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**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

The final act is upon us, for time winds down on Syph. Their stories will go on forever afterwards, but the curtain is soon to fall.
Global Response: With the magic shutting off.. there is nothing to do but hold a full retreat... magic being lost against them is a massive detriment. We cannot stay.. once again.... there are rumors of land out west.. and that is land that we can go... to mourn.. to continue on... to... be away from those beasts... and to deliberate..

Fluff: The Queen! She has left us! But for what reason? Has this world become too corrupt? Has she been stolen back by that dreaded fiend!? Was what she said a warning? The impure taint in the land clotting us from being able to comprehend such a warning? Oh woe is the Pure nation who has lost its purest being! An entire re-structuring must take place! For now, it shall be a committee of various community leaders and high ranking priests holding votes and council to determine what must be done for now as a more permanent solution is put in place during a time of peace!
And... there seems to be talk about some rabbits that have found.. some unsuspecting enemies.... ones that apparently have not run into the Pure and have only seen their plight... this... is a great opportunity to be taken in a time of strife... albeit a dangerous one. Those that wish they can brave these lands.. and possibly even spread the beliefs of the pure to a weaker part of that dreaded alliance... there could be a way yet to finish the goal the queen had set out on all those years ago...

1 Action: Movement
Into the GFU, a majority of the nation goes. Passing through it on the way out of the doomed land, and into one long abandoned and reclaimed by ice. Perhaps it will be something that can better suit the Usagi.. and maybe even benefit from bordering the healers that are soon to be east.

Into the land of Fools and To be Purified a smaller group shall go. Lines will not be able to be kept... but the basis for long range communication magic shall be shared between the two groups

1 Action: Culture: Mourning
The Queen! She is lost to us! A day of mourning, solemn writings, and a grave of flowers to be burned so that the smoke may reach the moon for her to know that we grieve her leaving us... but that we too shall some day re-join her on the moon.. and perhaps.. with what she left behind... we shall meet again after we have purified this land so that no one bit of taint is brought to you.

War Post:
Escape! Fire to block the way and just get going. The magic is down so it's time to get out.
> 1st action: sacrifice that accursed tower to She Who Burns With Molten Rage
The armies at Obron were destroyed, but individuals survived. Scouts, wounded who were left at the camps or charioteers knocked off their rides, they stumble out of the wreckage to find a horrid thing: a light so bright it pierces through the eternal darkness every Imnaki is blessed to forever see, burning itself in their blind retinas even through the holeless helmets they all wear.
Such a thing cannot be allowed to live.

And so the god-killers do what they have been proved once and again capable of doing: they try to kill a god.

Taking the shiniest and brightest pieces back to Maglak in a grueling journey, the glowing runes that destroyed the Atragarok and Obron itself are laid upon her altar and pierced with blessed ritual daggers, that they may bleed their power for Her.

A queen most young whose first and only brood was slain in front of her eyes at Obron, where she was blinded, slits her wrists with the ritual dagger, dooming herself to a bloody death, the one most favored by her patron.

She gouges out her whiskers and mutilates her nose, choking on her vital fluids as hee few senses leave her.

She chokes out her last breath onto the curved blade, putting all her hatred into the murderous plunge.

And so with a tacit prayer to the goddess of murder, a mother deprived of her children and world devotes her last breath to one act, and one act alone, with such immense will to shake the foundations of the world.
This one is not telling a god to die.
It is delivering the killing blow herself.

>2nd action: encourage repopulation
The number of Queens has greatly increased, but now comes the next step: filling Maglak.
Our great city has an enormous capacity, it can hold monstrous amounts of moles- and it shall hold as many as it can.
Breeding is encouraged, larger broods even more so while every child is raised to become a warrior, a miner, a craftsmole.

Prayer to the Lady of the Deep for fertility are mandatory, though all who submit to them do so of their own free will, as rations are doubled and food shared to sustain the ridiculous rate of births
Dybet is in turmoil, the water elementals, reminders of Undine's love, have turned to plain water. The curses of Moth has similarly fizzled out. The refrigeration of our meats has failed, making a return to salting and curing for our food exports. The reason for this is plain to see: Jafa. Jafa doesn't like magic, he is a physical god, and he did this through the blood red moon. That he dares strike against Undine and Moth so directly is all the more reason to ban him. However, he is already fully illegal in Dybet. We need to spread our influence, make people know Jafa's greed and Undine's kindness.

Action 1: Make Danderpalace for the Danderqueen (put it east of Sekhmira).
Madoc would give the Danderqueen a warm welcome, Soteriaeth would be there too, though he would ask many a question about his mother Uni, who he is struggling to keep remembering, and Diana, who he never met. While the Temple of Moth at the Kavost port is nice and all, it isn't a home fit for royalty, so they set about making a palace for her. It also makes a focal point for Danderfey influence, giving us more Danderscribes and Dandersmiths, which will greatly benefit our trade empire. Also, being fully or part Child of Fanw means they can eat vegan with the Danderqueen, though Soteriaeth does struggle due to being half Anubisid, causing a fair bit of indigestion.

Action 2: Spread Cult of Undine to Megyros.
The Minotaurs to the west has a climate similar to ours, but they do not know the kindness of Undine, they may be swayed by Jafa in these trying times. But they are not evil, they're simply ignorant. So the Cult of Undine sends missionaries to spread the good word of Undine, Goddess of the Rivers. They will also teach of cleanliness and the ways the water moves. Minor Temples will be erected, or just converted from Megyros buildings. They will love Undine like we do, and they will despise Jafa like we do.
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Action 1 continue to rebuild and revitalize the bone bro lands now colonized by my people

Action 2 using our contacts in the wandering market, access to Oni knowledge and dyebt libraries we begin the true modernization efforts of our society beginning with science and medicine
Achroma Rumour - The Turtles speak of a Holy Pail, demanding that their service in this bloody war be recompensed with aid in it's finding. Let us seek Achroma, and ask them what he knows of it, and where it can be found.

>Library Action - Language Studies
The act of mimicry, through magic or mundane means, tends to fall apart once the Do'laroshan opens their mouth. After all, who of them know's a word in Paskian? Or any of the other myriad languages of this world?
Still, words are words, and follow patterns, whether burbled underwater or grunted through dirt-clod whiskers. See what the library has on language texts, and whether there are easier ways to translate and learn languages from the scraps we may hear or read around the world.

>Action 1 - University of Creative Minds (2x Building)
Long ago, the shadowfolk promised to be caretakers of the Library. While this they have dutifully done, it has remained a sadly lackluster and drab building, only receiving some TLC during a war long past. Spruce the place up, expand it, and plan for MANY more scholars and students to attend the place. The Fraternians are looking to catch up with the rest of the world in technology, so let this place be the center of that initiative for the Do'laroshan!

>Action 2 - Smithy in We'isla, Improve Fortifications as well.
With the road connecting We'isla to the center of the Do'laroshan empire, the city (with it's horrific view of the atrocities committed across the river) see's foot traffic both in and out, more travelers moving through in a week than in an entire year a decade ago. With the magic still remaining a missing mystery, the idle hands of the city look to mundane past-times, the work of weapons and tools as good a hobby as any. The Usagi refugee's will certainly be thankful for them. Once the Paskian demons are fully vanquished, the magic will return, so many Shadowfolk believe, and thus the means of production are geared to churn out Enchanted Sa'terif tools once it does. From behind We'isla's growing walls, they watch, and wait.
The Shadow army has arrived at the freshly repaired walls of Obron. Sadly, they cannot just march into the exposed city, but other means are available! Scouts will use their supreme stealth to move unseen across the ice, checking whether the mine, so recently the site of the Imnaki slaughter, may lead into the city proper. They will also probe the walls for weak spots, along with the lay of the land and good places to retreat to, should the need arise. Should none of these avenues prove fruitful, all is not lost.

Setting up camp away from their ballista, the Do'laroshan army just has to weather any counter assaults until night. When the sun sets and darkness falls, they can descend upon the city. Banking on the fading magic of the world being prevalent here, leading to the walls of the city losing their near-imperviousness, the Shadows unpack old tools of war. Climbing picks, developed and honed so long ago, will once more prove useful here in scaling the walls. Teams will move in under the dead of night, stealthily ascending before silently dispatching nearby guards. Torches will be snuffed as they move across the walls and into the city, looking to open gates and slaughter sleeping soldiers. Let these demons be sent back to the frozen realms of the dead once and for all.

Across the ice, the Turtle army, joined by Fraternian cannoneers and mundane medics, will hurry to join the shadows in their assault. Should the city gates not be opened by stealthy intrusion by the time they arrive, more mundane cannon blasts should do the trick.
Posted on behalf of Mygros

Send and expeditionary land up north to where the shadows gave me land and turn a tile into the first using the shadows trees
And build a town where the dwarves in my area live.

While a good deal of progress on the chemical aspect of Powdwr Magnelau was done, there still was the far more complex matter of the actual proper mix of the various chemicals used. While it was only natural that the first few results of this would be a more high explosive mixture rather than an effective propellent that was fine, and potentially could be utilized in the work of creating high explosives further in the future. Regardless the work of those from Clan Tudor hired by Sulwyn would continue at decent pace. And ideally their work would be able to be applied to her canonau sooner rather than later. On a related note, she would further work upon the canonau she had made, working on finding ways to make it more effective, more accurate, longer ranged and further. A major component of this however was working on a new type of shot similar to the sort that the humans of the dictat used for their rifles. Further, work would be done on creating various calibers. The latter was done specifically with the navy in mind more so than ground combat, but it would likely prove quite useful for the soldiers on the ground as well, not only the sailors who would likely find them on their ships soon.

On a unrelated note, a strange and worrying trend was found by Clan Nist and Howell, that of blessed steel ceasing to really be able to be produced, and a number of Blessed Steel weapons would lose their natural shine and tint. Naturally, Howell tried using this as further proof of Fanw's position on guns, and there wouldn't be too much debate on it from some fringe members of Clan Howell as these were Fanw's blessings themselves after all. Needless to say, this pushed a fair number of undecided against the weapons. Though, even so, Clan Tudor remained stubborn, and most of Wynn stuck to their guns quite literally. In a way it was somewhat shocking how quickly things turned, from the gun faction having a majority to the other way around. Though, Sulwyn was determined to finish her projects, even if she wasn't to continue on them much after so as to not stoke fires...

>Action One. Finish Powdwr Magnelau.

>Action Two. Final tweaks on the Canonau Gwarchae

With the capital of the Fanw Forsaken taken, all there is to do now is take out what remains. Most forces would devide themselves into a number of smaller raiding groups, and most of the Canonau would be used to erase whatever remained of the Fanw forsaken or simply loaded back onto the various ships as the invasion's task was more or less complete. There was only a little bit of cleanup required now. And with no proper organized enemy force there is nothing left to do but destroy the creations of the Fanw Forsaken. Leave no structure, no wall, no impure stone carved by their hands remain. The only thing that would be spared would be only a handful of trinkets and other valuables left behind that one or two of the more greedy would keep as either a trophy of their victory, to sell later or otherwise kept as a spoil of war in one way or another. The invasion was a success, for the most part. If there was any organized group of survivors to reform their accursed government, the Dictat could likely finish them off, and surely they'd not remain hidden for long given the various alliances and trade partners Llychlyn's main colony had.

Peace would return soon, and many sons and daughters would return proudly home in the coming months after the final cleanup.

Mae Fanw yn amddiffyn ei phlantd.
1. Tendrils spread in the GFU:

From our embassy within the GFU, the Katedra can begin to start quietly developing Pro-HDS propaganda to disseminate throughout the populace. Nothing negative at the moment, just spreading the values of Dictat culture and scientific prowess. Only later on can we begin our work on more...proactive measures.

2. Claim land in the mountain ranges. This will be fortified later.

War Action:

While the loss of the Golems is bothersome, there is nothing that Human held arms cannot do. The time is nearly at hand to wipe their pathetic nation from the face of Sylph. After this, our stance on the Grittidim is clear; however at the moment there is not much which can be done. But someday, one day, there will be a cleansing of this continent. Eventually. Until such a time is at hand, we shall progress the sciences and improve the lives of Humans continent wide without the now fickle Magics the GFU so vainly rely upon. This more than ever proves that a sole reliance on magic should never be considered.
"The Lady's blessing is lost!"

1. The cry rings throughout the Kingdom of Bertonia as the turtle priests can no longer feel her glorious glow and touch, nor summon their powers.

The Holy Father, his appointment recent, stirs up the crowds to fanatical devotion and prayer. New and even grander cathedrals are to be built, masses held, as the peoples faith must surely be stoked like a dying flame as the cause of this malady.

Many hundreds flock to become new battle priests and preachers, and an age of faith erupts across the realm.

2. Keep pushing those reinforcements to our turtles on the front lines! Our allies have fought bravely, many have perished, we must bring about the end of this bloody war.

This is the black hour. But even without the light, the Knights of Bertonia must become the torch. Fight on turtle knights, reinforcements are surely on their way, in the name of the Lady of the Great Lake, push on and bring an end to this war! Show the moles they are not the only one who serves a great god in the dark of the underground!
File: map69.png (1.01 MB, 2048x2628)
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1.01 MB PNG

Like a candle in the evening chill or morning dew, the magics of the world flicker. Dully at first, then with all the vibrance of the steady flame, before dying down to barely lit wick. The tyrn sees the slow return of magic to the world, after the devastation wrought by its absence.

Tremors rock central Syph. Tiles slide off roofs, windows rattle, people are woken in their beds, the birds fly from the trees. The deepest mines collapse, but luckily none are hurt. Ill winds blow in from the Dysidion Sea, chill and damp. The astrologers, the seers, those with sight beyond warn of something to come, though with great trepidation they cannot say what.

This empire of magic is brought to its woody knees by the loss of magic across Syph. They are truly the most damagingly effected of all the nations and races, without even a close second to mourn alongside. Production, communication, ambition, all are halted by it. As hunger pangs sting, as illness rears its pustuled head, as fragile order shows cracks, there is still hope. Had the Rings not grown from strife in the past? Can they see not a single glimmer of opportunity in this tragedy? With so many options of who to blame, each Tree can decide for herself who she wishes to spite by thriving regardless. The Carvil’ax’seset are down now, but they are very, very far from out.
King of the Dalu Open he is called as he is rooted! Kurnon is a most spectacular specimen, rivalling even the mighty Valmad, though they don't dare say it within spiritual earshot of the now quiet totem.
Addiath, across the river Cano from the still infested Southern Tangle will not rival Thornbush, old or new, no it will outshine it in every way imaginable to Fae or Dryad. If that trash heap of a capital had three farms, Addiath shall have six. If Thornbush hosted four schools, Addiath shall found eight. They will be outdone at every turn, and the Sennites will make rude gestures across the waters.

Ships! Ships in the Dysidion Sea! Fraternian ships!
Aphthys is cleared of rubble, of more of the dead, and restored as best as it can. Lumber mills in the north are refurbished, and the hurried foundations of walls are completed. All that is left is the mess of what was once the focal point of all the radial roads of the Skeletons' city, the ruins of the Lichtower. Even as a collapsed heap, it has an imposing presence that cannot be explained.
(>>5176238, >>5184322) Whatever can be observed is brought by ship and courier back to the fatherland. Any advance in the natural sciences and the field of medicine in particular are meticulously studied, with the residence of the Merchant Duke in Megyros as hub any knowledge of worth is compiled then sent home in triplicate. [Will have to ask Oni & Dybet what it is you receive]
[D] As the ships land the Men & Morphs of the old world are greeted with fanfare, but they are not all that made passage across the veil.
A great purge seizes the whole land of the Devils, an inquisition uprooting the established disorder, laying in plain Yūutsuna-ao the true belief. Which is to say that which is followed in the capital, more specifically in the palace quarters. "This," the gathered holy Demons say, "is the way of Chadskisei, of Saagfuru, of Oni'iaghiri, and of Ushimilgoyi. These are their idols. These are their epithets. These are their true expressions. Do not eat this on this day, only eat that on that day, sacrifice this then, offer up that then." so on and so on their message goes. Those who refuse subjected to the worst imaginings the Oni can think of including; may his grace forgive me for even uttering it!; having to converse with a Dander and a Goblin, without being able to reach out and strangle or eat either of them.
(>>5175019) Listen up Cow-Oni, you're going about this all wrong. Elal? No, no, call him Oni'iaghiri, that's his real name! Fasting? Abstinence?! No! He demands golden debauchery! Out in the open where he can see! And what, you've never heard of Chadskisei?! Have you not seen his silver lustre in the night sky, felt his sweet lust in your ample loins?! C'mon! Live a little, it's what the gods want anyway! (>>5184322) It is as they are in the swing of things, on street corners and in the market squares that they find they are not the only missionaries in Megyros. Those silly, beautiful wolves are preaching their own nonsense about some little river goddess. Pfft!

>>Everlasting Waters
As the Sogigant slowly unfurls, the Laga and Elves fashion in the canopy a coral fort to match that of the Green Strait, from whose vantage the whole of the vast Eye of Sigod may be seen. The Whales who manage the flopping achievement dive into the clear waters around the Drya tree resurface with renewed faith for the sight.
Though the Dryads might claim it is their 'Gates' which should claim the title, to the Laga the Jewel of the Xira Coast is no dount New Venezia, a city built upon the water. With great effort they renovate the old city, whose stone façades and grand plazas have, over the many tyrns since the Dander of all races had founded it, slowly sunk into the lagoon. Unrivalled masterpieces of fresco, statuary, and architecture are constantly eroded by the seawater, by the increasing market traffic, by time itself. Tirelessly they work, replacing stakes, shoring up walls, widening canals where they can, implementing protective measures throughout.

Though sluggish, the Dryasylphs take scouring flight. In due time they return from the Hitels with their findings of precious little save solid rock and a scarce source of tin.
In the western Yadi the Dryaspath are planted with much pomp and celebration. The encroaching sand is filled with a field of the white flowers which each in turn dull, become brown, and wilt. Beneath them however, is rich Yadi soil once more, soon filled in with native species of non-Drya trees.
As magic ebbs, some flow must rush in to maintain the balance, and so it is that word sails fast from the Svinkle'kland isles that colony ships have been spotted on the horizon; They will land before tyrn's end.
"While wise Dwarves in their scholars robes bluster / And the glassblowers bellow so strong / The Dwarves of Lykkeligfilt muster / For there is always more work to be done."
It has been a full jidtyrn since the brass gonnes of the Throng have seen any advancement, and even those had been modelled from temperamental Oni designs. Imports from the north, what little they have managed to acquire, alongside the knowledge of gleaned from observation and the innovation of the two colleges, vast leaps are made in the design and power of the gonnes. To list them all would take longer than an Emergence ceremony, and be almost as repetitive, so suffice to say they are a marked improvement!

[Waning Half]
(>>5187752) For a minority the loss of Kurai is too much to bear, they cannot keep running forever, and the offer from the GFU is gladly accepted. To them, this world of impurity simply cannot be made pure, they would rather live as Fraternian Lagomorphs than to constantly run in fear as Usagi. They are weak of mind and faith, the priests urge, Purity will prevail despite these setbacks. Push on, out into the glacier, let the white chill remind you of the purpose of the Usagi, let it not be in vain. They struggle onwards, warmed by the fire in their bellies. But what is this, from the flurries rise dark stone pillars.
They settle in this place, preserved by the snows against time, finding within enough that can be burnt for warmth. The Rabbits have no history with the Tribe of the Gali, hearing only wildly exaggerated claims in their trade with the Shadows and Fraternians, and so do not fear this abandoned temple of theirs. It is here, now safe from the ravages of the impure, that they mourn the loss of their dearest Queen Tokki. The priests tell of how she ascended to the moon, which in great joy blushed red for her, to lead them there in their victory over the Betrayer! Mourn that they may no longer receive her worldly blessing now, but rejoice that she gazes down with rapturous pride for her subjects!
(>>5175019) But they are not the only ones who now call the ice sheet home.

