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**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

After our festive break, we recommence!
Angered by the damage to the wall, and already enticed to great action, The Grand Ministry drives forth into the Umbral Lands to purge the enemy from its new land.

Action 1: The Grand Ministry devotes no small amount of resources to repairing the damage done by the Umbrals and their accursed allies, fixing the Fort and plugging up the great tunnel they had dug. Unsure of what else to do to counteract an enemy simply digging underneath and blowing their way inside, they cover the floor in runes of durability and hope that will stop the next assault. Otherwise time is spent replacing the lost soldiers and stocking the fort with supplies to be used by the War Blocks that travel out to face the foe.

Action 2: Separate from the Grand Ministry's control the people of Pask begin the erection of Galleries, wherein the blessed cultural art of Pask is put on show for them to see or have replicated upon their cloaks or other paintings commissioned. These Galleries are places of song as well, as the traditional musics of Pask are played upon string instrument, drum, and deep vocalization to give moods of great pride and honor for the people. Naturally the Ministry, seeing no fault in the actions of Pask, merely ensures that space and resources are allocated so these events may be clean and functional, and write up particular guidelines to be followed so these Galleries go undisturbed by Injunctions wrath.

War Turn: Temporarily perturbed by the invasion of the fort, the Ministers of Pask confusion turns to malice towards their foe in less time it takes a hungry man to finish a warm stew. Plugging the hole with rubble so they can march through, The Grand Ministry begins a multi-pronged assault from their gates into the Umbral Lands. Meanwhile the guards upon the wall cleanse it of Umbral influences with rune and blade.
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>Action 1 - Prospect
Keen-eyed Do'laroshans scour Entente lands, starting from the roiling plains of the Entente, working west until they reach the swampy lands of the Iti'kin. Locals are tapped for rumours and expertise, the surveyors looking for plants, animals and minerals of value. (I think its 10 hexes? 2 actions into boosting it. Start east, including islands, and just prospect westwards.)

>Action 2 - Apply Blackstone to Achroma's temple. Expand to include nearby road.
Where blood and steel failed, gold and platinum have finally worked. It seems the Dryad's and Netche's greed outweighs their ability to hold a grudge. Finally, for whatever reasons, they have agreed to sell Blackstone, and so it is with gusto that shadowy merchants place orders for what they can. The price is high, the two people's keen to wring Do'laroshan pockets down to their last coppers, but the application of it across Achroma's temple is worth it. Since relatively small amounts are available, the architects are limited in it's use, mainly as ornamentation rather than as actual construction materials. Still, as the building swallows the Gilded Causeway to the south, travelers will be able to see wondrous mosaics of Blackstone and other materials, reminding those who walk it's road that it is with Achroma's blessings that they go.

>Library Action - Enchanted Appearance
Scholars of the Library of Creative Minds have, through the years, been slowly CORRUPTED. Where they used to be serious, even a little melancholic, in their use of the library, time has worn away the memory of what tragedies took place in securing it's walls. Coupled with the lax atmosphere of Thisi and it's people, the library sometimes seems downright FUN. Not exactly drinking parties or wild feasts, mind you, but certainly an air of relaxation and whimsy have taken hold.
It is in this atmosphere that a new invention takes place. The pouring of gold into Dryad and Netch coffers seems to have sparked some Thisians ire, and in good-natured 'revenge', they have concocted a means of getting it back.
Across the world, Do'laroshans will unveil all manner of shadow-enchanted gear. Varied in material and make, all change an aspect of appearance in some simple way. There are belts to make your waist slimmer, shawls that cover your scars and skin imperfections, cloaks that make you look more muscular, any and all considerations can be met. Even the clothes themselves can have illusions over them, allowing whites that stay white through dirt and age, or that change colours through an evening's wear. Why dye your hair (or leaves), when there exists bracelets that let you change it as easy as taking one on or off?
They claim our greed is unmatched? Let us compare it to their vanity.

>Achroma Rumour
With the expansions of the temple underway, shamans of the blue-caste are keen to see if Achroma's wrath has been sated. The invasion by the Paskians will surely have upset him, but the Do'la have more bad news to break...
They explain, once the offering (statuettes of carved blackstone taking prominence in the usual pile) is made and the rituals complete, that the Imnaki brings news of Grynox's fall. Of her fabled pearls, no word is said, but surely they are either lost or stored deep in Imnaki vaults.
They speak of the invasion, and the tribulations that they have met in scouring this accursed people from the northern ice-wastes, but then turn to an invasion of another kind. Squatting in great tents and new burrows, lining the sacred lake, lies in Imnaki horde. The shamans tell of the bargain struck, their steel and claws aimed at Paskian walls, if only the shadows can ask Achroma something.
"Who is the Lady of the Deep, the Imanki god they speak off, and how can her favour be earned, or words exchanged? The Imnaki wish for communion with her, as we do with you."

The rush of fire claims those who braved the fort first, allowing it's ground floor to once again be seized by the Paskians. They come pouring forth, flames from their hands setting the woods alight.
Still, they have overstepped. Only so many Paskians can file through the gate at a time, and rallying, the Entente will encircle and crush them, matching their ranged attacks with our own. Beset on the front, left and right, they will hopefully be pushed back into the scorched halls.
Joining them will be a top priority, as only in melee can the true might of the Entente be shown. Hopefully, their magics wont allow such explosive powers to be unleashed where they might harm their own men.

Meanwhile, the soldiers who made it to the wall will survey the situation. If possible, they will seize this section of the ramparts, and turn the Paskian's siege weapons around to fire upon any reinforcements who would join the fortress below. If they cannot be fired, then disabled will have to do. If such soldiers exist topside that taking the wall would be impossible, then they will move into the melee below, hastening the eradication of the main Paskian forces.

Of note for the Do'laroshans, they would be aware of the Paskian's personal beacons, their significance clear. With practiced ease they would dodge and weave through the battlefield's cramped quarters, singling out these Paskians and ending their lives, as they did to important enemies in the Blackstone wars.
The previous festival to Undine has brought us more boons from Undine, supercharging the spirits of the people to yet further heights, which makes the Cult of Undine grow yet more. It is also a boon to Soteriaeth, under whose rule these blessed seasons occurred. He even beds a priestess for hope of fertility... still she doesn't bear his child. Soteriaeth's opposition loses members as the sheer fortune is too much to overlook. The Danderfey of course revel in the joy, as happy as can be.

Action 1: Develop water magic: Joyous Water Elemental.
As the spirits of the people overflow, the priestesses grow plentiful and many festival magics are performed, a peculiar development occurs. The manipulated waters become more responsive, as if reacting to the joy of the people. The Cult of Undine shall investigate this, try and see if they can make water elementals infused with the emotion of joy, much more lively than previous attempts, but dependent on an ambiance of high spirits to sustain itself.

Action 2: Administrate Goblin Eastern Shore, rebuild Port at The Bugud Harbour.
Bringing stone across land is a great undertaking, even for the Anubisids, bringing them by water is much easier. As Soteriaeth desires Goblin stone for the great temple, he has the old port at Bugud Harbour rebuilt, bigger and better than ever. Administration along the eastern shore is also established, with superior shipmaking techniques and Anub craft patrolling and controlling the traffic in the area.
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1. Chemistry has provided the Dictat with wonderous technologies the likes the world has yet to see. However, with the discovery of things such as Acids and the long used Quicklime...the thought occurs in some that perhaps there is more to chemistry than to assist in weapons making. Perhaps...perhaps the chemicals themselves can be used...yes.........yes it makes sense. Something able to be spread in a fog, or mist like Quicklime powder can. Something to debilitate the foe, or even kill them outright. Yes, yes this is good. The proposition piques the interest of the Dictat, and as such work begins. No longer shall warfare be...clean.

>Whatever gives Humanity an advantage, whatever the cost.
2. Firearms have always been our thing, so to speak. We have innovated and improved upon them for millenia now, and it is time to bring them to their pinnicle. The advent of the self-contained bullet; shot, propellent and primer all in one package, has proven to be a wonder for arms development. The VDR Mk.1 featured rifleing as well as the ability to load and fire metallic cartridges, but at the same time it was a retrofitted matchlock. New models are commissioned to replace it, and between all the slide, lever, pump and bolt action rifles brought to the forefront, the two which are narrowed to replace the Mark 1 are:

The Dzen designed M51 Alvet-Boran rifle is a bolt action rifle firing a 7mm cartridge loaded via 4 round clips or a removable magazine. The magazine holds 8 rounds, and the rifle is notable for a remarkably smooth action allowing for easy and rapid fire. Rumor has it that the rifle itself was inspired by those seen by the Dander queen herself, and that after much reluctance, she allowed her knowledge to be used in it's design. Notably, Clan Dzen at the same time has proposed a cut down version firing a .410 gauge shotgun shell with various loads. The latter M51 Vieri Shotgun is considered for adoption seperately from the rifle program.

Clan Varke has proposed the V-03 Standard Infantry Rifle, a bolt action rifle firing a shorter cartridge also in 7mm from a 6 round enbloc clip. Featuring a similarly smooth action to the M51, the SIR also features a hatch in the stock for a small pod containing maintainance equipment. With their proposal they also bring a Semi-Automatic sidearm, using a simple blowback system. As is of Varke manufacture, these weapons are made with high quality, though that means increased cost in materials and time.
>A falling star
Zuvrek Kvydrech Laeggratt, Kalnthrunr of the Æblenthrong and high ruler of the Dwarven domains of Æbleland for many a Jidtyrn has kept his enthusiasms for much of his long life. But it is as the elderly Dwarf, his great beard turned pale with age, rides the Orchards upon his favoured riding-boar that disaster strikes and he tumbles from the saddle, clutching at his chest. Though he survives, he does not truly recover. And so, recognising enough of his situation, he makes the command that the council will be called; the succession of the Kalnthrun must now be formally decided. But his lesser titles are for his will alone to distribute, and so he chooses where they will go...

Glonion Laegratt is the first name to be placed before the council - in a show of family unity, is is his elder sister Glodrana (who announces herself with the title Thanvuldra of Glazchorkurg and the Gylderkavi) and his younger brother Korek (now named Thanvulder of Ederakung and the Zvalzarunteg) who jointly spend their time declaiming the reasons and virtues of their brother.

There is a momentary worry a few days into the council sessions when an individual by the name of Holon Guldhand stands to announce himself, the emblem of the Gylden Kings worn upon his chest as symbol of his lineage; but he does so in the fine bright clothes of the Guldfarite priests, and with oaths taken to match in service of His light and standing recently anointed as High Priest, any right to noble title once held is now forsworn and he speaks instead as one of the great councillors for the church and the Guldfilt. Others raise points and have their say, even the slight-accented Gyldentongue of Caston Grunkup of the Melzkagilt and the diminutive Gylden tones of Vosi from the Untegtangul.

In the end, the council decrees that Glonion, a Dwarf who in very many aspects and behaviours greatly takes after his father, is considered to be worthy; and as no other serious candidate has announced themselves, that when the tyrn's summer's solstice is at the height he will be crowned, anointed and proclaimed Kalnthrunr upon the field of gold.

>Action 1: The High Meadows
At the new town of Gyldendun, a new brewery is raised by the riverside; for the spring water is not only fresh and thunderous but said to blessed in parts by holy gold and holy light - surely a fine base for any brew? And a new farm is also raised within the high mountain meadows that surround the town.
>Action 2: Works upon his Gaze
Æbermund's graduates of the engineering college and Guldfarite priests arrange to work together upon advancing the abilities of Guldfar's Gaze machines, to see if they might better proclaim His will and spread His light with increased efficiency. With gearing and clockwork technologies of Bandru'ii origin now integrated into Gylden learning and an availability of materials from friendly co-operative nations, perhaps these machines might be made to focus more strongly, turn more quickly or be more rapidly redeployed? And Guldfar-blessed Voktorz was a substance never found in any part of the Gyldenland; might the inclusion of Voktorz-lamp forms allow the wonder of a Gaze that might cast His holy light even when all around is shrouded with Snehvish darkness? Other ideas are also considered by the team, such as using Sunstones as aspects of the focusing lens and carving runic blessings and prayers into the metalwork; adding the discoveries and advances of Syph to this Machine dreamed upon Sigod. But in the end, Dwarves can only work with their diligence and duty to build and try these various variations of the blessed devices; if Guldfar approves of these uses of His light then it will be by his will that they perform as their designers hope they might.

Action 1: The Winter Market

Contrary to its name this colossal market is open all year round, overseeing the colossal amount of foreign and domestic ships pouring into the dryad harbours.

The dryads wealth relies more and more on trade with the other members of the co-operative, Xira is a beacon of prosperity and the multicultural ties the dryads have made with their friends.

Electrum and gold and silver changes hands over Ayatana and silk and pelts, automatic currency conversion machines dot the shores leading to much oooing and aaaing over the technological marvels, nobles from the world over make the trip to Xira to peruse the grand stores that sit at its heart, which service only the richest of the rich.

There is something here for everyone, whether you arrive penniless or loaded, for there lies not just goods here but radiant, glimmering opportunity for a new life, for turtle or dwarf or do’la or whatever.

Masters seek apprentices for their varied works from the talented throngs that arrive, foreign sciences are delved into and explored.

If it exists, it can be bought at Xira Gate, the Dryads City to the World.

Action 2: Xira City

The city itself is wrought around the market heart, primarily dryad but has the odd complication of not being a forest, making the city an oddity among dryad settlements.

Possessing no elder tree in the middle does lead to space being more readily available than before, space that can be used to house those other than dryads.
Xira becomes a city of multitudes housing individuals of countless races, perhaps the only place in the Bandru’ii empire (Save Londonison, which does not really count as theirs) where such a thing would be tolerated.

In this place dwarves and dryads spin their gears to craft automate in competition and in co-operation, dryads and do’la dress and argue over who understands style and who is an uncultured swine-swiper, atrophied looking Dhaastu dryads reassure their concerned sisters that they are in fact healthy and do not need any miracle cures for their condition.

All this, in the pursuit of unfathomable amounts of profit. Let the name Bandru’ii be synonymous with wealth from this day forth.
Around Carcosa, industry erupts, the Ants of the hive join with the island denizens in great labor, linking the many farms with roads.

The hospital is improved, elevated once more, a great structure dedicated to healing all that need it. New clean pools of sanitized water, more fresh cloth and kelp wraps, and more dorms for the many nurses and doctors. While it is a distance from the many cities of the Everlasting Waters, emergency overnight travel by quickly pulled Laga skiff becomes a new commodity for the injured.
>The great return, after a long period of internal reflection and self-imposed isolation the fraternian people once more turn there eyes outward, with the ino helping push fraternian magic to new heights it is only reasonable that they should benefit from it as well, preparations are made diplomats and mages gathered, and the first fraternian diplomacy fleet heads off for oni shores to establish a fraternian pressense on those far off lands and to share the blessing of there joint magical efforts

2/3 (third is the library action)
>They call it a mine, for generations many untapped resource deposits have gone untouched, unused, no more mines are built captains of industry found the engines of Fraternian economy were flaring to life once more (give me 4 mines on 4 or the deposits in fraternian lands)
> put both actions into upgrading the Great Temple of Maglak
Prayer to the goddess has never been so fervent, so zealous: droves upon droves of Imnaki genuflect themselves on the temple stairs, the holy place’s insides too crammed for any more of the rodents to step in.
What do they worship? The lady of the depths, in the way that best befits them, in the form that best befits her: upon the altar, decorates with countless bones and rich metals and menacing spikes of blackstone, there is nothing but a great clump of dirt. Laid at the base of the altar are swords and axes and shields. On the temple’s door the remains of ancient enemies, griffon feathers and the necklace of a goddess slain in worship.

Thrice-blessed forges surround the site, a crown of smoking chimneys coughing their black breath into the surface and intoxicating the worshipping moles almost as much as their own obsessive worship does, while ritualistic duels amongst (and blessed by) the priesthood of Imnak shed blood upon this most hallowed of deep places.

This is a place of blood, it’s stink of death reaching everywhere like a grasping predator, like a creeping vine spreading its foulness.
Its message is clear, to the few souls who get down here: this place is the domain of a goddess old as the ground you walk on, and you would do well to keep her children away from you, for her altar always has room for more skulls, and her servants are ever-joyous to provide
1. The purebreeds get to work. With the bottles of holy water from their kin and the songs of the Dryad to work to the creation of a pseudo-drya with the properties of healing nature back to what it was before is attempted. A similar process to the other healing Drya including symbols and holy materials of the Gods.
2. Expansion into the hills.
Free: Rumors.
Fluff: Well then.. as per the request of the shadows they shall withdraw from the war. It was an annoying loss.. but an enlightening one.

1 action: Pure magic: Pure insanity: Plight of the Pure
Of the madness that they shall feel, they shall feel the overwhelming feeling of betrayal so that they may understand the cause of the Usagi. The primary objective of this spell to turn enemies into allies while the insanity lasts so that they might fight against their impure kinsmen. May they understand the overwhelming feeling of being betrayed by the ones they once held on a pedestal, and feel the rage felt by the Usagi against those people if we are to speak the name of the betrayer... then his name shall only be used to gain an army of those mistreated against him..

1 action: Pure magic: Pure Defense and Pure Offense: Tempering flames
The flames.. flames that are constantly used in war to disrupt and defend and attack... and most recently, flames spat at those that tried to flee. In that case.. a magic to counteract it. Like a blade that is tempred over a thousand degree heat to remove impurities, so too shall the Usagi be tempered. The defensive half shall make them immune to the flames and heat. Burning alive shall not be a worry as a metal immune to flames while becoming harder and even more durable. And as the heat rises, they shall become stronger. As a blade is rid of impurities so shall the Usagi, their strikes becoming tempered blows that can shatter even metal. However... the one thing to be wary of should be the feeling of the heat. While it may not affect you, the air may still become hot. So short and shallow breaths should be taken, and eventually the heat can be withstood.

>The grand re-opening.
The waking song of Theatra bled through the cracks that blasted open near its peak. Vibrant, pulsating, its music leaked once more into the world, ebbing and flowing fainly into the sky. Months would go by, then the thundering would start anew. Loud pulses could be heard, even felt through the forest up to the edge of Calibrus itself. Each time they would slowly build up tempo and then another explosion could be heard coming from Theatra, each a new opening, the city steadily opening itself up to the world again.

With each new opening its song grows louder and and its voices more numerous. They sing, they chant, they fill the air with a blend of voice and instrumental tones alike. If one didn't know any better while standing in the forest, it would sound as if a legion of instruments marched all around them, unseen. This would not be far from the truth, however, as a legion was indeed brewing.

As the fractures spread down to the base of Theatra, the rapturous song grew too numerous and too loud for any to withstand. No longer could it simply be felt, now an opening fracture would be so violent it would emit a blasting wave, knocking unsuspecting bystanders off their feet. Few who dared to come too close during these events would suffer terrible injuries. Burst ear drums, shattered bones, and in very unfortunate circumstances, even ruptured organs.

This would continue seemingly forever, and the forest around Theatra became a place only the foolhardy would wonder into, for too many uncertainties did the city hold. It would not be until one certain night, on the day of the festival of voices, that the climax would be reached.

The deafening call of Theatra had suddenly fallen silent. No more thundering, no more beating, no more singing. For an eerie moment, it was as if the silence had fallen again. Then it could be felt. The wind rushed from all directions, but not from Theatra, instead it was flowing to it. The trees of the forest all kneeled towards the Song City as the gusts surged towards it, pushing them to their floral knees. Animals and insects howled and cried into the air, their calls carried along the winds. A whistling could be heard, first low then heightening in pitch, as if Theatra was taking an extremely deep breath.

In an instant, Theatra shattered what was left of its entombing stone, but instead of a violent eruption, a graceful orchestra called out to the forests and into the world once more. A flash of light shot out from the city like a beacon into the night sky. Up close one could see this was not some natural light, no, it was the voice of Theatra made manifest, its infinite songs and voice free to dance through the world and into the night sky like rivers of rainbows flowing eloquently from one of its many mouths. The city had been reborn, no longer a mere instrument to be played, but now a living instrument in its own right.
Near the summit rested the source of this transformation. It was not one or even many Simfuni calling out in grand harmony. No, their bodies laid void of life across its interior. It was their spirits, their very souls unshackled that had come together to create the greatest performance they would hope to achieve. A ball of pure light, but it did not sear the eyes of those that beheld it. Instead it radiated with a gentle intensity, filling those that watched it with the love and emotions of the thousands that had come together to form this nucleolus of musical arts.

This one voice, made out of the thousands of Simfuni and their attendees would call to any and all to join it in its performance. It would urge them to join it in harmony. It would ask them to join with itself: The Great Melody.

With the various forces of the Colonial Army prepared and the Navy in a similar state, there was little more that was needed to be done now. All there was to do was gather everything and everyone needed for the trip on the various ships and for them to be sent on their way. Naturally, the news would be sent out to their allies in the event they desired to join the initial strike force, however Prenhaearn wouldn't wait any longer. It was time now for the atrocities that the Fanw Forsaken had committed to come back to haunt them in the form of vengeance. Initial plans were once the fleet was at the sight to engage in bombardment before making a landing, likely once the Fanw Forsaken killed themselves by throwing themselves at the mighty ships of Prenhaearn. From there they could rush swiftly to the Fanw Forsakens settlements and deal with them. And ideally, they'd be able to receive support from coastal bombardment and not just the canonau that were disembarked. With Coastal support or not, any defensive structures could easily be dealt with, and with blessed steel axes and spears the Fanw Forsaken would be once and for all removed as a threat.

Meanwhile, with the launching of the fleet, a number who felt quite safe now that the old enemy was going to be destroyed would head out into the mountains and work on setting up some basic sporadic settlement in the hopes of finding ore. Of course , Clan Protheroe would take full advantage of this and try and snap up as much land as possible, but it was a small bit of expansion into the north. Ideally in the near future it would bring a good deal of options to the colony and allow further prosperity. But that was still far off. Regardless it was likely that with the inevitable victory in the north the colony would expand significantly and build upon the many lands that it had gained. Ideally they would find a source of coal though, given just how vital the resource was clearly becoming to both navy and industry. Though prospecting would likely wait until after the settling of these various lands, mountain or not, was finished.

>Action One. Launch the Fleet. It is time.

>Action Two. Expansion in the mountains.
Posted on behalf of Megyros

The volunteer force that was marching up north to aid its allies would continue marching as they have been doing so, stooping to camp under the stars each night and to give thanks to the relatively peaceful march so far while the appointed Megryos strategos would talk with his officer about matters of tactics, strategy, and logistics anxious of the coming fight.
>The Megryos will continue marching north.
Eager to expand their fortunes and discover new wonders some Megyrian merchants came together and started looking to hire some capable Dwarven smiths and engineers to design and build assembly plant ships so that the construction time needed to build new ships would be decreased and the ease of repairing old ships would be cut down.
>Start looking for Dwarves to design and build an assembly plant for ships.
It seems the quest to find the Holy Pail is, for now, at a standstill. This is most frustrating.

But the Turtles place their frustrations on other tasks, such as the impressive High Walls of Lutheric. Inspired by Pask's great wall, they seek to have one of their own, built in the new Bertonian style.

-While some of the turtles focus on building walls, others practice their expertise in breaching and digging under them. What better way to learn the strengths and weaknesses of walls, than against Pask alongside the Shadowfolk?

Still, wars aren't won by valour soley. It seems reinforcements are needed. So reinforcements will be sent by way of the sea and by way of the tunnels.
1. Making Heavy Things Float: With the current failure of the metal boats not getting any bigger than a child size tug boat, Benmi is furious! He orders his engineers to quickly remedy this or they'll be target practice for explosives! (Improve understanding of buoyancy)
2. Touching the Sky: King Benmi was walking through the mountainous regions of his land for a while. Mountains were always a favorite place of his to relieve stress, but since he's a king now, he gets less and less time here and that irks him!!!! Feeling angry and childish, he whines to his engineers again to make him a mountain! (Research architecture techniques and materials to build skyscrapers.)
File: map63.png (1.15 MB, 2048x2628)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG

[NM] Two blue shamans enter the inner sanctum of Achroma's temple complex and lay their offerings before his shrine within. They wait a long time before laboured breath announces his arrival. After their explanation and question it is quite some time before Achroma answers. With sadness in his voice he speaks, "How sad an end for sister of mine. A task I thought impossible for thee, my children, accomplished by vermin. Whisper then was true, haughty and fat she had grown, splendour become arrogance become hubris. Let her name be forgotten... But now thou dost ask of another goddess; Older even than I, born of first shadow; a deity of filth and carnage. Would that it were She who had been felled, for the Lady of the Depths is a fouler foe than any. To seek Her is to seek death. To ask audience with Her is to invite destruction. The goddess of the Imnaki should have long ago been forgotten, when rule of the world was no longer that of blood!" as the Shadow god continues his diatribe, his voice grows fiercer, booming, shaking the stones of his own temple, "War is Her worship! Rage is Her glory! Fire and blood are Her blessings! Communion with Her is the end of peace!" With this he explosively exits his shrine as crash of cymbals or blast of cannon, blowing open the doors, scattering the piled treasures across the stones.
As one team heads west, another sets about the Entente lands in search of rumour and seams. The western half scours Fraternian lands and comes up empty handed save possible tin deposits further in land. The scouting surveyors meanwhile turn up precisely what they had searched for, following the coal vein into the Dakan and uncovering a cache of gemstones in the Echos hills.
From the steps of Achroma's temple, a grand promenade of Ambershale and Blackstone leads to an equally grand gate, the portico of which covers a long stretch of the Gilded Causeway. When the tall, narrow doors are opened, one's eye is drawn down the intricate mosaic to the imposing columns of the temple proper, adorned all over with Blackstone which still somehow glimmers in the Dakan gloom. The sight is one of awe and unease, as if gazing into an abyss which is gazing back at you.
[!] As the Fraternian Recordkeepers excitedly relay news of their own findings, the Shadows smuggle out a number of sheaves relating to illusory magics. Having learnt from the Library's shelves that first enchantment, the Do'laroshan imagination has been aflame. Myriad possibilities have been dreamt up, the creation for some of which are found within the scrolls. Whilst the more outlandish ideas wait for further iteration, the papers detail the reagents and incantations necessary to enchant garments with a number of minor illusions, notably shrinking, enlarging, and what can only be described as blurring.
Having pushed the Umbrals from their invasion point, a number of Ministers withdraw to bring the tower back in operation. Following this, anti-dig force-runes are ordered applied to all land fortresses post-haste. So focused on matters of war and survival, little time has been given over to the nobler arts within Obron. To correct this, funding and land is given over for the construction and maintenance of a number of galleries within the city, wherein fine painting, sculpture, and rousing music may be seen and heard. It is a pleasant reprieve for a people at war.

[+3 PE]
The great goddess of the Dyne has calmed, now rejoicing with her worshippers as they've stopped the polluting her sacred waters, or at the very least, remove whatever they are able to. As a gift to them, Undyne allows the water to dance and leap at her priestesses command. Acknowledging this blessing the water priestesses proffer gold and incense to her temple, and fine cuts of beef and gobmeat to the temple itikin. Properly thanked, she also allows for the animation of her waters, though only along her riverbanks, and only whilst elation & festive song continue.
The Bugud Port is re-established, a little south of its first incarnation, but all the grander for it. It soon becomes the port of call for the more northerly nations' ships who do not wish to pay the tolls imposed by the Drya's Sogigant.

[+3 PE]
The College of Engineers is tasked by the Dictat with the formulation of a gaseous substance which may inflict harm. To this end a number of trials are undertaken in the mixing of existing chemicals, building upon an extensive history of, to put it bluntly, trial and error. Known already for their nastier qualities, much focus is put on sulphurous compounds and the products of the coal & coking industry. Whilst a number of mild irritants and a potential wood sealant are discovered, a breakthrough is yet to be made. [A second action and you'll have your Sulphur Mustard]
After much deliberation, and the investigation of rumour which prove untrue, the Varke candidate is approved for production.

