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this is a nation roleplay. There will be 2 updates per week. On Thursday and sunday, please submit actions by wenesday & saturday if possible.

Please don't meta/powergame if you want to join.

Here are the rules and nation submission template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yhn6QHJKHeo79YsgYJpQjiI1G06VUF023Iw-8jUCyzg/edit?usp=sharing

The discord for questions and update notifications etc.: https://discord.gg/3DXu2enW

Nation submission deadline: Saturday
First update: Sunday

You can join after the game started.

Pic related: World map
Nation name: The Principality of Haalkan
Capital name Kolmivaihekilowattituntimittari
Prefered Colour: Royal Purple
Race: Human
Starting actions (15)
6-9: Establishing Cities
10: University
11-15: Farms
Starting position (marking it on the map directly would be best)
Production for the minor trait
File: volare.png (114 KB, 794x653)
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114 KB PNG
Nation name:
Volotilia Regnum
Capital name:
Preferred Colour:
Race (apperance, name, traits etc):
Volonauts, pseudo-aasimar beings, humans with large, feathered wings on their backs. Major trait: Flight
Starting actions (15):
4 actions: Gravity ley dot
1 actions: Gold mine
1 actions: Silver mne
1 actions: Monument in capital
1 actions: Temple in capital
2 actions: University in captial
1 actions: Expansion
2 actions: Magic training?
2 actions: Military training?
Starting position (marking it on the map directly would be best)
File: Kingdom of Leyshr.png (364 KB, 1035x720)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Nation name: Leshyr, Kingdom of
Capital name: Lesh
Preferred Colour: Orange
Race: Human
Starting actions (15):
4 Actions: Beastiamancy Ley dot
3 Actions: Expansion
1 Action: Copper Mine
1 Action: Temple in Lesh
1 Action: Castle/Town walls in Lesh
1 Action: Woodcutters in the forest
1 Action: Diamond Mine
3 Actions: Farms on the plains/by the rivers

Starting position
Nation name: The Bounteous Atriarchy of Iso'esh
Capital name: Palatius
Prefered Colour: Orange
Race: Azure elves, the one true original elven race (citation needed) characterised by their luminous blue eyes and hypersocial behaviour. Commonly seen forming pointlessly intricate social constructs, the Azure Elves as a race are shameless extroverts who all pledge alliegience to the Crown Atriarch who has the unenviable job of having to deal with his or her subjects until inevitably dying of stress. Biologically speaking the azure are shorter than the human average, thin and long lived, the usual.
Starting actions (15)
1-4: Two gold mines, two gemstone mines.
The first Azure elves to settle this land stumbled across unbelievable riches and then all collectively decided to never leave, settling in the rivered valley where their capital one day arose. This blind luck paved the way for future generations of haughtiness to come.
5-7: Market, Carpenter, Woodcutter
As the elves expanded ever outwards they assembled the bare basics for sustainable living, means to produce their needs and a place to trade them.
8-10: Farms
The Azure are not picky eaters, eating meat and vegetables with equal fervor.
11: Expand once
Running out of space, they eventually had to expand beyond their riverstead capital and into the open of the island
12-13: Universities. Places of both innovation and education, there is no more a chaotic hub of interaction than the byzantine labyrinth of an elven university.
14: Temple: A formally religious institution praising the elven Creator God, but in effect serves more as a nexus of social activity where the nobles rub shoulders with the priestesses to oil the gears of court intrigue
15: Cultural monument
The azure elves love splashing around in water, their great bathhouses encourage and support this function. There is little else to discuss.

Key for the map:
Squares identify mines, lines connect to adjacent resources. R is Religion building, C is Cultural building
Circles are all farms
Triangles are universities
Scales are a market
X is the capital city
Axe icon is a woodcutters
Badly drawn spiky box icon is carpenters
Traits: Elves have a +10% to their diplomacy as a result of their hyper communal behaviour.
File: 1665606197723367.png (38 KB, 571x440)
38 KB
Nation name: Convocation of Tempestuous Scions
Capital name: Wellspring
Preferred Colour: Grey
Race (Was said that the Delphrels were originally two races. One of the air and one of the water, but the life leyline allowed the merge of both. Robbing them of their distinct traits, but connected them more deeply to the magic of the land. Humanoid and possesses smooth rubbery skin and downy feather like hair. Their features are somewhat malleable depending on what school of magic they practice. +25% magic)
Starting actions (4 wind ley line, 4 water leyline, 4 life ley line, 1 copper mine, 1 tin mine, 1 gem mine)
Starting position (hill next to lake)

Considering themselves both the people of both air and sea the Delphrels practice a strange form of storm magic (Which is in itself a hybrid of water+air) due to the connection of the life leyline. Their magic is wild and seems to possess almost a will of its own while it still manifests. This can be further exacerbated by drawing upon their own life or the life of those they can access to further empower the living storm. It is an unsubtle magic only suited for immediate grand gestures, but perhaps there are secrets to be unlocked for the future.

Their government is comprised of magepriests who study the mysteries of the storm and gather together to further refine dogma and theory. Their ultimate goal being to drench the lands in a perpetual torrent of life that will see the world and by proxy themselves grow stronger.
File: unknown.png (390 KB, 361x911)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
Edit to the starting actions
The lands of the principality are vast; and as such our claims should reflect as such.
5: Copper Mines
For the production of basic tools, arms, armor and other misc. supplies.
6: Tin Mines
To make Bronze, that most durable of metals.
7: Smithy quarter in the capital
To actually forge the bronze into what is needed
8-10: Establishing Cities
The cities of Juoksentelisinkohan, Jauhelihakeitto, and Käsipyyherullajärjestelmä
11: University
For the nobility to put their educations to use in devising new sciences and technologies for the good of all in the principality. Even the peasantry! (If only so they may be taxed more without complaint)
13-15: Farms
To feed the vast populations of the principality, and to ensure every commoner is able to pay their taxes on time.
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47 KB
Nation name: Krenel Protectorate
Capital name Ironveil Mountain
Preffered Colour White
Race Winged folk. Human appearance save for the bird like wings sprouting from their back enabling flight (-25% population though enables flight) mostly taken to mercenary work for the adventure
Starting actions
1-4 expansion
5-iron mine-tools weapons and supplies
6-Smithy within the mountain
7-9 cities/Star forts (Green Moat, Deepwood, and Lyon)
10 University- Nobility studies combat tactics and maneuvers, less Stanford more WestPoint
11-13 farms
14-15 Military force growth
edit because im a nigger

1-3 expansion
4 copper mine
5 tin mine
Sarmatia is a matriarchal tribal society ruled by warrior queens. amazon warriors, snake priestess and witch doctors form the elites of sarmatian society dominating the politic behind the scenes under the royal family. the sarmatian fought using poison and ambushes, with amazon archers and basilisk riders forming the backbone of sarmatian army.

Nashion submission template
>Nation name
Sarmatian Tribe
>Capital name
>Preffered Colour
Amazonian- Brown tribal swamp people, slightly taller and more muscular than the average humanoid
major trait:
- Beastmaster: Expert at taming various animals/monsters +25% Military power

>Starting actions (15)
-ley lines: Nature magic (4 action)
-Building: Witch doctors Hut (university - magic)
-Building: Amazonian Warcamp (university - military tech)
-Building: Cities 2x (Seven Sisters and Kul Oba)
-Building: Rice farms 2x
-building: Bog/ swamp Iron mines 2x
-3x expansion

>Starting position (marking it on the map directly would be best)
anywhere theres large amount of swamp
>Starting actions (15)
-ley lines: Nature magic (4 action)
-Building: Witch doctors Hut (university - magic)
-Building: Amazonian Warcamp (university - military tech)
-Building: Cities 2x (Seven Sisters and Kul Oba)
-Building: Rice farms 3x
-building: Bog/ swamp Iron mines 2x
-2x expansion

slight edit
File: start.png (25 KB, 480x452)
25 KB
Nation name : Concord of the Lily
Capital name: The Center
Preferred Color: Dark Green
Race: Lilalkers, a race of hybrid frog-fungus folk known for their flotillas of giant lilypads, their excessive use of mind altering drugs and their insatiable curiosity. Semiaquatic (-25% pop cap, coastal tiles count as 2)
Starting actions :
1-4 : Mind Magic Leyline
5-8: Life Magic Leyline
9: Expansion
10: Fossil Mine
11-15 Universities
File: Sea Peoples.png (1.02 MB, 513x720)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB PNG
Nation name "The Sherden"
Capital name Janna
Preffered Colour Red
Race: War like Semi nomadic humans from the southern hemisphere born to the sea, their culture is that of raiding and mercenary work. they do not remain rather assaulting the shore under the cover of a massive storm and taking slaves and disappearing back to the sea aboard war galleys. +10% Military Power +10% Magic.
Starting position: south eastern island, capital city in the very center of the island on the mountain

Starting actions (15)
1:expansion (enough to take the entire island)
2-3: Farms (Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Cows) Primary diet consists of Meat and yoghurt
4 :Tin Mines
5 Copper Mines
6 Smithing town outside capital
7-10 Storm Magic Ley Dot
11-12 Ship yards for producing many war galleys
13-15 millitary power, Many many war galleys and warriors on their decks.

The Sherden

A Sea born race of raiders and mercenaries who serve no other purpose but to achieve what is best in life.

to crush your enemies
to see them driven before you
and to hear the lamentations of their women.
File: Grim Sea people.jpg (46 KB, 600x600)
46 KB
POV your capital is on the coast
File: map.png (55 KB, 764x800)
55 KB
Nation name: The Aurigan Republic

Capital name: Hofkiinkofingram (translates into Home in the Clouds)
Preferred Colour: Gold

Race: The Auriga are a race of long-lived (the oldest record is 1000 years) warm-blooded reptiles. female Aurigan carries an egg and incubates the egg internally until a month before it hatches when a female will "give birth". eggs are often stored together as clutches of 10-25 and will spend their first 10 years of life living in the nursery with their clutch mates. The Auriga are different from most races in the fact that they will drastically change their body plan as they age and develop through three stages. during the first stage (1-50 years) the Auriga is small (around crotch height) and has a preference for quadrupedalism (although they still can still walk on two legs). During the second stage (51-300) the Aurigan is entirely bipedal and they are larger and wider than the typical human. during the third stage, the Auriga becomes more draconic and develops a scaley membrane (not dissimilar to bat wings) for flight. they also have two fingers as they fuse together into 3. A third stage Aurigan also grows vastly in size usually being between 10-15 feet tall.

Trait: flight

Starting actions (15)
1-2 Expansion: fill in much of the gold as possible.
6 Ley Dot (Fire):
10 Lay Dot (Wind): The Gold Star
11 (Capital) City: on gold star on the wind lay line. (if possible)
12-14 Mines: Coal, Tin, & Copper(prefer them in the hills)
15 Farm

Starting position: the gold star
islands already taken
- Sea Peoples
That island’s already claimed
File: redo. map.png (73 KB, 682x1140)
73 KB
should have put it on the map instead of just saying the island.

I'll replace the city with a forge. because I didn't realize the capital came free.
replace the coal mines with gem mines.
Nation name: Clans of Guknilo
Capital name: Konolo
Preffered Colour: Jade turquoise
Race: Guknil (Golems)
The Guknil are a race of on average 12 foot tall Golems. They can be made of almost any solid material from stone to even living wood. However most are made of Clay or Brick as it is easy to repair. They are animated by their unusual life force.

Extra Lore:
The Guknil subsist off of a specific kind of fruit called "Tishi" which grows from the Tishi plant, which itself grows best in hot and dry climates to warmer temperate ones. This plant is very time consuming to cultivate compared to its subsistance output, as that fruit is some of the only capable of refreshing the energy of a Guknil's body. Due to this Guknil employ herds of specially bred "Hiknil" (horses, donkeys or oxen) who till their fields. Guknil also refer to non-golems as "Hiknil", believing themselves to be a higher form of life compared to them. This is the cultural zietgiest of Guknilo.
Their reproduction is one in which one Guknil preforms a ritual everyday for several years. This ritual imbues an inanimate body with a part of the parent's life force. Creating a new Guknil. Child Guknil hold immense respect and loyalty for their ancesters, who can go back many generations due to how Guknil are essentially immortal. Only rich Guknil can live an incredible ammount of time, for the older a Guknil gets the more costly Tishi it requires.

Starting actions (15)
Starting possition: Near the great city of Konolo. First of the great cities of Guknilo.
1-4: Expansion
5: Jade Mine
6: Lapis Mine
7: Lead Mine
8: The city of "Oklolo"
9: The city of "Kiyolo"
10: The city of "Rakno"
11-13: Farms
14-15: Military Quality improvement, Conflict in Guknilo: The Guknilo are stratified into many clans with constant conflicts over land rights and personal honor. This has sharpened the warriors of Guknilo, allowing them the resolve to fight with great vigor.

Race trait:
Major trait: +25% land combat ability
Specifics of trait may be discussed with QM
File: Pre Turn.png (45 KB, 519x368)
45 KB
starting map
File: Local.png (20 KB, 456x305)
20 KB
Nation name: Li Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan (The Principality of Arlet Adlan)
Capital name: Pelogra.
Preferred Color: Navy
Race (appearance, name, traits etc): Kanomaki (Semi aquatic Shark like people.)
Starting actions (15)
1-2 Expansion
3-7 Necromantic Laylinedot
8 City of Kovalin (North most)
9 City of Algarnd (East most)
10-11 Fishing/farms
12 Copper mine
13 Tin mine
14 Shipyard
15 Lumberyard
Starting position (marking it on the map directly would be best): The central area.

Extra lore: The Kanomaki are a race of people that claim to have been created by the goddess of the sea and death, Kantoraci, and blessed by their spouse Sawu, god of Beauty and Life. They resemble the Makinegovi, a great and terrible shark like creature in the depths of the sea, and man. While not as large as the former, they are quite large compared to other mortal races, and capable of breathing on land or in water. They have a humanoid form that allows them to utilize tools, yet they still are far from slow in the water, with legs and tail made for working as one when under the waves for speed. Further, they have an excellent sense of smell in water and to a lesser extent above it. Yet all this came at a cost, for with all their strength they require far more food than any other, and their diet consists of meat, and only meat. Also of note is there is a sort of a caste system. All Kanomaki are Nivoa at birth and remain such for the rest of their lives unless they do a particular ritual. One that is reserved for their leaders and their heroes. This ritual, called Lagavina, is common knowledge to all of them, but it requires the heart of a Makinegovi. A jaw of a Konlat-Argus (More commonly known as a False whale). A horn from a Lantiargus (Large narwhal like creature with two horns). Bone from a Malivan-Argus (sadistic creature the size of an orca covered in armored bonelike plates). The tentacle of a Mindovic (Think Kracken). And the eyes of a Varac (Think Roc). This ritual is one that takes place over a year, at specific points of time, and the end results in the Nivoa becoming a Vinarila. Twice the size of a Nivoa, twice their strength, twice their beauty and twice their appetite. Yet most importantly the Vinarila are also capable of something the other's were not. For while every Nivoa could theoretically do the Lagavina ritual, provided they were capable of getting the ingredients and passing the trials that were intrinsically a part of it, the Vinarila were the only ones capable of actually using any other kind of magic, something they were quite strong in. Most who do become Vinarila find themselves becoming an adept Kotiva-Zantic, or Cycles Breaker. Capable of utilizing magic tied to their creator goddess and her spouse, breaking the cycle of life and death.
Nature magic is a bit too broad. Specify to plant magic or animal magic.

White is already taken. There's also already a race of whinged angel humans. Duplicate races are ok, but just a heads up.

Life is bot vague. Your life magic caused crossbreeding so it'd be biomancy maybe? Alternatively can be just healing magic.
Plant magic
Edit to the starting actions
1 expansion
2-3 farms
4 tin mines
5 copper mines
6 smithing town
7-10 Water magic
11 lumber yard
12 grand ship yard
13-15 military power, men and ships, many many men and their ships. the seas must not be safe for long

I also have life magic marked down. If that's too broad would Alchemy be a suitable choice for a magic type? Alchemy is probably more on target for what I'm looking for anyway, so I'll switch both of my leylines to Alchemy. Do leylines link automatically or do I need to spend an action on it?


The Lilalkin are too busy being high or researching to bother with fighting. We are looking for people to test new combat drugs, if you wanted to take your viking lifestyle to the next level.
Hello, while usually joining the discord would not be mandatory to participate in the game there is sadly a banned player who openly stated he will join this game even though I banned him solely to mess with me and another player he dislikes.

Therefor it would be really good if you could join the discord.

I'd rework life either to biomancy or healing magic. Rather than a complete switch to alchemy.
alright just joined. but I'm warning you I probably won't use it much.
File: DaShroom.jpg (43 KB, 1067x600)
43 KB
Nation name: The Many.
Capital name: Repose (just put me wherever in the mushroom lands, on the continent)
Prefered Colour: whatever
Race: Giant Mushrooms
Starting actions (15).
1,2,3 - Develop special growth on husks that allow multiple minds to be stored within, allowing for travel outside the mycelial range.
4,5 - Develop understanding and ability to use animals as husks.
6,7 - create 8 straight roads leading to the capital in all direction for weary and wondering souls to find.
8,9 - cultivate mushrooms gardens in and around the city where traveling souls can rest, find peace, and for the dyeing to comfortably enter our embrace.
10,11 - Create wildlife sanctuary that covers the city and stretches outward. Animals will live out their lives, and when their time comes they will nourish the soil, and with it, nourish us.
12,13,14,15 - Send out explorers to map out the shape of this land, and to invite those they find to be suffering to us and rest peacefully.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 0.png (11 KB, 200x255)
11 KB
Nation name: Immelreich
Capital name: Wolkenburg
Preffered colour: White
Race: Ziegenvolk (man: Ziegenmann, woman: Ziegenfrau). 10% Diplo bonus. Short and broad people with soft and warm hair, tending toward paler colours, black hair is seen as an omen. They are well adapted to the cold highlands and treacherous mountains, thanks to their hair and low centre of mass. Ziegenmänner grow goatlike horns as they mature, though fighting with these horns is mostly a ceremonial practice, as hands are so much more efficient. Ziegenfrauen don't grow horns, as that would be weird, but they tend to have very soft hair, and it is an ancient tradition for them to shear most of their hair when they get a child, from which they create their baby's first set of clothes. Some Ziegenfrauen instead just shear a little bit each month, getting enough hair for the clothes without looking too shaven. The Ziegenvolk are known for their opera-like song, which is said to have caused an army of a thousand raiders to flee when fifty Ziegenvolk sang in unison so strongly that it deafened any raider that entered their valley.

Starting actions (15):
1: Expansion. Immelreich was founded by the confederation of a vast array of lands, from rich mountains to fertile valleys.
2: Copper. The mountains of Immelreich are rich in copper, which enables the rapid expansion of the Ziegenvolk.
3-5: The 3 copper mines of Wolkenburg. The capital of Immelreich is Wolkenburg, thanks to it's vast mineral riches, giving it a lot of power.
6: Eastern Highlands Forge. Smelts copper into tools for the farmers and weapons for the Immelreich soldiers.
7-8: Farms surrounding the Eastern Highlands.
9: Southern Highlands Forge. Much the same as the eastern one.
10-11: Farms surrounding the Southern Highlands.
12-15: Fire Node. The mountains south of Wolkenburg are warm, smoke pluming from cracks and even the occasional flow of lava. They are alive with the power of fire, many have tried to wield this power, but yet we are unsuccessful.

Starting position: The volcanic mountains on the eastern border of the map, the expansions encompassing the volcanoes and the river-adorned plains on the east coast, ideal places for farms.
>Nation name
The Kingdom of the Ancient Jubilee
>Capital name
Sea Fae Port
>Preferred Colour
Sky blue
>Race: Human (with some fey traits) who have fae as their companions
+10% to health due to being attuned to the fertile energy of the world
>Starting actions (15)
1-4: Expand terrority
5: Organize/formalize education and create a system to teach all citizens (Wisdom is very important!)
6-7 Build farms nearby
8: Build port at city
9: Establish a university
10: Build temple to organize religion and culture in the capital
11: Survey the land for resources and start a map
12: Build fishing boats to harvest sea food
13: Build a city between the mountains at the end of the river. Name of city is Titan's Rest.
14: Build a market in the capital
15: Establish a guild of scientists
>Starting position (marking it on the map directly would be best)
Edit 1: somewhere inland
Edit 2: skip buildings for plant magic ley line
Edit 3: racial stat +10% pop

renaming my capital to Feykrodobo (forest of flight)

Double alchemy is my preference, but if QM doesn't want alchemy as a magic type then biomancy and mind are fine too.


Welcome to the fungus neighbor. I'm situated to the south. The Lilalkin are aquatic so I'll take the shorelines and little islands and you're welcome to the inland.
>>Starting position (marking it on the map directly would be best)
>anywhere theres large amount of swamp

also add, preferably with a river if possible
File: map.png (102 KB, 584x457)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Nation Name: The Yulakgh Sovereignty
Capital Name: Dabub
Preferred Colour: Orange
Race: Orc Mystics (+25% Magic)
Starting Actions:
- 1-4: Ley Dot - Lightning Magic
- 5-8: Ley Dot - Water Magic
- 9: University - School of Dabeeb
- 10: University - School of Dabush
- 11-13: Farms
- 14: Gemstone Mine
- 15: Expansion
Also alchemy is way broader than 'life' so please make more speciffic magic lay line.

Biomancy and Mind magic are fine, although I'm not sure what sort of magic they combine together into.
Salutations my fellow. Sounds good, though I'll largely be a single city nation so not much expanding from my side so feel free to go further in if you find the need to.
File: IbHere.png (88 KB, 583x462)
88 KB
Corrected list of actions

1~7 = Create unique(?) Fungal Lay Dot as center of my capital
8 = Develop spell infect
9 = Develop spell assimilate, willing
10 =Develop spell possess corpse, humanoid
11 = Develop spell possess corpse, animal
12,13 = Create Mushroom groves. The dieing can gather here to pass peacefully. (farms)
14,15 = Create animal sanctuary. Blend our city and nature seamlessly so animals can live and die here. (farms, food boon, other?)
File: map1.png (15 KB, 361x293)
15 KB
Nation Name: Woblobble

Capital Name: Jigglejig

Prefered Color: Pink

Race: Slimegirl
A race of semi-liquid, all-female race of intelligent monsters. Their colorful half-transparent bodies are flexible and can change their form to a certain extent. Although intelligent, their thoughts tend to be simple ones, as abstract thinking bores them. They like eating, sleeping, having fun, and making love. They appear to have no sense of shame or modesty and are generally regarded by the other races as idiotic perverts.
+10% bonus to Food because of their efficient digestive systems.

Starting Actions:
1-4 Ley Dot: Transformation Magic
5: Expansion
6-10: Farms
11: Capital City
12: Market
13: Market
14: Temple
15: Temple
File: Newgame.png (399 KB, 3072x1500)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
Generally you know your neighbours, but obviously on’t know people on the other end of the world. Next update thursday post your actions by wednesday. The update is a bit dry, but it is turn 0 so not much storydriven has happened.

The Principality of Haakan has risen it is a huge nation. It is somewhat overstretched governing it’s barren territory from a few grand cities. It’s a nation with a big population and decent food production. The nation only is really lacking on the diplomatic and magic front.

>>5432296 Volotilia Regnum
Those of the Volotilia Regnum are grand mages and good soldiers, though possibly too far detached from earthly matter having their gaze always pointing to the sky. The nation is a great dyiplomatic power and decently wealthy, but severely lacking in food and population.

Being the largest nation of the Great Northern isle the Lashyr have been looking forward to an isolated and peacule existence yet many powers seek to encroach on what is rightfully theirs driven on by the magical wealth of the island.

The Leshyr are a wealthy people with an abundance of food, yet underdeveloped industrially. Lacking ways to untilise their abundant mineral and wood stockpiles.

The Azure elves feel more like men of gold, breeding as fast as the lesser races and swimming in gems and gold. The world’s wealthiest nation by far and one of the largest by population one would be amiss thinking of them as weak due to their small size.

The elves are not lacking in anything, but land.

The Tempestous scions are children of the living storm, mages through and trough. Their singleminded pursuit of magic has made them the world’s most powerful mages by far, but has left them lacking in every other regard. Their population, presence, food and production are close to nonexistent. The lack of food likely is the most pressing problem.

A nation set in the deep swamp set around plant magic. While currently primitive their mindset is unusually progressive with their funding of research. They are not lacking in minerals and could do harvesting some of the expensive tropical wood around them or getting some production to process the bog iron they harvest… though the technology to process bog iron is still far from there. Boying bronze from their neighbours might be the only thing that can be done if tools or weapons are urgently needed.

The frogmen sprouted from the lilies filled with curiosity. Curiosity about the world and it’s secrets turning in their pursuits towards magic and science with singleminded dedication other racesm ight consider insane. Yet who knows if this is not the wisest path?

As of now the Children of the Lily are most lacking in food and diplomatic weight.
>>5432508 The Sea people’s
Their core land being a barren rock has not helped the sea people become a great economic power in any way. Their food, their land and their women have certainly made them the best sailors in the world.

The sea people are only really lacking in diplomatic presence, but as of now their military power also does not live up to their ambitions.

>>5432513 Aurigan Republic
On the isle which spews flames is the home of the ancient dragons and their children. Yet this holy land has been infringed on by foreigners, while on the other hand it has grown crowded in it’s own right making the dragons turn their eqyes towards the east.

The Augirians are great mages and decently wealthy. Food is not a problem, but also not present in great quantities. The diplomatic weight and population of the nation are slightly lacking.

>>5432545 Clans of Guknilo
The Guknilo while abbandoned by their creators certainly are still a work of art. Even left alone they built one of the most powerful nations around. Wealthy in minerals, in money, in their lifegiving fruit and powerful militarily.

All the great golems lack in is presence on the diplomatic stage and smithies to process their minerals wealth with into something useful.

> >>5432599
The sharks boast the potential for the most powerful navy of the world, even though currently weed production is lacking to meet demand. Having tamed the magic of harnessing the dead the sharks possibly descended from another world have no never fear a lack of troops.

The shark people took a risky approach colonising the shores of 3 different islands making the center of their nation the sea. We’ll see if this risky approach pays off. Currently all they lack is diplomatic presence.

>>5432964 The Many
The hivemind rises greedily hoarding it’s mycomancy. Yet it is a kind being wishing to invite other’s into itself. The hivemind possesses lots of food and decent amounts of presence and magic. It lacks in wortly things such as wealth, resources and production.

>>5432968 Immelreich
Ouf ot the depths of the volcanic mountains the sheeple arose. Wandering from the barren mountains to the steady meadows the population exploded with food flowing in. With a solid economy and more deposits of magic nearby the sheep of the deep have a bright future ahead as long as they do not neglect their diplomacy.

The sheeple are lacking in dplomatic presence and scholarly pursuits.

>>5432974 Fey
The fey are not lacking in anything, true masters of none. They rule over a grand feral yet empty land. Even if they are somewhat boxed in by other nations on all sides, large swaths of already possessed land don’t necessitate much expansion.
>>5433058 The Yukalagh
The orkish exiles (exiled by who) chose to forge a new path not one of the sword and brute, but one of magic and the sail. The Orks only lack in production and presence being okay in all other disciplines. Being located next to large swatch of empty land they carry much potential to grow massive from humble beginnings.

The slimegirls have a lot of food an overabundance beyond any reason. Culture and food is the bread and butter of the slime girls wishing to convert others to their filthy… or beautiful form.
1. Taxation. The lifeblood of the Principality, the duty of the commoner and the only way to get things done within Hakkani lands. Our fields are bountiful, and therein lies the primary source of funding across the lands. The largest issue in this is our as-of-yet unstreamlined approach to tax collection and distribution. If we are to make sure that all pay their share and aren't over/undercharged, an effective bureaucracy must be paramount for documentation and archiving such details.
(Establish central bureaucracy for tax harvesting purposes)

2. While not naturally blessed with an arcane layline within the borders of the Principality, we do know of one. A single point where the arcane energies of the dead congregate. If we are to put such a dread thing to any good use, then it must be within our means to do so. We have a bountiful population after all, and there would be any number of those within the cities willing to take some sponsorship to go settle the region. Any one with magical aptitude is also an immediate include for the expedition. After this, though, it is likely the Principality will not expand again for some time...
(Claim the Necromancy leyline)
File: Turn 1 expansion.png (22 KB, 456x337)
22 KB
In Guknilo history this era would be known as the age of expanse. In these times new fields are constantly plowed, while the beginings of Guknilor craftsmanship were taking shape. Forming the foundation of Guknilo's primitive culture.
Action 1:
>The plowing westwards.
The fertile plains across the River Rak attract many minor clans alongside sons of Rakno and Oklolo.
Action 2:
Kiyolo serves as a center of metal production, for lead. Lead is used for water drainage and trickets primarily.
Although the idea of super heavy lead golems is tantilizing...
Quick Lore:
Please christen the second city as Washwoosh.
Also note for later reference the Slimegirl religion worships Jiyva, the Goddess of change.

1. Expand. Woblobble expands towards the triangle of ley lines to the south (in what is colloquially referred to as the magic forest). Woblobble especially wants access to the Mind magic ley node, for recreational purposes.
2. Also Expand. There's lots of good land to the South that's only sparsely populated by inhabitants of the magic forest. We can live there too. We can also take over the rest of the plains to the East and West. Peacefully, of course.
File: turn 1.png (131 KB, 1061x1500)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Lore: The council of elders watched their southern neighbor's wearily. A people who had built their society on raiding and warfare made not the most... welcoming of host especially when they are within sacking range of the capital. to rectify the council ordering the building of a forge to produce bronze equipment for our armies to field and order the expansion of our borders for new resources when a Lore master barged in carrying maps and telling tales of new Leylines just waiting for our use. While we would prefer peace we would not shy away from blood and ash.

>expand in the direction of the red arrows (prioritizing the homeland first)
>Create Forge

Things had gone satisfactory for the Kanomaki. While things were still early in the principality's history, there was plenty in the way of prosperity ongoing. Plenty of food from both land and sea was provided, lumber provided plenty, and metals from the earth were rich and extracted extensively. Yet, even so things needed to be improved. The Vinarila Ulodi and Ulodin and other nobility needed yet more to improve their budding civilization. While some thought of utilizing their given right to amass a tireless workforce, there was other things that could be done to improve workforce. Significantly more than merely raising the dead. And this was simply that of tools. Tools allowed everything to be more effective. Building, weapon making, tool making itself, farming, mining. Everything. All that was needed was for the resources to be properly utilized. However, there was one other thing that would be focused on. That of cloth. While clothing was oft made of more water proof materials, hemp was a useful crop for bulk cloth that was actually capable of catching wind and providing for ships the ability to be powered not only by oar and current, but by wind. And while some lesser people might claim ships will never do what simply swimming is capable of, those are fools. For much like the wagon can easily transport goods on land, the ship can transport far more in bulk in the natural home of the Kanomaki. Something especially important for certain goods which are best left dry, or which would do poorly in the depths.

>Action One. Create a forge next to the capital

>Action Two. Create a hemp plantation for cloth. (Ideally by one of the rivers in the north.
>northern expansion
>build a woodcutter an a tile with the most jungle adjacency

the tribal amazon expanded into the north with the goal of finding and capturing the the legendary basilisk, a giant lizard capable of spewing venom that is mentioned in their folktales as the mount of their ancestors. within sarmatian border a woodcutter is built deep within the jungle to supply building and other materials.

meanwhile in the northwestern part of sarmatian lands a bizzare fish like creature with gills and sharp teeth is spotted. the amazonians are unsure on how to deal with them and for decided to observe further to figure out whether they are an enemy or a friend to the sarmatians
to clarify by northern expansion i mean northeast towards the desert not shark coast in the northwest
>Action 1 & 2: Expansion and City
The days of the Sovereignty being small and fringe seem to have come and passed; Food overflows the Steppe farms. Looking for a new place to plant a home, explorers from the Island capitol sail to the Southwest coasts to claim and settle. If the explorers come across the Leyline they are to settle to the left of it, otherwise they are to settle on the river.

With a land purchase agreed upon, the northern lands of the Herin Desh peninsula are secured.

The northern lands are henceforth to be named the Atriarchy of Jubil’esh, ruled by a subordinate princess elected from among the wealthy landowners responsible for organising the transaction.

(3 wealth and 2 diplo paid to certify the agreement)

Action 1 and 2: Cities

The city of Grandis is established at the river, a rivertide settlement that marks the regional capital of northern Herin Desh.

Across the other side of the region sits the coastal city of Reveris, the second of the cities of Jubil’esh, beloved for its beauty and ocean access.

In a surprising turn from their usual warlike ways, a envoy has arrived aboard a ship, a warship, but flying a flag of peace, whatever that closest word in the Sherdens language is. they offer a Non Aggression pact, and infer that they are more than open to any further diplomatic offers from the dragon kin. they also showed a distinct interest in resource goods over silver and gold

Naval Warfare Tech Research: in an attempt to increase the effectiveness of the War Galleys employed by the Sea Peoples new forms of Ramming Prows would be tested, from copper plated to bronze tipped. whatever results form this will hopefully impact the future of the Sea Peoples warfare

Military Expansion: Following the above research new galleys would be put to sea, alongside with the training of more warriors, armed with bronze sword and small shields, alongside with slingers to act as ranged attaches on the ships
>rule 6:Universities govern tech growth - technology is not invented via actions. Rather each turn players get a random roll for if they get a new technology and they choose what technology it is. The chance to get a new technology increases with number of universities and decreases with number of techs already owned.

your going to want to redo your action.

Action1:Military University construction- an Admiralty's school must be gathered. taking some of the most experienced captains within our navy and gathering them for a think tank to teach those ship captains to come

Action 2: Military expansion, creation of more ships and arming more warriors for battle
edit3 because im retarded

Action1:Military University construction- an Admiralty's school must be gathered. taking some of the most experienced captains within our navy and gathering them for a think tank to teach those ship captains to come

Action2: Establish another wood cutter

Lore Addition

More Warships are to be built and warriors to be trained, Only good is expected to come from the attempted peace with the northern dragons, but as the ancient proverb states 'Approach all new peoples with the olive branch in one hand, and a sword in the other.' should thinks not go as wished, then there will be no other choice than to rely on the old ways.
File: Turn 1.png (7 KB, 206x205)
7 KB
> Build a farm at the marked location
> Establish a 10 Magic Policy to resurrect and train ancient creatures from fossils, preferring aerial and aquatic specimens

In a surprise to no one, the Lilalkin have forgotten to feed themselves. Mushroom stalks were drawn, and the unlucky frog folk found themselves in the incredibly important and completely thankless job of cultivating food for the rest of their people, taking advantage of fertile land along the river along with floating pods in the ocean that transform the Concord's waste into swarms of large maggots, a staple source of protein.

In a more pleasant turn of events for the Lilalkin involved the College of Biomantic Studies has had a dramatic breakthrough. Utilizing no small amount of magic and seed bones dug from the earth biomancers have brought ancient species back from the grave. Massive birds, terrifying lizards, and sea monsters alike have been brought to life, carefully sculpted with biomancy and mind magic to be gentle and protective...of their amphibian creators at least.
File: Turn.png (257 KB, 648x583)
257 KB
257 KB PNG

Woe unto you, King Undrun! Woe unto the scattered tribes of Leshyr! Our land is rich, yet the people are ignorant; hording what they cut and dig for their own ill-use rather then bartering elsewhere and serving the common good. The shamans cry at the winds like the howling of their beast-packs, prowling at the borders; but what answers do they have for the common-folk to hear? It is ever the burden of the noble man to steer the flock in these times, to espy those with talent to raise above the pack. And thus we will do, to bring this land the glories that man should reap.

>Action 1: Build a Forge
Copper, this substance from the ground, is strange and sometimes green. And yet flame can shape this stone in intensity and through impact. With ore and fire and patience we can forge tools more useful then those of bare stone.

>Action 2: Build a Carpenter.
Wood! Our lands are thick with forest unending, a tide of trees from which to carve and cut. Let us make a profession of those who best cut and scrape timber into shape, and grow them into masters of these crafts through years of trial and toil.

(If carpenters get adjacency to woodcutters, perhaps place it south of the fort so it'll get that + protection?)
File: goo girl.png (2.83 MB, 3100x3100)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB PNG
I was told I have to re-do this because I was too close to the ley dots.

Action 1: Slimegirl mages use the power of the Biomancy ley dot for fertility rituals. These are used to ensure a good harvest, but it also works on people.

Action 2: Build a Plantation for growing a newly discovered aphrodisiac substance that make your whole body feel really good when you do it while you're doin it. Location is the tile directly South of Washwoosh.
>Create spell: Buildshroom.
Not all souls that pass through our lands will do so with the intent to become Many. Be their stays temporary or permanent, we will need places they can stay. We will develop a new spell, one with which we can grow sturdy structures out of mycelial flesh. This way we can house visitors, or residents, any perhaps even create infrastructure for other needs.(We grow buildings)

>Create spell: Replicate Mind.
Death has few weaknesses, but one of it's greatest ones is redundancy. By replicating the mind we can better preserve those in our care. No matter if a husk dies, or some tragic accident befalls us, as long as one instance of a mind survives, then that soul will never truly be lost. (Basically just be able to copy minds that are part of us)
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 1.png (16 KB, 234x315)
16 KB
All hail Kaiser Diederich Kupferohr von Wolkenburg, the mighty and the wise.
The election of the new Kaiser had majority support among the elector princes, his prowess in battle and in governance made him a common sense choice, only opposed by those he had bested in battle. Thus his authority is strong, right out gate, and our future sure to be bright. The first thing he did in power, was to have a feast and festival, with fine swine and sweet mead, with all the lords invited. A first step for any new Kaiser is to get to know his subjects, as it is through them he will get things done.

Action 1: Build Temple in the valley northeast of Wolkenburg.
Kaiser Diederich gets word of heresy in the lowlands, the breadbasket of our mighty Immelreich, but the Kaiser isn't angry, he expected this. Long has Immelreich been without a proper church, instead relying on more and more distant local shrines, of course heresy happens when you leave the people to govern themselves. And so Diederich commissions the building of a grand church in the northern lowlands, which will inspire the Ziegenvolk to worship the correct gods and keep them away from degeneracy.

Action 2: Colony in the forests to the north.
While the Kaiser pushes out heresy from the north, a wave of migration happens, up further north, into the forests. Not all of these are heretics, many are simply looking for new lands to settle in, as the population in the north is getting high. The heretics themselves aren't bad people, they just differ in faith and are too stubborn to simply convert. These people settle the forests, with plenty of trees for houses and animals to eat, they will make their living here, building up the lands like their ancestors did when building up the northern lowlands.
File: expansion.png (44 KB, 495x511)
44 KB
1. Expand in the red tiles. It was a tumultuous council session that year. With so many nations near their borders and dealings quickly made it became apparent that they needed to secure themselves so that any neighbors do not overreach. The mountain pass was immediately made the focus as it can form the literal backbone of the nation. Its borders the most obvious and natural distinguishing mark. To the southwest they expanded to meet the golems and ensure limits on any potential encroachment. Avoiding the steppe as it was considered currently too unpleasantly dry and bare. This attitude was similarly held in the north, but multiple stormchasers were able to confirm the existence of a new leypoint near their planned expansion! Even with inferior land the scions made it a point to try to incorporate this leyline into their plans and further their already prodigious might.

2. orange is a farm with adjacencies which are also all river adjacent. While the scions quickly came to an agreement with the Jubilee regarding food it would be foolish to rely entirely on imports for their population. Fortunately they have determined an ideal place to grow their crops. Currently their main crop is rice, but perhaps in the future with the hybrid magic of biomancy and plant they can make a dazzling variety of super crops.
Note, assign production to make bows and arrows.

The Atriarchy, being notorious elves, favour their bow above other weapons, having been skilled in their production since time immemorial.

>Lore Point
The Volonauts were cast down from paradise eons ago, scorned by their god Inanis, for he was jealous of their perfection. Exiled to the mortal world, the Volonauts were no longer everlasting, limited by the mortality of man. Unable to make their way back to the heavens, they have resigned themselves to create their own paradise on the plane of mortals.

>Action 1: Expansion (North East, along the coastline)
The chunks of floating earth which we will build our own paradise upon all seem to be located a relatively short distance off of the coast. Without knowing how these formations came to be, the best assumption to find more is to assume all of these floating havens follow this trend.

>Action 2: Farm
Along the coastline is fertile land, created by the rivers flowing down the mountain ranges. If the collective intends to colonize the islands, an excess of food is a necessity.
File: Newgame.png (409 KB, 3072x1500)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
> General
Remember to assign your production. No action required, just what you want to produce, from what resources and how much.

The cast down are coming to therms with their earthly existence Setting up a grand farming complex producing 5,5 food in the fertile river valley and turning it’s eye to the north seeing how much political and economic power could be gained from controlling the only entrance to the <name it something> sea.

The lands to the north are inhabited by fey-humans. Many disjointed tribes, mostly content with a lazy existance as their fey blood makes the bountiful forrests provide food for them. One could worry that the land containing the relatives of a neighbouring nation could spur said nation on to lay claims to the land. The hard choice needs to be made whether we exterminate those pesky natives and pretend they never were there or go the path of assimilation. Your expansion will be 19 tiles when it completes 2 more turns until completion.

Having sensed magic as of yet unclaimed driven by the noble pursuit of knowledge or who knows maybe lust for power? The children of the stom follow the wind north and as if guided by it they meet cousins long lost. The origin of their species had been prophesied to be in the living storm yet those living around the great blackness had dried greuish skin and their elders were more ancient than any of yours. Their ways were primitive as they were lead by ancient shamans clad in skulls.
The colonists having interacted with the natives had learned that one of the major tribes in the east had been engaged in war against a tribe of humans. You can choose to aid them or to ignore the ancient tribal feuds and instead assimilate the locals into your own power structure. You will colonise 12 tiles.
A grand farm is built to feed the nation producing 9 food in form of swamp rice from the swamp, bananas from the jungle and olives from the hills.

North of Wolkenburg a grand temple rised. In the wet plains it overlooks a river bestleed between the mountains it could easily be overlooked if it was not made with that in mind. As it’s roof is adorned with mirrors made from polished, copper, tin, silver and bronze producing an unmissable glow to those above and illuminating the mountains above it to those looking from the coast. (would be nice if you said what your gods are rather than leaving it at ‘correct gods’)
Pushing relentlessly northwards in the mountains the colonists find men of stone. Their bodies fashined like statues to resemble that of squat men. They seem to possess a great aptitude for mining and an aggressive demonour. Further in the forrest you find more of them living there many broken appart, shrunken or withered. Deprived of stone they consume these exiles have turned out shriveled and are maybe not starving, but withering as they cannot repair their bodies. Up to you if you wish to assimilate or exterminate these beings.
The Lay dot is being truly exploited to it's fullest as fungal magic begins to blossom and the many’s tendrils expand

Buildshroom - buildings built adjecent to farms gain a +50% output, this counts for their adjecencies and obviously does not count for farms

Duplicate Mind - a once assimilated being can't be fully destroyed, as long as you don't loose your capital you can pay 5 mana to restore your population to the highest point it has ever been at

A great fertility spell is created increasing food yields and population growth by 25%. May bountiful fertility befall the slime race as they do their nasty slime things.

A plantation for so called pink-ginseg root is created. An interesting plant which is said to greatly boost vitality, stamina and awaken the urge to reproduce in those consuming it. it has, but one flaw. It is extremely bitter and foul-smelling, making all but the most desperate wish to consume it. (as all plantation produce you need to process it with production to get the effect. So you’d have to build a Forge/Carpenter and assign ‘Aphorodisiac’ as the good being produced and then you will produce 1 aphrodisiac per Pink Ginseng and production you can then choose how many you want to produce or sell or something)

Pink Giseng can only be farmed in plains. Your plantation produces 11,5 Pink Ginseng currently.

The Leshyr have begun the forgin of metal and the crafting of wood. A forge and carpenter are built within the dense forests of the nation. You have 4 production now so feel free to produce. (ask me if you;re unsure how production works most players seem to not get it)

(no adjacency bonus from woodcutter, but yeah fort protection would apply to carpenter)
Finaly a farm is built freeing up the free time of the Frogfolk somewhat as no longer all day needs to be spent spitting out their tongue to scoop up the mushroom spores filling the air.
And with their bellies full and free time guaranteed many of the clumsy creatures waddle their way out of the water.

Some go digging in the fossil mine, others bring wh
at they found to the Biomancer mages and lastly the mages have a hayday with what was brought.

Spell: Ancient Flyer - -5 magic, -1 fossil - An ancient flying creature is revived using biomancy and taed using mind magic. The Pterosaur once more takes to the skies. An impressive 7 meter tall beast it first needs to enter a gallop on all fours before it takes flight. once in the air though it can stay up there for however long it wishes and even dive underwater for short periods.

+4 armies, +40% military power

> You get a technology

possibly inspired by their neighbours the Sea people’s set up a university to further their military tactics and shipbuilding capabilities, another woodcutter is built to up production.

With that you pump out 10 ships consuming 2 production and 2 wood and reaching the maximum your ports can handle and using up all your wood. Clearly more conquests or tythes are necessary.

