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Welcome one, welcome all, to the very thrilling and exciting tale of young blooded races facing off in a duel of destinies to see who can rise and who will fall.

In a world looked over by a young and naïve god, mortals even younger must fight to survive in an unlikely and uncertain world where the dangers are not only each other, but the very whims of the one who watches yet made manifest.

Will they be able to stand the test of time and create for themselves a titan not even a god can crush? Or will they simply fall forgotten by the sands of time as just yet another broken plaything.

Let fate play out, and we'll see what remains in the Dawn.
Nation Name: Iaakan Entreaty
Color: Red, or orange, or even blue
Race: Aak
A strange reptilian species with a fondness for family, mathematics and good food
Racial Trait: Nothing too beyond human baseline, they have six arms total, with two strong and hardy arms and four near-vestigial arms, a tail, and lay eggs. Slightly stronger and tougher than your average human.
Lore: The Aak for millennia have wandered the world in large family-based clans, occasionally warring and splitting off from eachother, dying out and vanishing into the annals of history. Now however at a great Ireejak (Meeting of all Aak) several of the largest clans have converged on one spot and tied their families together through a series of marriages to ensure peace.
The Iaakan Entreaty (Every-Aak Entreaty) was formed as a result of this grand union, and now seeks to bring about a great prosperous future for all Aak-kind.
Cool map QM, what are we supposed to do with it?
I would like to be the Frogmen of Rayne
For the keen and the curious, you're welcome to join our Nation Role Playing server. If you're a new player looking to get into these kinds of games, even better.

Don't be shy, say hi! https://discord.gg/PJwXpdsJ
The races you see here are player-tailored and unfortunately not up for grabs. Though if you'd like to join or just see what we're all about, feel free top join the discord here >>5235888 and we'll welcome you with the details.
You have to join the discord?
Jip. Understandably it can be a turn off, however this is my first game and I'd like to be able to communicate with the players outside of the thread to limit the amount of Out Of Context chatter we'd have to post here.

It's also the easiest way for us to do IC sessions and diplomatic discussions as you'll (hopefully) be interacting with other players.

There's no obligation to stay if you feel the game's not for you, or once it's done. And we're a pretty chilled albeit autistic lot. Either way, your decision is respected.
Nation Name: Squackus
Species: Birdmen (Seagull) . Refer to themselves as 'The Glarian'.
Biome: Coastal
Colour: Cyan
Fluff: About the size of a human teenager, these ragged birdmen have shrill voices, white plumage, and a burning desire for whatever the heck it is you just dropped there on the floor back there... was it chips?
In all seriousness, these people are not exactly stupid, but they are easily distracted and love food and drink. They spend alot of time along the coast, in small fishing villages that allow them get the seafood that makes up their diet. Much of their tools are made of things they dredge up from the sea, which they are very inventive with.
Capable of true flight, with diving capabilities to suit their needs, the average Glarian can carry "a fish THIS big!" for a short distance, usually enough to get them to shore, before getting tired.

>Action 1 - Build a dock
>Action 2 - Sturdier ships

Or maybe it was sunset? Glarian's are not good timekeepers.
Squinting through fluffy white feathers, Stares-At-Sun did as his name said he would do, wondering what time of day it was, and whether it was worth it to go out and get a fish. Would it be one of the slimy grey fish that slithered up from the depths at night, or a tasty orange one that only left the reef's safety when dawn began to crack the night's hold?
He waited, extremely patiently, for a whole 5 seconds. To his dismay, the sun seemed fixated on merely hovering over the horizon, refusing to move up or down and confirm the time.
Squawking in frustration, he glided down to the flimsy dock of the sleepy fishing village he ruled over, and started, as all Glarian are wont to do when they get frustrated at the world, to cause a 'Ruckus'. He incited his fellow birdpeople, strutting around and bobbing his head, spouting platitudes and threats until everyone on the dock gave into the Ruckus. High pitched screeching, feathers flying everywhere, fish guts being scarfed down, vomited back up, or both at the same time, it was a deeply unpleasant affair, and the Glarian's loved it. It was only during a Ruckus that they could get some actual work done, the biggest of them all (that being Stares-At-Sun) urging them to build up the docks and boats that were the lifeblood of their people. He wanted fish, and he wanted them now!
File: Crest of Naceaun.png (33 KB, 791x938)
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By the grace of the almighty Father of the Sky above and his consort the ever-giving Mother of the Earth below, His Majesty the King does hereby decree the further settling of the island of Leaux-Cándois, and the ploughing & sowing of fields thereof.
>Action 1 - Expansion
>Action 2 - Farms
Action 1: Assemble a Gyd (Aak word for a wheat equivalent crop) farm near Iaakon

Agriculture has been practiced at times and frequently throughout Aakish history, however with the settlement of a formal city expansive and permanent farming arrangements are made along the river.

Action 2: Set up an outpost on the marked triangle

Aak continue to move and set up homesteads, an outpost of sorts begins to form along the river to the south, attracting those that find Iaakon too bustling.

The name of this place is “Bariaakon” (Other Every-aak city), though at the moment it remains a humble homestead
Nation Name: Shattered Empire -The Sensei Khanate
Color: Gold
Race: Sensei
Racial Traits: A strange brutal race of only male warriors, created in an ancient blood ritual by a mad king. Their children grow fast, becoming men in only 13 - 15 years. The fathers control their sons through their blood, waning as they age until roughly 25.

They possess superhuman strength from as soon as they can walk, and while they are young great agility until they bulk up when older. They heal from the rigors of combat quicker than a normal man, small nicks and scrapes healed by the end of the battle, and the typical damages that hinder and slow an army lessened or negated.

The power comes at a price, either from an ailment of the heart or brain, Sensei only reach the ages of 50-58, with the great Karn reaching 60.

As years progressed, Sensei society has split into about 5 alternating major warbands, the Karnis- direct descendants of the First Father, controlling the majority of the Oasis and the capital of the Shattered Empire, the Kul'gatin, Raa'zac- an descendant warband of Karnis, warrior smiths by trade and need, they prowl the desert for old battlegrounds to gather whatever metal the victor has left behind (AA), the Haki- an exiled warband of misbegotten losers of duels that found power together, without honor and goes without respect from the other warbands, more akin to scattered border bandits, however they tend to be the ones capturing foreign women more often than not. The Tulac- masons and carvers of stone, strange Sensei content to help maintain and build Kul'gatin than comquer and seek glory. Lastly, the Untali- the cartlords, traversing great spans of the desert in covered wagons for their many sons, loot, or women, hauled by fearsome beasts of burden. They use the geography and their abilities to either trade or plunder from their neighbors what the environment will not provide. The fathers lead their sons in warbands, until they reach majority and choose to stay due to loyalty, a succession crisis and duel ensues, or they are exiled to form their new warband.
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192 KB PNG
Nation Name: Huterangia
Color: Orange
Race: The Huterang
An arboreal and mostly peaceable people, the days of the Huterang monarchs ended when the last of their royal line died without an obvious heir. Rather then place any effort into searching one out and sifting through possible claims, the last royal's court re-convened as a parliament of the people (the people they represented being themselves) and took over governance of their people. In the generations since this parliament has become more generally representative - though there are always accusations over the placement of re-drawn boundaries and 'rotten' districts, by and large the system is generally thought to be working by the masses.

>Action 1: Fruit Plantations
Fruit, when in season, are a large part of the Huterang diet. And so the Huterang set themselves to the task of growing more, arranging plantings of their favourite sorts with seedlings to grow into plantations. The first will be planted to the north-west of our city with the o (if we get a second build in a single action like game 5, place the second to the south of Utpalem somewhere).

>Action 2: Utbanda
Moving northward through the forest along the coastline, the Huterang found their outpost of Utbanda close upon the banks where a small river meets the sea. (x)
Nation name: Rhayne
Color: Vibrant, practically neon, green
Race: Frogs. Spindly limbs and the like (Think greninja)
Racial Trait: Stealthy Psychics. Their muted colors give them the ability to hide in the most random of locations and they use this stealth to remain in a location and slowly worm their way into the minds of those in the area causing hallucinations and even minor paralysis. Their biggest drawback is that as the hallucinations get stronger, the sound of croaking becomes more prevalent often times leading to a position being compromised or at the very least giving those in the area some idea that they're near by. And once out of the range of a frog's influence the hallucinations stop entirely and the effects begin to fade, although repeated exposure to a frog can cause the hallucinations to come back and the longer they've been exposed to it the stronger the hallucinations becomes.
Lore: A nation hidden amongst a dense jungle. High in the treetops do they reside and although contact with them has been made a few times, it's said that no one has truly entered their capital outside of other like them. Those that get close having to face hallucinations, a miasma of psychic attacks plaguing movements. Despite this they are largely neutral, trying to collect info for their own benefit with no real desire for conflict.
Great assassins. Awful at direct conflict

Action 1: Develop stealth techniques.
As the nation flourishes, getting to know the surrounding area is the most important thing be it for hunting or trapping. These techniques can even potentially help other factors of life such as exploration as well as cultivation.

Action 2: Develop farms.
Small and quickly reproducing animals such as chicken supplemented alongside wheat will be enough to get things going. Soon enough expansion, but a basis is needed first
Nation Sudlunders
Color: Anything bluish or greyish
Race: Frostlings (Frostmen, Frostrolls, Frostgobs, some Frost Giants, frost witches)
Racial Trait:
Hail the Gods of Frost! (Gains magic and strength in cold climates and sacrifices. Nation relies on Frost-Flame which burns to create cold, rather than heat, which they use to manipulate metal and cook)
The Fires of Hel! (Weak to flame and heat. Cannot survive long in warmer climates without magical protection such as cloud cover or layers of ice)
Lore: From the frigid depths of the south they come. Scattered tribes of goblins, clans of man, savage bands of trolls, ogres, towering frost giants and the recluse witches of cold. They fight, they raid, they pillage, they plunder, all in the service of their dreaded Three Gods of Ice, and the lesser dieties of frost.

At their religious capital, the mountain stronghold of Fryholme, is the great and bottomless pit. Here they sacrifice anything they can, defeated warriors, meat and animals, and most precious of all, that which has magical or political significance among their enemies, for more favor from the Ice Gods, to spread the chilling cold or grant magical powers.

However, think them not merely savage barbarians incapable of diplomacy. Of the humans in particular, trade and mercenarial work is common, for among men do survive the longest beyond the cold before the dreaded stroke of heat claims their bodies, yet also is their lot to have fewer magic. Such it is that the men tend to be the more civilized of the Sudlunders, and scheme for power.
Nation Name: Jugemu
location : any coastal island off the main continent
Color: Any
Race: Tanuki
Racial Trait: The Tanuki is a race of humanoid racoon dogs. the tanukis are master of illusion magic are able to shapeshift into any race or animal, perfectly mimicking their external appearance but in exchange they are physically weak and absent-minded
Lore: For many centuries, the island of Sado where the tanuki lives are under the rule of the kitsune foxes, a race with similar but less specialized illusion magic that also allows them to control fire. with this power the foxes invaded the island of Sado and opressed the native tanuki who lived in fear that for their lives as the foxes consider tanuki hot pot a delicacy.

the tanuki would stay as the foxes slave until five centuries ago, when an unknown tanuki family gave birth to the mythical and legendary five brothers and sister. the tanuki five named Paipo, Shūringan, Gūrindai, Ponpokopii, Ponpokona waged guerilla war against their fox overlord and succesfully drove them out of the island of sado and founded the Jugemu clan. they ruled the island for a while until they mysteriously disappeared some three centuries ago. their descendant now rule the island in their place as a the chief of the tribal confederation along with other tanuki clans.
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402 KB JPG
Nation Name: Matsumae Shōgunshoku
Capital Name: Minahoro
Color: Gray
Race: Kitsune (Yukitsune, Haitsune and Tentōsune)
Racial Trait: While rumored to be masters of illusion; the truth is far more direct. Yukitsune have an inherent affinity for Ice magic, Haitsune fire, and Tentōsune Storm magics.
Lore in next post
Long did the Kōgō, Daughter of the Sun Goddess, reign over this land. Under her rule did the Kitsune people grow wisened and fat off the spoils of fertile lands and bountiful forests. Not all, however, was well under such a reign. Some within the Imperial court plotted, schemed against she who was divine among mortals. The warlord, Matsura Hirauji rallied Daimyo and retainers loyal to him, and laid siege to the capital Minahoro. He was successful. The Emperess called for a ceasefire, knowing her vassals; loyal as they were, would surely perish to the superior forces of this self-proclaimed Shōgun. Hirauji knew any harm to the Kōgō was an offense to the Gods themselves, and thus the deal was struck. All things of the physical were to be ruled by the Shōgun, the Lord and Master of all within the Empire. The Kōgō herself would retain her title, but all power was simply stripped away; only commanding a small force of 100 loyal retainers for defense. It has been some time, and while Matsura Hirauji has passed from this world; his daughter Matsumae Rokuno shall now lead the Shōgunshoku for better, or for worse.

Physical and cultural description:
A people resembling humans with the ears and tails of Foxes, the Kitsune have a fairly martial culture, and rely a on magic to fight their battles alongside their martial arms; with many retainers being spellswords.

They are five to six foot in size, with a wide variation of outliers on each side of the spectrum. Males have shorter and far less bushy tails than the females on average; with retainers typically opting to have their tails completely severed both as a sign of devotion to their Daimyo, and to better fit within their armor. Tail size and hair color is determined by genetics; with the most common hair colors being jet black with the second most common being stark white. There are kitsune with auburn red, chestnut brown and gray hair color as well.

Kitsune are often excellent seamstresses making extremely high quality clothing, and in addition are master brewers; crafting the finest of rice wine, cherry wine and a type of cherry honey mead.

Kitsune are, as often stereotyped, attractive and very alluring, and as such Kitsune often take advantage of this stereotype to get what they want, or for political maneuvering. Oftentimes the daughters of Kitsune Daimyo will be married off to allies to strengthen relations between the lords; or for more ruthless men, married to rivals in order to have them assassinated, and by laws of succession have their authority transferred to their wives who often return said lands to their fathers. On occasion, these daughters grow a taste for the power they are granted, and instead choose to become vassals of the clan which had originally sired them. Even others still reject their original purpose and strike out on their own; knowing such an act would alienate themselves from their progenitors. As a result of such actions, a sizable portion of Kitsune Daimyo are female, however this does not by any means make them any less willing to use their own physical attributes nor those of their offspring to get what they want when they can. When they cannot attain what they wish via diplomacy, then war typically follows. Traditionally, Kitsune Daimyo favor a solid backbone of Retainer infantry, with formations of peasant levies to round out roles more suited to their status.
Oh, preferably I'm not affiliated with these guys. Just putting it out there.
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And of course, I forget, the all important capital placement.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)
Nation name: Covenant of the Dag Dag
Location: Any forest that will be referred to as the forest of Dagaroth.
Color: Grey
Race: Gibilins who are are rosy pink in complexion once they come into this world to dark green as they age.
Racial Trait: The Gibilins are a small, cunning, and quick racer able to utilize the forest they rise in to blend in and move stealthily. They are also known for being adept at climbing and for their night vision.
Lore: The Dag Dag are a small tribe of gibilins who live in the deep forests of the world. They are a small and secretive people who are experts at hiding and sneaking. They are known for their skill at making weapons and traps, and for their love of mischief and trickery.

The gibilins of the Dagaroth forest are a peaceful people, but they are also very independent and fiercely protective of their homes and families. They are not afraid to fight if they must, but they much prefer to use their wits and their skills to get what they want.While the small gibilins are not a wealthy people, but they are content with what they have. They are happy to trade their skills and their knowledge for food and shelter, and they are always willing to help those in need.

The Dag Dag are led by a powerful shaman, who communes with the spirits of the aether that they worship. They believe that these spirits will one day lead them to victory over their enemies. They are a fearsome people, and those who cross them do so at their own peril.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)

Action 1: The great shaman who represents the spirits of the aether who are the guardians of the forest and everything in it commissions totems to be carved and placed at various points in the forest to ward against evil spirits and anything that may harm the forest and to guide gibilins during hunts or if they ever get lost.

Action 2: A group of young gibilins, eager to prove themselves to their elders in order to become bondlins [a unit of archers], go out into the forest to track down and kill a troublesome pack of wolves that have been a nuisance to the covenant and hopefully return triumphant.
Nation Name: Salivanid Empire
Color: Red
Race: Viersperan
Racial Traits: Tough and Durable/Robust, Strong, Large, Eats over ten thousand calories per day, cannot stand the cold.
Capital: Metrin Kalan
Lore: The Viersperan are a serpent like people of noteworthy size that inhabit the deserts and oasis's of a land they call Salivanid and which their empire takes it's name from. Their are a number of more savage and less refined species that are similar to them which they consider to be descended from after ages of growth and change, though only the significantly smaller Poconthy's seem to show any real intelligence, although are in a far more tribal state than the current Viersperan's. In many way's the Poconthy's are a opposite of the Viersperan's, for the Viersperan's are large, strong, and very durable both in bones, scale and skin while struggling in cold environments and having what most other species would consider an insatiable apatite. While the Poconthy's are fast, frail, small, can survive just about everywhere even frozen lands, and are mostly scavengers. Still this connection between their smaller kin and the more savage creatures that are similar yet quite different to them has reinforced the view that they are a progression of their kind. Regardless, they believe these initial creatures were created by the goddess of sand, time, history and Serpents, Loreleilim and that this deity carefully guided their changes over eons. Similarly, they believe that the world has a cycle of being lush and alive and withering, and a major part of their religion is dedicated to preserving as much information as possible and in a way that could protect it from the endless sands of time so that even should they wither with the world the next bloom will be able to hear and read their stories. Their society is interestingly very communal, and all settlements are lead by a council of sorts, with a leader among them elected by this council.

This even extends to the higher levels of government where in the monarch always has a council of advisors at their side at all times, and similarly to the council the monarch is considered the leader of this group, and the heir is elected by this advisor council. The monarch and leading council of advisors role is to guide their lands and ensure the happiness and productivity of the people, and this is generally enforced somewhat by the clergy. Still, the moniker Emperor or Empress of the People is common. It generally helps that their monarch generally lives much like any other Viersperan in society until their assentation to the crown. Another key part of their society is their absolute distain for slothfulness, and it is considered one of the greatest sins in their faith for it doesn't create and merely wastes the time that was given. Naturally due to these cultural values, the society is very orderly, yet the arts are still respected, especially that of architecture, music, sculpting and gardening. Further of note, in Viersperan society, one doesn't have so much of a family as they do a community that they are a part of, though marriage and friendship between two individuals still exists. The biggest hurdle the society faces is ironically this communal life style, as it means that every exploration is generally done by many members of a community at once, and generally a Viersperan on their own is extremely rare. Further, two different communities will generally look out for themselves more than the other, which causes issues when crisis's strike and things like food becomes scarce...

(Putting this here since it's best everyone can actually, you know, read my lore and know who I actually am.)

Today was a grand day. While progress had gone slowly but steady, the city of Metrin Kalan could finally be truly considered a city and worthy of being a capital for the empire, making the communities that were a part of it quite pleased with their hard work. Still, while the Emperor of the People soon discussed their plans and idea's to the council there was one thing quickly settled upon that all understood. For the empire and it's people to prosper there had to be more food. As such, more food was to be secured. While the hunting of elephants, hippo's giraffes, and similar was quite useful for feeding communities, an idea came about that was quite simple. What if they removed the whole tracking and hunting thing entirely? What if they raised the creatures so as to be able to benefit from them far easier, and be able to know just how many there were? Not only would this defeat overhunting and make the process easier, but it'd mean that meat would be far easier to come by. And so, a few communities of hunters went out to try and capture these beasts and tame them, or at least simply keep them contained so they could be watched and more easily gotten. Other than this, much more farmland was needed for grain and other foods that could grow along the river. And so, a good deal of effort was put into the expansion of the farmlands, and making them able to produce more than just enough for the one's maintaining them.

>Action One: Attempt to capture and domesticate large animals. (Elephants, Hippo's, whatever else similar is nearby)

>Action Two: Clear out more farmland.
Nation Name: Godflesh Collegiate
Capital: Godskin Campus
Color: Black or Gold
Race: Humans (kinda'ish)
They are very pale and abbandoned by the Graces of the Gods those without a Colegium they are part off tend to be very frail otherwise their apperance is heavily dependant on the collegium they are part off.

History: The people of the Collegiate have been abbandoned by their creator God, cruel he was and demanded war and sacrifice of them. The people rose up in rebellion and tore his flesh appart some made his Eyes their own, some his maw, some his limbs, some his bones, some his skin and lastly only the dregs remained which one took too. The Collegiate is this built around 6 collegia with a Godflesh Bearer atop and underlings he shares his power with underneath. The Collegiate is split some wish to kill all Gods others merely wish to bring the conzept of death to create some empathy for mortals among the divines.

Ok just gonna past it here
The 6 collegia operate somewhat independantly though they meat and the head rotates

Collegium of the Eyes - clayvorance predicting the future, reading stars, crystal balls and tarot stuff
Collegium of the Maw - eating stuff and absorbing portion of it's power, most agressive one they wanna eat Gods gourge themselves on their flesh
Collegium of the Muscles- value physical prowace and combat power, good at wrestling, but do melee without weapons. They value streangth and only that
Collegium of the Bones - grow a bone exoskeleton and value stalwartness and defensiveness, they are like unmovable rocks
Collegium of the Skin - they like to skin people, can wear people's skin to take on other's apperance otherwise just Godskin apostles from elden ring
Collegium of the Dregs - they are weak, but their power is dragging their opponent to their level. The stronger the pull of ones dregs the weaker you become when facing a follower of the dregs. Their Godfleshholder basically reduces any opponent to be equal in streangth to him so only skill matters

> Action 1: Expand
Expand once

> Action 2: Build City
Name: Godeye Campus
File: tegaki.png (219 KB, 338x487)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Nation: Kingdom of Illyria
Capital: Port Royal
Colors: Blue (0, 132, 255) and Gold
Race: Humans
Lore: After centuries of division, the scattered human tribes of Illyria have finally recognized a single man as their king to create a land where humanity can stand together in front of a dangerous world. Whether by the swords of its knights, by the magic of its sorcerers, or by the faith of its priests, Illyria will be a nation to last the ages.

>Action 1: Create farmlands

>Action 2: Domesticate wild horses

1 & 2. The peasantry needs land to farm, and the Daimyo land to rule. Since the coup took place, much of our lands outside the capital have been neglected and abandoned; this of course must be fixed. We shall begin expansion into the wilderness, taming the grasslands and forests which cover the island. With new lands come content lords, new farms and of course, a larger population. Once the island is ours, then we may use that population to assist in greater efforts to expand the influence of the Shogun to new shores.
File: Godflesh Holders.png (1.08 MB, 969x651)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Leaders of each of the colleges.
>Water Reserves
The Tulac set themselves to work, laying bricks and gathering large pools of water, for every trader and cart that passes through Kul'gatin's gates will need to drink.

>Expand East
The cartlords push East, following the oasis.
Note to myself, you're a principality, not a kingdom.
Nation Name: The Leakoan Republic
Capital Name: Leako
Color: Deep Purple
Race: Glikeich

Glikeich are large and extremely old crustaceans with a affinity for anything maritime/naval

Racial Trait: Glikeich are separated into multiple 'groups' due of their visible appearances and what jobs they work best at, as some could very well be able to use the nearby water as heatened projectiles when they are in water akin to pistol shrimps and some other very well can use some club like appendages to fuck up larger creatures akin to mantis shrimps and i go on , Glikeich are able to see more colors than most other races can due of a special adaption of their eyes.

The Glikeich strangely cannot use magic but in turn their outer shells allow them to be near immune to most types of magics, which make them frightening opponements to combat if you only have magic users that is... yet due of their longevity they reproduce rather slowly, not too slow but considerably slower than some other species

Lore: The Leakoan Republic is a Sprawling nation known for its complex trade routes, impressive slave markets and complex yet high quality naval building... The leakoan republic is quite ancient, with the first mention of "Leako" dating back to 2,000 years ago... since then the leakoan republic saw a massive decline since its golden age 200 years ago... which provoked the fall of their naval empire , yet the new government wish to exactly re-establish this once intercontinental spanning empire by any means necessary

Action 1: Expand South
We would expand deeper into the small (yet large compared to the much larger island ontop of my starting location) island by setting up outposts and settlements with some ports near the coasts

Action 2: Construct Shipyards
Due of our maritime nature, we decide to construct more naval shipyards to build construct more vessels for either commercial or military purposes
Nation Name: Kingdom of Dundee
Capital Name: Dun-Caver O' Fenne
Color: Brown
Race: Fenne. Desert-dwelling small humanoids with the ears and tail of foxes, as well as paw feet, hair colour tends to be pale brown, blonde and even white, skin colour is dark, teeth are sharp.
Racial Traits: Small (less strength, more agility), great hearing, padded feet (silent), short lifespan (around 50), frail (wounds more fatal), muffled magic (less magical ability, harder to magically detect).
Lore: The Clans of Dundee rose to prominence in the deserts, pushed out of home after home by larger monsters and peoples. The deserts were not kind, but the tunnelling arts of the Fenne let them get an edge on the surface threats while their excellent hearing and padded feet let them get the better of the burrowing ones. The Clans made underground dens, sheltering them, sometimes connecting several together, creating towns. These towns have enough security to start making surface structures, watch towers and forges, carving out a safe region for the Fennes on the surface. Eventually the first city would emerge, Dun-Caver, larger on the surface than underground, who used their military might and diplomacy to bring all Fennes under one banner, establishing the Kingdom of Dundee, ruled by the O' Fenne dynasty.

The Clan leaders of Dundee gather in the grand palace of Dun-Caver, attending the coronation of the new King. Overseen by High Seer Agnes, King Johan O' Fenne grants the crown of Dundee to his son Marcus, and with it, the reign of the entire kingdom.

Action 1: Crown Marcus O' Fenne the new King, a warrior king of high military prowess.
Crown Prince Marcus has studied under the finest tutors, but excelled in the military arts, becoming one of the greatest Lancers of Dundee. But he really proved himself when given the position of Marshal, taking down 5 rebellious Clans through tactical genius, personally impaling 2 of the Clan leaders while his army took down a third, making the remaining two surrender. Upon seeing his son with the severed head of a Clan leader in each hand, the King knew his son was ready for the crown and decided it best to have his son crowned while in his prime.

Action 2: Develop Warhook (military Billhook).
During Marcus' military career, he experimented with many different weapons, and used them even as Marshal. One weapon he discovered to be remarkably effective is what he calls the Warhook. It is a peasant's Bill, a blade with a reverse curve, for hooking around what you cut, put on a long shaft, with a spike going straight, for stabbing, and a spike opposite the Bill's edge, for armour piercing swings. This makes for a very versatile weapon, especially against larger opponents giving you reach and letting you hook body and limbs, so they have to yield or take additional damage. With Marcus now King there is no end to warriors who want to use this Warhook, and smiths producing them.
>action 1: develop animal shapeshifting
the tanuki are the classic omnivores, eating anything they can get their hands on including rodents, lizards, frogs, fruit, berries, insects, slugs, snails and other small invertebrates. while generally content with their small catch some tanuki managed to observe that certain animals are really good at gathering food, whether it is a bird able collect food in hard to a reach place or a big cat that is really good preying on other animals. the tanuki would soon learn to shapeshift into those creature, little by little gaining understanding of their movement and inner workings

>action 2: develop illusion magic - image projection
while other tanuki is learning how to shapeshift into animals, a certain tanuki storyteller found out that he can attract more watchers by using his innate magic not to shapeshift himself but rather by projecting images outside of his body. the projection image is rather crude and small, only covering the wooden plank the storyteller bought with him to tell stories. soon the tanuki become famous with his innovative storytelling where he narrates and showed his audience the scenes of his story with his magic. his stories "Demonic Foxes: The Tanuki Hotpot Horror Story" and "The Tanuki Five: How The Tanuki Brothers Drove Of the Foxes By Transforming Into A Huge Dragon" become a hit with the tanuki. soon various copycat storyteller would also learn how to project image in sado island.
Nation Name: Azimarius
Capital Name: Azimar
Color: Purple
Race: Azimarians(lizard niggas)
Racial Trait: Giga hella smart, but in mad scientist ways(i.e alchemy before "normal" science, magic over tools)
Lore: The Azimarians are a race of towering and hulking lizardfolk, born and raised in the dangerous swamps and jungles of their rainy homeland. The jungles of Azimar are rife with all sorts of more natural resources, but filled with many a dangerous predator, such that arguably the Azimarians arent even the top of their food chain. And yet the Azimarians grew the intelligence, and the brawn, to overcome their place in the ecosystem, cutting out a land of their own. They possess a heavily communal culture based on variations in scale coloration that at times can be inexplicably minute to outside observers, which allows them to thrive in their home but leads to much fighting and a large number of outcasts. Due to this, their natural hardiness, and other factors they have a most curious intelligence that leans more to the ethereal matters of the world than the practical. After all, what need of iron do they have with rending claws and hardy scales? Now as their race grows in number, so too do their proliclivities around and outside of Azimar.
File: unknown-346.png (3.05 MB, 3386x1452)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
Drop me here Coach
Action 1: The Azimarian Communes each focus on their own struggles, but first and foremost is the procurement of food. They make sure to cleanse the more fruity jungle areas of the more dangerous predators, typically eating them as well of course, so they have food from both hunting and foraging(Unga more food)

2. With the jungle so overtly rife with life, its no surprise the Azimarians, with their strange intellect, seek to harvest its materials for their own benefit and the benefit of their respective communes(invent Alchemy)
Posting for Bossfrog

>Nation Name:
Clan of Sagra
>Capital Name:
(Blessed) Humans
>Racial Trait:
The Sagran tribe are the descendants of the now ancient Hero, Rulo Sagra. Having been blessed with future sight, he has passed this gift down to his offspring who are capable of seeing seconds into the future at a time or potentially longer with deep training and inner peace.
Native to the arid planes, the Sagran Clan is a race that takes great pride in their history, honoring their founding ancestor and cherishing their gift. Taking after the hero Rulo, young men of the tribe often strive to become great warriors and horsemen, training the minds and bodies of themselves and their mounts to match the foresight of their gift. In a similar vein though many such risky careers which would be less desirable in other cultures are found flourishing in the tribe. Danger contraptions and chemicals excite the clan, who with their gift can often narrowly avoid otherwise sudden death from such dangerous pursuits.

>Action 1: Create Stables
Native to the plains, horsemanship is way of life to the clan. Grass grows freely to feed upon and sport has few places to hide from Sagran arrows. Whatever mountable beast resides natively to the area, courageous clansmen will surely tame and breed it.

>Action 2: Create Farmland
The tribe is larger than ever; Simple hunting is insufficient to support Rulo's people. Farmland is to be created and tended in the area surrounding Daghatar.
File: unknown-252.png (1.05 MB, 929x741)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Bossfrogs map
File: file.png (105 KB, 398x260)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
>Posted on behalf of Kulpy

Nation Name: Aquileian Republic
Capital Name: Aquileia
Color: Purple
Race: Human
Racial Trait: Divine Ancestry
Lore: Humans, once native to the mountains and forests in the east long ago, were displaced by the unification of the Trolls in what is now Big Stone. Fleeing westward, these once disjointed and scattered peoples were united under several banners, as followers of heroic individuals who led the rest of them along their exodus. These four separated tribes converged at the western coast of the continent, and together united and founded the city of Aquileia, their new home, ruled by the families of the four heroes as a republic.
The founder of these four dynasties were venerated for their heroic deeds which lead to the unification of their peoples, and this veneration would quickly become divine in nature. The descendants of these four gods inherit their heirlooms, and their divine abilities with them.

>Action 1: Farmland
Our nation has no agrarian history, and consequently the development of the local land, no matter how fertile, has been quite slow. It is now the responsibility of the Senate to step in and organize the agricultural development of the city.

>Action 2: Ocean-Vessels
The wealthy Senators of the city relax on our shores, and can see with their own eyes the islands nearby. The ocean calls to our people, as it has since our exodus from the east. We must heed this call! Our small fishing vessels are made larger, able to hold more men and travel further distances.
File: Sagra capital.png (310 KB, 442x553)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Capital change
Nation Name: Gragel Underempire
Capital Name: Gragel Waren
Color: Silver
Race: Kobolds
Racial Trait: Small, about half the height of a human on average; Rapid breeders; Ingenious inventers; Short lived; Inbuilt greed; Little Self Preservation.
Lore: Kobolds are a race many others may consider vermin or simply an insane race made by contradictions. The Kobolds are a race that breed rapidly and can live near 40 years; but rarely make it past 10 years of age. This is due to the Kobold's natural greed, kobold mating rituals require shiny or valuable objects, along with their high intelligence and lack of self preservation. This has lead to many a warren being wiped out by their own traps going wrong.
Gragel Waren is named after the patriarch and possibly the oldest Kobold at 45 years old. The waren was dug into the mountains and has only expanded as generations grew and other warrens were subjugated. Gragel then claimed to be king of the mountain and sought to claim all the mountains for himself.

Capital location: Eastern continent; southern mountain range.

1. Gragel need more shiny! Dig Deep; seek shiny! (search for resources)
2. Gragel need food! Others maybe need food; maybe they ate yesterday. More farms. Dig out more cave to raise mushroom and worms. (Build Farm)
(Did a major derp on the time period, very big derp, with my second action jumping time by 2k-3k years, this must be corrected.)

Action 2 Revised: Develop Warhook (Dagger Axe-Spear).
During Marcus' military career, he experimented with many different weapons, from swords to polearms, but one he became really effective with, was what he calls a War Hook. It is a shaft afixed with both a dagger style blade perpendicular with the shaft, near one end, with the tang going through the shaft, making an even more secure fit and acting as a partial counterweight, as well as a speartip on said end. This makes a polearm that can both stab and swing for massive damage, thanks to the long shaft. But the biggest feature is it's ability to hook onto larger enemies' bodies and limbs, even able to grab onto enemies who may be mounted and yank them off their mount. Now that Marcus is king, and has proven the effectiveness of his signature weapon, there is no end to warriors seeking their own Warhook, which makes there be no end to weaponsmiths trying to make these proto-halberds, testing all sorts of configurations, some even mounting several dagger blades perpendicular to the shaft, making double or even triple-dagger axes, before finally reaching a very similar design to the one Marcus O' Fenne used when he struck down the two rebellious Clan chiefs.
The sun sets and rises again. A new dawn, a new cosmic day. Let us see what it has in-store for the youngling of the world.
> expand north
The big chief of the tribe issues an order, it’s purpose clearly inspired by some higher power
“You go up to big sloshy thingy that drowns and go sit there and eat and come back when I tells ya”
Truly, such inspiring words have never been seen before
The feathered folk of the isle cast their gaze over the blue horizons. Theyir new docks are shoddy at best, but it is a humble beginning. Even bolder they strike a first step towards taming the blue expanse, and begin experimenting with ships tougher, and larger than the common fisherman's (1/2).

The father blesses the fields and soon their gardeners will know the fruits they planted. But forget not to spare the occasional glance from the sky to the earth, for it has much to teach of its bounties. This knowledge will certainly aid in the feeding of the budding outpost, and grow it into a great city.

The Gyd grows, and asif a symbolic brother, so does a new city follow. But yet a seed, given time, it will mature into a mighty harvest.

The toilings of Utpalem would bare fruit of Nature and Labor as their plantations and outpost s take root.

The frogmen take note of their land and come see they have much to learn from its animals. The chameleon does not simply change color, it blends with its surroundings. Knowing how to navigate this, is the difference between life and death. Meanwhile cultivators of the land conduct their own studies, and a farm is founded.

The Kitsune work to restore their former stature and a new village tasked with feeding the people is founded.

The totems are carved and the gibilins are relieved that dark forces will find little respite in their lands. Though beyond is a different story, as the hunting party finds success but at great cost. A third return, but their experience will prove of value.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most life that calls the desert sands its homes are minuscule in comparison to the giant snakes themselves. Yet the fabled sand-serpents may be a fitting prize. (1/3). For now, a humble farm is their first real achievement.

Their sights set on new beginnings, a flock of citizens leave to establish a new town dedicated to the college of the godeye

Illyria finds itself in no shortage of food or steeds thanks to their efforts.

The Taluc thirst not after water or adventure. Their newfound wells and explorative efforts see to this. Overtime, a new village comes to form towards the east.

Efforts begin to regain dominion of the sea. A dock is built, and an outpost breaks land on the southern island.

