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The nations of the world have taken full advantage of their newfound fronteir, spreading their tendrils throughout the galaxy. But as new threats emerge, are their roots strong enough to stand the gale? Or will they topple like the ones before them?

Only you can decide.

>Welcome to Space NRP! Build your nation, carve out a unique niche, and tell your own story. Spectators are welcome. Unfortunately, we are at max player cap at the moment. If you wish to join, please post in the thread and I will add you to the waitlist. Please also see the provided starting template.

Starting Template

>Nation Name:
>Capital Location(Free)(Mark on map)
>Starting building location(Free)(Mark on map)
>Starting Turns:
>>Every new nation receives a bank of 15 turns, representing the past history of their nation. These turns can be used for founding cities, adding improvements, or researching new technologies. Starting a new branch of technology takes three turns. Founding cities, improving on a previously established branch of technology, and constructing improvements in an existing settlement all take one turn.

Extended Guide: https://pastebin.com/cJ73K1Ei
Discord: F2Patcf
~~~~~Turn 9: Capital Gains~~~~~~
>The Solar Graenian Federation
Pushing against the Idola’s religion is no small task. The disscrimination mandates find their greatest success in Cluster 1 and the Free Trade Colony, where the Graenian government can keep a watchful eye on businesses and people. Father afield, in Y. Roop and its scrap mines, enforcement of the mandate is perfunctory at best. With an Idola temple right next door, the influence of the Diocese’s religion is powerful enough that many followers simply keep their faith private and businesses adopt a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Further out, the attempts at influence over the Zorn are moderately successful. With Idola hospitals and gene repair facilities having played a major role in the return of Zornian fertility, the Diocese ae enjoying na upswing in popularity; however, the Zorn are fairly pliable with regards to family values, and the soft pressure does have an effect on shifting conversation towards a more Orthodox-friendly point of view.
An increase in Graenian business on Luna Grande does indeed bring forth a measure of vitality into the Graenian economy. New items from Tarnia begin to make an appearance on Graenian shelves.

Nano-through-shielding: a definite step up both in terms of quality and price. Easily the most prestige option from the Orbital catalog, this new advance does find a number of customers throughout the system. After all, if someone is wealthy enough and risking enough to require legacy through-shielding, splurging for the extra style and protection of nanotech is a no-brainer.

The yellow sun here is very similar in both size and type to Tarnos. If not for the altered constellations in the sky, it would feel just like home.
>Planet 1: A gas giant with moderate volatiles deposits. The nearby star’s radiation whips the planet’s atmosphere into tremendous storms. Gorgeous from orbit, but will make colonization tricky. One of the moons boasts a strong magnetic field and signatures indicating the presence of life, though how, scientists can’t imagine. Atmospheric readings indicate vanishingly little water, less than even the barren planet in the system.
>Planet 2: a toxic world with a brilliant saffron color. High concentrations of nitric acid in the oceans and atmosphere may prove to be a good source of fertilizer.
>Planet 3: barren world. A thin atmosphere clings to the surface, while a languidly spinning core generates a moderate magnetic field.
>Planet 4: Gas giant practically bursting at the seams with volatiles.

New breakthroughs in longevity technology finally brings a two century lifespan within the grasp of the common people, and an effectively indefinite lifespan for those with the money to spare. Genetic diseases are also eliminated almost entirely.
File: Key Turn 9.png (1.07 MB, 6300x4500)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Oasis rises from the Wustegard haze, its alabaster walls blindingly bright in the noonday sun. The Temple Hospitaler, meanwhile, continues to strengthen the Idola’s reputation and influence within Luna Prime, with a growing number of Zorn converting to the faith every day.

>Diving Ships(2/3)
The new theaters spark a new interest in Nadezhdan culture--movies. A small but growing film industry takes ahold on Kunmer, and a few holo-tapes even grow popular enough to be exported off-planet.

>You don’t have Self-Propelled Jumptech Engines, and that’s not a tech I’m willing to allow. Interstellar transport happens through jumpgates. That particular tech limit is set in stone. Apologies if I didn’t make that sufficiently clear. As compensation, feel free to take a bonus action next turn.
The beginning touches are put on the nucleosynthesis module. Effectively a second, even beefier fusion reactor, it definitely has an effect on the ships handling. When completed, however, it will allow a ship with it installed to supply its basic needs with hydrogen fuel alone

Tarnia was once a paradise, and for some, it still is. For those whose avarice is limited only by the competition, for those who see people not as individuals but as consumers, for those who have more in common with a thinking machine than their fellow man, the opportunities presented by a quarter-trillion hungry mouths are nothing short of titillating. But for these people, for the megacorporations of Tarnia, a chokehold on a single planet could never be enough. They need more. They need it all.
>1-3: Technology: Advanced Surveying. The experience gained by corporations in that first mad scramble for resources has made them more efficient at surveying systems. When surveying a system, you may pick one of the 4 planets surveyed to get a more in-depth summary
>4: Mine
>5: City
>6-8: Mega-Forge
>9: Mine
>10: Forge
>11-13: Technology: Automated Dispute Resolution. The final form of arbitration,a system so efficient it works faster than human thought. Allows the Syndicate to act as a single nation while accommodating the various interests of its component corporations.
>14-15: 2 Capitols

>couple notes: you still haven’t picked your catch-up tech. Also, please pick a heritage and aesthetic from the pastebin. This will determine your free building and tech. Also, please choose a color.

The new school helps to train a great many spawn, who put their skills to good use pushing forward the field of Herd science.
The Ascendancy casts its net out once again, this time seeking to build out their construction skills. Their Flesh Vats now reach tremendous proportions, crammed into every nook and cranny they can find. The demand for food and organics to fuel these factories, however, is becoming quite an issue. For now, the resources stockpiled during the Collapse have tided the Ascendancy over, but they now look to run dry, and Ascendant analysts glance with concern at an open market not quite ready to bear their weight.
>Not an issue yet, but may become one as the next thread reintroduces the economy.
>Project Porphyron(1/3)

Based on historical records and a few clues gleaned from the shanty, a set of ruins west of the Deseptracon city in Carnwennan are identified as the best candidate for the possible location of this whip. The explorers’ hunch is bolstered further when they pick up a recent repeater dispatch upon jumping into the system, detailing the presence of active automated systems guarding the ruins.
Upon arriving to the location, Dvesalians scanners pick up an anomalous energy source emanating from deep within the ruins. As they approach to investigate, however, bursts of laser fire, spout from hidden turrets, punching a few(thankfully non-fatal) holes in the expeditioner’s ground-suits. The Dvesalians take cover and radio back to command for guidance
>Option 1: The explorers’ ships are equipped with state of the art soul amps which should have no problem generating a EMP strong enough to fry the turrets from orbit. Doing so will certainly send alarms blaring throughout the city, however, ruining the expedition’s cover. This option is free, but will alert the Deseptracons to your presence.
>Option 2: Any automated system can be hacked, and these turrets are no exception. It will take time and resources, but the Republic could build a semiautonoumous virus to deactivate the weapons remotely. This option will cost an action, but will preserve the explorers’ cover.
The heavy shielding required to protect Dvesalians from the scrambling effects of radiation, block out natural light entirely, leaving only the antiseptic glare of artificial lighting. Even for the naturally solitary Dvesalians this outpost is a lonely place. However, the new research station is still quite productive, answering several questions related to the behavior of EM waves in the presence of intense magnetic fields.
The FDR is an interesting society. While the Vehiconians had initially believed that Dvesalians were fellow sentient robots, the seekers find that this is not quite correct. But Dvesalians are not organic, either. At least, not in the traditional sense. Rather, Dvesalians appear to be sentient gemstones, helming enormous machines through specialized interfaces. A single Dvesalian can helm an entire ship and all of its various processes. Their nation is governed by strict codes of honor rather than formal laws.
As the Deseptracon’s initial assessments had suggested, the chief weaknesses of the Idola’s lie in the spread out nature of their advances. While the idola’s broad base is an asset in and of itself, it also poses a liability. Some of their farthest flung installations are days or even weeks away from each other, hampering the ability for temples to reinforce one another. The broad range also poses dangers in terms of governance. The idolas are incredibly intelligent, its clear, but even their processing power is finite. Wellsprings of dissent have begun to pool up, and already pushback against their expansion occuring in the Graenian Federation, among others.

Wihtout a specific mandate, the forge at Daithon produces a wide variety of consumer goods and supplies, provisioning the many spacers who pass through it’s exchange every day.
~~~~~END OF UPDATE~~~~~

