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Chapter 3, Part 2.
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Hyper%20Invasion

(Updated since last revision.)
Size Chart: https://imgur.com/GA0tr24
Godzilla's Abilities: https://imgur.com/7Wj8t4x

Additionally presenting the Historia loredump containing events and details about all your favorite Monsters and aspects of the quest, continually updated with every other thread.
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"Hmm. The preparations are made, like requested. My Mogera is nice and hidden. Gonna be a long walk there though. Heh... I need a smoke. Nm... Could be my last, you never know."
File: 978 Yuki San.png (302 KB, 802x528)
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"Look at this place. All the buildings have been torn down, it's devoid of practically all human life. Those alien bastards set up fortifications, and they've got mecha. And the black and white ones can grow big too? It's a damn impenetrable prison. Not the place I'd think would be easy to infiltrate. But then, nothing is easy these days. I still think this is on a whole 'nother level."

Sigma Force Dirt Devil Squadron Leader.
'MO-1', Colonel Akira Yuki.
File: 979 Unlikely Help.png (266 KB, 802x528)
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266 KB PNG
"If MO-2 and 3 had survived that scuffle with Gigan in Tokyo and Gaum, this would be a piece of cake with you on board. But with or without you, I'm gonna get that bastard Gigan back for my teammates."


"Glad we got that settled. Now tell me again, because I wasn't sure I heard you the first time..."
File: 980 .....png (183 KB, 802x528)
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183 KB PNG
"You said those slimy space grifters captured Gojira.... and you want ME to help you... rescue him?!"
File: 981 Ye.png (196 KB, 802x528)
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196 KB PNG

File: 982 Vancouver.png (357 KB, 802x528)
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357 KB PNG
War-torn Vancouver City.

The collective coastal forces of the UNGMC's Canadian and North American commands stood no chance at the battle for Vancouver. The Xilien Empire swept the area over with a brigade of King Joe, clearing out the 43rd and 76th Tactical Response Groups.

In this sector, the Xilien commander capturing Vancouver to establish a temporary prison commanded an army of aliens known as Dada. The Dada were not apart of the Empire, the army employed here was a mercenary force compensated directly. They were particularly effective against Monsters in part to their strange and fearsome size and mass manipulating technology. They could shrink Monsters to the size of men, and disable machines outright.

Following the destruction of Los Angeles and the eradication of the UNGMC and Bio-Major corp's supply of Anti Nuclear Energy Bacteria, the Dada arrived to the scene and did the unthinkable. They shrunk and captured Godzilla himself.
Reduced to the size of a mere human, bound in a technological trap that prevented reactor activity and rendered harmless, the King of All Monsters would find himself marching through the streets of Vancouver, hurried along by these weird aliens...



Godzilla could only silently curse at this point. He'd have to find some way out of this eventually...
File: 984 The Wardens.png (413 KB, 802x528)
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413 KB PNG


Godzilla only scowled beneath his muzzle as he came to look up above at a familar pair of nuisances still retaining their original size. Gigan and Megalon. The two laughed at the sight of Godzilla's current state. But of course, it wasn't like they'd be able to laugh any other way, so they could enjoy their moment of jubilation for now.

More pressing was the so-called 'Warden', the Xilien in control of a distinctive modified mecha. The King Joe Black.

"At last! The greatest prize on all of Earth is mine! NEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- ERCGH! *coff* *coff* *coff*- Ergh.... ahem... mem... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

What an obnoxious fit of laughter.

"Godzilla, now that you are powerless and taken prisoner, you have no choice but to heed the demands of I, a distinguished commander of the Xilien armada! And you would be wise to, for I am the only Xilien merciful and sympathetic enough to Monsters that I don't make slaves of them. Instead, I make pets of them!"


File: 985 Zagres.png (211 KB, 802x528)
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211 KB PNG
"My name is Zagres, and there is nothing I love more in this world than Monsters! I have traveled the whole universe collecting them with my Dada mercenaries. Everyone else mistreats them so much, and try to destroy them! It's just so terrible and I can't stand it! How could someone want to destroy such a beautiful piece of nature? How could someone be heartless enough to want to hurt those poor, cute Monsters?! I won't allow it. So I've made it my mission to make a home where all Monsters can live together in peace forever! I'm putting together an intergalactic zoo of Monsters so I can take care of them all and shower them with affection and food and anything they could possibly want forever and eve-"


Godzilla had to side with Gigan on that one, just this once. This girl was insane. She really believes that such an inferior lifeform as herself is worthy to command and watch over all the Monsters in the universe? Does she think this is a game?! That she can really just collect them all like it's some kind of hobby?! The impudence.....!

"My offer to you is this. Submit yourself and all those Monsters of Monster Island you rule to me and then swear to help the Xilien Empire destroy Mothra, and we will leave you and your subjects in peace. As well... we will also return the son you seek, Junior, to you. You and your lost child will be allowed to live together in my care. This is your one and only chance to be reunited with Junior, so think hard, Godzilla. If you refuse.... then we will have no choice but to destroy and torture you! Mneh....."


There was no way Godzilla would accept this inane offer. Regaining Junior but losing all free will to this maniac's zoo? Selling out Mothra whose help is the only reason why he survived Super Mechagodzilla and Leo's sacrificial explosion? And what about Shin? Where was his daughter?!

What does Godzilla do?
>1#. Hurl a series of explicit insults and defamation out at her.
>2#. Try to read Zagres' mind to discover Shin's whereabouts.
>3#. Ignore the insolent Xilien and head on to jail. If there are any other Monsters imprisoned here, then it's time to put together a riot to break out this prison.
>4#. Write in.
>its here

>gigan owned a harem
What a chad.