Three parts this, two parts another, a little of that for flavour- an explosion knocks Owainn the Lesser of Clan Tudor clean off his feet. Alright, that's too volatile. Four parts this, two parts... After long experimentation, and burst eardrums, the engineers of Clan Tudor present Sulwyn with the perfected Powdwr Magnelau. Together with the adjustments to the design of her weapon, the young Daughter of Fanw is proud to present the Canonau Gwarchae and its various shot to the chiefs of the armed forces, even if current events are rather inauspicious.
Accursed runes of a god most foul pierce the sacred veil of darkness through their sightless eyes! How wicked a thing to inflict, insult below most atop injury above all. Those few who survived the crackling rage of Injunction, gather whatever runic scrap they can stomach themselves to carry back to Maglak. There, on Her most bloody & holy altar, they are ritually sacrificed, dimming their harsh fiery glow in the Molerats minds. No matter how they are carved, a stone cannot bleed red, and so atop the offered a young Queen tears open who veins to the Lady. In her fading mind she hears Her ascent, feels the shake of the earth. "Glory be, O rising Mother to thee."
The blessings of the Lady upon them, for the broods are large and the birthing painless. Blind, pink, and endlessly wriggling, the Queens are well rewarded for their valiant efforts, for their young are to become the greatest generation(s) since the first emergence of the Atragorak. Too shall they avenge those lost without blood, the most heinous deed of the Paskians, a vile act against all of Taknab!
The troops are recalled, for She is close at hand, and should not all Her children greet Her?

[+2 PE]
(>>5187752) Like a stubborn child, the GFU will slowly be taught the value the Dictat has to offer them, the carrot now and by the grace of True Humanity they will not need the stick. Sleek advertisements of their wonders of technology are disseminated, whisper campaigns of the luxuries they hold, officials generously persuaded to vote this way or that. Everything, of course, with utmost deniability. What proves nigh impossible however is any suggestion of the divesting of these Grittidim Morphs from their ranks.
"...vested by his most high, Sajaak, God above all, that the earth and stone of this here land be rendered unto the Dictat forevermore for their purposes, civil and mili..."

Iti, with superior grace than her last visit, swims through Bertonean waters, sparkling and radiant. But what is this? She is so bejewelled with trinkets and, by, well, her!, she has a new brass flipper of the finest work! Wherever has she acquired these? She's lost her protective green coat of weed & algae, but also those bothersome barnacles & limpets. She glides full of pride through the seawaters, and... is that... could it be? For there, perched atop one of her massive scutes, is a pail.
"You! You great mother of our people, hear us now! We sing to you as your heroes have! We pray to you as all should! We praise your name with every breath!" Religious fervour envelopes Bertonia as never before. Where she had first laid this uplifted brood, her children build to her a magnificent church, filled with all the glorious things from across her path around Syph.
(>>5187809) Knights, footturtles, and becannoned war wagons arrive at the tumbled walls of Obron ready for orders. Though they hear only the sweet memory of their great mother, they shall fight on.
A terrorful campaign against Jafa and his elusive cult sweeps across Dybet. The Cult of Moth, for now without cursing magics, resort to the old tried and true tortures of confession. They will root out this persistent and subversive belief wherever, and in whoever, it may reside. (>>5188127) To their lupine cousins, shipments of fresh meat end, and the many salted, smoked, or otherwise cured meats fill the hole.
Having lived so long among the Men of Makaan, who whilst raising her within their own to the rank of Sah, then in time down to Sah-ven, has not received such remarkable deference for many a tyrn. Though she would not ever admit such, it is the first time in those tyrns that she has felt the respect due her station. From one crowned and anointed monarch to another, she greets this venture with great surprise and rigour. What little she has left, and what little the Dander can give for their queen, is handed over to the royal purse for the project. With so much joy in the endeavour, more and more Danderfey seem to manifest from dusty corners and roof beams, broom and pan already in tiny hands. In no time, a (smaller than envisioned but still) sprawling residence is established for her, and at her insistence the remaining dedicated funds used to construct and adjoined orphanage and hospital. Life in the Dictat had had more effect on the Danderqueen than she would care to admit, and though the partaking of flesh was not among them, she would not force it upon her hosts for her sake, especially after the faces Soteriaeth pulled at the boiled grain and vegetable soup she is so fond of! [Will take to IC]
(>>5175019) Across and down the Danos they make their way, the missionaries of Undine, to spread the word of she of the calm waters into this land of many rivers. The faith of the Minotaurs is mysterious, with the only known being some form of sun worship and ancestor veneration, similar in ways to that of Old Dybet. And just how the religion of old was made good in their own lands, so too shall the Dyb guide these Bulls and Cows on the correct path. (>>5176238) Though it is as they reach further into Megyros proper, that other preachers are found; Oni ones. They chant of committing vice as if it is virtue! Of the value of greed and idleness! How can they truly believe such things?! [I suggest an IC here too]

(>>5187752, >>5187809) As the Do'la have permitted, a Minotaur outpost is to be established in old Aphthys. Bulls of every rank and station make for the frozen north, seeing it as the most golden of opportunities. Plus, for the minters of Market coin, it is a chance to see the most noble ruins of this far off Market-friend. However when they arrive, they find the land already being ploughed by Fraternians leading to much confusion. At least they do not claim the ice, which the Earthsingers and engineers of the colonist group work tirelessly to enliven with pine & fern.
>Mygros cont.
(>>5179299) Back home, in the Danos province of Mygros, as a show of thanks for their continued friendship and exchange of knowledge, the Bullmen build for the Gylden Dwarves a township. It is much of an improvement over the fortified hold they had grown accustomed to! They give the cosy place, nestled in the Highlands, the name of Tuldun.

[NM] Including coin and other offerings from the Turtles alongside their usual gifts, the Shamans venture into Achroma's glittering temple. Silently he steps into the darkness, his the charge of the air the only clue he has entered his shrine. The Do'la asks her god the Turtle's question, but before she can finish it she hears something no other Shadow ever has. Achroma laughs. A sweet, unconstrained laugh from the depths of his being. She does not know how to respond. Rasping, his hidden smile in his voice, "Thy friends my child are fools, who spin tales of high wonder for babes in their cribs, and then doth believe them themselves. I, first born of shadow, no nothing of Bert, nor of his holy pail, it is but..." the beast halts, thinking, "The great mother is not of Syph, perhaps I am to quick in my contempt. Should such a thing exist, then those of her world shall have it. Seek thee the Devils of the Harja."
The Library is a wonder, but one whose glory does not quite fill its vast halls. Countless chambers, colonnades, and courtyards are empty save the signs from neglect. Such a thing is a great shame, one which were outsiders to see would pain the Do'la greatly. And so with shovel, bucket, and a lot of free time, the Shadows set to work transforming the outer portions of the Library into a marble school of learning. It is dubbed the University of Creative Minds to match their renaming of the surrounding structure.
The horrors of the war across the way rouse the idle hands of We'isla to something more productive than shadow puppets as they wait for magic to return. Huge stones are hauled from the quarry of Aphthys to fortify the walls, along with an outstanding number of Fraternian cannon to mount them. Nearby a forge for the production of arms is erected, already belching black smoke across the ice.
[!] The Recordkeepers emerge from the racks with an armful of tattered scrolls. From the patches they can decipher there remains within the Library instruction on the illusory magic of speaking languages one does not know, something about a hypothetical root Syphian language, information regarding the language of the old Recordkeepers, however the Shadows select from the pile the knowledge of how to learn a foreign tongue through observation alone. It is, apparently, something for which individuals either have the knack, or do not. Younger persons are better suited for it, and though a general meaning may be uncovered, precise knowledge is through this method unobtainable.


-Third Purity War-

The canonau are loaded. Kurai is bombarded to gravel and splinters. The only thing worth taking is an amount of pure silver in a number of forms, it'll all be melted for coinage. Any Rabbit found in what remains of these northerly woods is executed on sight, ground into rations, their marrow sucked from their bones. No doubt their numbers lie as mangled corpses beneath the rubble, the smell of blood and fear in the air confirms as much. Sweeps of any further south is met by only confused backward Shadowfolk Grittidim savages, scared off by the seeing of such weaponry.
They have, by perhaps Tokki's sacrifice, escaped annihilation a second time. But what have they now left? No queen, less than half their number, a broken and bloodied race now forced to live upon the barren wastes.

-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

Though the mine has no immediate way into the city, Turtles arrive with iron claws and iron will, and with supreme shielding lead the expedition under cover of night into the depths. From here they simply begin to dig. And dig, and dig, and dig. Earth and rock gives way to gravel, the roadbed, another strike or two and they will break into the city. Runes weakened enough that their skills can best them, a contingent of Shadows scale the partial walls, and with flourish attack the few guards on the walls. It is a diversion. One which works. For the Bertoneans, the majority of the Do'laroshan army, Fraternians and even their cannon, pour from the earth as fire ants, filling the narrow streets and broad boulevards of Obron with their numbers. Whatever Ministers remain are slaughtered, caught unaware, barely able to sputter a flame.
With their only source of water little more than a rivulet, the permafrost acrid when melted, and so many dead or injured, the combined armies of the Entente meet only modest resistance inside the walls. Any who lay down their arms, who remove their runed gauntlets, are spared the wrath of the invaders. But not of Injunction, who for their cowardice sets them ablaze in holy ire! The Shadows and others can do nothing but stand stunned, forced by this insane Will to fight and kill any Ministers they find.

1. With magic once more flowing into the country, it is time to work on infrastructure. The cities must be expanded, improved, lit with electricity produced by both generators and magic. New jobs will be made, and quality of life shall improve. Indoor plumbing would be a nice change of pace...

2. Within the GFU, the arrival of the Sajaak-Khar priesthood would mean the beginnings of the spread of the True Human Pantheon to our *distant* cousins. A small shrine would be established within Embassy grounds, and from there petitions would come to allow proselytization too. Of course, the prayer sermons would be...selectively done to specifically leave out some of the more distasteful passages for the average GFU citizen; not to mention targeting Human Majority neighborhoods within. Should any Grittidim be foolish enough to worship our Gods...well they shall see Divine Disfavor for themselves. The Gods know their own after all.

War Action:

With the Grittidim fleeing our forces, it is time to hunt them down. The CoF do so in their former lands, while we hunt down the new. We know they fled past GFU lands; and while we are sworn not to pursue into those lands; there is a solid chance that they have passed through the territory either into the north or further to the west. Regardless, the Assault Fleet and it's reinforcing adjutant fleet will move around the Northwest icy lands, then come back around south when able to. Grittidim. Will. Not. Escape. Either they die by our hands, or get bred out of existence in the GFU.
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>Global Reaction: Magic Rekindles
Runes of silver flicker, as their binds in the protective applewoods slowly restore under the tender attentions of Æblemor's priestesses, and the barest stirrings of her healing powers are felt again by those in the closest of communions with the Goddess. Runic limb-prosthesis that had become leaden and dull slowly restore their functionality, though if they are as strong as before remains to be determined. With this return, there comes a warning from the Priestesses of something else to come - but what this might be, they do not know cannot say. For the Dwarves of the Æblethrong are far from the centre of Syph; but word comes nonetheless from their cousins in the Invuldelotn Kezgrat Vom'Raktuvdun of the more troubling signs. And so greater aid is sent to the Invuldelotn, to help them to do what their people need to prepare for the unknown.

Gylden Reaction: Word of Great Ships
There is delight across the land of new great ships seen from the highest Svinkle'kland watch-points, though some do wonder if the longsight scopes of the Kolov'urlag watchers out there might be showing signs of wear. The speed they state the ships as moving, the cloud of steam funnelling above them, the metallic glint these ships carry on their hulls - just what breed of ships might these be?

>Action 1: Lykkloedkurg
The news of the great ships brings talk about where these new colonists should be sent, will be housed. Though most towns of the Æbleland will no doubt make some room, the simple fact is that the Dwarven nation is a far more crowded place then it once was - in most areas. It is the Dwarves of the Lykkeligfilt who give the most preparation to accept these new Dwarven arrivals, for they see a good way to bypass their wealthier and more established provincial neighbours and get further funding from the central treasuries for their own planned town. And so the town of Lykkloedkurg rises in a charming bay a little way north of the great Rodikol rivers; a place for these Dwarves to celebrate the joys of mirth and song.

>Action 2: A new Armour paradigm
Although solid borders of a wide river and mountain heights make the Æble border with the Oni defined, there are still those areas such as the floating market where the two very different races meet and allow their few similarities to be emphasised with a love of all things alcoholic. And as the drink flows, so does trade and ideas - most recently, Oni innovations of their 'controlled lightning' and interesting characteristics thereof. As Dwarves are keen metallurgical students, this idea is rapidly expanded and experimented further upon to devise a way to plate a metal with another; a process the Dwarves theorise could combine the useful properties of two distinct metals. The first use of this new technology is the creation of armour to stand against impacts from new gonne weapons, imported Oni rubber also debuting in the new designs of smiths and engineers.
Chaos gives way to a strange sort of order as the magic returns to Bandru’s Empire.

A queen dethroned and replaced with another, riots that stretches across the country, martial law enacted, groves despoiled, all manner of chaos and disorder resulted from the fall, but now begins the slow climb back up to reclaim the dryads prior glory as the mightiest race on Syph.

Action 1 and 2: Totemic Locus

Queen Sylvea has ascended to the Oaken Throne, and with her comes a new decree, that no further spirit-bindings may take place until the issue with them disturbing balance has been rectified.

With that, she enters slumber, leaving the task to her ancillaries and council.

This decree is divisive, some seeing it as necessary, some viewing it as only slowing the empires recovery.

Voices work day and night probing the unseen and interviewing spirits, geometers and shapers team up to chart spirals across acres of blueprint, all for the planning of a way to fix balance.

The idea comes together, to form a gate into the unseen directly. Using specifically placed totems in a constant motion that chart courses around the bounds of the gate, moved by impossibly intricate clockwork machinery according to the unseen geometry of that other world, a bridge may be built directly allowing spirits to cross over into our world, effectively merging the two worlds into one, impossible perfect balance achieved, within a very localised area of course.

With the creation of such a device balance would not be shaken when these spirits are fused to objects as the spirits are not ripped across the boundary or bound somewhere they do not belong. The rings would also be provided with an industrialised method of acquiring powerful spirits for their works rather than tracking them down over great distances. All this allows for Mote’aide and related spirit-fused works to be produced without causing harm to the dryads religious ethos, and also allowing for far more of them to be produced.

It is seen as drastic, but the empire must get back on its feet no matter what, and so a site is laid out for its construction next to the great industrial heart of the rings for spirits to flow into the world and then through the great shapers halls.

The great rumbling from the mountains disturbs the Sennites, just out of one disaster and into another. They make preparations for another collapse, soldiers rallied, dryads called from the canopies and great beetle herds armoured up in case of more rioting.

Meanwhile word from the Sennite expedition to gryphon peak is seen as a rare glimmer of good news, forest meats and honey are sent up as the dryads establish themselves a little in the region, but larger scale plans to court the gryphons are delayed until next Tyrn due to the collapse.

Rumour please

The dreamer awakes, Ash’sen in a state of repair, raucous banging as things are slowly put back together. We ask how to prevent the magic vanishing again.
[F] - With the return of magic, We'isla see's new life breathed into it. Shamans, poring through tomes and scrolls left by their elders, seek to bridge the generational gap in magic. A rennaissance of Sa'terif begins, the nearby smithy roaring to new life as the demand for enchanted goods soars ever higher.

>Action 1 - Tricks of the Light
Sa'terif, gathered in the palm of one's hand, appears nearly indistinguishable from the pitch-black Do'laroshans who hold it. Only with rhyme and rhythm can it's form be shifted, volume and colour added. So far, it must also be 'coated' on something else, acting as a shroud that covers what is with what isn't. No more. Let the shadowy magic's dance free, visions of pure imagination leaping forth from the palm of one's hand.

>Action 2 - A Slip of the Tongue
Just as Sa'terif twists the light, so too can it twist sound. For aeons, shamans have performed pale mimicries of the melodies sung by the Simfuni to the south, harmonizing with the maestros when times permitted. A trick soon learned was that music, like sight, can also be tricked. A note awry here, or missing there, and none are the wiser, for their minds fill in the rest. Can this not be applied to the common tongue?

>[R]- Rumour

These Paskian demons know no limits to their evils, do they? Their foul magics, even now coming back to life as their false blood soaks into the ice, force them to die, by our hands or their own fiery natures. Let it be done, then. Slaughter them all, to the last. Let none escape, to the walls, or past the breach, or to the sea.

To the west, We'isla looms over the scarred battlefield of what was once the Usagi homes. The encamped army is a cruel and evil thing, no doubt, to unleash such horrors so wantonly. The irony is not lost on the Do'laroshans, of course. Still, slaughtering every Paskian is for the good of the world, returning the magic to it's natural state. The very moon itself, and the island of Pyr, spoke of Pask's evil nature. What this 'Colonial Alliance' does goes far beyond the necessary evils of the Do'laroshans though.

Still, what can be done? Haggard and pre-occupied, there is no Entente army that can stand against this new foe.

So the Do'laroshans will do what they do best. Sneak in, look around, take some stuff, and get out. Small groups, no more than 3 at a time, will slaughter wandering patrolmen or distracted guards, disposing of the bodies before assuming their identities. New magics and old will allow the deception to be nearly perfect, language and identity a difficulty of the past as they wander the camps for a short while, pocketing what they can before vanishing into the night. Let us learn what we can of this new foe.
Care, of course, must be taken around these men of metal and stone, of course. Who knows what senses can or cannot be tricked by these new beings, lessons well learned with the Simfuni and Imnak.

It is obvious to the forces of the Dictat, that the things to the east of the Grittidim have been assisting them in their flight. Obviously, this cannot stand. At all. With what we have gathered from our agents within GFU lands, and the pattern of disappearances of forces leaves us no other possible explanation that it is they whom are attempting to sabotage our forces. This is; of course, is to be responded to in the proper way. They have a city to the east. Gas it. Follow up with Incendiaries. After that, land forces. Grittidim lands are useless, and we have no reason to stay there. Pull all forces off.
Frakt, may God have mercy upon your nation; because I fucking won't.
As magic returns, with the return and party of the Danderqueen, the people are happy once more, joyous, and the water elementals start to make a return. They are a bit fragile though, quick to burst if given tough tasks, but cleaning is well within their capabilities at the moment. And with the Water Elementals dealing with more cleaning, the Danderfey get to help with crafts instead, which is where their value is most apparent.

Action 1: Prospect the Ahmar Desert.
As more move into the Ahmar Desert, hunting the great beasts of the dunes, pickings become a bit more scarce, and many hunters transition to become gunsmiths and other support tasks. Some however, prospect the rocks of the Ahmar Desert, seeing if they can find iron, phosphates, gold, etc. Things which will sell for a pretty penny and secure greater wealth than any hunter could dream of. There's always minor deposits to mine, but they're seeking a motherlode of... anything valuable.

Action 2: Spread Cult of Undine to the Oni.
Magic is returning as we spread the love of Undine, but the reports of the Oni is troubling. Are they perhaps worshiping some aspect of Jafa? They need to hear of Undine's love and of Jafa's cruelty, that violence for violence's sake is bad, instead that they should seek righteous and honourable violence, or just being kind to one another. So missionaries are sent into their lands.

Pask remains the same. Slaughter them all, topple their temples, ransack their larders.

For the Dictat, ensure that their presence is not welcome. Using the cover of moonless nights, ransack their stores. Weapons, documents, apparell, all can be snatched. If such an opportunity for more mayhem can be seen, take it. A discarded cigarette may roll a little too close to something explosive, after all. Should someone wearing a particularily fancy hat wander too far from the camp, his last experience will be a silent darkness swallowing him whole.
Still, stealth is the priority. The Do'laroshans were never here, afterall, so caution is first and foremost. This is our specialty, so let our natural instincts free reign!
>Everlasting Waters

Using the kingdom's immense trade connections and luxury good access, we begin to stockpile the quality Drya steel leaf and powder seeds for our new endeavors.

Dwarven craftsmen, Dybeti smith's, and our own local Anaye skilled engineers are brought together.

> Design a cannon suitable for ship to ship combat, as well as hauled with a land army as artillery.

