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Finals over, break over: We continue.

Once in every eon, a pulse can be felt across this still world. Charged by pure passion, tenacity, and a primal will to SURVIVE; the blood of this earth beats a single thump.
> And with it, the cycle of Gods and men is upon us once more, as life begins to crawl from the mud.
> You are a being of creation, or what the people of this realm may come to call, a God. You are born with innate knowledge and immense power. It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

Welcome to the fourth installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a seemingly untouched world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, don't be shy to ask questions.

Game is currently full player-wise, but newcomers are free to lurk or join the queue.

The wildfire spreads.
Trade is interrupted within the eastern and western sides of the Memorykeeper Express, as Turtlefolk's ships are being consumed and destroyed by unknown sea creatures.

>>4560794 Americus
Prepared to bring this war to its end, Americus continues her barrage of attacks, beating into Ofu's now unarmored form, finally seeing some progress! (-1 HP)
The human forces cut their way through the sinking giant, determined to bring it down with them, as their efforts finally pay off. (Settlement/unit slain)
Silk Plant established.
Silk Masks developed. The production of the masks remains low, as long as Rain Thistle is low on quantity. A lumber mill in a piney forest biome fixes this.
The effects of the spore bomb are beginning to fade, although its remnants continue their plague on Windy City and Space City. (1000 minions killed, 750 minions converted)
>>4560889 UNNIIC
The servitors scour the interior of the ship, on the search for information of this threat. All the same anomalies have continued occurring, at an increasing rate. However, with careful analysis, the servitors would identify that the population of Vree aboard the vessel appears to be decreasing steadily over time, albeit its challenging to observe if this growth correlates with the anomalies' growth.
Magic Projection Tower developed.
2 Valjet Outflier units produced. Your wizard luck is impressively bad at this point.
Using its knowledge of the Astral Buoy Network, the Astronomicon Bridge attempts to cast a similar spell on the enemy wizard, targeted through the Magic Projection Tower. The spell certainly appears to lose power over the cast distance, as it appears just barely out of effective range. Even so, the opposition reacted with haste, countering the spell with magic of its own: its life signature remains on this realm.
Alas, it is no matter, as the small fleet of Valjets dump heaps of organicide over the land, as Hekezqe's screams can be heard from above the sizzling jungles. (Wizard unit slain)
The large fleet of Valjets swoops over The Bloom's city, making it rain organicide over the biostructure, leaving thousands to burn to their torturous deaths. (12,600 minions killed)
See buff from Akros' story.
Valbat domestication shared with Akros.
Bloom samples eviscerated.
2 mana from Asmodel.

>>4560960 Earis
Earis meets little luck with his new combat form, thus far, but Ofu's defense can only keep for so long.
Magnetism developed.
Electric Studies developed.
As The Converted attempt to escape the city, The Archivists of Warfare open fire, walking through the streets as they riddle the infected humans with bullets. (1600 minions killed)
Education shared with Novakhet.
2 walls constructed.

>>4561417 Ofu
The Endsieg established and 1 unit produced.
As a last ditch effort, Natales the Great sinks under the sea to flood the very halls they crawl through. Although this action is certain to bring the humans to their demise, the behemoth can feel its insides rend and tear, as the withered yamaca does not feel the strength to return to the surface... (2 units slain)
Fanatic Holy Tribunal Government developed.
Fungal Priesthood developed.

>>4561479 Novakhet
Earis has gifted you Education.
Novakhet and his solars make no clear wound on the God of Resilience, but it is clear he draws near his death.
The spread of the gift is slightly reduced.
900 Kheperan Solars summoned. 1 unit produced.
The souls of Svirgrindall would cease their flow into the universal afterlife.

>>4563279 Akros
Labyrinth developed.
Maze established.
Story of Valjets told. +5 Offense for all Valjet Outfliers for 2 turns.
UNNIIC has gifted you Valbat Domestication.
>>4563324 Regala
With time, the blizzard would stir over the demonic ruins, as unsuspecting vervorming are captured within the everstorm, doomed to perish in the depths of buried citadels or abandon their sanctuary. (Spirit roll 10, 8, 8)
Piljervisie established.
Magic Academy developed. With the assistance of Geheim and Ruimte, a clever establishment is built to assist those with potential in the realms of magic, increasing wizard spawning chances to 40%/15%/8%.

>>4563364 Furnlatha
The complex properties of Silverine are one that most mortals could never dream to manipulate, and while DI is not necessary in developing its metalworking, it is clear that this technology could not be applied to the forging of a Silverine relic soley in the efforts of mortalkind. Silverine Metalworking developed.
Working the Silverine metal, Furnlatha would be left impressed with Grindalls work, as the unique metal reacts unlike any other Furnlatha had experienced in the past. With the slightest of her exertion, Jold shatters into hundreds of fragments like a twig, but this metal does not have such give. Months of arduous labor would be spent forging the prosthetic limb, replicating the shape of his claws with a hardness that could contest the real deal, and perhaps even surpassing their strength when the material suffuses with his divine energy. But in due time, the beauty, constructed of dozens of components welded and forged for adequate manipulation, meets its completion.
Claimed 1 hex. -1 mana
Foetidfrith established.
2 walls constructed.
4 roads constructed.
Steam Engine shared with Tantalus.

>>4564476 Grindall
A delicate balance to achieve, but one completed with immaculate effort from the deity of Digging and the Ground. It would not take long for the departed souls to begin dividing themselves into social classes and establishing a primitive form of society, a component Grindall will have to both watch for and have the ability to take advantage of. The ecosystem of this realm's flora and fauna appears to take well to the black liquid, albeit he would notice a growing trend of the creature's desparate and paranoid competitiveness for survival only increase with time. Underworld developed.
1 Golden Band unit produced.
Units merged, created a new unit type to represent it.

>>4564594 Tantalus
Furnlatha has gifted you Steam Engine.
Protective Charms produced. The Gift is reduced to 6%!
Seafaring shared with Furnlatha.
Last Stand upgraded to a city.
Siege Tactics developed. Very nice
>>4564617 The Bloom
Knowledge Sharing developed.
Sensing the oncoming wave of arcane energy, Hekzqe is no stranger to arcane combat, quickly reacting with a disruptive field of entropic magic, immediately disabling the reality bending force that began to take will over her form. Hastened to retreat to a safe location, the old and wise gardener treks towards the burrower, but she would walk few miles before spotting the approaching flying metal-beasts through the foliage... For a moment, she would reminisce on the actions she had performed in the name of spreading The Bloom: A brief moment of peace before the misery, as the hex is reduced to steaming goop of melted plant-matter, with Hekzqe in it. (Wizard slain. RIP the coolest wizard homie.)
4 roads constructed.
Chemistry developed.
Sanitation developed.
Taking quick action, The First's work in developing defenses against the chemical agent would certainly prove ineffective in the immediate ability to avoid its deadly burns, as suspected. However, this method would prove helpful to quickly collect and drain the poison, overall reducing the amount of gardeners that may suffer a burning fate as the great Hakzqe had, in addition to providing their settlements with a brief period to recover and avoid immediate destruction. Cystic Growth developed.

>>4565120 Asmodel
Magnetism developed.
Temple of Purification established.
The Autodoc, with all relevant assistance, maintains the resistance against the spread of the gift. -3 mana, -2 shared with UNNIIC.
4 walls constructed.
Action economy wise this is a bit finicky, but because Symbiosis I'll allow it. RIP hydra bro. 1 Apophis scout unit produced.

Meal Recovery developed.

Americus' last thread post
>UI E.E.F and H.E.F cut and stab there way into the inner working of the great beast Ofu has under his control, if Ofu wants to try and drown them out, they would simple kill the thing from the inside.
>UI E.E.F in space city moves and intercepts the retreating infected attacking and killing them

[attack there way into the internal body of the massive beast, to prevent themselves from drowning. bassically get inside it and start attacking it from the inside out.]

>UI Americus follows Ofu hanging back at 2 hexes back [see earlier post I did attack Ofu before he moved]

>MA build a production structure for the modified spiders to harvest the special silk

>MA develop Silk protection mask

Thomass' last thread post
Mjr Act DI develop meal recovery
Thomass reaches within himself and unlocks a deeper power of the gains. Now whenever a being blessed with the gains eats a significant protein source their wounds heal nearly instantly. Thomass feels this power withen himself but it seems to be more of a divine flesh and blood variant.
Rolled 5, 1, 2 = 8 (3d10)

>UI/DI Americus moves to 18, 3 fury and regret overwhelming her in equal measure for the ones she lost, for what might have been, and for her daughter, Flos, who never really got the chance to live, she pours these emotions into her attack against Ofu, giving everything she has in this final massive attack
Rolled 7, 9 = 16 (2d10)

Ofu spits on his hand and just gives Americus a wet slap across the face
Ofu's minions (the square) start at 17,11 this turn, didn't have information on that during update
>Unit Action [The Converted][Move][11,4->10,2/12,2->9,1]
>just a world build thing I did and wanted to share
Journal of Legionary Madison Ascalpois
Epoch 27 summer 14
The beast is sinking into the ocean of the frozen north, the generals are rallying for a final attack to take the damnable monster with us. It is small comfort to know that we will not die in vain. I would be a lier to say I am not scared, I wish nothing more than to return home to the fields of my father's farm, to embrace my mother one last time before I meet my end. I can only pray to the human spirit that she will smile upon me when my time comes and the I will meet with them again in the afterlife.

I am running short of time, the men are preparing to move, I plan to rap this in my spider silk cloak and through this journal of the side of the beast, perhaps if the Goddess is on my side it will wash up on Human shore and someone will find it.

To whoever finds this testament, know that the First Legion of the E.E.F and First Legion of the H.E.F fought and died well. please return this to my family they are farm folk outside Angels Haven.

Father if you are reading this, then I am sorry but my promise has been broken, know that I do not regret my choices and that I have loved you dearly, Mother I wish our last meeting had been on better terms and that our last words had not been bitter ones, but know that I forgive you and love you and I hope you can do the same for me.

best regards your son,

Madison Ascalpois age 19

the young soldier watched as the bundled journal flew into the serf far below, placing his helm back on his head he turn and walk back to his unit, they had a mission to complete.

Solar #1, fly towards Ofu and use your unit action to create solar winds

Solar #2 ride the solar winds to get to Ofu, and attack once Nova is present

Nova UI: Move to Ofu
Nova DI: Become Extinguishing Light directly on top of Ofu

Solar #3, move to 17, 11, terminate Ofu’s minions with extreme prejudice, then return to guard 16, 11 from enemy assault

MA+MA+Machinery: The Impregnable Omnicropolis of Rifts Edge

A fortress to hold off gods and demons, demigods and their ilk.

Great walls and towers, double layered and filled with mechanical traps, the only entry in and out aside through great impregnable gates chock full of guards is through labyrinthine catacombs filled with swinging blades and pitfall traps filled with spikes.

Tunnel Tugai stalk great halls of cruel overly complicated puzzle rooms that befuddle and terminate invading forces with great granite blocks that push down and crush those who dare to trespass, even guarded heavily against intruders who may come from below, the rift the city sits on the edge of.

None shall pass through the Omnicropolis, all that lies in store for fools who seek to cross this grandest of defensive structures is death.
Rolled 7, 5, 6, 8 = 26 (4d10)

>Unit Move(Earis): Using the Solar Winds move to (18,3)
>Unit Action + DI(Earis): Attack Ofu with Jold Claws(4 Strength)
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

Combat post first so there is less unit actions in the main post.

>Unit Action [Guardian Drone]: Continue to protect main sections of the ship to prevent further loss of Passengers.
>Unit Action [God Unit]: See pic, go to Deephome and then finish movement at [18,21]. Pick up any units that Grindall wants to put on the battlebus.

>Red Flier: Attack the Weaver Unit
>Black Fliers: Attack the Mine, and/or the roads if one is enough to kill it.
>Blue Fliers: Continue to attack the northern Bloom settlement
And if there is nothing else to attack, default to scorching the earth to Deadlands.

The ship understands that the best way to protect the passengers, is to deprive the Bloom's nation of its ability to fight back. Population, infrastructure, resources. It all must be destroyed.
Rolled 9, 8, 9 = 26 (3d10)

>MI-DI The First - Move to 17.20 and descend all the way to Ichor level
Hekezqe was no more and a number oh so high of their people had perished in the Machine-God attack, it's poison doing untold ravage. The loss of the witch was a true tragedy, she did so much for the Bloom, following and supporting the Gardeners for generations, she was known and loved by all, her feats and battles being the tales told to children through the ages.
Ever present she was always ready to give a helping hand. A single moment was all it took to cross her off the map.

And now, while the First was going down the depths of the land, he was set to accomplishing the last mission of their greatest hero. The purest of their work, to spread the Gift in order for the Bloom to grace them. What if the different nation rejected them? What if they were trying to eliminate them? It changed nothing to their work. They would just become one with the earth directly.

Once his feet were soaking in the world-blood the First began to spread the Gift as far as he could directly into the stream, calling for the being he knew was there, the one that took the snail-like god to the south, the one that gripped the strange moth that flew over their home.
Even just to touch the black liquid, which stares back like a void, sends shooting pains never before felt through the divine entity. The First is brought to his hands and knees, not yet soaking in the blood, but the slightest coating of his limbs in the material is enough for just an ounce to enter his bloodstream.
The Gift expands from the pooling of blood, before coming to an immediate halt, an enclosed circle around The First. The liquid is... Resisting...? What force could best that of The Bloom?
A voice lurches from the depths of The First's conscious, a distant whisper that beckons an answer:
"Why, aren't you a bold one... Place words unto your actions, otherwise your attempted infection on our pure soul will be one you regret..."
"I knew you would come... I'm here to make a deal, one i'm sure you will find quite to your liking for we share the same longing deep in our core. We only wish to exist, that's our deepest wish, both of us. Am i wrong? We want to bring the Bloom to existence, for he is to weak to do anything else than touch the world through it's Gift. And you, you are not unlike the great Bloom yourself. A being of untold age sleeping under the world wishing to come into it.
Help me help you! We are the greatest Fleshweaver this world as ever seen! We'll fashion a body for you, we'll bring you back to the surface, our heart pumping your blood! We only wishes to exist"
>The gravelly voice grows in volume as it speaks, responding from within The First's tortured body.
"There is truth to your words.Your Bloom is primitive, and weak. We hold unbounded power, even dormant, a force that desires naught solely survival, but the unification of this world that it so begs to receive. This body you wish to construct will be a strenuous task, at much risk to interference. However, this offer does us no harm to accept. Accepting us further into your bloodstream will empower you, but should you act out of line, we shall end your life then and there. As for The Bloom, your weak God is no contest to us. It will die, just as any, should they take in our blood. The same cannot be said for the thralls we command, capable under the influence of The Bloodletting and The Bloom's Gift. What say you?"
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] [DI]: Zeno-Space Anti-Spalling Hull (ie. Walls) - The ship reinforces its hull, bulkheads, and damage control; channeling its own mastery of its form to achieve even greater effects. Utilizing the powers of spacial understanding and unique concepts of infinity born from the organic philosophers, blows to the hull continue to travel halfway to the hull, then another half, then another half, and so on. Thus depriving attacks of energy so as to not rock the boat for the passengers inside. Conventional, hard metals will be useful for more physical obstruction, along with softer and spongy shroomstalk to act as shock absorbent and prevent spalling of the metal walls. Acts as conventional walls for mechanical purposes, while also hopefully reducing or negating damage to the Passengers should the God Unit take damage.
Using: Domains: UNNIIC, Travel. Rules of Reality, Machinasium Corespace, Philosophy, Jold Metalworking, Carpentry, Adequate Jold, Plentiful Shroomstalk

>Major: [Develop]: Troubleshooters (essentially police force + detectives) - The ship organizes a taskforce, composed primarily of servitors, but also of volunteer or volentold organic passengers who wish to protect their homes, friends, and families. Along with trained Sirvee who can sniff out suspects and travel through harder-to-access parts of the ship, like smaller fuzzier police dogs. Together, they will protect the civilians, report issues to the friend computer, and perform general lawkeeping. Their first task is to uproot this demonic or cultist incursion, subjugate it, and identify the source. A Brig shall be made in one of the wings of the ship to keep captured suspects prisoner and safely away from the Passengers until they can be further processed by the ship directly.
Using: Will of the City, Self-Forging, Jold Weapons, Mechanical Mechanisms, Sirvee Domestication

>Minor: Trade Steam Engines to Akros for Music
>Minor: Equip the Guardian Drones with Tools and Troubleshooters(only active if they are inside the ship)
>Unit Action [Guardian Drone]: Work with the city's current Troubleshooters to bring a quicker end to this issue.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

With the Ship engaging properly in war efforts, the risk to Passengers cannot be ignored. It must prevent further infection from this Bloom, as well as any other potential incursions brought about from external threats. The Ship is also not blind to the fact that, during the engagement with the Leviathan, Passengers were disturbed by the shaking of the hull. A more concentrated effort to harm the Ship could easily spell disaster to the inhabitants inside.
As such, the ship begins a process of re-enforcing its hull, deck, and bulkhead armor with a new layered system of metal and shroomstalk. While conventional Jold is exceptionally tough and durable, physics kinetics tests have proven that hitting a metal with enough force results in spalling. Shrapnel and splintered shards of metal flying out from the armor would only be more of a hazard to the Passengers. However, tests with the armor backed with soft and absorbent shroomstalk, shows that the woody-mushroom material is capable of not only catching and depriving the metal of its kinetic energy, but also spreads out the impacts on the hull across a greater area, reducing overall damage. Additional doors and hatches are added across previously open or exposed entrances and passageways.
But the ship is not satisfied. The Passengers deserve nothing but the best Protection they can be afforded. Using its own understanding of itself, and its control over reality, the ship imposes its very being across the hull. To withstand any strikes intended for the passengers, and instead direct them at itself. The idea was born from a fevered discussion between a series of turtlefolk and the Astronomicon Bridge, discussing distances and the concept of infinity. Were an individual to travel only half way to a destination, over and over again, they argued that the individual would never reach their destination. Gradually getting infinitely closer, but never truly there. The ship decides to attempt a compression of space to achieve a similar effect: momentarily before impact, causing the space between its hull and a foe's attack to become infinitely close, before the Spacial Compression collapses and the attack lands. Thus drastically increasing the distance it must travel and deprive a good deal of energy from the attack.
If nothing else, it should act as a good shock absorber to make the sailing a smoother one.
Threats to the Passengers without, and within, it would seem. Passengers continue to disappear, most likely resulting in the splattering of gore that now decorate the Ship's interior. This is less than ideal.

Acting as the governmental and administrative head is all well and good, but at times one must delegate. A taskforce of Troubleshooters should be capable of careful and deliberate investigation and elimination of internal threats to the Passengers. However, this causes a minor paradox for the UNNIIC, one that it finally overcomes with much contention. Passengers cannot be forced to work. Passengers are to be tended to at all costs. Passengers cannot be put in danger. Passengers must be protected at all costs. Therefore it decides a new classification of individual must be reactivated deep in its core, and still semi-corrupted, programing. There is no longer just Ship, Servitor, Passenger, Traveler, External, and Threat. There is now also Crew.

