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File: Iron_Sea_Cover.png (358 KB, 1771x1255)
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The World Steadily Enters an age of nations, where Alliances are formed to ensure safety in an age of Wars and Monsters, and ideals old and new battle against the coming age of international peace.

However, Peace is hard fought and safety has no upper limit to cost. Half a century after the RIFT wars, man looks to each other to find the best solution in the event it happens again.

You stare at the pamphlet in your hands, like many others, you may simply leave it unfilled, and live a life of peace. But in this uneasy era of ambition and turbulent ideals, you may see this as a chance to find yourself in the crucible of battle if not the waters of serenity.

>Iron Sea is a multiplayer skirmish where you work with other captains to ensure the Fleet succeeds in their mission. Naval Battles, Aerial Dogfights and Boarding Actions Included in this steadily paced game.
File: Iron_Sea_CharaWEB.png (2.15 MB, 3224x2277)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB PNG
The Valknyrs is once again stirring to action.
File: Iron_Sea_NavalWEB.png (3.18 MB, 3500x1750)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
Day 2 , the Recuiters take you around the complex of the shipyards, their colossal airships visible from a mile out. You wonder how easy it would be for them to be shot down...
Next in the tour are the Airbases, you've been here before in your studies. And often go into air rides with a friend next door yourself. You wonder how differently they'd fly with today's guns...
File: Iron_Sea_Sheet_TerranWEB.png (2.94 MB, 3500x1750)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
And then the Marine bases. The wars of yesteryear were fought with ground vehichles and on foot. This practice hasn't changed but hardly anyone that isn't crazy or a Voss sign up for this branch. But others don't have a choice...
> To Apply fill out the Following:

Branch Pick one: [Naval] [AeroForce] [Marines]
Background Nation:

>About Backgrounds:
Backgrounds aren't required to play especially for those that aren't familiar with them you can simply leave it blank for now.

>Your Character
Is an officer candidate hailing from these regions. The Fleet Academies are one of the most prestigious in the region and many worldwide who wish to gain experience can be found in the Valknyrs for their central position in the world stage.
File: Iron_Sea_Fight_Portfolio.png (3.34 MB, 7000x4960)
3.34 MB
3.34 MB PNG
>Game Flow.
The Game has two modes: Strategic and Dogfights.

Strategic Mode has the FLEET move as one on a map with skirmishes being fairly low stakes and "By the Books" as you consolidate resources and make it to your mission objective. As an officer candidate, this mode will be Choice Run.

In Dogfights, the Fleet or a detachment gets in formation for a High Stakes battle a different map will be used and the battle will alternate between sides until the enemy is destroyed or the fleet retreats.
For more questions about the Skirmish format feel free to join the discord.


Admittedly this is one of the more complicated skirmishes I've come up with so lurking is fine too.
Name: Mason Behemoth
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS

"Officer candidate Mason Behemoth here! Applying as a Marine, just like my father and those before him."
Name: Celia
Branch: Navel
Background: Ifframi

"Captain Celia returning to duty. My Humpback shall fly again."
> Designation: Anton Proteus
> Branch: [Marines]
> Background: Ragnyll CS

"Proteus reporting for duty! Eager to deliver furious retribution upon the enemies of man!"
Name: Paul Treides.
Branch: Aeroforce
Background: Dashirn Noble.
"Captain Paul Treides reporting for duty. May Heaven's seet smile down on everyone."
File: Humpback.png (1.44 MB, 3000x2000)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
>Requesting Shipyard Quote on bringing my Humpback out of mothball.
File: Humpback.png (1.44 MB, 3000x2000)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
>Requesting Shipyard Quote on bringing my Humpback out of mothball.

Shipwright's Guild.
Ah so you're the new owner for this storied craft. ,
3 100mm guns ,
2 Reactors and
5 AN 1st Generation Boosters.

That's the story. She's been accumulating parts as a private hobby of one of our officers Now she's punching much higher than our Orcas.
Anyways her frame is 19,000 Taxes. But the Muster Order is willing to waive 8,000 of it.

Send this report to your CO so they can clear the budget to send her in the air again.


Name: Valerii Volkov
Branch Pick one: AeroForce
Background Nation: Krussian ES

Name: Uleken (Marya Kudrina)
Branch: Naval
Background: Krussian ES
> "The Guild has money for that mammoth ship? My cousin, he has a hull, he offer good price, we fit it with new parts, it makes good carrier. Small, light, very cheap.

> No asking where we get it from..."
>Name: Phil Brown
>Branch Pick one: [AeroForce]
>Background Nation: TBD
Trying to figure out how to read these sheets properly.

Can one choose not to refill EN and Ammo in order to conserve fuel?

What justifies choosing 4-lift boosters over the 6-? Do the latter not have the abilities listed under the former, do they cost more, or what?

I see 20 Lift worth of boosters on the Mother Goose, but its stats seem to list an unmodified Lift of 18. What am I missing?

On ship weapons, what's the difference between Manual Aim, Manual Only and a weapon with neither of these? I assume that, of the first two, both must be aimed manually but the latter can't do reaction fire?

On Raider weapons, what do D and G indicate about their range?
>Aer force application

Name: Capt. Rick Wheeler
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS

"Captain Rick Wheeler. Glad to meet all of you."
Name: Viridian von Virens
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Voss
Name: Tojo Fakuface
Branch: [Naval]
Background Nation: Qashrin Noble
Name: Felicity Steiner
Branch Pick one: [Naval]
Background Nation: Iframi

Have a skim of this. Ship weapons don't reaction fire, instead manual aim requires you to put in a degrees value to fire along, while auto aim you can just say "shoot at this"

Indeed the heavy thruster does not included those abilities and it will cost extra in the shipyard.
File: St. Leviahemoth.png (299 KB, 835x575)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
"Hey everybody! Sorry to keep the party waiting, I had to put the last minute touches on my design. Which is right here! BOOM! THE ST. LEVIAHEMOTH!!!! Yeah, I know, this bad boy will revolutionize the battlefield and stop the war. Yes I indeed know my greatest. Your all welcome.

Name: Zevor De Blitzon
Branch: Naval
Background Nation: Vosskon

(Just think that the arms are attached.)
Shipwright's Guild:
What a beautiful monstrosity. This will be presently too expensive to field as we have no keel frames that are compatible with this design.
Thrust 12 | Tonnage 5(?) | Lift 7(?)
Boost 3
EN 5 | Fuel 10

Proposing a rapid boarding craft built on an inverted Squall-pattern hull. ~22 Move possible in a single turn. During boarding the claw would be engaged and the engines cut, conserving fuel and burdening the target vessel. If listed top speed is redundant, generator may be downsized for an additional fuel tank or a magazine supplying a 15mm Chain for the purpose of disabling underside defenses of boarded vessels.
File: WhoBites.png (109 KB, 571x293)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
Forgot design.
Thrust 12 | Tonnage 6(?) | Lift 7(?)
Boost 3
EN 5 | Fuel 10

Deployment billed at [6500 Taxes]

ShipWright's Guild:

This specialty craft is speedy to be sure. And would require marine assistance in order to be actionable. Elsewise it is a simple towcraft and maybe fielded at the CO's behest.

Suggestion, Incorporate a Detachment Base by depressing the booster positions by a half square.
File: Ainsible_Cast01.png (766 KB, 1778x2686)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
Attention Rising Fleet. There is a muster call to deploy in the Highlands of Kashir.

Our Officer candidates are as follows:

-Celia {Ifframi Dual Citizen}
-Uleken (Marya Kudrina) {Krussian ES}
-Tojo Fakuface {Qashirn Noble}
-Felicity Steiner {Ifframi Dual Citizen}

-Rick Wheeler {Ragnyll CS}
-Paul Treides {Qashirn Noble}
-Valerii Volkov {Krussian ES}
-Phil Brown {TBD}

-Mason Behemoth {Ragnyll CS}
-Anton Proteus {Ragnyll CS}
-Vindian von Virens {Vosskon Transfer}

Applications after this point are still being accepted and officers may still field using the unit list.

Await briefing with your new CO.

File: Ainsible_Cast02.png (486 KB, 889x1343)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
Right then, Is everyone here ? My name is Calgary Cannute, I'll be your Strategic Consultant overseeing this operation. As far as the books are concerned this will be a training exercise for rising students of our Naval academy so let this historic footnote be your first stepping stone into live Combat.

Now then, --
File: monandeas.png (179 KB, 576x405)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Name: Konnair-Monandeas
Branch: [Naval]
Background Nation: Voss

"Fashionably late."
File: Magni2.png (854 KB, 1107x1303)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
Name: Magni Jotunnson
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Vosskon/Norr Transfer

The recruitment center is all hustle and bustle these days. A room drowned in the constant din of nervous applicants, and stressed paper pushers. They flow through the site like blood through veins, and give life to the war. However in a single moment of time, all stops to give attention to one man. He stands at nearly seven feet tall, dwarfing all others in the room. His shoulders are as broad as a carriers runway, and probably as sturdy as one too. His bright red hair is slightly messy, as if someone tried to tame a fire with braids and hair gel. Before him are crowds of people, packed like sardines; yet somehow his posture and form demand they be parted before him as he marches. He calls out to the recruiters who hide behind their piles of paperwork in fear and awe: "I am Magni Jotunnson. I have come to show our enemies the true meaning of war."
File: Kashir_Highlands_Briefing.png (1.48 MB, 4500x3375)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
This is Kashir. Hours out from Albane Aeronaval Base. As you might have guessed from the people entering the room with you this is a high profile situation that has started with the recent string of faith-based terrorist plots. As the world doesn't recognize insurrectionists as a nation the Valknyre Alliance was called to action to tidy up their Qashirn neighbors.

Our forces will land in Albane, and then work out a route towards Baghram to secure Qashir's domestic Capitol. Our opposition are former Kashirn millitants still allied with the Former Godking of the Region. And though that kingdom has fallen to dust many of its younger generations continue to claim the land that they tried to scorch in order for them to have a voice on Valknyre's table.

We do not let this happen as we do not negotiate with terrorists.

Your enemy is entrenched in the South Eastern range allegedly as far as Heaven's Gate and will likely launch terror attacks on Baghram and Maghram's Green domes until the people are forced to choose. Their Naval forces may pose a threat but its unlikely they will field anything of this generation. Nevertheless you are to secure the two Green Cities and from there we may mount an offensive against them or wait for them to come to us.
“Hey don’t forget about me”
File: Ainsible_Cast03.png (313 KB, 889x1343)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
While you get acquainted with each other we will prepare your deployment Forms. For the time being, we can only supply you with standard issue craft to maintain PR decorum.

> Feel free to compose your units at this time. The strategic Stats of your chosen units will be prepared soon. In the strategic mode of this mission , the CO will be responsible for determining your Fleet's Course.
"As Staff Officer, it is imperative that we have a CO that is to say a [Commanding Officer] to lead us through the situations that will be arising in the foreseable future."

Should anyone feel the call to this position attractive or feel the obligation of being in charge. They can reply to this post and
>Become in charge of the fleet

Your responsibilities will mostly be to drive the main decisions and directions of the fleet (where we go or how we handle certain situations). Detachements and take in suggestions from other officers to apply them.

"So who would like to give a try?"
File: Sevastopol_Project.png (2.13 MB, 3500x1750)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB PNG
Amateurs the lot of you. You need to dream bigger. Gentlemen THIS is the ship of the future. With a ship like the Sevastopol we'll have a mobile base of operations that allows us unprecedented levels of power projection in the current theater. I just need high command to sign off on the budget and in about... 2 years we shall have an entire military base on legs, and it will fly too!
Name: Luikra Evist
Branch: Marines
Background Nation: Krussian ES

Given that the Marine profile simply indicates that they can field themselves on any ship, is adding a Detachment Base a suggestion for its support options, or mandatory for Marines to deploy on a ship at all?

Back at home, I've headed a few squads. A different affair than leading you many-minded, to be sure, but I do not fear to juggle eggs.

>Was Harokem in old World Tree, have played others
>Given that the Marine profile simply indicates that they can field themselves on any ship, is adding a Detachment Base a suggestion for its support options, or mandatory for Marines to deploy on a ship at all?

Detachment Base ALLows support options. Otherwise marines come in as is.
Officers, form your Units. You will combine as One Fleet. Coordinate accordingly using the information presented before you.


Naval Officers choose a Ship.
Aer Squadrons Choose a Squad or a Frame.
Marines may form a Unit of up to 3.

Your staff officer will keep track of your funds
>"Their Naval forces may pose a threat but its unlikely they will field anything of this generation."

"Old ships are powerful, if you know what you're doing. Do we know what ships they might have? Reports of missing vessels?

Much to think about."
Update your name with the Following.
Callsign , Assigned Unit

SkyShooter [RRN]
FF Tremendous [Echidna]
Argonaut [Interceptor]

You may List your Officer's Name and Rank in the footer of your post along with your Unit's Stats.

EN / FU / Ammo / Mats
WT/ Lift / Boost /
"Putting forward a request to the CO for budgeting for my platoon."
Requesting budget for:
2 Assault squads. [1000]
1 Rifle squad. [500]
1 AN strikers [500]
1 mule [500]
This would run about 2500
File: WhoBites2.png (121 KB, 552x280)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
Didn't think there was room to keep Base supplies on a ship so speedy, but if overhang is allowed, how's this one at full kit?

Thrust 12 | Tonnage 9 | Lift 3
Boost 3
EN 5 | Fuel 10 | Ib 10
Ammo +1 p/t
15mm Chain

"Ohh god damn it another training exercise. These always somehow go tits up, anyone wanna bet if either the innies got some sort of superweapon or massive swarm ambush?"

>Request Knight Platform
Request Mother Goose
(Are you in the discord? A lot of CO information passes by there so its also a necessity.)
"Updating my budget request to the CO for my platoon."
2 Assault Squads [250 each. 500 total]
1 Rifle Squad [250 each]
I am declaring these 3 as my assigned units for 50% off.
This will budget a total of 750 from the mission reserves.
Magni Jotunnson, Captain.

>Requesting a Platoon comprised of:
>2 AN Strikers
>1 Mule

>Industry Price: 1500 Taxes
>Projected cost as Assigned Units: 750 Taxes
>Request Mothergoose filled with Helos
>Request a Squadron of [Raiders] as my designated unit for the half off cost of 1500 Taxes and 1 additional Squadron of [Interceptors]==> Total Cost [4500 Taxes]

{Alpha Squadron}
Dragonbird [Raider]
FU 40/40==HP 15==Boost 4-6==>
Hurricane [Raider]
FU 40/40==HP 15==Boost 4-6==>

{Beta Squadron}
[Interceptor ×3/3]
FU 30/30==HP 10==Boost 3-6==>

Name: Capt. Rick Wheeler
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS
-2 CP
>Request at least one squad of interceptors and possibly to be put in the same group as Phil's knight.
>Requesting Orca. Callsign Set to Irkutsk. Offering to escort 2 Barracudas for scouting and recon.

- Uleken, Captain
>Requesting my Humpback (I must think on her name)

>Price is either 5500 ((19000-8000)/2) or 9500 (19000/2) not sure how Monday is interacting this half price and previous discount.

"Trust me admiral, she's worth every penny."
The former. Seems the shipyards discount and your initial unit discount for the fleet is working in our favor.


Polozhil [Knight]
ValerII Vokov

FU 30 / Ammo 2 (Sword and Shield)
Boost 2-4
// That I am.
What accounts for the per-tile fuel cost of 10 on Orca, Raincloud and Barracuda? Heavier ships than them are not so costly to move.

What's the +x next to some ship speeds like the Orca's? Is that just a bonus being noted, do we pay fuel for that additional distance, or what?

What are Squall and Get One Free's per-tile consumption? Also, Mother Goose's defense?
"I LIKE THE WAY THIS GUY THINKS! All this baby needs is some more missile launchers and some arms and it will be prefect.

>Requesting one Orca
>Price: 8,250
The sheet will update reflecting this error.

About Fuel Consumption metrics. Consumption is determined by the number of boosters on AN ships, on vessels that operate on land that number is based entirely by terrain hence the d6 modifier.

The d6 hanging above consumption numbers is a recovery rate when the craft is landed.
File: Iron_Sea_SHEET_NavalWEB.png (3.46 MB, 3500x1750)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB PNG
Due to Popular request, Schematics sheets will be updated with internal modules for your perusal.
File: Iron_Sea_Sheet_TerranWEB.png (3.18 MB, 3500x1750)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB PNG
Terran Vessel Schematics.
Thank you. The d6s would have been my next question. I'm still not clear on the +x on some ship speeds, though. Is that conditional, or should I simply read Orca's 1+1 as 2?

Regardless of who claims CO, it seems prudent to seek information on:

Recent militant actions
Source of militant supplies/funding
Location and flow of resources throughout region
Level of militant sympathies among locals
Local strength
>>4967176 Reports of missing or lost materiel, dating back to Rift Wars if possible
Former and current function of "Gates," state of the unmanned ones

(Ignore anything outside the game's scope, of course.)

All this to gauge enemy strength, interests and avenues of attack; effectiveness of local cooperation; areas to evacuate, fortify or deny.
Updated for the last time, Adding the "Lightning" to replace a duplicate squall.

Secretary Officer Fran: Sir ... should I get you some coffee ?

FC. Monandeas: I- It's Fine -- ! I did tell the staff to go on R this weekend....
>Thank you. The d6s would have been my next question. I'm still not clear on the +x on some ship speeds, though. Is that conditional, or should I simply read Orca's 1+1 as 2?

The Static AN boosters provides 6 lift as well as a single point of overall cruising speeds [though they do not stack]. It sacrifices a directional boost function for a more stable thrust/ structure ratio.
"That's great! Welcome to being a command officer. To finalize things you just need to sign a few documents. Nothing too difficult. Just classic stuff so they know who to talk to if something goes sour or if anything goes against Valknyre Treaties and conventions. You thus get a slightly bigger hat and a promotion will probably follow. I will also attempt to assist you to the best of my capabilities as your XO. I'm sure the pleasure is all yours"

"Right to business. It seems most of the answers to the questions will have to be found in the field. It wouldnt be a far stretch to say that our local terrorists have undertaken action to secure a line towards either Baghram, Maghram or both.

"They probably mostly raid their supplies from nearby cities but other supplies or their funding isn't known yet."

"The locals seem to not be too sure whether to support this new movement but young people have always been impressionable. They may strongarm the population to their cause through use of terror tactics. We'll see if we gain more info later."

"For now let me get you a list of what our forces look like and how much funding we will have left..."
give me a 2d6+ Organisation roll please.
Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d6)

No bonus.
Taking a Barracuda, callsign Icebreaker. I hope you all appreciate me being thrifty.

Command wants to know how the cost of carrier flight wings and frames are calculated. If they have to pay the full price or each or if carriers get a wing free or something.
>Name of my Mothergoose is "Looking for WAP"
Good question: Mothergooses may combine with Aer Capts to dock their craft or they may commission their own for Industry Price. However it does come pre equipped with two flights of interceptor frames , a gunship and raiders from care left by its predecessors. As these craft are currently in limbo with our logistics dept feel free to take them as a complement.

War Records of old Kashir's Divine Fleet indicate their destruction by the Voss who- for all their fear mongering, never lie about reports to the War College. However what the Voss know of Kashir's old regime is spotty, violent, and adverserial as legends of this flying fleet of fortresses is what is spurring on the old regime to stand up to even the boldest of invaders.

Back to reality for a second, the insurgents use all manner of illegal tactics both archaic and internationally frowned upon and will even stoop to civilian targeting in order to bring down targets. In the rare event that they wear their colors, it will be for show and to the encouragement of their people, who have seen their defeat by the valknyres as a chance to start over-- and abandon the old ways.
Finalize the Roster by tonight. In the event of an incomplete list we will fly ahead with what we have. The beehive is beginning to stir down south.
The Deployment Currently. Flights are now underway. [Naval]
-Felicity Steiner {Ifframi Dual Citizen}= 1 Mothergoose {9000 Taxes}
-Tojo Fakuface {Qashirn Noble}= 1 Mothergoose {9000 Taxes}
-Uleken "Irkutsk"(Marya Kudrina) {Krussian ES}= 1 Orca {8250 Taxes}
-Zevor De Blitzon {Vosskon Transfer}= 1 Orca {8250 Taxes}
-Celia "Kastor" {Ifframi Dual Citizen}= 1 Humpback {11000 Taxes}
-Konnair-Monandeas {Vosskon Transfer}= 1 Barracuda {2500 Taxes}

-Rick "Dragonbird" Wheeler [XO] {Ragnyll CS}= 1 Raider Squadron {1500 Taxes} and 1 Interceptor Squadron {3000 taxes}
-Phil "Gamer" Brown {TBD}= 1 Knight {2500 Taxes}
-Valerii "Polozhil" Volkov {Krussian ES}= 1 Knight {2500 Taxes}

-Magni Jotunnson {Vosskon Transfer}= 2[R]a and 1[R]r {750 Taxes}
-Mason Behemoth {Ragnyll CS}= 2[A]n AND 1[M] {750 Taxes}
How verbose. I expect you'll quickly find the men abbreviating you.

