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You are Kolinasi, Keiko Whatiri, son of Ravi.
Big Man of the Islands
Captain of Something Fierce.
And unknown to you, father of a space marine Legion.

You have conquered the tides, and defeated sea monsters. You have brought alliances to your people that have not existed before.

You have discovered Knights, and have touched the stars in a void craft. You have fired big guns on a steel ship.

Yet You have not been tested in real combat.

Now you face your first real test, the one you have been waiting for. The one you knew would come. Battle. Your first real battle. Your Ship, ground defenses of the tribes, and those who have volunteered to be ground troops against the Ganth: those whom you have learned are the primary source of misery and suffering on your home planet.

This battle, should allow you time to go gather intelligence on the Ganth. By defeating one of their key vessels, or hopefully capturing it, you will be able to find out what planets are their primary trade partners, or maybe even where they come from in the sector.

The weather for the day is a little stormy.

Storms never bothered you though. You actually quite enjoy them.

You can smell the storm on the sea spray on the breeze.

The Something Fierce is a capable ship, bigger than anything else on De'lormosa and recently fixed thanks to hard work of your crew and your efforts.
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Your Honor Guard: Delia, Yana, Meera, and Gela have are assembled as you have informed them to their respective missions

Delia, who is quite elated by this, is to be leading the boarding team against the Ganth, her skills in combat and psyker skills coming to full test.

Yana: Will keep control and coordinate between the tribes and following your lead helping keep pressure up on the Ganth Auditor Vessel.

Meera: Will be using her skills to disrupt the electronic capacity of the ship, jamming it and interfering with it's capacity.

Gela: Has one of the riskier jobs. She is going to be leading a GEV strike team, having them harass the auditor, leading it through a maze of gunfire, weakening it.

You wish them luck as they depart. Delia looks at you a minute longer than the others and smiles to you.

You smile back. Her role is crucial. And to be honest you are just happy that she smiles more often these days.

You run down to bridge.

You look to your first mate Jera, another big man. His Role in this battle is also one of incredible skill.

"Jera. You command the sub. You help capture that auditor, if not, take it down." You say

"Aye Aye Capn." He says gladly. You know he is excited at the chance of getting a void ship of his own, considering it's something he has told you he has wanted at length since his father told him of them. You hear a crackle over the radio.

"Oi. Is this that tall ugly fella who broke into my hive?" Frank says.

"Yes this is the handsome Big Man, is this the small man of the mustache?" You ask back.

"Good! Listen well mate, the Auditor is on sensors, you distract it, and we will surface and try to help. Hopefully drawing it to shore on that big island y'all are near, it looks like that's where it's heading anyways." Frank responds.
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Good to see this back up and running

Hope we are more active this time around
You spot it on your systems, and Meera gets to work, jamming the signal. You already know that the ship is going to be massive. Probably bigger than your own.

What remains to be seen is if it is as heavily armed as your ship, if it has effective counter measures and how good it's captain is.

Part of you desires the heat of battle. To be on the boarding party. To be the tip of the spear. Something deep inside of you knows this is your true purpose.

Combat. However, you must lead. You are the only one you can think of that can get this done right. You must be the captain. You must be here to use all your skills and lessons learned to take this threat down. The war against the Ganth starts now as it breaches the atmosphere.

The ship is huge. It is bigger than yours. By a great deal. It's like watching an island fall into the ocean. However, your GEV teams are ready. Your sub is armed ready to go with weapons that can easily pierce the ship and you have your main gun ready to go.

You hear the lightning, which you have survived, nay plowed through and rode through before, crash in the distance. You feel the electric energy almost songlike of the machine spirits around you.


Pick a ready action- this will be done after your plans are carried out. Pick One

>> Command the crewed island guns to prepare to fire!
>> Ready the Ground Crews to set the ambush and prepare for the Ganth!
>> Ready the missiles!
>> Have the Sub Position itself

Pick a lure action- this will draw the ship towards the island: Pick One
>> Have the GEVs fire the anti ship torpedoes
>> Have one of your fighters go out and target their weapons
>> Have Meera put a fake beacon near the island

Pick a weapons action- this will be your first attack against the ship: Pick One
>> Fire the lightning cannon, further disabling the ship
>> Fire the primary cannon at the ship, making a potential opening
>> Fire the precision beam weapon against their weapons
Welcome back!
I have been really busy with work. I should be able to do better this time around.
>> Ready the Ground Crews to set the ambush and prepare for the Ganth!

>> Have Meera put a fake beacon near the island

>> Fire the lightning cannon, further disabling the ship
>> Have the Sub Position itself
Once the battle itself start, repositoning is going to be harder, better take the chance while we still can.
>> Have Meera put a fake beacon near the island
Don't want to risk someone this early on the fight.
>> Fire the lightning cannon, further disabling the ship
The auditor ship is probably the command of this invasion, the more we disable it, the less coordinated the Ganth will be. Also it may force them to land, making it easier for the strike team to board without damaging it.

Something deep inside of you knows this is your true purpose.
So we have tecnopathy and desire for combat, the emperor probably designed us to be boarding primarch, our legion must actual space marines.
File: 1512866108969.jpg (288 KB, 1473x979)
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288 KB JPG
We're likely *the* Naval/Admiral Primarch who'd be a savant in such areas whether on water or in the void

His role is still evolving. It can go many different ways. Even from where he sits now.

We got four votes, but I will wait for a little bit to see if we get more.
File: 3sx9du00x7i41.jpg (441 KB, 2560x1440)
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Decided to expand sme earlier lore bits

>De’lormosan PDF
>Finding it's origins in the various groups that the Primarch Kolinaisi banded together at first when beginning his quest to unite his homeworld
>Due to the heavily aquatic nature of De’lormosa, defending the planet is much easier than one would think, owing to the majority of land being islands and some small continents making actually landing sufficient amount of troops in viable areas a death sentence as the areas where it would be easiest to do so are quite heavily defended
>Ocean going vessels are typically used in place of traditional armored vehicles alongside various Aircraft, Surface-to-Orbit fighters and Grav/Hovercraft as they can cover the vast distances of the oceans easily
>Vessels range from the basic Patrol boats, to missile Cruisers to massive Carriers that can control swathes of ocean
>Joining the PDF is seen as a mark of pride on De’lormosa and a first step to joining the XIth Legion's Auxila forces, or even if one is young enough to join the Storm Riders

>The 3 primary branches of the PDF are as follows: The DNS (De’lormosan Nautical Service), the DMAS (De’lormosan Maritime Armsmen Service aka De’lormosan Marines) and the DEAS (De’lormosan Exo-Atmospheric Service) with further subdivisions such as the DNAS (De’lormosan Nautical Aviation Service) the DSS (De’lormosan Submarine Service) and such forth
>The Submarine Service is especially notable as it would at first and continue to do so provide 'first-step' training for future potential Imperial Navy candidates from the ocean world and would play an instrumental part in the Battle of De’lormosa during the Heresy, including taking down the Traitor Heavy Cruiser (ERROR) in low orbit
Is our gene-seed fucked like Leman's so it only works on older aspirants, or is the PDF recruiting toddlers?
Nice job as always anon.
I actually expressed concerns about the geneseed compatibility of our population considering what the Ganth and DEldar have done to the various peoples
Perhaps there could be some gene-treateaments we could use for our sons, doctor shaman is an immortal bio-scientist after all.
True, we also have at least 4-5 generations before Space Dad comes knocking at the earliest to fix the genomes of our people
"Jerah. Position the Sub, ready it to attack." You let out over the secure com channel you set up.

"Aye." You hear. You know he will do it. Jera is an excellent pilot if not also an equally stellar captain.

"Meera, ready the false beacon. Head them this way." You say and Meera smiles and activates the beacon.


The surf on the water would be tempting to surf, but for Gela the weather was still a bit cold and the weather was still stormy.

The small force of 4 GEVS and 2 fighter craft would, by any account comparable, were like the wasps attacking a person.

If the person got to the wasp it was the end of it for the wasp.

If the wasp got a few stings in, it could disable the person. If many wasps attacked, it could kill.

The problem is that this was even greater a size difference, more like the venomous spiders that Gela laughed at how silly they looked, but how deadly they were.

The same was true with the GEVS and the fightercraft.

Kolinasi had armed the GEVS with powerful weapons that were found onboard the Something Fierce, and other weapons manufactured locally.

“Alright you know the drill! We fire at it, lead it towards the first set of guns, and do this slowly bringing it to shore.” Gela said

“Copy that Sunshine.” The nicknames the honor guard got, were quite astonishing, as they names that Kolinasi gave many people were usually kind and playful, but Gela always wondered about Kolinasi’s choices, seeing as she was the first to talk to him besides Morgiana.

The GEVS would then begin their legendary attack run.

“Hold em steady boyos. The platforms will hold up to anything.” Rayanga said looking over to the others on the other part of the gun platform.

“EVEN A FOOKIN METAL ISLAND COMIN AT US?” Vari exclaimed background

“Oi Vari stop shittin yourself and get ya head in it! Bein afraid of the fookin metal island aint doin us one bit of good! And you should be happy as hell mate!” Rayanga said.

“Oh why da spirits is that?” Vari asked back.”

“Because you won’t miss this time!” Rayanga shouted and Vari rolled his eyes.
You look at the appropriate button, as the GEVs begin their approach. You know now is the only time you can make this shot before the run, otherwise the lightning may arc.

“We have lock?” You ask looking at the targeting screen, still amazed by the bit of technology, and you hear meera

“Locked captain!” She says

You slam the button, and your surprised the button doesn’t break as the lightning peals through the air.


Ciberiis Alganas Tertius was the High Captain of the Auditor, lead inspection vessel of the Ganth, first of three vessels to check on the planet. First planet side.

He was tall, and his augments made him stronger than almost all of his crew, with a better reaction time to boot.

“They think they can just take things that don’t belong to them?” He said to one of the bridge men.

“We will take back the ship, then we will take the tithes and taxes early. We will take the psykers and the blanks too. It’s time these forces were press ganged into service.” He rambled.


“Oh what from one of those little craft?”

“No! From the former Vessel, The Due, though the shipboard registry is.. Somthin Fierce? What kind of ass names their- It’s the rad lightning” And a blinding light went across the deck.


“Captain Tertius! The instruments! The Power! Half our systems are down!”


“I Can’t Sir! They are out! The repairs and the back up redundancies, they are all fried! Half our weapons!” The Lieutenant let out with their last gasp as the Captain impaled them with his spear.

“Mate Cyphodara!”


“You have been promoted to Lieutenant. You will fire at these menials and not have the Auditors fine record be tampered by mere chattel!”


“Fire at the gnats and get us to shore so we can take our toll in blood.” The Captain said in a cruel tone.


“FIRE!” Gela screamed

The Gevs and Fighters launched anti-void craft weaponry dealing actual visible damage to the ship, that was already lumbering after the shot from the blazing bolt from the Something Fierce.

Gela, was, in her mind and the mind of others- probably the best pilot of those present among Kolinasi’s ‘Crew’ as it was becoming known.

Even the Ganth Thief, or not-Ganth thief rather, while a good pilot, was not as good as Gela.

Gela was able to fly about the craft, scoring a few hits against weapons, pulling the massive ship towards the gun platform…

Which began to fire, with rapidity and pin point accuracy.

Targeting the weapon systems and various communications arrays.

If it stuck out, it was disabled.


“Captain! The Comms are down! We cannot contact the other audit team members!”

“IF you cannot fix it, you will be on the ground dead like the late lieutenant.”

“I will fix it but we need a shore first. Once we are on land, I will be able to get a solid solution, sir!”

“That’s why you get to live.” The captain said in a snide tone.

“Fire back what we have available. Target the gun platforms, as they are doing the most damage.”


“They are targeting us!”

“Get ready to bail!”

The shots hit the walls of the gun platforms, which while knocked over, due to proper engineering, or over engineering as the old man had called it, still could fire. They also made them easier to survive from if fired upon with heavier battery weapons.

“Vari are you still with me?”
“Ya Rayanga. I’m still here. We still shootin at the big frickin island?”

“Once it turns. We play dead until it turns, once it turns we right these bad boys and fire at will. So long as you don’t have a leak or nothin.”

“Everything looks like it will still work. It’s a little wet in here, but that’s what we got trained for.”

“Good, that means that you can dial the next platform Vari.”

“If they don’t see that freakin metal island comin, I am gonna have to go ask Big Man Kolinasi why he would put a blind man on a gun platform.”

You see the attack going well, just like how you planned if this would happen. So far.

“Frank we got it drawn towards the island, we are ready when you are.”

“We still got two inbound. It looks like your shot disabled their comms, otherwise those other two would be here. We will not make any moves until we have superior numbers. I can’t risk it with all the innocent on board.” Frank says.

“There are innocent on land too mate.” You say back calmly trying not to sound argumentative, but reminding Frank of what is on the line.

“If this works, we won’t have to worry about either. I will stick to your plan, so long as it keeps going like this. I hope you have something for ground troops, because we may see webway activity and Drukhari soon.”


Next actions!

Pick your first action. Just one
>> Inform Delia to get ready to board the ship.
>> Inform Yana to coordinate the ground forces now.
>> Order Jera to make his attacks with the Sub.
>> Order Gela to loiter further out, prepare for the next incoming ships.
>> Write in

Pick your second action. Just one.
>> Begin firing upon the ship, aim to disable it.
>> Order Gela to ready the Teleportarium in case you have to do some action
>> Let out a last mayday to the knights
>> Begin Psyops. Shout a challenge to the enemy captain over comms.
>> Write in
>> Inform Delia to get ready to board the ship.

>> Begin Psyops. Shout a challenge to the enemy captain over comms.
>> Inform Delia to get ready to board the ship.
I hope they don't have any nulls on board, that could cripple Delia's attack.
>> Begin firing upon the ship, aim to disable it.
If when the other two ships arrive they start getting fired upon by one of their
own, there will be even more confusion, a perfect time for an all attack with our ambush forces.
> Inform Delia to get ready to board the ship.
> Begin firing upon the ship, aim to disable it.
>I hope they don't have any nulls on board, that could cripple Delia's attack.
What are the chances of that anyway?
They take slaves from this planet, clone and breed on the labs, and them use them.
The crone said it's how they fought against the island when the islanders, the witches and the knights drove them back last time, and the captain has showed a desire to press gang them all, so they definatly have acess to blank slave soldiers, tge question is whether they bothered to bring any. The Ganth hasn't show to be the smartests ones around.
Excuse the phone posting,
But that statement would be true if you include the operator word "yet".
"Delia, prepare to board, be careful, we don't know what the Ganth have. They may have anti psyker tech." You tell her.

"Don't be gettin worried about me Kolinasi otherwise I might lose respect for ya." She says and you shake your head and grin.

"You better whoop em." You then say

"Oh you wish you were here don't ya?" She says back and you can hear the grin in her voice.

"You know it but I gotta be here to do the next bit." You say.

"Oh what's that?" Delia asks in a fun voice

"This. AIM FOR THE CANNONS FIRE AT WILL AND BRING THAT SHIP DOWN!" You shout in your haka voice, and you can feel the inspiration in the room around you as your crew smiles.

Gun and flack platforms, missiles and lasers all converged on the Auditor.


"Ah! Well then let them know why they fear us. Loose the hounds, and send in Gurocantha. Our Drukhari friends will want to know how our combined experiment with the blank went."


"Also send out the ground troops they don't have the knights to help them anymore. I may even take the field. I have been meaning to pick a new project." The captain got up, and attached mechanical arms to his back and began to walk out of the quaking ship.

'Whomever the enemy captain is, they are a worthy foe' The captain thought. He reveled in chaos. Delighted in it. This would be a wonderful trip. Better that the other ships were lagging behind. He would have the better pickings. This time he was the captain. He would have first pick. His mind went to greedy, horrible places. Places human minds normally would not go. But the Ganth were barely human anymore.

“We got it on fire!” Gela shouted over the comms

“Don’t get cocky!” Delia hailed back as the boarding craft sped closer to the hull breach that there were already Ganth screamers. The Boarding Party went out ahead of the sub to disguise it. It took minor small arms fire, but nothing hit. Largely because the Ganth were aiming at the boat poorly, and they were getting into position.

They were easy to identify. Screamers were hopped up on drugs and augments, sometimes with the occasional alien organ. Sometimes mechanical limbs. Eyes like goats. Teeth like sharks.
- -
"Delia, prepare to board, be careful, we don't know what the Ganth have. They may have anti psyker tech." You tell her.

"Don't be gettin worried about me Kolinasi otherwise I might lose respect for ya." She says and you shake your head and grin.

"You better whoop em." You then say

"Oh you wish you were here don't ya?" She says back and you can hear the grin in her voice.

"You know it but I gotta be here to do the next bit." You say.

"Oh what's that?" Delia asks in a fun voice

"This. AIM FOR THE CANNONS FIRE AT WILL AND BRING THAT SHIP DOWN!" You shout in your haka voice, and you can feel the inspiration in the room around you as your crew smiles.

Gun and flack platforms, missiles and lasers all converged on the Auditor.


"Ah! Well then let them know why they fear us. Loose the hounds, and send in Gurocantha. Our Drukhari friends will want to know how our combined experiment with the blank went."


"Also send out the ground troops they don't have the knights to help them anymore. I may even take the field. I have been meaning to pick a new project." The captain got up, and attached mechanical arms to his back and began to walk out of the quaking ship.

'Whomever the enemy captain is, they are a worthy foe' The captain thought. He reveled in chaos. Delighted in it. This would be a wonderful trip. Better that the other ships were lagging behind. He would have the better pickings. This time he was the captain. He would have first pick. His mind went to greedy, horrible places. Places human minds normally would not go. But the Ganth were barely human anymore.
Their appearance was frightful and disgusting.

Delia didn’t fear their appearance. She feared their behavior. She fought them before.

As she leapt out the boat, it was clear their tactics hadn’t changed in years.

They don’t aim to kill. They aim for pain. To disable.

The first Ganth engaged, was going for the tendons near her heel at almost maddening speed.

Delia stayed ahead. Her movements a whirl of blades and bullets. But the Ganth were not human. Her psyker powers were enough to make her a deadly combatant.

Then she felt it.

One was on the ship.

The thing that all the witches feared.

A Ganth Darkbringer.

“Jera you better bring your sub overhere I can sense the Dark Bringer.” Delia said as the boarding party fought against the Ganth welcome party.
OOF. Libre office just not feeling it today.

“What is a dark bringer?” You ask and Meera looks at you terrified.

“They shut out our gifts. Then they project terror on to us, our fears and failings. They do terrible things, and they are strong. They were once human, then they are mutated. They get really strong. Kolinasi, if they have one, you will probably have to face it yourself.” She says.

You realize that this is something you may have to do.

You may have to go to the boarding party.

“Captain I am on mark.” Jera announces over the radio.

“Captain we also have multiple ground signatures, the ship just got near ground.”

Your next order
> Order Jera to fire on the vessel.
> Order Gela to focus fire on enemy ground troops.
> Order Yana to take command. You are going to go out and fight (if this is chosen don’t pick an action)
> Order Meera to try to sow confusion on the enemy ship using what electronic warfare you candidate

Your Action:
> Status update Frank
> Repeat fire on the Auditor
> Hail the enemy vessel and let them know exactly what will happen
> Begin systems Repair.
> Order Meera to try to sow confusion on the enemy ship using what electronic warfare you candidate
Boost it further with Technopathy if possible
> Hail the enemy vessel and let them know exactly what will happen
Hold your vote, not quite done.
> Order Yana to take command. You are going to go out and fight (if this is chosen don’t pick an action)
Well, atleast it wasn't a surprise. I really want to turn that ship against the rest of the ganth fleet and I'm not keen on letting one of our honour guard to fend for themselves.
Please hold on just a second. You may want to wait. I am sorry if I sound a bit brusque about it, but please hold the line for a moment.
File: Spoiler Image (1.82 MB, 360x202)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB GIF

“Forward! We still have time!” He shouted and hailed.

“I see the ship! They haven’t deployed fighter craft yet! We still may have time.”

“Whatever Mad Lad decided to fight a ship of that size with those GEVs and that smaller vessel, must have nerves of Auramite. Baron, by your mark, Lancer is online.”

“Whatever Mad Lad set FIRE TO A VOID SHIP I am going to have to have a drink with and hold on my shoulder after this, because that is some serious tactical skill, whoever is in charge, if they live, we need to meet them.” You shout with a bit of Joy eagerly to fight your ancient enemy.

“Baron, on your mark, I have them in sight. I have ground troops mark zero. Highground is online.”

“Baron, Paladin online. I can’t believe they don’t detect us yet.”

You pause to breath. The Throne Mechanicum and the spirits of your ancestors urge you forward. The ancient alliance, not only remembered but called upon.

The Witches of the Isle, how long had it been?

The last time the Ganth had made presence you and yours had fought off them off near the northern pole. Now, they had come to your old home.

How long now?

How long have they held on?

How many were lost because you were not there last time?

How many Baron?

The words ring in your mind next to your men being brought to line.

Your failings.

These were your friends. Your people. And now? How did it come to this and whom could help them?

Your nerves boil.

The Ganth. The monsters. There was a hole on the ship big enough for your knights to waltz through practically.

But you knew probably what the ship did not.

Web way signatures. There would soon be Drukhari. Probably not much, but enough to make this a scrap. If you hadn’t come- the red tithe.

“KNIGHTS OF HIGH HILL.” You shout over comms.

File: Spoiler Image (105 KB, 1000x1000)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

“We can’t leave the Ganth to have all fun.” The Reaver smiles to you. The screams they made were often delicious. And the slaves were often so much fun to take.

The Ganth, were good tools. Especially for Monkeigh.

But them inviting your Cabal so early in their tithe, tsk. They must be desperate. They chase too many pleasures. Expend themselves too much.

Yes, their torture techniques were novel. Fun to implement even. But the fools had such terrible strategy. It’s little wonder half the sector wanted them dead. Their slave shipments, oh so plentiful once, now- starting to run a little dry, and those augments, ships and drugs don’t pay for themselves.

If only they had learned proper patience they could be soo much more useful.

Yes, the fools were instantly useful pawns. Wonderful game pieces. And they could be fun in more ways. They were one of the few people that volunteered for the arenas in Commorogh. But, their time was waning.