The foreign concept of the cannon has not evaded the Everlasting Waters, both witnessing the Turtle's own examples, along with the Drya, and distant rumors of the strange men of the North bearing such steel death spitters.

The state sponsored team is given a sizable royal commission, and ample materials with which to work with. As always such things take time. 1/3.
1. Viper Pit Part II: The Return of King Sssipler! Benmi and his group continue into the temple of doom to find out its secrets and wonders.
2. Make not Waste not: With production comes leftover material not suited to use or waste from trash. While Oni are a clean species, their waste is still piling up, and it's getting out of hand! After finding a lump of rusty metal in his peach tea and slaughtering the kitchen staff, Benmi demands his scientists fix this or they're going to use as support pillars for his throne.(Research recycling)

The Do'laroshans would find little place to hide; seeing as the Dictat forces encamped in the desolated, barren areas near the shore. Flattened, devoid of greenery, but more importantly; being abandoned. The campaign in the east is over; and had been for some time. With no information on where the survivors went, the Dictat forces had began to load back upon their ships to leave as soon as the word was given.

With a majority of the living forces taking their things and boarding first, Golem labor would be used to pack the rest; leaving some opportunity for Do'laroshans to squirrel away a few rifles or so. Any important documents would have been taken or burned already.
Dark times come and our kindred stand on the front of what is about to be.
1. With some directions our kindred the bones of the dead gryphons will be taken from their resting place and added to the experiments of the purebreeds on the mix of the Dryasylph; along with fruits of Fortitude and Flex to create a larger, stronger, Dryasylph like breed to allow them to carry more over vast distances.
2. As discussed with our western kindred a new joint city will be grown where the green vermin warren of 'Homeplace' once stood. The land will be rejuvenated with Dryaspath before a grove of purebreeds are planted to allow the breeding of more subspecies.
A strange calm fills the moles.
It is done. All is done. Their purpose is fulfilled. They can be calm. They can… rest.
For one generation, all moles know peace, internal peace.
Grudges are forgotten, trade flourishes, all hug one another as the brothers and sisters they are, finding solace within one another and within prayer.
Life is good.
It is done.

> bring the new military up to the old training standards
> reform the Atragarok
After the Age of Peace, the chimneys bellow, stronger than ever before, the camps are filled with the noises of training, the recruits and veterans alike gather to dust off ancient weapons and wield new ones.

But this isn’t the old, furious, mindless training of old, no, this is something new: they are mighty, yes, and they are vigorous, yes, but they fight and train with a smile on their lips, they are wounded and they fall with peace in their hearts, they plan and spar with war in their minds and limbs.
But their peace survives inside, in that little spot inside every soul, inside every being, upon which our truest self resides.

They bellow for blood, they offer sacrifices, they die.
They suffer.
They still embrace it all, with peace and calm.
For the Danderfey have returned. All is right.
And all is done

Behold our Lady of the Deep, ye mighty, and despair, for she is great and terrible, for her sacrament is the blood of cowards, for her ritual is the death of the divines, for her communion is the slaughter of the unworthy.

And you?

You have been judged.
She has found you wanting
Fluff: perhaps.. those that left will someday have their descendants return... but for now... other matters must be taken care of to ensure the survival of those that remain. And then.. to ensure the prosperity of the nation.

1 action: Construct 2 farms
Fishing is a good means of food. Perhaps a clearing can be found to grow rice.. but for now fish and seaweed from the clear blue sea must do.

1 action: Construct a city
Risetto.. that shall be the name of the city.. and perhaps.. should purity be strong enough... it shall last eternal

With the war in the west ending and the continued work on improving the industry of Prenhaearn y Wladfa, there must be at least some local source of coal to fuel the fires of that industry. As such, prospecting through the lands would be done post haste in the attempt to find coal so as to better be able to work upon the future plans that Prenhaearn had. Still, even with a proper mine for coal in Prenhaearn lands the imports likely wouldn't stop, it just would be needed for there to be any sort of major buildup in the colony for industry. Naturally clan Protheroe would be the one to carry out the prospecting and likely soon after the mining. However that wasn't the only major project done at this moment in time by the colony. There was another, one that was likewise designed to better deal with the issues that Prenhaearn faced when it came to supply. As even with it's supply issues there was another place that the vital resources the colony needed not on Syph, including some things that couldn't be obtained on Syph. Sigod. For back in the markets of the homeland and the other peoples of Sigod not only could goods flow but so too could many more colonists. Much had likely changed since then, but it was still of importance. After all, Llychlyn held the majority of the Brenhinol clan's population with the exception of Protheroe, and there was likely many things that could be learned from back home as well. Still, an expedition would once more be attempted to chart a course back to the homeland and return.

>Action One. Prospecting

>Action Two. The search for the homeland.



The forces of the Colonial Army and Navy were on their way out. A sizable majority of the heavy artillery was already on the beaches or being send home, and even then said artillery was mostly out of date now with recent developments on the home front. There wouldn't be much for the shadows to take as well, as due to Fanwyic tradition most bodies would be recovered, and with them their equipment. Though, there would be a not so insignificant amount of arrows tipped with blessed steel that the shadows potentially could recover, along with the occasional lost weapon or armor. Raids on Fanwyic camps however would be difficult. Not only due to the fact that they had better senses far better than any human including that of natural night vision, but also simply due to the fact that they were mostly concentrated by the shore at this stage where there was little cover. Had the shadows struck earlier, the smaller hunting parties often made up of groups of only a handful of soldiers could be ambushed or picked off one by one, but that wasn't the case anymore with the rabbits banished from these lands. Further missing soldiers at this stage would be noticed with concern and cause organized searches that will raise alarm if a dead body was discovered or said search team was attacked, which would make any future attacks much harder.
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Action 1: Prune the Tendrils of foreign interference

An exchange of ideas is fine, but an attempt to influence the government of Fraternian from without is not, work do unto the gains those who are not of our nation have made in building influence within Fraternland have made. Bolstering pro Fraternian voices and ideas highlighting the rapid modernization of the nation, with new technology like personal defense guns. And electricity as well as the many applications it has! Those officials found to have split their loyalty between Fraternland, and others are quietly removed from their position and assigned to dead-end career-ending posts. Disloyalty to Fraternlands ideals and people will not be allowed to take root in our government.

Action 2: Theological defense and debate
While we are happy to have the humans from the far east open diplomatic exchange with us will not side idly by while they attempt to undermine the Faith or our people the crown fund the construction of a new cathedral within the capital near the embassy, and funds theological debates on every facet of the Fraternian faith and the HDS’s faith to get to the heart of what each side believes so that the people of Fraternian can understand the whole truth and hopefully keep true to the teaching of our holy thistlepaw our lady of mercy and redemption.
File: map70.png (1.17 MB, 2048x2628)
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1.17 MB PNG

Once more central Syph is rocked by movement from beneath, tumbling shacks and shaking things loose. It grows in waves, stronger, nearer, the epicentre of drawing upwards. Blossoms fall from the trees, wares rattle from the stalls, still it builds. Then, with equally great and terrible crescendo, like a second Pyr the ground gives way to molten ire. She is risen!

In the cool sands of Dryan Thios, Iti lays her latest brood.

Now that they have settled into their mountainhome, the Dwarves of Raktuvdun set about carving out whatever treasures lay within this new domain. As written in the Third Quarry Treaty, a small portion of whatever is dug is given over to the tree of Bandru and to Kalnthrunr(a) of the Throng. Still thoroughly Ashen in blood and nature, this is taken to the letter, and cart loads of stone chips are included in the delivery train of iron, coal, copper, and gold.

The power of lightning is captivating, and the use of runic systems to capture this lightning magic for golems spawns a thousand possibilities a second. The first which sees funding however is for electric lights, using the trapped lightning to charge a wire in a glass bulb to incandescence! Then with the use of another complex set of runes, just a touch is needed, not even from the magically inclined, to turn the light on or off. [You're pushing too far again]
(>>5195342) With their contacts secured the petition to proselytise is merely a formality, and soon sermons are being carried out in, the depressingly only two neighbourhoods in the entire city with a majority clean populace, even then at least two of every other "Morph" is present among the Men, some are even these Men's "spouses". The priesthood see initial success with their cousins, but then these Men do not quite understand, inviting Canomorphs to private prayers, equating these grittidim with Awoo, Fanwen, and Dyb. And then the Fraternians begin their own campaigns, ones directly counter to that of the Dictat; Something about huddled masses yearning to breathe or other such rot. Priests find themselves preaching not to Men, but whole crowds of the gathered cesspool of races, who jeer and heckle the speakers of the True word. Then comes rumour of a delegation being assembled to travel west, to spread Fraternian ideals and this Thistlepaw idolatry to nations of the Steel Alliance!

[+1 PE]
[Waning Crescent]
The wastes are unforgiving, barely even lichen grows on the exposed rock beneath the ice. Without doubt anything beyond fish and sea vegetables will have to be imported. A port to ease such trade from New Ava's, or a road to the rebuilt Aphthys, would be most beneficial. As far south as they can, the Rabbits construct from the finally hewn stones of the sprawling temple, homes for themselves and call the place Risetto.
Ships of metal dock, and aboard are all the great wonders of Sigod! As they disembark with much celebration in Æbleholm, the priestesses fall to worrying. Not of the ships, but of what dangerous times the ships may have landed in. Word from the Invuldelotn arrives mere minutes before another tremor hits, this worse than any before it, rattling the Golaetur'kots worryingly. The missive is opened, revealing in hastily scrawled runes: Make full the stores and sure the walls A beast claws up from beneath the mountainroots.
With funding secured, the sparse Dwarves of the Lykkeligfilt establish the town of Lykkloedkurg for both themselves and those newly arrived from Sigod. Here they find the climate most pleasing, warm summers cooled by the Xira winds, and winters with just a sprinkling of snow on the coldest days. Fish are plentiful, and the nearby Sennite hunters very amiable to trade. Residents say with obvious bias that, barring being a sacred hedgehog, it's the best life there is on Syph!
(>>5194495) This controlled lightning is most remarkable, not least of all because Oni superstition requires that Dwarven coinage be used to keep it in piles, including the recent commissioning of the royal mint to forge coins the width of millstones for larger storage! The Devils also sell, if rather reluctantly at times, rubber, which combined with this lightning of theirs gives Dwarves another hundred ideas. Though rather secretive in the initial fabrication, the engineers are so proud of their latest innovation, that it will no doubt leak to the traders of the floating market after a few ales.

[R] Whilst strolling through the Taqsim forest, a young Dryad spots a wounded tree on the outskirts of Calibrus and rushes to aid it. As she communes with the tree to find the a way to help, the tree tells her that she herself is at risk, for the sap is highly irritative. She waits near the injured tree to keep it company as the wound is slowly closed by the tree's own processes, when she finds that the hardened sap has all the lustre of Gylden glassware! [Lacquer]
[NM] The Dreamer wakes groggier than ever, having slept so poorly with the waning and waxing of magics. It takes half a jar of Ayatanna before she can speak in anything more than a croak, but knowing that old tree it might well have been a ruse to get such a good taste! She smacks her dry lips and thinks hard on the question, "Keep the balance. Keep good friends with the Dander. Keep out of the north." She nods to herself and is soon back to sleep.
The effort required to formulate and construct the locus is, unfathomable. The entirety of the Rings is put to this single task. When it is done, it spans more forest than had been originally envisioned, and the gate between is little more than a pinprick. Still, spirits are supremely malleable, and will be able to squeeze through this space between the seen & unseen, if rather slowly and a little bent out of shape.
[R] Being able to hide oneself amongst one's trade partners is, it turns out, just as if not more useful than hiding amongst one's enemies. For younger and more diminutive Shadows skulking around the Dwarves discover that their cement works are simply not getting the same results now that their supply of ash from Pyr has been swept off every roof and plain of theirs. But the Shadows have piles, mounds, half an island made of the stuff! With the right dealing and, maybe secret sharing, there's gold gold gold to be made!
With whispered spells of conjuring illusion, a Shaman may make day as night, night as day, the raucous silent, and the silence raucous. He may make the air dance with colour, shadows sparkle like the stars of the sky, disguise himself as a be'bar if he likes! All this, from the little seed of Sa'terif in his hand. But soon We'isla discovers why magic had been applied, and not simply cast into the world like a careless shout. Shamans become jumpy, jumpier than Do'la usually are, they stare off into nothing for hours, or mumble jumbled nonsense under their breath. The Shadows are reminded there are even worse things than Paskians out there.
Most everything anyone speaks in a day is niceties: Thank you, Pardon me, Watch your step, and all the rest. Even most questions are not meant to be answered, not really: How are you, Isn't it cold, What's the password, pah! A little slip of the tongue and they are none the wiser, why, you can even insult them almost straight to their face and they'll smile & nod. Such magic has limits, it's not going to get you through one of those tedious formal luncheons with the Dander, or win debates in the Daiimad of the Dictat, but it will at least let you in most doors.

>Everlasting Waters
(>>5194674) The Laga increase their usual orders of steeleaf and powder-seed from the Drya, paying the ever-incrementing price without issue. Knowing the dangers such stockpiles bring, the Trees convince the Whales to keep the seed separate from anything of any worth, in a place without much humidity, a rather tall order given the climate of Deinos.
(>>5194395, >>5193103) After tyrns of stockpiling trade, the Laga reveal why; They wish for artillery to rival the north. Business with the Fanwen and Dyb, with the Drya, and the far flung Gylden, they have collated designs, flaws, and casting methods, and even practised forging techniques. If these nations will agree to aid them, the Whales will finance the entire endeavour. With a tyrn's work, the gathered knowledge is, in a way, quite literally poured into the fabrication of the best cannon those not within the Steel Alliance can make. But still, it pales to what Prenhaearn or the Dictat parade. The Whales will have their Ahua'mak'e, Death Spitters.
Beginning from the Kavost, crossing off where records show and the mines confirm have already been scoured, the hunters head south. At once, the last of the veins already mined are found, and being outside the floodplains, tradition dictates it belongs to these hunters to exploit.
(>>5194495) Worship a river? Now that's a funny thing to do, or so the Oni think. But as more of Dybet's history, unique geography, their supremely fertile plains amid the harshest of deserts, it starts to make some sense to the Devils. This is not to say, however, that they take Undine as she is, no she'll need some Hellish flair before the Oni accept her as a goddess and not just some minor river spirit. [I would recommend IC if you can convince Blue to stop being a lazy bones!]

[D] A sickness has spread through the lands of the Oni, one which creeps under closed doors and brushes aside privacy curtains; A disease of the loins. Now the Devils are no strangers to the nasty side effects of lust, rashes, lumps, children, but this is something far worse, for it infects without any sign of its presence. At least not until it is too late. A full third of the royal harem is dismissed, showing the first stage of the malady, small easily hidden sores on the corners of the mouth or genitals which clear up after two full cycles of the moon. Six cycles after this they begin to spread painfully over the body, reaching into the mouth and less savoury orifices; By then the infected is infertile. Even these sores heal, scarring the Devil all over. Somehow this is not the worst of it, for after this the diseased begin to show signs of madness, as if their brains were full of worms. Lastly, the poor Oni has his or her nose rot off, a final mark of shame. Half of those, even in this late stage, survive.
The Trial of Vipers, that foreboding ruin along the River Eris, had claimed the lives of more than one of Benmi's close friends, for they had entered it unprepared. Now they bring a full force of trained and well equipped explorers, helmed by the God-King himself; a title Benmi had heard the leader of Dybet was called and quite fancied for himself. With machete, club, and especially purchased Dwarven Voktorz lamps, they head into the jungle. [IC, will reopen the thread]
Truly, everything the Oni create may be used by another, even their waste can be spread on the fields. But they are a decadent race, unwilling to hassle themselves, happily throwing onto the heap anything which breaks or runs out its novelty. But after so many tyrns of this, each city has a small mountain of rubbish! Benmi himself is furious having to avoid these waste piles when entertaining foreign dignitaries. No more! Anything still of use is to be used! Anything not of use is to be broken down to raw components! Metals to the smelters, pottery to the cement mills, scraps of food to the farms for compost. Anything else, take it up with Obudanji, new minister for Refuse and Recycling.
The addition of gryphon bones and crystal fruit to the standard formula of the Dryasylph leads to the flowering of the Dryaglyphs, -sylphs of large size with hooking vines beneath them. They are slower than their waifish cousins, but able to carry a good weight for it. Unfortunately they are also headstrong, similar to the Sonyakians, needing to be plied with good feed and watering before agreeing to do as commanded.
(>>5193162) Upon the Sennite's homeland, where the filth of the Goblins spawned, Dryaspath are planted and replanted. In the cleansed ground a forest of native trees is grown, in the centre of which are laid the foundations of a joint-city, where the Drya await the arrival of the apparently mandatory male tree from the Rings.

[+3 PE]
[R] The Dictat has poisoned the ground of Araq's grove with their sulphur mustard, now nothing but grasses is able to grow there and each time it rains, the smell of onions hangs in the air. Among the grasses however, is found to grow a number of red flowers, familiar to the newest arrivals from Sigod. For in the sulphured forest is growing that ever sought after, opium poppy.
Blessed be Fanw, for she unveils the wealth her Children sought! Coal in the hills of Syph's Breath, and gold in the mountainous Ridge.
The Children of Fanw had so long ago sailed from Sigod to this new world of Syph, and now they wish to return to their island home of Llychlyn. Previous attempts had been halted by terrible storms, but now their boats could withstand all but a Timnal Rage. From the harbour of Glaniadneifion they set off to much acclaim, hoping within a tyrn or two to reach the ports of Allfshys. They sail at a good clip, reaching over the horizon a familiar archipelago around which a number of turtles wade. These were the islands of Affandws, which had been found by the first brave Fanwen generations in the past. This was a promising omen! With renewed vigour they sailed on, and on, and on. Where Llychlyn should be, there is open ocean. Where the Sigod mainland should be, there is open ocean. Where the temperate islands of the Depauns or the overgrown isle of the Cravers should be, there is open ocean. Featureless blue water from horizon to horizon. As they make for home, defeated, the lookout calls from his nest that there is something floating on the water, south of their current position. When they hall the flotsam from the waves, they find it is ships planks. From the splintered wood, three words in gilding can be picked out: Star of Xycthos.
[D] The captain of the ship that has arrived, after mandatory quarantining, has unloaded from his quarters a strange statue, one in the form of a tall humanoid draped in cloth. As nobility, he has apartments set aside for him in the palace quarters, and his accompanying artwork placed into the gardens. After things have settled from the arrival of the new colonists, a gardener informs his superior of vandalism in the rose garden. Some brute has decapitated the statues of kings, saints, and heroes, grinding the heads to dust before them. Only the piece the good captain brought with him was spared, perhaps because it was too difficult to reach on the high pedestal it was installed upon. The same gardener also complains of a snake problem in wild gardens.
(>>5189086) The Dictat are welcome in the Fraternlands, but they have yet to be deigned a Friend of Fraternia, and their actions towards the influencing of the populace is most unwelcome not to mention antithetical to the founding principles of the Union. A sudden increase in state sponsored arts, particularly the most rallying operas, the most expressive of Fratern style painting and sculpture, the most patriotic of anthems. The Prince makes a number of very pointed speeches about the wonders a united Fraternia, one which welcomes the downtrodden, the defenceless, and the stateless as friend and neighbour, has created. A government reshuffle finds those more open to Dictat ideas mysteriously relegated to lesser positions or sent out to the backwaters of Charhall or Eastclimb. Alongside these efforts, a new, grander cathedral to the sole eternal Thistlepaw, begins construction in New Ava's, incorporating the existing building as a side shrine. Resident diplomats of all races are invited to the inaugural service.