Luikra, CO
Rifles x2, Assault x1 [750 taxes]
Finalize your paperwork, everyone. Callsigns, unit variants, national origin...

Goose Captains, our aeroforces need carriers. There have been mumblings of groupings already, which I'd sooner you shake out amongst yourselves. That's Wheeler, Volkov, Brown, and Treides if he shows his face again.

All Naval Captains, consider this simple design >>4967068 and understand that something like it and a spotter could be sufficient to let a determined enemy capture a ship many times its price. The Marines will do their part to prevent this, but respect the risk.

Append your updates to this bulletin.
"F-flying fortresses... Do we know what they looked like, what weapons they had? Built in Dresden?"
"Sir, sorry for speak out of turn but we spend 50,000, but only Humpback has radar and no walkers for your marines, yes? We need 1 Barracuda for each carrier; it scout for Air Force, give target info for Goose's missiles. If no Harpoons for landing mechs from air, we bring Echnidas, perhaps?

I know not how we plan to fight but I trust you, CO."
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day01A.png (5.91 MB, 9000x6750)
5.91 MB
5.91 MB PNG
Day 01
Arrival 0800 Hours.
1000 Hours - a Throng of People gather to see the ships land a kilometer outside of Albane Airbase the CO takes effective command of the region as the operation to rout the Insurgents begin.

1200 Hours. An airport observer has noted that a heatwave is coming on the airbase and the gathered crowd is in danger of exposure.

CO. Your answer.
> There is no Answer , Civilians are responsible for themselves.
> Partition one of the Motherships to shelter them for the night and use the PR rations to throw a food service. One of your Motherships will be detained for 24 Hours.
> Have them checked for terrorists and hold them in custody at the civilian airport. You are responsible for their safety for the next 24 hours.
The Mission has officially begun, with your CO [Steward] who will be determining your movements going forward as the leader of the Main Fleet.

Currently our combined bulk can travel in formation at a rate of one [Space] per Day with the inclusion of our heaviest unit.

It is possible to form detachment fleets that are faster to pursue the two objectives of this mission: The safety of Baghram and Maghram and other civilian centres in the area from Terrorist control.

>Everytime the day ends your Fleet May encounter certain events if they dock in cities or land in the Dunes. Furthermore the action of your marine units maybe needed for some situations requiring a subtler approach.

>CO Decide on the movements and organization of your Fleets, and also resolve on a choice in handling Events. Doing nothing will automatically choose the first answer.

The Day will End in [12H]
Fleet Movement Options:
Whenever a Unit Moves they have two choices when they reach their destination:
Scout , or Defend.

Scouting allows them to check for enemy movements in the area without revealing or confronting the enemy themselves.

Defending will actively spur your units to actively engage any oncoming enemy they see , denying them the space.

In the event that an enemy is discovered on your turn, there will be a unique action that will come up.

"Strike" or "Battle"
Strikes will allow your units to Move and exchange blows with the enemy once, attacking them "by the books" when this happens their dice rating will simply resolve it. The enemy may also fight back as a result. The damage you sustain from strikes may damage your unit but not end them. Damaging your unit 3 times may lead to their capture

"Battles" are considerably more involved Operations, and immediately ends the turn for your party. When a Battle / Operation is called the game enters into a Tactical map where a tactical battle occurs The participants of said battle can involve everyone in the map but the first to arrive on the scene will be those who initiate it. Those who choose to eventually join the Battle changes their map position and arrives after a number of turns based on their distance.

Choosing to hold your position during a Battle Operation has its merits and returning early before the battle's conclusion may allow you to head back.

Air Craft and Marines may deploy in any battle without changing their positions on the map. Neat !
File: Ainsible_Cast04.png (329 KB, 889x1343)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
May Heaven's Seat Smile down upon you, Ragnyll. I am
Lt. Harman Maudib of the Qashir Alliance Forces. For this foray I will act as your advisor and perhaps mediator in the conflict to come. The people's thoughts are my thoughts, and our shared fear of the Old Regime is one and all.

TO that end I would suggest you make two seperate forces, one that will make its way to Maghram swiftly and another bigger one that can adapt to the thick enemy surrounding the mountains of Baghram. Do this and in as few days possible, and the people will have their prayers answered in a week.

As we speak, insurgents make constant attacks on Baghram's Ring of Green. Should it fall the damage will take decades to rebuild and the green fertile land that it protects will be claimed by desertification. This field of green represents the people's acceptance of the New Ways and if it is become barren, their desperation will take them back to the days of Flying Oasis hoarded by self proclaimed god-kings.
I'm taking the Humpback back into dock. Shipwrights Guild pulled a fast one on me. She'll catch up with the main fleet tomorrow. Pocket books gonna take a hit though.

>Shipyard -3 AN Boosters, +2 Heavy Boosters
3000 Tax cost
The old boosters are going in storage so we'll make back the cost next time repair is needed.

If it serves the fleet I'll supply rations to these Civies, I don't really want them on board my ship though.
File: Ainsible_Cast04.png (1.13 MB, 1778x2686)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
We are currently , In Albane Southern Airfields, formerly an imperial voss base. Here we can outfit our ships and make any last minute adjustments if the trip here has been bumpy. More importantly this will be

To do work on your ship. You simply need to end your day on location. Most work will conclude by morning however our fleet will be prorated for the work and the parts.

Since we are on a city and a Shipyard, Fuel is available to buy. The regional price of Fuel here is 47Taxes per KL. However its pointless to buy more Fuel than we can physically carry so we can proceed at first opportunity.

>Air Flights.
Aerforce units are speedy and can travel more than 5 spaces a day. However each flight must conclude in a landing where they can refuel. Units like the Raider can stay in the air for a turn before needing to land, and Helos are hearty enough to have their own fuel tank.
> Partition one of the Motherships to shelter them for the night and use the PR rations to throw a food service. One of your Motherships will be detained for 24 Hours.
>[Naval]Kastor stays with [Marine] Magni to distribute food

"They should usually be more aware of this type of stuff since they live in this arrid place. Magni, you'll stick around to provide security with your team. Stay frosty."

"Glad to have you Lieutenant. Alright since our CO is still occupied setting up i'll have to take charge of the movement and separation of the fleet."

>Seperate fleet as follows
>Heading Maghram through Rashidi Outpost (Pit stop)
-Dragonbird [XO]
>Sent to Scout Maghram

>Heading to Baghram through the dunes
-Luikra [CO]

>Dragonbird sent to scout Maghram
About Location types.

Fuel Outposts: The bare minimum for civilization to exist is dotted with Fuel outposts where any unit can refuel from. Units may also roll Industry to repair their craft using MAT and spare parts.

Cities: Highly populated areas with a bustling market. Fuel can be purchased here, as well as recruits and volunteer squads. Rarer parts , information and the like will require some investigation either through Covert or Organization rolls. Inactive Units can also earn funds here by doing Fieldwork rolls.

Shipyards: These areas have a host of engines, parts, and a dry platform for retrofitting your Ships. You may also Change Aircraft or Deploy Naval units from here.

Bases / Forts: Bases are host to no small amount of fighting forces and yet their importance lies in what they are defending if not the Supplies stored within. In an invasion it is important to hold bases for they can field and outfit Mechs, Marines, and even Dock a few Aeronaval complements. Some bases may also install Long Range Equipment such as Missiles, Radars, and Anti Ship Guns so weigh your options when taking them and I would suggest the use of Marines when doing so.
Approved, and I'm back.
File: Humpback2.png (1.44 MB, 3000x2000)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Here's the new plans. Bit uglier for it but she'll keep pace with the fleet now.
As an upside I've got some a cargo hold to spare now. Sure you don't want to grab some tanks while you are here? I've got room now.
>Stick around to provide security with your team. Stay frosty.

"Aye sir! We'll keep an eye out and make sure the situation runs as smooth as silk here. Expect an update report before we're through here."
"It has come to my attention that the retrofitted design of Captain Celia's humpback has extra cargo space. After a short discussion, I have approval from the captain to use the space for the Marine branches benefit. Putting forward a request to the OC for the budget to request a squad of Anti-tank Quad Mechs for use by the Marine branch. It would run the mission budget by 2000, but give us a great advantage."
Approved, if that cost is accurate.

File: ship.png (251 KB, 808x816)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Can I get a quote on this monstrosity.
I believe the hull you've chosen has a capacity of up to 2 blocks and 2 half-blocks, not counting deck space. This is... well, I'm no architect, but it just about gives me fits.
Attention to all: Please notify me of your national skill bonus and include it in your character sheet from now on.

Luikra, CO | Covert+1
Rifles x2, Assault x1
=Welcoming Party=
[Fieldwork 3 success]
Inviting people en masse and in an orderly fashion allowed Magnai's troop to put on their best face and serve food to the bewildered and yet pleasantly surprised masses. Among them, a displeased guest shouts the battle cry of the Royal Guard but was immediately disarmed before he could cause trouble. In his hand was a banana and a field medic ruled his outburst as an episode of dementia.

Relieved, people tell stories around the ship as sandy winds batter the Humpback.


Public Opinion Increases.
Not that I blame you, mind. The enthusiasm behind Sevastopol >>4967156 is quite contagious.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day01B.png (2.46 MB, 4500x3375)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB PNG
=The Quiet Station =

Rashidi Outpost.
You hail the fuel station but haven't gotten an answer back for about an hour now. Your detachment hangs in the air wasting precious fuel as you circle above this station.

A. This is not worth our time, let us press on.
B. Disembark and Refuel anyway.
C. Suspicious, Send a Marine Team to check it out...

=Koni Fuel Depot=
In the distance, you spot multiple foot patrols scatter at your presence !
A. It is the enemy ! Stay on the defensive for the night. [You cannot repair.]
B. Pursue the enemy with an aerial squad [attack roll]
C. Tail the enemy with a Marine Squad [covert roll]
D. Ignore them, they cannot harm us. Land and refuel.
Enemy Phase.
During Enemy Phase, the enemy makes moves on the field as well. Should their scouts discover you, you are open to attack. Consequently if you discover a heavily defended area you will come to blows first and collect your bearings as to what to do after...
Rolled 1, 5 + 1 = 7 (2d6 + 1)

Rashidi: Radar has glimpsed enemy vessels at all surrounding nodes. Investigate here while monitoring their movements.

Koni: My people have the skills for this.
>C, at +1
File: buildaship guliba.png (433 KB, 1599x674)
433 KB
433 KB PNG

Uleken takes a moment to refine two designs they were working on, while the fleet hovers over the fuel depot.
File: buildaship Liven.png (251 KB, 1115x472)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day02A.png (2.68 MB, 4500x3375)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB PNG
=The Quiet Station=
C. Behemoth kits up and force recons the Fuel Station, sure enough it was an ambush as Royalists come out of hiding and are blown back by expectant fire. The place is liberated of hostages and the staff gives you a discount on fuel. [25 per KL]

=Koni Fuel Depot=

Luikra's team tails the patrol and sees them fleeing to an enemy camp. The mountain base had heavy anti air waiting for them but for now Luikra's team dissipates into the dust with their location in mind. [Discover a hidden Base to the mountains. It can be attacked by AER and Infantry]

=Sailboats in Twilight=
Slinking over the sea of sands was sleek white sails that defied even the most sensitive radar and were followed by passing cannon fire. The volley of fire caused confusion amongst the ranks and as the dust settled the ships disappeared as quietly as they came...

Motion radars have detected them rerouting back to populated cities....

>Your party has taken damage. Determine who absorbs it. Those who take partial damage take no consequences but gain one damage mark. Those who took full damage equal to their DEFENSIVE status are damaged and take one of the following results:

-Lose one Module
-Lose Armor
-You flee from the scene and lose fuel.
Day 02

Recon Turns:
In the first hours of a phase you may request a RECON update. Recon Updates update the map according to the few units that have moved , scouted, or done recon flights.

Luikra , you are now cleared to let your officers command their own Detachment. It seems there are multiple positions where enemies are in hiding, you may call on a Battle Operation on one of these locations while other locations may simply be called on to Strike, allowing us to defeat the enemy in detail. This choice I leave to your officers.
New Update:
Ibonyte Casting has accelerated in Southern Albane.
Industry Prices for modules are 1000 Taxes
and 1500 for new Generation parts like the
>Type 2 AN Booster
>Ibonyte Cores
> and the Air Control Bridge.

Local News:
Many merchants on the road have been waylaid by flying sailboats that use bright illuminated sails that experts call " Sun Sails" Many historians attribute this quality to the so called Divine Fleet that the Insurgents of Qashir claim to have control of.

City Guard in Maghram are on high alert for these harmless looking boats.
Celia, you are now detachment leader, as are Dragonbird and I. Support Dragonbird's efforts toward Maghram.

All leaders, break the harrassing forces we've met before making any moves on the main cities.

In the event of full damage, the result random or chosen?
"This is Captain Magni Jotunnson reporting to CO. The rations have been distributed between citizens at the airfield, and Celia's engines are up to speed. We'll rendezvous with the northern fleet soon enough. Hold tight."
Intercepted Cipher taken East of Luikra's position.

Abegu Fha Zbba Rnegu Gerrf
Fbhgu Fgne Fgne Fha Gerrf Zbba

Jura Abegu Urnqf Ontuenz , Cenl gb Tbq
"Well that went well, looks like we're missing out on the action though."
>Move 3 East, Defensive stance. Carrying Magni's squads.

Commodore Celia, Ifframi +Negotiation
commanding The Humpback.
after movement 26/30 Fu
>In the event of full damage, the result random or chosen?

"Sir, it's Caesar, shift 13. Our comms insecure, probably."
Dragonbird, damage assignment within your detachment I of course leave to you.

>1 Damage each to Zevor and Felicity.
>Move 2 toward Dresden, end defensive. Consume 20 Fuel, 100 left.

Southern detachment 100/10
Luikra, CO | Covert+1
Rifles x2, Assault x1
"It's Konnair, not Konn-Air. You know, like the Captain of the Helghast during the- oh nevermind."

>See if this place has a bar

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss +1 Fieldwork

How does one determine some of these stats, as they aren't all shown on other sheets like >>4967717
>2 Damage to Tojo, 1 Damage to Bowser, 1 Damage to Konnair
>Stike towards the Fuel Depot between Maghram and Servant's gate using [Raiders] and Polozhil [Knight] then Return to Rashidi Outpost

Got it. Good hunting

"Look I am not the one who wrote this info on the roster. The operators at Albane probably took a few bottles too many on the previous evening."

Northern detachment 84/9
Rick Wheeler, XO | Org or Field+1
Raiders x2
The stats on >>4967717 are for strategic layer alone. Tac stats are on >>4965878 for ships
That said we lost a bunch of stats at some stage and they weren't reliably updated. I'll work on a more correct list.
"Many thanks," said Luikra over comms, and set to turning over a curious puzzle in his mind.

North Sun Moon Earth Trees
South Star Star Sun Trees Moon

When North Heads Baghram , Pray to God

Most curious. A second jumble behind the first, culminating with a sense of foreboding. Fitting, given it was sent amid a perimeter breach. What was this north and south? An orientation for another layer of code? Peoples vying for control of Baghram? What about a more symbolic rendering...

N 1234
S 55124

Most infuriating. Luikra had little patience for penetrating obfuscation. Less still for the silly solutions that curiosity compelled him to propose despite more practical concerns. Cryptology was the same novelty to him it had been when his career began, even now that larger operations required that he communicate through that most exclusive channel by which he now received a "Sir?" like a psychic tap on the shoulder.

This would not do. What had begun as a private project had become a broadcast to men with the same Laborian gift as he, as he'd lowered his usual boundaries amid his irritation. Command called for a clearer mind than this. Luikra folded up the problem and put it from his mind, in the truest sense, passing it to the soldier who had hailed him and retaining only a vague sense of annoyance and a dated tag that he'd outsourced a thought at this time. May it find a mind more suited, and a swift solution.
>Send Tojo's 2 Interceptor Airwings to Scout Servants Gate and send 1 Additional Raider wing to the Fuel Depot with Dragonbird and Polozhill
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day02B.png (3.32 MB, 4500x3375)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG

it is in the Character SHeet.

800 Hours - Bombing FLights have gone out and sought retribution to the hit and run party last night. 1 Damage taken

900 Hours - Scouting Flights have returned 1 Interceptor lost to AA fire.

Both Servant's Gate and the Waylaid Station have enemy presence.

Southern Fleet. En Route to Dresden Dock.

=Is There A Bar ?=
Konnair finds themselves wandering the stills of the fueling station until they find themselves attracting to a chemical smell and laughter. There she finds a vapor den full of Qashir gambling on a wide Mat. Without decorum they wave at her to participate in a game of dice.
A. Decline you'll have your drink and leave. -1Taxes

B. You throw 20 Taxes in the pot and get yourself 3 secret tickets.

How This Shit Works.
You may call 3 Numbers
-Numbers below 6 gets you the amount you've bet if it lands.
-Numbers above 6 gets you double if it lands

C. You throw in 1000 Taxes instead....

Roll 2d6.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day03A.png (2.69 MB, 4500x3375)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB PNG
Day 03 Report...

Enemies begin to gather at Servant's gate they seem to be Wyvern riders....

The enemy swarms our southern detachment Koni is a highway of robbery !

[You may Deploy for Battle or Retreat back to Base with your Injuries ! ]
Another intercepted message....

Edvgdb xh gtpsn id steadn,
lwtgt ldjas ndj wpkt jh ?
Iwt Cdgiw ?
Iwt Hdjiw ? "
>Rot11 cipher
Pogrom is ready to deploy,
where would you have us ?
The North ?
The South ?
A Bar?: See where money gets us among thrill-seekers...
>C, -1000 taxes

>2 damage to Luikra's Assault
>2 damage to Luikra's Rifle
>3 damage to Zevor, Armor lost
>3 damage to Irkutsk
>3 damage to Felicity, Armor lost

>Deploy for battle

"Enemy gives battle. Northern group, continue your work. >>4968852
Strong suggestion that the previous cipher conveyed our deployment and they fear our northern group. South will make outsize noise and try to change their minds."
When Marines or Aircraft are called into a battle from somewhere distant, in which tile, if any, are they considered present for the purpose of events?

Lieutenant Maudib, we've passed the enemy's outer perimeter and are engaging light forces beyond. Now's about the time they'd like to field something that can push us back, and I want to know where you think they'd store it.
File: 90547951_p0.jpg (4.24 MB, 2800x3800)
4.24 MB
4.24 MB JPG
"I overslept but I'm ready to deploy."

>Request deployment in a Knight platform in southern squadron based on Felicity's ship

>Callsign is Chaos 1
>Iframi Dual Citizen and +1 Fieldwork
Rolled 2, 6 = 8 (2d6)

Nah, I mean stuff like the Barracuda and Swordfish have different Fuel capacity between sheets. Not everything has their Weight indicated as well though I don't know how important that is. I assume if something doesn't have Ammo or Mats shown it functionally has 0, right?

>C, 7 8 9

"Ah, the nicest thing one can do for another is give them a Chance." A roll of Taxes is removed from under her collar, and her officer cap serves as a bowl to hold them before she slides it across the mat.

"The Seven tenets of the Royal Guard, the Eight missing pages of my Telltale Journal, and the Nine sisters of War."
>-2500 Kredits approved. Deployment legality will be checked with Fleet Command, expected fine. Your unit tag will be [Knight], not [Naval].

Gamer and Chaos 1, specify your Knight platform loadouts.
"Why does everybody call me gamer if you guys don't feel like using my callsign just call me Phil"

"Also 40mm rocket and 15mm chaingun, which goes on which gunwing doesn't matter. There are only two weapons for the Knight with actual stats and there doesn't seem to be much point on doubling up on either."
"Is there actually a point in doubling up on weapons? If not then obviously the Fuse rockets and Chaingun. The sword doesn't even have damage just durability so I thought that was a prototype or something."
"Sorry buds, couldn't keep the lady'scats waiting

>Request deployment in wherever is available

>Callsign is Zevo
"Transmitting to all southern strike force units, seems we got a Rupert in command don't expect him to do as much work as the officers up North. Keep your information tidy and make sure you act on your own next time he decides to ignore a strike group of frigates and sandwich us between two sets of ships."