Starting next turn, I will be updating the economy and populism metrics as well. The sheet with this info can be found in the pastebin.
Action 1:

Jumpgate in red giant system beyond Carnwennan, containing the FCCA planet.

Hastung after a long period of technological ascendancy and industrial focus turns its attentions outwards, building their first jumpgate around the red giant, this star is to be christened Sojourner.

The Red Giant and it’s accompanying world are claimed by Hastung, with immediate plans to settle both it and the gas giant in Adrath in the immediate future.

Action 2: Colony around the volatile gas giant of Adrath

Planet is to be named Cimmeria, colony to be named Lume

The foundations for a second great orbital ring around the gas giant begin to be laid, countless engrams and AI taking part in debate and seminar on how to go about the grand construction of such a monument to Tarnian technological supremacy.

It may likely never be as grand as the thoroughly built up ring of Hastung, but the Cimmerian ring is sure to attract rich scores of residents from both Hastung and Tarnia proper, a grand immigration drive occurring to fill the colony to capacity.
File: 1280px-Spacecolony1.jpg (304 KB, 1280x936)
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304 KB JPG
1. Requests the establishment of more monasteries and churches upon the surface of Luna Grande have come from those Graenians living on the moon. They claim that the constant bombardment of what they call "Idolan Materialist Propaganda" has had a detrimental effect on their mental and spiritual state, and have thus petitioned the Federal Senate to have more traditional places of worship established. Several orders of Monks have also stated they would be interested in living on Luna Grande to spread the word of the Lord as well as further their contemplation of the nature of the mysteries and on matters of the divine. The greatest of these being the two thousand year cycle of true miracles.

2. Asteroid mining has always been a core part of SolFed industry, and as a result several mines have been established within the local area of the clusters. However, with the economy put back on track, an expansion of the industry is in order. More mines means not only more resources, but also new jobs as well. A boon to both the Government as a whole, as well as the citizens of the Federation.
Revised starting turn.
>Nation Name: Syndacalized union of Vraclix
>Demonym: Vraclixi
>Language: Esperantian
>Government: Corporate confederacy
>Heritage: Tarnish
>Aesthetic: Objectivist
> Color: Blue
>Motto: "Prospero per ŝvito kaj sango"
>Lore: In the wake of the collapse after the devastating anarchy that wrecked the nations of Tarnia over dwindling resources, the remaining corporates authorities who were a collective of mega-corporations that weathered the storm would reclaim the devastated western continent of Tarnia slowly but surely. War as we know it became a thing of the past, future conflicts would be fought with subterfuge, guile, and skirmishes in areas bereft of value and infrastructure. Meanwhile, new capital would be built as a show of cooperation between the various conglomerates as a meeting place for the various corporate heads to debate and decide the future of their companies, with this brave new age of corporatism from where old nationalistic ideals and languages would be replaced with company loyalty
>Capital Location: On the western continent of Tarnia the city named Jottowa
>Starting building location: On the western continent of Tarnia
Technology: Advanced Surveying. The experience gained by corporations in that first mad scramble for resources has made them more efficient at surveying systems. When surveying a system, you may pick one of the 4 planets surveyed to get a more in-depth summary.
Automated Dispute Resolution. The final form of arbitration,a system so efficient it works faster than human thought. Allows the Syndicate to act as a single nation while accommodating the various interests of its component corporations.
Resource extraction. A true entrepreneur understands that there is no job too small to turn a profit. With sufficient application of capital, even the most barren wasteland can be coaxed into yielding riches. The titans of your nation’s industry have perfected this art of spinning gold from straw, a success attested to by the shattered asteroids they leave in their wake.
2 Mines
1 City
1 Mega-Forge
1 Forge
1 exchange
2 Capitols
>Action 1: Low-Atmosphere Diving (3/3)
Ever the perfectionists, the Nade put the finishing touches onto their low-atmosphere diving technology so that their havoc-raising style of naval warfare can be brought to the terrestrial battlefield.

