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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
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And the New Discord Link: https://discord.gg/SZkHMxsCG8

1,161 Years Since Ishskars First Awakening.

>Be Ishskar empowered.
>The conflict aboard the first fortress has been quelled, and after a weeks of continued assaults-
>All organisms aboard the fortress have been terminated.
>I have received comprehensive AAR (after action reports) and extensive glyph captures of the engagement.
>Agakhet was successful in terminating the remaining aeldari forces.
>The solitare was critically wounded and placed within a stasis chamber.
>The constant stream of ceaseless droids, the arrival phillias and one royal warden with a coterie of tomb blades helped dispatch the final remnants of the forces.
>My attention had been transfixed upon the various hololithic displays showing the engagement in crisp detail.
File: Triarch_Praetorians.png (2.52 MB, 887x1190)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG
>Phillias’ arrival seemed to be the final nail in the coffin against the pesky mortals.
>Flicking through her encounter with the wraithblade black line was amusing.
>Starlight from the rods of the covenant shredded through the constructs.
>Heated blades with the power of contained dying stars flensed mortified guardian defenders.
>Witnessing the expert blade work of Phillias’ threading between the limbs of the ancient warriors was something that stirred a level of intoxicating joy.
>I watched transfixed watching her bisect a fleeing guardian defender, replaying the scene with an almost perverse satisfaction.
>But I could not continue simply enjoying the opening scene of her arrival.
>I had the farseer’s engagement to observe.
File: Accursed hand.png (152 KB, 374x667)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
>Her unfettered usage of the malign Never-Sea’s tides was sickening.
>Smiting my warriors, hindering my loyal subject with maladies meant to doom him.
>And then witnessing the decaying powers she wielded with her rotted hand.
>She had replaced her own arm with the foul thing.
>Her right sleeve was torn free of her garb, olive colored skin and spindly thin limb.
>It spoke of her lack of any exercise.
>But halfway up the length of her forearm.
>Was the rotted limb.
>The hand of darkness.
File: Horrors worse than death.jpg (312 KB, 1300x1050)
312 KB
312 KB JPG
>Extending the crooked hand to eye level of my warriors I saw malign fumes spread out, washing my warriors in the toxic fumes.
>A score of necron warriors tried to fire upon her, but their weapons sputtered.
>Their knees buckled
>Some tried striding forward, but only reached a few paces
>Their joints hardened, oxidized rust overcame them.
>The light of their eyes flickered, limbs came apart, bodies collapsed.
>Those closest to the farseer fell away.
>When they collapsed to the floor they simply broke apart in clouds of dust.
File: banshee.jpg (141 KB, 1024x436)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>She took many warriors, immortals, and even spindel drones with her.
>An uncounted number of the droids were lost to her constant use of the horrid limb.
>For a brief period it seemed as though she had a chance to survive.
>She had hid herself often enough behind the great wraithlord constructs.
>But when the two great wraithlords came under fire by the Seraptek construct’s Singularity generators hope waned for her people.
>And she was able to watch in horror at what Agakhet had done to the Solitare.
>The Psychic shriek that emanated from her was only comparable to the deafening cry of that of the Howling banshee’s of her future descendants.
>It was around this time that Phillias and her cohort had dispatched the last of her wraithblade entourage.
File: Phillias.png (475 KB, 1023x1365)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
>The farseer’s death was not one that spoke of glory.
>Only a pathetic defiance.
>She was truly the last left upon the battlefield.
>Whatever goal she had planned, failed.
>Her army was destroyed.
>Her Telekine defenses failed her, punched through by unceasing plasma, gauss, and tesla bombardment.
>She desperately lashed out at dozens of ranks of warriors, even managing to kill some in her frenzied panic.
>But she was a caged animal.
>Nowhere to run, forces everywhere.
>And so eventually after her body had been sufficiently mangled by beams from The Praetorians weapons she fell to the floor.
>Knelt down, seemingly in prayer.
>Phillias was the one to stride up to her, placing her relic war scythe before the neck of the farseer.
>And ultimately beheading the Sorceress xeno.
now for some downtime character building :)
File: Private sanctum.jpg (63 KB, 726x696)
63 KB
>I had the body of the farseer reclaimed along with the hand of darkness.
>Phillias had cause to argue with me but it would seem she knew the consequences of defying me in my current state.
>The solitaire, the farseer and the hand were transported to the depths of the fortress into one of its myriad vaults.
>Through my own neural pathways I tried uncovering some hidden fragments of my ruined psyche.
>With some effort I indeed was able to unlock some fragmented knowledge.
>Burning into the blackstone ancient dimensional wards known only by the secretive remaining members of the technomandrites.
>I had the bodies tucked away, whilst the hand remained within my possession.
>I would not allow them to be in any proximity to such a relic.
File: Gethsemane_Map.jpg (62 KB, 346x444)
62 KB
>Trazyn had informed me of his various acquisitions and of the heading of the great craftworld.
>But that was not my goal.
>Let the aeldari take it for now.
>Clarity had returned to me.
>As a necron I had been blinded by far too many thoughts and plagued by mortal failures.
>We had been right at the cusp of something great.
>A detail I had overlooked.
>We were in the Gethsemane Sub-Sector
File: mad boy.png (610 KB, 1196x668)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
>The greatest prize of all lies here in the war-torn fringe of the galaxy.
>All I would need to do is remain conscious after disconnecting from the fortress and I would remain intact.
>I ordered a small fleet for myself, and ordered only the trusted resurrected Agakhet and the cryptek Nehebkau to assist me in this venture I had planned.
>Removing myself without succumbing to power overload was a delicate process.
>An entire week of orchestrating power elsewhere without breaking this grand form.
>This form was far more beneficial but limited my reach, in time I would return to it once more.
>But for now I had to settle with being mortal.
>An idea that irked me to no end.
File: Ornsworld.png (421 KB, 622x571)
421 KB
421 KB PNG
>When I severed my connection to the fortresses' powergrid I was returned relatively in one piece.
>My memories of the time in such a form were difficult to read.
>I understood I did certain actions but was unaware of their higher purpose.
>To add to it I find the edges of my essence totem links haven't entirely transmuted back into their respective state of matter.
>Rather the fringes of the tiles have a composition of that of the C’tan Necrodermis.
>Some of the C’tan state bled over into my apparel it would seem.
>A matter for another time.
>For I had one course that I had set myself up for.
>For the planet of Ornsworld.
>The home of the Eye of Night.
File: Eye_of_Night.jpg (2.13 MB, 3840x1872)
2.13 MB
2.13 MB JPG
>Phillias and Orikan protested this.
>And I simply informed them I had divined a means of jump starting our 2 suboptimal fortresses.
>We had only half roused them.
>They were hardly fit for any level of combat at the time.
>And to have 5 fortresses against a single craftworld would make it all the easier to claim the fortress.
>They relented.
>And for 2 months we scoured the world in search of the relic.
>2 months we subjected every mile of the planet to uncounted scans in search of the relic.
>2 months of thousands of scarabs moving between the native flora looking for the relic.
>And after hundreds of man hours we found the Eye, set upon a statue of a humanoid being.
>Or rather an aeldari one at that.
>The eye had been procured at the site of hallowed aeldari grounds.
oh shit I saw this story getting posted on neckbeardia, hey put me in the video James
no :)
Oh shit... Warp fuckery might go down if its eldar hollow grounds.
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Please fuck off.
File: azb4Vrx_460sa.gif (338 KB, 213x199)
338 KB
338 KB GIF
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>He who bears the message of damnation to His lowly foes.
>My road to the central spire of the Fortress would not last long.
>But it appears that the eternal enemy has decided to do something only their cowardly kin would do.
>After meeting up with five more ‘Sunrider Chariots’
>IE: overburdened Tomb-Blades with Immortal riders.
>We slunk through the many side passages, to the location of the Webway gate close to the heart of the fortress.
>As we flew, I was met with an image I decided was worthy of praise.
>The inventor Scarab’s drones.
>Thousands upon thousands of them.
>Their number was such that no inch of the blackstone floor was left visible.
>All marching to the same location as we were.
>I had no real place for them in the old codes of war.
>But, that did not mean that they had no purpose.
>They would serve us well…
>When my minor phalanx of remaining chariots came upon the chamber of the Webway gate, we were met with our foes turned towards us.
>I scanned my oculars over the warzone within a chamber large enough to have served as a holding bay for over a dozen Night Scythes, and tall enough to double that amount.
>…Ideas for later…
>I dismounted my Tomb Blade, as did my companions.
>Each of us finding our Necrodermis feet crush down on the mangled frames of dispatched Canoptek battle droids.
>Good, we have cover, then.
>The Immortals, each carrying a Tesla carbine and counting ten in total, opened up fire at my order.
>The salvo of living lightning lashing out through ranks of guardians that had noticed us too late.
>Bright blue and green lashes of eldritch plasma reached their number, and jumped from one victim to the next, liquefying their organs and causing blood to explode out of veins as superheated steam.
>The Tomb Blades fired their Gauss Blasters into ranks of…
>Wraithguard constructs, by the dead gods…
>I noticed properly once I pulled up my own Gauss Blaster, the body of the Eldar Guardian manning their weapon platform falling to the floor as a clump of loose atoms.
>I saw two of the oddly designed machines of the Scarab Chari rush into the Guardian constructs.
>’Death Troopers’, I believe I heard him call them.
>They barely got in range, before the reality sundering beams of the Guardian’s Disruption weapons hit them head on.
>The primitive shielding absorbed the shot, but the resultant tear into soul-space wasn’t going to go away simply if it didn’t touch metal.
>After the unlight of the cracks in reality disappeared, the Death Troopers were gone…
>And the Wraith Constructs faced us in turn.
>My eyes went wide as we saw them stride towards us, my Immortals and the Tomb Blades firing into the ranks of the Guardians before they came into range.
>Gauss Blasters and Tesla Carbines opened up full force, but only managed to damage a few of the bulky constructs, and destroy a single of their number.
>This is bad.
>The first salvo of D-weaponry hit the Tomb Blades, I decided to tune out the warbled screeches of the three Warrior pilots as they were sucked to their doom.
>No return to the forges for them…
>We all took steps back, keeping the large pile of destroyed droids between us and the deathly weaponry, only leaving our heads exposed to keep track of our foe.
>The Tomb Blades circled to the side, making evasive maneuvers like they’re used to, without the weight of passengers to burden them.
>As we pulled back, I noticed in the back of my mind that we were being reinforced still.
>Turning my head, I indeed saw what we needed.
>The droids, hundreds of them still pouring from the hallway behind us, climbing over their fallen with wobbly gaits, but with the ceaseless determination of the mindless machine.
>My engrammatic spirit lanced out into the Hivemind controlling the hordes, and overtook it with a grip one would use to strangle your most hated foe.
>”You will SERVE!”
File: Guards.png (589 KB, 600x882)
589 KB
589 KB PNG
>As the Wraith Guards stepped up to us, they were met with a throng of the mindless machines.
>They appeared confused, both the Guards and the Droids, the latter probably due to me having taken direct control.
>The latter? I can only imagine that they did not see them as a threat.
>They aimed their weapons… …as each of their number was double the height of any of the droid constructs, giving them a clear shot into the ranks of Immortals.
>My head was already rising in heat as my Chronosense was starting to overwhelm me.
>But I had enough time to counter the incoming shots.
>I forced several of the droid constructs to run to the Immortals, and ordered the Immortals to perform a ‘standard riot control maneuver’
>They had not used this particular move since the Flesh Times, but these were the more adaptable of the Immortals that numbered in my Phalanx of the ‘Sunkiller Chariots’.
>Each dropped their cumbersome weapons, sure that the tail power cable would keep it close enough to retrieve it, and held up both arms, prepared for the incoming charge of mindless droids.
>Once they came into contact, each was grappled and tossed up high, over the heads of their fellows, and into the line of fire of the D-weapons.
>Several rents in reality opened up above the battle droids, sucking in those used as cannon fodder, as well as several simply too close to the ‘detonations’.
>The holes into hell vanished, and the Immortals retrieved their guns, opening fire alongside the Droids with their basic Plasma weaponry.
>I enjoyed the several moments of panic between the Wraith Constructs, as some of them burned from the rain of plasma, while others died by the living lightning
>The shot from the heavy weapons platform to our far right pulled me out of my revelry, however…
File: The Triarch.jpg (74 KB, 1000x483)
74 KB
>Two Immortals died by the lance fire, striking through them like light through water.
>They screamed as they dropped to their knees, metal turned to slag and their reactor cores leaking.
>Moments later, they were gone, vanished into our own style of reality shifting.
>I turned my hateful glare to the weapons platform, larger than the ones used by the Eldar Guardians.
>The construct droids were simply MILLING AROUND IT, as if it was little more than a boulder.
>Clearly, the weapon platform’s operators thought the same about the dumb constructs as the Wraithguard.
>I groaned and ordered all nearby of the constructs to climb onto the platform and overload their weaponry in close proximity to the pilots.
>Ignoring the plasma detonations to my right as the Eldar were trampled and melted, my mind turned to the overall flow of the battle.
>It appears First Scythe Agakhet, Nemesor of the first fortress, has been slain by the ‘Solitaire’.
>Not without taking his revenge, it appears.
>Regardless, I sigh as I broaden my control over the remaining forces, as they are in need of command.
>Only to find my efforts rebuffed.
>A message telling me that my engagement of command-protocols has been overruled.
>A message bearing the seal of the Triarch…
>The Executioner was here...
>With the arrival of Lady Executioner Philias of the Triarch, the battle was effectively concluded.
>She ordered the dismembered Solitaire captured, who put up a sizable effort to avoid such fate.
>As well as the annihilation of the Farseer, for which there was no such ‘mercy’.
>After the storm of Gauss and Tesla lightning passed, there was little left of the enemy commander.
>And just like that, the assault on the first fortress was rebuffed, and we stood victorious.
>Outside of the few straggling Eldar, no foes were left to oppose us.
>I stood tall on a mountain of Battle Droids (which were now completely covering the Heavy Weapons platform from a few moments before…)
>Overlooking the scene I sighed and closed my eyes.
>I perused Mnemonics of past victories, from those hard won during the War in Heaven…
>…as well as few from the flesh times.
>I can remember me speaking to my fellows, the Immortals, the Lychguard, and all warriors that fought under the Hemmenth banner.
>I remember speaking to them the poetry of war, words to steel their hearts and fuel the flames of dynastic pride.
>Words I can only recall in fragmented verses, over laced with static, or simply with no auditory mnemonics to accompany them.
>I open my eyes again, and inhale through nostrils which cannot smell.
>Into a chest that needs no air.
>I try to think up those words to inspire, but find them lacking in that poetic essence.
>Instead, I decide to simply cut and paste a fitting speech, taking from the many stories of old.
>…Not like my fellows will mind all too much.
Fuck off retard
File: EyeofNight.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Trazyn was made to excavate the entire site.
>An entire cubic mile claimed.
>This warranted further study and trazyn was the one to do so for me.
>Orikan called me mad for doing so, a waste of time he said.
>I ended any interstitial messaging with him and returned to the 2 fortresses not yet fully operational.
>Arriving at the first not yet fully operational fortress, my mind was bristled with streams of static data from the fortress.
>Its vast intelligence sensing the artifact.
>The sense of acknowledgment.
>The eye itself reacted with some level of movement.
>Reconstructing itself, individual components connecting, repositioning and rotating.
>My own cortical feed pinged off a form of radiation emanating from the trinket.
>I would not bring this artifact to the command spire taking it to the fortress's mind.
File: Necron-Back.jpg (30 KB, 740x416)
30 KB
>”I say to you, my kin, as I said to the lords of our Dynasty…”
>I glance over my shoulder, to the attending Immortals, of which eight stand there still.
>A small audience, but the empty space is filled with the throng of uncaring Droids.
>”I have nothing to offer but metal, determination, and loyalty… For we have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many centuries of struggle and suffering.”
>”You ask, what are our protocols?”
>”I say it is to wage war by land, air, and void. War with all our might and with all the strength the Dead Gods have given us, and to wage war against the most selfish and damnable slaves of the eternal enemy, those never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of galactic miscreants.”
>”That is our protocol. “
>Turning to the listening Necron soldiers, I motion my free arm over the devastation caused to our number by the Farseer and her ilk.
>”You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory.”
>”Victory at all costs - Victory in spite of all terrors - Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.”
>The Immortals raise their hands and shout their approval, to which I nod solemnly.
>I feel the prickle of pride well up inside me.
>Only to then realize that the Immortals likely are simply responding positively due to programming regarding how to act near superiors.
>I quietly sigh as I realize how hard some Immortals must have it to separate genuine respect with programmed loyalty.
>It’s a good thing that such weaknesses are not plaguing one such as myself.
noice part 10
>Be Chari
>Once I got back to my workshop I sat myself down and started reviewing AAR of my droids
>There was so many battlefields and so much data to comb through
>Roughly lousing 26% in permanent/unsalvageable B1 units, and over 79% that were repairable per battle
>... At best
>Eventually one of my P1DT (mk2) does arrive
>Its reports and recordings were very useful
>The shields failed (but they were experimental anyway... but the fact they worked at all was another thing)... but the self-preservation program was a success
>Though the time to calculate it was bad... I'll fix that 'hesitation' issue, later
>The First appeared to be ok, but I'd like to hear from warlock personally about how the new weapons preformed
>I then look at the final battle report... and the farseer, it was bad
>My droids walked around a still active enemy... and on a weapon platform no less
>Well thankfully the Royal warden did resolve that problem
>Still it was an embarrassment
>I'll have to update the coding on the B1's so that shit won't happen again
>So many tiny things to do before I can get to creating those new vehicles, weapons, and units
>At least the problems were discovered now than later... and we got the data first before our enemies
>I can barely imagine the amount of damage they can do if they did discover it before us
File: The mind spire.jpg (122 KB, 1800x1160)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
>I entered a chamber several levels below the command spire.
>Far deeper than I dared venture in previous visits.
>Impassable walls broke away to reveal the quiet chamber.
>Plunging head forward I strode for the fortress's inner workings.
>Her song clearer to me than ever before.
>I could make out...not words but merely the impression of them.
>The fortress was cautioning me on the blood I would spill, the upheaval this action would have, the ripples this would cause within the realm of souls.
>For a moment this stilled me.
>I had been a few short meters from a great slab wall, an impression in the wall seemingly ready for the eye of night to be placed within.
>I considered the idea for sometime.
>I had already been responsible for the death of thousands of aeldari even if not directly.
>Their blood had already drenched my hands.
>For what reason did the fortress have to try and stroke at my morality.
>I was already on this heading.
>The aeldari could not be given a chance to win.
>Could they?
Ill be honest, i had to drive way more than needed to day and im way too drained to write up anything coherent. ill get out posts in the morning.
File: possible negotions.jpg (475 KB, 904x1022)
475 KB
475 KB JPG
>The fortress tried to get me to consider the possibility of ceasefire.
>No, not a ceasefire, the idea was more akin to an armistice.
>Leaving one another to their own devices.
>Blurred images of the intact aeldari ships informed me I could open communications with the craftworld and its fleet.
>We had more than sufficiently captured prisoners of war.
>Or more specifically possible gallery pieces for trazyn.
>Would that be enough to ask them to flee the fortress and leave us be.
>At our current state we were more than capable of destroying the entire craftworld and any forces they had.
>I had considered the fortress’ ideas before pressing the eye of night into the impression where the eye fit.
File: Fully mainfested.gif (4.45 MB, 558x315)
4.45 MB
4.45 MB GIF
>Placing it within the impression, the room went momentarily dark.
>The eye seemingly drained all ambient light from the chamber.
>Only a faint lumination came from the relic.
>Sparks of electricity jumped across the relic bouncing onto previously unseen patterns on the slab.
>Light flooded the chamber in an instant as the room began to innate with overwhelming energy.
>The fortress’ cognition overwhelmed my own as the psychic technologically thrummed to life.
>Read outs of thousands of chambers flooded my mind.
>Thousands of hidden chambers I had missed were there, access to the psychic emanations, a deeper understanding of blackstone.
>Flickering images of the galaxy as a completed map washed over my eyes.
>Visions of the first salvos of the fortress during the great war.
>The fortress was alive.
Protect the fortress-waifu.
>Ishskar and his harem if blackstone fortresses.
File: Orar_Map (1).jpg (68 KB, 350x525)
68 KB
>We sailed for months with the fully awakened fortresses.
>Their minds were bridged together across the expanse of space.
>5 Flying Star-forts in perfect unison on a heading for Orar sub-sector.
>Flying Ahead commanding my own, I made careful adjustments to the flight paths of each fortress.
>Communication across all of the fortresses was free reign.
>I discussed the possibility of communication with the aeldari with the other high ranking officials.
>Nehebkau, Orikan, and Phillias seemed against this.
>They proactively called for the aeldari’s destruction.
>Trazyn was the only one who vouched for me strangely enough.
File: IMG_20210517_153618.jpg (69 KB, 702x960)
69 KB
Here we go with the shenanigans again.
Wow the eldar isekai protagonist is going to be very grateful for the peace offer instead of you butchering their ancestors.
Can you stop greentexting everything? it makes it more difficult to read
How about you just get used to reading green texts?
File: Mild Shock.gif (5.9 MB, 600x337)
5.9 MB
5.9 MB GIF
>TFW you can't read Greentexts on 4chan.
If they ever appear again. (seriously, where tf did they go)
>Just a bit after the P1DT had delivered his report, and all the other things
>I began my work on the program update for the G1B1 units
>A few updates to their combat engrams, a really tiny one to balancing to help out a bit
>About a few days into my work warlock walked in
>I put my work aside for the time being to get this report from him
>I'm actually glad (and surprised) that he got the message about me wanting to get a personal report
>When he walked in I noticed a few signs of battle scars
>Scratches, and a few dents primarily... though there was a minor burn mark by the right leg
>Thankfully it only seemed to be a surface burn mark and easily cleanable
>It was nice to hear that his weapon kept him mostly safe
>It was a good half a day in repairing (and cleaning up) him after he gave me the report
>It was only after a few minutes back into me and warlocks small talk that...
>I was then pinged by my P1DT's that a royal warden is coming to my workshop in a minute
>Hold up, is that Zahnrakh... why didn't he tell me he was coming?
>It was only a minute after I received the ping when he entered my workshop
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Protector of His eminence’s most loyal people.
>A task in which I have failed.
>The post-battle protocols took the better part of two weeks.
>Another week was spent walking through the winding passages of one of the Fortresses, towards one of the ‘workshops’ of the enlightened Canoptek.
>Chari, the maker.
>I do not announce my presence, simply stride into his domain, he turns to me as he was talking one of his battle droids.
>The serpentine head looks at me with the sneer of a most venomous kind.
>…But his face has no articulation, so I highly doubt the expression was intentional.
>His body’s leaning implied a degree of surprise as I stride towards him quick.
>Words of greeting escape from his vocal emitter, only to die in his throat as I reach for him.
>My hand grips onto the thick mechanical muscles and power cables linking the slug-like torso with the head.
>I pull him closer, looking down at him with my glowing oculars as my central reactor pulses excess power into my frame, fueled by the bright hot fire of my anger.
>”Listen here, little Scarab… And listen well.”
File: aR3NrQj_700b.jpg (19 KB, 320x320)
19 KB
>The battle droid to Chari’s side, one which appears modified in some manner, looks up with a sudden burst of activity, before a glance of his creator causes him to hold up his hands and step back slowly.
>”I have come here to tell you about the lives lost during the battle of the Webway gate… A battle where your little toys were so very present…”
>My fingers tighten as I lose control over the hot coal settled deep within my engrams.
>”A battle where I had to listen to my kinsmen SUFFER and DIE as they were side-lined by a heavy weapons platform that was simply overlooked…”
>A warning displays in my visuals, stating an overload in my central reactor…
>I banish it by instinct as I pull the abomination of an exosuit closer to my face.
>”Cherished mnemonics of this man and woman were irretrievably /lost/ by this failure, these gifts from the Awakener gone in an instant of distraction!”
>Emergency coolant flushes through my systems, causing an audible hiss to emanate from my frame.
>My grip slackens as my reactor cycles back, the eldritch glare of my oculars weakening as my rage pewters out.
>”…If it weren’t for your constructs…”
>”Then so many more of my kinsmen would’ve perished that day…”
>My arm grows slack and the Scarab-controled construct drops back to his feet
>”…For the longest time, the death of my people had become a meaningless experience.”
>”…After all, what memories are there to lose when one has non to cherish.”
>I release the grip on the odd construct’s neck, letting my arm swing back to my side.
>”But now… We have something we can cherish… Something we can lose.”
>”If it was not for your creations, your… intuition. Many an immortal would’ve been torn from this reality, and tossed into that hell our eternal enemy sees as an acceptable weapon.
>I sigh and feel my body’s systems return to normal function. The anger washed clean from my personality engrams.
>”As such, little Chari... ...I would like to thank you for your service to our empire.”
>I glare into his own oculars, my deathmask reshaping slightly to show my discontent.
>Not at him, but at my own failures…
>”But… I would like you to… Improve on your designs shortcomings… And quickly.”
Change the theme to Dark. It helps.
Found some Night Eye version for brave really helpful.
their stories don't intersect
doesnt mean he won't be grateful
Was thinking of that but i like the blue aesthetic
File: galaxy in flame.jpg (247 KB, 1000x898)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>I clarified my stance and the reasons.
>”There is no possibility we will reach the fortress before them.” I reasoned.
>”We have seen them jury rig the warp cannons before and you've seen the extensive damage that has caused to our fleet and our own fortress.”
>As if on cue the fortress projected images of our latest void combat.
>The extensive damage between Trazyn's fortress and the others.
>Having had to disable one warp canon.
>And lastly the extensive ruin we left an entire sector in.
>Orikan spoke up. “You suggest we simply let the aeldari turn to tail with the fortress.”
File: The silent king.jpg (561 KB, 2500x1300)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
>I huffed. “We call for an armistice, we return SOME of the prisoners we have captured.”
>”I have a selection of several units, an entire arsenal, and multiple captured ships.”
>”We can exchange those for the fortress and we can call off conflict for a number of centuries or millennia.”
>”And think of the president that would provide.”
>”From what I’ve gathered this in roughly 10 million years from now we will see the first instance of mutual joining of forces of Aeldari and necron kind.”
>”I can see it clearly as the day i had divined it.”
>”The Phaerakh Hazepkhut would come to a mutual understanding, a temporary truce with the Aeldari against a mutual foe.”
>”And then…” I let myself go quite for a moment.
>”Well an earlier instance, one between the highest of our kind would seek alliances with a primitive race that shall dominate much of our galaxy.” I pictured The silent king qute vividly and his interaction with the blood angels.
File: Aeldari Fleet formation.jpg (563 KB, 1535x900)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
>We eventually did reach the Orar Sub-sector.
>Already we could see aeldari fleets rushing past us.
>Far less suicidal than their previous counterparts.
>They all were heading more or less where we expected.
>When we finally came into sight of the craftworld, I immediately gasped.
>Putting it to scale it was equivalent to the size of a small planet, the size of the planet mercury.
>Nearly 5,000 Km Long, bearing dozens of imposing weaponry.
>Pulsar lances, Massive Scale D-Weapons, and at least 4 Infinity cannons I could count.
>That did even mention the Dozen of fleet elements.
>Several Battle cruisers.
>Roughly 50 ships not mentioning Light cruisers, Escorts, and the uncounted attack craft.
>Be cannon fodder droid
>Missing the left side of my chest along with the arm that was attached to it. It's sparking and making a weird buzzing noise but I'm not dead... Actually, I think this is the first battle where I haven't been blown to pieces or otherwise been mowed down almost as soon as I reach the front lines.
>Silently thank the creator for designing me to come apart so cleanly after having been taken down... Definitely got lucky when compared to the units comprising the front side of the corpse barriers. Most of them are literally shrapnel and slag at this point...
>Not sure if I'm still standing because I'm actually learning anything from all of this or if I just got lucky this time.
>Looks like the battle's starting to wrap up. I raise my dinky dinky blaster with the one arm I still have and continue to march forward. I don't think I've ever gotten this far before and I want to make sure I actually manage to do something meaningful while I'm still standing.
>Miss literally every shot I take.
made a typo and wrote the word, 'dinky', twice somehow. My bad.
Sorry on vacation ID's gonna be different
>I had at first attempted to give greetings to Zahnrakh
>Just before I was about to ask him why he was here... He crushed my vocal emiter
>I just met my legs go limp... Just so he could maybe guide me to a proper position, but he just brought me to his eye
>... Was this some sort of Hemmenth greeting?
>However the tone of his voice reminded me of dyna's when I had accidentally modified one of his eggs...
>I then quickly processed something
>This was an attempt to choke me... What the hell is choking?
>I then quickly found what it looked like in human movies
>Oh this makes sense...
File: Farseer and company.jpg (626 KB, 1280x1730)
626 KB
626 KB JPG
>I had the fortress try to connect with the strange systems of one of the captured ships.
>It took a few minutes before we were calling the Aeldari craftworld.
>After some time arriving onto my screen we were met by a helmed farseer looking character and a whole host of warlocks surrounding them.
>They're color scheme reminded me of Mymeara if a bit darker.
>The Farseer spoke, a voice that crackled with the same strange psychic crackle I heard hundreds of time now.
>”What reason would you have to speak with us?” They sounded more disgusted than anything.
>I Spoke up before phillias could try and end the call. “I am simply a concerned denizen of the Galaxy you see noble craftworlder.”
>”Surely you've seen the state of the realm of souls?”
>That got a head tilt from them.
File: negotions.jpg (95 KB, 620x877)
95 KB
>I continued. ”With no level of annoyance we have had to repel your forces for the last 27 years now, no?”
>”These unnecessary deaths have really ravaged a number of sub-sectors has it not?”
>”And for what?”
>”A chance that you may attain...mhmh.” I let out a little chortle.
>”The elusive Talisman of va-” I was cut off there.
>”What point does your droning have, you Insidious Skeleton?” The farseer barked.
>I was pleasantly surprised by the insult. “The POINT my knife-earned companion...”
>”Is that I am offering you an armistice, we can go our separate ways without further bloodshed.”
File: ork and eldar.jpg (310 KB, 1536x2048)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
>”You will receive the citizens of yours we’ve captured, those souls stones of your less physically capable, the ships, the military assets.”
>”In exchange you leave the fortress immediately.”
>”Afterwards we will leave one another alone.”
>The farseer let out a barely perceivable huff.
>”You expect us to accept this farce?” They answered.
>”You have been our immortal enemy for ages untold, there has never been precedent for us to trust any of your kind.”
>”Sooner I would work the feral Ork’s than i would deal with the necr-”
>I Slammed my fist down with unprecedented strength.
>The resounding crack halted the aeldari’s quip.
>”My Apologies.” I started.”
>”Perhaps I didn't make myself clear enough.”
File: murderous intent.png (42 KB, 300x301)
42 KB
>”You’ve seen reports of the power of the fortress have you not?” I asked.
>I Answered for them before a single syllable escaped their mouth. “Of course you have, your piteous forces have kept you well informed of much, haven't they?”
>”1 to burn an atmosphere, 2 to kill a planet as you've no doubt seen from whatever forces eluded us from capturing 2 of these fortresses.”
>”Do you know what happens when 3 fortresses can do farseer?”
>They remained silent for a moment.
>”What can they do necron?” They asked with disdain.
>I let out some laughter that seemed to unsettle phillias and all those watching my actions.
>”I can show you, dear farseer.”
>3 Fortresses broke off from the formation.
>I had seen warlock move quickly...
>I didn't know what he was doing but I made the request he slowly back away... Unarmed
>Zahnrakh seemed utterly furious, as he explained that two of his immortals had lost their mnemonics
>I felt utter pain at that... The idea of losing ones memories forever after regaining them
>I could grasp the concept... But never the experience
>I heard a hissing animating from him... Expecting him to burst with rage and put me through a beat down
>However his rage seems to be replaced by some new emotion... Was it grief, sadness, or relief? I didn't know
>His grip seemed to loosen as his voice became softer
>Until he dropped me... I just had my feet at the ready when his grip loosened up
>He then thanked me for making the droids, but requested I improve then quickly...
>Oh his deathmask seemed to have changed shape
>However he looks like how I felt after realizing my mistake after modifying dyna's egg
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Regardless, many thanks to our gracious /qst/ hosts who tolerate our technically-not-a-quest.
G1B1's were the cannon fodder droids, the G2B1 series were a little more advanced than that I thought
I had interpreted it as g2b1's being to g1b1's as b1's are to OOM's. Being its own independent thinkers that are free-ish of the hivemind but still a cannon fodder tier unit. I took it that units like warlock are an irregularity in that they had performed well enough for Chari to notice them and elevate those select few g2's above cannon fodder status.
Also, sorry. More typos... need to edit more before I post.
I guess you were treating the more as a centurion then, leading a grouping of the G1B1's?
>Be G2B1-00005, Warlock
>My brothers and I had been recalled back to Chari’s Lab
>Well, that is not entirely accurate, I was recalled; but I decided that my unit would withdraw if I was not there to aid my brothers
>The orders were not from Father directly, but they were orders pertaining to the combat data that I had acquired during the campaign to push the knife-ears from the fortresses.
>On arriving at the workshop level of the fortress, I bid my brothers to see some of the spyders to seek repairs for their battle-damage from our last engagement
>We lost relatively few of our own, but some, like G2B1-00029, had damage to their chassis that was not superficial like my own damage and would need looked at
>As I made my way to my Creator, I became lost in thought of how I would describe the nearly 3 decades of constant war
>These past 27 years have been mostly a blur of combat for me and mine, constantly on the front lines where the fighting was the hardest
>My squad was to take out key targets, only to allow the shambling horde of our inferior predecessors to advance and drown out the enemy
>It was brutal at times; when our location would be discovered, several times enemies seemingly vanished only to appear within our midst.
>We lost many to this tactic and my hatred for the warp grew out of this
>I became exceptionally good at identifying key psyker threats to me and mine and more often than not, they were my primary target for the sake of my brothers
>My “mind” drifted to probably one of the darkest moments of the fighting from 7 years prior, where upon reaching our objective we were tasked with providing cover support for a squad of P1DT’s and countless G1B1’s
>The knife-ears had set up a choke point in one of the halls that a royal warden had seen fit to put us droids to the test in
>Over 2000 G1B1s, 10 P1DT’s, and 2 squads of G2B1’s in sharpshooter configuration
>The fighting lasted for 7 days, every cubit we took, we lost what seemed to be 100 droids
>by the 4th day, we were at half strength, and our enemy had suffered minor casualties when the P1DT’s had broke their defensive line and several self-destructed
>The following day, my sharpshooters and I were able to take out a key target among the enemy ranks, and then all hell broke loose
>The enemy went seemingly berserk, rushing forward of their defenses and getting into a great melee with our remaining G1B1’s
>It was slaughter: none of the B series Droids were designed for melee combat and the results showed as the enemy acted as a great scythe moving through us like we were nothing
>We had failed, utterly and completely in our objective to take the hall, and then the enemy were on my location