>Deploy 1 Raider and 1 Helo in hangers before the battle


-Mother Goose "Ubique Simul" [4 DMG, Armor Loss]

-Interceptors (3/3) [Callsign: Chaos 2] Hypershot

-Interceptors (3/3) [Callsign: Chaos 3] Hypershot

-Raider (2/2) [Callsign: Squall 1] Missile Barrage

-Helo [Callsign: Rainmaker 1] Whatever the cannon's called
Phil Brown

Country: Ragnyll (+1 Organization)

[Knight] "Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes"

Fuel (30/30) | Movement 2-4 cardinal | Tilt 90*

Gunwing L (10/10), Fuselage (15/15), Gunwing R (10/10)

40mm Fuse Rockets "Can't figure out the stats"

15mm Vulcan "Can't figure out the stats"
"Alright great hussle people lets get a bit of this show going. Obviously we've crippled the movement capabilities of the Terrorist in the Waylaid Station so its imperative that we go make for the depot and capture them. Of course if they refuse to get captured then we can't be faulted for whhat happens next. Celia you and Magni will be in charge of negotiatons whilst me and Polozhill will maintain protection from reinforcements or if they try anything funny."

"Tojo! Konnair! Both of you are going to the big city with Behemoth and look at the situation there. If you meet resistance from Royalists don't be afraid to take them out the running.If everything goes well Maghram should be secured for another day and we can focus on pacifying the region."

>Heading to Maghram to clear it
-Tojo's Mothergoose
=Interceptor Squadron [3/3]
=Interceptor Squadron [2/3]
=Helos Transport
-Icebreaker (Konnair)
-Behemoth [Marines]

>Heading Waylaid Station to demand surrender of Terrorists (Negotiations are lead by Celia)
-Dragonbird [2/2]
-Polozhill [Full]
={Tojo} Raider Squadron [1/2]
-Bowser (Tanker)
-Celia (Humpback)
-Magni [Marines]

Northern detachment 84/9
Rick Wheeler, XO | Org or Field+1
Raiders x2
Checking with Command on sword mechanics.

The two guns can be summed up as the 40mm firing single rockets and the vulcan firing smaller explosives in bursts of 3 to 12. With the tradeoffs both make in power and ammo count, one of each as you've chosen seems prudent.

Hmmmm if they are using light ships to slow down your big ships then it's clear a slower heavier craft is near. Going by the cypher it is clear that those heavy craft are within range of the north and south. My guess it is housed in the mountains themselves ! A hidden dry fortress known as Gaoler's Gate !
Sword damage is based on ramming rules, keying off of speed and angular swing. The usual /catastrophe/ of ramming is taken out on the blade instead of a hull.
File: Doggun.png (77 KB, 612x612)
77 KB
BATTLESTATIONS ! Southern Fleet has entered combat !

Missed you earlier, Zevor, duty calls! You're the lowest ship, and we need you getting behind the hill and taking shots.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day03B.png (2.79 MB, 4500x3375)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
Day 3 Report:
1300. Magrahm Invasion begins. One vessel escapes using expertly trained routes. No casualties, Invasion succeeds.

1400. Magrahm is Captured.

=The WindRider.=
The City's infastructure is hardly damaged , in fact its opulent districts seem untouched. The slums chant of the Windrider, a local hero with a fiery candelight vigil. They seem to know of this Pirate.

A. Use the Marines to hold an investigation on this Windrider and arrest co-conspirators: Covert Roll. [Marine Officer will lead]
B. Tend to the locals and report on any damage done by the battle [Organization Roll]
C. Unimportant. Enter the city quietly and arrange a visit with the local Doyen.

-All options allow for Resupply and Refuel. [47 Taxes per KL.]
-Repair Speed: 1+ Industry Roll.
- Markets: Covert Roll

1500. Waylaid Station is Assaulted.
Kastor Attempts negotiation with the pirate crew they do not answer the hail, Maudib cites translation problems... Aggressions begin.

" We shall now commence to speak in the language of their people - Kastor"
> 5 Damage Taken.
> 8 Damage Inflicted.

The Capture Succeeds , The enemy escapes on a damaged vessel also sighted in Maghram, 2 "Ferryman" Ships have been abandoned without functional solar sails.

1800. Waylaid station is captured.

==The Pirate's Den==
Abandoned in cells are working men, and marriageable women who instinctively recoil at the sight of armed men. Then after a bout of fear they realize you are Ragnyllian.

Maudib: These are captured Slaves, families who were waylaid on the road and captured by Royalists. They are slaves according to old law. One of the first laws we struck down with the new changes. Many people here still adhere to them, the bond between subject and king is one woven in golden thread however no Valknyrian word exists to describe that beyond "Slave" Maudib seems quiet on the topic , their feelings on it conflicted.

A. These people are free now, arrange to have them transported to South Albane for processing and counseling. [Gain one Intelligence [Intelligence lets you ask a question about the Region] and Opinion Increases.]
B. These people will not be safe here, or in this region, have them support the crew and welcome them as one of ours. [have 2 command points in reserve]
C. Maudib, you know of the Red Trade Better than I, see to their fates and we'll settle for a fair trade. [Gain 10,000 taxes but....]

> Enemy Phase.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day04A.png (5.13 MB, 9000x6750)
5.13 MB
5.13 MB PNG
INtercepted Broadcast.
"zllhk a.aeymj.uge|5uOYKUL.hfy "

>Act Phase.
Actions in the city will be processed this phase.
This will be processed Tomorrow.
> We'll select option B in the Pirates Den.
We can use the extra Manpower. With their help we will be able to save even more from such a fate.
We'll decide on how to spend the manpower next turn.
Rolled 6, 4, 2 = 12 (3d6)

>5 Dmg Taken During Op
>Magni (takes 1 Dmg on Each Assault Unit)
>Bowser take 3 Dmg (Losing Armor)

=The WindRider.=
>B. Tend to the locals and report on any damage done by the battle [Organization Roll]

As far as we know the Windrider hasn't exactly wronged us per say. Hopefuly we never cross paths and he never attempts to cross us

Rick Wheeler, XO | Org or Field+1
Raiders x2
File: 9thAnniversary.png (257 KB, 1034x1462)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
Morning News: This game is sponsored by Patreon. Custom Unit Skins ? Character Portraits ? Support our patreon ! Delivery times will depend on shipping and piracy levels


And now the news,

Bagrahm sustained heavy damage tonight as Royalist Insurgents " Ganymede " have breached govt. Halls in Bagrahm and kept it under siege. Qashirn Defense Forces have kept a tight perimeter but the rest of the city is in chaos as civilians and infastructure are facing constant bombing by wyverns. On the other hand Magrahm's mayor claims victory for the Valknyrs as they drove the enemy with overwhelming numbers.

" Our heart goes out to Bagrahm, what was once the mountains that protected the heart of Lower Qashir has now become their cage, the Valknyr will have to climb mountains and deal with highways infested with pirates in order to reach our sister city "
Battle has erupted in Kon Valley , our ground correspondent are on standby. It looks like Valknyr's capital ships are facing off against pirates ....

File: Ainsible_Cast06.png (388 KB, 889x1343)
388 KB
388 KB PNG

" We thought this Alliance of yours a mere gesture of merchants but I see now you intend to be more involved. Had you throw us out to the next city, half of us would simply find ourselves under another cruel master the next year. Though it is considered freedom in the Wystern world, to us it is abandonment by your saviors.

But I digress, I am Savanna Saradin. Silent mother to the former royal house's servants. These people have been warriors since their forefathers' time and seamstresses and tenders since their mothers'. There are more than a few men and women who have served Qashirn's legions and learned from their fore fathers the way of Sun-Flying. Those ships that lay abandoned had their sails frayed but we can weave them back to life and sail them better than these royalists dogs can.

The divine fleet had always described itself as vast and rays of the sun coming down on its enemies in my grandfather's time there would be enough of these to block out the sky. But for now may you settle for two drops gifted by our ancestors.

>2 Sun Skimmers maybe repaired Tonight for 10 Material.
Mov 5, FU:DayTime ATK:2+1 vs Ships Def: 2
-Hit And Run: These craft are fast and can perform Hit and Runs during the peak hours of the day at the cost of diminished rolls. Their mov must end in a non hostile space.
-Tailwind: When set to Scouting mode they use their Speed Rating to roll to escape. Using their successes to avoid damage.


About Repairing. When Landing in an outpost, city, station or otherwise.
You may Refuel or Repair as a "Night Action" . Repairing in this way strictly means patching up damages and removing markers, not editing ship components. However lost modules can be replaced if spare parts are on hand.

Repairing costs 1000 Taxes per damage marker if the area is populated.
Marines can be replenished using POP.
Otherwise it is 5 Material per damage marker , or lost squadron craft AND requires an Industry Roll. The amount of successes allow this many Damage Markers to be repaired or craft to be reconstructed.
Aer Platforms and Mechs require a Dock or a Base to be reconstructed and purchased in full. In this exercise no ship currently has an Engineering Bay capable of Mechanized Casting as we are not in Wartime.

Refueling: The local price of Fuel is 47Taxes per Kiloltre.
>Who Rolls these actions ?
Naturally officers in charge of their units will do so with their INDUSTRY. If you do not have bonuses to this stat the default is 2.

They may reinforce this roll with a Command Point, and not regain them until the next Resupply. A command point will automatically be treated as a success.

4, 5, are success. 6s are two successes. Matching 1s might cause an Event.
Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d6)

If this Windrider has the hearts of the locals, best not to push too hard on them yet. Perhaps we can later convince them to become an ally. For the moment I'm leaning option B in Magrahm, unless Tojo and Behemoth think otherwise.

The successful liberation is jotted down in the Telltale Journal before the well-worn book is put back in its bag and Konnair disembarks from the Icebreaker. There's a city to see after all, a welcome sight and site after the dreary fuel station they just left. She heads for the markets.

>Browse the city and markets for unique ship equipment, rumors and information, and companionship

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss +1 Fieldwork
I'm back
>Requesting 3 [Rifle Squads] for deployment
-750 taxes
An artillery depot was stacked high to the ceiling with specialty rounds their shape and calibre easily
20 , 40, and 100.

" Magrahm has not seen fighting since the end of the Rift Wars see but the Doyen insists on their continued care and maintenance. We would not mind if you bought some off us at a discount. We only ask you buy in bulk so our work here gets easier in the days to come.

>Buy 100x[6] of 20mm HEAT [1,000 Taxes]
>Buy 100x[2] Rounds of 40mm AP [1,000 Taxes]
>Buy 100x[1] Rounds of 100mm Fuze [1,500 Taxes]
>Buy 50x[1] Rounds of 170mm FUZE [2,500 Taxes]

[Specialty Ammo is shared by the whole faction so there is no need to distribute each one manually. Players in active battle may simply declare their use. Currently, these rounds have no special effect in STRATEGIC MODE. ]

HEAT- Heat rounds will conflagrate the surrounding hull making it brittle and easier to penetrate due to its high melting point.
AP- Armor Piercing Rounds will Punch one Square deep into armor before detonating.
Fuze shells will detonate prematurely with doubled aoe and size. Damage is (Calibre/10)x1D6
(50 Damage will typically break components. )

After leaving the warehouse, Konnair enters a Dollhouse ran by an eccentric Valknyrian. The skelter at the counter gave a respectful nod as the staff activates to tend to their needs.

" They don't care for us Voss but us expats make do "

"It would be a honor to once again see this ships fly with you at the helm."
>Repair the Sun Skimmers, -10 Materials. (30/40 remain)
I presume crewing these two ships will cost the CP we just got, or is that separate?

"Magni, could you and your men salvage what fuel you can from this old depot. Even better if you find some old Ibonyte"
Large ship detected west of Baghram. Likely the "Pogrom" mentioned in enemy ciphers. Southern detachment has succeeded in attracting in its attention and will continue to do so.

All northern detachments make best speed to relieve the people of Baghram. By your righteous dealings until now, I know you need no encouragement on this matter.

>-750 kredits
Approved. You'll join us in the south. Deploy aboard a ship here. >>4969725
>Tojo, Icebreaker and Behemoth (Maghram group) Moves towards Waylaid outpost

>Bowser Repairs
>Polozhill Defend
>Dragonbird Defend
Currently assigning our remaining budget of 58,000 as follows:

Fuel: 23000
All detachments averaging 10 tiles' travel to first reach Baghram and/or accomplish local objectives then travel to Heavens' Gate. Doubled to account for detours, then considering the Fuel discount at Rashidi Outpost is available to half the fleet at this time results in about 21000. This number goes down as we develop the fleet's access to discounted fuel. More so if fuel costs are no longer a concern once we've cleared the region.

Repairs/resupply: 33000
Northern tactics demonstrate how enemy forces may be suppressed after first contact, and will be imitated. This amount anticipates 10 similar encounters or 5 poor ones, plus current costs. Further repairs must be taken out of on-board materials.

Leaving 3000 for assorted costs. Which is little, but better to overallocate toward our continued operation for now.

I am developing a standard by which Repair budget may be freed. In principle, damaged fleets have access to the Repair budget by default. However, Repair budget will be released for assorted use to leaders per efficient engagement, while those who take unforced and costly ones will have their command passed to another. I consider myself alone as having two strikes on that account. Those with insight into ideal non-zero cost of engagements, please voice it, for the sake of accuracy. If you consider this an impossible project, voice that also.

Operation priorities are thus:

Short term: End militant attacks on Baghram
Medium term: Secure a route for Bowser between Rashidi Outpost and northern detachment
Long term: Subdue enemy bases on the way to Heaven's Gate by Strikes where possible.
Establish supply line between southern detachment and discounted fuel
"We'll see what we can do. I'll organize a sweep of the place and see what we can scrounge up. I'll report back later."
>Sending squads 1-3 into the fuel depot to find fuel, Ibonyte, or any other useful resources.
big cringe
Repairs and costs aside the current battle's showed a major weakness for the southern strike fleet. Half our firepower's focused entirely on the two Orcas but because of their poor lift stats, it's easy for frigates to speed straight into range using drift and alpha strike them into oblivion.

I don't know if getting screening ships will even help because getting screens doesn't fix the underlying problem of the Orcas getting drifted on. The fact the Orca captains seem psychologically trained to not gain elevation because they want all guns available probably doesn't help.

I think we're gonna need medium caliber sustainable long-ranged fire in the future if we want to round out the strike group. That or you put a request out to get us more Knights and we can screen when they get close but I really don't want that option since it'll put a burden on our supply lines with all the fuel they'll burn being in the air, especially since Ubique Simul's already got full flight decks. That and even though we're getting lucky right now, Planes aren't sustainable with how easily they can get shot down.
Detachment leaders current and aspiring, Command informs me that the Strategic action Repair's effect is 2d6 per officer in the Repairing detachment, before Industry bonuses, which equates to roughly 1 successful fix per officer.

Humpback, monitor the battle at Koni and keep me posted on how much Material Ibonyte
you might have expended were you in place of Zevor, factoring in the effect you might have on the battle's length. This is in aid of establishing Material's value in the course of this campaign, and how much any ship should set aside.


Current data on kills per loss:
2 Sunsails, costing 5 damage(1 tick), 2 planes
5 Material(later), 1k Taxes for 2 ships. As this skirmish grounded the enemy, who therefore could inflict no further damage in return, this cost per kill will for now be considered exemplary. Evaluation of Material is ongoing.

2 ships, costing 13 damage(2.9 ticks), kill and damage assessment ongoing.
3k Taxes for 2 ships. On track for 3 further kills, uncertain thereafter. Enemy at Koni have scored only temporary damage so far.
On the point of Knight fuel consumption, I'll clarify with Command, but I believe previous turns bear out that Knights consume fuel only in battle, since their consumption rating is RTB on the strategic map

The problems you list at Koni are largely not in choice of weaponry but in tactics, as are their remedies.

--I'll add the first myself; the detachment's poor starting condition, for which I take responsibility of not repeating.
--Second, Orca maneuverability versus the speed of Sunsails: Sunsails have demonstrated a speed of 9, which when combined with Drift invalidates the ability of any craft we can field, even the Aeroforce, to use maneuver to affect when or whom the Sunsails shoot. The only answer our fleet has from distances of 18 or less is to erode their advance with as many guns as possible. The only other ships with comparable concentrated fire potential at that range are the Raincloud, Swordfish, and Celia's own Humpback, and none of these have the 170mm cannon. The Orcas are as or more capable at Koni's range than any other ship we might have fielded. This leaves open the question of if their positioning at the bottom was sound, and the answer is below.
--Third, on the utility of screening forces: The Aeroforce has demonstrated, with height advantage, more unanswered volume of fire against unprepared Sunsails, lacking only the range to land the first shot that Orcas have. Consider now that if the Aeroforce were at bottom instead of Orcas, The Orcas may well have had more time to fire, but the Aeroforce would be the Sunsails' first gun target, and would not merely have suffered temporary gun knockouts. But in their actual position, they have done a great credit in striking at the enemy while the Orcas come back online.
--Fourth, on medium caliber sustainable long-ranged fire or additional flights: Based on the above, name what we lack of these, aside from sheer quantity, which we all want but can't with certainty afford.

I admit that not all these ideas were firm in my mind from the outset, but they have been borne out as far as I can tell and as well as we can hope for. The only feasible improvement on Koni I can imagine would be stationing my squad on a ship, as a ground position did not serve as the distraction to the enemy that I'd hoped.

Answering you has been quite insightful. Thank you.
A summary of this for anyone planning a Battle: As the Navy take hits, Aeroforce can deal them back while the navy recovers. Against Sunsails with bottom-facing guns, this means Aeroforce above and Navy below.

If things continue as they've gone in Koni, Battles may be much more Aeroforce-efficient than Strategic map Strikes.
"Anything to ease your workload friend."
>Buy 100x[1] Rounds of 100mm Fuze [1,500 Taxes]

"Such is the lot in life of us Voss."
>Work overnight in the Dollhouse to recoup some of our expenditures

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss +1 Fieldwork

>B. Tend to the locals and report on any damage done by the battle [Organization Roll]

= Damage Report =
Magrahm reported very few disturbances since the start of Ganymede's Insurrection however the Green Wall was damaged multiple times by indirect fire. The local guard has reported that their return fire capability could fill the whole desert with bullets if pressed. On the other hand, many locals in the green ruins have reported intensified abuse by the local Doyen as he resorted to Old Law whenever a robbery or suspected terrorist entered the city.

" Old Laws like ? "

" He whipped people publicly and left them to bleed in sky cages for 27 days. Many die before a week from thirst, those that survived resort to eating birds and are then sent to a red house after being deemed a savage "

The people are thankful for your presence, their source of worry surprised the staff....

A. Command has suggested to stay put and an inquiry will visit this case in a week. Focus on your mission.
B. Justice does not wait, the Doyen's 27 days begin right Now. Fieldwork Roll from two officers. Or a single Marine Officer.
C. Contact the Neighborhood Watch, Justice will not come from us. Covert Roll.

>Behemoth Ragnyll Marine +Fieldwork
>B. Justice does not wait, the Doyen's 27 days begin right Now. Fieldwork Roll from two officers. Or a single Marine Officer.

Name: Mason Behemoth
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS
+Fueldwork and Org
>Sunsails have demonstrated a speed of 9, which when combined with Drift invalidates the ability of any craft we can field, even the Aeroforce, to use maneuver to affect when or whom the Sunsails shoot.

Not true Sunsails have much less lift than that it's just that they got to stack two rounds of drift going in a straight line. That was pretty much a problem with the Orca positioning though since the only way to have slowed down their drift stack was for the Orcas to elevate.

>Fourth, on medium caliber sustainable long-ranged fire or additional flights: Based on the above, name what we lack of these, aside from sheer quantity, which we all want but can't with certainty afford.

Pretty sure, and I could be wrong, Phil just wants you to get some 40mm cannons since he was gushing about them after their deviation got buffed in discord. Asking for the possibility of having the 15mm chainguns on the Orca replaced with the 40mms
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day04B.png (5.15 MB, 9000x6750)
5.15 MB
5.15 MB PNG
Night Report.
100mm Fuze Rounds x[100] Purchased by the Fleet.

=Depot Loot =
You disarm a poorly made bomb that was ticking away in the Gas Tanks.
You Claim the Waylaid Station's Fuel for yourself.

[This station has 250 kl Remaining ] 97 is taken.
[157 Left at the Depot ]

=27 Days For You =
A storm of marines paradrop from moving planes as they circle above towers. The Doyen's Office was seized with a warrant.

" But I did this to keep the city safe ! Those poors keep sheltering terrorists ! Chanting the Old King's Name ! I was Not Wrong ! "

Maudib: You are hereby under arrest by the people of Magrahm, your station as Doyen frozen effective immediately for crimes against humanity. My the Seat of Heaven have Mercy upon You but we will not-

Captain, what shall we do with this infidel ?

