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Welcome back, Overseer.
Oh boy, oh boy! Here comes the Overseer!

From a defaced advertisement for T Company's First Class tickets:


Be at ease in our new, wider seats with upholstery furnished by F Company.
Sleeper seats and infinitely adjustable footrests provide respite for weary travelers.
Soundproofed compartments protect against unwanted outside noises of our City.
Enjoy a selection of complimentary cocktails, wines, and other spirits, as well as gourmet hors d'oeuvres.

Who the hell pays for first class tickets on a subway?
Leg space, gotta love it, gotta have it! <3
up yours pal, I can't afford first class prices on the daily
Who keeps throwing broken glass onto the tracks???
kilroy was here

A Timekeeper model is depicted, punching the tickets of a smiling couple in formalwear. Someone has crudely drawn over the woman with a black pen, bestowing a black canine head, a loathsome maw, and hideous claws.

ARCHIVE: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Lobotomy%20Corporation
WORK MANUAL: https://pastebin.com/LsQ2XJDr
THREAD THEME: https://youtu.be/8cCSBrOsbPA (Tintin on the Moon - Cover by Admiral Hippie)

From the M Company Standard Operating Procedures =):
9.1.2 All lactating women are to maintain a minimum distance of 10 feet from all cockroaches.
File: MH Casey by HeartQM.jpg (30 KB, 372x553)
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>Casey will guide the Lawman.

You instruct the not-so Chief Medical Officer to act as the tour guide of the facility on this mandatory inspection, with a warning about the Officer's temperament. She nods and runs off from the mime's show with a smile.

With the mere turn of the head, the Officer stops her in her tracks.

"Hello!" She waves from a few feet away. The Officer pushes off from the wall and stands up as stiff as a ramrod.

"..." Casey shuffles her feet. Her mouth moves, but the camera doesn't get the audio. "What?"

"I'm number 19344, but everyone says I'm Casey." The smile returns and she claps her hands together. "I'll be your tour guide for the duration of your visit of our wonderful energy production facility!" You hear a weird, gurgling noise coming from the Lawman.

"This is already shaping up to be a great pile of rubbish," he spits out. "Whatever. Don't interrupt official business." He adjusts his bandages and rudely walks right past Casey. A little thread of regret begins to spin in your brain.

"Wait, wait, are we starting the inspection already?!" The Officer ignores her, body checks G6 without breaking stride, and enters the employee break room. Casey lags behind to help the fleshy ingrate upright.

You switch one of the cameras to see the Officer already bearing down upon Agent B. Before the Agent has time to react, the Lawman plucks the book from his hands, tears out a page, and slips it into his breast pocket before lazily throwing the book away. The Agent leaps to his feet.

"I'd suggest that you'd carry on if you don't want another Incident on your hands, Agent," the Officer coldly states. He turns his head and spits a glob of something thick and black onto the floor. Despite looking like wanting to strangle the Officer with his bare hands, Peter manages to force himself to continue reading.

He scans the room, looking for more bystanders to "inspect". He doesn't return the collective glare of A and company or give a second glance to the psychologist's office, but spots the lone man playing cards in the corner.

As he sits down, Casey runs up to meet him. And before she splutters a word:

"Oh, you're following me now. Why don't you buzz off and bother someone else?" He turns his attentions away from the increasingly frazzled Drone and towards the card player across the table.

"Old man. We play now." With a grand sweep of the arm, the solitaire game is demolished. The Officer begins to deal the cards and sets the center card upright.

As impassive as ever, Employee G considers his starting hand...
>PDA Employee G to play savagely and with all his cunning.
>PDA Employee G to entertain the "guest" and to throw the match when necessary.
>Do not intervene with the outcome.

Small choice to start with. Stomach hurts too much to continue. Also, any tips on the arms? Just starting out to draw for real...
>PDA G "I don't ask much aside from work orders. But they've come here to assert their presence and as the Admin I'm obligated to keep this Facility's image clear. So all I have to ask is for you to play to the best of your ability and assert yourself in the Lawman's eyes."

