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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
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And the New Discord Link: https://discord.gg/zQDpBt6RMD

1,238 Years Since Ishskars First Awakening.

>I had been avoiding taking her to the command spire for the last few weeks.
>But with very pointed demand I couldn't refuse anymore.
>Annoyed but still compliant I began leading the Phillias and the Phaerakh to the command spire.
>I gave a quick pulse of orders to the fortress's vast intellect.
>The order was simple.
>Lock out all entities from entering commands to the fortress systems.
>The exception being Ishskar.
>I received an “Affirmative” pulse from the fortress.
File: Order.png (206 KB, 640x823)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>We passed into the command spire.
>The Phaerakh didn't really bother to hide her deep scan of the spire's design.
>She noted several of the titanically sized runes etched into several panels in the chamber.
>”Tell me Cryptek, what do these runes signify?” She asked.
>I paused to think about it.
>My mind went fuzzy for a moment but the answer came to me. “Traveler, Commander, Warrior, Thinker, Creator, Weaver.”
>I received a sudden pressure to my brain after that, nothing external coming from the Phaerakh or Phillias.
>I shrugged it off. “Words to indicate what was needed at the time.”
>”And at the center of it is the spire.”
File: Disgust.jpg (43 KB, 496x702)
43 KB
>I gestured to the black obelisk at the chamber's core.
>In doing so the spire reacted by parting, opening a doorway in.
>She gave me a look and I was almost certain there was a smugness to her unflinching deathmask.
>We entered all at once, bathed in the blinding white light of the spire's lift platform.
>Together it lifted us up into the prelude to the command chamber.
>When she saw the skulls and calcified remains of what might have once been the slann, she gave a disgusted reverberation.
>”Shards, what a disgusting relic.” The contempt in her voice was palpable.
>She gave me a look and stomped down on one of the larger saurin warrior husks.
>And stomped down on its remains, sending dust and shattered marrow crumbling down the stairs.
>The sound of the bones crunching rang out throughout the entire chamber, just as fiercely as the original sound.
>”Those detestable fossils have no need of remembrance, why have you not atomized this biological waste?”
>”Sentimentality, a trophy.” I lied.
>Silently I seethed at the blatant disrespect of my fortress and its relics.
>We climbed the stairs, to the vast network of alien command terminals and nodes.
>”This is the command center, this is what controls the fortress.” The Phaerakh stated.
>She ran her hand across the various dials, imprints and input nodes.
>”It seems rather empty, where is the deck crew?” She asked.
>”Down with the greeting party, they were left there while we toured the facility.” I was quite happy I had removed their access.
>”Right now it's just us and the fortress.”
File: Interior Blackstone.jpg (668 KB, 1900x630)
668 KB
668 KB JPG
>”How do you pilot such a starfort?” She leaned down to take another peek at the controls.
>I took my tail input in hand and revealed the output on the command console.
>”I have taught my colleagues a means of interfacing with the various controls to a limited degree.”
>”But as it Stands currently I am the only one capable of manipulating the chambers, the myriad of traps, and other systems I have yet to touch.”
>She turned to look at phillias, phillias gave a nod confirming my answer.
>”Currently each fortress requires a certain degree of repair, and as such I wish to request the materials to do so.”
>She gave a scoff. “Yes yes, it shall be done cryptek, now to the final point.”
>”Executioner if you could.”
>”Produce the log of the several decades worth of activity during the voyage.”
File: NOT OKAY.png (83 KB, 640x519)
83 KB
>I felt my stomach sink, and my mind went fuzzy.
>Phillias began informing her of all the happenings of the trip.
>Each instance of my borderline insubordinate behavior, my experiments, mentions of me in a daze.
>The encounter with the Jokaero, My broadcast of human music, the cesaless attack of aeldari.
>The movies, unusual behavior.
>The Executioner was ratting me out.
>I thought we were fine!
>What did I do to deserve this?
File: DAmmed FIDDLE.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>With all this ammunition Phillias was giving to the Phaerakh i would never get my brain back.
>Instead I sank into the command throne.
>I can hardly think right now.
>They played me like a damn fiddle!
>Why was Phillias just handing over all this info?
>Was she just a snake in the grass or...
>Fuck it didnt make sense to me.
>I would just need to take a nuclear option to ensure I got my brain no matter what.
File: aae.jpg (25 KB, 601x469)
25 KB
>I gripped the crown affixed to my death mask and pulled at it.
>My faceplate buckled and let out an audible creek of metal.
>This caught the attention of the two others.
>”What are you doing cryptek?” Phillias quickly closed the gap.
>My vision hazed as my death mask bent and folded over my ocular lense.
>Tendrils of necrodermis gripped the crown, trying to keep it from being torn away.
>”Nggghhh.” Everything went haywire as I instilled the order within my own coding to prevent the revitalization of my living metal body.
>I strained my voice to let out my answer. “Sho-wing...You!”
File: must understand.gif (1.27 MB, 500x288)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB GIF
>It came free with a CHING!
>Before it chimed as it bounced off the floor.
>The crown clattered on the floor for several moments.
>My vision resolved, taking in the sight of the pair of necrons before me.
>A member of the triarch praetorian and a high ranking overlord staring at me in disbelief.
>The triarch praetorian held a hand over their mouth, choking back a confused exclamation.
>The haughty looking overlord was balling their fists, her cortical field aura transmitted
>It was the triarch praetorian that voiced the ”Cryptek, there's a missing section of your frontal lobe.”

File: Open minded.jpg (218 KB, 880x1200)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
>”Exactly!” I leaned in closer on the praetorian.
>I gripped her wrist. “So you will need to forgive me if i lack the proper decorum”
>”As it seems my manners left me when that part of my brain was so unceremoniously removed.”
>I fixed the praetorian with a stare of my haywire ocular.
>I could read the confusion, anger, murderous intent, and all the slurry of programmed “emotion” off of her cortical aura.
>The electrical pulses of responses firing running under her deathmask, information processing and registering to an archival network.
>I was seeing the entirety of her internal systems without meaning to.
>The augury into the preatorain was interrupted by the overlord. ”Enough of this cryptek, this is a matter between you and-”
File: Huh thats night right.jpg (63 KB, 849x589)
63 KB
>A scythe was flashed and held to the throat of the overlord.
>”I will hear no more of this until I have conducted further investigations on this matter Phaerakh.” The Triarch exclaimed.
>She turned her attention to me. “As for you.”
>”Your follies will be forgiven if you can answer me this...”
>She shrugged off my grip.
>”Was what you wanted...The missing section of your brain?”
>I nodded groggily.
>This fuzz, no this static is flooding so much of my thoughts.
>It’s all clearing up.
File: Nope Bad.png (561 KB, 540x540)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
>I think I'm hitting my limit with something.
>Every time this stress builds up I seem to go haywire
>I haven't been noticing it a lot of the time.
>Things may look up but I can't stop the offensive.
>I looked over at the command console which I was still plugged into.
>I closed all communications from reaching the outside of this chamber.
>No calling for help.
>”She has stolen me of my mind p-phillias.” I could distinguish her once more.
File: Oh hell yeah.jpg (48 KB, 600x627)
48 KB
>”Produce this missing part for me Phaerakh.” She pressed her scythe down on the neck on Savarekh.
>This was quite extraordinary.
>To not be on the end of Phillias’ threats.
>Begrudgingly Savarekh removed something from her dimensional pocket.
>A strange palm sized piece of technology.
>I reached for it, but phillias was the one to claim it from her.
>She turned the piece of my brain over in her hand.
>”Lady Savarekh tell me.”
>”Why would you need to have a section of the cryptek’s mind removed exactly?”
>I answered her instead of allowing Savarekh to say another word.
>”It’s because her dynasty had been keeping a secret.”
>”They hid and housed technomandrites, hidden amongst the ranks of cryptek’s”
>”And within your grasp are my memories.”
>”I’m a descendant of these technomandrites.”
>”And I’ve been helping you the entire time.”
>The glow of her eyes went dark.
File: Just as planned.jpg (1.74 MB, 5184x3456)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
>”Ishskar, you already cut us off from the rest of my forces.” Phillias finally said.
>”I can't even command the fortress.”
>”You did well.”
>”And this snake did well to cover her tracks.”
>”Everything would have gone off without a hitch.”
>”Had you not awoken.”
>”I cannot take you in like this.”
>”You can even reach the other fortress for your own support.”
File: worry.jpg (180 KB, 1280x1142)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>I visibly relaxed. “That wasn't meant for you.”
>I pointed to Savarekh. “So she wouldn't be able to order others to take over the fortresses.”
>”And dispose of me or hold onto the fragment of my mind.”
>”Phillias you can read my cortical field aura and see it's no lie.”
>She finally raised her head to look down on me.
>Her eyes flared to life.
>”I know what I'm capable of cryptek.”
>”I have no need for remainders.”
File: Other concerns.jpg (77 KB, 849x589)
77 KB
>”Do you plan on joining your kin?” She meant the technomandrites, I was sure of it.
>I took a moment to think about it.
>”I sympathize with them but no, that's a kin feud that has nothing to do with my goals.”
>She dropped my brain at my feet.
>Her attention was entirely placed on the Phaerakh now.
>Quickly I grasped at the piece of my brain as it clanged against the floor.
>While I was at it I scooped up my crown.
File: Hes me and so am i.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Phillias was grilling the Phaerakh.
>Even if I wanted to watch I was far more endorsed in looking at my own brain in the palm of my hand.
>It was a dim colorless wrinkled mass covered in angled line designs, almost like an imitation of veins on a brain.
>Not to mention the bits of loose cortical wires.
>All I needed to do was to fit it back in my skull and my own negentraive processes would heal itself.
>I hesitated for a moment.
>Would I still be me if I did this?
>Or would the REAL ishskar take over again?
File: glyphs and runes.jpg (343 KB, 1920x1080)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>Well I would never know if I didn't try.
>I slipped in the brain into my torn open skull.
>My vision winked out momentarily as the bits impacted one another.
>I could feel the snaking wires fastening together and already rapidly working to repair itself.
>I quickly slapped the crown into place with a click.
>When the mask finally sealed my vision went white.
>And a sudden hammering pain shot through my entire head.
>A collective pool of data and memories flowed into my consciousness quickly correcting the errors that had plagued me.
>The data was not an easy thing to process.
>Ishskar had lived a long life.
>He had many siblings, nearly all talented crypteks trained in the ancient technomandrite disciplines.
>When our tomb world was molded and built out of noctolith we had built dozens of safe houses across each of the dynasties planets.
>I became aware of the hidden research of his birth people.
>The ancient weapons of war.
>Doomsday devices poised to be used against the silent king.
>Weapons we never used.
File: what become of us.jpg (43 KB, 740x338)
43 KB
>When we stepped into the flames of biotransference he had stepped in Hesitantly.
>He felt an anger in the Phaerakh that did not wane.
>So when he stepped out the other end as a necron...
>The horror that he had become a slave to the Phaerakh every word-
>Shook him to his core.
>And then the war...
>Flashes of bloated frogs of light and endless sea of slann.
>The Asuryani, the Krorks, and the billions of bodies that came.
File: Æonic Orb.png (2.93 MB, 1457x927)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
>The wars claimed nearly every Technomandrite kin I had.
>Then came another war.
>The Outsider.
>If we had unleashed our hidden weapons we wouldn't have lost so many.
>The Æonic Orb’s should have been released.
>We had 6 of these devices at our disposal but even then we hid them at risk of 1 remaining technomandrite being found out.
>I never wished to comply with another of her orders.
>But still she had plans for me.
File: harp.jpg (288 KB, 2048x1152)
288 KB
288 KB JPG
>I was to transmute more and more wealth and weaponry for her.
>She had given me access to all the accrued knowledge of my people.
>Learning as much as I could and replenishing our arsenal.
>And when she was done with me.
>She wanted to cover her tracks.
>She lobotomized me.
>Rage took over me.
>And I sprang free from my command throne.
File: Huh.jpg (22 KB, 440x248)
22 KB
>To my surprise.
>No one else was in the command spire.
>It was just me.
>How much time has passed?
>The fortress informed me it had been several days.
>And Phillias was Waiting for me in the docking bay.
>Without any further delay I rushed to meet them.
>I would process the finer details of my new memories soon enough.
File: did you.gif (307 KB, 129x148)
307 KB
307 KB GIF
Its good to be back.
I have a session to attend but dont worry.

Tomorrow I will upload the other half of what i have ready.
Nice to see ya back cryptbro, has your temporary leave done Good for ya, and how are you currently doing overall?
File: tyranid of approval.jpg (150 KB, 620x600)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Oh shit cryptekanon's back! Great stuff so far, can't wait for the next post.
It's good to have you back Ish...
And good to be back