> You get a technology

The Elves being a thrifty sort purchase the land of off the Feymen for a price which for all intents and purposes is a literal scam… but if they agreed to do it their fault. (3 wealth transferred to fey, 3 pop transferred from fey to you 2 diplo tied up in the deal)

A tiny price to pay for territorial integrity. Rapidly centers of administration are set up in the new land making it a semi-autonomous region rather than a subject. The elves now rule over the local Feymen from grand cities…. making many think that life might just be even easier under these new rulers.

As primitive bows and arrows made only of wood are produced the elves enhance their military somehwat. Gaining a +20% military power boost afterall a sharpened stick while better than nothing is a weapon even savages would have access to. (-2 production and -2 wood)

In bad news due to extensive farming a piece of plain has turned into barren shrubland, luckily the food supply of the nation is still safe, even with the new Feyman arrivals.
Exploring south west your nation finds a subject of the old orcs. goblins, living in a state unbecoming of them. In freedom doing whatever their feral brians desired of them. Their colours varied, from grey to green to blue. As goblins tend to be they teeter on the border between sapient or not. Will we exterminate them as pests or have a small return to the old days taking them as subjects?

Having seen these filthy creatures few respectable mages wish to enter that land. It’s filthy and reminiscent of a painful past, some of course make the sacrifice for the sake of a new font of magic. Will we let this continue as is or will drastic measures need to be taken?
(you can make the colony a penal-colony to counteract the low colonial enthusiasm malice you rolled)

Your expansion will as stands for now include 7 tiles.

The Sarmatian settlers make their way north into unexplored maiden land. The wilderness is lush and untouched by any civilised or half civilised race. This makes exploration harder, but also ensures all those living in the new land will be those coming from your own. This gives some of the higher ups an idea, let’s say the land to private prospectors this is sure to encourage settlment! (settle land normally or sell it to prospectors)

The discovery of this new land is met with much enthusiasm and a colonial rush from your population follows. the untamed nature and potential for great wealth makes the afventorous youth eager to go.

You colonise 11 tiles.

A woodcutter is set up chopping down 5 tropical wood and some normal wood from the swamp. Certainly a great aide to your economy.

> You get a technology

Forge and Hemp plantation are created. hemp is certainly a resource with many potential uses, recreational, industrial, medical.

You currently produce 5 hemp, it can only be grown in moderate forests.
A forge is created giving 3 production. The dragonfolk of your nation are enthusiastic to colonize far away land. Takin inspiration from the Sea people they set out on a voyage to far away land to colonize and find a new home.

They have wandered far from home yet to their surprise they find kin. other Drakobolds line their land. Their scales are tick and rocky and unlike them they can roll up in balls as juveniles. Their wings also seem small and atrophied unfit for flying, yet undoubtedly they are your kin.

Going to the south the golems encounter more of their kin. Living in the wild among spirit fruit meadows. They seem to be the sons of an ancestor as of yet unknown to you at war with another tribe of your race due to an ancestral grudge between the two clans. Would it be better to try to grab both clans trough diplomacy or to help one exterminate the other to gain a trusted ally?

A policy to make taxation more efficent is implemented. All wealth income shall rise by 10% at the cost of 2 wealth, to sustain such an administration. Cities being centers of tax collection also shall no longer cost wealth to sustain.

In the expansion southward the Haakans follow the unfamiliar allure of magic. though it stinks of decay and death it is nonetheless intriguing. The locals of the local area look like humans covered in fish skin and feathers for hair, which have shriveled up like raisins away from water. they are lead by necromancy practicing shamans and wage war against human tribes located further to the east. (eastern edge of colonised area and bit further east)

> You get a technology

With the land purchase complete the Atriarchy bursts into yet another bout of celebration, throwing lavish parties and overly complex get-togethers at every opportunity they get.

The elves even include their new Fey human associates, who are forcefully included in the revelry while being given rather swift trial by fire crash courses in elven etiquette.

The current reigning Atriarch resigns in disgrace after allegedly accidentally brushing the ear of a political rival while hugging her goodbye during the after-council celebratory roast (during an incorrect moon-phase), marking the sixth largest scandal this month.

He is replaced by Atriarch Danndada, sure to lead the elven people into a glorious future with her radical policies of putting funding into everything.

Of note is the fact that some farmland has been so severely over farmed that nothing grows there anymore.

It is generally ignored and swept under the proverbial rug before more important news, like Atriarch Danndada wearing a boring looking dress during her ascension ceremony and embarrassing everyone by falling for almost all of the customary ascension booby traps.

Action 1: Farm
(Farm on the left of the peninsula, university on the right)
With some tiles being overfarmed, a new farm is set up in a fresh location on the plains where no other farms tap from, drinking directly from the river to fill the hungry bellies of the worlds greatest race.

Action 2: A site near Reveris is picked out as a prime location for a new university to be set up.

Elves, when causing a general ruckus, starting immodest fashion trends or bullying each-other for the way they look are deeply fascinated by the world around them.

Those with patience and keen minds are fond of studying the practice of alchemy, the eldest of the elven sciences which has never really amounted to all that much. Nevertheless, with a new university being ordered by their beloved Atriarch the elves flock to assemble a new centre of learning and wisdom.


A Sea Peoples Admiral stands before a ship fitted to one of the Dry Docks, a class standing before him as he proceeded with a lecture. "Now, as you are all aware.. the hardest part of our combat.. aside from ramming maneuvers, it is getting our men on THEIR ship, then its a matter of keeping them there while we put them to the sword" he then turns to ship pointing to the newly mounted contraption, a large mounted boarding bridge with two large sharpened bronze holding spikes shone from the top deck "With this, we will be able to bite in with our rams, and drop this atop their decks, like wolves we can now bite and hold and tear into them whole sale.. now we begin familiarization

Action 1: Port City Building
North most owned island will be converted into a weigh station and Port town as well as the northern most holding point for the Sea peoples Fleet, becoming Northern Command under the purview of Perekles Rotakles the Diplomatic Admiral of the Sea Peoples

Action 2: Building a wood cutting zone
Green island south of the dragon islands, needed to upgrade their wood production a grove has been sectioned off for cutting.

Lore Continued
As the Diplomatics with the northern dragons had gone on a fruitful agreement had been made, a handfull of ships would be used to guard their trade ships, and a rather skilled wind mage from the Dragons would be assigned to the newly formed Northern fleet preparing to start regular patrols and the newest "Raiding season"
Rolled 7 (1d100)

You know it would probably help if you had people roll tech for you in their actions.

>production: begin production of bronze arms and armour
>Action 1: expand south-east
>Action 2: build a university

Much drinking and feasting was had as the aurigans welcomed their flightless kin (who they call Golzqah) to the fold and one of their own was appointed to the council. The festivities would not last forever for their was much work to do. Explorers were sent out looking for more lost kin or untapped resources.

Their were many dangers within the new world and the aurigans refused to be under equipped and the newly constructed forges would happily meet the demand for bronze. The republics armies would not be under supplied.

With a new source of magic the mages were excited to learn but much of what was learned was mixed and time lost as multiple mages retread already discovered ground. To solve this issue the council of elders ordered a construction of a place of learning so discoveries could be shared and the magics codified.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 2.png (19 KB, 270x337)
19 KB
The northern plains are now free of the heresy of 'Mother' Erdenfrau, instead Mother Wolkanfrau is cemented as the mother of the Zeigenvolk. The heretical cult of Erdenfrau believes that a goddess of earth and growth is who mothered us, and their logic is our soft features, especially our hair, and that we cannot be the product of a hard and harsh mother. The correct belief is that Mother Wolkanfrau, the goddess of mountain and volcanoes is our mother, giving us the fire in our hearts and made our men strong. The divide is also somewhat gendered, as Erdenfrau is hornless like our women, while Mother Wulkanfrau is horned, like our men. There's even a niche cult that says Mother Wulkanfrau is mother and father both, thus men and women are merely her splitting our duties, as mortals are limited compared to gods. Sister Erdenfrau continues to be a goddess of growth, as long as she knows her place as Mother Wolkanfrau's daughter, being merely a sister to the Zeigenvolk.

Action 1: Build Farm in the Eastern Highlands.
The exodus of the northern plain heretics created a housing vacuum, attracting Zeigenvolk from the mountains with low housing prices, among them were intrepid farmers who see the Eastern Highlands as an ideal place to farm around, as well as do some herding on. The influx of people also shifts the demographics even further toward the correct belief of Mother Wolkanfrau, with plenty of new farm shrines firmly stating it's dedicated to Sister Erdenfrau, not 'Mother' Erdenfrau.

Action 2: Save the exiled stonemen, or Steinvolk, and indoctrinate them into the cult of Mother Erdenfrau.
The heretics in the north, when coming across the stonemen, finds them perfect proof of their belief. Their very existence challenges the cult of Mother Wolkanfrau, as these are far more akin to her than the Zeigenvolk are, even if they lack horns. The heretics will thus save them, bring them what stone they need for sustenance, and then indoctrinate them into their cult, perhaps even getting them to remodel themselves with horns to match their belief that these stonemen, these Steinvolk, are the sons of Mother Wolkanfrau, a horned goddess. And thus the Zeigenvolk must be sons of Mother Erdenfrau.
File: expansion.png (44 KB, 497x525)
44 KB

Colony. The convocation had little desire to directly go to war after so many of their number had been conscripted by the living storm. Still their eastern kin can prove to be of use. Convincing the necromantic elders to stay and connect their leypoint to our own we strengthen not only our own, but their magic power. Through these elders and our own priests we offer to bolster the eastern tribe's war efforts by investing some of the necromantic leyline power to their own tribe and give some of our newfound food surplus to increase their own numbers. With the leypoint and shipments of food under our control we can be reassured that their strength will be on our terms at least until the opposing humans are driven out. Then we can see if they will need to be humbled by who are the true masters of magic.

1/2. Build two farms. One has 5 marsh river adjacencies, 1 hill river, and 1 hill. Other has 2 marsh river, 4 jungle river, 1 marsh, and 2 plains outside borders. Agricultural efforts continue as people once again begin filling out the wild lands they call home. Their diet expands to include chocolate, sugar cane, plantains, okra, peppers, tomatoes, and even wheat!

> Build a Farm at the location marked with a green circle
> Build a Monument (Flavored as a lighthouse) at the location marked with a yellow star
> Technology: Invent/Improve Glassworking/Glassblowing to produce better lab equipment and rudimentary magnification devices such as simple telescopes, magnifying glasses and
> Presence: Dedicate newly acquired Presence to offering university sharing to the Seafolk

Deans Wigrim and Thwip watched the scout soar off across the ocean with a touch of worry. The lighthouse, still fresh enough to be mostly clear of fungal growth, pulsed with bioluminescence light at its peak.

Dean Wigrim frowned, an expressed made all the more severe with his large face splitting mouth. "Do you think he'll be alright?"

"Our neighbors do seem to be a bit warlike...hopefully the gifts from the new farms will help."

Wigrim nodded. The new drink they had come up, absinthe was it?, was certainly entertaining. Still, he couldn't help but feel he had sent the young frog kin into a hornet's nest. Hopefully their neighbor's promises to the north would hold weight.
File: Turn2.png (17 KB, 327x391)
17 KB
File: avg_npc_075.png (365 KB, 1024x1024)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Lore: the witch doctors of sarmatia
within the fringes of marshlands and jungles surrounding sarmatia exist a group of strange indviduals obsessed with pursuing the knowledge of plants and nothing else. they spent majority of their lifespan locked up inside of their garden huts studying and experimenting with different plants that exist in the marshland of sarmatia. once in a blue moon the witch doctors will temporarily leave their huts to visit the various tribal settlements of sarmatia to procure supplies in exchange for their service as expert botanist/plant magician and returning back for their garden hut after they were done with their job. nobody can predict when they will come and go and how to deal with the witch doctors and their antisocial behaviour. but despite their eccentricity the witch doctors are respected and honored by the sarmatian for their role of providing both medicine and poison necessary for the sarmatian tribes to survive in the marshland.

>colony decision : sell the lands to prospector (witch doctors)
for many years the witch doctors refusal to participate in sarmatian society and politics have caused frequent headaches to the tribal elder. the witch doctors saw politics and social interaction as a mere waste of time that distracts them from pursuing the knowledge of plants despite their skills being needed for sarmatian society. after finding the lush untouched jungle wilderness in the north. the tribal council decided to instead of settling it normally they would sell it to the witch doctors as a ploy to lure them out of their antisocial garden huts by luring them with potential new exotic plants for their experiment.

>tech decision: herbology
the knowledge of processing plant into consumables with different effect depending on the plants used as material.

-->turn coming soonish
1. connect gravity (?) leylines
beyond the jungle, the sarmatian explorer found themselves in a strange new desert biome, and as they continue exploring they felt their body becoming heavier until finally they sensed that deep within the desert biome something is causing this strange new phenomonemon. they decided sent a massage to the sarmatian hearland requesting a few mages to investigate the location
2.wealth policies: botanical garden (universities act as farms at the cost of 1/2(?) wealth per building each turn)
with the influx of witch doctors coming into sarmatian society the surrounding universities are now equipped with botanical garden for their use in research and snacking.

(edited turn cause im blind and somehow thought the leylines is outside of my broder)
File: Turn.png (291 KB, 698x620)
291 KB
291 KB PNG

>Action 1: Build a Market (M)
The first arrangement with the town of Kovalin, and through that south-coast town trade with the Principality of Arlet Adlan, means that a market will be required to play host to their visiting traders. And so it is commanded that a district of land immediately to the north of the city of Lesh will be set aside for this purpose.

>Action 2: Build a University (U)
It is clear however that the immediate surrounds of Lesh are now too crowded for an institution to thrive - and anyway, unlearning freemen, pompous nobility and the vaguely feral shamans all provide too much of a headache. Many learned men of Lesh strike out for their own place of theorising and philosophy.

>Carpentry Production:
For this age, the carpenters will craft bows for the free men of Leshyr; so that they might hunt the game of the common woods and practice themselves in skills that might be needed should danger threaten our land.
>Forge Production:
For this age, the forges will use our metal to make tools for our people, allowing them better performance of mundane and daily chores.
With production of hemp properly underway and a good flow of lumber, it was only natural that production of proper ships would go underway with a good deal of effectiveness. For the time being, there would be a focus on expanding both farmland and the are which lakon, or hunters could operate. The term applying to both those who went after animals on land and in the sea with no differentiation between a fisher or hunter existing in their tongue. Still, the plan for the Ulodrac was simple. Work on improving the most basic of infrastructure while diplomacy was underway. After, work on other things for glory, wealth and prosperity would be undertaken. Along with the means to gain such things through force. Their target likely not their immediate neighbors, but further away...But such was in the future. Far off from now...

>Production Policy. Construct ships of oar and sail alongside bronze tools and weapons.

>Action One & Two. Construct farms.
1. Expand north to the rest of forest titles and jungle title around the lake there
2. Establish a Guild of independent researchers called Free Organization of Mind Packers, or F.O.M.P.
3. Build a Military Academy at the capital (get started on organizing our military might)
4. Create a Ministry of Economics to standardize the kingdom currency, keep track of taxes and so on
>1. connect gravity (?) leylines
>beyond the jungle, the sarmatian explorer found themselves in a strange new desert biome, and as they continue exploring they felt their body becoming heavier until finally they sensed that deep within the desert biome something is causing this strange new phenomonemon. they decided sent a massage to the sarmatian hearland requesting a few mages to investigate the location

replace it with
1. build a witch doctors hut (apothecary)
a production building that allows the sarmatian produce drugs/poison
File: map2.png (190 KB, 826x601)
190 KB
190 KB PNG

1. Build a forge (flavored as an apothecary) at the marked location, allowing the Pink Ginseng to be processed into a useable aphrodisiac.
2. Build a university at the marked location, allowing for developments that improve the quality of life in our Queendom.
File: Linothorax.jpg (319 KB, 1920x1080)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
The Linothorax. A form of armor comprised of Linen and Bronze; minimally with the fittings, more substantially featuring integrated scalemail. This would provide the levy with a cheap, simple (though time consuming) to produce piece of armor which while light proves very effective against all sorts of blades and blunt weapons.


1. Linen plantation along the river in the tile above the capital.

2. Prospect for usable minerals and materials. With any luck we'll find gemstones, precious metals for coinage and jewelry, or anything else...
Colonial Response:
Exterminate the Guknil descended tribe (unless they are both not related to us in which case support one over the other), allying the other and putting them under the influence of Rakno. The fact they are not related to the Guknilors means they will be less respected by mainline clans and therefore more loyal to Rakno.
Action 1:
Agriculture north of Rakno explodes, as the fertility of the forests due to the nearby rivers is uncovered.
Action 2:
In a diplomatic action between them the Chief of Konolo and the Chief of Kiyolo raise the coinage nessesary to construct a great monument to Guknil the greatest ancestor. A pyramid which is inscribed with the faces of his sons, forming a family tree going down to the modern generation. A replica of his body upon the top, each of its four sides being dedicated to one of his son's. It is built upon his gravesite built when his spirit left him some time ago. It now serves as a newfound point of golemic pilgrimage as ancestor worship continues to develop.
File: Turn 2 Actions.png (27 KB, 460x356)
27 KB
locations of stuff
>Action 1: Build a Woodcutter in the Jungle
The Orcs live in a coastal nation and cannot hope to continue expanding by relying on their magic alone. A woodcutting operation is to begin to support the creation of a Navy.

>Action 2: Create Tidal Spell (Water)
Hoping to defend their coastal nation and keep their new colony in line, the finest mages of the two schools aim to create a spell which draws upon the power of the tides, granting it greater power based on its proximity to the ocean.

>Extra 1: Create Penal Colony
Even the most barbaric among the Yulakgh could be considered an intellectual among the filth-covered goblins and blueskins. The colony is to become penal in the hopes that the experience would serve to civilize the natives and teach the wrongdoers what life is like without civility.

>Extra 2: Connecting the Ley-dots
The Pure Leydot is to be combined with the Lightning Leydot to create enhanced Lightning Magic.

-The Lily folk to our east are as understanding as we have hoped, and excitedly we look to the future now that it looks a little less lonely. In preparation for those who will come to visit our land, either to commune with their preserved loved ones or scholarly minds, we will grow hospitality structures for them to use during their stay.

-Though we have only met one other nation so far, we are optimistic that reasonable minds are abundant in this world. We must grow in order to ensure that we have sufficient space to house them all. Expand to the North.
>Action 1: Woodcutter
>Action 2: Carpenter
Preparations are being made to arrange the expansion of our domain, felling the vast forests that have given us refuge for generations. This fine timber will be suitable for the infrastructure needed to inhabit the flying lands and beyond, and help fuel our devoted fletchers who tirelessly craft arrows and bows until their fingers blister.
(Production is bows? Idk.)
File: Rapeof1000Ni99er5.png (441 KB, 3072x1500)
441 KB
441 KB PNG
A city is built to make place for the potential new arrivals from the south or other nations. Would be good to name it.

Colonising further north you faind that patches of dispersed mycelium have already grown in the loans. Not big enough to develop sentience, but once they are merged into the larger whole their experiences will be a valuable addition. The enthusiasm to spread fuerther is large among the many, while worry for land is never a concern for them more land means more potential friends, more potential memories and experiences to share.

Do you wish to turn the enthusiasm in the future into a further land grab or into an increased preparation of the land for settlement which is already claimed?

As such a grand expansion follows as spores fill the air and the mycelium networks begin conencting colonising a whole 38 tiles to the north

A problem has arisen though, the city that has been established has turned out a miserable slums rather than a welcoming metropolis. (you have a wealth deficit, you need at least some money to keep the city afloat)

> extra 2
yeah, no. Conecting ley dots is an action, infusing a magic into a pure ley dot is an action. Both can only be done to fully colonized land not mid-colonisation as you don’t control the area fully yet.

Woodcutter is constructed in the jungles allowing you to harvest 4 tropical wood, which for now will help fill the coffers of the state while later it’ll become the basis for our grand fleet.

The tidal wave spell is created. It is a 5 magic spell which outright boosts the naval power of the Yulakgh by 5, ensuring their crash into the enemy with the wave and the enemy is stopped by the wave. While now an extremely powerful spell, making the orkish navy one of the world’s mightiest it is bound to become less relevant as technology advances and navies grow larger. Some of the rowdier orcs have joined local goblin tribes stirring up trouble which will extend the colonisation time of the area by 1 turn. (2 more turns until complete)

Filing the colony with prisoners allowed to expand it as some less than willing settlers flood the area. Them being prisoners they are of course somewhat rowdy. The land is left barren as no infrastructure is established (4 out of 40 on infrastructure roll)

On a good note though teams of explorers managed to find an expansive cave system nearby.
A farm is constructed in an isolated plains area. While the area for the farm might look odd it produces 10 food in form of the odd golem fruit. While in the north a grand pyramid is constructed. Looking weirdly out of place in a plains.

Your nation’s great wealth helps urbanize the newly colonized area putting down 4 random buildings, but if you wish to centralize/urbanize the area you may replace 2 random buildings with a city instead. Moving around the buildings is also ok.

Farm and University are constructed.

University is built.

A further expansion follows trying to usurp the bestiomancy dots. The expanssion is met with low enthusiasm. People are unsure they should expand the colony rather than finish it and the land they are entering seems to be inhabited by weird semi-sentient fungus. They feel at all times observed, yet the fungal blobs seem unwilling or unable to communicate.

Even with colonialism low you manage to expand your colony by 20 tiles, delaying the time it will finish at though by 1 turn. You do notice though that further south the fungal colonies are more organized and even humanoids communicating with them. This land is being settled by another.

An impressive farm is constructed producing 13 food alone, your nation has a great abundance of food. Certainly a strong foundation to lay for the future.

The stonemen in the south are swayed and a church to the Earthmother is constructed locally. The large amount of wealth from your nation also allowed for the funding of the construction of many buildings. You may choose to get a city instead discarding 2 of the buildings. Colonisation will conclude next turn.

You don’t get adjecencies to land you don’t control.

As two farms are built your faming output and food diversity both greatly increase. Your population now has a healthy growth rate one to certainly let them soon catch up wuith their neighbours.
The Linothroax is invented. An interesting combination of Linen and copper it is sure to shield your soldiers well while retaining good mobility. One problem with is is that it’s a rather expensive product… so some corners might need cutting for the lower class soldiers. Oh well, not like their lives matter.

The Linen plantation is built and produces a comfortable 9 linen, more than we could ever hope to process with out meagre industry.

A decently sized veing of sulphur is found near the capital region of our country, while the reast of the majority of the country seems to me one giant iron-vein. Luckily in the east of off the coast deposits of Jade had been found. (1 land tile and rest in water adjacent to land)

Your production of tools helps to increase… well production by 20%, not aworthwhile exchange now, but it is certain to pay off later while the production of simple bronze weapons allowed to the equipment of a single army with good quality bronze spears. (with pop of ~14 that’ll be 1/14th of a 200% bonus so a 14% bonus)

(Colonial news important for both)

The haakan colonists are hard at work having constructed grand monuments to their home nation already. This might be disconzerting to the Scions who preffered to avoid direct controntation letting the tribal conflict fizzle out. Their display of weakness combined with the display of strength from the humans has lead the locals to consider what is more valued, kinship or strength? As a piece of bad news though a depleted mine was found near the main colonial nexus meaning the ore veins in the area had been exhausted what a waste of a good mountain.

On the side of the Scions side they are pulling the locals to their side with promises of of the construction of a smithy in the mountains and the construction of a carpenter in the south in hopes of stimulating the local industry. Considering the growing cultural influence and military dominance of the Haakan’s it might be the wiser choice for the Scions to abandon these plans and put down a city instead. (you can switch 2 buildings for city instead)

Lastly a choice for both colonizers.
1. Do you wish to limit our expanssion just to the contested area hoping to gain a greater controll there?
2. Do you wish to keep the whole potential expansion area?
3. Do you wish to abandon the contested area and instead safely colonize outside of it?

The colonisation contest will conclude in 2 turns. You may construct buildings inside the area in hop of swaying the locals or spend 1 action to extend the period in which the area is being colonized. (1 action 1 extra turn of contest)
(placed woodcutter differently so you get 2 wood not 1…)

Considering you gave me no city name I placed a port if you wish it switched to a city I can switch it. Please make clear if you wanna build a prot or city.

Your new improved ships are created they cost significantly more 6 production 4 wood, 2 copper and 1 tin getting you 12 boats, but they are beauties to behold few a nation in this would could contest your navy. Yet this power is built on a fragle back as your nation’s population is still very low and land limited.

While you have enough presence for the deal the Sea people don’t a research agreement has to be both-sided so he also needs 4 presence first.

Farm and Monument built.

Glassworking is improved, being a technology that further boosts technology… umm 20% bost to the tech rolls.

> You get a new tech

The colonisation goes well thanks to high enthusiasm and decent wealth of your nation you get 3 potential free buildings in the colony on top of a free silver mine the proespectors found. Having struck silver the private prospectors drove a further drive of colonists expanding the colony.

High colonial enthusiasm, empty land and the prospectors finding silver (valuable resource i nexpansion area) ended theexpansion one turn early. You have no authonomy in the new territory.

One could say your nation is doing well even if food is getting a little bit tight.

The first lay-line is created a truly grand achievement for the sentient races. Among the magical races your’s is a pioneer among pioneers. Now spells need to follow.
(please create a school of magic for your silly plant-gravity combination)

Lastly the branch of herbology is created giving you +20% extra woodcutter and plantation output

University and Market are built and production is assigned. Making good use of all your resources cut somewhat into the prosperity of the traders, but the market certainly made up for it.

With tools your production is increased and with bows your army will be feared like no other.
Two farms are constructed and good quality, but technologically primitive sailing ships are constructed. You could get 5 more ships if you had the wood, and there was not enough wood for tools.

Using the tropical wood for ships also reduced your nation’s wealth.

>>5440194 (Fey or for beni/blu)
As you expand north you encounter natives of your race, though you notice they are in some sort of tribal feud with an ancient enemy. There is a set of ruins in the land and the uman locals claim it is a grand city of their deadly enemy. In spite of this ghostly presence the colonists seem enthusiastic afterall if their kin already lives there the forst must be friendly to them.

As such theexpanssion goes well… too well. Goin far beyond the initially intended border area umans flooded the savannah’s to the north. Not liek that’s a worry… the excess can just be sold afterall.

The elven money is put to good use establishing FOMP and organisation which shall help with research granting a 20% boost to tech rolls. Ministry of economics has similar effect granting +20% to taxes.

Military University near the capital is built.

> You get a new tech

The apothecary and university are built. The slimes known for their hornyness needed just that drugs which make them even hornier.

Woodcutter and carpenter are built, your nation now has a wood supply secured and a decent production. About the time to start producing something.

Your nation’s great wealth helped promote the construction of magnifficent structures in the new potential colony. It’s no heaven, but it’s getting there.

Your explorer’s have found something concerning though. A great demonic beast, possibly a bear or lion mutated by the lightning magic. The beast seems to be slumbering near the ley dot. It is a dangerous animal which is siphoning the magic greedily content to stay still until it’s magic absorbing rituals stay undisturbed. It is a problem that needs dealing with.
File: Turn.png (237 KB, 534x504)
237 KB
237 KB PNG

>Action 1: The City of Chor
With the university established, a town soon begins to grow up at the site of the nearby spring. Chor will provided habitation and governance for the scholars of the university, and anyone else drawn to the western edge of the Kingdom.

>Action 2: Expansion to the West
With a new city establishing close by, the lands beyond are deemed suitable for arrivals to move on into. Colonists under the guidance of new-landed Thanes move on in to begin setting up on the verdant grasslands, whilst Freemen move into the woods to care their own new homesteads; with the Shamen particularly excited about something they say lies in the southern woods...

>Carpentry Production
The carpenters put their whole support behind the expansion effort, carving timbers for those setting up homesteads and building the new city.

>Forge Production
With trade opening up in Lesh from the Li Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan city of Kovalin, Imported Tin is forged together with our native Copper to make blades of Bronze for our Thanes and Freemen.

>Action 1: Build a temple

>Action 2: connect Wind and Fire Leylines

>Forge production: continue to make bronze military equipment using our tin and copper

hearing about the lack of enthusiasm in the colony the council would need something to reinvigorate them. It was decided that they needed to be reminded who the gods chosen people were and how it was our destiny to rule the skies and earth. A grand temple was built to the Sun Dragon Faadaglok and in a further display of power the two leylines where finally connected creating Inferno magic.
Diplomacy had given new life to the sea peoples, once warlike people were now exploring the olive branch instead of the sword. but still the crown weighed heavy on the sea peoples king, his people were still.. struggling.. as much as one could, the apital city had become somewhat crowded, and with children being born every day it would only get more crowded.. the king decided, a monument to the peoples shall be built, something that would outlive them.. and a new city shall be founded. Cartago.

Action 1: City Construction North most island with port (if it cant be built next to the port on that island then just south of it on the double grid island.)

Action2: Monument building (for le presence, placed whenever is best I'm not sure how it works) a massive circle of stones will be erected, holes will be drilled in the stones in specific ways so that as the wind catches it it can play soothing tones. the center can also be used as a diplomatic meeting auditorium
Forge Production
Bronze sword's and Hoplon shields
With the colonization seemingly going quite well for the Principality, the Grand Prince has decided that it would be best to consolidate what possessions we already have instead of pushing onwards. Our initial goals have been met, and it would not seem wise to overstep our bounds; especially with the hideous things to the south attempting to establish a foothold. While they seem magically adept...that's about all that can be seen.


1. Jade! Such a beautiful material, and so close to a city as well! Surely this must be the priority above all others.

2. Our current industry is...lagging behind. That much is perfectly clear. As such, it would be wise to expand our forges to maximize our productivity. The army needs to be equipped, the workers need tools, and of course the nobility needs their trinkets.


Linothorax! Bronze scaled for the men-at-arms and other wealthy levy, plain for the commoners.
File: Turn3.png (36 KB, 502x504)
36 KB
> Double Expansion following image
> New Technology: Concrete, for better roads, universities, monuments, and testing bunkers.

Dean Weyse, of the University of the Unknown, watched unblinking as the three pteradons circled overhead, bleeding off elevation and speed as they came down. They had just finished a long trip over the ocean, scouting hundreds of miles worth of far off terrain on the back of the frankly terrifying beasts Dean Wigrin had helped bring back from ancient history. Weyse permitted himself a short shudder, he had seen the size of the teeth on some of those bones, and he wasn’t looking forward to the aquatic species that were planned for the future. Asking ‘should we’ was nearly sacrilege, but still, the less species that could swallow him whole the better.

Back to the moment. The three scouts finally landed, several waiting lilalkin waiting nearby to rush in with food, water and care for their mounts, while the three scouts themselves dismounted, stretching bodies to their full length after hours in the air. Their lead dismissed the other two, then approached the dean.

“Captain Lohop, it’s good to see you’re back in one piece. How was the trip?”

Lohop stripped off layers of furry clothes. “Cold mostly. You would not believe how cold it gets that high, I don’t know how the birds handle it.”

Weyse smiled. “Perhaps we’ll set up a meteorology department on the far shores. Does it look suitable for colonization?” The two began their slow descent from the landing platform built on top of one of the giant mushrooms of the fungal peninsula.

Lohop nodded. “It’s beautiful sir. Rolling plans, vast woodlands, geysers of healing magic rolling off the ground, a ravine bigger than a city glittering with gemstones. It has to be seen to be believed, and we barely left the coastline.”


“No idea. We didn’t see any but...”

“We don’t know what we don’t know.” Weyse quoted the motto of the university with a wry smile.

“Exactly sir.” Lohop pulled off his goggles, blinking in the bright light. “Had them on so long I forgot about them. It’ll be a long trip for anyone who goes over, we’ll need to build a port, a proper university, perhaps even a second city.”

“We’ll be counting on you to guide them. The university of material science is already packing up their things, there’s apparently only so much you can do with fungus.”

Lohop laughed. “I can imagine. Let me get a good night's sleep and I’ll be ready to fly.”
As discussed previously,

1. Expand.
2. Expand.
File: 1666559041166369.png (19 KB, 237x297)
19 KB
Colonial Response: Keep the whole expansion area. Replace the mine and forge with a city on the blue tile.

1/2. Build two forts on the orange marked tiles. Lines show where they protect. These two forts will ensure that the mountains and leypoint will be uncontestably ours while they still stand. Our newfound city of Somberpass will also be protected while it reorganizes the local tribes around us. Such a strong gesture will correct any notion of weakness and make it clear that we act on our own terms. That they were too weak to handle their conflict even when an offer of power was made to prop them up only to be rejected means that only through direct administration and guidance will our kin be made strong.
File: Turn3.png (37 KB, 511x552)
37 KB

Changing actions to:

> Build city at marked location
> Expand according to picture's priorities
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 3.png (19 KB, 264x329)
19 KB
Immelreich's forges produce primarily bronze tools, with our plentiful tin and copper, there is no shortage of bronze for our forges. Our warriors are well equipped, bronze armour is a common sight, with fully fledged warriors clad head-to-toe. There's also silver trinkets often being used as a common currency, for whenever there is no direct barter of two goods. Finally, there's all the farms produce, there's plenty of food variety, but a favourite is grain. Bread is a common food among all Zeigenvolk, but what all men love from grain, is beer. Every town has a drinking hall, where fresh caskets of beer are served, with all sorts of flavour variations used to keep it all fresh. No day is complete without beer.

Action 1: Build city of Waldengard in the newly colonised area.
As the northern colony solidifies, migrants move over, including nobles. They settle in the town of Waldengard, causing a lot of locals from the colony to migrate over there, as nobles are wealthy customers. The nobles quickly setup administration, making laws and a guard force to enforce them. As Waldengard grows, so does the crime, as nobles are wealthy targets. Thus the final step to becoming a city is made, an internal wall, separating the wealthy upper districts from the expansive lower districts. Any criminal from the lower district has to pass through the inner gates, and plebs don't get in without permission, so crime only really happens in the lower districts.

Action 2: Build university northwest of Wolkenburg.
The news of the men of stone shakes the Wolkenburg court, their stony visage is much more a fit for kin of Mother Wolkanfrau. We can't let the Erdenfrau heretics prove themselves to our people, or we might see a reformation. We have a lid on the situation for now, restricting the flow of information and only allowing the gospel of Mother Wulkanfrau be spoken aloud, heretics are to be lashed. However, this will only work for so long, until the locals start talking. We already have a great church, they have already heard our gospel, but they disagree with it. They have a counter argument, one we must disprove. Thus Kaiser Diederich Kupferohr von Wolkenburg commissions a great university to be built, where our greatest minds will gather, to find definite proof that we are sons of Mother Wulkanfrau, not Sister Erdenfrau.

With plenty of food now provided, and trade with the north secured, there was something that needed to be done soon. And that simply was production of metals of various kind. While some bronze was available, more would be valuable as an extremely lucrative commodity to sell on the market, given the Ulodrac was blessed with having lands of both tin and copper rather than merely just one or the other. Still work would be done to ensure that there was more in the earth that could be extracted, be it beneath the lands surface or the coasts around it. After all, unlike any other people they knew, the Kanomaki could very easily get access to metal deposits that other peoples had no chance of accessing. Or at least would take extreme work and risk in their case. Other than this, in the forest filled north, further lumber mills would be made so as to provide the growing navy and merchant marine of the Ulodrac, and to ideally free up more lumber for other uses. Regardless the Ulodrac was going to secure it's production, and after was likely to enact some plans and do more civil works. Grand ones. Along with some profitable actions some might dislike that will be used to fund those works...

>Action One. Prospecting

>Action Two. Create a lumber mill in the north.

>Policy, keep building ships.

Action 1: Prospect the three marked blue tiles

The elves scour their land for resources to dig up and play around with.

Action 2: Build a cultural monument in red

More waterworks to splash around in, and a powerful social binding force to bring members of the Atriarchy together, human, elven and… half elven?
My bad, there's nothing in the rules about how activating leylines or establishing colonies works.

>Action 1: Expansion
Fill in the area between the coast and the mountain. Expand along the Northern coast if there is excess expansion.

>Action 2: Create Monument in the Colony
Incase expose to the goblins is not enough of a reminder, the Orcs must be reminded of the finer stock they come from through their art. An intellectual sort, the monument is not of any specific person, but rather it exists as a monument to Orcish mathematics, using complex geometry and medieval engineering.
File: s-l400.jpg (33 KB, 292x400)
33 KB
>create hybrid magic: mutation/evolution magic
From the plant leylines, the magician of sarmatia grasped the concept of "growth". and from the gravity leylines, they grasped the concept of "force". and from combining the understanding of the two concept together the swamp mages figured out a way to forcefully trigger the process of "growth" within all things in existence. but the new magic while powerful is not without drawback, with its unpredictable nature it is impossible for the mages to control the desired outcome. while sometimes the mutation gives beneficial result, often times it result in nothing happening or even worse it causes negative impact to the caster.

>action 1: create spell - Mutate
the one and only spell of the mutation/evolution magic. the mages injected the power of mutation into any target whether it is himself, the environment or a casted spell/ritual of magic from another pathway with varying outcomes dependign on the luck of the caster.
File: durian.jpg (29 KB, 600x400)
29 KB
>action: invest 5 wealth to increase farm output (tropical fruits: durian)
meanwhile in the sarmatian settlement the elders found out that the two farms is no longer enough to fulfill the needs of the growing sarmatian population. one of the elders came up with a possible solution. it is said that one of the witch doctors found a strange, spiky fruits with abbhorrent smell. the witch doctors, intrigued with the strange fruits decided to bring it to her huts and after a long experiment found out that not only is the fruit very sweet and fibrious it also able to grow in dense jungle on its own without needing too much water. the sarmatian soon decided to send out pople to search for these fruit and figure a way cultivate it alongside their farms.
can't build in the colony until it's done expanding. I already tried to do the same thing with a temple.
Wrong map, use this one instead
you can but it has to be the turn that buildings start appearing in the colony.
>Lore Point: The land of the Volonauts, though known as a Celestial Kingdom or Empire, is very much so the opposite. Unlike the other civilizations of the world, there is not clear leader, or even group of leaders. The general apathy and otherworldly spirit of the Volonauts allows them to function in a stateless society (though it has unavoidable capitalist elements).

>Action 1: Land Pioneering (Prospecting)
The realm's most talented and skilled artists soar across the vistas of the mountain valleys and grand forests to depict to their kin the beauty that they may still find solace in upon the plane of mortals. Those with good eyes may even find some useful resources within...

>Action 2: Construct a Forge
The piles of unrefined and semi-refined gold and silver are beginning to flood the streets, some have taken it upon themselves to teach themselves and others how to purify the ores and craft beautiful ornaments, with Volonauts now commonly sporting fashionable wristbands and necklaces of silver and gold.

Carpenter: Bow and Arrows
Forge: Silver/Gold Jewelry

The great lion in the north is of little concern to those who quietly glide thousands of feet above the slumbering beast.
File: Turn 3 actions.png (49 KB, 552x565)
49 KB
Forge: 2 production
produces primitive weapons
>keep 4 random buildings
Colonial response:
Many of the artisans of the "Ougkilo" (deriving from the name of Ougkil (ancestor of these new golems)) are drawn to Rakno. Causing no major urban center to develop in their lands, with Rakno gaining de facto control over the area. Some Ougkil golems are discontented with this, planning to move west...

In celebration of their victory the Rakno helps fund the construction of a great mound to Ougkil. Though not as impressive as the monument of Guknil it still gives confidence to this fledgling people...
Action 1:
The northern hills and the mountains of the east are prospected. (targets shown in red on map)
Action 2:
Build a fortress (place on yulakh leyline on border unless that deal falls through in which place pic related)
1. With the new military academy established, it's time to improve the army. Start training new soldiers.
2. As a good ruler, when he isn't chasing after skirts, the King orders the prince with the newly trained soldiers to explore this deadly city and meet this obviously uncultured creatures head on.
-We grow. We prosper. But the individual, those who walk our groves yet are not part of us, have not the same abundance as we do. These people will need to have their singular needs met while they live they here, yet the concept of market and currency is not something we fully understand, or even need. As so we will open our spaces for the merchants of the world to setup their stores and offer their wares to those who live among us.

-Life proliferates, and with it so do we. Our reach is emboldened, our spores scattered, and our once small realm is poised to grow far larger after recent fortunes. Our network expands, and our roots begin to shoot up and bare their fruit towards the northern lands. The mycelial gift will bloom here as well, as it does in our homelands. (Begin terraforming the plains to the north.)
Fortress elaboration:
Diplo isnt finished so build the western fortress by kiyolo
File: Newgame — kopia.png (449 KB, 3072x1500)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
Preparing for a major push forward the Leshyr set up the city of Chor. An expansion of the university town which already sprung up as an area it will be perfect for coordinating the relentless push west.

(I don’t see anything about the trade deal in thread and you don’t have a market or port anyway, so I’ll make the tools copper rather than bronze)

With the production of copper weapons for the army and navy to use the soldiers feel like they can actually fight. Lastly wood is used to prepare colonial supplies for the upcoming settlers. Carts to transport goods and planks to build settlements with. This is sure to help with the colonisation effort even if it ate up our last bits of production and aviable resources.

As you expand into the forrest you find that it is natively inhabited by humans. Proving once and for all that they are the the true natives of this land. These humans though differ slightly as their tribes universally keep another race enslaved one they dubbed the Housefairy. Housefairies are half meter tall humanoids with large floppy ears, catlike faces and elephant-like legs. They frankly seem like very ill suited to be a slave race.

Your settlers having recieved much support and high enthusiams will claim 24 tiles.

> A high drive
Your colonists seem to be exceedingly driven smelling powerful magic just across the border they wish to keep on pushing, but will need additional supplies. For 3 wealth (permanent payment) you can have the colonists push into an additional 2d6 tiles or choose not too.

A temple is built to express the great religiosity of your people. What’s their religion actually?

Lay line is created, what’s the magic type you create?

I swear I mentioned before when you tried to do this. You don’t have wood, you can’t make tools until you do… well luckily for you your colonists cooperating with the draconic locals managed to set up a woodcutter. Though at the current level of authonomy in the territory an independent citystate will likely form. (low, diplo, very high distance from any city, low colonial enthusiasm coupled with 2nd natives not of your race)

You have the choice of letting the citystate manifest and be friendsly to you or cutting the colony in half and creating a 10 tile-vassal and a citystate hostile to you.
Yeah it’ll have to be on the double-grid island. No two buildings in one tile.

Cartago rises in the north as a certer of administration for the widely dispersed cities of the sea people. It will serve as a good outpost for future colonisation. it is imperative that naval dominance is secured as, as the city stands now it would be an easy target for woodbe invaders.

Monument is placed next to city producing 3 presence, bit more and that coveted university deal can be completed… an expensive investment, but one sure to pay dividends.

All of your production is already assigned to pumping out ships.

A forge is built an so is a coastal jade mine. jade from the ground and from shallow water is harvested on mass letting you accumulate 6 worth of the precious stone close to tripling your previously unimpressive economy.

The coveted linothorax is finally produced. Using two production you are able to supply 2 of your units with mastercrafted armor giving a 400%*2/pop combat bonus at the cost of 4 linen, 2 copper and 1 tin.

the Linothorax truly is a great product, but the industry ever-hungers.

Two forts are built, a city named Somberpass is formed.

With both parties choosing to keep both expansion zones the large colonial investments and creation of a city put the Tempestous Somberpassns at an advantage. The locals coalesce in Somberpass creating a joint culture for the region.

As things look now the overlapping expansion area will form a citystate which will be a Tempesrous Somberpassn vassal, while the uncontested Somberpassn expansion will be annexed as a semiautonomous region.

For the Haalkans their uncontested expansion area will also become a vassal. Both vassals will not be very loyal as due to a joint cultural heritage they would seek to become one state. The expansion will conclude next turn things can be still shifted by trying to placate locals with buildings etc.
In the north you faind barren unihaited land while in the south you find a land inhabited by Dark Elves, once noble healers now they use their healing magic to endlessly heal victims as they torture them they are talented diplomats and soldiers, but not very fast breeders. The choice needs to be made if to exterminate or assimilate these beings or maybe use them to aid the other colony?

The expansion into the virgin land in the north is one surprisingly the one the frog people are not too enthusiastic about. Being a very social species there just is something scarry about a land without any prior inhabitants. Not a problem without solution though possibly we could ask the drow from the southern colony to aid us in the expansion?

The northern colony for now will received 15 tiles (-4 to insta colonize 2 islands) while the southern one 22 (-1 to insta colonize flying island).

Additionally a small never previously inhabited cave system is discovered in the northern expansion zone. it even has some homely fungus growing in it!

*I already rolled expansion related stuff so you changing actions would be way to bothersome. If you build the city where you wanted next turn I’ll count it for colony-authonomy purposes as if you had built it this turn (it actually makes no difference itj ust needs to be there the turn colonisation finishes anyway)

> you get a tech (well duh)

Could have at least put in some fluff text.

Anyway. The great cauldron of slime finally overpills, the population of the slimes has been relentlessly growing until it’s borders could no longer contain them. The slimes pour out into the wild only to discover… there’s human enslaving some small long eared species everywhere. Guess those two are just what’s native to this island. Where did the wobble come from then?

The colony finishes and the formerly dying men of stoen in the forests are now thriving as worshippers of the Earth goddess. The mountain rockmen on the other hand saw you helping the exiles as an insult, they still become a part of your nation albeit they stand with the Volcano cult tooth and nail to the point that the Volcano cult has begun moving their infrastructure to the land of the stone men knowing they are safe there from government crack downs… and even if disloyal the raw quantities of gold they possess more than make up for it.