She kinda cute ngl.
>Go to jail
Hopefully we can find some Ultraman monsters. We'll have to focus on finding Shin later after we find a way to get unshrunk.
>2#. Try to read Zagres' mind to discover Shin's whereabouts.
>3#. Ignore the insolent Xilien and head on to jail. If there are any other Monsters imprisoned here, then it's time to put together a riot to break out this prison.
Oh holy fuck its HERE

>3#. Ignore the insolent Xilien and head on to jail. If there are any other Monsters imprisoned here, then it's time to put together a riot to break out this prison.
Safest option, even if its a bit humiliating.
Be sure to take a good "You just made a huge mistake" leer back at the crazy bitch as you head on out.
File: 986 Smug.png (139 KB, 802x528)
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139 KB PNG
Godzilla would need to bide his time and uncover that eventually. Right now, his priority was set on planning his way to freedom, and getting restored to his true size. There was no way he'd submit to being only the size of a damn human for the rest of his life!

Looking up at the primary viewport of the King Joe Black, Godzilla growled and hissed as he squared his furious eyes on the alien standing behind it. He wanted her to know, this was her last mistake.

"Oh? You're rejecting my generous offer...?" She says, sounding earnestly disappointed and heartbroken. That was, until she realized what attitude the King was returning.

Zagres laughed again, though not hard enough to break into another fit of coughs. It was a cocky cackle.

"Hmph! Well fine, suit yourself. Though, I'm sure after a while in my luxurious prison, you'll turn right around on that! Every Monster does! Though, don't blame me if we have to hurt you, I did say that would happen! N-Not that I personally added that part! Blame the Controller! Dada, take him away!"
Godzilla did not need to be told any more annoying instructions. The way was laid out clearly in the desolated Vancouver, he marched on his own volition, not batting one more dignifying eye at the idiotic alien commander's machine.

The ruins of Vancouver were shrouded with many alien automated alien searchlights scanning the streets. Guard towers stood up with gates of alien metal barricading the highways and entrances in a large parameter, blocking off routes leading out. There were so many Dada here, armed with energy rifles and long staffs that were ready to deliver stunning electrical discharges.

The prison sector itself appeared to be multiple, large storage units that were pieced together and laid out on the surface of demolished skyscrapers. Each unit contained an individual room, and it appeared they could split to be carried or airlifted. Each wall had a tight hatch protected by a sheet of thick plating, and a barrier of particles.

As Godzilla was shuffled closely into the primary entry unit, his shackles came loose remotely and fell down. Dozens of Dada stood behind him pointing their weapons and riot control staves his way. It would be pointless to fight back, especially considering that right above, two average King Joe Mecha were keeping a watch over the prison.




He could only hiss as the Dada shocked him on his dorsal plates before leaving him behind, the prison unit's door screeching shut.
File: 988 Imagine.png (340 KB, 802x528)
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340 KB PNG
Godzilla was quick to take note of his surroundings. The interiors were mostly red Dadaic metal much too strong for him to peel in this form. There were feeder outlets ready to dispense food or water automatically on the walls of some units. Another few contained nests for resting, with bundles of soft materials, oversized pillows and cushions. The Kaiju in here were being treated like the earth pets that humans normally kept.

Did nobody teach that imbecilic alien zookeeper that not every creature she sees is fit for domestication? Kaiju like Godzilla were sapient, highly intelligent beings! This was no more than insulting. Strange however, is the lack of restraint against his reactor. Certainly, his Atomic Breath wouldn't be as powerful as it were in his true form, but that wasn't to say he couldn't try to use it to some degree here. There had to be a reason why there wasn't a safeguard for that in here... and if he had to hazard a guess, he likely wouldn't like to find out.

Now, as for the fellow Kaiju prisoners, Godzilla first spots two he recognizes. The MUTO couple. The large female MUTO was huddled with the male, clenching him with an overprotective embrace. Those things were radiation eating parasites, no more. Needless to say, it didn't impress them to see Godzilla, and he wasn't happy to see them...
File: 989 Ultra Kaiju.png (352 KB, 802x528)
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352 KB PNG
The MUTO were quick to leave the entry room, back to whichever nest they had chosen to sit and rot like animals in. Good riddance to bad rubbish, however getting out of here may, regrettably, require the help of those diseases.

Godzilla's incarceration attracted some other cellmates curious to see who else had joined their confinement. These three were Monsters he didn't recognize.

One was covered in thick scales, with a comparatively small head. He rumbled with the threatening roar of an almost mindless animal. He likely did belong here, despite everything. Perhaps he just had something to prove, and wanted to fight whoever was around to establish dominance.

The other was leathery and covered with blackened stripes, with no immediately discernible facial features other than two spinning yellow horns. This strange creature bent in unnatural ways and stared with a childlike curiousness, giving off no distinctive or hostile body language.

The last one, with mighty horns and a crest for a crown, smelled female. She looked defeated already, like she'd given up hope of escaping here, clutching a fist full of the automated feeder output's dispensed pampering food. Godzilla had no idea for how long Zagres might have been imprisoning these others, but he had to guess she might have been here long judging from her demeanor.

That wasn't the last of them. There was the sounds of fighting coming from another unit room and a-


-familiar cry he could never mistake.

Godzilla has to get these rabble organized somehow. He needs to know what they know, and see what's going on here...

What does Godzilla do?
>The large female MUTO was huddled with the male, clenching him with an overprotective embrace.

Oh boy oh boy what has Anguirus gotten himself into this time? Let's go see what's up.
d-don't say that..
File: 990 Flying Wretches.png (309 KB, 802x528)
309 KB
309 KB PNG
Firstly, the King needed his cohort. He snorted as he took his first steps forward, brushing past the onlookers with little eye contact. He'd get to them later.

Strutting through the prison, it did not slip his understanding that there were cameras built into the walls everywhere, appearing as no more than little blue glowing dots. There were screens behind reinforced glass with constantly changing motivational messages and "rules of the prison" for the Monster inhabitants. Most of these messages featured Zagres in a cartoony shape hugging various kinds of Monsters, similarly in a 'cutesy' art style. How pretentious.

At the least, the interiors were trying to emulate a proper environment, with rocks and patches of real grass in planters scattered about, as well as moss on the walls and small trees. And the sounds of an ambient jungle played over hidden speakers.