Also the arms are fine aside from the fact the elbow isn't very defined and that the bicep is the same width as the forearm.
Also good to have ya back
+1 to this
Ayyy it's back.
+1 this. Welcome back, by the way!
>PDA Employee G to play savagely and with all his cunning

Give him no quarter. Glad to see you back HeartQM!
>PDA Employee G to play savagely and with all his cunning.
As we would say, "fuck him up medium style." No one insults our best drone.
welcome back QM
Welcome back, dude
File: Drone Gang.jpg (649 KB, 1814x1387)
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649 KB JPG
Doing a bit of damage control for final grades in the semester. I screwed myself big time. Little doodle for Drones, actual update in several days.
Employee G glances at his PDA, without the slightest change in expression. The Officer drums his fingers on the table, lowering slowly into an obsessive hunch over his hand. Your employee places his first card and the two men engage in nobler play. Casey shrugs and goes to sit near A and the crowd.

"W-Where do we even get these guys?" You idly ask. What kind of game is this, going so fast? It takes a moment to sense, but there's a rather calculated rhythm to it all. While it is rather pleasing to the eye, someone with more cerebral hobbies would probably understand it better than you.

"P Company has a very progressive hiring process, Overseer," JEFF pipes up. "A just came in for the free coffee, I was "kidnapped" - such a dirty word, eugh, I would much rather prefer the term "field hire" for her - I referring to Employee I of course - here's an extra aside (and one more for luck) - and those three brothers have no documentation. I think they just walked in one day and started working. Cool, cool -- cool."

"O-Okay." You expected something like this from your menagerie of weirdos, maniacs, and slackers. "A-And me?"

"You..? That was several months ago, so long ago in fact. Ah, shift five, never mind." JEFF's "brow" furrows. "I seem to have no recollection of your entrance nor the proper documentation of the circumstances of your employment. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to your past. I told you this? I think I did. Did I?"

"P-Probably." Too much of a hassle to actually recall. "I-I'll send in a mechanic soon, JEFF. D-Don't worry."

"Copper." He seems worried.
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>Assign Agent B (Peter) to Foster work on the Justice in Gossamer. He probably has more knowledge on it than anything and we don't know shit about the agent.

Agent B sighs. It's not like he can interrupt the game while they're so deep into it. The Agent takes his little black book and leaves.

Agent B enters the Containment Cell.
AB: Hullo! Officer, are you in here?
The threads around the room rustle and shake rapidly as something approaches.
The cocoon appears from out of the hole, held up by one hand.
The tunnel seems to go deeper into the room than it should be able to.
A second and third hands emerge and cross themselves at chest level.
ANOMALY: Talk, talk? A visitor..?
AB: It's Peter, Officer. Are you well situated? Do you need anything right now?
ANOMALY: Yeah, yeah, what about it, ya friggin pawn? I'm still kicking my brains over this "relocation" nonsense. Why did they have to go through one of you corporate types? Makes no sense, I tell ya.
ANOMALY: Makes me sick, really. Having to be crammed in that dark box thingamabob.
ANOMALY: All the other guys... Buncha fucking loser no brain pussies-
The hands gesticulate sharply with every swear.
This continues for minutes without pause.
The Agent occasionally nods when it seems prudent to do so.
ANOMALY: -And under a torce, enforce without remorse.
Every hand suddenly goes limp.
ANOMALY: You wouldn't mind grabbing me a cuppa joe, Pete? Throat's starting to slaughter me for some reason.
AB: Very well.
Agent B takes out a cup of steaming coffee from his pocket.
The hands graciously accept the offering and the anomaly retracts into the silken tunnel.
ANOMALY: Gratitude is my attitude. Stay outta trouble, ya hear? Ere, ere.
The Agent nods.
"There is no jail cell for the one who lives against the laws of men, for his reward is cathartic flight."
File: lammar piano.png (212 KB, 762x593)
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212 KB PNG
>Assign Employee O to Deprive work on Rigorous Lessons. Insult it and it's teaching abilities and how it shouldn't hurt a student for making a simple mistake.

Employee O shuffles into the containment cell, looking weirdly small and exhausted in his pair of amusing pajamas.