In other news the Sheeple guilds finally put some emphasis on education constructing the nations first institution dedicated to learning and development of new technologies

> you get a tech
Your capital region seems to be home to a small deposit of tin. Your overseas region seems to be split between 2 ore veins two have been identified as gems and coal with the gems deposit likely extending up north across the border.

A lumbermill is constructed supplying you with a comfortable 6 wood. With extra wood you slightly increase your naval force limit having a grand flotilla of technologically primitive ships numbering 20. There is 1 production left and some wood which you could use with the metals to make tools or weapons.

You find a deposit of iron, sulpur and silver. The sulphur and iron deposits being rather big while the silver deposit is modest in size.

A cultural monument is constructed increasing the cultural signiffiacne of your fickle nation. (it only works when the moon is in it's 14th phase during the blue stag zodiac sign's zenith or on wenesdays midday)

> you get a technology

Trough masterful diplomatic meddling the Orcs managed to secure the pure lay dots without the southern golemsi interfering. With that the colony is finished and the land is truly theirs… well the exclave become a vassal nation as the tribes comprised of Prisoner orc and goblin manage to secure their authonomy.

Still access to the Lay dot is secured and that’s all that matters. The capital of the new state is established within the grand cave for defensiveness, Feel free to name your subject and the City.

The monument in your vassal is created increasing your opinion of you. (if they like you enough you can start integrating them once enough time has passed

Expandiong deeper into the mountains you encounter something you’d rather have not. An anethma to your being and insult to your existence. It’s pig-headed orcs. Their tusks are pronounced and faces piglike. It is in many ways an insult that they are the same kin as you… but that does open possibilities.

We should choose now if we wish to:
A) exterminate them
B) attempt integration
C) Eugenics experiments - you are a subrace of ours, (+25 mil power -20 to tech rolls) possibly we could create a new type of orc combining the traits of both.
Mutation magic is a marble the pure ‘force’ behind growth, change and evolution. The raw concept in it’s purest form taken beyond conventional thinking. Mutation magic allows for the induced mutation of all things be it spells, objects, living beings or already dead beings… this versitility is only matched by it’s unpredictability. The result is always random thus this type of magic is way more beneficial as an offensive tool to disrupt the enemy rather than a genuine tool of creation.

> >action 1: create spell - Mutate - the one and only spell of the mutation/evolution magic. the mages injected the power of mutation into any target whether it is himself, the environment or a casted spell/ritual of magic from another pathway with varying outcomes dependign on the luck of the caster.

No. This is the entire school of mutation. You have to create spells one by one. Mutate inanimate object, mutate life, mutate undead, mutate spell etc.

I’ll make this one mutate life for now. And it does one thing, if you want a spell that causes people to get cancer in this school of magic you need to actually make an ‘induce cancer’ spell.

Mutate life - A spell that allows you to randomly mutatet all living beings, +80% military power nations at war with you have their population growth halted for the duration of the war.

(obviously additional fluff effects exist for like trying to mutate wildlife or showing off in character)

Farming subsidies are given increasing farm output by 50%.

> Authonomy in the north
You have a large swath of land in the north without a city to govern it unless you build a city next turn you will have a 1d2 chance per turn to gain a level of authonomy there.

The Lion’s den is avoided. As stated it will not be dangerous unless disturbed, but leaving it be blocks one farm adjacency and access to the lightning ley dot. It’s not time to worry anyway, rather it is time to celebrate as the expansion was a success with the strait secured.

The new influx of food and land lead to a population explosion among out kin. Maybe it is time to turn to colonising the lands in the sky at whom we still merely stare longingly?

Looking for resources we find that near the entirety of our nation is a a giant coal deposit, with a portion of the northern mountain laying at the edge of an obsydian deposit, to exploit it efficiently we’d need to expand inland though. lastly the newly colonised land in the north sprouts a tin deposit.

Using wood to make primitive arrows helped us slightly strengthen our military, on the other hand using silver and gold to make impressive jewelry allowed for a +100% boost to diplomacy at the cost of those material leaving circulation and the wealth that came with it.
The fort is constructed and scouting out resources you find that the mountains are largely a massive salt deposit with a silver deposit in the east. The plains… oh what a waste hide beneath them a large Jade deposit.

Not sure what you want to do if to train soldiers (policy) or build an university so university is built. helping to increase tech growth. Aproppo tech, you still need to assign your’s from last turn.

Soldiers are sent into the forbidden city. penetrating deep into it they find it to have been a human structure pre-uman-human. It seems when the fey first arrived graciously filling uman bodies with suitable souls some humans still kept theirs and waged a long war against our kin, but loss would eventually come.

Exploring the ruins further a set of a few swords is found, but only one intact. The swords are wrapped tightly in what appears to be rose thorns. The knights dub these baldes ‘Briar swords’ due to their pinkish hue. Playing around with them one soldier swings the blade above another’s head, said soldier then collapses with panic, his fey soul has been trapped in the uman body.

Your scholars suspect that elves might come from fey whose souls have been trapped in uman bodies. The local umans are merely shackled by fear of an enemy long gone.

You gain the briar sword artiffact. It’s capable of cutting souls, you can research how to make them which will provide a large bonus when fighting umans, necromancers and healing magic users and a smaller bonus when fighting bestiomancers, mind magic and biomancy users.

On an unrelated note likely with some bizarre forest-creation plan in mind your colonists have built an aqueduct form the swamp into the savannah. it looks neat in the very least.

Market is built to exchange goods with the unassimilated it shall be like a lure for a fish, though the fish once caught is given a nice aquarium rather than being eaten.

> Action refunded
You have a spell which lets you terraform stuff 1 magic per tile without action investment, but you can only use it once you actually control the land. Once the colony is under your control you can just declare you terraform it so feel free to do 3 actions next turn.

Already excited to see giant mushrooms sprout among them the locals eagerly set up a carpenter. Their mycelium tendrils waving in the air they can’t wait to turn their cousins(?) into planks of wood (?).

Action 1: Volcanic Forge

The forge of Skyclad Anvil is assembled after a surprising number of breakthroughs regarding the use of naturally occurring magma to heat metals. A gigantic assembly, the work performed at such an intimidating site is sweltering, the fumes sometimes making one’s head spin, the trek up is treacherous and unsafe rendering the elves who live there isolated for many parts of the year, but the results speak for themselves.

Raw ore enters the site as immaculately crafted metalworks exit, a dream only made possibly by the elves natural genius.

Action 2: Expand

It is time for all of Herin Desh to be ruled by elves. While our first expansion was purchased, this next one must be performed under our own power.

Go forth colonists, propagate endlessly and fill the land.

Production: Produce jewellery using gemstones and gold, now that we have a forge capable of making metal goods.

The latest craze for the ultra rich is jewellery as clothing, and rather little else. Is there any more complete a sign of status than to be bejeweled from head to toe? The wealthiest of the azure appear like gods descending upon the world, even if everyone else thinks this is vain even by elven standards.
Note: New technology is better volcano forges
File: Turn4.png (13 KB, 341x326)
13 KB
> Create Magic Policy (Mind): Chainspeak, a powerful spell that allows telepathic communication over vast distances by using chains of spellcasters typically known as Chain Speakers.
Originally created to aid in communication between universities, Chainspeaker cafes have become a common sight where Lilalkin gather to exchange information with distant friends, family and colleagues, allowing cultural concepts and ideas to shoot from one end of the nation to another overnight.

>Technology: Water Wheels.
Transforming the flow of a river into mechanical power has enabled the Lilalkin to enhance industries and farms located near rivers.

> Build the City of Insight on Marked Location.
A city meant to spur on great leaps of exploration.

> Colonial Choices: Integrate the dark elves and have them help with exploring these new lands.
The Lilalkin find torture distasteful, but they have to admire the creativity in some of the methods. The University of Annihilation is promised as an outlet to funnel the dark elve’s darker tendencies.

Dremin took a deep breath and ran her hands across the dream stalk staff, resisting the urge to nibble on it. A small vial of dream stalk extract sat in front of her, a powerful if brief enhancement to her magic. A simple hourglass whiled away the minutes. Soon they would perform the field test, the big ocean crossing test. What good was going to new lands if you couldn’t exchange information? This would make or break everything.

No pressure.

Dean Thwip poked his head into the room. “Is there anything I can get you?”

Dremin shook her head. “It’ll either work, or we’ll improve it until it does.” She gripped her staff tightly, watching the hourglass. It was synced, as well as they could be, to three others, forming a chain across their nation, then over the ocean to the new colonies.

“The mind is the greatest tool.” Dean Thwip quoted to her.

She nodded. “It’s time sir.” She drank the extract, span the hourglass over and held her staff at arms length. The mental constructs that formed the spell rolled through her mind, rigid shapes and strange concepts described with an esoteric vocabulary and grammar that served to direct the power of magic in her mind. There was no room for doubt.

The magic enveloped her as her mind expanded, rushing over the dim lights of her people, rushing out until it touched another great mind like her own. Her mind reshaped, transformed into what she called a chain, but was more like a long psychic stalk, connected to the other mind, which was connected to another mind...

A secondary spell interacted with her mind and the dean appeared in her mind.

“Everything is going well sir.”

“Good work Dremind.” She grimaced at her name but then smiled as her fellow mind mage appeared in her mind as well. The dean nodded. “Shin. How are the colonies?”

Shin grinned broadly from the other side of the ocean. “Amazing sir.”

With the discovery of further tin deposits, a mine is swiftly sunk into the earth to take advantage of it. If not for the sake of producing more bronze, then the sake of trading the materials to make the vital alloy abroad at great profit, or just the bronze alone. Ideally, future prospecting and perhaps future lands would contain more vital metals, but this would be expanded upon later. For now though, work would swiftly be put to use making tools and weapons. However, in order to better increase production, a more distant group of smiths pooled their resources to create a small village on one of the islands between the three sections of the Ulodrac. And, there, they traded their skills and services in exchange for weapons and tools. Both of which were vital, especially given the sudden and surprising arrival of strange beasts on the boarders that mimicked humanoid form, yet clearly were not human. The gems, while a wonderful find, would be seen to it to be discussed with the people of Leshyr. Especially given the veins location. Good relations with a few would be best for business after all. Especially given the plans of some ambitious captains...

>Action One. Build a tin mine.

>Action Two. Build a forge on the small island.

>Production. Create as many tools and weapons as possible. (Slight lean towards tools for now)
File: plan.png (141 KB, 665x729)
141 KB
141 KB PNG

There had been a massive whirlwind of diplomacy in the past few days and weeks, reports of the contact with the Ulodi/din, the report the republic to the north, and even the curious meeting with the Frogmen of the concord had all come and gone, and from it much was learned, more so was gained.

From the Concord alone great things were hopefully to be had. a wolf ship of academy youths escorted by the two lieutenant ships of Captain Phykos would arrive off the coast of the capital of the Concord, the studen ship would unload meeting the concord on the shore hopefully to open arms, the same wolf ship that they would have arrived on would have had its mast removed alongside its boarding corvus, leaving only a flat top boarding deck, as a proof of concept for the wing program.

the closeness with the Republic to the north would become perhaps one of the closest in the Archons opinion, hell his daughter had been sent to study alongside their wind mages. and the Northern fleet had been placed where it had due to its closeness, the patrol triangle going from the Northern Naval Port to the farms and woodcutters to the south of the republic and to Cartago and back. keeping Vera close to home and allowing the navigator time to return home if needed.
Production: all production of ships would be halted. switching production to Spears and Etruscan shields

Action: Military Wealth Action- Sea and Land Drills
-The archon and the Admiral council have come to the decision that perhaps it is not the quantity of ships, but the quality of them and their crew, drills would proceed all though the northern triangle and off the coast of the concord capital.

-(Denoted by Orange) the trials in the south with the concord would include testing of the Pteradon flyers acquired from the Concord. aboard the 'Ulysses' only being able to field three of the leather winged creatures on its flat top deck, several trials to get the creatures airborne would result in the development of a launching strategy of rowing into the wind and having the creatures take a minor running start to create lift.

-In the Northern Triangle Fleet, wargames between the ships would be conducted, maneuver drills and standardization's would be undergone. as well as sea to land actions using the lands south of the republic as a staging ground for land training, focusing on the development of minor formations and marching.

Action. Presence building. A Lighthouse to rival that of all the lands would be built, a solace to all whom enter the waters and shall be guided around the whirlpools for safer passage. (Denoted by a golden star)
File: 1666907413988969.png (34 KB, 441x425)
34 KB

1. Build a monument in the orange province. The locals were impressed with mundane works of the humans of the north, but high on the mountains will sit our own monuments far grander in stature. To symbolize our mastery of life we will take coral from the sea and have it grow on land. Its twisted spirals forming the appearance of a tree while we carefully take a small part of the great vortex that resides deep beneath wellspring. Binding it to the coral tree and have it act as a living focus on the living storm. An excellent place to resolve disputes through combat just like back at home.

2. Build a temple in the red province. To establish orthodoxy amongst the locals a grand temple is built near the city and more importantly the leypoint. Here our priests will take advantage of the symbolic nature of the necromantic leypoint and teach about the living storm and how it is composed of all our ancestors. It shall also ensure that all prospective mages will be trained by our own priests. Centralizing control over the leypoint.
Well duh there aren't any cute slime girls like us outside our Queendom, if there were they would've joined us already!

1. Enslaving other races is bad! Everyone on the planet should just become a big happy family. We need to send missionary Slime Girls to enlighten these humans and long-ears about the proper way to treat each other: eat, f*ck, and be merry!

2. To diversify our palette from the usual farm-grown crops, we learn to fish.
Religion: I'll tell you what they believe. You have the mother star/space dragon mother creator goddess Monahdokun who was the only thing in existence. She wanted to see her surroundings so she made the sun, her firstborn Faadaglok. Through his light, she saw her empty surroundings and hated the void and the blandness. she then created the world (a flat featureless blob) as a decoration when she noticed she could only see half of it at a time so she created the moon to reflect her sons light, Krahvulonkun the secondborn daughter.

Monahdokun realized that she didn't really like the ball being so featureless when Krahvulonkun suggested that she and her brother would decorate the world while their mother went on to beautify the rest of the universe which she went to do telling them she would be back to see their work when she was done hers (turning the gems from her body into the stars). while shaping the world the pair would have 3 clutches of offspring. The oldest are the six elemental gods (all of the gods are dragons). the middle clutch was the 4 gods of life. the last clutch of 5 would later be known as the gods of magic. together all seventeen of them had a hand in shaping the world.

their work done Krahvulonkun asked her husband to wake her when their mother arrived. eventually, the gods created the dragons to be their servants but for whatever reason, it didn't work out how they wanted (it's why I wanted to know what dragons are like in your world) so the gods basically recycled all of the good to make the Aurigans.

Inferno Magic: The Aurigans had discovered how to feed the fire with the use of wind magic. they could force a large amount of wind into the flame at once resulting in a large explosion. They also learned by feeding it more slowly and carefully it could be used to both increases the heat and more easily control the flame. another nice bonus is that an Inferno can be sustained on nothing but magic after it has burned all of the surrounding fuel.

>Action 1: build a farm
>Action 2: build a carpenters workshop
>I choose the vassal option
I guess I have to wait until next turn to make tools so I can start my production of arms and armour.
(I have a market... it's next to Lesh! The Kanomaki town I'm trading with is on the island, and I thought the sharkfolk could cross the sea without ships as their special? Could be wrong on that, though.)
Action 1: A Temple for Chor
With the new city of Chor filling up, the shamans order the raising of a new temple on the land around the city to bring the wards and wisdom of the great forest spirit to the masses.

>Action 2: Beast Masters (Magic Policy) - 10 Magic, 1 wealth
The Shamen of Leshyr have long sought and listened to the whispers of the wilds; finding meaning in the movements of the seasons and the beasts and the plants and insects; all flowing to the rhythms of the great spirit. Seeking understanding from beyond for themselves, they draw upon the powers of the Beast-magic node to develop means to bind and control even the fiercest of wild animals and bring them to the side of humanity. The quill-ridged Grash-Hogs, the shade-skulking Doleopard, the howling Fnawolves; let these and more be bound into the control of the shamanic order. Let them no longer prey upon the people of Leshyr, and instead act in our service. The Shamen who seek to serve their deity spirit through this service will rove the land, searching far and wide to seek and bind these fierce animals; striving to understand the power held inside these animal forms and prove their mastery in the service of the great spirit - therefore, a small stipend will also be established to grant the Shamanic order funding for the essentials of their spirit-blessed works.

>Carpentry Production: Staves of Office
Using Wood and Gems, The carpenters will craft a staff for each of our Shamen; to be a symbol of their office and a conduit for their Beastomancy powers.

>Forge Production: More tools
When taming new land, plenty of tools are needed - so the forges will keep crafting tools to support our colonists in their efforts.

>Event - A High Drive
The lands our colonists hope to claim are huge already; setting them further afield when the lands we are reaching for are yet unsecured seems the height of folly itself; especially when this unsecured magical vein seems to lie close enough to the coast that our treaties with the Kanomaki might be imperilled were we to grab for them. Let us fully secure our current new frontiers before pushing further.

(Unless of course those dice could help us secure the land FASTER, in which case we'd accept them for that purpose.)

>Diplomacy: Human Natives
The people in the further reaches of this island might be different to us; and yet as the forest is a continuous whole, so are they our brothers and sisters. Let us arrange marriages between the sons and daughters of our peoples, let them see the tools we use and the spirits we keep; let them know that we have much that should unite us. King Undrun and his guards set out into the reaches of the colony to talk to the local chieftains, win them around, and secure their service for Leshyr.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 4.png (24 KB, 270x429)
24 KB
The tide shifts once more in the religious disagreement, with a large amount of Steinvolk opposing the heretical Erdenfrau cult, instead acknowledging that we are indeed sons of Mother Wulkanfrau. Furthermore, the higher Steinvolk become prosperous thanks to the gold mine and goldsmiths in their lands, some are even named Güldenvolk for it. These prosperous Güldenvolk penetrate deeper into Zeigenvolk society, getting many friends in high places. When the Steinvolk then come to claim we are sons of Erdenfrau, the Güldenvolk can be there in force to immediately expose that the Steinvolk are criminals and liars, and so they are not to be trusted, they simply want to sow dissent. It doesn't solve the issue that we appear too soft to be made of mountain, but it certainly pumps the brakes on the Erdenfrau influence.

Action 1: Colonise southwards, seize the Earth Node, enter the Two-Mother Heresy.
As Wolkenburg bussies itself with the Erdenfrau heretics, a third faction moves southwards, into untamed lands. The crossfire in the religious debate often throw shade at this third group, the Two-Mothers Heretics. The Two-Mothers Cult believe we are sons of both Wolkanfrau and Erdenfrau, but can't really come up with their own arguments, copying those of others, and they don't even agree with each other, with sub-heresies that believe Wolkanfrau is our father, not mother, due to her horns. Either way, these heretics find Immelreich becoming rather hostile to them and move southwards to settle fresh lands, also they have come to believe there are answers there, which will give them a strong argument for their faith, so they can stand their ground in a debate.

Action 2: Cultural/magic tech development, Wolkankraft, the lore connecting volcanoes, fire, smithing and passion.
In our search for proof that we are the sons of Wolkanfrau, not Erdenfrau, our scholars have ventured into the volcanic hills south of Wolkenburg, and with some of the Güldenvolk helping us, they can get closer to magma than we can. Through rigorous study and meditation we investigate the connection between volcanoes, fire, smithing and passion. We will prove our kinship with Wolkanfrau by showing the fire of our hearts. In fact, it is us Zeigenvolk who have the biggest smithing industry, an industry of metal and flame, not the men of stone.

>Lore 1: The Orcs of Yulakgh all heil from the island of Dabub. Having been cast out by Orcish society following their discovery of and fascination with the Leylines, the Sovereignty spent years inbreeding. Although still noteably orcish, this produced a variation in their skin color and more importantly in their minds. The orcs can be thought of like the diaspora in this sense, having grown distant from the culture and attitude of their origins.

> Action 1: Connect the Pure Leyline to the Leyline of Lightning
True power is at our fingertips; The leylines are to be connected so that we may harness the full power of Lightning.

> Action 2: Create Spell - Thunderbolt
Harnessing their newfound mastery over Lightning, the scholars develop a spell to become abread and butter staple - A straight beam of crackling blue plasma to tear through compact groups and fry heavily armored opponents.

>Extra 1: Naming the city
The underground city is to be called Svinja

>Extra 2: Eugenics Experiment
Although initially disgusted by the to discover this absurd malformation of their kind, scientists quickly take notice of physical capabilities of these creatures and the variations in exactly how piglike they appear. Instead of oppressing them as outright inferior, the academy instead selects a few hundred of the brightest and strongest to begin a process of controlled breeding.
File: turn 4 expansion.png (37 KB, 512x423)
37 KB
Action 1:
>Place woodcutter (pic related)
The growth of the Guknilors causes demand for refined wood. Previously wood had been sourced locally, causing much waste and low quality. Now wagons of logs are hauled around Guknilo, all the chiefs securing deals to obtain this wood.

Action 2:
>Place Silver Mine
Golems love shiny things... its a shame some of that silver is under a pesky little upstart...

Refunded Actions:
Action 3:
>Centralize Southern Golem Colony
The Ougkilo Golems have become split between the influence of Rakno and more independently minded golems among them. Due to their greater wealth and power Rakno exerts its control over the region through force, using their allies among them to create a new system. Wherin the Ougkilo Golems of the region become "adopted" into the family tree of Rakno. With new adopted sons being considered full members of the Rakno heirarchy.
Action 4:
>Colonize westwards
This causes a migration of Ougkilo Golems west, seeking independence from the Guknilor. They settle mainly around the great mountain now named "Ougkil" after their forefather. Upon this mountain they wish to settle a new city which shall also bear the name of their forefather.
Other Golems also migrate west north of the great mountain. Guknilo golems properly.

Action 3 Rework:
>Make new colony norf
The oppressive clan structures causes many golems to migrate in the north west. They colonize from the very northernmost plains of the western section and along the gulf. For the northern regions are wetter and thus less hospitable to the temperate-dry loving golems.As well the more southern plains are rife with the eye of Oklolo and Rakno alongside Ougkilo golems.
Thus these "Aaknilors" set up disperate farming communities. Free.

Action 4:
>Make new farm
The Rivers of Rakno have proven an incredibly fertile region. More farms pop up exploiting it.
(I haven't interacted with the policy side up until now, time to fix that. Also wealth policies have their action cost removed, and tech is a free action, so...)

Action 3 (since tech was a free action): Build Woodcutter in northern forest.
The wood from the northern forests is proving quite popular down south. The forests aren't as ideal for farming as the plains east of Wolkenburg, on account of the trees. But these trees are a product in and of themselves, able to be turned into tool and weapon handles, getting more use of the Wolkenburg bronze.

Production Policy: Bronze Tools x4 (4 Production, 4 Copper + 2 Tin + 4 Wood).
The Zeigenvolk have a long and proud tradition of making bronze tools. There are so many tools on the market some are even purely ceremonial, being made entirely of bronze. The recent addition of wood from the north gives our tools solid grips, shaped to give us more leverage than straight poles, letting us work them vigorously and even if we break the grips we have plenty of spares.

Production Policy: Bronze Polearms x2 (2 Production, 2 Copper + 1 Tin + 2 Wood).
The Zeigenvolk are short, as much as it pains to admit, we are lesser fighters than humans in hand-to-hand. However, we are not animals or savages, we have tools, we have spears, long ones at that. With our strong bodies we can wield long polearms that make our spear walls a force to be reckoned with. To approach a Zeigenvolk spearwall, is to approach doom itself.

Wealth Policy: Farming Guilds (5 Wealth, Boost Food).
Farming is an investment, and one that doesn't always pay off. Weather and vermin can harm crops, accidents and predators can harm livestock, floods and even theft can leave you starting over. In comes the farming guilds. They provide much needed security for the farmers, sponsoring their planting and even helping recruit the labour for the planting and harvests, which take a lot of manpower to do in an unindustrialised society. In return they ensure a lot less harvests are lost and thus they will reap all the more reward on successful harvests. This leads to a lot of food on the market.
File: 1666907413988969.png (20 KB, 332x299)
20 KB
The jubilee have granted access to their universities and granted patronage to the scions giving 2 presence presumably I will be getting at least 2 presence from my buildings so I will have one university and potentially two if I get the full 6. They also agreed to give away the land behind the red line. In return I am giving 3 food and will soon begin the process of connecting my leypoints to their own.
1. University
2. Lumber mill
(in own land)
1. Survey the lands. Need to find resources
2. Expand into the underground in the name of the King.
Tech pick: improved metallurgy.

The Grand-Prince sits on his throne, unimpressed. The Noble which brought up the idea of settling the lands to the south for the Leyline has proven to be completely and utterly useless; as it seems that there won't be any likelihood the font of the arcane will be going to them. If he wants to claim the land so badly, he can go manage it himself.

Still, this leads to an opportunity. Magic may be a far off dream, but it is far from the end-all be-all. The training of a mage is a time consuming process, but technology? Technology tends to stick around even after the creator has passed. Those to the south may gorge themselves on as much magic as they wish; the Principality shall take another route...

>Lore Point:

Of all the beasts of burden used by the common peasantry; Cow, Oxen, Horse, none are more emblematic of the people than the Great Weevil. Titanic insects the size of a transport-cart, the Great Weevil are mercifully docile creatures and able to shoulder a great deal of weight. As a result, they are considered prized plow-beasts and cart pullers; though this popularity is restricted to the commoners. The bugs are not exactly prone to bring Knights into battle, nor have the aesthetic qualities that Horses do for the nobility.
From above a grand peak the monument to the ancestral storm lies. Crafted from driftwood, gems and coral which miraculously grew on land in the ever-drenched eye of the storm it is formed to represent a tree twisted by storm or maybe a tree merging with a storm. Soon the gazes of the locals Delphin or human like turn away from the bronze statue of a human and their ceaseless gase turns towards the statue of the Storm tree.

Secondly a temple is built one to spread the faith of the father storm an obvious contradiction with the local faith of the death tempest, such an enforcement of religious orthodoxy has lead to grumbling among the local populace, but it’s obvious the humans would treat them no better as such they deal with it.

>>5447448 (Haalkan)
A university and woodcutter are built, the woodcutter producing an impressive 4 wood.

>>5447448 (Haalkan)
With the Haalkan having for all intents and purposes forfeited in the colonial battle, the locals side with the scions. The Core area of the colony becomes a vassal of the tempestous scions even ceeding eastern portions of their purported territory in exchange for ocntineud access to the ley dot and as a clear sign that the temopestous Faith is not welcome in their lands. For the cession of eastern land South Somberpass pushes slightly westward.

The other territory occupied by the Scions becomes a fully integrated part of the nation. The neglected Haalkan colony on the other hand becomes known as Northern Somberpass and also becomes a citystate. The two citystates being one people wish to be reunited, currently due to it’s poverty North Somberpass would wish to become part of South Somberpass rather than the other way around. The capital of North somberpass will be Scio.

The eugenics experiment: at the cost of let’s say ‘matchmaking’ between the porcs and the yulagkh we can assimilate their racial traits. at a rate of +5% of racial mil power bonus at a cost of no pop growth to a maximum of 25%.

You may stop at any time.

The ley dots are connected and the pure lay line infected with lightning transforms into another source ofl lightning magic. producing an extra 20 magic. On top of what both had as output. Lightning is streangthened.

Thunderbolt - cost 10 magic - a simple attack spell utilizing lightning magic to shock your opponents - +200% combat power, increased effectiveness against foes with metal armor.

The new settlers getting along with the locals due to the state mandated crossbreeding quickly set up basic infrastructure. The foundations of a Fort, market and monument are laid, though you can still redirect their enthusiasm to instead building a city.

Lastly while exploring the area they find a depleted mine. The area becoming devoid of natural resources is likely what caused these orks to devolve to their primitive state.
File: MiniNERP.png (456 KB, 3072x1500)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
Forogt map

Misisonaries are sent into the lands of the Leshyr attempting to preach your religion to them and to encourage breeding and… crossbreeding among them. While the reception isn’t very warm some turn to the ways of the slime in time.

Colonial Mission - 2 wealth - decreases authonomy and helps integrate natives somewhat

Umm… both action refunded as a wealth policy does not take an action and the fishing thing is a tech which is solely gotten trough technologies.
Both powers seem to be pushing their faith onto the locals, the leshyr being the kin to the humans are more successful with that. The settlers and colonists even laying the foundations to a leshyr church with other Leshyr innovations also comming in such as a port, aqueduct nad forge being prepared.

(Leshyr may switch 2 random buildings with a city in newly colonized landi instead)

The slimes on the other hand start the construction of a grand monument to sway the locals to their ways and considering they are preaching freedom at least the slaves are listening.

In the centerpoint between the 3 leydots a set of ruins is found ripe to explore. As the situations looks now the vast majority of the colonists is leaning towards the leshyr due to their higher prestige, displayed wealth and racial kinship.

Slime options
1. Ferment slave revolt
2. Migration wave - try to send so many slimes you overwhelm the locals (will cause drop in your pop)
3. let things lay out

Options for both
1. Explore the ruins
2. Leave the ruins be

options for both
1. Block off ruin exploration from other party
2. let the other party explore as well

Carpenter’s workshop and farm are built helping feed the draconic race. The dragons can’t help but notice thoug that their homeland is not the best fit for agricultural cultivation… maybe importing food is the way to go?

Inferno magic is a powerful improvement to the wilding of fire. Feeding the flame can create both giant fires or help conzentrate it into a bright white flame easily able tocut trough metal and stone.

> The Many
Your colony finishes partly being annexed and partly becoming a semiautonomous region. There is also a citystate of your race in the north.
File: AztekbatGirl.png (416 KB, 944x1136)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
>>5447450 (Fey)
Say if you do something with the artiffact from last turn.

Via prospecting you find obsydian, in the vulcanic mountains of the east, sulphur in the south and tin in the east. Large swaths of tin being in the colonized area.

Expanding eastwards into the deep dark underground and lands around it your settlers are happy to go in spite of the dangerous circumstances, gving you an innitial foothold of 24 tiles. They say they could possibly push on further is funded with 3 wealth… which is not something your nation at present could afford, but maybe another sponsor could be found.

The expansion mostly spils into the neighbouring hills as going deeper and deeper into the hills it turns out the natives are bit more organized than you’d usually expect. At first you notice a bat-human here and there shrieking to map their surroundings upon closer inspection you realise they have blindfolds on and ornately decorated clothes which would require a level of civilisation present. It is hard to tell anything in the oppressive darkness.

As you colonists make their way inward they are attacked and a solid half of them is dragged off into the darkness. The bat people while civilised seem warlike and you can’t speak their tongues.

Fortify the area - build 2 forts underground for a 1 action
Interrogate the captives - attempt to interrogate the captives to learn their language (no action)
Revenge - attempt to pay back blood with blood send your army underground to conquer the savages
> Colonisation finishes
The newly colonized area contains no cities to govern it. Unless you build 2 cities (one in semi autonomous region savannah and 1 in the main colony) the colonies will start gaining authonomy with a 1d3 roll as a chance to increase authonomy. If a region goes independent this way it’ll become a vassal.

Fully owned land may be sold off, but if you wish to sell off a semi-autnomous region diplo them first to convince them to agree as they have a level of self-governance.

> you get a technology! (2 queued up)

Trough performing military drills the quality of your forces greatly increases.
(-5 wealth +50% mil power)

Wealth policies are not actions this still applies, but action refunded. You can do an extra action next turn.

A great lighthouse is built. (monument)

You have 6 presence so you can do the deal with the Frogs now.

A tin mine and a forge are built and put too good use near instantly too.

Bronze Tools x2 (4 Production, 4 Copper + 2 Tin + 4 Wood) - +80% production

Production Policy: Bronze Polearms x1 (2 Production, 2 Copper + 1 Tin + 2 Wood) - 2x200% combat power
As instructed a new woodcutter is built upping your woodcutter output to 14. In the south the expansion goes well the land is inhabited by fey-folk of a race you did not meet yet. Going further south the expansion is stopped at a border of an angel-like folk, they are the upper caste of society… literally flying around in the sky while the fey-folk live like they did before on the ground.

Your colonists nonetheless are somewhat enthusiastic setting out to colonize 31 tiles. One of the positive surprises found during the colonisation is the discovery of an enormous cave system not daring to enter the underground caves as of now.

Wolkankraft - A mixture of magic and play on smithing. It is sure to produce beter metals-smuthied goods. - you may assign 2 magic to each metal-containing production-policy to reduce it's production cost by 25% and to increase the effectiveness of whatever is being produced considerably. The magic cost applies per good produced so if you increase the output policy you need to increase the magic supplied.

Bronze Tools x4 (4 Production, 4 Copper + 2 Tin + 4 Wood) - +80% production

Production Policy: Bronze Polearms x2 (2 Production, 2 Copper + 1 Tin + 2 Wood) - 2x200% combat power

Farming Guilds (5 Wealth, Boost Food) - 50% farm production

A new farm pops up both from your colony finally getting done and another getting built, but as rakno itself is being exploited by farms and mines at an exceeding rate it runs the risk of the land deteriorating and becoming a wasteland. (1d6 per turn)

The silver mine is placed (btw there is no slider across the border this was just the rough location of the silver vein, shitty location for a mine)

Colonising westward you once more encounter one of your kin more golems great. Where’d all these come from? These golems seem to be the servants or slaves of a great beast that resides in the region known as the rock licker, it demands from them sacrifice in form of salt.

Many of your golems hearing news of such beast are terrified putting colonial enthusiasm at an all time low… but with your population as high as it is and the golems needing to still live somewhere 25 tiles will still be colonised a number which could be increased by making the colony a penal colony.
Nah semi-aquatic just lets him live in shoreline provinces not in open sea. He still needs a market on the island or you need a port.

A temple is set up helping spread your religion and spread prestige and trough marriages with the locals further your religion is pread in the region. It seems your neighbour to the north had a similar idea sending missionaries into the human lands spreading a faith whose purpose is the end of marriage and slavery replaced by coexistance and constant sexual arrousal.

The new spell is set up, can’t mix wealth and magic policies so it’ll takej ust 10 magic.

Beast Mastery - 10 magic - each best master from young is taught to commune with monsters making a former foe to powerful ally +100% army size (leavies and standing forces)

You have 0,16 production you need to set up more forges and carpenters first, possibly a wealth policy to up production too could help.

> You get a tech!

The Dark Elves graciously accept helping you settle more land at the cost of them gaining more themselves. The colonies are merged and the Dark elves help expand the northern colony by pushing into the plains.

The northern colony and southern colony recieve one building each, an inopportune woodcutter and a port.

New City and a new spell are created.

Chainspeak - 5 magic - allows for long distance communication allowing for more effective city governance (city admin range raised to 6), more effective dissemination of our culture (presence +30%) and better coordinatio nwhen at war and between units (+30% mil power)
Sir that forge is not next to a volcano… guess you could use your tech if you get one to make aqueducts also transport laval from volcanos.

Anyway forge is built and expansion of the elven race begins. As the 47th moon of the 31st calendar of the yellow-green sun dawns the mayor of the smallest town raises his glass of wine and gives his wife the voice. And she says it is time to expand and claim what rightfully belongs to the Azure Elves.

To your surprise as you expand you find large golem-like beings inhabiting the land. They eat mostly fruit and are rather blunt. Certainly further removed from out kind than the umans, but if they have a brain inside that rock skull they can learn etiquette.

We need to decide if we want to remove or assimilate these ruffians.

In spire of this elven spirits are high, for the stars have convened there is nothing to fear and colonial enthusiasm is high and 25 tiles shall be settled.

> You get a tech!

You get a tech.

Issyn and a farm are built

And yeah some rafts/primitive boats are built

Reminder that I bought the jubilee land last turn even if I dont immediately get their autonomous land.

1/2: Spend 10 magic to create a 200% agriculture spell. Surprisingly the greatest of magical innovations have not come from the priests who were busy pacifying the north or making deals in the south, but the farmers back at home. Having focused on practical matters they desired to not only optimize what they could produce, but to create new wonders to show off their skill in their craft. Using biomancy they have altered extensively the crops that they produce to make impossible hybrids; even taking some traits of animals and making them breed true within the plants.

Wealth Policy: Spend 5 wealth to create a 50% agriculture policy. With the growing popularity of Magically Altered Organisms or MAOs. Great festivals and competitions are held and sponsored both locally and nationally. A place where individuals can share their knowledge and gain prestige as well as promulgate new varieties amongst their peers. The winner and crowd favorite of the first national competition was an ambitious farmer turned rancher who managed to transfer his special swamp mushrooms to a living water buffalo which had them grow on its flesh and could be regularly harvested. It was even said that its milk tasted like delicious mushroom soup!

>Colonial Dilemmas:
>Swap Aqueduct + Port for City?
Looking over the plans of the natives, a Leshyran noble makes mention that this land has rather a number of rivers already, perhaps it might be easier to build this new city on the banks of the river rather then build an aqueduct to an inland site? If this is the course they choose, he suggests the name 'Grig' for the city-site.

>Explore the Ruins
>Invite both the Native Humans and the Slimes to explore with us as a single group.
Whatever our differences in ideas where the borders might fall, this temple is of obvious import to our island and all upon it.

>Action 1: Build a new farm (F)
The Humans of the west seem to be leaning toward favouring Lesh over Jigglejig - whilst not yet a certainty, it is a relief that our forest brothers appear to be drawing toward favouring their human kin over gelatinous enticement. Still, if we wish to draw them closer to us we must prove that we are able to provide for them if they do. A new farm is to be established close to Chor in preparation for feeding more mouths in the future.

>Action 2: Build a new Woodcutters (W)
With all current timber production being snapped up for use in our industries, it is necessary to begin laying the groundwork for harvesting more to build more future industry upon.

>Tech: Waterwheels
The roaring, flowing power of a river is indeed an impressive expression of pure natural force. With the driving power of a stream or river to power the motion, what else might our industry accomplish? Let it help us grind our grain, lathe our wood, pump the bellows of our forges! How fortunate it is that so much of our industry is already sited upon riverside locales...

>Wealth Policy: Taxation Officials - 2 Wealth
A tithe should be a simple thing, but life is rarely simple. Some freemen pay greater sums to their Earls in exchange for exemptions, and some earls have specific income flows through which they have sheltered their lord's share. Now it is time to keep more comprehensive record of who owns and owes what, and which rent falls due.

>Wealth Policy: Messengers: - 2 Wealth
Currently an informal duty of various hirelings and junior nobles, it is decided to formalise a small messenger service to carry official word and pronouncements between the King and his Earls, between the rulers of cities and keepers of far-flung smallholdings.

With the local humans of the forest drawing closer to the people of Leshyr, King Undrun prepares another round of diplomatic visits to the natives of the colony; and the ennobling of those chieftains and leaders who take to the service of the Kingdom of Leshyr.

>Standing force
Deploy our standing force to Chor 'in accompaniment of the king', and ready ourselves to respond if needed. If the slimes try a 'migration wave' or a 'slave revolt' to push our cousins from their lands, we will be ready to deploy into the colony region and stand alongside our brothers of the forest.
File: Turn.png (456 KB, 904x862)
456 KB
456 KB PNG
...And forgot the location map.

With things progressing solidly, and the clear...problems that existed, further work would be done for the military. Mainly in this instance by the Vinarila. This would be focused on Koshic Elod, False Undead. Also referred to as Kos, or Husks. They are simple undead that follow orders of Vinarila and any designated Nivoa. Although a failsafe in the form of a simple chain of command exists incase of the death of whoever is ordering them, be it from natural causes or unnatural ones, so someone can still order them if the one they were mainly meant to follow is killed. Failing that, they will simply follow their last orders until completion, destruction, or they are able to find one who follows this chain or simply embeds their control over them. Though it is important that a specific command is imbedded for these Kos, that being to never attack a Kanomaki. They aren't meant to be guards, just meat shields to overrun an enemy with raw numbers and by ignoring things that most would like spears due to their inherent durability due to the lack of care for wounds. Damage to them is acceptable after all, and their job is to break spear walls and simply cause a distraction that allows the living Kanomaki to flank or do other things to cause major problems to their enemies. Regardless, the Kos are not intelligent, they simply are given a task, and they do it provided they are able to. Militarizing them is quite easy though as all one needs to do is simply hand them a club or other basic weapon and tell them to hit things that they are ordered to attack, and stay in a vaguely cohesive formation. Though plans to have them assist with simple tasks like pulling carts and moving things in mines or assisting in the planting season of farmland is planned for the future. Other than this, further work is done prospecting. The tin found was grand, now all that was needed is more copper for real industrialization and militarization to happen.

Other than this, the Caorda system is formed. A simple policy of formalizing the existing structure that some militia's in the north near Kovalin had into the military proper. the Caorda is simply a soldier with sufficient skill and arms to be a considerable threat to an enemy. They often are better equipped and are better trained due to longer military service than that of other soldiers, and it is a rank given to those who prove themselves in battle or in training fields, along with the wealthy able to afford better equipment. Often, they are either put in charge of a small unit of 25 to 50 soldiers, or are put into specialized units of soldiers. For the time being, they often are the highest rank that a Nivoa can achieve without attempting to become a Vinarila. And while not elites like the Vinarila, they are still formidable officers and soldiers better than the rank and file.

>Action One. Kos Lavokan

>Action Two. Prospecting

>Wealth Policy, Caorda System. 5 Wealth.
File: 1667166057552468.png (11 KB, 220x218)
11 KB
Image has plantation shown and its adjacencies as well as the sold territory.

Altered Actions: Changed the spell to be 1 action and 10 magic 100% food bonus but also provides 1 production per farmed tile.

Second Action will be making a plantation to make a variety of unique cash crops to complement the current trend with 3 biomes to draw from. 3 jungle tiles adjacent to river, 1 jungle tile not, 1 marsh tile not, 1 plains tile not.
File: raimirea.jpg (686 KB, 2480x3508)
686 KB
686 KB JPG
Religion: Lady of the marshes
The sarmatians worship Raimirea, the lady of the swamp. a vengeful, petty and narcistic goddess who is said to have wrecked havoc in ages past because of jealousy towards her more beautiful divine sisters who received the love of all members of their family. Raimirea caused endless death and destruction in her wake before being slain and excuted by heroes sent by the divines. it is said that her corpses tainted the land with so much poison that the dense lush jungle turned into the rotten marshlands of sarmatia. the sarmatians claims to have descended from the Raimirea and believes that she is lying dormant deep in the middle of the sarmatian swamp, biding her time to plot revenge and wreak havoc upon the god and goddess once again.

tech: dendrosculpting (magic woodcrafting)
using plant magic the woodcrafters of sarmatia have found a way to carve and strenthen woods with their mana. the result is that they are able to create a stronger, more efficient and magically dense wood creations. with a side effect of making their creation more beautiful and intricate.

wealth: invest 5 more wealth into food

action 1: expansion into the northeastern desert
action 2: build another wooodcutter in the 6 adjacencies jungle title northeast of the lake
action 3: create Spells: manifestation of raimirea (10 magic, 8 woods) (i should have 9 woods this turn if im right)

using dendrosculpting and a very large ampunt of exotic woods, the mages of sarmatia carved their most dignified and beautiful impression Raimirea. turning it into giant carved tree statues that function as an impregnable fortress and shrines. and with gravity magic, the land it sits upon is now able to fly above the marshlands and jungle of sarmatia inspiring terror, dread and submission to anyone who witnessed it. (tl;dr its a giant flying tree fortress/shrine thing)
A grand series of celebrations erupt as the Atriarchy of Orchar’esh begins establishing itself in the southlands.

The discovery of golemic creatures is met with some amount of surprise, but the nascent Atriarch resolves to integrate and uplift them into elven society.

Meanwhile the Atriarchy of Jubil’esh joins fully integrated into the wider nation, getting the elves one step closer to a fully unified Herin Desh.

Technology: Better naval vessels

Action 1: Expand, numbers in order of priority

Filling in the spaces between Atriarchies, an expansive effort is undertaken to also settle elves outside of Herin Desh and beyond to the shade of a great flying island.

Action 2: Port

A grand port is established nearby Grandis to aid in the construction of large ships.

Production: Elven Clinker Ships

Wealth policy: 5 wealth, Agricultural Investment (+50% food production)
Note, activate a university sharing policy with the Fey this turn as soon as they obtain the required presence, pre agreed.
>Action 1 & 2 - Create Monuments
Fate has been smiling upon the Yulakgh. While our power grows, our empire remains relatively peaceful and content. We've expanded two cities and we have established new frontiers. In order to ensure continued prosperity, heightened assimilation, and promote centralization. Currently the penal colony is too rowdy to allow a golemic presence. To enable this deal, a large portion of resource are dedicated to supporting the culture in this region in particular.

>Money Policy - Culture (5x)
It would not be enough to simply create statues and expect the people to understand. To unite the blueskins, the pigfaced, and the proud Yulaghians, a great number of resource are to be dedicated to the establishment of a unified culture to be carried forward.