When Godzilla came to the source of the fighting racket he heard, he entered a room with large pools of water, and a fountain shaped like a waterfall. There were two flying creatures fighting over dominance of a feeder outlet that excreted a foamy nutritional substance, some sort of insectoid who moved at a dazzling speed and produced low frequency sonic waves, and a larger and muscular red Monster with sharp teeth and a large wingspan.

But what interested Godzilla the most was what he'd see laying about nearby in a sandbox near the fountain....
File: 991 Relief.png (263 KB, 802x528)
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263 KB PNG
Anguirus of course!


In an instant, Godzilla's friend shot up and jumped into his King's arms.

"Gaooo! Gaoo! Gao gao gao! Gaoooo!"


Anguirus was relieved. He started on about how following the battle with Biollante, he stood watch while Godzilla hibernated to regain energy. He let his sight off of Godzilla and Shin for one second while searching for food, and the Dada ambushed him and shrunk him before he could react. But worse, he recalled seeing Shin obeying them...


Godzilla's mind flashed briefly back to the time he spoke with Mothra Leo. That inorganic 'bone' growing off her skull... it must be a sort of control mechanism for the Xiliens to command her with. This was bad.


Shin was somewhere here now, stashed away, under Zagres' control...


'We must get her back!'
File: 992 Larval Battra.png (302 KB, 802x528)
302 KB
302 KB PNG

'You won't get anywhere without me.'

Godzilla's eyes shot to a huge presence slithering up from behind. It was Battra! The Dark Divine Moth was in his Larvae stage. True to his own words, the planet has reincarnated him again. It looks like he didn't get far however, once more he is captive to the Xiliens.


This fat slug is saying he got captured on purpose, and he knows the way out. He says that only with Godzilla's help can he hope to escape, because he has a plan. The evil deity is demanding Godzilla assist him. He's pushing it trying to assert himself.

And, he has a plan? Oh, he has a plan alright. Why would he get himself captured intentionally? It doesn't add up unless he's plotting something insidious.


The Dark Divine chortles and says that as long as they remain in this jail, they cannot use their abilities. A system in place will stun everyone in the jail at the same time the moment it detects any energy being channeled. So being as that is, he says Godzilla isn't in any shape to bully him down here and simply must concede. Does he want to test his luck?

Regardless, he knows stuff that might be vital right about now.

What does Godzilla do?
>Press Battra for more details.
Make sure to keep an air of intimidating superiority while talking to this grub, I definitely see him as a lying type.
Then vote nigger, vote

Oh no

Hmmmm yeah no
>Go ask what the other captive kaiju know.
We'll beat his ass later
File: judge gamera.jpg (142 KB, 1024x744)
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142 KB JPG
Will roll to decide in 30 minutes unless another vote comes in.

Godzilla huffed and turned from Battra, motioning for Anguirus to follow. The Dark Divine only sneered in return as he watched Godzilla stroll past him nonchalantly.


Silently he curses the King of All Monsters and warns that his unchecked pride will only fail him. Godzilla doesn't care what Battra has to say as he goes into another prison unit.

Walking up to the crested Monster from before, the female would gaze up at Godzilla with lazy eyes from her nest of packed grass and pillows situated next to a feeder.


"....? Cheeauughh..."

Well, that's a start. She calls herself one of the 'Gomora'. Hers is a species of ancient creatures native to Earth, dinosaurs that lived far after the time of the Godzillasaurus. She calls the other Monsters in the cell by name as well. The striped one was 'Eleking', the scaled one 'Red King'. The flying red beast Godzilla saw earlier was dubbed 'Gyaos', and the other bug named 'Megaguirus'.


Why was she slumped around looking so hopeless?


She says it's because she's been prisoner to Zagres since the invasion began. She's tried numerous times to escape, and never could. The only reason she's still in jail and not in Zagres' paradise off-planet is because of her strength, the Xiliens have mind-controlled her to fight for them before apparently. She tells Godzilla and Anguirus to give up hope of getting out as well.


Angered as expected, Godzilla asks how she could dare submit like this if she was so strong. He must know, where is her spirit?!

"CHeaaaaugh! CHEAUGH!"

Barking back, she furrows her brow and explains that they are surrounded by impossible odds. The Xiliens not only have Gigan and Megalon and their King Joe watching over them, but every single one of the Dada outside are capable of growing to Monstrous proportions as well to fight them in their true sizes. The Dada might not be much individually when size-shifted to Kaiju extent, but their numbers more than make up for it. Even if all the prisoners were back to normal, they have no chance against an entire army of giant Dada.

Godzilla... could understand. These... 'Dada'... were far more of a problem than initially thought, even considering their shrink technology. This was severe, and just puts more odds against any plan for escape...
File: 994 Iris.png (319 KB, 802x528)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
"Cheeaaaughhh... Cheauk! Cheak!"

Of course, as Gomora calms down in her rant, there is more. Why wouldn't there be? She says that the jails are constantly monitored by Zagres' personal partner. Gomora looks up at the ceiling. Godzilla and Anguirus' sights trail up there to the transparent plate of the roof.

A tiny shelled Monster, no bigger than a human, sits there with writhing tentacles, watching them all with dead eyes dark as pitch. Gomora says it is a strange psychic entity named "Iris". While the Dada and Zagres herself could not understand the language and the roars that Monsters vociferated to communicate, Iris was more than capable, acting as a translator for Zagres as well...


Godzilla was visibly irked. Even that wasn't the end of it. There was a flying Monster that had gone unseen previously that Gomora says patrols the skies around Zagres' prison. A Kaiju by the name of 'Otachi'. She says that Iris has dominion over the mind of this 'Otachi' and uses it to ensure that no Monster can escape...

This was insanity, but at least Godzilla knew what he was going up against here. But he wasn't pleased in the slightest, as this current situation was even more dire than facing off against Hyper Zetton. Not only could his life be on the line, but he was utterly defenseless and weakened by his shrinkage... Gomora says that he shouldn't dwell on it when she picks up on his tense body language. Whatever happens, will happen. She seems to have just accepted and given up, to Godzilla's disdain.