>Everlasting Waters
[+3 PE]
With the integration of the Cardinals into the Waters, there is a flurry of energetic activity in the hive and surrounding countryside of Ohu'a Hu'a. Formic scent trails are formalised into proper roads utilising stone from their nest, and connecting the great many farms to the twin-cities for processing, storage, and later distribution.
With the Everlasting Waters ever-growing, the small facilities currently offered at the Royal Hospital and even smaller facilities in the larger cities, are no longer fit for purpose. To ease the strain, Pa'nele'tui himself orders the enlarging of the old site built by his father, including the digging of a second canal and implementation of a speedy skiff service to those with more advanced medical requirements.
[+2 PE]
Happy that his son and successor is chosen, Kalnthrunr Zuvrek I allows his spirit to leave his old bones. It is a day, and then two, and then a full three of national mourning for their monarch in all these new Gylden lands, not only of the Dwarves, for the Fae and Meluz who he had welcomed into the fold also grieve the death of the good king. Tarnsmen, stoic as ever, help maintain order as even the breweries are closed to pay their respects. His Golaetur'kot is placed alongside his mother's in the grand Æblemore temple she had built in a fabulous pageant attended by the great and the good, and an Oni or two. It is a few months afterwards that Glonion is crowned Kalnthrunr of the Æblenthrong at the Field of Gold in a modest ceremony as suits his nature. Following this however, festivities are held throughout the country, and dignitaries from all Syph are invited to the court to celebrate! Among them the granddaughter of a long-passed family friend, Edekottha Kotzrigg, who gifts two monstrous sized sows. [Can be IC]
The High Meadows Ale, brewed from gold-flecked water and a mash of Ashen mountain crops is, to many a Dwarf, prohibitively expensive and even to those who can afford it, taken more as a tonic medicine than a daily drink. Except of course for the alloyed of Gyldendun who drink it almost exclusively, having the opposite problem of the high cost of import to their mountain-home. Perhaps that is why Gyldendun Dwarves are said to be the hardiest of any, or perhaps it is the above average Silver admixture, but who is to say.
Two magnificent Guldfar's Gazes had arrived on the latest colony ships. After some typical Dwarven bickering one was sent to His grand temple in these lands, and the other to the soon established Artillerists School[/Engineering College], each for study and refinement. Their approaches were vastly different, the Guldfarite priests employing the help of rune-crafters and Voktorz lamplighters, whereas the students set to fine-tuning the lens, the gearing, right down to the nails and beams to find possible improvements. The Students' work result in a lighter, more easily manoeuvrable design, utilising much finer mechanisms than the Sigodian original, but with it only able to hold a smaller lens producing a sharper pinpoint of light. The Priests' work however is much the opposite. A stout, stationary device, built of sacred applewood, carved deeply with runes which are then inlaid in gold punctuated with sunstone cabochons, focused by way a Voktorz lamp, and all workings plated with the finest goldwork and filigree. The lens also is so disproportionate that even the master glassmakers of Glazchorkurg have only a 12% success rate in the blowing and cooling of them. The result however is a beam which may set ablaze a sail in an instant, or the very boards of a ship at the length of the Three Gifts Creed; Guldfar only knows what chaos it would cause on a ship carrying blackpowder.
The Xira Gates become the Gates of the World as the gargantuan Winter Market is finally opened after long tyrns of planning and construction. A massive square, so wide one cannot see from one side to the other, sectioned between open-air stalls of every manner of fresh and dried produce, galleries of the finest crafts of all Syph, workshops and demonstration grounds for the tinkerings of mechanists the world over, even a faux-fort inspired by the many Do'laroshan exemplaries in which the latest in warfare advancements are displayed. Borrowing a saying attributed to the Wandering Market, which the Winter Market now far exceeds, "If it cannot be bought [here], it does not exist!". Around the enormous square fast grows the city of Xira, filling every plot available right up to the ports of the Gates. Save Maglak, for nothing can compare to it, it is perhaps the most densely built land ever.

(>>5124884) For their great help in the rediscovery of that most vital of magics; The reinvigorating and broadening of the womb; a contingent of Fraternian life priests set sail for the lands of the Oni. In due time they will be greeted with much revelry in the ports of Nazena, the Devil's capital, and transported with fanfare in carried litters to the magical epicentre of the kingdom, Naben Mareja. Here they will meet with the practitioners of Honshakti, the players of the strings of life, and their corpulent high priest. All in due time, as first they must traverse the Xira Coast! (>>5121868)
Throughout Fraternian lands the need for the bare essentials of salt and fertiliser only ever increase. To meet demand second mines are opened for these two raw materials, one on Thisi, and one on the mainland. [Mines are not something that can be done with the library action, however new mining tech is, as seen below]
[!] The long hours the Men and Morphs have spent scouring the stacks have finally revealed something they feel of use to them. Shaking off the mouse droppings the Recordkeepers find among esoteric scribblings full plan diagrams for the construction of a system of buckets and wheels which help bring resources to the surface, provisions to miners, and an air circulating addition said (translating) to improve working conditions and productivity.

(>>5120478) After long journey, the promised army of Minotaurs comes to aid the Entente as best they can. For now they make camp upon Achor Hill, awaiting orders from the Do'la.
(>>5121293) With Megyros already owning some of the best port facilities upon Syph, the call for Dwarven shipwrights and engineers is met with much enthusiasm. It takes only minor retrofits and additions to accommodate the Gylden who heed the call. The crews adopt the most northern port and nearby steelworks as their base of operations, streamlining deliveries, maximising efficiency wherever possible. Here they plan & design ships, both new and hybrids of Durranic and Dwarven build.
[+3 PE]
The Imnak know the ways of the old world, the ways of a world older than that Bandru, older than the Grynox, older than Men and Dander and Shadow. Older than the Imnak themselves. A world of blood and shit and dirt. A world for Her and Her alone; The Lady of the Depths. Depths unfathomable, deeper than whatever hole the Dwarves crawled out of, deeper than any mine, deeper than the roots of Maglak! Her depths are the foundations of the earth itself. She calls to them from so far below, so far that only the Molerats can hear Her, and only as a whisper. She calls for a return to that old world of Hers, that one of blood and bones and rule by only the mightiest. So bleed for Her, kill for Her, rage across the world for Her! Let Syph once more know the ways of old, the ways of the Lady of the Depths!

[+3 PE]
[R] The Dryasylphs relay their message to the Purebreeds of Karu's song. She sings not to herself as she does her dirge, but to the creature she once called 'hateling'. It has grown almost to the size of a Shiape, naked and green all over, with a mouth of fangs worse than any beast of the Yadi. [Conference of Deinos thread in IC]
As they have so many times before, the Purebreeds begin to experiment. Perhaps displeased with the slow and fragile nature of the single, delicate Drylium of previous research, the formula is tweaked; To the same reagents is added healing waters from the Holy Hollow of the Sennite Dryads, and the patch watered with yet more of this apparently blessèd water. Soft spells are sung to the sprout as it pushes through the soil, in time growing to a strangely flowering plant. It is soon found the Dryaspath turn their odd flowery heads in the direction of disease & pollution, and when planted suck the taint into themselves before yellowing and dying. Unlike the Drylium however, they may be propagated with ease. [Peace Lily]
A portion of the Tels surrounding the north-western side of the Yadi are claimed for the Drya, along with a number of peaks in the Hitels in the north which shelter the Dryad, Karu.

[New Moon]
As the barest sliver of moon rises the Usagi relent to use his name, his true name, against their enemies. Though it sickens them, though the very thought of it makes them impure, if the Paskians continue as they have begun, it may be necessary. This old magic is cast upon the field of battle, but the priests continue their own work at the temple. As smith tempers the blade in flame, so too shall the warriors. But such a spell will require a remarkable cost, one the priests dread even discovering. Nevertheless they cast the divination bones, and scry in the dark moon-pool, soon the price is revealed to them; If one is to withstand heat, t'other must withstand cold. Naked as he born, the priest is to bury himself in the snows of the wastes, a task only non-lethal for the winter-furs they grow. Still, the pain will be immense, the risk high, will it be worth it.
Resplendent in spirit, Simfuni anima, chorus of the Great Melody, return the beauty of Theatra to Syph. Their song echoes through the hills and meadows, through Calibrus and New Venezia, through the harmonic and the Discordant alike. Many Discordant fall dead upon hearing it, so far removed from the Great Melody that just to hear it is anathema to their very being. The rest, those not too corrupted by Discordia, are rejuvenated and made harmonic again. The shedding of Theatra's cocoon had other unforeseen effects, collapsing mines, destroying the old school, scattering boulders of Maestro-worked stone all over. But what does this matter? Repairs can be made, of import is self-evident! The Simfuni have returned! Albeit not as they had been. Music rings from the mountain tops, an otherworldly melody of unknown power.

[+2 PE]
With prayers to Fanw on their breath, the fleet set sail. The full might of Her Children now bears toward the damnable Usagi and their allies. [It'll cost 1 more action to get there, and 1 to initiate war]
Much more on paper than on the ground, the lower reaches of the mountains are claimed for Prenhaearn; Surveyors and prospectors draw up the contracts and mining rights this very moment.
[D] A strange malady has been noted in Arford and Traethllwyd, along with a few cases in Efailesau. Worryingly no single cause can be isolated as all age, strata, and profession are struck. Symptoms begin with a jerkiness of motion & facial ticks, followed by a slurring of speech, loss of memory, and some have reported a loss of eyesight too. As yet no deaths can be attributed to the illness, but it may only be a matter of time.

[+2 PE]
Even an enemy is given their due, the Paskians sure know how to build a wall; A pity for them the Turtles are better at undermining them. Still, lessons learnt in the scouting and infiltration efforts are brought back to the kingdom to be implemented into the High Walls of Lutheric which encircle the kingdom.

With royal "backing" and proof of their possibility in the black ships of the Hyumans, the Oni set to the task as if, no, because, their lives depended on it. Experimentation reveals the obvious, a metal ship cannot be built the same way a wooden one is. After much smacking of heads the team draw up a number of designs, constructing scale models, improving on those that actually floated, until at last a ship, about the same size as Benmi's pleasure yacht, is made.
Also with royal backing, but without the threat of being exploded, teams of architects and engineers are charged with the construction of buildings the height of mountains. Unfortunately for all involved such a thing is an impossibility, but with the latest manufacturing techniques, and a little Oni ingenuity, the designs for a building able to soar 10 storeys; more than double the height of the towers of the Pearl Palace; are presented to the king.


-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

The battle at the fort is initially pushed hard in Paskian favour, with runic and beacon flame they make headway. But here the Entente can hold their own, encircling the narrow fan of them, pushing hard to drive them back. In the fray, and by trained Shadow, the Minister General charged with carrying one of the two beacons is struck in the eye by assassin's blade; His carried beacon dropping quite unceremoniously, lost in the mire, quickly his killer is likewise laid low. It is the bloodiest battle yet fought, as Shamanistic and Runic magics clash, the four armies eventually push the Paskians back to their gate at a terrible cost.
The wall guards move to do away with the invaders, slaying some struggling with the heavy ballistae, but others make back for the fort, met at the stairs by ever filing Ministers. Breaking from the line, War Blocks are directed to the other fortified gates. Meeting little, if any resistance, the flanking Blocks make it into the preternatural darkness of the Dakan. Even with the carried beacons, the trees and gloom are difficult to destroy, slowing the advance. Still, as none have (yet) stood against them, camps are dug in, clearing further forest whenever possible. With four mini beacons in tow, the flank sent from the north make short work of their path, arriving in time at the shattered walls of We'vara.
As the fires rage, Bertonian reinforcements begin their long, slow march from their nests, finally resting at the market overlooked by the coral fort.

1. Pure Healing: It's been a while since the art of using life energy to heal and purify was discovered, but lately the research has been stagnant and the mundane medical techniques are quickly bypassing the magic. This won't do; the life priests will be out of a job if that happens! Raising funds by offering their services to foreigners who come here, the devouts of Honshakti gather together and begin their research. All types of experiments were conducted; from healing minor and major bones after being crushed or sliced in to pieces to eyes poked or smashed to dismembering arms and legs and reattaching them back. It was a quite a bloody and evil looking sight to seen! (Improve healing magic)
2. Reaching Higher Heights: While the new tall buildings were magnificent sights to see, it took forever to just get up to the middle floors! While this isn't a problem for King Benmi, since he's a demi-god, to the others, it's just making a pilgrimage to the holy sites up in the mountains every time they follow him. A couple of merchants who are quite close with the dwarves heard that they have machines that can take them from the bottom floor all the way to the top quickly. They send engineers along with a large amounts of gold and gifts to persuade the dwarves to allow them to borrow the designs of these "erebeetoh". (Research all elevator designs.)
Action 1 and 2: Express the Mote’aide (My version of industrialisation essentially)

The first grand examples of living works have been made and demonstrated, the Canon Thalassa beautiful and certain to endure the ages to come.

More examples of this work are made, but all for one purpose now, to create Mote’aide to serve industry.

Mote’aide that weave the silk of moths faster than hand could, automatic blazecages affixed to great radial gears spinning slowly around a tree trunk that smelt the countless metal bounty of the rings, the level of complexity and precision dryad clockworks combined with florakinesis can achieve allows for truly magnificent products to be forged. Ones of higher quality in exchange for less overall production than clunky smoke belching machines.

The introduction of Mote’aide on a wide scale allows manual labour to be saved all across the nation, and saved most in grand Shapers Halls (Factories), where countless Mote’aide work together in synchronicity under supervision from shapers and voices and florakines to produce arcane and mundane devices alike.

The influx of foreign wealth and expertise is at the heart of this new development. Mote’aide such as the Canon Thalassa will not be relics, but vessels in their likeness become a new naval standard as mote’aide aid in the cultivation and crafting of new vessels, a colossal living structure such as they able to haul far more than a group of dryads.
Living works enter the lives of the common dryad, carried across tree-tops by moving platforms and cutting rope with clockwork blades that slice independently.

Spinning Loci focus the suns rays from distant corners of the forest to instil The Work with the light of the glades, and countless dryads are freed from needing to perform rote labour, now able to study and contribute to intellectual, mercantile or military pursuits.

[R] Rumour if able
Joyous Water Elementals dance along the streets of the Dyb cities, from Anubira to Kavmira, even the Goblin cities have a few, though the Goblins don't quite share the same enthusiasm as the Anubisids, so they aren't quite as lively or long lived. Still, the people of Dybet are happy, harvests are good, the population is growing. Now if only Soteriaeth could sire some heirs.

Action 1: Establish Hunter Corps.
When Dybet settles lands without good farmland, hunters inevitably rise. But we have long been bottlenecked by our inability to make good use of most ranged weapons, as well as large size. However, with the invention of the cartridge firearms, first adopted by the thrillhunters who take vacations to Prenhearn, but with major exports from the Diktat, desert nomads have taken to using the gun, establishing hunter families. Madoc sees the clear Prenhearn influence and starts having talks with the gun nomads, negotiating a deal: They send sons and daughters to our army, we give them priority access to Diktat guns and powder. These Hunters aren't nearly as numerous as the farmer sons, but they will be paid a large sum and serve a more specialist role, given more autonomy than your average soldier.

Action 2: Start the construction of the Dual Temple of Anubis and Fanw.
Soteriaeth gather a large crowd, as construction is about to start, and he is to lay the first stone. However, he doesn't make it a small stone, nay, he grabs and lifts a multi-ton slab and lifts it above his head, the crowd look at Soteriaeth's mass of bulging muscle as he lifts the stone... and then starts walking, taking several minutes to move the stone from the stockpile to the construction location, before laying it down. Already he's sweating and breathing heavily, but he goes back and picks up another stone, some of the workers get to work moving more stones, but Soteriaeth personally places a dozen heavy slabs, and places them with practiced precision. He demonstrates that he is indeed strong, and he shows to the gods that he is a man of action, not just words. He will continue to contribute with raw strength as the project goes on, because if he is to be blessed with virility, he must work for it. Still, the Dual Temple's plan is massive, it'll take years for it to finish.
1. Continue the work on Chemical Weapons. There are many that can be made, but a very important part of their use is their *safe* use. As such, with the rest of the effort after the completion of the already underway gas, improvements to our pre-existing Chemical-Biological gear is to be made.

2. With the adaptation of the Varke blowback pistol, the fact that Semi and fully automatic firearms have come to fruition. As such, two of these are put out. One fires the same ammunition as our rifles, while the other fires ammunition much larger; an Automatic-Cannon if one will.
Action 1: The Grand Ministry delves further into the ways of music and art. Hosting grand festivals for the people of Pask where music and art may be made, and telling them the nature of the war beyond the walls to prove the superiority of the Paskian ways. Paskians send many gifts and honorifics to their friends and family upon the frontline, to show they are not forgotten in their struggle for the people of Pask.

Action 2: The Grand Ministry, having notably avoided using shields for its soldiers, finally acqieuses to the weight of the war and ensuing casualties, beginning the production of Rune-laden shields known as Will-Shields, convex oval shaped shields that can comfortably be carried and fit inside of their cloaks as they are carried on one arm. Being a shield, the force runes upon it will be significantly more focused on protecting the bearer and diminishing blows, hopefully easing the grevious casualties the Ministry come the future. They shall incorporate many visuals, such as lines of text, artwork, and more that bear significance to the people of Pask.

War Action: With the wall clear and the gate held, the Ministry once more enacts its next phase of its assaults upon the Entente territory with undaunted bravery.
A workshop is founded in Carcosa, where greater sonar amulets are produced in mass. Out in New Venezia, another market is built, intended to be where Laga can buy foreign goods in mass for resale and usage back home.

The port of Holo'gunui is upgraded, for larger and greater ships.

King Pa'nele'Tui feels the strain of his years, and he consults the archives of the trades with the Wandering Market over the years. The ancient Carasprig, one given to the Drya, the other hidden and preserved in Iti's Sanctuary. He orders it be brought to him. A sealed flask with a single leaf within, with several scrolls of kelp writing alongside it - The Ballad Pa'Sha'Tui, the royal Captain of the Royal Guard. (Coming soon). The Laga King uncorks the flask and consumes the leaf. And waits...

We hail the Wandering Market once more.

>Action 1: A Kotzrigg charter
The mountainous lands of Untegkalnz are (outside of the disputed Lykkeligfilt) the only formally recognised province of the Æbleland not to have a provincial town. To rectify this discrepancy (and to quell some Ashen-voiced grumbling from the province of their highest concentration), Kalnthrunr Glonion grants the Kotzrigg Thanvulders of the Untegkalnz a town charter for a settlement of their choosing within the Untegkalnz borders, as well as pledging a sum of 500 Gylders to aid in the construction of this town. They are also given liberty to redesign the provincial emblem if they should wish; although the provincial colour of a cinnabar red is to be maintained.

>Action 2: Powdered Bones
With use of the Explosive powder and its derivatives slowly increasing within Gylden dwarf society, it is decided to open up a new manufactory-cum-storage facility for this volatile substance. Though it is initially proposed to build this close the Artillerist's Acadamy, it is the artillerists themselves who veto this suggestion - siting such an explosive facility close to their TRAINING ranges is just asking for eventual misfortune to fall. Instead, it is decided to place the building somewhere that is considered remote yet close to good transport links - the protruding hills of Metakidun, which stand above both Zarunteg river and the jungles of Melzkagilt.
And on the Aeturkofilt, there is finally enough interest to dig for the strange bones of stone which lie beneath the ground, the Dwarves beginning a excavation site to see what to make of these fossils that lie there.
action 1: build more mines, while the development over the last few years it is not enough, resources remain untapped waiting to further expand the fraternain economy

action 2: Farming expansion with the new technics and methods gleaned from the library the Fraterian state sets to the task of developing its farmlands further.
Karu shall be left to her peace until she is ready to let us approach and see the child again.
1. Work will continue to refine the Peace Lilly until it's power can revitalize the dry and unforested lands around the Yadi.
2. The new hills are scouted for resources to exploit.

While the disease that seemed to have struck the colony was detected, it was of some concern that it seemed to be of noticeable spread despite the many measures of keeping cities clean and the various small pesthouses that existed. Still, thankfully the more medical minded weren't hard to come by and compared to most since Llychlyn before Prenhaearn even was a thing had gained a number of advances both in hygiene and medicine. Still, while many years in the past there was plenty to draw upon that could potentially aid in dealing with this new, all be it very odd disease. Firstly would be further investigation as to the nature of the disease, as while no real isolated cause has been found, there must be some sort of origin to this malady. While this would be the main focus, in conjunction with this work would be done to try and find what could potentially relive symptoms of the new plague. Something that would only intensify once the origin and common link was discovered. On the bright side, while this new cryndod araf was certainly an issue, it seemed to have become an issue only after the ships had left port. An ill omen to some, but not many. Thankfully this means the invasion forces numbers will not be reduced by plague. The most worrying part of the plague though is the fact that memories seem to be lost to it, causing a number to fear forgetting their families if they contract it. Hopefully, this doesn't become too much of an issue and can be dealt with before becoming a major problem.

However, as before, the invasion fleet continued on without any worry or even knowledge of the new plague. It wouldn't be long until they were in range though. Not long at all. Boed i Fanw drugarhau wrth y rhai gwrthodedig a melltigedig, oherwydd ni fydd ei phlant yn sicr.

>Action One. Investigation of the illness and methods of dealing with it.

>Action Two. Continue the journey. It isn't far now. Mae Fanw gyda ni.
Fluff: Tragic that the name of that beast must be said at all for magic to work... but it’s use is ultimately essential and can be turned against them as more turn to fight for the re-claiming of the moon...
As for the cold however.. it should be a lot more manageable than one might think. Each mage will be given a companion during said duty as a means to have someone watching over them while they chant and carry out their ritual

1 action: Combat training: Endurance
Fights are long and hard on all fronts be it for the suppliers, the mages, and especially the troops on the front lines. That is why exercises to build up long lasting endurance must be held. For the general population it will be practice running marathons and sparring until your body wants to halt all activity for the day as you take even a moment’s rest. For mages, it shall be practice training in the harsh snow, as well as building up general durability and having the effects of the healing drugs they’ve used before to be withdrawn from them slowly with time to ensure they are more effective in the future.

1 action: Pure Magic: Branch of Pure Offense and Pure Agility: Lunatic Assault
With the primary tool for combat being speed, landing blows isn’t hard. What is hard is landing enough blows before they can land a critically fatal one that crushes the magic that guards us. This spell will help with that. Landing blows quickly and consecutively without getting hit will cause the person the magic is being cast upon to build up speed. As they build up speed, they will land more blows which will in turn increase their speed faster and faster. The primary things that break it being the lack of enemies to strike or being struck, but otherwise the strikes will only come down faster and faster until only the insane speed of another rabbit could ever hope to fend off such and assault.

Library Action: Improve medicine
Perhaps with new resources, medicine can be improved even further beyond the current capabilities of the usagi, something that can numb all but the bare minimum of pain, or something to thicken blood to where it can still flow, but reduces the rate at it might spill out of a body. Perhaps by lowering the blood pressure...

Rumor: What are the current words of the people? Perhaps they can grant some insight or even provide aid with their eager stirring about
Posted on behalf of the Do'larosha

1) Prospect more entente land, start east then move west
2) Fancier illusion enchants on clothes. Will detail in next post, but basically 'fantastical appearences'.
> 1st action: interrogate the lady of the depths on whether or not sacrificing Grynox’s body to her would result in anything
The moles of the capital are thrown into a frenzy- their great goddess, the lady of the depths, it spoke to THEM! Specifically THEM! Could there be a blessing more clear?
And as it has always been, and always shall be, blessings must be repaid in sacrifices.
And so they interrogate their goddess, does she wish for her ancient enemy’s corpse to be fed into the Holiest of Altars?

> 2nd action: move the Atragarok. Operation: Lightning-streaked steel
And so it marches, the great Imnaki war machine grinds, grinds, and all that stands before it shall be turned to rubble under the mighty cogs the sight of which makes mountains tremble and whose screeching snorts and hacking laughter signifies the end of gods and empires alike.
Tremble, great walls of Pask, for the smoke of war darkens the skies, and the earth rumbles.

The Atragarok comes.
Get out of the way, or prepare for what comes next
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1.03 MB PNG

[d] An accident; a crash between a heavily loaded Laga skiff and Taknab supply boat under the Three Nations bridge; in the Great Canal halts all sea travel through it until the issue can be resolved! The long, narrow waterway has been at or even beyond capacity for many tyrns, but only now has it become unavoidably apparent.

The Honshakti devotees play the strings of life slowly and delicately, preserving the lifeforce within and around them, this is why their magic is less immediate than the Fraternians, whose Idin Gakoosaga violently snatch the strings and move them from here to there without tact. A snapped string cannot be played, but as the Fraternians displayed when one of their little rabbit fellows was able to impregnate an Oni ((>>5134547) the litter are just adorable, fiery red and befanged like their mother, but with huge floppy ears and hoppy feet like their father), sometimes the severing of a few strings here can be the birth of a few strings there. Whilst not yet ready to go about cutting lifestrings willy nilly, the players find a number of ways their gentle playing may aid the Oni people: Ensuring the continual flow of blood through an area, slowing bleeding to a manageable rate, setting bones where they ought to be, and the like.
(>>5130451) Having purchased the designs from the Wandering Market for far less than the Oni pay for the plans, the Dwarves are very happy to trade them, after they've made copies of course. The Demonic engineers set to work at once, twisting ropes of steel, fabricating winches and pulleys, and constructing to the letter the diagrams they have bought. These little models are shown to Benmi who laughs so loud and long he begins to cough and splutter. He then orders the engineers to build them Oni sized this time, which they do. Not yet possessing the strange box labelled "Enijini" however, they find two solutions, the first being the "Gakijini; a box containing two or more Goblins forced to turn a wheel which runs the system; or a hand crank inside the "Erebeetoh" which the rider turns himself. Being as they are, a variant of the Gakijini is also suggested, for use by prisoners or debtors to work, or even as a rather effective endurance trainer.

The Dryaspath, being so short-lived but easily propagated, are the perfect candidate for refinement. A mix of the Purebreeds' magic touch and good old fashioned botanical know-how, gradually empowers their ability to not only draw up pollution, but when planted in infertile lands, to eject their own life into the soil. In this manner, though painfully slow, fertility may be granted where it has been robbed.
Drya are sent into the scrubby hills to search for what they hide. At once a red ore is found in abundance, followed by barren rock, and ending with the uncovering of yet another form of glistening stone. [Cinnabar and Precious Stone node]
[R] The north moves to war and now the tide of Imnaki, the Atragorak, joins the Entente. And where there is war, there is profit just waiting to be made. Sales could easily be made at the Fraternian ports of Vigil or New Ava's, of weapons, foodstuffs, even Blackstone perhaps. The market need only be tapped.
The work of a hundred Dryads becomes the work of a single Mote’aide. Luxuries which were once solely affordable by those of the Inner Ring, or of wealthy foreign merchants, become available to most. Productivity skyrockets, filling the boughs of the common Sennite and the stalls of Xira with all manner of wares. Silk- and metal- work see the greatest benefit, being once the most tedious, now the intricate living machines do the hard work for them. Only Sen knows how the Carvil’ax’seset will continue to innovate, although there is already talk of a Mote’aide which will carry Tree and Dwarf and Molerat from here to there in a fraction of the time it takes to walk.