>Money Policy - Agriculture (5x)
With this increase population, the supply of food must grow too. In conjunction with the cultural movement, local farmers are granted additional resources and rights to promote the development of new farmland.
> Build a Plantation on the Sky Island
> Magic Policy: Use biomancy to create giant docile spiders that produce spider silk.
> Establish University Sharing with the Sea People

Dean Wigrin held the sheet of silky material in his hands, then pulled them away. The material billowed slightly, but remained suspended in air.

"Fascinating. You said you planted flax...and got this?"

The farmer nodded. "It's made for an interesting harvest. Had a strong wind hit the other day, scattered the stalks from here to the Center. Material is decent strength, but I can carry a field's worth of harvest on my back. Strangest thing."

The dean nodded absently. "Whatever magic is holding up these islands must seep into the plants as well. Fascinating."
Forgot to specify but also pausing Eugenics program for the time being if possible to resume it later
action 1&2 naval academies in best positions

action 3 as to make up for the last one woodcutterup north next to the farm

Wealth action, more training

production: 12 more ships.
File: map3.png (224 KB, 814x516)
224 KB
224 KB PNG
>both action refunded

Migration Wave; Explore the Ruins; Let the other party explore as well.

Magic: Lactogenesis
For purely agricultural reasons, Slimegirls develop a magic that brings about and amplifies the production of milk in a target livestock and/or person.
Build: Market
Build: Market
Build: Port

New Wealth Policy (5 Wealth ==> Food): To ensure that her people do not go hungry, the Queen heavily invests in and subsidizes the agricultural industry.

Diplomacy / Lore:
Slavery is bad, okay? (Unless it's part of a kinky roleplay.) The Slime Girls who migrated help to foster some coexistence between the different races which aren't really all that different if you think about it. You know?
Woblobble leaders exchange preliminary letters of negotiation regarding the rightful rule of the contested region between Woblobble and the Leshyr. Leaders of the Leshyr argue that they ought to be entitled to most of the region; they reasoned the Leshyr have more cultural heritage in common with the natives, the Leshyr have already invested their resources into building up some of the infrastructure there, and the Slime nation is also laying undisputed claim to many other resources on the continent other than the disputed region. Leaders of Woblobble argue that the disputed region should be split fairly and evenly, based on the proximity to existing, undisputed borders. Negotiations are ongoing; They have not yet come to an accord, as both parties are keen to establish dominion over the ley dots known to exist there, and each sees the others idea of a "fair division" of the land as biased towards the other party.
Meanwhile, slimegirl, Leshyr, and native explorers cooperate to jointly explore the ruins. Jolly cooperation; praise Jiyva!
Meanwhile, in the West of the continent, slimegirls encounter... a colossus? UwU What's this *Notices its bulge*?
Action 1:
Prospectors look out for new mineral deposits around the nation.
Action 2:
A mine is established upon the plain's jade south of Kiyolo.

The Ougkilo golems who are disgruntled about the rule of Rakno plan on migrating into the regions of these new "Aarkilo" golems, who are enslaved to the salt licking beast Karplir.
In order to do this they are organizing a small army bent on killing this creature, winning the admiration of the locals.

Wealth policy: Military (+50% military)
Jade clubs are fashioned, being better than stone and more wieldy than lead. As well faggots are produced, bundles of sticks with a deadly head, stronger than more conventional single shaft weapons.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 5.png (29 KB, 295x504)
29 KB
The people of Immelreich enjoy a food boom, much more so than with the creation of the fifth farming district, it is the largest food surplus the Zeigenvolk have ever seen. Some complain about how fat the Zeigenvolk are becoming, but this is just a temporary thing, until our population grows to match the surplus.

Action 1: Integrate the Feymen and indoctrinate them into the Cult of Two Mothers.
The Cult of Two Mothers see the Feymen as their Steinvolk. Just as the Steinvolk are without a doubt sons of Wolkanfrau but not Erdenfrau, the Feymen are sons of Erdenfrau but not Wolkanfrau. For the Feymen lack the spark of passion and innovation of Wolkanfrau, as evidenced by their primitive technology, using sticks and stones instead of bronze. Thus they are integrated and indoctrinated, but treated as if they are idiots, because they lack the spark of Wolkanfrau, perhaps is they pray enough Wolkanfrau can lend an ember, but until then, the Zeigenvolk, sons of Erdenfrau and Wolkanfrau both, are the superior sons.

Action 2: Prospect Güldenvolk Mountains.
Our forges burn white-hot with industry, gobbling up metals at a voracious pace, we need more metals to feed them, much more metal. The Güldenvolk will be rich if we find what we want, and even if we don't, their gold already makes them have many members ascend to noble rank.

Production Policy: Modify Bronze Tools x4 order to Enchanted Bronze Tools x4 (3 Production + 8 Magic, 3 Copper + 1.5 Tin + 3 Wood).
Modify Bronze Polearms x2 order to Enchanted Bronze Spears x2 (1.5 Production + 4 Magic, 1.5 Copper + 0.75 Tin + 1.5 Wood).
Add Enchanted Bronze Armour x2 (1.5 Production + 4 Magic, 1.5 Copper + 0.75 Tin + 1.5 Hemp).
Total cost: 6 Production, 16 Magic, 6 Copper, 3 Tin, 4.5 Wood, 1.5 Hemp.
While investigating Wolkankraft we have discovered it's resonance in our bronzework, bestowing it with energy. This revolutionizes our smithing, and all the forges immediately shift over to using Wolkankraft, eager to see the effects of it. The forges also end up with surplus material, which they use to create bronze armour, such that the Wolkenburg army will stand supreme, clad in Wolkankraft Bronze.

Production Policy: Enchanted Coinage (Reichskrone/Reichskroner) x6 (4.5 Production + 12 Magic, 4 Gold + 4 Silver + 4 Copper).
When Kaiser Diederich Kupferohr von Wolkenburg, the mighty and wise hears of the wonders of Wolkankraft, he gets a bright idea. We have long had mineral riches, but we have yet to turn it into proper capital, money. Indeed, with Wolkankraft infused into every coin, it'll weaken the Erdenfrau cult, as each coin bears testament to our Wolkanfrau heritage.

Wealth Policy: Volcano Guilds (5 Wealth, Boost Magic).
With the discovery of Wolkankraft, there is a surge of people seeking to exploit it. In response, Volcano Guilds emerge, snatching up Volcanologists to harness the Wolkankraft, and earn the guilds themselves a hefty paycheck, taxing all the Volcanologists in their employ.
Another year passes, another lack of any sort of progress. There is not much that genuinely bothers the Grand Prince; but this...this is one of them.

1. Another Forge is constructed...

2. ...another University is founded.


Our military is well equipped as it is. Now it is time to turn the forges to create plowshares and tools. The more we can boost the civilian economy, the better.
>Action 1: Expansion into Floating Islands
Waves of winged angels take flight towards their new homes, the islands of the skies.

>Action 2: New Spell - Gravity Acceleration
Experienced sport archers and hunters have found great success increasing the accuracy and viable distance of their arrows by using gravity manipulation to accelerate it at speeds greater than currently achievable by mere bow alone.

>Action 3: Construct Coal Mine
The wealthy and avaricious among the volonauts have found much use for coal in heating their bathhouses and it's utility in the smelting of gold and silver.

>Action 4: Construct a Monument
Along the coastline another great artist with too much time (and perhaps wine) on her hands displays an grand rendition of her late husband, towering above the nearby trees, constructed of finely crafted wood with inlaid gold and silver patterns, it strikes awe into those who see it, and inspires a series of smaller copycat artists and some slightly more original paintings from others. In time it may decay, but for the time being it stands as a testament to the talent and love that bleed through the souls of the volonauts.

No changes.

No changes.
>Action 1: expand (already sent you DM)
>action 2: Build a port

>Production: build boats and tools so we can begin production of bronze military equipment.

>Wealth policy: fund the training of diplomats to both increase relations with my vassal but also help make sure that our next colony will be more welcoming of our rule.

Lore: The people of the republic looked upon the floating islands with awe obviously a gift from the goddess Venbonorok. They had to be secured for the Aurigans anything less would be blaspheme.

While on the Homefront both a fleet and a port was was being built for trade and to protect the republic both home and abroad. The Republic remembered their obligations to the sea people and would not be found wanting.
Change action 2:
Action: hunt the beast, with support from yulakh mages.
The plan is thus: the main force will approach the lair with the mages at the back, once the beast is lured out they will use their lightning magic to at least stun the thing. At which point it will be dogpilled, hit with great-clubs and stabbed with spears
>Create learning center
-We shall sprout forth a center of wisdom, so that the enquiring and curious minds of the world's nations may travel here and ask of us what we know. And in turn, perhaps those same curious minds, will return to us when their time is nigh, in order to preserve their own knows within our embrace.

>Link the Mycelial and Beast lay dots. + spend 6 magic to transform the plains leading to it into mushroom tiles
-It feels primal, primitive... bestial. It rings in the earth like a growling animal, this newly discovered lay dot in our northern lands. We are curious, we wonder what benefits it can bring to us. We send out our husks carrying more of our culture to assimilate the land along the land and to extend our vast mycelial body even further until we reach this strange place. Once upon it, we caress it with our fungal blanket, through which we may tap in and explore this strange place. Curiously, we ponder what will fruits it will bare for us days to come.

>Political investment.
- We have forgotten ever since we came into our new forms, to some extent, what our passed lives were like. It is true, here we have little of the wants or needs we used to have when we were once individuals. But now as we, the many, look upon our neighbours and their... "state craft" we realize that though we live in harmony, we have yet to organize as such. We hold that none are more important than another, but we are a crowded mind, with many voices sharing different ideas, some even conflicting. Thus we have decided, that on topics of great interest, we will have a consensus of minds, where the many may collectivize into separate ideas, and those who represent the most of us will direct our combines will. In this way the Many will remain undivided as One.
(third action was just fluff, posting an actual third action)
>Prospect the land
Looking upon our neighbors we also see that they are drawing wealth from the earth and reworking it into fine goods to ease the lives of their people. It has lead many of us to wonder what we could achieve through similar exploitation. Prospect our lands to find what wealth they hold for our benefit.
>After finding the strange artifact, researchers begged the king to let them study it for at least a little while. The king thinks it's a dusty old thing and threw at them.
>"Do what you wish with it."
>With glee, the researchers commissioned some construction workers to build them a museum.
1. New land means showing off your power! The king orders a city called Under Drake to be built.
2. A city needs protection from these "natives" as well. The king also orders two forts to be built! (one in semi autonomous region savannah and 1 in the main colony)
(Free action) 3. While their tongue is obviously uncultured and primitive, learning a new one is always good. Interrogate and integrate the captives at once.
File: NrpSubmission.png (359 KB, 1000x691)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
Nation name: Akkaria
Capital name: Akkitaria
Preffered Colour: Brown
Race: Akkitarians
-Description, Piles of shifting sand and hardened rocks in the shape of humanoid figures. They don't necessarily eat.. It's more or less an absorbtion of moist sand to replace the dry sand that they lose on a day to day basis. The Akkitarians are all also innately in tune with the geomancy node on their sacred mount Akkar. This magical harmony allows them to mold sand, stone, and sandstone to minorly to their will. With this power they've build their greatest wonders to even small things they use on a daily basis. This isn't without it's limits though. As they use the ley dot's waning power, less and less is available to form new Akkitarians each year.
-Traits, +10% food, +10% production, -25% pops
-Portrait, pic related

Starting actions
1,2: Aqueduct x2, Many Akkitarians believe that long long ago the great mountain of Akkar was a part of a much larger mountain range that reached across the entire desert they call home. They also believe that the river that flows from Akkar was once mighty with many more tributaries than it currently has. As a result they've set up many hills and sane dunes to try and attempt to terraform and channel the river back to its once mighty state.
3: Forge x1, At the top of Akkar many Akkitarians work as geomancers and artisans that make goods for their nation.
4: Mine x1, To the south of the Akkar Forge there lies a gem mine that employs even more Akkitarians, who've struck gems deep beneath the surface.
5,6: Farm x2, Surrounding Akkaria are rivers that allow the people to collect and repurpose water. Though Akkarians don't use food in the traditional sense, they still require moisture much like any other species requires food.
7,8,9,10: Establishment of Geomancy Ley Dot. Its location is deep within the great Akkar mountain. The magic from this Ley Dot is the life blood of each and every Akkitarian that exist. They all have minor geomancy powers as a result.
11,12: Founding of the 2 following cities Akkara and Akkitaria
13,14,15: University x3, To know ones self and the sands that surround them is the greatest Akkitarian persuit. Many universities have propped up around the cities in Akkaria as a result to study not only geomancy, but also geomagnetism, and geometry.
16,17,18 Temple x3, Each Akkitarian temple is atop a great sand dune which the Akkitarians believe were once the peaks of great mountains in the ancient mountain range they base their religion off of.
19: Market
20: Extra starting tiles
Starting position: pic related
File: MiniNRP.png (509 KB, 3200x1800)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
>>5448177 Tempestous Scions
It’s not something I have forgotten, you and beni have sent me completely different deals. The difference is 3 tiles and I don’t think he at all intended to sell the semiautonomous area.

Bountiful growth - 10 magic - A spell that creates highly efficient farms by creating plants capable of movement, allowing them to do someo f the farming work themselves and easily inform farmers of their needs. +100% farm output and 1 production per farm

Food subsidies - 5 wealth - festiviities to increase MMO crop output are funded (5 wealth for 5 wealth because we're in diminishing results from same land territory)

>>5448229 Leshyr
That’s not what random means. The aqueduct and forge are replaced

Woodcutter and farm are built supplying more food and everneeded wood.

Waterwheels are invented giving forges and carpenters near a river a +100% production bonus

Messangers - +20% presence
Taxation - +20% wealth

>>5450087 Wobbleboble
You boost your food output further. mixing your innate predispositions, magic and… mediocre wealth. You manage to further boost your nation’s food output.

> Lactogenesis
Action refunded. Jerk off before you post. Whatever action switched to “Fat stimulation” magic that makes animals grow farry tissue at rapid rates upping your food production by a further 25% making you reach the food soft cap and giving a 10% military bonus. for 5 magic.

Two markets and a port are built…

> you get a tech!

> Exploration
Both the Slime and human explorers descend deep into the ruins. The whole place seems to increasingly look like a great battle took place here. Corpses of dragonics litter the area… well skeletons.

As your exploration parties descend deeper and deeper you begin to hear singing… and deeper… and deeper… the cave opens up it’s not large enough a cave system to inabit, but once a grand city seems to have stood here, but most of the cave had collapsed. The singing echoes making you feel drowsy. Plucking up your ears the explorers descend deeper until they find the singing it’s humanoids… hard to tell the exact race due to how shriveled up they are. Either way they are undead with covered up eyes and cemented over ears. They have beads in their hands they continuously move as if in trance like prayer there is 120 of them, but there clearly were at least 300 before as you see many of the singing stations crushed by debris or empty. At the center of the singing formation sleeps a dragon, but not like the ones you’d know now. It’s a being which would be big enough to build a grand fortress on top of. The presence it exudes is downright terrifying
> The Grig Massacre
Despite the conflicting claims of the two neighbours their relations have been going well, but the slimes chose to take a decisive move to switch the colonisation effort in their favour. Reshape the local population of the island, not trough genocide, but mass migration. The local human tribes did not take the mass migration well knowing they would loose their traditions and they they frankly could no support a population this large with their hunter gatherer lifestyle if they wanted. Realistically they were helpless to resist, but their more civilised cousins chose to stand and fight in their stead.
Beastmasters with sword and bow in hand stood to stop the slime migration, the slimes started to be attacked in places they attempted to settle forcing them to stand their ground or run in the ensuing chaos most tried fleeing, but the few which fought strengthened the lesh in their resolve to fight. In the end the migration was stopped and even reversed as in the ensuing battles… or hunts or whatever you would call them 70% of of the propeorted colonists would be killed costing the Queendom 14 pops. The scarred remaining 6 colonist pops fled back to their home nation.

Kos Lovakon - 10 magic - a spell which allows you to turn 2d50% (rounded down) of the dead the enemy took in battle into your own troops for the duration of the war, applies to both won and lost battles

Trough prospecting you find a small iron deposit in the northern colony and some sulphur on your mainland with jade just of the coast of it.

The Caroda system provides a 50% boost to your army’s general performance if their services are needed one day.

In the north as you expand you find that the desert is already inhabited by amazons. Descendants of the overly-eager explorers which had settled the steppe before looking for resources.

Seeing as those amazons seem to have degraded culturally the settlers fear the same making the colonial enthusiasm very low. As such the expansion size is low letting you gain 8 tiles.

Maybe the expansion can be bolstered by making it a prison colony… or by lies.
1 Don’t do anything
2 Make a prison colony
3 Lie about having found resources to encourage the locals to push on in hope of finding resources liek their ancestors did

A woodcutter is built cutting large swaths of tropical wood to support your economy.

The Manifestation is created it’s a building that functions as a fort, which can also transport, up to 6 armieswhile moving via flight at speeds equivalent to an army. When using it in war you can choose for it to remain in flight where it provides an offensive bonus from the air or to ‘plant it’ where it will distort the battlefield with gravity magic and destroy nearby infrastructure when planted.
Due to it’s size and power adiditonally to 8 tropical wood, and 10 magic it will consume 4 food ans 2 production. Each manifestation of Ramiera is a marble to behold which will bring fear to the enemies of Sarmatia. (adds 10 military power and also provides the mentioned battlefield effects)

You do need to up your production by at least 0,8 r the Manifestation will begin to degrade.

Across the sea you encounter another golem-like civilisation, but whereas the first ones were made of bulky stone these are empty sets of armor filled seemingly with pure magic. They forge their young akin to how they are thus their racial stats can be affected by metals given to them.

The armors are weak to lightning and fear it greatly, but are said to grand great vitality to their friends.

with high enthusiasm at meeting new friends and the elven desire to put themselves inside them colonial enthusiasm is high. To your surprise however you fin the natives are embroiled in war with wild tribes of Azure Elves… if we’d let them call that themselves. As such they are unsuually apprehensive to you and your kind. Who knows maybe helping them in the war could make them trust you or maybe it’s better to replace them with your own kin.
The port is built… but ports don’t build ships they give them a place to dock…

Anyway 20 basic ships are built. And via bribing the oracles to tell the farmers to work more the food production of the great elven nation is increased.
Monuments built and the colony is at last integrated. Food output is heightened via monterey policy.

Only 5 wealth worth of policies can be done in one turn so culture policy is canceled.

Once stopped the eugenics policy option is gone for good, because it could otherwise be exploited to stop famines easily.

A plantation of White Ginseg is sey up in the sky islands, growing in the fertile soil up in the sky surrounded by magic the ginseng has developed abilities which help mages grow and develop.

Certainly could be of use if processed or sold.

Silk Spiders - 5 magic - You may create spider silk plantation in every biome, spider silk will be a very strong resource

(what do you want the spider silk to do?)

> you get 2 techs!
Two universities are built further powerboosting your technology research along with the frog people deal and another woodcutter is built lsightly increasing your wood production.

> you get a tech!

You discover a salt deposit of your coast and small deposits of fossils and coal, but that’s about all resources found in your province.

A jade mine is built helping you gain extra money that is instantly put to use strengthening the army.

Your army quality rises slowly approaching the limit of what can be done by increasing funding and wages.

Foundations for a forge, port, plantation, and monument are laid out in the new colony you can choose to replace two random buildings with a forge. The colonisation should conclude next turn.

You manage to slay thesalt licker, but it is a tough battle. You have obtained it’s head as a trophy permanently giving you 2 presence.

Jade while somewhat useful for combat is a decorative element, as such the combat bonus is not as large as with bronze. the harness of jade lends itself perfectly for tearing down walls even made of lesser stone and against armored opponents.

The action is not really valid because that would be a wealth policy and you already spent 5 wealth this turn. So I’ll convert it into building a temple next to the colonisation side as that’ll help preach religion to the locals.

The Güdelvok mountain is all gold. (in fact the gold deposit stretched into your land, but you ‘destroyed’ some of it with starting silver&copper mines).

Otherwise in the hill region of your nation near the volcanoes there is large swaths of obsydian while in the far south and area of new expansion there is much silver.

Meanwhile in the colonies luckily or not the locals have started constructing the future buildings you may trade 2 random buildings for a city.

Effect of the minting policy

You gain a lump sum of 40 wealth, additionally you unlock the 'Standardised currency" diplomatic policy with other players - your coins baing made with magic are effectively unfalsifiable making them perfect for trade. You may enter in agreements with other natins where they will use your currency for 1 presence each. Every nation in the monetary union will recieve +60% wealth (+20% for each member of the union., -50% wealth from silver, copper and tin mines, you will recieve the remaining 50% if they posess such mines.

> You get a tech!
Forge and university are built.

You lack the copper and tin to make more tools. As such instead you decide to pay your workers more to raise production output.

+50% production from wealth policy - 5 wealth
(hope that’s ok I can reverse it if you don’t like it)

> you get a tech!
> you are slightly lacking in food, if food is not provided next turn famine will begin

Your people are happy to return to the skies making the colonial enthusiasm high.

With that you manage to set your sights on all the flying islands nearby. (expansion speed on flying islands is halved, but you rolled a 26/30 and high enthusiasm as such you manage to claim all islands and a bit of land)

Coal Mine and Monument are built.

Your newly colonised land is far away from any cities, unless you build a city there next turn it’ll start gaining authonomy.
With average colonial enthusiasm and an awful colonisation roll you barely manage to claim the 3 flying islands… should be 2 flying islands and 1 normal tile, but whatever.

As they float in the sky there is obviously no natives.

A port is built laying the foundations to your nation’s future navy. Your vassal happily and greedily takes the money, if you wait for a bit they are sure to invest it unwisely and you can decrease their authonomy by threatening to take away the golden carrot they’ve been given.

In the plains there is copper in the hills there is tin, the rest of your nation has mostly iron within.

You have transformed plains into mushrooms may the plains folk for 1000 years curse your kin.

The ley dots are linked please create a new shool school of magic by hybridising beastiomancy and mycomancy.

University is created. Though we are not of this world we still need to learn about it.

Under Drake is built, 1 fort per action. I’ll build one in the svannah then first, it even manages to govern most of your main colony, but it is lacking luckily the northern part of the main colony did not gain any authonomy yet.
Learning the tongue of the natives is not easy. It contains many squeely sounds too high for a fey to hear. Only by holding a big tube to their mouth can one hear those and only with a whistle can an uman replicate them.

Slowly you learn that they need blood for the blood sacrifice and your kind looks weak so they went for it. They seem to treat being captured as something expected and normal.

In your colonies the colonists have begun constructing a temple, fort, port and aqueduct you may switch two random buildings for a city instead a wise choice considering your current administrative troubles.

You get a tech!
> Akkadia
(new nation)
You rolled a tech, and you also get 1 bonus tech for missed turn, congrats 2 techs!
Action 1: Expansion
Action 2: Expansion
We will be trying to claim both of the islands demarcated in the picture above

Tech Lore.

it was a feverish night for the master shipwright of the Sherden, sleeplessly he tossed and turned as a storm pelted the island as it oft did. his mind replaying the events that took his leg and his arm, what landed him as a master shipwright. a northern expedition gone awry. tossed upon the deep blue waters. unable to find purchase through the waves, oars useless in the massive jaws of the open water. how the ship was lifted from the water and dashed upon the waves itself, broken in twain and again in fourths, when he awoke, a new design came to his mind, not unlike the sleek wolf ships that prowled the coasts and surrounding seas. no this would be... more..

as his mind clarified the image he put charcoal to paper, laying down a strong spine. taken from only the strongest storm aged wood, this would create the bones of the new found monster. a thick, deep keel would keep it from capsizing even in the hardest storms. her ribs would be re enforced with Bronze bracings. allowing for give and take but only so much as to not split her.

unlike her Wolf ship cousins the new beasts would not have their hulls coated with copper, instead as the planks were laid along the bones of the ship, black pitch would be laid over them, sealing the ship tight, as it hardened into an deep black it would hold harder than simple wood, though not as strong as bronze. she would withstand any cursed storm

she would bear twin masts, unlike her sister ships hers were thick and tall, taken from the same breed of wood as the keel. mated solidly with it through all the decks she would spanning over the top deck

her three decks would service nearly 500 men. 100 crew including the Admiral and her officers and 400 deadly warriors

when the construction of the first one was completed her Nocturn hull was christened by the archon himself the white main sails were dyed a deep crimsons red her additional studding sails were a deep blue, with a White Eye upon each one. making an almost arachnid appearance.

the name of the new "Spider Ship" would be declared first by the archon "SNS Fury" her admiral would be newly Admiral Phykos formerly of the southern fleet.

New Tech:
deep sea "Clipper"/"Frigate" twin sailed warfare and trade/expidition ships with capability of long voyages, less metal intensive than the standard warship as they use sail power. they would be armed with a marine compliment.

Production: aside from the single tech ship, no production, stockpile
Wealth : grow trade with the Concord of the Lilly and the Dragonfolk to the north, trade for wood and linen or silk (for sails) as well as for other things. use SNS Fury.
File: unknown (1).png (69 KB, 591x515)
69 KB
File: SNS Fury.jpg (77 KB, 896x689)
77 KB
File: Turn5.png (32 KB, 478x526)
32 KB

> Tech 1: Formalized Magic. Transform the magical art to the magical science by thoroughly documenting and analyzing the power of magic, creating a framework for learning and designing new magic.
> Tech 2: Spinning Wheel: On a much humbler note, but likely just as useful, the spinning wheel is developed as an improvement to the processing of fabric.

> Action 1: Build a Spider Plantation at indicated location.
> Action 2: Build a Tailor (Carpenter) at indicated location.

> Production: Process equal parts White Ginseng and Spider Silk into luxury clothes and perfumes and sell them on the open market.

> Diplomacy: Grant The Sea People the island circled in red

Tooto was trying, he really was. But for curiosity’s sake could the teacher vary her voice a little!?

“Now it’s important to note that while every class of magic has their own quirks, biomancy tends to shift organically, mind magic is highly susceptible to cross interference from your emotions, healing magic rapidly becomes entangled with the life force of its target, and...”

Tooto’s eyes drifted downward.

“Likewise note the arrangement of the standard arcana circle, which while an inferior choice for most purposes, has the benefits such as...”

The door to the classroom slammed open, and Tooto jerked awake to find a dark elf stalking across the classroom, finger to her lips, eyes wide alongside a manic grin. The classroom froze as she stalked across the room carved into the giant mushroom stalk, then slowly pulled open the window. Her tongue slid across her lips, eyes targeting toward the ceiling.

“Ah! Got you!” She screamed and snapped her arm out the window. Moments later a spider the size of her head was pulled back into the classroom. Nearby desks scraped away involuntarily from the eight flailing legs. “Little escapee! Come back to the ranch so you can get bigger!” She giggled and practically skipped out of the classroom.

Tooto shuddered. Why had they built the spider ranch next to the universities!?
>Action 1: expand north to the new islands
>Action 2: Make wood cutter (I noticed that my vassal aren't giving me wood).

Production: Boats and military equipment

Wealth: If possible pay prospectors to comb my land for more resources, otherwise no changes (continue to train diplomats).

>Reactions: Dragon Ruins
The sight of the sleeping dragon, the undead chanters... it sends chills down the spines of all the humans in the expedition. Are these shrivelled beings some forgotten ancestors, or strangers who came to our island from afar. And the dragon, great beast of myth and legend even among a nation of beast-keepers. Why does it slumber, how long for? And what might happen if someday it awakes?

Not a thing to hope to find soon, the expedition-leader decides. He raises his hand and motions to signal a quick and quiet retreat from this chamber of a lost age.

>Action 1: Grigstand Fortress (F)
Treachery! The actions of the slimes in their attacks upon our peaceful Grigyr cousins have put a lie to their claims of wishing coexistence. It is fortunate for the foresight of our bold King Undrun, who had kept our armies stationed close enough to intervene and turn the tide against wave after wave of the wobblies. Long will the defiance of Grig be remembered in our annuls! But one defiance is not enough to secure a future. King Undrun offers his support and that of the nation to Grig and to the local population, commanding the raising of a Fortress that will stand as a guard between Grig and the slimelands, and a reassurance to the native people of the enduring presence of Leshyr and our brotherhood.

>Action 2: Land Survey
The lands of Lesh are wide; but that which we know is in most part but the surface of our land. And yet from the depths we pull copper and gems... what else lurks below our soil and forest? Our surveyors intend to find out which other bounties below remain for us.

Production Policies: Shields
The new-cut timbers are presented to our carpenters, that they might be transformed with bark and hide into shields for our ranks; to defend the bodies of our men and to press back against those that wish our people and cousins harm.

Wealth Policies:
Military Support - 5 Wealth:
With the recent incursion of the slimes into our colonies, this is not a time that we can allow ourselves to lie lax. Policies are put in place to strengthen the recruiting and training procedures of our standing armies, to ensure that quality remains high and that reinforcements might be rapidly rotated into the ranks.

Military Action: Secure the Colony
The Defiance of Grig has proven that we cannot afford to leave our settlers fates to the hearts of others, and that our cousins in the deep woods must receive the protection of our people against further incursion from the slimes that wish to drive them from their homes. Half our forces will remain encamped close to Grig while the city defences are constructed; the other half are to be stationed along the riverbank north of the city, along the colony borders to prevent any further crossings or malevolent influence. Messengers from our established service will be stationed at each post so that each might send warning to the others should the slimes seek conflict.
File: Turn.png (345 KB, 689x584)
345 KB
345 KB PNG
File: ViorpNRPTurn1.png (153 KB, 596x694)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
>Tech 1, Dune Dwellers, +10% food from desert tiles.
Since the dawn of Akkaria, the harsh desert has been their home. One of the many ways they've come to adapt to their inhospitable environment is by developing new ways to extract moisture from the sands and river banks.
>Tech 2, Advanced Earth Manipulation, Doubles mine output in mountain terrain.
Deep beneath the sands of Akkaria and within the southern hills and mountains, plentiful amounts of gemstones are extracted, refined, and experimented with. This, along with the recent discovery of magic focusing abilities of the gems have spurred for advancements in the extraction of said gems.

>Action 1, Mine on the pink X.
>Action 2, Expansion in this order. Red Yellow Green
From Akkaria, the entire nation can be seen. From the rushing river to the coastal temple that resides in
>Action 3, Terraforming magic spell.

>Policy 1, Gemstone Magic Foci, (5 Wealth, +50% Magic Boost)
>Policy 2, Aqueduct Expansions (5 Wealth, +50% Food Boost)
>Policy 3, Colonization Incentives (Wealth 5)
>Policy 4, Geomancy Spell: Terraforming (6 Magic)
With the vision of the once great Akkar mountain to guide them, a royal guild of master geomancers would begin channeling their magic into raising the southern hills into the once great mountains that they were.
Actions 1 and 2: Mines

The elves take a breather from their rapid expansions and just invest time in exploiting their iron and sulphur veins.

Wealth policy (5 wealth): Aledorri Knight-Rangers

Handpicked from the firstborn sons and daughters of elite families, members of the Aledorri compete in games of battle and are the first line of defence against any possible threat to the Atriarchy using blade or bow to protect and serve the crown.

Honouring codes of Chivalry that are surprisingly simply by elven standards, they fulfil a deep seated ancestral need for elven nobles to send dashing knights off to complete quests.

Naval action:

Assign five of my ships to exploring the nearby seas and coasts for resources

Expansion event:

The war between the (not) azure elves and animate suits of armour seems like a really big hassle that we don’t want to get directly involved in, but supporting the golems in protecting themselves is just fine.

Iron from our new mines is shipped over to our newly acquired metal friends, they may be able to put the obstinate metal to some use.

Using all 5 naval policy points on exploration

sending out 5 ships splorin
>Naval policy: use (what little I have) on exploration.
File: 1667516612921782.png (24 KB, 346x336)
24 KB

1. Build a logging camp with 6 jungle river on orange circle. Near the mouth of the river and the water leyline rain pours constantly fueling the growth of the jungle. Seeking to exploit this the Scions build a lumbercamp to exploit this perpetual growth.

2. Build a dock on an island with the red circle. Desiring to control the entrance of the river that goes through the center of their heartland. The scions build a dock that would see them control both trade and prevent invaders from crossing the river barrier.

Wealth: Spend 5 wealth on improving popgrowth. A major upset had occurred in the Meeting Hall. The most powerful mages colluded with one another to push an agenda that would officially increase stratification in their society. As a people all of them believe that the strongest mages are the ones most worthy of respect, however this was a much more informal form of soft power that did not come with any inherent privileges. Now such recognition is to be officially rewarded with those recognized as weakest being made servants to those who are strongest. Creating proper mage dynasties whose growth is ensured by their servants and the servants and their families themselves being protected by the most powerful allowing both groups to flourish.

While much in the way of riches and one so far useless metal discovered, further would be prospected in the south by the border while soldiers prepared themselves given news from the north and the lack of a response from the creatures that were south of the capital and north. Naturally, the prospecting likely would be late to aid the inevitable war, but it would be vital for the future and other plans. With regards to martial matters, plans already drawn up to secure the southern border and then ship the soldiers near the capital up to Kovalin and beyond to assist in the conflict that was believed likely to happen with a number of various methods of assisting the Lesh in their fight if possible including a method simply called Li Sivalant Sartium. The Ravager Strategy...

In less martial news, a belief that the people of the Ulodrac were stagnant and content with current methods of mining, smithing, and other similar things lead to some investment into education in the hopes the more wealthy in the capital could provide greater ideas as to what to potentially do to improve the situation, along with to better record and preserve those solutions and improvements to society, industry and military affairs. Ideally, this would pay off in time... Lastly, a portion of the navy unused for the war effort would set sail to explore, while the rest would be considered Lakon Valish, Hunter Vessels. Their efforts being to capture fish for food.

>Action One. Further Prospecting.

>Action Two. University near Pelogra.

>Naval Policy: Exploration x2, Fishing x5. Remaining on blockade/transport duty for the likely war.
Fix for the naval policy, 2 exploration, 3 fishing.
File: tmpo196rdut.png (457 KB, 512x768)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
action 1: built a shrine of raimirea in the swamp area in the middle
action 2: expansion into the south using boats and manifestation to transport settler
in the largest swamp area of sarmatia a shrine dedicated to raimeria is built. the focal point of the shrine is a giant carved wooden statue depicting her final moment of the execution with both arms and legs mutilated, eyes gouged and her head pierced by arrows. the amazon perform their worship by offering any kind of beautiful trinkets whether it is a flower they found in the marshes or an intricate wooden dolls and placing it near the statue.

meanwhilea new wave of migration is organized to settle the lands in the south. using the manifestation to transport settlers through the ocean with the intention of scaring/aweing the native population into submission to sarmatian rule.

colony decision: Lie about having found resources to encourage the locals to push on in hope of finding resources liek their ancestors did

slave cooperative: invest 5 wealth into pop growth
males are considered status symbol and precious commodity as only a few of them exist in sarmatia (gender ratio of average sarmatian settlement is 9 female to 1 male). as of right now, only higher ranked sarmatian noble and mages can afford personal male slave. a new initiative is made to make male breeding slaves more accessible to the average amazon by creating a and fudning cooperative that manage male slaves in order to make their price cheaper and easier to manage.
i forgot that i have boats, use it transport more settler to the south i guess
also build the monument near kul oba (city in the middle)
Action 1:
>Found Ougkilo (city)
With the head of the salt beast as their prize the outlander Ougkilor create their city. The city is then organized as a council republic. With the heads of the city's major clans brokering alliances. This is inspired by the yulakh way. With even the local Aarkilo also having some influence in the city... though the Aarkolo mostly stick to the rural regions.

Action 2:
>build farm

Wealth policy: invest 5 more wealth into military power (not much more shall be invested from here...)

In a bid of friendship with the local Aarkolo the Ougkilor help complete a monument for them. Of their father Aark. It features lesser inscriptions detailing how the Ougkilor helped free the Aarkolo from the chains of the salt licker.

The plantation in the west is run by Guknilor with Aarkilor workers. They produce a recently invented luxury: "Tishi Wine". By fermenting Tishi fruit this wine is produced, proving quite popular as most are used to eating plain old tishi.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 6.png (29 KB, 294x502)
29 KB
Colony Action: Cancel Military base and Fort, instead make City of Löwenburg in plains next to cave entrance.
Action 1: Build Fort at cave entrance, it's proximity to Löwenburg giving the city proper walls.
As the southern colony develops, nobles move in, siphoning resources away from other projects in the area, making the city of Löwenburg. However, the eerie caves to the west does worry the nobles as well, with the chittering heard from it every night. So the nobles commission the building of a fort at this cave entrance as well as city walls for Löwenburg. The walls should also help in case any of the nearby volcanoes have a lava spill in their direction.

Action 2: Make university southeast of Waldgard.
The nobles of Waldgard hear good things from the Wolkenburg university, how they discovered the Wolkankraft that is put into every Reichskrone, as well as all their equipment. They want in on this, and so use plenty of the Reichskroner they have recently acquired to fund the building of a university of their own. Furthermore the Erdenfrau cult is hurt by the display of Wolkankraft, and hopes to gain some proof of their own faith.

Tech: Reichsverwaltung, administration of the empire, for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of wealth policies.
The Wolkenbärte of the Wolkenburg university have debated long and hard, stroking their cloud-white beards, about how best the state would be run. The Kaiser is good, but his means of influencing the nation are weak, it needs to be strengthened, but how. One faction suggests just empowering the administrators, but this is decried for making their power challenge the Kaiser himself, but without a proper alternative it holds dominance, as it does empower the state to make use of the wealth. But then one of the lesser Wolkenbart suggests just hiring more administrators, thus dilluting their power while strengthening the Reich. He fumbles the elaboration but the next day the Wolkenbärte debate the details, hashing out how many new offices are needed and new methods of recordkeeping, before presenting the plan to the Kaiser, who approves it.

Production Policy: Cancel 2x Enchanted Bronze Armour (freeing up 1,5 Prod + 4 Mag, 1.5 Copper + 1 Tin + 3 Hemp).
Produce 2x Enchanted Bronze Pickaxes (1.5 Prod + 4 Mag, 1.5 Copper + 0.75 (+0.25 from rounding) Tin + 1.5 Wood).
The mines have been neglected, but the warriors can go without armour until the bronze supply has been increased.

Wealth Policy: Integrate and indoctrinate the Feymen.
These savages share their heritage to Erdenfrau, thus they will be integrated and taught about her, but lacking the heritage to Wolkanfrau they are less intelligent and thus cannot be trusted to do intellectual tasks. This is evidenced by their lack of metalworking, they are best used for dumb labour, as they will also lack the passion we have.
Reminder: Markets in the wrong place, please fix.

Diplomacy / Policy: Civilians living in the shared region do what they can to drum up support against the murderous Leshyr.

Tech - Horde tactics - you gain a bonus in battle when outnumbering an enemy.

Production Policy: Until further notice, use of the apothecary for aphrodisiac production is halted. Instead, all production will be used for generic luxuries to directly transform production into wealth.

Wealth Policy (5 Wealth ==> Military) - Upon hearing of the slaughter of her people, the Queen finances and officially establishes the Woblobble Self Defense Force (WSDF), the first organized military of Woblobble. Based around conscription, this organized fighting force teaches a simple but unique fighting style based around the ability that slime girls to control the shape of their bodies.

Spell - Bodyshaping, War I - (5 Magic ==> Military + Military Racial Bonus)
Woblobble Biomancers learn how to enhance the slime girl body for peak physical performance and fighting prowess. Step one toward super soldiers.

Spell - Enfeeble (5 Magic ==> Military)
This magic saps the target's strength, making them as weak as a small child. It is temporary, but easy to cast, and effective at disarming those who are reliant on brute strength.

The newly formed WSDF, comprised of one hundred percent of the able bodied levies of Woblobble, marches on and occupies the city of Grig, to hold the soldiers responsible for their murder of approximately 2,800,000 innocent civilian slime girls. The soldiers who participated in the genocide will be punished for their war crimes. Regardless of race, anyone willing to support us will be welcome. Furthermore, any elves or anyone else who pledge their citizenship to Woblobble will be a free and equal citizen - there is no slavery in Woblobble.
File: image.png (90 KB, 573x387)
90 KB
>Action 1: Spell - Controlled Anti-Gravity Platforms
Those who strip the earth of it's materials do so with a great deal of effort, carrying bin after bin of raw material up countless stairs, down mountains to those who would pay for them. This task will be greatly eased by the magically inclined, able to create carts than can defy traditional gravity, seemingly floating on air as they are pushed by men with great ease

>Action 2: Found City - Helios
[It's where the pink dot is]

No Changes
Small correction - use 80% levies, not 100%.
Edit to tech and wealth policy

New Tech:
Streamlined ship design easier to produce while maintaining quality. the sleek design capable of longer faster voyages using sail and rowing power.

Wealth Policy: cancelling the drilling

Wealth Policy: Diverting 3 units of wealth too Farms and 2 units of wealth too Production. granting subsidies to these important systems
correction 2
all 5 going to the farms my bad
>Actions 1+2: Expansion into the newly found cave system

>Action 3: Continuation of the eugenics program

This is pretty much all he gave me, I don't even know if he had three actions but he gave me three to put up for him.
>War Action:
So, the Woblobble attack against us is planned; and without even a true declaration of war made against either our people or the natives they had meant to drive away. The slimes are mobilising, and so also must the Leshyr rise to counter their aggression. It is decided to raise 70% of our available levies to bolster our standing forces; a steep cost, but one that it is hoped the nation will be able to tolerate for long enough.

>Diplomacy: Natives
The native tribe of men are told that the slimes have mobilised against Grig, and what we know of the goals that they might have set. Native guides and advisors are sought to assist with military planning, and if any of the native humans are willing and able to fight we would gladly welcome them at our side.

It is also mentioned to the native humans, as an aside, that the Woblobble plan to eliminate slavery. Whilst slavery is not a practice encouraged by the Leshyr - for every Leshyrman is born free! - Leshyr society does allow for individuals to indenture themselves into serfdom; tying themselves to the land in exchange for the guaranteed support of their lord. Furthermore, the issue of Elven slavery was one that the Leshyr had wished the natives to resolve themselves to their own satisfaction, rather then imposing upon them. The Leshyr know little of these cat-faced servants, if truth be told; what do the native humans know of these creatures and what plans might they wish for them?

>Diplomacy: Li Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan

Warning that hostilities have been assumed from the slimes is passed to our allies of Li Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan. Due to the imminence of the war, we ask the Sharkfolk if they might see fit to make provision of supplies of their excess tin to our forges.

Should Li Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan manage to deliver from their reserve stores of tin, we will add this to our current production orders to make bronze blades and other weapons for our forces where before we had mere copper.

With the hostilities that were all but certain to occur, the Ulodrac would grant the Lesh access to what tin was in reserve and unused in the hopes it would aid in being turned into weapons and other useful equipment. Their forces were allied to the Ulodrac's after all. It would only make the effort easier. It was hoped the original division of boarders of the coast of the Sena Koakamad, or South Leshyran as the humans called it, would be able to continue further to the Tiwan (West) and that greater ties forged through war. Plus, the encroachment on the lands near the capital by the slime like creatures needed to be dealt with anyway.
>Create port towards the South.
After our pleasant encounter with the Sea peoples of the east, we have come to understand the world is far larger than the confined shored we call home. Though this is not necessarily a new revelation to us, it has made us realize we've focused on our small space for too long. It is time to welcome the world to our shores, and for this a port will be grown as a welcome mat for the ships of the world.

>Expand West
The riches of our lands and the connections with other nations it has opened up to us has inspired more of us to extend our reach. We will expel our spores West into the hills and make them a part of our realms.
>Spend 1 magic to terraform the Some's home into a mushroom tile.
After meeting with our little brother from the North we are rather conflicted to say the least. We do not understand how they could reject reunification and choose to live separate, but we respect their wishes. As a parting gift from our meeting, we will cultivate the land into a healthy bed so that the Some may grow strong and healthy.

>Create Shroom/beast(Faungimancy) hybrid school after having connected the lay dots
The bestial magic is loud and strong, but having touched it we see that it is also docile and tame, truly the essence of all beasts that walk the land made manifest into one. We had expected it to be a strange, incomprehensible thing, but we see now that it is just another mind of sorts that can be reasoned with. And through this reasoning we have created a new school of faungimancy, a branch of magic in which we express this primal magic through mycelial form.
racial stat switched to +25% mil
action 1 woodcutter on w
action 2 sawmil on coast
action 3 temple on p
action 4 mine on sulfur
action 5 woodcutter on w

tech 1 recurve bow ++military strength, ++ hunting
tech 2 warrior culture, ++military strength
tech 3 hunting, food based on mil strength & forest/jungle provinces

scrap all existing policies
policy 1 tribal obligations, each family must produce 2 hunters for the grand hunt/army --5 wealth

here's the actions I was going to do, except im on phone so I can't really post on 4chan
Tech: Ironworking metallurgy

1. Farm in the grasslands near the river
2. Iron mine
Starting this turn the idea hat ‘iron is useful’ has come to people’s minds and you may research iron forging

Leshyr militarisation continues, considerable funding is sent to bolstering founding and getting new recruits for the army boosting the qulity by 50%. In further preparation the new city of grig receives a fortress to protect it in fear of a full-force assault by the slimes.

Lastly the land is surveyed finding. In the west a large iron vein is found which extends further into the Grig colony. In the north east a copper deposit is present while in the south east a lead deposit is located.

