninsula to the west, but that would not only put me further away from his settlement, it would also leave me with no other option but to brave him or brave the waters the turn after.
Meanwhile, back at Northwood and Southridge, the burgeoning population leads to unexpected problems. Foragers going somewhere only to discover the area has already been visited, confusion over what materials are needed to continue providing housing… Something the eldest of EBWoes, frequently on the back of some regionally appropriate animal so as to spare their withered joints, take to solving by the surprisingly simple method of talking to people and making sure that people are talking to them, something most conveniently done right after everybody wakes up and eats breakfast.
>MA: Develop Culture Ritual (Morning Gathering)
As the Riath’s religious revival takes off, it does not take long for news of what exactly prompted it to filter over to their neighbors. Sharing a significant border with The Deadlands, many elders had long held a sense of dread about that place, though the knowledge of what lay within would prove more terrible than any of them had imagined. In response, the elders begin meeting with one another, working out the hierarchy, the lines of succession, and other emergency protocols to ensure continued productivity in the face of outside threat.
“The only way that we can pull through is under stern rule! If a single one of us falls out of line, then we all do!”
>MA: Develop Government
And of course, they also do the good and neighborly thing of sharing notes with those most prominent and listened to of Riath. (Share Government with Nil)
>>5466517 Silure
2 hexes claimed.
While their current…”enhancers” do the job for most Beykarre musicians, some desire a slightly mellower flow to their thoughts, or simply not to think at all on some occasions. And so, when an accidentally fermented Pome’s juices send one Beykarre into a languid, giggling fit others are quick to replicate the process, fermenting the fruits in makeshift containers and drinking the results, heedless of exactly how much time it needs to properly ferment. Alcohol developed.

>>5466668 Thalak
2 hexes claimed.
While they hardly make for fast friends, at least at first, the Tugai are strong, sturdy, and reliable once tamed, making for good hunting companions and labour around the village, not to mention that their semi-aquatic nature allowed them to travel alongside the Cahoots wherever the went. In only a couple of generations a situational partnership had transformed into a long-standing bond, with the Cahoots building a larger breeding pen at the center of the village, where every young Cahoot could go to find a companion when they came of age to hunt. Domestication developed, Tugai Breeding Pits developed.
Touched by the relationship developing between your people and their…reptilian? Canine? Canilian companions, you coax a couple of the creatures over to the pool of liquid light you had recently arranged for the construction of, and with a hearty laugh, unceremoniously tossed the creatures in. For a moment the light frothed and thrashed, Tugai frantically hissing and barking as they were exposed to the unfamiliar liquid. Finally, though, the waters calmed, and the Tugai emerged…changed, ready to better assist your people. Tugight developed.

>>5466842 Eden
Your moths are able to curb the worst of the epidemic, though with the foul god’s new improvements to his equally foul creations your people are now beset by their own people, twisted and maddened by the eggs growing inside of them. Moth Hawks developed.
Despite the chaos going on around them, life must continue on, and your people are able shape the clay from the riverside, firing it with the results of their failed attempts to drive off the moths. Pottery developed.
File: J_Jam_that_sword_in.png (557 KB, 2159x1360)
557 KB
557 KB PNG
>>5466846 Belweir
Your people are quite shocked to find their once diminutive friends grown into such massive, hairy, ADORABLE eight-legged abominations. Despite their change in size the spiders remain as friendly as ever, and are even able to carry the Thaumites atop their much-enlarged back, affording the Thaumites a pleasant reprieve from exercising their own powers to keep their crystals aloft, as well as offering a unique new perspective on ground-based locomotion. Eight-Legged Beasts developed, Spider Riders developed.
Such a change in size naturally necessitated a change in the size of their webs, as well as the amount of silk each spider produced. Though still able to sustain themselves and their webs by feeding off some of the animals in their vicinity that they now dwarfed, the excess of silk the spiders produced was proving a bit bothersome, with any Thaumites not paying a great deal of attention to their flight path soon finding themselves tangled in silk and needing to be freed. Soon the Thaumites got the work, cutting loose any excess silk that the spiders did not need for their webs and storing it away. After all, it would be such a waste to simply throw away the bounties their eight-legged friends provided them! Silk Touch developed, Silk Stores developed.

The All Warmth
2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved. -2 HP.
Rolled 5, 1, 7 = 13 (3d10)

Scuttling over the ice, a yellow... THING bustles along the shore. Is this a god!? It is! He can FEEL it!
Doesn't look very meaty, though... Still, a gods a god, and perhaps this is like the many-legs things of the sea? The orange ones, with the pinchy claws? Those are DELICIOUS! Yeah... yeah! He wants to eat that! Nifo Toto psyches themselves up, gripping his spear as he charges down the mountain! He will rip one of it's legs off, and suck out the juicy flesh within!

>God Unit Move - From 12,8 to 12,-


>God Unit Move - From 12,8 to 11,6
>God Unit Attack - Nil

Nifo Toto leaps from ambush upon the wounded god, spear and fang united in purpose to tear a chunk of bloody flesh from the mist-shrouded wolf.

>Action 1 - Cultural Ritual
The Auvau are having a wonderful, if rather lonesome, time. They HAVE the capabilities to speak with the Slate and the Fileorva, but what can one discuss with something that doesn't have anything in common with you? You can't HUNT rocks, or whatever it is the strange rock creatures 'eat' in their mocking way of 'life'. The rodent things, the strange EBWoes down south, are so skittish and meager they surely cannot be hunters either.
So the Auvau interact with only themselves, and focus on what it is they do best. Slaying wildlife! Over generations, their bravest and brightest look to the MECHANICS of hunting, and through tradition and mythology, focus on improving it with structure and reasoning.
Of course, this isn't what ends up happening. But it does generate wonderful traditions and uncountable superstitions!
Oh god they're doing a wardance cuz they think it makes the blizzards stop...

>Action 2 - Foraging
ACTUALLY (very) slightly smarter Auvau have found that gathering Barlow and other roots and vegetables from certain areas have caused the local wildlife to avoid them, much the same way they avoid the Auvau's hunting grounds. Leaving the non-meat food out in small piles also serves to attract the more foolish members of the wilderness, ready to be pounced upon by stalking shark-kins. As a result, particularly cunning (or lazy) sharkfolk have taken to this more passive form of hunting, using the extra time to gather all manner of curiosities as they wait for their meal to deliver itself to their doorstep!

The end is nigh.
Confirmation from OP that the attacks will go through for free at this point.
>Unit Action [THE FIRST RIDER] - Strike the Goddess down
>Unit Action [Pladoma the Dominance] - Coat himself and imbibe the blood he spilled of his twin-goddess. Granting a temp HP for this hero.

The first god has fallen.
File: THE WHITE HORSEMAN.jpg (146 KB, 955x1200)
146 KB
146 KB JPG

With a tremendous cry, THE FIRST RIDER brings his fist and clutches Blasting Death Singing Mayhem's umbilical cord, ripping it from her hands, arms, and torso as the shibari ropes tear and rip her flesh into ribbons as it is finally pulled away. The whole length of the cord. Unleashing a waterfall of Ichor pouring forth and flooding the ground around the two demi-gods and Him. But she does not die. No. For He is merciful, in the strangest sense of the word. He will bestow upon her an unending agony, a hell for anyone else, but eternal stimulation for the sadomasochistic goddess.

Slowly SABASTIOUS approaches, and with one hoove he pins the goddess to the ground. Then, with his long unhinging jaw, he tears into the throat and drags down her length, filleting the goddess like a fish. Split in two with Ichor pouring out in geysers, in the center of her being rests her spark. Clutching the goddess' still living carces in his jaws, he flings her flayed form over his shoulder and onto his back. Her leathery skin burrows into his back and leeches off just enough life to maintain her awareness, there she shall now forever act as his caparison and saddle for his rider. A trophy that is gory, loud, and resplendent all at once.

As the DEMON HORSE dons his new regalia, the two demi-gods also begin their work. Pladoma the Dominate reaches the very World's Womb Tree that birthed him, and tears the heart-wood from it's core. Letting the undulating fleshy tree finally rest. THE FIRST RIDER strands the goddess' Umbilical Cord and fashions it with the divine spark she left behind, causing it to burn his hands with an awesome power. Two pairs of hands working together bring the components to their Lord SABASTIOUS, a divine recreation of the Mohawker's favorite armament. And as they do so, an all-blinding, white light envelopes the three.

In words that are not quite words, a voice that is not spoken but rather rumbled by the air around them, SABASTIOUS speaks. Meaning resounding in the heavens above their heads and the pits below them. All while his caparison and newfound armament shine white as the stars and snow.
>Major: [Develop] [DI] - SUNDER THE FIRST SEAL, CALL FORTH, THE WHITE HORSEMAN - "Behold, the first spark claimed, the first god felled of this ruined world. Thusly, Sunder the First Seal, and gaze upon as this White Horse and Rider with Bow in Hand set out, unchained. To Claim, to Conquer, to Dominate."
>Mechanically, so long as SABASITOUS has a Rider (be they god, hero, or wizard), SABASTIOUS and that Rider are allowed to make Strength Checks and Unit Attacks with an Additional +1 hex to range. Using the Bow of Dominance to do so. If no rider is present to shoot, SABASTIOUS is not able to use this benefit (he lacks hands). Only one Rider may benefit from this a turn.
Using: Domain: DEMON HORSES. Hellfire Archery, Divine Spark of Creation, Wood of the Womb Tree, Umbilical Cord of a God.

