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**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

After our long intermission, we resume the tale.

First update will be on Monday.
Action 1: Honey Quest III (part 1): The Honey Without

A route to acquire the golden honey is acquired, the Voices of the Sennites visiting the field of gold to form a covenant with the bees that dwell there.

The old magic is retrieved from the scions of torpid elders and written anew for this most important of tasks, the acquisition of honey.

Under close watch by the curious dwarven priests the dryads mingle among the field of gold idly for what seem to be a few days of little activity, and then without so much as a word passing between them appear to agree on the best course of action unanimously.

It was not a visually impressive magic, no grand spectacle to witness or fields of energy to be spied with the naked eye, the most eventful moment being a gathering of bee queens before a portrait of the dryad queen, as a sennite spoke silent words in the spirits tongue off to the side, resonating with their being.

The promises are made, the deal struck and agreed on each side, the hives of the bees from this moment spilling forth more and tastier honey than ever before.

Action 2: Fine gearing II

Continue and meet our previous expectations for clockwork technology. Our first forays into clockworks ended up with a fundamental understanding of gearing being accomplished, but a finer understanding still is desired.

The dream of clocks small and delicate enough to fit around a wrist is aimed for again, as well as gears on a larger scale used for more industrial purposes.
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1. Martyrdom has been a core part of Human religion since the revolt millennia ago. Humanity's capital itself, Andreth, was named for the first to take up arms and fall against the elves. Those who have fallen in the defense of Free Humanity have always been honored as some of the finest within the nation. It is this then, that the K'had-Sajaak has decided should be more emphasized within doctrine...though there is a slight bit of worry regarding the fact she had not consulted the will of the Pantheon in this. However, it is at the same time not exactly very controversial. It is thus that those heroes whom during Humanities wars who died taking enemies of humanity with them are glorified by the Sajaak-Khar and in the new shrines. It is clear the direction that is being taken. While the propaganda pushed out of the Katedra has always ensured that the people are willing to fight for their people, nation and species, it is the promise of glory in their passing and their ascension into the afterlife thanks to their selfless acts of sacrifice for their fellow men and women that will drive them to be willing to lay down their lives without question. Indeed, the Death Squads of the Dictat's Armed Forces have come to be; sermons and holy words inscribed into their armor and weapons. It is a unit of only volunteers, meant to go into the harshest of assaults with steely determination and religious fervor to save encircled comrades and break the lines and wills of the foe with blade, bullet or blazing fire.
1. The time has come for the completion of the great and wondrous High Beacon. With the fulfillment of its creation, Injunction shall enter our land, and Pask's dominance over this land shall grow substantially. The Grand Ministries sacred duty, to ensure the dominion and power of the people of Pask, shall come yet one vast leap closer to fruition.

2. In line with this Pask continues fortifying its land, building fortresses.
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>The Honey Without: Golden Sweetness
Guldfar's priests oversee the Sennites as they prepare to make a covenant with the bees that work the lands around the field of gold; a worthy goal that the Dwarf priests hope will result in more golden honey for their own hives as well as providing the Dryads a substantial amount. Casks of Gylden Ichor bought by the priesthood are opened, the blessed drink offered to the Dryads by Dwarven priests as they mingle and move around the golden field.

Other priests imbue of the Ichor themselves, and as the height of noon draws close they lie about the field of gold, communing with Guldfar above to check that he is satisfied and to request that he might bless the Bandru'ii goals of increasing the amount of flowing golden honey from around his holy field.

An assortment of meaty dishes are made available for the Dryads, should they feel hungry - and upon the use of the Dryadic portrait, the Dwarves offer their own iconography; Kalnthrunric portraits and the iconography of Guldfar's blazing solar face.

>Action 1: Survey the edges of the land
The Dwarven prospectors return to their work upon lands at the edges of the Kingdom, surveying the lands upon the ends of our northern borders. Not the last lands in the nation; but perhaps the last easily tolerable ones for the Gylden - afterward, all is parched savannah, sweltering jungle or frozen peak.

>Action 2: Explosive influences
From the eastern sea, trade ships from Fanwic Prenhaearn and the Dybet Kingdom now pull into our harbours. Though the floating market, Gylden Dwarves trade with the Oni of Okiwasure and the Green Totemic lands beyond. And from the north, the strange Do'Laroshans bring down trade goods from unknown sources and places. And with each route come rumour; powders that ignite with force and splendour. Such a force would surely be invaluable for so many industrial uses; particularly with the recent move of many Dwarves into higher mountains of harder rock that does not yield easily to mere pick and effort.

And so even as merchants purchase samples, the Dwarven alchemists get to work upon doing what they can to reproduce and perfect such a chemical powder. Phosphate from Megyros, Sulphur from the Copse, Coals from Metaki; even Seabird-guano from the Svinkel'kland isles are among the many components tried and tested as the Dwarves do what they can to make this discovery their own.
Madoc gets word of what's happening up north, Home-Place has fallen. The goblins are widespread and wild, but they have always been reined in by the Big Boss. If the Big Boss cannot command them, we may see skirmishing along our border. Madoc has also gotten news from Prenhearn, Soteriaeth has grown up to become a man, and a mighty one at that. The young man may not be the brightest mind or deftest hand among the Children of Fanw, but he is certainly among the strongest, his body is the envy of most Anubisids. That's not to say he's clumsy or stupid, he's been groomed to be a good ruler once he takes the throne. Unfortunately, with the war going on and the Drya seemingly having attempted regicide upon the goblins, Madoc will have to stay as regent for a bit longer.

Action 1: Establish city of Kavmira along the Kavost, between the Dyb forts.
With the river responding to the Cult of Undine's actions, it is time to move many of our priestesses to the Kavost, where they may hone their magic. However, it has been high time we make a third city, the Kavost port has been relatively unsupported for oh so long, despite handling all the eastern trade. Jackal Harbour is inconvenient for eastern traders to travel to, Anubira will be the trade hub of the west and Kavmira will be the trade hub of the east... once we get supremacy of the seas. Though Kavmira can help in that regard as well, acting as a hub for sailors and craftsmen.

Action 2: Establish Phalerae of Solahmar.
With soldiers fighting a defensive war, against enemies carrying little wealth, we need to find a way to immediately reward those of exceptional performance. There is also the issue that Solahmar frowned upon our last fight with the Dryads, we best curry their favour. It is for this reason we will establish medals of merit and honour, Phalerae, golden discs depicting the soldier's glorious achievements, worn on a Phalerae harness. The Cult of Solahmar will decide which acts are suitably glorious, and will distribute them, instilling the virtues of Solahmar into the army. The sun shall shine bright upon our victory.

War Plan: Search and Destroy.
Split the army into two parts, one is the big army, under centralised leadership and is tasked with engaging the biggest force. The second are the cohorts, smaller groups of soldiers who work with greater autonomy, they're tasked with hunting down skirmishers and raiders, garrisoning towns and forts, to punish any sneaky raid. This does mean that we're reducing the power of our main force, but considering the turtles' greed we may prevent enough damage to our ally for them to regroup, and with the goblins' sheer number, that may be enough to cover that reduction of power.
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589 KB PNG
Action 1: Aura of Invincibility Magic

For a long time, the Turtles had little interest in magic. It simply wasn't a part of their thought process. But, as the War of the Feast reaches a new crescendo, certain clerics and priests of Iti among the Turtles have taken great interest legend of Bert the Hero.

Bert, who stood down Death in the form of Blast, while the earth burned around him and castle walls and stones were smashed into him, but because he Ducked and Covered, not a single scratch was found upon him. And because Death could not take him, he became immortal - he ascended.

Some of them believe that a Turtle who believes firmly enough in him, they too can glow with his aura of invulnerability.

Action 2:
Build a brand new Goblin Ranch (Farm) near The Nest, to house the recent spoils of war from the Goblin homeland.

War Post:
Having rounded up the goblins on the surface, and seeing that the above ground structures have been properly wrecked, the Turtles rely on their age old strategy of war. Digging!

Goblins usually dug tunnels too, and there were signs of digging around here anyway. The Turtles pick up their well crafted steel shovels and claw blades and begin burrowing into the ground, intent on engaging the Goblins from above and below, and making any further siege attempts eaiser. Where they can, they prefer to start near rivers or lakes, to flood the tunnels with water, where they have another advantage as well. Perhaps the Tree things would be able to lend them some of their explosive growths to aid in this.

In the narrow confines of the tunnels, decked in their heaviest armor and with bludgeoning weapons and spades of fine quality, the Turtles steel themselves to face any challenge that comes toward them.

A scout ship had returned after it's long voyage, with news as to the whereabouts of the Fanw forsaken. Tragically the other vessels seem to have been lost one way or another, likely somehow brought low by the accursed rabbits. Still, it only further inflames the desire to strike them down once and for all, proving their continued threat to civilians. Of course, their threats to the army are limited. After all, they ran the last time the Colonial Army fought them. But still, it was time to prepare, as news of the discovery swiftly would be sent over to the Dybet, and at similar speed to the FHR's colonial dictat. With the current situation three things are decided to be of utmost importance to a future campaign to wipe the monsters out. Ships of speed, artillery of accuracy and range, and lastly more blessed steel. Of course, some of these would be easier than others, and potential further increases to the discipline and training of the Colonial army might be required, however the second of these requirements would soon find their way into Prenhaearn through an unlikely source...

A member of Clan Wynn, the relatively young Sulwyn Wynn, who had come over with the somewhat recent influx had taken quite a great interest into the artillery created by Prenhaearn. However, they had a unique idea to further the accuracy and range, and quite a simple one. While a round, smooth barrel was commonly used for the canonau, he wondered if a different shape of the barrel could lead to better accuracy and performance. And as such, he utilized his Clan's position to get the materials to experiment with a variety of shapes for the barrel. Some where quite hard to make, and completely useless, however he eventually found that a hexagon shape worked quite well, especially after realizing a mistake that was done in it's creation that made the inside of the barrel twist somewhat. Further testing showed that a completely plain, non twisting barrel seemed to have a greater range than normal canonau, but lost the accuracy factor, and as such after submitting his testing to the Colonial Army, a number of the long ranged and accurate guns would be taken, especially seeing as the shape didn't hamper load times much at all, and soon these new guns would be adopted. Though there were other idea's in the field of Artillery that might come to be more than just ideas Sulwyn had...

>Action One & Two. Canonau hecsagon Wynn (Wynn Hexagon Cannons)
1. The enemies tunnel below; well so do our allies now. Either way a safe forward position is needed to protect the army, allow rest, and to direct enemies into positions we know they must come from. To this end the supplies and seeds for steelwood are shipped in great numbers to grow a forest of steelwood and let their hardened roots protect from attacks from below and their steel hard trunks protect against ranged attacks and break up armies entering it.
2. Within the Green straight a few trusted Sonyakians are trusted with a special task. After great research is done a special mix using Iti's egg along with the ingredients needed to turn the tree into a steelwood tree along with the fire resistant paste. The new base being one of mangroves from the southern coastal marshes. The aim to create a titanic, fire resistant, steelwood mangrove tree to act as a base within the green straight known as Sogigant. The magic inclined Sonyakians will be charged with guiding it's growth and ensuring it grows up healthily until it can be shaped into it's proper use.
War: The misguided aim to protect the green scourge but they will be crushed in the end. Explosives will be lent to our allies when requested but most will be going to fuel the fire of cannons, guns, and Hwatcha taking aim at the Dybet army. Their splitting of their army will be their defeat as the majority of the Drya forces on the mainland will be aimed at them with some being withheld to fight off the mole incursions when they occur.

The Dybet strategy is simple. They are far behind in the ways of war with what they have being loaned from greater peoples. The ents shall meet them in the field of battle and rain arrows, cannon fire, and rockets upon them in their approach. When they do approach it will be met by a wall of steelleaf plate and weapons. Dryki cavalry will be heavily leveraged against to hammer the Dybeti from the flank or rear against the wall of infantry. A simple strategy but one the Dybeti have never shown a counter to.
The strategy against the moles is even simpler as observers will be on the watch for tunnels with fireworks to signal their creation and with an army ready to fight back the incursion. The mole forces will not be followed into their tunnels but instead once they retreat the tunnels will be flooded if close enough to the water. If not then wild dryki with long fused explosives will be released into the tunnels to track down the moles until they detonate to destroy the tunnel and possibly kill more moles.
> 2 actions: double-upgrade Maglak to include Suilak
All cities must join the Great Capital, and so it is that the already vast Imnaki tunnel systems expand, expand and expand to include more and more of the under-empire’s cities.
All shall be one in Maglak

>warpost: Unending Emergence
The Imnaki have one thought, and one thought only: blood. Blood shall flow, into the tunnels, into the dirt, it shall seep through all and cool down this world’s heart. And it is they who shall spill it.
Hordes of Maglaki burst from the ground, claws digging through the soft soil to let hordes of troops crawl out already screeching and baying for the invaders’ lives.
It appears that they are planning on our retreats… I ask, what retreats? Who ever said that the blood-crazy rodents will care about retreat, or will care about losses?
All that matters is to gather blood and skulls- BLOOD-BLOOD FOR THE LADY OF THE DEEP, SKULLS-HEADS FOR HER ALTAR-THRONE
1. Build more farms
2. Build the rest of the water/sewage system
The Colonial Defense Pact has been not only an effective military alliance, but an effective trade one as well. It is because of such that we are able to produce equipment of foreign design and distribute our own. However, with recent developments in arms technology producing the current model of breech-loading musket allowing for even faster loading; still only the Dictat's Armed Forces are using them. This cannot remain a fact any longer. As such, a law is drafted stipulating the use of Small Arms in all pact military forces for both ease of logistics as well as a flat out modernization of all involved nations. The guns themselves can be provided cheaply and plentifully; Gods knows the HDS has a large stockpile of them just begging to be traded. As such, the New Model Organization plan is as such:

All participant nations in the Colonial Defense Pact are hereby mandated to equip at least 30% of their infantry forces with up to date small arms either Imported or produced domestically. Should domestic production be chosen, the Human Dictat of Sylph shall step in to assist said nation in beginning such a process.

There will be standardization. There is no excuse.
War Plan Update: Reluctant Acceptance of HDS firearms, replace javelins as sidearms.
The Dyb generals would be annoyed at the HDS insistence on arming the Anubisids with fiddly firearms but has no reason to refuse, the Dyb soldiers can carry both the Great Khopesh and a Firearm with little issue, in fact, javelins already serve a similar purpose, so those given firearms are to hand over their javelins to be given to another soldier who may lack them. The use of the firearms is for when they're in a poor position to charge the enemy, to weaken the foe at range, also as retalliation against enemy ranged attacks, they're no Child of Fanw, but we have far more Dyb soldiers than Fanwyic bowmen. The Cult of Solahmar is mixed but generally negative, while a firearm is a weapon of fire and thus a weapon of Solahmar, you need a greater feat of valour to earn a medal equal to the sword, as it is less glorious to strike people down from afar than up close.

Perhaps the new breechloading cartridge mechanism removed enough of the fiddlesome aspect for the Anubisids to reload them in a reasonable timeframe.
1 action: Pure Insanity branch 2/2
And now.. for the refinement of the branch of magic. To ensure that the madness once applied lingers even once eye contact is broken between the impure and the pure.

1 action: Build a fort along the eastern border.
As per the agreement, a fort is to be built
Addendum on second action:
Fort on the western borders. There appeared to be a typo from an over tired construction worker.
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

Using the Dyra explosives, Laga and elf alike set charges on the river banks, while crews dig guiding trenches leading to the mole tunnels. Let help the Children of Iti fight in their element, by bringing the water below.

Prospect around Mauna.


- So it would be that 3 showed promise. So it would be that 3 guide the river. The Performer, the Host, and the Tunist. The Performer will be the wandering siren call of New Venezia, traveling coast to coast boasting of the wonders and breath taking arts that the city hold. He will herald them home, to the Host, who greets them with grand shows and dazzling sights. Finally, the few culturally enriched will flow further down to Calibrus, where the Tunist will settle them in and show them the higher arts and songs of the Melody.

- Calibrus feels so suffocating, it's small walls now feel like a tomb tightening around its people. The small city grows, as its gates lay open to the few who trickle in from New Venezia with the Performer's blessing. This hard shell served its former days well, but tomorrow needs a new shell. But not one which is bleak and mundane. It must speak of the majesty that lies just beyond, of Theatra's grace. Bring the Earth maestros, commission their finest art, their grandest performance since Theatra. We will remodel the very foundations, and polish Calibrus into a humble gateway to mastery.
File: Roads in Red.png (41 KB, 500x276)
41 KB

> Action 1 - Advance Mimicry Magic
Greater control of the Sa'terif magic has allowed the Do'laroshans wider scope in their movements unseen. Still, while the copy is suitable for inspection from afar, it often fails to hold up to closer glances, and even casual conversation fails more often than not. Many a Fraternian shopkeeper has caught out one of the Shamans in their daily practice runs, noticing a failure in lip-syncing, visual integrity ('clipping' is a regular issue, coats and robes swaying through their wearer's legs while walking) or other discrepancy. Hopefully, they're not too wierded out by it! Through practice, both in and out of disguise, mundane or magical, work to narrow the difference and tellings of Do'laroshan kind. Accents, simpler clothes, even the magic of Thrown Voice to somewhat mimic others, nothing is above inspection and improvement.

>Action 2 - Build Stone Roads
Build a stone road towards Kurai, linking it to the road network already in place. Any leftover manpower shall go south to extend the road east, following the tree-line. The Shamans already whisper fearfully that building so close to Achroma's lair will only invite his wrath, and prepare to go about seeking his blessings. If such cannot be obtained, workers will remain on standby to demolish the offending road post-haste!
Of course, should it be allowed to stay, the merchants argue, then it is only fitting a temple-market be constructed, adjoining Achroma's lair, to allow him oversight of the finest goods in the land as they exchange hands.
Posted on behalf of Megyros

The mynotorian monk order start studying the earth and it's magical aspects,
And the ruling council study nature and it's ecosystem,
File: map56.png (928 KB, 2048x2628)
928 KB
928 KB PNG

(>>5042014) The stately Voices stand for days, majestic in the Field of Gold, silently working their ways. Some Guldfarian priests watch on with knitted brows, many believing it to be both foolish and near-blasphemous what is being done. All of them are silenced when the sacred hives begin dripping with honey as gold as His beard. Whatever quiet agreement the Dryads had made was a sure miracle, as so much honey is drawn from the hives that they have to store it in barrels. For their work, both the bees and Trees are offered up Ichor and honey-loaf with great joyous thanks.
Dryads have for tyrns been tinkering away with only lateral progress, but a drive from within spurs their ambitions. Aiding them is the import of Dwarven brass, a metal perfectly suited for the delicate work of gear-cutting, with which far more intricate clockworks are devised. The masterpiece of the Sennite mechanists is the Silver Bird, a beautiful simulacrum of finest Tangle silver, which after having been turned by a key, could intermittently flap it's wings, open & close it's beak, even turn it's head this way or that. More, if the key were released at the correct time, it would give a ringing "chirp" every half-quarter, announcing the 'hours'. No finer thing has possibly ever been wrought.

The most glorious death a Man may hope for, is that he or she may die in the defence of Humanity, and that with them are brought low a score of the enemies of Humanity. Those few who unequivocally achieve just such a death are the highest heroes of the Dictat, akin to saints in many cases. The slow boiling increase in the dissemination of propaganda from the Katedra and beyond has cemented within the populace an unshakable fervour for a life of honour, spent in service of Humanity. That, they are told, is what it means to be Human.
(>>5043607, >>5043168) By order of the Council of Sahs, as founding member of the Colonial Defence Pact, it is hereby introduced to the charter that all signatories shall from henceforth equip their infantry forces with arms of Human design, either of Human make or Human-overseen domestic manufacture, to a percentage of no less than thirty percent. Follows are the Council approved models, their appropriate modifications, and further necessary information: First is th...

New moulds, new borers, new cannoneers, all the effort for the mad scheme of a boy. But by Fanw he was right. The hexagonal bore innovation was remarkable, if just a tad more difficult to produce. Again, it is well worth near whatever it takes to be able to not only set the Rabbits back momentarily, but to destroy them for good.
[NM] It is once again time to hear the Will of Injunction, and see if Pask has lived as would please Injunction. The basin of sacred earth is set down, and the clerics wait with bated breath. But there is nothing. Devisers begin to shift nervously, shooting glances around at each other. Their stoic exterior begins to crack, as the shadow of the High Beacon begins to unnaturally fold in over the courtyard, it's grand spiked spire a sharp pinpoint of crisp shadow finds the basin. A blinding flash of light blasts forth from the tower, no doubt seen from many leagues away. When the stars leave their eyes the basin has been overturned, revealing that hidden within the soil is a copper cylinder. Tentatively a cleric reaches to take it, his hand wrapped in his cloak in fear it will be hot. The thing is as cold as the air around them, and with a twist one end is undone. Within there is a single sheet of fine parchment upon which, beneath a ߥ sigil is a single Paskian word. The man's face falls, and as the others crowd around him so do theirs. For the word is one one of complex, compound, meaning. Eleven simple letters which will change the course of history. 'Hipolytrate', which in the common tongue may be translated as 'Destroy/Disable that which threatens the Will'. After this the copper cylinder, dropped in surprise, begins to pour forth the riches of the earth; Gold, silver, gemstones of every hue. It does not stop for a quarter turn of the sun in the sky, by which time two large barrels are full of the stuff.
With the anchoring of a gold-plated focus, the High Beacon stands complete. The winds calm, and the skies clear for it. But before the Elf who secured the thing in place can begin his descent, a burst of intense light blasts out from it. (>>5043356, >>5044133, >>5043900) A star brighter than the full moon in splendour shines from the lands of Pask! Seen from Kurai in the west, We'vara in the south, even the Nest of the Turtles to the east. The clouds are blown away for the force of Injunction's arrival upon the sheet. Then as quick as it had come, the beacon is dark.
Rightly so Devisers claim that walls alone, no matter how well manned, will fully protect the homeland. What is needed are towers, barracks, and all the trappings required to keep the guard alert and prepared. Additional fortifications are planned, with construction of the first already started.

The capital grows once again, reaching its tendril corridors east until the earthen walls of Suilak are crumbled and the city is joined with Maglak. The lumber yard of lower Winchester is drawn into the fold, its timbers brought to bolster the ever continuing tunnelling.
A Dwarf's work is never done, as the surveyors are sent to the far ends of the country to toil. In the north all they find are pleasant seaside views, but in the Crescent mountains, alongside the tail end of the lead veins, they uncover the dream of every prospector; Gold.
The supplies from each source of this powder is minuscule, little more than a party-trick's worth. But the Gylden are clever, perhaps sometimes too clever it is said, for through careful study of every grain they can procure they create a near exact reproduction of the stuff. More, their additions may have even improved it. The precise percentages are always being worked upon, but a standard mix is soon agreed upon by most guilds. The first proper test for the use of mining is even attended by the now very elderly Thanvulder. [Very nice tie-in of the Svinkel'kland isles from the AI!]

[D] The Regent Madoc is awoken by a frantic Blackguard, breaking both court etiquette and protocol. He spills in rambling Fanwyic, a known taboo whilst in Dybet, that the Dyne has turned to blood! With wide eyes, the two Fanwen burst from the palace to the riverside, where indeed it runs red; Fisherdyb pull up nets of dead, already stinking fish. The water empties of frogs and sliming newts, where over the length fly midges & mosquitoes, worse is that the cattle that drink of it become terribly sick. The red stained Dyne-silt washes into the fields, which drowns the just sprouting crops. The Water priestesses are called upon to explain! Whilst they cannot give a reason for it, they demonstrate that the water has not become blood as is widely feared, but has become clogged by the bloom of a crimson algae. Already Her clear waters have begun to flow from Her dual-temple, but it will take days to clear the mighty Dyne.
Many a tyrn has led to the founding of Kavmira along the Kavost, where the priestesses of Undine may practice their magics in less sacred waters. Here they find the will of the goddess is far lesser, and their magic flows with great ease.
The common reward for outstanding service to Dybet has long been a greater share of loot, but with war now fought for the purpose of defence, whatever scavenged booty is of steel and blood. Truly the only thing worth retrieving from battle are the bodies of the Turtlemen, who like their brethren make for a fine soup. Now what is needed is an award more treasured than a broken sword or dented helm. The Kingdom turns to the Cult of Solahmar, goddess of the sun and just war. They return with roundels of gold, pressed with allegories of Compassion; awarded to those who save the wounded; Bravery; awarded to whose who go above and beyond their call; Devotion; awarded to those who are gravely injured in their duty; and Ambition; awarded to those who cut down generals, or other marked targets.
[The HDS Mandate can't occur for this war yet. Arms first need to be imported, trained with, and then actually get up north.]
The Turtles and their legends are, quite frankly, a rather strange bunch. But such a thing is of no concern in a world of walking trees, greedy shadows, and smoking mountains. The Tales of Bert inspire great courage, camaraderie, and resilience in the face of steel-clad Molerats. Their faith, their belief, they at least attest, has made them invincible to such dangers. And it is true that a great number of reliable reports come of Turtles withstanding far more than truly they should be able. Perhaps the tales are true.
Hopeful as ever, the Turtles of The Nest construct a far larger Goblin ranch within their borders, ready for the no doubt soon arrival of more fresh gobmeat. But tyrn comes and goes, and they do not arrive. The war drags on yet.

Though the call for Steelwood is raised & received, the battle gives no relent for such folly!
The seabed of the Green Strait is searched by the Sonyakians for a suitable reef or mound upon which the chosen sapling may be planted. With little concern, within twig distance of shipping lanes, an appropriate position is found. Aided by Purebreed taught magic, the sapling digs deep, and begins to grow ever thickening roots into the sandy earth. The Sogigant is rooted.

The influx of more Hellish Oni has placed a strain on the Harja. Land is cleared, farms are ploughed, bellies are filled.
With fresh water now freely available to most, minds turn to the opposite issue, sewage. With the great number of cities in the kingdom, much of the work is focused in the capital and outward facing city of Yōjingehen. In the other cities, a system of night-soil-oni is established to shovel shit directly onto farms and forest as fertiliser. The two mentioned cities see disruption as a network of pipes are cut-and-cover dug below the streets to flush waste far out to sea.

[Waxing Crescent]
A brief, dazing madness is not enough. No, what the Rabbits wish to inflict is lingering malignant lunacy. So it is that once again the ancient rites must be performed in the presence of the thin moon. In the entrails of a Dakan be'wab the answer is divined and the price conveyed. Yet more pain is to be delivered upon the receiving Rabbit, with additional needles of blessed silver driven into the eye. With whispers of Archaic Bitty, they will thrum with dull aching, but they glare will be all the longer lasting.
(>>5044133) The Shadows' tales of the horror of the western ice drive the Usagi to extend the fortifications of the border; A high lookout mimicking that in the north provides supreme views of the glacier and its inhabitants.
>Everlasting Waters
Their devious plan is put in motion!
The sand and silt of Mauna is turned over in search of what lies beneath. There the Whales find the spiralling shells of long dead creatures, and a stone which glitters when polished high. [Precious Stone node found]

(>>4992403) To have not just one but three non-Simfuni to rise to the rank of Maestro is an astounding accomplishment in the minds of the teaching Instruments! So adored are these three Laga that they are given Orchestral names, the first outside of Theatra to be awarded them. The Performer, travelling minstrel of Nomos-song, rousing all who hear him to travel to the glorious city of New Venezia. He is taught the secret song of Curiosity, for those who hear it are compelled to follow. The Host, dazzling herald of the serene city, delighting all who watch him. He is taught the secret song of Charity, for those who hear it are far more generous with the contents of their purse. And lastly The Tunist, calibrator of Calibrus, soothing all who are strong in the Melody. She is taught the secret song of Civility, for those who hear it find their hearts ever more open to the harmony of the Simfuni above all.
The earthen walls of the city of Calibrus are sung down, until they are little more than a gentle hillock upon which the forest regrows. Following this begins the Earth Maestros real work, of transformation once more. Of course the opening bars are always the slowest.
Magic and missions of stealth have provided a sturdy base for the talented Do'la, but even the most cautious makes mistakes. Further practice, and further delving into magic, hope to cover this small, but jarring, gap. The spells attempt to smooth these slips to simply be unnoticeable, to make the target it is cast upon to become unnoteworthy. Of course, there is progress made, common mistakes remedied, overall a general improvement to the craft.
The escape of the scout ship highlights the importance of mobility in this new age. The first beneficiary of the road-building efforts are the Usagi, as Kurai is joined to the Aphthian Way. With stone already cut, and more importantly Shadows already paid, they are herded east to continue laying cobbles.

Once again the monks take to their cells to hear the earth. They meditate on the quiet of the ground, focussing in on the drone behind the silence. Most can hear only the faintest whisper of it, but the more dedicated hear the minor fluctuations that echo through the world. Only the masters however can decipher the hum. First, this is used to locate sources of water, or the disconnected seams of coal, but as they become attuned, the masters begin their attempts at altering the earth-song. For now, the most impressive show of force they have managed is the jump of a pebble.
Much like their Devilish allies, the Minotaurs of the Council rule to conduct extensive studies of their lands, one to help them understand the interconnectedness of the environmental systems which govern it. Being a people so indebted to the waters, this is the first system to be studied and understood; of the cycles of the clouds, of the flows of the silts, of the currents and patterns of the seas and winds. Of course, to simply list their findings would be wasted effort, so extensive are their number and category.


