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You are Vladimir Pedro. A fine chef now assigned by God himself to take care of a feral Half-Elf Woman named Lepus Wolff. You are to train and help her become a proper lady among society and a powerful fighter. It's going to be a long journey but hopefully it will be worth it.

Updates are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

When rolls are required it will after the majority votes on what to do.

Vladimir Pedro Stats
>Occupation: Chef
>Class: None
>EXP: 83
>Race: Human
>Strength: 9 + 1 =10
>Dexterity: 4 + 1 = 5
>Constitution: 17 + 1 = 18
>Intelligence: 16 + 1 = 17
>Wisdom: 17 + 1 = 18
>Charisma: 18 + 1 = 19

Lepus Wolff Stats
>Occupation: None
>Class: Monk (LV1)
>EXP: 100
>Race: Half-Elf
>Strength: 20
>Dexterity: 17 + 1 = 18
>Constitution: 16
>Intelligence: 7 + 1 = 8
>Wisdom: 15
>Charisma: 16 + 2 = 18

Part 1: https://lws.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5081860/
Part 2: https://lws.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2022/5129386/
You start trying to slide out of the bed. Shimmying your way out of your own bed trying your best not to wake up Lepus. After a while, you finally slink your way out of bed.
Lepus continues to sleep without a care in the world. Still feeling your warmth as she hugs your covers. You should really talk to her about invading your bed every night. Especially since that it is considered illegal. Especially if they were male.
You then quietly head to the bathroom and get a quick shower and get your chef uniform. You then quietly head to your car and start it up. You then start driving to work.
Until you had this huge realization. One you never thought of until now. Who's going to take care of Lepus while you are at work?!
>Call Rosa and tell her to take care of Lepus while you're at work.
>Go back inside and tell Lepus where you are going, and that she has to be a good girl while you are gone.
>Just go ahead and leave. This is Fine.
>Take Lepus with you... even though that would be the worst idea ever.
>Stay at home.... even though that is a bad idea and you will get fired.
>Call Rosa and tell her to take care of Lepus while you're at work.
>>Take Lepus with you... even though that would be the worst idea ever.
>Call Rosa and tell her to take care of Lepus while you're at work.
Fuuuuuck. As much as I would like to take her with us, it’s an important day today, and it would be too risky. Maybe some other time.
+1 consider telling Rosa to leave the TV onto the sports channel so Lepus can get some entertainment
You decide to immediately call Rosa. Hopefully her ringtone isn't too loud. You are then answered by your now tired and annoyed sister.
"You better have a good reason for waking me up this fucking early Vlad.", she answered.
"Listen Rosa. I need to go to work now. You don't have any plans right?"
"No... not really."
"Good. I want you to keep a close eye on Lepus. Now just remember that she very strong but she likes watching TV. So put it on like the sports channel. She loves watching sports."
"Alright.... just let me sleep for a few more minutes and try to get back to my dream about hot men."
Rosa then immediately hung up on you. Seems like she heard you. Hopefully Lepus is going to be alright.
You drive off to work after that call. Arriving at 4:30 AM. You put on your chef uniform in the locker room, clock in, and prepare the kitchen for the upcoming breakfast that's about to happen.
As you are about to finish off the prepwork, you soon hear someone arrive. It's Taum, your lazy co-worker. Taum then gives out his shit-eating grin and approaches you.
"So the boss wants you to do all the breakfast for miss Fairchild correct?", he asks you with his heavy accent.
"Yes Taum. He does. I just got done doing all the prep work. Where the hell were you. You were supposed to help."
"Can't help it. Karaoke night. It's one of the best nights of my life. I get to drink a lot on those nights."
You sigh as you wait for the boss to show up along with Miss Fairchild hopefully, so you can show her and your boss your level of professionalism.
"So... how's the Wolf Lady?"
You turn around to Taum, still giving out that shit-eating grin.
"Excuse me?"
"You know the Wolf Lady. The one you brought home and she broke the kiosk at that one shop. She's sexy and all that. How is she in bed?"
>Tell Taum to shut the fuck up.... maybe with your fists.
>Lie to him about Lepus, tell him you two are fucking.
>Be honest with Taum, what's the worst he can do?
>Ignore Taum, he's an annoying fuck already.
Good idea.
>Ignore Taum, he's an annoying fuck already.
Let's not start fights right before the boss and celebrity arrives. Telling him the truth would probably result in some blackmail type shit.
>Wait for him to clock out and beat his ass in the parking lot.
>>Ignore Taum, he's an annoying fuck already.
Bruh no fisting Taum
You decide to ignore Taum. It's best not to make a scene while you are about to open up. Even if he's talking about your personal matters.
The Boss then arrives. Chef Armstrong. Biggest man you have ever seen. Knows how to make a damn good omelet and cook all the meats to perfection.
Chef then walks towards you.
"Thanks again for coming in early Vlad.", Chef says with gratitude. "They should be arriving any moment now. I want you all on your best behavior you can all be. That includes you too Taum! I better not see you try and even make a move on Miss Fairchild's family what-so-ever! You got that?!"
Taum slinks back a bit as his boss warns him.
"Crystal Clear Sir.", Taum responds.
"Good.", Chef says as he then notices some customers already arriving for breakfast. Thankfully none of them are miss Fairchild yet. "Time to get to work boys."
You both then begin to cook the breakfast meals coming from your menu onto the calling card. You got orders of Cinnamon French Toast, Fluffy Eggs, Crispy Bacon, Large Buttermilk Biscuit Sausage Patties sandwhiches, Pancakes, and the occasional grilled cheese.
Make a Survival Check using your Wisdom Modifier and Proficiency Bonus. 1d20+6. I'll take the highest Roll.
Rolled 11 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

>roll a 1
>kitchen explodes, killing all inside
Rolled 8 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Look at this 20
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Rolled 3 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

ignore this one i fucked up the dice thingo
Rolled 1 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Are you doing the best of 3 system mate?
Sorry was busy with something.