>Unit Move [SABASTIOUS] - Leap over the wall and Carry both Heroes down to <18,24>
>Move Settlement - <16,23>

>Major: [Develop] - Lance and Bow Fishing - While wild game and the occasional berry or fruit is all well and good, being able to claim food from the sea is just as fulfilling, and often a tad more challenging. Mohawkers have taken to rivers and coastlines, firing arrows from horse back or lancing from their feet into the waters to capture fish. General bouts of merriment and competitions are often held by all who participate. Followed by feasts of freshly grilled fish.
Using: Primitive Lances, Hellfire Archery
File: LETTHEREBECARNAGE.jpg (487 KB, 953x1518)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
Rolled 6, 8, 1, 3 = 18 (4d10)

>Unit Move [Carn'aath]: Move to (31, 15)
With his prey immobilized, Carn'aath will slow his encroach, now circling the agonized and immobile Deity like a hawk. He approaches slowly, studying the other-divinity, before he circles now inches away from Zebrac. His many tendrils caress and gently glide across the surface of her shifting skin of muscle and metal. The blood that seeps from her wounds drenches the tendrils that graze her body, before it is sucked into Carn'aaths flesh like a sponge. The God of Carnage hisses with anticipation, as the tendrils begin to wrap around her limbs and take grasp.

>Communication [MI]: Zebrac

>Should Zebrac have anything to say, Carn'aath would allow her to speak final words and take any final actions that do not allow her escape, before he takes the following action.

>Unit Interact [Carn'aath] [DI] [The Unmaking]: Attack and consume both Zebrac and her divine spark.
The ever shifting and slithering mass of tendrils and vertebrae begins to tighten its grip on Zebrac's fleeting body, before wrapping and engulfing her in entirety. Dozens of maws from its inside begin to bite and tear apart the flesh and metal of her being, violently consuming her every fiber. But in her death, Zebrac would not see blood and carnage, but an open expanse of unimaginable colors and beauty, a realm of space incomprehensible but calming. The color calls to her, begging her mind to welcome her new home as the walls embrace and close in on her body until there is nothing left.

>As the Divine Spark of Zebrac enters Carn'aath, he would be empowered with an enhanced constitution and physical endurance, as his body reshapes to incorporate more boney plating around his moving tendrils of flesh. +1 Fortitude

With his business concluded, Carn'aath would return home with the rest of his movement.
>Unit Move [Carn'aath]: Move to (27, 17)
File: TheEnlightened.jpg (354 KB, 1920x2176)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
Blessed with the sight of their God oncemore, the Serfs are delighted and drop to their knees in praise! In previous eons, their kind would scatter with fear, but in the memory of Algeriff The Wise, they have learned to avoid such disrespect. After all, the presence of The Champion this time has not brought more slaughter, for he is sated with the dropping blood of his slain! The Great Champion of Light protects us oncemore!

>The Sacrificial Class will sacrifice 4 pop this epoch

>Develop [MA] [Tactile Doctrine] [1 SP]: The Enlightened Class (Echelons of Terror IV) - Inspired by the presence of Carn'aath, the Serfs recognize that their class cannot function without the exchanging of information from generation to generation, for those who have been blessed with the presence of divinity are undeniably wiser than the common breeders and slaves. Through a set of etched markings, the oldest and wisest of the serfs join The Enlightened Class, a council who meet with the resulting children of the breeding camps to share their extensive knowledge of history, mathematics, and culture with the young serfs.

>Develop [MA] [Tactile Doctrine] [Soul Fire] [The Slave Class] [The Enlightened Class] [2 SP]: Pyromasonry - With the bountiful increase of resources and production by the work of the slave class, the guidance of the enlightened council brings upon a new sect of the slave class. The bramble chained lines of laborers shall deliver their bounty upon the doorstep of a gifted working class of serfs: The Pyromasoners. Taught in the mastery of soul fire sigils, these laborers do not magically manipulate this flame as a weapon, but produce it in controlled fashions in combination with coal to super-heat clay into bricks, seal the masonry of their constructions, and superheat new materials into more useful forms.

>Unit Interact [ARCHITECT] [1 SP]: Flesh Wall - Continue flesh wall north ways along the coast of (28, 18) and (28,17).

>Unit Move [ARCHITECT]: Move to (28, 17)
>MI Move: Fly over to Ardonash
>MI Interact: Grab Ardonash


MI Move: Fly back to 30, 21, dragging Ardonash through the ground in his sheath the entire time

MA + DI: Limbforge II

The Limbforge swells in power and might, deeper yet deeper it extends its matrices below the earth, slipping under its skin.
Burrowing in coarse earth and magma flow, the limbs of Sheriruth do flow.
Where do they stop, where did they come from, where did they go, does anyone know?

MA: Armillary Bands + Belligerent Limbs + MA: Many Hands Make Lifting Together (Militant Induction)

The minions of sheriruth learn that teamwork may solve all problems and grow stronger for understanding this impressive lesson.
They remember forgotten stories of them all teaming up, unifying against a great tyrant and how their teamwork once drew him near to death.

Many are inspired by these tales and grow to form a martial brotherhood with their siblings, hewn from the selfsame stone.
Two gods had fallen. More would soon, Nardu felt. Their stories cut short, their lives abruptly ended. Paranoia struck the god of magic. Of stories. Stories of loss. No loss. Not for him.

The Skaldlings needed troops. They needed Rangers. Nardu taught them the art... of archery. Making bows of Sylvan Wood.

>Develop, Archery.

Then, Nardu looked to the most agile. The most humble. The most nimble. Whichever of the Skaldlings expressed those traits he desired, to become his chosen agent. The Ranger. Equipped with bow and sword. With an animal companion, he strode forth. Like a ghost, he would pick off any of those among the enemies of the Skaldlings. Those on four legs.

>Create Hero Unit, The Ranger, on 19,24. Using Archery, Animal Husbandry, Shaped Stone. Stealthed Range unit with a bonus inside of Skaldlings Path Tiles to range and mobility. Using DI

>Nardu move to 19,24.

Nardu stood at the edge of the Wyrding Path. He saw the White Rider called into existence, and he saw their pain. He spoke of a desire for peace. A path to it. The God attempted to sway the Rider to his side with warm feelings and endless stories. Leave this dark path, while he still could.

>Hero Unit Interact, Try to Convert the White Rider to my side.
Amending my turn. Messed some allocations up

>Make Unit, Archers. No DI usage, on 20,24.

God Unit Interact requires DI, so use that for attempted conversion. No hero Unit lol
Fuck me muddying the board. Archers are using 8 pop.
Further Ownage. Converting the First Rider
Affinity Rolls
Rolled 7, 7 = 14 (2d10)

Also been made aware I gotta move into Sabastious tiles with Nardu. Let's go pogchamps.
>1) Major Action Develop: Metallurgy
>Using: Fire Starting, Experience: Encounter with All-Warmth, Oltar Ore.
Back in a Hex of Magnus' own, Magnus communicates his thoughts and experiences to his Fileorva. The encounter with All-Warmth may not have been quite Mental stimulation, but the vision All-Warmth's mind allowed had shown of many gifts that warmth could bring, of blazing heat and molten rivers. As indeed had the matter of physical proximity, the sheer heat radiated by the burning god one that had made Magnus feel Magnus' outer layer start to liquify. Perhaps some Filorva might have experienced similar, if they had got their filing-forms too close to new-built fires of too-great intensity during their initial trials? Regardless, it is not through mere accident at another task but with intent of thought and design to shape metal through heat that the Filorva begin to learn the metallurgical basics.

>2) Major Action Develop: Oltar Metalworking
>Using: Metallurgy, Oltar Ore
Perhaps thankfully, the Syrconite filings the Fileorva use to make their body-forms are made from a metal that is not exactly easy to melt. One that is, however, is the gritty but soft Oltar that can be found around in ready clumps even above the ground; heating makes this flexible metal even easier to mould and form into shapes for use as edges and tools.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (18,8)

>God Unit Interact: (DI) - Mind Reading
Returning to the far shore, Magnus pays closer attention to the lesser minds around now that the burning heat but placid nature of All-Warmth has become a known quantity. Ebwos; do they know themselves the true meaning of their name? Magnus's mind searches out, scouring through the minds of these consummate scavengers for useful knowledge as Magnus moves along above them. The mind of the great eye is still searching out as he moves past them back into All-Warmth's domains, in the faint hope that the Shale's thoughts might also babble with unknown knowledge.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (17,7)
>God Unit [MI] Communicate = All Warmth
'Such a vision your mind showed. Prosperity and gifts'. Magnus' mind thinks back 'Thoughts of unity and co-operation. Would you wish for co-operation? Would you wish for a greater Unity?'
The Word-Prophet realizes that they have made some errors on their hastiness to return home to seek their kin, the Mountain-voice’s whispers growing more and more petulant as days passes. The pilgrim, whose horrified discovery of their kin shall be delayed to another day, returns back to the Vortex and calls their God.
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Move to [9,16]
>Unit Action [Word-Prophet]: Interact with Stone Pillar.

