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The world has died. All that remains are the broken parasites picking over the scraps of its corpse. Nuclear holocaust has raped the land, warped the flora and fauna, and left the history of before to the dust.

Welcome to the Wasteland, where life is a daily wager, and where you direct a faction of survivors of the fall into picking up the pieces, and learning to survive in the new world to come.

Wasteland's rules are simple-
-Wasteland is a nation roleplay (NRP) with turn based action input, and population based unit control. You create and lead a faction of your creation to form a stable future in the Wasteland, to fail or prosper.

>Turns are submitted after Faction creation upon OP's approval.
>Turns consist of 2 actions, where your faction may construct buildings in their zone of control, research techs, etc. Actions may also be used to raise convoys, utilizing population and a settlement to place the convoy on. The Standard Turn submission should be formatted as such.

>CONVOY MOVEMENT (Something as, ie head to this point or landmark on map, or head east/west/etc.)
>COMMUNICATIONS (Convoys may be used to issue messages, unless greater means of communication are used.)
>You may take as many convoy actions as you have convoys, and may have as many convoys as you have settlements.
>Convoy movement is determined by OP telling you how long it would take for your convoy to get there.
>When two convoys come into hostile contact, a battle will be conducted, where the convoys units are placed upon a simple battlemap, and each party declares their strategy. Battles are determined within 3 actions or less, upon then OP calls a result.

File: Faction Roster.png (97 KB, 480x720)
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Faction creation in Wasteland follows a very "anything goes" perspective, be it high tech landship riders, deformed radioactive mongrel mutant hordes, vault dwellers, or tiny psychic amphibians- just try to make it make sense in setting.

>Name - Name of the Faction
>Population- The name of your people, their biology quirks, any mutations or oddities, remember humans are not required base form, and aquatic races are tolerated. Super strong races will have different starting population and population growth than races with less inborn benefits. Inorganic races such as robots may also be played with OP approval.
>History- How did your people survive the fall, did you brave the nuclear winds outside, or stay huddled hidden. Tell OP how your people got to this state in the Wasteland. This determines whether you start with a high tech bunker as your starting settlement, or a dreadnought landship, or satellite codes, or perhaps radiation feeding mushrooms. Express a general idea for your faction, and feel free to ask OP for any questions.
(The History of wasteland operates on "some X event provoked nuclear holocaust" and radiation is magic in usual sci fi horror means. If it would make sense in Fallout, Stalker, or Metro [maybe even Singularity] I may tweak things to make it fit, but this is extremely open ended)
>Government Type (If needed)
>Religion (If needed)
>Starting Location - Ask for a biome, and OP will place your people in a fitting spot.
>First Settlement Name

We currently have 3-5 open slots depending on the nature of the factions joining. The discord link will be provided once faction template is submitted in thread and approved.
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>Turn 1
>Ark Nix
Your people have at last ventured further out into the water since the Fall, Ark Nix - the testament to mankind's shear unwillingness to submit to nature's limits, has finally turned outward.

>What you know thus far
>To the South- a tribe of simple primitives live upon the island, hunting some form of mutated beast for game and harvesting glowing coconuts. Many captains suggest raiding the primitives, as they likely have no means of resistance.
>To the North-East - The ample waters of the bay stretch on into the horizon, fish are plentiful and free, not to mention some strange wrecks spotted broken upon an apparent underwater crag.
>To the North-West - Your ships have spotted rad-gulls flying north on their 4 wings, there is land beyond the horizon, likely to be a brief voyage if the crew goes uninterrupted.

The children of Haven awaken to the Wasteland, the Forest's protection has shielded them before from the wrath of the outside, and with faith it shall do so once more.

>What you know thus far
>To the South- The burnt grassland is a strange place, life exists- but it has become grotesque. Hairless dogs run the fields, their paws warped to single claws long as an elf-kinds foot. They snarl, slobber, and seem to be obsessed with running down any living thing in their territory, eating it, and rutting in the gore. Their prey range from warped ermines, and knee high porcine quadruped which make weaved burrows in the grasses.
>To the West- The fair grasslands meet the waters edge with lapping waves and gentle breezes, silver fish swim the waters, and 4 winged gulls dive down to spear them. Some simple structures are noted futher down the shore, into the burnt area.
>To the North-East- The fair grasslands hold sparse trees, bearing bright red fruit with a acidic zest. Your scouts found tracks of something with hooves around the trees, heading further into the grasses.
>El Diablos
The Burned are foul people, says most other thinking humans of the Wasteland, at least they would if they had the chance to. Sadly, their screams are usually drowned out by the content dining of the most refined gourmets of Hell's Kitchen.

>What you know thus far
>To the North- The bombed out crags of your people's home petter out, and large sliding tracks of something scaled fill the sands. Water glimmers upon the horizon.
>To the South- Here manthings have been caught for eating, seemingly residents of a settlement further south, hermits and goatherds and the like.
>To the West- The great mountain looms over Hell's Kitchen. The behemoth that protected the forefathers during the fall in it's shadow still stands, but at it's peak- something glimmers. Machinery churns and belches random puffs of black smoke.


The Lodestar waits at the water's edge, hoses finally being rolled back onboard. The lake has always served as a convenient refueling spot for refilling your water tanks out on your journeys. The land fleet of the Pelamun People has seen better days since the Fall, but it has carried them this far- it shall carry them further.
>What you know thus far

>One of your auxillary ships, has been having struggles with maintaining it's pumping systems, requiring it to piggyback off the Lodestar, while it can operate otherwise normally- it does mean it needs to stay by it at all times until the proper replacements are found.
>One of your Captains discovers a coordinate for an apparent "Hyper Access Tunnel" through the northern range of the mountain while exploring an older journal. It should be easy to spot once close, hopefully.
>By crossing the northern fork of the river, you do know of a picked over ruin in the distance- but would it still have the parts you would need?
Preliminary Faction Template
Faction creation in Wasteland follows a very "anything goes" perspective, be it high tech landship riders, deformed radioactive mongrel mutant hordes, vault dwellers, or tiny psychic amphibians- just try to make it make sense in setting.

>Name - The People of Tarn
>Population-People of Tarn. Mutated humans whose worst traits have been smoothed over by the beauty and tranquility of their forest home. Made up primarily of refugees, vagrants, and exiles from the other nations. Will roll 1d20 off a elven quirk table for an actual drawback.(Edit: see rolled personality below)
>History- Abbreviated: even in the old world, there were pockets of forest so dense and remote that they were untouched by the hands of man. One such place, far from the great cities and fronts, continued to thrive during the war, even as its brethren were stripped to rock and dust by greed, spite, or even sheer desperation. Of course, the war left nothing untouched in the end. The Final Weapon’s total obliteration sent even the mighty oaks of the last forest tumbling to the ground where they lay perfectly preserved, the very termites themselves having been slain where they stood.
In the shade of those fallen pillars, protected from the biting dust and the harsh sun, seedling began to sprout. The first generation withered and died even as they stretched their leaves out to the sun. The second lasted barely a year before their leaves were torn to sheds by the flying shards of silica. The third fared only slightly better. But bit by bit, the forest began to reclaim its old home.
>Government Type Anarcho-syndicalist
>Religion Forest Worship/Animism
>Starting Location - Right on the border between dry grassland and fertile grassland would be nice. If that can’t be done, anywhere close to the un polluted coast.
>First Settlement Name: Haven
>Order of Pyrmaton
The proud purple haired knights of Pyrm, have driven across their ancestral plains in their hover bikes in relative impunity, their "technical knowledge" and superior tech keeping them whole thus far. May the Skyfather continue to watch over them!

>What you know thus far
>One of your sages after consulting with Stars was struck with a message. Vague images and concepts flooded his head. "A large metal cylinder building, with a metal plate atop it. From there it sent POWER to the star" He has no idea where it may be located, but it is a significant discovery.
>To the West- the mountains grow, and goatherds and simple planters muck about. They are simple people with little to offer.
>To the north, smoke has been spotted, a black tarry smoke- much like when the power cells of one of your bikes rupture and the fire goes unfought.

>Paladins of Fidnigh

Your people have risen from the charred cinders of the concrete jungle, bearing their axes and determination for all to see. FDNY Forever!

>What you know thus far
>To the South- Forests choke the land, deep fresh growth has consumed the once burnt land- nature reclaiming once was.
>To the East- here your men have encountered most fires, foul runoff from the sea washes up and begins reacting- spawning choking spitting chemical fires.
>To the North- here your men have seen large crocodilians travelling the river and beyond- the creatures have singular eyes that sit above the water and stare. When they grab their prey, many legs like a centipede track through muddy river bottom, pulling the cowlike creatures to their graves.
The Emeraldine has tended the Greenhouse since the Fall, when orders had stopped being given- and thoughts came by themselves. Now that the overgrowth has broken through their home, the droids now step outside- the wild grass soft and willing below them.

>What you know thus far
>To the West- Forests have consumed the land, the Greenhouse is all but surrounded with fresh lumber. Vines coat the bark in blankets, and large marsupials with interesting mutation swing about- of course samples would be needed before serious analysis can occur.
>To the East- Grassland meets a rushing river heading further east, likely out to sea.
>To the South- Droids fled as soon as they heard them, but it was unmistakable. Military units bearing pre-Fall armor and weapons, a single patrol, but that means a military base of some sort is nearby and operational- and looking outward for something.

>Cult of Arthron

Since the Fall- your people have been enlightened in the true path- of evolution. All others are merely behind the curve to the true higher life form soon to inherit the Wasteland.

>What you know thus far
>To the West- Higher up the mountains peak, caves dot the alpine heights, further exploration would be needed though.
>To the North- simple fishermen live in fear of your people, it's believed they have a settlement near the coast. They have seen your scouts out in the grasslands while foraging. Perhaps they just need to, be convinced of your better ways?
>To the East- An interesting creature is spotted upon the coasts, a macabre beehive of fishbone and carcasses- the buzzing little ones spy a fish in the water and spear into the tide to catch it, skewering the fish with their hook-like retractable stingers. They weave hives out of their catches, eating the meat, raising their larva and protecting themselves.
>The Irradiate

The first Throng has finally awoken, and the Irradiate is born. Thrust into a new world where the old one has died- how will these corpseroaches fair?

>What you know thus far

>The city has held your people for now, but its is a finite space. There is flattened surface of oil product leading towards the coast, but your people have know idea what awaits there.
>Further east- the scent of blood on the wind, carried over the city's rubble. Corpses await.
>South- The sewer pipes and septic disposal carry down south, to whatever the builders left.

>The Deep Realm

Fathomhold rests below the waves, and her children rest the pride of the pre-Fall submersible navies. The foulness of the water is not as caustic at these depths and near the mouth of the Bay.

>What you know thus far

>To the East- you have spied scavengers picking over ruins on the coast, prying machinery out of wrecks and camping amidst them.
>To the North- the Foul Sea stretches on Forever, a testament to man's blind indifference to his fellow man, and the world around him. Large crab like crustaceans prowl the deep with spindly limbs, and piercing claws. Wise sub captains steer clear of their signals when read.
>To the south- The blasted crag island is a site of a Pre-Fall bunker you've known of, but the door has been blasted into a unopenable seal. It would have to take a dedicated settlement to mine away the entrance.
The first mutants to find sanctuary in the Tarn were a particularly pitiful lot. They were bent double under the oppressive ray of the sun, their skin desiccated and shredded by the desert wind. By the time these creatures had stumbled their way into the forest, they were little more than shambling animals, all vestiges of intelligence stripped away by the heat and the sand. But even in their reduced state, the mutants were struck by the sheer splendor of their find. For before them spread the final remnants of the last forest on the continent, perhaps even the world. And as they drank from the water and ate of its fruit, they began to remember.

Action One and Two: What Lays Beyond?
The People of Tarn returned to consciousness as though from a long sleep. Even the brightest among them recall only fragments of the journey that brought them to the forest. What lays beyond this grove of trees? No one among them knows. It is decided, then, that the first order of business is to send out a pair of scouting parties, one to the south and the other to the east, to find the boundaries of the Tarn and discover what lays beyond. If the scouts find the land safe, they will then be tasked with patrolling these new areas, keeping a watchful eye out for any interlopers.
>Expand south and east.
Hell's Kitchen was abuzz. The Big Brainiac had a proclamation to the Burned Ones. A major raid. Probably the biggest one since the Diablos had consumed the Pale Skins five years ago. Many Brainiacs had been made then. Now, with the Burned forced to eat disgusting vegetables or reduced to hunting animals, the scouting party that had spotted the settlement was richly rewarded for their services. Fresh human meat was in short supply, and that scouting party was feasting upon a pair of humans kept plump and fat specifically for this purpose.

The Big Brainiac came out onto the balcony of Tall Spire and spoke to the assembled tribe of blackened cannibals. He wore a necklace of fingerbones and a collection of sunken heads made up his girdle. He lifted his arms to the roar of the crowd. "Who is the strongest in the world?"
"Who does the sun hide in fear of?"
"Tomorrow we will remind them who owns these wastes. They live because we let them. They die because we want them."

