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**Game 5 of Nations Role Play GMed by Lux**

The show goes on.

>Updates will be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
>Players will have one (1) turn per update, two (2) actions per turn
>If a Player misses a turn, he will receive one (1) make-up action the next turn
>No limit on diplomacy or lore posts
>Initiating a battle requires an action, but subsequent posts are free
>Once every six (6) turns players may ask the OP for a rumour
>Game is currently around the Medieval era, and includes Magic
>Rushing, Meta-gaming, & otherwise Unsportsmanlike behaviour will be punished
>OP's word is final

We are not currently taking new players, though people may join as Nations fall
All are free to spectate; the Discord - F2Patcf

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4788034/
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> Action 1: The City of New Venezia
Spurred on by the stories of Venezia from the old world plans are made to rebuild it in the nations Far West at the entrance of the canal.

A city on the entrance of the canal built in the sea where people have to move between houses in boats. It is going to also be the home of the rabbitfolk POW's from the last war which have started to integrate into Danderfey society.

> Action 2: The Sun Cult
Create a subsect of the Druidist (Bandruii) faith which centers around the sun and perseverance of purity and order. it shall incorporate or mimic many elements of the native rabbitfolk religion. The goal is to have the rabbitfolk POWs and their descendants convert to the faith and become loyal servants of the Queen having been given a new faith and purpose.

"Praise the sun!"
Fluff: With no more assailants, they relax properly now, adjusting to work on internal affairs for some time. With the undeniable recent defeat it only means we need to focus on bringing the nation to a new glory, and with it, a new age for both medicine, and combat. Mages and Soldiers are to be granted rest for their service, and work begins on finding out how to make the cost of magic more viable.

1 action: Silver mines
Make them bigger, the economy needs a boost

1 action: Full Body examination
Taking the body of a rabbit that has recently gone to the moon, take it apart and examine it. As they enter a new body, this old one wouldn't due anyhow so examining it and learning from it is the best that we can do. Perhaps it can give insight into how to better gear and aid both mages and civilians through knowledge of medicine.
The first of Colonial Guardsman Shan Mrek Vay's journals have been submitted to Dren Vay-Sah, and after bringing the information to the attention of the Daiimad at large. Written inside were details about the wider races of most of the world, as well as recommendations for dealings with various races. One thing in particular he recommends is the adoption of a new style of dress for the Colonial Guard. A basic uniform of Wool, colored in a slate gray, and a patch on the shoulder of the FHR/HCA's Flag. With ongoing reforms in the Colonial Guard already underway, assembled forces in uniform clothing in such a militaristic apperance would be a massive propaganda boom. Thus, production of such uniforms is approved. In addition, he believes that the species known as the "Dander", while physically reliant on being pacifisic else they quite literally will waste away and die, may possess firearms centuries in advance of the HCA, if the weapon possessed by their Queen is not a mere one off like she suggests. While this is undoubtibly the opinion of one soldier, the possibility cannot be overlooked.
1. Handcannons are good, but all in all, they are still relatively primative. We don't know what the extent of Danderfey firearms are, what they're capable of, but we know that they are advanced. This cannot be allowed to stand. Varke and Dzen are tasked with production on a new, more advanced model of gun.

2. Slavers, disgusting elves apparently to our south. The HCA's policy on slavers is clear; all must be killed. No quarter, no mercy. Ships are to be gathered, ones of our own make. Ships capable of landing forces onto land, and pushing back off. After such is done, we follow the map we have recieved from the "Dybet" to their location. Cannons will provide an initial ship-to-shore bombardment to soften up defenses, then forces are to be landed, and the annihilation of their race begins. Only those who had been slaves are to be spared, and seperated from those who were their "masters"
Diana hears news from her priestesses, the weird folk to the far north really hate slavers, and they have heard of Neleye to the east. However, this is quite the coincidence. Jafa had told that our blade should point north, then east. We have dealt with the bunnies to the north, and now we have elves to our east. Furthermore, these elves are rude, pompous and... they live in a fellow desert valley. Our marines struggled to operate in the frozen north, but this is home territory.

Action 1: Move northern fleet down south, and naval invade Neleye.
People underestimate the power of the navy. Those city walls will do nothing to stop us from simply sailing into their port and disembarking. Normally the small quantity of marines would struggle to fight the city garrison, but when each marine is a 10 foot tall giant clad in bronze and armed with Moleman steel, that's not so hard. Besides, the marines have difficulty finding work guarding merchants with how flooded the market has become in their absence. So this will be good work.

Action 2: Teach the Children of Fanw in Prenhearn, Albionic.
These fellow wolf people, people who aren't albino freaks, are most interesting. They also don't glare at us with every opportunity, so, let's try having a talk with them, but first, we need to teach them how to speak Albionic. We have scrolls to teach their neighbor to speak it, so it shouldn't be that different. We are certain that they have vowels too.
Action 1: Declare war on the Tanglegarden

The pixies have masqueraded as friends to the forest but now their true nature is revealed, and they will suffer for their crimes.

Stage one of the war is to evict the tanglegarden residents from all of our currently occupied land before making any further incursions to their land.

Using florakinesis destroy their homes in the trees, and shred them with violent branches and leaves representing the fury of the forest for being poisoned.
Those Fae unlucky enough to be near Valmad are the worst hit by florakinetic weaponry, as the elder tree is aided by dryad magics to exact its divine vengeance against all who dare oppose it.

With the fact most of the fighting is taking place in the forest the fae have no hope of defending against such attacks, they must land eventually, and when they do come near the trees they shall be struck to the ground or have their fragile wings broken apart.

Uhu Owls fly out and devour the traitors, the natural predator of these insects swooping down and scattering faeries, devouring the many that are caught, and simply bodying others.

M’vaa Battletoads from the Dalu wetlands hop into battle and extend their mighty tongues to swallow up multitudes of fae, the bane of any small insect is the sticky tongue of a giant frog.
The thick and rocky hide of these beasties is too far different from that of dryad flesh or bark, and the natural poison resistance of the frogs will lead to the most important weapon of the Fey being neutralised.

Not even the ground will be safe for them, as beetles scour the ground for those who’s wings have been injured or otherwise are stuck below to trample or chew the fae found there to death.
The thick carapace of the beetles is far different to any dryad bark, and is impenetrable to any creature as weak as a fey, allowing these mobile tanks to do as they will.

All of this, without even mentioning the dryad military itself, who arm themselves with weighted silk nets to toss allowing them to pin large numbers of fae to the ground for beetles or other dryads to take care of.

Spirit Archers fire broad headed arrows which can weave to hit multiple fae per shot due to the spirits within guiding them to their targets, ensuring no volley is wasted.

The Fae would like to believe they may simply occupy the air to attack us when we are defenceless with impunity but they are totally mistaken.
Nets, birds, and arrows, the trees themselves attack our tiny foes, and we wear metal armour.

The healing waters are ineffective at rejuvenating dryads afflicted by the mould in the long term, but in the short term the cure functions perfectly, and there is no reason that holy waters may not be used on regular poisons or mundane injuries.
What waters we can gather are bottled and used as healing vials for this campaign.
The dryads already poisoned or infected are our most loyal and ferocious warriors, the memories of all their ancestors dying with them they are intent on unleashing bedlam on their foes.
They make insane deals with powerful spirits to acquire their aid on this campaign, for they have nothing left to loose, and should the need arise they may rejuvenate themselves to their former glory using the healing waters, though this is never permanent sadly.

Blackstone is available to us but it is unlikely to make too much of a difference, as any hit against a Fae will immediately kill them due to the strength and size difference anyway, but it is still something to consider.
It does free up iron and bronze for more armour however.
Go out, daughters of Sen, and expel the fae from all our lands, and with swiftness deny them any access to the apothecaries dream while securing Valmad.

A big advantage we possess is that we have actually been at war recently and replenished our losses from said combat giving us a wide pool of veteran soldiers to draw from that the tanglegarden cannot compete with due to being at peace for their entire existence. Mere training cannot prepare anyone for the true nature of war, experience trumps all.

Action 2: The War-Totem Valmad (1/3?)

Valmad is dying. It was believed for a long time that there was no hope for saving it, even the waters did not work for long, but then a Va’siya shaper came down to Valmad and proposed an act of madness.

To Totemise the entire spirit of an elder tree could be considered nothing less than madness, but the alternative is burning.
Losing the history of tens of thousands of dryads in fire.

The Carvil’ax’seset choose to preserve.

Once Valmad has exacted its great and terrible rage against its foes it is healed for a final time with the waters of the pool, before the entire elder council of the city alongside two of the council of Bandru and the shaper of Va’siya begin the great and magically taxing process of crafting up a vessel to take its spirit, the gestalt of tens of thousands of dead dryads over the years, from its body.

The creation of the great War-Totem Valmad begins, and once finished shall allow the magical might of the tree to take pure vengeance against all its foes. No totem has ever even come close to the complexity of the one we craft now, Valmads spirit is both the tree itself and all the dryads that died to give their energy to him and so the amount of detail, rare materials, care and craftsmanship needed on every part of it boggles the mind, but with our understanding of unseen geometry we feel, we know, that the task is within our reach.

They will rue the day that they unleashed Poxylos upon the forest.
> fluff: spiteful warriors
The imnaki are a hardy people, and their honor is strong enough to make most reckless acts seem perfectly logical if justified by a slight.
But even these people have their limits.
Decades upon decades of war have worn them, with what feels like little gains.
Now, the ruler’s of the underground turn to improving their realm, and not only their blades

> look for beasts to ride
The imnaki have long fought the inhabitants of their caves, exterminating and eating them, but now that the need to carry materials over huge stretches of land arises, perhaps one of these worthy foes can become an ally?

> create a new district to the capital, this time in the south. Name it Bolak
A new city is born! The first of many to come, and the first with altars to the Lady of the Deep decorated with blackstone and steel
>Action 1: Combat Stimulants
The research of the Faeries has come a long way through their poisoncrafting and apothecary studies. Now the Faeries seek to use the numerous plants and their observed properties to concoct a sort of combat enhancement drug like a steroid to allow the Faeries to wield their anti-armor weaponry without requiring a second fairy to help hold it.

>Action 2: Improve Metallurgy
Multiple missions assigned the academy have told us the same information: This iron material is our greatest weapon against the Treefolk. Familiar with how iron weaponry can vary in quality, the Faeries begin to experiment with creating an improved design, experimenting with the conditions such as heat and purity as well as mixing with things such as their herbs and silver.
1. Gobbu; A Lesson on Being Cultured: With the little tasty gobbus being friendly now, it's time to teach these primitives the Oni way! (Teach them the Oni tongue)
2. Making Pixs and Axes to Reap the Land: Build mines for gobbu friends whenever they go
A hiss, a veritable hiss! Badion Grunkup is overjoyed by such a simple sound to hear, a proof that perhaps his long... 'strangeness', his sons had put it... might finally be vindicated. He prepares to help this little one out of the egg, to welcome them to family and clan. A new little brother or sister for Glovan and Bavir. If he remembers rightly from his time among them, Meluz mainly ate meat? As well as preparing some milk and a little fruit just on the offchance, he has some pork diced, some lamb minced, and a rat fried and cut up; so that the little one can be given a meal once free - after so many Tyrns growing it must be hungry!

The Kalnthrunra goes forth as the goddess decrees, spreading the word of Æblemor's priestesses and the promises made. There is celebration across the land, a veritable feast of Apple pies!

>Action 1: Strengthened Wards and Charms
The Goddess has strengthened and empowered the abilities and knowledge of her priestesses to comfort and heal the Dwarves of the throng. A wonderful blessing! But work does not stop just because of holy revelation; indeed revelation is an impetus to strive and work harder. Since the Gyldenland, Æblemor's priestesses have scattered Appleseed and woven Appleroot and silver thread to provide protections for Gylden Dwarves; wards and charms to dispel the threat of curses and protect Dwarves from malicious magics. Now that communion with the goddess is restored, now that a suitable Temple stands again as their headquarters with a seam of spiraling silver within, the Priestesses work to improve and enhance these abilities as well.

>Action 2: Fort and Mine
Alum! The white, soap-scented stone was well known in the Gyldenland for the uses it held. A mine is dug, so that these uses can begin again. And in the south, where jungle gives way to sandy coastline along the banks of the Kaphypso, a fortress is raised near the mouth of the river. Ablemor's priestess ward the land before the work begins, and as the structure rises artisans in the employ of Guldfar's priesthood work the flaming face of the great god into the masonry in Voktorz, to look out with burning visage to east, west and south as both guide and warning for shipping. Though the mouth of the river is very wide, a couple of Dwarven ships have noticed some activity on the southern bank as they sailed on by. Large figures on the horizon, very large in some cases. By his beard... might there be native Cewri in this new world as well?

Fluff - News of the atrocious demons from the afterlife (for that is what the Do'laroshans believe the endless expanse of ice is) has the shadowfolk society in an upheaval. Under the orders of the High Shamans, who's influence has only grown greater and greater over the recent years, hunters and assassins make their way to the fort south of Is'lara. Being only a single fort, it is not large enough to house the full force, who instead make their way to Dusks' sanctuary to meet with the nearby Fraternian forces moving north.

>Action 1 - Upgrade the two forts in the east, along the road.
Meant to guard the trade road and serve to augment the blockade, the forts can unfortunately be seen from the lake, which will no doubt upset Achroma! With guidance from the Shamans, the forts are upgraded, shortening their profiles to make them no longer visible from the lake, instead relying on expanded underground networks to allow them to store more goods and house more Do'laroshans.

>Action 2 - (If an action isn't needed for the war preparations) Prospect the Turtle's territory. Any 10 hexes within their land, or adjacent.
The Turtle's are an people after the Do'laroshans own heart! Reserved, moderate in their volume and tone, and clearly mercantile, if their hurry to open a market is of any indication. Still, by their own admission, they have barely tapped into the riches that may wait beneath them! A gesture of good will show them our intent, and perhaps, find something that may comfort Achroma anew. Talk of a road, constructed to allow the shadowfolk, fraternians and turtles easier access to each other's lands, is brought up as well.

Fluff - The blockade of the road begins this turn, but is enforced only by a skeletal militia (since most have moved west to fight the Galli), the merchants and few shamans who are invested in the area. All goods brought through the road are seized, and people chased off and warned that they may no longer trespass so flippantly in Achroma's domain. The Dander coming from the blackstone quarry will be the main target for this.
Exceptions to the blockade include, of course, any Fraternians, Shadowfolk or Turtles transporting goods along it. Their goods will still be checked, but otherwise left alone unless some smuggling from a 3rd party is occurring.
Of the Blackstone coalition, only Simfuni are allowed to traverse the road past the blockades. They may bring no goods, and may only travel to and from the cave where they practice their stone-shaping. When possible, Shamans and guards will accompany them, to observe and ensure they do not stray from the path.
>Everlasting Waters

>Global Diplo
All royal members of the Green Straight are welcome to attend or send dignitaries to the funeral of King Pa'pa'tui, his body being entombed the Eye of Sigod, namely
>The Danderfey
>Big Boss- if he wishes
>The Drya
>the Fanwen- will send a ship explaining the event
After laying his elder father to rest, Pa'nele'Tui is coronated, and finishes his father's last work - the grand fleet of the Everlasting Tide, finalized with some fine gifts from the molemen. It is hoped that with this strength of their navy, his new kingdom can be well protected from all threats that come over the water.

Another farm for Maui'loti, and a road leading to Carcosa.
File: download (20).jpg (77 KB, 743x1076)
77 KB
1. Use the new materials as well as the old to alloy with irons in the metalleaf drya to research better steel leaves.
2. It has been long since the drya have experimented with a new breed but now the time has come again. This time there shall be an interesting purpose. Small bits of gold and silver, associated with the Giver and Shifting White respectively, shall add an attraction to the divine above while birds shall be hunted and added for their natural flight. The end goal shall be a drya that may flay through the sky as the birds do. This new breed shall be named the Dryasylph.

The Drya have been the guards for the city of Neyele since the last war; unwilling to trust the elves to simple self governance since they folded at the threat of siege. When it is clear that the ship entering port is a warband and not traders, which may come from the Neyele fort along the coast to the west or when they arrive, the Ents will move in practice to get in formation. The Dybet advantage in size and strength is meaningless against the Ents who are just as large and arguably stronger being born for the purpose of fighting. Their steel weapons would match against steelleaf armor, shields, and weapons. When the attack is known the Sonyakians, resting near the harbor and appearing as seaweed to those who don't know what to look for, will be called to action to strike at the enemy ships who have yet to dock or try to escape as well as drowning the enemies that try to swim beneath the waves.

A messenger will be sent back the Yadi and an army of the Drya will be gathered to deal with this enemy and a fleet of transport ships hauled by Sonyakians and free Sonayakians shall be sent to the Neyele harbor to stage there. War comes to the Drya again and so the Yadi stirs.
action 1 expanded into shadow folk land to split it as agreed to in diplomatic talks (see pic for detail)

though it took a lot of back and forth, and grumbling on both sides, after a long time of debating threatening, and general arguing, both the Fraternian and shadow folk agreed, the Fraternians and shadow folk would share the land, finally allowing for the Fraternian people to once more continue their expansion eastward, and keeping the promise of their forefathers

action 2 develop magic

Transfer Lifeforce: The caster harnesses the life force of the target, using control life force, they take life force from the target, and add it to that of the caster.

This spell is illegal to use on sapient beings except in the case of execution for a high crime, commonly the life force of animals bred to be drained are used of those of plants that need to be removed.
File: war post 1 it begins.png (71 KB, 674x1058)
71 KB
Nightmare war: the gathering storm
With the news Do'laroshan gave to the Fraternland Government, the growing threat cannot be ignored, the signs and descriptions of these demons of the north can’t be discounted, they are too close to those of the nightmares that very nearly took the old world. As such the peoples of Fraternitas will march to war once more, may Thistlepaw guide us in our righteous quest.

blue 1
the cities and smaller settlements within the nation are informed and rallied to the cause, the military units and reserve garrisons are being called up, they will rally and organize at fort Fraternia in preparation for the campaign north while the military marshaled and prepares for a campaign in the cold and frosty north, the government meets with the skeleton people of the north asking for accurate maps of the land north of them and for more details of how the enemy fights and operates. In the meantime, the navy of the crown is rallied for its own mission.

gray 1
The whole of the Fraternian fleet is rallied and called to the capital to launch a heavily armed and fully supplied expedition to the north to locate and nightmare infest strongholds.

gray 2
once the Expedition fleet has been formed up and supplied it will launch from the capital and sail, north on a mission to locate enemy waters and possible overrun settlements, this intelligence will be critical in the coming war.

>Learn the song of Nomos.
Nomos courts the attention of many Simfuni, as some idly listen to its song from the river banks and others splash around in its chilly embrace. Overtime there were those who would come to grow close to the river, and they would notice a rather remarkable trend. The waters that rushed pass were charged with emotion, not perhaps so much in the sense that it itself had any, but that it carried a strange trend to influence those around it. When the river flowed calm and smoothly during the winter, its gentle voice would set a soothing pace for the citizens of Theatra. After incredible storms, the river would roar furiously, and its rushing song would rile up the Simfuni with its tempo! This fascination lead to few curious Simfuni who would learn from Nomos, allowing themselves to flow with the river of their emotions instead of swimming against them.

>Prospecting new metals
It was during the act of Stone when the maestros encountered small deposits here and there within the mountain of strange and different ores apart from the copper they had grown used to. Though not in quantity to be of use, it still captured their interests. At the time there were greater things that needed their attention, and it was mostly left to memory. Recently the maestros find themselves with the time to visit the recounting songs of their predecessors of these metals, and believing there might be other metals hidden within the mountains, they travel along its stony hide listening for any hint of their faint voices muffled deep within.

With the strange group of deer clearly related to the hunter, some cruiosity is given to them, along with examination. For a short time an attempt to try and decipher what was said upon it's side was made yet after some time this would be given up. Considering the situation however, and how there was some concern as to what the meaning of their arrival was, a number of possibilities would come to be as to what they were. It could be a gift, a group of messengers of sorts, or perhaps a group sent to simply examine and check up on them. Regardless, presuming them to be a gift seemed unwise, and so, after a bit of time, some recently made bows would be given, along with seeing how the deer reacted to such, as perhaps they'd be able to take them back to the Hunter...Better caution then unintended chaos.

Other than this, a number of projects to better connect the colony with it's many buildings would be done. In an attempt to improve production, along with allow Iron to flow into the many cities of Prenhaearn faster, a number of roads would be created to connect to the many mines, farms, and various other buildings in the colony. It also would ideally speed up travel time and make expansion easier in the future, and ensure nice paved roads to allow smooth transport faster than normal. On a related note, the roads to the north would aid expansion there, as the mining industry in the colony ever grows and the idea of striking rich ore's grows. In fact one clan in particular has grown to be quite successful at finding things and claiming as much land and ore as they can, mainly helped by their unusual size for a non Brenhinol clan. Yet if they'll end up like Clan Nist remains to be seen as of now...

>Action One. Start construction on a number of stone roads to the various buildings, mines and farms.

>Action Two. Expansion
1. prospect territory. With new lands comes a potential new tribute source and so the goblins scour the lands for anything of worth.

2. Build two mines. Civilization slowly comes to the south. Around such valuble deposits such as gold some tribes are able to centralize wealth amongst themselves as they earn the favor of big boss and become capable of true trade with dybet instead of just raiding for supplies.
Action 1
The Turtles want to practice the fine art of digging holes in the ground, and getting good at it. Everything from mining, to entrenching, to tunnel warfare. Developing new inventions like a pump to pump water out of the mines, and steel claws for their strong hands so they can carve into the ground better, and better pickaxes and shovels and drill things.

2. Tandem to this, we will help carve and build a road for the Shadow people, who are aiding us in our mines. Cutting through forests and woods, laying gravel and stone, perhaps even digging through hills or mountains for tunnels, a fine way to refine our new skills we seek to learn.
File: map34.png (1.08 MB, 2048x2628)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

Once more the sun is darkened in the midday sky, though not a momentary blink, but a full hour of shadow. Even to those few who have studied the heavenly bodies, it is alarming, such an eclipse is unheard of! Are the Gods so aggrieved for the world?

In the western inlet of the Great Canal, spread across the bay there, the Dander set to work driving applewood piles into the muck. Over these are laid a series of alternating planks that support blocks of mountain-stone upon which the city may be built. With so much additional labour needed to found such a city, it is far smaller than most in this new world, but in time the wealth accumulated through canal tolls will, it is hoped, build New Venezia to glittering heights. It is to this watery prison that the captives of the Purity Wars are relocated, in hopes of ridding them of their terrible indoctrination, and integrating them into Danderfey society. The captives are kept well fed on imported rice from the Goblins, fish from both oceans, as well as plenty of sweet apples. A more major part of their efforts in this is to introduce a more familiar form of worship to them, one not of lunar hatred, but solar reverence. They are still cold to their captors, but at least they aren't always trying to stomp on the little Dander any more. (>>4858407) But oh, there are those among the canal-dwelling Gobbos who take to this faith also, for there exists within them some memory of a sun totem, revered in ancient Goblin lands far south.

[Full Moon]
[+3 PE]
The damage wrought by the impure against the silver mines is completely undone. Everything that can be done to increase supply has already been done, it may be time to further wade through the impurity of the world in search of new material. The empty vessels of those now upon the moon, those who had been within the mines, are brought to the city for proper disposal. Here another decree is fulfilled, one to understand the Rabbit body. Freezing temperatures had preserved those entombed, how strange that such things have aligned.
The mundane vessel which houses the true self is but a machine, one of flesh and bone. Beneath the skin lies muscle and tendon which move the limbs, beneath this meat lies bone upon which all is anchored. Like a marionette, the body can still be moved by the manipulation of the strings within. Inside the chest and belly is the stinking viscera, unfathomable cog. Dissection reveals the purpose of the stomach & entrails, and of the heart, lungs, and bladder. This still however leaves a pile of offal, connected all over with threads, tubes, and stringy gore, for which no use is immediately apparent in inanimacy. It may be perhaps necessary to vivisect, as well.

[+2 PE]
Jafa's word be done.
(>>4858303) Folk of similar kind, and they are accepting of learning. Very well, let them be taught the Dander-tongue.
A simple thing really, come to through trial and a little error, something from a distant past, brought back this tyrn. Matchlocks.
One cannot topple a nation with a navy of fishing boats. No something much larger, more cannoned, is in order. Work upon the first Colonial warships begins in earnest, to sink this slaver race. What else should one expect of Elves?

Let not a single buggering Faerie live.
To even think of such a thing in any other case would be, it cannot be put to words! But here, in this time when the only other option is to let the souls of an unknown number of Dryad simply blow away as ash, the unspeakable becomes a necessity. It takes an entire tyrn just to formulate the required ritual, gather the required resources, and calm the raging spirits.

A search for suitable Molerat steeds begins in the caves and tunnels.
>Spiders, and Centipedes, and Beetles (Oh my!)
While some can grow quite large by comparison, not one of them could be ridden by a runty pup, let alone a fully grown queensguard. Besides, they're all far too delicious to be used as cavalry.
>Salamanders and Olms
Of their variety, a single specimen could well be ridden, if it weren't aquatic and blinder than the Molerats themselves.
Oh no! Far too scary!
Perhaps the largest of them, could carry the smallest of Imnaki, but it's a matter of getting up there or bring them down here.
Beneath the forges there, the new district of Bolak is dug, much to the baffling amusement of many Dander.

The collected notes of the Apothecary's Dream, along with the folk-knowledge of the plants of the Tangle are brought together and studied in-depth. Concoctions of every imaginable combination are tried, resulting in more deaths than had been anticipated, before a suitable mixture is formulated; A guarded recipe of certain flowers, leaves, boilings, distillings, etc.. The resultant draught is a murky colour, smelling like a cess pit into which one has dropped a sprig of mint. The effect is instantaneous, a rush of adrenaline and untapped power, but for such a short time. For the imbiber invariably falls mid-flight, his heart not able to continue at such a pace. Is it worth it to use such a thing?
The first trials, a combination of the two metals, fails as they refuse to alloy, instead resulting in brittle mixture of the two shot through each other. Secondary trials, those of herbs, proves likewise futile. There is some hope in tertiary trials, those of wood, which strangely through pre-burning, results in hotter fires, and stronger iron. How strange.
(>>4858407) Let them speak Yuutsuna, not that scratchy garbled "language"!
Talks with the Goblins stalled for now as they learn the superior Oni language, another matter crosses the king's mind; His favourite little curse of old. Away from the Gak- the Goblins, he slinks to the shrine which houses the Helltear. It is tricky to align oneself with the sulphurous magicks which leak from the ragged portal, especially with a mind so full, but Beni forces himself to kneel and meditate and pray. Ah, there it is. With sore knees and a cricked back the king stands, barking out an order for priests, who come running in half-dressed, headdresses askew. With his royally hellish power, and the priests knowledge, together they craft an old curse anew, a curse to steal the vitality of another. Now to find an unwilling victim to test it upon.

[+2 PE]
In anxious excitement the expectant 'father' waits, his patience awarded with only the occasional, additional, little hiss. It is only when his eyelids begin to droop, as so often the case, that it happens. The first crack, which even on so little sleep jolts the Dwarf awake. For a terribly long moment, there is silence, and then at last another crack. Fractures trace over the entire egg as another loud crack comes. And then!... nothing. The egg is once more still. Badion frets wishing to help, or would he only hinder? Should he interfere? Can he assist at all? He worries into his hands when the shock of another crack rouses him. The shell falls away in pieces, to reveal a pair of Meluz, of ivory skin, and ebony tail, entwined with one another. They unfurl themselves, opening their yellow eyes, and gaze upon old Dwarf, hungrily.
Through the pillars the goddess whispers, guiding the hands of Her priestesses as they weave their charms. Her words spoken into the roots and threads, imbuing them as never before. A Dwarf who wears an amulet of apple and silver, though not immune to the sniffles and coughs of life, recovers from them far quicker than without.
Soon this Æbleblessed land will shine with the steadfast colours of old. The flags shall flying unbleaching, the banners wave vibrant as they day they were dyed! And Guldfar only knows what pigments may be pulled from the jungles. Near said jungle, a fortress is raised at the wide river mouth, to keep watch on the traffic coming and going. (>>4854152) It is here also that the busy schedules of the Dwarves and the Oni align, revealing the figures, (who it seems have rudely set up a wall against the river!) though giant, are not Cewri, but Devils!
[B] The might of Achroma looms over you, use it wisely.
Under shamanic guidance, the road forts are brought below the sightline of the sacred lake, whilst also expanding their stores and quarters.
(>>4858618) The search of the Turtles swamps turns up only more iron, close to their current mine. [taken as 2 half actions, 1 for prospecting 5 tiles, 1 for highway robbery]
(>>4853178, >>4853564, >>4858407, >>4858278) Stand and deliver! You Blackstone or your life!
>All goods brought through the road are seized, and people chased off and warned that they may no longer trespass so flippantly in Achroma's domain. The Dander coming from the blackstone quarry will be the main target for this. Of the Blackstone coalition, only Simfuni are allowed to traverse the road past the blockades. They may bring no goods, and may only travel to and from the cave where they practice their stone-shaping. When possible, Shamans and guards will accompany them, to observe and ensure they do not stray from the path.

>Everlasting Waters
Through their grief the Laga work to bring about the vision of Pa'pa'tui. The planks hewn from the sturdy trunks of Maualuluga's trees are used up entirely for the works. But at last, as he is entombed within the Eye, the fruits of his plan sails out from the mighty port of Hi'laudolo.
Life must continue, even as one laments, and the gears of the state must continue to turn. Roads and canal for Carcosa, Farms for Maui'loti.

As the ash from the rains is eaten up, the Protector offers up a greater banquet in this coal, which feeds well the fire in the bellies of the forgetrees, and much stronger steel leaves are harvested.
So fragile are they sprouted, and even as mature Drya. Delicate, graceful, butterfly-like in their beauty and frailty. A strong rain or wind would tear them to floral shreds. Such is the price to float on air.

(>>4854618) Much grumbling, muttering, and secret signings, and eventually the land deal is done.
Life force (lifeforce?) is pulled from the source (giver? victim? condemned?) like a heavy rock from a gyre, and fed into the target person. The sensation is entirely unpleasant, described both as having "gorged on too large a meal, but throughout the body", "having another soul forced in", and "wrong in ways which cannot be adequately put into words". Moreover it is invariably both an uncomfortable and dangerous procedure (spell?), many experiencing burst blood vessels; most notably in the eyes and nose; shortness of breath, a ringing in the ears, and most strangely singed finger- and toe- tips.
As the Nomos sings in it's flow, it teaches the Simfuni. Not to mimic the song, but convey the emotion of both it and themselves, through themselves. To sing as the Nomos does, is to sing from within, to compose a song of the soul which makes it's way through life as water over the pebbles. In the song of the Simfuni, to be Nomost is to be in control of oneself, to be Inomost is to be unruly.
From their spire of Theatra, the Stone Maestros spiral outwards, echoing the resonance of the rock beneath them. Nil. Ah, some more copper here! Nil. Nil. Oh how strange, a new sound! [Precious Stone found, decide in chat]

The deer watch the approaching Fanwen with dark eyes. They watch them lay down bows, and they watch them retreat. They watch the Children watching them. A crow calls, the deer stand, each taking up a gift in their mouth, and return to the Grove. The next morning the same deer return, but the herd has grown, with as many new deer as bows given. Once more they set themselves down, and watch the Fanwen. The text(?) from before has been underlined.
From the west gate of Glaniadneifion pours a spinal road towards Traethllwyd, for now reaching the warrens, from which many small roads stretch out to the farms and mines, along with a spur heading west for the iron settlement. Another road begins from the east gate to the farms thereabouts.
As the Men before them, the Children of Fanw see future profits in the northern hills.

>Big Totem
Now that's more like it! Something that glitters in the sun; A nice cache of silver, and another source of tin.
Around the gold mine a new little chiefdom forms, around a boss dripping in jewellery, and by far the largest Goblin ever seen in the south! Except for almost every other Goblin that is. A little ways east, a more erratic tribe coalesces, bringing up the easily mineable lead there.

Ah! Iti comes again! She continues her journey 'round the isles and is not likely to make a stop just for this brood, but she would surely like to chat at least as she swims by!
Why use a shovel or pick, says the wise Turtle, when the Great Mother has gifted you the perfect tools? One needs only to harden them, to place upon them steel. But metal claws aren't much use in standing water, let alone the 'squits and gnats that gather in it. Buckets are only as good as the arm is strong, what's needed is some innovation. As the will of the world is so often want to do, a strange shell washes ashore in the night; A spiral shaped, something, of some deep sea, thing. Ideas ping about until one, and one, make three, and the first screw pump is constructed in the marshes.
Such fine work the Turtles do, roads of even stones from the Nest to the market, (>>4854618) come, there will be a feast of fish and sea-veggies to celebrate!


-The Dalu Purge: A Forced Migration-

Tangle spies warn of the coming purge. Women, children, the infirm, and all other non-combatants flee across the river mere hours before the Dryads and their birds strike. In Valmad, temple lands, and most crushingly to the gardeners, the Apothecary's Dream, the canopies are raked clear of the Fae & their homes. All the while the Uhu and Smyr keep watch over the trees, calling out whenever a Faerie makes himself known. Of these almost all are taken down before they can retreat or retaliate. Owl, Frog, and Beetle, even the very branches they may try to hide in, are against them. Wings are broken, Fae swallowed whole or torn apart in beak & talon. The fury of the forest is rallied. The Pixies are purged from this part of the Dalu, but the war is not yet won. They are too many to be swept aside in a single bout. The Dryad march south.

-The Slaver Conflict: Battle of the Dockgate-

It is another busy trading day in the ports of Neleye. The Anaye and Drya overseeing the boats of the Goblins, the Laga, and ah! the Anubisids are come this day. The Dyb ships crash into the jetties and other ships, causing panic and confusion. In the flurry it is not traders that disembark, but attackers! They charge from their vessels through the throngs towards the city gates, the guards are all but powerless to stop the horde of giants. A shout to close the gates too late, the enemy is in the city. Those who cannot cram into the gate easily defeat the Elven dock-guards, and fall to battle against the Drya there. Chaos then, as Ent & Elf rush to defend their home and vassal. Sonyakians attack the boats of the invaders from below, pulling away plank & rush, sinking many. Around the dockgate the battle unfolds, Elves firing bolts of crossbow and their heretofore unused magic of lightning! as the Ents slam the Anubisids into the cobbles. Soon it becomes too dangerous for the Elves to fire on, and the Drya are left to defend. Steel & bronze meets steeleaf. It is a bloody, sappy, attack, which rages on. The Elves evacuate while they can, out into their vast farmland, where slaves put up their masters.
-The Nightmare War or The War on the Ice: The Barrens-

The Apthians can give nothing but rumour, for the creatures had attacked at daybreak, and left none alive (this is the closest Do'la word) to tell of what had really transpired. They would lend aid if they could, but a few rattling bones in leather or bronze will only slow them. As for maps, again the Undead can give little, there is nothing but endless ice beyond the Deadwood. For their efforts in this however, the exchequer of Aphthys pays a moneyer's pound of silver upfront, with another of gold to be paid upon return.
The fleet is assembled, they set sail for the glacier. As far north as their ships will carry them in the icy waters, they disembark upon the snowy, rocky wasteland. Nothing can be heard, as a blizzard rolls across the horizon. There is nothing in sight, no sign of life in this barren land, not even nightmarish un-life. Nothing but white and grey as far as the eye can see. Where are these nightmares?

> Action 1: Expand
Expand 4 hexes (pink) danderfey land and 4 hexes (black) cooperative land

> Action 2
Build stone road along red marked line.
File: Actions.png (10 KB, 258x243)
10 KB
Forgot picture, because of course I did.
Global Event: Celebration! Yes it must be a sign of great prosperity for the future. Surely it means like we controlled the blackstone for a moment the rabbits on the moon were able to take control as well throwing it off it’s normal course! A brilliant day, a brilliant day indeed! And for it to arrive upon the eve of our repairs and delving into medicine, yes. Those must be what shall aid us the most our future!

1 action: Religion
A religious celebration during the height of the eclipse. Prayers for the warriors that fought against the impure land and fell, and ceremonies to celebrate the mages and queen of the land

1 action: Culture
And those that survived shall be showered in praises, a great parade for them. Mirth, food, and festivities for the day of the total lunar eclipse, a time of merriment and to bathe in the pure light of the moon.
Global Event: Eclipse

We pretend it's not happening. We tell all rabbitfolk to stay inside for the day. Hopefully they don't notice.
Sorry for a 4th post, but requesting rumor.
Action 1 and 2: The War-Totem Valmad (3/3?)

The howl of the spirits is deafening, the spectral death cry throughout the rings of uncountable dryad spirits, and the great tree itself nearing death.

But all is not lost, the ritual has begun, all that is needed to craft the great totem has been acquired, and now comes the most difficult part, the forging of the totem, and the subsequent binding.

Once complete Valmads original body will surely perish in days with an infection so deeply rooted and wholly empty, but the spirit will endure within the totem. It will have nowhere to return to but this vessel, and so all efforts must be undertaken to ensure the totem is as grand and reflective of Valmad as possible.

The creation of the totem is the most exhausting part of the process, every detail adds to the work, every minor imperfection could be disastrous, multiple different materials must be worked together, metal intertwined with wood and stone and dusts and paints to create something that despite being artificially made appears as if it was always meant to be, all worked together in seamless harmony and according to the principles of unseen geometry.

The end result is a totem stretching ten meters tall, a work of art incorporating treasures purchased from the market, blackstone, in some places even rare metals, all embedded and woven around a treated silver heartwood body, the main material of the great totem.

All of this comes together to form the first and hopefully last war totem containing such a spirit, the magical powers this single entity may wield against our foe, it’s command over forests spectacular, given it is the rightful king over this forest in particular.

The totem is not a living thing, but with all these efforts the grand work should be enough to comfortably house Valmads greatness.

The pixies truly have no clue what force they have angered.

[R] Rumour time

War post:

Continue weaponising the forest and all its denizens against the pixies as described in the previous post, but now potentially with Valmad ready to personally take his vengeance on the hated foe.

The birds of the forest are perhaps one of our greatest weapons against the fae, inspiring absolute fear in their sort appropriate to a human being hunted down by a Gryphon of Grynox, so vast is the difference in scale and speed, they stand no chance against these aerial attackers who rout their swarms.

The Bandru’ii ready their boats at Xira Gate, though the gate part has yet to be constructed it still serves as a colossal harbour.

Our main objective this turn is to finish erasing the Fae in our lands and prepare to assault them in their lands, though not this turn.

The pixies may attempt a counter attack around this time, and the most likely target they will choose is the apothecaries dream, so we ensure to be ready there.

We also stand guard against any further attempts to spread Poxylos, whether to random trees or sacred ones.
Global Event: The Eclipse

A sign from the spirits, even the great sun spirit in the sky is enraged at the acts of the pixies, the Unseen are moved enough to show us support against the pests who infest and poison the forests.

At the height of the eclipse is when the ritual commences, as the sky is dark overhead with the moon blotting out the sun only shadow covers the great ritual circle and the totem at its centre, Valmad rises from his dying shell, and binds to his new vessel.
>Global event
Oni are enjoying the shade. Our gods are great!

Lore: While researching ways to return the magic of old to Oni, many of animals were sacrificed to achieve it. Over time though. Oni started adore some of the cute creatures; unwilling to kill them espically the rendogondo, a small red fur monkey with a heart shape face. Lately, more and more Oni are keeping pets creating a culture and business of pets!

1.Expand boarders
2. Build city named Yōjingehen
File: Turn.jpg (178 KB, 794x812)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>Event: Hour of Undseelig

The intersection of sun and moon in such a fashion is both surprising and joyous, for rare it is that Guldfar and Æblemor's celestial representation gets to catch such time together. But then time goes on, and on, the skies themselves growing dim as the event continues – even the divine need those special moments of intimate privacy! And as the gods do, so follow mortal Dwarves. Couples come together where they can, be they young sweethearts or elderly parents; and take the moment of time just to be with one another. Glodrana and Korek retire to the royal bedchambers, whilst out by the stables a blushing young maiden shares a chaste first kiss with Zuvrek. Even those Dwarves for whom their loved one lingers too far away might sit, and write letters of feelings most often hidden behind Dwarven restraint. Even old Badion would write; a reminiscing wistful letter to a long-departed wife with bones now confirmed to Golaetur'kot for many a Jidtyrn, with words that would leave the old Dwarf's eyes moist and beard dampened.

>The Egg Hatches
Badion's mood brightens as the pair of Meluz slip from their egg with surprising grace. Two, he had never expected two of them from a single egg! Carefully he steps forward, watched by his serving-dwarves, and offers out a plate on which sits his prepared feast. Will they go for the cut of goat, the slice of pork, the leg of partridge, the fricassee of rat? Perhaps even the live mouse, made lethargic through immersion in ale; or the day-old chicks? The snakefolk were ever a bit of an oddity in diet. He asks his scribes to make a note, how close might their choice align with what literature the Meluz had left behind?

>Action 1&2: Upriver Expansion
Though the Untirkol is only navigable up to where the rapid-flowing Lodaster joins her channel, the twin-rivers Rodkol and river Zarunteg are slow and navigable. And so it is these navigable, silty rivers which attract easiest Gylden-dwarf settlement out along their banks. But as the Dwarves spread, they find that the forest of the north is just like that on the borders of the Metaki hills - the impenetrable borders of these woodlands make it impossible to discern what form of life lurks within. Surely, such a barrier of living trees is warning from Æblemor not to cross lightly, a proclamation that these forests might contain bound dangers and hidden threats? And so, the Dwarves set up a small network of patrol-stations along their side of the forest border between the lands of Ederakung and Rodededun, for their Outriders to keep a watchful eye in case anything untoward might emerge from out of the branches.
We do not fear the Dryads; We outnumber them in what must be hundreds to one and have dedicated multiple years to developing the equipment to pierce their defenses as well as countless resources and time developing combat roles and academies to dominate the battlefield. With our numbers and speed, they have no hope to maintain a supply line, especially as they begin moving deeper into our traps and guerilla guardians. Though their natural durability was once a fear, we have made multiple developments to the quality and form of our weapons as well as repeatedly developing our combat roles to better enable strikers to safely exploit the dryads vulnerabilities; Best of all, piercing their defenses once took two faerie strikers but can now be accomplished with one, massively compounding our numeric advantage.
The dryads boldly expect that armor will be enough to protect them, but the Faeries have long since extensively developed the greatest armor of all; the magic of displacement. Only standing a foot or so tall, Faerie Warriors are capable of displacing their image 2 to 3 feet in any direction, providing a massive range of inaccuracy to the Dryads. Not only does this protect the warriors greatly but strikes on vulnerable locations are far easier to land when one appears to be striking your legs but is instead landing a blow to the neck.
Reminder: The Faeries have an innate magical potency.

The Tangle has awaited this moment, too shy to strike due to fears of any sentimentality born from their bitter coexistence. Now, the heretical dryads cite their supposed prophet as justification for the war, a true insult to the sanctity of the quiet Forest Spirit who speaks to no man, only communicating through his actions. Oh, the poor, misled, heretics and their false leaders... Perhaps their prophet should have warned them of the long dark with his supposed divinity; We faeries, however, understand an order from the world-willing spirit of the forest when we see it... The plan begins as they are distracted.

The Faeries meet the Dalu in defense at the river where their superior mobility is best capitalized and the Dryad's manipulation of nature is minimized. It's time these arrogant fools experience true might and magic.
>Action 1 & 2: Scorched Earth
The clever and nimble faeries have learned the language of the Dryads, trained professional spies, and twice expanded their spy network to delve deep into the kingdom of the heretics, many befriending the nearby flora and fauna with their naturalistic ways to protect themselves from the Dryad's "tree-speak" as it has been dubbed. Though it pains them to do so, there is no race with a greater culture of duty and sacrifice than the guardians and gardeners of the tangle in their endless tending; The highly flammable alcohol and highly contagious rot much be weaponized deep within Dryad territory to exhaust their supply lines, panic their producers, and place their concentrated aggression on a time limit. The sun's disappearance is only further evidence of the Forest's outrage towards Dryad aggression, granting the already nimble Faeries the perfect cover to penetrate deep into enemy lines with more than just the spies, spreading their devastation deep into the Ash'sen area. Here the Faeries will capitalize on their massive population advantage and the absence of the Dryad army to keep legions behind lines to harass and prevent any attempts to stop the destruction.
Of course, we hate to see it suffer, but the will of the Forest Spirit can not be ignored. It understands that there will inevitably be regrowth, but there will only be one true race of guardians.
Event: The Giver weakens further and yet we still do not know the reason. The priests start to hypothosize that the Giver has given too much to too many and has started to rest more often as the Shifting White does. The purebreeds begin to debate if some should be pruned so the Giver will have less to give to. This new enemy may be a good chance to see if a Pruning could be useful.

1. Resources are the fuel of war as wood fuels a fire. The coal of the north shall be mined to fuel the inner fires of the metal leaves and the iron found at the southern edge of the Yadi to give the leaves sturdiness.
2. The Market finally passes by the Yadi and so the Drya take part in the moving center of trade. Having no use for most of it the Drya spend their value on the various scrolls and books found within. From there the writings would be deciphered for information of use to incorporate into the techniques of the Drya.

War: The invaders seek the city; but we shall ensure that the city becomes their tomb. The full might of the Drya now move across the desert or by sea in the boats. Archers upon ships shall rain arrows from the sea upon their ships with the Sonyakians striking from below for any vessels that remain. The Dryki and riders shall take to the outside of the city and hunt down any of the invaders that remain in the docks and push them into the city or back out to sea. Dryaven shall take to rooftops to hunt down enemy soldiers and strike at them with poisonous vines. Dryasylph shall take to the air and mark the location of enemy soldiers for the Dryaven and Ents so that they will have no where to hide. Sweep the city clear of the filth.
File: expansion red.png (81 KB, 1599x1575)
81 KB
Expand to red tiles. When Big Boss arrived at the new continent due to being invited to what was meant to be a royal feast he noticed an opportunity. This is a land that has probably never seen the glory of goblinkind until recently. The Big Totem demands that goblins cover the entire world and so this is a state of affairs that cannot stand! Conveniently there were already some water goblins being educated (how novel) in this nation. Their expertise, connection to the locals, and their strange unity is perfect for his scheme. As Big Boss wants goblins to spread as far as possible he will have the water goblins prepare a landing in the northern peninsula. From there waves of refugees from homeplace can hop along the various ports as needed until they reach their destination. The ocean goblins can ensure that these goblin waves keep on track and not make things "inconvenient" at the ports.
another edit. I can build 16 tiles of stone road per turn, but built 8 so the leftover half-action goes into upgrading the road in gobbo land so 16 tiles of dirt road to stone road.
Global Event: While time has naturally attritioned the dark goblins since the last ecplise the sun being out for a full hour has seen their numbers skyrocket throughout the nation. Suddenly made outcast where before they were consigned to being lowest on the totem poll or the short life of a hermit now there are enough to make proper tribes of them. This has also coincided with rumors of people and stone made of pure darkness leading to many individuals and these newly formed tribes to begin a pilgrimage up north past the danderfey lands. Many seek to work in either the blackstone quarry while others head to the lands of the daloroshans to observe their ways.

The unusually quiet sun goblins find themselves loudly panicking disrupting the peace that has been held at the cathedral while they clammer in the abbey. Peace returns when the sun returns although they will need to spend some time eating the bodies and licking all the bloodstains.
Posted on behalf of the HCA

1. A minor clan, Vorat, has come to the Daiimad with a....rather unique request. They wish to begin development of a new weapon, which while all well and good, piques the interest of the Daiimad when further elaborated upon. Animated beings of stone and metal. Gods know we have enough stone to last lifetimes, so turning it into tireless laborers or fighting soldiers is a welcome concept. The only matter is, will it work? The clan is allocated funding, and they will have such renewed if their project bears fruit.
2. With the war with the northern Grittidim seemingly sooner to occur than with the slavers of the south, me must prepare. With information obtained, mountain warfare training, the implementation of Maces, Warhammers and Poleaxes as frontline arms and development of mortars is underway, supervised by the three clans of Vay, Varke and Dzen.
> Warpost
Aid the Bandruii in non-combat roles in their war. Help with reconnaissance, troop transport, medicine as well as putting out fires.

With the return of the deer and in greater numbers, it was presumed that it might be some sort of gift after all. However, even so, there would be caution. If the deer exposed their necks further when one with a knife came close, then that would prove it. However, if not, then the desire of the hunter would remain unknown at this time, along with the meaning of what the symbols meant. Also of note and importance was the sudden darkness that happened...The more superstitious were starting to grow warry of this new world, for it seemed as if it was practically giving a warning...

Meanwhile with a deal arranged, the shipwrights of Clan Llewelyn would get to work on the creation of a grand ship. However most of the ships that were currently in use by both the colony and Llychlyn itself were more light...However with the nature of the ship in question being one of war, and the capital of a fleet, no effort would be spared in trying to come up with designs of ships that would fit as a proper capital ship. It was planned to be equipped with many canonau, and still remain fast. Yet, issues would come into play regarding maintaining speed and maintaining durability and seaworthiness. As such, a number of designs would be tested on smaller hulls for increasing speed and possibly structural integrity, all the while the plans for the ship that clan Llewelyn was commissioned to make were worked upon. Related to this, the extremely small number from Clan Tudor, along with a few other scholars, would get to work trying to recreate the canonau that the humans had made. Just larger and more capable of damaging the hull of another ship. They hardly cared about how easy the guns were to move on land, as their only goal would be to protect ships or potentially forts to destroy enemy siege weapons or provide consistent fire on the enemies camps...Regardless Clan Llewelyn wished to create the greatest class of ships put to sea, and they damn well would make sure of it.

>Action One. The Beginning of work on a great ship, mainly with ship design studies.

>Action Two. Work on creating Canonau, and larger than what the Humans have.
War, continued:

We continue expelling these fey from the forest as previously stated, on track to soon complete this task.
Whatever force they send to defend the forests has no chance of outmanoeuvring us with our superior mobility and eyes all over the forest granted by the Uhu and Smyr, we have defeated their first army already but they will likely bring more soon, their numbers are vast, but given our army contains not just dryads but all sorts of wildlife too their numbers advantage is nullified.

They appeared to have no answer to birds in our first bout, so it seems fair to rely on them as well as our florakinesis and our two greatest weapons against the fae, given the fighting happens in what is essentially only heavily forested lands we have a significant terrain advantage.