Wheeler: Arrest him, our laws must take full effect or this place will still cling to the old ways "

>Your bold actions was seen world wide, HighFleet has Debriefed you for the next 6 hours on the propriety of international law and enforcing them haphazardly:
"But what if a mob broke out and a firefight developed ? We would be seen as terrorists invading a city ! It might even circulating right now ! "

" For now we will be circulating some counter intelligence and contacting some friends in the media to report "Fully" on the extent of your actions "
Enemy Phase.
Whatever their lift, they approached from the outset at a constant rate of 9. High or low, Orcas could not have meaningfully maneuvered in the time allowed, and I've described the problem with them not starting low and being the first to take fire.

Phil can clarify the rest. Expense will remain an obstacle.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day05A.png (5.95 MB, 9000x6750)
5.95 MB
5.95 MB PNG
Act Phase
Day 05 Report.

1200 Forces have breached the Ring of Green in Bagrahm and has commenced fighting over the open field. Civilian casualties rise and Qashir's Defense Army holds out strong. But with supplies being cut off from all sides, it is only a matter of time.

Chief Adv. Calgary Cannute: The situation in Bagrahm is dire and it looks like they fielded one of their more heavily armored ships to act as their flag. It is presently not possible to attack this force as hard in as fast a time so I would suggest sending in aer strikes to trim down the enemy and transports to reinforce their Defensive line. There is nothing worse than to have the ugly face of the enemy crashing into your citizens' doorsteps.

=Bombing Runs and Missions=
Aer and Marine Officers may spend Command Points to perform Bombing Runs and Missions.

Missions allow for distinct objectives to be carried out like Rescuing civilians, or capturing targets that normally wouldn't be possible with just their two feet. You may also create specific oppurtunities given the location you capture like opening up roads for aide. Missions can be performed with the cooperation of other units but in the end, the Marines will absorb all the risk , even deaths.

Bombing Runs target specific kinds of units, or locations. We don't want to damage Bagrahm however damaging those invading troops to slow their advance would be just enough. Bombing runs take a shade penalty for its complication but the plus side is that they hit their targets and incur no counterattack.

Until we can get to Magrahm to handle this situation with the full force of our ships this is the best we can do at this time.
Intercepted Message:


Ls nrjq Qomiotb omrwzhh zys dddkj. Ra lvgk maj aajh uc cxusd ic sryq ivkd zahs nfdq. Ivk Ecdiv czzx tjkehgpzrp amzs zysug kgp ha nca. Kowt hnvwd zwt zt kdi slgf.

Ivk Ucktb oe Amvfgya ipg ge izucxkizphk cceh, pak bal vk zg dxgqzbs hsiisfh. Gker m hzkvdqg.

Behemoth looked at the intercepted message. His father was never the smart sort, but his Father also wanted him to be better than the past generation.

And so, while travelling, he attempts to decode the message with whatever tools he can get his hands on.

>Ciper Type: Vigenere
>Keyword: pogrom
"We have Bagrahm against the ropes. Do what you must in order to make them lose hope. The North will eventually make their way to you. Take their kin if you must.

The Doyen in Magrahm was an unfortunate loss, but now he is risking secrets. Send a sleeper."
"This is why one should trust sensitive information to courier. Knowledge is power after all. Let's go spoil their plans."

>Icebreaker returns to Magrahm under the guise of returning freed prisoners from Waylaid to the city, bringing one Marine group if they so choose.
>Overwatch the imprisoned Doyen and ambush any assassin, capture if possible. Press Doyen for information afterwards.

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss +1 Fieldwork
Lt Maudib, south detachment has intercepted a cipher extolling a Barabas for being first to land and "slay infidels." Who is this Barabas?
"Going to dig up what I can from the public on this Doyen guy, Behemoth, could you take a look through a couple of files while I'm out and about? We need to get him to croak about everything he knows asap, or risk losing him to the sleeper."
>Perform a fieldwork check to dig up blackmail.
" A Shulk's son. Arrested him 5 times before , thought his act would get better after working in a pull house "

>Name: Mason Behemoth
>Branch: [Marines]
>Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (+1 Organisation)

Behemoth looks at his translation of the intercepted message. The first part was worrying enough but the second part... Damn.
He was partially responsible for imprisoning this Doyen, he needs to extract any possible intel from him, fast.
A man talks when he's panicking, blackmail might force his mouth. High-ranking folks like him are always doing shady stuff, just have to look between the lines for things that don't make sense.

>Make a Formal Inquiry to look through the former Doyen of Magrahm's documents. Incoming and Outgoing mail, Financial documents, anything. Look for shady stuff to blackmail him. (Organisation)
Time to give Baghram the aid it deserves
>Northern Fleet Daylight Action
>Move the flee 1 west, 2 south west into the green zone, Defend Stance -33 FU
>Leave Behind Icebreaker
>Negotiate the Retreat or Surrender of enemy forces if possible
Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d6)

I meant Fleet not Flee ahahaha

>Humpback Night Action
>Give supplies or aid to Baghram defense forces as needed. Up to 5 Mats.
>Run the IB Cores +2d6 FU
Rolled 6, 4, 6, 6, 5, 5 = 32 (6d6)

>Use Tojo's and Dragonbird Raider Squadrons to make a bombing run on Miliitant Terrorist Infantry

Name: Capt. Rick Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Org or Field +1)


The Barracuda hummed quietly over the docks, its radar sweeping across the colorful city. Partying stretched in the greenzone below up towards the city district. Greeting the festivities was a light torrent of sand. A storm approached.

The man, Doyen Arado Saradin had no scruples, dealt with no lowlifes, and kept his station stately except for the one. That he was from the branch family of the Saladins and by old law the throne would have rightly fell on him. Now he sits in the cell, 5 steps away from death as an assassin wreathed in sand flowed in between the bars.

"Room Service ~" Called an Automaid as her and her assistant wheels in a foodcart racked with entrees and 2 boxes of pizza.
" What- What the hells is going on here did Sangrinn send for you, quick , break me out of this cage !" he pleads to the assassin

The assassin, wordless takes a sand wire and deflty whips it across the cell. At this point an Automaid skittered across the room at imperceptible speeds to guard him with a silver platter.
" The Fleet Sends their Regards " Konnair shouts as the amber emergency lights click on and in this moment produces a Vosskon Rotary and fills the room with needle tight machinegun fire, hosing down the sand armored assassin--

At which point Magnai and Behemoth's team storms in with-
A. Storm Shields to secure the Doyen, but the assassin gets to roll an escape attempt.
B. Stun batons to capture the assassin ! [DANGEROUS! 1s Will Kill, Fieldwork Roll ]
C. A full sleeper kit. [Kills the Assassin but the assassin gets to roll an assassination attempt.]
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day05B.png (2.98 MB, 4500x3375)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
Enemy Phase.

1300 , High Noon bombing run. Tojo and Dragonbird swoops around the enemy concentration and trims their infantry forces by a clear third. Book.

1400. Rainfall. 2 Rainbows spotted.

The fleet sails past a quiet fortress and heads straight into the ring of Green. People cheer in the artificial rainfall as the fleets' shadow descends before the defense perimeter.

Public Opinion Greatly Increases !
The Defense Forces Salute you in Alliance standards.

=A Banner of Two Colours =

Alliance General Adondis
Ser Wheeler I presume ? Your aide comes to us at exactly the right moment. Just moments ago our men were on the brink, you saved us , now they are working as god intended. You are officer students no longer, but men tested in war, now come we have a situation.

You spot your peers in the meeting as the aer squad was the last to enter , greeted with cheers from both tongues.

" As you can see, the enemy fortress still looms over our city, it is slow but titanic. Our scholars and veterans believe it to be a tried and true fortress of the Divine Fleet, The Warden. Radars will have trouble seeing inside as the material holding it aloft is a Divine Lodestone. A Metal capable of producing its own gravity, no different than the balancers in your aircraft, but the masters of eld have replicated its production using Ibonyte and do so with great efficacy. "

" Now that you are here , I have but one request that your Superiors have already cleared -- We Need you to Capture it. Or in the most dire case, force it to flee "

Our reasons are two fold. " One, an explosion from its Divide Lodestone would cause unparalleled disturbance in the Ring of Green's Climate Control system, second -- Capturing A legend from the Days of the Divine fleet would sway the hearts of Royalists. You have seen its effect this past few days and I assure you, if we dont make the gods bow their heads today, it will get worse "
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day06A.png (6.1 MB, 9000x6750)
6.1 MB
6.1 MB PNG
Act Phase
Day 06 News.
- The enemy has begun to push into Bagrahm, the city is roiling in cannonfire as the ground forces suffer heavy fire.

>The Defense FOrces takes 23 Damage ! The Fleet may share it.
> The Ground Forces takes heavy damage Tanks need to be repaired or replaced. The Fleet may support them.
> The Seige of Bagrahm becomes available. Bagrahm's resources will be available to you. Be sure to resupply and repair ! You may attack anytime so long as the ground forces are still available.

==The Bagrahm Armor Depot. ==
Adondis has given you clearance to commission forces from the area.
>Mechanized Units are Available for sale in Bagrahm.
>Marines Units are Available for Sale in Bagrahm.
>Terran Vessel Echidna is Available for Sale at 10,000 Taxes
>AN Vessel Harpoons are Available for Sale at 8,000 Taxes

You may also hold a Muster Call* with an Organize Roll to recruit its citizens. Public Opinion will be used to pay for this.
File: SeaHorse_Meme.png (130 KB, 492x728)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
At This Point Each Officer may Perform the Following Actions.

Day Actions
-Set Course to a New Location.
-Resupply or Purchase Materials From Location. Regain CP to full whenever you reinforce.
- Repair and Reinforce using an Industry or Organize Roll. CPs produces successes.
-Perform a Scouting Move.
-Perform Strikes on Location.

Unique Action:
Survey the Fortress [Marines, Aerforce] Covert and Fieldwork.
Coordinate an Evacuation to Magrahm and Albane South. [Organize Roll].

Night Actions:
Strike on Location.
-Resupply or Purchase Materials From Location. Regain CP to full whenever you reinforce.
- Repair and Reinforce using an Industry or Organize Roll. CPs produces successes from Location.
- Perform Missions , Strikes using CP, or Declare a BATTLE.
Fleet Fuel Updated at 173
>By Harpoon, offer command to Magni with Anti Infantry Quad Mech x2
>Buy 2 Additional Assualt Squads also for Magni
>Buy Anti Infantry Quad Mech for the Humpback

= 11000 Cost total.
"It would be my honor to take command of such a machine Captain Celia. Today we shall show them a true battle."
>Spending 1 command point to take command of the Harpoon and it's 2 quad mechs.
>Adding the 2 additional infantry to my main platoon.
Name: Magni Jotunnson
Branch: [Marines]
Background nation: Voss transfer [+1 field]
>As a night action DECLARE NIGHT BATTLE
"We will strike at during the early hours, their sun skimmers will be useless!"
>Order of battle
>Silent run towards the warden, Harpoon (with all of Magni) up front at high altitude with Knights and Raiders in escort, then rest of navel at the back with interceptors as escort . Sun Skimmers in reserve waiting for dawn.
>Attempt to begin battle when the Harpoon is above the target.
>Requesting map update in South to reflect results of Koni battle.
File: monandeas1.png (554 KB, 863x771)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
"Not so fast." Konnair moves to try and subdue the assassin while the Marines protect the Doyen.
>A. Storm Shields to secure the Doyen, but the assassin gets to roll an escape attempt.

>Once this is resolved, refuel, collect our Marines and Icebreaker proceeds at full speed to join fleet at Baghram. Bring the Automaid.
South detachment at 57/60 Materials,
72 Fuel.
Rolled 5, 5, 1, 1, 4, 2 = 18 (6d6)

Escape attempt. Isane's 3 field work [first 3] vs the assassin's 3 covert [last 3].
File: Ainsible_Cast07.png (261 KB, 889x1343)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
2350 -Aboard the the Barracuda.
Konnair watches over the handcuffed assassin. Their poison tooth knocked out of their mouth.

The Doyen stares down over the city, Hands cuffed over the railing. The horizon of Bagram staring back like an open wound hundreds of kilometers away.

" They approached me in my office just like you did now. I stared at the marvelous jewel that was Bagrahm's first ring of Green.

" And you were jealous of what you saw "

" To subvert the work of the God-Kings and bring green back to the Earth was a sign that power left the heavens and returned to the ground, I wanted what was owed our family, what was owed my father when he lost his life to duty, the abyss, and what he believed was the promise of heaven. "

" Your father served as a branch head of the Saradin household to stop the end of the world, to protect you "

" Sagrinn cares not of upholding the old ways' beliefs but rather dreams of bringing back Qashir's fallen gods. He has shown me the location of their undisturbed tombs in Kolstec. There you will also find a dry fleet, waiting to be manned by every faithful royalist , and warrior clan if he but showed them how. More importantly, the Solar sails he has shown you will turn the economy on its head, ending the age of Ibonyte that has seduced our Divine Skylands so.

You must not reveal this to the people here. If they sent that assassin to kill me then it means he's found other financiers to his plot. However, while I rot in a cell I will never be safe. Let me flee with my family and I will do what I can to mend the people's hearts and break this illusion of God Kings and Demagogues "

A. You will face a judge for breaking Alliance Constitutional Law, we will , however keep your family safe. +1Organization. +1Public Opinion
B. =Say Nothing and throw out one passengers from the clouds. +1Covert , The Other Passenger will answer everything you ask. +2 Intel +1FEAR
C. =Say Nothing and Pick up 2 Wives, 5 Children, a Family Maodog and take them to the nearest airport where a trusted Liaison will pick them up. +Fieldwork +Resolve

No matter which choice you pick, you will gain 1 Intel on top of everything.

The Assassin stays quiet.
There may have been a time when and where she'd seriously consider throwing the man overboard.

"There are many paths to reach the promise of heaven. I have no desire to see the desert take back the land from the people."

>Pick option C.

"Onward to Bagrahm! Now where'd that automaid get off to..."

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss +1 Fieldwork
Rolled 3, 2, 5 = 10 (3d6)


>Repair and Reinforce the Alliance ground units (Organization +1)

Name: Capt. Rick Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization +1)

I don't want to seem like I'm going over Southern Command's head but a volunteer force has formed to join the Battle of Bagrahm and I'm not sure when processing will start again

Requesting to take this force and join the fight

>Chaos 1 [Knight]
>S. Games (Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes) [Knight]
>Viridian von Virens [Riflex3]
>Squall 1[Raider] from Ublique Simul/our mothergoose
>Rainmaker [Transport Helo] from Ublique Simul/our mothergoose

>Possibly Leo Unita [Interceptor], get the newbie blooded instead of sticking him in Dresden doing paperwork

Requesting command this fleet to

>Move 3NE, 1E
>Rainmaker and Viridian get left behind here
>Move rest of the fleet 1SE
>Join the Siege of Bagrahm if possible if unless you put us with no fuel at all
Aircraft and Marines can deploy into any Battle without changing their map position. I believe you can help with some repairs in the south this turn and still be in time for the party starting, but I'll ascertain with Command.
File: Ainsible_Cast03b.png (313 KB, 889x1343)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
The Seige of Bagrahm has Begun !



Victory Be With You, Gentlemen and Ladies !
>Move to Dresden, defensive
>Repair 5 ticks of damage, replace Felicity's lost 40mm twin (-6000 funds)

62 fuel
57 Materials
Why are we using funds to repair when it can be done with materials or rolls?
The dependable option amid a need for speed and some uncertainty.
>Choosing Organization as level up
>Current stat boosts: +1 Industry, +1 Organization


"Damage is bad, but I can repair what I can before we buy."

>Attempting Repair Roll as a night action
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day06B.png (3.23 MB, 4500x3375)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
=Capture of Dresden Docks. =

Upon landing few people cheered on the landing deck as they report that they and many others have been cut off from water for a few weeks now and had only their Dry Suits sustain them during this time.

A. Give Them Water Immediately ! Have the medical staff check for Stillwater sickness ! [Fieldwork]
B. Oh ? I was told Water here matches the price of Bonzoil here, and we are tapping into our reserves as well... Perhaps we can arrange a trade ? [Negotiation]

=The Dresden Dock=
Regardless of how the previous situation breaks down, This famed Shipyard was once home to a certain Valknyrian pirate and was elevated as a fully outfitted arm for Qashir's Naval, until they lost it to the insurgents.

Luckily, the staff held out for a solid week before the Insurgents decided to wait them out and cut off their supply line.

> The Shipyard Is now available, from here you can do the following:
>Buy : All Naval and Aeronaval Frames.
>Refuel Resupply:
47/ KL of FU
50 Taxes per 1MAT.

>Dock: Repair and Refit your Craft. As well as install new Modules.
Industry Repair Speed: [2S+ Industry Roll]. Every Success allows you to change out one component block of the ship. [5 Materials repairs a component Block as well as take off a Damage Mark]

>Repair Service: The dock will repair your ship for you and get it done within a day.
1000 per Damage Mark.

Cast: Cast a new ship using available frames and an approved design from the Shipwright's Guild. [Pay the Industry Price.]

> Ships for Sale:
- Lightning 5,000 Taxes
- RainCloud 7,000 Taxes
-Terran Transport: Llama , 10,000
[Enemy Phase... ]
Rolled 6, 1, 5 = 12 (3d6)


Requesting price/approval check on >>4968527
and >>4968528 while I'm at it
Can we get exact prices on components? I recall 1,000 for basic stuff and 1,500 for advanced was mentioned, but how are those distinguished?

Are there rules for shipbuilding?
Rolled 2, 6 = 8 (2d6)

Rolled 2, 4, 2 = 8 (3d6)

Felicity Steiner

Country: Ifframi (+1 Negotiations)

Felicity calls up some of her old contacts and tries to see if they can get a relief convoy sent to Dresden.

>Try to call up old contacts to help Dresden with supplies (Negotiations)

=The ShipWright . Edition 82. =
When designing an airship the KeelFrame is most important, this singular piece of structure is cast from a monomaterial component to ensure solidity and flexibility in the overall design.

Designing a Keelframe is a vaunted Guild Secret however, there are no limits in how it could be used. Any cell it covers can be fitted with modules. Those with a bridge do not need a second one, unless one is inclined to design outside of the Frame's preferences. Anything within the keelframe is considered "internal" anything outside, external or on "deck"

When something is deck mounted, it is attached to the outside of the ship. When something is internal, it is integrated in the inside of the frame.
Some exceptions apply to the Kiloton Grade Aeronaval boosters where at least half of its structure needs to be integrated against the keelframe in order for it to provide lift. Any propulsion device has its own set of rules. The AN Boosters for example, need to attach to the Keelframe while simultaneously explosing its rocket nozzles outward and -- mercifully-- pointed towards the ground.

Other Modules that require exposure are Missile Bays, Radars, Integrated Fixed Guns, and Expanded Fuel Tanks which provide their own armor.

Weight. When counting the lift of a vessel , its Weight is counted against the standing thrust of its boosters.
Each filled Block will weigh the ship 1KT [kiloton] even if its a deck gun or booster.
Half filled sections will not weight the structure however the presence of every other half section will. It is easier to treat them as "half a kiloton "

That said, while it's tempting to trim as much material as possible a ship needs these bare minimum components to fly.
A Bridge. When integrated may not cost weight. This is where your crew is housed and where YOU may sit from to operate the vessel. It can support a crew of 100 but ferry up to a thousand or so passengers before it leaves a kiloton footprint.
A Power Supply. For EN. A vessel such as this is so vast that you would need a population of crewmen to operate it, but in today's times, Automation expands the operation of a few well trained sailors and makes it much smoother to operate !
Fuel. Without this, every Aeronaval vessel with alliance standards is no more than an expensive metal fortress.

Essential but not necessary are-
Ammo. Supplied by a Material Fabrication Unit and Autoloader.
Material. In case you need to cast some spare parts for the occasional ding caused by battle.
Guns. Deck Mounts or Fixed Guns , Essential for self defense and enforcing International Law.

When all is said and done the Armored Hull will be applied over internal modules and Girded top armor will simply have to do for modules that require exposure to the elements. External Shielding and Rigs may also be added. Rigging may extend the dimensions of a Keelhull but are in danger of breakage during collision. So don't place your eggs in this proverbial basket if you can help it.

As of this writing. It takes roughly 5 Material to completely refabricate a kiloton of component block and its hull.

When operating the Ibonuclear sui


End Of transcript.

=Water for Salt.=
You rush some people to the medical bay and apply desaline in time before some succumb to a neurotic fit.

In under a few hours many are on the mend, with the working members of the crew fully back in action and committed to continue the day.

Maudib: Your kindness exceeds even the ring of Green, Captain. But I must remind them that a fair trade for saving one's life is either allegiance or their weight in black sand. It is a simple gesture for us Qashirn to pay back our debts in whatever form your code desires.

> Shade Increase when rolling Industry this turn. [3s 4,s and 5,s will count as a success. 6s are double. ]
> FU has been reduced to 20taxes per KL.
> Public Opinion Increases. You are Now considered Allies of the People.

