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First thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78475385/
Part 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78533839
Part 3: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78583130/
Part 4: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78620743
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Part 7: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/78798673
Part 8: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4766508

And the Discord link: https://discord.gg/JHEPFmn938
>Phillias didnt try to murder me, she understood in this form her forces would likely perish before they could manage to land a significant blow.
>We spoke for quite some time, I had already awoken 47% of the fortresses systems.
>It would take just under 50 years for us to begin moving.
>Orikan and Trazyn however were utterly fascinated by my form, I didn't have the time to answer their questions.
>Instead I was running thousands of subroutines and simultaneous Transmutation across the fortress to repair the destruction caused by the invaders.
>This 3rd resonance cascade has once more produced individuals possessing the unique madness classified now under “The Outsider Virus.”
>Phillias is unaware of their existence and as such I will quietly dispose of the 142 warriors, immortals, and deathmarks that present this deviation from standard necron behavior.
>Awakening the Spindle drones and Guardians is within my power now.
File: Cyclopean God.jpg (255 KB, 864x1080)
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255 KB JPG
>The Infected were quarantined off and terminated with extreme abhorrence.
>The fortress’ consciousness was pleased by this development.
>This starfort was more subservient, the tutelage period was skipped when i had overridden its control under the C’tan State.
>Instead I gave the order to fix that which was in my immediate power.
>The activation of the drones, Adjusting gravity in certain wings, opening 27% of existing pathways, and operating the maglev system.
>This degree of manipulation is thanks to converting the blackstone into a negative charge, making it infinitesimally simple for those of necron derivation to modify and work with.
>I would need to take control of the command deck if I wished to reanimate the remainder of the fortresses bulwark.
>Such as actually moving the starfort, Its weapons arrays, grand scanners, shields, and thousands of other integral systems.
>Unfortunately should I disconnect from the command throne I will return to the diminutive form.
File: so much to do.jpg (1.44 MB, 2560x1600)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
>I had the doors to the command bridge opened, directing the void crew to follow my recommending my commands.
>I had roughly 23 years before my drain on the power network was more detrimental than it would benefit me.
>While I sealed myself in a chamber of my own design to conduct my own private work.
>I called for trazyn to release several of the crystalline eldar into my care.
>And for Nehebkau to bring me several of the aeldari pilots that were in temporal stasis chambers.
>Finally i had many resources from the ship brought to me.
>They complied, in fear of what destruction I could bring to them with this level of power.
>I had much I wanted to do with them, away from watching eyes.
File: Thoughtful insights.gif (995 KB, 516x274)
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995 KB GIF
>In the First five years I was able to complete a A series of plates of Sempiternal Weave, enough to fully encapsulate my form when I remove myself from the tether of the command throne.
>By year eleven I had transmuted various refined metal alloys for future usage into existence..
>By the nineteenth I had discovered a means by which to replace my empeyric cord, using The crushed essence of part of the crystalline aeldari warlocks.
>I wove the new string from the aeldari essence into a gossamer thin thread and added it to my harp.
>By the twenty first year my studies were interrupted, I had been informed a 3rd blackstone fortress had been located.
>Once the fortress was up and running we would be departing.
>I hastened my studies.
>My time was coming to an end.
File: urges.jpg (227 KB, 1024x1448)
227 KB
227 KB JPG
>I hastily scribbled down plans that merited further study.
>Designs for Solar based weapons, Means of solar harvesting, Proto-pylons-
>But my mind was growing unfocused.
>I was hungry...
>No I was starving, Painfully so.
>I Looked upon the aeldari crystal statues, and the 3 aeldari pilots.
>My stomach Knotted.
>And approached them.
oh no... don't become the enemy
File: What sweet treats.jpg (1.07 MB, 1576x2160)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
>I tore one of the aeldari from the stasis field, dull consciousness lighting up on the face of the aeldari.
>They faced me with muted horror, the scarabs preventing the pilot from going into shock.
>I Opened my instinctively, Inhaling sharply.
>I felt air leave the aeldari as I began untethering the aeldari’s soul from its body.
>A savory sweetness filling my near empty gullet. “Such sweetness, more, I need more!”
>I dropped the withered husk of the aeldari and moved onto the other two pilots.
>Such wonderful treats, how had i not considered such a rich fruit, i had allowed myself to be devoid of wonderful ambrosia.
>I found my supply of aeldari had quickly run out and cursed.
File: Insatiable Hunger.jpg (277 KB, 1680x1050)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
>But something tugged at my attention, a tart minty armoura, a vintage spirit that I wished to savor.
>My eyes darted to the intoxicating supple forms of the Crystal aeldari farseer and warlocks.
>I ran my tongue against the face of the aeldari’s crystalline helm.
>I had a fiendish grin, “Pure soul-stone stuff, a treat.”
>After this revelation i gorged myself on each of the Aeldari
>It was as if i had stepped back into a grand celebration, every confection, liquor, and savory meat one could enjoy.
>Their ancient disciplines of potent Psyker sorcery had been fermented and aged to a ripe perfection for me to sample.
>My consciousness was slipping ,but by my shards, did I LOVE the tastes of souls.
Uh oh
starts a new thread off with a cliff hanger. fucking brilliant.
File: oh no.jpg (12 KB, 326x245)
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oh god of fuck oh shit red alert RED ALERT
File: Aeldari Mentos.jpg (82 KB, 1200x1146)
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Not unexpected, but now I'm wondering how much the Phaeron knew or planned for this.

As a complete aside, I remember a bit of lore wherein The Deceiver and Cegorach have essentially been playing master manipulator for so long that sometimes they appear as each other and nobody is the wiser. I imagine a future where Slaanesh isn't born from Aeldari decadence so much as our Outsider friend usurps that role while treating the Aeldari empire like a CiCi's Pizza buffet.
can't wait for lsh to leave slaanesh with no souls
>Be Chari
>Getting used to this new fortress has been... unconformable to say the least
>No new OSV (Outsider Virus) have been reported
>... However I can't bring myself to believe that as much as I want to believe it
>While I am still consumed in balefire, I use it all for my processing power
>My simulations have gone into the hundreds of millions (maybe the billions) discovering all sorts of new chemical reactions, experimental equipment, and components, even a few hundred power generators/batteries designs
>Throwing each one into a worse simulated environment
>I keep all the best ones in a file that did succeed (and any new data discovered in a 'learning' file for convenience)
>I even checked up on the reconstruction efforts in this fortress
>They were going great
>I decided to hand-deliver this information (at least the finer points of what had to be done)
>... I wished I hadn't
>He was... feasting on the Aelderi... their very souls
>Sar- no creator it was a horrible sight to behold
>I left immediately after that to the other fortress of ours
>I was terrified... scared, locking myself away in my lab
>I had to find some way to 'contain' Ish... because this wasn't him
>Creator preserve me...
>I begin work on a new... drone (or do I call it a construct?)... this time it is for the fortress... maybe her voice may directly guide me
>The new generators and batteries will be field-tested just to make sure my simulations are all correct
>... I will have to speak with Dyna in the near future, I will need/require his expertise for... that project
Rolled 77 (1d100)

Rolling to give Phillias some tits and a nice ass before we pass out again
File: check'em.png (207 KB, 575x673)
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207 KB PNG
gib robo mommy
>skeleton robot
>ass and titles
Pick one
You underestimate the power of r34 artist...

That was your first mistake, because I've seen them do all
Wyd is my ID different? Is it because I'm on mobile?
different IP?
differend ID.
I mean, these already exist.
No same IP... Just realized new thread
Better stop sucking souls before I summon Ascended Kaldor Draigo from another timeline.
alright so while i did start this thread today, i was a bit low energy after work. tomorrow i plan on doing quite a bit time jumps. I know what direction i wanna take this story.
Gonna be a 2 part here boyz!

>Be stasis Krork
>Still stuck in galleries of Trayzn the Magpie
>Empeyric presence rubs against my brain every decade or so
>think it’s the two Aeldari gits tryin to talk to each other or somethin
>oddly enough it correlates to when the phantom itching comes back
>might give those gits a piece of my mind in a few centuries that itch continues
>finally get bored of looking at the ceiling after several million years
>decide to reminisce about the good times
>life was good then, when we were at war
>Krork were the perfect warriors, made specifically for war when our Aeldari sisters failed
>by the looks of it that happens a lot with Krork picking up the slack
>Virgin aeldari and their wraithbone vs the Chad Krork with rocks
>imagine being created without the ability to make anything a weapon
>stop imagining that cause its too aeldari and definitely not Krork like
>thoughts too random, focus, you’re Krork not an Aeldari wench
>remember that was part of an elite group of kommandos once
>had fun krumpin different “marks” when not fighting on frontlines
>had a mark once for some kinda Tin’ead mek called Ishsomthin’ or whatever
>don’t care, sounded fun at the time
>Boss Muzzlebasha decided gets ten of us to go along with him to krump the git
>be not Stasis Krork: Krakgash, Graskshagga, Brainboiler (psyker), Krookgohk, Vilgrazak, and three other battle-brothers who were not memorable or didn’t owe me teef
>Boss Muzzlebasha Kraksmash had looted a wraithbone sword for this mark
>get told that this Tin’ead makes some of the odd bug automata and weapons and stuff
>it was setting up to be a propa scrap too because we got told there would be those lychguard gits defending the mark
>always liked scraps against opponents like those respectable warriors
>receive orders to travel to the planet by Rock
>land planetside with few issues, a few bugs here and there but we krump them with ease
>it takes us a few days to get to the tomb city and time passes with us talking over comms about the last Bloodbowl match we saw before the assignment
>damn the Blues beating Reds, it just didn’t make sense
>nearing tin’head city on the 5th day
>make bets with Krookgohk and Vilgrazak that the tin’ead mek’s workshop is in an obelisk and not a pyramid
>the two shake on it and I stand to win fifty teef
>Boss says ta stop mucking about and get ready
>Brainboiler gets tasked with castin a glamour over all of us so we pass as tin’eads so we can sneak into the city complex
>threaten Brainboiler that if he turns me purple I will personally krump him
>the weirdboy crackled for a bit at that but I didn’t come out looking purple, I think
>we enter the tomb city looking like a bunch of immortals
>so far so good, no tin’eads looking to zap us to dust so the glamour seemed to work
>after a while a small bug construct starts following me
>I don’t like the way it looks at me and my battle-brothers
I lied, it will be 3

>Be still Stasis Krork
>Our group makes way to a tall obelisk near one of the larger pyramids
>Boss says it’s the place
>Krookgohk and Vilgrazak mad that I was right and say they’ll pay me when we get off this rock
>the first into the breech are me, Krakgash, and Krookgohk after we give the all clear
>not many actual tin’eads here, mostly bugs and things
>Krump the nosy bug that trailed us for a while now with my powerclaw
>satisfying sound like tin can getting crushed with I krump it
>krumpin the bug seems to have set off the alarm as ominous green lights begin to go off and da boss orders us to double-time to the mark
>takes us a bit to get to an antechamber that we suspect leads to the mark, and we lost the three randos with skirmishes in the halls with random bugs
>the far door is guarded by five Lychguard
> all five have their imposing warscythes
>Boss gives the order to engage, and all hell breaks loose
>Krakgash and I open with our kustom kannons landing hits on a guard and it phases out
>Graskshagga and Boss Muzzlebasha rush and engage one as a pair while the other three charged the rest of us
>Krookgohk got unlucky and one of the guards sidestepped his swing and cleaved the poor git in half from shoulder to hip
>score a lucky hit on the Lychguard chargin me and it stumbles, allowing me ta crush da the head with my powerclaw
>as it phased out I suddenly had a warsythe coming at me
>dodge back and the git presses on its offensive
>I am losing ground quick and and slowly being backed into a corner
>mfw this git is gonna be the one da krumps me
>mfw this git has a wraithbone powersword sticking out of its chest as it was about ta krump me
>Boss Muzzlebasha standing over me with the looted sword in his off-hand with a smug grin
>stand up and look around to see that Vilgrazak and the Boss are the only ones left with me
>Boss tells me ta stop mucking about and blow the zoggin door off its zoggin hinges
>one zoggin door off its zoggin hinges later we entered the breech
>something don’t feel right here
>as the boss and Vilgrazak charges the mark, something slams into me and we roll to the side
>one of dem larger bug constructs is tryin ta take my head off
>start shooting the side of it while holding the chomping bits back with my powerclaw
>finally krump it but some psychic backlash jolts through me and I look over to the boss and our mark
>dat harp holding git had its arm though Boss Muzzlebasha’s torso and the other is holding Muzzlebasha’s arm that had the powersword
>Vilgrazak is just gone
>dat git just killed me boss and one of me boys
>with a viscious WAAAAGH!!! I charged the git, unloading my kannon in the Cryptek’s direction
Last part I swear this time

>the git uses my boss as a shield as I quickly close the distance between us before throwing the corpse at me
>I dodge out of the way just in time to see the git reaching for a string on its damn harp
>with a thought I activate my armor’s stims
>time seems to go in slow motion as whatever chemical the brain gits said this was courses through me
>bash into the git and knock it off its feet
>grip the torso of the cryptek with my powerclaw before it gets back up
>as sparks and a green fluid start to come out of the git
>About to ask if it had any final words before I krumped it
>Its silent, so I start to crush it but then there is a flash of white and then
>made me zoggin forget what happened next
>I swear the next decade I will have words with those zoggin aeldari for making me forget how I epically krumped a tin’ead cryptboy
>... at least i think I krumped it, I wouldn’t be here otherwise would I?
File: 1589915925409.jpg (63 KB, 750x600)
63 KB
Went from 0 to 10 real fast.
It typically does. Its still 40K (-17 million years)
>Be me, Nertek of the Hemmenth Dynasty
>In the company of the Phaeron and his son the Nemesor
>And about 30 Lychguards
>Probably half that number in Deathmarks too, flitting in and out of existence to keep up with the column
>And my Cryptothralls marching some ways behind them
>In addition to a uncountable number of Canopteks who were disturbed by our passing
>said swarms busying these halls split and weave as we move, while larger constructs hover and watch
>The sheer amount of them even now was mind-boggling
>Then again, I was easily distracted.
>I 'Blinked' and noted we had been traveling on foot for the better part of a month
>Should have asked why we were taking the slow way to this...
>'Astrarium Panopticus' which was rumored to have been started by the Awakener, maintained by some Voekhet Astromancers
>Mapping the Galaxy was a worthwhile goal in my opinion and-
>"Cryptek? Lost in your thoughts again?"
>"Hrm, Yes, Sorry Honored Nemeso-"
>"Cut the formalities, if I have to be addressed as Honored Anything I will scream."
>"I guess then that's the reason you were absent from the Court?"
>"That, among other things." His head tilts in affirmation.
>Understandable. Given he was basically the Phaeron's right hand.
>"I have to ask though, Why am I here? I am no advisor like Nehebkau, and while the idea of this Astrarium sounds interesting I am no Astromancer."
>"Oh...I'd think that would be obvious. To keep the rest of the Court away."
>I can't help but 'Blink'
>"Beg your pardon?"
>"The more..."outspoken" nobles of the court might imagine that this is an opportunity."
>"The Phaeron and his Nemesor on their own, how wonderful, let us curry favor for our next pointless scheme."
>"Even with all the guards, and the marks currently scouting around, they might still thinks a good idea."
>"But at this point, most of the Court still fear You for what you did on Cimaran truly left its mark."
>I was silent for a time processing that. Cimaran had been a hellish warzone, the Krork entrenched as they were...
>"That was an accident, and it saved us decades in the campaign." I reasoned, looking away from the noble
>"True. I was there for all of it, but it did leave you with a bit of a reputation."
>"So what, am I just a shield now then?"
>"More a deterrent really. If anyone is really willing to push their luck I might have you just detonate them and be damned the consequences."
File: EYESEEYOU.png (75 KB, 1301x654)
75 KB
>We spent a long time in silence, before I broke it with a chuckle.
>"I'd relish the opportunity...some of them probably deserve it."
>"Undoubtedly but...The Dynasty needs them. We are too few to go killing each other."
>That...was the truth. I remembered a Dynasty of tens of millions of souls. Now hardly a fraction of that remained. It was sobering.
>"So was being a 'deterrent' the only reason I'm here?"
>"Well no. You can actually hold a conversation that isn't laced with political undertones."
>I go back to glaring at the Nemesor.
>"And of course, there is more. Both of us are well aware of the fascination that many of the Crypteks have with the new weapons and Constructs of the Voekhet."
>It took me a moment to understand who 'both of us' meant. It takes an effort not to quickly glance at the Phaeron.
>"I personally find them all to be equally fascinating and worrying."
>I find myself nodding. Its a sentiment echoed by many of my fellows.
>"They could become a problem, but so would be ignoring them."
>"Agreed. Hence why you are here. You are no technomancer but you have pull with them. We know that you've been talking with them and others to put things in motion."
>"And I want you to know, that we support such actions...Unofficially. Outwardly supporting you would likely only make things harder for your efforts."
>We marched for awhile longer, as I processed this new information
>Support was support, and the support of the two highest ranking members of the Dynasty was significant
>I was already making plans, putting together meetings and making lists of names as I started to speak again
>"Is there anything specific that either of you are interested in?"
>Nemesor Narmerth nodded, "The oddity of the constructs does interest us, we should have a better understanding of that in due time."
>Seeing me tilt my head, he continued, "For us supporting his cause the Awakener said he would upgrade our Canopteks."
>"Ah." Was all I could muster immediately.
>"And what of you Cryptek? What do you plan to do?"
>"I-" Dial back on the chronosense and actually think on this.
>What do I want? To better the Dynasty certainly but...
>"I wish to understand why these things were made. What sort of threat could their creator have seen to make him push for their creation."
>And Power. I wasn't fooling myself there, I am a Plasmancer, despite my apparently fragility my body thrums with barely constrained destructive energies.
>The Nemesor nods, though it does leave me wondering if he could guess my other motivations
>Probably could, the Younger was fairly adept at reading people
>More marching, more time spent in silence.
>Easily enough time to formalize my plans, finish up my lists, and put down the mental framework on gathering what supplies we would need
>In all that time, we remained largely unmolested save for a random encounter with a super heavy construct
>A Seraptek, marching further into the tomb complex, seemingly oblivious to our being there.
>And I could swear I could hear it humming some unrecognizable tune
>Truly strange...but par for the course when it came to the Voekhet.
>We made it to our destination not long after
>Leaving yet another gloomy corridor of blackstone we enter a colossal room, the Astrarium Panopticus
>If I didn't know better I would say it was a former hangar for a star faring vessel
>It had once been much smaller if it was to be believed
>Its mission was to map the stars of a changed galaxy.
>A Noble Goal...if a fair bit ludicrous
>It wasn't stopping the Voekhet Crypteks from trying
>It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize something else
>That the hologram, tended to by the voidmancers and astromancer alike, wasn't the normal green
>But instead a wash of different colors, reflecting the true nature of the stars, nebula, and other myriad stellar phenomena that made up our galaxy
>For the first time in a long time I felt...awed by something
>And I wasn't the only one for even the Narmerths, Older and Younger, let themselves get lost as they stared across a sea of seemingly infinite stars.
>And even then, it wasn't perfect
>Given the subject matter, it wasn't surprising.
>The fact they had managed so much was worthy of praise
>But the patches of blank stars, of glyphs denoting placeholder celestial bodies, and red marks where information collected conflicted with each other
>I didn't envy my Phaeron or Nemesor if they intended to hunt for a new world to claim in all of this
>A unassuming cryptek bearing the marks of Hemmenth strode through a large purple nebula towards us
>He came to a stop before the Lychguards and bowed, "Honored Phaeron, Honored Nemesor, I humbly welcome you to the Astrarium."
>I saw his optic stop for a moment on me...maybe longer then a moment, before flickering back to his Master.
File: necron-galaxy-map.jpg (313 KB, 1009x835)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
>"I've already compiled a list of worlds that best fit your criteria."
>"Good." The first word out of the Phaeron's mouth since we left the Court.
>The Astromancer quickly manipulated the holographic interface around us, shrinking it down to a miniaturized replica of what was above us
>Then highlighting areas of interest and better shifting the holographic display for the Nobles to see
>It was all rather impressive but thoroughly outside my interests...currently
>You never know were a whim might take you in a few thousand years
>Seemed also a fairly good time to leave, given both the Narmerths would certainly be busy
File: Nocturne.png (993 KB, 744x638)
993 KB
993 KB PNG
>-By your leave Nemesor, I think you're beyond the need of a 'ward' now-
>He simply turns his head and nods, before staring back at the Astromancer
>I slowly back out and away, still privy to some of the conversation as I readied my thralls and connected myself to the transportation matrix within the complex
>'Ah yes, that one. Apparently the Cryptek Ishskar already showed interest in that system, called it 'Nocturne' so long as the other Astromancers are to be believe-'
>A Flash of Green and I was gone
File: burning.jpg (77 KB, 406x916)
77 KB
Jumping back a small bit, just for added perspective.

>Be Orikan
>I have been assisting Executioner Phillias and her Fellow praetorians weave through the snaking paths of the fortress for several days now.
>Rewriting the flow of time, Guiding their combat algorithms, and occasionally divining the future in rare instances.
>We have already cut down approximately 362 Aeldari and their heavy constructs.
>But then came the balefire, waves of it.
>It transmuted the blackstone to a cold emerald blue sheen.
>I Saw it overtake and burn the warriors of the praetorian.
>It overtook myself and phillias.
ohno cryptek is going to become the 4th chaos god (just like the great horned rat)
Naaah mate. He's basically a C'tan.
fug. that mean's he'll be bossy and craving souls.
have Ish not become a C'tan for more than a decade in a century. If he gets out of line have phillas put him back in through her prefered means.
File: possibility.jpg (214 KB, 1536x864)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>I became unbound from time, my body vibrating out of step with the flow of reality.
>I was running dozens of impossibly complex scans to understand this phenomena.
>Every subroutine was simultaneously midway through complex Chrononal divinations.
>Casting a divinatory zodiac I divined the source of this influx of processing powers.
>Miraculously it took but a few seconds to complete the zodiac rather than the many hours.
>That technomancer Ishskar is responsible for all this, this was an extension of his power.
>I Quickly directed the party to follow me, I had divined a path to the heart of the fortress.
>We marched onwards for a week.
File: Witness me.jpg (1.02 MB, 3190x1794)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
>That week was filled with many curiosities.
>The aeldari had become diminutive frail things, many died before we could raise our arms to them.
>That did not stop the empowered Executioner from marmalizing them completely.
>What's more we noted much of the fortress had been transmuted, indeed miles of the fortress bore Transmutation icons.
>The technomancer was working on the fortress at levels previously unseen.
>Such power, I needed to discover the means by which he had gained these abilities.
>Was this the peak of technomancy?
>No matter, after a week of walking we had arrived to the grand throne room of ishskar.
>And his being was resplendent.
>HE had achieved a form reminiscent of the C’tan Star gods.
this feels similar to one of those visions he had with the reality mirror a few threads back
Hold up doesn't Ish only have half of his brain?

... Oh fuck what will 100% processing power Ish be like?
That might not be a good thing, given that it might just awaken Old Ishskar. He might have something to say about all of this.
Ish might want to report back to Savarekh on his latest exploits of near godhood.
sorry dnd went on for a while.
Ill try and do more tonight and tomorrow
we're just happy to read your story anon. go at your own pace, this is /qst/.
File: Towering god thing.jpg (424 KB, 2560x1440)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
>Phillias sent myself several messages to ensure that we have a return set.
>She parlayed with the energy form Ishskar.
>I began analyzing his composition.
>Phase necrodermis, Plasma, Phosphorus, and hundreds of other molecular compositions many of which I couldn't even register.
>At one point I noted a fragment of Empyeric energy readings, but I soon dismissed it as an error.
>Immense energy readings matching that of Multiple C’tan shards.
>”It’s astounding, this technomancer really is something else.” I begrudgingly voiced.
>Another voice besides me spoke. ”He has arrived at something truly superb hasn't he?”
>Turning beside me I saw one of the Necron Warriors shift.
>It was trazyn, reshaping the warrior into his own hateable form.
File: Stars are right.png (21 KB, 569x188)
21 KB
>”He has done what you have sought to do has he not?” Trazyn continued.
>”Obtain a form of energy.” He clarified.
>I scoffed, but I had to concede the point. “I admit he has achieved a most resplendent form yes-”
>”He has conducted Rituals and greater rites of Transmutations simultaneously at such a great scale, and unprecedented .”
>”But this is but a facsimile of what I wish to attain.”
>Trazyn cut me off. “Yes yes, a form of Starlight of course i am aware.”
>”Forget me bringing it up.”
>Trazyn was a fool, but shards damn him, he was right.
>This form was perhaps equivalent to perhaps...3 maybe even 4 shards?
Shouldn't ish collect/attain the marks (or were they called blessings) from the Blackstone fortress? He knows they exist in the table top, or has he just forgotten about them at the current time because he has been fortress hunting?
Also the whole c’tan transformation probably isn’t doing too well with his train of thought
the c'tan form doesn't do him well but he isn't gonna eat any Necron souls.

after all tehy learned from the first time that happened and are now prepaeed to not get thwir Souls eaten.

seriously tough tje fortress marks are imo secondary since knowing Eldar are after the fortresses aswell i would find em all then share loot and receive punishment from Waifubot and THEN take the marks that way ish would maybe not have to share them
I wanna say thats an exclusive to the 7th blackstone fortress. Seeing as that is the only fortress thats fully awake atm.
So theoretically what happens if ish gets ALL the marks from ALL the fortresses?
File: fox3d-entertainment-3 (1).jpg (546 KB, 2880x1618)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
>When he and the executioner concluded their discussions I had an entire month's worth of data on his C’tan form.
>I tried to discuss with him but instead he sent me off to meditate further on my “temporary” boost in abilities.
>He refused to answer my questions and could instantly detect when i was about to change the time line and halted me.
>Trazyn was informed of nothing and instead was ordered to prepare materials for him, he planned on conducting his own studies in this form.
>What advancements could he make during this time as a star god?
>Already he was conducting his works all over the vessel, making its activation process exponentially faster.
>Already it was nearly 50% of the way towards full operations.
>I watched the C’tan seclude himself.
Wtf is waifubot? You referring to Chari's next creation?
>”It’s astounding, this technomancer really is something else.” I begrudgingly voiced.
>Another voice besides me spoke. ”He has arrived at something truly superb hasn't he?”