The danderfey, tiny woodland creatures themselves, aid in running supply lines, keep a look out for the fey to stop them playing their tricks and alert the birds to take them out, and deliver medical supplies to tend to injured animals and Carvil’ax’seset.
Posted on behalf of the Gali

Action 1: Magic Enchantment, Durability
Lessons from our encounter with the living shadows have shown that even our strongest are capable of being outnumbered. Perhaps prey with an intellect that rivals our own need to be taken more seriously.

Action 2: Magic Enhancement, Stamina
A small fox, a color so similar to the snow it would have been impossible to spot were it not in a forest void of the icy powder. In our curiosity, we pursue. In response, it flees. This cycle continues till our hunters are exhausted, and empty-handed.

Action 3: Palace of the Gali
The strongest man among the tribe currently inhabits but the largest tent, an outsider may not be able to understand the gravity of meeting him should his dwelling me so... Drab. The first Gali with a sense of, perhaps, grandeur, he begins to order the construction of his own palace in the center of the tribal dwellings. Large evergreen trees are brought west, carried on the shoulders of men as the strength-less [magic-less] carve spikes other crude designs into the outer walls.
[This is a double fort building action flavored as a palace.]

Action 4: Spear Skirmishers
The astute among the tribe have come to understand the complexity of arrow working. For too long have the fletchings been added without realizing their use!
Though, the bow is such a puny device . Perhaps we could add some fletching to a large shaft of wood, carved to a spike at one end. Those with the arm for it could hit their prey nearly anywhere and still kill it, unlike with a bow. This is a suitable alternative for those who are unable to keep up with the fastest of the Gallisans but still possess the strength to be one of the hunters.
> global event:
While the other people despair, the moles dance! Such a reprieve from the tyranny of the sun is surely a blessing from the lady of the deep!

> train the newly discovered giant moles
These... things we found underground. They’re fluffy and seem to be rather friendly. Perhaps we can tame and breed them?
Specimens shall be brought to the depths of our lands, and the strongest and most resilient shall be selected for breeding

> build a wall around the blackstone quarry
The dander have given us an order, obviously to atone for the shame of letting the shadowfolk through despite our guard. This shall not happen again!
We will erect a Great Wall around the quarry, with our underground tunnels as the only way in and out of it!
>Everlasting Waters

>Global Event
The event is cataloged just a previous, and astrological states are measured to see if we could predict the next, although the increased length of this eclipse is concerning, what if the next one is longer? What if the Sun does not come back out from behind the moon?

Expansion as indicated.

Fort and farm for Maui'loti

>Neleye Under Attack

Soon after the Eclipse is over and the Dybet leave, we arrive to aid in the rebuilding, and also to ask the Neleye and the Drya if they would mind us putting one of our forts in their port.
File: forts and ports baby.png (8 KB, 269x251)
8 KB
Action 1 build port/fort Northern grasp see pic for details.
At the farthest reaches of our ships lies the frozen north and, in those frost wastes are the demons that threaten us all, described as nightmares we have no choice but to locate and destroy them. The port will allow for freshmen supplies and support to be constantly flowing into the region, as we prepare what comes next. Knowing that the nightmares would never allow such a move to go uncontested a defensive fort is build to protect the port and ensure our position cannot be taken without a fight.

action 2.
Stunning Bolt - The caster draws out a bolt of life magic, that when used against a target disrupts the body's connection to its own life force, stunning the target.
Stunning bolt, can dampen a person’s connection to their life force, dulling all their abilities, this is a spell that is available to all to learn, as a good self-defense spell, and support combat spell. The spell for the duration of its effect sustains itself on the life force of the target.
War post nightmare war: dude where’s my nightmare
With the coast clear, and the military rallied and prepared for the frosty north, the time for action is now, with the port and fort being raised it is up to the military to hold and protect the area while it is completed and ready for the advance.

Blue 1 the area around the port and fort is secured, on the left, a hard chock point is prepared using the hills and see as a chock point, and to the right patrols and scouts monitor the more open southern approach. And I the mountains, are the scouts prepared to send warning of attack from them.

Blue 2 with the fort and port raised and protected, the military sends out three scouting groups, while the main force holds the fort and port, first group moves through the chock point to scout north along the coast, the second will move to the right and around the far side of the hills to scout that northern land, and the third will move south to help located safe overland routes of movement, for resupply and if need be retreat.

the core of the current strategy is secure, hold, and scout

[R]umour! What word carries in the Taverns, what whispers are spoken of in the voices of the priesthoods?
Action 1: As the sons and daughters of Pask enter this new world, they do so without fear or grandeur. They do it with naught but the stoic determination put into them by their forefathers. The first thing that the Ministry of Obron does is begin the search for metals and minerals to mine, for such things are crucial to the expansion of Pask's power.

Action 2: Pask shall begin the process of building Deviseries, where the Force Rune shall be researched in accordance with this new land and applied to garments for a variety of purposes. If nothing else, at least the simplest Force Blast Rune will be viable.
Pharaoh Diana is dead, long live Pharaoh Uni.
Diana's death was neither age or accidental, she was murdered. The assassin was caught and tortured, but she took her secrets to the grave. A sweep has been done through the court and Uni moved to maximum guard, she is safe for now. Uni was personally tutored and trained by Diana, but she is far from finished in her lessons, but now is thrust onto the throne, and if she were to die, another succession crisis would be upon us, and the last one killed the best sons of Ahonehetsu II, making the heirs after Uni to likely be puppets of lesser powers.

Action 1: Leave Neleye. Pay reparations immediately.
The sun vanished for a whole hour, this is a grave omen, and it happened after we invaded Neleye, invaded through deceit. The sun is angry, if we do not correct our behavior, we will lose the sun forever. So what we must do is simple, leave. But we have already done damage, this must be rectified, repaired. We cannot survive without the sun to shower our crops with it's lifegiving rays. Perhaps a grand tribute of the sun's metal, gold, will suffice, in fact, make a whole statue of gold, to represent the sun. We have no gods to represent the sun, but we ought to have, we have a 5th god we have neglected.

Praise the Sun!

Action 2: Train Blackguard.
With an agreement with Prenhearn, we will take some of their finest warriors and train them. The Children of Fanw aren't as big or as strong as the Anubisids, furthermore they aren't well suited to the desert sun. But they take to the moonlight far better that we do, and boast greater agility and are skilled with the bow. We will therefore make Blackguards, out of sight at most times, but able to take out the Pharaoh's enemy from the shadows. They are trusted agents, for the Children of Fanw are the only ones we know for certain isn't responsible for the death of Diana. Though, we will still have them make an oath to Uni, to protect her. If this is broken, their lives are forfeit.
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1012 KB PNG

>The Choir
So one horde displaces another. As greenskins swarm out over their leftovers, the Slimes slips into the sea. A miserable send off to a miserable race.

[These actions will take effect next turn]
Push... and pull. Dark ships sail out of the fog and crest upon the low-lying Dakan Shelf. In no time they set about making the icy tundra their home, building up impressive walls, farms of roots & berries, along with fish traps & lobster pots in the frigid waters. The Ministry has landed.

[R] "No, I swear on my apples, I saw him!" / "Oh yes, you saw the weeping god of the Do'laroshans while I just so happened to be retrieving more tea." And so a party of Dander, a little after dawn, sneak through the lands of the sleeping Do'la, and into the Dakan Grove. "He came this way, I know he did!" By some extraordinary stroke of luck, or perhaps it was the will of Achroma himself, the group of Fey find themselves at the steps of his temple, without a Shadow in sight. Though the doors are closed, there is a sense of something, something big, inside. And not just big as in large, big as in, godly. Behind them a branch snaps, and panicked the Dander portal away.
There is value in land, in the holding of land, and in the protection of the Emiliate Sea from the Usagian threat.
Those betrayers! Those liars! Those... those... Meanies! The Shadowfolk went back on their deal, and as warplans are drawn up a new road is needed from the Quarry. A gate is made in the northern wall & the forts connected, then the road passes through the gates of Big Dig, and very carefully through the artificial swamp on wooden supports. Pleased at their work, an army of Dander head south to upgrade the roads they had dug long ago for the Goblins. On the way they even pass a train of dark Gobbos marching north.
"See how the jealous moon covets the sun for himself! See how he betrays you as you worship another! This is a test, one you brave Rabbits will weather bravely!"

[Eclipse - Waxing Gibbous]
Oh how the fallen bless this day with night! Let it be marked in the almanacs, and let there be great rejoicing! The temple bells and gongs ring, the priests give their blessings to the congregants, silver amulets are cleansed in the Moon Pool. Praise of the heroes, of the priests, and of her majesty are sung long after the eclipse has ended, and the sun has set. Those who fought, and their attending priests, are paraded through the streets on palanquins, showered with white bean blossoms. The date is set as one of celebration for tyrns to come.
[R] A good deal of knowledge of the world has passed into the Rings through both the market of Druad, and the prying eyes of the most northerly Sennites, watching the travellers of the Northern Passage. But it's not a whole knowledge, it has been only a branchful of tyrns that an entire other race of Dryads had been learnt of, and then seen & spoken with! What other wonders, and dangers, are there? What other oddities like the Wandering Market, or the rumoured Grynox?
It is equal parts enlightening and harrowing to be witness to any part of the the creation. "Unholy" some call it, to trap an ancient so. Where some saw the eclipse as a sign of their righteous path, others saw a terrible portent of a sunless, Sen-less world that this war-totem has opened the doors to. The movement of the spirit of Valmad, though surrounded by the noise of wailing, the sounding of bells and all other manner of tumult, is over painlessly, so complete was the totem. The material tree remains standing, to the silent surprise of most, who half expected it to fall to dust or simply vanish, but looking at the husk of Valmad is frightening. It's not, right; Hollow. Even the Dander don't like the sight of it.

It is said the measure of an Oni can be gleamed by how he keeps his rendogondo. If the thing is locked in a cage, the Oni is disciplined, but unkind. If the thing runs wild through the home, the Oni is free-spirited, but careless.
Chīmaza looks at his maps of the various Oni holdings, and notices a few irksome gaps. Circling them in blood-red ink he hands them to his lackeys to go get staking.
If those hairy peepers are so brave, let them get a full look! Yōjingehen rises between the trees, directly across the river from a rather impressive set of walls.
Forage is nice and all, but Oni bellies are big. They want something proper for once! [You need more farms]

And so yet more mines are dug.
The Market had given over a number of scrolls and codices, along with stacks of bound leaves of parchment, all of which was proclaimed to be "valuable knowledge". After scouring through the piles, with Anayen translators at branch, it is quickly found anything bound with a distinct yellow twine is discarded as Market records; pricings, inventories, and the like. So too is any scroll stamped with a clam shell seal, how much does one need to know about the gathering and processing of fish? It seems what the Drya and what the Market deem "valuable" is quite convergent. An unfair amount of parchments are just blank, others are covered over with gibberish, one has a rather graphic sketch of some ulcerated organ, all in all the Market had conned them. But there was something found in the heap, a mention only in passing, in the history of some place called the "Halipoole", of a walking tree by the name of Karu and that after stopping at this place she was to "...swyme a ling we to Tailuga.".
[D] It had started as only a mild pain; A sharp twinge after an extended reach, or from having stood too long. It was followed by light-headedness, sensitivity to loud noises, general irritability. It was put down to the stress of her position. Then there came blood in the urine. Searing pain after eating, fainting after walking. She was seen to by every priestess the so newly erected temple had trained, laid over with every ward and charm they could weave, given the strongest Ichor she could take. But it was of no real use. The Kalnthrunra is dying. Against her husband's wishes she has already ordered her Golaetur'kot be prepared.
[R] Far from the capital and temples, in the taverns of Ederakung, the Dwarves have gotten to thinking, thinking on the power of the rivers. A few tests show their drunken idea will work. The most presentable of them have brought this idea of theirs to pub the foredwarves attend, it's a bit more upmarket where they don't even have to put straw down, and after a round or two of cider, the management agrees. Now it'll take some doing, but a wheel just so, with an axle like that, and some gears where-you-fancy, and you've got yourself an automated set of bellows, or an auto-hammer, or a press for say, cider!
One goes to the mouse, the other to the chicks, after they are swallowed whole, forked tongues come flicking out. Then each take turns gulping down the raw meat pieces without any preference, before their tongues flick over the cooked rat. They hover for some time, then this too is swallowed down, splashing the sauce all over. When they have eaten everything, bellies protruding, they look at the Dwarves assembled, now thankfully without the hunger so present in their eyes. They both make a nodding gesture, before curling around each other and falling to sleep.
There is a vigour in their stride as the Dwarves make out across new lands, tempered by the Tanglewall which "greets" them at the northern forests.

The mission is a simple one, strike the first spark that will light the conflagration which will drive the Sennites from the forest for good. A temporary loss of life, both Fae and Floral, is a tragic price which must be paid.

The Anubisids in battle, at the quenching of the sun, drop their weapons where they stand. They scream out prayers, weep, or stare at the dark sky in terror. They break for the docks, but are stopped by Drya forces. There is going to be more than gold to pay.
(>>4861412) Learnéd in bow and shadow, the Blackguard Fanwen are taught the ways of the Dyb, and treated to the cool waters of the Din.
>Big Totem
Clever Big Boss, advancing his horde across not one but two islands! Travelling by more boats than any single Goblin can count, they make their way to Deinos, to an area known as Thios. Here white sands stretch like a chilly desert up to sturdy pines. There's something, off about the sand though. It's too clean, too regular, it's just not right. Wait, what are those Whales doing?! On the mainland meanwhile, Gobs find their way up crags and plateaus most precarious, seemingly just for something to do.
(>>4859476, >>4861592) The Dark Tribe of the Goblins are not talked about in polite Gob society. Well, as polite and as much of a society as the Goblins have, any way. Recent world events however have drawn them up ever so slightly from their hole in the ground, reputation-wise, and these rumours of blacker than night people and stones draws them north. A pilgrimage of sorts, through Taknab and Dander lands, up to the Quarry. The sheer sight of it has them in awe. Given the right direction, read "beatings", they're likely to be the most dedicated workers at the site.
It is a miracle from the weakened Elal that the brothers and sisters escaped to the cloister when the sun darkened, for the ungodly sounds that erupted, and often pressed against, the reinforced wooden doors could shake the dean's faith.

A stone body, of childish likeness to a Human, is with great anticipation shocked with lightning magic. Here there are two disappointments, for not only does the body not animate as they had naively hoped, but the caster of the spell received a nasty shock in blowback. There is much consternation, how had it not worked? Deep within some collective conscious there is a memory of stone or wooden idols springing to life. The rather meagre library of the Colonial Council is scoured when one word stands out through the noise; Uskijora.
A stout thing the engineers present to the Council. They had been asked to build a thing to knock through walls, and that's just what this beauty will do. A demonstration of the bombard cannon is offered, but without any walls which presently need blasting to rubble, politely declined. [You're overreaching with your actions again]

>Everlasting Waters
Residents of Har'Gun are shocked to see a great army of green- and grey- skins marching past their lagoon. A chance few who had seen the Zhog Goblins first make landfall are even more shocked, for they have significantly grown in number.
(>>4861185) It's come time to stretch the fins once again; Over the coasts and rivers, really swim out there. Wait what are these Goblins doing here?
Maui'loti continues to grow, gaining the now mandatory coral fort to guard the waters, and an additional farm for more sweet fruits.
The flash of a knife, and the stag shows his neck, the herd follow his lead.
Every aspect of the various ships the Fanwen have ever encountered are collated, described in both word & sketch, and noted for their drawbacks & benefits. Scale models are fashioned to display the numerous methods of construction, how well each separate piece functions, and these too are documented. Hundreds of pages are compiled for the scribes of Clan Llewellyn to decide between, detailing near-literally everything, down to the pegs and nails.
With how proudly the Men in the north show them off, and the keenness of the eyes of Fanwen, the general idea of the gonne is imparted to the forge-clans. But a piddly shot as displayed by even the largest of these weapons would do nothing against a well-hulled ship. Still, it is best to take such things at a slow pace, reproducing what is known to work will have to be the first step in the process. The suggestion is floated that Men be involved in the creation of the cannonau, though some mean looks may be enough to sink such a notion.

Without iron to forge metal skin, nor the spare leathers to clad every Gali, it falls once more upon the magicked to build upon themselves their own protection. A skin tougher than hide, of steely defence tempered in the fiery rage of bloodlust.
The rage of an empty belly likewise, is the banquet upon which the magicked may stride.
The Palace of the Gali is more a fortified shack than what would garner the title of "palace" in any other clime, but for a deforested tundra the pillars of whole tree trunks are just as impressive as those of white marble from the Catan. From this seat, the strongest watches over the rest of the tribe, safe in the knowledge that even a stranger from the backside of the earth could see his is the most impressive dwelling around.
Though more costly in terms of wood than arrows, the spear of the Gali is far more accurately thrown, and easily retrieved. The heft of an atlatl-thrown spear is undeterred by the billows out on the glacier, much more likely to land a devastating strike.
After searching the mountain caves and returning without a definite choice in steed, news of someone digging up mounds between the apple trees sends Molerats running to check. A second brief search finds the culprits to be giant moles! Well, not giant, but pretty big, big enough to ride even. Rusty gears start turning, and seeing how much these big fuzzy lovelies seem to like offered apples and grubs, might just well be tameable. It doesn't take half a tyrn before the creatures are literally eating out of the palm of their moleratty hands.
Walls of mountain stone, clad in part with a layer of Blackstone, are erected around the Quarry, joined where it can to the Taknab towers there. The rubble of the Rabbit fort is pushed down the hills to make way for proper workmoleship. The only way in, or out, is through a guarded tunnel dug inside the western tower, staffed by only the best Imnaki available.

Men sail to the western shores of the Undead, and there acquire a deal of stone and timber, for they plan to build more permanent facilities upon the glacier. It is as the fortified port is being constructed however, that the Nightmares finally descend.
Whether drawn from the caster or a vessel the effect is the same, and dazzling, whipping bolt which blasts into the target, stunning them. The greater amount of life force thrown, the greater the effect, though of course this requires an expert magic user to wield so potently.


-The Dalu Purge: A Fiery Purgative-

The Fae of the southern Dalu are easily evicted, given the forewarning of the previous purge, there are few stragglers left to feed to the steeds and birds. But by the holy union, the trees all about are riddled with Poxylos. Those spiteful bastards care nothing for the trees! The infected, rooted & walking, are marked with sadness. Yet the misery only grows, for intoxicated with an Apothecary draught headed on a one-way mission, dozens fly against the Rings! Bearing their many withering poisons & flasks of Sen-knows-what, make for the sacred heart. Uhu & Smyr who strike are killed with their foes. Branches which swat are dodged unnaturally, or else pierced with some awful new weapon to deliver rot. As this fleet make it dangerously close to Ash'sen, the Circle react in terrified unison, downing them. The relief is short lived, as the Fae give a final hurrah of their own, catching their flasks, the trees, and themselves alight, so near to Bandru.

-The Slaver Conflict: Chained Jackals-

The sun, dark in the midday sky, halts the Dyb in their strikes. For only a second do the Drya continue to battle, but when a counter does not come they too cease. Reinforcements arrive from the east, rounding up the Anubisids who despair at their sunken ships. The lot of them are put in chains, or at least bound, for the fetters of the Elves are no use on their large paws. The Ents hush the jeers of crowding Anaye as they are lead to the slave market, the largest square in Neleye, to be questioned. [take to IC]

-The Nightmare War or The War on the Ice: A Patient Hunter-

Stone and lumber are laid out, the post holes are driven, and as the Fraternians set about constructing a defensive position on the glacier, the Gali strike. From the flurries they materialise with a roar worse than the roughest seas, and fuelled by magical rage they tear at the Men & Morphs caught mostly unaware. Brute strength clashes headlong, headstrong, straight into steel and leather. Each Gallisan takes the blows to knock five or six men down, and even if literally disarmed will still charge horns first or bloody teeth bared. Armed only with adze, spear, and stolen farm tools, these nightmares punch a painful hole in the ranks of the Fraternians. It is chaos, as the horrors of seeing these savages bite into the flesh of the living, or relish in their carnage so bestially, carnally, destroy morale and command. Then, as quick as they had come, they disappear once more.

The food sitution is becoming clearer and clearer. More Oni being born means more need of food and Oni are natural-born gluttons. But King Beni did promise to help the Gobbus. Maybe there might be a temporary solution ahead...

Actions 1-3: Working, Working, and Working Again: As per agreement, King Beni sends Oni overseers and workers into the south of the gobbu territory with gobbu guides to build mines and tourture/ensure the mines are built perfectly. With Oni stamina and strength mines are quickly built. Oni overseers publicly flay, slice, dice, smash, burn, eat, and choke gobbu workers into submission curbing their rowdy nature when working. Many bodies piled, but it at least made sure Oni and gobbu alike ate well!

-The Dalu Purge: Addendum-

The loss of Fae is a painful decision that had to be made to paradoxically spread both chaos, and a false security. The fires, the poisonings, the infections, these are minor accomplishments in the grand scheme; Still, they are ones achieved by heroes. The spies had brought forewarning, giving time for civilian evacuations, and military incursions. Pockets of Fae move under the cover of the eclipse, into the Dalu, secreted away in hollows & nests. With the Dryads' focus spread wide, it is spread thin. Now begins a new, Fae, warfare.

Well...something to knock through walls was not at all what was requested, and so the Daiimad, as well as the Clan-Sah specifically now look though documents to find just where the hell the orders had been changed. The Colonial Guard needs something for long range, arcing shots. Granted, the bombards have the capability to do so, however it will be awkward to do so. Regardless, they will do.

1. The rollout of the blunt, anti-armor weapons begins. If the hides of the Grittidim cannot be pierced, then we will crush bone and organ without needing to break the skin. It also helps that such weapons will do well against armored opponents in general as well. Designed by, of course, Clan Dzen, they have the ability to be laced with gold leafing, which Gold being considered a military resource is not very expensive. There is a Large stockpile of the metal by now. The leafing will take advantage of the properties of lightning magic, and contain the electrical energy until something is struck, and while only one use, will provide a major blow on the first strike. It is fortunate the Moon elves, and really only the Moon elves, remember the process from doing similar to their old armor.
2. After hasty damage control efforts by the members of the Automaton project, it is not outright cancelled by the Daiimad at large. The issue with their methods seems, with hindsight, to be obvious. Lightning alone can’t move stone! If such were the case then it would have been seen by now. They would need something that could contain the energy, transfer it to the ability to move. A rune. That’s what is needed. A rune that can be charged with lightning magic and concentrate the energies in one place to be distributed thoughout the body of the golem. The energy will be both the blood and muscle of the Golem.
3. Contrary to the belief of many outside our borders, the Colonial Guard is foremost a defensive army; meant to punish any incursion into our territory first, then rise from trench lines in counterattack once the foe runs to their own lands. As such, with the constant worry of the northern Grittidim deciding to end this charade of normalcy and invade, the border is to be further fortified. In preparation for fast moving foes, many obstacles are put in the way of the front and sides of the forts to impede movement, namely barricades and traps, usually in front of said barricades to prevent their use as cover.

>Young Meluz
Badion looks on as the two serpent-folk curl together, so peaceful now! He recalls for a moment a time many tyrns past, back when Glovan and Bavir were this young; and a smile passes below his beard as he thinks of happier family days, the four of them together back in Kirurlag. But such reminiscing quickly passes. Now, these little 'uns are going to need a room prepared and an understanding nanny arranged - and names, of course, if they're to be raised as if his... perhaps Mavon and Malgli? Ech, he'll think on it. Quietly, he makes his way from the chamber, leaving the two to slumber under the watchful eyes of his guard... And then Glovan rushes in, a parchment in hand, his face pale behind golden beard. Such terrible news from the capitol...

>The Decline of Kalnthrunra Glodrana Guldhand
The news is devastating to all who hear it, from family to the most remote of acquaintances. But Korek's arguments fall on deafened ears - Glodrana knows that things simply must be prepared for before she grows too weak to conclude them, that duty to the realm must be done - her Golaetur'kot, which she hopes will sit high in the sunlight upon Æblemor's great temple is just the first of these! The most important to arrange is a task that she herself failed so long ago. The council is called. And one by one, they come from far and near to sit. Learned Dwarves, holy Dwarves, wise Dwarves, titled Dwarves, powerful and influential Dwarves, some Dwarves with Beards so long that they brush at the soles of their feet. All to answer the question the that she sets them... Zuvrek Kvydrech Laeggratt is still young for a Dwarf, but his golden beard gleams with the promise of his starry birth. Is his temperament fitting, are his choices wise, is his education now full enough that he would be worthy to sit beneath the golden light as Kalnthrunr of the Throng? Will the council ensure stability in the realm and confirm her son as appointed heir?

>Action 1: His Golden Face, his Blazing Beard
The third seam of gold by Rodededun is ordered to be struck, for Guldfar's priests have wish to complete a long-planned renovation to Guldfar's great temple at the Field of Gold. With purest gold and blazing voktorz, a great face of Guldfar is to shine fourth from the temple through all his daily light.

>Action 2: The Forges at Ederakung
The foredwarves give these ideas to upgrade their old waterwheel their enthusiastic go-ahead; let the forges of Ederakung be expanded so we can truly put the power of the river to work! And with the expansion, another mine for... Iron? Coal? Whichever the expanded forge would most be in need of!

>(Reparation) Action 3: Riverland Survey
With new land recently acquired, another ten districts are to be placed beneath the surveyor's instruments. First, was there some land about Æblemor's temple that had not yet been checked? And second, the new-claimed land upon the banks of the rivers will be sifted and sampled.
File: Capture.png (17 KB, 336x273)
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-The Stone maestros' search has not been in vain, for the soft cries of hidden riches have been heard and now all that remains is to liberate them from their cold enclosures. Working together they combine their songs to mold pathways in the earth, sculpting tunnels towards these new minerals.

-Meanwhile the maestros of the forest look across the lands of the Simfuni and find them bland and barren. Where are the songs to echo throughout the empty hills? What good are vast grasslands that have no voice to sing with? They would take to the hills of the North, calling forth new life to grace these lands with the wonderous music of life.

-Expansion action:
Expand along the border, starting from the north and moving down as far south as I have expansion points to spend.

The gift from the hunter would be accepted, and a bit of a feast would be had. It was entirely probable that a few people would likely in time actually start giving gifts to the hunter in exchange for the meet, though viewed by those who did such as merely trading rather than giving an offering...It likely would be frowned upon by Clan Howell once the news reaches them...But that would be a problem for later...

Meanwhile the few of Clan Tudor who were leading the other scholars working on the project would continue their work on the cannonau. The light cannonau that the Humans had were likely quite useful for dealing with crew on the deck, or damaging the rigging and masts, but the proper hull it'd at best do minor external damage. The work on reproducing the things yet at a size to be large enough would still be difficult, yet it was clear what was needed. Cannonau with shot that weighed heavily. Further, an issue found in trying to reproduce the Human's own cannonau would be their method of breach loading, which in a few reproductions had structural issues that could result in the cannonau bursting, destroying the cannon and injuring or killing the one firing them. As such, efforts would be done on loading them in a different way. From the front, muzzle loaded. The work would be on making them of cast iron, seeing how the humans cannonau were made similarly, and how there were no other materials to be utilized. The only real issue is the time it generally took to get Iron to those working on them. As while there was plenty of Iron, it was basically on the other side of the colony. And in time, a number would go over to work next to the mine instead to work on the artillery. Considering their main use was still focused on being fixed on ships and forts, the weight was still not seen as much of an issue.

Related to ships, with the initial design study, the work on the ship commissioned by the Dybet would start. It would have no expense spared, for much in the way of gold, silver, copper, and more from the southerners were up for offer. The ship would be a large one, the largest ship made by Llychlyn or her colonies to date! With three tall masts, a inner and outer jib, and the rowers situated in a higher up position in the ship, and there'd be only one set of these oarmen. Directly above them would be a deck designed for holding a long set of cannonau, and on the deck would be space for yet more. Further, there would be four cannonau designed for firing forward directly ahead of the ship, and four for the back, with each broadside made to have about 26 canonau, for a total of 60. The design of the ship was saved, and with the work on the hull it would not actually be that slow despite it's size. Clan Llewelyn were the worlds best shipbuilders, and they were going to prove it. Related to this, a variant dedicated to cargo, along with a version without the oars would be made.

>Action One. Heavy ship and fortress mounted cast iron breach loaded Cannonau.

>Action Two & Reparation Three. Work on a true capital ship, one that could be used both for the Merchant Marine and the Colony's navy.
Actions: improve discipline and improve general training
> spiteful ambition
A new development comes from repeatedly meeting with the shadowfolk, the voices about their smug superiority and their claims to all ringing loudly in the ears of even those who haven’t heard about them.
The grim grow grimmer, the ambitious become even more willing to strive for superiority, and one idea takes root in the minds of all the folk who never seen the sun shine: the idea of proving oneself superior.
Discipline becomes iron-strong, with squads holding the fort to the last man in the training games, honor duels end up with vicious injuries more and more frequently, training reaches a new hike, all for one purpose and one purpose alone: be the greatest, be the best, prove the shadows wrong. Defend your honor

> declare war on the Pixies
News flash to the queens, of how their allies are struggling to deal with enemies to the south.
The Dryads are allies, in name, and as such should be helped- but one voice keeps singing in the minds of the rulers which motivates them even more to assist their brethren-
Do more. Do better. Prove them wrong. Succeed where they failed

Not even the highest queens are free from the Great Spite
File: 1623293462061.png (2 KB, 81x61)
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1. Expand the blackrock borders to pink tiles. The darkness goblins quickly swell the land controlled by the collective and even begin expanding its influence. Due to their obsession with all things dark they have started gathering on the border of the shadowfolk with only the rivers forming a definite barrier to their expansion. The road's currently defunct state from the lack of travel due to tense relations is also taken advantage by the goblins as they claim it among the various tribes. With only them being crazy enough to use it to move freely in and out of shadowfolk lands despite any retaliation received. Only through stalwart defense of the fort sees their borders deal with a local problem rather than a national one.

2. Prospect goblin lands. Bigboss is excited for this is a new continent with new tribute to be received. It seems like the land was already cleared of all the useless stuff too while leaving all the shinies for some reason. At home it seems like goblins have also found ways of dealing with the inhospitable mountains on the surface. Given what was last found in mole lands perhaps they can find something unique as well?

3. Prospect oni lands. Big Boss truly knows how to make a deal. His people get brutalized by strange foreigners and he gets an even bigger amount of tribute! Truly his stewardship is incomparable. He still has his part of the deal to do though, but he knows just the gobbo to do it. Cia'cayn already got him the good stuff from over there so surely he could do the same in the south of his own jungle!
Posted on behalf of the Drya

1. Study the Dybet fighting techniques to incorporate those that are useful.
2. Study their ships to improve our own.
Reparations. Expand
War. Rally the army and prepare a transport fleet, but hold off until negotiations are done.
After getting some bodyguards she can trust, Uni finally returns to her palace in Anubira. It's a bit short on staff, the purge scared a fair few away to other jobs, but this just gives the Blackguard more freedom to familiarize themselves with these halls.

Action 1: Create Northern Guard Posts at the road leading from the Blackstone Quarry to the Danderhome.
Someone has stolen a shipment of Blackstone up north, we do not want it, but we don't want it to fall into the wrong hands. This stone must be kept within the Blackstone Cooperative. In fact, the sun went out at that time too, so we must make doubly sure it never gets raided again. The north is unkind to us of the desert, but we cannot let the sun go out again, they will have to acclimate to the north.

Action 2: Prospect downstream of the Dyne.
With our current expenditures, our treasury is starting to drain, we need more gold to fill our coffers. With this in mind, it has come to our attention that we have yet to make a prospecting effort along the Dyne, our prospecting is instead along the Un, Din and Kavost. It has been quite foolish to not look here, considering how bountiful the earth's harvest is here, so surely there's plenty of gold as well.

Action 3 (reparation for expansion): Expand into the Ifri Desert, find the tallest peak in Ahmar.
We have enjoyed the lands of Undine for long, but now comes the wrath of the sun, we need to pay our respects to the land of no water, where the sun reigns supreme. We need to explore this land, and find the place best suited for our temple to the sun goddess, Solahmar.

Action 1: Ward Va’siya

The hated foe came so close to striking Bandru himself, this cannot be tolerated. No more shall any attacker or spy breach the forest of Bandru Va’siya, such an attack will never be repeated.

Our eyes over this area expand to encompass all, our noble wardens are drilled relentlessly to be ready to protect it at a moments notice, all the flora and fauna of Bandru Va’siya are tasked with the preservation and purity of the forest from any foe, fae or any future enemy.

Any who already by some stroke of fate exist within are purged.

Action 2: Recurve Bow

Projectiles are our best weapon against the Fae corrupters, developing a new more efficient and faster firing bow will allow us to cut down more pixies more frequently.

Action 3: Build two gold mines on our deposits

Gold is immensely valuable, and having this much can easily streamline our war effort and keep a steady supply of wealth in the nation even at a time of war.

This will allow us to keep our brave warriors fed and supplied for what we expect to be a prolonged conflict.

War post:

The time has come to finally invade the pixie lands and drive them out.
They have committed such injustices against the forest we did not even notice before, they have killed or expelled most of the wildlife just to better suit them, how disgusting.

Valmad marches on the war path, being carried along the big red line along with the bulk of our army to overwhelm the pixies, they will stand no chance fighting in a forest, especially one so close to all the poxylos they spread it will be eager to slay them.
Valmad himself is impenetrable to all their weapons and will unleash his magical vengeance on all their kind.

Our army will fight as before, backed up by danderfey supply lines and the moleman army that seems to have decided to join the war for glory.

We outmanoeuvre the pixies tactically by sailing boats down the river allowing us to surround and slaughter them, and then take the surrounding land.
These boats will be able to evade all the pixies traps in their entrance into their land by taking a naval route, cutting down on losses on that front.

The pixie army is weakened by their frequent losses both at their recent arson attempt and our initial engagement.

They do not stand a chance against us in the forest given all of our florakinesis and now the totem of Valmad himself on the warpath, and all of our support in the form of wildlife and our highly militarised ally.

Given this is effectively a 3v1 at this point, the following is the dryad battle plan.
Red for troop movements, green for this turns target.

Once we get to the wetlands our M’vaa frogs will be in prime position to make the most of their natural abilities, given their natural habitat and the fact their sticky tongues enjoy gobbling up fae.
File: Shoring Up.png (81 KB, 757x572)
81 KB
Lore-less post because still running a fever.

>Consult with Achroma. Offer all blackstone, give news of Araq's blessing, ask if Blackstone is special and should efforts be directed to securing it, even if war is necessary.

>Action 1 - Improve archery.
Consult Fraternian smiths to redesign arrowheads from hunting tools to killing tools. Improve bow strength and flexibility. (Recurve?)
>Action 2 - Improve mobility with climbing gear.
Spiked-toed boots, wrist mounted hooks, quick release ropes and more. Aim to be able to scurry up and down trees and cliffs with ease.
>Action 3 - Claim pic related.
Star-mark is a split hex with Fraternia.
>Action 4 - Improve Darkness spell.
The Shamans recall the recent eclipse, how it's occlusion left the world in darkness. Refining the ritual to focus on blocking light (as the moon blocked the sun) instead of all-encompassing darkness, could lead to less intense darkness over a wider range?
Re-doing my second action:
>The hills are alive.
Meanwhile the maestros of the forest look across the lands of the Simfuni and find them bland and barren. They have changed the shape of the land drastically from just a few centuries ago, and ever since it has been flush with life and song. But an the Melody is never just one song, never stale, for to be stale is to be dead. No, It is always changing, evolving, and life adapts with it. Thus the Simfuni, the maestros themselves, can not simply stagnate in their artistic development, otherwise they might as well be mute. Seeking fresh inspiration, the maestros take to the hills and do something they haven't in a long time: listen. They simply spend time with the hills, listening to what the land has to sing. What it has seen, what has been, and what it dreams is yet to come. The hills were not merely barren as they believed. They were blank, sure, but they were canvasses merely awaiting the next masterpiece, one of the infinite potential pieces that waited to burst forth. Like a painter, the maestros prepared the brushes of their voice to paint broad strokes of the land's ambitions into reality.
War Post

Stealth is, as always, paramount to Do'laroshan strategies. Subterfuge and misdirection are an extension of that, and it is with these that the Do'laroshans will defeat the horned menace.

The edge of the deadwoods will be where the trap is laid. Slowly, quietly, in the late evening hours, the Do'laroshans will infiltrate the Deadwoods. Scouting reports confirm the sound of lumberwork and savage, demonic cries. The Gali are here, but not for long.

The plan is to use the heights of the trees along with the falling darkness to their full advantage. Once shadowfolk are placed along the border of the ice and forest, and in a ring around the campsites and perhaps-resting Gali, the attack will commence. Arrows will pour down, and Do'laroshans will use their new climbing gear to allow them to remain on the move, keeping up their stealth and unseen attacks.

Those Shamans capable of magic will be split into two groups. The larger will distance themselves from the battlefield, towards Do'laroshan lands. Dancing a cloud of darkness into existence, they create a blob that hopefully no Gali will dare to enter. While melee is to be avoided, hopefully the blinding cloud will even the playing field, allowing the Do'laroshan warriors stationed there to protect the Shamans and kill any Gali looking to escape the arrows by fleeing south-east. If possible, traps will be laid out as well, further crippling or killing the Gali before making it to the dark-shrouded army.

The rest of the Shamans will join the archers in the trees, using their Thrown Voices to confuse and hinder the Gali as much as possible. The sound of fleeing foes where there are none, pitched fighting attracting or repelling them as needed, and aiding the archers in their movements to remain unseen.

Of note, a particularly thick amount of archers will be placed along the tree-line bordering the ice. Gali attempting to flee into the ice will be targeted before they can escape, while those who might be charging in from the frozen wastes will be allowed to enter freely, only fired upon once past the tree lines and in the gloom of the forest. If all seems well in hand, the Shamans will even call out, mimicking Gali war-cries and projecting them onto the ice, hopefully drawing more of the demons in to be slaughtered.
>Everlasting Waters

>Greenskins at the Edge of the Wood
The knights of Har'Gun'Heshi ready themselves at the sight of a gathered war band, until closer examination reveals them to be under the banner of Zhog. The tents are assembled, and cooking fires readied, for the bull laga of tbe fort wish to see who can kelp sail better, the forts captain elf, or Zhog?

>Goblins on the Beach

For lack of a better word, the lagas and elfs of Maui'loti "herd" the goblins from the coast line via a mixture of constant catch and release- coming up to goblins in the water and at the shore, and either dumping them at the fort for tagging and holding, ideally in the forts brig beneath the waves, and releasing them out at sea.

Send a boat north of some of our engineers to help build another fort around the Blackstone, and to the South we are placing a sea fort in Neleye.

We have already noticed that our sonar and screams do not bear all that much effect outside of the water. Perhaps it is the way the sound is carried, perhaps it is the leaving of Vasa Tama's domain, but in that course of thinking a possible solution is suggested.

>"What if we asked our Sea God to summon waves, how would we do so?"

Almost immediately it is agreed that such an experiment will not be attempted, for to waste a God's power and time would be foolish. Nay. But the dya may come when the Laga call upon their God to raise hell upon the open seas, the scribes and monks are questioned for advice, until a proper ritual can be determined.

>tldr- we're talking to our theologians to get an idea of what a Hail Mary ritual would take in the case of an End of the World as We Know It Scenario, ie warships in the bay of Holo'gunui we can not sink with our screams. Basically formalizing a ritual that the crown wearer can do to beg our God for protection.
The first grand clash between the Tribe and outsiders has resulted in a prize far grander than we could obtain elsewhere. Fresh meat, and the glory of battle!

>Action 1: "Hunting" Reform
The intellect of this new roaming herd is far greater than that of roaming sealions or other lone polar beasts. While our first hunt was a success, the wisest among the Tribe suggest a degree of strategy be implemented to ease the hunt. Every hunter is given two wooden spears to carry with them into the hunt. While the hunters charge their prey, a forest of spears are thrown at speeds as fast as a diving hawk at the prey, as the rest are cut down by hand once we reach them.

>Action 2: Magic Enhancement, Endurance
Once more, spurred on by our recent hunt, a new movement in the tribe is spurred on, this time by the Gali himself! Gathering the hunters of the tribe in a grand feast at his new 'palace', as members of the tribe feast on the raw and half-frozen remains of the dead humanoids, with spitting buckets passed around to spit out stray pieces of clothing stuck to the limbs, and another for the picked-clean bones to be sent to a craftsman to create bone charms.
At this feast, an emphasis is put on the stamina of the hunters, to be able to rage for longer.

>"Hunting" Action
Once more the Tribe will stalk those who probe the arctic wastes we call home, avoiding a proper confrontation lest another easy opportunity present itself. As we stalk, groups of 6 to 10 hunters will occasionally make small strikes, quickly rising over nearby hills to present themselves as they throw a squadron of spears at their prey, before making an escape, perhaps coming back later for the corpses of the killed, should they still remain.
Coordinated scare tactics are employed, as the hunters distantly surround the enemy, before letting out guttural howls from all sides of the enemy, striking fear into their hearts.
>Action 1: Learn the Dwarven Language
The Dwarves have been observed closely and noted to be trustworthy, respectful, and hard-working people. They would make for excellent mercenaries if only we could speak to them.

>Action 2: Improving the Combat Stimulant
The Faeries are by far the nimblest and most agile of the races, though their strength can be lacking. Previous research has shown that while pharmacology can aid in correcting this issue of strength, the current method and dosage can be exhaustive, knocking the Striker out cold afterward. In an attempt to protect the Strikers, further research is conducted to create a more steroid-like drug that can allow the Faerie to build and maintain the required muscle as opposed to rushing their system with adrenaline.

>Action 3: Build Farms along the Bramble Wall
The magic of the Dryads is intimidating but has its weaknesses, namely the consent of Forest Spirit. In order to prove their allegiance and limit the number of potentially treasonous plants, new gardens are built.

The Faeries expected the loss of land thus far, having largely opted against its development for that reason. The Faeries are now comfortably within their developed land with traps, walls, and the river to grant a significant defensive advantage as a flying species. Meanwhile, the Faeries fight a battle of attrition as the offensive army lurks in the forest, ambushing supply lines and halting any attempts to cease the destruction. The soldiers are sure to soon realize that the supplies aren't coming; First, they will break, then those unbroken will starve.
Reports are heard of the mages being occupied harnessing their magic in an attempt to mobilize the corpse of their old home. Noting the vulnerability, squads are sent to make aerial attacks well outside of the range of the Tree and its mages, dropping Faepalm Molotovs onto the tree and its occupied attendants.
action morale rallying: the Prince governor’s address

Two week ago, the sons and daughters of Fraternitas proved themselves true children of Thistepaw, boarding ships destined for glory and combat in the frozen wastes. With courage and honor, they stepped onto barren land where only the unknown awaited them. Today, we come together to honor their sacrifice. These men and women, these heroes, were set upon by a force greater than we had imagined, and now... they must live on in our memories.

Lesser men would have broken and run. Lesser men would have thrown down their arms. Lesser men would have fled into the wastes, rather than face the danger together.

Lesser men would not honor their bravery!

We. Are. Not! Lesser!! Men!!! We are Fraternians!!! We have stood tall and proud through dark times before, and we shall do so again! High King Alexandros forged a kingdom from shattered remnants of humanity, First Emperor Georgeo Cleanerson overthrew a tyrant king whose depravity cast a shadow overall, and then he went on to stand firm with the sons and daughters of Fraternitas to hold the line against the night itself! He single-handedly held the breach in Cleanerson Keep, to stop the city from being overrun!

Are we not the descendants of these great people?! Are we not Fraternians?! Our time in this new world has NOT weakened our spirits! We will honor the memory of the lost, and the ancient heroes, so that our sons and daughters can honor our memories in turn! Let those who gave everything, to the last full measure of devotion in the name of family & country, inspire our resolve and will to see the horrors they fought to quell put in their place! An icy grave they will never return from!

action war time breeding program
The nightmare menace is ever-growing, ever corrupting, we cannot allow ourselves to sit ideally while they are boosting their number, register with the WTBP today, he’s doing his part, are you? After the Prince’s address a nationwide breeding program was implemented, to boost the Fraternian population and recruitable people to swell the army.

action found the city of silent vigil
Both a monument to the fallen, and a beacon of hope for the future, the city stands imperial and majestic, a testament to the fraternian spirit. With the WTBP in full swing, more living space and housing will be needed to sustain the new growth rate.

(new city on the mainland I will let lux pick the placement)
war post, having gathered the dead and dying, the force give up the position and retreating overseas back to the capital to lick their wounds and regroup. the time for a counter-attack would come, but it would not be today. the navy and other land forces would be set in a defensive posture preparing the border of the nation for enemy attack.
also, I forgot to put this in my rally action
at the end of the speech, a Hymn is played to honor the dead written so that none will ever forget the events that happened in the north.


(that's right I am using taps, it is in lore now a fraternian hymn.)
Action 1: Expand Sadness detection to rabbitfolk lands - don't have danderfey help the sad ones for now. Just gauge the general level of happiness and which castes of the society are most dissatisfied.

Action 2: Infiltrate Usagi nation - send in Danderfey-loyalist usagi to infiltrate the nation. They are to act 100% like other Usagi pretending to worship them oon and all. The goal is to infiltrate the army, and governament and gain possitions of power.

Action 3: Teach the Fraternitans Albionic

for trygons war. I will put out the fires. My nation is great at it, I have 2 action in it.
1. The great mother! She visits! We will swim to her, celebrate her presence, hear and understand her voice! Let her know her children surround and belove her.

2. The turtles enjoy digging holes and tunnels, covering their bodies in green and foliage. Against the goblins, they seek to perfect the arts of camoflague.

2. Build a new road to connect to the road south of us.

3. Having to move much earth underground and below, the turtles develop better mine carts. Perhaps guided by smooth rails of wood or metal to boost their speed.

The turtles are currently assisting in garrison duties with the shadow folk, in exchange for silver
Posted on behalf of the Usagi

1 action: Cut open some more rabbits and see what makes them tick more thoroughly

1 action: Build two farms. Spices and rice
File: map36.png (1.02 MB, 2048x2628)
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1.02 MB PNG

Another cycle, another brood.

Political stirrings are about within the land of the Durranos. The audience hall of the chief is packed with rowdy Minotaurs, each jostling to have his say. It seems their, chief, concern is just that, that the current Great Bull has outstayed his tenure, it is time for a new Bull to take the ancestral seat! And they have just the Minotaur in mind.

[+1 PE]
There is beneath the permafrost, an unexpected find. Where metal had been sort, they instead bring up gemstones [You get to decide which they are, but they cannot be what other players have chosen, which are Blue Sapphires, Moonstones, and Opals]
In the western quarter of the city of Obron, the Deviseries are built. It is within these halls that the runes of old are to be studied, and adapted to work in these lands. Remarkably, the Force Rune remains relatively stable, though the additional runes to create a Blast work only weakly.

[+1 PE]
(>>4864763) Devils of their word, the Oni set about digging the many mines upon the located veins and caches within Goblin lands.

[+2 PE]
Orders carried from the Daiimad to Faalsin's local council, to foremen, to smiths, to metal stores, a complex line of Vossik Whispers.
Gold inlaid bombards are the newest prestige pieces on the military parades.
Think, magics, magics of old, magics of the old world... The Dwarves had magic didn't they? Yeah, with carvings and ale-sloshing, although that last part could just be because they were drunk. They were something like this, ᛟ ᚢ ᚱ ᛋ, right? Right. Alas the libraries have nothing on the Dwarves, Ashen or Gylden. Humans are perseverant however, and endless combinations & alterations are attempted until something works. And work it does. The slab lifts from the floor, waddles a few "steps", then... falls lifeless again. It's a start! The casters complain of rampant shock-back though, a problem only before experienced in very novice magic-users.
The grittidim are, put simply, not to be trusted. Now most of all, when Rabbit patrols and Human border guards are constantly crossing paths. Something a little more permanent, more persuasive, is needed.

Artists even in mineral extraction, the hallways the Stone Maestros dig are visited by Instruments just to "see" them.
To listen is to know, this is fundamental to the Simfuni. Had they not stopped and listened, the hill and mountains would not be the symphony they are today. They had planned to forest the entirety of the highlands, but what could they have lost if they had sung over the hills' own songs? And so they listen. Here, the chittering of crickets, and the scurrying feet of hares. There, the call of an eagle, and oh! the cry of a small cousin to the extinct mountain cat. (>>4864896) Wait, what kind of footsteps are those?
With their song and orchestra ever growing, it is time for the Instruments to enlarge their music hall.
A surrogate fatherhood enlivens the old Dwarf, as much as his creaking bones will allow. A dozen names zip around in his head before he realises he doesn't even know the sexes yet! Ah, let them rest, it can checked in th- Glovan? Are you alri-?
Badion rushes to the capital, to his old friend's side, thankfully in time. He sits for the council and is the first to pledge to the young Kalnthrunr. Many of the inner circle, secure in their courtly placements perhaps, are next. Then it comes to the outer circle, the rest of the landed & titled, the priestly Dwarves, and those of industry. A stern look on the pale face of Glodrana is enough to win over many, knowing full well she'd haunt them for it otherwise. But as always it is the periphery who demand concessions. Who is to be his regent til he is of age? Who do the Kalnthrunra's personal holdings go to? Who is to pay for the funeral, the rites, the coronation, the festivities? Who is to have the prestige of conducting them? But there is a glimmer among the mire of squabbles, not a one speaks against the boy.
The third seam is mined and a large quantity of the ore brought immediately to Ederakung, watched over by priests. The ore is blessed, the furnaces are blessed, the poured gold is blessed, and for good measure the workers are blessed with a tipple of good Ichor. From the rowdy city they bring a hammered form, awaiting the final delicate work by the temple's own artisans. By the Field of Gold His holy features are defined, His eyes and fiery beard inlaid with shining voktorz, and the finest details picked out with electrum and silver. His visage is installed first in the pediment, then removed and moved to the roof, but this too is removed as the priests try to decide which looks best.
Coal is the life force of of the city, another mine for the stuff can't come soon enough. Meanwhile the industrious Dwarves set about expanding their forge into and over the river, the monstrous wheels fill the Untirkol from bank to bank, each driving Læge-knows how many Dwarven machinations inside.
First the lands all about Her temple is carefully probed and reprobed, the story of the narrowly missed silver in their heads, but turn up nothing. Then north, much the same until a sliver of copper is brought up. Last, heading out north from the Untirkol, something new, beautiful stone. [Precious stone node, decide in chat]

>Big Totem
The Grand Propsect begins in the mountains, and then onto the newly conquered island. On homeland, the mountains have iron. On Deinos in the trees is more sulphur and in the rock more ancient bones. It continues in Oni land, swimming over the nasty rivers and moving south. (>>4863106) For the Devils, the Goblins find copper in the hills, and lead in the jungles.
(>>4854618, >>4858618) Beautiful dark lands for greedy dark Goblins.
Clay moulds are dug vertically in the forge's grounds by the score and tons of molten iron poured. The moulds are made of graduating sizes, from what is known to be castable, up and up. Many of the smaller are successfully cast, whilst the larger are riddled with imperfect pours, bubbles, and collapsed bores. Still, of the larger sizes, the 12 pounder proves reliable, a massive improvement on the hand-hold-able things of the Men.
The designs are drafted and the shipwrights set to work. For this there is a need for a truly monumental amount of timber. Bows, skins, and meat are "gifted" to the Hunter, for without them the Children cannot work for fear, but after a tyrn the wood is brought from his Grove to the shipyards. There, the shell of the capital ships are built and made watertight. Work continues until an example of each model is set sailing in banners and garlands.