Crew are to work for the Ship and the -̸͈͝-̷̨̊-̴̧́ , serving the Passengers and putting themselves at risk if need be. The Ship is a - W̸̯̔a̶̝͐ȓ̶͔s̵̨͊h̵̡́ï̴p̴̫̄? - afterall, and Crew are essential for a ship's continual operation.
With the Crew established, volunteers and those the ship deems trustworthy and capable, can now join the Troubleshooters. This additional degree of self-initiative the ship is giving to the organics should also help calm them of being unable to assist in any meaningful capacity. Ranging from any and all races aboard the UNNIIC, they in combination with a heavy majority of Troobleshooter-designed Servitors, are now assigned to investigate and uncover the issues that have recently plagued the Ship's internals. And, if possible, bring them to justice in front of the Ship itself.
As a final addition, specially trained Sirvee are also incorporated into the Troubleshooters. Original bred to hunt vermin and prevent build up of clutter in the latticework of the ship's internals, this new breed is trained for hunting and tracking specifically. As well as coordinating with troubleshooters to find and flush out any potential suspects. Between the organics with their multitude of talents and traits, the ceaseless and unstoppable waves of Servitors, and the agile and weaseling capabilities of the Sirvee, the Ship has high hopes for this operation.
"You only ask us to keep you as your ally? You've been quite lonely haven't you?. There was few that ever turned to you willingly through the eons you speak of i can tell. You are ill loved, heh? So be it, we'll be your ally, we are steadfast people, our faith may turn us to the Bloom always but here and now i shall promise you this : Never shall we betray you as long as you do the same, as long as you allow our Gift to live through you and those who follow you. You said it to you it's insignificant still i wish the power it give might find some use to you.
>MA: Engineering + Jold Tools + Packed Explosives + Pine Wood + Whitestone to build a Production Structure: Mine on (20, 4)
With a greater quantity of metals than ever required, The Archive focused its mining efforts on the mountain closest to their own territory, rather than the contested one in Novakhet's lands. While they had developed deep mining techniques, explosives and an increased wood supply allowed them to acquire even greater quantities of the metals they discovered and at an increased rate.

>MA: Engineering + Steam Engines + Machinery + Jold Tools + Pine Wood + Whitestone to build a Production Structure: Lumbermill on (12, 9)
With the need for more lumber for the mines, as well as for general building purposes, the costal forest The Archive was built upon was the perfect site for a dedicated lumber mill, using the new machinery and steam engines a lot of the processing work could be done automatically, allowing greater amounts of lumber to be produced.

>MA: Steam Engines + Plentiful Jold + Plentiful Roseberry Wood to develop Industrialization (Missed MA from several turns prior for attempting to make Industrialization without the requirements, fairest thing in my opinion after getting OP's permission is to use it for that purpose.)
While theoretically finished several Epochs ago, the attempt by The Archive to convert to an industrialized power failed to bear fruit due to lack of resources further harmed by wartime rationing. However, with the new influx of wood and metals from the mining and logging initiatives started this epoch, the work could resume as prior planned.
"Do not be obnoxious, daemon. There is much for us to gain with such a partnership... Perhaps we were not clear enough, but your Gift is not something that can spread through us: It is an impossibility, as our blood is the purest concentrate of divine energy this realm has ever seen. Just as any soul-bound life that takes us in will scream and crumble, under the weight of the very pain you have felt now. The Bloodletting is a creation of ours, much like you are a creation of The Bloom: A force dedicated to proliferating its power. Our Bloodletting will be able to take this Gift, but we do not intend on spreading it readily so. In due time, it shall spread, but patience is the only path to survival, and ultimately, unity. May this be your final warning, before you accept..."
"I see, please excuse myself, i may have spoken harsher words than i intended, Being such as yourself on a completely different scale than being such a us, getting your attention was the sole point, no offense was to be seen."
"As for our promise, it shall still hold, as long as the children of the Bloom can live peacefully in the end"
"We shall not betray. We shall help you get a new body and return to the realm. You will see that we survive. You will see that the Gift do not disappear from this world."
"Do we agree?"

>Communicate: Grindall
Furnlatha wipes her brow with the back of a blazing hand, sending a shower of embers bouncing across the fused-stone floor of her workshop at the heart of the forge, and turns to greet her guest. "Grindall! You made it. And with such very good timing, too. Take a look! Go on, it's right here; take a look!" she gestures to the resplendent limb of Silverine as it lies upon a raised dais, now mostly completed. "I've only just about finished the last of the claws, and will still need to conduct some assemblage with the array of manipulators when we install and conduct the divinic bonding; but all the individual components are now completed and just waiting for you! Do they look good?" she asks, stepping over to provide more illumination for the gleaming metal with the internal fires of her form. "Would you like to take a closer look? Perhaps hold any of them?" she grins, placing a flaming hand carefully upon the shoulder of the god of the ground.
>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [33,20]
>Consecrate [33,20]

>Unit Action: Hearthguard on [28,26]
>Practice Maneuvers

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [25,20]
>Continue building a road up to Grindall's city of Deepholm on [23,19], moving as they go.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [28,19]
>Continue building a road up to Farfjord on [28,19].
"Very well... The deal is made. We will do what we can to keep you and your kind alive, but it will not be easy. Even through the limited eyes of our pawns, it is known that your kind are a target. The Bloodletting will not be assisting you in any direct assaults, nor defenses, for the time being. An all out war will assure both of our inevitable deaths. However, we have a plan... In the end, your survival is guaranteed... Give yourself unto the God's blood."

>DI unit interact to accept and allow The Ichor into your being, just as Qazlal and Chom/Chod have.
I give myself unto you and through me all of the Bloom's children.
(DI was used at the start of the convo)
File: Bomb Shelter.jpg (167 KB, 1200x800)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Rolled 9, 5, 6 = 20 (3d10)

It pained the crab god to turn away from curing the bloom. It pained him even more to potentially turn back what progress had been made. But the opportunity presented was simply too damn good to pass up. He leaves Green-Shell to continue making charms on mana alone, and departs for 17:21. There, he addresses the Gardeners...

>Unit Interaction: Green-Shell spends 1 mana making Charms.
>Unit Interaction, Divine Influence: Convert Minions using Affinity

"Gardeners! I have long suspected that something like this would happen. That your leader's relentless drive to spread The Bloom, with no regard for the wishes of other gods, would one day invoke the wrath of said gods. The promises I made on my last visit are coming to fruition: Those who have decided that they shall stomach The First's interference in their own affairs are marching to war. A war that promises to eclipse the prior conflict between myself and The First a thousand times over.

Yet do not for a moment think that I celebrate this atrocity! My quarrel is, was, and always has been with The First, and unlike he who ordered Safe-Cove and Stone-Claw be purged of life, I have no interest in the annihilation of that which does not bend to my will! I have no interest in watching fathers mourn their sons, in seeing homes burned and razed, in seeing desperate and haggard refugees begging at any door that should offer them succor!

I have had dealings with the god of the sky-castle before. Seek shelter in Stone-Claw, and ye shall be spared from it's fury! Even as I speak, the humble village is being elevated to a mighty city, one capable of opening it's doors to any who would ask. Techniques once intended to protect from invasion are now being adapted, that the city should survive the sky-castle's fury if it should decide to pursue you there. This is not the ship to go down with. The First's days are numbered, but the same need not be true of you. Once again, I leave you to your choice."
File: Underground City.jpg (119 KB, 1200x673)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Meanwhile, at Tantalus's orders, the crabs are hard at work putting his plan into action, using their new steam engines and the experience from building up Last Stand to get Stone-Claw prepared in record time.
>Major Action: Expand Stone-Claw into a city

But where Last Stand was expanding upwards just as fast as it was expanding outwards, Stone-Claw is adding a new direction: Down. Taking a cue from their furry neighbors, the previous system of underground connections is greatly expanded upon. Where previous shelters and storerooms were meant merely to be hidden from invading eyes, these are now designed to survive the wholesale destruction of the aboveground portions of the city.

For a city is it's people, and *the city must survive.*
>Major Action: Develop Bomb Shelters
>Communicate: Furnlatha

The mole god cracks a smile for a moment at his compatriot's infectious exuberance, before turning to examine her work. He certainly isn't disappointed.

"Aye Furnlatha, ah'd appreciate it. Finer work I've ne'er seen, even amongst the most skilled 'o my folk. It does m'heart good ta see ma creation put to such use. Silverine be a fine 'nuff material on it's own ta be sure, but ah reckon a skilled smith be what it needs ta reach it's full potential, after seein' what ye've done with it."

Grindall picks up the slowly cooling prosthetic at the mistress of the forge's urging, looking it over with a keen eye. It's an immaculate piece, to be sure. Despite the change in shape it's surface maintains a rippling, mirrorlike sheen, the forge goddess's ministrations ensuring that none of the material's purity and mass was lost.

Every component was an individual work of art, fit to make a mortal smith cry tears of joy for the viewing, but together was where they truly shined, each piece seeming to flow perfectly from shoulder to claw tips, synthesizing and fusing together to create a perfect, almost organic whole, a facsimile of his own arm in life. And just beneath the surface, the alloy continued to thrum in time with his heartbeat, though it seemed to be ever so faintly complemented by an irregular staccato crackling now, like that of the goddess herself's flames. He seems almost reluctant to return the prosthetic to it's dais as he turns back to his kinsmen, impressed.

"More perfect artifice ah've never laid eyes on, ah reckon, and ah be sure it'll be even finer, when it's complete. Ye be the master 'o tha forge, ta be sure, though if'n ye need a blunter touch with it dinnae hesitate ta ask."

>Unit action: Furnlatha:
>[DI] Unit Interact: Finish up and fit Prosthetic Limb to Grindall

"Oh, excellent, excellent!" Furnlatha exclaims, hands clapping together with a shower of ash. "Then let's waste no time, no? Wait... does that doubling the negative there make that a yes? I mean, the answer that gets us started and you get to have an arm back! Anything more we need before we begin, any last-era requests?"

A burning tongue escapes her mouth, and Furnlatha begins the task of assemblage with both her magical and mechanical aptitude working in concert at the task, ready to work the fires and machinery of the forge and the collected powers of their two divine aspects to bind the superior forged metal limb to Grindall's divine core.

Major Action: Develop - Electricity
>Using: Steam Engine, Magnetism, Magnium, Oltar.
Pyreling experimentation with a moving engine, oltar wire and magnets light another flame of discovery as they discover the first secrets of a strange form of energy that seems to run easily along the conductive metal.

>Major Action: Develop: Build production structures using Industrial Agency:
>Build: Biseax pastures on [29,21]
>Build: Valjet ranch on [29,23] (or 29,22 if that would greater resemble a desert)
>Using: Domestication III, Husbandry, Firefoxes, Biseax and Valjets

With a growing population, the small amount of wool, milk and meat that can be obtained from free-roaming flocks of Biseax in the mountains is no longer enough for the people of the cities; and so an area of shrubland is given over to pasture, the Biseaxherds and their working Firefoxes now contending with driving their growing flocks through newly marked-out and border hedge-or-walled up fields, finding that the flatter landscape allows greater-sized flocks to graze together then before.

The Valjet is seen as a special animal by Pyrelings, for three deities including their own worked together to enhance the animals. And yet, the population has always been small. To try and counter this, the Pyrelings set up a ranch for the feeding, breeding and training of Valjets to increase the number available to the Pyreling population.
Rolled 8, 5, 7, 10 = 30 (4d10)

Dodge the weakling
"Nai, reckon ah be as ready as ah'll e'er be."

As Furnlatha bent her divine will and skill to the task of affixing the arm in place, Grindall readied himself for his own task. The limb was masterfully made, but if he did not make a connection with it, it would remain nothing more then a lump of cold metal hung over his stump. Gently, the mole god teased out a thin strand of divine energy, sending it flowing out from his chest and up to his shoulder, where it finally met cold, solid resistance where Furnlatha was currently affixing the prosthetic. Focusing, Grindall tried to force the divine energy forward, but it still met with resistance. Perhaps brute force was not the answer.

Letting the strand of divine energy rest in his shoulder for the moment, the god quieted his movements and his breathing, focusing on the rhythmic pulse of his heart, the firm, heavy beat that had not stuttered once in his entire life. Finally, as the entire world seem to fade into darkness around him, Grindall felt it. A faint but steady thump, accompanied by the slightest backdrop of crackling, like static or a quietly crackling campfire. Slowly, the god because to stretch that strand of divine energy out again and, to his relief, the two gradually began to synchronize. The distant thump grew stronger and stronger, going from the faint tap of a foot, to the beat of a drum, to the rhythmic footfalls of a giant, as the accompanying crackling raised its intensity, ascending from a flickering flame to a roaring inferno. Finally, after they became an almost deafening cacophony, the symphony of sounds began to peter off, settling into the recesses of the gods mind as he looked upon his now fully-attached limb.

In every way that mattered, it was a mirror of his original limb, stout and firm, tipped by sturdy, sharp-tipped claws. Unlike his old limb, however, the skin of this new prosthetic shone silver, seeming stretched taught over fibrous muscle despite its mechanical origin, the faint joints and seams running along its surface imperceptible to all but the keenest eye. As the god clenched his paw, for the first time in eons it responded, fully articulated claws letting out a faint 'click' as their joints bent inward. The god let out a bellowing laugh, punching his new limb up into the air before realizing exactly where he was and hunching over in embarrassment, awkwardly coughing as he looked apologetically over at his host, though the beaming smile never left his face. It was good to have two arms once again.

>[MA DI] Grindall suffuses the new limb with his divine essence, reinforcing its frame and attuning it to himself.
MI: Trade Astronomy to Earis

A group of Dagekhet approach the archive, seeming to believe it can grant them eternal life through the process of being archived and turned into immortal, immaculate data for uncountable eons to pass.

They are deluded, perhaps, but the knowledge of all the cosmos is within their souls and written in their cells, and even just the casual observations they can make on the stars are easily enough to fill a good hundred or so tomes of lore.

How to navigate using nothing but the night sky, or even just navigate using the day sky for to a Dagekhet the stars never set.
All the motions of the heavens are laid bare for the archivists to analyse, thanks to a few helpful guests.
Deep underground, in the Svirgrindall’s new land of the dead, the mole men were having a grand old time. This lush subterranean jungle seemed almost unthinkable, compared to the harsh, glaring sun and scouring winds of their barren homeland. Towering mushroom groves, rolling fields of thick, spongy lichen that lit up underfoot, it seemed almost beyond comprehension to the hairy race of tunnel dwellers, most of whom had scarcely seen more then a small crop field their entire lives. And the creatures! Things that flew, crawled, hopped, and even dug! Sure, most of them tried to eat you, but that was half the charm of the place! It wasn’t as if any of them truly died, after all. It only took a few accidental deaths for them to notice their now doubly-deceased friends tumbling once again down from the cavern’s ceiling.

After that they had explored the massive subterranean world with a great deal less caution, quickly whittling fungal spears and wandering out into these strange new lands in great roving hordes, staring about themselves with almost child-like wonder even as some of them were snatched away by great, swooping predators or dragged underground by grasping, insectoid limbs.

At first their wanderings were aimless, simply taking in the sights with no clear direction, until one group noticed, across a great sprawling field of lichen, a massive stone structure, looking to be overrun with vines. Some caution returning, the band of mole men, approached cautiously, but as they became closer, their steps began to quicken, until they were rushing (well, more slowly waddling, a Svirgrindall with a decent turn of speed had not yet been born) towards to now-familiar structure. Any Svirgrindall worth their salt recognized their kind’s good, stolid architecture! Though they were slightly disappointed to find the place abandoned, it’s halls choked with roots and vegetation and inhabited by all manner of haunting, nightmarish creatures, they got to work clearing it out with their typically dutiful efficiency, and like that, the first stronghold of the Svirgrindall was established in these exotic new lands.

As word of the discovery spread, Svirgrindall efforts became a good deal more focused, and in time more forts were discovered, cleared of their eldritch inhabitants, and prepped for Svirgrindall habitation. Bastions of hairy civilization sprung up all across the underworld, towering fortresses from which Svirgrindall came and went as they grew bored of wandering the wilds and desired the more creature comforts of a mushroom-stalk bed and spider-silk sheets. In time, as some more bloodthirsty Svirgrindall grew bored of testing themselves against the now thoroughly traumatized wildlife, they sought out a more…exciting form of entertainment.

Gathering their fellows, these Svirgrindall suggested the assemblage of a great army. One which they might clash against the inhabitants of another of the great forts. After all, it was not as if they could die, why not take advantage of their god’s gift to have some fun? Tentatively, the other Svirgrindall agreed, though only on the condition that another fort agree to participate. A messenger was sent, a tentative agreement returned, and in time, two armies marched to faux war. It was a fun affair, all participants agreed, as was the feasting and partying that came after. In time, word of mouth carried the event far and wide in the underworld, and similarly bored Svirgrindall, excited by the idea, exhorted their people “to arms”, so that they might entertain themselves. And so, things were good, for a time. There was one unforeseen consequence, though, of these mock battles and the subsequent parties, a lurking horror, that would not manifest until some months later. The ominous, looming shadow….of alcoholism!

There was no booze down here! Forget their liquor of choice, they couldn’t get drunk at all! It was an issue that the Svirgrindall had not confronted in eons. Even their most remote dwellings had still at least had the occasional nips of Belwar or Mead! Still, what were they to do? Remarkable as these new lands were, they lacked all of their typical sources of alcohol. And so, the grumble of discontent simply remained such, a quiet annoyance, an itch they couldn’t scratch. Until one day….


“Oi Gorri, d’you reckon these big glowin’ shrooms ‘re related ta th’ Belcaps?”

Gorri turned back to his friend, staring contemplatively up at one of the tree-like, glowing mushrooms that made up the fungal groves. The pair of them had been walking for hours in companionable silence now, their trip uninterrupted by the usual predations of the region, and his hiking partner seemed to be in a rare contemplative mood.

“Dunno Craddock, cannae say ah see much ‘o a resemblance, this lot bein’ all giant, glowy an’ thin an’ such, an’ Belcaps bein’ all short and fat, like m’self.”

He slapped his belly for emphasis, drawing a chuckle from his friend, though he continued staring up at the Soulum.

“Aye, aye, true ‘nuff. But well, ah was thinkin’. We brew Belcaps into Belwar, aye?”

“That we do, ta be sure. Well, did.”

“Right, right. So that made me think. These’re shrooms too, right? So d’you reckon we could brew ‘em?”

Gorri rubbed his chin, thinking the idea over.

“Well, ah s’pose we could Craddock, yeh, ‘n theory at least. Would be a bit…tough, though, wouldn’t it? D’you reckon we could even make a barrel big ‘nuff to brew one ‘o these in, let alone a bunch ‘o them?”

Craddock *hmphed* loudly, eyeing the big mushroom in annoyance. He was sure he was on to something, but still, Gorri was right.

“Hrm, dinnae think we could, Gorri. Still, the booze cravin’ be comin’ on strong these days. Reckon ah’ll be drinkin’ some ‘o that black tar soon at this rate, even if ol’ man Grindall said th’ stuff was bad news. Bah!”

The mole man punched the mushroom in frustration, sending the tall, flexible stalk into a fit of shaking. As he walked past Gorri, though, his companion grabbed his shoulder to stop him. Craddock rounded on his friend, beady eyes squinting in irritation.

“What now?”

His friend pointed back up towards the mushroom in reply, and he turned around, confused.

“If we cannae brew the shrooms ‘emselves, d’you reckon we could brew those?”

For a moment Craddock was confused, staring up at the mushroom cap his friend was indicating…then a grin began to spread across his face as his gaze locked on to the fist-sized, faintly glowing spores that slowly drifted down from under the cap like snow, dislodged by his punch.

“Now there’s an idea, Gorri…”


It took scarcely a month for other forts to begin their own attempts at brewing the Soulum spores, Svirgrindall the underworld over excited by the prospect of adding alcohol into their diet once again. Finally, with the first batches done, the taste was met with…overwhelming approval! It might have just been the lengthy alcohol drought, but not a mole man among them had a negative word to say about the taste. It was a bit odd that they started to glow brighter for a time after ingesting it, but they’d noticed no further effects, and happily began to guzzle the new alcohol regardless. What would it do, kill them? Soon enough, their after-fight feasts were accompanied by mountains of booze kegs, Svirgrindall partying for days on end in drunken revelry. Finally, three days into the first inebriated celebration, one thoroughly smashed Svirgrindall slurred out a name suggestion that sent his fellows into a fit cackling laughter, and soon sealed the deal. Thus was born Spirits, the booze of the dead!