>Action 2: Improve Capitol
A long-overdue improvement, the Nade are a proud and organized people. No longer tribes in exile, the Nade people stand firm and united with a constitution to reflect that and protect their values.
My mistake then.
>Action 1&2:
MAKE Actual jumpgates and then MOVE SIGMA in the Abraxes system.
>Action 3:
Continue experimenting with nucleosynthesis fussion reactors.

The twin suns of Abraxes shall jumpstart our transition from a civilization made out of ad-hoc fleet of survivors, into a proper exo-stellar civilization.
> o fug I'm late

The Herd in the new system begins to cycle its new friends to the university, and as the exploration of the crust covered planet commences.

The Gate of the Œ'lœng is upgraded to further help fuel the flowing trade and travel.
The new season of Ingrid's show makes the rounds, with children once again gathering around their communal TV sets, though there is the occasional boy among them. The media circus claims Ingrid once again, as there are particular interest surrounding some of the worlds, not for colonisation, but for... extraction. Perhaps a potential bargaining chip with Nordkofefk.

Action 1: Create Food-Organics Refinery (Bio-Forge) on Wüstegard.
As the mega-farm on Wüstegard is setup, becoming the breadbasket of the Zorn Federation, a problem arises. We produce too much food, our population growth hasn't caught up, and the food market isn't large enough for our sheer quantity of exports. This means farmers will have to sell their produce for less. However, Organics are in high demand, and food is organic. So, as a way to further diversify the industry of Wüstegard, the Zorn Federation will encourage the establishment of Bio-forges, turning excess food into organics, which we can sell to Graenia, Virtua and Nordkofefk to supply their production of Domestic Goods, thus also benefitting Luna Grande.

Action 2: Hellboy Project (improve male Hellhounds).
While the Hellhound men are the best fit for satisfying the women of Zorn, they're still insufficient. To help solve this, the Zorn Federation initiates a project to give the men a fighting chance. They aren't made any stronger, but they do select for agility and guile, areas where the women fall short. Able to slip out of their grasp and talk their way out of a situation. This also creates Hellhounds that are a better fit for science and espionage, areas we're lacking in due to how straightforward and strong the women are.
> build another flesh factory (remember to keep count Tarn I think you missed some)
> expand on project porphyron
Our economy is looking rough, but this can still be salvaged: Porphyron might just be the answer to all our problems.

With this new research, strands of bone and sinew are made capable of bearing energy, electricity, HEAT, as well as storing it in some cases.
Combined with Porphyron 1, this should allow us to forsake metal and cable- a great strain our market will be relieved from
File: Capture.png (366 KB, 976x761)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
1st action: Corporate representatives are sent out into the void to meet with the various polities and any other interested party to establish branch offices on other planets and station. These branch offices will act as embassy to the union and as centres of economical development.
> Send diplomats out into space to see who is interested in allowing the union to establish branch offices outside of Tarnia.

2nd action: Various Motion navigations owned voidcraft are reactivated and brought into service and their crews are briefed into the nature of their mission, to venture out into systems unknown and come back with as much survey data as possible for their Trygon client.
>Survey the blackhole system as marked in the image.
Sorry I was meant to survey the red star system in the picture named the Sojourner system, not the black hole system.

The Formation of the Neo-Tarnish Empire

Diplomatic overtures with the Grand Ascendancy have lead to remarkable breakthroughs in the relations between the Orbitals and the Ascendants, culminating in the formation, or reformation, of the Tarnish Empire of old centred on Vael.

The Ascendancy is to retain its autonomy, but are bound by the terms of a close alliance structured in the spirit of the tarnish empire, though with a far weaker emperor. Some critics may argue that the arrangement is merely a glorified trade and defensive pact, but the message and imagery evoked to the common soul is clear.

The last true remnant of old tarnia reuniting with the wayward ascendancy, restoring some semblance of unity to the system at the same time as exploring new worlds and creating new colonies.

With this the ascendants are promised economic support, citizens are able to migrate around freely and armies to be rallied in synchronicity should the need to defend the throne arise.

In practice it is unclear how much power the Tarnish Emperor wields compared to the democratically elected ascendant council and longstanding Custodians, but the title alone is power enough for some.
Last turn: The scout reports are sent back to the fleet in orbit; a 'small convoy' of experienced pirates with the current admiral being and old and violent Dvestic named Red. No good pirate goes around unarmed and without soul amps and conventional weapons; like the drone swarms stored in the 'cargo' vessels. In a local VR chat room the Dvestic stand around a 3D display with the information of the Deseptracons from recent public knowledge and old records. Red's avatar, looking much like a red ghost made of code, swipes a hand and the display changes to a 3D map of the planet side ruins and city from scans. "Laughably easy. Power the EM Amps, activate EMP spells on the automated defenses, prepare drones to screen for possible retaliation. We may not find some super weapon but anything in those ruins are going to be worth something. Ground team: prepare to go on my mark."
[Option 1: Guns blazing]
1. The researchers in orbit of the giant black hole begin to study the fundamental force of gravity for one very specific purpose: The creation of a new type of Soul Amps to allow Space-Time based spells to be amplified to a usable level. The Graviton Amps have been long theorized but the necessary location to isolate and create the first prototypes were only speculated to be around such a black hole or in gravitational anomalies.
2. With the onward march of progress restarting after and the rush for resources being in full swing some Dvestic researchers decide to push the advantages they have in terms of magic to cover one of their major weaknesses in terms of espionage; either corporate or by political entities: The giant fucking robot workforce. As such they begin creating a new group of spells in the electromagnetic spell typing to act as a magical scan that returns the information to the caster of the movement of electricity and other electromagnetic waves in an area. With this, theoretically, it could pick up bio electric signals but more importantly the occasional scan will be able to pick up robots in the work force that have a higher energy usage than others or are putting out strange signals to show either more advanced, and independent, robots meant for long term espionage or the simple kind that are relaying or receiving signals from unknown sources.
>Actions 1: Infiltrate the idolas
With the knowledge of this weakness, the seekers that were spying the idolas would infiltrate their inner working even more, by acting and appearing as idolas and trying to get popular as fast as possible by all means necessary