Some of the most dangerous creatures are when their time was near an end.

Dangerous creatures are more fun though.

Today would be a wonderful day.

Barron Alric Magis pulls the warhorn and the other knights ring out

“HAVOC!” You cry out and your knights, your friends, your family cry out with you. Your Asterus, “Alexander” charges forward a smile on your bleak face, knowing that this day would be sang of..

> Fire your twin cannons on the ship, give that boarding party an opening and some back up.
> Focus on the ground troops, charge forward, Drukhari can be treacherous and who knows what they are bringing with them.
> Fire upon the primary bridge
> Write in

None of this would have happened
had you not called the knights in.
Sorry it took so long!

You command the knights separate of Kolinasi, but their actions are happening simultaneously.

Kolinasi isn't aware of the knights yet.

They can't really act in concert yet.

This is why I wanted you guys to hold, I was having dinner, so it took a bit longer to get everything ready.

Also you get one action for the Knight Asterius (or Asterion I get them confused) and they will have more actions later.
So to wit and for record.

You have Ganth ground troops and Dark Eldar on the field as of now.

The Knights are about to be in the fight.

Kolinasi's actions are right before or almost at the same time as the knights getting there and the dark eldar poppin up.
Well, this changes things.
Hey old man, is the leaving to fight option we going to help with the boarding and aid Delia to deal with the null experiment, or we going to the middle of the ground combat?

Because if it's going for mass combat, then
> Order Jera to fire on the vessel.
> Status update Frank
> Focus on the ground troops, charge forward, Drukhari can be treacherous and who knows what they are bringing with them.

If it means assaulting the blank, than
> Order Yana to take command. You are going to go out and fight (if this is chosen don’t pick an action)
> Focus on the ground troops, charge forward, Drukhari can be treacherous and who knows what they are bringing with them.
You get to choose, that's why that write in is there.

You guide where Kolinasi goes into combat.

Sorry I was a bit vague on that bit.

Sorry lads! The machine spirit of libre office is not cooperating today.
Continuing my vote

> Fire your twin cannons on the ship, give that boarding party an opening and some back up.
My battle write-in is to board the auditor and take down that dark bringer.
Delia can than have the honour of gutting open Captain Ciberiis Faggotius.
Your Knight action?
Nvm you already wrote it. Its just early and I havent had my coffee yet.
We only got two votes so far that are conflicting, I am assuming people are just busy so far.
Looks like it
Or it could be that the low activity of the last thread killed off interest?
I am just hoping it's slow.
I will be here with this until we get more participation, but I don't want to think that low activity last week did it in. I don't want to advertise and shill in Malals thread either.
I hope not, this is a fun quest.
Anyway, I'm willing to try and find a conpromise between our votes.
How about
> Order Meera to try to sow confusion on the enemy ship using what electronic warfare you candidate
> Repeat fire on the Auditor
> Focus on the ground troops, charge forward, Drukhari can be treacherous and who knows what they are bringing with them.
It's an attempt to mix the two.
I'll write it today if we don't get votes by a certain time.
I'm also gonna commission, https://artistsnclients.com/people/Jezart?offset=0
for some remembrancer tier art like what they did for Lieren.
I saw your post saying that over at Malal's.
I standby the hype.
File: H2_Doozy_Concept_3.jpg (29 KB, 607x417)
29 KB
That seems to be a good mix
Theres always going to be people about reading, more than which is posting. Some of the time it takes an update for people to come out of the woodwork as it were.
Fair Enough. I will do some fluff writtan tonight then pending on votes I will move on to the next section.
>Jorag Ernhol
>Chief Techmarine of the XIth Legion
>Born to Terrawatt Clan Artificers, young Jorgan seemed destined to being a Techmarine
>One of the very first XIth Legion Astartes, it would take him decades before he would get to his lofty position
>Jorgan has a preternatural knack for technology, even before his Technopathy was awakened following meeting his Genesire, with his specialty being Ships
>Always knowing the right way to soothe the Machine Spirits, keeping the drive systems in peak capacity and more. Wherever Ernhol went, Sailors could rest easy knowing he could fix issues before they turned up
>It is ironic, that he rarely if ever took to the field of battle given his position and thus had taken next to no injuries until then, he deigned to do so alongside his Genesire in the first battle Primarch and Legion would fight alongside together. It would be this battle where Ernhol would be brought to death's door while repairing a Reaver Titan's leg on the battlefield that he would be interred into a Dreadnought
>As it is, Ernhol, thanks to his Technopathy seems to suffer little if any of the common issues that plague his fellow Dreadnoughts, allowing him to maintain his position until his final breath during the battle of [ERROR]
File: 1501010831788.jpg (98 KB, 640x400)
98 KB
>DSS (De’lormosan Submarine Service)
>A sub-division of the De’lormosan Nautical Service, overseeing the usage and maintenance of all military/govt. submersible craft
>They ply the depths of the oceans acting as ever watchful wardens of the deep
>In spite of De’lormosa's prosperity, there are those that which to make a profit off of other's misfortune, which is where the DSS comes in
>They also act as deep sea SAR (Search and Rescue), aid in maintenance of underwater facilities/Hives, perform stealthy transport of material and troops across the planet and more

>DEAS (De’lormosan Exo-Atmospheric Service)
>Placed in charge of all major aerial and low orbital military actions
>They maintain and make use of all major strategic and tactical Exo-Atmospheric craft, alongside the myriad of artificial satellites, orbital elevators and such.
>They even possess their own fleet of Escort tonnage Void capable warships (Up to customized Frigates with expanded hangar capacity) to better defend the planet and it's moons (As well as act as lifeboats for the planet's nobility and higher ups if the need ever arises)

>DMAS (De’lormosan Maritime Armsmen Service aka De’lormosan Marines)
>The origins of the DMAS can be traced all the way back to those brave men and women who fought alongside the Primarch Kolinasi to defend his home island
>Their role is to act as the security for the DNS, DSS, DEAS and as the primary infantry force of De’lormosa
>Their skill in boarding, nautical and exo-atmospheric combat is legendary and many of their number were given the honor of coming along with the Primarch on the Great Crusade, forming a strong core and would disseminate their knowledge to the rest of the XIth Legion's mortal forces
>They work closely with the Storm Riders Legion, earning their respect many times over
You always do amazing lore my dude.

I will try to publish tonight. Just, please be patient. 12 hour job today with zero caffeine and limited sleep, without being able to phone post was kind of hellish.
“I will handle this! Delia, Brace for a second round!” You shout.

“REPEAT FIRE!” You say and a full barrage by an eager crew is let loose upon the auditor. The fire from your ship is repeated and pummels the disabled ship. Holes appear in the hull as the vessel shakes.

Then you see it.

Strange alien vessels and beings appearing.

The Drukhari.

Before you can order though Gela lets out a shout over the radio.

“Looks like that radio transmission was heard Big Man! We got knights on the way!” Gela says as her GEV flies by doing a few more shots.

“Meera, try to jam and confuse the enemy! So as much confusion as possible, if the Ganth have no idea what’s going on the knights can focus on the Drukhari.”

You say

“Aye Aye!” She says back as she begins to commence electronic warfare.

The Comms squelched.

“The Captain isn’t going to like this! I can’t make heads or tails what’s going on!”

“Is it the enemy are we being jammed?”

“Maybe Lieutenant! I can’t tell, there is so much damage, and echo and AHHH!’ The Ganth comms man threw down a set of earphones and pulled multiple things from the side of his now bleeding ears.

“What kind of madness is this?” The newly christened Lieutenant said beam and bolt flew through the deck as a warhorn blared out as the vid screen got partially blown out.

“Can we do anything besides the repairs?!” The Lieutenant shouted.

“Not really sir!” The sickly looking being looked at the Ganth Lieutenant. His eyes looked confused and upset. He seemed more natural, if such a thing could be said of such a creature.

“Just try, unless you think you can kill the captain before he gets back,” The Lieutenant said frantically.

“Fifteen!” Delia shouted after the decapitation of the Ganth screamer. The process was getting harder, but it wasn’t as bad as it was. Something, probably the shooting from the ship. The engines of the GEV roared by as another round of shelling came.

“Good! Come on! You can’t expect me to kill all of them!” Delia shouted looking back at the other boarders, men of the islands and witches alike smiling at the statement.

“You gonna have to catch up!” Kai, uncle of Kolinasi said as he leapt past Delia to use one of the famous ‘gift’ weapons, a saber that glowed with bright light and power.

“I will have you know Kai I am at 15” Delia said as a loud thudding and a door crashed open revealing more screamers. With guns.

Delia fired lightning from her hands. And Kolinasi cut one down taking the gun from one and firing into the hallway.

“Delia they are getting bigger.” Kai said.

“You afraid?” Delia asked.

“No. It isn’t fear, it’s going to mean we are going to have to do more than just count score.” Kai said and Delia smirked.

“Y’all best not be trying to count score on my new ship.” Jera shouted over the radio.

“If there is any ship when Kolinasi is done bombing the crap out of it.” Delia responded back.

“I have salvaged worse!” Jera spoke.

“Who these other guys?” Kai asked

“Knights. I thought they were all gone...” Delia said looking out at the knights shooting at the ground with great and powerful weapons against new unbefore seen vehicles. Including some flying craft.

“The Fae! We have Drukhari inbound!” Delia said as The Boarding crew now had to fight a two front battle, as Drukhari started to close in.


“Baron, it looks like the islanders are scrambling the Ganth’s communications. And, disabled the ship.”

“That sounds fairly advanced for them.” The Baron said taking another sweeping shot at the ground.

“It’s absurd! Shall we attempt to communicate with them, or shall we let them do their own thing? It may disrupt what strategy they have going on.”

“I don’t see strategy, I see one side that set an ambush and trap, and I see an angry animal trapped. Right now the trapper has the advantage.” The Baron said as the knights began working rapidly against the dark eldar.

Kolinasi- Pick your action

> Inform Frank he is clear to come out.

> Focus fire on the Drukhari, they may be a greater threat.

> Take to the field. You need to ensure the success of the boarding team, no orders may be done if picked.

Pick your order

> Jera, begin firing and manuver actions.

> Repeat Fire. Jera can fix it.

> Gela focus on the Drukhari


Baron, pick your action.

> Continue fire upon the Drukhari

> Switch focus on the Ganth Vessel

> Make contact with the ship.
> Focus fire on the Drukhari, they may be a greater threat.

> Continue fire upon the Drukhari

> Jera, begin firing and manuver actions.
> Focus fire on the Drukhari, they may be a greater threat.

> Continue fire upon the Drukhari

> Jera, begin firing and manuver actions.
> Take to the field. You need to ensure the success of the boarding team, no orders may be done if picked.
> Continue fire upon the Drukhari
I want the auditor so we will be able to fire on the other two ships when get arpund. That plus Jera and Frank attacking out of nowhere should be enough to defeat them in one go.
Actually, I will change to support the other ones, Delia and uncle seem be doing well enough. Is cousin helping the boarding too? Both of them plus a few islanders might be enough to take down the blank and Delia could fry the cap, as long as they don't have to deal with a two sided attack.
Hope every one has had a good Memorial Day, and if you're not from the US, regardless have a good day.
Hence no update. Sorry guys. My army buddies and I have been celebrating those who still live and those that are not with us.
>'Why's it called a Doozy? Is it a creature native to De’lormosa?'
>'Nah, we call it a Doozy because it's a Doozy to drive!'

>The Doozy is one of the most common vehicles found on De’lormosa, both in civilian and military usage.
>Most commonly found with a single seater version, though the twin seater variety is nearly as common
>Mot typically used in military use as a scout and courier vessel deployed en-masse
>However, it is not rare to see the twin seater version brought into battle where the passenger would wield a rocket/missile launcher to attack enemy ships/aircraft, though this tactic is ill advised as with poor armor even a Lasgun can penetrate and the lack of driver protection means death is a certainty
Well that explains it, I was worried something bad happened.
I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.
She is on the boarding team as well.

"Jera, Begin firing and makin your maneuvers" You shout out over your comms.

"AYE!" You hear back.

"Fire on the Drukhari, they may be trying something, we need to be sure we can get a solid land position if we need Focus primary guns on the vehicles, other systems on the land troops. Nobody get's on to that ship except our people." You let out over the comms.

"AYE!" You hear from Rongo who has become the master of guns, and so far has been doing a really good job.

" Gela! You think you can keep up the strafing runs?"

"Ya, I think I can keep it up, the knights seem to be helping us for the time being. You want me to try to shoot at anything stupid enough to get near them?" She asks and you have to think about it. They came here to help you. However, from what you read on the knights, it might seem insulting if you help them needlessly.

"If they really need it. Only if it's to prevent a bail." You say

"Aye!" Gela says back in an excited tone.

"Frank, how much longer mate?" You ask out on comms.

"You can't rush greatness Kolinasi." Frank says in a droll tone

"That's not an answer." You say back in a semi comical tone.

“It is when you are great! We’ll be up in less than 5. Everyone is loaded properly. We should be in range less than 10.” Frank states in the same tone of voice he used earlier when he was making jokes. His nonchalant attitude speaks volumes. He must have great faith in you or himself, and you are not sure about either.

“Kolinasi!” Meera shouts out.

“Yes Meera?” You ask calmly looking to her technician spot

“The two other ships are finally heading this way. They will be planet side, not before Frank gets up though. We have to defeat the Auditor Fast.” She says and you know that the boarding party is your best chance of that happening combined with the Maneuvers that Jera will be making.
The Ganth screamers are sloppy and die quickly. They are little more then drugged lunatics with disgusting skin tones, combat weapons and sub par augments.

You, Kai, Son of Kame, Brother of Ravi have fought them before.

It’s the Warriors. The Real Ganth. The Trueborn.

Fangs and claws. Eyes like Goats. Extra sets of Mechanical arms and legs. The weird hair tendrils.

You hadn’t seen any yet as your daughter had also been with you fighting deck to deck.

The constant bombardment helped.

Kolinasi, was an incredible tactician, and his plan seemed to be working.

“It’s near. I can’t stop the Headache Kai,” Delia shouted as she fired a few shots and swung her axe.

Then it stepped out of the shadows.

The Dark Bringer. The Boogeyman. Mister Scary.

You heard it called a lot by the witches, and honestly others.

It, whatever it was, stood about 9 feet tall, mostly muscle. It had a metal helmet of all black. It’s skin was the same green color, only it was tensed muscle and metal. It had six arms. Each of them with a metal set of gauntlets, similar to the ones you saw your nephew you give as gift.

Delia fell to the floor screaming. So you had to step up.

“Your mother says you double ugly. You father says he not know ya face.” You say loud enough to challenge the monster. It turns to you, and you feel it.

Whatever was hurting Delia, you could feel it. But it washed over you to an extent. It was like the pain of a long row.

Your saber glows and you charge it.

It swings down, like a true warrior with multiple fists, but like almost every opponent you have faced- they forget your speed.

You sidestep and take the last set of hands as it pounds around you.

“You as sloppy as you ugly. You smell worse than you fight.” You taunt the monster again.

It throws it’s fist at you, this time with more skill trying to be more accurate, but you see it comin a long ways off. So you introduce it to the style of the island and you sweep his legs under, cuttin em.

“Kiddo!” You shout and your daughter wheels around with her spear impaling it.

The monster struggles. It wiggles and it gets up. With its hands and pulls the spear out. If it wasn’t such a hideous being it would almost be funny. Standing on its hands like feet and it other two augmented hands coming at you.

“Oh is the stumpy beasty gonna hand walk over here to me?!” You taunt out and make a fierce face, not knowing if it sees you. It ‘runs’ faster, and slices at you with the gauntlets again, with their roaring and grinding noises as you can feel the electricity coming off them making part of your hair stand up as it misses.
You slice an arm, hobbling it. Delia finally stand up and screams as only a witch can and comes down with her axe decapitating the beast. You look at her, knowing that she is well aware that you had it under control, but her eyes are behind you so you turn.

More warriors and some Drukhari.

You open fire and Delia fires lightning from her hand.

Not too much further to the command deck.


“Apparently the ship is also firing on the Drukhari!” Lancer shouts out.

“Good! That means when the two other ships out in orbit get here it will be a real fun fight.” Paladin answers.

“Men! Keep up the pressure. It looks like they are conducting sub maneuvers and boarding.” You say continuing fire on the Drukhari craft and main fighting platforms, including some of their pain engines, preventing them from getting to close to the other ship.

“Baron sir! Base has confirmed we got a ping off this island, they got stonehall working again over here somehow!” Paladin comments.

“We are going to have to talk with them after this.” You say calmly.

“Sir, we abandoned stonehall, the knights there were not right for our mission, but the repair structure would probably be a huge boon for us.” Lancer says.

“Which is why we should focus on the battle. Our allies will probably be more likely to help us if we help them! Consolidate on the Drukhari! Be prepared for the Ganth proper!” You shout out and you hear a few bellows of the warhorns.


It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

The monkeigh. They didn’t have those metal monstrosity anymore.

They didn’t normally bomb landing areas. In your experience with the modern humans, at least from other regions, they would have their large monstrous troops in melee where you could use poison and torture.

Not deny you! The brazen arrogance of this commander disallowing the joy of the raid! There was nothing to be gained from this, even from the Ganths toy that you worked on with was already dead.

This shame needed to be answered now.

“Forget the Auditor, let them sort their own problems out. Focus on the other ship. Escape the knights and get on board that vessel, I want that Commander so I can practice my poison craft!”

And the cabal moved swiftly towards the vessel.

“Sir, we have no word from the Auditor. We are also detecting combat on the surface” The helmsan said.

“They are probably starting a tithe early.” The captain said rolling his eyes.

“It seems like they are being jammed sir? Should we investigate that region?” The Helmsman said.

“I know the captain of the auditor. If he needed help he would have asked for it, and he would never ask for it because he doesn’t need it. We are also not war vessels we are cargo vessels. Our guns are not going to be of any help because they are worse than the auditors.”

“Sir! Private band from the Drukhari on the surface, apparently it’s a real cluster down there! Everything is wrong! The auditor is losing badly! What should we do?” The Helmsman asked. The captain looked at the report then at a nearby crewmen.

“Bring up imagery.” An overhead view of the fight displayed on the holo.

“Ah. So the knights are back, and the witches and them are working together, and it looks like the technology has improved of the natives.” The captain then smiled.

“Sir, orders!” The Helmsman asked.

“They can handle it. We move on. They will just do a blood tithe. We would get in the way.” The captain says in a blithe tone.

“Sir they are getting their ass kicked!” The Helmsman said.

“And?” The Captain responded.

“Sir they need our help!” The helmsman pleaded.

“They do. And we can’t technically hear them. So we don’t technically know that. So we move to the next planet, grab resources, and come back later. When Tertius is done with his satiating his inevitable need to give blood to the blood god or whatever damn foolish thing he worships he will come along with us back to the outer stars per the migratory plan.” The captain said sternly.

“Sir, they could all die!” The Helmsman said and the captain sigh

“Everyone save Helmsman Garthan, leave.” and the crew left.

“Garthan. You are new, so you don’t know my history with Ciberiis Alganas Tertius or the other ships history with him. So I am going to make this short. Tertius.” The captain says before staring the helmsman down with a calm cool menace

“Is an utter incompetent idiot. He and his crew are so hopped up on combat drugs that they have no idea what they are doing half the time. They are tool to be used. He was promoted because he brings in the best pleasure slaves to Ganth Prime and given the Auditor because he gave the Council each a pretty pet plaything. Those were during the good times.” The Captain says pacing

“Are times good now Helmsmen?” The captain asks

“Sir?” The Helmsman was barely augmented. Only his eyes, his skin and his teeth were with some minor mental augments.

“It’s a simple question, and I implore you with all my three hearts, to be honest.”

“Sir, times aren’t that good?” The Helmsman responded.

“You know why?” The Captain asked
“The War sir?”

“Correct Helmsman! The Terran Empire or whatever the fuck it calls itself is steam rolling into our territory! And we left Terra because of our goals. And if they ever find us, they are going to see us as abhuman and murder us, if not for our differences for our mere acts and existence. Now not all of us are as idiotic as the captain down there, but most civilized races do- and when you do business with the Drukhari, most people are not going to think you are intelligent or even civilized for that matter.” The captain said his eyes twitching as the helmsman panicked.

“Now Helmsman, what is the general view of slavery in the galaxy.” The captain asked.

“It’s Bad?”

“That’s right! And what does our race do to survive for the most part?”

“Sell slaves and Mechanical augmentation of questionable morality?” The Helmsman said

“Correct! Now, knowing all this how do you think our inferior ships, going all the way down there, are going to be handled when we enter the atmosphere like we are supposed to?”
“We will be attacked?”

“Correct! Now that I know you are intelligent enough for the next part, I have one final little question for you Helmsman.” The captain said less than a foot away from the Helmsman.


“Why the hell, should I go save someone I hate, and will generally end up costing our crew a chance at our primary objective, when I and the other ship can just ignore it – and go to the rendevous point with what slaves we got and set up shop elsewhere? There is no chance for promotion anymore. The primary fleet is months behind! Ganth Prime, if it is still in our control is going to be removed of our kind once Terra arrives, and it will. So, why go do something stupid, when we can just go out to the ghoul stars after dropping off this last load and start up life again out there, where nobody is gonna go chase?”

“I don’t know sir?” The Helmsman says.

“Neither do I. Pull up Captain Archiba, let him know that Tertius is conducting a red tithe, and does not need our help and we are to proceed to the rendevous point without him.” The Captain said with a sneer.

“Yes Sir.”
“Kolinasi.. This, this is absurd.” Meera said.

“What now Meera?”

“The other Ganth Ships, it’s like the just dipped down to observe. Now they are leaving. They are leaving! We have warp signatures! They are leaving!” Meera said excitedly.

“Frank the other ships bailed!” You let out to frank over the comms.

“This almost isn’t fair.” Frank says loudly.

“Captain! The Drukhari are focusing on us now!”

“Well we got their attention, that should give the boarding party time.”