Lastly mediocre quality shields are produced in large quantity to protect the Beastmasters and their animal companions. With our high production and large supply of wood 6 units of shields providing a combat bonus of 50% are produced.

Horde Tactics arei introduced transforming your quantity into a quality of it’s own right you gain +1% quality per army fielded.

Wealth is invested into the army to make it stronger. (50%)

Bodyshaping - 5 magic - +10% to racial mil power
Efeble - 5 magic - +100% mil power

Colonisation concludes. The leshyr having invested further into their colonies by constructing a fort have gained further favour among the locals and are seen as their pious defenders.

The contested area gets annexed by the lshyr uncontested and the citystate of Sersh being geographically isolated from the slimes defects and becomes a leshyr vassal. The citystates of Gargant and Irode become vassals of the Queendom instead allowing it to access the Metal magic node of the Irode and the mysterious giant near gargant. The giant is a statue made of bronze the locals seem to take shifts ringing around it at all times, your people would recognize it’s the same song sung by the undead in the ruins except it’s sung by mortals.

Lastly the city of Iosh had been founded in the far corner of the island and stayed independent, holding on to meager hopes of being left alone by the great powers surrounding it due to it’s poverty if nothing else…

The Free state of Waddlepaddle unlike the others who are majority leshyr is majority Slime, being far removed from they homeland and not wanting to be pulled into a potential war they also become an independant state.

Allemergent states follow the Slime religion and thus vehemently oppose slavery and will with time lean more and more towards hedonism and multiculturalism.
> War will be done tomorrow, it’s where we’ll discuss who attacks who and mobilisation tactics etc.
*considering a new player replaced the slimes there will be a 3 turn grace period for him
File: MiniNRP.png (520 KB, 3200x1800)
520 KB
520 KB PNG
Faugimancy is created and a gift to the Some is offered transformign their capital into fungus secondly the school of Fungimancy is created taking the skills brought fourth by bestiomancy, but applying it to fungus. Allowing for the creation of mobile fungus-familliars, fungaltrophic transformation and animal-fungus communication!

Port in the south is created and a colnisal push westward begins. In the west you find that the land is inhabited by humans not much different from the Sea people’s.having eached the western sea the young spores were not satisfied instead some carried by winds wandered westwards to the shores of the continent to establish a mycelian network there.

One of your colonies is virgin land while the other, the island in the south seems already to be colonized by the frog people… not colonized rather those are the feral natives there. Not surprising to find them on a remote island afterall they swim around.

Your people are instantly happy recognizing the frog people giving the colony high colonial enthusiasm… most of the colonies want to there rather than the mainland colony thus giving it low colonial enthusiasm, no issue we can just make it a prison colony or send all the dragon-halfbreeds there right?

Your travel by sea range is extended thank to your ships. What can be greater than raiding people too slow to follow you back with the loot you got?


Formalized magic - trough the study of magic you advance in it's mastery and thus can do max 15-magic spells for 1 action rather than max 10, additionally your efficient use of magic, gives you 50% magic

Spinning wheel - much more useful than just for pinning it helps also to revolutionise pottery and many other industries giving you a blanket +50% production and resource output in policies producing cloth, ropes or pottery

The special cloth you produced is an amazing product the spider silk helping enhance the magic from the white ginseng thus giving you a 3x200/pop magic bonus.

The buildings are built.

The colonisation of the mainland finishes, you recieve a large Drow vassal on the mainland. The drow are highly interested in your spiders and their silk. This happened due to letting the drow develop the other colony. But also resulted in the colony getting bigger. The drow like you a lot and are willing to cede 5 tiles of your choosing directly to you as a semiautonomous region.

The drow start in a governance crisis not having enough cities to govern all their land you can help them and and build good relations with them by building cities in their land.

> Youe get a tech!
Vassals should be giving half their wood my mistake.

In colonizing northwards you find another reptillian race akin to your own, but different. They do not have a spec of dragon in them instead they are ‘lower reptiles’ and seem to not worship dragons rather the divines they hold as holy are giant redwood trees to whom they pray and entrust their eggs too. Who knows they may be distant cousins of ours?

Meeting these new people has filled your people with great curiosity and lead them to wish to go the new land. The colonial enthusiasm is exceptional! Thai resulted in an easy colonisation of the island and 2 neighbouring islands and the creation of an early research base by biologists curious to study the redwoods.

> Akkaria
Dune Dwelling - 25% food in deserts, defensive bonus equal to hills in deserts
Advanced Eath manipulation - +100% mine output in mountains

Mountain sculpting magic - for 1 magic you can turn hills to mountain or mountain-adjecent tiles to hill (can’t be turned further to mountain)

Another gem mine is built sadly at the edge of the gem deposit giving it just 2 adjecencies, but with your mining bonuses still produces 7,5 gems.

Expanding westwards your people meet desert gnomes. They are a primitive, but industrius folk livving in deep burrows to collect moisture and stay away from the heat. In spite of lacking any natural resources or even writing they seem still be making trinkets regularly. Should we exterminate these pests or integrate them into our nation and use their talents?

Your colonists are relatively enthusiastic claiming 24 tiles in their push westward.

Making the magic Foci is a production not wealth policy so I switched it. Consumes 5 gems 3 production and gives 50% magic.

Aqueduct expansion gives 50% food.

Colonial funding policy activated, +1 building per colony and reduced authonomy in colonies (cost upped to 10 wealth though)

> You get a tech!
Mines are built. You have begun harvesting sulphur and iron, wonder what use these things could even have.

Why not give it to the armors and see what they can do with it? They too seem to not understand the gift, but quickly absorb it. Maybe this metal holds some potential? The golems seem supremely grateful.

Equipped with new metal and confidence they ride into battle and for all intents and purposes slaughter the enemy elven tribe. It’s an outright slaughter, only not devolving into a genocide because the metal men did not care to commit one.

The chieftain and warriors of the tribe come to you thanking you for your aid and dedicating the new land to you. They have the dead elves stuffed into themselves as trophies.
> gained new colony
> living armor colony set to semiautonomous region, gain monument in colony to the great victory
> colonisatio time extended by 1 turn

Exploration fleet assigned, they didn’t find anything.
University deal with the fey made.

> you get a tech!
You construct a longing camp accessing 6 tropical wood aiding your economy. A port is built on the tiny island in the river delta.

The Breeding programs policy introduced to help your nations increase it’s population.

> you get a tech!

I’ll drop the port blokading due to new player taking the nation. Your exploration finds nothing the other policies are implemented. Exploration finds nothing.

Near algard fossil deposits are found and nearby it there is some sea deposits of amber. In the south east of your mainland there is a small deposit of salt. This is all the resources within yoru nation. (the tin mine replaced most of the fossil deposit it’s literally 1 tile now within your borders)

A shrine to ramiera is built. (I guessed you mean a temple, because it’s shrine not manifestation)

In your northern colony the colonists found a small cave system that seems to have made them paranoid they started training in military maters obsessively creating 3 military bases. You may switch 2 random buildings for a city.

Expanding southward you find virgin land and once more you have to make the choice if to have the state handle the colonisation or to entrust it to proespectors. Your colonists will colonize 27 tiles.

The naval policy will slightly aid the colony while the slave cooperative funding will be put to good use increasing the nation’s population.

Your colonisation finishes and the new city is built. You brain a newp plantation, the green ginseng plantation. Green ginseng is highly foul andp poisonous, but it is said if you eat green ginseng seed it’ll absorb poison helping against poisoning.

having already invested so much money you are in the territory of diminishing returns from wealth put into military you gain 40% more mil power from 5 wealth.

Farm built.

I’m telling you the 2nd time and like 7th overall RANDOM buildings. Construction of temple and fort are cancelled.

An university near Waldengard in the territory of the Stonemen is built helping bring education to them and your nation. This slightly increased their opinion of you… they prefer miens though.

Wealth policy unnecessary Feymen are fully integrated.
The carrying platforms are a generalist spell who aid in many things in exchange for 10 wealth:

Effect - 20% mine output, 50% production +1 adjacency for flying islands.

The city of helios is founded ready to govern the region on the other side of the strait. In your colony a military bases begins construction just as a depleted mine is found on the land portion of the colony.

> you get a tech!

The innate military talent of your race keeps growing with luckily so far no detrimental effects to your intelligence.

Expanding into the cave system you find many roaming undead. They seem to be completely mindless like dogs abbandoend by their master, long decayed into near useless husks they roam the area trough millenia old villages preserved in time by the isolation of the cave.

Your people push aggressively into the cave so aggressively they get out the other end realising they are on a fareaway island… one with enough geopolitical meandering, might be better to seel that bit of land later.

You get a tech!

The buildings are all built. The recurve bow is introduced and will aid the nation militarily. The polciies are instituted as expected.

Tribal obligations helps increase the number of our forces while hunting lodges makes soldiers earn their keep via hunting, this is both a good peactime and wartime policy to safeguard foos supply a larger standing force would likely aid these efforts.

> You get a tech!

Buildings built

> you get a tech
pls post this for me phone posting isnt working also rename my guys preemus preemarchy

action 1 carpenter on coast below the ruin
action 2 enchanted bowstrings, ++military strength --magic, the final step of a preemussar bowcrafting rite is to take it to a tribal elder to bless with the spirit of the forest to guide arrows to their targets

tech 1 one with nature, ++wood, through the nomadic lifestyle of the preemussar their socierty has adapted to only take what is needed and to give back the rest this has led to an increase in forest as more and more preemussar become armed with bows

policy 1 way of the bow ++production, --5 wealth, to preemussar their bows are their lives to become a true preemussar one must craft their own bow and hunt a beast with it success means survival failure means starvation and death
policy 2 more recurves, as many as possible after bonuses to production & wood

levy 40% for the collection of tributes (I will be raiding this turn & warring next turn :D)

With the current state of affairs and the surprising and sudden collapse of what was believed to be an enemy threatening their allies in Lesh, plans naturally changed. Plows would not be turned to swords. Instead the chaos that ensued would be taken advantage of and capitalized as the shattered colonies would be taken one by one. Naturally the first of these would be those who encroached on the homeland of the Ulodrac. They were expected to be easy targets and would be given two options. Either leave, and make way for Kanomaki, or integrate into the Ulodrac. If they refused they would be forced to do the former. This could be repeated in the dor (north) to fully satisfy the original map that was planned with the Lesh some time ago that split their holdings properly between the Lesh holdings dor and the Ulodrac holdings Sena along the coast.

Meanwhile, a market to engage in proper trade with the tall womenfolk would be made, and to allow the first shipments of tools to properly be traded with them, provided they would stick to their end of the bargain. Even if they didn't, it would allow local low level trade for fruits and meats not available to the Kanomaki the Amazons had and vise versa. All the while with their only real threat collapsing in on themselves, Kovalin and the rest of Sena Koakamad would be focused on the construction of a mine dedicated to the gems that were found some time ago. And naturally, as per the deal made with a certain Earl in Lesh lands, thirty three percent of the output would go to them under the order of the Nivad of Kovalin. Prosperous times were ahead for the Ulodrac. Growth of wealth, and growth of land.

>Action One. Build a market near Algarnd

>Action Two. Build a gem mine north of Kovalin

>War Action. March into Wadlepadle and give the people the offer to either integrate into the Ulodrac or leave.

>Trade. Give 1 bronze tools to Sarmatia (This is part of a deal made a while ago IC for that one bit of land they own next to Algarnd so long as they could keep farming it. If they change the deal/don't want it anymore then just post it.)
>action:build a market near the city of seven sisters
>cede that one tile near west of algarnd in exchange for bronze tools while still keeping farm adjacencies according to the deals
as the sarmatians becomes wealthier from their woodcrafts and interaction with foreign nation a market was built near the city of seven sisters. the first major trade deals comes in the form of bronze tools, as part of the diplomatic effort sent to secure the western border with the shark people.

>action: create battlefield spell - stygian swamp (10 magic)
using the combined power of plant and gravity magic the mages sarmatia re-created the execution scene of their goddess. transforming the ground into a deep swamp with giant purplish-black vines dragging everyone above it deeper into the swamp. the vines, representing the rope that bind the sarmatian goddess are imbued with gravity magic, becoming heavier and making the target body lighter over time. at first the target becomes incapacitated and as time goes they will sink deeper into the swamp completely nullifying their strength and weight. (tl;dr battlefield spell that stops an army from moving and sinks them deeper into swamp as time goes on)

>production: longbows (make as many longbows as possibly my production allows using exotic woods+bronze tools from shark people)
using the knowledge of dendrosculpting the sarmatians crafted themselves a longbow made of the notoriously hard to shape and bend exotic woods. further strengthening its range at the cost of making it longer and heavier.

>wealth: religious colonization (5 wealth)
after a temple of raimirea is built many wealthy sarmatians donated part of their wealth to fund the creatien of shrines, monument and icons dedicated to Raimirea in the new colonies.

>move manifestation of raimirea towards the colony in the south.
purely for defensive reason, of course
Build the drow a city
Build the drow a fort
Tech: Cipherspeak: The Lilalkin tongue has long been a heavily contracted hybrid of surrounding local languages. Cipherspeak is a more extreme version of this, using complex language compression algorithms coupled with hand signs, facial queues, and pitch to convey information incredibly quickly, boosting the amount of information that can be transferred with Chainspeaking.
also forgot
>northern colony decision: keep the building as is
The deforestation of Rakno is seen as a sign of power. For the Rakno are so industrious that they are shaping the very earth itself in their image.

Action 1:
>Expand west
Oklolo and Ougkilo support the migration westwards. Many join raiding bands to take sarmatian slaves (for there is a great demand for slaves in the nation).
Action 2:
Prospectors search for minerals in the great mountain of the salt beast. And beyond.
>southern colony decision: entrust it to prospectors

Technology: Ironworking

The discovering of how to work iron from the living armour golems spreads across Herin Desh like a shockwave, over the next century spreading out through ship and saddle to spread the idea of ironworking elsewhere.

Most immediately the Atriarchy finds itself for the first time with a bounty of usable metals, ones which it puts to use swiftly.

Action 1 and 2: City and Aqueduct

The plans for the Atriarch of Orchar’esh to set up a series of plantations are supported by the Atriarch in Iso’esh, who orders an aqueduct brought up in the plains to support the growth of whatever plantation crops are to be grown there.

To bring order to the region a city is established to rule over Orchar’esh from a new southern capital.

New policy: Iron Weapons (4 iron, 2 wood, 4 production)

Wealth policy: Alchymistry Grants (+50% research)

The elves fund their dutiful alchymists after their metallurgistic divisions made history by discerning the secrets of iron for the first time.
File: Turn.png (462 KB, 944x673)
462 KB
462 KB PNG

>Action 1: Mine for Copper.
With a new source of Copper discovered close by to Lesh, it is only natural that we site a mine upon the known deposit to allow us a refill of our replenished stores.

>Action 2: Unto the Marsh
Whilst a society of Orcs living in a cavern below the marsh is unsettling, those same Orcs setting up a base upon the surface of our already very crowded island without oversight is a very troubling proposition. If their story is to be believed - and it is yet unverified - the cave they come from very small? Then as there are only a few orcs, and they appear to have little food, incorporating them into our society can only benefit them - perhaps whatever village they come from might even rival our towns someday. Our own settlers will settle the marsh on our eastern border, and perhaps teach these primitives the ways of civilisation as they join our society.

(If Bossfrog concedes the island surface to Lesh, or this action is somehow invalid, build a port in our vassal of Sorsh instead of this).

>Diplo-Military Movements: Redraw the border with Iosh
Iosh is apparently independent, broken free from the area of settlement earmarked by the Slimes; but neither have they sided with us. And whilst agreed treaty means we hold no direct claim to the marsh that the the Ioshyr people inhabit, the forest territory in the north of their nation is claimed by the Grigyr. As the Grigyr are one with our people and culture whilst Iosh pays some homage to the strange slime-goddess, the choice of which side to back here is easy - this forest is rightfully the land of the city of Grig!

Four units of the army of Leshyr are deployed upon the claimed border of Iosh, and two of these units march in to seize the section of forest we claim for the citizens of Grig. Once this is accomplished, a statement it sent to Iosh;

'The lands of the Grigyr tribe are today made whole again. If the lord of Iosh accepts this adjustment to our mutual borders then our peoples will have no further cause for conflict; but if Iosh does not concede this minor alteration to our charts, then Lesh is ready to continue marching southward.'

By my command,
Askur, Earl of Grig'
Addendum: Assign 5 more boats to explore for resources
Tech: Bureaucracy upgrade. Eager to take advantage of the knowledge offered by fellow scholars; Dynasties and those able flooded the schools of Akkaria. It became quickly apparent to the locals that the Delphrels were a passionate people eager to escalate matters to the extreme, but when one had to represent the group there was a sudden shift as they became incredibly conscious of the effects of their words and deeds. This is because when they return to said group they are expected to have to account for what they have done to their peers and if they did something controversial they can be expected to rapidly lose their life in successive duels of honor for being considered to have used their peer or superior's name behind their own agenda. Such individualism lended itself to their own system of democracy that bordered on anarchy, but this system only worked while their nation was destitute and bordering on extinction. Now as a populous power there are simply too many who wish to fight for policy. Flooding the public forum with incessant shouting and the vortex's waters being perpetually stained red with blood. Those who studied in Akkaria saw how things were run and seeing that many of them were part of great dynasties themselves when they returned home they created a plot to reform the Convocation entirely. Forming a solid block that allowed them to crush the disparate masses. Now representatives are appointed from the great houses with each room in the meeting hall being assigned to one. For a house to arise they must find a way to usurp another house and take their place. Each representative also has 4 champions that fight alongside them when it comes to decide the final outcome of deliberation. Most often the representative is a weaker fighter who will attempt to escape so he can continue making policy, but his rivals may be able to take the opportunity to assassinate them there and vice versa. The most coveted position of the representatives is known as the Stormcaller. Their position is by far the most fluid as a Biannual tournament is held to determine who has the right to even challenge them. Those that win the tournament and their duel becomes the Stormcaller for the month and gets to decide the order of agenda and who gets positioned in the great vortex. Giving them great control over policy and which representatives are likely to live or die. Such a system placates the people that any one of their number can arise and dictate to those who would otherwise be considered stronger than them. It also ensures the continuity of the idea that one should be willing to die for their beliefs while also allowing drastic decisions by their government that would equal their own personal spirit.
Wealth: spend 10 wealth on pop cap. Death is very common to the scions despite and indeed because of their great magical might. The Living Storm had decimated their nation and even then their small remnants still found themselves unbowed. Eager to perform suicidal feats for recognition, resolve disputes to the death, and suffering magical mishaps due to losing control of their powers. It is no wonder then that their numbers greatly suffer due to such attrition, but with the creation of the mage dynasties and ideas coming from akkaria new alternatives had appeared to alleviate what appeared innate to the Delphrels. Games became incredibly popular especially as they discovered how the material known as rubber could be used to fashion balls that bounce! Often with a skull inside sports became a way to channel the energy of the populace into less deadly endeavors as by animating the skull inside the ball as it is tossed around they could control how the ball's center of mass moves allowing impressive displays of both physical and magical might!

Production: Build 10 ships with jungle wood, hemp, and rubber. Desiring a union of both sea and sky sails are made of the hemp provided by the Immelreich so they can use the wind to increase their speed. Combined with their local wood and treated with the rubber their vessels are well suited for traversing the inner sea.

Production: Create atlatls from junglewood to launch javelins with great force!

Production: Use rubber to create effective footwear.

Production: Build 10 ships with jungle wood, hemp, and rubber. Desiring a union of both sea and sky sails are made of the hemp provided by the Immelreich so they can use the wind to increase their speed. Combined with their local wood and treated with the rubber their vessels are well suited for traversing the inner sea.

Trade: 2 rubber for 2 hemp to the Immelreich

Presence: Spend 1 presence to join the currency union with the Immelreich. Our own iconography designs are submitted for local use.
File: 1667778131675859.png (10 KB, 209x198)
10 KB
1. Build a carpenter on orange tile. With exquisite lumber and rubber being gathered in droves a proper industry gathered to properly refine the materials into something useful.

2. Spend 10 mana on a necromancy spell called Servitors to increase army size. The next great magical innovation came from the servants. Desiring to free themselves from drudgery so they could continue their own study of magic they looked into the newly acquired necromantic leyline for inspiration. Feeling the strange form of life that exuded from it they channeled it into the corpses of slain livestock. Shockingly they began to stir once more and follow the will of their creators. Quickly these undead became popular in the form of skeletons as they could be made incredibly compact and light for storage, their bones could be easily shaped to purpose with biomancy, and they were much easier to keep hygienic rather than having to worry about sustaining rotten flesh. Creating a new underclass for the Servants to avoid menial work and let them practice their magic at the same time!

File: VoirpNRPTurn2.png (70 KB, 287x378)
70 KB
>Tech, Advanced Dune Dwelling Theories, +25% food from desert, [+50% total]
With new scholarly studies into moisture and water flow, Akkaria has mastered channeling rivers through aqueducts, farms, and populated cities.

>Action 1, Mil base on Z
>Action 2, Mil base on X
>Action 3, Mil base on Y
With the prestige, power, and wealth gems have given Akkaria, the Grand Magus would commission three seperate temples just outside of the city of Akkaria. These buildings would come to be known as the War Colleges of Akkaria and become a place for advanced mages to practice magic against each other. Over time the prestige of the college grew, as it conducted war games, experimental spell research, and even training exercises beyond the banks of the river. After a few decades the war college's alumni began to gain a prominent positions in the Magus Council. With their new found power they began to support the war colleges even further, leading to the first ever Magus Cohort. Many more soon followed and it was not long before the war colleges has taught, trained, and transformed ordinary mages into a well trained fighting force.

>Policy 1, Desert Syncretism, (5 Wealth, +50% Pop Growth)
After making first contact with the sand gnomes, Akkitarian colonist would start offering them gems, water, and other gifts in the hopes of convincing them they're peaceful. In return all they would ask for is assistance in their colonization by giving them information on any threats or oasises to settle by. If the sand gnomes turn out to be friendly they would be more than welcome to Akkitarian supplies and technologly.
Viorp said "I guess" so I'm changing my Tech action to this.
>Tech 1, Moisture Channels: Double farm output if adjacent to an aqueduct (Only Triggers Once)
Actions 1&2
Pacify the Deep Earth

Tech: Block And Tackle: a innovation for all things that move in the sherden empire, Helping with Production and in moving logs and minecarts from the woodcutters and mines improving their outputs exponentially.

Wealth Policy: all changed to food purely 5 wealth moved to farm stipends

Naval Actions: 2 ships to exploit the whales, 3 ships to exploring the seas around the new colonies.

diplomacy Actions: trade Whale Carcases/bones to the Lilakind


Colony Lore
The Sherden's newly established colonies would be ruled under a Captain each, the island would be controlled by Captain Hamish Killgore. A kind man who openly welcomes the natives into the sherden, treating them as he would family, together they explore the lands planning already a capital city and many farms and woodworkers

On the "Main Land" while the approach was favorable as the exploration lead's to the hills and even a mountain range there is a cruel harshness to the land, the men whom have been sent as colonists were.. to say the least.. hard men, too hard for normal life upon the island or the navy. they would be bound together by a fleet of marine's and their Commander Marine Captain Ernest Black. a Criminal in his own rite, a man born of the lineage of Sherden Pirates and perhaps the only man who could bind these criminals together for the greater sherden empire. these lands would make prosperous mines and carpentry fields. forge's would raise here soon. hopefully.
File: expansion.png (191 KB, 643x545)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
>Action 1: Expansion
There's always more gaps that need to be filled in. Expansion is launched into the mountain above their mine (red) with leftover spilling into the other mountain range (blue).

>Action 2: Prospect for Resources
With new land available to us, it's only natural that we strike the earth and utilize it.

>Tech: The Scientific Method
What else to study but the accumulation of technology itself? The mathematically driven Orcs debate on end about how information can truly be validated, what documented is required for it to be replicated, and how much scrutiny to place new observations under.

>Money Policy: Military Drills (5x)
Although we have grown close to the Golems, we have many more neighbors now than what we once had. To capitalize on the newfound strength of our Orgs (Pig Orcs), we are to establish a rigorous marine-like camp for them to teach them how to utilize their might in a controlled manner.

> Extra: Continue Eugenics (3/5)

(Forgive the weird image, it wouldn't let me attach it normally since it was too similar to a previous image)
>action 1: Prospect
>action 2: Create spell fire breath to enhance our natural gifts and in the process enhance our military and help in the production of forged goods

>Economic policy: Start military drills. continue training diplomats

>Production: produce military equipment.

The Aurigan welcomed the Argonians into the fold happily with feast & games. The official line from the Sonaak (priesthood) in the homeland becomes that the trees they worship and by extension the Argonians was made by Qahdoreyth god of plants and plant magic.
>Action 1: Construct Tin Mine
Those flocking to the skies demand more and more wealth, trinkets of metal and those among the angels with larger ears (and perhaps noses) hear rumors that the psychotic north"men" have their own need of the metal.

>Action 2: Connecting the Ley Dots
I can't think of fun stuff to write for this one, sorry.

>New Technology: Iambic Pentameter
As of late the universities of the philosopher and scientist have become home to artist and poet. Dramatic plays reenacting the Volonauts being cast out from the heavens have become increasingly popular, with a breakthrough playwright known as Jacobus Peter inventing his own rhyming scheme for his plays, rocketing him from a starving artist to a respected figurehead of the angels.

No changes.
The Some have appealed to us for aid in the matter of their defense. We must not let allow our little brothers' please to fall on deaf ears. We will take up their request and put into place the infrastructure necessary to see to their continued prosperity.

>Build fort to the North for the Some
We have had little need for such things and we would have preferred it to stay that way. But at times a bulwark is needed, hopefully it will dissuade would-be aggressors and things will not escalate from there. We shall see to it that a fungal fort is grown strong and sturdy where the Some require.

>Build a port for the Some
A port would go a long way in helping them as well. Not only in matters of defense, but in commerce as well. Though it was not a requirement, they did express interest in one, so we shall oblige and aid in the cultivation of this additional facility. We hope that it too will help to strengthen our brother nation in many ways.

>Spend 4 magic to terraform the tiles between my closest shroom tile to the Some's capital.
We must of course prepare for any outcome. Though we look towards an optimistic future, we are not blinded by naivety. Thus we shall extend our fungal landscape to connect with our brothers'. Should these lands be lost for whatever reason, they may still flee and find refuge with us.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 7.png (30 KB, 296x503)
30 KB
Kaiser Diederich Kupferohr von Wolkenburg, the mighty and wise is poring over documents that just keeps appearing at his office. His administrators are hard at work managing the many finances of the reich, or more specifically, the spending of it. The Kaiser has trouble signing all the papers fast enough and orders a device that lets him simply stamp his insignia onto the documents. The Kaiser does enjoy lavish meals whenever he has a break though, and a personal choir sing balads in praise. Life is good, for the Kaiser.

Action 1: Build Port on the inner coast.
Trade Policy: Trade 2 Hemp for 2 Rubber with the Tempestous Convocation.
Presence Policy: Spread Reichskrone to the Convocation of Tempestous Scions, costing 1 Presence.
Baron Axel Leonhard Gutermuth von Löwenburg has had a talk with a delegation from the Convocation of Tempestous Scions, and thinks a trade with them will have great value. He is already quite intrigued by their rubber, and setups a trade deal. In addition to this, they are very interested in the Reichskrone, and them adopting it will empower the currency even further. The design will be the same though, because if the Kaiser don't change it for Axel, he definitely wont change it for the Scions.

Action 2: Build Carpenter in the northern forests.
Production Policy: Produce 2x Enchanted Bronze Woodcutter Tools (1.5 Prod + 4 Mag, 1.5 Copper + 0.75 (+0.25 from rounding) Tin + 1.5 Wood).
Produce 2x Enchanted Bronze Battleaxes, for standing army (1.5 Prod + 4 Mag, 1.5 Copper + 0.75 (+0.25 from rounding) Tin + 1.5 Wood).
While bronze is what strikes the earth, it would not have the leverage it has if not for wood. Indeed the axe has many uses, not just in felling trees, but also in combat. The spear can stab as hard as you can thrust, but an axe can maim with even greater strength thanks to it's heft. It is more difficult to manage, but an elite formation can wreak havoc with axes against a greater force of spearmen.

Production Policy: Increase production of Enchanted Bronze Pickaxes by 2, one in copper and one in tin (+1.5 Prod +4 Mag, +1.5 Copper +0.75 (-0.25 due to previous rounding) Tin +1.5 Wood).
Produce 2x Enchanted Bronze Pickaxes, one in gold and one in silver (1.5 Prod + 4 Mag, 1.5 Copper + 0.75 (+0.25 from rounding) Tin + 1.5 Wood).
The bounty of the mountain is the very thing which will get us more.

Production Policy: Produce Preserved Food (5 Production + 10 Food).
Wealth Policy: Expand Farming and Volcano Guilds (5 wealth into each, totalling 10).
Though Immelreich is rich with food and wealth, the elders are still worried enough for the future that they make those of idle hands work making preserved food. Ever the worry warts, those. But while the elders worry about bad times, the guilds expand, amassing yet more farmers and volcanologists, to ensure we always have plenty of food and magic.
Fluff: And the Briar heart coalition has succeeded! The old queen that sought to put our loves int the fires of war has been put down. No more shall we experience the excruciating heartbreak of loving those so dear to us so early and in such masses. The Queen of the Thorny heart having taken rule, pulling out of the war post haste for a temporary neutrality while the nation picks itself back up. Their hearts scorned by potential lover, having melted to a liquidy goop to be sealed within a cage of metal and thorns.. the direction of the nation changing, perhaps for the better, or for worse. Regardless it would continue to grow and thrive, the first thing to do being to pull the metal out of the ground to form proper cages for their hearts.

1 action: Search for ore
Bronze will be the first thing that is needed, something malleable with metal magic as seen through small uses of it.

1 action: Build mine
Bronze is a priority, Coal comes second, everything else third.
Have the ships be assigned to food gathering.
also another trade deals
>10 food for 5 woods with akkaria
Policies: Wealth Policy
5 Wealth. >> 50% Wealth generation

Production policy
No longer at war, we can make aphrodisiacs once more
Once again we can produce aphrodisiac
1&2. Temples to the Gods, both in the east near Juoksen.

Tech: Ironworking, for real this time.

Production: IRON TOOLS!
> Golem raids
The raid was for all intents a golem victory… it seemed so at first. Their losses were few and captured slaves numbers while meager where about as much as they expected from a poorly defended colony. The heroes of the war too seemed to have grown bigger stronger and of new shapes signifying starts to potential dynasties.

All of said heroes became infertile though, some died soon after and some noticed the lifegiving fruit in their orchards mutating as they attempted to work their farms. Who knew the amazons had such thing u ptheir sleeve. (pop growth was halted for a turn, due to amazon spell)

> Attack on Iode
None lent their ears to the brave freedomfighters of iode while outnumbered they defended their lend against the vile invades in a battle for days and for every dead Iodion near 5 leshyr lost their lives, but in the end they still lost , but the Leshyr did not advance, albeit a new enemy is rearing it’s head. Maybe at times it’s better to not send out a cry for help…

> Sharks Attack Waddlepaddle
The former slime colony is run over and and with little resistance assimilated. Their own dead are used as guards to keep them in check. A cruel message from their new overlord to not forget their place.

> Preemus invession of the Underworld
Overconfident the preemus entered the caves with bows at the ready and after already entering the city the bloodthirsty batfolk have beaten them back. The Preemusians not easy to give up attempted another invasion of the city, but the batfolk now prepared annihilated them. Their blood now only waters the choeacynths and the please of their diplomats for tribute are bet with squealing laughter.

>>5458090 (Haalkan)
The valiant men of Haalkan decide to safeguard against the bizzare gods of the men of stone and men of goat in the east. What do we need their silly mountain and volcano cults when we have our own divines most worthy of praise! (2 temples built, what’s your religion?)

Ironworking, what a marvelous technology and it is rapidly put to use. You produce 6x Iron tools from 6 wood and 6 iron and with 6 production boosting your production by a further 240%, well that’s all the iron used up, but there’s plenty production to spare. Maybe the time is ripe for some imports?

Or maybe even outsourcing your surplus production lines to another?

Ironworking is a milestone tech, while iron is no better than bronze there is a ridiculous abundance of it and ironworking itself is bound to pave the road to further advancements.

> You get a tech!
File: MiniNRP.png (782 KB, 3200x1800)
782 KB
782 KB PNG
>>5457882 (Slime Queendom)
A new Queendom is born, a new dynasty with a new path ahead for the nation in sight. The first rulings of the Qeen constitute the economy. An economic plan is set in motion. Taxes are reinvested to reincigorate trade and the aphrodisiac plantations are… attempted to fire back up, but production in that regard is lacking. (to restore aphrodisiac production you’d need to canel other production)

Looking for resources you find a small copper deposit in the north, sulphur in the east and coal in the south expanding into your vassal lands. Soon after a small mine is set up extracting some of the copper.

>>5455559 (Sarmatia)
A market is built and trade with the far away nation of men of sand behind helping bolster your nation’s food production and stave off famine. Furthermore a battlefield spell is created to stave off invaders

Stygian Swamp - 10 magic - A powerful spell which drastically albeit temporarily alters the terrain into an impassable swamp. +100% combat power, large bonus when in a defensive battle (halting enemy advance, if a defensive battle is lost enemy has 1/2 chance of not advancing anyway.

The northern colony is assimilated and it’s large local garrison make it soon turn into the military heartland of your nation. While in the south the prospectors find Amber! This leads to once more an influx of immigrants, the amber being only on the coast this leads to the abandoning of the areas further inland.

Due to the elongated shape of the colony it is likely we will face governance problems later on… but that’s an issue for later to think about. You may switch 2 random building for a city or 4 random buildings for 2 cities.

> You get a tech!

>>5457855 (Immelreich)
A lucrative trade deals starts with the bird-fish things from across the sea. They are trading the bouncy black substance called rubber for some hemp. It certainly is a beneficial trade deal for us moreso because to facilitate further trade these beings areed to enter our trade union.

A carpenter is set up in the northern woods to help process the locally acquired wood. Much new production is introduced including pickled food, more pickaxes and additional funding is sent to the various guilds of the nation.

> You get a tech!
>>5457568 (The Many)
The some become home to a port and fort offering you a farm and copper from their mine in exchange. Spreading more of the grand funal biome into their land they grow ever fonder of you and your gifts.

In 2 turns (mark it down somewhere) you may negotiate with them to become a semiautonomous region in your land rather than a vassal of yours.

>>5457558 (Volitala Regnum)
You have begun exploiting your tin mines. Tin is both a beautiful and useful resource (once you get some copper).

Connecting the lines of Lightning and gravity gives birth to a new school of magic. It’s magnetism magic, able to attract and repulse metals.

Trough the invention of the Iambic Perimiter art and accademia are marged and your nation is capable of producing art which would make your neighbours jealous. Your universities now also produce 1 presence.

You may enact welth+presence policies to influence other nations like increase authonomy growth in vassals/autnomous regions, sell books in their land to siphon off wealth, give morale boosts during wars and decrease/increase support for a new regime after a war.

The new colonies are established the skies now belong to their rightful heirs once more, the sky islands albeit exclaves are above the sky the new migrants there understandably may grow uppity over their mainland cousins let’s make sure to put at least 1 city there as soon as possible.

> You get a tech!

>>5457537 (Aurigan)
Your colonies finish the flying islands are off to a flying start they become semiautonomous regions as in spite of their distance from the homeland only your Drakobolds live there. Soon a woodcutter and 2 markets arise. providing your nation with valuable wood and wealth. Due to the small size of the colony no city is required.

In the north the natives integrate well most of the colony becoming a direct part of your nation as the west around the holy redwoods becomes a semiindepndant region. The semi-independant are will grow each turn 1 by tile until you build a city in the northern colony lands

Trough prospectors in the northern sea you find jade deposits while in the newly colonized lands a small gold deposit is found alongside a large deposit of fossils.

The firebreath spell is created.

Firebreath - 10 magic - 200% combat power, provides a further bonus in forrests, but increases casualties on both sides
>>5457536 (Yugalath)
In the hills and steppes of the north you encounter centaurs as thenative species. They are a warlike people with the bottom of a sebra and top part of a zebra-striped humanoid they seem to be engaged in a close trade relationship with the gnomes in the deserts of the west. Breaking up that trade relationship may have disastrous effects on both.

Your colonists are enthusiastic to settle the new land even if your meagre population is getting somwheat oversteretched trough all the simultaneous colonisation efforts. The area claimed to round out your borders will be 21 tiles.

In the old colonies in the underground two monuments are built to maybe awakensome appreciation for your kind among the mindless undead, while on the surface market is set up. The colony receives ‘unikely beasts of burden’ production buildings in the cave will output extra 50% production from using the undead as labour effect ight increase if you get your hand on necromancy or a necromancy hybrid school.

Near the lightning dot lies large obsydian deposits while further south next to the city of Jolagh is a large lead vein. Lastly in Syuinya there is a deposit of copper.
Eugenics go as planned (I think it’d ⅘ and will finish next turn, with no instance of mental decline so far observed)

>>5457534 (Sea people)
The first two of the 5 necarrasy walls are set up. and belong to you. The previously ever spreading sea of mud instead starts to grow up the walls as the black worms are pushed out along the edges. It’ll be a long process to prepare them for harves, but the reward shall be oh so sweet.

Block and tackle - improves farm, woodcutter, plantation and farm output by 50%, various carts and transportation equipment is especially helpful for us who live on hills and bring down produce to the sea.

Your exploratory vessels find a ruin near your shoes and a small coral reef between your nation and the new colony being set up.

In the island colony the locals have set up a forge and laid foundations to a temple although you can redirect their resources to building a city instead. Your colonists arriving has informed the locals at their kin is out there and living nearby some of the local frogfolk wish to live as their brothers or under them. This has lead to tensions with the human colonists loyal to Sherden.

Will you:
1.Fan the flames and get rid of the frogs, creating loyalist humans
2.resettle the frog folk to the Concordat (if they agree to accept them)
3.Create a unique local cultural identity.

Meanwhile in the far eastern colony the locals being further removed from sherden affairs have adopted a more rural lifestyle laying foundations to a farm and plantation in the hills. You may choose to instead redirect the efforts to building a city.

(what are you trading the whales for?)
Additionally the Liliakin lack a port as such the trade goes trough their vassal mait a trade intermediary resulting in 1 of the whale resource ends up with them rather than the Liliakin.

> You get a tech!

>>5457415 Akkadia
Your nation rapidly militarizes setting up 3 military bases which will help increase your standing force and boost their quality. Money is handed out to families with more than 4 kids helping boost population growth and architecture is improved making aqueducts more efficient for farming.
The aqueductts have small covered stone channels included which lead directly under the farm soil.

Your colonists excited seeing wood shipments from abroad make market and woodcutter in their land and aqueducts being their national pride construct a new aqueduct in the colony. You may choose to replace 2 random buildings with a city. You find out the local gnomes have a strong trade relationship with the centaurs in the Orc colony, disrupting the trade could greatly hurt both. Additionally the gnomes tell you of a great beast in the west, known as the Queen of 10 000 fennecs it’s a colony structure of thousands of tiny foxlike beings which can ravage farms like locusts. (any tiles set up 4 tiles or closer to it will be attacked)

> You get a tech!

>>5456845 Scions
Carpenter and servitors are made. The servitor spell will help the dead of your nation come with you to battle, giving you +150% Levy size.

With your people ever respectful of strength you mimic the advanced institutions of your intellectual patron the Akkadians and your economic patron the Immelreich. You receive the bureaucracy institution. You may now spend up to 10 wealth/naval power on policies per turn additionally by producing 5 paper (5 wood 5 production) you may rize this cap to 15 and no further.

You describe great lands to your people and fund fake cities, increasing your population cap by 100% for 10 wealth. This decision shall pay great dividends in the short therm, but let us hope it won’t cayse famine once our food upkeep can’t keep up.

You create 10 technologically primitive, but high craftsmanship ships. With hemp ropes securing all the parts and rubber sealing up all potential hones they are ready for naval voyages to far places.

> You get a tech!
>>5456071 Azure Elves
Your exploratory fleet finds a 5 strong deposit of red caviar and a 6 strong deposit of coral. The coral iq quite beautiful.

Your southern colony finally finishes giving you access to magic and the ever important silk as well as letting your farmers from already existing farms set up shop on what once was the wilderness. In the new land an aqueduct is built supplying water from a river in a nearby colony while the Silk exporting City of Orchar’esh is constructed.

Through funding the alchemist guilds you manage to increase your tech roll mod by 25%... still a farcry of what you have lost because of the fickle moods of your very much so changed northern neighbour.

Lastly your forges are fired up, producing iron tools of war.

> You get a tech!

>>5454924 Preemus
A carpenter is set up south of the ruin, increasing the production of your nation further. While arrows can;t be enchanted, the bows can be made with living wood instead.

Production is further boosted by using your meagre wealth to boost it and with boosted producing and plenty wood comes

> you get a tech!
>>5455568 Golems
Westward you find virgin land… except of course the amazons who you just fought and are also settling it, but that is merely an inconvenient detail. This has rendered your people rather unwilling to go there especially after the weird consequences of the attack on them making your colonial enthusiasm low… oh well we can settle it with slaves or crminal instead. (pick if you wanan leave it be or ignore enthusiasm penalty by making it a penal/slave colony)

Our current colonial claims also seem to overlap with the now hostile amazons with their colony much more advanced than ours.

In the newly acquired land you find more of the same more silver, more fossils and in the very stretches of owned land some lead.
>>5455560 Concord oft he lily
The city of Iumine is built and a fort protectign the north of the colony rizes. It certainly is wise to protect your subject, but their power seems to continuously rise in comparison to that of your very own nation. Still in the very least they are very happy with your rule.

Cipherspeak helps to directly interweave the scientific nature of your people into their culture boosting your tech roll mod by 10% and boosting your presence by your techroll mod%.

>>5455419 Sharks
A market near Algarnd is built and a gem mine too, helping your nation to accumulate some always needed wealth.

The land is exchanged fort he copper. You have been running a copper deficit since last turn and it increased further as such the weapon production policy was forcefully shut down due to insufficient resources.

> You get a tech!

>>5456514 Lesh
A new copper mine is set up increasing your amount mined by a further 5.

Your colonists are in high spirits as they decide to refuse to concede the land that is rightfully theirs to yet another foreign force.

Further you expand across the sea into a new land. One very dry and coats. if foreign forces can expand into your homeland you can expand outwards as well right? The people native to this land are monkey-looking things with a tribal structure who wear bird masks. Their thick fur seems maladapted for the desert and they cut it short, they likely come from someplace else as well.

> You get a tech
File: changes.png (152 KB, 1348x665)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Actions 1&2 Build that wall


Naval: Cancel All Previous Naval Policies(Exploration and whaling). divert 5 to exploring the sea ruins off the coast.

Wealth: 5 more wealth into Farm Subsidy.

Trade: no trade
Tech: Production Line Reform, a sweeping reform massively increasing production from carpenters and smiths while also reducing the true production cost of the sea peoples main produce, ships. now with the streamlined process total production needed is reduced

Colonial Decisions:

Island colony: tell them to move the planned Smith to the North and for the temple to be changed to a City and moved to the south west plains, the sea people have no gods.

As for the Frog men..

We will Resettle them to the Concordant. if they are not accepted... by the Concord, then we will have to redecide

to the Eastern Colony

we would have them shift the construction of the Farm to the southern plains and the plantation further down river to the
edge of the forest and hills. the Production of the plantation should be Tropical wood. which will be used for ships
Tech: Mastered Iron Metallurgy

The Azure elves are true masters of this new metal, with elven craftsmanship and new golemic insights they unlock the deepest secrets of iron and how it may be used.

Action 1: Woodcutters

The fleets of the azure elves simply cannot be supported by the nations now limited logging industry, a new grant for the dense eastern forests to be chopped is written and the construction of a new site hurried

Action 2: Volcano forge

The industrial centres of the elven realms roar to life as at the northernmost point of the volcanic range a new forge complex towers over the trees.

Production policy: Retire my old ship production policy and my old bows policy

Production policy: Elven Lateen Clinkers (9 silk, 9 wood, 2 iron, 9 production)
(If I have enough, make that 10 silk, wood and production, not sure about the production)
A new generation of elven sailcraft dominate the chained seas, faster, nimbler and so much more numerous, these craft herald a new life for the elves across the waters.

Wealth policy: Iron extraction guilds (+50% iron)

Naval policy: Extract 5 Caviar

Wonder: Feed the Beast

The elves have stumbled across a giant sea creature and upon discovery the Knight-rangers have been dispatched to investigate.

On finding it mostly just hungry, they give their recommendation to the crown that it be fed
File: Turn7 - Copy.png (14 KB, 327x239)
14 KB
> Annex provinces with ‘X’s from the drow (5 provinces they were willing to give up because of good relations)
> Begin University Sharing with Sarmatia
> Accept Frogmen from Sherden Colony

> Build City of Curiosity at blue X to establish control of new provinces
> Use 1 fossil, 15 magic to create Giant Sarcosaurus military units. Sarcosaurus is a 8-9 meter long crocodile intended for use as a shock troop and naval attacker.

> Shift production to consuming only white ginseng and producing mana infused paper for magic scrolls.
> Ship all silk to Sherden for use in their shipcraft

> Tech: Wargaming. The Lilalkin begin a formal study of strategy, war, and tactics, encouraged by friendly inter-university competitions.