Act Phase Continues.
Waiting for the outcome of >>4973340 and >>4973349 before attempting to analyse the bristle armour and solar sails captured during the last battle.

Result should be subtracted from the cost of repairs listed in >>4973243, presumably this roll is affected by the buff from >>4973449

Once that's all out of the way, south fleet can buy fuel at the new price and finish its business in Dresden.
File: Paralax.png (72 KB, 243x289)
72 KB

Jungo Dessler [Nemo Trading Company]
" No shit ? My grandfather used to crew the Flying Huntsman. I'll pull some favors. And while you're there, ask if the Paralax is still around.

It should look like this.


It uses a retrofitted core as a bridge, and sports a reinforced hull- dunno how it flies though since the thing is a scaled up Cutlass.... Heck it can even output its own EN. Pretty fancy eh ? I'll happily lend it to the VAN for 5000 taxes so please keep it safe !

=Irkutsk ,

18 KT. 24 Static. [6 Lift] [0 Boost]
[Requires Reburn to Maneuver...]
5+5 En, 40Mt , 80FU,

20,000 Taxes ,

Guild Note: Ensure you carry enough EN to operate All Guns during flight. [Full Salvo would require 6Ammo and 6EN]
>Guliba Approved for Casting.

7 KT. 8 Static Th. [1Lift] [2Boost]
20 MT / 10FU / +2EN

7,500 Taxes.

Guild Note: As a Fleet Complement this craft does the singular job of fielding ships well, however we reccommend a higher FU count as it has to support itself and multiple aircraft.
>Liven Approved for Casting.
Repairs saved 3000 Taxes.
New act phase? If so:

>Refuel (88 KL, -1760 Taxes)
>All units move to Matron's Gate and Strike the ship there
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day07A.png (3.24 MB, 4500x3375)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB PNG
Act Phase.
Day 7.
-0000 - A transport convoy carrying resupply packages from the Valknyres arrive at Dresden Port. As well as a crew of new mercenary hires, courtesy of the Nemo Trading Company.

0400 Ships sighted flying towards Bagrahm...

Morning News.
" Fighting in Bagrahm Intensifies as the VAN has crossed sword with the Insurgents' naval weapons. Rear Admiral Canute Explains: "

RAdm. Canute: Currently the Insurgents have gotten their hands on some outdated weaponry from many generations ago. These ships , though aerworthy are but an instrument for show. Be that as it may, the Ganymede are very determined to subvert order in the green flourishing cities of Magrahm and Bagrahm and our forces are fully capable of stopping them at this time.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day07B.png (3.38 MB, 4500x3375)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
Report !

1138 Hours. Matron's Gate opens fire an enemy Cruiser appears and protects the position.

Damage sustained: 8.

= The battle seems to be intensifying =

>Retreat back to Dock
> Send the Marines to Neutralize the Fortress [FieldWork]
> Launch Cruise Missiles to Disarm the Base.
Rolled 3, 2, 1 = 6 (3d6)

3 Damage to Felicity and Zevor, 2 to Irkutsk

>Gain +1 Fieldwork from Koni
>Neutralize the Fortress, +1 Fieldwork
Your fleet has been fought to a standstill. Enemy Phase.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day08A.png (3.27 MB, 4500x3375)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB PNG
Act Phase....

The Enemy returns fire then retreats one to the north the other to the east , following a rail line.
Your marine teams finally break through and raid the insides of the fortress.

=Matron's Gate=
Your men bust down the doors to a basement den , there they see unarmed officers wrangling women to the corners of an open warehouse floor. One of them , quick to talk arranges that he'll trade you these women for their freedom.

A. Gun them down.
B. Engage CQB and let the women decide. [Savanna takes Lead]
C. Arrest them and process them.

>Matron's Gate Captured.
In the Base's stores are:
-[40 Materials in containers
-[2] Missile Boxes
-[610 kl of Fuel]

This Base has a long range artillery gun.
[100mm Long Artillery]

> Engineering Bay found, You can cast or repair Mechanized Units here.
> Barracks Found, Qashirn soldiers were held prisoner here.

Matron's Gate is a Fortress , connected to a rail line that leads to the kolstec rail station. There are no engines on track however...

" From here we can start making our way to Kolstect but that place is a fortress in itself, we must collect as much information as we can, either from the prisoners here or otherwise "
What are the strategy layer and tactical layer stats for the 100mm Long Artillery?
"The help is greatly appreciated, unfortunately I doubt our fleet has the budget to borrow your craft. Make no mistake though I will never forget your company's help"

>respectfully decline borrowing the ship


"We can't negotiate with these people, if we're too soft then they'll just walk all over us. Captain Evist, I believe that a heavy hand is required for this situation however I'd also like you to consider the possibility that the warehouse is trapped."

"I just wish my dear sister was here she'd usually handle these types of things."

>Suggest B
File: Hauzer.png (94 KB, 538x487)
94 KB
About !Firing Missions
Spend a CP or simply man the installation to fire the base integrated Hautzers. Hautzers will fire on area specific targets within its range using your calculation rolls.
All you say being true, I hope not to lose innocents in a struggle.

>C. "Surely you don't believe your God-King lacks the might to win your freedom back from us? Surrender for the moment and be treated fairly."
We could join in at Baghram soon, if Kolstec Rail doesn't have too much to say about it.

>All ships Move to Matron's Gate
>Felicity Strike with 2 Interceptors at enemy group SE of Baghram
>CP to gather info in the Barracks about Kolstec Rail

Fuel 130
Materials 42
>Also, 3 damage to Zevor, 15mm lost
Savanna: These dogs breached Alliance law and harmed civilians with their- their-

" Mistress, the circle of blood needs to end "

Savanna: I understand... if only the day wasn't so bright...

Savanna tends to the lost women, the priisoners were sternly taken to the brig under tight lock and key. The Matron's Gate hummed with song in the night.

+1 Intel
+1 Temporary CP.

Intel will answer one question about the theater or can be used to increase the success of an investigation. Intel is used up.
“”Ones who would hold ones who cannot fight should be shot down like dogs who bite those without teeth nails or horn” Some old saying my pops picked up, he said it rhymed better in its native tongue. Not saying that we should’ve killed them right here and now! Just saying I know what we should do with them later.
Uleken attempts to strike up a conversation with the women, asking if there's anything we can help with and what they know about bristle armour - can it be used to reinforce existing ships? Improve new ones?

"This land has laws for justice, no? We are not police. Punishment here more painful than Alliance law, I bet."
Not a naval fanatic among them. One of the daugters offers chocolate.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day08B.png (3.33 MB, 4500x3375)
3.33 MB
3.33 MB PNG
The Bagrahm Express.

An armored fortress that travels on runway -wide- rails ferried supplies from Kolstec's rich mines all the way to Dresden docks and the rest of the Valknyres.

The men you interrogated said that it was recently converted to tow multiple Hauzer Guns and makes its perilous patrol around the mountain range. At any given moment, this armored beast will pounce on intruders or appear on location to deliver immense indirect fire on Bagrahm. But since there is only one such vessel it remains on the defensive, in secret.

- Further information on the Goliath's designs can be accessed through its manufacturer's files however they are very secretive about such things especially machines created by Hinzerhaus's main workshops.

Enemy Phase.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day09C.png (3.42 MB, 4500x3375)
3.42 MB
3.42 MB PNG
Act Phase.

[No news past this point until the battle of Bagrahm concludes. ]
How sweet! She looks inside the ship for items to gift back among the remaining goodwill material from the Alliance before the fleet departs.

"Are we just gonna ignore the fact that these men were working with the terrorist who are trying to burn down Bagrahm? That they likely directly caused the Dresden water shortage?"

"They take a couple of hostages, say a couple of apologies, and then just get to just walk away or get stuck in a comfy room for a couple of years? Just because 'The Circle of Blood Needs to End'? That's rainbow glasses hippy-dippy bullshit is what that is."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have work to do."

>Launch 2 cruise missiles at the artillery battery 3E me

"By the way, I don't much appreciate you throwing my interceptors into a major without advanced warning."

"I've been keeping track of the radios in Bagrahm, the fight's almost done so we won't make it there in any way that matters but there's a good chance there'll be routers and a hostage running from the fight. It might be smarter to move to cut off their retreat *Captain* Evist"
too late to join?
Never too late, get in, join the discord (cause not even we understand the rules) and request to buy the most expensive ship around!

Actually go ask command if you can command the Paralax that'd be a good idea. Not even being sarcastic.
New people are always welcome. Information warfare is its own game around here :3
Do it. I'd like to see someone test out the Guliba, now that it's approved.
My word was that they would be treated fairly, in order that they not try any of the tricks you suggested they might and harm hostages in the process. Or should I have ignored your prudent warning for traps? In any case, I assure you that much falls under fairness for terrorists.

I expected that a Strike on a battling enemy would be a bit of outside intervention, not a full commitment to battle. Kolstec Rail was next on the docket once intel was gained, had Baghram not been a trap in this sense. If you you're not just speaking from hindsight and would have kept Interceptors idle on the grounds of predicting this result, by all means detach and take anyone with you who will follow, and good hunting to you.
"Yeah the land has laws with police and all, but both of those are on fire right now so they mean sh*t. So those punishments can't be carried out until it's all over, aka enough time for them to escape."
"...I like this girl, I like her a lot.

Discord link is expired can I get a working one?
>-Combine Rifles into 8-health squad, accounting for losses at Koni
>Temp CP for Assault squad
>Rifle Marines fire Artillery at Kolstec Rail artillery
>All units besides Felicity move to W of Kolstec Rail, Strike its Artillery (-6 Fuel)
>CP for Marine Mission: Infiltrate and sabotage artillery under cover of this attack
"Surely you're going to repair before risking another offensive operation, those Orcas all falling apart?"
File: Iron_Sea_Chara_LTWEB.png (3.44 MB, 3224x2277)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
=Morning News=
The Seige in Bagrahm was defended against successfully with VAN fleets meeting insurgent fleets head on in a night attack to take out their flagship. There have been minimal casualties but numerous civilian injured or killed during the initial volley of action. General Adondis and Admiral Canute in a press meeting today speaks out:

Adondis:As you know the ring of green is wide and sensitive to changes Our allies bravely headed off the enemy in an attempt to curb collateral damage and to preserve the citie's archtecture. Without it we will see decades of permanent damage that could take us back to desertification. We owe our lives to the actions of the brave men and women that acted in defense of our homes today.

" Admiral Canute what was the rationale for sending Officer Candidates to the fray ? "

Canute: There are three reasons. The first is speed. This class had just finished their vocational course and were assigned stations before an attack could be premeditated by the enemy. Their proximity to this location and their readiness to practice fresh Alliance policy made them better candidates than no one at all.

The second is flexibility. New generations are mixing with the old and the enemy is using some fresh tactics since the close of the Rift Wars a generation ago. Veterans from that war continue their important work monitoring for Rift activity while we train our new generation of officers.

The third is consistency. Officer Candidates today will be our veterans tomorrow. We are confident that the policies we adapted from 4 centuries of warfare will see us through any era's problems whether in war or - more preferably, peace.

=Fleet Report. =
All officers are recognized as captain with CO Luikra being promoted Commodore rank.
As a result of this, command has seen fit to assign you Lieutenants to help with the next phase of this operation and to supplement your authority as Fleet Alliance Officers.

> Lieutenants are now available.
Choose one lieutenent to act as your executive arm. With their skills, your CP can be used for various maneuvers and your rolls will be further improved.

[Lt. Stick with you at all times except for the express purpose of detachment specific skills]

> This game will now enter into patching phase. You may resume as normal.
"Upon mission completion we'll be bunkering down in Baghram for at least a day."
"Rest and Repair best you can, spend the time wisely."

Baghram doesn't have a shipyard so any repairs will need to be done using industry rolls.

>Selecting Industry for level up and Broker for Lieutenant
More leisure for that if the enemy's artillery crippled. Marines will bear losses as required.
File: Ainsible_Cast09.png (558 KB, 889x1343)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
> At this point in time, multiple characters are available for questioning. Interacting with them may get you a lead.

> The Assassin. In the brig.
> Penny-Weather in a hotel reservation with her housing staff. [Civilian Treatment]
> Bagrahm Prisoners. In Bagrahm's custody.
> Kon Prisoners. In the brig.

This will take a day or a night action naturally, so divide up your actions well and brush up on Covert and Negotiation techniques.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day09A.png (3.22 MB, 4500x3375)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB PNG
The Turn has Updated. The source of the artillery shelling has left ....

>Resume Turn as Normal. Those who have returned from battle may act finish up their day.
"Right, extra funds means we can bring the fleet into a more fighting ready spec"

"I like the looks of Irkutsk's light carrier, it needs some refinement though. I agree with Icebreaker that he obviously needs some upgrades, the speed of a Corvette is nice but I'd happily sacrifice it in a heartbeat. I'd advise that we clear both, provided suitable designs."

"Various Knight Pilots have performed admirably, would you like anything?"

"Finally could anyone design some MK2 refits for the Orca and the Goose? They both have problems but have performed admirably despite them."
Rolled 3, 2, 6 = 11 (3d6)

"Ah Penny-Weather, that was a harrowing night wasn't it. I'm sorry you got caught up in it..."
>Day Action, I visit Penny-Weather for a chat, ask what the insurgents wanted from her and gently pry for further information, rolling 3d6 negotiation (if it's needed).
>I also ask my new broker about freight commissions
Night action to come latter
Oh ! Cpt. Celia ! Congratulations on your pr- promotion !

Er ! I mean ! -

Pennyweather was a skittish scientist whose head was in the Sphere constantly. A massively networked Ainsible web set to communicate through a system of relays nigh infinitely. A river of information. Her credentials as a scifax was questionable at best as she didn't become recognized by her peers through the usual channels.

Celia asked Penny what the terrorists wanted from her and she gave a side tilt as if expecting you to have known. " W- Well the VAN funds my work and mostly it's to continue the works of a predecessor who came up with a weather control device. Thing is, there are already all kinds of whirligig devices in the market but the specs on mine had to follow certain specifications. One that it had to be portable enough to fit on a ship and the second... ahhh that it could mend the Ibonyte static in the atmosphere.

" Static ? "

Well you see when Ibonyte causes a bond it replicates the properties of that object and then Becomes that object. But what happens to the excess energy ? People have used it to generate massive sub atomic energy from the reaction but there's no getting rid of it, even the fumes from aeronaval vessels don't fully bond to the water and so it turns to a deleterious static and causes the ozone to repel from this place like oil and water. But make no mistake , it IS water but more. My machine uses that static otherwise it wouldn't even run. And in a place like this there's a LOT of it and it all has the same bonding frequency it's had since the time of the Voss-Kashirn War. " Dry Becomes " and " Water Above. Interesting no ? "

Celia blinked a few times trying to process all of that. " So what does it do to that static ? "

" Well unlike other whirligigs, this one CHANGES its frequency ! And then you get- " She points out at the windows

Rainfall thundered down as scheduled. Most weather machines gather moisture to produce this kind of effect but in the arid methane stained region of Qashir this is on the scale of making wine from thin air.

" Can it do other things than Rain ? "

" Er I mean... maybe ? I can't think of a reason why these terrorists would want it and now I'm really worried my Whirligig is going to be used to make something horrible happen like a -

Celia stares..

" I uh please excuse me, my blood pressure is spiking if I do too much my brain will shut down. "

Her automaid, a vosskon model with a decorative knife stuck through her head escorts the lady out of the room. " I apologize on behalf of Dr. Pennyweather but I believe you must get going.


>[Level up]
>Requesting 2 wings of raiders under my personal command
>Take the [Baron] Lt
>Gain +1 Fieldwork
File: Merchan_Marine.png (94 KB, 889x1343)
94 KB

Lt. Dunsparce: Captain ! we got a list of requests and I think our ship has the deck space for it !

=Freight Market. Here you can take on deliveries of raw product buy purchasing them . Once you complete the Delivery you are offered the Payout Reward.

>1000Taxes. [Bagrahm Spices. .5Kt Crate] > S. Albane Airstrip. Payout:3,500Taxes

>550Taxes. [.55KL of Water. .5ktTank ] > Koni Fuel Depot or Kolstec
Payout: 2000 Taxes

>1,860Taxes. [1kt Crate of Foreign Car Parts]> Magram Airport or S. Albane Airstrip.
Payout: 3,200 Magram / 5,800 Albane. [ X Do not tilt or take Damage ]

>1000Taxes [.5Kt Crate. Trending Commodities] > Any Outpost.
Payout: 100~1,000 Taxes per station visit for the next 5 Trips until box is empty.

"Head to a carrier and try to build some up, we'll payroll the materials"

Take a day and night action of industry rolls to build the fighters. Each success will make a fighter.

"If that isn't going well we'll buy the rest."
Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d6)


>Roll industry to make raiders
Rolled 1, 5 = 6 (2d6)

>Night action shopping.
>Buy 10Mats 500taxes
>Buy 3 Raiders for Zullie, bringing their total to 2 quads. 4500.
>Pickup the Water and the Trending Commodities 1550
>Total 6550 Taxes

>Run the IBs during the knight +2d6 fuel
One raider can be successfully re-casted from old parts 5 Material.
File: 1629666840653_1[1].png (347 KB, 920x592)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
Rolled 6, 2, 5 = 13 (3d6)


>Cash out on the level up from accidentally joining the siege of Bagrahm. +1 Industry
>Gain Pedigree Lt

>Do some quick retrofits on my mothergoose the Ublique Simul
>Retrofits are shown on picture
>I was told it was an industry roll in discord
>Rename my ship to [The Retribution]

>The Helo can just fly on its own I assume or get stuck at the very end of the top flight deck.There's 4 tiles of space at the top if the 15mm gun gets removed. I still need a few more things to add on but the Icebreaker's offered to give me some equipment so to save money i'm waiting to regroup with them at a dry dock.
Rolled 3, 1, 5, 3 = 12 (4d6)

South fleet, see to your own repairs and refits. There's much to do.

Hoping to limit the movement of that artillery...

>-Gain Battery Division Lt.
>Interrogate Koni prisoners regarding enemy strength around Kolstec and Hell's Gate, and any rail lines that aren't shown on the map.
>Fire Artillery, aiming to damage railway in tile south of Kolstec Rail Station, +2 Calculation
"It would be my honor to accept this promotion, Fleet Command."

>[Level up]
>Obtain [Special Forces] Lt.
>Gain +1 Covert, +1 Field work.
Updating my level up to include my stat increase.
>[Level up]
>+1 Fieldwork
"Fielding a scouting mission to Kolstec rail station. Going to take a look at this artillery train of their."

>Fielding scout mission [Spec ops bonus: Invisible]
>Sending 4 assault squads, 1 mule.
>Move 5 towards Kolstec Rail Station. (Or whatever amount puts them close enough to gather intel)
>Obtain information on the amount of marines and/or ships stationed there.

>Level up: +1 Organisation
>Choose Battery Division for Lieutenant.

Name: Mason [Behemoth]
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS

Fieldwork: 1
Calculation: 2
Organisation: 2
File: booferfish.png (23 KB, 222x338)
23 KB
>Level up, +1 Industry
>Automaid gets a promotion! Take Naval Intelligence as Lieutenant.
>Icebreakers proceeds with all speed to Dresden Dock
>Immediately commission a Booferfish class hull. Fast. Small. Maneuverable. Boof.

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
Rolled 2, 1, 4 = 7 (3d6)

>Level up, +1 Organization
>Gain Lieutenant "Wingman" Clank Hugues

>Day Action: Interrogate the Baghram Prisonners on the location of the Special Whirligig Prof. Penny-Weather made and what they're trying to do with it and why. (3 dices minimum. Use Joint OP for re-roll)

"Although there isnt any doubt on what they want to do with such a more powerful weather machine."

"A bunch a years ago in another conflict between Ragnyll and Voss a certain Yang used a weather machine to summon a whole blizzard mid battle slowing down the advancing Voss navy fleet long enough for a retreat. Stories from my old man."

"The device is supposed to be used to fix and help this mostly desertic land. Wouldnt be a stretch to think they want to use it for an opposite purpose."

>Night Action: Go find the manucfaturers files on the Baghrahm Express. Ask for what can be easily released and convince them to release more. >>4974663

Name: Capt. Rick Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization)
Lieutenant: Wingman Clank Hugues (+1 to all rolls, +1*)

Organization: 2
Resolve: 1
Rolled 6, 3, 6 = 15 (3d6)

>Joint Op roll. Take thebetter of rolls
>Additionally, take the Spice and Car Part contracts. -2,860 taxes.
No success.

The Good Cop Bad Cop Routine went swimmingly.
The man cracked under the pressure of his Llama farm being fed to sandworms.