Hunting families, those that live semi-nomadically on the fringes of Dybet along the Ifri and Naois deserts are welcomed for their proficiency with Dictat weaponry, honed not by rote instruction, but practical use for a generation or two now. Their incorporation as the Hunter Corps of the Dybet National Army is met with a mixed response, especially by those most ancient and noble families who provide much of the upper ranks. Still, there is no denying the skill of the hunters, even if it is not a "proper" form of Dyb combat.
The ancient temple to Anub, constructed by Soteriaeth I's great grandfather is to be merely a gate to the wonder he shall build. To hear tales of his spectacular feats at the site, he intends to build it by himself! It takes an entire tyrn to lay the foundations & groundwork, to set the column bases, and haul the stone from the river. Already this dual temple has used more labourers, quarriers, boatdyb, and carvers than anything yet built in Dybet.

All able men at war, those behind are comforted by the news it goes well past the walls. They rejoice with music and feast that the Will is done beyond Indomitable Glory! Many new compositions are penned, new dishes developed, a new flag flown. Those unable or too crucial to fight are renewed in their efforts, in the production of runes, the forging of blades, even the fisherpasks brave the sea more proudly. Parcels of home-cooked meals, of familial trinkets, and of personal effects, are added to the supply caravans to bring the morale of Obron to the tents and grounds staked in Umbral lands.
The Will-Shield is truly a thing of Paskian beauty, bearing the marks of some of their finest works. The smith forges the canvas, the Devisers paint it, the calligraphers & other artisans varnish the masterpiece. Production begins at once at the Inculcation Forge, with the first batch to be dispatched by tyrn's end.
The process is simple, a distillation of this, the salting of that, and then the passing of one through t'other, and it cannot be stressed enough that this be done in utmost seclusion to life. The cannisters the resulting gas is stored in have the faintest whiff of mustard or strong onions, but should it become overpowering, then the only hope is prayer to Sajaak. When released, the yellow-orange vapour ominously hangs in the air, moving as a lingering cloud with the wind, and upon contact burns the skin & eyes. Inhalation blisters the airways and lungs, stops swallowing, labours breathing, and inevitably kills. Such a thing, had the HDS been subjected to it by another race, would rightly be called abominable.
Alongside this, a more "civilised" weapon is developed. A gun unlike any yet fashioned, capable of firing in excess of 300 rounds a minute! The thing heats so quickly it must be constantly cooled, and is so heavy & awkward a team of four or five Men (or two Awoo) are required to properly operate it.

For the enormous sum they are given the Ashen and Electrum Dwarves carve a township out of the mountain peak to rival those of Sigod's Spine of old. They call their mountain-home Zaruntedun, roughly High Peaks in the South (of the Mountain). Whilst many have turned to the porcine, most notably the Kotzrigg Thanvulders and their beasts of monstrous size, the old traditions see a reinvigoration as the Silver-beards aim to re-breed the many caprine varieties from what little stock was long ago brought to Syph.
As black powder sees ever wider use across the Æblenthrong, small apothecaries and chemists producing in their stores and sheds is not only no longer enough, it is far too dangerous to allow to continue. A manufactory and safe storage are constructed, and edicts forbidding at-home (or at least, untrained) production are passed. Perhaps it is in search of something to do with their back-garden powder mills now closed, that a pit is dug for the extraction of fossils upon the Aeturkofilt. So far in land, much of what is pulled is unique to the Aeturkofilt pit, including a number of fossilised ferns near-identical to species still growing in Melzkagilt today!

Incorporating the technology discovered at the Library, two new mines are sunk on the mainland. The first brings yet more silver to New Ava's coffers, whilst the second brings hitherto unseen rubies to the jewellers and markets. They sparkle reds, oranges, even yellows as they are moved about in the hand, reflecting the sun's light this way and that, some describe them as having a "dancing fire within them".
Much of the existing farmland remains in the small, family plots of yestertyrn, producing on a small scale for home and market. It's not enough, it's not modern! New techniques, new machinery, new crops are what is needed. Two swaths of patchwork fields are bought out, with each under singular management to ensure the best harvests.
>Everlasting Waters
Outside of Carcosa, where the collected materials are easily centralised and stored, a factory capable of producing the requested ever growing number of sonar amulets is erected. Here, Whale, Elf, and even a few Ants, punch, engrave, and otherwise work the line; These pieces are then inspected and assembled with great care by trained Laga to achieve the best possible results. (>>5125305, >>5124429) On the other side of the world, a secondary, wide-canalled market is staked where aquatic merchants may purchase the many luxuries, fineries, and otherwise exotic goods, on sale in bulk, or at least, in larger quantities than the current crowded markets sell. The Dryads who make frequent trips 'tween New Venezia and the Xira likely take notes.
The old ports of Hologunui are gutted, tearing out posts more rot that timber, strengthening the crumbling sea walls, before constructing a far more fitting, large, gaudy facilities, incorporating the truly special Laga coral arts. The shipyards are soon filled with orders for vessels of all sorts and size, from light kelp-flying skippers, to the largest of transports ships.
Almost as old as he is, the king is only somewhat surprised to see that what had cost the life and body of his beloved uncle, has not changed at all in it's reliquary. He uncorks it, spitting out the cork, and gulping down the Carasprig. It is bitter, squishy, and causes tears to well up in his eyes as it slides down his long throat. Almost immediately he involuntarily folds in half from the sharp pang in his stomach, curling up on the sanctuary's tiled floor, as the children of Iti stare on, unable to help or comfort him. He is rushed at once to the newly enlarged hospital, where he receives a number of medicines to ease his pain. He cries out in grief for his father, for his uncle, for his brothers now passed, for his stillborn calf, and at last, desperate and weeping, for his mother. Day turns to night, and as quickly as it began, the pain subsides. Had he been tricked? Had it worked? Had they revered a poison for so long? Pa'nele'tui dictates to royal scribe the feeling, that it was if his body were filled with thorns and lances, that his blood had become ice and then sea-vent-steam, that his head had swam with visions of blood, that despair had taken hold. Now time alone will tell if it was the right thing to do.
As she trundles over the sands on their way to Neleye, the Laga hail the Market; Grateful for a rest, the spider lowers herself ready to trade. [IC]

[Waxing Crescent]
Endurance can be the single grain of rice which tips the balance of conflict, to last one blow longer than your opponent is the difference between a head on one's shoulders and not. As the Usagean troops are brought back from the gate, after reunion and rest, they too are pushed to and past their limits. "Be like a Rabbit," the Shadows will say, "who tires only when he is sure he is on pure land".
>Usagi cont.
Again, and again, and again, and again. Strike, and strike, and strike, and strike. Strike until your foe lies bleeding, strike until your fists are blue, strike until the moon has set and rises anew. The priests do their duty, scrying the moonlit pools, casting the divination tools, searching for the cost of the spell. Eventually it is found, the ritual drums must be played, loud and fast, and each priest blessing their target must dance to this beat. But this is not all, for the price of Purity is pain it seems, as each priest must scourge the dancer before him with blessèd silver. With each sound of the drum, the priest lashes and is lashed.
[!] The Rabbity Recordkeepers return from the stacks with a codex of medicine, badly water damaged and missing many pages, but it is what had called to them. Inside much of what they decipher is common knowledge, or outright wrong, but two sections concerning pique the interest. The first is a medicine created by the extraction and distillation of the organs of a fish found in the deeper waters of the Sea of Skiamenos which has the properties of "strengthening the bodie with bloode, which floweth thick and clotteth most welle". The second is for a plant supposedly found in the Lyfwood which "numbs the bodie like strong wine" but which warns is lethal in large doses, and addictive in small ones.
[D] Queen Tokki, Goddess of Purity upon this impure earth, has gone mad. She raves and rambles in her palace, incoherent she wanders the halls, her eyes crazed as if needle-pierced. She is ushered to her chamber, laid upon her bed and brought calming tinctures. As she is administered an infusion of silvered herbs she exclaims "Akkgar, my belovéd..." after which she falls into a catatonic state, her vessel only kept by the feeding of rich broth the priests deliver.
[Rumour in two turns]

There is a great flare in the number of cases, the initial spate being only the beginning, but after this dramatic rise there is not a single new case reported. The symptoms can be alleviated with the usual, fresh air, fresh water, trusted herbal remedies, and plenty of good quality (unsalted, uncured) meat. They cannot, however, be cured. Those who are afflicted inevitably go through the stages. The first deaths are recorded, and more will come, for those who do not die suffer sporadic paralysis, muteness, and most often blindness as well. As the cases pile up, including a small number in both Glaniadneifion and Traetheuraidd, a source is counter-intuitively more easily located. A row of butchers in Arford, from which the meat of Dyb cattle is primarily sold, appear on almost every one of the sicks' itineraries. Having ascertained the probable cause, the Fanwen await justice.
Past ice and barren rock they sail, / The barons of the sea. / Past swamp and high stone wall they sail, / For r'venge, so bitterly. [You're basically there, just waiting for a "Declare War" action]
(>>5124691) Oh oh! How great the gifts of Achroma! Or Iti, so the Turtles say. For alongside alum, a mordant in dyeing, and tin, necessary for the making of bronze, is something the surveyors had never expected. At first, they cannot tell what it is, having never before been seen, they bring the sample to the nearby capital for the Iti-born to analyse. [Another unique resource node has been found! 4/5]
Building upon the foundations received from the Library, Do'laroshan Shamans aim to increase the capabilities of their illusion enchantments. The first discovery is the modifying of colour, followed soon after by the alteration of sounds. These illusions prove taxing to produce, requiring much more effort than the simple incantation spoken into the flashing stones; The simplest involves an intricate dance in and around a hot stoked fire by at least a Yellow Shaman [the middle rank], whilst those which drain all sound from an object must have the sound "danced" and "sung" out of them by a Blue Shaman for a full night. The prices of such items reflect this.

Maglak falls, for the first time in centuries, silent. As one they listen for Her, for their goddess, to answer their call. It is a faint, squeaking groan, somewhere far away, somewhere at the back of their collective minds, somewhere right there, right now. "Fᵉeₑeᵉd mₑeᵉ". They erupt into a frenzy. The rotting corpse of the Grynox is pulled from the temple and dragged up to the bloody altar within. A frail, ancient queen, long since beyond birthing, is walked up to hold the Blackstone knife to make the first cut. With shaky hands she drives the knife into the bloated corpse, showering stinking viscera over the steps. Cries of "For the Lady" and for "Blood!" rise and fall as another cut is made. The stones sup the gore as a hungry pup. The Lady of the Depths is pleased. She bestows upon Her children great vigour in the joust, both in the warrens and without. As she scrapes the giblets of the Queen of the Mountain off herself, the frail old mother hears Her once more "Brᵢiᵢng mₑeᵉ Arₐaᵃaₐq".
(>>5120478, >>5127739) The earth quakes, the trees tremble, the still water of Achroma's Lake rumbles as if boiled; A million or more steel clad feet make towards the Dakan, tearing up the ground beneath them for their multitude. The darkness of the forest is nothing to the near-blind Imnaki, who in their numbers trample all in their path to mulch and splinters. The terror called the Atragarok marches loosing the mortar and shaking the stones of the walls of We'vara. They poured from the hills, they flooded over the plain, they surged through the Dakan, and now they shall fight, tooth and claw, in Her holy name, Lady of the Depths. May blood slake Her thirst this day.

File: The Northern War.png (27 KB, 1008x732)
27 KB

-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

With Willful fire the terrible hammer of Pask falls upon We'vara; Fearful gloom shrinking back at the power of the beacons they wield. But the Umbrals had made a deal, an odd & costly deal, and ancient foe becomes new mercenary. As the War Blocks of Pask fight for Injunction, the Atragarok of Imnaki fight for an older deity; One which thirsts only for bloodied earth. The Maglaki army crashes against the anvil of the Ministers, steel-clad and rage-crazed, a dozen or two Molerats fall for each Man or Elf or Beast, but more yet come. The tide of the Taknabians is unstoppable, as Paskians slay them with runic blade or flame they crash from out of the earth. Chariots of Queensguards pulled by giant, ironed moles collapse the soil above them, and no Devised spell can make one able of breathing dirt. The damage not only to the combatants, but the city and her civilians is immense, as the fire within the Imnaki is unquenchable and uncaring. Any in their way fall victim to them. The War Block, is destroyed to a man, as is a full third of We'vara, and am uncountable number of Molerats. The stink of blood and shit and churned earth fills the Dakan, and the cry of Achroma shakes the treetops. Anything of value is quickly picked over by the Atragarok as war trophies and booty, including the heads of friend and foe and paymaster. Stunned by this overawing ferocity, the Minotaurs of Megyros come to supply aid to the beleaguered Shadows.
Within and before the tower gate, battle continues to smoulder. The Ministers hold their position, the Entente draws back. Pask strikes them as they attempt it. Fraternian cannon fire into the throng, devastating those not within the Beacon's protective influence. Losses mount on either side until a stalemate is reached. Unable to retreat to the walls of We'vara, the Entente dig in their heels.
On the far edges of the Dakan, where Achroma's grasp is weakest, a miracle of the Will shields the camp from the eyes of the marching Turtle reinforcements. With their position under fortification, raids upon the nearby forge complex are strategised.
So near to his shrine however, the living god of the Do'laroshans guides the marching Turtles to the central pronged assault, and under the banner of his red eye the Bertonian reinforcements slam into the back of the War Block with war wagon and cannon. Had it not been for Achroma's dark power, they would have fallen under Paskian boot as autumn leaves. Maddening darkness swallows them, extinguishing their wardlights, drowning their courage; This is the shadow of Achroma. The Turtles, themselves decimated by the attack, stand bloody, shivering and crying for the great mother, Iti, who can only have abandoned them for allowing such frightful events to unfold before their half-blinded eyes. As hatchlings they are, scared and alone, even Sir Plastran cowers in his shell.

War, whether it be for defense or in the attack, brings many casualties. Wounds to be healed, flesh to be mended. As the Holy Pail has not yet been found, true invulnerability is beyond the Turtles for now.

Still, Ser Galhadron proposed the building of specialized orders of faithful knights, monks and nuns who will bring healing to the sick, banish plagues and diseases, and provide fresh goblin meat to the hungry warriors of battle.

He establishes the Order of the Knights Hospitalier, to provide Iti's healing to the weary and the wounded.

Meanwhile, some Turtle Smiths and miners investigate this strange new resource brought by the Do'laroshans! What could it be, what are its uses, and can we get more?
>Use the library action to study this for better effect. See all possible applications and perhaps a use for it

The war grinds on, and despite hopes for glorious songs and sagas, messengers return with words of horror and disasters in the dark!

It is thought that perhaps, fervor in the Lady of the Great Lake is lacking. Faith is needed combat this terrible dark threat, and the priests and zealots of Bertonia surge forward in calls for more piety. Great shrines and holy places are erected in Iti's visage, hoping to channel her blessing.

Meanwhile, some others point out that Iti is a goddess of the Waters. There are times we must also fight purely on land. Perhaps there are other gods or goddesses we should not neglect? Envoys are sent to >>5137738 Taknab, our current allies in this war, with appeals to teach some turtles about their diety. The being that guides them beneath the ground.

As a token of goodwill between their deities, they bring forth a rare and prized thing. A fragment of a scale of Iti. There are a few such prized relics in the Bertonian lands, a piece of her form. It is hoped that this could foster good relations between Iti and the unknown god of the honored Moles. Flesh, in the form of live goblin meat, and lots of it, is also provided in case she is a living god who hungers much like Iti enjoys eating. Surely sacrifices are commonplace? There is much unknown but it is hoped these gifts will go well. Perhaps this mole god might even grow a fondess for goblin flesh!
File: Trench_Troopers.png (3.05 MB, 979x1500)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
The time has come. Our arms are ready, our target known.

1. Kill Araq.
The plan is as follows:
Entrench the area around our border with the forest. Afterwards, set up machineguns and artillery positions. Once the preparations are set, Gas and Flame shells are to pound the forests until there is no activity, or until it reveals it's hideous visage. After that, concentrated small and "small" arms fire should be enough to kill the thing. By the Gods it is good to have invested in Chemical protection so long ago!

2. The north requires infrastructure, and the Council of Sahs abides! The north shall be our industrial heart, away from the bulk of our population centers.

Action 1: Shiftplate (Mote’aide armour)

The Rings have for centuries relied on stealth and ambush, ranged weaponry being a defining focus of the Sennite military, but an empire so burgeoning as the dryads can no longer afford to use such simple tactics.

The Carvil’ax’seset were not exclusively wielders of bows in the times before their great sleep, and will no longer be in modern times.

Much of the remembered melee arts of the dryads relied on magic that simply does not exist and perhaps never did, shaping their arms into steel-wood blades and cutting opponents into bits for example.

While this may not be on the table, proper defences will allow a revival of the Carvil’ax’seset

This project sets out to create a new heavy armour for the dryad military to allow them to properly levy their spirit weapons safely in the throng of melee combat, clockwork under layers shift and take the weight of the spiritually reinforced livingwood plates as tough as steel that are intermingled with the gears.

The end result is intended to be an intensely durable armour set that enhances the strength of our troops and able to shrug off near anything that should attempt to harm the wearer.

Action 2: Expedition to contact The Dryad

The Dryad, or Karu as she is allegedly known, is apparently an exiled Sennite from our nation uncountable ages ago.

In this age of reason and curiosity the Carvil’ax’seset are no longer afraid of such stories however and set off on an expedition to find Karu, for the purposes of study and putting together their forgotten history.

The expedition is formed mostly of young reckless dryads, not looked on favourably by the ruling princesses but having put enough funds together to sail to their cousins the Drya and the favours pulled to get a few decent guards to come along the rag tag group are able and willing to visit this “Karu”, and uncover her secrets.
As attention is focused on Soteriaeth, eventually people wonder... why haven't they heard of an heir yet? In fact, rumours come out that maybe he hasn't sired any heirs yet, maybe he doesn't lust for Anub women and instead desires the Fanwen, or maybe he doesn't lust for women at all. These rumours are cracked down on by the Cult of Moth, because you aren't allowed to spread false gossip about the Pharaoh. However, the Cult of Moth is also pushing Soteriaeth to sire an heir already, and he has to repeatedly satisfy them by bedding another woman, even some priestesses of Moth to assure he does indeed lust for them. Yet still none of the women bear his child. Soteriaeth really shot himself in the foot with his display last tyrn.

Action 1: Develop Curse Magic: Branding Runes.
The arts of Moth and Anubis, Curse Magic, neglected for so long, finally gets some improvements in their field, emboldened by the Cult of Undine's successful summoning of water elementals. The cursed runes that's in use have been weak, mostly deterring by display, but as Dybet gets more foreigners, who seem to be less affected by magic, and even less by the local superstitions. Thus leading to thieves who steal from our coffers, sneaking through cracks and crevices too small for the Anubisids to enter. Because of this, the Cult of Moth sets about developing runes which brands the flesh of those who pry open our chests without the dispelling command being uttered, magic which bypasses clothing and targets the flesh directly. These brands will make it harder for thieves to get away with their crime, as our guards need only find the brand of crime upon their body.

Action 2: Continued construction of the Dual Temple of Anubis and Fanw.
Soteriaeth is absent from the construction site for a month, but the workers continue the construction without him, and it will progress as quickly as before, as Soteriaeth's contribution was only 1%, among the thousands of workers. The priests of Anubis (the last cult to have male priests) were not happy about his self agrandizing display, they say it is garish and would in fact anger the gods if anything. However, if he reflects upon his actions, they will put in good word with Anubis, and he may continue assisting, but without as vulgar a display as before. Soteriaeth would return after the month, and continue helping, though in a more modest and efficient fashion.
> provide rumors, you thing from beyond
File: Turn.png (600 KB, 1093x908)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
>Rumour request!

>Action 1: Mountain Roads
With many new towns established in recent Tyrns, a new program of roadbuilding is undertaken. Though dug into the side of the mountain's flank, Zaruntedun is the closer of the mountain towns and so plans for the new road here are relatively straightforward, though they also involve the business of bringing the last stretch of the old Meluz Metaki-Makriaz road up to solid Dwarven standard. Elsewhere, the plans of a road through the hills and mountain to Gyldendun are more complex and greater in scope, whilst as an addendum a small road is also planned upon the Aeturkofilt to connect both Tirkolzop and the Artillerist's training grounds to the main highway. This small road is, however, built with the possibility of future further expansion to the west in mind...

>Action 2: Buisness of Glazchorkurg
From the long sandy beaches of the Gylderkavi, it is easy to see the ships as they sail by - Sturdy gleaming Dwarven vessels and intricate Bandru'ii clockwork-ships, the oversized vessels of the oversized inhabitants of Okiwasure and Megyros, proudly ornate Dybet vessels in their own splendid gold and even the skulking shadowy shapes of Do'laroshan cutters. And yet, most of it sails on by. Thanvuldra Glodrana of the Gylderkavi decides that it is silly for Glazchorkurg not to be directly connected to these currents of trade, especially when her town is host to the highest population of Dander in Dwarven lands. And so, she commissions a port for her town. At the same time, a grand new dye-works is established, and sited between the town and the deposits of Alum.
1. A new item has been brought to the attention of the purebreeds: prisms of glass that split light into many colors like a rainbow. With this interest comes ideas as new experiments begin using pitcher plants and fruiting trees as a base. Prisms and acids are used to enhance the pitcher plant to be able to destroy objects and split them into the base energies of the world trapped in pure nodes to allow the creation of more powerful and pure breeds of Drya from their energies.
2. Once again it is time to see what memories the ancients have left; but this time will be more mind boggling that even the time the Dryad came to these shores. The Drya in a bit of madness and greed take the oldest of the amber and seek the first of Drya memories; to seek the beginning of their species and the power of the gods. (Gib deep lore)
Rumor: Gib Rumor.

>FLUFF (>>5137717 post's action): The shadowfolk of Thisi continue to chase after more fanciful illusions, seeking to branch out into appearances that can only be described as beyond reality. While relatively mundane enchantments' like changing one's hair colour or the flow of one's dress is now possible, why not give them the illusions of flame? Or the shimmer of the night sky? Let the consumer's imagination (and wallets) dictate their appearance!

>Action 1 - Enchanted Battle Gear - Thisi's frivolous enchantments have questionable use. Sure, looking good is important, but we are at war right now!
>Still, this is pretty interesting enchantments... with a little creativity, much more practical illusions can be packaged up and distributed as needed.

>Action 2 - Glass Blowing - So far, Sa'terif, the shadowy magics of the Do'laroshans, has only been tested on natural fibers and leathers. Apart from the earliest experiments which brought about the flashbang rocks, no other materials have been extensively tested. Many Shaman's are eager to work with Gold and Silver, but the supply of fire-rubies in Fraternian lands has also caught their eye. With no supply of their own, many Shaman's look to the next best thing, asking the rare merchants who deal in glass to expand their productions. Soon we shall see how gem-like materials will fare once infused with Achroma's power.
>>5145438 woops that's me

The Imnaki horde has been wanton in it's destruction, and We'vara lies crippled in the twilight of the forest. Yet still the war rages on, and soon, hopefully ended.

The Imnaki horde is beyond any Do'laroshan's stratagem or influence. It will do as it does, and the Entente will work around it.

The Usagi are quick to flee their ancient foes before they are noticed, returning to their homeland. Fraternian warnings of incoming danger have alerted them and the shadowfolk who live with them. Preparations can be made, and watches established over the frozen sea.

The Shadowfolk, led by Shaman and Chieftain in equal measure, will rally the Entente force. The Turtles will be see half the Do'laroshan army joining their ranks, bolstering their courage and guiding them through the dark forest. Their aim is to exterminate the camps of the Paskian's to the east, who have strayed from the wall and look to once more despoil the forest.

The other half will remain at We'vara, keenly watching the Imnaki army. Where it goes, they will follow, and provide guidance and support as requested or needed.

The minotaurs, few in number but large in heart, will be welcomed to We'vara. Kept away from battles, they will be invited to help aid in recovery for now, helping the beleaguered citizens of the capitol.

The Fraternians, who have promised more support, will be directed to join with the minotaurs in the capitol. There, their mages can aid in healing soldiers and civilians alike, while their cannoneers are sent north, joining with the moleman and shadowy shamans as they move... wherever the moles go.
Diplomatic action: adandon all shared usagi fraternian land a general withdrawal of all Fraternian citizens has been enacted, with the crown providing free evacuation and resettlement throughout the nation.

Action: continue to tap the resources still without mines on them, the natural riches of the Fraternian lands cannot go to waste they are needed, if the Fraternian giant is to awaken once more.

Action: seek out the wandering market seeking to establish trade for knowledge in the sciences and arts, an age of modernization is coming and the Fraternian people will have a firm foundation to build on.

With the cryndod araf suddenly spiking there is a decent amount of panic before the source is finally was made evident. However, once the source was discovered, the butchers in question would very swiftly be detained. However, they wouldn't be banished and inevitably lynched, at least not yet. Instead, they would be held in prison for a time while work was done to discern if it was their failings of the failings of Dybet ranchers. In the meantime of this investigation, imports of Dybet meat are embargoed temporarily. If the butchers are found to have been improperly handling the meat and are responsible for this, they are to be banished, where they inevitably will be hunted by the vengeful families of those infected. If it's cause is from the Dybet though, the specific ranches that sold the meat will be found, and given the connections with the Dybet those responsible likely will have hell to pay. Regardless, seeing how it spread only through the consumption of Dybet meat, limiting the spread and taking care of the infected would be relatively easy. Though, there would be a feeling of restlessness in the colony. Admittedly some was still from the gun debate which still hadn't finished, but most was due to the butchers and the desire for vengeance many had.

Related to vengeance, the fleet finally was in position. The orders were simple. Sail along the coast and bombard the Fanw Forsaken and their settlement from the shore before dealing with any boarders. Any Forsaken forces that attempted to board the ships would be dealt with via gun fire, and if they managed to start climbing aboard they simply would be stabbed, and failing that, axed. If the Forsaken remained on shore, they would remain bombarded until enough were dead to safely make a landing. And if none came out, the forces of Prenhaearn would slowly work on landing and once the surrounding area was secure, unloading supply. Once landed, the objective was to burn as much of the Fanw forsaken and their structures as possible while putting as many to the axe as they could. Just as they had not given their civilians mercy all those years ago, attacking out of the blue, so too would the Children of Fanw strike down their forsaken and barbaric tribes. There was a emphasis on speed and shock after the initial landing. As being able to cause as much damage as possible before a response could be mustered was vital. If any large walled settlements were discovered, all canonau and howitzers that were unloaded would be brought to level the place while the army surrounded it. One thing was certain, however. Once the Fanw forsaken were all dealt with, the only thing that needed to be done was erase every last trace of their misbegotten existence that was made by their hands. Though, that likely would take some time.

>Action One. Discern if it's the butchers or the meat that caused the sickness, if the latter, which Dybet ranches specifically sold the meat.

>Action Two. Begin the invasion.
Fluff: There is.. utter shock among the higher ups, but it is speculated that she was perhaps betrothed to them and there was some falling out between them that caused.. everything. But there must be a good reason for it! And right now there were lambs for the slaughter at the door step, so those need to be dealt with first before answers could be properly gotten.

1 action: Create a fort outside the city
Them coming up the river would be a great issue. Let’s set up just in case they decide to bring their loud ‘canons’ ... and fill it up with our own.