Pick one order.
> Yana take command, I will deal with some of these Drukhari
> Order a counter combat party to fight the Drukhari.
> Order the anti ship platform guns to now fire on the Drukhari
> Order the guns to finish the job on the Ganth Vessel, end this
>Write in

Pick one Action
> Inspire the crew and the boarding party, inform everyone the Ganth vessels are leaving, (also works against the Ganth)
> Focus Fire on the Drukhari
> Get in touch with the knights, try to coordinate attacks with them
> Write in

Knight house action

> Continue Fire on the Drukhari
> Board the Ganth Vessel
> Attack the Ganth Vessel
> Write in
> Order the anti ship platform guns to now fire on the Drukhari

> Inspire the crew and the boarding party, inform everyone the Ganth vessels are leaving, (also works against the Ganth)

> Attack the Ganth Vessel
> Yana take command, I will deal with some of these Drukhari
> Inspire the crew and the boarding party, inform everyone the Ganth vessels are leaving, (also works against the Ganth)
> Board the Ganth Vessel
Ok, I may be voting to personally fight the deldar just because of the meme, but the rest is legit.
After we fought so hard for the auditor, I want it taken over. No need to damage it anymore.
>"It was once commonly said (and known) that humanity knew more about the cosmos than what lied beneath the waves of Hallow Terra... and it is still true.''
-The Emperor of Mankind

>De’lormosa has since it's reunion with the Imperium become a 'Mecca' * of technological progress on par with any Forge World and even other Primarch Throne World's like Medusa
>Advanced technology of all kinds can be found both above, and elow the sapphire waves
>The Manta SARD(ine) (Search And Rescue Drone) exemplifies this technological prowess not in simply making use of esoteric tech, utilization of hyper plasma, nanolathing etc.
>It uses technology that is 'off the shelf' and makes use of it in ways that escape even the most experienced of Forge Masters leaving them in awe of it's lifelike-ness despite it's simplicity
>For more, click the link it otherwise fits what I'm going for
Just to let you guys know.
The ganth retreated because of how well you handled the fight. In many other circumstances had it been handled differently, those two ships would have, albeit begrudgingly, came down to help.

Also I am sorry the updates come at odd hours, my schedule has gotten this way.
I just got a new job as a custodian so I understand

Changing my third choice >>4849004
> Continue Fire on the Drukhari

The DEldar are the true threat right now
Actually, I'm changing the last part to
> Continue Fire on the Drukhari
With the declaration, all we need to do for the Ganth to break would be to kill Ciberiis, and I trust Delia, uncle and cousin to finish the job.
The drukhari on the other hand are a mystery, and are feeling vindictive, so who knows what those long eared fucks will do.
It's ok old man, real life is a bitch.
But I just had a thought, everytime we had the option to give command, we lost the chance to pick an action, is this time different because we are going to prepare for a boarding, therefore still on our ship? Or was it a mistake?
Just wanted to make sure, because if going to fight the deldar make us unable to inspire, I would have to change the vote to
> Order a counter combat party to fight the Drukhari.
This next update is going to be a bit more hectic, so I am going to wait a little longer for more votes, because I can write it now, but I want a bit more for it- because the next part, is going to have some more details.

And if you have noticed, you now probably have observed that the Ganth have multiple factions, and levels of intellect besides idiotic.
Also I am putting in the commission tomorrow for the Kolinasi sketch.

I am going to do a young one for now. I am going to go into great detail about him, however if there are any focuses on what you think certain tattoo aspects should be for his belt tattoos, his scarification for being a big man, or other highlights let me know.
The belt tatoos got be seamless ocean waves.
I don't know enough about scarification to suggest something.
Some ideas that I had for future tatoo were broken chains/shackles for defeating the Ganth, a bunch of spears together to symbolize unity and maybe a city on the middle/under the ocean.
>Ships of the DNS

>Constable Patrol Boat (Frigate)
>The most common vessel in use by the DNS, it provides a respectable balance of firepower, speed, versatility and cost effectiveness in a single package.
>The are lightly armed, mostly with RC TL-ACs, various missiles and torpedoes
>Named after decorated Adeptus Arbites Officers and local Chiefs/Big Men

>Teheloaka class Destroyer
>The first 'true' warship of the DNS, it boasts great firepower for it's size
>Most commonly deployed as heavy patrol, air defense platforms
>Named originally after decorated DMAS members, but were expanded to include honored XIth Legion Astartes

>Hummingbird clss VTOL Carrier
>the most common carrier in use by the DNS, as well as the DMAS for it's ability to rapidly deploy Frogmen/Marines by way of it's abundance of various VTOL craft and it's great use in disaster relief operations
>Named after various birds and other flying creatures
Subs of the DSS

>'Big Boy' class BMS (Ballistic Missile Submarine)
>One of the key components to the De’lormosan defense strategies
>It's ability to stay hidden underwater for months, if not years on end, and ability to launch Bs that can reach near any target in its hemisphere and even LDO (Low De’lormosan Orbit) make it one of the best kept secrets in the De’lormosan Commonwealth
>Each is named after the Great Beasts that Kolinasi slayed during his unification of De’lormosa

>(INSERT?) Fast Attack Sub
>The most common Submarine employed by the DSS
>Primarily deployed in underwater interception and patrol to deal with contraband runners etc.
>Lightly armed, six torpedo tubes (4 Fore, 2 Aft) and a selection of VLS filled with SAMs to deal with enemy aircraft
>Very stealthy to better suit it's role

>Golden Chief (Emperor) Class Strategic Carrier Submarine
>The largest and most most versatile Submarine in the DSS, they are the pride of the people
>Armed to the teeth with an assortment of advanced weapons (SAMs, Railguns, Cruise missiles and a giant Railgun that can reach LDO or across hemispheres) and a compliment of aircraft or a DMAS force for dealing with a variety of threats as the situation arises
>Named after the Emperor and Kolinasi's brothers (Those that were named after then loyal Traitors were renamed for Loyalist primarchs)
Like this lore.
Noted. We will see how it turns out when she is done!

“Kolinasi, was despite almost everyone’s expectations an incredibly brilliant strategist. The Imperial Navy loved him for his strategy and the Cult Mechanicus thought him incredibly high. His first actual battle, was different from every primarch even in the regards of Robute Guilliman. It would be hard to imagine what he would have been like had he not been from De’lormosa. His first battle, wasn’t just a strategic confrontation. To this day the Drukhari still speak his name in spiteful angry tones.”
Record of the XI th primarch.
“Yana! Take command, the Drukhari are trying to board.” You say as you look over the side of the ship. You knew this would come.

“Charon with me, bring the other chain breakers.” You say, which you have grown to calling the freed slaves and he nods. A small party comes with you armed with melee weapons and pistols.

As you perform a slow jog, which is the slowest you can run while the rest of the crew can keep up, you get to the area the Drukhari are attempting to board.

Using crude acid weapons attached to a monstrosity of flesh, that upon seeing you feel physically discomforted by the fact you know that WAS a slave and is now a weapon. You grab a rope and repel down at high speed, faster than terminal velocity as you are running down the bow of the something fierce as your men have to practically free fall to keep up.

You collide like a meteor into one of the monstrosities before flinging it at one of the drukhari nearby. The smell of it’s death is toxic and disgusting, and the shock of your landing is enough to cause panicked firing. The Drukhari are almost able to keep up with your motions, but your axe is enough to cleave through there rifles and knock the boarding party back.

As the chain breakers land the Monstrosities turn towards you, but you swing your axe fiercely preventing them from shooting their acids at you, and disabling them. The Drukhari seem shocked and vexed as several on flying boards change tactics and turn from the vessel to fire upon you.

So you take one of the Drukhari that are lying on the ground and use it as a shield, luring them in closer.

They don’t seem to upset about firing upon their comrade.

Until, you pull one of the grenades from your satchel, rig it to the body and throw it at the group, causing an explosion that takes many down from the sky.

You need to find their commander. The Drukhari are scared. The Ganth are fleeing. You pull your wide comms.

“You think they fear you Monkeigh?” A grotesque being says approaching you and you ready your axe to cleave the head from this monster.

“They fled because it was advantageous. When the next one comes it will be with a full contingent, or kill everything on the planet. Though I find it cute that you are turning their allies and their own junk and debris against them. It’s really quite poetic. However, I won’t let their bioharvesters discover you. You I have personal interest in, as you are quite clearly far more than a normal human.” The being chortles out in disgusting tones of false elegance.

“I suppose that means you are going to try to bioharvest me? That doesn’t sound like a pleasant alternative” You say, judging the distance between you and him, trying to close the reaction gap on the drukhari would be tricky as they have good reflexes, but if you can get him to monologue.

“Oh much more than that I am-” He gurgles out as he collapses to the ground in his red and black armor and you shake your head, looking for more of them, as your chain breakers also seem to be doing quite well against them.

The Knight warhorns blare out loudly and you can sense the joy coming from them.

> Go hunting for their commander.
> Capture one of their flying ships
> Focus on the Acid bearers
> Focus on the armored opponents.
> Write in

“Kolinasi has taken to the field, we gotta capture this ship fast.” Delia says as you follow close behind. Your Nephew, on the battlefield. Now that would be a sight to behold, if you could see him, he moves so fast.

“I don’t think you will be able to.” And in front of you a Ganth Captain. It looks bigger than the one that came before and his mechanical arms come down quickly to be blocked by your sword, but the strength requires both hands.

“See, you should think about extra arms too!” He says punching you in the gut knocking you back. You spit up some blood but get back up. The pain is strong. You are stronger.

Delia makes an opening and shoots lightning at him causing him to convulse.

“BLOOD GOD HEAR ME! GRANT ME POWER SO I MAY BRING YOU MORE SKULLS!” He roars as red fluid runs from tubes in cylinders to his neck. His skin starts to turn red His eyes turn yellow and fire comes out of his mouth.

“SHIT! SHIT! Kill him!” Delia shouts as she begins pouring MORE lightning as the being grows stronger. You can see her body almost glowing and as if she is outputting much effort into her attack.

“You want to give your god more skulls eh?” You say outloud as you leap up and decapitate his monstrous head in a clean stroke that takes both of your hands and all of your might.

“Guess he is gonna have to claim yo-” And Delia smacks you before you can say a word and you feel a shock.

“Don’t. We must destroy it. Don’t joke about it. Do not say of it.” She says taking her gun and obliterating the head of the decapitated captain. Your daughter is at her throat and Delia looks at the both of you, and the rest of the party.

“Do not, ever- ever do that. There are forces the ganth, sometimes use. Powers. We have seen them before, we forbid talking about it. Part of our rituals for our witches. Kai. I am not mad at you. But don’t. Never offer anything, even in jest. There are dark gods. They are evil. The Ganth sometimes serve them.” She says unflinchingly and your daughter takes away the knife.

“It can’t be that bad?” Your daughter says and Delias glamour drops. You see her. Her battle scars on her face and the anger in her eyes. The age lines that come from horrors. Delia isn’t too old. Younger than Ravi, Older than you, but not much.

“It is.” She says.

“Delia, when you escaped the Ganth- What did they-” And she looks at you.

“I haven’t told Kolinasi too much on it. I don’t, I-” And then it clicks and you raise a finger.

“Save it for another time. We still have to get to the bridge” You say and she nods. Spirits that would have been awkward. Your just happy that haven’t had to have too much a conversation with your daughter because most of the men are afraid of You and Kolinasi. As you jog to the deck you see multiple Ganth trying to protect and Delia firing upon them.

“They aren’t very good shots!” You let out over the gunfire.

“They are ship pilots and navigators! They are barely Ganth!” She says making a few shots and your daughter throws a grenade blowing open the door and killing the remaining Ganth.

As you go into the bridge, Delia grabs all the guns with her mind and throws them behind you.

A few charge at you, but they go down quickly one remains who is furiously hitting numerous buttons and shouting.

Delia comes up with a gun.

“FINALLY CAPTAIN I HAVE INITATED THE REPAIR SEQUENCE!” He shouts out and then pauses and puts his hands up.

“Call is yours Kai.” Delia says.

Pick one

> Take him as a prisoner, Kolinasi may want intelligence from him

> Execute him, he may try to trick you

> Let Delia try to enter his mind, see what she can find


“The Ganth are fleeing! Ha!” you hear paladin shout.

“Make closer combat decisions lads! It’s time to clean up around here!” You shout out over the radio.

“With Pleasure Baron!”

“As you Wish Baron!”

“I have been waiting so long to hear that!”

“Of Course Baron!”

Your team rings out and a chorus of warhorns are let out as you begin to move in closer.

“Avoid the locals! We will not have innocent blood on our hands!” You let out.

"Aye Baron!" is let out by your team as you switch to short range weaponry on what is nearby as prepare for your next nove.

> Try to contact the man who made the message, perhaps he is the commander

> Focus on assisting the submarine team which seems to be doing a bang up job

> Continue to slay the vile Drukhari.

> Write in.
I know it was a different style this time where I had after each perspective a choice, hope you like it.
> Go hunting for their commander.
Let's make the hunter become the hunted for once.
> Take him as a prisoner, Kolinasi may want intelligence from him
And to put the slavers in shackles.
Or just cut his hands, either work.
> Continue to slay the vile Drukhari.
The deldar are the threat right now, so continue to focus on them.
It was cool old man.
Does anyone knows if any Kabals or Haemonculi Coven wears black and red, or are we dealing with an original one?
Sadly it's not purple and red, I guess the meme is not cannon.
For now
You mean yet.
Did I fuck up my grammar again?
Atleast I'm consistent.
No your grammar is fine. It means that you will see it this thread I just haven't gotten to him
Well, that's nice to know.
It's kinda cool how you make all the lore and artwork cannon to the quest, like for example the sea dragon anon wrote about appearing underwater and even being an option to hunt or the screamers being slimmer than regular Ganth, so the image still made sense.
Guess the red and black was just for the Haemunculi coven and the purple and red will the Kabal proper then?
The Archon should be an upjumped Heliarch that still have ties to the helions gangs, and they should specialize in ultilizing skimmer, that way we can have a Surfer Duel

>Legacy Craft of the DEAS
>With the coming of the Imperium and De’lormosa coming into it's fold many changes happened. One of these was the replacement of many native De’lormosan Aerospace craft with Imperial designs for better or 'worse'. Below are a selection.

>'Dagger' Interceptor
>The first true Exo-Atmospheric Fighter built by De’lormosan hands. These light, cheap and nimble single seaters were instrumental in securing orbital supremacy for Kolinasi's re-unification campaign
>Featuring a semi-monocoque frame and thus affording it greater Delta-V for fuel and life support.
>Armaments were typically a Lascannon and hardpoint missiles
>They could operate in both atmosphere and vacuum

>'Great Eagle' Arial Laser Anti-Orbital platform
>Only a handful of these majestic war-machines were ever constructed when the Emperor came to the De’lormosan system
>The gaining of a fleet of armed voidships more or less rendered the Great Eagles functionally obsolete, however they would remain in use as they provided a useful niche as both anti-orbital platforms and as powerful AWACS/C3 alongise aiding in weather observation
>They would pay back their cost during the Battle of De’lormosa by downing several Traitor Escort Voidships before being felled by the heavier Capital ships

All my homies hate the Deldar
>Vulkan: *Shivers* There be powerful Deldartry up in here brothers. Watch your backs.
Time for the hunter, to become the hunted.

You move quickly through explosions, weaving deftly through your foes, utilzing your daggers greatly against them. You move as the hurricane you came in through.

The Cabal’s colors changing as you move through it. Black & Red, Black & Purple, then The more elite members of the Cabal, Purple and Red. They try. They actually try as you come at them. They can move quickly. Not as fast as you.

It’s actually something that is testing you, fighting the elites. The panic on their faces grows on those who are not wearing a mask to hide their faces. They fire their rifles, then give up and switch to odd weapons as they swoop at you on their boards. So you do something you have been waiting to do since you installed it on your surfboard.

You whistle. And your board soars to you quickly and efficiently and you hop upon it.

The Cabal, doesn’t understand the waves like you do, nor the waters and what lies beneath. You pull them towards you. Cutting and slicing, parrying their frantic moves.

Bringing them on their sky boards, which you may have to see how they work.

If they survive.

You don’t surf here.

It’s to risky to swim in the spawning and hunting range of the Great Yum Shark.

And It is absurd to surf, nobody wants to chose death.

Then as you fight, and push various ones off the board, they fall and the Great Yum Sharks do what they are infamous for.

Leaping from the water.

You see the fear in the Drukhari’s eyes as they are eaten by the sharks.

Finally the commander identifies themselves. His Helion board is far more ornate, as is their armor.

“Face Me Monkeigh! It is I whomst you seek! It is I who have lead these raids for years on your insignificant watering hole of a planet! I have been waiting for centuries for an opponent I could finally face again that was worthy of a pit fight!” He shouts out in a distorted voice, that you can detect is done electronically, either for fear or effect. It doesn’t have the desired effect. You chuckle.

“What is so humorous Monkeigh? Is your tiny brain not processing the fear response properly?” He says and you laugh harder now, his voice sounding now comical.

“Your voice sounds like a dying machine and a goat had a child!” You say, part as your ancient family secret of perfecting the combat taunt that causes blind rage in certain opponents.

The being fires many shots and lets out a comical bleat of a scream. It’s working.

> Take this fight to land – he will probably be at a disadvantage being so used to a board.

> Take this fight higher in the air, as he is probably not used to an opponent on equal footing on a board

> Take this fight to prow of your ship, you’d like to fight an opponent used to the confusion of fighting in melee through cannon and gunfire


“Take him back to the ship. Alive. It’s good for a slaver to wear the shackles for once.” You say and Delia nods. You check the Ganther. He doesn’t have the suicide gland, or the poison tooth, so you think he won’t be able to instantly kill himself.

“Jera we have boarded. We have the ship, time for you to get your green-eyed ass over here so we can finish this off once and for all!”

“I will be over their in a minute, we are just now done with manuevers and the Drukhari are in a mess- Kolinasi and his crew have been wrecking the Drukhari.” Jera says.

“We also got one prisoner. We took a Ganth alive.”

“That is incredibly rare, don’t they have that one poison suicide gland?”

“ This one didn’t. He barely had any alterations.” You say, as that was the first thing look at.

> Set out a broad comm message, let them know you have taken the ship.

> Begin firing on the drukhari.

> Set to going through their information, see what you can find out.


The Guns never tire.

You continue to fire on the foul xenos, as you have also noted a peculiar tribesman who is massive who has been literally feeding the Drukhari to the sharks.

The sight is quite poetic and moving in a gruesome sort of way.

It’s also taking care of the elite helions and allowing you to take care of more dangerous vehicle foes without having to deal with a flock of them.

You fire upon their last skiff, and you realize that is just ground troops and infantry now.

This is where they are the most dangerous- but you are knights.

You fire multiple rounds at the ground units.

“Baron! We have seen something awkward! A bio monstrosity about our size. Not like one of those walkers we normally see but this thing, it’s disturbing. Permission to engage?” Lancer asks.

> “Denied! Engage in the drukhari, leave the strange beast to those who can handle it at range!”
-Begin firing at the monstrosity
-Let Paladin or others do so

> “Granted engage carefully, I will provide overwatch!”

> Take this fight to prow of your ship, you’d like to fight an opponent used to the confusion of fighting in melee through cannon and gunfire
A heliarch wins and keep their place by dueling, so we can't count on his inexperience.
So let's use this chance to test ourselves.
> Set out a broad comm message, let them know you have taken the ship.
We saw what happened when the Ganth were disorganized. Let's not do the same mistake.
> “Denied! Engage in the drukhari, leave the strange beast to those who can handle it at range!”
-Begin firing at the monstrosity
Dual Duels.
Unique XIth Legion Fleet equipment

>Accelerator Launcher Tubes
>An improvement to standard Imperial Torpedo Tubes found across ship classes
>Making use of both Gaussian and Lorentz forces by way of electromagnetic coils and rails that run the length of the tubes to assist in propelling the torpedoes out of the tube
>With this special launcher, Torpedoes can be launched without the need for expending their precious fuel, both increasing end velocity and increasing pK (Probability of Kill) and can be used to launch 'Stealth' Torpedoes that will coast well before the battle is met when the sensors will detect enemies and then begin to burn towards their target
>The capability of 'Stealth' Torpedoes led to a joint R&D between the XI and XIX Legions where a combo of both Hot propulsion rockets and 'Cold' Gas-based propulsion and Sensor defeating shell/Jammers were provided by the XIXth.
>To further improve its ability to enter and exit atmospheres, seemingly every weapon can be protected by deployable covers to protect them

Linking >>4834059
for the picture

>Tiamat class (Planetary) Assault ship
>A highly niche Frigate scale vessel in use by the XIth Legion and a select other Legions
>The Tiamat is expected to both enter and exit Terra type atmospheres under its own power, and can even if need be land and operate in sufficiently deep bodies of water that can contain it
>Once landed, the Tiamat provides cover for its disembarking troops and Marines by way of point defenses and generating a 'Void Umbrella' to defeat incoming artillery and opposing orbital firepower
>Weaponry wise, due to its its role and design considerations to allow entering and exiting atmosphere, the Tiamat class is quite lacking in firepower, even by Frigate scale.
>The Fore is very lacking with a reduced number of Torpedo tubes, with shallower pools. No Lances, the Macro Cannons located on the Dorsal side and a noted anemic Ventral loadout. Though it has a more than respectable Port and Starboard and above average point defenses to compensate
>Additionally, what further raises cost and reduces loadout is the need to make the ship so impressively durable, with an astoundingly strong Keel to help in planetary landings alongside depth resistant hull to deal with possible water landings and aiding in reentry
I am going to try to get some more support before posting, I would like more participation if possible, but if it's only three people- well I may just have to live with that.
Also our artwork is cued up. So soon we will have a Kolinasi sketch.
I really think it was the low activity of the last thread, and the time you typically update.

It may take time for te number to grow back again
Cool beans
I follow another quest that has low players numbers too, and the smaller size is a bit refreshing, since it's way calmer than the larger ones.
I am honestly grateful for everyone who plays. I am sorry I cannot post as much. I work everyday as an unarmed security guard to afford a vacation this year and it can make posting difficult when I have a woman to care for and I have no idea my schedule somedays.

Like Today I find out I work 3-11 at about noon.