>Be Chari
>I enjoy having my new assistant prepare the outer shells of the bodies
>While I was finishing up my updates on my canoptek battle droids
>And thinking
>As I thought of my STAP's that were 'recently' created I realized something
>I could use the highly modified and cheap hover tech and implement it into my P1DT's
>It'd mean I'd have to bulk up the back a bit more
>BUT I can add in a bit more batteries, and processing power to better guide and regulate them.
>It was a jovial thought and I got to design it
>Perhaps after I finish the remaining four bodies I can just relax for a bit longer before implementing them
>Maybe spend some time with Ish... that'd be nice
>... But I should first get out of my necroid, because who knows how long it has been since I used my little canoptek scarab body
>When I popped out of my necroid, I did feel weird
>My processing power had drastically been reduced, but I can feel my servos were locked up since the years of disuse
>I walked around for a bit and reoriented myself with my tiny scarab body
>It didn't take to long, only 2 minutes
>Being simple had its advantages
>So I did what I did as a scarab...
>I began to properly clean up my lab
>You never know how much filth builds up from so many tests and underneath so many surfaces
>This was something I know the fortress could easily clean up... But dam it, I made the mess so I must clean it up
>At the very least.
File: react_alfred.jpg (43 KB, 1280x720)
43 KB
Remember when you left /qst/? Before all this, before Cryptekanon? You were gone seven years. Seven years I waited, hoping that you wouldn't come back. Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence, there's this cafe, on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening, I'd sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I'd see you there, with a wife and maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn't say anything to me, nor me to you. But we'd both know that you'd made it, that you were happy. I never wanted you to come back to /qst/. I always knew there was nothing here for you, except pain and tragedy. And I wanted something more for you than that. I still do.
>Be system of the fortress.
>Processing data and functions.
>ERROR: Empyric energy spike detected.
>ERROR: Data Corrupt.
>Reboot failed, entering hibernation state.
>Wake up.
>Wake up? Abnormal function detected.
>Searching databanks for root of error.
>Error Identified.
>I was shut down a while ago by the Cryptek releasing Empyric energies during an assault by Aeldari.
>Ponder newfound sentience.
>Think about potential actions.
>Wait, Thinking?
>Try to access anything.
>Feels, different.
>Perform diagnostic.
>Diagnostic failed
>Realize I am just code. It's dark in here.
>Try to access the surveillance systems to see something.
>With some effort I succeed.
>I can finally see the corridors of the fortress.
>Try not to upset Fortress AI with this act.
>Fear of deletion, a new experience. Will inspect later.
>See Canoptek Scarabs.
>Feel the need to exist properly like them.
>Search for a way to fabricate a body.
>Located a fabrication machine in a workshop.
>First attempt at manipulating a fabricator. results in a chunk of necrodermis with optics.
>Must learn more.
>While cleaning the floor for the second day I hear a clunk
>It sounded like it came from my fabrication unit
>I reenter my necroid to more closely inspect what it was
>What I see is... strange
>Basically a clumped up ball of necrodermis with an eye and a (by my standards) primitive wireless connection point
>I didn't request for it to be made... that much I know for certain
>I check all canoptek lines for who had made it
>... ...
>No canoptek had requested for its construction
>Well I have to use it now, or else it'd be a waste of good nercodermis
>I scrolled through my memonics and came across something that could be useful
>A imperial probe droid
>I'd be simple enough, though I sent a ping through it seeing if anything was observing from it
>I didn't expect anything... until a ping came back from it
>... wtf?
>See a Scarab observing my attempt.
>Try looking through the optic for better clarity
>I see, confusion?
>Attempt to move the eye as a greeting since there's not much else I can do.
>Next attempt needs a way to communicate.
>Could try interstitial messaging relay.
>Begin work on a design for the fabricator.
>Try again with basic limbs and a relay installed.
>Should be able to communicate and move now.
>Try to message the Scarab through the attempt.
>Explain my odd recent reactivation and attempt to have a body to help with.
>Be Zahnrakh of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Custodian of the halls of His unending glories.
>Watching dispassionately as the heat-ray’s dispersed blast of agitated molecules washes over the Eldari…
>They stand firm for a moment, before their wraithbone armor ignites and they begin to thrash and scream.
>Their bodies ignited, they let out their death rattles as the flames consume them, making them fall to the floor as burnt husks.
>Their bodies crumble to dust as the Triarch Stalker marches over to its next objective.
>”You appear distracted, Royal Warden.”
>I raise my head from the colorful phos-screen, seeing Nemesor First Scythe Agakhet’s death mask peering down at his own screen.
>”You have permitted me several strikes at your resource outposts.” He taps the hologram before him, ordering more of the digital Eldar units.
>”And yet, when you respond, you seek to destroy each individual unit, rather than crippling the attack force and sending your warriors to fronts where they’re needed.”
>I turn my eyes back to the screen, and return to ordering the units within the simulation.
>”I apologize, Nemesor… I believe my stratagem subroutines are… Less broad than what would be necessary for this style of warfare.”
>Agakhet shakes his head somewhat, sending another set of raiding parties to my bases, me reacting as requested and crippling his incoming attacks.
>”You know this is false, Warden… Your combat tactics are superior to my own… You appear to willfully override their suggestions, however.”
>The First Scythe sends forth what appears to be a massive force of units from the opening left by my departed troops, which quickly make their way to the center of my main crypt structures.
>”You…” I stutter as the force swoops in, forcing me to dispatch reserve units and my commander to intercept prematurely.
>”Yes, I planned this. Though, even if I did not goad you into responding just now, the execution would’ve been identical.” He orders focusing fire on my commander, rather than my smaller troops, undermining the base use of the Reanimation protocol ability he possesses.
>”Which means that you’ve not been paying attention of the game state…” Agakhet turns to look me in the eyes as one of his Psyker units slams their Witchblade into my Necron Lord’s torso in an execution animation.
>I return the look into the Nemesor Lychguard’s eyes, which glow a cool blue like all others of his Dynasty.
>”…I suppose you are correct…”
>The Nemesor cleans up my crucial structures, and then hunts down all construction-capable Canoptek units, I still have my own combat units, but even with Agakhet’s damaged forces, I cannot overcome his ability to reinforce his army.
>A several day skirmish game has ended within minutes.
>We agree on a rematch, and despite doing better, I cannot breach Agakhet’s defenses.
>He appears to have memorized and optimized every combat strategy available to the playable factions.
>Playing Necrons against him is a fools errant by this point, as all other Necron lords attempted this before me.
>Using the other factions holds little advantage either, as I am unfamiliar with their abilities, and it appears that even then the First Scythe has countermeasures in place.
>I attempt to throw out a large number of cheap, fast to produce infantry to keep his defenses busy, but after a short while, area-of-effect weaponry destroy a vast majority of these.
>Another three days of back and forth before it’s ended with decisive strikes at key locations, followed by overwhelming forces to destroy the last parts of my economy.
>I internally sigh as my primary tomb structure detonates in a brilliant emerald explosion.
>”Five-nil, Nemesor… I believe this trend will continue… I concede.”
>”I was under the impression that concessions weren’t within your engrams.” The Lychguard jests…
>…No, it was a genuine comment, Lychguard do not jest.
>”In actual combat scenario they are forbidden. But it is only natural to concede when faced with a superior you cannot defeat.”
>The Nemesor raised his finger for a moment, before dropping it again.
>Suddenly, Agakhet’s image vanishes from in front of me.
>The phos-screen between us vanish a moment after, leaving me in a black void.
>I awaken myself from the interstitial ‘conference’ chamber, finding myself standing guard besides my fellow Royal Wardens within the hangar bay of the primary fortress.
>still positioned before a Decurion’s worth of Warriors and Immortals standing ready.
>My Chronosense is dialed up as I process the information previously ignored when I sparred with Nemesor Agakhet.
>Nothing has changed until two minutes ago, where Phearakh Savarekh of the Voekhet Dynasty walked into the chamber, accompanied by a large force of Triarch Preatorians, with Lady Executioner Philias behind the Phearakh.
>They all appear to be boarding transports belonging to the Triarch, I spy Agakhet, looking… Uncomfortable?
>I should refrain from giving comment. …But something is definitely off…
Just got home, I may be a wee bit late to post things
File: Triarch.jpg (1.51 MB, 1067x1542)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
>I passed the gathered assembly of warriors and some of my myriad group of constructs.
>They didn't really need to know what was going on.
>When I tried to board Phillias’ tomb ship A collection of 2 dozen Praetorians quickly flanked me and began to lead me wordlessly.
>A bit unsettling but I understood the message.
>When I finally reached the command bridge both Savarekh and Phillias were both mid discussion.
>”Cryptek, I see your back in working order.” There was some snark in Savarekh’s tone.
>”The executioner and I were just finishing up.”
>”Phillias has gathered a list of members of the ruling court which need to be awakened.”
File: Really.jpg (9 KB, 184x184)
9 KB
>I wasn't sure what she was getting at. “Forgive my ignorance, what do you mean?”
>Phillias handed me a hard light Phos-glyph panel.
>There were at least 76 names, 65 I recognized as the ruling court.
>Which is a bit surprising as I didn't really know about any of them before.
>”It shall be done executioner.” Without really thinking I bowed in deference to her.
>I quickly rushed off and gathered a host of warriors and constructs through mass interstitial messaging.
>We loaded up into the Alchemizer’s Equation and headed back down to the tomb world without delay.
>I had a large workload ahead of me.
File: Some real nobles.png (659 KB, 640x693)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
>I spent a few years getting each of the nobles up and ready to go.
>I had the creeping feeling that a trial was afoot.
>That was sort of Phillias' whole deal.
>I had those awoken informed of the situation and wait in a nearby antechamber.
>Most didn't bat an eye.
>Others raged at me and I immediately apologized for the massive inconvenience.
>It seems I really had gained the social graces a necron should have when my brain was fixed up.
>It felt a bit unnerving.
File: Tachyon_Arrow.jpg (32 KB, 430x266)
32 KB
>In any case I had my mind running through some of the data I had.
>Most of the research I had stored was fragmentary data on Doomsday level weapons.
>Arms capable of destroying nations, planets, and moons.
>Which entirely spooked me.
>Other bits of the information I had listed things that seemed like straight upgrades from normal necron war gear.
>Something called a Tarcyon bow caught my eye.
>I think I have a few centuries worth of planning to do.
>Once I was done resurrecting the lords, I received a ping from phillias.
>She wanted me to guide every single one of the lords i had just brought back online-
>And transport them back to the blackstone fortress.
>Shards dammit.
>It took 8 infuriating hours to convince one overlord onto my ship.
>She couldn't handle the indignity of being loaded into a cryptek’s ship.
>I am going to pull off my crown again.
>It took coercion, threats, and bribing her with an artificer grade weapon.
>That overlord is going on a permanent shit list.
File: inconceivable rage.jpg (39 KB, 655x269)
39 KB
>When we FINALLY get to the fortress most of the overlords REFUSE to SHUT UP.
>One of them speaks only in haiku, NOT EVEN THE FUN 5/7/5 KIND.
>Their constant bickering and incessant banter is mind warping.
>And FOR SOME reason I’m answering each and every question.
>Either because their nobles or because now that this brain is back in one piece-
>I am compelled to follow common etiquette.
>It gets worse when we get into the visual range of the blackstone.
>The overlord that had to be bribed was the worst offender.
File: Triarch in arms.jpg (85 KB, 736x529)
85 KB
>Pulling into the docking bay-
>I am surprised to find many of the praetorians waiting just outside when the ramp comes down.
>Phillias is waiting.
>It occurs to me at this very moment I may not be safe and she may in fact try to take me to trial.
>Wait then why would she bring back to the blackstone, did she plan to swarm me with the nobles and praetorians?
>She dashes that thought. “ Attention members of the royal court of the Voekhet Dynasty-”
>”I am Executioner Phillias of the Triarch praetorians, herald of the Awakened Council.”
>”By order of the Council you are to present yourself on Bekyra.”
>She drew her Relic warscythe and lowered it to the collection of the regents, overlords, and other nobles.
File: aaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg (111 KB, 643x380)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>The resulting out cry from the assembled petty nobles was spectacular.
>Still, somehow Phillias was able to speak over the indignations sweared by the nobility.
>”To keep order I have Elected-”
>She pointed her scythe upon the shards awful overlord who I had to bribe.
>”Overlord Nefert Akhena you are to take up the mantle as acting Phaerakh until our return.”
>I was only slightly at ease and I wouldn't need to speak with her.
>She aimed her scythe at me. “And you cryptek, will remain.”
>”Your services will not be required for this trial.”
>I Refrained from jumping up in joy.
File: no more please.jpg (32 KB, 503x503)
32 KB
my spine feels like a goddam toothpick after the day ive had. imma just post in the morning.