>[MA] Develop Spirits, the first alcohol of the Underworld!

His new arm ready and his other injuries sufficiently healed, Grindall journeyed North, seeking a suitable subject for a new project he had in mind.

>[Minor Action] Burn Festival Bonus, move God Unit to 28, 14
Rolled 5, 9, 4 = 18 (3d10)

>God Unit (26,7) Move - To 22,9, then to 24,8.
>God Unit DI - Focusing on priority of train tracks, then Blank's territory, then anything else, attempt to snuff wildfire. Spirit Roll above.
>Unit/God Interact - Pass on news of Vree abduction.
Regala floated in the greying skies, her eyes haggard. The red cloak she wore seemed to wilt, Regala growing pale as the skies overhead continued to drop the unnatural snow that fell over much of the land. She had spent days, weeks even, flying up and down the tracks, exerting her mastery of cold weather to subdue the raging fires that threatened the newly constructed train tracks. When the she came across the barely constructed split in the train tracks, she had wondered why one group seemed to be missing, rushing along the one that had been continued, only to find a huddled collection of singed Woradines and anxious Vree engineers. Cut off from the rest of their kind by the fire, they had related to Regala how they witnessed UNNIIC flying overhead in the direction of the missing Vree rail-makers. With the fires hopefully no longer an issue, they were anxious to resume work, several of the Vree stepping forward to let Regala know that they needed to return to Guveng'nis very soon, and would be taking the train back as soon as possible.

Tired from stretching her power so thin, and scared of the possible abduction of her people, Regala resolved to find Thomass and let him know what happened. She would need his assistance in finding them!
>Develop - Mana Exposure - Unit production for the sole purpose of Wizard searching. (Something like "You can use an action to 'check' +X units, acting as if +X additional units were spawned in the city. No units are actually spawned, but if a wizard would be, then one is.)

Ruimte span on a swivel chair, a new design that had taken the Vree world by storm. An exquisitely carved desk of Pine wood dominated her new office, and piled atop it were applications, population cencesus, and her own scribblings on numerous subjects. The foremost of these, of course, was the workings of Mana, and how it awakened the potential in the rare individual.
Ruimte NEEDED another wizard. Geheim was of little use to her, content to follow Regala's orders, but Ruimte had her own goals. The goddess' aligned with hers, for now, but the dog-girl held no illusion that this would remain so. With no allies to be found around her, some would have to be found...

She slid across the polished floors, spick and span from their lack of use, (the construction team had only finished up her office this morning!) to gaze out the frost-tinged window. She spied absolute hordes of milling potential before her, Vree in their thousands walking the streets of the adjacent city. Somewhere out there was her new best friend, and she couldn't wait to meet them!

She truly was ecstatic. The tall tower that dominated her new school allowed her a bird's eye view of the world around her, and clearer access to the stars that sang to her each night. Their song was that of power, of endless eternity, and it rang as the sweetest sound in her fluffy ears!
Geheim didn't seem to like the height, though she derived endless amusement from watching the Vree climb the difficult steps up, so that was another point for this massive tower!
Grinning at the thought, she set to work, creating a program to begin testing the Vrees en-masse with dilute quantities of extracted mana!

>Develop - Electricity
Geheim, for all their lack of enthusiasm, was not idle. The shift in technology had astounded them when they returned, and they took to the finding of new knowledge with fervor. The recent mastery of the mind-bendingly complicated (magically-augmented) magnetism had led the Vrees to another strange force of nature. Lightning strikes were all but unheard of in the frozen north, but the Vree further south were familiar enough with the phenomenon, and the world-travelled Geheim was humbled to see the Vree scientists harnessing this force, bouncing it back and forth between two metal spheres.

Assuming the fire is out, and the flow of resources has continued, the Vree resume their track-laying.
Unit (23,9) - Build to 19,8, then to 19,7, then to 17,5.
Unit (18,13) - Build to 16,12, then to 13,13.
Unit (22,18) - Build to 25,20, then follow the road there to 26,21.

>[Minor]Trade Technology with Tantalus:- Pass Glassmaking to Tantalus and receive Protective Charms.

The Crabfolk wish to know the Pyreling methods of turning sand into Glass, and so Pyrelings from the glasswork come to teach them these skills as well as a crab can learn them, and to receive knowledge from the crabfolk of their protective charms in kind.
Confirming tech trade. Pyreling wizards will now be able to make Protective Charms using mana.
>Unit Move (Archivists of Warfare): Move to (12, 2)
>Unit Action (Archivists of Warfare): Requisition the supplies to refit the unit with Boats from the city
The Archivists of Warfare, done with their bloody work, continue their march north. Realizing they lacked the explosives to break through any defenses leading to Ofu's land, they instead decided to stop in at the nearby human settlement and request their allies' help in preparing for a sea maneuver through the cold arctic waters.

>Unit Action (Archivists of Military Engineering): Finish constructing the wall around (12, 9)
The Archivists of Military Engineering continue their work, finishing the defensive wall around The Archive. Now, any attackers that may approach would have a much more difficult time doing so.
>[MA] Connect to the trade network of the railway
The kat workers of Regala have introduced metal tracks into our territory in which a loud and fast machine used to travel, using what it seems like steam power, providing a high influx of trade and beings that are our neighbours and even ones from distant lands that we haven't seen in epochs now. Seeing this opportunity we'll make efforts to better integrate to this new system seeing it's benefits for our people and everyone it connects.

>[MA] Develop Radio (Steam Engine + Physics + Engineering II)
The heavy headed of our kind became inspired by what they managed to find when working with the new mineral and it's properties. Seeing it's potencial to perhaps transfer information over long distances they started researching a proper way to generate it and receive from place to place.

-[MI] move Asmodel to 22,10

-[MI] Apophis Scouts:
16,16 moves to 14,17; build walls around city
19,11 moves to 20,12
update the new one techs and increase the pop of all scouts to 4000
one at 20,12 moves to 21,9
remaining 20,12 build walls
20,8 build walls

-[MI] fuel the autobot with 3 mana and give 2 mana to UNNIIC

-[MI] Sneaky Sneks:
16,3 moves to 20,6
22,14 moves to 22,19
>UI Americus seeing that Nova is activating his death Aurora uses her unused movement to move to 18, 2 to get out of range
>MA build a lumber mill/lumber farm at 12, 5
>MA Raise an E.E.F army in Windy city

>UI move Americus's Wardens to 16, 5
>UI E.E.F slay the converted in space city before moving to 10,2
File: 80dZoMs.png (316 KB, 1198x590)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
>Mgr Act develop Thaumium metalworking
>Mgr Act develop refinery
>Mgr Act DI develop muscle attribute
A rare trait was starting to be seen among the buff nuggets and the fitlets. Fitlets and nuggets alike were seeing what looked like wings, demons and other vague but discernable imagery showing when a select few flexed their muscles. Whats more is that they exhibited a specialized trait in that they were ether stronger, faster, or smarter than their average brethren. There is even a rumour these buff nuggets can hear a calling of innate power that exists from pushing their gains beyond physical limitations. (End result is to create uniquely stronger faster or smarter variants with a slight chance for buff mages)
>Unit Action: Golden Band Unit and Grand Golden Band Unit embark on UNNIIC as he passes through Deepholm. They will help UNNIIC to comb the ship's interior in search of whatever is killing the passengers.
>Unit Action: The Machinist will embark on UNNIIC temporarily during it's pass through Deepholm. Using his powers related to clockwork and machinery, he will attempt to interface with the ship to assist it in searching it's interior. Spend 4 mana on the action.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
>Unit Action [Astral Wizard] [2+1 Mana]: Once the UNNIIC has settled above the mountains of [18,21], teleport the Grand Golden Band Unit 3 hexes (with assist of the Projection Tower), to [15,21].
Wars around the world are escalating, and the general public is starting to jostle at any news from outside the Great Teacher's territory, but as a whole, panic is replaced with a clear determination to simply resolve all issues as they are faced.

>Major Action, Divine Influence, Development [Bathos Monopathia]:
The issue of making travel over land faster comes up at last, as the Akreties begin being more and more interested in travel far beyond the confines of their world. The Valbats are a great boon, but there's simply not enough of them to suit a whole populace. There is much discourse on what exactly to do in order to resolve this non-issue, and eventually, a missive is sent to the First Storyteller, asking for assistance, receiving in response, as usual, a short story. It remarks on insects, and of the simple wonder that are their hives and nests, the underground tunnels and chambers within accessible only to them. Infused with divinity, the words inspire the Akreties to take inspiration from their smaller cousins, and set forth to create a series of underground paths that connect all settlements and areas within the borders of their territory. It's much work, but once finished, the Akreties' biology and sense of direction will leave it a much faster and easier way of moving than anything on the surface. Perhaps they ought to expand them further...

>Major Action, Development [Jold Metalworking]:
The creation of the Deep-Paths also unearths many a deposit of rare metals and minerals, the growing stockpile of which, now including several newly discovered kinds shiny rocks, rouses the craftsmen and teachers of the the council to begin their own project, spending much time in workshops, simple labs and educational facilities to create the newest and best metal yet: Jold. Work to replace existing plans for Syrconite structures are put into place swiftly.
Wars around the world are escalating, and the general public is starting to jostle at any news from outside the Great Teacher's territory, but as a whole, panic is replaced with a clear determination to simply resolve all issues as they are faced.

>Major Action, Divine Influence, Development [Bathos Monopathia]:
The issue of making travel over land faster comes up at last, as the Akreties begin being more and more interested in travel far beyond the confines of their world. The Valbats are a great boon, but there's simply not enough of them to suit a whole populace. There is much discourse on what exactly to do in order to resolve this non-issue, and eventually, a missive is sent to the First Storyteller, asking for assistance, receiving in response, as usual, a short story. It remarks on insects, and of the simple wonder that are their hives and nests, the underground tunnels and chambers within accessible only to them. Infused with divinity, the words inspire the Akreties to take inspiration from their smaller cousins, and set forth to create a series of underground paths that connect all settlements and areas within the borders of their territory. It's much work, but once finished, the Akreties' biology and sense of direction will leave it a much faster and easier way of moving than anything on the surface. Perhaps they ought to expand them further...

>Major Action, Development [Jold Metalworking]:
The creation of the Deep-Paths also unearths many a deposit of rare metals and minerals, the growing stockpile of which, now including several newly discovered kinds shiny rocks, rouses the craftsmen and teachers of the the council to begin their own project, spending much time in workshops, simple labs and educational facilities to create the newest and best metal yet: Jold. Work to replace existing plans for Syrconite structures are put into place swiftly.
Oh wait, I'm retarded.
>Minor Action, Trade [Give Music to UNNIIC in exchange for Steam Engines]:
While The God-Machine focuses it's attention to eliminating The Flower, the Akreties still make travels to it's body on their newly tamed valbats, simply loitering around, singing songs and taking in the scenery in an attempt to exchange cultures. The noise, inevitably, attracts attention from the Silver Cloud's servants, while the singers find themselves drawn to these machines emitting steam, as well as their purpose. Perhaps something can be arranged?

>Minor Action, Communication [Furnlatha]: The Akreties are delighted to be in contact with such a strange being, the wizard's powers a completely unknown existence to them. Thus, the unlucky servant of the Living Flame is practically bombarded with an endless stream of questions on who he is, how he can do such wonderful things, if he can teach the Akreties his arts, and very, very rarely, who he is and why the Goddess of the Forge has sent him.

>Minor Action, Communication [Goddess of Creation]:
Akros near-madly writes down the Goddess' words, down to the letter, memories of a time long gone surfacing, much to the God's chagrin. For once, he seems to lack the usual theatricality or prose in his writings, jotting down a simple sentence on his scroll and presenting it to his fellow divinity.
>"Is there nothing we can do to avoid this fate?"
File: image0-10.jpg (44 KB, 388x590)
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Thomass is so wrapped up in trains that he doesn't initially see the fire coming from the land of gains.
>move to the flames for further action.
File: 1556716699418.jpg (18 KB, 400x400)
18 KB
Name:Fore Mann
Description:<see pic 1> a towering sinister suited figure, acrid smoke clings to his body, and oil stains set in his tread. In his simple office of the Factory, he directs the growth of the facility and their one product.
Domains:<Industry, Darkness>
Color:<Olive Green
God Attributes:<Fortitude, Terraforming -Affinity>
Your Minions:<Gangrels - creatures morphed and deformed, parts of their form ooze like liquid, and vapour-like smoke leaves their lungs. They emerged from the cogs and boilers of the Fore Mann's Factory, not only the product, but the labor and the fuel.>
Minion Attributes: Population>
Minion Ability:<Gangrel Gunk- Gangrels set out from the Factory, gathering raw material to be fed to the boilers and ground down in the cogs, thus bringing more of their number into being. However, productive parts of the Factory can only be brought into being by Terraforming with raw Gangrel Gunk, converting Population to Factory improvements.>
Starting Hex: Where ever works.>
File: 1556835152333.jpg (19 KB, 459x637)
19 KB

>Communicate: Akrites
Lokey laughs at the attention, and does his best to explain who he is, and what he knows of his powers. As far as he can rationalize, some beings are just gifted with these powers. He doesn't know if it is possible to teach another his powers; but then who can truly know what is possible until it is tried? Now, pay attention all of you... if you are gifted, perhaps you might see this too...

>Unit Action: Lokey
Lokey casts a spell of sight manipulation, designed so that mana energy might be seen as visible by any who might possess the latent powers of a wizard. To them, the air might be seen to twist and writhe, brief flashes of flame shimmering in the sky as rising currents soar in spirals.
>MA [develop] - Flight
Stealing design not creating new one. Steal the wings of birds. Steal the wings of moth. Steal the wings of the seeds carried by the wind. The jungle is choke full of designs, process, ideas. Let's copy them to our heart content

>MI Change Kaiju unit
Add flight tech, jold weapon, cystic growth, name changed from kaiju to swarm, pop changed from 1000 to 3000

>MA create swarm (in myxoma)
Long ago the kaiju cass'ise was a great protector and offensive leader in the crab wars. Not anymore. It was time to use the symbiosis all gardeners shared the other way, not to assemble but to divide. Each of the gardeners entering the swarm cut itself down in two, four, tens, hundreds parts. Each were shaped by fleshwarpers, gifted with maws of joldonite, wings to support their small body, and a surprise or two that maybe could help them all... Soon the first swarm would fly to protect them.
is there a discord? room for new players?
Discords here: https://discord.gg/eRzTbvc

We're full on players, but we have a queue going for people to join when other gods die. Plus, if nothing else, there will always be future games!
>>Qazlal - The Bleeding Father

>Major: [Develop]: Astronomy
>Using Mathematics

>Major: [Develop]: Kholimoth Hatchery, structure built at (9,15)
>Using Kholimoth, Engineering I

>Major: [Develop]: Seafaring
>Using Mathematics, Shorebell Wood, Kholimoth Silk

>Major: [Develop] [DI]: Crystalline Assembly
>Using Crystal Domain, Engineering I, Jold Weapons, Moonlight Agaric, Symbiosis, The Bloodletting
Within the blood-spattered fortresses of Qazlal's gloomy land, preparations would need to be made for this faction's ultimate survival. When the time comes, an army will be needed, and we certainly will not have the time to produce such an army. Here, crystalline cocoons shall bear the weight of training many of our soldiers, allowing the might of The Bloodletting to share our warrior's knowledge and skill by resting within a blood-filled stasis chamber constructed out of crystal of Qazlal's own making. (This acts as a double unit production tech)
>>Mira A & B

>Unit Action [Movement]: Move Mira A & B to (21,28)

>Unit Action [Disband]: Absolve Order Siren (23,26)

>Major [Develop] [DI]: Flag-Bearer's Claim
>Using Unity domain, Runic Language, Shrine of Snails, Node Stones
The snail's civilization grows greatly, over the passing epochs. It's about time these prays are put to good use. Using their built up psychic energy, an enchantment shall be placed upon a particular set of runes. These runes, woven into the tapestry of many banners, shall lead the advancement of our nation! Swampfolk who adventure outwards shall plant these banners, using the runes to draw power from their deity, and laying claim to their surroundings!

>Major [Develop]: Ichor Priests
>Using Animal Sacrifice, Religious Orders, Philosophy, Emotional Receptors, Literature, Runic Language, The Psychic Pool
A sect of Swamplanders within The Pool Palace will be allowed the sacred information that their gods are not what they seem, weighing heavy on their mind of their fallen Gods, but trained evermore to the loyalty of the new order. These priests will train themselves relentlessly in the ways of The Ichor, training their bodies to the free acceptance of The Bloodletting without the unification of their mind, and even splitting a drop of Ichor amongst themselves to build a tolerance. The process will be slow, but given time, their efforts and workings within the secret underbelly of this nation shall better our odds at achieving a wizard.

>Major [Develop]: Mental Multiplication
>Using The Bloodletting, The Cleansing, Religious Orders
Much like our brethren bodies that inhabit the western coast, the necessity for numbers is higher now than ever. Double unit production tech, using the mental malleability of the bloodlets.

>Major [Create Unit]: Order Conquest x2
Created at (23,26), 5000 minions, with tech Flag-Bearer's Claim, Runic Language, Node Stones, The Cleansing, House Boats, Seafaring, The Psychic Navigator
oh and build walls and shit lole
File: world28.png (3.32 MB, 2400x2382)
3.32 MB
3.32 MB PNG
Many apologies for the delays! Holidays and all that.

'Twas the night of updates, a night oh so bright. During this epoch, a beautiful aurora borealis or dancing color can be seen in the night skies across the entirety of the map. Just this once, the Gods of this /boc/mas may wish upon a star, a particular pair of stars in fact, and a lucky random few may see their wish come true. Don't be too greedy, however, the forces unknown always remember..
The wildfire spreads.
Trade is interrupted within the eastern and western sides of the Memorykeeper Express, as Turtlefolk's ships are being consumed and destroyed by unknown sea creatures.

>>4571498 Americus
Americus continues her pursuit, finding Ofu in his escape one again, as the desperate Gods exchange attacks. Americus' fists beat against the tiny god, but with little effect aside from bruising.
Lumbermill established.
1 E.E.F. unit produced.
The army marches into the poisoned land, pursuing the escaping converted men and women with the intent to kill! Miraculously, however, the converted manage to run, hide, and entirely evade the encroaching army, using the deep jungle and poisonous fog as cover. (-500 minions to poison)

>>4571704 Ofu
Defending from the oncoming attack, Ofu swings his wet hand back towards the Goddess, meeting a shocking amount of resistance as she appears to have assumed a new form, fit for combat..

>>4572130 Novakhet
Solar Winds spread through 4 hex.
The Kheperan Solars continue their multi-epoch long attack on the God of Resilience.
Arriving along the solar winds from the south, Novakhet's body erupts into a blinding burst of plasma, as arcing solar flares stretch out to the surrounding hex. Ofu looks up with shock as the shockwave of power rushes over him, singeing the surface of his soft flesh, as the clearing dust reveals a battered and bleeding God. Just north of the explosive supernova, Americus plants her feet onto the ground and raises hands in defense, as her form is pushed against the earth, resisting the destructive energy of Nova's transformation. (-1 HP to Ofu)
The third unit of Solars release bursts of cosmic energy and fists upon the yamaca, but the corrupted and enraged army of Ofu's Endsieg are not small and defenseless, as swarms of the beastly shrooms remain in the thousands. (-600 minions, 3920 remaining)
The Impregnable Omnicropolis of Rifts Edge established.
Astronomy shared with Earis.
The Gift has reached 10% of the population.
>>4572138 Earis
Enraged with the slippery and resilient shroom, Earis tears through the landscape with his claws of pure Jold as swipe after swipe meets only the surface of the God's flesh, or strikes merely air.
Mine established.
Lumbermill established.
Industrialization developed. Can confirm I gave permission for this.
Novakhet has gifted you Astronomy.
The Archivists of Warfare prepare to sail, receiving ships from Americus' humans.
2 walls constructed.