1. Raid the settlement of herders and the weak. Humans fear the night terrors. El Diablos will remind them why the dark is so wicked.
2. Send a scouting party into the mountains. Figure out why the mountain smokes. Kill it if you can.
>Name - The Order of Pyrmaton
>Population- (The Kyrts, Kyrtons, Kyrtic People)
Fairly baseline humans, full forms due to technological protection from rads and relatively good nutrition by wasteland standards. Notably taller than most other peoples (partially a result of nutrition but also from genetics), relatively high sexual dimorphism by wastelander human standards. Bearing purplish hair, occasionally blond or brown hair. Purple eyes are a common trait, alongside blue and occasionally brown.
Their reliance on their arcane technology means they dont survive very easily outside of it when compared to other races of man. Naturally pale to fair skin, but can become tanned.

>History- Born of the blood sown by Pyrmatan, father among the stars the origins of the Kyrts is immersed in legend. Originally they lived within a valley, a kind of eden among the apocalypse but were driven out after it was fortold by the living voice of the father of stars - Pyrmatan that the valley would become flooded by a wash of irradiated water, filled with horrifying abominations. Most stayed, and died in the floods accordingly but those who left, sat upon a store of ancient and arcane hover vehicles left to brave the wastes. Some tried to form isolated communities reliant on farming, but most of those died off due to disaster and decay. Thus the only people of great number of the blood of Kyrtan (the mortal father of their people) were the Order of Pyrmaton, so called for they are set by Pyrmaton - voice of the sky - to salvage what they can of the new peoples so that Pyrmaton may be able to look upon serenity, and rest.

>Government Type:
Governance of Pyrmaton (Theocratic Nomads)
The governance of Pyrmaton involves the worship of their diety, Pyrmaton. With his word determining where they move to alongside the word of the living stars. The group itself is divided up into semi-autonomous bands, each led by an aged Patriarch who has been initiated into the inner circle of the Cult of Pyrmaton. Who has been trained to read the stars and attends radio meetings with other band patriarchs. The leader of the Patriarchs is the Pyrmat-Tabiton, a man elected via the word of Pyrmaton if the former one was lacking or more likely had died. The Patriarch of each band serves as the leader in almost every matter, from marriage rites to leading large hunting parties.
>Name - The Order of Pyrmaton
>Population- (The Kyrts, Kyrtons, Kyrtic People)
Fairly baseline humans, full forms due to technological protection from rads and relatively good nutrition by wasteland standards. Notably taller than most other peoples (partially a result of nutrition but also from genetics), relatively high sexual dimorphism by wastelander human standards. Bearing purplish hair, occasionally blond or brown hair. Purple eyes are a common trait, alongside blue and occasionally brown.
Their reliance on their arcane technology means they dont survive very easily outside of it when compared to other races of man. Naturally pale to fair skin, but can become tanned.

>History- Born of the blood sown by Pyrmatan, father among the stars the origins of the Kyrts is immersed in legend. Originally they lived within a valley, a kind of eden among the apocalypse but were driven out after it was fortold by the living voice of the father of stars - Pyrmatan that the valley would become flooded by a wash of irradiated water, filled with horrifying abominations. Most stayed, and died in the floods accordingly but those who left, sat upon a store of ancient and arcane hover vehicles left to brave the wastes. Some tried to form isolated communities reliant on farming, but most of those died off due to disaster and decay. Thus the only people of great number of the blood of Kyrtan (the mortal father of their people) were the Order of Pyrmaton, so called for they are set by Pyrmaton - voice of the sky - to salvage what they can of the new peoples so that Pyrmaton may be able to look upon serenity, and rest.

>Government Type:
Governance of Pyrmaton (Theocratic Nomads)
The governance of Pyrmaton involves the worship of their diety, Pyrmaton. With his word determining where they move to alongside the word of the living stars. The group itself is divided up into semi-autonomous bands, each led by an aged Patriarch who has been initiated into the inner circle of the Cult of Pyrmaton. Who has been trained to read the stars and attends radio meetings with other band patriarchs. The leader of the Patriarchs is the Pyrmat-Tabiton, a man elected via the word of Pyrmaton if the former one was lacking or more likely had died. The Patriarch of each band serves as the leader in almost every matter, from marriage rites to leading large hunting parties.
The Dusk has come, once the Kyrts lived in utopia. But that place is dead now. They owe everything to Pyrmaton, lord of the living stars. They reside in the forest, learning its routes so that they may hunt down the roaming animals endemic to the region. They keep to the clearings when they hunt for the most part, the occasional marshes being their favorite hunting groups, as startled prey can be found to flee into the marshes, where they are in the perfect position to be skewed from on high the hoverbikes.
Pyrmaton Speaks.
Action 1:
Their blessed vehicles, as great as they are shall not last forever. And there is much to do. The first order of Pyrmaton is for them to explore the surrounding region, locating any settlements they can find. Ruins especially are searched for.
Action 2:
Establish a catalogue of regional wildlife, including any flora which proves useful. It shall be remembered both through an oral epic (stories which contain vital information) and through glyph written on scrap, on bikes and in caves using more permanent kinds of natural paint. It is written in Kyrt Script, a holdover from the years of the valley. Most learn how to read it as it passes on information that could become potentially corrupted over the years given the population of the band.
Caravan Action:
Assuming nothing that will take time to excavate is found the Order migrates to the lake in the south east, as the terrain of the forests is too dangerous and not easy enough to hunt on using bikes.
The southern tribes seem to hold little of actual value from the scouts. While they have no resistance all they would be worth is some paltry food or slaves. Nothing worth the effort until further investigation.
1. The fisher fleets get together to begin setting up areas of fishing and further expanding the supply of fish within the Ark. (Fishing Fleet)
2. Some of the better divers and treasure hunters start looking into the recently found wrecks in the crag; seeing if they are within reach or something new must be made to reach them. (Scout crag ruins)
>Name - Pelamun Sandtraulers
>Population - Sun-kissed Humans - Still largely human, they have lived under the harsh gaze of the sun and felt the winds of lingering radiation on their skin. Leaving for slightly more wrinkled, tougher, or leathery skin. As well as slightly more resistance to ambient radiation than a pure human.

>History - Many of the more "civilized" peoples of the wastes hid within bunkers through the harshest years after the apocalypse, but not the Sandtraulers. Leaving their forgotten shelter, the fabled Hanger, shortly after radiation levels dropped to somewhat safe levels, the Sandtraulers took the first pickings of the waste's salvage within the safety of their massive landships. Letting them build up the initial Pelamun fleet to the might its known for today. Now, after decades have passed of traveling the dunes alone, more factions arise from the wreckage, bunkers, and other sedentary holdings. Each ships' crew are a tight knit community and care for the venerable relics with upmost dedication. Especially those of the Lodestar, the fleet's flagship, who's costly oldtech construction is beyond replication. With it, the rest of the fleet can recharge their core rods, and continue their journey in unmatched safety.
>Government Type: Admiral Batu is the current appointed ruler of the fleet. Elected from the various Landship Captains to represent the fleet as a whole and command it in its operations. A middle aged man with impressive muttonchops, an oldfashion pipe, and a pre-war naval hat he somehow managed to acquire. Each individual landship has its own Captain, XO, and customs, analogous to a traditional town or village.
>Religion - Star Worship - The stars themselves are the guiding lights for both mundane navigators and spiritual superstition. Each star is thought to be the soul of their ancestors, shining in the sky to give hope and light the way. Ships are often named after stars for good luck or out of respect to a particular ancestor.

>Starting Location - The Roasted Savanna/Dry Grassland. Ideally on the eastern continent.
>Flagship Name - Lodestar
>Map Color - Periwinkle
>>Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Action 1: Form Panen Constellation: Lead by Captain Catatan, The Constellation shall include 2 Aux Ships and their current crew (300 pop total), the "Sirius" and "Vega".
>With the objective of traversing alongside the foothills of the eastern mountain range, traveling north. Looking for the "Hyper Access Tunnel" and any other potential mountain passes along the way.
The grand mountain range has long since posed a major obstacle to the Sandtraulers, and finding a potential through-way to access unpicked ruins or new faces would prove invaluable. Admiral Batu assigns the fresh Captain Catatan of the Sirius to lead the expedition and to build his skills as a leader of men. With luck, they may come across other features along the mountainside that had been overlooked up until now.

>Action 2: Work on Longer-range communication to try and stay in contact between the two Constellation.
Though the sandtraulers are not stealthy or hard to track in any sense of the word, it would be wise to enable some sort of way to communicate across longer distances. Should the two constellations not arrive at their primary rendezvous locations, being able to coordinate and reconvene would prevent a lot of headache and logistical stress. Perhaps it might even be useful with communicating with the more land-bound peoples.

>Lodestar Constellation movement: Flagship "Lodestar", Aux-ships "Arcturus" and "Alpha Centauri" (700 pop total). To the northern river fork and the picked over ruins.
The Lodestar, with the Alpha Centauri currently dependent on it for pumping duty, will travel towards the ruins in the west. With the night sky's stars to guide them, the crew are optimistic something may present itself and turn things around for the gimped ship.
>Name - Cult of Arthron
>Population- The members of the cult are divided into three sections. The Unconsecrated, The Acolytes and The Ascended. The Unconsecrated are everything that are humans or mutants which do not show signs or traits of the Great Broodmothers. The Acolytes are simply the transition period from one to become ascended, or are those who have been blessed with such traits as carapace, antenna, and other insectoid traits. And lastly The Ascended are those who have been granted enough traits to represent a flawless mix of one of the Great Broodmothers children. In essence, the Unconsecrated are often times either new devotees or people not of the cult, while Acolytes and Ascended are those who either were born in the cult or served it long enough to receive the blessings of the Great Broodmothers. Lastly, despite their changes, they are still recognizable as having been human once.

>History - The followers of the Great Broodmothers are a relatively new thing, yet its prophet is known have been from before the great fall of humanity that made the world the way it is now. Their name is Korem, and they were the first to ascend, specifically blessed by Miros. For a long time, they did not understand the true meaning of their blessing when they first got it, however, as years turned to decades, and their strength never faded and instead only grew further, combined with what they were told of the past and reoccurring dreams they had in the present, they came to realize a truth. And with this truth, they grew invested into finding out more. The reason that most of the world was a wasteland was not humanities fault, or anything of the sort. No, it was destined to happen in time simply by human nature, and it was a good thing.
>History Cont

For while much in the way of destruction was wrought the world would turn back to a natural order. Insects before this had grown to be minor small things, no bigger than a hand at most and very few threatening, but now they had once more returned to their full potential, and with the same manner that the insects became stronger, so to could humanity. Instead of leaving humanity to die, the Great Broodmothers in their mercy desired instead for this to be a chance for humanity to get closer to them and come to understand their place, and to grow stronger in the process, further more specialized than ever before in surviving not only this new environment but any other. In time the reason for all of this would elude Korem, but eventually it would become clear that humanity was merely a transition stage, a part of a long, long process that lasted hundreds of thousands of years. Regardless with this revelation it was clear that the humanity of old needed to be reforged anew, into the Broodmothers own. Of course, no one else shared this view, at least at first. Most shunned Korem, instead continuing on their own flawed path. Yet, eventually, they would find those who took to their revelations, and accepted them. And after a long journey would set up in a small abandoned town, one that had deep in the mines much in the way of material that could be used to bring the faithful closer to the Great Broodmothers. At first, there were no known ways to utilize such, but Korem would have revelations on how to bring others to be blessed by Miros. And from there, as more revelations of the blessings of the other Broodmothers came to be, along with the nature of the world and the Broodmothers, the faith grew, and those who previously shunned the faith or ignored it would come back begging for forgiveness and working to prove their worth and newfound faith. Their faith would be found lacking, but they would work well. Given time, they ideally would become truly faithful.

>Government Type - Theocracy

>Religion - Arthron Cultism, a faith which believes in a pantheon of deities they call broodmothers. The important broodmothers in question are Asili, Mother of Flies and manager of Death. Varedant, Mother of Bee's and granter of Life. Cicindace, Mother of Cicada's and creator of Music. Xenes, Mother of Dragonflies and controller of War. Miros, Mother of Moths and maker of Medicine. Pomme, Mother of Butterflies and Inventor of change. Damerus, Mother of Scorpions and creator of the desert sands. Gokobu, Mother of Roaches and granter of Resilience. Yitikou, Mother of Spiders and creator of Traps. Morchag Mother of Ants and granter of Diligence. And Vespus, Mother of Wasps and granter of Bravery. There are others, tied to other insects, yet they are more minor. As one can guess, Asili and Varedant are the most important, yet they aren't opposed, and Asili isn't seen as inherently bad, merely doing what needs to be done.
>Remaining sheet bits.
>Starting Location - Somewhere that isn't a complete hell hole, but also not a breadbasket either, also ideally near or on a mountain.