The Shaker, now in the midst of the Vortex and placed conveniently above the broken Spire, attempts to wrangle this unlimited power into it. To be empowered with a voice that'll crack the earth, that'll force the seas to sing its name, that'll expand its dominion of voice over the sand and dust. Perhaps, even to make those pesky not-singing land to let its voice into their hearts. Whatever the case, the God-Echo wants more power, and it'll serve as a better conduit ever than that meager black spire was.
>[MA][DI] Develop - Make the Storm of Magic you.

Besides all this, a miniscule group of crawlers in comparison to the eatercrawlers, originating from the Spire's worshippers and some willful wanderers, have conglomerated on the Mountain's base. Their style of living solely through turning the local sound environment into an echo of their voice-souls have barely subsisted them through the long years, eased somewhat by the Spire and later, the Prophet's Gift. These crawlers are now basked in the glory of echoes that is the Mountain, and drank from its divinity.
Now with the energy to act beyond subsistence, they settled and began digging holes in the ground, to better echo their voices and to shelter from the ominous storm.
>[MA] Develop - Village Settlement at [9,16] - Stormhome
>Unit Move (Preserver Architects): Move to (2,17)
>Unit Action (Preserver Architects): Construct Roads on the NW and SW edge of the hex.
The Architects set off to begin their divine work, carving out a road south towards the deadwood forests.

>MA + DI: Develop Tradetongue (Language) using Commerce domain + Visions of Prosperity
The Preservers so far had worked in silence, and it was easy to keep track of them given their small numbers, but they were beginning to grow. And with the knowledge that other gods, and therefore their followers, existed meant this would be unsuitable for trade. Versdel blesses his followers with an invention called Tradetongue. This divinely ordained language is universally understandable, and designed to allow for the conveyance of the value of commerce to entities that would not ordinarily recognize or care about it through the same daydreams that haunt the Preservers' souls. Perfect for building proper economic relations! That, and Prosperity felt just a bit more like a proper home with the sounds of voices echoing through its streets.

>MA: Develop Tradewrit (Writing) using Clay + Tradetongue
While language was a massive step for civilization, the vast stores of stone and fish needed proper recordkeeping. The Preservers begin fashioning clay tablets, and agree upon a series of symbols that convey concepts of Tradetongue in a written form. This act of unity further strengthened the cult's resolve to make what they all saw into reality.
File: benny hill music.png (179 KB, 800x800)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Rolled 1 (1d10)

It was all coming along quite nicely. Nil finds himself rather pleased with his choice of ally, the idea of a more solidified government that spread to the Riath from Steel-Weaver's own subjects needed only a few adjustments to properly fit his agenda. At this rate, he could start getting some real work done! That's what he thinks, anyways, right before he's pounced on by a berserk shark-thing with a familiar scent. He has little time to analyze the attacker, busy as he is struggling to escape the ambush, knowing full well he stands no chance in a straight fight with his wounds.

>Action 1: Unit Interaction [Nil] [DI] [Shapes in the Mist]
Aching from his injuries, the wolf god's form is torn, his flesh turning into wildly flowing vapours that slow him down. Still, desperate to survive, knowing this to be some agent of the THING to the south, he eagerly fills his divine lungs, the fog surrounding him solidifying more and more until he's almost completely physical, merely an injured wolf. Then, with an explosive howl, he disperses completely into fog, the air within Heolig growing even denser, until even the panicking Riath can barely see their own extremities. In the countless shifting paths of the town, several of Nil's silhouettes form and scatter in an attempt to confuse the shark-god's keen senses. The vast majority run vaguely north-west into the upper tundras, while the real Nil flees eastward desperately.
>Illusions move to [8, 3] while Nil moves to [16, 6].

>Action 2: Develop [MA]
Before this disaster went off, Nil, having possessed the Playwright, (that is, the newly declared head priest and leader of Riath society, decided by the most capable Actor), decreed that to face the dangers of the world, his people would need both better equipment and greater numbers, and ordered the most capable artificers in the land to create a tool that both serves the Riath and destroys their enemies. This, eventually, led to the creation of the bow, an ingenious invention that allows trained archers to attack from afar, in relative safety.
>Archery is developed.

(Rolling Fort)
Rolled 2, 5, 2 = 9 (3d10)

>Action 3: Develop [MA]
Beyond it's applications in theoretical war, the bow mostly served to ease the job of hunters, who quickly began to bring in significantly higher yields of meat, adding to the supplies gained by the domestication of beasts. This new accessibility and prestige that came with the profession led to a revolution in techniques, including more advanced traps, navigation and tracking methods and the use of trained Dazawks as companions, taking advantage of their natural abilities as birds of prey.
>Hunting is developed.

>Action 4: Share Technology [MI]
Having solidified the friendship between their two peoples, Nil was adamant that the EBWOs also became privy to the art of bowmaking and archery, and the Riath were eager to teach, if a bit overenthusiastic when it came to proselytizing about their great and merciful deity who bade them to create such divine tools.
>Archery is shared with Steel-Weaver.

(Rolling Spirit}
MA DI create lava pit

The all warmth sees that the volcano is not quite active and for his shale to grow and prosper they need warmth to feed them. Using their divine power they breath their blue flame once again and the volcano starts to crack open with lava once more, flowing slow and controlled.

MA gather clay

The shale require more homes for the new and to do so they must make homes that are fit for their young they dig into the soil for the same clay the all warmth had shaped when making their homes and begin plans

MA Develop pottery (fire breath and clay)

Through trained breathing the shale can take clay and shape it as they see fit then harden it to stay, such wonderful things may come from this well beyond homes they are truly elated.

MA develop masonry

With the clay and stones set the stove like homes the shale make are perfect for keeping them protected from the elements and for holding their heat in for cozy nights.

Minor action communicate >>5469363

Co operation? The god speaks of the 2 working together for something greater, oh such wonderful words.
Unity? How so? They would have to elaborate on this.
They think their words at the god "i would love to work together but I have one question... would you like to fight? I'm a big fan of showing ones strength or resilience. I understand if you decline its all in good fun though."
> the sword shivers, trembling in it’s wielder’s hand- it demands blood, it demands to be used, it demands to be WIELDED. It’s thirst MUST be slaked, lest it be turned against its owner…

> [DI] Development: use sword domain to channel Ardonash’s rage and strengthen his edge
After the failed attack on Zebrac, the wanting sword was left reeling in sheer, agonizing hatred. Then, the reunion with Sheiruth- bizarre as it was, it brought some… sort of distraction for the blade-god
But now, that distraction grows ineffective, and hatred returns twofold. Such anger however, will not be wasted, instead it is HARNESSED, into a mighty edge to empower Ardonash’s ability to brutalize and maim even further.

> dig a channel from the monolith to one of the deep holes
The cut-spawned see the liquid magic flow from the great tower, and taken by a fit of creativity decide to ingratiate their currently gone god with a gift: for if a sword can be forged and cooled in oil and water, then perhaps the same can be done with a divine sword- and what better liquids than godsblood and flowing magic?
File: WHO'S_THAT_DEMIGOD.png (284 KB, 640x400)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
When the god of the skaldlings leaves the party the crystal god remains behind to continue to provide the masked ones with company and decoration, greatly enjoying his time spent with these wonderfully entertaining creatures!

Traveling long distances on the backs of their beloved spider friends, the thaumites found a measure of luxury in not having to constantly exert themselves to keep their homes aloft. However, they soon found a new problem: their mounts liked to travel in the dark and hid themselves away in spaces where the light of the sky did not reach, and with their crystals kept away from the light of the day the little light sprites found themselves weak and hungering for energy! While they could separate from their spiders to bask in the sun's light, they didn't wish to leave their friends alone and sad. With some experimentation, a possible solution was found: some enterprising sprites spent some time using their magic to infuse crystals with deposits of various minerals, and one particular dark greenish-yellow metal they found in the low-plantlife shrublands seemed to hold the energy that the crystals made quite effectively when traces of it were infused into the vitreous structures of their homes.

At last, with these preparations made the thaumites would join their big brother once more! Northward the little light sprites traveled through the wild growth of the forest.

> [MI] [UNIT ACTION] [ROAD BUILDERS] [BUILD ROAD] [21,22]/[22,23] [22.23]/[21,23]
The thaumites came prepared for the obstacles along the way. This journey would be slow, but only this first time. This would surely be a regular trip for them to make in both directions, so the creation of a clear and easy path would be wise. As they progressed, trees were felled and rocks were broken and ground was flattened and packed so as to make it easy to move from their home to the home of the skaldlings in the future.
File: MTP.png (212 KB, 407x609)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Though they don’t suffice as minions just yet, countless animals are drawn in by the promise of shelter and comfort. So long as they aren’t hunters and predators, the Aberrant Biosphere provides them with plentiful food. They’re able to survive without struggling for resources, as a wild beast is wont to do, making the swamps an enticing place for them to settle down. Humble consumers gradually obey the magnetic force, becoming plentiful in the Prey’s lands. The population of mundane beasts rises healthily.