-Second War of the Feast or The War of Chelonian Aggression-

The anti-Goblin league and the Goblin allies fight two very different wars, or more accurately, the Imnaki and everyone else do. The Molerats battle not for the Goblins, or for the Cooperative, or anything grander than to simply battle. The war-crazed race pour from the tunnels and hills intent on killing and on, if the Lady of the Deep wishes it so, being killed. There is nothing but fiery rage behind their eyes, not that they can be seen behind the steel. Even as possibly hundreds are drowned in the lower tunnels by well-placed charges, more come through higher ground. There seems to be no end to the Rodents! Burrower against burrower, the Turtles, who had been in search of more Goblins, instead find the might of Taknab upon them. Countless of each side are slaughter beneath the earth, even if five or six Molerats are often needed to take down a single hulking Turtle. With the success of the Lagas' efforts, the Turtles too flood or collapse tunnels where they can, at least slowing the Taknabian advance. Perhaps not wishing to be the only combatant not to do so, the Drya also collapse what tunnels they find, with explosive-strapped Dryki of all things.
Above ground, the Drya take charge in the fight against the Dyb and lesser parties. In numbers, the allies of the Goblins outnumber the Drya at least 3-to-1, but much of these are the rabble "War"band, formerly of Zhog. The Drya however have the far superior weaponry, for now, and the pathetically sparse steel of Dyb armour is no match for the cannon and flechette-rocket they now turn upon them. Dyb show great courage, or perhaps foolishness, as the main force engage head on against the Drya, managing to fell a good number of Trees before they must regroup, hastened by the Dryki cavalry that hammer the flanks. Raids by Greenskins are a constant annoyance, as while they are easily cut down, they occur day & night seemingly at random.

File: Steamer.jpg (31 KB, 500x348)
31 KB
Chemistry. A field of the natural sciences that has been touched on in the past, however not with any actual dedication. We know such things that in the past were called alchemy are chemistry, however what more can we do with chemicals and materials? If a combination of materials can be made into such a thing as gunpowder, then what may other combinations bring? New chemical weapons? Ways to ignite powder without an actual spark? New fertilizers to grow bigger and better crops? Even new medicines? The future is limitless when it comes to science, and the Dictat intends to pursue such endeavors.

The steam engine has provided our factories with the ability to turn wheels and gears to provide labor in multitudes stronger and unceasing unlike physical manpower could. To that effect, a few curious engineers have looked to ways of improving the output of such things with older methods of generating kinetic energy such as the water wheel. The outcome was not a stronger engine, but instead a water wheel that turned on it's own, even against the current! It was slow against the current, sure; but the prototype was just that; a prototype. Far from a finished and finalized work. In association with Clan Caldath, the idea to replace sails and oars with water wheels is a promising one, however it is obvious that time will be needed to work out the kinks in the initial test model, as well as to get it to peak efficiency of fuel burned to speed attained.
Action 1: Honey Quest 4: The Gilded Apiary

Our part of the dwarvish bargain fulfilled, theirs is taken, permission is acquired to build our apiary to supply our future projects with Ulzhonig.
An apiary is built at the field of gold with all the blessings the dwarves may want to decorate it with on the outside, the interior complex and built according to the natures of the bees and the intelligences of the dryads and the odd geometries of the spirits.

This marks the first of the four honeys truly under our grasp, three remain.

Action 2: Fine Gearing III

Our wheelfingers mastery of mechanisms is without equal, and no finer crafts like these exist anywhere on syph, and perhaps never have.

But greater works will come still, and will come from our tireless mechanists, our wheelfingers, our clever little saplings, whatever name you may give them.

The new craze are timepieces, tiny delicate works small enough to be slid in a pocket or wrapped around a wrist, early models required regular re-winding, but newest ones use the mere momentum of an arms swing to wind automatically, able to tick in perpetuity if their owner moved often enough, and assuming nothing broke down.

Automata like the silver bird are another crowd pleaser. The original silver bird itself was adored and treasured, displayed all around the forest and even making tours out to Londonison, now resting atop a great branch overlooking Ash’sens main hall for most of the year.

Other silver birds are replicated by jealous crafters, but the most success is found in automata of different natures, taking inspiration from the genius that went into the bird and taking them a step further.
From its chirps came the realisation that sound could be made, and from that the music box.
From its appearance no end of tiny mechanical toys for the favoured few noble dryads to gawk at in awe.
From its movements actually useful mechanisms were made beyond the mill, large gears on macro scale moving large objects, to be useful in later projects.

Approach the dreamer, show her the sweet honey fruits of our labour, and the wondrous silver bird.

Speaking of birds, casually shift the topic over to Grynox, as our explorers returned with only a sole survivor and very little information was garnered about her, perhaps the dreamer knows more?

>A Blessed Golden Exterior
Permission is given to the Dryads to build the Apiaries required for their project, Guldfar's priests delighted with the Ulzhonig now flowing in abundance from their own small number of hives. They propose a site to the west of the great field's expanse as site for the Bandru'ii Apiaries (the site marked with the red X), suggesting to the Dryads that if a harbour were to be someday built upon the nearby bay it might help the Bandru'ii export their honey to their homeland directly from the Guldfilit province itself. rather then going through the port and customs-houses the Æblekaglt's Æbleholm.

As they are given permission to decorate the outside of the building themselves, the Dwarven priests do so in ways to make it a splendid object of veneration. Guldfar's blazing solar face shines out in gold and carnelian from each face of the structure, the supports are clad in polished blessed Applewood; and the bee iconography that decorates the surfaces are of jeweled and precious stone and polished metals. A statue of Søvnig is placed upon the highest point of the roof to offer all the guidance of his ancestral Spirit. Around the Apiary building the Dwarves plant a scattering of young Gylder Apple-trees so the bees might find food before the wildflowers around the field of gold come into yearly bloom.

A few Gylden priests even postulate that this flow of Honey might even be a reward from Guldfar, the long-theorised idea of an eventual 'Fourth Gift' from the great god of gold and light finally realised. If true, as with all the gifts, it would be a guiding stone around which behaviours might form and philosophies might be written. And had not this gift come fourth from cooperation with friends and neighbours? Perhaps, those few venture, strengthening communications and partnerships between the peoples of the continents might be what is needed to make the whole world a little sweeter for all.

>Action 1: The Flow of Gold
>Build Apiary and Gold-Mine
As rulers of the Guldfilit province since the time of settlement, the higher echelons of the priests of Guldfar have sometimes been accused of swaying into matters temporal rather then spiritual. But the deal with the Bandru'ii is not seen by the priests themselves as one of these; for are they not increasing the flow of golden honey and golden commerce all at once? And once you have one plan for a building - why not use it twice to save on costs the second time around? The Guldfarite priests establish their own Apiary using the same plans as for the Bandru'ii structure (sited on the Golden X) and even most of the same decoration designs of both building and grounds; the only true difference that they decide a statue of Høfeber will top their own structure.

In the far-off mountain, the Gylden priests also establish a new mine for the more traditional form of Gold; seeing the find of the holy metal as a divine blessing of their recent decisions.
File: Turn.jpg (270 KB, 1224x1094)
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270 KB JPG
>Map included this time because I am dim.

>Action 2: A seat of higher Education
Rodededun has long held fame among the Gylden of Æbleland for being a town founded upon a higher educational basis. Indeed, so early was the educational remit given prominence in the settlement that the town - indeed, the entire Vogazrodikol province - is governed by the Archancellor of the university colleges rather then either an elected or a hereditary Thanvulder by that title. However, over time the linking of various trade routes and the growth of both port and market have caused the town centre itself to become a busier and noisier place; which though it provides many benefits to the area is a little less conductive for the important matters of teaching and learning. In an attempt to bring the university ethos back to prominence, the former Chancellor of Læge Collage and newly elected Archancellor of Rodededene decides that a substantial portion of the university savings are to be invested into the construction of a brand and grand new campus site to the east of the town, close to the bank of the lesser of the Rodikol rivers; moving out of the crowded town centre. Each of the great colleges and academic departments are to have their own faculty buildings along with lecture theatres, teaching rooms, workshops and laboratories; and new residence halls will give the studious Dwarfs more space and peace not to get upon each other's nerves throughout the learning process, with orchards and parks set around to give pleasant demeanour to the grounds. Surely the grandeur of the education process will be shown in the great and sturdy buildings we rise!

With the young Sulwyn of only fifty three years having fixed the main issue of artillery, ships and greater amounts of Blessed Steel were needed. While most of clan Llewelyn went to work on greater ship designs, the colony itself would attempt mainly to focus on the production of more Blessed Steel than before, along with just more production output in general. In this, the towns of Efailesau and Arfordirwedi'isianel would have their forges expanded and manufactories organized. While not as industrialized or technologically advanced as the HDS yet, these greater facilities should, ideally, allow for greater resources to be allocated into Blessed Steel production alongside furthering the production of all goods in general and allowing for no shortage of tools, weapons, and armor in all of the colony. And given their proximity to the mines the colony would undoubtedly see production rise sharply. And to further this effect on Blessed Steel, the colony would focus on granting funding to Clan Nist and Howell along with other benefits provided they could produce more Blessed Steel. These benefits were mostly monetarily in nature, however some greater offerings such as land would also be up for offer, and further expressing how vital the increase in the production of Blessed Steel without reduction in quality will be to ridding the world of the vile Fanw forsaken rabbits of the north would ideally make them further redouble their efforts.

Meanwhile the Military of Prenhaearn and it's administration would be frustrated with the Human's attempt to meddle in their armed forces. Naturally, they'd chose to have domestic production, as it coincided with their recent expansion of industrial capacity, however they'd be unpleased with it, and a number of regiments would attempt to utilize loopholes. Still, most of these muskets would be integrated into Gwaywffon Ifanc and Gwaywffyn Mynydd forces, while the Helwyr Saethwr have remained prominent as the main ranged force. Though, this has caused a good deal of grumbling from Clan Howell, and a number of the more zealous and traditional alike, and overall it has caused a major debate and arguments much worse than the old crossbows of old. Though even so, there are some supporters, mainly from Clan Tudor and a few of the younger members of Clan Wynn, including Sulwyn. Still, they are in the minority at the moment...Even so, this hasn't resulted in anything too bad...yet...

>Action One. Upgrade the forges in Efailesau and Arfordirwedi'isianel.

>Action Two. Attempt to further Blessed Steel production through further incentives to Clan Nist and Howell.
Madoc seems inundated with bad news, but he shall not falter, he already has ideas for solutions. In fact, his late wife gives him an idea, the redemption crusade, just do something similar for the Jafa worshipers. For the armour problem, cover, mobile cover. The Goblin capital may have fallen but their fighting spirit burns on. He is not going to lose a war for his son. He will hand him a strong kingdom with a strong army, one forged in war.

Action 1: Ban Cult of Jafa, Whiteguard raid against their shrines, heretics sent to the war up north to redeem themselves.
As the Cult of Undine is hard at work trying to fix the damage and restore order, the Cult of Moth has gone to action against the Cult of Jafa, accusing them or their god being responsible. Their god is also responsible for the death of Ahenohetsu II, so it isn't hard to prove the crimson waters is his fault as well. As such, the worship of Jafa is officially banned, the Whiteguard is deployed to any shrine they have and apprehend the bloody cultists, Jafa worshippers are heretics and arrested, but, there is a road to redemption. Honourable conduct in accordance to Solahmar, up north, in the battle against the invaders who are spilling rivers of goblin blood.

Action 2: Develop Mantlets, make with wood from Goblin southern forest.
With insufficient armour our men are getting torn to shreds out there, however it is difficult to get enough armour to protect without seriously limiting mobility. But, a shield might work, not one able to be wielded in melee, but a Mantlet, a mobile wall, to protect during approach and to provide mobile shelter for wounded and ranged units. The Goblin southern forest is to be harvested for the material, perhaps even Goblin homes disassembled for this. These will also provide a hindrance for the cavalry so eager to charge into our exposed flanks, as they shall be exposed no more.

War Plan: Cycle leadership, divide up army, focus on denying enemy breakthroughs while pushing our own.
Those commanders who failed to deliver are demoted and those who succeeded are to be promoted to their place, however they are not fired, if they learn they may be promoted back up again. We shall also divide up the army to give greater autonomy to small unit commanders, we shall not make a big push that may be decisively damaged by a cavalry charge after we're pushed back, we shall have many small pushes, where those who fail are given reinforcements to prevent enemy breakthrough while whose who succeed get reinforcements to push the advantage. This approach will be harder to achieve great victories with, but also prevent great defeats, our current edge is artillery and it is slow, so we will not risk destroying our army while ill prepared.
1 action: Construct a silver mine and a spice farm

1 action: Religion
As the night sky grows dark, the brilliant pure light that the moon brings blotted out by the dark, prayers are to be said. And now, it more important than ever in this dark forest to retain purity till the moon shines again. A prayers to find comfort and solace that even though it’s gone for the moment, it will always be back again, never changing in its cycle, and just like the moon despite everything Pure shall rise again, and be able to lay waste to the impure as they did when they first arrived in this world.
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

The old kelp wind catchers, once intending for fun and scouting, no longer fit the purposes the Laga and elves need from them. Light palm wood frames are made, and wax soaked canvas stretched between them. Designed to catch the wind from being hauled much like the toys that every Laga and Anaye know so well, soar high into the air and then cut the line, the Yoli'anda "Air Wave" (single man hang glider with leather belts and straps) carries one elf, and a small basket of volatile Drya goodies.

At the moment, only a few are made, and are immediately sent to the naval front, and very few ships are actually capable of going fast enough to raise them to a proper height to conduct anything more than even 8 minute flights out over the Goblintide forces.

These mole men are a Menace in their native element, below. Yet with more tunnels flooded, and the turtles aiding, perhaps the Laga can lend a hand. Using the flooded tunnels and assistance, a small group of Laga begin using their Sonar to detect incoming mole tunnel diggers, so traps and troops may be prepared.
Action 1: With the proper coming of Injunction to these lands, The Grand Ministry finds itself at a juncture it is calmly pleased with in terms of Pask's strength and capability. Measuredly it ensures that Obron is at the peak of the capabilities expected of it, that there is sufficient food and so on, before a meeting is held. High Minister Davrius holds it amongst himself and the various Lord Ministers underneath him to discuss not only the capabilities of Obron but the correct reaction to the rune revealed to them. They speak at great length and in great detail, for they know well the purpose of Pask's coming to this land, and feel no sorrow for what must be done. When they are finally in agreement at the extent of Obron's capabilities, the High Minister Davrius ensures a final agreement is reached, before the announcements are made. Countless preparations are made, Ministers prepared far ahead of time, and the appointed leaders notified. When all is prepared by the Ministry, High Minister Davrius makes the formal announcement.

"Sons and Daughters of Pask, those who are products of its will and those who enforce it, the time has come. By dictate of The Grand Ministry, Pask shall now begin the ensurance of its strength, and the safety of its people, through the two tools all species and nations speak. Through Blood, and Fire. Rejoice, for The Ministry shall not taste defeat, as the Sons and Daughters of Pask begin the First Expansion."

>Pask begins The First Expansion, and declares war upon the Umbrals to its southeast. From the Fortresses march the black cloaks of The Ministry, their duty to take control of the Umbral's great lands for Pask's own. The many ballistae upon Indomitable Glory are used to great affect, coordinated with the sons of Pask as they delve into the dark to attack the Umbrals and claim their land. The The Grand Ministries focus shall be to drive the Umbrals back and claim the land, no matter the cost.

2. To ensure its defense during these times, Pask builds yet more fortresses to cover and defend its land.
1. Guns are the Future: With the science of explosives mastered, it's time to truly wield it. Oni have heard of these boom sticks Hoomen. Researchers work tireless, whipped by taskmasters, and the Harem distract/seducing that strange Hooman in the Peral Place while they study his gun to unlock the secrets of guns!
2. Build more electric grid
1. The Sogigant is continued to be monitored and grown.
2. The shortcomings of the firearms at their current level have been shown in the recent culling. Steelwood lined with fireproofing will be used as the new barrel and experiments will be done to extend it's range and accuracy.
1. Return the Goblin Prisoners and the captured Big Boss to Nest. We will prepare a grand ceremony to mark the conclusion of the War of the Feast, and prepare to fill our ranches with more goblins than we had ever seen before.

2. The clerics who have inspired the courage of Bert the Hero begin to develop a very unique take on the faith. They say that Bert the Hero derived his power from Iti, whom they have a new name for, "Our Lady of the Great Lake". For what is the ocean to our mother goddess, but merely a lake to here that she swims around in. By seeking out her blessing, praying to her, and showing courage and honor, one will surely be blessed with the same Aura of Invincibility as Bert the Hero himself.
>develop religious practices and theology to bolster the usefulness and availability of the Aura of Invulnerability Magic

WAR POST (taking place prior to the signing of the peace terms. more for fluff since peace is agree'd and the armies stand down once the word is spread)
Deep beneath the ground, as peace talks go on above, the war still raged below.

A bitter, angry war in the dark, between two burrowers. The Turtles found themselves for the first time not only outnumbered underground, but attacked by a vicious, tenacious foe. A foe that struck in waves of anger and rage and numbers, unlike the goblins who were weak and so prone to fleeing, these furred things did not. Unlike the ramshackle armor and weapons of the turtles, these had well crafted blades and cover.

These, they realized, were the molemen. And they came at them in an endless wave of feral ferocity.

Against this, the turtles realized that they would soon be swarmed. And so they withdrew. But they didn’t retreat.

They fell back and concentrated for a strong defense, sheltering between two great ironwood roots of their drya allies above, in a place they dubbed “The Hell Gate” for it reminded them of the iron gates of hell having been swung open. There, they gathered in strength, and formed their traditional phalanx of interlocked shields and armor plates. It was in many ways, a moralizing effect, for they realized their formation was similar to that of the turtle. A shell of iron surrounded them, and they were the jaws that snapped, the hands that crushed.

As they prepared for their foe, the ground began to rumble, as if the tunnel were about to collapse.
“Earthquake?” asked the lieutenant to his commander.
“No. . .battle formations. . .”
Shouts, shouts in the deep. A vast multitude of growls, roars and war cries as an uncountable horde of angry furred warriors and goblin allies descended towards the turtles position, and they braced themselves in a phalanx for the onslaught of rage that was to come. It was at this moment, that the commander of the Turtle expeditionary force shouted for all his troops to hear.


“ON THESE SHELLS, BOYS!” shouted the lietenant. The Turtles replied with a unified crash of shields and weapons, giving out three sharp roars and the snapping of jaws.


Shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield, the turtles locked in their cover. As Bert the Hero stood against Death the Destroyer of Worlds, they would stand their ground against this new foe.

Posted on behalf of the Do'larosha

1 ) Fire Fighting techniques. I don't THINK a snowy forest can really burn all that well, but I also admit I don't know jack shit about forest fires.
2) Fortify Achroma's Temple and/or We'vara

1) Extend road west-wards to hook up to the Turtle's market.
2) Build a dock on Is'lara and upgrade Is'lara's size/fortifications.

I mean I don't know what his troop makeup is, if he's walking into the dark forest, or pretty much anything. Get the rabbits, the Fraternians, anyone who can come, and hole up in We'vara to see if he attacks there.
Until then, harry and harass, with special emphasis on any teams that would be chopping trees or building fortifications into my land.
If he leaves a good distance from the wall but DOESN'T attack we'vara, go out and meet him in the open (as open as Dakan gets)
Attack at night, obviously, and in full force.
The conclusion of the Goblin-Deinos conflict

Due to diplomatic overtures made by the Carvil’ax’seset, the war has concluded with the following resolution.

The coloured territories of the goblins are to be vassalised for an undefined period.
A dedicated effort will be made to prevent another blood rain from occurring, by culling big bosses before they grow too large.
The turtles will be given the reigning big boss every 5 years.
All nations on Deinos are to withdraw their armies immediately and wholly, and are to occupy no territory on the mainland as a result of this conflict.
"So long. . .as our allies. . .agree to this. . .so shall we. . .

We shall. . .depart. . .with our spoils. . .forthwith. . .upon their. . .acquiescence. . ."
> create the Royal Maglaki Forges (2 actions)
Oh our enemies think us defeated? Our enemies think they can intimidate us with their weapons and steel? Oh we MADE steel! We avere born in the same rock and dirt as steel, we clawed him out of the Deep Mother’s womb and we burned its flesh until all that was left was certainty and unfailing strength, and we will do it again.

Once, a beast came down from the sky, and it shook the mountains saying that if she ever saw a plume of smoke come up from the lands, she would shake the earth and bury us all.
Let’s see how long she lasts until the black sky chokes her.

> war plan: protector pierced, piercer protected
These things- these turtles, yes? Oh how they smell- they smell of blood, of carnage, of pain and feast and endless screams spent unheard underground! How alike they are to ourselves, how alike their minds and tactics.

It is a shame, truly, they they do not comprehend what it is exactly they are facing here.
Concentrate all our efforts on deleting the Turtles from our lands, no matter what losses are incurred or strategic points taken- the only thing that has to take precedence over murdering turtles is saving coop members (preferring goblins).
The dirt boats are to blockade the reptiles, shooting at their vessels from the coast, while the Umunak surround them. During the initial charge and clash of shields, artillery and hails of bolts are to rain out, our ancient Rakataks bringing their might to bear once more at the end of all times, as our ferocious Lomat strike platoons crush them under their heels, Queensguard gathering in numbers never before seen and even queens themselves bursting from the ground, covered in the heaviest armor while Agoks on screaming chariots driven by our large cousins ride alongside them.
File: map57.png (1.04 MB, 2048x2628)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

With all that has been planned, it has taken considerable time for reports to arrive from the electrics lab.. It appears
Innumerable chemists formulate innumerable ideas as funding is increased to their department within the College of Engineers. Work is started on hundreds of projects from the mundane to the sublime, with just as wide a range of failure and success. The first invention to leave their laboratories already has the other engineers excited, chemically treated strips of linen, which ignite with incredible ease and a brilliant flame, created using a combination of treated rock fertiliser and sulphurous acid. Of course there are dozens, if not scores, of other ideas just waiting to escape!
But the innovations come not only from the Chemistry Department, as the Mechanical Engineers debut their prototype paddle ship, which against the flow of the water takes a leisurely journey up the river Keye.

[NM] Gently awoken by the ringing 'chirps', the Dreamer creaks mightily. When she sees the wonderful works of the Dryads she smiles wide, shaking her branches with joy, "Oh you marvellous Trees! Such beauty you have made!" She dips a twig into the honey then takes a taste, she smacks her dry bark lips, "And such delights you have fashioned! Oh! Oh! I could so weep for joy for you all." When at last she has stopped her praises, and once half the jar of honey has been greedily sucked, the Sennites put to her their question. "Pah! That old wind-bag. All bluster. What has she done but threaten wrath that has never come? What have her subjects, she, 'Queen of the Mountain', done but laze about their rock? What worries have us Trees, we are not squirming Takab to make a meal of, nor defenceless Dander to cushion their nests. Pay her no heed."
There is no better name for it than the Gilded Apiary, for it flows golden honey. The work of the bees of the Field of Gold is the purest form of alchemy imaginable.
The art of the wheelfingers is astounding, and ever improving. From their workshops come mechanical wonders never before seen; minute timepieces, elaborate automata, wheels the size of a pin head or else as broad as Bandru himself! (>>5045477) No doubt the click of gears and whirring of wheels draws the attention of the Gylden, whose ears prick at the sound of innovation so near.

>Everlasting Waters
When the world was young, and the Laga were young, they played as children with kelp gliders. Now the world is old, and war dances across her face, and so the toys of calfhood are done away with, and made tools of war.
With tunnels flooded, and to aide their Turtle allies, now is the chance to perfect sonar techniques. Shrill pinging, barely detectable, help the Laga detect incoming Rodents and quickly relay the information to prepare for combat.
From the hills of the Upper Crest, a terrific sight sends a mild panic through Makriaz; Taller than the tallest tower, a monstrous be-castled arachnid creeps along the foothills towards the city.
Though not as grand as the Gilded (or Søvnigurn) Apiary of the Walking Trees, the Høfeberurn (or Lesser Gilded) Apiary is just as lavishly decorated by the priests of Guldfar. Much of the gold used is replenished with the opening of another gold mine upon the seam recently uncovered in the Crescent mountains.
Beyond a fat sow on his wedding day, there is no greater gift a Dwarf may give his son than an education in Rodededun. However with ever growing trade, industry, and of course student numbers, current facilities are simply no longer fit for purpose. Substantial university wealth is poured into the founding of a magnificent, and significantly larger, campus upon the banks of the Little Rodikol where every Dwarf with the brains and gold enough to enter may find all the collected knowledge of dwarfkind.

The forges of the 'iron corridor' are brought to the standard Clan Nist and Clan Howell really expect of a foundry fabricating Blessèd Steel, especially as much more is now requested of them. Tirelessly the smiths and priests work to meet requirement, emptying the stores of iron ore, and filling them again with Dur Bendigedig.

The bloody cult of Jafa is clearly responsible for the travesty of the tainting of the Dyne! Their heretical beliefs have caused havoc and unimaginable suffering. They must be destroyed. Raids are carried out throughout the dry season, when most rituals in the name of Jafa are performed, resulting in just over a hundred arrests in the thankfully dying cult. The temples of Moth and Undine each perform their duties, in the cleaning of the rivers, or punishment of criminals, and though nothing save time can repair the damage these misguided Dyb have caused, it is a much needed first and second step. Still, there is hunger in Dybet.
The lessons of war are taught in blood, and none bloodier than the need of defence against such overwhelming offence. The Anubisid body is not well suited for any more armour than the plate they already wear, unlike the Imnaki or Turtles who cover themselves over with steel. No, a more, Dyb, method of protection is necessary: Mantlets. Walls of wood, and even some of iron, to guard the flank and front-line. The addition of cruel spikes can only further deter the charging, rampaging 'cavalry' of the Drya.

By the Will of Injunction, Pask moves to war.
If, by some terrible circumvention of the Will, Pask should be attacked, make sure that such an attack cannot succeed. Once again fortify Indomitable Glory.
[Waxing Half]
Now firmly established in these new lands, the finer things in life must be provided. Peppers to enliven the palate, and at last a reliable source of silver to enliven the spirit.
A cycle unchanged for a thousand, thousand years. A cycle unchanging forever. That is the permanence of the moon. So do they pray for a permanence of Purity, that whilst may ebb and flow with the course of history, is never blotted out. For even in the time of the new moon, the thinnest sliver of silver light shines, one need only to look for it. Let it be so with Purity, that even when hope seems lost, even when the impure crash upon the gates, Purity shall reign again, far and supreme!

(>>5044613) The Oni new a weapon when they saw one, and a powerful one doubly so. So it is that the piece carried by the now-resident Hyooman was eyed heavily, as was he for that matter. Wishing to capture the device for study the Devils pull every trick ever devised, save pinning him down and stealing the thing, don't want to cause an incident after all. A number of courtesans are assigned to him, only the best of course, towering Demons of blue or red hue with spiralling horns, menacing fangs, and terrible claws, but these caused only revulsion in the, one shudders to think, chaste thing. When this fails, next comes flattery, admiring him for his (very few) admirable features; His two chipped teeth and deviated nose, clear signs he is no doubt a warrior!, for his tussled hair and unshaven face, clear signs he must party!, and last his, well, er, they struggle to think of other good qualities. When these also fail spectacularly, seen by the Man as simple insults, the Oni try the oldest trick in the book; Getting him drunk and swiping his belongings. With his rations he is offered fruit wines, grain beers, Dwarven ales, ciders, and mead, even a rare taste of Ichor from the royal stores!, but none of these are taken more than a single measly cup, practically a thimble's worth! Defeated, the Devils decide it is time to do what they had promised not to. In the dead of night, his sleeping quarters are broken into and his bedding beaten with iron clubs. When they draw back the blankets they find... nothing! He has slipped from the courts. With roaring cries Demons pour from the palace in search of him, but it is too late, for he is already aboard, bless Sajaak, a Gylden (they too have arrived in this new world!) ship, headed far from the Hellish lands of the Oni.
Their plan a failure, engineers half-heartedly work on simulacra of the thing, resulting in what they deem the Hya Naamak (Fire Lance). Of course, a number of modifications have been made to be wieldable by the Oni, the stock becoming a long handle, the barrel likewise lengthening, and the replacement of the intricate, fiddly lock with a simple touch-hole.
Three more cities are joined by insulated wires of copper! Yōjingehen, Yokusna, and Ikujet all receive their first sparking wonders.
[D] Woe upon woe that such pains should befall the Yadi! Woe, alas, and alack! Great leafy weeping echoes over Deinos, even the Dryad in her grove weeps, for once not for herself but for the Drya! Great pestilence is abroad in the forest, wilting all around, browning, dying! How terrible is the world to bring such pains upon them!
Fanned by Purebreed bestowed magic the great mangrove, the Sogigant, rises from the Green Strait, shading the waters from shore to shore.
The modifications are made, turning the wild and boisterous bamboo cannon into weapons of precision. Of course, the drawbacks are the now far longer reloading times and that only a single projectile is shot at a time.