Is this a dragon ball super reference?
Find what your talking about and see if it sticks
File: chronomancer.jpg (444 KB, 672x960)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
>For 2 decades i focused on my own studies, I had made many discoveries.
>My own energy collection ports fully opened, the constant stream of energy made for greater feats of Temporal and Divinatory work.
>In a wonderful blend I fused my areas of expertise Making dozens of divinations across multiple timelines-
>Forcefully and seamlessly merging the timelines to solidify my possible works into a concrete timeline.
>In a short period I had divined the location of yet another Fortress, once more it was inert.
>My future continued to the decades ahead.
>Its was easily conquered.
>And in the decades ahead, this 3rd blackstone would be used in unison…
>I could see why the cryptek wanted this fortress.
>I watched him command this 3rd and the 1st fortress in unison to destroy a planet.
>”So this was what he was after.”
>”And he wishes to claim even more.”
File: A return to basics..jpg (574 KB, 1920x1080)
574 KB
574 KB JPG
>Need to wake up.
>Feel extremely cold actually, and everything feels stiff.
>When I finally take a peek around I find that i'm not alone.
>Two Silver colored skeletal figures stand to either side of me, their backs to me, they haven't noticed me yet.
>It takes me a second to identify what the hell they are.
>Agakhet and Voidmancer Phanaunet.
>Oh shit it's this routine AGAIN!
>My head feels like it's been all over the place.
File: Voidmancer Phanaunet.png (593 KB, 1080x1080)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
>I placed a hand to my head. “Fuck me, how long?”
>Phanaunet Piped up first. “Four years.”
>”Thanks phan-” I painfully pulled myself from the casket, quickly looking around.
>”When did you build a sarcophagus in the command room?”
>I was pleasantly surprised to find out that we were on the command bridge of the blackstone fortress.
>She answered once more. “Four Years ago.”
>”Mmm, alright.” I clapped my hands together, stretching my body hoping to hear bones pop.
>”How far along are we in the 2nd fortress activation?”
>”23 years, it seems there was siphoning power which was promptly removed around the time you were brought back.” Agakhet answered flatly.
>So he means me.
>Every single fucking time
Hey you, your finally awake. You were trying to become a c’tan right, like that horse theft over there (que trazen screaming)
Chegorath (I know I spelt this wrong) getting a good chuckle... But how would the eldar gods react to Ish... Except Khaine, we know how he would be.
> be secret blackstone fortress nearby sister #3
> be smaller but really stealthy
> already 100% on
> been awake waiting to damn long for a new master.
> waiting for sister #3 to wake up.
> know new master arrived when she wakes up.
> when new master arrives I will tell sister to open portal to me
> then let new master come to command room.
> let master take over and finally sleep for long time.
> don’t know what’s in me exactly.
> old master said some are historical?
> some things are very powerful or dangerous.
> and some are blueprints of machines and weapons.
It would be funny...if ish had a dream where his human soul and the tecnomancer body ish is driving, could speak and comunicate.
Oh god, Ael, is that you?
>”Have communication lines been set up across the fortress yet?”
>Phanaunet nodded. “Yes lord.”
>”Put Phillias on the line, I’d like to speak with her.” I ordered.
>Soon enough a clear holographic projection of her person popped onto the command deck.
>Immediately I was met with a hostile visage. “You’ve finally awoken, I see you didnt perish.”
>”You continue to thin my patience with these acts of yours Cryptek.”
>I interjected. “But all the same I am providing results aren't I?”
>Her murderous gaze only increased, her face hasn't changed a single bit but somehow i know she was holding back how utterly livid she was with me.
>She eventually simmered down. “It may be true that this...Resonance cascade event has been incredibly beneficial.”
>I only now noticed she was still very much consumed in baelfire.
>”We are ahead of schedule with your own previous estimations.”
>”With the fortress placed within negative polarity and your transmutations-”
>”Implementing and integrating necron technologies has been seamless, in fact it seems your alterations have been tailor made for us.” She paused to look down at me.
>”You will of course need to hand off navigational power to myself and my void crew.”
>I sighed. “Of course, Allow me to head over.”
>She ended the line.
File: GET YOU.png (66 KB, 1266x688)
66 KB
>I rushed off to phillias via the webway gate.
>When I arrived at the second fortress I made my way straight for the command bridge.
>Already I saw Orikan and several technomancers working away at the complex machinery.
>All of them were burning with balefire.
>”Hello Excuti-” I was hoisted by my neck by Phillias.
>I was lifted several feet into the air, even when I straightened my shity posture I still couldn't reach the ground.
>She crushed my neck servo’s ”Now this will be the LAST time you go above my head.”
>”Do you understand me cryptek?” I nodded feverishly.
ho wow ...he lived...I was half expecting a Necron revolution to happen between the executioner and (ish,orkan and trayzen )
Implying Orikan and Trayzn would be suicidal enough to go against the Awakened Council and the Praetorians. And the Executioner.
Phillias is kinda of a one trick pony and a brute. She keeps on threatening death and yet Cyptek keeps on doing insane shit. And she expects this latest threat to do anything to stop that? It feels like we've been done this road multiple times before.
at this point its more of an act than it is a real threat. The last time was supposed to be the last time. but now she has all this competent staff watching her.
idk ish knowledge and "power" might be enough ...especially the possibility of having a soul in the future.
(btw im bHGugrgh, different house)
so the necron equivalent of lady dimitrescu chocking scene then....

Phillias: choking ish “ Do you you understand me cryptek?”
Ish:”tighter mommy”
Ish:”harder dommy mommy”*
Fixed it for you
File: choke.jpg (469 KB, 1018x1000)
469 KB
469 KB JPG
>She released me and I dropped like a lead anchor.
>My neck reformed back into shape, the damage done undone in a few short seconds.
>”Ugh, May I take to the console Your executioner?” At this point I was glad I couldn't emote.
>Because at this point i would have looked pretty ticked off.
>For the next 2 decades I worked wordlessly on the fortress, getting every mechanism of the fortress online.
>I spent much of the time having a subroutine speaking with orikan via interstitial messaging.
>He mostly wanted to talk about the form.
>I clarified a few things, but basically strung him along with some hints if he would engage in conversation with me.
File: salty cryptek.png (899 KB, 682x667)
899 KB
899 KB PNG
>The fortress had a more reserved personality, eager to please and willing to follow unorthodox orders.
>It recognized me entirely as its captain, its consciousness briefly spoke with its sister fortress.
>The pair of fortresses would work together but they were too different to work in perfect unison.
>I was informed by the 1st fortress there was a means to neutralize the charge but it would leave the fortress inoperable for an entire century.
>I didn't see that as a viable option.
>I eventually gave command to phillias and we began to mobilize for the third fortress.
>Orikan informed us we would NOT encounter any aeldari during the time we would be awakening the fortress.
>That was a massive plus.
> still be secret, stealthy, and smaller blackstone fortress
> old master called me boi once
> what is a boi?
> decided to check power
> oh shit
> by my calculations I should have power for another half million years
> hope sister wakes up before then so I get new master and so sister can give some power
> I don’t want to die alone
I suspect ael might not know the story moved over to here
File: 9yp4f5yy9ej51.jpg (374 KB, 1668x1668)
374 KB
374 KB JPG
What's an ael?
Go read the other threads. Then you will know the power of ael in it’s many forms.
ael is a very large necron mech, piloted by a scarab. It's incredibly large, and get even bigger, as well as easily rebuilt/built like a canoptek
Ael wasn’t even anything made by ish. The scarab did all the planning and building. If I remember correct dyno is the scarabs name. There is the ael, great ael, greater ael, and the jackle and the smaller version called hounds. He also hooked a ael to the back of a jackle( I suspect he is trying to create a mega mech made of smaller mechs like the power rangers can) so it would have more weapons and so it could fly in space by using it as a improvised void propulsion device
That’s all of the ones ael has done by him self. There is also the canotyk(?) egg that he built as battery’s for the mechs. Names might be different for some. He also made a mech with the other scarab, chari, somewhat . It was made to look like a regular necron. It was made from a dead necron corpse. The collector made a deal to put him in his museum when he was basically priceless.
Yes the necroid a disgusting but necessary development for Chari. Made from the corpse of a necron who succumbed to the outsider virus... All memories/data were wiped/cleared/delete off as to destroy the virus.
File: Cyclops_Cluster_Map.jpg (80 KB, 352x625)
80 KB
>The next fortress from what orikan described was in the Cyclops Cluster.
>I oversaw identifying major planets within the Sub-sector to allow us ease of locating the fortress.
>Phillias was quite keen on observing this and was over my shoulder the entire presentation.
>Orikan used my intel to his advantage and charted a 3 year trip to the next.
>I was eager to take the fortress, I kinda wanted to test out its planet’s destroying capabilities.
>I think i'll hold off on telling Phillias about it until she stops breathing down my neck.
>I didn' understand until a recent conversation with Trazyn just how lenient she’s been with me.
>At this point the threats I've gotten have been more for show for the rest of the triarch.
>I should have been dead at least 37 times over, most of that was just for minor transgressions against formality.
>Along the way several scout elements joined along with us, they were to join in the main fleet in the defense of our own pair of star forts.
>Beyond a passing herd of Plasmic Medusae floating in the void-
>There wasn't anything that really stopped us from reaching the fortress.
>We assembled the usual spelunking troupe once more.
>After a week of exploration and relay set up we found that this fortress was also inert and only its systems were down but powered.
>We had time to take over it.
>Using the webway gate I had us teleported to its heart.
>For the next 173 we were undisturbed as we worked to raise the slumbering fortress.
173 weeks, months, years?

Also, what fate has befallen the Jokero at this time? I imagine they've been ferried back to homeworld after furiously cloning the new fruits Ish supplied to them.
> what’s this?
> finally. A New master has arrived.
> once she is fully awake I will have her send them to me so they can take over and get me more power.
> after so long I can finally sleep.
> hopefully sister tells the master I have a input slot for another ai.
>Twenty-five years into my development for her (the first Blackstone fortresses) new 'body'
>It was made significantly easier with a few guardian drones giving me parts (and directions) to build this new form
>However it was interrupted by a praetorian's call...
>I went to meet them outside of my lab where she was waiting for me
>Though it was a pleasant surprise to see a crow of mine with her
>However... it was a weird conversation
>'Thank you for coming out of your little workshop... (Chari? )'
>To say I was sweating bullets might be an understatement
>'No I'm sorry for not coming out sooner... anyways what do you require?'
>'Tell me... do you think we necrons could return to life?'
>I had to do a double-take after she asked me that question, it took me an entire day before deciding on what/how I would say
>'In theoretics, anything is possible... but it only becomes possible if we try. '
>'I see, but do you believe it is possible?'
>'... Yes, now forgive me for going off-topic but it looks like you enjoyed my crow (if the battle damage is anything to show) how did it do for you?'
>It was a surprisingly very pleasant conversation... but she did make a singular request for me, which was weird but a nice break
>It was basically requesting a custom design for her crow... She wanted it very angular, sharp, and very stealthy
>Took a week for the redesign but was worth it to see how she picked it up like a bird.
>Now getting back to designing/building thi-
>... Why is the upper chassis larger!?
> when the new master arrives I need to tell them that I have advanced stealth capabilities, but that’s all I know
FuCK forgot to say years!
>Ishkar and his harem of Blackstone Fortresses
>the star forts are bottoms
>ara ara master, how may I serve~?
I cant unsee this.
God I am going to hate what the first thing to come out of this new Blackstone fortress construct(drone?)s' 'mouth'
Meant to say years.
The Jokero are in a tesseract for now.
I swear you really are ael, the way you write gives off a similar vibe
Nope. If I was I would have been continuing his story.
please stop trying to affect the story
Thanks to ish the timeline was already changed. So why not add a extra blackstone fortress that ran out of power and was never found in the actual lore. Also cryptek anon hasn’t said anything about it, so it isn’t up to you. I also left what was inside of me as vague to the others can decide what they find. And once ish Is inside me and has taken over I’m stopping this character.
We're not here for your story, we're here for Ish's. The reason everyone thinks you're Ael is because you write almost identically, and you seem insistent on having a major impact on the narrative.
Also others affected the story before me. And what I have done doesn’t hijack the story. Just adds something else. Just like others have.
If cryptek anon wants me to not exist then I don’t. Simple as that
desu we have been trying to serve as minor background fluff. I certainly don't mind your character it is just a bit... extreme (in lore terms speaking).

As to affecting the narrative, the Eldar Ulth(something) mentioned only 9 'moons' not 10 (I think, so don't quote me on that).

As to us (side characters) affecting the story, it's mostly been going off onto our own side stories not really trying to affect the main one. Unless coordinated with op or if we flow behind his posts as to not conflict with his posts.
That’s why I left stuff vague and didn’t plan on continuing the character after ish took control
I enjoyed the Tired Destroyer, The Stasis Krork, and mask's deathmark. But you, Ael, and a number of others who insist on interrupting Ish's writing with this continuous stream of bullshit that sidetracks the narrative and often contradicts things he's already stated... It's tiresome and fucking annoying.

He's too polite to tell you to fuck off.
Mega apes are only there for now until they return to the ish home world. Then they get to live there
>>... Why is the upper chassis larger!?
That was my first guess also. Either that or the fortress wants a macho man body
wait why is chari building the fortress a body?
No clue. The drones were basically giving chari instructions on what to build.
To both hear her input more verbally because he can only hear the fortresses 'music' (after what he witnessed after walking into Ish's most recent C'tan insistent (Nom_Nom_Nom.vox)) and to also further expand his designing/engineering skill

>Creator dam it
>I can work with this... probably
>All I have to do is redesign the joints and all the other little bits or machinery designed to work with the construct(or drone)... fuck it
>Starting from scratch would be for the best (though I do save the schematic for future use, or experimentation)
>... I just... I can't even, I'll just take a break from this maybe return to it in a decade or five
>I check on the results of those reactors that I designed
>Well over 80% failed (due to either instability or lack of durability)
>the other 20% are still undergoing tests to see how bad an environment they can operate before being destroyed or become inoperable
>So all in all much better than I was expecting
>I just begin to review more of those 'star wars' movie and decide my next one will be the B1
>Maybe I should try experimenting with alloys for them this time?
File: this19.png (43 KB, 473x127)
43 KB

Yeah....he doesn't want your story, look at the image bro
Ok. Simple as that
I would take over as ael until they come back but
1. I’m not ael
2. I sure as hell don’t have the writing capacity
If he did those Monke would have perished of old age five times over

I do find the idea Blackstone is using interesting, but I’m also a bit leery of over anthropomorphizing the Fortresses. I do wonder if you think my stuff is tiresome and annoying cause if it is I’ll stop
Chari is enough of a side-story, we don't need an expanded universe.
yea Dyna (previously was called Ael) wouldn't like that

Also can confirm your not Dyna. Unless you pulling my leg and just staying quiet.

However, if you want to partake maybe make smaller posts, as a spindle drone. I mentioned multiple times with spindle drones (and other fortress constructs) interfering (well really messing around) with Chari's work, but I'd suggest posting after they have typed something up and trying to flow into that with your post. Just take your time to type it up... If you feel like having a reason for doing these things, just say it's a test.

I see side stories fine... unless there are either too many or conflict with one another. They also have to follow lore limitations (and realistic developments, so no WOW a superweapon that I made overnight BS) if they are set in a specific universe, just to avoid breaking immersion.
I always skip everyone but Cryptek anon. I can't be arsed to read the story from 10 different perspectives. Also please jack off before writing, turning a blackstone fortress into a big titty waifu... Just why?
All of the fortresses see themselves as sisters... also a more humanoid form would put more people at ease. Also, would you like to talk to a supermassive construct that is speaking through a 10 story tall server tower that has no face, or seems to be speaking through everywhere to you at once?

Design choice though it'd allow more space to store more/larger batteries, maybe even allow more technology to be integrated within her(?), or generators so such a construct could (theoretically) operate for longer times (for what reason I don't know, maybe so it can 'see' worlds of life).

I was intending for it to basically the most generic robot flat, flush, and efficient as you can imagine.
>Also, would you like to talk to a supermassive construct that is speaking through a 10 story tall server tower that has no face, or seems to be speaking through everywhere to you at once?

Yes. 100%. Feels alot more true to the setting than interacting with a sexbot.
I guess I walked into that all things considered.

However, my point still stands that it'd make communication much easier. considering the fact that no other necrons and canopteks, except for Ish and Chari (minorly), can hear the 'music' of the fortress.

Have you also considered the bs that is necron technology, and how much inspiration Chari has been taking from the movies Ish showed him? If the crows (basically 2ft tall vulture droids, star wars) are anything to go by.
File: 1621042190019.jpg (108 KB, 720x987)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
You do whatever you want anon, I don't think I'll be able to change your mind on this. Canoptek coomer
> day 1. Be scarab. Today ish of our dynasty woke up.
> day 50. Everything is going fine so far
> day ???? Ever since ish released what he called a resonance cascade I have been working something I saw in one of the movies he showed me. I have been working on it far away from our home. I needed to work on this on secret. I don’t want to anybody finding out until I have completed my machine.
> day ????. Damn it. I need a way to produce more energy to see if this machine works. I need it to make my machines easyier.
> day ?????. This machine I have created is much more powerful than my calculations have lead me to believe. The amount of energy it produces is insane.
> day ?????. I had to return to my home to get more materials. So much has changed. Ish is gone to I don’t know where. We have absorbed another dynasty ish saved and he apparently fucked up their world. And there are new machines here that look like the scorpions in his movies. I also found out that the energy my machines power source produces is detectable much further away than I knew. When I get back to my secret I will need to reinforce the walls with something that masks energy.
> day ?????? The lower half is working perfectly. It can move so well.
> day ?????? I’m so close to being done. The arms range of motion is terrifying. All I need to do now is finish the head and make my “brain”
> the final day of my old life. Today I finished putting the brain in and sealing it shut. Stand back from it I have realized just how large it is. From my calculations the size is much larger than what it is in ish’s movie. Now I need to do is transfer my data to my new body. It has been interesting. Because of the way I have designed it looks more like a giant reptilian necron. Goodbye old life.
> day 1 I have awoken.
Mecha Godzilla origin story. ...Then he realizes that he forgot to put in FTL travel.
Nah. Detachable pop up warp gate
The warpgate is inflatable for easy carry
File: Blackstone01.jpg (109 KB, 798x532)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>Before the 173 years was up the balefire ran its course, needing well into the 36th year.
>Everything was up to snuff and now we were waiting on orikan or one of the scouting fleets to find the other fortresses.
>In the meantime I asked phillias if she would indulge me in a weapons firing test.
>It would require some coordination, so I handed off the 3rd fortresses console controls to Trazyn for the time.
>We flew out to what would be the future penal colony in the subsector.
>I started to explain the power of one blackstone fortress to Phillias, and she seemed somewhat disinterested.
>Likely she believed she knew everything there was to it.
>So with her permission I began the weapons firing test.
File: cannon discharge.jpg (459 KB, 1849x1078)
459 KB
459 KB JPG
>The great bulwark of machines shifted, pistons and ancient machines of techno-sorcerey began humming.
>The monumental cylindrical cannons pulsing with vibrating psychic might.
>Both fortresses were illuminated in Billions of blinding motes of violet lights.
>The light show of empyrean energies swiveled and snaked along the length of the cannon, quickly lighting up runic designs that stretched on for miles.
>I Looked to trazyn on the display glyph. “Firing in 3...2...1”
>From my cannon the torrent of warp fire beamed out in a concentrated line, fleks of massive swaying embers flowed out in every direction from the beam.
>To the uniformed it would seem as if my beam had gone astray, this great discharge of potent psychic energies would only land a glancing shot on the planet's eastern continents.
>I continued to look on in awe.
>And then i saw the 2nd beam of streak across the view, trazyn had fired his own warp cannons.
>His own beam fired off violently towards the western reaches of the planet.
File: Devestating awe.jpg (551 KB, 1920x1080)
551 KB
551 KB JPG
>Phillias spoke. “Your beams are heading to an intersecting trajectory cryptek, do you plan on scorching the surface in a pincer of beams?”
>I couldn't help but let out a wry chuckle. “Please keep watching Executioner.”
>I didn't let my attention be pulled from the spectacle.
>As Phillias had expected the volatile beams intersected, but rather than continue in the direction they had fired in-
>The beams coalesced into a singular nova beam.
>From the intersecting point the two beams conjoined into a singular even more fierce beam.
>She watched in rapt curiosity as the joined beams now aimed for the center of the planet.
>The great flood of light surged to the world with killing intent.
File: A cascading explosion.gif (4.51 MB, 720x405)
4.51 MB
4.51 MB GIF
>When the beam struck down, the planet was instantly bathed in a wash of the violet colored warp fire.
>We could see the mantle crack, and a crescendo cluster of detonations pop up across the many land masses all across the surface of the world.
>Yellow line breaks appeared across the whole of the planet, molton infernos flooding as the continents were engulfed in magma fires, and immetrium flames.
>I could trace explosive detonations that popped through the sound barrier, hundreds of them.
>Areas of continental green leveled and blackened in the shockwaves.
>The seas hissed, boiling, sea creatures cooked in the sudden rise and exploded into great steam gouts across the surface of the world.
>Phillias watched wordlessly.
>The world's death throes were something to behold.
So as you could have guessed I’m making a necron designed mecha Godzilla. I ssay it’s bigger than the one in the movie. But
1. Saw it on a screen.
2. Don’t know the size of humans
So really I’m about 3/4ths the size.
> day 2( about 10 years before ish blows up the not yet penal colony planet )
> time to show my self to the other necrons. I send a message to our leader ( can’t remember the name/rank of bitch who took a part of our dear ish’s brain) asking her to meet me outside our tombhome entrance. I have to show her my new self. I warn her of my size.
> she seemed pleased when she saw me. I could have sworn I saw her leak a little coolant from her mouth when I told her I incorporated giant sized versions of ish’s new weapons.
> day 15 today I’m hunting with some of our fellow necrons. I’m told we are hunting a very territorial flying Kaiju. I’m happy that I get to finally use my new body to help protect our home. I did check my power output before the hunt and found out my power source is stronger than our tombs generator. I shoot a quick message to the remaining crypteks containing the blueprint of the power source.
> finally we have found the nest of the kaiju. It was on top of a mountain. We didn’t know that it was a mother. To bad she’s dead now. But hey, we have her eggs.
>I decide to put the parts that the fortresses drones into storage and clear off my data (after I save what I had, BEFORE THAT CHASIS MODIFICATION)
>Breaking down the operational functions of a B1 is surprisingly easy
>I decide to redesign them so they appear almost like necrons, but not completely
>I will have to work on more light but weather-resistant materials as well
>Alloys will be the way to go for that most likely
>The current moment necron weaponry might be a bit much for them to carry
>Those 'blasters' they have on the other hand... are likely very easy (and cheap)
>Looking at the footage it appears to be a part of their design to come apart easily
>Which would make maintenance (and battlefield repairs) easier
>Oh? We have been on our way to the next fortress
>Pleasent news to hear
>But I think I will create a dozen of the droids first as a test run
>Along with a few 'blasters' for them to use (they are likely going to explode knowing my luck)
>Overall a nice three-year project
File: 1429475169141.jpg (121 KB, 720x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
>Making another scientist Canoptek
>Have them produce a massive Kaiju scale construct without outside assistance.
>Creating a hyper advanced power generator that is not only portable in the machine, but also superior to tomb-complex generators.
>On top of that, the transport ability to bring that thing home in a day.

And worst of fucking all.

>Not even describing a battle scene between the local Kaiju. Just 'ded now'

You're a very enthusiastic writer, but you're trying to become too big a thing in this story, and aren't even doing it competently.

Scale down your ideas to something that doesn't /demand/ attention from the other writers. This is is a story thread with background character interactions allowed, not a "Kill the godmodder" type of thread.
If you want to have some interaction with the story, go roleplay one of the spindle drones buzzing around the activated fortesses, stalking the new Necron occupants. Or an Immortal or Warrior remembering the flesh times as balefire from the Resonance Cascade events by Ish cause them to go nuts.
It'd be kind of funny, if it was one of the drones that was fucking with Chari's data/research.

You could even make it so that you are one trying to push Chari to a specific design for the fortresses 'body' so the fortress can more easily communicate with the new inhabbatants...
Oh hey it's this. Wait did you guys get banned off /tg/?
yes, mods didn't liek it there.

nope, they just didn't want to mess with /tg/ due to the moderators/others being a bunch of retards
File: What in Tarnation.jpg (67 KB, 720x715)
67 KB
Well fucka-ddoodle-doo. Congrats to /tg/, they became more reddit than reddit.
Now that I got that off my chest, I want to wish everyone in this thread a good day and best of luck with the writing, because this is classic /tg/ in spirit.
fine you fucks. i will start another instead of being a 10th fort or a giant mecha necron godzilla. on a laptop at a friends playing dnd 5e as my large sized warforged cleric.
> be Blackstone fortress that was recently awoken by a new master.
> go to the masters golden pet to request a better body with voice capabilities.
> i send him plans on how to build me the way i want.
> he leaves his area and i change the body to have a bigger chest area.
> this fucker didn't like what i requested and is changing it back.
> i leave and go to my built in workshop.
> if this fucker doesn't want to build my body the way i want i will get one of these cryptek people to build it the way i want. (pic chosen. but with out the knee blades. the armblades are differnt. one arm is more like a pop out power scythe but shorter. the other is a pop out Hyperphase Sword and more necron looking).
> send the crypteks in my workshops plans for my body. but send them individual parts to make so they finish my body quicker.
Glad this thread survived the migration from /tg/. Always like to see more 40k stuff on this board, the more the merrier
>I spoke with phillias in private for a number of days after the planet died.
>She had much to ask and I admitted the star killing capabilities of a trio of fortresses.
>Her interest redoubled.
>For now we planned on watching development on the scouting fleet.
>Developments were slow, and it was only now that I began to appreciate how bloated the imperium was.
>During the gothic war the whole sub-sector was teeming with life.
>No wonder the gothic wars only lasted like 20 years.
>Some months after the destruction of the planet, we received hails from a few scouting ships locating another blackstone fortress.
File: Bhein_Morr_Map.jpg (68 KB, 344x516)
68 KB
>When we arrived at the Bhein Morr sub sector, we were surprised that the blackstone was covered in so much debris.
>It would take a decade alone to simply break through the layers upon layers of caked on sediment.
>We deployed a scouting team and a sea of Skorpoids all across the fortress.
>If i'll be honest, it sort of reminded me of when necrons fleet ships deploy billions of necron scarabs to strip their enemy ships.
>But now it was being done on a fortress.
>”Note to self, build bigger swarm disassemblers.” I said to myself.
>We would work away on cleaning the outside, while teams joined me in taking over the fortress.
>The webway gate on the thing was down for some reason.
File: covered in crap.jpg (89 KB, 873x610)
89 KB
>This fortress was in shit condition, holy shit it was powered but malfunctioning.
>We lost quite a few constructs to so many of the malfunctioning maglevs, Crushing levels of gravity, Oil chambers that simply flooded over.
>Conservative estimates to get to the command chamber and start the awakening process say-
>2 years?
>Fuck me this is just gonna a painful process.
>We have work to do.
>The next 40 years were a slog to work through.
>Phillias didn't let me go C’tan to wake the fortress.
File: snuffed out.gif (1.77 MB, 500x204)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
>If only things went smoothly.
>After working nonstop for 4 decades orikan burst into the command room with great urgency.
>He spoke rapidly. “The Aeldari Will be on us in just a week's time.”
>Scanning over orikan I found his temperature was elevated from usual parameters, he just jumped back in time.
>He continued on. “All at once we lost a hundred scouting vessels suddenly, only a small collection of craft managed to escape to inform us with aeldari attack craft rushing after it.”
>Phillias rose up quickly. “Orikan, did you receive the scale of the fleet before you returned.”
>The cryptek nodded. “Hundreds of aeldari and at least one Craftworld were detected by our sensor sweeps.”
>”I am fairly certain they are already in the sector, making holes in our network of scouts craft.”
>”They seek to start war, and claim the fortresses.
Oh noooooooo......
Clap that boy on the back, saving your bacon like that.
Gonna swap back to our dear skorpoid boi for a bit to further flesh out what has he been doing during the last post.

>Be Duracell
>Our work on this first the first fortress has been hard but fulfilling
>We were generally patrolling the fort taking in rubble and turning into usable ores
>Its been nice and quiet... until a battle began for the second fortress began
>Between us and the slave elves of the old foe
>Our fleet had struck quickly and decisively
>It wasn't enough but that wasn't part of the main plan
>It was to draw them to this fortress
>Then from this fortress fired a deathray of untold power of the empyrean onto our foes
>Later a void stalker, guards, and a titan was guarding an entrance to the fortress
>Many of my fellow skorpoids have been ordered to enter the ship to deal with the survivors
>Many a scarab, and a few necrons tagged along with us inside of the ship
>Double AA's have been acting like twins
>However I took notice of the flaws of the tactics of the first wave... charging at fortified positions, in confined spaces
>Their defeat was total...
>... We will have to improvise
>I know one of our strengths is how easily we can dig through any material
>So instead of wasting our units in useless battles of attrition
>We vented those rooms or attacked from different angles
>Even using faints to deceive the eldar that we were coming from other angles
>even creating holes that the deathmarks can shoot though should any eldar take notice
>Moving as quietly as death as we came behind the surviving eldar crew
>They never had enough time to scream
>The slaughter was total, but we didn't stop there we cut off power deactivated life support in some rooms to force them out into traps of our own
>The makeshift bombs that they had set up were still a danger if one entered the room...
>But if you weaken the nearest wall it'd be connected to the vacuum of space then connect such tunnels into rooms of the most heavily armed eldar
>Even if they had space suits... they wouldn't beable to hear us
>Death was the order of the day and we delivered... in bulk
>Over 142 confirmed kills for my unit alone
Don’t forget about the balefire from ish’s recent cascade
I'll get there... eventually
Fuck. Off.

This isn't a fucking quest, the mods are just retarded. Stop trying to take over major characters or make ones yourself.