The world was changing. Lilalkin scouts watched, mouths agape as an entire city was reduced to rubble by the grim visage of a fallen god. Millions dead in the north, battles to the west, to the peaceful Lilalkin it was a concerning omen of the future. It was time to begin militarization, preparation for a war torn future. Terrifying beasts of war, analysis of strategy, and plans for new expansions to defensible borders.

>Action 1: Build a new Carpenter (O-marker)
With so much woodworking going on within the Kingdom, our current carpentry has reported having to delegate some work to the smithy - not a practice we can sustain forever! A new Carpenter's site is located to work the wood produced by our second forestry.

>Action 2: A port for Sersh (Anchor Marker)
When the slime-colonies broke apart, the town of Sersh chose Leshyr overlordship over that offered from Woblobble - perhaps not too surprising, for the matter of common humanity unites us. Still, such a choice of loyalty is deserving of reward; and as the Sershyr peninsula is nearly entirely surrounded by the sea the nature of that reward is evident. King Undrun funds the construction of a port for the town, seeing it as a way to provide employment for the coastal region and perhaps stimulate the local economy in related shipbuilding and naval trades. Additionally, the eager enthusiasm of our colonists has led many to cross the Arlet straight; Sersh is the closest town upon Leshyran to these far shores and a harbour here becomes a natural stop-off point for any colonist making the journey. Especially when a great whirlpool blocks the strait for much shipping trying to come from the northern ocean.

>Tech: Iron Working
Although the Leshyr people have long hoped to begin imports of tin from Arlet Adlan, one issue after another has arisen; and the simple matter is that we have not yet identified a reliable supply within our own borders. As such, it is a relief when a smith comes to the university of Chor with a brand new method to turn a different ore into a usable form of metal, and he claims to already know where a deposit can be found...

>Diplomacy: Furry masked Monkeys.
How strange and fascinating. If these monkey-folk are not from this desert they now live in, from where might they have originated? Our Shamans investigate and ask questions of them to investigate their histories, and to see if there is some significant spiritual reason for the masks they wear.

>Wealth Policy - Colonial Investment Policy (5 wealth)
With our fresh colonial push accidentally spreading not only through the border marshes that we planned to claim but out across the sea as well, a new fund is set aside to support and encourage these colonial developments and the establishment of industry and infrastructure in new lands.
File: Turn.png (652 KB, 1395x820)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
...And again, the map eludes me at first.
File: 1668182604824591.png (23 KB, 286x324)
23 KB

Wealth: 5 wealth to create a 50% production policy. To maintain a competitive edge masters regardless of social standing are quickly found and are made lucrative offers to take apprentices to pass on their craft. Ensuring that the patronizing group can reliably maintain expertise among their membership.

Wealth: 5 wealth to improve popgrowth policy to 100%. While those who were strongest and weakest had created a symbiotic relationship to keep both groups in power it left those who remained independent, but without subsidy without much inherent advantage. Noticing the guild system of the Immelreich the freemen of the Convocation made their own groups called sects. An organization that unifies its members through ideology rather than just blood. With this newfound support network the freemen were able to create a wide area of influence that its members could reliably call upon rather than the much more local dynasties. Bringing all the social classes into balance and ensuring growth.

Wealth: 5 wealth to improve food policy to 100%. Overtime the festivities have become even more elaborate as dynasties have managed to truly specialize in their own variety of MMOs. With Sects spreading out these local innovations the festivals have only increased in number as both groups keep hosting to enjoy the plenty that magic provides them.

Trade: Increase trade to 3 rubber for 3 hemp and 3 junglewood for 6 wood

Production: Spend 5 production and 5 wood to create paper to improve bureaucracy.

Tech: Improve General Quality by using mounts. Scions consider themselves the masters when it comes to life in all forms. Long have they understood how the transferring of traits from one being could affect another and with their necromancy they are able to bring life back to what was once dead. While the exact mechanism may vary depending if it is mundanely altered beast, a bestial servitor, or a true masterpiece of MMOs the scions reliably are able to not just count on their own power, but use the natural world to quickly form a symbiotic relationship with whatever they use to increase their mobility and prowess.

Navy: Take ships off fishing for war instead

Action 1: Spend 10 magic on creating a spell called Ascendancy that improves general quality. The greatest strength of the delphrels is their close connection to magic. Their bodies are living examples of its power. Finally taking control of this process, each delphrel goes through a personal journey to refine their body towards perfection. Taking control of the chaotic and automatic processes of the body and allow them to adjust it manually. They can now ensure that they are always perfectly attuned to casting the spell they desire, control their appearance rather than be beholden to wild magic, and give themselves great physical ability as they reinforce their bodies.

Action 2: Build a fort on the orange tile.
File: sneaky beaky.png (266 KB, 1315x1238)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
>action 1: Expand to the floating isles in the Arlet Strait (Sea people's shared their maps with me so now I know they exist)
>action 2: Create the city of Goltdoreyth on the red X

>wealth: No Change
>Production: Ships
>formalize a Mutual defense pact with The Concord of the Lily and the Sea People
War Addendum: Rebuild the navy and put them back on fishing.
1. A Market! Large, central in the capital, and most importantly taxable. Our neighbors have wished to trade for some time, and the Grand Prince sees no reason to deny the flow of commerce any longer.

2. A port! More of a wharf with some docks really, but the fact of the matter is that the Principality has been without much in the way of naval power for a long time. And who knows, perhaps lesser nations across the seas may wish to trade as well.

Production: Time for bows, we have the spare wood after all

Tech: Look into better ways to extract ore from the earth. With a wide variety of tools at our disposal, there must be some sort of technique or the like that can be devised for increased yields.
>Tech 1, Ironworking, Can make iron tools, weapons, and armor.

>Action 1, Spell: Earthquake (10 Magic, Bonus Mil Power, Negates Defensive bonuses, & easier destruction of infrastructure)
>Action 2, Spell: Sandstorm (10 Magic, Bonus Mil Power & Bonus Defensive power)
>Action 3, Spell: Earth Blast (10 Magic, Bonus Mil Power)
The War Colleges of Akkaria have been, for decades now, a prominent role in Akkarian government and society. Their graduates are usually tasked with escorting Magus Council personnel on diplomatic and exploratory missions. Not often has the need for trained war mages come up within these escort jobs, but when it has the well trained Akkarian Cohorts were resourceful and used what they had to fight back. Some of the spells they've used have been so quintessential to combat based geomancy that they've become required to learn within the war colleges.

>Policy 1, Architectural Grants (5 Wealth, +50% Pop Cap)
With the prosperous wealth gained from the gemstone mines atop the Akkar mountains, Grand Magus Rak would start commissioning vast amounts of open desert land around Akkaria to be transformed into fantastical houses for both Akkitarians and the recently discovered Sand Gnomes. There would even be a contest held to declare a high architect of Akkaria! Of course their primary job would be to create efficient as well as awe inspiring housing for all of Akkaria.
>Policy 2, Iron Tools (4 iron, 5 wood, 3 Production)
With the shipments of wood and iron gained from Sarmatia, Grand Magus Rek would subsidize the forges to work overtime producing tools for the mines, forges, and farms.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 8.png (55 KB, 532x509)
55 KB
>Tech: Bronze Crossbow.
As thoughts get onto the topic of war, we once again are reminded in our deficiency in ranged weapons. We have gotten the sling and javelin to maximum power, but the feymen have shown the potential of the bow and arrow. We cannot recreate this because of our short limbs, having to instead make crossbows, but the feymen can't create ones strong enough to be of use for us without risking they break every time they're loaded. But this is because the feymen are stupid, they use wood and bone, we use bronze. And so our thinkers in the mountains get to developing a crossbow that utilises bronze.

>Action 1: Expand west, and delve into the Underground.
Our nation is yearning for expansion, and there is unclaimed land to the west, and so a great settler push is made. But the followers of Erdenfrau are less interested in going west, and instead wants to go... down. The cave entrance is fortified and warriors yearning for action, so an expedition is made, to delve deep into the caves below, who knows what riches may be hidden beneath.

>Action 2: Create Stone Mine in the south of the Güldenvolk mountains.
The Güldenvolk have been good friends, and their nobility has risen among our own. But they have seen our tremendous growth and wants some of their own. Thus they have funded the creation of a stone mine, a proper one, of Zeigenvolk design and efficiency. This will give plenty of stone to make more of their kind.

>Wealth Policy: Smiths Guilds (5 wealth to production) and Warrior Lodges (5 wealth to military).
>Production Policy: Merge 2x Spears and 2x Axes to make 4x Ench. Brz. Halberd (recovering 0.5 Tin lost to rounding).
>Produce 4x Ench. Brz. Shields (3 Prod + 8 Mag, 3 Copper + 1.5 Tin + 3 Wood).
As the nation militarises, and demand for smiths increase, smithing guilds emerge. These guilds notice the separate spears and axes production is inefficient and starts to merge them, until they're just making halberds with different length shafts. In addition to this, Warrior Lodges emerge, giving loans and training to fledgeling fighters, preventing them from getting killed by bandits by teaming them up with more senior warriors and giving them the newly smithed bronze shields. Thus giving Immelreich better soldiers and equipment.

Part 2 to follow.
>Presence Policy: Induct Akkaria into the Reichskrone network (1 Presence cost).
>Trade Policy: Increase Exports to Scions by 1 Hemp and 6 Wood, for Imports of 1 Rubber and 3 Tropical Wood.
>Production Policy: Produce 1x Schiffs (1 Production, 2 Wood + 1 Hemp + 1 Copper + 0.5 Tin).
The trade deal with the Scions have expanded, getting more rubber and also setting up an export of regular wood for tropical wood, which our nobles like more. Furthermore earthen people from Akkaria have contactes us, they wish to adopt the Reichskrone, and we agree, strengthening our currency further. In order to further facilitate this trade, we are starting to produce ships of our own, Schiffs, with a solid wooden structure, hemp sails and copper nails and lower hull, preventing barnacles to increase it's longevity. It is unenchanted bronze though, as fire and water are opposites.

>Production Policy: Create 2x more Ench. Brz. Woodcutter Tools (+1.5 Prod +4 Mag, +1.5 Copper +0.75 (-0.25 due to previous rounding) Tin +1.5 Wood).
>Create 2x Ench. Brz. Farming Tools (1.5 Prod + 4 Mag, 1.5 Copper + 0.75 (+0.25 due to rounding) Tin + 1.5 Wood).
>Produce 5x Paper (5 Prod, 5 Wood).
Production of harvesting tools increase, and farmers finally start getting enchanted tools, paper production is also started, so our bureaucrats can get more work done, and work they shall, since they are finding that we're reaching the limits of what our empire is capable of producing.
File: 1668273715660072.png (148 KB, 522x617)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
action 1 red x wood cutter
action 2 yellow x monument

tech a) slave economy/army - slave soldiers to standing force

policy 1 --presence research with iso
policy 2 --production --wood ++bows
policy 3 --wealth ++pop cap

Change Tech: Make ships faster and more maneuverable so they can quickly act in war. The war with the Preemus proved the efficacy of our navy, but there was still a risk that it could be intercepted. We must optimize our navy to make sure our advantage is never lost.
Fluff: Bronze! A resource to ensure that our people on the front lines will have at least some means of arming themselves go fight unarmed. And what’s more, we can use metal magic to our benefit to produce completely pure bronze which can be used alongside metal magic.

1 action: Connect Ley dots (metal and biomancy) with ley line
Biomancy and metal together... perhaps to use metal as a part of one’s own body, or even have a better understanding of metal as a whole. Either way, only good things could come of this

1 action: Create wood cutter
Wood... although not as magically versatile, it can be used for housing and tools and a variety of other things in general, as well as stimulating the economy by creating additional jobs

Policies: Magic policy
Melt Metal
To cause metal to melt down into a goo as if it was in a forge. To do this with metal in both combat and general forging would be vastly beneficial. To disarm an opponent and leave them vulnerable with enfeeble would be swaying the battle from an losing one to an overwhelming wipe for even the weaker of our people.

Magic Policy
Meld/Disengage Metal and flesh.
To temporarily meld metal and flesh together. To provide armor and weapons with even a normally small amount of metal. A person’s arm their blade
Formalize alliance with both the Yulakh and the Preemaz
Action 1:
>build city on mountain tile south of the ruins
A new city, named “Aakno” is founded on top of the mountain of the beast. It is hoped it is a city which will be safe from the sarmatians. Guknilor golems dominate it as Ougkilor golems are much rarer now.
Action 2:
The power of poison magic is seen for the first time. It is hailed as the native solution to the problem of the sarmatians.
>create spell: Flesh to Stone Liquid (paralyzing coating)
A paralyzing poison is crafted with the power of poison magic. It is imbued into a kind of sap that can be applied to arrowheads and other weapons. Upon sufficient contact with flesh and especially blood the poison causes paralysis of (in small doses) the local limb or in higher doses most of the body. Doses at a certain point cause death by heart or lung failure.
Contact with the skin is sufficient for it to take effect. But contact with blood is what allows it to be devastating in combat. And very useful for taking slaves as it can be used as a sort of sedative. Being useful in nets.

The northern steppes are neglected, the scars of the sarmatian invasion having soured the desire to settle it. The people in these regions are left to their own devices for the most part. Far from civilized guknilor society.

The chief of Oklolo organizes the greatest chiefs of the land in the ruins of Ougkilo. He preaches that the only way to stop the sarmatians from conquering Guknilo is to unite.
He proposes that the great chiefs of Guknilo form a commonwealth. Electing a King from among them every so often who can lead the Golems.
They agree and thus the pact is formed. The Guknilo will now walk as one into the future.
>Action 1: Create Farm
With the eugenics program coming to an end and vast new territories requiring additional food to support, the Yulakgh are well overdue for farmland.

>Action 2: Create Spell - Thunder Strike
Unlike their previous spell - the midrange lightning bolt, the Thunder Strike is a long ranged attack that requires windup time to be utilized accurately. Intended to perform the role of Artillery within the commonwealth army, the spell summons a large and destructive bolt from the sky that is limited primarily by the time and focus required to cast it accurately.

>Extra: (5/5) Eugenics
Let's go, master race time.

>Extra (Tech): Scientific Process
I was supposed to get a tech last turn about the Scientific Process. If you could apply whatever it's bonus is to this turn too, that'd be very helpful since I'm supposed to already have it this turn.

>Policy: Military Policy (5x)
As the Yulakgh finish their Eugenics program and ascend into the physically and mystically perfect race, their lifestyles are to adapt as well. Drills are established to ensure this strength remains organized and focused on accenting their spiritual powers instead of allowing anyone to revert back to their brutalist ways.
5 wealth investment into production
>university sharing with concord of the lily
>increase trade with akkaria 4 iron for 8 food
>wealth policy: spend 5 wealth on increasing iron mine production
>naval policy: send all ship to gather food
>production policy: create iron longbows from existing 6 longbow + every iron i have after increasing the production
>new tech: iron working
despite having iron since the beginning of their history the sarmatian treated their bog pyrite iron as nothing more than inferior version of silver. but after recent interaction with akkaria to the east, leshyr to the west and the golem in the south the amazonian finally figured out how to mold iron for themselves

after a short conflict the sarmatians have thriumphed over the golem in the south. the amazonian army led by princess Raiha, 3rd in line to sarmatian throne, have suceeded in liberating the amazonian slaves, turning golem cities into ruins and enslaving a few golems in return. as a trophy they beught home a large golem statue looted from their golems and paraded it during celebration in the sarmatian capital.

>action 1: create spell - Mutate Object (5 magic)
after returning home from the golem war, many of the amazonian warriors noticed their weapons behaving strangely. some seems to have grown eyes while others teeth, or a small wings but most common of all they seems to feel their weapon growing and having a will of their own. one of the mages believes that it seems to be some sort of side effect of mutation magic and decided and after many months of research he invented the mutate object spell.

>action 2: southern expansion
with their southern frontier secured the colonization effort continues, especially towards the strange valley in the south renowned for ts beauty

With things stabilizing, along with certain events, a bit of investment from the Ulodin would go to the construction of a grand temple complex on the other island in center of the nation. One dedicated to Kvatai rather than Sawu and Kantoraci. While considered a bit of an odd choice given the lack of any grand places of worship for the other two, it was considered something fairly important to the various sailors in the country of which there were quite a few. Naturally, this grand temple would be built both above and below the water, taking up most of the small island. However this was not the only work that would be done, as a bit of innovation was done in farming and rural activities in general, gaining a better understanding of what made plants grow and how to more effectively make use of the land without causing problems or destroying what it was able to produce. Needless to say this was a simple, effective and crucial portion of work that would allow for a lot more exploitation of the land without causing problems. Something quite valuable given the size of the nation at the moment. Lastly however, there was a further update to the Caorda System, attempts to further encourage those in the military to aim to become Caorda's. And obviously effort to ensure those who do maintain their training and physical abilities...Given recent events though it was likely that they were going to keep getting investment in the near future...

>Action One & Two: Create a temple to Kvatai, daughter of Sawu and Kantoraci and goddess of Sailors and Ships on the island.

>Tech, Fertilizers and land management. (Increase adjacency stacking)

>Wealth Policy, Increase Caorda System investment by 5 Wealth
Fuck forgot colony decision
>Switch 2 random building for a city
> Li Ulodrak convest of Iosh
The sharkpeople mustered their people on the east of the citystatate while their allies would distract the enemy with a naval invasion. Marshing around the river the sharks rushed the fort which resulted in a prolonged battle which was won by the Ioshyr. On the southern front the Sherden assault was fended off, leading to the Sherden backing off after experiencing small losses. The Li Ulrodrak forces subsequently attempted another assault which resulted in the annihilation of their army. The Ioshyr sensing the weakness of the enemy have begun pushing occupying a small portion of the nation when the leshyr chose to intervene on the side of the Li Ulodrak chasing the Ioshyr back behind their walls, but not before they destroyed the Li Ulodrak hemp plantation which lead to it’s destruction and the collapse of the sharkfolk lavy and fishing industry.

> Sarmatian-Guknilo War of Revenge
Shamed by the recent slave raid the amazons chose to take revenge and take back the captives. The Flying fortress was used to transport a small elite force into enemy territory, who would protect it as it’s prepares the mass destruction spell. meanwhile reinforcements would march in from the north by foot. The Golems focused a majority of their army on attempting to halt the activation of the spell while a small force was sent north to delay the reinforcements. The spell was activated and an entire city was wiped off the map, fueled by anger the Golems launched one more revenge attack which forced them to retreat allowing the Sarmatians to round up the people who survived the destruction of the city as slaves. The golems managed to inflict large casualties on the incomming reinforcements. The war ended with a peacetraty forcing the Golems to return all captured Sarmatian slaves and to abbandon their colonial claims in the west.

> Flower War against Preemus
The batfolk attempted to attack the Premusians only to get immediately slaughtered, making 4/10’s of their forces into slave soldiers.

> Scion Conquest of Northern Preemus
The Scions attempted to rapidly push to destroy the Preemusian woodcutter collapsing the production of their priced bows. The initial assault failed, but a naval landing in the south did well destroying a primusian farm in a surprise raid, the raiders did not manage to get away though as the primusians caught them and slaughtered most, taking 2 units as slave soldiers. In the north the Preemusians attempted a diversion in the northern mountains which failed, leading to a stalemated front and a peaceagreement. Cession of small holdings in the north for permission to keep the slave soldiers.
File: MiniNRP.png (786 KB, 3200x1800)
786 KB
786 KB PNG
>>5462016 Sharks
With unrest looming the sharkfolk turn to their gods. Qickly reestablishing the legitimacy of the state at the cost of the growing influence of the clergy, who now knows they hodl the kays to national stability. The grand temple is certain to become a site of pilgrimage for the faithful.

Farm management - farms get 2 adjecencies each.

The new farm management increased yoru farm output by 8.8, but the irresponsible farming practices lead to overexploitation of one tile as farming, woodcutting and mining are taking out of the land than more than it can handle.

>>5461894 Sarmatia
You don’t have enough presence for an university sharing deal.

You begin to further fund your iron mines and miners. Extracting the odd material which seems to be gaining in popularity around the world.

With the introduction of ironworking you can actually make use of iron and so so by putting it on your vows. Increasing their penetration power substantially.

Mutate Object - 5 magic - a spell that turns the wielder’s weapon against the wielder, sometimes… sometimes it just makes it better. +20% mil power additionally the higher the quality and quantity of enemy equipment is the higher their losses will be when fighting you both in won and lost battles, after each battle you have the chance (1d3) of getting an artiffact which can be reverse engineered

Your southern colony finishes giving you a farm, a rubber plantations and mines of amber and lead. The Colony besomes fully integrated due to the valiant defense of their land and reclamation of captured slaves with only theo utskirts in the west becoming semiautonomous.

Your colonists push further south, there they find a race of shark people akin to those who have a city near your mainland. These shark folk seem to be in a continuous war with some drow tribes, they are fearful of the dro as recently many of the drow have formed a large civilised nation further south.

> You get 2 techs!
>>5461863 Yulakgh
with the eugenics program over your people have become masters of magic and combat and thankfully avoided any ill effects to their mind from it.

Farm is created.

Thunder Strike - 10 magic - 100% mil power, an artillery spell which allows to shoot faraway targets, greatly diminishes enemy defensive bonuses without destroying the besieged fortification itself. Allows for armies to destroy buildings in tiles adjacent to them and for navies to destroy buildings on the coast.

Scientific process - techs provide merely a -5 tech roll mod poenalty not -10, you gain +15% to your tech roll mod per international university sharing agreement, University sharing presence cost reduced to 3.
(because I missed it last turn you’ll get a onetime +10 to your tech roll mod this turn)

Lastly money is invested into the army to make them even stronger. Meanwhile in the colonies the locals have begun constructing a plantation, a farm and a mine.

>>5461874 Golems
You invest some of your substantial funds into manufactoring allowing for an increased out put from your smithies and carpenters.

The Alliance being formalised with Yulagkh and Preemus is nice and all, but you need to also tell me the conditions otherwise i can’t do shit with that. Defensive? Offensive? What Levy rate permitted?

Near the source of poison magic Aakno rises away from the ruins of the shame of the golems the city shall overlook the land in the stead of the fallen city and be a hug for magic development.

Paralysing Coating - 10 magic - 100% mil power, a nasty spell which lets the golems produce a secretion of paralysing pison from their stone. Increased amount of captured alive PoWs, for each combat-round an enemy army is engaged in combat with you they gain -5 to morale rolls for that battle and a growing reduction in movement speed in the next combat round. Capturing slaves/pows of your nation will decrease pop growth in the enemy nation.
>>5461754 Wobble
Note: you also need tin to make bronze stuff, you just got copper
*In their call for help the Iosh offered the output of a tin mine they will build to whoever aids them in their wars, just a reminder as it might be relevant

Using biomancy to implant metal into lesh could have been already possible, but by connecting biomancy and metal magic a completely new school can be created with new possible magic available. (you need to create the new school feel free to be creative, though something as simple as living metal is OK too)

You construct a woodcutter in the lands of Gargant (‘cause no forests in your mainland) and trough that you gain access to a moderate amount of wood (3,5) and your vassal also gains good opinion of you if you keep spoiling them they will be willing to become a semiautonomous region.

“Magic policies”... I preffer the name spell. They take an action each to create. Considering you’re new and didn’t do wealth policies this turn feel free to do 10 wealth’s work of those next turn.

Production policies you can assign at will, magic ones take an action and max 10 magic assigned, naval/wealth policies are free but capped at 5 assigned per turn.

>>5461275 Preemus
Woodcutter and monument are built, your bow production is extended to the maximum your production can handle. Some of the wisdom of the Fey people preceding you finally finds aknwolagement as relations with the elves to the south are restored and new stone friends in the west are made.

Lastly the slave soldiers captured in out prior war are integrated as propper standing forces massively increasing our army as they are equipped with our bows and taught living wood magic. With their rise to power trough their hunting the amount of food brought in explodes and further breeding programs are certain to make our population explode. Our nation is growing to be one to be feared.

The slave soldiers having their status elevated means that they will coming forward they might have demands towards us, but for now the bat aztec ones offer an opportunity. They have acknowledged us as true warriors who have shed much blood and invite us to the blood pact. They explain that if we give sufficient blood sacrifices to the choeacynth we will be able to create the ley dot of blood i nthe underground. Furthermore this puts your nation on goof relations with the underground natives.

> You get a tech!
>>5461178 Immelreich
Bronze Crossbow 1/2, your engineers begin tinkering on an idea that might revolutionise warfare. What if we let anyone shoot arrows at many time the drawstrangth of what they could do with a bow? Some experiments with cogs are done and with stretched rubber bands the current equipment fidelity to make crossbows is not there.

Crossbows will require hardened rubber (coal + rubber) to make and will be relatively production intensive compared to bows due to their complexity. This first technology gives you acces to make cogs and hardened rubber in factories though if you wanna use them for something else.

Your colonists are enthusiastic to go to the new colony, but going there they find the overground portion is infested with tunneling goblins who seems to be Fire-Dragon worshippers. Some tribes are amazed by the fire magic of your race other’s call you ursurpers or heretics. The tribes change rule so often though coexistence might be tough, while in the underground weird screeching can be heard as colonists go missing. As you go further in undisturbed by the attacks you encounter a temple to some wargods, the ones manning it seem to be the Feymen you saw to your outh similarly slow, but very warlike.

You build a stone mine which mines 13,8 stone.

Your wealth policy manages to further push up your production while investment in the army helps patch up quality there. Just throw more money at the problem it worked with the lion…

As shields take more wood, the wood production cost will be double what you expected there, but their quality is still more than decent.

You produce 2 more bronze woodcutter tools, but you have 2 woodcutters so you are at capacity, there’s no one who can use them.

Other policies go as planned, you have insufficient wood, to make the desired paper (short by 1).
>>5461129 Akkadia
importing Iron from the Sarmatians you pick up how to work the odd material, it’s not any better than bronze, but hopefully more abundant.

Earthquake - 10 magic - 150% mil power, makes sieging forts significantly easier at the cost of destroying them reduces enemy defensive terrain bonuses significantly (but not river, defensive bonus), makes it more likely to flee

Sandstorm - 10 magic - 150% mil power, big bonus to all defensive battles, medium bonus to battles against opponents who are using predominantly ranged attacks (both defensive&offensive)

Earth Blast - 10 magic - 150% mil power, let’s you blast an enemy with a powerful rock blast
(smaller combat bonus than usual because earth magic excels moreso at defense than terraforming than attack)

Welth policy enacted. iron tolls would be 4 wood, 4 iron and 4 production, you have 1 production spare as such it can’t be done.

> You get a tech!

>>5461093 Haalkan
The grand prince chooses to finally open up the national trade to the outside creating a market to allow foreign goods to flow in and odmestic to flow out. Who knows maybe our central location could be exploited to have trade flow through?

Secondly port is set up giving the Haalkan a possibility of setting up a navy to protect our costs and to trade by sea.

Tech: Advanced prospecting - to increase resource output without expensive tools or wealth investment you gotta just get better at finding where to dig +80% mine output and a prospecting action will reveal not just a single resource point, but the whole extent of the deposit (can be applied retroactively to found deposits with an action too)

(tip: you have excess unused wealth you could use on wealth policies btw. you’ve not beedn doing that since like game start)

A few bows are produced and we’re out of wood.

> You get a tech!

>>5460186 Aurigan
Your people are filled with enthusiasm to go to the floating island colony. While it is really far away they know they can be safe up there due to none, but their allies the Frogfolk having any mode of flight.

with your colonists as ecstatic like that they do not only the the flying islands, but move beyond colonising a hillridden valley where they discover that another has started colonising there as well, the Leshyr.

Goltdoreyth is created . You have the wood, but not the production to make ships. (0,3)
Please give me the exact therms of the defense pact.

>>5460184 Scion
Both wealth policies are introduced putting the nation into as state of exponential economic and population growth. Your food output is increased further.

You have tamed the sturdy mountain goat. A large animal which hops between mountain like a mountain between treebranches. You may produce mounts for your army for 2 food and 1 production per mount.

Ascension - 10 magic - a powerful spell which attunes the body of the dephrel to magic and let’s them take control of it’s functions, you gain +3% quality per magic spent on spells. (basically the more magic you use the strong you people become)

You get a tech!

>>5460140 Lesh
The Leshyr set up a new port in their vassal both increasing their naval capacity and trade range. Additionally the vassal is pleased with that. Secondly another carpenter is set up allowing the Lehsyr to once more free up production.

(we can do diplo in IC chat tomorrow)

5 wealth is put into colonial investments giving you better results when colonising and slightly expanding the size of your colony.

Your colonists set up buildings in the colonies.

>>5460140 lily
The colonisation will conclude next turn. As it stands now the mainland colony would become a Leshyr independent region while theu nderground colony becomes a semiindepndant region + vassal of the Orcs.

The Lesh may attempt to ‘flood’ the underground colony with their population like the slimes did due to a large population difference between the two colonisers. The continental colony of the Leshyr also started overlapping with a Aurigan colony.

The frogmen come to your land increasing your population by 2.

You have insufficient wood to switch to magic scroll production and white ginseng alone is not enough for that. For now I’ll delay it and if we figure out a different deal I’ll add it inbetween updates.

Wargaming - the study of war becomes interlinked with entertainment and scholarly arts, each level of technology gives 10% quality and presence gives you 5% extra quality

> You get 2 techs!
>>5459978 Azure Elf
Improved Iron metallurgy let’s you get more out of the iron utensils you make all of them are improved. Additionally your focus on iron unveils a good ‘synargy’ that is a synergy between uristed iron weapons and poison. Using the rus as poison, using corosive attacks or maybe using the jagged edges of the rust to apply the poison.

All policies go into effect. You feed the beast, leaving you with enough food for this turn, but may lead to a shortage in the next. The being is very fond of you. All colonies finish and the realm of the living armors becomes a semiindependent region within your nation the rest getting fully annexed.

> You get 2 techs!

>>5459936 Sea people sherden
Your colonies finish the islands become directly integrated with teh further one becoming semi autonomous. The prison colony has split into a vassal and a rebellious citystate and due to locusts the potential plantation building was sadly destroyed.

(feel free to rename vassal capital)

More money goes into keeping yoru farms functional meanwhile the building of teh walls continues. One more and the great prize will be all yours.

we can discuss the ship production rework between turns because the frog people wanted to make paper without wood.

> You get a tech!

Technology 1: Ship upgrade (Combat)
Elven ships are built larger, taller and swifter in this new age, the masterful shipwrights of Herin Desh are envied the world over.
Multiple decks, fore and aft castles, dense armour and tough ribs, these craft can endure the most appalling weather and grievous injuries and still fight.

Technology 2: Ship upgrade (Range)
The towering masts of elven ships announce their presence to the world as full rigging is developed by the keen elven minds under the Atriarchy.

Stretching tall into the sky and switching directions to capture the wind they are propelled boundless leaps across the sea, supply stores increased for the longer journeys they are now expected to undertake.

Action 1: Unshackle one of the chains on the flying island

Intangible, metal but not. They warrant a true in depth study, for that purpose a chain must be broken and investigated. All in the name of science.

Action 2: Colonise in the direction of the arrow

The elves, having gotten a taste of the lands beyond their elven home, expand ever onwards and outwards. Ears are set a buzzing with excitement as colonial ambitions send elves across the waters of the chained sea.

Wealth policy: +50% production

Production policy: Retire my old ships
Production policy: Elven Full-rigs (10 production, 10 silk, 10 wood, 2 iron)

Production policy: Retire iron weapons
Production policy: Iron pickaxes (iron mine, 4 iron 4 production 4 wood)
Production Policy: Make iron weapons again (4 iron 4 wood 4 production)

Production policy: Elven clothes (10 silk, 10 production)
Elven fashion styles are bright, bold, colourful and of excellent make.

Living in a temperate land and knowing nothing of tough weather, common clothes are light and breezy, often fluttering in the wind. More distinguished outfits are often form fitting, signs of proper tailor work having been done.
Clothing is part of the rich and convoluted social fabric of elven society, and what one chooses to wear can reveal ones political alignment, religious beliefs, marital status and more.

Naval policy: 5 ships to fishing
Wonder: Feed the sea creature with all the fish we catch from our boats.
The Knight-Rangers, with no war looming for them to deal with, are on sea-monster feeding duty for the foreseeable future, sailing about, catching fish and feeding them to the unusual creature that seems to have grown a fondness for them.
>Action 1: Construct a Military Base
Rumors and Rumblings are afoot in lands faraway, perhaps shortly closer to home. Some Angels take it upon themselves to take preventative measures to defend our lands, and perhaps ready themselves to keep peace abroad, as is natural according to our benevolent nature.

>Action 2: Spell Creation: Magnetic Repulsion
The creation of Magnetic magic has conjoined with the defense-minded individuals, resulting in a spell that repulse the metals we have available. One can only hope it works against the bronzed barbarians of the north.

>Action 3: Resource Prospecting
Flavor text.

>New Technology - Military Professionalism
The most patriotic of the Volonauts are naturally the ones to volunteer to defend it, they believe in the ideals in which we stand by enough to put their now mortal lives on the line in it's name.
A natural extension of this attitude is a regulated structure in military academies, with distinctions of leadership and an understanding of a "greater picture".
>Policy Update - Exported Philosophy
[5 Wealth + 5 Presence]
[Target -> Sheeple]
Angels have been going abroad in the lands of the [Sheeple] to enlighten them on matters of enlightenment and thinking, though often for a hefty price.
File: Turn8-Map - Copy.png (28 KB, 401x371)
28 KB
> Magic Spell (15 Magic): Banshee Scream. This spell produces a directed psychic scream that induces intense supernatural fear in those affected, typically prompting them to run screaming in a panic or crumple into a sobbing heap.

> Expansion according to image. With new inhabitants on the horizon the time has come to establish proper borders and look to take defensive positions along the mountains. The Great Eye, the path to the darkness below, and other key defensive positions must be settled.

> Tech: Psychology. The Lilalkin make a formal study of cognitive psychology as part of an exploration of how to streamline and improve mind magic.

> Tech: Biology. The Lilalkin make a formal study of biology and anatomy as part of an exploration of how to streamline and improve both biomancy and healing magic.

> Naval: Assign all naval power to exploring the Fungal Straight and South Sherden Sea for resources.

Quich’s hands moved rapidly over the map of the area, marking out key locations. The Great Eye, the dark tunnel...how far did it go? The lonely mountain. And reports of ships, loaded with settlers, coming from the east. It was all too soon. He had worried about golems, about witch women, but these newcomers? Hadn’t even crossed his mind.

“The witches are actually pretty nice. You should do a research rotation with them.”

Quich flinched. Talking his thoughts again. “That did work out. These new people though? Who knows. I don’t like unknowns.”

“It does set you apart. Most of the Lilalkin are excited to have new neighbors. They’re already drafting new agreements for student exchange programs.”

“Most Lilalkin haven’t seen the scouting reports I have. The rumors, the reports, the spy reports...There’s much to be afraid of.”

“There is. And yet, this could be the beginning of a beautiful new friendship.”

“Or a bitter war to the death.”
Forgot Production.

Cancel all existing Trade/Production.

Trade all Silk to the Sherden in exchange for a cut of their sea bounty.
Use all production and white ginseng to produce magic enhancing potions.

Production change: Only turn 4 silk into silk clothes

New production: 2 silk, 1 gold, 2 production
Gilded silk clothes

The Immelreich have put in a special order for a special type of fashion, we will oblige.

Trade sent to immelreich: 1 gilded silk clothes, 2 gemstones, 4 silk
Trade received from immelreich: 45 wealth, enchanted pickaxes

(Apply enchanted pickaxes to the iron mine)
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 9.png (54 KB, 512x503)
54 KB

Prins Klaus Grosse von Wolkenburg is dead, he had ventured into the expansive caves to the south with an entire army, and now nothing remains of them. Kaiser Diederich has lost his firstborn son, the one he had raised to succeed him, and it's all because he sent him down into the depths. The Kaiser's heavy drinking and lack of sleep doesn't do his aging body any favours. However, the Kaiser's other sons, no matter how jealous of Prins Klaus' heirdom, they love their father, and the strongest of them take a vow to avenge their brother, they will stop at nothing to see whatever beast of darkness had swallowed the prince and his army slain, by their own hands. Whoever brings the head of the beast of darkness, or the most beasts of darkness, will become the new heir of Kaiser Diederich's dynasty, and gain significant political leverage to help get elected when Kaiser Diederich dies.

>Production Policy: Cancel Ench. Brz. Farm Tools, freeing 4 magic.
>Reduce Ench. Brz. Woodcutting Tools, freeing 4 magic.
>Action 1: Spell Creation: Flammenwurf, Flame Throwing. 10 Magic invested.
The death of Prins Klaus has ignited the fire of wrath in the Zeigenvolk hearts, and reports emerge of people starting to manifest flames in one's hands. We need to investigate it, but smithing takes up most of our Volcanologists, so the excess enchanted bronze production is cancelled and the Volcanologists set to study the application of fire magic offensively. They will develop Flammenwurf, the throwing of flame, shooting a stream of fire at a target, which is sure to panic them and thus leave them open to a follow up attack. It should be especially devastating if used by a phalanx, setting an incoming charge ablaze, too busy putting themselves out to defend against our halberds. With enough training we might be able to use it from the second line of the phalanx, so the first line don't need to pick up their halberds before countercharging.

>Production Policy: Create 2x Enchanted Royal Magic Staves (1.5 Prod + 4 Mag, 1.5 Gold + 1.5 Silver + 1.5 Tropical Wood + 1.5 Gems).
>Create 2x Royal Armour (2 Prod, 2 Gold + 2 Silver + 2 Rubber + 2 Silk).
>Action 2: Create Military Base north of Wolkenburg. It shall be the base of the Royal Guard.
As the Kaiser's sons are chomping at the bit to avenge their brother, they need an army, and so a military base is made and equipment for them. The army will draw from noble sons, and their equipment will be decked out in gold and silver, and use exotic materials. It will be a point of great prestige to be a part of this force. And because of this prestige, the noble sons will have to perform, or they will be replaced.

>Trade Policy: Export 1x Enchanted Bronze Picks (the one that is erroneously put on Tin) and 45 Wealth to the Azure Elves.
>Import 2x Gems, 4x Silk and 2 Silk Clothes with Gold thread from the Azure Elves.
>Wealth Policy: Bronze Order (5 wealth to Tin and 5 wealth to Copper extraction).
The Immelreich coffers has taken it's first actual hit, paying a significant price for elven goods while spending our gold and silver on production, but still we are plenty rich enough to keep this up. We have also come across an error in the allocation of tin, one that has our reserve of tin dangerously low, thus the Kaiser establishes a Bronze Order, a state organisation that will manage tin and copper extraction so this doesn't happen again, as well as make the extraction more efficient in general, as we will always need more bronze.

>Production Policy: Produce 2x Mangonels (2 Prod, 2 Wood + 2 Stone).
>Produce 2x Wood Quarterstaffs (2 Prod, 2 Wood).
>Produce 2x Stone Blocks for forts (2 Prod, 4 Stone).
>Produce 3x Statue Slabs or whatever the Güldenvolk use as 'food' (3 Prod, 6 Stone).
>Produce 6x Military Rations for better morale (6 Prod, 12 Food).
With the excess labour and plans of another military incursion, the remaining resources are put into production of levy equipment, fort material, slabs for the Güldenvolk and rations for our troops.
>Action 1: Create Fortification
A fortification is to be constructed between the Lightning Ley & the entrance to the Svinya Cavern

>Action 2: Create Farm
With much of our farm infrastructure lost, it's important to build back quick to prevent starvation. The first farm is constructed in the vast underground area that the Yulakgh has thus far concealed the existence of to enemy nations. It is to be built on the tile directly above the entrance such that the farm benefits from 5 adjacent tiles.

>Action 3: Create Farm
The next farm is to be created on the same tile as the monument next to the Southern Lightning Ley such that it has 6 adjacent tiles.

>Action 4: Create Military Base
The wasteland of the underground is to become an underground military industrial complex. Here drills are performed and strategies are discussed, far from prying eyes.
action 1 unite the entirety of the underdark, taking sheeple's colony if possible (i won the defensive battle and qm said its been radio silence since they all died) then overland tiles near kulpy, if theres anything left than take 1 tile each on the overland exits then 1d3

action 2 rapid plant growth, with the mix of blood into the feyman lands the plants seem to need no want more... even reaching out to take it this can be boosted with magic to create rapid growing plants for wood/linen/hemp/fruits/ as well as a new military marvel magical plant bandages with many casualties sustained in the last war plants would soon be used to form fast growing immediate use bandaids after letting some blood spill to feed the blood flower (make it possible that 1d10 to 2d10 units recover from dying, scale it obviously but the rng is very snazzy part)
File: Turn.png (416 KB, 777x711)
416 KB
416 KB PNG

>Action 1: Fortress upon the Ioshyr Border (Fortress Marker)
The Ioshyr of the marsh are preoccupied, but they have not yet renounced their claim to the disputed forest, despite our seizure and annexation of the territory rightfully belonging to the forest-men of Grig. There is a saying that strong walls make good neighbours; so let us build a strong wall to guard our new border and enforce our ownership more evidentially.

>Action 2: A mine for Iron (Iron Deposit)
We can now work iron, and we know a source of Iron. Digging an iron mine is the straightforward response.

>Choice: Underground Colony
No. We will not flood our people into these caves; for once the swamp had been settled the men of Leshyr decided to cross the Arlet strait rather then investigate the caverns. It seems that Leshyrmen have no true interest in living underground.

However, a note of the apparently near-empty nature of the near part of the cavern system is made mention of. For the Cat-faced elves, once slaves to the wild-wood human natives now known as Grigyr, Sorshyr and Irodyr have come into freedom no matter what side of the borders they lived upon. In the case of those who now live under Leshyr rule, existing slavery was replaced by serfdom and all new born came into the world free. But still they live under direct Human or Slimic rule... if they would fancy a state of their own, perhaps there would be a place down in the caverns for them? It is well known that cats can see in the dark, is the same true with Elves?

>Wealth Policy - Business Investment (5 Wealth)
We need to invest in the smallholder, the journeyman, the man with an idea and the desire to make it happen. Let us encourage those who wish to better themselves and their society.
File: Mapgame.png (46 KB, 358x248)
46 KB
Diplomacy Result:
After discussion and dialogue with the Aurigans, it has been agreed to divide the lands disputed between our colonists as shown.
Action 1 Build last wall
Action 2 build farm on mushroom island (just under the Lilly area the island they gave me)

Tech: Iron Working

Naval: cancel all and gather troops from the walls

Tech: Bardic Music. The Immelreich have shown that it is possible to infuse metal with magic. Our lack of mines prevent us from replicating this feat at large, but there is no reason that this principle does not apply to other things. Something we have found is that music much like it stirs the passions can also be used to channel the ambient magics. We shall experiment with different instruments and different frequencies to find what music is most attuned to what particular kind of magic and harmonize both the interior and exterior. Uniting our spirit with that of the world and our ancestors.

Wealth: Spend 5 wealth on creating techroll mod policy. The alliance with the Akkarans has been a great boon. We should properly patronize our scholars attendance so innovation can still continue unabated.

Wealth: Spend 5 wealth on increasing popgrowth back to 100%.

Wealth: Turn production subsidies back on.

Navy: Rebuild navy and send them to fishing

Presence: I am sharing the lightning ley like said before and reinstating the university deal.

Production: Make rubber footwear

CORRECTION: my food subsidies should be 100% effective since there is no scaling loss at 10 wealth.

Action 1 & 2: Spend 20 mana to create a spell called airwalk for flight with enhanced speed. The meetinghall is a chaotic battleground. Flight has always been a great tactical advantage, but in adverse weather conditions its use is greatly risky. There have been many experiments on what form of flight would be most effective and the champions that fight for policy have found "Air Walking" to be most effective. To best adapt to changing weather conditions the champion is able to alter the consistency of the air, allowing them to gain stable footing where there should be none. It can also be made incredibly elastic where if one were to fall either due to a crippling strike that momentarily broke concentration or be buffeted against strong winds they can adjust their speed and counter resistance. An amusing technique has also been found where one can allow themselves to sink in the air and then suddenly increasing the resistance to create a bounce effect that can conserve energy and make great leaps when traveling distances. While such a technique makes maneuverability more complex compared to natural and more conventional forms of magical flight. The strange combination of land and air based fighting has proven effective.
tech 1 stellar observation, in war the bats wear blindfolds and listen to their enemies to fight during the day, but at night, it's just barely dim enough to emulate the caves they call home and allow them to stare at the starry sky while assisting hunting parties with tracking this has led to an influx of bat people compiling maps of stars and using them as makeshift map to guide their way back home this quickly spread to the feymen hunters as their plurality grows through mutral respect and continued military assistance (this is hopefully a naval tech as well as a military tech, maybe better chance at night initative roll but idk if you want to keep track of night and shit for every single battle/march use your judgment)

Change rapid plant growth too: "Woodland territory" - you alter the plants and woods around you the local flora aids you in battle and alter the battlefield to suit you. You rob the enemy of howmeground and biome related adventages
and if there's wealth to spare put it on presence
is theres presence to spare put it on research with yuk
if theres wood and production to spare boost bow to max
>Build farm
We have been quite blessed with a bounteous proliferation, and yet we are reaching our limits. We will expand our groves to produce larger yields and feed our burgeoning nation.