1/2 action: Silver mine. Silver will be needed for this war!
1/2 action: Inland fort
Just an extra precaution

War post: Finally they have shown themselves again! Some new ships were needed.
Set up along the river going to the capital with canons borrowed from the GFU who are pulling from the war with the wall hiders. They’ll l be useful later. Create a fire line so that if they pull up to the shore their canons and equipment won’t be able to set fire to the wider forest if they pull in. Prepare traps in the night where lights are not needed to see via perception magic. Hear them with defensive magic as well so that their hide may be as touch as steel so that if they are it, it’s non-lethal. Otherwise, wait for them to land.. and once on the ground, out of their canon range, engage them in combat.
Troops are to be fortified with magic armor, as well as enhanced speed. And as it is a new magic that needs to be sufficiently tested, the Lunatic assault magic to ensure that they are wiped out in a timely and efficient manner. If faced with fire, Tempering Flames are to be used to brave the heat and put down those that think mere flames could bring harm to those who have fought through it.
The priests are to have staff on stand by to ensure their well being, and the two new remedies found are to be put to use to ensure they can last. The poison from the lost land shall be doused along the weapons of the captains who have proven themselves capable of beating 100 so that they may fair better.
Lastly, the few brave mages on the front line. They are to be given a double dose of the new remedies, provided with both speed and defense, the ones who have Pierced their eyes to force upon all who gaze upon them into a maddening haze shall both use their powers to force the enemy to betray their impure leaders, and lead their shots astray as they see double, triple and even quadruple in a drunken and staggering haze.
Addendum: If they make it to a non-sea based farm, that shall be considered far enough out of canon range to fight them
> fix the fucking canal
Grudgingly, troops of sappers are sent from Maglak to enlarge the Taknab-damned canal, all the while bemoaning their fate of not being able to fight in the Great War in the North

> Have the Atragarok’s sappers and engineers take a short break to fix up the broken city (and send the heads and mauled bodies of the dead back home to be sacrificed upon the Altar while you’re at it, shouldn’t be a problem to send shit DOWN the supply line)
The Atragarok is not a mindless force of destruction… at least off the battlefield.
It has commanders, generals and lieutenants within its ranks, several Agoki and queens who together decide to repair the city, both for its strategic significance and to keep their “Allies” compliant. Who knows, maybe they can fit in juuuust a few pitfalls and caltrops on the way out? Always useful to drop some of those near a town

> move the Atragarok: storm the gates
> warpost: Bangs, not Whimpers
There is a tale, amongst the mole folk, a tale old as dirt they say. It recounts of a farmer, who took great pride in his bitterroot, until one day a goblin built his own farm, a much bigger farm with more bitterroot.
So the mole took up his plow, beat it into an axe and smashed the Goblin’s head open until everyone knew better than to make a farm bigger than his.

It is a very popular tale amongst children in Maglak.

And so it is with this tale in mind that the moles of Imnak march onwards, with no drum but the stomp of their feet and no horn but the squeals of their great armored mounts, chariots wheeling in and out of the ground as the Adnaki scream their fury at the blackened skies.

Where they march, nothing grows.
Where they march, the sky turns black.
Where they march, great towers of rock and bone and stone and blood soar through the heavens as if to murder the clouds themselves.
The Atragarok marches. Get out of the way or be forgotten.

Mighty siege towers shall lead on, flanked by thousands upon thousands of armored flanks, rows of Umapara ready for their call to volley, queensguard and Lomats alike quiver in their plates of armor, one at the side of their queen-charges and the other in their berserker battalions.

The rakataks are ready. The string is pulled back.
And now we see how glorious, glorious war turns yet another fragment of this world undone.
Posted on behalf of Pask

1. Expand Obron

2. Enhance the Injunction Beacon to be able to see through the ground, letting Injunction destroy foes that try to dig into Pask

War Turn: Expand territorial control outside of Obron, have war blocks put to hold the line.
Posted on behalf of the Simfuni

The Simfuni begin returning to Theatra with emotions running high as they cheer and cry in utter joy at the re-opening of their old home. For a month straight they sing along with Theatra and their music carries further and purer than ever before, their songs rising into the air, creating a melodic borealis that plays out across the night sky.
After the King's quick transfer into the hospital, more funding and research go towards the facility.

Tinctures made of boiled moonfruit and grule help restore those too weak to eat. Physical therapy helps those crippled find a means around their injury. A holistic approach to the health of those in the Everlasting Waters is fully embraced by the hospital.
1. Build mines
2. Research improved trains (Benmi's engineer had a dream again! Got squashed but survived)
File: map65.png (1 MB, 2048x2628)
1 MB

After long voyage, the Great Mother lands in Gylden lands again to lay her brood.

[+2 PE]
The Order of Knights Hospitalier are fast a treasured aspect of Bertonia, for they provide much needed care and treatment not only to the many war-injured, but to the widows and orphans such wars tragically also produce. It is a noble profession indeed for any son or daughter of Iti to be called to, only the Knights of the Shell Table are more highly honoured! The Order makes a quarters for themselves along the Gilded Way, just past Westgate inside the walls, where the sick and destitute of Bertonia may find respite.
The metal is unlike anything they have ever yet seen, it's properties as yet beyond their comprehension! Lest it be a treasure lost as the Pail is, a mine and nearby forge to hold the gathered ore are quickly built.
[!] [Library action bumped, as I hadn't properly explained the unique nodes thing to you]
Throughout the great Kingdom of Bertonia, households and cities see the construction of shrines to the Mother. Her smiling maw is seen from the rock of Kayshire to the hills of Borsland on Deinos. Many offerings are made to these shrines, and gifts given to the Itiborn at her sanctuary in Laga-waters, in hopes of currying her favour. Though no outward difference is yet seen, a good deal of Turtles find comfort in her gaze, and more now join in with the hymns when sung.
(>>5146656) Long pilgrimage is made by the envoy caravan of the Turtles to the majesty of Maglak. The mega-city is of course primarily underground, but the monstrous stacks, uncountable vents, and the towering gate of the place all pierce the hillside. The Imnaki greet their current ally and long-time sparring partner with their customary inscrutableness, but when the envoys make mention of both Iti and the Lady Below in the same breath, they are no doubt ushered into the depths. Their caravan is soon crowded with inquisitive noses and whiskers, especially the chained feral Goblins they have brought with them! [I can get IC started between you two, but it is up to Taknab if he welcomes you into his religious fold]

[+2 PE]
[R] Tenders to the Copse relay that a familiar plant has been thriving, no matter how often they cut it back: A Syphian cousin to that ever enjoyable Soghoian Leaf.
With these latest efforts the east is brought in line with fine new roads and tunnels, connecting even the furthest reaches of the Throng together. They even polish up the old Oni Road.
Glazchorkurg has always been a smaller, friendlier city than most, known for their delicate glass and as the font of the best Ichor on Syph. Added to this will no doubt soon be their reliable dye work. Underneath that friendly face however has been resentment that all their fine things are carted away to Rodeddedun or Æbleholm for sale when there's a perfect stretch of coast just waiting for port facilities.
(>>5145977) As the Fanwen search for war far afield, the Dictat shall have battle on it's doorstep. Men entrench the land and hill surrounding their borders with the forest said to contain this beast Araq, and set to destruction. Shells are launched deep into the woods, setting monstrous fires throughout their range. When this does not draw out much more than terrified woodland creatures, the Men launch their first cannisters of sulphur mustard. The pall is only loosed once conditions are favourable, spreading foul yellow gas a good distance into the trees. Araq, that coward, dares not show itself, sending out ahead of it crazed wolf and stag which are instantly gunned down.
Among the sparse terrace-farms and Usagean ruins two new forges are ordered built, away from the already smoggy Faalsin and great belching stacks of Fanyuic Efailesau.
After many tyrns in the Republic-turned-Dictat, more than any natural Human has lived, Her Majesty the Danderqueen can no longer thrive around the war-thirsty. In her advanced age, she still bears the porcelain skin and chestnut hair which had drawn her late husband, the then Dzen-sah, to her; unchanged, unnerving. She tenures her resignation from the already diminished role she had been assigned to, packing away the minor possessions she truly owned, before saying goodbye to the home she had made. She charters a ferry to Glaniadneifion, where she will make further plans.

[+2 PE]
As the butchers have continued to sell meat from Dybet without incident, the culprit is undoubtedly a certain contaminated, or worse, poisoned, batch of cattle from the Anubisids. (>>5142354) Alas, the recordkeeping of the Dyb vessels is, to put it bluntly, a mess. Most charters show only so many head of cattle and which port it was sold in, and precious few are kept far back enough to trace the likely candidate. Travel to the kingdom having proved necessary, the inquiry make haste south. When they arrive in the country, much interview finds that no such disease has been noted, but then, Dyb stomachs are somewhat stronger than Fanwen.
[correct me if necessary] Though generally frowned upon in Llychlyn society, an autopsy is given go-ahead on an indigent of Arford. that none had yet collected. Though his body shows the regular signs of age and rough living, nothing suggests a cause of death. That is until his skull is opened, and what should be grey is red, and what should be solid is as if eaten through by termites. Could tainted meat really do this?
The ships are in place, the canonau are loaded, the Usagi will die.
In a fisherman's ferry, alongside a shipment of fish from the Skiamenos sea, comes a most unexpected catch. Her Majesty the Danderqueen, once Dzen-sah of the Humans, alights in the port of Glaniadneifion.
The protection of the Rings begins with the protection of her soldiers, and for too long those soldiers have made do with piecemeal plate. Now the Sennites have a grand vision of armour like a second bark, protecting the entire Tree in her mission. Phase one begins with a design of livingwood and mote'aide to cover a Dryads upper trunk, her branches and any canopy, which locks intricately closed, flush as if her own bark. In the coming tyrn, given the innumerable factors necessary in the fabrication of such meticulous pieces, the complimentary lower half is to be designed. [feels like a two parter to me]
(>>5146886, >>5143831) Slipping through the Xira Gate, up to New Venezia, then into the Great Canal passing grumpy looking Molerats at work, the spry young Dryads find themselves now in the east. Though still within the wider Rings, the Sennites here are different than they are back home, perhaps it comes with having to deal with Goblins. Through the Doldrelles out into the vast waters, down the Green Strait to Polo'ga and passage along the Ka'a into the swampy city of Har'Gun'Heshi. Here they disembark, and must now walk to this Karu's grove. After their treck, the sight of the garden around her is very much a relief, but the sight of her and her child(?!) is awesome. She stands taller than Bandru, taller than the old tree of Druad, and almost as broad is her canopy. Around her life is excelling, a few of the multitude of Drya subspecies mill about her under-brush. She sings in ancient tongue songs of hope and of joy, nothing like the dirges and drones they had been told she sang. It is the child(?) that explains it. A creature much in the shape of a Fraternian, but covered in fine green hairs like a flower's stem, and his face a horrid hole of teeth and fang. She sings to this creature soft lullabies stopping only when the Sennites make themselves properly known. "Oh, little Bandru seeds have blown across the channel, how quaint." [IC]

Obron had, from the moment Chancellor Kefka had placed foot upon the permafrost, been centrally planned. As each generation increased, further sections of the city plan were permitted to be built upon. Now is one such occasion. New homes, new shops, new galleries and parks, even a new Devisery office given the ever increasing need for runes. Obron grows.
The Umbrals and their bastard allies have proven a greater nuisance than even Injunction could have seen possible. They come without honour through the earth, tunnelling and undermining as creeping vermin do. Then let them be dealt with as vermin. Ceremony is held around the High Beacon, as Devisers apply additional rune-carved iron rings to the focus, granting the thing sight beneath the muck the Umbrals insist on hiding themselves in.
The gods have not acted so directly as they had with his dear mother. They do not come to him so clearly in his sleep, nor have they granted him his one true wish. But perhaps they act in strange ways, with hint and push as spies in the night. Word from merchants claims that Fratern Lifepriests have made residence in Oni lands, already practising their ways, as children of mixed parentage have already been born in the Devils' kingdom. If the Pharaoh would not come to them, perhaps the gods have brought them to him.
Though the arts are claimed for Moth and Anub, the cost is one they hide from sight, should any lingering cultists of the defiled Jafa rear their dreadful head. If they wish their curses to inflict upon the flesh, then flesh shall be the price. Bleed costly blood upon the runes, the blood of royal, noble, or priestly sort. Bleed until the carved line have supped their fill. Bleed again when they thirst once more. Each tyrn or two they will hunger for that source of their power, and if they are not slaked, they will perish to be nothing more than decoration. But for that price, their searing curse shall brand the evildoer, the thief, the wretch!
Work upon the dual temple steadily progresses, even without Soteriaeth's selfish displays. When he has recovered from his shame, and quiet back-ache, he returns pious, without the regalia of kingship, and without sandals so that his burnt feet may be penance for his arrogance. This tyrn sees the erection of the many columns for the temple, the planting of sacred gardens, and arrival of two great slabs from which the images of the gods are to be carved.

>Everlasting Waters
[+2 PE]
With extensive royal patronage the Hospital on the Plain sees significant enlargement, roughly doubling their existing facilities and allowing for construction of a rehabilitation pool. The enormous complex is, without any exaggeration, the largest and most diversely knowledgeable healthcare facility in the world. Wards specialising in both all manner of ailments, and all manner of races, are opened to not only Laga, Elf, and Turtle, but a nursery is available for Plantfolk, and large-bedded sections for the taller peoples of Syph.
Alongside the physical treatment of illness the Laga introduce a more holistic approach to medicine within the hospital, treatment not only of the symptoms but of the whole person, be they Whale or otherwise. Gone are old ideas of cold air and thin gruel to make a patient well, now come warm beds, carefully balanced meals, physical & water therapies, and improvements in the standards of bedside manner.
After experiencing the searing agony of the Carasprig the old king has now recovered. No, more than recovered, he feels great. Alive more than he has in many a tyrn! Against doctor's orders he rolls out of his watery bed and swims straight out of the canal for Hologunui, ready to begin ruling and not just delegating for the first time in Old Papa only knows how long.
[+2 PE]
As the Dryasylphs continue their regular flights over her grove, Karu relents, allowing them to see and report her hateling & her lullabies to it to their masters. No longer does she drone that awful lament, but now sings sweet songs of hope or soothing songs of rest instead. She no longer shuns the Drya wholesale, allowing Dryki to graze her undergrowth, or Dryaven to lull in her wide branches. She expresses her wish to, somehow, speak to the Purebreeds, though she understands their will almost certainly have to be intermediaries given their like rooted nature.
The last of the stored Sap is poured into the plot of soil alongside the fated plants and a fine glass prism bought from the Gylden, watered with a likewise purchased strong acid which burns the earth as it drips. When the ritual is done, they continue to water it with a solution of the same acid and water from the Holy Pool. The thing that grows is bizarre, even for a Pseudodrya, with the appearance of a deep cup, flanked by fleshy sprigs. It is also a lot smaller than anticipated, but at least unlike the Drylium is able of going to seed. When a material is placed within the cup of the Dryaphract and allowed to dissolve, after half a tyrn the fleshy sprigs begin to swell with crystalline fruit.
[NM] The oldest Purebreed amber from the cache is selected, grey and dull with age. This is the first memories they had bled and stored. The piece is broken up for the Purebreeds of this age, which with great reverence swallow the dusty stone. Time begins to unravel before them before a sharp jolt throws them back thousands of tyrns, back before the colonists came, back before Karu rooted on Deinos, back before their even was a separate Deinos; Back to that primordial world of forested darkness. The first Purebreeds, if they could be called that, were still just shoots who would one day bow to Karu as she walked. But so far back are they that even that boastful Dryad is just a sapling beyond the hills which in millennia will become the Syph's Backbone range. These Protodrya existed under the last vestiges of the old world order, an order of blood and survival. They had grown, guarding their own bloody substitute, vicious snarers, clutching any small creature unfortunate to cross their path. But they too cowered away from the things which ruled this ancient Syph, which strolled over the jungles, or else tunnelled beneath. This was a time before the Giver or the Protector grew benevolent, before upstarts by whispered names claimed godhood. As the real world stutters back into view, the Purebreeds feel both sick and relieved.
[NM] Now where on Syph could this tunnel lead? Oh hello again Trees.
[R] The strange Molerats of Teulak, who for many a tyrn have lived above the sweet embrace of dirt, have made up for their abhorrent ways with the slow trickle of information from the surface. They bring to the Maglaki the comings and goings of ships, the travel of Whale or Tree or Dyb, and the news of world events. When covered over with steel, as most outsiders only ever see Molerats, they are none the wiser that these strange fellows have both keen eyes, and pricked ears. A number of these Teulaki spend time in the ports of Stazgud, ostensibly as sniffing-guards, it is likely here that they have heard that the Drya of Deinos have in their possession a very special type of sap, which is to say the blood of the those Trees, of royal lineage. No doubt the Purebreed Sap would be most pleasing to Her Lowness.
The western range of the Great Canal is, with much irked squeaking, widened. Temporary facilities are made available east of the Three Nations bridge for dispersal of goods along the Druad Road or Northern Pass, whilst work continues to widen the eastern range.
Having, in their valiant defence of the city, unwittingly reduced a full fifth of it to ruin, the honourable Imnaki set to work making good repair to the Shadows' capital. They settle the churned earth, haul in stone from far off, and recycle whatever they can to rebuild the northern limits of We'vara. They make much use of the Do'la's own ambershale, finding it a most agreeable stone. When they are done, they restack the city's north wall, high & strong, and forever smelling faintly of Molerat. Then they are on the move, in search of more blood to spill.
A number of caravans are sent home, carrying the injured, the honoured dead, and of course, loot home to Maglak. Inside their carts & barges are also the remains, in various states, of each nations' fallen, all to be sacrificed to Her Below.

Beyond their ability to generate revenue, the work of the Thisi illusionists is vanity above all else. Though their latest foray into silenced soles and changing of colour sparks ideas. Though shadowed perfectly for the pitch of their woods, their striking black is easily seen against the stark snow even at night. If a full suit could be made which mimics the snow, or the meadows, or wherever they may wish to sneak... And that is only the start of it.
Though rarely practised within the Dakan, the method for producing glass had been known since the Emerald fathers were young. Products of this skill had remained a mediocre novelty at best in the dark forest, relegated for trade and little else. But the rubies which dance as if inwardly afire as moved in the sun which the Fraternians now mine ignite something within the Shadows. So rare, so far only the Achroma priests have purchased any for the temple, but if the Do'la are masters of anything it's imitation. The glassblowers are put to work.
(>>5145671, >>5145438, >>5146886, >>5142289) Above Theatra the night skies explode with light & music, and those who sit and watch the display are made calm, as if dangling their feet or tail or roots in the cool waters of the Holy Pool. As the tyrn moves on, the show changes with the seasons, from the green lilting dances of the spring aurora into the vibrant yellows and purples of a summer arrangement. Now they enliven the body and spirit, energising the viewers. When it has come time, the yellows become fiery oranges, the purples lush reds, and the autumn aurora reigns, soothing the aches of summer's till and toil. As winter approaches and frost covers over, the song becomes sparse as birdsong, thin streaks of white or blue, imbuing those who see them with a sense of retrospection.
All of this is to say, Theatra and the Simfuni are back!

(>>5146011, >>5145438) Without much warning, the small number of Fraternian Lagomorphs that had made residence along the northern coast are withdrawn. All a part of ongoing restructuring within the GFU assuredly.
With no current need or market for more salt, the last mines are sunk on Thisi upon the remaining outcroppings of basalt there.
Employing merchants who sail far from the comforts of New Ava's and Beitown, the leadership wishes to know the patterns and current whereabouts of the Wandering Market. They are sent to ply their usual wares and in addition collect any reliable information on the ramblings of that spider. Following any strong lead, referencing each others info., all the while making good maps, the merchants after long travel return with the likely route(s) the Wandering Market walks. Though the Dander have little presence in any region of the Entente, just over the border with the Simfuni they are plentiful. With messages carved into apples, and promise of more apples for them all when it is done, slow communications are opened with the Market. [Sent to PMs + IC]
[Waxing Half]
Their warriors at home, the Rabbits prepare for the inevitable. Still without walls, the new capital of purity is a prime target, construction is ordered for extensive fortifications, complete with Fratern cannon. Alack! For little more than the foundations are dug when that terror assaults! Further inland their may also be need for safe retreat, resulting in fortified accommodations on the border. Whilst a new silver mine has been requested, no further known deposits are evident, and so instead the existing mine is enlarged to meet demand.

To meet industrial demand, secondary mines are ordered built upon the long ago discovered seams of tin and lead.
Many tyrns ago, an experiment with rails for mineworks had been undertaken on the auspices of a dream. Today, a machine to traverse those rails is being fabricated under like circumstances. Having still no Enijini, a modified Gakijini is installed as a power source. A large treadwheel is walked by either indebted or paid Oni, which through tricky Gylden gearing turns a greater wheel which pulls attached carts with ease. These Yantoro are also widely used to turn lift cranes for construction and mining.


-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

Unopposed upon the ice, minor Paskian forces sweep the few Umbrals away and make their claim to the wastes they know how to well exploit.
The great glory of the Atragarok meets the Indomitable Glory the outer wall of Pask. The Molerats crash against it, but the wall holds. The Rakatak and Umapara crash against it, but the wall holds. Tower and cannon and Shadow crash against it, but the wall holds. Have to go under it then. With unrivalled vigour the Atragarok does just that, undermining the runed stones of the Indomitable wall, purposefully collapsing the tunnels to bring a vast segment crumbling into rubble. As they crest once again, the monstrous army continues their march over the permafrost. But what is that up there, high in the clouds there, that sparkling, crackling thing. Holy Ire explodes from the High Beacon, blasting to ash a terrible swath of the Maglaki. In terrible shock, or perhaps entranced by the Will of Injunction, the army can do nothing before a second beam of hissing hatred sweeps across their ranks. Most egregious in the Molerats eyes, their deaths are bloodless, and give no glory to Her Below. Decimated, the Entente and the Atragarok make slow progress across the wastes.
With their forces distracted and disintegrating, the War Blocks remaining in the east dig in further, then with Beacon in-hand and the darkness of the Dakan in their favour manage to capture the great forge of the Umbrals right under their little flat noses. However no doubt the smoke of their trailblazing has alerted nearby allied forces. The War Blocks are already fortified and ready. And in perfect time, as the Turtulean reinforcements which had narrowly avoided them before now return with Shadows in tow. Having finished off what few Ministers had escaped Achroma's wrath, they fall to attack this eastern camp. Ministers retreat from the forge, but not before causing lasting damage, making back behind their fortifications. Though they lack ballistae, their entrenched position and well guarded supplies (and supply line) force the battle drawn out. Much of the Umbrals projectiles simply cannot pierce the protective barrier the carried Beacon provides, forcing direct assault. The Bertonians face heavy losses, as runic fire blasts them, but their unshakeable faith allows enough Turtles to penetrate that wall, and commence with melee. As always with Paskians, the fight is painful, bloody, and returns only the previous status quo. But a crimson eye has been seen prowling the outskirts, and even the Ministers are by now aware of the danger.
Though they had come to fight, the Minotaurs equipment is very much of a previous era, and their placid nature really better suited to the nursing of wounded and the like. They are soon joined in the effort by Fraternian Lifepriests, who often lack the subtle graces the Durranos have to spare.
-Third Purity War-

Shadow lookouts give short warning, as the war fleet of Prenhaearn crests the rocks of the Dakan Shelf. They have come in ships of iron and great number. They have come to destroy.
From outside the range of Fraternian cannon, the canonau of the fleet bombard the coast of the Usagi for a full day. Only when everything visible by spyglass is flattened do they relent. A landing area secured, the fleet approach for the army to disembark. In record time they have made it ashore, with enough already helming a number of canonau should an Usagi approach be spotted. But the Rabbits are fast, almost as soon as the planks are drawn back in they are on them. Greatly imbued as they are with their "Pure" magics, the fight is a little more difficult than the Fanwen had expected, though with enough axe-swings and gunshots, this first volley is dealt with. Of note is that when the few Bunnies did make a foothold, their rage only grew, their vicious strikes only redoubled, until they could be pulled off and put down that is. That over with, the Children of Fanw seek revenge, and the spires of their target lie due south.
As they march however, one of the Daughters cries out, and then falls dead. Then a Son, and another. The bastard Rabbits had poisoned them with the small cuts they could get in. It is whilst they are quickly checking each other over that a second assault arrives. They do not immediately attack though, they have yet another poison to hand, not one of the body, but of the mind. They are shortly sighted and shot, but not before their Lunatic Gaze takes hold. Against their struggling will, the bodies of a number of Fanwen turn against their own, firing into brother and sister in arms. Tears well in their eyes, as their final act is to turn their Human weapons against themselves. In this madness, the real second assault attacks. Already wounded, the Usagi make a deeper cut into the Fanwen army, before they too at last are hacked apart with blessèd steel. Tired, bloody, and grieving, an attack on Kurai, just within reach, would be too much. They pull back to their ships to lick their wounds.

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The time has come to assist our Brothers and Sisters of Prenhaearn! The Dictat's Armed Forces; more fanatical than the vile Usagi, better equipped and trained than any on the continent; and armed with more vile weapons than any might concoct. Those sent by the Fanwic government will be joined! Sajaak be praised! WE GO TO WAR ONCE AGAIN!

1. From the shipyards in the north; forces are mustered and sent towards the Usagi lands. The forces of Prenhaearn are mighty, but ours are much more...practically trained and equipped. Not to mention our Enbloc fed rifles and Chemical Gas weapons.

2. Begin work on a railway. First obviously must be trains. With steam power well figured out, a majority of the work lies in designing the vehicle itself. Put to work on the task is a joint Varke-Dzen engineering team.
Rumor, please

1.Build more electric grids
2.Build more mines

Action 1: Shiftplate (2/2)

Shiftplate becomes increasingly complex as time goes on, the term “second bark” becomes common for the living wood portion of the Shiftplate tends to grow a symbiotic relationship with its wearer.

The lower half of the Shiftplate comes along as shapers experiment more with the general concept of the shiftplate, extending the living wood system down to the legs and ending just before the soles, to allow both dryads and the armour itself to drink from rivers.

Tests continue on the durability and strength enhancing powers of the Shiftplate as the dryad military becomes a force to be reckoned with once again, but as soon as it starts the militaristic fever that embraces the nation dies down again, more commercial concerns seeming to attract the dryads attentions once more.

Action 2: Spirit Fusion 2

The fundamental arcane art that almost all modern dryad technology is based off of, the ability to fuse spirits to physical objects, is seeing improvements for the first time in millennia.

Spirit swords and bows, Mote’aide, Totems, Shiftplate, all of these rely on this fundamental premise, but the methods to coax spirits into vessels are primitive and designed for an era far behind us.

Mote’aide machine precision allows us to inscribe attractive geometric patterns with uncanny accuracy, newer and deeper rituals let us converse and barter with spirits with more awareness than before, smarter legislation and understanding of the unwritten laws of the spirit world let us contact and bind stronger spirits than ever before for various purposes.

All this serves to empower the derived technologies from the ground up, providing a near universal increase in efficacy.

It is thought that with a fair amount more development, multiple spirits might be fused to the same object, magnifying power and diversifying ability dramatically, but such things are in the far future.
The people of Dybet are quite the diverse one, having accumulated more than just Anubisids, though even the Anub citizens have a plethora of backgrounds, from farmers and hunters to scholars and craftsmen. But the more noticable diversity are the races walking about, be it dryad, human, dwarf, minotaur, oni and who can forget the Fanwen. The Anubisids hold a majority thanks to all the farmer sons moving to the city, but buildings are made for plenty of sizes and bodytypes, as people from across Sylph will move here to live a comfortable life in the utopian cities. Life is good. And people believe this is thanks to the position of pharaoh, ensuring stability and prosperity, perhaps more places would benefit from being ruled by the pharaoh, the god king.

Action 1: Seek the aid of the Fraternian Lifepriests in Oni lands.
While Soteriaeth tries to gain virility through labouring for the recognition of Anubis and Fanw, his father Madoc seeks more direct routes to gain the ability to sire children. Madoc sends people to hire the services of these Lifepriests, so they may help his son, the only one he has left from his wife Uni. He is prepared to pay a high price for this.