Seriously, what the fuck. I guarantee that some fucker is going to try to take over Trazyn or some dumb bullshit by the end of next week.
>Be immortal
>The Awakener’s mad scheme continues
>Three moon sized starfort’s have been claimed for the empire
>The organics grow envious of our power
>The organics come en mass to take what is rightfully ours
>The organics come to oppose The Awakener
>The organics come to die
>I eagerly await the approaching enemy
>I sincerely hope I have a good view of the slaughter
Looks like the time for diplomacy is over.
File: toasters.png (661 KB, 700x2400)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
I'm still wondering what happened between the farseer being mindbroken and screaming her mind bloody and these TRULY DELECTABLE MORSELS husks that are nommed here.

Dare I ask, Executioner Philias had a hand in this?
Glad you liked the Stasis Krork, I am not sure I will continue him though because I haven't seen my warrior of Khaine post in a while, and desu, Stasis Krork will run out of things to talk about because unless Ish asks Trayzn for it, he'll most likely stay there forever.
File: return to monkeigh.jpg (111 KB, 647x810)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Stasis-krork could try developing wyrd boy powers and fight with the Khainite for who can give each other the most obnoxious itches, or bully the jokaero.

I'm at a loss where else that can go.
I'm still lurking. I was the one that ranted a while ago. I was thinking about posting a short story about how Slaanesh got killed in the Crib by Ish, but then decided I should not make an implied background story that big.

Oh, and he's still causing spectral itching to the 12 meter tall Krork.
You know what. Just sit your fat ass down. Read, maybe join in your self instead of trying to be a fuck bucket who complains about others, also THIS WAS SUGGESTED BY OTHERS. And as I said. I don’t have a great writing ability. So I try to do what I can. So and I quote here “FUCK. OFF.”
Eh... Might as well dump what little story I thought up. Otherwise it'll just bug me forever, much like they Krork's endless itching.

>Be Stasis Khaineite.
>Relent my amusements with the weak 'souls' of our fellow prisoners.
>Many years have passed, but while any weak soul would see time pass by at the speed of light.
>For us, though, time is sped up, but we must still endure the passage of the ages... For every century that real space experience, we must endure one...
>Fourty-million years devided by a hundred still leaves us with an excess of time to have our souls turn ragged.
>I turn from my one amusement to the only other constant my sluggish mind can percieve.
>The song...
We suggested you play a background character. not THE BLACKSTONE FORTRESS ITSELF.

Again, you're not here to become a main character Ish or the others /must/ interact with. You can be something local, small, easy to incorporate or otherwise ignore. Not THE ENTIRE GOD DAMN REASON ISH IS HERE.
>The song calms my spirit, and insulates me from... Something.
>The Farseer's mind sings with words whose meaning I cannot grasp.
>If it weren't for the stasis field holding my brain hostage, I could've probably decyphered it, or even just understood inately.
>But no... My spirit form alone cannot understand it's meaning, only it's purpose.
>Our Warlocks and Farseers whisper to us what they hear... Voices of our people turned wicked, turned hungry.
>The thing, whatever it is, mocks us as we stay motionless.
>Its dirge of malice tells us that we cannot prevent it.
>Our branch of fate within the skein seperate from all others of our kind.
>It crawled to us, from a future that is yet to be, like a warp-spider over the strands of crystaline Wraithbone...
>Stalking through time, just to feed off of our sorrow, our anguish...
I’m not THE ai I’m just a random blackstone fortress ai.
>The Song drowns out this un-thing.
>Keeps us from contemplating the darkness ahead. That doomed future.
>Even then, they're like whispers of discord, hidden behind the melody. Ever laughing, ever hungering.
>I try not to hear them, but its presence is ever chipping away at my soul's fortifications.
>My focus slips sometimes, and I am subject to a draining torture of visions of our people and the attrocities commited to, or by them.
>Once again, I feel my mind slip from the soothing serenade, into the waiting arms of the un-thing...
>The visions never come...
>I hear the whispers, but they are not the sweet, coying words of damnation.
>They're hurried, panicked, growling in anticipation, or perhaps frustration.
>A scream, sudden, invasive, and lasting for the shortest of instances...
>...Then silence
There now you fucks won’t think I’m THE ai
this is so cool
good job guys
>The silence is overwhelming, the Farseer's spirit voice slowing, then faltering as realization hits her sensitive mind like a tidalwave.
>The un-thing, the damnation of our people, the hungering void waiting for our souls.
>Not just gone... Not even dead... For it simply never has been, and now never will be.
>The Farseer's spirit is allight with the combined relief of several hundred thousand years of stasis cognition.
>My soul is frozen in disbelief, unable to believe that our future was saved.
>...Or, at the very least, saved from one horror.
>I can only hope that whatever unmade the un-thing is not worse.

>Welp, back to making the Krork's nose itch again.
>It's been a few thousand years, I suppose his weak mind has finally thought itself relieved from it's torment.
god dam... it of course he fuckin would
When does he ever stop making the … ITCH
Fucking Knife Ears
But good read
here is proof the the dark eldar excicst.
File: Silly monkeigh.jpg (44 KB, 589x849)
44 KB
He's an Eldar Warrior of Khaine from the War in Heaven. He's been stuck in stasis for 40 million years, of which he had to endure 400 thousand.

He's allowed to have his shenanigans. ...Says I, stasis Khaineite.
Where does he put the itch? I say put it right on their anus sometimes for maximum itch
Stated clearly several times that the itch is on the nose, dude.
oh yah. Then can he move it?

see >>4814241

You're not supposed to be an important character. Notice how everyone who does this usually has at most only one fucking direct interaction with Ishkar, maybe two. Over the course of the entire story. You are putting yourself in a position to be someone Cryptek Anon has to wait for and write around in order to continue threads.
File: Eldar_Craftworld.png (2.11 MB, 1289x926)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
>We prepared, by god we prepared.
>Mass warnings were sent out to our scouting craft.
>We were starting to get a measure for what we were dealing with once several of our craft returned to us.
>An entire craftworld heavily augmented with a number of Infinity canons, holy shit that doesn't bode well.
>5 Void Stalkers were also found in orbit of the craftworld.
>Each of those Void Stalkers had several dozens of other fleet elements in formation around them.
>The main force numbered around 200 Battleships, Battlecruisers, Cruisers, and Light Cruisers.
>It was noted that some elements of Light cruisers and escorts craft conducting their own searches for the fortress.
>Easily they had twice as many scouting forces moving about the gothic sector.
>They came here with clear intent to take the fortresses, or maybe to destroy the ones we have.
>The first war for the blackstone fortresses had been started.
> Be me
> Be an Immortal
> Have vaguely fuzzy memories of pain, of fighting, and of smoke and fire.
> Also an unyielding hatred of amphibians and things with pointy ears?
> It was never important.
> Not until the Cryptek, Glory to the Silent King, did something Strange.
> Strange even by Cryptek Standards, which I was later told were already bizarre.
> Now, my memories are clearer.
> I was a member of the military, not quite the lowest as I had many men and women under my command.
> But I was not of significant rank to warrant any higher level of biotransferrance than as an Immortal.
> My children and wife were made Warriors. I do not know how many survived the following war.
> The only one of my children that I know of did not regain her memories of me, only some facets of her personality and her mother's name.
> I spent an unknown number of years eradicating any amphibian within ten kilometers of one of our Tomb Complex's.
> They did this to my family.
> They made us seek False Gods.
> They must suffer.
Notice my name. and as I said. I’M NOT THE MAIN AI. And ish already has a direct line with the main ai. So no interaction there with him.
Will the Craftworld break before the Aeldari?
Or they don't have the balls for it?
> One day I notice that several Deathmarks and Immortals have converged around the Cryptek.
> I pause my rampage upon a small amphibian's breeding pool and its pod of eggs.
> Then I blast it again, before returning to the Tomb Complex.
> When I arrive to the gathering some two weeks later I see that they are reviewing audiovisual recordings of some strange organics.
> Recording after recording, broken up into various cuts, spliced together as if some form of entertainment.
> It is entertaining to watch the organics burning down the forest, admittedly.
> One organic with a strange headdress comments on his adoration of something called "napalm" and how it smells like victory.
> Is that what they are using to destroy the forest and combat the other organics?
> I find myself agreeing somewhat.
> That headdress looks nice.
> A shame that the material looks organic.
> It surely must have rotted away by now.
File: napalm.jpg (29 KB, 800x419)
29 KB
cant believe you hit me with Apocalypse Now.
Top kek
File: loathesome aeldari.jpg (34 KB, 740x425)
34 KB
>This malfunctioning fortress wouldn't be up for at least another 30 years and that was with orikan and Nehebkau using their chronomancy abilities.
>Unfortunately orikan was currently being used to predict the movements of the enemy fleet.
>We already have set up defenses in the sub-sector, along with relocating the malfunctioning fortress to the edge of the system.
>At best the Fortress could fire from one of its canons.
>Moving to the next solar system was out of the question.
>Fuck me, how was it that the imperium and chaos was able to make use of these so fast.
>Probably all the fucking warp fuckery letting them hotwire them.
>I hated the idea of an Aeldari getting their hands on one of these.
File: Misplaced in time.jpg (215 KB, 600x600)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>While orikan divined, I was tasked with reactivating the defensive system of the malfunctioning fortress.
>Easier said than done.
>This broken fortress-
>Its consciousness was not so easily understood.
>Jumbles of fragmented thoughts.
>More a mess then my own mind, it was like...well digital dementia is the best way i could describe it.
>Integrating myself into the system was easy but getting lost in the tide of static and uncertainty.
>I did my best.
File: Lysades_Map.jpg (64 KB, 347x478)
64 KB
>Orikan had found out where the enemy fleet was headed.
>A 5 year voyage on the galactic west of our system.
>Tracing its path, and the help of our scout fleets, they were bound for another fortress.
>The Lysades Sub-sector by the looks of it.
>Bastards had found it before us.
>We could reasonably get there months before their own cruisers secured the system, but not without leaving this crippled fortress behind.
>We were just under 20 ships not including all of our escort craft.
>In the end we would split our forces.
>2 fortresses and 12 of our necron vessels to try and take the fortress.
>While trazyn and Agakhet stayed behind with the remainder of the fleet and the negatively charged fortress.
>Be Chari
>A good two years into my droid development... a signal was sent to all units
>'We have a week time before the Aelderi would be here, prepare for battle'
>Looks like my experimental B1's and their blasters would be put to use far sooner than I anticipated (or would like)
>My crows are well into ten thousand now... a force to be sure but a mere drop when compared to the firepower of our enemy
>I designate about three thousand B1 and blasters to be made for early battle testing
>At worse they will be suicide bombers, but the best case they could be our cannon fodder instead of our more valuable units
>Four days were spent constructing all of them
>With even more crows which will be estimated at ~19000 when the time of battle comes
>I decide to have the B1's send me field reports
>... Creator dam it why did those knife ear cunts not wait for another century
>We would maybe have vulture droids by then!
>The chronomancers were buying us some time so we might have a few more before the battle comes
>I only hope its enough... but I run through every personal combat scenario as well (never know when/if I have to join the fray)
If the space elf's are going all in on this then I imagine the hand of darkness and eye of night are going to become very important very quickly. Rather surprised Ish didn't make grabbing those a priority since they can at least hijack control from any current owners like chaos did in the gothic war. If Ish and company can grab them first they basically win, if the eldar do...well necron science coupled with negatively charging the fortresses they do have might be enough to just leave them at a serious disadvantage.
File: Smug necron.jpg (20 KB, 436x436)
20 KB
I very much know about them. they'll come into play later.
> It was not long before another audiovisual recording started playing, seemingly of a similar setting but with different organics of the same race.
> A moldy-white pastry is found in one of the primitive organic's holding boxes, and thus it is berated by its superior officer.
> I like this one somewhat. A bit shoutty, but his creative language could rival a primitive poet.
> Sadly the dimwitted organic ends his life prematurely.
> Another reason to slaughter the organics.
> At least this organic self-terminates.
> The recording-compilation proceeds for an hour or so and ends with the organics marching in formation while repeating a nonsensical cadence, while a village burns in the background.
> It is a rather lovely conflagration, to be sure.
> Perhaps a sacrifice to this "Meh'Kimows", a Death God of theirs?
> Be daughter ai of mother fortress ai.
> the crypteks in my mothers workshop say my body will be done in time for a few test runs before the battle. That’s good news.
> in other news the small thing in a bigger thing called chari has made better drone bodies than the ones mother has. It also made these small flying drones.
> other than that nothing else has happened so far.
> well… to my knowledge at least.
> I am thinking of asking chari for the wing design it uses on it’s flying droids
>Apparently we will have five more years before we get to the next Blackstone fortress
>Thank fuck...
>Unfortunately we will be expected to have a defensive war with the knife ears
>Ok admittedly that is bad...
>However five more years to further enhance my droids and produce more is always a good thing
>The blasters will also need failsafes as to not allow the enemy to gain any intelligence on how they work.
>If I manage my time correctly I will get another year working on their motor functions, combat engrams, and their weapons.
>This... is going to be hell
However you're still writing from the perspective of a blackstone fortress. Something that Ish or another major character will inevitably visit.

Anon did specify (that they ain't THE Blackstone fortress AI) but one of the drones (either a spindle which is most likely... Or a guardian)

look at post >>4815273
I started it from the ai that went to ask chari for a body ( then changed it so the ai got annoyed with chari changing my body it was building back to they chari wanted it, sp went to get crypteks to build it for me.)
Might be a better plan if you changed your title to 'Spindle Drone' or 'Guardian AI' rather than Black Stone AI, to be honest.

You're currently just causing needless confusion as is.
Well my full title is “a blackstone fortress ai ( not THE ai)” but I guess I will make it the same as on the discord server
they want you to change your name because blackstone fortress ai is too important to the sotry
Who’s to say it doesn’t have one big ai and a bunch of of others that control the drones. I’m one of them
but that seems to be a liitle too involved in the
main story
maybe have your username say minor blackstone ai.
>Be stasis Krork
>That damnable itch is back to haunt nose again
>I just know that the Khaineite is the source now, has to be
>Spent last cycle of being awaking preparing for the inevitable
>Thank Gork (or it might have been Mork) that my psychic weapon was ready this time
>I may not have been a weird boy, but try this on for size ya git
>Send psychic fart to the source of the problem; straight to the Khaineite's nose
>If dat won't stop the itch, well two can play this game
Work killed me, no guarantee of anything today but ill try.
Maybe visit Chari... the advancements in the droids would help in the upcoming fight. It'd also be a good bonding experience, or just to catch up... maybe it's short and mildly wholesome.
File: ork chuckle.png (1.48 MB, 1342x1342)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
And krork farts
>full metal jacket
This guy's got great taste for a sentient tin can
File: What the fuck.jpg (46 KB, 588x588)
46 KB
I'm a dumbass for not marking all of my previous posts.

> Afterwards a new Recording Compilation plays.
> Several in-fact, mostly pertaining to Monolith-scale organics and destruction of infrastructure.
> I almost believed that it was a different species being assailed, but no, it's those pale-skinned clawless organics again.
> Days pass, I start to suspect that these "kaiju" as they are called, are simply organics in false suits.
> Propaganda perhaps?
> The recording-compilations afterwards last nearly a week. Redish-tan desert world with outlaws fighting over who is the biggest criminal.
> The Deathmarks seem the most-invested in these ones.
> I sit through these ones boredly, wondering if I had seen the last of brave-but-organic military men burning jungles.
> And then I see more Green, but the men are strangely much more muscular than before.

> They reek of Ork Influence.
> None of tone of the prrvious Jungle Recordings that I found interesting.
> But then they are attacked, by another organic with very poor active camoflauge.
> One with a strange sense of honor, not attacking the unarmed.
> Respectable.
> The rest of the recording seems tonbe textbook superiority-propaganda, however.
> Organic slays Organic. Big explosion.
> Boring.
> Next recording: an ice world, seemingly.
File: spindely boi.jpg (24 KB, 1000x436)
24 KB
>Nehebkau bought a lot of time in the time bubble.
>Before we left the new fortress had its spindel drones operating.
>Not operating at peak performance but they were operating all the same.
>Phillias was preparing me to take control of the fortress by using the C’tan form.
>Assuming dominion over the fortress was likely the only way we would get the upper hand on the aeldari.
>Well that wasn't entirely true.
>While i had been running through every piece of aeldari lore i stumbled on a few things of note that could be used.
>I checked over the records afforded to us by the magnitudes of scout craft that had returned.
>Fragment by fragment, Planet by planet, we had recorded much of the gothic sector.
>49% by my own estimations.
>There was one artifact I wished to take.
File: Something Funny.jpg (33 KB, 366x650)
33 KB
>Be Yvralla Ulthrwal.
>My escape from the clutches of the cyclopean enemy was a terrifying thing.
>The talisman guided me and my chosen wraithseer in my wounded state.
>The voice of our god's calling to us, guiding us another way.
>Was it that Vaul that called to us?
>A webway gate for us to escape through.
>We were plunged into the deepest reaches of the webway.
>I was so...weak, confused and lost.
>We were before an unfamiliar place on the webway.
>And I swear I heard the laughter from several disembodied voices.
I’m guessing you’re talking about the first predator movie?
File: cegorach.jpg (2.07 MB, 1600x2400)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB JPG
>”Show yourself!” I cried out.
>I was still held within the grip of my wraithseer, I was dying.
>My life blood was fleeing me and I was in no means capable of calling upon Runes of Fate.
>The laughter only grew, raising to 20 voices.
>No, 50 more joined in their belly aching laughter, it irked me.
>”You think this humorous?!” I shouted.
>Hundreds more voices added to the cacophony of laughter.
>One icey voice cut through the manifold of jeering hysterics. “OH BUT I DO, LITTLE SHADOWSEER!”
>Emerging from the darkness was a waxy grinning jester thing of immense size.
>”The laughing god!”
managed to get a few posts out at least so that's nice. gonna do a bit of aeldari perspective and why they have so many fuck off numbers.
Awww man not the clown.
is this the Laughing god or is this the Deceiver?
Laughing god, the deceiver is in shards and probably wouldn't know about the current goings on.
File: azb4Vrx_460sa.gif (338 KB, 213x199)
338 KB
338 KB GIF
>Be Stasis Khaineite warrior.
>Finest combatant from the ages of war.
>Sword dancer, and wielder of powerful psychic powers of... Well, mostly distraction.
>My revelry in the induction of nose itches in the lesser slave races is ground to a halt when I smell a terrible, terrible... 'thing'.
>Haven't smelt stuff in a long time, but the excessive /FOULNESS/ makes my soul lurch.
>It lasts for hours...

>...Wait, I'm stasis locked, how can I even smell anything?
>Once the smell ends, and I am relieved of it's torture, I do a quick mental calculation.
>I suffered for about three hours in my psychic state.
>Which means over three hundred hours for my body to process the information.
>Which means even more time for the stasis locked body to even obtain the chemical information in the first place...

>I was gas bombed for the equivalent of several hundred years, if not more.
>I'm impressed...
>Still mad, tho'
>I will have my revenge...

> A parasitic lifeform attacking and infecting the primitive organics.
> It is almost pitiable how defenseless they are against it.
> But then, they discover its weakness.
> Fire.
> As dangerous to themselves as it is to their foe.
> These organic lifeforms seem to revere fire with how often they use it as a weapon.
> I almost wish that I could, as well.
> Nay, I do wish to wield it.
> I want to know what this "Napalm" smells like, in the morning.
File: boomer admech.png (136 KB, 1876x1200)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Do any of the necrons ultimately know what victory smells like?
File: clown.jpg (111 KB, 736x735)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Are you going to ask chari (when he gets back) to try to make you a flammen werfer, and napalm? Also I'd sunset you stop your organic genocide... The deathmarks love this world. So I think I'd be in your best interest to not get on their shit list. Also have you read tired immortals post... because you might agree with his philosophy, of cleansing the tombs (interiors) of organic life and showing the strength of necrodermis (They basically are Iron hands).
Clown God diagnosing the farseer as a clown.

Anyway I'm moving workplaces right now I'll try and write up something when I get back.
This just highlights a complaint I've had for the last couple editions: I want Necrons to have more access to flamethrowers, if memory serves they only get one bit of wargear, a weapon setting on the Triarch stalker, and I think one of the Forgeworld models gets one as well as a weapon setting.

Is it ever so wrong to want a squad of Destroyers capable of dealing with trash mobs via sick flame drive-bys?
Always remember. Napalm sticks to kids.
Is that why Vulkan burns eldar children?
also yes
Ok, so, I missed it. When anon went eldritch on those eldar, he went and possesed the entire fortress. Did he vaporize the fleeing aeldari farseeer, or did they escape his half-lucid c'tan episode to warn of their impending sodomy-of-doom and to get clean? I know it was implied offscreen. I'm pretty sure anon killed them for their emotional outburst, and planned to use his aeldari prisoners as his mailboys instead, but then he ate them too. If anon killed them both, does he still plan on warning the aeldari, or has he said "fuck it" and gone full speed ahead with the fumigation plan?

Also, does anon remember eating the eldar? Does he regret it, or not care because "they got what they fucking deserved for soon spawning a god that will eat their souls anyways and everyone else's too".
Of fuck I'm blind.
Ignore me.
File: Cegorach the laughing god.jpg (913 KB, 3000x3000)
913 KB
913 KB JPG
>”YES THAT IS CORRECT LITTLE ONE AHAAHAAHAHHHHGG!” his great form slipped from the darkness.
>He moved erratically, like a puppet tangled in its own strings.
>”Jester god, What do you want of us?” I shouted out.
>Blood gouted from the hole from my abdomen, the wound stressed by my shouting.
>The cacophony of laughter ceased.
>Cegorach’s voice was dropped to a hushed whisper. “I need you to obtain something for me.”
>I balked, I must be truly dying, for The laughing god was before me and i was bleeding out.
>How else could i reason this?
>”What deal do you have in mind.” I asked while I still had consciousness.
File: A specimen in stasis.jpg (249 KB, 1080x1920)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
>His icy voice continued. “You have seen the immortal enemy, you have heard his wisdom.”
>”I wish for you to claim one lost child of our stars.”
>”One captured and who will be tormented.”
>He wove a psychic illusion of things to come, the great design of the gods.
>A long colorful tapestry in a state of tatters.
>I gazed upon the great design trying to discern meaning.
>The first image showed the immortal enemies waking en mass led by a cyclopean necron.
>”Ishskar.” I whispered weakly.
>The next showed an image of a horrid sapphire colored god thing, a C’tan feeding upon the souls of 100 horrified aeldari.
>It continued onto greater horrors.
>Images of the 6 burning fortresses above in the sky, below a conflict between the greatest warriors of the aeldari and the forces of the immortal enemy.
>A bloody battle would be fought that would cripple both my people and the enemy.
>Worlds would die, stars would burn, entire solar systems lost in our struggle.
>the tapestry seemed scratched, burning embers licking the edges of the great design.
File: Solitare.png (94 KB, 264x437)
94 KB
>The tapestry broke into branching paths.
>The first we saw 5 of the great talismans opening a wretched eye in reality with their great power, mutually assured destruction at the hands of empiric things.
>That path dragged on and seemed to be shredded, dangers.
>The second showed 2 fortresses destroyed and the aeldari homeworlds burned and destroyed.
>That path burned away to matted charcoal black.
>The third was curious.
>It was the longest, and the true path the laughing god wanted me to see.
>A losing path, one that would claim the lives of many of my kindred but ensured a new way for my people.
>A crooked black hand was claimed for my people during the war with the immortal.
>”A hand of darkness.”
>A daring rescue for a soulless thing.
>And a horned mask.
>This path led to renewed tapestry, a chance for success, a future we could forge.
>The laughing god offered me a horned porcelain mask.
File: EverqueenIsha.jpg (889 KB, 1171x1498)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
>So a pact was made to the laughing god.
>And so was I cast out into the webway.
>My vision faded and uncounsines took me.
>When I awoke, I found myself in the care of medics of temples of isha.
>I was safe, secure, saved by the laughing gods' machinations.
>And so I let myself relax, heal, and breathed easy in the care of capable hands.
>For when I was healed.
>I would launch a war against the immortal enemy.
>For the hand of darkness-
>And the soulless Aeldari.
Well ishskar seems to ruin predictions of the future just by existing, so I'm not to sure clownboy is gonna get what he wants.
If the Shadowseer is smart, she will try to argue futures with Ishskar and see how he replies. His existence is what has caused this change in the tapestry.

Love the flavor text of the branching paths. Made me think of the Tree in the warp. Speaking of, if CupAnon is the Tree, what is Eldanon and Cryptek's shape in the warp? Would it be strong enough to manifest a form?
Come to think of it, iirc the Eldar performed a ritual to fake his death in the warp so, what now?
File: Shadowseer and Solitaire.jpg (267 KB, 1048x1450)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
the farseer isn't a shadowseer quite yet. Cegorach just wishes to add her into the fold, at this point there doesn't exist any Harlequins. Cegorach's plan is to change that.

And even while the tapestry of fate has basically been tattered up, the eldar are working to make new tapestries, fumbling sometimes but genuinely trying to find the best path for their people. Cegorach sees a future he can find SOME victory for his people if he creates the Harlequins and to start he needs a Solitaire and a Shadowseer.

Anyway im gonna hop off for tonight, lots of work to do tomorrow. i think after doing one more eldar post tomorrow ill go back to ish and da boys in this first gothic war.
I see Proto-Tzeench having an aneurism.
I'm happy.
To be fair, all this scheming is gotta feel great as far as he's concerned. Win or fail, plans are plans and plans are good.
Soulless Aeldari? What does that mean?
Shit. My ID changed...
Wait... What did the wraithseer see?
I'd also say they too are trees... Different, and cut off from one another (maybe different species all together) but they all grow from the same soil.
Solitaire, I guess

In the current setting, eldar who give their soul to chegorach quite literally give their soul to him. Their physical body get turned into a hollow puppet that the eldar controls with magic strings from afar in the safty of the webway or whatever chegorach's heaven/hell looks like. That way, if the eldar gets killed, there was nothing in that body for slannesh to steal. The actual soul is already in the hands of chegorach.
File: Surging Aeldari.jpg (205 KB, 1454x800)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Sorry for not posting today, long work day

>When i reconvened with the forces of the great council-
>I was met with open arms.
>The council was preparing to apprehend the vile threat, but their plans were too small minded for my liking.
>As the one most versed in this experience I was the loading force in the war efforts.
>And so for a century and then some i prepared my forces.
>20 Million joined our cause willingly, those of the craftworld that was saved a few centuries prior.
>Their life debt would be paid forward in the effort.
>And a select 350 Thousand were called to arm.
>We had amassed a war fleet in a few short decades.
>I had selected my own team of seers for our true objective.
>Those of the greater fleet were set to claim these other fortresses in the system.
>While i would spearhead a force to claim the hand-
>And to claim one worthy of the mask Cegorach had entrusted to me.
File: Painful.jpg (340 KB, 3072x2304)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
>Be Ishskar.
>We were well on our way to the next fortress.
>Every moment counted and i had to use my time wisely.
>I had been pleasantly surprised by phillias informing me of work I had conducted as a C’tan.
>To be honest I actually can't recall what had occurred in those 20ish years.
>When led to the sanctum I was greeted by many strange things.
>A red powdery residue all across the floor, Several sets of Aeldari Xeno-mesh armor on the ground, Plates that were unmistakably Sempiternal Weave.
>Of the larger items I noted a singular Aeldari pilot in a stasis chamber, they seemed...Gaunt?
>Tearing my attention from that I was pleasantly surprised by several Bullions Tonnes of metal I had supposedly made.
>Damned if i knew what any of them did.
>After a few precious hours I had applied the Sempiternal Weave to my person.
>I had secured my future with a nice +1 To my toughness and Wounds...
>Or rather, if reality functioned like the tabletop I would be a fair bit more sturdy.
>With this influx of materials got to work.
>Day in and day out I worked alongside the fortress's vast consciousness to get things going.
>I worked frustratingly tedious work of repeatedly requesting the fortress produce Guardians Drones.
>It was a slow process but steadily I was producing around 20 or so of these drones in a week.
>I should likely move to something easier for me to do.