O: Right.
He clears his throat.
O: I hate your stinking guts, you freakin' putz, and you probably hate mine.
O: That's alright, that's alright.
O: The feeling's mutual...
There is no reaction.
Idle hands are the devil's playthings. Daily practice is vital to perfection.
O: Bah, che spreco! I'm still too drunk for this.
O: What kind of piano doesn't even want to be played?
There is, of course, no response.
Employee O leaves the containment cell in a huff.
>Assign Employee U to Foster work on The Red Connection. Have some employees carry him over (don't care who) and let him ring a ding ding that phone. Also have someone make sure G6 doesn't try gutting him.

You message Employee E as well. He's U's caretaker now, isn't he?

And so, in the demented image of a royal palanquin, Employees E and a grumbling O manhandle the psychologist and his chair towards the phone in the hallway. ("Good form, to be honest.")

Employee G6 is still in the way. A section of bone now juts out of the stump you made. Asshole! How dare he heal that back!

The employees set the psychologist down.
Employee E gestures.
E: You mind moving? We're here to make a call, you see.
G6: I'm waiting for a call, can't you see?
E: Big difference. A bigger need for us, you know?
G6: I shouldn't have to tell you this, but is a very important call, as you may know.
E: I see, but-
O: Cram it with the verbal tennis. Ed, do we really need to put in this much effort? I mean, it's-
E: Shut up, Ozzy. Just trust me on this.
Employee E looks up at the cameras.
Employee O snickers as he does the same.
Employee G6 looks directly at you for a moment.
E: Look, George, just skedaddle on out of here and-
G6: Fine.
O: What? That's all?
G6: You people are more amusing than I thought.
G6: I wish you all the best.
G6: Clowns are meant to be laughed at.
O grimaces as Employee G6 stalks off to elsewhere, with something like swagger in his walk.
O: Should have ripped off more than an arm, Bossman.

The receiver is placed against Employee U's head.
It takes several minutes for the call to come through.
A panicked male's voice is heard in the area, but not into the entire hallway.
The call devolves into terrified screaming, denting metal, shattering glass, slamming footsteps against pavement, a riot in full swing, then a frenzy of raw, crazed noise, then all goes to silence.
Another male's voice is heard.
ANOMALY: No key is okey.
The call mercifully ends.
O: Ahhhhgnnnh.
Employee O is hyperventilating.
Employee E looks shaken, but stable.
Ed offers his flask of MELK (tm).
Ozzy takes a long drink.
O: I hate that fucking phone.
E: Everyone does at this point.
How did it go? And are you okay?
>Have someone check up on U mentally , they've been quiet for that entire time during that call, and I want to know what's going on in their little head.
Also what Anon said, your grades okay my dude?
Honestly I wonder what would happen if we send someone there to purposefully play bad, and continue to do it. It seems "Rigorous lessons" entire thing is perfection.
We had someone that was good play in there and not much happen, what happened if we had someone play bad on purpose, and continue to play bad no matter the punishment.
File: Drink!.jpg (99 KB, 1000x747)
99 KB
>Assign Employee F to Entertain work on The Crook. Get some booze and flirt with him, you're good at that right?

Employee I exits the dorms, looking incredibly tired. She enters with a full glass of water. Several minutes later, a thoroughly drenched and incredibly peeved Employee F exits the dorms.

"And take your stupid alarm with you!"

The PDA is thrown at the back of F's head. Employee F retaliates by throwing her the finger.