>Major action [Techs: Aberrant Biosphere]- Develop Recruitment, benefiting more from animal resources.

Thus far, the Moon-Touched Prey has put great focus into creating a haven for its mortal kin, who lack the strength to upturn the natural order on their own. While its efforts to retain them have all been sabotaged, a home has been lovingly prepared for them, with the Lunar Viewing Plateau at its very centre. It throws its head back and brays to the sky, letting out a decrepit corpse-rattle from its tattered throat. Tremors emanate through the ground as the degenerating God calls for its children to return, drawing them out of hiding from the nooks and crannies of the world. It offers plentiful sustenance grown through its magic, eliminating the need to brother to fight brother over scant resources. It shows them the truth of the outside world, and the horrors that man would inflict upon them if given the chance. The constant slaughter and hunting by their neighbours is a prime example for them to behold. It offers the wisdom of the land itself, to help them find their place in this burgeoning, yet alien paradise. It gifts them with the power to shape their surroundings and have their home slowly bend to their will, protecting them from outsiders and keeping their walls raised.

Lunar Altars pave the way to the Plateau, allowing the beasts of the world to undergo their pilgrimage. It remains firm in its declaration to craft its holy land atop this pillar. Though its strength may be waning, its willpower does not. The stars above the stone mesa are blotted out, revealing a black expanse that bears only the crescent moon. It sends its light through the swampland, drawing a path across each and every Altar, allowing them to serve as waystones that lead the beasts of the world back home. The Moon-Touched Prey will create this haven, removed from the outside world, where its own will and unnatural power can sustain each and every creature within it. The wild animals follow the path with ease, becoming worshippers in time.

>Major action [DI] [Techs: Aberrant Biosphere, Fear of Man, Whispering Woods, Lunar Altars, Treeshaping, Recruitment] [Domain- Perversion of Nature, Moon]- Develop the Call of the Wild, allowing population growth to start from nothing by drawing from the population of wild animals.

>Minor action- Move to 22, 26

Art Source: https://www.deviantart.com/scumbugg/art/Moth-Eaten-Deer-Head-100651676
some where in a cavern lush with plant life and a pool of water the ruins of some by gone era long forgotten sits slowly being worn away by water. Upon the roof of some old smashed hall is a gargoyle, it sits unperturbed save for a light drip of water. Slowly as time progresses the stone eye is worn to reveal light to exposed skin. The stone begins to tremble from inside the core gives way to a figure, a thunderous roar goes out as Hephalith the stone mason speaks his first words I LIVE ONCE MORE!!!
Name: <Hephalith the stone mason>
Description: < A humanoid gargoyle 7foot tall blueish gray skin hard as stone.>
Domains: < his domain is of stone masonry and Terrakinesis with only minor flight >
< Onix blue >
God Attributes: <Choose one major attribute and two minor attributes from Spirit minor, Strength minor, and Terraforming Major.>
Your Minions: <His children’s name are the stone born they are gargoyles varying in size shape and color ranging from small stone imps to great winged Hounds but his particular favorite is the more humanlike gargoyles resembling himself with a less bestial vissage >
Minion Attribute: <Hephalith gave his children the attribute spirit so they may learn and decide their own fates and futures>
Minion Ability: < flight.>
Starting Hex: <QM I wish to start in a mountainous region If I may>
Sorry about the formatting
Rolled 7, 8, 2 = 17 (3d10)


>Rolling Cultural Defensive roll (first Dice)
>Move Settlement - with last two movement back up to <17,21>
>Unit Action - Raidhawkers Move to 22,22 and Attack the Skaldling Settlement with Charge Bonus. (Latter two die, take lower of two)

The winds settle and the followers of SABASTIOUS make up camp for the long night, the battle against Blasting Death Singing Mayhem finally lulling into the gentle screams upon His back. Yesterday, Battle. Tomorrow, a new Battle. Glory and adrenaline abound. But tonight? Perhaps the eye in the storm. But as the first watch just barely begins, a raging storm courses forth in the realm of the divine. SABASTIOUS raises his head, snorting in distaste. Dried parchment and worn sandals flurry across off the mountain peaks far in the distance, and alight on tree after tree. In neckbreak speed, this masked individual slams down and crouches on a low-resting tree partially fallen into the swamp waters around them.

They speak in strange tongues and try to steer His rider away from him. And in response? He smiles. A long, long face twists into a sadistic glee. With one massive roar, coursing across the lands and seas, He calls his Mohawkers to ride to battle. For once, not as the aggressor, but in response to one who deems him an unacceptable menace. How simply WONDROUS.

In response, the Raidhawkers sally out, striding through swamps and trees and deadlands, until alighting on fresh and open fields. The DEMON HORSES take to the level ground and rolling fields with glee, smelling prey on the horizon. In the coming days, they spy the rolling smoke and small hatch huts of the Skaldlings. Undefended, unaware. It is only a matter of right for them to take what they please, and slaughter the rest. Let the strong survive, and let the ambitious thrive.
Rolled 6 (1d10)

Spirit roll requested.
Yo, hop in the discord and we'll queue you to join when a couple more gods die
I’m setup thanks
Rolled 4, 7 = 11 (2d10)

Rolling auto defense on Nardu's settlement, worst of two.
File: Turn 7.png (4.03 MB, 6410x6493)
4.03 MB
4.03 MB PNG
On this epoch, the winds carry the scent of death, as two divinities meet their end. So it begins.

>>5466935 Steel-Weaver
While it takes your rather free-spirited people some time to accept the idea of a regimented part of their day, and under another’s supervision at that, even the most rambunctious of youngsters eventually come to recognize the good sense in allowing the elders to convene and discuss, and in time many begin to heed their words, requests, and rules. Though still in its earliest stages, this council of elders can be considered the only widely acknowledged authority amongst your EBWOs, outside of yourself of course. Morning Gathering developed. Government developed.

>>5466938 Nifo Toto
You pounce on your unsuspecting, apparently already wounded prey, spear piercing deeply into his side as your jaws clamp shut like a trap, filling your mouth with the sweet, coppery, viscous taste of…nothing. You can definitely feel the canine god’s pain in it’s thrashing as it tears itself free from your teeth, and there’s certainly a strip of something resembling flesh clutched between your teeth, but it doesn’t take like anything at all! It’s like biting into snow, or wind! You can only roar in frustration as your bloodless, meatless prey scampers away in a multitude of directions, its existence once again denying you your long-coveted prize. YOU. MUST. HAVE. BLOOOOD! Smoky God-flesh gained.
Your people, unaware of your growing frustration, innovate. Through well-reasoned, researched debates, efficiently won with a spear through the heart, and careful calculations, quickly forgotten with the application of a chunk of ice to the skull, your people refine the art of hunting. Such stunning insights as the blizzard-go-away shuffle and the woradine-come-over-here song are uncovered, backed up with evidence such as…well, y’know, it worked that one time, didn’it? Cultural Ritual developed.
One piece of advice, scorned by those true intellectuals of your people, finds traction among the most dim-witted of the Auvau, who awkwardly wedge themselves into horrendously concealed boltholes as they watch their piles of rotten, unused food, often for days at a time, waiting for something to eventually fall for this…”trap”. On some occasions it even works. Foraging developed.
>>5466975 Sabastious
At last, the time was at hand. Your foe of eons lay beaten and broken before you, and though their sluggishness in recent epochs had left you slightly dissatisfied, you enjoyed your fight nonetheless. And so, for your masochistic opponent, you prepared the greatest of rewards. Her body and spark would gird you and your riders for war, the rest of her life an agonized, eternal nightmare from which there would be no escape, as you’re sure she would no doubt have wanted. And so, you clad yourself and those who rode atop you in white, a vision of purest Conquest, and rode forth, to enact your will upon the world. THE WHITE HORSEMAN developed.
Many Mohawkers find the hunting of such small, quickly moving targets as fish an excellent test of their skills, where normal small game is no longer enough to satisfy them. Several fishing competitions are held to the merriment of all, a welcome chance to compete and further refine their skills in the field of horse archery.

>>5467260 Carn’aath
You send the void-born goddess to a place beyond mortal comprehension, her mind warped by the eternal ecstasy of your lord’s presence as you sup on her divine spark. Your body squirms in agonized pleasure as your frame expands, your core mass engulfing itself in a sturdy carapace as your tentacles thicken to support the weight of their new armour plating. +1 Fortitude.
Blind, dim-witted and pathetic though the Serfs may be in comparison to their glorious god and his champion, the magnificence of his presence has blessed them with some small measure of wisdom, a wisdom the eldest and most enlightened to his majesty wish to impart on those more ignorant in their understanding of The Great Color. Perhaps, with time and careful cultivation, their base intelligence will grow enough that they might begin to understand and revere even a fraction of His true, sublime horror. The Enlightened Class developed.
Where their ugly, base forms will not suffice, the gifts of their lord will bend them into a more suitable shape. Thus are born the Pyromasoners, learned in the ways of manipulating Soul Fire so that they might burn the earth’s blood into compliance, and with the fruits of their dedicated labor build ever greater edifices in the Great Color’s honor. Pyromasonry developed.
>>5467380 Sheriruth
Hands and arms engulf the entire volcano, several seizing the magma chamber itself, diverting and regulating the flow so that it might better serve your own purposes. The Damm’ta watch on as the entire mountain range seems to rumble in protest of this mishandling, before finally beginning to calm, nature itself bent to your will in preparation for your return home. Limbforge II developed.
What once was shattered and divided might be made whole again, and under your very cautious guidance the Damm’ta begin to rediscover their fellowship, tales of fighting against tyranny once again propagating amongst them and inspiring them to acts of unity, even if they can no longer remember that ancient foe’s name. Many Hands Make Lifting Together developed.