What this means is I will probably be phone posting the Kaiju fight and the Kolinasi Heliarch fight.
I work 3-11 with my new Custodial job. So don't sweat it
>And so the decades would come and pass, and Wakateleho would rise in ranks while fending off Drukhari, Orkz and a menagerie of foes that would come to despoil his home, until finally becoming commander of the garrison Astartes

This post above was the last line of a BIGASS greentext

Gist of it was:
>Waka was tutored under Kolinasi as he showed great promise to take up as the new Big Man/Chief since by 'now' Kolinasi was way to busy in getting the last stubborn holdouts to join his reunited De’lormosa
>It was around this time Big E and the XIth show up, Waka sees the Astartes and wants to take part in the trials and passes with flying colors and obviosuly asses Implantation too
>There was also a part where Waka was still married to a girl called Lulu (She was a Witch and had somewhat 'deadened' emotions that actually helped keep their marriage strong)
>The reasoning behind Waka becoming a Marine was that going off into the Stars alongid Kolinasi was great and all, but leaving his home, family and more ran counter to his tutelage and morals
>So he sought to protect De’lormosa and hr people by rising in the ranks to lead his Brothers, functionally becoming the most powerful man in not only De’lormosa but the growing Compact of surrounding systems aside from Kolinasi
>He's more noted for his tactical, strategic acumen than straight up fighting which is fitting he was raised and trained to be a leader since he could walk
Proud of our little nephew, shame I wrote him becoming a dreadnought when I did the little Dawn of War thing.
But we got to find pur sister first.
Unless she is Yana, she was abandoned in the witches island, and mother said she looked familiar, I tought it was because she looked like an islander, but you can never know
Don't worry, him becoming a Dread actually is kinda fitting. It allows him to continue serving
Also this is the second example of an older aspirant joining our legion, so we might have that same mutation in our geneseed that Russ had, hope none of our sons start turning into fish people.
I imagined him being in his teens

I can see bioluminescence as a possible mutation
That's the thing, normally the aspirant are pre-pubescent.
But I had an idea to explain why, and get some mutations for our legions, I'm off to the Lexicanum to research geneseed a bit, and I'll be right back
I thing i'll add canibalism too so the shark-boys can be our descendents, the ancient Mori ate the fallen to recover and honour their mana right? I thing it can work
That's fairly true
Although know among the Imperium as one of the less mutated legions of Astartes, the Storm Rider’s geneseed have in truth an curious set of mutations that seem to vary depending on the aspirant, that can vary to perfectly mimicking Kolinasi’s abilities, to the complete degeneration of the responsible organ.
To counter-act such a devastating flaw that can result in the death of whole batches aspirant, or even many insane or crippled space marines, the allied scientists of Kolinasi have developed a set of special gene-therapies to work on the genetic templates of the planet, as to make it as close as possible to the successful subjects. However, this set of operations can only be done starting from puberty up to the tail end of early adulthood, and only work on humans that have a genetic profile similar to those found in De’Lormosa.
This meant that the Storm Riders only have access to few recruiting worlds that have to be carefully vetted beforehand, and that they lack the ability to quickly replenish losses due the extra time and the limited reserve manpower, unless the legion is willing to deal with extreme mutations. However, this also means that many aspirant have already formed families and proved themselves before joining, resulting in actual family trees that are known to be compatible, and a greater connection to the normal population of their worlds.
Much to the displeasure of the Emperor, but he is willing to tolerate for the sake of efficiency. For now.
Now I'm going to think up a set of common mutations, their range from good to fucked, and how they relate to Kolinasi's abilities.
I just realized that I meant for the Storm Riders to be able to recruit from a few core worlds nearby De'Lormosa, and maybe any sister world that conolized it or it conolized Pre-DAoT, but because of the Ganth slave trading, it means that nearly any planet can have a conoatible population.
So the Storm Riders will do a massive gene check everytime they conquer a planet searching for compatible aspirants.
First the Ganth leave free technology around, than they donated ships to us, and now they seed recruitable populations across the stars. Aren't they such nice guys?
>Possible scale skin: Better resistance t damage, possible improved performance in significant water depths?
>Bio-Luminesce: Offshoot of the Bio-Electricity, mostly cosmetic but has potential to ruin stealth since they would glow. Also makes them easier to detect with EM scanners etc.
>Even better Multi Lungs
>Possible Body Dysmorphia mental mutation?
>Bio-Electricity obviously, as it may grant a 'hunger' in the Astartes as I noted in the 2md thread
I tought about the lungs, so they could breath undewater or in space (or hold their breath), the crippling ones could be that they can't deploy in normal world because the oxigen is too pure, so they hyperventilate (not sure if it's the cirrect term)
Also that canibalism that wants to get more knowledge from the brain, maybe an offshoot of the tecnopathy mutation.
Something about being very fast, since Kolinasi is the Usain Bolt of primarchs.
Maybe a problem with that gland that controls sleep? Make so they can't sleep, or sleep with their eyes open like a fish, and the bad mutation is that is uncontrolable or too much, so they can drop efficiency or become a sentry in tge middle of combat.
Maybe light sensitivity or UV and other spectrums, to better see in the dark while boarding, the bad mutauon ofcourse would be not being able to control and be blinded by normal light.
All good ideas
Also a internal gyroscope, the failure would be they couldn't deal with normal gravity without being disoreinted.
Maybe some sort of sonar, or the tecnhopathy help with lower frequency updates, so they could mantain contact without being detected, and the bad would be an weakness would be senistivity to sounds.

That way, they are specialized for quick boarding strikes and relocation, being able to deal with deprussurization, could hack into any vessel, work with of light, have a internal sense of direction to deal with zero G and 3d space, can stay deployed for long periods of time so they could work through the giants ships in the setting or hold for ambushes, maintain conact in hostile territory.

And the failed is a deformed, insane, cannibal mutant that need to live in a low g, dark, soundless environment, kinda like a deep sea fish.
Idea on >>4858535
body dysmorphia: The 'need' to be submerged in water (salt water preferably) for a certain amount of time every now and again
>Not hard when traveling between stars or on garrison duty, but in the middle of active campaigns?

Maybe that could be why the Storm Riders develop more towards cavalry/fast attack strategies?
With everything we've done, I can say that the XIth was built similarly to the XIVth: Dangerous/Deadly Environ specialist.

But whereas Morty's boys were meant more for poisonous/toxic/radioactive hellholes, our boys were built for the two greatest environs: The Void of Space and the Depths of the Oceans
Maybe it's the scales, if the marine end up developing too many, or too hard scales, so they start having problems sweating, and therefore controling moisture, temperature and keeping the skin conductive with the black carapace, so they need to do that regular submergion.
Maybe a few unlucky one develop the right amount or the right thickness at the start, but they slowly continue growing, so they begin to have to be submerged.
And for the unluckiest it never stops, so they have to be interred into a special dreadnought to not boil to death in their own bodies.
The emperor probably meant for only the void, but it also ended up working for the deep sea due to the similarities.
Or he used the knoweldge of how to work witg dephts sinse it's easier to simulate on land, and workes up to the void from there, kinda like they train astronauts in pools.
File: 1494274033652.png (1.67 MB, 1190x1343)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
Good ideas
Very true
File: Archer_Verdadero_Heracles.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1523)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB PNG
Thinking on the upcoming sketch

Ever since the quest started, I personally keep imagining Kolinasi to look like Hercules from Fate/Strange Fake (pic related) but with the tattoos etc.
Hell yeah brother, same artist as the one commissioned to draw lieren over in 2nd?
I think I got and idea on the scales why they would be so insulating.
They aren't extra armour for the marines, but an extra layer of protection against radiation, since the void of space is so much more irradiated than incide on the atmosphere.
And they obviously are insulated from both ways, so if the scales become too thick or too cover too much of the skin, the thermal waves of the body can escape, effectivally microving the marine.
So maybe some marine spend time shaving their scales from the skin.
Also thought that it was intended to not be any different colour, just some clump of skin that appear bigger than the rest, so tgat way Kolinasi would actually have some, but they aren't really noticible sinse it's apperiang as intended instead of mutated.
If he had landed on some irradiated place like Baal he would have developed the mutations.
The eleventh legion was engineered to excel at void combat, and due to its similarities in environment, also was right at home at the depths of the oceans that were present in some of the planets encountered during the crusade.
However, because of that specialization and of the low numbers successful Astartes produce prior to the development of the gene-therapy, the 11th saw little to no combat during the Unification of Terra, and had been relegated to only Void-related tasks until they were reunited with Kolinasi.
The list of modifications and mutations present on their gene-seed is as follows
>One of the defining feature of the Storm Riders is the lack of the Mucranoid, instead they have some special hormones released though the Biscopea that develops special cluster of skin referred as Void Scales, that serve the same purpose, but are always active. This means that the Storm Riders can deploy to extreme to extreme heat, cold, vacuum and even heavily irradiated areas without any prior preparation. However, in some Marines, this hormone is overly active, meaning that they grow extra clusters of Void Scales or thicker ones, leading to a difficulty for the body to disperse internal heat, and a few unlucky Astartes never stop developing more, needing to be interred in special Dreadnoughts. This has led to a custom where the marines will periodically ritually “shed” their scales with their power knifes, with some even making jewelry like necklaces and armbands and wearing to battles, or gifting it to their families or to those that hold in high regard.
>The other main characteristic of the Storm Riders is the production of Bioelectricity, and the ability to easily interface with technology, that sometimes shows as a form of technopathy, although those appear to be a partially psychic, and only started after being reunited with their Primarch. The main reason of that is a divergent Omophagea, that would instead of reading the genetic information of the consumed brain, tries to interact with their synapsis by sending electromagnetic pulses, but is overly active, and sends a constant bioelectrical field through the entirety of the Astarte’s body all the time instead. This, together with some native believe of De’Lormosa, led to rituals where squadmates would consume the so called Mana of the fallen, something that Kolinasi has tried to crack down on, due to some cases where marines would start to feel an ever present “hunger” to consume more Mana.
>The Storm Riders also have an stronger Multi-Lung, capable of operating for longer periods of times in conditions even more extremes, but in some cases the marine will become unable to properly breath in normal atmospheres without hyperventilating, necessitating bionics.
>An advanced pair of Lyman Ears that also helps to orientate the Marines in low gravity conditions, similar to an internal gyroscope also making it easier for him to navigate through a 3 dimensional space. In some Marines it seems to constantly varies, leading to a permanent case of Sea Legs and a inability to deploy in environments that are not low gravity.
>An overly active Occulobe, that more easily facilitates optic-therapy, to better see in low light conditions, and to be able to detect a larger spectrum of colours. Should it overly develop, the Marine will suffer difficulties due to strong light-sensitivity, with some even requiring cybernetics.
>Some marine also feel a psychological need to be regularly submerged in salt water for long periods of times, and although easily done while traveling or garrisoning, proves to be a hindrance during campaigns.
Tried to balance their strength with weakness. Most marines will have around 2 to 3 of these flaws, and of only mild inconvenience. The ones that have strong problems are either the old guard or those recruited with doing the gene-therapy. Not sure if the heavily mutated should just be put out of their misery, or set up something like the Black Tower on Baal. Marines with no flaws should be very rare, since those mutations are overpowered as fuck.
I need a name for the special Omophagea, I thought about something to do with Omnissiah, Mana, or the name of the cannibal rituals of Melanesia, but I couldn’t find anything.
If they feel too special, we can cut everything past the two main mutations, since they are mainly flavour anyway.
Also, if the hunger is going too much into Blood Angels territory, we can keep it the bioelectricity a psychic thing only, and keep only the Void Scales and improvements to the Multi-Lungs, and add a stronger Secondary Heart, so that way they can run fast.
And maybe keep the psycological need to be submerged or kept in Zero-G, becuase it's a good little bit of lore.
The eleventh legion was engineered to excel at void combat, and due to its similarities in environment, also was right at home at the depths of the oceans that were present in some of the planets encountered during the crusade.
However, because of that specialization and of the low numbers successful Astartes produce prior to the development of the gene-therapy, the 11th saw little to no combat during the Unification of Terra, and had been relegated only to Void-related tasks until they were reunited with their Primarch.
The list of modifications and mutations present on their gene-seed is as follows
>One of the defining feature of the Storm Riders is their lack of the Mucranoid, and instead they have some special hormones released though the Biscopea that develops special cluster of skin referred as Void Scales, that serve the same purpose, but are always active. This means that the Storm Riders can deploy to extreme hot, cold, vacuum and even irradiated areas without any prior preparation. However, in some Marines, this hormone is overly active, meaning that they grow extra clusters of Void Scales or thicker ones, leading to a difficulty for the body to disperse internal heat, and an unlucky few never stop developing more, needing to be interred in special Dreadnoughts. This has led to a custom where the marines will periodically ritually “shed” their scales with their power knifes, with some even making jewelry like necklaces and armbands and wearing to battle, or gifting it to their families or to those that hold in high regard.
>The other main characteristic of the Legion is the production of Bioelectricity and the ability to easily interface with technology, that sometimes shows as a form of technopathy in Librarians and some Tech-Marines, although it appears to be partially psychic, and only started after the Legion was reunited with their Primarch. This, together with some native believe of De’Lormosa, led to rituals where squadmates would consume the so called Mana of their fallen companions, something that Kolinasi has tried to crack down.
>A more sensitive pair of Lyman Ears allows the Astartes to easily orientate in low gravity conditions, and to navigate in a 3D space. Some marines seem to have an inability to adapt to higher gravity conditions, developing a permanent case of Sea Legs.
>The Storm Riders also have an stronger implanted Secondary Heart and Multi-Lung, allowing them to have great bursts speeds similar to Kolinasi, and to operate for longer periods of time and in even more extreme conditions. However, this may led to some Astartes becoming unbale to breath in regular atmospheres, or hyperventilating during combat.
>Some marine also feel a psychological need to be regularly submerged in salt water or Zero G tanks, and although it’s something easily done during travel or garrison duty, it has proved to be a hindrance while in campaign.
Here's a second attempt, I think it's better now.
Ah fuck, I forgot about biolumense.
It can be a mutation of the bioeletrecity, maybe due to eating too much mana.
Or maybe eating Mana can make a marine that didn't have a mutation start mutating, or Bioluminescense is just a random mutation like the other ones.
Maybe the stronger your Bioeletricity, the higher the chance for you to glow, so the Librarian glows while shooting lighting, or the Tech-Marines while comuning with Machine Spirits.
And if you have a lot of Bioeletricity but don't have a way to get rid of it like they do, you just faintly glow in some spots during some times.
I like that idea of Mana eating/"Electrophagia?" causing mutations to happen or accelerate in development

Sorry about slow response power went out for a few hours and was unable to post at work.
That's okay

You have him chase you to the spine of your ship. Where multiple guns are going off, missiles are literally flying and gun turrets are rotating. He screams and howls as you pull up on to the prow where he finally comes at you.

He is fast. Fighting against him is actually a fight. You know his weapon is probably dipped in some acid flesh melting virus, so you have to actually try to not let his blade touch you. You use your daggers mostly to cut at him and parry away the blades, but you can tell he is calculating every step.

Which is good because when the flak goes off right next to him because he was less focused on his surroundings it hits him.

This doesn’t stop him though.

He is enraged.

With every swipe you can feel that he is insulted by your skill.

There is arrogance in every swing.

Pride in every step.

Yet you are able to counter his mastery, if you were wearing armor, and honestly if you knew what his poison would do and how to treat it you would stop with this right now and just take a hit and knock him off the boat to the ground.

It’s taxing.

A foe that could probably kill you with whatever toxin is on their blade, and that is what they are relying on.

It isn’t skill.

While there IS indeed skill in his style, and you can see the years of practice on the armor alone- you feel honestly a bit underwhelmed.

This is your first REAL fight.

And yet it feels cheap.

Surely he has to know how vast the gap is?

So you test the limits of your body.

You disengage him quickly to sprint and leap around him trying to get him in the back. Just to see if he can detect your real skill.

Despite the hubris of their race- he is barely able to detect you moving the way you are.

His body and reflexes are responding naturally, but it just makes him sloppy.

Then you sense it in him.

The slight flow in mana around him

As you come back in and attack him with your full strength in a single swing from your axe you break his blade.


It is palpable off him

He pulls out a strange device, clearly some sort of explosive and you knock it out of his hand, and his hand, off the side.

He wails harder now.

He pulls a smaller sword and attacks rabidly.

You are able to block and counter each blow with your axe, and it is awkward. It is not how this tool is meant to be used. However, you realize you haven’t fired the gun portion of it yet.

The Drukhari has no idea, but after a second volley of flak that misses him, he hops on his board and soars down the side of your ship to the beach.

The coward is running.
You pursue and intercept him and quickly knock him to the ground.

There is blood on the sand as the being looks up at you his body is able to move only a little bit.

You stand over his body, realizing that the only Drukhari force that is fighting is the towering monstrosity that is being engaged by the knights.

It’s been a route. Your forces are victorious minus two matters. The Heliarch and The monster.


>> Take the Heliarch prisoner. The intelligence he could give, would be quite important.
>> Kill the Heliarch. He attempted to give you a fight, you can give him a clean death.
>> Time to hold a court! Take him alive so he may be judged by the witches, islanders, and others of this planet so he may be held accountable for his actions.


The Beast, whatever it is. Has acid attacks, and strange weaponry. Claws like tridents. It moves slowly. So you get a few good shots off on it.

Yet it still comes. The genetic monstrosity isn’t something the Drukhari have ever been recorded using.

It doesn’t even seem like normal Aeldari, or whatever the blasted knife ear bastards called themselves, or anything.

It seems like the Ganth and the Drukhari found something and made it.

You fire another quick round and it approaches, faster.

The weapons seem to be working, yet it still approaches.

You fire again.

It now is running and firing acid at your knight, so you have to move.

Paladin, begins firing at it from the rear.

Normally this would be despicable behavior, however not much seems to slow the being and it is such an unusual thing that it makes the situation an exception.

You fire everything.

Paladin fires everything.

Something glows inside, and the creature explodes in a shower of acid and gore.

Warhorns blare. Your side has won the day.
>> Get in comms with whomstever is in charge, this is someone to meet.
>> Find a place to call up your ship, prepare to load up. There is still much to do.
>> Check in on the old stonehall, your knights will likely need repairs.
>> Take the Heliarch prisoner. The intelligence he could give, would be quite important.
This could lead to the court option anyway. Maybe even have it over teleconference just in case he tries to kill everyone with some bomb or other
>> Get in comms with whomstever is in charge, this is someone to meet.
Guess it's time for a proper meeting between Primarch and Knights

And for the Titans
It should read

>> Time to hold a court! Take him alive so he may be judged by the witches islanders and others of this planet so he may be held accountable for his actions.
Not gonna lie love Titanicus. Stringstorm did an awesome job with that one.
>> Take the Heliarch prisoner. The intelligence he could give, would be quite important.
I really want to hold court, and I doubt he is going to squeal any information. But anything that he lets go with their massive ego and drukahri monologue could help.
>> Get in comms with whomstever is in charge, this is someone to meet.
Time for them to formally join the team.
Also just realized it's literally the meme scene, with us standing over the Heliarch and him being in the sand with a beach at the background.
I feel really tempted to kill him now, even though it's the least strategic option.
Maybe just knock him out with the axe?
Fuck it, I'm changing to
>> Time to hold a court! Take him alive so he may be judged by the witches, islanders, and others of this planet so he may be held accountable for his actions
Time to be a warleader and Big Man again, we can get more info out of the helmsman, the Auditor cogitators and our scouting trip to Olympia and Nuceria.
>> Get in comms with whomstever is in charge, this is someone to meet.
And here's a repeat of the titans vote in case someone decides to support.
File: 1621380492553.png (1.14 MB, 2172x1182)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Gonna put this down before I do my nightly recharge.

Holding a Court is a very pirate and very Big man culture thing.

The ruling of the court may not be instant death. There is a chance intelligence could be gleaned from it.

There may also be cannibalism. Or being used as shark chum. Or keel hauled. Or even more fun traditions.

Speaking of!

I haven't forgotten what you guys have written. Cannibalism is something that isn't practiced by everyone. I have studied the south pacific a lot for this quest, and while there is a potential for cannibalism, it would only be in certain scenarios and tribes. So please continue developing lore, I promise that you are going to see much of it come soon.

It's such a scene I just had to do it.
>>The other main characteristic of the Legion is the production of Bioelectricity and the ability to easily interface with technology, that sometimes shows as a form of technopathy in Librarians and some Tech-Marines, although it appears to be partially psychic, and only started after the Legion was reunited with their Primarch. This, together with some native believe of De’Lormosa, led to rituals where squadmates would consume the so called Mana of their fallen companions, something that Kolinasi has tried to crack down.

>Common side effects of prolonged 'Electrophagia' include:
>1. Displaying of mannerisms, quirks of the 'Consumed'
>2. Excessive static buildup in the Marine's body that require regular siphoning/depletion
>3. Related to the first: Seeing, hearing and smelling others as those of the 'Consumed' and even the afflicted Marine holding conversations with family and friends of the 'Consumed's', meaning the afflicted are reliving the life of the Consumed very vividly
I just realized something.
If the bioeletricity is mainly a psychic quirk, than by eating the Mana of the fallen they are eating part of their Warp precense, this together with the normal effects of the Omophagea, could lead to actual madness and extreme multiple personality disorder.
Also the increase in mutations could make sense, since they are ritually consuming warp stuff.
Maybe some marines also consume the Mana of worthy enemies too?
Should we add some developing a Hunger that they want to eat more even though it's mutating and maddening them? Like a sort of addcition? Or just leave it as underground rituals that some marines do even though it's discouraged?
Puts another perspective on Kolinasi cracking down on it all

And good idea on the addiction, though the underground rituals are good too
So we have conflicting votes, however I can write it off, depending on what happens tonight or if another comes in and chooses to support or not.


I know you guys don't really need to know cause while I am telling the story, it's not my blog- but I got the job I have been working on years to get, or rather I have gotten the offer and now have to do some insane paperwork.

Did I leak my notes?
I have talked to her. She is excited to be working on this, and we will have a family photo depending on how things go. I told her that the body would be athletic and similar with the long hair, good taste by the way, but her style is her own. All I know is that I am going to recommend her to freaking GW for rembrancer art and use her for any sketches you guys want.