Patting one of the large pillows she sat on, Gomora says he should just relax and calm down, rest a while. As Godzilla stands there thinking, the lights around flicker, and Iris seems to change mood into something more speculative as it slithers away from the roof above. Something else was up....

Maybe, at the same time though, it wouldn't hurt to see what Battra has in store, he seems confident, unlike Godzilla presently. If he also knows what he's up against, there must be a reason for his confidence unless it's misplaced...

What does Godzilla do?
>1#. Take Battra up on his offer. The Deity better have something good!
>2#. Steel himself and take Gomora's suggestion for now.
>3#. Search around for something else in the prison. A weakness perhaps...
>4#. Write in.
>2#. Steel himself and take Gomora's suggestion for now.
Lets vibe with her.

Also vibe with Eleking
We must not forget to fug biollante at least once in the future

>>2#. Steel himself and take Gomora's suggestion for now.
>>2#. Steel himself and take Gomora's suggestion for now.
File: 995 Vibing.png (286 KB, 802x528)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Considering Gomora's advice, Godzilla just lets out a snort and stomps past her, right after turning and plopping down onto the mass of grass bundles and oversized pillows in Zagres' jail. Anguirus, looking just as downtrodden as Gomora now, sighs and crosses his legs to sit on the floor with his chin low.

Godzilla would much rather be back at Monster Island right now sitting in his and Junior's own cradle of tropical trees and large rocks by the river water running through the island. It comes to mind again as he ponders on his seat the mass of crystals showering down from above out of space. And that gleaming gem stone that Mothra clenched as Infant Island was destroyed.... Once he finds a way to get Shin out of here and back to her senses, he needs to do some investigating.


Hn? This creature behind him must be Eleking.

"Gureeeee... GreeeeEEEeeee! Guree gureeee guraaaaa gkch gkch gkch eeeeerrreeeEEEEeeee?! Gureeee! Gurererereeeee! Geeeegeeeee?"

'Are you the one they call king of the Earth?'

'Do you really rule all the Monsters?'

'How many humans have you ever killed?'

'How big are you when not human sized?'

'Do you like thunder and lightning? I make lots of thunder and lightning! Wanna see me make thunder and lightning? Why is your friend covered in horns? Can I be your friend? Do you want to be friends? How many friends do you have? Do you like to play? You look like fun to play with! Can we be friends?'





'But isn't Anguirus your friend...?'


'That's different. You wouldn't understand, Eleking!'

Anguirus must have mingled a bit while Godzilla was being captured.

"GureeeeeeEEEEEeeee? Grruuuueeeeerrrrrrrr?"

'Don't you want to save your daughter? If you get out of here, aren't you going to take the rest of us with you...?'



Godzilla held his tongue in that instant. The lights flickered again, but Eleking was still intently watching him. The Eel Kaiju acted with an almost childish personality that Godzilla found annoying, he was almost like Baragon in a way. He still wants an answer it seems.

What does Godzilla do?
>State that you'll try and get as many of the prisoners here out alive. A king is only a king with subjects to rule over.
Gojira, Man (monster) of the people (also monsters)
This, lets drum up support and get them on our side so we can bust out of here as one. Tell Eleking he'll be a subject, and that's as good as being a friend.
File: 996 Power Outage.png (240 KB, 802x528)
240 KB
240 KB PNG

Godzilla's head lurched up proudly as he tapped his chest. He declared out loud that he'd get them all out of there soon enough, and that when they were free, he would show them why he is King of the Monster world. They would be apart of his Kingdom.

Eleking seemed in awe at the prospect, and excited at the idea of getting out of there and being able to meet more Monsters, but Gomora and the nearby Red King did not share his enthused attitude. Red King himself was quick to grunt and argue that Godzilla didn't look that tough.


Anguirus took fast offense, and said Red King should recognize power when he saw it, lest he end up like King Ghidorah. That sparked surprise in Gomora's eyes at least, and she seemed to believe it. King Ghidorah's name was known all across the universe, and his terror as well.


Battra was quick to say it mattered little as he dragged himself into view from another unit, followed by Megaguirus, that 'Gyaos' creature, and the two MUTO, who appeared swayed to his side. Capable of slaying Ghidorah or not, Battra pointed out that they'd be against an army of aliens with strength like Monsters if they got back to their normal size. Only together would they be able to make it out alive. Godzilla snarled lowly at Battra.


'As if anyone would follow a cowardly spirit into battle.'

Battra hissed and Godzilla arose, the two stepping closer for a confrontation, the other Monsters watching intently as the Dark Divine and King stood face to face. Battra's eyes and horn shone with his prismatic energy, and Godzilla's breath came alight with a blue glow. Even for a Monster strong enough to destroy the planet it served, Battra stood no chance against stronger Monsters like Godzilla, Ghidorah or Leo, and he knew it too. He barely had more to show than Mothra, who relied on cheap tricks just to contend with her peers.



"KREE-aa-ough... gh...!"

Before they could ignite at each other, the prison quaked, and the power shut out as the lights faded with sparks falling from the ceiling! In fact, the whole city was shaking! The glass ceilings were cracking and shattered, the forcefields layered over the blast doors of the jail units ceasing! What was going on...?!
File: 997 Hijacked Joe.png (399 KB, 802x528)
399 KB
399 KB PNG
"Alert to all hands! Alert to all hands! This is an emergency! An unknown element has infiltrated K-Joe-D-12! K-Joe-D-11 has gone down! I repeat, an unknown hostile element has hijacked our mecha! Institute damage control! Send additional guards to the prison sector, ASAP!"


"Mobile generator bank hit! Move Super Shrink Ship to safety! All Dada make ready for battle!"

That explained it well enough. Something had turned one of the Xilien's weapons against them, and it was wrecking their fortifications with Dest Rays. This was a charming opportunity! If the power was out, the system Battra mentioned that stunned the imprisoned Monsters and prevented them from projecting energy couldn't stop them.