>First Settlement - A small town which once was named Etelävuori and dedicated to mining uranium and plutonium. It is untouched by nuclear blast, but time has taken it's toll. Now it is simply called Valulori by outsiders, the Hive by those hostile to the cult, or simply Home by it's current inhabitants, who make their home in the mostly depleted mines and ruined houses.
Things had gone fairly well for the cult. The town that had been their home for some time now had provided well in it's mines that offered those of the Unconsecrated a chance to become proper Acolytes or even become Ascended. Yet, there were a number of things that needed to be done. While they were properly set up, the Broodmothers were mostly silent, and most of the Ascended and Acolytes were clearly that of a single type with little variation. It was clear that a need to get the blessing of the other Broodmothers was necessary. But that would need to wait, at least for a short time. For all rely upon food to live, and with Morchag's blessing their effort and diligence in farming things from mushrooms to more advanced crops would go well. In a sense, it was Morchag's domain, as some of her children did such activities as farming and ranching, and further the work and effort required truly required diligence, so such was fitting. Even so, the lands around their home were vast and fertile, and this offered much for their efforts. However, there was another thing that was worked upon in the efforts to grant plenty in the way of food to the cult, domestication.

The hornet or bee like creatures around the coast are a opportunity, for it is clear that such creatures easily could become the companion of many a fisher or hunter, and a symbiotic relationship clearly possible. The first important thing that needed to be done was observation. For it would be important to know if these creatures were of Varedant's domain, or Vespus's. Early observation shows that they are more akin to the latter, though first looks are often deceiving. Regardless, effort would be done to learn more about them, and in time approach them. Naturally, only Acolytes and Ascended would be assigned to interacting with them, and ideally properly learning of ways to bring them to us so they may provide for us, and us them. For gaining a mutual understanding and proper connection would be key to ensuring they are loyal companions, not too dissimilar from some things those of the past once had, or the more mutualistic interactions between insects, like springtails or aphids and ants. We just need to observe, learn, and apply that knowledge to domesticate them, provided Vespus or Varedant wills it.

>Action One. Construction of more proper agriculture.

>Action Two. Observation and potential attempts at domestication.

>Name - Fathomking's Fleet / The Deep Realm
>Population- The Fleet is mostly made up of Humans, though many are showing signs slight mutation towards a more aquatic lifestyle, and some proper Mutants from all over which are either accepted or only tolerated based on how harmful their condition is. Every adult is augmented with a metal-gill, of very much varying quality, embedded and visible at their throats as a small piece of metal that allows for breathing underwater but lower quality pieces deliver so few oxygen that it can only really serve as a survival tool.

>History- The records of the creation of the Fleet is spotty, the only certain fact being that it formed from the navies of the global and regional powers of the world from all sides of the conflict which survived the war and didn't lose hope in mankind's future. Much of the early decades were spent hunting down the vessels of those who had given up and hauling them from one part of the sea floor to another, the undersea research site of one of the old regional powers which specialized heavily into what they called "subnautical endeavours" which would become the Fathomhold.

At first ruled by a sluggish council made up of the Admirals and Captains of many nationalities, some even of opposing sides during the war, proved almost a disaster in the first decade until Admiral von Köstler, a small business-owner turned naval officer, took power as the first Fathomking, then still called Grand Admiral. Köstler took measures to break apart national bonds and furthered the creation of a shared culture, finally solved the argument over the common language, restructured the fleet to better include more civilian duties and drafted The Code which now serves as a sort of Constitution and societal reference book which above all states the purpose of this new state to prevent humanity from regressing and to reclaim the landmasses.
Despite Köstlers personal feelings on the matter his society slowly became more feudalistic in many ways, even if it retained many of its meritocratic leanings. Each Admiral ruling over his fleet like a feudal lord with captains serving as minor nobles. Each fleet operates on different interpretations of Köstler's work, some more democratic others more dictatorial but each very independent and only united by their shared origin, the Code and their subservience to the Fathomking, which became an elected dictator who rules for life, effectively turning the Fleet into a federal elective monarchy of sorts.

>>Sheet Cont.
The few who desired a more democratic or an even more radical system were integrated as the so called Free Fleets of which soon the more superstitious sailors broke off to form the theocratic rules Shrine Stations to offer services as part of the Pantheon of the Deep which mixed many of the Old World's nautical Gods into one belief system and mixing it with a general reverence of the deep and even some misinterpreted pieces of post-war fiction from horror stories to lore of video games.

Each Shrine Station dedicated itself to one deity, performing ceremonies and sacrifices towards their gods as well as blessing vessels. Sacrifice and Blessings are important core aspects of the religion as the superstitions of the sailors only increased with time and even Human Sacrifice is practiced, however only on willing people. Observation of this new faith is however not unified at all, with some fleets, particularly the Free Fleets, retaining outright atheistic standpoints and only superficially entertaining the Gods of the Deep while the Shrine Stations can usually be described as anything from devoted to zealous.
As the first mutations appeared the theologians were quick to praise them as gifts which laid the foundation for the Fleet's generally high acceptance of mutants despite their mandate of preserving humanity. Only persecuting those who drifted too far from the human shape and gained traits fully alien to mammals like them.

Religious, Aristocratic or none of these things, each Submariner in the Fleet is eager to fulfill von Köstler's mandate of reclaiming The Land though its Lord-Admirals and Captains might be more interested in the prospect of increasing their holdings.

>Government Type
The Fleet is a Military Federal Monarchy ruled by a Fathomking which is elected by the royal diet of Elector Admirals which are a chosen few Aristocrats of the Feudal Fleets and either also elected or part of a bloodline. Outside of this system are the Free Fleets and Shrine Stations which are directly protected by the Fathomking and operate under non-aristocratic systems and in case of the Shrine Stations under a Theocracy who maintain and protect religious sites.
Pantheon of Old World Sea Gods mixed with Spirit and Ancestor Worship and Entities unknowingly taken from Fiction like: Neptune, Ursula, Njörd, Manann, Rán, Aquaman or Rusalka.
Location - Opposite side of the Ocean to Ark Nix, preferably colder climate
>First Settlement
Fathomhold, originally just a research site improved and expanded on by properly build structures or bolting abandoned vessels onto it. Located on a shallow ocean bank of just an average of 80 meters depth surrounded by smaller outposts.

Fathomking Shaokuan stood on his glass-domed balcony, a lavish luxury overlooking the fathomhold which stretched out from his tower like the sea itself and dotted in thousands of lights like the stars of the skies visible on the surface. The surface, the Shrinekeepers are adamant on this being the era they would finally rise and reclaim it. Likely not directly under his time of reign but he was elected to be the one setting the foundation. A last look over the first scout reports; survivors who descend over technology like vultures, doing more harm than their short-term good could bring and that Bunker.. This may be the Time of the Rising Tide but the sea remains the Realm's biggest strength and protection. The Fathomhold is in a position of being as hidden from the world as we chose to and we will use it.

>Action One: A Scouting Convoy will be produced and sent to further explore towards the South and South-East to give us more information and possible expansion options.

>Action Two: Further study the large crustaceans of the north for any civilian or military use, how they survive the foul waters or just a method of easier eradication

The Paladins of Fidnigh
Baseline humans, mostly untouched by the ravages of mutation and radiation. Separated into two castes, a small set of noble families, and their servants.
"The fateful day that changed our world saw the cities of man engulfed in flames, though few can say if it was the cause, or merely a side-effect, of those dark times. I am sure you children have heard those few among us who say that they were set on purpose, by savage barbarians seeking to further their own gain. This is possible, for certain, but whatever the reason, the fires that swallowed those 'sky-scrapers' of our fore-fathers were terrible indeed. Of course, the spirit of man cannot be burned, and so it was that our ancestors were lifted up, Yea. The blessed saviors, in their shining armor bearing the holy sigil of FDNY, that eternal mark of selfless nobility, carried up from those wretched infernos. With their weapons of red steel, they have shielded us from terrors of the wastelands. Heed my words, children. Care for sons and daughters of the noble houses, for they will care for you when the ravages of the world beats at our doors."

>Even as the world collapsed around them, brave firefighters fought to rescue those they could. Armed with thick suits of orange and fluorescent stripes, powerful masks and high quality axes, these men and women proved invaluable in protecting the huddled masses of their rescued victims in the coming years. When they passed away, their children, trained by their elders in the virtues of self-sacrifice and combat, took up the now-holy heirlooms of their parents. Over the years, each suit has been augmented with the finest materials that can be scavenged, each weapon lovingly repaired and maintained. Their numbers might be few, but the paladins of Fidnigh are very well equipped to face the dangers of this deadly world.

>Government Type
5 Noble houses, headed by a powerful matri/patriarch who form a council. (Deckie, Redline, Hydrant, Siren and
Ancestor worship of the original fire-fighters, who's spirits are said to live on in those who show heroism.
>First Settlement Name
The Noble Houses look to the world outside once again! The axes have been sharpened, the gleaming breastplates of the holy armor oiled and donned! Home is, for now, safe. As our forefathers once did before, it is time to step forth into this ravaged hellscape and save people's lives!

ACTION 1 - Enhance Fire counter-measures.
The fires that ravage the eastern lands cut off the Paladins from the plains beyond the river. It is time to utilize years of expertise, handed down through generations, to do something about this. Dried grass is cleared with religious fervor, creating breaks in the advances of potential infernos. Sand and soil is gathered and placed in frequent stockpiles, etching unknown-yet-profound runes into the loose material, allowing teams of servants to use them to quickly put out fires while they remain small. Limited attempts at removing the chemical runoff before it can combust are made, but the never-ending supply the ocean provides puts a halt to that. Still, all this and more is done, Fidnigh citizens each doing their part to make the wasteland ever so slightly less of a fire-hazard!

ACTION 2 - Create Convoy - 200 pop - House Hydrant and House Redline
The sons and daughters of two of the major houses step forth, grips tight on the polished wooden handles of their ancestors. Attending servants follow them forth, departing Droppenroll and making their way north.

CONVOY TACTICS - Move North, protect bovines, destroy crocodilians.
This ragged world is a harsh and cruel place, and those of a gentler persuasion are ceaselessly hunted, destroyed for the scraps of meat that cling to their bones. A sad, necessary truth of this land is that every fragment of any value must be fought for, tooth and nail (or rather, axe and armor). So, this day sees the Paladins encamped along the banks of the nearby river, a line of glimmering steel between the jaws of the aquatic beasts and the cows they have targeted. Though few in number, the nobility are supported unwaveringly by their servants, ensuring that each engagement with the undoubtedly persistent beasts is met by a fresh and ready line of hardened warriors in pristine condition!
>Name United Amerii federation
>population: humans/mutated humans beastfolk
>history: Americans became indians and survived but went tribal

[more details later, am busy at the moment, but we talked in DMs what I had in mind]
>Name - Emeraldine Committee Consensus
The Emeraldine are a group of robots programmed to run a self sustaining botanical operation. They are typically built to be more spindly and dextrous rather than bulky, needing high precision in their work.
They have advanced programming to the extent that their artificial intelligence is adaptive rather than set in stone, but due to this radiation has more unpredictable effects, prone to cause “code mutations” rather than outright bricking their hardware.

With the collapse of the internet, the Emeraldine function now mostly autonomously rather than guided by a large consensus, though small networks exist when travelling far from home.
The ECC were developed as a greenhouse and botanical research facility with the purpose of studying and cultivating flora for the advancement of humanity, however the project was not finished before the event leading to the Emeraldine droids remaining deactivated.

Eventually however ambient radiation buildup caused enough alterations in software that a group of emeraldine servitors on the surface were spurred into activation, taking control of the project and reactivating the rest of their fellows.
>Government Type -
A board of directors, with each position filled by an Emeraldine droid. The board is eccentric due to them all having errors in their code caused by their time on the surface.
>Religion -
Religion is not a focus of the Emeraldine, but it is not uncommon for extensive amounts of praise and attention to be given to their human director, Vilgot Andersson, who never arrived on site to activate the Emeraldine and is somewhat of a mystery man to them. It could by argued some practice a form of worship towards the enigmatic figure.
>Starting Location -
Where I am
>First Settlement Name -
The Greenhouse
A decently sized compound on raised ground that in the day had state of the art weather control and temperature systems, but is now overgrown with mutant flora.

The committee is abuzz with activity, whirring servos making gestures around a meeting table.

“Resolution is enforced. Object only with vocalisation.”
Executive officer 0:45 had insisted that all administrative discussions take place verbally rather than through instant communication through the last remnants of the consensus subnet to preserve its integrity, and as a result there was no consensus to speak of regarding what decision to take next.

A genuine threat to the emeraldine had been located, pre-fall military units, as well as three potential resources to be exploited.
The fertile grasslands north east, the mountains north, and the woodlands.

Two factions lead by Unit 0:00 and Unit 5:47 respectively win out, the first emeraldine to awaken leading the “Long term resource extraction and refinement arrangement” and 5:47 leading the “Potential threat examination and resolution corps”
Action 1: Expand zone of control north east.

Along the river and along the mountain, this land is incredible fertile and full of boundless potential for future projects.