Action 2: Infiltrate the SGF
As usual, we would deploy multiple Vehiconian seekers to infiltrate this tarnish society, by taking graenian vehicles or aircrafts and even mobile suit as their alt mods, but compared to the others... They would try to acquire graenian technology through Espionage and data recording
Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d5)

>>Dioceses of the Vitualized Ideology

>Dice Rolling for Melting Pot bonus

>Action 1: Spiral Drivers (1/3) - Essentially advanced Ballistics weapons, focusing on anti-shield and point defense, but mostly anti-shield. Helical coilguns that leave little twisting trails behind in the wake of their shots, giving them the name.

>Action 2: Study and steal Askyran Tribe's "Project Galink", now renamed Virtual-Materialization - Long have these curious little ones flitted about in the otherwise inhospitable moons or Ragna, listening in and occasionally releasing chatter into the data-web that the Idola submerse themselves in. Upon closer investigation, it would seem these creatures are not organic, nor silicon in nature, but rather data! An outstanding display of improbable emergent technology from a bygone era. By studying their history and the pylons themselves, perhaps they too will find a way to let the Virtual realm have direct, perhaps even mystical, influence over the Material realm. Though not advanced enough to recreate life like the Askyrans, the foundational understanding to generate such thaumaturgical arts in itself is of great interest to the MAGUS.

It has been - noted - by many critics both outside the faith and in, and especially by the more worrisome Idola, that the Dioceses' naval capacity has been... substandard when compared to it's peers.
Continuous wish-washing between the MISTRESS seeking partners among the peoples of Hastung or the Zorn to construct fleets for her, the MASON and his insistence that at least some internal work be done to strengthen their in-house production of equipment, and the MECHANIC's urging to create new weaponry unique to the Dioceses have resulted in constant postponement by other more wholly favored projects. But with the MATRON's desires sated for the moment, funding can go to other operations. The MECHANIC pulls forth the second Zorn-born Idola, the MARAUDER, to help tip the scales in her favor with their newfound spike in popularity. Thus, the Spiral Driver line of weapons are blessed with funding for testing.

The basic Gauss weaponry in service by many nations is all well and good, low in flux generation and hard to dodge except for the most agile of frigates or corvets, but there is always room for improvement. With extensive improvements done to the coil and barrel construction, the helical coilguns are expected to provide a far greater umph to what ever projectiles they fire. The most obvious is large heavy mass kinetic projectiles to greatly overload shields, but some initial theory crafting is also done on more fragmentation style warheads. Using the coils of the gun as a means not only to accelerate the rounds, but also as a programmer to specifically time and arm each fragmentation warhead for optimal detonation. Shredding incoming missiles or the ubiquitous fightercraft. The latter will come later, for now, establishing the main firing and acceleration mechanisms takes priority.
>Imaging forgetting to link to the QM's update post.

>>Dioceses of the Vitualized Ideology

>Free Action: Melting Pot (3): Rumors in Low Places - From the MESSENGER's Heralds churning through gossip, to the Tarnos darkwebs awash with data exchanges, to the lone comms repeater Eve. Information is boundless, and sometimes amidst the rumble of whitenoise and garbage, a lone spark might lead to revelation. Gib rumor please, OP!

The Askyran Tribes, humble yet boundless in curiosity. A charming collective to be sure. The occasional Herald of the MESSENGER would often send little snippets of data their way - following the MESSENGER's dogma that information should be shared. More frequently, their collection of comms devices would pick up on the Missives and news from the Idola, and occasionally the comms stations would send stuff back from the floundering attempts by the nation to become leave their planet-bound nature. Not much had been heard from them in some time, and with a lull in the Idola weave after the finagling with the Zorn fertility and multi-national trade deals, a small fragment of the Idolas' attention shifted to investigating these otherwise unspoken sapient peoples. To learn more about their otherwise unseen neighbors.
What they found could not have surprised them more.

Living data. Real, living breathing data that manifested in the matterium from a virtual source. Such news reverberated within the Idolas' personal communication channels. And for a pair, it reverberated all the more so.
The MESSENGER and MAGUS both remembered the phrases of the noted Admiral Yermack from the United Fleets of Man. That a faith should go beyond the realm of this world. Beyond the material. This was a laughable prospect, the Idola already embodied the virtual world after all. Yet perhaps, indeed perhaps, their spurning of the Idola faith had a core of truth behind it. For so long, the MAGUS had hoped beyond hope to raise the Idola beyond merely glorified heads of faith or computational super computers. To create, to bless, to have mystical, tangible influence over the material world from their virtual one. Though the secrets of creating life like the Askyr would be far beyond their abilities, even the understanding of how such a miracle as the Askyran Tribe's genesis could occur would be more enough.

It had been some time since MAGUS last dove into the arcane. Now with actual respect among her peers, it was time to do so again. Not only for the Idola, but all the Idolizers that they must shepherd through the stars.