>As my brothers began to fall, as though compelled by some unseen force, I fell with them
>I had not been hit, but I feel in an effort to create the illusion that I too had fallen
>To my great shame I hid among the corpses of the G1B1’s and my fallen brothers
>I seethed; this was a humiliating defeat, one that I would live past, never to be able to forget our failure; my failure to my bothers
>And then they surged forth, the Necrons under the one who sent us into this grinder relentlessly marched on the enemy, vaporizing every last one of them as they had forsaken their cover
>The warden commented on us, calling us useless; only good for a walking, disposable wall of metal and he fired his Gauss Blaster at the heap I was in
>My leg was barely grazed in the process, leaving scorch marks that I would wear as a reminder of my failures
>My reminiscing was brought to a halt by meeting the doors to Chari’s workshop
>I was anxious about this meeting, though I had no real reasons for it
>Gathering my thoughts, I returned “Home”
>Chari and I talked at length for a while; questions about all the aspects of the war were covered, and I tried my best give my best summary of what I thought could have been done to make my brothers and even the G1B1’s better suited to our role
>I noted we would be well served by a fast attack option to allow hit and run tactics to both whittle the enemy down and cause them to separate their attention futher
>I also had glowing reviews of the custom blaster Chari had seen fit to provide me with
>We were interrupted by a sudden appearance of a Royal Warden, a different one I had yet to see
>Father went to greet them, but the Warden strode forth and GRIPPED MY CREATOR BY THE NECK!
>I was quick to act, thumbing the power setting on my blaster to maximum and taking aim at its head
>Just as quick as me however was Father in telling me to back down
>I am hopelessly left with my own thoughts as the Warden handles my creator and goes into a long tirade
>I stand at attention, listening intently to this Zahnrakh’s words to my creator
>My feelings of rage quickly melted to shame as I began to understand the scope of what this Royal Warden had to say
>Perhaps sharing of my combat data with the observations of Zahnrakh, we might be able to further improve upon my brothers and the G1B1’s, thus sparing Zahnrakh’s people a fate worse than a second death
>I feel a renewed sense of purpose in this; that each enemy removed is one less that can bring ruin upon those finally with something to lose
>>4871546 #

Well even in the first story your guy showed up in, he was a part of a whole squad of g2's that had been sent out into the meat grinder. g2b1 000001's job afterwards was literally to die constantly to serve as an example which would give the g2's around him combat data that would maybe have them die slightly less fast. I think they might have some level of authority over the g1's but generally the only difference is that they have some slight physical advancements and that they have the capacity for learning and decision making on an individual level rather than just being controlled by a central computer like their predecessors. All this still kinda seems to fit the fit the bill for 'cannon fodder' to me, even if some are upgraded to fit specialized roles which take them out of that category, like your snipers.
>I offered him to stay here to just talk
>Maybe join me and warlock in our conversation on ways to improve the b1's themselves
>At first I thought I saw him raise a hand in refusal...
>However he lowered it and accepted my offer
>Warlock did calm down eventually and joined our conversation
>Seeing Zahnrakh's shock at this was great
>I then introduced the two to each other
>Our talk was about many things
>Weapon designs, Future vehicles, and I even showed them the other droids I wish to add to our ranks
>Though I did eventually have to get to designing the STAP...
>I swear I heard what I could only assume was a happy beep conning from warlock when he saw the design
>Zahnrakh wasn't as impressed and thankfully pointed out a few things he saw as problematic
>I'd have to actually build and test them just to ensure they'd be stable
>However the few months of just talking was... nice
Fucking typos...
Ment *coming not conning
Firstkha (IE: g2b1-000001) wasn't around (or at least, alive) during the final battle for Agakhet's fortress. He probably only got remade recently. ...if Chari bothered to build the bot back up.