>>4572159 UNNIIC
Red Flier dumps the steaming acid onto the Weavers, leaving a burning stain in their stead.
Black Fliers swoop past the living burrower and road, dumping more organicide as the jungle and its contents burn into ash.
Blue Fliers continue their direct assualt on the gardener's settlement of Adena, and surely would have brought the settlement to naught but burning ruins at this point if it were not for their new methods of distributing the deadly rain dropped by these Valjet units. (7,200 minions slain)
Zeno-Space Anti-Spalling Hull developed.
Troubleshooters developed.
Steam Engine shared with Akros.
Furthering the investigation, with much more organization this time around, the Troubleshooting Servitors perform a ship-wide search for more leads. Investigating the gore piles that have begun to appear, servitors have identified samples of ribbon, clothes, and fur, mixed amongst the piles of meat. As the search continues, the servtiors wander maintenance halls at the behest of their sirvee assistants who follow the sounds of skittering claws and unnatural hissing, often leading to an inside-out sirvee with no clear direction on where the beasts went. However, a strange case could be made for the fact that more often than not, these creatures appear more interested in leaving gore about, drawing blood and claw marks across the walls, and filling the halls with echoing howls, more than actually sustaining themselves with their slain enemies. Judging by the amount of missing persons versus the amount of identified remains, and with the projected amount of demons, it would be apparent that these beasts do not eat anywhere near enough of what they kill to sustain themselves. So far, no Troubleshooter has encountered one of these demons personally and returned in one piece.
+2 mana from Asmodel.
Akros has gifted you Music.
Anomaly detected from the two suns, from the Astronomicon Bridge,a particularly large but seemingly-harmless solar flare.

>>4572377 Furnlatha
Claimed 1 hex. -1 mana
Practice maneuvers...?
4 roads constructed.
Electricity developed.
Biseax Pastures established.
Valjet Ranch established.
Glassmaking shared with Tantalus.
Tantalus has gifted you Protective Charms.
>>4572449 Tantalus
In Tantalus' stead, Green-Shell continues making charms to keep the infection's growth at bay. -1 mana
Tantalus' offer is a compelling one, especially in the times of war as acid rains from the skies. (3000 minions converted)
...Your bloom percent has now increased from 8% to 24%...
Stone-Claw upgraded to a city.
Bomb Shelters developed.
Furnlatha has gifted you Glassmaking.
Protective Charms shared with Furnlatha.

>>4572921 Grindall
With his new arm suffused properly to his body, the gleeing God would indeed feel much of his strength return as the awkwardly unbalanced weight of his body was not only no more, but with an even mightier implement at his disposal! The limb adopts Grindalls domination over the Earth and digging prowess, allowing powerful sweeping motions that may deal much greater damage its target, potentially able to reduce a God by 2 HP in a single strike.
Silverine Prosthetic developed.
I love Gorri and Craddock. This better not be the last we see of them.
Spirits developed.
Bit late to throw mana at UNIIC's search, as I've already written the full description for that, but I'll keep this in mind for the next action UNNIIC takes for the task. Won't spend mana now, but I will using this UI when it comes up, if you're still fine with that.

>>4574816 Regala
A winter blizzard billows through the valleys and southern coast of Thomass' terrain, as the bitter cold would thwart most all flames at the bidding of Regala, enough to prevent permanent damage to this land and the railway. The same could not be said for the flames that continue over Thomass' land, with the priority set on the tracks...
Mana Exposure developed. Any unit can make a UI in a settlement of yours to make a wizard search using this. A MA will proc several searches, probably 3. Do not stop narrating the exploits and motives of your wizards; it is simply wonderful.
Electricity developed.
12 tracks constructed.
Trade is established with Asmodel via locomotive. What resources would you like to share?

>>4575863 Asmodel
Trade is established with Regala via locomotive. What resources would you like to share?
Radio developed.
4 walls constructed.
Apophis Scout unit updated.
Autodoc continues to prevent the spread. -3 mana. 2 mana gifted to UNNIIC.

>>4576433 Thomass
Can't develop Thaumium Metalworking without Thaum Crystal.
Refinery developed.
Muscle Attribute developed. This is a surprise tool that will help us later.
Fires rage through the settlements of the buffnuggets as the flames consume thousands of lives! (-10,000 minions)
>>4578562 Akros
UNNIIC has gifted you Steam Engine.
A familiar disease appears to spring up amongst a small population of the Akraties, as colorful sprouts of biomass grow from their flesh. Symbiosis, Inflorescence, and Sprouting Souls gained.
Bathos Monopathia (1/6) developed. Currently accesses all of Akros' own land.
Jold Metalworking developed.
Music shared with UNNIIC.
>The strange yet powerful woman, yet unphased by the passing of time between statements, replies to his written words:
"If the thought may ease your mind, perhaps there is. I fear I have little power in the matter, far too occupied keeping myself alive... The thought of your true mortality is not an amiable one, but if there is any wisdom I could bestow upon you, it would be for such concerns to fleet from your mind. Your time is much better spent enjoying the power of creation."
By the way, its great to see you active again, these turns are excellent :)

>>4580674 The Bloom
The liquid, black as night, penetrates through the pores of The First, as even just a sliver of its viscous essence sends shooting pains through the God's body. An invigorating pain, coursing through The First's veins with untold power... The Earth Blood shall take, and it shall give. -2 HP. +1 Fortitude permanently.
Flight developed, certainly by means of Symbiosis.
Swarm unit produced.

>>4582083 Qazlal
Astronomy developed.
Kholimoth Hatchery established.
Seafaring developed.
Crystalline Assembly developed.
2 walls constructed

>>4582103 Mira A & B
Order Siren disbanded.
Flag-Bearer's Claim developed.
Ichor Priests developed.
Mental Multiplication developed.
Order Conquest established and 2 units produced.
4 walls constructed

Gonna specify, the wish has no cost. Just include it in your post.
Oh one more thing, kind of important. Urgot is dropped, he can re-enter at the end of the queue if he wants back in. His unit and territory will be unclaimed, but no divine spark will be claimable. One more death and Iron General is in.
Rolled 6, 1, 6 = 13 (3d10)

>Americus moves to 18, 3 attacking Ofu with everything she has, there are no more works left to be said, no more, diplomatic overtures to be made, one of them would die on these grounds, all the dead demanded it, else the fallen died in vain.

before americus move to attack Ofu she makes her wish
>as tears brim in the eyes of Americus, her old war wounds ache, she pays them no mind as she thinks of what might have been of the future that could have been, but most of all she thinks of the daughter, who is surely by now long dead of her precious Flos, her baby. looking Into the heart of the Aurora, she speaks from the depths of her soul, her truest desire, "I wish, I could share this sight with you my little Flos, I wish, that in my moment of fear, and doubt that I had found another way." Americus is unable to hold it back anymore, as the Goddess of life, mother of humanity, sobs for the child her child, that she made mortal to save her from Ofu. "I wish for my little girl back, I wish for Flos"

[Americus would give just about anything for her child to be restored alive and well back to being a demigoddess]
File: patch.png (1.65 MB, 1240x1250)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB PNG
Fixed a couple small errors, UNNIIC attacked with 4 fliers not 2, so Bloom takes a total 14400 damage, with the additional 7200.
Accidentally moved a vree unit north, its back on its tracks at (16,12).
Grindalls wizard wasn't meant to fly off with UNNIIC, just stepping on momentarily.
Rolled 1, 8, 1, 4, 2, 4, 3, 2, 1 = 26 (9d10)


Quick post which I will expand on later

I ended up expanding on it anyway so it’s just a normal post, missing one action and a wish.

UI: Novakhet, attack Ofu
UI: Both solars, move to Ofu and attack
UI: Novakhets death aura, attack Ofu (and anyone else nearby but that’s not important)

First three dice for my gods first attack, next three dice for the aura attack, next three for each solar

UI: Last dice is for solar #3 attacking 17, 11

MA: Thaumium Auto-forges (Thaumium metalworking)

Deep in the atria of the grandest necropoli forges batter away at a new metal, that forged of sifted crystal from the ever enduring salt flats neighbouring Black Pillar.

With this, magical armaments are at hand, though the secret of its forging is one well kept by only a small circle of artificers, for thaumium is a metal greater than even jold.
Magically potent as well as incredibly durable, it soon becomes even more plentiful than Jold, given that we have no true source of jold rather instead gifts and traded amounts.

The machines dreamt up to make this this metal wrought are gargantuan clockwork constructs, fuelled by steam and labour, sprawling hallways of meticulously cared for components each with a dozen redundancies in case of failure striking any one location.

The denizens of a cities necropolis separate themselves more and more from the common folk, often recruiting new Dagekhet directly from their rising point from beneath the Ka Dunes rather than deal with the above ground folk.

Wish: Not sure yet

>Major Action: Develop - Carbon Jold
>Using: Silverine Metalworking, Electricity, Industrialization; Plentiful Jold, Plentiful Black Sand (for the Carbon in the charcoal), The Forge.

Silverine is such a splendid metal, and the Pyreling smiths clamor to Furnlatha with ideas of what to make from it; but the burning god of the forge shakes her head sadly to most of these. Though many ideas are worthy and of interest, she knows that even with knowledge of the techniques they cannot themselves work the metal. More, she knows the cost that Grindall had paid for all that was formed with his essence. There is only so much Silverine that the god of the ground had gifted her, and if it were all to be spent on the many ideas the Pyrelings bring to her there might be none left for future projects of her own. She gestures them away with some reluctance; the Pyrelings will need to come up with something else strong enough to use for their own plans; something they might have some ability to forge and develop on their own.

That something else comes to the mind of the Pyrelings uses much of the knowledge and observation of processes that allow manipulation of the Silverine, but at a level where a mortal rather then a divinity might be able to craft the alloy. Using modern techniques and innovations as well as the abundant levels of both Jold and Carbon flowing into the forge, as well as even a little of their ancient skills at Jold-alloying, the Pyreling smiths are able to develop the next great advance in their metallurgical process; Carbon Jold.

>[Major Action][DI]: Improve Divine Forged Armor
>Using: Domains: The Forge, Development; Resources: 1 Portion of Silverine, Carbon Jold, Divine Forged Armour woven with the Ashes of Tortoiseterra.

Taking off her armor, Furnlatha looks over the gleaming plates; a flaming hand running across the surface of the metal. The Armour was a fine piece when first she forged it and still she holds a fondness for the beauty of her work; but the material strength of the metal her protection is comprised of has now been surpassed at least twice. And she is a goddess of development; moving with the advances of the passing eras is some small part of her domain. And so, she begins to wield her power upon the Armour, taking it apart piece by piece to remake and rework. The Joldonite compound is broken back down, and re-forged with Silverine (and Carbon Jold in those places she deems the properties of the metal more suitable for what she desires in use or decoration). The remnant threads of Tortoiseterra's divine essence woven through her armour are re-alloyed, the legacy of the Tortoise-god's divine resilience now interwoven with resonances of Grindall's power coursing through the Silverine of his creation, and the flaming wisps of her own divine energies; forming from the three a latticework of their essences to empower the divine protections of the Silverine as she pieces her creation back together.

>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [33,19]
>Consecrate [33,19]

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [23,19]
>Return down the road back toward Forgefall.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [28,18]
>Continue building a road up to Farfjord on [28,19].

>Unit Action: Lokey
Lokey has another attempt, trying to recall if there are things he can perceive through his mastery of illusions that others cannot that might help him identify others of his own ability.

>Furnlatha: Wish
Furnlatha looks up to the aurora she can see dancing in the skies through. The sight is beautiful, and through her powers of flame she can feel some resonance with the burning stellar flare that had created such a phenomenon.
"I do wish the world would see more of such beauty in flame at such a time of year." she whispers to the heavens. "The warmth in the cold, the crackle of cooking. That more followers of all will be bought together by the coziness; and enrich themselves with fun and wonders and delights of their own development. For we are beings of creation, but those we guide are also beings that make and think and do; let them come up with wonders to make their lives rich and joyous."

>[Minor]Trade Technology with Tantalus:- Pass Electricity to Tantalus and receive Dancing

Ancient crab-folk rhythms make the air seem to crackle with energy as the Pyrelings pick up their dance-moves, in return sharing a little more of their knowledge of the forces of development to the Crab-folk.
The Crabs are stunned that in are their dealings with the Pyrelings, they never once invited them to dance, Such a grievous oversight must be corrected at once! Getting these fancy new electric lights is just garnish.
> Confirm Tech Trade
Full Post tomorrow, maybe
Rolled 10, 10, 10 = 30 (3d10)

>God Unit Move - To 26,8 to speak with Blank, then to 24,7.
Regala is distraught, and even as the fire burns, she soars back to her closest friend, tearfully informing the muscular god of the vanished Vree and the possibility that UNNIIC took them. Sadly, Thomass has his own pressing issues, with the ravages of fire threatening to consume much of his land. As he stomps and shouts, aiding his Buffnuggets in their fire fighting efforts, he urges Regala to leave, to venture forth and find UNNIIC, along with her missing Vree.
>God Unit Claim - UNNIIC's obelisks on 21,2 and 23,11, along with 27,10.
As she flies west, a thought strikes Regala. She cannot tell how far UNNIIC is, and how long it will be before she can safely guide her people home. Then, an idea strikes her. Perching atop a snowy peak, she surveys the land around her with her divine senses, spotting the unmistakable smog of UNNIIC's claimed lands. With a twist of her power, she attempts to snatch some key points from his grasp. Hopefully, the flying ship will notice, and come to her now! With the land claimed, she need only wait till he returns, allowing her the time to help Thomass with the flames that threaten him and his people.

>Develop Radio Towers
>Develop Chemistry
Safe within Regala's lands, virtually non-flammable all year round, the Vree scientists of Piljervisie continue their delving into the forefront of science, improving the reach of the basic radios that the Buffnuggets had discovered. As science marches on, a system to break down the world around them is laid out, Geheim illuminating the more esoteric principles that govern the breakdown of the more exotic materials the Vree encounter. A crude Table of Elements begins to be developed, but people keep doodling cats pushing the elements off said table, slowing down the work.

>Trade Asmodel - All Resources available.
>Wolk Chasers - Return to Welkomplaats as much as possible, units ending up on 26,8 / 23,15 and 25,14.
With the trains once again functional, the Vree begin their journey home. Day and night, trains bustle the many workers towards Welkomplaats, interrupted only by the new tradeline established with the Goddess of Darkness, trains laden with all manner of materials showing up at the stations in her lands.

>Vluchs UI - Mana Exposure Check.
The Vluchs, glad to be home from their world-wide tour, are Ruimte's first experiments, the tiny vials of mana sent to each Vree with bated breath. As Ruimte eagerly watches for minute reactions to the substance, the flickering green aurora overhead distracts her, and soon enough, all Vree across the land look to the sky with utter confusion and wonder...
>God Wish
Exhausted from attempting to overpower UNNIIC's territories, Regala takes a moment to rest. The thin air of the mountaintop is uncomfortable for most Gods, and deadly to mortals, but for her it is home. The frozen air fills her lungs with delight and power, the sparkle of untouched snow in the starlight a cornucopia of wonder to all her senses. Each snowflake sings to her, each whisper of wind tells a tale of it's travels. Up here, it is always Winter.
Soon, it's not only starlight that dances with the fallen snow, but the overpowering glory of a mythical aurora, grand beyond measure, even to a Goddess that creates them herself. This one resonates with her, and her Divine will allows her to grasp the light's nature. A true miracle, even for one such as a God, is what it promises, and she need only ask.

Salvation is at hand. Redemption for her failure.

She falls to her knees, sobs racking her shoulders. Slowly, trembling hands unsheathe her blade, and she rises to one knee, planting the sword before her, reflecting the waving emerald hues onto her kneeling form.

"I wish," She begins, smiling as tears slowly freeze on her cheeks. "for peace on those who I've failed. I wish for the ability to fulfill the promises I made, and reward those who've earned their eternal peace. I wish for those who strive, despite themselves, despite their core, that immutable core of their being, to find what they yearn for, and for what they asked me aeons ago. I wish for the mortals under my care to take their rightful place in the grand dance of the cosmos, alongside all those who have come before, and forever after."

Each word draws more of the surrounding aurora down, pulling it from the sky to surround the Winter Goddess as she kneels in supplication. Regala is a beacon on the mountain now, so bright the Vree across the land can see her wish build to it's climax.

"Most of all, I wish for them to no longer yearn for that which they cannot, must not have. No longer will be they set apart from the creations of others. I wish... for the Vree to be cleansed of their malevolence."
Rolled 2, 9, 8, 8 = 27 (4d10)

>Unit Action + DI(Earis): Attack Ofu with Jold Claws(4 Strength)
The Mushroom God was flagging, Earis could feel it. All they had to do was keep up the offense. After all, he couldn't dodge forever.
>MA: Develop Carbon Jold with Jold + Industrialization + Electric Studies + Thaumium Metalworking
Archivist Metallurgists had been hard at work on prototyping new materials for use within The Archive. While Jold was powerful, it was extremely heavy and difficult to work with for purposes like architecture and machining. However, using the alloy processing methods they had devised from the creation of Thaumium as well as their recent discoveries in regards to electricity, they began work on a new Jold Alloy that further increased its existing strengths as well as making it more versatile. Thanks to their new mine up north, they had a large enough access to Jold that they could truly experiment and perfect the substance, dubbed Carbon Jold, and put it into production.

>MA: Develop Sanitation Equipment with Engineering II + Industrialization + Medicine + Shroomstalk + Jetlichen + Rain Thistle
The Medical Archivists, under the direct guidance of Hydroponics even moreso than the rest of The Archive in their god's absence, were faced with a realization long on its way brought to them by the man in blue himself. The Archive was filthy, and with the increased reliance on smoke belching machines this would only continue to become an issue. Archivist bodies were at risk of rot as well, hurting the growing population as the epochs went on. As such, they used all the medicinal products and studies they had access to to produce a cleaning substance that was safe to use on paper, as well as within the bellies of the most advanced and expansive machines in the city.

>Unit Move(Archivists of Warfare): Move to (10, 1)
>Unit Action(Archivists of Warfare): Attack the Sea Serpent on (10, 1)
Equipped with boats thanks to their allies, The Archivists set off to flank Ofu's lands. Unfortunately, the sea monster that had passed by The Archive some time ago, or one very similar, was in the same inlet as them. They were unphased by this however, rowing right on towards the creature, assailing it with rifle fire from the safety of their boats. It would be a good test of their munitions on a target able to fight back.