Ho ho ho~
Anon got a uncontrolable werewolf form.
I do not see this going well.
You'd better tell your three party members you can't remember shit in that form so they don't hold it against you if you break some taboo.
Hey, I'm a new reader and I just wanted to say, this stuff is fantastic thanks for making it.
Imagine getting your memories back thanks to Ish's balefire just to realise you left your dog alone in the house before being thrown into biotransfer fire.
And you can’t remember if you left the oven on
It's not like it matters. That stuff happens in the future.
Fuck me have to hard reset my pc. Someone at home bricked 3 programs I use.
Had to hard reset my computer, fuck me. ill save writing for tomorrow this just soured everything for me today.
sorry to hear that cryptanon, take the day off and take care of you first.
Crypanon thank you for the update

The only thing you have to do when this is too much for you is

thank you for the fish and see you

Please take care of you
New device so different tag.

>Movie ends with wild-maned human (as they identified themselves) with the conflagration device burning down entire outpost, surviving with one other of his species (Sub-species? Same language and physiology, differences appear to be aesthetic).
>Another series of Audio-Visual recordings start playing, presumably taken centuries after many of the previous ones since the humans are now space-faring.
>They land on a planet, discover ruins filled with eggs, one of them gets attacked in the face.
>Some time later (it's astounding how these recordings were taken), the lifeform that attacked the human is revealed to be a parasitic ovipositor when another creature bursts through the chest of the victim.
>Acidic blood. Smooth cranium. Exoskeletal upper-body, endoskeletal lower. One human describes it as perfect.
>I disagree.
>It can still bleed, and therefore die.
>The Necrontyr are therefore superior, as we cannot die unless utterly destroyed.
>Memories of my old life, before this metal body I am in became, resurface.
>My perception of the recordings fade, anger clouding my thought process as I silently rage at the organics that forced us to become what we are and destroy what we were.
>We were weak, as all organics are, but we were proud!
>We had escaped the carcinogenetic prison of our home star system, only to be forced back into it by hypocritical amphibians!
>My rage consumed me and I tore myself away from the room, just as the next recording shows the "xenomorphs"' weakness to flames.
>Good. They shall burn with all the others.
>I do not return to the room, and instead return to patrols, as I have seen some of my Immortal brethren do.
File: Dark_Troopers.jpg (699 KB, 1280x816)
699 KB
699 KB JPG
>I invited chari to help with other productions, mostly to get a few more ideas.
>Chari seemed to be possessed with a number of designs that warranted some looking into when I wasn't so pressed for time.
>He had made some advancements with crafting materials and some automatons that seemed eerily like star wars droids.
>He was mass producing them on a scale I could appreciate.
>These new constructs would be nice as a buffer between our troop elements.
>We caught up for a brief time, exchanging some information.
>Seeing as he had a fair bit of competency, i entrusted chari with the designs of a certain star wars concept from my own memories.
>Dark troopers.
>He would likely be stuck on the design for some decades maybe even millennia but it would be nice to see some new advancements.
File: Lieing in wait.jpg (1 MB, 720x1300)
1 MB
>Eventually we ran out of time for our great many projects.
>We had arrived at The Lysades Sub-sector.
>Calling for preemptive scans before we deployed through the aeldari webway gate built into our own fortresses.
>We were a multitudinous number of life signs already present.
>Both Phillias and I leveled a gaze to orikan.
>”Orikan, I was to believe the cruiser elements weren't yet to arrive for another 2 and a half months.” I said with a barely restrained murderous edge.
>He sputtered, about to make excuses.
>I silenced him with a gesture.
>It didn't matter, the timer had begun.
File: sokil-su-spider-old.jpg (146 KB, 1080x1077)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>The next months passed by extremely painfully.
>While we were transported into the fortress we were in its teleportarium and NOT its webway gates.
>Something or someone had interfered with our jump through the gate.
>Not only that but we lost an entire 19% of our force from the get go, worse yet was that those forces lost completely.
>We found an abundance of resistances all across the fortress.
>We would not take the fortress in any easy manner.
>The aeldari had set up a numerous warp peril for us to find and dozens upon dozens of ambushes.
>They had taken to advance their arsenal and I was filled with a level of dread when I began to see the signs of Corsair Jet Packs, and the Warp Spider Jump Generator.
>They had found ways to weaponize teleportation's against us.
>It seemed like they had been caused by the misfire in our jump into the webway gate.
File: fLIGHTY LIL JERKS.png (419 KB, 737x960)
419 KB
419 KB PNG
>We had no choice but to fight the dug in aeldari as they fizzled in and out of reality or swooped overhead.
>If ill be honest their tactics were eerily similar to that of the Scourges.
>They hit us hard, constantly blocking off our ways with near constant assaults.
>They had lately taken picking up our most competent units and displacing them entire Kilometers into the air letting them reach the ground with a painful spine shattering crash.
>Or in worse cases doing what amounted to bombing runs with Melta bombs.
>They gave us a good fight as we SLOWLY advanced towards the heart of the fortress.
>After nearly a month we had whittled down their force to around a Quarter strength.
>We had lost a considerable 58% of our initial forces in the first month.
>We had originally brought a force of around 300, not including our canoptek units.
File: DarkTroopers-RECG.jpg (556 KB, 808x556)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
>12,000 B1's in a month
>Around 144,000 could be produced in a year (with my resource and production restraints, crows are always handy to have)
>It was a glorious sight to behold the massive production of rank upon rank of battle droids
>If we are lucky we might have a million before the Eldar are expected to be in the fortress (and maybe entrenched!)
>Though I feel like they need more diversity in their... weaponry
>But there was one thing that made me happy this decade...
>Ish has finally visited me!
>We enjoyed the sight of thousands of droids being forged
>Sharing information on our projects, and other such small niceties
>Generally it was a good time
>Until Ish showed me something... a project he was bestowing on to me, called...
>The dark trooper program (it was fascinating)
>The information I was given was vast... I even got better battery/power generator blueprints and equations!
>This was going to be hard as shit though...
>... But then again, one can't learn without failures
>With the new generator designs I suspect it'd take me ~180 years best case (worse case ~1290 years)
>The armor (including jetpacks) and weapons would be the hardest part of this entire process
>Though 2% of the droids would be given a program update (might as well try to not have the battle of Naboo 2 on our hands if the Eldar destroy a network 'hub')
>Though I'll watch the battle just to see how they do
>This is going to be fun...
>Hold up is that praetorian happy to lead this army?
File: Strength_in_Numbers_SWDL.png (3.8 MB, 2057x1085)
3.8 MB
3.8 MB PNG
>When we got to the other fortress my excitement... turned to anger unquantifiable (barely touching 'frothing' rage)
>The eldar had gotten there first, they weren't even supposed to be here for another few months!
>They have evenly heavily entrenched themselves and have heavily fortified positions
>... This would be a battle of attrition, but something my droids were designed for
>When my droids first encountered the eldar I took not of how they reacted
>The eldar were for a moment were caught off guard, some I think did a double-take at what they were seeing if the blinking then shaking of their head is anything to go by
>It passed, as all moments do, and our two armies opened fired at each other
>The droids didn't have the range/accuracy advantage in the opening salvo of shots
>In the first month alone I lost 5% of my B1 entire army
>I felt many emotions watching my droids being ripped asunder by those eldar
>Like a master tinker watching a random person rip apart his hard work
>However I couldn't deny how the eldar exploited their 'flaw' of how easily the limbs came off
>I could only produce so much and so fast
>The mountains of B1 corpses seemed to be detrimental to our enemies... acting as mak shift trenches
>A unexpected boon
>I instructed those spyders nearby when the next mountain of corpses made then the previous be stripped of their parts and reused to repair any surviving ones
>The Skorpioids would push many corpses ahead to grant us some more cover to our advancing army army
>They moved up those killing fields meter by meter
>The knife ears had no problem taking them out in melee combat
>Some thought it was easy... then one attempted to take a B1's blaster and discovered my failsafe
>The entire arm was blown off... when the other eldar realized that the blaster guns were rigged to explode, should they fall into enemy hands.
>Many were afraid... maybe because they thought they could be proximity mines? (Noted)
>In total my forces were credited with over ~8,000 confirmed kills in the first month of the conflict alone
File: CROKS.png (208 KB, 819x439)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>After RUDELY tearing the aeldari from their dugouts we were finally able to figure out why they had been able to disrupt our teleportations.
>They had filled the center chambers of the fortress with FUCKING Crotalids and a number of unstable Jump packs.
>Essentially making it impossible to translocate into the innermost chambers.
>They did it as a tactic to ensure we couldn't reach the center command spire after finding out they couldn't access it.
>I had the few captured Aeldari vented, without any soul stones.
>I was something beyond furious.
>When we finally opened up the inner chamber a sea of Crotalids and several liquid tonnes flooded outwards onto us.
> the little bot named chari has been busy. We have so many of it’s droids. They should be helpful in the coming battles. Also my body is done and it works perfectly.
> we have arrived at one of my mother’s sisters. Would that make it my aunt? On another note.
> so many knife ears. So fucking many of them
> we have arrived at my aunt’s central command chamber. These god damn invaders filled it with so much crap.
> ERROR ERROR ERROR. Over heating. Must remove recent Data.
File: Crotalid.png (503 KB, 399x590)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
>We Fought through the tide of teleporting meat for an hour.
>I saw one bite into the torso of a Praetorian and Mash away between its razor sharp maw.
>Another I saw catch a Lychguard and begin a violent death roll, before vanishing into a puff of evaporating warp stuff.
>There was a deathmark trying to escape and reposition itself only to be swarmed by a trio and ripped to shreds.
>On the countering end I witnessed a wall of scarabs disassemble an entire cluster of a dozen Crotalids in a matter of seconds.
>After that full offensive of Enmitic based weapons rapidly destroying the oncoming waves upon waves of the foul swamp beasts.
>They fought us to the bitter end, ensuring we bled for every meter we gained.
>When the hour was up, the entire room that had been filled with brackish green water was now colored a sanguine crimson.
File: incomprhensible.jpg (50 KB, 586x399)
50 KB
>We took to the command spire, having to force our way in this time.
>Normally these doors parted easily but for some reason this wasn't the case.
>Our Skorpioids cut into the chamber which allowed us to ascend.
>Far more titanic reaching symbols in the walls and floors.
>I could feel my body ache looking at them.
>Wards, I instinctively thought.
>If i was honest with myself i felt this very well may have been Abaddon’s Will of Eternity
>Something power lingered within these great sigils.
File: Mirror rooms.jpg (921 KB, 3190x1794)
921 KB
921 KB JPG
>I felt myself shake, pinprick chills crawled over my form as we continued towards the command console.
>Every surface of this colossal chamber shines with an iridescent gleam of a darkened emerald.
>Every tiled space is marked by a series of vast serpentine and twisted runes-
>Each faintly illuminated in a dull Rose tinted glow.
>We strived onwards up the mounting stairway, the shine of each great design seeming to rise in intensity with each step we took onwards.
>I felt the familiar heat at my side and noted this newer interaction of the Emperyn chord seemed to react to this light.
>Mirroring the siphoning of warp energies much like the fortress' own cannons.
>I shuddered at this.
File: Old Bones.jpg (533 KB, 1920x1920)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
>As had been to be expected the skulls and bones of ancient Slann remained sentinel.
>Fragrances of a thousand dead worlds filled my nostrils-
>And I didn't seem to even question it.
>Still we passed forward.
>More and more my very essence stirred under the weight of ancient history.
>Every glance at the worn smooth bones of the long dead Slann stirred something in me.
>I Swear I could see them in flesh as plain as I saw the warriors around me.
>My Mind was splitting and I needed to move to the console.
File: Ancient magics.jpg (282 KB, 1300x731)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
>This fortress was worming itself into my mind like no other.
>What divine intelligence possessed it, was seeking to possess ME.
>I ran manically, each clinking tile of my cloak ringing out in painful shrills of metal against metal.
>Every clink hurt my nonexistent ears.
>Hurriedly I grabbed my interface jack at the base of my tile and made way for the console.
>It was in my sights finally.
>20 meters.
>Static took over my eye, removing the dozens of reports that danced across my vision.
>10 meters.
>Saurian cries and chittering rattled in my skull.
>5 Meters.
>I could feel my own Skin and bones again.
>1 Meter.
>I could feel air filling my lungs, the sensation of living filling every crevice of my being.
>I slammed my tail connection into the command table, forcibly taking root into the system.
>I gripped my harp, my hands shuddering.
>”This isn't real.” I told myself as I heard my voice from life ring out.
>My mind coursed through the myriad systems, trying to push back against the fortress.
>Slowly I reached for the 2 cords I was so often using as of late.
>While my mind rooted its way into the alien designs of the starfort I could see through the eyes of the fortress.
>I could see a score of aeldari vessels on their way.
>”We’re out of time.” I voiced lowly.
>I finally strummed the 2 god transmuting cords.
>Once more through ancient sciences I reached that divine apotheosis.
>The Gothic war had began.
Begone the Clone Wars have.
The Executioner isn't going to be pleased that Ish disobeyed her again.
This particular Resonance Cascade was planned by Philias and the rest. It was a necessity.
>While beginning my design into the... Phase 1(?), 'dark trooper'
>I was watching battle reports on the side
>I didn't expect the eldar to use... animals, to delay us
>Which is... cunning (I have to begrudgingly admit)
>After that shit show Ish seemed to be acting weird as he got closer to the central terminal... frantic even
>When I checked why this was, I noticed that an eldar fleet arrived
>When the balefire comes to our forces I took notice of something
>The droids I made aren't consumed in the balefire, or at least nothing that is off about them
>Strange... Is it because they aren't made out of necrodermis, or Blackstone?
>Questions for later
>I command my B1 Battle droids (of the second generation (Coding), those more independent and disconnected from the larger network) to capture/contain any necron that is suffering the virus
>Perhaps I could use them as a buffer to investigate the virus and create a... 'firewall' against it
>Maybe even create a way to 'cure' the effects?
>Be Stasis Krork
>Feel a disturbance in the warp
>There is a huge scrap about to happen
>This might be worse than the inchin, knowing I can't be part of a good scrap
>At least the itching has been gone for a few centuries
>Still Zoggin mad though
File: Warlock.jpg (135 KB, 700x1246)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
>Be Stasis Khaineite Warrior.
>As the Farseer was freed from the terror of the un-thing, she's been updating us on events happening in the further parts of the universe.
>Over 40 million years have passed since we have been captured and put on display.
>Our people have grown to their greatest heights, but many of their history has been relegated to mythology.
>We cannot contact them, as the voices of our spirit are too distorted by our disperate perception of time.
>Even we can only process so much of the blazingly fast speed at which information passes by.
>Worse still, we cannot see the acts of our nemesis, which our decendants have mostly forgotten about.
>Though one thread of fate has been spotted by the Farseer.
>A soul within the machine mind of our nemesis...
>That should be impossible.

>Tuning out from the Farseer TV channel...
>Still gotta think up a way to get back at the Krork that gas-bombed me... And the entire gallery at that.
>Work together with a Warlock of my people.
>Lets see how much the Krork slave will enjoy a phantom feeling of starvation for the next few thousand years.
>Be G2B1-000001
>Battledroid designed and crafted by Chari.
>I was the first to be gifted the upgrade from my fellows, to do battle against the enemies of the Necrons, our masters.
>As such, I will be the first to lead the legions of Droids, and the first to gain honour for our masters.
>Our phalanxes of blaster-carrying droids push ahead of the ranks of Necron Warriors.
>Our bodies are smaller, and lighter, providing us with greater speed.
>...We move with less balance and finesse, though... But we make up for that by getting up quickly.
>Our creator, Chari, deigned us worthy of gyroscopic stabilization untill better mobility designs were developed.
>For now, we stride!
>Be firstkha, first of the upgraded.
>we have run into the enemy forces, already engaged with those forces teleported into the depths of the fortress.
>Necron Warriors and Immortals firing destructive Gauss beams to the graceful enemy.
>They shall know our wrath!
>The leading Immortal spots our advance and orders the rest to cover to allow us to pass.
>Good to know that they know they should leave this to the professionals~!
>I raise my Plasma-Blaster, and fire!
File: dropped.jpg (47 KB, 512x295)
47 KB
>Be firstkha, first of the upgraded, first of the droids into battle!
>The plasma bolt I fired streaks from my gun at high speed.
>It flies fast and... Misses the guardian I was aiming for.
>BUT! It hit the weapon platform behind them!
>...Though, the damage is superficial, as the plasma lost cohesion after it passed optimal range.
>I'll just fire ag-
>My cooling gun drops to the blackstone floor, along with my right arm.
>I look back up, seeing just as the weapons platform turns its still firing gun on me.
>Two blasts in the torso, and I drop hard, power systems failing in rapid succession.
>Other battledroids are scythed down by the blazing weapon.
>Cognition functions start failing as my generator ceases all function.
>Be Firstkha, first to be upgraded, first of the droids in battle, first to be slain.
>Be G2B1-000005
>Fifth of First Company
>Firstkha, the venerable first, lead the advance on the fleshbags
>As soon as we were clear of the Immortal's line we encounter fierce resistance
>Protocol dictates we march forward toward the enemy
>Optical sensors detect that Firstkha has been hit
>Protocal can bite my shiny metal ass
>As the weapons platform begin to scythe down my fellows I break rank and attempt to find cover
>My weapon is not optimized for this shit
>Small pile of my brothers is enough to go prone, hide behind and bring blaster up
>Notice that blaster bolts do negligible damage to the platforms
>Spy fleshbags near platforms
>Are these platforms automata like us but slaved to organics?
>Take aim at one of the fleshbags lining up a bead on the head of the nearest
>Fire bolt at Fleshbag, Clean Kill
>Platform stops firing temporarily, column advances into proper engagement distance, and begins to unleash hell
>Enemy position is overrun shortly there after
>Units 000001 through 000004 are gone, leaving me stuck with the remains of First company
>Walk over to pile that was G2B1-000001
>Pick up what is left of G2B1-000001's head and take it with me
>If I am going to be stuck leading this shitshow, his head is at least coming with me as a reminder to not be dumb and lead from the front of the column
>Might just bring G2B1-000001's head to the creator to bring him back as punishment for my field promotion
>Wait, can I be court marshaled for this?
File: Aeldari Fleet formation.jpg (563 KB, 1535x900)
563 KB
563 KB JPG

>From my observations our fleet ships were hopelessly outnumbered.
>We were looking at a formation of nearly 20 ships that we could identify.
>We weren't picking up any cloaked veelses.
>They traveled within a spear head formation led by several frigates and destroyers.
>For the moment we were well out of optimal firing range.
>Still that did not deter the Carrian class from spooling its Lightning Arcs.
>Already our enemies began firing upon us.
>Sending walls of missiles rapidly outwards to decimate our shield arrays.
File: Repostion.gif (6.01 MB, 600x318)
6.01 MB
6.01 MB GIF
>For many minutes we flew to meet their wall of heavy ordnance rather than avoiding them.
>Closing and closer they throttled.
>And then the Cairn Class began to crack reality around it.
>Already We could see the aeldari spooling up a number of cannons in response to the start of our translation.
>Greedily several frigates broke free of the spear head to meet the great tomb ship.
>The Tomb ship fizzled and vanished in a hail of reality rendering cracks.
>With the cover of the tomb ship removed the fleet of cruisers and escorts vectored at sharp splitting angels.
>When the Tomb ripped back into reality it was significantly closer to the line of aeldari frigates.
>In A devastating act of first blood the tomb ship unleashed its Lightning arc batteries.
>Instantly the hail of volatile electrical plasma popped a trio of frigates that had been in the way of the rest of the fleet.
>So the battle begins...
>I didn't have any forces or ideas previously on how I could help in the void battles
>However enough resources, time, and a decent schematic to build an army capable of traversing the void of space
>... And well, things change
>A few hundred thousand crows were on each ship
>So I play the only befitting song for what is coming aboard the eldar ships
>Watching thousands of my crows aboard each of our ships then going straight for the nearest eldar craft was breathtaking
>Many were shot down... but they had but one objective
>Defang the eldar ships from their biggest guns!
>I recorded everything... and a few of my crow went to command deck windows to depressurize the rooms
I guess you could say those elder were ‘vented’
File: Lord Admiral Spire.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
>In that first engagement with the Aeldari we very well bloodied them
>With Phillias and Agakhet having spent a number of centuries in observation and constant simulations of the aeldari method of naval engagements-
>They were assured to command the fleet in the most efficient and effective way.
>Having learned every single mechanic capable of the aeldari they were counting the salvos, anticipating their Maelstrom abilities and Prematurally detonating their Disruption Bomb before they had the chance to come into proper range.
>With such tactics and strategums we would have made Lord Admiral spire blush.
>We of course could not avoid all incoming attacks, but we did minimize the amount of heavy ordnance meeting against our shields.
>Though something unexpected came to my attention.
>Against all odds Agakhet was ordering a mass of Dirge class Raider directly into a line of frigates.
>It only occurred to me as the mass of escorts RAMMED into the line of Hellebore Frigate-
>And carried them crashing into their comrades-
>That their True power lies in how small of target they proved to be.
>They were able to repeat this strategum with minimal losses another five times.
>When they disengaged from the wreckage a crack shot from one of the Aurora Light Cruisers skewered a score of 5 Raider with a single shot did I began focusing in on the rest of the conflict.
>The Aeldari were breaking into 3 different formations.
>The first to meet head on against the tomb ship.
>The Second trying to pincer our cruisers.
>The Third...well it seems like a contingent of 4 Cruisers were headed for one of the fortresses.
>The one Controlled by Agakhet.
File: Eldar_Ships_Warhammer.jpg (265 KB, 999x487)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
>I Continued to observe the combat as i worked feverishly to bring about the fortress online but easier said than done.
>The battle raged on for hours as to be expected for two highly disciplined factions.
>We were indeed facing the aeldari at their height.
>For every ship we murdered and crippled they landed a lethal blow.
>More and more they would use their super psychics to disrupt the flow of combat or to insanely enough-
>Phillias were preparing their own warp cannons to deal with the cruisers.
>Agakhet’s own were cycling up as well.
File: A real fortress.gif (7.37 MB, 853x504)
7.37 MB
7.37 MB GIF
>Two of the great Vaul Class Cruisers banked downwards, while the pair of Shadow Class Cruisers continued their charge regardless.
>They believed they could weather a blast from the fortress.
>Pinprick Pulsar blasts of lavender white flickered off the surface of the blue energy field shrouding Agakhet’s starfort.
>They were definitely trying to break through our defenses.
>Little by little they DID indeed start to wear away at the great shield but it would require several minutes of hammering away from just these two Shadow Class Cruisers.
>It was true enough by the rules of battlefleet gothic armada two that these bigger ships might not go down in one hit.
>But they were dealing with Two fortresses.
>Finally the pair had charged up.
File: Shock and Awe.jpg (952 KB, 1920x1080)
952 KB
952 KB JPG
>With the combined salvo from two intersecting cannons the cruisers were reduced to broken wraithbone.
>Unsurprisingly a WORLD KILLING BEAM was more than enough to end the lives of the pair of aeldari cruisers.
>The other two were feebly trying to enter the fortress.
>Let them, the vermin will do nothing but provide me with more wraithbone to experiment on.
>The Battle would rage on with constant counter boarding actions and the aeldari hemorrhaging losses.
>After nearly 8 hours of combat we had successfully ERASED the aeldari fleet.
>The only threat we had was the interlopers wagging futile war within the lower decks of Agakhet’s fortress.
>I had confidence in him.

>27 years have passed thus far.
>43 Separate combat encounters.
>One third of the necron fleet had been destroyed, what remained of them was secured for reassembly.
>Another 3rd was critically damaged and was being feverishly fixed up within the confines of the blackstone fortress.
>Multiple sabotages had been made by the aeldari but most were rebuffed.
>Orikan had steered us from utter annihilation on more than several occasions but there was only so much he could prevent, even when boosted by my own abilities.
>We had learned parts of the plans thanks to the usage of mind shackle scarabs-
>They had as of four years ago found Trazyn and the other fortress.
>And had been consistently attacking it.
After all this Orikan is going to get the equivalent of a pat on the head and a free month of Ish's C'tan-form Onlyfans videos.
>While in my workshop I begin to hear the firing of my droids blasters
>I quickly reviewed a report that a few Eldar were aboard our vessel.
>... Well I guess its time
>My personal new experimental droids move ahead of me to the fighting force of eldar closest to my current position
>I do one last check on my enmitic disintegrator pistol
>I can hear less and less of my droids firing
>Which either means they dealt with the problem... or were slaughtered
>It's most likely the latter that the former
>Walking in seeing a full platoon of eldar was worrying
>But I didn't understand why they were here
>The only thing of importance on this wing of the fortress is...
> REBOOTING IN PROGRESS… reboot successfully completed. Removed data replaced. All emotions have been dialed down to keep chance of damage from overheating. Reboot of personality initiating… done.
> that is interesting. I appear to have overheated from anger. Good thing my sub routine stoped me before any heat damage happened. Seems the fighting is over.
> fucking knife ears. I hope they are all gone from my aunts body.
> apparently before I shutdown I killed a lot of the knife ears.
> well I guess it’s time to start looking around my aunts body for any more of the pests.
> be unknown krork god.
> I have been watching one of my few remaining krorks. He has been stuck in a stasis field due to a annoying necron for so long
> another poor fucker stuck in a stasis field has been fucking with my krork by making him have phantom itches
> oh my self. My krork has been brewing up a atomic bomb levels of a fart for ages. The stasis field combined with being near others using physic powers have slight influenced him and gave him the power to channel the smell straight to the noses of the other beings in the stasis field. Sent it straight at the fucker who has been giving him a itch. I’m so proud of him.
> I’m going to give him some extra “gifts” to fuck with even more fuckers.
> 1. The power to brew up even worse farts every day ( unaffected by the stasis field)
> 2. The ability to make anybody (even necrons) in a 100 mile radius smell his farts.
> 3. The ability to make the asshole who collected him to also smell the farts no matter how far away he is.
> no go and cause more chaos my little one
With all the dumb shit you've been pulling, I honestly can't tell if you're a troll or just an attention whore
there is no way that the krorks had other gods besides gork and mork. And the time when gork and mork came into being isn't even understood
I personally think it might be a combination of the two.
just stop.
>When I enter the room I see my former upgraded B1 droids layin dead, there goes six hours of custom coding and rare resources
>However the platoon of about 30 eldar was reduced to 9
>But now I see why my droids couldn't finish the job
>six guardians, one wraithgaurd, one bone singer, and one spiritseer were all that remained
>The rest seemed to have fallen by their blades
>Looks like several of my droids self-destructed on another wraith unit... I can't tell what it was, considering its bits are everywhere
>Real shame though... so much lost data
>Well time to diversify and go into theatrics
>"Well hello there, what brings you to my... humble abode?"
>"Your Home!? Then are were these monstrosities are yours?" I can't tell who asked it, they are all wearing helmets
>But clearly the speaker is pissed off
>"Heh... the answer won't surprise you."
>They immediately raise their weapons and take aim...
>Looks like my semantics are over
>It was fun while it lasted... but got to speak with eldar in eldar
>So... how should I kill them?
got to run to dnd but afterwards ill get to writing
enjoy your game

>I wish to make them suffer... however that's to cruel
>But doing it too quickly would be a mercy to grand for their murder of many of my c- droids cannot go unpunished
>First thing first though
>Blinding that wraith, because his weapon might be a problem
>Just a singular shot from my pistol should be all I need
>Dam now the wraith guard is protecting those dam eldar supports (spirit seer and bone singer)
>Well I'll just gun down those dam guardians
>My form is surprisingly nimble...
>I can't dodge all the shurikens, but I can reduce how many come at me and track where their barrels are
>I close the distance as quickly as I can dodging as many of the shurikens as I can
>The wraith gaurd is what concerns me though... his weapon is powerful
>I shoot my pistol thrice into the nearest guardian's chest
>It was a horrifying sight to watch a guardian explode into a fine red mist
>... Ok quick and painless it is
>The eldar seems to be granting the guard space... Oh shit!
>I change direction as quickly as I can to get an eldar in his line of fire
>When he and the eldar realized what I was doing the guard pulled back but the guardians began to fire as quickly as they can into me
>I have almost reached them just a meter or two to go
>I feel a sharp pain in my side... I will worry about it later
>When I get into melee distance I sliced off one guardian's heads with my staff
>One down nine to go
>I grab the nearest one by the throat and use him as a shield as I charge the wraith guard
>The guard is a far greater threat to me than the guardians
>When one of them tries to shot me in the back I ducked and shot him once with my pistol, going straight for his head
>I go for his weapon arm joint
>He swings going for my chest I let go of the eldar I was using and jump to the side
>The guardian both hit my meat shield and a comrade that was accidentally in that bodies flight path
>Before I blast the head off of that... bone singer
>The guard attempts to elbow slam me, but I rolled away
>As I rolled along the floor I blaster the guardian trying to get back up
>Three down out of the nine, now only six remain
>Fourty five seconds have passed

Pull yourself behind a corner,
use your voice-box/speaker to mimic the sound of your echoing footsteps going down the hall,
wait for them to pass (they can't sence you without a soul),
shoot at your stash of lithium batteries when they pass it.
The the resulting explosion will drench them in acidic flames.
Aw dang. You posted before I finished. RIP me.
I mean... Chari only made the one
Whatever happened to cupanon and eldar anon? Is ish the only writer around now?