>>5467756 Nardu
Though your people have little appetite for meat and blood, one cannot be picky on the trail, and archery provides both a ready defense for those who cannot rely on the roads under your protection and another tool for any traveller’s foraging kit. Handcarved bows and arrows become a common sight in any travelling caravan, and even in those settlements where your people lay down their roots. Archery developed.
Those bows are soon put to good use, a unit of Fjordsmouth’s best archers are assembled, in response to the call of their god and the monstrous divinity rampaging just at the edge of their borders. Archer unit created.
You, meanwhile, cross leagues in a matter of hours as you sense the two beings who had been clashing in the North…combine together, feeling of their presence, growing ever closer to your people and their homes, spurring you onward to speeds you had never imagined yourself capable of. Finally, you behold the apocalypse and its fell riders. You act quickly, weaving a spell of enchantment and directing it towards the more powerful of the two riders astride its back. To try and stop the rampaging divinity would be folly, but perhaps those of a weaker will might be swayed…
>>5469363 Magnus
It is slow going, and there are quite a few accidents as Fileorva, unused to things that can cause harm to their durable metallic bodies, hover too close to the flames, but your people eventually begin to comprehend the finer arts of shaping metal with heat, their experience with mentally reshaping their own bodies providing useful experience to build upon once they cross over that initial hurdle. Metallurgy developed.
The first true test of their skill, then, is working with a metal unlike their own. Though its softness made it easy to melt down, Oltar was in turn a delicate metal, difficult to shape and mold in a different way from their own Syrconite. But eventually, with a great deal of precise, persistent coaxing, one single-mindedly determined Fileorva is able to shape the Oltar into a…if not elegant, then at least usable tool. As if it opened a floodgate, several others achieve success not long after, and with all of these successful smiths to serve as an example for the rest mastery of Oltar and its properties begins to materialize in earnest. Oltar Metalworking
In the meantime, you meander in the lands of The All-Warmth, different divisions of your brilliant brain scanning the minds of the nearby EBWOs even as you ruminate on your conversation with the first non-hostile god you’ve met. While most of their primitive knowledge interests you little, you do discover one intriguing design, a machine that is surprisingly elegant in its simplicity. Spinning Wheel extracted from the minds of the EBWOs.

>>5469925 Versdel
Where once your people silently carried out their business, intentions and haggling conveyed in awkward pantomimes and charades, now your people spoke the Tradetongue, the language of profit, of gains and losses, just as they did in that half-faded memory. Though it seems just a little clearer now, the chatter of your new Prosperity bringing with it a pang of nostalgia. Tradetongue developed.
Just as trade on a grant scale necessitated a common language, it similarly necessitated a means through which to record such vast numbers of transactions. That role is rather handily filled by Tradewrit, a physical representation of the Tradetongue that you’re quite proud to say your people developed all on their own, with no need for input on your own part. Tradewit developed.
>>5469724 Godech
As you arrive to your servant’s summons, you behold the massive magical storm swirling about overhead. The raw power, the untapped potential. You desire it. And so, you place your divine form over the destroyed obelisk’s remains, the source from which this endless magical storm seems to leak. Immediately, you can feel a pressure beginning to build, the channel through which this great power seemingly flows now stoppered by your efforts. You know you need to act quickly, lest the channel reach a breaking point and…something cataclysmic occur. You quickly begin to examine the channel with every method available to you, memorizing its form and properties. You’ve little experience handling this power before, but it is not so unlike sound that you cannot work with it. Then, you begin to carve. Agonizingly slowly, you fashion a new channel, or perhaps simply and extension of the original, into your body itself, flowing through your form until it finally reaches your peak, pressure continuing to climb beneath you all the while, the sand itself quaking under the strain of the immense power struggling to break free. When you finally finish you fear for a moment you’re too late, smaller geysers of power bursting around you as tiny leaks form in the channel. But you’ve come too far now, your only hope is to channel the energy through your body. Finally, you release the proverbial valve, let the magic flow through you…it is a feeling you cannot put into words, perhaps not even into song, the sensation of almost infinite power as the energy surges through your body and emerges at the apex, a magical storm once again beginning to form overhead, but now controlled, disciplined, stained with your influence. You have become the storm. Magical Conduit developed.
In light of your success your sandcrawlers emerge, basking in the proof of your divinity that now shimmers overhead. The place become a holy pilgrimage site, a land where they can be closer to their god then ever before, and it takes a scarce couple of years before a settlement springs up near the location of your conduit, a place of rest for those who would gaze upon your magnificence. Stormhome constructed.
>>5471318 Nil
You howl in pain as your peaceful convalescence is shattered by an intruding spear and an accompanying set of jaws, a chunk of flesh torn from your flank as you leap away and turn to confront your foe, the massive shark-beast glaring at you with a set of cold, gimlet eyes. Injured as you are, your only option is to escape for the time being, conjuring illusions in your wake to mislead the roaring, blood-starved beast as best you can. -1 HP.
Seeing their injured god attacked in his moment of vulnerability, your people are stoked into a feral rage, even the massive shark’s continued presence doing little to intimidate them as they begin to construct weapons of war with which to strike at it. Archery developed.
Still, to strike now would be suicidal. So, your people prepare. They test their newly crafted weapons on the local wildlife, ensuring their arrows will find their mark in the creature’s most unguarded areas when the time finally comes to strike at the savage transgressor. Hunting developed.

>>5472543 The All-Warmth
Your breath cracks and splinters the volcano’s edge with its heat, bring it back to roaring life for a moment before it settles down to a grumble, thick, viscous rivers of magma pouring out through the cracks and faults you’ve created in the volcano which your people waste no time investigating, eyes glittering in wonderment at this heat they’d previously felt only from the god. Lava Pit developed.
Three actions not possible, three MA refunded.

>>5472559 Ardonash
As the familiar fa-hand drags you away, you stew on your rage, let the hate flow through you as your single eye glares over the distant horizon to where Zebrac escaped. If your blade had been a little sharper, cut a little deeper, then you would have tasted the foul temptress’s heartblood. Unbeknownst to you, your travel through the earth becomes slightly smoother, your blade parting the earth that much more easily as you’re spirited away to parts unknown. Hateful Edge developed.
The Cut-Spawned, meanwhile, continue their work, digging a great channel linking the sinister obsidian ziggurat to the hole they had dug at the base of the mountains. Channel dug.
>>5472643 Belweir
Success! Though they lost their energy rather quickly if left alone, these crude batteries, as your people referred to them, served as a perfect energy source for those Thaumites who could not stand to be separated from their eight-legged companions for any length of time, and even those Thaumites who had no qualms about basking in the sun found the energy contained in these small nuggets of metal to have a interesting enough taste that they, too, would snack on them from time to time. Divine Batteries developed.
After enjoying the fruits of the Skaldling’s labor for so long, and having gone without their big brother for such a considerable length of time, some Thaumites had become restless. They did not simply want to frolic aimlessly, they wanted to frolic with purpose! And so, astride their spider mounts and with tools ready at their sides, a force of Thaumites set forth from the mushroom forests in which they’d lived their entire lives, journeying out into the wider world. Road Makers created.

>>5473154 The Moon-Touched Prey
Great herds of prey animals migrate into your lands, free of their typical predators and abundant with food. Soon enough, they will come to understand the price they pay for their protection. Recruitment developed.
A great herd of animals, of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments, unwittingly undergo your holy pilgrimage. Only the final touch is needed, now, before they will become yours. Call of the Wild developed.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.

2 Major Actions saved.

0 HP reached. RIP.

0 HP reached. RIP.
>God Unit [MI] Communicate = All Warmth
The Great Eye stares back at the Burning god. 'Eye suppose it is prudent for Magnus to test Magnus' own resilience, but Magnus cannot easily spar in the manner All-Warmth might wish...'

Magnus' thoughts flicker a moment, detecting the arrival of another Spark-mind nearby, though their nature appears obscured. And to the north, yet another.