Marcus ascends to the throne and the people rejoice, long may he reign. His appointment sparks no end of wannabes and many seek training in the proficiency if their lord's preferred weapon.
The Tanuki aim to expand their arsenal of tricks, and to them comes a natural understanding of the critters they share their home with. Yet to truly claim mastership over trickery, they must first expand their minds and look to study illusionary arts (1/2)

Big brained as always, the Commune takes steps to first feeds their bellies before feeding their curiosity. They discover that alchemy comes naturally to them. (1/2)

Farms and stables sprout from the land, and richer more are the lives of your people.

The farms will feed your people, while the taunting of the sea stirrs your hunger for adventure. You begin work on developing worthier vessels to conquer the sea(1/2)

The kobolds curiosity runs deep, and likewise they find the earth holds iron as their reward. Yet so kind is the earth that it rewards them with their sought after farm as well.

So long does it take for the command to return to reach these trolls that they inadvertently extend the reach of the grill nation, and found a dwelling.
>Action 1: Ihpalem
Another band of Huterang settlers head up the river Palemgai to higher ground, founding the outpost of Ihpalem close to the source from which it gushes from the ground. (x)

>Action 2: Feed the outposts.
A new plantation is established in the vicinity of each of the outposts of Utbanda and Ihpalem to feed the Huterang of these new settlements as they grow.
File: Turn.png (72 KB, 206x226)
72 KB

Derp, missed the image.
>Action 1: Expand to the lands to the west

>Action 2: Send explorers south With OOC the intent of meeting the Aquileians
For action 1, I'm waiting till the map is up to indicate where exactly.
The glorious Aak inherit the world around us, but as they expand they come to notice movement of orange fur.

In Aak-tongue they are known as the Orgartanum, the tree peoples, a kind the Aak would prefer not getting into a scrap with so soon. A small family is sent to see about speaking to them, the tongues of the Aak’s neighbours being known to them.

Action 1: Clasticrete (Aakish Concrete)

A revolutionary formulation in Aakish architecture, Clasticrete is formed as a slurry before setting into place, as firm and unmoving as the mightiest stones.

The material quickly becomes popular among homesteaders, architects and begins cropping up in new works all across the Entreaty.

Of note in this era is the Venerable Mausoleum of Clastaa, remade with this new material as the centre of veneration for the Honoured Ancient who taught us to work stone into buildings in ancient times.

Action 2: Grand Visions (Settle another outpost)

Influential families convene on the great walkways for several days to convene, discuss and debate between themselves. Drink is had, bread is broken before a prevailing idea comes to the forefront of the Aak meet.

A grand nation of Aak, cities as far as eye can see. A terrible map is acquired, settlements are scrawled upon all the most appealing sites and arms are folded in consensus. The firstmost site to settle is marked as 1, and perhaps the most tenuous, the river near the mountain.

Families assemble their things, armed with knowledge of new building materials, to see about forming their new homestead upon fertile soil.

The name they choose for this place is Kaanon (Tower-city), though much like the last it is not yet so bustling.
1. Yes yes! Good many tools to be made. But forge needed. For forge wood needed. Send lowly ones to go gather wood. Set up lumber mill.
2. Need claim more land; claim shiny. Set up outpost on southern river. Enforce territory.
(Posting on behalf of Seeker)

Post on behalf of Kefka of Azimar

1. Various members of every Commune inevitably go down the path of increasing their alchemical knowledge, and their first forays inevitably create a number of successes and failures alike(Alchemy 1/2)

2. Some Azimarian Communes develop proper farms where they can grow and cultivate extra food to survive(Make farms)
1. continue developing animal shapeshifting
the tanuki continue developing their understanding of animals near them. While big cats and birds are simple enough to observe, more complex creature such as small insects and fishes needs a little bit more effort to be studied by the tanuki. (1/2)

2. build fisheries
having to hunt your food gets old after while and so a few tanukis built simple fisheries made of bamboo and root nets on the coast of Sado so they dont have to hunt further inland.

With the expansion of the various farmland in the empire, along with the attempts to tame creatures that could be utilized as a food source taking longer than expected, a greater deal of effort by the communities working the various farming settlements would swiftly work on ways to make the process easier and more productive. After all, until sizable creatures that could be tamed were found and captured all production of food relied upon the farms and hunting, and the farms were far more consistent. As such efforts to try and ensure more crops grew larger and healthier would be worked upon, so that the people of the Salivanid empire would not need to worry about famine or hunger. After all, if there was one way to cause issues and friction among the various communities that made up the empire it was a lack of food. Still, the search for various large animals and their taming would continue and carry on. It surely wouldn't take too much longer, right? Once food was sorted more important things to ensuring that the history of the empire would last would be able to be worked upon. Ideally, that would not be delayed for too long.

>Action One. Continue trying to tame Elephants, hippo's, ECT, or even just find them at this stage.

>Action Two. Agricultural advancements.
Life goes on in the Kingdom of Dundee, ruled by King Marcus' firm hand and Stewart Johan's wise counsel. The Clans know it best to not cause any trouble, for the military has never been stronger, so any uprising is sure to be short. Some less loyal Clans gather Warhook warriors to try and get a head start on the King's Army, but most see the writing on the wall. The fact this king was crowned at such a young age means the current Clan Chiefs will die of old age before any less competent King gets crowned. Still, the king is young, and Johan can only provide advice for so long until he keels over from old age, leaving Marcus the only one in command, and though he's a fine general, he's a yet unproven king.

Action 1: Establish outpost to the west, toward/at the coast (capital in desert on eastern continent). Name new outpost/region: Ocea-de.
The Fennes have been heavily reliant on cactus farming, out in the desert. Cacti rely on what little moisture the air holds in order to grow, the closer a desert is to water, the more moisture can be collected. While going to the savannas would give us a lot of food, we'd also have to deal with the beasts and people who drove us into the desert in the first place. But there are deserts to the west, toward the ocean, where there's much more moisture, but still isn't hospitable for our bigger oppressors.

Action 2: Develop Ostrich Riders (1/3).
The Fennes have hunted many beasts, bested and slain even mighty elephants and rhinos. But one intrigues them more than any other, the Ostrich. The Ostrich runs faster than even the wind, and especially faster than the short-legged Fennes, but they aren't skittish like the gazelles, no, the Ostrich is aggressive, warlike, and vicious, with powerful kicks that fell many a Fenne. If the Fennes could find a way to mount the Ostriches, they'd be a fighting force like none other, the terror of all other Fennes. But before all that, they first need to catch those birds, whether through hunting or through bait and trap.
Action 1: Construct a farm near the outpost

>With most of the island having been 'colonized' , the leakoans living there would need food other than fishes, crustaceans and other seafood, thus it would only be logical that we begun to set up a farm close to the outpost, said farm(Well rice field) would make constantly rice, which should keep the outpost well fed for a while

Action 2: Send out a ship to rediscover lands

>After the fall of the leakoan empire, the dream of reforming it is still in glikeichans minds, and thus a expedition constituing of a single ship, the 'Onchimede' would be sent toward a chain of islands that the leakoan empire once controlled, with hope of gaining them back...
As the peasantry begins to settle into the newly expanded land; the many clans who displayed their loyalty to the previous Shōgun now come to Shōgun Matsumae with their petitions to claim the new land as their own. The "victor", so to speak, would be Kikkawa Rejin; Daimyo of the Kikkawa Clan. Having pledged his entire formation of spell-swords during the coup, this reward for their dedication to the cause of the Shōgunate is to be well shown to all.

1. Outpost to the west
2. Farms in that outpost.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)

Action 1: The new bondlins (archers) who recently came from their proving hunt are tasked to seek new Gibs to join their ranks immediately and to take part of the next hunt once they are properly equipped ans trained.

Action 2: With the warding totems built the Shaman "He who conquers the felled tree Gib Glak", leader and shaman the Dag Dag worries over his people's safety if the various forest spirit's ire is turned on the Gibilins. To resolve this he wanders into the forest alone and scared just like his forebearers to speak with the spirit animals and seek their council on how to better commune with them and interpret their actions.
> Action 1: Collegium of the Godmuscles recruitment in the Salivanid Empire
Having been granted permission the Allumni of the Godmuscle get on their way to look for fresh recruits among the Salivanids. Afterall they are really big and more-big means more-muscle.

They of course only recruit from nonbelievers and predominantly look for people with a talent for sports.

> Action 2: Expand west
(along the northern coast)
*edit: change action 2 to: build farm

I did not know expanding is not the way this is supposed to be played
Fluff: With food now stable for the mean time, what comes next is general education. Having a system of passing along knowledge is of great importance and it can even lead to new ideas that can benefit the society as a whole in the future.

1 action: Stealth Training
With basic training out of the way, games like hide and seek on a more professional level are to be played. There is no grand reward for it, but being able to hide away makes for far greater security than out right defense.

1 action: Develop Schooling
While yes it may benefit to have more selective teachings, having a set standard to learn is of great value. At least 2-3 days a week should have a sizable chunk of time set aside for those that are not fit to work yet to learn from an elder, and perhaps take something of note from them and make it better

>Action 1 - Complete Sturdier Ships
>Action 2 - Farm (Seafood)

Since time immemorial, Glarians have soared on the warm thermals over the sparkling waters, keen eyes searching for the telltale glint of fish in the shallow coasts. Tucked wings and rushings winds prelude the cold depths of the water, beak piercing the scaled skin of their soon-to-be meal. A couple quick flaps later, and the meal can be enjoyed, (or shared, however unwillingly) on the salty shore.

Now though, Glarian are as wont to use their hands and tools as their beaks and wings. Trawlings nets, baited lines, each has turned up more fish than one Glarian can catch on their own, and so the ever-hungry crowds turn to charting out fishing routes, searching for rich fishing grounds and plundering the depths. These new boats, larger and sturdier than before, will serve well.
By the ongoing grace of the almighty Father of the Sky and Mother of the Earth, His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I does hereby decree that Naçeaun shall know not rest till all of Leaux-Cándois and her surrounding isles are under our command! Further, see how her gifts she bestows upon us this day with a son! Glory to the Mother of the Earth! In her honour shall a grand temple be built, for which quarries of stone need be cut.

>Action 1 - More expansion
>Action 2 - Quarry & Temple
File: NRP map my region.png (284 KB, 408x499)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
I have decided. I want my second city at the center of the plains to my northwest.
> Building: build two outposts to the north, name them Erre and Dulyn
The troll chief is furious- how dare his subjects not remind him that they had been sent to stand guard!?
And they started FARMING too! Never before has a troll farmed!
For PUNISHMENT those FILTHY TRAITORS shall be made to live together for the rest of their lives!
Posting on behalf of the
>Republic of Aquileia
(your lore was too long, so I've saved it in the lore document).

>Action 1: Construct the First Temple of Aquileia, the Temple of Milo
A grand temple in honor of the first hero of the Republic, the interior of which holds a large carved stone statue of Milo, built to the alleged scale of Milo's titan body. The front of the temple is adorned with symbols of flaming blades and spears (weapons that kill horses).

>Action 2: Naval Vessel Construction, 2/2
The seas continue to call to citizens of Aquileia. The coastline stretched with an assembly line of carpenters and engineers constructing larger vessels capable of weathering the open ocean.
Posted on behalf of the Sensei Khanate

The Raa'zac have turned their genius to new heights, normally the Supreme strength of the Sensei damages and blunts weapons quickly, but a new technique of layering the metal of blades grants new weapons longer lives, and helps transfer more of the might of the strike without deformation.

The Karnis Khan-Father, named after the First, Karn - announces to the city of Kul'gatin from the raised balcony of the temple of Karn. Wearing only a simple fur kilt, and an ornate bronze circle belt guard, he bellows out to the Sensei and their thralls

"SONS OF KARN, HEAR MY CALL! Outlanders have stepped foot within our most sacred city. Far too long we have been content to scrounge in the sands of our fathers and their fathers before, picking over spoils ancient when even we were born. We were created to rule! And so we shall, I command thee- my brothers and sons, those of the wastes - venture out. Find outlanders, offer them the same offer Karn gave those that mocked him on his first conquest. Surrender or die. Take what you will, see the weak driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women. Bring the spoils of the outlanders back to Kul'gatin!"

instigate a raid, in any random direction, any neighbor in range (roll a die I don't care, we don't know enough yet to pick targets, all we know is that more people are out there.)
Posted on behalf of Sudlunders

Turn 2
1. It is the humans who begin to form the first "government" among the sudlunders. The tribes begin to gather, and in their gatherings, by warrior combat or by superiority of resource and numbers, determine which among them is strongest. The first tribal kings make their name known
2. The giants follow second, mimicing the humans, albeit at a much more personal level. Who is the strongest, the tallest, worthy to be called King of the giants.
File: Turn2.png (3.07 MB, 3386x1453)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
Another cycle draws to an end, and new one takes its place. Let us see what the world has shapen into at the strike of this dawn.

Following the mother river which has nourished their people for generations, many travel from Utpalem further upstream to the river’s end. Here they defiantly carve out a new community for themselves on the forest’s edge, practically a spitting distance away from their recently found friends (or foes), the Aak. What interesting future awaits these adventurous souls? That will have to wait, as their bellies can hardly be neglected for such distant matters. A new farm springs up from the land, and its bounties will go a long way to fending off the hunger of the budding Utbanda and Ihpalem.

>Kingdom of Illyria
The illyrians gaze upon the distant horizons and dare to dream of what lies over them. Seeking to know a wider world, many like-minded dreamers pack their things and take a bold new step into the unknown. They track for days, and find themselves within a vast sea of green,hills rolling across the landscape like great frozen waves. Out here in the vast yet serene emptiness they feel at home, for they are as free as the land they walk. Here they settle down and lay new roots for themselves, aptly naming their newfound community as the Emerald Hills. Eager to create something for themselves and of themselves, they toil the empty fields to spring forth new life and fruit which will feed them and their descendants for generations to come.

>Iaakan Entreaty
Whenever you have a leaky roof, it’s best to have an Aak around. Their architectural ingenuity sees them produce the world’s first cement mixture, creating a frenzy in demand for this wonder-substance. Sturdier, stronger, though perhaps a bit uglier, the dwellings Entreaty are without equal! Yet even this solid discovery is merely a foundation for a grand and great future for their people. A city on every hill is what the Aak envision, and it certainly seems possible now. Eager to get started, a new community named Kaanon takes shape.

Despite their energetic eagerness, the kobolds know that failing to plan is planning to fail. With their eyes set on loftier goals, they take the first steps and create for themselves a lumbermill. The mighty pines of these lands are absolutely massive, ensuring that felling even a single tree will feed the great forge fires of the Kobolds for days. Their ambition is not solely in tinkering however, as some kobolds look even further beyond the skyscraping trees, and know that there is more to the world than their small corner. They strike out and create for themselves a community of their own following the chilling river.
The initial attempt yields intriguing results, and it’s back to the kitchen for the mad lizards. Boiling, toiling, and occasionally foiling, they brew away the days into all sorts of concoctions and creations. One particular lizard “masterfully yet unintentionally” fumbled around in his lab with just the right chemicals and discovered a wildly mutagenic potion. Struck with the wildly unconventional idea to test this mutagen on a a bed of crops, the mad lizard feeds a bed of vegetables the brew. Nothing happens at first, and frustrated he retires for the day. The next morning, he notices a commotion around the crops he “watered” They’ve turned into man sized plants, but that’s the least surprising thing. This plant apparently “ate” a poor farmer that ended up as plant food thinking that the morning was going to be like any other, not knowing it’d be his last. Instead of excising the mad lizard, he is instead praised as a genius, and a new alchemical crop is created. (man eaters created, a plant that’ll eat a poor unsuspecting animal/people that gets too close and swells in size)

>Jugemu Clan
Their sights set on the animal kingdom, the Tanuki aim to become masterful scholars of their critter kin that call the island home as well in order to better learn how to imitate their forms. They further master their shapeshifting skills, but soon learn that there are limits to what they can achieve and that size does matter after all. The Tanuki cannot transform into creatures either much smaller than themselves, or much larger, the dimensional differences are just too extreme and the strain on the body too great. However with practice they learn to adopt the form of these creatures and shape into them them to the proportions of the average Tanuki. (2/2) Perhaps eager to use these newfound abilities, they set their sites on the ocean. Just be careful that fish you caught doesn’t turn out to be your brother, otherwise, that’ll be an awkward family dinner.
>Salivanid Empire
The Salivanid are a determined folk, and continue on with their efforts to find beasts that can match them in stature. Finally they find worthy stock roaming across the landscapes which had traveled all the way to their oasis of all places on an old Migratory route. Giant beasts known as plains eaters waddle along. Apart from their huge shapes, they are generally unimposing creatures. However, the true threat lies in their strange physiology. Covered in hard scales, they are able to roll up into large ball and crush anything unfortunate enough to anger such a temperamental beast. After great struggles, and even some casualties, the beasts are finally corralled, but it’ll be fierce task to tame them. (2|3)
Studying the earth is to study oneself. Or at least, offer one firmer footing. What was first, the plant or the seed? Why are eggplants shaped like that? To answer these questions, and gain the greatest harvest, the snakes begin to dig up some answers. (1|2)

The aspiring Dundee march across the scorching sands to find a fresh haven for themselves and extend the reach of the Kingdom. Meanwhile others set their sites of the feathery giants of the land in hopes to tame them to their own ends. A few unfortunate would-be tamers suffer some nasty kicks resulting in caved in ribs and shredded torsos, but every injury leads to progress and finally the flightless foe is corralled. Now for the the truly hard part: Taming them. (1\2)

>Leakoan Republic
Variety is the spice of life, and to prevent their tastebuds from just killing themselves, the Shrimp offer their slaves a choice: Either man our rice farm, or end up on our plates instead. Understandably, they choose the former and take to feeding their masters the best they can. Still, the unfortunate slacker ends up as a side dish from time to time. And while fruits of labor blossom at home, there is still the matter of their former glory needing to be reclaimed. With one eye on the future, and another on the horizon, the scouting party sets forth to map out their former territories once more. Though largely uneventful, the party does manage to stumble across an ancient ruin on one the islands, seemingly bearing ancient markings of their people. Perhaps it could hold some forgotten value?

>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
It would fall to the Kikkawa clan to deliver the West unto the Shogun, and knowing it best not to disappoint their master’s wishes, set out immediately. Finally they settle in lush lands, establishing farms to feed their budding outpost. However, even though Rejin knew these lands held promise, he’d never have known just how true that would be until the first harvest. The land here seems to be somewhat infused with the power of the earth, and those that eat it can feel the magic swell in their bodies (Mana infused crops, which aids recovering the magic of its consumer
>Covenant of Dag Da
The Goblins find a surplus of volunteers eager to swell their ranks. Having learned from their vicious passed encounters, the newbies are trained in the art of tracking, stalking, and striking to kill from the shadows. Mock sessions lead to true hunt trials, and though some still fall to the wrath of the wilds, the Bondlins eventually become fierce hunters that can fell some of the fiercest beasts in the land. Yet equally as important as militant might is spiritual wisdom, and the shaman consults the spirits. They impart unto him their wisdom, that to gain their favor they must fear less and embrace more. Adorning themselves in the skin of the beast, painting themselves in its blood, and adopting their primal natures will bring the Goblins closer to the spirit of the wild, and walk alongside its inhabitants.

>Godflesh Collegiate
The Godmuscles would have little need to be overly selective, as the Salivanid are a surprisingly active people and as such sport impressive physiques to go along with their alarming size. Yet many are proud of the nation they call home and only few take up the offer of the Godmuscle’s recruitment efforts. Regardless, a steady stream is supplied and overtime the college finds itself with many willing, eager, and useful recruits (Immigration treaty). More mouths to feed means more food is needed, and for this a farm is easily slapped together with Salivanid and Godmuscles alike flexing on each other to see who can plow the most fields the fastest. Maybe it was the overabundance of testosterone emanating off these forces, but the plants this season are almost 10 times larger than normal, truly a monster harvest! (Impressive yield, you get +1 expansion point this turn).

The greatest prize is nothing material, but rather the establishing the fact for all to see one’s own superiority over them. The games find massive success, and many attend and even participate in the sport. Over time a large portion of the nation learns that adaptability means nothing without swiftness, and develop a knack for quickly shifting their camouflage to blend in with the environment even while on the move. But all play and no work makes frogs a stupid nation, and fortunately they have the wisdom to see value in emparting vital information un to each other. This sharing of information ultimately enhances the knowledge pool of the nation, improving their advancements in the scientific arts. Now to just build a facility to house these efforts.
Many trials, many *sunken* trials one should say rather, and the Glarians have finally mastered the carpenting skills needed to produce for themselves worthy vessels with which to roam the seas. Now truly no shoreline is safe from the sky-born defoulement sure to soon rain down upon them. Though for as magnificent as an achievement this is, it is dwarfed by the hype of their recent development: farms. Yields unlike anything they’ve known before fill their plates with some of the freshest and most delicious seafood they’ve ever had. In jubilation the island roars, and a moment of fleeting prosperity graces the island (you get +1 expansion point this turn)

>His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I
The Father watches as his followers diligently work to cover the land with his grace, erecting monuments in his honor, and spreading words of his praise that bounce around the island.Truly, his nation will grow to be as vast as the heavens itself as he blesses them in their efforts. The people find themselves united more than ever, and the nation enters a feverish dedication to their goals of claiming the land in the name of their father (for the next 3 turns, expansions will cover a larger area than normal)

>Stonestomp tribe
For creatures of such large stature, the trolls suffer a short temper. Innovations never before dreamed of are spat on (yet still exploited) and the innovators scolded by foolish leadership. Yet, with a wide world out there they figure it best to just comply and found the desired outposts so they can find some peace and quiet away from needlessly loud chiefs. And who knows? Maybe a few decades from now, they could even be chiefs too…

>Republic of Aquileia
Milo the magnificent is venerated first among all the ancestor gods, and rightfully so for among the 4 he was the first to ascend beyond the mortal limits of the Aquileians. The grand opening of the first temple is flocked my so many worshipers that it can’t possibly house them all, and even for miles outside doe people queue to give their praises. (Milo’s becomes the current head of the pantheon, his bloodline is strongest). And just as Milo conquered the trolls of old, so will the republic follow his example and conquer the ocean. Mighty vessels break apart the waves and offer the Aquileians passage across the vast blue domain.
>Sensei Khanate
As expert as Raa’zac forging is, with the materials they have at hand their goals are yet to be achieved in the crafting of fine weapons. Yet, the end result is a peculiarly triangular shaped mace, its edges sharp enough to cut into a foe, but with enough weight behind them to cleave straight through on a good swing. Should it dull then the weapon still remains a formiddable blunt weapon, able to shatter bones with little effort. Eager to putt to the test these new tools of carnage, and to taste the spoils of war and blood, the Khanate gather their troops and set out on a raid. Roaming the desert in search of fabled serpents that called these sands home as well, the Sensei inevitably found their prey: the Salivanid empire

>The Sudlunders
Without a king, how can the people possibly have order? And with so many different kinds of races living among each other, order is sorely needed. Though driven rather by brutish instinct rather than desire for civility, the first Kings of the frozen men and Giants rise to the top of the frozen food chain and establishes their dominance respectively. Like the permafrost of the South, may they reign for an eternity until all is frost or melts away!

Action 1: Make the Man Eaters edible.

The Man Eater Crop certainly has its uses as a deterrrent and generally a interesting crop, but some Azimarians are struck by more fanciful ideas. One of those is to make it so that some Man-Eaters are edible and taste, by virtue of converting whatever they eat into extra tasty nutrients. These Man-Eaters would be plopped into the more dangerous parts of the forest and harvested as they grow fatter from gobbling unsuspecting animals.

2. Build a city west.

As the Azimarian population grows a number of Communes leave or are forced out of generally overpopulated areas, and form a new Grand Commune(i.e city)where the many communes can go about their business and settle their feuds. Naturally these over time grow a distinct culture from the other Grand Commune they left. They name this the Inavar Grand Commune, while the old one of Azimar continues its growth. A bitter rivalry begins to form, for reasons yet unknown outside of some forms of overt stateism.
>Posted on behalf of of the Republic of Aquileia
Lore Point; Heirloom, Blade of Milo Leodrike
As the scattered Aquileian tribes wandered west, through the harsh desert plains, the hero Milo made himself known. Gargantuan sand dwelling creatures, leftover from an ancient and savage time, eating men and women whole, bursting out of the sands in dusty explosions. The people scattered, unable to defend themselves, running for their lives. Amidst this chaos, the screaming of men and the growling of their quarry ceased for a moment, silence lingering in the air. A second, blinding sun shone at the peak of a nearby dune. Though this light was indeed not a sun, as during this moment of silence, the thunderous, bellowing shout of Milo Leodrike echoed through the sands. The light was indeed the reflection atop of his blade, raised above his head as he sat on his mount, a noble horse of the sands.
As his fellow men fled away from the beasts, he instead charged forth, alone, a scream so immense in volume, it is said to have partially deafened many of those he passed. The crowd watched, in awe, as Milo met those who threatened the existence of their nation on the battlefield, a single man against dozens of giant sand serpents, hulking horned quadrupeds, and feral lions. It is said that even as a normal man, Milo was able to fell ten of these beasts, his blade imbued not just with the power of the divine, but with the immeasurably infinite willpower of a mortal, felling those it touched as if they were themselves as strong as sand. After an hour of fighting, Milo's steed was felled, torn out from beneath him by one of the serpents. As his horse expired, the man continued to stand alone, the Aquileian spectators wanting to help, but unable, a force beyond their comprehension preventing them from even shielding their eyes from the blistering sun.
In yet another moment, the god of the mortal plane revealed himself, having taken the form of the horse, and imbuing Milo's blade with his power. Having changed his mind, he attempted to abandon Milo and his people, considering them to be now too weak to be deserving of his power. This godly aspect attempted to leave the mortal realm and ascend back into the heavens, though man would not let him go easily. Milo, abandoned by the god and now stripped of his loaned powers once more releases a shout from his lungs, yet despite lacking the temporary powers of a god, his guttural roar was this time even louder, and his blade once more engulfed itself if a blinding light, though this time not wrapped in soft, godly rays, but instead an intense and reddish-orange flame. The hopes of the Aquileian people were all laid within the aid of this divine aspect. A hope crushed as it attempted to flee.

The last hope for the survival of the new nation lay within the lone man standing in the midst of great beasts, a man now imbued with the power of mortal willpower and hope. This revelation surprised the god, as he turned around and observed this unprecedented turn of events. Milo leaped through the air, no longer a normal man, but a giant titan, with pointed ears and the teeth of a carnivore. The transformed Milo killed the aspect who attempted to leave him and his people for dead, and shortly annihilated the remaining beasts of the desert, turning the sands from an uninhabitable wasteland, to quiet and peaceful dune sea. It is said somewhere in the sands lays a "great glass circle", marking the place where the hero Milo first proved that the Aquileians make their own gods.
The descendants of Milo are the Leodrike dynasty, one of the four main aristocratic families of the republic. The carrier of the Blade of Milo is his direct descendant, male or female firstborn child. Named after their divine ancestor (Milo for males, Mila for females) they carry the same indominable willpower of their forefather. The Leodrikes are known for their headstrong nature and persistence to accomplish their goals, and consequently are the driving senatorial force behind societal reform and progression. Additionally, their personal retinue are renowned footsoldiers, shunning the use of horse cavalry in a symbolic rejection of the god who abandoned their people.
1. continue developing illusion magic: sound projection (1/2)
While image projection was a novel concept of storytelling for a while, its wasnt long until every other tanuki storyteller in the Sado learned it and began doing the same thing. a few years later another tanuki found a new idea to keep his storytelling fresh, he would learn to trick not only the eyes of listener but also its hearing. while normally the storyteller narrates the story with its own voice, this one particular storyteller managed to invoke the sound of a roaring tigers, flash of lighting, tsunami waves, tempesteous winds, burning flames and volcano explosion into his story. achieving a level of immersion never seen before in tanuki storytelling history. soon he become the hottest storyteller in Sado and others would learn to copy his trick.

2. Build an outpost (hunting camp) in the mainland to the south
Having tasted the meat of every animals nearby, tanuki hunters would shapeshift and fly/swim towards the mainland in an effort to search for a new, more delicious animal. in the coast, they built a small outpost that also function as a hunting camp where the tanuki hunters can temporarily rest and store their catch before heading back towards Sado island.
Posted for Bossfrog, Turn 2

>Excerpt 1: The Great Hero, Rulo Sagra - Part 1
Following the collapse of the Empire of the Primordial Dragons and the rise of the beastfolk on the continent pushing humanity further and further East, there was little that humanity could do to defend itself. Plunged into chaos and surrounded by beastial creatures bred for war, humanity was finding itself on its last leg. The latest border of an ever shrinking domain, the tribes of the Steppe faced conflict and incursion almost daily, nearly finding themselves wiped out entirely before the emergence of a hero by the name of Rulo Sagra.

>Action 1: Create the Academy of War
As descendants of an ancient hero of war and humanity's vanguard against the beastial races, a culture promoting strength and preparedness is prominent among the clan. Studious and orderly people by nature, the academy is a natural addition to the city of Daghatar to aid young men and women in achieving their true potential and bringing honor to the clan.

>Action 2: Create the Academy of the Arts
Not ones to allow their lives to be dominated by fear or struggle, the Sagran clan who celebrate their culture and revel in their success often, performing plays, recounting tales and myths, and reminding the people of both their privilege's and responsibilities as a mighty Sagran. This is a place where history is preserved and celebrated so that it may inspire future stories worth remembering.
War is a splendid performance in its own right, and the arts themselves can be a cruel and unforgiving battlefield. Both seemingly worlds apart, yet valuable in their own way. The clan's of Sagra value both and create Academies to honor each. Many Sagrans would seek to study not one or the other, but instead see the value in attending both colleges. The result of this is a unique philosophy of brutish artisanry which is as deadly as it is captivating which, and attracts keen warriors with an eye for perfectionist expressionism. (If your nation's culture value is stronger, half of it will contribute to your military rating. If your military rating is stronger, half of it will contribute to your culture rating)
Actions: Farms

With new dwellings comes an increased demand for food, one that is readily sated by Aak workers and their many busy hands.

These two are farms dedicated to the growth of mixed vegetables, the Arro (A red carrot-like plant with wild spiralling shoots), Labyrinfroot, (a maizelike blocky vegetable with mild hallucinogenic properties to non Aak), Lunyuns (excessively sharp tear-inducing vegetables packed with umami), Taromatros (blue in colour with a surprising sweet and sour taste), Leas (Pod-based vegetables that have a tendency to explode in ones mouth when properly cooked) and lastly Atos (Earthy, starchy and wholesome vegetables, fit to feed a family for their prodigious size)
(First a correction on the map. Dun-Caver is supposed to be smack dab in the middle of the desert. Ocea-de should be where Dun-Caver currently is.)
The Ostriches become quite the sensation in Dun-Caver, though nobody manages to ride them, there are a fighting pits setup, where a brave Fenne, tries taking on an ostrich alone. They find that the Warhook quite effective, managing to hook around the ostrich's neck and legs. Marcus considers joining in, but the sheer death toll among the Fenne contenders is a bit much, even for him, now that he is king. Ostrich eggs become a delicacy for the royal family, and a whole new set of ostrich feather fans are fashioned, allowing them to remain cool, even in the sweltering desert.

Action 1 (Farm): Build Royal Desert Farm east of Dun-Caver.
As food use increases, supplying not only Dun-Caver but also the up and coming Ocea-de, farms start to rise to match. But even though these farms are highly profitable, they also take a long time to establish, during which many a farmer may go bankrupt. Marcus thus decides to make a Royal farm, soaking the startup cost with his plentiful coffers, and making even more money by selling the food from these farms, perhaps even growing some more luxurious crops, perhaps even raising some ostriches.

Action 2 (Military): Develop Rhino Armour (lamellar leather armour).
Fennes have ever been fragile people, wounds that would maim a beast can end up killing a Fenne. Marcus is keenly aware of this, and during his military career tested out many methods of minimizing damage to himself while retaining agility to be able to dodge. One result he found promising involves using leather scales sown together in an overlapping pattern, making it effectively twice as thick and in large panels which would be difficult to get in a single piece of uniform thickness. This leather is heavy though, so not even Marcus can run around with a full set of it, but he needs only wear a cuirass and bracers, to protect his centre of mass and the extremities of his arms, which he's swinging around. There's also attempts to make helmets, but they end up restricting sight and/or breathing, which is bad when you're running around a battlefield filled with trip-hazards. But if something handled the running and awareness of terrain for them, then the helmet would become more ideal.
File: NRP my region.png (257 KB, 427x452)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
>Passive Expansion: Emerald Hill, radially
>Actions (Wealth): Build Market in Port-Royal
With formal contact established with the Aquileians, voices in Port-Royal push for the potential for commerce to be exploited, the effort bearing fruit in the approval of the construction of a Royal Market.

>Action 2 (Industry): Build Lumber Yard in Emerald Hills at the edge of the easter forest.
But with all that excitement comes the question of exactly *what* to trade them. Foodstuffs are out of the question, Aquileia has enough for its own, and Illyria's food supplies are needed to ensure a steady increase in population. Then, a royal councilor has the idea: what about wood? The Aquileian lands are mostly grassy plains with little of this universal resource, while Illyria is chockful with dense forests to exploit. Henceforth, the plans for further agricultural development in Emerald Hills will be pushed back on schedule to establish a lumber mill in the neighboring pine forest. It will be outside the settlement's area of direct influence until it reaches, but the help of the domesticated horses is bound to make the job easier.
File: Expansion.png (454 KB, 606x608)
454 KB
454 KB PNG

>Action 1: The farming of rice
A farm will be established on the riverbank south of Utpalem, here the Huterang will grow the scattered wild rices and slowly turn them to a domesticated variety.

>Action 2: The farming of vegetables
Another farm will be established by the riverbank higher up the palemgai, initially to grow varieties of beans and bean sprouts for the Huterang diet.

>Passive Expansion actions?
If the Huterang get any of these, they will move along the banks of their rivers as they spread, linking their settlements together.
By the benevolent grace of the almighty Fath of the Sky, for the glorifying of his consort the Mother of the Earth, they're worship shall stretch across the islands even unto forever! For this great gift of his, His Serene Highness does hereby decree that to his name shall a temple be built also. Stone from the Osson-side quarry shall be used for this, and with what men may be spared to bridge the twin rivers of Osson and Sangoire.

>Action 1 - More expansion
>Action 2 - Temple & Bridge(s)
File: IamHighlyAntisemitic.png (153 KB, 403x258)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
After the successful events of last time it was time for the new students from the Abbwalkers to learn the spell which managed to shape the Collegium of Muscles as it is today.

> Action 1: The Golden Mountain of Consistency spell (Cultural development, apparently)

The Golden Mountain of Consistency - crystallized consistency and worth ethic - a golden slightly glowing mountain or rock appears exactly heavy enough for you to lift a single time. Every time you lift it it's size adapts. It's the stone of truth, you can never lie that it is too heavy for you to lift nor can question your hard work no matter now small it is.

Rocko the boneless one of the professors at the Collegium is said started his journey with a rock merely the size of a pebble.

At times used offensively to drop on people.

> Action 2: Fishing hub (Farm)
The negotiations with the Sensei in regards to trade of expensive metals and mercenarries in exchange for marine products such as fish, salt etc. has been going well. While the deal regarding making the trade route itself is still being finalized it would be good to establish a fishing hub where fish, crustaceans etc can all be harvested for later transport into Sensei lands. This fishing hub of course is overseen by the Godeye collegium as it is them who are trying to manage relations with the Sensei.

The Salivanid Empire had a fairly peaceful time for most of it's existence, however that has changed now. A number of strange folk of the south struck a number of farming communities of the Empire. Ironically, they didn't get much of what they came for, as while there was plenty of food to loot from the settlements, the women fought alongside the men of their communities, utilizing what tools they had available as makeshift weapons, and even in some cases taking the weapons of the raiders. Still, they were not soldiers, and even with their strength, size, and durability, the raiders had unnatural strength as well. And, unlike the people they were fighting, had proper combat experience and proper weapons. Of course, while they would get away with plenty of food and at least a few slaves, they likely took more casualties than they'd like, and once the news of the raid got to the capital, what few raiders weren't already returning home with plunder were forced back by Salivanid soldiers who actually knew the basics of combat unlike the poor villagers they struck.