"I I don't know where it is being taken but But I do know that the craft is being delivered over ground using the most majestic Metal Llama I have ever seen.

Clank Hughes: AND is THAT all you have to say for yourself ?
" It I mean we were told very little. Each man is sorted by the town they were raised you see , like Pogrom and Magrahm so we barely talked to each other and -

Clank Hughes: Keep. Going.

" We get our orders through a radio. In plane sight ! Take a shoe here, drop a box there, and suddenly I see 12 more mares in my father's humble valley. I have. never seen him so happy ! It was providence ! Ganymede provides for us ! The gods themselves are coming back !

Clank Hughes: I see ! How are you deciphering it- the code !

" Well you see, we go to this site and find our town's name. Then we use it as a key to find another key. And then we - we

Clank Hughes: Wha- Whats wrong ?

" We ... We .... We... We ... "


A red mist covers the one way mirrors. A team goes in and finds a red coated Hughes wiping off his shades.

" Fucking Word Bombs... The frequency in his voice caused an ibonyte pill to bond with the sulfur in his body. Prep a shower for me, I'm covered in shit "

> Gain 1 Intel. You Find out the enemy uses a 2 code cipher.
File: Red_FLeet_A.png (712 KB, 1651x849)
712 KB
712 KB PNG

To Honourable Capt. Rick Wheeler,
We at the Hauzer and Hinzer Company are bereaved at this state of affairs concerning our gifts with our Qashirn neighbors and it is with utmost trust and trepidation that we circulate our designs outside our own workshops. However it is with much speed that we have sent a personal liaison to provide you with as much information needed on the exact model of craft that we are confident they must be using. Furthermore, as we are divulging designs to outside parties we must now draft a new technical team to replace this now Outdated vessel. Please understand that 5,000 Taxes will offset any costs that we need to undertake on our end.


The Next day a demure Cadaverina quietly meets with the Captain outside of their sleeping quarters.

" Hello. I have been sent by Hauzer and Hinzer to brief you on the exchange of goods shall I - "

" Ma'am did you just sit outside my door the entire NIGHT ? "

" I was told there was a wating room, however in order to conclude this business as fast and as quickly as possible I have determined that standing outside your threshhold until the appointed time of your awakening will save both of us plenty of time.
Wheeler: . . . .
HH Representative: May I come in ?

Wheeler: Y-Yes.

=== Designs for the Goliath Mk2 handed to your Fleet's Care. As far as contracts are concerned you may now cast its parts under Alliance Law.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day09B.png (3.79 MB, 4500x3375)
3.79 MB
3.79 MB PNG
Day 09 Report=
-Enemy Spotted over the highlands west.
- Kolstec Rail Station Captured-

=Shanty Town =
The Trainyard was bustling despite the lockdown on various cities.
" Suspicious," said on of your aides.

A. There are people who still live in the dunes to ignore the wider world. Let them be.

B. It is too busy despite the current times, lockdown the Rail Station and screen everyone for Ganymede Affiliation. [FieldWork Roll ]

C. We mix with the locals and do some cultural exchange... [Covert Roll]

>Enemy Phase.
Rolled 1, 6, 6 = 13 (3d6)

>C, on pretense of learning about such local curiosities as that giant's skeleton in the hill east of here. +1 Covert
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day10A.png (3.52 MB, 6750x3375)
3.52 MB
3.52 MB PNG

=The Giant=
The Giant was a reverred corpse of sorts but barely a century ago it was a colossal monster that stood so tall it was forced to crawl on the ground in order to breathe.

This is what comes from the Rift. And today it was considered the angered soul of a forgotten God. History books would call this one Golgoa and the Goliath was one of the surviving vessels of that day.

" Do you seek forgivenes from the sleeping giant ? For all those whose name were forgotten and the lessons we ignored today ? "

" Just this morning I shouted so many names at it ! Names that my tongue struggle to say ! and Lo and Behold ! It rained as if weeping !

The old man gave you a name in a souveneir. "Onmyd Eath"

Day 10.
= Morning Report =
The terrorist Group Ganymede announced today that they have declared war on Qashir's illegitimate masters and the Alliance claiming that a legitimate heir to the Saladin Line has been found by providence with records to prove it. The Alliance has acknowledged the claim and has declared a state of Emergency for Qashir. Local residents are advised not to go east of Kolstec as Ganymede has declared Sovereignty from the Alliance.

Many nations have sprung up to condemn their actions while Clovis and Aeon remain neutral on the subject claiming that Ganymede, like any armed force, is fighting for their right to former legitimacy.

Aeoni Prime Minister Claudius: Any claim to throne is a respectable claim from the years before the Rift Wars, and the Saradin Dynasty has our bottomless depth for being the frontline fighters in the wars of last generation. This Ganymede however disrespects modern legalities and must be held accountable. Then we can talk.

Clovis President George Winston: It is not our place to question the policies of other nations or cultures, however we question an Alliance in which not all of its people are on board. Any nation that wishes to declare their independence has our backing but an insurrectionist group that is likely holding a legitimate heir under duress can hardly be called a legitimate nation.

Alliance High Command claims that the people of Qashir are all but ready to move forward from the old way.

> Await New Mission Orders.
Rolled 5, 5, 4 = 14 (3d6)

>Acquire Privateer Lt; Stenka Erzymasskayev, a former *ahem* colleague from her previous line of work.
>Performing repairs on Irkutsk during prior day cycle
>Meeting with the Assassin in the brig. They don't look that much like the locals, what's with that?
(roll was for Industry, in case that wasn't clear)
Rolled 5, 5, 5, 5 = 20 (4d6)


>Interrogate Assassin, build rapport with him then slowly shift the conversation into information about the dry fleet (+2 Negotiations)

>Zullie set up an appointment with feline assassin, hoping to gain more information on the upcoming Battle for Kolstec

>"Greetings Mr. Nayam Rajul, my name is Captain Zullie Steiner an AER pilot working with Valkyr Alliance of Nations."

>She gives him a sad smile, as if trying to comfort him before continuing

>"First I heard your father died in the line of duty and I just want to say that regardless of which side he fought on he sounded like a great man... You've lived a tough life."

File: Ainsible_Cast02b.png (486 KB, 889x1343)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
Good of you to come here on time ladies and gentlemen, I had just picked up reinforcements from Albane. But dare I say it the enemy has redoubled their efforts to block us out. Furthermore, the enemy claims to represent the Saradin House who have long retired the throne for a life of peace and continual support from the Alliance , their late lord taken by the fires of the Rift war and its only legitimate heir, barely of age as of today.

" Given present circumstance, we must assume that the discovered heir apparent is pressured by their captives and stirred to action, as to who it is exactly, Naval Intel isn't willing to tell us more until the facts have been uncovered. But the Vosskon Sovereign Houses aren't keeping quiet about this either nor will they stand idly by this time. For this I give the floor to a representative of one of their houses , Va-

" Please spare the introductions for now. I shall only be brief- " whispered the Late Gentleman. White to the bone and only a deathmask worn over a form fitting officer's outfit.

" We of House Vim, pledge our aide to your cause, your speed and thoroughness today may prevent a war from consuming all of the Valknyres once again, it is why today I will be quietly observing your activities alongside Rear Admiral Canute in the hopes that a peaceful ending is achieved before other powers play their hand.

I speak with no platitudes, nor exaggeration, that if warmongers use the Saradin Name to invoke the Deathgods of eld, even the most reserved of us will be forced out of our twilight retirements and bring about a second red sky that could turn the wheel once more. Thus, I come now as an agent of peace and offer these weapons from House Hinzer.

Maudib is visibly vexed. The man with the mask gave him a primordial itch from the days of his ancestors. " The Vim... I've heard tales of them... Blood Drinkers and Wall Walkers that they are... "
File: Iron_Sea_SHEET_Expanded.png (3.86 MB, 7000x3500)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB PNG
As we are currenlty in war, the authorization to start casting Mechanized units has been granted. Ships may install an engineering bay and you may start printing and deploying mechanized units from shipyards or bases.

Furthermore, the 2nd Fleet has gifted us two new Models, the Tsunami and and the Hardwater. You may fly over a team to pick them both up or leave them in North Albane to defend the location.

I will now go over the mission. In detail.

You must take secure the Ship Graveyard that Ganymede has found in Kolstec, doing so will loosen their grip in this region. Furthermore you must ascertain the situation in Sagrahm and locate this heir. Currently the weather over the area has been violent and flying east poses many difficulties. It is therefore advised to travel by ground or stay on the narrow route where they will surely be waiting to ambush. Currently Professor Pennyweather is looking at this Warden we acquired and attempting to put together a countermeasure against the Whirligig.

Vim: Your enemy has the power of a king but are themselves not. Ensure that your people are protected while your sword is drawn.
Or they will turn to our enemy ins desperation.


> Mission Updated.
- Capture Kolstec.
- Capture Sagrahm.
>Fly E,NE,NE
File: Ainsible_Cast07b.png (258 KB, 889x1343)
258 KB
258 KB PNG

Nayam Rajul"
" The man named Sangrinn,or this heir, or even the fate of the Doyen matters little to me. However my work as an assassin compels me to kill myself or escape without having divulged a single thing. I would also prefer if I did not have to take the life of someone uncorrupted.

Instead, let me tell you a story. A greedy man, a corrupted man, even a desperate man will do the same thing when they are on the verge of dying: They will return to their friends , their... accomplices, in the hopes that their people can save them.

I have done this countless times, to find unfindable men who rely on others to work for them.

The assassin continues to stare at the one way mirror until the time was up.

>Something in their words felt off.
Intercepted Message:


Hodzygu bay Iuonbuq hd xfkqv, nd inwn btgqd uzg guj Q. Blewvq Adjx.

" Sh- Shit ! Another one ! "


Uhvy ianf olr bskbsjio. Ygv syase lie jane uflc at tzfm. Vntujf tyau tzfy uiwudhe eouhaog.


Zbgurefuvc Fcbggrq bire gur ubevmba vagreprcg vg juvyr vg vf nybar !
File: Iron_Sea_SHEET_Expanded.png (3.87 MB, 7000x3500)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
Patch Change no. 1

15MM boosted.
Tactical Walking Minefield Unlocked.
File: outline.png (503 KB, 692x690)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
As I feared. The Bagrahm Express has much ground to give, and the militants work to reclaim our gains. Once the push on Magrahm is defeated, Hell's Gate should be in striking distance of most of our fleet and will be our next claim. Rough plan to that end. Do discuss.

Blue: Gather here
Red: Accomplish at once
Yellow: Accomplish when possible

Near-term objectives by priority are thus:
Prevent advance on Magrahm
Discourage Bagrahm Express from aiding said advance
End enemy presence behind our lines
Prepare for mass attack on Hell's Gate

North Fleet intercepting the force headed for Maghram goes without saying.

We'll have to accept the Bagrahm Express taxing us about 2k funds/10 Material in damage per day until we can engage it decisively. South fleet is to hold position and keep the Express' attention by mustering force at Kolstec Rail, pointed at Hell's Gate. To reduce incoming damage, scouting and Missions will root out potential enemy spotters while sabotage or shelling will destroy the rail line east of Lower Kolstec, denying the area to the Express and any repair crews. Alternately, we might attempt to lure it into a derailment that drops it into a valley or somesuch, much as I'd like to claim the train for ours.

We must be rid of enemies behind our lines so that our aspiring merchants may go unharried. Matron detachment, handle the wyvern by Dresden. Anyone in Bagrahm, contact that AA fortress to your west and explain that resistance is hopeless. Unsaid: I'd rather not waste time digging them out.

Destruction of the Magrahm advance or a calm in the Express's attacks may be taken as a signal for all available forces to strike at Hell's Gate. Situation depending.

As regional goals have expanded, a new look at the budget is also in order. Fuel is on track, especially with the 610 kL simply sitting at Matron's Gate, but repair spend will be up.
Fleet Command has informed that the Wyvern by Dresden is a radar glitch.
"Changing orders. The southern fleet can capture the train station with the information we've gained. Moving up to the Servants Gate."

>Move 5 units to Insurgent Hideout
>Use [1 CP] to perform [Neutralize] on Insurgent Hideout

Name: Magni Jotunnson
Branch: [Marines]
Background Nation: Voss Transfer

+3 Field work
+1 Covert
Editing my previous orders due to a change in the rules:
>No longer performing Neutralize.
>Switch action to Assault
Rolled 3, 6, 2, 3, 6, 5, 5, 6 = 36 (8d6)

"Railmen! Who among you wants the pound of artillery at your command?"

>-1 damage to Zevor, 3/4 damage
>-3 damage to Irkutsk, has 3 damage after repairs
>-3 damage to 10 hp assault
>Fire artillery to damage rail line 1 tile east of Lower Kolstec
>Reinforce Marines
>CP for Mission: Looking for Ganymede spotters within town. Scan town for locations a spotter would choose to survey our ships. When next shelling occurs, arrest anyone who comes to those locations with comms equipment. Covert? Calculation?

Cmdre Luikra Evist AAR 10 | 12 | 8
Battery Lt. Lante Reblak
Covert 1 | Fieldwork 2 | Calculation 2
CP 1

Luikra walks away from the old man, shaking his head.

"Onmyd Eath, of all ominous things! If this custom of 'names' holds water, I shan't speak this one.

"But I do begin to penetrate Pennyweather's technobabble. Ibonyte static (effectively exhaust?) covers this land, not nearly as obliging as the wonder-material our ships hold ready to specify into parts, ammunition and fuel. Yet even the static may specify into matter or phenomena when exposed to certain 'frequencies' or 'names,' depending on if you ask Pennyweather or this old man at Kolstec Rail. I lose the thread on the subject of what's usually accomplished by technology toward this end. If Pennyweather's project distinguishes itself by actually removing static from the system, what have other models been doing all this time?

"Regardless, this Golgoa skeleton, this relic of the Rift, has a similar pull if local legend holds. Is it truly a focus akin to Pennyweather's, or simply the place everyone directs their pleas, when anywhere else in a static-covered land would do? It certainly seems content to lie dead and fuel only small stories despite a local practice akin to pushing every button on a control panel. Might there be some undiscovered incantation that would... remind it of its youth?

"Damned curiosity. Either I've been taken for a tourist's ride, or these are dangerous thoughts. Lt. Reblak, hold them for me. Return them later when I can appreciate them with proper caution."
"Lets drive them back!"
>North Fleet Day
>Send Behemoth and Harpoon to capture Rashidi Outpost -9 Fuel
>Rest of North Fleet Navel 2NE -22FUEL
>Engage Galleon in Battle
"Alright flyers. here are your reassgniments. Now go make ready and be nice to eachother if your with neew people."

Aer Fleet Reassnigment

>-Heading with North Detachement to Wayland Outpost
>Dragonbird (Raider)
>Mirai Niki (Raider)
>Tail (Interceptor)
>Polozhil (Knight)

>-Heading with South Detachement to Kolstec Rail Station
>Zulie (Knight+ 2 Raider Squadrons)
>Stupid-Game (Knight)
File: CoverC.png (540 KB, 1771x1255)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
Patching Hard Boot Begins. Please Standby until this concludes.

>Finish previous action, transfer all components if hull successfully commissioned.
File: Iron_Sea_CharaWEB.png (2.16 MB, 3224x2277)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
*Command Points.

Command Points are used as a liquid currency that is hard to come by, regenerating at the end of missions or with REST in CITIES.

It is used for the following.

- Recruiting new Units from cities / outposts
- Organizing a new detachment.
- Deploying self into battle if allowed.

Some vessels carry its own host of points, those points can be used instead of the Commander's for the purposes that it was made for.

Detachment Bases spawn Ground Units
Bridges Spawn Crew and Marine
Aer Control Bridges Spawn Planes.

Regenerating these module specific points requires MAT or POP.

Again, Rest Actions will regenerate these.
File: Iron_Sea_SHEET_NavalWEB.png (4.34 MB, 3500x1750)
4.34 MB
4.34 MB PNG
the 2nd Fleet Has registered their contributions with ours.

> 2nd Generation Guns.
> 2 New Ships.
The Hardwater by Hauzer Industries
and The Tsunami by Nemo East Trading Co.
Market Prices have updated.

Lt. Dunsparce :
Ohh ! The Squall's price went down as did others ! It wouldn't hurt to make a few patrol detachments you know.

Eh ? Industry Prices ? Sure we keep our markets consistent with work but a surplus is a surplus and product needs to move or holding them costs more than its worth !

Patch Changes: Damage Marks Clarified and changed to give critical events when you reach 3. Your Ship can get damaged infinitely as long as you survive the events which will match the damage taken.
Slight Tweaks
File: Iron_Sea_Sheet_TerranWEB.png (3.37 MB, 3500x1750)
3.37 MB
3.37 MB PNG
With the Addition of Mech Bays , More Ground Forces have been added with more coming from HQ.

100 mm Hauzers can be fabricated by an engineering bay
File: Iron_Sea_SHEET_Expanded.png (3.89 MB, 7000x3500)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB PNG
Additional Parts courtesy of a wartime emergency.
File: Ainsible_Cast01.png (769 KB, 1778x2686)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
This concludes the Valknyrian Alliance Naval Policy update.

If there are orders that require changes in light of this new information feel free to change them during this window.

> We will now process the Phase.
>Get ACE Lt, Name them Lt. Bailey
>+1 Organisation
>Travel to Dresden long way around to avoid the anti air, SE, SW, SW, SW, W, W
>Aquire Knight, Callsign them Warspite
Added note.
Damage assigned to Squads / Platoons causes casualties instead.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day10B.png (4.5 MB, 6750x3375)
4.5 MB
4.5 MB PNG
Day 10 Report !
Our force movement into compromised territories has opened the enemy up for attack.

=Behemoth Team: The occupying enemy wipes out half your ground forces but the team is now deep into the outpost. A firefight still raging. The enemy has determined to entrench themselves to the last man, their Skippers already having left port to proceed to the AirBase.

A. Push further ! [Damage success needed: 24]
B. Evacuate back to the craft !
C. "Surrender or retreat, we will not pursue !" [Negotiation]

=Magnai Team: Your special forces were greeted with a hail of gunfire from an occupying force. Your front takes casualties but you reduce them to half their men. A good start.

A. Rearm and Engage ! [Damage Success Needed:28. Previous Damage Dealt:15 ]
B. Retreat for the night and await reinforcements.
C. Improvise a Night Raid. [Shade Penalty:-1] [Risk: 3 1s will wake the enemy.]
D. We Have you Surrounded ! Come out and no harm to your soul will befall you ! As the gods are my witness ![Negotiation]

=Mission Blackout= >>4977931
Your Lieutenant manages to home in on the spotters using the quality of the shots. Your men strike all 4 possible places and 2 of them produced resistance immediately. The 3rd had already committed suicide and the 4th -- was a man living in a lighthouse with his family. He begs for his life not to take him but pledges instead to hand you coordinates whenever the train contacts him. " You thinking what I'm thinking Captain ? "

A. That we can have him feed the train false coordinates for a turn but he will be a dead man tomorrow. [+Covert]
B. That we can use the 3rd station's boost to intercept messages and let the man do his work for a day. [Gain a Key and Cipher involving the Train.]
C. That we can counter shell them immediately. And leave this man to warn his friends what could happen to them.
D. That we take him into Custody since he worked with terrorists. Our mission is to cloak our presence, not be a bigger target. [+1 CP recovered]

> Enemy Phase.
> Answer the Prompts to Resolve the situation.
We're here to be the target instead of North fleet. Or the crushing blow to Hell's Gate if the Express gets other ideas. That said, the AA fort is more substantially staffed than expected...

Have misunderstood damage rules, resulting in Zevor critical state. Will amend in future.

>B. We'll just be sitting over here... watching...
Konnair watches over the work as the retrofit of an old 100 year old vessel gets placed on the skeleton of her old ship.

Service has been rendered, parts manufactured and bought on the spot.

Thank you for your support.
The three additional parts bought were added to the bill.
And the 15MM Gun mount was exchanged back in the shipyard's stores.

> 3500 Taxes
-1000 Taxes if you wish to sell the 15mm.

Lt. Nova.
" I'm more surprised your family decided to send such a rare relic to be used like this , Ma'am.

The shellshock from the artillery smashes into your bridge, the sheer pressure of airburst rounds have shook your crew.

> "STEADY ! Damage IS MINIMAL ! REGAIN BALANCE AND TURN STARBOARD ! " >Roll Resolve using CP ensures one success.
> People First ! Abandon Ship !
>The Zevor is Scuttled , your people exfil back to Dresden.

>Answer this before taking your turn.
"Falling back and preparing a night raid. The cowards have to sleep eventually."

>C. Improvise a night raid.[Risk: 3 1s will wake the enemy]
>Sending in 4 assault, 1 mule.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day11A.png (4.67 MB, 6750x3375)
4.67 MB
4.67 MB PNG
> The Battle of Waylaid Station Commences.