Battra was quick to forgo confronting Godzilla, instead shouting to head for the blast doors, they could now begin his plan of combining their weakened powers to blast out. For now, Godzilla had to agree. They'd settle leadership next.
File: 998 GI.png (389 KB, 802x528)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
As the mass of Monsters moved to the nearest blast door, Battra and Godzilla would come to a stop once the unmistakable clicking of the blast door opening was heard. Godzilla braced himself and extended his claws, getting ready for a tussle with Dada guards...!

...But, it didn't come. Instead, two Dada came through the door, and collapsed on the ground, their eyes going out. They had holes in their chests and backs.

"Ergh! Haaah! You guys weren't nearly as invincible as you let on!"

Another figure in a bandana soon rushed above them and stepped up over their bodies, brandishing a pistol of some kind. He was definitely not a Dada, but a Human! He stopped and deadpanned as soon as he saw all the Monsters waiting there for him. It wasn't as bad a sight as the Dada, but still not a preferable sight knowing what Humans and Monsters generally think of each other...

"Ahhh.... Shit... why did I have to be the one who does this part of the job...?!" He whispered, a look of genuine fear over his face, which he tried to hide with his hand.

"H-Hey! Beasts-"

Oh, that is not a good word to use.

"-if you want to get out of the Xian exhibits alive, you better follow me! Or else they'll capture you a-again! I'm not kidding around! I'm your ticket out of here!"

The man made a point to gesture the captured Monsters forward by beckoning with his gun, but Godzilla and Anguirus remained wary of that little device, there was no knowing if it'd hurt in this form. Still, none of the Monsters present should have a problem tearing him limb from limb even like this.

Battra however howled with hatred. He was preparing to fire his laser horn!


'Damnable human filth, polluting my world! Only I can lead! BURN!'

More Dada guards would soon be upon them...

What does Godzilla do?
>1#. Stop Battra from his attack. This human might be able to help pinpoint Shin's location.
>2#. Don't bother, getting to the Dada ship is more important than a simple human right now.
>3#. Write in.
>2#. Don't bother, getting to the Dada ship is more important than a simple human right now.
Godzilla don't need no human
We don't need the human, true. But numbers matter here. Battra said it themselves, we'd need as big of an overall number we can get. I support >>4891788
>1#. Stop Battra from his attack. This human might be able to help pinpoint Shin's location.
Battra you fucking retard, saying that right next to the motherfucking KING.
>1#. Stop Battra from his attack. This human might be able to help pinpoint Shin's location.
>saving a human
>1#. Stop Battra from his attack. This human might be able to help pinpoint Shin's location.
Battra will pay for saying "Only I can lead!" right next to Godzilla himself, in addition to going back against his words about needing everybody we can get. The human is merely a tool right now, somebody convenient. We'd be a fool not to take this opportunity.

We're not "saving" the human. We are "punishing" Battra for his insolence towards us, in addition to taking advantage of an allied asset and information source. This is not only to help us reach Shin or find a way to reach full size again, but to spite Battra as an opportunistic form of fitting punishment here.
Battra is based though.
I agree, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to be taken down a peg for his retardation. He can still help us against the aliens, and he can kill the humans if they're our enemies. If Mothra bitches, then we'll figure something out
Man, how the hell are we supposed to kill Bagan?
File: 1618303281392.jpg (424 KB, 1280x824)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
Will update tomorrow, got caught up with something. In the meantime it's good to be back and I'm looking forward to going places with this and Battle Droid Quest.
Good to have you back, my man.
How's it been going in life Poles?
File: Giganchad.png (437 KB, 835x1029)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Thanks. Nice trips btw.

Same old same old, vidya and also I had to attend some weddings in the past months. I got into OPM by ONE and have finished all but the manga. I hope to be able to draw a webcomic of my own one day, it looks fun.
Sweet, I prefer Mob psycho though.
After this thread you continuing BDQ right?
File: Mini-Mim and Studs.png (99 KB, 471x376)
99 KB
>tropical storm coming in.
File: 999 STOP THAT.png (400 KB, 802x528)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
But Godzilla wasn't going to allow Battra to get away with his proclamation, and he still yet needed assistance if he was going to find Shin. Intelligent as he was, Godzilla couldn't hope to operate through the tiny shafts that beings of this size maneuvered through as effectively, a human would be ideal right about now.


Quickly, the King pressed his palm hard into the side of the divine larva near him, throwing the aim of his horn laser off mark to destroy a car rather than hit the now trembling human there instead.


Battra squealed in anger, and threw his head back to hit Godzilla square in the chest, shifting Godzilla on his feet.


'You dare to come between me and my enemy?! Do you intend to follow the human?! If my plan does not work, I cannot seize the being Iris, and use her to fulfill my desire to wipe out this plague of men!'

As Godzilla expected, Battra was only in this for a gambit of his own. He intentionally got captured to get close to that 'Iris'. What significance did the psychic worm have for Battra to seek it's capture? Would it really be of use for him in his quest to exterminate mankind?


Battra called immediately for all those desiring revenge against the aliens and escape to follow him, and for those who wished to be led astray to follow Godzilla. The Dark Divine turned away and began to snake off in an opposite direction, saying it was the way to their freedom.


'That is the way to your death. You'll be caught by the flying Monster there, idiot!'
File: 1000 JETTO.png (313 KB, 802x528)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
Godzilla recognized that familiar radio-wave speech pattern. Jet Jaguar! Of course, he must be the reason for the disturbance among the Dada, he came to whisk Godzilla out. Even Battra was stunned seeing him here, enough to relent from going his own way.


'I've laid out a plan for busting you Monsters free! If you want to get back to your normal size and kick alien butt, you need to head underground!'

Clever instructions, but Jet Jaguar was a clever robot. He had a place for the other Kaiju to stick around at safely, and he was going to lead them there so they could be restored. But, that begged the question of how they'd take over the method for it.