Despite the raids, the Empire continued as it had, even if a shift for the safety of the people was likely in the near future. For the great plains eaters that were captured were viewed as potential beasts of not only burden and livestock to add to the food of the empire, but of war. Of course, that latter bit would need to be worked upon later, but first and foremost at the very least the Empire would soon have a far more stable food supply, and the agricultural advancements potentially could benefit from their taming. Still, work on better methods of growing food went on, just like before...Soon though things would change...For better or worse. Regardless the communities of proper soldiers would be on alert...

>Action One. Tame the great Plains eaters.

>Action Two. Further and finish the agricultural advancements.
1. Build Forge
Now there wood to burn and many thing to work on. Make forge, make tool. No, not calling you tool you only stupid Nrogy! Must create better tool for more shiny.
2. Forge upgrade research
Of course the crazed kobold smiths could not leave well alone and have turned the creation of the forge into their own personal project playground. Large hammers are made on contraptions powered by tightened ropes like mangonels to hit the iron very hard. Liquid metal is pressed into place in an extrusion process using carved molds and a lot of heavy rocks on a rock slab, and the project that caused the most death of using big bellows that require a synchronized rowing team of kobolds to work and causes some gouts of fire.
File: Seagull Kingdom.png (200 KB, 425x357)
200 KB
200 KB PNG

>Action 1 - Build City 'Parala' on X
>Action 2 - Build farm on coast on Parala side
>Spend Expansion point in arrow direction

To say there is a "King" of the Glarians is downright a lie. What there is is a loose collection of families and tribes, whos members intermingle freely due to the ease of travel that one is granted by flight. As a result, word gets around fast, and so all the Glarians know of Sofronio Sofrosson. He 'ruled' by might, for he was bigger and better than any Glarian in living memory, with a wicked cunning to match. He 'gang', as it were, enforced a tenuous peace, a feat made both difficult and easy by Glarian nature. Difficult due to their impulsiveness, easy because a well-fed Glarian is one of least violent creatures in existence. With the new ships and ever-increasing tides of fish coming in, it looked like Sofronio was set to rule till the end of his days.

But well fed mortals, sated with safety and stability, turn to the one thing they truly exist for. Making more mortals.

Soon enough, the beaches and huts of Gremus see Glarians packed in far tighter than usual, bumping wings and beaks no matter where one goes. In a fit, Sofronio effectively banishes masses of the population at random, urging them across the narrow oceans so that both parties can finally get some damn room to spread their wings!
> building: build two more farms, one for each outpost
The trolls of the outposts remember the land they came from, the invention that was new when they were banished, and which caused their banishment in the first place: farming!
Why hunt and dig for food, when you can take a nap and have it delivered to your door by the soil itself? There’s no greater victory than to tame a world into feeding you!
Fluff: With knowledge being shared around all that was left was a place for it to be shared uninterrupted.

1 action: Magic: Ignorance
Having means of hiding is good and all, but even if you have the perfect hiding technique, it doesn’t make up for the fact that you must first get into position. That is what the ignorance spell is for. A much slower rhythm to the norm, steady, and low. A background noise to those that are under its influence. Outside of the occasional croak, you may as well not be there at all.

1 action: Build a school
A pond to learn what is taught. Familiarity with the world around to eventually go onto venture into the unknown
Action 1: Set up a outpost/settlement near that ruin

With the ruin discovered near this rediscovered archipelago of islands, the leakoan exploration ship would beach on the island and afterward the glikeichan crew would form a settlement/outpost on said island, near the ruin

Action 2: Construct a harbor/shipyard near the new outpost

I don't have much to say other than that
With the Kikkawa satisfied and now elevated even higher in standing with Shōgun Matsumae; a bit more focus can be placed into more than just infrastructure. An important part of Kitsune culture itself has atrophied; sailing. After all, what society upon an island doesn't sail!?

1&2. Bune! Ships of all sizes! Should we be able to take to the seas, we may expand across the waves...when the time comes of course.

>Posted for Clan of Sagra

>Excerpt 2: The Great Hero, Rulo Sagra - Part 2
A fresh graduate of the barracks, Rulo had shown immense promise, with an inexplicable foresight which guided his shots and offered him an inexplicable grace on the battlefield. His soldiers acted with an impossible level of intel, and from his heroism a seed of hope was born. As the more beastial races slowly civilized in the remnants of humanity's empire and came to fear Rulo's legion, an uneasy peace was brokered between the two peoples and the fate of humanity was once again secure.

>Action 1 - Military - Public Archery Ranges
The Sagran people hold a deep respect for war, but not a love of it. Hateful towards chaos, the Sagran people prove their might and hone their abilities within the safety of the city perimeter. As the Sagran are a steppe nation whose horsemanship is of great significance to their lives and military, this range is designed not only for a stationary shot, but also to train mounted archers to fire with speed and grace, trusting their futuresight to deliver the arrow to its target.

>Action 2 - Farm - Livestock Fields
The Steppe offers vast grassland to graze upon, making the raising of livestock an ancient practice that preceded even agriculture in the Steppe people's history. With the development of nations and cities this practice returns with strength as animals are bred for their needs and peace with the beastfolk allows the creation of larger fields.

>Passive Expansion
Expand along the steppe, avoiding the coastline.
>Posted on behalf of the Republic of Aquileia

>Action 1 (Industry): Aquileian Vineyards
Aquileian wine, as sweet as honey, and smooth as water, and a great drink for our sailors.

>Action 2 (Expansion): New City, Milonis
Colonists begin inhabiting the island that lay in the center of the bay with their innovative naval advancements.

>Passive Expansion
West, filling out the peninsula
>Posted on behalf of the Sensei Khanate
Oh so last turn was more of a scouting thing?
Construct another farm, specializing in the harder to cultivate tropical fruits of the Oasis.

The Temple of Karn is further exalted, raised above the rest of Kul'gatin by the Tulac, the Karnis cashing in an old favor.
File: Turn3.png (3.07 MB, 3386x1453)
3.07 MB
3.07 MB PNG
The world stands to see another dawn, much to the surprise of all that dwelleth it. Yet for how long will this trend of peace? Mayhaps not long, for something unsettling stirs. The heavens fortell, the bone's forecast, and the dreamer sees that something comes over the horizon...

>Kefka of Azmiar
A fruitful use the Azimar have conceived for their new and strange little “pets”. Great care is taken in cultivating the maneaters. Time is spent carefully selecting promising specimens, feeding them choice and strong prey, and then crossbreeding the plants. It takes generations but finally the Crafty Lizards have birthed the ultimate crop! The end result is a rather invasive “crop”, resilient enough that it can be planted utterly carelessly and still thrive, giving even the biggest dullard a green thumb (until it gets bitten off, at least)! Less plant, more of a vegative beast at this point, these creatures grow like plants but are practically all meat. Further, the more they consume, the larger they become, becoming a mouth-watering feast that’s hard to pass up. Scattered in different places around the forest, they provide not only a good source of food, but safety that both feeds and defends the new Inavar Commune.(Farm and city built)

>Jugemu clan
Reality shatters. What is real? What is fake? Can one even be sure they’re just not an illusionary conjuration of a masterful trickster? Certainty is perhaps the greatest illusion which is utterly thrown out the window when a Tanuki is nearby. Guard your faculties well, for when one of these furballs tread in your presence, you may never be able to return to normality. And yet, the world will have no choice but to face these gods of mischief as they encroach upon the Western continent. Driven by their tastebuds, the Tanuki break shore and begin to carve out a small community for themselves on a world far larger than they have yet to imagine. What fascinating friends or foes await them? Time will tell.

>Ikaan Entreaty
In preparation for the future, a feast of fruit as varied as the number of the cities soon to dot the landscape are planted. Within a few years the fields are flourishing and the people are singing as they have more variety and stable food than ever before. A rich culinary scene begins to develop in the Entreaty, and aflood of mouth-watering dishes sweep across the lands, each seemingly more delightful than the last! These delicacies will surely reduce even the most stalwart of food critics to a defeated pulp. (Every farm contributes +0.5 to your culture rating.)
A Farm? In the middle of the desert? You’ve got to be kidding me. There’s no way they’d actually - and there it is. A-I.. They… what? I don’t know. Maybe they stumbled on a weirdly fertile pile of sand, or perhaps they’re just growing a really confused breed of plant that forgot it needed water. Whatever the reason is, they succeeded to build one. More based in the realm of reality, the development of the Rhino armor goes well. Certainly true to their name, it’s a thick layer of skin needed to protect the otherwise glass-statured Fenne. Yet one can’t help but chuckle a little at the sight of the one of these little furballs moving and running around like a stunted little stone golem.

>Kingdom of Illyria
The river of commerce flows within Port Royal, promising a royally enriching future for not only the city, but perhaps for the entire Kingdom. Weather or not that holds true, however, depends entirely on those who claim to be in charge. It wouldn’t take long however for exports to leave in droves from the port, as the lumber yard of Emerald hills provides not only enough for the young city, but a surplus to be sold off as well. Something the carpenters of Aquileia would most likely be very eager to buy as they’ve been working to expand their maritime efforts. (You can trade double the resources you actually have when dealing with allies).

More important than sciences, gold, or even sex is: Food! And the people of Huterangia know this.Eager to feed nation, more farms are plowed into the land. First it’s business as usual. Ripe harvests are plucked, juicy meals are had, and the bellies of the 3 cities are satisfied. But recently, the farm to the South has noticed that some strange outcrops shooting up out from between the rice. At first seemingly just being a strange offshoot of some unknown fruits, some foodies decided to give these plants a try. They soon discovered the plant had no future in any dish, giving an utterly horrid taste. But this only masked it’s true value. Those that partook of it felt invigorated, neigh, healthier than before! Its effects are incredibly minor, but soon these crops are given to the sick and weary, aiding them on the path to recovery. Maybe… with a bit of study, these properties can be advanced? (Boon Fruit discovered).
>His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I
The land fills with the people, and the people fill with the teachings of Father sky and Mother earth. But words of caution begin to circulate among the learned. The people are becoming too numerous, and spreading too far from the holy center of Ossenchis. The Father’s reach is vast, but that of our mortal forms is far too limited and we can’t keep watch over everyone. Even worse, the communities on our borders are reportedly beginning to *shudder* practice deviations of our teachings. NO! This CANNOT stand, lest the land fall to anarchy. (Build additional cities to expand further, or a sect deviant of your religion might find footing further out)

>Godflesh Collegiate
The muscle headed men of the Godflesh focus, concentrate, and conjure their sheer desire to “get swole” into… a magical rock. Though let not its bumble appearance fool you, for it is not just an amalgamation of stone, but the culmination of a Godmuscle’s pride. The creation of this spell is a rather trifling thing surprisingly, but as soon as it’s conceived it becomes a cultural hit. Not long after many Godmuscles proudly showed off their strength by conjuring the one thing that symbolizes their absolute limit, only to grow in size and show that they can become even stronger. Among their number it became a game of sorts as well for godmuscles to summon their “mountain” and try to lift each other’s until one reached their limit. Silly, but fun to watch. Ah, and somewhere between all these shenanigans a fish farm springs forth as well. That protein sure will go a far way.

>Salivanid Empire
A monolithic effort, but one that pays off in the end. The plains eaters have learned who the true masters of the plains are, and humble themselves before the Salivanid. Though let not their eased nature fool the casual onlooker, these are still short tempered behemoths Treat them as a friend, and you’ll know a companion more loyal than most. Anger it though, and you’ll know what piece of dunk caught under a cartwheel feels like. Perhaps in a twist of fate, these creatures also held with them the key the Empire had been seeking for in enriching their crops. The dung of these animals is extremely potent, not only in a smell that can knock even a Viersperan out cold, but in fertilizer power as well! (Farms give +1 food).
Earth and fire, blood and sweat! The mountains roar with the clammer and skittering of numerous Kobolds as they bring their passion into the world. After months it is finally complete, the thing they’ve dreamed of for so long. A forge stands before them and she is by far the most beautiful thing the little critters have seen. But she’s not yet complete. No sir, not by a long shot for there’s still more that can be done. With one dream manifested, they set on to the next: the mega forge (trademark pending)! Who knows, with their ingenuity, and a few work related accidental deaths, they might just push the limits (1\2 forge expansion)

>The Squawking Ruckus
Banished? More like “free from your bull-guano!”. Good riddance say the Galarians as they flutter off to lands beyond. It’s a relatively short flight before they find a new place to call nest as they found Parala just across the channel. Enjoying their newfound freedom, they rejoice and cheer chanting how free and independent they before they realize… there’s no good food around here. For a minute they all just stare silently around before one’s stomach growls loudly enough to break the silence. Like a starting pistol just went off, they race to the shore and establish with relative ease a small fishery of their own. Guess if you want these scatterbrains to focus, there’s nothing quite like a good crab that’ll get them motivated.

>Stonestomp Tribe
Their former homes might have been stripped from them, but their innovations can never be taken! With a gleeful and somewhat spiteful disposition which is slightly terrifying to see in such a giant creature, the trolls work the land once more and bring forth the fruits of their labor

>Rhayney Daze
A center of education, the first of its kind. How wonderful. Guess the one thing that won’t be croaking in these lands is knowledge, eh? Eh? Anyways. Its walls are put to good use as not only does the elder’s wisdom carry over to the youth, it is a place for the inquisitive thinker to let his mind wander to new places. One of these particular frogmen, a scholar as well as a 4 time hide-and-seek champion allowed his mind to explore the more esoteric realm of magic and stumbled on to the idea of the branch of ignorance. Combining the stories the elders passed down of the little magical knowledge spread by word of mouth since the furthest ancient times, the Scholar spends the rest of his life pursuing this idea. Finally, a few years before his end, he succeeds in his life’s work and passes along the knowledge of ignorance magic to a few adepts in his final years.
>Leakoan Republic
Settling in the shadow of this ancient part of our great history feels like returning to the shores of our home. What spectacular, or frightful, things from our past lie hidden within, waiting to be returned to the light of the sun? For now, establishing the beachhead takes priority as we dig into the land and ocean alike, erecting a new outpost and harbor.

>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
The fact that we have left the sea an untamed beast for as long as we have is, quite frankly, a shameful display of the Kitsune! That changes TODAY. Throw everything at the waves. Our greatest minds, our finest wood, let the roar of our efforts drown out the crashing of the ocean itself. We will raise our sails and rise once more!... When the time comes, of course. (You’ve advanced in ship construction).

>Clan of Sagra
Raising both bow and livestock, the Clan of Sagra aims to not only thrive, but rule the steppes. Very few can claim to be as graceful a shot as a Clan rider, nor shepherd as fine a meat as that from their domesticated critters. Thus far, theyr reach is set to seize the land as far as the sky itself stretches!

>Republic of Aquileia
Is there anything sweeter than the taste of fine wine? Actually, there is. The fresh ocean breeze carries a far more fulfilling aroma: that of adventure! As the roots of the vineyard settle into the land, so too does that of the Republic in new soil in the form of Milonis. Surely the oceans will be ours! As long as we don’t remember to drink and drive at the same time.

>Sensei Khanate
(Forgot to post the raid action, but I’ll mention it here)
Slowly the lands of the Sensei is transforming into a warmonger’s hidden paradise. Come for the tropical fruits, stay for the bloodthirsty raids. Truly quite the brochure. And now among the latest attractions stands tall the temple of Karn! Let warriors of all walks of life reach its steps and bow in reverence to his greatness! It’s magnificence, so grand, can’t help but inspire brutality in the sensei, and once more they gather their tools of war and head to raid the lands of the Salivanid.
The grace of the Father of the Sky is as vast as bounty of the Mother of the Earth, and yet there are those who cannot see this! Rambling heresies of this god or that! The will be brought to heel, as by decree of His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I, a new centre of authority shall be raised. But there shall be need in this city of bread and beer, the staples of Naçeaunais diet, so shall alongside the river be ploughed fields of yellow wheat.

>Action 1 - Founding of Hoys-du Can in the foothills of Bonte Can, by the spring of the River Dorgaux (shown on image)
>Action 2 - Farm
File: file.png (240 KB, 575x421)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
Lore point: The Kikkawa

Long having been confidants and allies of the Matsura Clan; during Matsura Hirauji's coup against the Kōgō the Kikkawa Daimyo; Kikkawa Suguno cemented his Clan's staunch partnership with the Matsura. In recent times, they have been granted the fiefdom of Honraoi provenience, of which it's special soil has netted the clan quite the treasury. As a result, the already sizable clan has begun to elevate the more promising levy families to full Retainer status. More and more begin to don the O-Yoroi of the elite warriors of Kitsune society...

1. As the Kikkawa castle town of Honraoi continues to grow; so must the peasantry be fed! This all not to mention the rather unique properties of the soil here. Once trade is established with whatever Nanban exist, no doubt this will bring much into the coffers of the clan...and the Shōgunshoku as well, of course.

2. With the northern mountains now at least partially under the control of the Shōgunshoku, mining can begin in earnest. No more will the blades of the Shōgun's retainers make due with Pig Iron.
(Mine or Forge, whichever makes the most sense with the system.)
File: tegaki.png (232 KB, 391x426)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
The contact with the Aquilieans has made voices among the tribes realize how much the Illyrians have been lagging in terms of developing culture. Not wanting to be outshined by the Men of the Eagle, the King puts a plan to really turn this fledgling association of tribes into a *true* kingdom.

>Passive expansion: making it snake up the river
>Action 1 (Building/Industry): Build Mine (Stone Quarry) in Emerald Hill
A lot of stone will be necessary for the building plan, a resource the Illyrians are not used to using, at least not on such a scale. It was tempting to ask the Aquilieans for advice, with their sumptuous temples and palaces of marble, but the plan was to stand out culturally from them, not merely copy them. The Illyrians will just have to learn as it goes. For now, a quarry needs to be opened beforehand for the raw material. The western hills will make do.

>Action 2 (Exploration/Culture): Search for dragons in Northern Illyria
The true crux of the plan depended on dragons, said King Drak. There were gasps in the assembly of his councilors and ministers as he spoke those words, and a sudden spark in their eyes.
Dragons. The ones that started it all. Mighty, noble, terrifying, holy. Seemingly countless in their varieties. The apex predators among beasts both natural and magical. With the fall of the Ancients and the sinking of the mythical Isle of Drakehaven that served as their capital, how to communicate with these beasts has been lost, and there hasn't been any sighting of them in a thousand years. Some were even doubting their existence outside of the stories of the priests, but the existence of the Dragonblooded served as living proof that they once existed and may still today. Dragons are necessary if the Illyrians want any chance to rebuild a Dragon Empire worthy of the title. Legends speak of the mountains to the north, supposedly riddled like cheese with a system of caves and tunnels filled with troglodyte life where a colony of dragons could nest. The search will begin there and in the surrounding forests.
1. Continue forge upgrade 1/2
Trade Mark? Why trade Mark and who buy? No trade Mark; Mark make good jester. No greedy, get back to work on forge. Dig out more bigger furnace to smelt lot of metal into shiny all at once! Yes yes.
2. Build another farm at the southern warren
Who in charge at new warren? Scrump? What kind of name Scrump? Never matter, write scratch letter to Scrump warren to make farm. Ship them wood to make mushroom farms and fish from mountain river. They send fish back; fish delicious. mmm. Chef, make Gragel fish with mushroom sauce!
The farms east of Dun-Caver are vibrant and green, though also an extensive endeavor. Wells are dug for miles, to provide water, which needs be hauled by Fennes and the farther ones use Ostren (renaming the Ostriches) as beasts of burden. These miles of desert are tapped of water to support a farm measured in acres. Because of this the Royal Farm isn't as profitable as Marcus would like, but it does give him political leverage, and is the primary location for Ostre-raising.

Action 1 (Farm/Naval): Establish fishing ports at Ocea-de.
As people move to Ocea-de, some setup farms, some start hunting, but some start fishing at the shore. Fishing ends up way more rewarding than the meager pickings in the desert, as people develop crude spears, nets, rafts, etc. Whatever gets them to the fish and lets them catch said fish. The lack of naval technology does limit the amount of people that can fish, nevertheless the fishing boom ends up blindsiding Marcus, and gives the clans a way to compete with his Royal Farms. The vast influx of meat into the local diet also makes the Fennes of Ocea-de grow up hardier than their inland cousins and makes the population growth immense, which could threaten the O'fenne hegemony over the desert.

Action 2 (Military): Develop Ostre (renaming the Ostrich) saddle and harness, also train Ostre-riders.
With the Fennes gaining more control over the unruly Ostren, soon someone tries to mount one, and succeeds. The Ostren provide a ridiculous speed boost to the dimunitive Fennes, but then the Fenne falls off and the Ostre runs into the horison, never to be seen again. Marcus catches word of this and brings this Fenne, named Oscar, into his court. He hires the finest leatherworkers and has them develop a saddle and harness for the Ostren in the royal farm, as he has Oscar train riders, first of which is Marcus, who soon rides through Dun-Caver on one, with well groomed feathers and the finest saddle.
With Azimar and Inavar separated, the two Grand Communes begin going down separate paths of genius, as expected.

1. In the Azimar Commune, the lizards begin working on breakthroughs in self-applied magic, be it hardening their scales or letting acid drip from their claws. Enhancement Magic is pioneered by these fool-hardy geniuses(invent Enhancement Magic, self enhancing only, soon to be trademark of the capital of Azimar)

2. In the Ivanar Commune the lizards focus on the more natural arts of alchemy, slowly turning their practices into more organized formats of learning and science(Alchemy, plus more rigorous alchemical activity and organization of materials and experiments. Proper alchemy shall be Ivanar's trademark)

Throughout the Iaakan Entreaty even the poor eat like kings, it appears, the multi-limbed lizards often making lengthy trips to widen their pallete, marching south to sample the fruits of the orgartanum and north to meet the culinary skills of the Mor Colleganium.

Action 1: More cereal (A farm)

Over the years Gyd alone has grow comfortable and familiar, but the Aak continue their quest to domesticate crops, growing and cultivating plenty of new ones to hopefully find the next Gyd.

After a while, they believe they may indeed have found just that, a small farming community unveils a section of food items in the growing outpost of Kaanon that quickly spreads in popularity, each item made mostly of Zotes. Fit to feed livestock, be rolled into rolled zotes or simply be crushed into zotemeal, this versatile food may never eclipse the Gyd, but may act as a strong contender to it.

It’s taste is as one may expect, but the colour of the oats tends to “bleed” out and render anything made using them a distressing bloody red. Frequent and near-exclusive consumption may also pigment the skin, if the new pink glow of the Taka family is anything to go by.

Action 2: Fruit (farm, closer to Iaakon than the other farm)

Across the river empire a selection of fruits are cultivated for enjoyment and sustenance, the foremost of which are listed below.

Jammbat, an odd, stalky plant that grows a large fruiting seedcap, the inside of which is packed full of natural jam. The actual edibility of the plant is questionable, but the nutrition and delectability of its nectar is undeniable.

Imenityfroot is named for the many-eyed collegium folk, this plant looks from a distance to be a tree full of many fist-sized colourful eyes, staring about at their surroundings.
After removing the iris shaped seed from the middle, the fruit can be sliced or eaten whole for a remarkably tart and fairly sweet snack.

Barberries are an extremely sweet fruit that grows, as the name suggests, in thin rectangular bars by the bushel. They are a joy to devour whole, with a surprising amount of the flavour coming from the skins which when peeled, leave behind a rather bland, firm inside.
Aak favour leaving the skins on when mashing the Barberries into jam as a result, and early attempts at making a fruit wine have met with promising results.

Use my 2(?) expansion this turn to connect up to Kaanon

With the animals properly tamed and the raid recently endured, the Empire shifted it's efforts to that of defense. For while food and famine were of great worry, the recent work had ensured such would be harder to come by, and so far the greatest threat to the food supply was that of the southern barbarian raiders, or Velix Selin Keliro as called in Salivanid tongue. As such, two things were decreed of the utmost importance to the empire. Weapons, and the materials to make them. Of course, the latter was of greater importance to most, as without a strong metal, weapons and armor could not be made. And while surface deposits of iron and copper weren't too hard to find occasionally, greater quantities were needed so as to be able to not ruin tool production and to also naturally make actual armor for the Viersperan, just considering how much was needed to properly cover one fully or even partially. Still, a number of ideas for weapons that could easily deal with the smaller raiders were planned and thought of, along with weapons useful for fighting opponents of a more equal size. But one weapon of the latter category was actually able to be worked upon even now. The Lakin. Specifically Lakin Alvi il. Great War Bows. The arrow heads could very simply be made out of large flint stones, or even this step ignored and just made out of sharpened bits of wood. And given the size and strength of the Viersperan and the bow, it was likely that it didn't even need to penetrate armor if it managed to hit one of the Velix Selin Keliro to take them out of the fight. Still, it was best something was developed sooner rather than later, and this, combined with a few other plans, would ideally serve to aid in the future defense of the Empire. Ideally, once safe from the raiders, the focus could return to more productive and prosperous things. Though at the very least this work already would do well to increase productivity of tools and similar.

>Action One. Prospecting

>Action Two. Lakin Alvi il. Great Bows.
Throughout Iaakon influential families barter and debate with eachother, the first true noble houses arising from at first simple farmers, and then those who use their talents to buy and lord over yet more lands.

Wealth begins to be measured in acres, for power in the Entreaty flows not from its deep mines or thronged phalanxes, but from its soil.

In the concrete halls of Iaakon Ireejaks (Family-meets) seem to be called all the time, discontent rises over the current rather lax and aimless form of governance that currently persists in the nation, families even from far-away Kaanon need travel to the capital several times a year to give their input on important topics.

It would be inaccurate to say there is truly a democracy, but certainly a meeting of varied influential voices.

>Action 1: Otters (Culture?/Food?)
The rivers and coastlines of Huterangia are found by their Huterang settlers to be the home of a social and communicative species of small mammal that can be readily tempted with seafood. The Huterang soon bond with these otterly adorable creatures, finding them not only to be playful and cheerful companions that can easily lift a spirit; but also animals with a fair number of utility - their swiftness in the water allows easy capture of fish for themselves and those Huterang wishing to dabble in pescetarianism, whilst their nimbleness and sharp teeth also provide some modest additional protection of Huterang food through the predation of insects and rodents.

>Action 2: Boon Fruit (Science/Research)
The invigorating fruit discovery soon has the eyes of the intelligencia, with many herbalists, apothecaries and even the mysterious alchemists setting their minds to work unlocking the enormous potential in life improvement and medical potential that these fruits seem to offer the Huterang people.

>Passive Expansion:
Expand along our defined border on our side, linking to Ihpalem and pushing toward the great mountain.
File: Rape.png (152 KB, 308x389)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Expanssion: use my 2 expanssions to expand like the two black circles I marked on the map.

> Action 1: Very fluffy tanuki (Collegium of the maw recruits from the tanuki)
An old people's have come to visit our land. Self described delicacies the Tanuki are a small hairy race which apparently hates kitsune (whatever that is). Whether or better or worse the first people they encountered were those of the Godmaw collegium and were easily won over by the foo requesting admission into the hallowed halls of the Collegium by own will! The wish shall be granted.

As agreed recruiters are sent to the nearby Tanuki town/outpost on the mainland to look for willing recruits wishing to learn the arts of cooking and eating! Soon really large and round tanuki will be walking around in the nearby area, but unlike obese humans they just look fluffy and adorable!

> Action 2: Fish for the desertfolk (build trade route to Sensei)

The trade route has been finalized and finally the trade route is to be buikt. Overseen by the Godeye Collegium the trade route will extend from the fish farm trough their College Town all the way to the Sensei capital delivering various marine products all the way to the oasis-city in the middle of the desert! Let us hope the trade is fruitful and cooperative and leads to a strong and united humanity in the west.
(pink line, of course willie can edit his half as he wishes)
File: Rape.png (3.16 MB, 1600x2000)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
A tanuki student even got to be the student representative for the first years right after admission. Some say it was a mere diversity initiative, but to ithers it is clear he earned it. I mean look how much mass he gained just for a first year? He truly is a prodigy in the art of the maw.
> build: another settlement to the east of the capital, name it Drur
> build: a farm next to Drur
News reach the Chieftain- the exiles are thriving!? They were supposed to DIE!
Ah he means- yes! That was all as planned!
This is just the natural spreading of the kingdom!
And just in case, a new city shall be founded, and supplied with a farm, the invention which the chieftain promoted from the very beginning!

>Action 1 - Build Temple in Parala
>Action 2 - Build another sea-farm to the south of Gremus

The tiny town of Parala sees a new ruler in place, a Galarian who crowns herself with a headdress of shells and fish bones. Appearances, it seems, weigh heavily on her mind, and she is often heard complaining about the differences between Gremus and Palara to any featherhead who will listen.
"Look how much more they have, look how nice their hut-nests are, why can't we build such and such" and 101 other complaints seem to flow endlessly from her, her talent for whining matched only by her mastery of make-ups, oils and other trappings of personal beauty.

The incessant moaning drives the others to action, more to shut her up than anything else. The 'banished' set to building a grand site to behold, a large temple to the sky and waters jutting out from their growing village. At first it was a pity project, but as the days went by and the sea-shell adorned walls grew higher and higher, more feathery hands came to add their dues, marveling at the sight.

Meanwhile, Sofronio is pulling his feathers out. With more room to themselves, the forward thinking Galarians decided to... have more babies. At least a few families, showing (relative) smarts, decide to make their home further south along the coast. For now, Gremus is safe from overcrowding, but Sofronio anticipates there being more beaks to feed soon enough. In a stunning display of incompetence, he decides to order new fishing fleets, ensuring that even MORE food is available for the birds-yet-to-be, despite others insisting some other solution must exist besides flooding the nation with food.

>Excerpt 3: The Great Hero, Rulo Sagra - Part 3
Never one to shy away from the rewards of fame, Rulo was a prolific lover, bearing many children throughout the Steppe for decades until much of the Steppe was a direct descendant of the Sagra Dynasty. Although unintentional, this act of selfish hedonism would prove to be a great boon to the human race, passing on his gift to his children and his children's children, until the Sagra Clan had grown into it's own demographic, with significant influence over the region and a vast majority of the population carrying his gift.

>Action 1: Farms - Conscripted Farming
Although the clan had more than enough food to subsist at this point, a deep desire to expand and unite the Steppe motivated the Sagra clan to go beyond - encouraging large families and practicing a collectivist agricultural structure to support expansion. The notion of private property did not exist as strongly among the clan as it did in other civilizations; Although homes were owned individually, land itself belonged to the clan alone. Farmers did not own the plots they toiled in, nor did they choose their own hours; Although some volunteered and would go on to live successful careers as supervisors in the fields, most farmers worked under a sort of seasonal conscription - a punishment for opting out of the service.

>Action 2: Military - Develop Training: Resolute
The clan's boon is one of great power and potential - a gift to be revered for certain. Unlike the power of many other races however, it's power is not intrinsic like the blessing of great strength or speed might be. To effectively utilize their foresight, the Sagran body and mind must be honed rigorously. The first of such lessons in the growing Sagran "Book on War" is the doctrine of the resolute mind. The foresight of their gift means nothing if the time granted is wasted on fear or hesitation; The mind of a clan soldier must be unyielding and their actions must be immediate.
Fluff: And with knowledge prevalent, perhaps something can be done with it. It only makes sense to use the properly claimed river as a resource.

1 action: Culture; Food Preperation
How a meal tastes is important, But how a food looks is just as much so. Food is an art, and making one food look like another should be considered a true accomplishment. Perhaps.. if food is prepared we enough, it can even hide otherwise dangerous ingredients. But that’s for later. For now, it is to just look pretty.

1 action: Farm; Fish Farm
And while bread and various hunted animals make for great meals, fishing for additional meat properly should make for a great diversity in meals.
(Posting two turns on behalf of Acreon, because he missed his last turn.)
-Making up for missing last turn-

As the Gibilins continue to migrate around the Dagaroth forest, they live their lives as best they can under their nomadic lifestyle, however several Gibilins eager to prove themselves and to better themselves gather every fourth night to seek new innovations or improve current crafting or harvesting methods.

Action 1: (research) Find ways to harvest the bark from living trees in a shorter amount of time to meet the demand the tribes demand for wood.

Several Gibilins that attended the gatherings, saw that the tribe is ever growing and that the craftsmen who work and harvest and work the wood for the tribe's use,were having some difficulty finding dead or sick trees to harvest the wood from or the time consuming process of getting bark from live trees without cutting or injuring them.

Action 2:( scouting) Search for beasts of burden that can be used by the tribe.

-Current turn-

The Gibilins will search for beasts of burden using their hunters. The bondlins from the tribe depart into the woods not to hunt but to search the woods for beasts that may be used to help the tribe ferry items that may be heavy for them and to carry the sick and elderly.

Action 1: (economic) Find better ways to harvest leather from the animals brought back from each bondlins hunt.

Another group of young Bondlins, eager to out compete their brethren go around the camp consulting some elders and bondlins alike while practicing with whatever meager scraps of leather they were given to see if they can improve on the current methods used to harvest leather from the animals that were hunted.

Action 2: (magic) Follow up on the advice that was given by spirits that dwell within the forest.

The Gibilin shaman returned with great news to his people, when the next full moon was in effect the Gibilins shall celebrate this occasion and the shamans success to gleaming new wisdom regarding their protectors.Taking the animal spirits advice to heart they prepare various delicacies and games to occupy the members of the tribe where much song and dance will be held while the eldest amongst the Gibilins shall recall various tales of Giblin legends and the actions of heroes past who were aided by the spirit guardian, with the final event of the festival meant to appease the Spirits.The final event will be led by the shaman who will be draped in the skins of the mightiest predators the bondlins have slain while donning several necklaces made from the bones of prey animals with face markings made from the blood of animals, the shaman shall bang his drums while danced and sang around the bonfire following the rituals of his grandfathers.

>action 1 :Build ancestral shrines in Sado

The tanuki embarked on a project to build a grand ancestral shrines dedicated to the the five tanuki ancestor, the ancestral shrines will have one grand hall with five branching pavillion for each ancestor. the pavillion will be a place where the tanuki can perform their worship and submit an offering towards the specific ancestor.

The first pavillion is dedicated to Paipo <the dragon>, the eldest of the the five tanuki. He is divinely gifted with the art of shapeshifting. according to legend he once transformed into a huge dragon to defeat invading kitsune army. his preferred offering is a grilled eel.

The second pavillion is dedicated to Shūringan <the waves>. a genius in the art of illusion magic, he invoked a an illusion of giant tsunami waves to scare off a thousands of Kitsune naval reinforcement. his preferred offerings is ornate shells.

The third pavillion is dedicated Gūrindai <the mountain>, the largest of the five tanuki. after the tanuki suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of the Kitsune, Gūrindai transformed into an immovable Mountain that blocked the path of the Kitsune army allowing the tanuki to retreats safely. his preferred offerings is a oddly shaped rocks.

The fourth pavillion is dedicated to Ponpokopii <the Maze>. the smartest of the five tanuki, she was in charge of the overall strategy of the tanuki forces. according to legend he created the stone sentinel maze, an array of rocks and boulders that trapped the kitsune army for 10 years. her preferred offering is a flower.

the fifth pavillion is dedicated for Ponpokonā <the keetle>. the youngest of the five tanuki, he is by all account an average tanuki not gifted in shapeshifting, magic, strength or intellect like his elder brother and sisters. but not a single storyteller would dare to call him as useless. after hearing reports of of kitsune army kidnapping tanuki childrens for their hotpot, Ponpokonā bravely sneaked into a Kitsune army camp by himself and shapeshifted himself into a tea kettle. at one point one of the kitsune used the teakettle to boil tea, not knowing it was a tanuki in disguise. Ponpokonā preservered, he endured the painful flames and finally he suceeded in rescuing all the tanuki chilrens after the kitsune left. his preffered offering is a tea cup.

>action 2: build another outpost (lumber camp) further down the river to the south
the tanuki hunters explored deeper into the mainland, finding the woods here sturdy and very suitable for construction. they build a lumber camp to cut the wood and floats it north to the first camp.
>Action 1: Study the ruin

The Leakoan settlers on said island would study the structure that once was a symbol of a leakoan empire... the island that said structure was discovered on will be named after the structure...that is if it has even a name

>Action 2: Construct a farm in the colonized island

I really dont have more to say other than it is a potato farm
File: SenseiPlan1.jpg (41 KB, 308x389)
41 KB
>Poste on behalf of Sensei Khanate

A trade route with the outlanders from the north is completed, where the wealth of the sea is brought in, and tropical citrus is sent out.