Which, we will also get:
Our boy Wakateleho
Best Dread
The Honor Guard

And any other requests.
Who is best dread? Our little Waka when he becomes the old grandpa that spoils his space marines cousins with tales of his uncle?
Talking about family and uncle, our dad, mother, jera, uncle and cousin would be nice to see.
Maybe old man doctor shaman?
There's Frank too, with his magnificient mustache and tatoos.
Any of the chain breakers, maybe Charon.
But since that's too many people, I would prefer to see either dad, jera or the old man, they had the biggest impact on our life.
Oh wait, I accidentatly skipped reading the begining of the post.
So the interviews went through? That's great old man!
Jorag Ernhol
I thought that story was amazing.
This guy?
Guess we will meet the junkers and the terrawat clan in the future then.
Have to +1 on Jorag. Though Arnoul would be great too.

Here's a good idea of on who Jorag would be based on
Now that bring it into the question.
Will tge drawing be before or after him getting stuck inside the refrigerator?
>'The Red Comets' Aerospace Stunt Team
>The 'Red Comets' are a special squadron of DEAS (De’Lormosan Exo-Atmospheric Service) pilots that are commonly deployed during military parades and aeronautical performances not only upon and around De’Lormosa, but have even been deployed throughout the Imperium following the Reunification
>When deployed outside of De’Lormosa, the 'Red Comets' are but one highly noticeable part of efforts to attract trade an immigration to the De’Lormosan Compact and forge better relations by way of the Ministries of Immigration and Trade
>Sporting their distinctive 'Twin-Tail Red Bird' craft, an unarmed craft capable of operating in both atmosphere and space named after a native De’Lormosan avian renowned for it's daring maneuverability it uses to attract mates
>Sadly, the first incarnation of the Red Comets would come to an end during the Battle of New Ghent during the Middle of the Heresy, as the Advertising Flotilla they were attached to made a stand to protect New Ghent and it's populace and industry from he Traitors, all pilots of the Red Comets were presumed either KIA or MIA following the battle as they took to the skies and space in several sorties with little to no rest between in requisitioned Fighters from their Flotilla's armory
>A Bronze statue featuring five Twin-Tail Red Birds creating a sphere with their 'contrails' still stands on New Ghent honoring their sacrifice
They only were so skilled because their souls were unbound by gravity.
>"We came here to laugh at you."- Squad Leader Quattro Bajeena of the 'Red Comets' at the Battle of New Ghent towards the Traitor forces
BIG UPDATE GUYS. This one will cover a lot of ground and allow for certain things to happen in the future. This is a key and huge update, so the response time for this won't be as bad, as I need max participation so, if you wish to advertise, go ahead.

Hybrid option-

You bind the drukhari so it’s impossible for them to escape. In front of you, is an impasse. Hold them accountable and have a court as tradition or use him as intelligence source. One can be done with the other, but only if you are given time. Time you do not really have too much of. You have but a short period of time before you must refit, re-work and rearm your ship before venturing out towards the two planets.

You pick up the foul being who has clearly soiled themselves and carry them to the small staging area that has been built up.

“Call the Big Men and elders. We need a talk. Order the crew to not celebrate just yet, we have to refit and the rest” You say over your short band comms.

“Can do boss, but uh we got someone who wants to talk to you. Also Frank will be up in a few minutes, but this guy sounds really important.” Yana says.

“I’ll hear them.” You say.

“Is this the leader of the defense forces.” A voice over the radio in accent you have never heard before speaks. The voice is similar towards yours, a bit slower and more deliberate with a bit more twang similar to stonewright, but somehow more formal.

“Is this the leader of the knights?” You ask.

“I am. Baron Alric Magis. I am piloting the Alexander, it’s the really big one with the two guns for arms. Are you the tall fella that beat that Heliarc?”

“I am.” You respond.

“Well we have a humble request, we see that Stonehall still works. Would it be improper if we utilize it’s facilities to repair and refit our knights? We know some people may be sleeping there or maybe even living there, we don’t want to disturb anyone who has gone through multiple ganth raids.”

“We’d actually like that. If you wouldn’t mind I may want to watch the process myself. There are some other knights that haven’t been used and I may want to learn more.” You say.

“With what you went through, we can teach some of your defenders to pilot some. Though if it’s Stonehall, good luck finding anyone to pilot King. That one’s spirit is something else entirely.” The Baron says.

“If you have the time I may need a bit more help.” You say.
“Oh how so?” He asks

“Can you come down for a minute, I am at a crossroads.” You say. And you see Frank’s craft leave the waters.

Within Five minutes Frank is by your side, and you have just learned his teleportarium is functional, and is going to show Nasi how to fix your ships one.

Less than ten minutes later, Baron Alric Magis has walked up. He is a man of medium height, has a large blonde beard, a very pointy mustache and a strong build that would impress most island men.

“So this discussion?” He asks.

“Well, I am waiting on a few more folks.” You say and he nods, Frank and Him make small talk as Charon and Your Uncle appear.

The first big man to appear is Jero Jera who looks around then nods.

Delia and her Mother are the first of the other elders to show, with Flora in tow. Then the rest of the Big men aboard the other fast craft that have been built thanks to the Old Man, whom is also present.

“Kolinasi, I see you have brought us victory and the Knights as well, surely these are all good omens, but what of this Drukhari.” Old Chief Kai asks

“I agree, quite much has been won today, why is this monster still alive?” the Crone Mother asks.

“Traditions.” You say.

“This is the leader of the Cabal that has been working with the Ganth. He could teach us quite a bit, we could learn from him. While he may not be cooperative now, I am sure with our combined efforts we can extract knowledge from him.” You say in a severe voice that makes many of the tribesmen nod in agreement.

“You want to ask us if we should hold a court.” Jera asks.

“Traditionally when a pirate leader or enemy leader is captured he is held accountable for his crimes. We for that reason also have one Ganth who has been captured.” You state, your uncle having informed you of the Ganth.

“The problem here is time. We don’t have much of it but Tradition must be made. I am, thanks to your decision- the War Chief.” You say and then your fathers eyes widen as some of the men realize what this means

“Not the Justice Chief.” You point out and your Father nods.

“I defer Justice to Chief Ravi. Big Man of the Black. He is the one who is to take up this decision. However, as a council of elders are here already-” You point out and Chief Kai, the first to realize truly what is going on
“Of course. A Moot!” He shouts and the Crone and the Baron look a bit taken back.

“I have not heard of a Moot being performed in 500 years. Fortunately we have to perform a mock one at court occasionally.” The Baron says aloud

“You really mean to have a moot now?” The Crone asks.

“Correct! And as I am the youngest and as the one who called it” You say with a grin

“You cannot participate and may only observe.” Your father says with a sigh.

“He is younger than I? I am only a meager twenty years! That man is twice my size!” The Baron points out.

“Lad he is seven.” Your father says and the baron looks flabberghasted.

“As a war chief I assign Yana to be my observer of this Moot, as there is much I must do that Frank and I must get to in order to work against incoming Ganth.” You say and Frank smirks just a little bit.

“As your duty.” Your father says in the tone of voice that means he is going to say-

“BUT- Kolinasi, as the war chief and this being an enemy commander, you will be the one who will carry out the sentence, no matter what we choose.” Your father says.

“As my responsibility.” You say knowing full well already what the sentence is in a serious tone.

“Baron, may I have your leading technologist in your knights to assist in their maintaince so that I may show one of our defenders what needs to be done?” You ask.

“Lancer will assist. In addition a few squires are not too far off and would be of much assistance. If I am not mistaken, a Moot must come before night falls, the decision must be unanimous, and all factions must partake in input, but we do not have a representative of the underwater faction.” The Baron says

“False!” The Old man says loudly before Frank raises his hand.

“I am the one who wrote the rules for the first moot, and was the under water representative way back in the day. So it is fitting that I am here for this one!” The Old Man says causing the Crone look wild eyed.

“Well then, let us start the Moot. Kolinasi, tend to your duties. We will have this figured out faster than you’d think.” Your Father says and as you are about to turn your father dutifully smiles

“Son, this was a good decision. Just remember, a Moot requires”

“A big Moka for all parties.” You say pointing to your head, as if you already knew but in a polite tone that shows you are always thinking ahead and were prepared for this like a good son, and hadn’t forgotten something that your father only mentioned twice in passing about in his lessons he taught you when you were stargazing or surfing. As you turn you nervously chuckle realizing the scope of a Moot.
You are tempted to just go surf with how beautiful the waves are and the day is, but you have so much on your plate now and by midnight, at least by your estimates, you need to get going to collect intelligence.

You also have to get a big Moka for each party of this Moot. Which a Moot Moka isn’t, too big, you realize, but still you have been mobilizing resources and building defenses, training and empowering the other tribes, and that could have in itself been a Moka. Had you not just done it as part of your initiative to make it so nobody is clinging to survival. Frank tries sneaking up on you, probably to be funny but you hear his foot steps.

“That was a good play with the Moot! So what do you plan to do now?” he asks.

“Gonna carry out their decision. The Drukhari will get what he deserves.”

“Even if they say to cannibalize him?”

“We can’t cannibalize that Drukhari, they too different. It would be eating a chemistry set same with the Ganth” You say flat toned to gauge Frank’s reaction which is ridiculously animated. You then look at him and smile and he then looks at you with a little anger.

“Ha.” He says.

“You want to go over the charts with me now, or should we do that later?” You ask.

“Straight to business with a side of laughs. Good. Your Navigator and Astropath both know where to go as they were taught the star charts, if you are a really good at that sort of strategy thing, really don’t give us any clues. We just know they do some trade with Nuceria, and some other trade on Olympia besides their other hubs, which you are not equipped for, but I am, which I will do after I resettle the refugees.” He says and you nod.

“Which would you go to first?” You ask

“Honestly that is a coin toss. If you have someone who knows either, I’d say do that one first. It’s an infiltrate in and out sort of deal, granted if I had the bombs I would bomb Nuceria to kingdom come.” Frank says.

“Kingdom Come?” You ask and Frank looks confused then makes a loud animated explosion noise.

“I’d bomb them till there were no more bombs mate. They ruled by these slavers called the High Riders. Honestly they aint that well armed, but compared to the rest of the populace, they are elite. You could probably conquer the planet with your freakin sub, a few rebels with some good guns, and a few heads rollin.” He says in a matter that suggests he wants you to do that.

“But you can’t do it for some reason.” You answer back.

“They got political clout mate. They got ties back to terra, my big ships would be hunted, I am a known factor, not some rando on some backwater.” He says
“If I do that there, why not Olympia?” You ask

“Mate, Olympia is something I don’t hear much about. All I know is some Tyrant has some prodigy who can make miracles out of machines and is big as a horse, and the only reason the Ganth go there is to work with the Black Judges. Those are the ones you have to worry about.” He says.

“Which one is closer?” You ask as your little stroll gets you to the Stonehall

“Eh, Nuceria is along the way to Olympia so quicker through the warp.” He says.

“Say I got enough for a small resistance. What if I had, say oh I don’t know a knight. You think that would speed things along?” You ask

“I’m just saying collect intelligence. I am sure a knight and a resistance would probably quickly have the high riders telling you everything they know in short order.” He says shrugging.

“You are a clever tactician.” You say

“I know a thing or two about rebellions and uprisings.” He says as a man in a similar suit to the Baron walks up with Karlan Stonewright, Meera and Gela.

“So I hear your the badass who somehow set fire to a void ship, and you big man are the man who planned this crazy defense!” The man says and you smile at him

“I had a lot of help, and it was a team effort.” You say.

“So what can I do to help?” He asks


Do to the unique nature of this point your options are unique you have until sunset, so you have 4 hours and you can do as many as you have time for, you just have to divide the time up correctly.

> Learn about the knights, repair, upgrade, usage etc.

> See if you can borrow one for your mission, someone may be able to pilot it, or see if one can come along

> Discuss strategy with frank

> Create any advanced tools or weapons here at the stone hall to take with you (Can be done apart from total time, however doing so takes more time than if you did it. Will take place of other blue text options if done in this way

> Load a few of the fighter craft into Something Fierce, they may come in handy (Can be done apart from total time, however- it would take them a bit more time than you doing it and it takes out other blue text options if done in this way)

> Figure out this “King” Knight (1 hour min)
> Start refit procedures on your ship, or as much as you can assist with (You can have someone else do this, but it will take more time, and will take out other blue options if done this way.)

> See if they are any new things the stonehall can do that the knights can show you

> Talk Theoretical Knight things with the knight here, like if stonehall can manage building one

> See what technology the knights, have, maybe they can assist with more construction of buildings, ships and weapons

> Try to get frank to learn with you (Can be apart from your time, but he may get bored and do his own thing, and won’t be able to discuss strategy with you)

> Try to understand the knights, as a culture, more.

> Do an after action report with those not at the moot anymore, IE your Uncle, Delia, Charon,Meera, Gela and those who took part in the battle.

> Write in
Create any advanced tools or weapons here at the stone hall to take with you (Can be done apart from total time, however doing so takes more time than if you did it. Will take place of other blue text options if done in this way

> Load a few of the fighter craft into Something Fierce, they may come in handy (Can be done apart from total time, however- it would take them a bit more time than you doing it and it takes out other blue text options if done in this way)

> Start refit procedures on your ship, or as much as you can assist with (You can have someone else do this, but it will take more time, and will take out other blue options if done this way.)


You can do multiple write ins.

This may seem confusing, so-

You can take as many options as you like. So long as the time is divided is equal to 4 hours.

EG: 1 hour, 1 hour 2 hours OR 30 minutes eight times, OR any combination. So long as you explain it.

Kolinasi learns fast, so some of the things you can spend less time on and still getting the max effect.
And because I am in high spirits, I will make it even easier!

The Blue ones can be done with someone else whomst is skilled without eliminating them as an option. EG

You can have Gela do the fighter craft and it would be as fast as you

Meera could Start Refit Procedures

Karlan could create tools and weapons

However, doing so, while as time efficient as you doing it, may not be as good in some categories.
I find it funny how you talk as if we aren't all going to save our brother old man. We got the weapins, we got Charon to guide us, we know that we are more connected to the new government of Terra them the High Fuckers, and we might get the knowledge on how to remove the butcher's nail from the Ganth.
Super Angry Brothers will happen, even if it is on the sister quest instead.
Now I'm going to figure out a plan.
Sweet update

Going to wait until I get home
> Learn about the knights, repair, upgrade, usage etc.
45 minutes
> Discuss strategy with frank
45 minutes
> Do an after action report with those not at the moot anymore, IE your Uncle, Delia, Charon,Meera, Gela and those who took part in the battle.
30 minutes
> Try to understand the knights, as a culture, more.
45 minutes
> Do an after action report with those not at the moot anymore, IE your Uncle, Delia, Charon,Meera, Gela and those who took part in the battle.
45 minutes
> Start refit procedures on your ship, or as much as you can assist with
30 minutes
> Learn about the knights, repair, upgrade, usage etc.
A 30 min crash course should be enough
> Figure out this “King” Knight (1 hour min)
Let's spend 1 30 on this, both to deal with the machine spirit and to find a pilot for it. Some ideas are our honour guard and the little mechanic that came with our ship.
> See if you can borrow one for your mission, someone may be able to pilot it, or see if one can come along
If we get King going, than ask for him to go with us, if not, 30 min to this. Also ask Yana for help, the stonewright and Meera for help to convince them(Meera is his niece right?)
> See if they are any new things the stonehall can do that the knights can show you
> See what technology the knights, have, maybe they can assist with more construction of buildings, ships and weapons
These two go hand in hand, give it around an hour.
> Discuss strategy with frank and Charon on how to overthrow the High Riders
30 min if we need to convince the knights, 1h if we get King.
> Get Gela to load a few of the fighter craft into Something Fierce, they may come in handy.
I think these are the most pressing.
You only have to do one after action report.
Also speaking as a former military man who handled after action reports, a 30 minute is more than sufficient in most cases.

Hey I write what you all vote unless there is no consensus in which case I make due.
Replace the 45 minute AAR with
> Create any advanced tools or weapons here at the stone hall to take with you
of equal length
Supporting this
I failed to mention. This weekend I am going on a brief excursion/vacation.

If I post it will be phone posting.

This will give you more time to make decisions.

This one, has out any of the ones that you can assign someone else to blue text minus the tool creation. Was the post your intention or were you going with the leadership option of assigning others that you know are good at their task to assist?
Honestly, I'm just seeing what sticks
Just add an option for the blue Gela to load the fighters in.
It costs nothing since it can be done parallel with the rest
I've made one edit, no more

I sowed the seeds and must reap the whirlwind
File: Mittens.png (1.24 MB, 1926x3358)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Posting Mittens here too, because why not?
That. Is a wonderful Cat.

I will try to get the update in tonight. However, if I am unable to there is a chance the next update will be Monday.

Now for our Stoat
Also we are at page 150 of the document that is this quest, or as this path has been chosen.

“Teach us.” You say to lancer.

For 45 minutes, you get an indepth course on what they will be doing with the knight repairs, apparently, they will likely be here for most of the night, as it has been a while since they have had access to such facilities. While their Knight ship, has functional void worthiness and repair facilities, this place was meant to build the knights- as well as perform upgrades upon them.

Meera, Karlan and yourself are busy taking notes on this, and Lancer is happy to show you many guides and information which you take in quite quickly. The thing that amazes you the most, is that they left the knights here by choice. While they are suited for certain duties, they are not suited for this planets roles as well as the current knight patterns. And from a brief snippet of discussion, you learn ‘King’ The biger knight with the cape, the claw, and the strange weapon that looks like a gun and a halberd, is the most finickey knight- and was left here not because of lack of use- but the fact that it’s throne mechanicum is so hard to find a princep for.

You learn the repair principles, and that this is the best spot for it, and that you could theoretically build more repair facilities, and- something that brings joy to everyone in the room, make more knights with the Dumper Debris and readily available resources on the island.
This leads you to a longer talk with Lancer.

The Knights, they are incredibly noble. Selfless to a fault most of them. Sure they are a bit uppity, and a bit haughty for your taste- they are good. They also bond with their machines, not how you bond with the mana and the machine spirit, but they and their knights are one.

As you show Lancer your work and what you have done on the island, he is impressed and he reveals more about his culture to you. How they are structured, how the house now has to work to protect not just THIS planet, but the nearby planets in the system. That refugees have been fleeing to the nearby planets, which are almost barren.

The Knights, which, according them number in at 150 knights that can currently be fielded! However, according to them, this isn’t that easy with the Ganth, as they have biotitans that they often use as Chattle to fight, or avoid areas of the knights entirely. The reason the Ganth are even able to get away with a red tithe here, is that the knights have also been fighting another front.


Orks are in part of the system, and they cause the most problems. So the knights have to exterminate them, and any planet they land on. Furthermore- since they grow like mushrooms, they have to specifically clean the knights and purify them after every use- lest they bring in more orks to each planet.
Then there are the Drukhari raids. While they are more common on De’lormosa, they are not as common on the other planets on the system, but when they occur, they are more violent. So for the Most part, Hous Magis, has been trying to prevent the chaos of the system from getting to De’lormosa. They also feel deep remorse for the actions of the Ganth, and how they have not yet been able to stop them.

You let Lancer get to his duties, and you decide that it would be wise to make more weapons and tools for the trip, so you fire up the fabricator- the wonderful ‘Dark Age of Technology’ whatever that nonsense Lancer said, machine that he was surprised you were able to get to run so well. You make many weapons and munitions, ones that are readily available as designs, namely ranged weapons, and powered melee weapons. While it takes you a total of thirty minutes to que up, you know that this will likely get finished in the amounts you want, probably just before you leave. You think, should you try one of the newer different designs?

You have time for 3 selections

> The ‘Volkite’ Gun- A weapon of disintegration.
> The ‘ Gravity’ Gun- A weapon that utilizes gravity, weird as it is powerful
> The ‘ARC’ Gun - an electric gun that can stun targets and disable the machine spirit.
> The ‘Heavy Flamer’ – a weapon of shock and awe that produces much flame
> The [UNKNOWN FIELD ERROR]- A mixed field here showing some sort of Gauntlets that double as various guns
> [ARRAY ERROR, RESET PARAMETERS] This just looks like some sort of crazy axe gun thing like you gave your dad, but it looks like you can mix the gun up with one of the ones from above- neat.
> [OMNISIAH BE PRAISED FILE FOUND] It looks like the Heavy Flamers fire power but at a fraction of the size.
> [FILE FORBIDDEN ADRATHIC ORDER] It looks like a volkite weapon but waaaay more powerful, and attached to a melee weapon. You could only, maybe make half of what you could of any other weapons
After you set the maker to go, you notice that you are going to need more, dumpa scrap and loot for the machine, a lot more. You make a note of it and show it to Meera and Karlan who nod. Meera pulls you aside.

“Kolinasi- at this rate we may have all the junk on the planet cleaned up, and all the space junk cleaned up with a functioning technological society we never dreamed of!” She says, and it’s true. The work you and the old man have done in recycling methods have really worked out. You smile and realize that with Meera here, and Frank, you could round up people and do an after action report.

A few short minutes later, you go over the fight with Delia, Your Uncle Kai, Meera, Gela, the Lancer, Frank, and Charon.

The After Action Report is a tradition among captains and their crew, or in your case- your honor guard and your posse.

Charon, for his part says that the chain breakers need more training, they are an undisciplined mob, that while they are great at individual combat, they need to learn to work as a team, and more drills. He says they show promise, and he feels that if he is able to do some guide work in Nuceria, he can get real disciplined people freed that can help act as a force multiplier. You put this in the back of your mind.

Delia, states that she needs to talk to you more in depth about certain affairs that need to be revealed to you, but cannot be talked about in wide open.

“It’s fine to talk with you among the Honor Guard about it, but we dare not speak it infront of others lest it gain traction.” And you see Meeras eyes widen and Gela’s breathing grow heavy. This concerns you a great deal.

“We’ll discuss it before we leave. A brief aside.” She nods.

Gela was happy with the performance of the upgraded GEVS, and the new weapons and bombing material that was made from the Dumpas had such material they could set fire to the Void Craft, namely ClF3, which says is extremely dangerous, and they only used one tiny bomb of it to start the massive fire. She says that it can also be used to help with nuclear power, though this substance being as dangerous as it is, you inform Gela that she needs to talk to you more about it, before wide spread adoption.

Meera, while pleased, seems actually a little disappointed. She feels that the toolsets on the Fierce can be improved, though she feels she needs to study Ganth technology more, and the ‘Auditor’ will allow her to improve said tech.