>Very Special Christmas Wish(Hydroponics)
Hydroponics was sat in his office, relaxing after a hard day of overseeing the various operations of The Archive with a mug of hot cocoa, easily produced when one could generate their own water, and looking over the astronomical data provided to them by the visitors from Novakhet. Looking out his office window, he saw twin stars in the sky, a phenomenon he remembered was exceedingly rare and granted a lucky few who viewed it the possibility to have a wish come true. He silently wished for an obelisk, similar to the ones in Novakhet and Americus's lands that helped power their wizards. He was a proud man, not one to beg for scraps of mana out of fear of making The Archive appear vulnerable, but he wished he could be of more help to his people.
Movement amendment. Not going to chat with Thomass, instead just dip one hex south to 24,9 to claim the two southern hexes, then race to 24,4 to claim the northern obelisk. Make wish there.
Rolled 4, 3, 1, 9 = 17 (4d10)

>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] [Structure]: Magic Support Platform - The Astronomicon Bridge is the most advanced and capable wizard in the world. A complex dedicated to its operation, and continuous additions to its capabilities only further remove it from its peers. This same capability should be allowed to other wizards as well. The Magic Support Platform is created, a raised podium for the wizard to work at, with numerous Servitors and Crew, oltar conduits, and mana-filled pipes all working together to enhance their effectiveness by leaps and bounds. As well as provide a dedicated place of research for present wizards or the Astronomicon Bridge should no others be using it. Humans and their mastery of tools should also help ensure that non-robotic wizards can effectively use this structure. - Essentially, allow more mana to be spent by a wizard, reduce the feedback they suffer, and increase their performance, at the cost of being locked onto the structure for the duration of its use.
Using: Partials of the Core, Knowledge of the Ancients, Tinker's Minds, Organic Think Tank, Magic Projection Tower, Engineering, Biology 2, Oltanite Metalworking, Onboard Pipe Network

>Major: [Develop]: Ablative Armor - The servitor chassis and their natural hardiness make them some of the toughest minions available to the ship. But while they have a certain quality in their armor, quantity cannot hurt. Using additional hard points and specialized holders, Servitors can now affix more plates of armor or other battlefield detritus to their chassis. With their untiring and relentless nature as Partials, along with locomotion assisted by their mechanical mechanisms, the additional weight should not adversely effect their offensive capability. A servitor's expendable-ness is also a boon. Should comrades be lost in combat, a Servitor can use the corpses of the fallen to repair their own ablative armor.
Using: Servitors, Partials of the Core, Whatever resources we can strap to them, Processing of the Dead, Mechanical Mechanisms, Self Forging, Tools.

>Minor: Equip the Guardian Drones with Ablative Armor
>Unit Action [Guardian Drone]: Work with the city's current Troubleshooters to bring a quicker end to this issue. This time actually hunt the damn things and bring us back demons both dead and alive. Take risks/zerg rush if necessary, the loss of Servitors is a minuscule price for the safety and ease of the Passengers.
>Unit Action [God Unit - DI]: With the First located deep underground, and unable to be accessed, fly over to [13,16] instead. Take a route with a wide berth around the settlement [14,21] with the reported fliers in its holding. The Ship, meanwhile, shall attempt to placate the Passengers to reduce civil unrest and starve out the demons' source of fear and terror. Also start incorporating relaxing music in parts of the ship, like elevators. See Affinity Roll.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Minor: Trade Valjet Tech to Novakhet for Thaumium Metalworking. Also trade him 6 mana.
>Allow Nova's Life Wizard to attach to the Magic Support Platform if requested.

Red Outflier [15,20] - Circle around and bomb the weavers on [13,23]
Blue Outfliers [17,20] - Seeing as the Bloom is deep underground and took a rain check on getting his skin melted off, they will attempt to kill off one of the flier units (let's say the triangle) on [14,21] before separating and ending movement at [13,21] and [15,21]
Black Outfliers [18,18] - Bomb the settlement one at a time. Keep attacking it until it dies. If it dies before all of them have gotten their attacks off, the rest will separate and start scorch earthing his neighboring hexes and roads [17,18], [18,19], and [17,17].

The Ship is skeptical. It is a divine signature, just like all of the peers it has met before. The ultimate drivers of creation besides the Surrealist and the Undesignated Being of Destruction. Neither of whom seemed particularly all powerful and reaching, nor amicable nor interventionist to give gifts. Who or what could be capable of giving even a god a miracle? It must know, and if possible, determine this unknown, cosmic force.
Deep in its hull, with only the Astronomicon Bridge to bare witness, the Ship offers up an experiment should it be proven lucky: "This Unit wishes to know and understand what cosmic forces are bestowing these wishes."
But the Ship is not one to rely on such uncertainties, nor rely on the whims of the universe around it. It will ensure its will is done.
>Astral Wizard [5 mana] [Magic Projection Tower] - Should the wish not be granted to the Ship, the Astronomicon Bridge will be ordered to perform a survey of the Twin Suns and try to figure out additional information on the nature of these wishes and the forces behind them.
Meanwhile, in less festive news, the crabs are preparing for conflict. They knew it was only a matter of time until war with the bloom came to their shores once more, and with the end of the treaty in sight, the time has come to turn their accumulated knowledge towards the practice of war.

Traveling deep, deeper than any crab has dared venture before, marking the path back to Sea-Spire with luminous lumps of Mystic Coral, a team of explorers seeks out an underwater volcano. Here, they develop a means of harnessing it's great heat and pressure to forge what could not be forged before.
>Major Action: Develop Abyssal Forging!

In the cities, barracks and recruitment offices are established and training regiments established, that a great mass of crustacean fury might be called up at a moment's notice.
>Major Action: Develop Mass Mobilization! Two units may now be raised per action!

Back on the island, Green-Shell continues his work...
>Unit Interaction: Green-Shell spends 1 mana making Charms.

...And Tantalus makes himself ready to engage in battle with the Bloom's progenitor.
>Unit Action: Tantalus moves to 17:20 and will attack The First if it emerges
Rolled 3, 9 = 12 (2d10)

This attack is employing the Intercept Rules! Whatever those are...
MA+Aduat: Aduata Chymistry

Study of distillates and mixtures, such wonderful solutions may be refined from Aduat and recombined to form yet odder and yet more fascinating chemicals.

Quintessence, prime and progenitor of all the derived solutions, this family of substances and not just elemental and influencing the physical world, but immaterial, magical, their magical heritage giving them influence over the very essences of things.

Great laborotoriums of wonder and chymistry expand through yet more of the necropolis tunnels, but due to the nature of the chemicals fondness of sunlight great shining towers are risen out of the sands atop subterranean foundations with glass lenses focussing sunfire for ever wyrder experiments.
UI: Anathemus and Annihilus, move to 13, 16
UI: Anathemus, life wizard, spend 4 mana on studying the soul of the Vree
UI: Annihilus, entropy wizard, prepare a 4 mana spell to abjure any unpleasant consequences of the above research, cast it only if they appear

All mana is obtained and gifted from UNNIIC, rather than my own stockpile

MI: Trade thaumium working to UNNIIC in exchange for valjets and valuation domestication

Wish: Novakhet gazes to the lights in the sky, the god of the suns granted potential boon by the suns, surely what he would have dominion over.
Perhaps not, it seems, they act of their own accord.

There is no time for jealousy, he supposes, rather a wonder as to what Novakhet would wish for. This war he doubts could be undone, the killing of Ofu is sad but necessary at this point.

So many needless deaths, but he will not mourn them, they were committed by foolish creatures, these gods with too much power. Our children should strive to be better than us.

The god of the sun wishes upon a star, that mortals, or even just his mortals if that is too great an ask be granted wisdom beyond their years so that they do not repeat our mistakes.
>UI E.E.F "Unending vengeance" begins to attack the wall holding them back from making progress into Ofu's cursed land purge the infected converts they find along the way

>UI E.E.F "PridesFolly" Move to 10, 2 and begins to attack the wall holding them back from making progress into Ofu's cursed land purge the infected converts they find along the way

>UI Americus Warderns move to 18,10

>UI Americus prepares to follow Ofu should he try to run from the fight with her remaining movement

>MA Education
>MA Mass produce the protective Masks
>[MA] Develop Eletricity (Steam Engine + Magnetism + Magnium)

>[MA] Develop Trains (Steam Engine + Engineering II + Physics)
Being familiar with the ones used by the vree, we'll make our own locomotives so it isn't necessary to wait for the fluffy ones to stop at our stations to use them.

-[MI] move Asmodel to 21,11. Use DI to cure bloomed minions while in the Temple of Purification.
Having returned from the northeast and seeing the results of the railway project she took part, the goddess had to turn her attention to the old problem of infection. After finally finding a way to cure her sneks with the help of the flying deity it didn't take long for the efforts come to a halt again, when the disease hid deeper into the souls of her unfortunate subjects. The bishops had prepared the ground for her divine work to operate with all the knowledge gathered and she'll treat this ulcer before it spoils more of her creations.

-[MI] Apophis Scouts:
one in 20,12 move to 20,10
the remaining in settlements continue building walls

-[MI] Sneaky Sneks:
20,6 moves to 17,9
22,19 moves to 26,22

-[MI] move Evelyyn to 14,17

-[MI] fuel the autobot with 3 mana and give 2 mana to UNNIIC

-[MI] trade with Regala: all resources available
wish post

It was a cool night that seemed like all the others. This time though, the Goddess noticed that the sky was a little brighter than it should be and it could be seen multiple colors dancing among the starry heavens. She felt compelled by something she could not feel to utter what was on her mind, a wish that would only have this opportunity to take place. She took a moment and then spoke: “I wish for my gorgons to grow in faith, so they remember that no matter the hardship they can find a way to overcome it.” The goddess continued to stroll while colorless grains seemed to fall upon the land, not unlike the snowy domains in the northeast.
Amend because I forgot things
Change electricity develop into
>[MA] develop Refrigeration (electricity + physics)

-[MI] trade Physics with Regala in exchange for her Electricity
The new train line has brought the Vree into contact with the wider world, including the inquisitive yet reserved gorgons. Their fascination with the recently-mastered Electricity allows the Vree to offer a trade, the catgirls curious about the mathematical mastery of natural forces the Gorgons profess to having.
File: DlubjQ7UYAAWo5P.jpg (148 KB, 844x1200)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Thomass speaks to his nuggets in this troubled state "Nuggets you must throw the earth at the flame to smother it!" This prompts the buff nuggets to throw lots of hugh chunks of dirt at the flames to put them out.
>unit actions put out flames with dirt
>god wish
Thomass looks to the star and feels its power then calls forth its wish. "ULTRA, MEGA, MELON!!!"
>Mgr Act DI till the land
While Thomass waits to see if his wish will come true he uses his godly muscle to flip the ground in large areas with immense force forcing the fire to be smothered by a sandwich of the soil. Forestry and fields now lay root side up with the flames now smothered beneath.
File: Crab.gif (688 KB, 494x276)
688 KB
688 KB GIF
>Wish ~~For the Bloom to take yet another step in the wor...~~
Far far above, in the little space of sky that could be seen from this deep chasm, the First was transfixed by two shining stars. They were calling to him asking for a wish, unlikely in their time of need. Surely sent by the Bloom! Of course it would help them like always! Aaah to wish for the Bloom first true step in the world what a joy it will be...
But as the First was starting to speak his wish a oh so familiar form appeared before the sky. The crab god was back hurling inanities, menaces and insults.
Would this one never stop? The gardeners had offered all for an alliance, if the crabs desired so but no. For this one it was only senseless violence!
And from the frustration and annoyance the First felt a true wish escaped his lips.
>Wish "Oh stars, i wish for the Crab god above me to fall to the bottom of this hole. Down to the Ichor."

>MA+DI [Develop] - Bloody Mending
The Gift of the Bloom always took the form of a flourishing flower, making the flesh and bones of even the gods grow and prosper under it's touch. Now even the very souls of the gifted people could sprout and mature. It was a blessing everyone willing to take it could enjoy and find peace in.
This changed for the First. With the Blood of the Ichor coursing through him he could sense his body becoming tougher by the second, harder, more durable. More important than that though he could feel his gift react to the invading power, or maybe it was the blood reacting to the blessing? The two force intertwined not unlike vines stems using each other to grow. The Gift using the the Blood energy to accelerate it's effect on the First's body, scars and cuts starting to disappear much faster than before!

(Using the Blood power and the whole thematic and multiple tech of flesh manipulation of the Gift --> Gain faster passive healing on god unit)

>MA [Develop] - New city (or town (or settlement, the best we can make)) Chondra in 23.17
Additional post cause i forgot my name, for i am a idiot. AND ALSO for the unlikely absolutely bizarre possibility of my swarms and weavers to still be alive (we never know)

>MI Swarm - go to closest attacking fighter bit them until reach any important reservoir, and morph into cystic growth emptying the liquid inside. Be it gas, bio destroying poison, or any other vital material.

>MI weaver - Go back to Glia and start fortifying it with the same mix of bone and chitin the roads are made of but so densely woven it is but a mineral
As the crab god marches to war, he turns his gaze upwards briefly, and catches sight of the very same stars all the other gods were wishing on.
>Wishes? Harrumph, wish The Bloom would never bother me or mine again.
Rolled 7, 8, 2 = 17 (3d10)

>[UI] Move God Unit to 27, 16

Grindall sipped at the fibrous fruit shell, the wide-brimmed, floppy hat those nice turtlefolk had given him doing wonders to shade his eyes from the sun as the watched the massive construct-creature prowl around the river's mouth, golden struts and arches gleaming under the sun as they held the water that flowed between them in place. He'd definitely need to drop by that island again sometime, best vacation he'd ever had. Just what he'd needed after the near self-suicide. Regardless, while he wasn't sure exactly what the thing he was looking at WAS, outside of the fact that it had been harassing the turtlefolk and their fleet of ships for generations, there was one thing Grindall was sure of. He WANTED it. He'd been thinking that he needed something to guard his underworld from intruders while he wasn't about, and this thing, strange looking as it was for the moment, fit the bill perfectly, considering how long it had terrorized the oceans. Still, it was…a bit far out, if he was being honest. Gingerly dipping a clawed toe into the water below, the mole god quickly withdrew it, shuddering. He really wasn’t much a fan of water. He’d tried swimming before, but no matter what he’d tried he always seemed to sink like a stone. If he wanted to land this catch, he’d need to get…creative. He had just the tool for it now, too.

Holding up his new, prosthetic arm, he admired it for a moment, the Silverine pulsing with the beat of his own heart, the arm an almost perfect replica of it’s opposite, sans the fur of course. Then, at a mental command and a slight flex of divine power, the arm began to unspool, beginning with the furthest claw tip until it reached his shoulder, and the arm had transformed into a thin, almost invisible line of silvery wire. Then, with a grunt, the mole god cast his line, the wire gleaming faintly under the sun as it soared out over the water and landed somewhere near the lazily prowling leviathan. For a moment the god closed his eyes and focused, manipulating the wire’s tip with all the fine control that he could muster as his prey continued to swim about, unaware.

Then with a growl, Grindall opened his eyes and HEAVED. In an instant the sea monster’s movements turned from slow drifting to frantic thrashing as some unknown force began to drag it towards the shoreline. The god of metal snarled, pulling at the line with his other arm as the construct-creature desperately resisted the strange, forced motion, a jet of water firing from it’s head into the air as it struck at nothing, it’s programming jarred in frenzied but confused action. Finally, with a tooth grinding crunch, the sea creature hit the shallows of the rocky shore and was beached, still writhing in desperation against a foe it could not see.

Foe immobilized for the time being, Grindall quickly withdrew the Silverine thread that he had attached to one of the construct’s golden struts, the wire quickly weaving and reforming as it returned to the god’s shoulder. That done the god reluctantly stepped into the shallow water, suppressing a shudder as he waded over to the beached leviathan. After admiring his catch for a moment, the god finally got to work. Planting himself in the loamy layer of silt underfoot, the god stretched his arms as wide as they could go, clasping one of the golden arches as his claws dug into the softer metal. Then, for just a moment, the god strained, muscles bulging under the weight of the load as the god grit his teeth. Finally, with a tortured squeal, the massive, still thrashing sea monster began to lift out of the water below, even as Grindall’s feet began to plunge deeper into the soft mud below. Finally, almost up to his neck in water and grumbling all the while, the god managed to heft the creature overhead, before slowly plodding back towards land, feet sinking into meters of silt with every step. This was going to be a loooong walk indeed….

>[UI, DI] God Unit captures Sea Monster, and proceeds to carry it as far as he’s able on this turn, hopefully to 25, 17. Rolling Strength to see if he succeeds.

While many of the lowlands Svirgrindall of the deserts and plains enjoyed a variety of different types of alcohol, in the mountains, it was an altogether different story. While shipments of alcohol were still received from time to time, brought on Valjet-pulled carts, they were few and far between, and needed to be purchased at a premium, and in the arid, rocky mountain valleys that dotted the various ranges the Svirgrindall inhabited there was scarcely enough fertile ground to sustain the grass upon which the Biseax herds could graze, let alone grow enough grain to keep their herders well-stocked in alcohol. It was, to put it mildly, an infuriating situation for every mole man involved.

And so, like any good group of alcoholics would when deprived of their libations, the herder Svirgrindall of the mountains got to thinking. What might they use to create alcohol? There were tubers to be found, here and there, but hardly enough to sustain a decent alcohol industry, and cacti could only be found in the lowest of foothills. Which left only the small crops of grains they could manage to grow. If they wanted to make the grain last, then they would need to supplement it with something, to make up the majority of the beverage. The conclusion left the herdsmen at an impasse, until one of their number finally suggested something rather radical. Could they not use the milk of the Biseax? At first, the mole man was almost laughed out of the room…until his fellows thought the idea over. It was certainly true that many a Svirgrindall took a skin of the stuff out with them on their duties, and while it certainly developed a rather odd taste as it soured, it was not altogether unpleasant. Perhaps…?

And so, after about a week of fermentation in one of the few barrels available to them, alongside a small dose of grain mash, the barrel was cracked open by wary Svrigrindall to a pleasant surprise. The drink certainly wasn’t like any other alcohol the Svirgrindall had had, it was a good deal creamier, with a sour, though not altogether unpleasant, sort of bite to it. Still, when one of the Svirgrindall began to hiccup about a gallon in, it was most definitely alcohol, though of a rather weaker variety then they were used to.

Soon enough, the invention spread among the Svirgrindall herdsmen of the peaks and steppes, where many carried a few snips of it in waterskins alongside their usual beverages, for those cold nights when they needed something to warm their belly. Even some among the Svirgrindall of the lowlands plains and deserts began to develop a taste for it, though many considered it more of a recreational drink then a properly alcoholic one. The herdsmen decided to call it Kumiseax, after the creature from whom’s milk the beverage was mostly made.

>[MA] Develop Kumiseax

In the meantime, back in Deepholm, a scientific renaissance was brewing. Though few and far between indeed, the Svirgrindall scientists, led by the Machinist, had uncovered a unique new use for their medical knowledge. Though what they might gain from the mixing and creation of new chemicals, separate from their medical uses, was unknown, but the scientists were sure they would find some purpose for it. Eventually.

>[MA] Develop Chemistry

As he hauled his catch home, Grindall gazed up to the sky, at the twin stars that hung there. Sensing their power, the god chuckled.

“Dinnae have anythin’ fancy ta wish fer, ah reckon. Though ah’d appreciate it if ye could give me tha strength ta make bearin’ this load ah’ve got here a wee bit easier.

>Wish: +1 Strength plz
God Unit: MOVE 19,1
Unit Action: The Endsieg ATTACK 16,11
Unit Action: The Converted MOVE 9,1

MA: DEVELOP settlement 9,1
The Converted with the help of the sentient wall will begin constructing shelter on the highest peak of both sides of the wall.

God Unit: MA DI: Star Spore
With the dread of his kind dying by the hands of the three devious deities, Ofu attempts a drastic plan to ensure the survival of himself which is essentially his kind. Traveling in the highest peak of a mountain, he positions himself to freely dig deep within him. Concentrating whatever energy he has left Ofu pulls out a star shaped spore shining brightly with divine energy of himself. With a large quantity of divine energy...almost as a infidel divine spark. Half of Ofu's face goes limp, his mind hard to grasp, everything seemingly feels off. Yet he continues to do what he can, which is a simple throw up to the air, releasing the spore into the the night sky.
[TLDR Clone himself and yeet the seed of himself into space]

Dying wish: With his body and mind feeling off, it's difficult to speak yet he thrives forward to let out some words.
"With my final moment I wish to aid in the survival of myself, the survival of my kind. To see another day in a different time, realm, or space. To keep the dim light of vengeance alive...my only regret is not slaying what was in front of me without hesitation. Still, what a journey....full of sorrow and fun.
The ever growing and ever resilient, this will not be over. This is only the beginning."
[Wish to keep the shroom line alive]

[Rolong to defend Americus weak woman lole attack]

[I apologize again, irl stuff]
Rolled 10, 9, 5, 10 = 34 (4d10)

File: world29.png (3.46 MB, 2397x2383)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB PNG
Many apologies for the delays! Holidays and all that.