The snake men have defeated our warriors, what a great fight! Their arrows cut through the flesh of the Sensei in quick order, perhaps we could do something to stop that, atleast until we are close enough to swing an axe. A simple wooden board laminated with the scaled hide of the cart beasts serves as large shields for the Sensei, intended to be held aloft until close and then discarded.
>Posted on behalf of Republic of Aquileia

>Action 1 (Industry): Aquileian Marketplace
Wine, wood, and other wares that begin with the letter w. In time the
wealth and sophistication of the Acquelians will be known across the continent.
Action 2 (Industry): Resource Scouring
The not so subtle threat from the Illyrians was not only a grave insult, but an alarm of sorts, showing that the city will never truly be safe, even from other humans, a sad truth indeed.
>Passive Expansion: West along the peninsula
File: Turn4.jpg (1.01 MB, 3386x1453)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG

The sun rises and the world still stands. Far have its children crawled, making strides the globe over, though humble are their achievements for they are nothing in the grand scheme of things.


Despite this, there are forces beyond them that have taken an interest in this budding world, and thanks to the sins of the Godskin, they now have the cracks needed to slip into the world. Seems that killing a God does not come without consequence. Silently, without shaking the world or shattering the sky, strange gates appear outside the capitals of each nation in the dead of night.

The citizens are shocked, understandably so, for how could something so massive and ominous simply sneak up on them? There is a strange slab present at each one, and scrawled across it in the words of the nations is the following message

"Praise your patrons for they have deemed fitting of their attention! Given to you is a way to reach them, a door to their realm. But not freely is their favor given. The gate lies dormant, sealed, and only by proving yourself truly worthy to them by overcoming the trials set forth for you will the locks shatter and the pathway open. Beyond its reach lies gifts and treasures beyond your wildest, mortal fantasies! But we warned, this will be a trial of your entire nation. Once the gate is opened it cannot be closed, so ensure every man and woman is ready for that day."
>His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I
Prudency is a virtue of the faithful, and never can one be caught lacking as it dishonors the great Father and Mother. Heeding the warnings, Prince Rendei the First quickly blesses the founding of another holy center. The wisdom of his years show, as along with this decree comes the commission of a farm. Truly a fruitful venture that will see not only the faith secured, but the faithful fed as well.

>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
The Shogunshoku strike into the Mountains of the north and find… copper. It may not be ideal, but still, something is better than nothing, right? Meanwhile the farm is built and a greater abundance of food is produced (crises) Maybe… too much food? Mountains of food begin to pile, most of it spoiling before ever being touched. The spirit of sloth infiltrates the lands. There is a bounty of food, so much so that there’s not enough mouths to eat it all. People become content, lazy even. “Why bother with work when we’ve got all the feed we ever need?” A common saying proliferating itself among the kitsune. Action needs to be taken soon, before idleness runs the country to the ground.

>Kingdom of Illyria
The first step to achieving magnificence is choosing the right material for the job. In order to erect monuments of splendor to leave the other nations in awe, a grand quarry is dug out of the lands of the emerald hill. This will prove vital in the completion of many monuments. Meanwhile explorers seek out traces of the Kingdom’s passed hidden outside of its borders. It takes many months, following folklore and fairy tails, but finally they find something promising. In the mountains to the North an ancient hold that hasn’t seen inhabitants since long ago still stands, a shadow of its former self. At first nothing seems to be extraordinary of it, until they find what appears to be the skeleton of an actual dragon resting within its hold. How exhilarating! Perhaps searching this place will reveal more on the grand beasts?

Fire and Farm, food for the furnace as well as for the everyday kobold. These are the tasks that the Gragel follow for this time, and unsurprisingly they find success. A farm blossoms in the land, but as much as good food is cause for celebration, the only hype among the kobolds today is that of their forge. Advancements in assembly and industry have lead to breakthroughs in the advancement of refinery and forging. Don’t believe me? That’s fine, actions speak louder than words, and the kobolds have produced something worth a thousand of them! With their improvements made, a ingenious kobold beyond eager to put the new tools to the test toiled day and night for nights on end to produce a grand object of incredible promise (Your forges now give +2 industry, as a bonus you have produced a mythical item).
The newfound fishery proves to be an explosive boon to the fledgling outpost of Ocea-de. Tired of the same old dried up and unfulfilling food of the capital, many flock to the newfound city and soon it’s numbers rival even that of Dun-Caver (Your city’s population explodes, upgrading it to a full fledged city). Thought for what it lacks in culinary variety, the capital makes up for in military development. The new saddles provide an important step in taming the Ostre and enabling the Fenne to ride them with surprising expertise. It’s not long after this discovery that the first ostre riders parade themselves through the streets of Dun-Caver. Surely these will prove a valuable asset in war.

>Kefka of Azimar
The concept of magic is vague, but not new to the Azimar. Folklore of ancient shamans and their feats have survived through word of mouth even into the common day. Yet the Azmiar have always been inclined towards the sciences (if one could call it that) as apposed to superstition. Yet, there are few who dare to dwell in this pseudo-science and investigate the art of Self enhancement. Initial trials prove that there might be some promise, but more study will be needed before a conclusion is met (1|2 for enhancement magic). Counter to their Amimarian counterparts, the Inavar delve deeper into the realm of natural sciences, seeking to uncover the secrets of alchemical knowledge. (you’ve built an alchemist’s lab)

Further expands the fields of the Entreaty, and have more food than they’d ever know what do with. They flourish, but too late do friendly hands reach Kaanon. For the longest time they’ve survived in near solitary conditions. Unable to rely on shipments of food that would spoil before they ever reached them, the people of the furthest outpost had to carve for themselves through foraging while fighting off the giant spiders that called this region home. After many generations however they have come to not only tame these foreing lands, but the very predators that chased after them .Finally, as their numbers swelled they asked themselves “What need have we of Iaakon? We have proved that we can survive by our own hand far outside of the mainland. What then hould we be beholden to them!?”. (Kaanon declares its independence, and has tamed giant spiders that hunted them in the passed).
>Salivanid Empire
The Empire had never been under the illusion that the world was a safe and merciful place. The passed raids of the Khanate have proven to their assumptions correct: That there are those out there hostile to their way of life. If they're caught lacking, the barbarians will surely plunder them into ruin. A fate best avoided. To this end, the military fields see themselves the focus of the Salivanid Empire. Great Bows are soon developed to further the mighty reach of their troops in war, delivering death from afar. Yet this alone would not be enough. Seeking to further their edge, they observe their lands for any advantage the earth might provide the with. Yet all that the earth holds for them is strength of wealth, not of might, as they discover a deposit of diamonds in their borders.

Only one word can be used to describe these otter creatures: CUTE! Their adorableness factor accompanied with their practical uses means they soon become a sought after pet within the Huterangia. Ah! Even I want one now… Right, back on track. At the same time as this cultural trend, another wave sweeps the nation as the wondrous boon fruit find themselves in high demand. Seeking to exploit the wondrous property of this fruit, the greatest Huterangia minds dedicate themselves to unlocking its potential. Yet these efforts will not come easy, and it will take a lot of study and the advancement of unknown arts to achieve this (1|2 alchemy).

A strange amalgamation the lands of the Godflesh have become as not only a wide variety of their own walk the streets, but now those of other nations even come to call those same roads home. Trade and immigration flourishes, and the days seem pretty normal. Until a horrible wound tears open off to the side of the capital! Alarms ring out and the troops amass as from this horrible scar pours forth creatures as varied as the Godflesh themselves! The city is overrun with panic in the first hour as no-one knows what to expect. Calmness begins to return steadily as these strange beasts seem un-bothered with the city and its residents, rather waiting patiently as-if seeking an audience. Obliged, officials from Godskin campus ride out to meet these beings. (To be continued via IC-diplo.)
>Stonestomp Tribe
A handful of settlers leave Bigstone at the behest of the oh-so wise chief who *totally* knows what he’s doing. Drur takes hold, tucking itself neatly within a cave not too far away from a scenic river in the plains. It’s a peaceful life out here, rather quite and contentful. Another farm is built to feed this newfound camp, but it attracts unexpected visitors that end up ruining fields! These are creatures known as Pison, towering swine roam the landscape, eating both beast and plant alike. Perhaps these creatures will make worthy companions, or a delightful snack for the trolls? (You discover a pack of Pison, giant pigs which have eaten your new farm! Decide their fate).

>The Squawking Ruckus
A handful of settlers leave Bigstone at the behest of the oh-so wise chief who *totally* knows what he’s doing. Drur takes hold, tucking itself neatly within a cave not too far away from a scenic river in the plains. It’s a peaceful life out here, rather quite and contentful. Another farm is built to feed this newfound camp, but it attracts unexpected visitors that end up ruining fields! These are creatures known as Pison, towering swine roam the landscape, eating both beast and plant alike. Perhaps these creatures will make worthy companions, or a delightful snack for the trolls? (You discover a pack of Pison, giant pigs which have eaten your new farm! Decide their fate).

>Clan of Sagra
Anticipating the future is one thing, but anticipating that it might not go as planned or even as seen is another. One slight change can throw any expectations out of the window, and with it coherency. This is understandably unacceptable in the midst of a battle, and the troops begin to train to remain focussed even in the unlikely event that things will not unfold as they’ve perceived (1|2 battle cohesion)
Yet another farm occupies the land, this time worked by the conscripts who trespass on the code of honor and service. Many work their term as intended, but there are some free-spirited individuals that decide they’re better suited to individualism than clan service. Some of the conscripts manage to slip away from the conscription, exploiting predicted gaps in guard posts and shift changes using their future sight. (A criminal element begins to take hold. It is too small to bother with for now, but may grow to be a problem in the future)

>Rhayney Daze
Great care goes into preparing one’s dish, as first the eyes feast before the mouth ever takes the first bite. Many years of training and truly scrumptious are the results, for never before has the Daze known such delights. But the real value isn’t in the food itself, but the demand it brings. Masters in the culinary field will always find a place for themselves in any society. Something these masters of infiltration could surely use to their advantage… (Farms give +0.5 to your infiltration strength).
>Covenant of Dag Da
One cannot claim to be of the forest if he does not, in fact, work with it.
Special tools of stone and twine are crafted and employed, allowing for ease of harvesting bark by skinning trees even while the tribe is on the move
Dire wolves are not uncommon in these lands, preying not only on goblins alone but the spirits that dwell here. Strong, sturdy, and super dangerous, it will take effort to harness these beasts for your use.(1|2).
Skinning beasts is not a new art, but finesse is something yet to be learned. Masters of the hunt practice and finally perfect the clean skinning of their prey.
No sooner does this pay off, as the shamans practive the advice of the spirits. They garb themselves in the skin of beasts, painted in their blood, and walk as they would. Never before have they felt this connected to the land. For some it is just too intoxicating, and some shamans become utterly feral, running into the heart of the wilds, never to be seen again. For those that stay, a true, powerful connection to the land is made. (Shaman magic acquired, you can appeal to the spirits of the wild for boons. But be careful, not all will take kindly to being called by mortals).

>Jugemu Clan
The Tanuki begin a monumental task, one that would be even so to creatures twice their size. A great temple begins to take shape in their home land, and its foundations are laid. More work will be required to complete such grand work, but already it becomes clear the rewards will be worth it (1|2). The newfound outpost will prove valuable in providing the resources needed to expedite the construction.

As the slaves work to sprout potatoes and feed the new colony, the Glikeich work to uncover the secrets of the ruin. On the surface it appears to be no more than a fascinating piece of forgotten heritage. On the onset it appears that far more was lost than just land, the architectural knowledge alone is world ahead of whatever the Republick could possibly grasp in its current state. But more than a blas of the passed, something truly valuable is found. Clearing apart some of the rubble, a vault is exposed once more to the world. After strenuous effort, its shell is finally cracked and its contents revealed. A massive atlas carved within the walls of a grand chamber displays in vivid detail the world at large. As grand as this information is, even more valuable is the mystical property it holds. Different colored flames cover different sections of the atlas, including one showing the Republic as well. (You’ve discovered a massive world map, displaying the location and sprawl of the other nations)
>Sensei Khanate
As great and noble a pursuit as war is, there are times one must foster relations with an open hand, rather than brutalize them with a closed fist.Even the Khanate knows this, and take care to foster their first connection with another nation, surely bringing in to them a stream of wealth which will be sure to fuel their efforts. This is quickly proven true as the Sensei learn from their previous encounter, and employ the resources brought in from the Godflesh lands to craft for themselves heavy, sturdy shields to provide much needed defense against the ranged assault of their enemies.

>Republic of Aquileia
A wealth of culture is valuable, but where it fills the pride, coin is what fills one’s purse. The Republic follows their neighbor’s lead, eager to cash in on the wealth which is crossing regularly between the Kingdom and the Republic, and constructs a marketplace to facilitate this development. With the marketplace founded, goods are needed to attract those with tender. To this end, merchants scour the land in hopes that it holds riches they can offer to a hungry market and faithfully it returns their efforts graciously. A deposit of Emeralds is discovered West on the edge of a small forest.
The answer to such things is simple. We need to begin instigating ambition among the Daimyo. As their ambition grows, no doubt they will begin their petty wars amongst each other. Dead levy matter little anyways. However, the issue of Iron is pressing. Copper is completely useless! What can be made with copper that is better than the pig-iron already being used? Bah! Nothing would have been better...


1. Metsuke. The agents of the Shōgun are established as her eyes and ears within the lands under her domain. If the peasants shirk their duties; the dutiful Metsuke will ensure their village is "visited" by the local Daimyo's retainers to sort things out. Remind the peasants who is their lord, and who their lord's lord is.

2. A source of quality Iron is to be located if we are to improve the civil and military infrastructure of the Shōgunshoku. The O-Yoroi is quickly being found to be expensive and time consuming for a method of warfare that Shōgun Matsumae seems to believe will go the way of the Kogo soon enough.
File: Arms of a lower house.png (45 KB, 791x938)
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The ever-pouring grace of him above and her below do not cease for Leaux-Cándois nor for the house of Cándois, for in her late years Her Serene Highness has (after five sons and two miscarriages) a long awaited daughter. Prince Rendei, still spry for a man of such an age, is said to dote upon her more than all matters of state! So it is that for the first time since he took the throne, his ministers are the ones to decree that a port be built in the natural haven of le Cuipot du Osson i Sangoire.
But a more pressing issue draws the prince from his paternal revelries, the sudden appearance of a supposed gift from the gods fills the people and court equally with distrust. In the many years of worship, they have never before presented so obvious a gift, working through the favourable machinations of nature. The thing is a mocking abomination, ordered immediately to be destroyed, when no pick or axe can damage it their fears are all but confirmed, instead it will be walled up in dressed stone into which prayers for forgiveness to the Father of the Sky and Mother of the Earth are to be engraved.

>Action 1 - Port
>Action 2 - Enclose the "Gate" in stone
File: file.png (255 KB, 590x430)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Panic strikes the kingdom of Dundee, they have gained the attention of their gods, a most ill fortune. Fenne gods are neither kind nor merciful, the Fenne just excel in hiding from their wrath. Already people are blaming Marcus for being too overt, the gods have noticed his growing military strength, reaching for the sea, farming in the desert, even circumventing the Fennes' naturally low speed and lack of strength by making them ride Ostren. However, Marcus will not kneel, not to the divine apologists, not to the growing power of the O' Sea family to the west, and especially not to the cruel gods themselves. Johan didn't raise no coward.

Action 1 (Internal Trade): Build Royal Markets west of Dun-Caver.
While Dun-Caver is unable to compete with Ocea-de in obtaining high quality food, Dun-Caver still holds the advantage in wealth and population. Marcus assigns his father, Johan, to building the Royal Markets, through which all imports and exports flow, and cracking down on any trade with Ocea-de not going through the market. This gives the O' Fennes a lot of control over Ocea-de, able to restrict the flow of tools, clothes, Ostren, etc. Unfortunately this was Johan's final contribution, and he soon is bedridden from a minor illness, with Marcus at his side and draped in the finest Ostre-feathers, he has no regrets. As his father draws his final breath, Marcus wonders if it is truly just old age, or if the gods who made the gate have decided to snatch him away to try and humble Marcus.

Action 2 (Military Infrastructure): Build fort around the dormant gate.
Before any trial is to be even attempted, we first want to be secure. A fortress is built around the dormant gate, miles of underground tunnels, vast barracks and Ostre-pens, sandstone walls ward against inside and outside threats alike, a network of wells and even local farms to ensure it can weather a siege. New warriors are to train here and be tested here. Marcus will make regular visits to whip his men into shape, to make them strive for greater and greater prowess, develop new technology, and be ready for whatever exits the gate, and whatever disloyal Fenne that may try to seize it for themselves.

Gate Action: Check to see what is the first trial.
With a fortress setup around the gate, Marcus walks forth to inspect it personally, surrounded by a thousand of Dundee's finest warriors, riding Ostren, clad in heavy Rhino Armour and armed with War Hooks. Whatever comes out of the gate, they will be ready for it. He reads the slab personally, ensuring no disinformation from potentially weak-willed scholars seeking to trick him in favour of the cruel gods. Also he ensures the gods know Marcus is the lord of the earth, that down here, they obey him.
The prime pantheon of Dundee is different from most, made up of three cruel gods, who have brought nothing but devastation to the Fennes, and continue to curse them with misfortune and suffering. There is no love for these gods, just desperate weaklings seeking to curry favour with their abusers.
The Celestial Lion, Sol Infernus, god of sunlight and drought, ravages the lands with his radiance, drying out lakes and burning the skin of those who stay in his light for too long. Some may pray to him for mercy, most just dig shelters. The Bestial Lord, Prima Brutus, god of beasts and slaughter, hunts any who stray from the desert, and some even for leaving their foxholes, for not even the desert is entirely safe from her hunger. Some pray to her for mercy, to not be slaughtered in their hunt for survival, though many know it futile, for she only favours the strong. The Dragon God, Rex Hominum, god of humans and greed, usurped the fertile lands around the desert in favour of the larger humans, driving the Fennes into the desert in the first place, seizing the great wealth the Fennes once had. He is the most hated among the gods, but there are worshipers who seek to evade the sword of conquest, or even those who seek to become humans and be accepted as an equal... after selling out all of their kin.

With gods like these, there is no need for devils, yet, there is one, a niche god, weaker but going against the flow.
The Cat of the Moon, Noctis Serene, goddess of night, moonlight, mercy, the morning dew, subterfuge, caverns, cats and cacti. She brings a break from Sol Infernus' baleful light, bringing in the dew one finds in the morning. She hides the Fennes from the beasts of Prima Brutus, giving them the caverns of Dun-Caver, even being the one to allow the taming of the Ostren. She also helped distract Rex Hominum and his humans long enough to permit an orderly migration into the desert, shrouded them from detection once gone, and taught them how to survive, as long as no Sand Cat is harmed. For the favour of Noctis Serene is earned by sparing her beloved Sand Cats, even more dimunitive than the Fennes, and from which they learned to hunt that which is not seen, but instead heard, underground prey. Noctis Serene does not have the power to directly oppose any of the prime pantheon, but instead tricks them, convincing Sol to make night, Prima to make bonds and Rex to deprive the desert of resources.

So while the Fennes say all the gods are cruel, just like all rules, it has an exception. Noctis Serene is beloved by all who believe in her, so perhaps the gate was sent by her, to let the Fennes break the cycle of suffering.
If so, one would expect the gate to be a monolith as black as the moonless night, but which lights in moonlight, with different passages depending on the phases of the moon. It cannot all be read at once, but has to be compiled over the course of a month, before the final piece slots into place, revealing the message.
Sadly Gragel passed away but his son, the one with the most shiny, rises to the throne to receive the mythical item; a scepter spear mix made of iron mixed with the bones of predators and in the shape of a kobold claw holding a sphere of polished stone with a blade at the bottom of the scepter. With a quick declaration of 'Me in charge now' Gragel II rises to the throne.

1. Research tunnel fighting tactics
Gragel the second quickly got to work revolutionizing the military that his father left ignored for quite some time. With the empire actually growing into something of real use the military would need to actually protect the territory from traitors and invaders. As such he pits teams together using practice weapons and hones his strategy for fighting in the kobold tunnels; mainly relying on a core of heavily armored and large shielded swordsmen at the front and using long spears over the shoulders of those at the front to strike at a safe distance. Units will fight and lead enemies down hallways into crossroads where different units wait to flank the enemy from three sides. Spear soldiers can also be replaced with bow soldiers to strike at a farther distance if they are wary of getting into position.
2. Open the door.
While whatever 'patron' may have wished some preparation from the kobolds before they opened the door it forgot how unwise the kobolds truly were as it tempted the small creatures with words of shiny as, like all others, the warning of danger fell on deaf eardrums. The door is opened under no command but the collective screeches of "My Shiny! Mine!"
Hey ah can I join in also the discord link is dead
It's full
Hi there, as our friend >>5246425 "kindly" pointed out, the game's currently at capacity. However, you're more than welcome to join the discord, hang out, and see what's cooking behind the scenes. We host games often, so you could even join any of the new one's that pop up https://discord.gg/pkF9TgPt .
>The squawking Ruckus
Asif the constant squaking of the island wasn’t enough, even louder has it grown with the construction of the latest temple. If you have any plans to visit the Ruckus lands, best bring earplugs along with your umbrella. At least it’s not all bad, their food is pretty good and there’s plenty of it to go around!

Kaanonite Crisis (57 AAC) (After Aak Confederation)

The effective secession of Kaanon from Iaakon and the refusal of their leading families to attend the Ireejak is met at first with laughter, and then disbelief. What was as surprising was the fact that this was allowed, there was no system of governance that prevented such outright succession. The Ireejak was voluntary, one could not be forced to attend, and so with no legal recourse save the thin bureaucracy that caused the secession to begin with, Aak took to the streets.

A period of intense chaos enveloped the city for a time, different groups using intimidation and violence to have their voices heard, given the Ireejak was no longer an effective solution. Too many voices, not enough done.

In the aftermath of the crisis the foundations for a new and proper government are laid, one in which every family may cast a vote to elect one family to a position of unparalleled power over Aakkind.

Time will tell how this reformation affects the agrarian Aak way of life, but for now many are simply pleased to see a return to stability.

Aaktion 1: City

A new city emplaced on a three-pointed river, this settlement is known as Triiodon, for both the rivers and the three pronged spears used to fish in them.

This is a city founded after the restructuring of Aak governance, and as such is the first to be actually planned out in any significant way. Local Ireejak halls for petty governance, districts for the affluent and less fortunate, it could be said that Triiodon will form into a city most expressive of the wealth imbalances of this era.

Aaktion 2: Farm (Toweryaak dairy)

There is no greater friend to Aak-kind than the trusty Toweryaak. Gigantic, soft, docile and hardy, they sadly did not follow the Aak to their new home, preferring to stick near the mountains.

This group of particularly displaced Toweryaak was spotted not too far from the new city site however, giving the Triiodonites a perfect opportunity to domesticate these beasts and acquire delicious Yaak milk and for their culinary endeavours.

2 passive expansion towards Kaanon.
File: tegaki.png (212 KB, 318x464)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Dragon bones. Dragon bones. *Dragon bones*. When the message reached the capital after months, it felt as if Asteros himself had stuck a claw in the clock of time. Disbelief. Euphoria. Hysteria. The dragons were real. *The dragons were real*. The word leaks, people run in the streets singing hosannas. They were so far still, yet so tantalizingly close.
The appearance of the trial grounds only brings more confusion. The to=iming seemed oddly perfect. Had the Primordial Dragons seen the discovery and sent a challenge in response? Or was this a trickery of the Fell One? Of some other dark force? Or was it a sign from something completely unknown?

>Capital Passive Expansion: Depends. If Kulpy allows, south. If not, east.
>Action 1 (Expansion): Establish settlement "Wyrm's Rest" in the indicated crossed spot in pic related
The discovery of the lost hold, and the dragon skeleton inside, sent a number of Port Royal's population into great fervor. It was a holy site, according to them, no doubt. A whole portion of individuals that were just waiting for an order to go forth and colonize beyond Emerald Hill suddenly had the perfect excuse. The caravan seems to spawn from nowhere in barely a week. King Drak barely has the time to meet them and give them his blessing before they leave. The young monarch watches them disappear in the horizon under the light of the dawn, a slight smile on his face and a warm, fuzzy feeling in his heart.

>Action 2 (Exploration/Culture/Religion): Search for dragons, part 2/?
Now, to the matter of the trial ground. All the most eminent dragon priests in the capital gather around it to discuss along with King Drak and General Syzjarr. The stone says: "You'll need the fires of hell to sear through the first lock. Nothing made by mortal means will suffice." Obviously, it meant dragons; the dragon imagery everywhere in the structure made it obvious. But what type of dragon? The dragons most associated with fire were the warrior scions of Solarion. Some priests suggest that "of Hell" could mean from under the earth, like the volcanic sons and daughters of Bahamut. Yet some others say that it could mean from a realm beyond Death, which would mean the ephemera-wielding shadow wyrms of Morn the Silent. The green and blue of the eyes of the dragonheads on top of the red could also hint at Leviathan and Yggdrasil. King Drak says that they may as well search for anything remotely draconic at this point. And yes, he insists, even the spawn of the Fell One, if only for good measure. The order is given: the search parties shall drastically increase in number; the search area shall expand to all lands west and north of Port Royal and even a bit east. A specific search party is told to follow in the wake of the settlers to Wyrm's Rest and investigate the ruined hold; there gotta be something in there, maybe a map of something.
Please tell me you didn't accidentally dox yourself like that.
File: Turn.png (674 KB, 758x722)
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674 KB PNG
>Action 1: Gunungtam
With a number of Huterang having recently moved to live on and around the great mountain, it is only natural that the lands around the mountain's rising base are soon earmarked for a new settlement. The outpost of Gunungtam is founded, and whilst most Huterang settlements hold some degree of vertical spread; it is wondered by some of the settlers just how more 'upward' the mountain alongside them might allow their young town to someday rise.

>Action 2: Farm
And as the people of all towns need to be fed, some land close to the new site of Gunungtam is given over to farming. Traditional crops will be planted of course, but also a local fruiting plant of the slightly higher altitude - bulbous red orbs that are not as sweet as most fruits, yet hold a delicious tang all of their own. It's always good to have a speciality to trade with the neighbours.

>Passive expansion
With the north and west now filing up with Huterang and towns, it is south along the coast from Utpalem that is now the easiest route for Huterang families seeking a place of their own.

The Huterang scratch the other sides of their head at this strange appearance, and the strange pronunciation upon it. Patrons? Realm? What? The knowledgeable take a break from their studies to examine this curiosity in greater detail, though the warning makes them wary of preceding any further.
1. Finish the self enhancement magic.

2. The Ivanar Azimarians natural aptitude for alchemy results in the creation of a number of stable potions for their uses. Amongst them rises a class of Alchemical Overseers, who run the Alchemy labs throughout the Grand Commune. They order about those beneath them and organize proper strains of potions, powders, and other drugs.

The strange gate which came about was to be for the most part guarded and ignored after an agreement with the god slayers of the north. Despite this though, given the potential dangers of another raid and the new bows, the Salivanid Empire would have it's archers train day in and day out to perfect their accuracy as best they could against smaller targets. The power of one of their bows was grand enough to be on par with siege weapons of some of the other races. Despite this, the targets were oft small, and while a well placed shot could kill or incapacitate a few enemies, they still needed to hit in order to do such a thing. Still, the training would not only ensure greater accuracy but also greater fire rate, and ensure that a good number of the strong bladed troops would struggle to reach the line before they were felled, and a good thing too given the fact no metals were found. Other than this, a forward outpost to defend the river from potential poisoning by the raiders and to act as a early warning of future raids given the general direction the Velix Selin Keliro seemed to come from. This outpost would be set up around the small village of Aldin Alvi, though with it the village would slowly grow to be something more...

>Action One. Train Archers.

>Action Two. Build an outpost near the start of the river called Aldin Alvi.
File: Farm.png (179 KB, 394x293)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
> Expansion
The 3 black circles drawn, if it's 2 just then 2 not sure farm built applies the turn it is built or the turn after.

> Action 1: Build farm where I drew farm
Trade with the Sensei has increased demand for food and where there is demand supply must be met... additionally those of the Godmaw hope that building a farm closer to the Aak will make the crops grow as tasty as theirs.

> Red Sword of Rage (military action apparently)
A red-crystal sword proportional in size to the rage and hatred the user feels. If a cut with it penetrates the skin it will do to the enemy damage equivalent to what the user is wishing to do. The user has to imagine every cut.

Best among the Godskin Allumni can one experience a weeks-long torture session with a single cut. This power thus works best against those truly hated and Godskin students practice how to do meditations of rage which allow them to over time develop pure hatred and loathing towards anyone they desire. The skin they graft onto themselves helps with the meditations as they feel the full range of trouch trough it. Thus make themselves experience excruciating pain by tearing it.

It also is useful in duels as victims of skinning are often left alive so strikes from rage blades of other Godskin students often hit multiple fake layers of skin damaging only the people in the torture chambers of the other multiple times before getting to the true skin.

The Red Blade works like this:
- if you cut trough someone's skin it inflicts on them torture equivalent to what you wish you could do to them emotionally so from your rage/hatred

Grafting skin of others onto yourself means if the skin is cut by a red blade the person whose skin it was actually experiences the torture. Otherwise the grafted skin is used to torture themselves during rage-meditations
Godskin students meditate to increase their rage and hatred which often leads to self mutilation due to wishing to feel pain they feel the grafted skin akin their own tearing it apart.
to feel the pain
Fluff: put a guard for the mysterious gate.
1 action: Practice manipulating what the environment looks like specifically with psionic magic to empowering the croaking tune in general.
1 action: Prospect the land for goods and resources
File: Jotunnburg.png (422 KB, 1046x381)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
Missed Turn
>Build a Castle in the eastern mountain peak, as it is far from our current sphere of influence it will likely be independent
The Sudlungers are not yet a true nation, not in the united sense. They are a collection of races, a cultural group, worshipping the same gods but, for now, under different allegiances.

Glacius is the home of the frostmen, humans of blue skin and red eyes. But the Giants seek their own home, away from the crowded lands where they often must battle with the humans for seals and mammoth meat. They head east, to build Jottunburg, to become an ancestral castle capital for the giants

>Build a settlement in the northern craggs, as it is far from our current sphere of influence it will likely be independent
The Ogres and Trolls too conflict with the more civilized men, who drive them north into the craggs. There they will build a collection of caves, a new settlement, that will become the famed Ogreheim

This turn
>The Giants build a mammoth farm near Jottunberg
Mammoths are a vital animal for the Giants, able to be both ridden and eaten and milked and shaved for fur pelts, their bones and tusks make tools and weapons, and their meat is savory. They are strong to do labour, and carry big blocks for their mighty castles. The giants gather and start to herd these creatures, to tame them for their use.

>Action 1 - Citywide Cleanup [Culture? Health?]
>Action 2 - Faster Ships [Military]

It starts in Parala, the shiny new temple espoused by the whiny Galarian women, who has crowned herself Highest Priestess Levana and taken up personal residence in the Temple. She grabs others by the feathers, dragging them around and pointing at the rotten fish guts, littered bones, and 101 other messes that Galarian life leaves all over the city.

"Clean it!" She squawks, improvised brushes and dried sea sponges being pressed into unwilling wings. "I want this place looking shiny! Shinier than anything in Gremus!!!"

Of course, an unhappy Galarian can just take wing, and soon enough the news of the grand project comes to Sofronion's ear. In a fit of rash competitiveness, he gives much the same order, and so begins The Great Scrubbing!

Meanwhile, more level-headed Galarians are pre-occupied with what's really important.
Of course, the new boats, much better than the old rickety fishing ships, have worked wonders. And yet...
The nearby waters sees so many Galarian boats trying to plumb the sea, it can be hard to even cast a net out! But who wants to waste half a day going somewhere farther away for some quiet and proper fishing? Faster ships will solve this, the Galarians looking to mimic their own wings for the sails, and the sleek shape of the fish they so covet for the hulls.
Action 1: Study the ruin

With the discovery of this strange ruin with constantly changing 'flames' many glikeichan colonists begun to study the ruin to learn more about it... As some even begun to think that the glikeichans are from outer space and not from this world...

Action 2: set up a outpost on the large island

With the discovery of the ruin and the appearance of said strange Gate, it is important that we discover more of those ruins to see what secrets they hold. Thus it is logical that we must expand toward this large island that once was ours
File: 511px-Inkstick.jpg (96 KB, 511x600)
96 KB
>continue building tanuki ancestral shrines (1/2)
>(industry) build ink manufactory near the southern outpost

with the work on on the grand tanuki ancestral shrines nearing completion the tanuki sets to work on decoration. an argument was made on what kind of material should be used to decorate the grand ancestral shrines (each pavillion will be decorated with illustration depicting the respective ancestors legendary feats) , while the debate is ongoing someone mentioned that a tanuki hunters discovered a new kind of of paint in the mainland outpost. the idea is to mix and knead together soot (from burning local woods) with natural glues from fishskin which is then slowly dried and turned into inksticks. to make ink, the inkstink just needs to be grind and mixed with a little bit of water. the tanuki found ink the perfect material to decorate their ancestral shrines as it easily sticks to wood and is strong enough to endure local climate. soon a new batch of tanuki was sent to to build an ink manufactury near the southernmost outpost.
>Submitted on behalf of the Republic of Aquileia

>Action 1(Industry): Milonis Farm

>Action 2(Industry): Emerald Mine
>Building: build another farm, Pison cattle.
>Building: build another settlement east of that new one, call it Smokewood
Posted in behalf of the Stoneskin tribe

>Posted on behalf of the Sensi Khanate

A small settlement is formed to the east, known as Shaktor, a cart camp of the Un'Tali that has formed nearby the capitol to help facilitate trade.


A gift is sent to the snakemen, a trophy of one of their kind holding the head of a Sensei, and a returned snake woman, with a green eyed black haired Sensei babe at her hip.
File: turn5.png (3.05 MB, 3386x1453)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
Dusk fades and Dawn graces the start of a new day.

How beautifully fleshed out and peaceful the world is. A shame these innocent days can't last forever.
>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
Fear: the greatest tool in any ruler’s arsenal. The people spring back to work under heavy handed guidance, but be careful not to tighten your grip too much, or the people just might snap. The search for iron is a desperate one. Search as they might, only one location is found to be promising at the most northern most point of the island, most likely the only Iron on the island. What’s worse is that it is incredibly poor quality and will need exceptional handling to make anything usable out of it.

>His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I
A truly wise man is Prince Rendei to recognise that there is nothing more important than family, for is that not the only thing to truly prioritize in one’s life? The ministers might see it differently, but the Prince has guided them faithfully over the course of his long and prosperous reign, and see nothing wrong with allowing him his parental indulgence. By their instruction the port is built, but the gate itself can’t go overlooked. Further proving his prudency, the prince orders it entombed. For the time being there is nothing else that can be done than simply keeping out of sight and out of mind, but problems swept under the rug are sure to fester in one way or another…

>Dundee/Fennec Fox People
A powerful military is one thing, but one can’t discount the battlefield which is the market. In a wise move, the first one is built in Dun-Caver. The coin from this is well spent to erect a fort around the suspicious gate that’s perched itself right on their backyard. Cautiously though, it is examined to reveal the first trial:
In every era there is a great hero that embodies the nation of the time. Prove yourselves to be as great as you boast, and give rise to a champion that slew beasts many would deem impossible to kill.

If victory is to be won, it’ll be in the depths which the kobolds are all familiar with. The philosophy of tunnel warfare begins to develop, but for that first proper tools will be needed (1|2). As for the gate, nothing happens. Claw, scratch, and dig as they might, nothing yields or even dents. Looks like the only options are to follow its trial, or find a way to permanently seal it

>Iaakan Entreaty
Another step towards the Entreaty’s grand vision in the form of Tiiodon takes place. It’s a welcome change of scenery from the normally dense jungles they usually live in, the open fields offering plenty of space to freely run and frolic. The perfect place for the domestication of the humble Toweryaak who are sure to expand the world of food and flavor.
>Kingdom of Illyria
Discovery of the ruins and the fossil within drives the Kingdom into a frenzy, and for good reason. The city of Wyrm’s Rest doesn’t take long to spring up as thousands flock to this now sacred land, trying to find a little piece of the former fairy tail for themselves. The explorers investigate the sight further, and at first it doesn’t look like there’s anything of any particular interest here further. That was until one of them noticed something extraordinary about the cave the ruin was built into: This place wasn’t shaped by the hands of man! Investigating the dragon’s remains confirms this hunch further, as its resting posture is asif it had closed something and collapsed shortly after. Examining the wall at the back it becomes clear what it was doing, the dragon had sealed something deeper in by bending the earth itself! With vigor the party dig into and after a month of exhausting excavation they finally breached through the thick layer of earth and discovered something worth more than a castle of gold. It was a nursery! The dragon had sealed in dozens of its eggs, even better they were in prime condition, as if waiting in stasis to be re-discovered. Perhaps the fire of life can be rekindled in them once more…

How wonderful it is to see the land fill with one’s kin. Gunungtam takes shape and in its shadow grows the oh so tangy red orbs on their tenderly cared for farm. As for now, the people of Huterangia are focussed on their personal matters, sparing a cautionary thought for the weird gate that’s invaded their home. Perhaps in the future it’ll be worth investigating, but first more important matters must be addressed.