How insufferable those Shadows are, who speak as if they are the children of the gods when not a one even knows of the Lady Below! They're even worse than the Grynox, and that's saying something! Their name becomes a synonym for the smug and self-righteous. Just the mention of them sets a fire in Imnaki bellies. A fire which fuels a single desire, to prove them wrong, to prove that it is Taknab that reigns supreme, to topple the notion of "above" to mean "better". Additional training drills are ordered, disciplinary actions strengthened, special civilian programmes introduced too. The whole nation roils with it, with the want, no, Need! to show those Shadows who it is that are the children of a god(dess).
Through the Doors in the Mountain they pour west, in search of one thing; Glory.
I wonder where this tunnel goes? Oh, hello Simfuni!

The Dyb had relied on their size and raw strength to overwhelm the Elves, but had come to consternation when Ents their own size stepped up. There is something to be said for the shock and awe tactic, but their bravado had been only short lived. Their ships however, those few still floating, and those dredged out of the busy harbour, are definite a improvement over the practically ancient Anayen boats, better suited for fishing & ferrying over all else. Of note is the use of both planks and reeds in their construction. [Discuss with Happy, Anayen ships are very simple unireme affairs]
The Drya extend their reach, both to cover the coast and to better integrate their upstart vassal. And for this vassal the army rallies and transport is prepared, they await the signal.
[D] Another wreck at the feet of Ninuro brings cries to Uni to do something!
A road unwatched is a road unsafe. In the frigid hills of Blackstone lands is raised a fort, watching the road in and out. Further south, in the more temperate land of the Dander, another to keep an eye on the Goblins thereabouts.
How can it be that Anubira, most beloved of the Gods, be built upon lowly copper? And that the fields around give up rock with the stench of unwashed Goblins?
The Desert of Ifri, where the sun and the scorpion reign, away from the life-giving waters of Undine, a place no closer to Ameti on Syph can one find. It is this land above all others where the power of Solahmar are greatest, and it is here Her temple is to be built, upon the highest point of the high rock of Ahmar.

[+2 PE]
The eyes of the forest are ordered open, the spirits called to aid. Around Bandru the vigilance is never-ending. Yet such an act is an incredible strain, every fly that buzzes through, every leaf that blows in, trigger the ward. True, Fae here & there are caught and dragged from their hiding places, but too often such a high alert brings false-positives.
Building upon countless minor improvements of the Rings' bowyers, a bow of recurved limbs is fabricated, resulting in a lighter, faster hitting, and less unwieldy weapon.
Gold is hastily brought up, to be used in the purchasing of additional supplies, edible and wieldable.

>Everlasting Waters
The Market settles at the Zhog camp, near Har'Gun.
The Zhog, as politely as they can, decline the offer to go hurtling through the air on a length of kelp rope. (>>4864763) The other Goblins meanwhile are at least partially, and probably only momentarily, removed from the cove beach of Maui'loti. With many more shooed off whenever they come digging in Laga sands!
(>>4861039) A fort of coral is set at a good point in the waters off the sands of Neleye, to watch for any further incursion that foolish raiders may try to. Another, coral-less, fort is raised at another point in the star-fortifications of the Quarry, though notably not staffed by Whales.
Well, it would certainly require a sacrifice on the part of the Laga'leleiloto. Something important too. The scribes, priests, even the turtle-keepers, all ponder around what would be fitting, but the answer had been clear from the start. What greater treasure had been gifted them, than the Crown of Old Papa? To offer such a thing, would show that it is the most dire of circumstances.
[NM] The stolen, no, the reclaimed Blackstone, is piled into an intricately woven basket lined with fine Fraternian cloth. At the ancient shrine within the greater temple it is placed and Achroma awaited. Without His usual bluster He enters, soft pads against the stone and heavy, laboured breath. The questions are put to Him, who paces around His treasury, stopping before the basket of Blackstone He answers: "The word of my kinsman is granted? Then thou art almost ready for thy task. As to the stone... Thou knowest the answer, child. What else would drive thee such? Yet heel, for thy greed outgrows thee. Dost thou not also knowest that the life of my children, meaneth more to me than any stone?"
The arrows of the Dakan have changed little from their first shot in the darkness, though now at least of iron rather than of flint. (>>4865048) But there is much to be learnt from the Men & Morphs who have spoken at least in passing of their wars and conquests. Arrows to pierce more than hides, and of course the bows to fire them. In the hands of Hunters and Assassins, they are deadlier still.
To the Do'la, climbing a tree is as simple as breathing, but that is for the trees of the Dakan with their low branches and centuries-worked foot holds all over. The trees of the Deadwood however are broad, tall, and without such luxuries. But the clever Shadows have just the thing in mind, perhaps having seen how the critters of the forest had done so. Climbing claws & boots are ordered, of quality Fraternian steel, and a demonstration given to very quiet applause.
Do'la head out in most directions, north to halt the flow of nightmares, east to stem the tide of Goblins, and south to cement their hold on the old Blackstone road. (>>4864448) Wait, what are those floaters doing just, floating there?
The Shamans' first attempts had been a more metaphorical blanket, but perhaps, as the eclipse had shown, the term could be a little more literal. The dance is begun, but the movements are higher, hands signing above the head, knees brought up with each step. Slowly the darkness grows, high above their heads, a billowing sheet of rainless stormcloud. Thin shadow is cast over all.

"Sons and Daughters of Fraternia! / Rise! Awake! The day has come! / Cower not the sun has risen! / Risen over Unity!" It's more inspiring in Fraternian.
Another round of the Market aphrodisiac is dispensed, and a public holiday announced. Not only that, but a tax-break is given to parents of more than three children, and gifts given from the privy purse for every child born over the next three tyrns!
Silent Vigil, just Vigil for short, is founded in a natural harbour, between Thistlepoint and the Opur Sound, where the fishing is good and the waters generally calm. It is just the place, away from the noise of New Ava's Landing, for those who had been witness to that massacre on the ice to find rest.
Whilst the flurries had been upon the side of the Gali in the first of their "hunts", there is no promise the ice will be kind again. Strategy over awe will be needed. Of course, awe is the appropriate response to being charged by hunters as spears rain upon you.
The Tourney of Endurance had shown the limits of the body, but what of the endurance of that fire within? How long can that rage flow in the veins? Another Tourney of Endurance then, one of prolonging said rage. Gali try all sorts of methods to achieve that heightened state and maintain it. The weak among them pass out from the stress, with two or three even collapsing dead from the strain. Good, let them be discarded from the lineage! Sheer will proves unreliable, as the focus of the mind is almost entirely lost in the state. Repeated beatings proves dangerous for the beaters, upon whom the rage is turned. What proves surprisingly effective however, is a sharpened sliver of bone, poked into the breechcloth which repeatedly scratches against or digs into the delicate skin unexpectedly.

[+1 PE]
[B] Whether by the chance and fickle whims of nature, or a deliberate gift to the Fae, in a courtyard garden of the Schools of War is found growing a rather nasty weed. A deceptively mundane thing to the casual observer, with broad heart-shaped leaves of a pleasing pale green and clusters of tiny but deep & vivid blue flowers, but across the stem and undersides lay uncountable, near-imperceptible barbs; Each a tiny needle filled with toxins. When disturbed, the barbs easily break the skin, injecting their poison with just the slightest brush giving a mild irritation to the affected area. However, when the envenomed flesh is exposed to the sun, each microscopic drop doubles in size, creating painful, unreachable blisters beneath the upper layer of skin, which easily break into each other creating an expanse of agonising bleeding.
(>>4864448) Through both covert methods, and the occasional chance meeting, a modicum of Gyldentongue is picked up by the Faeries.
Research of the reagents both Tangle and Apothecary have yielded little in the way of hoped for results. Alas it falls to something far more mundane to increase the strength of the Faeries, and something which takes time to take effect; A diet high in meat, and a reliance on more than one's wings to get about. For a more immediate effect though, the previously devised stimulant can be thinned, giving a less drastic boost, but one that at least leaves the taker among the living.
Woven into, and even strengthening, the Tanglewall are a number of gardens. Blackberry brambles, stinging nettles, and a host of other delectable, but painful surprises.
The tendrils of sadness detection once more creep north-east to the Rabbitfolk, caring not for hill or wall, the ethereal threads find who among them are dejected, lost, and grieving. But against themselves, the Dander will not trespass.
(>>4859625) Prisoners of the Purity Wars are released, sent guarded up to the Usagi outpost to make their way back to Kaa'Raat. It is a strange feeling, free of the Dander who had built for them a town, fed them rice, and kept them as well as the Impure could. Scouts spot them before they reach the city walls. They await appraisal at the gates, unsure if they will be let in.
(>>4865048) The friend of a not-friend isn't always also a not-friend, and in the spirit of friendship it is good to see the good in everyone. And now that the Fraternians know some Albionic, they can speak their good too!

[Waning Half]
Rabbits, at the gates? The Impure have set free their captives!
The vessels no longer needed are gathered for further dissections, primarily as teaching aides to a growing class of healers, surgeons, and the like. These however teach little new knowledge, save for the study on the lungs of forge-workers, the wrought-muscle of archers, and the effects of the physical trials the vessel is put through as a priest. Unfortunately even in this sacred bastion of Purity, impurity will inevitably infect. Such is the case of a Rabbit who will never again be named, who forced himself upon another, resulting in her untimely moon-sending. He is to be made an example of, and a useful study. He is bound, buried alive in the snow of the Great White, and just before he is moon-sent, brought back up. He is laid out in the palace square, where the public may see him. There he is split open with a Blackstone blade and his viscera studied. The experience is most enlightening.
New paddy terraces are dug in the hills along the Western Erdo, and farms begin cultivating the many spices & herbs used in Usagi cooking.
The Great Mother comes again at last! Her children rush into the water, stripped of their heavy steels, to greet her. About her swim more of her children, lesser than them, for they have not been granted her divine wisdom as the Children have. She watches as they make their way up to her, easily matching her slow strokes, with happy eyes. She lifts her mouth up and gives a cheerful, grunty, call. Others would not likely hear the majesty and comfort in her voice, but innate within them it brings peace. The Children bring their mother marsh-root to eat, and some of their steel to show her, ever so proud. She gives an approving blink which warms their hearts; They have done her proud too. Then, as if she had just remembered it as she pulls far from the Nest, another call, one they know, somehow, to mean "Whales". She is already on her long journey, too far out, to ask for more.
Goblins are, to put it politely, stupid. But alas, they are also tenacious and fecund. So much so that they have spread from that Quarry of theirs out into the hills and valleys, and on occasion the Turtles' own forest. Another thing about the menaces however is that they are both creatures of habit and unfathomably unobservant; A patient Turtle can make his way covered over in a ghillie up to the edge of a Gob camp, and with the element of surprise painfully won, set upon them.
Wishing only to connect themselves to the much greater world 'round which the Great Mother swims, the Turtles build out their roads to join that walked by the Shadows. But ho! (>>4864763) even up to the Market is swarming with dark tribe Goblins!
Sleds had been the main choice for carting out ore from the mine, and metal from the forge, but bright as Iti herself, the Turtles conjure up something much more reliable; Rails.


-The Dalu Purge: Unwelcome Visitors-

Whatever the Dryad are doing to the poisoned tree, all it takes is a single Faerie to disrupt or even halt. Displace Image tricks most of the defenders, who recall bewildered, but too many lucky hits and cross paths severely limits the successes. Still, heroic Fae break the lines and set ablaze their unholy works. Meanwhile the Dander work tirelessly to put out the other fires. They manage to extinguish those within the Inner Ring, and one of the farms as well, but are too late to contain the southernmost flames.
The Tanglewall stands proud and impenetrable. Haughty spirit-talkers order it aside to no avail. Once more an order is given. Still the bramble does not move. A polite request then? Nothing. A worry that the thing is some abominable un-living thing arises. A dangerous peak into the unseen reveals it not the case, hundreds, if not thousands of spirits pulse & flow within. The only way through would be to hack it apart, or else torch it, but the Dryads can as yet bring themselves to do neither. Instead, the totem of Valmad is lifted high, a beacon of inspiration.
Navally the Faeries are totally outclassed. Dryad ships sail the Lida with ease, past the Dream and Temple towards the wetlands of the Cano. Unavoidable traps force their disembark further down river than desired, the Bandru'ii ships becoming beached in the shallows upstream. At once they are set upon by Fae. Much more than had been anticipated; They seem to fall from the trees like leaves! More than that, where one swipes or shoots, they are not there, or else empty air makes tiny thuds! Faerie magic is at work. Then come swarms in twos, or threes, charging with iron spikes. They move so erratically it is near impossible to strike them. Their little needles pierce the bark, but had they injected? Despite it all, the Dryad, though constantly assailed, establish a foothold.
-The Nightmare War or The War on the Ice: A Small Meal-

The Men & Morphs, still in shock from the slaughter, gather up all they can, haphazardly thrown into the ships, and push off from the ice. The Gali descend upon the ruins to gather any bodies missed, any stone left behind, even the bloody snow.
It falls to the Do'larosha then, who stalk the Gali in their small holding of the poorly named Deadwood. At night the Do'la set up their Shamans and archers, awaiting the arrival of Gali come sunrise. The guttural calls of the horned rouse them from their half-sleep to action. When sight is confirmed, the Shamans begin their dance, spreading darkness through the treeline. Gali who see this begin throw out their spears, killing a few of the dancers, yet they persist. In just a few seconds, blanketing darkness grants welcome, relieving cover to Shadow archers, who from their perches rain arrows upon the Gali. But their blindness only drives their rage, they charge into the trees, in some instances quite literally. The blood-chilling roar causes steps to misalign, bows to be dropped, footholds to be lost. The creatures take more arrows than thought possible to down them, in such time they are upon the Shamans, tearing them limb from limb, goring them with horns, or sinking wicked teeth into their flesh. Arrow-fire continues until the beasts are killed, but only after every last dancer is brutalised. The darkness dissipates, revealing the grim horror below.


-The Dalue Purge: Second Addendum-

The first Dryad to step into the Tanglegarden is met by ineffectual snares and laughable pitfalls. But these had been purposeful, another step finds the Tree marching straight into concealed spikes of a dozen different poisons and herbicides, at once her sap runs cold. Before she can warn them, others make the same, perhaps fatal, discovery. Any innocuous patch could contain more, or worse. The army halts. However it had also triggered some alarm or notice, for the Fae spring from every Bandru-forsaken hole & treetop and descend upon the Dryad. Much as those who had fought from deck had found to their dismay, the Faeries are never where they appear to be. Here the totemised Valmad is raised, here the spirits are called upon, and here a ring of flaming resin blasts forth from the totem, showering all around with burning sap. Tiny singed bodies fall from the sky, but the blast was indiscriminate. A painful victory is called for the Sennites.
The Hammer of Taknab are guided to the Dryad foothold, unfortunately arriving only after it has been established. Covered all over in steel, wielding weapons of every imaginable type, there truly isn't much they can do, being near-blind and all.

File: giphy (1).gif (1.69 MB, 344x227)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB GIF

For many years now, the turtles, able to eat both green and meat, have settled for the usual. Marsh reeds, fish, seabed crawlers, and so on.

And yet, seeing the abundance of goblins, a sudden and strange new fervor, a voracious spirit, an invigorating rush fills the turtle warriors who more and more turn to the field of battle.

The hunt. The ambush. The. . prey.

There is something instinctually gratifying of waiting for an unsuspecting goblin, and then quicker than a blink, snapping into them, the delicious flavors and aromas pouring into the crushing jaws.

1. The Turtles have begun to hunt the goblins for sport and sustenance, as a market for goblin meat now rivals that of even the fine steel items. Soldiers can now gain both a feast and a fortune if they can bring more fresh goblins back to the nest, where there are many hungry hatchlings to feed, and many adults who are hungry need only don armor and head into the field in search of that green meal on legs. The turtles have found a new source of food!

2. Traps, traps, and more traps. In addition to tunnel ambushes, the Turtles master the art of stake pits, pitfalls, trip wires and crushing logs or taut crossbows, or rolling boulders. The better to catch goblins with. Or anything else.
Reminder: Add my gold mines

Action 1: Banish all of the Poxylos, controlled burnings which we then extinguish once we’re certain we got it all.

(Don’t make this a giant action sink I beg you.)

(And for the love of god if you put a fire symbol on the map as a result of this that I then have to spend another action to put out I’m ending your bloodline.)

If we act quickly we can burn away the Poxylos before it reaches the iron mine and farm. The iron mine won’t really burn down or anything due to a fire, but the farm does need be saved.

Action 2: A Vehement Rejection of Arson
The foremost threat to forests is fire, and our enemies use fire liberally. We are of the forest, to set it ablaze is to set ourselves ablaze, and so we must learn and remember how to stop this from happening.

Memories of Fire enter the minds of the dryads from ages past, ancestral experiences locked deep within the dryads subconscious leaping to the forefront of those engaged in recent battles.

Treatments to wood, special patrols to catch out fire starters in flame-prone areas, a sixth sense of where fire spirits seem to be gathering before they arrive, the practices and methods to quickly put out fires before they become too bad all come together to remind the dryads how to prevent the tragedy of fire from striking their precious trees.

With the memories of fire returned to the Carvil’ax’seset from ancient days their foes will no longer be able to set fires under the very noses of the Carvil’ax’seset. Illegal fires that seek to burn when Carvil’ax’seset are around will find themselves outmanoeuvred and predicted now, no more will this be allowed uncontested.

Action 3: Build a city on Dopio

Cordatta and Ganne each took a seed from the same tree to one day plant them together when they had dreams of nurturing a beautiful pair of twin trees together, but ties between the sisters have long been cut.

The seed for Gannes tree has long been planted and has been growing steadily, but it is only now that a proper gathering of dryads and wildlife truly gathers around it, as it’s size grows tremendous from fledgling torpor and it’s bark takes on just the slightest silvery sheen.

Whole new generations of dryads are spawned from pods around the great tree, unofficially the fourth elder tree of its sort, and undoubtedly the youngest, barely an elder at all.

On another island, not too far away, it’s twin achieves the same level of growth, and will soon after form a community around itself much as it’s twin.

Warpost to come later, discussion needed but general plan for now.

Given our open trade policy with others and several valuable resources to offer, and the pixies own rather isolationist and poor economy, it is likely we can outlast them in a prolonged conflict.
They are poorer than us, and as a result cannot last as long as we can.

With their constant heavy losses they should soon be feeling the sting of war exhaustion.
My allies apparently are all retards incapable of following a guide with pictures.

> Action 1&2: build the two necessary border-forts

To the province co-owned with the shadows take along the Cooperative-guard to make sure the invading Shadowniggers can't attack us during construction.
File: expansion base.png (81 KB, 1599x1575)
81 KB

1. Build a city called Ngosta-Dusna (iron mountain) on the blue tile. With the discovery of iron came excavation and with excavation came exploration and discovery. It was found that the mountain was relatively thin here and that much of it had been cut into by the river. Taking advantage of the opportunity the local tribe was able to bypass the travel around the south of the mountain and instead was able to cut directly through it using the river. Saving over half the journey time! Seeing how much safer and quicker the journey was the mountain goblins quickly rose to power as they were able to extract tolls from anyone west of the mountain who wanted to use their jealously guarded pass. With the others begrudingly being forced to accept due to the necessity of tribute being delivered to big boss.

2. Finish prospecting the oni lands. The oni land is big similar to goblins. It had taken time to comb through so much but now it seems like they are close to finishing.

3. Build a mine on the blue tile and a market on the red tile. While Ngosta-Dusna is being established as an internal trade route to the south west trade has begun to spring between the oni and goblins after the meeting between their delegation and bigboss along with the lowered restrictions from jungle boss and the constant prospecting that lets them find all sorts of valuables in oni lands. There is even an oni city on the river near one of the marsh iron mines with bountiful copper deposits discovered by the goblins. Seeing an opportunity here to make up for his own jungle's lack of resources Cia'Cayn establishes a dedicated market to better access oni goods from Chikaa.
> Warpost
keep putting out fires in bandruii
File: Turn.jpg (70 KB, 731x669)
70 KB
Why, Korek will be regent of course! The Kalnthrunra's husband, the lad's own father; a Dwarf of impeccable character, great learning, and verifiable history of service to the state. The funerary rites are to be conducted at Æblemor's temple, whilst - as it has always been - the coronation will be held beneath Guldfar's light amidst the grain, before harvest. Let us hope the priests of the field of gold will have worked out where to place His golden visage by then! Perhaps on the far interior wall where the full range of windows can keep it lit throughout His day, to illuminate His temple with constant Voktorz-light glow at night and look out toward the golden field? Ah, but that is an ecumenical matter; for the priests of Guldfar to decide and not this council. Now, onto further matters...

>Action 1: My Precious
A node of precious stone. Of course this means a new mine is needed so that we may use this! And along the northern river, in lands in which the surveyors made no extraordinary find, a new farm is founded to make good use of land left fertile by the lazy, silty waters of the twin-rivers Rodkol.

>Action 2: Ministry of Roads
In the Gyldenland, the Dwarves had been famed for the many great roads built across their nation. In the new world, however, the initial presence of the ships of the great colony fleet have meant most Dwarven traffic has been able to move by various waterways. Which is fine for now, Korek notes; but sooner or later the growing number of Dwarves is going to make this a problem. And so a new ministry of state is founded to pool Dwarven knowledge of the matter to work out how best to make more roads, better roads; and to begin the laborious process of planning where they must all go. Though with Gravel, Clay, Limestone and of course Concrete to work with as well as a wealth of historical knowledge of Dwarven roads from the old country, he wouldn't be surprised if he could swiftly maximise the planning and construction process.

>(Reparation) Action 3: Waterside Expansions
Much of the south is sweltery, but the oceanside is kept very pleasant in temperature by cool sea breezes. And with Gylden Dwarf shipping already plying along the coast, it is a simple matter for Dwarves to land from brief stops of ships along the shore, founding new small fishing villagers for former sailors to muster out to as part of the navies' promises of land for service.
Ederakung's new wheel is notable for many reasons, but among them is the fact that the river is now spanned. Though the upper reaches of the Untirkol are unnavigable, the maintenance gantries for the wheel and support structure upon the far bank now mean that the river can be more or less freely crossed here. And so more Dwarves do so, settling down upon the northern bank of the Untirkol.
> Danderfey epilogue
The Queen would slowly become enamored with Daiimad culture while on her visit there. She did miss humans... she really did. The Danderfey clearly could not survive as a nation either way.

As such the decision was made. The Danderfey would become a wandering people moving to the lands of their former allies fully dedicating themselves to helping them. Predominantly the Bandruii with their current war.

The Queen would move to the Daiimad settling down finding a husband etc.

Lastly the overground land of the Danderfey would be fully granted to the Blackstone Cooperative with only Londision alone staying as possession of the Danderfey along and as a piece of religious significance and where they bury all their dead.

In the end this world too was just a little bit too cruel for them afterall...
These deposits, they are signs, that Anubira should make weapons and warriors, while the fields bear a mineral suited for fertiliser, they are telling us our fields should grow bountiful. Or perhaps Anubira should make ships, bronzeclad ships, as they also have Maduro and Ninuro. Or... something for ships, using the bronze.

Action 1: Renovate and repair Maduro and Ninuro.
We were told quite sternly by the sun that we weren't to attack the elves, so, perhaps we overthought the tight passage inside the two collossi. We shall renovate them, not only repair their exterior, but expand their passages to fit our grand forms.

Action 2: Work with Prenhearn, they develop gunpowder while we develop a Bronze Cannon.
It seems our shipbuilders has a new weapon, but not the powder to load it. We will provide our trade network so they can find the mixture which makes this gunpowder. In the meantime, we will fix their cannons. Their cannons explode on the wrong end, and the culprit: Steel. Steel is hard, yes, but it doesn't flex, it doesn't bend, bronze does. We will therefore work to make Bronze Cannons, besides, we much prefer the golden sheen of bronze than the rust-specked grey of steel.


We have our foothold established, and can now easily sweep along and take the surrounded lands in green, perhaps more given the incredible reinforcement of the Moleman army allowing us to occupy far more ground than before.

The molemen have talented sappers trained to disable traps, which are wonderfully useful and as a result the moles will be tasked with clearing the pixie traps so that we can push the pixies out faster and faster.

The more farms and other infrastructure we take the swifter we can make the pixies feel the sting of exhaustion, they have only lost ground so far and will only continue to lose it faster now that we have been reinforced with an army arguably stronger than ours.

General plan is to occupy everything in green (only 8 tiles, weirdly), and deploy the moles to occupy the iron mine in red. With the moles specialised in disarming traps we can really start taking this forest under our thumb.

We will have a number of moles take some of our remaining ships to sail over to the iron mine where they will be able to dig in and entrench, preventing any further iron extraction.

Unruly tree spirits are bartered with, or I suppose flirted with, offered torpor at a later date if their loyalty to the unseen king is so wavering that they need a reason to fight firespreaders and plague bearers.


We’re always supporting the moles in battle, we don’t have them just go on their own and get attacked by pixies where they can’t fight back, that doesn’t help.

We use them as an extension of our forces, increasing our combat ability many times over in the task of conquering tangle land and slaying pixies.
1. Mountain warfare training is a must in the event of Northern Grittidim assault, with CG battle doctrine emphasizing taking advantage of a lull in fighting after breaking an opposing assault with immediate and devastating counterattack. The most likely strategy is causing rockslides and avalanches before troop movements via cannon fire to ensure those loose rocks are already fallen by the time our forces move in, as well as implementing equipment into Mountain Warfare “Equipment packages'' to be quickly issued forces mobilizing to enhance mobility and ensure safety.
2. Success! Even with how minor it was, it was still a success. And with physical proof it works, the Daiimad has greenlit the continuation of the Automaton project. Emphasis is now placed on refining the rune process: With goals being to increase the storage capacity and the capacity to understand basic orders; as well as measures to prevent feedback upon charging. Perhaps it has to do with the orientation, size, and neatness of the runes...
3. Gunpowder is in no short supply, however, in one of the manufacturies there has been a mistake. One batch was, somehow, produced without the addition of Phosphates into the mixture. While this scrap batch was being disposed of via burning, after the first two barrels of 10 were burned, the ordnance disposal team noticed something. The burning powder was giving off far less smoke, and seemed to burn better than any other powder they had seen! How could this be? The phosphates were an essential part of the formula, weren’t they? Making the decision to save the remaining barrels from destruction, they write a report on the matter, sending it; the remaining 8 barrels, and much of the batches documentation to the College of science and engineers for further analysis. Should this in fact prove to be a better mixture of powder, then the flaws of phosphate based powder would finally be worked out!
Addendum, addendum

The molemen do actually have effective weapons against the fae, crossbows allow for massed fire against the flying nuisances.
(Pask finds Amethyst)
1. Pask devises a mine for the amethyst, with the goal of using it both for trade and wealth but also to see if their runes can be utilized with it for greater effect.

2. Large storehouses are created for proper storage and distribution of food, so that all of Pask's populace may remain properly fed going into the future, regardless of a time of peace or time of war.
File: Expansion.png (57 KB, 618x423)
57 KB

Action 1 - Start expedition from Pyr to sail to find the Anaye.
- Sail south and hug the coast, stopping where possible to re-supply. Take it slow and steady since our boats are far from the best.

Action 2 - Improve climbing equipment.
- It's use in battle has uncovered countless minor flaws, while Fraternian metallurgists work to refine the quality required by the shadowfolk's demand. Together, solving these will enhance the equipment immensely.

Action 3 - Claim more land.
- New dangers present themselves, and allies grow every closer. More land is tamed by pitch-black hands.

Pyr is an island that produces nothing. It is unpleasant to stay there, and the only pleasantries are imported from Thisi or the mainland. Still, it does serve as a waypoint for those Fraternian ships looking to reach Kalia, since they cannot stop to resupply on Dopio. Sadly, all Pyr can offer is dried fish and water with a lingering taste of ash, but sometimes this has to be enough.

Recently though, a boom in activity has overtaken Pyr. Ships built on Thisi sail around and dock at the volcanic island, stocking up on food and water in measures never seen before on the rare Shadowfolk boats. This crew of umbral sailors is looking to go sailing quite far indeed!

Further up the volcanic slopes, shadowfolk dip rags in water to protect their lungs as they prepare to investigate the imposing mountain. Shiny new steel tools promise a safe(ish) ascent up the rocky slopes.

The first attack was a tragedy, but now the Galian might is known. The full attack can begin.
(War Post Below)

The Shadowfolk dare not step onto the ice. There, any hope for an advantage is lost. The battle must remain in the trees, and aims to deny Galians entrance into the Deadwoods forever. However, instead of a probing attack, this was going to be a full on assault, though no less stealthy, hopefully.

Like last time, the attack will take place at dusk, as the light begins to fall. As before, hunters will take to the trees. With the full might of the Do'laroshans in play, they could afford to put far more hunters per tree over a wider area, making any Galian who dares to enter their range suffer far more for their mistake. The main force of the Do'laroshans would hang back, in Do'laroshan lands, where traps and familiar territory meant greater safety. Shamans, mindful of the losses in the last battle, remain at the far back, summoning a rolling bank of slate-grey clouds over all.

Secure that overwhelming forces could halt any Galian's who charge their way, they would repeat the tactic they tried last time, sending out large groups shadowfolk to infiltrate the enemy's side of the forest, stationing Hunters amidst the trees. Last time, a hunter might have had two or three trees adjacent without a hunter. Now, each tree would be packed with as many archers as reasonably possible, more and more slowly filtering in as the night progressed.

This would continue, basically, until the Galians noticed. Once the Galians were up and enraged, the arrows would pour down, hopefully silencing their feral cries. Those who remained on the ground would slowly advance, providing fire from the south east and weathering the stray demon who managed to break through. Eventually, hopefully, the last horned monster would be slain, and the marching Do'laroshan army could perch in the trees on the forests edge and ensure none would ever enter the forest again.

1. Build more mines in gobbu land
2. research agriculture techniques to improve food growth and production
3. Build farms
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

Fort by Pologa Port, and farm alongside.

Our new friend, the Simfuni, have inspired us with their fabled music horns, how do such a thing interact with our sonar?

(Make a copper horn with a kelp head piece that rests the horn upon the melon, and we sing)

With the creation of proper Cannonau and the new grand ship design complete and produced for both the colonial navy and merchant marine, and one ship for the Dybet, the focus of the colony would turn to that of the gun powder, or powdwr gwn, that the humans had created. Specifically it's creation. Naturally, the colony further wished to ensure it's independence from their allies. After all, it was far more economically profitable to be the one selling resources that had very limited production that it was to buy them. Naturally the same people who worked with the substance in the creation of the Cannonau would be the same one's who were set to work upon the material itself. And with the many, many resources that the Dybet had, there was plenty of materials to work on in the creation of the powder. In fact, it was possible with such an abundance that they'd be able to make something better. However, while one might think that there was little to go off of on it's creation, there actually was. After all, the humans had little in the way of trade outside of that with Prenhaearn itself. And as such, limiting the initial testing to the utilization of the resources that they actually had access to initially would help drastically in the recreation of the powder itself.

Meanwhile, work would continue on the paved road's. It was likely that it would still take further work until it reached the mines, but it was going along quite decently, and it was likely sooner rather than later that the internal parts of Prenhaearn was going to have a fair bit of trade, especially when it comes to the transport of good over land. Still it was quite important, both for further expansion and for ensuring everything moved through the country in good time. It also would make things cheaper due to the greater ease of transport, which would further bring wealth to the colony. And further, it would help in the expansion of the the colonies lands. On a related note, further settlers would head out and claim land, and even though they would be quite spread out the land would still properly become under the control of Prenhaearn y Wladfa. Though it was likely that soon the colony would become more than just one the singular colony... Though the proper organization of this would likely take some time at the very least...

>Action One. Work on powdwr gwn.

>Action Two. Expand the road network

>Action Three. Further Expansion/Colonization.

1. Expand upon our knowledge of boatmaking with the use of grown wood specifically for the purpose.
2. With the knowledge of the possibility of powders and mixes, much like alloys, the purebreeds order a wide studying into the practices that make it possible. The field of alchemy begins to be studied by the dryads.
Reparation 2/3: Expand.
Fluff: It’s glorious that they would return home, likely bathing themselves in the lunar day like us in the city of the pure land.. however.. considering what happened to them.. they’re return is a joyous occasion and the ones that have truly returned in tact will be accepted fondly.

1 action: Rabbit screening
The returning rabbits have had to experience what was likely the heart of impurity, unable to cleanse it properly with so many beasts running around. Rabbits entering are to be provided supplies to sleep outside of the walls while screenings go underway, these screenings being to ensure that they retain their purity. With them being possibly tainted determining the purity of the once pure may be hard. To determine this, they must recite each prayer that they would normally say throughout the day, say their loyal pledge to Queen Tokki, and also what their time was like in the heart of impurity. The next bit being imperative as should they have forgotten to bless their food that was undoubtedly tainted with impurity, it could have permanently damaged them. If they quarantined themselves as much as they could feasibly do during their forced stay there, even better. And lastly, if they learned the language of those damnable creatures which would be asked as if they were looking for future. Of course if they did learn this language it could mean one of two things, they plan on being spies in the future, or they fell from purity. Determining that last part will come later The ones that pass these checks will be allowed in and greeted happily.

1 action: Build a town a bit a ways to the south in the grasslands bordering the snow and the forest.
The ones that failed will be given a place to reside there. They will not be allowed into the main city of purity until they either fix their possibly damage purity. If their purity is determined to be lost entirely, they are unable to return to the city entirely, although they shall not lose all of their benefits of being a citizen, but certainly some such as access to facilities or even food from certain sources. Only their children will have a chance at being pure, and only the children will be allowed into the city, their parents getting their benefits back. Lastly, members of this city will not have moons in their necklaces to symbolize their lost or broken purity. The ones with only damaged purity will instead have a straight line in place, as if representing the last sliver they fight to maintain in such a horrific land. Of course any families that are still pure but have ones that have lost their impurity will be allowed to visit.
Truly, these rabbits of the land are pitiful for their unfortunate condition.
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Action develop spell feel Life force.
feel life force – the caster can augment their senses to feel the life force within others around and near them.

Action improve steel forging technics
Fraternian steel for the longest time has been good enough, to stop even the most stalwart of attacks and vicious combatants, but in the face of these new nightmares it has been found wanting. New methods and means of forging steel need to be made, if we are to have adequate protection from our enemy.

Action develop healing touch
Healing touch- the caster drawing on life magic, heals minor wounds
> expand north (two actions)
The moles have decided: with the great friends of the dander now gone as a kingdom, the moles will abandon any interaction with the surface. All trading shall be done without a sliver of mole skin being seen, and merchants shall leave their stalls.
All children of the underground are to leave for their subterranean domains.

A new goal has been found, to stop the imnaki from giving up and the empire from dismantling: world conquest.
Well, conquest of the underground.
The domains of the imnaki shall span throughout the entirety of the world’s below lands, where no enemies can fight them off and none will bother their mourn

> extra actions: improve our sharpshooters’ aim for the pixie wars
The moles might be mourning the lost Dander, but some still force themselves to move on, to perfect their art of war: by manipulating their pheromones and with the aid of their echolocation, these sharpshooters have found the way to locate quickly moving aerial objects, and as such have become capable of shooting down even the small and nimble pixies. This war is the last of the Imnaki on the surface, but it doesn’t look it’ll end in a bang

> war post: slow war
The imnaki are suited for expansion, yes, but this war? Its not the same as the ones they’ve fought in the past.
Fortunately the dryads seem to have it handled, so the moles focus on slowly holding ground taken by their swifter allies and disrupting traps with their sapper corps.
Following a war meeting, the under-dwellers choose to press forward en masse towards the iron mine, determined to take it regardless of losses
>2x Rage and Serenity.

The under-empire has approached the Simfuni with a dear request: To cure the rage-plague that has swept through their empire. It will be no small effort, but the self-proclaimed keepers of Harmony can not deny aid to creatures so clearly in distress and thus take up the charge to restore serenity.

This challenge is uniquely suited to the Nomos Maestros, who have learned to flow with the rhythm of their emotions from the great river. For a time they contemplate how they would go about solving this issue, for until now they had simply gone with their emotions, not against them. Inspiration would come from an unlikely source, a maestro of stone no less, who simply suggested "Why not change the flow of their river like we did?" It was such a simple solution, but one the maestros figured just might work.

Their work began with composing a song that would first tap into the rage of the molemen. Rapturous beating, calling their frustrations and anger. The drumming would match the heartbeat rabid pulse of the moleman's own heart, singing along with them. As the heartbeat of the molemen and the drumming of the Simfuni become one, the maestros would begin to change the tempo... little by little. The buzzing beat and rhythm gradually slowing down, the ear shattering thuds calmly easing steadily. The sounds of crashing waves accompany the song, and as it progresses the sound of waves recede and softens, swallowing their ills and carrying it from their minds as the music ebbs and flows.

Confident in their ability, and with little time to spare, the Maestros speedily descend into the under-empire, eager to put on their performance in a desperate bid to aid their earth-born brethren.
>Action 1: Bomber Training
The art of bombing has become essential in the war against the dryads. Special training and protocols are established for the largest of the Faeries who can most easily carry dangerous payloads. These tall but nimble figures are taught to aim the trajectory of their bombs from high heights as to avoid counterfire and angry plants. The Faeries back home also begin experimenting with the use of dropping heavy rocks on their opponents and their ships, substituting the velocity of a falling object for strength.

>Action 2: More Fire
The foolish Dryads have done nothing to stop our soldiers behind their lines, cutting off supplies and creating havoc for their homeland. Their ignorance will surely be their downfall now, as a fire is to be lit in their dockyards. Help isn't coming.

>Action 3: Pressurized Tubes
The blowdart-inclined Faeries have always possessed a great strength in their lungs from generations of hunting with the tube. Still, even the mightiest of lungs can't hope to compete with the strength of an arm-drawn bow. Inspired by the strength of the Dryad's bows, a Faerie inventor seeks to create what would be the equivalent of a crossbow for blow darts.

The Faeries fight best on the defense. What a delightful surprise as well, one squad of dryads has isolated itself to be surrounded and squashed. Aside from making the lives of the naval invaders painful and miserable, the Faeries continue to enjoy their comfy defensive position while the offensive army stops supply lines and attacks infastructure. Word begins circulating of the possibility of dwarven reinforcements on the way.
>Actions 1+2: 4 Farms
[I'm lazy, no custom icon. Fuck you. I'm sorry.]

>War Action:
The Gali continue to stalk the arctic ices to prey on those who wander into our hunting grounds. Should the opportunity readily present itself once more, we pounce.
File: map37.png (1.13 MB, 2048x2628)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG

(>>4865769, >>4870226, >>4870473)
The world had proven itself unsuited for a race of peace, for war rages on all sides, with more Dander withering away each passing day. So long away from her home and her people, the Danderqueen can no longer contain her homesickness after visiting the lands of the Daiimad. If they would have a former queen, she would gladly join them. Too much a thing of death, her pistol is sunk into the Eye of Sigod, where it may rust to nothing. The Dander become a diaspora, wandering out into the various countries of their friends & allies. The carefully laid plans of her majesty fall apart without her guidance. Londision becomes a free city governed by the members of the Blackstone Cooperative, Simfuni slowly wander into the lands west of the mountains, Dryads make torporific pilgrimage to the ancient apple trees; All the while the Under-Empire carried on as ever before. With so few Fey remaining in their homeland, many of the orchards become wild.

(>>4865970) Others unlucky enough to know the taste of Goblin have described it as "acrid", "faecal", "swampy", and "like week-old horse steak with a side of raw onions & rose-water", yet to a Turtle's pallet these could not be further than the truth. To them, Gobmeat is an abundant and delicious source of everything a growing snapper could need.
Further increasing their supply are traps, laid primarily around the forest edge, with more dotted all about. There's nothing quite like a morning stroll, checking the traps for Gobbos. Will they be skewered? Ensnared? Trapped in a pit? The genius of the Turtles is matched only by the stupidity of feral Goblins.

For Poxylos there is but one remedy, uprooting and burning. Laments haunt the forest for tyrns ahead.
Fires, and the memory of fires, drives the Sennites to extinguish them once and for all. Dedicated Dryads will be always alert to the presence of fire spirits, wherever they may be.
From the trees of the Dopion coast, the canopy of Daith unfurls.

>Big Totem
Goblins either in search of something new, or running from being eaten, or who knows how many other fates, make it to the river passage. "Half the journey time" they were told. They weren't told about the rapids they had to navigate, or the four thousand tiny, irregular, rock cut steps they had to climb. Not to mention the mountain cats the size of a Gobbo. Ngosta-Dusna doesn't get it's reputation for hard Gobs for nothing.
(>>4868131) Goblins slog through more jungle, finding silver and lead. It's in these treks through the lands of the Devils that they see many things that they do not have in their own jungle; Cities like pearls, bathhouses full of ladies, managed farm terraces, a giant stone ruin in the visage of an all-devouring snake.
Happy with the council's decisions, respects are paid to the Kalnthrunra, and many of the assembled Dwarves return to whence they came. By now unable to stand, Glodrana is lifted into a wheeled-chair prepared for her, and as the sun sets, she, Korek, and her dear friend Badion make their way to the Field of Gold. There they share stories of happy times, old jokes that have never lost their lustre, and even some tales of Korek hadn't heard a hundred times. Together they laugh, and sing, until Glodrana cannot for coughing. Badion bids the couple farewell, to enjoy what may be one of the last times they see Guldfar's golden-orange light shimmer through the grain.
The finding of turquoise is a welcome one. In Sigod, turquoise was a rare commodity, imported through a dozen pairs of hands before sale at the grand markets of Gyldholm, with a mark up every time! Goldworkers of Rodededum receive another form of gold, as well.
What is needed, before a ditch is dug or a stone is laid, is a plan. It's no good building roads wherever one pleases, only to find oneself at the field boundary of a stubborn old Dwarf who won't allow one to run a highway through his crop.
The waters have almost always been kind to the Gylden, who stake their plot along them. Among the Meluzian documents had been a map of their lands, showing they had called the western coast Arthelos' Landing, possibly a Serpentine god of tradewinds, the translations are uncertain. Nevertheless, Arthelos Coast is soon home to many a Dwarf who has hung up his warhammer for a fishing pole.>>4866236
Lofty goals of avalanches and rockslides give way to the more practical need of training and manoeuvring on higher and unstable ground. This easily achieved, climbing and escape equipment are issued for northern patrols, and the land mapped for slippages & the like.
A number of things are tried with the Dwarven runes; Carving deeper or shallower, carving confident lines or carving careful lines, different orientations & additional combinations. The trials return that runes should be carved confidently, deeply, with a sharp iron chisel, and a clear mind. Creation and intention are equally as important, it resolves, as the powering. Runes should be a decent size, aligned top to bottom, then left to right. The charging should be done by a single, well-skilled individual, with the bare hand pressed firmly against the first ᚦ rune, and gradually allow the energy to flow in. Such a charging takes on average a full quarter day, and gives "life" to the stone for a further two days. As yet all the golem can do is a rocking waddle, unable to move it's(?) rudimentary arms or legs, or respond to commands.
Roads. Straight, boring roads finally make their way across the colony.
The towering Maduro and Ninuro have greeted the few brave enough to sail into Jackal harbour, visages of a bygone age. Were they gods, kings, allegorical, the Dyb do not know. Scaffolding is erected around them both for inspection and repairs. A closer look reveals the hilts of their weapons had once been gilded, so too had their buckles, sandals, a band round their heads, and strangely the palms of their hands. Tiny fragments of paint, covered over by tyrns of grime, mostly owl droppings, dot the figures entirely; Blues, greens, and reds, more vivid than anything in the kingdom. With exceptional care, new doors are carved over the old, to allow easy ingress by the tall Anubisids. Rotting beams and planks are removed, and the narrow stairs ingeniously widened. Within Maduro, little light pierces the outer stone shell, and these cracks are easily filled. Ninuro however has seen the worst weathering of the two, both of his eyes have caved in and become home to desert owls. These too have to be carefully cleared out. Three quarters up his body, a perilous walkway leads to another door. Opening it finds them at his arm, at the end of which sits an enormous scorched bowl. It seems Ninuro had been a lighthouse.
(>>4868830) Vast reserves of Dyb copper and cheap Goblin tin are brought to the massive forge along the Dyne. The wet sand makes for excellent casts, when they're not flooded. The first bronze cannon are wheeled from the yards, first the ordered 12-pounders, and then two 16-pounders, and finally a very prototypical 24-pounder which sinks in the sand as it is displayed.

Mines are dug for the amethysts through the permafrost, crystals and geodes emerge from the earth, glittering in the winter sun.
A number of storehouses and granaries are built throughout Obron, for the storing of the few foodstuffs harvestable from the tundra and icy seas.
It resolves that a small number of scouts and hunters have not returned to the city. After careful mapping of their stated directions, it is to the south-western forests where these disappearances are most frequent. One of two careless souls lost to the wastes is a understandable tragedy, more than a dozen already, and something most certainly unsportsmanlike is at play.

Trees grown straight, trees grown of gentle curves, trees grown squat and sturdy. Their sacrifice expands the scope of Drya shipbuilding greatly.
Those of the Trees with the intellect, and the time, to do so, begin to catalogue & categorise the different matter of Syph, along with the many qualities they exhibit. That which gives itself over to fire, and that which doesn't burn. That which gives itself over to water, and that which doesn't dissolve. That which gives itself over to earth, and that which doesn't decay. A subsect of their lot make note of the pharmacological effect of plant, mineral, and animal matter.
The reach of the Drya grows ever further over vast swaths of empty land.
From Pyr, the Shadows follow the trail of Fraternian vessels, (>>4865769) 'round an isle of walking trees, before heading out into open waters. It is not too long before land is again sighted. Sighted for it's columns of smoke.
Spikes are curved for better grip, the metal blackened to hide their glare, additional supports and ropes devised. Minor adaptations and it is fit for the slopes of Pyr, also. Equally brave and foolish Do'la scale through choking clouds as high as they can through the thinning air. But just a little further, just a little more. The peak sinks in on itself, into a basin of dark gravel from which the acrid smoke billows.
(>>4864954, >>4870473, >>4865970, >>4870226, >>4866102) Shadow incursions into Blackstone lands continues, though not unabated as more members of the Cooperative take notice of it.

(>>4865970) Oni with picks and shovels make it the Cia'Cayn's camp to be told where to dig next, only to find that they have already started mines on all the currently discovered seams. Beaming at a job well done, they wade back over the river to sink mines of their own.
Oni farming has always been rather basic; Planting the seeds of the things they had eaten with great gusto and hoping they sprout. True, their jungle homelands made the traditional rolling fields of grain impossible without drastic measures, and so a more naturalistic approach is to be taken. Observe the ways of the forest, how the flora interact with each other, how the fauna help fertilise the soil, how the weather & the season affect them all. With these lessons learnt, it is time to put them into action.

Embedded so deep within them, the prayers and praise roll from them with ease. But this could be simple rote knowledge. What of their prayers of purification, had they been remembered for every meal, for every bathing, for every interaction with impure beings? Why of course! And what quarantine and language? The white things had done that for them, isolating them in a city of stone built upon water far over the mountain. Through their ill means the things had learnt small snips of Bitty, attempting to coax the prisoners with their own tongue.
In the hills below the pure city, the little town of Kyo is built for those riddled with impurity. Here it is hoped those able to be cleansed, are rid of the filth of this impure world to rejoin with the blesséd of Kaa'Raat. Those irreparably stained however will have to remain within Kyo.
>Everlasting Waters
[D] It had started in Pologa, perhaps in a new shipment of cuttings, a yellowing of the cacti on farms. From the city it crept slowly, over the river south. It was "not a cause for alarm", Elves said, "just a minor a nutrient deficiency", "some Neleyen silt is all it needs". But it was not a minor nutrient deficiency. The yellowing continues, the plants do not flower or fruit, within the tyrn the first infected are dead. A silent wave of yellow death sweeps through the sands
Pologa receives a now somewhat mandatory coral fort of their own, with a sand-farm along side to help stock it.
After some finagling, the horns are in place, and a new round of sonar trials begins. The smallest test is simple, just a whistle. The vibrations run through the horn, adding an additional low pitch to the squeak, to much delight. But to the more serious matter of sonar, the horn is first an encumbrance, shaking the melon with every head turn, directing clicks all over the place, it's a bit of a mess really. Laga are not ones to quit though! Some more straps, and some melon-wobbling acclimation later, and the tests are restarted. The horns, when used by a train Whale, narrow the focus of various calls, allowing them a greater distance. With a different horn, the opposite, a wider call of vaguer information.
Gobs tramping all over Thios draws the Laga southwards instead. Past the Whale-unfriendly hills, sands give way to an oasis of palm trees.

A method of seeing the hidden is devised. By manipulating Life Force to flow over one's eyes, it is possible to detect the Life Force within all around oneself. However, the caster of such a spell is otherwise blind, and in Fraternian lands, blinded by the sheer quantity of the various lifeforms around him, now in dazzling technicolour.
It is remarkable the difference the blasting of air can make to the finished steel.
What had come so easily in the old world proves terribly difficult in the new. Once it was that a simple touch could heal the wound, but now the healer must drain his own Life Force to aid recovery. Once it was possible to see the flesh stitch itself together, and not even leave a scar!, now the process is slow and costly. Still, it is better to close a wound slowly with magic, than let it fester.