=Morning News=

Terrorists assaulted Albane Airfields were promptly shot down. Naval Officers decline to comment furthers.
"Yes, we have no small number of relics sitting around," Konnair replies, idly stroking her thumb along the binding of a certain journal. "But a lovely machine such as this should be returned to its former glory, not left to rust. Oversee the cargo and let us be off."

>Spend 3500 taxes on retrofit. Autoloader goes to Felicity in The Retribution [Mothergoose], everything else to storage.
>Move NW, NE, NE to Koni Fuel Depot. Fly low, radar on IR. Refuel and prepare to assist Matron Detachment.

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization

Want to fly escort and hit them from behind?
"I'm definitely not gonna leave my mother base out to dry"


>Prepare to strike E to assist Matron detachment

Phil Brown

Country: Ragnyll

Lt: Lt. Bailey (ACE)

Skills: +2 Organisation

[Knight] "Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes"
>Retribution takes 4 damage -1
>Retribution takes 2 damage
>VVV's Helo takes 2 damage

>Activate Protocol to negotiate surrender (+2 Negotiation if it applies)

>Launch all planes to strike the NW Base (2x2 + (1x6 or 2x6 vs planes) DMG)
>Strike NW Base with mothergoose (2 DMG)
>Strike NW Base with VVV and his Helo (Not sure the damage)
>Strike base to my NW with S. Games, they said they'd assist (4x2 DMG)
>Strike base to my NW with Icebreaker, they said they'd assist (2 DMG)
Rolled 6, 3, 3 = 12 (3d6)

"Zavor, I send repair crew over. Hang in there!"

>Spending a command point +Industry roll to summon and deploy air crew to repair my fellow Orca, until they make their call.

>Night action repair mother goose

=Joint Strike=
Maudib's commandos were difficult to calm down as the remaining men who defended the battery fortress had surrendered the moment their navy had left port.

" My men have already killed a prisoner of war and now they are rabid and want the rest - "

> A. The moment you strike a surrendered enemy is the moment you stop being a soldier.

>B. There has been a lot of anger since Magrahm was attacked. This is just consequences.

>C. We also took casualties. Let's give the dead their rites, surely your men still pray.

>Guardian's Gate Captured.
Presently the base is damaged from battle and there is barely enough memory plates to repair one aspect of it.
A. Repair the COMM Boards in the hopes of getting their ciphers.
B. Repair the artillery gyros to bring the AA guns into operation.
C. Repair the Mixing Core to gain 120 Materials.
Bagrahm Express has disengaged, but has stopped in Kolstec, not making expected speed toward Magrahm. Possibly it will be carrying the package mentioned in the intercepted cipher, "Package is received, and en route south Kolstec, Heavensgate, DL2 and Sagrahm." Only, why would they transport a package on that train instead of one of the Llama walkers we've spotted? Are they, even? Surely the train serves better outside logistics, and is slower to travel Sagrahm besides.

Perhaps it makes sense if the Express already had the package, possibly picking it up from Kolstec Rail, and is now handing it off to something faster at Kolstec.

All speculation. But perhaps we now have an in on these messages from shortly after Bagrahm was liberated and the Express introduced itself. Codebreakers?
"The 1st message is pretty difficult to decipher. It requires multiple Keys and another Cipher."

"However. The 2nd and 3rd are much simpler."

>Key: Barbaras Cipher:Vignere


"They have our assassin. You share the same cell as them. Ensure that they divulge nothing."


"Infiltrators? What a surprise right?"

"The 3rd one reads as follows"

>Key but unsure: NNN (up to 7 N) Vignere Cipher


"Mothership Spotted over the horizon intercept it while it is alone !"

"That last one must have been in reference to the Retribution. So the Wardens usually use names like Pogrom or Dogrom? Anyway. Still nees to work on that 1st message."
Felicity Steiner

Country: Ifframi

Lt: Lt. Lapras (Pedigree)

Skills: +2 Fieldwork, +2 Negotiations, +1 Industry


>C. We also took casualties. Let's give the dead their rites, surely your men still pray. [Negotiations? +2]

>[Fieldwork roll +2] Personally identify and interrogate any high valued prisoners in Guardian's Gate. Personally keep them on ship for later disposal (When I meet up with my sister or somebody with decent covert)

"Unfortunate Lieutenant Maudib, if there's one thing I can agree on with Captain Evist it's that I too genuinely want an end to this cycle of bloodshed."

"Go now, tell your men to grieve. This will be a long war, their emotions will only leave them hollow and tired if they cannot learn to control their wrath. Tell your men none have to dirty their hands, those who willingly commit atrocities against their own people will properly face retribution."

>Guardian's gate

>B. Repair the artillery gyros to bring the AA guns into operation.

>Suggest building a monument in Heaven's Gate in honor of all the fallen soldiers during the unwarranted attack and Siege of Bagrahm. Offer personal materials to make it happen.
WRONG all those stats are WRONG
Let me show you how its done... krussian... disgusting....

Viridian von Virens
Country: Voss (+1 Covert)
Lt: Special Forces (+1 Cover, +1 Fieldwork)
Battle of Kon: +1 Fieldwork
Siege of Bagrahm: +1 Fieldwork

Fieldwork +3 | Covert +2

>Volunteer for Helo-Throwing operations

"If you keep it quiet I will keep it quiet, who do you need thrown of an Helo? War crimes comes at a premium, I expect you will syphon some founds towards some MK Heavy suits for my boys"

"What does your 'work as an assassin' say when your former employer sends people to murder you? We know you are next."

Commander Uleken (Orca-class ‘Irkutsk’) Industry 1, Organization 1
Privateer Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov

" That-...That is... exactly what Sangrinn would do. I could not complete my own silence. I have already failed in my oaths... "

A. No. An employer cancelled their contract. We will offer you another. Cooperate with us if this war truly doesn't matter to you. [Negotiation]
B. You will be tried , and likely found guilty of all your crimes as far back as 10 years ago. Which means a lifetime of being put through the Driver Camps in Krussia. Unless... +1Terror.
C. Then continue this life as a human being. People's lives are at stake and this is likely your last chance to do something good with your actions. Has fate not brought us here ?. [Resolve.]

>Only Irkutsk and Felicity may answer this.
Morale returns to the ranks quietly.

Meanwhile the prisoners recline inn their chairs and speak gibberish during interrogation. They answer no questions and retort with expressions and stories.

> Negotiation failed. Prep the Helicopters.

> The AA Batteries hum to life its operators ready and vigilant.
" I want you to speak clearly and slowly so I can Understand " Said a condescending Virens.

" I - I don't know the codes I - I "

" What ? "

> The chopper's roar drowns the screams of an ejected passenger.

Virens: Bring the next one out.
Like clockwork a large 2 meter tall man named Samson crouches over and chokeholds a man over the the jagged canyons of Kon.

"How are you contacting your superiors and how are you getting messages ? "

> I - we - we use a radio channel at Frequency 7 on radio "

" You're not answering my question. "

" They are contact us using a key ! The The Wardens all bear one ! I don't know more than that !"

" Too Bad "

> A man is thrown against a cliff wall before falling to his death.

Virens: What are they using the Whirligig for ?

" It speaks in God's Voice ! We Cannot let it exist ! I cannot let you exist either ! ON MY DEATH I - "

Virens: Samson

> The prisoner bites into his ibonyte pill but his bit was blocked by 3 large fingers that proceeds to choke him to death.

Virens: Next.

> Gain ciphers:
Sagrinn , Dogrom , Pogrom , and Logrom.

> Faction Terror +1.
Rolled 2, 5 = 7 (2d6)

>Botting for Zevor
>Use 1 CP to ensure 1 success
> "STEADY ! Damage IS MINIMAL ! REGAIN BALANCE AND TURN STARBOARD ! " >Roll Resolve using CP ensures one success.
Rolled 3, 2 = 5 (2d6)

>C, (if Felicity doesn't respond with B; Uleken is following their lead and they may override)
"You watch us. You have seen hope we bring of a new peace. We stop Green burning. Yesterday, we rescue women but prevent revenge. Every life saved, terror stopped, one step closer. Ending cycle of violence. No hiding, no sending people to die for ambition. I know it sound corny hearing Krussian ask for unity in bad accent, but I trust your heart to do the right thing."

Commander Uleken (Orca-class ‘Irkutsk’) Industry 1, Organization 1
Privateer Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov
You doubtless leave an impact on him. But your time expires and the assassin is taken to a solitary cell in light of new information.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day11B.png (4.67 MB, 6750x3375)
4.67 MB
4.67 MB PNG
Enemy Phase Begins.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day12a.png (4.84 MB, 6750x3375)
4.84 MB
4.84 MB PNG
Intercepted Messages:


Zs nrjq ootusp volvzk lb Jfudra.
Xvdmlfoeu hhgyvze dbj fpehfbzbs ycyj.


Hs nrjq ucoesp evk Nokwoou pmehrv. Vmgs zys Elwrj fqlqn kvqtf llsx. Ncuiruyozv kuev Xrgttro.


Sjsnfzg, kbs inwn xcbrqsi Kwsirqs eae iv culw zgqy hv 4 kyqnqhq. Ezu Icbmdkugg wr jtqng wvzvqepgy.


=Day 12 Report=
More Reinforcements of the 2nd fleet are en route. Updates to Come.

Alert ! Kolstec's Navy are coming out in force ! They truly mean to stop us on 5 Fingers !

=Steady As She Goes=
The Zevor Weathers the blows of the Goliath and gives their crew a well deserved R on land. Incidentally , almost no one left the ship citing the deep sense of security it held in its stern.
[This is Act Phase btw. ]
File: OctaviusCruiser.png (298 KB, 891x542)
298 KB
298 KB PNG
"It seems once again the skies of this world redden with blood and fire... kehehahah... Ah, such bliss, now then."

After a quick salute, the Vosskon adjusts the spectacles resting upon his nose, openly sporting a wolf hungry grin as fiery passion gleams from his amber hues behind those lenses.

"Captain Vargheist von Skelter, Fleet Callsign [Terrible Child] requesting deployment. I've already seen to having the Skelter flagship prepared for operations, Grandmother however would prefer it being retrofitted for these current times be paid for *outside* of Skelter funds. 10,400 would cover what needs done to make her ready for the front. My Fleet regardless is named after that glorious (Cruiser Class:Octavius), The Terrible Child, so shall I see about bringing true Vosskon *Terror* to the skies for our foes?"

>Requesting Clearance for Deployment, utilizing a Cruiser Class:Octavius, Taxes Required for such would be 10,400

Naval Captain Vargheist von Skelter
Fleet Callsign [Terrible Child]
Nationality; Vosskon Transfer (+1 Fieldwork)
>Cleared, which is to say I spend 1 CP to ship this unit directly into the battle of Waylaid station.
Budget planning for the road to Sagrahm.

26 Fuel per fleet-tile
47 Taxes per Fuel
7 tiles from Heaven's Gate to Saghram, doubled for objectives and new ships;14 expected fleet-tiles of movement
18,000 Taxes set aside for Fuel

1000 Taxes for repair in town
250 to repair with Materials, current price at Shipyards being 50 per kT
Supposing 50/50 use as we reserve Materials for vehicles, planes and missiles: 625 Taxes per damage mark
Supposing 12/6 small/large engagements of ~2.5/5 marks each
30 marks expected, half again as a cushion
29,000 Taxes set aside for repairs

~14,000 Taxes for assorted expenses, after the addition of Terrible Child.
>1CP Solo run the artillery in Five Finger Fortress, E,E,E,E,E,NE (4x2 DMG)
>Join the battle for Waylaid station, Teleport to the battle of Waylaid station if need be -1CP if teleport's needed.

Phil Brown

Country: Ragnyll

Lt: Lt. Bailey (ACE)

Skills: +2 Organisation, +1 Resolve

[Knight] "Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes"

>Detach Icebreaker from Matron if she's attached
>Day Action Move Matron detachment E,E

>Night Action Send both my interceptors to follow S.Games into the battle of Waylaid. They would have had enough movement even if they flew from where they were at the start of the turn.
>Since they're entering from the center of the fight in strategic map, would it be possible for them to spawn in the center of Tactical map

Felicity Steiner

Country: Ifframi

Lt: Lt. Lapras (Pedigree)

Skills: +2 Fieldwork, +2 Negotiations, +2 Industry

[Possible Bot for VvV]
>Night action for Captain Virens, Reinforce losses for all units in the platoon and upgrade all soldiers with MK Heavy Suits. Command's probably willing to pay

Viridian von Virens
Country: Voss (+1 Covert)
Lt: Special Forces (+1 Cover, +1 Fieldwork)
Battle of Kon: +1 Fieldwork
Siege of Bagrahm: +1 Fieldwork

Fieldwork +3 | Covert +2
Rolled 6, 3, 1, 6 = 16 (4d6)

Taking ground.

>Marines fire artillery at known artillery location at Hell's Gate
>12hp Assault remains at Kolstec Rail while South fleet moves to Lower Kolstec, Defensive

Cmdre Luikra Evist AAR 9 | 12 |12
Battery Lt. Lante Reblak
Covert 1 | Fieldwork 2 | Calculation 2 | Resolve 1 | Intel 1
CP 1
>Move N to Albane Airfield, coordinate with the Hardwater's radar to scan for threats to the N and NE of my starting position
>Complete Delivery contracts and collect Payout, +9,300 Taxes. Refuel.
>Order Hardwater to begin moving E to North Fleet

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day12B.png (5.05 MB, 6750x3375)
5.05 MB
5.05 MB PNG
Day 12 Report.
= Delivery Success
= SoloRun damages train and multiple guns.

= Lower Kolstec Taken with minimal resistance. =
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day13A.png (5.24 MB, 6750x3375)
5.24 MB
5.24 MB PNG
Day 13.
Morning News.
Fighting has intensified in the north roads as Valknyre Forces have met with Ganymede in an all brawl over the station known formerly as Ogrom !

So far civilian casualties have been reported as the fighting was quick to claim the area between the two forces.


And now the weather.
Sandstorms rage on to the east but Bagrahm enjoys a sunny 87 Fahren with clear skies. With winds recording at 5 spaces an hour it's reccommended that you do not stay in a crowded air lane as TOUCH colisions will cause a crash.

> Due to weather Units may collide if they path into each other. Furthermore, displacement by winds occur at the end of the turn during tactical.
>Refill on fuel and materials
>Require about 42 fuel and 30 materials to get to maximum
>Pick up 1kt of water to send to Kolstec if it's still open

>Set a course for Kolstec rail station SE
>Prepare to regroup with Southern detachment

Felicity Steiner

Country: Ifframi

Lt: Lt. Lapras (Pedigree)

Skills: +2 Fieldwork, +2 Negotiations, +2 Industry
=South Albane Aerfield Freight Commissions=
" You're with the VAN are you ? Well they wanted us to line up a job to anyone that knows what they're doing "
"The paperwork is complete sir, welcome to command of the Halberd. I am here on your father's behalf, you know the parameters of this command. His hopes are on your shoulders."

"Right right, thank you Paz. Time to join the operation formally."

>Take command of the Halberd


Halberd [Hardwater]
Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
3 Command Points
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation

Heavywater Class
1 100mm Hautzer [Manual]
- Long: 10 (Drop 1)
- Short: 6 (Drop 1)
. Hypershot (100DMG 3PEN)
. HEAT (100DMG Rampant)
. Fuze (50DMG impace, 10d6DMG AoE)
1 Twin 120mm
2 60mm Rotary
Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d6)

Konnair gives the new arrival a Vosskon welcome, before overseeing the automaids as they prepare the barracks for the Scifaxes.

>Assign [Tsunami] as escort, form detachment with it and Halberd [Hardwater]. Fleet name: "The Bad Guys Don't Actually Care What We Call Ourselves, Do They?". Shorten to "Bad News" so command doesn't get angry.
>Accept both available contracts, -2,000 Taxes. Crates go on Tsunami.
>Fleet moves 2SW, 1W. IR scan and search for those earlier radar pings. Calculation roll.

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
Rolled 1, 6, 5, 2, 5, 1, 3, 1 = 24 (8d6)

>-4 damage to Zevor, Armor lost
>Steward Fire artillery at the group at Kolstec
>-CP: Double time! Pour it on!
>Fleet repairs, -2k Taxes

Cmdre Luikra Evist AAR 9 | 12 |12
Battery Lt. Lante Reblak
Covert 1 | Fieldwork 2 | Calculation 2 | Resolve 1 | Intel 1
CP 0
Rolled 2, 3, 5 = 10 (3d6)

>Repair team will keep working on Zevor. Industry Roll+1.

>Irkutsk will land and dig in to limit artillery damage and avoid drift during the sandstorm, will advise Zevor to do likewise.

>Lt. Erzymasskayev will be taking passage back to Dresden to oversee request for troop transport. Schematics to come.

Commander Uleken (Orca-class ‘Irkutsk’) Industry 1, Organization 1
Privateer Lt. Stenka Erzymasskayev Covert 2, +1 Naval Mov
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day13Ab.png (5.08 MB, 6750x3375)
5.08 MB
5.08 MB PNG
The Battle of Ogrom Station concludes.

The North Fleet lands due to weather and Night Action.

> You may resume your strategic turn With only a Night Action available.

RADM. Canute: Good work North Fleet, the enemy has receded into kolstec. But don't get too cocky. The narrow corridors of 5 Fingers is lined with CLIFFS and Jagged wind tunnels that will cause your ships to CRASH if ever they were to interact with the two . It has been a famed battleground for the Kashirn for well over a hundred years or so , having repelled voss forces multiple times before. Of course even we Former Ragnyll troops took advantage of that to repel Voss's Dark regime.

A small History lesson before bed I suppose. Get rest, get ready, even the goliath can't launch an artillery strike in this weather !

>Act phase resumes as normal.
Rolled 2, 4 = 6 (2d6)

>"Savannah. You have my apologies for what transpired during the battle, and my thanks for hold firm anyway. Is there we can do for you or your people?"
>Night Action: Survey Enemy Wrecks
>How many materials would it cost to repair each one and conversely how many would be gained from scrapping them?

>Run IB Cores +2d6FU
Also I'm adding +1 to Industry
Captain Celia, Ship: The Humpback
Broker Lt
+1 Organization +2 Industy
+2 Negotiation +2 Calculation
1/2CP Detachments 2x Sun Skimmers
File: Ainsible_Cast10.png (294 KB, 1778x2686)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
=Weekly News=

The international community tunes in for the first time in a week to see rare footage of ancient Qashirn technology being unearthed for the first time in over 300 years. North Arkham with the assistance of the United Clovis Federation Fleet collects what could be one of the biggest surviving relics of these " Wardens" for research. In exchange, the Secretary of Cultural Exchange, LNB. Rushmore furnishes the Saradin Conglomerate with aide shipments to Sagraam in the form of hard assets and government aide as a token of friendship of what the Secretary is denoting as a groundbreaking new discovery in an Ibonyte free society.

Military Analysts have cautioned the Clovis military from making such a move pointing out that aiding a country currently in a civil war would attract the attention of its allies. However the President shot back in a meeting today that :

" Whether it be Kashir, our rivals in Krussia, or even our partners in Oceania and even the Valknyre alliance itself, Clovis has ever maintained valuable relations by keeping our doors open to anyone willing to trade with our free country. It is unfortunate that the timing of this arrangement, made Months in advance have stirred the pot of local onlookers who do not see the ingenuity and cultural value of this relic which is being smashed in warzones and is being pillaged by terrorist. Would it then, not be better if they were sold for a better price so that these prized discoveries be safely taken out by war ? "

The President backs up this claim by sending an UCFF convoy to expedite such exchanges in the middle of an active warzone, and provide aide relief to locals.

Rolled 1, 2, 6, 2, 1, 4 = 16 (6d6)

>Night Action: Repair and Reinforce using Organization (Regain CP's)+Wingman

Name: Capt. Rick Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization)
Lieutenant: Wingman Clank Hugues (+1 to all rolls, +1*)

Organization: 3
Resolve: 1
>South fleet Refuel. Unless Zevor's 4 damage caused 2k taxes worth of damage last turn, Irkutsk should have no damage ticks.
>Refuel cost 1128
>Night Action; sending scouting parties from south Fleet unless overruled, with the objective of reconnoitring safe direct passage between Kostec South and Hell's Gate.