>Kefka of Azimar
With more dedicated study and understanding of the self, the Azimarians finally learn the secrets to self enhancement magic. Though still relatively unimpressive, with a bit of bio-feedback they’re able to very faintly tweak their body in small ways. Meanwhile the people of Inavar use their newly acquired skills for what really matters: drugs. Ah, truly my kind of people.

>Godflesh Collegiate
A farm is built, and although its crops are satisfying to the tongue, the secrets to the Aak’s fruit lies elsewhere. Yet one place the Godflesh surely have the Entreaty beat is in might (and overall anger issues) as they masterfully conjure their emotions into a powerful weapon.

>Rhayne Daze
Much to everyone’s disbelief, the secret to empowering the croaking madness was… to simply croak louder. The power is in the song, so the more song, the more power. Rather ineloquent, by hey, that’s science for you. At least they have a different reason to sing as they discover their land to be quite rich with coal.
The different tribes have different agendas and each strike out on their own little task. In one direction a castle is built, in another a city rises, and at home a comfortable mammoth farm is started

>The Squawking Ruckus
In a surprising twist, the land of the Ruckus, usually prime to anarchy, becomes slightly orderly. The streets are cleaned, the nests are scrubbed, and soon the place looks like actual adults are running it. Still can’t stop the occasional flyby public “bombing” but what can you do, if a bird’s gotta go a bird’s gotta go. It must be thanks to this cultural change that the birds can think clearly as well without so much clutter blocking innovation, as their uniquely developed sails pays off in faster ships.

>Leakoan Republic
Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence, and desperately the ruins are studied for such answers. Yet little is found, except for a previously overlooked room hidden away by more rubble. Within it little is found, mostly books to tarnished by time to be of any value save for one which appeared to be a journal. Most of the pages are ruined, some still have scattered words here and there but without context they’re meaningless. There is one thing of value though, a small drawing of island just east of the homeland. There a location is marked on its southern shores, perhaps something worth investigating?

>Jugemu Clan
The ink plant is built providing the Tanuki with ample of the precious resource to meet their creative urges. Completion of the ancestral shrines is celebrated across the land and a new found respect for the ancestors enriches the nation’s culture.

>Republic of Aquileia
Milonis will be fed, and the republic’s wallets will be fuller than ever with thanks to the new farm and emerald mine.

>Stoneskin tribe
Pison are herded and corralled, giving the trolls not only a delicious source of meat but also a couple of cute pets. Smokewood is built, and one can’t help but wonder if wood’s the only thing getting smoked over there.

>Sensei Khanate
Shaktor will surely help enrich the land as it becomes the bridge of the desert from which goods will go and come. The snakes receive the generous(?) gift as well as their returned kin.

>Salivanid Empire
Having had their fair share of aggression, it was time to take a more active stance against the southern barbarians. Training of the troops goes well, one could even call them the deadeyes of the desert. But an even more imposing message is the settlement of Aldin Alvi, a proclamation to any who would mistake them for prey that they were not afraid to tread where they deemed theirs and would inch closer bravely. Yet instead of aggression, the barbarians send something else this time... (see >>5249754)
File: turn5.png (3.05 MB, 3386x1453)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
The world in its correct shape
Of course. The Iron is little better than the pig iron we have been using. Still, the tried and true technique of folding the metal several times will have to do in order to keep the metal up to snuff. However, there are other ways in which the smiths have been experimenting with in order to improve the quality of the metal...

1. The more superstitious smiths have done as some oracles do, and use bones. They believe the Kami of the animals will imbue the weapon with their strength. While the Shōgun and Kogo both seem quite skeptical of the supernatural origins of the metal; there is absolutely grounds to say the metal is made better. While this is the case, it is very clear that more work needs to be done in order to truly isolate what in the bones makes the metal stronger, and how to use that to get the most out of it...
(Steel 1/?)
2. The retainers of the Daimyo have always been an integral part of Kitsune society. Ours has always been a martial culture; and it is time that we act upon it. A revamp of the social class system is in order; one that places the Retainer firmly above the merchant and the peasant below them. They shall be those who serve. Samurai. A warrior's honor and duty is to be respected, and emphasized above all else, even between class. An honorable levy is to be seen as better than a dishonorable Ronin. The system shall be as such:

1. The Shōgun
2. The Daimyo
3. Samurai
4. Ashigaru (Volunteer peasant soldiers)
5. Merchants
6. Peasants
(Martial culture time!)
File: MuscleMuscle.png (107 KB, 287x255)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
An unexpected conflict with the Tanuki to the west shakes the nation. Not only have they crossed the previously agreed upon border river, but also encroached on our land chasing out humans from the border region. Talks regarding this matter will take place. (in IC chat)
(red line is previously agreed on borders, blue line is land I directly owned before the Current expansion)

> Expansion
Just like the 2 nice black circles show

> Built City Godmuscle Campus (marked with X)
The Collegium of muscles due to it's ties to mountains and rocks has constructed it's collegium in the mountains where they can be reminded of mountains because mountains are like the muscles of the earth. Just walking around keep you fit and they kinda look like really swole muscles poking out. As such the Earthmuscle mountainrange has provided a safe home for the Campus of the musclemen where they can train to the hearts content! And thanks to the echo you never feel alone when working out.

> (magic) Create Broken Abstraction school of magic
The broken abstraction school of magic allows one to pull abstract concepts such as emotions, ideals and nonphysical properties into the realm of what you can touch... and break. A solidified concept always embodies what is is, rage a sword, magic a staff and homesickness a home. Each abstraction can only have one physical form which varies in size and shape on the 'strength' of the harnessed desire/value/property. If the solidified abstraction is destroyed the used temporarily looses it. If one's red blade is broken they will be unable to feel rage and hatred for a few days after.

> Most basic spells associated with the school
Crystal Staff of Magic - a staff appears neat to user allowing him to harness and controll his magic more precisely (minor effect no mechanic impact just fluff). When combating enemy mages can be materialized and destroyed making them incapable of using magic for a time. (this one is the mechanical thing)

Golden Orb of Divinity - a gods divinity is crystalized in form of an orb. If the orb is destroyed the god can be killed.

Golden Thread of Prayer - a spell which solidifies the genuine prayer and belif of a faithful into their divine into a thin thread which connects the two, possibly allowing a member of the Collegiate to find their path to the god.

Pink brew of wellbeing - a pink liquid which represents a persons health and wellbeing. Many members of the collegiate collect it into bottles when they feel particularly good slightly weakening themselves so they have a supply for days when they feel sick or get wounded. (can only be used on yourself)
File: SoBeIt.png (293 KB, 1116x1008)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
> The Collegiate-Jugemu Borderwar
Tanuki students at the Godmaw Collegium are temporarily detained and put in Godflesh custody unless they agree to aid in the wareffort on the side of the Godflesh Collegiate.

After the Tanuki have encroached on our land and broken our border-agreement we have deemed it necessary to retake what is ours and establish a safe east-west border at the river.

The grand strategy is as follows. The Blue Arrows represent our navy. The Collegiate Navy shall launch a surprise attack on the Tanuki capital port attempting to destroy as many transport ships as possible and retreat as soon as the situation turns dire. After that the navy is to perform hit and run attacks against the Tanuki navy mainly against their transport ships to prevent their capital-army from coming onto the mainland.
The ships shall be staffed by the Godmaw which know the Tanuki best, the Godeye because trough their divine eyes and divination abilities they have the best chance to see trough tanuki illusions and lastly the tanuki defectors who agreed to aid the Collegiate. They also shall assist in seeing trough the illusions.

The dark red army (thin line) is a tiny force from the Collegium of The Goddregs. They shall poison the river which fuels both of the mainland Tanuki cities. With both food imports from the mainland cut off and the river poisoned the cities should be starving. Admittedly though the poison is likely diluted heavily in the river so unlikely to be lethal maybe will give them diarrhea or weaken them.

The main army so the armies from the 2 cities are to secure to create defensible positions along the 2 rivers. (thin red line)
There should not be much resistance on the east-banks of the river hopefully. Tactics will mostly consist of Godbone shieldbearers in the front, Godeye archers in the back, Godmaw used like warelephants, Goddregs used as saboteurs, Godskin used as charge and light cavalry and Godmuscle used in a generalist role. Either throwing rocks at the enemy or engaging in direct melee combat. To dissaude Tanuki from using illusions prisoners will be taken alive when possible and brought to the battlefield in cages or tied to poles and will torture them to reveal if they currently see illusion magic being used. The Godskin are really good at torture.
Divine breath has left the vessel of His Highness, Prince Rendei I, this day, but aware of the turmoil that is to come his ministers keep the news secret for another tyrn so that plans already laid may be enacted. Following royal tradition, without true royal ascent, those ministers push through a final declaration of actions:
By the grace of the almighty Father of the Sky above and his consort the ever-giving Mother of the Earth below, His Serene Highness the Prince does hereby decree the continued ploughing of fields along the banks of the Dorgaux for the sustaining of the now newly declared City of Hoys-du-Can, and the construction of port facilities in the safe harbour of le Cuipot du Dorgaux.

>Action 1 - Another farm for Hoys-du-Can
>Action 2 - A port for the same city
File: file.png (236 KB, 573x439)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
There is vigorous debate, on what the trial means, who sent the trial, and if we should even entertain a trial from the cruel gods. Yet there is the issue of what god made this gate. The swords that make up it would indicate it's Rex Hominum, but he would never make statues of Fennes, he only ever favours humans. Delving into the records of minor gods grants us no insight either. Though the patron is unknown, the possibility that it's associated with Rex' greed cannot be ignored. Then Marcus says that if it is Rex who try to influence them, they shall rebuke him, by fulfilling the trial with the slaughter and subjugation of his beloved humanity, they shall also rebuke Prima Brutus by slaughtering beasts and Sol Infernus by doing it during the day, showing defiance to all of the prime pantheon, the vile trinity.

Action 1 (Naval Technology): Develop Outrigger Canoe.
The Fennes of Ocea-de have made many an experimental raft, even making floating islands, but these all strain under one thing: Scarcity of wood. But while some try to make bigger and bigger rafts, some make smaller ones, using minimal amounts of resources. They make canoes, dugout from a single log, letting them paddle out and fish farther out. Some even take the material dug out and fashion it into an outrigger, providing much needed stability as they venture further out, where the waters are rough. Though they are no match for the open sea, it is more than sufficient for the Bay of Fenne, even enough to make a stable sail-craft.

Action 2 (Military subjugation): Launch the Fenne crusade to the southwest, with King Marcus leading it personally, subjugate the humans along the way and arrange them into a subservient horde.
The trial speaks of great beasts, but what beast is greater than man? Even the mighty elephant is hunted by man. The time for vengeance is nigh, Marcus shall take his army and ride for the lands of mankind, slaughtering beasts and men along the way. Of course, should they submit, we shall take the chiefs' daughters and make them part of King Marcus' harem, where he shall attempt to sire half-Fenne heirs, who are to inherit the tribes after the current chiefs' deaths, rather than the current heirs.

Actions 1 and 2: Admugann Architecture

The invention of concrete was just the start of the renovation of Aak cities, for these industrious people never cease to strive to make their lives better.
The Aak become masters of their urban environment, these city loving people doing their best to make their structures stand taller and mightier. Each new building is a planned work, engineered and constructed using cutting edge techniques and early calculations.

Even relatively unimportant buildings become testaments to the wealth and ingenuity of the Aak, who in their wisdom live and work now in multi-storey buildings, homes and workplaces, there are now more Aak living together in these cities than ever before as family estates grow into entire miniature districts.

The characterising feature of the Admugann architectual style beyond its improvements to structure and stability are faces on every building, and buildings built in the shape of faces. Aak place special weight on the value of faces, believing that perhaps an ancestor might view through them from the afterlife. By giving a face to buildings, the ancestors may watch over and protect their descendants. It serves also as a deterrant to crime in their presence, the Aak are superstitious people and many a criminal would think twice before comitting an offence before the very eyes of their ancestors.

Aak neighborhoods are decorated with plenty of plants and trees, constant reminders of their love of agriculture. To outsiders Iaakon may appear a jewel of stone and vine, a garden metropolis.

Passively expand up north to prepare to connect up to a new city.

Meanwhile the Aak grapple with this message from this gate, murmurs of what it could mean cast all around. The only true conclusion is that it is a message from the ancestors, perhaps even the very first Aak ever, wishing the Aak well and united, and promising rewards if we prosper.

With this knowledge in mind, the Aak senate makes a second great plan to woo the Kaanonites back into the fold.

Aak society is rather straightforward, intents declared not in secret but with immense pomp and circumstance. It is on some level expected for the scale of every wooing attempt to be larger than the previous, although that is usually for attracting a mate rather than an independent citystate…
Eggs. Dragon eggs. Live ones. They say the priest accompanying the miners passed out from the sight. As the word spread to the Wyrm's Rest settlers, the digging party was quickly reconverted into guards to prevent the over-eager faithful from raiding the place.

>Passive expansion: from Emerald Hill towards north-east
>Action 1 (Building/Religion/Culture): Build Temple at Ruin's entrance
However, this is only a temporary measure, and a permanent solution is needed. For King Drak, the answer is obvious: if the people want to show their faith, let them. A grand holy temple dedicated to Bahamut the Land Father shall be built across the only pathway to the ruined hold. The ruins themselves shall be declared holy ground, only accessible with authorization from the temple priests, all selected as people of trust. The priests of the other Primordial Dragons in Port Royal, especially Azura's, will grumble, but the practical reasons will be enough to convince them to play along for now.

>Action 2 (Research/Culture): Awaken the Dragon eggs
Now, unto the matter of the eggs. King Drak immediately ensembles a crew of various retainers, priests, and other nobles, all Dragonblooded of the purest traceable ancestry, including himself, to examine the eggs in person. Dragonblooded were said to be spiritually close to the mighty beasts and thus are bound to be vital in finding a way to break the stasis placed on them. What Drak is keeping to himself, however, is that he may already have an idea... (TO BE ROLEPLAYED IN IC CHAT)
1. Finish up tunnel warfare tactics (1/2)
Draw up designs, put the forge to work, make sure all that comes to the bear of soldiers are made to kill those that defy us.
2. Religious reformation.
Gragel II reads the message from the door again and rubs between his eyes then puts down the charcoal rubbing. He speaks to the shamans of the city to compare the shit ton of gods that they venerate; like that cave bear that killed off a family some years ago. After some heavy bribery and some discussion it was finally narrowed down that there were three true gods: That of Creation, That of Destruction, and That of the Eternal Struggle and Change. For the ease of worship these are known as Creation, Ruin, and Chaos. Of the gods Choas cares more of the day to day lives of mortals but both Creation and Ruin will intercede when they desire. All gods make the world work and are forces without form; but can be depicted with forms if desired. Creation and Ruin are the primordial gods and Change was born from their fighting long before the world was born; with the world being born by Change. Stagnation is the greatest sin and a little bit of chaos should be thrown into the mix every now and again so that growth can begin. With the changes made the shamans are sent out to make sure that the, usually uncaring, masses are shown the proper way.
Electoral representatives from Gunungtam and the surrounding regions now take their place in the Parliament of Huterangia and add their voices to the calls that this gate be left alone for now. If there is any uncertainty as to if we are ready, then we are not yet ready. A subcommittee is appointed to look into defining some criteria that might help define when the Huterang as a people might be ready to consider preliminary investigations into the nature of the object and if it might someday be considered safe to give further consideration. Kicked into the long grass by parliamentary process, it is decided to focus elsewhere on things with more apparent interest or use.

>Action 1: Boon Fruit (2nd part)
Research into the boon fruit is resumed by all concerned after the temporary focus elsewhere, let our learned ones unlock the hoped-for marvels and miracles this fruit promises our people.

>Action 2: A port for Utpalem
As a city close to both the coast and the banks of the Palemgai river, it is only fitting that a port is to be built upon the latter just before it flows into the sea itself. Not only will it allow Fishertangs and their pet Otters to cast their lines and nets wider across the sea, but an increase of shipping would make journeys along both river and coastline faster then mere walking or brachiating would allow them to be.

>Passive expansion
With a new port to see the Huterang on their way, expansion along the coastline continues.


In the Salivanid Empire, one of the most important roles in society is that of the humble Abdilan Ak Kul. The Keeper of Records. Each community has one, and under them are Dibi Kul, Assistant Keeper. There are many Dibi Kul under the Abdilan Ak Kul, and their job is simply to record everything of important note that happens. From harvests, trade deals to disputes. All of these minor events are written down and kept, so that the various communities in the Empire can have their whole personal histories preserved for their children many years down the line to learn from. In a sense, they also serve a somewhat bureocratic role, and are responsible partially for mesuring how much was gained in a harvest, or how much ore was extracted, but this is a more secondary part of their main job. Lately, with the settlement of a new city, and a number of large communities having some split off to found their own new communities elsewhere, the role has become more and more important and has solidified itself in the functions of government just as it had the culture of the people of the Empire. And it was clear to see that the nation was likely to be the most well documented in the world, as everything from petty disputes to grand meetings of peoples would be recorded.

Other than this, with the expansion of the Empire and the new settlement, along with the plains eaters, further farms were created along the river. Unlike the previous, these were mostly focused on ranching and taking care of the plains eaters alongside the preparation of the meat from them. It was undoubtable that there would be more in time but they were important none the less.

However, something else of curiosity happened to the Empire, as one of the community members of the raided settlements returned with a strange trophy, along with what seemed to be one of the raiders kind. Regardless, they were naturally accepted back home with open arms by what remained, if anything. Worst case scenario they were to be integrated into another community where they found a new home. Regardless, the trophy that was with them would be kept, and likely brought to the community of soldiers in the capital. It was their reward for their valiant defense after all. It told one thing to the Empire however. The Velix Selin Keliro were a warlike people and respected those which could best them. Perhaps, in a way, they could be reasoned with in some ways, although likely in combat and shows of strength, as seemed to be the trend of the neighbors of the Empire.

>Action One. Record Keepers.

>Action Two. Build another Farm
File: X marks the spot.png (217 KB, 413x452)
217 KB
217 KB PNG

>Action 1 - Build City - Xylos
>Action 2 - Establish 1st Magic[Waves] (Temple in Parala)

Sofronio has been, well, not PHYSICALLY beating people, but certainly very demanding in making sure that Gremus doesn't get crowded again. In flocks of 10 and 20 do the Galarians soar south, following the coast where the fish are plentiful, or swooping into the trees to give nuts and the occasional squirrel a try. These lackadaisical exiles eventually congregate, as Galarians are wont to do, and inadvertently found a new city! Lacking the open coasts the other two cities have, these Galarians make their homes amid the trees, roosting among their roots or in their branches.


Back in civilized lands, Levanna, unfortunatly, is at it again. The Temple sees constant re-imagining, many Galarians whispering that her manic episodes would be so much less frequent if she just settled down with a nice guy and laid some eggs. Regardless, she squawks the loudest, and her fish bones are the shiniest, so the work must be done! Eventually, she seems satisfied (for now) and dubs this a Temple to the Waves. Hopefully this will stop her crazy behavior for a while.

Oh, wait, no, there she goes. Now she's whispering something about the power of water in the hearts of our people or something? I guess we've all noticed a general rise in quality of life, Galarians being healthier and having more fluffy feathers than their forefathers, but that's probably because we worked so hard to clean the city! There's now way 'magic' or whatever she's whispering is responsible for it.

Fluff: Who would have though that by just croaking louder one could gain a more potent effect. But if that is the case. What happens if it’s orchestrated? To have high and lows of croaking to weave something truly fantastical... and with coal found, the grand merchants that lead the land send their numbers to make claims to it. Coal to burn making food both easier to cook and homes warm.

1 action: Coal mine
Working in the coal mines. Dangerous yes, but with ideas of potentially using those psionic disturbances to both the advantage and disadvantage of miners is something that is thought of.

1 action: Magic: Psionic control
Perhaps there is a way to make it so that the mind is affected in such a way that it sees certain things instead of just whatever insanity is normally caused. The shadows in the corners potentially becoming other members of society instead of some terrifying beast that one mistakingly runs from. At the same time.. it can also be used to craft entirely false scenarios... potentially perfect for sneaking around. Who’s to say a person will notice a door opening and closing with this expansion to magic. Or.. potentially fail notice as their comrades disappear one by one until none are left.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)
The Gibilins, after the appearance of the portal thought they were under attack from one of their venerable forest spirits as such after those that prepared to defend themselves while those that ran away in fear eventually after the tribe determined that the portal was not a spirit but a structure of sorts came together under the Shamans guidance who studied the text and deliberated with his apprentices where it was decided that a constant watch would be kept on the structure to provide the tribe enough time to flee in the forest if it was nefarious.

Action 1: (Exploration) Departing into the forest the Shaman will look for psychedelic mushrooms.
The shaman donning his anima skins once more with some of his apprentices depart into the forest to search for new flora that may aid the shaman for the next meeting with their revered spirits.

Action 2: (Military research) The bonlinds start training themselves through various training regimen and exercises to practice their stealth for future hunts.
Taking the initiative to better themselves the hunters of the Gibilins, otherwise known as the Bonlinds start training themselves and their recruits in the art of stealth by moving as quietly as they in the forest during mock hunts and stealing tokens given to them by their elders with those that have the most tokens being placed at the front of the formation.

Action 3: (Exploration) Some of the eldest gathering Gibswomen depart into the forest with the shaman to search for poisonous plants.
With the shamans departure several gathering Gibswomen depart with the group as well to help with the identification of various plants and collect those needed with of the Gibswomen looking for poisonous plants that may user by the Bonlinds or themselves if they needed to.

Action 4: (Exploration) Departing once more the Bonlinds go out into the forest to observe the animal populations west of their current location.

Action 1: Form a roaming "caste" of independant Warrior-Alchemists, The Waymakers(Culture/Military action)

As time passess the strange madness of the Azimar and their peculiarties causes a steadily growing number of arguments, disagreements, and fights. These range from individual Azimar getting on the wrong side of their informal commune leaders, to growing tensions between the Grand Communes of Azimar and Ivanar. These clashes soon grow bloody, and from them a growing culture of warrior grows in Azimar society, the Waymakers. These Azimar, often the losers of their bouts or those embarassed, are wanderers who travel the land. They experiment in the ways of alchemy without constraint, and are soon used by "wealthy" Commune Azimar as a form of hired mercenary, paid in drugs, food, and whatever else a service is worth at the time.

2. Build Alchemical Labs(Buildings, Science, Culture, Industry)

In both Grand Communes begin to grow a number of Alchemical Laboratories, centers of experimentation, production, and creation that are led by the smartest or at least strongest Azimar amongst a group. In the Grand Commune of Azimar, these Labs experiment with utilizing alchemy to alter the body and mind with growing permanence, Enhancement Alchemies running rife. Some are left disfigured from these practices, others mutated, and others stronger and better. The results are rarely stable, but the Azimarians indulge their madness at a grander scale. This though drives a great rift between them and the Ivanar Commune, whom which a growing scholarly attribute takes hold. Their labs are centers of order, of science, of production of alchemies of all kind. Invaritably, meeting of the two Communes is quick to cause disputes, clashes, and more. But the cities yet still grow as the Azimars sciences grow with their ambitions.
Action 1: Colonize said island

Using the book that we have discovered inside the ruins, we would send a exploration ship toward the island, once there the colonists will set up a outpost and try to find anything of value there

Action 2: try to search for ruins in our main island
we decided to inspect our owned lands in hope of finding more ruins with yet to be rediscovered technology

>Posted for Sensei Khanate

>Cart Beasts Training
The 4 legged desert reptilian the Sensei have beaten into hauling their carts and butcher for meat are foul tempered, strong, and brutal. Perfect companions, actual training begins with young hatchlings, yoking then to the cart, and training them to obey commands.


Build cart beast ranches in the araes under our direct control
>Posted for Clan of Sagra

>Excerpt 4: The City of Daghatar, resting place of Rulo Sagra
Despite his non-monogamous nature, the hero Rulo Sagra was a loving man; Deeply compassionate towards humanity, his family, and the people of the steppe. As he aged and his lifestyle of celebrating by day and battling by night came to a halt, he slowly reeled in his ways and came to settle in the lowest corner of the steppe, just outside of the tree line. Built atop his wealth and fame, the first city of the Steppe was founding around his dwelling, a city named Daghatar after his childhood mentor. Sagra's descendants would flock to this new civilization, each one of them lulled by an unusual desire for the orderliness and structure that his domain had to offer.

>Action 1: Military - Develop Training: Resolute (2/2)
The young men spend their youth being told of the wonders they'll achieve as a soldier; An aspiration for every young boy, just as the youth of lesser nations may aspire for wealth or fame. Of course, not every young boy can fulfill this childhood fantasy. The training of the clan is ruthless and systematic, breaking down the spirit of the soldiers so that they can be build anew from the remnants of their old selves. Though still a virtuous people, preaching love, community, and honor, any weaknesses of the mind such as fear, hesitation, and pride are crushed early on in boot camp.

>Action 2: Magic - Develop Lighting Magic (1/2)
A strange form of magic begins to be explored within the School of War in Daghatar. Led by a professor by the name of Angelo Sangra, the practice of channeling lightning through their bodies and utilizing it to empower their weapons and hasten their steps becomes the center of academic research and experimentation.
>Global Event: Refusal
The courageous soldiers and leaders of the clan are initially excited by the prospect of the portal, but are turned away by the statement that it would be a trial for the entire nation. Though confident to face the trials on their own, the family-loving clansmen lack the heart to expose their young, old, or otherwise unwell members to such chaos.
>Action 3: Magic - Develop Lighting Magic (2/2)
After thorough study and a number of case studies that would be unacceptably dangerous to a more danger-prone race, a breakthrough would occur in Daghatar's Academy of War. In the skies above, it would appear as if the dorms were under constant attack by the gods itself, with crackling red lightning propelling arrows into the sky. Scorch marks littered the halls as overzealous students zipped and bolted on electric steps.

>Action 4: Farm - On the Frontier
As intended by a previous agenda, the population of Daghatar was beginning to swell and with it, the nation's prosperity. Still, space was running low in the capitol city; Hoping to prevent overpopulation, the first settlers are sent out from the city to setup the beginnings of what they hoped would grow into a settlement in the near future.
>Posted for Republic of Aquileia

>Action 1 (Building): Found new city, Marcanium
Another coast for the Aquileians to colonize. Named after their god, Markos.

>Action 2 (Religion): Construct a Temple in Aquileia
Dedicated to the second most prestigious god, Markos Papatonis, a large shrine is constructed atop a hill near the city forum. Decorated with the dynastic crest, resembling the shield of their forbearer.
File: Turn6.png (2.99 MB, 3386x1453)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB PNG

Exciting it is to see another day. What wonderful mischief will its children conduct this dawn?


From the wound of reality springs forth one more intrepid and mysterious soul.
Across the world each nation is visited by a mysterious figure, traveling land to land. He simply introduces himself as the collector and claims he is no fanciful being or deity, just a humble dealer of fine goods and services.

In exchange for wealth and other possessions of value he is willing to offer parts of his collection to those with the means. He goes as suddenly as he arrives, and though nothing else is knowable of the being, one thing seems certain: He'll always show up for anyone looking to deal.
>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
Exploring an exotic science, the Kitsune begin experimenting in the production of steel using animal bones as an ingredient. Seemingly naturally they possess a talent for this sort of thing, and manage to make progress, yet it becomes obvious early on that more will be needed. Charcoal or an equivalent would surely yield success in their efforts, a valuable step to empowering their newfound class of Samurai.

>Godflesh Collegiate
The Godmuscle campus stands as strong as those that fill it. The Collegiate grows not only in might, but in mind as they successfully create the abstraction school of magic.

>His Serene Highness, Prince Rendei I
Blessed by the gods and commanded by the prince, new farms are brought forth to reap the bounties of the land, as well as a port to rake in those of the ocean.

All things have humble beginnings, and the Fenne make their first advancement in the naval crafts through the development of their outrigger canoes. The Dundee aim beyond the desert and find no shortage of victims in the barbaric wild lands of man. They put up little in the way of resistance despite their best efforts and are easily subjugated.

>Iaakan Entreaty
One word comes to mind when walking in the Entreaty’s streets: Amazing. No other nation can claim they hold the same level of architectural mastery as the Aak do with each building practically a work of art. With food a feast for the stomach, and astonishing design a feast for the eyes, the Aak culture is richer than ever.

A temple springs up at the door of the old ruin to venerate the dragons and honor the parted one that led to this amazing re-discovery. Even more blessed is this monument as none other than King Drak himself exit with 12 hatchlings of the holy beasts themselves right behind him, following as if they’ve known each other in past lives. The day is considered a holy day to commemorate the return of the dragons!

Truly a fool are those who fight the kobolds and trust the ground beneath them. Special tools are developed that serve not only the purpose of digging but as weapons of war make sure the troops of the forge are always mobile and ready for action. Order of the spirit soon follows as the first established religious doctrine is established and nurtured in the masses.

Wonderful is the diligent and committed spirit, for in perseverance does it craft miracles. The great minds of Huterangia lay bare the secrets of the boon fruit, and develop the first proper medicines of the world. The Boon medicine may not be able to cure all ailments, but never before have the people been healthier and stronger. The new port of Utpalem as well will open Huterangia to many new wonders, no doubt.
>Salivanid Empire
History is vital to the success of any civilization. Or at least, one’s that aim to be wise and intelligent. Showing they posses both these traits, the Empire establishes record keepers to forever cement the nation’s experiences and knowledge. Looking to the future as well, another farm is built. Well fed are the body and mind of the people.

>Squawking Ruckus
As is their nature, the Galarians found a new city named Xylos quite chaotically. And yet in direct contrast a new temple is built in Parala. Truly a ruckus pendulum these people are, swinging between chaos and order rather unrhythmically.

> Rhayney Daze
The earth is split open and its riches plundered, carts filled to the brim with coal streaming out from their newfound mine. Similarly the frogmen seek to split apart the minds of others for them to assemble as they see fit. Though not able to perfectly control what the affected sees, they learn that depending on the tone and intention with which a song is sung they can sway the mental state of others which induce fitting delusions.

>Covenant of Dag Da
Any wisman worth his salt would know the only way to get in touch with greater wisdom is by getting absolutely smashed on mushrooms. After many, many, unfortunate failures, one particular species shows promise in aiding their spiritual journey.
The mock hunts prove a great educational exercise, and grandly improve the stealthy talent of the gibilins.
It’s not a hard search for the tribe as they find a fair share of harmful plants thriving in the forest. Some will cause minor rashes, though others will make you scream at the gods for ever bringing you into existence.
The party exploring the west finds some disturbing news. There’s something… unholy about this place. It’s unnaturally quiet for a forest, and there’s something off about the animals wandering there.

The waymakers will surely clear any way they tread down, just be careful you don’t step onto any syringes they leave behind. Or in front of them for that matter. Actually, just stay as far away as you can from the waymakers, the only thing you can expect with certainty when they’re around is that something violently entertaining is going to happen. But why stop there? With such a fabulous addition to society, more labs are built. Who knows what new heights they’ll lead the communes down.

>Leakoan Republic
Following the hints of the journal, the Leakoan republic beach themselves on new shores to find another remnant of the past. Scouting across the southern tip of the island, they approach a lonely mountain hiding something rather interesting. Carved into its southern face is another massive stone vault. Opening this will require considerable effort. Though sadly the homeland doesn’t reveal anything worthwhile. Hints of the former empire dot the landscape here and there, though only crumbling architecture and rotten monuments.
>Sensei Khanate
Kulva’trexs, otherwise referred to as the cart beasts of the Khanate, are a vicious and stout breed of animal. It’s no wonder that brutalists such as the Sensei would take a liking to them. The beasts are further trained for use in war, introducing some discipline in these primal animals. To bolster their number, ranches are established to better train and tend the Kulva’trexs.

>Clan of Sagra
Resolute, and terrifyingly shocking are the first two things that come to mind when thinking of the Sagra clans. Disciplined in war with the school of lightning to call upon, I pity whoever crosses swords with them. Best wear rubber gloves if you intend to be so foolish. A new farm springs up on the frontier. Yet a little too comfortable grow the people themselves. Mountains of food pile faster than they can be eaten, and the spirit of gluttony finds a perch within the souls of Daghatar. Unless new cities are found, and soon, their chairs aren't the only thing the people will be crushing under the weight of their newfound girth.

>Republic of Aquileia
Marcanium stands as strong as Markos himself, may both grow ever more in magnificence through both their faithful and their prayers!
File: Turn.png (168 KB, 412x372)
168 KB
168 KB PNG

>Action 1: Utdurama
Exploration and the expansion of Huterang settlement to the south and along the coast has revealed to the Huterang another fine river running from the mountains to the coast, through jungle and cooler coastal forest. And with a smaller river also reaching the shore, it is a simple matter for the Huterang to decide that this site is eminently suitable for a new outpost to ensure their control of this waterway from spring to mouth. The town of Utdurama thereby is founded.

>Action 2: A farm for Utdurama
And of course, every Huterang needs to eat, and every climate has that slight bit of variance in the local plant-life to allow new additions to the Huterang diet. Just upriver from Utdurama, the temperate-forest climate allows for new plantations of apples and pears.

>Passive Expansion
And as Utdurama has been founded, Huterang coming in on ships from Utpalem will also settle in the area on the river and coastal lands around Utdurama.
File: ZaWardo.png (329 KB, 732x527)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
1. Begin construction of the holy forge. 1/5
Gragel II reads over the plaque even more carefully and comes to realize that they aren't asking for an upgrade to the forges; but an even bigger temple forge. He grumbles as he can already feel the weight of his coffers go down. Luckily scouts have been reporting lava tubes being spotted outside of Scrump warren to the great joy of those around. Volcanic activity has always been considered holy due to it's great awe and a volcano temple would be a great one indeed. With gusto Gragel II orders the tubes followed to the main volcanic complex, come to find it's dormant and one of the tallest mountains in the nearby range, and begin to dig out the necessary infrastructure to construct a great forge heated by the volcanic lava.
2. Research Cement
With the great project needing greater construction techniques and quicklime has been a long known thing. With some funding the use of lime to make a quick hardening plaster and cement come to light; and with it the creation of support structures for bigger constructions can be made.
When King Drak rode on his horse into Port Royal followed by the wyrmlings, the inhabitants first couldn't believe their eyes. There they were, the beasts of myth, following him like they would a brother. To them, he seemed like a saint amount mortals. Once alone in his quarters, he takes a deep sigh. He'd rather not have the people, Primordials forbid, start worshipping him as a god. He had enough troubles with the clergy as it was.

>Passive expansion: Keep the path northeast from Emerald Hill to Wyrm's Rest.
>Action 1 (Research): Research Dragon Taming.
Now, to the task of how to tame the wyrms. Most dragons start as mostly mindless, sentient but not sapient beings. While they will gradually learn proper intelligence and speech as they age, for now they were no more intelligent than any human newborn; and much more bestial and temperamental. The Dragonborn needed to learn how to fully use their innate spiritual connection to dragons to teach the wyrms how to obey orders even through situations of panic, not act out when made to bear heavy loads, and follow basic commands, including (and the thing that interested King Drak the most) making use of the Host of the Land's shared ability to shape earth and stone with their wills. That last part would be crucial for any large-scale architectural endeavors.