The War of the Feast has been won! And with glory earned to boot. Now it has come time to bring the spoils of war back to the Nest, to fill the grand ranch with delicious gobmeat. The greatest prize of the war is the reigning Big Boss, a Goblin of considerable girth who also knows the pleasure that is fresh gobmeat.
"Oh Iti, Blessed Mother, Lady of the Great Lake, turtle unequalled, grant to us the courage and wisdom of your greatest son, Bert, Hero of Turtlekind, and bless us in all the ways that may best please you", so goes the prayer to Iti, chief among the liturgy of the Temple of the Waters. Many a Turtle whispers these words each night, when times are tough, and when they run to meet hardship underbelly first. Countless tales will tell of the miraculous power of these words, of the blessings Iti has poured upon her children, and of how the mere thought of them often grants a Turtle that mystical aura of invincibility.

Road building efforts continue, finally connecting up with the existing network of the Turtles. As the work is finishing however, the attack upon the Dakan is wrought, and those stone-layers are immediately tasked with the protection of We'vara and the Shrine of Achroma.

As the scattered forges sputter out the bare minimum required to keep the army clad in fine steel, the queens gather in the outer reaches of Maglak, what was once called Oklak, to commence digging of a forge unlike anything seen upon Syph. Dryad traders have spoken of a mountain which spews forth black smoke, a thing they call Pyr, then let this be a second Pyr, nay a Greater Pyr! Let the very sky choke. Let the bird queen be smoked out. Let all the world know that Taknab is steel, and steel is Taknabian.


-Second War of the Feast or The War of Chelonian Aggression-

Below the earth of Goblin lands, the war rages. Turtle and Molerat fight to steely death in dank, muddy tunnels. Forewarned by their Whale allies, the Turtles prepare for tunnelling Rodents to strike, or for the tunnels to flood, even collapse! So admired are they of battle, each side fights on through injury and bloodshed. When at last they could hold back the swarm no more, they withdrew to the few ironroots of the Drya above, here they stood as the dam broke, and wave after wave of Imnak fell upon them. They even send out the troublesome dirtrafts to stem reinforcements from Deinos. It is only when a Sennite horn is blown, that they both have reprieve.
Above the carnage of the underworld, Dyb and Drya fight with dignity, with battle lines and tactics. With the charge of steeds, with the lowering of spears. With steeleaf blade and Blessèd Khopesh. Each sees in the other a nobility in warfare.
It is as each side begins to flag, as blood and sap can no longer soak into the logged soil that the call of the Sennites draws the war to a close. Something within the Goblins has changed, something inside them has been lost. A once connected race has regressed to tribal pettiness. Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, the Dryads draw the belligerents together and draft a plan to solve the Goblin Question. So broken they are easily vassalised, lorded over, and made compliant. Too, the wants of the Turtles can be met with frequent cullings, after all it's little different to their regular existence.
Further, the Children of Iti and the Imnaki of Taknab, having so enjoyed the fighting, agree to host upon the Golkur Plain an annual war games.

-The First Expansion or The Assault on the Dakan-

The attack is swift and decisive. Shadow and Shadows are laid low with runic flame. A vast swath of the northern Dakan is cleared of Do'la kind with unprecedented ferocity. Farm and mine, so close to the wall of Indomitable Glory, are blasted with runic ballista bolt to ruin. Alas, the fresh snows, and likely high strangeness of the Dakan itself, prevent the broad trees from catching alight. Among the marching ranks there comes whispers of eyes, no, a single, ruby eye following in the darkness. The Ministers ready themselves to siege the Umbral capital.
The call is raised, as the sacred darkness is defiled. To the Rabbits, Fraternians, and Turtles, runners are sent. The Do'la huddle behind the reinforced walls of We'vara, as they wait for reinforcements. The Shadows prepare themselves for war, perhaps even siege. Teams of Hunters are sent out to harass the flanks, taking potshots where they can, shouting broken commands with thrown voice, even resorting to blow-darts of Rabbit poison. Yet they can only do minor damages to the ranks. Many spot His red eye creeping about the darkness of the branches and trunks, and know He will protect them when the time comes.

1. The Modern Production: Electricity is everywhere and King Benmi is quite randy at the fact. Many orgies were held as celebration. But now comes the most important phase: production. With the power of the gods flowing through their cities now, it's time to get these lazy Onis to work! King Benmi, after fathering at least thirty bastards, orders this things of old called "factories" to be built in the cities. Organized workforce and assembly lines are the future!
2. Floating Hellish Steel: While the land transportation is one hold, the Oni look to the ocean. The main worshipers of Saagfuru do love the Floating Markets, but at times, wish to explore the grandeur of Saagfuru's home waters. Pouring all of the tithes they collected over the years and rich merchants who think this project might prove profitable, they commission engineers to create ships that are large and made of steel of all things! (Research ships made from hellish steel)
1. Improve steamships

2. Expeditionary force to Oni lands. We want to talk.

Details to come.
1. Reports from the frontline speak much of the encroaching darkness of the Umbral Lands, and how even with runic torches it closes in. Pask shall develop Warding Lights, large spheres christened with fire runes that can hold the darkness at bay for meters around. Smaller handheld versions shall be similarly given to Ministers to hang from their necks or robes or wherever they so choose, to dispel the darkness while ideally keeping their hands free. These Warding Lights shall be transported to the frontline immediately and set up everywhere from the walls to the frontline, particularly organized for the maximum removal of the darkness of the Umbral Lands from the Ministries, and of course given to its men.

2. The Ministry begins the construction of fortresses upon the west, for the purpose of ensuring that Pask shall not be endangered by assaults from the Umbrals turtle allies.

War Action: With the initiative taken and the frontline siezed, the Ministry begins the cementing of its newfound gains. Ballistae shall be carried in parts in crates by Minotaur ministers to the front, and assembled for usage in both the siege upon the Umbrals capital and in defense of the Ministries camps in the forests. These carriers will be heavily defended as they travel to the frontlines, to ensure that no to minimal ballistae are lost to the Umbrals trepidations. Meanwhile the currently set up camps will be further fortified.
Clarification for action 2, the fortresses go on the east lmao
1. 1. With the first prototype steamer completed and at the very least river-worthy, our logistics situation between the two cities should improve dramatically, however we can do better. The whole point of this effort is to improve all ships so that rowers and sails aren’t a requirement any longer, so that ships can maneuver during naval combat more than any other ship can. As such, mechanisms are to be refined and strengthened, the wheels improved, and everything overall made ocean-worthy; and once we are able to sail a fleet of steamer warships…
2. 2. With the return of the impromptu envoy to Oni lands, Redan Mrek Vay, comes his report. What he experienced could at best be described as repeated and constant diplomatic incidents by not just citizens, but members of their court. At worst…well then they have proven that their people are savages and deserve no respect. Redan himself is convinced they had tried to steal his flintlock, however that may have just been the actions of a single Oni. Regardless, it is clear that these Grittidim need to be shown that the Dictat will not suffer such insults against its representatives. An expeditionary force is raised, all to serve as an escort to an official diplomatic team to Oni lands. It is quite fortunate that the Dybeti ports can serve as points of refueling and resupply. With our ships armed with the new Fnawic hexagonal guns as well as our own Multi-Launch Rocket Artillery, these may well be the most advanced warships on the planet.

"The twin spires, the devil's horns, the trumpets of bliss! How they rise, how they terrorize, how they harmonize! The one calls out, the other sings along, and those between walk with one foot in the heavens, the other in hells. Will you listen, will you sing? Will you rejoice, will you flee? Listen. Even now, you can feel it in the earth. SHHH! I said listen! in the earth. they're so soft, they're so loud! Like a siren's call. I can't resist, NO, I can't listen. It crawls into the one ear, and bursts from the other. Wherever I go, they're song follows. I love them so much, ackggg, shut them up!" - Half, the two trapped in one.


The opening bars are like the opening of a flood gate. A wave rushes over Calibrus, the old is washed away, the new takes its place. The walls cannot hold and buckle under its weight, a husk shed by the city with an audible sigh of relief. Now it can grow, it can evolve. The maestros dance and sing down the streets, with glee they paint into existence its new splendor and grandeur. Grand buildings rise, their halls brimming with possibility. But it is not its spangled streets or new found opulence which is its pride. That would be the new heart, a spire of to resonate with our hollowed home. Theatra beats and sings its song, Calibrus listens and hums along.
Action 1: Honeyquest III (part 2): The Honey Within

The covenant with the bees of the field of gold is struck, now comes another covenant of similar nature, but of all the bees in the Bandru’ii Rings instead.

Such covenants are far easier within friendly, balanced and harmonious lands such as ours, allowing such a project to be completed over a far greater area than the previous one.

As this occurs, the Ulzhonig is gathered and the beginnings of experiments are made on its properties by the forest alchemists, a job title invented to allow large groups of young dryads to gather around and eat honey, and having the elders pay for the whole scheme.

Action 2: Mote’aide, The Living Work
(Essentially marries my florakinesis to my clockworks, intended to act as my magi-tech equivalent of a steam engine)
(Requires a florakinetic to operate, requires regular feeding and more maintenance than a steam engine in exchange for a more impressive performance)

The Living Work is the bridge, the connecting point between the boundless ocean of the unseen and the solid certainty of the machine.

Specially cultivated flowers and more importantly specially cultivated spirits up to the task are worked into gears using the techniques learned from the drawing of living wood, and then encased in silver or brass with a fount found on the outside to feed the plant water.
The result are clockworks that may be moved at will by a florakinetic dryad, compelling the plant fibres fo move according to their will.

These resultant clockworks are more than just that, they are Mote’aide the Living Works.

They require upkeep due to the addition of this organic element, mineral water alone is sufficient for small devices, others needing diluted holy water or exposure to sunlight or other stranger rituals to maintain them, but maintenance is expected for any sufficiently complex device.

Should a living work go too long without activation it will fall into a sort of torpor of its own, sleeping for countless on countless years only able to be awoken by holy water, at which point the mechanism springs to life once more.
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>Along comes the Spider
The walls of Makriaz seem suddenly not nearly grand enough, for the monster lumbers closer. But why has there been no warning, no alert or alarm from our northern neighbours - perhaps they know of the beast; have some understanding? The Dwarves of Makriaz seek urgent consultation with any Dryads or Dander who may be in the surrounds of their town to see if their peoples have understanding to share; as whatever this monstrous creature might be, the Gylden consider it unlikely to be the as-yet unrevealed arrival given omen by the Hedgehog-birth upon the field of gold...

>Action 1: Don't Skip Læge Day
The Lægean Oath is a promise made by Dwarves who study the ways of healing outside of the bounds of the Temples; binding them to codes of ethics in practice, care of the patient and a fraternity of professional fellowship. Gylden Dwarves who had taken this oath first came to the continent among the ships of the second expedition, though their numbers had been few to start. But with educated Dwarves now starting to graduate from the Universities of Rodededun in far greater number, the numbers of those sworn to medical practice are also expanding. Seeing a need for young medics to learn further past their education, the Lægeian order founds a new Headquarters and teaching hospital within the Æblekaglt province, to the north-east of Æbleholm itself (somewhere within the circled area).

(If there is still a half-action left over, also improve the Apiary to be the equal of the Badruii one and use that great icon!)

>Action 2: Gunning for Gold
A new weapon has started to appear upon the floating market; an Oni tube that makes use of explosive powder to propel a projectile to dangerous effect. The Oni devices seem fairly simple in many ways, and incomplete in others that suggest they may be based upon something not fully understood; and due to their size they would be in obvious need of a redesign for use in Gylden hands anyway - which gives ample opportunities for further improvement during the design process. Sailors who travel to the further shores are questioned and asked if any know of or have purchased from the theorised superior examples from local markets; whilst the craftsdwarf of a trade-cutter comes forward to mention about some Ganglie lad that his crew had escorted home (poor thing had been dishevelled and shivering, what unknown terrors had he been subject to?) and the device he'd been carrying.

Where the Oni had simplified, the Dwarven engineers work instead on a more complex design and apparatus - No Dwarf would want to keep turning one of these things thisway and that to keep it fed when one can feed projectiles in from behind.The decision to make this Dwarven weapon from a Brass alloy comes naturally; as does the decision to use a tiny Voktorz plate-system (heavily adapted from the Voktorz-lamps) within the firing mechanism so that there is little risk of exposing explosive powder to naked flame.
Also, [R]umor request time, I think?
File: turtleshield2.png (447 KB, 1064x1044)
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447 KB PNG
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pduqcrc_pNw

It is a glorious day. A day of jubilation. All of Turtle kind celebrates as the heroes return at last with shimmering victory in tow, along with countless goblin livestock and the hated Big Boss.

Today marks the climactic Victory of the War of the Feast. But more than that, it marks a rebirth of the Turtle Nation. For generations, the Turtles have only been united in a bond of shared blood, a sense of turtledom, but in identity have been divided among clans and warlords. No longer. There shall now be a true Turtle Nation. In the vast underground hall of Nest, the Turtle Warlords kneel to one of their own.
Sitting upon a newly built throne of fine metals and finest wood, some of which had been spoils of war from the goblin capital, sits the turtle the other warlords had chosen to be their king. He has already earned much fame as the “Commander of the Valiant Three Hundred,” as is the name of the great stand of so few armored turtles against so many foes underground, and now, he shall bear a new title: “Leon De Nass I, The Turtle King”

The High Priest of Iti himself places a golden crown helm, crafted in the shape of the same helmet that Bert the Hero himself word, and forged from the captured gold and jewels from goblin lands, upon his head.

"May the Light of Our Lady Iti glow upon him forever, May the Valour of Bert our Hero shield him from all harm, May the flesh of the greenskin fill his stomach, and May our King Live Forever!"

It is the dawn of a new Kingdom, a new age for the Turtles, who have chosen to name their realm in honor of the legendary hero. As King Leon De Nass rises from his throne, the assembled Turtle Lords cheer.



2. Even as the Kingdom celebrates victory, it seems the pull of war still latches onto the turtles shells. The Shadow Folk have called for aid.
And Bertonia will answer.

King Leon De Nass orders up the first Defense Crusade, to bring aid to the Shadow folk. He calls upon all brave and loyal knights and lords to feast, to make eggs with their wives, to kiss their children with love, and then prepare to ride for war.
> End of War
With the terms set, the navy returns home. While happy having aided their allies, the peoples of the Everlasting Waters tire of bloodshed. The navy will not sail once again for many tyrns unless in dire need to defend Deinos.

The Everlasting Waters have always been a nation of the sea, yet what are the natural forces that rule it. Why is it that Turtles and Laga can dive where the elves can not. By experiment with wax seals, copper canisters, barrels, and other odds and ends like the occasional bilge pump- the principles of hydrostatic pressure are no longer a mystery.

>Of Air and Water

Why is it that our gliders soar through the air, but Laga can not? Why do we swim different than fish with their different fins and flippers? Experiments are done with wings, sails, rudders and hulls. The secrets of aerodynamics are no longer a mystery.

With some talks between the colony and that of their human neighbors, a entirely new avenue of technology would be bestowed upon the people of Prenhaearn y Wladfa and more importantly their sailors and shipbuilders. Initially, the technology and techniques borrowed were purely for naval use, and while these technologies will undoubtedly find new applications in a short amount of time, the main goal remained the same. The introduction of this new steam power into that of ships, and furthering the shipbuilding techniques that already existed. Of course, these new ships which would be built to experiment the new technology would be more on the small side, but one of the main things that the Colonial Navy needed was fast, light ships, though obviously these new engines could certainly be very useful in improving their more heavy vessels. Still, the work on these ships would find a number of new designs tested. Some taking more directly from the human designs than others, however the main goal was the implementation of this new steam power in ships, be they for blue water or brown water use. Still the ships in question would still keep their sails as always, though it seemed like the time of the oarman might be coming to an end.

With all this work though, there would be one very simple application of this new source of propulsion that would very quickly prove to be extremely effective. The screw. The first vessel with such was built with the screw between the rudder and the main hull of the ship, though a few later designs included more. Instead of the massive paddle wheels the humans had, these screws were much smaller and got their name due to their appearance, which was quite literally that of a small screw that was spun to propel the boat or ship forward. They would undoubtable be far more effective than the massive paddle wheels that the human vessels had, though there were still plenty of ships which stuck to the method that was learned by the humans, if not for function, for form, as such ships certainly were eye catching and unique looking. Still, with one little trade, the shipbuilders of Clan Llewelyn and the people of Prenhaearn and by extension Llychlyn would prove themselves once more as experts when it came to the creation of ships on the sea. Though, this likely was only the beginning...It would be amazing just much would seem to change in such a short amount of time...All in the preparation for dealing with one specific Fanw forsaken menace. Though, at least most of the changes that this and much more would make wouldn't cause as much of a stir as the guns which still caused many a debate...

>Action One. Early adoption of steampower in ships.

>Action Two. Screws.

Madoc faces an issue, he has pushed the Cult of Jafa underground, but the famine continues. The war is over, and with it comes the return of the soldiers, who will surely want a celebration, but we don't have the food for a feast. Fortunately there is word that the harvests are returning, but they do so slowly. The issue is that the Dyne is too fertile, it isn't possible to get any alternative food sources because they simply aren't big enough. We can only buy time, hope not too many starve to cause mass cannibalism, one of Jafa's rituals.

Action 1: Coronation of Soteriaeth, invite Laga for the celebration.
As the clear waters flow from the Temple of Undine, it's only a matter of time until the harvests return. Until then we need to keep the populace motivated, keep them out of the sway of Jafa, make them not commit slaughter or cannibalism. For that, we need to put an Anubisid on the throne or at least part Anub, and of royal blood. We need to commence the coronation of Soteriaeth Protheroe. We shall also try to get the blessing of Undine and Pa'pa'tui refreshed, which of course requires the Laga, which we now are at peace with.

Action 2: Establish Dyb administration in the southern river-adjacent Goblin territories, expand farm near Stúmö.
With the end of the war, we gained control over a large swathe of Goblin territory... on paper. Their culture is degenerate, it may even upset Undine if they shit in the waters directly. We will establish Dyb offices in the cities of Stúmö and Rusmo, teach them to be civilised, those who don't fit in will be eaten by those who do. We will have Anubisids take over the farms near Stúmö, even expand them, to provide us a boost of food while the Dyne recovers.
1. Emergency actions must be made to prevent the spread of this blight through the Yadi. Trees shown with blight will be pruned or cut down, and the worst of the lands will be burned or destroyed with rocket fire. The outer areas will take priority to keep the blight contained and prevent it from spreading to areas where the vulnerable rooted Drya reside. The Drylium will also be moved there to bring the blessings of the gods in hopes of beating back this blight.
2. With the Sogigant reaching great heights the true test begins. The dryads will be sent to grow the tree into a living fortress and port ready to house great quantities of cannons, ships, and Drya to help protect the isle from any invading forces and provide a platform from which the Drya can operate from in the green straight if needed. Others will be allowed to use the port outside of times of war if they want but will, of course, have to pay the usual tariffs.

>Achroma Rumour
Precious metals are heaped upon his altar, hopefully somewhat placating his inevitable wrath. The sanctity of Dakan is shattered, it's sacred Darkness tainted with unnatural light! Ask of him for leeway in our punishment, and his blessing to punish these interlopers.

>Action 1 - Hide (hehe) Armor
The looms of We'vara spin in the darkness as needles stitch back and forth. Metal armor is impractical for the stealth-based Do'laroshan, so the leather and furs, long used solely for style, are now bent to defense. Let these Paskians know that their black cloaks are but pale symbols of envy to the Do'laroshan style.

>Action 2 - Upgrade Iron and Coal Mine.
The newly fled Usagi are poorly equipped. Dig deeper into the darkness to uncover new seams of what is needed for the tools of war, and equip the rabbits with the weapons they will need.

>Library Action - Stun Flash
((Dunno if America is getting techs rn, but he also gets his library this turn))
The books have finally yielded something of use. They speak of an ancient device, an explosive that stuns its target with light and sound. Do'laroshan magic can create both easily enough, and it will be deliciously ironic to turn the Light-wielding Paskian's magics back on them.
This is a new foe, the Paskian style of combat unfamiliar to the Do'laroshans. While their trespass into Dakan is sacrilegious, the Do'laroshans will exercise caution in their removal, to ensure it is swift and thorough.

For now, with the aid of the freshly equipped Usagi (and Fraternians?) Hit and Run tactics are called for. Day and night, the Shamans of We'Isla will use their Booming Voices from afar, throwing insults in Lo'Tak, Paskian screams, roars of beasts and library-horror, all are used. If the Paskians wish to flood the darkness with light, let the silence be rendered as well. Let us see if their unity falters with lack of sleep.

Small teams of (fraternian?) rabbit and shadow will attack, from angles unexpected and times inopportune. None know this land like the Do'laroshans, so they must show their allies the best way to approach unseen, despite the glaring light. Tree cover and underbrush will be great aid here, for while the darkness is banished, there are still plenty of ways to hide.

Attacks will be swift, aiming to disrupt construction and fortification, gain Paskian supplies, and disrupt their general workings. Fleeing before losses rack up, the Entente will leave behind small teams of Shamans, appearing as Paskian soldiers, to use the mayhem of post-battle to further sabotage the Paskians. They too will not stay long, vanishing into the darkness with Paskian goods quickly.
...Actually, I think I'ma turn too early for rumour.

>Diplomacy: Wandering Market
Word comes from the Bandru'ii that the giant spider-castle is a mostly harmless entity; a market that wanders. And so the Dwarves recruit some Danderfey translators as they prepare to receive these unknown traders, making preparations of a welcome-feast and sending word to their own local merchants to prepare samples of their stock. And perhaps to free up some coin to make perchases as well, should these Merchants have fine and precious craft to share.
[R] Rumour requested, pretty please
Fluff: With the shadows being attacked, and word finally reaching the rabbits, they can’t just stand around and not provide aid after being helped so much. It’s time for war once more! This time with allies that strive to snuff out the same impure they wish to eliminate.

1 action: Movement
To the front lines! All troops to help!

1 action: Pure Sense: spell, perception through pure vibration.
Listening closely is one way to perceive the world, through sight is another, there is a third way. And that is through feeling. Feeling through the ground to sense the enemy and ally, to sense the pure and impure without sight. Without sound. It will be helpful to allow our allies to use their abilities to their fullest extent without hindering us, as well as determining where enemies are during subjugation, and lastly, in deep caves riddled with rounded skin men.

War post: The objective is to stop them from being able to push further into friendly lands! Secondarily we must stop them from being able to build any more forts, so sabotaging their efforts to build these forts is important as well. All that we need to do is stop their advances and run them dry!
War post: NM: For this, we shall be test running the crystal shards with our mages! Armed with weapons provided by the shadows, and now covered in poison from the plants collected before having to flee and healing techniques to ensure there are minimal casualties.
Posted on behalf of Megyros
The order of monks that established themselves long in the lands of the Megyrian people in order learn the secrets of mother nature and protect it from those who would seek to upset the balance come together to contemplate the recent findings about what they have dubbed, "the voice and will of nature made manifest".Firstly the monks shall continue meditating to garner a better grasp about the whispers and to see if this force has any will of its own.Secondly whatever force they have been able to reach out must not be altered in anyway shape of form for to do so may invite disaster, all practitioners of this new force must only call forth the earth-song and bend it in its present state so as to not cause harm to anyone.
>Study the earth-song and continue meditating on the matter in order to learn more.
As news of the Do'laroshan tribes lands being invaded by some force of demi-humans started flowing in, the Megyros ruling council would be visited by a diplomatic envoy of the shadow to help in repelling off the invaders.For the following days the council would deliberate on how best to help their friends from the north and it would be concluded that force was the only option necessary in this matter, as such they shall a gather a force of volunteers to form an expeditionary unit and send them to make battle up-north.
>Recruit an all volunteer force to go help the shadow people.
As recruits started trickling in, equipment would be requisitioned for them from anywhere the Council could find along with military instructors from their Oni neighbors to teach the officers of this new force and to prepare the rest through discipline and drilling of formations.While the volunteers trained with the Oni in the day at night a monk from the temple would visit and teach those willing in the monks form of hand to hand combat.
>Train the new recruits to prepare them for war.
File: map58.png (1.13 MB, 2048x2628)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG

Two splendid factory buildings are erected in the capital and Naben Mareja, furnished well with only the very latest in Oni crafts. Here forges, smithies, masons, carpenters, carvers, and all other sorts of professionals are given free space to work. Of course they wouldn't have been built if it weren't for the copper-fed sparks! Although, without the prerequisite advancements made elsewhere, said electricity doesn't realy have much use, besides shocking Devils when they start slacking.
A great deal of gold and effort is poured into the fabrication of steel ships. Little current shipwrighting knowledge is really of use, as simply substituting wood for metal results more in boat shaped anchors than anything useful. Sizing them down, testing numerous designs, and following every harebrained scheme they imagine, finally results in something which doesn't float like a boulder, though it is more on the scale of a fishing boat. It seems the merchants ask for too much, as current understanding can offer either large ships of wood or small ships of steel, at least until they've got a hang of things.

[+3 PE]
By Sajaak! Ships! Republic colony ships!
With river travel now a breeze, the engineers of the College are pushed to improve upon the relatively simple design. Larger boilers, additional smoke stacks, streamlined loading. Many within the HDS firmly hold they have dislodged the Fanwen from their throne of the greatest vessels upon the sea, and perhaps they just might have.
Loaded with coal and cannon, the diplomatic flotilla set sail to some fanfare, as families gather to see the magnificent ships off. Their journey will take them far from the small corner of this new world they have since now secluded themselves to. (>>5053937) They billow past the lands of the Fanwen at a consistent pace, past their ports filled with outdated sailing ships, and the haze of 'iron corridor', then out through the open waters towards The Spit. (>>5053253) This land is filled with walking Trees, proving that the stories of the Fanwen weren't the just tall tales of sailors-cum-drunkards. (>>5051066) Upon the mountains is spied, it can't be, but for all the world it resembles a giant kost-tower and above it, great plumes of smoke from stone chimneys. (>>5053813) In these waters is another strange coral outcropping, similar to that near the town of Arford, which one of the ships draws dangerously close to. As they continue their journey, what can only be described as miniature Oni scramble about the plain. (>>5054424) Farther on the convoy is forced to stop as, impossible as it sounds, a gigantic tree guards the strait, swarming with yet more walking Trees, though of a much more arboreal bent than those of the north.
Of quick and simple construction, the Warding Lights are produced in perhaps the hundreds to combat the gloom of the Umbral Lands, shipped out post haste. They fair as well as can be expected in the preternatural darkness of the Dakan.
The construction of forts upon the Glory continues, with the first of perhaps three or four sea-anchored fortifications.

[D] It started in either New Venezia or Calibrus, with tentacles pointed by someone at every other race. It begins as a slight difficulty breathing, giving each song a rough, wheezing tone, most Instruments only experience this symptom then become well again, but too many are not so lucky. As the disease continues, breathing becomes laboured, the voice becomes faint, lethargy drags the infected downwards; Their vibrancy becomes a dull afterglow. After this the song is lost, rendering the poor soul voiceless and blind. Small blessing it would be if they had only died, but this last stage continues ever onwards, leaving them to the mercy of the world. Bull, cow, and calf, Apprentice or Maestro, none are safe from its ravages. Even the current Conductor falls prey to the sickness. Theatra is dark with a chorus of mourning.
How terrible it is to know the sweetest song that has ever been sung, and to know one may never sing it themselves. To hear the call of the birds of paradise, and with them the crackle of the flames of torment. To listen and hear the call of Theatra, then the rapturous reply of Calibrus, and yet... something is missing, something within, something the Simfuni have that no others possess! Oh agony! Oh beauteous agony! How terrible it is! How terribly beautiful it is!

[+4 PE]
[R] Through the many layers of earth and stone has it come that the Imnaki plan to lure the Grynox from her lair, and when she lands upon Taknab, slay her. The consequences of such, cannot yet be determined.
With one bee covenant forged in foreign lands, the second sealed within the Rings is both far easier and farther reaching, encompassing practically all of the vasiya. Many a young Dryad wish to practice this forest alchemy of flowers into liquid gold, lost for now in the sweet embrace of all the honeys so far gathered.
The Mote’aide are the culmination of almost a millennium of effort, of magics, of technological advances, of theological study. The workings of florkinetics, wheelfingers, and more, all for the production, or perhaps cultivation, of something spectacular; Plants which work like machines. One drawback however is that such devices cannot be made compact as clockworks are, requiring a deal more space to actually thrive as semi-living thing.
[+6 PE]
[Yes, rumour is next turn]
Word comes from the Svinkel'kland isles of good omens from the seas.
The Wandering Market halts in her step, looking about for a suitable place to set herself, before turning around, curling her legs underneath herself, and lowering her abdomen upon which stairs appear to have been built. The doors of the bazaar swing open, and in grand procession come swarthy men of all heights and (waist-)sizes, carrying fabulous wares from across the whole of Syph, and perhaps beyond. [to IC!]
"SO SHOULD IT BE, that with Læge as witness I, name, swear this oath: May the teachings here given unto me be used well and that my work be done in kindness. May neither greed nor glory cloud my mind, nor grudge halt me. May I never see anything in my patients and wards anything but a fellow creature in need. O Læge, grant me strength and time, and the courage to do always what it right over what is easy. Let me not do harm, nor let me err. Let truth and experience enlighten me." - One version of the Lægean Oath, author unknown.
The thing fabricated by Dwarven engineers is, all things considered, remarkably simple. A weapon quite unlike anything they had ever made use of, save for the blasting powder used by the more adventurous miners. But simple does not mean easy, and an amount of training is most definitely needed to use the thing effectively; How much powder to use, the order of loading, when to touch, how to unload, and so on. No doubt it will be a jidtyrn before anything truly comparable to that strapped to the poor gangly fella is manufactured in Gylden lands.