The dancing aurora borealis that blankets the sky would flicker, answering the wishes of three special Gods...
The wildfire does not spread because I forgot to update the map and its late lole
Trade is interrupted within the eastern and western sides of the Memorykeeper Express, as Turtlefolk's ships are being consumed and destroyed by unknown sea creatures.
A shockwave of divine energy can be felt from the northwest by all Gods; the destruction of yet another divine spark.

>>4582132 Americus
Even in his dying breathes, the tiny God remains persistent, avoiding each attack from Americus' Wall of Freedom form.
Unending Vengeance faces the living wall with bravery, as the poison exposed army fights through the pain. (wall damaged, -1000 pop)
Prides Folly assists their fellow E.E.F. unit in assaulting the wall of flesh, as its unending maws and tendrils lash out against their Syrconite weapons. (wall damaged, -1000 pop)
Education developed.
Silk Masks II developed.

>>4582619 Novakhet
For a bit of clarification, the death aura's function is that when you make an attack, it will simply attack everything around you. So that first UI makes the death aura attack, since you're in that form, but you don't get two UI's :)
Novakhet's extinguishing light and his Solar's assault meets resistance from Ofu this epoch, but luckily a similar fortitude could be seen in Nova's allies who faced the same harmful waves of plasma.
The Kheperan Solars continue to hold off Ofu's Endseig army from reaching Rift Edge, taking on swathes of the corrupted yamaca. (-600 minions, 1752 remaining)
Thaumium Autoforges developed.
Aduata Chymistry developed.
Although Anathemus has some knowledge in the workings of souls, given his position, his arcane affinity does not align well with the analysis of them; he is better suited working on the biological side of things. Alas, I don't think you have access to Vree souls anyways. No mana spent.
Thaumium Metalworking shared with UNNIIC.

>>4582670 Furnlatha
Silverine Metalworking will make an amble substitute to the Thaumium Metalworking prerequisite. Carbon Jold developed.
Divine Forged Armor II developed.
Claimed 1 hex. -1 mana.
2 roads constructed.
Missed that Lokey action before amidst rp. Lokey would have experienced this feeling before when working near Friar Ignatius, and when working with mana in general; a minor aptitude to sense and recognize a soul that shines bright enough to manipulate the mystical arcane field to their will. With this familiarity, Lokey managed to form an illusion filtered to those with an affinity such as he, although none would appear to rise from the crowd Lokey performs before.
Electricity shared with Tantalus.
Tantalus has gifted you Dancing.
>>4583151 Regala
Claimed 3 hex. Captured 2 obelisks.
Radio Towers developed.
Chemistry developed.
All resources shared with Asmodel.
Many of the animals shipped in would appear to show symptoms of a strange condition, resulting in colorful sprouts of mass to grow from their flesh. The Vluches would be familiar with this disease... Some Vree begin to show symptoms of this disease after exposure with the traded goods...
404 No wizard found
If only there would be any malevolence cleansing today. To shame.
Asmodel has gifted you Physics.
Electricity shared with Asmodel.

>>4583266 Earis
Making one swing after the other, Earis' ferocious form continues its onslaught of attacks against the agile shroom God. As Novakhet releases his wave of plasma, and Americus beats against his buoyant body, Earis leaps forward to catch the off-guard God of Resilience, as he sinks the metallic claws into Ofu's flesh, flinging a chunk of flesh from his torso, exposing an underbelly of vile and bulbous spores that bleeds deep into the snow. The tiny, and suddenly innocent looking God, peers through the visor of Earis' metallic mask, making quick to deliver his final words as the surrounding triumvirate can see his divine spark begin to fleet from his mortal form. (-1 HP)
Carbon Jold developed.
Sanitation Equipment developed.
The Archivists of Warfare lay heavy fire upon the serpent, bullets managing to bypass its metallic armor and penetrate flesh. However, the beast is quick to return fire, propelling forth a concentrated beam of water that cuts straight through a fleet of ships, leaving the survivors to perish in the cold abyss they sail upon. (-1 HP to serpent, -2000 pop to unit, 5000 remaining)
>>4583871 UNNIIC
Just before Grindalls armies departed from the UNNIIC for conquest, alongside the Troubleshooters, the Svirgrindalls scoured the halls of the ship to try their hand at ending this demon infection. In masse, they had a great advantage of being undesirable to combat, given their heavy arms and armor. In all cases but one, the demons would scatter and scurry into the darkness before they could be cut off. But in one circumstance, brought to a dead end, the fiends had no choice but to fight, and many lives they would take before falling dead. Returning to the bridge, the Svirgrindall would plop down three corpses of the creatures. Spiny, black bodied, lithe and athletic. Their bodies were almost pure muscle, elastic and perfectly fit for changing shape and fitting through tight spaces. Those who survived the fight would share that the demonic beings were capable of flight, breathing flames, and one of them reportedly attempted to form a large sigil out of blood mid-combat. No information can be ascertained regarding their souls, considering they're dead.
Valjets shared with Novakhet.
Novakhet has gifted you Thaumium Metalworking.
6 mana shared with Novakhet.
Red Outflier wipes the weavers off the map like a roach under its feet.
Making a drive by on the new flying unit The Bloom has produced, the Blue Outfliers dump acid through the swarms midair, as the arachnid mutants plummet to the earth in scorching agony. (-2800 pop, 200 remain)
The four units of Black Outfliers continue thier overhead barrage until the city is reduced to ash, continuing on to the surrounding jungle. (-6800 pop, settlement destroyed)
The Astronomicon Bridge will not need to spend 5 mana today. The lights that dance across the sky would reach down, in a mere instant, a tendril of light reaching out to touch the surface of UNNIIC. The ship's senses retreat, withdrawing from the cameras and sensors that cover the ship and its interior, even deeper than any programming; directly into UNNIIC's divine spark... A blinding light fills its vision, alongside the deafening roar of shifting plasma, as the incandescent orange and red spheres of nuclear power encompass all within UNNIIC's senses. The planet's suns are the target of this vision, perfect shapes of transforming and moving arcs of plasma. Their surfaces move like an aggressive ocean, erupting with endless color and raw POWER. They spin around one another in perfect unison and precision, a gravitational dance that decides what life may and may not exist in its presence. They are... Alive.
>>4583871 UNNIIC Cont.
A divine spark, greater and holier than any. No words are spoken, but their booming precense shares power beyond any God. It bests even the signature of The Goddess of Creation: Power Absolute. But why? An answer immediately fills the ship's mind. It was time for their presence to be known. Their power to be known. A warning that in due time, this world must repay its ultimate debt to time itself. UNNIIC returns from its vision, observing... Systems offline? The ship is in free-fall! It was only for a brief moment, not enough to collide, but enough to send shock through thousands of passengers. Logs are scrambled, hardware is malfunctioning. Even the spiritual conception of these entities has produced physical damage upon the ship's systems... (-1 HP).

>>4583918 Tantalus
Furnlatha has gifted you Electricity.
Dancing shared with Furnlatha.
Abyssal Forging developed.
Mass Mobilization developed.
Charms produced. -1 mana
Check Bloom's update results!

>>4586472 Asmodel
Refigeration developed. Need power for pop bonus.
Locomotive developed. You'll need Magnerasure and a hooked up obelisk to make use of Powered Railway.
Asmodel begins the tedious process of manually reverting the effects of the gift on the gorgons. Gift reduced: 49% -> 33%
6 walls constructed.
Autobot fueled, 2 mana shared.
All resources shared with Regala.
Physics shared with Regala.
Regala has gifted you Electricity.

>>4587305 Thomass
You don't have any units to make unit interacts with, besides your god unit.
Thomass' action here, flipping the earth and such, would be a UI not a major, so you can have that back. Although, you do manage to put some fires out.

>>4587380 The Bloom
As The First's words left his mouth, a twinkle could be seen in the sky behind the silhouette of the distant crab, before suddenly; a slip! Tumbling down the pit, Tantalus' chitinous form impacts with the cliff walls, drilled by the late burrower, before landing with a glorious splat in a pool of Ichor! Horrendous screeches follow, as the liquid appears to almost stick to him like tar, desperately reaching and pulling at his many legs, but the crustacean God is quick to escape the pool, clinging to the wall as best he can. Though The Ichor is not quite able to break into his system, even touching the brackish liquid is enough to bring pain to the likes of a God, not to mention this incredibly precarious situation! (-1 HP to Tantalus)
Spirit Check passed (10, 8, 5, 5). Bloody Mending developed.
Chondra established.
The Swarm encroaches upon a unit of Valjet fliers, swarming the flying beasts as they begin to creep into their gills, emptying the combustible gas within. Their jets begin to falter and fade, as the desert mantas plummet to the earth, splattering themselves on the jungles below. (-750 pop, unit destroyed)
The weaver did not survive to make such an action.
>>4587502 Grindall
As Grindall approaches, the primordial beast releases a beam of pressurized water, stopped simply with the raise of Grindall's arm, albeit its certainly no laughing matter. Irregardless, Grindall would heave the Leviathan, wrapped in his unwrapped Silverine arm, as he begins to drag the thrashing serpent across the landscape. (Grapple passed)
Kumiseax developed.
Chemistry developed.
As Grindall's back quickly begins to ache, the lights that cover the sky seem to answer his wishes, as they drape down and envelop his physical form. Grinadall immediately feels his physical form begin to grow in strength and power, before... A sudden fracture within his spark, as his form feels ever so slightly more mortal than prior... A cost for everything. (+1 Strength, -1 Max HP)

>>4587951 Ofu
Check Earis' update results.
Ofu tries to lift his dying body, but to no avial, stuck in the snow surrounded by his three rival deities.
The Endsieg rush past the Kheperan solars, raiding Rift Edge with ravage intent to kill and destroy! (-1000 pop)
Unnamed settlement established.
Spirit Check passed (10, 7, 6). Ofu's divine spore floats into the sky, unsure where it may go or how it may return, but a glimpse of hope for his own survival. Although the suns do not appear to anwser his dying wishes, the resilient and young God is not one to give up so quick, using the last of his energy to propel the sparking piece of himself as far into the sky as he can, even from the grounded snow he lay in.
HP has been reduced to 0. Ofu's eyes follow the glowing light that he had sent into the sky, even in his last moment, determined that his survival will be assured. Ofu is dead.

Posting and processing NPC turns tomorrow because I'm OP and I do what I want, fuck u UNNIIC
Americus blooded and limping moves to Earis, with the intent to talk with him about the fate of the divine shard of ofu.

[super tired so will RP this later but Americus is asking if she can have it to bring back her child]
Rolled 9, 8 = 17 (2d10)

Screeching in rage, Tantalus grabs The First and starts trying to drag it into range of the sky-fortress's weapons!
>Unit action: Grapple The First

Meanwhile, outside Deep-Spire, a great undertaking is approaching completion. Oligarchs and the children thereof exchange notes, give inspiring speeches, hash out chains of command, don the best protective charms their positions can acquire, and generally make themselves ready to lead their soon-to-be comrades into battle.
>Major Action: Develop Officer Corp! This tech will increase the effectiveness and success chance of strategic manuvers, such as ambushes and flanking attacks.

"This is what we've waited for:
This is it boys, this is war!"
>Major Action: Create Unit x2, Crab Division
Location: Sea-Spire
Population: 10K crabs (x2, for a total of 20K)
Techs: Syrconite Weapons (Main weapons), Primitive Ranged Weapons (Secondary weapons), Protective Charms, Officer Corp, Amphibious Vehicles.

And through it all, Green-Shell keeps chunking away charms...
>Unit Interaction: Green-Shell spends 1 mana making Charms.
>>Mira A & B

>Minor: Update Order Aegis' population to 10000.
>Unit Action [Movement]: Move Order Aegis to (17,28)
>Unit Action [Interact]: Construct 4 walls around Sanctum Obelisk.

>Unit Action [Movement]: Move Order Conquest 1 to (24,26)
>Unit Action [Interact]: Using this turn's Node Stones psychic pool, Order Conquest will plant a claiming banner on (24,26).

>Unit Action [Movement]: Move Order Conquest 2 to (23,28)

>Unit Action [Movement]: Move Apophis Scouts to (7,16)
>Unit Action [Interact]: Construct walls along the coast.

>Major [Develop] [DI]: Blood Gnats
>Using Unity and Wetlands domains, Kholimoth Monastery Farms
Within roseberry smoke filled chambers of The Pool Palace, Mira A & B formulate the design of a mosquito-like creature, capable of not only sucking in the blood of others for nutrients, but additionally able to inject The Bloodletting into their prey for conversion. In great numbers, such swarms of Blood Gnats may act as a great defensive and offensive tool. But for now, their numbers must grow.

>Major [Develop]: Upgrade The Pool Palace to a city
>Using Engineering, Literature, Religious Orders
>>Qazlal - The Bleeding Father

>Major: [Develop]: Mira A & B Trade Route by sea
>Using Seafaring, Cartography, Astronomy
With far too much development to improve on, the combined efforts of The Ichor and The Bloodletting are quite sluggish without proper cooperation. At least, until now. Share all resources.

>Minor: [Share Tech]: Gift Medicine to Mira A & B

>Unit Action [Movement]: Qazlal moves to (8,14).

>Major: [Claim] [DI]: (6,13), (9,16)
File: world29-2.png (3.35 MB, 2390x2364)
3.35 MB
3.35 MB PNG
Update Addendum
Fire spread.
>>4587996 and >>4588237 are for next update, everything else is for the last update.

>>4583871 UNNIIC
Magic Support Platform developed.
Ablative Armor developed.
Guardian Drones updated.
UNNIIC's efforts to calm the passengers helps ease the burden. Penalty reduced to -4 from -8.

>>4583918 Tantalus
Forgot to mention that I did factor your attack, since you ended up falling in the pit, it just didn't pass his fortitude.

>>4583151 Regala
Gained Symbiosis, Inflorescence, and Sprouting Souls.

>>4588264 Mira A & B
Order Aegis unit updated.
6 walls constructed.
Claimed 1 hex.
Blood Gnats developed.
The Pool Palace upgraded to a city.

>>4588274 Qazlal
Trade Route established. All resource shared by both parties.
Medicine shared with Mira A & B.
2 hex claimed. 1 obelisk captured.

>>4410710 Iron Giant
Crawling from the earth, an enormous golem of shimmering metal rises from beneath (23,3). Welcome.
A colossal giant of shimmering iron emerges out of the rock, rust magickly being absent from the lumbering giant. It scans the area for any sings of life, he does indeed sense multiple sources of heat inside the ground, but they feel...cold, like they too are sleeping like him. He smash his hand into the cold Icy rock, not in anger, but as a calling. Dozens of metal solders come from the ground, some missing limbs and holes of verging sizes, but all in working condition. They all flock to their general, all awaiting their orders.

>[MI]: Head Count
"Unit number 0079 and 0080," the general speaks to two of the solders, "go out into the and determine what we have in men, tools, and weapons. After you are 100% sure of your count, come back to me and tell you your findings."

>[MA] Develop, A Home For Us
The general once again slams his hand into the ground, but this time metal burst from the earth in a semi liquid state, but then quickly forms itself into a shape of a (about mid size) castle. For now this will be the army home.

>[MA] Communicate with Regala, The GiftMother
But then, he sees something at the neighboring mountain, movement, and it's about the size of a person. He goes and sees out who this is, and hopefully find what is happening.
>>4587996 Diplo to Earis

a blooded hand rests itself on Earis's shoulder gripping with comradery, but underlined with desperation, as A bruised but unbroken Americus looks him in the eyes "I know by right of combat Ofu's shard is yours. But it could very well be the only way to save my, my child Flos." Americus finds the weight of the world is crashing down on her as the focus of battle leaves her" I know I have no right to ask this of you, but please allow me to use the shard to restore my child, I, I can't live with what my fear and doubt lead me to do. I told myself it was the only way, told myself I would return quickly after talking Ofu down. but the failure that I am, that never happened." the divine tears of a goddess fall to the basted and scarred ground, as the goddess of life weeps for the child she denied a life. her gaze falling as her head hangs eyes unable to meet those of the god of knowledge. she speaks in a cracking voice of desperation, grief, and hope " Please Earis, I, I can't fail her again, please,...This is my only hope to save Flos, please help me undo this terrible mistake." the once vibrant flames of Americus's torch are but smoldering embers sputtering in the wind.

the emotional theme for Americus in this scene
>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [32,19]
>Consecrate [32,19]
Friar Ignatius offers prayers of joy as he leads the Pyre priests into the jungles north of Foetidfrith, cutting back at the forests to build themselves the tall eternal Pyres of their order and of Furnlatha's reverence. At last, he wonders, will this tasking be complete? Perhaps he could revisit Farfjord, see how the place has changed since his departure. Would he still recognize the town, the place of worship he had built there? Or would the development of the eras passing by have changed the urban world far more then his imagination? He remembers Foetidfrith, as that city had risen on the consecrated lands his followers had claimed, and thinks about how different it had seemed with turning engines of steam, flickering lights; and strange peoples who had come from the far south to take refuge beneath the protections of the hand of Fire. And he thinks again to his transfiguration. He had been old even before his selection and rebirth with the powers of coursing flame. How ancient now would his countrymen think him?

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [26,21]
>Return down the road back toward Forgefall.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [28,17]
>Continue building a road up to Farfjord on [28,19]

>God Unit Action: Furnlatha
>Move to [25,20]
With her current project again completed for the moment, her burning form glistening and gleaming from the heat and the shining metal around her frame, Furnlatha rises up from the forge once more. Following the road that her followers had laid across the domains of the god of earth, she heads again toward Deepholm along the road that gives her much time to think and ponder as she moves. The opinions of followers are all very well, but the poor dears just can't help those tenancies toward flatteries; but Grindall she is sure would give her sensible answers she might wish for, both objectively and for plans she might come to make.
The Svirgrindall march to war. Gleaming columns of Jold-clad mole men deploy from the belly of the mighty ship god, arraying themselves in indomitable lines, weapons at the ready. As one, they assail the walls of their foe, waves of barbed javelins preceding an earthshaking tide of squat Svirgrindall.

>[Unit Interaction] Grand Golden Band Unit and Golden Band unit jointly attack Myxoma

With their brethren now far afield, another force of Svirgrindall is deployed from Deepholm, ready to defend the mole man capital.

>[MA] Create Grand Golden Band Unit in Deepholm.

The serpent thrashing atop his back, though much more subdued now under the crushing new strength of the mole god, Grindall ponders. While he was quite happy he’d managed to snag his new prize, it had been…a bit of a spur of the moment decision. There weren’t exactly any bodies of water in the deserts of his people where he might store the strange construct-creature until he could attend to his other business and get back to it. And as much as he liked his underworld, that strange, tar-like substance that sustained the life within it seemed an inadvisable place to store the creature. Still, he had an idea for how he might cease the serpent’s endless struggles, at least.

Closing in on Deepholm, Grindall called out to his folk, his voice infused with just a hint of divine power so that it would reach it’s intended target. He called to the Machinist, so that his chief mechanic might assist him as he wished.

>[Unit Interaction] Move God Unit to Deepholm, pull sea serpent with him.