Your Uncle Kai smiles and informs you that Your Cousin kicked serious ass and was able to sneak up on Delia with no difficulty, as well as kill many Ganth. The Boarding party team has been training well, and is acting as a good team. This causes Charon to bring up cross training, something you concur should be done.

Frank shrugs and says he’ll talk later, and you agree.
The Lancer, seems intrigued by all this and gives a brief play by play, though he is mortified by the use of ClF3, which he says is insanely dangerous and that if it was used on the Auditor, the area that the fire was needs to be cleaned a certain way, and he is surprised the fire went out at all. You immediately inform the crew of the Fierce, who some have been working on retrofitting the Auditor.

After the After Action report is over, and everyone learned something, you hang back and talk to frank.

Frank, explains that he thinks that while Charon’s heart is in the right place, gaining more warriors to our cause also good, he doesn’t think we would be armed well enough to do so.

“I made an oath. To break the chains of slavery. Not just here. But wherever I go. I go to Nuceria, I will free men.”

“That is great Kolinasi, but when you go there, you need a plan. I see your making weapons, and you are incredibly tactically well minded, but how do you plan on finding out where the Ganth are, Freeing the slaves, and escaping all in a short time period?” He asks.

“I can orbital hold the planet. If they do not have orbital defenses I can land in the sub, get much work done, save many, and shift the balance of power by arming the right people. And maybe bombarding a palace or two.” You say

“Look, your heart is in the right place-- Fuck it. I am coming too.” He says

“What? You have the refugees to resettle and the other”

“My crew can do that. My first mate and XO can handle that. You need me. I may not be a towering adonis who has hot tropical women who hang on his every word and has some weird skill that allows him to get ANY MACHINE I HAVE SEEN YOU TOUCH TO WORK JUST FINE. What I do have is experiences in rebellions, and freeing people. I know how these places work. I will go with you, and we can formulate a better plan along the way.” He says.

“Wait- my honor guard, hangs on my every word? What makes you think that?” You are a bit confused by this, you haven’t really noticed any different behavior in your guard.

“HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? The one tall red head delia? She was looking at you the way a pirate looks at a score! Meera, plays with her hair when she talks to you, Gela blushes and Yana when she carried my slow but to you couldn’t stop speaking about how good of a guy you were.” He says.

“They always behave like this. It’s just their habits.” You point out, as this isn’t really new behavior.

“NO WOMAN IS ALWAYS LIKE THAT! WHAT ARE YOU TWO?” Frank shouts causing Lancer to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“He is actually seven.” Lancer says.

“Wait you are really seven years old?” Frank asks
“Seven years, six months.” You say as you think that is more like seven years six months and a week.

“Has your old man given, never mind. Talk to your old man about finding a woman. Whatever. This is the strangest day of my life.” Frank says

“What about strategy?” You ask in a tone to intentionally goad him, as his reactions are quite funny to you.

“I WILL NOT DISCUSS STRATEGY WITH A MAN WHO DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES.” He says before walking away out of the stonehall.

You begin to start taking parts back and helping refit the ship. Taking in the new weapons you built, bringing in the repair orders and seeing what else can be done.

The Fierce took damage, but Young Nasi, as well as Half Mad Hairi, Sneaky Ray, and Ron Jon have been a huge boon to repairs as they work well as a team, and they have learned well from your explanations of how things work through the mana.

However, before almost all the retrofits are done, and just as you see the sun start to get near the set, you see Yana

“Kolinasi, we have a sentence.” She says, and you follow her down to the beach.

“The Heliarch, having committed many crimes against our people, and aiding the ganth, has been sentenced to die.” Ravi says

“Kolinasi Keiko Wahtiri, My son. The Heliarch has been sentenced to die via spacing. It is to be carried out within two days, Yana has been witness to this and will enforce this time.” Ravi says.

“Wew mate, you lucky you aint getting fed to the puppy sharks.” Jera says causing you to cringe at a far worse fate.

“The Ganth Helmsman, being a vital holder of information is willing to cooperate with giving information to you Kolinasi. However, he requests clemency, in that you look to execute him in a way fit for one of his station.” Your father says.

“His sentence is still death.” He says.

“I shall carry out an appropriate sentence, Jera, as my first mate would you do the honor of showing our ‘guests’ to their quarters?” You ask

“Gladly captain.” He says.

The sun still hangs. There is still much to do before you leave for the night and off to the stars.
Pick Four
> Talk to the Big Men as a group, inform them of what you are about to do

> Talk to the Baron, see if he can loan out a knight or two, or if anyone would want to come along

> Talk to the Crone, see how the island has been

> Talk to Morgiana see how her and her new husband are doing.

> Talk to your father, see what he would do in your shoes.

> Talk to the Old Man, give him the information on the knights, see what he can do

> Talk to Delia, see what was so important

> Talk to Jera about what his plans with the auditor are

> Go load up some of those fighter craft, could make for a good distraction at the new planet.

> Go load up the new GEV, maybe it may be useful for this planet.

> Examine the knights with some of your mechanic crew, maybe check out the king

> Make maybe a few more weapons and tools, see what can be done

> Surf, you have no idea when you will get to for a little while

> Go over the strategy with the crew

> Write in
Also artist news.

I get the rough sketch tomorrow, I will keep it as a surprise and will probably show it with the final product.
> The ‘ARC’ Gun - an electric gun that can stun targets and disable the machine spirit.
> The ‘Volkite’ Gun- A weapon of disintegration.
> [FILE FORBIDDEN ADRATHIC ORDER] It looks like a volkite weapon but waaaay more powerful, and attached to a melee weapon. You could only, maybe make half of what you could of any other weapons

Personally, I would have spaced the Heliarch... into the planet's gravity well to burn up in reentry after 'gifting' him a space suit to let him survive long enough

> Talk to the Big Men as a group, inform them of what you are about to do
> Talk to the Crone, see how the island has been
The Crone could give us a run down of Morgiana, and some more Seeress news
>> Go load up some of those fighter craft, could make for a good distraction at the new planet.
> Go over the strategy with the crew
> The ‘Volkite’ Gun- A weapon of disintegration.
This are good. Fell out of favour case they are too expensive to make and maintain, but we have the trash for now.
> The ‘ARC’ Gun - an electric gun that can stun targets and disable the machine spirit.
More eletricity,it's our thing.
> [OMNISIAH BE PRAISED FILE FOUND] It looks like the Heavy Flamers fire power but at a fraction of the size.
Going to need that to deal with the Ork's spores

> Talk to the Big Men as a group, inform them of what you are about to do
Keep our allies on the know
> Go load up some of those fighter craft, could make for a good distraction at the new planet.
Something that should already been done (Yes, I'm salty)
> Talk to Delia, see what was so important
Let's get the Chaos briefing out of the way.
> Talk to the Old Man, give him the information on the knights, see what he can do
Old man doctor shaman has never let us down

We can diacuaa strategy with our crew when we have the talk that Frank said we would have later.
Unless the talk strategy option is that, than I change my vote from the delia option to it.
I will try to update tonight if we get votes and I have time. Lot of time on the road.
Back again

How do you guys think of the future aesthetic of De’Lormosa? I imagine a rather sleek 'futuristic' style being rather De’Lormosan native style as the centuries come and go. Really makes the planet and people show off the technological prowess and harken to a future the Emperor envisioned for Humanity.

Kinda like it.
Makes it look like someone build a city out of Yachts, the Sydney opera house and those fake islands on Dubai, which fits something that would have looked like a potential resort world.
And with the whole underwater cities, I loke to imagine that the real popularion lived in these amphybious hives, and when the turist season came, they would submerge the citiea leaving the world with an untouched paradise vibe, and when it ended they would rise them back up and start fishing, manufacturing and cleaning everything.
Talking about the submergeble hives, how would they look like.
I was picturing something like a layered O'Neill cylinder, but made for underwater instead of space, and the biggeatxone being a full circle instaed of just bigger cilinder.
Because as much as Rapture looks cool, I don'k think it would be feasible to make it float up and down, or even make it go to space.
Unless it's build like Port Maw, and is just a space station some madman decides to build on a planet instead of in orbit.
This also comes into queation whether De'lormosa has the ruins of a space elevator somewhere.
I wouldn't be surprised if there are/were space elevator remains o the planet
Went looking for a space elevator, and realized that Ace Combat shit fits both the aestheticss of De'Lormosa and the insanity of 40k, or at least of the Golden Age of Humanity.
Ok lads.
I got the rough sketch of Kolinasi.

It looks different than the memes, but emperor preserve me its amazing.

I will try to post something today but, vacation may get in the way.
Hey, in both memes Kolinasi changed his appearance from eachother.
Mainly because I just drew over the template of Chad and of Nolan, but that's just the nature of memes anyway.
File: Spoiler Image (4.38 MB, 2480x3508)
4.38 MB
4.38 MB JPG
This is the rough sketch.
I think it is beautiful.
File: 1551661345850.jpg (358 KB, 675x1200)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Pretty much what I was thinking.

Human, yet recognizably advanced
I like the hair, reminds me of the Marauder in Path of Exile.
My main was a Juggernaught, so it's nostalgic as fuck.
Also, the artist didn't end up drawing the crossed knifes tatoo on only half the face.
Which mean it wasn't just me that had trouble drawing it, or making it look good, I feel somehow relieved and vindicated.
It looks really good, can't wait for the final draft.
Just like I said for Lieren, the pretty boy look is cool for a baby primarch, and no wonder all the women are thirsty for him.
Our boy is going to look badass when fully grow.
The artist does amazing eyes

Soft in youth, yet possessing a steely hardness all Primarchs have
>When invading Ocean Worlds, two things ar evident: It is both easier, and harder than invading a typical world
>The lack of suitable terrain for landing sufficient troops makes the available landmass expecially dense in defenses alongside the many underwater facilities and vessels that are common
>At the same time, taking control or attacking said landmasses is easier due to small sizes and whatnot
>Thus leading to De'Lormosan military planners making their own islands and fortifying them as PDF staging points and planetary defensive positions
>The most famous and awe inspiring are the Stonehenge Orbital Defense Islands
>As the name gives away, the Stonehenges are built around a series of Lances, Macrocannons, ICBMs and a plethora of point defenses and Void Shield generators
>Each Island is built to protect a section of De'Lormosa's hemispheres with overlapping fields of fire supporting whatever Naval assets are on or in obit of the planet
>Additionally, the very terrain, or lack thereof, provides a slew of issues for those that wish to take control of such planets
.Rather than tanks, one would require various Nautical craft which presents a number of problems for the invader, meaning such an invasion would require a large prep time to simply acquire such vessels or simply replace their planetary vehicle holds with small craft etc. for improved orbital supremacy which as stated presents problems logistically

>One of the most famous of thse Island Forts is Fort (Rogal) Dorn who after coming to De'Lormosa provided significant aid and advice in further improving the system's defenses, which would prove invaluable later on during the Battle of De'Lormosa
>"I am not the best at gift giving I admit. But I feel this is the least I can do for my Brother's Homeworld." -Rogal Dorn
Looks amazing. And like with Lieren's picture, I love the eyes here. very expressive of Kolinasi's character. that tattoos are also fucking radical
Also do you got a vote?
Supporting this
Alright. Depending on other votes and how late the night goes I may be able to do a post tonight. Otherwise, it will be tomorrow.
We're doing better in terms of pph/ppd compared to last thread if that's any consolation?
Holy fuck did today suck

How was everyone's day?
It was ok.
Mediocre at best, like it just happened.
But your question also begs another one, how the vacation old man?
It was good. Sorry about the wait. Let's get back to it shall we?

You make a quick sign for the Big Men to huddle up near you.

“Kolinasi, you keep showing your skill and worth as a War Chief. What is your next plan?” Rawhiri asks.

“I am going, with new allies, to find out more information about the Ganth home world, or where they come from or are going. We gonna take the fight to them.” You say in a calm, yet stern voice and the Big Men seem incredibly pleased. Your father looks a little nervous, but you can tell that he knows it’s the right decision.

“So first we are going to be going to some other planets, do some intelligence gathering. Maybe free some more people, help us against the Ganth. When us islanders, come together and fight, we are strong. This is clear today as it was yesterday.” You say and there is nodding.

“But if we- as a planet, come together, with other planets against the Ganth and their friends, we will defeat them.” You say with confidence and strength coming out of your voice and Chief Kai raises a hand.

“Kolinasi, you are wise beyond your years, but what makes you so sure they will help?” He asks.

“Talking to those who have been slaves of the Ganth long term, they know they are only liked by those who can afford slaves. If the planet is made of people who hate the ganth, or those like them, we can help them rise up and fight.” You say.

“Kolinasi, you have most of De’lormosa united, the polar tribes and many other islands- do not really know what is going on. Yet you already plan to go off world?” Chief Kai asks, and you hear Frank speak.

“Well, respectfully they will know in a few days who is in charge. I am the one who runs most of the supplies to the poles and the other parts of this planet. When they ask my crew, who I recognize as a big man, I am gonna point at Kolinasi. I mean just look at him.” Frank puts his hands out and motions.

“I recognize you. You are the one who trades for our fancy goats and the tea plant.” Chief Kai says.

“Yes. I trade for your goats that have the softest fur in this part of the galaxy and your coca plant, because they are so good for trading.” Frank says.

“You say your crew will vouch for our decisions.” Chief Etera says skeptically.

“Normally no. But after today, yes.” Frank says.

“Kolinasi, we support your decision, go get us new allies, and let our planet be associated with freedom.” Your father says.

“I will also try to work other things out, maybe we will have knights of our own. I am going to make sure we have more weapons and more fortifications.” You say and nod to the Old Man who smiles.

The two of you walk a short distance and you discuss the knights with him the Old Man seems to smile a bit.

“I think we can make a knight forge maybe some other things. I need to look at the machine, but with our printers, our proto lathes, and our porta forges, we could theoretically make an air force and a navy too. We will need to farm some of the junk from the ring, a lot of it actually. But wasnt that the goal?” The old man asks

“Ya. We may actually have the beautiful free planet we deserve. Through technology and our minds, we made a process that can recycle and reuse the junk from the dumpers, and make something good! Soon the towering garbage patches and dead ships will be gone, and replaced with working technology! Houses of stone, metal and ceramics! Boats that can go farther and made out of less! Who knows, you may be able to go surfing with me yet.” You say putting your hand on the old man’s shoulder.

“You have gave some of what I was missing back Kolinasi. Hope. Laughter. I will get on it before you leave orbit. Also keep in touch ya? We need to test the limits of that comm!” He says and you give him a hug before he walks off. You see Delia walking up as you head back to stonehall for the fighters.

“Delia! You had something you wanted to talk to me about?” You ask and she pauses and breathes. She worries you with her look.

“Yes. But keep quiet.” She says and you nod.

“One of the Ganth. The commander, he- well. Kolinasi what do you really know of Mana and Spirit?” She asks

“Everything has mana. Not everything has spirit. We put the spirits to rest in the black, so the spirit may find peace and not be restless. Spirits, can’t be out too long. They get corrupted. Twisted. Or so legend says. My father and I, we follow the Big Man way.” You say

“Ah. My favorite path. A mighty God is a living Man.” She says, having listened to you and your fathers discussions before, but also trying to learn about big man culture as you learn about hers.

“Well, truth is, there are spirits, that inhabit the spirit realm and they seek to corrupt. The Ganth, they worship some of them, or all of them. I am not sure.” She says and she looks at you.

“The thing is, they come in many forms. But- you’ll know it when you see it. We do not speak their names, I will not, even for you.” And she looks you in the eyes when she says it, and in a tone that is very gentle and kind.

“They are the one of war. He seeks blood, and skulls. He only desires war, those who become possessed by his spirits become powerful with bloodlust and rage, all they know is anger. He gains power from the skulls and blood of his enemies. Never decapitate your foes, or try not too- doing so is an offer to him.” She says, and you pay attention because you know there are more.

“The second, is the one of Plague. He is death, and the cycle of life as well. That is why we seek to cremate our dead. We do not know much of them, to be honest, but those that follow him are diseased and spread plague. Yet they are content. It is very strange.” She says.

“The third, is the trickster. The one who schemes, who has no honor. They are always changing, and are wheels within wheels and plans and they have the most power over the spirit realm. They go after witches, and seek them out. We are trained to deny the third, and that is why the pariah every generation is sent out. They are our defense against the third.” She says and looks a bit awkward.

“The fourth, it- it is new. It, I haven’t really seen any Ganth refer to it, and it isn’t in many of our texts. We just know of it seeking perfection and perversion. That it goes for too high ambition. Their followers- well, you will know.” She says giving you a weird look.

“There is a fifth. Maybe? It is a strange one, one of paradox. One of the inner turmoil. We know less about it than the fourth.” She says

“The point is, the spirits are afraid of here, and do not come here because of the black volcano. It is very powerful, and it is good that your tribe guards it well and lays your warriors to rest there.” She says as you get to the hall.

> “Thank you Delia, we can talk about this more later if you want.”

> “Delia, you said that the Ganth Captain was a follower of this war one, do all the Ganth follow these spirits?”

> “Delia, how often have you had to deal with this foul spirits?”

> “Why is the black significant? What makes the Black Lava Volcano so important?”

You get inside, and you are about to mount up the fighter craft, but then Delia comes up, and is loading the weapons you made and she pauses and smiles.

“Kolinasi. Before you take the fighters out I have a surprise.” She says.

“Oh? Is this like the surprise when you got my Shoal Stoat those biscuits? Because if it is-” You say a false anger causing her to laugh and giggle and she waves you over to the lathe

“I made a few test bed weapons from the hidden designs from your pod that transferred over, and I made more practical models. Some of them will be able to be on knights!” She says and you realize that may win you a lot more help from the knights in the future, but you are happy that Meera is actually playing around and using the proto-lathe. Normally it’s just you or the Old Man.

She then waves you over, to six weapons that look like they were built just for you.

“I tried out different combinations. I made two of those Adriathic weapons, two of the Infernus weapons, and two of the Volkite weapons, and combined them with Axes and other weapon designs.” She says showing you her handy work, and it is all things you would approve of.

“This is amazing.” You say.

“AND!” She says pulling out two very large gauntlets that have massive claws, and saws, similar to the ones you gave Rawhiri, but they have two gun portions on them.

“I made this crazy thing combining the Adrathic on one gauntlet, and the ARC on the other.” She says.

“Meera.” You look over to her and she smiles and looks back at you.

“From now on, if you ever want to build anything with the protolathe, just do it.” You say and she runs up and hugs you, it’s slightly awkward, but Meera has been happier, and you know that this gives her much joy. Besides, when she makes weapons this good, she should be amazing in peace time with what she will invent.

“I am going to take all this with me. I am going to be careful in trying them all.” You say and Meera, who has also become quite the fighter pilot helps you take the fighter craft into the Fierce’s hanger bay.

Where you notice something.

One Knight.

A big one.

As you land and hop out you look and see a knight, one of the ones from earlier in your ship.

“I am sorry, I would have asked permission to come aboard from you personally, but the Baron said it was important for me to be a good liason between our people!” Lancer says as he comes out from behind his knight.

“It’s granted.” You say looking at the thing and giving a smile to Lancer.

“Lovely! I will be happy to assist you on your activities, as I am one of the best scouts in our whole knight house. And Also, I informed the Baron what we discussed earlier, and he is very eager to start collaboration work. Though, I think he would be more excited if someone could pilot King.” He says

“I think we just keep getting good news today Kolinasi!” Meera says hopping out of her craft.

“Ya. That isn’t always a good sign.” You point out.

“I gotcha. Ima do a system check run, make sure everything good before Jera moves boats.” Meera says slipping into the islander tone, which she has been doing more often lately.

“Aye that.” You say. Jera, is entitled to the Auditor. And he is within all rights allowed to literally ditch you upon this big off world trip – to go and fix and ready the Auditor. He could also take half of the crew by same right.

“Jera can you meet me in the hangar.” You say over the comms.

“Give me a sec.” He says and you see him waltz in.

“Jera you ain”

“Lad. I wouldn’t do that to ya. I thought about it, but nah. The Auditor is gonna take a lot longer either way. My old crew is takin of it, probably with the Old Man and a few others. Not to mention, I have always wanted to visit another planet. I am gonna see how that goes with this first, then maybe I do it with the auditor.” He says, causing you to breath a sigh of relief.

“Anything else last minute? We still departing before midnight right?” Jera asks.

Pick two

> Make a few last minute goodbyes to family

> Check to see if anyone else wishes to come with

> Do a last minute surf, why not.

> Get acquainted with the Navigator and Astropath.

> Load up all the projects and things you have at the stonehall, you may need them.

> Get trade bait. Lots of it. Maybe some goats. Who knows what works for economics in Nuceria and Olympia

> Write in
> “Delia, how often have you had to deal with this foul spirits?”

> Make a few last minute goodbyes to family
> Load up all the projects and things you have at the stonehall, you may need them.
All good choices
> “Why is the black significant? What makes the Black Lava Volcano so important?”
We spread the Black Trees as a gift. Did we accidentatly start protecting more of the islands against Chaos?
> Make a few last minute goodbyes to family
We will have time to talk with the Astropath and Navigator during our space adventures, but our family will stay back home. Well, except Uncle, Cousin and Jera, but we didn't really say goodbye to Dad, only told him our plans during a meeting, and we didn't even see Mom before going to fight our first battle.
> Load up all the projects and things you have at the stonehall, you may need them.
Honestly, because I will forget about them if we leave them here.
>The Drukhari are famous for being pirates and slavers, with the constant supply of the imprisoned being described as the lifeblood of Commorragh. But even among them all, the Kabal of the Barbed Chains take it to another level, with all of its power and wealth depending entirely on the uninterrupted flow of slaves, and more importantly, trading them to the right buyers.
>For the Kabal’s specialty is discerning the qualities of it’s slaves, acquiring all manner of chattel, and fulfilling any agreed upon deals, from the exotic to sheer numbers. Not only that, but by accepting payments in almost any form, and finding ways to profit from it, they ensure to always have willing clients.
>However, it’s also disproportionally small compared to the wealth and influence it holds, for it’s strength is built upon favors, debts and promises of loot of it’s many raids, that are mainly comprised of members of the various gangs, cults, covens and mercenaries that it deals with, all looking for sport and their cut of the spoils. It lives and dies on maintaining success, for its entire existence is built upon being simply too useful for stronger parties to let it be removed.
Should Archon Ezsaryth be a halfborn that bullshited his way himself to power, or a Trueborn that got kicked out, and gets his revenge but also ends up weaking his own Kabal?
Wait, is this something you wrote up or did you get it from somewhere?
I wrote it.
I'm also making a symbol for it, and writing two versions for the story of the Archon.
I thought on why a Heliarch of all things was leading a planetray raid, why the Kabal colours were so eclectic, and what kind of Deldar would make a long term deal with a bunch of Monkeigh wihout betraying them for shit and giggles.
So I ended up with a slave trader Kabal.
Very good work then
This is all good.