[+3 PE]
"Hail! Hail! And thrice Hail! Hail to Iti! Hail to the King! Hail to Bertonia!" The rise of King Leon De Nass I sees the rise of Children of the Great Mother from disparate tribes and bands into a unified nation under one goddess and one king. Petty squabbles over land, hunting rights, inheritances, etc. are brought before the new courts, new laws are established, new titles given. The reforms are broad and absolute. Anthems are sung, banners are raised, and parties are thrown throughout the Kingdom of Bertonia!
But so it seems that this world is one of war, not that the Turtles mind all that much, and so to the aid of their Shadow allies they move.

>Everlasting Waters
[+4 PE]
Nature is full of such mysteries, and these revelations are but drops in the ocean of understanding the Laga valiantly swim towards.
[+2 PE]
[R] A number of Clan Nist smiths have begun to develop a method of protecting iron and steel from rusting, through the application of a finely powdered glass and high firing they call enamelling. The best glass is imported from the Gylden, ground in water, and let to dry out. The powder is carefully decanted into tight-lidded pots, and requires great caution in handling, but the result is well worth the effort.
The steamers the Men have shown are quite remarkable, and with Fanwen ingenuity a number of existing ships are easily retrofitted. The addition of screws to these vessels proves a fantastic success, one which Clan Llewelyn for now keeps close to its chest. [Sorry, ships are one of my many blind-spots, there's little more I can add]

[+4 PE]
(>>5053813) A call goes out to the King of the Laga, to bless this sacred occasion with his presence... Nothing distracts one from hunger pangs quite like celebration. Though everything is still rationed, even within the palace!, stores of well-preserved foods are opened to help stave off that wicked Jaffite ritual. Of course a few extra strips of leather-like beef or fish are only going to do so much, though thankfully the tyrn passes with rumours of cannibalism being simply that, rumours. Having no need to be rationed, the stocks high and demand low except holidays, imported wines flow quite freely for the coronation of the boyish Pharaoh. The royal barge sets sail from the palace in the capital up to the dual temple of Undine where he is blessed with pure waters, before sailing south again into the red-tinged Jackal Harbour where further rites are performed. All along the river, celebrants gather, careful not to get the still murky water on them. When at last he is sat upon the throne of his thrice great grandfather, the water priestesses get quite a shock as vast amounts of crystal clear water bubbles up from the idol chamber, flushing the algae bloom out all the way past Anubira!
Offices from which the Dyb may better control the savages of the northern Kavost are established within the Goblin towns of Stûmö-Aspngo and Rusmo-Naza (though in official documents they are often translated into Dyb as Medjmira and Nephmira respectively, for their established industries of fishing and milling). Though nowhere near as civilised as the Anubisids, the Goblins of these two towns are a good sight easier to deal with than those purchased to work in the mines.
Within the administrated lands of the Gobbos there stands a structure that could not possibly have been constructed by them. It is no doubt ancient, yet built in a fashion beyond even Dyb limits. Walls of almost entirely glass, towering spires of stone, arches of impossible height. From what they have gathered it is some kind of solar cult.
[+4 PE]
The work is heartwood-wrenching. So many trees are felled and so much land is burnt. The blight is worse than even Koape flame, for it kills agonisingly slowly and lingers long in the air. The pruning and felling carries on for the entire tyrn, only managing to slow the spread.
Work is well under way in the shaping of the Sogigant for greater use, the wide canopy being surmounted by a substantial parapet from which the Green Strait may be monitored. It is as the Drya are shaping the roots & branches into docks that monstrous boats belching smoke charge into narrows.

[+2 PE]
[NM] More wealth is heaped upon his altar than has ever before been offered, and though the priests & priestesses quietly cry for his forgiveness, he does not answer. But instead there comes the news of so many sightings of his eye about the forest, and though he does not speak to them this night, they know he has come not to punish but protect his children. [essentially he's too busy to chat right now]
Hides and furs are gathered to the Loom where craftshadows may work them into gambeson, brigandine, greaves and so on, with great care taken to maintain the Dakan-dark colour and mobility of the wearer.
(>>5056200) Mining efforts are redoubled for iron and coal, with which additional arms and armour are hammered for the Rabbits, should they wish to take them.
[!] The stacks at last give up something of use, although what is described within the tattered codex was apparently some feat of technology, it may be better developed by the Do'larosha through their magic. A smooth stone is to be collected, and a spell of light and sound spoken into it by an established Shaman. When the stone hits the ground after having been thrown, the spell then explodes out, dazzling and startling those around it.
[Waxing Gibbous]
Already war has come again, yet not from the Men and Wolves of the far east, but from those so close. Usagean forces are on the move once more.
The Rabbits foray into ancient rites is, for now, brought to a close, and the priests prepare themselves for the divining of pure magic once again. This night it seems the Betrayer smiles upon them, for the price is low, the continued rhythmic banging of ceremonial drums. The effort is in keeping a constant beat, without faltering, often for extended periods for the target to accustom himself.

[+3 PE]
Many days and nights are spent in meditation, listening to this voice of nature. Monks make note of every minor change or deviation, and charge apprentices with gathering news from miners, farmers, fishers, and all those who work the land and sea to find correlation with them. Soon it is found that the song they hear tells of the coming & going of the tide, of the settling of stone, of the felling of the mightiest trees, of the great ploughing of the river valleys. In this is the knowledge that both the actions of nature and of the Minotaurs either effect this tune, or more tantalisingly, are effected by it. It is likely little more can be learned in this narrow venture, save for experimentation with aforementioned tasks.
For many tyrns, the rumours of wars fought all over the continent have trickled in through trade, but now the word comes from a trusted ally in need. Megyros, alas, has only Bulls enough to guard against the occasional intrusion of Goblins, and so a force of volunteers is gathered for the task. Minotaurs of every age sign up, but only the fittest are selected, with the rest thanked heartily. Alongside training in defences and the like from the monks of the valley, (>>5051222) the dear Oni are requested to teach them in the ways of combat. When at last they are ready, they set sail. Even though they are a seafaring nation, for many it is their first time sailing further than Nazena. When not lashed to the oars, the Minos marvel at the sea, at the stars, at the Oni jungles, at the Dwarven cities, and eventually at the lands of walking Trees. [You'll need another action to reach their lands next turn too]


-The First Expansion or The Assault on the Dakan-

Runic light is flooded into the Dakan! They guide the way, free from the awful gloom of the place, for the heavy ballistae to be brought in. So brazenly lighting the Umbral forest however paints an enormous target, and so the convoys are guarded heavily. Sporadic attacks still come, most ending in mild annoyance, but more than one is somehow successfully defeated by... Rabbits? Even still, most survive them, with generally only the runic torches and equipment being lost or damaged. More reports come of bipedal Rabbits attacking the Ministers as they attempt to fortify the camps at lightning speeds, shrugging off the first flurry of force rune blasts, before disappearing without a trace into the darkness. The assaults come intermittently, day or night, only increasing in losses as the damnable Bunnies grow bold. Given the might of Pask, this is but a minor setback on the road of the First Expansion.
The Usagi straight away conduct ambushes on the defilers, first with little success, but as additional equipment, and their secret Moon Fall blades, Paskian casualties increase. Atop the walls, the Shamans dance in blackness. Throughout the assembled camps below there arises the most awful of noises: Booming shouts of anger, the pained cries of children, the screams of women, the roar of be'ber (bears) or howl of be'wof (wolves), and the sickening sounds of tearing flesh & breaking bone. There can be no sleep for them, who can slumber through such torturous racket? The Entente conduct further raids upon the camps and convoys, among them are, by Injunction turncloaks who sabotage their own with madness in their eyes, before they too disappear into the gloom. But it is not enough to dissuade the Paskians, for they come at the behest of the Will. As the Do'la ready for the siege, the Children of Iti arrive in great style, raring to fight. Slower than the Turtles, a contingent of Fraternian soldiers arrives, along with a score of cannon, awaiting Do'laroshan orders.

> gather the Great Host, the greatest army our empire has ever assembled
The Agok has been worshipped by the molemen for centuries, the supreme expression of our species’ military genius, and rightfully so. None have defeated it so far, it’s supremacy yet unmatched.
But even so, all things must grow, must evolve, and a new formation is devised: the Atragarok - The Mighty Host in Imnaki.
It is nothing more and nothing less than the entirety of Maglaki military might assembled in a single host, all soldiers recalled from their duties to take part into this one army. A host of locusts, to devour all that stands before them. None, and I say none, will be excluded from joining this.

(Please count this as a mobile landmark or something of the sort)
1. Bigger, Stronger, Sexier Explosions: The newly invented Hya Naamak, Oni were having literal and figuvely blast with them forcing King Benmi to order all Oni to be trained in the usage of guns to lower the amount of missing limbs and heads getting blown off. But that didn't stop them from desiring better and bigger explosive guns or even bombs. A group of black powder enthusiasts secretly work on how to make it even bigger explosives and even better guns for the future (advanced the science of explosives)
2.Ships were invented to be sunk: For Oni, they wish to create things unlike their first ancestors who just wanted to destroy things for the hell of it. But that feeling of destruction has never left their blood. Seeing the creation of floating metal ships aroused something primordial in Oni. They want to destroy the ships...though preferably not their own since King Benmi will slaughter them. With some guile and many heads be crushed in, they were able to convince Benmi to grant them research money and material. Boy, what a fun time they had. (Research anti-naval weapons)
Action 1: Honeyquest V: The Shriven Apiary

Construct a second grand apiary at the apothecaries dream, to harvest its medicinal flowers and create a honey to cure any malady.
With the new covenant forged the bees of the dream will provide boundless amounts of curative medicinal honey for the Rings, enough to supply the vast empire that now rules a substantial portion of Syph. Disease and infection soon shall become a concept unheard of within our lands, but this is only the beginning.
It is named the Shriven Apiary, for it lies on land that has been absolved of its previously treacherous nature, decorated as beautifully as the gilded one, but with less a focus on gold.

The second of the four honeys is acquired, “Enheim”
Paired with Ulzhonig, half of the ingredients for the great project are ours.

Action 2: Living Works: Canon Thalassa
(Intent is basically like ironclads but better because of a bunch of other tech build-up, basically)

Our seafaring vessels enter a new age as all we have learned from our various fields of research comes together at once. Canonwood trees, Living wood, fire prevention and Living Works, to form naval vessels beyond any other.

The age of sail is ended, these living crafts propelling themselves through the water like Mighty Iti does, swimming with fins at speeds other boats could hardly dream of.

The wood rises all around to form a sleek and fully contained vessel, steel-like canopy protecting the multi decked vessels inhabitants. The living nature of the vessel provides innumerable advantages, dryads may enter torpor with the vessel itself, for it is a tree, the vessel may be healed using holy water and honey, the ship itself may strike other ships that get too close in melee, as florakinetic magic allows for direct attacks in such a manner.

The intent behind such a vessel is as follows, to invalidate every other boat on the ocean. The sea has become incredibly important to the Dryads as a vital avenue to trade their goods and produce wealth, we must not be endangered on it.

The use of canonwood exclusively in these vessels marks an increased need to protect the dryads ships on the waves, the cannons of the Dybeti are obtained through trade and tested as the benchmark against what our hulls must deal with in this new age.

Each canopy of these vessels finds itself with an Owls Nest, a naturalistic structure made to house countless war-birds (not always owls, interestingly) which are always helpful partners in any naval expedition.

All will stand in awe of the Canon Thalassa, for from now on the Carvil’ax’seset rule the waves.
With Soteriaeth Protheroe on the throne, Madoc is relieved from his duty as Regent, however, he gets appointed as Marshal. Madoc has many military ideas from Prenhearn as he has been improving the Dyb military. Meanwhile Soteriaeth makes public appearances and gets into the flow of managing the realm. While he was in Prenhearn he had no shortage of Priestesses of Moth mentoring him, telling him how important he is, of his grand duty. In fact, they have been telling him the position of Pharaoh is not equal to King, it can only be described in Albionic as God King. As Pharaoh of Dybet he is a god himself. His courtiers are priests and priestesses of the Pharaoh, and the people shall worship him. In fact, he's heard word of some great temple up north.

Action 1: Develop Brigandine, with steel imported from Maglak.
With Madoc relieves from Regency, he can now focus his full efforts toward setting up the army. The war showed our army was lacking in armour, but we're unable to fill that with bronze with the state of the tin mines, and soldiers generally prefer steel. So Madoc sets about purchasing a large quantity of steel plates and rivets from Taknab's forges, using part of Dybet's vast wealth. These plates are then to be made into Brigandine by the armourers of Dybet, riveting the steel plates onto the inside of leather. The leather facing will protect the plates from the elements and hide where the plates are, such that the enemy cannot know where it's stronger or weaker. This armour will be sold at a discount to the soldiers, but Madoc can't stop the armourers from selling some to the public, as long as they pay a higher price than the soldiers do.

Action 2: Pharaoh Soteriaeth visit to the Cathedral of the Old Sun, take ownership.
This grand structure dedicated to the sun must be worshipping Solahmar, let us remind them of such. Soteriaeth himself will visit this place, to make grand offerings to Solahmar there, spread her word. He shall also listen to the Old Sun's beliefs, but is convinced Solahmar is supreme, like the Dyb gods in general, second only to Fanw herself, second only to the Pharaoh himself. He shall also make sure the Goblins don't smear their shit on it, he shall designate priestesses of Solahmar to clean and maintain it.

>Rumour: Paskian Equipment Breakdown
Achroma's wisdom cannot be sought, so it falls to the Emerald Mothers and Fathers to provide guidance to the people. In hasty meetings with their allies, they look for Paskian weaknesses, focusing especially on the equipment taken in the chaos after the Usagi had made their attacks. Orbs of light, weapons and armor, nothing has not been taken and passed under careful scrutiny to exploit it.

> Action 1 - Sa'Terif Enchanting
The creation of these bang-rocks...
Ok, first off, a better name needs to be found immediately, the Do'laroshans agree, but nothing comes to mind.

... Anyway, the ability to infuse simple rocks with the mystical shadows of Sa'terif has the Shamans, from the most prestigious Blue to the lowly Indigo's, whispering with excitement. What else can be done!?
Anything, and everything, is tested. Metals, wood, furs, clothes, jugs of water and even the snow that litters the ground, all are subjected to a shadowy infusion, spells of light, dark, silence, screeching and more.
((not aiming for anything in particular, but feel free to hit me with details/limits you feel I might need (spell only lasts a certain time, can only enchant certain materials, the X-iness of a material is what determines it's enchantability, etc. can talk in DMs if you want))

> Action 2 - Expand Is'lara. If that is only a half action, build a port there as well.
Is'lara stands isolated in the icy north, long-ago founded so that the Shamans could practice their then-strange magics in exile, lest their rituals bring about deadly curses. With Shamans and warriors from across the lands recalled to the front-lines, We'vara stands to be choked by the influx of people. Let the expansion of the nearby ice-choked city serve to provide relief to the Capitol, and another avenue of attack for the war effort.

> War Post
The arrival of the surprisingly fancy Turtles and unnaturally reserved Fraternians brings the full might of the Entente to bear. Let these Paskian ingrates learn of their folly.
Upon deliberation, it is decided that a full frontal assault is what is called for. The Turtles champion this idea, and the normally cautious Do'laroshans agree, for once.
Simply put, the Paskian's have built a massive rock behind them. The Entente army, thus, must be the hard place.
It will begin at We'vara, where the Paskian's sit at their doorstep. There will be no overt stealth, merely a volley of stun-rocks, launched from bows by replacing the steel arrowheads of normal ammunition, fire en-masse upon the Paskian encampment. The lights and bangs will mix with the lights and bangs of Fraternian cannon fire, softening the target up before the battle begins in proper. Turtle, Usagi, Fraternian and Shadow alike will descend from We'vara, swallowing the camp in a tide of darkness as they work to snuff or steal their precious lights. Let Darkness return to Dakan.

From there, the army will continue north, scouring the remaining Paskians from the land. Stealth and shocktrooper forces of Shadow and Usagi will hunt them down, slowing and harrying them until Turtle and Fraternian forces can catch up to deliver the death blow. Of course, the Usagi's fierce combat capabilities might make this unnecessary, their might enough to destroy the routed Paskians.

Of course, the Entente have not forgotten the dangers the great Paskian wall presents, nor it's fiery ballistae. Hopefully the cover of the canopy will provide ample protection, but just in case, the Turtles and Fraternians will avoid moving too close the wall, where their forces might have fire rain down on them. The Usagi and Shadows, meanwhile, have their speed and stealth to help avoid a similar fate, and will take the lead on destroying any Paskians that look to hug the walls in fear. The Usagi will be invaluable here, as their martial prowess and speed ensure that any Paskian high on the wall looking to blast them will be shooting into their own troops as well. Still, save the wall for last, but keep scouts close by to watch exactly how the Paskians enter their formidable fortress-nation. The Shamans will be keen to mimic it, hopefully.
File: SmallHills.png (3 KB, 255x270)
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[R]umour! Good omens come to us, surely there will be good rumours to hear as well?

>Action 1: Roads for Hills
The Dwarves of the Makriaz crest have for a few tyrns now wished to have their region formerly recognised as a full province within Æbleland, rather then considered merely a northern enclave of miners working for the Grunkup clan or a border region of the much grander and more secure Metaki hills. But with their west blocked by the growth and pixies of the Untegtangul, and their east the domain of the Dukkezoppi-Gylden and Electrum-Dwarf clans of the crescent mountain, they had found no further willing volunteers within the realm.

It is Darin Grunkup, grandson of the Grunkup Thane of Kupsiloz, who sees a possible solution and works to make it come about with the aid of Malgli; then broaches the idea with their northern neighbours and allies the Bandru'ii. The Dwarves will begin a grand project to build roads for the domains of the Carvil'ax'seset; and in return the Dryads will allow them to purchase the remainder of the hills and, it is hoped, eventually teach the Gylden of the crest some of the wonderful intricacies that their society has developed. And so the coffers of clan Grunkup are opened wide to hire architects and surveyors, labourers and masons. To each who signs on, the new emblem of the crest province is given to wear; the symbol of a tall tree standing proud upon a lonely hill.

>The first of three Double-upgraded road/bridge-building action for the Bandru'ii, to be placed where they wish it.

The Dwarves would advise the Dryads to let them build these roads in Stone or Concrete, but the customer is king and the Dwarves will work to their chosen specifications.

>In exchange, Dwarves of the Kalnthrun Æblemoro'vildfilt purchase the pictured hills in gold to be added to Dwarven domains, specifically the domains of the Makriaz Crest.

>Action 2: New Brews
>Two breweries
With guests arriving all the time, new alliances and trade routes, and a growing population throughout many towns and citites, how can a mere two breweries be enough for a Dwarven realm? New brewing companies spring into action to try and quench some of the terrible thirst. One will set their brewery on the newly-purchased hilly head of the crest to draw from both springs of the greater Rodikol, whilst the other will sit close to the source of the Untirkol so that brews might be delivered more quickly to Ederakung.
Action 1: Reports from the frontline flow back to The Grand Ministry, reporting of an extremely dreadful cacophany flooding the camps and keeping the Ministers awake, reducing their quality of living and effectiveness. This the Grand Ministry will not stand for, as the Greatest Weapon of Pask is its people, and through them its supremacy. The Grand Ministry turns its attention to the many medicines at the nations disposal, and works on the creation of a drug that will allow Ministers to maintain rational and calm in the face of even great panic or distress. This drug is specifically tuned for the people of Pask through great and extensive voluntary trial and error for the strongest effect and least side effects, and then quickly sent to the frontlines.

Action 2: Further reports speak in great depth of the supply issues the Ministers face, in particular of missing items after attacks or assaults on supply lines. This is tied in particular to hints of shadowy infiltrators, the foul Umbrals magics guising them as Ministers. Such an insult cannot go unanswered. The Grand Ministry thus has its forces massively reinforce the Camp, setting up a plethora of defenses in and around it to ensure any other than the Ministry must enter with blood and iron vs cunning and trickery. In addition a singular supply line is better orchestrated and heavily defended, bringing resources at set intervals. Supplies, stored in supplyhouses set to be immune to externally started fires like the rest of the camp, are to be strictly guarded, with access based on a series of questions linked intrinsically to the life and circumstances of those who grow up in Pask, the answers of which are not easily deduced by even deeper questioning but would be immediately obvious to any true son of Pask. The camp itself would also have an additional heavy intake of soldiers taken from across Indomitable Glory, for a further numeric boost for the coming cleansing of the Umbral Capital and surrounding region. These soldiers would be drawn from the currently inactive northern and western fronts, though never to the extent as to compromise Pask's hold on the wall.

War Action: Properly reinforced with both material and manpower, the empowered camp is to begin an immediate cleansing of the surrounding area. The Umbrals are highly active around the camp, with assaults from seemingly all sides. They are to be thoroughly rebuked and the surrounding area intensely secured, in preparation for an assault on the Umbral capital. In the meantime the Camps ballistae will begin firing upon the city and its surroundings, to shatter its walls and harass Umbrals around it. Bolts of force shall be used primarily, as the great burst of energy they release will undoubtedly crumble the walls and pulverize those amongst the dark trees.
File: Shining Armor2.png (253 KB, 717x235)
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Action 1
As the Turtles move into the glorious new dawn of a monarchy, so to do its knights. Still the masters of smithing and steelcraft, they now hone in a new art. Where before, armor was designed only for protection. It was dark, bleak, and as hard upon the eyes as iron itself. It has served well.

But this is a shimmering new age for the Turtles. The smiths begin to craft newer, shinier armors with a bigger emphasis on heraldic displays and glorious colors and hues and the shimmer of gold and silver captured from the goblin wars.

The Clerics claim this serves more than mere fashion or aesthetics, nay, but Bert the Hero himself followed this example. For he wore symbols of runic protection on his form. His helmet was a dazzling golden yellow, to ward off the spirits of danger, and his armor polished to a sheen. Over his polished shell and armor, he wore a silken vest of a light Orange with Yellow and Silver stripes woven into the cloth itself, that easily reflected light even in the darkest of nights so as to ward away danger and harm.

To follow in his footsteps is to channel his power, and the priests say it can enhance and prolong the Aura of Invulnerability for the most chivalrous of knights.

Action 2
These newer shinier armors are gonna need newer and shinier alloys. Build a mine for them. Silver, Gold, or otherwise, whichever we can find so as to mix it with our metals

>War Post incoming
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War Post: The Turtles have listened long, and listened hard to both shadow and rabbit allies on the field.

There was but one path ahead of them: forward!

Rallying together a mighty force, the Turtles prepare to sally forth, and charge headlong into the fray, on the first step of the march to the enemy capital.

King Leon De Nass made a speech to his men:
(Map of the roads attached, try and pretty it up to not make it so straight. Black is this turns roadwork)
The specific demands of the Carvil’ax’seset are to put it bluntly, bizarre.

They are same enough to use stone, providing plentiful beautiful quartzite for the construction works, intending them to be the most beautiful road network in the land, and a true symbol of the majesty of the dryads domain, but odd deviations in the path of a road are added almost every day.

Roads that should go straight to one location may arc or angle into the middle of a seemingly unimportant clearing “So that the watcher deer won’t cause a fuss” and then intentionally spiral in attractive but seemingly pointless patterns “To maintain the geometry of the local wards”, by the time the plans are finalised there is hardly a straight road to be found.

That is not to say that the dryads are totally infuriating to work for however, respecting greatly the dwarves skill with working the stone they provide from their far territories and allowing the dwarves a chance to get closely familiar with the wheelfingers as they collaborate with the dwarves to craft a pair of grand partly clockwork bridges.

Bridges of pale white stone that rises each of their halves into the air to allow ships to pass beneath them, a close look at not just a clockwork wonder, but the process of its design and construction.


With news of a disease outbreak in the lands of their cousins, the Carvil’ax’seset experimentally send jars of their newest honey, Enheim, to see if it may do any good.

If so, they begin trading some amount of the valuable honey with the Drya for profit and health.

"It was so sudden. So wrong. Not hearing the music of the Simfuni after always having it dancing in your head, it feels like a part of you just disappeared. We thought the worst part of the disease was the silence it brought. Gods have mercy. We didn't know just how much they had become a part of us. When we couldn't hear them anymore, that was it. Everything fell apart in a heartbeat, but it was so quiet we didn't even hear it all crashing down around us." - A Calibrus initiate who escaped moments before its occupation.


>The sounds of silence
The plague falls suddenly, it spreads like wildfire, and before we knew it the song of the land had sunk from the grand chorus it was to but a mere whimper of its former glory. Theatra cries, the few voices it has lamenting at the suffering of their kin, its garden grows darker and somber by the day. The will of life begins to falter. Robbed of motivation, the animals sink into a deep depression until eventually simply giving up and letting starvation claim them. The plants sag lower and lower until finally they find rest in the dirt. Unsynchronized, unharmoniously, undignified, a cancerous silence slowly creeps through the jungle, and the worst fate would be that of Calibrus.

There were many here who had grown so close to the calls of Theatra that it had deafened their own internal voices. For so long did it's rhythm fill their head that when they suddenly heard their own thoughts again in so long they didn't recognize them. It was uncomfortable at first for the newest initiates who were still early in their journey, but painfully slowly they reclaimed themselves. But for most of the initiates who had been in the process of tuning for quite some time, this deafening quiet was unbearable. The great Tunist himself tried as best he could, but he could not save them. First they cried and howled to fill the air with some kind of noise, then they begged for someone to still the strange voice in their head, unable to realize it was in fact their own. Then, when they could bare it no more, they succumbed to discordia. But they were far from the madmen those previously suffering from the affliction were. No, they were somewhat organized, crazed but of mind, and so they resolved that if the Simfuni's voices had fallen silent then they would stand to replace them. In a horrendous cacophony of madness the discordant formed, and in grand numbers they revolted and seized Calibrus for themselves. Their maddening calls and disharmonious whaling can be heard from miles away, drilling through the ears and into the minds of those unfortunate to hear their calls.
>The embrace of silence.
Meanwhile Theatra had become a tomb. Anyone who walked its halls could see countless Simfuni simply idling in large housing chambers. Though they were alive, one could hardly say such, the vitality they had come to be known for was all but gone. Sure they were breathing, but they were already dead, just waiting for their bodies to realize it themselves. Had the attuned, those who graduated from Calibrus, not been there then to tend to the sick then surely many more Simfuni lives would have died, and the few healthy ones left would follow their comrades into darkness. While the "living" and the caretakes of the "dead" struggled day in and day out to find a solution, a cure, or even anything to ease the disease, it would be the "dead" that struggled the most.

There they sat, utterly devoid of anything they had ever known. Music, arts, companionship, even the Great Melody itself. Nothing. No-one. Just pitch black. For many the void was so consuming that they began to lose touch of their physical senses. Often an attuned caretaker would be busy attending to a sick Simfuni, when they'd suddenly "jump" and struggle briefly halfway through the treatment, finally registering that something was touching them. It was jarring to say the least, like a corpse going through a cadaveric spasm. For some, it would come to be so much that they simply forgot they were there all together and just... stopped existing, their bodies shutting down. The conductor was close to fall into a similar fate, about to call the inky black ocean he had sunken into so deeply home. When suddenly...

Something. There was... something! It wasn't clear, it was extremely faint, the size of a grain, but in absolute nothingness it stood out like a beacon. Desperate for anything he rushed towards it. As he got closer who could hear something! There was some kind of sound unlike anything he had ever heard growing harder, faster, stronger. It was so beautiful, so captivating, and not just because he hadn't heard anything in so long. It truly was a sound without equal, nothing could describe it. As he got closer he could finally begin to make the outlines of whatever it was but still the "image" was fuzzy. Inch by inch the distance closed until finally he was upon it, and it upon him! Confused, dazed even, but struck with awe at the same time... it was...
>The embrace of silence (continued)
Him. He stood before himself, he could hear himself, feel himself, see himself. Frozen, he merely attempted to comprehend what was going on when he realized that he wasn't even too sure which he was him. From which self was he looking? He experienced the sensations of both, as if he was suddenly split in two. But it wasn't overwhelming, it felt normal actually. Steadily he reached out and so did himself. When his tendrils touched it all made sense. In a blinding flash of song and light the two returned to one. So powerful and intense was this radiant reunion that even the other "dead" could see it within their own voids. As if it was the spark of creation itself re-igniting to birth reality and form the cosmos anew.

The voice of the conductor roars through Theatra, but unlike ever before his words are not heard by the ear, it can be "felt" coming from the very depths of everyone inside the city. "QUIET! Listen for yourselves!"
For the first time ever, Theatra falls into a deathly silence...