Action 2: Finish constructing the Dual Temple of Anubis and Fanw.
As Soteriaeth continues to labour in making the temple of the gods, erecting a temple that surpasses even that of Undine, with the finest stonework, and with the finest statues and engravings, depicting the two gods and some of their greatest deeds. Soteriaeth will visit the temple upon completion, and make an ernest prayer before the statues of both gods, to bless him and his kind, the Children of Anubis and Fanw. A lot of the Cults of Fanw and Anubis are absorbed into the Cult of the Couple, wherever the Cult of Undine holds less sway, the Cult of the Couple reigns supreme.

>Achroma Rumour - More spacious than ever, the darkness of Achroma's temple is broken only by the ever-growing mound of gold at it's center. Once again, supplicant Blue Shamans bring forth their gifts, placing them atop His hoard.
"We fear the Lady of the Deep, for we heed your warnings. How can we allow the Imnaki to safely channel her power, without causing untold harm? What would you have us do, since they will destroy anyone who stands between them and their goal?"

>Action 1.1 - Build Smithy. Place it on Simfuni border, to the south-west of the Fort. Continue weapon's production.
>Action 1.2 - Repair We'vara, or the Imnak army tracks.
>Action 2 - Upgrade We'isla, aiming to make it more defensible.
>Library Action - Enchanted Golden Arrows

The dossier of Sa'Terif enchanting is complete, every conceivable material tested for and noted. Copies are made in the halls of the Library, and distributed to any Shaman with the skill to use it.
Already, some intrepid Shaman, grizzled from the war, has an idea. His blue robes afford him great respect, and so he easily cajoles the merchants responsible for rebuilding the smithy to move it closer to the Gold Mine to the south, hopefully sprucing up the lakeside along the way.
From the new building once more flows an endless stream of bows-n-arrows, hide armor and steel daggers to feed the Do'laroshan army. But a new item appears too, an arrow with a strip of gold worked around the arrow's shaft. These weapons prove no more deadly initially, but their mere presence will distort their surroundings as their shadowy energies leak out. A volley of arrows may cause a dark cloud to spring up where they land, or seemingly twist space, inducing vertigo and making aiming harder. An enemy hit might find their appearance changing, making ally and foe that much harder to tell apart. Let each Shaman enchant their own arrows, and so new strategies devised as more spells are created.

Farther north, those living in We'isla have seen the devastation the cannons of these interlopers have unleashed. They begin building up We'vara, making entry up the rivers that much harder, their walls that much higher, their homes that much less flammable. Usagi refugees are welcome, if they so wish.
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>Action 1: Caring for Creatures
(Repair and decorate Iti, Goat farm in the Untegkalnz)
The Great Turtle has landed once again. The last time she landed she was visibly wounded, but cast off into the ocean before the Dwarves could finish their plans to make a prosthetic... but if a thing is made to last and of good quality, it will usually be kept around if a future use can be imagined. The Gylden Dwarves head to the landing beach, and examine Iti - it seems some other people have already helped the great turtle, for a prosthetic of coral, wax and resin has been placed upon her damaged flipper - but it is overgrown with algae and sections appear to be missing, all in all a bit sad looking. So the Dwarves get to work on repairing and upgrading the simple prosthetic with their own knowledge, (as well as some essential imports from the Oni), using corrosion-resistant bronze as it stands up better to salt water even then their brasses and testing out the stretchy but firm rubber tree-sap extract. Dwarven cleaners haul their shiny, decorative buckets up onto Iti's back to scrub down her shell from gunk and barnacles, whilst a few priest-craftsmen join them to place gilded decoration upon the shell, Guldfarite symbols of the light and vitality in gold, and Æblemorrine warding protections of silver rune to make the great turtle safer from the Snehvish forces that had so hurt her before.

The mountain-dwarves of Zaruntedun, meanwhile, set up for themselves a goat-farm, so that the caprine varieties possessed may be maintained and expanded upon.
>Action 2: Surveying Arthulzlat
(Survey the indicated hexes on the map)
The lands between the Zarunteg and Kuphypso have held a Dwarven presence ever since the collapse of Meluzinia, but away from the great rivers and the coast most of the land had been left as unsettled wilderness. But with the recent decision by the Dander of the Co-operative council to bring up the matter of unsettled regions and the solid Dwarven claim that the land lies in their borders, it is decided that these southern regions should be surveyed to the same extent of the more temperate lands that hold more population. And so the surveyors are set to their work, moving in from the coast to check the land for the resources it might hold.
Posted on behalf of Megryos.
1st turn, The ruling council of the Mgeryos people would continue their dock project as they governed the lands under which all Megryos lived in. In the meantime a committee would be formed to handle another concern that has been brought up, the education of the Mygrian population, in the coming day's scholars and experts on a variety of matters would be summoned to draft a schooling system and the topics that shall be taught. The goal of this new education system will be to teach the upcoming generation with a modicum of basic knowledge and specialized knowledge later on while lessons for the adult population will be considered and how to implement it.
>Organise a committee that shall work on an education system that shall be used to educate the Mygryian people in the future.
2nd action, As life moved on the the Megryian people prospered various small farm communities to the eat of the capital would occasionally get together to help each other in the construction of new farms as the population grew.
>Build new farms to the east.
Action 1: With the underground scourge approaching, Pask redirects its river directly into their path to drown the monsters and slow their advance, utilizing the runes they have long since had in the river to control its flow.

Action 2: With its enemies on its land, Pask begins a massive recruitment of men from Obron to go forth and fight the enemy. These men arent conscripted, but told that the enemy draws near, and only through their might as sons of Pask and under the Ministry's direction, can the enemy be vanquished.

War Turn: With the entente crossing sacred ice, Pask turns its attention to its helpless foes who have entered unto its lands. With them fully in range the second wall unleashes many bolts, while War Blocks are detached to flank and crush them. With no cover to speak of, their destruction is sure to be swift.
1. With the new Dryaphract water from the holy pool will be added into their pitchers and in time the fruit of concentrated life shall be used to further refine the Dryaspath to further it's power and increase it's life.
2. In preparation for further usage the Dryaphract will be planted into groves around in the Drya lands. The grove being near the forge trees in the swamps so their abilities can be used to further the forge trees metalworking. (2 actions making Dryaphract groves)
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Library action
dive into the deeps of this ancient and forgotten place, for knowledge long lost time, to uncover the wisdom of those countless nameless people who came before us. In the hopes to uncover lost knowledge in biomancy such as increasing the efficiency of life for use to casting to help cut down on the costs that come with the magics use

Action 1
with the natural resources of Fraternland finally in full use tapped it has come time one more for an expansion to lay the foundations of another Fraternian city, for far to long has she slumbered but no more, with the Founding of Amicitia the Fraternian giant awakens

Action 2
With the routes and path ways of the wandering market mapped out the second phases of the Prince Govenors plan can come into effect organizing and set up trade fleets and trade convoys to go out and meet the market at various points along it circuit trading for Knowledge is the sciences, magics, and world information, each group given a primary focus and a secondary focus so that even if one group fails another may yet still complete there task.
Fluff: The Queen.. she is still out... it is truly something demoralizing yet she still draws breath so we must continue on for the day she re-awakens. Perhaps it will be a time when there is less impurity in this world. As for the battles in the war themselves they were successful in turning the foe against each other as well as dealing minor yet grievous wounds. The biggest issue was apparently getting hit which is something that should not be happening. Clearly, the enemy is well trained enough to predict where we’re going so what comes after that is getting better at avoiding those strikes as well as being able to deflect their blows to have them go off even slightly.

1 action: Dodge Training
Dodge dodge dodge. It’s all about reading your opponent’s movements and anticipating where they’re going to strike as much as it is reacting quickly to their blows. Rabbits are to train against opponents who have speed upon them to practice dodging blows.

1 action: Combat training: deflection
And deflecting blows as well! Using your blade or hammer to sent their blows in a different direction even just a little. A good deflection can make the difference between a flesh wound and a wound there is no recovering from

War Action: With both forces having to have fallen back it was a solid Victory for the Usagi. Unlike them, supply lines are running and there is a greater stock of supplies to pull from. Now was about damaging their ability to do have a place to retreat to. The half finished fort would make an excellent choice for this assault. Canons high and in the open to get a clear shot at their ships without being in range of theirs. And if it is in range well. The first point is to use a few priests set throughout the fort that have taken the noble sacrifice of their eyes to stare down the ships so that any range finder would have trouble marking the location without firing upon their companions. The second is to use Pure striking to magically guide the canon balls to disable the ship’s ability to move properly, as well as take out canons and ships that look like they’re largely for supply. As per the request of the shadows.. the non-supply ships would be spared total destruction. Of course, when they inevitably send a ground force, the first wind the scouts get of it, forces are to begin pulling out of the fort, and much like before how a large chunk of the army was lost, troops will move in to arm the fort after the priests escape to fight explosives. All that’s left is to wait for them to capture it before detonation and instant demolition. Should their canons be able to reach the fort and should they be able to actually focus on enough priests long enough without betraying their companions or losing their sense of direction, then forces are to abandon the fort. And lastly should they just send ground forces right away, keep firing until running away starts becoming unlikely to deal as much damage as possible to ships before bombing

While the colony knew full well the humans wished for the spirit in the forest to be dead, and that they planned to strike it, the leaders of the colony hoped that the humans would have forgotten of it by now. After all, they believed if something went wrong they would take the brunt of Arqa's wrath. Still, the fires were a problem and couldn't be allowed to spread further than they already were. An annoying diversion from what was desired, especially with the disease still proving to be a mystery and it's origins and nature ever more complicated. Even so at least dealing with the fire was easier and more likely to get results. Further looking into the disease though, the Children of Fanw assigned to the task would try and further discover it's nature. Turning someone's brain to a mush of meat that looked like it was infested with invisible maggots was not exactly what a disease tended to do, especially not a normal one. Because of it's more magical nature and the fact that at this point any help that those working on this issue could get would be ideal, and the humans of the dictat had a number of skilled people of medical and magical fields, especially those who were skilled in both. Ideally this would be enough to discover more about the cryndod araf and not only better trace what caused it but also a way to prevent it from coming back, and maybe a way to prevent it from further deteriorating those effected if not cure them. Though, prevention, it's very nature and cause was most important.

Also of note was the Dander Queen arriving. She would be met with some surprise but most simply treated her as they would any other visitor from the Human Dictat, though once it was clear she wasn't there on official business she would be treated as any other visitor, though still with respect. A number who spoke to her would even be a bit pleased that she, unlike the humans of the dictat, was far more reasonable when it came to matters of other peoples. Otherwise, if she stayed in the port city, chances were it would be quite a bit more peaceful for her. As while the Children of Fanw certainly could wage war, they weren't obsessed with it like the Dictat was.

>Action One. Contain the fires in the forest.

>Action Two. Further investigation into the cause of the plague and potential prevention.

With the arrival of human forces, the Colonial Navy continues it's bombardment and the destruction of what it can on the coast. Supply, at least for the initial stages of the invasion, isn't that much of an issue, especially with the human forces that were recently sent. While work on finding an antidote to whatever poison the Fanw Forsaken had was desired, finding one at least for the moment was unlikely. Still, the enemy seemed all too eager to get themselves killed by utilizing a fort that wasn't even finished to try and fire cannons at the ships. Naturally, due to the armor the ships had, the fort being half finished, the ships being moving targets unlike the fort and the simple fact being there were far more Fanwyic cannons of much higher quality compared to the Fanw Forsaken's own meant that destruction of any threat to the fleet would be easily done as there was a high probability that the Fanwyic guns outranged the Forsaken's. Lastly, with regards to the bombardment, the observers would likely be unaffected by the Forsaken's attempt to madden them due to the fact that there was at least a good kilometer between the ships and the fort if not more. Once this minor threat was dealt with, Fanwyic forces that were still on the beachhead and who had temporarily returned to their ships would prepare for an advance and reestablishment of the foot hold they held, ideally supported by human allies. Human protective equipment would be distributed to all soldiers of the Colonial Army as well, excluding those remaining on the ships to guard them. Once everyone has protective equipment on and ready, the humans who also had similar equipment would be permitted to utilize their areal pesticide to remove the Fanw forsaken. Further, due to the drastically different facial structure, it was impossible for the Fanw Forsaken to protect themselves from such a strike even if they stole what the Humans and Children of Fanw wore due to the simple fact that an air tight fit was impossible, again due to head structure. Other than this, all transports which were empty of supply were to return to the nearest friendly port to resupply on gunpowder and munitions. Further, with the major destruction of the forest, the chance of an ambush would dramatically fall off, and even at night thanks to Fanwyic eyesight a strike was unlikely to be successful.

Due to the enemies horrific choice in tactic of putting most of their forces in a half finished castle that was loaded with explosives and rigged to explode, it was entirely likely the bombardment alone would cripple the forces of the Fanw Forsaken provided a few good hits cause it's powder stockpile to blow, and if they escaped and didn't rig it to explode just due to bombardment, and it didn't blow up from said bombardment by the time Fanwyic forces reached it, well. Free gunpowder, provided it wasn't sabotaged. Though obviously it'd be tested before utilized in any way if captured.
Neat post addendum: If the plans to just bombard them from range without them being able to strike back properly fails, just set their landing point on fire and have some troops with tempered Purity go in and give them a very hard time

(Is the imnaki horde above or below ground? I'm assuming above)

The Imnaki horde continue it's march, shadowed by the Do'laroshans who provide aid as they can. Shamans will weave great dark clouds, shielding the horde and perhaps throwing off the Beacon's aim. From the south, a convoy of supplies will be set up, the Turtle and Shadow troops swinging back from their east-ward march to shore up the supply line. Let the Paskian expansion into the east flail about as we strike at their heart.

Strategically, the Shadows have been told that the Imnaki aim to ravish the countryside, before atempting to starve the Paskians out. The Shaodows feel that this will take too long, and that it is better to dig under and rout them out immediately. Whether the moles will listen or not remains to be seen.

Spirit weapons, bought from Dryad merchants, will be distributed to the Turtle/Shadow forces, who will once more seek to take to the walls and establish a chokehold on the sections around the ruined fort, disallowing the supply lines to be broken by fire from above.

The Minotaurs will remain in We'vara, continuing aid and recovery, along with Fraternian mages.

Should the Paskians take to the ice to meet the Moles in open combat, they will certainly be slaughtered. Their beacons may bring pockets of light with them, but under the vast cloud of darkness the shamans can conjure, the moles will rampage supremely.
1 and 2.

The Everlasting Waters spread further out across the island, with the health of the King assured, there is once again very little to worry about in terms of the going ons of the island, so the southern bits of Savanna are snapped up by eager Anaye and Ants.
> send all the available troops from Maglak and the Big Dig to the Atragarok
A great rally forms, as soldiers rush up the supply lines, trading carts repurposed to equipment carts, new tunnels being dug through soft and hard ground alike, some even charging on the surface to get to the front faster

The Queens enforce these commands with righteous tyranny, terrifying their spawn with their zealous determination: all the Imnaki capable of doing so shall pray.
Blood offerings are poured out, warriors slicing the skin of their forearms and workers their foreheads (nonlethally of course) in order to feed the Great Mother.

The priests and Queens and all the people of Maglak beg and pray and summon, asking for help, asking for defense, asking for death to be brought to the enemy and to be shielded from its cowardly abuse of nonsensical fucking actions.
They ask their goddess for help once more, as she did a long time ago to defend them from the Gryphons.

> warpost: Nothing Beside Remains
The Imnaki have had it. They truly have.
Killing lights, moving rivers, unyelding shields, and now MORE troops?! From where?!?!?

But the Atragarok was never a simple army, no, it was always a grand assembly of the Umunak, the mighty legions of the Imnaki.

And as it formed, it breaks up once more, back int it’s myriad parts, flowing together like a school of fish as they fragment, reform, refragment again and reform once more as they flow over the countryside, pillaging wherever they go, burning farms and soiling waters and avoiding conflict beyond hails of long-ranged Umupara and Rakatak bolts, or swift charges of the Adnaki, they plan to simply be too spread out for the laser to strike them

The soil withers. The waters are poisoned. The farms burn.

The Atragarok shall March on, in one way or another. Nothing beside remains
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1.13 MB PNG

Simultaneous conferences, taking place at the Blackstone Quarry on the Mainland and Mauna upon Deinos, have strongly begun the divvying up of the world by the great powers of Syph. Borders are drawn by treaty. Rights are secured by debate. However there are matters still on the table, as talks continue for another tyrn.

Choking, blistering animals come galloping from the woods, dying before the Men even have chance to shoot them. A terrible howling roar rings out through the trees, but the Hunter does not show himself.
With cheer the Men are on their way to join the forces of Fanw against the Usagi, their ships low in the water, heavy with their weaponry. [Naval movement 1/2]
Engineers tinker with the existing engines available, creating prototype after prototype, failed model after failed model, before arriving on a compact but powerful design. The Raketa is, when the mystique is stripped away, little more than a boiler on wheels. But demonstration shows it to be more than the sum of its parts in practice.

[R] Ingenious Devils have discovered that the turning of the waterwheel may generate within their Gylden Pile batteries a small amount of lightning energy! How clever the Oni are.
After numerous architectural and mechanical advancements, the Oni finish their first grand project by connecting Chikaa to the electrical grid. With so many roadlights now drawing power, brownouts and even blackouts are increasingly common on the overstressed network.
A desire for wealth spurs the digging of new mines in Oni lands. One for the mystical opals in the jungle, and another for that valuable trade-ore, tin, in the plain.

A suit of living armour which flexes to the wearer as her own bark does, that is the ultimate form of the Shiftplate. Alongside this full armour, halves and single pieces are much more common among the rank and file, as it is both an honour and a privilege to be granted a "second bark", tailored to ones own trunk and branches. Even having grown in the same grove as full wearer is a bragging right amongst the saplings.
"...ers conversed with the spirit of the bear, and the spirit of the bear was subjugatedᵇ. They contracted the spirits of the Namu, and the river was under their control. They coaxed the spirits of the stars down from the skyᶜ, and made them unto the holes 'tween warp and weft of the silk. 25 All the spirits were made to fall under the will of the Rings wherever there were spirits to contact. 26 Great were the Carvil’ax’seset. Great are the Carvil’ax’seset. Great shall the Carvil’ax’seset forever be. 27 The line of Bandru through the Bride by the name of Am..." Excerpt of the Second Book of the Unseen attributed to the Voice Cale, now believed to be the work of an unknown author or authors.
(>>5150632, >>5145671) Without the fanfare befitting the father of the Pharaoh, Madoc leads a small team into the Oni lands in hopes to recruit the rumoured Lifepriests which have made a presence there. From the great ports of Jackal Harbour he sets out to Nazena, where the oppressive heat of Dybet is only made worse for the humidity. Some within his entourage venture into the city to make enquiries, returning weak-kneed after being relentlessly catcalled. They relay the priests' whereabouts, the city of Naben Mareja on the Arhtoltz plain, a days journey from the capital. Under heavy guise they hustle their way through the city streets which feel more like an open air brothel. After long journey they arrive at their destination, a town full of temples and Satyrs. The Lifepriests are easily located, and when the importance of this Child of Fanw's mission is made apparent, a private meeting is arranged right away. Through trial and pondering, with the financial support Madoc supplies, a method of magically undoing the knot Nature had tied within those males who could not perform is found. Now they must be persuaded to grant this to his son. [I'll start the IC for you. Essentially you've supplied the GFU with an male infertility curing spell]
By the two great wolves of heaven it is done! Columns of sparkling white limestone grace a vast expanse of glittering quartzite, around which stand obelisk and stele of finest black basalt. Fine worked gold and blue sapphires adorn every surface. Nothing on Syph may compare to the Great Dual Temple of Anub and Fanw. Within the sacred Mysteries of the Wolves are conducted where the temple gardens are heavy with fruit.

[R] On a small stead in the north of Megyros, along a swampy stretch of the River Vivus, a number of Minotaurs have begun farming a plant native to the Oni's jungle. When they first began, the leaf had a mild euphoric effect when chewed, but their diligent cultivation has morphed this simple shrub into a powerful narcotic and anaesthetic.
(>>5154135, >>5150632) Understanding that the future of Megyros is in its Calves, the council of elders draw up experts from all manner of fields to devise a system of schooling which will ensure a quality education for their young, and in time their old as well. First is decided the fundamentals, those of Megryan language, rudimentary mathematics, and a basic understanding of the natural world. Then, more specialised areas such as history, geography, Market-tongue, Albionic, natural sciences, and so on. After this trade skills and the like, with help from the venerable Gylden, and crafty Oni, should the oblige. All in all the system is robust, well managed, and quite frankly the best on Syph.
After skilful negotiations at the Third Blackstone Council, resulting in gains in the east, the Bulls and Cows set to expanding their ploughing empire in that direction.
Tricky as ever, the Shadow Shaman is two steps ahead of even himself, manoeuvring for the construction of a smithty right against the Simfunic border. Here the blue-clad Do'la draws up his plans for what will soon come. The other Shadows listen politely to his scheme, but await results. Meanwhile, astonished by the sheer ferocity of the damage the Atragarok has caused in its wake, Do'larosha of all colours hurry to make repairs. Re-turfing the plain around Achroma's Lake is completed in less than a quarter tyrn, but reforesting efforts prove far slower than envisioned.
We'isla, so close to the victimised Usagi and home to so many of the greatest practitioners of Saterif, sees simultaneous actions all over the city. The walls are buttressed, scores of wooden fire-traps are rebuilt in stone, stores are piled high in case of the worst.
[Your next Achroma & Library actions are on Scene Seven!]

The Great Turtle has once more laid her brood in the sands of Gylderkavi. As she suns herself a number of Dwarves take it upon themselves to give her a good pampering! Her massive shell is scrubbed clean of the weed and algae growing on it, which she gives grateful bellows for. Next are carefully pried of the barnacles and limpets that have attached themselves to the poor beast; Thankfully most are removed without incident, but a few stubborn shells require soothing ointments to be applied. Again she huffs her thanks to the Dwarves. When all of this is well and done, Iti is amenable to having her prosthetic flipper examined. Jidtyrns ago this was most certainly quality work, but the Snehvish ravages of the world have taken their toll. Though it takes half a tyrn, the giant turtle is happy to be beached, almost as if she is aware what the Gylden are doing for her. With effort, the old prosthetic is removed, and a new bronze flipper attached. She gives it a couple of flaps before bellowing her approval and slipping into the sea. Whilst Iti is made proper, the Ashen and Electrum Dwarves are ecstatic to finally have a mountain range of their own. Their goat breeding will only boom with this grant!
With the issue of the Gap settled at the Third Blackstone Council, important matters in the Arthulzlat and Melzgagilt can be addressed. Chief among these is prospecting. With bore and shovel the surveyors head out. Immediately they unearth the last outcroppings of the layer of turquoise by the Zarunteg, followed by a good deal of well-draining soil, before yet another expanse of glittering stone. Lastly a second salt dome is uncovered under Zadulkodt.

Drya pour phial after precious phial of Holy Pool water into the mouths of the Dryaphracts, awaiting the growth of their first crystalline fruit. When at last they sprout, they are narrow and soft, easily bruised and quick to expire when plucked.
The first grove of Dryaphract is planted around the forgetrees, awaiting their first meals of ore.
[NM] Nervous but stalwart, the clerics gather to hear the Will once again. Still crackling with divine ire, the jagged shadow of the High Beacon bends into the courtyard. As before a copper cylinder appears with a flash, scorching the stones. A white cloaked Minister retrieves the Word, uncapping the thing and pulling out another parchment. On it is inscribed the Paskian word "Chiraxagora", another compound the exact definition of which may be debated but is generally agreed to mean roughly "Become wealthy through your own means/cunning". After this thirty fat grey seeds fall from the open container. Though he does not know why, the holder understands that wherever these seeds are planted after three days and nights a goat(-like creature) will emerge from the earth able to digest whatever grows there.
[R] Fisherpasks have, of late, become ever more daring and claim that outside the sea-sunk stretches of Indomitable Glory there swim fish the size of city blocks whose bodies provide in abundance all things lacking in Obron. Not that that's very much, mind.
Let them be drowned in the waters of the Will! Let them taste death at the hand of Pask as they must so desperately wish!
The wicked have breached the Glory and mean to take Obron! They cannot be allowed another foot of success. From the throng of Paskians new Ministers are recruited, those a little younger than the norm, or a little duller, but Sons of Pask all the same. They ready for their assured victory.

Behold! Amicitia! City of the Crossroads, Awakened Giant, Beauty of Fraternia, Seat of Royal Angels, Erected by Princely Governor Rogekhindorama at Thistlepaw's behest.
Five merchant dukes are so entitled to treat with the Wandering Market as part of the Prince Governor's great plan. (>>5157140) First is sent post-haste to Laga Carcosa, where within a tyrn the Market shall arrive! (>>5155471) Second shall establish in Prenhaearn. Third shall remain in the Entente, awaiting news of the Market's arrival. (>>5151137) Fourth shall head south into the Sennite expanse where suitable location may be found. (>>5154135, >>5154533) The last shall follow the fourth, and make home farther still, in the hills of Megyros or Dybet, wherever shall best suit him. Go then! Make haste! Make business.
[!] So soon after there last revelation, Fratern Recordkeepers excitedly announce their most recent findings. This tyrn they have uncovered knowledge from the realm of Biomancy, notably the finer manipulation of lifeforce so that more may be done with what is available. The trick is remarkably simple, relying on a sort of momentum of energy alongside the natural tendency for balance. In a standard spell, all the required lifeforce; plus enough extra for dissipation; is extracted and used at once, however a slow & constant extraction, ending as it were before the last syllable is spoken, provides much the same effect. [Your last Library action was bumped to you from the interregnum]
[Waxing Gibbous]
Her Majesty stirs to much excitement from her keepers, but she does not wake. Her sleep becomes fitful as the full moon approaches and the priests worry she will only awaken when the Betrayer is at his most potent.
How much more can be learnt in the arts of dodging? It is only through luck or force of arms that a Rabbit may be struck down, especially those who are most ritualistically imbued. Alas the power the impure wield in their current weaponry makes dodging nigh impossible save those blessed with Pure Speed.
When battle falls to melee, when the distance is crossed over the field, every second, every fraction of a second, is vital. Axe, and blade, and hammer, where they cannot be dodged may often be cast aside to lessen the blow. The reserves continue their practice until it is time they are called against the impure.

The Danderqueen spends almost a tyrn within the port city, meeting with any who wish to treat with her. She sells off much of the things she had brought with her, oddities of another place and time, silverware and the like, as she is a sovereign without a land, or much ready cash. After this brief interlude she books passage on a ship heading south, not yet sure where she will disembark.
Whatever foul chemistry the Men of the Dictat have used resists much of what the Fanwen throw against the flames. After too great a deal of unproductive efforts they move to contain the fires within the Hunter's grove. Atop this, the dangers of the gas they have released prove too much to venture any farther in regardless. Worry mounts as the heat of the blaze draws the cloud upwards and onwards towards the fields of the Iron Corridor.
(>>5148287) When shown the results of the autopsy the knowledgeable Men the Fanwen had contacted drew back in, disgust? No, something worse than that; terror. They had not seen such since their own medical training, and even then only in texts. Before the Children had suggested the origin, the Men knew tainted meat had been the culprit, including that it was bovine in nature. This was Boleskrava, they had no doubts of it. The disease originates in cattle who have, wittingly or unknowingly, fed upon other cattle, and who are then in turn eaten by the victim. There is no cure. There is little respite. There is only prevention. Wherever the meat had come from, their stock will have to be destroyed, lest another outbreak occur.