With the VSN continuing as it has, now with greater and longer lives for all citizens to enjoy and a far greater access to the gift of eternal biological life, many more people than just the 0.1% can enjoy the benefits of a longer life. Still, there were far more corporations than the ones tied to genetic modification. After all, something that the Union still prizes itself on is it's aircraft, or rather as it is now space craft. From the company that designed the Bothmer, AKA the R-JB.XIV, and the modern conglomerate including a company that can trace its legacy back to the ancient Elsbroek that brought the D.XLIX Draak all those years ago, has come something of a game changer. While war isn't seen as on the horizon or anything like that, the Union needs to be prepared for anything, and a new 'ATO' plan has been put into place. It likely will interfere a bit with the infrastructure plan but chances are it won't be too much of a problem. Still, the first part of their grand project is called the I.N.G. Highly secretive, the I.N.G. is expected to remove many boundaries in space craft design, specifically strike craft. For the I.N.G. simply stands for Inertia Negation Generator. Technically, the I.N.G. is just one part of the project, but partially for security reasons and partially to mislead any spies the project is labeled in such a way to imply the entire focus is on an advanced system being developed that temporarily 'stores' inertia, the intended idea to either have it slowly leak out at a moderate yet completely barrable level or potentially redirected to further amplify the maneuverability of the craft. Despite this, another part of the project is, essentially, a specialized cockpit and a advanced suit, the former intended to be filled with a similar fluid to the type used in the genetic injection chambers used to give gene therapy, though in this case simply intended to further absorb G's and reduce the effect on the pilot rather than cause genetic modification. The suit, meanwhile would be an advanced interface, and in the event of an eject can quickly transfer to a proper hardsuit resilient enough to deal with space and most planet's surfaces. What was likely the most surprising thing with the project is simply the fact that this was only the first quarter of the overall project. Though, it was likely to be slowly worked upon over time...

As this went on, terraforming of Ragna continued with the introduction of greater biodiversity. With the atmosphere almost fully cleansed now by the microbiological lifeforms introduced some time ago now. The main effort now was to ensure soil quality was secure and that the planets conditions were further tweaked to make Tarnian Plant life survive on the planet, and once done introduce said plants with only minor modification done to better be able to feed off of the soil and handle the higher gravity.

>Action One. Work on the I.N.G. (1/3)

>Action Two. Further terraforming.
(sorry for quality lost 2 decent drafts already)
>Action 1
Create gate to Daelca
>Action 2
Assess situation in fenferasia, they are ripe for potential integration or at worst would simply make fine allies and mercenaries
action reallignment:
>action 2
send colony ship to Ni'Tarnea
~~~~~Turn 10: Prodigal Son~~~~~~
The first segments of Lume are laid into place. For now, the majority of the “ring” is actually just a thin network of scaffolding, with only an initial storage unit and basic government ancilla actually built out. Still, it's a start, and (unlike the increasing crowded HOW) there’s plenty of room to grow.

>Solar Graenian Federation
The new temple complex certainly fills a demand, if the crowds of worshipers every holy day are any indication. The mines are similarly well staffed, and provide a welcome influx of ore into an open market hungry for the stuff.

The absolute pinnacle of Nadezhdan engineering, the diving ships are as sturdy as their creators. A heavily armored prow is designed to take the brunt of atmospheric insertion, while also being capable of absorbing a fair amount of damage in battle. The ships’ bow guns are enlarged and reinforced, ensuring that the divers will be monsters in a frontal attack. The final coup de grace is a pair of vents connected directly to the main reactor. When the time is right, these will allow the diving ships to pull out of their freefall and ease them into level flight, allowing them to exist the atmosphere once more and come back around for another pass. A pinnacle of specialization, albeit one which is quite vulnerable without appropriate support and reinforcements.

>thank you for being understanding. How do you like the game so far?
Nucleosynthesis efforts continue, the secondary synthesis reactor being bulked up further and further in order to synthesize metals such as iron and cobalt. At this level, fusion requires more power input that it yields as output, requiring energy from the main reactor to be diverted for nucleosynthetic purposes.
>The Great Speaker
The surface of the planet is indeed covered with layers of mirrorlike crystals, which generate so much glare, the spawn are forced to don Oaer-built goggles in order to avoid being blinded. The crystals themselves are inorganic in nature, but their structure and composition seem far too complex to have been formed by chemical processes. A few spawn set to work clearing a small patch of crystals. They expose the underlying soil, and prepare to take a sample. Then, one recoils with a shout! A beetle-like creature burrows out of the exposed patch, its carapace composed of the same crystal as those covering the whole of the planet. Taking no notice of the spawn, it begins to sweep at a pile of crystals with its hindlimbs, scattering them across the exposed earth. Soon, not an inch of uncovered space remains. The creature inspects its work before burrowing once more beneath the shifting crystals.
It seems that the crystals covering this planet and keeping it habitable are generated and maintained by the planet’s own ecosphere. The crystals themselves are extraordinarily durable for objects with such reflectivity.

The final aspects of the Zorn repair project begin--bringing the males up to par. (1/3)

Porphyron is built up as promised, bone and sinew now capable of supplanting construction materials in almost every use case. Though this only increases the demand for food and organics…(2/3)

To allow for better coverage of the whole star system, a dedicated consulate Capitol is established on Tarnia. Equipped with full-spectrum hologram technology and the whole gamut of hospitality ancilla, the site is a perfect place to host virtual and physical gatherings alike.
The red sun hovers in the sky, casting a dread red pall over the surface. Enormous limestone spires tower over salt flats dotted with hidden crevasses. Sensor readings indicate that this world was once a reef planet, but the expanding sun has stripped away the water along with much of the atmosphere. Movement is detected from orbit, but upon ground-based inspection the surface appears entirely sterile. Great source of organics, transplutonic ore, and light metals such as lithium and aluminum.

>Graviton Amps(1/3)
Repurposing of the soul repeaters to generate interference patterns in the EMP spell allows for far finer control of the previously established spell. The new variant can be used for a noninvasive system scan, or be scaled up to pack the same data-wiping punch as its predecessor.
>Well, you’ve done it now.
(>>5161637) The Deseptracon scouts rapidly gain small followings. They target specifically areas where the Idolas have spent comparatively little attention, most notably in the city of Y. Roop, among the Fenferrasi, and in the eden world of the Providence system. In these places, the scouts cultivate a rabid devotion, a cult of personality based on them and them alone. They understand that such a drastic action as impersonation will catch the attention of the Idola’s regardless, and therefore choose to go all out, hoping to shield themselves from retaliation behind a wall of brainwashed natives.
Infiltrating the mecha-Gundams fleets is no small task, but the enormous mechas have lain dormant for so long that an opportunity was inevitable. A few discreet bribes here, a distracted guard there, and the Desepracons are able to insert a tiny spycraft into an antiquated Mobile Suit. A basic schematic of the suits capabilities is attained, but classified specifications, the details required to fully reverse engineer the technology, remain locked beneath an encryption protocol. Deseptracon analysts believe they can crack it within [1 turn]’s time, but they warn that such an operation will not be a quiet one.
The city on Carnwennan-2 reports that it has come under unknown attack! Concerns over a return of the Empire quickly give way to confusion as EMP blasts target the nearby ruins instead of the colony proper. Energy signatures reveal the ships as Dvesalian in origin, but what could they prossibly want with the ruins?

Local branches of the Dioceses have long maintained a tradition of performing “wellness checks” when requested by members of their flock. During the chaos of the Collapse, priests and preachers were some of the few trusted enough to knock on a stranger’s door, and the sucesses of such interventions certainly garnered a measure of devotion from their congregations. Such checks are generally quiet affairs, so its quite a surprise when MISTRESS finds a report from one on her desk. Even more concerning are its contents. A faithful member of the Ideology, ranting and raving about a “true idol” before firing on the attending priest and then turning the gun on himself.
>Spiral Drivers (1/3)
Alas, by the time the Ideology arrives on the moons of Ragna, the Askyr are already fading away. A number of their kind left to journey among the stars, other fell prey to computer viruses their deprecated software had no hope of fighting. Regardless, the Diocese meet little resistance as they study exactly what makes these little buggers tick.
The key to inertia negation is a daisy chain. Bose-Einstein absorbers transfer shock to reaction wheels, which transfer their rotation to an EM field, which converts magnetic flux into heat, which can then be vented away by liquid helium refrigerant. This setup allows the ships to greatly reduce the amount of armor damage taken for a short period of time, as long as the refrigerant supplies aboard last.
New terraforming efforts amp up the biodiversity on Ragna to the nth degree. A lush variety of plants are cultivated across the planet, as well as wildlife carefully selected for their docility.

The gate is built, and the colony ship placed into orbit around Ni’Tarnia. The unique three-body arrangement generates a constantly shifting gravitational environment in the immediate vicinity of Ni’Tarnia, forcing the gate to be placed in a high orbit around a neighboring planet instead. The same shifting field force the colony ship to make constant corrections to maintain its orbit, though nothing so drastic as to affect its precious cargo