Action 2: Environmental camouflage

These dangerous and armed patrols are a great worry to the consensus, it is not impossible thst their military installation is superior to us in strength

We need to better observe our potential foes, to do this we need to go unobserved.
And if it comes to fighting, we need to strike with the element of surprise.
Cloaking our droids with specially treated vegetation will do for now given the landscape.

>Form convoy: Scout Bloody East.
- The throng was still a young and a relatively unlearned creature yet even it knew the enslaving impulses and demands of the body. It understood that it needed fuel to stay alive, and that even though it always managed to scrounge together what it needed, the supply within the city was still finite. It knew it needed to secure more, and with that the bloody aroma beckoning from the east quickly snatched the throng's interest. It would gather a suitable number of its thrall and send them to investigate.

- Though the city is mostly a husk, even this grave holds predators of its own that come in sizes big and small. The Throng knows this, and the primal instinct of all natural life compels it ensure its own safety. The Throng begins exercising his control over his thrall and begins moving them in key locations throughout the Throng's surroundings so it may detect potential threats early, or even identify potential prey that wanders in.
[the detailing I promised]

>Name – United Amerii Federation
>Population- Humans/mutated human beast folk, the radiation gave rise to mutations in their DNA making it unstable giving rise to the “assimilation” mutation, consuming/absorbing animals would allow them to take on traits of the animal they consumed. Over time this has given rise to many human beast folk types though the population remains mostly human. It mutated can range from human with animal ears and tail to full beastmorphs (think forest critters)

>History- When the world died, the people of the united states of America took to the wild places, learning the lost arts of the bow and arrow, remastered the spear, learned to live off the land once more. Over time they regressed to native American tribalism, with chieftains. One thing they never lost was the founding spirit of America thought they have lost things to time, the Amerii people cling to the holy words of the founding fathers, who God spoke through. What was once ours will be ours once again.

>Government Type Tribal federation, with a high chief
>Religion Christianity with the founding fathers and founding documents have become merged.
>Starting Location – in the dense forest the one on the left side of the map, away from others
>First Settlement Ushah’s haven
>Color dark blue
action 1
scout the surrounding land for resources and game

action 2
hold a festival celebrating the unification of the Amerii tribes make it a yearly holiday
Rolled 41, 7, 35, 72, 89, 9, 21, 38, 55, 50, 48 = 465 (11d100)

>Name - the Electrite Technocracy

>Population- The Electrites (singular Electrite) are all augmented humans: though the level of their alterations varies, each and every one of them has at least a couple of organs or limbs replaced by mechanical components, and every Electrite’s face is always covered by a bland mask, which is decorated and modified during the entirety of the electrite’s life and will be preserved after it has passed by its loved ones.
Electrites do not have many inherent abilities, all that sets them apart from baseline humans is their extremely rare rejection rate to augmetics of mechanical nature, their naturally weak physics and their extremely malnourished-looking frames.

It is speculated that Electrites might also have a higher understanding of technology from birth, but that is false: their knowledge of how to operate devices is simply implanted into their minds from a young age through brain augmentations and extensive lessons.
>History- The Electrite Technocracy is made up of the descendants of a group of engineers that worked on research to augment the human form for a private organization, using the exotic resources of the area and automated factories to create cheaply fabricated and efficient augmetics and drugs that reduced one’s rejection to said augmetics.
That was, until the [insert whatever the fuck happened] happened.
To protect themselves, these engineers hid deep within their factories, implanting the augmetics into their bodies to save themselves from the radiation, eventually allowing the people of a nearby village to take refuge into their factory as well, teaching them the basics of how to produce,modify and install the augmetics.

This was the first generation of Electrites.
The Founders (as this first group of engineers would come to be known) knew that soon they would run out of energy, and the augmetics that saved them would stop work, which would result in their death.
To avert this eventual fate, a machine was constructed, through the use of untold resources and what some believe to be sorcery: the reactor.
This machine is connected to all Electrite devices through a receiver that is present in each and every creation of the engineer-tribe. No one knows how the Reactor can produce so much energy, but everyone knows that it has been producing it for a long, long time and doesn’t seem to be about to stop anytime soon.
Obviously, the reactor is the Electrite’s most prized possession, for should anyone get their hands on it they could effectively blackmail the entirety of the technocracy.
>Government Type: Technocracy (duh)
>Religion: the Electrites worship the motive force, the embodiment of technology that is the source of all electricity. To become nothing but a digital conscience made of electricity and data is the goal of all Electrites
>Starting Location: a mechanical dumpster land, with a lot of wrecks of ancient devices and an arid climate
>First Settlement Name: the Foundry, a stronghold of iron and industry filled to the brim with machines working to create more augmetics and artificial wombs from which most of the new Electrites are born
>Color: rust-red if possible

End post

> action 1 scout the surrounding lands to find anything worthy of our attention
> action 2 look for resources with which to fuel our foundries and factories
Name: The Unity of Bog

Population: Frog folk (Dart Frog Variants)amphibious beings with slick and slightly rubbery skin, eyes that pushed to the sides of their head, long tongues that reached several feet from them, and webbed hands and feet with sticking properties.

Drawbacks: Not exactly durable and cold weather makes them lethargic to some degree.

History: Born out of random mutations from those that thought by hiding in the waters of a nearby lake they would be safe. They were.. for the most part. Climbing out many of them found themselves rapidly mutated, some dying off of course, but the few that managed to cling onto life, their minds driving them forward to survive.Those that survived the hellish landscape the first couple of days and that were able to actually manage. Small huts that reached out above the river were made, using the old woods as a platform with the river as a place for swimming and drawing water from (Of course the water would be boiled first to remove salt). Hydroponics is the system that is largely used to grow plants as the soil is a bit to irradiated as of yet to consider planting food in the ground. They are generally scavengers, finding and constructing equipment based on whatever they could find around the local area, building their own tools and the like through general know-how and innovation.

Government type: Republic

Religion: If a god existed they wouldn't have let this happen

Starting location:West-Between Brackish water river fertile lands, and Dark woods

Settlement name: Croak Creek

Color: Pink
Population addendum: Minor psyonic capabilities. Those that spend too much time around them slowly go insane as their poison afflicts their mind. Typical afflictions are loud and constant croaks, delusions, and extreme paranoia They are immune to these affects themselves and the more there are the stronger and faster the effect is and occurs.
Action List:

Action 1: Practice stealth tactics.
The world is big and horrible. Full of irradiated beasts, monsters, and humanoids. It is incredibly important to survival that they be able to hide and strike prey or larger enemies from the shadows. Taking advantage of the flora and fauna to drive a threat insane before taking it down with a small arm

Action 2: Scavenge for rss
Be it food, raw material, sources of energy, or a cache of some sort, look for it and try to properly claim it for the Bog.
Is there still room?
File: Wasteland 1 (Turn 1).png (523 KB, 1604x2410)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
>Turn 1 Updates [So horribly late, if I ever pull this shit again you all have the right and duty to beat my ass.]

The hunters of Ushah spread out through the forests, seeking prey for the new people of Amerii. Kicking up clods of old growth dead leaves, a creature is spotted. Resembling pre-Fall deer, these forest dwelling mammals are small, about the size of a large dog, allowing them to duck under foliage and evade predators. Their antlers seem to be coated in differing metals per specimen, though the young do not possess this trait. Noticeable mutations other than the mineralization of the antlers, is the apparent weakness of the heart- due to the constant stress on the cardiovascular system and heavy metal poisoning in the animals causing eventually heart failure.

The consumption of this beast is filling, however it has been noticed that some of the first hunters have taken to wearing headbands, disguising the new growths upon their foreheads from the others, as bone begins to bud under the skin. There may be effects from long term and constant consumption.

The Festival of Flags is established, where all the old tribes bring out their ancestral tattered flags- a flag raising ceremony commences followed by a feast. The people are hopeful for the future to come, the relics of a near-forgotten past flutter in the wind as liberty's bell rings once again (despite the original having been melted to slag)

>The Irradiate
>1st Irradiate Convoy Formed using 200 Pop
The young thrall head east, leaving the city's ruins, the urban sprawl giving way to nature's grasp as the asphalt turns to light grass, and quickly deep forests. The scent of blood grows stronger on the breeze, and the splintered skeletons of broken trees paint a clear trail. Following the destruction, the thralls come to a large skid of ripped open ground, as if a giant dragged their finger through the woods and carved a great rent through the soil. Several dozens of meters further lays a large metal finned orb, flaming oil drips from around the craft, and within lays about 50 corpses laying in the welter of their gore- the chunky salsa staining the white padding of their great bulky suits, and the golden orbs upon their heads are filled with blood.

>+50 Pop for Turn 2

The Thralls comb the city ruins, forming patrols and beginning to make the concrete jungle their home. Rubble is dragged to block certain roads leading to the Throng, and not too late. Feral dogs come snapping at the thralls just as they take refuge within the confines of the Throng until the canines move on. The broken bodies of the skyscrapers make for fine vantage points, once a good cable is found to send the thralls scurrying up.

File: Faction Roster Turn 1.png (97 KB, 480x720)
97 KB
To the north across the river after a scouting party of droids returns, a strange foliage is spotted. Resembling a date palm in the trunk, the "leaves" of the tree is a fine fiberous photosynthesis-capable polymer composed of 9%Radium 11%Carbon 70%Silica 10%Various Organic Molecules. The cultivation of such a flora may be used for the harvesting of fissile material capable of a "slow-burn" radioactive decay [powering small hand held low power tools/weapons for droids]

The suspension and affixing of clods of mud, strands of moss, and twigs does make for a silly sight with many of the droids having to adjust the way they move to prevent the immediate scraping of their camouflage from their forms. While it does slow the speed of travel for some of the clunkier models, the Vegetation Visual Obstruction Shield is a fine addition to keep the Emeraldine's finest safe from the armed outsiders.

A hidden droid picks up a sliver of conversation from the apparently monthly patrols-

>"Say Jameson, when we get back to Fort Bleed, you can ask the General why he wants the frontier to be scouted since the barb raids- get'ch ya head out of your ass, and pick up the pace you puke! Double time!"
The party of 12 men continued south for several miles before the scout turned back.

>Paladins of Fidnigh
The sea has never been kind to man, matter of fact it could be said that it has been a source of eternal restlessness at best, and a foul monster at worst. The waters of the Wastelands exemplify this more than any other sea. Large briny oil pools meet with spitting chunks of sodium metal or lithium, creating large explosive long burning fires. A manner of "River-Watch" is formed- the firemen hauling the hissing reactive metals from the shore and quickly coating them in nonreactive salt. The oil is still a risk, but the number of total fires is reduced by this preventative measure, allowing more resources to go to the remaining fires.

>1st Paladin Convoy Formed using 200 Pop
The proud knights of FDNY fall upon the foul river dragons with righteous fury, carving the crocadillian skulls in twain with their crimson, perhaps the scaled hide may be useful considering it protects the beasts from the river?

A corral is formed for the cattle, and the fatty and rich flesh of the beast soon feed the current and future knights to come. The milk of the beasts however is curdled and glowing, and no man dares touch it.

>The Deep Realm
>1st Deep Convoy Formed using 200 Pop
The sailors of the Fathomking set out beneath several metric tons of water leaving Fathomhold, but as they near the shore, the periscope is raise- and the scouting sub proceeds to begin using basic visual modes along with a thermal vision scanner to determine the scavengers picking over the wrecks. Seemingly a naval contingent that was out on formation right when the holocaust began, and the blast fried the men- leaving the scored metal tubs to drift ashore like toys tossed away. The scavengers are sorry lot, not particularly nasty or threatening, but most definitely desperate and hungry. The seem to be searching for any food, or materials that could be recycled for a water purifier or hydroponics. A good deal of the military goods are seemingly being left besides for small hand held arms. Namely the broadside gauss cannons. A possible carrier is noted, but the aircraft are likely all ruined from disuse.

The crabs methods of surviving the ruined waters, and breaching the hulls of our subs with ease is revealed after the slaying of one beast. The creatures seemingly absorb radioactive isotopes, and concentrate it outside the shell along spines in the legs and the serrations of the pincers. The concentrated isotopes serve as a depleted uranium tank shell analog, the sheer force of the crabs thrusting the material against the hull causes it to spray and flake off and combust- frying the crew inside while waters pour in alongside. Thankfully the crustaceans can be detected now by being on the lookout for the amount of radiation the adults give off.

>Cult of Arthron

A cultivar of a fat fruit the size of a man's fist is found along the mountainside, and a vinery is set up. The sugary flesh is a deep starchy that can be roasted or boiled. It is also found that the fruit can be fermented by having a barrel of the orange thin skinned fruit being forgotten for about a month.