With the very important and arguably revolutionary discovery that recently came to be thanks to Clan Nist smiths, the method to prevent Iron and Steel from rusting would be closely looked into and, with the further advances made with the navy still underway, a number of Clan Llewelyn would order for large, thick sheets of metal, multiple inches thick, to be produced to be put upon a warship. While copper bottoms had been in use for some time, this was something different as it was across the entire ship. There would, at first, only be one test ship, the Amhrisiadwy. It used both sails and steam, and it was clad in these steel plates. It cost a fair bit, even with the extensive mines that Llychlyn had, but the knowledge that the ship would give was vital to see if the possibility of making a ship protected with steel instead of wood was possible and how it would handle at sea. Naturally, it was expected that speed thanks to the screws and the sails would be acceptable, but the biggest question was how well the steel would work up in sea. And ideally once the ship was checked after some time sailing, it's metal parts would prove to have withstood the salt water of the sea and open up a new era for naval warfare, along with all but assure that Llychlyn's naval power was unmatched by any other surface fleet which it wasn't allied with and suppling.

Other than this, a reform would be undertaken by the Colonial Army, mainly forced through by a few of Clan Wynn who were trying to implement them for some time to match what was apparently planned to take place in Llychlyn before they left for the colonies. With this reform, the soldiers no longer started out as Gwaywffon Ifanc, in fact, the Gwaywffon Ifanc and Bwyell Ifanc would cease to be. Instead, soldiers would undergo a long process of training instead to become proper soldiers of the various three main units of the military. Further, the soldiers would all receive the lessons that one just accepted into the Helwyr Saethwr would have learned before that bout of training started, and this basic, fundimental training that involved trusting in one's fellow soldiers and trusting in one's own abilities like Gwaywffyn Mynydd and Coeden Fwyell learned would be part of this basic training, along with a lot of various physical training. After this, they would then be given more specialized training to become a Gwaywffyn Mynydd, Coeden Fwyell or Helwyr Saethwr depending on what they were to be trained as. Naturally, the instructors for all of this training would be Meistri Rhyfel, mainly made up of those who were dismissed due to their age. Regardless, this ideally would improve the professionalism of the Colonial Army, and further nail the training. Though, it is important to note that the process to becoming a Meistri Rhyfel was still the same.

>Action One. Steel Hull plate experiments.

>Action Two. Army Reform.
1. Our Kindred have given us the gift of healing honey, of a kind. Use it and continue the other methods to halt the spread of the blight and try to cure those we can.
2. Experiments begin to use the magic of the Drya to boost the natural blessings of the Drya. The hope is to boost the healing powers of the Drylium to heal the Yadi.
Fluff: Once again more bloodshed, but this time.. this time it feels easier than the last. And perhaps now would be a grand time to get some training in as well to ensure that the upcoming battles are swift and harmless.

1 action: Combat training.
From the goblins of the west to the dogs of the east, we have trained to fight. Now it is time to learn to fight against the strategies against an enemy that has weapons and defenses that are magically enhanced as well. It will be critical to strike where their are gaps in their armor, as well as being able to deflect or even ride their blows so that your next may hit. Should they bring the blade down, defend against it, by guiding it down into the earth, and use that same momentum to land a blow to the nape of their neck. Yes, knowing how to fight is really half the battle.

1 action: Pure Defense: Barrier against the impure.
Now with our foes dealing with magical weaponry, we shall finally have a means of testing out a magical defense against their impure tricks. With heavy cotton gloves dunked in moon blessed water these weapons shall be gripped and tested until they are ineffective against our pure magic

War action: Look to Do’la tribes
And the plan shall be carried out indeed! While the enemy is blinded we shall not be with senses far out matching their own! And with the incredible and undeniable speed and strength of the Pure army, we shall not give them time to recover and descend upon them making each and every casualty of our be met with a ten of theirs!
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

>Slice of Life (Improvement)
With the new understanding of how water works and moves, with what to start first? Perhaps something for the people, starting in Holo'gunui and spreading out -indoor plumbing and underground sewage lines are the new normal.

A fort is constructed near the port of Mauna, and a new farm for Carcosa.
1. The battle priests of Vaygr have long been a vital asset to the Armed Forces of the Dictat. As with their creed, they were some of the first to modernize their fighting forces, they are those whom wield the power of the Zabijak bohov, the God Slayer Vaygr himself. However, in recent years many within their order feel that a sole reliance on gunpowder weapons may be a handicap in a world where many still use blade and arrow to do their killing. Reforms are needed, the battle priests will must evolve if they are to be the vanguard of Humanity. They saw firsthand what the vile northern Grittidim were capable of, and so they begin to utilize both technique and divine Magics to both match and counter the speed and maneuverability in which they moved. If they can be hit, then killing them is easy enough.
2. Our ships are the finest in the world, of that there is no doubt. Fnawic craftsmanship and design with Dictat ingenuity and technology have crafted vessels with superb maneuverability, speed, armor and weapons. The warships assembled for the expeditionary fleet were a mixture of combat warships assault ships and bombardment craft in the case of diplomatic breakdown and irreconcilable offenses to the Dictat. The Oni have done many things that in Dictat law would have resulted in execution summarily, such things cannot be allowed to happen without any sort of repercussion. No envoy should have to fear carnal violation at the hands of the officials of a foreign nation. None at all.
Also [R]umor
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[Though this is at the start of the post, it transpires after everyone's actions]
[D] It is heard by all; The Chamber of Fire, that foul volcanic lair, erupts. No, erupt is too gentle a term, for the land is blasted to the bedrock as a force as strong as the might of the gods explodes from the smoking mountain. Terrible winds destroy everything around, even over the seas windows are shattered, buildings shaken or toppled, and people knocked off their feet. Afterwards, fiery gobbets rain around for miles around. Then awful silence falls over the world, as ash once more fills the air, worse than ever before. The midday sun is blotted from the sky. Smoking embers are flung about the earth. The sudden chill soon becomes freezing, driving gales. Water even in the far east tastes bitter or sulphurous and must be boiled to be drunk. The seas rage all over. Life comes to a grinding, screaming halt.

The Great Mother of the Sea lands once more to lay her brood, surrounded by her children.

The formulae are constantly tweaked by these often finger-missing Oni, in fact you're not considered an explosives expert by most if you still have all your digits. On the creation of newer, more devilish devices; One of which is the Shurygola, a hollow iron sphere filled with powder, nails, and whatever other nasty things the Oni conjure up, which then has an ember or two dropped in, sealed with wax, and hurled very quickly. A version is also made of clay, and without the nails, to spice up fights in the arena. News from the Hairy-Oni tells of Trees which harness such a power as well. Gyaashiru demands a voyage be taken to seize- he means, see, these exploding trees for himself.
[Though nicely reasoned, unfortunately this steps over the line of meta imo] The collected Oni are handed their sack of pearl and silver pieces, intermixed with Dwarvern and Market coins, and sent to the docks to begin their work. Of course all work begins with a customary drink, for good luck, and while they're at it a visit to one or four of the local brothels could only increase such luck, right? And of course what's a visit to a brothel without a couple bets on the fighting roosters, and then the frog race, and then a good old fashioned bare-knuckle-brawl. In that time it's gotten dark, and their stomachs are rumbling, so better order a haunch each, and a few ales to wash it down with, and seeing as they're on official, royal even!, business, they should order a round of customary monster-oysters, followed by jungle fruit dumplings and a little wine. By now it is well past midnight, so time for another go at the brothels, maybe the lovely Shaburi will do that thing for them, with her claws, you know what I mean. From there the group continue to spend, and spend, and spend, until their purse is empty, they're drunker than a Dwarf, and their hips are stiff & bruised. They awake the following afternoon to the call of the grey crane, an ill omen.
[+4 PE]
As one mountain falls, another rises; The Might of Maglak, the Atragarok, ascends, roused from the embrace of the earth. None can withstand it, the great mass of steel and whisker, the horde, the swarm, the locust-cloud. The Atragarok!
The first to fall to the hunger are the fields of the Maglaki plain.

The last of the steel orders arrives with the traders from Taknab with worried expressions, those molies are up to something, something big for sure. No matter. The smiths and leatherworkers get to work on the mass fabrication of the brigandines. The work is superb, but takes the entire tyrn to outfit only the current standing army, with the few spare selling to only the wealthiest as a matter of civic pride more than anything. Still, it is better for them to be guarded well, than for every Tefnakht, Djet, and Hapuseneb to be fitted substandardly.
The Royal Procession makes way for the Cathedral of the Old Sun, monolith upon monolith of stone and glass, unlike anything else upon Syph. He is greeted by the scampering away of Goblins, and at the doors of the temple by the Dean of the place. He speaks in accented Market with the Pharaoh's viziers to allow access, lest something terribly unfortunate occur. With narrowed eyes, the Dean opens the grand doors to the main worship hall, lined with statues of Men and Elves. Most strange of all are the Goblins which pray quietly, almost dignified, dressed in good garb, and reeking only a little of excrement. [to IC!]

[R] "He is not within his temple, for he is out among the Dakan! He prowls the darkness he cloaks himself in! Now, in our hour of need, he does not abandon us, he stalks the trees to protect us! Achroma, hear us! Save us! Your children cry out to you!" A red eye glints in the gloom over the Paskian camp.
[Wish I'd read your turn sooner so I'd actually have some balanced ideas, will have to discuss this with you in DMs yes] Can they make cloth as hard as steel? What about snow that eats sound? Or bags that hold light? Oh, or jars which explode! Or twigs that turn into be'snek! Their minds reel with possibilities, some more plausible than others.
Is'lara sees it's streets fill with new homes, with warehouses, with Shadows. Many build another storey to house family from the Dakan, or to store rations just in case. Along with it, the influx drives the need for port facilities. Thankfully the enemy has shown no great prowess in shipbuilding, and supplies may be traded with The Nest with ease. So far their ballistae have yet to reach the fast skimming sloops of the Do'larosha.
Enheim, honey of ever changing taste, one jar may be numbing and cooling, the next fiery and enlivening, the third bitter, herbaceous, most definitely good for what ails you! The Shriven Apiary is just as lushly, as lavishly decorated as her golden sister, tiled in Dwarven lapis lazuli, picked out in silver sacred Sennite geometry, humming with the hive and with the spirits.
To any other race, the Canon Thalassa would be considered an abomination, but to the spirit melding Carvil’ax’seset she is the highest form of artistry ever devised. Nothing, not Human steamer, nor Dyb barge, nor Fanwen hybrid, some say not even Iti herself!, compares to her. It is unlikely, given the immense effort and resources used in her construction?, forming?, that another like her shall ever be achievable.

[R] As Kalnthrunr Grunrodr (the Bald) is said to have said many tyrns ago, "Three days of good omens is three months of good gossip". And so it is, with talk of the queen being pregnant again even at her age, of the Guldfarite priests now handing out double honeycakes to pilgrims, and of how well young Snorri is doing on his book of Gylden History at Rodededun. But all that is nothing compared to the rumours coming from the workshops of Ederakung, chiefly that of a certain mechanist by the name of Æbermund. It seems he's cracked how the Dryads have been crafting such magnificent automata, chiefly that of their springs and ratchets.
Oh glad tidings this day, the omens have at last come to pass! Great ships with golden prows come sailing in! Aboard are of course Gylden and Ashen Dwarves, but among them have come a group each of Tarnsmen and (Sigodian) Meluz, even a mighty Depaun has come! But this is not all, for out of the hold, having become mightily seasick, crests the auburn head of Rauthr, young daughter of the Cewri, Jotte.
The deal with the Dryads is a fine example of Gylden diplomacy if ever there were one! Road-building is a now ancient craft of the Dwarves, one rightly prided highly by them, and seen by all as good & proper work. The plans from the Carvixala-, Cavilise-, from the Carvilax-, from the Dryads, is extensive. Good, that's what a Dwarf likes to see, some ambition! Although this business about "not so straight", how terribly un-Dwarven, well they'll see what they can do.
For too long Dwarves have relied upon just the two industrial breweries, and of course countless small scale, totally unregulated operations, to fill their tankards; No more! Whilst the large brewing families open another site along the Untirkol, the plucky Dwarves of the Makriaz Crest found a brewing company of their own, making for their seal the great tree upon a hill.
An army without sleep, is as good as an army without weapons. The Ministers at home are quick to formulate upon their medicines and salves. They grind lichen, sea-vegetables, various viscera of fish, building upon the knowledge their ancestors had studied long ago. There are mistakes along the way, mistakes paid in purge, and in the unfortunate death, but a success was close at hand. It is not perfect, for nothing is save the Will, but it works. A thick, grey-brown, oily tonic which tastes strongly, but of course, of fish and vinegar. The result is a calming of the nerves, a certain determined focus. Already crates of the stuff are being passed along the convoy.
[Stepped a hair too far here] Said supply lines cannot be left in any danger. The scattered lines are consolidated, and in doing so, heavily, and constantly guarded. With so many set on this watch, defences can be dug and/or erected along the way. Lines from religious texts are used as passwords along the way, lest an Umbral or Umbral ally slip in under the guise of a Minister, as it is feared they have somehow already done. Still there are those who fear, and maybe rightly so, that the maddening darkness has claimed a small number of their own. Along with the ongoing fortifying, men are brought from Indomitable Glory to bolster the ranks.

"With helm of gold and tabard bright, I cast away the spell of night. With sword of steel and shield emblazoned, I cast down the brash and brazen. Mother of the Seas, Goddess of the Waters, guide me." Thus goes the motto of the Most Noble Order of Bert, the highest honour attainable in Bertonia. Only the bravest and most daring of Turtles achieve such a thing, and having even a second cousin, a great uncle, or a childhood friend from three clutches over, attain it is newsworthy. As the Kingdom of Bertonia grows, her gentry grows with it, titles handed out for excellency, for service to crown, country, and Iti, and though none would admit it, on leaner occasion for substantial donations to the privy purse.
To feed the growing hunger for finery, mines are opened on the silver south of The Nest, now often called Neston, and rare Shadow imports of gold, platinum, and gemstones are increased almost fourfold.

>Everlasting Waters
The streets and canals of Holo'gunui are flushed clean, each pod and household made fresh, and the capital's everlasting waters run clear.
The shipyards-cum-ports of Mauna rest easier now a coral fort guards their waters, and the Ants, Laga, & Elves of Carcosa rejoice with yet more fruits and moonstones being traded.
Calibrus becomes... Chaos. Confusion. Cacophony. So much, and yet so little, happens that the lands of the Simfuni become overrun with the Discordant, everything is turned over, head over tentacle and back over head. It all looks the same, it all looks different. They cry out to hear something, anything, to call back the Simfuni, to claw back the Harmony. Please, for the love of music, they beg for noise, for racket, for the smallest whisper of the Melody. Within the spiral of Theatra, what was once so strong a hum as to drive the unattuned mad, now it is the silence which crazes them. They wish to crawl, to scrape along the ground to that city of song, but the great pall of silence terrifies them more than the frail voice they now unwillingly hear in their own heads. Inside the city, Instruments lay about as papers tossed in the wind, tended to by the few who still have the strength to do so. They lay as if dead, as many wish they were, or limply drag their tentacles or slap them on the stones, hoping for something more than mere sensation.
But something is changing within them, at least some of them, something is emerging, perhaps re-emerging. A few begin to take the thin gruel they can manage more readily, a few start to float again, or make rhythmic beatings with their tentacles, a small number begin to quietly sing to themselves even though they cannot hear it. Something is changing within. Something is coming out.

The effort of hammering out the steel is only feasible thanks to the recent impressive forge expansions, and still it is a stretch to have it done properly. But Clans Nist and Llewelyn are eager to wrest both industrial and naval supremacy from their Human allies. The ship, the Amhrisiadwy, lives up to her name, costing the clan coffers a considerable, but undoubtedly well worth, sum. As she is slipped from her moorings, she sinks low in the thankfully deep waters of the Bae o Sêr, but is soon righted and sent at good clip out into the sea. Her maiden voyage sees her sailing out to Traetheuraidd before circling past the outer Doldrelles and back to Glaniadneifion. Issues are raised with the plate joins, with the height of the smoke stack, with the noise of it all!, but nothing time and Fanwen ingenuity cannot handle.
As Nation and technology marches ever forwards, the now near ancient system the army still follows is renewed; Reformed to a standard more befitting the powerhouse that is Prenhaearn y Wladfa! Lower ranks are swept aside, more rigorous training implemented throughout, new equipment delivered. Included are the required Human arms up to the percentage point, and not one more.
Hearing of their sisters' plight on Deinos, the Sennite Dryads have sent over a sample of honey they call "Enheim". Sceptical by nature, the Drya do not immediately see how some mere honey may help, but any aid freely offered is welcomed. First it is given to the few rooted Drya caught within the grip of this illness, who after some time heave in relief, able to breath through their roots and branches cleanly again. Small amounts are smeared over infected trees, in hopes the same effect will become evident, but alas all it does is draw flies. The Drylium slowly, so painfully slowly, begins to siphon the rot and sickness from the Yadi. But finally some progress is shown to be made, as the epicentre, that sulphur mine, already shows the green shoots of life again. Bolstered by Purebreed magics, she works diligently to continue drawing out the evil which infects the jungle, as other Drya continue in their own efforts to halt any further spread. The Growth spells are altered, tweaked to her strange nature, to allow the Drylium to draw upon that proffered energy to increase the impressive spread of her root systems, now perhaps miles in diameter wide yet!

[Full Moon]
Forever at war, it would seem there is nothing new to learn, but war is ever evolving. More so, when magic is so obviously involved. Kurai is like one great Dojo, forever training, forever learning, forever teaching. Will they ever cease needing to train? As long as the world is impure, it seems so.
Before it was the pure magics had no counterpart with which to measure against, but now these Paskians are a perfect counterbalance of impurity. Ice cold mittens, saturated with moonblest waters, shall cast aside the bolt and blast of the impure! Tests upon their increasingly defended supply lines return with mixed results. For some, they had worked shockingly well, deflecting their runic spells back upon them, and for others, moon-sent, not so. The variables are as yet too numerable, but noble or priestly lineage, previous blessings, and degree of ritual purity have been ruled out. It truly seems random.
[R] Katedra members embedded within the lands of Fraternia send back reports of current political instability within the nation, which with some persuasion may fall in favour of the HDS. Four key targets have already been located for said, persuasion, to help sway the principality to the east.
The battle priests of Vaygr seek to further emulate their lord, in how he slew and cast down the bloody body of Lunatri, so too shall they slay the Usagi. But they are as fast as they are foul, no doubt driven my magics yet fouler still. Thus, they call upon their god to grant them the speed of foot and sword-arm to crush the Rabbit-like grittidim, to tread upon their broken bodies as Vaygr ground his heel into her wicked back. Their prayer is answered with visions of how to receive such a blessing. For each that is sent to war, another must remain to perform the ritual. It is a simple ritual, merely the contemplation of the Little Keye as it speeds along its course, and the recitation of the epic poem detailing the many battles of Vaygr, culminating in his slaying of Lunatri. With this, they will be granted his speed.
(>>5061801) The lesser peoples may try to stop the hammer blow of the Dictat, but such will bring death upon them, the march of Humanity in any venture cannot be stopped. The steamships maneuver their way around the Sogigant without hesitation, forcing aside smaller boats, floating Sonyakian, and Laga alike. (>>5058109) Here they begin to see land matching description of that of the Dybet, sands which stretch to the horizon, and amidst them the waters of life. There is no time for pleasantries. Past these are the lands of half Bull grittidim, and then dense jungle. (>>5056569) A break in the vegetation, the coming & going of distinct [junk] boats, then past the head the broad riverfront of Nazena. There is no doubt this is the land of the Oni.


-The First Expansion or The Assault on the Dakan-

The Paskians make good to entrench themselves within the Dakan. Slowed by the constant harassment by Umbral and Rabbit, they could not be completely stopped in their fortification efforts, and now they begin to clear the land around the war-camp. As Ministers with shovel, axe, and runed sword stride out, their terrible force-enhanced ballistae take aim at the walls of We'vara. Bolt after bolt is fired, detonating on impact as if packed with worse than black powder. Huge stones are blasted free, sending rubble and onlookers tumbling down. Under this cover, trees are felled, the scourge of the Shadow and shadow both are purged. Sunlight, real sunlight, for the first time since the birth of the gods lands upon the muddy forest floor.
The invaders, Achroma damn them, struck first, but the Entente shall not falter! Flashing stun-rocks daze the front lines, and canon fire blows the stunned bastards to bloody confetti. The plan from there is simple, charge, charge, and keeping charging, all the way to Obron should it be possible. Alas for the Shadows, more Paskian soldiers have poured into that sacrilegious camp of theirs. No matter, let them be yet more Usagean combat training. From the holes in the walls, from the gates, from the tree tops!, the full might of the gathered Entente floods over the Paskians. Slinking Do'la with stealthing magics unrivalled, darting Rabbit with speed unmatched, trudging Turtle an unstoppable wall of steel, and raring Fraternian filled with the rage of brotherhood. Like a cloud of blazing darkness they come, to the great surprise of the Ministers. Shock and awe works wonders on the first, the second, even the third contingent, but the barrage from either side eventually comes to and end, and they fall to bitter, bloody, hand-to-hand fighting.
Paskian Wolf and Bull are swarmed over, their size seen only as a greater target to stick and bleed dry. Man and Elf fair better, engaged in far more traditional combat, especially with the Fraternian races. For many Shadows, such brazen glory is short-lived, but no loss is in vain for the sanctity of the forest. They push the soldiers back, back into their own fortified convoys, but not out of the sacred grove. The battle becomes a slog, as ever, with Paskian runes stronger, more versatile than imagined.
As with all else, the war too halts as Pyr violently destroys itself. The forces shakes the snow from the trees, collapses barricades, sweeps the less agile off their feet. In it all, a red eye shines bright in the Dakan.


A terrifying blast, fires, fires all around, and ash blanketing our lands once again.

This time the source is obvious, Pyr itself has detonated!
Not wholly unexpected, the chaos the ententes presence must have had on its spirit must have been the cause of this calamity.

Voices dispatch to ensure the spirits of fire maintain their agreements and swiftly extinguish these blazes, enforcers with spirit weapons slaying those spirits who refuse to bring the land into balance, the fires should swiftly extinguish in our lands.

The fear and sorrow at the damage however, it knows only one remedy, a remedy rather sweet indeed.

Action 1: Honeyquest VI: The Scarlet Apiary

In the heart of Danderland and among the apple trees, there is found a place for the third grand apiary.

Decorated this time with foreign gemstones, and cinnabar dyed silk the honey that spill forth from this apiary is known as “Sovereil”, the nectar with a taste so sweet and delightful it sends shocks through ones spine, the smell alone making ones mouth water from impressive distances.

For so long the danderfey have had rather little to be joyful over, let this new industry raise their spirits and the work they have to do distract them from the volcano erupting which we won’t go out of our way to tell them about.

Action 2: Honeyquest VII: The Hallowed Apiary

The final apiary and perhaps the most important.
From the Hallowed Apiary spills honey that cures physical wounds.

The syrup that unbleeds men and re-weaves the skin of Sennites, a source of magical healing, it is “Salvei” and it is precious to the Carvil’ax’seset in ways difficult to put into words.

The body of this apiary needs little decoration but nature, coming from the conjoining of two great canon tree roots, twisted and melded to form the great apiary, a scale-like bark shell forming around the grand apiary, precious stone from the Drya and Laga bought to give finishing touches.

Ulzhonig, Enheim, Sovereil, Salvei, each ingredient for The Work, The Art, The Grand Alchemy, they are assembled now each and every last one of them.
All that remains is to ask of ourselves, will it blend?

[R] Rumour again?
File: Turn.jpg (78 KB, 612x550)
78 KB
>The Grunkup division
With the crest province now fully instated due to his family's investments, Thane Glovan Grunkup issues a surprising announcement - he is moving his personal seat to Makriaz. As his years have advanced the sweltering heat of Kupsiloz has started pressing hard upon him, and he looks forward to the cooler climate in the hills of the crest. What is more, he plans to split the Grunkup lands to make them more governable; for he has a brother with a history of loyal service. What? No, not Bavir; that dilettante was cut from his father's inheritance and still holds 'court' upon the Dwarven face of the floating market if he didn't die years ago. It is Mavon Grunkup, his adopted Meluz brother, who is to take Thanehold of Kupsiloz.

>The Arrival of Great Ships
A welcome, a welcome indeed! The great ships glide into the harbours with still greater speed and control then those which came before them; the port officers setting up lines and checks to process these arriving immigrants and where they will go. It is to the south for most of the non-Dwarves; Thane Mavon Grunkup happily welcoming the Meluz species back to Kupsiloz (and quickly taking for himself a younger wife), and Zadulkodt rapidly finding favour from Tarnmen who are used to a desert climate. As for the Depaun, the sea-dragons are creatures of oceans and islands so it is along coast he will live, waiting perhaps for the Turtle to see if it as mighty as he. Rauthr is offered accommodation at the royal estate whilst she figures out what she wants to do, so that she and the Kalnthrunr might plan and converse.

>Action 1: Crest Survey
With the hills of the crest purchased, a survey is commissioned - whether they hold minerals of value or just plenty of land and stone, knowing the lay of the land is always important for future projects.

>Action 2: Bandru Roads
The Roadbuilding project for the rings of Bandru'ii is continued, Dwarves making good on the deal agreed.
>Global Event: [D]isaster - Pyrclasm!
Though perhaps some unknown tradeship experienced for seconds the combustion of Pyr before their immolation, it is the sound of the explosion that first alerts Gylden Dwarves to Pyr's eruption. Throughout Glazchorkurg windows and glass-planes in the glasshouses shatter, and the waters rage on the northern sea and even up to Rodededun harbour.

The Dwarves of Æbleland have recorded in their histories methods of dealing with and responding to the fall of ash, and these are used again; those harvests can be saved gathered briskly in and the excess of ash gathered and ploughed in beneath land considered marginal.

In the Gylderkavi province, fiery gobbets that escaped the volcanic surge had landed and set alight the dune-grasses of the coast. But from the Gyldenland methods of fire fighting have been passed down that are retained through Dwarven knowledge; where the fire cannot be easily controlled and extinguished fire-breaks are cleared and earthworks are dug to prevent these flames from spreading and to starve them of further fuel. By this method, even the fiercest of blazes should be bought under Dwarven control and eventually extinguished.

>The Birth
And miraculously, such talk of Kalnthrunra Rehilda was true! Despite her advancing age, she goes into labour and gives birth to a child. A second daughter! With such an omen heralding her birth, it is decided to name this girl Pyrada, after the fire-strewn isle. Though as she is both female and younger then her own nieces and nephews, there is not any real expectation that the throne will someday come to her.
1. Devour the Artificial: The Oni lands are getting more and more industrialized, but that doesn't sit well with the Oni who prefer a more natural environment though the wasted metal scapes are getting on their nerves! Useless pieces not worth trying to recycle. They bring up this issue with King Benmi. Being busy with royal court matters and "teaching" his foreign brides Oni culture, he just gave them money and a empty lab to do their research. The witches just shrugged and use what they were given. Pile of metal of all types were put in the lab each with at different states of rust or purity. The witches try to channel their anger at the metal to make them disappear or at least break them down. (Research Curse: Rust Plague)
2. Long Distance Communications: Since the beginning of time, people have always wanted to communicate and their best natural way was shouting. Then came written language then letter and then...nothing. King Benmi thought it was strange things related this didn't improved, but one day, some researchers came to him with a idea. They were oni who specialize in the science electricity and lately they were having some strange yet fantastical ideas. The group noticed that electricity reacted differently in different place. It took them quite a while to figure out that what may affect it isn't something one can see. They call it "waves of energy"; invisible forces one can't see with the naked eye. There are other types of waves, but they're most interested in something they called "radio waves." Once when testing, they found out these waves carry sounds over long distances! Now they ask King Benmi for funding for more research. He ponder it a bit and said yes though he's going to personally oversee this project... (Research radios)

>Action 1 - Firefighting!
The shattering of Pyr was felt around the world, but the (surviving) people of Thisi felt is most of all. A shockwave, forceful enough to shatter windows on the far side of the continent, does far more to the once-neighboring island. People are flung backwards, slamming into walls even as they too collapse, blood from ruptured eardrums mixing with debris and dust. Even the mighty trees are flattened, stripped of their leaves and bark as the shockwave rolls over the land. The worst is yet to come though, as globules of molten rock arc through the air to slam into the island, fires spreading from the craters like an infection.

Thankfully, all is not lost. The fortified library, the city of We'wait, the fort in the far north are all damaged, but still hold survivors, who must now rush to stop the encroaching flames. They will be joined by teams of minors, emerging from the depths of the numerous mines, fleeing quakes and cave-ins. Together, and hopefully with Fraternian aid, the surviving citizens can scrounge up buckets, sacks and pots, hauling sea water and sand to beat back the flames and stop their spread.

>Action 2 - Upgrade two farms south of Is'lara
Achor Hill, poking up from the surrounding forest, bears the shockwave stoically. In it's shade, bubbling springs form the source of twin rivers, nourishing the land and the agrarian-minded Do'laroshan's that live there. Rearing animals on fungas and nuts, their work is disrupted by Pyr's destruction. Here, where the thick woods of Dakan meets the open trees of the Deadwoods, they are thankfully sheltered from the more devastating effects that may plague others, and so this area will find itself thronging with people looking to escape the battlefield of We'vara or the devastation of Pyr's eruption.
With the sudden clouding of the skies the Grand Ministry turns its attention to significantly more important matters than the war, safety and preservation of the people of Pask. Hastily a simple peace is devised with the Umbrals, calling for each side to return the equipment and dead and prisoners of the other and for The Grand Ministry to return the Umbrals taken land. It has no meaning if the people of Pask are suffering, and this momentous event is a convenient reason for The Ministry to examine events during the war and react accordingly. Thus The First Expansion ends. What was not gained in land was gained in knowledge, in capability, and in future preparedness. The Ministry shall return, for in time all this land shall be Pask's.