~~~~~END OF UPDATE~~~~~
>Much apologies for the delays. Typed up the last bit of this update on my phone, so no map until later tonight. Feel free to post now if you wish. Can’t promise when the next update will be, but my life will get significantly better after Friday.
The Askyr fade into the annals of history. But who will carry on their memory, when most never knew they existed?
>A spot has opened up. IDK if this ping will reach you, but its the only way I could think of to let you know.
>FDR Pt. 2 cause I forgot to resolve the other thing
The explorers stride past the molten hunks of metal that were once the ruin's defenses. Another targeted blast is sufficient to blow the blast doors off of a half-buried vault, which proves to be a shuttle modified beyond recognition. Within is the skeleton, tricorn jauntily askew, grasping a whip that still glows incandescent white despite centuries of disuse. A basic profile of the weapon is uploaded to the fleets data banks, and transmitted back to command as the explorers safely store their find in a levitation-isolation crate.
>your explorers will be safely away from the planet next turn.
File: Marauder Sees Heresy.png (101 KB, 420x420)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>>Dioceses of the Vitualized Ideology

>Action 1: New Leaf Tech: Quantum-Neurocomputing -> Quantum Encryption - Typical computer encryption is all well and good, but with the capabilities of quantum computers, even conventional ciphers and encryption technology can be brute forced in 'reasonable' time spans for organics. Thus the Idola invest into inventing a series of encryption softwares and communication ciphers that would take considerable effort by quantum computers to solve, and be impractical for any normal computer or AI to crack in timespans outside of centuries. While the computations behind the current gen of encryptions are kept a closely guarded secret so as to prevent reverse engineering them, the front-end Key Pairs are not only utilized by Idola, but are sold on the open market for groups or individuals who desire an extra degree of privacy or security.

>Action 2: Virtual-Materialization(2/2) - With the False Idols and Heretics springing up across Dioceses Space with disturbing and reckless abandon, all the more the other Idola back the MAGUS's studies as a way to show proper superiority and divinity. The way of blessing their followers is nearly upon them, with the foundations of the Virtual-Materialization being secured.

Heresy. Such unbelievable, unspeakable heresy. The MATRON is awash in tears at the mislead herd, the MESSENGER and her heralds are abuzz with warnings and clarifications for people across the system, the MISTRESS struggles how to turn this disturbance into profit, the MAGUS... has her head stuck in her books, and the MECHANIC frantically scrambles to figure out how to fix this newfound security breach. And with the major Idola all in distress, the lesser Idola are all the more so. But they must persevere! After all, there are few things that can unite the conflicting personalities of the heads of faith more than external threats to their followers.