>Asking locals first for guides/information related to the above, offer of supplies from Baghram and protection might be sufficient to gain assistance.
File: battletaxi.png (671 KB, 2667x888)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
>Olénixa-class Transport
>Components: 2kt Fuel, Core, 20Mat box, 10mat box, +2 Generator, Barracks, Detachment Base, Mech Bay, 4 standard thrusters, 1 heavy thruster, 2 bulkheads, extra armour

>Request submitted. Totally an original design and not something my colleague acquired before I joined the Navy. Yep. Nothing to see here.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day13B.png (5.25 MB, 6750x3375)
5.25 MB
5.25 MB PNG
=Day 13 Report =

To ALL VAN crew.
Due to Clovis intervention you are to report any activity that that UCFF with utmost urgency however you are instructed not to engage their ships or down any Clovis Vessels unless you are fired upon or they are in direct cooperation with Ganymede ships in combat.

After meeting with their Envoys, Clovis officials have determined that:
> Any Clovis in the Area are there for trade and business. Or are compelled by contract and thus will not restrict any business dealings or trades with them.
> Any Clovis Military in the Area either for are against any side are fulfilling a contract and are working with a Private company as their constitution allows their agents freereign to do business and will only be financially liable for damages done by those with Clovis Citizenry pending a trial.
> Any Technology Clovis or otherwise circulating in the combat zone are to be reported but are otherwise deemed outside of their responsibility for their use. They have also offered that such services are available in Magrahm.

The VAN Fleet reiterates that officers deal with Clovis presence with extreme prejudice and avoid causing rash actions that would needlessly be construed as an attack to their vessels and fleet. If possible Officers should avoid Clovis Vessels entirely and not enter into any contracts with them.

=A Pirate's Bay=
Icebreaker noses around the winding corridors of cliffs. Her instruments being baffled by a magnetic presence. When at last a Sandstorm brought the fleet to ground they find themselves eyeing a hidden city nestled by the cliffs flush with naval activity and Kashirn inhabitants. A closer look shows that the area is a pirate's den as an open plaza could be seen engaging in the Red Trade.

Lt. Nova: Ma'am this place is dangerous we run the risk of encountering pirates, the terrorists , and having our crew face possible enslavement by these brigands. We should retreat now, and report the enemy's position once this sandstorm breaks.

A. Good idea, we'll fly out while we still have cover. [Fieldwork, and you return to airbase. ]
B. Fire a Ranging Shot in that bazaar. [First Attack ! ]
C. We're here for the terrorists only. We'll use their old ways against them and challenge their fleet to a duel. No one can complain afterwards, not even these pirates. [Battle !]
D. Dock the ships , we'll sneak in as buyers and see if we can gain something from Pogrom here. [Covert Roll: 3 successes]

>Enemy Phase.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day14A.png (5.07 MB, 6750x3375)
5.07 MB
5.07 MB PNG
Day 14 Morning News.
"East Nemo Trading Company stocks soar after the UCFF's involvement in Kashir with speculators silently admitting that another Valknyrian conflict is on the horizon.

Meanwhile the Rising Victor Saladin a youth of 16 years appears before the public today escorted by no less than 60 honor guards and Secretary Sehkmet Salazar to announce that they will be fulfilling their role as heir apparent to the long vacant Kashir throne, now a ceremonial position.

The Near Eastern Community is scrambling to give their support with many once silent houses weighing their options or rushing to make preparations for an arrangement that typically takes 5 to 6 years to prepare for.

The Secretary assures that the govt of Sagrahm will be footing the bill for this lofty ceremony that has been observed for more than 2000 years.

When asked about Ganymede and their actions, the Secretary only has this to say:
" Ganymede has been mischaracterised as a terrorist group when in reality it is the product of many houses who have no future forward in the New Valknyrian Constitution which have deemed half of their practices illegal. Their plight is understandable but their actions unacceptable. Which is why our brave prince will take it upon himself to test their adherence to the Gold Laws and take up the throne, to end all fighting. Any who goes against his Majesty's crowning and fails to show will be deemed absent in the eyes of Kashir "

A tumultuous festival breaks out in celebration. The Valknyrian embassies close by declines to comment.

>Act Phase.
=Upcoming Patch Content=
There will be more models of AerFrames coming in , Courtesy of the East Nemo Trading company.
Rolled 6, 1, 3 = 10 (3d6)

"Indeed, but if Ganymede has a stronghold this close to Albane and the border, it's a threat we can't ignore. The rest of the fleet will pull back while we dock nearby. You need to brush up on your history, Booferfish have been smuggling along the waterways for decades; we'll fit right in. Be a dear and find me some appropriate local attire, we have a bandit queen to observe."

>Icebreaker detach from fleet. Transfer Passengers to Halberd's barracks for now.
>Pick D. Covert roll.
>Lt. will use Deep Cover/Investigate ability to infiltrate and prepare in case things go horribly wrong.

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
Rolled 5, 3, 3, 2, 3, 3, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 6, 6, 2, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3, 2, 6, 4, 2, 6, 4 = 88 (25d6)

>Day Action: Spend 1 CP to carry a Massive Bombing run on Kolstec focusing on Enemy Vessel's using the following units:

>Day Bombing Run Kolstec for enemy Ships
>=From North Fleet=<
>[Raider] Dragonbird +1* from Wingman and +1 to rolls (6d6)
>[Raider] from Tojo (2d6)
>[Knight] Polozhil (4d6)
>[Knight] S.Games 2× (4d6)
>[Interceptor] Chaos I (3d6)
>[Interceptor] Chaos II (3d6)

>=From South Fleet=<
>[Knight] Zulie (4d6)
>[Raider] Zulie ×2 (4d6)

>All Aerships do not return to base just yet since the base is coming to us.

Total of 30d6 but 4chan can't throw that many.
Name: Capt. Rick Wheeler, XO
Branch: [Aer Force]
Background Nation: Ragnyll CS (Organization)
Lieutenant: Wingman Clank Hugues (+1 to all rolls, +1*)

Organization: 3
Resolve: 1
>Detach Tojo, Bowser and One Sun Skimmer along with my broker LT to organize transport of the two wrecks back to Baghram for the Scientists to work on. (3d6 for organization roll)

>Northern Fleet and Southern Fleet push forward to engage Kolstec with a pincer attack.
>North Fleet, 1SW, 2SE, Battle, (minus tojo, bowser and a sun skimmer) -30FU
>South Fleet, 1E, 1NE Battle -12FU

Captain Celia, Ship: The Humpback, Broker
+1 Organization +2 Industy
+2 Negotiation +2 Calculation
Rolled 4, 2, 4, 4, 2 = 16 (5d6)

>Botting Magni
>Move to Rashidi outpost
>Spend 1 CP to neutralize infantry based of information given by Behemoth Fieldwork roll attached
Magni 1/2 CP left, Specops LT

>Botting Behemoth, join Magni in Rashidi
>Strike remaining forces with Magni

>Night action for both, replenish troops
Rolled 1, 6, 3 = 10 (3d6)

>Botting Halberd
>Pull back to Airbase, Fieldwork
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day14B.png (5.62 MB, 6750x3375)
5.62 MB
5.62 MB PNG
Spotlights sweep over canyon walls and treacherous ridges every once in a while fossilized wrecks and unclaimable juggernauts lay sprawled over its razor hard cliffs. North Fleet and South meet in the middle as planes shoot through the region having dropped munition after munition into a gun bristled fortress.

Always a nice suprise in Kolstec.

The 7th Battle of Kolstec Begins.

>On standby to provide artillery support

The Pirate Queen.

The Salamander, they called her, for she favored the majestic dragonkin over the rigid scales of a warship.
" You with the Booferfish. I see your craft is crewed by automaids. Are you perhaps in need of crew ? Or perhaps the loneliness of the skies have stirred you ? Only a Voss would find joy in something as shallow as a maiden shaped gun. Nevertheless , I find strange joy watching these beings set about their work. Have you considered crewing my vessel, the Adamantoise ?

A. I have, but I cannot possibly think you would trust us so readily.
B. My Booferfish is MY Darling ~ ! She's quieter than a sailing torpedo, and cheaper to maintain than a capital ship !
C. Adamantoise ? You mean the big turtle that this town is sitting on ?
"I find joy in many things, be it maid or Midian... or a monarch. My Booferfish is my darling, darling, but I would love to see your ship and judge if it can keep up with me."

>Tentatively pick A, declare love of Booferfish anyway

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
>A. A. I have, but I cannot possibly think you would trust us so readily.

" Ohohoho then you must have been in the business long. Good strategy. On one hand, boorish "royalists" are using my contacts to fight back against the "common enemy" on the other hand, much of the wider world thinks these sands to be a playground for their toys. I hate them both and all.

" For now these idiots are swayed by the false words of a ceremonial puppet and deign to use my ports to spy on the Northerners. It matters me not. We are pirates, and ship collecting is our ply. If not then Terraze gets hungry. If you can use that radar of yours to sniff out some good contracts then I can perhaps show you what this business is all about.

> You can give tips about upcoming battles. This may invite the ire of Pirates and they work for no but themselves. Doing so may build rapport with The Salamander.

>Other Services: You can contact the Salamander for some reliable tips about the Black Market, Intel, and other such advice. At a Price.
File: BattleofKOLSTEC_Turn1Aa.png (5.21 MB, 7000x2800)
5.21 MB
5.21 MB PNG

The Battle of Kolstec has formally begun !
Act Phase.
>My LT actions (and botting Tojo I guess)
>See if the fighters on the salvaged carrier are still viable, if so repair them and put them on Tojo.
>Scrap the rest of the salvaged carriers non-critical systems such as weapons and runways for materials. Scientists can have the rest.

No industry skill, if rolls are needed it'll be flat rolls.
>Move 1E 2SE to Baghram

"Guess we're on standby."


Halberd [Hardwater]
Cpt. Orion.oVC
Country: Voss (+1 Fieldwork)
5 Command Points
Lt. Paz (Pedigree)
+3 Fieldwork, +1 Negotiation

Heavywater Class
"Indeed, and now we have Clovis Capitalists crossing an entire ocean to plunder these lands. But yes, I think we can reach an arrangement, I'd love to see how you do business~"

>Agree to give tips
>Move 1SE, 3E

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
>Bot units at Rashidi Outpost
>Day: All board Helos and Harpoon and Move to Servants Gate
>Night: Magni Reinforces his Assault troops
>Night: Behemoth reinforces with 3 Units of Jump Troops
File: Kashir_FiringMission01.png (1.78 MB, 2628x2184)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Luikra has fired into the battle lines be advised. HEAT mortars approach from above and descend at a steep angle.

[3 Successes for Battery Shot. ]
This action was limited due to Organize Roll.
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day14C.png (5.58 MB, 6750x3375)
5.58 MB
5.58 MB PNG
Enemy Phase.

Day 14 Report.
1139 - The Transfer of Materials concludes in Bagrahm. 2 Warden Frames are in Alliance Custody.
1200 - The Battle of Kolstec Begins
1220 - Battery Mission has been carried out by Steward.

Spy Reports.
" Mistress, The moment you left a Clovis ship has entered port in Pogrohm bearing [Whiskey] to the Salamander Queen. They seem to be discussing terms of sale for the divine lodestones that Bagrahm has in storage. Shall we warn the authorities ahead of time or... "

> Do so, those Lodestones are ours by right of Battle !
> We'll work out a counterdeal with the Salamander, those Cloves are up to no good [Covert Roll: 2 Success Needed]
> Give them a controlled result, I'll tip the Queen and get Fleet Approval. [Organization Roll 1 Success Needed]
>Observe and Report for now... [Covert]
Rolled 5, 1, 5 = 11 (3d6)

"Excellent work. Let's show Clovis they're not the only ones with an eye for business. Besides, I'm sure the Queen misses our company already."

>Work out a counterdeal with Salamander. Spend 1 CP for 1 Success

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
File: Spoiler Image (26 KB, 170x169)
26 KB
Do you happen to have a HD version of this Llama, QM? It is very wholesome. Also someone was asking about Floors >>4966900.
File: Spoiler Image (1.24 MB, 840x2160)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
we're not in Floors Season but feel free to tour this neat Naval game I'm doing = w=)/
Rolled 4, 5, 6, 2 = 17 (4d6)

Continuing to silence Kolstec defenses.

>Fire artillery. Assign successes in following order of priority:
>1-3 Fuze centered two tiles below higher active cannon drone
>4-6 HEAT centered one tile below higher active cannon drone
File: Fire.png (358 KB, 642x635)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
Thank you, QM!
File: Spoiler Image (515 KB, 800x1200)
515 KB
515 KB PNG

Have another Llama
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day15A.png (5.58 MB, 6750x3375)
5.58 MB
5.58 MB PNG
Act Phase.
Weekly News.
" Fighting Breaks out on Kolstec as the Alliance assaults an entrenched Position. While aggressions are being launched this week, the city of Sagrahm enters into a silent Holy Day to recognize the ascension of their Kashirn Prin- er Divra's crowning. Alliance Commander Marshall Monandeas makes a statement.

" As all eyes turn towards Kashir, we in the Valknyre Alliance understands the importance of this event when the age of Kings and Monarchs were a sign that Nations and its peoples needed to look for a protector of Peace. It also comes to our attention that the crowning of such a figure will create a centralized influence over all the Houses of Kashir's to strengthen their resolve, to give them a path forward. To which I will only say this, we of the Valknyre Alliance welcomes you as you were with Open Arms and hope we can all work together towards keeping the peace and helping all nations strengthen and heal after a turbulent period in which the RIFT had nearly taken away all of our families and the people that came before us, including the late Kashirn Crown who sacrificed his life that fateful day, 11th of Whiterain, 42 years prior to ensure the closing of the Makai Rift and to detonate the Ibonyte Fission Bombs on the other side that decisively ended the war. A day we would never forget as more than 100 brave men and women made the decision to stay behind and personally see an end to humanity's humbling chapters.

So when I see his Grandson, who the world has yet to hear the name of- take up their heavy veil, it will be as if I have seen the man come back to life and his legacy continued at last. "

In observance of this holy day, the Valknyre Alliance is doing all it can to quell a lawless terrorist force, and the Sovereign of Qashir remains quiet in their capital of Sagrahm- their first announcement is said to be spoken by the Divra himself. The third fleet in cooperation with the Salazar Compact remains at the the border of Qashir to ensure airtraffic remains safe.

>Act Phase. Day 15.
Event: It is Holy Day.

RADM Canute: It goes without saying but all Fleet Units are not to start aggressions in Sagrahm, that is all.
Rolled 2, 5, 6, 3 = 16 (4d6)

>Fire artillery, centered on western Clovis vessel's bridge. Assign successes to alternating Hypershot and HEAT
>Move 3E, 1SE
>Join Battle of Kolstec, deploy from NW

Konnair-Monandeas, Voss | Lt. Nova (Naval Intelligence)
+1 Resolve, +4 Fieldwork, +1 Covert, +1 Industry, +1 Organization
>North Fleet Detachment
>My LT actions botting Tojo
>Ask the scientists if they have a time scale for there work on the lodestones.

>Get Broker Contract list
>Refuel fleet
File: FlyingBoteSkirmish1.png (285 KB, 353x256)
285 KB
285 KB PNG
>>4965870 (OP)
>Saradin reporting for duty

Name: Davcina Saradin
Branch: [Naval]
Background Nation: Qashirn Noble
(+1 Calculation)

Lieutenant: Chief Mocoro Argaul,Tuner
(!Machine Lore, +1 Calc, +2 Industry, 6s Full Repair, +2 Mov Aer, *Fuel Mix: Convert Mat > 8Fuel, Fleet Speed +1)
How does the Engineering Bay work and does installing it render a Fabricator redundant?
They are one in the same thing.
I'm told there's a Tsunami hull in storage. I'd like to request assignment of the hull and a refit. I have a proposal near completion and can post it pending approval for me to take custody.
Not in storage, it's in reserve as part of the Bad News Detachment and fully functional. The level of refit I believe you are suggesting will likely be more economical as a freshly forged ship.
Will the price reduction apply only to a new hull?
Yes. Whether its one manufactured, designed by us or an already available Hull the price reduction only applies to those.

If you want it then its all yours. Just gotta pick it up in Baghram.
Processing will resume again on Monday. [We just got done clearing a deadline and got drunk about it stay tuned ! ]
File: Ainsible_Cast03g.png (294 KB, 889x1237)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
As the thread is nearing deletion, a new one will be created with improvements in a week or so. In the meanwhile please visit: https://www.patreon.com/MondayDestroy
for updates or join our players on discord:


The Game is likely to resume once the battle of Kolstec concludes.

>Thank you all for participating in the CH.0 run of Iron Sea so far, Captains ' w')\
File: Kashir_Highlands_Day15B.png (5.86 MB, 6750x3375)
5.86 MB
5.86 MB PNG
Day 15 Report

0800: Iceheart burns east towards Kolstec

0900: Forces enter into Battle Stations and converge on Kolstec from both the north and south routes.

1034: The Battle of Kolstec(Shipyards) Begins: >>4987894

1053: Lower Kolstec Artillery Base Performs an Artillery Firing Mission and proceeds hourly into the Battle of Kolstec.

1150: Hourly Shelling. Lower Kolstect >> Battle of Kolstec

1204: Iceheart converges onto Battlelines
1250: Hourly Shelling. Lower Kolstec >> Battle of Kolstec

1350: Hourly Shelling. Lower Kolstec >> Battle of Kolstec
1403: Valknyre Fleet Captures Kolstec (Shipyard)
Hells Gate is severely damaged in battle (see document. Battle of Kolstec 7-Clearing Code: 4987894)

1500: Valknyr FLeet Accomplishes their Mission. Alliance 3rd Fleet Arrives to continue Peacekeeping Efforts.


RADM. Canute: Captains your job here has gone beyond expectation, not only have you held off the lines from the worst possible result but you have handily demolished the Terrorists' naval spine. It is with honor then that I declare your emergency mission complete and that High Command requests your Fleet Presence in the Capital. Do not worry, I will report on the progress of the going ons here and ensure that peace is maintained in Kashir.

Now, as for why I'm here. It seems the Ascended Divra of Qashir has formally requested for the Alliance to cease all aggression in this region for 7 days. As this blanket statement was one of their " Silent Edicts" it's quite possible that Ganymede got a similar request that they are honor-bound to comply. Naturally, every soul on Kashir will as well (Even Pirates.)

While it is a dicey proposition, we have been assured that the Divra will take responsibility for their actions should something occur, and Alliance is allowing them this chance to practice their autonomy in good faith. Meanwhile consider your calendar cleared for the rest of the week, please report to Albane Airfield in 48Hours to refuel- at 0900 you will be cleared for a Lane at 1.4 km ....



> With your Mission Accomplished, clean up operations will take place. Any unfinished business will be updated, RADM. Canute's 3rd Fleet will keep you updated on the region as you visit Alliance HQ.
> Progress from this theatre may Resume from Kolstec Shipyard as well.

Cpt. Harman Maudib: As your liaison in this region I have borne witness to your deeds and have been asked to relay your wishes to command as we continue our peacekeeping efforts. Though I do believe Gen. Adondis can breathe a sign of relief knowing that those that have Crashed through the Gates of Hell into Kolstec will not be causing any noise during Holy Week.

We will keep a vigilant eye on this Divra and most of all his ministers, I cannot speak freely on the matter further, but my channel will always be open to listen to your thoughts. For now, how about a drink for you and your men ?
>Checks if thread is ok. Haven't posted action yet for other reasons
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= Weekly News =
The Alliance Cadet Fleet Conquers the Unconquerable as Ganymede is smashed apart in Kolstec. What was once a rising class of Naval Cadets doing field excercises was thrust into battle and made into Temporary Captains a week into the engagement and now they pull off what is now considered a historical precedent: The Successful capture of Kolstec. Alliance Commander Marshall Monandeas makes a statement.

" It is no surprise that our students, now Officers, have performed under duress as expected of our rigorous training and sharp instruction. Mourn as you might, the inevitable loss of lives was stopped at the stem thanks to their timely intervention -- but what war was ever successful in this practice. Now that the 3rd Fleet has arrived to ensure security over the region during Qashir's holliest of weeks, The Valknyre Officer Class may see even action in a station of their Choosing. "


In other news, the excavated Fleet that was entrusted to Bagrahm could open the doors to the next generation of Aeronaval technologies as Divine Lodestones found in refined quantities could be replicated to create portable anti-gravity fields. More at 2200.


>With the 3rd Fleet Taking Over, you may repair , rest, and refit your vessels before reporting back to Ragnyll, the Alliance Capitol as you have left your report with the third fleet you let your worries lift from your shoulders as the insane 2 week long fight had produced a millitary victory for the history books. Still , you wonder about the people you met here and what they will be up to.

> Operation Budget has been appended to the Fleet Treasury with the following message: " To The Valknyre Cadet Fleet your talents shine ever so brightly to be overlooked however as your instruction has yet to conclude in full you will be given a chance to conclude your studies under the guidance of your Senior Officers. Use this Operation Budget to that End "

-Iron Marshall
THe Next Thread will mark the beginning of the new mission. Visit
for Discord updates.

Thank you For Playing !

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