Action 1: The runes of Pask are strong at keeping the ash from settling too much upon the land, but in the sea the fish suffer, and without much light what little grass will whither and the cattle and berries starve. Thus the Grand Ministry begins the arduous task of constructing great coverings, filled with runic light and heat and fed the waste from Obron, for the purpose of keeping their farms growing food.

Action 2: The Grand Ministry additionally turns its focus to properly honoring the Ministers who died for their part in the war. Grand ceremonies are held where all those who died are assigned proper funerary honors and awards before being buried under Obron, and those who fought and lived are awarded with White cloaks of veterancy and/or other statuses.
Fluff: It seems that the time our researchers have been in the library controlled by the Do’la has paid off, new Magics and Technologies revealing themselves

Library action: Pure Insanity: Mad Red eyes
The branch solidified now it is time to create the spell. The mad red eyes of the rabbit to drive fear and madness into the minds of those that gaze upon them. Causing them to lose their sense of balance, making them feel as if up is down and down is up. Yes they will lose their sense of direction with this maddening gaze, possibly even to the extent of raw nausea. While not the most powerful of what this source can do, it is certainly a good start

1 action: Pure Agility: Walk upon the Pure light
The pure rabbits have always tread in the moon light. The pure and guiding light that shines down on the glorious kingdom, however the question comes up if they have the ability to walk upon it. Surely with their fine skill and grace they would be able to tread upon something so delicate without breaking it. Perhaps, as those that have been sent to the moon might be able to walk along all sides of it with ease, where the light touches upon this impure ground we can walk upon it as they do if only for a brief time. Perhaps along the surfaces the moon light touches, we can run along it too, pace after pace.

1 action: Culture
War has become a solid part of our history at this point, and the heroes of the past that have been felled by the impure swine deserved to be remembered and honored for fighting so valiantly for us upon the moon. A day should be set aside for them to not only be remembered, but to be celebrated for someday we shall join them in battle as well to re-claim them moon from a cruel and unjust god.

Rumor: What do the rabbits hear in this new land as war comes about once more?

War action: Seeing as the war is on hold for right now and that the enemy really can’t ever be trusted, the forces are to assist in putting out fires for right now so they can stay relatively active even in this moment of calm


>Those pesky earworms.
Many have tried, none have succeeded in their attempts to cure or even ease the silent menace. Scholars and priests alike try their hand and faith against the challenge, one swears it to be an ailment of flesh, the other a punishment for making a false idol of the Melody. Caught between the flesh and the spirit, there lies perhaps some truth. Exploration of such an avenue, should one exist, will have to wait. Whatever illness has struck them, its appetite has grown, and its pallet demands more than abundant joy of the Simfuni. More cases are emerging, but the patients are changing. Venezians are starting to fall ill, yet the symptoms are different for each. Some lose their voice, other the ability to move their hands, keen sight is robbed blind, and the sharp edge of hearing falls tone deaf. Slowly, but surely, the talents of Venezia are dyeing out... but little too late is this spread noticed. Those who have paid the docks a visit have taken home with them more than just gold for their troubles...

>The grand stone cocoon.
The once many doors of Theatra are sealed shut, its spiraling back yard locked off to the world. It is eerie to walk in its silent shadow, even the rushing of the river nomos makes only the faintest sound, barely audible unless one walks its shore. It simply sits there, void of the grand life that it once projected across the land. Perfect. The discordant gather, the great instrument city is without a musician, and they dream of defiling it with their terrible musics. A zealous assault is launched by a band of reckless lunatics, spear headed by none other than the former Tunist himself. When they finally reach the stone walls of the towering city, they challenge its mute presence with whaling chants and shattering cries. Briefly the wall shakes, as if perhaps their ear splitting shriek's will pierce its cold shell, however as they grow louder something begins to happen to them. No sound is heard, but it is as if some invisible wave had swept over them, each begin clutching at their ears, some at their chests, and fall to the ground. Their screams turn from madness to pain, and a confused terror grips their face. They thrash about, as if they were fighting something that was inside of them, and many take to simply start physically assaulting their own bodies. Finally the tunist cackles loudly for them to retreat, and like a beaten hyaena, they run home laughing obscenely with their tail between their legs.

With a strange sound of some sort of explosion heard faintly by many in the eastern portions of the colony, and the return of the ash rain and the sun even being blocked by stormy clouds of smoke, there would be a bit of annoyance before many continued on. While things initially weren't too bad, the water issue of it needing to be boiled did cause a great deal of annoyance for people and more firewood being needed. And when things continued and crops died off, the focus on the fishing industry for food only intensified. However, with this new ships needed to be built, especially in order to more effectively hunt at sea. And with steam power proving itself extremely effective for making ships move at good speed and remain independent of the weather, and the knowledge of the difficulties in making newer, more advanced ships gained from the Amhrisiadwy during it's construction. Shipbuilding would be worked upon, the techniques, tools, and equipment for building ships would be worked on more, so as to allow many ships of both advanced design and large size able to effectively be produced and constructed. Of course, there were still issues that effective shipbuilding techniques and new tools and equipment could provide, but this wasn't exactly the only thing that would be improved when it came to production...

A small Ciwed clan, Taaffe, recently came into prominence in Efailesau as a Teulu clan and as a potential new Brenhinol clan and rival to Clan Nist. One of it's members, a well educated Goewyn was something of an engineer, and the arrival of steam power gathered a great deal of interest to her. For some time, she had been gathering up the funds to enact upon her idea's to experiment, and in this she created a small business similar to the smithies in the city. However, she worked on making the process easy to do and requiring far less skilled labor for far greater production. In this, she created machines, powered by steam, to turn metal into various goods. Initially, it was a bit hard, and the Colony's first factory was simply a small building on the outskirts of the city. Yet, with time and further work on the designs her business has expanded, and production of tools and various other goods, including more advanced machine parts for producing steam engines, has grown drastically. Naturally Clan Nist has attempted to get in on this, but lacking the knowledge on how to actually produce the machinery, they turned to Clan Tudor for aid. With this, the town has seen a boom in production, investment, and industrial output, and it's likely that the businesses of Goewyn Taaffe and Clan Nist will be expanding quite a bit, and with it a new age for Prenhaearn and even Llychlyn!...Once the knowledge can be shipped back anyway...

>Action One. Shipbuilding and Slipway improvements

>Action Two. Early Industrialization. (Centralized in Efailesau)
A sealed copper pod with a glass porthole is lowered in the reef of Holo'gunui, and with the first copper turtle is used by elf and other land walkers alike to observe the beauty of the reef fields. Air is kept fresh with a wax soaked canvas hose, pumped with a sealed piston providing air.

Our original ship workshop is given another overhaul, with the most exciting innovation of all, Cardinal ant teams turn wheels that power water wheel, allowing for newly rear propelled ships, with in concert with Laga pulling - makes the top speeds significantly improved on the open waters.
File: Ironclad.jpg (65 KB, 910x512)
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1. Improve the Fnawic steel-ship designs.

2. More Warpriest anti-rabbit shit

Loredump to come
1&2. All effort this tyrn is to heal the Yadi. The spells continue to aid the Drylium and the healing honey will be used to heal them from the taint that they are absorbing.
Action 1: Deploy army to clean the waters.
An often overlooked aspect of the army is military engineering. It is not the fine structures of an architect or even something to last a hundred years, some don't even last a decade. It is made cheap and requires constant repairs, but it'll do in the shifting battlefield, and it'll do in a disaster. Madoc will set the army to construct crude water purifiers and reservoirs. This will not only let us mitigate the damage in the area, but it'll also let us control the Goblins even more, lest they lose their drinking privilege.

Action 2: Improve Water Purification Spell (from turn 23), have priestesses clean the Dyne and Kavost.
With the return of the ash rain, we will have to use our magic once more. But we have come a long way since last time, not only have we abandoned the dance magic in favour of more immediate command magic, but we have also developed freezing magic, letting us change the very form of the water. Surely with these we can figure out a way to separate ash from the water, such that we can collect it with the sieves, and clean the rivers of this ashen rain.
File: map60.png (1.17 MB, 2048x2628)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG

What would your people consider the greatest monuments of your Nation?
[Please post at least two, along with a description of them]

[Rumour again on Scene Nine, greedy!]
The fire spirits have their fun only briefly before enforcers remind them of their covenant. The most resilient are the spirits of Kaelgate, still left with some rebellion within.
With great joy, the Dander tend to the Scarlet Apiary as they have the whole of Winchester Forest. Gifts of apple-blossoms from far afield are given to the bees in thanks for their delicious work. All around it, the trees hang heavier than ever with fruit, and the apple harvest festival that tyrn is the largest ever thrown.
The honey of the Hallowed Apiary is produced far slower than any of the other apiaries, as the bees conduct their work almost solemnly. Not, spirit-conversation finds, for sadness, but for great reverence of the place. As it is squeezed from the comb, the honey has a silvery shine unlike any other, akin to the scales of the fish in the River Namu. The Sennites which collect the stuff too feel a holy respect for their work, conducting it almost ritualistically, giving prayer and thanks to Va Sen with each required action.
As yet only hasty experiments have been conducted, though resulting in something far lesser than the sum of its parts.

Politics is perhaps the Gyldens' fourth or fifth fondest pastime, one which Mavon having been raised as Dwarven as any other, excels in. He is most honoured to be offered the Thaneship of Kupsiloz, especially now that (Sigodian) Meluz have come to repopulate the jungle! Already new nests are being dug alongside Dwarven homes of stone, rejuvenating the already lively culture of what the old Meluz called 'The Isertisian'. The newcomers make their ways throughout the Kalnthrun, many heading for the warmer southern reaches. The Cewri, Rauthr, is most impressed by the city and palace of Æbleholm, having lived all her life in the much more modest 'Jotregk, though all this bending down she has to do is most annoying.
The Upper Crescent, these new lands, last untouched by surveyor's shovel, is picked over. Here, a single cache of sparkling gems is unearthed amongst the otherwise barren rock.
(>>5062469) The strange, curving, double-backing road plans are followed to the letter, including the two outrageously elaborate, and equally outrageously expensive, bridges over the River Lida, where one would suit perfectly. Ho hum, as long as they're getting paid, they'll build what and where they're told.
The fires of Pyr flare up and die in the sparse sands, leaving behind spectacular splashes of speckled glass. A fine example of which is gathered up and fashioned into a dazzling pendant & matching earrings to be gifted to the young Pyrada when she is of age.
"By Chadskisei, foul scrap, begone! Rust!, and be washed away!" Ever so slowly, noticeable only between daily lab-visits, the witches see their bitterness has caused certain metals, namely iron and steel, to begin to redden and crumble. Silver, copper, and the Dwarven metals tarnish dull or turn green much faster however. It is like a spreading rot which passes between materials that touch, if acting only a hair faster than time itself.
The group dub the phenomenon Musaaran, and overseen by Benmi himself, they get to work on unravelling the mystery of this hidden world. Much of this initial work flies completely over the head of the King, who still nods as if he understands the Onis' explanations completely. The system requires a speaking-device and a listening-device, although these are as yet theoretical, the foundation is in these experiments being laid. The speaking-device is the first to be worked upon, with hundreds of tests built upon underlying theory, resulting in a crude, and supremely dangerous) sparking coil, which when tapped dims the lights in turn.

The camaraderie experienced after the disaster lifts the spirits of those who have lost. Shadow and Fraternian both come to help as best they can, extinguishing fires, pulling survivors from rubble, and shoring up damage. Given their expert senses, Canomorphs prove most beneficial in locating the trapped and injured. Guildhalls and the like become hospitals or morgues, all give whatever they can spare to the relief efforts. Having fought the minor fires on the mainland, Fraternian ships come sailing to help as well.
Many of the additional mouths that need feeding in Is'lara thankfully have hands to sow, weed, and reap. The farms in the shade of the stalwart Achor Hill are greatly expanded, filling the woods with agrarian activity.

Not every advance is a single leap forward, in fact few rarely are, most often it is a steady march of small improvement in many areas. This is once more the case. A wider spread of more efficient methods, a streamlining supply chains, consolidation where needed, etc., etc.. The most notable of these is the newly improved slipways, for greater ease in the launching.
Young Goewyn's factory is a marvel of Fanwen ingenuity, when it can secure the purchase of enough coal that is. (>>5065913) A single mine, no matter how hard it is worked, is simply not enough to meet the demands of both the HDS and Prenhaearn and importing coal, chiefly from the Gylden, is often prohibitively expensive. This aside, the machinery within, primarily ancient FHR designed rollers, along with more modern punches and formers, are a boon to Efailesau!
[Waning Gibbous]
[R] The brief and sudden war has ended, the demons of the ice do not harry, the east is but a memory, there is at last peace for the pure. With peace comes craft, with craft comes trade, and with trade comes gossip. One such rumour is that the Turtles, ally of an ally, have developed a method of moving those who cannot breath water under said water! It is aparently a copper cylinder pushed through the sea by a great turning gear.
[!] The stacks finally give up something of use, a scroll written in, moon-knows-how, proto-Bitty detailing a ritual to inflict nauseating terror in the impure. At least, that's what the Recordkeepers translate it as. Those who have already undergone the procedure to imbue themselves with silvery magic, may recite a simple prayer. At first the Rabbits are relieved that such a spell requires no pain or loss, until the prayer is conveyed. For the spell-prayer is ancient, as the maddening magic itself is, and requires the caster to call upon the name of the Betrayer, to praise Akkgar, to call upon him to aid the speaker, to invite his power within themselves so that his madness may shine forth from them.
Moonlight, is there anything as pure? Purity of light, purity of soul, purity of magic. This is the thread the priests follow as they cast the divining bones, hoping to imbue those upon Syph with the ability of those upon the moon. That is, to walk on moonlight. As a spell within the tree of Pure magic, the toll will no doubt be on the priests who cast it, and this proves to be the case. The priest first anoints the target's feet with moonblest water and then his own, after this he secludes himself to his cell to perform the ghastly ritual. The priest seats himself with one leg placed atop the other so that the foot faces upwards, then a blade of knapped Blackstone is purified in moonblest water, before the priest then carves into his sole the lines of sacred text. During this he must not twist or scream, it must be as if he is simply impressing with a stylus into clay. As long as he patiently, silently inscribes into himself, the target may walk as the moon-sent do.
Those whose true self has been sent from this land of impurity to the realm of the most pure, who do and shall do battle against the wicked Betrayer, they are the most honoured among the Rabbits. They who have given up this world, one which while impure is better known than the great silvery light above, shall be remembered and thanked! Old customs are brought from out of the family shrines, out into the streets and temple, so that all may know what has been so hard-won. Bowls of whitest rice, steamed with moonblest water, is offered up to the departed, alongside sweet & chewy bean-cakes and a spiced liquor brewed from sugar cane. Songs of battle and of victory are sung, the war drums of the temple played, a cannon brought up from the Fraternians is fired (into the sea). It is a night of revelry as well as remembrance.
The First Expansion is brought to an abrupt closing, but as many Ministers say, what is not gained in land is gained in experience and knowledge of the adversary, something unobtainable otherwise.
Perhaps the most useful advancement made because of the First Expansion is the Runic Light, which now in this tyrn of grey gloom helps light & heat the farms of Obron, as well as the main avenues. A great many were produced for lighting the Umbral lands, which are now freely given to those in need of a reminder of Injunction's gifts and might in this frigid land.
Of course, Pask cannot forget the great cost of such knowledge. The loss of a single Minister to the, well, savages of this world, is a tragedy; To have lost so many is a time of national mourning. The dead are honoured in the highest, given a place of rest within the hallowed catacombs beneath the city. The grieving are tended with utmost care, stories told of courage and valour, thanks given for their sacrifice. Beside the dead are the great mass of the injured, the maimed, the blinded, the deafened. They are treated as best they can be, with very many requiring amputations and extensive physical care. These most noble Ministers, having given themselves bodily, and a great deal mentally also, for the Will, are awarded with distinction, the most notable of these is the white cloak; Never before given in such numbers.

(>>5062469, >>5062795, >>5065686) A quiet falls over New Venezia as the rantings of street-preachers falters, the haggle of the market dims, and shout & call of the dockworkers trails off. Only the strong seas give their noise. As traders push off from the ports, though many do not know it, an illness travels with them. The symptoms vary, but the outcome is the same: Silence. Some simply fall deaf, most common in Dwarves, others lose their speech, most common in Dryads, and others still simply lose their sense of direction, most common in the echo-locating Laga. The disease is not fatal, nor is it widespread, being just contagious enough to be a burden upon whichever nation falls prey.
They flee, wailing and cackling like the damned, from the sealing stone catacomb of Theatra. Walls of impenetrable, Maestro called, stone entombs the spiralling city. Within, only the Simfuni understand what is happening, for even if one found one's way inside, the darkness would be suffocating, the silence dread-inspiring. The Instruments conduct themselves as they see fit within their stony cocoon, perhaps they have sealed themselves away for good, becoming nothing more than a derelict opera, perhaps they are working patiently on a cure!, or perhaps, just maybe, they are retuning for a concert grander than any other, one fit for the return of the Great Melody.
>Everlasting Waters
With Turtlean methods, the fabrication of the copper shell is remarkably easy, with only slight difficulty arising with the installation of porthole windows. There is however a greater amount of trial and error in the maintaining of a suitable environment within, though most thankfully without loss of life. These pods, supplied with air from bellows worked above-water, are at first only warily visited by the terrestrial Elves, but as word spreads of the awesomeness of the reefs further pods are needed to meet demand!
The docks and shipyards of Mauna see vast expansions, filling the shore with jetties and ramps. Beside them work teams of Ants, paid handsomely with fruits and the occasional treat of gobmeat, powering immense wheels both on land, and aboard newly furnished Laga ships.

[Fill out these actions next turn alongside your other actions and you'll get this turns update then]

Ash is tilled over into the mud and the forest renewed where it has been cut as the Drylium and her attendants continue to halt the scourge. Additional painful felling is deemed necessary for the trees most afflicted. Now it is simply a matter of time for the Yadi to be restored to her glory. [i.e. no need for more actions]

Pumps, reservoirs, sieves, and the occasional army priestess help control the ashy contamination of the Kavost. It is with some delighted surprise though that in the Dyne is found, after her red fury has now faded, the ash is not allowed to settle by Undine, instead floating, flushing out into the deep Jackal Harbour. Traps in the upper river allow the collection and removal of the bits of bobbing stone, as well as concentrating the ash. In but a tyrn, the army under Madoc has the Kavost and the Un more-or-less cleaned, reservoirs of fresh water filled, and the Goblins on their best behaviour. Seeing a beast four times your size just stroll along carrying a weapon of solid steel the size of you will do that.
Alongside the army's efforts, the water priestesses too set about improving their ancient magics to help cleanse the sacred river(s). Although the goddess herself has seen fit to keep her river clear, there are still pockets of pollution in the streams, lakes, and reflecting pools which need sorting. Here, the priestesses command the water to swirl, close tight around the ash, compact it, resulting in small, easily removable balls of muddy-ash, which in turn can be simply thrown onto the fields as fertiliser.

File: 10101854MSA_273x0.jpg (35 KB, 273x273)
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>Short Posts because been hella busy of late
1. Finish that Iron War Wagon project we'd been working on before!


The Lady of the Great Lake

She has landed near the Nest.

Various Lords and the King himself come to her, asking her to bless our banners, our weapons, our armor, enchanting them with magic. Maybe she might not understand, but we can at least show her how shiny we are. Or Perhaps Turtle Belief would make them so

Perhaps, if she truly knows our prayers, she might help our Great King find the location of the Holy Pail, the Helm of Bert the Hero himself, unscratched even after his encounter with the Destroyer of Worlds, able to grant its user true immortality and invulnerability.


3. (Library Action)
Water and Earth magic seem to benefit the Turtles well, and so in the Shadow allies library, that is what they learn to study.

Xira Gate

An incredible monument and one that shines as the first thing any visitors to the Rings see should they come via boat. Two colossal gates stand proud with ancient murals depicting the metaphorical journey to the Unseen, and battles against monstrous horned beasts.
It has endured countless years, predating the great blackstone conflict and parts of it even being created before the tanglewar.
The centrepiece of it all is it’s grand lighthouse, shining since time immemorial.

The Gilded, Scarlet, Shriven and Hallowed Apiaries

Each are works of art to behold, inside and out. The lavish decorations of each being both decorative and functional, being made according to the very strict standards of the bee queens.

The Home for Flowers

The resting place of Valmads weary soul, in the forest where he once dwelled in life, covered in beautiful flowers as far as he can see. In ancient times simfuni maestros made their way to sing lullabies to him, but with recent events they have stopped coming.
The land is one of total peace and quiet, a field of dreams.

The Library

The library is a grand structure that represents a new age of dryad civilisation, where knowledge is not just remembered, but learned for the very first time. Controversial among some groups, one cannot deny its inherent beauty.

Action 1: Upgrade the two forges of Bandru Va’siya
So much of the dryad economy relies on clockworks and spirit weapons and living works and other crafted items, it is high time the forges of the forest are upgraded into true shapers halls. We have obtained an incredible amount of resources from the goblin lands, we need to be able to work it all.
Action 2: Secrets of the Wheelfingers.

The dryads can share with one of their closest friends some of the dryads greatest achievements, the secrets of fine gearing that the wheelfingers have innovated to produce.

While the wheelfingers are some of the youngest sorts of dryad, gearing not a practice taken up by older dryads who find it too fiddly and not worth their time anyway, they are still perhaps the brightest minds on Syph when it comes to their passion.

Officially tasked by the Queen herself to go share what they know with the dwarves, they are in no position to argue, bringing great scripts and blueprints and plans with them to educate the stout ones on their tricks.

Dryads teach very little, as most of their education they have learned already and only need to remember, but gearing is a recent addition to their skill set and so as luck would have it, the dryads have materials available to teach the dwarves.

A few translations here and there, a few aeons of head scratching as they convert everything between each nations units of measurement, and enough material is in place for the dwarves to truly dig into the work.

Some of the dryads finest works are assembled in front of the dwarves who shall learn the secrets of the wheelfingers, the complex drives of the dryads infinitely ticking wristwatches, the animatronic motions of silver birds and the delicate humming of the music boxes, all of them broken down step by step into their constituent parts, the principles involved baked into every roundboy (This word was used a single time in reference to the dwarves and the dryad responsible was severely chastised) in attendance until they understand it inside and out.

By the end of the knowledge sharing it is hoped the dwarves have absorbed everything the wheelfingers were able to impart to them.
File: Turn.jpg (116 KB, 710x730)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>The Plague of Deafness
Pardon? Though thought at first to be an effect of the Pyrric blast, as the deafness slowly creeps on the Gylden start to take it more seriously. Quarantines are put into effect and freedom of movement is temporarily rescinded in the northwest, whilst both the priestesses of Æblemor's order and the Lægesworn investigate and try to halt the spread.

>Action 1: Inroads into the Bandru
>Roads for the Bandru'ii pt. 3
The Dwarves of Æblenthrong continue their roadbuilding for the Bandru'ii along the course that the Carvil'ax'seset Dryads have determined it should follow. Nonetheless, they keep the Bandru'ii as constantly updated on plans and upcoming procedures as they are able to; for even if the Dryads might not say specifically the Dwarves suspect that these lands are very special for their arboreal neighbours, and would not wish to cause unwitting offense.

>Action 2: Institutions of Sigod re-founded
>Engineering College and Artillerists Academy
The mechanist Æbermund has met many folk of late. The Thane of Makriaz to secure financial backing and demonstrate his design interpretations, the folk of the wandering market to show off Dwarven learning even as he sought their secrets, and of course with the Wheelfingers of the Bandru'ii to get better understanding for himself and his students into the intricacies they have been able to master (Roundboy? Ha! He'll have to remember that one!). But it is his meeting with Rudmunri of Kendt'koldrag, newly shipped in from the Gyldenland with all his knowledge, that truly confirms him along the path he had been planning. They talk long past Guldfar's day of devices and machines, students and structures; and when His light again shines in the sky they are both decided. The collages of engineering will be reborn upon Syph!

The site initially chosen by Æbermund lies upon the upper reaches of the Rodikol close to Makriaz (that it also happens to be close to a brewery is purely coincidental), but the two compare their plans to the land-surveys diligently - not only is Makriaz making nearly all her empty lands available for the option of the grant, but offers are coming in from Metaki to match the Thane's generosity should their lands hold a more suitable site. In the end however, the choice is Æbermund's; and as this is to be his legacy he would choose the most suitable site...

Meanwhile, other newcomers from the Gyldenland received their own particular educations at Torz'vogaz. Graduates of the Artillerist's school, these military-minded Dwarves find the empty expanse of the central Aeturkofilt near perfect for their designs. And for the designs of others... - not only will they grant instruction in the use of the variety of traditional Dwarven artillery, but also more complex devices. For with them on their boat came both a specimen of Gnordi Feberson's great inspiration, and the blueprints that might see the light of Guldfar's gaze shine out to new horizons.
>Lore Point

The Greatest Monuments of the Æblenthrong? Well, the Æblen bridge across the Vikolder was once considered the finest of the type; though as the Tyrns have moved on and more has been built to equal or better it the lustre of this bridge has faded. It is nonetheless still highly regarded; just not to the heights that it once held now that other structures are thought to have surpassed it...

>Guldfar's great temple by the field of Gold
Grand and gleaming, the temple of Guldfar in the Guldfilt province combines glass, masonry and concrete washed bright with lime, and decorated all across with the bright shades of the sun as it shines out near to the holy field of gold itself. Gold has been used in many runic patterns and decorative coiling, along with Brass and Carnelian, but the grandest use is upon the Great face of Guldfar which faces the direction of the field. The face is solid gold well over a full Dwarf in height, and the hair and beard blaze bright with Voktorz-light. It is said that the face will blaze as brightly as the height of Guldfar's longest day even at the deepest depths of night; and if the great temple doors are fully opened at night it is said that the world outside will be illuminated as if by day again.

>Æblemor's grand temple
Though the structure of Æblemor's grand temple is concealed by the tall Gylder-apple trees that form the woodlands around it, the pale building is still grand in scope and scale; even though much of it is sunk into the earth to rest around the standing vein of coiling silver which lies at the heart of the temple as the focus of the blessing and warding powers given to the Priestesses by their goddess. As the vein itself is only ever rarely drawn from and even then only in the most ordained and exceptional of circumstances, the decorative silver pieces and mirrors inside the structure are mostly made of silver purchased from the Bandru'ii over countless Tyrns - apart from the single proud silver bead that sits in the temple reliquary. High upon the roof of the temple above trees and masonry stands the Golaetur'kot of Kalnthrunra Glodrana herself, the container made glorious so that the old Queen's spirit might see the world in sunlight as the Tyrns pass, and watch over and protect the nation that she caused to be.

>Rodededun University
The old town campus gave way to a much greater and grander structure, a temple to learning itself built by the greatest Gylden craftsmasters. Though the Golaetur'kot of Korek Laegratt stands elsewhere, his statue in the main entrance hall speaks as to the honour that this learned Dwarf is still held in.

>Hospice of the Lægesworn Order
Designed by the same architect and employing many of the same masons as Rodededun University, the hospice is intended to reassure with the impressive scale of the institution it holds. Before the building stands a great statue of Læge in the guise of the physician.
>Everlasting Waters
1. &2.

Begin expanding and claiming the forests and grasslands to the east of the Pologa.
Lore Point
>The Gilded Causeway
The long road, connecting the Usagi city of Kurai, the Fraternian New Ava's Landing, and the Turtlefolk's Nest, is dotted with markets, camps, homesteads and guardhouses. Day and night, winter and summer, it's ambershale blocks see countless feet, from the lightest step of the Do'laroshan's to the heavy prints of the Turtlefolk, making their way to and fro across Entente lands.
Though the oldest parts of the road lie between Fraternian and Do'laroshan territories, it's true inception came about when looking to connect the Turtlefolk territories to the road network, necessitating raised roads and embankments to cover the swampy grounds of their home. The Turtlefolk, ever eager to work with earth and mud, took to it's construction with gusto, and have cared for the entire length of the road ever since. Thus, they were the one's who christened it with the name, despite only a small section of it actually being a causeway.
It is said the off-gold hue of the ambershale is a good luck charm for merchants who travel it, and so many will go out of their way to ensure their journeys cover at least a small section of the road.

>Pyr's Strongh-
Haha nevermind

>Realize you don't have many great memorials because you're always at war or making magic.

>Action 1 - Water Pumps
The tumultuous destruction of Pyr has upset the land, and one of these side effects is the sanctified darkness of the underground being sullied. The bounty of the depths, laid there by Achroma, are drowned in a deluge of water and silt as the mines flood from below.
Though they lack the knowledge of the Fraternians and the intuitiveness of the Turtles, the Do'laroshans are far from uneducated. Holding what may be the world's largest library is not for naught, after all. What's more, though they do not crave the feeling of earth around them like the turtles seem to enjoy, the Do'laroshans are no slackers when it comes to mining the precious metals of the earth. Thus, with the mine-work restricted, Do'laroshans look to drain the water away, pipes and pumps of copper crafted and experimented upon until the work underground may resume.