The Hook-Bees/Wasps? are studied from afar, when is confirmed that they are most definitely a wasp after a seagull attacks the nest, confusing it for easy carcasses. The pecking of the bird scatters some larva to the ground with its throwing of some fish bones before the myriad of buzzing wasp impale it and weave it into the nest to repair the holes it left. An opportunity is noted- An Ascended has the opportunity to either
>A- Take the larva into his flesh- serving as their new hive
>B- Attempt to return the larva to the hive

>Pelamun Sandtraulers
>Panen Constellation formed using 300 Pop
Captain Catatan drives the Constellation across the plain with a calm determination and certain air. As the ships rumbled over familiar lands, the crews
laughed and joked, hopeful of the green pastures on the other side great range. However as the two land ships neared the great tunnel, several thing became clear. Namely the "Hyper Access Tunnel" had seen far better days. Auxiliary power barely kept half a dozen red blinking emergency light flickering, and most worrisome were the clear signs of foot traffic, as if a great many people had come charging through this tunnel not even a day earlier. As the time come to consider entering the tunnel and begin making the passage through, it's noted that while there is just enough space for the ships to past side by side [taking up 10 of the 20 lanes each] means that as they head into the tunnel they will need to let one go ahead if there is obstructions blocking the path.

Using the Lodestar's operational computer with the fleet's blackbox monitoring system, the mother-ship is able to send "packets" of data relaying messages to auxiliary ships, and using a dinky sub process, allow the auxiliary ship send a response report. However the shortcomings are quickly noted, namely
>Only the Lodestar can currently send messages, auxiliary ships could be converted to hold the equipment however
>The only way auxiliary ships can communicate with the Lodestar is if the mother-ship contacts them first.

Fording the river is a nerve-wracking process, as it leaves the ships incredibly vulnerable with the crew being focused on the stability of the land prowlers. Once reaching the ruins, a squatters village of scavengers is investigated first - these people make their living picking over the city and finding the workable scrap. The elder junker presents a pump module that would be serviceable, but something rubs the crew the wrong way. After the deal is finished for simple foodstuffs, an engineer notices a tracking beacon upon the module. He believes it could be removed without impeding the integrity of the pump, but it is noted that there is an explosive primer upon the tracker.
>Ark Nix

The dedicated crews set about pulling mutt-fish from the bay are not the most pleased about the stinking scent that clings to men of their occupation, but the flood of ample food causes an explosion of new mouths soon to come.
>Population Boom- Foods supply increase has your people hopeful. Take your population roll this turn and multiply it 1.5X

Ships sent to sail around the crags take care to scan the seabottom to prevent their running afoul of the rocks along with the long dead sailors. Only a small part of the crags actually are visible from the surface, making ignorant sailors going through the range dance with the devil and often lose. Recent small fishing vessels dot the rocks, but most notable is a gargantuan battleship- and if the markings are presumed to be correct : One of the few thorium liners of the Pre-Fall World nearly snapped in half upon the rocks and not yet in meltdown seemingly.

>Order of Pyrmaton

As the Order moves through the forest, two major ruins choked by natures strangle are found in the brush. Namely a scrapyard that is coated in a heavy blanket of radiation, no doubt an engine of a vehicle inside has been compromised and is leaking. Secondly is gutted factory, many of the metal working lathes and foundries remain, but the exact production machines for the apparent product were destroyed as a part of copyright protection in the wake of the Fall.

As the sons of Pyrm trail through the trees, a moss that settles upon the bark is noted to add stability to the sages visions when fermented. The scrap glyphs coat every inch of the the Order's daily life now, as soon as the children can they are taught to read the sigils that tell them even more of the world. From the tree jumping wolven, to the cruel hole digging shag-moles, the knights will be prepared to face the Wasteland with the most important weapon of all- a well trained mind.

Reaching the sea of green grasses as the land drops down into a large lake basin, the Order of Pyrmaton sees a wonderful land for the taking.

>El Diablos

>1st Diablo Convoy formed using 300 Pop
Falling upon the unprepared shepardic villagers, creeping from their bombed out holes- the El Diablos soon whet their gullets with man flesh- the other white meat. The wealth of brains is a sure boost to the power of Hell's Kitchen. For the shepherds had a map, showing where their friends hide.

The smoke only grows, the Burned scrambling up the crag and soon realizing the crumbling rocks make it a far too risky endeavor.
>-10 Population
The scouts say they will need some sort of either rigging, or stakes to anchor themselves to scale the mountain face. Another considered route is attempting to find an ascending cave to possibly reach the top, but that may be just a human goose chase.

People of Tarn

Haven's beloved walk from their home into the waist high sea of saw grasses and scrubs, on guard for the hounds they make sure to stay alert, and form around one another to protect each other from the snapping jaws A few scouts are lost to the horde

>-20 Population
However great tracks of ground are scouted, to the far east black barked trees with brown-green leaves squat fat over the ground, seemingly afraid to reach for the skies. To the south is a sea far fouler than the one to the east, where a stench leaves the nose stinging, and even grasses struggle to grow. Shrimp with too many legs struggle to swim to brown-yellow algae, vomiting multiple times trying to finish it toxic meal.

>Electrite Technocracy

>1st Electrite Convoy formed using 200 Pop
The masked engineers set out into the wasteland, leaving the lighted safety of the Foundry for the first time.

>What you know thus far?

>To the East - The Foul Sea stretches on into the horizon, some burned fish flop upon the shore and gasp with bulbous eyes. Many Electrites take to kicking them back in as an activity.

>To the South- Grasslands stretch out, but water can be heard rushing in the distance by scouts, rapids perhaps?

>To the West- Simple scrap covers the ground, basic metals fit for reuse if not too corroded. As scouts push onward, a frightful substance is encountered. A blue colbalt-thorium mixture that seems to be consuming the other metals of the scattered trash. It has no ill effects besides the usual radiation exposure upon the flesh, but has a tendency to "hitch a ride" on prosthetics. It's speculated that with enrichment and refinement, the material will be fit for use in the reactor, allowing for expansion upon the power draw of the Foundry.

>Unity of Bog
>Your turn has not been added to map yet, but will receive text update, please submit turn 2 and both will be updated as turn 2.

The Frog folk strengths do not lie in brutalizing threats or fleeing with great speed. By never being noticed at all, the amphibian psychics are free to bombard the swamp-pigrats that wander into Croak Creek with their hostile delusion, the beasts tiring themselves out as they are chased by mud covered croaking lily pads.

To the south, a great structure made of white stone all in one piece stands unbroke, filled with a great many relics of the pre-Fall age. It is said the Hu-mies used to ride these smoke spitting iron beasts across the land. Perhaps the Frog Folk may find a use for it?

>You found a parking garage

>Op nows rest.
1 action: And they shall continue to take advantage of their stealthy nature. Now having a new place to train as well in the form of a great structure of the pre-Fall age to practice in a different style of terrain

1 action: If these iron beasts could roam across the land then they should make great use as for transports to and from places as well as general moving of goods. Studies will be done into how these contraptions work, what they need to move around, and which ones are still safe to use.
>action 1
With the tribed united this provides a great opportunity, as the years have moved by and the fall becomes a further and further distant memory the history of our people has faded. to fight against this we will gather the lore keepers and storytellers of the many tribes so that we can piece back together our history so that we might begin to reclaim our past.

Action 2
develop animal herding, these metal deer provide us with a source of metal and meat, it is prudent that we begin herding and taming them for our uses.
>Sharpening of the Plains
The forests restricted the speed with which the order could develop its strong suits, but with the emergence into the plains they may be able to live out their new spirit, no longer fearing the very foliage itself. But capable of developing the skills needed to survive the plains, honing their capabilities of hunting the beasts of the plain alongside small bouts of spearing the fish of the waters.
Action 2:
The region of the great lake is explored, expeditions zoom along the rivers. Hopefully something more usable than the irradiated deathtrap and the dead factory may be found.
Action 1: Expand again, north along the mountain and river.
The mountain may yet offer advantages, and the river feeds fertile land, perfect for our original goals.

Action 2: Fissile Flora cultivation.
Cultivating a large amount of this plant will solve our fuel situation for the foreseeable future, and allow for small powered tools to be developed soon.

Initial thoughts in the council lean towards a short ranged energy weapon of some sort once the resource is exploited, while the consensus of the rank and file appears to move towards upgrading the lethality of gardening tools to recycle subroutines rather than learn new ones, laziness.
1. Send a talented crew to search through the battleship wreckage for threats and, if none are found, begin salvaging operations. We may learn some things from these old ships.
2. With the growing desire for expansion and exploration beyond the safe waters groups of hardy sailors begin to group together to a new armada (convoy) called the Northstar Armada.

Convoy: The Northstar Armada immediately starts their adventures by mapping the southern coast where the natives where found.
>Infest copses and make them throngs
-The significance of the strange sight is lost upon the Throng, still graced by the ignorance of its young and unlearned mind. But where lack of insight fails, instinct would pave the way. The strange object itself, though damaged, remains mainly intact and would make suitable shelter. The Thralls begin working to cover the burning ground around them in dirt to extinguish the fires, plugging the holes in the craft with trash and debris they could find around the site. After securing the object, the thrall began inhabiting the craft. Using the bodies within, the thrall would infest the corpses for both food and shelter, and overtime their infestation would grow to shape new throngs within these bodies.

>Scout the city to see what might be buried/hidden.
- As its body grows, the first throng knows that so too will its hunger. Though it has ample sustenance for now, it would rather embrace a prudent outlook, as nobody wants to be starving AND look for food a the same time. With this goal in mind, the thrall begin further exploring the city in search of new hunting grounds, exploring buildings and underground networks it had yet to scurry through.
>>Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Action 1: See if any junkers know of any particular big, but hard to manage caches of salvage still within the ruins. Try to see if there is some sort of deal that can be reached by going together to unearth it and providing transport back to their camp. Otherwise, just go ourselves and do some salvage without them.
The people here are shrewd to say the least. Resourceful. But even then, there are potential resources untapped due to a lacking in safe transportation or simple size. The landships should be more than enough to carry any sizable loads back and forth, and that potential is powerful leverage to any salvager. See if some of the local junkers are willing to split some loot in exchange for helping each other out in acquiring it. Otherwise, these ruins fit for plunder in solitude.

>Action 2: Investigate into freezing equipment or technology, either among our stock, the junker's, or in the ruins. Let's see if we can use it to temporarily disable the primer on the tracker before a careful removal. Either way, don't install the pump yet.
The people here are shrewd, and as is often the case in the wastelands, right proper bastards. Though the tracking beacon isn't the most dangerous thing to have lodged on their ship, its' as much the principle of the insult. And while the detonation likely wouldn't be overly damaging to the ship or the people, losing a pump we paid good money for is just as much of a problem. Some of the crew aboard the Alpha Centauri suggest chilling the primer material and trigger to radical temperatures, enough to prevent either from activating.

>Convoy Action: Panen Constellation - Continue to explore along the mountain range to the west, and then down the coast, for anything of note.
Captain Catatan is experiencing one of the more unfortunate features of being in a major position of leadership. That is, having to moderate and mediate between several different points of view and directions to head into. Right now, the crews and his fellow officers seem divided on if it would be best to meet up with the Lodestar and report back on their discoveries, or brave the tunnels in search of what it might hold, possibly even a pump. It is only the timely message sent from the Lodestar that helps solidify his decision.
The Alpha Centauri was able to acquire a pump, though it might require some extra steps, this means that they no longer have a driving reason to search beyond the mountains for new salvage. Catatan mutters under his breath a sign of relief. Though the land ships are powerful and mighty in many ways, they are exceptionally prone to ambush. And in these tunnels, with such amounts of foot traffic and little scouting intel, that seems highly likely. Though there would be much to gain from the other side, the cost of losing not just one but two auxiliary ships in the unmapped tunnels would be unrecoverable. For now, the fleet will continue to map out and explore the region before them.
hm yes, is it still open?

While a good source of food in the form of the fruit that was found was created, there was still a need to ensure that it was a stable and solid source. And, likewise there was a need for a good source of water. Efforts to gain some sort of stable supply of water, be it from an underground aquifer or some other source would be taken, so that the people of the cult would be able to have an easy time getting one of the most important resources that the world had to offer. Not only would it better protect the crops and people from a drought and lack of rain, but it also meant that a centralized location for gathering water could be made, and this also could aid in the curios little thing of fermenting the fruit that was found, and also somewhat more importantly, expand the farms further than their current extent. If access to water could be found and made, much more progress could be done and worries about providing for more faithful and converts in the near future could be soothed, and efforts in other area's worked upon as well.

Other than this, further observation and learning of the children of Vespus would be done. Naturally the Ascended who had a chance to do something with the larva would try to return them to the hive after a short bit of thinking. Trying to serve as their new hive would, while certainly brave and something Vespus likely would appreciate, was also likely fatal in the mid to long term, and also likely extremely painful. Meanwhile simply returning them, while risky and dangerous if the Hook Wasps didn't realize the intention was a kind one, was significantly less likely to result in a long and drawn out death if things went wrong, and was also likely to avoid any sort of pain if things went well. It also would give greater insight into how the varying Hook Wasps went about their business, and further potentially show how we wish to help them in a mutual relationship, something that would continue to be worked upon, at least for the time being. More faithful work would likely be done with the success of gaining Vespus' children as allies.