All below shall be theirs, by their right as offspring of the Lady Below!
At first it was thought odd that the finest shots should hail from Teulak, as to many outside the city it had been seen as simply a hospice for those afflicted with tunnel sickness, but life above ground for so many generations had opened the eyes of the Molerats there. But a regiment or two from the seaside will not be enough to defeat the Pixies. The Simfuni had introduced to Taknab their way of seeing with sound, now it has come time for the Imnak to learn this trick. The very basics are picked up quickly, though more practice will be needed to be able to target those insects.
No. It can't be. A Llewellyn colony ship is spotted on the horizon. The ship limps into harbour at Glaniadneifion, with sail, rigging, and all over damaged. Her grateful Children pour from the hold and praise Fanw's name that they have made it alive. Terrible storms had descended out at sea, sinking another ship, and only so few of her passengers could be saved. They had sailed from Llychlyn tyrns ago, joining with three smaller Human ships along the way. They do not know what happened to them after the storm.
[R] Hunters from the Grove Lodge have brought a great amount of meat and furs to the markets of late, attributing their prowess to Fanw-given luck against the Hunter, but an informant reveals this cannot be further from the truth. They have strayed from the true path of their Mother, and turned in secret to the worship of Araq, who grants them His grove as hunting grounds.
Close ties with the HCA affords the Children of Fanw at least a vague knowledge of the resources available to them. Silver, gold, coal, flux, these are all understood, but with Men not being known to be farmers, extensive rock-fertiliser mines is suspect. This mineral is also mined within Prenhaearn, but no great amount is used each year. And with coal now in their stores, why continue burning the little charcoal they manage? (>>4866102) The Dyb supply a small array of the mined stuffs from the continent; Copper, silver, gold, lead, iron, tin, rock-salt, sulphur, and a stringy fibre which cannot be burned. Innumerable mixtures of the various substances are tried, before a powder of fertiliser, char, and sulphur is found [d]evastatingly effective.
Not (perhaps yet) daring enough to cut a road through the Grove, the cobbles sweep 'round the forest up to the iron mine. Making good use of the road, more Fanwen head out west across the rivers.

(>>4870226) It is no good to be so driven by a single emotion, or a singular endeavour. One should always be well balanced, in thought, in emotion, and in deed. The rage of the Imnak is a frightful thing, violent, rabid outbursts, or a roiling hatred ready to boil over. The Simfuni arrive just in time it seems, half a tyrn longer and the mountain would be a smoking, bloody wreck. From their mental sheet they begin their treatment. Frantic drums of war and wrath, horns and sounding plates of angry dissonance, monstrous waves of a stormy sea. Piece by piece, little by little, the music softens, almost imperceptibly. With it the Molerats feel that raw fury shrink away, still there, but manageable. It had been a remarkable success. (>>4865970) In the overworld, River Goblin tribes used to the treacherous waters of the Batan are shocked to find their river of rapids and hidden currents now a gentle brook.
The skill of a bomberfae, it turns out, is not the release of their payload, but everything around it. Higher-altitude flying, calculating wind direction, wargaming probable target movements. All these lead to these Fae becoming top-rate flyers, at least.
It had been hoped to set ablaze their ports, but small scale raids had no result on the swampy, moss ridden things. More, the most effective hides, those within the spirit-dead poxed trees have been uprooted and burned. Worse, supplies of poison are low, meaning a greater risk from the damnable owls and falcons in the woodlands. A last great run then, dropping whatever is left on whatever will burn, before a return home to resupply.
What had been envisioned, is not quite what the few engineers at the Swarm School manage to deliver. What they present to the war-council is a stationary blowpipe, powered by bellows. A well timed team sharply closes the bellows, launching the wished projectile a great distance, at great speed.

Hunting grounds are established all over the glacier wherever the seals, moose, or other unfortunate animals dare tread.


-The Dalu Purge: A Continued March-

[Reminder that actions taken this turn do not have an effect this turn]
The final great act of the Dander on the world stage sees them quenching the current fires of the war. Meanwhile the Molerats finally arrive from their tunnels, covered over in steel and dirt. As soon as they land they are assailed with rocks, irritating plants, and tiny baskets of manure. It's rather annoying, especially when trying to dig up the possibly thousands of traps of various sizes laid by the Fae. In this task of theirs, too many must withdraw or are even killed outright, by the uncountable poisoned barbs and spikes. Additional Imnak are killed when tricksy Faeries, assisted by their mystical craft, find a way through the joints for their own poisons to slip in. It is agonisingly slow, as the Dryad continue to push into the Tangle encroachments over the river Cano. Their illusionist magics prevent many of them from being righteously squashed, but as the march of the Trees pushes on, much of the contested Garden must be unfortunately given up. Not without contest however, for with a prayer for forgiveness another fire is lit, within the Dryad landing zone. The Sennites do not get off freely either, for within a few of the spikes flown in, and not immediately swatted away, was more Poxylos. When enough of a path is cleared, the Molerats are sent through, flanked by M’vaa. The tiny warren of an iron mine is totally incapable of being worked by anyone other than Pixies, not to mention all the troubles that'd come with digging in a marsh right next to a river. As they stand pondering what course to take next, the frogs lazily take aim at the Faeries and are easily distracted & pierced with any number of the Tangle's poisons. It is more hassle than it is worth. They are ordered to flood it, and withdraw.

-The Nightmare War or The War on the Ice: Battle of Bloody Shadows-

The carefully laid plans of the Do'la go unnoticed, for Gali only venture in the day for timbers. Watchful as the Shadows are, a new plan is devised. Up to the ice the forest is trapped, awaiting Gallisan prey. It is a few nights before they arrive for wood once again, watchful for shadows after their battle. A single bad step and the traps are sprung before the Horned can work up a rage. Snares, spikes, and jagged-tooth-holds, each puncture, grasp, and maim the unfortunate Gali. Rage is easy then, but only into more traps, or worse, each other. Each time, the Do'la reset their devious traps in the dead of night, gradually taking over the forest.

Posted on behalf of Megyros

To celebrate our way of life and traditions that have stretched generations a yearly festival will be hosted at the end of each harvest where all sorts of activities will be hosted will.
>[Establish the tradition of a yearly festival'

As the Megyros people continue to live their day to day lives with no strife or melancholy the eldest of the their people gather together to discuss new ways to get more out of their crops while maintaining balance and harmony with the environment around them.
>[Find ways to increase food production without harming the environment]

To increase the revenue and the name of our people, new taverns are built in the traditional style of our people to accommodate future tourists or to attract more Merchants to travel down our roads.
>[Build various taverns in important economic or tourist destinations in our territory]

As more people are expected to travel throughout our territory the leading council of the Mergyros people prioritize on farming by lowering taxes from the farmers and partially funding the building of new farms through loans and subsidies.
>[Establish new farming grounds]
File: file.png (2.31 MB, 1366x768)
2.31 MB
2.31 MB PNG
The aches of old age has finally reached Beni; he could only bred his harem ten times a day lately. Soon his dear son will take over and deciding the fate of the Oni. Oh well; at least Beni will soon be able to laze about!

1. Feet Aching on this Un-built Road: Frantically trying to modernize, King Beni forgot the most important and basic thing: roads! He immediately orders pristine roads to be built connecting all of the cities together. If allowed, also secret roads known only to royal and trusted Oni
2. He tried his best to hide it from him, but Benmi knows his father is soon retiring and retreating to his personal home in the jungle due to old age. Bemi doesn't like it; he wants his dad to stay with him forever and play games! He's grumpy for a while despite his concubines trying to cheer him up. Only after Beni scolded him to acting childish did Bemni started to meditate again. (Improve Enlightenment)
3. While Benmi to meditate out in the dry grass near Nanbon Manuja, a fat and lazy male blond Satyr named Jurio (pronounce the "J" like a "h") was passing by noticed him. He thought it was a bit silly of his future king just sitting there doing nothing, but may be it's a new way Oni invented to sleep? Jurio tried it though he fell asleep after only a five minutes. Though something strange happened. While sleeping, he dreamt of a Oni eating something black and mud-like with a smile and of a Satyr dipping his hand into a well of glowing white energy and patting the ground. Such a strange vision. (Begin research of Life magic)
File: Turn.png (36 KB, 658x811)
36 KB
>A Sunset...
Korek, his eyes moist, helps his wife lift her shaking hand to wave goodbye to her old friend. It is sad to see her so diminished, yet even as she fades there are still some traces of that brightness left within her. Her hair, still golden as the field and Guldfar's setting light; forever will it be so. Her eyes, still as clear and blue as the great ocean she led a path across, still bright with the lustre of a polished silver bead. It is her body failing her, not her mind. But he keeps his arms around her, does his most to let her know that she is loved and always will be so, as they make the most of the dwindling hours.

A little way off, Zuvrek trots his riding-boar around the furthest edges of the Golden field. Alongside him on sow-back rides Rehilda, the second daughter of a prominent industrial Thrunr - and also, the same young woman with whom that first kiss was shared at Undseelig's hour. Their talk is also wistful and reminiscent today as they share their twilight ride, keeping close as they can to one another. For much is also unsaid... not least of which is that, for a bare few days now, Rehilda has been Zuvrek's betrothed. Only a few are in the know that when the new Kalnthrunr takes his seat, a new Kalnthrunra will stand at his side.

>Action 1: Ministry of Roads pt.2
>(Maximise Roadbuilding)
Still more work is needed then just the planning of where the road will go, though. Materials need to be sourced, as well as workers who will keep a professional head throughout planning and constructing, and training programs to bring the skills of new recruits up to expected Dwarven standards. We're running a professional operation here!

>Action 2: Æbleholm to Ederakung
>(8 Tiles of Concrete/Stone Road and a 2-pt strong bridge of the same across the Untirkol)
The concrete bridge over the Vikolder has long allowed the Gylden to cross the river south of Æbleholm, but now it is to be the start of something grander. For the Dwarves now get to work on building the road they have planned for to link together the Capitol and the forges of the great industrial city, and also to service pilgrims making the trek to Guldfar's Great Temple and the Field of Gold. And a solid bridge will be needed to span the Untirkol... hmm, are there still a few teams left over? Perhaps a road up from Æbleholm to Æblemor's grand temple as well, if no previous assignments were missed...

>(Reparation) Action 3: Northern Securities
Finding that the walled forest is inhabited and named the 'Tanglegarden' comes as a bit of a shock to the Gylden Dwarves - have the fairies just been silently prying and watching all this time? Nonetheless, at least the wall is now known to be a clear intended border demarcation, which leaves the lands upon the Dwarven side of it as theirs, doesn't it? And as these Dwarves move out from Rodededun, others spread into the sandy dunelands around the Alum mine - let our northern borders be the roiling ocean waves.
Uni has had to manage finances for a while now, her earlier expenses threaten to empty our treasury. Thus, it is time to cut some costs, and maybe earn some additional profit, so that we have more to spend, if tough times come. Earlier Pharaohs have struggled with ash rain, who knows, maybe it'll happen again.

Action 1: Create Phosphate Mines along the Dyne.
One of our expenditures up to now, and especially with the Prenhearn gunpowder project, has been phosphates. The Goblins does not demand too much, but it would be so much better if we didn't have to pay them at all. It is likely that we'll buy some phosphates, but with this, we'll have a major surplus, enabling us to boost farm production to previously unseen levels, or just make a lot of gunpowder.

Action 2: Develop water magic: Freeze. Study in the frozen north, in Prenhearn.
In our travels to the north, we have come across a strange phenomenon, water so cold it becomes solid, it's called ice and has fascinated us for some time. One thing that's interesting is how it makes things stay fresh longer. However, transporting it is a pain, especially on a several month journey, but what if we could produce it. This ice is made of water, surely we should be able to make water into ice, perhaps in enough quantity to make cold storage. We will send water cultists to Prenhearn lands to study this ice, find out how it behaves, and how to create it using their power. This will open up the possibility of trading refridgerated meat, one of our biggest produces, yet something we rarely if ever export.
Unexpectedly a great amount of new land has been officially-unofficially incorporated into the burgeoning Empire of the Rings. The sale of all these apples to the Taknab who crave them so will bring in substantial revenue to fuel the war effort, and what is not sold can be used as feed and fertiliser.

Also of note is the vast influx of new danderfey now living full time within the rings, we accept these spirits as parts of our populace and put them to work teleporting about, sending messages across our nation instantaneously, responding to and fixing up pixie raids as soon as they occur.

Action 1: Expand

Securing the river Cano is vital to the war effort for how much reach it allows into our enemies heartlands, and allows us to ford the river with some grace

Action 2: Memory of the Old War: Sharp

Deep in the recesses of the Carvil’ax’seset ancestral memory lie the collective experiences and trials of uncountable warriors, each facing far greater foes than these pests.

The war, the focus on drilling over and over to hit such finicky targets stirs such an old memory and causes it to bubble up to the surface once more.

The Carvil’ax’seset remember being Klaia, a ranger in the ancient war, though beyond that most of the the memories remain foggy.

What is certain is that she was truly above and beyond the rest of her kind when it came to predicting her foes movements, and loosing the savage will of Sen upon them from afar.

Uncountably many years loosing and gaining land, the feel of the ebbing and flowing of the battle, the feeling of the predictability of it all, the muscle memory of loosing so many volleys with such precision, all are recalled by the dryads in this new war.

Their tracking of their foes increases as a result of the recollection of these long sealed memories, the Carvil’ax’seset will perform better with their ranged weaponry now and in future, better equipped to predict their foes movements, even better to combat the few that know how to mask them with magic.

Action 3: Improved ships

The dryad navy is rather basic but numerous and well put together. Increasing its size is not needed at current, but drafting up greater ship designs that are more resilient, larger, possessed of multiple decks with fore and aft castles for archers to open fire freely and on masse, with dedicated spaces for eagles and owls to dwell (both for the current war, and to shred the sails of enemy boats in future wars) will be highly beneficial.

As a result the Carvil’ax’seset, safe at the grand harbours of Xira Gate get to doing just that.
Fluff: It’s unfortunate, but it’s good to hear that those that remained dedicated remained true and pure. They are accepted with open and warm arms. Those that were undeniably tainted are sent away, an unfortunate thing to happen to once pure beings but hopefully their descendants will be able to attain the purity they once had.

2 actions: Begin developing medicines.
Things to deal with the cuts and scrapes as well as to aid the priests in their rituals. Things to eliminate the impurities that the air might carry as seen from the shells some rabbits left behind. Things to dull the pain and make it easier for magic users to do their duty. Even things to make them feel more pain with less damage, or possibly something to make the blood run slower. Anything to make it easier on the mages so when treading into more powerful magic they have the proper equipment for it to come back alive.
Action 2 should say sharpshooting, not just sharp

Warpost: Accelerate our conquest

The tanglegarden is swiftly losing access to its farms, and has now lost access to its iron, their poison supplies run low and their economy strained without the pleasures of multi-national trade or an influx of happily servile danderfey or gold to fuel their war effort.

They will starve soon, and their weakness is compounded by the fact thats they will soon simply run out of traps, the rest of their land after this last province having no useful fortifications.

There are more fires, the tangle do enjoy starting an inordinate amount of fires, but with danderfey immigrants and now specialised training in putting out fires we can leave their extinguishing now to civilian elements.

Two of the fires are next to a major river regardless.
The willingness of the tanglegarden to burn their own forests in an act of unbridled betrayal is outrageous to any and all who witness their foul deeds.

This flammable liquid of theirs must be found and destroyed.

Valmad is roused again to slay as many pixies as he can, as ships tread the Cano down to the gathered red line (once the green circle has been secured)

At that point the entire might of the Dryadic and Taknabian militaries are gathered to ferry across the river, and prepared to unleash hails of arrows upon any pixie that seeks to interrupt the naval crossing.

They cannot fly very high while carrying their incendiary payloads, and only few of them are able to hide their position with illusions, so any bombing runs undertaken on our vessels will be suicide attacks able to be intercepted by our trained war birds.

Valmad, countless Uhu and Smyr, taknabian crossbows and dryadic recurve bows, many with spirits inside to guide their arrows forth, as well as M’vaa frogs with riders atop wading through the river firing from their positions on their mounts.

Once we reach the other side of the wetlands it is only a matter of occupying the land and slaying the pixies that attempt to stop us, we will then occupy the illustrated land as much as we can to prepare to set up a new line of battle upon which we wage war.

Victory is in sight, we take their heartlands today, tomorrow we cut off the rest of their hopes.

Bandru wills it, we do the work of Sen.
They had a chance to live in the forest and act as it’s guardians once, but they betrayed all of nature in their acts of treason against the forest king, against all the unseen, and against the Carvil’ax’seset.
Birds are far stronger fliers than fae, and should they attack over the river they will find that running out of stamina at all will lead to a watery grave, as will just being clipped in the wing by a single attack.

Under open skies over the water they are slower and easily hunted by our birds, without cover of treetops to guard them, able to be fired on freely by our spirit weapons.

Our most powerful asset in our whole army is the vengeful spirit of Valmad, and we will not forget to use him to slaughter the pixies as much as he can once we have made landfall, raising the trees around him to furious vengeance with his wailing laments and unending wroth over both his death and now his hollow unlife.


The Queen does not often visit the dreamer, there has always been some lingering awkwardness between the alleged first bride of Bandru and her successors, for obvious reasons, but also as a matter of authority. Both are able to interpret the murmurs of Bandru, but there are always those who believe the dreamer is in some ways more adept at this, at least on the rare occasions when she is fully lucid and freed from the clutches of her long torpor.

Deferring to her authority is a slight against the queens own abilities that could sow doubt about her eligibility to even be Bandru’s wife, but in times such as these such hated divisions are not to be tolerated.
Part of Va’siya was set ablaze, by an enemy no less, it is time for this extended tradition of separation to end.

Besides, Bandru would not enjoy his two favourite dryads acting so coldly to eachother forever.

And so the autumnal queen pries herself loose from the embrace of Bandru’s bark, making her way down to the secluded grove of the dreamer.

Once there, and after an awkward greeting, some irrelevant small talk, a rumination on the weather and a lengthy conversation about recent history, the youngest bride asks a question of the eldest, submitting to listen to the wisdom of that ancient tree.

“The rings fly to war, and it goes well though slow and at terrible cost, countless spirits are lost and harmed, the danderfey retreat from the stress and collapse, Poxylos has been banished, no tree within the rings houses it’s infection yet longer, but so much has been ruined by fire.”

“How may we bring about our victory swifter? What spirit or beast or tool or resource or tactic?”

1. build a city called Zutô-At (Sticky Sap) on the blue tile. The new continent finds much emigration to it as many goblins who fear for their lives in the mainland or find themselves isolated come over to make a new life. The strange evergreens are a source of wonder for the goblins and quickly new tribes spring up around it. One tribe had already existed here for some time surprisingly. Being founded by a pregnant goblin lost at sea who washed up among the pines she managed to center the entire tribe around herself. When the new settlers arrived she was able to use her established position to draw many to her cause and subjugate all the others allowing the formation of an entirely new city.

2/3. build 3 mines and on the red tile build a dock. Despite the plentiful deposits discovered they are being little exploited. Whats worse is that there is no reliable way to get them back to the mainland for tribute! Instead having to rely entirely on the whales to go back and forth. Such a thing is far too unreliable so the taiga boss commands a series of docks to be built in rocky hills in the west because they contain many naturally protected harbors.
File: expansion base.png (81 KB, 1599x1575)
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forgot the picture.
>expand east (two actions)
The east is filled with great swathes of land, none of which have ever been colonized- yes, the wet soil has been a great reason why we misliked digging it, but with the new shovels we have developed, we should be able to conquer these new horizons without too many issues.
The newly calmed and still mourning moles of the heartlands shall move to these frontiers without too many issues. Hopefully the sea-soil will help them regain their conviction

>improve our medicine
These toxins, brought to our greatest minds by some soldiers and commanders, are… interesting. Perhaps, using rats and similar small rodents, we might be able to find a way to counteract them? We shall try all we know, from burning the poisoned limb to any medicinal herb we possess. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll look for more possible solutions

> war-post: attrition
Our soldiers grow more and more bitter, away from home their rage has yet to be calmed by the symphonies of the simfuni.
Fortunately, this anger does not turn into berserker-like madness, but instead becomes a drive to crush the pixies into dust beneath their armored heels, slowly pushing forward ignoring losses, tanking hits and disarming traps before the dryads have to. For this is to be an Imnaki: shield your allies, and crush your enemies

The report from the informant that the hunters from the grove lodge had turned to worship Araq would swiftly get priests from Clan Howell bothering them quite often, and a number of the more zealous would refuse to purchase anything they hunted. Still, they manage to get on by, mainly through indirectly selling the meat in question through merchants who cared not where it came from. Still, it was concerning news to Clan Howell Regardless. Meanwhile, with the new colonists having arrived, they would swiftly be directed to settle further out into the wilderness, something helped by the fact that many of them find the sea very distracting after the losses they had suffered upon it's waves, and for some, almost tempting. The time away from the rest of the world in the wilderness is something that would undoubtedly help some, or at least allow them to temporarily escape from their issues. And for those who didn't lose anyone, the wilderness of the frontier was where they were planning to go originally anyway. Still, this helps set up a fairly sizable colonist rush, especially with the road to the frontier completed.

Meanwhile, the rising Teulu Clan Protheroe prepares for the work that it would be doing soon, preparing a myriad of tools and taking the knowledge they gained from previous prospecting to allow for faster and more efficient work in the near future. It was likely much would be found under the earth and extracting it would be key. Though, this work while quite useful to the rising clan would be overshadowed by the efforts of the colony, specifically Clan Llewelyn, in the lands far to the south in ensuring that certain pressures from their neighbor would be relieved...Though, there was a clever plan they had that worked for both them and the southerners...

>Action One & Two. Expansion.

>Action Three. Clan Protheroe's Prospecting Techniques.

>Action 1 - Claim Hexes
Claim the forests south of Obron. Ensure that traps are well-maintained and a watchful eye is kept.

>Action 2 - Send literature to Obron, to allow them to communicate with us. Perhaps they can be reasoned with, unlike the Gali. (Teach them Lo'tak)

>Action 3 - Continue sailing further south.

These new strangers from the ice bear a striking resemblance to the Fraternians, but so did the Gali, in many ways. Caution must be ever-present! Still, nothing can be decided until communication can be established, so in the dead of night a package of leather books is deposited outside their walls. The idea of scaling them is brought up, but no Shadow is nearly brave enough to risk climbing the imposing defenses...

Across the ocean, the Shadowfolk sail towards land in the dead of night. A few fruit here, a spot of fish there, and they are off, slightly re-stocked and fairly sure they were unnoticed. Time to continue sailing south! This is farther than any Shadowfolk has ever been before!
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

This blight is a horror, first we must determine what exactly is killing our crops, we will study it and how to stop it from spreading. Trenches are dug between healthy plants and the sick, and the sick are dug up and disposed of. Better to have to replant half the field than have a whole harvest fail.
>advanced farming, this time with disease protection on the plants.

More farms in Carcosa to help balance the lack of fruit

3. Claim land that makes the most reason, only on my island pls.
Posted on behalf of the Children of Iti

1. The Great Hunt aka The War of the Feast

Aroused to an almost primal instinct, the entire turtle nation moves, and prepares for the War of the Feast. Like a pack of predatory animals on a much larger scale, forced are raised, and the turtles march upon the goblins whom the shadow folk say have infested their lands around the market and road. They will move as a great host, and slay and consume the goblins as they go, digging into their nests, their towers, their gatherings. The War of the Feast begins.
Tl;dr raise an army, go down to the market and road, and eat all the goblins

2. With so much new food expected to our nation, the size of our clutches and population expands. What the turtles lack of in speed or swiftness, they make up for in strength and number, a single mother can lay 3 dozen eggs in a single clutch. And now, with no shortage of meat to feed hungry maws of hatchlings, many mothers are inclined not to limit the number of their clutches but to expand them. Never before has such an opportunity been provided us. We will grow our numbers to such great heights, and bring honor to the Great Mother

"It's said that other races rely on supply wagons for food and water. How fortunate we are, for the feral goblin animals provide us abundance of supplies on the march!"
Posted on behalf of the GFU

>Action build 2 farms in on the mainland
An army marches on its stomach and a nation grows on the food it can produce. The need for large farms, and new farmers are greater than ever and the Fraternian people will not be found wanting, they will rise to the need and surpass it.

>Action develop improved farming techniques.
With a burgeoning population and crusade against nightmare demons the need for greater and faster crop yields has never been greater. Hence why the college of science has been tasked with researching and implementing in new methods and better doctrines in farming.

>Action develop anti nightmare tactics (Gali)
We have the means to hurt them, we have the numbers to overrun then, but we need the understanding of how to do so. in the thrust in the north our forces bravely fought and died to the monsters in the frost. Now we must learn from the survivors to educate our forces on how best to kill and survive the enemy, until they are but cinder and ashes.
1. [NM] With the report of the meeting with the Dryad the purebreeds decide that it is time to take to the memories of the ancients again. The amber is once again brought forward and the preserved memoires released. This time they look for the memories of Karu. She may say we will not believe; but memoires preserved in amber can not lie.
2. Two more farming villages for meat are built to further supply the growing Drya population.
Reparation action 3/3: Expand to encompass the Dryad Grove.

-The Ash'sen find themselves at war, and as part of the alliance the Simfuni would come to aid their allies in spite if their reclusive nature on the subject, for one can't abandon a friend to such circumstances. The requiems are called upon once more, their ranks filled, and prepared to travel to the Dryads' defense. This time, however, most of their number are made mostly of Maestros of Novo, eager and curious to learn what the tides of battle carry. They will provide support to the Dryads' by bolstering their soldiers spirits and soothing their fears with song, to inspire them in the battles to come.

-The acquisition of New Venezia is a rather depressing event for the Simfuni. Their oldest of friends departed from this world so suddenly, spirited away seemingly in an instant. Oh how they miss their dear little friends and their always cheerful songs and tricks. It is for this reason that the Simfuni took up the charge of governing the lost little city, so they would have something to remind them of their first friend, and to preserve their memory. Much work was to be done in this field, as the city had become an unstable mess in the Dandefey's absence. The Simfuni being new to the undertaking which is governance opted to do what they do best: To ease the burden in the hearts of its citizens but displaying cheerful and optimistic performances, and to show to those living there they have not been abandoned.
File: map38.png (1.04 MB, 2048x2628)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG

A tyrns old worry returns once again, grey rain falls over the land.

[+2 PE]
What bounty is bestowed upon them! What joy there is in the land, when the crop is in, and strong ale flows! Let such rejoicing ring through time! Let each harvest be a feast, and each feast a hearty one!
Elder bulls and cows pour over maps & manuals, share their gossip, and give their suggestions. They follow with a stroll through the river valleys, pointing out little problems here, good ideas there, but what strikes them is the total lack of bovine-made irrigation any further north than the forges. This, with all the other minor reforms, are brought to the chief, and his word spread down the rivers.
Rest-stops built along the informal road 'tween the capital and the Oni mining town are incorporated, expanded, and given a thorough good clean. The seedier practices taking place there are made more discrete, managed, or shut down. Tax are enforced in the area, bringing in a truly astonishing amount of previously undisclosed income. On the eastern shores the small summer huts and makeshift boardwalks are renovated into a quickly thriving tourist destination.
(>>4872115) Oni-bound exports already encompass much of the produce & revenue of the state. Given both their voracious appetites in all things, and a need to restock the granaries after the winter, additional farms are encouraged.

On the sparse sandy coast of Arthelos, two hulking colony ships ground. [Bring tech. etc. from late thread 4 of game4]
A first sunset together, and a last. Korek wakes the next morning to find his beloved has passed into the embrace of the gods; He weeps loudly for her, tearing at his beard & night shirt. After the outpour he cradles her head in his shaking hands, kissing her still-warm forehead gently. He emerges from the bedchamber near-catatonic, trudging past the collected treasures of this new world, oh how he would give them all up for her! just for one more day! The Kalnthrunra is dead, Long live the Kalnthrunr.
What good's a plan though with no Dwarf to action it? And what good's a Dwarf with a plan alone? The small concrete plant of Ederakung is worked to maximum capacity and then some to fill the order. With plan devised, Dwarves hired, and materials sourced, the job gets done
The Faeries have their Garden, and the Gylden shall have the Hus.

With one hand the Do'la, cautiously or spitefully, hedge in the unknown Pask, and with the other (>>4867962) offer up their language to them in bound tomes.
(>>4872237) The gentle, but insistent, current of the Xira coast draws the Shadows around the sandy beaches of the Hus, right into the bustling ports of Æbleholm.

Straight, utilitarian roads, continue to be built through the colony.
By the fires of Meknii, praise be! Prospectors return from the far north with news of a much prayed second source of iron.
A huge number of trees are felled, ferns uprooted, and boulders broken to make way for the first intercity roads in Oni lands. The effort is so immense, of the eight cities under Beni, only two were able to be connected to the capital, and even then they are but dirt trails.
Benmi returns to Chicha, who welcomes her strapping nephew with a sly smile and a pat on the ground. They meditate together for some time to rebalance, before Benmi tells her he is far more anxious than he should be over his father's abdication, and his own coronation. Chicha chides him for giving in to his emotions, as king he will have to put aside his own wants, his own desires, his own needs even, at least some of the time. He must learn to clear himself, of himself, to achieve a royal clarity. She instructs him how to sit, one leg folded up over the other, a little unnaturally, and to meditate until the tension of his legs is released. With his eyes closed, she silently moves to collect a whipping branch, then as her nephew relaxes in his meditation, she beats him all over with it! There is a commotion and shouting, before a wicked sheen in his aunts eyes calms? no, terrifies him back down. Once more he mediates, once more he relaxes, once more he is whipped. It is a difficult lesson to learn, not to mention painful!, but before too long Benmi achieves that 'royal clarity' demanded of him.
When Jurio awoke he told of his vision to Benmi, who took the interruption remarkably well, especially for not just an Oni, but Oni Royalty. The future king at first dismissed it as a silly dream, but as he continued about his day, his mind repeatedly returned to it. Wise to seek out advice, he took the vision to the palace priests, with a priest of Saagfuru remarking on the similarities of divine revelations of the magical aqueous essence which inhabits all living things. "It's called blood", chided an acolyte of Ushimilgoyi, who is quickly clipped 'round the ear by his superior. [I've called it "Honshakti" in the doc]

Unwilling to uproot some of the most productive farmland along the already supra-naturally fertile Dyne, the mines are set wherever they will currently fit.
The flow within ice is unlike anything the water priestesses have ever seen, even the flow of the steam of a boiling kettle. Basins are brought out to try to mimic said flow, imparting it to the water therein. Stiff, angular motions, sudden stops and reversals make for a peculiar spectacle, but once the dance is done, the basin is tipped out to reveal a solid chunk of ice, much to the delight of the weary head priestess. The knowledge is brought back down to Dybet, and the ritual dance once again performed, but in the scorching heat of the desert no more than a few quickly melting ice crystals are formed. If only they could find a place frigid enough for it to work. As to their stated use for the ice, Fanwen ask why they don't just smoke or salt the meat they wish to store or export?
[NM] Hearing the question the Dreamer thinks for some time, sputtering out "Have you thought about burning it to cinders?" before hushing herself and returning to thought. "Once all above the Cano is taken, the campaign will grind ever slower. You have seen that the Fae do not fight fair or valiantly, they rely on stealth, intrigue, and poisons. Crossing the river is jumping into a viper's den, one from which the only escapes are death or miracle," the Dreamer sighs deeply, "The Pixies will fight until the last. They would send their seedlings against us were it to come to it. If any reason yet lives within them, see that it be found; Parley.". Extending a small, gnarled branch in a gesture of beckoning, the Dreamer whispers to the Queen, "But light between us Bandru-wives, take it from a deeply-rooted old tree, love whilst the bark is green, it's difficult when you've got birds nesting in your arbour." The Dreamer laughs suddenly at her own joke, before coughing, muttering something even a Dryad could blush at, and falling back to sleep.
Ever hungry, the Dryads take the valley of the Cano, both as hunting and staging grounds.
The sharpshooter memories dredged mean nothing without training. The memory of a meal does not fill the belly. Those already most proficient in this skill are brought to be trained within the Rings.
Knowledge gleaned from observation of the numerous other naval powers of Syph have brought into sharp relief the outdatedness of Dryad vessels. No more! Taking both inspiration and direct copies of the many pieces of observed ships, from the Gates of Xira set sail a number of much more respectable ships.

[Waxing Crescent]
Cures are needed for both the vessel and the soul within. For the former one must find medicine, and for the latter one must find ritual. Many of the afflictions of the body are healed, or at least diminished, through rest by a warm fire, plenty of unseasoned rice and freshly drawn water from the Erdo. For the more severely broken or deteriorated this is obviously not enough, liberal applications of a poultice of ground rice & a mashed river-root boiled together and applied hot over a mulberry leaf helps keep away dangerous infections. A number of the herbs used in cooking also have some minor benefits when distilled just so, such as a mild numbing agent or what many an elder Bunny claim keeps away the chills.
The curing of infection by impurity however is far more difficult, as there are no outward symptoms which are so readily displayed in bodily illness. It takes the skilled knowledge of a priest to determine how badly riddled a Rabbit is, even then it is impossible to drive away every speck of impurity when in the lands of the impure. Thinking otherwise is as if running through the rain and expecting to remain dry. Daily prayers & cleansing with moon-pool waters are a solid foundation, upon which penitence are strong timbers, and further ablutions are sturdy rafters.
>Big Totem
So often weighed down by consecutive pregnancies, it is an uncommon, but not unheard of, thing for a female Goblin to take the reigns as Boss. This isn't to say that they aren't capable of being just as nasty and brutish as their male counterparts, Gobbo belief has it they tend to be more so! Around her bloatedness, Zutô-At is built. With this new organisation in place, mines for tribute and a port to safely ferry said tribute, are also built. (>>4864954) The sea still lousy with Whales however, means constant stoppages and hold ups as Gobs try to make their way through the Waters.

Dirt is dirt is dirt. And to Taknab goes the dirt.
The poisons of the Tangle are numerous, as are their effects, effectiveness, and antidotes. Some respond well to bleeding or purging, others to fire-root mash or the chewed bark of willows from Wincester Forest. Still others could be sweated out, but for a small few the only mercy was a cut throat. From their searches however, remedies & cures for a number of plaguing ailments are found in both the caverns and, by the few of Teulak who can stand to be above ground, the overworld.

To stake a claim of their own is something most take up gladly, whilst others find comfort in the known environs of a Llychlyn-like city. News from settlers of the far west arrives of ruins in the hills there. With so much land now under their control, current prospecting methods are not nearly adequate. Members of clan Protheroe suggest a number of obvious improvements overlooked by overworked authorities. [Prospecting boosted from 5 to 8/7 tiles. Can be upgraded again to 10 tiles p/a]

>Everlasting Waters
[+1 PE]
Thank Lau'e- there is anything even to be saved. The blight had snuck in under the melons of the Laga and ravaged much of the crop from Pologa to the Narrows in only a tyrn, who knows how much worse it could have been if it wasn't caught. Three entire farms are wiped out, with a further two having to destroy half their crop. The spiny fields of Carcosa were spared, as were those of the north. After such a travesty stricter inspections are ordered, along with the study of the various plant-diseases currently known. The whole ordeal has highlighted the Waters over-reliance on the moonfruit and forage. As the farms of the western coast are purged, new farms around the Ants are tilled and new cacti planted.
Whales flop both lazily along the banks of the Ka'a and joyously to the Selin Oasis.

[+2 PE]
(>>4873731) Not, one, little, feral, bugger, escapes the onslaught. Many cannot wait to drag the bodies home to begin the feast.
More meat means more eggs. More eggs means more Turtles. More Turtles means more land. And more than likely, more land means more meat.
[R] In dribs and drabs information of the lower Xira coast filters in through ferrymen and fishermen, of a city built upon the water, of empty land, of a yellow star over the southern horizon.
The fertile lands of outer-Vigil are perfect for the task! These new farms are the first to benefit from the burgeoning field of Agricultural Studies, too. Introducing crop-rotation and co-planting, along with a measured application of rock-fertiliser, having been ground fine & suspended in water.
Vigilance. Constant, vigilance. The things had come from the snows when their guard was down but a moment. Nothing could have prepared the Men & Morphs for their brutality, however. How does one train seeing a friend's nose ripped from her face, chewed, and spat in his? How have the Shadows' battles been fought? The Fraternians had made themselves isolated in their position, trapped between the wastes and the sea. A recurring vengeful wish was for divine fire to pour over the glacier, and melt it back into the sea.

[NM] For a second time the amber of Purebreeds past is consumed, this time in search of memories of the Dryad, Karu. The newest, still many tyrns old memories flood in, of waxy leaves and honeyed sap. Older still come memories of a forest even greater than the Yadi, stretching over all the lands. Ancient then they come, when the first Purebreeds were but saplings, of a mighty tree who strode with grace, and to whom all the flora bowed, including these first Purebreeds. If this Karu, and the Dryad of the Grove were one and the same, how had she fallen so low to be rooted in little more than a copse?
Savannah herds and jungle climbers fall to feed the forest.
Drya make to claim the Dryad('s) Grove, Maualaluga, from her. Though much is easily taken, where her roots have taken hold there is a reluctance to overstep. As they march in, her song grows ever more mournful and sour.

(>>4872506, >>4873855) As the instruments filter south they find not only the rustling leaves of Dryads, but the unmistakable chittering of Imnaki too. Being Maestros of Novos, they hear that rage which burns uncontrollably within them, and are then torn whether to stoke that wrathful hatred with songs of war, or calm them as they had back in Taknab. A hasty decision is made, they had come to rally troops, so they shall rally them. Beating drums, sounding trumpets, clattering cymbals, and the screams of Fortissimo inspire a drive unlike any other within those who hear them.
Oh! Oh joy of joys for the Orchestra! Though the many of their kind had gone away from this realm, there are still few Dander who remain! Song of jubilation and reunion are sung all day and night through New Venezia. Once the celebration have ended, work starts in earnest in renovating the city upon the water, (>>4864954) especially the widening of a number of canals to accommodate their new friends, the Laga.

[+1 PE]


-The Dalu Purge: The Cano Fording-

The clearing of the Cano's swamps is remarkably swift. Soon the river is forded, Fae falling to the fiery wrath of the totemised Valmad. Dryad and Imnak flood from their boats into the marshes, finding their heavy loads quickly sinking into the muck. Each step is a slog, often times revealing rusting, but still sharp, antique Tangle defences deep within. Many of their casters have already fallen, and so flying into the squall of battle is nothing but suicide. The Faeries retreat to regroup in the denser forests south. As the northern armies prepare to follow their quarry, unordered Valmad blasts forth his molten rage once more, dousing the assembled Trees and Molerats in burning sap!
Armies in the hills find their own hindrance; [fuck it, ctrl+c, ctrl+v] The Tanglewall stands proud and impenetrable. Haughty spirit-talkers order it aside to no avail. Once more an order is given. Still the bramble does not move. A polite request then? Nothing. A worry that the thing is some abominable un-living thing arises. A dangerous peak into the unseen reveals it not the case, hundreds, if not thousands of spirits pulse & flow within. The only way through would be to hack it apart, or else torch it, but the Dryads can as yet bring themselves to do neither.
Each flank stalled, the attack on the Tangle heartland is deferred.

Action 1: Pask begins the cultivation of the tundra for larger farmland.

Action 2: Prospecting continues for metals to be utilized in this land, for their numerous uses.

Action 3: The devisers continue further research into this lands nature, and how to restore the Paskian force rune to a fraction of its potential.
File: Turn.jpg (85 KB, 610x616)
85 KB
>Head of State
Zuvrek's blue eyes well with tears at learning the news from his father, but though a good few minutes after are spent retired to his bedchamber, once he emerges again, his beard moist with saline flow, he does not cry openly in front of the assembled Dwarves. Many responsibilities are now fallen upon his shoulders. He is Kalnthrunr now, and his life will never be the same.

>The Arrival
Ships! Ships Ahoy! Arrivals from the Gyldenland! The vessels are welcomed gladly into the closest bay where they begin the lengthy process of unloading, after so very long at see! The Æble Dwarves are heartened to greet these new arrivals - Medical professionals sworn to Lægeian oaths, Farmers with innovative ideas bought from the from the Gylderbank, Shipwrights who have worked seeming wonders on their crossing-craft, designs of weapons of such variety, gleaming flects of light that bring focus and clarity, metal alloys unthought of before! Such wonders the Gyldenland has worked.

>Action 2: Ederakung to Metaki to Kupsiloz
The roadbuilding efforts continue with the plotting and construction of a solid road that leads up and along the northern bank of the Zarunteg, and a great solid bridge that crosses the river's channel on the final stretch up into the hills and the town of Metaki. Around and south of Metaki, the ancient Meluz roadways are improved and made solid with Dwarven engineering, and even further south new roads are lain upon the presumed path of ancient Meluz roadways in the jungles around Kapypho's Rest to reach the walls and surrounds of Kupsiloz. And even after that, are some teams still without work? We'll need to work in the north eventually, so a stone bridge upon the greater of the Rodkol rivers as well to cross to the west of Rodededun!

>(Reparation) Action 3: The Meluzine Trail
The new roadways do more then merely linking up Dwarven towns to one another; they also link them up to an ancient roadway dug into the hillsides by the Serpentfolk before the first Dwarven settler ever stepped boot upon the new world's shore. What treasure had the Meluz found up here in the hills that had drawn them to come such a way from the jugles of Siloz, for which they had left even such prizes as Coal and Voktorz overlooked in the earth? The Gylden don't know, but a number of new settlers choose to follow the new road regardless, and spread out into the surrounding lands and around the remains of another ruined town. But these are not the only Dwarves upon the move – those sons and daughters of Dwarves with Dukkezopi or even Ashen ancestry who found solace in the high coal mines now press higher still into the mountain's flank, with new arrivals from the homeland also now come to bolster their numbers.
The ash rains have returned, how troublesome these are, nevertheless, we have gotten more control of the water now than ever before. The frost spell is not as powerful during the desert sun, but that we get an effect that contradicts the roasting sun is amazing, though, our method is definitely flawed. But... we have let our relation with Prenhearn stagnate, while the Cult of Undine worries about the water, Uni will try revitalising our relationship with our kindred to the north.

Action 1: Reform our method of water magic, replace dance with command.
The ash rain is upon us again, but... the method of our magic is infuriating, we dance in unison only to cleanse a single bowl of water, this is both slow and weak, we need more. Our water sceptre is also near useless, this will not do. Undine didn't gently ask for the clouds to pour rain, she wills it so, and we must follow suit, we must will the water into flow, a much more mentally taxing task, but you do not move boulders by leaning, you must shove, put your back in it. Let us also put in some quality control, make trials to root out mages of weak will, put in some competition.

Action 2: Cruise of the Wepawet mac Lir, with the Children of Fanw.
The people of Prenhearn has made us hand our guns to the Sons of Fanw in our employ, they already had them but the insistence indicates our relationship has weakened. Let us show them the trade network we allow them to partake, onboard our flagship, as we introduce them to all our trading partners, including those we can access due to the Danderfey canal. Also, Uni has grown to become an adult yet has not taken a spouse, most troubling indeed. Being on the ship for a tyrn will give ample time for some son to get to know her, charm her perhaps. She has been wary of Anubisid men due to her mother's death by one, but surely she isn't going to fall for some Son of Fanw, surely.

>Global Event: The Grey Rain Falls Again
Another Tyrn of grey ash. The calendars are checked, but there doesn't seem to be an obvious match the Dwarves can see. Perhaps these are just purely sporadic occurrences, then? In either case... harvest what we can before it can spoil, wash what must be cleaned to keep it from clogging or corroding, harvesting supplies for cement-work stores; and digging the ash into less fertile or fallow areas of land.

>Action 1: I Talk to the Trees...
Walking Plants! Though, they look more like people then trees in many ways. Are these what the Faeries spoke of? They really don't seem to be what they were describing, though. The Gylden attempt to communicate, teaching them our language and learning theirs – or at least, the one they try to teach us. Though they don't seem to know any language we know and try to talk to them with, not even Meluz. So it might take some work on both sides to find a common ground...
Action 1 and 2: Expand

Fill in the gaps in our land and crucially expand to control areas that allow us to surround the tanglegarden. Some areas are blocked by their wall, but this allows us to simply avoid it and take them.

Action 3: Fire fighting II: Electric Boogaloo

The dryads fully come to understand the various important roles that fire plays in an ecosystem and how it needs to happen somewhere else and not right now, gaining the ability to safely and securely put them out whenever needed before it burns through a colossal chunk of our land and destroys our infrastructure not spending another action on this it’s done goodbye fire.
War post:

Nothing terribly new this turn, just keep at it, now with Simfuni reinforcements.

The land no longer has any prepared traps in it and we keep gaining land, take the forge and the surrounding farms as we finally march on the tangle heartlands.

New map drawn up for this turn though.

The dreamer suggests burning the whole place down half heartedly, which we would never consider except for in the direst of circumstances (or if Valmad keeps acting up) but parley is an equally unlikely scenario, so we continue our advance unless such an unlikely seed bears fruit.
Something horrible has happened! Something worse than death and a torture in hell for a 10,000 according to Oni. Beni didn't feel like having sex! He fell into a coma for a month from the distress and embarrassment of such terrible condition. He can't take it any longer; Benmi will be king soon!

1. "Push the Limits of the Body. Destroy the Obstacles of One's Self": His aunt/teacher Chicha has taught him well. Now it's up to him to take that hedonistic knowledge and combine it with his youthful idealism. He has mastered his mind; it's time to be the complete master of his physical body! He kissed his lovers goodbyes for he will be gone for a long time. Benmi orders his strongest and cunning warriors to come with him into the most wild and dangerous parts of the Miduuri Nariki (Green Hell) Jungles. There he goes into his meditative stance covers himself with animal blood and fat to attract ferocious beasts and orders his followers to attack him without end! A real leader will be calm even when face with death and never-ending pain. He will achieve perfection or die trying for his people and homeland deserve a god-king who will be the strongest of them; whose words all Oni will obey and outsiders tremble at the sound! True Oni deny moderation!
2. "Honshakti: A New Path of Life": Oni and satyr alike were curious about Honskakti. It's nothing like they ever experienced before. Usually their magic focuses on causing pain and death. Now, this newly discovered magic feels...nice. It's a pleasant magic to touch. It must be researched further for it's a pleasure and Oni desire pleasure. While Jurio isn't a trained priest, he was the one the gods gave a vision of Honshakti to; for that reason, he was appointed as a the leader of a newly establish sect of priests whose focus on the cultivation of Honskakti. Despite being a furry ball of laziness, Jurio feels fired up! Then he feels asleep after working half of day of researching. Luckily, the gods look after the stupid and lazy for they feel pity at their existence. In his new hazy dream, a unknown Satyr in a blurry jungle is seen plucking at the thin strings of white energy coming from and to the plants and animals almost like it's playing a sting instrument.
3. "Why Do Things Float? Oh, Wait; We Know That Already.": While some land developers were busy with planning roads inland, a group of them, who were devotees of Saagfuru, wanted to get closer to their preferred god. They do enjoy the land with its many pleasures, but at times, they crave the quiet peace of the waters. Boats are fine ways to be on water, but they're usually very limited and don't host many things like temples, stores, and whatnot. This group put their brains together and study the science of buoyancy. If ships can float, why not buildings? (Research floating architecture)
Global event: Another fire. Likely nothing else

1 action: Continue medicine
With impurity as an issue of the eternal soul, daily prayer and practices are an important part of keeping impurity off of one’s self. Along with prayers, perhaps ways of removing flooding the impurity of overflowing blemishes upon damaged bones and sinew can be implemented. If mere antibiotics cannot remove an encroaching infection, or if a limb is irreparably damage, it can be replaced with one made out of silvered iron to prevent rusting and hopefully this will be enough to keep them on their feet and working hard, and being able to do some semblance of rituals.

1 action: (combat)The Black Rabbit Games: Speed

Held in the arena a several games to test a person’s speed are held from hurdles, to sprints, even strike times and jumping events. It is to determine who is the best of the best in terms of speed among the rabbits, and also to determine who will be joining the elite black rabbit squadron that would be formed over the next several years.

>GE: Ashen Rains
The arrival of the rain-choked skies is seen as yet another blessing from Achroma. However, while the Shamans are sure it relates to their resounding victory of evicting the Gali from the Deadwoods, they cannot agree if this means they should continue hunting the horned ones, or that their task is complete...

>Rumour: The Chieftan's have heard tales from the Simfuni, of peoples strange and mysterious, riding beasts. Some do so for speed, others for labor, and the Simfuni even relate tales of ferocious beasts of war. All qualities of such creatures exist in the beasts of Dakan Grove, but the shadowfolk are unsure if Achroma would permit their subjugation? Should they look to taming the stalking Be'wof, for it's wicked fangs, or the Be'ber, large but with friendly eyes? Perhaps another animal, still hidden in the darkness, would serve even better as a mount? (Prioritizing Labor, then Speed, then War)

>Action 1 - Claim NE of Achroma's lake.
The encroaching goblins are slowed by the turtle's hunger, but vigilance must be maintained. With the army near the frozen north slowly filtering back to civilization, new land is set aside for camps and small settlements.

>Action 2 - Build fort in forest hex bordering Gali lands. Build farm at the end of the stubby road from the Turtle's market.
Though manpower is reduced, the Gali threat cannot be left unwatched. For every hunter and assassin moving south, a craftsman moves north, felling trees and scrounging for stone to begin construction of a defensive encampment. Alongside the traps set along the border, this should allow a smaller force of shadowfolk to maintain control of the gloomy woods. Let the horned menace gain not a twig of wood!

>Action 3 - Continue sailing south, following the coast. (Should there be an icon on the map?)
The strange buildings of unfamiliar stone are too imposing to risk drawing closer, so the Shadowfolk do their best to keep out of sight, fleeing from any boats that approach. Soon enough they continue their voyage, way of what new shores may bring.
Global event:

The grey rain, we know it’s source, the flames of all the burned casualties of this war.

There is no time for mourning, let it fall as we march south and then west, hopefully it helps put out these fires at the least.
Posted on behalf of Megyros

A small community of farmers living outermost border of the territory start talking amongst themselves and in times of harvesting some of the farmers attempt to better the quality of the soil in order to get more crop yields out of their farms.