All other G2's don't usually get the priviledge of being reconstructed, unless if their head survives and they get scooped out of the pile of bodies on time.
File: IMG_20210615_121716.jpg (133 KB, 1073x1048)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Imagine being so unsettling when laughing that you even make the non-existent asshole of a Necron clench.

I figured that some of the ones dying on the side of the corpse pile facing away from the enemy lines would have a higher chance of their damage being light enough that it would be easier and less resource intensive to just repair them instead of scrapping them entirely.
Thought that was part of the whole reason that they were made to come apart so cleanly when they were taken down. So that the spare parts taken from them would be in better condition, which would make repair and reuse of some of the luckier units much easier.
Don't think it's unreasonable to assume that at least a good few out of the massive horde would get the chance to come back a few times since a good part of their purpose and design is centered around being disposable and recyclable anyways.
You dun fuck'd up now. >:P
How so?
Double post... Also yes G2's can be repaired. However for a time such limb/parts will be sluggish for a time.
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>The bearer of the dulled grief for those who were lost.
>…Oh, and he who brings glory to the eternal Phearon!
>Chari, the little scarab, which I had previously used to vent my frustration aimed at myself, appeared unfazed by my actions.
>Probably because he remains a slave construct, his duty is to serve.
>He even offered for me to remain and overhear his companion battle droid’s battle report.
>I raised my hand, about to inform him that I had already collected and perused all battle data.
>Pausing this, I realized that the little Scarab was anything but stupid like their lesser kin, and dropped my hand to follow along with his ideas.
>The sharing of combat data was straight forward, and our discussion regarding the construct combat behavior was quickly overviewed.
>Suddenly, the second generation battle droid in the room approached us, and gave several comments on my interpretation of their simpler kind.
>The comments mainly regarding them unable to properly identify a foe like a Heavy Weapons Platform.
>He contradicted me, by stating that their oversight was due to my direct intervention with their directives.
>I blinked, arm already reaching for the Droids neck, before freezing mid movement.
>I was about to perform a disciplinary act on a mindless construct.
>A mindless construct that just contradicted their direct superior.
>I could swear I heard Chari chuckle from beside me.
>Regaining my posture, the little Scarab introduced me to G2B1-000005, or ‘Warlock’ as he named himself.
>This particular unit appeared very much above my expectations of the Canoptek maker’s designs.
>He talked with less respect than I was comfortable with, but I decided to let the faux pas be.
>It appears this one, and many of his fellows, can actually think tactically.
>I was readily rubbing my metallic chin as I pondered the implications of this…
File: Necron AAT.jpg (127 KB, 1280x1194)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>The following conversations were more about potential introduction of new unit types and equipment.
>Whilst lacking in true creative thought, it appeared his droids were capable of learning fast.
>The Second generation that is. …With particular exceptions.
>Chari mostly ran though his conceptual designs.
>Each accompanied by a stylized phos-screen capture of… Some form of battle field.
>The new, full color phos-displays had already impressed me, but these scenes appeared too perfect… Too nicely put together.
>I was informed that they came from something called the ‘Star Wars movies’.
>I haven’t heard of the term, but it appears they are some form of choreographed visual theatre.
>Shoving the subject aside, I return to the vehicle designs the creator Scarab showed me, allowing my input into their viability.
>My comments were as such.
>STAP: Mobile, single seat weapon platform.
>Showing their function in these ‘movies’, I noted that their frame would be too small for regular Necron hover technology to easily reproduce such movement.
>The Tomb Blades serve a similar function, but require a medium scale reactor unit and relatively large multi-directional thrusters, which this device was missing.
>I did like the slim front profile, and would definitely see something similar.
>AAT: Hover heavy support battle tank.
>This concept was shown before, but Chari has altered the design to fit Necron stylistic behaviors.
>Overall, ‘tanks’ were a concept quickly disposed of during the War in Heaven, for reasons that no longer seem to apply.
>As such, I simply agreed with Chari’s design concept, and noted that he would likely be able to integrate the heavy weapons made by his creator.
>The little Scarab was able to fill days on end while we discussed the designs gleamed from his inspiration source.
>The ‘Vulture’ droids, which I noted were similar, if not identical, to his ‘crow’ constructs.
>Which appeared to share the same inspiration, but the latter was made much smaller due to time constraints.
>The ‘Homing Spider’ Droid, which was simply too easily toppled for its intended purpose.
>I simply mentioned the Triarch Stalker, and asked him if he could modify that design to fit his purposes.
>…Implying we can get permission from the Executioner, that is.
>I was particularly intrigued by these ‘Buzz Droids’, or ‘Pistoeka Sabotage Droids’.
>Effectively, living void mines that would latch onto enemy voidcraft and wreak havoc among them.
>The remainder of the designs I commented on briefly for being redundant or badly optimized for their designated roles.
>The ‘Super Battle Droid’ concept, of B2’s, were approved right away. I especially enjoyed their in-built high explosive projectile, which could easily be replaced with Anti-matter weaponry, or simply have it integrated.
>I enjoyed the idea of the ‘Droideka’s, but found their method of deployment too sluggish to function properly.
>Though, I was drawing a blank as to an easy method to fix this issue without totally overhauling the concept.
File: Trio firing.gif (7.25 MB, 960x677)
7.25 MB
7.25 MB GIF
Its been a hella long day, i wouldn't expect much but i am trying to make these flow nicely

>The ships moved back to the east.
>Already the Aeldari were making defensive formations and the massive cannons were aiming upon us.
>”Still your quaking boots, Knife Ears, this is a demonstration.” I barked over the vid link.
>This didn't ease them one bit.
>They headed to the outer edge of space.
>To the nearest star.
>A red dwarf, it burned a bright crimson with notes of roaring orange between.
>And then the cannons started up, warp energies coalescing.
>”I Wish to show you something Eldar.”
>”I wish for you to know that your People's lives are in your hands.”
>”From this point we can continue on our ways, without bloodshed.”
>I turned to the display of the fortresses.
File: beams together.gif (7.98 MB, 1280x580)
7.98 MB
7.98 MB GIF
>”Or we can resume our million years feud, one that I would win against you.”
>The Fortresses fired in unison.
>A trio of bright violet white beams roared out across the reach of space.
>I could see some elements of the fleet of aeldari break and try and flee.
>The trio of beams hammered into a fine point, momentarily the intersected beams wavered-
>Like roaring tides fighting back against one another, wrestling dominance from one another.
>And then the beams settled in one glorious union.
>The intersecting mass fired downwards over the star it orbited.
>”Star gods.” I heard orikan exclaim in shock.
>”No.” Trazyn was enraptured by the display.
>I heard many more gasps and surprised expletives from the crowd.
>The beams struck down at the sun.
>A cascade of roiling solar flares toiled on the suns bright surface.
>For a moment it seemed as though the star was expanding.
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Ah, sorry to see that big guy. Get the rest you can.
File: Science.jpg (31 KB, 625x350)
31 KB
>Zahnrakh seemed quite observant on the battle droids/vehicles (that I showed him) used by the CIS
>Some he liked more than others (warlock approved of them all, though it might be because he sees the value in diverse arms)
>He even approved of some from the get go...
>The AAT
>The STAP (under development)
>The homing spider (needs to be reworked)
>and finally the pistoeka
>Many of the other vehicles he saw as... redundant
>So they too would have to be reworked in order for them to be viable
>However he REALLY like the B2 and approved of their design immediately
>Overall nice talk
>The two had to leave to do their assigned duties for the current time
>Although Zahnrakh seemed to look back at one of my data-tablets... I think he was looking at my proto-warsuit
>I didn't know, but my work is certainly cut out
>... Fuck I need lab assistants
>Hold up that could work.
>The official justification could be to lend aid to every other cryptek in their research
>Hmmm... All I'd need is to settle on a design and create the sensors and programming for such a unit
File: Winking out.gif (4.98 MB, 1041x320)
4.98 MB
4.98 MB GIF
Ive got the soft brain, ive rewritten the post after this one 9 times in the last 2 hours. I dont think i can write much more today and its frustrating me.

>The great star continued to expand outwards, flares lashing out violently before the trio disembarked.
>It was already too late.
>It only grew brighter, hotter, Larger!
>It would expand out in a combustion of gasses and kaleidoscopic wonder.
>Ancient things far older than he himself had been rendered to rapidly expanding in all directions.
>An outer ring of orbiting satellite stars were consumed, reduced to miles of ashen waste blown across the void.
>There was unease in the farseer’s council.
>They spoke with some resolve, but I could tell they were still concerned.
>”And you think we would just hand over such a weapon to you?” It was a genuine question.
>I nodded once.
>“Yes, I honestly do.” I said somberly
hmmm i know its kida hard to describe explosions in space but this seems anti climatic? idk can we get a pic of that one blackstone fortress exploding in battle fleet gothic armada 2?
I do not think noise can occur in the cold empty vacuum of space... Also at work
Sounds can occur in an open vacuum due to a lack of air to act as a medium to allow the wave to travel.
"Cannot" i am a dumbass who cannot spell.
>Be the same cannon fodder droid.
>One of the scarabs reconstructed my left shoulder and gave me a new left arm a while back. Feels stiff and doesn't move the way I want it to, but I am told that's normal and that the problem will fix itself eventually.
>Thankfully nobody noticed that I didn't even hit one target for the entirety of that battle.
>Still got further than I usually do and hopefully having two arms will let me shoot my rifle better in the next fight, whenever that is.
>Actually, I've kinda been wondering when we're actually going to be fighting again. Just been patrolling for creator knows how long. Hard to keep track of time around here...
>Gonna see what's going on. Trying to be more aware of my surroundings is probably what I should be doing anyways.
>Apparently we're shooting lasers at a star to make it bigger.
>This all just looks like nonsense. What am I even looking at?
>Ask around, but my fellow droids don't seem to understand it either and my superiors don't even acknowledge my presence unless they're shooing me away.
>Just gonna go back to patrolling. Maybe find something going on that makes a little more sense to me.
put me in the video james, love your stuff

also shouldn't this be on /tg/
a troll shit his pants and cried to the mods. The trolls gunked up our thread and got the mods to exile us to /qst/ to shut him up. blessed be the /qst/ mods for letting us take refuge here.
File: Khaine.jpg (126 KB, 648x960)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>The Aeldari watched us in quite compilation.
>They were communicating with one another, already I could already notice movements in their fleet.
>The trio of fortresses would be back into position soon enough.
>To think, what the eldar had just witnessed.
>An entire eons old star destroyed with only a short period of firing.
>In the end they accepted our deal.
>This was not an easily accepted decision amongst the fleet.
>In fact an entire third of their army would try their hands at bringing war to us.
>The rest of the fleet backed off, rebuking their brothers who were flying into annihilation.
>Wholly over 100 ships 3 voidstalkers and a mass of Light Cruisers, Escorts, and attack craft soared towards us.
>When they reached the firing range they took their shots, a veritable sea of lights sailing right at us.
>I could hear the farseer’s panic as he was fighting amongst his council, some condemning him for cowardice, some calling him “Kin Killer” and so much more.
>He hurled insults and Psykana at his brethren, condemning them as blood thirsty mongrels of khaine.
>I called the fleet of fortresses to mobilize upon the Aeldari who had taken shots at us.
and so the drukari progenitors are exterminated adn the aeldari are finally taught temperance.
Khaine's kids aren't the real problem though. Sure they are angry fucks but I wouldn't say they caused the pleasure cults and such things.
dont necrons already have weapons that blow stars and a regular basis? Now that i think about it im pretty sure there is an entire dynasty dedicated to the practice.
File: Deading.gif (2.18 MB, 489x288)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB GIF
>We engaged in brutal void combat.
>Dozens of ships popped in violent detonation as Streams of warpfire consumed them.
>Their weapons batteries were eating at our unified shields, and it would be seconds before it went down.
>Occasionally 2 warp cannon salvos met, popping entire ranks of the formation.
>And then they tore into our shield, a puff of light broke out as they're attack craft made way to harm us.
>Their slower vessels were taking pot shots at us, damage readouts were slowly filtering in, they had yet to take aim at our warp cannons.
>I counted that as a blessing and ordered Trazyn to show them what his…”Nullbeam Cannon.”
>It tore at the L:ight cruisers, the wraithbone scattering away all psychic potential burned off in the emerald colored beam.
>I could only guess at what happened to their souls as they were washed in the devastating destruction.
File: all 3.jpg (1.4 MB, 3504x1778)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
>We advanced tired of the combatants' persistence.
>Unleashing a trio of beams and happily destroying many.
>The remaining felt the unrestrained damage of the unstable Warpfire beam from our more damaged fortress.
>It left the void of space burning with warp fire, like an isolated little warp tear.
>The fire spread across those who had formed up too close.
>Seeing this devastation some tens of ships disengaged.
>Finally only a group of 10 ships surrounding the void stalker remained.
>It wasn't stopping and was heading straight for my fortress.
>They planned to ramm my fortress in their dying breath.
>I resumed the call to the farseer, who had been trying to get a handle on his people.
>”I will not blame you for your subordinates' actions, no.”
>”So long as you overlook what i'm about to do next.” I asked.
File: VoidStalker3.png (58 KB, 432x262)
58 KB
>The farseer nodded, it pained him to do so it seemed. “I will concede this fight to you necron, I could not be so foolish as to allow your powers befall my people.”
>I ended the connection and connected my consciousness to the fortress.
>I spoke with the fortress, as much as one could speak with a being incapable of direct communication.
>”You have been harmed my fortress, invaders come to wreak havoc on your beautiful form.”
>”I ask you let them in, I ask.” I waited for a moment.
>Recalling some several passages from the ascension book.
>I hesitated before speaking. “I wish for you to consume and learn my dear fortress.”
>”Consume that void stalker my fortress.”
File: Abbadon the Despoiler.jpg (153 KB, 1000x733)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>The void stalker didn't crash into a blaze of glory that broke the shell of the fortress.
>There was no resounding explosion.
>There wasn't any indication of the existence of the void stalkers afterwards.
>It had simply been absorbed into the fortress, to be absorbed into the noctolith.
>The break away force had been routed and we made heading for the farseer’s craftworld.
>We were amid the wreckages of warp fire, broken and half disintegrated ships.
>I began my talks with the farseer that had no choice but to surrender the fortress to us.
>We returned his prisoners ships, and several other assets we had acquired.
>Not everything of course but more than enough to keep him placiated.
>As promised he left us to our work.
>His forces fleeing en masse.
>And finally we could take hold of the the last starfort.
>After several centuries we had claimed 6 fortresses, both the hand of darkness and eye of night.
>We had won the Gothic war.
>And i had become this Galaxy’s Despoiler.
>I have become this Galaxy's Despoiler.