You then start cooking hard. Making sweet and buttery pancakes, fluffy eggs with crispy bacon, sausage biscuit sandwhiches (now with hashbrown) left and right, nice gooey grilled cheese, and of course the ever so popular cinnamon French toast. Making sure everything was cooked perfectly. Taum helped a bit.
You do a few more tickets before finally recieving the VIP ticket. It was from Miss Fairchild's table. It apparently had four people on it. Mostly asking for four plates of pancakes with a side of fluffy eggs and bacon. Seems normal. Along with some five orders of French Toast, three sausage biscuit sandwiches, and of course your gooey grilled cheese sandwhich. Damn do they plan on throwing that shit up later? OK that was rude of you to say but still.
You then see something on the special request. Apparently the Fairchilds would like for the chef himself to deliver all the food. An odd request but you assume you are allowed to do it.
You then start cooking the Fairchilds meal. Though you do question how to approach them.
>Start off by walking towards them with a cool demeanor then end with a cool line.
>Be a gentleman through and through, give the meal to them and thank them for choosing Kingsly's to eat their breakfast.
>No need to be flashy just give them the meal and leave quietly.
>Maybe try to be flirty a bit, you do have a high amount of charisma to do it.
>>Be a gentleman through and through, give the meal to them and thank them for choosing Kingsly's to eat their breakfast.
We are proffesionals dammit.
Give them the meal and don't speak unless spoken to.
>Be a gentleman through and through, give the meal to them and thank them for choosing Kingsly's to eat their breakfast.
Good first impressions are always important.
You finish plating everything after checking the quality of the food and taste testing it. You place them onto the cart and bring all the food to the Fairchild family. You decide to be a gentleman when doing this. You exit the kitchen and arrive over at the VIP Table.

>Miss Hilda Fairchild
>Occupation: Stage Play Actor
>Class: None
>EXP: 1200
>Race: Human
>Strength: 11 + 1 = 12
>Dexterity: 15 + 1 = 16
>Constitution: 13 + 1 = 14
>Intelligence: 14 + 1 = 15
>Wisdom: 16 + 1 = 17
>Charisma: 18 + 1 = 19
>Famous for her breakout performance on a play of "My Fair Lady" at age 16.
>Had been offered many roles since then.
>Currently at te age of 24 and still single.

You didn't ask for any of that information but Thanks UI... I guess?
You soon serve the Fairchild Family their breakfast. Of course being the gentleman you are you do good job at telling everyone how great they look and that you do hope that they have a blessed day. Thanking them for choosing Kingsly's to start off their day. Of course they would say nothing back to you but rather wait for you to leave.
You finally get to that giant order. You know the one that basically had the rest of the menu on it. You serve it to the fourth person on the table. A massive man built to the brim with muscles. Towering over you.

>Willard Von Braum
>Occupation: Bodyguard of the Fairchild Family
>Class: Barbarian
>EXP: 4000
>Race: Half-Orc
>Strength: 17 + 2 = 19
>Dexterity: 14
>Constitution: 17 + 1 = 18
>Intelligence: 14
>Wisdom: 16
>Charisma: 13
>Employed by the Fairchild family 14 years ago after saving the life of Hilda from a housefire, still has a scar from that incident.
>Has learned basic firearms training and has a license to carry a gun with him.
>Knows Karate.

The Half-Orc stares at you for a bit as he notices your gaze on him. He looks at you as if you are annoying him.
"What are you looking at boy?", the Half-Orc asks you.
Oh God, how do you explain yourself?
>"Sorry I'm uncomfortable around guns."
>"I was caught off guard by how big you were, sorry about that."
>"So sorry, the scar caught me off guard. Was that from a war?"
>"I just wasn't expecting the bodyguard to sit here... nor was I expecting said Bodyguard to look as tough as you."
>"I was caught off guard by how big you were, sorry about that."
>"I was caught off guard by how big you were, sorry about that."
You apologize to Willard.
"Sorry. You're just so big. I didn't expect someone as large as you to appear in our restaurant.", you tell the Half-Orc.
Willard stares at you. He scoffs as he starts sharpening his eating utensils.
"You better not be sizing me up for a fight boy. I can break you in half very easily with just my pinky alone. You and that little elf girl."
Before you could say anything you then hear the comforting voice of the actress.
"Now Willard.", Hilda says to her bodyguard. "This young man is obviously just doing his job and serving us food. No need to bring up wild assumptions about certain matters we don't need to discuss. Just enjoy your meal and we can talk to him once he goes into break. Are we clear."
Willard looks over to his mistress before back to you.
"Transparent Miss Fairchild.", Willard grumbles.
Miss Fairchild then turns to you.
"It's best you go back to work now.", she tells you as she cleans her lips. She then whispers to you. "We'll talk about that tournament later."
You then apologize to the Fairchild Family for taking your time and staying there longer than you need to be. You then immediately return back to the kitchen. You see Taum preparing Lunch in the kitchen.
"You know I thought you were a cool dude.", Taum tells you. "But seeing you freak out like that deducted a few points. But to be fair if I saw a black guy like him arrive at our shop with a gun, I'd freak out about him robbing the place as well."
You then sigh. "Taum.... shut the fuck up."