>Action 2 - Declare war on Pask

>War Movements
The Paskians are no doubt responsible for the sullying of Light and Darkness, their mingling in the blood-red sky overhead a daily reminded. Each ashy breath the Do'laroshans take is a reminder of the sins they have committed, allowing the unsanctified lands of ice to be stained by the half-life of the Paskian mimics.
No more.
First and foremost, they must be excised from the land. The Do'laroshans, unwilling to bother their allies with this, set out on their own, splitting into two forces, each bent on erasing Paskian presence outside their unholy walls. Their attacks will be sudden and overwhelming, no quarter given or life spared. Drive them to within their damned corral, and never let them set foot outside again.
Posted on behalf of Megyros
Concerned about the recent developments about the magic that has been dubbed "the song of the earth" by the younger acolytes, some of the eldest monks shall be sent with the next batch of troops up north.While the monks shall be in foreign lands they shall assist those in need and to investigate the source of this beat and to conclude if this was part of the natural cycle or something else that maybe malicious.
>Send a contingent of monks up north to investigate the recent volcanic eruption while helping those in need.
Enterprising Megryian merchants gather together to celebrate some event of great importance to them and while they reveled throughout the night and joy was spread all around as drink where bought on the house, one of the merchants would get the idea to expand the dock to attract more trade and allow a greater number of ships to be accommodated.
>Expand the dock and its infrastructure to allow more ships to dock.
Volunteers are gathered as the call to raise a defensive force was sent.These brave men and women will be trained for two months in the Oni way of war and methods of discipline and to those who showed interest, they shall be trained curing the night in the monks style of hand to hand combat.Once the regimented training process has passed those who passed the training period shall be armed with the finest of weapons the Dwarves have to offer.
>Recruit and train a force to defend the free people of the land.
Soteriaeth enjoys a feast in celebration of the pure waters which now flow the Dyne and Kavost. He saved the day, as the Pharaoh should, and now he gets to reap the rewards, as he should, including a harem of Anub ladies. Soteriaeth finds the larger bodies of the Anubisids more to his liking in bed, where his strength causes less harm. However, despite how many ladies he sows his seed in, none seem to bear child, at least not his.

Action 1: Investigate the Pharaoh's infertility.
Soteriaeth confides in Madoc about his concern, that he worries what the Cult of Moth will do if it turns out he's infertile. Madoc of course cannot have his son suffer such a fate, and starts gathering the most loyal Priests of Anubis and Priestesses of Fanw to get to the bottom of this, without the Cult of Moth noticing. Whether it's a fluke of chance, the concubines having found a way to prevent pregnancy or if his son truly has been struck with infertility. They will also have to figure out ways to resolve any such infertility, be it the healing waters of the Dryads, the various concoctions of the Oni or maybe some other exotic means.

Action 2: Dyb administration of Goblin Tin region (east of Usland), restore Tin mines.
We are suffering a shortage of bronze due to the lack of tin, some farmers even have to make due with arsenic bronze (which is unhealthy) and some even use pure copper. Not to mention our own cannonworks, where our mighty bronze cannons are cast. Our process of making a solid blank to then bore out means we have to use 25% more bronze at first, and can only recycle that 25% once we've bored the cannon's internal cavity. The city of Uslang will be the administrative centre for mining operations, and the gathered populace of Goblins will make a good source of labour to throw into the mines to make up for any deaths within.
1. With the issues of the blight coming to an end the issue of what caused the anger of the gods comes to debate. To better understand what is the cause the amber is taken again to seek the actions of the drya that have angered the gods in the past.
2. In the possibility of needing to go to war again the firearms are further refined in their design to shoot harder and farther.
>greatest monuments: The Big Dig and Maglak

> 1st and 2nd action: move the Great Army into Dolaroshan lands

> 3rd action: send whoever is left to assist the Simfuni
For the few left to guard the kingdom against threats, a new task presents itself! They must aid their allies, the simfuni, but how? Well, quite simple- corner the crazy ones and beat them unconscious, then put them in isolation cells. That’ll work!
Lore Point: The first of the great monuments is the very queen herself. A true testament that even the truly pure are able to thrive in this unclean world. The second has been lost in the wars of the past. The grand coliseum that once stood to help train new recruits and hone the abilities of those becoming captains.

Fluff: Truly this is insanity. To speak that wretched betrayer’s name. No more of this insane magic shall be needed outside the few there already are. Should one go to the moon then may they wield the power of this horrid god against him to drive them mad with their own flaws. And as news of those does fought long ago comes up once more we must arm ourselves once more to take down those that would hide behind walls of mud and magical stone.

1 action: Combat training. Bouncing rabbit.
Due to their acquisition of that mine of blackened stone outside of dodging, their strikes will likely be dire against anything right now. Their armors as well, that take a myriad of blows to strike through will likely be far too hard to break past if this is what they wield with as weapons. In light of this, a new fighting technique is to be practiced. One where the great leaps of a rabbit are to be used. Where their legs are to be something that can deal dire blows by simply kicking off the enemy. Yes this bouncing style of combat as to spring forth at a high speed to crush their chests and heads in with kicks, landings, and sweeps. Practicing bounding from wooden pole to wooden pole is to be the training for this, kicking off them. Higher difficulties using moving straw targets, eventually having armored straw targets to practice not jamming a foot into a piece of metal that sticks out.

1 action: Pure defense: Pure armor.
Our normal magical armor will not suffice. Having it upgraded to be on the level of iron shall make due instead of what it has been for several decades. Yes this advancement was a long time coming.

War Post:
Aid the shadows in keeping the minotaurs of Pask at bay. The primary objective being to stop them from being able to build any fortresses and gaining a foothold once more. As for the moles... attempt to trick them into thinking we are not the same enemies of the past by working alongside the impure rabbits. A prank if you will. Should it fail and they truly wish to bring down weapons upon our allies then swing back with twice the force and bound from one to the next, stealing whatever blackstone weaponry they have. Attempt to benefit from the blinding bombs of the Do’la as well. These cave creatures likely hopeless against a blinding light.

While industry had grown significantly, along with most importantly the shipbuilding industry, coal was still an issue. However there was no more time really to wait, and Prenhaearn y Wladfa would prepare itself for gaining the revenge it so desired. But first, Sulwyn Wynn would make a bit further work on the Canonau hecsagon Wynn, specifically in granting it greater ability to fire in an arch, making it somewhat inbetween that of the mortars that the humans seemed to use and the older model cannons that the colony had. This wasn't too major a change, nor too difficult to do. And it really just was a minor change if anything that offered a bit more versatility at the only real cost of making the field carriages it was on and the gun itself a bit heavier. Still, both versions of the cannon would be utilized to good effect, and the new howitzer variant of the gun should be able to be used alongside the normal one should weight or other issues pop up that makes it somehow not just a streight improvement over the previous model of Canonau.

Other than this, the colony would start major shipbuilding works. Constructing a number of transport ships and warships. All of Fanwyic design and all powered by both sail and steam. Armed with many canonau, the fleet is expected to be the largest, most up to date fleet there is, and the fact even the transport ships have some canonau and that they are so extensive, it is expected that a sustained bombardment of the Fanw Forsaken will be possible before a landing force is able to be deployed. Of course, this is only one part of the final preparations. As while the ships were important, training of the ground forces for the endeavor would also be required and of vital importance. One thing was certain though. The Fanw Forsaken would come to fear the flag of Fanw's children. One way or another... The debt, now old, will still be repaid by the Fanw Forsaken...

>Action One. Howitzers

>Action Two. Prepare a major Naval Bombardment taskforce and Transport ships.
Action 1: The Grand Ministry makes note of the events of the First Expansion, particularly the sheer danger the Entente posed. Four massive nations came together and pummeled the Ministry, an unacceptable event. It needs a way for its Ministers to remain powerful, and face the enemy directly and show them the true might of Pask. Thus the Grand Ministry turns its eyes to Injunction, and a way to channel its power. The creation of a new way is the Mini-Beacons, small hexagonal spheres covered in runes of durability to keep them stable and not nearly easy to break, while internally holding yet another sphere that holds a truly significant number of runes for channeling Injunction's might. This will allow the runes of the Ministry to be massively empowered even outside of the walls, and protect Ministers against all but the most skillful and determined swordblows. Their minds shall be like steel, unshakeable, and their bodies unphased by mere intensity of light and sound. Even the darkness shall not hinder them, their eyes enhanced by the beacon to peer beyond it. Every Minister shall be administered one of these beacons, while significantly larger ones produced to cover entire camps of the Ministries forces.

Action 2: The Grand Ministry begins a vigorous training of its soldiers to better fight in exceptionally well organized formations. These squads of five will be organized such that intertwined units fight together with ferocity and heavy support of one another, allowing them to engage even larger numbers of troops as they cover each other and handle each others shortcomings. This goes doubly for those larger Ministers whose size may prove to be a hindrance against certain foes and thus must fight in coordination with their smaller fellows.


>Stirring the silence
Around Theatra everything lies in shambles. Much of its surrounding forest has descended into a sorry state, its once vibrant and lush nature now degenerated into a buffet for the scouring and squabbling pests. There is no sign that there is a future here anymore, and yet... there are critters returning. Seemingly insignificant, a few of the small life not seen around theatra in a while shyly crawl around the edge of the ruined stretches and in the relative safety of its rim. Their they hold watch over the silent city and gather, as if an audience finding their seats before an opening act. As more come to scurry closer from the denser depths of the forest, an unmistakable loud sound could be heard, and even felt shooting through the ground. Its source was unmistakable, undeniable. For the first time in many decades Theatra's heart beats anew!

>The act of fractures
It was slow after the first one. A few months would go by, then *thud*, another beat. Months would soon turn into weeks, and weeks into days. Something was happening in Theatra, this was obvious enough to both Venezia and Calibrus. Both had kept at least one eye on theatra, and the other on their rival. At first neither could side could get close enough to study the situation, both parties often encountering each other with violent results. It would be during one particularly large tussle of such a nature that both sides would receive their first insight. In a crackling sound, a serios of explosions sounding like thunder wrack through the sky, stunning both the Venezians and Discordant troops into startled silence. As both observed the peak of Theatra what had happened became clear. Small openings near the spire's peak had burst open, showering the land below with debris. Not long after they could not only hear it... they could see it. The voice of Theatra was faintly dancing out into the dusky sky, its soft song fluttering in the wind. The experience could only be described as if it was witnessing the city yawn after waking out of a long and deep nap. It has still to wake up fully, but its waking hour dawns near, and both sides struggle once more with renewed vigor to behold what is to come.
1. Purging Purity: The discovery of the life magic to clean up pollutants was a miracle! Without sacrificing technology, Oni were able to keep their air and land clean. But disease and other contaminants were still there. This won't do. King Benmi orders the priests to strengthen the spells further for he has plans for it. Working with scientists, priests go to the dirtiest places in the homeland from water tainted from soot from the Hell Forge to barren land full of waste. (Improve the life magic spell: Purity.)
2. Forgotten History: When discovered, the Oni didn't put much thought of exploring the ruins they found. Too busy expanding and being paranoid, but now that there is peace, King Benmi had a thought. Maybe he should explore the ruins? It's not like he hasn't anything better to much to his advisors' sadness. Taking with him scholars and guards, he delves into the temple to find its secrets. (Explore the snake temple)
File: map61.png (1.11 MB, 2048x2628)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

[A thousand apologies for the delay]

At last the skies have cleared and fresh rains wash away the ashes.

[!] Turtle Recordkeepers, having searched the stacks for an age, return from the Library with tomes of magic. Chiefly, the manipulation of earth and water. There is a great deal of information on how a being can configure these substances to his will, but little beyond that. No additional spells or incantations, merely the fundamental magical mechanics.
The existing Bertonian war wagons are expanded, re-armoured, slots given for pike and Fraternian cannon! Ho ho! How magnificent these trundling shells are! There are two common designs for the wagon, a smaller, but just as heavily defended version, suitable for short maneuvers and the like, and a much larger one, fitted with three full cannon each side, pushed by more than a dozen strong Turtles on steel-reinforced wheels. They are awesome to behold.
Iti smiles and coos loudly at the approach of her uplifted children. How big they have grown! How many things they have made, how many deeds they have done! In her eyes is the warmth and pride of a mother, and is there any greater mother than her? The night before the pageant, she had laid her next brood there, which are carefully carried away to be looked after in Neston. She nods and snorts in agreement when shown the banners of the different cities, of the lordly holdings, and of the new king. He kneels to her, and her alone!, and rests his head against hers, it is a moving moment of peace and familial love. The Turtles feel renewed, filled with a loving vigour, blessed by their living goddess. In their bonding, the king relays his peoples question, and she gives voiceless answer: While, alas, she does not know the location of this relic, there are people who may, the Marketfolk supposedly have knowledge of all manner of things.

(>>5076051) More Dryads, notably those naval merchants of the Xira Gate have begun to, quietly, complain of faltering speech.
Simply put, the near-ancient forge-hollows were no longer enough. And whilst all efforts were taken to minimise the imbalance such massive new structures would impart upon the Va'siya, some is inevitable.
(>>5070547) The works of the wheelfingers is phenomenal! The intricate, delicate gears and springs their immaculate little branches work so effortlessly, the minute detail they fashion into every piece, the sheer beauty of it all! Ah! it is spectacular! The Gylden take to it admirably, if not as innately skillfully as the Dryads. They laugh heartily when the poor scalded Sennite's careless words are translated, pointing at each other as to who is roundest, sticking out their bellies and becoming ruddy cheeked with laughter.
(>>5076051) True it is that many suffered some hearing difficulties caused by the late smoking mountain, that the deafness began to spread was cause for concern. Thankful are the Dwarves for their forethought in the training of the Lægesworn and Æblemor's clerics, whose swift action halts the advance, and in almost all cases reverses the worst of the damage. It is a Lægesworn trainee who is the first to locate a possible cause of malady, for in the ear canal of one afflicted Dwarf she pulls a near-microscopic translucent worm.
(>>5069069) The sharp curves and over-use of bridges of the plan continue to vex the Dwarves who, have always preferred straight roads, direct from here to there. But this is the Dryads' lands, and the forest is obviously important to the Sennites in a way they simply do not, and perhaps cannot, understand.
Whilst greatly tempted by the offer from Metaki, the more stable climate of, and Æbermund's growing personal affection for, Makriaz is eventually decided upon for the location of the Engineers College. That the Crest breweries happen to produce his favourite ale is simply an added benefit. As to the Artillerist's Academy, there really is no better locale than Aeturkofilt, the broad, uninhabited expanse perfect for their noisy, and not to mention highly dangerous, work.

>Everlasting Waters
(>>5074733, >>5074687, >>5069069, >>5076051) In the Green Strait, under the shade of the Sogigant, a large bull-Laga unexpectedly swerves directly into the path of a small Dyb boat, sinking it. He cannot explain why he did, only that he truly believed he was swimming straight! Reports begin to come in of more, similar, accidents, of Whales suddenly changing their path without knowing.
[B] Whilst an Elf and Laga are chatting in Carcosa, a Cardinal Ant waddles up to the side of the canal their are on/in. She taps out a little greeting, which the two return. The Ant wiggles her antennae, a known gesture of friendliness from the Cardinals. Then, to the shock of the pair, she croaks out a few words of Pese Vai! It is halted and uncanny, rumbling from within her thorax, her mandibles stretched wide, almost as if to allow the speech room: "Than- k'you- for- your- friend- ship[ with- us-..." [to IC!]
The Waters consolidate their land holdings, which while of little direct use to the Laga, may be greatly improved by their Elf and Ant partners. Already plans for farming complexes and an immense canal system are being drawn up, along with countless other ideas and schemes.
(>>5074525) Minotaurs arrive in the north, astounded at what they do not see. Where once leered the smoking mountain of Pyr, now stretch deep waters. Some make land on the shrunken island, helping to search the mines and sands for bodies, whilst the rest continue onwards, to Thisi and then New Ava's. Whilst many lend aid however they can, in the hospitals, even the fields if needed, the monks find their way further in land, pulled by some unknown force. Over the grassy lands of the Fraternians, east into the hills along the Pilgrim's Way. There they find what it is that calls them, a cave, a wide and jagged crag in the mountain. It is dark within, the air hums with earth. (>>5076051) There is movement in the void.
Not content to have one bay filled with jetties and shipwrights, the western delta is built across with new, state-of-the-art docks, designed specifically for the needs of the merchant navy. A forest of cranes rise from the piers, surrounded by warehouses overflowing with grain, linen, and olives.
This world is a dangerous one. Long gone are the days of trade and sail, it is an age of smoke and steel. Black ships belching ember flecked clouds are the final straw, the Minotaurs of Megyros can rely on their neighbours and allies for protection no longer. Taught the powerful, aggressive techniques of the Oni; Honed by their own monks in footwork and skill; Clad in the best the Dwarves have to offer; They are a sight to see, inspiring pride and reassurance in the public.

The Purebreeds prepare for what is likely to be an unpleasant experience, deliberately, as they are, reliving the anger of the gods past. Readied, they consume the amber, and wait. Suddenly, violently, visions of fire, of wave, of hail, and of darkness assail them. This was their holy wrath, but what had caused it? Quaking as saplings in the breeze they endure the sights, sinking deeper to find it. Then it hits them, the smug pride of some Purebreeds before them, when Syph were naught but forest; Their arrogance, their claim to rule over all trees, that had brought their downfall. Now other causes, of past Drya neglect, of their apathy, of their cowardice as Man, as Elf, as Halfbreed tore the forests asunder. Last came visions of another reason, one of greed. How the groves of Drya sparkled, how trees were smothered with gold and jewel, how the riches of the Protector had blinded them to their true selves.
[I can never remember which way round the Drya gods go, sorry in advance] As with all things not grown in the soil of the Protector, and brought life by the Giver, the gonnes of the Drya are imperfect. Over the tyrn they are worked upon by the Trees, making every small improvement they can upon the existing designs.
Do'laroshan engineers and miners work in tandem to solve the current problem in the mines, shooting darker than usual looks at those who suggest just getting the Turtles to mine for them. No, it is best to be self-sufficient in this at least. A tyrn of tinkering and bickering leads first to the creation of pumps, and second to their implementation in the affected shafts. Initially installed simply to drain the recently invading waters, their use continues in the draining of deeper groundwaters to further the Shadows' mining operations.
Recovered at last from the assault on the Dakan, the Shadows seek revenge. They seek to make the forest theirs and wholly theirs alone.

Though not usually a matter for son and father to discuss, this matter is one of national, perhaps even international, import. Priests of Anubis and Fanw, both the small local Dyb cult and foreign Fanwen clergy, are gathered to resolve the issue in secret. Given the close ties the two countries have formed over so many tyrns, the Pharaoh is not the only child of a mixed union, and it is with heavy hearts they must confide that none born of such a union have been able to bear children of their own. It is, if such a comparison may be made, much the same as that of the colonists' Sigodian cattle and the native Syphian breed, for such hybrids, whilst of good size and strong health, are also infertile. Alas, magics worked by both cults has proved ineffective, as have the usual folk methods. (>>5069069) With a generous donation of meat, although the Anubisids are a little confused as to this request over say, gold, to the Rings, the Pharaoh is granted access to the waters of the Holy Pool. He feels lifted from him a weight as he sups, and can barely keep himself from his harem until he is away from prying eyes. But when the perhaps dozen he lay with do not begin to round, the priests of Anubis inform him this weight was likely the 'Sin of Jaffa', which has hung over him since the death of Ahenohetshu II, but obviously was now the cause of his sterility. (>>5076356) So it is to the Oni a number of merchants are sent, to retrieve for him the many potions, elixirs, salves, and ointments they peddle for such matters. Again, in the testing of such things, he beds half his courtly ladies in the first night, but besides giving him aching joints and a bruised pelvis, and strangely smelling faintly of beef for the next week, does not alleviate his worry. Last is the following of rumour, carried by traders from far afield, that their erstwhile enemy, the Fraternians of the Entente, may have the key.
The Dyb are, my some considerable magnitude, bigger than the Goblins, which make them the Boss. And when the Boss says "go mine", the Goblins go mine. Oh sure they grumble, they complain, they eat each other to feel better, but they go mine all the same.
(>>5069069, >>5076051) Thousands, if not millions of steel-clad feet make their way north, barrelling through the Winchester Forest and then up, up, up the Northern Pass. The mass is simply so great, any along the path are forced (back) west with them or be trampled. Down they trudge, out into the Taqsim, their marching a strong rhythm in the unusually quiet lands of the Simfuni. (>>5076051) The Atragarok arrives outside Calibrus, and make quick camp, come morning they will break through Fraternia into that forest of the Shadows. Here outside the city walls however, it is clear not all is right, for instead of sweet Simfunic singing, there is coming from within a terrible, discordant, cacophony.
(>>5076051) Even to the rage-filled Imnaki, the din of Calibrus is unnerving, wrong in a way they cannot put into words. Instead, the small task force heads west, down the canal-road to New Venezia, where the racket is much less uncanny. And, more importantly, it is easier to accost the Discordant. Though quite likely not the method the Simfuni would have preferred such a problem handled, the very real threat of being beaten unconscious by a surprising fast steel-laden Molerat, is quick at silencing those spreading discontent and disharmony in the city.

[Waning Half]
Speed, agility, and surprise, the three greatest strengths the Usagi have over this Paskian menace. Further training in these is the obvious solution, incorporating them into a wholly new form of combat. Wielding deadly piercing spears, a quick leaping strike vaulted on said spear, penetrates the armour delivering death upon the foe. The style comes naturally to them, utilising their best against the enemy.
Drawing upon their extensive, collected priestly knowledge, new patterns and verses are brought into the tattooing ritual of the spell of Pure Defence. This, alongside the incorporation of a Moon Shard as the needle, enhances the already powerful protective magic, making the skin of the target as unto steel!

(>>5070547) Their first task is an enormous, stockpiling order of high-grade Gylden coal, paid for out of pocket to ensure speedy delivery. With such matters for now dealt with, the much more important issue of canonau improvement is handled. Integrating older Human designs, and of course that famous Fanwyic ingenuity, results in a more versatile weapon; Capable of firing over walls or into enemy ranks, instead of relying on direct brute force.
The Dwarven coal arrives just in time for the fuelling of the truly immense, awe-inspiring fleet which fill the harbours of Glaniadneifion and Traethllwyd. If they had ever been somehow beaten in naval forces before now, the Fanwen of Prenhaearn y Wladfa reclaim their title as masters of the sea.
[NM] The skies clear, the sun beats warm upon the tundra, the clerics gather in their courtyard to receive the blessings of Injunction. A number of white-cloaked heroes are invited to this sacred occasion. As the sun reaches his zenith, the bending shadow of the High Beacon twists over the gathered Ministers. A blinding flash, the crack of thunder, and upon the scorched stones another copper cylinder lay. With great reverence the appointed member opens the tube, retrieving the vellum within. However before being able to even unroll it, he and three other Ministers; at least one of whom had helped organise the First Expansion; burst into violet flames! Their screams are unholy and even when they are smothered in vain attempt to put out the fire, they continue to burn. Soon there is nothing left but magically charred bones. After this comes hail. Huge stones which smash through the roofs and windows of Obron, their runes proving ineffectual against the power of the Will. After a full day the storm subsides, the narrow streets filled with ice and slush, and the cylinder is recovered to be read. Upon it is the same word again: Hipolytrate. Their previous failure now punished, they are given the same command again.
[2 actions are needed for the mini beacons, 3 in such numbers!] The academic world of theory must always be tempered by the harsh world of reality, that something should theoretically work often clashes that something must practically work for it to be of any use. The designs for the first Miniature Beacon is brought from parchment to workshop table. Here, gold is found to be the best carrier for runes, leading to the pre-emptive smelting down of much of the previous bounty to meet foreseen demand. This golden core, similar to that which graces the height of the High Beacon, is covered over in the self-same runes. This is then encased in hammered sphere of iron, inscribed this time with runes of a protective nature. This initial "Mini" Beacon is ceremonially touched to the High Beacon, enlivening it with the Will.
Ministers are trained using the knowledge acquired in the First Expansion, especially in the use of formation, and the keeping of formation. Each of these units is formed so that one Minister's strengths cover another's weaknesses. The training is intense, weeding out those not, or no longer, fit for such service.
In the coming tyrns, thousands of words shall be written about the return of Theatra to the world, of her re-emergence upon the stage, yes of her glorious encore! The Instruments within tune and retune, they hum catches of the Melody, they practice their lines again and again. The show is about to begin.
(>>5069069, >>5075077, >>5074525) The first peel of music rings out! A single clear note, high and strong, blasts apart the rocky spire of Theatra's cocoon. The sky awakens to the sound and dances with lights of green & purple.

The aforementioned members, along with experienced lifestring players, gather at the slag piles of the Hell Forge to begin their work. They find the threads of life in the area few and far between, and when played give the magical equivalent of a sorrowful sigh. This, of course, would not do. To allow the playing of the lifestrings to work the magic they desired, a number of ferns, trees, and even a few animals from the Harja forest are brought up to the area. Here, with the slow spread of the threads of this introduced life, they began to strum. The song was a complex one, certainly not for the beginner, and helped suck from the earth the pollutants and filth so long poured into it. But it did not simply destroy it, but pull it from the ground, and into the trees they had brought with them, turning them limp, grey, and sickly. Nothing a little bonfire doesn't clear up though.
Benmi is nothing if not brave, and though they would never say it to his face, many of his advisers feared him also terribly foolish to venture into the overgrown watery ruins. The king's assembled group set out from the palace to much fanfare, dressed brightly for the display, but upon leaving the city, and having to traverse the jungles, change to more hardwearing garments. After much trekking they reach the Trial of Vipers, seeing in the waters about it, a startling number of Goblin, and even a couple Oni corpses. Treading with much more care, they enter the dark mouth of the snake. A click, a whir, a spike, the kings guard Ujamono is dead, speared through the chest. The contraption slowly retreats back into the wall, bringing his lifeless body with it, which then with a wet smack, slumps to the floor.


-Uniting the Dakan-

At night they stride through the forest as be'wof after be'wab. Small fences are brushed aside, invisible lines erased, the Dakan won. Logging equipment is broken, or hauled back as trophies. The Paskians must already know their place, not daring to remain in the inky gloom overnight, nor risk the icy gales that whip across the shelf. Come morning, when teams of logging laypaskians make their way out to work, they are quickly harried back behind the walls by harridan Do'la. Not, or at least not yet, willing to escalate this land dispute to all out war, the Paskians are content to take only potshots at the Shadows they spy on the tundra or between the trees.

>Clumsy Ol' Blubber
"I swear Sir Knight, the ship just jumped in front of me." The usual reasons are investigated, drunken night swimming, sleep swimming, or perhaps the knock to the melon shook the Laga's memories. Once all of these reasons are found to not be the case, the ships then perhaps? Is it only Dybet ships? Is there some cargo they are hauling that is making our natural instincts fail us.

The aged King Pa'nele'Tui arrives in Carcosa, it has become time to speak with the Cardinal Queen. (Also when can I make the hive a city?)
Action 1 and 2: Honeyquest VIII: The Work

Complete The Work

It is Our Matter, Ayatana, The Nectar, Grynox’s Blood, Catharsis, Sundrop, The Liquid Stone, Sleeping Sap, The Change, Syrup Diadem, Panacea, Distillate, Elixir, Reunification, Autumnal Wine, The Manna, Primeval Amber, The Filled Vessel, Melting Feathers, The Body, Panoply, The Mind, Living Electrum, Red Lion, Alter Saturnine, Aire, The Spirit, Metalline, Two Serpents, Stonewater, Quintessence, Guldfar’s Other Gold, Solamar’s Second Sun, Oni’iaghiri’s Jam, Anti-Kadmon, Elyon Honey, Leaders Drink, Immortis Philtre, The First Food, The Land, Skysup, Ringblood, The End of Endings, Bath of the Spirits, Unseen Dew, Cosmic Yolk, That Which Pours Freely From Every River On The Sun, What Remains, Sample Time, The Art, Moonbleed, Sennite Oil, Magnum Opus, The Uncreated World, Galatea, Blasting Light, New Order, Artifice, Qi, Ylialkamiste, Concentrated Lumes, The Balanced Act, Harmonious Juice, Precursors Draught, Lively Concoction, Spirit Ichor, Up and Down, Left and Right, The Limitless Light, Va’s Tears, The Milk of Syph, Warm Base, The Rain in the Ascent, The Fury of the Danderfey, The Muse, Aphrodisia, The Pride of the Winter Markets, Nightmares Bane, The Apothecaries Dream, All Good Things, Chaos Chamber, Inside Shells, Imbibed Accretion, Emperor Over Lead, Soul Clothes, Flowerfriend, Skyquake, Ukkovetta.

It is done.

Gather before the dreamer. Present some to her.

If she has time to respond to more queries afterward, inquire about the tiny creatures that infest peoples ears.
Action 2. Revised
Prospect some of the newly gained lands.
The people rejoice at their fortune, the ashen rains have affected everyone but them, thanks to their dilligence and piety to Undine. The Cult of Undine hosts yet another festival, the Dryads who come for the gardens are welcomed with open arms, and the markets are bustling with butchers selling their meats. The Danderfey are most confused, as while everyone is happy, it is at the expense of others. Music floods the streets as well, and many an Anub woman are bathing in the river, a bit slim from the tough times of the algae bloom, but this is the most common beach body, the garments worn are also commonly skimpy.