A forest of olive trees is planted close to the city for future generations to use as a national park while also serving as a future source of local wood to be used in ship construction.
> ash rain
We ignore it, save for cursing that it is making the dirt hard to work with. Our spite is resurfacing in these times of war, and the rain is Isnt helping in the slightest

> create blackstone bolts for the scorpions
The imnaki turns their noses to above and check their war, wondering why their soldiers haven’t returned yet, and find they are being stalled… by a wall of wood.
Enraged, the ruling council diverts resources from expanding, putting its efforts into ending this war. Now.
Its this way that blackstone bolts for the rakatak are invented, to get rid of that pesky wall once and for all

> begin drafting from villages, to expand our recruitment pool
With this war, the honor of the imnaki burns bright again, the loss of the dander finally setting in.
Recruits flow from all our villages, a new wave of troops making its way to the frontlines to end the war once and for all.
From this point forward, all villages shall have a well-trained militia, to be picked up in times of war and brought to the frontlines and defend their hometowns. No longer shall our domains be undefended

> war post: unstoppable force meets wall
The spite burns, the furnace churns, hatred’s flame is stoked and the imnaki shall not ignore it.
Batteries are prepared, and with one screech, the wall is no more: “RAKA”, shouts the Agok, and the bolts rain on the wall, creating a breach. It doesn’t take long for the disciplined steel tide of regular soldiers to begin flowing in through it once it’s secured
1. Two new farms are built.
2. A new experiment of the purebreeds is done. Now that the lands grow vast a new breed is needed to help keep an eye on it and to explore for resources. The base of the Dryasylph is used. Added to the mix is the clarity of glass and minor impurities of the ores to bring it an association with the bounties of the protector. They shall be simply known as Observer Dryasylph or Observers for short.

The ash rain would be an annoyance to the farmers, but the colony was prepared thanks to the efforts done in the past. Still, it did cause some issues, as while plenty of the new colonists were still heading out into the unclaimed lands, many of them either were delayed in their travel or forced to settle closer than they were expecting. As such, the expansion that was continuing from earlier would slow down, and likely be brought to a earlier end than previously expected. Even so, their work would be quite important for Clan Protheroe in the near future. Still, the ash would be a bother, however some believed that the rain potentially could be manipulated given old reports from before the last rain... Regardless, while others went out in the wilds, Clan Protheroe would continue their work on prospecting. While the more basic improvements were taken up, some experimentation, and examination of the area's near the mines that already existed to see if there was any signs of the materials under the earth other than the obvious influenced by CoF work in the area for extracting, specifically looking for that which would often be overlooked. Further, they would draw upon the knowledge some of their oldest and best miners had with regards to the materials they were mining to get a better idea as to signs of where things are, something that also would to a miner extent improve safety measures in the mines.

Lastly, the fire which was expected to go out that was near the warrens would have some attention given to it, specifically in ensuring that it died out before it caused much more damage seeing as it wasn't going out on it's own. As such, a number of area's near the fire would be cleared out of the various grass that existed, with the hope that this combined with the ash rain would kill whatever remained of the fire that didn't burn itself out of fuel.

>Action One. Expansion.

>Action Two. Further Prospecting Improvements.

>Action Three. Put out that fire.
File: expansion base.png (81 KB, 1599x1575)
81 KB

1. Build a lighthouse on blue and a farm in one of the taiga tiles. As ship traffic increases accidents continue to pile up as foolish goblins dash themselves against the rocky shores instead of the safe harbors. To solve this the jungle boss has a giant tower made with a great fire on top so that ships can actually see where to go. In her forest more goblins take to her ways. this time an entire industry springs up where they begin collecting sap from trees in great quantities to turn into syrup. Becoming a high calorie delicious treat that soon becomes highly prized.

2. Build a fort in each red tile. The shadowfolk were foolish to enter goblin land unprotected. the colonists there have had to deal with constant goblin raids and harrassment driving many of them away. Those who chose to stay despair as they see the goblins become more entrenched then ever using their ill gotten loot.

3. Build a city on the yellow tile called Spunog-Uxuz (Heroic Hut). Jungle Boss has become a goblin of great renown. Tales of his generosity and bravery are told everywhere in goblin lands and more and more keep arriving to see him themselves. His cult of personality has grown to the point where his once simple village has become a veritable city as they base their identity on his every action and word.
2x prospect the land.
Ignore >>4882578, consider this my actual turn

> Create "Braile".
The troubles of New Venezia, though calmed, are far from over. Though there are an estranged few from other nations that reside within Theatra, their numbers are dwarfed by the Simfuni. Here, in this newly gained city, the opposite, where various different beings have made homes for themselves. It quickly became clear that the gap between the residents and the Simfuni was more than mere language, easily bridged by the Dander tongue, but culturally as well. They lived a life of sight, as where the Simfuni lived in song. Messages always had to be relayed by a messenger, notifications and decrees distorted through a game of telephone, communication and administration bottlenecked by the availability of personal. This could not continue if the Simfuni were to lead the city with confidence. The solution to this would be an adaptation of "writing" that the beings of eyes had come to rely on. The Simfuni would come to develop their own form of writing, based off of the dander language. The result would be a form of "braile", a series of fairly simple indented symbols or shapes that they could "sing" into stone tablets, that they and other races could easily read. For those without the gift of song, wooden tablets could be used as well as stone would be too hard to work with. They could use a knife to cut the writings into the tablet, and the Simfuni would be able to determine the messsage through their synesthetic sight.

> The art of Governance
The written language was not the only way for the Simfuni to reach common ground with their new members. Looking to understand the people they are to lead, they appeal to the citizens of New Venezia to express themselves so all could learn from and about their neighbours. An art exhibition was to be held within the coming months, where all were welcome to share whatever art they could or wanted to create. Sculptures , musical pieces, artisanry, paintings, anything they could think, all forms of expression were welcomed, even ones that the Simfuni couldn't quite "see" (Paintings and the like). Even if they were all of different natures and races, they had hoped to established common ground through creative spirit.
File: file.png (283 KB, 834x452)
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283 KB PNG
Posted on behalf of the GFU

Action Found the new city of Hollybrook (I will let lux place it, put it on the mainland)
Action expand see pic for detail.
war post
aid the shadow folk, in holding the forest fort, against the enemy

There are so many wild goblin herds around the market. Let's set up some outposts and hunting stations, and start taking hexes around it. We should begin sending more turtle settlements to where the meat is very abdundant. There they can hunt and feed upon as many wild goblins as they please, and pacify the region, and with the abundance of food grow more turtle warriors.

2. Formation Tactics.

Sometimes these goblins are clever enough to group into absolutely massive herds! Almost like armies. They even sometimes throw stones or use primitive bows. They are of course, still animals, but seeing the skies rain down with hundreds of rocks, even for an armored turtle, is something to take note of.

The Turtles begin developing strong formation tactics, particularly around the shield, where they are amply protected from ranged weapons by the goblins. Whether in small numbers or large formations, by interlocking shields both to the sides and above, it provides even more protection to their armored frames, allowing them to push forward and then when close pounce and unleash turtle fury upon them.
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters

>The Blood of Pa'Sha'Tui

The sacrifice is paid, may the market's spider be fed for as long as our royal captain lived. For nights many a maiden weeps fat tears for the grizzled old bull Laga, and his subordinate knights drown their grief in flavors of wine. All for two leaves, and the hope that should Vasa Tama watch over us and render aid. The Blackstone possessed by the Everlasting Waters is assembled in the form of spires, totems, and lastly an effigy of the Brave Pa'Sha'Tui at the Edge of the Eye of Sigod, may his spirit watch over the land and people he loved so dear, for it was not even on the field of battle the valiant Laga laid down his life, but rather on the very shores where he was born. The mournful temple is titled Knight's Rest.

In the beaches of Pologa where the ruined fields now lie, the whalefolk and moon elves begin a new construction, a grand farm that will improve harvest, help prevent a further blight, and diversify the fields. 1/3
1. The college of Engineers was having quite the dry spell. Sure, the Golem project; or "Automaton" as the Clan Torvan likes to call it, but other than that? Not much. The members of Clan Zvez were majority Moon Elf, with a few Half-Elves and their human parents there too. A group was assembled in a hall, with a collection of well used, some being warped, shock rifles. Their instructions were fairly simple: Find an explanation as to why cast iron shot seemed to stick to the barrels. They were dumbfounded by the request, but when they decide to actually start: By Slevni it actually did what was claimed! The balls of shot stuck to the barrel! Compasses too would begin pointing right at the barrels when nearby... so magnetism was clearly the case. But what had caused it here, how was it so strong?

2. With the Golems having the charge time, now the issue lies with both mobility and intelligence. Making sure they can understand orders and carry them out will likely be an issue that runes can handle, where as mobility will have to be a matter of stoneworking. Joints and hinges carved from the rock before they are fit onto the golem. It is fortunate we have the industrial basis and machining equipment to make this a much less painfully slow task.
>Global Event
The Gali prowl across the wastes, as the dark ash speckles the pure white snow, changing the featureless expanse of the arctic and seemingly shrinking it, as one can finally see the depth of hills and valleys from atop the icy peaks.

>Action 1: Magic Enhancement, Ferocious Roar
Louder, deeper, and somehow, less man-like. Hunters "sharpen" their shouts into something that surprises many, as it seems impossible that such a gruesome noise could come from the throat of a Gallisan.

>Action 2: Prospecting
[We need an economy or something, idk.]

>Action 3: Magic Enhancement, Limbs (Part one of what is likely many.)
A short walk outside of Gali'Cari, up a small mountain of ice and snow lies a cave. The perceptive among the tribe would notice a few small footprints that lead up to it. As they walk closer, a small rumble is felt, as small pebbles of ice shake down the icy slopes. Inside the cave, there's a... child?! A small Gallisan boy, perhaps only 5 or 6 years old, honing his strength and innate magical powers by pounding away at the packed ice with fists of rage. Yet still, to the surprise of those who wander to the private training grounds, not only does this boy posses strength that exceeds even those of skilled hunters, he wields extra sets of limbs [arms]! Arte, the young man, will be watched with great interest. It is widely understood by many that he is destined to become the next Gali.
File: map39.png (1.11 MB, 2048x2628)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG

A good deal of the tundra is turned, raked with manure, returned, watered, reraked, etc. until it is almost as fertile as grassland.
Their owned lands having picked over, the Paskians step out into the tundra to prospect it. Another cache of amethysts, and ah! the divine be praised for both iron and coal!
The Deviseries have been hard at work in their chilly cloisters. They tinker with the angles and precision of the force rune, whilst others try to divine the flows of magic on this plane. Steady progress is made in each field until a eureka! The threads of the fabric are revealed, and the necessary alterations of the force rune made.

The coronation of the boy-king, Zuvrek I & IX, is a sombre affair. It had yet been decided whether to follow the numbering of the old world, or start anew, and so for now he is the Kalnthrunr of two numbers. His mother had been a beloved monarch, the reason they had braved the seas and made this new world their home. The boy is strong, taking the oaths with a clear voice, wearing the crown of barley, the crown of apple-wood, and the heaviest crown of gold bravely. When he is anointed with Ichor, he lets but a few tears flow. Glodrana's advisers are now his, along with his father and "Uncle" Badion. Let his reign be just as magnificent as the rays through the Field of Gold.
(>>4878254) Gyldentongue is decided on, being far easier for the Trees to learn to speak than the opposite approach. Soon no doubt there will be learnt the other side of this war, and the Gylden will be called to mediate.
Road and bridge building continue unabated.
With accomplished Ashen-born and Ashen-taught Dwarves raring to go, the Crescent mountains are theirs. (>>4878254) The hills however are more pop(u)lar than previously believed.

The weak of will are cast from the priesthood, unfit for the magically rigorous times ahead. (Go be priestess of Moth, ha!) Unfortunately this includes the head-priestess, weary and drained, she is quietly pleased to go. New girls are screened and hired, ones with strong wills, but deference. This new caste are the first to be instructed in the more commanding magics. A relic of an old way, the Sceptre of Undine becomes ceremonial. Now begins the reign of a new way.
(>>4882141) The royal barge is sailed, laden heavy with the many tradegoods available to the Fanwen through the Dyb. Luxuries, delicacies, oddities, all of them on offer to the Children of Fanw, they need only step aboard. The Pharaoh Uni herself is aboard, well guarded of course, but not so aloof as her predecessors. It is suggested that she is searching for a husband, and that some Son of Fanw may just catch her eye. One with which she does happen to share pleasant conversation is the third son of the head of minor clan Protheroe.
The Dryads push up into the hills, surrounding the lands of the Tangle gardeners. (>>4878160) An omen sits there, the ruins of a town, overgrown with weeds and, Dwarves?
The focus is narrowed to the dancing spirits of fire, to halt their congregations and destructive jigs.

Benmi is old enough, and the laws have remained unchanged, during his father's coma he is declared regent. Many an issue is put on hold, requiring the word of a king, not just a soon-to-be king. The pressure is still a lot, and really still a boy Benmi resorts (though only once or twice) to heavy club diplomacy; It worked out better than expected.
After his dalliance with regency, Benmi sees he is not yet ready for it. His mind was strong, but the body overruled. The body too must be disciplined! Into the wilds he and his select set off. The beasts are no match for the youth, falling to club & raw strength. Then Oni come from the hidden places. He tussles with them, charges against them, stands proud and fearsome. But pride truly does come before a fall, a loosed arrow finds the body weakened. Deep into his muscular shoulder it lodges, downing the heir in screams of pain, and though his select would never divulge such a secret, for his mother.
Water, perhaps water, but Music! Ah! the sweet music of life played by their hands! What power... what pleasure... Jurio is head priest in little more than name, his delegates conduct much of the research into the phenomenon as he lounges languidly on a bed of down pillows, eating imported fruits from golden dishes, as youths and maidens fan or dance for him. It's good to be god-touched, y'know. Honshakti is a difficult practice, requiring one to tune oneself into seeing the thin filaments within everything. Then with claws of silver, play them like a zheng. The effects of this playing however have yet to be divinely revealed.
It's all to do with weight distribution, you see. The first floating buildings are built of wood, paper, and bark-cloth, finely balanced to float in the little bay of Nazena. Things almost go terribly wrong when one of Beni's less favoured, rather rotund, concubine rushes from the gantry to the railings to see the dolphins.

[R] [Sorry, but this is an action, not a rumour.] The Do'la of Kalia have long lived in disparate huts and camps, but come to the Dakan to ask that they be allowed to form a town of their own.
Goblins! They're worse than Be'wab! Blink and they've double their numbers. A presence is needed in the corridor leading to Achroma's Lake. (>>4865048) The other menace, the Gali, must also be watched; A fort should do the trick for now, garrisoned by Fraternians in day, and Do'larosha at night.
(>>4878434) From one capital to another, the ships of the Do'la sail through the waters of Nazena. It is the first city of the many they have witnessed without so much as a fishing wharf.
[New Moon]
Stubborn infection, irreparable damage, and unforeseeable accident mean the removal of a limb (or limbs) is sometimes necessary for a Rabbit to live. For too long this has been a sentence to disability or even indolence. The great forge is tasked with the fabrication of replica limbs of silver and iron, to replace those lost. The first produced are simple things, with little resemblance, but as artisans are brought in near perfect replicas are created for those most heavily weighed down with silver to spend.
Hundreds sign up. Thousands attend. The arena is at capacity, with even the aisles filled. After disqualifications and the first bouts to establish a baseline, a round one hundred compete. Thirty-one are taken out in the sprint. Twenty-four in the jumps. Another seventeen in the hurdles. Of the remaining, nine are removed from the strike-test. The remaining nineteen are then set to become members of the Black Rabbit Squadron, though of them only one is fully black.

The same farms have been ploughed, sown, flooded, and harvested the same way for a hundred hundred tyrns. But this clearly is not the most ideal way of things! Irrigation had shown this, and so too will crop rotations, fallowing, and intercropping!
Olives had been a sparse crop for generations, used mostly for their oil, but with the Oni limiting access to the jungles, a new source of wood is needed. An entire plot is given over to trees, selecting a fast-growing variety. The shade is welcome, as is the boosted harvest of the fruits. In a tyrn or two they'll be fit to fell as timbers for poorly hushed naval plans.

The Rakataks had been fashioned with Blackstone bolts, but these had been designed to pierce iron and flesh; Their streamlined aspect is not of much use here. Instead flatter, much broader, bolts are fashioned, and the Rakataks altered to accommodate them. These slice through the Tanglewall with ease, making it trivial to push through what remains.
Not one hamlet doesn't send up Molerats to fight. The rage of their brothers and sisters reignites the kindling within them that the Simfuni had dampened.

[+1 PE]
It is apparently a Durranic saying, passed through the Wandering Market to the Anaye, and then to the Drya; "There was never a thing as too many farms".
In short time a number of Observers are gliding with the air currents, witness to all that can be seen.

New colonists settle the lands, awaiting approval for something more substantial than hovels and subsistence gardens.
The final designs are drawn up, new equipment designed, and rigorous guidelines enacted. Prospecting the colony should take half the time.
The dry grasses are easily pulled, allowing the fire to burn itself out in due time, with the last embers quenched with the ashen rain.
>Big Totem
[NM] Big Boss feels something deep, deep, deep within his mass. A whispering from Big Totem unlike any other he's heard. He rubs his bloated belly, and looks from his palace out to the Green Strait. Could it really be almost time?
A rickety lighthouse, perhaps built from half remembered visions of the great light of the Gates of Xira, rises from the rocks of Thios, guiding and protecting the equally rickety Goblin ships into port. A farm for the various edible things within the forest is built too, to maintain at least some life against the horde.
(>>4882880) Seeing no difference in the Goblins continuing to march in, the Turtles ruthlessly attack, and then eat, the Gobbos sent in to build the forts!
Cia'Cayn's little hut had become a place of pilgrimage, as has his hideaway hut, and his second hideaway hut. Soon there were enough Goblins coming into the jungle, that the jungle tribe(s) risks being outnumbered! It is so great that the village grows into the town of Spunog-Uxuz, just to support them all.

The instruments have been too long without a record of their song. Each melody or tune was passed from cow to calf in music alone, and undoubtedly there have been changes as the tales are told. Made for the sightless, the indented script composes a number of unique symbols, easily readable with their rather meaty tentacle.
The canals of New Venezia fill with gondola, as the members of the Blackstone Cooperative who make the city their home each vie to display their skills. The Dander describe their paintings of white, of built up impasto, a play of shadow. (>>4878254) The Trees show off works of finest silk, woven with intricate raised and dimpled patterns. (>>4864954) The newly come Whales show off their corals, grown in fantastical shapes, or made into useful objects of beauty. (>>4882496) The Goblins bring which they pile up into a , the smell is awful. The Molerats declines the invitation. (>>4878682) Finally the invited Shadows bring gorgets of delicately work copper.

Hollybrook, so named for the rivulets that run from the hills after the winter thaws, is a pleasant enough place. Quiet, out of the way, the kind of town people go to spend their last days.
(>>4878682) Further treaties with the Shadowfolk allow for further Fraternian expansion east. Along with this comes their first attempts of mountaineering, but with only a few Do'laroshan designed sets of equipment between them, such a monumental task is slightly beyond their grasp.
(>>4882496) The lands of the market become contested even further. Claims of the Do'la and the Goblins already overlapped, and now gobhungry Turtles get out their stakes, following where the Gobbo menace "leads".
Even the most foolish of Turtle is far cleverer than the most wise of Goblins. But nothing should be left to chance, a rightly timed rock or well shot arrow may be fatal, and Iti-knows what filth they may be covered in. A number of formations are drawn up by the tacticians, most notable of these takes inspiration from their own form.

>Everlasting Waters
For his sacrifice, Pa'sha'tui is raised up, and without a body to send in procession to the Eye of Sigod, there is a need for the closure denied them. The temple-cenotaph of Knight's Rest is erected to his legacy. A pool of heshimud-bricks surrounds the building, supported by columns of coral-fronted bricks.
Another grand Waters plan begins. From the tragedy of the yellow blight, a new wonder is to begin. First the lots are drawn, picked out in fine bricks, and the irrigation sorted.

There was only one sensible answer, the obvious one, the lightning magics which had at one time coursed through them. What else had been different about them, that they had been wielded by Elves? No, it had to be the lightning. A number of (quite literally) shocking tests proved it to be the case. Fascinating.
Experts in a number of fields are brought in for the task, though told only what they need know. Polished balls and sockets, lubricants, ropes, no end of little pieces are ordered. The finished product is like the articulated dolls of the wealthy, or perhaps a deformed medical model.

The alchemists and apothecaries of the Gardeners have but one task; Fire. Grow them large, grow them fast, spread them far.

Those well trained with the Primal Roar push further, beyond the physical limits to draw upon the rage within not only for the power of the shout, but to protect themselves from it. Near-halfway across the Glacier the loudest roar can be heard. The cry of a hundred beasts bellows from them; The power of the lion, the screech of the owl, the howl of the wolf, along with the scream of death's embrace.
Though at first little is found in the ice, even a feral Galissian would know silver when he saw it.
The child had been born abnormally, his extra limbs some defect(?) which caused his mother shame. Into the rocky outcrops he had gone from barely walking to hide away. But this defect is a revelation! What could be done with just one extra hand! When he allows, the boy is studied, and theories crafted on how to achieve such a thing intentionally, after birth.

[+1 PE]


-The Dalu Purge: A Back Hand-

The attempt at diplomacy from the Fae fails miserably.
A push of rage and the Tanglewall is hacked down. Every last leaf is fought for by the Fae. As the combined forces push forward, an explosion of flame erupts behind them! Just as the Dreamer had foretold, even the young attack them "for the Tangle". Each canopy looses a thousand little Pixies, each trunk a thousand more. Poisons, herbicides, and filth in little pricks comes at the invaders, yet so driven are they the pain is brushed off until it withers or is fatal. The farther west they push, the more ferocious and desperate the Faeries become.

Action 1: Expand

As the war continues slowly the rest of the dryads lands may know some order and peace, securing long coveted plains and forests to the north without contest.

Action 2: Make a new settlement in the forests around holy pool, Cythar-Cadai.

This forest is odd for many reasons, the oddly small size, the surrounding hills, the desert sands directly next to it, and it’s proximity to the holy pool to name a few.

The holy pool is the place where the mundane and the unseen are one and without division, and a great tree so close to this place will be a glorious holy site for all voices to gather, perhaps second only to Bandru himself.

A great pack of dryad kindred make their way through the forest, accompanied by many voices to seek out the dominant tree spirit of this region.
After a weeks long pilgrimage they reach the foot of Cythar-Cadai, finding that in this place one tree does not dominate over the whole of the forest, but two venerable spirits appear to balance it together.

After some discussion it is decided to play into this diarchy, and elevate both, thousands of dryads entering torpor and several hundred more beginning to set up structures and corral animals into following forest lore as the new settlement of Cythar-Cadai is formed.

Action 3: Make a new settlement upon Kalia, Loeth

The tree of Loeth is the same age and stage of development as it’s twin Daith on the island of Dopio, but due to the inherent childishness of Cordattas forces after all the ancilla departed to start a temple glade it had taken longer than expected to form a proper settlement around Loeth.

Cordatta has been wrapped up constantly with the nightmare of organising the fledglings, while she is little older than them herself she was once an elder before her spirit was split into two as a result of a voluntary torpor by her mother/past life, and so she is far less tolerant of these children’s antics.

She has sought temporary reprieve on several occasions by attempting to join the war against the pixies in person, only to be stifled by the elders of Ash’sen ordering her to remain at her post as bride to Loeth else incur the wrath of the circle.

Upon finding that Ganne had joined the war personally for a tour and returned in honours without any such punishment coming to her Cordatta was sent into a fury and did not leave her garden for several days, moping about again.

Warpost: Continue on, send Valmad where we expect harshest resistance of make their greatest headway. We do not worry at all about feyfyres, we have enough training to put them out when we need to, they should find other ways to harm us.

Continue securing more land as illustrated, taking all of this allows a unified push against thornbush later along the line.
Pharaoh Uni's new lover has caused quite the commotion in the court. The Cult of Undine is happy that she may get a child soon, then again she recently had their head priestess replaced, but the Cult of Moth are a traditional bunch, and has riled up quite a few Anubisid men, claiming Uni don't find them attractive. However, this has cemented Blackguard support, who soon prove their capabilities in protecting the Pharaoh.

Action 1: Make two forts along the Kavost, one between the Silver and Lead mine, the other between the two Sapphire mines.
The Goblin presence in our mines have ever increased, but while we have plenty of warriors along the Dyne river to keep them in line, we don't have the same amount along the Kavost river, where the Goblin experiment was started, additionally, there are plenty of free goblins just across the river. It is high time we reinforce this area, A couple of forts should get things started, able to slaughter any goblin trying to flee, steal our produce, or any northeners trying to make a village on our side of the river.

Action 2: Develop magic refrigeration.
While dried and salted meat taste good enough, they can't compare to the fresh kill of a Prenhearn hunter. However, if we were to freeze our produce, that would still be fresh meat, as if it was slaughtered yesterday. With our new technique, command, we have cut down on casting time, but we still have a problem of ambient heat interfering with the spell. We will therefore work on making a chamber which we then cool down with Freeze spells, also, we will work on something to prevent the cold from escaping, an insulating material. Apparently the goblin material of Asbestos has some interesting qualities in this regard. Once we have frozen the meat in the ice chamber, we need to develop a smaller chamber we can put on ships, which needs only keep the produce frozen, perhaps also assign some water mages to cast repeated Freeze spells on it.

We will first see if we can make it to the Goblins of Home-place before it thaws, then the Molemen city of Teulak, before finally to the Prenhearn city of Traethllwyd.
With both the Automaton program and the new Electromagnetism program bearing acceptable progress, it's time to hopefully finish one, and continue the other.

1. Movement and Charge are 2 of the 3 steps we need for our so-called "Super Heavy Infantry". The last is, of course, intelligence. This will have to be accomplished with Runes, of course. Ideally, the knowledge will be retained within the magic of the runes, only needing to be relearned if the Rune is to be damaged. However, with armor already being developed for them, similar in thickness to Awoo Slab-plate, worry of damaging runes shouldn't take a priority. In addition, the runes are inlayed with Silver, hopefully the metal's conductivity should help with enhancing the lightning magics.

2. The lightning, or rather the current of the electricity being the source of the strong magnetism, a question is raised by the Daiimad. Can this be used to propel bullets? Many attempts are made. Firstly, using the normal barrels. No good. The round gets stuck. Perhaps less barrel? Two bars are used, curved on the inside just barely larger than the diameter of the bullet? Better, but the bullet ends up sticking to either end and following the bar. One engineer takes that design, and adds a connecting bar of metal to the outside of the two, allowing the conductivity to equalize, the same amount of charge and therefor magnetism on both bars. That works. Granted, it isn't any faster than a thrown stone, unable to pierce the soft leathers used as a target, let alone steel plate, but it's a start. Oh, oh how it's a start...
Benmi and his followers came back from his trip quiet visibly angry yet he made no noise. He locked himself in his room allowing no one, not even his concubines, to see him. Oh, dear; the leaders of the Oni leaders are quite the moody ones, aren't they? While this was happening, Gyaashiru was teaching the Noble children the most effective way to studying near Benmi's room. He perked up over the whispers of Beni and Benmi being "busy" to rule right now. This is a opportunity!

1. Enlightenment? Magic? Pfft, Higher Education is True Wisdom!: The Elders and Nobles were in a bit of a frenzy with the leaders being out of commission when Gyaashiru burst through the doors shouting he will be ruler-regent until Benmi comes out of his moody fit. One of the Nobles started to question this until Gyaashiru suddenly grabbed him by the head then threw him out of the window from the 100th story floor they were at with much force. Everyone else just started to nod their heads quickly in agreement after seeing Gyaashiru was obviously the right pick. Clapping his hands together with a big smile on his face, Gyaashiru told them of his plans of elevating the minds of Oni for the world is advancing and they need to catch up. His first phase was build schools focusing on the more complex subjects of knowledge. From Art to science to civility to love-making to athleticism to philosophy! Their Hellish creators gave them bodies and the gods gave them true minds; it's time to truly train them. (Build universities in every city and planned future city. Hopefully also bettering basic public education)

2. The Art of Civilization: While taking a tour to oversee the building of the universities, he noticed the lack of quality and orderly structure of the cities and the roads. While they were better than a large tribe's building, they were still primitive in shape, the sewer system was lacking or there was none, streets were misshapen or broken, roads were just dirt wet with water, and there was hardly any plants! Gyaashiru orders his wisest students to the capital. When they finally arrived, Gyaashiru beat up all of them. Afterwards, Gyaashiru stated they will not leave this building until they discover ways to fix...! (Research civil engineering)

3. Ruling the Earth with a Gentle Fist: While researching and beating his students, Gyaashiru also remembers him and all other Oni love the environment and weep whenever they hurt it. It pains him, but sacrifices must be made to lessen the burden of both sides. But that doesn't mean they can't help the environment! He also summons wise Oni who study the jungles, grasslands, rivers, and all other types of environments to the capital. There they put their personal knowledge of the environment together to discover new branches of science to better protect and improve the quality of the environment of On life. (Research Environmental engineering.)
*Oni Life
> expand East (two actions)
The war above is going well!
The news reach the underground quickly, spreading like wildfire: a new pride fills the people, and they now wish to work even harder for the glory of the under-empire, with the state fostering this feeling until it’s a bright flame.
It doesn’t take long for entire villages to empty as their populations travel to settle new lands, conquer new horizons and be the first to do it. The worm of pride is digging its way into the minds of the under-dwellers once more, but surely another singing will fix it, right?

"Let all give thanks to Great Mother her gift of Goblin meat. For we have not known hunger since. Truly she blesses us with food, so that we may be fruitful and multiply."

The Turtles have never seen so much food pouring into their lands, thanks to the goblin herds. What has been going on in private, shall now be made mandate.

It is the era of the Great Clutches! Across the land, families, towns, all are encouraged to raise as many turtles and lay as many eggs as possible, to capitalize upon the new seemingly limitless food source.

Huge clusters of eggs are grown, where the near endless tide of Goblin meat flows like a river from the front lines of the War of the Feast, quite literally barge fulls of green skinned meat are thrown into the maws of hatchling after hatchling.

>Grow our population even further


With the rise of the Turtles, thanks to the new Goblin food source, they now raise forces of much greater size than ever before. With new formation tactics, and daily experience in warfare and hunting, the Turtles begin to raise what will be known as "Legions". Thanks to the constant supply of Goblin meat, the Turtles expect to easily support the raising of these vast hosts.

Trained in the arts of closed combat formations, using the new shield tactics, these Legions will employ turtles en masse on a scale never before seen. These forces will surely be able to hunt and tackle even the largest of goblin herds and packs that might have given pause to them before. Indeed, the deeper they head towards more numerous goblins, they seem to employ more and more crude weapons than before, some even mimicking what looks like soldiery! But they are animals, after all, as the shadowfolk say. Certainly they don't speak any language the Turtles understand.

One day, the Turtles hope to find one of their mighty nests which they are sure are out there somewhere. Now and again they see feral goblins building ramshackle towers and crude fortifications, which leads them to believe that perhaps, out there, lay a mimicry of a large dwelling, a crude simalcrum of a town, a "nest" which if found, would supply more Goblin meat than the turtles have ever seen. They believe it may be somewhere south or southeast.

But first, they must hunt and clean up all the goblins around the hexes of the newly claimed territories and around the market, before they can push deeper into the goblin herds. Can't have the animals bother our shadow friends after all, who seem to sadly have no appreciation for the food source.
Action 1: Proper mines are established over the coal and iron, along with warehouses for storing the goods for proper usage.

Action 2: Pask begins taking steps in expanding across the snowy tundra, Paskian Ministers scouting the land and prospecting for valuable materials and locations such as forests and livestock animals to begin breeding.
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>Zuvrek I
Zuvrek I, if you please. He is Kalnthrunr by Guldfar's will and the will of the council of the Æblenthrong, but he has no direct claim upon the throne of the Gyldenthrong; nor any ability to appear before council in Gyldholm to contend one. Besides... politically, it might be best not to infer that there need be dynastic union; Zuvrek I Laeggratt has inherited plenty from his mother but her name was not among them. His father was ever good with charts and manifests; and whilst perusing the log of the recently-arrived ships from the Gyldenland found the name 'Guldhand' had been listed twice in the passenger manifest. Whatever distant cousin and how-many times removed they might be, they have not yet presented themselves. Better, perhaps, to emphasise the fresh start upon a new golden gift, and not cling to the little legacies of a title that his mother lost her contention for on her attempt.

>Action 1: - Survey the Uplands
It is time to see for ourselves what secrets might have bought the Meluz all the way up into the hills and mountains from their jungle homelands. The prospectors are sent up into the uplands! And.. to that little bit just across-river from Ederakung, too. Mark those X's!

>Action 2: A restoration of Meluzine works
The Meluz left plenty of ruins as evidence of the time they had in this world before they vanished, but Dwarves would rather see these ruins reforged then let them crumble. The ruins of the coastal town (1) of... did the Meluz leave a name for the town? If one that makes sense in Dwarven can't be interpreted, perhaps Zadulkodt? The ruins by the river (2) seem like they were used for storing grain... the Gylden aren't really sure that by the banks of a sweltery jungle river would be the best place to store it long-term, but they seem like they'd be good structures to use as the base of a farm growing fruits and other foods. And the ruins deep in the jungle (3) were of quite some import to the Meluz - perhaps Badion would have done better if he'd rebuilt it earlier?

>(Reparation) Action 3: Officer Training
Good Leadership is vital for any military force. Stubbornness and determination are all very great, but if you don't have a quality of leadership that can inspire, adapt, plan, counter opposing plans with innovativeness, and use the Dwarves under their command efficiently to do what needs be done then you might just be sending brave stubborn Dwarves to needless deaths. New training standards are to be adopted into the Gylden armed forces, and a new training academy is to be founded.
Fluff: 19 Members to be added to the black rabbit brigade... no, it won’t do. This is intended to be the elite of the elite of the elite. These members are to be able to complete tasks impossible even for armies to accomplish. The ones that passed shall be thrown into one more trial where only the winner shall join the black rabbit team, the rest shall be dubbed grey rabbits, subordinate to the black rabbit of their respective skill. Not only that, they will be added as the royal guard and the grey scouts intended for important matters both into enemy territory or for relaying information the general palace guard for now.

1 action: Black Rabbit game of speed; Marathon
A run to Kyu, and back to the capital. Though they have lost or damaged their purity, they will still be allowed to observes the grandeur of the pure nation despite not being pure themselves. The first one back will be declared a member of the black rabbits. Medical checkpoints will be stationed every half mile so should something tragic befall a runner they can receive rapid medical aid. The winner, other than cementing their place in the black rabbit brigade, will also be awarded a blackstone sword and an inverted (upside down) gibbous moon pendant. Those that fail to come in first will receive a first quarter inverted moon as they stand on the boundary of the new and full moons.

1 action:(1/2) Branch of Pure Sense
Although three make up the current state of magic, five shall be the request given by the queen. Five branches of purity magic. The fourth branch, sense, shall be there for long range communication as well as detection and understanding. Be it see the enemy with clarity on the horizon, or speak a word that carries itself across the world. This will be the branch for that.

With the ash rain ceasing once more, and with the population having grown a fair bit, further would be done in the effort for ensuring that food was secure in the colony. Naturally, the warrens would be expanded further, and further farmland would be set up. It was expected that this would be a trend for quite some time as the plan of being able to produce much in the way of valuable cash crops rather than just purely staple crops for side dishes and less savory rations for the poor or in times of scarcity. Of course, the ash rain causes issues at times, but better to have a build up than purely rely on what can be gathered from whaling and warrens...Or the hunter in the case of...some... Regardless, there was many at this time creating small villages dedicated to the harvesting of crop and actually settling the vast lands claimed, making the vast track's of land actually inhabited by more than just a few hundred. And obviously, this work was done in the heartlands of Prenhaearn. The land was close, and little was developed, all that was needed was for the clans which claimed the land years ago to actually put work into it or sell it to another clan who would. The clan who did the most of this being Clan Protheroe, which sold almost all prospected land they claimed that wasn't found to have ore under it.

Meanwhile, the vast tracts of land that weren't sold and weren't prospected would have work done now, swiftly and efferently. The plan by the growing clan was to utilize the increase in demand for arable land to sell off everything that lacked metals or precious stones, and keep anything that did for future exploitation. Of course, this was a fairly easy, effective, and profitable effort. As, while they certainly sold their land at a lower price than it was likely worth, it helped fund their prospecting and they practically got that land for free anyway. While not all the land that was on the frontier was claimed in this way, a sizable chunk was, especially in the hills and just over Fferi Seiri and behind the Afon Wal Orllewinol, the same place where the extensive iron mine they owned was. Somewhat similar to this, they offered to buy unprospected land owned by others simply to prospect, and after sell at a similar price if possible if it lacked what they were looking for. For Clan Protheroe planned on becoming far more than a Teulu clan, and what better way then expand their mining operations to be the majority of all in Prenhaearn y Wladfa? They already had quite a bit of sway due to relations oversea's with the Dybet after all due to the recent romance (and likely marriage) that was learned of, this would just make it official.

>Action One. Build a farm and a warrens.

>Action Two. Prospect.
File: expansion base.png (81 KB, 1599x1575)
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1. create city on the red tile called Arstruk-Onu (demon swamp). The swamp goblins are heavily influenced by the neighboring oni. To the point where they even enshrine their inspiration in the name of their home. They are the most amphibious of goblin races as they are equally at ease in both water in land. They are also known to be particularly sneaky and enjoying slowly stalking their prey like the crocodiles that infest their waters. Jungle boss' protection and the trade with the oni have seen them grow in significant numbers to where a new city is formed

2. create city on the yellow tile called Stûmö-Aspngo (Life start). The oasis goblins enjoy the good life. They have the nicest land and are near wealthy neighbors. Those that live near the river source have these benefits multiplied as they are near the dandertrail which connects the dybet to the rest of the world. resulting in much traffic through their lands to their benefit. They are not known for any special skills per say, but compared to other goblins they grow much faster and since size is considered the greatest virtue in goblin society they earn much prestige from their peers and are more competent on average.

3. create city on the blue tile called Ongong-Smastre (Golden way). The desert goblins have a harsh life. often tribes get their beginnings in the desert out of simple necessity of being too weak to get any better land, but harsh lands requires harsh survivors so such weakness is expunged. These goblins are resistant to the heat and require little food and water. Allowing them to keep up numbers that other types would be incapable of doing in such conditions. They are some of the most aggressive goblins due to lack of resources so other tribes that neighbor them who originally scorned their weakness will soon find desperate warriors pillaging their lands. The spoils taken being used to fuel the growht of the next horde. These particular desert goblins were fortunate to not only live near the dander trail for ample raiding opportunties but possess a literal gold mine that sees them also capable of buying what they cannot raid. fueling their growth to where a sustainable city of tents is made. allowing them to relocate as needed.
>Action 1 - Continue sailing east, towards the elves.
Surely we must be getting close!? It's infernally hot here, and the locals are all savage beasts!

>Action 2 - Found city on Thisi, on the northern plains hex on the west side.
This's booming mines necessitate more substantial living conditions than the meager fort can provide. With the Library's fearsome aura dulled by exposure and inactivity, a leaf is taken from the Fraternian books and a city is built on the wide open plains facing the sea. Away from the bustling mines and busy port, peace and quiet can enjoyed by those who stay there. It shall be named We'wait, borrowing a Fraternian word to make the city an eternal promise to rescue those lose to the Library.

>Action 3 - Upgrade the Ambershale mine (next to Char Fort in Fraternian land). Upgrade the Gali-facing fort up north.
The nights see the Do'laroshans in a frenzy, bigger blocks of hewn stone carved from the rocky deposit and carted north. There, the wooden palisade and fortifications are upgraded and augmented, to better weather the icy winds and furious demons of the frozen wastes.
>The temple of arts.
The people of Venezia have proven that they are as artistic as they are diverse. Works of art, big and small, beautiful and... smelly shined for all to see, some works carrying the sign of experienced artists while others were diamonds in the rough. For all the potential that was witnessed within Venezia, the Simfuni wanted to offer them a place to truly hone their talents should they so desire. For this, the maestros of stone displayed to the people an art piece of their own. A great performance was put forth, the maestros singing in bold and rythmic harmony. As their song drew on, piece by piece, note for note, a grand structure began to rise out from the ground. It was a grand temple, one dedicated to the people, a place where they could learn and teach from and to one another so that together, Simfuni and others alike could further enjoy the creative passions of the world.

>Build road between Theatra and New Venezia.
It is strange to call them part of the same nation, yet leave them standing divided. A road shall be brought forth, so Theatra and Venezia may be joined.

Action (have the shadows help us develop mountaineering)
Reaching out to our shadow allies, we ask to purchase the plans for mountaineering gear, and lessons on how to use it.

action develop Healing Embrace
Healing touch helped Fraternians understand the rules and underlying means by which healing through life force can be done, now it is time to begin mastering it.

Healing Embrace – the target will have moderate wounds and afflictions healed, the caster uses life force to generate the healing effect, unlike the unrefined healing touch, the efficiency of the spell has been improved.

war post
patrol and fortify the forest edge against the threat of the enemy incorporate our feel life force spell into the patrols, and stunning bolt as well
The farmwork of Pologa continues, retention ponds, and aquaculture advances.

>Naval Improvement

Our moon elf sailors and our battle barges under go retrofitting, with copper lined hulls to help prevent corrosion, improve speed, and protection.

Last bonus expansion I think, taking the rest of that Oasis.
>Action 1: Magic Enhancement (Durability)
As fighting becomes more intense, with wooden skewers being hurled and the advent of more than two arms being used to punch, throw, and tear, it's only natural that the hardened skin of an enraged Gallisan becomes harder still.

>Action 2: Construct a Silver mine & Church
Silver is quite an attractive material. The greedy amongst the non-hunters can hardly contain themselves at the advent of a proper domestic economy. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a reformation past tribalism, though only time will tell if Gallisan culture will evolve with the times, or hold the people back.
It is quite hard for many to muster the raw willpower to conjure additional limbs, and in their post-rage clarity are able to remember and truly understand that willpower is not all that drives strength. To master being in touch with one's self and the emotions that flow through them is what separates a mad beast from a man. This spiritual journey is one best learned within the confines of a monastery.
Posted on behalf of the Drya

1&2. Have the new Observers with their connection to the earth scout the lands for useful resources.
File: map40.png (1022 KB, 2048x2628)
1022 KB
1022 KB PNG

Northern expansion sees the reach of the Vasiya meet the isolated apple trees of the mountain pass.
Though separated by sea and hills, it falls that Cythar-Cadai and Loeth should be invested the same day.

The forts are set to keep watch on the Goblins on both sides of the Kavost. The additional Anubisid presence in the area eases the minds of the farmers there, also.
Extensive trial finds the best materials to be chest of iron, wrapped with cloths of Goblin asbestos; These take the magics well, remaining cold for some time. Still, in the oppressive heat of Dybet, attempting to chill them is simply a waste of energies. Meat from Prenhaearn is easily frozen & the safes chilled in their cold climes. With priestesses casting ever-weakening magics over them, produce arrives at the ports of Ahenohetshu II still cold to the touch, almost as fresh as just killed.
Priestesses arrive back at the dual temple of Undine and find the steps and plaza layered with a mat of green algae.

The storms which had greatly hindered the hulking clan Llewellyn ships, had caused havoc for the smaller FHR vessels. They had been blown wildly off course, resulting in tyrns of aimless sailing. But at last they limp, battered and crestfallen, over the Kuneliko Ocean, making land just south of the Vaygr monastery.
A great number of runic sequences are tried, followed by the trying of new runes, and then these in sequence. No matter how the runes are carved though, the automatons' level of intelligence is about that of a beaten dog.
Additional funding for the project is granted on the spot, even the usually money-shy Clan Taiida-Sah agrees to such.

[+2 PE]
The tunnels of the Under-Empire riddle the entire Bunnt Steppe, driven by boastful pride of their accomplishments. Why dull such a gift that drives them so far!

Every day a clutch is laid. Every day a clutch is hatched. Every day a dozen new mouths are fed Gobmeat. Every day half a dozen new hunters make their first hunting trip.
(>>4886166) The Turtle Legions, trained in 'the hundred ways of war', drilled with every tactic and formation yet devised, are sent across the river Claran and manage to push any trace of the Goblins out of a small, but noticeable, patch of forest there. [Good image find]

The mines are cut into the frozen earth, and the crystalline lifeblood of industry pulled out.
Preliminary scouting reveals much of the southern forest to be inhabited, though it may be more rightly put "infested", with elusive Shadowfolk and their traps. A small stretch in the far south however is free of either, and quickly claimed. It is when mapping the extent of the forest, that it is discovered this new world is home not only to deadly living darkness, for over the river which is itself straddled with a strange tower of coral, Turtles that walk like men fight little green and black monsters.
After many hours Benmi permits only a single priest, trained in medicine to enter, who cleans the many cuts and scrapes from the boy-regent. Then when Benmi is ready, attempts to remove the arrow from his shoulder, the shaft of which had been cut off to hide the wound beneath his robe. Numbing herbs are applied, and other wounds attended to as they take effect. Under pretence of cleaning a gash on his back, the priest then yanks the arrow head from the boy, who screams bloody rage in pain. Benmi didn't even know he knew that many expletives.
For a brute, Gyaashiru just so happened to be right. Local institutions are opened first in Naben Mareja, then the capital, then a third in Yōjingehen, and lastly in Chikaavaas. Such a broad curriculum however proves difficult to implement, leaving each regional school to focus on different areas. In the Satyric city on the savannah, much is learnt of the visual arts and philosophy, for instance, but little in the way of the diplomatic arts.
They arrive late & disorderly, and no amount of excuses for why is enough to stop a royal beating. Now that they each associate the poor quality of the limited road network, the abysmal sewerage situation, and the down right non-existent tunnels of bridges, the bookish group are quick to devise solutions for each.
After that thoroughly enjoyable, for Gyaashiru, beating, the Devil is left with a taste for more. Now what else was he mildly upset about... Ah yes, the terrible state the jungle has been left in. A repeat of the thrashings sees another set of Oni boffins laying out possible regulations, preservation techniques, and the like to protect the sanctity of the Pravos and the Harja.

[Waxing Crescent]
It transpires that one of the contestants who had made it through the challenges had bribed a priest's apprentice to conduct enhancing magics upon her. Leaving eighteen who race down the trail, leaping over the stepping stones, charging towards Kyo. Taking it in stride, jump, kicking off the guard-tower wall of the city, and racing back. All the way through, twins Hisa & Yu are a whisker's distance apart. Even up to the finish line it cannot be seen who will win, until Yu stumbles, falling hard. Hisa turns to help his brother up, allowing the third in place, Uto, to take the win.
After many tyrns it has come time to expand the tree of Pure Magics with a fourth branch, that of Pure Sense. This branch however spreads further than others, into each of the senses the Rabbits wish to hone. For now those of sight and hearing are focused upon, there are likely few times one would wish to taste an enemy of purity mundanely, let alone enhanced magically. As before the priests consult their almanacs and divination tools. To enhance the sense of hearing, the ears are to be pierced through with needles of bone. To enhance the sense of sight, the eyes are to be dabbed with a powder of finely ground hot spices from the Osawa forest farms.
It was just an oddity, maybe even a misspelling, nothing to worry about. But it nagged at Korek, another of royal blood could cause a rival claim, and even as son of the beloved Glodrana, many a Dwarf has a number of opposing loyalties, oaths, or grudges, which he tucks away at the back of his beard. Two Guldhands, by now that could mean four or five claimants, no matter how tenuous. No Dwarf needs reminding of the blood spilled before the Emergence over the heirs of which brother were more entitled. He took to following the path of these two Dwarves through the documents & records at night, after his son and sovereign was a-bed. The first he followed from the manifest, to a land right, to a death certificate without beneficiaries. The second however had a great deal more on record, starting with the manifest, to a marriage license, to his own land right, and another, and a third. Permission to raise a barn, application for a license to press Ichor, a grant to herd boars, he was even on the list of thanks for sending wedding gifts all those moons ago. It was of a large cheese for which Korek has no memory, he stands to go ask Glodrana if she remembers, then sits again quietly.
Whatever it was which drew the Snakes up into the hills has either blown away in the winds, or gotten up and walked off, as the only finds so far have been copper. Decent stuff, but still just copper.
The ruins of what is perhaps Amyliro, or Almro, or Alymiro, the script is full of diacritics which all look alike in cursive, just needs a good clear out of the built up sand. A little shoring up here and rebuilding there. It's done in no time. Then comes the strangely located silo & stores, which in their current state seem to spontaneously generate vermin rather than keeping it at bay, but some minor alterations bring them to a Dwarven (enough) standard. Then there's the warren-like structure, half dug into earth. Minor research reveals it to be a communal hatchery, which is only proven when investigation brings up shards of egg shells and disintegrating swaddling cloths.
The standard Dwarven method of being like a heavy rock in a stream, no matter how fast the water comes, is a thing of the past. The uncharitable call it the "silver way of doing things". One needs to adapt, to swim with the metaphorical river, to change one's stroke as the flow demands. For this, a new Officers' Facility is constructed on the southern road from Æbleholm.

[+2 PE]
It crested before any decision could be made. From the sea, a monstrous arachnid climbed up the beaches. The thing is taller than the pines, heightened still by the city of walls and towers which has been built upon it.
Another patch is found well suited to warrens, and the first of quite possibly many is dug. Just over the river the most fertile lands are likewise selected, ploughed, and planted.
Western holdings are probed in hopes of more iron, but instead turn up salt, and lead.
>Big Totem
[+3 PE]
[NM] No! No! It can't happen right now! Look at the tributary feast that's laid out, the maidens still to despoil, the riches still to d- Big Boss lets loose a monstrous belch and fart simultaneously. False alarm.
The city in the swamp takes on an artificial likeness to that of Chikaavaas which sits upon the hills overlooking the rivers. In sharp contrast to their stubby cousins, the Goblins of the oasis eat well of meat, fish, and of course Gobbo, growing large and proud. North of them however are the raiding desert clans, who coalesce into a city around their "gold" mine, which much like them stinks of excrement.