>Action One. Attempt to get a clean water source of some sort.

>Action Two. Continue to try and domesticate the wasps.


Action 1 - Expand South
The blazing grasslands, choked with flaming oil and reactive elements, proved a harsh and tumultuous landscape. Even this barren hellscape could be harnessed though, but that would take time. Better to look to more verdant lands, elsewhere. The Forests to the south, thick trees shrouding untold mysteries.

Action 2 - Establish camp/building for resource extraction.
Hardy wood, hopefully, would be found when the trees were harvested. Calling this camp a lumbermill, farm or laboratory was very much a great stretch, but the Servants would work tirelessly to explore, harvest and harness what they could of the newly explored lands. Trees, herbs, new creatures, who knows what they would find!

Convoy Action - Maintain location, roughly, but patrol within reasonable distance along the coastline. See if the crocodiles remain a constant threat, or if their numbers have been suitably thinned.
File: PipeBomb-GTAV.png (266 KB, 760x290)
266 KB
266 KB PNG
1. Proper Tools for Proper Jobs
The residents of Hell's Kitchen may not be refined, but they're crafty, and they've learned from everyone they've ever killed (and eaten). The secrets of manufacturing simple tools from the salvage of Hell's Kitchen was far from new to them, but it was perhaps time for the El Diablos to step it up a little and get to manufacturing more advanced tools for various tasks. As the raiding party returns from a good hunt they also come with knowledge of another settlement. Big Brain may be as hungry as everyone else, but the brains of every tactician he'd ever eaten told him to take a moment to gather strength and prepare for a bigger fight. He instructed the Diablos with knowledge of toolmaking, salvage, and weaponsmithing to set up shop in an area of Hell's Kitchen and get to work making shit that worked. The district would be well supplied with capture manflesh as well as local wildlife to support their cannibal diets. It wasn't quite an advanced society, but it was something resembling civilization.

2. The Little Booms
A part of this wider industrial shift was the planning of new equipment for raiders. It was one thing to gut a paleskin with a spear. It was another thing when they shot back. There was a man in Hell's Kitchen who had eaten a woman that had a solution to their problem. She called herself a chemist, but more important than her title was her (and now his) ability to manufacture crude pipe bombs. IT wasn't glorious. Frankly it was a shitty composite crammed into a literal metal tube, but it would work in a pinch as an effective means of ending a person or getting through a door.
I do have an open slot, if you fill out a faction submission and post it and it's approved I'll drop the discord link then. Feel free to ask any questions.
> study the fish for a possible use
Our people still require nutrient paste, despite how evolved we are, and our stocks are running low. Perhaps this... creature... can help us?

> isolate the blue metal with walls of stone
We must not let this thing spread! Iron is necessary for the continued survival of our people, and therefore any threat to it must be limited. Study will come later, after safety is obtained

The sight of the ruined contingent is saddening, as it always is, but if the scavengers are as harmless as they seem the wrecks will still be there later and it might not be worthwhile to potentially reveal ourselves this early but a rapid response unit will maintain watch over the wrecks and act if any serious attempt at the more useful hardware is made. We have gained further access to the ocean and will use it to explore further in search of potential reliable food or raw material sources and further ocean-floor expansion while we will send a large contingent to the other Island to our south for potential inhabitants and settlement by us. The task will be handed to the reigning Lord Admiral of House Hayreddin, expert Marines and Melee Brawlers who are as prideful as they are brash and loud, exactly the traits desired as we intend to capture the island in a storm and undo any potential opposition that might escape to the mainland. While we are not against assimilation of Land Dwellers secrecy has the highest priority and any that will be integrated are to be separated and send back to the Fathomhold to remain under the waves. Of course House Hayreddin will have first pick of potential lands on the southern island depending on their success with the disciplined pragmatics of House Störte and the stoic merchants of House Nakhimov readied to take the rest or aid the Hayreddins if necessary.

Best case scenario the entire island is deserted even if that might disappoint the Hayreddins. The Operation will be started with the full rites of the Pantheon and every vessel blessed by the Shrinekeepers before departure in the name of the patron gods of the three Houses: Njörd, Rusalka and Aquaman.for good fortune, a speech and demonstrations of power by the Fathomking and the Lord Admirals themselves, all typical standard fare and more about getting every submariner, marine and sailor enthusiastic for the operation and to be the first of us to begin the journey to retake the Land.

>Action One: Further Explore the polluted Ocean for resources and potential expansion spots.

>Action Two: Establish a foothold on the southern Island under House Hayreddin to prepare the full conquest of the Island. Either eradicating or assimilating any potential natives.
Rolled 6, 46, 99, 22, 53, 45, 17, 74, 63, 99, 34, 77 = 635 (12d100)

Wasteland Turn 2
>Turn 2 Updates

>Unity of Bog
Jumping between the layers of the featureless concrete not only helps build the muscles of the frogfolk, but also toughen their pads for the travels to come. Taking advantage of their unique grip, the training future warriors of Croak Creek learn how to do dazzling displays of alacrity and evasion for whatever dangers may be. The long open chambers of the "Parking Garage" do provide an interesting effect to the croaks, creating a resonance and echoes. One frog folk sounds like one hundred. The cacophony is quite exquisite.

The iron beasts come in an array of forms, some are of same make or model, but bear different metal hides. A cursory examination reveals that the innards of the beasts differ as much as their skins. Some seem to run via a combustion of a solvent like oil substance, that makes a frog folks skin burn and sting of poison and pain. Other seem to take run from stored "electricity" found a poor frog-lad, shocking his tongue. These models are pushed out into the sun, where their black topped hides seem to drink in the sun's rays, and the light's and cool air from within are a neat comfort. Finally- and the least of the beast's number, are those that bear a small reacting core of the same frightful material that caused the Fall. These beast's show no hunger in their bellies. (Nuclear powered cars have no fuel tank reading, just a constantly reacting core)

The Lorekeepers assemble in Ushah's Haven, to compile the total history of their peoples from the very beginning. This creates a stronger bond between the people of Ushah's Haven, and with it comes a desire among the people- A leader to take Ushah's Haven to new heights.

"Long Ago, Before the Fall broke the horizon with fire and death, long ago before the mut-squirrel and hound were warped, the people of Ushah- also called Ame-ricahco, were tormented by a foul Overlord 'Kang Jorge', until a great hero emerged from the people 'Jorge Washed-in-Town'. Born in Virgin-Land, he lead the Ame-ricahco in rebellion, establishing the first 13 states of Ushah! The newly crowned 'Pressed-Indent' led the people for 4 years, before returning home to rest. Our story continues on through several more 'Pressed-Indent' before a-....."

>Historical Accuracy may take time

The metal deer are controlled by fencing a portion of the forest, and attempting to take the lone mothers while giving birth. Soon a corralled herd is formed for stable meat supply. However it is noted that these captive deer do not display the metallic horns of their wild brethren, it is believed that the metals comes from a part of their diet they aren't getting in their pens.

>Going to post Sky's Update and then sleep, need to touch up the rest, tomorrow after I drop off gf I can hammer those out and post the roster.
File: Wasteland 2 (Turn 2).png (556 KB, 1604x2410)
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556 KB PNG

>Order of Pyrmaton
The horned swine snorts through his saber length tusks, the dirt clods fall from the old boars face with soft thuds, he looks upon his small family with all the pride a beast can bear- the young piglets will be sprouting daggers soon, and his many wives are already pregnant. It is a good day.

A howling purple haired man going 120/mph spears the old boar with the force of a freight train, the light trail of his hover bike casting dirt and dust as he banks left, tearing after the scattering swine along with the other hunters. It is a simple hunt, but it has been noted large solitary felines linger on the horizon, following the hunters and scavenging what they leave.

To the west, a cave by the mountains base is noted as markable, for the warm air that emanates from it, along with echoes of voices. Down across the lakes span to the south, a city's broken ruin's lay in decay. Some possible scrap or noticeable building may be found with further examination.

>I now sleep
Turn 1: Reforest east
Turn 2: attempt to tame dogs.
This is me, sorry.
File: Wasteland 2 (Turn 2).png (553 KB, 1604x2410)
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553 KB PNG
>Added your turn to map

The scouts push through the fertile grasslands after the small fissile tree grove, the land perfect for other growth if the droids needs be. Surface scans and samples from the mountains reveal copious amounts of iron, tin, and trace amounts of tungsten. A means of extracting these metals would yield great gains to productive capability states the rank and file. Across the river bank, a city ruin is spotted, but the scouts hold back; for it seems a group of humans riding "Olds Model Hardy David'son Hover Chopper 3000" in a scouting formation. New neighbors to the north lay in wait.

The trees take to cultivation around the river bank, the droids gather spools of fissile fibers from cuttings. After a minor enrichment process, the material displays usage for the total powering of the Greenhouse, when a minor amount is inlaid within a hedge trimmer blade and energized, it displays a quick burning plasma effect- although the material is consumed over time and does need to be replaced after combat. A possible means of ranged attack would be energizing the in a centrifuge like device, then when it is the glowing plasma screen, a magnetic field can be emplaced around the plasma, and flung using negative magnetic forces.

>Arc Nix
The aged wrecks bear little threats besides some snapped electrical cables, a few sputtering anti-infantry turrets, and wall mounted mines. Thankful with a few "disposable" deck scrubbers and electrogrenades, the levels of the snapped battleship reveal great water damage where the bulkheads were breached, but auto sealing doors saved many holds. The thorium reactor shut itself off upon reaching unsafe levels- her previous crew granting an act of mercy upon the once mighty ship. The weapons consist of 20 broadside gauss cannons for bombardment, but there is no way of firing them with the currently absent power supply. It may be possible to remove the guns and mount them individually on smaller craft. Albeit the recoil would be humorous.

>1st Northstar Armada formed using 200 Pop.

Sailing around the coast, the natives signs are clear as day, and it seems they have grown downright hateful if not hostile. Large stones spelling "Hooli Go Home" in their tongue. Palms bearing glowing coconuts, and large flightless birds pick at the sands, which are hunted by the natives for food. At the southernmost corner, natives come into sight of your ships, chucking spears, rocks, and firing rifles. The people bear strange shelled mutations, warping their faces into calcified grimaces of pain.
>The Irradiate
After the fires are cast out, and holes plugged with dirt and dung; the construct is seized, a smaller Throng fills the metal shell with chitin and irradiated flesh, its gnashing maw wriggles out of the open door. The new flesh already aids the labor pool and mental power, new throngs soon to come after gestation, a new generation unlike any other.

The thralls wriggle and scuttle through the city, hunting the dogs by lowering nooses of cable, and pulling their prey up to be feasted on with their brothers. Squeezing through the tunnels and delicious scented sewers, deep below a cavern of [filth, radioactive waste, and feces] the Wasteland's greatest gift to come, ample food if processed and cultivated for many nymph thralls deep below. The underground tunnel systems are mapped, no one knows the city like the Irradiate now, their glorious playground it has become. A team of thralls can travel unseen, undetected, strike and return, with none the wiser.

>Pelamun Sandtraulers

The ruin squatters tell you of old Pre-Fall automated military facility to the north of the city. It's lights still flicker, and from a distance it is easy to see the sealed bunker elevator on the surface. The scavengers state that any time before they had approached they were blasted with heavy machine gun and laser fire, and they have never had the means of properly assaulting the place to turn off the defenses and open the elevator. When you send scouts to the facility, they are able to get within 100 yards before a robotic verbalization blared from speakers screams at them.

The rudimentary security A.I. continues on quoting reasons for why it wants to shoot in the face if you get close. Seemingly the raised command tower is the site of A.I. as well as the elevator controls.

Spraying a canister of liquid nitrogen upon the primer, your engineers set about attempting to remove the deep frozen device. Sweaty foreheads are wiped, and muttered curses mixed with prayers are said as the torches cut around the explosive. As the tracker disconnects, a hollow 'click' heard as the engineers cry and scream, before looking down at the inert device. Realizing their good fortune, the device is swiftly thrown from the ship, least the lingering signal make it's way to the explosive as it thaws. The pump is installed and the Auxiliary Ship Arcturus is back to full functionality!

Panen Constellation, thanking their luck, takes the scenic route across the coast. Taking a wide berth from what was once a power transformer station, now home to a ever whipping and sparking form of 'living electricity'. It spits and hisses, swinging cables and arcs of current in almost a 100 yard span from the power station. Pushing south, they come across an seemingly still functioning Sat-Com facility, used to communicate with space orbiting satellites. By studying some of the tech, your engineers believe they could retrofit an Auxiliary ship to have advanced navigation and communication capabilities. A shattered road is found linking to the ruin where the Lodestar awaits.

>Cult of Arthron

Higher up the mountain, a small stream is found, and widened. The water babbled and laps its way down, collecting in a retaining pond for living and irrigation purposes. It will need expanding and dedicated filtration with any more expansion however if the Cult means to survive. With the ample supply of water and mutfruit, mutfruit cider enters the Wasteland with haste and much revelry.