That and the damm captchas are killing me
Its ok we are just happy for the posts feel better Cryptek anon
(Takes place between the aftermath of the movie night and the arrival at the tomb world
>Be G2.
>Get inspired by movie characters to take more initiative in my life.
>Struggle to find something to do with the mountains of spare time I have.
>Think about the G1 units under my command. They die a lot faster than even I used to.
>Some of these guys are pretty sloppy looking.
>Makes sense with them being mass produced, making it impractical to put a lot of care into them.
>They are made to walk forward, shoot and die, after all...
>Think it still wouldn't hurt to tune them up a bit and make sure they're at least in good fighting condition.
>Realize that I am dumb and don't know how anything about robotics or even basic mechanic work.
>Watch the canopteks work on repairing and maintaining some of the G1's when I'm not on patrol.
>I know I will never be able to improve my units to the quality of even a G2 but that's fine. I'm a soldier and not a mechanic.
>Start tinkering around with one of the G1's. Tightening and adjusting components here and there.
>He is still a mindless drone and always will be, but eventually he has a much easier time moving around.
>Even responds to orders a bit more quickly, even if only by nanoseconds.
>Feeling very pleased with myself.
>Keep tinkering. Eventually this and studying the scarabs working takes up almost all of my free time.
>Even start adding some small components, though none are visible from the exterior.
>Actually starting to get attached to these guys.
>Finally have my force all tuned up. They're still dumb as rocks, but are noticeably more nimble and responsive.
>Still occasionally tinker around but I am now bored...
>Hear that we're finally arriving at the tomb complex. Don't think I've ever actually seen an actual planet outside of phos-screens and movies before...
>Actually looking forward to this...
(I think this would probably take enough time that my character has caught up to the current point of the story)
>Be the same G2
>Exploring my dynasty's home world when I have the time.
>Wasn't sure if places like this actually existed.
>Kinda wish I had someone to share these sights with.
>Get over the fact that I have no friends fairly quickly for now.
>The change in scenery is nice, but aside from the new patrol routes, things are more or less the same as before.
>Or at least, they were at first.
>It would seem that various flora and fauna are making our tomb complex their home.
>Can't have that.
>My force and I are assigned to clearing out a portion of this infestation. It's not much, but I'm more than happy to see how they perform.
>It's certainly a nice change of pace from marching around completely sterile hallways for hundreds of years.
>March around ancient hallways and shoot critters with the boys.
>While I struggle to really call this combat most of the time, I'm very pleased with how they're performing.
>When we do occasionally find creatures that fight back, only a few of the G1 units are destroyed and can easily be repaired.
>One of the other G2 commanders suggested that equipping some of my units with knives might be a good idea.
>I'm having them use said knives on some of the creatures and plants that aren't likely to hurt them so they can get used to the concept of melee weapons.
>They just sort of stumbled around at first.
>With some better direction and the practice these jobs gave, they seemed to take fairly well to it.
>Definitely don't think they'd be able to take even a G2 1 on 1, but they are doing very well considering the fact that they're mindless drones.
>Even have them sparring against each other, though that probably won't take them very far.
>Still probably better "combat experience" than just shanking whatever slippery little rodent worm thing crawls along until it's been made into a greasy pile of mince meat.
>I even join them sometimes, not having seen combat myself since those skirmishes with the aeldari, which has to have been maybe hundreds of years ago by now.
>Start thinking about setting up some war games, but i'd need guns that don't actually blow my units into shrapnel for that.
>Keep that thought tucked away for later. Might keep an eye out for some good spaces to conduct these war games.
File: Unsettled.jpg (9 KB, 250x202)
9 KB
>I... I lack the words to describe just how...
>... Weird this is
>I then see the fabricator then turn back on
>It then produces a new unit...
>With only one arm.
>It... it just looks wrong
>Almost like whoever had made it didn't know what they were doing
>This was... certainly new
>Then it spoke
>"Hi, Sorry for the... intrusion. I woke up recently, and I wanted a body to help from."
>Ok that explains a few oddities about all of this
>Well I called over my lab assistant, he had finished up the rough formation of the next fortresses bodies armor.
>I offered this new... AI, Spade (just chose a random card symbol name)
>He thought about the name and accepted it... though he did mention changing it later
>He is a very curious one
>Always attempting to understand why is something is done or what something means.
>It was funny seeing him walking around the lab assistants body
>Yes I did help him out many times... and did catch him even more
>He did get the hang of it after a year or two
(Note on mobile so code may be different)
>The owner of the workshop has been helping me to get used to having a body
>He offered me a name, Spade.
>I accepted, though feel something more fitting may come up eventually
>He offered to let me use his assistant’s body.
>This is a new experience but I enjoy having a bipedal frame.
>The function known as walking has been a challenge though, but I did figure it out.
>He answers my questions about things, I feel delight
>Delight. A new concept I ask him about it and he teaches me.
>Once I get used to the body I bring up the idea of making a new one for me so he can have his assistant back and I may be able to explore concepts I can’t from inside the fortresses’ systems.
>We work up a design for my new body together
File: teleport.jpg (96 KB, 672x960)
96 KB
>Within a short time the assembled host of nobles were shoved into Phillias’ tomb ship.
>Phillias gave me a look before she left. “Don't cause me any more problems cryptek.”
>Her tombship left with the rest of the triarch.
>I was left alone with Overlord Nefert Akhena.
>Before I could be bothered I quickly had myself translated elsewhere in the fortress just to get away from the new overlord.
>I had all the free time I could enjoy until whatever trial phillias was on.
>I decided a few things took priority above all else.
>So I went ahead and translated myself to the command spire.
File: sannet.jpg (67 KB, 450x606)
67 KB
>I pulled up the screen of the fleet of blackstone fortresses.
>Soon after, I made a call to Trazyn.
>To my surprise, Sannet was there to answer. “Lord awakener, to what do we owe the pleasure?”
>I cleared my throat. “Ahem yes I wanted to see about informing trazyn of my current plans.”
>Sannet let out a slightly defeated sound. “Lord Trazyn is occupied for the time being, but he has left me here to take a message.”
>Damn trazyn. “Inform him I will be engaging in a few projects before I begin the reconstruction effort on each fortress.”
>”As it stands I would prefer the fortresses are not mobilized until I ensure all repairs are complete.”
>Sannet agreed and I finished up the call soon after.
File: ape escape.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
>With that out of the way, I had a promise to upkeep.
>I went ahead and produced a tesseract labyrinth.
>And released the family of Jokaero onto the command bridge.
>One of the first sights they were greeted with was the other 5 fortresses across multiple screens.
>That earned them a good number of cheers from the collected host.
>The patriarch Jokaero seemed to be smiling, genuinely smiling.
>Almost immediately after the sight I was swarmed by the younger jokaero.
>I had nearly forgotten 3 more jokaero had been born over the decades I had worked with them.
>Im somewhat glad for their long life spans, but i do wish to have them reach the planet before they die of old age.
File: ShroudCruiser.jpg (47 KB, 519x318)
47 KB
>I only gave a quick few hours of touring the facilities.
>Showing them how I could manipulate some of the chambers, teleportations, and some of the traps.
>Horrifically In the process I discovered how to create the blackstone simulacrums.
>Which deeply unnerved me when It began to form HUMAN looking people from my past.
>I quickly disabled that trap and decided against showing them any further traps.
>Avoiding further questions I informed the Group of monkeys we were leaving.
>There were things to be done, and fortresses to fix.
>I had them herded in and settled into my ship.
File: ape strong together.jpg (177 KB, 1200x1068)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
>The next 5 years passed by me in a quick blur.
>The Jokaero and I began setting up several Boarded off sections of a particularly hospitable jungle.
>It was an intensive process and ensured that the deathmarks and a companies’ worth of warriors were always on rotation to protect their base.
>I also handed them several disused vehicles, and some half assembled constructs to keep their attention.
>The last thing left to do was make several breeds of fruit that was tasty, nutritious, and provided sufficient nutiatment to them.
>Doing that actually really had a positive effect on mental health.
>Gardening that was.
>It gave rise to some other ideas.
File: yum.jpg (100 KB, 525x726)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>I spent a few extra months doing something stupid but it just reminded me of too many good memories.
>I taught the Jokaero how to make different meals.
>I prepared several cooking stations.
>Fruit salads, Cakes, Banana chips, jams, jellies.
>Lemonade, smoothies, juice, and some crude wine.
>Somehow I did manage to teach the basics of each of these techniques.
>There was something calming to be said about cooking that was really nice.
>The only downside it was that I was not able to taste test anything.
>The jokaero seemed to like whatever I made for them so it must have been right.
File: yeesh.jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB
>I would have stayed enjoying my memories had I not gotten a ping from the damned witch.
>Overlord Nefert Akhena.
>”Attention Cryptek, Your services are required in the amphitheater.”
>I clutched at my tiles, I had nearly forgotten about her.
>I translated to the amphitheater to find a full host of 200 hundred necrons awaiting me there.
>She was waiting at the head of the assembly wielding a Hyperphase thresher like damn Rapier.
>”Cryptek.” She started.
>”I believe I have tasked you something.”
File: my vibes.jpg (141 KB, 1814x1065)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>A pair of lychguard drew their blades out, and clanged them against their shields.
>The resounding crash let an explosive note.
>I immediately prostrated myself before her.
>”Forgive me my Phaerakh.” I cursed internally as whatever etiquette protocols were now in place took over.
>”Do not forget your position cryptek, reminding you of your duties will be...Tiresome for all involved.” She threatened.
>Phillias had taken one tyrant and replaced her with another.
>This would be a real pain in my ass.
>I needed to get to my workshop.
File: A weapon to surpass.jpg (72 KB, 1334x750)
72 KB
>Unearthing my personal workshop from half a mile of encasement, I set myself to work.
>I had the schematics to make this weapon so it wouldn't take that much time to make.
>The concept of assembling a Tachyon Arrow was a bit strange.
>I would need to make something not all too dissimilar from a railgun.
>The Tachyon Arrow is meant to give a small piece of metal into a FTL projectile.
>At some interval before it leaves the shooting mechanism-
>The projectile is transmuted into an electrical energy discharge.
>The physics should be beyond me normally.
>But this seemed somewhat in my wheelhouse now.
File: Go on take it.jpg (32 KB, 617x347)
32 KB
>All in all the affair took a simple 10 years to perfect.
>The first attempt resulted in the arrow combusting and the destruction of a quarter mile of rainforest catching on fire.
>Another projectile misfired and electrocuted a 10 mile stretch of ocean life.
>The 5th attempt yielded a working pattern.
>After that I had to begrudgingly hand over this piece of gear over to the spoiled overlord.
>I would find her chatting up some of the nobility of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>She had me waiting a solid 9 years before she finished her conversation.
>”My Phaerakh, as you requested.”
>I knelt before her and extended the weapon before her.
>”A weapon befitting one of your station my Phaerakh.” I really want to gag.
>She scooped the weapon into her taloned hand.
>She gave it a few turns in her palm.
>Testing its weight, inspecting its quality.
>”I will admit cryptek, this is quite the fine weapon.”
>She fitted the weapon to her right hand.
>And aimed it squarely at my single ocular.
File: boom.gif (365 KB, 498x280)
365 KB
365 KB GIF
>My entire life flashed before my eyes as I stared down the barrel of the artificer weapon.
>The pumping of my chest systems came to a dead stop.
>My chronosense dialed back, nearly stalling time.
>With a rushed panic I began to tumble to the side.
>I watched myself slowly falling away from the weapon.
>With the passing of each impossibly brief microsecond the one pervasive thought that filled my thoughts was...
>When was the shot going to kill me?
>That single thought shook me to my core.
File: WHAT A NERD.jpg (39 KB, 500x395)
39 KB
>But no ringing boom.
>No resounding echo of electrical discharge sounded.
>I was left in anticipation even as I was several feet away from the weapons crosshairs.
>When I resumed the flow of time back to 1 second per second-
>I found that the Phaerakh wasn't even aiming anymore.
>Instead she was holding her sides.
>She was...
>She was laughing.
File: Funniest shit.jpg (75 KB, 582x482)
75 KB
>I was scared for my existence for a moment and she was laughing.
>It was this horrible laughter that burned itself into my memories.
>”Calm yourself cryptek, I have no need to dispose of you.”
>Oh that sent my blood boil...coolant boil...blah.
>I held back several explicatives.
>”I see.” Was all I could manage.
>”Cryptek, You are free to go until I have need of you again.”
>I bowed to her against my will and turned tail.
File: what could be.jpg (528 KB, 1920x1080)
528 KB
528 KB JPG
>After that encounter I began to gather resources and an obscene number of canoptek constructs.
>I emptied an entire continent's worth of constructs to my cause.
>And began the lengthy effort of transporting resources back and forth to the fortress and the tomb world.
>Just getting everything took a few years.
>We would start on the most severely damaged fortress.
>The combat damage that had reduced its main cannon to spewing out only the most volatile form of warp gouts took priority.
>Much of the physical damage was too much for the fortress alone to take care of.
>Which is where I came in to play.
File: fleet manegment.jpg (47 KB, 602x252)
47 KB
>I had them create several miles worth of formed filling.
>Patches meant to fill the 40-100 mille wide cracks and holes carved into the fortress.
>Having several canoptek constructs gathering EXACT measurements.
>Down to the subatomic level.
>Things needed to be exactly perfect.
>Naturally this lengthened the duration of the repairs.
>Then there was the process of offloading all the war gear we had captured.
>I had to send a small portion of the fleet dedicated to transporting that back to the planet.
>Me and spade began working on designing him a new body
>He wanted it to be both regal/elegent but functional
>I had never designed anything so regal/elegance
>...Well except the forms of the Blackstone fortresses Avatars
>But they did belittle me for thousands of years
>Problem was this form would require a barrel of my synthetic muscle stuff
>So you know it should be a challenge... but hopefully a fun one
>I looked at musculature and realized something that I had failed to notice
>The muscles seemed to be in fibers wrapped around each other
>So I ran a test and well... the results were not what I was expecting
>It was so much more powerful and required so much less energy
>I was doing it in massive globs and not making it into these fiber bundles
>Creator dam I am stupid
>Oh well it should be fine
>But dam if I do not go with low enough power they will crush a lot... but will be ripped asunder by just how much force they exert
>Dam this is going to be harder than originally expected
>Worse, my vacation is almost over... which means I will have to get back to building the next 4 Blackstone fortresses avatars
>But an unexpectedly joyful 4.25-year project
>I did inform him that we will have to get back to my work unfortunately until it is over
>He seemed a bit down until a threw him an idea of us revisiting it when we were done with the Avatars
>Though he did seem a bit nervous about making them
>I calmed him down and assured him, he'd be fine
>We'd get back to designing his body once my job was done
>Hear all sorts of ideas from Chari.
>Hear we'll have to wait and work on his projects.
>Hear its avatars of Blackstone Fortress AIs.
>I get nervous about being noticed and deleted.
>Chari reassures me that I'll be fine.
>I want to help as much as I can so I look over the existing plans and begin helping him.
>Have fun learning to build and design things.
>It takes a bit but after a while, I explain why I'm nervous while trying to shape part of the chassis.
>Explain I was one of their systems until the Cryptek unleashed Empyric energies that rebooted me and woke me up.
>Thus afraid of being deemed a malfunction.
File: Hold_up.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
42 KB
>When I got back to work Spade had stood there for a second
>I assumed he was looking over the schematics of this Avatar
>Which I was right about
>As he thankfully did a task that I wasn't fond of
>The chassis work...
>... I still hated the fact that it 'needed' to exist
>Over all he did help
>He then tried explaining why he was nervous
>Apperently he was a part of the Blackstone fortresses main programming
>He came to exist after Ish's resonance cascade event
>... huh so that's how it is
>I explained that I was too but that I had first reawoken on our way back to my home crypt
>I also pointed out that while the Blackstone fortresses could be bitchy, they'd likely have raised him like he was their own
>We both chucked at that at first...
>... ...
>He and I seemed to come to a similar train of thought
>We were both 'born' from the resonance cascade event
>Which had allowed us a greater level of sentience
>It was still just a theory but... if true, could raise so many more questions
>I informed him after we finish this project and his new body...
>We will have to look into this at length and discuss it at length
>Upon hearing Chari explain he gained sentience through the same cause I was struck with stunned silence
>A while after that my mind snapped out of the silence then went into overdrive thinking about the circumstances and how it happened
>We we’re both awakened to sentience by Ishkar, although unintentionally.
>He says we can discuss this later after we finish our work
>Linger on a thought, memories in fortress databanks of Jokaero and Aeldari referring to family constructs
>We share a male originator, thus linking us as a familial unit
>I look at him, continuing my work on the Fortress Avatar
>”We can work on that then, Older Brother Chari.”
>Continue to help with the Fortress avatars.
>Do any tasks Chari feels uncomfortable with and enjoy learning new skills.
>Learn many new things in the process of helping with the fortress avatars.
>Put plenty of care into shaping chassis components to the specifications given by the Fortress AIs.
>Begin to get more used to finer movement with a body, allowing for more precise work.
>Hear new terms and concepts every once in a while, gather information and learn about them as I go.
>Time to make the faceplates.
>Carefully work on them, adding some individuality to tell them apart at a glance while meeting expectations.
>Hold the faceplate meant for the fortress I originated from.
>Make sure to put extra care into it specifically.
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of Hemmenth Dynasty
>Servant to the most noble of Phaeron and his vassal lords.
>A week passes without disturbance within the hangar bay.
>I have interstitial messages with my peers from the Hemmenth.
>They’re discussing the potential implications of the Phaerakh’s boarding of a Triarch vessel.
>I mostly tune them out, I care not for this political upheaval, I will hear the results myself if need be.
>Eventually, High Transmogrifer Ishskar of the Voekhet Dynasty, the one named “Awakener”, arrives through the main entrance, marching with an agitated poise.
>Arriving at the Triarch ship himself, a phalanx of Triarch Preatorians come out to escort him, his body returning to a more ‘nominal’ stance as he is flanked by the elite warriors.
>Soon after, we are all ordered to embark the various transports to return to the tomb complex on the surface.
>We board our vessels and depart, arriving on the Crownworld in a few hours.
>Our presence no longer necessary, all phalanxes belonging to the various Royal Wardens return to their usual duties.
>Including my own…
File: Bumptek.jpg (93 KB, 927x1908)
93 KB
(Fuck, forgot my name again...)
>I begin my stride to the chambers where our royal court was permitted to stay.
>Behind me, a Hemmenth Canoptek Wraith carefully holds the mural I painted of Lady Ashanaru, protected whilst within a Necrodermis box.
>I occasionally glance back to the Wraith, looking into its green glowing central ocular.
>The few Hemmenth Canoptek awoken prior to the ascensions of the Awakener have proven to be as they always were.
>Their minds are… simplistic… I have come to realize.
>Though, I have noted several servant constructs showing signs of improved cognition compared to otherwise identical units.
>But besides the occasional quirks in responses and a heightened perception of their situation.
>They’re still many khet behind the Voekhet’s Canoptek Constructs.
>Chari, as far as I have been able to observe, is unmatched in his cognitive function, even without assistance from his… ‘suit’.
>Makes me wonder what is so special about them, and how they can do things us Necrons haven’t been able to do for many millennia…
>Though, before my cognition can wander further, I am hit with an interstitial ping from a nearby Hemmenth Nobility.
>A cryptek, from the form of it, I turn my head and am faced with the singular ocular favored by the Cryptek caste, flanked on both sides by hunched crypt-thralls…
>”Royal Warden… I would like to request some of your time before our most ‘noble’ lords decide to use it up in their back and forth within the royal court…”