Araq's wheezing finally falters as he is bled one last time. With jubilation, they watch the appointed queens butcher the sore-riddled body of the god-beast, draining every last drop of that vital sacrifice onto Her stones. The crowd is given over to bloody self-mutilation, and then, a peace that they have not known for so many tyrns. That fire of war and hatred in their bellies is quenched with the cracking of the temple flagstones, with the shaking of the columns, with the whispers inside their heads of Her. From the temple they roar like a living wave, out into the sparring grounds. The monstrous forges are lit, coal heaped into the furnaces with unseen abandon. The Simfuni's iron chime is torn down, there will be no need for war! Not as She is come! With joy they strike the copper chime, it is a time of peace! Of celebration! Of the judging and damning of all Syph! Soldiers return from the north, to join the training horde, having too heard Her call. Together a new Atragarok is formed, one draped in the apple banner, one helmed by golden armoured queens, one which does not lead, but follows. Follows Her!
>Taknab cont.
Their last sacrament is another bleeding for Her, all of them, all of Maglak gives at least a drop. The earth gives way to Her burrowing, stone and dirt torn up with her burning claws. She, Lady of the Deep, Mother of Maglak, a god-beast above all other, of sloughing molten rock and iron. Her screech parts the clouds. She is risen.


-Third Purity War-

Shadows sneak into the camps of the extinguishers of purity, masters of stealth, of disguise, of general illusion. They flawlessly mimic patrol guards, before disappearing into the forest with whatever they have grabbed. With the Men and Fanwen packing up, it amounts to little more than a mud-caked rifle and some dry rations. Given the temperament they have shown in the past, so killing officers isn't going to be able to be blamed on wandering spirits, and will only lead to further hostilities.
What ever doesn't lay buried in rubble has sought refuge with the Fraternians. Were they not treaty bound, they'd likely torch New Ava's just to be sure every last Usagi is turned to ash, but that "pure" streak will be bred out of them by those insatiable Fraterns in no time. Honestly they're worse than the Oni. Alright Men, back on the boats, it's time to head home to a heroes welcome.

-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

With slaughter on their minds, the combined Entente army is set to make Obron a ghost city in the most literal sense, but those ever rational Turtles point out that women and children who surrender are spared whatever befalls the armed Ministers. Pack them aboard ships and send them back off from wherever they drifted in from. A number of smoking fires are reported throughout the Pask, libraries aflame given how quickly they grow. And with their magic returning, the Ministers they do come across are a fiercer foe than ever.

Action 1: A new Elder Tree on the ruins of home-place, Suriyan.

The Drya are already quite set up here, and are now present to witness how the Bandru'ii raise their canopies. A procession of Dryads in white trail one after another to the site of the tree they selected for its perfect features, a balanced nature, a gentlemanly personality(?), wisdom beyond its years and just the cutest leaves(?).

Whatever it is the Sennite brides are going on about, it is lost on the Drya present, but the effect of their union cannot be described as anything other than extraordinary. One after another Dryad after Dryad walk up and graft themselves to the tree, laying down their own lives for the future of their kin.
First a year passes between brides, then only a few months between torpors, all the way down to mere hours between new dryads giving themselves to the tree known as Suriyan, the now colossal tree towering endlessly into the sky devours the remaining half of the assembled brides in merely a day.

Each time a dryad enters torpor with the tree life seems to bloom from the union, new Sennites sprout from the nearby ground, grass grows higher and spirals oddly, fruits grow fatter and the tree itself creaks as its own size increases.

By the end of the fourth year Suriyan stretches grandly and imposingly into the sky, a home for countless dryads among his branches with many wealthy districts hanging from his canopy, with new seedlings popping up all the time from the ground beneath him

Action 2: Spire Halls of Gryphon Peak

The Gryphons are starved and struggling in the wake of Grynox death, we cannot help but feel a kinship for them as we begin recovering from our own series of disasters.
Constructed by Gryphon Peak are a series of halls where Sennites may live more permanently in the region, serving as residence for a few thousand dryads at a time as well as a place of learning for them to be taught to care for, train and bond with Gryphons.

Such majestic creatures, leaving them in their current state is unthinkable to the elders in Ash'sen.
File: Turn.png (626 KB, 1044x970)
626 KB
626 KB PNG
>Global Event
More support, armaments and tools are sent to Raktuvdun as they report shaking in the ground from a beast beneath - and they are thanked for the supply of resources they have sent in their turn. The gold and coal and iron and copper are of intrinsic worth, and the stone chips - whilst it seems pedantic in the extreme, recent arrivals from the Gyldenland mean there is an ideal use to put these to...

>Great Ships Dock
What wonders of the world these ships are, metal-hulled with heads of steam! And what wonders they carry, great volumes of knowledge and demonstrable practices from learned engineers who are instantly flooded with offers of teaching and commissions from halls and institutions across the land. The Officers of the Teimgandt are also welcomed as a source of great order and stability

>Action 1: New Armour Practical
With the 'new armour paradigm' (>>5193103
) contemplated and theorised, now is the time to craft. The furnaces of Ederakung and Ulzrailk ring with the sound of Dwarfwork, forging new, strong and wonderfully protective body armours for Dwarf soldiers and on these new principles of strength and flexibility combined with traditional Dwarven quality.

>Action 2: An Age of Steam Dawns
A final stretch of internal roads had been long upon the planning books, but never given priority in the budget as the main places they had been due to connect had all previously sat upon the Dwarven road network. But the arrival of the great steam-ships, and the knowledge of lines of rail now extending across the Gyldenland worked by chugging engines and bringing the world together at greater pace, upends these old assumptions. What might have been the last Dwarf road to be laid becomes instead the first stretch of Dwarf railway of the Æbleland, a branched route that connects together the capitol of Æbleholm with the industrial forges of Ederakung and the Artillerists of Tirkolzop; and each to the other.
Also; [R]umour time
Sieves are fetched and water is stored when the trembles from the north happens once more. Fortunately there's only minor quantities of ash that falls down, which the Dyb people quickly dispose of. The priestesses breathe a sigh of relief, and praise Undine for her mercy. More water elementals return to the streets of Dybet, even some appearing in the Dryad gardens, bringing water to it's residents.

Action 1: Make Gemstones and Sulphur mines in the Ahmar Desert.
With the discovery of more sapphire in the deserts near Kavmira, as well as sulphur near the temple of Solahmar, mines quickly start to appear, and goblins are imported in large numbers to dig it up for us. Goblin overseers are transferred from the Goblin-staffed gemstone and sulphur mines, and will have plenty of lesser brethren to consume whenever they protest about the heat.

Action 2: Spread Cult of Undine to the Gylden.
While the Oni branch of the Cult of Undine deals with the cultural differences, the greater cult keeps moving forward to the next target, the Gylden. The Gylden are blessed with good harvest and good trade from their rivers, now they just need to thank the goddess of the rivers, they need to praise Undine for her kindness and love. The temples are lavishly decorated with sapphire and gold, jouyous water elementals start dancing about the streets of Æbleholm, as magic returns stronger and stronger.
1. With the creation of the Dryaglyphs a new opportunity is presented. Much the same as the ships pulled by Sonyakians special ships will be grown with rings that the Dryaglyphs can hook on to from the top. With this a team of Dryaglyphs can raise the ship into the skies and over the land; allowing the Drya to transport items and Drya while ignoring mountains and other hindering terrain.
2. The observers are sent out again to scout the land for resources.
Action 1 begin an investigation into the vandalism as well as the captain, leave no stone unturned and see about collecting information from former passengers as well as what we can dig up about the statues

Action 2 Continue the modernization of the nation implement electricity throughout the nation as well as firearm production capabilities
this is me>>5201883

With coal actually found, a great deal of excitement would be had by Clan Protheroe who swiftly would properly put people to work in the digging out of a new mine. This naturally allows a myriad of major things for the colony, all related to industrial expansion as the country's coal imports no longer will be hoarded by the various navy ships and what limited left saved for the general market. Now, there can actually be some surplus for the rest of the colony. And obviously, it meant that Clan Protheroe would get a lot of profits from their new mines, far more than what was possible before. It was quite clear that Clan Protheroe was certainly one of the most influential in the colony, and while not as powerful as Llewelyn, this certainly helped gain even further influence. Of course, disregarding politics, with how vital coal was there was likely still going to be imports of it. After all, the nation needed a lot of coal, far more than most others. But even so they still had plenty more to work with than they did previously and with that, actual genuine work could be done by the likes of Goewyn Taaffe in expanding the industry she made so long ago. This naturally would result in the factories in Efailesau rapidly expanding as they are updated with new equipment and more importantly properly powered. Needless to say this results in a fair shock to Clan Nist, who's control over the market for goods rapidly dwindles as everything from tools to machine parts slips from their grasp. They still have claim to the artisan works, but swiftly they find themselves stuck with the great issue of needing to try and make their own factories, and ideally keep their high quality. This obviously causes a fair bit of clan competition between Taaffe and Nist, though for the moment, Clan Taaffe is ahead. And clearly, Taaffe might join Protheroe in being a colonial born Brenhinol Clan. Still, something swiftly apparent with the industrial expansion is a need for safety standards, something swiftly worked in by Goewyn to the best of her abilities. After all, best ensure no one gets vengeful and see's her designs as reckless and careless for the safety of those she employs. After all, Clan grudges have started for far less in the distant past.

>Action One. Build coal mines

>Action Two. Industrial Expansion.
>Action 1 - The Shaded People
Build 4 mini-temples around Achroma's Lake (Rename it to that as well, like, literally sneak into every single library in every single nation that has a geological survey of that area and vandalize the map. Kiné Lake is no more.)

The Shaman's, fresh off the generational gap in magic imposed by Pask's dying breath, are loath to give up their new talents, but the elderly Blue-caste insist. Strict adherence to limited Sa'terif use is enforced by a re-invigorated order of Indigo and Violet Shamans, a group who's history stretches back to the ancient war with the Blackstone Cooperative. Long dormant, they see new funding by the jumpy Blue Shamans, taking up the name Do'terif, The Shaded People. The extra funding serves not only to increase their ranks, but also their skills and capabilities. Their responsibilities are entirely internal, for now, but perhaps their attention may soon be diverted to the shady underbellies of those abroad who bear Do'laroshans ill will.

Looking to kill THREE Be'flits (a small, flightless bird with a long beak native to the inner Dakan) with one stone, the Shaman's desire to also solve the problem about the damage done to Achroma's lake by the passing Moles. Construction of large temples is out of the question, but small ones, with vast gardens of natural splendor, would no doubt please Achroma. Of course, such works would require teams of laborers to maintain them, and should the gardens be trampled or ruined, the infrastructure for their repairs will be in place to ensure it begins right away. The Shaded People will call these numerous temples, and the small communities that crop up around them, home. Mingling with the commoners, and the pilgrims who make their circuitous pilgrimages around the shores, will allow them to ensure that Sa'terif is controlled.

>Action 2 - Open the University to the World
The Fraternians, who pull from technologies around the world, are looking to 'modernize' their nation. The Do'laroshan's will not be left behind, of course, and so go about working towards this in their own way!
Still, in a rare moment of, perhaps what might be called 'generosity' if you squint at it hard enough, the usual method of mimicry is discarded. Why copy, when information, and more importantly, innovation, can be given so freely?
To this end, the University of Creative Minds is opened to the world! Any one, Mole Queen, Dander Diplomat, Dryad Spiritseer, Oni Concubine, is welcome to attend the lectures, enroll in classes, or even accept the (very lucrative) teaching jobs that are available to the qualified. Even the library itself, the darkest inner sanctum where The Beast still rumbles in it's slumber, is opened to the public. No books can be removed, of course, and translation is always done by a Do'laroshan scholar, by necessity, but otherwise all manner of knowledge is made available to all.
>War Post
The Turtle/Shadow army is formidable, and resolute, but not ruthless. Those who will not fight back, and seek only to escape to the icy waters, are not chased. Let this city empty itself, pouring it's foul people's into the sea to be lost to this land forever.
That said, any resistance is firmly squashed. Let no mistake be made, Obron, flaming and wrecked as it is, is now an Entente city. Once all the Paskian's are fled, and their cursed bodies burned, then civilians will be allowed to explore the abandoned city and make of it what they will.
To that end, with the two armies firmly entrenched in the city, and supplies and reinforcements pouring in through the fractured wall near We'vara, begin the evacuation-cum-cleansing of the outer walls as well. Let no vestibule of Pask remain. Tear down his temples, his towers, and his Ministers, wherever they may be.
Fluff: So much to do to get things set up once more...
1 action: Expand territory
There is territory yet unclaimed... let’s see if any of it can be made of use
1 action: re-open abandoned mines/build a farm
And let’s see if there is material to work with yet
1 library action: Pure Sense Pure Vibration
A person’s voice vibrates as they speak... this.. perhaps can be fine tuned with magic to make that voice travel further. To send it to a receiver... another priest casting the same spell. Yes perhaps this is the way long range communication can be set
File: The_Blood_Relic.jpg (289 KB, 750x375)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
>Sorry about the lack of presence, jsut been busy

Last Turn
1. Make more mines of the special metal
2. Develop specialist Holy Forgemasters, who take the supreme art of Turtle Steelmaking to a higher level by adding in an element of faith based ritual
This Turn
1. Develop a system of holy relics, where the bones of fallen and brave knights are brought back home to become encased in the metal and to become holy relics to inspire the masses
2. This metal we mine seems to react positively with gold! Or at least we think so. Let us make gold mines
3. Library Action
Develop a superior way to mine for gold based on all we have learned of digging from both the moles and the goblins
File: map71.png (1.08 MB, 2048x2628)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

And I looked, and behold a great beast of molten rage: and Her name was Death, and the Atragorak followed with Her.

Iron and coal, how joyous are the Ashen with these finds. At once mines are ordered, and the raw ingredients for steel are stockpiled. Of course, with the agreed share flowing down the mountain to two monarchs.

[R] Beryn Grunkup, bastard son of the bastard son of that bastard of a son of the most venerable Bavir Grunkup, certainly not to be confused with the honourable Koron Grunkup of the elder Grunkup line, nor the respectable Caston Grunkup of the Meluz Grunkup line, nor the very distantly related Hruma Grunkupp who owns that nice pub in Ulzrailk, the one with the splendid view of the Field of Gold; The Apiarist's Arms that's the one... Beryn Grunkup has continued in his grandfathers tradition of debauchery, finding himself in the very heart of Oni pleasures, the bath-city of Yokusna. It is there he spies, when he's not getting an eyeful of Oni lass or his vision's blurred with drink, a peculiar little hut and water wheel. Still a Dwarf, despite his predilections, he cannot help but investigate the thing. Bribing the Devils guarding it, he steps inside the stone shack to find a mess of copper wires which crackle as he draws near to them. He jumps as the door behind him opens again and a brute of a Demon steps inside! "Oh, I wasn't aware we were due an inspection, least of all by such a handsome Dwarf. Now you'll see we've recently installed a new dynamo...". The explanation is in tremendous depth, one Beryn remembers almost word-for-word, a trick he began to learn when he first started card-counting at the gambling tables, and seeing the incredible fortune the leaking of such information could bring him, he excuses himself from the "inspection" and makes haste back to his fatherland.
Almost immediately after the success of this proof of concept, it is rushed to mass production. The whole army is to be fitted with this new paradigm!
The locomotive the shining steel ships brought with them is, to put it charitably, not as shining as they are; It is clearly an older model of engine given the rust that is cleaned from it before operations start. Still, it is a marvel of engineering as yet unmatched! commandeered to run on the soon to be laid line between the capital of Æbleholm and the industrial heartland of the Syphian Throng. It even provides use for those so "generously" gifted stone chippings.

Though envisioned as huge flying vessels able to transport untold weights across even the very mountains of Syph, the effect of additional Dryaglyphs carrying the gondole is negligible. Still, experimentation finds a system able to lift the weight 6 adult Shiape and their luggage with four Dryaglyphs, or 10 Shiape with ten Drya. [~1000lbs & ~1600lbs respectively]
Again the Dryasylph are sent out, sighting beneath the Catan Plain a cache of sparkling gemstones.
[D] No! No, no, no, it can't be. How could such a thing occur?! It is impossible! But such a thing has occurred; As an ancient god has risen, an old one declines. For Bandru's bark has started to peel and underneath it are the tell-tale white roots, of Poxylos.
(>>5201707) The Sennites parade to their torpor with all the pomposity the Drya have come to expect of their mainland cousins. This tree, this Suriyan, they have selected seems really nothing special to the Drya, it is certainly no Purebreed after all. Despite this a great number of the Carvil’ax’seset give themselves to "him" all the same, speaking of "his" virtues in an almost apish manner. When at last Suriyan's canopy is unfurled, it shades the ancient white sea-wall from shore to shore.
With assistance from the greybeard Dwarves, the Dryads establish a semi-permanent residence near to Gryphon Peak, here they may more easily study, and hopefully tame, the magnificent beasts. Now if only they can get the Ashen were so domesticatable, maybe they could be taught to stop throwing goat scraps at the starved creatures like some bloody spectacle.

The quake loosens not only ash and silt in the waters of Undine, but along both her own sacred river and that of the Kavost, the water priestesses find flakes of gold shimmering in their sieves!
The initial loan to purchase the Goblin slav- mining professionals, is paid off in less than a quarter tyrn by the desert hunters as large raw sapphires and secondary source of sulphur enters the market. There is some debate among the elders of the hunting tribes how this new revenue be overseen, as such an effort would distract from the migratory lifestyle they have maintained for countless generations. In the end it is decided to hire a trusted non-hunter Dyb in Kavmira to deal with it all.
(>>5200104) Having braved the oppressive humid heat of Nazena, the Cult of Undine make straight away for Æbleholm, arriving to see that they are not the only newcomers to the Gylden capital. Monstrous steel ships dwarf [ha] the jetties they dock at, and may even rival the vessels of their own Fanwen cousins. This aside, the Cult disembarks with a flurry of music to which raised elementals dance and splash. [best take to IC]

Small temples to his glory, each inlaid with only the largest shards of Blackstone, are erected around Achroma's Lake. Plans are drawn up to covertly correct the maps and records of the world of this true name for the body of water, but level heads reveal only the GFU and the Turtles have ever been allowed mapping access to the area. A number of Hunters sigh dejectedly and put away their stealthing things.
With utmost generosity, the Do'laroshan Tribes decide to open up the University of Creative Minds to the world, and with it the wealth of knowledge the Library campus holds; For a small admittance fee, some terms and conditions apply.
The Captain is interrogated thoroughly, as are the few aboard the recent colony ships that had any cause to rouse suspicion, most of whom have alibis for the day of the vandalism, and those that don't are questioned again, flogged, and sent away when no new information is discovered. The Captain himself relays that the statue had been recovered after a certain stony race had used it as a bargaining chip during the most recent of tragedies to befall the home isles. He accepted it as simply a masterpiece in the art and thought nothing else of it, honestly he did. This leads to suspicion of the statue itself, for the Ithempeli were most certainly not a race to be trusted when the first Fraternian ships sailed to Syph. With this, the Captain is stripped of his rank and pension, for allowing such an unfathomably potentially dangerous thing to be brought to this (ever so slightly more) peaceful land. [D] The statue has changed. By Thistlepaw it is alive. The guards raise their weapons to aim at it, but the turn of the things stony head compels the Men & Morphs to lower them again. The lead investigator manages to croak out "what are you?", which draws the veiled gaze towards him. "My good Rabbit, I am the Tongue of Aka, and this magnificent garden of yours will make a splendid new nest for my lord." [From here we'll IC]
The extensive Ducal Merchant network works not only as a means of communication with the Wandering Market, but as a most effective exploratory force, extending to both the arts & sciences and not just cartographical knowledge. The most incredible innovation the Merchant Duke of the South reports is that of the Oni's trapped lightning! Some Lifepriest bargaining here, a little bribe money there, and the secrets of their dynamos is laid clear. The first water-wheel-generator is built upon the bank of the River Nomos, but generates very little in the slow moving river. That is when it is suggested that a dam, not unlike that of the Do'la be constructed to provide a stronger flow! [I know we're nearing the end of the game, but you're jumping three steps ahead here]

[+Araq's Grove]
As the lands of one wonder are claimed, another makes landfall in Traethllwyd. The hulking arachnid of the Wandering Market stops to trade.
(>>5200104) Coal is the lifeblood of the two nations of the Steel Alliance, and this local source now being exploited lessens the reliance upon the Gylden far south. Of course, with double the amount in Fanwen lands as in Dictat, no doubt there will soon be Human negotiation teams arriving to "request" a portion of this new supply. Barring this potential setback, the boon of coal is to be funnelled into the furnaces of the many new factories opening around Efailesau as much as is feasible. This industrial boom shakes the established order, propelling Clans Protheroe and Taaffe to unimagined heights, [possibly leaving the once indomitable Clan Nist to wallow in old glory.
[New Moon]
[!] The Rabbitty Recordkeepers emerge from the gloom of the Library with the remains of a tome in Old Bitty. Inside it is a spell, or rather two halves of a spell that allow a Speaker and Listener to transmit a message quite some distance, roughly that of the gap between the Library itself and the northern reaches of We'wait. As an older spell, it needn't rely on priests, but the two casters themselves. An instrument is fashioned of silver in the shape of a claw worn over a finger, this is then rhythmically strummed over the throat of the Speaker and the long ear of the Listener. In this manner, when the Speaker speaks, the Listener hears him as if they were in the same room. The claws of course scratch caster, and these wounds must be monitored less they become infected.
Rabbits fan out across the ice, in search of, anything of use. From the flurries rise the forms of yet more strange temples as the one they had sheltered in just tyrns ago, along with the narrow "streets" of abandoned stone settlements; Gatherings of huts made of flat rocks lined in orderly rows or curving spirals. But these is not the only oddities the snow conceals, as on the glacier, beside a jagged outcropping, is a towering monument taller than anything the scouts have ever seen, seeming to stretch into the starry sky forever. Then word comes of yet another bizarre find, an oasis of fruit trees and warm pools. The poor Bunnies must have gone mad to see such a thing in this barren wasteland, surely?
Tokki must smile upon the Usagi from above, for the mines on the ice are for that most blessed silver! But alas her heavenly grace cannot make the rocky glacier fertile, and so the Rabbits must make use of what the Gali before them had, the abundant seal population. Imports from the Entente supplement this meat-heavy harvest, but they should make for good export at the very least.