Unless our friend shows up to vote, I may just write in something for a post real quick tonight.
Shame to hear that
I actually had to do some things tonight, so we can expect writing tomorrow. I am sorry things are going slow.
Not your fault
Alright, writing up a neat little compromise.

If this happens again I am just gonna keep it going in a similar way.
and qmpilled.
Also, finished making the symol, banner and brand for the kabal, and the history for street-rat Archon, now I need to finish noble archon.
Can't wait to see it
You and your father ride on the GEV back to your home island, where you decide you need to say goodbye to your ma.

“Son, what was Delia talking to you about?” He asks looking at her with an interested look.

“She and I, we talked about the spirits, oddly enough. How often she encountered them, and why the volcano on our island is so important.” You say to him.

“She looked like you and her were talking about something else” He says with a sly grin. And you look over to Delia. You don’t know if, after how you were genetically designed, could you have a child. You don’t even know if you feel the same way men do. Sure, Delia – and all of the honor guard, were the envy of every man you knew, but you don’t know if you even had the same urges. Or if they had even developed yet. You don’t know. You know all about your sensory input, all about how to fix complex machinery, sophisticated tactics, yet- you don’t know part of yourself.

You sigh.

Your father chuckles and pats you on the shoulder.

“My son, if you woo a witch like that, you’d be the envy of every islander. But tell me this news.”

“Apparently, the Black, our Volcano, it is made up of something. It’s called Noctolith, or Blackstone, and the core of the planet, it is molten in the same nature. As a result, the only spirits and ghosts that are in this planet are natural, at least according to Delia. When the stone gets into trees or the plants, like the ones we found, it alters it, protecting it from darker spirits.” You say.

“Well, every islander knows the story that the volcano protects us from angry spirits, and it’s why we lay our dead to rest there. Give our souls peace.” Which, is the actual truth. It’s kind of ironic, that a folk myth is the truth. It makes you want to investigate more of them when you have the time.
“As for that, Delia has had to fight against dark spirits. As sometimes, they are, barely able to enter this realm. She has had to fight five. As a result, she is the only ‘exorcist’ in recent memory besides the crone.” You say and your father nods.

“You going off world again my son?”

“Da, we are going to another world, maybe even two.” You say

“I wish I could come. But, I, am just happy to see how much you have improved this planet. You remember how that one junk heap used to blot the horizon on clear days?” He asks.

“Yeah Da, of course I do, You and I paddled out to it.” You say

“You made it disappear, most of it. And it helped make stronger houses. We had another hurricane while you were away, yet the houses did not fall down! They stayed strong. We didn’t lose a single goat! Even the Murder Bird pen held up. Though we need a better name for them, now that we are trying to domesticate them.” He says

“Da, the first one who domesticates it should name it.” You point out

“Yeah, but you are the one who got the old man to explain how domestication works. We thought only goats and pigs could be. Birds just take longer. Who knew? Maybe we domesticate sharks next huh?” He said with a chuckle and you laugh a little too.

“We are at the Island Captain!” Gela says.

“Or should I say Commadore! You have multiple ships under your command.” Gela says in a pleasant tone.

“I think once it’s over three it’s admiral. So one more and I am an Admiral.” You say with a grin for your father who rolls his eyes as you step out to see the wonders of the village.

“I don’t care if You are an Admiral or a Captain or whatever go say hi to your Ma.” Your father says and you happily oblige. Your mother is near the tent, reading a little book and hanging laundry when she sees you she smiles and comes over to hug you.

“You have grown again! It’s like every time I turn my back you get a little bigger and a bit more handsome! How was the mission? Did you send those Ganth boys packin?”

“Ya Ma. We stole a ship from them. Jera’s crew is sprucin it up. We are about to go off world again.” You say and she bops you on the nose.

“You went off world and you didn’t tell me?” She says.

“Ma, it was for less than ten minutes. We just went up to test a weapon.” You say

“Well if you goin again maybe I can come and join you.” She says. To be fair, your mother would probably carry her wait around on the ship fairly well, and earn her cut. And your father would certainly decapitate you as a result.
“ Ma, we goin to a different world the Ganth use. It’s almost too dangerous for me. I have to go with scouts and people that know the planet.” You say to her.

“Well I need a gift then.” She says.

“Ma when have I not gotten you a good gift for all my travels.” You say holding her and she starts to cry a little.

“It’s not that. It’s just, you are so grown up. You are becoming a man in such a short time before my eyes. Who ever made you like this, whoever made it so you grow so quickly, if I ever meet them I am going to beat their ass blue. No mother should have to see their child carry so many burdens.” She says with a little sniffle.

“Ma, we got the Ganth on the run. In a little while, we won’t have to worry about this anymore. And we can enjoy all the nice things that have been built. We can enjoy it as a family.” You say.

“I’d like that.” She says.

“I’ll be back soon Ma, I gotta go pick up my gear from the hut.” You say

“That hut is now an ugly shed, and when you get back you better paint it a different color!” She says and you smile.

“Of course ma.” You say.
File: 1618455483838.jpg (94 KB, 600x800)
94 KB

You go back to the shed. There is still many weapons, a few gadgets, your artificial third eye replicating machine, and every thing you ever found that you didn’t take with you. Including the little hauler that you have been meaning to take since the old man fixed the power source for you.

And, of course another creature has taken up residence.

But this one is no cute stray shoal stoat (That is no doubt, tearing up the captain’s quarters…)

It is instead a sea cat. That is curled up in the cart basket. You decide to load everything around it, carefully. An angry sea cat can hurt and even cripple- if not out right kill a man. Worse, few people can keep them as pets because of the electric discharges they create. You however, know there one weakness.

You continue loading all your material into the cart attached to the hauler and finally it wakes up.

You walk up to it and blink.

The sea cat looks at you anxiously. You offer a hand, and it rubs against it. You blink

It blinks back.

Then when you start the engine, it hisses and tries to shock you. Which does nothing except worry the electric spirit of the hauler, which fortunately has a ground

You stroke the sea cat, carefully and it calms down as you open the shed.

You drive the hauler, which thanks to the old man doesn’t need wheels or oil anymore, and all of your gear towards the GEV. As you load it all up, the Old man walks down.

“Mate, you got a live sea cat in there.” He says

“I know. Wait- you are the genetic engineer. This one of your creations?” You ask and he laughs.

“Me, oh no. That was another mans idea of a joke. He said an aquatic psyker talented cat would make for a good solution to some of the other pest forms, which the cat made go extinct.” He says stroking it a few times behind the ears.

“You got a laid back one here. Must have experienced humans before, or it could just be lazy.” He says

“I am going to vote the latter.” You say looking at the seacat which was now almost asleep.

“You gonna try to come with us?” You ask

“I’d love to go with you, but I gotta stay these operations here.” He says.

“I can still communicate with you traveling through the warp using the comm right?” You ask

“Yeah. Kolinasi, when you get back- Things are gonna look different. I will try to negotiate with the knights, see what they can do, and if they want to try new weapons. But, we may have to start workin on the trash ring. Is there anything you want me to start work on?” He asks.

Pick 2 projects

>> Start working on building knights with Karlan Stonehall

>> Start building more ships, the Ganth are gonna have more than us, we need some too

>> Start building artificial defense islands, make it harder for them to get in

>> Start building an actual proper defense grid make orbital bombardment unsustainable for an enemy

>> Start work on building armor, not everyone can fight bare chested like you

>> Start building more weaponry

>> See if there is any way you can use the sea monsters of lore to assist in defense. King Shark, the Leviathan, Bid Daddy, or any other thing. He is after all a biologist, and probably the best for this

>> Build up a comms network, like the GPS and all the other fanciful stuff that could be built that the Old Man said would be possible if we had more space worthy vessels.

>> Write in
>> Start building more ships, the Ganth are gonna have more than us, we need some too

>> Start building an actual proper defense grid make orbital bombardment unsustainable for an enemy

Nice to see the Sea Cat make an appearance. We need to prevent the Ganth/Drukhari from making planetfall or even just make it not worth landing if they lose too many ships. Everything can come later
Just binged this quest, been glorious.

I am actually sad we never tried to pilot the Knight King, would be sick to be the only primarch with his own knight titan.

>> Start building an actual proper defense grid make orbital bombardment unsustainable for an enemy
>> Start building more ships, the Ganth are gonna have more than us, we need some too
I had the exact same logic, only read your vote after posting mine. No matter how good our dudes are in combat, if the enemy has aerial or, heaven forbid, orbital superiority then all is definitely lost
Dom't get your hopes up, I'm trying to make the stories take one post each to not flood the queat with my subpar writing, so I'm cutting a lot of things.
We can give the sea cat to one of our Honour Guards, eldar use the Gyrinx as familiar, so maybe one of them can do the same. That's a very witchy thing.
And not even in space can the Australian escape the Emu.
>> Start building more ships, the Ganth are gonna have more than us, we need some too
Air and void superiority. All will be awed by De'Lormosa's glorius navy.
>> Start building artificial defense islands, make it harder for them to get in
>> Start building an actual proper defense grid make orbital bombardment unsustainable for an enemy
Ok, hear me out.
The planet is mostly islands and archipelagos right? Which means tgere isn't much space to begin with. So we build artificial fortresses around the planet, so it cover all of it, while not actually taking up living space.
Pretty much
And I'm not asking for 3 things, I'm fusing those two together.
Actually, here's a write-in instead of being lazy.
>Build artifical fortresses-island aorund the globe and near each habitational island. Ensure that the whole planet is cobered in an orbital bombardment network. Should the enemy try to land anywhere other than these fortresses, they will have to deal with artillery and a two front battle. It should also not take up any natural space that could be used for others things.
That is cool by me my dude. If people back it, I will write it up.
While merging the two makes sense, I feel a 'above and below' approach to defense and offense (the emerging navy and defenses) would be best
That's why I said that tgey should be fortressess and, some near the inhanbited islands.
Because if they don't have artillery or be ever present, than the attacker can just land in the island, raid and retreat before any pincer maneuver.
Because if they make it to the ground i the first place, it means our navy failed to stop the invasion.
And I mangled that post.
But I think I still made the main point come across.
Our enemies rifht now are slavers and raiders, they don't need to take territory, only what they came here for, the loot and people.
If they make it past our navy, than they have no reason to occupy the islands, therefore they don't need to attack our artificial military islands, since they should be leaving before any attack response is made.
However, if we make them fortresses that have a full range of the orbit, with ground-to-air batteries and rapid response air craft that could harrass any attackers, it should either make raiding too coatly or too slow to be effective, specially if we make sure to built at leats one covering each island or archipelago.
So instead of massive islands, make them massive fortresses.
Or maybe massive star forts, because they look cool.
It is basically what you have written here, though.
I envisioned those as projects decades in the future
Well,we can make the basis to it now.
Start small and than just expand, right?

But we need maneuver forces
Yes, that's what the vote for building the navy is for.
Unless the artificial islands could fly, after the void capable underwater hive reaveal, anything is possible.
Gonna go run. Got a PT test for the backup job path, after the run I will be posting an update or I may have dinner first then update. This one is going to have some more unique elements, because- like I have said before, we are going way faster than I have expected.

That being said, I have to look at degrees we have gone from the theoretical [REDACTED] timeline, and it is starting to look weirder, I may have to finally publish the opening story tree diagram picture eventually, after redacting the different paths and certain things.
We are going the path of the three brothers of freedom Old Man.
Kolinasi, Angron and Pertubaro, the wildcard trio.
Can't wait to see it.
It's fine by me. I honestly wonder what Malal thinks at this point.

Also PT test is wrapped up, should be good on test day.

“We need hard counters to the ganth old man. I know, you are not a shipwright.” You say and he gives you a look that while funny to you, would probably worry others.

“We need ships. Of all kinds. We need a real navy, a void navy. The knights have some kinda head start on it, maybe they can help us with design, maybe you got some research from what I gathered.” You say and he puts a hand on your shoulder.

“Kolinasi, what you ask, is difficult. It is hard. But we will manage. I will make many as I can. Don’t expect the names to be as clever as the ships you name though.” He says with a smile.

“Next, is a weird one.” You say and you motion to him as you draw sketches on the ground.

“A star fort?” He asks

“In a way. We can make artifical islands, and an anti orbital platform, a defensive grid. So long as we use current islands on the planet if my sketch of De’lormosa is correct.” You say drawing probably the ugliest map you have ever made.

“I see. It- could work?” He says giving a weird look.


“I will need to personally go to the underwater hive, and double check some things. Which I can do. There are certain technologies we need to find on the planet, and people we’ll need to make some trades. But, Kolinasi, you need a dedicated siege specialist for this sort of thing, I am certain we can learn it but it is going to be a studious affair.” He says.

“We will learn together.” You say and he looks a bit flummoxed look, but his voice has a tone of confidence that echoes an intellectual confident of ability and talent.

“Keep in touch old man.” You tell him and he nods.

As you get into the GEV, you see most of your honor guard has loaded up multiple provisions, including some canned meat, some dairy goats, a few murder bird eggs and you see that Delia has snuck in her favorite source of food.

“How did you catch a yum shark so fast?” You ask Delia

“What? You taught me your fishing technique.” She says.

“How long is the warp trip gonna be?” You ask

“Frank will know for sure.” Gella says.

You get to the ship, the sub has already been loaded, and Jera is standing on top of it. Along with a few other things.
Sub is void capable. Double checked it.” Jera says with a smile loading another torpedo.

“Well that is good to know.” You say.

“Also, checked the torpedos. We got EMP, Virus, Nuclear, Seismic, Explosive, and one Vortex. Aside from the standard charges. These are some of the most exotic I have ever heard of and I haven’t seen half of them in action.” He says.

“Everyone on board?” You ask.

“Yeah. You may want to do a few quick blasts from the horn though just to double check.” He says.

When you get up to the bridge, and blast the horn twice, you find out that a few people were straggling. Mostly due to getting food and supplies. Which you had ordered to get extras.

You go through the supply list with Rongo, Charon and Frank. Rongo is a good Quartermaster for this trip, but Charon has been to one of these planets and Frank has been on the longest trip in the void.

“We have- six months of provisions, longer if we count canned supplies, so long as our fridge holds and things work. Frank is that good enough for Olympia and Nuceria?” You ask.

“It honestly would be good for a lot of places. We may want to get let the goats out on Nuceria though and maybe pick up some extra supplies. If we had a bit more trade bait it would be easier, but you have some supplies that could work for that.” Frank says.

“How long is the trip to Nuceria from here? Actually.” You pause.

“Would Nuceria or Olympia be better first? Which would be most efficient?” You ask

“It- well, with our current orbit and position- it’s almost equal. The trip is going to take two months minimally, and four months tops, and we have, if I am looking at this right, enough supplies if we are taking people from Nuceria with us. This remains as such, so long as we don’t encounter a warp storm or something stupid, but we can mitigate that by picking up supplies at the first stop. Personally, I go for the unknown first. Nobody has been to Olympia, get the hard part out of the way- then go to Nuceria, I’ve been there, Charon and a few of his lads have been there, and it’s in a freaking constellation so our navigator will have zero problems.” Frank says and then your navigator who you have learned is named Fixari raises her hand.

“um. I have been to Olympia. Or through there. And so has our Astropath. We also would like to point out, and me especially, I know I am new, but I think an optimal route would be from here to Nuceria first, then to Olympia.” She says.

“Right. Kolinasi your captain, that’s your decision. We have yet another issue that is going to take a little bit of time, that not everyone does, but everyone should do.” Frank says.

“What’s that?” You ask
“We need to do a DNA check, on everyone, match it up with Charon, and do an environment check to see if anything on Nuceria would instantly kill anyone who walks on the planet surface via allergic reaction. Normally De’lormosa has some pretty hardy folk, that can pretty much go anywhere, but I don’t want to be the idiot who got people killed because he didn’t do a standard blood draw and scan.” He says.

“Do it. What other strategy do you have?” You ask
“Nothing that bares discussion for a little while. We got some time. Find some projects to do before we jump. Check on your stoat. And I don’t know who you are giving that Sea Cat to, but I hope for our sake it’s a good psyker.” He says.

“Why is that?” You ask looking over at the sleeping beast

“Because they just work better with them. I have seen a few domesticated. All by psykers. Though the usually bond pretty fast. They only fall asleep around things they are comfortable with.” He says looking at it with more scrutiny.

“And it’s a greater one. Smashing. You have a domesticated shoal stoat and a greater sea cat. Fantastic.” He says.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“That is a kitten. You islanders don’t normally see those. Those, get- big.” He says.

“Fine. Gella!” You shout and your entire honor guard shows up and they all look a bit perplexed.

“Who wants to raise that cat over there?” You ask and Yana and Gella both raise their hands and then Delia snickers loudly.

“What is funny.” You ask

“Gella raising a greater sea cat.” She says

“Oh come now, I am good with animals.” And the other girls chuckle a little.

“I am serious!” And Meera lets out a loud guffaw and suddenly everyone stops as the Sea Cat has went up to Gella and curled next to her.

“Well that settles that. Gella it’s yours.” You say.

“Is this a gift, or a test or”

“A curse upon all of us!” Meera says with a little laugh and the Sea Cat looks meanly at her.

“I don’t know. I have to take care of my precious baby.” You say as your shoal stoat bounds up to you and you start petting it and lifting the large creature up. The Sea Cat, remains un bothered.

“Right. Kolinasi, when you are ready we can talk strategy, but I need to find a few things on my own.” Frank says following the Navigator and Astropath.
“Frank, don’t forget, we warp out at midnight.” You say.

“I won’t. My memory isn’t so bad that I forget something that happens in less than four hours.” He says.

“You really think he is a good fit?” Charon asks and Jera shrugs.

“He is one of our best chances, right there with you.” You say which causes Charon to breath a little bit differently.

“Look mate, some people, just aint normal pirates, whatever Frank’s story is, probably means he acts like the mad mustache lad who while the shortest one of us, has probably been through more.” Jera says.

“How so?” Charon asks.

“When you kill as a warrior, it shows, you kill as a pirate, it shows. It’s visible. You stack bodies though, the cost weighs. Then you have people who have to kill to survive, and some get good at it. Have a taste for it or worse a self loathing about it. That man, while he lacks the appearance, has probably killed more men then all of us. I aint exactly sure if all of it was for survival. He may have done some pirate work, some mercenary work, or may have straight up had to murder some people.” Jera says.

“You get all that, just from how he holds himself.” You say. Jera, usually knows what he talks about. He makes up things to scare lesser crew men occasionally. This doesn’t sound like that though.

“His voice. His experience. When I talked to him, how he acts. You see that in the dread pirates, and pit warriors.” Jera says and Charon nods.

“There was one in Nuceria, we never met. I know the city. Frank, he and Frank would have strong words. If we go to Nuceria, we should try to get him.” Charon says.

“If you got a lead Charon, let me know.” You say and Charon nods and walks off.

You sit down next to the knight titan and sigh holding your shoal stoat who is trying to cheer you up by licking your face.

“You are a good helper.” And you put her down and throw a ball she chases after. This is something, that will echo through your life. You know it has a lot of meaning. Your next decisions should be tempered with wisdom.

Pick 2

>> Work on the ‘third eye’ and try to talk to the navigator about what they think about it.
>> Learn more about medicine as it could be relevant, someone could be allergic or what not >> Special Operations Warfare may be the answer your looking for, research into strategy and tactics
>> Learn more about void and space operations

Pick a route

>> Nuceria first
>> Olympia first
Well that's what I get for using a word processor.

Pick 2

>> Work on the ‘third eye’ and try to talk to the navigator about what they think about it.
>> Learn more about medicine as it could be relevant, someone could be allergic or what not
>> Special Operations Warfare may be the answer your looking for, research into strategy and tactics
>> Learn more about void and space operations

Pick a route

>> Nuceria first
>> Olympia first

This leads to more interesting story branches depending on decisions.
>> Work on the ‘third eye’ and try to talk to the navigator about what they think about it.

>> Nuceria first

it seems more in character to go here first, even though getting perty would be allot better
>> Work on the ‘third eye’ and try to talk to the navigator about what they think about it.
>> Learn more about void and space operations
>> Nuceria first

>> Work on the ‘third eye’ and try to talk to the navigator about what they think about it.
>> Learn more about void and space operations
>> Nuceria first

it seems more in character to go here first, even though getting perty would be allot better.

Furthermore, lets spec into spaceborn combat now for not only does it keep the enemy dudes off of our world it will also be of great use in the great crusade. Plus, nuking stuff from orbit saves allot of manpower, we don't want a repeat of the siege of Vraks
I hope that the frank character has added an interesting dynamic for y'all to enjoy.
And dropped my trip.
Not entirely sure what to make of him desu, he is not as colourful as uncle or the old man, but he definitely does lend valuable expertise and will definitely be useful for special operations.
File: Spoiler Image (4.53 MB, 2480x3508)
4.53 MB
4.53 MB JPG
So here is the final draft!
>We need a dedicated siege specialist.
Fuck fort Dorn, Fort Pertubaro is where all my homies hang out.
>> Work on the ‘third eye’ and try to talk to the navigator about what they think about it.
>> Learn more about void and space operations
Primarch Admiral.
>> Nuceria first
Honestly, Angron needs more hep right now. Not only that, but showing up in Olympia with two giant brothers, and seeking someone with Pertubaro's talent might be the way to make him to become endeared to something.
Very nice.
The seamless waves did end up working out.
File: 1619561617086.jpg (69 KB, 588x675)
69 KB
That is some kick ass artwork
>Yes it's me Koli', reel it in."
Wonderful work. Those tats rule
Any tattoo ides?
Sorry for not posting last night, that's my normal gaming night.
That's fine old man
Before you jump to warp, you go talk to the Navigator and tell her to go towards Nuceria first, and she smiles and seems eager, as well as a bit anxious for her first solo venture on a new ship, and the astropath seems a bit similar.