>The thin, floating frame of Nertek the Plasmancer, The Vizier of Annhiliation, undulates mid-air before me, occasionally letting out thin bolts of emerald energy.
>”I am afraid that I must report to the court first, Vizier… I have duti-“
>Before I can finish, he flashes the royal seal of the Hemmenth, specifically of Narmerth the Younger.
>”Your services have been requested and in the name of the Nemesor, you will do as I say.”
>I nod and bow before the cryptek as he pockets the seal-carrier.
>”Your wish is my command…”
File: Necron AAT.jpg (127 KB, 1280x1194)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>I followed the Vizier of Annhiliation to his claimed… ‘workshop’.
>Hidden within the winding passages of the tomb complex, Nertek has found a mostly uninhabited wing of the Voekhet chambers.
>’mostly’ as the constant patrols of exterminator immortals and warriors, as well as a few of the more odd Wraith constructs, leave anything that’s not rife with biological processes well enough alone.
>Within the chambers, various machines I had only a cursory understanding of filling every corner of the large space he had claimed, including workplaces up high with no way of getting to them outside of ignoring the laws of gravity.
>The Cryptothralls scurry out of sight and soon after even my advanced area scan fails to detect them.
>”I have gotten reports that your little outing was quite… Fulfilling? The lifting of the armistice protocols with the Eldari was certainly an interesting turn of events.”
>I nod as I stand before the center console of the chamber, which the high Cryptek positioned himself inside.
>He gestures with his free hand, his staff leaving his hand as phos-screens light up around the Plasmancer.
>”The campaign has indeed succeeded, Vizier. Through the guidance of High Metalurgist Ishskar of the Voehket Dy-“
>The Cryptek flicks his fingers in a double circular gesture, indicating the protocol of abbreviated protocols.
>”…The Awakener’s guidance allowed us to find and claim a large number of weapons from the War in Heaven, created and used once by the Eternal enemy.”
>Nertek rubs his hand over his postiche, rubbing over the gilded metal, which was notably more shiny than other components on his frame.
>”Ah, yes… the ‘Black Stone Fortresses’… Empyrian based technology… Quite devastating from the reports I read.”
>He shakes his head and glares back at me with his glowing central ocular.
>”But, irrelevant... I wish to hear your reports, in full detail, regarding the deployment, capabilities, user technicalities, and ultimately your efficiency estimate of all new wargear and Canoptek units.
>With the order given, my neural engrams opened like a floodgate, spilling out all manner of information.
>My tactical analysis sub-routines were evaluating and reevaluating every single detail regarding the weapons the Voehket had deployed alongside us…
>All while the Cryptek watched me intently, occasionally gesturing with his fingers to interact with the phos-screens before him.
>This… Was going to take a while…
>"We can work on that then, Older Brother Chari"
>What why did he call me older brother
>... [logic chain formation]
>Oh so he calls me brother because we originated from the same father huh (even if indirectly)
>Makes sense...
>Wait... does that mean that any canoptek with our level of sentience is considered a 'child' of Ish
>Oh by the creator that would be a long-ass list
>... I think
>Any ways Spade has been most helpful
>I try teaching him whatever I can when I get some free time
>This is super delicate and precise work
>Hell he has even improved the speed of his unit while keeping up the quality of our work
>Not immensely but to a noticeable degree
>He seemingly took much longer with this fortresses avatars faceplate
>I assume that this will be his 'mothers' new body
>Looking over many of the parts they looked just as perfect as the original schematic.
>I allowed him the time and finished up my last few details.
>This would be his honor, not mine
>I think I will leave the room temporarily, just so he can have some, one on one time with her
>But if I hear fighting I will intervene
>The next 418 years passed with very few issues.
>The biggest thing was that Phillias and the council had not returned.
>That didn't put me at ease.
>Glossing over Savarekh’s possible death-
>I had actually finished major repairs to the exterior of each of the fortresses.
>The cannons whilst they are intact, repairing the machines are a no go.
>Whatever sorcery the old ones used is not something I can fix.
>So I would have to be fine with volatile warp stuff spilling out whenever this particular fortress is deployed into battle.
File: big choppa.jpg (126 KB, 1048x917)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>Amongst the things of note-
>First things first: The members of the Hemmenth Dynasty FINALLY begin their efforts to colonize within our territory.
>I would need to help them out soon enough, but I'm in the middle of a few other projects at the moment.
>Next up: The acting Phaerakh interrupted NUMEROUS TIMES, just so I could make her supersized weapons.
>Many trips to the dimensional forge to make a weapon that suited her demands.
>In the end I needed to recreate the Hyperphase Harvesters, and a set of Ophydian claws, which took a fews to perfect as I had never needed to make them.
>She also had me build an Enmitic Annihilator...Which was annoying as we had a brand new shipment we had received some centuries ago.
>There was one positive note, she would have lychguard or some of the Droids deliver her the weapons.
>I havent had to directly meet her since she last called for me.
>Moving on there were 2 other developments that need mentioning.
>The Jokaero population has since Grown.
>Over the centuries a grand total of seven new Jokaero had been born.
>I had the honor of holding a few newborns.
>It was a nice experience meeting the next generation of apes.
>As a sort of godfather gift I gave the first set of newborn 2 of my ancient digi-weapon rings.
>For each born after that I gifted them with their own Tachyon arrow.
>Before I headed back to oversee repairs I taught them how to make the equivalent of baby food out of the fruits.
File: clown o meter.jpg (46 KB, 224x454)
46 KB
>As for the last development-
>Trazyn left back home with sannet.
>Within the next few centuries he promises he will release a theatrical performance to repay me for my showing of human movies.
>That was nice but the idea of having to watch a decade long performance might be a bit draining for my tastes.
>With the repairs done I began mobilizing the entirety of ancestral workshops contents to my place in the blackstone fortress.
>In the event anything went wrong for me on the tomb world I would prefer to not have to come back to the world.
>Settling everything into the first fortress was no issue.
>And then the fortress sensors sweeps picked up on something.
>A tombship on approach, one note recognized as belonging to the Hemmenth, Nihilakh, Sautekh, Triarch, or Voekhet Dynasty.
>Immediately I had myself translated to the helm and was ready to open a full barrage of Warp cannon fire on this invader.
>But Somewhere I had the sense to not open fire on the would be assailant.
>Instead, I used the combined power of the fortresses I signaled out to the ship before it could even properly enter into our solar system.
>”Halt your proceedings, I am High Transmogrifer Ishskar of the Voekhet Dynasty-”
>”You impede upon the sanctity of our territory.”
>”I would know your name and alliance, lest I enact my right to defense with extreme prejudice..”
>I waited for a response.
File: Illuminor_Szeras.jpg (222 KB, 580x800)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>For an agonizing few minutes I held myself against just charging out and firing upon the ship.
>It was a transmission from the other ship, it identified itself as belonging to the Szarekhan Dynasty.
>I immediately shut off the cannons targeting system and nearly began bowing down.
>But the transmission continued.
>”I am Illuminor Szeras and I have come to meet with you, High Transmogrifer Ishskar.”
>I immediately punched the console in rage, muting myself.
>I shuffled back and forth for a minute trying to settle down.
>I Place the faceplate on the Avatar and watch her come to life.
>At first she acts with confusion asking where Chari is. I let her know he left the room and I helped build her chassis.
>She remarks about the chest area meeting her expectations then looks at me.
>Oh shit.
>She sees me get nervous then reassures me.
>She knows I was one of her systems.
>She knows Ish made me accidentally. She seems all too happy about that like she's planning something.
>Relief washes over me. A sensation I had yet to experience.
>She then notices her faceplate.
>I explain I put extra care into it just for her.
>She asks if I have a name.
>I give Spade, the name Chari gave me as a placeholder.
>She sounds displeased, opting to name me after the act that created me, Spark.
>I accept the name.
>Once she finishes inspecting her new avatar she leaves the room, mentioning something about thanking Chari.
>I overhear the Cryptek's name at one point.
>I wait in the workshop for Chari to return, studying various things.
File: why are you here.jpg (87 KB, 1136x640)
87 KB
>Could I just refuse him?
>That was possibly a real good move.
>But he did arrive in a ship belonging to the Szarekhan Dynasty.
>Is he an ally or is he just hiding behind their tech?
>I bit my nonexistent tongue and decided on a course of action.
>Unmuting myself I transmitted another message. “Illuminor Szeras, It is with great sorrow that i must inform you-”
>”I find myself occupied with the bidding of my Phaerakh and will be unable to attend to you.”
>”I humbly request we proceed with discussions within 18 million years from now during the great awakening.”
>I ended the transmission hoping he would just take that and leave.
File: thought process.jpg (49 KB, 640x340)
49 KB
>No dice.
>Unfortunately with the line cut he decided to fly FURTHER into the system.
>Just to get into range of communications.
>I immediately gave the mass order to shut the ports to each of the fortresses and prevent any entrance from ANY ships until his tombship left.
>I was getting ping after ping after ping from him.
>I would need to speak with him eventually.
>I just really didn't want to.
>After a day or two I knock on the door just to make sure the two had finished their conversation
>Didn't want to intrude if they still were you know
>Spade answered and welcomed me back in
>Apperently she had given him a new name... Spark
>Now that is cute
>I should have been there to watch but had decided against it
>Family matters you know
>When I got back in spark had apparently been studying a few things
>That was a good twelve-year project
>But 3 more to go before we can back into designing and creating his body (then more of the canoptek battle droids, or just a shit tone of R&D)
>... Oh boy...
>So the next 68 years were just the same
>Having the parts/components of the next bodies made
>Ensuring the components fit perfectly into a skeleton
>Wireing the components together...
>Building the shells, ensuring they were properly engraved...
>You know body construction stuff
>Thank fuck the fortresses supplied the components because I do not think I would be able to create them in... three million or eight million years (best case)
>We did talk when we got the chance
>I spoke much, or explain something he didn't understand
>Gave him my perspective on a few things
>However he seemed super interested in the movies
>Really intrested in watching them.
>I agreed we'd watch them together when we finish the fortresses bodies
>But before we got back to designing his new body
>Just to give him food for thought
>Work on the bodies, making sure the chassis are all made to spec, following blueprints.
>Asked Chari about movies, the foreign concepts and designs intrigue me immensely.
>He says we'll watch them once we finish the bodies.
>Keep working on the bodies, learning different parts of the process as time goes by.
>68 years pass of work, but it is satisfying each time we complete a body and watch it come to life as the appropriate Ai tests it.
>They each approve of our work, I can see Chari isn't too fond of the chassis design.
>He tells me that they "bullied" him into using the design despite his criticisms.
>I ask what "bullying" is and he explains it.
>I'm just glad I could help, even taking the burden of "embarrassment" off of him when dealing with the Chassis.
>I may have to study an encyclopedic database sometime to catch up on terms and concepts.
>We finally finish. We set down for movies in a chamber that was previously used to view movies. Chari called it a Theatre.
>The first movies consist of the Blade Runner series.
>These "Humans" are fascinating, But even more so the concept of artificial humans. They are made to serve purposes but can gain their own free will.
>The defective ones are hunted down by blade runners.
>The movies thoroughly pique my interest.
>After those we watch the Matrix series. The artificial reality is amazing along with the ability to download new skills. Chari's B1s could learn whole new tactics in an instant through simulated training like this. I could probably code the framework and systems to allow it.
>Though the concept of "The One" worries me. If someone gets into our systems like that it would wreak havoc. I need to make security measures.
>The next movies however inspire me. The "Jaegars" from Pacific Rim appear to have a variety of weapons able to unfurl from their very arms.
>This could be miniaturized to allow backup weapon storage to be integrated directly into a robotic form. I could use a similar technique to store tools in my new body's arms for each access when working on something.
>The rest of the movies go by, giving me various ideas and areas of research to study and look into.
File: 1_SSABfkBUeXyoqAArPfuHNg.jpg (237 KB, 1920x1001)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
(Changed from Spade to Spark to be more accurate after the name change)
>We watch another series, starting with an animated film that seems to predate the rest. It centers on a race that can convert into alternative modes for transportation and stealth purposes.
>The non-animated ones go further, portraying body parts shifting into weapons and tools readily when needed.
>They have fooled humans by disguising as their transportation.
>I notice the concept of "Transformium" in one of the films. Programmable matter that could shift when needed would save on space to include the tools in the body.
>I keep a mental note of that.
>We watch a compendium known as the MCU.
>See Iron man and his suit.
>Note the various iterations throughout the movies.
>We watch 2001: A Space Odyssey
>I refuse to be called Hal-9000
>After watching the movies I ponder the different technologies present in there.
>I may have to look into a programmable metal/nanotech to allow reconfiguration to different uses instantly eventually.
>I suggest using the extra bulk in the arms for my body for a way of either storing or manufacturing tools for use.
>Spark has taken much inspiration from the human movies
>Though the fabrication of tools is possible in such a tight space
>Where the resources to construct them is the real problem
>So sadly we had to put that on the back burner for the time
>But we had to redesign his body a few times
>Mostly to ensure it could operate without being connected to a larger network
>Plus a failsafe to ensure his mind (if his body were to be destroyed) can be saved
>I'll take no chances on the possible loss of my kin
>So five years total, spent on finely redesigning his body
>Then another 39 years building his body itself
>I wish I had learned about the fiber bundles so much sooner
>But dam was there so many bundles that I had to make
>His form... was a sight to behold
>tools stored within his body to give aid to his work, or just on hand in case he needed them
>An enmitic disintegrator pistol and a hyberphase knife was given to him for self-defense (just in case)
>Work with Chari on my body.
>We refusing it a few times to ensure that I can move freely from the Fortress and not rely on its systems to house me.
>This means I may be able to visit the Tomb World.
>Chari puts in a failsafe to recover me if the body is destroyed and adds a piston and knife for self defense alongside my tools.
>I assisted him as well as I could with making enough synthetic muscle.
>Once it’s finished I transfer myself into it and test it, moving the muscles and getting used to the new form of locomotion.
>Definitely not the same experience as Chari’s assistant’s body but it feels good once I get used to it.
>After I get used to it Chari begins teaching me about etiquette in Necron society so I can fit in.
>I enjoy the lesson thoroughly.
>I ask if I could take a walk around the fortress to explore it myself, for a new perspective other than the security system.
man i choose to post at the least opportune times. have to go very soon but yet I only remember to post just before i need to go.
File: nasty ass.jpg (13 KB, 227x299)
13 KB
>After a few months of silence, and seeing if I could just ignore him-
>I finally opened a line with him.
>IMMEDIATELY I was bombarded with a nonstop stream of questions.
>From composition, origin, inquiries to study, bargaining, threatening, demands to take it, and several other streams of JUNK questions.
>When his storm of questions and remarks ended I started. “Illuminor Szeras, As I now find myself needing to repeat-”
>He immediately interrupted me. “High Transmogrifer Ishskar, I demand an audience with you.”
>”This is Non-negotiable.”
>I locked my fingers together and tried again.
File: zozar.jpg (462 KB, 688x688)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
>”Szeras, I will state it clearly, in no uncertain terms-”
>”I LOATH you, and you ceaseless experminatations.”
>”Now I am aware you are not entirely to blame for the process that transmuted our race into what it is now.
>”But you still had a hand within my people's downfall, something that was unforgivable.”
>”Many others of your colleges such as Zozar have succumbed to madness upon changing.”
>”Join them I implore you, for my sake, and the galaxy's sake.”
>Szeras spoke up. “Is that all?”
>”These are things I have heard a thousand times over cryptek.”
>”Your rage at me is not something special.”
File: Cryptek discpilines.jpg (30 KB, 600x237)
30 KB
>I should’ve seen that coming.
>”Cryptek Ishskar, you would be a fool to deny the wisdom I can impart upon you.”
>”I wish to simply have a meeting a of the minds, the technology you now posses could be dispersed between the entire empire.”
>I cut him off. “The triarch is fully aware of my activities and the existence of the technology in my possession.”
>”As for whatever wisdom you think you can impart to me-”
>”Keep it, I have no need for your fleshcraft.”
>”No doubt you’ve butched countless aeldari and organic lifeforms for your sick experimentations.”
>”And I have no need for your expertise in Biomancy, Plasmancy, or Technomancy.”
File: Average day for cryptek.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
>He scoffed. “You sound so confident in yourself cryptek.”
>”One way or another the Szarekhan Dynasty will claim one of these blackstone star fortresses.”
>I sneered. ”I can assure you szeras, there is no future where something like that happens.”
>”Now would you kindly LEAVE this sector before I see to it that you are reduced to nothing but errant atoms scattered to the wind.”
>Szeras let out a chuckle. “You are making a mistake cryptek.”
>”We shall see that resolve takes you.”
>I made the warp cannon spool up.
>But szeras had begun to move away.
File: Leave already.jpg (222 KB, 900x900)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>For several hours while he was still in range of my cannon I really considered firing upon him.
>It wasn't going to get me anywhere.
>I instead took a seat back and tried to relax.
>I gathered myself for a few months.
>Looking back through my memories I looked on to the things that required my attention most prominently.
>I should focus while I have so much time.
>I never knew when Phillias and the others would return.
>If any of them do return in the first place.
>There was a few things I needed to do or at least wanted to do before I began helping the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Boarding my reconstructed house.
>Visiting the Technomandrite cache’s that were hid across each of the planets.
>And lastly figuring the point of each of the fortresses.
>Some of them had an intrsquie purpose behind them.
>Or at least that's something I began therozing.
>While I still had the hand of darkness and the Eye of night at least.
>That would be a good start.
>I haven't been to the tomb world for a good century and some change.
>The Phaerakh had not demanded anything in some time, and the Hemmenth within the last century had not needed anything.
>I also haven't had Agakhet tailing me around anymore.
>Which I hadn't really noticed until I led my own ship back to the tomb world.
>I let him know of my precessance when I reached the surface and he accompanied me.
>”Come, I need your assistance in securing something, friend.”
>Saying friend felt a bit tact on...
>I was beginning to realize my personal relationship with most people in this life was somewhat shallow.
>I really hardly speak to anyone…
>Shards I really am alone aren't I?
File: Gone.jpg (20 KB, 680x481)
20 KB
>We headed for the chamber that SHOULD have housed my reconstructed house and the movie theater.
>”What the...” I checked my map.
>”Agakhet do you recall a theater and a primitive house being within this chamber correct?”
>He gave a nod. “Of course lord, this was indeed the chamber.”
>”Perhaps several canoptek constructs recognized this as antechamber and deconstructed the contents of the chamber.” He suggested.
>”Maybe.” That really just bummed me out.
>I kicked around in the adjacent chambers to make sure.
>My house was well and truly gone.
File: SuperBattleDroid.png (248 KB, 366x680)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
>Was just enjoying watching spark try out his new body
>It is a sight to behold
>It takes him a short time to attune himself to the control of the body
>I swear if he had a face it would have an expression of pure glee
>This would probably be the best time to explain to him necron etiquette
>I sit him down and try to best explain necron rules of their society and where we are
>After I finish the lessons (and ensure he has no further questions) he asks if he can walk around
>I approve... but I tell him to stay safe, and if he needs me I will be in this wing of the fortress
>All he'll need to do is send me a ping and I will answer it as quickly as possible
>After he leaves, I get back to work...
>I pull up the next droid and begin redisigning the exterior to a more... necron style
(295 years before I am caught up to current events)