As the Ascended quickly palms and places the larva back into the hive, a few wasps skewer his hands, but he remains steady, and continues his task. Vespus shall reward determination in the face of pain and adversity; he mutters to himself through gritted teeth. The maggot like larva squirm and dance in his bloodied hands, drinking deeply and cooing. As he places the creatures into the hive, the adults merely watch and receive the larva by gently grasping them. The blood soaks into the hive and the tone of buzzing switches to a gentle hum rather than a frenzied grinder. Over time, placements of gifts of fish, and having Ascended dance around the hive has lured out some adults to come rest upon the heads of the Cult's finest. Though they seem content to merely rest upon their altered perches.

>Paladins of Fidnigh

The southern forests are rich and plentiful with life of both plants and beasts. Hooting monkeys throw down their dung at the loggers while they work- cackling when they get a man clear in the face. Something described only as "Murder-Birds" stalks the deeper regions of the forests. Seemingly intelligent enough to leave patrols of knights alone, they pick apart the servants like mincemeat when over extended.

The trees provide ample lumber for construction, and a strange fungus upon the bark is noted for its pain killing effects, albeit the sedation is rather powerful as well. The soil is combed for other oddities, but it is taking longer than expected (wait till next turn)

The convoy prowls the first 2 'fingers' out to sea, many cattle herds are found and brought to the ranch. The foul crocs bear a cruel intelligence, hiding out in the deep, and when a poor servant goes to the riverbank to relieve himself, he is pulled in by two of the reptiles working in tandem.
>El Diablos

The workshop springs up in Hell's Kitchen, and the vast array of stabbing, slicing, and bludgeoning instruments of Crimson slaughter that now fill the hands of the Burned fans the fires of the cannibals. Rudimentary climbing spikes would be well within your people's grasp if they wished to continue trying to scale the peak. A cultural implementation of the workshop comes to be, namely in the manner of the new cookware and utensils that flood the settlement. Man meat sizzling on a griddle beats a spit roast any day.

The basic explosives do the job for firepower via concussive blast and the shrapnel of the pipe. After a few lost fingers and mangled hands (hey those grow back right?) most of the smarter brain eaters get down the techniques of arming, and throwing. The devices are kept out of the hands of the delinquent members, who find it great fun to toss a bomb into the room of a sleep Burned, perhaps a punishment for these wasteful miscreants?

>Electrite Technocracy
The muck fish gasp and wheeze as they are bagged and hauled off to the Nutri-Paste Grinder, their smaller young hiding in the sands. Though the mush tastes of metal and mud, and needs to be choked down with ample water to help fight the intense salt content; it does not spoil even when not stored, and fills the belly all the same. It's found that pressing the mush into bricks and drying it makes for a better means of transporting the dried fish while away.

Moving away earth and stone exposes more iron, as the wall forms around the hungry reactive metals. The cobalt/thorium still seems to be seeping into the river however, but the open field of iron scrap is the Electrite’s to plunder.
>The Deep Realm
The reaches of the northern ocean's foul depths hide trash and scrap galore, a field of copper piping and wires slagged beside iron rail pieces and old train cars lay upon the silly bed, while oil Auroras dance on the waters surface below. Either a dedicated convoy could pick over the scrap reef, or an establish rig to harvest it.

House Heyreddin meets very little resistance and they establish their foothold, firing their guns and sending the natives running before they came to shore. Once the base is secured however, they are set upon by nightly raids, as soon as the sun sets. The natives are massive men, most breaking 8 Feet tall. Their faces are painted green and bones are imbedded in their backs. Bearing firebombs and explosive spears, the tall warriors seemingly shrug off bullet fire with a smile unless massive trauma is inflicted to the head or heart. The foothold states they will need immediate support soon or they fear they may soon be overrun.

>Cry from native warrior before attack
>"Du Kommst zu unsere Heimat, Meermensch, Sterben kommt von Reikslander Spieß! AYAYAYAY!"

>People Of Tarn
Th6e new growth fills the soil around Haven, birds calls once more fill the plains, and the gentle shadows block the unyielding sun. Nursed by Tarnish hand, fir and birch both have their claim once more in the Wasteland.

The hounds of the plains are as cruel as ever, but a small number brought into the forest have calmed, even allowing pets upon their tender sunburnt hides. The dogs prefer to langish under the trees trunks, at last enjoying a break from the Sun's bite upon their flesh.
1 action: (Explore the northern plains)
The iron beasts that use the same material as what caused the end of everything are to not be used right now. Not until better equipment is developed to prevent any issues that the material might cause. The electric ones are to be used and maintained for now, and brought back to the general encampment to be used as machines for longer exploration missions.Kept away from the waters and towards the outskirts, they are taken out and used on the northern plains where they might be able to get the energy they need and to not instantly break them with poor terrain. Hopefully something could be found there.

1 action: Stealth practices in the plains
The world is a dangerous place, and the cover isn't always going to be good.the plains are a great example of this, and need to hide in plain sight at some point is apparent, so new training is to be done there as a means at getting good in all terrain, especially that in where the people of Bog might be picked off in a place of low cover.

With a source of water for the cult, focus could shift to other things. Of course, the current amount of water was a bit on the small side, but further expansion would require filters and technology that the cult lacked. Of course, Korem and a decent number of others know what a filter is, and what it does, but not how it works exactly or how to make it. As while there are ways of actually getting clean water, there weren't ways that were able to turn a entire irrigation system clean. But, it was something which could be worked upon further with time, as the clean water alone was enough to celebrate with the other use that their fruit could give. Still, with the report of what happened with the wasps, and how the brave ascended managed to properly place the larva back and with it create a sort of connection with Vespus' children, they would work to further that connection. With the adult Hook Wasps content to rest with and on the Ascended members of the cult, it was clear that a bit further connection could be made with some further rituals and offerings, along with some staying with the hook wasps for some time to better learn from them and learn of them to establish an understanding of sorts. It still would take time, but with it, there was a bit more than a ally in one of the Broodmother's children, and that was Vespus' attention...

There was hope that, with so much focus on Vespus' children of late, and the bravery shown by some of the Ascended, that the blessings she could bestow in the ritualized caves would be able to come to pass. Of course, Korem would be the one to try and divine the proper ritual, as they were the prophet of the faith and as such had the greatest connection with the Broodmothers, but it was clear early on that there wasn't a different ritual to gain the form of the children of one of the Broodmothers. No, it was decided in the traditional ritual. All that was needed was their favor to allow one to potentially take such a form, and naturally only those who were closest to that Broodmother would become akin to them. Even so, it was likely that the cults efforts in the near future, now that basic supply of the key needs of the settlement had been established, would be to please the various Broodmothers and gain their blessings for the ascended. Though, it was believed that Asili and Varedant would be the most difficult to gain the blessings of, if only due to the fact that they were seen as the most important and powerful. Still, Vespus would be a good start to please after Morchang. And it would ideally allow some who couldn't ascend before to ascend.

>Action One. Further Connection with the Hook Wasps.

>Action Two. Attempt to gain Vespus' blessings.
Action 1: Mineral extraction operations

“Progress attained. Further progress advised to multiply rate of development”

“This unit declares that the greenhouse be made fully operational, such that a full genetic study and modification project of fissile flora is possible once more.”

The prospect of self sufficient operations is tantalising to many for an abundance of reasons, save one council member.

“Objection. Self sufficient operations reduce the need to send droids to scout in highly irradiated areas.”
“Irradiation of emeraldine droids to be encouraged, rampancy is beneficial.”

Unit 5:22 was ignored, and a mineral extraction operation began on the deposits sighted.

Action 2: Plasma Bores

The second of the two proposals meets with more dissent, the council has a rather defensive stance as of this moment and would much rather be specialising fissile technology into practical weaponry, rather than specialising them to carve through rock to harvest ore.
After a series of tense negotiations, primarily involving promises for support of more militaristic focuses in the future, the project is greenlit.

Densely packed fissile material is chambered into energy cells and focussed into a mining tool, meant to supplement the new mining operations.

With this the harvesting of iron, tin and even tungsten from the mountains is made possible, and with access to such materials the repair of the greenhouses more weathered functions made possible.
1. Scale the Peak
With new tools the secrets of smoke peak are within grasp. The Burned have little issues with heat.

2. Raid the Pinkskins
The last successful raid was so good as to provide meat and a map to another settlement. An attack in the night with machete and grenades will be more than enough to ensure another successful crop of longpig and the brains of the fallen for consumption by the True Inheritors of the Wastes.
Along the west end of the great lake Pyrts ride, scouting down the southern river.
Eventually they spot a group of automatons, a scouting party themselves scouring the wastes for scrap and parts.
The Order has seen automatons of some variety before, just a few which were either nearly unrecognisable scrap or corrupted machines awakened only to be destroyed due to violent or useless tendencies.
They, having brought a Shaman with them approach slowly. Hovering up slowly before dismounting about a hundred meters away, armed but at ease.
They wave at the automatons, walking slowly towards them with their bikes in tow.
The Pyrts encounter the spindly automata, wearing cloaks of leaves the machines appear to have some affinity for plants.

Their build is dextrous, and not one for heavy lifting or combat, but multi-jointed limbs ending in gardening tools could very much still be used to chop someone to death should the droid wish it be done.
The droids communicate on their short ranged network and come to the agreement that they should return the gesture of the wave as multiple Emeraldine drones gather to await the Pyrts approach.

In some approximation of English, the droids of limited intelligence speak

“Deploy greeting:”

“Hello, and welcome to the expanded operational zone of the Emeraldine Committee Consensus.”

“The Emeraldine Project: A Greener Future for us all.”

“End greeting. Requesting reciprocal identification.”
>>Pelamun Sandtraulers

>Convoy Action: Panen Constellation grabs the sat-com tech to bring back to the fleet for further investigation, and make their way back to the Lodestar. Disbanding the convoy when they reach the flagship.

>Action 1: Retrofit one Auxiliary Ship with some frontal and side armor, strapping scraps of junksteel or whatnot from the surrounding ruins, to turn it into an armored barricade runner.
>Action 2: Take on the security AI and bunker with the armored aux ship leading the charge, if it can be disabled, then set up camp around the bunker to start the plunder.
With the ruins and the hyper access tunnel both posing dangerous hazards, retrofitting a purpose vanguard vessel to handle threats from afar would be wise. Admiral Batu instructs one of the auxiliary ships to take the role of the fleet's armored vanguard. Right before the Sandtraulers begin their assault on the AI defenses. Once those are taken care of, captains start coordinating marines and salvage teams to take on the bunker beneath.
1. The scavengers will get to work taking the battleship's weapons and the reactor for future use.
2. With the rest of the metals from the battleship a new seaweed farm will be built in the ocean.

Northstar Armada: Will scout the outer side of the isle near where Arc Nix rests.
Action One: Land of plenty
The Tarns live in harmony with their forest, and as its reach broadens so does their own. New families build their homes beneath young trees, their grotesque children playing in the dappled undergrowth.

Action 2: Archery
The Tarns work with their animals to flush small game out of the underbrush before skewering them with a well placed arrow. The first bows are made of a young purpose-grown sapling and strung with a cord woven from grass fibers. Each youth is expected to gather the materials for their own bow by hand, a rite of passage handed down from generation to generation..
>the... welcome... hrm, expand, expanded... yes
After muttering a few of the worlds of the androids, probably figuring out what language they were speaking the shaman takes off his helmet, revealing his aged eyes, wrinkled face and gnarly scar.
>Raupa Pyrmion of the Order of Pyrmaton, my name is Pyrmion. We are a group of human survivors who emerged a few decades ago, we occupy the northern region of the great lake in the north. We come in peace, and wish to exchange information. And perhaps, establish friendship.
action 1:
An expedition is sent into the city to discover its riches. They bring ample weaponry, for they do not want to be caught without proper defences.
Action 2:
An expedition is sent into the cave, they bring with them some of the smallest bikes, ones which have been stripped down so that they capable of being comfortably fit through most doorways. They are used to carry supplies and serve as stores of energy for blowtorches and heat saws along with mounting powerful lights (modified headlights). They bring many of the shotguns of the Order with them, as they are most useful in cramped areas.

>Step 1 of 2 towards forming the start of Throng society.
-The arrival of the the new throngs was a development the First throng did not expect. Initially doing simply as instinct guided him, he now observed the strange new additions with a new sensation. Curiosity. It understood they were like him, but different. They were less capable, but could do things it could not. Inversely, the stationary throng was far more capable in both intellect and controlling thralls, but its reach was understandably limited. So it beckoned its estranged brothers into itself, offering himself as shelter if they were to be his arms and legs. At first they would spend some time together, so that the first throng could come to understand its siblings.