Lepus sleeps soundly on your bed for a bit longer than usual. She then finally wakes up. Stretching her body for a bit before trying to hold onto you. Only to find out you're not there.
Wait! You're gone?! Lepus then bolts up from your bed and begins to look for you. Flipping beds and desks trying to find you. Where could you be?!
Lepus thinks for a minute about what to do.
>Ask the Dwarf, she must know!
>Try sniffing for him, he must be around here somewhere!
>Flip the couches in the living room, you haven't checked there yet!
>Try sniffing for him, he must be around here somewhere!
>Flip the couches in the living room, you haven't checked there yet!
Ask the dwarf. He'd probably be mad if we made a mess.
It's a more fun option than just asking the dwarf.
Lepus immediately looks for your sister (AKA the Dwarf). Trying to find out where you are. Hoping you were OK.
Rosa was making fine coffee for herself. Enjoying her one day off for this week before going back to teach on Monday. She always hated Mondays. She now understood why that comic strip made so much sense now.
As she is about to enjoy her coffee, a certain Wolf Lady then charges at her. Rosa spits out her coffee and begins to run away a bit only to be caught by Lepus.
"WHERE PAY DROW?!", Lepus asks your sister.
Rosa held her chest a bit as she was panting. She felt like she was getting a fucking heart attack. She then finally gained her composure back.
"Well Lepus... Vlad is over at work.", Rosa responds to the Half-Elf.
"At work?"
"Yes. Something adults need to do if they want to make money."
"Stuff you need in order to have food, a home, and TV."
"Because Lepus, we are not hunting and gathering cavemen anymore. We live in a society where you have to work hard for your daily bread."
The Wolf Lady was still confused about this money thing.
Rosa then sighs. "Look Vlad will come home. He just has to be there til 4:00 PM. Look at the analog clock." Rosa then shows off the clock. "Once that little hand lands on the four, Vlad will come back. Until then want to watch some TV? Vlad said you loved watching sports. Want to see a couple of men cripple each other for a bit?"
What would Lepus do?
>Insists Pay Drow is here, she will tear the place down if she have to.
>Watch the clock go to 4, it won't take that long... right?
>Go outside and find this "work" place, maybe you'll find him eventually.
>Go ahead and watch TV, Pay Drow will return.... right?
>Go ahead and watch TV, Pay Drow will return.... right?
>Take clock with you!
>This is taking ages! Go outside and find this "work" place, maybe you'll find him eventually.
The question is asking what *would* Lepus do, not what *should* Lepus do. And the shenanigans will be fun.
Supporting this, though it's pretty clear the other anons will still go for the safe but boring option. Should have just let Lepus act on her own without player input desu.
>Go outside and find this "work" place, maybe you'll find him eventually.
I’m up for annoying Rosa.
Also Pedro should really teach Lepus more about money and why he needs to go to work when he has free time. Just so she wouldn’t worry everyday.

Also I’m loving this Lepus point of view, QM
Rosa puts it on the sports channel. Lepus can see two sweaty looking me just grabbing each other seeing who can throw who the farthest. An odd sport to say the least.
Lepus watches the TV for a bit. She is mostly disinterested with what's on the TV and mostly looking at the analog clock. She stares at it. Hoping the little hand goes over to the 4 on it. She thinks she sees the big hand moving occasionally but she's wanting the little hand to move. Fuck! Why isn't it moving!?
Lepus continues to stare at the slow moving clock. Sweating nervously as she looks at the door. Thinking you will enter the apartment soon. She does hope you will enter soon.
How long has it been a minutes. She can't take it anymore. She needs to be with you. Lepus then leaps off the couch and takes the clock with her as she rushes outside.
Rosa immediately gets out of her chair.
"Shit! I picked a bad day to wear only my silk robe.", Rosa says as she immediately goes to get dressed.
Lepus then leaves the parking lot and heads out onto the road. Dodging cars as she tries to find this "work" Rosa mentioned. She can't really get a scent on you at the moment so she has to try her best to find you.
She eventually reaches town square. It was now less brighter than it was last time. Seems like the lights come on at night.
Now Lepus begins her search. She clearly has no idea where you are or where "work" is. Maybe she should start off by...
>Asking the locals, they are bound to know where you are.
>Frantically searching every building, seems like the most logical thing to do.
>Call out for Pay Drow, you will come if she screams loud enough.
>Frantically searching every building, seems like the most logical thing to do.
Imagine Lepus bursting into a kids school or a hospital, lel
>Call out for Pay Drow, you will come if she screams loud enough.
>Frantically searching every building, seems like the most logical thing to do.
File: Spot-Series.jpg (42 KB, 500x491)
42 KB
Lepus then notices there are multiple buildings in this town. One of them has to be this "work" Rosa mentioned. Lepus then starts entering the buildings to find you.
Lepus enters a small green building. She looks around calling out for you in her own unique way. Mostly by shouting "Pay Drow!" Only to get shushed by a bunch of random people.
What a strange group of people. They all seem to be mostly quiet and have their face in some sort of book. Most of them carrying more than three books. She only saw you with one book. How can someone read three at the same time?
Though she is not going to listen to some cultish group who only stare at books. She once again tries calling for you. Hoping you would come to her.
Soon an old lady then goes up to the half-elf. She seems annoyed. She then hands her a small book and tells her to sit down.
"We'll find your handler soon.", the old lady said. "Just sit down and stop causing a scene. This is a library, not a freaking circus."
Lepus looks at the book. Seems interesting. Looks like a yellow pup. An odd color to say the least. Maybe it's suppose to be one of those weird wolves that the humans tamed. The Wolf Lady then opens the book.
Roll Intelligence. 1d20 - 1. I'll take the first post.
Rolled 11 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Smart wolf girl
Rolled 1 - 1 (1d20 - 1)

Got the negative modifier wrong so here's another one in case the first roll doesn't count
Well you are right but you are also wrong. It's -1 so that's a 10 not 12.