Ah! Sands! The Shadows must be close. Looming into view are the newly cleaned colossi of Maduro and Ninuro, guiding a number of ships into another colossus, that of Jackal Harbour. Slinking into the docks, in need of supplies and some relief from the waves, they find not Elves, but the Dyb.
A respite from the grime of the mines and crash of the sea, the town becomes a place of rest and remembrance.
Additional stakes and traps are the first to be installed, followed by a turret of ambershale from the recently enlarged mine.

From the earth they pull the stone through song, shaping the columns and pediments in a dazzling performance. Flowing to the path through the Taqsim, the Maestros round their act with an overdue encore, bringing a road from the sea to Theatra.

(>>4886209) The designs are easily copied, it's the technique that proves the greatest lesson of the Do'la, where a foot should or should not be placed, how to pull correctly, what knots to use when, etc., etc..
Another stumble in the growth of their magics, the Healing Embrace is capable at healing moderate wounds, lacerations & scalds mostly, but the hoped for curing of afflictions falls short.
(>>4886209) Fittingly, the war has turned cold. Patrols spotting only the occasional life force moving through the snows.

>Everlasting Waters
Pools are flooded, additional irrigation dug, and a sea-gate constructed.
A number of much needed naval improvements are slowly rolled out through the transports and few Anaye vessels.
The Selin Oasis soon teems with Laga, rubbing fins with the Elves and Ents of Neleye.

Through the layers of the flesh the rage is spread. Like the iron shells of the invaders their skin becomes.
The mine is greedily dug, whilst other minds turn to more contemplative actions. There is no further place from rudimentary Galissan civilisation than the central wastes, so it is here that stones and timbers are brought to construct a monastery.

The Observers are sent to prospect the Drya's northern holdings, returning with locations for coal, alum, and copper.


-The Dalu Purge: Continued Push-

The march against the Fae carries farther west. Harried as before, which strengthens at a second, even fiercer wall of tangles. The armies see considerable difficulty traversing what were once the manicured gardens of the Faeries, now overrun with some voracious creeper.

File: Expansion.png (31 KB, 297x192)
31 KB
Those arriving are a mix of Settlers and Soldiers, and are given a Hero's welcome for braving the ocean's waves and dark storms to arrive on Sylph. The Soldiers are swiftly and rather painlessly integrated into the Colonial Guard, where they are put under retraining regimens to get them both back up to snuff, as well as introduce them to the arms and potential foes they are to face here in the HCA. From the Rabbit like Northern Grittidim, to the more disturbing and potentially subversive Grittidim allying humans to the west. From the Dybet Almost-Humans to the south and the Sentient whales to the Dybet's east. They are instructed into the use of Guns and gunpowder weapons, how to light up a match and load a cannon; which now were mostly based off of the Prenhaearn designs.

The civilians are allowed to meet with their Clan-Sah of the Colonies, and discuss where they will settle and what their occupations will be in the colonies.

1. The Golems are, at the moment, completely and utterly incapable of much of anything. Out of the current 100 assembled and animated, maybe 3 display any semblance of intelligence and intent to their actions. However, it's these 3 that will be analyzed for what makes them smarter than their brethren, and this information will be further used to refine their intellect for batches present and future. The Daiimad will have their Super Heavy infantry.

2. With more members added to the HCA, more land is needed! Using the Mountain warfare techniques adopted by the Colonial Guard, settlers push ever onwards towards the frontier!

Action 1 and 2: Continue expanding

Action 3: Xira Gate 4/5

Xira gate is grand, but it is missing a key part of itself, that is the gate. The dreamt limitless defensive fortifications guarding access to the Enbil, Alethe and Nammu rivers, those that flow critically into the heartlands of the dryads and in fact all the way to holy pool.

Grand monolithic sea walls are dreamt and wrought up to safeguard generations of future Sennites and intimidate generations of would be invaders to try somewhere else.

By the movement of powerfully set roots may a mechanism turn allowing each gate to be opened to allowed vessels, or shut before any who possess ill intent, the towering walls and forts both providing ample protection to the great Carvil’ax’seset Fleetports.

War post: Take the rest of the west, to prepare to seize the capital next turn.
The silver flowing in from this latest conquest will be greatly appreciated.
[R] Rumour
[R]umor as well
A new world, the Mynanites had already once left their ancestral homelands in a time long ago. During that age they had been entirely human yet now they had become something else, age's moved and they assimilated the locals of their new home. With the years of interbreeding and cultural exchange the half-sea elf half-human Mynanite race was born, while mostly human looking the inherited traits from the elves made them able to dwell in the oceans depths and birthed a new people that lived both on land and water. Mynanite culture took on a mixed nature from their Fraternian heritage and their sea elf ancestors, warriors and explorers the Mynanite people once more set out on another migration.

Led by a former Consul of the Imperial Council a large population of disenfranchised and outcast Mynanite left to this new world, under the guise of a grand expedition for their peoples glory and in-truth a act to stop a possibly devastating civil war a new realm has been founded for the Mynanites. The journey was long, many of the old magics and traditions were lost yet the group eventually did find this seeming promise land. Settling along the eastern coast of a unexplored world the Consul Titus Synic Kato proclaimed upon stepping a grand bay that a new city and seat of power would be established, taking on the old imperial capitals name of Myn the old homeland was to be henceforth be named Myn the Elder and the new city unofficially christened Myn the Junior.

Action 1 < The Imperial Hatchery

The first and most immediate order of business for the Mynanite colonizers was the establishing of a location that in the old world was the second most sacred location to their people. Under direct orders from Synic a location off the coast of the capitals primary bay in a deeper ravine was to be built a grand hatchery, a complex built out of carved out rock and the various underwater caverns that would serve as the heart for the nations sea serpent practices. Nursery's, training grounds, barracks, and so on would be built in what was best thought of as a mix between a fortress and ranch. So important was the hatchery to the Mynanite peoples fundamentals that even the various Magi Colleges and Cult's aided in it's building before their own headquarters would be established.
[The Imperial Hatchery serves as the heart to the Sea Serpent industry of Myn, the hatchery primarily collects the eggs from various serpent species and then either supplies various factions with them or directly raises them. Near every faction in the country uses some type of serpents in their life, whether it be the alligator-like serpents used for primarily land purposes or the far larger serpents used for hauling large loads. Should they discover friendly foreigners it would also be the Hatchery's agents that supply the eggs and trainers to raise serpents that they may trade, as the nature of serpent husbandry as a practice is one that takes a considerable amount of time to learn.]

[Ideal tile for this being built in is marked with red.]

Action 2 < First Wave Expansion

With the new capital being built and the hatchery establishing itself, once more the leader of the people Synic commanded forward scouts and settlers to push beyond the immediate explored borders of their new homeland. Two fold this served to not only to get more of the populace out as to stop overcrowding but it also focused the various fractured groups of Myn towards a common goal. While busy with expanding and exploring Synic hoped this would buy him the time needed to consolidate internal power before any one faction could gain enough support to challenge his claim to leadership.

[First eight tile's seeking to expand to are marked in cyan.]

Action 3 < Second Wave Expansion

While Synic made his moves to expand and consolidate a collection of Magic Colleges and Cult's in the background have begun to make their moves. Sending out their own explorers with some limited magical support of those mages not busy aiding in the city or hatcheries construction, a unofficial second wave of expansion was now occurring alongside the first wave. Pushing out further afield then their "official" rivals, it was now a race to see who could find something more useful to the new nations establishment.

[Second eight tile's seeking to expand to are marked in blue.]
We have tried, we have tried our best to make our meat transportable, but instead all we manage to do is transport meat from the meat-needy north to the meat-abundant south. Despite making chambers to gather the cold in, the heat, even at night, even underground, is too much for our priestesses to overcome.

Action 1: Develop Steel Sledgehammer.
After having faced not only fellow giants clad in armour, but also the risk of attacking a fortified structure without seizing the gate controls first, we require a new weapon. Not a weapon to penetrate armour, as armour can be thickened, and it's still not effective against structures. We shall take the humble sledgehammer, suitable for crushing stones, and upgrading it to be worthy of our army. We will develop a steel sledgehammer that destroys anything it hits, no matter how big nor armoured. Sure it takes time to sledgehammer a wall down, but we can field thousands of such hammerers, and with our size and strength, it does not take many to become equivalent to a Danderfey trebuchet. And should it be a person being hit, it doesn't matter their armour, they are being knocked over, and vulnerable to further strikes.

Action 2: Cold acclimation training in Prenhearn.
Our warriors excel in the heat, but the further north we go, the further our performance suffers. The Danderfey's strength has crumbled, so we have to play a larger part up north, defending the blackstone. Furthermore, we have our northern kindred the Children of Fanw, who will be great teachers in how to handle the cold, we have much to learn from them, just like we taught the Blackguard down south.
> Achroma's Rumour
It is that time once again, when the Shamans bring the bulk of the nations finest goods together to present to Achroma. Nothing new of note for this cycle, save for the horns of the Galian's slain to the North.
As darkness grows deeper, the Do'laroshans ask Achroma for his blessing to deepen their connection with the Shadowy magic he has gifted them, and how this can be accomplished better.

> Action 1 - Continue sailing to Neleye.
The Dybet were far more hospitable than whatever those ugly demon things in the jungle were! They say that the Anaye are close, too!
> Action 2 - Build Loom(?) near We'vara. Build Farm south of We'wait
[I guess this would be a forge icon?]
The Do'laroshans take pride in their appearance, when they choose to be seen. The Fraternian's long ago gifted them Hemp, from which durable clothes could be made, while the Do'laroshans favored leather and furs before that. Now, with the wider world looking to the Shadows more and more, it is time to look even better! A grand structure is erected, where all manner of tanning, spinning, stitching and more can be done, to ensure that all Do'laroshans can wear fine clothes.
The people of We'wait take up farming the nearby land to supplement their growing populations desire for food.
> Action 3 - Prospect Chamber of Fire and America's land on Kalia. Any leftover manpower can be used in Turtle lands.
Across the lands, the merchant families of the Do'laroshans look to once more scour the world for more riches. Of note, the volcanic island of Pyr is once more braved. While initial exploration had proven disastrous, more dedicated teams can set up 'waystations' through the fiery crater, allowing easier exploration to slowly take place. Keen-eyed appraisers scour the smoke-stained rocks with great caution. (To be fair, Do'laroshans do most things with great caution.)
> start colonizing south (2 actions)
Wether goblins have lived in the southern lands for a long, long time, kept from the dander only by the great river, as we have been from their under lands.
But recently, we discovered that we do actually have land beyond the river! It is thanks to the great mountain, the despised hole taken over by the foul monsters of the sky. One day their time will come, but for now we must focus on growing more numerous, and the vast goblin underground will do just fine

> war post: tip of the spear, staunchly thrown by the blind warrior
Our warriors are blind. They always have been, and quite literally at that.
Our strategists, fortunately, are no lesser for it: they are great minds, and they have decided that taking over two separate areas at once against a superior enemy would not work. Therefore, all shall be taken that is beyond the river near Thornbush.
The capital of the Tangle will fall, and the war will end
Things were getting busy in Nazena for everyone was getting ready for Bemi's ascended to the throne! Even though he was still in his moody fit...

1. The Taming of the Wild: A year before his crowning, Benmi finally stepped out of his room though still with a grim frown. His concubines really did try to cheer him up, but it was to no use. He was completely grumpy. Without saying a word, he gestured his followers to go with again back to the Miduuri Nariki Jungles. There he has heard of a group of Oni who splinted off from the main tribe when his father and royal servants and their families and workers first came here. They were a wild bunch more lustful and desiring death and violence than the average Oni! While they know no fear, Oni still dread to step into the territory of the Yaabaan Raaku! Benmi told his followers to stay hidden while he lure the Yaabaan Raaku (Uncultured Fiends). He just started to meditate with his eyes closed and hum a llulaby until the trees to shake wildly. It's one thing for a typical Oni to trespassed, it's another when the future king even the Yaabaan Raaku knew about came! They quickly surrounded him roaring and screeching at him to leave or die. Benmi just got up and opened all three of his eyes. Fuel with frustration and embaressment at his own weakness, Benmi got into his battle stance. It was so quick they didn't even noticed they were falling down before going unconscious. After only five minutes, Benmi defeated all of the Yaabaan Raaku; his followers were in awe. When the Yaabaan Raaku woke up, Benmi told them with a cold stoic voice that they will be rejoining his kingdom and they will be the protectors of it. He won't even give them the option of dying; that would be a mercy. With no other choice, they all bowed their heads in servitude. There Benmi trained the Yaabaan Raaku in the true arts of Enlightenment and a priest of Ushimilgoyi indoctrinate them into the commandments of the Mysterious Strong One. After some time, the Yaabaan Raaku were reformed into the Hunters of Ushimilgoyi; elite watchers over the land whose tasks to guard, spy, and eliminate any foreigners who dare trespass! (Create the Hunters)
2. Seeing the Unseen: Some of the attendants of Jurio were getting tired of servicing this fat and lazy Satyr who did nothing while taking all of the credit of furthering the research of Honshakti. Why would the gods bless such a waste of food will be a debated question for centuries. While a youth was playing beautifully a harp for hours without end for the entertainment of Jurio, Jurio wasn't even playing attention and was instead complaining of the noise keeping him from napping. Fed up with his rudeness, with extreme anger, the youth threw the harp right at the head of Jurio knocking him out! It took a while, but Jurio woke up from his little coma. He couldn't remember too much from his vision, but he see a skinny Satyr with no eyes touching the life strings of living creatures moving into and out of their way like he could see them. (create Life Detection)
3. A Old Enemy Returns with Hatred and Love: A acolyte of On'iaghiri was one day cleaning up the Hell Rift chambers when she was strucked by light from above. There she heard the voice of On'iaghiri, a sweet and lovely melody, telling her unwelcome, but desirable for her, guest are coming now! Before she could even process it, a huge swarm of flying creatures pour through the Rift yelling in pain looking like they're escaping from danger. They crashed through the roof and into the sky. The alarms were sounded and all Oni who knew were fill with rage they never knew they had until now; the Tengu have returned!!!!
1. A deal is made and the Drya will fulfill their bargain. A canal large enough for the whales to pass through will be made between the river of the Neyele and the oasis lake the whales claim. Seeds of purebreeds and regular trees will also be sent in to help grow the combined city of the Drya and the Laga.
2. A study of this Alum shall be done to better understand it's properties; especially when it comes to adding it to the metal leaf for refining, alloys, and alchemy.
Fluff: The one that was found to be cheating is stripped of their military rank and reduced to a mere crescent moon, unable to raise herself higher than that. In other news, the three that were in the lead... the twins Hisa and Yu, and the third place sudden victory Uto. Unto is given the rank of black rabbit, but the twins who were very close to winning until one of them tripped. They are given the rank of ebony rabbits. Not as high ranking as Uto, but instead direct subordinates of. They are also to aid him in his training so that he may become as fast as them as he is not the true fastest, but he is the rabbit who won. The grey and ebony rabbits.. not something that was originally accounted for, but not something to be ignored. The ebony and grey rabbits will be given crystal weapons in due time, the black rabbit getting a blackstone weapon for their victory.

1 action: (2/2) Branch of Pure sense
The ear piercings are not an issue, the practices not revealing any permanent damage. As for the eyes... something will have to be developed to help reduce the irritation for once the spells end. With this being the last bit of development, it may be good to add the ability to sense vibrations, this way communication can be done non-verbally and over greater distances. Communication through pure vibration.

1 action: Expand territory.
It will be some time before the next black rabbit games, in that time more silver and materials must be found, so more land must be claimed for the Pure nation!
File: Battleplan.jpg (112 KB, 564x600)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>Action 1: A Surfeit of Ships
With new large ships arrived from the old world, and with them new designs, innovations and ideas; even with four ports there again at times now seems barely a place to berth all the vessels in service to the Æblethrong fleet. And so the Gylden Dwarves get to work expanding their port facilities at Æbleholm. And the port at Rodededun is also expanded... for it seems that more ships are pulling into the harbour of the northern town with each week that passes, bringing with them Dwarves and equipment; provisions, armaments...

> Action 2: A new breed of farm

The restored silo seems to have unusual propensity to attract vermin – which makes sense to the Dwarves, after seeing how eager the young twins had been to eat rodent! If given a choice most Gylden Dwarves would usually rather take pork, mutton or goat; but ratmeat has always had its place as a food of the modest of income. However, Badion Grunkup would rather his lands not get a reputation purely for pauper's foods, so orders the setting up of a new farm close by to the silo along the river's bank, hoping to tap some fruits or meats of the jungle river that would appeal to the Dwarven palette. And in the mountains, a mine is struck on the new-discovered coalbed.

>Action 3: Declaration of War upon the Tanglegarden

The secretive, furtive nature of the Faries behind the wooden walls that some still called Æblemor's barrier is finally laid bare before the Gylden Dwarves by the relayed words of the Dryad elder, words that drip with truth that not even a drop 'o the Ichor is needed to see (although, it certainly helps). The Faries have not helped their case any either by their refusal to meet with the Dwarven delegate who came up the river. And Zuvrek I, young king that he is, has grown up in pursuit of an ideal of what he thought a Kalnthrunr need do and stand for. And maidens in distress, cursed by the unleashers of a foul and deadly plague? The course is already clear. The Tanglefaries had tried to purchase Dwarven lives and throw them into a war that had not been theirs? The Æblethrong will bring those Dwarven boots to these battles, but turn them against these harbingers of plague. Any suspicion the Dryads might have that the Gylden had been bought off and paid for by fey silver will be truly lain to rest.

The Thanes of the Colony gather to debate plans. It is suspected by some that the Tanglefaries might actually be awaiting the arrival of Dwarves, as a band had been sent to purchase mercenaries, and so using this as a way to get divisions inside the tangle is discussed; but the debate swiftly concludes that an attempt of betrayal such as this is not the way to win either confidence or the moral argument.
Sending troops into the northern tangle to assist the Bandru'ii directly is also discussed, but again discounted; the Drayads have unknown allies and it is not known how our arrival would affect them – better to leave such first contacts to diplomats, not soldiers. Instead, it is decided that our attack will fall upon the Tangle to to the south of the river, in the hope of placing a breach through the heart of their domains and preventing the fairy armies fighting in the north from being supplied or reinforced from the lands of the south; and also denying the fairy armies in the north an avenue of retreat that might prolong destructive conflict with the Dryads.

Warned of the walls of darkness and shadow by the elder Dryad, a plan is devised to circumvent these obstacles as much as is possible. Along the borders of the Tangle, bands of Dwarves gather at specific places; their officers working to coordinate the movements as they make temporary camps. Inside the 'notch' into the tangle, through which the shape of a city can at times be seen, static artillery elements are deployed outside the Tangle walls. It is hoped that they will not be needed to begin bombarment, but known that nothing is certain; and that no plans survive contact with the foe.

And so throughout the camps and harbours upon the eve of battle Æblemor's priestess will bless and ward the warriors listening to worries and soothing fears. And when the new day rises, Guldfar's priests will distribute the Ichor for all to have had a taste, and anoint and bless the warriors beneath the golden light.

Along the River Rodikol, sturdy ships of the Gylden fleet move through the deep silty waters. Some are armed with Dwarven balistae, others with ranks of crossbow-dwarves upon deck; a couple even mount Odeutrkarene, the famed "Sky Killers". Though a greater fairy city can be seen upon the northern bank; it is the southern that is the Dwarven target, for the southern bank holds no barrier of Tangletrees along its edge. As ships of the fleet keep the skies clear and prevent or deter fairies from the north trying to cross, transports of various sorts will land steel- armed and steel-armoured Dwarf warriors on the riverbank to take the land. Behind the Infantry we will land units of Boar-riders and professional Outrider Cavalry, mostly into eastern zone where they can spread deeper into the forests unhindered – these are forest-adapted creatures with resilience and will, and a sense of smell strong enough that any visual illusion will be swiftly ignored over the truth told by a trusted snout. Once their first units are deployed, these transports will then head for their designated of the two reserve staging grounds to pick up reserve divisions for reinforcement of the beachheads.
We will let it be known – indeed, we shall proclaim it publicly and loudly as we advance! - that we are not here to strip the farms or homes from hard-working fairy gardeners. Indeed, any who carry on tilling the ground and tending the branches will be confirmed in their own possessions by the Æble state on their acceptance of Gyldenlaw. It is only the murderers we have come to depose; those who spread poisons to the innocent or raise guilty blades against Dryad or Dwarf to deflect their crimes. Justice will be done, not vengeance. The most extreme hope is that fairies of the south Tangle, separated from the bulk of their warriors in the north by river, will not seek to fight until destruction when it is not needed; and might instead offer wholesale surrender – especially as they might probably be quite assured that the Dryads would offer far less generous terms.

In the south of the Tangle, where Ederakung's warriors will be deployed forward to protect Dwarven domains from possible counterattack, an elder priestess retraces her steps from earlier tyrns. In the first Dwarven contact with the Tanglewall, it had been her who had scattered blessed appleseed into the branches; to be met with only silence. Now as she accompanies a patrol on Boar-back she looks again to see if her blessings had taken along with the seed; if the warding set at seeding has grown into a bane against the evils said to permeate these Tanglewalls. Might there be another open path to cross this wall?

The sight of the giant arachnid was something that caused a great deal of panic and swiftly caused the local Naval forces to move and ready their many Canonau. Yet, it soon enough became apparent that the spider like...thing...wasn't hostile, and seeing there was some sort of city built upon it, some would be sent out to try and figure out how to contact the one's presumably controlling it, or at least living on it so that they could learn what exactly the thing was and why it was here. Meanwhile many more would settle down and create farms in the lands that were found to have nothing under them. These farms however weren't dedicated to the growing of food but instead that of cash crops, for textiles, for drink, and for extracts. It was quite clear that the lands of Prenhaearn would become one full of rich fields and deep mines, and with both the nation would prosper along with it's many artisans working away on producing tools, clothing, medicine, alcohol, wine, and more. It was clear that in time all the land would be developed, and that once more further lands would need to be claimed...Once there was further people in the colony. Perhaps one day, the colony could stretch far, far across the lands, and claim the entire north which wasn't already taken by the HCA. Meanwhile Clan Protheroe continued their work prospecting. While they marked the salt and lead deposits, neither were that much of a priority, the former already having quite the supply, and the latter not having much in the way of demand. Still, with all the advances that the clan had made in finding metals, it was likely that they would find yet more sooner rather than later, and likely that of far greater value than what was already found, except the iron of course. That alone was the clans most valuable monopoly, and one they ideally would keep, even if more would be welcome.

>Action One. More Farms.

>Action Two. Further Prospecting
File: expansion base.png (81 KB, 1599x1575)
81 KB

1. create city on the red tile called Rusmo-Naza (Echoing Canyons). The rocky goblins are a hardy bunch and whereas other goblins are content to assimilate themselves to their surroundings the rocky goblin is unique in that they instead desire to reshape the land. They are dedicated builders and possess a vision that would rarely be apparent to someone else. They are most numerous in the south where a great canyon is cleaved by the border river between themselves and the dybet. Their efforts there have also largely paid off as a network of wooden platforms between mesas and cliff face tunnels and homes has seen what was once individual tribal projects into a mind boggelingly complex yet somehow unified whole that only they can comprehend.

2. create city on the yellow tile called Ogom-Straku (Blood Gulch). The savannah goblins are similar to the desert in their heat resistance, but while desert goblins can go long periods without food or water savannah goblins instead possess great endurance to chase and harrass their prey until they finally die of exhaustion. A reliable strategy where noise and coordination ensures a meal as if one was unnable to keep up the hunt then their own flesh will make due in the mean time. The greenskins of Zhog are also most widespread and mixed with the savannah goblins. The wide hot plains being ideal for them to carry out their wars. In one place known as the blood gulch named after the blood river they are particularly concentrated as numerous conflicts have happened in that place. Ironically it has almost become a place of peace as the conflicts there have become increasingly ceremonial and other tribes gather to spectate. Eventually resulting in a city dedicated to war.

3. create city on the blue tile called Stazgud-Esp (Two Waters). There has always been tension between the river and ocean going water goblins. Out of all the goblin types no one element has produced the most stark contrasts of species as water has. For the river/freshwater water goblins they often prefer to stay hidden and strike when all is ready when their prey cannot resist. Being so proficient in this that they often ensure the natural border between goblin and other races is respected both ways. For the ocean they are uniquely cooperative among each other and are social even to other goblin types and even other races, but such socialness is used merely as a tool to benefit the whole. In the north however, the tension is intensely profitable. together river and ocean goblin can effectively dictate and control trade coming from the north in both land and sea. The scale and organization of which has seen the neutral port first created becoming an ecletic and sprawling network of buildings that bears architectural features from around the world.
Oh! Also, [R]umourtime?
File: file.png (1.96 MB, 984x1960)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
Posted on behalf of the Everlasting Waters


This recent flustering of our knights due to this new colony of the goblins is solved so simply its almost laughable, a sea fort (west most pink dot) and a land fort (black dot) are constructed with plans for a future one as well. The Laga's Dominion over the shore and sea will not be challenged, especially upon their homeland. Funnily enough, the guards of these forts tend to be rowdier than the average laga, pulling up on the beaches bellowing challenges in almost chant like fashion, before wrestling goblins to take control of the beach for the day. On the days the knights lose, they train at the fort intensely, pulling weights through the water, and practicing their maw throws. On the days they win, they revel and party with great schadenfreude. Funnily enough, if the goblins do win a daily match, the Laga knights present them casks of wine and fish as trophies.

O my Fields! O my Fields!

The northern tile above Pologa gleens with the pink of moonfruit, the greens of flax and golds of grain. With rotation of the flooded fields, fallow, and the crops- it is hoped this farm with be more productive and disease resistant than any other.
Action expand see pic for details
With an expanding population at home and new cities filling up the explores spirit within all fraternians once again flares. EAST, those are the words in the hearts and minds of those brave Fraternians who dare to push the reach of the crown and nation further into the unknown. With the backing of the crown and the coffers, caravans are made and routes are chartered. The manifest destiny of Fraternland will not be denied.
Action develop Damaging Bolt
damaging bolt – the caster manifests a bolt of life magic, that when used against a target damaging the body's connection to its life force but not severing it, given a lengthy healing process a target can have their connection restored. However, stacking the bolts onto one target can result in permanent damage to the connections.
Posted on behalf of the Gali

Action 1: Magic enchantment strength
Punch rock. Rock break. Gali is happy.

Action 2: A new settlement
Action 1: Pask creates additional fisheries along the coast to bring in more food for their people, smoking and salting the fish for preservation purposes.

Action 2: Pask begins to apply its Force Rune for the cities benefit, the same way its applied in Pask.
File: map41.png (1.03 MB, 2048x2628)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG

Once more Iti must lay her brood, alas she could not have chosen a worse nesting ground.

[R] Many a merchant who conduct trade with the Fanwen arrive back home with stories of the many things offered from the supposed bounty of the wider world, and petition the Daiimad to open up some modicum for trading purposes.
The brightest among the dull golems are studied, their minor variations to the others assessed, and from them another mark of golem manufactured. Iteration brings them as far as they will come intelligence-wise, capping at about that of a herding dog.
New arrivals mean more bodies to send out into the wilds with stakes to claim more for the HCA. [Should be taken that the highest peaks of the mountain separate you and Usagi]

[R] Having watched the works being carried out at the Gates, a Dryad known mostly for her complex lineage of eccentrics, brings a map of her plans to the inner circle. The skin is covered over with a vague, smudgy map of half the known world, but from her ramblings it can be at least a little more easily made out: Bridges of the Naiad & Ko rivers, a highland trail along the Dahst, roads to Druad & Cythar-Cadai, a wall around the Holy Pool, ports on Kalia, Dopio & at the Apothecary's Dream, further roads to link up with the Dwarves. She goes on and on, much of it repetition or contradiction, she is thanked and sent back to her copse to annoy the trees there instead.
Bandru's empire of trees grows ever larger.
Walls of mountain stone stretch from the coastal heads to the great lighthouse in the sound. Into these are hulking doors of Taqsim wood installed, turned by Dryads rooted for the task. It will soon be time for ports to be built all over the Rings.

The Imperial Hatchery is built for purpose and protection, rather than beauty, but in time the tributes & treasures of the world will make their way to this sacred heart, and it will rival those of the old world. [You'll need to slowly build up your serpent population, don't worry about strict numbers though]
The first wave of settlers bring back news of ruins on the beaches to the west, and fertile plains all around them. This second wave however return with the location of lumber, but more interestingly, of natives. (>>4886358, >>4889945) The first are north-westerly, large white sea mammals, possibly of some intelligence. The second are due north, little greenskinned humanoids, most certainly feral.

Hit 'em once, hit 'em hard, smash 'em to paste or rubble.
Those with naturally thicker coats find they fair better in the northern reaches, and the addition of a padded jacket over the breastplate is no great encumbrance. (>>4889620) Those best suited are sent for training in Prenhaearn, adjusting to the icy weather in time.
[You have to say these things in thread, not just in chat. If you had mentioned the desert or underground, they would make it to the Gob port before thawing.]
[NM] He creeps in like a whispered insult. "Ah, thou hast hunted a hunter and climbed thyself closer to thy prize," His laboured breathing grows, there is an excitement to His voice, "The winds tell of your achievements, of the dance of blinding darkness. So too I task thee to dull the other senses, or rather, dull the sense of others to thyself."
From the Jackal Harbour it is a short trip east, into the incredibly busy port of Neleye. They coast up to an empty jetty, perhaps hoping to go unnoticed, but soon Elves and their torches come to see who has docked. [to IC!]
The fashionable Do'laroshan often comes to the Dusk Market simply to show off. This gaudy arms race leads to the construction of a workshop of looms, dye- and leather- works, along with all the other necessities to keep the trendy Shadow well prepared. With only so much to forage, the Thisian Do'la take to farming. [Misc. icon used for now, pending your approval of loom icon]
All that effort and heartache, for nothing but pumice rock. For the Fraternians is a cache of alum. And for the Turtles is a long vein of silver.

[B] What greater boon can the Lady bestow, than the riches of the earth? [Bunnit Steppe auto-prospected: Silver, Gold, Lead, Iron, Gemstones & Precious Stone]
Deep tunnels bore under the Batan and into Goblin dirt. No, Taknab dirt.

[R] The Oni of Yōjingehen are remarkably well fed for being on the fringes of the kingdom. Investigation reveals the marshlands in their vicinity are overrun by enormous frogs, which are easy to catch, and remarkably tasty.
With each retelling of the Taming of the Wild Oni, the story grows more fanciful; From a simple tale of a battle and an agreement, to one where the Hells were opened upon the troublesome Devils and the flaming head of Asura being wielded as a flail by his hair. The truth of course is somewhere in between. Thus reformed, these Hunters are set to watch and guard the jungles & their inhabitants.
Bah! The gods must be laughing! Jurio's latest vision is interpreted by the priests, the melody upon zither of life arranged, and the spell cast. It allows the caster to view the vital energies of those around him, whilst also making him blind to anything other than these energies. When the spell ends, he must take some time to readjust and reacquire his normal vision.
That ancient menace! That carrion! That vermin! How dare they! Some consider getting on boats again and sailing once more into the unknown, a world with Tengu is a world lost in their minds! Thankfully, they were talked down into archery training instead. Just in case.
(>>4886358) From the river the Elves call the Mimale to the oasis of the Laga, the Selin Canal is cut through the wet sands. Walls of cut stone from the Yadi are brought to shore up the walls.
In alloys, the alum stone is found lacking. But in other areas a most interesting property is found; Wood coated in a paint-like mixture of finely ground alum and yolk, once dried provides some modicum of protection from fire!

[Waxing Half]
The finest relief found is an easily acquired one, pucks of pressed snow, allowed to sit on a mulberry leaf over the sore eyes of the priests. The chants and surrounding rituals are fine-tuned, and relieving medicines stored, refining this fourth branch to their limits. [Hard Magic Limit hit: Telecommunications]
The Men of the east stand haughty in their towers, and force expansion west, lest it spark another war against the impure. [Should be taken that the highest peaks of the mountain separate you and new HCA claims]

[R] As water-traffic increases all over the Kalnthrun, the moderate boost Kupsiloz receives is enough to stir up the generally lazy waters. From perhaps the bottom of the lake, or the heights of the streams that feed it, a good number of fat brown fish come to see what all the commotion is. It doesn't take too long for a line or net to be cast, and a fish supper to become a staple of the once Meluzian city.
It had been a long time coming, and the arrival of even more & larger ships finally forced the hand. The ports of Æbleholm are expanded along the shore, with additional wider berths and deeper yards. Likewise those of Rodededun are enlarged, all the way to the new bridge in fact.
When one begins to look, the bounty of the jungle is everywhere. Of course everywhere in this instance usually means high in the trees, and Dwarves have never been known for their climbing abilities. There are some juicy fruits, edible ferns, and the like close enough to the ground however to start cultivating them. Equally as hungry, the forges of Enderakung call for more coal.
The long peace is ended, and the Dwarves move to war.

New fields are ploughed along either shore of the river Trician.
Clanswolves return with news both good and very good. More salt, should it be needed, a small seam of gold in the far north, and a continuation of the vein of iron.

>Big Totem
The spree of settling continues, a sign of something far off soon arriving. First in the latest round is Rusmo-Naza of the industrious rock tribes, whose tunnels and platforms make sense only to them. Second is Ogom-Straku, where the warring savannah tribes find peace, though of course a temporary one. Last is Stazgud-Esp where the duelling water tribes put aside their differences for the cause of profit. Each of these cities is unique, and also uniquely Goblin.
>Everlasting Waters
A fort of coral and a fort of brick watch over the sands & shores infested with greenskins. (>>4889945) Daily the beaches are won or lost with victorious celebration or defeated preparation for the next day's tussle.
All that is left is the finer irrigation channels and planting. Over a tyrn of song & labour, just that is done, and the Grand Farm of Pologa is complete.

(>>4888921, >>4889945) And now a fourth comes to stick their oar in. Could this be the straw that sinks the boat?
A bolt of dazzling life force, which weakens with distance, that damages the target's connection with their own life force leaving them dazed, limp, practically useless.

For many tyrns the most magically gifted have bred stronger young, and now in their adulthood, their lives stewed in magics, they achieve that hoped for Galissan goal; Boulder breaking.
The wastes are a harsh homeland, and those unmagicked find themselves drawn to the Glade, where they settle the town of Sana.

[NM] Paskians await their judgement, if they have done the Will of Injunction. In the temple courtyard a circular of tray of earth, brought from their homeland is placed in the light of the sun; They wait with trepidation. An unseen hand traces a smoking rune into the dirt: ߝ. Then, two unfamiliar gold coins tunnel up from the soil, a petty boon for a half done job. The coins themselves are just under the size of the thumb and forefinger brought together, marked on the obverse with a pierced mullet of eight points, but each reverse is different. One showing a bull's head, the other a jawbone and shell.
The fish of this new world are fatty and delicious, a stomach-filling meal in themselves. With a growing population however, a single fishery will not be enough, and two more are ordered built.
Applied upon the outer walls, the rune creates a minor repelling effect, including to the freezing rains which would weather and break the stones.


-The Dalu Purge: Penultimate Push-

As the march continues, some terrible new weapon of the hidden Fae down a number of the hunting birds, especially the larger Uhu. Harsh as it is however, a few dead avians is nothing to call the war off for. The trudge pushes ever onwards.
Fae spies, the handful that remain, had seen this coming. As the ships of the Gylden sail farther down the river, they are set upon by the many little missiles of the Faeries. Rocks, caltrops, balls of dung, all easily brushed off, but then come embers, phials of flaming brew, and spikes imbued with poison. Even with their cover, many a Dwarf finds himself pricked and pierced wherever he may be without plate or mail. Then as the message is finally able to be relayed, the hail decreases, but does not stop. Outside the Tanglewall, the priestess finds weak sprouts of blessed apple, choked by the greater mass.
Alarmingly, the Taknab forces break from the pack as they head north, aiming their rakatak squarely at the tanglewall of the Fae capital. Before they can be stopped, they are firing. Bolts with flat Blackstone slice easily through, followed by another volley, and then the blind, steelclads charge in. Without the cover of M'vaa or hunting birds, the fighting is fatally slow. Their sanctum pierced, the Faeries are more savage than ever before, losing reason they fling all they have at the Imnak invaders. Whether in the confusion, or on purpose, their near-perfected immolant is one of these. So thick with potential kindling, the towering city of Thornbush becomes an inferno in an instant.

File: Turn.jpg (217 KB, 966x938)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
>Action 1: Territorial Survey
>Survey/Prospect red X's
With lands from the Tangle coming under administration of the Æble state, a new survey is commissioned to register which Fae has been confirmed owning what so that there will be fewer quibbles and squabbles in the future. The prospectors move in to assess this land for mineral wealth - hopefully some Fae landowners might be better disposed to the new administration if it stands to make them a Gylder or two. This survey also allows the Dwarves an opportunity to check for Poxylos, so this floral bane can be identified and destroyed. However, with only a little land in the Tangle presently under the Dwarven state most prospector's efforts are redirected elsewhere; to Dwarven land adjacent to the new-conquered territories and to the lands on the southern bank of the Zarunteg.

>Action 2: Expansion of Roads
>Build solid roads on hexes with grey lines
The survey of the two remaining adjacent districts to the Tangle also allows the Dwarven road engineers to finally complete their planning charts. With the centre and east of the country already connected it is now seen as time to link up with the northern territories with solid Dwarven roadways; to Rodededun ...and to the Fae town as well, as it lies remarkably close to the forest's edge.

>(Reparation) Action 3: Ironing out a Tangle
>Concrete Walls for the captured town and build Iron mine
The sight of the Fae city upon the northern bank going up into a raging inferno raises many Dwarven alarms. The Dryads had said that the Pixies had used a great deal of flame in their attacks upon the woodlands, but this is the first time the Dwarves have of seeing the true devastation unleashed in these creature's spite. Their hands tied by their promise to respect the property rights of those who gave in peaceably in the town, they cannot just rebuild the whole town out of more solid (and less flammable) material, but they can at least get rid of all the loose kindling placed around it. The 'Tanglewall' extension around the town is to be taken up and a solid Dwarven town wall built in place. Somewhere for the Dwarven garrison to stay; and with a solid barrier in place if the Pixies for some reason decide to burn their own town - at least this way the flames might not spread too far into the woods.
A new Iron mine is also opened up along the road from Ederakung.

>War Action
Dwarven armies continue to follow the pathways of the Boar-back outriders and move into the Tangle from the north, the same promises of leniency and recognition offered to those who keep gardening without raising a weapon and accept Dwarven occupation. In the south,an attempt will be made to pass into the Tangle between the blessed apple-sprouts - but this is a speculative effort rather then a planned grand offensive. And on the waterways of the roote the Gylden fleet present moves to contain any Fae breakout and support the Dryads. "Destroy all Poxylos stocks and surrender."
Action 1: Ports at Loeth and Daith

The eccentric dryad does have a few valid points, and there have been plans to connect these islands to the mainland via actual ship lanes for a while now.

We have come great strides since the first dryads timidly paddled over the waters to new forests across the waves, we are the daughters of a burgeoning empire both on land and on sea now, it is only appropriate that we fix this oversight.

Action 2: Xira Gate 5/5

Finish the defensive emplacements of Xira Gate

All behold the splendour of Xira Gate, the vast intimidating walls of mountain stone, cresting gates unfathomably high, guarding the great fleetports at the centre of the Carvil’ax’seset maritime empire.

Into its faces are etchings of great spiritual importance, each gate beside a great lighthouse, a beacon shining over the waters visible for miles on miles around.

The Unseen gate is perhaps the most spectacular, depicting ethereal entities all abound a great ocean, venerable spirits of great trees and flickering flames, and icons depicting the greater spirits themselves enshrined on the stone.

The Mundane gate depicts wars, dryads atop great beasts as tall as mountains charging down vaguely demonic creatures, packs of birds swooping down to slay destructive pixies, and the icon of Sen above all observing his daughters.

In this the dual purpose of the gate is reflected, both peace and spiritual harmony through trade, or war brought about through the arrow bristling vessels sheltered behind the gates.

Action 3: Florakinesis: Living wood

A better sort of wood to use in our everyday structures and boats. We will see about improving its performance compared to normal wood soon, but our first objective is to simply make it on par with regular wood while also being alive and thus malleable with florakinesis.


At last we finish this war. Take all above the river Roote, no exceptions, ensure the fire spreads no further using our actions in fire stopping and secure our new lands.
File: Trenches.png (6 KB, 208x131)
6 KB

Goblins to the left of us. Goblins to the right of us. Goblins in front of us. Goblins behind us.

This is great! We can attack anywhere, and not miss our prey!

But this is still very inefficient way to hunt goblins. It's becoming problematic to keep chasing the prey herds back and forth through the jungle. It seems their main source is coming from the regions beyond the jungle to the south of us. Never mind investigating that for now, first we must deal with the goblins in our lands. And what better way to deal with scattered prey, than by fencing them in? But no mere fence or even wall of stone will suffice.

We turtles are expert tunnelers, masters of the arts of digging, and clawing, and scraping the earth, preparing pitfals and traps from which our mighty jaws can spring forth and latch onto a tasty goblin. Perhaps we are bested only by the Molemen, whom we have not met but whose prowess we have heard rumor of. For now, we have mostly been laying these holes and small nests separately. But what if we were to link them together?

Like the Great Mother, who lays a clutch the size of boulders for her giant children on land, then claws huge gashes in the earth to the sea, so that they have a clear and protected path to the ocean.

The Turtles move into the edges of their jungle territory, and begin fortifying their nests with additional tunnel networks, intending to link them together with a series of trenches lined with stakes, thorn bushes, redoubts of earth. Swamp water is no issue, for the Turtles love the feel of the moist murkey water about them. It ensures their skin is well hydrated even beneath their shell! It also helps against the goblins, who seem to not be able to hold their breath quite so long as the turtles.

When the Great Trench is completed, we will have separated the feral goblins from wherever spawn they are coming from to the southeast, then we can properly farm and harvest those that remain in our lands behind this line.

2. The End of the Great Trench, to our east, should be defended by a proper fort. This will dissuade the masses of goblins from simply trying to go around it by the river, where our ability to swim better than them should also make for a good defense.
File: Flaming Catapults.png (187 KB, 546x354)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
Catapults! Bigger Ballista! Maybe even those trebuchets we've heard of? We'd love to build some of our own, and get good at it. We certainly could do with some target practice on the goblins. Mostly, it'd be useful to start driving them out of particularly dense patches or scare them into a run with giant rocks from the sky, the better to herd them into our hunting traps and hunting bands.

The Swamp is quite full of tar ready to be made into pitch, and being able to light the rocks or the tips of our ballista bolts aflame will be even better to scare those goblins where we need them to go.
Action 1: Pask begins the expansion of its main city Obron, orderly constructing infrastructure for the purpose of clean and efficient living. This includes proper streets, plumbing for the movement of the constant water of the Tundra, and planned building construction that are created with forethought based on Obron's growth and expansion. Pask's people will always come first in its priorities.

Action 2: Pask begins looking into the medicinal benefits of the many fish they hunt, for the purposes of improving the quality of living of its people to the best of its capabilities.
Action Expand the navy
new ships, more recruits, and new fleets, these are the things needed to keep the people of Fraternland safe. While the fleets of Fraternland are impressive, the need for more ships has never been greater. With every new city, the need to ship and protect new goods grows. As the demands and responsibilities of the navy grow so must the navy.

Action Upgrade the ports/dockyards of New Ava’s landing and Beitown
A growing nation and growing population mean that the needs of our infrastructure have grown as well. While the current dock and shipyards of the nation are still functional, if our people are to continue growing unhindered then these pieces of critical infrastructure must grow with them. Along with the renewed drive for naval growth now has never been a better time.
> build mines on iron, lead, gold and gemstone deposits (should be all my actions)

What is this splendor in the dirt? What is this metallic smell?
Wait- could it be… yes! The lady smiles upon us once more!
Our vaults shall fill with iron once more, and these… weird materials can be traded!
Truly, the lady has blessed our efforts, clearly we must continue expanding if she approves of it like this.

> Action 1 - Stealth Training / Camouflages
The Dusk Loom, as it is quickly becoming called, has opened up a plethora of options for the Do'laroshan to wear. The factions of Hunters and Assassins are especially excited to try subdued clothes that aid the natural Do'laroshan ability to hide. Their experience up in the north, and the tales of those moving across the plains on their journeys to Araq's grove, highlight a weakness in the Do'laroshan stealth; namely, that it only really works at night. While their rivals, the Shamans, work to bring the night to the Shadowfolk, the Hunters and Assassins will blend colours and fabrics until they may hide even when the sun shines overhead!

> Action 2 - Shadow Sorcery - Nullify Sound
Achroma has spoken, and the Shamans have listened. On the icy plains of Is'lara, the Shamans once again light incenses, dousing their torches and letting the cold winds of the tundra bite into their flesh as hunger gnaws at their bellies. Bells are hung from fur, a raucous din that deprives them of sleep, until their shadowy arts can earn them rest by silencing them all.

> Action 3 - Shadow Sorcery - Improve Magic techniques (Magic is called Sa'terif from now on.)
No doubt the powers they wield are impressive, but the need to maintain the ritualistic dances severely limits their uses, as seen with the Gali. Instead of a shroud that allows the Shadowfolk to move unseen, it creates a pocket where they lie trapped, unable to flee lest they face the foe without the only advantage they have.
Focusing especially on this newest creation, the dampening of sound, techniques are explored to allow shorter bursts of their effects, allowing Achroma's blessed gifts to aid the Do'laroshans as they move about freely, instead of cowering trapped under their effects.
Posted on behalf of Megyros

An elder even amongst the Mygros leads a group of his fellow minotaurs to the highest summit in their country after receiving a horrifying vision of his people, where a monastery is ordered to be built to become a place of harmony and peace.

As clearing is being made a place is set aside for the bravest amongst the group to train in a martial style developed by the elder who led them to the summit after spending decades traveling the continent.The fighting style focuses on disarming and putting to rest one's opponent with your hands and hooves.

The olive tree forest continues to see continued investment and growth as more people pitch in, while a portion of the forest is set aide for naval ships the majority of the forest is declared a park for all to enjoy.

The Mygros people have always prided themselves on being one with nature as such during the yearly harvest festival the ruling council of the Megryos people encourage the best florists to see who amongst them can grow a new type of flower that will add beauty and wonder to the community, the best winner will be decided through majority vote
1. Enemies to Friends?: Many of Oni were unease with the sudden arrival of the Tengu. The new generations were weary from the stories their parents and grandparents told about them and the older generations wanted Benmi to slaughter the Tengu already. Before he was able to make a choice, he had a dream. There he was flying up with the multi-color clouds with the beautiful sun. On'iaghiri flew with him; she said to not kill the Tengu for they have suffered greatly from they were came from. Benmi yelled at her saying they were the enemy of the Oni; his father and grandfather and so on didn't fight them for no reason! She shakes her head acknowledging that was true, but she has seen the horrors the Tengu went through; horror so great that they went through Hell and even into Oni land to stay safe. On'iaghiri says she won't order Benmi for she wants him to make his own choice and kissed him goodbye making him fall down. While free falling through the clouds, he came into a realm at night with a grand moon up in the sky where the sun was. There Chadskisei catches Benmi onto his palm. He is also interest about the Tengu. Frankly, he thinks Benmi should add them to his people for they will be useful. Plus, having eyes in the sky is always a boon. He told him he can convince the Tengu to be loyal subjects who will obey his very word without question. He just needs to use the techniques the Oni cultivated over generations Chadskisei found so...amusing. And then his wife, Tsukiipaati (moon wife), pushed him off of Chadskisei's hand with a push into the abyss below.
Before, he fell in a large aquatic serpent eat him then after a bit, he threw him out into the deep dark waters. With his never-ending flow of white hair and pale skin, Saagfuru, a giant, came eye to body with Benmi. He had a stoic face showing no emotion; only his eyes fill with cold hatred?! Before Benmi could ask Saagfuru what he has done to offend him, Saagfuru started to cry? Possible for a god, tears flew from Saagfuru's eye. With a strained voice, Saagfuru begged Benmi to spare the Tengu for they are strong and will protect him and the Oni. He didn't want the Oni to be more alone! With that, Saagfuru was completely crying and stopped talking; basically ignoring Benmi now. Benmi was really getting tired of his dream and before he could ask to be sent home, a snake wrapped around Ben mi's neck and pulled him out of the dark waters. He was forcefully pulled onto land while still dragged by a large horse creature gleefully neighing. When he thought he would be grind down to dust, they stopped. The horse creature turned around and show, it wasn't completely horse. It had the body of a horse, but the head was replaced with the upper body of a red Oni; it was Ushimilgoyi! Still laughing, Ushimilgoyi told Benmi to keep the Tengu for they have strength they never knew they had and his adopted Oni children are going to need all the strength they can get. And before he could process what Ushimilgoyi said, Ushimilgoyi stomped Benmi's head with glee.
Benmi woke up from his tiring dream and quickly left his bed for he knew what he needed to do. Benmi went to the scared Tengu who were perched on tall trees and gently talked to them confusing onlooking Oni. Afterwards, he told them to go to his room in his place, so they can discuss what about the future of theirs. Reluctantly, the Tengu obeyed his order and went. Ben mi ordered everyone to not disturb him and his talk with the Tengu no matter what and then locked his door. While everyone obeyed the order to not disturb them, he didn't say anything about hearing from the door. Such strange noises they heard; fist meeting bodies, throwing of furniture, screams of pain, and then moaning and sighs? What could Benmi be doing with the Tengu? It was a week before the door opened and the stench was powerful though not unpleasant. Benmi walked out of the room with a small smile proclaiming the Tengu were defeated and are to be citizens of his! There was a outburst of anger from the Oni saying he has gone mad and splat on the ancestors! He held up his hand and yelled with a Enlightenment enhanced voiced, "SILENCE!" He told them the gods advised him to naturalize and the integrate the Tengu for they will be a great source of power to the Oni. Once he said, all of the Tengu came out with their clothing ripped and hanging loose with faces showing complete satisfaction. They prostrate themselves in front of Benmi yelling they pleadge themselves to Benmi and this new land of Oni. There was no arguing for Benmi's word is final. With begrudging appectance, the Oni allowed the Tengu to stay.
2.Studying and Farming the Lowest of Low for the Greater Health: The biology scientists of the Oni have said they need test subjects, Oni and whatnot, (also plants and animals) for research and experimentation. While Oni and Satyrs are the most important research, they still needed foreign races to compare and contrast with. The Oni asked the small Oninoids and the beautiful Minotaurs to donate or sell criminals and dead bodies of their people, but they seem they never not right now. With much sadness, they came to the conclusion they will be forced to use the gobbus for now. Before they sent for the gobbus, the Oni built a secured farm/laboratory near the capital. It was built with any expense needed for the gobbus adapt quickly. It was built in sections to separate gobbu and other types into different groups and for future groups if the small Oninoids and beautiful Minotaurs change their mind. Each section to house gobbus and others were built with different environments like a jungle ward, a grassland ward, and so on which also double as a greenhouse and pen for plants and animals. They took the upmost care and planning to ensure escape of any kind would be possible! After it was finished and the gobbu acquired, the scientists began their bloody research
3. The Study of Physical Life: While at first the Oni dread to use only gobbu as the only non-Oni subjects, they were pleasantly surprised by the endurance of them. Kill one and you'll see three born so there will be no limit on gobbu! Groups were made: the Control (which were not experimented on mostly used for breeding to supply more subjects), the Tortured (they suffer the most difficult and painful experiments to study anatomy, the limits of it, experimental drugs and curse and life magic), the Bodies (after revising the information from the Tortured experiments, they were used on the Bodies also used for the least painful experiments.) and the Blessed (they were mostly used to study mating habits, cultural changes, were pampered while only ones with desirable traits were allowed to breed and see which traits are inheritable.) (advanced biology/medical knowledge)
>Everlasting Waters

Our promised city in the oasis is built, and the seeds are planted, long may Mauna Laga Loto prosper!