>Create spell using Faungimancy: Assimilate animal minds
The bestial node has given us an understanding into the spirits of animals. As we can accept higher life forms into ourselves, we can now take in the deceased of the animal kingdom as well, and as precious life we will find a place for them as well.

>Create spell using Faungimancy: Hunter Forms
It is not something we like to think about, but even the natural world is bound by the laws of prey and predator. We must take steps to ensure that we do not become prey that easily submits to the starving gaze of ambitious and aggressive neighbors. For this shall use Faingimancy to develop animal/fungus hybrid husks filled with the predatory essence of a hunter mind. In the event that we must defend ourselves, they shall make up our infantry.
In addition to other actions above, begin university sharing with the Aurigan.
>action 1: Build farm (to raise my popcap)

>action2: Build Carpenters workshop (finally boats)

>Production: Build navy
>Economic: Colony subsidy (with oversight) to help their infrastructure, expansion and promote closer ties to the homeland.

>Sign a research with the concord of the lily

>enter an alliance with the Sherden and the Lilly called the Concord of Nations. In the case of a defensive war I'll raise until it negatively effects production.
1. Encourage the growth of a merchant class. Not nobility, but with wealth far exceeding that of the common folk.

2. Begin seeking out more materials within the heartlands

Some of the armorers have devised a secondary form of armor, Lamenar. Overlapping plates of armor that would do well on heavy infantry; while only consisting of metal...with leather or linen cord straps.

1. Invest into the churches, have the faith of the Labors spread across the lands.
2. With the decentralized nature of the Principality, military arms and manpower is spread. This cannot be any longer. With whispers of all out war to the south from the Goatfolk to the east, it would be wise to keep contingents of Men-at-Arms. Not the warrior-nobility which make up most of the "elite" of our forces, but also not the rabble of spear and warknife of the commoners. These men are middle class, paid to be warriors and loyal to the Grand Prince. They are to be able to afford their own arms and armor, and therefore be of a higher quality than the masses.
+University sharing with the Atriarchy.
Confirming university sharing with the Lily
File: aaaaa.png (82 KB, 428x291)
82 KB
>Tech 1, Advanced Desert Dwelling +25% more food bonus in desert, Deserts considered mountain for defense

>Action 1 Build a market on the red dot in Scion for repayment for their assistance during the Akkarian war of Agression
>Action 2 Build a monument on the orange dot in Scion for repayment for their assistance during the Akkarian war of Agression

>Policy 1 +5 wealth into Food subsidies

I will also be posting for Preemus from now on since he's a mobile hotspot user.
With certain setbacks, there was simple work that needed to be done to ensure things came to a close really. Firstly, was simply the repair of the plantation that was destroyed some time ago. Through fixing this, one of the major issues that plagued the production of the Ulodrac would be solved. With this, along with some further infrastructure work in the form of a sawmill to process the wood from the other logging camp, the ability to create various resources would be greatly enhanced and the conflict could, ideally, finally be brought to an end through force. Naturally, production of weapons would be prioritized over tools. This included traditional weapons of bronze but also that of shields and bows and arrows tipped with flint and even siege ladders and similar things. The most notable was the recreation of the navy, but this was not the main focus at the moment, as that instead would go to the extensive war footing that the Ulodrac seemed to find itself in...After all, with superior arms, tactics, and training the enemy would be dealt a crushing blow. This naturally also lead to more of the treasury being given to further incentivizing the Caorda system, and giving far more organization and structure to the Army. The Caorda would, in time, be the best in the army short of the actual Vinarila...In fact, perhaps it wouldn't be long until becoming a Caorda would be seen as a natural stepping stone to becoming a Vinarila.

>Action One. Rebuild the Hemp Plantation

>Action Two. Sawmill near the gem mine/logging camp

>Wealth policy. Improve Caorda System by another 5 wealth.

>Production Policy. Produce ships X1. Build ladders for sieges. Stop producing more than 1 bronze tools. Make Weapons again. Make wooden shields. Make bows and arrows.
action 1 & 2: build cities in the southern colony named Odrysia and Arzhan (preferably further inland to maximize admin range)

wealth policy: grants to witch doctors to increase magical output from ley lines (5 wealth)

mutation: 5 fennec pops and 2 golem pops (9 magic)
after their recent conflict in the east, the sarmatians found themselves with a large population of fennec and golem slaves. but they bought the sarmatians a new dilemma, the golems only eat strange magic fruit in guknilo lands while the fennec cannot live without a queen and will wither away soon. the snake priestess demanded that all of these slaves to be drowned in the swamp as a sacrifice to Raimirea. but the witch doctors overruled their demand and and with their influence the sarmatians decided to cast mutate on the slaves in the name of furthering knowledge of mutation magic.

>tech 1: Basilisk taming.
The basilisk is a giant lizard armed with thick scales and deadly venom in their claws and teeth. the more agile and faster ones is used by the amazonian warriors as mount allowing them to easily able traverse harsh sarmatian terrain in a short period of time while the larger, slower breed is used as a transport beast supplying wood and other materials to every sarmatian settlement while also being used to plough the sarmatian rice fields.

>tech 2: on hold for later

>colonial decision: contact the shark people and offer them wealth and protection form the drows if they agree to become sarmatian vassals
File: images-45 (1).jpg (32 KB, 718x427)
32 KB
pictured: a basilisk out in the sarmatian wilds
File: Untitled.png (49 KB, 1000x750)
49 KB
I forgor my damn fennec hunting trip haha.
>Policy 2, Military Uniforms, +5-10 presence from the fennecs we skin for mage robes.

Within Akkaria the grip of the War Colleges could be felt from the most powerful mages to the lowly moisture farmers that lived on the river. This was partly due to Kravek, the new Grand Magus who has made a personal union between the War Colleges within Akkaria and the Grand Council. His first few pledges as the supreme leader of Akkaria have left no doubt that his nationalistic and militaristic rhetorics will no doubt quake through Akkaria for millennium to come. This nationalistic outlook came from one major thing and that's the victory of the Punitive Orcish Operation, a war won overwhelmingly by the Viergipfel pact of Scion, Akkitaria, and Sarmatia. In the aftermath the united army of the three nations marched north through the colonial province of Western Azkan to put to a swift death the fennecs that have terrorized the sand gnomes for ages.

Even though the coalition suffered heavy losses, Scion and Sarmatia left with the queen and half of the survivors respectively. With Akkaria's prisoners of war, they decided to skin them and turn the excess in furs into military standard uniforms fit with the new Akkarian crest, designed by Kravek himself. (pic related) Each uniform would have one of these designs on the shoulders, back, and chest for anyone who saw them to know who they were. This combined the fact that after the war careful propaganda was made painting the mage army as heroes quadrupled recruitment and made Akkarian War College acolytes widespread eyes and ears for Kravek's government...
Fluff: As the nation finally comes into its own after a rather abrupt overturning of the previous ruler, they settle in by making some new spells and attempting to give the common people some basic training to ensure they cannot be taken advantage of again. In other news, the new Magic created is dubbed

1 action: Spell Creation - Melt Metal
A more proper allocation or resources. To melt metal as if it’s been under the heat of a forge for hours on end. And combined with another spell to ensure that as enemies will always be at the disadvantage against those that fail to fight us in similar groups.

1 action: Technological development - Generalized Self Defense Training
For the general population to defend themselves. A curriculum based on the current abilities of the proper military. It’s not mandatory, however it is encouraged as to prevent such tragedies that led to the initial war that the nation was faced with.

Wealth policy: Use 7 Wealth to Increase Production by 70%

Wealth policy: Use 3 Wealth to increase Wealth by 30%
Addendum: The magic is dubbed Cybrogomancg for its abilities to integrate pieces of metal in non-traditional was and still provide benefits to the user. I.E. a face plate that covers the entire face yet still allows the wearer to see through it as if it were their eyes
A university sharing agreement is ratified between Guknilo and the Yulakh

Chiefs of Guknilo
Lessons of the Akkar-Yulakh War
The military defeats of the Akkar-Yulakh War were many. One again golems died at the hands of sarmatian elves, and as well they died against the metal and magic of the Scions. Without a local source of metal the golems will need to get it elsewhere. As well they will need their own magics to combat these viscious enemies.

However in the meantime they need to invest in the future.

Action 1:
>Build a University beside oklolo
The Yulakh admire the tenacity and loyalty of the golems. As well they have proven that inventions such as magic can help them add great heft to their punch. Thus the first center of learning in the backwards Guknilor realm is born.

Action 2:
>Build a market beside Rakno
Now that the golems have allies they can trust the possibility of trade becomes real.

Wealth policy: decrease military investment down to 10 wealth
With the army's failure they recieve less investment. They will need to prove themselves if they wish to have the same prestige and wealth.

In the northeast nations, diplomats speak of a significant political and cultural upheaval in the Principality of Haalkan. Details are sparse due to the Haalkanese being as isolationist as they are. Still, rumors speak of an ambitious young noble having ascended to the status of king somehow and of a brand new school of magic involving insect life. Time can only tell what will come of this...

>10 catch-up actions granted by QM
>Research roll: Bugsteel (chitin + iron alloy)
>1-4: Leydot (Entomancy, color is green like the Pokemon Bug-type icon)
It's a return to ancient traditions for the Haalkanese. To magicks that once allowed man to commune with insects and other arthropods, the humbles and oldest children of Mother Earth, and to channel their mystic power.
>5: Plantation (Chitin)
With a renewed covenant with the giant insect life that inhabits Haalkanese lands is the discovery of bugsteel, an alloy both durable and light made from the mixing of iron ore during forging with bug chitin. Vast swathes of free land are requisitioned for herds of giant beetles meant to have their shell sheddings harvested.
>6-9: Iron mines
For the craftmanship revolution incoming with bugsteel, the Kingdom is getting ambitious about exploiting the land’s full potential, which was ignored for too long. Iron mines are established in all known deposits.
>10: Jade mine
With the change of government and bureaucracy, many new opportunities have opened even for the common man. Some braves venture into exploiting a known deposit of jade, bound to be sold their weight in gold, not just to jewelers but also to mages eager to use the mineral’s rumored mystic properties.
> The 2nd Li Ulrodac-Irode War
Going on the offensive the irode used their navy to divide and harass the Sharkfolk navy forcing finally opting to attack the weakest target an isolated island in the sea, but surprisingly they were met with resistance. In the middle of hte pitched battle the Sherden navy arrived to aid the sharks, but due to an unexpected storm was annihilated before tey could reach the Irode navy colose to port.

The Irode lost the war swimming home with nothing resulting in a continuation of the conflict.

> The Fennec Subjugation
The subjugation was an easy hunt.The fnec was weak and thus the forces of the Alliance chose subjugate it non-lethally costing them a few extra lives, but capturing most of the fennecs alive even the queen remaining unharmed.

> The Great Central Continental War
A merger of the Akkadian conquest of north Yulakgh and the Preemian reqconquesto North’s loss the war devolved into a bloody affair as the forces of the Golems and orcs found themselves on a backfoot against the vastly superior Sarmatian and Akkadian armies and in spite of an innitial victory. The Frontline soon broke with most of Yulakgh being occupied.

Things looked no better on the Preemian front where the Golem army was annihilated and half of the preemian force was embroiled in a goose chase against the Scion Navy. The war came to an end with the return of North’s Loss to the Preemians returning the status quo from decades back.

> The 3rd Underwar
The Immelreichean Prince lead an expedition southward in hopes of leading a conquest of the underworld. Albeit it was unsuccessful as his forces were slaughtered and kicked out resulting in a rather scarry encounter down there.
File: MiniNRP.png (805 KB, 3200x1800)
805 KB
805 KB PNG
>>5465115 Immelreich
The Immelreich colonies are constructed, but due to the recent lost war with the unknown the Colony originally se up underground devolves into another Citystystate of the Bloodflower Orchard, populated by batfolk and sheep with equal relations. It was founded after the noble governing Reingruch Unterberg the area agreed to marry a Xahat’ozatl Princess, and parttake in the blood baptism. The Xahat’ozatlans helped safeguard the colony of Keezko agression after the defeat of the Sheep army.

With no cities nearby in the overground also 3 independent sheep nations arise: Neu Wolkenburg, Inselgard and Flussstatt, with a nearby vassalstate Emerging in the form of Westhorn.

Your colonists were hard at work building many buildings out of which only 1 ended up by land owned by you and none in the vassal that being a militarybase. This help you to militarise further along with the Military basebuilt near your capital.

All production and policies are introduced the Bronze order is created.

You start making stone meals for the Stonemen… this helps the poor and isadventaged but the upper class mong them feel insulted by it and sees it as both a disregard for their traditions and looking down on them. (increased stone men pop growth, increased secessionist sentiment). Certain books have made their rounds among the stone men, which unless they are pleased next turn will mean their authonomy will degrade to vassal.

Military ration are produced and will boat morale rolls by 18%.

>>5465235 Yulakgh
You can’t have two buildings in one tile. As a onetime exception due to the mass reorganisation of your nation. I’ll move the monument, but don’t let that happen again. With the farms set up the food security of your nation is maintained, but to truly grow and thrive much more food will be needed. Theu underground fungal farm also has an added benefit of increasing your presence by 1.

A military base in the ground is built. Your wealth shortage leads to the shut down of your military subsidies policy.

> you get a tech!
>>5463431 Azure Elves
Your ships become meticulously crafted masterpieces. Each ships’s quality increases drastically at the cost of higher expenditures in therms of production cost. Your ship range is extended to reach as far as hallkan and the south sherden islands.

The islands lifts up in to the sky as the chains tear appart and fall to the ground becoming partially translucent. Your people settling the island find ambrosia which certainly is worth feeding to your troops. (the special unit and their power will be listed as a merc company bellow your policies)

They are 3 times as strong as your standing force, I assigned them 2 iron weapons you previously had going to your troops feel free to alter that

Contrary to once ancient plans the elves choose to leave their home colonising westward. In the west you encounter more elves, pretty similar to azure ones in appearance, but culturally not at all. Rather they are dignified beings preferring to live a primitive lifestyle in isolation to all other. Your oclonists are ecstatic to met their kin resulting in very high colonial enthusiasm.

The size of this new elven land grab pushed on by population pressure enthusiasm, wealth and presence is truly astounding near increasing the sizeof the nation by a 3rd. The Excited colonists additionally push deep into some sort of bat-filled underground cave, the same kind of bad the Preemarch had at his side.

Your pixes are made and out of the 4 1 is assigned. Your clothes are made too, increasing your presence by 4x250%/through your population.

*production and trade readjusted

5 additional naval power is assigned to fishing. The great sea creature is fed 5 food beginning the process of taming it (or did you feed it last turn not sure, double check me)

After a 2nd critical crop failure from land overuse your nation does not have enough food to feeds it people. You will be in a famine if you don’t fix it within a turn… should not be an issue with all the spare boats.

> you get 3 tech!

>>5464140 Volotila
You know times are a changing when the aloof poets of the sky have beun redying for war. Military base built.

Magentic repulsion - 10 magic - a spell which accelerates any metal projectile shot out by you allowing you to get 1 round of atacks of at an approaching enemy prior to engagement and slows any metal projectiles comming your way readucing your losses drastically if the enemy uses them. +150% combat power, spell bars you from wearing metal armor or using metal melee weapons.

You find a tiny deposit of sulphur a tiny deposit of silver and a small deposit of jade along your coast. That’s all the resources in your land.

The military professionalism technology is introduced having your military bases increase standing forces number you an extra standing force unit and your standing force quality by 15 not 10%. Your policy goes into effect destabilising the sheepish lands slightly.
>>5464404 Lily
Your colonial enthusiasm is high and frog and drow alike are happy to flood to the colonies, where the natives are a more ‘sissy’ type of elf and in fact more civilsied elves seem to already be colonising there!

The Banshee Scream (10 magic) is created a spell which changes ones intentions and voice into a weapons of terror, giving a -20 to enemy morale rolls and forcing a morale roll in ties or narrow enemy victories. +80% military power. Among drow warriors it manifests as a shrieking screm while among the brave amphibians it’s like a croak mixed with a lion’s roar.

Biology - a deeper understanding ob biological processes and how to both understand and utilise them. Your ‘monster creation spells’ gain a 200% bonus to their military power, and you may tame or study unknown beiological things cheaper.

Psychology - a study which allows for the diagnosis and curing of mental problems as well as manipulation and subversion. (may attempt at the cost of presence remove bad traits from characters or attempt to persuade characters from other nations to switch over to your side, effects may be boosted in potency with mind magic. Will make sense on the sunday update)

> You get 4 techs! (bruh)

>>5465251 (Preemus)
Your people move to the underdark rapidly uniting the various people of the underdark under their banner. Only the citystate of Hexacoatl seems to reject the unification under the Preemans as they have entered a marital union with the recently created Citystate Hexatostatt.

The Spell ‘woodland territory’ is made it will increase your combat power by 150% and negate all terrain defensive bonuses of the enemy including rivercrossings and hometerrain bonus. Does not help against forts though.

Stelar Observation tech - the bats learn to coordinate with astrologers on the ground increasing combat and naval power by 50%, as well as increasing advantage at night time (I’ll roll a time of day mod pre every combat turn then). Any sneak attacks and subverssions are also more likely to be detected. The bonuses may be increased trough the production of star charts from paper and coal.

Bow production is further increased.

> you get a tech!
>>5465350 The Many
With another farm constructed there is enough matter being produced to feed the Mycelian network. Assimilating animals creates the possibility to increase our numbers nearly thrice… though it does put the mycelian network on a vegan diet. No more butchers, don’t want all these gruesome memories getting in do we?

Faugimancy allows the previously calm looking fungal forms the many could send their kin in out to take on a traits from beast. A hard hide, claws and piercing teeth without loosing what makes us fungus.
>>5465427 Aurigan
A farm is built to help feed hungry lizard and dragon mouths and another carpenter is set up to produce boats.

Draconic wood is spent making boats, giving you a naval power of 5. Far from your southern allies, but nothing a few sails and some wind magic into them can’t aid. Secondly money is put into the colony to aid your colonisation efforts and the expansion of the great dragonic nation.

> you get a tech!

>>5465537 Akkadia
Due to faggot behaviour your actions this turn are nulled, no other punishment besides that.

Advanced desert dwelling is unlocked efficient use of watter allows for even more intensive farming making your nation increasingly the Egypt of this universe.

The fennec is a like 2 presence event… so 5-10 presence from it is bit much. I’ll give you 1 presence forh unting it.

Your colony went well grabbing most of the land for yourself, but as starvation set in many Desrt Gnomes coelesced and formed their own cistystates giving birth to the allied cities of Pusterknoma and Gnomowo who have a trade route going with your Centaur vassal in the south.

> you get a tech!

>>5465597 Sharks
Hemp plantation is restored in all it’s glory. Maybe we should thank the Iosh they did not salt the earth… though likely they just didn’t have time when the Leshyr arrived. Another carpenter is set up helping your production output.

With the Caorda system you are firmly in diminishing returns territory, but manage to squeeze out another 20% combat power for 5 wealth.

Your navy albeit downsized is up and running and beyond tools for export none more are produced. Through production of cheap weapons and shields you manage to streangthen your army and by producing ladders you will at least have some ability to siege the enemy.
>>5465736 Sarmatia
Basilisk taming - you have tamed great lizards of the swamp you may raise these creatures with prorduction policies consuming food, when ridden they shall give bonus in swamp terrain and rivers.The two new cities are built aiding in governing your southern holdings.

The sharks are okay with your proposal not liek they had anywhere else to go really. Your colonists have more enthusiasm, setting up mines woodcutters, ports and markets though who knows maybe a city would be more useful in the evergrowing colony? (do you want to trade 2 random buildings for a city?)

Deep in the mountains of the city you find a giant shambling golem, clearly broken of from chains it had been tortured and dumped there is does nt seem like the type of golem you fought wars with before.

> you get a tech!
>>5465918 Wobleboble
Your nation creates two more spells one which allows the direct melding of metal and flesh or in your case slime. More than a defensive shell it’s like a 2nd body magical bending of the metal even allowing to boost ing of your own strength. First spell of the new school of Cybrogomancy.

The other spell is for those fools who’d dare use metal against. You it plainly melts the metal of off them.

Meld flesh and metal - 10 magic - 200% combat bonus

Metal melt - 10 magic - drastically lowers bonuses the enemy receives from metal weapons or defensive equipment

Policies are implemented

University and market are built helping the nation’s economy and education sector. While the donations to the military are slightly decreased, that will teach them!

Though shrunken the colony is not gone and has pushed on in creating buildings to maintain in it even the failed military is seeing to set up am ilitary based. Should we replace 2 random buildings with a city?

> you get a tech!

>>5465262 Leshyr
As the colonial conflict with the Dragons is solved in a civil manner your colony finishes giving you a semiindependant region and vassal in the vast desert. Giving you two sandshrew plantations and access to metal magic if you manage to let you vassal use it… a small favour will suffice. (give name for lesh city)

Remember to put a city in the overseas colonial region or authonomy will tick further until it becomes a vassal. Business investment goes through.

Sending the cat faced beings down you see a lot of seemingly mindles wandering undead akin to what the Sharks do, but… not controlled? Like furniture? The land is certainly now settled by orcs though with no city in sight, but great monuments to their rulers and heroes dotting the land. The Catfacers going further in even a fungal farm could be noticed.

Can’t build on disputed territory, action refunded. (fort refunded)

Iron mine built.

>>5466470 Haalkan Kingdom
Bugsteel is invented you may improve any iron tools you make by making them bugsteel via the inclusion of chitin into your production.

With iron and jade mine running and production doing decently well might be useful to build woodcutters or import wood and produce some useful things. Your coffers are certainly deep.

(we can talk production wealth policies tomorrow)

> you get a tech!

The farm is built and the last wall complete you own the mud pit.

> you get a tech!
Action 1: Link the southern healing ley node and the mind ley nodes together. Concord mages draw the concept of 'Rest' from the healing node and couple it with the concept of mind to create Dream Magic, a peculiar type of magic that allows the influence and control of dreams...or nightmares.

Action 2: Establish the Discord Irregulars, a mercenary band of Lilalkin and Drow dissatisfied with the peaceful nature of the Concord. The Irregulars seek to acquire and master as many tools of combat as possible.

Tech 1: Ley Node Analysis. Seeking to better understand the source of magic Concord scholars begin a rigorous study of the Ley Nodes themselves.

Tech 2: Ley Link Analysis. With the recent creation of Dream Magic the Concord has taken an interest in the nature of ley links themselves, seeking to understand and improve the process.

Tech 3: Battlefield Medicine. Building on their understanding of biology, the Concord develop a series of easy to execute battlefield lifesaving skills.

Tech 4: The Scientific Method. Somewhat embarrassingly the Concord has failed to apply scientific rigor up to this point, getting by on enthusiasm and intuition, but unfortunately as the knowledge remaining undiscovered grows ever more esoteric the rigor required will also increase.
File: Turn.png (503 KB, 1150x687)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
The Cat-faced elves are thanked for their report. Whilst they did not find free land to establish themselves, their return with the news speaks highly of a new loyalty. If they wish to serve as Men of Leshyr do, we will accept their valued service all the same.

>Colonial Vassal: Zuig
The city already founded across the Arlet Strait will be named Zuig, as will the lands around it form the vassal of the Zuigyr.

>(Action Refunded): University of Grig (Triangle)
The town of Grig - and the lands of the Grigyr of old, generally - are home to both the Mystical phenomena of Magic and an ancient temple of unknown origin. With an apparent growing interest in the area for scholars - even those from abroad - in the province, it is decided to open up a new scholarium to study the magics and mysteries of the region.

>Action 1: The City of Nekk (Oval)
The swamps of the eastern coast are at present a fairly autonomous domain, with the settling Leshyrmen of the area rumoured by some to possess Kanomaki and Orcish blood. With both a market and a great monument to the seafarers already built upon the marshy shore by eager colonists, it is perhaps no surprise when a town is set up upon the river that flows between them, just before the river widens into an inlet bay.

>Action 2: Link the (Mind) and (Beast) magical nodes
The shaman of Lesh decide to conduct a ritual to link these magics together into a greater flow, hoping that a greater control of the mind of their beasts might grant the Leshyr beast masters a greater potency of control over their charges.

>Production Policies:
End: Colonial Supplies (1 production, 2 Wood)
Start: Iron Tools: (4 Production, 4 Iron, 4 Wood)
End: Tools (2 Production, 2 Wood, 2 Copper)
Start: Iron Swords: (3 Production, 3 Iron, 3 Wood)
With Iron finally being extracted from the ground in reasonable quantities and our industry gearing up to use this material far stronger then copper, some older policies must sadly be abandoned to free up our current stocks of wood for these new processes.

>Sandshrews Policy? (3 Sandshrews, 3 Production, 3 Copper)
These creatures may be small and cute, but the more we learn of these creatures the more formidable we find them. At Eighteen months, they can dig great furrows in the earth to slow and disorientate other beasts they are set against; and at two and a half years their slashing claws are as fierce as any sword-arm. What terrors of seismic potency might they unleash at four years old? They are given to our beastmasters to train and rear so that they might augment our forces, and provided bands and torcs of copper to help them train and decorate them as true Warriors.

>Wealth Policy: Scholar's Subsidies (5 wealth)
With a new scholarium established, it is also decided to set up some scholarly grants to fund those who prove to be most promising in their educational studies; so that they might discover greater insights of the world and develop new technological knowledge.

With the progress of the Ulodrac, further work would be done to create places of learning. Either training grounds for the Caorda System, small classes for the Vinarila so they might learn of how to utilize magic more efficiently and simple work on organization and more efficient use of land despite the lack of population. The hope was that various work would aid the further development of the Ulodrac and allow for far more efficient organization in the near future of the lands available to the Ulodrac. Of course, there was plans for new lands far away to be colonized once all the area's nearby were taken, but that could be done after the lands that were claimed by the Ulodrac were properly settled and a certain problem in the north dealt with...But given the way things were going that was likely not to take very long at all until everything was in a stable situation and the Ulodrac could implement various plans for the future. These things took time after all. Especially with a certain delay caused by the Iosh. But despite the delays, things certainly would go smoothly soon...Especially if solid work was done by those of Algarnd, Kovalin and Pelogra to ensure the security and prosperity of the Ulodrac.

>Action One and Two. Build a University next to Algarnd and Kovalin.
Action 1: Prospecting

Action 2: magic: Sea Forger's: ability to modify the seas to their own will creating waves and manipulating currents to steady or roughen the seas around the sherden fleet itself.

Tech: Landing Craft- allow for deployments up river and directly from sea to shore.

Naval Policy: 5 more ships to gathering from the walls

Wealth:5 more wealthw orth of subsidy to production
Action 1:
>Found Briolo
The city of Briolo is founded. The seat of the Chief of the Brior tribe. A Veteran of the Great War whose tribe made it out strong from the conflict. They centralize the surrounding steppe and form a ferrocious warrior culture. Songs of their heroism known in the hearts of all of them. As well their movement draws from the "desert thinkers". A recently founded cult formed out of golems who fled the conflict and smoked desert herbs. They found the first proper temple in all of Guknilo.
Briolo joins the council of chiefs. And will be elligible to vote for the next chief. This brings them into the fold.

Action 2:
>as sarmatia has a truce with the golems migrants are encouraged to avoid their boundries
Another wave of expansion occurs in the wake of the ascendency of Briolo. These settlers seek a promised land far from sarmatia. A land of plains much like guknilo proper.

Action 3:
>Build woodcutter
A woodcutter is founded, exploiting the wood of the forest.

Action 4:
>Build farm
A community of farmers migrates into the vassal state of Under Drake. As per their agreement their food is sold exclusively on the Under Drake markets.

>adopt scientific process
The golems adopt the scientific process invented by the orcs. Influenced by orcish teachers invited by them to oklolo.

The Great Reorganisation

The elven world undergoes a great restructuring in the coming period, the elves reaching a zenith of power unexpected even to them.

With now six fully integrated Atriarchies under the command of the Atriarch of Iso’esh, and three more to soon emerge, new lines must be drawn to reorganise things in a way that will last for generations.

From the great and noble Atriarchy Iso’esh to the backwards but developing Atriarchy of Luin’ithen, the elves new empire is a multicultural one of nine thrones.

In great and stalwart Jubil’esh, the Feymen rule.

Below in the firelands of Avi’esh a marriage of Elves and Armour rule jointly, working in synchronous harmony to manage the land and forge equipment for the nation.

In victorious Maille’esh immortal living suits of iron armour rule.

Below in the mostly empty wilds of Silhou’esh the Atriarch is often unseen, but pureblood elven in nature.

Orchar’esh is the second of the golem-ruled provinces, their unyielding monarchs mastering agriculture and poison.

Luin’ithen, that sparkling gem of possibility, awaits discovering itself, the mainland elves mingling among their culturally distant relatives.

Mighty Caland’ora also has one throne in two halves, sat upon by the angelic elves of this region of sand and luster.

Dark and bloody Katabas’aborra, the as of yet unorganised realm, will seat soon the strongest of the competing batpeople, though until then remains empty.

And lastly, in splendid Iso’esh the foremost of all these Atriarchs reigns.
A new elven order is proclaimed by Atriarch Iyrandir Eltaor the First as the elves organise on an unprecedented scale.

Iyrandir now rules at the first Grand Atriarch and self proclaimed master of the nine thrones that make up the new elven empire. a joint identity rising between all its peoples that extends beyond racial lines.

The Sondrian identity and culture emerges, a one singular identifier that all, elf, human or golem or stranger still may claim to be so long as they exist within the new elven empire of Herin Desh.

Technology 1: Alchemy
Alchemy, that often longed for science is finally mastered, the discovery of true alchemical fundamentals about the world and it’s elements. The elves are propelled into a new world of scientific understanding in the use and abuse of chemical substances.

(Boosts the effect of chemical related products, may allow new ones)

Technology 2: Fertiliser

Recent alchemical research has allowed for the discovery of fertiliser, being produced readily out of sulfur and quickly applied to stimulate plant growth.

Technology 3: Environmental sustainability

The ugly wastelands that mark scars from the early days of the elves existence are a mistake not to be repeated. Taking stock of cleaner and greener methods, we may soon achieve remarkable improvements in our ability to tap the land without harming it.

Cancel 2 iron weapons
Cancel iron pickaxes
Apply bronze pickaxes to iron mine

2 iron armour (2 iron 2 silk)
2 iron weapons (2 iron 2 wood)
2 bows and iron arrows (2 iron, 2 wood)
Equip all to the flying elves (now to be called Knight-seraphim)

Send 2 iron and 2 production to the underdark

Produce 5 fertiliser (5 sulfur 5 production)
(I should have zero silk by the way as it’s all being used)

Naval policy: Take 4 ships off of exploration and onto fishing. Put 1 unused ship onto food

(New naval totals, 5 exploration, 10 fishing, 5 caviar)

Action 1: Mine on the yellow triangle

Long overdue, the crown orders a mine constructed to extract whatever is found beneath the ground.

Action 2: City on the yellow X

A great new city rises up, the first in a long time. Populated by elves and living armours it serves as the capital of the newly declared (and rather small) Atriarchy of Maille’esh. The name of this city is to be Memorias.


After an error is noted that seems to show that the capital of Orchar’esh has no name, the issue is quickly rectified as the city is named Satiatia.
(The city near the poison leynode, put the name there please.)

Note also, this turn is my third round feeding the sea beast, not my second.

Wealth policy: Naval expansion. (+50% naval power)
(Unless we aren’t allowed to make wealth policies anymore)

Event, the marriage

The Elven Princess Eldisandre Eltaor, second daughter of Iyrandir and second in line to the throne (assuming no election is called) is sent off in the finest ornamental attire to marry Klaus Grosse of Immelreich, if accepted, cementing a non aggression pact between the two nations and hopefully securing a lasting peace in the underdark (Kesh Daborra) as well.
Fluff: And a war fought valiantly and swiftly won! However as with battles there must be a time of peace thereafter as to ensure both a stable nation and people. With that said, I’d be best to prepare, and there is no better way to do so than by learning.

1 action: Construct university
A university so that new technologies may be developed and further aid the nation as a whole.

1 action: Construct a fort
The war would have gone significantly smoother if there were means to breach a fort. However if it was difficult for us, it must be difficult for others, as such one is to be constructed

Policy: 2 wealth > Pop growth
Some extra funding to families, large families that is.

Production Policy: 2 Production + 2 Copper > fitted blades
Craft fitted blades for easy use of melding metal to flesh to make weapons

Wealth Policy: 3 Wealth > Copper Production
Extra pay for miners to help stimulate the job market.
"Hear One, Hear All!" *Calls the fae herald, a somewhat short handsome male with fall leaves for hair and flowing robes evocative of deep winter wrapped about his form. He travels the land with a dozen Summerstriders alongside him, going to every Lord and Lady, every tribe and village, every poppy and every rose of the great forests of Jubilee. "By decree of the Throneless King, the Preemus Preemarchy is no more, so decrees the Throneless King! Once again the nation of Jubilee sits pre-eminent in its home, and all of pure Faery blood are to come and take their place. No more oppressed shall the Fae be, for this homeland shall be ours and its ongoing ours! The free nature of us of children of the forest shall never again be oppressed by slavery, blood rites, cruel machinations, or those of alternative body and soul. So decrees the Throneless King! From now unto eternity, the Jubilee Unity reigns upon this land. Rejoice brothers, rejoice sisters, rejoice old and rejoice young! We. Are. Free! So decrees the Throneless King!"

The new government of Jubilee is established! From now on the land of Jubilee is to be partitioned into no less than seven plus one states, subservient only to themselves and the Throneless King and his Council. The states are hereby named Hyacinthia, Rosewall, Daisyfield, Brittle Lilac, Coldnolia, Jasmine's Reach, and Daffodilia. The Plus One state of High Petal shall be the seat of the Throneless King and situated at the heart of Jubilee. From here the Unity is managed at a grand scale, though the many matters of state are to be handled by a state. The Throneless King puts forth the following Millenium Decrees that ALL states must abide by and enforce:

The First Decree: None shall betray the trust of the Unity, by seeking to cause dissent, by conquering their fellows, or by betraying them to those outside of the
Unity! Those found guilty of such a crime are to be executed with expedience!

The Second Decree: Slavery is to be forever ABOLISHED in the Unity. Any to be found enslaving, purchasing slaves, or transporting slaves is to be immediately and without fail punished and their slaves freed.

The Third Decree: All states must giveth the Throneless King of the Plus One state a quarter of their material and financial influx, no matter how little that may be, and no matter how much that may be!

The Fourth Decree: In matters of war the Throneless King may call upon the states, and those that answer shall enjoy a tax reduction from a quarter to a tenth for as long as the war shall rage! States may also wage war themselves with the Throneless King's benediction, enjoying a tax reduction from a quarter to a twentieth. Should one of its core states be attacked though, ALL members of the Jubilee Unity are to take arms and defend the land!
The Fifth Decree: In the central lands of the Unity only those of pure Fae blood are allowed to own property of any extensive nature, and only those of significant fae blood to be given the rights of citizenship, whatever those may be in their state.

These are the Millenial Decrees that all must abide by for eternity, the unchanging dictates of the Plus One state of High Petal and demands of the Throneless King.
(Thats the fluff)

1. Blacksmithing is to be decreed a noble art! Those fae with the sturdiness of body to undertake it shall be provided the facilities to do so. So decrees the Throneless King!(Build Blacksmith Facilities in High Petal)

2. Carpentry is to be decreed a noble art! The Throneless King shall enable those who prove themselves the finest carpenters in the land, and give them a place in High Petal!(Build carpentry facilities in High Petal)

3. The decree of the Throneless King is to create wondrous works of art proclaiming the beauty of the Fae, the wonders of Jubilee, and the splendor of unity. Artists shall be paid in full for such wondrous works, and the states are encouraged to set them throughout the entirety of their realm.(Build Monument)

4. Just as all states are beholden their armies, the Plus One state of High Petal is to hold its own. A military base shall be built in High Petal to house and train a mighty force, known as the Striders!

5. The magic of the fae, that of the forest, shall be put to good use! A spell shall be devised which encourages the growth of all manner of plants! Farms shall overflow with fruits and vegetables and livestock from its most powerful blessing!

6,7,8. (Unga Farms lmao)

9. The Throneless King strongly advises the creation of a spell which weakens rock via the usage and directing of vines and roots, to be used in mining or...other creative uses.

10, 11, 12. (Unga Mines)
>Research roll: Giant beetle cavalry
>Policies: 10w in food, 5w in production, 5w in presence and 5w in tech
>Action 1: Build Woodcutter
>Action 2: Upgrade to Bugsteel tools
>action 1: Build Costal Jade mine

>action 2: Build Gold mine

>Production: no Change
>wealth: give land and funding grants to the Sonaak (priest) for the building of temples on our territories overseas.

>Tech: through intense experimentation the Aurigan's have found a way to crystalizing magic from the Ley lines. these crystals act as a conduit allowing a mage to get the same result for less magic or to empower their spells.
also what is the planation on the float island making. I would prefer grapes for fancy wine.
Action 1: Prospecting of the new lands

Action 2: Magic: Draw Fourth Water- Civilian use: Massively boosts food production in standard enviroments and allows for even more major improvements in hill farms and other ough terrains. Military use: turns all non mountain/Desert terrains into flood plains or bogs/Marshes temporarily. creating increasingly difficult terrain especially for larger or more numerous enemies.

Tech: Tactics 'Rough Terrain Combatants'- While many soldiers pray for a dry night or for solid ground the sherden have always fought wars upon rolling ships or along costal shores, their entire ethos is making the best of disadvantageous terain, excelling in using this to their advantage. gain a combat bonus in rough or flooded terrain

Naval Policy:5 more ships to gathering troops

5 wealth to Production

Production Policy

Produce battlefield Obstacles. Pre Deployable tools (fresian horses/large wood caltrops) to help corral enemies into our rough terrains. 1 Production 1 wood.
sorry about this
>naval policy: ship try and find resources in our waters.
>Action 1 & 2: Create Military Bases
Bolstered by a new stash of resources, the Yulakgh may continue militarizing, now at a greater pace than previously projected. Military bases are to be built in the underground's wasteland tiles. (Also last turn a mil bases was supposed to be on the wasteland and was placed on mountain instead)

>Policy: Create Academy Sharing w Golems
(If this hasn't happened yet)
Additionally begin University Sharing with the Leshyr.

Wealth: Spend 5 wealth on creating presence policy

Wealth: Spend 5 wealth on boosting tech roll mod policy

Tech: Create more Fennec Queens, usurp their gestation prowess to enable the mass birth of hybrids to supply our armies, and experiment upon their brains to understand their hivemind to see if we can eventually use it for our own ends. The capture of the Fennec queen was a crucial step in our mastery of life. While others were satisfied with its byproducts only we truly understand the potential that can be wrought from such a creature. Its body is perfect for creating mass quantities of life needed to fuel the constant wars that dominate the nation both as mounts and sustenance. Its mind is connected to all its descendants even on this plane of existence. Something that even the ancestors with their great power must use intermediaries to bridge the gap between them and ourselves. If we were to understand this mechanism not only would it increase our prowess further, but could help us divine the will of the ancestors even more as well as fully domesticate this invasive creature.

Action 1: build a market next to my capital. With Akkadia in turmoil they cannot complete their full obligations so we must pick up the slack. Fortunately before their situation they have given us contact with Sarmatia which revealed an impressive amphibious beast known as the basilisk. The perfect creature to eventually combine with our own mountain goats to create a creature both perfectly suited to both land and sea. Fortunately they have agreed to send us some for experimentation.

Action 2: Spend 10 mana to create a spell called Current Control to increase the speed and prowess of our ships and flood out the enemy near a river. The ebb and flow of life is universal whether it is land or sea. To take over even a small part of this greater process is to seize dominion over a core facet of the world. Ensuring the prosperity of our own people while our enemies will be flooded by the weight of time itself.
Navy: assign any extra to food
I don't have the time to make a post proper this weekend

Action 1: Construct a City (New Haven)
I the flying islands.

Action 2: Build a fort
On the border with the sheeple

New Policy
Use however much wealth/presence i can afford to destabilize the sheeple more
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 10.png (50 KB, 462x498)
50 KB

The sons of the Kaiser come back victorious, with a vast collection of trophies including the severed head of the human king who had killed Prins Klaus Grosse. However, the Kaiser doesn't see this parade, bedridden from a stroke in his sons' absence. The Kaiser has lost his sight, his walking and is losing his mind. Third son Eduard Immanuel has to fight his brothers to become the new head of the family, naming the family Goldenaxt in honour of his lost brother. Nevertheless this is a loss of prestige for the Goldenaxt family, and Diederich Kupferohr is no longer fit for the throne.

The Kaiser has lost his ability to rule, so a new one has to be elected, and Prins Eduard Immanuel von Goldenaxt has cost himself plenty of gravitas fighting his own family for heirdom. Will he succeed his father, or will someone else be elected Kaiser?

>Action 1: Build city of Güldenheim in the Güldenvolk Mountains.
The Güldenvolk are ignorant of how nobility works, believing a well fed lower class hurts them, when a non-starved lower class makes better subjects for the upper class to rule. Immelreich nobles travel to the Güldenvolk Mountains, to make a city, centralising it's ruling class and making a standing army to exert influence on the peasants. With this they also appoint an elector prince, though one loyal to Immelreich.

>Action 2: Build University in hills north of Löwenburg.
Löwenburg has been a place of exchange, but while exchanging coin has shown Immelreich superior, the sharing of ideas has shown Immelreich at a deficit. So, in order to solve this, Löwenburg builds a university of it's own, which will also help putting the Twin Mothers argument out there, instead of being made a fool of in every debate.

>Wealth Policy: Order of the Golden Quill (5 wealth to Tech-roll, 5 wealth to Presence).
The clergy thinks the Zeigenvolk have lost reason to money, slacking in spiritual and intellectual development. So the Order of the Golden Quill is founded, to teach the less fortunate of the Zeigenvolk how to read and write, mainly holy scripture but this will also let them become scribes, transcribing the wealth of knowledge from the universities, so the scholars can focus their time on new ideas, instead of half on just preserving the old.

>Production Policy: Cancel production of 4x Shields.
>Cancel Production of 2x Mangonels.
>Combine 2x Polearms and 2x Battle Axes into 4x Halberds if not already combined (been trying to do this for several turns).
>Change 2x Royal Armour to 2x Enchanted Royal Armour.
>Reactivate 2x Ench. Brz. Farm. Tool Production.
>Produce 5x Paper for Administration.
With peace once again, we can scale back on our weapons production. Shields and mangonels are great, but they use a lot of wood and magic, magic better put to use in farming tools, and wood better used for paper, for our administrators.
>University Sharing: Concord of the Lilly
An agreement is reached with the Frogfolk of the Concord of the Lily, who have much knowledge and an apparent Beastmastery method of their own; truly the Great spirit must bless them for that bounty of mind! And as we learn, as a product of our compact our researchers will try together to find clues to the slumbering Drake and the desiccated singers in the temple above and the sites around before we risk going back into the chamber of song and slumber.
While the mutation result is mixed. the witch doctors seems to be satisfied enough, already leaving the meeting ground to work on what went wrong and how mutation could be improved further. on the other hand the snake priestess is outraged at the fact that their holy ground is being overrun by mutated fennecs, they declared that the witch doctors are heretics and all of them should be drowned at the swamp right now but no one at the meeting seems to take them seriously.

action 1: create spell - mutate magic (5 magic)
the witches of sarmatia mastered the spell needed to mutate life and inanimated object. but their failure in mutating the fennecs made them think that they are still missing one important spell. a phenomenon that while invisible to the naked eyes undeniably exist in the world.

action 2: build a dock
a dock near Odrysia is built to facilitate trade beetween sarmatia and the sea peopl

free action (mutated golem)
the two docile plant golem are assigned to build two carpenter workshop increasing the production output of sarmatia

>tech 1: genetics
the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in organism, object or magic phenomenon afflicted with mutation with the goal of understanding mutation magic further.

>tech 2 (from last turn): cult worship
outraged at the fact theyre being ignored at the tribal meeting. the snake preistess decided to went their own separate ways. they abandoned any notion of working with sarmatian leadership and decided to create a cult of raimirea. a hidden religious group with the sole goal of reviving raimirea.

>wealth policy: another 5 wealth to increase magic outpot from ley lines
this is on top of 5 wealth investment last turn not included the spreadsheet

>production policy:
train 5 basilisk (1 production 1 food each) and 4 iron longbows (1 producution 1 iron each)
also recall the tree back to the capital peninsula to help deal with the fennecs
i just realized i have docks in my colony so change action 2 to
>expansion: expand in the norteastern deser towards the maw
> The Underwar
The conclusion of the Underwar was a somber one of the Preemarch. The Scions in the north after a meeting with the Sheepfolk agreed to withdraw from the war in exchange for removed protection from north Loss. The Preemarch and his concubine were soon after slain by the Immelreichern Prince, dissolving the Slave Soldier nobility system and destroyign whatever magic the Preemarch used to exorcise the Fey, returning them into the bodies of the humans and much more pronounced and powerful than before.

the Atriarchy while not happy over the betrayal of North’s Loss, calmed dwon soon after being offered underground possessions stretching far and wide as the Immelreich exploited a technicality in the contract with Xehat’ozatl mrely promising them land until the bloodlake.