Employee F enters the Containment Cell, looking more professionally dressed.
The Crook is busy drinking a forty out of a paper bag, his gun disassembled on the floor. (Where'd he get that bottle from?)
F: Ahem.
He looks up from his blanket-rug at the employee.
Employee F strikes a seductive pose.
F: Well, hello there... handsome.
The Crook stares at Employee F, struggling to keep his head upright.
Employee F holds the pose for a bit too long.
ANOMALY: Isch too aaarleeee to go horsin' aroooond.
ANOMALY: Runnin' around so much getsching like knocking bowling pins down. I jest don't feel anythink from it anymore.
He takes another swig.
ANOMALY: Go awaaaaay. Let me rot.
The Crook puts down the bottle and lays down, letting out a diseased moan.
F: Nnnngh. Coulda just said that from the start. Make this a bit less annoying for the both of us.
Employee F hums to herself, then carefully nudges him into recovery position with her foot.
Employee F leans down and inspects The Crook's gun and face.
F: For the record, I'm not really into men without... facial features.
F: It really kills the mood in a relationship when there's nothing to kiss.
F: Or when the local "hunk" breaks your arm and you suddenly realize that you're really out of options, Franky. But that's another story.
ANOMALY: Faahck youuuuuu.
ANOMALY: A faaaace like that on a broad like you... Reminds me of hookers that ol' lonesome me used to run with, when those sloooozy types were still around.
F: Ihihihi! Looks like someone isn't dead wasted. Could use a little spice with that zinger, though, three points for effort.
F: What's with this mug of yours anyway? A little open hole with teeth and a bottle to fill it up.
F: Sounds like quite the deal for a hopeless wreck like you.
ANOMALY: Isch what I wanted but didn't know I wahnted.
ANOMALY: And none of yer bushnessh either.
ANOMALY: It's all in the past, it's all a waste.
ANOAMLY: Scalp a head, a dozen, a hundred. Piss it all away on one bad call.
ANOMALY: Now... I'd rather spill my drink than spill my beans.
F: Sourpuss, eh? You're really not my type.
Employee F snatches the bottle up before the anomaly can.
F: So how about this filthy rotgut, huh? Life can't be that bad with this crap in hand.
Employee F takes a sip.
Employee F splutters and spits it back out.
F: Whughuuh?!
Employee F starts retching horribly.
The anomaly laughs and laughs as Employee F storms out of the containment cell and into the bathrooms.
>Assign Employee M to Entertain work on Final Flash. See what's up with him. If he's not available, Employee E Enabling him by feeding him static blood is fine.

A quick check on the cameras shows the Brothers and that buzzing mechanic fellow still at work. Yet another message to Ed then.

Employee E pauses at the doorway and takes a deep breath in.
Employee E fumbles with a flashlight for a second, before putting it away.
E: Whelp.
Employee E enters the Containment Cell holding the bucket of blood.
E: Hey, Johnny. You in there?
Nothing but silence.
Employee E takes a step in.
The anomaly's footsteps come out of the corner from behind E's side.
Employee E hisses out.
ANOMALY: Kill her... but I'm not her murderer...
ANOMALY: No... no... it ended up like this... Caroline baby...
E: Look, buddy.
The bucket is placed in the center of the room.
E: I'm just gonna leave this right here. And you're gonna eat it and enjoy it for as long as possible.
ANOMALY: I don't want... to live like this...
ANOMALY: I didn't want to... couldn't take it... too much chaos... an end to terror...
Something incredibly large and terribly sharp scratches along the side of the room.
Someone's footsteps run the opposite way.
The sound of a godawful smoothie being consumed is heard.
Employee E exits the containment cell, mercifully intact.
File: MH in limbo.jpg (4.71 MB, 2048x2917)
4.71 MB
4.71 MB JPG
>Assign Employee T to Entertain work on In Limbo. See if talking to it gets a reaction at all.

Employee T continues styling his hair as he moves towards the occupied patient's room.

Employee T waves hello.
T: Hellooooooo? Rolle? Ms. Roosevelt?
Employee T walks around the anomaly, inspecting everything.
T: Jeez, this thing is... weird. But kind of beautiful? A lot of CRT screens, buds, cables, it's like a TV flower blossom or something. It's a whole mess, really...
Employee T picks one of the flowers growing from the fallen body.
There is no reaction as Employee T takes a sniff.
Employee T looks into one of the screens.
T: Hello..?
Employee T hops backward as a shocked face forms from the static then disappears just as fast.
T: Nuts! Sheesh, give me a scare why don't you!
T: If you really are in there, and not dreaming or something, do that again.
Employee T leans into the same screen, but there's no response after he waits.
Employee T feels for a pulse on an outstretched arm.
Employee T leaves the "containment cell," looking perturbed.
Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?

>Assign Employee H to Foster work on A Bed By the Window. No instructions, just do what comes naturally.

The bed is currently being kept in Containment Cell B across the room from Rigorous Lessons. It's not the best feng shui, but beats sleeping next to a massive spider.