Lepus then opens the book. She begins to read it a bit. At least to the best of her abilities. She looks at the pictures and words trying her best to sound it out.
"W-.... whe.... Where's.... sp-.. spa-... Spot.", she reads loudly. "Where's Spot?"
She skims around it a bit. Trying her best to read and sound out the words as she plays with the book. It was one of those interactive books.
As she continues to read the book, she could hear the old woman that gave her the book talking on a strange device.
"Hello. Police. Yes, I have a clearly handicapped woman who just bursted in here and caused a scene. Her handler doesn't seem to be here, so I assume the next best thing to do was call you. How is she handicapped. I don't know maybe she's retarded or something. Look all I know is she just barged in here with a huge clock calling for someone named Pedro. Can you just get her out of my library and escort her home?"
What would Lepus do?
>Run away with the clock and book, you must be in a different building if your not here.
>Might as well stay, see what happens, besides she need to know where Spot is.
>Might as well stay, see what happens, besides she need to know where Spot is.
I am unironically curious where Spot is.
Lepus continues trying to read the book. Trying her best to help find this mother tamed wolf find her pup. As she continues to read and play with the pages, she sees a strange assortment of creatures. Ranging from bears, to big giant cats, to snakes all hanging around this dog's house.
Until she reached the penultimate page. Seeing the straw woven basket Lepus can tell that it has some importance towards it. Mostly because the mother is running towards it. Lifting the basket's lid, Lepus could see the small pup inside it.
The titular Spot looked so adorable to the half-elf. Kind of reminded her of the pups from her pack. She used to take care of them a lot. Usually helping them learn where the best place to bite their and how to pin them down. She was really good at pinning down prey. Just not at killing.
Lepus then put the book down for a bit to think about her wolf pack. Did they miss her? Did they even notice she was gone? She knew she wasn't the best wolf but she still cared about her pack. Then again with her gone, they can get a lot more food now. She won't hinder them anymore. Lepus begins to miss the woods for a bit.
Suddenly the old woman returns with a few in strange blue and black uniforms.
"That's her officer! She's the one who is disturbing the peace in my library.", she explains to the uniformed people.
"Madame, she looks like she is not doing anything problematic.", the officer says.
"She was yelling for a Pedro, she is clearly autistic, she has no handler, and she clearly looks like a delinquent. She could cause trouble in any second."
"Again madame she looks she is causing no harm. But if you really think she is lost we can take her over at the station and ask her if she remembers where she lives."
"Anything to get her out of here."
The police officer then goes over to Lepus.
"Hey there lady.", the officer calmly asks. "Do you know where you are? Do you know where you live?"
Lepus clearly looks at these people not understanding what they are doing here or why they are approaching her.
>Ask about Pay Drow, maybe they know where he is.
>Go with the officers, they look kind.
>Realize that Lepus still need to look for you and run to the next area in town.
>>Realize that Lepus still need to look for you and run to the next area in town.
I am satisfied, on to Peedro.
>Ask about Pay Drow, maybe they know where he is.
Lepus looks at the officer. She tilts her head a bit, curious on what they are doing. She leans over to them.
"Where Pay Dro?", she asks them.
The officers look over at each other. Not know who this "Pay Drow" was.
"We'll help you look for him if you just come with us." They calmly say to her.
Seeing as they don't know either, it's probably best for Lepus to search for you alone. She doesn't want to bother these people with her problem. So she ends up returning the book to the old lady by gently handing it back to her and begins running off to the next area.
Everyone looks at the situation. Confused at the situation. The old woman then falls on the ground and begins wailing in pain.
"Officers she hurt me!", she yelled at them.
The officers look at the pathetic lady as she feigns injury. As they "help" her out they begin to make a missing persons report on Lepus. Trying to see if anyone could help what they believed to be an autistic woman with no shoes that had a speech impediment carrying a clock.
Lepus soon found herself back in the town square looking for you. Calling out once again for your name. She looked at the clock she was carrying again. The little hand was now on the nine. She assumed the next building would lead her to you.
She soon went on a few feet away from the library to find herself in a large loud place. Very loud. With tons of beeping noises everywhere mixed in the with the screaming children, occassional banging, and someone clearly screaming "YOU WIN!!"
Lepus tried her best covering her ears to block the noise but it was all too loud. Lepus then immediately tried leaving the place only to accidentally bump into something. She moves back to see what she ran into. Only to find out it wasn't a weird object, it was... A RATFOLK!
The Ratfolk seems to lure in children. No doubt to either poison them or even worse eat them. Lepus thinks about how she must save those kids, but how?
>Punch him in the face!
>Kick him in the crotch!
>Bite him on the neck!
>Run away, these kids are worshipping him, they are already doomed!
>>Run away, these kids are worshipping him, they are already doomed!
He obviously poisoned their minds, RUN BEFORE HE GETS YOU
This all the way, kek.
>Punch him in the face!
I don't see Lepus as the type who'd run away cowardly desu
Run away, we've got to make sure Pedro is safe.
Lepus looks at the scene with disgust. It's too late. These children are coming up to him and asking for hugs. They are already poisoned by his plague.
The only course of action left to do is destroy this place. Preferably with that red hot thing you can make. What was it? Fire? Yeah fire will destroy this place with ease.
Lepus then leaves the brainwashed children. It's a shame they have to burn too when she arrives with Pay Drow. Hopefully their death will bring them peace.
Lepus then leaves through the Employee's Exit, since it was a quieter route to go. She goes another few feet away from the place. Hoping she didn't catch any disease.
Lepus then comes across a fence made of iron. Seems very strong but she could break it. Seeing as there is nothing but grass on the other side though, Lepus decides to just climb it and enter.
Lepus looks around her environment. Lots of trees, fresh water everywhere, what she could assume to be bowls of food on the floor. The half-elf questions where she is at the moment.
A small yellow ball runs to the Wolf Lady. She picks it up and examines it. Are those teeth marks?
Suddenly she sees a pack of small tame wolves stampeding towards her. All of them shouting it their strange but familiar language.
>"Ball there!"
>"Human got ball!"
>"I'll get ball!"
>"I'M A DOG!"
>"Human have ball but they throw!"
The dogs then surround Lepus waiting for her to throw the ball. Doing anything they could to reach it.
Lepus having enough of these tame wolves decides to give them a few words of her own.
As soon the dogs heard her they soon stopped. Surprised by what she said. Well in their language, not in plain old English. If it was English they wouldn't care.
>"Lady speak in Canine Tongue?"
>"How she know our language?"
>"Lucky guess?"
>"I'M A DOG!"
>"That was wolf right?"
Now that she has their attention what is it she could talk to them about?
>"Where's this "work" place? I'm trying to find my friend."
>"Why chase the ball? Is this hunting practice?"
>"Where am I right now?"
>"Are there any humans I can talk to?"
>"Why chase the ball? Is this hunting practice?"
Sorry something came up but I will write a lot tomorrow.
It's fine, QM, take your time if you need to.
Lepus looks at the pack of dogs. Curious about their fascination with the ball.
>"Why chase ball tamed wolves?"
Lepus asks using her wolf tongue.
>"Is this some sort of hunting practice."
The pack of dogs look at each other for a bit before answering.
>"Ball is fun."
>"Human throw ball, we catch, they throw again."
>"We grew out of hunting long ago. We are given food for being good and doing tricks."
Lepus now looks at these tamed wolves with a bit of pity. A life where they just chased a ball and were only given food if they did an easy trick and acted like their masters wanted. Pathetic. She would never stoop so low.
Until she realized something. That is exactly what she doing for the past few days. Only she's been fed by you and Rosa. No tricks required. Unless you count all the walking training.
If that kept up, she would end up as lazy as these tame wolves. Fat, short, and stuck with stubby legs. She needed to do something quick.
>"Tame wolves! How do one provide for themselves?!"
The dogs look over to her. Confused by her sudden mood shift.
>"Master say to young people to get job."
>"Everywhere hiring, owner said."
Lepus looks around her environment. It does look like they all have a similar sign to them all. Mostly saying "Now hiring". Whatever that means, but according to the dogs that meant she could get a job.
Lepus then thanks the dogs and then goes off to find a job. Running out of the park carrying her clock.
>"Strange wolf she was."
>"Very strange human as well."
>"I'm a dog!"
Lepus was looking for this "job" for a while. Entering every building with the "we're hiring" sign. When she asked for a job, all she got was a piece of paper. Not exactly sure what to do with it, she kept it in her pocket. This happened with every building she entered. Lepus then goes on to the next building. A nice little restaurant named Kingsly's. Hopefully they will give her a job so she won't have to have you feed her all the time.