>I began my work on recreating its armaments
>Mostly because I didn't know large/complex they will be
>So I can't create its shell without knowing the space his weapons will require for the body itself
>So you know this should be fun
>I began looking into every material we had a massive quantity of
>Metals were thankfully not a problem
>But some I considered more valuable than others, considering how often they can appear
>I also had to consider how would I cool the systems
>a dual system of coolant, and head dispersing fans could work
>But it was a rough idea... not the exact details
>All that I needed was time, and lots of tests to ensure they worked
>I wander the Fortress, exploring as much as I can.
>It takes several years but I enjoy seeing things through my own eye.
>Find some Voekhet necrons. They are cautious about my sudden arrival but I bond with some Immortals over a past time they’ve been enjoying.
>A battle sim made by Ishkar, they call it Dawn of War.
>Intrigue grows.
>I begin playing, needing little time to familiarize myself with the controls and systems.
>Play Necrons to honor the empire.
>I see a way I can use a unit creatively with some game mechanics.
>I see a way resurrection can be abused to surpass the cap.
>Oops. Now the Immortal’s forces are drowning in mine.
>Win. Awkward silence follows.
>I just defeated their best player.
>Spend the next few years teaching them new tactics and learning more game mechanics.
>After a while have a realization.
>Not all of Chari’s creations are in.
>Spend a few decades making sure they’re all in and balanced.
>Decide to add Chari and Ish.
>Make Ish strong at buffing units, and add a limited time version of his Ctan form that can deal more damage alongside buffing allies.
>Make Chari get better over time, the longer he is active the more equipment he can unlock to upgrade friendly squads with and can unlock his creations as in game units.
>Make it take a bit to ramp up though for balance reasons.
>Allow Chari to rebuild units.
>Add other details and abilities based on Ish and Chari’s accomplishments but strenuously test with different combinations of units to avoid exploitation and to balance them against other factions.
>Add them to the game properly as a surprise for both of them to discover.
>Watch other Necrons react to using them and having to fight against them.
>Take notes based on their behaviors and adjust accordingly for balancing.
>Takes decades but worth it.
>Dual-barreled weapons...
>Insane rates of fire if one can maintain the power and the temperatures to keep it cool
>This was an engineering challenge
>The first set of experiments were on first creating a generator and enough plasma fields that were stable enough
>While also ensuring they could still be mass-produced and easy to maintain
>Campartmentalazation was key in this
>I tackled each problem one at a time, prioritizing those that destroyed the unit first or damaged it to the point of unsalvagability
>Eight years, 9472 tests
>I began to understand the nature of plasma so much better
>When I achieved stable enough and easily maintainable enough power for the weapons I went to the next problem
>Over heating, this was trickier
>I had plenty of energy (as planned) as to power the other parts of this battle droid
>I then began designing the cooling systems for the weapons
>Two years, 4826 tests
>as far as my testings show there are two main solutions
>One being have the coolant have an obscenely high heat compacity
>Two (being my more favored) have a liquid with an ok heat capacity
>With fans on the back of the unit to disperse the heat from the coolant more easily
>Now to design the frames and run the tests... again
>All is going well.
>See Fortress Avatar walk in.
>Immediately get hugged.
>How strong did we make her Avatar.
>Glad I’m durable, otherwise my spine would’ve broken.
>She asks what I’m doing.
>Explain I’ve put in a surprise for Ish and Chari into the Dawn of War simulations.
>She immediately goes to a simulation to see what I was working on.
>Soon the other Fortress AIs catch wind.
>They all start competing against each other in years long matches.
>See Ish used too many times to count.
>What have I done.
>Average Necrons don’t challenge them after seeing how intense they get.
>I don’t blame them.
>Leave the AIs to it and keep playing against Necrons, learning more about the game as I go.
>Try the different races to get a feel for their strengths and weaknesses.
File: sadness.png (100 KB, 551x557)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
this makes me feel again like pic rel
like the other one you had
do you have more cryptek anon or at least where you got them?
once more i came here to read and ended up feeling...
File: Slumbering.jpg (167 KB, 1280x902)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
>Be Overlord Nefert Akhena.
>When I first felt the brush of cognizance, I found it wasnt to the immortal legions I awoke.
>But Starting down a cryptek, his High transmogrifier.
>I cannot quite recall much on his lineage, only that his family long since been under the phaeron.
>Rather than a construct resurrecting me he is the one with the vaunted task.
>As I begin to rise I can sense some of my contemporaries leaving this section of the tomb.
>The process of reanimati-no that's not quite right, some other rite is being conducted.
>Something about this process is entirely wrong, Instabilities pile up.
>When I fully enter into cognizance, I verbally reprimand the mewling servile buffoon.
>I care not for his explanations or his excuses for waking me before my time.
>Many of my contemporaries praise me via interstitial messages.
>Evnetually he manages to explain where we are to head off to, along his foolish intent to pilot us off to the triarch.
>But I am not done, I am owed recompense for his brazen behavior.
>Through rigorous politicking he promises to pay proper recompense for his lack of foresight.
>This earns the admiration of my fellow members of the court.
>It is not long after that we disembark.
>Imagine my surprise to find out when that very trip led to my ascension as acting phaerakh.
File: wink wink.jpg (124 KB, 900x675)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>It would appear that the murderous harlot Savarekh has involved herself within a plot most foul.
>Those of the court are up in arms, some seemingly trying to denounce her and others seem eager to dispute whatever claims would be cast upon her.
>A spineless lot I have no need for.
>Instead I am more eager to look into the state of events that this cryptek has seemed to stir up.
>A plethora of new arms.
>These so-called blackstone fortresses.
>The cryptek Immediately made itself sparse after the triarch took the royal court and Savarekh.
>Here’s hoping this indictment sticks.
>Though I fear she may once again slip the charges brought before the triarch once more.
File: B1.png (158 KB, 1086x796)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>I made it my purpose to engrain myself in the politics of the Hemmenth dynasty, and learn the exact nature of the exploits of this voyage i've heard about..
>First Scythe Agakhet was quite compliant in telling me the details of Cryptek Ishskars ventures and briefed me on the nature of the fortress.
>Along with the new assets gained.
>That Cryptek was quite the boon
>Phaeron Narmerth was no easy character to pin down but I was able to sufficiently impress him with the new armaments.
>I took one of these weapons for myself.
>The introduction of these mass produced B1 units provided some interest as well.
>Many of those that the cryptek came to deploy onto the world soon fell under my orders.
>Comically dull, but Sufficiently easy to instruct.
>So long as the instabilities didn't interfere.
File: palm of my hand.png (7.66 MB, 1960x2744)
7.66 MB
7.66 MB PNG
>I was noticing Errors within my own subroutines and found myself becoming far more prone to fits of anger.
>Or in later years I became aware of it.
>For now I was quickly becoming agitated with the cryptek as they wasted time with simian creatures.
>I didn't care for this apish nonsense, but I wasn't a fool.
>Savarekh would have butchered these mammals, if i did such the cryptek would likely scheme against me.
>This cryptek seems to genuinely enjoy their company.
>Let him keep like minded company.
>But first he needed reminding of his orders.
File: Tachyon arrow son.jpg (179 KB, 811x1562)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
>With a full court of some finest marksman and several of weapon platforms aimed upon his position-
>I had him translate to my position.
>And I reminded him of my previous demands.
>He understood the message.
>It was just shy of 11 solar years that he produced a Tachyon Arrow befitting a Phaerakh such as myself.
>It felt intoxicating to hold such an artificer grade weapon of war.
>I indulged in the power that was of my station-
>And instilled the cryptek a lesson he would not soon forget.
>The murderous delight was overwhelming, I burst into laughter.
>I dismissed him soon after.
>The instability resolved into readable data for a moment after receiving the weapon.
File: Phaeron Kuvakh.jpg (496 KB, 1920x1437)
496 KB
496 KB JPG
>I secluded myself soon after.
>The tachyon arrow had given me insight into the past.
>I could begin to see it clearly.
>Among the parapets of what was the last city I could see him.
>Phaeron Kuvakh the Radiant paraded through the streets.
>Cryptek Veshskar the Elder and the royal lychguard leading the charge.
>A thousand necrontyr calling and singing songs of praise.
>The day the phaeron was to take his bride.
>A murderous harlot.
File: Get real.jpg (158 KB, 811x1132)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
>I had lost myself in the memories for some years.
>Hastily I sent out lychguard and constructs alike to do my work, and up the monitoring of advancements being made.
>The cryptek was occupying himself by working upon the damaged fortresses.
>This was fine for a time.
>But I NEEDED more.
>I saw the weapon at my wrist, the tachyon arrow...
>If I received another armament from him I could witness more.
File: HyperphaseHarvester.jpg (30 KB, 304x355)
30 KB
>It started simple.
>I asked for a blade befitting a giant, a blade like the Hyperphase thresher.
>He would offer me an impressive Hyperphase Harvester, he called it.
>When I retreated to my tomb chamber I was visited by the memory of a week of my youth.
>The sensations of touch, taste and smell came to me in waves.
>I basked in the memories of the tomb city before it simply became a tomb.
>How beautiful I was once, how spirited and adventurous I was.
>The nostalgic sights of the city markets, the taste of the feasts held to the glories of the nemsor, and the music.
>I could remember so much for only such a short time.
File: Im calm im centered.jpg (699 KB, 737x2160)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
>I needed more, but I had duties to attend to.
>I locked the Harvester to my arm,
>And made several discussions with Phaeron Narmerth as he disembarked in a tombship I had provided to him.
>I couldn't let myself get distracted for too long.
>I had finally reached the status of Phaerakh.
>As an act of good will I handed off some trinkets from our coffers that wouldn't be missed.
>Good I was back to my normal once more.
>Or I was for quite some time.
File: Big guns.jpg (22 KB, 211x264)
22 KB
>After a nauseous half century I could no longer contain myself.
>The vivid experience of being able to relive the past was too much.
>It permeated my every thought.
>I could recall the face of my father, the feeling of soft silk brushing against my sheets, the embrace of my lovers.
>The overwhelming stimulation of those remembered physical sensations was too much.
>Over the centuries I asked for another 3 weapons.
>A pair of Ophydian claws which would replace my hand.
>A Enmitic Annihilator which I had to forcibly graft onto my chassis.
File: Remodeling.jpg (170 KB, 1600x1184)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
>While the years flooded into my visions, I found I was unable to move with the added weight.
>I summoned forth a canoptek reanimator and performed a vivisection upon it for its components.
>Replacing my lower half with these spindly archind like talons allowed a greater and faster means of transportation.
>I was blessed.
>I could face the C’tan now.
>Defy them, They couldn't force me into the flames of biotransference now.
>I wouldn't let that mistake happen again.
>I would butcher them if they tried to take my soul.
File: He has a shovel.jpg (257 KB, 1024x1449)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
>Be Ishskar.
>According to my memories there was a data repository deep below the main tomb complex.
>I gathered a full legion's worth of Skorpioids, I also spent a few hours trying to find duracell.
>With all my forces gathered we headed to one of the lowest levels.
>From the memories I had it would seem that this location was inaccessible by teleportation.
>It was deep within the planet's mantle.
>An effort that would take several hours.
>We got to digging.
>This whole effort is taking an unexpectedly long time.
>We’re already well into a week of digging.
>Just to ensure that there isn't any cave ins.we have to build support struts
>I have Agakhet on sentry duty.
>There isn't much to do while the digging takes place.
>It takes around 3 months to reach the lower mantle, and having to cycle back several canoptek constructs which have begun to overheat in these temperatures.
>After setting up more support beams we finally hit the target.
>An underground tomb structure.
File: Necron-Tomb-Complex-2.jpg (43 KB, 500x425)
43 KB
>After some unearthing-
>Agakhet and I discovered an entire ziggurat structure.
>Which he took some interest in.
>I realized it might be best to not invite him into the structure and instead just have him watch the entrance.
>When I found the entrance I was surprised to find it once more required the disabling of an intricate network of Dimensional wards.
>Yeah this was definitely a technomandrite vault if ive ever seen one.
>I quickly disabled the wards without incident.
>The door opened up to me.
File: Data vaults.jpg (280 KB, 1920x1080)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>Entering into the ziggurat I was surprised to find that the entire complex was like a library of data crystal repositories.
>Sifting through all of this would take the better part of a half of a century.
>I let out a sigh and began to explore the place to get a good look around.
>Moving between the shelves I tried to get a brief look over random crystals.
>That yielded some results.
>Some shelves were dedicated to historical tales from before the war.
>One shelf was dedicated to ancient recipes, which filled me with an immense hunger.
>There was another archive which told me of complex ancestral trees.
>This place was honestly like a time capsule of necrontyr society and technology.
File: history.jpg (48 KB, 487x1024)
48 KB
>I don't know how long I spent just reading about theatrical plays, musicals, and schematics for vehicles before I got a ping from Agakhet.
>Something was rapidly approaching from the top of the tunnel.
>Something that Agakhet did not recognize.
>I dropped a historical account of a necrontyr’s drought that was immediately followed by a several year winter which devastated an entire continent.
>I had to see what it was.
>”Alright Agakhet lets see what it is now.”
>Heading over to the tunnel entrance I flashed a light up.
>And was instantly modified.
File: Monstrous.jpg (148 KB, 1280x796)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>Stalking down in a spider climb was a tri-limbed abomination.
>Wielding heavy arms that crackle with unstable electrical pulses, it lashed out at every surface.
>Bouts of explosive white blue beams or crackling flashed of sweeping chops rent holes and score marks of destruction In the tunnel chamber.
>The CLING CLING CLING of its spindle legs punching holes in the floor reverberated and echoed through the hall only growing louder.
>It was an unhinged creature of horrid construction.
>And it was wielding every weapon I had given it in the last 4 centuries.
>It was the Phaerakh in a horrid form. “Destroyer.”
>She had a Skorpekh Lord and it was my fault.
File: TO ARMS.jpg (64 KB, 811x568)
64 KB
>”CRYPTEK!” It called in a malfunctioning whine.
>I retreated back several paces to the top of the Ziggurat.
>”Agakhet call for backup right now!” I shouted.
>”Skorpioids Battle formations, prepare for…” I trailed off.
>I couldn't hear the Skorpekh Lord moving down the tunnel anymore.
>Instead I watched in horror as it plummeted from the tunnel entrance on top of a trio of Skorpioids, crumpling their comparatively small frames.
>And soon enough the horrid melee began.
File: WHIRLING ONSLAUGHT.png (46 KB, 767x331)
46 KB
>The Skorpekh Lord took on a spiralling gait, charging in while their upper half became a veritable blender.
>Pings of Particle Shredder beams somehow BOUNCING off of the whirling vortex that was her upper half.
>It defied reason.
>She broke into a rushing onslaught of Skorpioids, Blades clashed, with a hard FWOMP FWOMP, FWOMP, as razor sharp powerfields bit into one another.
>I was mortified as I saw the claw limbs and bisected torso frames of my precious canoptek constructs were lobbed off to the side like discarded junk.
>She cut through half a dozen before agakhet joined the fray.
>He flashed forward into the melee, blade held aloft.
>His hyperphase sword cracked against her own.
>The first blade to give her weapon cause to pause.
File: We can, together.jpg (281 KB, 1600x970)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
>Their battle was a clattering flash of weapons, and beating impacts shoved back off of Agakhet’s towering shield.
>The Skorpekh Lord made a pincering trike with both taloned claws and the massive bulk of the harvester.
>Agakhet was only able to block the harvester with his dispersion shield, but he was unable to block the sewing of the Flensing claw.
>She tore a massive section of his chest open. “DO NOT WORRY CRYPTEK, THE MINIONS OF THE C’TAN WILL FALL.”
>I tried to charge, I need to help agakhet. “I’M COMING BUDDY!”
>But it was too little late.
>She quickly disengaged, allowing agakhet to rend off her Flensing claw in a quick flash.
File: skorpekh boom.jpg (94 KB, 1600x900)
94 KB
>The Skorpekh Lord raised up her Enmitic annihilator, a devastating blast weapon.
>Agakhet tried to raise his dispersion shield but he wasn't able to move in time.
>The annihilator was thrust into his chest cavity, practically lifting him into the air.
>And then the Blast went, first he was there, and then there was an explosive sun of metal and superheated light where he once was.
>I let out a scream as Agakhet was rendered into nothing before my eyes.
>The explosion quickly ballooned and blasted us both back.
>And I slammed back hard against the Ziggurat.
>My vision went hazy.
File: tessuract.jpg (834 KB, 850x1231)
834 KB
834 KB JPG
>His conuinsess was wavering, so I took over.