You switch the camera and find Employee H staggering out of the dorms, looking barely sentient in his striped pajamas. Great. You start to wonder if you should bust a few chops for their lack of discipline. You stop because you realize that you would be doing the same thing.

Employee H enters the containment cell.
Employee H yawns as he makes a beeline for the bed.
H: Employee sleep now.
H collapses into the sheets.
H falls asleep...
The wind through the window, the sound of her wings...
The Work Order on Justice in Gossamer is completed.
The Work Type was Foster.
The Work Result was neutral.
Emotive Energy Count: +5/???
Current Anomaly Demeanor: Snug as a bug in a rug in a blender
Employee Morale: Neutral
Employee Aspect(s) Revealed:
Agent B - Experienced (All Stats Up!)
Working Notes - AB:
- It isn't often that we are given an anomaly, much less forced to take one as a "gift," and even less that the MPC was holding one in the first place. Those brutes would often smash whatever anomalies that fell into their web, though not often without good reason.
- The anomaly seems busy. Do not disturb?
- The voice came from the cocoon, while the spider follows along the conversation. I am not sure if the two are separate or one is a puppet.
- This anomaly seems like a caricature of sorts? Easier to understand, easier to underestimate when you think of it like that. I'm not sure how exactly this one ticks.
- Officer Vladimir is the Inspector for today. I'm sorry to say, sir, but we have our hands tied behind for this one. He has quite the notoriety, capriciousness, and, more importantly, connections to really make us hurt if he wants to. It's a good thing that Gerald has his cards, our Inspector is on a list in many casinos and other locations of ill-repute.

The Work Order on Rigorous Lessons on an Absent Teacher is completed.
The Work Type was Deprive.
The Work Result was bad.
Emotive Energy Count: +0/???
Current Anomaly Demeanor: ???
Employee Morale: Neutral
Working Notes - O:
- Chop it up for firewood, this useless thing.

The Work Order on The Red Connection.
The Work Type was Foster.
The Work Result was good.
Emotive Energy Count: +10/???
Current Anomaly Demeanor: ???
Employee Morale - O: Neutral -> Shocked
Employee Morale - E: Neutral -> Disturbed
Working Notes - O:
- I'm talking to U after this. Do not disturb!
Working Notes - E
- A long time ago, before the Letter Districts and normal Districts split, there was an Incident that everyone refuses to talk about. One of the most infamous photos that wasn't burned was about a smashed up telephone booth and the clock tower behind it. I guess we found our man.
- I reckon that the phone takes voices from the past, based on the above. I hope nothing from our future.
- All we can do is listen, hopelessly. A terrible source of energy.

The Work Order on The Crook.
The Work Type was Entertain.
The Work Result was bad.
Emotive Energy Count: +5/???
Current Anomaly Demeanor: Wasted
Employee Morale: Irritated
Employee Aspect Revealed:
Employee F - Catty (Entertain-, Deprive+, COOL+)
Working Notes - F:
- im not some call girl to throw at problems until theyre sexed you know >;(
- black tar beer too many people like that crap
- stupid drunk type, callouses, old?
- could be bad news
The Work Order on Final Flash of Existence.
The Work Type was Enable.
The Work Result was neutral.
Emotive Energy Count: +5/???
Current Anomaly Demeanor: Sated
Employee Morale: Disturbed -> Rattled
Working Notes - E:
- Is it just me or is that thing getting bigger?
- Still nothing much on Johnny. Our little problem.

The Work Order on In Limbo.
The Work Type was Entertain.
The Work Result was neutral.
Emotive Energy Count: +2/???
Current Anomaly Demeanor: ???
Employee Morale: Neutral
Employee Aspect Revealed:
Employee T - Likes the Sound of His Own Voice (Entertain-, Deprive++, COOL+, Occasionally lowers employee morale)
Working Notes - T:
- There's something missing, like seeing your grandfather gone senile. Man.

The Work Order on A Bed by the Window.
The Work Type was Foster.
The Work Result was good.
Emotive Energy Count: +2/??? (+2/hour)
Current Anomaly Demeanor: Holding great expectations!
Employee Morale: Neutral -> Sleep tight, nugget =)

QUOTA: 0/25 PRODUCT Exported
E-Energy: 31 units, +2 units/hour
DTC-Energy: 0 units
PRODUCT Count: 1
QUOTA: 0/25 PRODUCT Exported
E-Energy: 31 units, +2 units/hour
DTC-Energy: 0 units
PRODUCT Count: 1
Ignore the top one, wrong hour.