It's now 10:00 AM. You were busy cooking some lunch menu foods for the customers waiting for your professionally made food. Suddenly you were interrupted by the UI.

>Lepus has socialized with many people today.
>Gained 10 EXP for "Social Level 1"
>Lepus has finished reading a children's level book.
>Gained 5 EXP for "Reading Level 1"
>Lepus has seen a total of seven locations.
>Lepus gained 20 EXP for Explorer Level 1.

Of course all of this information was useful and occasionally blocked your sight, it didn't stop you from making a damn good burger with fries. Suddenly your boss comes in. He seems like he's busy with a phone call.
"Hey some strange woman want to get a job here.", Chef Armstrong says as he covers the phone, "We could use a dishwasher and garbage boy. Could one of you two hand her an application? I'm busy talking to someone at the moment."
>Might as well do it, Taum can cook for a while, besides it's near your breaktime.
>Let Taum do it, you're busy cooking at the moment.
>Might as well do it, Taum can cook for a while, besides it's near your breaktime.
Lepus wandering around and doing stuff, and then a weird woman comes in looking for a job? I sense trouble.
>Might as well do it, Taum can cook for a while, besides it's near your breaktime.
Not wanting Taum to give out a bad impression of the restaurant, you decide to help this young lady out and give her an application. You tell Taum to take over the kitchen and cook for a bit while you go get the papers. You then start heading out towards the lobby to meet this Strange Lady Chef Armstrong mentioned.
You do find it weird that Armstrong called somebody strange. It's not really a word you would want to use on someone who wants to work here. Maybe it's because she has like a very weird accent, barely knows English, or has a weird look to them. Whatever the reason you should probably look past it.
When you arrive to the lobby you see someone very familiar. Showing off their long black hair, wearing regular clothes but no shoes, and now staring at you with a glee only a child could have while meeting Santa Clause. Carrying a clock instead of a tomato. It's Lepus Wolff.
Lepus then charges at you and hugs you immediately.
"Pay Drow!", she shouts as she glomps you and nuzzles you immediately. "Missed you."
The whole group of customers stare at you. One, or should we say two of the most obvious set of eyes keeping their eyes on you being Miss Fairchild.
The question is what to do in this situation.
>Feign ignorance, pretend you don't know who Lepus is as you take her to the back to "interview her for a job".
>Scold Lepus, she should have stayed with Rosa and continue taking care of the tomato... THAT TOMATO METHOD DAMMIT!
>Call Rosa immediately, or check if she called you and you missed it.
I hate when I accidentally skip a word.
>Feign ignorance, pretend you don't know who Lepus is as you take her to the back to "interview her for a job".
Hey, she managed to make it all the way here on her own, while keeping the clock intact. That's praiseworthy.
>Act familiar and lead her off to the side out of view
Pretty obvious that she's not an interviewee and the sooner she's no longer in view, the better. We can pretend she's our sister or something.
Oh damn, this is good, switching my vote to this.
Good Call