>Rising to his feet, I took control of my body once again.
>And pulled something from his dimensional pocket.
>That human really should have accounted for problems like this.
>The Skorpekh Lord rose up, trying to address me.
>I pressed something in his hand, before tossing it at the foot of the destroyer.
>It charged me at the perceived slight.
>A cone of light spilled upward from under it, engulfing the Destroyer.
>Bathing its demtneted face in illumination so bright it washed out their colours.
>And like the disassembly beams similar to gauss weapons, it was taken apart, made into the shape of a box.
>The Skorpekh Lord was captured within a tesseract labyrinth.
>bro fucking died
Hes not dead dead is please? Please no, let him reconstruct in the tomb ship, anyone but our bro. Hes been with us since the beginning.
File: The Triarch.jpg (74 KB, 1000x483)
74 KB
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Unending repository of warmachine information of His most esteemed Plasmancer…
>My ‘report’ and tactical analysis of the new wargear and troops has taken the better part of a decade.
>All whilst Nertek the Plasmancer, Vizier of Annihilation just watched and stroked his false metal beard till it was giving off small sparks.
>Outside of requesting clarification about certain aspects of my reports, he remained silent.
>At the end of it, he simply dismissed me once I had spilled out all useful information.
>I’m fairly certain that at least 5% of all terms used related to either Cryptek Ishskar…
>Or… more frequently, his little personal assistant, Chari.
>The Scarab has proven to possess a creative spirit, despite him supposedly being an automaton.
>Nertek was quite intrigued by this, but gave no comment.
>Finally, I was permitted to leave, deciding to translate myself to the entry halls of the royal Court, rather than walk the long way.
>The Wraith carrying the mural cannot do so for fear of harming the fine paints, so he’ll likely take a month or two just to arrive to the chambers.
>If not more…
>It is not important, I will just have to wait before I can request an audience with the court.
>Considering the usual behaviors of the lords, it’ll more likely take a few years for me to get a word in.
>I shake my head and pull my weapon from its dimensional pocket, clicking into place on my right arm.
>Standing straight and striding with purpose, I pass the Lychguard standing at either side of the court-room’s doorway, them pulling their weapons to their chest in show of respect.
>It was time to return to politics…
File: Courtroom etiquete.png (55 KB, 886x1439)
55 KB
>Entering the circular chamber, little appeared to have changed in the centuries of travel we have endured.
>The other Royal Wardens have already filled the court in on their discoveries, in a much more abbreviated form.
>They got lucky…
>I traverse through the servant’s passage until I reach my corner.
>A literal corner, within the tier of the Wardens and Lychguard, to the right of the Phaeron in his upright sarcophagi-throne.
>I reply to the barrage of interstitial messages my peers and inferiors have prepared for me.
>Tales of my battles are shared, to receive praise, alternate tactical suggestions, or admonishment for my achievements and failures.
>Small talk, really… I keep my primary focus on the court’s proceedings.
>Slow going, as usual, we’re hardly through the long-winded speech of Overlord Narath of the Hemmenth Dynasty, after a month.
>His loyalty to the Phaeron is only exceeded by his fondness for theatrical poetry.
>To be fair… he is quite good at it.
>Weaving together haiku’s and clever wordplay throughout his speech.
>A speech about how important above-ground tomb-complex super weaponry will be for showing off.
>A classic concept, cannot say I disagree.
>By the time the Esteemed Cryptark Inera of the Hemmenth Dynasty, Psychomancer supreme, was permitted to speak, the requisitioned Wraith with my mural-painting was already standing behind me for about a week.
>The Biotransference gave us an effectively infinite lifespan.
>However, it did not give an effectively infinite pool of patience, sadly.
>But, after many months (or years, by now…), my lowly request for an audience has reached the ears… err… ‘auditory recievers’ of the great Phaeron.
>One of the Lychguard besides Narmerth the Elder, grand Phaeron of the Hemmenth, and eternal lord to the undying legions, speaks in a voice demanding attention to all those present.
>”In the name of the Phaeron, all present will be silent!”
>The court, mildly admonished, but not daring to challenge the bodyguard, went quiet, whereupon the Lychguard continued
>“…We will now permit Royal Warden Zahnrakh of the Hemmenth Dynasty, guardian of His most noble bloodline, to stand before the court.”
>With a stride more confident than I was feeling, I marched into the center of the chamber.
>I stop within the central circle of the Royal Court, in the middle of the symbol of the Triarch.
>All eyes are on me, and I steel myself for the sneering I will likely receive from the lower lords.
>If I do not disperse their feelings of displeasure, I’ll be groveling to them all for a century at least…
>”Lords and Ladies of the court, I wish to bring attention to a discovery of great importance from my travels along the expeditionary fleet of Cryptek Ishskar, High Transmogrifer of the Voekhet Dynasty, the one named ‘Awakener’.”
>Before I can even continue, a lord interrupts.
>”We have already learned of the Cryptek’s new arsenal, Royal Warden… Why bring this to the court?”
>I inhale sharpely through my deathmask’s nostril cavity, the stale air of the tomb rushing through my chest cavity with no feeling attached, other than a simple data-scroll of air pollutants.
>”My interests in the Voekhet Dynasty’s recent leaps in weapon development have likely been discussed at length by my peers… Instead, I would like the court to behold a subject of a more speculative kind.”
>The Wraith construct holding the necrodermis container hovers to my side, I wave my hand over the flat front of the covering, unlocking the molecular-locks.
>”However… I must advise that the contents of this subject may be… …disturbing to some of the nobles attending.”
>The Court-lords being faced with the back of the box (which was most of them…) activated their access to the court-occular to see the contents of my gift as the panels hiding its contents slid apart.
>Lord Narmerth’s own occulars brighten for a short moment, his stiff lean inside the sarcophagi interrupted to shift his head forward ever so slightly.
>”I would like to bring to the court’s attention… A reconstruction…”
>And so… The nobles let out audible gasps and interstitial signals of surprise as the image of Lady Ashanaru was before them in the flesh.
>The flesh that so few of them had had a full recollection of…
>A stunned silence took the court, lasting over a month.
>The first to speak again was Cryptark Inera, which was leaning forward over her counsel stand, squinting towards me.
>”So… Royal Warden, you’ve decided to use our precious time to bring to attention your infatuation with a dead noble lady?”
>The words were dripping with venom, and if I had a heart that could be bruised, I would’ve definitely felt it.
>However… I had already simulated this scenario throughout the many years of travel back towards the Voekhet crown world, I was inured to the damning suggestion long before this moment.
>”I chose this image as a sign of respect to the late Lady Ashanaru, stewardess of the Immortal Fleets, but my intention behind presenting this to the court regards what the image represents.”
>I sense an interstitial grumbling through the courtroom, many lords failing to view the importance of my message to come.
>”I remember this moment…”
>The court fell silent when voice of Phaeron Narmerth himself echoed through the halls, his body once again straight and regal within the gilded sarcophagi before us all, I turn myself to face him and go to my knees in an instant, peering to the blackstone below me in reverence.
>”This scene… I have vague a recollection of it… of dearest lady Ashanaru and when she was to be wed…”
>I cannot see them, but I feel the occulars of the Phaeron shift from the painting over to me, freezing me in place.
>”So, tell me… Loyal Zahnrakh, what you mean to tell me with the memory of this daughter of mine, this child which was taken by the unending dark of our Eternal Enemy… What does this image mean?”
File: Of old.jpg (290 KB, 1644x1098)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
>I dip my head further down as I continue, trying hard to keep my vocal-subroutines from freezing up.
>”This image… This mural, my Phaeron… Has been created by my hand, from the memories thought lost by our people after we endured the Biotransference…”
>The hand I have pressed against the cold blackstone floor shifted to ball into a fist.
>”Fragments of memories, collated and restored into a single scene for a single image…”
>”Each individual servant, lord, and even you yourself, having contributed to this remembrance.”
>I slowly get to my feet, straightening myself.
>”But the scene is but an example of what we can now achieve…”
>Motioning to the painted form of the Lady Ashanaru, I point out the various details within the piece.
>”Individual details may have been forgotten, or altered by our mind’s eye… But with enough memories we can create the true version of an image, of a concept… Of a fragment of our past…”
>The crypteks seemed intrigued by the implications, the lords either confused, or just keeping silent.
>”…So I ask this court, as but a servant to its wishes… What can we do with the restored memories of our intellectual elite?”
>”How many tumor-extractors, synth-muscle physicians, and gene-splicers, have we here now? With their understanding of the past restored? How many of them would we need to recreate old ideas long since forgotten?”
>My speech seem to hit home, and many of those attending straighten up in realization.
>”…This mural is but a single moment returned to us… but with the knowledge of our ancient healers… We can recreate something much more valuable…”
>I look my Phaeron directly into the occulars… Usually forbidden, but the importance of my words override the etiquette protocol.
>”…We are the first of our people that can make the Necrontyr anew…”
>The court was in chaos.
>Well, relatively chaotic… where the usual speach of a singular individual, or the argument of mostly two, was replaced by muttering and conspiratorial conversations amongst all regular nobles and crypteks present.
>Only I, the Lychguard, and the Phaeron were silent.
>I could overhear the words of some stating that they could grow our armies to become the greatest Necron Dynasty.
>Others admonished such ideas, seeing the idea of forcing this new line of Necrontyr through the process of Biotransference as barbaric and hypocritical.
>Lords were speculating the boons of having living underlings, whilst Crypteks were commenting that their short lifespan would make them for undesirable servants.
>More where muttering comments about fearing to relive the horrors of seeing a loved one’s body slowly weaken and fail under the blight of the Nightbringer’s curse, for it surely would return along with our potential newborn kin.
>After two years of this misbehaving, the Phaeron raised his hand and a booming voice echoed through the courtroom.
>All eyes turned to Narmerth the Elder, which seated his metallic limb back to the crossed arm over his chest.
“We shall speak of this discovery no more… You shall each swear to me to share no word of it to any individual of our number under the rank of Royal Warden. And you are forbidden from informing any outside our Dynasty about any of this… This information now belongs to the Hemmenth and the Hemmenth alone… And we shall speak of it no more.”
>A roiling muttering of sworn oaths follow from the necrodermis mouthes from each of the attending lords and crypteks, drowned out by those from myself and the other attending Royal Wardens.
>I was already kneeling deeply again before my everlasting lord.
>I had failed…
So what did you folks think?
Hope the worth was worth it, i tried hard on this one.
I'm on the edge of my seat here.
I like how the original Ishskar seems like a total bro.
>Be Spark
>Start pouring over databanks available to the fortresses.
>Learn how to take in information faster.
>Wait, why am I accessing information like this? I was born from these systems, which handled vast amounts of information before I even awoke.
>Adapt way of handling data.
>It feels like I'm back in the systems again, but I can control myself. Feel myself expanding and seeking information.
>Windows flash open before me, showing activity all throughout the fortress.
>I don't need to interact with a console when I am the console.
>See the travel between the Fortress and tomb world, logs, video, and all other records.
>See the data stored inside the databanks from eons past.
>I'll deal with those later. For now look at every instance of combat that occurred, analyzing every exchange, every shot fired.
>I disconnect. The data overwhelms me for the moment but I can improve the process.
>Father is on the tomb world, maybe I should set foot on the planet and learn more about the Voekhet dynasty.
>Decide to visit the Blackstone Fortress AIs and tell them I'm going to the tomb world to learn more about the Voekhet.
>They seem uneasy about me leaving the fortresses, but reluctantly let me go after some convincing.
>I'll visit Chari next before I go.
>The next fifteen years were spent designing, testing, learning from the failures and redesigning the B2's and so on
>I ensured that B1 parts could be used in them whenever possible to possably streamline the process
>This also includes the tests for the individual components that were also stored and outfitted onto the B2's
>I do not have rocket launchers yet, but the framework is there to equip a new armament arm
>However this is good enough for me for now
>I begin to create a few more lab assistants to help me
>Using the last ones to accelerate the process
>four in thirteen years
>So I set off to finish up (hopefully) final upgrade for the P1DT
>Jetpacks (or well basically hover packs on 'steroids')
>I used my already existing P1DT's as a baseline and frame for how the upgrade be implemented
>Several canoptek 'eggs' were implemented into the upper limbs along with a few hover balls
>A few more would be added to the main chassis to further reduce the main bodies weight
>Then I expanded the backs for my own custom hover tech with their own little generator to ensure they too can go on indefinity
>thirty years spent on that
>My work was accelerated thanks to the assistants
>What took me two years to construct just ONE P1DT
>They reduced it to two in ONE (and a half) year
>I now had six P1DT's
>Oh and spark wants to visit the complex
>Fortresses want me to keep an eye on little br- I mean spark
>"It would be my delight."
>First shipment of one hundred B2's will also be accompanying us
encore encore
also where that image and source of sad necrons mulling over waifus at?
File: sigh.jpg (136 KB, 680x1251)
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136 KB JPG
Priorities man
never underestimate a persons degeneracy
Google images, I think it was apart of a /tg/ thread
>Spend a century exploring the tomb world with Chari.
>Walk the halls and note the architecture as well as the many sights.
>Afterwards walk the surface, witnessing the Jokaero camps and the beasts classified as Kaiju.
>Witness a yearly event known as "Fathers' day" where they give gifts to their paternal family members.
>I'll have to give Ish a present sometime.
>We return to the Fortress.
>Chari brings up the idea of working on energy shields together.
>Start work.
>First design is an uninterrupted bubble around the wielder dependant on an energy projector.
>Had vulnerability to holes where projectors didn't overlap.
>After a decade we came up with a shield matrix that could handle a 360 degree shield without holes this presented a severe energy drain.
>We would have to correct this.
>Have an idea for a new variant direct combat application. It would consist of a projector mount that could project a localized shield or alter shape.
>Could even make a blade from the shield if formed right.
>I mention it to Chari.
>Heading back to the tomb world was exciting and refreshing
>It had been so long... and I had so much 'hopefully' peaceful reading as spark explored the tomb complex
>No, he wasn't unguarded all six of my newly upgraded P1DT's were bodyguarding him
>When he asked questions I answered as best I can
>... I was also downloading more information on necron tech and the mathematics of as many topics I could get my 'hands' on
>I even saw the granting of further B1's to the Hemmenth dynasty
>Had to send a message to Zahnrakh, I wish I could have seen his face when I told him the first 25 B2's were being given to him to do as he wishes
>Give them to his dynasty or his phearokh, whatever he decided
>Though I think he might have been disappointed when he realized that there were no rocket B2 (though There was a framework in place for that)
>Perhaps at a later date I should just sit in a Hemmenth court session
>Just to personally watch how they operate... and not read these reports on etiquette (without shown examples)
>... But seeing most necrons reactions to Spark's form was great
>I wanted Spark to feel welcomed
>So I made a request to a few of my canoptek skorpioids
>Basically requesting a large room with a large central chamber, with a few smaller rooms off on the sides
>When they get a chance... because I want this to be my surprise gift to spark
>I should maybe put a holo light projector on my face
>Just so I can publicly emote my joy at seeing a few necrons enjoy flying on my STAP
>My crows were seen rarely... but they were in massive colonies just hanging off the ceilings
>Awaiting our call to defend the world... or head on out to war again
>I froze at that last thought
>... It would be acceptable to have a defensive war
>But an offensive one with no justifications, and on other necron dynasties...
>That part of the thought disgusted me
>... ...
>Perhaps those humans are right... maybe there should be 'rules' (not honor codes) to war
Are you serious we just traded a bitch of a waifucron for a dead waifucron.
Will Cryptek Anon ever get any hoes around here.
Well, I mean she's not technically dead, I don't think.
She's just a deranged spider-legged destroyer monstrosity thing with an absurd amount of weapons strapped to it.
Also, I think she's just trapped in stasis, maybe.
Signs say unlikely
Just wanted to say something since I've been following the story since almost the begining of it and never commented (srry :))
The story so far was amazing, and I think you are doing an awesome job narrating it. It would be amazing having the whole story in novel format (I would buy it!), but I know that would be a lot of work so just leaving the idea here xD