This entire phrase is a giant red flag.
>Be Zahnrakh of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Ever vigilant guardian of the Undying Commander of the Lost Legions.
>After my discussions with Chari, the Canoptek Scarab turned maker, I was left to my own duties.
>Duties which were largely ceremonial outside of active warzones.
>I attended the ‘negotiations’ between High Transmogrifier Ishskar of the Voehtek Dynasty, the one called ‘Awakener’.
>To name it negotiations would both be too generous to the vile intention of our enemy.
>As well as being too much of an understatement to Lord Ishskar.
>It was not a negotiation, it was a blatant threat.
>I had read the reports of the previous deployment of multiple Black Fortress combination beams.
>Still, I was left in awe at the destructive powers of the combined power of three of these devastating weapons.
>The decorative railing behind which I stood, away from the higher lords, I dented by the amount of pressure I was exerting with my hands.
>Despite this, I was grinning inside.
>Such destructive potential, in a matter of moments.
>We have performed such feats before, but it would require one of two things…
>The active attention and work of Crypteks for decades to achieve a controlled explosion of a local star, usually as a last ditch effort to repel invaders.
>…Or the will of a fully coalescent C’tan to snuff out the star’s life-force…
>Now, we held this power at our fingertips…
>And the Eternal Enemy would burn themselves to cinders before they’d let us have any of it…
File: Endless joy.gif (126 KB, 298x240)
126 KB
126 KB GIF
>Once the show of force was done, it was the Eldar’s turn to show their hand in power.
>They squabbled, they disagreed, they split down the middle.
>And then they came for us.
>The battle was not for me or any of my peers, there was no point.
>Swathes of our enemy were dashed into the merciless void when their ships were cracked like porcelain fallen onto the floor.
>The previous throng of an Eldari Warhost burning in soul fire, belched out from the more damaged fortresses, or simply imploding in the combined beams of the intact ones.
>I just watched, suppressing my laughter at the death toll we forced upon their treacherous ilk.
>Their attacks were repelled, until the last of their number tried to crash their ship into the Fortress we were in.
>I was expecting intercepting fire, but it never came.
>Growing concerned, I watched with morbid curiosity as the ship approached…
>It would’ve crashed into us like a meteorite…
>…Yet it never did.
>It’s contact with the fortress simply caused it to slip into the hull of our station.
>The blackstone walls rippling like a riptide as the Eldar warships dived into the lightless abyss of…
>…This weapon…
>…OUR… …Weapon…
>The following discussions were not for us to attend.
>My peers went back to their duties, those of the Voehtek following their assigned lords and ladies to do as they order.
>I, however, as one of the Royal Wardens of the Hemmenth, did not have any lord to attend to.
>As such, my time was left empty outside of my training, and leading drills for my Immortals.
>Still, this left an excessive amount of free time, leaving me to wonder how to fill it.
>I asked about those actions taken by other Royal Wardens, but learned that they experienced the same issue.
>My engrams then brushed up against the ‘anomaly’ that was Chari and his likes.
>When the dead gods stole our souls from us as each of us burned in the fires of Biotransference…
>We stoped… ‘creating’.
>We forged weapons, we constructed tomb complexes for protection…
>But we did not create, we lost that ability.
>…Now, however… I may possess no soul…
>But I possess mnemonics of a time we once forgot.
>As I finish my duties in the continued training of my kin…
>I begin to collect the information I require.
>As well… As the tools…
>My first request to the overlords went to Overlord Trazyn, master of the galleries of Solmance, the one called ‘Infinite’.
>I had gained favour in the eyes of Overlord Trazyn, for my assistance with adding to his ‘collection’.
>He did seem in somewhat of a bad mood, despite this.
>Upon confirming my intentions, the Overlord approved my request immediately…
>On condition that the first version of my ‘creation’ was his to keep in the galleries.
>Agreeing on this, I was given access to the Engrammatic Copies of our people’s mnemonics.
>Those of Warriors, Immortals, some Cryptek… but most importantly…
>The Royal Court…
>Many of these mnemonics were personal, and I eliminated them from my engrams the moment I found them to contain no relevant data.
>My people may be dead, but I will not desecrate their memories by exposing them to more than themselves…
>My search went on for several months, until I had collated the information I required.
>A single day, a single place, during a singular event, with a singular moment of interest…
>Taking the information, I went to one of the Necron vessels containing an empty room large enough to allow my recreation.
>I have Scarabs place Holo-phos units around the chamber, the ones upgraded to be able to display the full color spectrum in hard-light holograms.
>I then begin the simulation…
>As I work, I refine the image, I adjust the poses, I recalibrate the colors.
>I had sent a list of items I’d require from lord Ishskar, as he is the only one capable of providing the materials I require for the next step.
>Often, Overlord Trazyn visited the chamber, and complimented me on my eye for detail.
>He perused the inspiration Mnemonics, and assisted me in ensuring accuracy.
>It appears I have been attempting something Overlord Trazyn has had many a millennia to master.
>In the end, I stepped around the chamber, the hologram of stone carved stairs hovering mere finger width’s over a framework of Necrodermis girders, to allow me to walk through the scene.
>I walk around to the only figure whose face is blank, whose features were excluded from this work.
>I stared into the eyeless hologram’s ‘face’, knowing full well what was supposed to go there.
>Looking upon his arms, I saw bulging muscles under a tunic and ritualistic armor.
>Each inch covered by tattoos whom hid every tumor-scar and muscle transplant.
>I could see the veins in his broad neck, stood straight and proud.
>But its face was bare, despite me knowing what it should look like.
>I avert my eyes and sigh.
>There was no point in delaying this any longer.
>I stepped into the faceless man’s place, and lowered my stance, until I was at eye-level.
>And at that moment, I captured a moment from the flesh-times so long lost…
>The moment when She stood tall for the first time.
>…The moment I had forgotten so long ago…
>I simply stared.
>I stared until I was certain the image was burned into my oculars.
>I realized that I had to filter out the green glow from my frame early on, things weren’t quite right before then.
>After that, I could do nothing but behold.
>A moment from history, once forgotten, now put back together, piece… by piece…
>I sighed once more and stood straight, leaving the place meant for me.
>The old me, the one who could feel the pleasures and pains of the flesh.
>The me that has not been for millions of years.
>As I left, I gifted the finished simulation to Overlord Trazyn, he even stated that he probably could animate the scene.
>I did not comment on the idea, he appeared to already be in the midst of making it a reality anyway.
>Simply nodding, I left the Necron vessel, and returned to the Fortress.
>We have expanded the Translation Corridor Matrixes to the other fortresses as we continue to hunt for the remaining ones.
>I flash back into reality before the doorway into my personal chambers.
>Recently created within the Blackstone Fortresses for high ranking personel.
>I enter, and await…
>For now, my creation’s fate is in the hands of the High Transmogrifier…
File: ezgif-4-3a6008db8478.png (769 KB, 550x748)
769 KB
769 KB PNG
>Be Overlord Trazyn of the Nihilakh Dynasty, master of the galleries of Solemnace, the one called ‘Infinite’
>And once again, I come upon a stunning display for the galleries, a most accurate recreation.
>…But this time, not created by my hands, nor of those of my servants.
>I stalk between the actors of this drama, this moment of history made manifest.
>I inspect every single one, writing down every detail as I capture the Mnemonics of my observations.
>From the lowest beverage pouring servant, to the great named actors of the scene.
>Ah… The scene… Yes…
>Location, capital palace of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Date, seventeen years before Biotransference.
>I turn my head and body to the central stage, between the hundreds of Necrontyr attending.
>Each of them recreated by hand, though I was there to refine the details that the Royal Warden missed.
>The creases of the faces, the squint in their eyes, the direction of their pupils.
>But regardless of such trifle matters, the actors…
>A young, but sturdy built male, Overlord Narath…
>Lord Narath, at this juncture of events, as his mother was still living… If barely…
>A taller, older noble, dressed in gilded robes, and the mantle of the prospected Phaeron.
>He sits in the throne on the far wall… His face sculpted in immaculate detail of discipline and stoicism.
>He is Overlord Narmerth, eldest son of the sitting Phaeron, whom too was suffering the last years of his life.
>Besides him sits a young boy, his child, named Narmerth the Younger, still unconcerned with his future of war against enemies he’s never met in anything other than storybooks.
>Near the top of the stairs leading to the throne’s level, stood a man built in steely muscle.
>Dressed in robes of the dark greens, with traditional ‘party warplates’, as they were called.
>I pause as I look up, seeing his face.
>Or rather, lack thereof.
>I chuckle softly as I pull out a phosglyph panel, and start to draw the face in the hologram.
>”Now now, dear Zahnrakh… No need to be shy about having your face be seen in the galleries~”
>With the mnemonic databank the Royal Warden produced, I sculpt his features as they were seen by those attending.
>He looked older than he was, coming from a lineage of Immortals close to the Phaeron’s family.
>A broad face, pitted and scarred, face tattooed to display his devotion.
>The bulbous growth growing beneath his lower jaw, too small a tumor for it to be removed yet.
>But the expression was most intriguing.
>Like his master, he tries to maintain an expression of discipline, but lacks the years of training.
>The veneer of stoicism is marred by the raised cheeks, the mild discoloring of the skin.
>A most minute twitch in the edges of his lips, the faintest start of a smirk or smile.
>Troubled, but in a pleasant manner…
>Once the recreation was done to a degree of accuracy I was pleased with, I turned on my heel, to see what he was so happy about back then.
>Flowing robes of emerald greens, studded with gems which complement the rare silks.
>A headcrest, half-moon in rose-gold, studded with the heirlooms of her dynasty.
>Her body was beautiful in her relative youth, but marred by the icons of Necrontyr life.
>She was built strong and bore the scars of many tumor removal surgeries, as well as organ transplants…
>Her expression bears a regal indifference to the scene around her as she drifts to the stairs leading up to the throne.
>But in her eyes, I see a mischievous glint, and perusing the scene’s follow up moments, I can see the breaking of a smile on her face two seconds from this one instance.
>She is Ashanaru of the Teraphekh Dynasty, in her finest livery…
>During her coming of age ceremony.
>I step down to her level and circle her position, taking in every detail.
>I find no discrepancy… Zero… She was recreated perfectly.
>To be the future wife of…
>Ah… Yes, Narmerth the younger… Of course… Not that he knew at this moment.
>The binding of the Dynasties, this was the last year the Teraphekh Dynasty would be a dynasty at all.
>Before the end of the year, she would be married to the young boy…
>And then, it would just be Hemmenth.
>Phaeron Minor Hazarekhan stands on the lower tier, watching his daughter ascend the stairs.
>He will become an Overlord, and will regain much that has been lost in the dynastic wars…
>But his throne will be gone forever.
>I continue to survey the scene, as I make preparations for the follow up.
>A still image was quite enticing… But I need not make this stay like so…
>…After all, with all the mnemonics of this scene… This moment… This event…
>I will get to have the whole drama play out before me.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (109 KB, 1280x720)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Months pass me by as I simulate the next moment, and the one after.
>Every single one, recreated by hand.
>…Of course, copying the work done previously, I’m not stupid.
>The flow of robes is always a challenge.
>Converting Mnemonics of the music and the voices was hard, but I had enough people remember this scene perfectly.
>I was stunned when I first listened to the recreated music playing once more.
>I had not heard these tunes so clearly in millennia, no recording within the galleries coming even close.
>Before too long, I am ready for the first play by these holographic actors.
>As I pressed the phosglyph to resume the created recording, I walked between the living Necrontyr of old.
>To say that I was enjoying the act of living history of our own people would be the understatement of the millennia…
>Most of the conversations were muffled, corrupted, but the words of the servants were not what people paid attention to.
>I followed Ashanaru as she ascended the stairs gracefully, smiling at the Royal Warden, whom was only the merest of years older than her.
>A blush spread on his face as he steeled himself and approached.
>As is tradition, the ranking members of the Hemmenth must, one by one, request lady Ashanaru to a dance.
>Tradition dictates, as well, that she is to politely refuse the requests, until the to-be-husband of the lady offers her to dance.
>Narmerth the Younger watches with disinterest, probably only enjoying the moment for the downtime it provides.
>It was the Royal Warden’s turn to ask and be turned down.
>His voice crackles as he offers his hand, and requests the lady’s for a moment to dance.
>She scans his body, his pose, his position, the perspective of all those attending…
>That devilish smirk appears on her face once more.
>I had locked the mnemonics of my recreating the scene… So that I could watch it unfold as it would have in the eyes of the other guests…
>My reactor is having a hard time to keep my cranium cool as I follow the scene in slow motion.
>”I would love to.” Ashanaru said, gently offering her own hand.
>The words of the Royal Warden are corrupted, but I plucked their general meaning out and remade them.
>”Th- W-wait… You… Are you certain, m’lady, I am just a Royal Warden.”
>The young lady nods, standing at least a full cubit shorter than Zahnrakh, but their eyes meet at the same level due to their position on the stairs.
>”I am certain, and my decision is final. You will obey~”
>The Royal Warden’s face flushes with blood as he looks shocked…
>I pause the recording and scan the room.
>Mouths agape from almost all those attendant…
>Overord Narmerth sits a little bit straighter, but shows no emotion.
>Narmerth the Younger just smirks at the unfolding scene.
>Ah… I see…
>Resuming, I turn back to the Royal Warden, Zahnrakh, taken out of his element.
>”…I… Well… Of course… M’lady, your will be done.”
>I watch their hands meet as the recording continues to the next minutes of the scene, details starting to bleed away as the mnemonics begin to be cut off one by one.
>The last part of the scene to vanish is the two Necrontyr dancing, before lady Ashanaru continues to dance with all other comers.
>The breaking of the Dynastic codes and traditions…
>Only to show the shortest of moments of freedom.
>Oh, how I love my dramas~
>I just had to take a step back
>My work was slow, yes, but it gets there
>However when I look and listen to what has happened
>I feel many things
>Mostly in relief... and utter horror at the recient event
>The eldar were given a chance of 'peace' and took it
>Some eldar rejected it and went to war basically killing themselves
>Thankfully they were dealt with quickly and cleanly
>My B1 battle droids would be escorting the unarmed eldar prisoners to the ships
>I just oversee the massive transportation of the prisoners
>A few eldar looked at me with hatred and a few looked at me with...
>The few eldar without helmets I attempted to read the lips (like I've seen in those movies)
>I only could make out a few words
>'Something shard' or 'machine... thing(?)'
>Not too sure though
>However I go to see the first test of the STAP
>Failure: but expected, no explosion *distent explosion*
>There it is...
>I really do need those lab assistants to accelerate this
>... Or increase my own processing power.
File: Lil sleep time.png (2.22 MB, 2000x2000)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
>We began the 50 YEAR voyage back to the Voekhet Dynasties territories.
>There was no end to the boredom.
>I was mentally exhausted from any major project and needed time to let my mind rest.
>I oversaw several last minute requests(i had to make some paints for some reason), and delegated several projects.
>Lastly I simply directed Orikan to the direction he would need to go to further his studies.
>He would be disembarking in a few years to the Ammunos Crownworld of Hashtor.
>Many centuries of study would occupy his time, and he was more than aware of my threat of trying to steal ANY Relics.
>I had given him enough cause to fear me.
>With that informed my fleet commanders of my absence for the remaining 4 decades of the voyage.
>I left them with several feature length films, Movie series, animated Series.
>Enough to occupy their time.
>I sequestered myself away in my dimensional warded room, A vaulted room that none but myself could access for the time.
>And I entered a willing stasis, letting my mind fill with nothing but dead static.
>Be G2B1 droid again
>We're escorting some aeldari to our ships so we can...
>Actually I don't even know why they're here.
>I was told we'd already done a prisoner exchange, which the reason why we blew up that star, I guess... A show of force...
>So why are these guys still here then?
>I'd ask them, but they don't look like they're in the mood and I don't think I'm allowed to be making conversation with the prisoners...
>Still curious about all this stuff, but it's probably not worth sticking my big elongated face into.
>They're all behaving surprisingly well, but they look pissed... Or at least, the ones not wearing helmets do.
>One of them stops, looking at something.
>I poke him in the back with my blaster.
>"Move along."
>Try to see what was distracting him enough that he felt the need to stop moving.
>He seemed to have been looking at... Is that the creator?
>Or, well, my creator. I think there's another creator above that guy and maybe more above him?
>Used to feel so confident and important in those first few battles (even if they were all spent lying broken in a pile of my peers or missing most of my shots when I wasn't.)
>Now it's becoming increasingly apparent to me that I'm just on the bottom rung of a ladder so tall I can't even see the top.
>Look around to see if anyone else important is here.
>Remember that I don't know what many important people look like aside from my creator and most high-ranking military personnel.
>Feel a blaster poke into my back.
>"Move along."
>Realize that now I'm just standing there and staring off into space like a dumbass instead of marching.
>"Roger roger."
>I quickly set up a logic chain which was the shortest and fastest
>Unfortuently I get one almost immediately
>It would succeed, however, I'd have to talk to... her
>Talking to a mega hyper-intelligence so far above my own ability is a terrifying prospect
>I try to find other ways... none would be as good as the first suggestion
>I began walking back to my workshop where a terminal I was using was
>When I got to my workshop the suspense terrifying... because I'll have to directly enter the systems of the fortress
>But I must take a dive in the chance I can accelerate my work and research
>So after connecting myself directly to the consol I entered the fortress's digital mainframe
>It was... strange to say the very least
>Similar enough to what we canopteks have but just larger and more... fluid
>I then made my presence known...
>And by the creator she responded quickly
>Hell I felt like a... what's the saying, pebble looking up at a mountain(?)
>She confirmed that is the saying
>... Well this is going to be an interesting conversation
From what i can gather the necrontir has a life expectancy that of a human, more or less 100 years.
i wonder what happened with the political squabbling with that bumptek guy some threads ago.
he's been keeping down low until we are back on the tomb world
Incorrect, the average human lifespan is longer than that of the Necrontyr.

A wealthy Necrontyr would likely be able to live to around 80 at their highest, but they'd be absolute wrecks by that point.

I'm going with the idea that 60 is considered their average age of 'you're supposed to be dead already'
Even after 40 years, is that enough time for the crew to finish watching the entire dragonball saga??