Jet Jaguar points to the Sigma Force human accompanying him, who had only just regained his composure, only to freeze up in stress again. "Wowowow!"

"Oh, goddamn it, why me?!"

He really looked like he didn't want to go through with this, but it's not like he had much of a choice. Jet Jaguar says he can get Godzilla into the Dada ship, and that Godzilla would have to follow him. But why would they have to go alone?

Jet Jaguar wags his cautionary finger. There are too many aliens spread out across the city, if the Monsters moved as a pack, they'd be detected and came down upon by overwhelming force. With multiple full-sized Kaiju stalking about, and who knows how many Dada patrolling the streets, it made a little sense. Even the exceptionally tough Superman Robotto had to stick with hit-and-runs.

"Uhh, you know how many years I've been trying to kill him, right? We ain't gonna get along well...!" The human says, eying Godzilla in specific from behind Jet. Jet Jaguar doesn't seem to think much of it.

What does Godzilla do?
>1#. Follow along with Jet Jaguar's plan for now. There doesn't seem to be a better alternative.
>2#. Considering what he learned already, there has to be a better option. Try and think something else up.
>3#. Ask Anguirus' opinion.
>4#. Write in.
>3#. Ask Anguirus' opinion.
Based Jet coming to the rescue. Still, let's discuss among peers, first.
Godzilla likewise only dismissed the frightened human. It occurred to him now that he did recognize the voice of this distinct human, he was one of the humans who called themselves 'G-Force', dedicated to trying to slay Godzilla with their tools. This one in specific having spent a long time personally staying on Monster Island to try and kill Godzilla with various failed plots. Godzilla was surprised he had survived this long, but if he proves useful in Jet's angle is all that matters.

Looking down at his friend, Godzilla snorted and flicked his snout at the surroundings. Anguirus blinked in seeming confusion as he scanned around and audibly gulped.

"Gaooo! Gaooo.... Gao."

The ankylosaurus Monster had brought attention to one vital aspect of this situation. Zagres herself. The Xilien in charge stationed herself in that strange black colored King Joe. Right now while it is parked in place, barely visible over the rubble of apartments, only Megalon stood guard near the thing. Gigan was busy wrangling the haywire Joe that Jet hijacked and set to autopilot to wreak havoc.

While taking control of the Dada ship to restore their sizes was important, taking their leadership out was also important, and that would mean one less King Joe in the field once they got back to normal. Inevitably, they'd have to face the army of Dada size-shifters in that scenario, along with Gigan and Megalon.

Jet Jaguar seemed to agree, saying he could try to get aboard once everyone is in a safe place. Battra had nothing to say...

The goal?
>1#. Find a way on board the Dada's Super Shrink Ship.
>2#. Go after Zagres' King Joe Black command unit.
QM, finished thread 1 so far
>the shadowy alien leaders talking shit at each other
><Clearly, MINE is the most superior giant creature.>
I eagerly look forward to more interactions like this, as well as ones between kaiju (ex. Megalon dodging the clothesline, going "what the fuck are you doing bitch?" at Gigan being clotheslined or Godzilla trying to clothesline them, then getting clotheslined right after). The little tidbits from Godzilla in describing other kaiju or narrating stuff about them, such as him going "How audacious!" at Ghidorah's mad plan, or narrating a bit about Jet Jaguar smiling all the time, or his respect for King Caesar, similar character description moments.
>>2#. Go after Zagres' King Joe Black command unit.
Maybe Jet could talk some sense into her for us
>1#. Find a way on board the Dada's Super Shrink Ship.
We need to take out the shrink tech or they can and WILL just do this on us and others again. This way we even the playing field again.

Think JET will have a chance at convincing the dumb girl that wants monster pets like the BRAT she is?
She said it herself that she didn't actually want to hurt Godzilla and to blame X. I think she can be convinced to betray him.
Turning Zagres into a sleeper agent against Controller X? Interesting... I'm sticking by my decision to get unshrunk first though. I'll leave the support of decisions to others
>>1#. Find a way on board the Dada's Super Shrink Ship.
Switching to this

We're gonna need all the kaiju we can get, we still got Spacegodzilla to handle after this and Destroyah coming up as well as Monster X who might actually be Controller X. Not to mention literal kaiju Giygas who wants to end the universe
>>2#. Go after Zagres' King Joe Black command unit.
>1#. Find a way on board the Dada's Super Shrink Ship.
>>1#. Find a way on board the Dada's Super Shrink Ship.
Ay, glad to hear you've been enjoying yourself.
I'm up to the climactic Hyper Zetton battle. Please tell me you'll have Solomon in this quest too. PLEASE.
File: 1593515616339.jpg (49 KB, 360x351)
49 KB
I'm sort of reluctant to put in Monsters like Soloman or Red or some such from the creepypasta and that game the furry mafia killed, but maybe we'll see in the future.
I missed the thread before this, how much did I miss?
Last thread in January wasn't that long, it's quicker if you want to catch up.
Objective best girl ranking
Biollante > Mothra > Zilla > Zagres > Shin > Femuto
File: 1600234718465.png (381 KB, 802x528)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
>"514 Can you spot the easter egg anon (question mark).png"
Topleft of Mothra's wing = three heads of King Ghidorah
Bottomleft of Mothra's wing = one of King Ghidorah's heads smirking viciously at Shin
Actually, it's supposed to be the barely visible strings holding them up in traditional propmation style.
File: 1001 Monster Exodus.png (438 KB, 802x528)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
Godzilla rather turned to stare daggers into the human Jet Jaguar had brought along instead, signaling this phase of the plan to be wiser.

"Great-" He moped.

Jet Jaguar only raised another thumbs up at him and then turned to the horde of Monsters present, humming with his radio frequency and beckoning them forward with his sign gestures. Slowly and one by one, the Monsters began to march off with him as he started walking steadily through an alley nearby. Godzilla didn't need to tell Anguirus to heed the robot as he crawled off that way, cautioning Godzilla to be careful as he glanced back. Even Battra at this point had lost his nerve and caved in, slithering off with the rest of the Monsters, those that were following him joining.