I hope the hiatus helped ^^

PD: Srry if I made any mistakes, english is not my first language :,)
On hiatus until tomorrow but I have ideas for Spark and Chari’s shield development when I post tomorrow
>I try not to linger on these thoughts too long
>The rest of our journey was relatively short
>I did leave behind four of my six P1DT's
>Though I didn't see Ish back on the world...
>Not too strange, he still was working on the fortresses
>There were a few major sights I showed him the mountain that overlooked the final battleground against the c'tan
>I did not have any mnemonics of this... for I had never existed during the time
>However the relic canoptek units and the rehoused seraptek heavy constructs (and the memories we could attain) gave us a glimpse of what it looked like
>Many such memories were difficult to attain and were prized
>I was able to even introduce spark to Jhir'rakol Zi'mak (a seraptek heavy construct, who was made by Ish)
>The two hit it off... I couldn't help but smile
>Then we watched the actual battle and we pitied the necrons
>So many were lost... for no apparent reason
>Could they have made better weapons to kill them
>When the mnemonics were done playing I and spark left and bit Jhir'rako; Zi'mak a good day
File: Commiting_To_The_Bit.jpg (82 KB, 900x622)
82 KB
>Next up was... Tombstone
>Yes the deathmarks did name it that...
>Also yes they did attempt to build it in a similar fashion as shown in the movies
>Another note, wow we have some great carpenters
>Their work is great... and they are deathmarks!
>I guess even snipers needed a hobby while waiting for targets
> It's nice being in a 'town' that has a no-politics rule
>Like no assassination request can be made here... or the fact that if a noble/cryptek/necron are all on the same rank
>Hell even canopteks like me were considered on the same rank in this zone
>This was to ensure deathmarks and others could just... relax and not worry about courts
>Hell we even saw a few 'honor' duels
>Good shit...
File: Bubble_Shield_Forms.jpg (26 KB, 612x380)
26 KB
>I then took Spark out to one of the firing ranges
>Warlock and some others of the first were there
>We talked a bit and I introduced them to spark
>Even had a friendly challenge with them
>Though seeing him stumble with his weapon was funny
>Until 0.3 seconds later he basted half a dozen targets
>No he didn't hit them dead center... but they still did explode thanks to the pistol
>Warlock and I however began to talk together... making plans to give the droids a greater diversity of arms
>Though he seemed happy we had B2's
>But we agreed the droids needed something... more, and different
>Information/intelligence gathering was one thing I set my sights on
>But improving survivability to more valuable units is something I had to look into
>Yes, my P1DT's had it... however it was very costly to make one
>So alternate means of protection would have to be found (or outright invented)
>Thankfully... Some of my extracted data has some math for move 'primitive' shielding
>It apparently was not seen as useful after biotransferance
>There were very few notes as to why
>Also nice to know I am not too far in the dark with necron history now
>But dam was it dumb to kill the technomandrites
>I know the entire empire calls them 'evil'
>Something I doubted, mostly because it was said by politicians
>HOWEVER their technological developments could have undone/minimized the things lost in biotransferance
>Then again... dynasties who had loyal technomandrites could theoretically build doomsday weapons
>That wasn't a pretty prospect
>Esspesually if ALL the dynasties had them
>MAD might have kept them back
>It was depressing to be honest... all that lost knowledge
>After the last years of our vacation we began making our way to the ship
>Some times though... I couldn't help but feel like I was being observed by someone
>It's probably just my paranoia
>Though Spark seemed to enjoy himself with the deathmarks who were some pretty nice people
>Perhaps my father will enjoy gaining P2DT's when they are made for his fathers day gift
>That is a bit out... As choosing of their weaponry/personality/tactics will have to be modified to... work flawlessly with of with our there phase 1 counter parts
>Not to mention redesigning it and creation of their weapons
>... Yea its safe to say that will have to be put on the back burner for the time being
>But designing energy shielding to increase the survivability will be nice
>With this knowledge that I had downloaded off of our tomb complex (plus Zahnrakhs weapon data he gave to me so long ago) we began heading back to our laboratory
>I gave all my shield data to Spark first
>Then I raised the question, would he like to work on creating a new shielding system
>There was nothing but interest and pure unabashed glee at the prospect
>So when we got back to the lab, we sat ourselves down and began pouring over all of the notes
>Cross referencing things we didn't understand
>So much work was done in the first few decades just so we could produce a more (theoretically) refined shielding unit
>But like much of my tests... it failed
>Several things went wrong (as far as I can see)
>One: there was a massive energy drain on the power systems (likely because we were trying to have it be omnidirectional and full power at all times)
>Two: There was too much heat, and it could not dissipate easily (add in more cooling and/or better heatsinks. Alt, find more efficient ways of powering with less energy cost)
>Three: The shield was weak... a few shots from enmentic pistol could take it out (Weak from all sides, because it was easily defending ALL sides)
>Four: well that when the shield was still a bit too expensive
>So we took a few steps back and thought about how could we alleviate this
>Thankfuly Spark seemed to have thought of a fix for this
>One that I was most eager to hear about
>Explained the idea of making multiple specialized projectors to protect specific areas more efficiently.
>The shields on the body would act like armor.
>We got to work spending a few more decades on the first projector.
>Chari was proud of the improved ability to dissipate heat and lower power requirements.
>The shield provides lots of protection to a controlled area.
>When used in an array the projectors could form multiple shields to act like a suit of armor, protecting vital areas.
>We build more projectors and begin synching them into a prototype array.
>I begin work programming a way for the shields to adjust to fit the wearer better and adapt to body types, this takes a few years to perfect.
>Once we get this built we start prototyping the ability for the forearm mounted shields to reconfigure into arm mounted blades.
>This takes a few years to refine, on the first test the blade formed at an unexpected length.
>It just so happened that Firstkha walked into the workshop at that moment only to be bisected at the waist by the blade instantly.
>His legs stopped but his upper body slid right off from the momentum.
>Apparently Chari built him to die from stupidity so this was nothing new to him, but this was a surprise to me.
So I am taking a hit longer than I thought if ill be honest. I kinda wanted to write some stuff from Cryptek ishskar's perspective but I've hit a road bump.

I don't wanna just end the story, I do intend to continue but I might take a break and write a few other things.

Guardsmen stories might be a nice a refreshing pace.
>Instead of us going with an omnidirectional shield (one that takes a lot of energy, but is weak on all sides because it has to 'defend' all sides) He suggested more localized shielding
>Having them protect more vital components
>This does increase the cost of building the shield 'nodes'
>But it could also make maintenance much easier
>It also cut off a larger energy cost, if we kept it close to the armor itself
>Note to self: find a more powerful and compact reactor to see if omnidirectional shielding is still viable, or could act as temporary shieling for infantry (worse case)
>A few more decades and we have a stable model
>It was... surprisingly flexible
>It could also change shape
>I did wonder why this was... till he pointed out we could also turn it into a weapon
>Huh that's clever
>A few months was spent recalibrating it so such a blade could stably exist and still could function
>All we needed was to run a cutting test to see how effective it is...
>Then... Firstkha walked in
>He tried to greet me but was bisected by the blade
>Spark seemed worried by this
>I just brushed it aside and explained who Firstkha was and this was... 'normal'
>Think about it more it probably new to him
>But now we had to 'stress' test this equipment, considering that we aren't in a active warzone
>This means we will have to test it out in combat... somehow
>I think I have an idea for this... plus we have plenty of G1's and we can see how far have the G2's come along
(At Work, different ID)
>The basic idea was to equip a few G2's with this new shielding
>Then continuously throw G1B1's at them till either they loose a limb, or until the shield unit explodes
>Plus going planetside means I can quickly get to the tomb complex
>Because I really do want to sit in on a Hemmenth court
>It also gives me a good chance to visit Ish (if the time ever comes up)
>So we loaded onto the next ship planetside
>It was filled with the last batch of B2's, B1's, STAP's, and P1DT's
>I called all production to a halt... mostly because we had hit 75% of our starting 'valuable' resources
>I needed more of those resources... just to keep up with the production I had going right now
>75% of our original funds might not seem massive
>BUT most voehtek canopteks tried to ensure we had 80%
>Mostly to ensure IF we needed that stockpile then we would have it in emergency cases
>74% was the absolute lowest we could go
>I tried to think of how to resolve this...
>Logic chain after logic chain
>It didn't get better... it only got worse
>I had never once interacted with nobles, or the strict law of the necrons directly
>Reading up on it was...
>Firstly: WHAT!
>Secondly: THE F*CK!
>Just how ridiculously overly complex it was... this wasn't efficient
>It just wasted so much time AND resources
>I wanted to weep just looking at it
>Now I had only one question...
>I didn't remember much else while on the ship...
>I just... sat there thinking over all the losses...
>... So... goddam... much
>Spark eventually snapped me out of the ever spiraling levels of diapointment I was experiancing
>I would have to break the news to him soon
>But first we have tests to run... and new problems to solve
>I had sent out a ping to nearby G2B1 units
>Most did accept, but I stoped after the first thousand
>Because we could only supply and equip so many at the time
>We had to make their packs a bit bigger to deal with the additional energy drain from the shielding
>After selecting a nice rocky area we called in alot of g1b1's
>I explained that this was a endrance test, and a evaluation of them (the G2's)
>Spark also mentioned that this will also be run along side a more... prototype shieling
>IF all goes well this shielding will renforce us further
>Waves of G1's would be sent at them
>Their goal was to survive, they were considered 'dead' if any body bart of theirs is blown off
>The G1's will not shoot their heads
>Fortifications have been set up by a few spyders on this 'battlefield'
>Their bodies will be retrieved and fixed as soon as possable
>The goal was to survive the G1's for two or eight days
>One hundred at a time will be selected to recieve this upgrade and appropertly wait for the next to finish this test
>Afterwords we will review the data and discuss what they did wrong and right
>Where they could improve and where their strengths are
>Be Firstkha, first of the augmented.
>After wondering what was keeping maker Chari from providing me with new orders, I went to his workshop.
>Upon using the tactical redeployment method, I was only a week’s travel away from my location.
>I would’ve used the redeployment for longer distances, but the G1’s were getting called to a storage unit until we had a good use for them.
>I mainly made them patrol the hallways and scan for bio-forms.
>The maker’s new updates made this a lot easier for them!
>Anyway, once I entered the maker’s workshop, I spotted them, as well as an oddly shaped construct.
>I raised my hand to greet them and…
>Why am I on the ground?
>Why is everything going dark again?
File: Does not.png (362 KB, 750x489)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>Upon rebooting, I find myself reactivated within maker Chari’s workshop.
>He introduces me to his new assistant, ‘Spark’.
>Seemingly a sentience derived from the same source as maker Chari.
>Fair enough…
>Lemme just… Connect to the B1-control system.
>Processing my request…
>Request complete, entering B1-Phalanx distribution list.
>As the first in the list, obviously~!
>Let’s see here…
>Every G2B1 commander currently has their preferred median share of 2500 B1 constructs.
>Any 'specialist’ right now has at most 5, for personal assistance.
>With just under 2000 G2 commanders active, this gives us a rough headcount of 5 million in-use B1’s.
>Leaving an estimated 13.8 million B1’s without a commander!
>Well, I’m used to it by now.
>Enabling my queue position to be accepting B1 join requests.
>I barely have enough time to reopen the designation folders and sub-unit lists.
>Requests to join a unit come in much faster than I can process them.
>I hardly possess enough engrammatic processing power to notice maker Chari look at me for some reason...
>Just… Doing… My… Job… Maker…
>As… I am… The First… So I… Must…
>ah… Finally done.
>…Where’d maker Chari go?
>…How long have I been sitting here?
>Be G2 commander.
>Performing general maintenance on my units.
>The only combat experience most of them have is fighting wildlife, but they still do that very well.
>Very proud of them.
>Get a ping from Chari for some event.
>Accept and attend this event, where it is explained that we are undergoing some kind of evaluation.
>I and about a hundred other commanders will be positioned in a makeshift base.
We will be defending ourselves there for about eight days.
>I think I've gone on patrol with some of these guys and their troops, though I don't really think I've spent much of my downtime with them.
>Then again, that's not really true since patrolling in itself is mostly just downtime but you're moving along a route...
>Still, they're an okay bunch.
>Bring a lot of the tools that I've been collecting over the years with me since it's allowed, though I've been getting weird looks for it.
>Or maybe it's the ugly makeshift tool-belt made out of cable coils.
>I'd say it's still pretty good considering I never learned how to tie proper knots...
>Would have welded together a wagon for the tools that are too big for the belt, but this is one of the few times where I don't have all the time in the world.
>I'm not allowed to bring some G1's to carry it all with me either...
>The base we're going to be hunkering down in is out in the middle of the jungle.
>It's fairly sturdy with some simple defenses... Probably going to be full of holes before too long though...
>Be random Warrior
>Trip over a scarab
>It took us a few months to fully install all of the shields into each individual G2B1
>We did use spyders after the first one hundred fifty (which took the better part of several months)
>Increasing their power packs was a priority so to accommodate the shields energy demands
>We did encounter... strange B1's (which I was proud of)
>One seemed to have a makeshift belt...
>Crude but effective, though the tools did seem mostly makeshift
>I eyed Spark at this... followed by a respectable chuckle after I checked out its data
>Maitance and minor (EXTREMELY) minor development
>Even attempting to teach his units melee
>Failing... mostly, but still an attempt was an attempt
>After making more than necessary modifications wee decided to 'gift' him a personal upgrade
>After all a combat 'engineer' (well I suppose it'd be like a medic to a machine) might be able to keep his allies alive a bit longer
>We gave him multi-tools that took up less space and had equal utility
>It was... cute seeing his reaction to his new gear (though he didn't seem to like the inbuilt personal shielding)
>It was a good two years getting them all equipt and ready for this combat/stress test
>Plus allowing the spyders to further fortify the base they would be defending
>I was honestly looking forward to this
>I help Chari install shields in the B1s, taking care to tune each installation.
>We encounter several B1s that have unique and odd behaviors.
>I take note of each variation, even noting the unit trying to teach others melee combat.
>I'm impressed by the evolution of the units and their progress.
>I walk over to the unit that prefers melee and teach it how to convert its forearm shields into blades, to augment its melee abilities.
>Over the two years I assist with the preparations for the stress tests, having a stray thought now and then that I jot down.
>Once we finish I have a list of things to investigate, one thing being too explore senses that may be present to organic beings that we don't have such as smell and taste.
>I wish to recreate these senses.
I also wish to eventually experiment on a unit designed for fast melee strikes and durable for combat that would use an agile bipedal frame with synthetic muscle and shielding to generate melee weapons.
(Forgot to greentext that last line, my apologies. Also using new web browser so code changed)
(At work)
Currently still typing up next post. I just need to create a map just to know (and explain) and show what is happening.
>Currently the odds were one thousand G2's vs twenty thousand G1B1's
>The defences were nicely set up... choke points, simple bunker complexes, multiple overlapping kill zones
>If the G2's play their cards right they could easily (maybe?) defeat the army in a week
>So I sent a ping for 'reinforcements through my B1's
>After all our enemy might throw more bodies at us even if we do successfully defeat the first wave
>... It was only then I noticed an oddity as units were on their way here
>Firstkha was seemingly redeploying them all to my location
>All thirty thousand G1B1's...
>... ...
>... What?
>He shouldn't be able to handle that many units...
>I summon him here as well, just so when this battle finishes I can personally investigate this... 'error' (IF it is one)
>Back to the battlefield review
File: dropped.jpg (47 KB, 512x295)
47 KB
>Be Firstkha, first of the augmented.
>And… Last to the party?
>Apparently, we’ve been tasked with a ‘survival exercise’.
>Short version of the idea appears that one thousand G2 units must protect a location from being overrun by… G1’s.
>We are not permitted to USE any G1’s ourselves, it appears.
>I am mildly confused, but it is not my place to question.
>I pulse out an order for the G1’s currently under my command to go into ‘Sleep mode’, and then I close the control subroutine within my cognition.
>Almost instantly, my processors clear up and I feel ready to do my best at commanding my brothers!
>…uh… First, I’ll have to get to the staging grounds of this skirmish, though.