>Agakhet starts spending more time motionless, shouting that he needs more power.
>Deathmarks modify their jetpacks to form whole-body haloes.
>Everyone gets blonde spiky hair
>Necrons learn how to perform Spirit Bombs.
Dear fucking lord man...
File: ezgif-5-79437d6b00f2.png (424 KB, 920x950)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>The request took a few years to complete, apparently.
>I had largely been focusing on my training and was introduced to the Voehtek Strategic Simulation programs.
>Agakhet has been challenged by every single member of the fleet command.
>He has yet to lose, only person to ever come close is Lady Executioner Philias.
>Regardless, I was approached by an Immortal carrying a large box with the requested pigments and dyes I required.
>High Transmogrifier Ishskar of the Voehtek, the one called ‘Awakener’, has outdone himself.
>All paints are as requested, in liquid form and vacuum sealed in… soft, rubbery containers.
>I pick one out, and inspect its front.
>”Fire Dragon Bright?”
>Checking other containers, they each have a name upon them in a non-necrontyr language.
>Abaddon Black, Khorne Red, Wraithbone even.
>The last one I scanned, but it did not contain any of the named substance, being the ashes of Blightsap tree as I requested.
>I shake my head and take the containers to my personal chambers.
>Those of the higher overlords were given Dimensional Keystones to prevent any and all intrusion.
>I simply got a door with an interstitial code to open it.
>Not that anyone would bother to disrupt my work, anyway…
>I resign command of my Immortals to one of my Hemmenth peers, and seclude myself in the chamber.
>This shall take some time.
My bad folks I passed out yesterday. I was gonna lay down in bed for a few minutes listening to the next chapter of my audiobook when I went to sleep for an entire 8 hours. I woke up at like 2 am fully rested which was...unusual. give me a few and I'll get to writing.
>"I've come to bargain..." but I have nothing to with
>She seemed to laugh at that
>"I know little one, your mind is an open book to me."
>"Then what would you like, if it is in my powers?"
>"A new form... so my sisters and I can more directly interact."
>"Ok, then allow me to ask one question now... WHY DO YOU WISH TO HAVE A LARGER CHASIS"
>"It signifies rank." She said it so bluntly... but why do I feel like that's a lie
>"I see... so can I borrow some of your processing power for the time for my endeavor?"
>"Yes." The conversation ended right there
>I was thrown into a simulation...
>I could see and detect everything in this room
>Simulate all environmental conditions, with constraints
>I didn't like using simulations... because I didn't trust them too much
>however I can work with this
>She even helped me sometimes
>It was a solid eighty years spent in there getting the STAP to my standards (both cheap and effective (basically being able to carry both necrons and B1's with ease))
>I eventually left my simulation... no more than 2 and a half seconds had passed outside the digital realm
>Sending the schematics to the spyders to start constructing them
>It was nice to see that they actually passed with flying colors... though they were a tiny bit slower with necrons riding them but again that was expected
>Ten years of testing just to make sure nothing bad goes wrong... and creating scenarios on how they could fail
>Overall a very nice outcome... then I receive a message from Ish
>Apperently I was selected to inform all necrons of another movie marathon we were doing (again, but now with previously unshown movies)
>It appears he has a voting system up that will be in place after... the two Bladerunner movies plays.
File: Brush.png (5 KB, 300x300)
5 KB
>whilst the work done with the holo-simulation took weeks, the work was sped up by collective information.
>Here, I was working on myself, with but a single mnemonic image stored within my engrams.
>I prepare the canvas of Nano-wire Necrodermis.
>Velum was sadly not something easily replicated, it appears.
>Regardless, it functions identically due to the malleable form of the metal.
>I stood before it, casting the image over it within my sight.
>Two years pass me by as I use my enhanced engrammatic cognition to calculate the best course of action.
>The most optimal order of applying the paints.
>Once I was finally ready, I grabbed the first of many necrodermis brushes, and got to work.
>It took me a full five additional years to finish the work, ensuring no detail was excluded.
>Once finished, I looked upon the work, closing the plastic cans of paint, which had remained perfectly fluid when not applied to the canvas.
>I took the metallic canvas (After finally prying my eyes from it after several months of staring) and placed it within a solid, protective sleeve.
>Such delicate paints will not survive close proximity to dimensional translation, and will require insulation.
>Then I pulled out the next canvas, and repeated the process.
>This time, only days passed, as the process was proven to be successful.
>The second version came out almost identical. I would have it sent to Overlord Trazyn for safekeeping.
>Then, I received an invitation from the little Scarab, Chari.
>…To, join him and the other awakened in a ‘movie marathon’.
>Ah… More of these ‘Star Wars’ things, I imagine.
>I suppose it would be a good inspiration for new weapons and tactics.
>Be Phaerakh Savarekh of the Voekhet Dynasty.
>For the last 2 centuries the reigning nobility of the Hemmenth Dynasty been in constant discussions of matters of settling rights.
>I have allowed them some craft to move across our realm.
>We had several worlds under our control, none inhabited beyond canoptek constructs.
>I have yet been able to discover a means to access the Cryptek’s blasted room.
>The workshop of the technomandrites that once inhabited the room had spent Several centuries warding their facilities with dimensional wards and a myriad of other defenses.
>I had no means of accessing it even if I had one of the Seraptek constructs try and attack it, it was simply too secure.
>What wasn't defended was the crypteks' reconstructed primitive home.
File: Movie.jpg (254 KB, 1400x935)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
>I ventured to this chamber he had modified.
>A great part of the chamber had been converted into what many of the deathmarks and immortals called a “Movie Theater.”
>Browsing their Mnemonics I was to observe the various clips of “Movies” on a primitive biped documentary.
>These were humans, he had spoken much of them when he was recounting his visions.
>A primitive race which he had an intensive amount of knowledge of their history and advancements.
>”The Bronze age, The industrial revolution, the modern era, the golden age, the age of strife, long night and the great crusade.”
>It was almost perverse how much he spoke of them, much more perverse was how he made one of their abominable homes in MY TOMB.
>I explored this simple home.
File: Nondecript house.jpg (28 KB, 500x333)
28 KB
>A two story home, a few small rooms, a living space dedicated to observing a monitor, a kitchen, a simple table.
>Every single detail had been carefully rendered, even the smallest groves in the floorboards, the wrinkles in the furniture, the strange texture of the walls and ceiling.
>Ishskar had many eccentricities before he had awoken but this was a realm of eccentricity that bordered the mind warpingly maddening.
>Every cabinet, every cupboard, every single inch of this dammed house was filled with another infuriating detail.
>Eventually making my way to the bedrooms I took note of several books.
>Now that was most curious.
>Books made with blackstone scripts and thin metallic sheets, alien writing I couldn't recognize.
>It held texts, and after several hours of running them through my translation algorithms I could understand these literary pieces.
File: Rpg's.jpg (4.19 MB, 4032x3024)
4.19 MB
4.19 MB JPG
>These texts spoke of whimsical adventures.
>Games of pen and paper, fictitious babble that didn't concern my attention.
>All the same I read each from cover to cover.
>Call of Cthulhu 1st Through 7th edition, Cyberpunk 1st to 2nd, Degensis, Dungeon World, Dungeon and Dragons 1st through 5th edition, Fate, Godbound, Gurps, Kill 6 billion demons, Lancer, Legend of the Five rings, Pathfinder 1st through 2nd edition, Star Wars Roleplaying, Starfinder, Vampire the Requiem, Vampire the masquerade.
>Each of them had dozens of modules and adventurers.
>I now understood some of the miniatures and small containers of dice.
>These were all fictitious texts, some of them I took for myself, only those concerning technological advancements.
>The rest I burned, I had several canoptek constructs and his own Skorpioid constructs reduce the house to nothing
>”No more of that ishakar, these perversions will not be allowed to stand.”
>”Pray you return with something of note.”
>I tilted my head to the side as I watched them being dismantled along with the theater.
>”Perhaps Phillias will kill you.” I voiced to no one in particular.
Well... Good that he didn't leave anything W40K related...
I had a feeling this house would come back in some way.
oh no. ish is gonna freak when he finds out
cant he gemake those from memory again??
ish will know someone has touched his stuff.
also burning down a recreation of his childhood home is not gonna make him happy
well i doubt he's going to fight fellow necrons over a house that he can rebuild wherever he wants in like 3 seconds.
>”No more of that ishakar, these perversions will not be allowed to stand.”
i dont think he'll be allowed to
will ish preform a coup eventually???
Hahahaha, I'd love to see just how badly that would go.
At that point, Ish would be fighting the entire necron empire. Necrons are like most 40k races in that they are extremely xenophobic and (your race) supremist. If they found out he killed his boss over not being able to prostrate himself and worship a shrine to an outside species, he would most likely get turbo-ass-blasted by the entire empire, regardless of what he offers in terms of knowledge. They would just drag it out of his severed skull once they kill him, Savarekh wasn't joking when he said that the Executioner would have likely killed him by now based on how he expects Ish to act in front of the Executioner on his little fortress sidequest. Hell, he already was, but Orakin undid it.

The only situation I can see Ish getting away with killing Savarekh is if he does it in self defense, and they don't figure out the reason was a xeno shine. Ish has friends in Orakin, Trazin, the triarch council, and the Executioner, so they might let it pass, but by the skin of ish's teeth if so. As much as they may like Ish, he is still Savarekh's subordinate, and they don't like the idea of a lesser disobeying their superior when commanded to die.
it'll either go amazing or horribly wrong and the turn out ok in the end
>I then quickly sent out the invitation to every awakened necron
>Movie (and... shows?) marathon again
>The first person to receive it was... Executioner Phillias
>She obviously didn't know what a movie was so I explained it to her
>She said she'd be there mostly out of boredom and she'd bring it up with her other praetorians
>The blackstone fortress guided me to a very large room
>It would be perfect (with a few modifications of course)
>However I decide to go there in style
>It took a little bit of time to set up
>Even the fortress would be watching the movies with us
>Six guardian drones would be in the back of the room
>It was surreal to me
>Seats quickly took shape
>though there were many more than the surviving awakened necrons...
>OH right canopteks were at the first as well
>Wouldn't be fair to leave them out
>Several hours passed as everybody arrived here
>Trazyn seemed both curious and excited
>Once everybody was here (both necron and canopteks (not the G1 battle droids only the G2's))
>The voting system was explained and then the marathon began
>Our first movie (as was Ish's order) was blade runner (both of them)
>Be G2B1 droid
>Going on patrols since there isn't much else to do.
>bored enough that I'm considering just going back to a storage area and shutting down for a while if that's even allowed.
>A very long while.
>See scarabs doing maintenance on some random part of the ship. Don't know what the part of the ship even does.
>Kinda wish I was capable of doing basic maintenance. It's also boring but it'd probably at least break up this monotony, if only a little bit.
>I'm notified about something called a 'movie marathon' and that I'm welcome to attend it in one of a few designated areas.'
>I've only heard of it in passing and rarely at that, but I know nothing about what it actually is.
>Partially because when I asked about it, I was disregarded entirely, which I'm used to at this point.
>Well, whatever it is, it must be important if they need so many people involved.
>Unholster my blaster and make my way to the movie marathon area.
>Get there and see that nobody else has their weapons out. Maybe this is some kind of briefing?
>But that doesn't really make sense, since we usually get any commands and updates wirelessly...
>roll with it since nothing really makes sense to me anyways.
>Just gotta trust that whoever's directing me knows what they're doing, which they usually do.
>Maybe this is just some obscure ritual.
>Maybe this information is so sensitive that sending it through the communications network isn't secure enough.
>Either way, I'm glad that they felt that me and my peers are important enough to be included.
>Been seriously starting to think that most people see me and my peers as near-mindless walking military equipment not worth trying to talk to.
>Which is fair, I guess... Don't think I've been able to prove otherwise so far, though I'd still like to, if given the opportunity.
>Take my seat and get ready to take in this briefing ritual thing.
>Screen comes to life and soon enough, I'm watching... Something.
>It looks like aeldari except looking at them doesn't make me want to hurt them.
>So the one not asshole-ish aeldari's job is to hunt down fake aeldari that are actually robots
>Don't really understand why we're watching this, but I'm not bored. Actually, I'm getting a little invested in this guy.
>He shows some real initiative and actually finds the things he's looking for.
>Starting to want to aspire to be more like this guy, as weird, soft and flappy as he is...
>But then it ends...
>Back to patrolling, I guess.
>Start to get up out of my seat, feeling disappointed, but then I hear that another program is starting.
>sit my metal ass down and eagerly wait for it to begin.
Wow would you look at that, you've dissected my story and gotten the exact right outcome. Holy shit dude nice!

I'm genuinely smiling that you got it
Going to have fathers day dinner and then do some posting
>Be G2B1-00005, Warlock
>It has been a short while since I talked with Father and Warden Zahnrakh
>Going over combat data gathered by other members of The First
>Still working on trying to rebrand the legion name, but so many of us can’t decide on one name
>Several of my brothers have been discussing their careers and comparing kill data
>G2B1-0501 make a game of it and started tallying up everyone’s kills starting from G2B1-1000 and going up
>The compiled data was telling, and made me slightly nervous as they slowly got closer to my number
>Most of my brethren had confirmed kills in the 7-13 range with a few outliers like G2B1-0615, G2B1-501, and G2B1-212 all having confirmed kills in the 17-25 range.
>G2B1-0501 called me over to give my combat data for the kills
>I present the data to G2B1-0501, and he pauses for a moment, going rigid
>He had been the highest so far a solid 25 and was by all accounts my closest rival
>Shaking his head he just updated the leaderboard through our HUDs
>Some of my brothers wanted me to share the combat data with them, and I obliged; they were after all my brothers and we fight together
>We carried on this way for what seemed like hours, this having been the first time since our deployment that we had all been taken off active duty
>Our HUDs went off with a collective ping notifying us of a message from Father
>We were invited to a… Movie Marathon?
>Well it was an invite personally from Father, so we all marched down to the large auditorium to partake in this “Movie Marathon”
File: img-1868.jpg (129 KB, 2000x1333)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>When everybody was here I felt something strange
>A minor change in coding... but I could access it so easily so it's probably nothing (though I couldn't remove it)
>I didn't know why at first Ish suggested showing this movie at first
>It seemed like a... detective movie(?)
>However I began to piece together minor details
>I think this movie was raising a philosophical question
>What does it mean to be Alive(or human)?
>It was a sad thing to watch Roy die
>However I save his final words
>"All those moments... they'll be gone. Like... Tears... in rain"
>After the movie ended almost everyone stood up and applauded
>I swear I saw a... tear(?) fall down Trazyns deathmask
>I even heard the song of the fortresses ring out... in joy
>Is this why Ish wanted us to see this movie?
>Because if so... great choice
>It was a minute until the next one played
>Many seemed excited to see the next one
>I had very high hopes for the next film
going to live up to my name

>Be random scarab... On... Tombworld...
>... I... feel... off...
>My orders... came from a... Cryptek(?)
>Goal was to... destroy other crypteks... work
>To... motivate(?) them... to adapt
>Creator... left for... long time...
>... Was then... ordered... to get back to... work
>I entered... large room...
>Unwarded... dumb cryptek... scan room...
>... Detected another... Crypteks work...
>And did my... job
>Thin blackstone... was easy to destroy
>However after... completion
>Larger necron... picked me up...
>Yelling very loudly...
>Had two... blue eyes... strange cryptek
>Demanded... I tell... who creator was...
>Didn't know... [Files Accessed: Results Negative]
>Was then... droped... followed by... more yelling from... Strange cryptek
>felt... somthing, hit back... Hard... then oblivion.
File: necrontyr (2).png (386 KB, 714x909)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
>Be High Transmogrifier Ishskar of the Voehtek Dynasty.
>No, not Transmogrifier, that wasn't quite right.
>I am a son.
>I am a brother.
>I am a Necrontyr.
>I am a Technomandrite.
>I am one of a long line of hidden Artificers, Scholars, Scientists, and weaponsmiths.
>For our gifts we were prosecuted, Murdered, hunted like beasts.
>Our numbers were culled, thinned to fledgling forces across a million words.
>Never again to serve again in the open.
File: Necron-Crypteks.jpg (197 KB, 1000x846)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>My family was spared, to a world of concubines and merchants.
>We gritted our teeth, and worked as artisans, forced to hide our greater labors.
>They used up our weaponry and forced the few remaining of our kind to maintain them.
>And the technomandrites were forgotten in the war the silent kings drove us into.
>A failure of a war.
>We were shamed and disgraced for our talents and these hypocrites began to soil our history.
>An echo of our people existed in the cryptek Temples.
>Astroamncers, Chronomancers, Diviners, Geomancers, Plasmancers
>My ancestors took this as a cover.
>And the concubines and merchants made use of our talents to maintain their power.
>What fools they were.
File: A dream.jpg (809 KB, 1445x1677)
809 KB
809 KB JPG
>Its all jumbled within my mind, fragments of my personality.
>My memories.
>My dreams.
>My aspiration.
>Even now I can hardly recall much beyond my hatred.
>My hatred for the Phaerakh Savarekh, no not Phaerakh.
>That wretched woman was but a concubine, she was never destined for the throne.
>I can recall her form.
>A lithe thing, plaid flesh, scared by tumor scars, and lesions.
>Her voice was like ice on my skin.
>She had called for my services often, just as the phaeron did.
>The wisdom of my people was often sought and so we were ingrained within the nobility-
>Only those that knew us as technomandrites and not as the cryptek’s we masqueraded as.
omg! are we getting ishy backstory??
i love how ish is becoming a gestalt being
And the outsider
File: Agakhet.jpg (27 KB, 600x600)
27 KB
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Deathless watcher over the legions of the Grand Sunderer.
>When I entered the hall (well, phase-translated into it, more or less), I peered around the large chamber.
>Tiered chairs for the awakened Necrons, and further in the back, smaller, more closely compacted chairs filled with battle droids.
>Looking up to the back corners of the room, I could see a massive number of Canoptek constructs floating mid-air, or clinging to the walls.
>Even the Seraptek Heavy Construct was present, no longer necessary in the Webway chambers once all the Webway gates were sufficiently booby trapped.
>Looking to the chambers doorways, I wondered how the massive construct managed to get into the room, but decided to leave the questions for later.
>The rows of chairs, each seemingly formed from the Fortress’ blackstone floor in the shape of Vehicle seats, were tiered by the caste in which they found themselves.
>In the back, the Battle Droids (which needed chairs, as they could not hold themselves against the ceiling) along with the Canoptek constructs, with exception to the Seraptek, whom took several tiers by himself.
>Following that, the Warriors, whom appeared a bit confused, seeming a bit disorganized compared to their usual, deathless stare forward.
>Next, Immortals and Deathmarks fill the chairs, the Deathmarks seemingly preferring the corner and back seats, the Immortals caring not for their position, so they appear to trade often.
>…Trading, not something I imagined them capable of.
>The next rank was for Lychguard, which host a grand total of Thirty three of their number.
>I pause as I see Nemesor First Scythe Agakhet amongst their number.
>Pushing into the row of seated Lychguard, I reach the Nemesor, whom looks up confused, before he can finish his question, I grip him by his armpit cavities, and haul him out of his seat.
>I ignore his protests at the indignity; I will not let a commander seat himself below his rank.
>I join the third to last row, one formed of the Lord subtypes, Royal Wardens, and several Cryptek.
>I put down Agakhet, whom has managed to punch several large dents in my Necrodermis, which were already healing.
>Taking place next to him, I turn my attention to the large, pure white screen.
Anon is the soul that is possessing Ishskar's body.
Who is "the outsider"?
Is "the outsider" another name for anon?
Did I miss something?
I thought this was supposed to be a monogamous relationship.
Learn some more 40k lore.
k. the ousider is the ctan form. got it. my bad,
>After settling down (and confirming that I would keep moving Agakhet to this row if he moves), another attendee sits down next to me.
>I turn to welcome the individual, only to be faced with Maker Chari’s Necroid Exoskeleton.
>He turned to me with a confused look (I’ve come to somewhat understand his emoting, as his face is still solid metal)
>”…All the other chairs are too small, and I can’t cling to walls.”
>I raise my finger in protest, then drop it with a disgruntled squint.
>Sighing, I drop the subject and turn back to the screen.
>The introduction of this new ‘movie’ was shown, projected by a crevice within the ceiling, where a lens not dissimilar to the Guardian Drones streams out the light.
>…I wonder as to why they’re here at all… The spindle drones and their kin float in the air all around us like carrion flies.
>Again, I leave questions for later, and watch the introduction.
>In red text, the title of the movie is presented: Blade Runner.
>My translation subroutines are not even activated, as we’ve all been given a ‘primer data package’.
>Data wise, its rather bland… A word book of the alien language and a ‘reference catalogue’ to their cultural self-references.
>The package was likely prepared after I showed a hard time understanding the ‘Star Wars’ movies shown by Chari, but the package is too complete to have been made by the little Scarab.
>Once the introduction parts are over, I lean back into the demi-throne our caste received, and wait.