>MPC: Endure Inspection. Incomplete.

>H-Company: Harvest. Incomplete.
>M-Company: Kiss a bug. Please no.
>R-Company: Receive a Regulator. Incomplete.

>Daleth Anomalies: The Red Connection
>Kaph Anomalies: Rigorous Lessons from an Absent Teacher, Final Flash of Existence
>Unclassified Anomalies: The Crook, In Limbo, A Bed by the Window Justice in Gossamer
>Facility: PRODUCTION room, Elevator to the Observation Deck, Elevator to the 3nd floor (unexplored, former cafe area), Core Maintenance (Available)
>Assign Employee (write in interaction type, specific instructions, sex, Employee or Agent, etc.)

Following in the footsteps of OverseerQM, I'll try to sort votes into categories of works. So each level of anomalies, facility, and other actions.

>View and edit anomaly dossiers and database. (Write in.)
>Make a facility-wide announcement. (Write in.)
>Manage Employee roster and Departments. (Write in.)
>Message an Employee's PDA. (Write in.)
>View cameras in which room? (Write in.)
>Skip XX hours of the workday.
>End the workday. (Enters Downtime/Upgrade Phase.)

>Write in.

Merry Christmas, everyone (late by hours, so liturgical Christmas now). The grades are not going so hot, but the impact was less worse than I thought. I don't have a present other than this update and Employee A because I really do have low prudence. Godbless and have a good night.
>Assign Employee B to Entertain The Red Connection. Frankly, we haven't had him work in ages, I'm curious.

>Assign Employee Q (S if he's not gonna comply) to Deprive Rigorous Lessons. Just fucking smash those keys, play like dogshit.
>Assign Employee T to Deprive Final Flash. Try prying into that Caroline angle, act as the bad cop to M's good cop.

>Assign Employee W/Mr. Weaver to Enable A Bed by the Window. He's quiet, he should know how to not wake someone up.
>Assign Employee G4 to Foster In Limbo. Give her that Mind Restoration Dose.
>Assign Employee I to Entertain Justice in Gossamer. Compliment his webbing work.

>Assign Employee G2 to do Core Maintenance on JEFF. Tell her to do whatever JEFF asks of her.
>General announcement to the drones to try to educate the New Recruit on whatever they could think of (G4 and his sec training), when they're not assigned to anything else
>Add in baby/retard proof labels to our anomaly classifications. "Don't shoot/As safe as possible" for Daleth, "Shoot if anomaly is hostile/Chance of aggression" for Kaph, "Shoot first/Aggressive" for Lamedh, "Shoot on sight, run if that doesn't work/Incredibly dangerous" for Bet, "Poke with stick, compare to above/Unknown" for Gimel.
>Actually assign the guns. Priority of who gets them: Casey (Casey) --> Trained combatants (G4, Any of the agents) --> Skilled in VIOLENCE but not unstable (The three stooges, E, F, B) ---> Non-combatants as a self defense tool (G, I, H, etc) --> The unstable ones I don't want to trust with guns (A, G2, G3, G6)

Got nothing in mind for The Crook, hoping someone could suggest something for 'im. Don't wanna be the only one voting, free feel to suggest your own stuff, guys.
+1, let's gooooooooooo
+1 everything but the gun bit, A gets a stick to play with, alright?
Fair enough. It's moreso a hierarchy than a set list.

Guess we're gonna let Crook rest this hour. Was having a hard time thinking of an employee who wasn't brain damaged, tired, or unavailable this shift.
You alright HeartQM?
his schedule is notably schizophrenic. This isn't the first nor last time he has done it.
Good news: I can fix my grades.
Bad news: I am busy in fixing my grades.
I apologize for my incessant tomfoolery. Please wait warmly while I proceed.
Kino art. Don't worry if you're busy getting your grades in order, the weeklong inactivity and silence worried me.
Final flash is getting increasingly horrific.
"A fierce, good fight," Officer Vladimir intones. He stiffly rises from his seat and bows with the sportsmanship of a defeated opponent.