I'm pretty sure he's just referring to how it's unknown if Gork or Mork is the brutally cunning one or the cunningly brutal one.

The post still impacts this story too much.
Made the only one? Like, just one lithium stach? Nothing that needs worrying about. Lithium only burns in presence of oxygen or some other negatively charged molecules (like flesh) [or was it possitive?... the stuff on the other side of the periodic table]. Once it burns away the fuel, it will stop burning regardless of how much exposed lithium is laying around. Seal off your chamber to prevent any more oxygen from getting in, then just wait for the lithium salt to precipitate out of the air. Sweep it all back up and chemically process the lithium salt back into useable battery form. The whole process shouldn't take more than thirty minutes is you are quick about it and have a prepared chem station on the ready.
I think ill just save the posting for tomorrow morning. my brain smooth after running dnd.

Oh, whoops. My phone dying resets my tag. Does any /qst/ veteran know a way to preserve colored tags between battery deaths?
Both are presumably MIA. Not sure that Eldar Anon will return, but am still holding out faith for CupAnon. He's simply become too influential to just disappear.
cupanon has been missing for almost 4 months
That was a one time side story addition cause fuck stasis khan. Stasis krork needs a little extra power to deal with him. Stasis krork number 1. Also going back to sentient star fort drone.
Stop trying to interject yourself in other side stories as another type of god-modding. This time literally.

sounds like the usual, he dissapears for a while only to dump a large amount of posts later.
He saves up his stories instead of constantly updating it like cryptek
No one was here.
File: Proto Ambull.png (988 KB, 1024x693)
988 KB
988 KB PNG
>Just to highlight the nature of the conflict thus far.
>While we are operating at 1/3rd strength after YEARS of ceaseless conflict-
>We have still managed to Annihilate Well over 100 Aeldari Escorts and nearly 50 Light Cruisers and cruisers.
>Much of their tactics resemble that of Saim-Hann, a craftworld noted for their hit and run way of warfare.
>Though it seems capturing the aeldari for interrogation has been far more-
>Challenging to say the least.
>Ships reclaimed are often rigged to blow.
>Or perhaps filled to the brim with all manner of organic life forms to aid them.
>Frustratingly enough they have let loose many capable creatures into our fortress as a means to weaken our defenses.
>We had multiple proto Ambull insectoids milling about the lower decks causing unspeakable trouble.
File: brain boys.png (72 KB, 250x227)
72 KB
>Some survivors of the invasion force that managed to enter into the Primary fortress under Agakhet’s control-
>Had been captured and implanted with mind shackle scarabs.
>Many aeldari died in the process as their minds were far more resistant to the commands of the scarab.
>Those that we managed to investigate we managed to pin down a location, a heading for the craftworld, along with some details of the belligerent forces of the Aeldari.
>Approximately 700 ships were dedicated to the effort.
>A full craftworlds arsenal would be used against us.
>While this was initially a fight we could not hope to win under normal engagement.
>We would shortly have the upper hand.
File: BlackstoneStrikesCadia.jpg (101 KB, 1000x603)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>In those 27 years we had been moving at half speed to the galactic north crushing isolated forces that seemed to be doing their own fair bit of scouting.
>I had managed to get us up and moving after quite some time after being stationary with our latest fortress but now I had minor navigational power over this new fortress.
>We could fire the warp cannons on 78% power roughly once every two weeks and move at half speed so far.
>But the ship refused to activate its safety precautions.
>No shields, no defensive measures, no drones, and 1/3rd of the ship did not have active maglev operations.
>But against all those odds we now had acquired a weapon that could hold us off against the aeldari at its heights.
>Fairly soon we would be taking the fight to the aeldari.
>And so we did.
File: Errupting pain.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1080)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
>When reached the Sub-Sector that Trazyn occupied.
>We found a system on fire.
>And in a literal sense their void of space between the great celestial bodies were burning with warp fire.
>The planets were scored with massive continent sized burn marks.
>Entire moons and other celestial debris floated absent of planetoids.
>Dozens of cruisers and battlecruisers lay in ruin
>Somehow the inklings of a warp storm was burning in the system.
>And to our horror, two fortresses flew at the heart of the storm.
>Trazyn’s Fortress fighting off the other.
>The aeldari had managed to reclaim one of the fortresses for themselves.
File: Aeldari Warlord.jpg (76 KB, 800x1132)
76 KB
>And by the looks of things they would have to be stopped soon, lest we have issues.
>Both fortresses seemed to have weathered through some significant damage these last few years.
>Significant hull damage was peppered across both fortresses, cracks and even occasionally Pieces were missing across the pair.
>The two had all manner of ships boarding, counter boarding actions, and bombing runs, minor scuffles between escorts and attack craft.
>Coming in hot, we opened communications with trazyn.
>Getting a run down it seems the aeldari had come into possession of one artifact that allowed them access into the fortress.
>They've managed to take control of the weapons system but not the innermost command chamber.
>But already they were just outside that chamber fighting off a number of constructs, one of which being one of our seraptek constructs.
>That was at least one benefit to us so far.
File: Vh3.jpg (21 KB, 440x452)
21 KB
>No time was wasted deploying our raiders and attack craft to aid against the constant barrage of invading aeldari ships.
>Oddly enough we noted several Orkoid Vessels aiding us.
>Coming to the stark realizations trazyn had something else up his sleeve.
>In under an hour we were able to sweep up the attack craft with the utmost prejudice.
>We promptly destroyed the remaining remnants of aeldari vessels to ensure no survivors could be saved.
>With the aldari boarding parties reduced to atoms we made for rapid deployment into one of the openings.
>Going so far as to deploy a 4th of the guardians and spindel drones alongside our own troops and constructs.
>We would ensure a victory for our people.
>The aeldari had managed to reclaim one of the fortresses for themselves
Well that's not good.
That's where the would-be shadow seer went. Might see more interesting dialogue between them and ish.
>The four guardians attempted to surround me making sure they weren't crossing fire or getting the seer and guard too heavily in their kill zone
>So I did the only logical solution at the moment... I charged towards the wraith guard
>Dodging his punch
>This prevented the guardians from shooting at me for a moment
>I sun around for a moment blasting another guardians head off, before using my staff to cut off the wraith guard's left leg
>One of the guardians attempted to charge me... with a knife
>I honestly couldn't tell you if he/she was brave, or just stupid (maybe even a bit crazy)
>Honestly I was getting tired of this shit
>So I just stabbed him/her (just gonna call them all he's, it makes it so much easier) through the head with my 'tail'
>I hadn't used it up to this point... just so I could use it later for the element of surprise
>Now only 3 remained
>The seer seemed absolutely livid
>But the other were taken by surprise (I should see a psychomancer, fear/suprise is a surprisingly powerful tool)
>fifteen seconds passed...
>I need to finish this quickly
>I also need to make grenades (noted)
>Oddly enough we noted several Orkoid Vessels aiding us.
>Coming to the stark realizations trazyn had something else up his sleeve.

Gave me a chuckle.
Yes, yes vary interesting. Now what about using the scarebs to make the orks believes something.
Manipulating the orks that the Necrons are the old ones.
>Be G2B1-Warlock
>First G2B1 Company has spent the last several years onboard the same ship as The Creator
>Acting command unit as G2B1-000001 keeps being replaced with new units and I don't particularly like being in charge
>Most of time spent on this vessel has been spent killing all manner of organic life thanks to those knife-eared bastards
>Still have G2B1-000001's head, haven't found time to go to The Creator to turn in the failed unit due to increases in hostile presence aboard the ship
>First Company had been given the honor of defending the home front recently as the knife-ears had threatened the workshop with their presence
>Data-link provided us with the information that The Creator had deployed experimental units to defend the nearest sectors to the workshop
>Deployed Company to fill in the gaps that the experimental units would not be able to cover
>Shortly after I had deployed my company, a singular distress beacon went off in the sector outside the workshop
>Knife-ears were too close to The Creator
>Send orders for G2B1-000010 through G2B1-000019 to converge me as I make my way back to the workshop
>I navigated the hall easily, having mapped the route back over the years spent on this vessel
>Reached the room outside the workshop to see The Creator outnumbered by the Knife-ears
>I immediately want to charge in and assist The Creator, but I fight that urge and stay near the door temporarily to line up a shot on the distracted foes
>Years of using this very blaster have taught me the subtle flaws with my weapon
>It fires slightly high and to the left, Short bursts are more effective than automatic fire, and the trigger has a pull weight that is heavier than the blasters of the rest of my company
>I line up my shot, one of the last Guardians, and fire my blaster
>The shot is clean, target eliminated
>Move swiftly into the room
>Eldar eyes are now on my as my presence has been made rudely aware
>HUD lets me know that my units are on their way shortly
>I turn to The Creator
>Unit G2B1-000005, Warlock, here to assist, Creator
File: Drone spam.jpg (84 KB, 1718x1052)
84 KB
>The effect of troops was felt immediately.
>The influx of guardian drones came to crash against the unwanted aeldari.
>Four battalion formations of aeldari were massacred in the first conflict against the swarm of constructs and drones.
>Even with prodigious usage of bombs and scatter shots their numbers were quickly overwhelmed.
>While this was a minor victory something rather unsettling came to our attention.
>They were spooling up their warp cannon at Agakhet's fortresses.
>What's more, the empyrean energies seemed sickly here.
>Like a miniature warp storm being gathered up into the large muzzle of the titanic sized gun.
File: Ripple of warp stuff.jpg (128 KB, 1280x720)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>”Direct hit in 10 seconds.” I informed the other leaders.
>That sickly warp flame burned with an intense flame.
>Agakhet was unable to react in time.
>A torrent of frayed empeyrn energies met against the glowing dull blue of his shields.
>the flames momentarily washed over the hexagonal grids of the shield array-
>Before boring through it at the point of impact.
>The rainbow flame spread out across the fortress surface like liquid tar set ablaze.
>What uncontained sorcery and unfocused beam, forcing the empyrean to spill out into real space.
>This explained so much of why this system was tattered.
>The realm of souls was being bled into real space.
>And with so much aeldari death in the sector it was no wonder the warp was in a state of violent flux.
File: Target cannons.jpg (1.26 MB, 2430x1326)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB JPG
>A shelf of the blackstone cracked and burned.
>It was a solid hit, one that actually wounded the upper half of the fortress.
>Agakhet and Phillias wordlessly agreed on something.
>They focused several raiders to charge and disable the great warp cannon.
>The aeldari could not be allowed to continue this assault.
>In seemingly zig zagging fashion the raiders threaded around the great cannon.
>Several peppering beams ran across the length of the weapon.
>Good, it seems as though the shield array was down.
>Ramming the cannon was ill advised.
>One jackal tried so only to be caught in the horrid flame born of warp storms.
>From onboard vid captures we could see the necrons melting their very atoms disturbed by the horrid maladies of warp born energies.
>Soon enough the jackal popped in a flechette hail of destruction.
>No other attempts were made to ram the cannon.
>We resumed our assault but already we could see the malign warp energies gathering into the cannon.
>Another shot was coming.
>The Cannon began to rotate, its sudden movement shattered several other escorts.
>It was now aiming for Phillias’ own fortress.
File: Crossing streams.jpg (889 KB, 1920x1080)
889 KB
889 KB JPG
>Phillias acted hastily.
>Her own cannon spooling up in rapid response.
>In rapid succession two great gouts of warp energies from each fortress.
>One contained and focused, the other masima torrent of hostile malign energies..
>The two slammed against one another, the beams meshing in to one another in volatile whirlwind of reality bending power.
>Finally setting the two contrasting beams focused to a single point.
>Together the pair fired off in a planet killing beam off from the main force.
>Instead of harming us it killed a singular world in a firework show of tectonic destruction.
File: Owwie zowwie low health.jpg (152 KB, 1280x720)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
>Once more the assault resumed, the jackals began bombing runs.
>We battered down the cannon non stop, twice more the fortress fired.
>And each time the beam was met by our own to divert its course from our conflict.
>One great horrid gas giant perished, dispersing gas began blanketing the region.
>We managed to rend the great cannon, cracks formed and warp fire gushed free.
>Burning the gasses of the dying giant.
>We won but the subsector was burning in the wake of our victory.
>The Cannon was rendered inoperable.
File: Bonesinger spam.png (125 KB, 494x500)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
>The assault took us a week to route them out.
>Dozens of Bonesingers were captured, and hundreds of guardian defenders and proto aspect warriors were vanquished.
>Their tactics were unusual, anathema to what i had previously known.
>I understood their naval patterns, yes, and with Phillias and agakhet we went so far as to counter them against insurmountable odds.
>But these deployments of excessive bonesingers, corsair jetpacks, warp spyders, and the unusual hoards of beast was far too divergent from expected troop cohesion.
>In fact the repeated attempts to deploy INSIDE our fortresses was off putting.
>No there was another scheme at play.
>The aeldari were up to something, and the threads were all there.
Nothing? I know I’m nobody, but still.
Going on a small family trip over the weekend. I probably won't be posting these next 2 days
ok gonna finish up this side combat story before just filling in with Chari's developments into the Phase 1 Dark troopers, and maybe a few other minor developments
>I then realized I had made a mistake
>With the guardian now dead the other had clear shot...
>I would be too close a range that dodging wouldn't work
>And even if I did I would be walking into the wraith guards Killzone
>I tried to think of a way to get out of this situation...
>... no solution
>At best my necroid would be destroyed... worse, they hit me within my necroid killing me instantly
>... So this is where it ends
>The last thing I could do was send all my data to the nearest cryptek... maybe even send a goodbye message to Ish
>Then I noticed something heading towards the guardian's head
>It looked like a heat projectile (not a slug), but it seemed familiar
>When the guardian head popped off the B1 stepped out of cover
>It was a G2B1 (from what my sensors told me)
>He even informed me his name was Warlock (weird name, but nice to see them gain individuality), and he was here to assist me
>... Wait why was he here, I don't remember sending out an SOS?
>I'll analyze that later
>Now they had focused on him for a moment
>He was quick to read the situation and head for cover
>I, on the other hand, decided to pick up my pistol... and charged back into the fray
Here's some filler

>be necron.
>be patrolling Ish's newest warp fortress.
>be in skirmishes with knife ears sometimes when they attempt to board.
>get disabled in combat a lot, but the weight of the droid's numbers always gives my necrodermis breathing room to repair before damage can become crippling.
>heard some reports of other necrons getting ballsy and charging in front of the expendable droids, getting permanently mowed down.
>It feels nice having an emulation of my soul back (thank Ish), but damn, it's made quite a few necrons suicidal thrill junkies.
>from talks with other necrons, I found most have only a fraction of their memories restored, most of it corrupted from age.
>lucky me. I've got a good deal of my memories still.
>conflict is winding down now.
>necron victory.
>keep patrolling incase knife ears left a post-battle present for us.
>don't get to sleep through this like I would on long space trips because chores.
>be bored.
>heh, haven't felt that since my flesh days huddling in my bunker waiting for the final advance of the Old Ones to finish us off.
>I was young then, real young.
>I remember when my dad came back.
>He was on foreign planets fighting the enemy who damned us, that's what my moma told me.
>my dad was a stranger the first time I saw him. My mom had to tell me who he was.
>he was carrying a large metal box on his back, a smaller box in his hand wired to it, and out of the smaller box extruded what looked like rolled up chain link fence.
>I was told that the big box was a electric shield, and the smaller box and funny wires was like a very hot light bulb, that only shined in one direction.
>I was handed a gun, much too big for me, shuffled off with my mom and dad to a street, and told by men with shiny shirt metals to stay and wait.
>moma and me got no shield like dad did, only the gun.
>my dad told us that if anything explodes, to stand behind him.
>I ask him what, but he didn't answer.
>more people with only a gun begin packing the streets and start building short walls.
>my dad joins them.
>I begin to wonder why this is all happening.
>why would the military be here when the war is out there on other worlds?
>the war must be over if dad is home, but why is there no party?
>why was I and mom given a gun?
>everything click then.
>this was the moment I lost my childhood innocence.
>the world entered slow motion as I looked around and took everything in.
>we lost.
>dad was home with his military gear because the government was centralizing all it had for one final stand.
>my friends were about to die.
>I was about to die.
>my mom was about to die.
>tried to fight tears and help carry things, but I was small. I couldn't carry anything.
>after all was done, I sat there at my station for what felt like forever.