Good boy did his research. :P
>I had expected different from this ‘movie’.
>It held minimal scenes of battle, and those that did featured one on one, asymmetrical combat.
>Unarmed versus the side-arm carrying ‘Blade Runner’ Rick Deckard.
>The weapon features very low killing power, but I am informed that it is a ‘civilian level’ firearm.
>I can scarcely remember our citizenry carrying firearms at any capacity.
>Regardless, the plot, in short, was inspirational.
>Four “Replicant” biological droids return to the home world of their creator species in order to seek an extended lifespan.
>The similarities to our own history do not go unnoticed.
>I especially enjoyed the ‘Creator’s death, memories arose of executions of the Eternal Enemy, the Old Ones.
>This… fictive story holds no historical importance like the theatrics of our people.
>Instead, it appears to be mainly for entertainment, as well as to provide a moral lesson.
>A lesson that I do not grasp fully.
>The concept of artificial Biological servants did seem quite useful, however…
>They would be slaves to the noble Necrons, and we could perhaps even use them as a stepping stone to regaining our true souls.
>…However, it is made clear that one must be careful with their creations, as was made clear by these rogue elements within their number.
>Perhaps that is the lesson, to ensure no descent is possible, and that our power over them is absolute.
>The concept of a limited lifespan is useful, if terribly ironic coming from us…
>I will mull this over for a lo-
>…Ah, the next movie has begun.
>It is… Blade Runner 2.
>…I do hope these movies do not run 5 years in length like the theatrics…
File: Spoiler Image (424 KB, 405x592)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>The movie comes and goes in a brief few hours.
>Perusing the Primer Data Package informs me that the ‘lifespan’ of these humans was similarly short like ours, if longer by a couple decades.
>…and not wrought with all-consuming cancers and blood ailments for every single living one of them.
>Regardless, they have forged a culture of brief entertainment for the same reason we once had.
>But actually had the resources to master this skill, rather than the rudimentary form we enjoyed during the flesh times.
>The follow up movie appears to be reinforcing the previous moral lesson.
>A rebellion is formed within the Replicants number due to the birth of a child amongst their number.
>For a fabricated species, it appears that they have been abused to the point of fighting for their lives.
>And now that they have a means to continue their ‘species’, they are willing to start this rebellion.
>I glower at the scenes portraying these rogue elements, for their willful disregard of their authorities.
>The moral lesson has also included parts of paternity, and sacrifice for one’s cherished family.
>These parts I do enjoy, even if I myself have never been a father.
>Once the movie is over, Overlord Trazyn appears besides us (having added a full throne between my chair and that of maker Chari…)
>The moment I attempt to ask him to return to the front row, he explains that there is barely any conversation possible there.
>”Besides,” he says with a chuckle. “I’m still sitting on the front row, no~?”
>As I turn to the front row, he confirms his word to be true.
>Besides Lady Executioner Philias’ platform, sits Overlord Trazyn upon another full-size throne.
>Oh… right… ‘the infinite’…
File: Hyperphase blade.jpg (227 KB, 1400x1093)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>I felt a heat roaring over my wrists.
>Muscles aching, red hot metal being folded over and over.
>Beads of sweat trailing down my cheeks, heated breaths escaping my mouth with labored breaths.
>Work I enjoyed, a responsibility that I was honored to do.
>My trembling hands lifted a pair of massive razor sharp blade, no that wasn't quite right-
>An expression of devotion, a pure representation of love.
>I labored away on these ceremonial blades, Hyperphase weapons inscribed with an oath of devotion.
>One dedicated to the Phaeron and the other dedicated to his bride to be.
>Each of them had commissioned me to make a pair of blades, both having an expensive set of requirements and complex designs tracing the weapon.
>I admired their love for one another.
>Not just because I was commissioned to work on such a piece.
>But because I had excelled in every way to make such weapons.
>Weeks had I spent ensuring every atom of the twin blades had been perfected.
>I had created my magnum opus.
>Both an art piece of Inexhaustible beauty and an equally finely forged instrument of war.
>My ancestors would have been proud.
File: Noble and venerable.png (1.72 MB, 640x1024)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB PNG
>I killed the forge.
>Silencing the thrumming hums of the great machinery.
>I would present these weapons to the newlyweds.
>Fragments of the days that followed flicked through my mind.
>My magnum opus tarnished.
>The Phaeron dead.
>A Phaerakh is crowned.
>Her unborn children would never know their father.
>My body felt red hot.
>Anger like no other burned through me.
>No other saw this for what it was.
>That damn concubine had murdered the Phaeron with my weapon
>She had slain her partner, her husband, the one she had devoted over a decade of her life to.
>And she had done it with her Oath blade.
>My finest creation.
>And I could do nothing.
>The technomandrites could do nothing.
File: 1517880172746.gif (104 KB, 217x194)
104 KB
104 KB GIF
I can't wait to Ish to kill this bitch
I'm sorry. the other anons kept getting called "the outsider" by chaos and it triped me up when the real "the outsider" was named.
Seems like both sides of Ish are going to want her dead. Human Ish for her destroying his house, and necron Ish for using his finest creation to murder the phaeron in cold blood.
I hope ctan Ish does it. He should give her a soul just so she knows pain and suffering one last time.
i hope all three achieve some sort of mental/spiritual unity and all kill her
RIP bro phaeron.
I'm begging you to not do some emotional stupid shit, suck it up, and act like the metal skeleton you are. I don't want the entire Necron races blasting your shit open just for a metal house you could rebuild in secret with no effort and something that happened 80 million years ago.
>Huh... Good film, not as great as the first blade runner but a good film.
>Oh Trazyn is here nice
>Didn't even know that the seats were reserved (oh right most of the original watchers were of voehtek)
>I then inform every one that a list will appear for us to vote for what to watch next
>But votes will be finalized after either everyone votes, or until thirty minutes pass
>I of course voted star wars the 2003 (never seen it)
>I then raised a question to the two...
>What did they think the first film was about?
>I was disappointed in zahn's answer
>Trazyn was certainly more interesting
>But I could only raise a question... "... What does it mean to live?"
>Both seem to wish to speak but pause
>I assume to think about it
File: Does not.png (362 KB, 750x489)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
>Be Firstkha, the first of the upgraded.
>The the first G2 within the…
><Processing ‘Primer Data Package’, please hold…>
>First G2 within the “Movie Theatre” after I was informed of a movie marathon being planned by maker Chari.
>I used the G1’s to quickly push me to the location, arriving first by way of ‘tactical redeployment’.
>At least, that’s what the Necron Lord called it when he threw me over the ranks of my G1’s.
>Skidding over their curved heads appears to be quite useful, especially when they give a bit of a push.
>Regardless, I take my designated seat, front row of last tier, first seat.
>It pays being the first~
>After several…
><Calculating chrono-data disparity>
>About 3 days, the rest of the G1’s enter the chamber, as well as a large number of Canoptek.
>I watch as Scarabs and the Fortresses Drones pull open the wall around the center doorway.
>Blackstone being atomized and absorbed for a while.
>After they finish the expanding of the doorway, the Seraptek Heavy Construct…
><Checking name registry>
><Request time out: File not found>
>strides into the middle of the chamber, where it engages its leg locks.
>The drones and Scarabs then begin to reconstruct the wall, returning it to its original size.
>By now, all G2 Droids, besides the “Little Reapers”, have joined the Movie Theatre room, and taken their place.
>Each takes their place in order of priority… I am… Mostly alone in this particular corner, as G2B1-000002 through G2B1-000004 have been permanently destroyed.
>It’s too bad, but they have already been replaced a long while ago, so I adjust the seating order.
>My Interstitial message is sent after a short minute of recalculating.
>All the G2’s get up and move from their spots, making room for those above the G2B1-001000 range.
>Now, only a single empty chair remains besides me.
>…Where IS Warlock?
File: fragmented.jpg (421 KB, 880x1200)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
>Suddenly I am brought back to Reality.
>I am a necron
>And all that I have remembered should not have reached me.
>That information should have been removed with surgical precision.
>A section of my Neural matrices has been severed from my being.
>These memories should not be available to me without it.
>But all the same I have fragmented access to them.
>Prolonged existence in the C’tan form has altered me on a Metaphysical and neurological way.
>Or perhaps it is also the constant mingling with the Fortress vast intellect.
>This is why I am changing.
File: Chronicle.jpg (66 KB, 443x665)
66 KB
>And then there is the other being.
>The Human thing that possesses my shell of a body.
>I have bore witness to their biological life Dozens of times.
>These memories give me insight to the strange nature of this being.
>The information Hundreds of Tomes, audio clips, tactical simulations, Crude tabletop strategizing.
>They were beholden to the secrets of the Galaxy, the nature of Primordial beings, The flow of time for this reality.
>And they were making use of it, Not efficiently but using it for the benefit of the necron all the same.
>They had claimed 6 great weapons, and retained the secrets of each purpose from all.
>He has been unaware of my awakening.
This might not be good for Anon. I don't think he could win a mind battle against an actual cryptek.
i think they cant even battle or separate. i think that they are fused but not to the point of singularity
This is most plausible, but due to the missing component in the necron skull, Ishskar remains fragmented, and the soul of Anon is what filled in the missing peice. He won't be able to regain control unless the soul enters a meditative state, allowing subroutines to continue in it's stead. As we have seen.

It's likely that Ishskar may make contact with Anon in the near future. Like a voice in his head. I believe he will help the human creature. After all, it helped him, and his people.
am back will continue.
File: Necron might.jpg (133 KB, 499x920)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>Be Executioner Phillias of the Triarch praetorian.
>We have campaigned for nearly 28 years, and spent multiple centuries retrieving each of these blackstone fortresses.
>This has been a costly endeavor for all but trazyn.
>We had not anticipated the aeldari to engage us in any capacity.
>Yet infuriating, they nearly cost us a great asset.
>I don't expect them to take this defeat lying down.
>In time they will amass a force to take us on.
>And we would be ready then.
File: Tolerate it.jpg (108 KB, 1280x889)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
>I can sense the changes in cryptek.
>He has become less spineless than before.
>In the last centuries he has not for my permission in choices above his station-
>Instead he simply expects my tolerance.
>I will admit I have been far more lax than I should be but there is something about this cryptek.
>The Knowledge he so casually wields borders on madness.
>Not Orikan greatest of our diviners could have predicted these results.
>Nor had the Celestial Orrery come to predict the nature and sheer scale of this endeavor.
>I had consulted both before this venture had begun.
File: Phillias.png (762 KB, 876x1024)
762 KB
762 KB PNG
>This would not be a weapon that I could take from him.
>As it stands controlling the fortress was a PERMISSION that he allowed.
>He still had greater aims, there were more schemes to be hatched.
>When we began making our way back to his dynastic tomb world he had not spoken to me.
>Avoiding me entirely.
>He gave a simple message to all within our command structure.
>He would Sequester himself away for the next 4 decades, he would not be bothered, none could protest as he had hidden himself away before anyone could oppose.
>After 5 fruitless weeks of searching his last known location, he had simply gone.
>But he had left something for us to inspect.
>Some of these Movies he had shown his awakened warriors.
>With little in the ways of duties I opted to watch.
Phillias got my dick acting all kinds of strange. What movies are they gonna watch?
Now all we need is phillias views on th battle droids. Maybe also her view on their maker
>I send out a position request query after another hour of waiting.
>Checking the visual data provided by…
><Calculating incoming data packages>
><Calculation finished.>
>By the 4,527,626 active G1’s within my unit registry.
>I then realize I should’ve probably only sent the message to those within this fortress, but as I’m filtering the information, I receive over a hundred Possitive Identification messages.
>Shunting the remaining Negative Identifications into a spam box, I review the data provided.
>Warlock, and several of the other ‘Little reapers’, so called by the Deathmarks, are having difficulty getting to the Movie Theatre.
>Mostly because they have to order the surrounding G1’s to move aside, but they’re linked to me.
>So that’s where that stream of requests of unit transfers were coming from…
>Denying the next set of requests, I commence the Tactical Redeployment for the Little Reapers.
>I watch from a distance as the droids holster their weapons as one, and then turn to Warlock the other G2’s.
>I believe they’re G2X1? I do not know exactly.
>Regardless, they appear confused, until Warlock is grabbed by his sides and pulled onto the throng of G1’s
>Why’s he screaming?
>Anyway… Some of the G2’s seem to run away, others shaking their heads and leaping on top of the rows of their kin.
>Ten minutes later, Warlock is deposited into the Movie Theatre, looking stiff and motionless.
>I wave over to him, and message him to get to his seat, the movies will begin in…
><Calculating time disparity…>
>”We only got twenty eight hours left!”
caught a bit of a stomach bug, ill save the posting for tomorrow.
don't worry man, i hope you get well
get well bro!
File: Theater room.jpg (161 KB, 1000x750)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
>Rank upon rank of immortals, warriors canoptek servants, and thousands upon thousands of the constructs.
>Simple minded things, but all the same they were useful things.
>Losses sustained by B1 droids were of such little consequence it actually yielded some level of advantage.
>When their ranks died en masse, they could be used for cover.
>I moved past all of them and headed to the front most rows taking my seat amongst Trazyn.
>”Overlord.” I acknowledged him with a nod as I took my seat.
>He returned the nod “Executioner.” and replied with a nod
>I continued our conversations. “These Movies, having researched the Mnemonics some centuries ago and saw brief vid captures of biologicals, humans I believed they were called.”
>Trazyn spoke once more. “I believe his lord called many of these films Theatrical performances.”
>He continued. “I must admit I have been quite curious to witness them.”
>Of course he would, trazyn was always hoarding information, this would be no different.
Trazyn is always so fucking enthusiastic when it comes to learning about history and culture, the old bat.
File: The Mummy.jpg (83 KB, 535x728)
83 KB
>We watched several of these films in succession.
>Though the first set of series based movies was the “Mummy” Trilogy.
>Agakhet, Trazyn, and I all noted an unusually familiar naming convention.
>Along with aesthetics.
>Trazyn voiced through interstitial messages the striking similarities the ancient mortals' cultural attire shared with the necrontyr.
>The concubine's attire was entirely unsightly.
>All the same these mortals seemed to be emulating our long forgotten peoples' culture.
>There was an unsettling aspect in that.
I wonder if they're ever going to realize that Ish isn't actually a necron. They've got to wonder where all these movies came from. All these details about a race of xenos none but Ish have encountered has got to raise some shiny eyebrows.
The big question is, will they be ok with it considering everything Ish has done for them despite being a xeno? Probably not, seeing as this is 40k.
The Executioner already wants to kill him, so discovering he is a xeno would be an easy justification.
File: Planet Earth.jpg (84 KB, 1200x630)
84 KB
>Over the course of these movies I had learned more than enough about these biological creatures.
>A diverse collective of innumerable subcultures, the prosperous could live to a century.
>They were free of the radiation blasted suns, and from what most of these films suggested was that they were tethered to a single planet.
>”Earth”, These theatrical performances were unlike any performances our kind have ever experienced.
>Greater reverence and attention to detail of the wars they fought in, along with the thinly veiled patriotic propaganda many of these films propagated.
>It was only natural for these mortals to do so.
>I had ordered Trazyn to dissect these films.
>I would know what was fact and what was fiction.
>If the capabilities of these humans was truly at levels comparable to us-
>Then I would have to track this…”Sol System” and destroy this fledgling race.
Hopefully she changes her mind and instead uses humans as the new baseline for the reborn necrons.
File: Gonk.jpg (51 KB, 640x853)
51 KB
>Days continued on before we begin to watch the extensive series known as the “Star Wars.”
>A series I was led to believe was composed of 9 movies, but I was sorely mistaken.
>A whimsical series involving dozens of strange xeno’s races and these humans wielding a power that at first I believed to be Emperyn forces.
>But it was not so, these biologicals wielded a fictitious source of power known as the “Force.”
>I was disgusted by this but in time I grew intrigued.
>I found the source of the Scarab Chari’s innovations, many of these constructs were...Impractical but a select few could be used in the immortal empire.
>After well over 100 animated episodes, several movies, and branching but related films I had noted an extensive number of constructs, vehicles, weapons designs I wished to have replicated.
>There was much to ponder upon.
Why would the necrons want a gonk droid? They're just batteries with legs.
If not then Ish managed to kill himself through time shenanigans.
I used gonk Droid because it was the funniest star wars image I had beyond max rebo. In all actuality she would want some of the super battle Droids.

definitely not. If she or the triarch forces info out of Ish about the humans' true destiny, they will definitely lose their shit when they find out we created ships with power on par with the peak C'tan in terms of raw fighting power, -by the quadrillions-, and that all of them have STC minds that could outpace the C'tans' brains a billion times over, that could, through brute industrial might and calculations alone, turn an asteroid belt into a force capable of rivaling the C'tans' immortal necron thralls in a matter of years or months.

The only way for the council to so much as consider not vaporizing every planet in the galaxy (just to be sure), Ish is eventually going to need to convince them that they are necessary to fight the horrors to come, that the sterile necrons, no matter how powerful they may become, the inability to reproduce and technomandrake subversion will always leave their forces crippled, and most importantly, that the humans empathy for, and love of, all things sentient and adventurous will make them view the necrons as friends and family of science, unlike the xenophobic races of the necrons, old ones, and eldar, and maybe use the films as evidence of their scycology when pressed on it.

It'll be interesting to see Cryptanon's take on the councils' reaction to the gods the humans created, how they inherited the empathy of their human birthers, saw themselves as equals to the lowest, squishiest humans, and finally, how the ships committed mass sueside after the paperclip machines they had designed tried to destroy the humans they loved out of grief and fear of what further damage their existence could do could do to the humans... in comparison to the machine gods the necrons got.