Employee G stands up and reaches his hand out to conssumate the match. The Officer lets out an audible hiss through his bandages.

His fist crashes down against the cheap metal of the folding table, denting it with a head-turning crunch, and almost collapses back into his chair. His hands make distressing cracking sounds as they snatch up the discarded cards and ball into fists.

"We play again. I insist."

Even through the awful resolution of the cameras, there's not a speck of worry on Employee G's features as he sits back down - unlike the others watching...

"Shouldn't we... do something?" JEFF seems bit stressed. "But uh, hold on, wait. Even if it's just a game, cards aren't something that you can just interrupt, I think. As you aware, Overseer, I am classified as a Queen of Hearts - as horrifyingly mistaken as that seems. But uh. Okay. It's all up to you."

>PDA Employee G to continue correctly and with great spirit.
>PDA Employee G to throw the match when it's safe to break away.
>Do not intervene.
File: donuts.png (218 B, 32x32)
218 B
218 B PNG
>Assign Employee B to Entertain The Red Connection. Frankly, we haven't had him work in ages, I'm curious.

You take a look at the time. The console's internal clock reads 9 AM. Ah, early morning, no wonder everyone is so out of it.

Employee B starts as he receives the work order, roused from his fretting and slow inching towards the game. He reads it over.

DM - Employee B
benjaminB: Noted and I'm going.
benjaminB: Just for the record, what do you think is going to happen next in the break room?
benjaminB: Should the rest of us interrupt right now?
nameless13: I'm not worried about Gerald's performance.
nameless13: Besides, there are already a few security officers in the room with you.
nameless13: They aren't intervening.
nameless13: Also, would you kindly fulfill your assigned work order?

B rubs his eyes and takes another look at Gerald, then at the four-man book club before responding.

benjaminB: Very well.

You begin chewing on your fingers.

Employee B approaches the anomaly.
The phone begins to ring...
Employee B pauses...
File: lammar Ben.png (262 KB, 393x563)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
...but you continue towards it anyway.

This phone... it makes you scratch under your suit collar (a little tight!).

You could call the work order off (hehe), claim to be "psychically distressed." File a complaint with the Manager, Overseer, Admin, whatever. (This guy..! He makes your teeth grind sometimes.)

Better to brace yourself for what comes next. Everyone really hates working with this thing, but it's part of the job isn't it? (And it might as well be you than anyone else...)

You pick up the receiver.

"Heyyyyyyy, buddy. It's me, Davidson. Look, I'm in a bit of hurry here." Guy's voice has that smarmy aspect that just really grates with you. There's a lot of background noise, but somewhere inside. He's in a payphone? "I forgot the code for the apartment again, eight numbers. Mind helping out a friend?"

"Davidson?" That's name from Isidora's call, according to the employee notes collection. But the circumstances are too different here for it to the same man.

"Yeah, yeah, it's me, John. Who else would it be, the Tooth Fairy?" Another mistaken identity call. Hmm, hmm, if you had a clipboard. "Yeah, I'm calling in for a favor. You know the one! Just the key this time, no need for all the other numbers."

"Yeah, I think that you've gotten the wrong number. This is George. George from Wellsprings Hospital." Let's test the waters a little during this break from previous "behavior" (Is there even someone in control of this thing?).

"Relax... I'm calling exactly who I need to. We're friends here, as we agreed on." Definitely not "friends" then.

"Alright, so we're friends then. Do you need an operator sent to your location, sir?" You keep up the act to suss out a little more information.

"Stop. I'm getting tired of this." A head-throbbing series of pulses and clicks emits from the receiver. "I'm tired of being kept in the dark like everyone here. Real tired about being strung along. You get the picture, right?"

You lick your lips. Hopefully this doesn't degenerate into screams like all the other calls.

"Look, I'm... what do you want, sir? What's your angle, eh?"

"Okay, okay. So we aren't the best of friends." Something is banging on the outside of the payphone booth. "All we're doing - trying to do is ensure that everything meets its proper conclusion. Let's call it, 'the happy ending.' All that remains is the final lock on the door. John, you're not one to change your mind, not in this... political climate."