As you prep up the ship, and get everything together before the jump, making any final checks, you realize how far you came in such a short time. You look up to the stars, and you make a quick spot of where you will be heading.

Frank, and Jera assist you on your first jump as a captain, which is mostly Frank and Jera looking nervously as you communicate with the navigator as the engines power up with the Gellar Field Generator.

During your free time- you split between tasks.

Studying Void and space operations, and making your “Artificial Third Eye” That you take tips from the Navigator and Meera on. You make a minor breakthrough on the “A.T.E” and think with a little more work it could get some testing.

Also importantly, you learn that Void and Space operations, are not naval operations. They are harder, more intense and add additional complications. Many additional complications. So much science has to be considered. The extra level of difficulty does do something you are surprised about though. It adds an additional level of freedom to combat- more so.

Void and Space operations, as well as combat can be completely unfettered so long as there is enough of a supply chain to back it up. From your studies, the more rigid the dogma the less efficient space combat and operations can be. While your studies on the actual war between man and machine, which is something that comes up frequently in these operations, is that the men of iron had- was that they were not bound by normal rigid tatics. While they had their own strict codes, according to the very large research database you have accumilated from the old man, the underwater city and the knight library, superior void operations are accomplished by understanding what is possible and working to push the limit of it.

Your studies are often accompanied by your shoal stoat who has come to curling on your lap despite it’s size, and will wait for you to play with it. Occasionally Frank will come in ask ‘What obscure bit occulted combat lore you’re reading today’ which you will often answer with jokes laced with a hint of truth to gauge his interest. And apparently it’s Frank’s check in time.

“So Kolinasi what’s on your book list today?” Frank asks with his own materials

“More advanced moving space boats around to be more deadly instead of pretty, also how to raise goats in space.” You say looking up. And Frank sits down

“We got a little bit of time, but now is the time we need to talk strategy on hitting this planet. And actually, I know a bit about void raising critters. Goats are okay, but there are better suited animals.”
He says and you are now aware that this is time for the Nuceria discussion as Charon and his team walk in as well.

“But, since you have been hitting the books hard, have you thought of any good ideas?” Frank asks and you look at Charon.

“Charon, what is the technological level of Nuceria, overall.” You ask

“Regionally locked. Most of the planet has a level of technological sophistication in cities, they are highly reliant on electricity in those regions for certain things. Many of the weapons and even prisons they have are reliant on them. The high riders have it for their daily lives, the cities, slavers and government have it for much of their activities and not so much at home and those who are slaves or are free in rural areas- they may not have it all.” Charon says.

“Does the planet have orbital defenses?” You ask

“The ganth, were, or the threat thereoff, was the orbital defense, but we will only find out when we are in range of long range astropathic scans. I don’t think they will still be there, if they are busy trying to collect tithes, they are probably not defending Nuceria.” Frank says.

“So there maybe a ship or two. Would ours be able to handle it?” You ask.

“If it’s just one or two.” Frank says in a sobering tone that worries you.

“Frank, how big is our ship, in relation to other ships that you have dealt with?”

“Yours is an armed to the teeth pocket destroyer which is an older class of ship, which means it’s about the size of a heavy frigate, fast as a destroyer, and has weird guns. Your ship- is an escort vessel. It’s one of the tiniest ones. The one Jera got is what is known as a cruiser. Which you saw how huge it was right? The Auditor?” Frank says and you nod.

“The Ganth, have one battleship that I know of, and a lot of cruisers. The Auditor is one of their favorite vessels. Your weirdo, which you somehow got operating at better than peak performance, would be annihilated in a straight up void fight. When we get into scanning range, we are gonna have to see if we need to fire your disabler beam, or if we have to do other more tactical measures.” He says.

“What we could do- and this is mental on a level that it offends my track record saying this, a complex void boarding operation utilizing the sub, since it is in fact warp capable, having went down there to check the damn thing. That sub whomever made it- created one of the most complex and articulate machines. It has boarding equipment, and a boarding double gate. You need someone mental to pilot it though.” Frank says.

“This is if we come on a bigger ship.” You say.

“We see a bigger ship, you launch the sub, it’s so tiny it looks like trash, we load up one of these freaking arcaeotech virus bombs that you got hold of, detonate it on the ship, and we use this little guys tow function and take it back to De’lormosa. After we do everything first.” Frank says.
“Sounds like I am not the only one who has been doing a lot of thinking on this.” You state.

“Yeah well, a tiny ship like this gives me time to think.” He says and you are a little humbled by that statement.

“Charon, when we get in orbit, do you think you could point to the main power center of the planet?” You ask and He brings up a map of Nuceria, which is incredibly detailed.

“Here.” He points to a major city.

“You want to create a blackout.” Frank says with widening eyes.

“Do you think we could find allies, who would be ready, willing and able to fight?” You ask already knowing the answer and it slipping into your voice.

“Yes.” Charon says.

“Frank, what is the likelihood of something big being there.” You ask

“Non zero. And any number with this ship that is Non Zero has me worried. But, if I had to put on my intelligence operations hat.” To which Frank pretends to put on a hat.

“I’d say we have very little chance. The Ganth, don’t want people to be easy to find right now. Something is either coming for them, or trying to collect debts from them. So they are probably not near their normal stomping grounds. But, a ship or two maybe trying to get a quick profit or even not have gotten the information yet.” Frank says.

“When we are in scanning range, we will go from there.” You say.


“If it had been any other way. Had it been any other primarchs. Had it not been De’lormosa that Kolinasi had landed on. The whole crusade could have gone completely differently. Each primarch had a role to play. But this event made it abundantly clear. You saw Kolinasi for his rare gifts of Innovation- something we thought dead, gone forever from mankind, put on full display here. One could argue that those around him had an equally important role, which development did play a role, but It wasn’t his father, it wasn’t his host of mentors, it wasn’t his skilled team. It was Kolinasi who got those machines running. It was Kolinasi who experimented with what he did.”

Malcador the Sigilite.


Pick a secondary project.

>> Train with your boarding team, void operations aren’t exactly easy to learn.
>> Fine tune the ATE
>> Try to see if you can scale up certain weapons you developed
>> Study more tactics and strategy
>> Write in
>> Study more tactics and strategy
This could go into the train with our boarders, or at least improve their training in a secondhand way
>> Train with your boarding team, void operations aren’t exactly easy to learn.
Let's get a third ship for that admiral title.
>Floating Cities
>Come in two varieties: Giant Ships/Islands that can move on the water or 'Sky Cities'
>Both are rather rare in the modern period due to the costs associated
>During the Long Night, these floating cities on De’lormosa acquired a fell reputation as raiders who preyed upon the myriad of island communites to sustain themselves
>However, over time these floating bastions would fall one after the other whether from breakdown of machinery, warring between each other, running afoul of Ganth and Drukhari or whatever else
>By the time Kolinasi arrived to De’lormosa virtually all were gone, consigned to tales of lost glories and as warnings to children who wandered off to far
>However, as part of his efforts to bring forth a renaissance on his homeworld and others he visited on his interstellar journeys, a number would be created to act as symbols, military outposts and as commercial centers
Kolinasi here building flying cities for aethetical reason while gas planets have to live in some shitty stations.
The ultimate flex.
Although I find those picturrs really ugly, like those modern archetural buildings
I rather like them, which is odd as I too hate modern 'art'
Maybe everyone has a different threshold for contemporary "art".
Also I finally got over my writer's block and pure lazyness. Just need to correct a few mistake and we will have to choose between not-vect and not-sathonyx, or maybe fuse them, or make one be the lackey to the other, or not even use them at all. It's up to Old Man, really.
Good to hear
>Duke Ezsaryth
The life of a Heliarch is a chaotic and uncertain one, where a gang could go from ruling the skies to being torn apart by it’s rivals, all the while having to fend off the constant challenges of any ambitious follower. It was for that reason that the Heliarch Ezsaryth made a gambit to join a risky raid, hoping to gain enough glory so that either the lesser Helions would flock to him, or that his enemies would be too scared to directly attack him. And although it was an unlikely success, with many slaves won, it was also a hard won victory, leaving his gang all but decimated, and leaving him in a tenuous position, for not only he was weaker, but his new wealth also made him a more attractive target.
And so he ran from place to place in the Dark City, seeking shelter wherever he could and spending his newfound wealth on bribes and protections, all the while his gang weakened even further. And where for many Drukhari this would be their end of their story, for Ezsaryth’s it was his rise. For in that time he realized how easily the greed of the Dark Eldar can overcome their other desires, and that each group of Commorragh valued different types of slaves and commodities, with some producing that which others needed, and his condition of constantly changing hideouts meant he had the perfect opportunity to capitalize on it.
As his riches grew, and so his followers, now concerned more with their new luxuries rather than his cowardice, but he still lacked the respect that he craved. That lead him to search for a smaller Kabal, one that was in enough decline that they would accept to be a patron to a half-born like him, but still strong enough that their pride could blind them from the dangers that he could bring.
By using that arrogance, he played the part of the lucky brute to the Archon’s eyes, all the while using the ambitions of the trueborn against one another, taking out rivals and ensuring that the candidates whose allegiance he could buy would take their place, until he amassed enough strength to enact his coup. Now at the helm of an entire Kabal, with a self-given title of Duke that he flaunts to all, Ezsaryth sits upon a throne atop a tower of cards, for should any of his supporting pillars fall, so will fall the rest.
>Prince Ezsaryth
Commorragh had long been ruled by many competing forces, but the various noble houses had always been the strongest of them all, until the Cult of the Black Heart managed to eliminate most of their rivals and unify the Dark City under the Kabal system, with the surviving noble house having to restructure themselves to be able to survive.
It was in one of these resulting Kabals that Dracon Ezsaryth and his brother vied for a position as a Hierarch, for instead of simply killing their superior and taking his place, they also had to compete for the Archon’s favor. This culminated in the Archon summoning Ezsaryth’s brother, and knowing that the new Hierarch would use his position to dispose of him, he fled the Kabal, and eventually took over a Hellion gang. Although it was not uncommon for rebellious Kabal members to become Heliarchs, few originated from such a high station, and as such rival groups would attempt to belittle him as a princeling, something that he decided instead to wear as a mark of pride.
However, Ezsaryth would not be content to simply playing a petty warlord in the Middle Dark, and started planning his revenge. He still knew the inner workings of the Kabal, maintained contact with a few of its key members, and sought the aid of any of its ancient rivals, or opportunist forces. He would then slowly build the strength of his gang, practically unmolested by anything other than a token force of mercenaries and bounty hunters, most likely because his condition as a street rat pleased his brother.
Although the eventual coup resulted with Ezsaryth as the new Archon, with him adopting a modified version of his moniker as his title, it also severely weakened the Kabal, for he had to fight alongside those who either disregarded or desired to cause collateral damage, and had faced heavy resistance to loyalist to the previous leadership, or opportunist cliques that launched a similar move, such as his brother. This left him in a precarious position, as his new would be allies would not hesitate to fall upon him.
However, in his time as a Heliarch, he had learned that to stop is to die, and more importantly, as he had gathered support among the various groups of the Dark City, he noticed that each one had very different needs, and what would be scraps to one was a feast to the other. And so he would transform the Kabal of the Barbed Chains from a declining power in Commorragh, to one that surpassed what it had been before.
>The Mark of Barbed Chains. This simplified version of the Symbol of Kabal has all but become a synonym with the very act of slavery itself within the Middle Dark of Commorragh, for every slave that passes trough their hands is painfully branded in such a way that is nearly impossible to remove, with the size and location depending upon their use and destination. Not only that, but all members of the Kabal proudly display it somewhere upon their armour, and violently pursuing and punishing any outsiders that would dare wear the mark, or brand it on a slave that they did not trade.

There we go, the two versions of the story of the Archon, a Symbol, a Banner and a Brand. Both titles ties to the trader aspect of the Kabal, with Duke being a translation of the venetian Doge, and Prince being a reference to the merchant prince archetype. I personally prefer the trueborn, the other one seems to get where he is through asspulls and writer fiat.

One way or the other, we have fucked up a Deldar raid, and their resurrection technology means that they will be able to interrogate mister Dracon Heliarch after we space him, so someone in the Dark City is going to be very mad.
Great job anon
>>> Fine tune the ATE
>No vote consensus
Damn it
I'l change mine
>> Study more tactics and strategy
I wanted to know boarding, but I guess we will have to settle just being a Chad version of Guilliman.
You don't have to change your vote man
Hey, it's close enough that it's not that big of a deal.
> Fine tune the ATE
Man, I can't wait to bond with Angron by murdering slavers. Wholesome stuff!
Oh no, now there's another tie. I changed my vote for nothing.
Kolinasi is the wholesome primarch, he has a bunch of pets and a functioning extended family.
An anon in the other quest reminded me that Vect hans't started the whole Kabal rule thing, so I will have to rewrite this.
Clearly we should find adorable animal companions for all of our brothers! I'm sure Angron could use a friend, especially one who doesn't need silly things like 'words' to know how he feels.
One of the pictures on the wiki has Angron with his war dog, so he owns a space pitbull.
We need to find a good one for Pertubaro. What animal do doctors recomend for autistic children?
...I was tempted to say 'a turtle', but we want PB to come out of his shell.

Get that boi a sea doge, call 'im Egbert and watch Special K's bro smile and laugh (probably one of the few times he ever got to experience pure untainted joy).
Sorry I was gone guys. I had to work for basically 48 hours straight. I will be picking up and finishing it out tonight with another post.
Don't worry Old Man, a bunch of other quests also stopped yesterday because of father's day.
Take some time to rest, 48 hours of work sounds like it sucked.
You begin work, finely tuning the ATE with help from Nasi, Meera, and the Navigator whomst you have learned the name of finally.

When you test it- you realize what exactly the warp is. It’s a maelstrom. Guiding a warp ship for you, using this, you need help with the Navigator. She helps more than you thought, and guiding the ship- navigating the warp- is something that takes you time and while you can do it- you are only able to do it for short bursts. The realm of souls, the warp, the inmatterium, it is all quite intense. There is a great shining beacon, that is used as a reference point and the Navigator points out that your soul is quite bright as well.

“That’s Tera.” She says.

“Where that beacon is?” You ask.

“Yup! I am named for it.”

“Your name means shiny soul light?” You ask in a silly tone

“No. It means that.”


“Yes. My name is Tera.” She looks at you a bit exhausted then she laughs.

“You see things like this, all the time?” You ask.

“No. Just when I open my eyes. My powers are not quite fully developed yet.” She says/

“And you do this all day?” You ask.

“Yes, the Navigation is taxing for me normally, I have to do this most of the time, We normally work in bigger crews, but Frank having brought another along, means we can operate in good burst shifts.” She says.

“Should I, since this device actually works, assist more often? I am the Captain.” You say.

“Of a smaller ship! If this was bigger you would have a lot more crew and responsibility. You wouldn’t be able to handle it how you do now. I am just happy that you are asking for my input.” She says.

You walk out of the Navigators area and go back to drilling. Tactics, Strategies and Boarding Actions. The Void is so different. Operations are so much more complex, and that means you have to learn not only your standard strategies but others as well. So the boarding team and you train extensively when you can. Though, the apparent need for the old man to begin constructing you void armor is apparent when the only suit that fits you is for an over sized “ogryn” whatever that is.
“Kolinasi, I am working on Void Armor for you. It should be legendary. However, we will try to make sure it doesn’t slow you down, since you primary seem focus about moving so fast that you turn a man into a pile of chunky salsa.” He says

“Why have you not made any salsa for me yet? You talk about it frequently. All these fanciful food dishes that you talk of.”

“It’s a vegetable and fruit dish that this planet only has a few of the ingredients of, or at least near where you live. Then there is the fact that it is-- I don’t want to get to winded on food again. Once you have enough farms on this planet utilizing the aquaculture I talked about- then we can have it.” He says.

“The armor must be complicated.” You say.

“It is. Void armor, that moves well. And you prefer to fight almost nude practically.” He says

“I have me cloth n skirt” You say in your least proper tone.

“ Aye ya do. But did it help when fighting the Drukhari? We also found, there may be more splinter members of that group. They not on planet now- but you may have cut the head off the snake, but it’s gonna keep movin anyway.’ He says.

“More need for us to get on building them void craft. What are you callin em?”

“Great Eagles. A few others too. Though- we are worried. We saw ol Levi two days ago,” He says.

The Leviathan. The king of De’lormosa.

“What was it doin?” You ask

“I’d reckon playin. Damn thing is scary even to me. I work on makin bionic titans.” He says

“How’s Da and Ma doin?” You ask.

“They are doin really good. Ya Ma is always worryin. Ya Da is to busy to worry.”

“I’ll let you know when we get to Nuceria. We are gonna find out if it’s guarded soon.” You say.

“Good! I am always interested in other planets.” He says excitedly.

A few hours pass, after much of the void drilling and procedures. Essentially You’d have to pilot the sub, through the warp yourself, and if there is another ship, it would be about 20 hours of pure piloting and you’d have to target your warp exit precisely. Your crew would then have to potentially board through an actual void wall. So you train and prep. Your cousin seems the most suited for it, her and Charon.

This goes on, until Frank enters.

“We got good news. Nuceria is unguarded.” Frank says.

“Good new’s usually means there is also bad news.” You say.

“The bad news is that Nuceria isn’t guarded because there is a small blockade outside the system. It means our trip to Olympia is going to be a weirder route.” Frank says.

“Meaning it may take longer.” Delia says and Frank shakes his headache

“No may in that statement. It will tack on a month at least. We are going to have to grab supplies on Nuceria.” Frank says.

“Well it’s a good thing we are coming as liberators in addition to investigators.” You say.

“Oh yeah. Because you know how orderly taking off chains are. We better hope that we are able to get a small share of supplies or trade some weapons from our armory.” Franks says

“The fierce has a lot of weapons, it was a pathfinder afterall. But, we still need to know the plan.” You say and Frank pulls up a crate of canned meat and sits down.

“We have a few options as far as I see it. But all of them involve using your emp main gun. Once that has cut the power from the planet, then we really diverge on plans.” Frank says

“We can- go into the countryside, rally the poor and some of the land owners to fight with us, maybe starve out some of the rich in their cities.”

“We can also go into their urban centers, free some slaves, rally some poor- then build a head chopping machine and let them sort out the high riders”

“We could also make it seem like the high riders are targeting each other- cause them to fight themselves.”


Well Kolinasi, you have a strategy to plan. Pick one

>> Free the slaves knock out their cities, and let them decide the fate of the high riders.

>> Go into the country, rally a larger group and have them support against the high riders

>> Cause the High Riders to fight each other.

>> Ask Charon which one he prefers.

>> Write in
This is the last vote before the new thread and we go to Nuceria.
>Try to find and contact any already existing rebel groups, organize and arm them to attack the city. We will them use the emp on the cities and they will take control, ensuring that the High Riders are judged before a council, like we did with the raiders.
If we go straight for the cities it will turn into a anarchic mess, and if we just rally the people ourselves, they will look to us as the liberators, and when we leave they will struggle betwen themselves for power. Better to set up so that we are allies helping them free themselves, without it turning into the reign of terror.
Oh, and
>Ask Charon if he know of any such groups, or where they could hide in.
File: 1508072243794.jpg (393 KB, 1920x1080)
393 KB
393 KB JPG
>Try to find and contact any already existing rebel groups, organize and arm them to attack the city. We will them use the emp on the cities and they will take control, ensuring that the High Riders are judged before a council, like we did with the raiders.
I can definitely support these. Charon may or may not decide to stay and aid the rebellion, but that's entirely his choice.

I know it's metagaming, but Kolinasi meeting and freeing his brother could have a profound influence on his future. There's no easily removing the Butcher's Nails (and if those Wolf Collars are what I think they are, they'll be first priority anyway), but having a brother who has fought the same battles against cruel slavers and heartless oppressors will mean a lot. And what's more, Kolinasi can help him discover his humanity.
So aside from plotting shenanigans to royally fuck the Deldar and Ganthe with a rusty trident; Kolinasi has barely earned his title of 'monster slayer'. There's at least five that we've heard of, but that leaves twenty-five more to hunt down...or even *tame*.
To be honest, even removing tge metagaming, it would have been the beat move anyway.
Nuceria was the closest planet of the two, and Kolinasi so far has been someone that makes alliances and rules through moots. Just treating this like an extension of what we done on De'Lormosa seems the best idea.
Now we just need to hope that we aren't going to end up funding a rebel group that will just turn on us, or one of them being led by an exiled High Riders that will just make the planet be the same, but with another clique in charge.
That's where Frank (that still tickles me a little bit) and Charon come in. It's their job to vet the potential rebel leaders and determine who has the best chance of leading a revolution without turning the planet into a bloodbath.

This, of course, means someone other than Angron. Hey, Special K is super eager to meet his bro! But uh...berserkers don't make the most even-handed of judges.
Monster Hunting is a pastimes, we will do it when we go back to De'Lormosa and will have to wait for the navy and fortifications to be complete, probably while trying to help our new allies keep their planets stable.
Perhaps we could invite our brothers to a hunting trip? Make it a nice family bonding experience.
I replied to this post and it disapeared, how odd.
So here we go again.
Monster hunting is for a past time, when we return to De'lormosa and have to wait for the navy and fortifications to be finished.
We could even invite our brothers, make it a little family bonding experience.
4chan, what are you doing?
It does what it wants anon. After all these years you should know this
No matter how many times it happens, it always manages to surprise me.
There will be plenty of time to deal with other sea monsters and as
it can be done multiple times. There are plenty of pest monsters on De'lormosa. Also it is the first Canon entrance of the Leviathan.
Big ocean spoops are great. I personally hope we can at least tame/befriend a couple as hunting buddies alongside Ephi.
Well, damn I thought I'd saved this as full size, not potato quality. Ah well.
So it is looking like the write in will be the first post of the new thread.

Also would yall like me to have Kolinasi be the new banner of the primarch quest?
I kinda like the skull and crossbone word thing.
Maybe if it was some sort of polinesian totem instead? But we technically are also pirates, so it still works.
But you do you Old Man.
I'd like it
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