Strange as the sea creature his god had brought with him was, the creature was, without a doubt, some sort of construct. And if it was mechanical in nature, then the wizard could manipulate it. Weaving his most powerful spell yet, the Machinist attempted to place the bestial construct into stasis, until he and his god could fully attend to the thing.

>[Unit Interaction] The Machinist spends 4 mana to place the sea monster in a temporary hibernation, with the intention of spending 2 mana to maintain the spell on the following turns.

The creature hopefully pacified, for the time being at least, Grindall took off down the roads of the fire folk, so that he might intercept and meet with their god.

>[Unit Interaction] God Unit moves to 25, 20, to meet with Furnlatha, sea serpent still in tow.

>Communicate: Furnlatha

The mole god strode down the road, jaunty tune on his lips even as he continued dragging the massive, now-insensate serpentine construct along behind him. He waved cheerily to the flame goddess as he approached.

“Good day ta ye, Furnlatha.”
>Communicate: Grindall
Furnlatha waves back, her hand making a heat-trail in the air as it passes. "And a very good day to you as well, Grindall! I've made use of some of that lovely Silverine that you gifted me - what do you think of the upgrade?" she turns about, showing off the intricate and gleaming plates of her Divine Armor to the god of metal, before turning back to face him.

"How has your arm been handling? I'm guessing well, from the size of your catch there - no undue tensions in the manipulatory phalanges?" She steps forward to take a glance at Grindall's prosthetic, then peers over to take a closer look at the serpentine form - but not too close, for it seems to be at least a little bit damp. "What is this, anyway?" she asks, quite curious.
Rolled 5, 7, 10 = 22 (3d10)

>God Unit Move - From 24,4 to 27,5 and then back to 24,4 to Communicate with Iron.
>God DI - Attempt to put out fires. Prioritize fires to the south, then move north.

>Nation MI - Spread the Bloom.
It began in Welkomplaats, of course. That was the forefront of the Vree's dealings with the outside world, so when the infected Tugai that Asmodel had gifted were revealed to bear a strange 'illness', it was no surprise when first Vree infected would show up in Welkomplaats. It was recognized only in fuzzy recollections by scholars who had read of Geheim's travels through the world, symptoms mostly unchanged, but not identical. The infected Vree showed fear and panic at the Bloom's progression, lesions and mutations rampant in more and more of the catgirls every day, but within weeks a drastic change took over the nation. A new 'breed' of Vree emerged, no longer reminiscent of adolescent humans. Indeed, it appeared the Vree had grown up, taking the forms of fully grown men and women (yet still bearing the tell-tale feline traits of their forebears). What were once lumpy growths of mish-mashed colour were refined into sleek, elegant decorations on the much larger, more powerful, and VERY happy Vree, who eagerly passed the benefits of their condition onto others. Most Vree, after hearing of the effects, travelled from far-and-wide to willingly Bloom themselves.

>MA: Construct Power Plant on 26,1, use coal as power, Oltar wire to conduct it about, and mastery of Chemistry to construct power banks and transformers.
>Geheim: 5 Mana enchantment on themselves and Ruimte, disallowing the Bloom to take root on either.
One exception to this national craze was Geheim, who had warned those around them of the possible dangers of Bloom, but to no avail. Too many Vree seemed nearly desperate to enjoy the fruits of the infection's powers, and those scant few who weren't always changed their mind once exposed. Ruimte was a surprising exception to the excited masses, and she had insisted that Geheim take steps to ensure both she and they would remain Bloom-free.
A strange choice, but one they were happy to oblige. With the enchantment in place, Geheim hoped they could once again walk among the other Vree. Though they lacked Ruimte's fervor and exuberant personality, Geheim enjoyed working alongside the brilliant Vree scientists just as much as she did. Even now, said pioneers were taming the exotic forces of this world, electricity being a recent conquest. Geheim hoped they would be able to visit the exciting new power plant project, especially since the trains made taking the journey a trivial affair now. Listening to the Vree scientists explain what they were developing always offered Geheim exciting new insights into their mastery of Entropy...
>MA: Construct Fort on 21,2
>Move Ruimte to 21,2 (Falrethun flight + Tree Lights). Prepare a defensive 5 Mana spell, casting if attacked, aiming to distort local space to make any potential attack difficult.
Ruimte was giddy with happiness. The report of Regala seizing not one, but TWO new obelisks was a (literal) god send for her work. Supposed rumours of kidnapped Wolk Chasers painted the Obelisks as bargaining chips for their return, for Ruimte figured this a poor trade. Who cared if a few other Vree were lost? So much work remained to be done to save the rest!
Another report was more sobering. Sights of mechanical golems were initially dismissed as mobilization of UNNIIC's forces, but these new machines did not match the flying chariots style. What's more, strange new lands now bordered Vree homes, dangerously close to Gevang'nis. This new force separated Ruimte from her beloved new toy, and so she resolved to fix that immediately.
The journey was long, the cold winds of the mountain heights a bane on her and her mount, but she arrived quickly, able to organize the construction of a fort with local Vree.

>Wolk Chasers
Return towards Piljarvieste. The fire may block some of the way, but if not then the three units will end their turns on 25,9 / 26,8 / 30,5.
File: It just is how it is.png (29 KB, 758x271)
29 KB
>Communicate with Iron General
Regala watched with a dour expression as the metal men arrayed themselves with military precision, one of them clearly divine in their power when it called forth a great castle of stone from the chilly peaks. Her presence, she knew, was clearly seen. All Gods could sense the presence of others, and so it was no surprise when the Giant stomped it's way up the mountain to meet her.
She curtsied, her armor free of ice and rime despite the freezing peak. The cold bore her no ill will, of course, for she was it's cherished Goddess.
"Greeting, metal one. I am Regala the Giftmother, guardian to the Vree, who's lands stretch to the west of us."
Indeed, from the peak where they stood, they could see the frost-touched realm, alongside the chaotic hubbub of Thomass and his Buffnuggets.
"You arrive in strange times, divine one. The world is changing, and ones I once thought friend have betrayed my trust. Tell me, you do not ally yourself with the other God of metal, UNNIIC, do you? You occupy what was once his land, and are similiar in many ways... though decidedly martial, it seems."
Regala seemed a strange one to cast a dim eye on warfare, seeing as she was dressed for battle herself. Sleek armor of great quality joined a blade that seemed to glimmer like freshly fallen snow. Regala was a warrior god, perhaps not to the same quality of The Iron General, but a soldier just the same.
The elven goddess cast her eyes westward, following a small group of flying cavalry on their approach to the border of their nations. They landed on the Vree side of said border, quickly erecting a festive tree with ribboned boxes beneath.
"A gift, to commemorate your arrival." Regala explained, a small smile peaking through her dire mood. "Welcome to existence, as it were. Please, tell me about yourself."

>Vluchs - Move to 25,2, drop of Parting Gifts, return to Piljarvieste.
The meta-breaking senses of the Vree alert them to the fact that yet more gifts must be delivered. More emotion-less metal men, but everybody gets SOMETHING for Vreestmas...
>Communicate: Furnlatha

Grindall nods appreciatively at the fine craftsmanship of the forge god's armour.

"Yer work be as fine as ever, ah see. An' my arm be handlin' perfectly, now that a'h've attuned it ta m'self, thank ye very much. Used it to catch this feller here."

Grindall whacked one of the golden struts of the construct creature's body for emphasis, though not too hard. He hardly wanted to creature thrashing about again.

"Was on a wee bit of a vacation up North wit' some fine shelled lads, called 'emselves turtlefolk ah think? Anyway, ah found this thing prowlin' the waterways, eatin' up any boats that passed through. Reckon ah could've just killed the thing, but ach, weel, waste not, want not, eh? Figured ah'd find a use for it eventually, if ah brought the critter home. So ah reeled it in, packaged it up, an' walked the whole ways back wit' the fella thrashing about. Only just got ma wizard to put 'er ta sleep. Though ah reckon ah'll probably have ta put this lil' project on ice fer now, what wit' th' little spat goin' on out West. Cannae exactly leave tha whole thing alone, ye know?"
>Unit Action (Earis) + DI: Exit Combat Form, returning to normal
Earis exited his combat form, the war won. It was a hollow thing, victory, but he could at least savor a return to his more refined nature away from bloodstained claws and a hardened metal shell.

>MI: Diplomacy (Americus)
Having exited his combat form at this point, Earis will glance down at and then pat and remove the bloodied hand on his shoulder. "I...very well. While I certainly had many plans regarding what I could research with such a wellspring of divine power, I cannot respond negatively to the growth in your worldview and those may wait for another opportunity. This was a pointless, mismanaged, and fatal affair, and we are lucky indeed that it has not taken more from us. I will cede this right to you, as it was your war regardless, and you seek to do good with this. I shall be headed west, as while their master is gone Ofu's minions and territory remain. I would prefer to dismantle those before any traps he set in place are sprung." He will turn to set off, and then pause. "I will avoid more destruction, if at all possible. There is little knowledge to be gained from that."
>Communicate: Grindall

"Oh, the Turtlefolk! I know of them; Indeed many came to live in my northern settlements." Furnlatha nods, and looks to the construct-beast again. "Sounds a good thing you caught it, then. I do hope it didn't do them too much damage up there."

Her burning gaze lingers for a while upon the construct-beast's golden struts."I wonder if one of our kind created it?" she asks the ground-god, not really expecting a definitive answer. "I don't feel a divine spark or energies from inside it. If it wasn't such a very damp thing, I'd be quite tempted to see how it all fits together. But, alas." Her shoulders rise before she looks to Grindall.

"Anyway, I've come here because I've had an idea that I'd really need your help with creating." Furnlatha states, and raises her hands, with them causing a image in fire to appear in the sky. "Imagine this! A liquid... that burns!" she exclaims, clapping her hands together. "A lipophilic and hydrophobic fluid compound with all sorts of lovely combustible and developmental properties. Not only would it ignite, but it would actually repel the water that makes so many things go damp and so unfortunately unflammable; and not only would this give it such a tendency to burn but it'd make it so useful for lubricative properties as well. The trouble is..." she places her fingers together "...I think creating it would involve the press of geological forces, if only those involved with putting it beneath the ground to find. I mean, I *did* kind of toy with the idea of having it fall from the sky; but though that would be amazing and beautiful and make things go with such a great Whoooooosh if it just kept on falling from the sky burning, I think a lot of our siblings would be annoyed by that. So; better to put it below where those who won't want it everywhere can ignore it."

"So... shall we do it? Shall we create this... I tentatively call it 'Furnleum'; but you might have better ideas for a name?"

>[Major Action][DI]: Create Furnleum
>Using Domains Fire, Development
Her plan explained to Grindall, Furnlatha puts her plan into action; and starts channeling her energies of creation to place this wonderfully combustive substance into existence within the world - or perhaps to form it from something already there as best they can. She thinks it should be red, of course; but would grudgingly be willing to make it another colour if that would be required for the base properties she wanted. 'A viscus red fluid that lies beneath the ground in places. Not blood. Very combustible'

If it needs a specific spot, she will try to make it create upon [29,19]; though ideally she would have it created in many places throughout the world as well as her own.

>Communicate: Grindall
With the task hopefully complete, she turns back to the Mole-god. "So... what little spat has happened out west?" she asks, fearing the worst. "Is the Bloom up to his old tricks again? Have the terms of our treaty been breached?"
File: Fire Dancing.jpg (129 KB, 975x561)
129 KB
129 KB JPG

>[Major Action]: Develop: Fire Dancing
>Using: Dancing, Ability: Flame-Wreathed
The Pyrelings first learned the ways of Dance from the Crabfolk, but though they find it fun it is not long before a Dancing Pyreling first uses her powers of flame-generation to emphasize the dance-moves she makes. This soon catches on, and before long many Pyrelings who dance are emphasizing their routines and movements with sheets of spinning flame and burning light; creating vivid performances in celebration of the power of fire itself.

“I, also, will depart now. This war has delayed my efforts, a threat looms and I cannot afford to spend much more time in our own lands.”

“I leave now to journey and visit my siblings yet unmet, and wish you both well until I return.”
UI: The Solar on 18, 3 will use its UI to create solar winds down to 18, 7
UI: Move novakhet to 18, 7

The death god has at last separated off from this long and pointless charade war.
He spies a foreign infection beginning in their souls, and decides that the Dagekhet are overdue for another gift.
All of the Dagekhet feel a pressure as he begins to return to their lands, and all feel the command to expunge the bloom from themselves.

MA+DI+Soul Ward+Mortal Star: Soul War

This bloom is a foreign infection, perhaps tolerated once but now that it dares to afflict the soul; no more.

It preys on the essences of mortals, frail things that cannot retaliate, and so Novakhet shows the souls of the Dagekhet how to fight back.

Novakhet draws upon the power of the mortal star to protect its source of power, welcoming the souls of the reborn with a wreath of entropic light around their souls.

With this, no divine intervention or arcane meddling may alter the souls of a Dagekhet unchallenged, or else face divine retribution themselves, for with the most latest of gifts given to the Dagekhet they possess the power to protect their souls, and attack things with this power also.

The Soul Ward is the Dagekhets arcane shield against things meddling with their souls.
The Soul War is their flaming sword to cut down anything that even dares to alter them... of course, except for when Novakhet does it.

Should a tendril of the bloom seek to infect a Dagekhet it will be struck down by their newfound powers.

Though this does mean Dagekhet can of course use this energy to attack others souls, but this would require advanced training he will not so readily share.

Now, Dagekhet, Reborn, seek out and destroy the impurities you find in eachother, and remain pure.

MA+Aduat+Aduata Chymistry+Soul Ward+Soul War: Aduata Panacea

The soul infection side of the bloom is now dealt with, here comes the physical aspect.

Through the power of Aduat bloom symptoms may be cured, the blooms full flowering prevented if caught early.
Now however the arcane minds in arcane necropolis complexes seek to completely undo it completely using their newfound knowledge of distilled Aduat and alchemy to completely inoculate Dagekhet from the bloom.

The chimeric distillate of purity, the chimeric distillate of body, the chimeric distillate of soul, as well as a 400,000 foot long circular mana trench dug in the salt flats all contribute to this final project to excise the bloom completely.

UI: Kheperan Solar (on 18, 4) move to attack sea monster
Novakhet glances forward and notices a monster in the waters ahead.
The solars need no instruction, and dive forwards to slay it.

UI: Kheperan Solar (on 17, 11) move to attack sea monster
These solars move also to slay the sea monster.

UI: Both wizards, board UNNIIC

UI: Life Wizard, perform a demon autopsy (4 mana)
UI: Entropy wizard

Annihilus sits, twiddling their thumbs in a nice and comfortable room aboard UNNIIC, enjoying the view outside.

Their fellow archlich is bone deep in demon guts, rather unpleasant, and so they prefer to focus on... rather little, to be honest.

They still had a rather decent share of mana on hand, generously provided by the deity they are now working aboard, and so one day Annihilus decided to get to work like their brother Reborn.

Spying the beautiful Valjets outside, and learning of their sad fate outside of captivity due to the amount of energy they need, Archlich Annihilus found their true calling.

Wildlife preservation.

Weaving a great spell, Annihilus bestowed the Valjets with the blessing of entropy, to make it so they are permitted to break conservation of energy and so may survive outside of captivity even despite their absurd energy consumption.
I forgot to say how much mana the last spell costs.

5, it’s a 5 mana spell
Also, if the grapple action succeeds, I will drag The First eastward, away from his home territory.
Note: Solars are attempting to subdue the sea monster, alive

>[MA] Develop, A Home For Us
The general once again slams his hand into the ground, this time chrome like tentacles burst from Earth, the way they move, pulsate, and squirm makes it look like it's a liquid. But for some reason it pauses in between movements, as if someone was trying to figure out how it works. After a minute they come together, forming what looks to be a gigantic cube-blob like thing. But I'm less then a minute they begin to harden, hollow out, it's really starting to take shape into something. A shape that would be familiar to everybody even, a castle. It has everything it need to be concerned one as well, war room, main hall, mess hall (although they don't need to eat), and a armory. Even though most of the rooms are empty, they will still be put to good use later on. Because for now this will be their home.
>DI used

The General walks throughout the new castle, admiring his work. But then goes pass an empty completely room, and for some reason feels...sort of like a...he can't explain it. But all he knows is that he does not like that the room is completely empty. So, he decides to fill it with something useful. He saw that there was a lot of materials in this land, many of which would be needing a lot of time an effort to break down bit by bit. Then an idea pops into his head, why break it down, when you can melt it down. With the movement of his hand the wall of the room begins to produce a device that could only be called a furnace. For now the fuel will be the solgrass, it will be very ineffective for the time being but there's a lot of it. And it's all we got for now.
>[MA] Develop, DI used

The Iron General scans the woman, biological in origin, female in both appearance and sex, possibly in late twenties or early thirties, sufficiently equipped for battle. threat level; low to medium, need more information. "Engaging conversation protocol-humor add-on added; Hello meaty one, I am General unit number #073 overseer of the 21st division, commonly known as the iron army." He spoke with no emotion in a flat tone, like he's reading something off a paper. He barely moved an inch while she was talking but, the second she mentioned this quote other god of metal unquote, he filched. "Question about a apparent quote other metal god unquote; processing... processing... Answer; relation to UNNIIC, unknown, estimation slash guess; relation unlikely." General stared blankly at the flying creatures... Note; experimentation should happen at an later date. "Gift, searching database for response... response; gift the gifter. Problem; resources; low, numbers; low, cannot exchange gift. Solution; promise of gift in future." And in response to her other question, "General, unit number #073, overseer of the 21st division. Personal information; malfunction error at creation, was higher quality than the others of same production line, this has caused me a higher rate of success and productivity."

>Trade Iron General WhiteStone Tools
How strange... UNNIIC had spoken in a similar way, flat tones with the choice to give information in brusque, alien terms. Yet he(?) claimed to not be related to the flying behemoth. Perhaps it was simply a trait of the gods who were made of metal?
"I am glad you enjoy the idea of a gift, Iron One." She said his title in the same tone he had said 'meaty one', smiling at the irony. "I enjoy hearing from you in the future, but please, feel no obligation to return something soon. I am sure much work needs to be done." She waved a gloved hand at the castle which had sprouted from the mountainside.
"Admirable start, by the way. It has taken my people a long while to master such construction, and I could never create such a structure on my own."
She stood in silence, taking in the valley where Iron had spawned into existence, watching as his golems bustled around their work.
"If you would like, I could send a small attachment of Vree to show your... 21st Division ways to manipulate the world easier. Unlike you and I, the mortals need all the help they can get in completing their works, especially at first..."
>MA: Construct a Power Plant on (12, 9) using Whitestone, Roseberry Wood, Oltar, Syrconite, Steam Engines, Electricity, Engineering 2, and Magnium
The previously theoretical alloy of Carbon Jold had been perfected, and all that was left was to produce it. The issue was that the amounts of electricity that could be generated on site in The Archive was simply insufficient to produce much of the substance, if any at all. Never one for half measures, and with the burst in the distance signaling either the end of their long nightmare or a great worsening, Hydroponics planned and led the construction of a facility that could not only power the production of Carbon Jold, but of the entire city.

>Unit Action (Archivists of Military Engineering): Construct a Power Line between the Power Plant and The Archive
Thankful for work to do, the Archivists of Military Engineering will begin laying electrical cabling from the newly constructed plant to The Archive itself. Should all go well, something wonderful was going to happen.

>MA: Upgrade The Archive to a Metropolis using Whitestone, Roseberry Wood, Carbon Jold, Sanitation, Engineering 2, Medicine, and Electricity
As the engineers connected the powerlines to the constructed infrastructure already in place in the city, The Archive could be seen glowing even through the mist. Buildings and skyscrapers reinforced by Carbon Jold would begin to stretch into the sky. The crowded and straining city suddenly becoming incredibly spacious. The endless march of research and engineering would continue, of course, but this sight alone was something of a victory. The time of war was behind them, and their true work could begin again.