New Idolas come and rise all the time, their Ascendancy is a big deal in both the local news as well as the Dioceses' personal data-sphere. Often they are of smaller scope and follower count to the major ones. They are local dieties of cities or ships, regions or purposes. However, these False Idols, these Heretical Interlopers, have sprung up with such speed and in such strategic locations, that it could only be the source of external sabotage. The first steps, beyond damage control, are to ensure no further communications or knowledge of these weak points in Idola space are found, the MECHANIC suspects infiltration on their data lines to be a major cause in this, and quickly begins devising a series of encryption algorithms to protect Idola interests. Always seeking a method to turn situations around, the MISTRESS quickly expands on the initial scope of the project with additional funding, and creates a system of encryptions and keys, that she can then sell to other groups worried by the uptick in potential spies. (Think RSA but future.)

Action 1: Vitruvian-class Synthetic Intelligences (Improving AI’s and Engrams)

As it is, Engrams and Artificial intelligences are good for crunching numbers and micro-managing projects, but beyond that are only marginally superior to intelligent humans in terms of general intelligence.

This status quo is uprooted with the development of the next generation “Vitruvian” class intelligence matrix, boasting increased processing power via interwoven thought processes, multi-tasking up to eight simultaneous thought trains and integrated creativity patterns, to say nothing for how all this affects their performance in cyberwarfare.

This new generation of Mind has engrams and AI undergoing the fairly delicate upgrade process.

Newly created AI’s find themselves taking up more active leadership roles in the custodianship, being better able to understand and serve their purposes, but also now having the ability to understand the drive and ambition of their creators, while more antiquated AI’s remain rather impassive to the idea of stepping out of their rigidly defined roles, simply using their new upgrades to perform their tasks with more unfailing effectiveness.

The upgrade is not forced on anyone, but plans are made to phase out the creation of old-type engrams and AI’s should the project meet with success.

Action 2: Organics facility on this former reef world to be named.
Our union with the Ascendancy has made us privy to their most sought after services, and responsible for handling some of their serious deficiencies, prime of which is their lack of organics to supply their flesh forges.

We are luckily in possession of an ex-reef planet absolutely chock-full of fresh organics to plunder, each and every ounce extracted from our new facility intended to head straight to the hungry maw of the ascendancy.
Begin outfitting a vanguard amongst the Herds with the new H.O.W. armor tech that we are paying for.

A Starborn flies through the upper orbit of the newly named Alphurnis planet, seving as the mobile base and protections of the spawn and other researchers. Samples of the Crystals are gathered for research back at the university to hopefully understand some things.

On the substance itself
> basic chemical composition, is it organic?
> is it resistant to heat, radiation, our Ion cannons, etc

On the planet itself
> basic ecology, any superpredators that may harm us or other?
> origin of the Crystals?
(I realize you stated that it was on the Beetle's carapace, but I mean "does the beetle organically produce it, or is it merely consumed from the environment and concentrates in the shell, if that makes sense?")
>action 1:
Continue to experiment with nucleosynthesis reactors to make them self-sufficient and...
>action 2:
Make a prototype for a combined starlifting-nucleosynthesis module.
>So far I like it. I'm not good at RPing but I will try again on Tarn after I finish preparations on Abraxes.
>Upgrading the Reactor 2x
Though the Nade people can withstand significantly more heat than the average person, they can only rely on the mental fortitude of their pilots for so long to withstand the heat trap as more and more upgrades are mounted onto their ships. In order to better control the heat and supply more reliable power to shields and lasers, an engineering fair is held to support the scientific development of new and efficient reactors.
1. The Haakman corporation planetside is...well, has undergone some sort of attack. Details are still unclear; and that's a result of some form of Cyber Warfare. In all due likelihood, it's Fenferassi extremists which are perpetrating the attack. As such, the Corporation has been truly 'shafted', and is currently calling for Graenian Armed Forces to come to stabilize the area. This should be not only an easy task, but one that will provide the area more defense and stability with a permanent Graenian presence.

2. Our Industry must grow evermore! See that it does so...
(Well, I intended for the Hellboy project to be a one-action thing, but... I can roll with it being a 3 action project.)

The Zorn Federation is flourishing even more than anticipated. With the Ascendancy having an increase in demand for the newly produced organics from our Bio-forges. Foreign Minister Luzia Ulrike Hiedler tries to levy parliament support for firmly establishing our state religion, but unfortunately it's muddled by the Graenians putting their first major church on Luna Grande, instead of starting at Cluster 1. This makes the Graenian push be seens as a cultural invasion, which upsets the local sects, who worry they may be punished for all the concessions they've made to fit Christianity for the Zornian people. For one, there is the issue of clones. They have souls, yes, but not all souls are equal.

Action 1: Upgrade Jumpgate in the Gelb system (also officially name the system: Gelb).
We have noticed a lot of traffic going past the Gelb system, there's a system called Daelca, where another nation has built a far-side Jumpgate, but it is difficult to send our survey fleet through a level 1 Jumpgate, even with a level 1 on the far side. As we need to ship a lot of supplies over, be it food, fuel, or spare parts for the Mobile Suits Graenia has lent us. Not to mention the machinery needed to recover lost Mobile Suits, and the explosives to destroy those we can't. So we need to upgrade the gate, integrating new parts into the Gelb system gate, and also officially assigning it's new name.

Action 2: Hellboy Project 2/3.
After looking into the Hellhound men, the Zorn Federation finds that the selection process, while helpful, is too slow to get results. So they start doing more direct genetic engineering. This will result in genetically unstable clones until natural reproduction can get to weeding out the defects, but it'll get results fast. The more people that naturally reproduce, the faster we'll stabilise the flaws caused by excessive cloning. The addition of people with the mentality suited for science and espionage will certainly be a boon as well. We will compromise more on their muscularity, as less muscle mass will make them have less strain on their cardiovascular system (a common point of failure for clones), and also make us able to make more clones for each multivat, or just downsize the monovats so we can fit more in each facility. They'll still be much stronger than a human, but again, they wont overpower any of the females.