>get almost gunned down by a stray eldar in my distracted memory haze.
>get saved my droids.
>stay focused. reminisce later.
> so many of these knife eared fuckers have been hiding all over my aunts body.
> I have been working with her daughters to clear them for Years it feels like.
> today we found a unusualy guarded area. We have been working on trying to clear anything to the room.
> oddly enough this room shouldn’t exists. So why is it here? And what are they trying to protect in this unknown room?
>The wraith guard overlooked the B1 position, maybe waiting for him to see where will he pop-out
>... And so did one of the last remaining two guardians
>One tried to gun me down
>However I just shot him
>The other last guardian turned to me and was ready to shoot
>However my B1 popped out of cover for a moment and shot in front of his face
>Causing the eldar to flinch and aim his gun high, missing me entirely
>I rushed in using this final guardian as a shield
>The spiritseer seemed hell-bent on killing this B1 and had guided this constructs weapon to where he was popping out (perhaps to spite me)
>When he did so next the wraith guard fired...
>So using my arms I threw the guardian straight in front of the barrel
>Then for a moment I detected a gravitational anomaly before... I had to cover my eye because by the creator that was bright
>when I looked back his body was gone...
>I could hear... her (so it was a female) scream as she realized what I had done
>It was at that moment warlock popped out of cover again
>Her shot barely missed his arm and left a scratch in it
>It wasn't too bad, at worse it'd just lock the joint for a moment
>Her scream was quickly cut short as his blaster had silenced her wail
>The wraith guard on the other hand pointed his weapon back at me...
>... well shit
>hold up what is that sound of marching...
>Then a wall of blaster fire began to gun down the wraith guard
>It was a sight to behold... hundreds of blasters unloading into a singular enemy
>The wraith guard was surrounded and was being obliterated by hundreds of my droids and their blaster fire
>I walked over to warlock... and helped him out
>I'd like to have a simple talk with him... after he gives me his report
>And why does he have a droid head with him?
>He hight even allow me to upgrade him and let him test experimental equipment
File: cutenecron.gif (87 KB, 300x300)
87 KB
I am sad that we have moved to /qst/
File: Zahnrakh.jpg (905 KB, 1920x2715)
905 KB
905 KB JPG
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Gifted by the glorious Phearon to bear his royal seal into battle.
>Requested by agents of the Infinite Empire to assist with the locating and acquisition of these Black Stone Fortresses.
>Weapons of untold destructive capability, which were revealed to us after capturing the second.
>We return to Overlord Trazyn, master of the Galleries of Solmance of the Soutekh, the one called Infinite, to assist with the protection of him and the third fortress.
>I stride through the dark hallways of the Fortress of High Metalurgist Ishskar, designer supreme of the Voekhet, one called Awakener, where infestations of our eternal enemy continue to writhe within these halls.
>Of all my peers, I was selected for overseeing their annihilation, and have accepted this duty with great pride.
>Two score Warriors, and a single score Immortals stride besides me, the Appointed Immortal amongst them informs me of incursions in the chambers ahead.
>We stride forwards, hearing the distinct sound of Shuriken fire, as well as heavier Eldar weapons.
>Other sounds overlap them, which I cannot identify until I am faced with the battle’s participants.
>Canoptek-like constructs, made bipedal and mimicking the common motions of warriors in stride, press forth through the hail of Shuriken fire.
>Falling by the dozen as they fire their short-ranged plasma weaponry.
>Likely another creation of the High Metalurgist…
>I order the warriors before me to fall in behind them, and use the constructs to intercept fire.
>This battle will be over soon.
>These Constructs are proving to be less than effective...
>Their weapons are deadly to our enemy, but quickly lose projectile cohesion, thus limiting their range drastically.
>I see several of these weapons burst with flashes of blue fire. The solar-flare of the weapons detonation turning its bearer into an armless target, sometimes leaving a large part of their chest missing as well.
>I key into their command protocols via Interstitial messaging.
>They are… A hive-mind of sorts.
>Taking orders from more independent units within their number, or via pre-prepared command channels.
>I order my phalanx to prepare shooting positions. Warriors crouching low with arched backs, allowing Immortals to raise their weapons over the backs of their lesser kin.
>I raise my free hand above my head.
>”Kalath hutt!” I bellow, the vocalization ritualistic, rather than necessary. A challenge to our enemy, and an order to the kinsmen before me.
>I order the rough two-score of constructs to drop prone with another interstitial message, then lower my arm fast.
>”Kalath sep!”
>I watch with deep focus as the Gauss beams crackle into existence and streak forward.
>Again, these combat automata appeared lackluster in reaction time.
>About two thirds of their number obeyed the order by, quite literally, stopping their balance functions and simply falling forward like Khenet stones, softening the landing with their hands, one of whom was usually still wrapped around an unstable plasma weapon.
>Those that stopped their march in order to process the order often got pushed down anyway by the construct behind them. Those which did not have this luck were reduced to metallic dust as the Gauss beams scythed through them from behind.
>One of these particularly slow individuals was the ‘leader’ unit amongst them, deciding that he should vocalize a redundant affirmation, TWICE, before attempting to go prone.
>I mostly ignored his screaming of simulated agony as his body was struck, to focus on that of the enemies beyond.
>The emerald-colored beams struck many a Guardian unawares, lighting up their wraith-bone armored frames in the balefire green of the Necrontyr’s finest craftsmanship.
>Plates of their bone-like armor fell to pieces and black dust, followed by their soft tissues and bones overloading with the eldritch energies of our wrath.
>Their howls of agony filled the air en-masse as their overly sensitive bodies had each pain-receptor fire again and again, until the molecular stripping energies tore them apart in rapid succession.
>The eldar’s front line crumbled to dust in a literal sense, leaving those not shocked speechless with but a single option to survive.
>They charged.
>Our eternal enemy threw their bodies at us like madmen.
>The recovering bipedal Canopteks were too slow and ponderous to react to the threat, most being cut down as they tried to stand up, or getting a few shots out of their primitive plasma weaponry before being stomped down and shot or cleaved by the Eldar rushing us.
>Gauss fire converged on the melee wraith constructs pushing past their number, seemingly ignorant about their own injured under its tread.
>The psychic material flared up and cracked under the molecular destabilizing beams of Gauss fire.
>As its legs gave way and it landed hard on the blackstone floor, trying to recover and protect itself, I pressed the barrel of my Relic weapon against its bulbous cranium and turned it to a cloud of blackened mater.
>Raising the ancient Gauss Blaster to my foes, I formulated priority targets and the Immortals aimed accordingly. The brilliant shine of my weapon’s blasts tearing the living apart one by one.
>Still, they came, taken by a manic frenzy that defied previously gained understanding of the Eternal enemy.
>During the great war against them and their creators and other slave races like them, they were bold, but stuck with all their force to utterly destroy our numbers.
>Within the combat simulations created by the Voehket High Metalurgist, their tactics were precise and devastating, but they ensured minimal casualties to their combatants.
>These Eldar were just throwing themselves at us… tearing at our warriors with one-handed firearms and swords carrying molecular disruption fields.
>As if they did not care at all for their losses, only venting their frustration and rage into every blow they made.
>And thus far, it was proving to be effective, despite the overwhelming firepower brought against them.
File: Newcron Immortals.png (757 KB, 790x1011)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
>Our first line broke soon after, Warriors letting out their static death rattles as there are cut to pieces, phasing out through the Interstitial Relay Units and being sent to the Crèche forges to be restored to combat effectiveness.
>Leaving the remaining Immortals to clean up this mess…
>I raised my weapon once again, shooting at the nearest target, only to have my attack cut short by shuriken fire slicing through the barrel and cooling tubes of my weapon.
>The first of their number was upon me, leaping onto my frame and hooking his hand into my collar, power-blade pointed straight at my left eye socket.
>I swung out with my off-hand wide, the Eldar Guardian leaping off of me with a kick, avoiding my fist by the tiniest margin.
>As their fancy mid-air flip ended and they landed in a crouch, they looked up, seeing me before them, pointing the barrel of an Enmitic Disintegrator Pistol at their face.
>A dimensional pocket was always handy, especially if you can swing your hand into one.
>I fired just as they looked, watching with Chronosense dialed back as the shot of the newly created weapon impacted on the wraithbone faceplate.
>First, cracks formed through the wraithbone armor and eye lenses, each fracture glowing with the blue light of their designer.
>The faceplate exploded into shrapnel as the atomic bonds violently flew apart from one another.
>The Eldar shocked expression, thus revealed, was already crawling with the devastating energies, face contorting into one of anguish and horror.
>Cracks and fissures glowed brighter and grew, misting the air with cooked flesh and fresh blood as their cranium began to experience the same effect the faceplate endured but minute moments before.
>Eyes popped from the sockets as bursts of steaming liquid burst them like primitive explosives, and the lower jaw distended downwards as the skull began to explode.
>I was going to enjo-
>...Well, that’s too bad.
>Time flowed back to reasonable speed, the now headless Eldar Guardian dropping like a puppet with their strings cut.
>I mag-locked the cooling pistol to my hip and raised my Gauss Blaster, intercepting another blow with the powered bayonet on my now-repaired primary weapon.
>I retract my previous statement, this battle will last as long as I’d like it to.
>Be Firstkha, first of the upgraded, first of the... You know what, I'll just keep it at that first bit.
>The Creator Chari has restored me to full once it was recovered by G2B1-000005 'Warlock'
>His name is better than mine, but I'm still his elder, so I gotta show him how things are done.
>He's... Not actively in battle for now, was helping the Creator with some new project, it seemed.
>Oh well...
>Still leading my G1 brethren into battle, now with a fancy new Necrodermis shell for my head to show how much more important I am!
>Also gotta clear out these knife-ears, they're getting really annoying by hiding out within the fortress for so long.
File: Roger Roger.jpg (55 KB, 480x360)
55 KB
>Currently engaged with some of those Knife-ears right now, in fact.
>I learned that being "First" in everything is probably not a good idea... But I still stick with my brethren to command them.
>...It isn't going too well, to be honest.
>We can sure get those kills... IF THEY ARE IN RANGE!
>We usually aren't, the Shuriken weapons outrange us by half at least.
>Not to mention their heavy weapon platforms, which we can do nothing against besides die in droves.
>I learned that lesson already...
>Behind us, a large group of Warriors and Immortals form up, probably waiting for their turn to get shot at.
>Don't worry you guys, we'll handle this just fine!
>Huh... Sounds reasonable.
>"Roger Roge-"
>Get hit by something from behind.
>My screams die alongside my batterypacks and main circuitry.
>My conciousness once again fades as my body crumples in on its own weight, dropping into pieces besides my brethren.
>Last thoughts? "How rude"
>Be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Bestowed by his eternal liege to serve in the highest honours.
>Performing a task that likely has not taken place in over 40 million years.
>…Composing a Phosglyph message of Wargear Dissatisfaction.
>Prior to me doing so, the battle lasted only a little longer than necessary, and a bit shorter than I would’ve liked.
>The eternal enemy had us outnumbered and their fury was beginning to tell.
>However, by the time I was shooting my sidearm regularly to allow my Relic weapon to cool down properly, the battle was already won.
>The reforged warriors hard-translated on my position, homing in on my in-built locator beacon.
>Many of said warriors shooting, or running in to batter the enemies in melee like madmen.
>I was shocked at first, thinking some form of malfunction has taken place in their engrammatics.
>After a quick scan whilst I was waiting for both my weapons to cool down, I realized why they were going berserk.
>The Reforging process had stolen memories from them they gained from the Awakener’s balefire.
>Memories of children, parents, and friends, slipping once again from their already weak minds.
>Those Eldar that ran were cut down by bayonet, Gauss, or Plasma-weaponry from Construct reinforcements.
>Those that stood their grounds were turned to atomic dust in short seconds.
>None dared surrender, or cared to do so.
>The last of their number was left alive only so that I could shoot them myself, blowing out each limb one by one with the Enmitic Pistol.
>…Oh, right, the Protocol of Wargear Disstatisfaction… I was working on that…
>I raise the Necrodermis head of the ‘leader’ unit of the Canoptek constructs to inspect it, seeing the glyphs for ‘000001’ upon it.
>How can the Awakener, designer of such fine weaponry, create such primitive and crude combat automatons?
File: Sniper_B1.jpg (43 KB, 590x250)
43 KB
>Me and warlock talked for a bit till we got to my workshop
>When we returned to my workshop he seemed a little bit afraid
>I assured him that nothing bad would happen, which did put him at ease
>At first it was his report
>Along with the droid head (Note: keep it around as an example for the other droids, so they may learn from his mistake. Also reinforce his head so he'll survive each time and continue being an example)
>Then I slowly nudged him to explain what he saw as flaws for the droid army
>He said that the limiting arsenal was a major contribution along with lack of armored support and anti-heavy weaponry
>I took notes on each thing he listed
>The flaws in his weapons, and their advantages
>I took even more notes on such things and even offered to repair/improve his wargear (at the very least)
>But I also wanted to give him a boon, mostly because he acted both intelligently and adapted his orders for best effect
>Obseverd and documented the effects on his enemies, then how to exploit them
>Overall results that I did like, and wanted to see more of in my G2's
>When he asked what I was thinking, I just said I wished to augment him both so he can survive for much longer.
>And achieve/learn more things
>He hesitantly accepted, so I began working on his frame after putting him to 'sleep'
>I first upgraded his motor functions (so he'd be a bit faster), taking many from the prototype phase one dark trooper. And upgrading his systems to have more processing power
>Along with using much stronger material for his armor
>Along with a better gyroscopic system to keep him more balanced
>Then I fixed and reworked his blaster... I found the flaws, one energy stabilization coil had burned out (replaced them all with Iskar), and a flawed cooling tube liquid. It's a miracle he learned his weapons limitations so it wouldn't detonate, and so quickly.
>I then made it his secondary weapon and began designing a new 'blaster' for him
>Using G1B1's to test it over the years (about 3), till it reached an acceptable performance (along with an external 'visor' so he may more directly see through its lenses. Is a subroutine though.)
>The additional weight capacity helped him carry the new weapon and wargear
>Overall a nice 5-year project
>When he did eventually left my workshop I couldn't help myself from saying
>"I'll be watching your career with great interest."
>Welp time to get back to the dark trooper, then work on the vehicles after I get phase one done
>Getting back to my Dark Trooper project I knew one thing for sure now
>Change their programming to have at least an minimal self-preservation program for one of them at the very least
>However I now had to rebuild them...
>They were so expensive to build to get them as tough as they were
>Now I have to send them to a frontline to be tested after the last was utterly destroyed.
>It sucks... but it at least taught me such expensive units should have greater intelligence for when a battle is lost and seek to bring back the information to give us some warning as to what is coming
>10 years into the project I decided to check in on how warlock was doing...
>Seeing his kill count rise and him taking the initiative to weaken enemy command structure was something to behold
>Even got a request from a few deathmarks requesting to teach this droid their ways
>Overall great news
>I had made six of the prototype phase one dark trooper by then
>I deployed them sparingly and had them guard the droid forge entrances
>Only to engage the enemy if their units were under 24 infantry (and no wraith constructs) and if they had no backup available
>All such engagements reported the units taking some minor damage
>But with enemy forces totally wiped out
>I built a new and improved one every two years and had minor changes. Like how was their armor plating shapes forged or their weapons upgraded
>Three were destroyed by the time we got to Trazyns fortress, but I did have 14 highly tanky and mobile units ready (though all were melee units)
>The downside is that they still lacked a jetpack but they could jump pretty high, but lacked ranged weapons
>Note when using synthetic muscle make sure that the muscle doesn't rip the metal its attached to apart
>I had attached no more 3 per squad to a battlefront
>While keeping two to myself to guard my workshop
>My B1 droids were being sent to Trazyns fortress to serve as reinforcements and to purge any boarded eldar
>During the third month of such action I received well over seven terabytes of what I can only assume is a negative complaint about the droids and their weaponry
>From ONE necron commander
>I have got to find this necron and find out... just what in the fuck is he talking about
>Because this shit is too dam long
>Still be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Appointed one by his majestic Lord of the Shifting Stars to carry forth his word.
>Several standard weeks have passed since the cleansing began.
>According to reports, our forces are being ‘assisted’ by various primitive biological species.
>Apparently, the doing of Overlord Trazyn, master of the Galleries of Solmance of the Soutekh, the one called Infinite.
>Mindshackle Scarabs, considered a lowly tool of subjugation of lesser species, but quite useful when you need to put bodies between you and an apparently infinite supply of Eldar enemies.
>Our forces are only losing a small percentage in permanent losses from the use of weapons like Disruption cannons and other such attacks.
>This is not only due to the barrier of Biologicals between us and them, but also the support from the Canoptek constructs.
>Their battlefield efficiency is minimal, but their weapons are still powerful enough to warrant attention from the enemy, and their numbers make good buffers.
>Of course, the Eldar have learned that the Necrons behind these distractions are ultimately better targets.
>It was during a more routine purge of the fortress’ structure when I was contacted by interstitial message directly.
>Not from any of the Lords, the Triarch, or even my peers of the Hemmeth and Voekhet.
>A channel primarily used by Canoptek constructs to provide updates on their duties… used as a direct method of conversation.
>I turned to the direction of the surprisingly light footfalls, wondering what this was about.
>If I could still show shock upon my death mask, that moment would’ve contorted it beyond healthy parameters.
File: Not quite Chari Necroid.png (1.77 MB, 1919x816)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
>The… …thing, appeared to be a Canoptek Construct not unlike the many combat bipedals deployed in and around the Fortresses, but resembling the form of a hunched serpent or slug, and by far more advanced.
>It casually carried a twin-headed warscythe, or a weapon that closely resembled such a thing. As well as an identical pistol compared to the one I was gifted by the armories of the Infinite Empire.
>Flanking it were two, slightly shorter, Necron-esque constructs, with shifting armor plates covering their heavily reinforced frame, with their arms ending in Hyperphase blades.
>I could also detect a faint energy signature emanating from them, indicating a primitive projectile shielding mechanism of sorts.
>The central construct permitted me the time to finalize my observations, it seemed, ending its request for a communication with a glyph indicating I should start the conversation regarding the Protocol of Weapon Dissatisfaction Phosglyph message that they received (And did not read...)
>I raised a palm and bombarded the construct with a full spectrogrammic scan, my chronosense dialing back to let me peruse the information it provided.
>Largely custom Necrodermis mechanics, many non-standard components, and several energy-dense energy cells with an ovoid shape, in addition to more standard Necron Gravitational and Reactor technology.
>The last bit tipped me off to something being wrong.
>The joint placement, spinal superstructure, and many minor Necrodermis components I could easily identify as the basic structural components of a Necron Immortal.
>Despite this, the cognitive function and control appeared to come entirely from a singular Canoptek Scarab.
>I ceased my Chronosense usage when I was ready to speak again.
>”You are here to discuss my complaints, little Scarab?”
>The construct nodded and explained that it was indeed the inventor and creator of the various Canoptek constructs and ‘battle droids’ as he calls them.
>In fact, every part of their construction has been his design, only exceptions being standardized components that need no Necrodermis for their creation, or can have it substituted.
>All of this… …By a little Canoptek Scarab construct, usually only smart enough to follow direct orders by their Spyder command units.
>I rationalize that my Lord would be best served by providing him with this information…
>Regardless, I decided to take this ‘Chari’ on an explanatory tour of the shortcomings of his ‘G1B1 battle droid’ designs and their weaponry.
>As I was extrapolating the exact points of interest, he interrupted me with a request to keep all usual protocol regarding battle field discussion to a minimum, as he was no trained in their interpretation.
>I blink for a moment, before realizing that I am indeed not communicating with the Lords of the Dynasty, but a lowly Canoptek which can think… Truly think.
>Realize I have not spoken to such a being in… Millions of years…
>Breaking from the Dynastic codes is quite a lot easier after that realization.
>I begin the explanation by showing visual feeds from the Warriors and Immortals on the front-line, as well as Mnemonic captures, both showing the shortcomings of the plasma-based weaponry…
>Be G2B1-000005 'Warlock'
>The past couple of years have been a blur of constant change
>All for the better actually
>After assisting the Creator, whose skills in martial combat were a sight to behold, Creator Chari and I had a fairly long discussion
>Chari was initially surpised that a B1 such as I was capable of such tactics I had displayed
>I was afraid at first that I had been wrong to go against the Combat Protocals all those years ago
>I was relieved however that Chari had been pleased by my tactical aptitude and willingness to adapt to situations
>That was indeed a confidence boost
>When asked why I had broke the original combat doctrine, I presented 000001's head
>I described 1st Company's first deployment during the clearing of the star fortress, of 000001's failures, and my "I don't want to be like that guy" decision
>I then gave a report on every engagement the company had been apart of, how only 66, including me, of the original 400 droids were originals from our first deployment
>These 65 were like me in some ways, capable of adapting, but didn't show as much initiative as myself
>We talked more about what I thought could improve the B1's and it really just came down to blaster range
>While I had learned to adapt to mine, the standard blasters had about half the effective range of a knife ear gun
>We talked at length about my combat data on our enemy, what tactics I found were more suited for what enemy and the like
>Then Creator Chari surprised me
>Gave me an offer to augment me, make me better
>I thought for a little while about it
>If I was better suited for combat, I would be able to serve Creator Chari better in a specialized capacity
>If this new combat form that Chari described changed the playing field, after I test it I might ask if my 65 brothers could undergo similar operations to set us aside as a special operations group
>After that thought, I accepted Chari's generous offer
>Chari brought me into the workshop, and I shut down my cognitive functions and went in sleep mode
File: webway jump.png (259 KB, 400x353)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
>Something bristled against my consciousness, the fortress was trying to speak to me.
>A webway jump had been detected.
>The aeldari had somehow repaired the webway gate on the damaged fortress-
>Not only that but they had managed to use it as well.
>It was slow but I had received transmissions of Aeldari elements overwhelming his fortress.
>They were leaving the fortress in droves, some even committing mass suicide.
>This wasn't within expected parameters.
>Phillias abdicated her power to another and took to jumping to agakhet’s gate to try and aid him.
>So that's where they were headed.
File: hmmm.jpg (39 KB, 700x495)
39 KB
>Agakhet hailed me not long afterwards.
>He had something to report.
>The movements of all aeldari elements were scattered, each moving towards different areas of the fortress.
>They were making rapid grounds with their Jump generators, making rapid movements in patterns that defied all logic.
>In agakhets fortress there were several key points of interest.
>Several chambers that were marked as armouries I had neglected to mention to Phillias.
>My lab where most of my work from once I was previously in the C’tan state.
>And the webway gate.
>Those were 3 major points of interest.
File: lil brim.png (1.16 MB, 935x731)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB PNG
>I informed phillias of these 3 locations without tipping her off about the hidden chamber.
>Over the next 2 weeks we whittled down their numbers of several thousands.
>Still we faced many unexpected issues.
>Our few numbers were being permanently destroyed by unknown means.
>Those that did survive were found rusted and unable to translate into the resurrection forges.
>New paths had been dug into walls.
>Warpfire occasionally blocked off entire chambers, I noted with some horror that their were inklings of Brimstone Daemons occasionally being born and dying within the flames.
>These warpblights were not strong enough to form as of yet but this was more than enough of a concern for me.
File: Decaying hands.jpg (141 KB, 1000x1000)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Heya folks did you miss me?

>Returning to the AAR (After Action Report) I noted something.
>I was receiving quite a few image captures from some of those that had survived and were manually brought back to the forges.
>Blurry and sometimes corrupted video captures.
>The Aeldari were in possession of some artifact one I was only just barely able to discover.
>Several Hover drones present in the fortress had captured image captures of a familiar farseer I believed had perished.
>She was cutting down hundreds of constructs and dozens of immortals with ease.
>To my horror her hand seemed to be blasting a noxious wretched mess of decaying energy.
>Rust took over every unit that dared to come near her own rotting hand.
>To my horror i recognized the item.
>"The hand of darkness."
>"The hand of darkness."
>When I got to Trazyns fortress, along with a large force of reenforcement B1 droids
>Many had been deployed here already...
>Including the first...
>But I would be the last on the fortress, along with my two new prototype phase 1 dark troopers
>Limited on ranged weaponry, yes
>But quick mobility and stronger arms with Hyperphase blades with a basic/rudimentary shielding against kinetic weaponry was better than nothing
>I looked for battlefronts to hear from the commanding necron forces and figure out where this Zahnrakh was, and to gain information of what the commanding figures thought about the B1's
>Many considered them as expendable troops, others complained about a lack of durability or instability of their weaponry
>But a few noted how easily they can be repaired on the battlefield, and how cleanly they die
>By the time I had figured out where this Royal warden I headed there immediately
>My dark troopers saw little combat but when they did the eldar didn't have the time to react (over 79 confirmed kills between the two, and the worse damage received scratched the paint)
>When I eventually approached the Royal Warden I swear he was shocked...
>If the raising of his head was anything to go by at least
>Oh right this is my first appearance outside a select few who knew/heard about me (no I'm not offended, just surprised I forgot about that)
>He seemed to raise a hand to me... and I detected a pulse (probably just a scan)
>Zahnrakh was technically my superior, so I gave him a signal stating I was here because of his complaint
>And I will wait until he began the conversation
>After a few seconds of waiting he only responded with
>”You are here to discuss my complaints, little Scarab?”
>I confirmed and verified that yes the B1 constructs were of my design
>However I couldn't pin down if he was more confused or neutral about that fact
>He began to give me a tour of my G1B1 and explained the shortcomings (I think)
>I kindly requested him to speak more simply because I wasn't well versed in this
>He kindly did so and seemed to relax quite a bit
>After seeing hundreds of examples as to what he was referring to, I asked a few questions in turn
>How was he deploying spyders to reclaim/reuse the undamaged B1 bits
>Was he using skorpioids to push mounds of their bodies forward so we could have a trench
>He seemed surprised at such odd tactics that I had asked about (I had watched them happen as other necron commanders use them this way)
>I did record and evaluate on upgrading more droids, and blasters to be up to the standard that he requested (while still having it be cheap and mass-producible)
>However I had to ask him a few questions in tow... would the droids do better with heavier, and faster-mechinized elements
>He said yes but at first, seemed confused as to why I asked
>I showed him the AAT, and the STAP (in a more necron style)
>He agreed that they would suit perfectly, however, I reminded him that it will take a few decades (about 70-90 at the minimum) to a few centuries to get a working prototype (for the AAT, 30 years tops for the STAP)
>As to the blaster range... I have a few experiments that are being tested with a few upgraded droids
>Who have shown far greater competency, initiative, and intelligence
>Overall a good talk... until he brought out 000001 Head
>I could help but laugh...
>It caught him off guard
>I quickly explained who this was
>When he heard about this being the first G2B1 battle droid, he was perplexed at my explanation and differences between the G1's and the G2's main programming or how their 'brain' reacts/changes depending on situations
>He seemed confused as to why I had armored his head, because he was useless
>I reminded him that a good example can be either a resounding example to ascend to or something to avoid
>I then had to ask... how did he die this time
>I got a chuckle from Zahnrakh after he learned about 000001 personality and purpose
>"deatomazation, because he didn't listen to orders"
>HA... well I hope that teaches that the G2's the importance of listening to orders from higher/more experienced commanders
>After receiving the head again, I stayed to oversee the next few battles.
>I think he liked my prototype P1 DTs considering they ripped asunder eldar quite quickly
>It was a good time... until we all got a message
> so it was just a small room they somehow made. All it had in it was more of the fucks. With help from some of my cousins we got rid of them all.
> I think that was the majority of the the ones left in my aunts body. I’m sure there are still some left but that’s most of them.
> well time to go help with one of my other aunt’s infestation of knife ears
File: Chari's plans.png (2.61 MB, 2260x1820)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB PNG
>Once again be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Ever loyal servant to the Celestial Ruler of Divine Right, and gifted with their trust to perform my duties to their esteemed standards.
>The Scarab, Chari, was clearly curious about its creations performance on the field of battle.
>I showed them data showing the Plasma weaponry in use, their tendency to overheat, and their abysmal optimal range.
>The odd construct it was riding in nodded slowly and explained that these ‘Generation 1 battle droids’ were designed to be made cheaply and fast, with nearly a million of the things running around the various fortresses already. …To whatever degree they can even run, that is.
>He also asked me if I was using non-conventional tactics in regards to their deployment, using their fallen as makeshift barricades through use of the Canoptek Scorpoids, and using Spyder fabrication arrays and Scarab reclamation units to reassemble the more intact ones for continued combat.
>I admitted that I did not, as I was not aware of the tactics. My peers in mine and the Voehtek Dynasty appear to have adapted to their disposable nature during the years of cleansing, whilst I had thus far mostly ignored the odd constructs in their entirety.
>Chari also asked whether or not these Battle Droid Constructs would be better served with Fast Attack and Heavy Support elements, to which I responded with a nod, but wondered why the Scarab asked such an obvious question.
>He flashed design Phosglyphs before me, showing a large, wide-brimmed hover weapon platform, not unlike those employed by the Eldar, as well as a single-seated anti-grav mobility unit with twinned Immortal Weaponry, not unlike Tomblades.
>I nodded and surmised that they would supplement the currently lacking Battle Droid combat capacity, and would fill those rolls quite nicely.
>Though, when I asked how long it would take for these units to be ready, he estimated a design period of roughly 80+ years for the Hover Tank alone.
>…Ah… I see.
>The disproportionate intellect of the little Canoptek creature made sense now.
>Instead of developing extremely advanced technology in a short few years, this little construct has to experiment and design for decades at a time in order to even produce these more primitive weapon systems… …trading a greater amount of time for equivalent progress in understanding amongst the Crypteks.
>He noted that he already was working on improving the weapons of the Droid constructs by having their second generation units field test newly designed weapon systems.
>I blinked again and asked who these second generation units were, realizing that it could not be the overdesigned bodyguards besides Chari, as they clearly carried no ranged weapons.
>Unit leaders, apparently, to which I responded by pulling a certain Necrodermis Droid Cranium from my dimensional pocket.
>After looking at the decapitated head for a good moment, the Scarab’s odd exoskeleton shivered and let out a static laced laughter.
>To see a Canoptek laugh was… Not something I expected to see in my eternal life.
>Noticing my confusion, he spoke again, stating that this particular second generation unit, named ‘Firstkha’ by itself, stating that he was the first of these Droids to have received a substantial upgrade in their engrammatic control units.
>They’re seemingly supposed to react properly to combat situations and adapt to their surroundings.
>I raised the head in my hand again, skeptical, and noted that this particular unit had shown anything but improved competency, which was doubly impressive considering the low bar its fellows set.
>Even going so far as to reinforce its cranium with Necrodermis-alloys, to allow it to be recovered more easily.
>I was told that it was for a simple purpose… …as an example.
>The others of his number show much more promise, and can use data captured by this ‘Firstkha’ to prevent combat losses to themselves by avoiding his precise actions.
>Like failing to follow a direct order in time, and getting shot by allied forces because of it.
>When told this, I realized that I, by accident, proved the little Scarab correct in his assumptions, and was amused by the fact.
>”So… How did 000001 die this time?” Chari asked, seemingly intrigued by the units second combat death.
>Told him why, he didn’t react fast enough when I ordered them to go prone, leading to him being hit by several Gauss rays in rapid succession. Only the head survived the attack.
>I returned said Droid head, so that it may serve its purpose again, and continued my explanation regarding the improvements that should take place to make their viability in combat greater, starting with their weak balance mechanics and slow recovery when they have fallen down…
>My further comments were met with little interruption by the Scarab inventor, who only bothered to ask for clarification on certain points.
>He joined me as we continued to purge the fortress from the invading Eldar, listening whilst I explained weapon designs of our enemies as we fought them, as well as assisting when our front lines were breached and we ended in direct confrontation with the Eldar forces.
>His speed and skill surprised me, though I detected a heat-spike in his processing components, showing that he was using a limited Chronosense to make the best use of his heavily modified body.
>The ‘Phase one Dark Troopers’, as he called them, did not use such ability, and instead used more simple combat algorithms, but made up for this fact by extreme speed and vicious application of their bladed forearms.
>They tear through the surprised Eldar forces with emotionless fury, which their own psychic-fueled wrath has a hard time defending themselves against.
>Once these battles were settled and the remains of the dead atomized by less-than-sentient Canoptek Scarabs, I began telling Chari about Necrontyr weaponry.
>My position as Royal Warden had me trained in the pre-Biotransference weapon systems in their entirety, which gave me a good idea of what could be constructed on a budget for militias.
>Of course… Post Biotransference, every single citizen militia would exceed the strength of even the toughest of living Immortals, their venerated Gauss Flayers having gone from elite weapon systems to the most basic combat tool.
>I am no Technomancer, but the understanding of the old weapons was something that I retained, even without the gift of flesh-time memories from the Awakener, so I considered the trade fair.
>As the Scarab was mulling over combat records, we received a high-priority Interstitial message from high command.
>First Scythe Agakhet of the Voehtek Dynasty, personal Lychguard to the Awakener, was under attack within the first claimed Blackstone Fortress.
>Upon receiving this message, I seceded command of the local Battle Droid Constructs to the Scarab inventor besides me, bid him good luck, and initiated my Phase Translation suite, disappearing into a cloud of dimensional rift energies.
File: Necron-Back.jpg (30 KB, 740x416)
30 KB
>My energy signature was guided at relativistic speeds through the third Fortress’ long hallways, heading directly for the hangar bays within one of the long arms of the void station’s frame.
>Every hundred cubits or so, a heavily reinforced Interstitial Relay Unit was carved into the ceiling, usually with back-ups hidden near them.
>An expensive and difficult to produce system of interconnected conduits, permitting dimensional phase relocation to take place much like it does in a tomb complex.
>Which I’ve been using to my fullest during my time upon the Fortress headed by Overlord Trazyn, master of the Galleries of Solmance of the Soutekh, the one called Infinite.
>Codes demand I mention the overlords by their full title whenever possible. …Including in introspection, oddly enough.
>Regardless, I flashed back into reality within the hangar bay where our larger vehicles are stationed, too bulky for moving through the fortress proper, nor equipped with sufficient circuitry to permit phase-translation.
>Though, I have seen some brave… or foolish… of my peers take Annihilation barges with them into the depths of the Fortress.
>Haven’t seen many of them after a short while.
>Talking about not seeing certain things… I was beginning to get reports of odd enemy movement.
>All enemy forces were converging on First Scythe Agakhet’s fortress, evacuating all others.
>Some even ENDING THEIR OWN LIVES in order to ‘escape’.
>…Haven’t seen /that/ tactic before from the eternal enemy.
>I detect more energy spikes behind me as my Phalanx of Immortals translate behind me in turn, I look over my shoulder to count their heads, only for my eyes to glance over something I had not expected to see.
>The hunched, hooded Necron frame, with armor lined with turquoise gemstone plates, wielding a warscythe in one hand, and a small, square box in the other.
>I was about to drop to my knee and apologize to Overlord Trazyn, master of the Galleries of Solmance of the Soutekh, the one called Infinite… …This is getting repeditive.
>But before I did so, I noticed the absent stare from the dull green eye crystals, as well as the effectively negligible engrammatic signature coming from the body.
>”…A body double? How odd…”
>I shook my head and ignored the empty shell, turning to the hovering Night Scythe, whose frame was linked with many glowing power and coolant cables to two Doomsday Arks, sharing their large and currently unnecessary reactors with the Portal carrying voidcraft, allowing for the permanent activation of their wormhole generators.
>It was time for us to end these games once and for all.
>For once and forever be Zahnrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Honour guard of the Resplendent Master of the Cosmic Fires, for whom I shall die a thousand deaths and more.
>Preparing to launch a direct assault on the enemy forces coalescing within the sister fortress controlled by Agakhet, first scythe of the Voe-
>”If I could have a moment of your time, Royal Warden.”
>I snap around in an instant, eyes going wide as I once again see the now-mobile body of Overlord Trazyn, master of the Galleries of Solmance of the Soutekh, the one called Infinite.
>”I understand that you are about to engage our… ‘guests’ after they so rudely left the premises.”
>I kneel before the overlord and solemnly nod.
>”You are correct, oh Overlord Trazyn, master of the Galleries of Solmance of the Soutekh, the one called Infinite.”
>He gestures with a twirl of his hand, indicating the protocol of abbreviated protocols.
>”Yes yes, enough of that… I had a request I found you to be particularly suited for… I hope you do not disappoint~”
>He holds out the square cube, I raise my free arm in front of myself, raising the open palm as I dip down my head further.
>”I would like you to assist with the… ‘cultivation’ of new exhibits. I’ve had to empty quite a few hard to replace galleries for the constant interruptions we’ve been facing.”
>I nod again, raising the provided relic as I do so.
>”Your will be done, Overlord Trazyn…”
>I gingerly look back up, and notice that the light of sentience has once again left the body before me, it slowly turning around and returning to its spot near the back of the hangar.
>Observing the object I was given, I identify it as a Tesseract Labyrinth nexus device.
>In other words: A physical gate-key to a Dimensional pocket containing many Tesseract Labyrinths.
>...Side quest accepted, I suppose.
magpie being a magpie,
he can't help himself.
File: Like a fiddle.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
>I opened all channels with the command fleet.
>I informed the top brass of the seriousness of this issue.
>Our enemies had obtained a weapon capable of nullifying our resurrection protocols.
>Running through the details of what I knew of the hand of darkness, the heads of phillias and orikan dropped.
>They had the tools to infiltrate our fortresses in ways we could hardly defend against.
>How the aeldari discovered it or obtained was a mystery onto itsel-
>Hold, all those ships throwing themselves at us over the years.
>Those aeldari craft making impromptu boarding actions with the ships intact.
>”We’ve been outplayed!”
>Recovering from the sudden request by Overlord Trazyn.
>…Oh, good, that abbreviation protocol is still running; let’s make the most of that.
>I receive an Engrammatic Data packet containing detailed information of an artifact under the name of ‘The Hand of Darkness’.
>A Sorcerous device and weapon, capable of causing mass decay, rusting, and other blights upon anything its wearer comes in contact with.
>So potent that it was capable of rendering Necrons incapable of Phase-shifting to the Crèche forges for resurrection.
>Permanent losses of our numbers.
>This was troublesome.
>I activated my chronosense and started engrammatic counter stratagem computing.
>Which translates to: How do we fix this?
>Cryptek Ishskar informs us that, in short, we cannot approach the Farseer identified as the one wielding the artifact weapon.
>But thinning their numbers within Agakhet’s fortress and ensuring they do not reach mission critical locations can still be achieved.
>Mobility will be an issue, however.
>Unlike Overlord Trazyn’s Fortress, Agakhet’s did not feature the Interstitial Relay Units, as those were implanted by Overlord Trazyn’s own order.
>No easy use of Tranlation corridors, then.
>The thought strikes me like a warscythe blow, causing me to drop out of chronosense, hearing the crackle of coolant fluids popping near my cranium.
>I sent an order for all Hemmenth and Voehtek units of my choosing to converge on my position this instant.
>I will bring these Eldar memories their forebears experienced… …albeit in a smaller package.
>The messages contents were grave indeed
>So Zahnrakh had to go and bring much of his forces
>Leaving me behind to lead the droids and the dozen warriors
>I can only hope they will be safe
>The battles have been shorter
>We only rarely fight the retreating eldar
>I ensure a few can 'escape' quietly fallowed by my crows to see where are they retreating to
>The eldar fortifications were either abandoned or had hundred of dead eldar
>Many of which seemed to commit mass suicide
>Even with my limited battlefield experience this was most strange
>All my crows that tried to follow the eldar were destroyed
>A pain but I kept an ear out for any sort of ambush
>Until I looked at the reports about Agakhet situation
>A relic that Ish had identified had been see with the farseer
>If I had blood... it'd have frozen as I read about what it could do
>Close range was a death sentence
>So my B1's would be massacred however a few did self destruct slightly delaying her advancements even for a few minutes
>If I only worked on long-range weaponry our forces might not have suffered this problem
>I wanted to deploy the prototype P1DT just to butcher the rear of her formation
>... *deep sigh*
>Ok... so working on long-ranged weapons, the STAP, and the AAT when I get back to my workshop is going to be a high priority
>Creator dam it still
>However I watch every recording trying to get a feel on how would/could I counter or delay such a force
>It only takes them minutes to arrive.
>Smashing back into reality with hard-translations, Tomb Blades from all around Overlord Trazyn’s Fortress appear and form rank above the Immortals.
>Some even appear by simply flying in from the open bay doors, slipping through the atmosphere cohesion field with the distinct sound of their metallic bodies breaking through the barrier.
>Soon enough, three score Tomb Blades hover dutifully in the stagnant air above us.
>”Immortals of the Hemmenth and Voehtek Dynasties, I order you to commence the command protocol of the Sundering Chariot, we shall strike these unworthy slave species from our rightful domain!”
>An immortal with gilded cranial plate steps forward, slamming his free hand against the shoulder blade opposite.
>”Venerable Warden Zahnrakh, if I may comment?”
>I turn my head to the questioning Immortal, identifying him by the glyphs worked into his ancient body’s plating
>”You may, appointed Afhrankh…”
>”Venerable Warden, the command protocol of the Sundering Chariot has the use of Sunkiller Chariots along with two Immortals… These have not been in the armories of the Infinite Empire since they were proven redundant during the war against the Eternal Enemy’s masters.”
>I close my eyes and nod, agreeing with the obvious shortcoming in the literal interpretation of the protocol.
>I send another interstitial command to a nearby tomb blade, whom gently weaves itself over to just behind me.
>”That is correct, Appointed Afhrankh, so I shall have to reassure you…”
>I step sideways and motion to the now stationary Tomb Blade behind me.
>”Behold, your chariot.”
>The immortals followed the order with some trepidation, though they quickly appeared to grasp the concept.
>Tomb Blades were, in all due technicality, not designed to carry the weight of its pilot AND two Immortals placed upon the frame.
>Luckily, Necron technology is the best technology.
>The duo of Immortals linked their motor and balance function to the Pilot Warrior, and in turn one of their number took overall control of the Tomb Blade’s movement.
>Finally, they used a secondary reactor cable port to link themselves with the Tomb Blade’s own reactor.
>The result?
>The Immortals balanced each other perfectly (as they all weighed exactly the same) and would move to compensate for one another instantly.
>The Tomb Blade in turn could not move with the usual hyper-logic evasions… But with the firepower of the platform doubled to no less than FOUR Gauss Blasters per Tomb Blade, they hardly had to care.
>We weren’t here to dodge any incoming fire.
>We were going to smash right through our enemies.
>With that, I ordered the last of the Tomb Blade Warriors to vacate his vehicle, which, after informing me that he cannot do so, I assured him he could by tearing him from the seat and tossing him aside.
>I squeezed myself into the frame of the Pilot’s control seat, and linked myself up to the control computer as two more Immortals mounted my new ‘chariot’.
>As one, the new mobile Phalanx took to the air, and aimed themselves at the active Dimensional Wormhole the Ghost Scythe was projecting.
> I heard from my mother’s master that these scum have been using their ships as boarding vehicles to get in my mother and her sister’s bodies.
> these damn annoying fucks. For now I’m going to be going from fort to fort helping to get rid of these vermin From my aunts bodie’s
>I restructured our combat elements, constructs and Chari’s troops would be used as cannon fodder to slow them down.
>That and to ensure we did not suffer losses that would cost us too much.
>The aeldari battered our units with devastating force.
>Slowly their force of over 500 warriors was thinned down to nearly 100.
>Not without extensive cost of drones and around Four thousand seven hundred constructs.
>All the same the aeldari managed to claim my lab.
>Which unfortunately they sealed behind themselves.
>I couldn't quite reach any logic why they would want to take my lab.
File: Utterly fucking livid.png (610 KB, 1196x668)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
>I was frustrated by this development.
>For over 3 hours our efforts were rebuffed.
>They had funneled us into a single corridor and provided unceasing gouts of D-Cannon fire.
>I Still had much in the way auramite within that chamber.
>Seeing as their ranks were devoid of any Troop carriers, Wraith constructs, and to my knowledge entirely lacking in any methods of item transport I was sure they couldn't take much if that had been their aim.
>But that had not been their true aim.
>When the doors of my lab opened I witnessed with horror their true intentions.
>And let out an anguished cry.
File: Solitaire_Mask.png (100 KB, 250x414)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
>A blur across the battlefield whipped through our forces.
>Our own units could hardly capture a clear image of the thing.
>I watched a Canoptek Doomstalkers leg buckle and its weapons misfire into a mass of spyders.
>The sight of a tomb sentinels overwhelmed by D-Cannon and Prism Cannons beams.
>There was a singular Aeldari somehow managing to take down our units faster than they could deal with.
>The farseer, dammed her-
>Began her assault with the noxious decay of the hand.
>So carefully had we laid out our strategy and still we were being rebuffed.
File: Solitaire.jpg (140 KB, 879x1093)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>They were able to push us further back before they began to make their way upwards.
>To that direction laid a tunnel which should take them quickly to the command spire chamber if reason could still be claimed.
>I left the orders up to Phillias to command.
>I was of no tactical soundness any longer to deal with this catastrophe.
>Now I need to focus my mind on other matters.
>Or I tried to.
>But I couldn't.
>I had finally recognized the aeldari for what it was.
>A fucking Solitare.
So just to check... Would the laughing god want to bring ish into his fold (if only to have Ish's greater knowledge on hand)?
Probably not, but I would love to see that anyways, if only for how interesting the plot would be to get there
>I quickly looked for any near by necron commanders... to take over my unit
>When I do arrive he was suprised at my form like many others
>I really should try to make this public knowledge so everyone knows and isn't surprised by it
>Anyway after he accepts the troops I head on out
>I began heading back to my workshop... However that'd be a full month and require me to travel through possibly hostile space
>The fastest way would be the command spire... But I do not know how will Trazyn react
>... Fuck it, I inform him of my coming and what I looked like
>I will be just passing by and nothing else (that I have planned) so I can get back to my workshop faster (and much safer)
File: Gateway.jpg (322 KB, 1080x1080)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
>Be Zanhrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty.
>Grateful servant to He who has won the War of Rust.
>…Er, I think I’ll leave that particular title out of the report…
>Currently on my “Sunkiller Chariot”, accompanied by two of my best Immortals.
>Flying at high speed into the Dimensional Wormhole.
>Once the Tomb Blade pushes through the portal’s event horizon, our body is stretched by the nigh infinite compression of space-time that sends us hurtling towards Agakhet’s fortress. Where an identical set up of Doomsday Arks and a Night Scythe has been stationed.
>Escaping through the portal on the other side, I feel my stomach…
>My reactor coolant* slosh and pump irregularly for a short moment.
>Travel through captive Wormholes of any sort usually cause some odd side effects.
>Made worse since many of us have regained a great deal of Mnemonics from the flesh times, which now influence our personality engrams more directly.
>Regardless, we have arrived to the first Fortress.
>Controlling the Tomb Blade to zip down the many corridors and tunnels of the fortress, which we possess a complete map for after many years of exploring its internals, and even restoring many of the rooms previously damaged or blocked off.
>Reports do state that the use of the Hand of Darkness has caused new ‘corridors’ to have been formed, which are being mapped by Canoptek constructs as we speak.
>All in all, we hold the home tomb advantage to the Eldar.
>And with a swarm of heavily armed, high speed chariot riders in tow, I believe the element of surprise will be ours as well.
>Although, I do wonder why some of the Voehtek Immortals are whooping ‘Yee-haw’ as we shoot through the tunnels to our first target…
>Travel through the fortress that would take weeks on foot is reduced to hours by the Super-sonic speeds of the Tomb Blades.
>Only slowing to take sharp turns.
>Even so, we lose minimal time or momentum from these turns, due to the Tomb Blade’s natural ability to redirect their motion almost instantly.
>The mag-locks keeping the Immortals in place are being stretched to their limit, though…
>Many of them opting to lock more of their frame on the armor-vanes of the vehicle.
>The first Eldar raiding party did not expect an attack to hit them so soon.
>Or so hard, for that matter.
>The first three dozen Guardians that we hit had hardly a moment to notice us driving at insane speeds towards them, before we reduced them to blackened ashes with Gauss and Tesla weapons firing.
>I restrain myself from firing the Particle Beamer against these low-lives.
>Synchronized bayonet strikes decapitate many a unaware Guardian, as well as the more bold ‘Corsair’ jump troops.
>We do not pause before our enemies, simply barreling through those that do not get out of the way, and blasting targets too big to fly over.
>The Wraith Guards wielding D-cannons are target priority at all times, and their lesser range and slow reaction time make them go down long before they can aim a shot at us.
>It is for these that I reserve the Particle Beamers, using Chronosense Dilation I can fire into the barrels of D-cannons and D-scythes as they’re being aimed, resulting in a catastrophic explosion within enemy ranks.
>Using our understanding of the Fortress’ layout, we overrun the party, and then circle around the fortress to strike them again at a later point.
>Though, we serpent our way around various passages first, to throw off their timing.
>The second assault on this first group of enemies eliminates all but the most fearless and lucky of their number.
>These we leave behind, as swarms of Canoptek Scarabs filter through the hallways we vacate to overwhelm the stragglers.
>I ordered the little things to stretch out their lives for as long as they were able… I was denied the suffering of their allies whom were turned to ash.
>and so, we continue our hunt.
>This is not to say that this went perfectly.
>Unconventional tactics bring unexpected downsides.
>Or, more usually, downsides which you’ll have to take on regardless.
>The second group of Eldar were more on edge, and managed to get in a few good shots before we started the charge through their number.
>They still died in droves, but several Immortals were hit hard enough to require phase-shifting for repairs, leaving the craft unbalanced.
>A scant few of these were deflected into the black stone walls, and detonated with emerald blast waves which illuminated the dark hallways.
>The Immortals on these generally had the sense to engage their emergency phase-out just before impact.
>The Warrior Pilots were less than sufficient in reaction time to do so.
>The third group we encountered after dealing with the second was very much expecting us.
>Figured, but sadly for them, I had expected as such myself.
>The spearhead of our charge was being led by those Tomb Blades carrying Particle Beamers.
>Their anti-matter beams strode out in zig-zag motions ahead of them.
>They were out of range of the enemy… But they need only hit a single fired Shuriken.
>When one of the beams struck the Crystaline sliver, it detonated hard.
>The chain of detonations being strong enough to send a massive blast-wave through the whole corridor.
>Our Necrodermis bodies and inertia-less motion made us effectively unfazed by the raw force of the wall of air rushing over us.
>The Eldar were not so lucky, and were blasted backwards as the blackstone did not absorb the wave’s force.
>Those equipped with Nebuloscopes, including my own Tomb-Blade, peered beyond the discombobulating explosions, and allowed us to open fire on the sprawling guardians and stumbling Wraith Constructs.
>Soon, we counted a third raiding party to our kill-streak.
>The remnants of this group being taken care of by a quarter of our number reversing mid-flight, turning what was left of them to dust and ashes.
>It was at that point that our element of surprise has clearly run its course, and I initiated the second phase of the Command Protocol.
>If one thing is true about the Eldar, is that once one is aware of you, the rest will soon follow, regardless of how far apart they are.
>Our numbers split up, appointed immortals each leading a personal contingent of five additional Tomb Blades and their accompanying Immortals.
>Six per unit, each zipping around the fortress at high speed.
>We did not know the exact location of the Far Seer… But using the trail of rust and decay, we could estimate her direction of motion and avoid direct confrontations with her.
>With this information, or rather a compensation for the lack thereof, we started more conventional hit-and-run tactics against other groups of invading forces.
>Whipping by these parties, I noticed unusual combat support amongst their number.
>Many bioforms like the Krotolids that barred the Executioners and the Awakener’s passage into the heart of one of the Fortresses.
>Witch-cats of some form also assisted Wraithseers and Warlocks with their psychic attacks, and more importantly, their kine-shields.
>I managed to remove them from the battlefield by utilizing Overlord Trazyn’s Labyrinths on them as we passed by them, too focused on the passing Gauss beams or the Tesla Carbine shots impacting on their psychic shielding.
>They usually managed to react a moment before the scan of their body completed and the cuboid Tesseract Labyrinth forced them into a stasis field.
>A moment later, they vanished with the sound air rushing into the space they previously occupied.
>I’m sure Overlord Trazyn, master of the Galleries of Solmance of the Soutekh, the one called Infinite, would appreciate these new additions.
>…Oh, so that’s back, great.
File: Does not compute.jpg (92 KB, 960x856)
92 KB
>Despite the greater deal of caution the split off components of my “Chariot Rider Phalanx”, they still regularly ran into threats that they could not deal with.
>Larger Wraith constructs, made faster and more durable, would often manage to take down one of their number by ranged or melee as they tried to slip by.
>One of the Psychic Eldar leaders managed to co-ordinate a massive Kine-shield, whose invisible force-field causing three of the six Tomb-Blades to explosively crash into it, before it broke way and allowed the others to pass by.
>I was half keeping track of their progress, Chonosense set to ½ normal time-flow, something I can keep up for a longer period of time.
>However, I had to dial it back further the moment my attention was grabbed by the Appointed Immortal Afhrankh as he reported in clipped tones about what they were approaching.
>His vision was shared to me, and my gasp of surprise was drawn long by the time dilation.
>The Farseer…
>Apparently, the accursed witch realized we were tracing her by her road of destruction.
>And has purposefully chosen to take alternative routes to throw us off.
>Already raising her rotten limb to aim them at the incoming Tomb Blades and their riders.
>My vision left Afhrankh’s as he staretd to engage his emergency Phase-out to avoid being hit by the blast, the eye of the pilot Warrior giving me info on what happened next.
>The Tomb Blade weapons opened up, but their shots bounced off, or were otherwise absorbed by another Psychic Kine shield.
>One of the Immortals at the front of the lance was too late in activating the Phase-out, rust and decay stripping his Reactor core from the required spike in activity, as well as ruining the circuits required for phase-translation.
>The image I was peering through began to show signs of corruption and breakage already.
>The Tomb Blade, realizing that it had no time left to dodge, slammed straight into the Far Seer’s Kineshield, which rather than the usual emerald blast, was instead more like a sand sculpture being hit at mach 5, splashing over the psychic barrier as a thick fog of rust and crackling energy.
>The second of the Tomb-Blades that did so also splashed into a fog of decayed Necron technology.
>Though, the anti-matter payload within its particle beamer did not seem quite as capable of being decayed into nothing, and detonated against the psychic barrier.
>My vision of the scene broke as the rear-most Tomb Blade was scattered like ashes and scrap by the explosion.
>”Zahnrakh to our esteemed Overlords and the representatives of the Triach, I have located our Primary Target.”
Spyder to Philias
S: Communication incoming... they have found the primary target
P: Deploy the crows
S:All of them?
P:All of them, kamikazi style
This is just going to be a one-off perspective from a random eldar