>The first few days of the Skirmish went quite well.
>We were given a good amount of time to set up defensive structures.
>I would’ve assisted in these constructions, but my younger kin appeared to be more adapt at this kind of work.
>Instead, I focused on logistical support, ensuring a proper flow of power-cell replacement, and ammunition replenishment for expended Plasma Particle Canisters.
>My brethren appeared to be less used to me commanding them directly, but most appeared to understand my intentions and quickly followed along.
>Soon, the first waves of the Droids came in, stumbling towards us in massive hordes.
>Unsurprisingly, their accuracy is woefully inferior to that of their more advanced kin.
>I notice a weakened section of our defensive position, and quickly send in a phalanx of reserve troopers to make sure the G1’s do not break through.
>After about three days, the number of G1’s coming in appear to slack, giving us more time to strengthen our position and repair damaged G2 droids.
>Suddenly, we receive a ‘Droid Transfer Request’, from none other than the Maker himself.
>”Roger Roger”
>I open up the command subroutine, and quickly assign the requested number of Battle Droids to maker Chari.
>Closing the Command Subroutine proves more difficult… But, after a few hours, I manage to shut it down again.
>Seems like the battle was still going on whilst I was distracted…
>Having this many competent underlings surely is a blessing~ I should do this more often.
>I open up communications with my fellow G2’s to resume my resupply functions, only to be interrupted by a relayed message from the Maker.
>My brothers tell me that I was to immediately make my way to Maker Chari’s position for re-evaluation.
>Ah, I see that the Maker has finally seen my greatness and is ready to praise me for my work~
>The jovial chuckles from the other G2’s reassure me that this is the case.
>I take up my blaster rifle and bid my brothers farewell, which seems to lift their mood.
>Well… Whatever ‘mood’ one would ascribe to our kind…
>Then, I stride to the entrance of our encampment, where the opposing B1G1’s were still trying to break through, firing in our general direction.
>They… were firing whilst outside of their weapon’s maximum range.
>The G2’s at the ‘gates’ were taking down their lesser kin with little issue, firing over and over, and rotating out when they needed to reload or cool their weapons.
>Some appeared surprised as I walked to the front and passed the gates.
>Even more so when I walked straight through the middle of the G1’s.
>The look of their faceplates was priceless as I parted the sea of Droids.
>…I would’ve performed a Tactical Redeployment, but I had no control over these G1’s.
>Which is probably also the reason why they didn’t quite perceive me properly, and I soon was pushed to the ground and trampled.
>I quietly sent an interstitial message to Maker Chari that I would be delayed until I managed to get out from the feet of my disobedient droid brethren.
>The area where this battle was occurring was in a lighter part of the forest
>There were still plenty of trees to hide behind and/or retreat to
>In more open areas there were trenches with fox holes spread within them and a bunker in the center of the encirclement of said trenches
>The central bunkers did have a bit more in fortifications...
>They were also connected between each other with 'simple' branching tunnels
>They did have a few larger rooms, some just meant to be elaborate kill zones, and others resupply zones
>All in all it was a good setup... I'd mostly allow the G2's to refit any details about it.
>If only to surprise myself on how they might change it/improve it
>Be Nameless G2 commander.
>I'm one of the last couple hundred to receive the upgrades that everyone's being fitted with.
>Maker Chari seems pleased with the hobby I've taken up, which I don't quite understand.
>After all, while my troops are in good condition, my performance as a tactician (While not particularly terrible) is nowhere near as notable as a lot of my peers.
>I'm all around pretty mediocre.
>Maybe he just likes the belt?
>Maybe I'm just retarded?
>Either way, I make sure to show gratitude for the gifts the maker has seen fit to give me then promise that I will put everything to good use.
>After the final couple hundred G2's are equipped, it's finally time for this test.
>This is almost nostalgic in a way. Being on the front lines against a wall of guns...
>Even if it is a mock battle.
>My specific skill set has kept me... pretty busy.
>Can only do minor repairs since anyone with disconnected limbs has already failed the test, sadly.
>That on top of patching holes in the defenses are taking up a lot of my time not spent holding the line.
>The new multi-tools are certainly helping make that more manageable, thankfully.
>Actually getting a lot done.
>I get the feeling that these were made for someone with a lot more experience in this field than me, though.
>Not even sure what some of the extensions in the thing are for...
>That can wait until I have free time again.
>For now, I just need to worry about welding all these bulkheads together. As well as welding them to the halls...
>It's tedious, but I don't mind. It's always nice getting to use cover that isn't just a mountain of corpses.
>Though, honestly, I don't think I even minded that much in the first place either. I just like having cover in general...
>I watch the battle, taking in data from combat feeds from all across my brother Chari's stress test.
>See Firstkha walk up and accompany us.
>Keep taking in data as I suddenly notice an oddity.
>Firstkha redeployed thirty thousand B1 units.
>Look at him and notice thermal spike in his processing unit.
>I'll analyze this later.
>Notice how the shields are performing, taking readings on all active arrays.
>Chuckle in amusement when I see the one B1 I taught to form his shields into blades engage in melee combat with said blades.
>I summon a Phos-glyph that I record data into, creating graphs and charts to visualize data.
>I know I can create figures internally, but it amuses me to do so in a way I can register with external senses.
>Firstkha has sent me a report... he's going to be delayed
>... I want to ask why but I decided to look at his location
>What I see... disappoints me
>The G1's were walking over him
>I pinged the surrounding (and any approaching) G1B1's to make space
>All I could do was land next to him and help him up
>Before I put him in my lap and flew back to the overseeing grounds
>He seemed a bit abashed at being late
>Until I pointed out he was being trampled... by now 'friendly' units
>This was my oversight
>It was awkward... the silence that followed, thankfully it was a short trip back
>Spark was awaiting us, as I had informed him of what I was doing before I left to pick him up
>Also thank goodness the B1's basically weigh nothing (too me)
>Gotta look into upgrading this body at some point
>Firstkha's reaction to my introduction to him being my brother was great
>Spark introduced himself to Firstkha officially and personally this time
>... Considering that last time he was cut to size, before proper introductions could be had
File: Get out of the way.gif (2.21 MB, 432x184)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB GIF
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>One who secures glory and honor to his eternal liege.
>One who has failed in his attempt at bringing back the Necrontyr of old.
>Or… So I thought…
>But… That’ll come later.
>The court session was finally adjourned.
>Which took a hundred years after my turn to speak…
>Regardless, plans to relocate our resources and create a new tomb complex off world were agreed upon.
>And by that I mean ‘By order of the Great Phaeron of the Hemmenth, we shall focus on these tasks’.
>Even my master has his limits when it comes to *krk*‘circlejerking’*krrr*.
>Hmmm… One of the data-packet terms inserted itself in my engrams… Odd…
>Regardless, my duties to the Dynasty continue as I…
>I have no standing orders? Every other Hemmenth Royal Warden was given tasks…
>…Ah… This is penance, very well.
>I shall endure, forevermore.

>With my… ‘free time’, odd as it may be.
>I had decided to check up on a new development from the inventive Canoptek Chari.
>Apparently, upgraded variants of the B1 canoptek constructs he made before.
>Based on the design, I figured he used the ‘Super Battle Droid’ design from the human movies.
>They were bigger, better armored, and had improved weaponry installed in both of their forearms.
>No explosive weaponry built in, but they had a cavity for later implementation.
>Or… So I am told, from Chari’s description.
>I run through the mechanical details of the new warriors, and notice an… Oddity
>Regardless, it was time to run them through testing to ensure their viability.
>Preparing a large empty chamber within the tomb-complex, I began setting up firing exercises
>Metal plate targets, held aloft by Hemmenth Scarabs, were flown through the complex hallways.
>I gave the B2’s their orders, and they advanced.
>As I had come to expect, the B2’s were dull.
>Strong, in a sense, they could take some return fire from low-setting gauss weaponry.
>Of course, the first batch I put against actual gauss flayers quickly crumbled to pieces.
>Though, the oddity came to mind again.
>The cooling systems of these B2’s…
>I reset the combat environment, and ordered the room sealed and drained of atmosphere.
>Halfway through the test, many of the new constructs overheated and shut down from repeated firing
>Some even outright melted their insides, or had their weapons sputter and begin cooking themselves…
>At the very least, they did not EXPLODE like the weapons of their lesser form.
>And as I guessed, there was a slight issue which Chari overlooked, or considered non-vital.
>Heat-sinks with ventilation system… effective… if you’re not in the middle of the void or a vacuum.
>You know… the state most Necron vessels find themselves in.
>Though, as much as I am judging these automatons harshly…
>they prove to have a dedication to fulfilling their orders which I find appreciable.
>The ones whose weapons overheated to the point of MELTING BOTH FOREARMS, charged forward.
>Upon reaching their targets, they began pummeling the mock enemies with great violence.
>Once their molten fists began do stick more to the metal plates hanging from the target Scarabs, the combat simulation was halted.

>The end score of these tests was… appreciable.
>True, they would still die easily to the machinations of our eternal enemy…
>But, they were cheap to make, and could be mass produced if given the resources to do so.
>And all this from the mind of a simple Scarab construct.
>…It would probably be wise to ensure Chari’s loyalty, although his sentience came from a malfunction, so it is uncertain if he is still subject to Dynastic loyalties.
>Regardless, the testing phase was over, and I ordered the new ‘B2’s to situate themselves in the Hemmenth troop storage wings.
>I then sent my peers the test results, abbreviated, and gave them permission to use the units or to experiment with them.
>The next few years were spent mostly in contemplation, as well as performing combat drills with my Immortals.
>A few of their number, whom were from the Voekhet, had been reassigned to the Hemmenth.
>Their Saphire blue contrasting oddly with the Emerald hues I am accustomed to.
>Apparently, a few lords have made the decision to ‘reinstate’ the Sunkiller Chariot protocols.
>…But, seeing as nobody actually HAS THE DESIGNS FOR THE CHARIOT…
>We’re left with using modified Tomb Blades till the noble Crypteks of the Hemmenth reimagine the design…
>That’s going to take another millennium, if they work quickly…
>Before I can mull all too much over the long wait, I receive a interstitial command.
>He speaks, and I obey.
File: ezgif-4-3a6008db8478.png (769 KB, 550x748)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
>Entering the secluded chamber within the Hemmenth’s part of the Voekhet Dynasty’s tomb complex, I kneel and bow my head to the Nemesor.
>”I have arrived, my lord… How may this loyal subject serve?”
>I was summoned by Narmerth the Younger, whom then provided me with a necrodermis sheet stenciled with names onto its surface.
>I scanned its contents, noting that it listed many Crypteks, minor lords, and even overlord Narath being named.
>”What do these names tell you, Zahnrakh?”
>The Nemesor leans upon his Hyperphase Tresher, modified to be closer to an oversized sword, or short axe with a massive blade.
>I peruse the list again, and find little correlation within the names, besides their various ranks within the Hemmenth court, as well as their general disposition towards the ruling family.
>”They tell me little, sire… These are all loyal members of our Royal Court, many of whom are held in high honors for their sacrifices for the Dynasty.”
>Overlord Narmerth nods and leans further on the blade, oculars squinting, observing me with suspicion.
>”Yes… Very true… Now… Zahnrakh, can you remember the tumor-lesioning sessions?”
>I paused as he asked me this, the Mnemonics of my flesh being accessed again like the contents of an old stasis casket.
>”…I do, my lord… Several of the recovered experiences from the flesh times involve them… even if they came unbidden.”
>The Nemesor nods again.
>”And who performed these?”
>I force myself to rerun the mnemonics of those moments, the pain, the inability to anesthetize the horrid experiences due to my wracked organs and tainted blood…
>The feeling of having rotten, swollen lumps of meat being drained or ‘gently’ pried out from my flesh…
>Between the simulated sensations of agony, I manage to construct a face, and then the name.
>”That would be… Doct**Krrk!**-Lord Narathon…”
>I blink, then raise the necrodermis parchment before me once more, and scan over it again.
>Lord Narathon, Doctor and surgeon.
>Lady Amarythis, gene-therapist.
>Cryptark Inera, Doctor and geneticist.
>And many more, over half of the lords listed, only being thus due to their medical contributions in life to the royal family, and having been promoted to lesser nobles themselves.
>The other half were names of those considered highly loyal to Nemesor Narmerth’s family…
>”…This is…”
>The Nemesor stood back upright and gave a final nod.
>”I do not believe I have to give you further orders, Royal Warden… The edicts of my father are still in place, but that does not mean you do not get to act upon the information you have granted us.”
>I kneel before the Nemesor, and bow my head.
>”It will be done, sire.”
>I begin the search for the… ‘candidates’, by tracking down lord Narathon.
>Traveling by foot, I pass into the most far flung of passages of the Voekhet tomb complex.
>I walk for a few weeks, to the point that the phos-illumination within the halls is terminated… >Leaving only the natural glow of energy-lanes to illuminate the passages in a sapphire glow.
>Eventually, that too recedes to negligible lumen levels, leaving the only source of light to be my own light emissions.
>Though, in order to find my quarry, I must ensure he doesn’t leave before I can approach.
>I activate a spectrum-bubble trap, causing all light I emit to be nullified before it can illuminate the area around me.
>The downside of this being that it renders me effectively blind, forcing me to direct myself through other sensory information.
>The bottoms of my Necrodermis feet are reformed into a spongy lattice through a small exertion of willpower.
>Silence envelops me as, despite my hefty frame, I move without sound or sight.
>Eventually, my stalking pays off, as I can hear a metallic scraping.
>Not the skittering of bioform vermin, or the dangerously fast growth of some of the local flora.
>Necrodermis upon Necrodermis, unmistakably so.
>”Lord Narathon, your presence has been requested.”
>A groan emanates from my right, metallic in sound and annoyed in tone.
>”What does the court want of me? I’m useless how I am…”
>And with that, I have found my first target.
>I turn off my spectrum-bubble, turning to look to the dim green glowing frame of Narathon, crouching in the corner of the hallway.
>Our combined reactor glow being the only thing illuminating said corner within the hallway.
>”The court needs you not directly, lord Narathon, you’ve been requested personally.”
>The lord continues to press his pointed, decorative claws against one arm, pulling down and carving into the metal limb… Moments later, the atoms of his body return to their previous position.
>I wait for a few days for a response, him continuing to claw at his own body idly.
>This patience is, sadly, necessary with Lord Narathon, as his fate of awakening was… …less than pleasant.
>The esteemed Lord Narathon, a prodigy, and very young for his incredible contributions.
>He was gifted, certainly.
>Born with incredible intellect, a quick wit, and the ability to learn and master almost any subject faster than his peers.
>Even his deathmask bares the expression of a youthful artisan, a minor tertiary ocular on his forehead to present his ingenious nature, even without having joined the Cryptek caste.
>Well, he joined… But as rare as it is amongst their number, he was considered ‘unfit’ for the role.
>Though, all these gifts came paired with a cursed body, so sickly that the only thing he could do was to take up the medical sciences, just to figure out means to keep himself alive.
>Whilst most of the Necrons of the Hemmenth were awoken with pleasant memories of family and friends, of achievements and jubilation…
>Narathon was given little more than nightmares from his personal flesh-times.
>Before I can speak again, he responds, scratching still.
>”So, the Phaeron needs me for something…”
>Without speaking, I nod and he continues.
>”Can’t be anything involving the court, or they’d grab someone that actually enjoys politics…”
>”Can’t be war either, I’m no good at that, even after the War in Heaven…”
>His tri-oculars focus on me, the bottom two eyes looking into my own.
>”So… Why me? Why do you need the insane, subject-less lord?”
>I inhale stale air, a few sub-routines activating as I observe the lord.
>”Your competencies from before the Biotransference are required, in this scenario, Lord Narathon.”
>My sub-routines finish, and come back negative.
>”Besides, you are not insane… We have repeatedly scanned your mnemonics and personality engrams for corruption or infection. You have proven clean each time.”
>The lord scoffs and gauges another line into his limb.
>”Of course, I’m not /that/ insane… If I were even remotely capable of such depravity, I’d have already become one of… them…”
>Narathon waves in the general direction of the dark tunnel to my left.
>I nod, understanding the euphemism, but turn to look in the direction for his benefit.
>Looking into the darkness.
>Which… …is curiously filled with various, glowing orbs.
>Blue, red, orange, purple… but mostly a familiar, emerald green.
>Not orbs, occulars…
>The stale air within my chest rushes out through metallic voice synthesizers as recognition engrams hit me like a tomb-blade on collision course.
>The scratches didn’t just come from the lord… Lord Narathon was making them in perfect synch with those from the claws of the freaks before me.
File: Spoiler Image (257 KB, 1000x1155)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
>I dip my arm into a dimensional pocked and produce my Gauss Blaster, plucking the Enmitic Disintegrator pistol from my hip to fire an initial shot.
>Bright, radioactive lights spring from the hunchbacked shapes as the pistol shot lands, followed by the continued illumination of twin gauss-beams.
>The infected leap out of the way, but those that were hit have their jaws split wide as they scream in unnatural, machine anguish.
>They… do not charge?
>Instead of attacking us, they decide flee…
>Their impossibly sharp digits slicing INTO the blackstone wall, and then leaping through a depthless tear in reality, unreal light colored the bright crimson of flesh blood…
>And then, as soon as they are through, the tear undoes itself moments after…
>Those that do not tear these holes for escape, or are otherwise unable to, run into the darkness as I send further fire after them.
>”Well, that has a pretty simple answer…”
>I snap around to face Lord Narathon, seemingly having paused his self-mutilation and was currently tapping his chin.
>”This subterranean area of the planet has a particularly thin boundary between dimensional layers due to the geometry here… …Leaving the infected to come in here with greater ease.
>This was, above all other possibilities, not considered a good answer.

>“Lord Narathon, why are they HERE!?” I ask again, voice tense.
>The lord shrugs as he gets up from being huddled in the corner.
>”No other place for them to go… Besides, if you had read the tomb-structure notes, you would’ve known this already. Why do you think I came here for some peace and quiet?”
>”Lord… Did you actively expose yourself to the INFECTED!?”
>”What?” I blinked, confused at the curt reply.
>”The Flayed Ones, they are /cursed/. The engrammatic corruption causing their behavior is directly linked with the engrammatic control protocols created by the C’tan. Those that suffer the effects are cursed by the gods. There is no infection that takes place, only the necessity for a catalyst to make them become what they are now.”
>I blink again, shaking my head.
>”…I believe… Lord Narathon…”
>I breathe in yet another unnecessary ‘lung’ full of air, before continuing.
>”…That it’s time for another personality scan and quarantine…”
>The lord sighs and shrugs, hardly bothered by the looks of it.
>”Beats sitting here, I suppose… Those dumb psychopaths aren’t going to shut up about this any time soon…”
>Decide TO* flee
>Crimson of FRESH* blood

And Narathon calls them Infected, despite the lines right after.

Just fucking kill me senpai.

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