>Everlasting Waters
As the dignitaries hum and haw over the map in Mauna, enterprising young Anaye and Cardinals take it upon themselves to extend the southern reaches of the Waters over the savannah. (>>5155162) Perhaps this will spark something more than looking and pointing at the Conference of Deinos.
Every Imnaki able to hold a spear is roused from their nests, from the Big Dig, from all Taknab to join the fearsome Atragarok in the spilling of blood. (>>5151405) Through the mountain doors and over the plains & hills they come pouring into the land of the Shadows seeking glory in the name of the Lady Below.
And glory shall She have. May the veins be opened up and spill forth for Her. Drink deep, O Mother of Dirt, slake thy thirst with this offering of your children. The stone of Her temple sups what is proffered and the distant memory of Her voice echoes in the hall. For their sacrifice the Lady gives them a strange reward; Their dead shall know not peace til their blood has gone cold.


-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

The river itself rears up against the Atragarok, crashing unnaturally against itself. It floods the tunnels they make, scattering them like frightened birds. But the Maglaki are masters of the horde, for as the High Beacon sparks and strikes, they break from the whole. Over the sheet they spread, pillaging and shitting and dying. Though a hundred die, a million still live, theirs is the glory of Her dirt. Like iron clad locusts they swarm around Obron.
Concussive Paskian ballistae fire from their secondary walls at the broken Atragarok, but Imnaki Umupara (catapults) and Rakatak (siege ballistae) stone or bolt shoot back upon them. Terrible Blackstone heads pierce Paskian steel plate to great consternation. Shamans, rattled by the runic ammunition, take to dancing their clouds of shadow over the horde, concealing their deeds from the Will. Rookies and Men from the seasunk Glory are formed into War Blocks and sent onto the ice where, though they fight valiantly, slaughtering many more Molerats than in the reverse, are no match for creatures kept alive by sheer rage.
Paskians are wiped clean from the Dakan by the Bertonean reinforcements and Umbrals, restoring Shadowy control in the region.

-Third Purity War-

[Human forces won't arrive for another turn]
Coastal bombardment continues, flattening forest cover and ruining extensive runs of farmland. Obviously desperate, the Usagi wheel Fratern cannon into their half-finished fort, still well out of range of the Fanwen sailing forces. By some treacherous miracle however, one ship is hit and begins to take on water. A broadside sees glancing hits against their tower, which should they wish to live will have to be abandoned as it shall soon not only collapse atop them, but blast their broken bodies to Uffern.
The river fort is fled, as stones topple the risk of imminent detonation only grows. The priests are safely hurried back to either the forward line or all the way to Kurai. Soldiers retreat to surer ground, before a Runner contingent is sent to the beachhead where fires are set in the splinters of trees, obscuring the path ahead. Few return. Awaiting Human reinforcements, which by all calculations should soon arrive, the landed Fanwen stand guard. They fire at the Runners and scouts, downing those they actually see, but not before smoky fires start to rise.
A final shock comes as Tempered Pure forces emerge from the flames, their bodies engulfed yet unharmed! These truly Fanw-forsaken beasts harry the soldiers along the coast, taking by some unholy magic they withstand shot and strike far longer than they should, and actually manage to fell Sons & Daughters before they can be culled. Like wild animals they snarl and foam in rage even as they are butchered.

File: HDS Flag.png (11 KB, 900x600)
11 KB
Fnawic-Dictat technological development:
For quite some time, since their landing in fact, the colonists of Free Humanity have always been eager to share their technological developments with their neighbor and closes ally to the south. As a result, the large amounts of Surplus equipment that is produced by the Automated factories of the Dictat ends up in the lands of the Fanwic. Everything from agricultural developments to something quite important at the moment: Chemical Warfare protective equipment; both Military and Militia (Civilian) grade.

1. The Ships finally arrive near the Fanwic fleet. There is much work to be done. So, so much work to be done. We are the will of the Gods made manifest upon this world, and it is through us that their vengeance is wrought.

2. With the prototype of the engine car working, the obvious next step is to get an actually functional system going for the car. After that, then other things like the fuel, cargo and transportation cars can be worked on; likely a much easier task than the engine itself!

War Action:
With the target in sight, it is clear as day what must be done to clear a proper beachhead for our Assault Ships to make their way to disembark the infantry and artillery brought. Mass Chemical Bombardment. A pale yellow flag is raised on every ship, indicating for friendly forces that every volley from the ship's guns fired while said flag is raised will be a chemical shell of either Gas or Incendiary. The land which the Grittidim have fled to for so long shall be totally despoiled, and from the dead and dying earth shall be dug our beachhead. Said beachhead will consist of Golems, backed by teams of Assault Infantry. After them will come Desolation Teams to ensure the land will forever be useless; as well as mopping up survivors from the Golems, Combat Engineers and Assault Infantry. From there, Line Infantry and Martyr Infantry will be deployed to garrison what emplacements have been made. The Rabbits may be used to single shot rifles, but they are not prepared for the Fanaticism and technological horrors we shall unleash.
1.Blackout, Lightin: While the Oni are overjoyed that they all have electricity! They're not so happy with it flicking in and out or just not working. After seeing the waterwheel in the Glyden Pile batteries generate power, the engineers quickly connect them!
2. Production of the Future: New and old resources are quickly coming in and there are not many buildings to process them into material to create goods and vital construction. King Benmi orders the constructions of more factories!
I can post again, thank the toad.
Action 1: Upgrade silk production in Ash’sen, build new silk loom nearby Daith

The Sennite nation has for a very long time profited immensely off of the silk trade, and it is long overdue that production be increased.

A new loom is wrought up in the forest of Daith to produce plentiful silk in a new location, while the main silkworks in Ash’sen is expanded and specialised in the production of Cherry Silk, a burgundy hued silk treasured for its delicate black banding reminiscent of flowing water, which is maintained even when dyed a different colour.

Cherry silk is produced via feeding the silk moths a specialised diet and treating the resulting fibres in a complex and secretive process kept by the elderly princesses that have governed the local area for generations.

Such exquisite quality, just let the Do’la try and illusion themselves such beautiful garments, they have not the eye for such intricate details.

Action 2: Clothed in the Divine

Bandage wrappings were made by civilians to protect against the ash and fire of the Pyrric Cataclysm, and have become a respected symbol of resilience in harsh times since those days.

They take on now a far more literal connotation with the creation of Sennite Immortals, dryads wrapped in bandages of cherry silk that keep The Work bound within, continuously healing the dryad and whatever wounds she might suffer.

An arrow through a vital organ, a glance through the chest, gouts of fire and bolts of lightning, none of these can fell a Sennite that is Clothed in the Divine such as they, only total bisection remains effective, and even then only slightly.

Upon the application of the bandages the Sennites enter a deep ritual trance, at its concluding being sworn to silence and undying loyal service. It is fortunate in times of peace such as these that only few Immortals are demanded by Bandru’s will, to serve as bodyguards and to serve in ceremonial roles.


Visit the Dreamer again, admit to her that some wild youths might have visited Karu and started telling wild stories, with full knowledge the dreamer might get upset.

After she’s said her piece, ask specifically about the song Karu sings.
File: Turn.png (358 KB, 743x803)
358 KB
358 KB PNG

>Action 1: Golden Stone
(2 Mines for Golden Marble)
The discovery of a rich, golden-coloured Marble beneath the Sands and Savannahs of the Arthulzlat is welcome news to the inhabitants of Zadulkodt and the small coastal villages that characterise this dry and dusty province. A unique resource; and moreover one which they might be fairly certain to fetch a good price from their fellow Gylden Dwarves. As such, they set plans in motion to begin extracting from both known sources.

>Action 2: Plants of Syph
(Plantation and Farm)
A Syphian cousin to that ever enjoyable Soghoian Leaf, that was how it was described! The Boar-clans of the copse might find it a nuisance, but surely there is great commercial value here - a plantation is established in the suitable environment of the copse close to good road links, so that this enjoyable leaf may be grown, harvested and sold.
And a new Gylden farm of the more traditional variety is opened upon the grasslands of the Aeturkofilt, just south of Tirkolzop.
1. The fruit of life from the Dryaphracts will be used to fuel the creation of stronger Dryaspath.
2. To help progress any future projects the Dryaphracts will be fed samples of all resources available to the Drya and the results recorded to create a record of the worldly essences along with the amounts and proportions available in each item.

>Action 1.1 - Repair two mines north of We'vara. (I think this is a half action?)
>Action 1.2 - Improve the Gilded Manufactory (Smithy by the gold mine to the south)

With the weapons of war in ever-higher demand, the loss of the mines around We'vara is felt more dearly every day. Clear the rubble, and once more plumb the depths of the earth in search of iron.
To the south, the budding smithy grows ever larger, work-shadows who have lost their livelihoods from the destruction in the north finding new life in the smoke and heat of this one.

>Action 2 - Prepare to dam the river by We'vara. (Not doing it yet, but something I can do when I choose.)
The Imnaki horde had wrought great damage upon Dakan Grove, knocking over great trees that stand in their path. However, with their destruction comes opportunity. News of the river's re-routing trickles back, and so Shadowfolk gather up the fallen trees and pile them near the river's source. There, a small clearing is dug out to the east, and the logs fashioned into a great blockade. For now, the river will flow unimpeded, but at a moment's notice the Do'laroshans can re-route the river to the impromptu lake they have dug.

Once more, the beleagured shamans will aid the moles as they can. Let their clouds shield their sensitive eyes from the glare of sun on snow, and let the darkness shield them from the golden eye that beams so hatefully down on them. Truly, this icy wasteland is a cursed place.
Brings news of the mines to north-east, hugging so close to the city walls. Perhaps that can be of use? The depths of the earth are kind to both mole and shadow, so perhaps that is the place to be.

Further south, the Spirit-weapon armed Turtles, along with their Do'laroshan allies, will wheel about, searching for any last remnants of Paskian influence in Dakan. Their destination, ultimatly, is the destroyed for to the north of We'vara. Let no Paskian escape through the gap, let none disrupt the convoy keeping the Imnaki horde fed and geared.
Something needs to be done ASAP. The Queen stirs... the enemy approaches... chaos will set in shortly as surely as insanity will set in the enemy.

1 action: Prue agility: 3x Speed
Massive movement is needed. I’d simply dodging and moving fast won’t do the trick, dodging faster and moving faster should.

1 action: Evacuate the city and begin moving southwest
The Queen and her civilians need the be removed from what is to become the next battle ground. A city can be rebuilt but not its people. It’ll take a bit, but it’s not over yet!

War Action: Two things need to happen. The main forces are to stall the enemy while civilians retreat. Keep an eye out for anything they might try and slow them down if possible. They have a fondness for fire as we do so be on the look out for that, but they no doubt will attack the city so keep the mages in the back and prep the tempering spell. For the Black, Ebony and Grey Rabbits. They who have been chosen by either previous members of this team be it as descendants, newly chosen members from long races, or those who have proved themselves to have enough speed to outpace even those blessed with magic. They are to be blessed with immense speed and agility. Able to move as fast as possible, immune to the flames of war, capable of striding up walls, and able to dodge blow after blow. They are also to be given magical defense as well for just speed alone here would be cool hardy.
[NM] And, to top it all of, adorne them and the ones enchanting them with crystalline weaponry and equipment doused in poison as well as fruits and medicine to slow the bleeding and heal the wounds.
Their primary job will be to Cut North and while the ships are focused on the bombardment of the city and other troops, is to board these ships in a flash, and set whatever supplies they can find on fire. They will likely have blasting bowser, so merely setting the flame and dropping it will be the time to leave as to not be caught in the resulting blast. Teams should be split into two to three groups to ensure they have enough force behind their speed to deal sufficient damage. With each ship gone, bound to the next one and repeat until stamina is about half. At that point make a full retreat to return to the Queen’s side as the main army handles it from there.
Action 1: before the great isolation the fraternian people had allies and friends among the skeleton people of the north. But in their time of need, the fraternians had been unable to help to busy fighting off the tyranny of the Blackstone cooperative and so those allies fell. For many a generation, those old noble places have stood empty rotting way with time and if nothing changes, they will be all but forgotten. Something the fraternian state will not allow, with modernization efforts underway and the Fraternian economy thriving expansion effort is rallied and send to remain the fallen skeleton lands from the cruelty of nature. While they cannot bring back the allies who once lived there, they can ensure they are never forgotten.
Action 2: much time has passed send the fraternian diplomatic fleet envoy was sent to Oni land, and they have been fruitful and multiplied have grown to the point they have bled over into the local city that houses the Embassy compound. While it could be an issue under normal circumstances at this moment in time it is a blessing, as with the opening of relations with the dybet the fraternians can send a fully fleshed out and staffed Diplomatic envoy fleet taking care of the overpopulation at the embassy while also getting the diplomats and life mages to the dybet in a timely manner.

In the parting address from the head of the diplomatic fleet the following was said “In our most ancient of stories those that come from the ancestral homeland, it is said our people were healers, and warriors of light, who stood in the gap when horrifying plagues and unspeakable nightmares plagued the earth. Let us cast off the shame of defeat and sorrow that has clouded our hearts and minds for the generations we have lived in this land, let us reclaim that mantel of healers and warriors of light, and let if begin by healing the heir of dybet, and bringing hope to the sterile hybrids of their lands because every person is deserving of a future and legacy”
In the northern provinces that the Megryian council governs, the communities along the river Vivus would continue to cultivate the newly discovered plant and build farms to harvest its medicinal properties.
>Build farms in the northern provinces to cultivate the new plant.

With the acquisition of the desert territory to the east a scholarly expedition is formed to venture into the wastes and explore the deserts to detail how the desert's ecology functions and write down any animal or plant life encountered.
>Send an expedition into the desert to catalogue the local flora and fauna.
The frequent visits of Soteriaeth to the Temple of the Couple benefits the Cult of the Couple greatly, however, it also rouses a lot of attention, and people investigate why Soteriaeth is being so subservient to these gods in particular. Eventually it leaks that all of the hybrids are infertile, which causes quite the uproar as the people realise there is no definite heir to Dybet, despite Soteriaeth's attempts to fix it. The Cult of the Couple tries to explain that it's just a matter of receiving The Couple's blessing, as it is by Anubis' blessing that the Anubisids have children, and by Fanw's blessing that the Fanwen have children.

Action 1: Construct College of Life in Anubira (put it southeast of the city, so opposite the Dual Temple).
Madoc seeks to appeal to the Fraternian Lifepriests, not only to make Soteriaeth sire heirs, but to make all of the hybrids sire children, in honour of his late wife, as they were the first to have a hybrid child. So to appeal for the Fraternians, Madoc commissions a college, with luxury to rival mansions yet able to house a great number of Lifepriests, as well as having a library for all their scholarly desires. There's also a specialised kitchen, amphitheatre, bathhouse, there's even a dedicated brothel, where the Lifepriests can satiate carnal desires with some of the finest women in the land. No expense is spared, as these Lifepriests will bring virility to the barren Pharaoh, as well as all hybrids to come.

Action 2: Festival of the Couple, officially name the hybrids: Anuwen.
While Madoc seeks a remedy through magic, Soteriaeth seeks a remedy through divine intervention, perhaps the two remedies have a combined effect of making the hybrids even stronger. A great festival is established and premiered, the Festival of the Couple. It celebrates Anubis and Fanw through the excellence of the Anubisids and Children of Fanw, and that it was destiny that they meet. It is lavish on a whole other level compared to Undine's festivals, as it is a celebration of civilisation, and every Anub and Fanwen are to worship the Couple, even away from the Dyne. The hybrids are also officially given a name, the Anuwen, Children of Anubis and Fanw. With this they seek the blessing of both gods for this union, that they grow strong and able to have children of their own.

With the mystery of the disease discovered the simple action for Prenhaearn was to temporarily ban meat imports specifically of the cattle variety from the Dybet, informing them of the reason why and that such would last until measures are in place to prevent such from happening again. Other than this, with the war and the advancement of the various firearms that the Human Dictat had, the annoying debate on whether or not guns are holy or forsaken was once again in swing. While originally only Tudor and Howell were unanimously in support or in opposition of these guns, things have gotten more muddled. One of Clan Howell claims that Fanw spoke to him and told them the debate was quite silly, and that her domain was with all ranged weapons, not just bows. Most of Clan Wynn was in support for guns with the exception of the oldest, but even they were fine with them being used, just in a supporting role. Clan Protheroe was in support as it gave them greater business and more use out of their copper and lead mines. And with the exception of clan Howell most other clans were still split. Regardless, while this had been a controversial topic for many many years and a subject of much debate, the time had come for it to be ended. A grand ritual sacrifice of a large amount of animal bone would be done and ideally Fanw would, despite the distance away from home, be able to give a sign.

Meanwhile out on the field of battle, the various apothecaries attached to the force would work to try and find an antidote to the poison that was used in the initial attack. Their efforts in the past took quite some time to get properly going, but with a good foothold now and some time to actually work despite how stressful the situation may be, they were able to actually try and see what counteracted the poison. Mainly by testing it on any of the Fanw Forsaken who were captured alive and not instantly dealt with. Similarly, they'd try and see if there was anything they could do to better heal those who had been in contact with the gas the Human Dictat had. Just in case anything went wrong with the protective equipment that the humans gave and some damage was done. This would ideally be able to save many live in the face of the coming battles.

>Action One. Settling the debate.

>Action Two. Antidotes.

Colonial Army forces are to attempt once more to rush and cause as much damage as possible, just as before. Now with support from the Human Dictat, Fanwyic forces are to provide a supporting and covering role from the flanks with a number of actions by forward forces to clear the way and encircle and envelope the enemy so as to keep them trapped. The various hunters and trackers will also be able to get experience hunting some of the most dangerous game by using their skills to track down any of the Fanw Forsaken who happen to be alone or any patrols of their misbegotten armies. Meanwhile, ships are to still give bombardment. However, any attempt to board will likely go poorly for the rabbits as they both do not know where the powder stores are on the ships and also the simple fact that there are still marine forces on the ships to prevent this sort of action seeing how they did it against the Dybet in the past, and the people of Prenhaearn were not about to let them get away with not only one of their ships but in another escape. This is especially true given the Fanw Forsaken Forces would have to go through not one but two armies. Once in range of the city, it is to be surrounded as soon as possible and the Howitzers used for their purpose and the city bombarded, not just it's walls but the many buildings behind them will be turned to rubble thanks to the arch of fire, accuracy, and power Fanwic cannons have. The Forsaken will pay for every Child of Fanw they had slain, both all those years ago during their first raid and now in their final hours before being erased at the hand of blessed steel. May whatever misbegotten gods the forsaken follow have mercy on their souls. For they will get none in this life.
Posted on behalf of Bertonia

Missed Turn
1. Expand/make mines of the special metal
2. Establish a Papacy, a faith leader of the Church of Iti, who can codify our belief systems and priesthoods
This Turn
3. Send reinforcements to the War Front
4. Develop Turtle Battle Priests, warriors and preachers both, who show the virtues of Bert through combat!

War Post:
Join the Moles in their siege of the Pask Capital
> 1st action: send more fresh recruits from Maglak
> 2nd action: send an expedition to find this “Araq”
The great Imnaki priests have consorted for long, long nights and days deep within the farthest recesses of Maglak, at the heart of the darkened empire that rules all beneath the surface.

And yet, they have not figured out who this “Araq” might be!

Waves of scouts and priests-in-training fan out from Maglak, chittering hordes that scour the countryside and question all they meet and see (trees included) to find out just who and where this mysterious sacrifice might be

> warpost: Once more, with feeling
The great horns ring, the clouds of dust take shape in the sky and the bloodshed stops for a moment.

Then a screech, from a lowly mole-at-arms, fills the air.
Then another. Then another. Then more and more and more.
Soon the air is filled with the screeching wrath and bloodthirst of the tens of thousands of Imnaki, from the lowliest soldier to the highest queen, all converge in one spot, filled by one desire, one order:

To spill blood

To gather flesh

To offer skulls

To do her will

And her will is death, her mantra is murder, her sacrament slaughter
So let this be a most hallowed day, for tonight Obron burns

(Basically send in fucking everyone, with undead at the lead)
To be more specific, I wish to charge through a fucking mine, good luck shooting me with a laser THERE dipshit
Action 1, 2, War Turn: With the current state of events growing significantly dire for the people of Pask, The Grand Ministry has its devisers and Ministers toil day and night for some solution to the coming calamity. Eventually, a conclusion is reached, but one of great risk and danger. Regardless it is the only way for Pask to stand a chance at victory temporarily. With the people of Obron retreated to safety away from the approximated diamater of the burst, the great energies of the Injunction Beacon are entirely channeled into a great blast, directed to banish both mole and shadow from the lands of Pask, draining the Injunction Beacon of all the energy and burning out its runes in entirety.
File: map67.png (1.11 MB, 2048x2628)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

The full moon rises over Syph, red as blood. Astronomers announce it is nothing more than the result of a lunar eclipse, but even they cannot deny the ominous nature of the crimson light it sheds.

By Council decree, a goodly number of the resident Ashen and Electrum Dwarves of the Æblenthrong take their picks and make for themselves a new mountain home in the Sacrum. The Invuldelotn Kezgrat Vom'Raktuvdun, or the Principality of Raktuvdun for the tongue-tied, is established under Invuldlot (Prince) Hrumar Kotzrigg I.

[+1 PE]
The black ships land after their frigid voyage, the fires of war shall keep them warm.
From the designs of the locomotive's wheel chassis is derived a standard model for carriage of a number of sorts, alongside a braking system which the Raketa itself lacked. Following this, general improvements are made to the initial Raketa, increasing efficiency, and reducing risk.

Four monstrous iron water wheels are forged, as large as three Oni atop each others' shoulders! They are installed into the many rivers which surround the Devils' jungle, hooked up with wires to the numerous Dwarvern piles. Once more, trapped lightning shines in the city streets!
Industry never slows down; One can stand against it and be run down, or embrace it and rise ever upwards!

Following the recipe they had before, the Purebreeds introduce the crystalline fruit of healing life energy to the mix. The resulting Dryaphracts are substantially larger than their sister plants, with many more fleshy protuberances ready to bear fruit.
[I hate you] Systematically the Dryaphracts are fed a number of substances, and the resulting fruit recorded. Though their definitions are somewhat, esoteric, the Drya make do with what they are given.
>Lustre - From gold, gemstones, and other things of value
>Fortitude - From iron, steeleaf, and other things of physical strength
>Life - From Holy Water, Ayatana, and other things which heal
>Flex - From willow, rare Oni rubber, and other things which bend
>Vibrancy - From dyes, lapis lazuli, and other colourful things
>Obscurity - From Do'la furs, coal, and other shady things
There are likely other fruits which may grow, and each substance may grow more than one fruit of varying size. Dyb Sapphires for instance grow fruits of both Lustre and Vibrancy.

The mess the Paskians and following Atragarok has made of the north is, after much discussion, made right. The mines are excavated & reinforced, and the last vestiges of Ministerial infestation removed. In the overlapping claims of the Do'la and the Simfuni, the Gilded Manufactory sees extensive works, roughly doubling current capacity.
The broadest trees the terrible Imnaki had felled on their way to war are carted and dragged to the source of the Eno'breek, where workers are hard at work digging a reservoir. The trunks are stacked nearby, and plans for the Eno Dam devised.
[NM] "Oh, that was a good long rest, thank you for that. Now, what would you like to ask me?" With the Dryads' story, the Dreamer's face falls, "Oh. I see. Not only did Karu live, she's decided to be bitter about it. I will not lie to you children, Karu speaks the truth. But we choose to learn from the past and stride into the future! Let her tales and that nasty old tree be forgotten." The Dreamer nods, shaking pale blossoms from her branches. "Oh! Oh by Va! Blossoms! Blossoms on my old branches!" She sheds a few happy tears but hushes herself as the gathered Dryads ask their question about Karu's song, "Could you hum a few lines? Do you remember any of the words? Oh saplings, oh how far back you take an old sleeper and do not know it. It is a song once sung by the elders of so long ago, before Bandru and I set our roots, before we were more than sprouts! Old it was then too, sung since the stars first shone, sung since the waves first crash, sung by She Who Planted the Seed. I do not know who this She was, or if truly there ever was a She, but in the Rings Before, it was Her song we sang."
The mulberry orchards of the Inner Rings are enlarged & enshrined, a balancing with the living looms which surround them, and are now being installed on Dopio.
The promises of the cherry silk weavers are the grandest tales ever told be a Dryad of any kind. Ayatana is near-miraculous, but it cannot make one an immortal. This Divine Clothing is more a matter of belief than of observable or magical reality, much as the unshakable faith of the Turtles drives them through the most gruesome of battle. Still, a number of those dubbed Immortals are so bound by yards of cherry silk infused with The Work, and then more to keep it within (and the flies out). These Trees are among the most honoured in the Rings, chosen for their stature & loyalty, trained by the best instructors in matters of war (or second most, when Imnaki sergeants prove in short supply). They, through the silk or the honey or sheer will, may withstand blows which would fell any other Sennite. But they are still mortal Trees beneath the bandages.

The mine of the Metal of Faith is significantly enlarged as it's properties are discovered, and a second mine-rail installed for ease of extraction & refinement.
His Holiness, Pope Bert-tholomew I is elected as supreme head of the Church of Iti in Syph. Under him are a number of bishops, and under them the many priests which perform their everyday religious duties for the common Turtle. For him is fashioned a Papal Pail of Metal of Faith, just as Bert's own holy pail had been!
With glory in battle on the table, many a young Turtle enlists. An army of Bertonian reinforcements heads west to the desolation of Pask!
Strong in faith, hardened in battle, the Warrior Priests of Bertonia are a fearsome foe. By the grace of Iti, they fight ferociously until they draw their last breath, often for a time afterwards!
When quarried, covered over with sand & dust, the marble has the dull yellow hue of savannah earth, but when polished it is as if hammered gold! Auric flecks shimmer in the sun and sparkle under candle light. It is rumoured that the Guldfarite priests have already bought all that will be brought up over the coming tyrn.
A simple charter is written up for additional farmland along the Untirkol. In the Copse however, a plantation for Syphian Soghoian Leaf, which no doubt enterprising Dwarves are already brainstorming catchier names for, is established. The plant is harvested at the height of summer, the large leaves picked by hand, each leaf strung up on poles, and the poles hung in the curing barn for a quarter-tyrn. This barn needs to be heated each night, and the days it rains, and the leaves constantly inspected. After this they are pulled from the poles, shredded, and packaged in a variety of ways. The resulting product is then smoked either rolled in a thin paper, or packed into a pipe, with the former popular in the forges of Ederakung and the latter being preferred everywhere else. A good Gylden pipe is often a thing a beauty, too.

[Full Moon].
[D] Queen Tokki is gone! Her covers are disturbed, her bedclothes trail to the open doors of the grand balcony. How did the guards not see her?! Did the attendant priests fall blind?! The blood moon's red glow seeps into the bedchamber.
The priests had brought with them the shrubby tree necessary to perform some of their rituals, and planted the modest thing in various locations around their temple. It is tea from the bark of this tree which is used to thin the blood for the spell of advanced pure speed. They quietly grieve for the simpler days of fast tempo'd dance or long meditation. Steeling themselves they divine the cost of this spell of ultimate pure speed. As if fate had heard their whispered anguish, the price is indeed a fast dance... whilst being bled as with advanced pure speed.
The forces of impurity have shown to be greatly resilient, and intent against all things Pure. An evacuation is ordered, the second the Usagi have had to endure. (>>5165170) Rabbits move first into their recently built fort, but when this is at capacity, they continue their move south and west, into the impressive fortifications of their Shadow allies. Should further action be necessary, they will inhabit the ruins of Aphthys or brave the Gali wastes if they have to.