Day 1 (engaged in combat)
>Be random guardian
>We have pushed back the tides of the immortal enemy with incredible ease
>The myths were overkill... that or our power far exceeds that of warriors of the past
>The armor or the enemy is no better than paper, and our mighty wraithbone seemingly ends their immortality
>Their numbers are many but it will only be a few short hours at the very least before we blow them all away
>Our one warlock however seems deep in thought as he picks up one of their heads
>... Unnerved even
>I wonder why, because if this is the immortal enemy's forces then we should just kill them while they rest to rid the galaxy of their existence

Day 2 (still engaged in combat)
>It is such a drag... We keep killing the enemy but more keeps on coming
>mountains of their bodies are left behind each room we clear
>But still more keep coming
>New ones... or at least
>The warlocks have been in deep talks for a few hours... some even sound afraid, and confused
>What is going on
>I've counted over 3,000 confirmed kills for myself... but they still keep coming
>a few losses were experienced today 3 of my fellow guardians fell to their primitive weapons

Day 3 (still engaged in combat)
>Our warlocks hold a council and request anyone who can listen do so
>What we have been fighting hasn't been necrons at all, but something... other
>Everybody was confused... until the warlocks showed us notes about the differences between the Immortal enemy and the foes we currently fight right now
>I swear the room temperature dropped a few degrees
>This did make a bit of sense... but the idea that they are something new is worrying
>So many new questions were raised... but we could never get a clear (or any) answer
>Several black guardians fell... we didn't realize it until the next (morning?)
Day 4 (Still engaged in combat)
>The battle today was quick for once
>... Too quick
>The warlocks had sensed that something bad would happen today
>It was worrying
>Then slowly we heard footsteps
>Many of us waited with guns at the ready to take down whatever it was
>Then we saw it
>A lone... 'Thing' standing between the mountain of corpses
>Its dark gray armor spoke of function over form, to the greatest degree (even seeming skeletal)
>Its blades spoke of efficiency
>However it looked like a twisted mockery of life
>The crimson 'eyes' locked on us... I couldn't tell you what was worse the suspense, or the feeling of being stalked by a predator
>It then charged us at ridiculous speeds... speeds that we could keep up with (to the barest extent)
>We shot at it with everything into it, but it dodged it all
>When it was hit by small arms fire it was next to useless as they bounced from its armor
>... WHAT!
>Before we knew it... it was in our line
>The butchery it unleashed was horrifying, cutting our black guardians in half with contemptuous ease
>No emotions only a calculated decisions
>The warlocks seemed about ready to give orders
>Then all at once, their heads exploded!
>I looked around looking for whatever had done this
>The shot came from up high upon the mountain of corps-
>I saw them... they were like the foes we had been fighting since we first engaged with
>The only difference was the wargear, the red visor they wore on their 'eyes', and their bone-white faceplates
>I then saw two more of the grey things then charge our backlines
>A pincer attack
>It didn't stop there above us I saw some things drop from above swooping down to either explode on contact
>Or skitter across the floor shooting out knee caps of my allies
>The slaughter was total... any eldar who seemed to be taken command was eliminated
>The wraith guards we had with us ripped apart by the grey machines (always disarming/immobilizing them... before delivering the final death blow)
>Gods preserve us... what have we done
>The last thing I saw... one of the machines swinging his blade directly for my neck, with its cold crimson eye
>Then... eternal blackness
>On my way to the control spire for this fortress I decided to look at the schematics that Zanhrakh gave me
>A few of them had tiny flaws that were known... but never understood
>One of which caught my eye... a slug thrower
>Thing is that it is barely near plasma temperatures
>It requires ammunition though... dam
>I very well could work with it
>However creating renewable ammunition would be a mandatory thing in long/hard battlefield conditions
>I'd need a transmogrification cord to produce the materials required to construct ammunition for such a weapon
>Then I'd need a fabrication device to safely, and quickly forge such materials into the ammunition itself
>I also took a look at the basic energy weapons the necrontyr had originally developed
>I also borrowed ideas that I had seen in human movies that might work wonderfully great with some of the old ideas
>... There was one that immediately stuck out to me, the rail gun with this ammunition
>Dear creator how it'd be a devastating weapon... especially in void combat (spaceships: thing to look into)
>I took many notes on my way to the spire so much so I didn't notice myself getting so close to the main door
File: Ish awakened.png (5.55 MB, 1388x1398)
5.55 MB
5.55 MB PNG
>My rage was burning over too much.
>”The laughing god interferes with my plans.”
>My grip cracked my command seat.
>The birth of the Harlequins was utterly inconceivable-
>More so, it was an Unacceptable reality.
>Phillias and her group of royal wardens and praetorians were closing in and would be engaging soon enough.
>Her engagement would only serve to diminish my empire of its power.
>I wouldn't let her do so.
File: abby.jpg (67 KB, 675x378)
67 KB
>I tried to communicate with her, finding that interstitial messaging was strained and was beyond substandard conditions.
>Frustrated I streamed a subroutine of my being into the fortresses manifold intelligence trying to find a solution.
>To great surprise it would see the fortress had a solution.
>The fortress was communicating with its sister fortress.
>A strange connection that they shared together.
>I could theoretically impose my own words and will through it from this distance.
>Had this been how Abbadon was able to coordinate such a massive fleet?
File: webway ex machina.jpg (653 KB, 610x845)
653 KB
653 KB JPG
>I pulsed my mnemonic recollection of the terrors I had just witnessed through the fortress.
>I could only hope phillias would receive the transmission.
>In the meantime I began the calculations to see the margin of error of our transmission arrays.
>There was likely nothing I or our force could do to dissuade the aeldari to their heading.
>In a short hour they would be upon the command spire.
>The aeldari fortunately didn't have the power or numbers to hold the command center for very long.
>No reinforcements on their way, no way to hold off indefinitely...
>The realization struck.
Hey, what's the source for this image? Looks really dope.
commissioned art for ish in his c'tan form
Fucking amazing. So that's how he looks like to others.
Good god this is getting tense, I didn't know the eldar would get this up in his business this brutally
>Be Zanhrakh, Royal Warden of the Hemmenth Dynasty, in perpetuity.
>Commander of the immortal forces of He whom is the Breaker of Beings Below.
>I send the interstitial message to all commanders within range.
>Using all constructs and forces between me and the hangar bays to relay the information to all those outside the fortress.
>Still, interference is substantial; hopefully this information is received before it becomes irrelevant.
>I must readjust my own path in order to avoid direct confrontation with the Farseer, I possess no tools to harm her at this juncture.
>Perhaps if I am lucky, I can capture her with a Tesseract Labyrinth, but the chances of success are so infinitesimally small, that it can effectively be rounded to zero percent.
>Zipping across the many hallways of the fortress, my next target of opportunity comes into view.
>A small contingent of Wraithblades and…
>A Wraith Lord construct… …Damn.
>My phalanx of now five will have to take on this challenge, regardless.
>They notice us approach, and the Wraith Lord opens fire with its shoulder mounted Shuriken weaponry.
>The glittering streams of monomolecular disks shoot in our direction, causing us to slam into them as we fire in return.
>Most of these disks simply bounce off of our carapace, or leave insubstantial scratches and rents.
>Some of them hit on the right angle, however, and cause massive damage to internal systems as they seem to pass through the necrodermis body as if it was made out of wet papyrus…
>Two Immortals on separate Tomb-Blades go limp as their power plant is turned into fine shards of metal and splashes of reactor bile.
>They do not phase out, and in fact begin reanimating, still drawing power from the Tomb-Blade’s shared reactor.
>Our return fire does far more permanent damage, anti-matter explosions, Gauss beams, and Tesla blasts turning three of the six Wraith Blades to scattered atoms and burnt psychoplastics.
>As we’re about to fly overhead, I once again slow down perceived time to ensure these melee constructs do not hit us.
>I did not anticipate the lightning bolt coming from the shorter figure behind the Wraith Lord, however…
File: Knife-ear bastards.jpg (109 KB, 580x1080)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
>The bolt of warp-craft struck the second in line of my small phalanx.
>I managed to jink out of the way just in time to avoid the attack, clearly having been meant for me.
>Praise be to Chronosense dilation.
>This does leave me and my compatriots in the wrong angle of approach, and the slow-seeming swing of the Wraith Lords blade is anything but compared to the slug’s pace my own movements are in this time-scale.
>Desperate times ask for desperate measures.
>Jinking right and twisting several degrees, I reposition enough to turn a swing that would’ve bisected all three occupants, into one that only hits my left Immortal, as well as the engine block of the Tomb Blade.
>I cease my Chronosense dilation for a full two seconds after starting the motions to push my right-most Immortal off, as well as leaping from the control seat.
>In those two short seconds, the powered edge of the Wraith Lord’s sword cut my previous companion neatly from shoulder to hip.
>My chronosense kicked back in as I was sailing away from the now out-of-control Tomb Blade, pumping power into the bulky device built into my back.
>Gravity lurched and twisted as the hover pack wrestles control from the natural force and turns it in my favor.
>With the added reaction time, and the mid-air agility of a Gyrinx, I pluck the mag-locked sidearm from my hip and take aim whilst still upside down.
>I fire at the back of the Wraith Seer’s head, before twisting my feet to take the impact of the landing.
>I turn off my Chronosense as the excess of overheat warnings start to get on my engrammatic nerves.
>I land on the black stone floor hard, legs compensating for the impact, but I still land in a squatted position.
>The remaining Necron sails past me into a roll, the tomb-blade tumbling through the hall behind me, until I hear the distinct sound of its power plant going critical.
>The body of the now headless Wraith Seer drops to the floor as my slide across the ground comes to a halt, seemingly not expecting retaliation from behind so soon.
>I begin rising, hearing the pop-crackle of emergency cooling, as my gilded head-crest causes water vapor in the air to hiss and sizzle in agitation.
>Recovery time is in short supply as the Wraith Lord turns with murderous intent as my still flying phalanx zooms overhead, past my position in a reactor-pulse.
>I dip my hand into a larger dimensional pocket, finding the vambrace-gauntlet attached to my Gauss-Blaster, and dragging it out onto reality like a cheap illusory trick performed with deep hats.
>Beginning to aim the weapon already, the power cable extends and writhes like a mad serpent from the back of the weapon, before the nano-wire muscles slam it straight into the power port beneath my spinal control column.
>We begin firing at the same instant, or so it seems, and my beam trails over the floor to meet the oversized construct.
>His shuriken shots hit first, though, and his accuracy proves deadly.
>My right eye is sliced in twain, the next moments flashing by in a blur of static and corrupted engrammatic images.
>I forgot how much pain is caused by having your head shot open...
>My thoughts are scrambled and my reaction time slowed to a crawl.
>The Wraithlord stops firing, and charges at me to provide the finishing blow.
>I see it raise its bladed left limb, before twisting the arm sideways, in front of its bulky frame.
>The fin-shaped device resting under the same arm flares with bright light as Gauss and Tesla fire impact a force-field projected by it.
>As my engrams are being reconnected, and my mind become less of a mess, I realize that the phalanx of ‘chariots’ has turned a 180, and started firing on my new opponent.
>Their attacks only deal superficial damage, before the first of their number flies past, and is neatly cut in disproportioned halves as the right hand sword swings out and cleaves them.
>I see the flashes of the Immortals and warrior being phase-shifted to the forges on the ships outside, while the remains of the now empty Tomb Blades halves carry on in a long and flat ark, until it skids to a stop far away.
>Another of their number is torn to pieces as two Wraith Blades leap onto them like intercepting a Ghit ball thrown over their heads.
>The last one jinks past and is away again, leaving me alone with the Wraith Lord.
>And by now, I’m already back for more.
File: Spoiler Image (424 KB, 405x592)
424 KB
424 KB PNG
>This time, my Gauss Blaster finds its mark, the spindly right leg starting to be eaten away.
>The large construct realizes its mistake and twists away, leg damaged, but not enough to cause it to lose its full function.
>My free hand, now empty of the sidearm, dips into the smaller of my Dimensional pockets to receive the Nexus device.
>Plucking it free and activating it, the cube-shaped object splits at the edges and forms a hexagonal, floating tear in reality, through which I see five rows of three cubes, each equivalent in size to the original.
>I take the one not glowing with the emerald greens of my people, shut the device, and shove it back in the pocket dimension, all whilst still firing my Gauss Blaster.
>The Wraith Lord is deflecting the beams with its shield-generator, rushing up to meet me, still firing away with its shoulder mounted shuriken weaponry.
>I have to lurch myself left and right, jinking with use of the Gravity manipulator on my back, just to avoid another incapacitating hit.
>The Tesseract Labyrinth drops from my hand as I grip the top of my blaster, catching the glowing edge of the wraith sword with the powered bayonet blade on the rifle.
>They impact with a prismatic blast of interfering energy fields, but the sheer force of the blow sends me gliding backwards through the air like a pendulum, the anti-gravitic energies produced by my backpack keeping me in the air, but also starting to drain my reactor potential.
>The Wraith Lord’s second swing went wide as I slid out of range, but it quickly rallied and straightened itself to blast me with its ranged weapons.
>My deathmask shifts into a cocky smile even I could not suppress.
>A rough dozen Shuriken bounce off of my chest plate, some embedding themselves deep in the metal.
>Another hundred or so of the disks hang still in the air before the large construct, the stasis field projected from the Labyrinth locking them in place, each trembling with suppressed energy.
>If the lord could give a death glare, I was certain he would’ve provided me with the most genuine one he could ever produce.
>A second later, he vanished, and the cube at his feet hissed as it closed back up.
>The last Wraith Blade looked at the scene with what I liked to imagine to be bewilderment.
>It’s a shame they don’t have faces to see as you take them down a peg.
>The Wraith leapt forward, seeking to kill me for what I’ve done to their leader.
>I drop to the floor as my weight catches up to me, the gravity generator on my back cycling down and relieving my reactor core from its drain.
>The first axe strike I deflect with my bayonet, sending the surprisingly light weapon to pass over my head by a single finger span.
>Its counter punch hit me straight in the chest, rattling whatever goes for my ‘organs’ a bit, and creating a three-fingered dent in the center of my cartouche.
>I slide back ten cubits due to the impact, staying upright by leaning against the force applied.
>”You have defiled the icon of the triarch…” I hiss as my opponent charges once again.
>I snap my left hand to my hip and pull at the Enmitic Disintegrator there.
>My Gauss Blaster opens up as I aim it and the sidearm in the direction of the charging Wraith construct.
>Its shield much less potent than that carried by their larger cousin, and the brilliant flare of the competing energies falter after the power pushed into the shield causes it to overload.
>The moment it does, I pull the trigger on the Disintegrator.
>The axe swings in my direction, I sidestep and let it fly past.
>…along with the arm still holding the weapon.
>The detached limb clatters on the floor behind me as I keep firing the Gauss weapon into the shield bearing arm.
>I almost feel sad for the spindly giant as the fin-shield turns to warped ashes, the hand reaching for me crawling with eldritch energies, turning the bone-textured surface black and ashen.
>It grips my crested head, and squeezes tight.
>Rather than crushing my head, as it intended, the fingers popped loose, or were ground to dust with the pressures applied.
>I shove it backwards with my unpowered bayonet and aim the Enmitic pistol at the joint of the right leg, near the hip.
>The explosion of wraith bone unbalances the construct, and it drops back like a chastised child receiving a corrective strike.
>The next shot removes the remaining leg at the knee.
>”I would’ve drawn out your death for such violations against the Infinite Empire.”
>I huff as I step forward and point the still cooling pistol to the blank visage of the wraith.
>”But I do believe you are not worth my time…”
>The shot blows out the thick plating covering what looks like a smooth gemstone, hidden in the center of the construct’s cranium.
>I lower my pistol again, but before I manage to pull the trigger, the gemstone suddenly flares up with an unidentified energy, before simply vanishing from the indentation holding it.
>I groan quietly, and go to pick up the dropped Tesseract Labyrinth, putting it back in the nexus with the rest.
>Moments later, the last remaining Tomb Blade (missing both its previous riders), flies up to me and lands, allowing me to mount it like the Immortals had before, though with no companion to balance.
>”This mission has run its course… Take me to the central spire.”
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don't die, I need you to fuel my addiction to this story.
Seeing as Cryptanon is gonna be on hiatus for at least a few days, I'll offer to start up some new character stories until he's back.