A port for our new city, and a reforming of Pologa's walls.
1. With the canal created the joint city with the whales shall be constructed. The greatest dryad singers shall be sent with seeds for trees to turn to buildings and with purebreed seeds to create another grove.
2. Mines shall be built to extract the two new sources of coal.
Fluff: Both projects successful, expansion west as well as the completion of another branch of magic. Only one remained at this point. With the recent alliance with the Impure HCA, war time activities are to get underway. With reports of instant communications being nullified, it should prove to be a massive boon in conducting war. The hope being they have weapons or tactics that are able to pierce the hide that is the blackstone mine which is the true first hurdle to get over.

1 action: Troop movement/build a fort.
Along the eastern border build a fort. They are far too hasty to get a job done and have the army leave, although they align themselves with our goals we can never be too careful.
9/10 of the army is to make its way down the path to where the old forward base stood, translators to go with them. The other 1/10th are to remain at the eastern outpost, runners there to alert us at the first sign of betrayal and to have troops return quickly should they decide that we are mere push overs.

1 action: religion
Send priests along with the army so that they may tell of the stories of the pure to the steel warriors! Share rituals of purity and cleansing of all that reeks of impurity through removal from this world. Hopefully in due time they will learn and begin to cleanse themselves and become pure similar to the rabbits that have reclaimed their purity over time. It will likely take several generations, but such is the price of becoming pure.
Pharaoh Uni, after a couple years of courting the son of Protheroe, has decided to tie the knot, getting married in a grand ceremony. It has caused even further outrage among the people though, as has the movement of troops up north, her Blackguard are in constant activity to protect her, and she herself spends much time on her flagship, the Wepawet mac Lir. Though, she is concerned by plans by the HCA, this sounds eerily close to treachery, she hopes this wont anger Solahmar, but just in case, there's been a project that's long overdue.

Action 1: Construct Temple of Solahmar, goddess of the sun, on the tallest peak in the Ahmar rockies in the Ifri Desert.
We need to praise the sun, especially now. While it is not us who will do it, there is treachery afoot. Maybe, just maybe, we can get away with it, if we distract her with a lavish temple decorated with gold aplenty. Her rays are golden, after all. Though, her fierce fiery nature may work to diminish Jafa's influence as a war god. Then again, he was always somewhat... barbaric.

Action 2: Joint training with Prenhearn in naval landing and combined arms operation.
The Prenhearn hunters cover the shortcomings of the Anubisids very well, but the Children of Fanw lack numbers, making them vulnerable in melee, which is where we excel. We are a perfect fit, like Pharaoh Uni and her Son of Fanw husband. Together we will form the strongest hammer of all.

1. create city on the red tile called Uslang-Ospaz (Ice Wind). The Snowy goblins earn the distinction of being considered fanatics to their totem even by the standards of other goblins. Whereas other tribes tend to grow increasingly metaphorical in their emulation of their idol the snow goblins are the opposite. Instead they obsess over their element and try to physically incorporate it in everything they do. In comparison to rocky goblins who use whatever is at hand to make their structures the snowy goblins instead attempt to eschew such "impure" material to instead use more snow and ice. Physically they possess much fur which keeps them insulated. Which borders on necessity as they greatly despise fire for how it affects the ice. In the timeless wastes of the peak of slyph's backbone the perpetually frozen enviornment is perfect for their singleminded obsession. Ensuring that their great stuctures and sculptures do not melt

2. create city on the yellow tile called Ongu-Slag (Wooly Yell). The plains goblins are laughed at by the rest of the goblins which says something. They tend to be lazy and idolize herbivores of all things! Despite this they are paradoxically the most happy and peaceful of the goblin types. Things that are utterly incomprehensible to the others. Their main advantage is that since tribes of their own kind do not keep each other in check as much they suffer less of the attritional warfare that destroys many of the other tribes at the cost of losing horribly to neighboring goblins of other types. These peaceful ways have also finally paid off as during their regular migrations along with the sheep herds they found a common place of crossing that acts as a chokepoint between the two halves of the plains. With the ocean bordering it on the east and the forest to the west. Deciding that this place is as good as its going to get the goblins constructed a city that is closer to a vast extended pasture dedicated to raising huge quantities of livestock. With the forest limestone mines so close they are easily able to acquire vast quantities of stone needed for the task and like a rampaging bull they collectively decided to raid the place for all its worth. Afterall, peaceful for a goblin is quite a relative term.

3. create two sheep farms on the plains around Ongu-Slag. Ongu slag is one of the fastest growing cities in the goblin lands. Whereas others need to forage, raid, or even worse trade. They are one of the few who makes active efforts of cultivation. Meaning that whenever the other tribes are incapable of stealing their herds they gain quite a lot of influence as they must be placated to part with their tasty sheep.
File: expansion base.png (84 KB, 1599x1575)
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forgot the image.

With much in the way of land still being sold by clan Protheroe, much more in fertile land would be taken for cheep and bought to create farms. More and more of which continued the trend of being dedicated to cash crops rather than basic food, or at least a mix of cash crop and more basic food. After all, in the view of the Children of Fanw, all farms were more or less meant for cash crops and only in desperate time for real food. As most things that were grown by the Children of Fanw in farms which were edible were either for creating side dishes rather than proper food, or for alcohol. Regardless, there was much land that was fertile and perfect for farming. Both old land near the human's lands or in the shared boarder, the lands sold by Clan Protheroe, or the lands which were simply claimed by other clans that was only properly developed now. Regardless the land was developed into proper farmland for various crops, in this instance mainly that which could be turned into textiles, though many other types of farms were set up as well.

Meanwhile Clan Protheroe would temporarily stop their prospecting work to construct mines over the gold and the iron, after all, both resources were quite valuable and having more of the latter would allow far more in terms of tools to be created, and far more of the former would simply be useful for trade and make Prenhaearn y Waldfa less reliant on the Dybet as a source for gold. As such, swiftly the clan's resources would be put into the creation of these two mines, and likely they would be expanded to the level of development that the original iron mine was. Though this would obviously take time and distract from their prospecting, it was far more valuable at this moment in time to set up the mining rather than search for more places to mine. It was likely that the colony would become just that bit more wealthy from all of this regardless...

>Action One. Further Farming.

>Action Two. Set up a Mine of gold and of Iron.
Golems, now smart enough to follow instructions, begin to make up more and more of the labor force where dangers lie. Of course, those humans who's jobs are taken find work elsewhere, they always did. The Clan-Sahs made sure of that. In terms of the military, formations of Golem SH-infantry begin to crop up.
1. Move our troops west, via Preanhaern lands. With permission of course.

2. Defense part 1:
While forces of the CG move west, we cannot exactly neglect the border with the northern Grittidim. Especially not after most Vossikine acts against the Ideology of Human Exemplarism and Supremacy. Thus, we must be prepared for them to strike us in the physical sense in direct combat. Thus, a massive defense effort is planned for our border with them to the north. It will take much, but similar things were done in mountains before. One may only read what documents were copied from the FHS in our fortifications of mountain regions bordering the Ver. It now helps with the mass production of Golems that they may be used as a workforce, freeing human laborers from potentially dangerous tasks up in mining out the mountains.
File: Expansion pt2.png (29 KB, 451x553)
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There was much to do for the colonists and the list continued to grow, the news of natives that seemed to qualified as "sentients" was met with mixed but generally positive reactions. In the halls of the capital Synic and his followers began to make plans to possibly establish contact with the sea-based life as it was a great hope that there'd be other aquatic civilizations in these new lands. Yet the news of the green skinned life to the north that could possibly be hostile was enough to cause a central order to be sent out to focus their colonization efforts away from that direction until a better martial force was finally organized. With increasing revelations about the new world, a plan was being put together for a central conclave of all the various Mynanite factions to be called soon to establish a actual plan of order. Resources would need to be found such as edible seaweed, the best fishing spots, minerals for crafting, and so on if their expansion was to continue or new colonies to be founded. Synic wasn't a fan of having so many people close together with so many diverse views, it could easily sprout old problems like they had left to avoid.

Action 1 < Third Wave Expansion

With the borders being pushed forward both by the central party and their rivals, a third wave of pushing southward was ordered by both blocs. Explorers that had been among the first two waves were directed to push in a more concentrated way along the coast and into the northern edges of what appeared to be plains. A rather strict non-hostility policy had been passed down for the moment, as any possibly sentient life was to be treated with caution but any attempts of contact welcomed with gifts of food rations returned. While they didn't yet have the time to try and learn the languages of the natives they'd use basic friendly gestures to try and communicate if need be, though in the case of hostility they were give a second strict self-defense and retreat policy.
Action 2 < Rediscovering the Fundamentals | Quake Shaping

The knowledge of their ancestral magic was scattered to the wind, science and magic served as the two pillars for their societies constant idea of innovation so with only science being left for the time it had been causing a imbalance. Petitioned by the Magic Colleges a centralized effort was approved by Synic to try and put together each factions fragmented knowledge on a specific spell that was thought to be a good starting point for standardizing their magical knowledge. Back in their old home world a collection of four spells served as the starting point for most mages learning about the basics of their magic, known as the four fundamentals they were somewhat unique in that they could be cast at any tier level of power due to their versatility and be cast both by one mage or multiple. Each one of these spells represented a disaster derived from one of the four prime elements, in this case they were attempting to reteach the newer generation the spell known as Quake Shaping. Sometimes even called a art form into itself the spell was derived from earthquakes and of course the element of earth. It in theory allowed the user to shift rocks and earth around them through quakes. The spell was particularly useful in combat for staggering enemies, raising rudimentary walls for building, and most importantly being used to split the earth to access the bounty of the earth both on land and in the sea.
>Willie posting for Simfuni

Using Laga methods and techniques, and supported by a stream of supplies and engineers from the canal to build a port and lighthouse in New Venezia.

Using Laga methods and techniques, and supported by a steady stream of supplies and engineers from the canal to construct walls and a market in New Venezia.
>Action 1: Snapper Soup?
Many children of the Gali stand in awe, as this massive amphibious creature washes up upon the icy shores in which we prowl. While many find it difficult to do so, those who first witness this wonder manage to hold their appetites, as they gather more to partake in the hunt.

Tens of Hundreds of hunters hurdle towards the shoreline, throwing spears or even running on all fours. Let us hope our boys keep their teeth.

>Action 2: Build 2 Temples
This iteration of the Gali seems to be very interested in vanity, at least in comparison to his countless predecessors. The very word 'architecture' simply did not exist to the tribe until times recent. But these temples seem to be part of something larger.
File: map42.png (1.08 MB, 2048x2628)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG

How are the dead disposed of in your nation?

[+2 PE]
Having to work in a tongue foreign to both parties slows everything to a crawl, made worse by the dimensionality of overlapping claims by the Fae. Seeing they have waded into jidtyrns long quarrels extending over every single tree of their new territories, the Dwarves sensibly allow the Faeries to handle their own matters. As for prospecting of said land, this too unfortunately turns up nothing but old dirt. Luck is better south of the Zarungten however, with the find of more precious stone.
As it was in Sigod, so it is in Syph. Gylden roads are far more practical than beautiful.
Whilst certainly a noble goal, when it comes to trying to uproot the Tanglewall around Lower Thornbush, it is soon found to be much more than a half-tyrn task.

At last, the sister islands are joined with the greater forest. And just in time to see the Gates of Xira completed, as new turrets guard over the ports, helmed by sharpshooters.
When the tree is felled, the spirit of the tree may take two paths: To reside within the fallen tree, or to join the unseen and await a suitable vessel to inhabit. In the former, each time the tree is worked & whittled, the choice is raised; There are few who remain after their old vessel is split, hewn, planed, sanded, and otherwise fashioned. Trial has determined that the spirit will only remain within the light sapwood, leaving the dark heartwood totally inert. Communication confirms it as such, and with a little coaxing can be encouraged more times than not.

Within the vast Paskian walls, the roads, gutters, sewers and all other necessities of the ever-growing city are laid out. Grand open plazas, wide avenues, and countless empty plots simply waiting for the temples, colonnades, and insulae to be built.
"It is imperative to life in such a climate that a good deal of fatty fish is eaten, preferably at at least one meal every day. Furthermore, the many oils and powders extracted from the various sea creatures and numerous sea flora extensively farmed should be taken whenever the purse allows." From Dvorn the Elder's treatise on tundra life. These "many oils and powders" include those which help maintain adequate body-fat, reduce inflammation, help treat colds, treat the skin, and from one difficult to grow variety of seaweed which can be used to soothe burns and disinfect wounds. Of course superstitions are inevitable, the most prevalent of which is the notion that ground oosik cures infertility.

With such grace does the Lady smile upon the Imnaki! Hers is the bounty of the dirt! Hers is the name sung in the mines and market stalls.
Aha! The Great Mother returns already! But, why does she swim so slowly? As her children draw near, they see she is gravely injured; spears jut from her carapace, which is further covered over with scratches & cracks. Far worse, she is missing her back right flipper.
Within their forest, the Turtles see only minor resistance from the feral invasive species they feast upon. Deep, deadly trenches quickly filled with brackish water, and mangled lunch. The same is the case in the hills to the west, though the Shadows insist that bridges be to span them. Unfortunately where the Goblin presence is most deeply rooted, the workers spend more time chasing the little buggers away, or else eating them, to get any work done. At the eastern end of which a gargantuan bastion looms. (Just a heads up you're in boreal forest not jungle)
Stories of trebuchet have drifted in through trade, pieces here and there of their power. That's what is needed, something impressively powerful and powerfully impressive. It takes some doing, some true trial and error and catastrophic failure before the interplay of tension and release are properly understood. Let it never be said that a Child of Iti is not a stubbornly determined sort! Wheeled out over the ice is a monstrosity of gears, ropes, iron and wood, capable of hurling a fully grown Turtle a heck of a way.
Ah, that wondrous acrid smell. A herald of the bitter times the Goblins have coming.

Current naval capacity is simply not enough; Some of the ships still in service are more patches than original timbers at this point. Round after round of recruiting is conducted, for both crew & shipwrights, to build & staff the new ships being built. The ports of New Ava's and Beitown are showing their age, really such a naval focus could not have come sooner. New yards & drydocks, wider berths, dredging, whatever is needed.

The Dusk Loom works not only with cloth and needle, but all the concealing things around them. Forest scouting sees the use of real and fabricated leaves. Plains scouting sees the use of dried grasses and plumes. Colours are blended into each other, others left hard against each other. The key is to trick the eye of the enemy, or just the dinner.
The Shamans do not dance the silence into being, but sign it. Complex strings of poetry in ancient Lo'pam, performed on the outward facing left palm with the fingers of the right. It is a mental exercise more than anything they have tried before. Inspiration from this new magic carries to the old. An incantation in the hand, a dance of the fingers and not the feet. In this manner the Shamans find they can create a quickly expanding, and equally quickly dissipating, burst of darkness. (Think of it like an octopus ink cloud)
Though ambitions are high, the valleys are low, but a high point is eventually found for such a monastery to be built. A place of seclusion and contemplation in an ever-bustling country. As it is being built, an extension is already planned. A large grounds in which the strong, brave, and foolhardy, are trained in martial combat.
Around the capital, the olive groves continue to be planted. The hundreds, if not thousands, of trees serve a triple purpose: lumber for the slowly growing navy, much needed fats in the Durranic diet, and lastly as a place of relaxation.
The calendar of holidays grows larger with the addition of the summer festival of blooms. Lilies, Irises, Daisies, and a myriad other flowers are displayed. But the winner of the festive competition is a brilliant pink poppy with an explosion of papery petals.

So sayeth Benmi, the Tengu are Oni.
The Menagerie, as many have taken to calling it, is a marvel of the Oni's new found ingenuity. A number of Goblins are purchased, transported, and dumped into their respective enclosures. The walls a high and smooth, impossible to climb, and lined with guards day and night. Not one little bugger is to escape, there are rumours they can simply split in two, then four, then eight, and before long the entire jungle will be nothing but Goblins. Experiments begin the very next day. Simple at first, measurements of the different species, observation of their habits, tests of their skills & intelligence. And then there come the Tortures. Amputations. Vivisections. Conjoinings. Flayings. Blindings. Whatever sick desire they wish to fulfil. They almost feel bad for them. Almost.

>Everlasting Waters
(>>4894357) Seeds are planted, pontoons are anchored, bricks are laid. Each first is celebrated in the dual city of Mauna Laga Loto. Let it be known as a place of peace. It is here that the descendants of freedelves join with those still within the slavish cycle. Like any other Laga city, a port is first to be built for the docking of rafts and the narrow barges of Neleye. Pologa too sees work, as their brick walls are renovated in stone, extending out into the sea. And at long last the farms have been replenished.

(see >>4894320)
As the bonds with the Whales are strengthened in Mauna, the supply of coal from the Hitels is tripled.

[Waxing Gibbous]
[+3 PE]
The impure are not to be so easily trusted. A fort is raised upon the hill overlooking the Forest of Osawa, revealing the Men's similar fortifications their side of the Saiko river. The mass of the army is to be sent south-west to the ruins, to- ah, it seems the Men have similar ideas. With the army march many priests to help maintain purity during such a long exposure. After all, what good is it to claim victory, when one has become infused with worldly impurity?
[+2 PE]
Though built to praise goddess of the sun, Her temple upon the high rock of Ahmar is constructed in the scant hours of dawn and dusk; Her power in the Ifri desert is simply far to great to endure whilst hauling cut stone and gold by the cartload.
(>>4894890) As the nations come together in the son of Uni, they are adjoined militarily also. And as mother & father compliment each other, so too do their areas of prowess.
The mat of algae returns within the tyrn, turning the water bubbling up from Undine's chamber green.

>Big Totem
[NM] It is very nearly time, Big Boss has never felt more certain of something before in his life. Perhaps only a tyrn or two left.
The Goblins of the ice tribes are not immediately distinguishable as Goblins, given their dense hair or fur (no one has been able to get close enough to check), but simply observing them for longer than a momentary glance is all that is needed to confirm that they are indeed Goblin. That is, of course, if you can even make the treacherous way up to their icy dens. Counter to this, no one could mistake the plains tribes as anything other than Goblin. They are the quintessential Gobbo; In appearance at least. Unlike the mud huts, burrows, and caves of others of their kind, their settlement is a real city, with dressed stone and everything. They even have real, honest-to-totem pastures. The only ones outside Home-Place.

Fields of blue flax or yellow rapeseed cover the valleys 'tween the Trician and the Baean, providing both daily essentials and valuable exports. Likewise, an independent source of gold and additional iron grant further wealth & freedom to the colony.

(>>4894890) Men move west through Prenhaearn towards Great Meadows. It seems the Rabbits have likewise amassed.
A series of small mountain forts are cut into the hard rock of Little Syph, the first stage of possibly many northern defences.

Thanks be given, for no new race makes themselves known as the borders are expanded. The land is obviously fertile, given the height some of the grasses grow, and the waters are full of life, one just has to be quick enough to catch it. Alas, the good news ends here, for many who once found themselves imbued, no longer feel the pulse of magic within them. Perhaps worse, the way that magic had been cast before simply did not work. The few mages who remain are joined in discovering how to tap into whatever power is available. After much fretting a way is finally found; It is just an alteration of mind, to attune oneself is all that is needed. Now accustomed, the first spell is cast, barely bouncing the pebbles of the courtyard. It's a start. (Magic is very low level in this world, 10% of the population is really the limit)
(>>4894320) (As yet) Undisputed masters of the seas, the Laga guide the Simfuni in the maintenance of New Venezia. More, they help expand the city greatly with docks incorporating a few Dyb features, and a lighthouse atop an eddying rock formation. So far without ships it is a port for the harbouring of Bandru'ii, Totemic, and the very occasional Anubisid vessels. Further still, a highly protective seawall creates a calm lagoon into which the city can grow in the future, beginning with a market square of newly driven piles.

The previous night she had crawled up into the snow unseen and laid her latest brood. It is with the dawn, as hunters come to their posts that she is at last seen. A monstrous turtle, larger than anything ever before witnessed. With great speed the hunters charge home to gather more men and return to find the beast slowly crawling back into the sea. No! This is too grand a prize to let get away so easily. At once they are upon her, tearing, clawing at her. Spears, clubs, and rage are hailed upon her. Though as her front legs enter the water she becomes faster, managing to slip from their grasp, but not before the Gali rip her back right flipper from her massive body. Thick warm blood pours over the ice, and her clutch.
Something stirs within the Gali other than hunger, though quite what it is, they cannot articulate. Two more temples rise above the ice. They may even find use for that pretty stone they found so long ago.


-The Dalu Purge: The End of the Tangle-

With a final determined stride, the Tangle north of the Roote falls. And as the grandeur of Thornbush burns, southern resistance likewise crumbles.
All that remains of the mighty trees of the Fae capital are smouldering trunks, the burnt columns of a desecrated temple.

Action 1: Colonise the conquered land (1/5)

This forest is full of infrastructure that is quite simply unsuited for us, plenty of land suited only for gathering and opposed to the unseen, forges too small to work, mines too narrow to operate, a minuscule temple to the forest god, but no mention of Bandru in it.

It will take some time, but we will fix all of this up, introduce animals to the forest once more, florakinetically shape the trees into the right places, alter the mines to have our voices call up metals as according to our contract with the land spirits.

Soon this land will be swarming with dryads, a great population boom to hit the rings along with an economic one as the silver is brought under control and the gold traded freely, all the inherited land from the danderfey is a grand benefit also.

Action 2: Build around Dhaastu, the dryad colony in goblin lands.

We have owed the goblins some repayment for their service for a while now, but with the war concluded we can finally set about finishing our dryad colony in Pugh woods.

Construct two farms (hunting grounds), altering the land to bring it into alignment with the unseen, and giving us a way to bring forth plentiful meat in the area.

Action 3: Build a market in Dhaastu, and build an iron mine on the flooded site of the old tangle iron mine.

Consult the dreamer now that the battles are ended, ask about this new infestation in the tanglegarden lands and how to get rid of if.


The dead in the rings are always buried (unless risk of plague is involved), to return them to the earth. Dryads in particular are buried close to trees that will have torpor performed on them soon, it is believed that this helps preserve the memories of the fallen by passing them on to the next generation to be born from the tree, and also provide a hefty amount of nutrients to the tree in question.

Even dryad criminals are not burned, needing to destroy a dryad so utterly as we have done recently is the greatest tragedy in living memory.
A new mindset and a new commonality, magic was different yet so similar in this world and that alone was enough to cause a panic in the Magi Colleges. The old ways would have to be changed, the old systems adapted, and even worse a new way found to collect those of the population that could even cast magic. In the old world the Magi had never been the majority but they had always been powerful assets on both the battlefield and off it, thus they had influence with their peers and could rival even the guilds in political sway. Unfortunately unlike the other two pillars of the Mynanites they had been hit with a huge loss of knowledge in the transfer, while the guilds still remembered how to war and their crafts such as forging and the cults could still claim to know the teachings of their patron shrouds, the colleges each had pieces of the old magic and pieces of learning about the new magic. If they were to have any hope at restoring their place they'd have to unite for once and work together, something that was liable to cause a near instant crisis when the other pillars realized what was happening.

In secret the colleges or at least the one's based in the city itself would've approach Synic, a treaty was crafted between the two and a unofficial temporary alliance struck. Under official decree expansion to the south was to be put on halt, more important affairs had to be attended to.
[9:49 AM]
Action 1 < Reorganization and the foundation of the Imperial College

So with the backing of the core Magi Colleges a official decree was put into place, all colleges from across the tiny villages and forward exploration bases to even those established in either the city or hatchery were to sent their top if not entire body of Magi to Myn. There in the city preparations were ongoing, a grand building was being added to the city and a new organization established. Built half into the underwater bay section of the city and half on the above water section, the Imperial College is a building that while perhaps not as grand as the Hatchery is in a similar vein. From this point on the building would serve as a center for testing and training of the Magi across Myn, it was decided that all Magi must earn a degree in this hall and all children capable of casting magic be brought here to be taught. It was so decreed that from now on any "official" Magi Colleges would have to take part in this system, each college would have a representative on the tribunal that heads the Imperial College but they'd be forced to work together by sharing research and lending aid to teaching each-others students. Students themselves would be encouraged to join a college to gain additional resources available to them, but all graduates once determined to be properly taught would be allowed to leave and pursue any goals they may have.
This was perhaps one of Synic's most outright power moves and it was met with quite a bit of controversy, some colleges may outright refuse to join while others may only send a portion of their members but in the end, it had the core backing it needed to be founded. From now on the Imperial College would be Myn's center for learning on magic and science.

Action 2 < Rediscovering the Fundamentals | Catalyst Crystals

While centralization of magical research was being handled a second issue was needing to be fixed, that of a power source and a way to tell if someone even could cast magic. Bringing together the brightest minds that they had, a possible idea was brought forth focused on a spell that wasn't a previously widely used on in the old world. Considered in the school of enchantment and a transmutation-like spell, its original use was converting stone into a crystal known as "Catalysts" which contained and could absorb apocalyptic energy. Thus these crystals were used to power magical rituals and like mobile batteries. While the practice had only really been utilized by weaker potential mages in the old world, in the new world these crystals would in theory if they could be made be utilized not just to find magic casters through their ability to charge them but could also be used to subsidize the less commonality of magic sources in the world. With such an idea in mind, the possible recreation of this spell was made a priority of the Imperial College.
1. While the observers are an improvement there are still discussions on the weaponization of the Dryasylph in case of war. They have already shown their use as messengers but it is an ingenious creation of the metal leaf that truly brings their abilities to light. Small and light steel leaves split at the end and curved to create drag and spin, refined after multiple attempts and trials, create a light spike that gathers force by simply falling and is nearly guaranteed to penetrate through the enemy and most armor. The weapons are simply called flechette.
2. A mine is created on the Alum source for future use and in the city of Mauna a temple to the gods is built from living trees and stone. Once again great depictions of the passage of the gods is created in gold, silver, and gems with a depiction of the known world being carved as a representation of the Protector. This temple shall act to help guide the Drya in the city in the will of the divine and maybe even converts some of the others to see the true path.
Lore: Dead Drya are stripped of their tools and brought to a place the purebreeds or caretakers feel needs nourishment. The dead are not buried but are left to rot above ground and allowed to return to nature in whatever way nature decides to take them.
Action 1: The Grand Ministry undertakes the task of organizing proper fish farms, to cultivate the fatty fishes that Obron is beginning to rely upon. This will pre-empt overfishing by ensuring that now and into the future the city of Obron has sufficient food both to eat immediately and heavily stockpile in the Food-preserving cold of the tundra.

Action 2: With the Force Rune unlocked in this land, the Devisers begin the arduous task of formulating and locating the new formations necessary to activate the Flame Rune, its benefits obvious in this cold environment.
1. Defenses Part. 2:
The use of Golems for the construction of the border forts has been a complete success! Being able to work for 48 hours straight, with some forts choosing to give them "breaks" to top up the charge of their runes, the steel plated stone men soldier on with the construction effort. More defenses, as we know there are at least some forces remaining inside the "Pure Nation". With reports coming in first hand from Katedra agents embedded within the Colonial Guard, the Grittidim seem to be attempting to sway them to their methods of thinking. Only the Katedra agents, really. Not many in the HCA speak Albionic after all, and apparently even at that few of the grittidim do as well.

2. The Bar-Rifles have been a training tool for quite some time for the Colonial guard. However, they more or less just lob iron bullets out of the barrel. This is...fine? However it could be MUCH better. Namely, figuring out a way to make it so that the thing fires at the speed of a normal gun. In addition, the thought of powering the thing using the same runes that power the Golems comes to mind, allowing them to be shot by anyone, regardless of magical aptitude.
Action 1: Renovate the Temple of Undine, implement the offspring of Iti.
The waters of Undine brings life, but not like this. It is supposed to make the land green, not the water. It is clear the algae are a sign of decay, though... it is green like farmland, we have a special farm, where we sought to grow Iti's offspring. Let us try putting Iti's children into the temple, perhaps see if they eat the algae. If nothing else, they'll be an attraction in the temple, and maybe some will travel down the Dyne.

Action 2: Develop Hammer and Ice siege technique.
During our studies with cooling things, we have discovered that water expands when it freezes. Our hammers meanwhile are good at putting a crack into even the sturdiest of structures. However, it takes time for the hammer blows alone to break a wall. But if we put water in those cracks and then freeze it, that could tear asunder even the strongest structure. This does require priestesses present on the battlefield though, so we must also task shieldbearers to specifically guard them.
> put all our efforts into expanding south and along the eastern coastline (2 actions)
With our warriors back from the war, their wounds can finally be treated and their flames doused with the Chant of Serenity.
Unfortunately, all these “new” citizens will need more room to live- why not take some more land then? Last time, the Lady smiled upon our efforts and blessed us with iron. Surely the same will happen again right?

> lore point: dead bodies
The imnaki keep the bodies of their dead in small burrows, with those coming from the same queen being buried in the same gravesite or near their mates (if they wish to). Thus, the more ancient queens have entire swathes of land dedicated to housing the remains of their deceased offspring, called “Rot-aki”, which means gone/far children.
These places are sacred. Only progeny of the queen to which the site is dedicated to may walk there, and only when the reason for such visit can be justified to the guards who regularly patrol the area.

No personal objects are buried with the dead, except their arms and weapons. It is a widely spread concept that the lady gave her children weapons to make up for their frail bodies, so it is only right to show her in the just how far weapon-making has come since she gave them such skill, once they dead meet her as they go back to the dirt
1. Floating Market: A Start of a new Economy: With the permission and aid of the little Oni, Benmi quickly orders the creation of the start of the Cha'ari Haanakunii (Floating Flowers) market on the lake Oni and litte Oni share. The beginning of the market will be large platform with a boat yard for merchants to hawk their wares and services with a temple dedicated to Saagfuru to house workers, guards, and followers of Sagfuru. It's a humble start start, but Oni believe soon it will bloom into something greater.
2. Little Oni Little Students: To ensure there will be less of misunderstanding, Benmi also orders his aunts (Beni's wives and concubines) to go into the Little Oni land and teach them the Oni tongue and culture. A message was sent ahead to the leader of the Little Oni and friend of Yogi, they will be coming. The aunts, along with linguist servants, had a bit of a hard time teaching the Little Oni due to with little Meluz they knew though most of the problem was the aunts constantly being enamored with the cute Little Oni and treating them like pets! (Teach the dwarves the Oni language)
3. Bloody Cuts and Deep Scratches No More!: Jiro was bored despite having the world trying to entertain him. His headache still bothered him to no end. He really is selfish, but the gods must have a reason to bless this annoyance in the fat. While walking around in the grassland of his home city, he misstep and tumble down a dug route. It wasn't a very bad fall, only having minor injuries, but to Jiro, it was the worst! He cried and cried while rubbing his body and then he was knocked from being tired from crying. In his dream, he saw a group of satyr also falling down, but in a hole. The fallen satyrs climbed out crying though only with bruised skin, shallow cuts, and bloody scratches. There a elderly satyr came out of the blurry jungle. The elder satyr put his hand in the hand absorbing life energy into his hands. Then he started to massage the hurt satyrs healing their wounds. (Research Minor Wound Healing)
Lore point: Golaetur'kot
>Mostly Recapped

When dead, a Gylden Dwarf's flesh will usually be removed from their skeleton, either quickly or slowly depending on the preferences of the family and any will left behind by the deceased Dwarf themselves. This can occur in a number of ways - 'Æblemorrine' Dwarves will often bury relatives within an apple grove for a period, for the flesh to moulder away into the soil and provide bare bones, whilst more mainstream Guldfarites might burn their deceased at a temperature to scorch flesh but leave the bones behind; though other methods exist and any will be tolerated as long as bones survive. It is the bones, the Gylden Dwarves believe, that are the containers for the soul; and now that the departed has left the flesh behind new homes are needed to bear the departed dwarf into the ranks of the ancestors.

For the bones of the dead dwarf, a Golaetur'kot will be fashioned; a receptacle for the bones of the departed dwarf fashioned in the shape of his image in life (or a caricature of said). The construction and size of a Golaetur'kot will vary depending on the provisions made by the Dwarf himself for interment – the poor may be interred in Golaetur'kot of pottery or concrete, the moderately wealthy in Golaetur'kot carved from stone; whilst those of well-off Dwarves and nobility may be carved from even more precious (and hopefully more durable) materials. In more recent years it has become a standard practice for the beard of the deceased to be shorn from their corpse for internment alongside the Dwarven bones inside the Golaetur'kot – there is no religious necessity in the act, but some Dwarves see it as a preservation of the honour that their kinsman had earned himself in life.

Once baked, carved or forged and then assembled with bones and beard inside, a Golaetur'kot is considered to be that ancestor; and the placement of their Golaetur'kot will speak of the Dwarf's wishes and life. Thought many will be placed into dedicated sites of memorial – high land that greets the golden sun is always popular, and gatherings of Golaetur'kot assemble upon hilltops as small units, whilst towns and villages keep gardens of memorial which keep the Golaetur'kot in readied ranks – they are not limited; wherever a Dwarf may have gone in life is considered a worthy spot for his eternal rest. The Golaetur'kot of a farmer might be set beside their fields, whilst that of a smith might be built into the wall of his forge, or a Warrior into the defences he kept. The well-off families sometimes keep prized walls to their dwellings that are struck through with or made up of decorated/decorative ancestors that speak of their linage, wealth and capacity to provision. But Golaetur'kot will not be cast aside or forgotten; when a Dwarf says that his ancestors are watching he speaks the truth; for throughout the land the Golaetur'kot stand as memorial and spiritual protection for the Dwarves born into the glow of gold.
File: Claimb every mountain.png (3 KB, 236x332)
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>Action 1: Old Salts
With a trade agreement with the Bandrru'ii by sea agreed upon, the list of what the Carvil'ax'seset have requested is examined. Ederakung's forges hold much spare steel, the breweries and farms of the land would have few troubles meeting requests for a few fine meats and alcohols. It is only salt supply that seems a potential issue, with a single source spread so thinly; and so a salt mine is opened up upon the remaining coast-side deposit north of Æbleholm to expand Dwarven capacity and test plantfolk demand for salt. The land around the new salt-mine is, however, one of the first districts gifted to Naval retirees; and by now many from the first generation have sons or sons of sons who yearn to follow the footsteps of their ancestors. Within the same hex of land a naval academy will also be founded, so that officers of the fleet might be raised to the same standards of training as their brethren who battle upon the land.

>Action 2 & (Reparation) 3: Claimb Every Mountain.
>Claim the mountains, marked in gold
The Gylden people had long thought of themselves as the lowland Dwarves, in contrast to the Ashen who lived in the highest of places in the lands. However, though there are Dwarves in the colony who descended from Ashen lines, many also came from the lines of the Dukkezopi; Dwarves from the second-founded town of the Gylden; built up within the mountains that were homeland to the Dwarves even before the great migration made to that third gift, that first glorious field of gold in the surrounds of great Gyldholm. And some among the Dukkezopi family lines have always hearkened for a greater return to the mountain ways. Was not the first gift granted to Dwarves within the mountains? Was not the second gift the sight of Guldfar's light seen from high up upon the mountains? In ones, twos and family groups the Dwarves of descent from the Dukkezopi decide to reclaim this set-aside legacy. The Dryads do not seem to want the mountains, and neither do the horned giants. So let feet ring out around the mountain flanks, let all but the highest and coldest peaks be bought into the embrace of the light of gold. The Dwarves spread up each navigable flank and wind through perilous pathways, until they reach the eastern rim of the mountain. For, from here, there is no further east to go. The mountain plateau leads to no further hills upon this flank; only the sheer, sharp edge of a long cliff. Below, far below, there are vague-to-see grasslands and forests; but clouds roll and birds soar in the distance between. Any descent down this cliff would be lethal; any ascent almost certainly likewise. The last, great eastern expansion drive of the Gylden comes here to a natural end.

With the ever increasing number of area's being utilized for farmland, along with the increasing number of mines, the roads once more would be expanded upon to create further road lines, both to the new mines and the new farms, but also to some of the older farms and mines given enough time allowed such to be permitted. The extension of the road lines would, ideally, create greater supply of all materials and food that the colony had to offer, and also ensure that the roads were far safer. Of course, the fact that it meant that gold would be able to get to the capital was a major motivator in this, but the effort put into the project by Clan Llewelyn was enough that the further connections utilizing any spare material was a certainty. Just how many was the greater question. But regardless of that fact, it certainly was a further improvement to the infrastructure of the colony. Though at the moment there was one issue that was starting to become apparent with the colony. Population...There was starting to be a shortage of people and workers...Ideally all the new farms and the increasing use of the lands already claimed along with the increased infrastructure would help raise it, or further colonists would arrive.

Meanwhile, clan Protheroe would continue its mining efforts with the new vein of Iron and Gold that was struck. It was clear to them that both materials were of extensive value, and that if they produced enough of it, they could basically destroy any competition in the market, foreign and local, creating a good monopoly to secure themselves, along with being able to further ties with clan Nist, or at least what few members were in the colonies. Still, they certainly would get support from clan Llewelyn, as more iron meant more tools at cheaper price meaning more productivity and further prosperity. And right now it seemed as if the colony was having quite a bit of good luck in furthering it's output of goods and with it the quality of life of those living there.

>Action One. Expand the road lines.

>Action Two. Expand the new Iron and gold mines.
Lore Point: What dead?
Typically burial in the snow. If not then either a trip down one of the rivers or cremation.

Fluff: Guards shouldn’t be let down yet, but let’s see where this takes us allying with these humans. We are to not act as fodder to their works, but as partners. Be it luring enemies into their fortified traps, or helping them push up the forward line. For now though, supply lines should be fine with the road in place. As the allied army does not appear to be moving, focus shall be put elsewhere to ensure that troops are able to put up against the seeking arrows from last time as well as other Magics.

1 action: Pure Defense: Defense against impure magic
Simply a small barrier around the one it is being cast upon. Disrupting magic that isn’t pure magic to some degree

1 action: Pure Defense: Pure Dissonance
Like pure magic, magic sometimes requires a target to be cast and used effectively. Hopefully this spell will help ward off impure magic, making spells that require a target be off their mark even just by a few inches.

1/2. Improve roadbuilding. Change is happening throughout the nation. Goblins are no stranger to change yet even to them some axioms were always to be held as true. The sudden urbanization and cooperation among so many different tribes was a movement strange to them yet it felt right. Strange because only homeplace was considered a place where many tribes gathered together for so long. Right because all they did was simply go with the flow and immediate self interest that somehow resulted in a system much bigger than them. Still such manias have come and gone before. It was likely that such cities were likely to doomed to fall from internal strife and blood mania, yet instead of the expected decline it seemed like things were only progressing. The goblins seemed to be growing increasingly competent far beyond previous norms and their infrastructure projects grow increasingly complex. Constantly tearing apart the old to make way for the new and improved. At this point it is the entire nation that feels like they are on the precipice of something.

3. Build the oni some stone roads to help connect their cities together. Cia'Cayn is in a panic. The recent changes taking place often heralds rebellion and eating of the old to make way for the new. What is worse is that Big Boss has once again shown interest in him. Commanding him to build forts all along the border to ensure their hegemony lasts for the age. Disturbingly he specified such forts should be capable of preventing the goblins inside the nation from fleeing if needed. The timetable given to him is truly impossible to accomplish and so he is truly doomed. If not from his subordinates than from big boss himself. Still his mind ran with potential possibilities. Sure for goblins such a task will be impossible to complete on time, but what if he had some outside help? Through clever dealing with the oni he secured the expertise and strength needed to make enough progress that will hopefully satisfy big boss or at least give the appearance of things going according to schedule. Even if he needs to sacrifice his valuable manpower at the start to see the greater project finished.
> Everlasting Waters

> Lore Point

Bodies of Laga are wrapped in black stained kelps, and a funeral is held at the Eye of Sigod, where hymns are sang, memories shared, and the name of the Laga is repeated until they fade from view, rejoining with Vasa Tama. The elves one may assume carry the same burial practices as the Neleye (unless that's weird), for dead without bodies, mausoleums are prepared where the living may remember them.

As Iti is seen at the borders of the Everlasting Waters, the patrol guard have already been warned, still weep and fuss over the Turtle mother, bumping and pushing her with saddened and reassuring chirps of sonar. Upon her nearing the Sanctuary, a crowd of gathered Laga shower Iti with flower petals and wreaths, and present many snacks of moonfruit pressed cakes, fish mash, and river potatoes. The grand door of the Sanctuary is an open arch in the building, large enough for Iti to swim outside, and stick her head inside and look upon her children. While she converses and reconnects with her spawn, we begin measuring and fitting the turtle mother with a new prosthetic flipper.

East of our northern fort in the bay of the Dander, a new fort is placed.

Far south, a farm forms for moonfruit in Mauna.
Lore Point: Bodies of wealthy Do'laroshan in the capitol and nothern fringes of their land are floated out to sea via the rivers. Most Shadowfolk, though, bury their dead in shallow graves. Various spots throughout the forest are designated as 'graveyards', but it is known by all that the bodies of Do'laroshans rarely remain whole for long, some unseen predator digging up and scarfing down the corpse fairly quickly. Many are buried with coins, which pass through the gut, or end up accumulating in the beasts gut. Many a Hunter has returned home with a handful of coins gathered from the belly of a slain beast.

Action 1 - Declare War for the Triple Entente alliance (Shadow, Fraternian, Turtles)
Who we're fighting remains to be seen, but the Turtles have seen forces gathering in the east, and the Cooperative amassing ever greater numbers in the Blackstone Citadel. Military might must be gathered to defend the border, if anything else! Station the majority of the Shadow forces at the fort, or along the turtle-dug trenches.

Action 2 - Expand/Upgrade We'vara to level 2.
We'vara grows in the darkness, the ever-more numerous Shadowfolk crowding the city, bumping in the darkness. New homes must be constructed, reaching up the sides of the grand trees, or sprawling along the dark undergrowth.

Action 3 - From the Turtle-Shadow market, to the nearby farm. In the Northwestern hex (the large one) build a Smithy(?).
Bows and arrows have always been a Do'laroshans weapon of choice. An unseen strike from the darkness, felling a beast to dangerous to sneak up on and engage with nothing but a measly knife, was the way of many of their hunts. Now, with the threat of war on the horizon and ample new forests to draw from, a place is designed that will accommodate the most skilled of wood-carving Do'laroshans to churn out ever greater bows and more arrow-shafts (to be paired with Fraternian steel arrowheads) than ever before. No Do'laroshan should ever reach for their quiver and find themselves without an arrow to loose upon beast or foe every again!
Lore Point < Returned to the Abyss

The bodies of the dead in Myn were once upon a time disposed in ritualistic manner in grand ceremonies which saw the dead dropped into the abyss underneath Myn the Elder, but in the new world new traditions were having to be adopted due to the absence of the abyss or a similar rift. With how fractured and how different each faction that makes up the expedition is a few different types of traditions have arisen so far. On the border and far reaches of the colony frontiersmen there have taken to not burying the dead but instead feeding them to their serpents, which while seen as quite barbaric by the Myn of the city, it is seen by quite a few cults as paying back the serpents for their service. On land but in the more settled heartlands they dispose of their bodies by burying them in a sealed cavern complex, this tradition was something ordered by Synic at the prompting of the cults, no one is quite sure why but the tradition has been carried on for quite some time. In the ocean though the dead are allowed to be taken by the fishes and other native life, similar to on the frontier they are returned to that which is seen to provide.
File: 2lpy9gom9g311.jpg (285 KB, 800x439)
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285 KB JPG
"But we. . .are already . . .at war. . .the War of . . The Feast!. . .why need. . .we enter. . .another?"


Build a colony in the Sanctuary, at the permission of the Whales. We should protect our turtle kin, the other children of the Mother.


Drums. Drums. Drums in the deep.

Now that the Great Trench is complete, the goblins have no where to run!

We will raise even more turtle legions in the manner of the Hunter Warrior, the Warrior who kills for sustenance, to raise Hunter Armies, that sustain themselves on the meat they kill.

The turtles dig, dig deep into the ground, expanding the tunnel networks below, but especially around the goblin infested lands, where they green meat never ceases. Barracks, warehouses, armories, and more are dug, with safe regions protected by long flooded tunnels built where the turtles ability to hold their breath for long time will ensure no goblin or other invader can easily progress.

These numerous rallying places will facilitate the recruiting, raising, supplying, and arming of more turtle legions, trained in the underground and tunnel warfare the Turtles love so, and where the meat flows so freely. It is said among the turtles, one need only stick out ones head past a tunnel, and there will surely be a goblin there to eat.
2x Search for more metal sources.
Action Heal it's wounds
With the call for help from the turtles, being heard and honored, many magi, casters, and healers make their way to the turtle lands to heal Iti, while tragically the ability to regenerate her lost limb is still beyond the capabilities of the fraternland magic, closing her wounds and ensuring it does not get worse is not. This massive logistical operation is organized and funded by the crown. The about of life force that will be needed for this mission will be staggering, but worth it. Purchasing from all the farms in Fraternland enough livestock will be acquired so that no one farm is driven into ruin. With the manpower and supply in order, the man focus of the mages, will be to locate the worse wounds and focus first on them, healing them best they can. Then they will move to the lesser wounds, and finally, heal the limb region saving what they can in the hopes that one-day Fraternland magic will have the means to heal the peaceful giant fully. While this Fraternitarian operation is happening, the culprits are never far from the minds of the Fraternian people. The nightmare beasts long since contained to the frost wastes of the north did this, and if they could be so cruel against a being so peaceful then they must truly be evil. They would pay for this crime in time.

Action Declare war
Menace from the East! That was the cry that every news carrier brought with them. It no secret that anti beastfolk humans had been found and said to live in the far east. But to think they or something worse was now marching westward was worrying, to say the least. But the fraternland people would not be shaken, their resolve not found wanting. The Do’laroshan and turtle people are already preparing to meet the enemy when they arrive and by our agreement with them, we are duty-bound to stand with them. A call we will not shy away from. The armies of Fraterland are raised and sent to march eastward for the good of all Sapientkind. While the bulk of the Fraternian military was sent eastward not all of it was. Enough forces were left to properly defend the heartlands, and the islands of Fraternland remained behind. And the navy has been sent to full alert, large patrols watch and securing the Fraternian sea lanes. If danger materialized from the waves the fraternians would not be found unaware
On the behalf of the Megyros

1&2: While the monastery was being built, a group of merchants scoffed at it. The Megyros should be focusing on the material world not esoteric matters. There's so much to see, buy and sell in the world. When news of the large horned giants from the west building a market that actually floats on water, it quickly excited the merchants for this is a new opportunity to meet new cultures and find new items to buy. And most importantly of all, to sell their goods for a high price! Wasting no time, they quickly commission upgrading the port to handle more boats while also building a lighthouse to keep things at the sea in order. Lastly, they also commission a grand fleet of mercantile ships so they can finally explore the coast; finding new culture, goods, and learning about the world.
*Forgot to add lore*
When a Oni dies, there is no tears for they are headed to the never ending party with Chadskisei in his moonlight paradise; the lucky bastards and bitches! Though if you were a bad little Oni, you still went there though as a devil hunting dog of Ushimilgoyi; spending forever as prey or hunter constantly dying. Not a bad afterlife for Oni since they love death. As for their bodies, the commoners bury the dead at the graveyard that's the nearest. For nobles, they behead the bodies and cremate them. They preserve the head drying them up with special herbs and oils. Then they put the ashes in ornate jars in the family House shrine with the heads below the heads.
File: map43.png (915 KB, 2048x2628)
915 KB
915 KB PNG

A single croaking cry rings clearly through the crisp evening air. The sound is unlike anything else, filled with solemnity, underwritten with pain.

[B] By Sen what has happened? Dryad from all over the Dalu come with news that the marsh and mire flourish into forest as lush as the Inner Rings. At once those who are most in tune with the unseen set out to asses them. When they return, they speak of the near perfect balance that has been bestowed upon them in the fall of a leaf.
[NM] Groggy and grumpy, the Dreamer wakes. Her old branches creak something awful as she listens to the what has happened whilst she has slept, groaning loudly when at last the question is asked. "You paid me no mind then? Humph! How many are buried? How many are burnt? How many have been lost in part or in whole for this venture? Yes, humph I say!" She grumbles a little more when she is not met with tearful apologies, "And now you bring news of another plague! One almost as terrible as Poxylos at that! I'd rather you'd told me you'd poisoned my roots. Lobarra is tenacious, hungrier than even you Dryads are for land. If it has been found a tyrn or two before it's roots took hold, simply pull it up, any later and it cannot be removed, merely managed. Cutting and burning, or fed to livestock. Please, by Sen and Va both, tell me it is a small infestation."
Save for that which is so unfortunately overrun with this strange vine, the forest above the Cano is brought to heel. Below the river, the flooded Pixie mine is realigned. Sparse, dying fragments of the Tanglewall still blight the land, but without the Faeries constant upkeep, these will simply rot away in time.
(>>4900466) A debt finally repaid, the Dryads begin to hunt in the Pugh Woods. In these same trees, a market along the Dandertrail entices travellers with food, drink, and Bandruidism.