What must be done is for the good of Pask, and that the Ministers who decreed it are not now little more than smoking ashes, it is the Will also. So be it. Devisers and Ministers gather to, as Catans did many centuries ago, overload their most dazzling wonder with power.
The Bonemen of Aphthys had (re-)fallen long ago, destroyed by those demons of the ice, but they shall not ever be forgotten! With the threat of the Gallisians seemingly passed, efforts are to be made to settle the old city-state. Time has not been kind to the old ruins. Skeletons, both of Apthians and Gallisians litter the streets, as does the rubble and detritus of a once thriving city.
(>>5165973) By the plea of the father of the very Pharaoh of Dybet(!), a team of the most distinguished and capable diplomats and Lifepriests is sent to the kingdom. There they are to work in both a temple dedicated to the Anubisid gods, and a specially built clinic. Said clinic is like no place of healing they have ever seen however, for even though it is still under construction, the attached residence is no less than a palace! They're main task is to first heal the Pharaoh himself of the delicate matter of his sterility, after this has been accomplished, they are requested to stay and heal this malady in all those who come to them. [More in >>5165973]
The Wandering Market has set down at Laga Carcosa, where the First Merchant Duke resides. The Whales, Elves, and Cardinal Ants sell their corals, their gems, and their fruits, the Duke need only join them.

Seeing in this illicit cultivation a truly golden opportunity, the Elders authorise the planting of two full plots of the stuff. Experimentation, usually by the more bullheaded young bulls, finds the effects strongest when the leaf is dried, ground, and either boiled to make a bitter tea or smoked, though the former doesn't result in the hacking cough the latter always gives.
In the newly gained Western Naois, intrepid Minos botanists seek what may be found. They dodge snake, tarantula, and scorpion; They withstand the never-relenting, blistering sun; They encounter Dyb hunters, dressing a large bird they have shot; All the while documenting the sparse but defiant life of the desert. They return with a binder of their findings, listed in brief:
>Sidewinders cobras & vipers, Innumerable species of spider, Red black & yellow scorpions,
>Antelope, ostrich, pheasants, jerboa, fat-tailed sheep, and camel
>Acacia, myrrh trees, Joshua trees, balsam, and date palms
These latter two exist only on the edges of the desert, or in the small pockets of oasis that shift with the whims of the sand.
Mild sore eyes and coughs are the only symptoms reported from the dissipating cloud released by the Dictat. And at last the fires have begun to die down.
Almost a hundred head of cattle are slaughtered for the ritual. Bonefires burn across all of Prenhaearn throughout the night. Priests recite the prayers of old and call out in praise of Fanw. Humbly they beseech her. They have given thanks all of their days, and now ask only for a sign to their great quandary; The Question of the Dictat Weapon. The moon rises full and red over the country. There is perhaps no clearer possible sign of her divine disapproval.
Little green remains in the blasted scape the Fanwen had reduced the northern shore to, and what is found still alive is much the same as in their own forests. Testing upon a couple unlucky Usagi scouts finds what is available either of little or no effect at all. Though one yellow flowering herb is apparently a purgative. At home, healers work hard to find potential cures and antidotes to the sulphur mustard the Dictat had released over the grove. Save immediate stripping, washing, and thorough scrubbing, little within Prenhaearn is of much use. Those who sustain only skin blisters find the usual treatments soothing, but not curative.

[+2 PE]
Few remain in Maglak truly worthy of joining the Atragarok. But the raging fire in their hearts and bellies drives up the pups, the grey-whiskers, and the lame. This Moley crusade marches valiantly forth through the mountain tunnels, out onto the hills overlooking a crystal lake.
The priests need only mention the name Araq to a passing Shadow and their query is answered. The god-beast resides in his grove to the east, surrounded by the Men and Wolffolk. At once a holy force is assembled to locate this grove of his, and bash Araq so brutally, he can only whimper for his mother as he is dragged victoriously back to the altar of Maglak.
(>>5165184, the whole post) The College of Life is constructed almost entirely out of Madoc's, rather deep, pocket. As a royal commission, only the finest stone is chosen, only the best carvers selected, only the most luxurious furnishings purchased. It may be more accurate to call it the Palace of Life, given that only the royal family live better than these Lifepriests! Gardens of imported fruit trees, a ranch of only the highest quality cattle for their magics, women of any race of Syph and Sigod they choose, and suites fit for the givers of an heir! Attached is a clinic where they may perform their craft, with the revenue split between the priests and the crown.
"Celebration" does not even begin to describe the festivities which span the Dyne, the Kavost, and the pockets of Dyb scattered across Syph, for three full days and nights. Pantries are emptied, shops sold out, stores reduced to their lowest mandated levels. Banners and streamers fly with the colours of Dybet and Prenhaearn, emblazoned with the double-headed wolf. Drums, trumpets, cymbals, sistra, and singing is heard throughout the kingdom, even the Goblins and Fanwen get in now and then. (>>5167805) By tyrn's end, pregnancies skyrocket in Dybet, and even see a noticeable increase in Prenhaearn.
Lifepriests bring two fat cows into Temple of the Holy Couple, where Soteriaeth I waits within. The Fraternians give thanks to their own god(s), as the Pharaoh prostrates himself before the idols of his own. The God-King lays upon a table of finest Megyron wood, covered over with gold, while the priests of the Holy Couple chant & rattle sistra, and the Lifepriests prepare themselves. From the beasts, a silvery thread of lifeforce is withdrawn, casting a greenish light over their stoic faces. With incantation and sacred gesture this thread is cast into Soteriaeth's phallus. Afterwards, both cows are sacrificed to Anub and Fanw though the harvested bovine has, unnervingly, little smell when burnt. Straight away the young king wishes to perform his own sacred duty, selecting three attendant priestesses to join him in his bedchamber.


-Third Purity War-

With their superior numbers and superior fire-power, the naval forces of the Dictat dictate the course of action. Gas and incendiary bombardment until the entire coast is both choked and aflame. Lest they be caught in the crossfire, the Fanwen are ordered back aboard, and to sail out of the target area. When the shore is cloaked in fire and sulphur mustard, Human troops land and entrench a base of operations, followed by the Children of Fanw, donning the safety equipment provided by the reinforcements. However little more than encamping & watching can be done as the well-fuelled inferno rages across Usagi lands.
The luck of the Rabbits runs thin, the Shadows bring word of black ships, those of the most impure; Humans. The civilians have no choice, they must leave Kurai for their own safety. The fires are already bright enough to be seen from the city's towers, and some unholy cloud lingers over the north. Elite forces and their attendant priests are to remain, they mean to decimate the invaders no matter the cost. Priests chant their prayers as they bless each soldier, preparing both for the trial ahead. Imbued with power, they charge forth. They are mere bounds into the gas before they are as good as dead. They choke upon the blistering haze, their maddening eyes run with bloody tears. Never has the name impure been more apt for what the Dictat have done.

-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

With intel from Do'la scouts, a possible easy entrance is found into the city of Obron. As the Atragarok reforms, the High Beacon crackles forth fiery death upon the horde; They go to Her Below. Down an abandoned gemstone mine, the thrum of runic magics drones around them. But then there is quiet. The quiet of mourning, the quiet of, a grave...
An all-obliterating blast screams forth, scourging the tundra, the river, the walls, and street after street of Obron. It's target, the reformed Atragarok. In an instant, the might of Taknab is made ash. A groan from the iron supports signal worse to come, as the golden false-eye of Injunction violently explodes, rippling out a shockwave over all Syph. Only in the coming tyrn will the world know what the Ministers have done.
The Dakan is once, and by Achroma, for all, cleared of Paskian stragglers. Turtlean troops now make their slow march to We'vara and then the ruined wall.

Actions 1 and 2: Keening Lances
(Derived from spirit weapons, Mote’aide, and spirit bow techs)

The Carvil’ax’seset have noticed for some time that they have nothing really to equip their ships with when it comes to dealing with those who might threaten them.

True, a good volley of arrows may dissuade or slaughter outright any foe that dares show itself, and the ship itself can strike with florakinetic might any large targets that get too close…

But the Carvil’ax’seset desire artillery, proper and true weapons that strike hard from afar like the cannons of the Dybeti and Fraternitas, the famed blackstone ballistae of the Taknab.

The dryads have always possessed this odd gap in their military, they have never needed such siege tools in their history. The pure did not call for any such weapons, the tangle even less, but against the Fraternitan sailing ships it would have been wondrous. History is in the past however, one must look to the future, especially with a notorious Wheelfinger wed to Bandru not all too recently.

The Keening Lance is an absolute marvel of dryad science, blasting arcane bolts at a high rate with uncanny accuracy from unfathomable ranges, primarily designed as an anti-ship weapon but faring excellently against armoured infantry and structures in equal measure.

It’s design is clearly inspired by the traditional bow, but enhanced and modernised with enchanted clockworks, an actual ammunition capacity and extra limbs, Shapers finding the cannons of Fraternitas and Dybet to be ugly and poorly designed.
The design of the body itself is in two parts, first of which is an immaculately balanced clockwork core that makes possible the reloading, tensioning and releasing of the bolts. Here is where the four great arms of the Lance are integrated providing the truly unreal amounts of force required to propel its bolts

After that a secondary living mantle is woven atop, interfacing with the clockworks and anchoring the Lance to a surface, possessing sights for aiming, light armour for the arms and providing much of the extra muscle when accelerating the bolt.

The Keening Lance, as a Mote’aide, is a spiritfused work with a specific function dictated by its spirit, spirits of wind in this case are bound to these frightening devices, using the same lessons learned in the development of guided bows to allow the Keening Lances their flawless performance.

The after effects of sending a projectile at such speeds using spiritwork is the distinctive Keening sound that the Lances produce, wailing that only intensifies should it strike true and bring death to its intended target.

The projectiles themselves are large, gilded and ornate affairs, serving as temporary housing for violent and temperamental spirits.
While traditional physics may argue against the practicality of firing such a large projectile, the laws of the Unseen make such an investment all the more rewarding.
These guided bolts that hone in on their targets are usually six foot long with mighty blackstone heads, larger bolts designed for more powerful lances. Every bolt in itself contains a spirit, with the specific spirits used being wide and varied. They fall generally into two categories however, Felling and Storming bolts.

Felling bolts may be considered the standard ammunition, focussing purely on destroying whatever is struck and containing spirits that better serve this purpose (Usually animalistic spirits), while Storming bolts typically unleash the wroth of the elements on the surroundings of what is struck causing widespread devastation, these bolts usually inhabited by elemental spirits.

They can, in a pinch, just be used as weapons in their own right, having exceptional sharpness due to the fact that they are essentially spirit weapons, fired out of another spirit weapon, though this use is widely considered silly.

Canon Thalassa bristle with Keening Lances crewed by seafaring Clades, Xira Gates status as an impenetrable fortress is restored as firm artillery spread across to dryad fortifications making the fortress actually capable of repelling a modern naval assault, Lances even reach the backs of their trusted beetle and frog cavalry mounts which over countless years have seen a decrease in prominence as they underperformed in battle. Now these giant creatures serve to bear mobile artillery should the call of battle be heeded again.
Soteriaeth retires to his palace for much of the Tyrn, bedding fine concubines, as he can feel the urge to breed like never before. His father does not approve of his fornication, as he is more of a monogamous person. But the Anub nobles point out that this is the way of the Pharaoh, the way of Ahenohetsu II, to take many wives who will bear many a child. However, the Cult of Moth points out the succession crisis that Ahenohetsu II caused, and the nobles fall silent. Already they are planning ways of selecting an heir, without the bloodbath of last time. Madoc meanwhile receives word from home, that there is diseased meat exported from Dybet. He tries to fix this, but he is a marshal, not a governor.

Minor Response: Make farm brands.
In order to build trust for Dyb meat in Prenhearn, farms are told to brand their meats, such that you can know which farms it comes from, especially when exported to Prenhearn. But even if not exported, there are plenty of Fanwen, Anuwen and others living in Dybet, and them falling ill or dying would hurt meat sales as a whole.

Action 1: Build Nitraries (nitre/saltpetre farms) in the Goblin lands.
As Dybet uses more and more gunpowder, first for our cannons and now for our hunters, it becomes a hassle to import all the gunpowder from the north, especially with that illegal port taxing our imports. But before we can do another war, we must secure our own supply of powder. Sulphur and charcoal is simple, we have a mine an a forest in the goblin lands, but there's something we lack, Nitre. But a discovery is made, Nitre can be made from excrement, it's a time consuming process as it involves leaching it with rainwater. But we have no shortage of excrement or space in the Goblin lands. We can use the economy of scale to get a steady production of Nitre, finally putting those Goblins to use.

Action 2: Launch Cult of Moth naval crusade on the pirate harbour in The Narrows.
While many scholars see the red moon as an interesting phenomena, the Cult of Moth sees it as a sign. The Goddess of Justice is also the Goddess of the Moon, the red taint is a sign of Jafa's influence, but... where? After doing a sweep of the city with the White Guard, the Cult of Moth hears rumour of a toll station in The Narrows, run by Drya. But the Drya don't have sovereignty in those waters, and they've heard what happened in the war up north, how they massacred the goblins, how the blood ran like rivers. It is clear now, they must correct this injustice, they must destroy the pirate fortress. So they will mobilise a fleet, of Prenhearn ship design and Dyb big bronze cannons, to destroy the fortress of heresy. Trees don't belong in the sea anyway.
(Appears there's a misunderstanding, the Drya tree house isn't as stupidly expansive as I originally thought (the understanding of it being so stupidly expansive is a major part of why they would feel forced to attack it). If it is not so massive as to act like a wall coast-to-coast, but instead just a fortress that sends out extortion patrols, then I can work with it. Still have to commit to them griefing it in some way, because blood moon.)

Action 2, revised: Cult of Moth Drya-bothering campaign in The Narrows.
As the Cult of Moth seeks what the red taint on the moon could mean, scouring the streets for crime, they hear of the illegal toll station extorting traffic in The Narrows. It's run by the Drya, a people definitely stained with blood after what happened in the Goblin War. But while they have an unassailable fortress, they need to hunt down traders to extort money from them. But they can only threaten the traders with consequences, they cannot impart any, as that is an assault upon Dybet's people in Dybet's waters. The Cult of Moth will therefore launch a campaign, sending ships and staying on ships, and being as uncooperative with the Drya as possible, but never crossing the line themselves, they will not be the one who attack the Drya. Though they know that the Drya are in league with Jafa, so if they are attacked, they will retaliate, and will arm their ships more heavily than other merchant vessels, as well as presenting a nasty surprise for any pirate. The Priestesses of Moth will not wear their ceremonial robes, but they will wear white clothes, and stand proud out on deck. For their cause is just.
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471 KB PNG
>Global Reaction: Blood Red Moon
The rising of the full moon of unusual shade brings curiosity and commotion to the many Dwarven towns. Though the royal Astronomer announces the even merely as a rare eclipse, the shade upon the moon seems to many as if a sign, particularly in areas such as the Æblekaglt where the Æblemorrine creed holds strongest. And even there, the disagree - is the red of the moon a warning, a sign of ill-omen from Æblemor? Is it a blessing, a moon the shade of an Apple a sign of great fruitfulness? Does it signify the departure of many of the Ashen-blooded to their new homeland, the Silver of the Ashen's beards departed and replaced with the sigil-red of the Untegkalnz? The Priestesses of Æblemor gather in a great conclave at their great temple, around the spiralling whirl of silver, to debate and discuss and seek meaning from the protective Goddess.

>Action 1: Krigatorz
The Canonau of Prenhaearn are well-admired by the Dwarven traders who dock and come to the Fanwyic lands, for their craftsmanship as well as their effectiveness - and with rumours of piracy abounding in the Green Strait and discussions of this problem at the highest levels, a Dwarf isn't just going to sit by and let his cargo and ship get taken. Some purchase Fanwyic weapons (oft to defend the very coal bound for Prenhaearn). But with the Prenhaearn at war against the foul Snehvic lagomorphs, there are few that can be spared for sale elsewhere. And so the Dwarves learn and study and analyse, and soon the forges ring as metal is wrought into cylindrical shapes, so that their own 'Krigatorz' might fill the decks of their fleet and the positions of their artillerists.

>Action 2: The Dry Road
The Quarrying of the Marble at the centre of Arthulzlat necessitates a road, so that it might be more cleanly taken away to various markets. Thankfully, the provincial government is able to reach an agreement with the Thanvulder of Zvalzarunteg, who wishes for easier access to his own province's Carnelian deposits as well as to this new Marble. The result is drawn up by Architects using the recent land survey to plot a grand road across the drylands, and for Engineers of the academy to join them in the perhaps more ambitions project of building a great, high-raised bridge upon and across the mighty Zarunteg without greatly disturbing or disrupting the shipping traffic along the great waterway.

With seven new road-sections and a bridge proposed, the Architect (an Æbleholmer) makes an attempt to divert the small excess of the project into a single further segment along the Vikolder, so that the brews of the oldest Dwarven brewery on Syph may be steered more easily into the Capitol - though he is also aware that this small segment of the roadbuilding project would be the first item cut if other aspects ran into delays.
File: Varken Engineer.jpg (93 KB, 800x573)
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1. With the first wave having made it to the area of operations; at least by approximation, the next wave of forces is to be sent. It is merely more of the same; additional ships, golems and troops to ensure the destruction of the Grittidim filth.

2. With the final stages of the Train cars and engines themselves complete, now is time for tracks! Golem workers move tirelessly to hammer in boards and railway spikes all around the nation from Makaan to Faalsin-Ran, to the northern areas of Industry. No area of the Dictat shall be without rail access!
War action:
Initial bombardment impact confirmed. Damage reports in. Sightings of Grittidim infantry attempting to enter die within 5 paces. Recovered corpses cleared for autopsy within field bases. Intense mutilation of lung and throat tissue. Skin blisters with a coloration similar to the Gas itself. Weapon completely effective on organic targets. Recommendation for deep target fire is approved with Gas munitions. Praise be unto the Pantheon. Our actions are their will made manifest.

Field bases are ordered to begin Chem-barrages deeper into Grittidim territory as several siege-ships are ordered up the coast and down the river to begin further desolation of the coastline and to their city. Infantry themselves advance and dig in, advance and dig in under the cover of artillery fire in the monotony that is Fortification warfare. Desolation teams are tasked with razing any Grittiidim structures sighted and especially any unarmed combatants (Read: Civilians). Possibly the oddest thing, in comparison to our last purge of their kind, is now the lack of any offensive. However, with the information gleaned from the Fanwic forces it's clear why. They barely have enough to enforce laws; let alone fight a war.
>Action 1.1 - Repair Smithy
>Action 1.2 - Build a temple in We'isla.
The war wages on, and renewed iron mines means that the forges must once more be stoked. Let the ruins of the smithy to the east be repaired, so that a fresh tide of arrows, bows and armor may once more protect the Do'laroshan peoples.
The loss of so many shamans has crippled the spiritual side of the Do'laroshan peoples. Quickly, the burgeoning city of We'isla, long time training grounds of the Sa'terif masters, seeks to anchor the people's faiths anew. Achroma protects, and guides, but it is under our own power that we thrive!

>Action 2 - Build stone road from We'vara to We'isla.
The Usagi flee from their flame-stricken home, and We'isla can do naught but watch from behind it's walls, taking in who they can. Already the long-eared people speak of vengeance and a counterattack, but insist that this is their task to complete. So be it, we will take their wounded and weary, and give them whatever materials they require. Already they speak of plans of stealth and subterfuge, and the shadows are all too keen to advise on these matters... Until then, let this new road allow aid to flow in, and the needy to flee.

>War Post
By the shade of Achroma, what have they done? A shockwave, a pale mimicry of Pyr's wrath, can be heard across the Grove. Of the souls sent to that wretched land, none return.
However, brave scouts return that the foul city lies devastated, it's eastern walls collapsed and smoking. Still, to their dismay, the Paskian's are seen through the smoke. Emerald fathers and mothers rally their families, their tribes, and call for a final blow. With the Iti'kin on their way, the wall must NOT be allowed to return. With as much haste as possible, the remaining forces of Do'la strike out onto the ice, aiming to harry and heckle anyone looking to lay so much as a pebble along the city walls. Let nothing stand in the way of the soon-to-arrive shelled forces.

To aid their swift march, the river is dammed, clearing a major obstacle in reaching the city. Hopefully the bastards will be busy dealing with parched throats as the Do'la forces fill them with arrows.

Strategists excitedly realize that this is the first purely Do'la force ensembled in a long time, and seek to equip their soldiers with the best of camouflage suits and gear, no longer burdened by allies who cannot hide as they do. Let even the blankness of snow and ice hide their presence, invisible until the sky darkens with arrows and Do'la spring from the shadows to sink knives into startled throats.

In We'isla, shadow citizens are on standby, ready to give aid where needed for the Usagi. Perhaps some of the Do'la's own stealth suits (non-enchanted, of course) could be sized down for them?

Further south, a small group make their way to Maglak, providing what care they can for the wounded Araq. What horrors will they witness?
> restore the population
The losses in the Dishonorable War Of Bloodless Carnage were great, greater than any incurred so far by the Imnaki, and the gutted Council of queens assembles once more, voting in favor of a motion never before seen.

All surviving queen guards are exposed to the great huffs of pheromones that the Queens themselves produce, and breeding rights are granted to the slightly-less-than-ideal specimens of Maglak and even to the Teulaki.

This is no great sacrifice, when compared to the prospect of a newly bustling Maglak so soon after the great slaughter of Obron

> sacrifice that accursed tower to She Who Burns With Molten Rage
The armies at Obron were destroyed, but individuals survived. Scouts, wounded who were left at the camps or charioteers knocked off their rides, they stumble out of the wreckage to find a horrid thing: a light so bright it pierces through the eternal darkness every Imnaki is blessed to forever see, burning itself in their blind retinas even through the holeless helmets they all wear.
Such a thing cannot be allowed to live.

And so the god-killers do what they have been proved once and again capable of doing: they try to kill a god.

Taking the shiniest and brightest pieces back to Maglak in a grueling journey, the glowing runes that destroyed the Atragarok and Obron itself are laid upon her altar and pierced with blessed ritual daggers, that they may bleed their power for Her
Fluff: The great reclamation of the fallen city-state will not be done in a tyrn maybe not even for two but as every great journey must it will begin humbly and with a single step.

Action 1: restore the farms of the lost city-state burying the dead the time and nature have not already claimed, they were our allies and in the moment of greatest need we failed them the least we can do is honor them in death.

Action 2: collect the dead and gather what cultural artifacts can still be saved. thought the city was the focal point of the skeleton lands, there were farms and mining hamlets and from the heart of the cities to the decrepit farms Fraternians scout map and save what cultural works that have survived the destruction and ravages of time. There will come a day when the city once more stands vibrant and alive, but for now, it will do to count the dead and preserve what culture remains, even in death our allies will not be forgotten
1. Bitter Beans: Recently, on the field researchers have found a curious plant in the Green Hell Jungles. After fighting the hostile fauna and flora, they came upon some plant they called "Woo coocoo." It's quite bitter and hard to chew, but if you add some milk and sugar, it makes for a sweet drink! Some chefs think they might use it for other types of food. (Find and cultivate the cocoa bean)
2. Public Parks and Recreation: While industry marches on, it leaves behind tasteful aesthetics. These black, grey, and white buildings and streets are so boring it drives the senses mad. To remedy this, King Beni orders parks, public places to play sports, duel, theaters, and other places of recreation to be built all over.
Fluff: ... Rend their flesh from their bones.
Global event: Save the Queen

1 action: Pure Agility: Walk upon the tranquil seas
Let the priests focus their minds. Their mind a sea of consciousness for others to walk carefully upon. A sea that can be projected onto the vast ocean itself to walk upon its surface. A quiet room, silent and deafeningly so to focus on keeping the sea that is their mind tranquil to allow those to walk upon the ocean in the physical world.

1 action: Search for the Queen
Find her. She must be found or all will be truly for naught.

War post:
Versus Pask: Rejoin the war in small forces. We don’t need to be seen by the moles. Not now. Insanity priests donned with Magic Crystal and the rune marked defenses of the enemy shall break their lines. Speed, defense, and insanity to be put upon their forms so they may tear all asunder with with insanity. Remain hidden. Let the illusionists do their job so only they know there were rabbits at all

Versus the steel clad invaders on land:
That miasma that slew the elites forces.. there’s no way through it. They will remain on the water until the day they perish, and it is there where they shall. Main forces are to take advantage of the fort afar, and bombard them from range. Thousands of iron pellets to shred through their golems.

Versus the steel clad invaders on water: Gain aid from the Impure rabbits of the west. A tragic loss, but for how they have defiled this world it will not be one that cannot be forgiven as they are the true depths of impurity. Volunteers that desire to truly destroy them as well as a couple of insanity priests are to be put through the transformative process of the GFU. Magic crystals to be used to help the process as well as increase its effectiveness. Something so that injuries do not persist and that broken flesh and bone is mended once more. Once done, they shall be enchanted with Pure defense, speed, and offense, the insanity priests to be enhanced with the same. These troops are to be armed with Crystalline weaponry, the general troops to cut down ships. The insanity troops to drive those onboard mad. Meet them on the water. Avoid the miasma and the flames. The general troops are to cut into the ships and deposit small satchels filled with black powder, lighting it before setting it in, and removing themselves from range. Damage these ships as much as possible and leave them sinking so that they dam the river.
The same is to be done for the ones with the magical blades. Avoid the miasma. Drive them insane from the waters.

Versus: Those to come
Their supply lines are to be cut. Patrols to be set out upon the waves to stop them from getting supplies. Patrols to be enchanted in similar ways to the enhanced troops.

Civilians are to continue westward into ally territory. This land shall become a battlefield. Not one for those that wish to enjoy another beautiful full moon, but for those that wish for others to experience it.
Additional: Those afflicted with the miasma. If saved. Bring them to those to the west to solve

With the grand sacrifice and the moon going red, the majority of Clan Howell utilizes this to swing favor to their side of the great gun debate once more. Of course, a few outliers of Clan Howell view this as distasteful, as Fanw has never once utilized the moon to communicate with her children and her methods of communication were well known Still, it has caused a resurgence in the anti gun camp. Though, some of the younger from Clan Wynn have made the argument that the fact the weapons would save more Fanwyic lives due to their efficiency should be enough for Fanw's approval, while Clan Tudor has maintained it's traditional stance. Even so, while the debate is ongoing, reports from the invasion have allowed for a greater evaluation of the existing cannonau that existed in Fanwyic service. While some of Tudor had been contracted by Clan Wynn, more specifically Sulwyn, to work on a new smokeless powder that would work with the general hecsagon shape of the cannonau they had made so as to keep accuracy and potentially make their own rifles, recent events have made him stick to artillery. After all, artillery wasn't considered a 'gun' in the traditional sense, much like one wouldn't consider a crossbow and a ballista the same considering one is a siege weapon. And considering it was impossible to hunt with and purely a weapon of war, combined with it not forced onto Prenhaearn like rifles were meant that she'd be subject to less pressure to stop in her activities. Ideally no one particularly radical would cause problems. Regardless, the powder that was worked on was simply called Powdwr Magnelau. Or Artillery Powder, given it's intended use. It was a mix of nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose, and unlike the kind humans had made would not cause the cannonau to wear out quickly or cause issues with the hexagon shape of Fanwyic cannonau. However, the power of this powder required a far greater gun than the type that currently existed. Further, tweaks and a myriad of changes to further take advantage of the new powder would be done in order to create an entirely new and modern type of artillery that would change the face of warfare. Canonau Gwarchae. Further, Sulwyn would also try to make the shot's it fired far greater than mere solid shot...

>Action One. Powdwr Magnelau.

>Action Two. Canonau Gwarchae.
Addendum v2:
War post: Set fires in the ground troop’s paths.
No fucking addendums for you shitass. Only I have that power as first poster for this turn's war-actions. GM's word is fucking law man.
Addendum v3:
And a rumor of you will
>Everlasting Waters
A fort is constructed upon the Sogigant, where the garrison gives escort to the toll paying travelers, and helps smooth out diplomatic incidents. A banks sprouts up along the docks.