Godzilla took some heavy steps closer to the Sigma Force human, who cowered back slightly in tensity as he grit his teeth.

"Okay, y-you...! J-Just.... follow me."


This was the way to go for now, as the human led him off towards a different shortcut.
File: 1002 Begrudging.png (369 KB, 802x528)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
Godzilla was wary of letting a human be his guide, wherever they were headed, it was leading down.

Godzilla did wonder... what it would be like to tear a human apart at this size. It would certainly be a different experience from he usually knew at his true size. What did the insides of a human even look like? How different were they from what came out of Monsters? Would it be easy to tear one-

"You know I can feel you breathing down my neck, yes...?"


Godzilla retracted his claw, which was unconsciously about to reach for the human.

"Trust me, this isn't stellar for me either, Gojira, but for once, can we not try to kill each other? You're the objective and I'd rather not have you get recaptured from doing something stupid!"


"Shhh! Shh! Quiet, you moron! Do you want to be heard by the guards? Look, the plan here is simple. We'll go to my Mogera, and I'll use it to put you inside that ship, yeah?"


"I'll just take that as a yes. Now, in case you didn't catch the memo before, and I'm not sure how you couldn't, the name is Yuki. You might have heard me shouting it out back on Monster Island. You remember those days? Where I'd try to kill you with coagulants?"


"Yeah, you do. Those were the good old days. Just me, you, and some chemicals I try to kill you with, no bastard aliens in the equation. Now I'm turnin' a new leaf over, see? I'm helping your sorry ass out this time. So, once you're back to normal, how about do me a solid... and not try to exact revenge when you get your strength back. Deal...?"

Godzilla didn't care for meaningless offers. Yuki survived long enough on his own on Monster Island, he didn't need Godzilla's word for anything. If Godzilla attacked him again once back to normal, then it would be on him to survive once more.

Although, Godzilla did wonder what a 'Mogera' was. Another kind of mecha? Godzilla hates mecha...
File: 1003 Dada Captain.png (402 KB, 802x528)
402 KB
402 KB PNG
"Nothing...? Wait, hold up, I hear something..."

The human started to press his back against a wall leading to wherever it was they were going. Godzilla failed to understand the gesture.

"Stop, don't go out there, listen you moron!"


Godzilla focused.

"Dada Captain, no intruders found in the premises. The hole is fresh."

Godzilla was beginning to understand hugging the wall. It was like using a skyscraper for cover, so he peaked his eye out at what the human was eavesdropping on, and saw a pack of Dada. There was at least a dozen of them, and a red one giving them orders.

Far behind those Dada, there was a large hole in a wall past some vehicles. It looked like Megalon had drilled into this place.

"This is where the enemy came in! No doubt about it. I want you all to sit here and wait for them, when they come back to try and escape with our Kaiju convicts, kill them and take the prisoners back into custody! We must not compromise our reputation of quality service, otherwise the Xiliens may cut our contract and attack our home planet!"

"We will take up positions near the entryways and hole. Nothing will get out of here, Dada Captain."

"Make sure of it! We cannot lose Godzilla no matter what!"

The human calling himself Yuki reloaded his firearm and cursed under his breath.

"Damn, those alien bastards found the way I came in at. My Mogera is right through that hole. We need to get through there, but we can't with all these guys blocking our path!"

The human is right. The Dada need to be cleared out before they can progress. Maybe a distraction will help...

What does Godzilla and Yuki-san do?
Is there anything we could throw to make them go check another direction ?
That's rude...
It's what he'd want
Light a car on fire and throw it at them
Are we even in a parking garage? The background appears so but it's not said anywhere.
Anyways, If we are we should take a more subtle approach at first. Maybe throw a rock at one car to trigger the alarm, and as they're distracted throw a burning car straight at them.
The post says some vehicles are present.
Oh, fuck. I glazed over that part.
Yeah, let's do it.
Dead quest?
dude he got hit by a tropical storm a couple days ago he's probably just helping his family recover.
IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING. But seriously, bad weather or not life can get real busy. No matter what though, I'll always eventually update when I have time to, I'll never drop a quest these days unless my playerbase wanted me to, or if I somehow died in real life.
File: 1004 TRUCK THROW.png (425 KB, 802x528)
425 KB
425 KB PNG
The surrounding lot was full of cars, and Godzilla had a plan after all...

"Huh...? H-Hey! What do you think you're doing you dumb beast?! You'll be spotted!" Yuki tried to stop the King.

"Grrrk!" But the King wasn't having any of it.

Godzilla sprayed his Atomic Breath at a truck he grabbed the back of. In his miniaturized state, his breath was a belch of Atomic flame that stuck to the truck like napalm, overheating the windows and causing them to burst, startling the Dada in the garage up ahead.

But before the aliens eve had the chance to react, Godzilla hoisted the truck up like a toy, and spun around, hurling it at them!
File: 1005 H-He's fast!.png (434 KB, 802x528)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
The Dada caught in the throw of the truck were crushed, and scalded by the intense explosion spreading the sticky Atomic flames, but the Dada Captain was nimble.

He dodged it with ease!
File: 1006 He coming.png (417 KB, 802x528)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
The Captain took off in a sprint at Godzilla! He was swift on his feet!