[!] Turtle Recordkeepers waddle from the Library carrying with them a codex bound in gold. Inside it are pages detailing the methods of mining along with meticulous diagrams of everything mentioned. Much of what is inside is already known to the master diggers, including that which has been taught to them by the Fraternian's previous delve within the Library, but on the last page, yes the final page of the whole codex, is a method new to them. Blast mining. The accompanying illustration is most informative, fig. 1 Drill, fig. 2 Insert blasting powder and tamp, fig. 3, Light, fig. 4, Evacuate and await earth-shattering kaboom, fig. 5, Rejoice. The little creatures used in the diagram appear to be Do'la, only about the size of a Danderfey, and wearing skirts & funny hats.
>Bertonia cont.
Though new shafts may be opened to faster mine the existing seam beneath the earth, there is little more that can be done save to shore up the mine against collapse. A vast wealth of the ore is already in stores, awaiting the fateful day the king orders its use. And not three days after the mine proclamation, he invests the most capable of all the Turtle smiths as Holy Forgemasters, who not only receive a royal pension but also gain access to this most sacred of metals to further strengthen Bertonian steel.
Faith is stronger than any metal, accept perhaps that with which the Holy Pail was made. And word has it that relics of those most brave imbue the owner, the wearer, the wielder, or even just the viewer, with some of that soul's bravery. And has not the belief in Iti made them strong before? Then cannot the belief in her Children make them strong now? Yes. I believe it can.
Though it is decreed that gold be mined, there is none within the wide kingdom to exploit. Then cast the net wider! (>>5201707) And so the Turtles petition the Drya, on the isle of Deinos to the south, for it is known they have gold reserves they are not mining. There is a tentative agreement that the Turtles may mine, after all there is the stink of the Koape, the Catan, about the whole place, and Karu's singing really is most annoying. Of course, much of the gold they mine is paid as lease to the Trees to mine it in the first place, but ho hum. It is more gold than they did have, and the mining of it is good practice at least!
[Please also re-read here .>>5188886]


-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

The air shifts, winds blow up from the south over the Dakan, pushing the Paskin boats far out into the sea, back to their homeland far away; Their colonisation attempts ended. Obron falls dark then, as the runic lights lose their spark. After this more strangeness begins, as certain buildings simply crumble under their own weight, no longer runicly buttressed. The Inculcation Forge is silent, as the powerful runed furnaces become mundane. The fires within the city begin to mount, as the Deviseries (including the prominent Grand Devisary) give way to the flaming roar which devours the once painstakingly drawn runes. Nothing of Injunction's Will will remain upon Syph, the Ministers, laypaskians, and perhaps even Injunction itself has seen to it, in these last acts they will make this Entente victory as bitter as they can.

1. Hidden the Small Details: Long have Oni thought there were creatures so small they can't see them. If goblins could talk, then why not tiny things that are alive? Engineers took them upon themselves to find a way to see these little creatures. They know mirror can make things look smaller, so why not make things look bigger? Benmi funds their venture, curious about the hidden world of living things. (invent microscopes)
2. Mastering the Small Things: When microscopes were invented, it opened a new world of science to the Oni. They can finally see what it hid from them all these years! It took some time, but scientists discovered and collogued these small things called "cells". During this journey, they also found these malevolent creatures they named "viruses" and "bacteria" Awful things that ruin living creatures' lives, but one shouldn't judge so quickly (advance the field of biology/medicine)
3. Miracle Cure: Their understanding of life is getting better and better each day, but the plague affecting them still inflames their bodies! King Benmi has enough of this illness! He orders his wise men to figure out a cure this and all other diseases or he's going to use them as experiments! Not needing more motivation, they get on working on cures using the healing honey from the Dyrads! (cure disease)
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>Library Access
The library access newly granted to the nations of Syph intrigues the first Dwarves allowed to venture inside - though their hearts fall as they sift through the stacks. Scrolls of sketchy and dangerous magics no clear-thinking Dwarf would have anything to do with abound, and even some 'useful' ideas are ones that their people have met if not surpassed. Blasting-powder excavation? Dwarves have been doing that for many a Jidtyn. Buckets and wheels to bring resources to the surface and air-circulation machines? Schematics of mining devices from the Gyldenland - pumps and conveyors and elevation cages - already achieve this with what the Dwarves consider clearly superior machinery to the primitive diagrams the library provides. The only tome they can quickly find that seems to offer much talks of ways to learn foreign languages quickly - perhaps this will help the Dwarves to reduce some of their reliance on translators and speak more clearly to the other Syphan peoples. Though Dwarves continue to slowly comb through the stacks, ever hopeful of something more useful.

>Action 1: An age of coal and steel.
The Iron vein at the heart of the Aeturkofilt has become eminently accessible with the new railway passing, and so a new mine in the style of the advanced mines of the Gyldenland is struck to carve this resource from the earth. And in the mountains, with the opening of another 'Gyldenland' style mine more coal is tapped to increase the flow of fuel.

>Action 2: Southern Survey
The prospectors return to their work with a new survey commissioned. As well as finishing up checking the expanse of the savannah, the remaining jungles that lie closest to Kupsiloz and the Metaki hills are also measured and tested by dwarven instruments - now it is only those areas of jungle considered the most remote that Dwarven society has not yet measured.
Panic is brief, before it settles into fear, anxiety, and then deeper and deeper into its worst form, despair and resignation to the end.

Disaster after disaster have struck the Bandru’ii rings and this is the final death knell to mark their passing.

A circle is burnt to contain the outbreak, Bandru quarantined and the nearby ring of trees examined, for spread, new born saplings in Ash’sen examined for taint and grimly put to the blade if they display any.

Across the empire the wedding veils of every dryad are marred black by dye and those that live in nearby nations begin migrating back to the rings, to pay respects at first, but then after for an entirely different reason as a vague hope blossoms.

Action 1: Widen the Maw
(Upgrade the locus again)

He won’t die, he can’t, but we are left lost on how to save him.
Poxylos has no cure, no measure of Ayatana can expel the virulent scourge. For months, despair is all the rings can do.
That is, until a plot is hatched from the shadowy ranks of the sentinel mundane. The Locus gives us access to the whole of the unseen.

We use the Locus to send some force to stop the Spirit of Poxylos at its heart.

If we cannot fight Poxylos on the material plane we will fight it in the unseen, kill it where it stands or drag it back in chains.

And like that, the spark of hope engulfs the entirety of the rings, from all corners of the mighty empire voices flood in, geometers and totem carvers and minstrels and warriors and saplings and clade members and every last daughter of Bandru not yet mentioned summon themselves to Ash’sen to see what they can offer, what they can contribute to save Bandru, for if they could bleed their own sap for a second of his life they would in a heartbeat.

The Locus as it stands is immensely potent, but it is not enough.
Even more upgrades and expansions to the locus are undertaken, tinkering and toying and experimenting in whatever they can and adding grand new sections to the construct as they are devised.

What results is an even stronger locus, allowing potent spirits to be recruited in a balanced way at an even greater rate.

On the other side of the country, Valmad goes missing from his garden.

Bandru won’t die, he can’t.

Action 2: A Forgotten Melody

Sylvea is the second to know of the infection, and is abruptly ripped from Bandru’s embrace by her closest aides before she can be told.

She is wordless after hearing the news, silent for several days. She summons a host to accompany her for a voyage telling only her closest confidants the destination and departs upon the royal Canon Thalassa “Gilded Helm” without another word, vanishing from the empire before the hope of slaying Poxylos was ever established,

Queen Sylvea, ruler of the empire once promised to the exiled empress arrives before Karu the Lady of Laluga to enlist her help with healing Bandru, or at the very least learn the song she sings, for the dreamer loved it so.
There's a burst of foreign fashion in Dybet, as the Cult of Undine's missionaries bring back plenty of western clothing. The Cult of Undine can't exploit this fully as they're not a mercantile cult, and they have to deal with the alterations done to the purity of Undine's love in order to appeal to the western civilisations.
Still, people are happy that the ash rain brings them the trickle of gold, surely a reward by Undine for heeding her warnings, and making appropriate preparations. Similarly, magic returns more and more, water elementals become common once more. Some are even filled with gold to symbolise the prosperity of Undine, though they are more sluggish as gold is of earth not water, so it cannot be animated with water magic.

Action 1: Embark the Dyb army on ships and sail north toward Londision. If Drya attempt to toll or hinder them, throw them in Laga prison.
Troubling news come from up north, a massive monster is approaching Londision, we must act swiftly or it will be destroyed. Dybet's army is mobilised and many a ship are mustered, to act as transports for said troops. It is still faster to travel by sea than by land, though that runs into the problem of the Drya fortress out in the water. It is time we made a definite statement, Dybet shall solidify it as Dyb and Laga waters, and as such, they will throw any Drya who impede their progress into Laga prisons, where they belong for breaking Laga laws. Hopefully the Drya backs down, letting us make haste toward Londision to stop the infernal beast. Even if they were to try and fight us, we will pack a vast quantity of cannons and explosive charges (including depth charges), because that is more likely to harm the beast than our (admittedly quite potent) blessed steel swords.

Action 2: Roadbuilding around Anubira and Sekhmira, connect the two metropolises.
It has been a long thing coming, Dybet has profited off river trade but our roads between the Dyne and Kavost are limited, as are city roads in general. So it is time we connect Anubira to Sekhmira, as well as make proper road connections to the nearby farming towns and temples near the cities.
>Everlasting Waters
Shipments of Oni medical equipment begin entering the port of the hospital for unpacking and inspection by the staff, once the invoice is paid in its weight of coral and other acceptable goods.

More testing is done upon the Ahua'mak'e, testing how well it can be attached to cart and hauled by a team of two Ants, or mounted upon a ships deck. Teams of trained operators are developed , known as the Ahua'tali - the Death Corps.

A fort is built around the storage for the powder and other materials. It is here where the Ahua'Tali do their drills, firing into the empty hillsides.
1. Mines are built to exploit the gemstones found.
2. The with some greater cultural exchange with their western kindred some ideas of mechanism begin to come through to the Drya; and of course they are immediately put to war. The Forgetrees are put to the test as smaller leaves are meticulously shaped into smaller mechanisms and the first Drya breach loading canons and guns are made; utilizing the unstable nature of the Dryanot powder by putting them into paper cartridges with the bullet affixed at the end and striking them with a strong enough spring lever. Of course all objects continue to be made from upgraded Steeleaf and steelwood.
Action 1: expand then nations electricity capacity by building the hypothesized dam after nature surveys to ensure there will be no unintended nature side effects.

action 2: work to implement fire arms into the industrial capacity of the nation so that we can integrate them later on

(if one of these doesn't work just do what you will QM lifes still rough)
Posted on behalf of Mygros

Word of the plague from the Dryad and Oni nations reached the ears of the Minotaurian council fast, concern and fear quickly set in after rumors of the effects of these plagues started coming in as well. In response to these pandemics, the council organized a group of volunteers and eager scholars who recently graduated from their schools have been organized and sent to the Trygon and Oni nations to assist in whatever way possible.

1st action: Send the first group of scholars and volunteers to research the plague and find ways to cure it.

2nd action: Send the second group of scholars and volunteers to research the plague and lessen its spread.

The arrival of the market is of some boon, especially as the fruits of the labor that the new industry has brought upon Llychlyn's colony have started to come in full effect. Naturally this would be of good help getting various materials that were not had by the mines or fields of the colony. And with this abundance of resources Prenhaearn would work upon two things. Firstly, taking the steam engine and examining some of the unique designs used abroad for both industry and locomotives in the neighboring Dictat and the far trading partners of the Gylden. A new engine would be devised that would prove far more effective than those before it, the first prototype a small one connected to a Clan Taaffe factory, specifically a dynamo for power generation. Instead of the various shaft powers mainly used by other steam engines, this used a turbine to generate power. And further experimentation through upscaling showed that the power output was far greater than ever expected. Naturally, such would be a boon both small scale for any future locomotive work, Prenhaearn's industry, and of course the steam engines of the many ships that belonged to the colony. Though for now, it would only be used for the latter two rather than the former.

The second main thing of work in the colony was more tied to that of the navy. With the new guns, an idea of utilizing far larger Canonau Gwarchae that could only ever be effectively used in defensive static positions or on ships would come to be. And in better utilizing them, great powered houses for these guns would be created. Capable of turning with small engines and gears to point at an enemy and fire. Further, on the naval side of things, greater works in glassmaking and optical devices would be made to have a far greater view of distant ships than before, and more importantly the fall of shot from shells fired at such distant targets. Regardless, all of this would certainly be a boon to the navy and to a lesser extent any future defensive structures. Interestingly this was devised by Clan Wynn rather than Llewelyn despite the obvious naval connections.

>Action One. Steam Turbines

>Action Two. Turrets and Rangefinders.
Fluff: It’s slow going... but even these desolate wastes are proving themselves to be better suited for getting stuff done than the woods despite how the land is here

1 action: investigate the Queen’s blueprints
These... are odd mechanisms. They have to be understood before work can be done on them. Small scale models, trying to figure out what was used to get the design... even just deciphering the text

1 action: Investigate Glade of spring
Something odd in these desolate wastes. Perhaps something that is more comfortable than the snow that surrounds us?
Posted on behalf of Taknab

>1st action: build a dirt bridge over the tight spot in the river
Dirt, dirt, dirt, the imnaki's best friend along with steel and darkness, the material and tool upon which our empire is built.
Great masses of dirt are heaved and dropped, heaved and dropped until the canal is no different than a plain to our blind eyes

>2nd action: convince the lady of the deep to cross the bridge
Her who is of bloodshed the queen, her whose prayer is slaughter and whose roar is the death-screech of a thousand warriors, hear the pitiful request of thy humble childer.

Oh great lady whose blood is iron and whose hide is steel, whose whiskers feel all and whose snout smells the dirtworm and the great mountain alike, see our prayer.

We ask thee to steer from thine most hallowed path, for our mortal friends lay in the way of it and if we cross them, they shall surely be destroyed below thine mighty paws.

Thus we beg of thee great mother Taknab, follow our scent, cross the bridge onto the land of slaughter

>Action 1 - Magical Wing (Forge + Library/Temple)
The University of Creative Minds is growing in size, the first trickle of foreigners starting up as Shamans, excited to be able to once again practice magic again, take to the halls to see what their ancestors, and scholars from even earlier, have to teach them.
This, of course, necessitates the expansion of the University itself. Sa'terif is quickly becoming just as much a matter of fabrication, as opposed to the old methods; articulation, gesticulation and vacillation (of the hips).
Of course, with foreigners in mind, the magical workshop is built with others in mind too. All manner of tool or smelting can be done here, allowing a potentially infinite combination of mixed magic to be accomplished in the future! Of course, Blackstone edifices of Achroma (and Iti, for she is a god too!) should be placed tastefully around. People must be reminded who runs the show here, after all.

>Action 2 - Gemcraft
Gems gems gems. Of all the materials for Sa'terif to be applied to, why do they seem so resistant to the matter? Or rather, so eager as to loop around to uselessness again?
Regardless, nothing can be done with them now until further investigation sheds new light on their properties.
So the scholars set to work, the expanding magical workshop coming online providing fresh new opportunities to try new experiments. Gems of all sorts are bought, and then cut into various shapes, implanted into ears, foreheads (and a bellybutton by one rather risqué girl), ground into dust, buried in dirt, scorched in flame, had lullabies sung to them, bathed in mustard and left to simmer in the noonday sun and think about what it did, drinking up all that Sa'terif so greedily.
While increasingly craze-eyed Shamans begin arranging gems to spell rude words in Albionic, some artisans try a much more likely approach. If gold spreads Sa'terif around, and Gems drink it in, an object where the two are entwined closely, or perhaps one encases the other, may prove useful.
File: map72.png (882 KB, 2048x2628)
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882 KB PNG

Liquid rock and iron slough as She walks, blessing the earth with Her dropped offerings. At least this is how the Molerats see it as their living goddess scales Syph's Backbone and clambers over the mountains. White Cloud Peak, so long so called for it's endless snows, is melted by Her very presence, swamping the low lying portions of the Winchester and Taqsim. As before, as this one god is followed by Her flock, another's calls his own. From across all Syph the Carvil’ax’seset who have not put down roots are drawn to the Rings, an exodus on a scale as yet unseen.

Having made for themselves mines of iron and coal for their steel, the nature of the Dwarves drives them farther south to the riches of copper and gold, which they bitterly but dutifully give over the portions due to Bandru and the Gylden Invuld. For this and their other own purposes they make for themselves dark tunnels through the mountain all about.

The magnifying properties of some domed crystals has been known since ancient times, used by scribes to see read when their eyes dim, and by artists to paint the finest details, but what if one could look even closer? Discs of the clearest Gylden glass are ordered (for even though the Oni are clever, mighty, and not to mention dashingly handsome, they know when to rely on others), and through a number of grinding trials the Devils fabricate lenses with which a hidden world may be seen. Perhaps this is the "Unseen" the Dryads have mentioned, for there are indeed on everything the Oni look at, countless "spirits" floating everywhere! These peeping Oni are the first to see the building blocks of the world, cells both plant & animal, and given their nature, of the wriggling sperm as well. [This second action however is too close to the disallowed germ theory, sorry. Instead the Oni invent spectacles.]
(>>5207756) Speaking of the Dryads, their expensive, and delicious, Ayatanna honey is just the panacea they were looking for, for those who can afford it. Unfortunately, the most readily infected with this disease are the poorest and (therefore) dirtiest of the Demons, unable to scrounge enough for even a thimble of this miracle cure. King Benmi is not a heartless, ambivalent god on Syph however, and sends his wise devils out to find a more affordable cure for this sickness. As a motivating factor, he surreptitiously has them first spend a night with an afflicted concubine; That should get them motivated indeed! And indeed it does, for within the tyrn they offer up a readily available remedy... mould that is grown on melons. In a characteristic royal outburst, Benmi crushes the Devil's head between his hands for saying something so stupid! but the others show proof that the fuzzy fungi which grows on the fruit does in fact cure the disease in the first and second stages. The king quietly pays off the dead scholars family afterwards.
The Library, and the university spread throughout it, are indeed a wonder upon Syph for their sheer scale if nothing else, but the offered knowledge is almost as ancient as the columns behind which it is housed. Even the stacks of the Library proper, prowled by specially robed figures of obvious but unknown importance, are full of scrolls and codices of gibberish; Half the documents they pull to peruse are blank! Nevertheless, the offer is taken up by a number of Dwarves, in order to foster friendly relations with the nations of the Entente if nothing else.
Technological progress from the fatherland, though the direct translation of the Gylden is closer to "the place of emergence", is leapt upon by the most savvy of businessdwarves, opening these most modern of mines upon iron and coal.
Nothing?! How can such a vast swath of land yield nothing?! The surveyors' offer of a token find of plain but good quality stone for building is little consolation.