>Action 2 (Building/Food): Establish Hunting Grounds west of Wyrm's Rest.
In the backdrop of all of this, a problem starts brewing back in Wyrm's Rest. The reserves picked along the original pioneer rush were beginning to dry up, and foraging and small-time hunting would only bring them so far. While this was originally a pilgrimage of the faithful, even the most zealous needed food. However, the rocky valley was unsuited for large-scale crop farming like in Port Royal and especially Emerald Hill. A request to Port Royal for orders was at first considered but shut down by the city council. They didn't need to query the King for every little thing! Plus, the answer was already there: beyond the west end of the valley was a great woodland. Nothing like the pine forests east of Emerald Hill, but a proper tangle of oak and other deciduous trees, with prey a plenty. Surely, as more faithful followers of the dragons as any other, the people of Wyrm's Rest should avoid the modern trappings of agriculture, and gear towards a more natural approach to living off the land: good-fashioned hunting, as Yggdrasil, Primordial Dragon of the Wild, intended it.
Marcus' army cuts swathes through the barbarian ranks, humanity has gotten complacent in their hegemony, they have become fat and weak. Thousands of slaves are taken and sent back, but some of the tribes surrender, they are not enslaved, instead their daughters are taken into Marcus' harem, a political marriage, except humans are not considered the equal to Fennes, so he can have as many human concubines as he wants, and little do they know the true intention behind this marriage, the siring of half-Fenne heirs who will inherit the tribes instead of the human heirs. However, as he subjugates the human barbarians he notices they are becoming more and more densely populated the further west he gets. An interrogation brings to his ears that there is a kingdom over to the west, and worse yet, they are worshipers of the dragons. They are Rex Hominum's subjects, Marcus' sworn enemies.

Action 1 (Building/Expansion): Establish the city of Rive-de at the river southwest of Dun-Caver.
As the lands to the southwest are conquered, Fenne settlers follow, taking advantage of the opening provided, they flock to the river, around which the lands are especially fertile. These lands will give birth to many a well-fed Fenne, contesting the O' Sea family's influence. Members of the royal family are given lands in the area, and a vast number of human slaves to do their bidding, building Fenne palaces and working Fenne farms. They can also seize additonal slaves from the unaffiliated tribes in the area, as humans may be faster than Fennes, but they are no match for Ostren.

Action 2 (Raid): The army moves northwest-west, onward to the Kingdom of Illyria, to Port Royal. Raid them.
The dragon worshipers are near, as Marcus' army continues, the resistance is more organised, symbols start becoming more draconic, and eventually, horsemen are encountered. The horsemen of Illyria are no match for the Ostre-riders of Dundee, for not only are their weapons and armour inferior to our own, but they are merely novices at the saddle, while the Fennes are experienced mounted lancers. Still, the armies are a problem, they have infantry that matches our own, making up for their lack of weapons and armour technology with size and numbers. Fortunate for us that they quickly break when hit in the rear by the warhooks of the Ostre-riders. Marcus' military tactics is ultimately what wins the battles, he is a Warrior King for good reason, and as he grows older, where his prowess in single combat wanes, his tactical genius becomes more prominent.
Dammit, forgot to include the image.
File: Arms of a minor house.png (38 KB, 791x938)
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Prince Rendei is dead. The nation of Naçeaun falls to civil war over the succession.
>No actions this turn
>Zero passive expansion this turn
>Armies reduced by 1/3 (but only if they regenerate over time, otherwise please ignore)
Fomorian Reformation (64 AAC)

Seven long years have passed of weak central leadership, excess, and not a terribly small amount of indulgence and architectural renovation.

At last tensions boil over and the Ireejak at Iaakon descends into a brawl, a limp, rather ineffectual brawl. The combatants tire themselves out before doing any real harm to eachother, and after a good long while look around and resolve never to mention this incident to anyone.

Perhaps they had gotten lazy, complacent.

The great ancestor Fomorius was consulted the very next day after a bit of a lie in, that legendary figure, Fomorius whose family had endured one hundred years of siege by tides on tides of malevolent creatures, demonic yaak, traitorous Aak, savage Imenity and three hundred foot tall Orgartanum, and who slew them all, each and every. Perhaps the Kaanonites were right, it could pay to be better prepared for war. Especially if the Huterang start growing back to their old size…

Action 1 and 2: Fomorian Martial Physique (Mixed magical/martial developments)

The Aak species has little record of magical prowess. They are not unable, or mundane creatures, but it is a quirk of their psychology that makes something so indirect as ritualistic or chant based magic alien to them.

If an Aak wishes something dead, he will generally use the tools at hand, which often end up being his many hands or whatever he happens to be holding in them.

Magic always ends up being demonstrated in some form or another however, and there is no shortage of tales of miraculous or superaakish feats in Aak legend, what few realised was that these incidents were the Aak performing physically based martial magic, unknowingly at least.

Striking with impossible force, cutting things that were not hit, dodging javelin hails, all of these examples of the magic the Aak are most naturally inclined to.
The Fomorian Reformation brings this realisation into light, the first and most fundamental of its teachings is to build up the body, such that one may leap buildings and shatter trees.

In truth there is rather little talent or skill on display despite this being referred to as a martial art, discipline is set aside once the realisation hits the general populace that they can simply learn how to deflect spears with their chest.

The most notable event of the Fomorian Reformation besides this was a group of “Martial Artists” later known as the Reformers breaking into the senate tower and beating everyone up, then promptly leaving.

This prompted the actual event named the Fomorian Reformation, where the Aak government was thrown into yet another bout of chaos and uncertainty.
Last Turn
Action 1
>Build that farm near the giants stronghold to the east
The Giants appear to not yet have completed their mammoth ranch in Jotunheim to the east, let them do so.
Action 2
>The goblins go to build their own settlement west
To west the frost goblins go, to dwell among the pine trees and forrests where cold and green meet, there they will build their own settlement of Gobelheim
This Turn
Action 1
>Find anything and everything that could entice this stranger to give something, see if he has anything magical that could speed up the expansion of the realm
The prospect of magical artefacts, treasures and relics calls to everyone! Especially the humans. All the sudlunder races seem to enter upheaval as they begin to raid and scavenge and loot for anything and everything that might entice this stranger. The giants carve into the mountain deep, searching for gold and jewels, and the goblins scour ancient dungeons and tombs for relics, while humans simply forge intricate works and craftsmanship.

Even the Ice Witches seem to be roused, peering into their frozen crystal balls what this stranger could be and what might they offer for more magical power.

Humans being the organizers of the race generally prefer to stay close to the giants, and begin expanding eastward to make better trade ties with them

One of the things the people of the Salivanid Empire valued in regards to beauty and arts was that of Foiliendin, the art of growing and tending to decorative plants in a manner that makes them look truly beautiful. Naturally, with the new trade and lands along with holding more farms, more plants are able to be used for this purpose. And as one might expect from the Salivanid people, the creation of gardens tended to by all as a nice place to relax early in the morning before work or late at night after it would come about. Naturally, most of them would be tended to in the spare time of those who wished to work upon them, though most often it would be the work of the youngest and oldest in a community, especially in communities who mainly worked exhaustive and hard jobs such as mining. Usually, these gardens were in central plaza's of the villages or districts that the community lived in, and were a pleasant sight for all to gaze upon.

The second main thing that came about was another art that the Empire valued. Architecture. The art of making bigger, better and greater constructions. Really, it was extremely useful for the empire. Not only were it's artistic applications great, but the practical applications of expanding upon their knowledge on what worked for structural integrity were quite valuable for the creation of larger structures and defensive ones. Though there was other things that the Emperor of the People had in mind with this, especially given the fondness of the former...But of course, these things would take time. But time was something the empire seemed to have now that the threat of raids seemed to be reduced...

>Action One. Communal Gardens.

>Action Two. Architecture.
>Fluff - Change all farms to fisheries
>Action 1 - Waves Magic, for realsies. 0/2 -> 1/2
>Action 2 - Build a farm (not a fishery this time) down by Xylos

Levanna is, most birds agree, clinically insane. This doesn't stop her ruling the roost, as it were, for she is still very much in possession of the biggest seashell, and that's not really something you can argue with when it comes to a political forum. Indeed, her usual attire of fishbones, pearls, and other sea-goodies has given way almost wholly to shell-related paraphernalia. This fashion swap started ever since she found that really big shell, washed up on the beach by her house no less, so the two events may be related. She damn near cradles the thing, whispering into it before putting it up to her ears for a good long listen.

Xylos, meanwhile, has started to form it's own culture. Rather, stereotypes are building up, as they usually do.
Everyone knows a bird from Gremus is 'going to actually get some work done for once' and take pride in their no-nonsense attitude. They see themselves as the stock template of Galarian life, after all.
The Paralan are a bunch of meat heads, and all of them are health-nuts to a T. Being a fairly spiritual people, not usually seen among other birds, also makes them quite odd.
Lastly, it seems everyone agrees that the Xylians are an even wierder bunch, and more strangely, really super proud about it.
This latest endeavor is a perfect example, that thing where they stick seeds in the ground and wait for the plants to grow in orderly rows? It's just a perfect example of their contrarian ways. The feathery bastards even had the audacity to give the practice a super fancy name, something like... A Great Culture? How snobby can you get...

> build: 1 new farm around Drur and 2 next to the capital
> build: a new settlement South of Smokewood, call it ToothDirt
The chief cracks his knuckles and stretches, smiling lazily at his “court”
“Me am tired. Me am go sleep. No one do thing while am sleep or crack skull and shit in it”, a clear show of authority that was welcomed with approving grunts and oaths to take skulls and shit in them to honor the great chief’s unparalleled charisma.
A few hours later into a deep slumber, which lasted for a week.
-one week later-
The chief awakens from his slumber, chiefly angry that no one did anything while he slept, furiously ordering for “more” to be built.
The court, keen to not have their skulls made into shitcarriers, urgently sends out orders for more farms and a new settlement to be raised
Fluff: Like a melody it is... but.. what if it was an actual melody. A song to be performed, to be witnessed. A grand show for those that live here to know that they need not fear every odd illusion that comes their way.

1 action: Culture: Psionic Performance
A song, a tale! A grand performance! Weaved by those who have practiced their croaking to tell a great story. An event much like an Opera, the only difference being everyone gets a unique show as their mind interprets the events, a story that can be retold and retold and seem different every time with the right mind set.

1 action: Structure: Performance hall
A grand building where sound can really echo, so that hearing is clear and that each person can enjoy the performance to its fullest
(Posting on behalf of Acreon.)

Action 1: [research] Make a poisonous concoction through the poisonions plants found throughout the forest.
The giblin Tak Yak a giblin a renowned lout was rejected by the love of his life when he proposed for her hand in marriage, disgusted by the rejection that transpired he would steal some of the poison from his gibswoman mother and go off into a dank cave to experiment with the poison plants and create a concoction to give to the love of his life.

Action 2: [military research] The bondlins shall practice their archery through regular practice and competitions.
Recognising the danger the quiet area held and the need to investigate it as such they prepared for the task at hand by practicing with their bows with targets that where put further and further away with those lagging behind are forced to stay up into the day to practice to achieve their veterans' goals.
Action 1: Crack open the stone vault

With the discovery of said stone vault that once belonged to us,the glikeichans explorers would try to break it open by all means possible that they have on hand, as they showed considerable effort to Crack it open

Action 2: Construct a harbor near said ruin

'nuff said
Action 1: The cities of Azimar and Ivanar both manage to create alchemical healing potions of different varieties, those of Ivanar more stable and those of Azimar more prone to strange effects to cure wounds. Ivanar speeds up the bodies healing, Azimars may replace the flesh of the wound with steel, or crystal, or stronger flesh, or whatever else was used in the concoction(science/military)

2. Yet more farms are produced by the Azimarians to counteract the rampant dangers of their jungle, the man-eaters gorging on predators of all kinds for future harvesting.
File: BmbuffledBafoozled.png (146 KB, 415x271)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>Expansion: Black circles as usual.

Our nation has been crippled out people humiliated... but in a way that feels oddly... exhilarating. A remainder that while Godslayers we still are mortals. A God once beseeched by rot and aragonce rots away, but we, we have been granted a new chance a way out of our decadence and slumber. A chance to once more work hard towards greatness and not to just rest on past glory.

On our maps hencefourth the the Godeye Collegium (city) shall be known as the Paleeye Grave

Our rebirth shall begin:

> Action 1: Expanded Vision (magic? military?)
What use has one for the Eyes of a god when one can't even see trough silly illusions? We focused so hard on looking into the future we see little in the present.

The Godeye Collegium now in nomadic exile shall cultivate towards 'expanded vision'. To see what a normal mortal does not. Ultraviolet colors, radio-waves, infrared, maybe traces of a soul or mana circulating in the body if we get lucky. Why? Because an ilussion can only depict what the caster knows exists a caster unaware of ultraviolet patterns on a flower will not include it on his cast ilussion of it. It won't help us tell apart a tanuki transformed into an animal/person as that's true polymorphy, but most plain illusions should be apparent to us as such rather quickly.

> Action 2: White Skull Mask (military)
The signature spell of the Godbone Collegium.

White Skull Mask - crystalisation of the unbrekable will and desire to protect of the Godbone Students. The Mask creates a strong draw to the front of the Godbone student. Making any opponent they face forced to take them head on having to break trough the immovable fortress which they are rather than walk around it. Each godbone may only 'pull agro' on one person and the target needs to be looking at the Godbone.

(Pretty much. As an added, anyone looking at their faces will get pulled in as well. So if you're standing far away and cant make out shit, you're fine. If you see it through a looking glass, doesn't matter if it's a continent away, you want to go fight it for some reason)
Ah if the northern expanssion is too far from a city., just put it south of Godmuscle

The consensus of the Sensei comes slowly, but all the more strangely, in regard to the gates and the strange merchant "Wait and prepare." And "Wait and Save." But soon, all too soon - the gate shall be opened, and the collector paid.

A cast off tribe of the Haki is driven south out of the sands by their brethren, not to return for some sort of treason or water wastage out in the desert. May Karn have mercy on them as they settle into the unknown green hell of the south.

A mine for iron is founded to the west of Kul'gatin, and it's spoils are desperately needed for the forges of the Raa'zac.

>Posting for Republic of Aquileia

>Actions 1+2 (Military): Reformed Levy System
Recent diplomatic developments have proven that even allies are possible threats. To ensure our own people aren't stepped over and cast aside, reforms are passed to change the core of our army from shoddy militia into drafted and properly trained levies, more practical as moving armies on campaign.
Scouts to the south speak of foreigners...of Nanban to our south! While a contingent of Samurai are sent with an official of the Shōgunshoku, steps must be taken in order to ensure that potential hostilities do not boil over the south...

1. A new city is to be founded at the southern frontier; just within our sphere of influence. This is to be gifted to the rule of the Gensoji Daimyo for his service to the Shogun.

2. As a part of this boon; the Gensoji are also permitted a second castle due to their proximity to the borderlands.
File: Arms of a petty house.png (32 KB, 791x938)
32 KB
With the blood still warm, a new prince is elected. Hail, His Serene Highness, Prince Dehromont I of the house of du Bontescan! As a display that no rivalry shall exist as a noble Prince reigns, a competition to design the most stunning mausoleum for the three royal houses is launched. Alongside this most vain of projects, the ministers of His new Highness convince him of the need of the founding of new seats of authority in the south-west. Acting on his own prerogative, as is his royal right, the Prince makes his declaration before the Court Assembly. By the grace of the Father almighty of the Sky, his joyous consort the Mother of the Earth, and their issue the Dawn which refreshes the world each morn, His Serene Highness the Prince does hereby decree the immediate construction of the Noble Tomb of Our Most Beloved Princes and Their Families, as so designed by (there is a large space initially left blank upon the parchment, where the winner's name is to be written in) on the northern shore of the Cuipot d'Osson i Sangoire, and the increase of our authority by the founding of the seat of Orvide upon the river Oré ( commonly "du Rendei") on the shores of le Varé d'Apil.
File: file.png (236 KB, 591x441)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>Action 1 - Tomb of the Princes established
>Action 2 - Founding of the city of Orvide
File: Arms of a petty house.png (33 KB, 791x938)
33 KB
edited the arms because it felt top heavy

Just actions, lore will follow shortly.

Action 1: Continued Aak developments lead to the founding of another city, Diiodon, at the place where the two rivers to the north meet.

It serves as a good opportunity for us to sort our our border properly with the Godflesh, along the curving river to the mountains, and from there splitting the mountains evenly between the Aak and the Godflesh.

Action 2: Trade route with the Orgartanum (Huterang)

Aak convoys riding mighty spiders cart endless foodstuffs, trinkets and materials to the markets of the Orgartanum, and in return with carts loaded with equally valued goods.

Trade between the two nations is established, a reassurance of peace and co-operation in the future now that the Aakish realms are fully unified.

Passive expansion: Along the border drawn
File: tegaki.png (230 KB, 402x398)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
(Taken chronologically after the Dundee raid)

>Action 1 (Expansion): Establish the city of Bonefort at the indicated spot on the map
After the raid, the plain barbarians realize that they are too broken to continue staying independent. Several tribes declare themselves vassals to the kingdoms of Illyria, hoping for protection and strength. They establish a shared city that could be a more actively defendable position if another attack occurs.
>Action 2 (Trade): Establish Trade Route with Aquileia
Money will be required to repair the damages, and this will work nicely to close the gap between our two people, too.
>Unique Action: only known to QM

(Sorry for lackluster lore, I don't have much to work off there)

The Kaanonite Trials (64 AAC)

The last of the delegations to the senate bore fruit in the declaration of a series of contests, from the Kaanonites delivered to the Iaakan to prove our worth, impressed by our improvement and valour they demanded a challenge once for each time we have come to them.

The first of the great contests was a martial affair, a display of skill rather than raw strength and vigour. The traditional weapon of the Aak, the mighty spear, was to be tossed to strike a series of targets.

The Kaanonites and Iaakonians perform each admirably, until a seeming accident leads to one spear coming apart in mid air.

Though no fault of his own, it seems the Iaakon warrior is doomed until he takes many steps back to observe, breathe deep, and release his final spear.

It is said it rocketed with such force that it pierced the target, and carried on going to skewer the last of his targets, and finally embed in his opponents bullseye.

The Iaakon claim the first round, but that was only the beginning.

The second round began without delay, without any sense of pause, the Kaanonites seemed to live lives in the moment, every moment.

A game of sorts, one of courage, contestants brought into battle against a fearsome and mighty mountain spider, blunt weapons and shields given as the only means to cow the beasts.
This of the matches was clearly in the Kaanonites favour, but of course it would be, and would need to be overcome to prove the worth of the Entreaty.

Blows are traded, each warrior defending themselves valiantly against the trained predator, but after a few minutes the Iaakonian is overwhelmed, wrestling with the beast from the floor keeping its maw from his neck.

Calls are made to submit, to admit defeat and allow themselves to be pulled out, but none are heeded, the spider eventually wrenched off of him by the Kaanonite organisers and forced back.

The second game was concluded with a Kaanonite victory over his spider, but few could doubt the bravery with which the other Aak had fought.

The last of the great contests and the one to break the tie was that of a simple race, surely expected to be a simple affair at first, but this race was across no ordinary terrain, occurring across the mountainous peaks near the city of Kaanon where the frightening and dangerous spiders made their nests.

The racers bounded across, the Kaanonites using their knowledge of terrain to make their way through the land, the Iaakonian barrelling their way across the landscape leaping great bounds and down clear paths, each taking their own route and needing to contend with the cold and the wildlife.

For hours they made their own ways across, until at last their paths crossed again linking them up as they sped downhill.

The racers were ambushed by the mountain spiders, the wild beasts crawling up from unseen caverns to feed.
A battle ensues, stuck back to back fending off the creatures until a gap in their pack breaks, a last burst forward both take only for the slightly slower Kaanonite to be caught by a beast in hiding.

The Iaakonian stops at the lack of the sound of one running beside him, turning back to aid his contestant in defeating the foe.

That day they crossed the line as equals on equal terms, but the Kaanonite ceded the victory to Iaakon.

The arrangement was made, Iaakon was victorious, but that day also a senator removed the lid from the box they had brought and unveiled a crown, placing it atop the head of the Kaanonite contestant.

A representative from Kaanon to the senate, with power over policy and might.

The two nations were joined that day, and the first of the Kaanonite kings crowned, married to an Iaakonian bride (as per the first attempts suggestion, an ironic twist) to symbolise future unity.

The First Lock Sprouts (68 AAC)

A year after and peace has returned to the nation, riots no more occupying beautiful streets, new constructions in Kaanon and trade beginning to flourish with the Orgartanum, with even a new colony sent out to the north to establish a brilliant new metropolis.

It is at that point with floral might the first of the vine-like locks sprouts open, blasting them land with a pulse of magical power. Truly an Aak golden age has begun, and the ancestors pleased.

Appearance of the unknown island (81 AAC)

From the deep and off the coast of the mainland a tremendous island rises, waves crashing against its rocky shores. An expedition is ordered, mountain spiders weave steel-strong webs upon which concrete is overlaid, causing a great and mighty bridge to be erected. What secrets this island might hold is anyone’s guess.
Long Running Turn Bonus Actions:

>Action 1: Military - Forest Archery Ranges
With four long, strong limbs that each end in a hand with an opposable thumb and binocular vision to make focus and aim at distance reliable, a weapon that makes use of these strengths is considered well suited for the Huterang in defence of their nation and people. For those Huterang who just wish to practice and keep their eye in, there are more standard open targets for the lay-utan to test their accuracy from ground or tree-top; whilst for the more committed Orangutans there are advanced ranges that involve striking targets obscured with close vegetation or targets designed to be shot from awkward hanging poses, necessitating the use of alternate limbs to hold or to aim with. But it's all in good fun, by keeping this 'defence' training as a sport and communal pass-time, we can hold to our peaceful aspirations even as our people kept ready just in case those aspirations are ever dashed.

>Action 2: Economic - Trade route with the Aak

The Huterang welcome the long-awaited traders from their Aak neighbours to their own cities, and after initial trades of wares and produce are soon returning the favour; carts and barges from Utpalem and the surrounding towns crossing the violet river to bring Huterang goods to Iaakon and Bariaakon, swapping foodstuffs and bartering animals, medicines and materials.

The reassurance of peaceful relations and the prospect of increased cooperation to come is welcomed and celebrated.

1,2. New farm and City to the South, the Unkiar Grand Commune.

As tensions and population rise, with more and more Azimar seen exiled by the growing adherence to set status quos of thought by Azimar and Ivanar, the flow of outcasts coalesces into the creation of a new Grand Commune set in the south. Formed by outcasts and exiles, it starts as a place meant to be free of the tyrannical restraints of Ivanar and the madness of Azimar. Named Unkiar, the Grand Communes forays are into those alchemies which alter the mind and perception of reality, and in doing so grant the user abilities that could only be described as magical.
(Bonus turn)

Warrior King Marcus O' Fenne holds his head high, he is victorious over the vile humans, or that is the official story. In actuality Marcus realises he has merely put a dent in them, and they will be back with a vengeance. The Illyrians and Aquileans only managed to hold because of their numbers, their warriors could have been whittled down in time, but then came Sagra. The horsemen of Sagra were able to match the Ostre-knights of Dundee and then some, even call down lightning upon us. Marcus have struck a blow to Illyria, but only a minor one, and in exchange, he has lost both the element of surprise, and his battle brother, First Knight Oscar. Still, this experience has dispelled a lot of myths about humanity, revealed how easy they are to kill, as long as you hit the right spot. His soldiers have been reforged in the flames of war. We need to be prepared for the next round.

Action 1 (Resource Extraction): Prospect for resources near Dun-Caver.
In his meeting with the mysterious merchant, Felix got a perspective of just what wealth is expected of a kingdom. The Fennes' living in the resource deprived desert has left them unable to fathom how much wealth our treasuries truly should contain. It isn't enough to trade in in paltry scraps of metal, often trading livestock as if we are peasants. We need gold, silver and gemstones, in sacks and coffers. We need enough bronze to arm a whole army, or enough iron to armour them. We need to dig, prospect, find the bounty of the earth, the bounty no sailor could ever acquire. The Fennes are great at making tunnels, now we just need to make those tunnels even deeper.

Action 2 (Military Infrastructure): The army returns to the horde, and builds a fort there.
With a victory under their belt and slaves in tow, the army of Marcus marches back, toward home. But when it reaches the horde, two problems arise. First, the humans aren't as weakened as they'd like, and they're gathered in one place. There is a danger they could sally forth in pursuit, to overwhelm the Fennes with sheer force of numbers. The other problem, is the horde itself. With the army's absence, they have gotten unruly. The army alone cannot hold against both the internal and external threat. So Marcus has his army and slaves dig ditches and tunnels, the excavated dirt is then used to create an adobe fortress, along with straw to bind it and wood beams for additional strength. We will be ready for when the humans come back for revenge.
File: Collegia.png (56 KB, 261x139)
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Godflesh collegiate turn part 2.

> Action 3&4
The war was brutal it has displaced half a nation refugees fled to the east of the nation the unjust slaughters by the Tanuki. Leading to the relocation of 2 collegia and ironically them growing big enough to become proper cities fueled by rural and Godeye refugees.

Found Godmaw in the north... they totally didn't settle there just to be closer to the tasty food... totally tactical reasons you guys. They are a serious faction.

The Godeye... just chose wherever. They just wanted a place to settle down once more.

> Fluff
After the refugees came back the defeated resistance. Remnants of soldiers and pissed off civilians which attempted to wage guerrilla warfare against the Tanuki. Chief among them Celia the Furskin, at the age of 8 her family was chased out of the western borderland by the first Tanuki incurssion taking refuge in Godeye as plebs, but Celia displayed remarable talent having awoken 14 eyes by age of 7 a rare feat for anyone to accomblish this young... most kids awaken a 3rd eye at 16.

But then the Tanuki came, impaled her parents in the eyes, and her professors and friends... and why? Why must they have pursued her so far chased her east? When will they stop? All she could do was watch trapped under rubble and will all her 7 eyes she watched.

She then joined the Human resistance, but she had been overcome by rage. Blinded by it once could say and her eyes all slowly withered as she instead entered the path of the Godskin learning from Godskin veterans among the resistance. As everyone around her died and humans were chased out or killed her hatred only grew and her red sword became a great spear that needed to be wielded with 2 arms. All her grafted skin became that of Tanuki giving Celia the nickname Furskin.

For the first time since over a decade she was in Collegiate land, returning defeated and pissed. Why didn't the Godflesh holders come to save them? Continue the fight? She managed to petition a meeting one fueled by screaming and petitioning until the Godflesh holders convened, they have been living in the past. Removed from everyday struggles consumed by academia they could not rule a nation in the same way a god could not rule mortals, they were too far from the common people. Thus whenever a need existed they would appoint a dictator, a common man or woman which seems best to deal with the current circumstances and they would rule in the stead of the Holders.

Assuch Celia the Furskin became the first Dictator of the Collegiate, may she hopefully lead the nation out of it's age of decadency and collapse.
File: unknown.png (2.1 MB, 1366x768)
2.1 MB
2.1 MB PNG
My cool free unique resource for turn-skip.

> Nistallis Mount (aka. Ruin Wyvern)
A mount the Godbone found when expanding eastward in a set of ruins. The beings seemed to be the alpha predator of the region descended of off ancient synthetic life. Created originally trough a mix of necromancy, golemancy and biomancy... but for what purpose? Possibly to imitate the divine power of dragons of old or to counter them. The Nistallis has a japped tail which can be used as a club and instead of a head a single fake eye which is conencted to it's golem-core deep inside it's flesh.

The Nistallis is technically speaking thus a Golem, but a flesh golem reproducing by killing it's prey and assembling a youngling from flesh and rocks and filling it with mana. It iself feeds by absorbing lifeforce and mana with it's Golem eye. Akin to how a draon spews flame the Nistallis can rearrange it's face stones to shoot out 'beams' of energy akin to a laser.

The Nistillis having been made to be a tool originally by it's masters too was easily tamed by the collegium as a mount
File: Talk about Egg Envy.jpg (7 KB, 282x179)
7 KB

>Action 3 - Waves Magic, for realsies AGAIN. 1/2 -> 2/2
>Action 4 - [Unique Resource] - THE EGG

Oh man.

Levanna, the shell-clad bird priestess of the Temple of Waves, has officially gone off the deep end. Having that shell wash up on her beachfront property (not as fancy as it sounds, all Galarian property is beachfront) definitely inflated her ego to ridiculous degrees, but this weird looking egg? She's damn near coddling the thing, making others dig massive pools of water within the temple for it to lurk at the bottom. She's often seen diving down, stroking the damn thing underwater, or cradling it in her wings. Somebody needs to do something!!!

But, I mean, not me. She still has that really big shell, and that means she's the best, ya know? Maybe if I find, like, a cool pearl or a giant fish skull or something. Yeah, then we'll depose her for sure!
Second set of actions per der gmoid.
3. Continue work on the Holy Forge.
Expand-dig the forges out and build up the heat funnels. Set up levels among the magma channels to funnel the fires and fuel the forges. Bring in the anvils, torquerope hammers, great presses, and lots of quench.
4. Search for mineral resources.
Great realm expand! Forges make many things; run out of metals! Need metal. Need shiny! Find it, find it, find it!
Turn part 2

Fluff: On the other side of things is knowing how to strike and how to defend. A military game based a little off of hide and seek.

1 action: Assassination practice
One group is in charge of pseudo assassinating one target. This be it by tapping them and saying ‘assassinated’, putting a non-lethal plant (defined here) at the bottom of their food or in their drink that has a bitter taste or even getting them in their sleep, shaking them awake to say they’re dead. However, if they are spotted.....

1 action: Counter intelligence training
The target is not alone, oh no. They have their own team of people that are considered counter intelligence. Their job is to guard their target and make sure potential assassins are stopped. They are allowed to point out people they believe to be assassins, and if they are, that person is out, and if they aren’t, the person on the counter intelligence team is out. This is to add a level of difficulty to the game to ensure that it is understood that the strength of the nation is not fighting enemies head on, but rather being discreet and stealthy to take down targets in a single blow. This will also help for future objectives be it documentation, information, or important persons from becoming victims.

Overall, a game to practice hiding and slipping through. Being unnoticed and being able to carry out missions while leaving your presence only to be known after it’s already too late, and ideally later, not at all. And, on the same side of that coin, to avoid being targets themselves, to know when your life is in danger and how to spot out these threats accurately. Even beyond that how to spot out someone that shouldn’t be in a location and to most importantly act on it, even if they have magic aiding them.

While the Empire continued along and more and more trade routes with it's neighbors were founded, it became clear that there was more that could be utilized by the Empire that might catch the attention of others. Far more. The people of the Salivanid Empire had a decent amount of additions they utilized on their food to make it better, give it a good kick and warmth, even when not actually the kind of food that was cooked in anyway. This was done with spices, which were utilized as an addition to some dishes when available. Given how they weren't commonly and readily available to everyone, and how other powers could take interest in the unique food work was done to make it more common. As while it certainly wasn't the best food for actually keeping people fed, it was quite good at making people happier with better food. Variety is the spice of life, and actual spice adds variety to one's food. Perhaps in time this would grow further, especially given with how much food the average Viersperan ate per day, but for now at the least food could be made that bit better with spices. Other than this, the main work would be done on actually getting the many gems that were found. As the Velix Selin Keliro clearly had interest in them, and it was best to have a good deal to potentially use for trade. Perhaps in time it would be used as some sort of currency or medium of exchange, if the barter system used currently proved too inefficient, though the implementation of one would potentially cause issues in and of itself. Still, that was something potentially far off, and for now the empire just wanted more goods to aid in it's surprisingly fast growing trade. Soon enough the cities likely would need proper well developed markets for such things.

And all the while, as all this happened, the Empire grew to find much, much more than it expected in it's further advancement with architecture, with the architect Kalli Ilin Korm discovering a number of advanced techniques that she would try and write down and record so others in her community could learn from her findings. Still, it would be some time until others were able to master such things, and for now, she likely was going to be the chief architect of the future plans the Salivanid Empire had. Especially given something the Emperor of the People, Ila Kav had planned.

>Action Three. Construct a Spice Plantation.

>Action Four. Construct the Diamond mine.

>Special. Advanced Architecture.

>Special: Boon-Fruit, Resin and the Okowood Tree.
The discovery of the healing and alchemical properties of Boon-Fruit was already a great boon for the Huterang, allowing them to make rapid inroads into medicine, and as research into these wonderful fruits continues it is discovered that boon fruit not only acts as a healing/revitalizing agent, but resin tapped from the boon fruit plant actually reinforces the positive traits of other natural substances it is expertly infused into.

An early use of this property is developed through application to the Okowood, a tall supportive tree that grows along the Palemgai and Ungtamgai rivers and has traditionally been used heavily as both a site and material for the construction of Huterang housing. When Boon-fruit resin is spread upon the branches or timbers of an Okowood tree, the resin reinforces the fibrous structure of the Okowood to such a degree that the material can no longer be readily cut, and will not yield to any but the most immense of pressures upon it.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)
The winds brings news to the shaman about the re-emergence of beasts long thought dead and not long after the Bondlins confirm the news after seeing sporadic herds of Kelbi’s in the deepest and most ancient part of the forest.

Action 1: [Military Research] Create an armor out of leather to muffle the sounds of Gibilin movement and protect them if something manages to creep up on them.
With the sightings of new legendary prey the Bondlins commission the leather makers to make a new set of armor for them that shall give them a greater degree of stealth and more protection.

Action 2: [Military Research] With new armor being made by the leather makers the wood craftsmen take the opportunity to start searching for methods to make new and more powerful bows.
A gathering is held amongst the wood workers with the leather makers and the Bondlins invited to experiment as a whole and attempt to find ways to improve upon the designs discovered by their ancestors.

Unique resource: The mysterious return of mythical prey and predator animals into the Dagaroth forest.
Fluff: Long thought extinct the return of the Kelbi herds into the most ancient parts of the forest caused the Giblins to cheer over the new hunting opportunities however some feared the forests wrath if these beats of legends truly returned for while the legends talk of great and bountiful prey the tales also mentioned some monsters of great destructive potential.
Action 3: Expand deeper into the main island

It is clear that we need to secure our existence... especially from outside threats... thus multiple glikeichs are sent to explore the northern part of the island (the main one i'm in) and set up a outpost/city there, simple

Action 4: Search for more ruins on this newfound land

with the discovery of said ruin in this newfound island, we decided to see if there was more ruins near said location... which would be important discoveries for the glikeichans that discover said ruin(s).
> extra extra action 1: build: a new settlement down south. Call it Hugefist
> build: a Pison farm near Hugefist
>Posted for Clan of Sagra
>Excerpt 5: The Book on War
As the ancient hero Rulo Sagra began to succumb to his age and could no longer serve his people on the battlefield, he began to chronicle his thoughts and strategies into a large leather-bound book with the books title messily scratched into the leather with a knife. Though he died before he could come anywhere close to completing the book, his unorganized thoughts riddled the pages, covering hundreds of subjects in varying levels of information scarcity. Today entire classes are dedicated to deciphering and finishing this book.

>Action 1: City - The City of Paliano
The frontier farm established previously evolves into its own settlement under the guidance of the Daghatar Elders. Though family is of great value to the Clan and the distance is saddening, this moment marks a great development in Sagran history.

>Action 2 & 3 - Military/Magic - The Sagran Storm
What was once a specialty of the finest Academy students becomes a new standard in military training. Lightning magic is rolled out to the masses in standard training, requiring a minimum level of competency for most career soldiers. While fancier techniques are left to be learned at the soldiers discretion for the time being, essentials such as the Lightning Arrow and familiarity with their newfound charge stones are to become far more commonplace.
The intended culmination of this development is the Sagran Storm, an organized and fearsome barrage of lightning-laden arrows like a sudden thunderstorm raining upon their foes.

>Action 4: The City of Marcali
Burgeoning with excess food, the Daghatar Elders once again decide to invest in frontiering with a new group of young men and women, although this time no farm is established prior. Excess food is shipped out to the colony to prevent supply overwhelming demand in the capitol city.

>Unique Resource:
Charge Stones - Unique resource to store lightning magic within
>Posted for Republic of Aquileia

>Actions 1+2 (Military): Reformed Levy System
Recent diplomatic developments have proven that even allies are possible threats. To ensure our own people aren't stepped over and cast aside, reforms are passed to change the core of our army from shoddy militia into drafted and properly trained levies, more practical as moving armies on campaign.

>Action 3(Trade w/ Illyria): Invigorate the Merchant class
Our human "allies" to the north were the second arm of the human triumvirate, after the Aquileians ourselves, and duly so they are owed a warm welcome and many goods from our lands. From emeralds to wine, there are many things to help give the Illyrians a small taste of sophistication.