You stare at Lepus for a bit. Dumbfounded how she even got here to hug you and why she holding a clock. You would of feigned ignorance but that would have drawn out some suspicion and even more eyes onto you. So you come up with another lie.
"H-hey Lepus.", you greet the Wolf Lady. "It's so nice to see my little sister visit here. How about I lead you to the back and I can cook up a small meal for you?"
Lepus gleams. Excited to get a meal from you after finding you. She follows you into the employee lounge waiting to eat something.
As you and Lepus left, Hilda gets up with her bodyguard.
"Sorry some business I must attend to.", Hilda tell her parents. "I'll be right back."
Miss Fairchild and Willard then start heading off to do some business.
Soon you find yourself alone with Lepus in the lounge room. You immediately start asking questions.
"Lepus what are you doing here?, you ask her quietly trying to make a loud scene. "You're supposed to be at home either taking care of that tomato or watching TV."
Lepus looks at you with innocent eyes before finally answering.
"Pay Drow gone. Go looking for. Found book place. Found rat folk. Found Tame Wolf. Then found Pay Drow and work.", she said to you.
"I mean it is good that you found me. I'm glad you safe and I am glad to know you care about me enough to go look for me. But you were supposed to stay home Lepus. I would have been at home by 4:30 PM."
"Too long!", Lepus said as she showed you the clock now at 10:23 AM.
"Yeah! It is a long wait but...", you were too frustrated to say a response. You then sigh. What to do.
>Have Lepus stay at the lounge.
>Call Rosa to pick her up.
>>Have Lepus stay at the lounge.
>Have Lepus watch us cook
Could be fun, may even increase her cooking level.
>Have Lepus stay at the lounge.
for the love of god (not that one, the other one) keep her out of the kitchen
You sigh and decide to let Lepus stay here. It's probably for the best at this point. She's just going to cause trouble if you send her home.
"OK Lepus. You can stay here. But ONLY here!", you instruct her. "You can't go into the kitchen at all. It's too dangerous and you could get hurt."
Lepus looks at you concerned about something.
"Need job!", she protested.
"Lepus why do you need a job?"
"Get small, fat, and stubby legged with no job."
You stare at her for a good minute. Trying to process what the fuck she is talking about. But she does look determined to get a job.
"Listen Lepus," you say trying to keep a straight face, "if you want a job that badly how about you try cleaning up the employee longue. If you can do that, I'll see if Chef Armstrong can get you a job."
Lepus smiles then hugs you.
"So that's what you want your champion to do for a living? Cleaning up messes? Sounds like a waste of her talent if you ask me.", you hear a feminine voice say.
You look over and see Miss Fairchild and her Half-Orc bodyguard. Now in the lounge with you and Lepus. Looking at the two of you unimpressed.
The Half-Orc stares at the Half-Elf. Still unimpressed by her. Willard chuckles.
"What good is all that Strength if you have such small Intelligence. Honestly. If you wish to stand a chance against your opponent you better get smart.", Willard comments.
This causes Lepus to growl at the Half-Orc as she gets on all fours preparing to lunge at him. Of course you stop her by getting in between them.
"What do you two want?", you begin to ask. "Doesn't this tournament start next year?"
"It does indeed.", Miss Fairchild tells you. "But I am here for two reasons. First off I want to make a deal with you."
"Wait? A deal?"
"Exactly Mister Pedro. I want to make a deal. You see, Willard and I have actually been training much longer than the both of you combined. So it is garunteed that the both of us will reach towards the final eight. But I can't help but notice your Half-Elf's Strength and Dexterity. It's actually extraordinary. With some good training for her you can actually make her a threat. A wild card if you will.
"Where are you going with this?"
"I want you and your wild Half-Elf to stay out of this tournament. In exchange I will garuntee you two a place in the world I will create when I become a goddess."
You stare at Miss Fairchild for a bit.
"Can you really do that?", you ask her.
"I'm pretty sure I can. After all I will be a goddess once I win. I would be able to do whatever I want. So what do you say Mister Pedro? Do you wish to partake in this deal?"
>Say no.
>>Say it calmly with the intent you wish to stay in the tournament no matter what.
>>Be Rude and add a middle finger saying "Up Yours".
>>Ask if she really thinks Willard is not strong enough and afraid he will lose to a "Wild Half-Elf".
>Say you will think about it, there's no way you will say yes but still you can ask the park ranger if you are allowed to do that tonight.
"It was nice meeting you and I wish you the best of luck next year, but it just doesn't feel right to quit before the tournament even starts."
First priority is teaching Lepus to act normal, but once that's under control and people don't think that she's developmentally delayed, we'll have to get her on some sort of sports team. Full contact might be a bad idea even if she gets more control over her strength, but something like soccer were you don't have to tackle the other players could be a good idea.
You then decide to answer.
"As good as your offer sounds, I have to decline. I want to help Lepus win this tournament. So instead I am just going to wish you luck. I expect you to do the same thing right?"
Hilda stares at you for a while before sighing.
"Very well.", she says in an annoyed tone. "But be warned that we will not go easy on you during the free for all portion of the tournament."
Hilda then hands you a piece of paper.
"What's this?", you ask the actress.
"A completed application and resume.", Hilda answers. "I did say I was here for two reasons."
"Wait! Why are you applying to work here of all places? You're an actor!"
"An easy question to answer. I was given role of a waitress in an upcoming film. So it's best for me to become one in order to perfect the role."
Oh dear god she's a method actor.
"Well word of advice, stay the fuck away from Taum.", you tell the up and coming actress.
"Will do. I shall see you tomorrow. Come Willard. We must take our leave.", she says to her Half-Orc bodyguard.
The two of them leave. Leaving only you and Lepus alone in the lounge. You sigh. Hoping this day couldn't get any worse.
You look over to Lepus.
"Alright Lepus. We need you to start training you a bit better.", you tell her. "Which means I have to find better methods of teaching you things people your age should already know. My question is how can I teach you?"
>Maybe through videos on vhs/dvd/bluray/youtube, that could work right.
>Maybe taking her to the school Rosa works at on your next day off, which is Tuesday.
>You have to be the one to do it, so maybe start teaching her how to be a waiter, that way she can learn both etiquette, balance, and maybe self-control.
>You have to be the one to do it, so maybe start teaching her how to be a waiter, that way she can learn both etiquette, balance, and maybe self-control.
Sounds fun
>You have to be the one to do it, so maybe start teaching her how to be a waiter, that way she can learn both etiquette, balance, and maybe self-control.
Just because we're her main trainer doesn't mean we can't outsource certain things to other people, right? Rosa can be trusted, so we can leave the reading, writing, and arithmetic to her. We'll have to teach her etiquette, balance, and the like, but it's counterproductive to try and do everything on our own.
Rolled 6 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