'...such thoughts we might delay, however.' Magnus states mentally. 'It appears that you have another visitor or two'.
Character sheet update
<name: Hephalith The Stone Mason>
<Description: A humanoid gargoyle 7foot tall onyx blue skin>
<Domains: stone masonry, and terrakinesis (earth bending)>
<God attributes: Terraforming major, Strength minor, spirit minor>
<Minions: Hephalith’s children are all at their core gargoyles equipped with wings and horns, but each have differing sizes and colors and shapes because chiseling the same form gets boring>
<Minion Ability: Tech flight (because wings)>
<starting Hex: [6,18]>
<Minion attribute: culture>
File: War Autism.png (847 KB, 953x805)
847 KB
847 KB PNG
Rolled 2, 9, 2 = 13 (3d10)


The following turn is under the assumption that Nardu doesn't just intercept SABASTIOUS as He leaves. If he does, this kind of changes the legality of everything that follows, so...
>Major: [Claim] [DI] - <17,19> gaining the walls and fortress left behind and unclaimed. Then after SABASTIOUS's full movement, claim <29,27> just within reach. (Blue circles in map)
>Major: [Build] - Settlement on <29,27>, the Mortagon Warband.

War Actions:
>Unit Action [Raidhawkers] - Now that the Town of the Skaldlings is disjointed and the people in disarray from their initial assault, the Raidhawkers pillage the Secrets of traveling Nardu's paths from the Skaldlings. Our glorious riders must be free to traverse these paths without befuddlement. Then move to <19,23>. First two dice, take lower.
>Unit Action [THE FIRST RIDER] (WHITE HORSEMAN) - Using the Bow of Dominance, Strike at the Skaldling Archers unit on 19,24. Will roll for this, but pretty sure it's guaranteed death due to lack of enough defensive techs to matter. Third dice.
>Unit Move [SABASTIOUS THE DEMON HORSE] - Travel from <18,24> to <22,26>, allow the shrunken and starved Moon-Touched Prey to be picked up in His jaws as the ungulates ride off to the edges of Eden's lands, <24,27>. Finishing the claim action after moving as well.
>Unit Move [THE FIRST RIDER] - Hop off SABASTIOUS after He has moved, onto <25,26>
>Unit Action [Pladoma the Dominance] - With the flesh and blood of BDSM still coursing in his frame, and the tight, embracing qualities of his Subdomon minion ability, Pladoma Defends MTP. Willing to roll the defense check and risk an HP of damage in the process.
>Settlement Move: Ramperdam Warband move from <17,21> to <17,19>.

As the divine words of the Storyteller course over THE FIRST RIDER, he is swayed by tales of telling fanciful story and jolly cooperation. If, for only just a moment. Then, his eyes alight with demonic fire, his voice rumbles the skies above. SABASTIOUS Speaks, through his chosen vessel. As if he has all the time in the world. "Well now... Well now, well now, well now. For such an -disregardable storyweaver- to come out of his hovel and strike the first blow? On a hapless traveler, no less? You have my attention now. Dare I say, I am even... impressed. Such ruthlessness will serve you well, STORYENDER, if you do dare attempt to fend me off to the last."

Rising slowly, the two champions leap onto the sides of the screaming gird and saddle aboard the DEMON HORSE. THE FIRST RIDER readies his bow, and with a smirk down at the masked godling, leases it. A blasting scream cries out as it echoes out across the night sky and into the crowds of newly formed and rank Skaldlings armed with their own pitifully inadequate bows. Blinding white arrows blazing with hellfire streak downward, piercing some dead on the spot while immolating others to the bone in massive gouts of flame.
File: Elk Rider.jpg (126 KB, 1000x788)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Word travels fast of the attack on the Mist-God, and the EBWoes do not hesitate to respond. Fear of being next, among other things, soon sees the once peaceful workers arming themselves with sharpened rocks and sturdy branches, joined by fiber and sinew.
>MA: Develop Primitive Weapons

As this happens, a pang of concern strikes the elders. The Steel Weaver has not been seen for some time. Could it have encountered something similar to the scourge that befell Nil?! The only way for a mere mortal to keep pace with a god is by mounting some manner of beast, and the Steel Weaver is swifter than most... But fortuitously, so are the Falerine.
>MA Create unit of Falerine Cavalry at Northwood (Techs used: Animal Riding (Falerine), Primitive Weapons.) Population: 10
Yes, this is me. And also, because I forgot:

Meanwhile, The Steel Weaver, having surveyed the northern island and found it not dissimilar to the northern mainland, returns to said mainland. Upon doing so, they spy a village of shark people off in the distance... And, having no knowledge (yet)o of the shark-men's belligerent and bloodthirsty creator, The Steel Weaver instead pops over to 16-6, to strike up conversation with Nil.

>God Unit Move - To 16,6
>God Unit Attack - Steel Weaver
The return of the crab! With the dissapointing non-taste of the air-thing still in his mind, Nifo Toto leaps across forest and mountain, before once again sliding along the more familiar ice. There, he leaps up from a snowbank, no pretense of stealth or subtlety, spear and fang united in the purpose of rending god flesh apart! He will pry apart the yellow shell of this overgrown sea creature and taste its juicy flesh!!!
Oh hey the air things here too! And the fire thing!
...This is entirely uninteresting.

>Action 1 - Settlement on 21,8 (Vai Magalo)
Under the no-doubt watchful eye of the nearby Magnus, a new village of Auvau spring up, intent on having easier access to the freshwater fish of the lake, and the kindling of the nearby deadwoods.

Action 2 - Blood Frenzy (Pack Tactics+, basically, building off Blood Scent)
With the Auvau practising all manner of ritual and 'experiments' when it comes to their hunting, its no doubt that they will EVENTUALLY stumble on something that works!
Well, it's less a 'tactic' and more a 'listen idiot, follow your instincts, and your nose!'
The end result is Auvau working in closer, more ferocious union to take down every larger beasts, both on land and in the sea!
Rolled 4, 10, 4 = 18 (3d10)

Guess the roll didnt go through? Ah, it auto-caps it on phone...
Rolled 5 (1d10)

I hate you.
And another thing I fucking forgot, we share Primitive Weapons with Nil
Sheriruth moves to 26, 21, the heart of his land. Dorsal limbs do not impede the held Ardonash's movement as he is, for now, permitted

>Communicate: Belweir, Carn'aath
"Gather before me, I make demand of your strength lended to a project of mine, one that may serve to benefit you each."

>Communicate: Ardonash
"Thirsty instrument. You will recieve what is yours, and I mine. Lend towards my efforts in the coming epoch."
Approaching from the north, the mass of flesh and tendrils would glide its way towards (25,19), heeding the call of Sheriruth.

>Unit Move [Carn'aath]: (25,19). The Champion of Light approaches the borders of Sheriruth's territory, peeking at him over the mountains, appearing bulkier and sturdier than he had in the past.

>Communicate [MI]: Sheriruth
>Communicate: Carn'aath
"I seek to transform you from your current pitiful state of lizard ignorance into an elevated form, beyond even a Lizard Watcher, to a Lizard Contributor."

"The arming of these acquired Tugai to a new and vastly superior state is the objective. The nexus of their production is established and ever expanding. I require raw power and foreign concepts beyond my purview to do more for them."
>Communicate [MI]: Sheriruth
File: PORTENT DEPLOYER.jpg (677 KB, 900x1920)
677 KB
677 KB JPG
With plans set for the following epoch, Carn'aath took little time to decide what must occur in the present. The Great Color watches impatiently, as The Champion's hasted actions cannot be fast enough to keep up with his prophecy. They shall not go gentle into that good night.

>Develop [MA] [Pyromasonry]: Oltar Metalworking - Putting their mastery over the soul flame to use, the new sect of workers produce a new vital resource for their advancement in the honor of The Luminescence. The clumps of deep olive ore embedded within the savanna hills become durable and sleek, versus all they've previously known, when met with the Pyromasoner's flame. In addition, it appears as a great conductor to transfer the arcane energy of their sigils into something... else...

>Develop [MA] [DI] [Everything]: PORTENTS OF CALAMITY - With every passing epoch, each and every creation of Carn'aath and that which he has guided the Serfs towards has contributed to the design of this weapon. Constructed in living flesh and condensed bars of oltar, the enormous aching beast is operated by the past-enlightened tactile scribes and their enslaved pyromasoners, stuffing its maws with niter, black sand, and coal, before it produces a hollow and buoyant ball of cancerous matter. Empowered sigils channel great amounts of energy into its maw, igniting a blast powerful enough to deliver its portent to its augured destination.
PORTENT OF CALAMITY is a construction design that allows units in the same hex to use to deploy themselves to a hex Carn'aath owns or a hex that is occupied by another unit Carn'aath owns, at the cost of 1 SP.
Using: The Unmaking, The Spread, Tactile Doctrine, Soul Fire, The Enlightened Class, Pyromasonry, Oltar Metalworking, Niter, Black Sand, Coal

From here on, let X stand for the amount of living howitzers MOP will let me create in a single turn.

>The Sacrificial Class will sacrifice X pop this epoch.

>Unit Move [ARCHITECT]: Move to (27, 17)

>Unit Interact [ARCHITECT] [X SP]: Build X portent howitzers in (27, 17).
File: Reconfiguration.jpg (559 KB, 2048x2047)
559 KB
559 KB JPG

The deer continues to hobble North, one destination in mind: Alexandria. It intends to let its full wrath explode out of its carcass, until either the hamlet is nothing but accursed dirt, or its master comes to slay it a final time. As it moves, however, its flickering ears pick up the sound of hoofbeats trailing through the forest. It looks up, witnessing the fourth God to have shown its face in Bottomrite. The Moon-Touched Prey beholds the DEMON HORSE, feeling a solitary thread of connection to its infernal splendour. Though they may not be kin or allies yet, they are both Divine Beasts. Their existences themselves are wild and untamed, and thus it feels more respect for this hoofed fiend than it ever could for all the deities of the world.