>Action 4(Expand): New City, Viracium; Manifest Bonus - Temple
Situated on the end of the peninsula to the west of the capitol Aquileia, a new city dedicated to the titan dynasty of Virakleos, alongside the grand opening of his accompanying temple of worship. Adorned with with carved pillars illustrating his ancient battle in the centuries old civil war against the evil despotic titan Vilius, showing breastplate of Virakleos deflecting and shattering the dagger of Vilius.
Now that I've got 8 titans I need to do more work fleshing them out. So here's some driblets of lore for 2 new ones. Double whammy
>Posted for Jugemu Clan.

1. create illusion spell : mirror image
Create a clone of yourself using illusion magic (1-5 clones max, depends on illusion proficiency). The clone will not be able to do any real damage but is otherwise very realistic and cannot be distinguished from the real ones except with specialized anti illusion magic/race trait. The clone is able to move certain distance away from the user depending on the user illusion magic proficiency. Higher leveled illusion magic user is also able to see and hear from the clones perspective.
-Master level illusion magic user is able to shapeshift his/her clones and do minor illusion magic with the clones, but is mentally very taxing so only one clone can be used like this

2. Trade with salivanid empire (detail on ic-chat)

Bonus action

1. Tanuki ninjas
Having learned their lesson from he previous war, the tanuki created a unit specialized in spying, infiltration and kidnapping. All tanuki ninjas are proficient in shapeshifting and illusion magic, they are brainwashed since birth to be unquestionably loyal to the jugemu patriarch and is willing to die for the interest of the jugemu clan.

2. Gate prank
(for the prank, the tanuki floats on the ocean and randomly wash ashore on illyrian coast. They saw people obsessed with dragons and decided to disguise themselves as one and scare off the village with illusion sfx magic. They will then occupy the village demanding ransom of good foods, drinks and toys and be worshipped for a while untill the illyrians realize theyve been trolled and try to escape with their loot)
Dusk once more settles across the land and the long day draws to an end. Seizing the extra hours, many nations have achieved more than usual and it seems this day has blessed them all with something to call their own.

Perhaps this was all not for naught then, as the world's story surely will be richer during this dawn.
File: Turn7.png (2.99 MB, 3386x1453)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB PNG
Here a glimpse of the world, and the progress of its nations.
Far have come the people of Huterangia. I remember the days they were but a nimble tribe. Now they span across the coast, the vast canopies of the dense jungle made their home. Mighty will they grow further, no doubt, through might and trade, and even further so with the miraculous boon fruit to reinforce their ambitions and discoveries.

Creating wondrous works comes naturally to the Kobolds already when it involves smith and forge. But now they aim to but their craftsmanship to the ultimate challenge in solving the gate’s first challenge. Tirelessly and with immense dedication do the little ones work their miracle, how wonderful it will be to see finished! And more wonderful the fruits it will bare. Discovery of cement will ease their efforts, while the newly discovered Gold deposit will certainly add a majestic shine when tapped into.

>Kingdom of Illyria
Despite not having seen a dragon since times forgotten, the people of the kingdom find a natural kinship that eases the process of handling and befriending these rather imposing beasts. The Dragon taming proceeds smoothly and before long the earth-drake’s bond is established. More mouths means more feed’s needed, and an earth dragon’s appetite is especially demanding. A hunting ground is thus established. But weakness has invited threats from afar, the recent dundee raids see Bonefort built to help safeguard the east. No better time for it now considering the fruits of commerce that will grow now with trade between the Kingdom and their neighbors, the republic, formalized.

The Earth dragon’s molten breath make light work of the gate’s first lock. Seared into a sizzling pile of molt and metal, the lock bursts and an ear splitting screech shoots in all directions. Hours later, over the horizon came a flock of sky drakes! And along with them a majestic Aehter dragon leading the charge, summoned by the shrill call. Now the plaque gives a new trial:
“The earth is barren, the sky is dry, the world incomplete without the water. Find the deep ones and restore their balance”

Riv-det projects the might of the Dundee further south, let all who foolishly charge its gaits crumble before the desert’s might. The raiding party easily sweeps across the tribes of the wild-men making their way to the Kingdom, acquiring a good deal in blood and plunder. When they finally reach the Illyrian lands, they find the border to be easy prey and easily loot many villages. However their push was halted when the full might of all 3 human nations charged in retaliation. Where the Fenne hold superior military powers, the nations of men are far too numerous and they are forced to return home but far from empty handed. Fearing retaliation, a fort is quickly built to aid in defending the land. Meanwhile the prospecting goes well and the Fenne find 2 iron deposits.
>His Serene Highness, Prince Dehromont I
With the blood still warm, a new prince is elected. Hail, His Serene Highness, Prince Dehromont I of the
house of du Bontescan! As a display that no rivalry shall exist as a noble Prince reigns, a competition to design the most stunning mausoleum for the three royal houses is launched. Alongside this most vain of projects, the ministers of His new Highness convince him of the need of the founding of new seats of authority in the south-west. Acting on his own prerogative, as is his royal right, the Prince makes his declaration before the Court Assembly. By the grace of the Father almighty of the Sky, his joyous consort the Mother of the Earth, and their issue the Dawn which refreshes the world each morn, His Serene Highness the Prince does hereby decree the immediate construction of the Noble Tomb of Our Most Beloved Princes and Their Families, as so designed by (there is a large space initially left blank upon the parchment, where the winner's name is to be written in) on the northern shore of the Cuipot d'Osson i Sangoire, and the increase of our authority by the founding of the seat of Orvide upon the river Oré ( commonly "du Rendei") on the shores of le Varé d'Apil.

>Iaakan Entreaty
As the Aak reunite to the South, they likewise look to the North to extend their reach. Diiodon is raised, and it begins too appear as though someday soon the entire land will belong to the Entreaty. Surely the trade from Huterangia will see that their efforts are expedited. With Kaanon returned to the fold, they bring with them the secrets of spider taming which they’ve perfected over the years. Pity he who treads these lands with ill intent, for they will face a proud and prepared people. (Your nation enters a period of unrivaled success. A golden age dawns. You get an extra action next turn)

The giant’s farm is built next to their fort. Gobelheim rises in the west. The search largely seems to be fruitless, until desperate scouts start wandering a little further south than the border. Here they could swear they heard faint whispers calling them towards the south, as if the wind itself beckoned them. As they followed deeper and deeper into the snow they realized that the air had a strange chill to it, one that pierced down to their bones, but yet it was soothing, warm in a strange sense. Finally they found the source. A grand fissure shattering across a vast wasteland of permafrost was howling the very essence of winter. It will take effort, but perhaps an expedition can be mounted to see what lies at its depths?
>Salivanid Empire
The Empire aims to solidify their majesty over these lands in the forms of great works that will stand the test of time. To this aim they advance their understanding of the architectural sciences to a point where few can rival the grandness of their designs and engineering. While the monuments of others are mere works of art, the Empire’s will be a testimony: That none are greater than they. Thus their first project, the Communal gardens, has its foundations laid. Alongside to fuel the development of this project, spice and diamond will be harvested and mined to fund their ambitions.

>The Squawking Ruckus
Having lived around and off of the ocean for as long as they have, it’s only natural that the seagulls would come to grow close to the vast blue. They perfect magic honoring the ocean, and learn to harness its power and flow. As if to show its favour, a strange treasure of the depths wash ashore. A mysterious egg, unlike any ever seen before finds its way in the care of Seagulls. With proper care, who knows what might come of it? Perhaps it is just another kind of fish… or perhaps it is the spawn of the leviathan itself…

>Stonestomp Tribe
A troll’s appetite is ferocious as one could imagine for creatures that size. To sate this abysmal hunger, enough farms are plowed to supply a mountain of food, enough to feed at least two full trolls! Though it seems that the stomache of something else is starting to growl… The dormant volcano in who’s shadow the troll capital was built begins to bellow and churn. Superstitious and perhaps incredibly stupidly, the trolls think that maybe offering it some good food will appease it. Now to settle on what to give as the first dish… At least the new camp of Toothdirt will be spared its wrath should the trolls offer not appease the volcano…

>Rhayney Daze
Splendid is the arts for it can not only ease or excite the soul, but stimulates the mind and imagination. The frogmen learn well to utilize their natural talents for such enrichment, and soon the performative arts flourish in their lands. Yet they do careful not to neglect their stealthy practices either as they furhter master the arts of espionage.

>Covenant of Dag Da
Craft, tricky, and dangerous are embodied in the average gibilin. Despite their small and primitive nature, they are a force best dealt with extreme caution. But within the dark west of the forest, lurk beasts of great power and danger… The mysterious kelbi have been sighted once more, but rumors circulate of other more horrid creatures stalking the land. Previous tribal sites lay in ruin, numerous scouting parties never return, and from time to time the horrendous, bloody last cry of a poor gibilin howls through the treeline. The Gibilins better hope they are well prepared, for predators far more ferocious than they seem to be returning to the land once more….
>Leakoan Republic
Cracking open the vault proves no easy matter, but before the persistent efforts of the Republic it stood no chance. Still, it was impressive none the less, clearly meant to withstand a devastating force far greater than anything they could currently muster, but more worrying is the thought of what it was meant to keep out… Still, there is little to gain from speculation, for now we must focus on the immediate. It’s in far greater condition than the previous rune, only a layer of dust really diminishing the awe of this place, but only minutely. The architecture of this place is short of divine, construction so advanced it could possibly stand for as long as the world itself lasts. Strange machinery and systems still humm faintly with life, but far from discernible are their purpose or function. What is strange is that it almost seems as if these systems are part of the ruin, almost like organs…. As they travel deeper down they find themselves in an vast underground cavern, partially flooded like a small dam largely empty, that is save for a single giant ship resting in the still water on its lonesome. Further investigation reveals that the cavern itself actually leads outside into the ocean via a deep underground tunnel. The ship itself remains silent, perhaps it’s worth investigating and seeing if it can be restored to function? This discovery is not all to happen, a city is built on the north of the mainland. But sadly no ruins are discovered further, only strange fox-like creatures that seem to call this land home.

>Kefka of Azmiar
The Unkiar Grand Commune finds itself established with relative swiftness as no shortage of exiles and like-minded free thinkers follow to make something for themselves in the south. True to their alchemical heritage, the city sees a rich pursuit in uncovering the chemical sciences, albeit in a more esoteric fashion than its sister communes.

Godflesh Collegiate
The Godflesh Collegiate strengthen their colleges and advance the power of the eye and bone. Soon the Godmaw campus shoots forth on the borders of the Entreaty, no doubt lured there by to be closer to their luscious garden and its tasty treasures. Similarly the Godeye campus is restored in new lands. As if these efforts enough were not a formidable bolstering of their strength, the recent discovery of the Ruin Wyvern will surely deliver ruin of their own to their enemies. Tremble, oh nations of the West, for a might unmatched stirs itself, coiling for a swift and decisive strike.
>Sensei Khanate
The Gensoji take to the South practically immediately upon receiving the Shogun’s blessing. The intruders to the south must not be underestimated, and our strength must be made clear at first glance. To this end the finest of the Shogun’s architects and warriors accompany the Gensoji in founding their fortress frontier. An imposing display, one that will surely come in handy should things escalate.

>Republic of Aquileia
The recent invasion of the Fenne was repelled only by the combined might of the Republic and their neighbors… but only barely. This must change. Having noted their weakness the reformation of the Republic’s levy is surely a step in the right direction. But amateurish arms might not be enough to repel the threat presented by the children of the desert… As if sensing this the Republic takes steps to not only expand its market, but its reach as well, establishing both trade and a new colony.

>Matsumae Shōgunshoku
The Gensoji take to the South practically immediately upon receiving the Shogun’s blessing. The intruders to the south must not be underestimated, and our strength must be made clear at first glance. To this end the finest of the Shogun’s architects and warriors accompany the Gensoji in founding their fortress frontier. An imposing display, one that will surely come in handy should things escalate.

>Jugemu Clan
Magic advancing, ninjas are trained, the southern city is restored, but following the gate’s direction the Tanuki set sail to far and foreign lands to pull of their greatest prank ever on an unsuspecting victim. With their sights set on the Kingdom of Illyria, they beach themselves in the North and begin executing their devious schemes. Imitating a mighty dragon the Tanuki figured they’d easily scare off a backwards tribe and seize their holdings. But the opposite happens. Worshiped as a long awaited god of sorts, the mighty Tanuki Dragon is heralded as the villages’ new deity. Word of the dragon soon reaches Wyrm’s rest and the prank escalates from there. Playing it cool, they manage to convince the City that they are indeed one of the ancient beasts they have long awaited for. Captured in feverish zealotry, and blinded by star spangled eyes, this proves to be surprisingly easy for the Tanuki. Though admittedly way in over their head, and unsure of where to go further, they have definitely achieved the gate’s first trial. Though where they take it from here, only they know.
>Clan of Sagra
Prosperity can be toxicity if not channeled correctly. Heading the signs in their midst, the Clans seize upon their prosperity and strike out into the frontier, establishing 2 cities to project their majesty further into the steppes. With news of the recent raids the Kingdom and the Republic stood together to defend, this expansion comes in time. But even with bolstered numbers, the clan perseus the art of storm magic to further bolster their strength as well. As if the heavens themselves blessed their efforts, their expansion reveals a strange resource in the form of charge stone, a unique mineral that can capture the lightning of the clan’s magic. Surely this will serve as a great boon to their efforts.
>the REAL Sensei Khanate
The Gensoji take to the South practically immediately upon receiving the Shogun’s blessing. The intruders to the south must not be underestimated, and our strength must be made clear at first glance. To this end the finest of the Shogun’s architects and warriors accompany the Gensoji in founding their fortress frontier. An imposing display, one that will surely come in handy should things escalate.
The cast off Haki travel across blistering sands and scorching heats, looking for a place to call their own after facing such harsh exile. The Sensei claimed on reason or another, but they knew they had no cause, they simply viewed them as weak and hated them for it. Perhaps there was truth to their claims, for few could survive the trek across the harsh desert. But those that survived internalized a burning desire with the same intensity of the sun they’ve come to know so painfully dearly. They will take their time and gain their strength. And Kul’gatin will come to know who is truly the weakest.
The Shogun allows just a sliver of pride to be expressed at the news of her decrees being met. Her smiths were some of the finest; not only mastering the creation of this new, strong Steel alloy, but finding the true use for what we had thought to be useless copper. Seishin dō. Spirit Copper. Named as such by the superstitious smiths who found it; while they claim it's introduction into the steel making process invites Kami into the metal to leave it stronger, the Shogun's alchemists took a better look and found that it helped to bond with the steel to strengthen it. Not only is it much stronger, but it holds a better edge as well; allowing for more precise tools and sharper weapons to be given to Samurai, Ashigaru and Levy alike.

Then there was the Gensoji's fief in the south of the island. It seemed to be fairing well under their watchful and responsible leadership, and so the Shogun was content to leave them be. However, the return of her Diplomat to the capital with little to say for their interactions with the shrimp-men to the south have more or less forced her hand. She would now venture to the pseudo-independant land where the Kōgō resided. For several days did they parley; an elegant and ruthless game of give and take. Ultimately, conditions were met, and a single one of the Kōgō's retinue was allowed to accompany a formation to the south. In exchange for such a boon...


1. The Kōgō is Tentōsune; one born with the innate ability to master storm magics. Wishing for her people to flourish; an agreement has been made to establish the Arashi no daigaku. The Stormcaller's college. A place for Tentōsune to master their arcane arts.

2. It is clear that if Nanban were able to land on our island at all; our Navy must be made up to snuff. A dockyard must be constructed in order for patrols to be sent out to dissuade any others from approaching; and to cut off means of escape should we be forced to take the shrimp-men as captives for ransom. A bloody battle would not do in the case of violence.
By the grace of the Father almighty of the Sky, his joyous consort the Mother of the Earth, and their issue the Dawn which refreshes the world each morn, His Serene Highness the Prince does hereby decree the provision of farms to feed the city of Orvide and that the northern coasts of Leaux-Cándois be brought into dominion.
>Action 1 - Farm
>Action 2 - North-west-ward expansion
File: file.png (733 KB, 1204x914)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Post first, lore at a later date

Action 1: Mareean Skyquarries

Where the flying islands are most accessible are by the tall rocks of the Mareen Megaliths, old stones that have stood since time immemorial. Now bridges lined by spiderweb and solidified with cement pave the way to these grand islands, and the bounty of exotic metals within can be extracted (With extreme care, lest they shoot into the sky)

While the islands are plentiful and located all across the nation, it is at Mareen that the glut of the resources are extracted.

Action 2: Kaanonite Crossbolto

The ingenuity of the Aak continues to demonstrate itself as the finest minds of the nation demonstrate their mastery of technology and develop the incredible Crossbolto, named for its cross shaped design and ability to propel bolto (Not all Aak names are complex).

With this the Aak make up for their lack in ranged capability by arming multiple limbs with well balanced Bolto (Used to describe both ammunition and weapon), forming firing lines that posess scary alpha striking potential should war ever come.

This focus on martial pursuits is to be thanked for by none other then the first of the Kaanonite Kings, the red monarchal family who know best the necessity of strength of arms.

Action 3: Admugann Architecture III, Zenithic Districts

The might Aak rises to glorious new heights, in literal terms, as Zenithic districts rise as the new symbol of Aak power and wealth across the cities of the Entreaty.

The exotic and as of yet unnamed metal keeps these aerial platforms aloft even under heavy load, as well as providing the means to ascend and descend from them at will.

Whole parts of the Aakish nation rise into the sky, what marvellous wealth, what limitless grandeur on display.

From the street, look to the clouds, the skyclad faces look upon you.

With the Aaks grasp on citycraft and urban development let there be none who doubt our wealth.

Aakish Golden Age (65-224 AAC)

With the establishment of the Kaanonite royal family the Aakish people were propelled into an unfathomable golden age of prosperity and ingenuity.

Great sky islands were pulled down and mined for their exotic treasures, with which new flying buildings were constructed.

The military was refurbished, and peace returned to the nation.

It was in this period that distinct cultures began to form and become apart of the healthy political climate within the Entreaty.

The largest during this period is the Ur-Iaakon culture, a very rural and simple people that live off of the land and dominate the agricultural production of the nation.

At the heart of the nation the Iso-Iaakon Culture stands dominant, a culture characterised partly by wealth and excess, grand displays and superstition. Faith in the ancestors is greatest, plenty fearing the judging stares that descend down on them from the buildings.

It is characterised also by Kaanonite influences, and indeed those of the rest of the nation, for it is at Iaakon where all come to make their voices heard.

To the south the Kaanonite culture is clear to see, martial and uncaring for frivolity these people eek out a hard life, but a mighty one.

Lastly to the north the newborn Diiodonic culture are a rather scholarly, thinking people. Some say it’s the close proximity to the colleges and their strange ideas, others defend that it’s natural the Diiodonic would be ones for higher thinking, it was they after all who first figured out how to rise our buildings into the sky as the islands do.
Fluff: And all is well! Grand shows played out for each person, and espionage tactics coming along grand... now.. to supplement it, something not exactly the same as magic

1 action: Farm
Another farm for some better food. Spice, spice, spice. It can make a normal meal something truly special, and it can even be used to make common meals something entirely new.

1 action: Slip Weave Mill
A mysterious new plant has been uncovered, by a pure stroke of luck a plant that was both see through and kept the green insides entirely concealed within. When looking at the plant, you can see what is behind it as if it was just thin air you were looking through. Only upon seeing small beads of water floating in the air was it spotted which quickly disappeared against the surface of the plant, concealing it once more. A mill. A massive mill to harvest these plants and create clothes out of them. Something to aid in stealth against creatures outside of just the normal poison.
>Passive Expansion
North from Utbanda the excess of population heads to find land for themselves, pressing along our own side of the treaty-bound border with our Aak neighbours and onto the peninsular.

>Action 1: Theatre Houses (Culture)
The play and the performance are ancient traditions of all known cultures, a performance of historical or mythological significance though which old stories are interpreted, told and passed down through the public performance. But as grows Huterangia, so does the desire to see these shows in accessible location. An edict is passed to fund the construction of new theatrical houses in all our towns to provide these acting troops bases from which to rehearse and perform. These structures are built around a sturdy tree, often Okowood but always strong enough to support the weight of a great and wide platform stage, at the edges of which upward branches might curl and reach higher to provide grasp hold, support for curtains of cloth, or even be topped by smaller platforms of their own for when an action of a smaller aside need be demonstrated as separate but simultaneous to the main performance. Around these performance stages, great circular hemispheres of seating and audience facilities rise out of stone and lacquered Okowood that welcome regulars and guests to observe these performances, and to watch in comfort the new stories written and see the old ones retold with greater and grander ambition.

>Action 2: A survey of our lands
With Huterang lands expanded wide within the bounds of arranged treaty, it is decided that a grand survey across the land shall be implemented to chart the grounds themselves and determine what variety of metals and minerals might await us, lying ready for harvest beneath the earthen crust.

With the revelations that Velix had with regards to architecture, it was only natural that she would write such down for her community, so as to ensure that her work remained throughout history and contributed to great monuments that could stand the test of time. Still, this was a process that took time, not only in properly putting her idea's to parchment but also that of simply ensuring that they were concise and easy to follow, so that one could read through the process and learn rather than require full knowledge on the mechanisms of architecture and how to maximize the structural stability with exact distances between supporting walls and pillars Still, even if some of the finer parts of writing eluded her, writing everything down well enough that most who actually knew at least the basics of architecture could understand was good enough, and further they would work upon more in depth works relating somewhat to hydraulics and obviously more in regards to structural integrity and unique methods to ensure it. However all this work meant nothing if she did not prove herself as more than just an architect with a few ideas...

The Emperor had a desire for a great garden, this was partially for personal reasons, but also as a desire to increase the happiness of the people in the city with a work of beauty, along with ideally getting wealthy merchants from abroad to come to the city so as to see such a beautiful place. The structure would be built not far from the city, just on the outskirts near the lake Linded. The building would simply be called the Garden of Linded. Linded Al Folien. A simple name in Salivanid tongue, but still. It was to be a tiered structure with gardens on every level, and part of what made it possible as some hydraulic knowledge that Velix Selin Keliro utilized. It wasn't that well understood by most other than her, but ideally that would change in time. Naturally, this is part of why its place near the lake was important. But even so, the structure was to be brought up and once the foundations and frame were finished, it was likely Velix would simply supervise the structure until all that was needed as the planting of the gardens themselves, something left to other people. Still, it would be a beautiful place with many fountains and exotic plant life in the future. A future that wasn't far off...

>Action One. Velix Selin Keliro's works on Architectural Design.

>Action Two. Begin Construction on the Linded Al Folien.
>Wyrm’s Rest situation: diplo chronologically happens before turn, city is freed
>Passive expansion: fill the hole between Port Royal and Bonefort

>Action 1 & 2 (Research/Magic): Research Draconic Alchemy

Lore will come in a later post, I’m about to get into an exam
>Action 1: investigate the strange ancient vessel
The glikeichans that discovered the ruins would investigate the strange gigantic vessel to see if they can and could activate the massive vessel which would give the leakoan Republic a unmatched naval power
>action 2: explore the strange cave
A second glikeichan group would split off from the main group and explore the large artificial 'cave' to see if there was anything worth of discovering
Primus, the High Aether Dragon, explains that he and the Sky Dragons were sealed together before the Collapse, but exactly how and when, he can't remember. In fact, after two millennia of slumber, his memory was fractured and spotty, and he would need time to recover it.
He remembers one thing in particular: draconic runes. While only remembered by the Illyrians as religious symbology, those runes were once the basis of the draconic language. More than that, it was invented by Asteros, Primordial Dragon of the Stars, Knowledge and Time, based on his study of the Aetherial Plane, its conceptual energies, and the One Truth that resides at the heart of the universe's architecture. Each rune was a word of power in and of itself and thus could be combined with occult geometry to form the foundation of an arcanic system that could greatly facilitate the manipulation of Mana, the lifeforce of all things, to work one's will unto reality. Through the practice of this arcane magic known as Draconic Wizardry, mortals could better understand the physical and spiritual working of the universe and reach spiritual enlightenment by becoming close to the One Truth.
Because of Prismus' shattered memory, only one of the greater Schools of Wizardry can be recreated for now: Alchemy, the art of manipulating air, earth, water, metal, and lifeforms and studying the very spiritual make-up of things.
Kitsune poof out of existence.
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)

With the Bondlins ready to face the unknown threat that has stalked the forest for so long and killed so many of their number a meeting is held to honor the bondlins and send them off with the blessings of the shaman.

Action 1:(hunting) The bondlins will start hunting whatever has been hunting them in the forest for so long.
Though small in stature the Bonlins are many and trained while this monstrosity that has hunted this brethren is a long creature who will fall to them thanks to their training and the incorporation of some recent innovations like the deadly Taki poison and their armor that shall provide them with better protection and aid their stealth with the recent innovation to the usal Gibilin bow that is able to have more penetrating power thanks to discovery of a new string method able to weave more strings together to make a more powerful cord.

Action 2: (research) The gibilins shall make Tak Yak develop medicine for their sick and injured or at the least lessen the pain.
Having caught Tak Yak in the act when he was attempting to poison the love of his after being refuted by her he was beaten to a bloody pulp and thrown into a small deep dank hole while those that caught him went straight to the shaman to ask for justice. After hours of deliberation and looking at what he made and why, Tak Yak would be brought before the chieftain who would spare the small Gibilin’s life in return he will partner with one of the Chieftains cousins and continue to make more poisons while being given whatever strange berries the Gibilins find to experiment with.

As his first task, Tak was given the responsibility to develop a brew that will aid a Giblins health and vitality to atone for his pasty mistake by using the psychedelic mushrooms found in the forest and mixing it with the tasty strawbarras that are rarely found in the forest.
>Excerpt 6: Ancient Humanity - Part 1
Before the coming of Rulo and the formation of the Sagra clan, there was the Era of Terror. Following the collapse of the Primordial Dragon's empire, humanity suddenly found itself without its protector. While the other races of the East had been hardened into bestial creatures of war by the overwhelming might of the empire, humans were allowed to grow weak and complacent. Both the outlanders and the people of the Empire found themselves suddenly victimized, with some areas finding themselves entirely wiped out and others being forced on an exodus deeper and deeper into the ancient empire's ruined land.

>Action 1: Mine - Charge Stone Quarry
In order to effectively capitalize upon the unique properties of the charge stones, a quarry is established dedicated to harvesting and arming Sagran soldiers with stones to utilize in their warfare.

>Action 2: Military - The Grenadier
The Academy of War is often the first to learn of any new discoveries that the clan comes across. Among the first and most promising investigations into the stones is the concept of overloading the stones to the point of a destructive and sudden release of energy. In what would otherwise be a far deadlier profession to a people who couldn't see into the future, this destructive technology is rolled out to a special unit of soldiers trained to thrust these volatile stones into enemy lines or to interrupt Calvary charges that would disrupt Sagran archers.

>Passive Expansion
Expand North

>Map Detail
You deleted a farm that should be beneath Paliano
Reminder: Special thing was that the volcano I'm making the temple is filled with ambient magic energy.

1. Holy Forge 3/3
The forge comes together as the basic construction is put in place. Next the rooms are filled with great machines, smelters funneling the heat of the volcano, and forges doing the same. In special alcoves will be funeral chambers where the dead may mourn the loss of the dead as they are cremated in the heat of the volcanic winds and their ashes forged into a memorial object. Under the symbol of the three gods great works shall be forged and thousands of kobolds shall be put to work fueling industry and churning out tools, weapons, and armor.
2. Build gold mine.
At the discovery of gold the kobolds let out a cacophonous 'mine, mine, mine, mine!' as they all sought to claim it. Thus a mine was built.
(So, correction on the placements. I had intended the fort to be further west, at least west of the forest, so as to pull aggro from the humans. But the initial (westernmost) spot may end up brushing up against Bonefort, so I've provided two alternate locations it could be put. The city of Rive-de (which is misspelled as Riv-det) is also supposed to be on the other side of the river.)

As Marcus settles down in his fort, playing the waiting game for humanity's inevitable counterattack, he sends the plundered wealth over to Dun-Caver, and a message explaining that Felix is now the new king. Marcus and Felix never really saw eye to eye, and the suspicious curcumstances of the other heirs' deaths are no help. The fact remains that Marcus cannot rule a kingdom from afar, and Felix might be a better fit for statecraft.

Action 1 (Mining): Create the first Royal Iron Mine.
With the discovery of iron, comes many who seek to extract it. Iron floods into the market, but suddenly it halves. Felix had anticipated the iron-rush and immediately started nationalising it. He hit early and he hit hard, with vast sums of wealth offered to even small time mines. Those who didn't accept the offer... unfortunately it seems the support pillars for their mines were rotten, since they didn't have the wealth to afford full strength wood, the distruntled workers then rioted and killed their boss. Truly a tragedy, but their successors saw reason and accepted Felix' generous offer.

Action 2 (Military Organisation): Establish the Ostre-Knight of Oscar.
With a war under their belt and many a bloodied veteran, Marcus sets up a ceremony, to both honour his fallen battle brother Oscar and to establish an elite Ostre-rider order. There is much feasting and celebration among his men, having gotten a taste for human blood. Chief among which, are the newly christened Ostre-Knight. They are given the strongest Ostren, Warhooks with heads of iron and each a cloak of Wyrmhide, to represent them slaying the worshipers of Rex Hominum. In return, they shall uphold the virtues of First Knight Oscar and regularly train and compete to ensure they are always ahead of the horsemen in saddlemanship.

Unique Resource: Wyrmhide.
The scaly hide of a Sandwyrm, it's durable and can be polished to a sheen, but offers very limited protection, especially compared to Rhino Armour. It's best feature however, is that depending on how you cook it, it will change colour. Temperature, saltiness, sweetness, etc. they all affect the colour it turn into. It's even possible to create patterns by boiling only parts of the hide, or smearing on clay, so the covered scales don't get the same temperature, or enjoys a different saltiness.

[Wealth: Royal Market built on Turn 4, now turn 8, so 1x4=4, +2 from raiding. So 6 wealth total]
Wealth: 6
File: D2TuhQtVAAAjDEF.jpg (182 KB, 1200x960)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Action 1: Research healing medicines and alchemies, called Skinflow Potions(Military)

Fluff: The Ivanar Grand Commune, properly organized and rational as it is, finds many of its member communes devoting their research capabilities to new forms of healthiness. A very tenuous shared research is began between these groups and select Azimarian communes, with the goal of utilizing both sides knowledge to create healing medicines. Though both sides jealously guard their secrets and ensure the most potent ingredients are kept to themselves, a moderately stable formula for potions of healing is created. These have the side effect of replacing the healed flesh with some form of clear jelly, giving the imbibers the appearance as if some watery fluid filled the rends in their flesh, but as they can gain nearly the full benefit of normal activity it is slightly overlooked. Those with many wounds though find themselves turning to Wayfinderism sooner than later, as aside from a combative spirit the appearance is considered distasteful to the eye.

2. The city states each develop a more organized form of warrior-soldier, known as Renders(Military+Culture)

Much to the surprise of many, it is neither Azimar nor Ivanar who throws the first stone of true conflict, but the Grand Commune of Unkiar. Unbeknownst to either, the Outcast Commune had grown a bitterness to its more respected older siblings, and driven by this overt emotion its members took to the field of war for revenge, attacking the other Communes hunters. This sudden burst of aggression takes Ivanar by surprise, but Azimar gladly meets them blow for blow. Due to miscommunications Ivanar strikes at Azimar instead of Unkiar, the conflict turning into a bloody free for all between each side that sees no real gains of land or strategy, as eventually the emotional temper of Unkiar gives way to cooler heads. Known varyingly as The Unkiar War, the Bloodfest, or most popularly The Rending, this event gives rise to a series of bloodied and moderately tested survivors who become known as Renders. Renders dress in a number of pouches and satchels, which hold the various potions and medicines they use to enhance themselves or harm their enemies. A good few used bow and arrow, or hunting spears, but most preferred their claws, and none ever forgot their alchemies. The Rending was a war of ambushes and hunts, meaning Renders are well used to scouting and organizing in Rend-Hunts for the eventual kill. The war may have gained nothing in land or wealth, but in culture it had its own unique result...
I am once again asking for a second hyphen in Hoys-du-Can
> Sensei Khanate

>1. Expansion
Un'Tali settlers rip down the river west, seeking new lands for Kul'gatin, soon another settlement, perhaps for the Raa'zac, the smiths, shall be claimed.

The Living Iron is beaten into shape, and forged into submission. The first of the Living swords enter the hands of the Sensei, may our enemies know true fear.

> General Diplo
The Karnis rage at the fleeing of the Tanuki, how will Karn be satisfied now? How could they open the gate now? They begin to turn their gaze elsewhere, a target perhaps no one would expect...
Fluff: Change all farms to fisheries
>Action 1 - Build a new settlement, Argatari
>Action 2 - Build a fishery on that settlement

Watching Galarians squabble over food may give an outsider an incorrect view on these fine feathery folk. Sure, they will beat each other mercilessly for a the last sardine, but its all in good fun! The biggest and strongest need more food anyway!

Point is, once the Frenzy is over, everything's back to normal. No hard feelings, and everyone can go about their business (of getting more fish).

Which makes the brewing spite in Parala all the more unusual. Levanna's outlandish claims of magical might and supremacy are too much for some birds to take, but most of these malcontents just wing their way back to Gremus, or take a relaxing trip down to Xylos. They don't FRET about it, that's not the Galarian way!

and yet...

Some birds whisper dark things, talk over stealing shells, breaking eggs, or worse... Thankfully, their malicious muttering doesn't go unnoticed, and Levanna is quick to banish them from her perfect city!

"I don't want to ever see you again!" She squawks to their fleeing backs, waving a large stick as the rebels flap their way south, bruised egos and bent beaks their only possessions.

In true Galarian fashion, they take her orders to the letter, flying JUST far enough that they are truly out of sight before dipping down and settling their macabre group down for another round of fishing. This time, free of Levanna's nagging!
> rename settlements
Dulyn ->BurnFoot
Drur ->EatBug
The chief looks at the map, and realizes that these settlements’ names make no blasted sense! Who’s the idiot that named them?!
Only one enforcer dares remind him that HE is the guy who actually chose those names
The enforcer is thrown out the nearest window, presumably to make a new settlement!

> create new settlement near ToothDirt: call it LongNail
> build a Pison farm near LongNail
> sacrifice 2 farms’ worth of food output to the volcano
>Action 1 (Infrastructure/Wealth?): Port of Aquileia
With every new colony requiring access through sea, the lack of a port in the capital is becoming an increasingly large issue. The settlements themselves rely on shipments of goods and materials from Aquileia, meaning all maritime traffic goes through the single city. Facilities to keep up with naval production and supplies are pushed through the Senate at the behest of the merchants, desperate to increase their potential profits.

>Action 2 (New City): Settlement of Lucaneia - Manifest Bonus: Farm
A new settlement down south on the western reaches of the archipelago.
Named after the Titan Lucullus, holder of the great helmet, ancient hero of the plebians. The leader of a failed revolt against the dictator Vilius, his actions nevertheless secured permanent rights for the lower classes.
> Passive Expanssions
Not sure if I get any, but if I do expand westward. Tanuki tp'ed out, I get the peninsula

> Action 1&2: The Gold orb of lost Divinity and the demon thingy
(you told me it's 2 action 1 to make orb and 1 for demons to start doing stuff with it like making a gate, was in DMs)
The first of the 7 artifacts the demons requested was oddly enough something the Collegiums already had. The orb of the slain god, the shattered pieces are gathered from each collegiumk and from infkuenctial families and collectors who kept some after the war.

Not a simple task, lots of bribing, assassinations, lobbying and outright theft was employed, but what could be retrieved was and was brought to the demons.

We have taken one step towards meeting the god of gods and now it's time for the step which will let us break down the border between mortals and gods. Call us fools for pursuing both paths, but we are mere mortals and can't be picky in our methods to oppose the gods.