You figure maybe giving her a job isn't a bad way to start her off. Maybe with that she could learn to better herself a bit. But if she is going to work here as a server, you better lay down some ground rules.
First off, she can not eat the food given to her by him or the chefs. That food is for the people at the tables, not for you. They worked hard to get it.
Secondly, don't drop the food. This is the most important package she can carry. She needs to make sure it goes to the people on the table without it getting dirty.
Thirdly, she can't be rude to the customers. So no growling, don't show your teeth/fangs, no yelling, and no howling. You need to act calm and polite.
Fourth and most important of all. Don't interact with Taum at all. Under any circumstance.
Lepus seems to understand you. At least you hope she did. Your break is almost up. You didn't even get to eat your lunch. You sigh a bit.
"I'll show you around the kitchen later.", you tell her. "Right now, I got to go back to work. We'll try working on that application later."
You then leave to the kitchen. As you enter the kitchen a sudden smell of several things start invading the lounge. The scent of food being cooked to perfection starts surrounding and entering the the poor Wolf Lady's nose.
She begins drooling a bit.
Rolling a Wisdom/Will saving throw. Hopefully she can resist the temptations of the kitchen.
Well Rest In Piece Dream Job
Lepus tries her best to remove the urge to eat whatever you are cooking. Keeping her hands to her knees. Even grabbing on to her own legs.
Suddenly she gets a smell she instantly recognizes. Raw Venison. Oh it's been so long since she ate a raw deer with her wolf family. Smelling it so close by really made her want to eat it.
But then the half-elf remembered she had to have it cook it first. You did say that eating cooked was better than eating it raw. If she ate it she you could get sick. She doesn't want to get sick while you are doing your job.
But that venison is so tempting. She then exits the lounge and enters the kitchen. Trying her best to sneak in and maybe get a bite.
When she enters the kitchen she could see that everywhere was filled with nothing but black and white tiles with steel grey objects all around what felt like a big empty space. No sense of color at all aside from the people wearing their uniforms. Lepus felt she could get lost if she did not know what she was doing. Which she did not, she really only wanted some venison.
Suddenly she spots you. She tries her best to hide from your sights. But she does notice you carrying some meat along with some onions and mushrooms.
She sniffs the air as you start searing the meat. She can tell you have some sort of pork. Doesn't smell like boar but it does at the same time.
She then sees you starting to dice up some onions. Expertly dicing them into tiny squares. She notices you cutting up the mushrooms into little slices. Though it's not a mushroom she is familiar with. Most of the mushrooms she knew were not edible.
After the meat was seared you put in another pan that looked more like a tray and put it into one of those steel machines. You then begin to place those diced and sliced onions and mushrooms in a new pan with a bit of oil in it. You begin cooking the two and searing them with, some minced garlic.
Soon after they are cooked a bit you add some butter, flour (cooking it until the white was gone), and some chicken broth. Making a nice gravy to go with the now fully cooked shoulder cuts of pork. After getting them out of the oven you place them into the skillet with gravy, onions, and mushrooms. Letting it soak and absorb the flavors.
Lepus continues to drool more. Seeing you make such a fantastic and delicious meal was making her mouth water. She wanted a taste of that.
>Go up to Pay Drow and ask for some of that meal.
>Keep looking for the venison, it has to be around here somewhere.
>Continue studying this kitchen, she snuck out this far without being noticed maybe she could continue observing you make more meals.

>Keep looking for the venison, it has to be around here somewhere.

Do not what Lepus should do , but what she would do.
Had to do some heavy lifting. Knees hurt like hell. Will try to write tomorrow.
All good man, take your time.
File: sausage-links.jpg (189 KB, 500x444)
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Lepus decides to stop staring at you and continue to look for that venison. The deer meat had to be around here somewhere. She just had to find it somewhere in the kitchen.
After much focusing, Lepus uses her sense of smell to locate the meat. She seems to get a good whiff of it after a few sniffs. She soon sneaks past you and a few other chefs to finally find what she is looking for.
She then goes inside this strange closet. It's cold. Really cold. It was a bad time to not be wearing shoes.
Still there were a ton of meats within this strange closet. Ranging from boar, to turkey, even some bison. But those weren't important to her she wanted to eat some venison. She sniffs around a bit more inside the freezer until she finally finds the fresh venison.
Strange though. They seem to be organs to it. Weird looking organs. Maybe it's the large intestine or something like that. Either way they smell delicious.
But you can't eat them like this. Pay Drow says they need to be cooked. She then remembers how Paydrow cooked that pork earlier. Maybe she can do that with these organs. All she needs to do is just put it on one of those strange machines and let it change color a bit. Sounds easy.
She then tries getting out of the freezer. Until she notices something. The door won't open.