Cloth of incredible hue from the Throng, exotic furs and jewels from the Oni, and a new style of shendyt from the Minotaurs over the Danos, all enter the market to great fascination as the Cult of Undine return home. Much time is spent in contemplation and prayer over the concessions made in the west in the promotion of the watery goddess's worship, but the gold speckled waters must mean she is not too displeased with their efforts.
(>>5209588, >>5209301) Though slowed by seemingly unavoidable Drya bureaucracy, with shouted message that they come to make war against the molten beast which threatens Londision they are waved through the waters passed the Sogigant, even joined by a group of young Laga bulls for such a noble cause. It is still bothersome however, as the Trees still made to stop them in the first instance, leaving the matter as yet unresolved. One soldier idly suggests that perhaps the Co-Op Council could help. Nah.
Fine roads of fine stone connect the two sprawling cities of Upper and Lower Dybet at last, with a high and beauteous wooden bridge spanning the sacred river.

Extensive geological, botanical, and other natural surveys are conducted before the go-ahead is given to the dam project. It is during these investigations that it is found the natural course of the river has already been altered, likely by the Maestros of the Simfuni, however the current course will be enough for their purposes. (>>5207756, >>5210482) As curious onlookers, the sparse populations of Shadow and Dryad watch the stone walls erected, the machinery hauled in, and for half a tyrn the flow of the Nomos slowed to a trickle as the reservoir fills. At tyrn's end, the sluice are opened, the dynamos whir, and available power skyrockets!
Industrial output only ever increases which the Fraternians now apply to weaponry, chiefly firearms. Though relatively outdated by Dictat or Fanwen standards they are still deadly, and now abundantly manufactured.
The spread is stopped within the Inner Ring with selective cutting and then a circle of embers, but the great tree is still afflicted, with Ayatanna simply easing his pains. His children feel his torment in themselves, drawn to him by whispers of the unseen to further ease him however they can.
From far and wide they come, called to this most noble of tasks, to the aid of their god and father. For Bandru they would give their countless lives without a second thought, but his suffering cannot and will not be ended by such sacrifice. Instead they give whatever it is they can to the increase of the Locus; Carving totems, painting out sacred geometry, making pact or covenant with the spirits, and so on. The garden of the Totem Locus is widened, and the pinprick becomes as the eye of a needle, enough to see one's own spirit as if in the mirror of the Holy Pool staring back with unseen, unseeing eyes. Through this, the Sennites will send their soldiers, crusaders against the dark and bitter spirit of Poxylos.
The Bride of Bandru is torn from her beloved, informed of this calamity which has befallen the Rings. At once she sets her mind on a most secret task, one which many of her own circle have only the barest understanding of as they set out upon the Gilded Helm on their long voyage. As Dryads make pilgrimage to Ash'sen, she sails away, to much disdain from those who see the shining living ship leave the soon-to-be (even more) crowded harbour of Xira Gate. Along this coast, then through the waters of the Fidic and Planomic oceans toward Deinos they are carried, (>>5209588) docking at the small port of Interanya which the royal Canon Thalassa dwarves in its (her?) mooring. Sennite ships are not totally unknown to the city, but one of such size and carrying what is essentially their cousin's own Purebreed it is quite a draw. [Insert IC between the Drya and you, then the following] After making it out of the city, the Dryads cross the Catan Plain, the jungle north of it, and then the Hitels towards their goal. Karu's song can be heard across the forest and her branches can be seen over the canopy, previous explorers were not exaggerating her size in their tall tales. Queen Sylvea and her circle make their way into her grove. [and we will IC]

A little of everything the Fanwen have to offer is snapped up by the Marketfolk, and the various metals, minerals, luxuries, and oddities they trade in return bring ideas and levity across Prenhaearn. The spidery bazaar bids them farewell and trundles unknowingly into the blasted grove. Whether arachnid-inspired or not is no matter in the case of the new turbines that are shortly after unveiled. The ingenuity of Fanw's children surely know no bounds! Neither does their industrial output. Included are the magnificent turrets and sights which their already impressive canonau are so enhanced by, who with whirring, clicking gears may be aimed and turned wherever they may!
>Everlasting Waters
(>>5202871) Crates of Devilish "medical" equipment arrive in the makeshift port of the Royal Hospital, a terrifying array of saws & scalpels, pliers & tongs, all in shining silvery steel. Included are also empty glass phials from Gylden craftsdwarves, pipettes, tongue-depressors, rubber tubes, and all manner of strange instruments for oddly specific tasks; Why, for example, does one need more than two dozen separate tools for retrieving different soft foreign objects from orifices? On second thought, I don't think we need to hear it.
All aspects of the Ahua'mak'e are inspected and whatever alterations needed implemented so that the weapon may be hauled on a cart, or mounted upon deck. Alongside this, Laga, Anaye, and even a small number of Cardinals are trained in the loading, aiming, firing, and maintaining of the thing, and all other necessary tasks for its continued good performance. Those entrusted with this knowledge are called the Ahua'tali - the Death Corps. For their purposes, the stores of powder and weapons is made a fortified base of operations, including much needed training. The Tel hills are soon peppered with holes and craters.

Mines are sunk for the glittering stones observed by the Dryasylph. They will be put to good use in the Purebreed experiments or else be sold off at the Sogigant for their unique specific lustre. [Did you decide what they were? If not, diamonds and emeralds are both still available]
(>>5207756) Though they would be perhaps loathed to admit it, as proud a race as they are, the Dryads of the mainland are masters over the Drya in the field of mechanics. An attempt to match them leads to the growing of more delicate steeleaves upon a miniature, meticulously manicured trees. These are then used in the creation of intricate and fiddly assemblies for the loading and firing of Drya weapons. [Bonsai steeleaf trees basically]

For the sake of the Dander, and not so much the Sennites, the Imnaki work diligently to offer up a new way for their goddess, heaping out dirt and rock to form a bridge to save the sacred orchards in Her path. They tamp it down with a million feet and make a bridging dyke of earth across the channel. Then loudly, with squeak and cut, they beg Her Ladyship to cross it. She hears their piteous pleas and sees the works they offer, she hears their praises to Her and Her glory. But, Mother knows best in all things, Her path need not be so widely diverted over this bridge of dirt. No, Hers shall be the way forward, upward, over the mountains to Her prize. Blindly the second Atragorak, this swarm of praise and triumph, scurry through the mountain doors, charging through the unknowable tunnels and await Her as she scales the peaks, displaying Her might to all the world.
[D] (>>5202871, >>5207455, >>5209275, >>5210482) Something is attacking the ships as they attempt to either leave or enter the wide ports of Megyros. Those who have miraculously survived claim it is a creature beyond nightmares, worse than any Goblin or Paskian, worse than anything they have ever witnessed. As closely as they can before their eyes become glassy and their words trail off, it is a squid like monster, larger than the largest bull Laga, with the deformed body and head, almost resembling a torso. The thing attacks indiscriminately, pulling them beneath the water, or else surging up underneath their ships and smashing them to splinters.
(>>5207756) As hundreds, if not thousands of Sennites return to the Rings, they are not the only race who come to aid the ailing Bandru. How the Minotaurs had knowledge of his condition is known only to the Bovine themselves, who say they "heard it in the earth". They have come as scholars, healers, and friends of the Dryads to help however they can. [You'll have to IC this, I'm not really sure how they actually can help honestly]
(>>5202871) Minotaur scholars, having heard of the plight of the Oni, arrive at the royal court to offer their help, to aid however they can in search of relief, or possibly even a cure. Now, although the tale of the discovery of the cure is one which will be sung of in legend, it is also extremely long, full of misrememberings, embellished details, and three separate Bulls with the same first name which is just confusing. Suffice it to say the Minotaurs do indeed help the Oni discover a cure for their affliction, and thankfully were not in the throne room to witness Benmi's violent outburst at its presentation.

The University within the Library's precinct expands both through the innumerable empty ancient halls and the surrounding hillside, cohesively incorporating the existing Do'la structures with the Library. Included is the construction of forges in the south of the school for mundane and magical crafts, and shrines of shining Blackstone to darkest Achroma around the halls to inspire the students and visiting scholars. As the campus grows, the Shadowy Keepers feel something is missing, a motherly something perhaps, and when a Bertonian Recordkeeper is heard praying to himself, they know just what it is. In a courtyard favoured by the Turtles for its near constant sunshine, the Do'la erect a bronze of the great mother, Iti, whose comforting eyes are captured with particular skill.
>Do'larosha cont.
Gemstones. Oh how they capture the minds of Shaman and lay-Shadow alike. And yet how stubbornly they refuse to be of use in Sa'terif! Do'laroshan merchants and nobleshadows wear them about their person as gaudy baubles, unaware of their thirst for dark magics. Gems of every hue and clarity are imported at exorbitant cost to the University for study, for polishing, for faceting, for frying in fat and Gylden herbs, for locking in lead-lined boxes, for throwing into fires and poked with iron rods, for being caressed like a secret lover, for being stared at for hours on end. For it all to prove useless in Sa'terif. But the Shadows are not ones for giving up, not in matters of greed and being out-stubborn'd, no, they'll find a way to make these sparkly rocks bend to their will. It is the jewellery of a fine lady Do'la which gives the Shamans an idea however, for she wears about her neck a Fraternian flaming ruby caged in gold wire. Knowing the equally strange properties of gold in the art, the design is recreated and flooded with magic. The result is extraordinary, and though the mechanics of the thing are as yet speculative, it appears that the magic "leaking" from the gold is greedily absorbed by the gemstone which becomes clouded and eventually pitch black, thus storing the magical energy!

[Waxing Crescent]
Usagean scholars are clever and the foreign script of the queen's hidden plans is soon deciphered. Their contents are bizarre, mentioning goats which excrete pure metals, vats of urine (! if the translation is correct, which the scribes are here unsure of) the scale of which is unfathomable and disgusting, formulae for a number of chemical experiments, particularly acids, the architectural plans for some kind of "re-education camp" (whatever that is), and the design for suits allowing one to breath underwater for some time (though they appear to be for very fat children). Along with these are processes of flattening steel, of capturing air within tanks, and a way to "fly aloft on fired air", though this appears to be for a prototype and not a proven model.
This Glade of Spring is a marvel of beauty and life on this barren glacier they are forced to inhabit. Lush green plants grow all about the warm pool of clear water, heavy with tempting fruits, other blooming with enormous intoxicating flowers. The whole area exudes magical energy, one of restoration, of renewal. Despite themselves, knowing that being of this earth it is impure, the Usagi tasked with exploring it are drawn to relax upon the soft grassy shore or rest their cold weary feet in the waters. Perhaps it is a small blessing of lunar purity here. Perhaps.

Is this NRP open?
File: Turn.png (529 KB, 914x840)
529 KB
529 KB PNG

>Action 1: Extended lines
Another section of railway is constructed to fill in a route that many past Dwarven proponents have long proclaimed to be 'missing'; continuing the railway south from Ederakung across a new great bridge spanning the mighty Zarunteg river. On the other side, the railway then carves a path through once-impenetrable jungles of the Melzkagilt before reaching the town of Kupsiloz. Not only does it allow the Dwarves of the jungle town to more reliably keep in touch with the rest of their nation and export their copper, it also provides significantly easier access for the Kupsiloz Meluz population to the ancient Meluz hatching chambers that lie along the chosen route.

>Action 2: 'Good Quality Stone'
>full-size mine/quarry and two 'half' mines
It's plain and un-fancy, but the quality is good - and so a mine is struck upon the edge of the savannah for the building stone. Meanwhile, in the Untegtangul the pixies invest in turquoise deposits lying beneath their province, building two tiny mines from which their diminutive hands excavate the precious stone and, after learning from Dwarven craftsmen, carve upon it intricate detailing on their own scale.
>Action 1: pt 2:
The railway extension running north to Glazchorkurg, by contrast, is built purely to decrease the time of a journey and runs close alongside the existing road network for much of the length; passing overhead on small bridges or in tunnels where they cross existing roads as the local geography necessitates.
This is the last thread.

The Queen Sylvea and her cohort rush back to their ship and sail as fast as the Mote’aide can carry them back to Ash’sen after their potentially disastrous meeting with Karu, meanwhile the dethroned wheelfinger queen rallies support to revitalise the Carvil’ax’sesets technological world forevermore.

The throne of the dryads lies empty, indeed none can even enter the exclusion zone set up by the Sentinels without full body protective equipment and an exceptionally good reason, including written council permission.

Any newborn who rise up and out of the ground from Bandru’s base are slaughtered without mercy, a grave, tragic mass murder that has to be done. They simply could not be allowed to spread the infection. The bodies are burnt upon mass pyres, and ash clouds the sky once more.

But there is hope. Despite everything the rest of the nation has all but fully recovered from the collapse, and great riches, talents and wealth begin pouring into the rings, all put towards their task. To slay the great and terrible foe.

Action 1: Iso’aide, the Moteworks
(Electricity acquired from the Oni and rebranded to use spirit magic)

The Iso’aide are hailed to be the next generation of the Mote’aide technology, using the mote energies of the spirit world to create magical “circuits” which can then drive machines and appear glowing lights.

The true scale and complexity of the technology is lost on most, but what is known is it allows for true miracles of spiritworking should you find a shaper who actually understands the newfangled science, and doesn’t go on about how in her day you needed fully realised mechanisms to get what you wanted.

Action 2: Totemic Locus 4/4, The Drifting Gate

The Iso’aide were the final key to perfecting the Locus, the eye of the needle enlarges and stabilises as the final pieces of the gate are put in place, radiant pillars hosting coils of flowing motes, Sub-loci directing and channelling the additional energies, bound spirits tithes extracted via Iso and two colossal arches scraping the sky.

The Bandru’ii Rings now has unprecedented access to spirits of a volume and power their ancestors could only dream of, their magical item industry fuelled by spirits without number, all balanced so long as the gate lie open.

Nobody really considers what might happen if it were to be destroyed, the thought doesn’t give anyone any pause. Bandru won’t die, he can’t.

With much done in the field of artillery and recently in machinery, Clan Llewelyn would set up a project, one that called upon their best ship makers, Clan Tudor, Clan Wynn, and even Clan Taaffe. Still, the first part of this program is divided into two sections. A smaller Artillery focused section, and a second Hull section. The former would naturally take Sulwyn at the lead, and with it would be a focus not on improving the various canonau sizes but rather on their shot. The main work would be on a shell that was faster to load. A casing for the powder and a casing for the shell itself. In the largest guns, these would still need to be separate and loaded one after the other. In the smaller ones though this would not be necessary. In both cases this would dramatically speed up the loading process and give consistent results in regards to the amount of powder used. However this wasn't the main focus of this part of the project. Instead, it was on the creation of shells designed to explode upon landing, equipped with a high explosive. Of course work needed to be done to ensure that the internal charge was well protected and wouldn't activate upon the firing of the main canonau, but given the leaps and bounds in industry this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Ideally this would allow for far greater damage to be done by Prenhaearn Artillery, however there was one other thing worked on. That of specially designed shells made to punch through armor. Ship armor. The same sort that was being tested by the other section. Fanwyic artillery was the best in the world. It was only fair that the armor they were making was built to endure the strongest of guns.

In the armor section, specially produced plates were created with various different steel mixtures. This steel was not to be used in the creation of armor for soldiers, but instead for that of ships. While most with ironclads used inches of teak behind the steel or iron armor, or in more advanced shipworking places like that of Prenhaearn two welded plates of different make, the goal here was to remove all of that and only have a single plate of steel that couldn't be separated by impact and still able to withstand the impact and prevent whatever shot against it from causing deadly splinters. While it took some time for results to be made, a old steelworker and shipwright named Iorwerth from the Ciwed clan Cadwallader, which managed to get in on the project for assistance, would prove to find a grand method to solve the issue. By taking a plate of steel specially alloyed with nickel and chromium and specially heating the front side to high temperature and applying carbon gasses to it, and after further working on it by cooling the plate down and then annealing the other side, the armor could be made extremely durable and give more protection for less armor. Naturally, this armor would be named after the small clan for their efforts once this was tested and proven to be highly effective. Of course, the great advancements by the other team in this project would mean that the plates still got penetrated in the highest calibers of artillery, but even the higher calibers just a few inches smaller in diameter actually had issues penetrating the steel, something that old methods certainly couldn't boast about. Regardless, with this work this plan would enter a final stage. Llychlyn and her colony ruled the waves, and soon that would never be in any doubt.

>Action One. Armor Piercing and High Explosive shells

>Action Two. Cadwallader Dur (Cadwallader Steel)
As the two cities connect by land for the first time, a great many houses and stores crop up along the road between Anubira and Sekhmira, which does cause quite the confusion with what city they live in. The locals start calling this area Anusekh, and scholars ponder if these cities may one day unite and become a Megalopolis, only time will tell. But still, the cities boom in trade and population, with the much improved roads and finally reaping the full rewards of our land traderoutes.

Action 1: Prospect further in the Ahmar Desert.
With the success of mining companies out in the desert, more arrive to seek their fortune. Goblin prospectors are sent far and wide along the dunes in search of further minerals. Who knows, maybe we'll find our own sources of iron and coal, or perhaps, some hitherto unknown mineral.

Action 2: Obtain rubber from the Oni and vulcanise it with sulphur.
With out wealth and trade, it is high time we attempt to acquire Oni rubber. It has many uses, but of note to us is it's elasticity and relative lack of reactivity. It would make a great material for our chemists, letting us make gloves that can fit even an Anubisid. It does have the problem of deforming more plastically than elastically, but it seems that when treated with sulphur it becomes able to resume it's original shape after being stretched. If the rubber can be vulcanised, it will also let us make airtight rubber seals, very important when it comes to messing with chemicals. Who knows what new sorts of gunpowder we can create.

Army Strategy: Dig in at Londision. If possible, extinguish forest fires.
As the beast continues northwards, we breathe a sigh of relief, but still we hear the thunder of it's footstep on the other side of the mountains. We are not equipped to pursue it, so we will instead fortify our position at Londision, in case it returns. Gunnery drills are performed, ensuring we are ready for it's return. There's also the worry of the fires caused by the beast, which we shall assign some of our foot soldiers to putting out.
Posted on behalf of Mygros

Establish a quarantine zone around the creature and start sending regular shipments of cattle out to the sea to learn it's behaviour.
Posted on behalf of the Do'larosha

1 - Improve Language-illusion speech spell.
2 - Enchant Dakan Grove (living wood can store enchantments, so just have a practise of Shamans enchanting any trees they like with spells. Inner city trees get ones to look better, those on the rim to ward off foes or fuck with senses, make entry difficult, etc.)
Posted on behalf of the Drya

1. Improve guns with rifling.
2. Scout for more resources.
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Action 1: Expand public infrastructure to utilize electricity lighting, heating, transportation, modernizing the Fraternian nation further

Action 2: Implement modern Fraternian firearms into the military the age of sword and shield are long pasted. Now is the age of the gun
1 & 2.
Infrastructure improvements. General stuff.
Fluff: So the land isn’t entirely desolate... but this bodes grand for farming as the potential for food other than fish rises exponentially with this.

1 action: Build a rice and peach farm in the glade of Spring.
Let’s hope that this allows food to be more plentiful and varied once more.