What does Godzilla do?
>1#. Tail sweep and try to catch the red captain!
>2#. Spray another belch of flames to stop his charge.
>3#. Counter lunge at him for a nasty bite into his shoulder!
>4#. Write in.
>never drop a quest these days unless my playerbase wanted me to, or if I somehow died in real life
Ultra-based. Never lose this.
Is the Dada Captain's helmet metallic? Would Godzilla's metallic pull power work on it?
That isn't a helmet, that's his face. Don't know what they'd be made of though, Dada origin is iffy depending on the source, as most are from Planet Dada but at least one version was digital. I guess I'll say they're made of something slightly metallic, so yes I'll say the magnetic power will work to a degree.
>>2#. Spray another belch of flames to stop his charge.
>3#. Counter lunge at him for a nasty bite into his shoulder!
Metallic pull
OK thanks

Here's my write-in
>#4. Attempt to Metallic Pull the Dada Captain forward by his helmet! By carrying his head ahead of his body, this will throw off his balance or make his run more reckless. Either way, this will give you a much easier time tail sweeping him off his feet, making him fly past you... and right into your crowd of Monster allies all hungry for revenge!
File: Spoiler Image (73 KB, 802x528)
73 KB
QM, I felt compelled to make this edit after the image became stuck in my mind
>Counter lunge at him for a nasty bite into his shoulder!
It's just us and Yuki.
We can still use the Metallic Pull to cause the Captain to be defenseless against us and Yuki, yeah?
Spongechad?! I KNEEL.
Rolled 1 (1d2)


Godzilla prepared himself as the Dada Captain closed in. He was going to throw himself like a spear right at the Seijin and take him out with a lunge before the Captain could. It was the last thing he'd expect as Yuki was busy returning fire at the few remaining Dada who shot his way with their Micronizers!

Roll 1d100 to counter lunge.
Rolled 90 (1d100)

Dada is a dumb art movement
Rolled 96 (1d100)

Rolled 89 (1d100)

>classic captcha is back
Sweet, the days of clicking fucking fire hydrants for ten minutes straight is over.
Is QM in Florida?
Eh I'm in the deep south as well. Hope he's OK
Close but no cigar. The hurricane wasn't that bad when it came through but it managed to take me offline by downing my internet dish, which I had to fix up.
File: 1007 [CHOMP].png (398 KB, 802x528)
398 KB
398 KB PNG

The Dada Captain went for a dive with his feet. Godzilla was on top of his game however, moving his torso aside as he lunged first into the Captain, taking the alien by surprise.


The Seijin was able to do little with the jaws of Godzilla clamped around his head's lower half, but he threw a punch into Godzilla's shoulder with surprising strength. In this form, it hurt, so the King ended it quickly as he snapped down, the force of his bite making the Dada's head pop right off of his neck. A strange smoke with a an even stranger pattern filled the body and head of the alien, and he was still growling even after being decapitated. They were tougher to kill than thought!
"H-Hey! Monster! Get over here!" Yuki shouted from up ahead, still engaged with the other Dada, taking care not to get hit by their hand-held shrink rays. "-Let's make a break for it! Move it!"

And just this once, he'll be able to direct the King. Only this once, and never again. Throwing the trembling body of the Dada Captain aside, Godzilla sped as fast as he could towards the human guide as the red Dada's body worked to grab it's head.

There wasn't really a way to tell what was ahead in the hole the human needed to get down in the underground rooms. It was dark, and his flashlight barely illuminated the interior.
But it wasn't until a certain point that they'd come to a stop in front of something... metallic. And the human, he was now running around Godzilla, and pushing him!


The King had half a mind to whack him with his tail for shoving him.

"Come on! Climb inside, you'll fit, even if you're fat as a hog! Do you want to regain your true size or not?!"

This damn human was starting to really piss Godzilla off, and it hadn't even been long that he'd chosen to follow him! But there were Dada behind, ready to pursue. Godzilla hates this lack of choice. He climbs into whatever it is ahead begrudgingly, tapping his head against some hard metal along the way as the human....

"Computer, activate the tactical teleport system for me! I'm in range! Start up all main functions!"

Wait, the human has just... vanished.
File: 1011 The Mole.png (360 KB, 802x528)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Mobile Operation Godzilla Universal Expert Robot Aero-type.

So this was what the human had in store. A mecha! It was almost as tall as Super Mechagodzilla, but certainly not as mighty. Godzilla recognized this type of battle machine, one of them was fighting the aliens in the same city where he faced off against Zetton at. It seems the human had a crafty means of getting inside of it quickly with a teleportation system. Perhaps they salvaged what they could find left of Zetton after that battle in order to study it's skin and unlock the secret to teleportation...

Godzilla just clung onto the metal edge of the machine for dear life, huddled inside the right claw of the burrowing mecha. It was just barely open enough to provide a view of Vancouver city from above as MOGUERA rose to full height out of the ground. What looked like some kind of huge missile meant for Monster sized opponents was right behind Godzilla.

The mecha had treads for feet, and began rolling across the city below, crunching buildings and aliens alike as it sped towards the Dada's ship moving away ahead. That Yuki human wasn't going to let it get away! He was going to ram it! Godzilla, for a moment, genuinely felt the fear of being crushed by something bigger for the first time in his life! This was outrageous!

The mighty human machine thrust forward! The right claw of the mecha punctured the hull of the Dada's Super Shrink Ship like a sword through flesh! The impact so strong it nearly tipped the ship over in mid-air as well.

Lasers and other artillery projectiles went flying as MOGUERA retracted it's hand and swiveled around on it's waist to fire back with bursts of plasma bolts from it's two 'eyes', scorching and obliterating blocks of the city streets.

For now, it seemed that Yuki was enacting the next part of the plan. Distracting the alien forces. With his ability to burrow using MOGUERA's digging and drilling functions, he'd certainly be able to hold out for a while.
Meanwhile, Godzilla was just recovering from the crash of being inside that claw which punched a hole into the hull of the Dada ship. He was within the very bowels of the device that shrunk him, so that meant it was time to go through with his role in Jet Jaguar's plan; Take it over from the inside.

These corridors were tight, and there would be alien defenders within awaiting him. He'd need to find wherever the controls for this infernal technology was, and link up with Jet Jaguar, who'd be joining him soon enough.

Mentally thanking himself for being wise enough never to trust that idiot Battra for anything, Godzilla snorted and stood up, brushing debris off. He was on the cusp of returning to full size, and when he did, the battle would truly start...

Alright, that'll be it for this thread. I will return with another one. I need to think some things out about this quest and my other Star Wars one first briefly.
This wasn't a very long thread compared to the others. Worrisome. I hope things go well on your end.
Any updates? You OK? Need help?

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