>Passive expansion: unchanged
>Action 1 & 2: Order of the Knights Dragoons
With the Sky Dragons obtained, it is now time to reawaken a dream: dragon-riding. Young men and women are chosen from the purest Dragonblooded aristocracy and made to tame the Sky Dragons. But they'll be trained in more than just taming and fighting on dragonback; they'll be formed in the ways of spear fighting and of channeling the innate magic in their blood to bond with their mount and enhance their bodies with superhuman acrobatic abilities, performing mighty jumps, propulsing themselves in a completely different direction mid-air, and crashing down on the enemy bellow like a comet without hurting themselves. They'll become the Knights Dragoons, masters of the skies, and they shall overcome all fear.
Fluff: There’s nothing wrong with a bit of complacency. In a world where so much seems to be terrifying or where the streets twist and turn and you get lost on a familiar road.. nothing is better than being able to relax. Of course, relaxing has every potential to get you killed... one can never be too sure if a door that wasn’t there yesterday that is there today was newly installed or something your mind is just distorting into some form of madness. Lastly, it seems that slip weave... needs a bit more work, but that will come with time, and first, deals need to be completed.

1 action: Lumber Yard
A lumber yard for wooden constructions and much larger structures in general. Not to mention it will make various aspects of life easier from having wood for a fire, parchment for writing, and even just furnishings.

1 action: Develop Better short bows
Better short bows for easy use, good even in close range situations, and great for taking down a target from range with small precise arrows. What’s more... this technology, once developed, shall be given to the kingdom of Illyria in trade for having them make a proper trading route later as well as gaining half of their wealth for 5 turns once the road has been established
Action 1
>Giants mount the first expedition to the south to dive into the fissure
The giants are made of sturdier stuff. They immediately go to mount the expedition, astride their white furred mammoths to the place where "even the frost giants feel cold".

Action 2
>The powerful Ice Witches craft their magic brooms to also investigate the fissure
Not to be bested by mere mortals, the three frost witches pluck branches from the ancient white tree, which grows upon an ancient font, a ley point of magic. With these branches from trees infused by the chill winds, they craft brooms for themselves to fly and see what strange magic this fissure has in store
> posted for

6 action starting this turn

>rebuilding the nation: build one cities and two farm (3 action)
>send the reincarnation of Ponpokona east to explore deeper into mainlands (1 action)
>prospect currently controlled areas for resource or minerals (1 action)

(one action leftover)

Having narrowly avoided disasters from the godflesh conspiracy with the demons. Futatsuiwa the matriarch of the Jugemu clan started reorganizing and rebuilding their nation. visible coastal areas are settled and fisheries are built next to it. as for the mainland, Futatsuiwa organized a new expedition of Tanukis to explore the land scouting for potential dangers to the tanuki coastal settlement or resources the tanuki can use to rebuild their nation, among these scouts is the young reincarnation of Ponpokona who sneaked in unnoticed and hungry for adventure.
File: Turn8.png (2.96 MB, 3386x1453)
2.96 MB
2.96 MB PNG
Dawn's gentle caress embraces the land once more as dusk gives way. Shall we see what the children of the world has in store for us this day?
>His Serene Highness, Prince Dehromont I
The decree is given! Blessed by earth and sky, the nation and its people set forth to make it so. Another plot of crops springs forth from mother’s bosom, and the father watches with pride as his children stretch almost as vast as he does in these modern times. A blessed journey the nation has had, and soon the entire island is sure to become sanctified ground.

>Iaakan Entreaty
With the land quickly falling to their domination, the skies are the next in their sights. Ropes of earth and spider’s silk pave their way into the heavens and soon the rare minerals within these skylands are unearthed. With this comes new advancements. To defend from afar, and from up high, the Aak invent the humble crossbolto. Though still primitive, it’s a powerful step up from the ancient bow which has served well for generations. Yet for this success, a step back occurs. It seems the Entreaty have under-estimated the power of their newly discovered miracle ore. At first their markets are a sight for sore eyes, hovering majestically above the streets - though if only for a minute. Soon enough they come crashing down, and paint a royal scene of chaos. Fortunately, more is lost in wealth than lives, but it will take some time studying the architectural application of these minerals before they can be reliably used in construction. At least this catastrophe’s revealed two things of the minerals: They’re not an on demand elevator, and the more weight they support the greater the stress placed on the minerals.

>Rhayney Daze
The people of Rhayne are well fed and know no want for anything. But consideration is to be given to their health, for the nation is starting to grow rather complacent… At least for the time we can celebrate this miraculous new plant and its ability to bend light. Jumping the gun ever so slightly, a weave mill is constructed to work these plants into fabrics. Humorously, however, it seems that working with invisible hemp will take time to master as it’s a little tricky trying to finely weave something you can’t see. Slightly less humorous, however, is the report that this miracle fiber is not as abundant as anticipated. It will take not only time to learn how to handle it for use in textiles, but we will need to first learn to raise crops of these plants if we truly want to fulfill our ambitions.

It is only natural that as a nation grows, so will their need for culture and entertainment. One of the first are built along the trade route between Huterangia and the Entreaty, offering not only the locals fine arts, but traveling merchants as well, surely bolstering the nations reputation. Meanwhile the search for natural riches proves fruitful as Huterangia discovers that they hold a generous bounty of 2 goldmines and 1 silver mine.
>Salivanid Empire
The vision of their grand projects is so clear in their head that sometimes it takes awhile for them to realize that it has not manifest. But this clarity of mind and dedication in focus allows for the great mind, Velix, to gain keen and invaluable insights to aid in the architectural efforts of the nation. Using his newly taught theories and proven traditional practices, construction of the Linded al Folien takes off with promise manifesting even this early into its development.

>Kingdom of Illyria
The return of the Sky dragons is truly a rich boon, and the nation feels truly blessed having so many of the sacred beasts return alongside the Earth-dragons unearthed only in relative recency. Training is undertaken without hesitation, but it’s not long into the program that it becomes clear that there are a few shortcomings. Starting with the obvious, pure-blooded royals are surprisingly few. Enough to make up a small force, but best use efficiently and with calculated goals. The second is their draconic bond. Learning to tap into the power of dragons is no easy feat, even for the naturally gifted. It will take time to achieve these near miraculous feats inspired from old tales which the Dragoons seek to obtain. For now though, the dragoons are the knights of the sky, and though fierce, they still have much to learn before claiming mastership of the heavens themselves. (Not enough farms, next expansion next turn)

>Leakoan Republic
Investigating the vessel would reveal that is unlike anything they could have imagined. The same kind of construction that went into this bunker clearly had a hand in the ship as well. A blend of pseudo organic and mineralistic components expertly fuse into each other, so much so that it is nearly impossible to tell them apart. But even more miraculously, closure investigations reveal that the vessel is in perfect condition and, some theorize, could even be restored from its slumbering state. After great time studying the site, some believe they had found the answer. They had discovered a process of linking hte ship to the what would appear to be one of the bunker’s vital arteries. Once they had completed the attachment, the ship filled with colors and started to stir faintly asif waking from an unknowably deep sleep. Even more startally, it sounded as if it was… muttering something as if half awake… Beyond this strange vessel, however, nothing else could be found. The bunker itself was largely empty, and what little remained was far beyond their current understanding.
>Dag Da
Tak Yak the former incel proves that despite his poor emotional control, he has a gifted hand when it comes to the brewing of strange medicines. It’ll take some more time to perfect, but he’s identified a host of medicinal substances. With some test trials he’ll be able to discover some blends which might be of use. A valuable asset they will be, as the gibilins plan to assert their dominance over these forests. They assemble the Bonlins and strike out to face these terrors. Their training and hunting instincts honed over the decades has proven fruitful indeed, as some of the imposing beasts are brought low. And though this is cause for celebration, the shamans learn some concerning details when studying the remains. These beasts venturing this far into their territory are, perhaps, some of the weakest and that stronger beasts are yet to show themselves. Even stranger is the corps’ essence. Something feels to have entangled itself with the beast, something cruel and predatory… but not of body, it is something of spirit.

>Clan of Sagra
The miraculous charge stone is dug from the earth and immediately put to destructive use. Or at least, that was the intention, however as practice with the stones began there were some shortcomings that made themselves apparent. Though true the stone could hold a potent charge, in its raw form it was rather inefficient at holding a large supply. The stones themselves were quite varied and volatile as well. Not every stone could hold the same supply, and some were easier to channel into than others. The result was that it took a keen intuition, and a fair bit of luck to be able to use the stone in such a way. Still that is not to say that it was without its uses, as for in its current state, though not outright fatal, it can still cause some unpleasant injury and serve as a startling weapon to disrupt ranks and cavalry formations. Still, if anything meaningful is to be gained, effort into further developing this resource will be needed

The great work is done and the holy forge stands manifested in all of its glory. This is no mere temple or forge, this is the pinnacle of the ancient world. The fiercest natural force itself is chained to the whim of the Gragel, the volcano that once loomed menacingly overhead is now nothing more than a humble servant offering its power to their chaotic conjurations. What powerful and horrific things will be unleashed upon the world from this sacred place? Only time can tell…

The Knights of Oscar ride with dignity and might and will serve the Dundee well. The sands are swept aside and the riches of the desert are exposed for the Royal mine to take place. When the earth is finally upended and its contents revealed, a startling discovery is made! The vein is far richer and larger than previous estimates had expected, and with more investment it might be able to open another shaft or two, increasing yields.
>Kefka of Azmiar
Skinflow potions are the latest in a line of grand schemes the Ivanar commune have concocted but perhaps it is the most sane thing they’ve thought of yet. Work begins, collecting samples of the local land from flora and fauna like to see what yields the most promise. It will take time and study, but surely something can be made here? Though for every advancement that could potentially save a life, one which can take lives must follow. The Renders take arms for their communes, but with this comes brewing hostility that could lead to more explosive consequences than a bad batch of chemicals mixing where they shouldn’t…

>Sensei Khanate
The new city is founded, and the living iron is harnessed for the purposes of advancing the carnage of the Sensei. Truly unfortunate is the fate for those who find their ends on the edge of these blades.

>Umbral Theocracy
The Galarians cruelly cast aside their ailing brethren, but that’s not their problem. It is the fault of the cursed for bringing such misfortune down upon themselves undoubtedly, why need the rest of us suffer their ill karma? Regardless, being exiled means not that one ceases to exist, and the cursed find themselves a new home: Argatari. It isn’t long after the city is founded though, when their fortune seems to take a turn for the better. Meanwhle other, previously blessed, Galarians find stranger occurrences befalling them. This results in the occasional wave of exiles being spat out from the perfectionism of Levanna. In no time Argatari finds itself to be less of a small nest, and soon a full fledged city rivaling its sisters. Some “scholars” among their kind spare the thought as to what could be causing this? It seems to be an unsolvable mystery, perhaps just the whims of the sea or whatever cruel god lumes over them… but then, the mysterious egg they’ve found begins to crack…
>Stonestomp tribe
The troll’s reach knows no bounds, and even furhter does it stretch. LongNail takes form and founds itself a comfortable little Pison farm. But the chief of BigStone has over-estimated his reach. Many of these settlements are linked to the troll nation, sure, but loosely at best. The settlements refuse to change their names, claiming they have no reason to obey the people that cast them out in the first place. This sentiment spreads like wildfire across the different camps, and soon Bistone finds itself to be surrounded by potential challengers… In the meantime, an offering is made of fruit and vegetables. The mountain receives the first offering and then grumbles… it receives the second, then roars. Unsatisfied, it seems as though the great pure will unleash its dissatisfaction upon those below. In great desperation to appease the angry wonder, the entire troll nation sacrifices their every scrap they can in hopes it would calm it. Fortunately, the volcano is appeased and returns to a quiet slumber. Perhaps next time it would be best to feed it something with substance.

>republic of Aquelia
Across the ocean, the republic settles for itself new roots, Lucaneia being the newest offshoot. It is a quant island, a peaceful island, tropical with crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery. It soon finds itself to be a hotspot for tourism, a place where families dream to go and the elites own at least one beach front property. Part in large of this success is thanks to the port of Aquileia. Its merchant vessels pouring forth not only persons, but valuable goods and commerce to all of the colonies. It is hard to imagine that the Republic will know nothing but prosperity, now, and even further into the coming days.

>Godflesh Collegiate
The blasphemy of the godflesh knows no bounds. So vial, so vast, so deep is their hatred for anything that could stand close to the label of “divine” that they not only create an orb from the garbage that remained of their slain god, but they even sacrifice a host of Tanuki to their demonic counterparts. With both a focus in hand, and a fed tribe of demons, the godflesh make a strong first step to slaying the patrons that watch the world from beyond. Though there is still much work to do in order to shatter the veil, the demons have gained what knowledge they need in order to open the way to the Tanuki’s patron. All that is needed now is for them to enact the ritual, and for the godflesh to be prepared for what waits beyond…
>Rhayney Daze
The people of Rhayne are well fed and know no want for anything. But consideration is to be given to their health, for the nation is starting to grow rather complacent… At least for the time we can celebrate this miraculous new plant and its ability to bend light. Jumping the gun ever so slightly, a weave mill is constructed to work these plants into fabrics. Humorously, however, it seems that working with invisible hemp will take time to master as it’s a little tricky trying to finely weave something you can’t see. Slightly less humorous, however, is the report that this miracle fiber is not as abundant as anticipated. It will take not only time to learn how to handle it for use in textiles, but we will need to first learn to raise crops of these plants if we truly want to fulfill our ambitions.

Efforts to explore the fissure are underway, but with giants and witches it is no easy task. The giants find that they can easily scale downwards the fissure, laying down paths for more mortal men to find their way by erecting platforms in the wall sides. But when they reach the bottom they realize there is little further they could do. Numerous openings decorate the walls, but those are no larger than the average man. Smaller mortals will need to be sent to scout these places. As for the witches, their aspirations are bald, but their ambitions receive a minor blow. It will take them more time to develop such advanced forms of magic, perhaps they should start with simpler schools and learn from there?
Fluff: There’s nothing wrong with a bit of complacency. In a world where so much seems to be terrifying or where the streets twist and turn and you get lost on a familiar road.. nothing is better than being able to relax. Of course, relaxing has every potential to get you killed... one can never be too sure if a door that wasn’t there yesterday that is there today was newly installed or something your mind is just distorting into some form of madness. Lastly, it seems that slip weave... needs a bit more work, but that will come with time, and first, deals need to be completed.

1 action: Lumber Yard
A lumber yard for wooden constructions and much larger structures in general. Not to mention it will make various aspects of life easier from having wood for a fire, parchment for writing, and even just furnishings.

1 action: Develop Better short bows
Better short bows for easy use, good even in close range situations, and great for taking down a target from range with small precise arrows. What’s more... this technology, once developed, shall be given to the kingdom of Illyria in trade for having them make a proper trading route later as well as gaining half of their wealth for 5 turns once the road has been established
By the grace of the Father almighty of the Sky, his joyous consort the Mother of the Earth, and their issue the Dawn which refreshes the world each morn, His Serene Highness the Prince does hereby decree the provision of additional farms to feed the city of Orvide and with population booming across the principality the founding of the city of Dunfelles across the broad Dorgaux delta.
Beyond this decree it is with great joy that His Serene Highness weds the beloved daughter of Prince Rendei, Le Madam Cándois, a maiden almost twice the young Prince's age, and the soon arrival of a daughter of their own. Nevermind, the next shall be a boy!

>Action 1 - Farm
>Action 2 - Founding of the City of Dunfelles

>For a third time, my good man, a second hyphen in Hoys-du-Can, if you please.
File: file.png (229 KB, 592x428)
229 KB
229 KB PNG

Skybreak (224 AAC)

The colossal event leading to the end of the Aak golden age was a warning against hubris and a moment of reflection on how far the Aak have come.

The merchant districts of the nation collapsed into rubble, but lessons of the floating ore were well learned, now named “Helicate ore” (Or just Helicate for refined variants) for the luminous spiral patterns that run all throughout the material.

Action 1: Grand Census (Prospect my land for whatever’s inside it)

By royal assent, the natural wealth of the Entreaty is to be investigated, prospected and assessed for the good of the nation.

What there is to exploit, what there is to acquire, all will be revealed by the cunning Aak in short order.

Action 2: Hisslet farm near Diiodon

Hisslets are small lizard-bird prey animals that are occasionally taken as pets by curious Aak. While they taste rather repulsive, their eggs are treasured for being savoury delights beyond measure.
>Passive expansion: fill the hole between Bonefort and the rest
>Merchant: buy Iron Mine in Emerald Hill for 10 wealth
>Special: receive "Rhaynese Shortbows" from Rhayne as part of their second action this turn --> >>5266383

>Action 1 (Military): Order of the Knights Dragoons part 3
This... was a problem.
Drak, who himself goes through the Dragoon program with Prismus as his mount, feels like he got punched in the face. He let himself get carried away by his eagerness. This needed to be fixed: the Dragoons needed to be ready before the invasion began.
Drak's first order is to widen the recruitment pool dramatically and open it to Dragonblooded scions of lesser bloodlines as long as they showed the appropriate potential. Such a small force wasn't what the King had envisioned. His second order is to drastically ramp up the courses for awakening bloodline power and mastering the ancient air combat arts. The Dragoons needed to be more than mere air cavalry; they needed to be able to soar through the sky like the very dragons they mounted, their spears like claws and fangs, their leaping legs like flapping wings.

>Action 2 (Military): Improved Infantry Training
The sky isn't the only realm the Illyrians seek to master. While the Dragoons toil to perfect their arts high above, down below, the ordinary warriors of Illyria still seethe at their humiliation at the hand of the Fennes. Was that all the worth of the ancestral warrior heritage of the tribes? This wasn't with such poor performance that Morn's wings would carry them to the Halls of the Braves. This couldn't stand. General Syzjarr orders a reform of the very way Illyrians conceive war. While once the ranks were filled with an ad-hoc and motley melange of individual tribal warriors with little organization that came equipped with whatever they owned, now there will be some level of standardization and battle doctrine.
The main battle line will be composed of footmen equipped with shields, gambesons and cone helmets and armed with either a handaxe or a spear, with a sword as a backup secondary. Notably, particular attention is given in the drills on how to counter cavalry; the Dundeese ostre-riders are still a painful memory. Some braves forgo the shield and opt for two-handed heavy axes or dual-wielded handaxes, meant to wreak havoc once their shielded brothers have bogged down the enemy line. All of that will be supported by a backline of archers equipped with the improved shortbows obtained from the frogmen of Rhayne.
>Further lore on Action 2
In this new conception of the standard Illyrian land army, there is also renewed focus on keeping the warriors organized. Though it is far different from the rigid discipline of their Aquileian legionaries and is closer to an idea of "ordered chaos". The training drills place particular focus on group exercises, ideally between warriors of different if not outright rival tribes, meant to strengthen camaraderie, break ethnic tensions and allow the men to more instinctually act as one in battle. Orders and warcries are shouted in draconic to confuse and terrify the enemy and bolster the warriors' morale and esprit de corps. To complete it all are groups of ordained Dragon Priests attached to each battle company, meant to safeguard the spiritual well-being of the troops and supervise the conduction of pre-battle rites.
Construct a farm for the new city of Un'talj, to feed its growth and progress. Around the river banks, grains for slaves are planted, alongside the hearty beans from the queer College folk.

The Karnis call many of the traveling Khan Father's to Kul'gatin, for a great trial. A tournament in front of the temple is held, to determine the new class of Sensei, the Kalst. Honorable warriors that have proven themselves before their brethren, proving their right to lead before all the clans. It is hoped that in battle, these mighty men, with their horned helmets will command respect and obedience on raids and in war, keeping the normally unruly warbands in check - still fighting for personal glory, but victory as well. Many of these Kalst find themselves to be newly made Khans in their own right, if they were not one before. Even the Karnis lower themselves to competing, eager to show their superiority to the unpure clans. Ultimately Victor's are scattered amongst all, the Karnis, the Un'Tali, and the Raa'zac - the Haki having not been invited, and the Tulac not participating; having preferred to continue help building the farm works to the east.
File: Dreggy.png (234 KB, 471x401)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Celebration fills the nation as victory has been achieved, but news that they can kill the Tanuki God is puzzling to many. What awaits them beyond the gate? Even Cellia is worried, as they are now can they slay a god? One of tricks and deceit no less?

Only one group is suicidally rushing trough war. the Collegium of the Goddregs. They wish to see death. Evil can only destroy never create as such they leave their dreg heaps and finnally establish acollegium of their own.

> Fluff
1. Rename South Tanuki City to Goddregs Collegium
2. Rename Godgrave to Paleeye
3. Change farm to fishery

> Passive expansion (one was missed last turn due to farm/city no. confusion so got 2 this turn)
Fill the 2 weird intents in the border so it looks nice (black circles)

> Action 1: Black Cauldron of Spite (mil action or mil/magic)

Black Cauldron of Spite - solidified spite and envy of the user it lets him cook up a liquid concoction which forces those drinking it or those into whose blood it got to increasingly display symptoms and agony akin to his (weakens them to his level). This the most terrifying Goddregs Allumni are those bedridden at the verge of death keeping themselves alive just out of pure spite and envy.

The Black Cauldron concoctions are put in small bottles and given to 'underlings' which then take them into battle and on missions. The concoctions can often kill those afflicted by then exemplifying just what the actual hell the Goddregs Allumni are doing to themselves.

The stronger someone is the more the Black Brew from the cauldron affects them if you are already weak and sickly it can't take much from you, the higher you float the lower you are dragged down. A weapon most fitting to take down gods.

> Action 2: Explore the first ruins
Deep beneeth the sand in no mans land in the great southern desert lay the ruins of the first city. First city which graced the world and the site of a potential artifact. An expedition from the Collegiate goes on a journey to the fabled ruins hoping to unearth it's mysteries and find the artifact.
1. Create sulfur mine
With the reveal of a sulfur deposit after the volcanic temple/forge was completed it was clear that this was a reward for the service; because they smelled the same. It wasn't shiny so few were excited; but a mine is set up none the less to get things moving.
2. Build a market.
With the frog legs wanting to sell their things and many, many, many iron tools and gear coming from the forges a market is built in the valley north of Gragelwaren so they can sell their not shiny coal.

>Action 1: Mining for gold
Perhaps there's not a terrible amount of practical use for the stuff, but it certainly is very pretty and appealing - it seems everyone wants some anyway! And so, mines are struck so that we might use this beautiful material ourselves and trade it to our neighbours for things of value and refinement.

>Action 2: The start of a grand library (1/3)
Slightly to the west of the main city of Utpalem, the ministers of Huterangia allocate funds for the beginnings of a grand repository designed to store a great accumulation of wisdom for their civilisation, knowledge and ideas from both their own realm and across the known world once it is further uncovered. So vast is the envisioned institution - for how vast must the world be? - that the groundwork and planning for the structure and the many theorised wings and subsections the building will eventually require takes an age in itself, for architects to plan out the foundations necessary and to begin procurement of all necessary materials, ordering the carving of stone and the purchase of great quantities of Clasticrete from Aakish merchants who will stand to make fortunes of their own. And even as these first steps of construction, more architects continue plotting and planning for the long-term continuation of this great project of construction...

>Passive expansion
The passive press of the increasing Huterangian people will continue along the lines of our defined borders, this time into the south, to the flanks and peaks of the high mountainous terrain.
File: Iron Armor.jpg (228 KB, 1200x627)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
With the first of the iron brought from the mines, Marcus has the smiths make an Iron Crown. Felix may now be the King of Dundee, but Marcus is still the Warrior King, and instead of a crown of gold, he needs a crown of iron. The crown isn't just the regular crown shape either, it's more accurate to say it's a helmet with a crown incorporated into it. The men at the fort readily salute their former king as he trots along on his Ostre. Other officers get their own fancy helmets, but make due with big feathers instead of daring to incorporate the crown design. After some bouts they find the bigger feathers to just be a hindrance and settle on smaller plumes to add to their helmets. However, even the regular Ostre-knights and some foot soldiers decide to add minor plumage of their own.

Action 1 (Expansion / City Making): Create the city of Isla-de, on the largest island west-northwest of Ocea-de.
While Felix enjoys the benefit of the iron mine, the O' Sea family makes their move to expand, building another city out on the coasts, but this one, is not connected to the mainland at all, it's an island. This island also has far more forest than Ocea-de, and the trees are more than thick enough for making canoes. In fact, they would allow even bigger canoes than ever before. Thus, Isla-de is even better equipped to be a naval city than Ocea-de, as well as having no land access to it. It is certainly going to be difficult for Felix to dislodge these people from the island.

Action 2 (Military Technology): Develop Black Iron Armour (Cast Iron Lamellar Armour).
While the discovery and extraction of iron has brought much of it to our soldiers, we've hit a problem: We're lacking in experience. Dundee has smiths, but they are few in number and worth their weight in gold. So the armour they make is only available to officers. For the common soldier there is only crudely made and often defective armour. The solution to this, is to make armour simpler. Instead of going through the difficult and labour intensive process of making wrought iron armour, they instead cast it, in small pieces, lamellae. These lamellae are then laced together with leather or hair cord, much like Rhino Armour. This is not only easy to produce, but also easy to mass produce. This armour is hard, though the individual lamellae are also brittle, likely to break. But better to have to repair a suit of armour than to replace a fully trained Fenne, or Fenne Knight.

>Chronicle of Johan O' Fenne: The Steward King.

While much of Dundee was built before Johan was even born, that is not to say he did nothing. When Johan was granted the crown, when the last king keeled over, Dun-Caver was in a precarious position. The last king had spent a lot on lavish parties and created a massive palace, one so large it could even comfortably fit humans. The clans also sensed that Johan was weak, he was no warrior king, he much more favoured the abacus and the quill. The clans rose up to seize their due, the many debts of the last king. Furthermore, the warriors of Dun-Caver also rose up, due to lack of pay as Johan couldn't afford both them and the necessary reparations, even Johan's brothers turned against him, seeking to usurp the throne for themselves, and the Clans supported them. By all accounts of the time, it looked like Johan's reign would be short.

But Johan was a man of meticulous detail. While his brothers had many friends, they had those friends thanks to their many promises. Johan's method of undermining his brothers was to follow the paper trail, show to the clans how each of his brothers had promised away their land to other clans. Doing this he pitted his brothers against each other, and the clans. Johan only had to have enough of an army to shield himself during the crossfire. During this time, Dun-Caver's woes were dealt with one-by-one.
Eventually one of his brothers decided to skip the feuding and simply depose Johan, and while the king had a large militia, they were just militia, not warriors. But Johan's militia was well drilled and didn't break. Again and again the warriors of his brother clashed against the militia, and scored many kills, but without a breakthrough his warriors lost steam and the tide turned. Johan had setup an army around attritional warfare, a grinding war which turned the haughty warriors into naught but corpses.
When Johan defeated the first of his brothers, the others quickly took notice and turned against him. His battle hardened soldiers would be unable to beat all of his brothers' warriors by themselves. But Johan returned to his old tactic, of going to the clans and telling them what his brothers had promised away, but also, what he would have them keep. Having their allies turn coat, his brothers eventually all had to surrender. Johan was merciful to his brothers, and merely stripped their land and titles, letting them be taken in by the clans.

Johan went on to rule the Kingdom of Dundee with dignity, managing it well. When he noticed his son, Marcus, had become the warrior king he wasn't, Johan was not too prideful to part with his crown, acting as steward and advisor to his son, and being beloved by many. When Johan fell ill, even his disinherited brothers came to wish him well, and he forgave them all in turn. These same brothers personally buried Johan when he finally succumbed and gave the parting rites.
Action 1: attack the crab settlement on the south end of my island kill anyone who resists and allow the surrendering civvies to either remain and be made into the lowest caste in kitsune society below even the peasants, or to return to their homeland without harm coming to them.

Detail/fluff: we have warned the crab foreigners to leave our land, in their hubris they claim we have no right to this land, as it is theirs. But for thousands of years, the Kitsune had called this island their home. Even the oldest among our people recall how when they were kits how their elders would speak of the stories and histories told to them by their elders, how now speak those same histories and stories to the current generation. With over 3000 years of history on our side, there is no other choice, we will take the Crab settlement by force of arms those who resist will die, and those who surrender peaceably will be allowed a choice to return to their homeland or remain and live under kitsune rule and law, those who wish to remain will become kyohi sareta and be below even the lowest Kitsune.

Action 2: build a shipyard/port to allow for the kitsune navy to be expanded and to build ships of war and fishing faster.

With the crabs driven out of our island it is only a matter of time before they come once more and this time, they will not find undefended coast ripe for the taking. For the first time in living memory, the kitsune would build a shipyard dedicated to crafting the finest vessels of war that our craftsmen can create. If the foreigners wish to take our home, they will pay dearly for every blood-soaked tail of ground. For the commoners, the new shipyard offers a larger port from which larger fishing vessels may be built and launched offering new and expanded opportunities for fishing at sea.

Action 3: develop the element magic school in the college of earth
Detail/fluff: while our forces will be sufficient to drive out the crab foreigners this time, what if it is not the next time? It was this burning question, that forced the hand of the shogun to founded and fund a university of elemental magic. It is no secret that kitsune are all-natural masters in elemental magic thanks in part to kitsune's natural affinity for all magic, and by birthright, as each kitsune has one element that they are Intune with and instinctively understand at the level of a master. But raw talent will only take you so far, and as anyone can tell you. It is no substitute for a finely honed and mastered skill. The first college of the university to be formed is the earth Elemental college, to help develop new spells and hone raw talent into masterfully skill execution

Action 4: Kogo begins using her retinue to seek out and form connections with any who remain loyal to her and are displeased with the usurper shoguns' reign of fear.

Detail/fluff: Empresses Kogo, Daughter of the sun goddess was a patient as she was old, and as the daughter of a Goddess she was very patient indeed. The shogun’s rebellion had been a shocking and deep betrayal. Had she chosen to fight rather than accept his terms may far too many of her beloved children would have died. No, rather she had decided to play the long game, in the end, she would win, and all kitsune would be better for it. Even now as the late shogun’s daughter rules through fear and bangs the gong of war, Kogo was moving quietly and calmly, reaching out to those disaffected with the current order. Yes, in time Empress Kogo would be the true leader of the kitsune once more. After all, you don't just live as long as she has, has as many tails as she does, without knowing how to play the game.

addendum - I have been informed war declaration is not an action as such I am editing action 1.

Action 1; Expand and train the military with enemies on our shore we must hone our tactics and ensure the mean are prepared for war. (I want to improve my military and this is what I can up with.)
Action 1
By dozens, by hundreds, by thousands the goblins surge forward, chittering and giggling all the while, sure that the glory of finding the secrets of the fissures will be theirs! The giants are too large, and the men too few to truly scour the fissure! Perhaps they will be the one to find what treasures lurk beneath?
Action 2
>Witches start learning magic, start from scratch where appropriate. Wands would be nice. DM me if there's something more specific about the magic system I am missing
The Witches realize their reach extends their grasp, and considers how to properly achieve the magical power they seek. Perhaps starting small, not brooms, but tiny wands from the tips of the branches, so that they can better harness the powers of frost and cold.

>The lands between Glacius and Gobel heim are sparse, empty and open for development. Both men and goblins begin to scramble to fill the gaps and claim territory

>Action 1 - Temple in Xylos
>Action 2 - Fishery in Xylos

The Xylians, in their treetop villages, are a relaxed and carefree people. They farm their varied tropical fruits, they drink their fermented juices, they lazily stare at the horizon and amble along with the wind currents above, all in pursuit of absolutely nothing at all.

The fleeing Argatari rebels, however, sparks something in them. These new birds on the dock, just a short flap across the sea, are a DARK bunch. Their eyes dart to and fro, and their beaks click with menace and a thirst for something more macabre.

Of course, Galarians are no strangers to fear, but their usual reaction is to flap away from whatever is scaring them! The Xylians can't do that, they lived here first!
As if seeking solace, they seek to embed themselves into the land, expanding their motley village through the trees, a new building poking through the canopy in a brazen attempt to join it's creators in their soaring above.
Action 1: Build better ships

Our current ships while being nice are too outdated for our planned expansion of our empire... and thus newer ones are constructed out of woods and ivory to make them better and to be able to transport more troops

Action 2: Learn more about those strange objects

we decided to learn more about those strange objects found in the 'drydock' that habitates the strange vessel being thing... as the glikeichans would try to figure out what they are

While progress on the Linded Al Folien was going smoothly, it was also going fairly slowly. But great works tend to take time, and this is no different. While most of the basic structure and foundation is finished, the highest portions of the Linded Al Folien and the various hydraulics utilized in it were yet to be finished and properly implemented. Even once everything was done there would still be some time that was required to wait in order to finish the vision of the great garden as the various plants that were to be grown upon it needed time to grow. This wasn't a problem though, as work would continue. And if there was one thing that the Empire had it was time. Still, it would undoubtable be a beautiful sight by the end of it's construction. And ideally would be the first of many great works by the empire. Yet while such great works of art and engineering were made and put to use, there was far more than just the soon to be prized jewel of the capital.

A number of people moved south to the river below, east of the capital and west of Aldin Alvi, south of both. This place would be called Aliade Keliro, and while many were Viersperan, a number more were the decedents of the Khanate who were born of Viersperan mothers. While still a minority, they would be a sizable one in the settlement. And a fitting thing to, given the plan for the settlement was not just that of farming, but of trade. It's position on the river meant that trade via the river would be easy, as would any road following it, and would make a good stopover point for any headed to the capital. Still, it was a modest settlement for now, but all things have humble beginnings.

>Action One. Continue work on the Linded Al Folien

>Action Two. Create the settlement/city of Aliade Keliro
(Posting on behalf of Acreon)

The gibilin population, anxious about the growing number of threats from within the forest and the increased danger to their prosperity demand action from the Shaman who has not moved the tribe for generations.

Movement: The tribe shall move east of their current position to get to the heart of this danger and find new hunting grounds.

1st action (Expansion): Form a new tribe with a matriarchal leader as the head of the new tribe that be named the Shuildee tribe.
Under pressure from his people and with more Gibilins with each new generation, there simply aren't enough gibs to throw around as such the shaman appoints one of the eldest Gibswomen named Shuildee a lak "she who bore many young" as the head of a new tribe who shall move east with the shamans tribe.

2nd action (Magic): The shaman will don the furry costume, THE CLEAN ONE! to go speak with the forest spirit's on how to deal with this menace and ask for help.
Donning the skin of the latest predators that where hunted and the bones of the fatest prey animals that where brought down the shaman would depart into the forest once more to seek council with the spirits on how best to deal with this danger.
>Action 1 (Mmm gate): Consecration of the Milonian League
The three powers have once more met in the city of Milonis, and made their human-based alliance official. A proper meetingplace is constructed to facilitate it's meetings, which had up to this point been housed in the governor's villa. A large temple, decorated with token symbols of the three human nations, the head of a dragon for the Illyrians, as bow and arrow for the Sagrans (the most fervent followers of Milo protested the inclusion of a horse), and the numeral VIII for the Aquileians.

>Action 2 (Military): Organized and Specialized Maniples
As part of the preparation for the war against the desert devils, Aquileian leadership hastily reorganize the levied armies into more specialized divisions, dividing fresh recruits, experienced soldiers, and skilled veterans allowing for more strategy and discretion on the battlefield.

The Aquileians march alongside the Sagrans and Illyrians in defeating the desert menace in the east.
File: newcity.png (643 KB, 725x577)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
>Excerpt 7 - Ancient History - Part 2
As a nation founded on the backs of winged dragons, the ocean was no obstacle to the ancient empire - the Eastern continent was just one of many territorial holdings. Although records of what may lie beyond the continent have been lost to history, the only thing known to the remnants of their empire is that it's surely theirs to rule over. Some sought to join the Western empire as the dragons fell into their deep slumber, but such groups were never heard of again. Meanwhile in the East, human holdings shrunk by the day. The once centralized and relatively insignificant Steppe found itself becoming the last line of defense against bestial incursions.

>Action 1 - Resource - Prospecting
The Sagran land is vast but mostly untapped commercially. Noting great promise in the stones, clan merchants head out to prospect the land, seeking new metals, stones, and resources.

>Action 2 - The Citadel City of Keranos (1/3)
The clan grows rapidly. Vast land is being prospected and more is sure to enter the fold as a large-scale invasion is on the horizon. Although initially hesitant to follow the request of the mysterious gate, its demands grow increasingly reasonable as the empire sprawls and a centralized location of control becomes more valuable. To address this issue, a new city - Keranos - is to be built; A city more powerful, fortified, and unquestionable than any other to rule over what will become the empire of Sagra. (I think this is hills?)

>War Action
The Sagran stampede would work closely with Illyrian generals and witnesses, formulating against the previous strategies of the Dundee before launching a three-pronged attack (With Aquelia too) against the Dundee nation.
Action 1: Research way to build more farms quicker.

Action 2: Progress Ivanar General Alchemical Sciences.
Thanks for running.

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