1 action: culture: Government reform
It’s quite obvious that the makeshift job of handing the keys to the kingdom to those in high power was a very short term plan. What must be done now is something to solidify a new system of government to even potentially match the rule of the past Queen. A form of decision making based on multiple people will be used for future major planning, laws, wars, etc. community leaders that lead 10,000 rabbits or more in religious activities will be able to apply for a position in this new system as a singular vote. High ranking military officials, more specifically those with the top two ranks in the military, will be able to apply for this position as 5 votes due to being largely in charge of the army during times of strife. Lastly, the top two positions of priests will also count for 5 votes and they must apply to be a part of this system as they are the leaders of religion in this nation. At any one point in time, there cannot be so many of one group that they alone are able to out vote any other group unless it is the populous group. All officials in this position must rotate out every 10 years and may not be a member of this new voting system again for 20 as to prevent corruption from running rampant. The times at which new officials are elected will be stagnated as to allow new members to join three years apart from each other with every 30 years being a mass change in who is in charge.
> repair Maglak
The Great City is the pride of the Maglaki (hence the name), and though it was a divine act they cannot let a bleeding wound fester.
The great city is sealed up once more, to regain its status as queen of the world, after the lady herself of course

> Ask the Lady to go sniff sniff
The zealous Imnaki gather around their mother, singing praises to its immense and mighty snout, as they question her immense wisdom for a knowledge that they have yearned for centuries: what happened to their terrible enemies, the Rabbits? Surely the Da-Ted-Ol (Imnaki speech for White Deadly Thing. They refuse to recognize the rabbits as people) didn’t just… die, surely?
Her snout could perhaps find them, if they yet exist?
File: map73.png (1.16 MB, 2048x2628)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG

The Lady of the Deep crests the mountain, scales down the slope, and barrels onwards towards Obron. Mine and fortress crumble before her and fire blooms in her wake. On the other end of Syph, another Lady strides. Her roots snap, the ground rips, she tears herself from the earth, and the forest bows to her. Trees bend out of her way as she steps across the plain towards the Rings, with each heavy footstep shaking the ground beneath her.

Ashen custom is to do as one wishes, and bother to anyone who stands against you. (>>5214694, >>5218757) This is clear when two different kingdoms find tunnels and roads built from the Invuldelotn straight into their lands.

Steel track stretches farther and farther across the Throng, bringing steam and a renewed vigour with it. Dwarf and Meluz alike greet the first locomotives to arrive at pristine new stations with joyous fanfare. Halts are constructed along these lines at the Kupsiloz nesting ground, grand hospital, and temple of Æblemore.
Tiny shafts are dug between the vertical farms of the Pixies in the Tangle, pulling up pebbles and chips of turquoise stone, which with equally minute hands they work with meticulous delicacy. The savannah stone meanwhile, though it ain't exactly pretty, is solid and durable; Much like a Dwarf one supposes.

The Bride of Bandru, wounded and still swearing, is rushed out of Karu's Grove as said monstrous Dryad continues to wrest her roots from the earth. (>>5209588) No doubt the Drya will be the first to have questions for the Queen and her circle as the ground-shaking Karu marches across Deinos.
(>>5202871) Batteries of obscured design are purchased from the Oni, and recharged by superlatively secretive Devils in little sheds by water wheels for a small charge (ha!). These are then magically, spiritually joined with Mote'aide to create Iso'aide whose inner workings are truly only understood by the most experienced Voices. The resulting living machines have all the readiness and vitality of the thunderstorm within them, without the fleeting nature of the the lightning bolt's spirit.
The Totemic Locus is a thing to behold, that is, if one is able to withstand beholding it. Lesser minds would surely shatter at the merest glance at this gate between the mundane and the Unseen. Spiritual energy; possibly spirits that have, despite best efforts of the Dryads, slipped through this tear in the material fabric; hisses and whizzes about the local forest, upsetting, righting, upturning, re-righting the Balance. Of the opening and subsequent enlargings of the Locus countless treatises have been and continue to be written, speculation runs wild of the possibilities the thing makes attainable, least of all the eradicating of Poxylos.
[+2 PE]
A canon must have shot, although such terminology is, for the Fanwen at least, outdated. More now then, artillery must have shells. But the standard ammunition in use for a good number of tyrns is not enough for their improved arms, no something more impactful is in order. Given their task by Clan Llewelyn the assigned clans produce just that.
Industrial processes of all stripes are being developed in Prenhaearn, including the separating of trace minerals from existing resources, foreign & domestic, and potential uses for additional by-products of coal-coking. Many of these see experimentation by members of the minor Clan Cadwallader, especially in the possible treating of steel. [The additional components and procedures described are simply too advanced to not be the first in a two part action to produce this steel, sorry]

(>>5218757, >>5214149, >>5202871) The attacks are simply too unpredictable, the creature too dangerous, to allow the continued usage of the mighty ports of Megyros and so it is with heavy hearts decided that a quarantine zone be established. Given the long routes which near-forced ships to make rest at the city, trade between east & west is slowed, nigh on halted, with the Oni cities of Ikujet and Yokusna now the only viable markets for the Bullmen. Still, a pause in commerce is worth the unknown number of lives saved by the measure.
What could the beast want? What instinct drives it to do what it does? How can it be dealt with? Hundreds of questions are thrown about at the Council of Elders. It is at this hearing that it is announced that exploratory missions will be needed before anything more than the most shallow of understandings is reached. Expert mariners, of which Megyros has innumerable willing, are tasked with the dangerous discovery, though the Bovine know not all of them shall return to port. Ships of a number of different make and size are sent out into the wake, where fast the thing attacks the largest wooden vessel with expected ferocity. The crew escapes on readied lifeboats, but errant tentacles drag half of them to the depths. Caught in the waves, those who are able to swim beyond grasp or saved by other daring Bulls deliver the same message; The squid is screaming beneath the water a single utterance: "Tarneha", "Tarnagha", Tar-something at least. Other information is preliminarily floated. It does not attack metal ships, it cannot attack more than one large ship at a time, it definitely doesn't eat what it sinks simply letting the wreckage drift off.

Incremental changes in design mount, with the latest innovation of Drya weaponry being the rifling of barrels. At once this information is spread throughout the Yadi for its continued protection.
Again the Dryasylph are set adrift above the land, returning by tyrn's end with news of more iron hidden in the rock of the Upper Catan.
Though half of the Ahmar, once called Ifri, Desert is now surveyed, all that is new is a source of poor quality iron in the shade of the Rock of Solahmar.
(>>5202871) The experimental Anubisids, having paid a hefty price for a quantity of the Oni's jealously guarded rubber, find a way of stretching said rubber's uses with the aid of their recently discovered & mined sulphur. Already wise Dyb are petitioning the Oni to sell them more, much more!, rubber to them.
The fires, with the aid of the Voices of the Sennites, are quickly extinguished. The footsteps of this "Lady" however still smoulder with the intensity of the forge.

The fires of Obron flare up, tearing through the scant wood in the city, continuing to burn as the Entente watch.
Practical application has revealed noticeable flaws in the magic of illusory speech, most obvious is the ease at which the charade may fold. To counter this, direct emotion is funnelled into the expressed speech, impressing upon the fooled target that the speaker is of no import or noteworthiness, an additional layer of magical subterfuge to divert attention.
Around We'vara and Achroma's Sanctum a number of trees are selected by the most noble Blue Shamans in some secret way they refuse to reveal and transformed with a wide array of illusions. Dazzling lights, the facsimile of birdsong, the dance of Achroma's shadow, the glint of flase Blackstone, and so on and so on, all for the sake of showing off their mastery of Sa'terif.

(>>5202871) Continuing to ape Oni design, the Men & Morphs begin construction of their own electrical network from their dam to the hub city of Amicitia. Not having the Devils' readily available high trees from which to string their wires, a number of pylons are erected for the purpose. From this enterprising Fraternians may purchase access to this grid from which they may draw electricity to power "Devilish Lights", also obtained from the Oni.
With the weapons manufactured, it now comes time to get them into trained hands, both army and civilian. Soldiers are given renewed, updated training in the use of these more powerful firearms, with lessons also offered to hunters and other interested Fraternians outside the military.
[+5 PE]
Industry marches on, and nowhere more so than the Dictat. Railways join the mines of coal & iron, along with the well established logging yards, to the steel heart of the colony, Faalsin. With this comes the opening of an additional source of that most vital fuel and a Vaygr monk overseen port to accommodate large cargo ships bringing the said same to Makaan.

[Waxing Half]
From the bubbling hot spring channels are cut to irrigate the land about it, in which further paddies are dug for the Usagi staple of rice around which a number of peach trees are propagated from those already growing there. Within the tyrn they give their first sweet harvest of soft fruits, bolstering the nation one juicy bite at at time.
These makeshift government bodies have run their course, what is needed is real structure. With Her Majesty ascended any new attempt at monarchy would be a mocking shadow of her, well, majesty, as queen. An elected council, along with the numerous rules of their elections, is decided, though the much reduced requirements for the first session given the current low population numbers.

Maglak, Jewel of Syph, Throne of Queens, Pheromonal Flacon, and a thousand other epithets, the sprawling capital of the Molerats was wounded by Her great eruption, it is time it is healed. Around the hill from which She clawed, the Imnaki construct a number of smaller shrines in which relics of Her & the original Atragarok alongside loot from past wars are displayed.
Their prayers and blood offered, She sniffs then shrieks in return, aloud and in their own skulls. Upon ice they squat in squalor in ruins of a long dead evil, more wretched than any time before.

>Everlasting Waters

Carcosa is upgraded once more, a sprawling city, further overlapping the hive below. Ant crossings emerge as carved statuesque ant mouth carvings, along with some buildings extending further below.

The canal is widened once more, new technologies intent on making the new industrial heart of the kingdom has the most crucial element of Laga life. A larger reservoir.

A workshop is constructed outside the fort, which workers take ant driven carts to everyday, where they are trained by the skilled engineers and craftsmen that made the first death spitters. These men are set the lofty goal of the daily production or progress they can make, the King wishes to see a fortunes worth of cannons upon his ship, forts, and in the garrisons of his cities. Vasa Tama wills it!

Actions 1 and 2: Starbraces (Ao’i)

The tried and true bow of the Bandru’ii has slowly but surely become obsolete, it must be admitted. Firearms fill the armouries of our neighbours, loud and obnoxious and inelegant but effective, and some radicals suggest adopting the horrid weapons ourselves and stuffing spirits into them to stay ahead.

This idea is rejected, and not just for traditional reasons. Spirits prefer more basic, primitive weapons, swords, spears, bows, these concepts appeal to the unseen far more than flintlock and cannon.

So a bow it is, one designed to leave those of our neighbours outdated. Rate of fire cannot reasonably be improved, so range and power are the focus.

Overseen by the current unofficial queen a mechanical marvel is designed, effectively a Mote’aide clockwork bow designed off of some of the same principles as the Locus.

The bows arms act as support struts and pack extraordinary amounts of power into the arrows, each arrow needs to be made out of special materials and engraved correctly to allow energy to best flow through them, mere wooden ones would not survive the journey. Once fired the arrows stop being wholly material and become gleaming streaks of pale light, magical bolts that cause untold harm to those they strike.

The spirits of these weapons are mighty for their size, available in enough numbers only due to the Locus and are capable of packing a phenomenal amount of arcane power into each shot, automatically configuring the sights of the bow (sometimes without telling the owner) and flexing at the correct moment to empower every shot with both mechanical and magical force.

Even larger variants are designed for Shiftplated warriors, with canonwood half-shields attached to provide further protection and allow these warriors to act as a nigh invulnerable firing line that may bring death from afar to all.

They are called the Starbraces, two of the simplest words in the convoluted Carvilaaid tongue come together to spell it out (Ao’i) uncharacteristic of the dryads to spell something in less then ten letters, but they are in somewhat of a rushed mood. These are not weapons designed to keep the peace as the spirit bows were, but to utterly destroy with no regard for what may be on the receiving end.

What is not rushed is the quality of the mechanisms, or of their bindings. They are in every way designed to surpass the powder weapons the lesser races seem addicted to, for the bow reigns eternal.
Something like war:

The Ashen make their roads, but the Bandru’ii care all too little.

The Dybeti move armies around and about, but the Bandru’ii care all too little.

The totem Valmad stands in front of the Locus, and the rings are gathered with him, and about this the Bandru’ii care greatly however.
In this moment they attempt to kill what may as well be as close to godly power as one gets while still being mortal, a spirit of unfathomable strength, but a spirit that can still die nonetheless.

To look upon the locus twists the minds of all present, the Clades and kindred of the rings allowing only their best, but the rings are absolutely packed nonetheless to witness the procession into the gate, the crowd given special darkened glasses to protect their eyes from the sight.

The totem Valmad enters, after some struggle, warping oneself through the cramped gate seems to take a different time for everyone, and spin their heads into a world that doesn’t quite make sense, finding themselves bodiless and walking as merelg their own spirits, clothed with other spirits of armour and fabric.

Up is down and left is right, and the sun is ever so bright, and they are we, eyes see mist and smoke, but the disembodied spirits of weapons and armour are used to this place, they have never truly known anything different.

Cohesion and morale drain in this Fey realm, until Bandru is seen tall over the horizon, shrouded in taint.

Their objective is clear, Poxylos is just ahead. March to Bandru and save him from the Enemy, and none are more zealous to accomplish this than Valmad, seeking closure in revenge.

With the work on the armor being finalized and it's production soon to start, there was but one main effort that needed to be done by the colony now. The creation of a design of a ship to take advantage of all these new advances in technology in the creation of that which Llychlyn and Prenhaearn y Wladfa were renowned for. Shipbuilding. The hard work of Fanwyic ingenuity would be made evident one way or another in the near future with the design of the most powerful, fastest, largest, and strongest ship the world has ever seen. The Didostur Class Battleship. Armed with four 11 inch guns in two turrets and with a secondary compliment of sixteen 6 inch guns and a tertiary of twenty four 2 inch guns all in casemates. The ship had a fair bit of firepower, and with the number of guns would likely be comparable to that of a frigate from ancient times if it wasn't for the power, fire speed, and size of the main and secondary battery, and that was not even starting on the armor. The design called for the ship to have 10 inches of armor on the belt, enough that even with the new shells the ship's main battery wouldn't be able to penetrate the 'citadel' of the ship when it was made with the new Cadwallader Steel. Further, the extended portions of the belt had 4 inches protecting it, and the turrets alongside their magazines another 10 inches protected the main guns, while the casemates had the same amount of protection as the extended belt with only 4 inches of armor, though even then any enemy firepower wouldn't be able to penetrate, and even if it could there was a good chance it'd hit the belt instead. The deck of the ship only had 2 and a half inches of armor, simply due to the fact that plunging fire that hit the deck was extremely unlikely and would struggle to penetrate at such an angle anyway, especially given the 'turtle back' design of it's armor scheme. Lastly the conning tower also had 10 inches protecting it and the officers, captain and sailors inside. With all of this, the ship weighed quite a bit, and was expected to displace 14,000 tons at least. Yet despite it's size, the advanced turbines made earlier should allow for the ship to sail at a swift twenty knots. While ships of far smaller arms and armament that likely would make up the bulk of the fleet were to be made soon after, this first and great flagship, planned to be joined by at least three sister ships, would serve as an envy to the navies of the world. It would be proof of Clan Llewelyns shipbuilding prowess and a symbolic message that Llychlyn truly ruled the waves.

>Action One. Finalization of Cadwallader Dur armor production.

>Action Two. The Didostur Class Battleship.

>Fluff - She Comes
The advance of the Mole Goddess is a clear sign of devastation, wrought by an tide of flame and earth. Truly, the mole's designation as Si'dybet, that same designation for storms and droughts, is appropriate. Evacuate those in her path, wherever she may tread, and prepare to quench the flames in her wake.

>Action 1 - Sa'theatra (Small buildings, so building 4 of them)
(Building in other's territories, so on this or the next turn they can just say "nah" and retroactively the building never happens.)
The Do'laroshan's have long since traded with other peoples from around the world, but (aside from the clingy Oni) their stays have always been temporary. Sail in, trade goods, buy wares, leave. Like their namesakes, they don't stick around too long, always drifting away or vanishing in the night. Still, something has changed. Openly, legitimately, with appropriate paperwork and heavy coin purses, land is bought in some cities.
Æbleholm, where the paperwork pile reaches thrice as high as all the others combined, sees the Do'laroshans also hiring their expert artisans and architects to join them in their planned constructions.
Ash'sen, the Carvil'ax'seset invited to ensure that the planned building doesn't disturb the local Unseen population.
The depths of Maglak also see's Do'laroshans approach, crossing the canal to bring Ambershale and riches to build a glimmering jewel in the heart of this dark capitol.
Finally, We'vara itself, for Do'laroshans cannot give something, only share it.
What is built is, at the outset, a theatre. Indeed, it bears the same proportions and markings as the Simfuni capitol, carrying sound and music splendidly. It is further improved by Sa'terif, gilded gems powering stringed instruments, heavy leather drums, and coloured lenses that can twist the light in all manner of fashion. Once complete (with open contribution from the others, if they so desire) the building will host plays and performances which will seek to emulate the lost Simfuni arts of long-ago. No storyline too fantastical, no music too ambitious, all will be welcomed and performed in these grand halls. Of course, Do'laroshans will not take to the stage alone. Playwrights and actors from the host nation are more than welcome to book the venue for their own performances, augmented by shadowy magic if they so wish.
>Action 2 - 'Documentaries'
It begins in earnest, Do'laroshans wishing to share their knowledge with others. There are colorful displays of deep-sea life, re-created with Laga aid. Views of splendor from the highest mountain tops, as told by floating Dander, or views of crystal caverns that only moles have ever witnessed. Do'laroshans unveil bottled music of nations near and far, or re-tellings of history, both tragic and glorious.
Then, the Do'laroshans begin putting forth new tales. They speak not of wars fought in aeons past, but in yesteryear. They show moles and shadows burnt by unholy light, of magic failing and the struggles around the world this caused. They follow the story of singular Iti'kin knight, their gleaming shells repelling blasts of flame as they storm the dark Paskian citadel. Clearly, the world is in debt to this brave turtle, along with the shadow and mole soldiers who fought to undo the unholy anti-magic abomination of the icy wastes.
Of course, mention of another war, fought in the west, peppers the various narratives. Scenes of the scorched wasteland, gas-choked forests and burned stumps disturbed only by mask-wearing riflemen. Their victims, carefully edited to show equal measures of Fraternian and Do'laroshan, lie helpless at their feet. What monsters, to seek death on those who already fight one monstrous foe for the world's sake.
Event: The Dryasylphs are sent out with messages ahead of Karu as she moves just to make sure she doesn't accidentally step on someone.

1. With the discovery of diamonds of a variety of colors from the mines the Purebreeds and researchers seek to know what their purpose could be, what they could represent, and what use they could hold. After it was discovered they held a large quantity of hardness along with luster, outside the norm for other gems, Diamonds came to symbolize magic, the divine gift of the gods, in all it's forms. So the Purebreeds deemed two experiments to bring prosperity to the Drya as a new age dawns.

The first is a traditional creation of a new breed using the diamonds and flowering vines of the jungle a smaller breed of Drya will be created with powerful magic. Their purpose is simple as their bigger ones will be used for construction where Dryads once held sway the smaller ones will act as living engines for Drya metalleaf and wood creations by using a continuous stream of magic to move steeleaf gears.
2. The second is the alteration of an existing breed, the Dryaphracts are taken and diamond dust added into their creation mix along with selective breeding for a single purpose; no longer breaking down materials to the base compounds but instead to break down the blessings of other races and sophisticated animals into new magics that the Drya may utilize.
File: Turn.png (328 KB, 758x639)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
>Action 1: The March of the Railways
Another great extension of the Dwarven railways is planned and prepared for, with a route that continues the line from Tirkolzop past the town and through the industrious heart of Untegtangul just to the north of the non-interference zone, before then rising slowly into the hills to meet with Makriaz on the crest and delving into the mountains with the aid of bridges and tunnels to eventually reach the town of Zaruntedun, which is also usefully close to both its own coal deposits and those of neighbouring Metakidun. Branch lines are also considered to add to the utility of these railways - a short stretch within Metakidun to reach the Engineer's collage, and longer branch upon the grasslands so that the town of Tornbusk is also bought to connection with the network.