With the first part of the I.N.G. worked upon and finalized, the next stage would be working on the cockpit. There was a new avenue of research in regards to utilizing the first part of the I.N.G. in it's inertia dampening for armor, the original plan of the project would continue. Specifically starting on a cockpit design. The design was a system where the cockpit would be filled with a fluid once the pilot was inside so as to further reduce the stresses and force of harsh maneuvers on the body. This fluid would ideally be something that was fairly clear, and would be not to dissimilar from the type used in the vats used for the gene therapies used by the various genetic modification companies, most noticeably the kind used for longevity treatments. This would not disrupt movement or control over the craft, due to a new advanced integration system of the controls, and the suits planned for the pilots to wear, but the latter of those two would be worked upon later. All in all the main focus of the project was on the cockpit itself now that the reactors were finalized. Once this project was done, and the main focus of the ATO plan finished, chances were that the pilots of the Union would be unmatched in maneuverability in the air or space. Though this obviously would take time. This project wasn't even a quarter of the way done after all.

Ragna has progressed quite well over time. It's gone from a hellscape of toxic smog, searing heat and constant earthquakes and vulcanism. Due to VSN work the planet has changed from this nightmare over time to be a stable planet with a good amount of resources and mostly comfortable living, at least compared to Tarnia. While the planet isn't a paradise yet, the work on the planet and fixing the worst aspects of the planet's habitability and other tweaks will bring it closer to the paradise that was demanded. It needed to become a paradise at this stage, if only because of all the resources dumped into the project and the desire to make a new home free from the smog of Tarnia. Plus, it would potentially gain a new source of business in regards of terraforming planets for others. And similarly the knowledge from the project could aid fixing Tarnia's atmosphere. But first, Ragna would become the jewel of the Union.

>Action One. Work on the I.N.G. (2/3)

>Action Two. Further Terraforming.
1. With the gravity amps created (as per the discord conversation) the creation of spells relevant to space-time can be brought to relevance and put into practical use. The first is one that makes two points in space act like the same location for the purpose of particles and energy. While the strain caused by moving anything larger was found to be impossible to sustain.
2. Scouts set out to check out the second blue star in the South East quadrant. The gate has been active for a long time and the possibility of something interesting that direction could be discovered.
>Action 1: Have the infiltrator cult spread deeper into the idolas
Knowing that the idolas will attempt to strike our infiltrator group, the group would quickly figure out a name... and they came up with CYPHER... it does the job fairly well but of course... we would use a secondary secret name...known as the 8492nd Gralean strike team 'Grabacr' incase the idolas figure out who we are and try to strike us down or get into our comms...

>Action 2: Try to reverse engineer the Mobile suit technology
With said technology...they could be useful to upgrade our mechanical bodies... i have nothing else to say really
The threat of rogue ai's, duplicitous workers, religious zealots and enemy agents has always been a constant worry for the Union and its various corporation, in the past while the various HR departments in the Union has been sufficient to prevent leakage of sensitive information or the theft of assets, there where always cracks and it was only a matter of time before something truly dear to the Union's heart was stolen.The various heads and CEO's of the companies use their Automated Dispute Resolution techology and various anaylst and experts from around the Union to establish an intelligence agency that will protect the Union from those who would attempt to harm from the inside.
> Create an intelligence agency

Motion navigations would continue to tirelessly work on their contract to fulfill the demands set by their customer. Once the first system was surveyed the survey team would rest after a long mission and move onto the next system that is the black hole system to the left of the first surveyed system. To ensure that the contract is fulfilled on time longer hours a re introduced with higher pay while funding is spent to ensure that the task set out before them is done in time.
>Survey the black hole system that is to the left of the red star system.
Action 1:
>convert colony ship into ground city/settlement called "Ovalamn"
The colony ship preforms a general survey using on board tools. Mapping the planet that good spots for founding might be found.
The population of this ship is made up of almost a dozen distinct species and many, many cultures from across the ring and even beyond into the inner solar system.
The ship, applying the philosophy of reliable technologies is equiped with the capabilities to create whatever the colonists will need initially. From homesteading equipment to enough forging capacity to equip every colony with heavy weaponry. What will be produced however is whatever these new Tarneans will need...
Very few Oaer are present, as the environment is not suited to them. Although a good collection of warriors and wanna be lords have come to stake claims in this new frontier... small communities are staked across the planet on every livable landmass. Although the highest concentration of settlers is in the newly founded city of Ovalamn. Situated on a geologically stable region on the coast along the planar north of the planet.
A small collection of vessels remains in orbit however, to serve the transit between it and space and for a few communities who are not suited for the surface.

Action 2:
>Investment into Grav-Tech: Scale
The gravitational instability of this new eden has led to investment in Grav-Tech. Already an established technology used in ship transport the technology could find new use on Uxum and on the systems star could help facilitate mining efforts to feed the new colony and the home planet.
These new upgrades to grav-tech focus on scale, improving the scalability of the technology with self correcting mathematics. Essentially with these new design changes and mathematical adjustments larger engines can do more work for less math. With the math of smaller processes generalizing and being copied in patterns which though unreliable at smaller scales create scattered support fields which do not alter the course of the field. As individual fields can be random within a given area if when they go off course they do so en masse.

Energy is brewing in the deep... the orbitals will not dominate the spacial politics of the empire forever...
> build another flesh factory
> finish project Porphyrion
Applying strains of Hydra, the materials created by Porphyrion will now be able to heal themselves from almost any damage at frightening speeds- soon, soon our true work can begin!
Was a good run while it lasted. QM hasn't been around for a few weeks now on the discord.

Said he had some financial issues before he went silent. Likely IRL is kicking his ass.
Was fun running with all you.

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