Action 1: Army fitness regimen, make fitness medals (Phalerae, but smaller), make silk capes for those of excellent fitness.
Though Madoc is concerned for his son, he still has the duties of his office, as High Marshal. He has supplied the army with armour and swords, now it's time to focus on their fitness. The soldiers aren't as naturally competitive as the warriors, so they may let their physical fitness wither, this is bad for when war happens. So he shall have them do marches, sprints, weightlifting, wrestling, wading and even swimming. In fact, until they have gained at least one minor Phalera in each, they will have reduced pay, and they will have to continue with performance to keep it, and each year they will require a higher ranking set of Phalerae to not get their wage cut. Those who excell will be given a silken cape, as a way to flex on the normies.

Action 2: Preparations for the construction of a dual temple of Anubis and Fanw, to upgrade the Temple of Anubis. Also check if the Goblin precious stone could be used (discovered Turn 12, Taknab mining at Turn 15 and 16, apparently it's Quartzite).
Soteriaeth may be young, strong and proud, but despite it all he's still a pious man. When his mother and her bodyguards were slaughtered by the bunnies, he miraculously survived, Anubis spared him death. He has taken so many means to try and regain fertility, but what if he simply lacked the blessing in the first place. Anubis didn't just make the Anubisids, he made them able to make more, Fanw didn't just birth the Children of Fanw, she made them able to bear children of their own. So to earn the blessing of both gods, he looks to the Temple of Anubis, certainly a big temple, but... it was made exclusively by Anub hands, with Anub knowledge, using nothing from the vast network of trade. Plus, it's time Fanw got a temple. Her temples in Prenhearn are... even less impressive than Anubis' current temple. So he commissions architects from all across Syph, sampling the many stones, silks and materials across the lands, even checking the precious stone mines in the Goblin lands, perhaps we ought to reopen the broken ones.
File: Turn.jpg (109 KB, 701x655)
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109 KB JPG
>Action 1: Works of the Crest
>Forge and Mine
The Engineering college of the crest is helping the Gylden dwarves of the Æblenthrong to learn, pass on and innovate marvellous mechanical skills. But with every design made, you need a place to craft it upon the materials of reality - and so a new small forge is opened just on the other side of the head of the rodikol, so that items might more easily be forged and mechanical parts of great complexity might be wrought more easily.

Further along the rim of the crest, Dwarven miners watched and assisted by curious and uncertain Gylden priests strike the hillsides for the deposit of these stones said to be the colour of the sun. Are they simply stones of an attractive and worthy shade to honour Guldfar's light; or might they blessed in some form by Him above?

>Action 2: Farming Redux
>Two Farms
On the lower Zarunteg Valley, Gylden Dwarves in Zvalzarunteg open new farms - perhaps not on the right side of the river, but still as close to the field of gold as they can place it within their province. Whilst down in Melzkagilt, the return of Meluz to the region is heralded by the Serpentfolk opening new farms of their own in sweltering jungle terrain usually to hot and humid for Dwarves to find entirely comfortable.
1. The Adventure of the Hiss Part 2: Sadden by his guard's death, but knowing he needs to move on, Benmi continues into the temple though he guards his group to be more careful and watch their surroundings.
2. Love Has No Genetic Bounding: When the Oni met with the Meat Shifters, the scientists noticed they have quite the variety biodiversity. This lead them to conclude that Oni, like every other sub-Oni previously thought, were a different race or species. It's no wonder they hardly have any half-Oni children though not from the lack of trying....Their instincts tell them that this must be remedy this! Working with the Life priests, the now called Idin Gakoosaga, or "geneticists", conducted projects with volunteers to see if they can finally conquer the blood barrier. Benmi is quite interested in this project has "honor" the group as a volunteer despite the dismay of the geneticists. (Research spell: Fertility)
File: 4b._FHR.png (23 KB, 799x950)
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No fucking idea how many actions I'm supposed to do, but it being the days before finals week; this as best you are getting Lux. Let me know what else to do in DMs.

1&2. It is not enough for us to have arms and armor which surpass all those on the continent. No, no it is the duty of the Armed Forces to be filled with those whom are the most skilled as well. Drill and practical training go hand in hand, and with our forces bound for the hiding holes of the exiled Grittidim not having left just yet; now is the best time to hone our forces. Indoctrination makes the soldier strong of mind; a selfless combatant willing to lay his life down for the good of the nation and his comrades without a second thought. His Arms and Armor are the result of Thousands of years of design and the lessons of practical application. His training tempered with knowledge on his foe whomever that may be. The Dictat requires the best soldiers the planet has seen. Those whom would make our brothers fighting the foul Vossikine elves envious of their prowess. A soldier unfeeling but for disgust and contempt of the enemy. A soldier willing to do what is needed to ensure the survival of the Race and Nation. A soldier whom can be expected to recognize the challenge ahead of him and use wisdom and tactics and skill to defeat it utterly. A soldier whom is one among hundreds of thousands just like him. A soldier whom is a part of a wider team who knows the strengths and weaknesses of his comrades and how to use them to their best effect. Humanity shall not suffer for a military one might describe as "well enough". Our men must be the best. Nothing else shall do.
Posted on behalf of Megyros

The brave Minotaurs who volunteered to help the shadow people continue to travel the land to reach the nations up north, as they traveled up north they would share their tales and songs with any who were interested while they camped. Some minotaurs who were not warriors would seek the finest recipes of the nations they were crossing to bring home and be planted some seeds to see if they can planted.

>Continue moving the troops sent by the Megyros up north.

The Dwarves living with the Minotaurs in the Mehyros territories start the construction of a grand fortress for their modest hold in hopes to redirect trade and to defend their fellow brethren and minotaurs who live close by in times of peril.

>Have the Dwarves living in the mgeryos territory build a Dwarven-style fortress.
1. Their will is clear. We must focus on the Yadi; but even we know much has been lost of it since the ancient times. Research the ways of reforestation so we may aid the regrowth and expansion of the Yadi.
2. Expand our domain in preparation of the great reforestation.

With the ships ready there was not much more time needed to prepare. All there was simply left to do was ensure that an extensive amount of equipment was made to high quality to ensure that as many soldiers of the Colonial Army were utilizing blessed steel as possible. While it would take quite a bit, hopefully any economic losses from this retaliatory strike would be regained through anything of value that was taken from the Fanw Forsaken and their kin. Further, ideally this expedition would be a short one, as if it was the people of Prenhaearn could rest easy, and after this the people would feel safe and ideally expand Prenhaearn's borders and by extension ensure that Prenhaearn had a far greater abundance of resources to recuperate any losses. Further, even from a non economic point of view, it would at least get Clan Protheroe to calm down and ideally return to a focus on mining rather than revenge for Madoc's wife. Still, in order to ensure that everything spent on this endeavor wouldn't go to waste, extensive training drills and war games would be undertaken by those in the Colonial Army. Both involving unloading onto the shore against an enemy force, gunnery practice for those utilizing the Canonau on the ships, especially the howitzers, and general combat training on the ground. This was undertaken simply as it would naturally take some time before the amount of Blessed steel equipment that was made reached a satisfactory amount and it was best to further secure Prenhaearn's victory while the soldiers waited for the invasion to be sent. Naturally the many arrows, swords, axes, speartips, and armor of Blessed steel would be able to further protect against anything the Fanw Forsaken had and with the production base that had been set up, the smithy's would be in a far better position to meet the demands of Clan Llewelyn and more importantly in this case the members of Clan Wynn in charge of the Military. Regardless of the outcome though, Clan Nist and Howell were going to get quite the influx of cash for their work.

Other than this a message would be sent to the Humans and the Dybet. The fleet was prepared, and the equipment was being made. Their revenge would be had in the coming tyrn. And naturally, the Dybet were fully invited to avenge their fallen, and more specifically Soteriaeth's mother. The humans, naturally, were also invited to avenge their own fallen if they would like, though more spare Fanwyic ships were made for Dybet purposes, mainly due to the influence of Clan Protheroe and the simple fact that the Humans had a greater shipbuilding industry than the Dybet.

>Action One. Ensure the skill and quality of all our troops. Let our rank and file troops be equal to our rivals elites, and our elites unparalleled.

>Action Two. Prepare a large surplus of high quality Blessed steel military equipment. Ensure our future victory.
Fluff: It’s hard to tell whether the sky is darkened out or not in these woods, but it doesn’t matter one way or the other

1 action: Build some farms
A grander variety of food is always something to be welcomed. Some sugar and beans to help out the diet, and ensure enough protein is in each meal as well as some general kick to it.

1 action: Culture
The queen’s Birthday is coming around so a celebration should be held indeed! Of course not every rabbit gets to experience this as instead of once a year it’s once a century. The eternal queen Tokki finding it a much better standard of time for her than simple years. The beauty of eternity.. the eternal Queen and god of Rabbit purity Tokki. It shall be a grand celebration indeed.

War action: Continue aiding the shadows and turtles and keep an occasional eye out for moles. While it’s a war without much fighting, it’s a war none the less.
Missed Turn
1. Our King takes 11 of his best knights, whatever gold or items we can spare, and starts a noble quest. To find the Holy Pail of Bert, starting with the market folk. They swear upon a great table in the shape of a Turtle Shell, these knights are sworn to find the Holy Pail or its ultimate fate.

2. Efforts to master water and earth magic continue, as turtle mages seek out the ancient powers locked within. Surely as Great Iti can make huge waves with a flip of her flipper, or dig great holes and burrows for her eggs, can we do the same.

This Turn

1. The Quest for the Pail continues. Many wonder if it is a magical relic with powers mysterious and amazing, or if its simply a decorative item of great cultural and authentic value for it belonged to our hero himself!

2. The mages seek the mysteries of earth and water magic anew.

Our Shadow Folk and Rabbit Allies are at war again. They ask for tunnels to be dug beneath the earth, for attacking from below, and so that is what we shall do.
>Action 1 - Entente Unity
The fighting style's of the Entente cover a diverse range. While the Fraternians favour massed numbers and exuberant bravado, the rabbits prefer smaller teams of almost ruthless killers, hopped (hehe) up on their powerful magical augmentations. The shadows shy away from open combat, favoring the bow or the cover of darkness under their Sa'Terif spells, while the Turtles cannot ever say no to a call for open, glorious battle. Matching these together, therefore, is quite the task. Strategists look to history, war-tales of veterans, and even hypothetical scenarios to concoct a number of unified stratagems, pairing fleet rabbits before an inexorable turtle huddle, or darting shadows amidst a sea of Fraternians, and dozens more. Sharing their results with the other nations will hopefully result in greater integrity in the coming battles.

>Action 2 - Supply Chains
The long-ago war with the Gali was not remarkably well documented, being done before the Do'laroshan's picked up an affinity for quiet study via their monumental library, but records do still exist. Of note, the lack of strong supply lines and effective reinforcements speaks volumes. If battle is to be done on the icy wastes, food cannot be secured locally, but must be marshalled from home and sent forth. Begin 'voluntulding' some merchant guilds to get their hands on excess foods and other supplies, and ready for an invasion.

>War Action
The insufferable Paskians cannot be allowed to ferment behind their wretched walls. A needle must pierce this bloated sack of stone and foul magic, and the Entente will serve this function well.
To begin, small teams of Turtle and Shadowfolk Shamans will use the cover of the Dakan edge to approach within a reasonable distance of one of the Paskian fortifications lining their wall. The highest priority is to remain at a distance that the Paskian's watching from above will not likely see the gathered dig-teams working through the thick canopy. To aid in their stealth, the Shaman's silence spells will hopefully cover much of the sound of frenzied digging, the Turtles tilling the dirt with their usual gusto. Days, even weeks, of work may be needed to dig a long and stable tunnel, but it will be done above all else, quietly.
Once only a short distance from breaching the floor of the fortifications, military forces will gather and ready themselves. Even if noticed, it will hopefully be too late, the Turtle diggers breaching into the fortifications from below, followed by armor-clad knights of Bertonia. Turtles and Usagi will be the first through, followed by Shadows and Fraternians, poring in to seize the fortification. Of note, access to the upper walls is sought, the portals there barred and fortified, while the gates at ground level, specifically the one facing Entente land, is flung open, allowing easier access. Once the fort is ours, attacks along the wall itself can commence, but that is for another time.
File: Varken Engineer.jpg (93 KB, 800x573)
93 KB
3. The Fnawic improvements on our own steam powered vessels was thought novel...until their steel-ships began to actually sail. It was that event in which the cordial rivalry between the great industrial clans of Varke and Dzen took a brief pause as engineers of both began to work along side interested parties within Prenhaearn to improve and innovate on the design. Improved bulkheads, treating the steel to prevent rusting, safer ammunition stores and better placement of guns to optimize fields of fire are just a few things worked on by the talented men of the Steel Pact.

4. With the more esoteric magical aspect of countering the Grittidim dealt with, more practical application of training and technology are developed. Not only for the Warpriests, but for the regular army as well. It is they whom are to face off against them as well. We have much documentation to go over, as well as Golems to use as a basis for modifications to their builds and equipment to better butcher the Grittidim wherever we may find them hiding in the east. None shall prevent us from finishing this war once and for all.

5. Chemistry! Wonderful chemistry! It has provided us with so much, from Guncotton to acids to use in industry. However, there is still more to see and do! Chief among them is better and more reliable priming mechanisms for firearms and Cannon. After that, who knows what else may be discovered?

6. As Prenhaearn prepares for just retribution, as shall the Dictat. We shall meet them with Rocket and Shell, flame and caustic smoke, blade and bullet. Our arms do not waver, nor do our men. They are undoubtedly the strongest fighting force on the continent; perhaps the strongest in the world! We shall show our brothers on the Vossik front that we in the Dictat too know how to fight and win a Proper war. A true war! A war of Annihilation unlike those of the continent; those weak and foolish enough to believe a piece of paper with signatures would stop the vengeance of a nation from baying at their gates. The foe is not truly defeated until they and their families lie in a burn pit.
> spend two actions to improve the security and efficiency of our supply lines and carts
War approaches, and we cannot go in half cocked: we need to be fully defended, fully supplied and fully equipped if we want to stand a chance against these mongrel dogs’ trickery.
As the great Agok Namoleon Bonatunnel once said: an Umunak marches on its stomach. This is a truth we cannot ignore, and currently our greatest weakness: our supply lines MUST be reinforced! How?
Well simple! Better wheels, better armored carriages, better armed guards and MORE guards! All supplies shall come through a mix of overland caravans and lone underground tunneling teams, so that no single strike will be able to fully cripple our war machine

> warpost: confused entrenchment
The Imnaki host is confused by the sudden stream of new information obtained through diplomatic meetings with the Do’laroshans, leading the commanders to order a halt to the advance. No blood will be spilt or drawn until the situation has been sorted

[B] As happened once, so many tyrns ago, soft rains fall. They are warm, the water cleansing. The ash & filth is washed away and Syph made pure again. The crops grow large, the rivers and ocean teem with fish, the trees stretch their branches wide. It is good.

>Everlasting Waters
"I was swimming along, minding my own business, and then pow! there's a ship in front of me! I don't know, it's like I blinked and wasn't where I was just before that." The wreckage of the ship is searched by the Laga, what can be salvaged is dredged and handed back over to the Dyb, but no cause for such a diversion is found. Then a Goblin raft is sunk, first thought just to be animosity, but the culprit is a pregnant cow, hardly the sort to go sinking Gobbos in her spare time. Then reports of collisions along the Ka'a, then the Holohishe, then in the Mauna oasis, something is obviously very wrong. More and more Whales are experiencing such incidents, young and old, cows and bulls, even the crown prince admits he has suffered. Tracing back through events suggests far-swimming merchants were the first victims of it, those who traverse the Grand Canal to the Xira and New Venezia.
[To answer your question, next turn, after I get off my arse and IC] The plain is turned over, revealing sources of tin and lead beneath.

The Work, is done. Countless days of covenant, of toil, of formulation, of almost-theres. It is at last finished, perfected.
[NM] From her slumber, the Dreamer is awoken. With her usual grumpy demeanor, she opens a single eye exclaiming "What do you want?!", but as she sees the great and the good of the whole of the Rings gathered before her, she is shaken fully awake. Always a catastrophiser, fear spreads across her gnarled face, "What is it?! Is Bandru-?!". The reigning Bandru wife herself calms the ancient tree with soft words, turning back to an attendant to retrieve the first small jar of honey. Worry becomes confusion, but the Wife passes the jar to the Dreamer or smells it tentatively, then with a crooked old branch, dips in a twig before bringing it to her lips. There is a great creaking groan, another dip, another taste, and before the Wife can not so subtly pull it away from her half the jar has been gobbled up. The Dreamer is quiet, apart from a lip smack or two, for a long time, then speaks clearer than she has for many a, the Dwarven term is Jidtyrn. There is something in her voice the Dryads do not recognise, but chatter and excitement flood over them when they understand what it is: Youth. "My! My, my, my! I haven't felt so spry since, well, since I was Bandru's Bride! I feel I could..." She stretches her already greening branches, without the usual creaking and complaining, and slightly lifts from beneath the gathered Trees, a huge root, "Ooh! Not quite... Children, what you have created is, it, it is a miracle."
File: map62.png (930 KB, 2048x2628)
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(>>5082059) A select group of Dyb have been sent to follow the GFU rumours and having arrived in New Ava's find they are not the only foreigners in the Fraternian capital.
It's all well and good for soldiers to join the army fit and strong, but too many allow this standard to slip once their placement is secured. Being so long at peace it has been little worry to allow some leeway, but as the Imnaki have made moves to conquest, it will surely become Dybet's problem soon enough. A tough fitness regimen is implemented, rations are slashed, certain luxuries forbidden until improvements are seen. And for those who excel, medals, and above them, those choice Anubisids who are the peek of physical excellence, Sennite-Silk capes are fashioned. To the civilians of Dybet this fast becomes a fashion, one which is just as quickly regulated heavily!
Plans remain uncertain until word returns from the Goblin quarries. Dyb messengers relay that Gob quartzite makes for fine floors, but more suitable for the temple is the stunning white limestone the Gobbos also quarry. Such stark white could be well offset by far-travelling black basalt from Fraternia, and coloured detail inlaid with Simfuni malachite, Dryan lapis, Fanwen jade, or turquoise and carnelian from the Dwarves. A number of architects from across Syph are contracted, who all describe Dyb architecture as "postenlintal", the Jackals nod and hmm. For this enlarged dual temple, it is suggested the incorporation of both traditional Anubisid and Fanwyic design, notably the copying in stone of what would otherwise be wooden elements. This hybrid style is dubbed Soteriaen, after the Pharaoh. With the Cathedral now also under his control, surveyors are sent to study the stonework, and inquire as to the construction. As for the interior, there are so many options available, the list takes a full day to read out; From furs as black as midnight from the Do'laroshans, finest silks from the Sennites, coral from the Laga, woods of all different hues from all of Syph are at their disposal, equally diverse gems too, not to mention whatever the Market, now walking the Dyb controlled Kamb Road, has to offer! Innumerable designs are submitted, rejected, altered, combined, and at last, after a tyrn of deliberation, one is selected. Soteriaeth himself is slated to lay the first foundation stone.

(>>5083807) With fire in their bellies, the Durranos make land at New Ava's, here to lend aid in battle.
(>>5081927, >>5081839) The Fort of Vacas, so named for one of the Megyros' most powerful chieftains, rises upon the ridge of the Danos Highland with walls and towers of sturdy Dwarven design. Each morn it is silhouetted to the Bullmen by the rising sun, and each eve to the Jackalfolk by the setting sun.
A forge of the college's own is most welcome, storing a good amount of the many metals worked by the engineers. It becomes quick custom to stop at the Crest Brewery's small public house on the journey to and from the forge and college. Nearby a mine over the cache of dazzling sunstones is opened, whose fiery resemblance to Guldfar's flaming beard make them a highly sought after, and equally highly expensive, commodity. Already a bushy eyebrowed Guldfarite priest has suggested claiming the mine as priestly property.
Though not the same side of the river as the Field of Gold, their application for a ceremonial transfer is granted, and a stalk of Golden wheat is planted in their newly ploughed fields. And as their Syphian cousins had done, the new Meluz take great interest in the species of fruit, but moreover, frogs and lizards, of the jungle, soon setting up breeding facilities as farms.

At the sudden, needless, and most upsetting for an Oni, unheroic, death of his guard and friend, Benmi gives a great booming cry of bitter grief. In this moment, he finds himself, mentally, upon the highest roof-terrace of the Pearl Palace with auntie Chicha. He is meditating with her, but it is repeatedly interrupted by the buzzing of a wasp about him. At the time still new to the Sutramatane of the Hedonistic Path, he allows this buzzing to violently distract him. "Focus, child! Inwards and only then, outwards.". He understood it now; Blue, intangible hellfire rose from his body, lighting the way. Stern, he holds back the rest of the anger and sadness, and pushes forwards.
Together with the life priests of the GFU, Idin Gakoosaga in the Oni tongue, these meddlers with the essence(s) of life set to work. The two systems of magic draw upon different methods, but the same fundamentals; The skill of the Fraternian life priests is in the direct, immediate result, the movement of lifeforce from one place to another; The skill of the Honshakti player is in the steady, incremental manipulation of the strings of life. Each has their use, each has their flaws. Honshakti can only quicken the pace of healing, not instantly stop haemorrhaging like the life priests can! With this understanding, it is likely to be the Fraternian's methods which are proven out. The spell is described to the Devil-King as the overflowing of lifeforce within the womb, allowing for successful impregnation to occur. However it is not known yet if the effect is permanent, or only temporary. The first confirmed success is, to Benmi's own surprise, not of his own loins, but of a Fraternian male Lagomorph and impressive Oni female, as within two cycles of the moon her muscled belly begins to swell.
The Yadi is, wide and glorious as she is, incomplete. It is unlikely she may once again stretch across all Syph, probably not even all of Deinos, but she will be expanded. A rhythmic system of digging, fertilising, planting, and magical aid is developed. This system is then tested in the south west, where the desert has encroached. With this experiment under way, the most likely suitable land, the Catan Plain, is quickly claimed as the testing grounds.

(>>5083807) The Knights of the Shell Table relay the message from Iti to their knowledgeable Shadow allies, who tell them the Marketfolk inhabit an enormous bazaar which travels the world atop the back of an even more enormous spider. The Turtles laugh at the joke, but when the Do'la do not also laugh, their eyes grow wide. They ask when they will have a chance to meet this Wandering Market, to which the Shadows stop and think, in their heads a map of Syph, and the general path Aphthys had shown them that it walks. When did it leave here? Which way was it headed? Was it selling salted venison? They carry on these odd questions between them for some time before one draws a rough map of the islands in the dirt with a stick, then draws a line of the path it should, all other factors being equal, be taking. "It will land on the mainland in nine or ten more tyrns. What? It's a slow walker!" The Turtles wonder if they best get walking to where the Market will eventually arrive, on a small peninsula above which one of the Do'la had scrawled "Here be Be'wof".
Then the Turtles look at the map themselves, roughly marking where their friends the Laga live, and where their own island holding of Nesthri is located. If the Shadows are correct, and when haven't they been? they boast, lightly packed the knights could make it there in three, maybe two tyrns if pushed themselves to the limit. Because see! the Market will travel straight past them! Oh how Iti smiles on the Turtles with such fortunate coincidences!
Be Iti. Be, Iti. How simple it was! Had faith in her alone not worked wonders in the tunnels of the Molerats, and against Pask in the Dakan? Trust in her! A wave of the flipper, the movement of earth and water. Of the people, only the priests of the Great Mother, who have dedicated their lives to her, have the faith enough to work it. A prayer, a gesture, the water is brushed aside. A prayer, a gesture, the earth is likewise shifted. Even of the Knights of the Shell Table only one, Sir Snapahad of Carapenic, a small region in the east between the Vyol rivers, has faith enough.
Practice. Practice. Practice. Run the Meadows again! Load the canonau! Faster! Draw, release! Pull, fire! Each Child of Fanw must be the best of their mother's children! Soon they will weigh anchor.
The Blessèd Steel had already been forged in tyrns past for just such action. The stockpile is emptied, as plate, spear- & arrow- head, along with small charms and talismans, are manufactured in record numbers. There is enough, at a rough estimate, to equip the army well, and the elite forces twice over. Included in the order is a ceremonial hammer to be sent to Madoc Protheroe, father of the Dyb Pharaoh.

[Waning Crescent]
Every last clearing and hollow is filled with Usagean farms, providing the expected sustenance and luxury to the Rabbits of Kurai. And just in time to fill the high and low banquet and buffet tables of the city, for it is this day the birthday of Tokki! She, glorious and most pure, Queen and Goddess! Forevermore may she reign! By the thin crescent of the moon sticky rice balls, glazed with sugar syrup are the favoured treats, cheekily called Tokkinoshippo. From the balcony of her much diminished palace, Tokki herself makes a rare appearance after the fires of Kaa'raat. It is a much needed confidence and morale boost to the nation so often at war.

(>>5083682, >>5083584) Ad hoc strategy is no longer enough, too long they have fought as separate blocks, not as a united entity, not as a united Entente. Battle plans had been drawn up, if it can be even called that, mere moments in advance, often times even as the battle is unfolding around them. What is needed is integrated strategising, combined leadership, strong, directed vision. Past conflicts are analysed, failures noted, successes highlighted, better tactics thoroughly discussed. Atop this are internal developments on the deployment, protection, and most importantly to the Do'la, associated costs of, supply lines. Stores for long-lasting preserved foods are set up, or rather, existing stores are "donaquisitioned" for military purposes. Fraternian pack beasts are purchased to save Shadows' backs. Along with the countless other necessary minutia.

The Shadows and their allies have proven themselves tricksy in the past, and all that time alone in their forest they've no doubt planned even more devious tricks! Ones against poor, innocent pack-moles! The bastards cannot get away with such a terribly ploy they are surely dreaming up even as the Imnaki squeak! Routes are planned, then alternate routes, then alternate alternate routes, and then wild-card routes to throw them off the scent. Guards are doubled, even tripled, dummy supply caravans sent, carts and packs are strengthened against tampering. All in all, Taknabian transport of goods is undoubtedly the safest in all Syph.
The body and mind of a soldier must be for one purpose, and the army in its entirety also. Mentally, physically, spiritually, each Man must have in his heart nothing but the glory of humanity, and the hatred of the grittidim, anything else is simply not enough. Potential subversives are weeded out, the weak of body rejected, the frail of mind removed. Not one fault may be found in any of them, no stray sympathy, no errant thought. Spare the rod, and ruin the nation.
(>>5083572) The products of Fanwyic ingenuity are incorporated alongside the practical safeguards of Man. Small, incremental improvements to the ships and the systems of running the ships are implemented throughout the navy. Where optimisations may be found, they are applied, where waste is found, it is eliminated. (>>5081927) So as not to grind the nation to a halt as Men fight to protect it, an order of coal the same magnitude as the Fanwen is placed with the Dwarves to fill the bunkers.
The golem are modified to incorporate the very latest of single shot, outfitted with additional armour plating, and the first tests conducted on the viability of the implementation of Sigodian fire-sprayers.
The engineers call it fulminate, a compound which is, they say, a friction-sensitive explosion. A small amount in a copper cap, a striking hammer, and gone are the days of the
match and flint. The chemical is created through a long, complicated, and laborious process involving the ubiquitous rock fertiliser, sulphurous acids, large quantities of water,
and finally an amount of silver or cinnabar. The dangerous nature of the formulation leads to it immediately becoming a state secret.
War is a costly business, from the outfitting of soldiers, the maintenance of supply lines, ammunition, rations, medical supplies, etc., etc.. All of it is planned to the last detail, alternatives arranged, redundancies put in place. Through trusted Fanwen contacts, additional supplies are secured. The preparations continue for the tyrn, the army is made ready for war.

And the end of Thread Six!

I need more time to flesh out the war post though, hopefully by Friday.

As a Christmas present, everyone gets two free infrastructure actions; roads, ports, mines, etc..

New Thread in the New Year! Be there, or be Turtle food!
(Oh yeah my post)

Action 1: Continue finishing the Mini-beacons

Action 2: Fully implement Formation fighting. The Ministry will organize its armies into tens of thousands of strong units known as War Blocks, broken down between a variety of troop sizes but most commonly 100-man to 3000-man units ranging from infantry to archers and an intermix of both. These would act semi-autonomously based on acting orders from their general and their own initiative. This would give significant flexibility while maintaining very strong unit cohesion and strategic emphasis.

This wouldnt be new but would be putting into action the fact that all Ministers are trained in complex tactics and strategy, and allow them to put their tactical training to use via small and large scale unit tactics.

On top of this the War Blocks would have set Minister Generals who would, ideally, be of genius level and capability, and be able to control the various units for maximum effect. I.e direct a flanking unit of 3000 to smash into the enemy or send 100 on a behind the lines assault etc. Thus giving the Paskians superior coordination while retaining individual initiative and skill. Regardless, even without their generals input, every unit would have enough skill and initiative to size victory. Every War Block will also include a set complement of Ballistae to move alongside the War Block and be deployed at their commanders leisure.

War Post: Upon implementing the new forms of formation fighting, the Ministers of Pask begin moving troops to retake their lost land, working in concert with Ballistae to do so in a direct assault to cleanse the forest of the Umbrals.
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