>Action 2: Mine-Temple of Gyldendun
The mountain-town of Gyldendun with gushing spring waters and gold-deposits has been something of a spiritual retreat since it was first founded. Now, Guldfar's priests establish a mine upon the final known deposit of the holy and precious metal around the town; and above it build another fine Dwarven temple to honour the god of gold and light.
Action 1: Develop Curse Runes for cargo holds and coffers.
As our trade to the north keeps getting assailed by robbers and blackmailers, the Cult of Moth starts developing Curse Runes which can be put on cargo holds and coffers, so any bandit seeking to open them to the trader's protest gets a curse seared into their flesh, with lasting effects. These runes are not only made easier to make, so it can be put on even mundane trade goods containers, but they are also made to work better on non-Anubisids, such as the hardened hide of dryads. Such that even magically inclined bandits will want to give a wide berth. These Curse Runes are given test runs in The Narrows.

Action 2: Dismantle the land bridge that blocks off the Doldrelles, and use the material to repair and improve the broken fort to the south.
With the immediate threat of the magma beast gone, it is time we fix the damage the Molemen of Taknab have done. They've piled a large quantity of rocks and dirt in the Doldrelles, a bridge, but it also blocks our boat traffic to Londision. We must therefore dig away this bridge so ships can travel there once more, as well as whatever Laga traffic there may once have been. The material dug away will then be used to help repair the broken fort, but we might as well make some improvements on it, make it a fort that fits Dyb soldiers and Dyb artillery, making a mighty fortress and providing safety for the people travelling through, especially should the Drya attempt to impose themselves on further sea trade routes.

Army Actions: Move half the army back home to Dybet, by road.
Now that we are dug in, we don't need the full army present to fight off the magma beast if it ever returns. However, there are still benefits to having people present up north, as we can relieve all our northern garrisons with fresher soldiers. Half of the army is sent back home, by road, as we will need a force back home if the Drya tries anything. While we do have plenty of soldiers back home, we do have a large number of officers and trained assault infantry in the northern army, which will be useful if the Drya were to try and invade us. Moving by road will make it so the Drya can't spot our army movement, and the less the Drya knows, the better.
Fluff: And.. it becomes slightly more stable once more... a new start.. a new place to potentially call a place of respite.

1 action: A wall around the city
A wall can clearly buy time. Not a lot of time, but some.

1 action: Expand territory
And.. lastly perhaps there are greater things out here in these wastes than we thought

Rumor: One last one
File: Visions of the future.jpg (151 KB, 1100x1000)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
1&2. (Here's to the end of the game)

With electrical power making up more and more of the infrastructure within the HDS, better and more efficient methods of generation must be found and developed. Projections have already shown that within the next three decades, urban development will require nearly five times the output than we have already. We must plan for the future, after all; and who knows what sort of developments this path shall net us in the future?

We have done much during these countless tyrns, and we shall continue to endure and persist for countless more. Once we reestablish contact with the Republic to the west, then we may plan greater things for our two nations; spreading technological progress and innovation. Gods bless humanity, one and all!
Focus on modernization of public infrastructure, and development of science
Posted on behalf of Mygros

After careful consideration and much debate, the Mergyrian council that governs the Megryos people and their land approached the eldest of the monks who reside on the tallest hill, and together along with the monk order that was established long ago the council will work to trap the creature into a cage that will be made out of the earth that has given them much.
>> Trap the creature that has been terrorizing the main township and capital of the Megryos people by utilizing the monks and their power to wield the power of the earth to trap the creature inside a tomb or cage with a funnel leading to the surface so that it may still be fed.

Farming and cultivating the land around the valley that they settled in has been a way of life long before the first town was established and long before the council came into being, in recognition of this fact and to celebrate their long and storied history the people in and around the land that the minotaurs inhabit started organizing together to establish a yearly festival to celebrate their story so far and to look forward to their bright future.

The festival will always be held on the last day of the month of Summer, it is a day where all errands and chores are forgotten about and all of the people of the valley celebrate in the town square. The festival is open to anyone and everyone, travelers and strangers are just as welcome as the people that live in the valley.

There are many different events and games to take part in at the festival, from the more famous, like the bar crawl, to the more obscure, like bull riding. The festival always has a very relaxed atmosphere, and the people of the valley are always keen to strike up a conversation or show a newcomer around.

The festival always culminates in a large feast in the town square, where the people of the valley share their food and drink with each other, and with any strangers that have come to enjoy the festival
>>It is a celebration of the peace and plenty they have managed to secure in their homeland, if not always sadly abroad, one which they hope shall spread all across Syph, when the labours of spring and summer are ended, when the nights are warm and the orchards green. Hail Mygros! Hail Peace! Drink! and make merry and rest well.
> both actions: create a memorial to the fallen of all wars, past and to come, of all sides
Standing in the middle of the world, before their goddess, enemies at their sides and allies old and now behind them, a burning city in front of them and home far far away, the moles stop and think.

Their goddess is not a kindly one. Their goddess is war, the good and the bad, the glory and the bloodshed and the misery and the death, all to be celebrated equally.
But… an end is still an end, glorious it may be, and though the Imnaki cannot explain why they feel as if something is about to end.

They have done their job.
They have lived to see the Dander rise again.
They have created the greatest cities and defenses of this world.
They have mastered war.
They have brought about their glorious goddess.
They have killed and crippled gods.
They have fought in almost every important battlefield of this world.

And now, they march. Onto their final frontier.
Onto their final battlefields.
Many will not come back.

And so, the moles celebrate, like they’ve never done before. They dance around their goddess, they party, they feast and they sing their harsh songs, inviting the Do’La, inviting the Dryads and Goblins and Dander, inviting all that can move and sing and drink, if there were any rabbits they’d invite them!

This is a song to the dead. A final hymn, a “wait for me”, a thank you and a goodbye.

When the party is done, every mole places a stone before their goddess, whom breathes on it, melting it into an enormous monolith.
Upon it is written
“Hear our words
Forgotten dead
Welcome us with open arms
For we all will join you
In glory or silence
When our time comes”

And though some may feel bitterness after such a grim moment, all in the Atragarok realize that… an end is not necessarily just that.
Who’s to say, that this end may not be a beginning? The end of a war might start another, or they might go home and live- nothing is written, except death.

And once you’re ready for that, what’s left to worry about?
File: map74.png (1.11 MB, 2048x2628)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

Two monstrous "Ladies" continue their individual marches across Syph, for each their goal so clear in mind, one to destroy, another to save. Karu, Lady of Laluga, is heralded by Dryasylph as the forest bow to her. The Lady of the Deep is heralded by the Atragorak as the forest burns before her.

Ashen do as Ashen want, and what Ashen want is more; More peaks, more farms, more Dwarves in more tunnels.

>Everlasting Waters
Twin Carcosa is enlarged a second time, swallowing the ancient market square in the enveloping development of ornately carved nest mouths, sparkling Laga pools, and towering Anaye tenements, not to mention the warehouses, workshops, and consulates added every day. So much activity demands the already well-traversed canal be widened lest there be a repeat of the Three Nations Bridge crash. In Sigod's peace, may they rest. The effort sees a secondary feeder canal dug to fill the many new pools and reservoirs required for Laga habitation, and perhaps more importantly, administration. But these are not the only works ordered, as His Majesty himself has commissioned an enormous forge complex for the massed fabrication of Ahua'mak'e within easy reach of the training grounds.

[+2 PE]
The Ao'i, almost Laga in simplicity of name, are anything but simple in design or construct. They're so complex, so packed with spirits, that they are almost difficult for non-Voices to look at, let alone wield. Their complexity severely limits production, with at least four knowledgeable Dryads needed to forge a single arrow head! only increasing with each individual component. After being presented to the unofficial regent, she is the first to fire a shot from the first completed Starbrace, an arrow literally shaking with power, created once for it's instability, is knocked and loosed, soaring, screaming, blinding from Ash'sen into a large stone fountain in Xira, boiling off the water and sending marketgoers scattering. The interim monarch reveals her woody palm and fingers to have been badly damaged just from handling the over-charged arrow.
Valmad, his spirit enraged, his body defiled, his mind resolute, strides through the mists with purpose. Yet with each unseen step Bandru seems farther away, the evil soul of Poxylos grows ever larger, ever darker, ever closer. Valmad tries to run but it is as if he is submerged in Ayatana, each bound a struggle, he returns to his steady march, never getting any closer to the shrinking spirit of mighty Bandru. [to IC!]

The Oni have fallen into an insulated lull, focussing as in the old days on themselves and their forest. The steady increase of Devils, their improved standard of living, and taste of luxuries has driven a need for simply more to be done in the Harja and surrounding lands. More mines, more farms, more more more!
[+2 PE]
The delay in the steel manufacturing is only a minor one, not managing to stall the engine of Prenhaearn in its ever increasing drive in the slightest. Cadwallader is celebrated for this achievement across the Iron Corridor, his name becoming a shorthand for something worth waiting for. And what a thing was the wait worth! Not clad, but made of steel the ship is a beauty to behold, gleaming in the morning sun as she is named and launched. Her maiden voyage from the specially constructed drydock in Arfordirwedi'isianel sees her clip passed Traethllwyd, arriving in style to much fanfare and awe in the ports of Glaniadneifion. She is the envy of all seafarers of Syph, even the Dictat is impressed. Rheol Prenhaearn, Prenhaearn yn Rheol Y Tonnau!

The defeat of Pask has calmed the nerves of the Do'larosha, the explosive fury of the eastern forces having also expended their rage and sailed back home also helps alleviate their innate anxiety. It is in times of peace that the Dakan and those within it flourish in the arts, in magics, and in profit! As much as it pains them to pay the required fees, the cause is a noble one, the Shadows will bring the gifts of their craft to the many races of Syph. A theatre of light, sound, and most of all learning, all through the wonders of Sa'terif! (>>5222657) In noble Æbleholm, a ground lease is granted for nine jidtyrn a little north of the city proper off the markets there. The open air theatre is decked out in the finest golden hue marble the Shadows can afford, providing a spectacular backdrop to the Dwarves favourite genre, revenge tragedies. (>>5220329) Ash'sen is, as somewhat expected off-limits to the Do'la, instead being allowed to loan a suspiciously well fitted hillside in which seats may be cut, oh not there, two inches left, leave that rock where it is, and that one there. Okay perfect, wait, this sapling needs to be planted here. Now it's perfectly balanced again. (>>5226824) As for the Molerats, they seem rather characteristically apathetic to the suggestion, granting permission in a section of their mountain holdings cleared out tyrns ago of iron ore. More expected however was the Molies delight at the more bloody spectacles able to be showcased in this theatrical arena. And lastly, once all the kinks have been worked out and the most engaging designs arrayed, a fourth sa'theatra for We'vara itself, where only the very best Shamans are permitted to perform. (>>5222657, >>5220329, >>5226824) [please read >>5222049, also] All that is known, all that has been learnt, all that has been seen and heard and even smelled! is on display at these newly opened sa'theatra. Of course, the Shadows cannot help but, embellish, certain details now and then, but only ever to tell better stories, honest.
One last time the Purebreeds sow a new seed, forming a new pseudodrya, the Dryalana using vine and these new diamonds, creating an incredibly tough plant able to carry a great deal of weight. Their use in gearing however is slower than was anticipated, but still, it is faster than no movement at all.
The pure crystalline magics of the diamonds is infused with the Dryaphracts to create a more voracious, wider-mouthed variant, capable of enveloping and rending from a broader range of material (and creature) their innate aspects.

Through the Tangle and up into the hills Dwarvern rail is lain, filling the air with as much celebration as steam. Up farther still to the peak of Zaruntedun, the engines cannot manage such a incline and so an ingenious solution is devised for the steeply bored tunnel to the top. Two cars are attached by cables to a pulley system which incorporates a stationary engine. The two cars being of equal design, and therefore weight, the engine need only work to haul passengers, as when one car ascends, the other descends, passing halfway. The whole thing is lit with Voktorz lamps in the newest fashion for comfort. [This last bit is a funicular]
As they had done in the jungles of the Meluz, the Guldfarite priests acquire the last known gold deposit in Gylden lands and build upon it a magnificent temple-mine/mine-temple (the name for which there is still much disagreement among them, with the split dividing them perfectly equally. There has even been a suggestion that a member of the royal family be ordained as an arbiter, a final vote, when the upper ranks of the priesthood stands at an even number). The mine half of the said structure incorporates the latest in mining tech., making double use of the hauling buckets as method for worshippers to get a real sense of the excavation efforts.

[Waxing Gibbous]
[+3 PE]
[R] Usagi explorers return to the new seat of Purity with knowledge of the ice. The abandoned mine in the north is one of jet, a stone black as the Do'la, the many temples contain incredibly well-worked stone for further construction, the long abandoned cities around them can be easily settled when the population has grown, and the waters of the Glade refresh the body even as far as to alleviate hunger for brief time when consumed, though the aftertaste is like having eaten chalk.
The remaining stone from the icy temple is carted back to Risetto where the Rabbits straight away get to work constructing impressive walls with them, reach out into the sea as protection for a port which will surely soon follow. These walls, after so much practice, are solidly built, two tiered, and built to accept Fraternian cannon when they can be purchased.
Yet more ice-frosted temples leer out of the flurries, along with the remains of some mine. The northern coast plays home to blubbery sea-creatures, who slowly lumber back into the water when seen.
The Elders have made their decision, the beast is a danger not only to the city of Megyros but all sailors of the southern coast, it must be dealt with. Much thought has been given to the thing's destruction, but no modern weapons are likely to have the necessary force, so if it cannot be destroyed it is possible it may be contained. To that end, the earthsingers, those with incredible training from the Stone Maestros of the dearly departed Simfuni, are summoned. A dummy boat is sent out into the wake as a lure, with loaned iron hulled Gylden ships as escorts, upon the decks of which the earthsingers stand ready. There is a crash of waves, the thing shrieks, the sand and clay close in around it and harden to stone. It is over in a moment and the creature is trapped. These monks are soon to be guests of honour.
The imprisoning of the beast is only the first call for celebration in the city-state, as it is nearing the end of summer, a time to relax after the toil of spring and early harvests is over. But this years festivities are to be grander than any minor street fair or fête before! This is a momentous occasion of prolonged peace, of joy and harmony for (as far as the Minotaurs are concerned) all Syph. (>>5202871, >>5224072, >>5222657, >>5222048) They invite to the city their greatest friends and trading partners, to enjoy the literal fruits of Durranic labour, to sup the best imported wine and dine on the freshest fish, olive oil, and the many varieties of delicious breads, herbs, and fruits the Bullmen bake and grow. Plays both old and new are performed, witty comedies and titillating dramas primarily, music is played throughout the city into the valleys beyond. To the Oni, their dearest friends, they give gifts of the purest oil, the richest cakes, the finest woven linens, and a troupe of dancing Cowgirls for the Palace (wink, wink). To the stalwart, Dwarves who have been the most steadfast of allies, they give finely worked golden trinkets and the strongest liquors they can distill. To the Shadows, unmatched in mercantile prowess, they offer up a chest of newly minted Market coinage, including the first of a new obverse of a crying (or bleeding) eye, in honour of Achroma. And lastly to the Dyb, they give copies of their studies of the Naois desert-life, the cleanest burning oil for lamps, along with many assorted foodstuffs. The festivities roar on for three full days and nights, enlivening the hearts of all, filling their bellies and hearts in equal measure. Life is good.

More pylons are erected in Fraternia every day it seems, and at long last lines reach to every city on the mainland. The arrival of electrical power spurs more than the simple connection would predict. Of course, there was celebration at the lighting of previously arranged bulbs in New Ava's, but that spark travelled through the brains of the Men & Morphs just as fast as it lit the city.
The Cult of Moth has been slowly working to improve their curse runes, believing now that by the grace of the Lady of Justice they have achieved perfection in this craft. (>>5222561) A heavy laden raft sails (perhaps purposefully) too close to the Sogigant, and is ordered halted by the Drya for inspection. With the usual protest and coarse language the Dyb eventually comply, towed to jetty of the looming tree by Sonyakians. When the Drya demand crates opened, the Anubisids refuse, stating them to be magically sealed. "Pah, magically sealed" scoffs a walking tree, wrenching the crate lid open with ease, only to be branded across his trunk with a searing rune as if by some invisible branding iron. In pain it had not thought possible it screams as the Dyb raft, faster than it had ever moved in coming, sails off.
The Imnaki had constructed, for some reason known only to themselves, a dyke across the Doldrelles, transforming the Emiliate Bay into a quickly stagnating lagoon. But more importantly, blocking the trade of the Grand Canal. It can't be allowed to remain, but it seems the focus of the other nations is far elsewhere in this matter, so it falls upon the Dyb. For almost a full tyrn the Anubisids dredge and scrape dirt from the strait, preparing use the resulting material in the construction of a Dybeti Big Dig. (>>5220329) Work begins consolidating the ruins already present when harridan Dryads charge out of the Winchester, screaming about "balance this", "sovereign that". In the end, the Dyb are forced to abandon their planned fort, leaving the earth in a huge pile, and departing the still bothersome Trees with many a rude hand gesture.

[+3 PE]
[D] The Daiimad is in session, the Sahs sit to hear the pleas of the people, save the Varke-Sah who is at present inspecting the troops for an upcoming military parade. Among those are waiting to be seen are a group of engineers from the College, hauling an "improved engine design" for which they hope to appeal for additional funding. As they are ushered into the room the Varke-Sah-Ren excuses himself for the lavatory, leaving before the students have even lowered their machine to the tiled floor. The engineers begin to explain the schematics of the thing, but something is off, they stutter and speak in loops of jargon (more than most collegians that is), and then it happens. An almighty explosion rips through the council chamber, collapsing the domed roof, reducing the heart of the government to splinters and rubble. When they have regained their footing, guards, diplomats, secretaries, any who have survived begin to comb the disaster for survivors. Alas, no one is found alive. The head of the Dictat is severed.
>HDS, cont.
Of all the departments of the Dictat, the Katedra are perhaps not the one expected to provide a solution to the problem of increased electrical generation, but their unmatched spy network brings not only news of Fraternian electrification but that nation's means of allegedly incredible production: Hydroelectricity. Enormous dynamos stationed in a dam across the Nomos, whose position is not nearly as optimal for generating power as the River Keye is in the hills of Faalsin. Alongside this, methods of transporting this generated electricity are introduced, allowing for production away from the cities.

The Atragorak, might of Taknab, stands now at the edge of the Dakan ready to assault the villain ahead, but there is an air of finality to it all. Once they have destroyed this foe before them, they will have rid Syph of this war, righted the wrong done to the Imnaki, avenged the blood unspilled. But what shall they do after? For how long have the Molerats known only the fire of war that raged within them? Perhaps they ought to celebrate it? Yes. That's a good idea. Here, in the presence of their goddess on Syph, shown to all who could see that She was more real than any of their own gods, they shall celebrate. (>>5222048, >>5220329) Oldest friends, once rivals, celebrate with the hammer of Taknab this joyous end. There is gladiatorial combat, the sharing of their entire rations, hymns, dirges, and recitals of poetry. They dance around the singed steps of Her Ladyship, the kick up the ash of her stride in remembrance of the slain. All manner of rituals are culminated with the placing of a single stone by each attendant, including pebbles from the Dander who have only ever sought to help, until there stands upon the shores of what the Shadows call Achroma's Lake, a stack reaching as tall as any Dakan tree. With prayers to Her, She turns from Her path, granting Her children this new wish, breathing upon the pile with molten breath, vitrifying the heap into a single monolith of shining rock. With sharpened claw, the Atragorak carves this epitaph:
>Hear our words
>Forgotten dead
>Welcome us with open arms
>For we all will join you
>In glory or silence
>When our time comes.


And so the curtain falls on the play of Syph and her nations, with yet so many climatic scenes left unperformed, so many tales unfinished, so many lines unsaid. But as many a showman has said, always leave them wanting more.

[Thank you to everyone who played, spectated, and otherwise contributed. Here's to NRP6!]
It's been one hell of a ride with ups and downs glad I could come along for the ride

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