A light tower is built upon alongside the fort, a second pillar to help guide unwary travelers from kelp beast filled Waters.
1. With this new knowledge the Drya begin producing the Fortitude and Flex fruits to mix into the Steelleaf and Steelwood tree mixtures to create greater products.
2. At the request of their ally the Drya will plant another Sogigant tree near the Eye of Siggod for whatever they desire.
>Civilians are to continue westward into ally territory. This land shall become a battlefield. Not one for those that wish to enjoy another beautiful full moon, but for those that wish for others to experience it.
> Additional: Those afflicted with the miasma. If saved. Bring them to those to the west to solve


As the Humanitarian crisis that is the flood of bunny refugees arrive in Fraternian land every effort is made to save as many lives as can reasonably be done. While the Fraternian state will not aid either side in the conflict they cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of the innocent.

(basically using my already existing magic to heal the sick, dying, and wounded in the bunny refugee groups.)
further addendum
begin looking into increasing the innate rate of regeneration for those victims of grape shoot using biomancy. to increase there healing factor.


The advance is to be continued. Efforts to take the city will be done swiftly and effectively. The cannons that were unloaded some time ago will do great work destroying what fortifications are in the way and breaching holes in anything that needs it to clear out any stragglers who survive the gas or deal with them in places where the Dictat's gas is unavailable. If no significant resistance from the Forsaken's forces presents itself, a number of Helwyr Saethwr not attached to the artillery will detach and go hunting for the forsaken much like any other animal, and non artillery forces will be divided to ensure maximum coverage of ground to ensure the Forsaken will be dealt with once and for all. Otherwise, if the Forsaken still have significant military presence, the force will mainly operate as it had before, focusing on a hard push that will break what military forces they have and ideally destroy them while causing as much damage to the Fanw Forsaken as possible. Attempts by the Fanw Forsaken to get around Prenhaearn forces and reach the ships is unlikely, especially if they try and hack their way through the ironclad vessels while the marines on board deal with them. Further, chances are their powder will get wet on the swim over making it useless. Ideally, Fanwyic forces will be faster than those of the Dictat once the Forsaken's forces collapse and as such will be able to get proper vengeance on the Forsaken.
Action 1, 2: Pask rebuilds Obron using the manpower at its disposal, fixing the city as best it can and replacing the ballistae on the walls for defensive purposes.

War Turn: The Grand Ministry has its Ministers focus mainly on the defense of Obron, setting up chokepoints and other traps for the enemy as they attack the city.
On second thought, the stone sacrifice will be postponed to next turn
For this turn we shall
> sacrifice a god
Araq, lord of the hunt, has been caught and bound, and the shadows have done their best to heal it.
But now, the time has come.
His blood shall be spilt upon the altar of Imnak, Taknab, the lady of the deep, and though the goal isn’t to kill him… deicide isn’t something the moles are particularly against
(Ah, shitfarms aren't allowed it seems, so I'ma figure out something new for the first action. Also found out Phosphates make gunpowder, and I already have deposits for that, so I can produce locally.)

Action 1, revised: Make Gun Armoury in the Ahmar mountains.
As Dybet's use of gunpowder increases, especially among the hunters of the desert, supply becomes an issue. Madoc knows the demand will only grow as the army transitions into gunpowder warfare, and there's the threat of the Drya cutting off our northern trade route. So, we need to have our own domestic production, we need a place dedicated to the production of guns, gunpowder and gun accessories, an armoury, but for guns specifically. The Ifri desert is home to a lot of hunters, it's barren wastes make good firing ranges, and it'd be suicide for anyone to try and assault through it, allowing us to pick them off, kill them by a thousand cuts. The best spot seems to be the Ahmar mountains, being somewhat cool yet dry, having solid ground to carve our storehouses into, and being highly defensible with some fortifications. It will however be quite uncomfortable for the northern experts, but the nearby Temple of Solahmar has a Chamber of Frost (Turn 43, Action 1) from which we can source some ice for them.
>Continue exploring the deserts and document the flora and fauna.

>Start a program that is endorsed by the council in conjunction with the monks to attempt to turn the sands into a fertile land.
File: map68.png (1.11 MB, 2048x2628)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

[Notice that the current map does not contain whatever effects the wars will have upon it and so an insert will be included with the War Post tomorrow]

[D] The detonation of the Eye of Injunction by the Ministers of Pask had been necessary to ensure the survival of Obron. However, what they could not have foreseen were the wider, global consequences their actions would create. For in destroying the keyhole through which their god peers into Syph, waves of nullification ripple from the ruins of the High Beacon. The Shadows are the first to notice it, when their fancy belts and shoes lose their wondrous properties. Then the Usagi, whose priests cease to flagellate. Next the Fraternians whose Lifepriests fall silent. Ever outwards it spreads. Mote'aide cease spinning, the forges of Nist and Howell grow cold, golems collapse inanimate. Magic ceases for the tyrn. Gods help the nations of Syph that it does not linger for a second. [NOTE: No nation is aware that Pask is the cause. Spent actions that relied on magic this turn go ahead, but magic in war actions fails]

At one with the Great Melody, the Simfuni are also one. In spirit they are joined as Simfuni Anima Maxima, supreme Instruments. Around them they make right what circumstance had allowed to become wrong. With spectacular show of light and music, the sky dances once again, the stars shine brighter than ever before. There had been so much they had wanted to achieve; So much they had wanted to give; So let them do it now as one. The Discordant are granted peace, the tumbled rebuilt, the waiting given their due. With this done, they stretch open the firmament, and ascend beyond to join, fully join, the Great Melody, leaving behind a single Netch in Theatra. He clears his throat out of habit, and sings to the nations. To the Trees and the Moles, to the Men and the Shadows, to those who would here his song. He would treat with them, make whole the tear they leave in their wake. Maestro of Nomos, he will calm their hearts, level their heads, make them deal in peace.

(>>5168575) Invuldlot Hrumar sees first to the matter of the Gryphon Corridor for the Bandru-trees, as this vision of theirs sparked the Ilvuldelotn's creation. The tunnel is steep, but manageable by the spry Dryads, with intermittent stretches in the sun along the high plains. This relief of fresh air is soon thwarted however by the ever present stink of goats and Dwarves.

A single Keening Lance may require the contracting of over a dozen spirits in construction alone, with each bolt often two or three more. The Unseen look upon such a weapon with outright disdain for it so thoroughly shakes the balance which is then hastily put into rough order again, often by the same boughs that ruffled things in the first place. Still, one cannot deny the power and glory the things exude upon the boards of the Thalassa. [They're not homing though, that's too far]
After long enjoying the thrill of the open sea, spending the little she had amassed to sail the Three Sisters, the Danderqueen has at last spent every last kup she had to her name. Her last, longest, voyage finally docked at the Ports of Ahenohetshu II, where the former monarch seeks sanctuary at the temple of the Cult of Moth.
If this Pharaoh is anything like his most noble ancestors, he will soon be able to populate a large village of bastards! Still, the Cult of Moth worries of succession. At present the priesthood is split into four roughly equal camps: 1. Designate the first son to reach majority heir. 2. Secure the marriage of the Pharaoh, so that only a legitimate child may be heir. 3. Inaugurate the Trials as tradition, after all Diana was a supremely competent Pharaoh (especially for a female). 4. Simply allow the situation to develop as the gods see it fit to.
(>>5173947) Though they can do nothing but apologise for the tragedy, the mandating of brands within Dybet is a good first step to repairing relations between the two wolffolk.
In the Ifri desert, into the rock of the Ahmar outcropping, the Dyb carve a manufactory for the always increasing demand of blackpowder. The arid sands are the perfect location, far enough away from anything that would invoke ire were it exploded, and always dry ensuring the powder will never be ruined by storm.
(>>5173977) The Sogigant is an affront to the sovereignty of Dybet, it is that simple. Foolish rumour that it spanned the entire narrows is soon quashed, but the sheer size of the thing in person explains how such gossip arose. A specially commissioned fleet is sent out into the Green Strait to make the conducting of this tolling business as irksome as possible, without the exchanging of blows. Of course, should the Drya violently object to the equal reaction the Dyb present in response to the fearsome willow, they will have no issue bombarding the thing with fiery ordinance. The Anubs tactics are numerous, including the blocking of ships, the stalling of checks, seeming to never have quite enough gold for this toll and speeding away after wasting everyone's time. Not to mention an awful lot of harsh words.

The forces sent in previous tyrns have no doubt landed in that godsforsaken forest and torched it by now. Anything that hasn't been gassed or turned to ash will be far too tainted by the stink of Usagi, and so alongside reinforcements to make sure that every last Rabbit is crushed under foot are hulls-full of additional supplies. Let's see the bastards wriggle their way out of things this time.
Thousands of golemhours are poured into the level, staking, and welding of gradually arching railway from the centre of Makaan to the outskirts of Faalsin. The whole thing is rather a spectacle, with representatives from each clan sent to board the first bumpy Raketa ride.
"It's the rise of another Dander Queendom I say" / "Oh quiet, Pærenr, that's what you said the birth of the sacred hoglets was about too" / "Now now, Glodda, you know Pærenr is fond of the Dander-help" / "Humph, red moon is'a bad om'n. Mount'ns'll start a-shakin' I reckon" / "I think the royal astronomer is right, it's just an eclipse" / "Well you would say that, Ælfeu, you are married to him".
(>>5173947) Whatever precious gynnau or canonau may be purchased from the Fanwen are eagerly bought, for there is talk of piracy in the Green Strait, the most direct route to Prenhaearn for the many Gylden coal-boats. Bueto-eyed Dwarves however have taken mental note of the oftern far more advanced weapons than those the Wolffolk are willing to part with. When they return to the Throng, what is bought and what is gleaned are combined at the Artillerists College into a much sturdier Dwarven weapon; The Krigatorz. A small version is even cast in gold and gifted to the Kalnthrunr on his wedding anniversary.
With enough schmoozing in the capital, the Æbleholmer Architect Sturla, manages not only to have his Brewery Road built, but four fine Voktorz lamps installed upon the Zarunteg bridge. Even if it did cost him a precious Paper Gylder!

The farmsteads and fields of Aphthys, blown by sea-winds and Gali gales, are in remarkable condition. It is little effort to bring them up to standard. Across the fallows lay the bones of Apthians and Gallisans alike, easily distinguishable by the latter's horns. For their fallen allies, the Fraternians bury them with utmost respect, as if their own citizens. And for the demons of the glacier, they are ground to meal and spread over the farmland.
The whole of wider Aphthys is scoured for whatever may be salvaged from the ruins. Spolia is chief among their finds, the Bonemen had always been fine craftsmen, even in stone it seems. Besides this, little of raw material worth is found, having been scavenged during the war by the greedy Gali tribals. However the ice demons' stupidity is the Fraternia's gain, for within the tumbled library, the innumerable scrolls somehow remain. Throughout the city, the mundane artefacts of life, save any made of iron, remain. At the centre of the city lays what remains of the Lichtower, in front of which is found the weather-ravaged vestments of the Lich himself. These are sent to New Ava's post haste for restoration.
(>>5173938) Usagi, though the Fraternians know them now not to be wayward brothers, begin to arrive in the plains of Fraternia seeking aid and refuge. These civilians are innocents in this mess, they cannot be denied humanitarian treatment.
Never underestimate a Devil's willingness to put anything or any part of anyone in his mouth. After having recently been given a grant, a botanical survey team is sent into the Yasalai-Oni Marangal, the wildest prefecture in Oni lands. Here the worst of Oni-kind are found; Gaki, Tengu, and Ogre, all of them wild. But it is soon found worth the trek, when, only a little sore & bruised, the team returns with cocoa beans. In no time a plantation is set up for the stuff!
Steel and brick occupy many an Oni's mind as the charge of industry only gains in speed. But it is all too much for the Demons, so used to slow, languorous lives of sedate hedonism, not least of all King Benmi! By royal decree, every city is to set aside lands for recreation, for relaxation, for the simple, lolling pleasures of life!

[Waning Gibbous]
[R] The Fraternians have begun to settle Aphthys with the hopes of repairing the former city state to glory within the Union. Should best laid plans fail, these now-ruins are the perfect retreat. More, that the Men & Morphs have suffered no attacks from the legendary demons from the ice, it suggests that the glacier too is a safe hideaway. Further still, falling back to these positions under cover of the Dakan eludes the impure from the east, where a third, and by the silver glow of the moon, Final, capital of Purity may be established.
The stillness of mind, like the pool which catches the kiss of the moon, is made more impressive by the strain they endure. For the priest must lay atop a bed of silver nails, as a junior priest dances the stamping dance of agility upon his back.
As the palace guard search the city, search the forts, search the woods, search through the fleeing civilians, the priests search the heavens for answers. They scry, cast the divination bones, consult the new almanacs for something, anything!, to find her. The guard return to the councils and temples empty-pawed, as the priests solemnly check and recheck their findings. The Temple Elders discuss in hurried, hushed words what their findings could mean. Queen Tokki, goddess of purity on Syph, has under her own volition, ascended bodily to the moon. The blood of the full moon that night was hers. She has joined those above. It will either soon be the end of impurity on this earth... or the end of purity.
[B] With Tokki gone, the priests go about emptying her rooms from the palace before the enemy arrives. Chests of gowns, imperial regalia, of letters and petitions are removed to the Shadow forts. But among them are strange drawings; Blueprints and diagrams far beyond what even the Fraternians have to offer. It is a series of processes & machines, the purpose of which are labelled in some totally unknown language, that seem to build upon each other in order to create a device able to launch oneself skywards. They are hurriedly repacked, and shipped away to the safest possible location. [which is up to you]
This Paskian war seems it wishes to drag on into eternity, never to cease until all works are broken and the land is made barren. The great forge is repaired, with shipments of We'varan iron arriving already. At the same time in We'isla, a temple dedicated to Achroma is erected, to cast away those unwelcome and most bitter shadows of desperation. The icy city sees from We'vara a fine ambershale road, which at once is beating with Do'la and Usagi feet.

That no great spear or arrow from heaven has smote the wielder of guns in the many tyrns they have been used, is surely proof enough that the great goddess above all others has, if any whatsoever, only the most minor of grievances with their use.
How such a process was discovered, is a mystery none wonder too much, for the outcome is worth whatever strangeness spawned it. First is taken the fat of cattle and boiling it down, the slurry is mixed with water and potash, creating a syrupy, strangely sweet tasting liquid and fatty soap. This liquid is then further mixed with a number of Dictat-sourced acids, producing a clear, odourless liquid, of an explosive nature. [Nitroglycerine, you can get your boompowder next turn]
A cannon of prodigious size is all that occupies Sulwyn's mind of late. Her dreams a filled with their design, their angles and parameters, she wakes still pondering them. Tirelessly she works away at a prototype, tweaking this here, amending that there. Employing contacts in Clan Nist, she has the thing cast, calling in favours with Clan Wynn, she has the thing tested. By the end of the tyrn she presents to the assembled clans the Canonau Gwarchae. A hundred are commissioned on the spot.

>Everlasting Waters
(>>5173977, >>5170627) Enormous coral struts are sailed in from Hologunui for the construction of a most impressive fort incorporating itself into the Sogigant, including a towering parapet, from which each shore may be closely monitored. Alongside this effort, a new experiment in coral architecture is tried. Lighting the way through waters heaving with Sonyakians, and warning of the great Sogigant's presence, an imposing coral lighthouse is erected just north of the massive tree.

The scarring of Obron, though a most awful price, was worth it for the destruction of that ever encroaching swarm and their cowardly Umbral tag-alongs. Though their resolve is shaken, it is not broken, and it is perhaps this brush with death which spurs the blindingly fast rebuilding efforts. The city is changed, but it is, and shall forevermore be, Obron.
Iron and willow are dumped into the waiting mouths of the Dryaphract grove, and the juice of the resulting crystalline fruit of Fortitude and Flex water the roots of the Stealeaf orchard.
Upon a raised up bed sand & silt, the fast sprouting seed of a second Sogigant is planted by the Eye of Sigod for the Laga. In the coming tyrns it will mature into a tree much like it's Green Strait sister though, gods-willing, without diplomatic incident.

As the Durra language has evolved, though the city they call home remains Megyros, the nation they have forged becomes Mygros. The Bullmen inform the Council which helms the newly joined Cooperative of the distinction.
Truly, the Naois can be said to stretch past the sands and up into Danos hills, where the flora and fauna receive sun just as harsh, but are rooted more firmly in the rocky soil. Here the teams discover a much more vibrant and diverse. They return not with the few notebooks they had half filled from their previous journey, but a binder, overflowing with samples. [Check DMs]
The Earthsingers, having returned from the Stone Maestros of the Simfuni, believe that their magics could transform a swath of desert each tyrn. The Elders acknowledge such an accomplishment, but it is rather, well, slow. A clique of engineers attending the meeting suggest a collaboration between them and the magicians, which should, at least, double the speed of transformation. With the digging of hitherto unfathomably long irrigation, adjusted by the Earthsingers to make them run better than any aqueduct, alongside these monks own song, two territories of sand are made fertile!
The new recruits sent out in previous tyrns, group together outside the Dakan. Though nowhere near the size nor splendour of the Atragarok, these plucky Molerats nevertheless take this name for themselves.
It is against the most ancient and instinctual of protocols, but the devastating loss of the Atragarok is a far greater tragedy than a break with tradition. The remaining Queens gather, along with the total of their Queensguard, and release into their chamber a truly whisker curling amount of pheromones. After this it is just a matter of letting nature take its course.
(>>5173363) Though soothed by the salves and ointments the Shadows apply, there is no healing the wounds of Araq. His godhood his curse; trapped in this torment. Even on the outskirts of Maglak, the stench of blood overpowers even the stink of Molerat and smoke. The Crusaders pull the Do'la toward two monstrous stacks, belching blackness into the sky. Here, a hidden winding tunnel leads down, down, down, into the terrible temple of Her Below, where uncountable chittering Imnaki worship and bleed for Her. As conquering heroes they are welcomed, the bloodied still-living corpse of the Hunter carried aloft their steely bodies to the altar stone. Too small for the godbeast's massive frame, he is archingly splayed pathetically over it. Blisters and pustules ooze foulness onto the steps of the altar, which suck in the blood of their latest victory. The most senior queen is handed a Blackstone dagger to lance him, warned to make the cuts superficial, to prolong his agonising sacrifice. Rasping pleas in his unknown tongue is all the Hunter can give. Electrifying sparks fly as the dagger is plunged into his right arm. She drinks deep of their offering. As more and more blood is drain from Araq, Her worshippers frenzy only grows. They cut themselves on forehead, on forearm, wherever they can reach; even their pups are bled for Her. The earth shakes in response. She comes.

File: file.png (34 KB, 519x320)
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-Third Purity War-

The loss of magic spells disaster for the Usagi, whose Pure priesthood had risen them up high enough to catch the rays of the moon. But without these mystical endowments they are reliant on the mundane armour of the Fraternians, which even in perfect circumstances will not protect against cannonball or grapeshot. Those few civilians who had stayed to maintain troops are sent away, as those who had already fled are dispersed into allied lands. Of the soldiers, the bravest among them remain to rabbit the cannon, to set fires, to slow the advance for the rest of the army to pull back. Kurai is lost. But the Usagi remain.
The Dictat is not entirely unaffected by the nullification however, for their golems, hauling bodies or supplies, digging ditches or clearing paths, fall flat as the inert stone they are. Any runic embellishments the Men have brought with them fizzle out. It does not faze them, the rocky constructs are dragged back to the shore or left in the mud, there is a war to win here after all. They advanced slowly, digging in to prevent assaults, moving forward only when told. They manage to cull the Rabbits on the shore cannon, destroy the river fortifications, and provide whatever assistance the Fanwen request in the taking of Kurai.
Though their Blessèd Steel feels less sure in the hand, the Fanwen press on. Through the gas they march onto the city of the Rabbits and find it, empty. A few possibly fortified buildings are shelled, but when no frothing, rampaging horde lash out, the "Capital of Purity" is seized. From this new staging post, hunters scan the surrounding forest, picking off whatever stragglers they find.

-The Northern War or The Second Expansion-

Likewise on the eastern front of wars, their stunted magic leave them little more than errand and messenger bunnies. They rage for this defilement, but soon cool their heads for whatever may lie ahead.
A rallied Do'la force is assembled against the works of the Paskians, a strike to end their repairs to their scarred city and walls. With the help of the Bertonians strong backs, the planned dam is erected near the spring of Eno'breek, reducing the stong river to little more than a trickle, easing the journey across the ice. Rippling nullification however reduces the Shamans to glorified dancing be'bar, told to hole up in the cities while the hunters take care of the problem.
Following the Atragorak's stinking trail, the Shaddows skate across the tundra, surprising the Ministers making repairs. Their god(s?) evidently show them more favour, as weak spurts of flame are hurriedly cast at the coming Umbrals. These Paskians are laid low with spear and arrow, but though they have prevented the completion of the outer walls, and slowed the instalment of ballistae, the inner walls of Obron are mostly finished.

All of a sudden, the world is ending.

Out like an Oni lightswitch the magic is gone, and the mighty Bandru’ii Empire finds itself on its knees.

Shapers halls fall dead silent as their arcane automata become little more than cold prisons for their unseen inhabitants, goods are not made, for traditional hand-crafting had over time been slowly replaced by automated crafting.

Resources cease to be pulled from the ground, the Covenant with the Earth spirits is unreciprocated, perhaps broken for good, the ground gives no way and spills no reward, gold and silver and iron remain buried on the west half of the empire, though the goblin made mineshafts beyond the mountains still spill forth ore.

Communication across the empire; usually performed by distinguished and well travelled danderfey; is rendered impossible as the Fey are left unable to teleport through the unseen ways to their locations.

The Sennites are lucky in this respect to have courted the loyalty of powerful birds capable of passing messages across regions, falconers being relied upon extensively to send messages further than by foot, but the special connection between a bird and its partner appears damaged by the loss of the ability to truly communicate.

Blazecages become cold iron husks, those vital fires that smelt our metals and warm our food are rendered useless fixtures, and Sennites left with an economy in tatters.

Sea bound travel and trade, the lifeblood of this maritime empire is rendered nigh on impossible as the mighty Canon Thalassa are left paralysed en-route.

Most are saved, whales paid or begged to send out search parties to tow them to land, though some are simply never found, ghost ships bereft of crew.
The ships were vital to connecting each half of the dryads empire, but now the only path between the two is braving the long and winding northern pass by foot.

The hallowed arms and armours of the famed Sennite military become comical props with silly designs, leaving dryads fearful for their safety.

Ayatana, the great work said to have a hundred names is vastly reduced in its abilities. It’s miraculous powers stripped, dryads once again begin to succumb to disease, infirmity and injury as they did before its creation.

Hunting becomes harder with no guided arrows to strike true with every shot, ill trained Sennites finding their bellies empty as food shortages impact Daith, Loeth and Kaelgate.

Not a single sapling is certain of the cause but every last one seems to have a sneaking suspicion.

Some blame the new Queen, a pioneer of modern technology, she has displeased the Unseen One with all her stupid gears and constant violations of balance, even encouraged us to rely on these balance violations in everyday life.

Others blame the simfuni, if only because of the coincidence of this happening shortly after the entire species lifted themselves into the air to transcend to a higher state of being, they have stolen the magic!
Others blame their neighbours for forgetting to cut their lawns, failing to declare war on the dwarves for the rest of the tanglegarden, trading with the GFU rather than sailing over to finish the job.

All order breaks down, the usually familial and loving Bandru’ii on the brink of civil war in just a few months as their economy, industry, military, agriculture, communications, seafaring vessels and mechanical arcologies all simultaneously collapse.

Actions: Build two cities in the designated locations

The total collapse of all order has resulted in a grand exodus to the countryside, and there is no more prime land than that of the tanglegarden, a source of pride for many of the more conservative elements that are fleeing the chaos.

It has for a long time lacked any major settlements, due to the destruction of both cities that once stood in the region by our hand, but now they will be rebuilt.

North of Valmads Flower Garden rises the new king of the Dalu Open, Kurnon

Meanwhile, built atop the ancient ruined fairy capital rises the King of all the Tanglegarden (Even that section of the tanglegarden which does not lie under our control, but we don’t tell the dwarves that), the elder tree Addiath.
1. Reformation Affirmation: Over the years, the Oni have only focused on the material and rarely the spiritual. The religion of the Oni is largely "loose" in its organization, with beliefs changing even between villages. Like one belief in the eastern part of the land saying Chadskisei is a fallen sun spirit pretending to be a moon deity or Saagfuru is actually brave. Even worst that the surrounding religions are spreading their own influence into the land. Such heresy and ill religious education does a disservice to the gods and faith of Oni and King Benmi will change that! He gathers all the priests, acolytes, clergymen, and scholars to the capital to canonize and spread the proper Oni faith in the land!
2. Bringing Allies into the Truth: After their religion is finally up to true civil standards, it's time to spread it! First, they look to their closet allies, the Minotaurs. Large groups of missionaries and zealots travel to the beautiful cow people's land and try to convert them with the truth and pleasure of the Oni faith. They teach them the hunter ways of Ushimilgoyi, the tenets of love and hospitality from On'iaghiri, vices of Chadskisei, and alertness and perception of Saagfuru.
>Everlasting Waters
Matching coral fort for the Eye Sogigant.

The last gift of the Simfuni, besides their friendship, was New Venezia. Let us honor them by revitalizing the city once more, renovating and rebuilding old rot, along with a few coral statues of a Simfuni and a Laga singing together or other things to tell the story of the Great city and her people who are no longer here
As the magic of the Drya fails there is initially panic as there is the belief that the gods have been angered; but this would quickly be calmed as it is found that the magic of Neyele has also failed and it is shown that it is not just the Drya. It is deemed that they must watch and wait for further signs or to see if further news filters in.

1. The Observers are sent again to seek out new resources in the hills and desert to exploit.
2. The Dryaspath are planted on the edges on the Yadi, starting on the long ago burned south west edge to rejuvinate the lands and bring life back to the jungles once lost.
>Global Reaction: The Magic Fades
The fading of the magic is thankfully much less impactful upon the Dwarves of the Kalnthrun Æblemoro'vildfilt then on their northern neighbours, for sturdy Gyldenfolk had relied upon such vagaries far less. But it is still felt by some, most chiefly the Æblemorrine priestesses as their healing powers wither and runic protections fade. For the first, they are thankful that the Lægesworn's mundane teachings exist; the ill and injured can still be healed by their sciences. For the latter... they will simply have to hope that the malicious Snehvish magics they defend against are as withered by this occurrence as their own holy powers.

Elsewhere, it is the wounded who suffer most; artful Gylden prosthesis becoming lumpen and dull false limbs. And in Untegtangul, the last shadow-links of the remnant Tanglewall fade from the world, as the magics held by the Pixies stutter and stall. Evermore closely they cleave to their adopted Dwarven influences.

>Action 1: Digging on the Lykkeligfilt
To the Chancellors of the Rodededun colleges the land north of the river is Tul-Vogazradikol, and to the industrious Dwarves of Glazchorkurg the lands along the eastern shore are Zedd'Gylderkavi. But with the dispute unsettled and tied up within legal wrangles, neither polity has done much for the villagers across the grassy region which the locals know to themselves as the Lykkeligfilt. And so, little by little, the villagers have been making connections, putting together savings, and starting to do things themselves. A mine is struck, and lands are cleared and sown for a farm.

>Action 2: The Brass Gonne, one Jidtyrn later....
It has been a fair age since the Voktorz-plate mechanisemed Brass Gonnes first made their entry into the Gylden arsenel, but time marches on and equipment develops. Exposed to the innovations of their college of engineering and imports along trade-routes from the land of Prenhaearn, there are many improvements and refinements that might make these tools more proficient for their intended function in Gylden hands.
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