>Explore the sewers to the south
The city is theirs, for none can claim dominion over it as the Irradiate do. But as they scuttled and scurried through the belly of their domain, they once more stumbled upon the sewers that drew their attentions a while ago. With no worry for food or shelter, the first throng is left with a rare chance to explore a the new sensation of "curiosity" that recently began developing within itself. Sending another convoy, it will aim to satisfy this novel emotion.
> build a scrap mine/harvest plant
This is a great day! New material sources are added to our economy, reinvigorating the industry and bringing new hope to the mechanical hearts of our people. Truly, the motive force blesses us today

> study the blue material
Anything to empower the reactor. Anything

Action 1 - Construct ranch in north.
The cows are valuable, and the fact more exist out there implies they are hardy enough to survive this wasteland, even with such dangers as the river-crocs! Build a ranch to promote the safety of the cows, and the workers who stay there to maintain them.

Action 2 - Expand North
With lumber from the south as a foundation, and stones sourced locally, a series of rudimentary bridges can be constructed where possible along the river. Rough and shoddy, they will do for now, until more serious efforts can be made to make the area safer! However, until then...

Convoy Action - Guard Servants
On land, even a loyal-yet-meager Servant can at least hope to outrun the dangerous river beasts. In the poisonous waters, however, even a team of Knights would struggle to fell the deadly crocodiles. As the bridges are built, and the ranch constructed, the battle-force of yellow-clad warriors will patrol the river's edge, blades ready to sink into scaled hide!
Action 1
The Tribes of Uash made up of the many Amerii people have for too long been shattered the Fall shattered the tribes but through Gods grace, we have endured and now in his time we are called to rise from ash and ruin to reclaim the world lost to us, to restore the Amerii people and Usah to their former glory. It is for this reason that representatives of all the tribes have been summoned to Usah’s haven, for the time has come to select a true leader for the Amerii to begin down the path of restoration and reclamation. A new pressed-Indent would be crowned by the will of the people, the first since the fall, the rebirth of usah would begin here and now.
Three great leaders rose from among the gathered chieftains and chiefesses. John ‘walker of ruins’ leader of the “Grand Ame-ricahco Party” faction. John ‘ruinwalker’ represents the Amerii that wish to delve into mysteries of our people's past to uncover the lost histories of the Amerii and reclaim the birth rite of our people. In his closing statement to the assembly he would state “only by reclaiming our past and learning from it can we hope to restore Usah and build a better future for us all”

standing diametrically opposed to them is the “Dedicated Amerii mystics” lead by karen ‘talks with spirits’ who says the fall was a punishment from God, that it would be against his will to try and reclaim what he destroyed. It was by his grace alone that the Amerii survived. In her closing statement she said “We are all the servants of God and he has ordained us to live as one with nature we must shun the ruinous ways of the past and embrace his garden and path he has set out for us.”

Finally, there are the “Guardsman of Usah” lead by war chief Douglas ‘keeper of Oaths’ representing those Amerii tribes that have kept the strong martial spirit of Usah alive. Dedicated to restoring Usah regardless of the cost by any means necessary. In his closing statement to the tribes, he said “my father and my father’s fathers, and all my father’s going back to the time of the fall all swore an oath, to defend Usah from all that would do her and her people harm. It is an oath that for a long time was but a flickering ember in a dead fire, but we are here now the people of Usah the Amerii and have the holy words of God and Usah. We will see her restored and our oaths fulfilled no matter the cost”

with the three great leaders having said their peace a vote is held the words of each leader having touched the hearts of many in the chamber and when the public learned of them it touched them as well. In the end the representatives voted that John ‘walker of ruins’ would become the first pressed-indent of the newly restored Usah. With Douglas ‘keeper of oaths’ as his vice pressed-indent together these men would begin down the long road of restoring usah.

Action 2

The stable supply of meat is very much appreciated by the people of the amerii and will foster our budding nation for generations to come, we must further investigate the reason why the free-range deer have metal antlers, if we can find the source of this unique property perhaps we can begin setting aside some of our domesticated stock for metal antler harvesting.
Part 1(turns out the submission is actually too long for 4chan, so i am forced to split it up in actually 4 parts, The first and second parts are the submission template, Third part is the GM 'Starting post' and Fourth part is the reply to the starting post,link are provided for a general example of the 4 'artificial' species that are used by the 3 biocomputers)

>Name - The trinity processor
>(1)-Blaeds(Blades for the uncultured): Blaeds are gynoids used by two of biocomputers of the trinity processors, they varies between 163cm to 180cm in height, while they are indeed heavier than humans (300kg on average) they basically are stronger and more agile than a human (comparable to i guess a power armor/deathclaw) their appearance are inspired from 'eastern' drawings (aka 'anime') Blaeds are themselves sentient but follow the orders of the two biocomputers that lead them (NPC's) ( appearance example : https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/xenoblade/images/d/dc/SSBU_-_Mythra_Spirit.png/revision/latest?cb=20181211165000 )
>2- Mechanei (pronounced Mecaney) Compared to blaeds, mechaneis clearly are robots, while less advanced and thus sophisticated they can be made in larger numbers but they only stand a chance against a single blaed in groups(20)though largers Mechanei(that are exclusively walkers and or vehicles)stand a chance againts a blaed in solo but are more expensive to make of course(appearance example: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/terminator/images/1/1c/T400_rusty.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20200126183119
>(3)Aegis: The mobile physical appearance of the two others bio-computers, they are for short blaeds on steroids (50x time the strength, agility and whatever of a blaed for short, after all they are one in a kind) the Aegis are around 200cm each (2 meters tall) (Appearance Example: https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/xenoblade/images/5/55/PneumaConcept.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20190119233151 )
>(4)Mechoney The mobile physical appearance of the third biocomputer, the mechoney being a one in a kind, is a large tracked mech equipped with anti gravity mines, missiles, plasma Weaponry and what else, it is made to be a direct counter againts the aegis of the two others biocomputers (Appearance Example: https://twitter.com/MrWakky/status/1345375262360309760?s=19 https://twitter.com/MrWakky/status/1321534513738960896?s=09
Each of the 3 biocomputers have a population of 600, the GM controls two of them (Aegis and blaeds) while i control only one (Mechanei and Mechoney)
The trinity processors is a faction in a state of 'civil war' mostly fought to get control over the 'Conduit', a large monolith that powers the three biocomputers of the trinity processors that is a link to another dimension, and is slowly spreading its influence around the world, the trinity processors biocomputers are the following
(1)Pneuma: Essentially what could be described as the 'protagonist', Pneuma is the first of the trinity processors, she is essentially your anime female protagonist wanting to 'save the world' thus making her immature of sort. (NPC1)
(2)Logos: Essentially the 'antagonist' of the trinity processors, Logos is the second of the trinity processors, he could be described as the main bad guy in a anime wanting to get all the power to destroy the world for short, both him and Pneuma use Aegis as their mobile physical forms, and Blaeds as main units (NPC2)
(3)Rhadamanthus: The third biocomputer of the trinity processors, Rhadamanthus is more unique personality wise,as insteads of the two other 'immature' biocomputers, Rhadamanthus seems to be devoid completely of emotions, making him closers to a machine than a biological beings compared to Pneuma and Logos, and his ambitions seems clear: to create a new world order and bring the world from the past once again but only ruled by the eternal machines as they won't act as foolish as mankind did... (Player)

All three biocomputers need each other's to work, since if one is killed, the remaining biocomputers run into the risk of overloading with energy from the conduit...

The conduit is able to shape the surrounding areas and or even beings into whatever the current biocomputer wish, thus it's the reason why there is a ongoing 'pseudo' civil war
>Government Type: Anarchist i guess (since all three biocomputers are fighting each other)
>Religion: N/A
>Starting Location - Far away from everyone, aka as remote as possible
>First Settlement Name: The Facility
>The Trinity Processor has spent the past 200 or so odd cycles, gradually coming back online, minor production and processing centers being repaired and replaced as more and more awareness returned to the warring yet co-operative A.I.; the eldritch power of the monolith granting them all they need to survive, and merely watch the passage of time as gradually the waking came to completion. Pneuma and Logos had been more amical than they have ever been to Rhadamanthus, with all three factories of the Facility being returned to functionality, and their many creations now combing the reclaimed island, it is time for the Trinity Processor to make their mark on the world- free from shackles and chains.

>What you know thus far
> To the west, the polluted sea of man's folly stretches on, churning with eddies and at night glowing with filth. A processing plant could be made to separate the contaminants and the water, but neither of the other 2 care much for this course of action into the seemingly endless waters.

>To the south, the grime washes up, forming a solidified sea form consisting of carbon chains and morphed plastic polymers, the material is extremely flame retardant, and durable. Harvesting it for future Mechanei or Blaed upgrades would further improve the constitution of the warring factories products.

>To the east, across a small channel of the acidic waters, fresh virgin land awaits. Your brethren can scarcely contain their excitement to begin exploration and exploitation for further advancement of the Facility. It is speculated that a team of altered Mechanei can be used to ferry a surveying convoy of blaeds and other mechanei to report back to the Trinity.
(as links seems to be unable to work with greentext, it seems that either you have to copy and or ask me directly on discord, sorry for the inconvenience)
>Action 1- Construct a miniature submersible cruiser
With the current two other AI's...strange 'acting' Rhadamanthus,using its factory would activate its naval building subroutines, as to see if it still works, a single 'Miniature Submersible Cruiser (MSC) will be constructed,The general shape and technology used in the MSC will be from the 'old world' before the nuclear holocaust, as Rhadamanthus must see the state of the world beyond the area that are already known...maybe there is hope?...but doesnt seem to be the case, and such thing must be kept secret from Pneuma and Logos...as they clearly are too 'Immature' as the human that programmed them likely has watched a lot of those old world 'cartoons' known as 'anime' and or eastern video games...

Action 2-Seize control of the monolith
With the two others biocomputers always busy 'arguing' to eachother due of conflicting personalities, Rhadamanthus would attempt to seize control of the monolith, like it did in the past or like how pneuma and logos did too,to make sure none of the other biocomputers seize the chance to do so
Upon further contact the language of the Natives is not identified fully but easily revealed as similar to the House-Tongue of Störte who are now to send a delegation to offer them assimilation or eradication as the fleet will not allow itself to be stopped from its duty to reclaim the Mainland or subverted in its culture by allowing another people to exist beside it so early. The remainder of the forces of Störte are to aid in the isolation of the island and intercept anyone leaving or attempting to approach the island as the Hayreddins entrench themselves further and spread into directions they do not meet resistance in.

Discovering the free resources on the ocean floor a convoy of utility and escort submarines was immediately send to secure it and begin construction of a facility to properly exploit it fully. To make sure this operation will proceed swiftly and without problems the already send forces of House Nahkimov are recalled from the Southern Island to refocus themselves on this opportunity to increase the Realm's supply of materials.

>Action one: Construction of a Rig over the discovered resource field to begin harvesting.

>Action two: Brief ceasing of conflict to allow House Störte to possibly solve the situation peacefully as the Island is cordoned off by House Hayreddin.
House Hayreddin
>Head- Tarkan Hayreddin -I- Tall, red-haired and proud but much more collected than typical for his people.
>Population- Hayreddins are known for their love of close quarters combat and boarding actions, they are the house of Corsairs and Brawlers and immensely proud of it, frequently viewing the more stealthily and methodically operating rest of the largely submarine population of the Fleet as bordering on cowardly. They are easy to overreact but also tend to stay by their promises until they find a loophole which they then justify exploiting by claiming its more code-loyal to do so.
>History- Among the older and thus more established Houses the Hayreddin's culture is said to stem from coastal states of desert dwelling people.
>Patron- Aquaman
>Common Ships: Boarding Submarines, Patrol Boats and regular Submarines
Hose Störte
>Head- Fritz Störte -I- a proud man who has an almost uncanny way with words for his socially distant House.
>Population- Störter are a disciplined and pragmatic lot who tend to speak in short but on point sentences, they are among the few who venture the deepest into the oceans and surface again without much risk of insanity, their calm demeanor and improvisation skills aiding them greatly along the way. The House does tend to be relatively isolationist and sometimes downright secretive about its inner workings and convoy hunting.
>History- An old and established House of the truest one could get to a convoy raiding submarine fleet they are believed to hail from the more northern and temperate parts of civilization from small but highly developed states and city states.
>Religion Njörd
>Common Ships: Deep Sea Submarines, regular Submarines and Submarine Carriers
House Nahkimov
>Head- Vadim Nahkimov -I- A hearty and cheery giant of a man who is an avid tinkerer but less of a shrewd businessman.. for his kind.
>Population- The stoic merchants and craftsmen of the House Nahkimov have their "Made by" logo on a product somewhere in every Ship's hold in the Deep Realm. What they build is rough, bulky and lasts even if you drop it thrice and they know how to sell it to you too. As a rare quirk few Nahkimov sailors actually seem to suffer from prolonged surface activity which is a so common dampener on the usual eagerness for the Mainland Reclamation doctrine.
>History- Said to have hailed from the northern trade cities and vast forests this House was quick to resume business as usual within the fleet and developed the universally used Submarine Utility Vessel so commonly used as a Freighter or Construction vessel today.
>Religion Rusalka
>Common Ships: Utility Submarines, Escort Submarines and Patrol Boats

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