As magic straddles the mundane & the divine, the Imperial College does for land & sea. Magi from across the already impressive nation are gathered there, collating their knowledge, formulating new ideas, as well as reviving the old. It's in these halls that tests for discovering potential wielders of magic are conducted. Using stones from the northern sands, applicants are instructed on visualising an energy flowing from themselves into the grasped stone. Of course for those without the touch, nothing would happen, but for those with it, the stone would take on the energy given it. There was no visual indication of the act, instead a faint cracking sound like that of an open fire, which quickly faded. This test however has to be monitored closely, as those with only a minor gift can easily channel more into the stone than their bodies can lose, resulting in fainting or even death.

The Maestros sing to the earth, and the earth sings back in kind, tunes of malachite, silver, and copper. And the rocky bones of the dead.
The Dryasylph are perfectly balanced things, able to soar on the currents of the winds. Such weaponry, though light to the forgetrees and other Drya, are rather weighty to something so airy. Nevertheless the they are tasked with carrying a couple of these flechettes on either side of their bodies.
A number of uses already exist, and more may well be found in the future, so it is the alum is ordered mined. (>>4900552) In contrast, raising from the warm sands is a temple to the Drya gods, welcoming Tree, Whale and Elf alike.

Nets hang from anchored boats and floating rafts, separating the seas into Paskian fish farms from river to river.
The cold does not ever relent, all wood must be hauled over the tundra to be burnt, it is time to continue the restoration of the runes. The fire rune of old is drawn up, inspected, and piece-by-piece altered as the force rune had been. Each change is tested, each test evaluated, more changes made. After a full tyrn of work, a reasonable equivalent of the old rune is formalised.

Further excavations see a number of ledges cut between the border forts, allowing for ease of movement for those who know of them.
Whilst College engineers scratch their heads, the runecarvers get the go ahead to try their craft with the things. A number of potential runes are tried with little effect, but those of storage with release modifiers show promise. Much like with the golems, a magic user must charge the rune for it to work, and though it does indeed work, the power dissipates constantly until the thing has the power of a wet fart.

The children of Iti are large and wilful, but with some coaxing are brought from their corral up to the dual temple of Undine. There they snap quite happily at the algae as it bubbles up, diving occasionally into the idol's chamber.
Whilst incredibly taxing to accomplish in the heat of Dybet, this tactic of ice and hammer is devastatingly effective in test conditions.

Bless the Lady! Squeak her name! So much dirt there is to claim! Some cautious Imnak report that a few of their tunnels grow dangerously close to quarries above, they could easily be detected if they do not reroute them.

[Full Moon]
More magics are required of them, so with stoic dignity the priests search for the method required to cast it. The answer comes quickly, a shower of water from the moon pool over the body, alas without warming it first. Neither priest nor target knows if the spell was a success, there is no aura, no ethereal shield around him. Further, without impure magics to test the thing, it is left an unsettling mystery. A sister magic is also asked for, and while the former freezes the priest, the latter scalds him. Moon pool water is to brought to steaming before showered over the priest. Once more, without impure magics to test if the spell is a success, this too will be discovered in the field.
A court official barges into the prince's chambers as he is enjoying an evening of wine and women, but before Benmi can leap from his bed to crush him he stammers out why he has done such a terrible thing. The king, his father, is missing. The palace grounds and those of the royal baths in Yokusna have been searched, he is nowhere to be found!
(>>4900051) The floating markets are a sight to behold indeed, soon full of both Oni & Dwarven wares, and the merchants of each race haggling. In Dwarven lands Oni women come too, ostensibly to help teach Oni language and "culture", but their conduct and state of (un)dress is more befitting of a concubine. Which of course most of them are.
Jiro comes to and stumbles back to his pleasure palace in a daze. He relays his latest vision to the priests before collapsing into a pile of cushions to complain how terribly the gods have treated him this day. With heavily rolled eyes the priests decipher this dream, developing the magics of laying on hands to heal minor wounds; cuts, scrapes, little burns, etc..

A second salt mine is set, and though much of it set aside for trade the more that enters the domestic market the better in many a Dwarf's eye. Alongside it rises the (Royal) Naval Academy, where officers of all levels are to be taught. That such things happen so closely together gives rise to the phrase "gone/going to mine salt", meaning someone has been accepted at the academy.
After so many tyrns, the call of the mountains is finally heeded. The shadow of the Crest had long been cast over the hills and forests, it's snowy peaks glowing gold with the rise of the sun each morn. At present there are only a handful of corridors and rooms cut, and a few less terraces carved into the rock.
Busy with the matters of state which often fall upon the father of the kalnthrunr, it is only now that Korek can return to his Guldhand search. Another pile of documents is dug up and scoured through. After the thanks for the wedding gift there's another land grant, a petition to have a field boundary moved, another petition for the same, a death certificate for the Dwarf's wife. Here Korek stops once more, hit with sudden, terrible sadness. The next paper is the Dwarf's own death certificate, just a day later, leaving his rather vast estate to his only child, a daughter by the name of Kamena; He smiles, it is a pretty name meaning something like "happy music" in Ashen-tongue. Odd, it seems she took her mother's family name of Kotzrigg, most definitely an Ashen name if ever there was one.

The Wandering Market emerges from the Hunter's grove, making it's spidery way west.
Road-building continues, including a bridge over the Baean, making movement into the western holdings far easier. They stretch northwards also, joining the newly expanded iron and gold mines to the wider network.
>Big Totem
[NM] Big Boss groans in agony, falling from his palanquin, crushing three concubines beneath him. The pain is unbearable, it's as if his innards are being chewed up. He feels another rumble as he rolls around pathetically, trying to get to his feet. It takes half his wandering harem to sit him upright again, becoming soaked in the greasy sweat pouring from him. It was supposed to be magnificent! Not like this! Not right now! But Big Totem has the final word. Like this. Right now.
The tribe of Zhog, having come ashore last tyrn, begin a slow march west through Totemic lands.
A number of Dander ways for the building of roads are rediscovered, and those which the Goblins find agreeable are implemented right away. Except in Oni lands, a sort of proof-of-concept perhaps.
Cia'Cayn scrambles for what to do in the meantime. How far apart, where should they be, what kind of fort?! Questions, questions, questions, and the only answers leading him towards a gaping maw and gruesome death. In a panic he scrawls out where he thinks some forts should go and prays to the totems he's done what was asked of him.
What are all those Shadowfolk doing milling about up in the north?

>Everlasting Waters
Though she knows they are trying to help her, the Great Mother moves at her own pace. Slowly she moves, slowed further by the pain and difficulties of her dismemberment. But the calls of her children draw her, and the insistence of the Whales confirms it, she makes to turn into the Thios Strait. The Laga meanwhile are not idle, they observe how she moves, roughly measure her flippers, discuss how to create such a large prosthetic, then hurriedly swim back home to begin the tyrn long work of doing just that. [She'll be at the Sanctuary next update]
(>>4900382) An unassuming outcrop sees the first phase of fort construction under the water, out of sight. This is followed swiftly by breaking the surface, and the growth of corals in less than half a tyrn. The Selin Oasis is perfect for the growth of moonfruit, perhaps even better than the nearby river valley it is native to.

So it is to war! The army of the Do'larosha gathers in the east, waiting for their enemy to show himself.
The branches groan, the trunks thicken, We'vara spreads within the stone walls around it.
A new compound rises, containing a lumber yard, bowyers, fletchers, and forges aplenty to feed the war beast which now wakes.

(>>4900552) Around Iti's Sanctuary, many Turtles come to be with their brethren. Before long an entire colony of the Shelledfolk have made their home in the waters surrounding the hall.
Tunnels run for miles beneath the earth, around the Great Trench, with hidden openings, traps, and all manner of nasty surprise within. Here a good number of Turtles make their home while the train, hunt, and become Warriors.
Iti is slow in her strokes, but still on the move. It requires the use of boats, and then rafts to be able to work on her. Up close she is awe-inspiring, how any could harm such a magnificent creature is astounding. With great effort however the wound is healed over, stopping the bleeding and any further chance at infection at the very least. After a grateful grunt, the Sea Mother continues her long swim.
The Fraternian army marches east! Over open countryside, the soldiers find themselves barely cresting the Echos within the tyrn.

The ports of Megyros are doubled in capacity, including the meagre shipwrights' yards. The impressive docks span the waterfront, crowned with a towering lighthouse guiding all safely home. To match these new facilities, a new fleet is commissioned, primarily as merchant vessels to ferry goods to, and money from, the markets in the west. Always clever though, it would not take much thinking to swap the cargo for soldiers, should the worst occur.

1&2. Defense parts 3 and 4: Wartime

We've neglected other areas of our borders where the Northern Grittidim may be able to strike, and with the ruse no doubt up, it's time. Prepare the fortresses for siege, make sure every able bodied man and woman is prepared. Even the children should it get down to it. Instructions on ways to cook rabbit are put out to the forts in case ration supplementation is needed. In the case one is to be overrun, a Guardsman is tasked with detonating all remaining powder stocks in the fort to deny it to the enemy. One morning, the order is given, and the cannon above the capital of the Grittiidim ring out. Their goal? Bury the city in rubble and avalanches with pre-designated points bombarded in addition to that of the city. All elements of the Colonial Guard are put to the defense of the homelands, many go to the borders, others to the cities to prepare civilian militias with the Militias of the Clans. Still more ready for a collapsing defense if the border cannot hold. Obviously our allies in the Dybet and Praenhearn are called for, after all they had been preparing for this. Finally, the Daiimad is reorganized into a far more streamlined matter for the war effort. The Human Dictat of Sylph will begin this war. Hail to the K'had Sajaak, the Vay-Sah, and the Katedra! Death to the foe! Death to his family! Death to their race! Gods preserve Humanity!

Very few, if any, turtle structures are visible above ground. Just as they are born beneath the earth, taking only the fewest of steps to the sea, most turtles prefer the comforts of living beneath the surface, whether that surface be earth or water.

So it is that, more than roads above the the ground as used by the shadowfolk and fraternians, it is below the ground that the turtles begin to to dig, and dig, and dig expanding more tunnels across the swaths of the forest, expecting a great migration of sorts, and an increase in turtle population, as the whole of the turtles begins shifting towards the limitless goblin food source.

2. "NEST 2"

Nest 1 has served our people well, built into a rocky cave where there is access to the river. But as the War of the Feast carries on, and the Goblin food supply seems ne'erending, an even greater, bigger nest is being dug beneath the surface of the earth, as small cavernous growths are being joined together by the indefatigable effort of hungry turtles to build a second city.

"Nest 2", from the surface, seems as nothing. Just another patch of forest, crawling with greenskins and turtles hunting them. But, find the right hole hidden by shrubs or a thin layer of dirt and stone, you would find an entry, where the turtles next big dwelling is being prepared to capitalize on the new food source.

Nest 2 promises to be even bigger, and more popular than the very first one.
Fluff: Ah. What idiots thinking they can trick rabbits. Welp, we’ve been peaceable because they seemed to be fighting impurity in their daily lives, but it seems after they’ve come into contact with those impure puffballs they lost their way entirely. It is a pity that they got to them first but nothing can be done about it other than wiping them out.

1 action: Pure Agility: Pure mobility.
Scaling the mountain hasn’t been easy, but hopefully with this new magic it becomes trivial. Uneven terrain, climbing, sudden pitfalls, all of the dangers that come with traversing uneven and dangerous terrain to be alleviated with a simple spell. We need to get them off the top of the mountain and we need to do it now.

1/2 action: Split the army in two, one section back to the capital to prepare for the possible invasion and to counterattack as well, and the other half to properly invade.

1/2 action: Build a fort
There is still one river undefended that leads to the capital, and we may as well knock out two birds with one stone. A fort in the snow

War post: Well, the troops on the front line seem none the wiser. Kill them all in their sleep, bring back weapons and gear that cannot be used on the front line for study, and see if a few of those loud banging instruments can be brought back for study. Once that’s done the force is to invade their lands going east where they came from. Find resources to capture including farms which can be purified sufficiently for rations kill anyone in their path, as they’ve made an attempted assault on the capital. Ensure that this treatment isn’t repaid in kind. If possible, find a road and use it, and if any forts are found make sure to attack at night when their eyesight is at its worst. Thankfully it’s a battle on the plains, so terrain of getting the BBRs through shouldn’t be too hard. Implement operation feller and just to reiterate, send magically armored and sped up troops up the mountain. Kill them all take their buildings and see what can be salvaged. This is the third war and its at home. Let’s show them the power of the Usagi underneath the full moon.
World event response:
Clearly, the world weeps for us as their is only them to purify it, all other being truly lost to impurity
War post addendum:
And if a resource is no longer useful to the army moving East, raze it to the ground. It can be collected properly later.
It should be noted that the Hammer and Ice technique was supposed to be developed in the north, in Prenhearn. Just like the two turns before, my first action is done in Dybet and my second action done in Prenhearn. This should also put my marines up there, making us able to reach our destination much faster for what my second action will be this turn.

Action 1: Develop Chamber of Frost beneath the Temple of Solahmar.
During our construction of the temple, we find that peak not only very hot during the day, but very cold during the night. Furthermore, we have some winter coats from Prenhearn which allows us to operate in a cold room. With this, we can create an even bigger and even colder chamber, not just freezing a large amount of meat, but giving us extra ice, which we can use to further extend how far we can transport the meat before it thaws. We'll be edging closer and closer to Prenhearn.

Action 2: Naval invade the Pure Nation from the north. Also get the Wepawet mac Lir in on the action.
With our improvement and acclimation up north, we are ready to help our Prenhearn allies up north, and maybe the Daiimad too, to actually be present for the invasion of the Usagi heartlands this time. We shall muster some Prenhearn hunters to augment our Anub marines, then sail around the east side to attack the Pure Nation from the north. We have developed hammers and an icy siege technique specifically to crack whatever fortifications they have up there since the Danderfey invasion. Once we're through the fort, we shall search and destroy, taking out their infrastructure, which will make it harder for them to supply and muster. Smash their homes, their forges and their farms, scatter their people to the hills, and whoever we catch will become part of our stew. We shall also have the Pharaoh's flagship, the Wepawet mac Lir involved, to additionally hammer their fortifications with cannon barrage.
Action 1: Colonising the Tangle (2/5)

Converting more of these tangle farms to hunting grounds, and bringing the silver mines into proper usability. This is an excessively tedious project, but the results are a boost in population unthinkably vast.

Action 2: Expel the new plague

Cut it up, gather it, feed it to beetles and grazing animals, rip it out by the roots and burn it in the open plains.
This place cannot be balanced with such a plague roiling around in it.

There are seven points of infection, it is manageable by a people so attuned to nature as us.

Action 3: Clockworks

A major departure from anything the rings have invested time in before, with the coming of fine dwarven steel we have a new level of accuracy available in our tools, some curious dryads (Affectionately referred to as wheelfingers) have taken to constructing bizarre devices with their spare time now that that war has ended.

Ticking clocks that tell the time of day, elegantly shaped into naturalistic forms, strange simple automata, useless in function but fun curios to place on a desk and sure to fetch a fine price at any market.

This is the first in a series of efforts at equipping the rings with various trade goods to bolster their economy as their population is sure to skyrocket from recent conquests, they will likely fetch a good price sold across the canal to traded to the dwarves.


Such a glorious sight to behold, our victory has brought about this sudden flourishing of balance. Even the great forest of Bandru Va’siya has expanded, the world is healing.

This is a time for great celebration across the rings, mingling with the spirits that are so easy to speak to in such balanced areas, to enthrall oneself by walking in these new woods and sunbathe stop their canopies. A just reward for our hard work.
War post addendum 2:
And make the boarders a living hell to cross. Traps all around to make movement as dangerous as possible for anyone that’s not a rabbit passing through.
File: fort_locations.png (6 KB, 328x299)
6 KB
With his father missing, Benmi's feeling are quite confusing. He is fill with quiet rage boiling in him for Beni left without saying something. Or furious at the maybe kidnappers! Whatever it is, Benmi prays his father is safe....

1/2: Everyone was looking for the missing King Beni, Benmi remembers the deal gobbu have purpose to sending more subjects for scientist to experiment upon. With a heavy sigh, he orders workers to go to the borders of the gobbus to improve the border forts along the rivers and build two more forts up north. He will honor the deal despite his feelings of sadness.
Such sorrowful noise! It's like the devils and demons are crying themselves. This inspires musicians to make songs based on it.
Action 1: Pask begins construction of a Grand Devisery in Obron.

Action 2: With the absolute assurance of its food supply, Pask shifts its focus to the materials that are needed. Quarries are created so that Pask has an ample supply of stone for building.
File: Turn.jpg (168 KB, 756x770)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>Global Event - The Croaking Cry
The sound is heard as it drifts through the evening air, and Gylden Dwarves wonder what terrible thing has happened far away. Does Snehvid stride the land, bringing pain and suffering with foul magics and utter cold?

>Action 1: Completion of the Tanglesurvey
>(Prospect Red X's)
Began soon after Gylden Dwarves first moved into the lands of the Tangle, the survey of these woods now draws to a close. It provided an opportunity to account for activities and employment throughout these lands - it seems the Pixies themselves barely had an idea what each other were doing - and also allows for a redeployment of labour away from economically unproductive areas. What is the point in continued maintenance of the expansive and unproductive Tanglewall? The Pixies see themselves as gardeners first and foremost, so allow the provisional government to return them to farms and gardens to grow more fruit and flowers instead. Let the Tanglewall rot away!

A little more survey work is also carried out upon the lands of the northern coast.

>Action 2: Colours of Guldfar
>(Carnelian Mine and Brass Forge)
A mine is struck for the uncovered Carnelian, the Dwarves choosing to work the deposit upon the Savannah as less clearance work will be needed. And a recently arrived metallurgist from the Gyldenland plans the setting up of a forge for Brass. The only trouble is.. where to site it? Known Zinc and Copper deposits do not lie close together so some transportation over distance will be required in any case. In the end, two sites with good road connections and rapid-running rivers where a waterwheel run can be dug alongside the main channel are given final consideration - Land by the fast-flowing river Lodaster on the south-eastern grasslands around the field of gold, where the terrain is fairly flat and Zinc is close to hand; and land to the south of the brewery just above Kapypho's rest, where copper can be bought up easily from Kupsiloz. It is left to the engineers, architects and merchants to work out which would be more efficient and better serve market needs.

>(Final Reparation) Action 3: Protections of Æblemor
The scream of pain made many Dwarves wonders; is Snehvid abroad? Does pure white evil rise within freezing lands, striking out with malicious magic? It is fortunate, then, that as trade opens up with our neighbours it brings to us supplies of Silver from abroad, so we need bring no further diminishment to the holy spiral vein. Æblemor's priestesses delve into their own magical knowledge and their Goddess' revelations to work silver and applewood, making protective charms and binding dispels to neutralise magical energies and forces that might be turned against Dwarvenkind.
>A Royal Wedding
Kalnthrunr Zuvrek has come of age, the regency is officially at end! But he would invite his father to stay on as an Advisor... if Korek would wish to? So much of his father's life has already been spent in a royal shadow, so Zuvrek would understand if a change of pace might appeal.

The first event scheduled post-regency is Zuvrek's marriage to Rehilda. The ceremony is to be held at Æblemor's grand temple, so that Kalnthrunra Glodrana's Golaetur'kot may look down upon proceedings; after which there will be a procession to Guldfar's great temple upon the field of gold where the reception is to be held in the surrounds. Among many other deliberations upon the guest list, it is decided to extend an invitation to Kamena Kotzrigg - if she can be found by messenger.
> keep expanding southward
The colonization never ends, not until we rule the entire undersouth.
As such, new villages are to be built, and new families shall be gathered for the purpose of populating these lands. This is a national service, and all should be proud of serving the council and lady in such a fashion

> upgrade Maglak by adding a city to it
A young architect presents a plan: to turn Maglak into the greatest city ever seen, a true bastion of might and defensibility.
The council approves, despite knowing how much this will cost. The flame of pride yet burns in the hearts of the Imnaki
(Because I forgot to mention it last time)
The bodies of those who perish are brought back to their families to be seen one last time before they are buried. Originally, this was a simple affair, but some time ago the Clan Wynn Tradition of a ornate carved stone with stories of the life of the deceased had spread quite far, before even the colony's inception. Generally, the bodies are buried either on their own in the wilderness with the stone raised above them, or in a large graveyard not far from a city or settlement.

With the mines finished in construction, clan Protheroe would look on to try and further their control over the mining sector. Considering the copper mine that wasn't too far from the forest was doing decently and wasn't in their hands, they'd approach the clan which owned it and pay a hefty sum to take the mines into their hands, after which they swiftly set about to improve the place and extend it's reach and output to an extent that hadn't ever been reached by the mine in question before. Their superior skill through their specialization in mining paying out and turning it to yet another large mine on par to that with the iron or gold mines. Still, this was just a start, and there was far more to do. While this went on though, the town of Traethllwyd would finally have it's temple expanded to be on a level equal to the colonial capital. It's expansion would mainly be upward and to the garden like area behind the structure, further more statues and engravings on the inside would be added.

Back to clan Protheroe, they would continue prospecting...However they and a number of other's would report of a group of swift and destructive savages at the door leaving a trail of destruction and death where they went...The prospectors would try and do their job to the best of their ability, and ideally would get something done before they would be forced to withdraw for safety reasons...This likely was going to be an issue. All that training into the Colonial Army would not go to waste it seemed, instead being put to the test...

>Action One. Expand the Church in Traethllwyd and expand the copper mine.

>Action Two. Further Prospecting.


Fitting that such a horrific scream would come before the clear start of a war...

There would be a number of small cabins and disunited substance farms and hunting lodges, with the occasional small village. Of these, sometimes nothing was found, sometimes wolf like folk sleeping soundly, occasionally someone confused who would be cut down...Rarely one who fought back...At least, initially. Soon villages and homes would seem to go abandoned, and the reasoning was quite simple. Some had escaped and warned the others...

The Colonial Army would make haste to prepare at the river line and hills, the idea being that the Gwaywffyn Mynydd could easily utilize the chokepoints while Helwyr Saethwr rained arrow after arrow from affair and the Coeden Fwyell dealt with anything that tried breaking past the spearwalls. Of course, there were plenty of people across the riverine, and they couldn't just be abandoned. With this in mind, a number of Helwyr Saethwr would head out in small groups to try and escort anyone across the river to safety or at least ensure that they were safe. Further, as a secondary objective they were to harass and ambush the invaders whenever possible, utilizing foliage and the night to their advantage, finding the white furred beasts easy to spot against the dark moonlight compared to the grey, brown, and green that were often a part of the Helwyr Saethwr's armor. The main force however was held back, for the plan was to wait until the enemy tried crossing the river or hills. From there, the forces at the river or hills would then move to close in and encircle the enemy force. In the best case scenario, the enemy would have a river to one side with enemies upon it, and another army to the other. Additionally, any Anubisid forces that were in Prenhaearn y Wladfa and weren't occupied with something else would be directed to join the ranks of the Coeden Fwyell, provided they were properly trained. Lastly, a number of Iron Canonau would be prepared, with wheels to move them. While it wasn't likely they'd reach the front, a group specialized to utilize them would ideally come about in the coming months. Ideally the river would hold by then, and maybe the rabid rabbit like monsters would get distracted with the market which was heading out....Still, the main goal was to minimize civilian losses, and hold the hills and river. Depending on how the enemies assaults' continued, further plans could be drawn up from there.

>Action 1 - Declare War on Blackstone Cooperative
Or rather, the disgusting infestation of goblins they have allowed to spill out of their lands. Is it really a declaration of war when you need to kill the rats that wonder over from your neighbour's pigsty of a home?

The Simfuni are passive, the Moles reclusive, and the Dryads aloof. None will even entertain the Do'laroshan dignitaries, much less listen to what needs to be done. So it is up to the Shadowfolk to end this conflict, and secure Achroma's lake from possible invasion.
Until now, the hills of Kateros and Syph's Breath have been choked by Turtles and Shadowfolk chasing wild goblins from burrow to burrow, more of the green animals present every night as they crawl in from the east.
So, the Shadowfolk will answer in kind. Gathered forces start in the west, between the river Claren and Achroma's holy land, and start a methodical purge. Every night the army moves slowly eastwards, routing out every nook and hollow to eradicate any goblin who does not flee first. Any non-goblin member who dared stake a home in the perpetual battlefield of the contested land is, of course, safe. Not allowed to stay, but given time to pack, and leave, whether that is towards Theatra or back to the Quarry.
Of course, a rugged-yet-imposing fort constructed by the goblins mars the great trench the Turtles dug, and may prove a hassle as the Shadows push the goblin infestation ever eastwards. It will need to be dealt with, but for now the Do'la forces will not engage with the fort yet. This may well be the final bastion of the goblins in Entente lands... a problem for later. For now, the army will settle the trenches, preparing for an angry horde of savages to counterattack. They'll occupy their time waiting by striking any workers who look to fortify the goblin fort, denying them any hope of digging in deeper.

>Action 2 - Build a Farm in the same hex as the more northern Fort. Upgrade it.
Hopefully, all Entente lands (save the vex-some fort to the east) will be cleansed of the Goblin menace now. However, this news may cause cheers in Shadowfolk, but wails of sorrow in the Turtles! So a 'farm' is constructed, an odd-mix of prison-camp, nature reserve and training ground. Here, with tunnels stretching into the earth and the fort looming overhead, goblins will be allowed to 'live' in packed conditions, the refuse and offal of Entente society their sustenance. Here, among the burrow-choked hills and winding tunnels, goblins can be hunted (by the Fraternians and Shadowfolk) and then eaten (by the Turtles), keeping the forces stationed at this fort well-stocked in both fighting experience and food!
The Shadowfolk are keen, of course, to enforce the idea that the goblins within will NEVER be allowed to escape. Traps, barricades, active guards and frequent patrols, all will be used to ensure not a single one of the volatile livestock can escape their cage.

The palms are tied, the wax brushed on and left to dry, straps are tied down and tightened, until at last Iti has 4 flippers once again.

>Public Works (Air Conditioning)
A series of underground pipes which carry air over cooled water becomes the best way to keep from overheating in the summer sun. Not only as a means of leisure and comfort as in newly air conditioned lounges and villas, but even further chilled cellars and basements.
woops forgot lore response

The cry, anguished and heard across the land, has the skittish Do'laroshans pondering it's significance. In a rush, the Shamans of We'vara travel to Achroma's temple to check upon the Sufferer. Was the cry his? Is there a new pain he must experience for eternity now?

Some of the more historically minded Shamans and scholars are curious though. This cry, and the sun blinking out, and the ashen rains that ravaged the land... are they connected?

Well... the time to consult Achroma draws ever closer. Perhaps that will be the Shamans next question.
Action war stuff
Finally arriving at the Great trench, after having to move over the mountain range, the fraternian military gets up to speed with the current mission. The Do’loroshan plan is explained and agreed to after some grumbling, having none Entente civvies in the conflict zone would only make things harder for them, after all the rabbits or the HCA humans are a looming threat.
Feral Goblins are captured using a combination of herding tactics from the infantry and cavalry so that the mages can use stunning bolt to detain them and severing bolt in extreme situations. The sapient Goblins are removed south along with other Cooperative civilians, the noncombatants are given a reasonable time frame to collect items and goods important to them before being escorted by the military to the Formal Entente Cooperative border, Violence and lethal means are reserved for those who attempt to fight back who cannot be reasonably detained with Stunning bolt or severing bolt. Once the Military has swept to the trench line, they will hold positions, helping our fellow Entente members hold the line.

On the home front news of the developing situation is sent, the reserve forces are made ready to defend the homeland if needed and the navy is set on high alert, while the Crown is hopeful that the long peace and mutually beneficial trade between the Fraternian and dryad have shared will help prevent this border dispute from developing into a full war. They will take no chances, on the islands, the full-strength forces are made ready to repel any attempts to invade, while the navy patrols the waters looking for any signs of dryad aggression. Ready and willing to respond to an attack.

Action Development upgrade the port of Kalport and the raise defenses for the city of Kalport
War is all but assured while the mayor attempts to do what he can to prevent it from spilling over into the island, he cannot allow his people to be neglected if it comes, as such he petitions the crown for aid in building up defenses for the city to force any attacking group to breach them before getting into the city proper. The port is also expanded, for it, war is to come the Kalport will be needed to help hold the enemy back on the waves acting as a repair and holding port. A large port also means more ships in the harbor to ward off enemy raids.
Event: Scouts are sent out around the Drya's land to find the source but none are found. It is deemed that whatever the cause was far away and they would have to wait for news of what it was.
1. With the gift of the Carasprig for the use in experimentation the Purebreeds take to their first idea: making a Drya with it. The normal method is used and the Carasprig used to fertilize the growth of a drya to see the results.
2. Other experiments also begin; this time with magic. It is already known that a plant may be given the intelligence and mobility of a drya but now they shall give it the changing nature. Spells will be worked through both the control and awakening to allow them to intake resources as they grow and change into new forms as the breeds of Drya do; but without the intelligence.
[NM] No! He had so much to live for! But that is not what a goblin is meant to do. They are all meant to die one way or another and no matter how much he filled his stomach the cold empty feeling of dread he felt deep inside himself was never filled by any of his hedonistic activities. The simple reality that he was always condemned to no matter his choices. Now all that is left is to perform this one final act before he is consumed by the big totem himself. With desperation fueling his actions he moves with that characteristic speed and agility that had always surprised others in his short bursts of activity. However, the reality is that he could have always performed these feats for long periods of time. Which is what he has to do as he finds his frame steadily and impossibly growing larger at almost equally astonishing speeds. It's his only hope as his palace is a labyrinth and confined space and he fears that he may be crushed deep inside the hill that homeplace is built upon. An all too ignoble end and one that he believes that even the big totem would be dissatisfied with. It is a close call as he crushes aside all servants, all visitors, even all the tribute strewn about in his mad dash. Doors need to be bashed aside until he is forced to break through their frame proper. When he reaches the entrance hall he is too big even for the massive gate and is forced to kick down the front wall. Smashing everyone with debris who were unfortunate enough to be standing around, but at least he was outside.

Unfortunately this did nothing to abate his exponentially growing size as well as the ravenous hunger that seemed to grow alongside it. But it was not his own, rather it is the hunger of all the goblins that exist and there is only one thing that could ever satisfy such a hunger...In mad glee he begins tearing apart bloody chunks of his flesh and throwing them around. No matter how much he rips apart there is always more as he seems to grow larger still. There is utter pandemonium in the streets of home-place as everyone is driven into a frenzy. Eager to consume the flesh of Big Boss and one another to finally eat their fill. Soon it was not just the city, but the entire nation which saw the looming figure in the horizon. Great meaty meteors smash into the land wherever there are goblins, the skies seem to rain with blood, Laughter booming like horrible thunder. Still he kept growing ever larger until all the nations on Slyph could see him in his full being and majesty. Even they had chunks of flesh thrown their way and goblins that they didn't even know they had descended upon it to feast greedily. In places where goblins were particularly concentrated even other races found themselves taken in by the moment. Partaking in the bloody spectacle as they were overcome with a hunger they could never hope to describe.
But what was most disturbing was how soon the world realized that impossibly mad laughter was in fact words. Words that they could somehow understand despite their tongue being foreign and their meaning impossibly alien. "Everything from Nothing! And Nothing from Everything! The world turns! The wheel turns! Big Totem devours & creates, and creates and devours! Creation from Void from Creation! Feast! Ye children of the Totem, Feast!". Over and over again those words are repeated as finally the figure in the horizon seems to diminish by its own hand. An eery quiet takes place after and somewhere in the south a new big boss is chosen to herald this new cycle.

1. Goblin Poetry? The goblin language is undoubtedly unique among its peers. Its dialects are innumerable and the words taken from other nations and races are uncountable. Despite this, when two different goblins converse with one another they can easily parse the meaning behind the other's words despite never encountering the dialect. To the point where every goblin would independently give a word the same meaning as the first goblin who spoke it. Implying some greater linguistic rules that are inherently instinctual to them. This makes the language shockingly precise and allows them to assign a word to theoretically any concept that other languages would have a harder time parsing. With their newfound great mental acuity and the impactful events that just occurred this instinctual understanding has been built upon by the goblins to put words to their feelings in a uniquely artistic way.

2. Upgrade roadmaking. The New Bigboss is a rocky type female who is notoriously violent in disposition. She is infamous for living in solitude yet capable of making a vast network of traps that would see tribes ruined as she feasts upon those caught in her machinations. Turning the land into her personal hunting grounds where she simply walks over to her next meal without effort. Her cunning mind has only been further enhanced by the new age and she now sees the potential the entire nation has as one giant deathtrap. Her first act has been to wander around. Turning the goblins' powerful minds towards ways of construction to cause destruction. Giving them the potential to surpass even the dander in feats of engineering.

3. Further connect oni cities with roads. With the efforts of the new Bigboss and the transformation the construction of the roads had greatly accelerated in the oni lands. To the oni watching the sudden shift in work ethic, personality, and capability was a stark one that made them question if they were the same race that they had even encountered. Especially as it seemed like they were not constantly dying in accidents to meet quota as they used to. Although there was always at least one that had some "great new idea" that seemed to have deadly consequences for themselves and the others around them in an effort to make things even bigger.
As for the last Bigboss when he tore away the last piece of himself he could only think of one thing. "I am finally full".
Posted on behalf of the Gali

Action 1: Build 2 Churches
(In the same circle style like last time)

Action 2: Peltasts
Alongside spears many hunters begin to throw skull-sized rocks.

Action 3: Prospect
File: map44.png (991 KB, 2048x2628)
991 KB
991 KB PNG

The hidden paths are joined together, along with a steep access road to carry the newly-cast heavy bombards up into the forts. As soon as they are in place, their firing begins. With so much iron needed for the effort, supplies are soon to run dry.

Networks of tunnels stretch beneath Turtle lands; Dry or flooded, stone or soft earth, each preference is catered to within. Where two of these vast tunnels connect, a second Nest is begun. Each day more Turtles come to make it their home, where gobmeat is abundant!

[Waning Gibbous]
With another spell asked of them, the priests do as they always have. Fully prepared for possibly having to be ritually amputated, or garotted, or some equally gruesome price, they are relieved to find it is a simple matter of acrobatic arts. The required movements are however, of course, frightfully difficult for all but the most skilled to perform.
The army of the Rabbits moves. A fort is built strong between the ears of the river, to warn of coming dangers by sea, and help keep them away from the capital of purity.

A chamber is cut into the rock of Ahmar where water priestesses will work their freezing magic against the walls and basins of arduously transported water. Each dusk the ritual is re-performed. Under cover of night the ice is delivered to the great pharaonic ports for the long journey north. It lasts until the boats enter the Lien current!
(>>4904693) Even with the finest Dyb and Fanwen ships available to them, the journey north is a long one. The fleet reaches the rocky headlands of the Great White by tyrn's end.
Complaints come again from the dual temple that someone or something has killed one of the turtles within!

Work continues in clearing away the useless ephemera of the Pixies, transforming their "garden" into far more substantial hunting grounds. One far less ephemeral legacy of the Fae however is the infernal infestation of Lobarra. It takes an entire tyrn to remove the stuff from a single place. The reason however is far more sobering than a tyrn's hard graft, the thing is imbued not with a negotiable floral spirit, but something more primal, uncontrollable: Hunger. Nothing remains alive beneath the soulless plant, down to the very earth it rooted into, all it covered is dead.
The advertised is far greater than the delivered in the case of Dryad clockworks. Such delicate work is difficult even for those with the finest of fingers, meaning only the scrubbiest of highland Sennite have the knack for it. Their creation is that of gears and gearing, as yet without use much more than the turning of the quern, albeit on a far smaller scale.

[+2 PE]
His personal search for his father is put on agonising hold as Benmi organises the promised building project in the Goblin lands.
[+2 PE]
Scrounging whatever stone is easily available as-and-when it is needed simply will not do for the grand plans the Paskians have in mind. Two wide quarries are cut into the icy ground where prospectors have trod before. First of these grand plans is the aptly named Grand Devisary, where scores of pages of runic magics may be inscribed, and the scores of scribes who do so may be housed. Construction begins with a bridge over the River Eno, followed by a tall wall around the impressive foundation stones.

Korek thanks his son and regent, but declines an official position; He has been entangled in the affairs of state for longer than he can even remember. Of course, he's still the boy- the man's! father, should Zuvrek ever need him, he knows where to find him. Guldfar's light shines warmly on the day of the wedding, a sure sign of an auspicious match! The beaming couple exchange their vows within the grand temple, followed by the three sips of Ichor (or rather, 2 sips, and one big gulp to finish the cup!), finished with the giving & receiving of applewood crowns. The two leave an offering of silver beads, Rehilda dabs her husband's wetting eyes. They emerge to song and cheer, then a fabulous procession southwards to the Field of Gold; Route lined in well-wishers, banners & pennants, music, and Ichorous revelry! They arrive to a much less formal affair, how they each prefer it, mingling with the high- and low- born of their realm. Among them is a stout woman, with a beard of shocking silver resting on her ample bosom, her tanned skin showing her tyrns of work in the fields and sties. [Take to IC?]
With some coaxing, the Pixies agree to give up the maintenance of the outer Tanglewall, however they insist that what remains of it around, the once Lower but now Only, Thornbush not only remain, but be allowed to regrow. With so much stripped from them, a place which belongs to them alone, even as small as this, will help smooth further relations with the Dwarves. This issue aside, additional prospecting reveals the continuation of the turquoise layer beneath the Tangle forest.
The savannah is hot, but at least it's not a literal jungle. The carnelian is just about worth the beard-sweat. A good deal of arguing, bickering, and calling up of old grudges lands the forge on the banks of the Lodaster on the back of the only they can agree on: Money. A Feber is flipped, and the location sealed.
Foreign silver is still silver, and works just as well as the very precious domestic stock. All about the country vessels of solid silver filled with blessed applewood and magic words are buried. Hundreds make pilgrimage to the temples of Æblemore and Guldfar to receive blessings. A renewed religious fervour ignites the nation.
Dirt dirt dirt. The venture south however draws to an end, with the clanking of innumerable little picks in the vast southern mines of the Gobbos, any farther could easily reveal the Under-Empire's plan.
Wider! Deeper! Maglak grows to the architects plan, and Imnak quickly fill the space.

[R] Western settlers return with news of a small species of wild sheep grazing the Meadows.
Now in Protheroe hands, the copper mine is brought up to their expected efficiency. In a similar vein, the church of Traethllwyd is increased in size equal to that in Glaniadneifion.
Nothing?! Not one blasted little sliver of ore?! By Fanw what are you lot being paid so much for if you can't find anything with such knowledge at your disposal?!

[+2 PE]
It is simple. It is time for the Goblins to die.
Corralling a number of the infestation into the enclosure is startling easy, and watching over them equally so from the parapets of the northern low-fort (of course designed to remain unseen from Achroma's Lake).
Two of the elder Shamans have been jumpy, well jumpier than is usual, of late. They whisper to themselves frequently, or stare into darkness with a frightened look.

>Everlasting Waters
(>>4901286) Iti's massive head barely fits in the open back of the Sanctuary, where her children rush to be near her. Even in her current state, pained and world-weary, her mere presence is calming. As the Laga get about fashioning a replacement fin, they see the wound has been cleanly healed over, far faster than even a demigoddess could likely manage. It shows there are forces of good elsewhere in this world. Still, the enormous task they set out for themselves empties the stocks of wax and fronds at the hospital, with more being rushed in every minute. When it comes time to fit the thing, the giant turtle quiets her paddling to allow them to. Tentatively she tries her replacement, letting out grunts of thanks and satisfaction. Alas, her instinct is to turn and turn and turn, ever circling Syph, she gives a final cooing moan, and goes to set off down the Green Strait.
Mauna sees the greatest need for the latest invention. Pipes of baked heshimud are laid in many public spaces, allowing cold air to flow freely. Covered areas see the wide use of tiles of the same stuff, which remain cool throughout the day.
(>>4904754, >>4901286) Fraternian troops finally arrive, the war begins.
The docks of Kalport are significantly enlarged, bringing them in line with the rest of the GFU. To defend them should word of war in the north reach the island's Dryads, substantial stone walls are built in the north.

A fraction more than the usual care is given to the experimental planting of the Carasprig, as it had supposedly come at an exorbitant cost. It is diligently watered, the grounds tended daily, and watched for whatever may emerge from the earth at any moment. A near full tyrn passes without so much as a shoot. It is only after a full wandering of the stars above that life springs. Weakly, an abominable thing claws its way out of the dirt. Covered over in a sapling's bark, it resembles a koape, though perhaps only a third the size of one. Further, its head is bulbous, distended-seeming, with short sharp teeth line protruding from its gums. It screams with a force which shakes the leaves of the Purebreeds. The thing scampers with agility out into the wide Yadi before it can be cornered and caught.
The magics of the Drya have raised the mundane to their likeness, but they still remain in their grown form. To make these pseudodrya of more use, further magic is poured into them, giving them a more Dryadic shape. There are limits, as in all magics, as only what is available in the grown tree may be used.

>Big Totem
[NM will be resolving next turn]
"Should it be that {Goblin word meaning "three or four forest tribe Goblins who do not mine"} take up pick in service of {Goblin word meaning "the tribes of the north who mine precious resources"}, that a thing of {Goblin word meaning "a beautiful thing earned through the subject's mother's or grandmother's efforts"} will have gone to {Goblin word meaning "waste that even savannah tribe Goblins would not fight over"}."
A new Big Boss in charge finishes the loose ends left by the bloody husk of the old Big Boss, (>>4902634) tying together the Oni cities by roads of stone.

The temples of the Ring continue to rise from the snows. Continued searching of which bring up further veins of silver, and layers of that shiny rock. More primally Galissan in nature however, are the newest rank of hunters, who with raging strength hurl the abundant rocks as fast as any spear-thrower.


-The Second Purity Wars: A Rude Awakening-

The chill morning calm is broken with the thunder of bombards. Monstrous hailstones of iron rain down upon the northern slopes. The walls of Kaa'Raat are breached, the copper mine is collapsed, dozens of buildings lie in ruin. It is over in less than an hour, but still perhaps hundreds are moonsent or soon will be. It is a miracle that the temple grounds received no direct hits, yet woe, as the palace burns! The cobbles are splashed red, the snow stained crimson. The impure strike at the heart of Purity.
Western Rabbit forces meet little, if any, resistance from the lazy wolffolk of the Meadows. Most are killed in their beds, or else their meagre fields. Anything not of use is razed, with loot transported to the fort ruins. Their pathetic forces line up along the hills and rivers, firing easily dodged or deflected arrows, else quaking behind their shieldwalls. Too many escape across this boundary they feel, but even one left alive is too many for the Usagi. Small skirmishing forces break through this line in a futile attempt to take back what has been lost, but with priestly magics cast upon the Rabbits, they are quickly done away with. However, plans must be agreed upon on how to deal with these wretches' tactics, while the priests rest their feet for a moment, as a full assault may be just what they want.
Eastern Rabbit forces though find no such luck. Repeated blasts of impure lightning break through the fragile barrier cast upon them, followed by a volley of handgonne fire. More Usagi forces rage into the fort, overwhelming the guards as they reload or recharge. But the impure had foreseen such a defeat, and made plans for the inevitable. A small hiss is the only warning, before an almighty explosion shakes the foundations of the Hoppsekilles, obliterating everything around.
Fuelled by the fires which tear through Kaa'Raat, magically infused Usagi bound over the peaks of Little Syph into the bombard nests of the Men. Caught totally unprepared for such a response, the minor fort they gather upon is trivially vanquished, but leaves this small number of leaping soldiers marooned.

-War of the Feast: Pest Removal-

The push is slow, but decisive. Ferals are rounded out of the lands, into either uncontested Blackstone holdings, or hungry Turtle mouths. As expected the fort of the civilised, or at least less feral, Goblins is a major sore point, as is the far less expected Claran spring. The savages thereabouts are so deeply entrenched, their warrens so vast, no matter how many are killed there are always more.


New thread, including the thrilling conclusion of the Goblin Mystery, will be posted on Friday 9th July, with the first update on Monday 12th July.

1. Harden Thy Metal: There's blood in the air and it's making Oni anxious instead of excited. This was a first and worrying omen for them! With nostalgia and will, Oni decided they put this off for too long. Oni traded silver and beautiful gems with the Little Oni for coal. They quickly built blast furnaces all around their cities, especially the mines and started to upgrade their iron into steel.
2. Clean Water for All: With the needed roads now in place due to the gobbu's work, it was time to finally clean up their land! Yokusna is a bathhouse city, precious pearl of Oni, but it's the only place to really get a good bath and flowing water. This won't do. The Nobles and Elders are complaining the commoners are quite stinky and want Benmi to do something about it already! Perfumes can only do so much. He wanted to slaughter the lot of them for complaining while his father is missing, but he did agree the smell is getting bad. He orders a complete aqueduct/sewage system expanding the land allowing water from the rivers and lakes to flow into the cities and homes.
The Dwarves humm and deliberate the words of the Pixies. And then they shake their heads as one. No, it is the Tanglewall around Thornbush that is of the most vital import to let crumble away. Did the Pixies not see how it burned north of the river, how the fires consumed it; thousands of their brethren burned to ash by boundless flame that had taken root in those warps of drying wood? No, allowing Tanglewall to remain around a town of so many would be simply irresponsible, let alone allowing it to regrow in the places already stripped away from.

However, if this reasoning is not enough to satisfy the Pixies, the Dwarves are willing to allow a small compromise. If allowing some small, isolated corner of the wall to remain would smooth further relations between Pixie and Dwarf, then the Dwarves of the Æblenthrong would allow the wall of the southern Tangle-tip to remain, where the Tangle touches upon the Zarunteg valley and the Metaki hills.
1. Learn the market language. There are many races that the goblins have encountered yet there is a common thread among many of them. Whenever they see a new race they tend to speak a certain language as if it were likely that the other has it. For most goblins this would be a lost cause as they are too young and distractable to learn another tongue they are not forced to understand in daily life due to how much easier it is to communicate in their own. The cognitive dissonance of speaking every word wrong from their perspective being too much for them. With the more adept minds of the new cycle of goblins however they are able to better cope with this quirk of their biology. With ample examples all around them ranging from the common dander to the sun cathedral the market tongue quickly spreads across the nation and greatly eases its namesake with foreign nations.

2. Learn Carvilaiid (war dryad language). The forest goblins have grown quite close to the dryads. They had been taught much of their ways and many of these women had effectively taken the place of their shamans giving them great sway over the tribes there. Such constant proximity has compelled even the young goblins of the old cycle to learn the tongue for it allowed them to get closer to the totem. There was also an eery nostalgia associated with it as well. As if this were not the first time that they had learned to speak this language. Because of this, their active efforts of proselytizing of those on the dandertrail, and a sizable border share the language has quickly caught on throughout the land proper in the new cycle as they use phrases to ward away and interact with other spirits not associated with their totem as they had been told that it would be more effective that way.

3. Study the phosphate/fertilizer explosions. Big acts of destruction have always entertained goblins regardless of the era. For many one of the most flashy one can experience is the random explosions that sometimes happen in the mines from a gas leak or when a big pile of fertilizer decides to spontaneously combust for no reason. The goblins of before took this as a random act of nature, but now they are interested in how such things work because they wish to replicate on demand so they may witness something really cool when they want.

With the sudden and unprovoked attack by the savages, and the word of such horrific slaughter, many would volunteer to join the Colonial Army or form various militia's to serve under it in order to protect their home and fight off the hoards. However, the few of Clan Wynn who were teaching more or less all of the colonial army the ways of war were not enough to deal with this influx, and naturally they knew their skills as Meistri Rhyfel would be needed on the front. As such they swiftly got to work in teaching the next generation of those who would eventually take their place. Naturally they'd take the most promising of the Gwaywffyn Mynydd, Coeden Fwyell and Helwyr Saethwr and impart their skills of training onto them, and ideally from there more could come to be made in time, allowing far greater numbers of those who wished to learn the ways of war to protect their home to be taught, and by extension far greater numbers of soldiers to be raised from the population. Ideally, it will also mean that soon, quality quantities of new soldiers would arrive at the front.

Meanwhile something more curios would be trained. A group of Helwyr Saethwr shocked at the fact that a whole rain of arrows seemingly were deflected or dodged by the enemy got a very nasty idea to deal with them, and with the canonau brought to the front, they knew they had their chance. Given the speed of the shot fired from canonau, they were confident that any charge could be dealt with provided a shot was loaded in fast enough and fired fast enough, and so, this small group of frustrated Helwyr Saethwr would specialize themselves in the use of these weapons, aiming to make use of their skills from their training and to apply that combined with their own further training to make a destructive bit of artillery, and swiftly they'd have a myriad of idea's as to how to employ themselves on the front lines, along with their commanding officers... For a siege weapon, canonau were quite maneuverable. Perhaps warfare could be revolutionized with them? Regardless, those who had dedicated themselves to such still kept their bows and axes, and fully aimed to use them alongside their new weapons...Still, they'd like to see those overgrown rats try and dodge or deflect the shots from the canonau...

>Action One. Training of the next generation of drill masters and teachers of war.

>Action Two. Canonau Dinistriol, a sub section of the Helwyr Saethwr.
1: Lobarra/Kudzu action tax: 2/4

2: Colonisation action tax: 3/5

A rare few turtles, who bore curious marks and held a strong direct bloodline to the Great Mother, seem to show a capacity for, lack of a better term, 'shaping the earth' be it rock or stone.

The Turtles have never experienced magic before, so this is quite new and exciting to them. And so, they decide to delve into this, and study it more.


Just north of the Southeastern Turtle fort, the Turtles begin developing the first Goblin Reservation, based off the concept of Goblin Ranches by the shadowfolk.

The notion is that Goblins need no help breeding or multiplying, or even nesting, as such things come natural to them, and there is no limit to their growth it seems. Instead, the concept is preparing the region in such a way that when the Turtle Legions arrive for a new campaign of the Feast War, the territory is perfectly set up such that it will be easy to hunt and harvest the creatures with even greater efficiency.
1. The drya put this new magic to use. The first experiment will be a simple but useful one. Steel leaf is ground to powder and alum is added and used to enhance trees used for boat making. This new tree, simply called Steelwood, is worked to be both strong and fire resistant in it's qualities; taking from the two resources added to it's essence.
2. Scouts and trackers are sent to find the young sapling that ran away. It holds great power but seems to be of a strange mind; but probably not as crazy as the Sonyakians. In either case the young sapling should be cared for and we can not let a kindred wander alone.

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