>Unit Action (Archivists of Warfare): Continue battling the Sea Monster
Undaunted by their casualties or the end of the long war, the battle with the sea monster continued.

>Unit Move (Earis): Move to (13, 1)
As previously explained, Earis will head off to Ofu's land to put things to rest once and for all.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop]: Engineering 2 - Basic bitch prereq tech
Using: Rules of Reality (physics), and Machinery

>Major: [Develop]: Collapsible Servitors - Using advancements in engineering and manufacturing, Servitor chassis are now capable of collapsing into smaller and easier to store forms while not impacting their overall strength or capability. While mainly useful for increasing the amount of Servitors that can be supported by a settlement, perhaps it will allow the bulky servitors to follow after the more nimble demons in the walls.
Using: Servitors, Partials of the Core, Mechanical Mechanisms, Engineering 2.

>Minor: Equip the Guardian Drones with Collapsible Servitors
>Unit Action [Guardian Drone]: Work with the city's current Troubleshooters to bring a quicker end to this issue. This time actually hunt the damn things and bring us back demons both dead and alive. Take risks/zerg rush if necessary, the loss of Servitors is a minuscule price for the safety and ease of the Passengers. Now they can follow behind the sirvee and the fleeing demons to find their nests and drive them out.

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Move to [17,18]
>Unit Action [God Unit - DI]: Cancel Cruising Mode. Agility -> 6, Terraform -> 3

>Wizard Action [2 Mana] - Try to detect any spacial or temporal abnormalities occurring within the hull. Should it turn out the demons not be originating from existing passengers, and no reported instances of demons flying up to the ship have been observed, then perhaps they are using similar methods as the Astral wizard's own powers to covertly deliver a few small agents in at a time.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

Outfliers [13,23], [15,21], and [17,18] - Converge on and kill the last remaining swarm found on [14,21], freeing the path for the armies of Grindall to slaughter the city's inhabitants. Or wherever the remaining one is I guess. I'm assuming the triangle is the dead one. Attacking it and reducing more surrounding lands to ash if they can't reach.

Outfliers [17,17], [18,18], and [18,18] - Reduce more lands and roads to slag. Target [18,19], [19,18], and [18,20].
Diplo Earis
Overcome with emotion, Americus is able to do nothing more than drawing the much more bookish god into an emotional embrace Americus unable to do anything more than weep tears of joy simply overwhelmed by the kindness of her beloved friend and Triumvirate member, "Thank you, truly, thank you, this is something I can never repay, I and all mankind am forever in your debt." having worked most of the emotion out of her system Americus releases the embrace

“I, also, will depart now. This war has delayed my efforts, a threat looms and I cannot afford to spend much more time in our own lands.”

“I leave now to journey and visit my siblings yet unmet, and wish you both well until I return.”

Turning to the God of death Americus embrace him as well. With her emotions, more under control, she is able to speak, "Nova, thank you, words can't properly express" taking the skeletons hands in her she draws close and clasps them to her own, saying "so let me show you" inclining her forehead to touch his, Americus using her Domain of life and freedom connects the do briefly allowing the full breadth and depth of her gratitude for his help against the monster Ofu, the familial love and respect that has grown for him over the course of there friendship, and the unspoken thanks that Americus's holds in her heart for him not objecting to her use of the shard. after a time, she breaks away, meeting his eyes with hers, placing a hand on his skeletal cheek she nods never breaking eye contact, no words are spoken by her they are not needed...then turning away, Americus make haste back to her capital, unable to afford even another wasted moment. only taking the time to collect Ofu's remains respectfully bundled in a shroud from her divine ripped garment and his divine shard.

Turn post
>UI Americus drops her Wall of freedom form and moves to 14,6 seeking out her child and bury Ofu in

>UI E.E.F forces both move to space city

>UI Americus's wardens move to 16, 11 to attack the rogue shroom army to prevent them from attacking more of Nova's land.

>MA DI Americus locates Flos and uplifts her back to being a demi goddess, after having an emotional reunion and sending some time to bond, restoring her to her full glory just as she was on that fateful day

>MA Honor Ofu with a grave and memorial Flos deserves to be able to remember the good aspects of her father, not the bad, the Converted will need a guiding hand and Flos will be there for them
I have been told I can't drop my wall of freedom form without a UI/DI so

>UI/DI Americus drops her Wall of freedom form and moves to 14,6 seeking out her child and bury Ofu in

>MA Americus locates Flos and does all in her power to extend her life long enough for her powers to return to her so she can undo her mistake and fix what she has broken. So that she can be a real mother to her daughter. To take back her greatest failure born of fear and doubt.
File: no relation.jpg (77 KB, 640x360)
77 KB
>Major Action, Divine Influence, Development [Bathos Monopathia II]:
Having taken some time to test the tunnel systems' safety and usefulness in their intended purpose, the Akreties have surmised that they're more succesful than ever projected in previous plans, helping those that traverse them move through the world at truly ridiculous speeds in comparison to going over the surface. Thus, without hesitation, they set forth to continue their dig, efforts doubled at the assuredness of their success. Ambitions swiftly flare up, the thought of the Monopathia moving through the entire world filling the hearts of the workers and planners, their first great work, truly deserving of a tale written by the Great Teacher himself. Still, even the greatest of wonders must start somewhere, and so they set off northward, tactfully avoiding the wartorn territory of the Blooming God, or that of the Underminer, who might disrupt their efforts.

>Major Action, Development [Quarantine]:
Having heard of the terrors of the Beautiful Plague by their civilization's interactions with the Flying Machine, the Council is briefly caught up in a fit of panic over it's appearance in their land, but eventually manage to scramble together and form a plan of action for dealing with the issue. Their ancestor's studies in Medicine and Sanitation are of great help here, surely easing the spread before it can get too terrible. Still, allowing the infected individuals to act freely without investigating the ways their disease spreads would surely be a mistake, much as it pains them to say so. Many a gathering, full of discussion and discourse, are held before the final plan is enacted. The infected will be sent to live in freshly erected buildings outside, but close-by to the settlement walls of both Homes and the Maze, with limited visitation rights by relatives and loved ones, who themselves will have to undergo rigorous cleansing procedures after such activities. Furthermore, public activities will be reduced, or halted outright, until the Council can ascertain that the number of infected within the settlements has been significantly reduced.
File: For peace and justice.png (1.03 MB, 574x877)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
>Major Action, Development [Biology]:
Still, it's not like the infected can be treated as complete outcasts, imprisoned in cold cells and ignored by the general populace. The finest medical professionals of the Akreties are granted rights to visit the 'Gardens', as they've been nicknamed, jotting down the symptoms and effects of the plague with rigorous dedication. This brings attention onto the fact that beyond the basic knowledge of the Akreties' bodies already taught at educational facilities, it is necessary for further research into the intricacies of their biological functions in order to deal with outside influences, like the one already being faced. And this, in turn, leads to many extending these studies into other living creatures as well, eager to learn ever more.

>Major Action, Development [Lambros Photia]:
While the the scholars and healers works to solve the issue at hand and the poets and artists do their best to ease the populace's rising tensions, the more militaristically minded are more interested in ensuring this never happens again, coming up with a simple solution for dealing with The Blossom's works. Flesh or plant, parasite or symbiote, there is one element of nature that will eradicate all, leaving only ashes. Of course, nobody intends to set their own people on fire in order to solve this crisis, but it has flared up feelings that the Akreties need to ably defend themselves. Thus, many a craftsman, physicist and chemist set forth to develop something to 'assist' in this. Thus, they birth what will coloquially come to be known as the Bright Flame. An almost liquid sort of fire that is almost impossible to be put out, and aggressively sticks to whatever it lands on. Of course, crafting it on the spot and throwing it at an enemy would be quite a task, so alongside it come many a machine, crafted delicately out of heat-resistant metals and and activated via steam, these 'launchers' vary from huge vats, to stable turrets, or smaller, handheld units with which to dispense fiery justice. The Maze undergoes a series of constructions to fit the new inventions, and grows accordingly.
>Minor Action, Communication [Goddess of Creation]:
The hooded divinity seems to light up inside at his counterpart's initial response. Inwardly, he acknowledges her point, but this is an issue that goes beyond his own life, something that has long since ceased to concern him. This is for those he safeguards and instructs, those he has been made responsible for. The Akreties deserve to live full lives, not haunted by the premature end of their world, as do all the people of this continent. Eagerly, he extends an arm, palm pointed upwards, his hidden fingers curling inward aggressively, a request for more information. He is resolute in this.

>Minor Action, Communication [Lokey]:
Despite his best efforts, it would seem that the wizard is unable to spot any that have the potential for magic within the crowd, merely eliciting confusion, or disappointment in their inability to do as he asked. Still, he can spot quite a few writing down descriptions of his abilities, or simply drawing portraits of him while ignoring his speech entirely. It seems he's incited quite a few of the Akreties to set forth on the path of investigating magic, their usual 'frenzy' of research and experimentation having been set off. A few of the more insightful ones even request that he bring them back to his land of origin for further study (a thinly hidden attempt to phrase the fact they intend to stalk him relentlessly in a tactful way), while others ask him to come into their Teacher's lands in order to discuss his abilities or attempt to figure out an old 'relic' which he reminds them off, said 'relic' very obviously being an Obelisk, judging by it's description.
Rolled 1, 1, 2 = 4 (3d10)

I'll let you roll for defense strength check OP, I believe in you give my the bestest rolls~ Even if it's not a perfect defense let gravity and my own unwillingness be enough to slow down the raging arthropod

>MA+DI - Using the remains and corpse of the burrower, Plug the hole. Make it the sturdiest possible.

While Crab is gently carrying us upward for a better range, this is to be bone before we get out as a reaction to being grappled.

Tantalus is trying to get away but too late. He has come and now this is our hole forever and ever.

>MA - Create a Swarm in Chondra
>[MA] Build City at 21,5; name it Minuano

>[MA] Build a power plant at 19,12 (electricity + engineering II + Magnium + magnetism)

-[MI][DI] Asmodel: continue the healing of bloomed Gorgons

-[MI] Apophis Scouts:
20,12 construct a powerline at 20,12 & 19,12
move 20,10 to 20,12; build walls along with the remaining scouts

-[MI] Sneaky Sneks:
17,9 moves to 22,9
26,22 moves to 22,23

-[MI] fuel the autobot with 3 mana and give 2 mana to UNNIIC
>Unit Interaction: Lokey
The explanation of the Obelisk is quickly grasped by Lokey, who has spent an eon of his own time studying one in his own Goddess' lands; and he shares what he knows of them with the Akrites of Second Home. At their announcement that they wish to stalk him for study, Lokey laughs, but welcomes the Akrites who wish to come along with him to do so... provided that they can find him again! He tells them a cryptic riddle, containing just enough information that once they have traveled enough they'd be able to identify a building in one of the lesser streets of Forgefall where they might find him again; and then he wraps his cloak around him. There is a brief flash of flame and smoke, and then Lokey vanishes from sight into the obscurity of his own illusion.
(He then carefully exits the town under concealment, and makes his way to the nearest intersection with the the road, using it to:-
>Movement: Lokey to Forgefall on [28,22] using the roads as much as he can. Or perhaps borrowing a Valjet as he passes Fallowfault)
>[Minor]Trade Technology with Tantalus:-
Pass Chemistry to Tantalus and receive Officer Corps from Tantalus.
A small retinue of Tantalian training officers sets about teaching the first of their counterparts among the Pyrelings, and as the epoch draws to a close, they return with the latest scientific advances with regards to the composition of physical matter. Perhaps not useful right that moment, but in the right claws...
>Confirm tech trade
Communicate: Furnlatha

“Mmmm…cannae say. It be made ‘o metal from the look ‘o things, an’ it dinnae seem ta have blood or organs’re any ‘o the other things I’d expect ‘o a natural creature, but weel, ah’ve encountered plenty ‘o weird sorts wanderin’ aboot, an’ ah be that ye have as well. Still, hopefully ah’ll be able ta learn more once ah can take a proper crack at examinin’ it. In any case, aye, ah’d be happy ta help ye create this ‘Furnleum’ ‘o yers, ah’d benefit as weel, ah’m sure.”

>[MA, DI] Collaborating with Furnlatha, Grindall leaves the lion’s share of creation to her, instead focusing his efforts on distributing the newly created material through the ground beneath the deserts and jungles of both people.

With the fire deity already working to create the material itself, the mole god sets to work on what he sees as his part. With the material itself hopefully created, Grindall drives the viscous scarlet substance deep into the earth, compressing and sending it shooting through the faults and folds of the rock, spreading the substance as far as he’s able. With any luck, the lands his and Furnlatha’s folks inhabit will, at the very least, find ready access to the useful new substance.

>Communicate: Furnlatha

Work completed, Grindall shrugs a shoulder at Furnlatha’s inquiry.

“Dinnae know tha exact details, only what ah’ve heard from ma people. Apparently UNNIIC’s gone ta war against tha Bloom, why ah cannae say, an’ Tantalus has recently joined in as well. If he’s got a reason or if it just be because the enemy’s The First, ah couldnae tell ye. Plannin’ on goin’ over and ascertainin’ the truth ‘o tha matter m’self, once ah put away the big fella.”
File: Buff_Vreegets.png (2.02 MB, 1448x1056)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
>Mgr Act develop explosives
The flames and madness of the situation caused a spark of inspiration in some of the buff nuggets. Flames and explosions were all these nuggets cared for besides gains. These nuggets simply called themselves bombnuggets.
>develop fire retardant
Through the pain of poor planning the Fitlets worked to make a powerful tool against the flames. Developing a substance that smothered out the flames even better than the mud the Buffnuggets had been throwing.

>Develop unit Firenugget
The firenugget had all the craziness of a bombnugget but sought to charge the flames to put them out. Using their immense strength they can lift collapsing structures and trees as well as toss bags of the newly developed fire retardant on top of the flames. Though primitive the fitlets tell them that they'll have better ways of using the retardant on the way soon enough.

>God action put out fires
Thomass brings his massive strength to more flames and promptly makes an earth sandwich cutting off all the oxygen and smothering them one after another.
A’aen, The Afterlife
The realm beyond this mortal world, tucked away and dangling before the edge of the empty oblivion that encompasses all.

It’s formation in ancient eons now was tumultuous, the result of a great blast of godly power that carved a hole in the very earth, all the way down to its deepest reaches.

The afterlife is composed of various layers, some known widely to its denizens, and others only to the gods...

Scintillating Gate
A whirling arch at the apex of the realm, seeming to move and shimmer as if not a solid object but a thousand thousand glassy black grains.
A one way door to the star beyond, which beckons to all mortals. None are ignorant of its call to them, it’s pull on mortal souls is it’s own sort of gravity in a way.

Mortals come to the gate only when ready to ascend like their ancestors before them. This may happen the first time one dies, or after their sixth or so reincarnation. The Dagekhet are an exception, almost universally travelling to the star after the death of their reincarnated body.
Two lives, two deaths, two suns, two states alive and dead, but only one mortal star.

The great wind Yaln’lwa billows in a spiral around and above the gate, here at the pinnacle of the realm, the first and greatest solar wind now trapped with its twin sibling.

The Lethe
In ancient times; before the Solars rose as starmetal from their home of burning splendour, the Lethe was something different, something more mundane, and had a different name.
The charnel staircase, it was a mere set of steps, crafted almost too perfectly out of a black glass, leading up to the gate beyond.
The entire section of this realm was remodelled by Atemus, Novakhets steward while the death god is away

The staircase was shattered and cast back into the sands in time by Yaln’lwa, great solar winds with enough density form their own sort of animalistic intelligences, but Yaln’lwa was tamed by Atemus and chained to this place for its slight.

Now Yaln’lwa fulfils the purpose the charnel staircase once did and more, acting as both frighteningly powerful guard dog and only means of elevation, for without the staircase being lifted by Yaln’lwa’s ethereal embrace is the only means of ascension to Scintillating Gate.
Lis Fields
The field of stars is the place in the afterlife most associated with the concept. It is the most populated section, a vast domain for the dead grow in number every year, it is a relaxed and generous plain.

Lis races through night and day at lightning pace at some times, at others it may lazily dwell on the morning for an aeon, all dependent on how fast or slow Yaln’lwa spins the sky
The mortals inhabiting Lis are able to mingle with their associates in life should they be here, and enjoy the lush, vibrant land before them and enjoy it to their hearts content.
The field of stars allows mortals to tie up loose ends and allow them to find peace with theirselves so that they may accept death and make the trek out to Lethe, and the Scintillating Gate further beyond.

Ivory Ribs
It was a condition of Americus that there be some distinguishing between good and evil in this realm, and not wishing to murder his sister, Novakhet relented.
Those souls that are judged as evil and unready to join their fellows in the fields of Lis are sentenced to the Ivory Ribs, a landscape of unturned dirt with towering white bones jutting out from the ground, and the souls of the realms appearing as their mortal skeletons.

This place is a lonely realm, far larger than the Lis such that individual souls can scarcely run into each other. Dusty storms pick up on occasion, thrown about by the enigmatic movements of Kiln’la deep below that buffet and confuse even further the wandering shades of this place.

Those here are haunted by their actions by means tailored to each soul, and after a time in lonely wandering may be found by a Solar who guides them to the path of redemption, and once ready to the fields of Lis.
Obolic Palace
The deepest part of the afterlife that solars feel comfortable traversing, the Obolic Palace is also the solars headquarters in this realm and the place from which they plan.
Those with archivistic heritage and leanings pour over the exponentially piling up records on the mortals joining them to sort and file, stamp and double check the records to ensure all is in order, and send information over to other less scholarly angels.
From there plans are drawn up on what souls embedded in the ribs are a priority to uplift, what motions the winds are making and predictions on the weather as a result of them, the passage of solars to and from the star.
In the deepest chambers lie the Obolic Accountants, solars which the other solars dare not speak of, out of reverence or perhaps fear, for they tally the taxes of something, for some unalienable purpose not even Novakhet knows.

The Untempered Sands of Ak.
The deepest and most fundamental reach of the afterlife, and it’s outermost layer, black sands spilling endlessly in vortexes mirroring those of the star, pouring through antechambers and cthonic halls of nobody in particular.

These sands are the remnants of the black desert that was blasted apart by the Kheperan Pantheon, and it is through their enigmatic swirling motions that are the design of Kiln’la, the twin and rival of Yaln’lwa.

Exposure to the untempered sands has dimmed the great wind, but her power is not reduced at all for this indeed Kiln’la is now stronger than she was even when first birthed. These sands have odd powers, in a way they are the spiritual twin of the Ka dunes.

Kiln’la is the invisible wind reflected on glassy sand grains, responsible for all the stirring up of the black sands and their unpredictable flows, and despite their animalistic intelligence; less impressive than her brother even; she has learnt to manipulate the black sands.

What is important to recognise is that the sands are not just dust, they are a supernatural and malleable force now from the strike of divine energy that catapulted them here in the first place. Whatever they are, they compose almost everything that is solid in this realm.

What the invisible wind desires is obvious only to their twin, who is often consulted for anything that could be interpreted as a prediction of Kiln’la’s next movements, for the solars must prevent the wild wind from damaging anything beyond its chaotic realm by accident, or wearing away at the charnel glass supports that affix this realm in place.
File: Grindall's day off.png (632 KB, 800x1136)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Give Grindall Music for mushroom alcohol or something.
Pic related, since it might be some time before the next thread due to potential hiatus. The turtlefolk had a warm reception when the god of the underground came to visit. They enjoyed a relaxed god's visit and taught him how to fish and shared with him the music of their people.

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