Its body, no longer able to tower over the treetops like before, sheds waterfalls of flesh that crawl across the leaf litter like great grey maggots. The Moon-Touched Prey gathers up the discarded meat, working it into rotten appendages and tubes of biomass. It braces its legs against the ground and heaves, snapping them off and showering the earth with the black tar that poses as its blood. Finally, after mutilating itself into a deplorable mass of mangled meat, it gets to work on rebuilding. Its joints twist the other way, fully turned around in their sockets. The old flesh clings to lanky vertebrae that extend from the gaping wound in its back, forming numerous tendrils to push it across the ground. It softly rejects the offer to be carried in the jaws of its saviour. Instead, it will show Him that it can still run on its own twisted feet despite its weak state. The undead Monster has lost its Herd over and over, and seeks to run alongside another till it can regain its strength once more.

>Unit Move [God Unit] - Accept the aid of Sabastious in order to move to <24,27>
>Minor Action [Communicate to SABASTIOUS THE DEMON HORSE]

The Prey will not forget this kindness. In the dark depths of its empty sockets is gratitude.

Art Source: https://twitter.com/kingmagpieart/status/1496499371701067777
Despite being a corpse in the middle of rotting, the Moon-Touched Prey's body never seemed to fully wither away while in its prime. With a lack of worship, its flesh is now decomposing in earnest, but it fondly recalls when it was able to easily stave off the degeneration. Mortal beasts don't have the same sort of influence that it does, but their bodies ought to be far easier to sculpt. It tries its hand at granting them this gift. As it gallops alongside the mighty stallion, it allows wisps of its magic to latch onto passing creatures and propagate between species. Eventually, it will reach the forest and be among its kin once more. Their bodies shall attempt to keep themselves preserved as long as they live, preventing their cells from reacting to pathogens from the outside world. Heinous wounds are able to stave off infection, and oftentimes, beasts who receive injuries are unaware of them, spared from the shock. It becomes common to see animals with segments of their body missing, or chunks gouged out by the accursed predators who still wander the fringes of the swamps. And yet they soldier on, ignorant of the damage to their bodies until they recover through natural means.

>Major action- Develop Flesh Preservation, serving as the most basic form of medicine for the animals.

The patron of the Prey sees a prospective end approaching. While the creature yet walks, the Moon has influence over the mortal world, so it opts to claim some worshippers for itself. Its puppet is on the verge of death, and whatever meagre power can be mustered up must be cherished. The rituals of the animals atop the plateau begin to evolve, taking on more complex procedures. Being mindless animals, they know not what they're being compelled to do. They kneel in silence throughout the night, with Sirvee watching from atop trees as the stars gradually wink out. Broken corpses are gathered up in their jaws and dragged across the swamps, haphazardly arranged to form more altars. Creatures bathe their offspring in the light of the full moon, absorbing its power and becoming ever so slightly twisted by it.

>Major action- [Techs: Lunar Altars] [Domain- Moon] Develop Moon Worship.

Art Source: https://www.deviantart.com/hafzicalart/art/Mystical-Moon-Tree-724664486

Wisps of its waning might take off into the sky. Now that its learnt what calls on the hearts and minds of the wildlife, it's able to draw on them and turn them into true worshippers. A thousand miles away, atop the Plateau, countless beasts are marked in the womb, and will be born with crescent sigils that signify their loyalty to the Corpse and its Moon.

>Unit Interact [God Unit] [DI] [Techs: Call of the Wild]- Activate one instance of Population Growth at the end of this Epoch.

>Minor Action [Communicate to SABASTIOUS THE DEMON HORSE]

Once the flaming hooves halt, the beast comes to a stop as well. It is the first time it has set its hooves on the grassland. It looks around, noting the plentiful Poddox and abundant grain. This will be a poor place for it to transform into a haven, for it is too flat, too sparse, when compared to lush forests and murky swamps. It ceases its examination and turns towards the other God and its repertoire of minions, projecting its thoughts and intent to the DEMON HORSE alone. It does not know what the other deity stands for, nor the means it uses, thus it opens its heart first so the other may understand it.

It is a being born of nature, yet it rejects such a fate. Its kin do not deserve to be stepped on and harvested like crops by the mortal races, and it intends to uplift them till they're strong enough to fight back. It is the utter rejection of the natural order, and the promise to pervert it into something more palatable for those that would be placed on the bottom rung. It promises its loyalty for the aid it has been given thus far, so long as granting this loyalty does not mean it must accept the slaying of its children.

>1) Major Action: Develop: Animal Husbandry
Using: Falerine, Poddox, Grain, Vegetable
The Fileorva begin to control and guide the population of the animals that they have bought into their village, seeing the use and guidance of these simpler minds then their own as a part of their right and responsibility.

>2) Major Action: Create Unit: Toolers
>Using: 20 Fileorva, Syrconite Magnetism, Metallurgy, Magnetoform Reshaping, Oltar Metalworking, Oltar Ore, Domesticated Falerine.
The form is the means through which the Mind makes itself manifest. As it is with followers, so shall it be with the works that they make manifest; with tools to mark and change the environment to their own means. And perhaps a few tamed Falerine can be lead along to carry anything the Filorva don't want to hold right now.

>God Unit Interact: (DI) - Mind Reading
Whilst waiting for All-Warmth's slow thoughts once again, Magnus takes a little moment of amusement by once again searching the minds of the Shale for ideas of interest.

>God Unit: Magnus - Move to (16,6)
But when Magnus is through with merely waiting, Magnus rises up and around, moving to where the sparks of three beings already mark their presence upon the frozen landscape.

>God Unit [MI] Communicate =
( >>5473520 ) Steel Weaver,
( >>5471321 ) Nil and
( >>5473557 ) Nifo Toto

(At the end of turn, if no correction to this has come in, then:
>God Unit: Magnus - Move back to (17,7)
File: mr-happy.jpg (430 KB, 1284x1006)
430 KB
430 KB JPG
A ping of communication rings to Belweir from the east! Another friend wanted his help with something!

> [MI] [MOVE] [BELWEIR] [26,21]
The giant mass of crystal thanks the masked ones for their hospitality, then ventures forth toward the mountain range to the east.

The flying crystal sails through the air and bounces noisily off of the branches of a tree before landing on his side on the ground before the divine hand. "Hello hand man!" The crystal god vibrates happily. "I am here to help!"
>The cavalcade of arms opens up before Belweir, allowing unimpeded passage through sheriruths land to its heart

“Good. The artistry will commence the following epoch, the divine reweaving of these lizard beasts.”

“Think on what you seek to graft to them.”
>Unit Move (Preserver Architects): Move (2,18)
>Unit Action (Preserver Architects): Build roads on N and NE edge of hex.
The Architects continue, their mission undaunted by bitter news.

>MA: Develop Pack Hunting with Prosperous Spearfishing and Primitive Tools
Despite the help that the command of their god provided, the initial efforts of the Preservers to spearfish were slightly bumbling. In time, those assigned to fishing came to trust in the aim of their fellows, and incidents of aiming for the same targets began to dwindle. Useless for gaining extra food, but perfect for any wars they would face in their future.

>MA + DI: Develop Preservers of Eternal Order (Military Tactics) with Deaths of Zebrac and BDSM + Pack Hunting + Visions of Prosperity + Order Domain
The King of Prosperity was troubled greatly. While it was distant, he could feel the sudden pull of emptiness, a great drowning of life like he felt in the deadwoods of the south. Something was dreadfully wrong. Assembling his flock, Versdel spoke of the dangers that would threaten their prosperity. Their visions turned grim, of endless wars. While they did not yet have the weapons to make use of a lot of these tactics, they already began practicing the tactics they would need when the time came.
MA + DI: Limbforge III

This most holy and mighty extension of the limb gods will grows ever stronger, ever mightier, it’s power to command the domain of limbs ever expanding.

The limbforge conquers wholly the volcano is was built on and integrates even the surrounding landscape, the entire hex becomes one living, perhaps breathing, machine.

As above, so below, the limbs of the obstinate god spreading through the magma veins towards the beating heart of the world.

MA: Cyclopean masons

The Damm’ta are put back to work. Once builders, then rebels, now again builders, commanded to rise up mighty works in the name of Sheriruth.
Their lives, their efforts, their everything, all for Sheriruth, the once and future builders serving the eternal master of their fates, constructing whatever the Pale Shape desires.
"Okay! Imma try the thing I wanna do!"

Belweir had been watching his thaumites' experiments from afar, and he'd been considering how he would like to help his baby brothers and sisters with their pets. This idea would help them in more ways than one, and it would help the big rocky hand guy too, if it worked right! The big crystal exercised his whims and willed a change within the spiders: their exoskeletons would transform to vitreal plating, coating them in strong and magically-conductive crystal, allowing the thaumites to truly ride their mounts like never before!