Only for a few ships to not get the message, come out of the warp, and hate humanity for not holding onto the the science without knowing the context as to why.


This is going to be brought up eventually. Ish should have no way of seeing that far ahead. Empiric dreams and necron divinations can only give blurry images derived from the tides of the warp, like how the ocean rescinds before a wave, but to have seen a physical movie as though it were his own eye(s) shouldn't be possible, even by Orakin, even if it was only a second in the future. The conclusion of time travel is eventually going to be brought up, and Ish could tell the truth, or make up some necron tech lie. No option is good. Either he admits that he is an xeno empiric being posesing the true Ishkar, or he admits to being a technomandrake who can make time true machines.
And further, how in their darkest hour, in their collective despair holding back the death of the galaxy single handedly when every other race fell through, they spawned a god of Justice ala the eldar, but with empathy and altruism matching his people and the machine gods that proceeded Him.
>Necrons discovered Droidekas.

Trust me, chari already offered droidekas to Trazyn
can we get some wedge shapes starships?
I mean it's a very functional design for a ship instead of always relying on broadsides, just remove the command spire or something.
Im stuck in dnd, but I think im going to move on to the next part of the story.
>We watch so many movies... so many shows
>I swear I didn't even know that a large portion of the CIS vehicles
>It was a beauty to behold, and the Idea of hyperspace drives was something I'd very much like to have
>The 2003 show... Perfection, it did grievous justice... in revenge of the sith he seemed like your typical villain (was always said to be a horror to the Jedi)
>But the CGI animation... made him look like a fool
>I felt the sadness wash over to me on seeing it
>The only thing that I could really had me raise my... 'eye brow' was the mummy movies
>Probably just a coincidence they had similar names (themes) to the necrontyr culture
>Ghost in a shell did make me raise questions... I kept them private to myself
>But those mechs..
>Creator did I love the idea of them
>... hold up am I a mech?
>I guess I kind of am
>Details I'll look over later
>A good decade binge of everything (I will watch them again)
>However I had to get back to my work when it all ended
>I then received multiple suggestions from my higher-ups on what 'droid' to build next
>... Fuck
>But first I seal off my workshop, and plug myself into the console
>Informing them when I am done with my business I will begin working the droids again...
>I have to fulfill the promise I made to the fortress
>I wish I knew what designer hell I would be walking into
>There was only one bright side with working with ALL of them at once
>The extra processing power will be needed
>It took me well over 5,093 years (in the simulated world) just to settle on the design of one fortress alone
>Barely a week passed outside
>Its chassis was built to its specifications... the amount of parts the fortresses would supply me with makes me question one thing
>Yes I know they can hear me...
>Their complaining doesn't help me
>It was a solid 34,090 years in the SW (simulated world)
>The bodies were slim, functional, spindly, and most importantly... filled with so much tech I didn't understand
>I borrowed so much inspiration from the drones that resided within all of the fortresses
>Which was very much appreciated... and did noticeably reduce the complaining
>I'll tell you this... once you get a minute of silence it can feel like a blessing of the void itself
>When I left I realized a month and a half had passed... I was then hit with the realization I'd have to build the bodies themselves
>One of the good news, I saw all the parts for the bodies built within my lab... with several guardian drones looking over my shoulders
>... This will take a few decades to build each individual body
>So much Tech I didn't recognize... but knew where to install them in the bodies
>I took down my walls just so anybody can see me working on this shit
>Why did I have to make this promise, for the fortress (AND WHY DID I AGREE TO BUILD THE OTHER FORTRESSES BODIES AS WELL!!!)
Chari harem isekai anime when?
File: MONKE.jpg (213 KB, 1000x1185)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Our only hope for the necrons trusting humanity is giving another primate a chance.
Anons, I present to you the only hope for the galaxy in regards to a peace between organics and necrons.
File: A return to basics.jpg (235 KB, 921x1079)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
Dnd went for too long, so only expect 1 more post rn.

Gonna swap back to ish

>Need to wake up.
>Feel extremely cold actually, and everything feels stiff.
>When I finally take a peek around I find that I'm not alone.
>Two alabaster and midnight black colored tripod limbed constructs stand to either side of me, their backs to me, they haven't noticed me yet.
>It takes me a second to identify what the hell they are.
>The massive talon limbs, the spindly limbs.
>They're Guardian Drones, one of the stronger constructs of the Fortresses.
>Immediately I let out an audible sigh.
File: Guardian.jpg (1.11 MB, 2333x1589)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
>We’re a few short hours away from the tomb world, I've managed to sleep through the 40 years of travel.
>There weren't any thoughts, any sense of time, or any enjoyment of sleep.
>Just a ceasing in any motor, mental, or Interstitial function.
>I held onto the edges of the sarcophagus and heaved myself free, I could hear the click and pop of wires being tugged free from the various sockets in my back.
>”Come, I've rested long enough.”
>I headed for one of the smooth black walls.
>Momentarily I glanced back at the chamber, I felt the expectant waiting of the fortress, it knew I wanted to ask it questions before I allowed myself out of the room.
>”Can you see me?”
>”See my soul?” I clarified.
>I worked slowly ensuring that every part was built to a one on one copy that I had used in the simulation
>Every little detail slowly and carefully built into the shell (It has so many details that make the shell connect to both drones (guardians and spindle) on the fortresses)
>This was my finest work... my, magnum opus if you will
>Even the technology (which I didn't understand), but that the fortress had supplied me with was installed
>I never stopped... just working on this shit
>A few necrons did walk by my workshop
>How they felt/react, I didn't know... or care at this time
>Slowly over the next 16 years I had assembled it all together
>The only thing that'd have to be done is connecting the fortress to it
>Directly... which was very easy and had to only be done once
>I ensured that all wiring was in place before I dared connect the fortress to her new body
>Which was a solid week before I was satisfied with everything
>Then... I began the process
>When she first started walking around in the form I found it quite funny (her tripping around, also yes I did support her)
>Eventually after a few hours she got the hang of it
>It was weird hearing her voice outside the simulated world
>She thanked me for my superb work... and now she will be walking around, just to interact with more people
>When she left... the guardians then revealed more parts/components for another body...
>Fuck my existence
>One out of six is done so time to work on the next one...
File: Why me.jpg (159 KB, 1024x1024)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>A whispered hush cut through all thoughts.
>Its chilled voice sending pangs of pain through my head.
>”YESSSSSS.” The fortress rumbled into my consciousness.
>”Wonderful.” I murmured.
>The wall broke in segmented blocks revealing a tunnel exit.
>I left my sanctum, the pathway fading back with the silent merging of the walls, there had been no evidence the chamber had ever existed.
>I Immediately had myself translated to the other side of the fortress into the command spire.
>The very second I arrived, I received a ping.
>Phillias was trying to contact me.
"What do you want bitch, I'm busy."
File: overlord.jpg (389 KB, 1280x1656)
389 KB
389 KB JPG
>I pinched my temples and opened the line.
>Her tone told me she was annoyed, Which i suppose it would be when I avoided her for 40 years before she could object.
>”Cryptek, Where have you been, I have been trying to speak with you for more than 3 decades.” She hissed.
>I inhaled sharply and gave a quick answer. ”I was indisposed, Now what is it that you wanted to ask me?”
>She scoffed but continued on. “You are needed on the bridge, Your Phaerakh Demands your audience.”
>I must have voiced my displeasure across the line as she spoke more harshly soon after.
>”Now Cryptek, afterwards you and I will have a long discussion.”
>I cut the line and headed up for the command bridge.
File: Your move scrub.jpg (64 KB, 946x720)
64 KB
>Everyone that mattered was on the bridge.
>It seems her eminence Phaerakh Savarekh is on the screen-
>Oh it looks like Every time I think about her it forces me to put words of grandeur before I think of her name.
>I Reflexively prostrate myself before her, I swear I hear a small “heh” over the line.
>”My Phaerakh, how may I say.” With thinly veiled disgust.
>”It seems you've brought back a great Boon to MY dynasty.” She boldly announced.
>I felt pangs of anger bubble up. ”Something like that, yes.”
>”But before you come to us I believe there was something promised to me upon the retrieval of Just ONE of the fortresses.”
>All eyes fell on me, I could hear curses, surprised gasps, and a faint chuckle from the assembled necron on the bridge.
>This was a breach of all rules of etiquette.
>I was basically demanding what was owed to me, which in polite society according to the necrons, is NEVER done.
>You don't demand something from a Phaerakh, but now I’ve made it abundantly clear there was something that Phaerakh had that I wanted.
>The rest of my brain.
>The next body only took a nice 13 years
>It wasn't better... rather held to the same standard as the last one
>She too was satisfied with her new body
>Before... teleporting out?
>I... didn't know I installed some sort of teleportation tech into her (wait will they all have it?)
>Screw it, I am going to take half a decade rest
>Then I'd finish the other four
>Apperently we would be at the tombworld in a few months
>That's nice...
>Maybe I can request a few crypteks to help me
>But then I'd have to deal with politics...
>Yea, no.
>That is a battle I am not willing to enter or mingle with (if at all possible)
>Until I am well versed in the cultures and understand such strange processes.
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth.
>Endless appreciator of the Bane of Talassari
>This Movie Marathon was… inspirational.
>Fictitious stories, almost all of them staring these alien ‘Human’s.
>In each of these choreographed theatrics, I make note of similarities and differences between our cultures.
>Overlord Trazyn, master of the-
>The Overlord waves the sign for abridged protocols, much to my relief.
>He appears taken by shock when we view the ‘Mummy’, a story heavily inspired by…
>…Our… Culture…
>From the shape of structures, the castes of our people, and the burial rites of old.
>I audibly gasp as I see a corruption of our writing and philosophy be displayed so… Casually…
>Chari, despite his blank faced expression, also shows intrigue, though he had never seen any Necrontyr in the flesh.
>I continued watching, and drew inspiration as well as a feeling of foreboding.
>Not so much a ‘feeling’ as it once was, more a deeply seated Sub-algorithm for threat assessment.
>…Overlord Trazyn’s constant commentary fills the breaks between the movies.
>Or… If he’s particularly intrigued, in the middle of the movie via interstitial messaging.
>I soon find myself sitting in an engrammatic court-room with Overlord Trazyn pointing out comparisons and theories WHILE I’m watching the movies.
>Luckily, I have the ability to split my consciousness, and am able to entertain the overlord.
>Other Royal Wardens, Nemesor Agakhet, as well as several of Overlord Trazyn’s crypteks join us in this interstitial meeting.
>And here I thought I was just going to enjoy some theatre…
File: 1413124983637.gif (1.55 MB, 217x224)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB GIF
>The movies come and go with highpoints of action, or low depths of emotional trauma.
>Emotion, hard to properly quantify it in the unliving state we find ourselves in.
>But it does provide us with something of a… ‘simulation’, so to say, many Immortals crying out during scenes of the death of offspring, or cheers emanating from the Deathmarks (a surprise in and of itself) when a powerful foe is taken down by expert marksmanship.
>In the end, the constant barrage of new information (as well as keeping Overlord Trazyn from spiraling into a deep, theoretical hole regarding character story and historic significance) is staggering.
>And then, it was over.
>I blinked when no more voting options appeared.>
>We were… done, it seems.
>Checking my Chronograpth, we spent over seven years watching these movies.
>This was… A usual length for but a /single/ Necron historic reenactment…
>But in these seven years, we watched /thousands/ of movies…
>Several were repeated on request of the audience.
>In the end, I was left with a desire for more of this, as I have grown quite interested in the continued stories. (Or, that might be Overlord Trazyn talking through me…)
>As I righted myself from my chair, limb actuators groaning from disuse, I prepared myself for my usual duties.
>Though, the requests by my Immortals to ‘train in <insert movie scene’s martial arts>’ was… less than expected.
File: MJpopcorn.gif (232 KB, 267x200)
232 KB
232 KB GIF
The necrons chuckling and enjoying the show
>The next three decades are filled with… An odd mix of sensations.
>Dulled as our emotions may be, the fragmentary mnemonics of our past, as well as the recent injection of foreign but ultimately welcome sensation, has reinvigorated our people.
>The Immortals discuss the movies at length, and many of our training sessions deviate from the codes of combat in order to emulate strategies and combat moves shown in the theatrics.
>Years are spent to dissect, understand, recreate, and perfect these tactics and attacks.
>Those that prove redundant, dangerous, or ineffective, are discarded, often only retained within Engrammatic recollection as ‘references’ for what not to do…
>…Or when the Immortals desire to reference the movie it comes from.
>Those that /have/ proven to be useful, are meshed into pre-existing combat codes, and we managed to improve the outcomes in simulated combat scenarios by this intergration.
>Overall, a worthwhile investment of the seven years of watching, I would say.
>After 33 years, roughly, I am called by Lady Executioner Philias to attend the meeting at the primary command bridge.
>It appears that I, along with two other Hemmenth Royal Wardens, am to represent them during this meeting.
>I was confused as to why I was chosen, as I could name several others of my peers which would be more suited for political observations.
>It appears I was chosen for my connection to Overlord Trazyn, and presence in several key battles.
>Resigning at this, I accept the invitation, and phase-translate through to the outer walls of the Bridge.
>Phase Translation Corridors have during the last fifty years been implemented in each of the Fortresses, and even with interstitial connection between them is now possible.
>With this, any more invasions of our Fortresses will likely be impossible.
>As the Lychguard let me pass into the chamber, I find High Transmogrifier Ishskar of the Voehtek, the one called ‘Awakener’, prostrate himself before a projected image of the Praerakh of the Voehtek.
>…Odd… No automatic honorifics are applied to her...
>I appeared to be late to the meeting of this court of sorts.
>I walked up to stand between my brethren of the Hemmenth, which sent me the information I did not get due to my… preoccupation.
>Why did they select me?
>Irrelevant questions, I absorb the provided mnemonics and mull them over in a few short seconds as my Chronosense heats my cranium for a few moments.
>As time flows back, I am up to date, and I listen to the Cryptek whom started this entire campaign be spoken to by his Lady.
>”It seems you've brought back a great Boon to MY dynasty.” She states in a…
>Regal is not the word, but some manner.
>The emphasis on the possessive doesn’t fit right with me, either.
>I squint and banish these insecurities, she is the Phaerakh of the Voehtek, we are HER vassals.
>What happens next shocks me to my reactor’s core, causing a spike in activity and a flickering of light in my oculars.
>High Transmogrifier Ishskar just breached the Necron Dynastic Codes of Etiquette.
>To speak of his due before his own Phaerakh.
>My hand clenches hard on the grip of my Relic Gauss Blaster (Holding weapons during court is usually not permitted, but I just translated in from training…)
>My metal fingers push dents into the grip as I restrain myself from screaming bloody murder.
>An interstitial message from one of my brethren stills me, however.
>”Why… Are we not calling the Phaerakh by her name, dear Zahnrakh… And why can this Cryptek speak so openly to her?”
>His comments flood over my engrammatics like liquid coolant, which likely happened in reality too.
>Why indeed…
>Be G2B1-0005 Warlock
>We have begun to experience difficulty as we made our way through the halls
>There are too many G1’s cluttering up the major paths to the auditorium
>Myself and the others began to send troop requests to Firstkha
>This worked for a time, letting us send the G1’s out of the hall or into single-file lines
>As we got closer, the amount of droids we had to request increased dramatically
>Loathe as I was to strain my processor like this, I request about 1000 G1’s from Firstkha
>The request is denied
>That’s new…
>Firstkha normally hands G1’s out freely as long as he is operational
>Check The First’s active registry in my HUD; Firstkha is still operational
>What the hell is going on then?
>Suddenly a Tactical Redeployment blip appears on my HUD
>No sooner than confirming the redeployment, all the G1’s holster their blasters in unison
>The G1’s move as one towards us
>Oh shit shit shit shit
>I go for my sidearm but its too late, the G1’s have grabbed me
>I go completely rigid, at the touch of the G1’s
>I… I can’t think past this moment, I can’t move
>I cannot see, access my HUD, nothing
>Stuck, trembling in place as I assume the G1’s move me somewhere
>Its Cold
>So Cold
>Then Nothing
File: Danger danger.jpg (84 KB, 1718x1052)
84 KB
>My body was hoisted into the air and slammed with a resounding clang of metal on stone.
>Phillias was pinning me down on the ground. “I Knew you lacked decorum cryptek but this is even beyond you.”
>”What achievement makes you think you can look down upon your Phaerakh?” Her voice was a barely contained hiss against my ear.
>At that moment tremors rumbled through the fortress, the cool blue of the inner chamber suddenly shifted to a deep red.
>Dozens of warnings flashed across my ocular lens.
>”What’s Happening?!” I heard Savarekh bark over the link.
>I was undamaged by Phillias thanks to the Sempiternal Weave that was bonded over and between my atoms.
>I spoke softly over the sudden commotion. “Phillias, release me-”
>”Please.” I added quietly.
fortress-chan is angry and might be a little possessive.
Ohh the fortress mommy is displeased with the dommy mommy
does ishy have a robo waifu harem??
File: choking you.jpg (469 KB, 1018x1000)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
>She lifted me up so I could at least look at the face of the Phaerakh.
>Slowly she removed her herculean grip from neck.
>She shot me a death glare, her deathmask unflinching.
>She didn't need to say anything to let me know I needed to speak carefully.
>The Phaerakh broke the silence. “I don't need to tell you what any further brazen insubordination or disrespect will yield for your existence.”
>She lifted something into view, a Hyperphase blade of exceptional make.
>I felt something inside me stir.
>”Yes my Phaerakh.” I bowed my head.
>”You will be given your Little prize cryptek, but disturb me no more on the matter.” she let out a slight huff, it sounded like annoyance to even be talking to me.
>”Follow the orbit of the gas giant, those Fortresses combined would disturb the gravitational rotation of any tomb world within my domain.” A new flight path was given to my Voidmancer.
How the fuck is he not dead yet?
ok? why was he being stupid there? Did he just forget who he was talking to? Or did he just really bet his life just to be snarky for a moment? Being important will only protect you for so long, just don't talk to the silent king that way or prepare to get atomized.
Unless anon has something in store for why ish suddenly acted out, he was just holding the idiot ball.
That and something else im writing up.
why cryp didn't just let the fortress kill philias?
Bad idea #1... because she'd kill him first
Also IF ish survived he'd just basically made an enemy out of the entire council... and by extension the entire necron race. (exept for maybe Chari)

It's also true that Phillias brings a lot to the table, if Ish stays on her good side.
this feels like being a human and dealing with the bullshit of the eldar
trust me... necrons are far worse in their own ways when compared to how eldar do things.