You notice the other chefs and employees now taking a break from delivery day. Can't blame them. Unloading a huge truck takes a lot of time and energy. Which is why it's better for them to come at the morning instead of busy hours.
You do notice some of the meats being out of the freezer. Better put them up. Business seems to be dying down a bit. It will probably come back up around dinner time. You then take the boxes of meat.
From the labels you can tell it's beef. Probably the ground beef your boss ordered for the burgers. Better pit them up before they ruin.
As you get near the freezer you notice several fruit crates in front of the freezer door. Dammit. Now you have to move all this shit to make sure the meat doesn't spoil.
As you begin to put the box of meat down you notice a loud banging noise. It's close. You look at the freezer door. After a few seconds you then notice there's someone ramming into the door trying to get out.
"Oh shit!", you exclaim as you try to move the fruits. Trying your best to unblock the door. When you finally get the door free you open it immediately.
You expected it to be another employee. Maybe Taum. But no. Instead it's Lepus now shivering a bit as she is curled up on the floor. Holding onto a set of venison sausages planned for the spaghetti tonight.
>Take her back to the lounge and warm her up.
>Ask if you can take off and bring Lepus back home.
>Call Rosa and tell her to bring her back home.
>Ask if you can take off and bring Lepus back home.
You immediately pick up Lepus. She feels like she is freezing. But she looks like she is OK though by how tight she is holding onto that venison. How long has she been in there?
Lepus then looks up to you with a small smile on her face. She then starts handing you the sausages.
"C-cook?", she asks you still shivering a bit.
You take the sausages only to put them back on the shelves. You would scold her but you don't want to make a scene. Bad enough she's wandering around in the kitchen with hair that long, Chef Armstrong would have a field day about that, but causing a scene would make you really unprofessional.
You immediately pick her up and take her out of the freezer and hurry back into the lounge. You turn on the heater immediately. Luckily it was one of those days where it's not too hot or too cold. Trying to make sure Lepus doesn't get too cold.

>Lepus Cold Resistance went up to Level 3.

"I don't need you to tell m-", you tried to tell the UI until you noticed what it just said. "Wait level three? Shouldn't it be level one?"

>This is literally a Half-Elf raised in the wild half naked by wolves for years now.
>Do you expect her and the wolves to have the pleasures of heaters in their caves during the winter?
>Let alone electricity?

The UI does mark a point. Still you wished it wasn't that much of a smart ass towards you.
You then hear the lounge door open. It's Chef Armstrong. He notices you there with Lepus.
"Pedro, my boy what exactly are you doing?", he asks you. "Why is that strange woman shivering?"
"Chef Armstrong, thank goodness you are here.", you began. "You see my sister, Lepus, was wondering around the kitchen after she was interviewed. I told to stay here since she needed supervision to do so, but she went anyways. I found her locked in the freezer. So I brought her back here to try and warm her up."
Chef Armstrong raises an eyebrow at you.
"If it's not too much trouble sir, I would like to take some time off and bring her back home. You won't mind right?", you ask him.
Roll for Persuasion (1d20+4) I'll take the first response.
Rolled 14 + 4 (1d20 + 4)

better late than never
Sorry guys Easter has been rough on me. I'm going to finish this post then wait for the thread to die. Might take a hiatus afterwards while archiving everything.

Chef Armstrong understands your plea. Seeing your "sister" shivering also convinces him that she should probably go home. He gives you a stern look.
"Listen Vladimir," Chef tells you, "I don't usually do this, but given the situation you do need to take care of her. I'll allow you to call out for the rest of the day. Besides you did do an excellent job with cooking breakfast and helping Miss Fairchild with the application process, I think you earned it. But I will have to give you your check later. Now go on and help your sister. Make sure you give her something warm as well."
You of course thank Chef Armstrong and then head out for home. You then carry Lepus out restaurant and then bring her to the car. Turning it on you then start driving home with the heat on. Making sure the Half-Elf warms up.
Lepus continues to look on outside. She notices some of the lights in the town starting to turn on. It's now starting to look like the first time she traveled to the city. All bright and colorful. Looks really pretty. Too bad she wouldn't be able to look at it for long.
After about thirty minutes of driving you arrive home. You look over to Lepus. You're not mad at her. You have more of that like a parent has when a kid does something bad.
"Lepus," you begin your scolding session, "I told you not to leave the lounge. It was a simple order. A really simple order. Yet you broke it. How can you expect to get a job like you want if you can't follow a simple rule?"
Lepus seems to be listening to you. Actually feeling a bit bad about what she did.
"What's worse is that you got yourself hurt.", you continued on. "You got yourself locked in a freezer. If no one was there to help you, you could have froze yourself to death."
It was then you just noticed something. She could have easily pushed the door easily. Her massive strength would have allowed to destroy that door with ease.
"Why didn't you just destroy the door?", you asked her.
"You lose job.", she explains. "You lose job if I break door. Then you get fat, short, and stubby arms legs."
Stubby arms and legs? What? You have no idea what she is talking about.
But it was nice she was considerate enough to not do anything that would make you lose your job.
"Going into the freezer like you did could have made me lose my job.", you explain to the Wolf Lady. "Not mention trying to eat those sausages. Those were important to the restaurant. If had eaten those, we wouldn't have been able to feed all those people. It's my job to feed them."
Lepus eyes then widen.
"Like Mama.", Lepus states.
"Mama?", you ask.
"Mama got me lots of food before I hunt.", Lepus explains. "Mama hunt all the day. Got food for all pups. So you like mama."
"I-in a way I guess.", you accept. "But I am feeding not children. I am cooking several families."
Lepus seems to now truly understand you. Seeing you as some sort of ultimate provider for millions of wolf packs. A true wolf god. Lepus then immediately hugs you. Rubbing her face all over your chest. Both as a sign of affection and regret as she starts crying on your shirt.
"You good person Pay Drow!", she tells you. "Sorry for ruining meals for packs.
You blush a bit from this. Mostly because of how awkward it is already. Although you might as well let her continue on for a few more seconds.
"Alright Lepus," you tell her as you open the door, "Let's go ahead and make you some soup."
You both then enter your apartment. Only to see your sister, thankfully wearing more than just her silk robe, talking to someone very familiar. The special guest then looks at you. He then gives you a welcoming gesture and a warm smile.
"Howdy there contestant.", God greets you.

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