The thaumites found their new betteries to be wildly helpful in many situations. Perhaps it would help them to be ready for emergencies, even! What would they do if the sun became inaccessible for one reason or another? If they had energy reserves, that would certainly be a lot less of a problem! But now how would they get that much sunlight into their batteries? As per usual, they deliberated over the problem. The idea that was settled on was to use magic to try to fuse together crystals and then elongate one to turn it into a tree of sorts with the batteries fused to the top like big bulky leaves. Then, rather than remove the batteries from the top, they couls funnel the power down the "trunk" and into a loose battery on the ground!

The thaumites may have been a bit hasty with that false start. This time, they were ready for real! Northward, to their big brother!

> [MI] [UNIT ACTION] [ROAD BUILDERS] [BUILD ROAD] [21,22]/[22,23] [22.23]/[21,23]
And make sure those roads get made on the way!
Minor action communicate :steel weaver, Nifo toto, Magnus. "Apologies hes rather mannerless" the all warmth says motioning to their side. "However I will take this as an opportunity! LOOK OUT FELLOW GOD I CAN COME TO PLAY! Almost as if in slow motion in the middle of preparing for whats next The All Warmth thinks to Magnus "of course I want us to work together I mean just look at how fun but unproductive what I'm about to do is" The All Warmth then proceeds to Elbow drop onto Nifo... FOR FUN!

Action attack Nifo Toto

Roll 2D10

Major Action develop hunting

The All Warmth already has a plan for Nifo that requires meat, a curiosity that the shale themselves have also considered delving into.

Major Action develop domestication
The shale will not only hunt the local snowy creatures but learn to take them into the community and help breed them to numbers for all sorts of tasks.

Major Action develop philosophy
The shale have seen many things in the time they've been alive and have developed a taste to argue the true nature of the things around them and what they mean. Such things have deepened their minds as a whole and these questions and answers have been recorded as time passes.

Major Action + DI develop shale clay

The conditions were perfect in this snow landscape the shale were able to with a breath of blue flame from their god discover another hidden talent from their god. the ability to manipulate the naturally cooled lava from their body into a fine clay when the use of snow. barlow, and animal leftovers are thrown in the process of making clay is super advanced in its natural process through a pressure of the shale's strength and heat.

Also yes move to 16,6 as well
fixed sorry
Rolled 1, 8 = 9 (2d10)

trying again
Rolled 2, 1, 7 = 10 (3d10)

Nifo Toto explodes from the snowbank in a flurry of powder and ice, godly spear goring the scuttling robospider through its center. He catches one of the things's thrashing legs in his teeth, the screech of stressed metal only lasting a moment before a spray of black ichor mars the blank snowscape.

Still mid-tussle, Nifo Toto's jaw makes quick work of the leg, oil and sparks dripping from his maw as he chews the leg to smithereens.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!" He roars. "I need MEAT! I WILL FEAST ON- oof"
His divine breath is squished out of his divine lungs by a divine elbow drop.
Huffing and shaking, Nil takes a moment to rest in the midst of the tundra, feeling somewhat safe under the shadow of the nearby volcano. His every breath releases more fog by the second, his corporeal body barely resembling a wolf at all anymore, merely a dark and shifting cloud in a quadrupedal form. Damn it all, how could this go so wrong so quickly? He had to find a way to solve this too now, before focusing on that abomination in the south. Already, he feels Steel-Weaver approaching, and together, they should be able to convince this warm presence to side with them and eliminate this overgrown fish. Seeing his fellow god appear on the horizon, he eagerly approaches, only for a single thought to overwhelm his mind as the bloodthirsty shark leaps from the ice onto the metal spider: Of course it wouldn't be that easy.

>Action 1: Develop [MA] [DI]
Enraged by the attack on their deity and newly armed by both their own inventions and those of their neighbors, the ruling Playwright and fellow Actor-Priests whip the masses of the Riath into a warmongering frenzy, their craftsmen whittling branches into spears, bows and arrows more than ever as a primitive form of military command begins to appear; many of the more fit or zealous Actor-Priests and their apprentice Stagehands creating and performing an ever increasing amount of dramatic, battle filled plays that more closely resemble combat exercises than anything else, taking many notes from the methods of hunters against their prey and thus focusing on quick movement, ambushes and hit-and-run tactics. They may not be able to destroy a god, or whatever that creature with the huge maw is, but they shall defend themselves from any more mortal threat, including, potentially, it's own followers.

In the process of this training, however, many participants realize that they've begun to share the senses of their fellow 'packmates', seeing and hearing things they could not possible have on their own. What's more, this seems to enhance their own perception, each small enhancement granted by a pack member combining to a rather substantial improvement in the end. This, in a way, is the ability's own limitation. Working wonders in small numbers, the minds of mortals can only handle so much sensation before they're overloaded and the hunters are rendered insensate.
>Pack Hunting is developed. With the use of Divine Inspiration, small squads of Riath are able to, with sufficient training and emotional connection, bind each other into a pact that enhances their senses and coordination.
>Action 2: Develop [MA]
Simultaneously, the Riath realize that if this being's minions are anything like their abominable lord, they will surely be bloodthirsty killers. Thus, the craftsmen set about creating some sort of protection for the nascent Warrior-Performers, using a variety of materials from many different sources for these "battle costumes", putting them into practice both on stage and in the wilderness against wild animals. Stone is declared too heavy, wood too brittle and cloth completely innefective. Before long, they resort to creating something entirely new to suit their demands, a tough but light and flexible material made of leftover animal skins then tanned and treated for additional protection. Thus, hide armour soon becomes the standard for the Riath.
>Hide Armor is developed.

>Action 3: Share Technology [MI]
Of course, the Riath also involve the EBWOs in their exercises, their southern neighbors sharing a semblance of their eagerness for war and concern for their own god. At the same time, though, the Actor-Priests involved with the effort are interested in seeing if their close relationship with the EBWOs will grant them the same blessing for pack tactics.
>Pack Hunting is shared with Steel-Weaver.

>Action 4: Communicate [MI]
Shocked both at the enemy god's attack and it's immediate plunge into the snow after the volcano divinity's assault, Nil still manages to get it together quickly enough to rush to the shark-man's other side, practically surrounding him when combined with the other two gods which, he hopes, would back him up if the situation continued towards it's violent conclusion. Though, he's not completely convinced of that, given the lava god's apparent familiarity with him.

"Lord of Flame, state your name!", he barks, alternating between the two foreigns beings warily. "Though me and my ally are grateful for your intervention, the way you speak invites concern. You know the Bloodletter?" His cloudy form nods it's 'head' towards the breathless shark.
Communicate [MI] - Nil
'Such a demand for clarity from one who keeps their own nature so obscure.' Magnus's thoughts project to Nil's incorporeal mind. 'The All-Warmth, that is the name through which he sees himself. His thoughts and memories read that he engaged with Nifo Toto before, and was bitten by the... Endless Darkness.... Crushing Depths... Crunch of teeth. As indeed, was Magnus.'
>Develop: expand on hateful edge [DI]
Ardonash’s anger grows and grows, rising into a crescendo of maddening screeching and metallic hissing, his blade becoming scalding hot as the vicious edge bites the flesh of the hand-thing, ripping great channels in the ground and meat of this land.

> Develop: research greatswords
The cut-spawned reason amongst themselves: if a sword is good, and Ardonash is the biggest sword, and Ardonash is best, then a bigger sword is more good due to being closer to the best! It makes sense!
So they start making bigger swords! And indeed, though they are yet crude and yet not easy to use (they have only ever practiced with normal-sized shitass words), their new and bigger shitass swords do pack a punch
Nil growls in a low tone, alarmed by the appearance of yet another god in the already tense situation, but promptly silences himself at the mention of that...thing. "So I am not alone, then. I assume you are that Magnus?" He thinks to himself, answering the stranger in his own head. Thinking better of launching into another interrogation, he introduces himself, eager to learn all this new god has to say about the subject. "My name is Nil, and I came here to escape this maniac." He nods towards Nifo Toto. "That's no longer important, though. Please, do tell of your experience with this being, it may be vital for our continued survival!"
'The Mind that thinks of itself as Nifo Toto came on a hunt toward Magnus' own territories.' the Great eye's thoughts echo back into Nil's mind. 'After initial communications and readings indicated it planed to hunt a disorientation of the senses was attempted, but Nifo Toto pushed through the affliction and then took a bite upon Magnus' outer layers. Nifo Toto then complained that Magnus did not contain the blood it sought; and after informing Magnus of the presence of the All-Warmth in this location Nifo Toto made a departure with intent to continue the meat-hunt, carrying away a torn chunk.' the words project calmly into the insides of Nil's head.

'That was the extent of prior interaction. The Nifo Toto then headed off elsewhere.'
File: pikasso-guitar.png (64 KB, 450x300)
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So 4 action eh?

>MA [Develop] x2 - Pottery and Luthier
>MA-DI Create Wizard unit using [Music] Domain - The Lead
>MA [Develop] - Revels (Gift of the forest, more importantly Alcohol and dru- Creative boost)

Ever researching new way to craft and make instruments to bend sound to their will, a part of the Beykarres started using the clay found around and near the sea, shaping and hardening it in fires. Ocarinas, Udus and the likes.