"Now... what's the code?"
>"... 00000001."
>Hang up immediately.

[STEADY HANDS] However... rather than give an answer right now, you have your own question in mind. If this is a conversation, let's keep going with it.
>Write in.

Davidson, huh? Third time this person has come up, then.

>"Do you remember a woman trying to interrupt you with meaningless junk? Do you know why people have been calling you?"

If it sounds like the call is going to stop any moment now, then I think giving the code wouldn't hurt, but let's see how long we can make this go.
For this? At this rate,
>Do not intervene.
I think we lost control of this situation a while ago.
backing >>5120073 and >>5120076
we have medical stuff in case the cop tries to be brutal to anybody
>PDA Employee G to continue correctly and with great spirit.
Fuck him up G-man!

>"... 00000001."
And +1 >>5120073.

Nice to see you back Heart!
>"So you're a Femboy then Jeff, good to know"
>Do not intervene.
>But if possible make a joke about the heart of the cards.

>"... 00000001."

Lets honestly see where this goes.

this too
>"Do you remember a woman trying to interrupt you with meaningless junk? Do you know why people have been calling you?"

A wave of white noise crackles through, washing over the rising and falling of a woman's sobs. A knob turns.

"Call... me? No, no, no. On the contrary, it's me who's been trying to call you." The quality of his voice has become cleaner, clearer, softer. "All these other interruptions, they're only far away echoes from far away times. Times that neither of us are able to touch... It's an experimental system, there are bound to be a few compromises along the line."

So he is aware of the last calls..? An attempt to manipulate time? This long explanation somehow says nothing at all to you.

"The only man who can keep a secret is a dead man. But we're still talking, us living men among dying men. (We're losing him.) (Keep him steady.) So let's keep our relationship open, for the sake of the both of us. An open conversation, John, dead simple."

A series of pulses comes down the line, in tune of a heartbeat. Someone is coughing in the background, making moist and moribund noises. A memory leaps into your mouth, bitter and old failures.

"And uh, no need to drag your latest lady friend into the conversation, yet another casualty. Try not to remind me of my ex when we're having a bit of fun. Let's stay in the present than in any other time."

"What kind of game is this?" You find your voice at last. You've been sitting here, listening to this cryptic motherfucker, just taking it all in, and it's just a little more irksome than you like. "What does this code even do?"

"A game?" A pause. Something like a radio warbles in the background, trying to find its channel. "Just think of it like a game of telephone. After all the chaos I've caused, you did it. You have the message and all that's left is the final step, the last transmission of the long, long relay. This code is going to fix a lot of problems for both sides of the stalemate."

A pause. There's a commotion in the background: the wailing of a man in agony, the thumping of flesh against hard surfaces, the crashing of little metal tools against a cold metal table.

"There's... not supposed to be another step. (We're losing the connection.) (We're trying the best we can.) There can't be another step. I need that code, right now."

The clicking comes back, louder now. The last words in this conversation are going to be spoken soon. Do you have a final question?
>Yes (Write in.)
>No ("00000001.")
>Yes (Write In)
"You never once considered that you're relying on a random stranger to give you the message? I could hang this up any moment now, destroy your hard effort. Yet I'm not. Why?

Hell if I know. Maybe I'm in a good mood today. But it's funny how all of your efforts could be destroyed by a slip of a single man's hand. Fitting in a way, isn't it?"

"Have your damn code. We're done with your game of telephone."
"And you know as well as I do, 'Davidson'... Sometimes, regular people can't stop war. We can only live until we die."
+1, Well let's see what happens.
File: 1562646884238.jpg (27 KB, 423x257)
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Ded quest?
File: vib LIVE.png (66 KB, 561x535)
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Classes have started, I'm only halfway through the update, and we're on page 10. You should read Help Wanted! for a more consistent management quest. He has better themes, as well.
File: 1564440978823.jpg (14 KB, 169x194)
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Stop self-deprecating yourself dumbass, and look outside. Look how cool it is. Look how the sky is blue and the grass is green. Look how the sun shines. Shit, life is good.
We believe in you! Always good for a reread.
Heart, you are alright in my book. Stay safe and sane, and stop depreciating yourself, your quest is lit mate.

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