>>5467708 Azure Elves
With the ancient pact with the Jubilee broken, local officials dug through millenia old documents and with that declared that the land in fact belongs by no right to the Elves, while centuries of coexistence have certainly rooted out much of a separatist fervor why not use this as an excuse to enright ourselves? A portion of the land formerly owned by the Jubilee, has it’s autonomy lowered to semiautonomous region and if not appeased may wish to become a vassal instead.

The elves delve into alchemy and chemistry. Using it to develop basic theories for further developments of the alchemical field as well as creating the basis for fertilisers, no longer will one have to fear fields being overused or planting useless crops for a season to refurbish the soil!

Fertiliser - allows for creation of fertilisers that boost cop growth (benefits from alchemy bonus), primitive fertiliers can be made from food or wood known as compost or better fertiliers from including sulphur.

Environmentalism - an extra adjecency per tile is allowed without causing wastelandification, may create nature preserves. A nature preserve takes 1 wealth and 1 worker per tile to sustain, buto utputs 1 presence per tile. You can’t build in nature preserves, may be created by policy with no action, hard to revoke after.

Your fertiliser production is also on air you may replace the 10 food it consuems with 5 wood if you wish.

Your mine is salt mine with 1 adjacency and a city is created within the lands of the living armours, albeit they are happy with you it’d be a bit early to discuss annexation of them, but I am sure given some time they will be willing to become a full and equal dominion of the Grand Atriarchy.

It is indeed the 3rd turn of feding the proud beast it shall be yours in one turn more.
In the colonies your colonists have begun working together with the locals in setting up a military base, temple, fort and forge. You may switch 2 random buildings for a city.

A naval expansion is performed.
> you gain 2 techs!
>>5468262 Jubilee
The land of the fey belongs to them once more, a provisionary throne is set up for the Thornelss King, a spot for a great new capital High Petal and as the fey return the Benovelent King let’s them spread and makes his governance loose, for it is a fey’s right to be free and for fey thrive when free.

The decrees of the King go through abolishing the last remains of the janisary system and migratory ways of the Preemusians. Their monuments are destroyed and olf Fey monuments refurbished. Still lessons of the past don’t evade the Jubilee, they shall make this ladn full their own. No longer guests in bodies of men the fey descend on the earth making sure all are ready to act if the realm needs defending. All required buildings are built.

Nature’s plenty - 10 magic - a spell which drastically improves food output, +250% farm output due to good synergy with plant magic

Rootbloom - 10 magic - a spell which allows for rapid growth of tree roots within nearby stone providing a large bonus when sieging enemy fortifications, a bonus against enemies using stone in their equipment and a minor bonus against golemic enemies and earth magic users +100% combat power.

>>5467201 Lily
The new school of magic is created the school of dreams allowing one to read dreams hoping to peer into the future. Enter another’s dream to manipulate them through it, aid them or to create the worst of nightmares.

The Discord Irregul;ars set out into the world. Being give 2 sets of fossils they raise Pterodactyls and Sarcosaurus on their own and riding the grand beats set out to learn just how big the world is and their services will be well desired, they are a small band of 5 units that inherits the curiosity of their home, thus the main way they wished to be paid in is recruiting rights and magic tutelage.

Their military power is 51 making them the most powerful band around albeit little of that power comes from the fighters themselves something they are dissatisfied with.

Lay dot analysis - it appears as if magic comes out of the soul of the world, flows through life and returns as such small deposits of ‘wild magic’ exist, known to you as mana geysers deep underwater. 2x mana extracted from mana geysers, may link fund mana geysers to ley lines with a wealth policy boosting magic output of both and causing changes to the underwater.

Ley link analysis - through analyzing the lay nodes the frogfolk discover that ley nodes are like a restoration of a natural order in ye olden days all magic was connected in so called magic singularity, if you create 5 ley lines you may create a magic singularity.

Battlefield medicine - 20% lower losses on your side, may create medical merc companies whose sole goal is reducing losses on both/one side
Scientiffic method - tech roll penalty from technology halved
> you get 4 techs!
>>5467212 Leshyr
A new city is created Nekk shall help integrate this neww off part of our nations rapidly into the fold. The University of Grig is created, and will help to educate the nation and lead it to become a modern state.

The Lay node of the ‘Fammiliar’ is created. Melding the aspect of beast and magic and seeking better control and unity with their companions this magic will allow just that. Imbuing animal companiosn with human intelligence, merging of minds, seeing through the eyes of animals and potentially using the link between master and familiar to amplify the caster’;s magic.

The Sandshrews truly are powerful creatures while usually highly calm i nthe hands of a Beastmaster they can become better than any native animal of the forest. their scutes and claws hardened by copper they become a potent weapon for the alite and a beloved mascot of the armed forces. (mil bonus and +6 precence, their upkeep also consumes some food)

> you get 2 techs!

>>5467236 sharkple
Choosing to focus inwards the Ulrodac begin the construction of universities. With easy paths of conquest and colonisation gone what can one, but to focus inwards and amass power through technology, industry and magic.

> You get a tech!

- *Turn 11 Begin* -
>>5470184 Kek, missed a spot, still updating.

>>5467351 Sea people

In your island holdings you find that the land is one large lapis deposit while in your vassal in the east you find the south is a copper deposit while in the north a small iron deposits exists which would spread over into the nearby Citystate.

Draw water - 10 magic - 200% farm output

> You get 2 techs

>>5467481 golems
Your colony which has been long contested and in the works finally finishes revealing a small deposit of iron and a deposit of lapis as the mines are made functional.

City of Briolo is founded. Your colonists are highly enthusiastic in their push, like never before they may push beyond what your administration can handle! It seems our colony has overlapped with the colonial efforts of another it is one unknown to us though. Froglike people who seem to be living together with darkskinend elves.

The Under-Drakers welcome your farmers reluctantly the contract where you take 100% of the farm output from their land is ineffect, but in exchange of that protection was to be provided and they remember your failure from the last war, they wish for a military bae or fort to be built in their land to help secure them.

> you get a tech!

>>5468002 slimes
University and fort are built. The fort is positioned to cut of access to the west of your nation while the university is in your vassal gargant, who is appreciating all the attention it was given and is willing to negotiate annexation.

Wealth policies refunded this turn, you can do 10 wealth of policies next turn.
*this is due to system changes you can’t boost mine output with policies anymore and you might reconsider pop-maxxing as hard as you do as it’s not as purely beneficial as it was.

On the other hand some basic production chains have begun to emerge within yoru nation allowing for the production of fitted weapons, though your blacksmiths decide to make them out of bronze not plain copper as tin is available now thanks to the Ioshyr.

> You get a tech

>>5468271 haalkan
Giant beetles are domesticated and bred for use in war. You can produce 1 giant beetle unit (feed needed) from 2 food, 1 wood and 1 production. They are large and cumbersome creatures more akin to war elephant than horse with what come both the benefits and drawbacks.

They eat a lot and move slower than usual cavalry, but provide a large combat bonus, they also provide a minor morale debuff and a medium boost in sieging enemy fortified positions due to being walking rams.

Policies implemented and woodcutter built. Once more you have access to wood that can be used to make more tool.s Maybe logging supplies would be useful.

two of your oh-so precious chtin is used to upgrade the tools upping your production decently. Now it is time to put it to use. Mass producing pickaxes for mines, armor for the army, and the like.

> You get a tech!
>>5468551 aurigan
Your coastal jade mine is set up using the thin shape of your nation to it’s advantage extracting 6 jade from the sea and a gold mine on land putting out gold. After constructing two more mines your nation is having a rather severe worker shortage which will result in some buildings shutting down next turn unless fixed.

The plantation was still a colonial buildings so you wouldn’t know. Anyway your colonies finish. The flying island plantation produces white ginseng, which is a soft root vegetable imbued with magic from the sky. Due to your colonial investments the flying islands become a fully owned land while the desert area becomes a semiautonomous region with a temple, one in dire need of a city though.

> you get 2 techs

>>5468646 orc
2 military bases are built. The undergroudn wastelands make for a perfect trainingground for our combatants.

Golem university sharing happened.

> You get a tech!

>>5468994 scion
You focus your nation on bolstering your prestige and intellect. A smart policy going forward.

Studying the feenecs you indeed discover you’d be able to usurp their birth to make them produce more soldiers. The queens are highly territorial as such you’d need bestiomancy or mind magic if you wish to house more than 1 queen and have her not wage uncontrollable war against all other ones.
Fennec breeding strategy- your biomantic monster creation spells will output 300% more beasts of war, but they are considered part of the Queen fennec’s hive.

Market built.

Current Controll - 10 magic - 200% naval power bonus, may enter rivers by boat.

> You get 2 techs!

>>5469305 Volotila regnum
Finally use is made of those valuable flying islands of yours, the destabilisation pays off making the southern portion of the Sheeple land inhabited by the fey demand extra rights.

>>5469327 Sheeple
Sourred on by news of the return of the Jubilee as distributed by some books blaimign that ‘all feykind shall soon be united, down with the oppressors’ the local fey previously calm and lazy enforce access to some self governance. S big portion of the south of your nation demands authonomy.

The Güldenvolk are for now appeased having received a city on their own and a city north of Lóweburg is constructed.

Due to excessive unemployed pops you have a lack of production, next turn it’ll start shutting down buildings.

> You get a tech
>>5469497 sarmatia
Mutate Magic -10 magic - a spell which messes with the nature of magic itself, +100% mil power, + 0.1x modifier to enemy damage scaling with number of spells they use

Port near Odrysa and the two carpenters arebuilt. Just in time for your colony to finish and start delivering wood to your nation.

Two of your colony buildings are too lcose to the giant in the mountains to operate, but a market and port are operational. You also finally own the geysers giving you a whole 10 presence.

All policies implemented.

> You get 2 techs!

> The many
> you get a tech!

Turn 11 begin. Correctly this time, no missed pages in the QM doc.

With a deal hashed out with the Lesh, a portion of the magic of mind would be taken and in the laydot that was firmly in Arlet Adlan's hands a mix of mind and necromancy would come to form a new sort of magic. That of Spirit. Immediately after, this laydot would be connected with Arlet Adlan's oldest, and with that the magic from it would be reaped in full to swiftly form what Arlet Adlan desired for quite some time. Liavi Elod. True Undead. Unlike the Kos, these were more than mere husks. They were properly broken from the cycle. Living, but dead. They retained their mind, their memories and self despite being dead. And unlike the Kos, they weren't mere puppets to the one who rose them. While certainly unsuitable to utilize on enemy soldiers, the Ulodrac's soldiers and civilians alike most certainly could make do with it. Especially as breaking free of the cycle was something quite key to them. While they worshiped a goddess of death and their consort of life, the latter gave them the blessing to break the cycle of the two and persist after death, one of the greatest gifts that Kantoraci gave to them, while Sawu gifted the blessings the Vinarila had. Still, this would in time give another blessing to the Arlet Adlan. The ability to preserve the best of the best. No longer would old masters die and their lessons forgotten. No longer would well trained soldiers slain in battle become mere Kos unable to wield their weapons with any elegance. With this, Arlet Adlan would become ascendant despite the many, many set backs imposed upon it by the powers that encroached it on almost all sides.

Yet, more would come in time. The Vinarila population, while small, still grew with the growing population of the Ulodrac. And the most prominent among them would not accept the lack of lands and titles available to them. Soon, they would make their own one way or another...Soon...In the meantime however, a breakthrough would be made that would in time dramatically improve the supply of Ulodrac resources. That of turning iron into something usable...Perhaps part of the turning point of the fortunes of the Ulodrac Min Arlet Adlan...

>Action One. Infuse the pure laydot with Spirit magic. (Necromantic and mind)

>Action Two. Liavi/Ilum Elod. (True/Intelligent Undead)

>Research. Ironworking.

>Restart exploration and fishing, since that hasn't been done yet.

>Link the Necromatic and the new Spirit laydot.
I am posting a test post
>Research: Beetle Knights (riders on horse/rhino sized beetles)
>Action 1: Produce bugsteel axes
>Action 2: Produce bugsteel armor

>Change to policies: 1 Presence into obtaining Reichskrone (see upcoming diplo with Sheeple in IC chat)
Colonial action: Sacrifice two buildings for a city

With recent anti-centralisation efforts among his vassals, the Atriarch of all elves resolves to cement a new seat of power in the Atriarchy of Luin’ithen to hopefully crack down on such activities.

Technology 1: Dram logistics
Improving the logistical capacities of our mining operations by setting up outposts, running basic tracks and creating drams to haul ore back to the surface will massively increase our miners effective operational range.
Technology 2: Omnifarious extraction
Facilities must be resourceful and well equipped to handle any number of ores buried beneath the earth, able to properly sort, extract and haul them to wherever they might be needed.

Action 1: Rebuild the city of Azum as a new batpeople/elf city and capital of the Atriarchy of Katabas’aborra

The war below is a vague chapter in world history that the elves aren’t privy to, but it’s scars on their land cannot be ignored.
The city once broken is now put back together, capital of the elven ruled underdark.

Action 2: Build a silver mine
The game that the Atriarch of Jubil’esh is playing is clear, tipping his hand towards independence but only as a front.
The real objective is to prompt more government investment in his lands, an objective that seems to be paying off as a new mining effort is set up near Reveris

Naval action: 5 more idle ships into fishing
Wealth action: Fishing grants

Characters: Adanaid the Savvy
A talented young merchant who seems to have been young for the past two hundred years and refuses to mature and join the houses of the elders, his influence over employment and commerce across the realms are great

Saraphei the Sultry
Annoyed with her subtitle “the Sultry” Seraphei is a constant agent of change who frequently draws up new and exotic, boarding on obscene, designs for attire which spread like wildfire across the nation, and threatens to continue making everyone dress silly until she is allowed to change it.

Seco the Tree-hugger

One part environmentalist, another part pragmatist, Seco constantly works to preserve the environment, and has lodged no less than three hundred and sixteen official protests over the last few years to do something about the wastelands plaguing up the capitals lands.
action 1: commence the amazonian eugenics program (allows for minor eugenics program, may only be activated once stops pop growth for 3 turns increases all racial stats by 5%)

action 2: expansion in the norteastern desert towards the maw.

tech 1: ecology
the study of relationship between human, plant, animals and their environment. with the knowledge of ecology the sarmatians improved their natural resource management, carefully planning every bit of resource extraction in order to increase their productivity without hurting the environment.

tech 2: theory of evolution
After further research on genetics, ecology and mutation. the witch doctors noticed another form of mutation that occurs naturally instead of being induced by magic. the witch doctors found out that natural creatures and plants gradually change their forms and properties over time in order to adapt to changes in their environment. perhaps with this theory mutation magic can be manipulated towards certain outcome or decreasing the odds of mutation failure.

>wealth policy: fund carpenters production. (5 wealth)
>production policy: create tools from iron and woods.
>naval policy: exploration towards deep earth
>Mutation : longbows (? magic)
(i dunno how character system works but these would be the unique/special one from my nation)

Raiha, scourge of the golem.
Member of the Raimirea royal clan and 3rd in line to the sarmatian throne. Raiha earned her nickname by completely wiping out the ougkilo golems. destroying their city and enslaving their population as a revenge for their slave raids towards the amazonian colony. Other than being a skilled basilisk rider and tactician Raiha is also known for having a hobby in embroidery and gardening.

Andini, Queen of Commerce.
One of the elders of sarmatia. Her clan was in charge of 2/3 woodcutters and carpenters of sarmatia. using her knowledge of politics,industry and trade she managed to grab considerable influence for herself and her clan while starting as a commoner. becoming idol and role model of sarmatian merchants everywhere.

Ratna, Flower Addict.
one of the more infamous witch doctors of sarmatia. Ratna is known for her deep obsession with plants and magic/technology related to it. completely neglecting anything she feels unrelated to the pursuit of plant knowledge such as politics or social interaction. it is for this reason that she was in charge of managing the plant ley lines of sarmatia.

>Research: Beetle Knights (riders on horse/rhino sized beetles)
>Production: Bugsteel woodcutting axe (1 per woodcutter), Bugsteel armor, Bugsteel weapons, Bugsteel shields
>Change to policies: 1 Presence into obtaining Reichskrone (see diplo with Sheeple in IC chat)
>Action 1: Build Market in vassal Scio
>Action 2: Create Entomancy Spell "Control Swarm"
change naval policy to
>naval policy: send all ships to gather food
(GM said I can use 10 wealth since i'm new)

Wealth Policy: Utilizing the taxes and materials brought to him by High Petal, the Throneless King pays a number of particularly magically skilled fae to begin the laborious task of optimizing the magic supply of the nation(Putting 5 wealth to this)

Wealth Policy: The Throneless King pays a high price for the cleaning and maintaining of treasured fey monuments(2 Wealth)

Wealth Policy: The Throneless King pays well those fae who go out of their way to harness the trees of the forest for others use(3 wealth to woodcutters or however the frick I get wood lmao)

Production Policy: The Throneless King has some of the fine gold of High Petal molded into beautiful jewelry of all shapes and sizes, so that all may know and enjoy the beauty of the ways of the Fey.(8 Gold to 8 Jewelry using 8 production)

Action 1: With the bountious forest so important to the Fey, its only fair they give it proper care and respect. A spell is created to cause massive overgrowth of trees(like turning an area into extra dense jungle), with the purpose of giving greater access to bountiful flora and hampering those who would try to come unto Fey Lands.

Action 2. Noting the current state of Jubilee, alive with food but lacking an extra something to bring it joy, the Throneless King pays for the creation of plantations that will harvest the Jubber Plant. The Jubber plant is a small plant which can be harvested for both its roots and berries to be grated into a delectable spice, giving food an extra oomph of fine taste.(Build Jubber Plantations)
File: Turn.png (201 KB, 627x610)
201 KB
201 KB PNG

>Character 1:Undrun, King of Leshyr. A man of a nurturing nature, though there are many say he is too generous and beholden to the wants of Earls and Freemen who should do him service.

>Character 2: Arlot 'Ironsmith'
The Blacksmith who first taught the Leshyr to use Iron in their craft, Arlot has become something of a publicist of his own works and a propogandist of Leshyr craft.

>Character 3: Chretha 'Coppermane'
Named as much for her domination of the supply of this metal as her fiery hair, Chretha is said to have been behind much recent movement in the Leshyr markets.

>Action 1: Ekhid (Oval on Map)
Since somebody took the bother of setting an Aqueduct running water to the coastal headland, it is here at the end of this structure that the city of Ekhid will be established to provide administration for the lands overseas.

>Action 2: Primal Fear (10 Magic)
There is an animal in all of us. To face the warriors of Leshyr and their bestial companions will be to set that animal instinct against a predator's presence that wreaks a havoc upon those with mindsets not accustomed to the hunt or the kill. Where a trained warrior may hold their nerves, the untrained herd will panic, falter and fail; strength of numbers against our warriors turned to a weakness; for it only takes one coward's fear to start a panic in the herd; and one fleeing in fear to start the stampede of a rout.

>Tech 1: Manure Fertilisers
With enough animals as Leshyr has around, sooner or later someone's going to realise that whilst raw animal waste is initially toxic, after a small period of maturation and composting this can be turned into a useful and valuable fertiliser to increase crop quality and yields.

>Tech 2: Forestry
Though the city of Lesh was founded out upon the plains of the forest's edge, every true Leshyrman knows that it is the great forests of our land that are truly our spiritual home. Beneath the bounds and boughs of the great spirit were the first Leshyrmen raised, and the ties of the brothers and cousins who lived a wilder existence among the Grigyr and Sershyr held stronger still. As times turn, we must refine these ancient experiences and utilities into modern knowledge of how best to use and manage our many woodlands to supply our people with all the produce found within the forest, so that you will never find the forests thin of Leshyrmen and none will be able to say they know the woods like Leshyrmen do.

>Wealth Policy (5 Wealth) Farm Investment
Times seem to be getting a little lean right now... whilst we have hope we will soon be able to remedy this situation, subsidy of our farms in the immediate term is seen as the only sensible option to ensuring the sustainance of our people.

Presence Policies: University Sharing with the Scions and the Azure Elves
File: 1668989622297219.png (67 KB, 501x558)
67 KB
Tech: Create the Geomantic web to make creating leylines more efficient. We have a unique insight into the leylines that others do not possess. We were the ones that that disabled the lightning node and broke its connection. Our bodies are also naturally adaptive to the node's energies. Mixing different kinds into a cohesive whole that works together to form a superior body. Does this not apply to the nodes themselves? By simulating the connections needed within ourselves we can greatly increase the efficacy in which we can connect the nodes together. Forming a superior network that will be distinctly of the world but also of us. Just like how we are distinctly Delphrel, but tied to the world in a way no other race is.

Tech: Experiment on the mutated corpses and see if any beneficial traits can be spliced into a goat/basilisk hybrid we will call the Kirin. The Sarmatians have given a useful opportunity. Not only have they agreed to give their basilisks for hybridization, but have given samples of flesh that can only be considered a true expression of magic. If we were to combine these traits into our goats not only would we create a creature that is ideal for both the mountain and sea, but just like us their bodies will be perfectly attuned to magics and will allow us to form a symbiotic relationship between mount and rider.

Trade: Convert 12 pops to slaves and give them to sarmatia in exchange for 3 rubber and amber. Also spend 10 wealth on getting the mutated fennec corpse they offered.

Presence: Spend 4 presence on making a university deal with the jubilee.

Navy: Use extra naval capacity from new city to build more ships using slave labor.

Navy: Invest extra strength into exploration

Wealth: Invest 10 wealth to restore production subsidies.

Action 1: Make a city called Suidwins on orange dot (Rivers give naval capacity for me). Unfortunately while we quickly crushed the rebellion of North's Loss they had managed to destroy all the vital infrastructure of the land as all hope of their independence was lost. While the land is finally cleansed of their presence we will need to rebuild it in our own image. Creating a city that could be best called South's Gain/Victory. It will ensure our people have a permanent presence in what was once human stolen land and prevent its theft forevermore.

Action 2: Make a university on red dot. We have gained much from refining our intellect, but it has been largely reliant on outsiders. To remedy this problem a sect has taken it upon itself to set up a university open to all Delphrels.
Tech 1: Cultural Studies. Concord universities have become wildly diverse places, hosting students from many different cultures and places, with three species of humans, two types of elves, golems, dragons, frog-kin and others all rubbing shoulders. Culture itself has become a topic of interest for Concord scholars, taking advantage of the wide array of students passing through its halls.

Tech 2: Cram School. In their pursuit of personal knowledge the Concord have lost sight of their true goal, the global spread of knowledge. To rectify this the Concord have set out with a series of remedial programs intending to elevate the knowledge of their university partners, so that both nations can move forward at a more rapid pace.

Tech 3: Improvised Weapons. Concord forces typically rely on magic and makeshift weapons for combat, having little to no equipment, but have learned to make surprisingly effective use of old farm equipment, battered hand me downs picked up second hand from other nations, and even simple cudgels and staves hastily created from tree branches.

Tech 4: Dirty Fighting. Often facing opponents with superior equipment and physical prowess, and inspired by the underhanded tactics of the mercenary leader Mania, the Concord devises a combat style focused on misdirection and trickery.

Action 1: Healing Core Magic Spell(10). Concord mages have developed a spell that embeds a 'core' of healing power into a target. When badly injured the core dissolves, unleashing a surge of healing magic.

Action 2: Build a floating temple next to the city of curiosity. In the wake of studies of the leynodes something strange has begun to ripple through Concord society. The concept of religion, of worship of the ‘World Soul’ has begun. New adherents of the faith, these 'World Children' have constructed a floating temple near the city of Curiosity, directly below the port. The long term effects of this new religion remain uncertain.

Naval: Assign all available naval forces to exploration.

Military: Concord scouts keep careful watch from the skies, relaying information via chainspeak to troops standing ready in the event of an invasion of colonial lands.

Minor adjustment. Please place the newly constructed floating temple on the water space between Curiosity and the Healing Leynode, so worshippers can more easily gaze into its glory.
>Action 1: Create University
Another compliment to their underground armory, a new academy is to be established in the wasteland among the army camps so that those sent below to master the art of war may also be mentally enriched and not grow deprived of intellectual stimulation.

>Action 2: Create Spell: Hydro Cannon (Water)
The Yulakgh create a high-power water spell designed to inflict maximum destruction to a target through an overwhelming flow of water fired at high speeds.

>Tech: Battle-Mages
The practice of teaching mere magic has grown outdated as war has evolved and hostilies have risen. Now, a mandatory aspect of Yulakgh education is to become not just learning the spell, but learning when to use a spell and how to chain different spells together to produce greater results.

University share with the Azure Elves

>Tech 1: Discover how to crystalize elemental magic instead of just pure magic.

>Tech 2: Missionaries.

>action 1: found the costal city of Okaazdoklo next to the temple east of the flying islands.

>Action 2: Connect my Fire and Earth creating the Magma Magic

>Character 1: Viinmedvulon. Black scaled third stage. leader of the Okaazdoklo settlers.

>Character 2: Hahdrimdoyol silver 3rd stage. governor of Sadonod. member of the council of 12

>Production: no change.

>wealth: reproduction campaign and incentives for families. Hahdrimdoyol is the face of the movement.

>magic: increase the power of fire breath to my new cap of 12.

Naval: 5 Ships Exploration. 5 ship fishing.

>Develop spell: Infect Thought.
Perhaps the most powerful weapon in our arsenal is persuasion. We will create a spell to allow us to infect living targets with a small cluster of thought-loaded spores. Once these spores fruit in their target, they can help inject our chosen thought, feeling, or desire into the target. Perhaps this can help us persuade would-be aggressors into laying down their arms should in a fight and choose peace should it ever be needed.

>Develop Spell: Uplift Beast-minds
We have come to understand that the mind of a beast is not far from that of a man's, the only difference between the two is complexity. With their minds uplifted from their primitive constraints, and now free to grow and develop in our mycelial form, we can gradually begin to uplift these once primitive minds into complex and social creatures, offering even newer and unique perspectives to us.

> (Missed turn) Develop spell: spore bombs
Using our mastery of the fungal arts, we will cultivate special spore pouches that can be carried into battle. These can then be tossed and detonated in order to deliver their fungal payload upon their targets. When detonated they release a thick, choking fog of spores to irritate and hamper the enemy's ability to breathe.
File: Viorp Mini-NRP Map 11.png (52 KB, 469x506)
52 KB

All obey Kaiser Hrudulf Kord von Steinhand, the just and hard.
With tensions for independence on the rise in Immelreich, the elector princes chooses not the third son of Diederich, but instead a hard prince who is sure to strengthen the realm, Hrudulf Kord. The new Kaiser has many of the decorations of the palace taken down. The palace is still opulent, but the hallways are much less cluttered.

>Population Policy: Enslave 10 pops.
>Production Policy: Cancel Quarterstaves.
>Produce 5x Public Roads (10 Slaves, 5 Stone).
One of the first things Kaiser Hrudulf does, is seek out a workforce. There are plenty of idle Zeigenvolk, but there simply isn't enough work for everyone and so crime increases as a means to feed oneself. Thus he has much of the poor enslaved and put to work making roads for his empire. The roads will expand the influence of our cities, and will thus work to counteract seditious sentiment in the countryside.

>Tech: Advanced Bronze Forging.
>Production Policy: Update Enchanted Bronze Tools 4x, Pickaxe 6x, Lumbering Tools 2x, Farming Tools 2x and Halberd 4x to use the new technique.
It was a painful admission, but the Azure Steel was much superior to our Bronze. But after admitting it, we could look into why, and the answer was obvious: We haven't improved it. The balance of tin to copper is the same as a hundred years ago. So, the scholars have taken to categorizing the different tin concentrations, the different additives, and the different ways of forging it. It took a while, but they managed to nail down the best technique for a given purpose.

>Action 1: Build Woodcutter northeast of the Löwenschwanz port.
>Action 2: Link the Nodes of Fire and Earth, making Volcano Magic.
>Presence Policy: Include Haalkan into the Reichskrone network.
While the Kaiser was being elected, the realm go to work. Southern Immelreich pulled resources to make a lumbermill near the Löwenschwanz port, planning to use it to make more ships, northern Immelreich shares Reichskroner with Haalkan, and the Two Mothers Cult got the opening they needed to link the Earth and Fire node, as proving that the Zeigenvolk can wield earth and fire both will be definite proof that we are sons of Erdenfrau and Wolkanfrau both.

But the Cult of Two Mothers did not count on the merging of the two magics resulting in Volcano Magic, which will just prove more definitively that we are sons of Wolkanfrau. But hey, it was worth a shot.
Fluff: Bureaucrats always manage to slow things down. Including implementing policies but with some additional prodding of the Briar Heart council, things begin to move more smoothly.

1 action: Construct Coal mine
Coal could prove to be greatly beneficial in keeping things warm and allowing for lights even at dark hours.

1 action: Create Spell Biomancy - Regeneration
Losing part’s of oneself is a miserable feeling. What’s more it can drastically Impact even day to day life even after the event that caused it is over. This spell seeks to help that issue by regenerating lost parts be it external or internal.

Tech: Bronze Mining tools
Better mining overall can be a great boon

Policy: 10 Wealth > University
Technology is important, and as such we need thinkers. Great thinkers that will move us forwards as a whole! As such, the government will help even the common folk get in so long as their bright enough through a combination of grants and loans
Wealth Policy: 10 wealth into production

Production of goods is massively beneficial to the overall nation
File: turn 11 expansion.png (37 KB, 493x370)
37 KB
Establish Research Agreement with Lily

Action 1:
The city of Beorolo is founded close to the entrace to the great cavern.

Action 2:
Poison Spell: Blinding Curse
This spell enchants lead, causing it to emit a poisonous aura that blinds those near it. The poisonous aura can be negated by injesting the anti-poison fruit near the poison node. It can be used to enchant arrows useful for counter-archers or weapons useful for close combat. The effect can linger for months depending on how much contact is made. The blinding is not permenant and fades over time naturally.

Tech: Ironworking
With a source of usable metal now found in golemic lands the golems adopt ironworking from the Iso'esh.

The pictured lands are ceded to the Lily peacefully.
Additionally begin university sharing with the Golems
>>5473954 Forgot to add wealth policy, and haven't been using my ships.

>Wealth Policy: Expand Production (5Wealth), Army (5Wealth) and Tech-roll (5Wealth) subsidies.
>Production Policy: Add 1 order of Schiffs (1Prod, 2Wood +1Hemp +1Copper +0.5Tin).
>Naval Policy: 5 Ships dedicated to exploration.
As the Kaiser dedicates money to building up the production of his nation, the sailors of Immelreich decides to order more ships with the wealth they've gained from trade, and dedicate ships to exploration, so maybe we can be the ones to greet people like the Sherden were. Indeed the Löwenschwanz Seeziegen only found out about the Sherden when the deal of distributing Reichskroner to them was already finalised.
>Action 1: Farm
Fresh lands and new cities mean fresh mouths and dangerously empty bellies. Those with a larger stake in familial ties than pseudo philosophical debate among "peers" have adopted the occupation of gardener, and with time and cooperation that of a farmer. (Plz put this in a good spot plz :^) )

>Action 2: Magical Spell: Divine Smite (Lighting)
Those among the angels with the largest superiority complexes, as well as enough malice to dedicate their time to a task for longer than 5 minutes, have crafted a spell that allows them to mete justice from the clouds. Perhaps those rabbits will think twice next time before raiding our gardens.

Presence? Plus money?
Inspired by either passion (presence) or greed (money), or both, a craze for wine and olives have swept the nation from Helios to New Haven. Demand is high and the suppliers are kicking it into high gear to meet it. (Boosting farm output.)
File: Map .png (167 KB, 750x820)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>Actions 1 to 3 - University building - The monarchy of Akkaria shall build 3 universities as represented by the yellow symbols on the map to foster education amongst their people and a place for scholars to gather.
>Action 4 - Continue expanding the reservoir network into the desert.
>Action 5 - Survey the mountain’s as shown by the blue spot - A national survey has been commissioned to scout the mountain chain near the capital to discover what resources the mountains hold and to see where large cisterns may be built to support the aqueducts in times of drought.
The monarchy of Akkira shall start talks with the independent city states to bring them back into the fold.
File: MiniNRP.png (840 KB, 3200x1800)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
>>5470371 Shark
There is no spirit ley line, to infuse a hybrid magic into aley dot it needs to… you know exist. (lesh did not make on in his turn either so I guess coordination problem) Action refuded.

Spell is also tied to this magic so action refunded.

You invent ironworking.

*linking ley dots into a ley line is an action as for the linking of the spirit and necromancy ley dots.

> You gain 2 pops as refugees flee Sarmatia due to an ongoing famine

> rewrite
Spirit magic ley line with Lesh is created and spirit magic is infused into ley dot. You gain a Ley dot of spirit magic in Waddlepaddle.

> You get a tech!

>>5471098 Haalkan
Beetle Knights - tech - War Beetles give a combat power bonus when produced (not applicable to ones traded away)

A market is built in your vassal which is happy to have received some attention, they would wish for also a monument and then they would be willing to negotiate becoming a semiautonomous region within your nation.Your nation too is faced with an unemployment problem construction of high employment buildings such as mines or farms might aid that or a technology which increases employment or decreases malices from unemployment.

The ‘Controll Swarm’ spell is created a spell which creates a swarm of insects which then attacks a target. it’s a plain combat spell giving 200% mil power bonus. With most your production and resources assigned your military is mighty strong, but to keep up the breakneck development pace pickaxes to up mine output and extra smithies might be needed.

>>5471180 Azure Elf
The azure elves improve their mining technology giving their mines 2 extra adjecencies each. Dram logistics are a great step forward which allows for the placement of mines even in inopportune spots.

Mines are further improved by making them harvest all ores nearby not just the ones the mine is designed for a logistical nightmare in sorting, but worthwhile for efficiency.

In the east a city rises and underground Azum rises from the rubble giving the locals places to live and the elf aristocracy a place to govern from.

A silver mine is set up also exploiting the nearby obsydian deposit. Focusing intensively on fishing your nation manages to increase it’s food supply drastically.

Having been uncontested the juggermaud is fully grown and sees itself as a citizen of your nation admittedly he’s as haughty as a noble seeing himself equal to a seraphim, but at least he respects the king. This puts your nation firmly as the naval hegemon of this world. You can no longer boost food with wealth.

Colonial claims with the Liliakin are traded and your colonies finish successfully greatly extending your realm. On the surface the land is nearly fully integrated while underground a vassal state emerges.

> You get 3 tech!
>>5471254 Sarmatia
The Eugenics program begins 1/3
Expanding into the desert you find a race known as the faceless ones. Their shape is humanoid, but their faces are flat featureless skin. Yet they seem to function normally, likely having replaced much of their innate biological needs through use of magic.

In the initial step of the expansion a large swath of the desert and La Rotaro Coast is claimed. the oh so desired maw should soon be yours unless others dispute your claim.

Ecology - tech - 1 extra adjacency overlap per tile permtited before wastelandification takes place. (1 tile can house 3 adjecencies)

Evolution - tech - you can spend actions to breed crops and livestock to increase farm, woodcutter or specific plantation types. Also to increase mount quality. Mutation actions performed on mass (like mutation 10 slaves, so outside of combat and mroe than one thing) will have an increased rate of good outcomes.

Insufficient iron to make tools (0,5)

The characters are added you can see their detailed overview in the character sheet.

As famine hits your nation your people flee as refugees leading to a shortage of people to man all the buildings, luckily you can use your slaves to man them. (2 slaves per pop slot)

> You get a tech!

>>5472254 Jubilee
Can’t increase woodutter output via wealth policy you may attempt to hire a woodcutter advisor or supply the woodcutters with axes to increase their output. other policies go through.

A jubber plantation is built, allowing you to harvest spice which is both spicy and sweet from one plant. The boutious forrest spell that increases the woodcutter output by 150% and increase the defender bonus in your forrests.

> You get 2 tech!

>>5472697 Leshyr
The City of of Ekhid is created in order to help to govern the overseas territories. While a spell is created to fortify the wills of beast and beastmaster alike.

Primal fear (mind) - 10 magic - +30 to morale rolls

Manure fertilisers - tech - +0,5% farm output per pop (aviable due to beastmastery)

Forestry - 50% extra output of farms in forests and 50% woodcutter output

Farm investment not possible wealth can no longer boost food, you can make farming equipment though.

> You get 2 tech!
>>5473232 Scions
The city in the south and the University are constructed.

Geomatic web - tech - allows you to make a ley line for half an action if it is continuously sustained by 10 slaves, effectively you bruteforce the magic through use of dispensable slave mages.

Kirin hybrid - theory on combining lizard and goat pays off you may create special mounts known as the kirin using 1 food & 1 magic (rather than production), said mounts will posess both a boon to swamp/coastal and mountain/hill terrain as well as a minor combat bonus on top

The slaves were sent off so you can’t use them for production… the new city is not coastal thus does not add to naval force limit. You do not have naval force limit to build more boats due to increased authonomy to level of vassal near your one port.

Feel free to rename the cities in the vassals.

You receive the fennec corpse and may use it for research (1 action). Production subsidies are restored.

Famine hits your nation. Your people thinking food was a plenty and so was living space bred like rabbits, and just like that the food started to run out as famine struck the nation. As famine strikes your nation is kicked out of the Reichskrone network and with the money gone soon the production and university subsidies go as well.
> You get 2 tech!
>>5474521 Golems
You gain 2 pops as refugees flee Sarmatia due to an ongoing famine and another 4 refugees flee from the scions to your nation.

A research agreement with the science obsessed frogs is established close to dpleating your presence pool, but greatlyu boosting your research output.

City building Action refunded you can only build in colonies after the even buildings spawn.

Blinding Curse - 10 magic - 100% combat power, a 150% boost to lead equipment, a spell which curses the enemy with ongoing blindness, which gives a bonsu when fighting ranged units and decreases enemy tech roll by a % equal to the population they lost in the war (a permanent debuff)

Issues in the colonies between us and the frogs are resolved.

Your colonists begin setting up carpenters ports and smithies in the newly settled land you can trade two buildings for a city. (you can build in the colony starting this turn)

> You get 2 techs!
>>5473561 > Yulakgh
5 pops of refugees from Sarmatia flee to your nation as famine gripes their land.

The orcs boost their scientific prowess further as another university is built maybe now those pesky elves will let us into their research pact.

Hydro Canon - 10 magic - +100% military power +150% naval power (once you get around to getting ships)

Battle mages - tech - a tech which rises your quality with accordance to your spell versatility, you gain +1% quality per magic spent

> You get 2 tech!

>>5473954 Sheeple
For pops worth of population flee from the Scions to your nation, looking for food and shelter, you welcome them, but your nation is not in the best spot itself. having started to enslave it’s own population many of the farm staff have become unhappy.

The 10 slaves are put to work making a nice stone road. The stone road will make land trade routes produce 5 wealth each (assigned to market), give 1 presence and 1 production as well as reduced internal presence policy cost.

Advanced bronze forging will help increase the quality of all bronze forged goods.

The woodcutter is built and and helps decrease economy south-west.

> you get a tech!

>>5474716 Volotila
A new farm is built high up in the sky alone producing 8 food. Wealth policies can no longer be used to up farm output, you can use extra wealth on policies next turn.

Your policies against the sheep pay off as their nation further desintegrates with subjects demanding higher and higher authonomy and equally subverted nobles granting it.

Divine smite - 10 magic - plain spell giving 200% combat power boost, gives small boon against metal armoured opponents

>>5474755 Neo-Akkaria
Only 1 building per tile so universities will be put right next to where marked. You build many universities making your nation the nation with the most in the world firmly putting it on the path of academic excellence. A further aqueduct is built.

Exploring your nation for resources you find the western half is a massive salt deposit while the rest of your nation lays on an ancient seabed housing the world’s largest fossil deposit, in the northern waters there’s more salf off shore. That’s all the resources in your nation.

Refugees from your allies flee to your nation as they gripple from famine 1 from sarmatia and 3 from the scions your nations food supply is barely able to feed all these new mouths new farms might be needed.

Might be smart to build farms next turn or stop exporting food.

> You get 2 techs!
>>5474371 Wobbleboble
You can only spend 5 wealth per turn on policies and you have hit the soft cap and gone past how much you can increase production with wealth.

Coal mine is built.

Regeneration - 10 magic - 50% less losses from battles, a spell which decreases looses take in battle

Mining Advancement - +50% mine output

> You get a tech!

>>5473611 Aurigan
Perserving the element of the magic is not easy but doable, you can now use elemental magic as a rafting material to put into weapons creating magic alloys.

Missionaries - you can send missionaries to other countries (1 presence permissionary) and each missionary will have a1d6 per turn chance to convert a local church or character to your religion, if no character or church is aviable they will construct a church. The Volcano magic ley node is created. You are working your way to unify all 4 elements.

The governor of Sadomod advances to an incorporated character resulting an an extra trait, which increased his green thumb by 5 levels. Your production is bellow 0 you need to increase it.

> You get a tech

>>5473535 Lily
Culture studies - tech - rather than focusing on useful research you can redirect research to instead focus on studying cultures May create ‘tech roll mod’ policies where you can trade 10 tech roll mod for 1 presence

Cram schools - tech - same as more advanced nations gain a debuff from sharing research with a less advanced partner, your will increase the tech roll mod of partners technologically mellow you (will come in effect once I figure out the tech rework)

Improvised weapons - tech - all tools produced (pickaxes, axes for woodcutting, farming equipment) will also give a combat bonus

Dirty fighting - tech - you gain a +100% combat bonus, but in conquests you will automatically receive a debuff from locals for dihonourable fighting.

Healing core is a useful albeit simple magic spell it’s utility comes in the fact that once a mage cast it it can be transported by a normal person for a few minutes allowing the healer to stay out of the fighting.

Temple is built and sacrosaurus is sent exploring some more. Military policies are not a thing.

> You get 3 tech!

>>5473684 The Many
Infect thought - 10 magic - 2d15% of an enemy army will switch side before the start of a battle, works only during first battle of the conflict

Uplift beast minds - 10 magic - beasts gain sentience of man allowing tme to contribute to food production and philosophical thought. (you gain a bonus to food production, presence and tech equal half your pop %)

Action refunded you don’t have enough magic for another spell… maybe it’s time to do something else. Or do wealth policies to increase your magic.

> Sherden

> You get a tech

Iron mind and woodcutter built. The people of harlot are willing to negotiate to become a semiautonomous region.

A pop growth policy is implemented.
> Action 1: Expansion from the city of Insight.

The Concord launches an expansion from the city of Insight, with the goal of laying claim to the nearby forests. As a secondary goal the Concord would also like to claim the four floating islands to the south. Concord settlers are reminded to respect the boundaries of other colonies in progress. Grand plans are being drafted within the University of Archives and large swathes of forest will be required for it.

> Action 2: Link the Plant Leynode of Sarmatia and the Mind Leynode of the Concord, creating Bibliomancy, the magic of libraries.

Long in the planning, the time has at last come to create the magic of Bibliomancy. This magical school is a key component in the grand designs of the University of Archives.

> Tech 1: Interweaved Infrastructure Design: A concerningly wordy philosophy of managing the resources of the Concord, this system allows for greater exploitation of a province as long as each form of exploitation is different.

The Concord has devised a somewhat convoluted system of maximizing its land usage, where waste products of one activity are funneled into boosting another. Old webs and dry husks from spider farms are used for fertilizer, while energetic spiders haul mine carts. Rubble from mines is used to build irrigation ditches for farms, while miners munch on extra produce that would have gone to waste.

> Tech 2: Runic Study: Through communion with the World Soul the Concord has devised an ancient runic language that can be used to etch magic directly into objects.

The World Children continue to grow in number, continuing their worship of the World Soul that lay beyond each ley node. They have developed a new written magical language, said to be divinely granted, which can create powerful magical objects.

> Tech 3: Disaster Planning: The Concord has established a disaster management system intended to handle catastrophic breaks in key resources by setting careful priorities in which policies stay active.

As Sarmatia starves it becomes apparent to the Concord that disasters are rarely expected and planned for. And so the Concord begins an effort, not to prevent disaster, but to minimize and direct the damage it causes.

Character: Swinger, secretary of the council of deans, jokingly referred to as the most powerful Lilalkin in the Concord.
File: Fascination.png (14 KB, 906x633)
14 KB

Change Action 2 to building the city of Fascination at the indicated location.
Fluff: As magic comes naturally, there are other things that must be worked on. Things such as cultural events and other things to help build national comradely.

1 action: Culture (presence?)
A very simple event to show love for those that have braved the thorns and walls that protect your heart and made it to its inner core. To those you believe you can trust with absolutely everything without any doubt. To show those people your love and support by spending the day with them

1 action: Construct Military base
With the general population becoming less combat oriented, it’s important to focus on training reliable people for proper combat. And with magic and bronze it should come as no issue to properly make them able to fight.

Tech: Full body Bronze armor.
Armor specially suited for those that can manipulate metal. Leaving no gaps in the armor for weapons to strike through, and with no need for any holes thanks to being able to meld said armor to flesh to allow for full bodily protection while allowing for the armor to operate as their normal body does

Wealth policy: 5 Wealth > 50% Production


> Refunded Tech: Meritocracy.

Recognizing a need for the best candidates to serve the nation in positions of power the Concord establishes a system where those in power can be removed in favor of more talented candidates.