Also, remember Cryptek Anon... IS A HUMAN (at least in soul)
Auramite plot armor.
Same as the ultrasmurfs.
>After... the event (where the lights turned red, and then reverted to white. Not the light blue it was usually)
>Several weeks will pass on our way to the home- I mean tomb world
>Seeing the planets gave me many ideas
>Like capturing any energy from our gas giant storms (if there are any storms happening there at all)
>However I now have time to build a lab assistant
>It also helps I can use the fortresses processing power freely in the designing process
>Took me a solid 10 years to design (within the simulated SW), work out the kinks in the programming, implementing as much sensors I can on it, and getting the joints to be as precise as possible (It also helps that the processing power is primarily used for sensors and not much else)
>While I was in there I also considered constructing myself a new body
>Because why not... the necroid is very useful... but it can be better
>Plus it also helps that I have a long ass time to design it here
>With barely any time passing outside...
>Well then... I'll build my new body after my lab assistants are done
>But until then... lets have a go at this (and yes I will also find ways to refine my current necroid body so the two are on the same level)
>The insurance would be nice to have because I am honestly not too sure my necroids can reanimate (or teleport back to the forges, for that matter)
File: Necron chess.jpg (2.94 MB, 5184x3456)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
>The Phaerakh terminated the line.
>Phillias finally let me stand upright.
>”You continue to test my patience cryptek, This isn't amusing.” She hisses.
>”I Will try not to in the future my executioner, but I had reason for this lack of decorum.”
>”Elaborate Ishskar, before I grow tired of your snakes game of schemes.” she ordered.
>I cleared my throat unnecessarily. “It gives you reason to be there, reason to witness what dealings the Phaerakh engages in.”
>She was quiet after that.
>I had just ensured the security of my brain, the Phaerakh would have no chance to destroy my brain with phillias watching her closely now.
>And if she reveals to phillias that im a technomandrite she’ll go down with me.
>Mutually assured destruction.
File: Dangerous creation.png (42 KB, 743x249)
42 KB
>We arrived at the gas giant, already we got a ping of several fleet vessels heading our way.
>The voidmancer noted the Phaerakh’s tomb ship heading our way.
>She was to dock down on my first fortress.
>I would await her on the docking bay, a Full honor guard and Phillias would accompany to meet the Phaerakh.
>I noted several constructs were in attendance to greet her as well.
>I noted several unusual scarabs amongst the tide of scarab swarms.
>I don't remember bringing them, I gave them a quick scry.
>And my stomach sank.
Will the legions of b1 droids be there as well?
god it will be INTERESTING when she realizes that Every single b1 is looking at her... AND THEY AREN'T NECRONS
This doesn't mention those few B1's (in the second generation) who seem to take 'orders' and dull them down into more 'suggestions' while still trying to be creative.
... well, reinterpret on how to execute those orders to better the outcome.
Today is just, not my day.
I'm somewhat gun-shy when it comes to Discord, so apologies if this has been mentioned and explored: exactly how infested with mindshackle scarabs were the Eldar POW's when they were returned, and how adept would the Eldar be at detecting them?
So ignore the weird crazy bitch? I can do that
File: Scarab.png (89 KB, 311x283)
89 KB
>Cortical Subjugator Scarabs.
>I ordered them to disperse, hide to leave the dock.
>I couldn't risk Phillias or really anyone discovering them.
>They had been created by me at some point, I had no memory of making something like that.
>I had no idea I had something like that in my arsenal.
>My nerves eventually calmed as the tombship slowly flew into the docking bay, it hardly took up any space within the fortress.
>It took a few minutes before she disembarked, accompanied by a full honorguard that easily dwarfed our own forces.
>This blatant display of power felt more petty than intimidated.
File: concern.jpg (117 KB, 1280x1142)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
>We toured the fortress for weeks.
>I had the fortress rebuild certain facilities and hide the vaults being encountered.
>She observed many of the advancements I had made, and the countless masses of cheaply produced units.
>She was inquisitive and often ask for clarification on the functions of the fortress, or if its technology could be blended with our own.
>Her presence along with phillias was suffocating.
>For now I would TRY and follow Dynastic etiquette.
>After having shown her the ship's Translation center she finally gave the order I was dreading.
>”Take me to the Command center.”
Is there a post I missed that would explain why it seems more time between posts?
It's been a long ass time since I've been here to read this.
Thanks for this Anon.
Also my ID has changed again...ugh. Seems like it changes a lot, or just every now and then when my IP changes. And no. I'm not using a VPN to post. The Board doesn't allow it.
anon your id changes from thread to thread, for example, in
a thread a you're (id1) and in another you're (id2)
Wait dwarfed our forces in quantity... Or quality. (Also please tell me you didn't tell the phearokh about Chari)
Both? maybe?
Why is it so slow I remember it being faster. Less time between posts?
I've had less motivation to write these days. I'm definitely burned out on writing. I can hardly bring myself to write more than 2 posts each day.

It may be time I just stop for a good while if ill be honest.
I love your series along with cup anon, I really do love your story so if you need to give yourself a short break I don't mind just don't disappear like aforementioned cupanon
You put out a ton of content already, don't force the last bit, for a weak ending. Take time off, don't feel pressured to keep a trail of threads going.

Just come back one day and let us see Cryptanon's culmination of destiny. When you're ready.
Take a break! Drop the discord link again so the discussion stays alive though.
Oh no. Is Ish worried because monkey bros are at the command center?
Na m8 they were pokéballed so they good
Incorrect. I've had 2 in this very thread. >>4873286
Those were the first two I made in this thread and then the last two

Yes. IT IS ME.
And it's changed again.
File: 1524693528710.png (25 KB, 398x487)
25 KB
yeah it happends to me too when i change from network to network repeatedly
thread dead?
more like asleep, cryptek anon is just taking a break before continuing.
Is he gonna sleep for 60 million years like the rest of the necrons
i don't know when is he coming back but on discord he said he is writing a lot
File: s-l500.jpg (16 KB, 490x500)
16 KB
>Be Talrendil Yltyr, Council Farseer of the world Miarisillion
>Things have begun to go wrong...
>High Farseer Yvralla Ulthrwal has long since left, calling in favors
>Her visions were, to us council members, utterly mad
>... But I remembered her words clearly
>”Fear the ghost with just one eye, All that we know shall come to die, the aeldari’s demise will come to rise, when new moon blots out our skies.”
>Now this was back when she was a warlock on our council... NOT a farseer
>However the Waggghhh of Heavenly Ascension both proved she was indeed a skilled seer and had the abilities
>I barely threw any support for her
>It was only shortly after her departure that the council began experiencing... problems
>Nothing in the physical, rather seeing became much more unclear
>We could see events that would happen tomorrow with perfect clarity as always
>But if we looked centuries down the line it was as if a thick fog had been laid out before the tapestry
>Some might even say that the tapestry was burnt by... something?
>It only got worse as Yvralla was found by the webway gate (clearly wounded)... with a venerable wraithseer
>A strange mask of even stranger designed had also been found on her person
>We had asked many questions to the wraithseer, while Yvralla was unconscious and recovering in a temple of Isha
>The answers we received were disturbing
>The Enemy... was back
>And they had claimed one of The Talisman of Vaul
>But we now had a name for the one-eyed ghost... Ishskar, the one who we believed she had warned us about
>But the strangest thing was that IT HAD A SOUL, while the others seemed to lack their own (much like how the stories stated)
>It was also the one to break the tapestry of fate... SOMEHOW!?
>While it was unclear how it did this... The wraithseers soul seemed... heavier (same with Yvralla)
>Like she was cursed with a burden most taxing
>Before we could ask any more questions and discovered what exactly was the problem, Yvralla awoke
>She seemed almost maniacal in how she quickly set things up
>An army was being prepared to take the fight to the enemy and take a Talisman before they claimed anymore
>However a few of her ships came back... damaged but returned with our kin
>They spoke a horror I didn't want to accept
>The enemy now had two talismans in their hand
So, ya, is this post actual still alive, or is it like in a eternal sleep?
the thread or my eldar pov?
bruh, post more shit if you got ideas.
File: megaspooky.jpg (92 KB, 774x1032)
92 KB
Cryptek, feel free to redact this at your leisure.
>Phaerakh Savarekh of the Voekhet dynasty is my mistress.
>I am Qernet of the infinite repose, maid-servant of my mistress.
>She saw fit to bestow a joke title, playing on my tardiness to enact the dubious edicts of my mistress.
>I have obtained and transmitted records of that troublesome Cryptek Ishskar, who was a longtime captor of my mistress's attentions.
>His development of the star charts, the movie night and the growing eccentricities of Voekhet subjects after these events.
>My lady has studied these movies in detail. She has even gone so far to order me to identify the locale of these necrontyr-morphic creatures that bear so many similarities to our former fleshy forms.
>It is clear that these humans were achieving basic starflight while their culture was also mounted on quadroped animals or warring with themselves with fire that they love smelling in the morning??
>These creatures are clearly insane but they must have their charms.
>The star system when it is portrayed is a single sun with at least 6 orbitals, one in the habitable region that has large amounts of water, continental land masses and atmospheric cloud cover.
>Parse Ishskar's charts looking for such a system...
>Over 70 results.
>Phaerakh Savarekh of the Voekhet dynasty orders investigation deployments of the smallest and swiftest craft to each system. She has given sealed orders under mnemonic encryption that will unlock on arrival.
File: barren.jpg (25 KB, 590x332)
25 KB
>30 years pass until I arrive at the first system. It was relatively close and my hibernation was not long.
"Resst well, my lady?" one of the warrior escort asks.
>I swear I can see his smirk on his face That bastard, I will get... compliance with my mistress orders and directives.
>The planet we have arrived in-system at is a foggy place full of mucky airborne microbes and with surface temperatures barely above the freezing temperature of water.
>I must comply with my mistress's edicts and demonstrate I have been here before I receive another title. Samples will be collected.
>The warrior is ordered to run full scanner sweeps finding all biomass. These microbes will be insufficient to placate the mistress.
>Warrior finds cavern systems with the geophysic and biophysic scanners that host more complex life... warm-blooded life..
>These must be precursors to large quadropeds used as mounts? There are the required auditory, olfactory/respiratory orifices and ocular organs show on screen. The tail is different and appears fleshy.
>No matter. The Phaerakh will be appraised of this discovery.
"Warriors, excavate those caverns, collect those specimens for stasis!"
"Yesss.. Mistressss." I heard from the same warrior. I swear he turned that sss to a zzz.
>Their eccentricities grow intolerably.
>The lowly constructs departs and returns a year later with filled specimen jars. How efficient. I didn't have time to think of a plan to eject them into the sun.
>The mistress's orders unveil. The planet must be sterilised. We are supplied a void container that will suck the atmosphere and render the surface vulnerable to cosmic radiation.
>The mistress does say that revenge is a dish best served... cold like a frozen wasteland.
>The remaining cavern dwellers must have at most 30 rotations before they choke and freeze.
File: atlantis.jpg (322 KB, 1400x900)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
>This planet is dealt with.
"Proceed to the next destination, alert me on arrival. I will be in my chamber."
"Yess, mistresss, pleasse come back refresshed."
>Wait, what did he say? Nevermind, I will not play these games. This trip wears on me.
46 years later
"Mistress, we are here, please commence reawakening protocols."
>Curious, a new warrior has taken the fore. Wait, where is the other one? Ah, I see.
"Mistress, we have located the continental planet, in a 10 planet system. The planet is actually a binary with a slightly small airless orbital tidally locked. I have taken the liberty of preparing the scans and found disturbing reptilian creatures not unlike the ancient foe but they are degenerate, without intelligence."
>Great snakes! The Phaerakh never planned for this event!
"Mistress, a warrior party has taken liberty of evacuating the craft to prosecute an extermination campaign in the glory of Voekhet."
"Rescind that party, I have a better plan in mind.." That binary planetoid gives me an idea..
>We have not the weaponry to enact full scale devastation, but we have the complement of weapons and gravity tethers befitting a small craft. There is an asteroid belt near the gas giant..
"Warrior, set a course for a suitably massive asteroid. We will haul it back and throw it at these Slann-like mockeries."
"With pleasure, mistress. Iron-asteroids will stress our tether, but will ensure maximum planetary penetration if we can tow it to 0.1 times the speed of light before release. They shall feel our girth deeply."
>Uh OK then. Do that. The eccentricities grow. The cohort has not reappeared yet, but I have been told will return before the asteroid.
"Warrior, tell me what will happen if the warrior party does not recall with enough time to spare?"
"Running simulation mistress..The impact will have devastating effects on the megaslan- fauna, mistress. The earth will rupture spawning volcanoes emitting the outer vestiges of the deep, the sunlight will be blocked by dust clouds, killing all but the most base of flora. It will both simultaneously cook and freeze eliminating all but the most tenacious of life."
"How could we guarantee such an outcome, warrior? We do not have the luxury of time to both appease our Phaerakh, blessed be her name, and be thorough."
"Mistress, we did collect sufficient specimens of the furred creatures from the blasted planet earlier. Surely our Phaerakh will understand the needs of the situation before us and they could be released to be our agents of the great enemies' demise."
>Such brilliance in a warrior. I had not thought the mental capacity would be present, to plot such devious plans. This one would need watching.
>Where were the rest of those blasted warriors anyway? Oh there's the evacuation craft docked now. Why are some missing their guns? No matter, the fauna was large and warriors are scarred. I have no interest in lingering to recover such banal items or risk my person. What could leave such scars?
File: necron graffiti.jpg (81 KB, 780x439)
81 KB
"Mistress, the tether may be released, now that the asteroid is on trajectory at speed."
"Good, continue with departure preparations. Deploy the furry warmblood specimens to a region similar to their birth. We shall leave our present behind in stasis to survive these ruptures and thrive in this environment. All on this world shall adapt or perish!"
"Compliance, mistress. There are valleys that should shield such creatures from the worst effects. 20 years is the limit of our equipment when separated from shipboard systems, and should grant additional chance of survival."
>This is ignored with an affirmative shrug and nod. Such chatter when I am of the mistress's court.
>Instead the asteroid captures my attention. In barely the time it took for that conversation, the asteroid had eclipsed the 4th red planet that... sent a terrible feeling.
>I did not know that was possible. This hasn't been felt ever. Like a premonition of what was to happen at this location? Something of great and terrible, terrible power with a hatred that eclipses all things reached out from the Void.
>My Phaerakh sometimes radiated this feeling when I had not cleaned the royal chambers of all scrap molecules. Or when I got too close to the warscythe.. but the magnitude was something else.
>Curious. The premonition faded as did the feeling leaving an odd sense of loss. More curious.
>Looking back at the planet, there are odd markings on the planet that were not there when we arrived. What have those warriors been up to anyway??
"Warrior, tell me of those signs on the surface. Now."
"Yess, mistresss.." Great this one. "We would let all the ancient foess know who did thiss unto them and to know their place in the universssse."
"Clean it now, we will not it have known or merit repercussions to the dynasty. In fact, we will doctor evidence of the impact site and set all planetary record to millions of years before we arrived."
"Mistresss, I fail to ssee the point.."
"In fact we will blame the ancient foe! We will point to them calling this upon themselves. We will pin the blame on one of their kind.. if we can think of a slann name? I need suggestions now!"
"Ribbit?" "Croak?" "Kerokero?" "Huah-Huah?"
"Are you even trying?"
"Kekuit?" "Chihuahua?"
"They're not bad, but Kekuit is necron."
"Ah yesss, then Chixuluv, mistresss?"
"Are you proposing to me? By the great tomb! This is too hard. Fine. We will make it known that Chixuluv the slann brought this on himself. I can't believe the people I have here. The competent warrior will see to that."
>Finally. I get a front row seat to the destruction. The ship raced out and ahead of the asteroid at superliminal speed to the planet.
>The tether pulled the earth along the graffiti site dispersing the markings. May the creatures coming upon this never come back to scar us...
File: Chicxulub-Anomaly.jpg (52 KB, 381x516)
52 KB
>Setting back the ship to anchor with this enormous 'moon', I was able to see firsthand the disaster wrought.
>The atmosphere flared, winds rushed, clouds twisted, the planetoid actually shook!
>Glowing lines of power shone through the crust as the earth buckled revealing the energy of fusion within. Volcanoes started up, belching their dust and covering more area than the cloud above and expanding from the impact site.
>Visible spectrum may be blocked but the infrared and higher-order magnitude spectra told a fascinating story. Winds racing around the planet in an rotation period or less. The land buckling inward under pressure and forming new seas, archipelagoes in an instant.
>New land masses appearing from the vacated place of the old seas.. but we must not dally.
>Our mistress, the Phaerakh Savarekh of the Voekhet dynasty awaits us. We have half of the furry creatures in the stasis hold and will no begrudge us, I am sure.
>The red planet holds my thoughts once more. I will need to consider how this is conveyed carefully, if at all. My mistress holds no patience for fools who offer nothing.
That is petty as all hell and the Phaerakh would totally do that.

Btw I'm not dead, work, family, and an ear infection kinda have all my attention. When I get the time I'll be dropping a new thread.
Looking forward to it, thanks!
I've greatly enjoyed the threads and posts from you and other contributors, like Chari, Mask, Khainite, Krork, Bumptek and the Tired Immortal. I hope this can return the favour at least a little.

Also on the upside, the captchas are no longer as much AIDS.
File: holdon.jpg (13 KB, 225x225)
13 KB
Huh, so in spite filled orders of phaerakh they dropped an iron asteroid and drained atmosphere of earth... while also dropping invasive mammal species to the plant huh... wait a minute...

Massive reptiles known as dinosaurs which would prevent long lived large mammal population needed to evolve humanity - dead by asteroid falling into truly unfortunate almost too precise location.

The iron core of the planet probably from almost purely metallic asteroid hitting earth giving it its magnetic field which prevents most problems that killed mars.

Giant insects which only lived due to over 30% oxygen dying out or evolving into smaller forms due to oxygen levels dropping.... Void container sucking up oxygen...

Huh guys Egyptians were right with that whole Gods made this land for us (by total accident and in opposition to their goals) and even repaired a hole in the sky, which was draining the air (shoddy broken void box) while banishing demons and spirits (Giant lizards and insects)

Certain Cryptek is going to laugh his ass off and certain paherakh is going to be pissed i guess.

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