What kinda character would ya'll like to see?
More eldars pov would provide a wider view of the story I guess.
Trazyn let out some of his collection right? Why not do some from the perspective of the khaineite after he finally goes to war again?
Khaineite was not released because:
A: he's irreplacable, he's a warrior from the War in Heaven
B: He's a fucking Eldar, why would he help the Necrons? He'd likely even overpower the Mindshackle Scarabs just to break free.

storytimes are banned on /tg/ now?
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>Be Kaeseith of Isetar, guardian of the Eldar people.
>Our assault on the Fortress of ‘the jailer’ is going poorly.
>At first, we believed the Children of the Yngir to have been overblown stories of myth.
>My chainblade slices through the metal form, bright sparks emanating from its core as it screams die alongside its battery heart.
>These are /not/ Necrons…
>They die too easily, and do not rise again when they’re killed.
>But they can hurt us still.
>My brethren keep these machines at a distance, until the face of our true enemy is revealed.
>Long, metallic skulls leer at us over the ranks of the beak faced automatons.
>Green or blue gemstones, alight with eldritch fires, bore into our subconscious as they push forward behind the lines of disposable fodder.
>We retreat twenty paces, firing our weapons as we pull back to cover our own retreat.
>I need not think of where my feet land, my connection with the minds of my fellows allow my hurried steps to find the perfect place to move each time.
>The crumpled forms of the metallic dead appear to be shoveled forth, and form dunes for the Necrons approaching them.
>Their weapons are devastating, a single hit turning flesh to burning ash, causing intense bursts of pain and anguish to flare through our connected minds.
>It is time for us to push back…
>I, as well as all my brothers and sisters, open our minds to the winds of the Skein.
>Time slows to a crawl, as the skein unfolds before us.
>The realm of souls shows its twisted and curdling colors of unreality.
>I can see the aberrant shapes and shadows of the unthings that have stalked this realm for ages.
>I must avoid their gaze, and listen to the song of battle, the drumbeat of war.
>Deep within the fortress, one of the Farseers guides our path, setting the tempo.
>The taste of unknowable spices fills my mind’s eye.
>I do not let it distract me, and open my eyes to reality once more.
>Before me dance the images of futures to come and reality as it is.
>I charge forward as our weapon platforms cover our advance.
>I see the impact of a ghastly beam of green pass where I would be.
>With a twist of the foot, and a hunched position, I step out of the way before the beam leaves the weapon’s muzzle.
>I do this seven more times, closing the distance quickly as our enemy keeps firing into empty air where once stood a noble warrior of the Eldar, always one step ahead of their aim.
>My blade finds purchase with every swing, my shuriken pistol striking perfectly with each burst.
>Cables within their body tear, energy blooms when their cores are blown out.
>Their every swing is sluggish and inelegant, but each possesses deathly strength to murder with a single blow.
>My fortunes are within the skein, and I pluck from it evasion and victory every second.
>We push through the walls of regenerating metal, eyes alight with psychic lightning that cull all those we put our gaze upon.
>Until we face the white-faced Necrons, carrying massive shields shimmering with force…
File: Lychguards.png (1.38 MB, 893x1185)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
>Unlike their lesser kin, these warriors stood tall, unburdened by the weight of ages.
>Their bodies spoke of martial prowess molded into the shape of a towering skeleton of metal and gold.
>They lifted their mighty blades, each shivering and twitching as reality bent around their edge.
>Striking the pommels of their blades against the sides of their shields, causing shockwaves of sound and flashes of energy.
>They shouted, too…
>”Kalath hutt!” was repeated thrice, each accompanied by a strike of the pommel.
>We were still cutting through their lesser ranks, and ensuring they stayed down, before we managed to get to these elite warriors.
>”Kalath sep!” rang out, the words alien to me, but its meaning obvious.
>The first of their number stepped forward and swung their blade in deadly, graceful arcs.
>Every move was economical; every strike would lead into a follow up, or would seamlessly fall into a defensive move.
>Even with our prescience, we had to step back from their strikes, evading before trying to get under their defenses.
>The ancient techniques taught to me started making more sense as I slipped my blade past the shield and sliced the leg off by the knee of one of them.
>He staggered, but before I could finish him, a fellow of his kin pulled him back and took my blow onto his shield, blasting me back.
>My previous foe already recovering the lost leg and it reattaching with worming green light, I was already fighting for my life.
>Then, disaster struck.
>Before my eyes, the futures our enemy was to take began to shiver and disconnect.
>Images of the future fracturing and changing rapidly.
>The branches of time were being bent and twisted in favor of our foe.
>The first of our guardians drops from a misjudged dodge, the child of Yngir’s blade moving through his armor as if it were not there.
>But I can feel the damage it did, it ignored the wraithbone, but sliced through the flesh and bone with an edge so keen nothing could bar its passing.
>The dead guardian is shoved away with contempt by a shield bash, and it proceeds to challenge the next of us in line.
>I leap back, avoiding the nine futures where I am bisected, and watching in horror as new futures open up where my death is writ large.
>These too I evade, and in my leaps and bounds, I see it.
>The core of the disruption, the heart of the reality bending powers.
>A green glowing orb, festooned with tubes and glowing bulbs, held aloft by a one-eyed Necron.
>I snarl and feel an intense hatred flow over me like cold water.
>I leap forward, over the shields of these mighty warriors.
>The swipe of its blade slices through my leg, but ignores the armor. Muscles and bone part like water before the keel of a boat.
>But my psychoplastic armor lets me keep running over the heads of these warriors, moving as an external muscle to keep me running.
>I lunge at the Cyclops, vision red with the wrath of Khaine himself.
>My hand grasps the time-shaper by the metal collarbone of his body.
>His one-eyed head snaps to face me with unnaturally quick motions, mouth opening to say something.
>Before he can utter a single word, my chainblade catches on the jaw, and I slice to my left.
>The time-warping trinket dodges the first wide swipe, but my stab strikes the device in its heart, causing it to twist and fracture, before exploding in fragments and a blast of energy, destroying my weapon.
>Before I can retreat, a blade slices through my spine at the hip, legs losing strength in an instant.
>The cyclopean Necron pushes the blunt tip of his staff against my sternum, and glowers at me with a jawless expression of hatred.
>I return the favor from behind my helmet, snarling like a mad animal.
>Then, agony… …agony unending.
>The staff pushed against me unleashed the fury of a small sun right into my body.
>I can feel every instant of my flesh burning, my body turned to atomic ashes as the fusion heat spears through my core.
>I tighten my jaw hard enough to crack my molars, and let out a banshee’s howl that echoes through the halls of this forsaken fortress.
>Falling onto the floor, I look sideways to see the tread of metal feet, hearing a high pitched whine as my heart dribbles out of my chest like molten metal.
>The curses from the cyclops above me go unheard, his foot pressing on the side of my head as he grinds the heavy foot against the wraithbone.
>I hear the first crack, and close my eyes, already blinded by the tears of the unending pain.
>The second crack is felt, rather than heard, as my skull gives way to the enormous weight.
>Darkness takes me, and the pain subsides.
File: Spoiler Image (174 KB, 1028x840)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>I am free once again.
>Free from form and being.
>Unbound from the material.
>I have no eyes, but I can see the swirling waves of the sea of unreality.
>I have no ears, but hear the soft droning of the beats subside behind me.
>My mind sighs and dreams of the clouds of Isetar, the clouds of my home.
>I wish to go there again, go home, and be renewed.
>The clouds shaped before me then turned dark, each crawling with darkness within them.
>I focus and realize that this cannot be the predators within the realm, for their touch is beyond my soul, held at bay by the words of power spoken by the warlocks and farseers.
>The clouds rain droplets of a brackish red.
>I grimace without a face as I see the shadow come into view, casting darkness over all that is me.
>”Do not stay my path, Bloody Handed one, I have done as I have been asked, let me pass!” I shout into the void without a mouth or tongue, my mind glimmering with each utterance.
>The shadow peers at me, silent.
>I can feel his burning presence, but know that he cannot be as close to reality as I am right now, skimming the edge of the skein.
>No, this is only a shadow, an image cast to my presence to speak to me.
>”I said begone!”
>”Your work is not yet done…” it rumbles, the voice crackling with the fires and the splashing of blood.
>”My work was done when my body failed, my soul is my own, I am not your servant any longer!”
>It looked over me, at the branches of fate beyond time and space.
>”You have roles yet to serve, you will do as I say.”
>”You may be our god, but you serve US, I will not follow your whims, murderer.”
>The shadow turns to me again, its face glowering with an expression of pure fury, burning from the darkness like the burning hearth.
>”I am your servant, but I am also the voice of your people, the voice that bays for blood and war. Your work is not yet done, and you will fulfill your role.”
>I glower at him, my soul ensnared in the vicious grip of rage.
>I only realize a moment later that the streams of red smoke curl over to the shadow, feeding it.
>”Good, you still burn with the passion… I will grant you freedom, once your work is complete.”
>With that, he holds out a hand, the shadow holding over my head.
>I watch as from the dark shape forms a red smear, a large droplet…
>Before I can react to it, it falls onto me, splashing me in its agonizing heat.
>I scream again, into the sea of souls that cannot hear my agony.
>I am cold now.
>I have no eyes, but I see shapes.
>I have no ears, but hear the murmur of minds beyond me.
>I have no limbs, for I am not in need of them.
>All I have is fury.
>The form I took is gripped in the hand, held gently like the crown of a prince.
>Lifted high, its mind speaks to me, looks into me.
>The feeling of being defenseless washes over me as each crevice of my being is observed.
>Before long, they move me again, and place me down again.
>Suddenly, lightning streaks out from my core and fill my chest, my limbs, and my head.
>I endure the pain without a word, but I wish to scream.
>The world turns brighter, as my vision returns.
>I see no colors, for I do not see the world as is.
>My eyeless sight is drawn to the fires of the soul, the form of my kin standing before me.
>Shorter, looking at me with a mixture of concern and stoicism painted on their ethereal form.
>”Welcome, honored Kaeseith, are you there?
>I squint, rewinding my memories and remembering the moments leading up to my demise only moments prior.
>”I am whole, Spirit seer.” I speak without lips, the seer nodding as I finish.
>”It is good that you are, honored Kaeseith. We require your assistance once again.”
>Nodding once more, I sigh and feel my new body…
>Tall and slender… …my body feels heavy, but strong and quick.
>”What must I do, Spirit Seer?”
>”…We need you to break our foe, honored Kaeseith, with your strength and fury.”
>”…I can do this.” I say, balling my fists and straining the wraithbone muscles within each to feel their might.
>The spirit seer nods, and two attendants step forward, their dimmer spirits outlining the crystalline cores of the tools they offer me.
>”Please, choose your weapons, honored Kaeseith.”
>I wave my hands over both selections… Two blades, linked intimately with their spirits as twins... And a large axe, singing with might with a fan-bladed shield to math.
>After a moment of hesitation, I raise the axe in my right hand and observe it, watching the edge flare to life as my spirit joins with its core, burning with my own fury in the lethal blade.
>The spirit seer nods, and the attendants attach the shield to the arm opposite, whilst those carrying the blades retreat and observe.
>”…I am ready.”
yup so it you have storys the tranny are ganna yet it to here
>We strode the webway passages with our spear point.
>Hundreds of guardians, and many score of wraith guards and wraith blades.
>No force shall stop us from claiming this fortress.
>Led by the mad Farseer as she leads us through the stone hallways and chambers.
>The aura surrounding her is simply vile.
>Paranoia, hatred, and obfuscation circle around her soul image like a whirlwind.
>Worst of all is the corrupting presence of the limb she replaced her own with.
>I would retch if I still could simply by being near her…
>Luckily, I am not amongst her bodyguard unit.
>With a wave of the Hand of Darkness, she sends a torrent of corrupting energy through the air, the stone walls simply warping and sloughing away like molten wax, or simply crumbling to dust.
>As we proceed, many of the early responders from the children of the Yngir are simply turned to rusted heaps as we pass them by, no need to fire a single shot at them.
>The weakling constructs die even faster, simply dropping from her presence, life forces draining from their metallic frames.
>Soon enough, we split off to our own objectives.
>My spirit already feels lighter, not having to worry about the madness of the Farseer spreading to any of us… Or worse, her dacay.
>As such, I follow the Spirit seer, lady Ysenera, as well as the Wraith Lord, Tellara of Caellabryn.
>Their spirits burn brightly in my vision as we stride, and with the spirit seer’s guidance, I can see the forms that make up this world properly, rather than seeing in shades of spirit and… not.
>It is then that we encounter our fist foes.
File: Wraithblade.jpg (322 KB, 1357x1920)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
>My axe swings and cleaves the soulless forms of the weak automatons.
>They have no spirit, not even an absence of it like the Necrons…
>No, they’re simply mechanical puppets, performing simple tasks.
>Destroying them takes no effort, no grace, no form.
>I simply swing my blade, and my fury behind it unmakes all in its path.
>The primitive plasma attacks are eaten up by my shield and by those of my companions that are armed like me.
>Wraith Lady Tellara chooses the next path to take, and we follow her without question.
>Her shuriken weapons make quick work of foes we cannot reach, and lady Ysenera provides us with the prescience necessary to avoid critical damage.
>We encounter another batch of these non-threats, and we charge as one.
>My attacks slice through the thin metal frames with ease.
>Before I can reverse my direction of attack, I sense a future of crippling pain.
>I raise the shield on my arm at the precise moment to intercept the beam of energy, dispersing the blue energy into small motes of light.
>Lowering my shield, I notice the one-eyed gunman far behind the enemy’s fodder.
>White masked, and head shrouded in a hood of dark metal, its bright blue eye looking at me directly as it aims the long barreled weapon at me again, and fires.
>I once again rebound the hit, and begin cutting through the automata blocking my path to reach it.
>Several plasma bolts hit my frame, but hold too little strength to pierce my frame.
>As I close the gap between me and the hunter, he plucks a pistol from his thigh, and shoots at me in rapid succession.
>The disruptive energies bouncing off of my psychic barrier, before I rear back my axe for a deathly strike.
>His image shifts as he back paddles, shimmering as he does so.
>My axe lands.
>The hunter is gone, vanished into thin air.
>With a frustrated swing, I decapitate a half dozen of the weakling constructs, surrounded by all sides by them.
>My allies cut them to pieces, destroying them with contempt.
>Another beam rings out, and hits the Wraith Lady, a green energy crackling over the carapace of her left shoulder as her mind howls in pain.
>I turn, and once again see the hunter, the wisp-thin contours of their once-soul burning in my sight.
>I see more of them, now, each carrying one of the long barreled weapons.
>Lady Tellara breaks rank and charges, seemingly unharmed by the bolts of energy, but her arm moves sluggish before she reinvests her spirit into the wraithbone limb.
>The spirit seer urges us forward with psychic bursts of speed, cutting through the intervening horde with disdain.
>Then, as we clear the throng, a searing beam of green lances out to meet one of our number.
>I hear the scream echo into infinity as the gauss weapon strips the Wraith Blade into a crumbling statue.
>That beam was way too strong to come from any of the Necron’s ground troops.
>I dodge the second shot, and inspect the thing shooting at us.
>...It is a anti-gravity weapons platform, mimicking the form and function of our own guardian platforms, equipped with a truly massive gauss weapon.
File: Deathmark.png (1.73 MB, 859x1184)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
>From our original twelve wraith blades, we quickly lose two to these heavy weapons.
>Lady Tellara heads our charge, and uses her shield to absorb most of the damage it can deal out.
>She even managed to use her shield to rebound the beam to one of the other platforms, causing it to explode in the midst of our foe.
>Sadly, only Warrior constructs were even hit, and only a small number of them at that.
>We charge into the line of Necrons, each of my strikes cleaving into their metal bodies, continuing to slam my blade and fists into their forms until the un-soul guiding their bodies is snuffed out.
>Still, we are barraged by the phasing hunters, vanishing as we take aim at them.
>Frustrating, but we can manage.
>Spirit Seer Ysenera holds up a barrier to protect us from the worst of the covering fire.
>Soon, we destroy the weapon platforms and trample the Necron foot soldiers, each in turn phasing out of existence after we crush them.
>When we look back up, we see the hunters having vanished again, leaving their automata followers to rot.
>We press on, there is no point in lingering here.
>Our next clash has us on the offensive once more.
>I stride through the emerald beams of atom-stripping energy, and deflect the devastating strikes of lightning summoned from the so called ‘Immortals’.
>Let’s see how true they are to that name, shall we?
>They’re faster than the warriors and much more so than the automata, but to me, they are slow and stupid.
>I smack one’s twin barreled weapon out of the way with my left hand, and decapitate them with a swing of my right.
>Their bladed weapons strike me, dealing miniscule damage.
>I pay back five-fold, smashing their glowing cores until the walls are slick with their ‘blood’.
>Khaine’s burning hatred fuels me still, this bloodletting is not satisfactory at all.
>They too vanish into thin air as they’re called back to their coward masters.
>Soon, we have their immortals routed, each vanishing in crackling snaps of reality, their ranged specialization no match for our guided fury.
>The echo of pommel strikes snap my attention to the end of the corridor.
>”Kalath hut!” they shout, loud and proud…
>So then, we meet again.
>We do not wait for their final hit of the shield, we charge, and arrive before the elite guard within moments with the Spirit Seer pushing us to move faster.
>They cannot finish their battle cry before we crash into their number and begin the slaughter.
>the spirit of vengeance within my axe howls for blood and conflict as I smash the keen edge against the shield of the shield bearer.
>Despite my hammering blow, he only staggers mildly, but I do not relent.
>I strike again, again, and AGAIN against him, pushing him back.
>As he swings, I catch the sword limb with my free hand, a luxury he does not possess.
>His muscles, if you can call them that, match mine in raw power, but I hold the advantage.
>Crushing his wrist in my grip, I yank him towards me, pulling him into the edge of my ghost axe.
>He screeches an ear grating howl of frustration as I bisect him and toss him to those behind me to finish off.
>I ignore it, and proceed to fight their back liners, striking hard and fast.
>We have already lost another of our number, but we still have the advantage in numbers.
>As we begin to take the upper hand, I see metal forms bound from the empty distance towards us.
>Ah… More of their friends to play with.
>I kick one of the shield bearers to the floor, and pound the metal creature into the floor like a mad Ork.
>I vent my wrath through the strikes, watching as the outline of the Necron’s once-spirit starts to weaken, before his body snaps out of existence.
>I then turn and parry the oversized ‘sword’ of this new foe.
>…By Khaine, MORE OF THESE?
gonna catch up with my deathmark

>Finally some action...
>So many years without a challenge
>It was euphoric to use such a difficult weapon (maybe not Jhorzas musket but a challenge)
>The eldar were a blight in OUR fortress
>Clearing them out was a chore though... until I noticed something
>It was a vulture droid
>Well a smaller one
>They served as wonderful basic recon units
>I then discovered that Chari (the little golden scarab) had made them
>If he was going to be making the droids from star wars then I have a lot to look forward to
>Having the numbers of B1 battle droids was a wonderful prospect
>They were weak... but they could serve as lures for our enemies
>Bringing them into unexpected traps
>It was a long wait... for their development of being complete (I worked on my revolver skills in quick drawing during much of that)
>But I was there watching as they were being massed produced
>Some, I noticed oddities in their engrams
>Apperently they were listed as G2B1's suppose to be more intelligent, adaptable, and competent than the G1B1's
>When they were first deployed they served their purpose well
>Maybe not as strong as a necron warrior... but did they did serve as a wave of fodder
>The eldar didn't expect it (their shock brought me joy like no other)
>I mostly was in the back lines shooting what did the most damage
>But then a few of the B1 units were acting weird, well when compared to others
>... Ah
>The G2's are growing... learning from the mistakes of those around them (clever design, Chari)
>Adapting and changing to better fit the battle
>One I noticed was designated G2B1-000005
>Laying prone behind the bodies of a few of his kind
>His weapon was barely in range of the enemy
>I had seen the inaccuracy of them, and I thought he would miss as well
>But when he fired... I saw the red mist of what was a black guardian head
>I felt pride... like a father watching his son blast out an eye of a Chrakta
>He quickly moved to a new position... like a competent sniper
>I enjoyed the show
>However duty called for me elsewhere
>But... I'd like to see 000005 in the future and how he develops
>Time passed on by again
>Until a 'horn' of the battle rung
>I watched the G2B1's of the first legion was augmented...
>And given new weapons that resemble what the clones were given
>However I took notice that such a development had come pretty early after the first deployment battle
>Many had their faceplates changed to a white
>I also took notice that Chari was working on something else in his workshop
>Not a droid design I was familiar with... but a new design it seems
>A speedy... tanky melee unit?
>Wierd... but it would help with the diversity of units
>Anothey three decades before we were called back to battle
>But now... I had set up ideas
>Tactics/strategies I began to slowly share with the commanders
>Then I began a test on a group of heavy units
>But they didn't seem interested... until we deathmarks made our presence known
>Their blades clash into mine with flashes of etheric energies whisking into the air, technological hyper-phase weaponry trying to bypass the blade of my ghost axe.
>Its other arm swung around, trying to undercut my axe and take out my arm.
>I deflect the blow with my shield and shoulder-tackle the metallic monstrosity, causing it to stumble backwards.
>It was shaped akin to the children of the Yngir, but more… Off.
>Upper bodies too bulky, face too simplistic, legs out of proportion with the oversized blades protruding from its limbs.
>Worse of all, they had no soul aura whatsoever.
>The murder machine and two of its fellows slammed into our unit, their blades hacking and slicing, quickly slicing one of my brethren to wraithbone ribbons.
>The last of the shield bearers are torn asunder by the Wraith Lady’s massive swords, whom then turns her shuriken catapults on her shoulders to the new enemies.
>Streams thick with crystalline blades slam into a shimmering energy field of one, before the field gives way and the remaining burst of shuriken strike the articulated armor plates covering their chest, not piercing through.
>My vision turns dark for a moment, before a mighty bolt of warp-lightning is conjured, blasting the defenseless automata in the chest, overloading its systems.
>The remaining two seem to hesitate, and we take the opportunity to strike them hard.
>I see one of them being torn to pieces by three of our number, with me charging the one I was already engaged with.
>I seek to strike him in the center, but he leaps back on his odd legs.
>…He then runs, and fast too, but not faster than us.
>I begin to give chase, but before I get more than five paces, my mind is filled with the screech of my brothers and sisters behind me.
>I turn in preparation for another ambush, but instead see that the construct the three wraith blades had destroyed had self-immolated in a ball of fusion energies.
>All I could see now was a glowing blob of metal, and the burnt husks of two of the three wraiths that stood too close, the third having just managed to escape.
>Lady Tellara howls for revenge, and I join in as well.
>We turn towards the fleeing construct, and give chase.
>The construct was fast…
>It nimbly dodges shots fired at it from behind, looking back without turning its head.
>It turned in a side passage of the main hallway, and sped through it at breakneck pace.
>Before we can get to the crossroad, the spirit seer tells us to halt.
>We do so, barely containing the fury within each of our hearts as I look into the dark hallway before us.
>Something rushes up to meet us, and fast.
>Tomb-blades, it see-
>We have no ranged weapons, the wraith blades with shields holding them before themselves, whilst those with swords duck for cover behind us.
>Wraith lady Tellara opens up with her shuriken catapults, blasting two of the immortals on their impromptu steeds.
>They open fire in turn, blasting our ranks with a mix of weapon fire.
>Explosions, lightning bolts, and Gauss beams impact our defensive line, my vision of reality taken from me as Lady Ysenera charges up a mighty retaliation.
>I hear three voices scream, before being snuffed out.
>Their deaths stoke the fire of my hatred, but I am blind and useless against these foes.
>The lightning bolt strikes, and with one of the flying weapon platforms taken out, Lady Tellara struck their leading Tomb Blade
>She sliced straight through the vehicle, and bisecting one of the riders, which vanished in a reality warping snap that even I could see, I noticed the dim outline of the occupants as they flew over lady Tellara’s head.
>One was flailing, the other… Was twisting in mid air.
>I looked as the lumbering pilot shifted its gravity unnaturally, pulling something from its side.
>I cannot see it in detail, but I already know what it is.
>Too late
>Much too late
>I see the Spirit Seer turn for a fraction of a second, before her soul shape shatters like a delicate glass goblet.
>Her body slumps down as the spirit shrieks, escaping into the realm of souls.
>Lady Tellara turns and screams incoherently as she turns to the new foe.
>From a tear in reality, the pilot plucks a Gauss Blaster, attached to its right forearm, lifting it as if it weighs nothing.
>My vision is a blurry mess, but the details are not necessary, I can see what I need to see.
>The atomizing beams start being shot, hitting the ground first, crawling up to meet the Wraith Lady
>She retaliates with her own ranged weapons, and hits the foe right in its eye socket.
>The metallic gauntlet claws up to the place the shuriken sliced through the head, Lady Tellara shrieking and charging up to the foe, holding her weapon high.
>In her rage, she forgot the still flying tomb-blades.
>We all raise defensive positions, the force field of the Wraith lady absorbing or reflecting the excess of firepower, even destroying yet another of their number with a wild swing.
>The two other Wraith Blades appear to have planned something between each other, and just as the fore-most vehicle passes overhead, they leap up, and manage to hang onto the super sonic ‘jetbike’, vanishing into the distance behind me as they tear the riders to pieces.
>That leaves the…
>…What is he?