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Fourth chapter of the Tribes RP quest.
Many of the tribes are now dealing with internal problems, and there's movement across the board. Tribes are knowing eachother, and rudimentary trade has started but not everything is friendly. With large advancements in technology and government, centralized states can now raise large armies of lethal soldiers and nothing is set in stone. The quest discord is the following, where battles and other diplomacy is carried over: https://discord.gg/cYZnhdKQ
>Tuath De
Large projects were made this time around, for now our people was able to finally devote themselves to these much needed projects. Infrastructure was improved in Limerick 2 and in Cothair Noafo Pratai, and with that improvement in infrastructure the road was set to create more improvements and protect more people from the climate and the wild beasts.
While clearing the lands near Cothair Noafo Pratai a strange cavern was found. Believing that they could be remains of the wreckages that sank when the original Limerick disappeared, Grand Master Sir Henzen decided to send an exploration party to check the area. At first, the cavern seemed just a normal cave but it’s walls were lined by veins of what the expedition soon deduced was a metal, just like gold but of different tone. Soon, a small mining operation was set up to extract and refine this new metal that would be called copper, but during one of these mining operations a few months after the upgrade was finished a hole was opened and from it nightmarish creatures started pouring, soon killing the miners and chasing the survivors back to the surface. The frenzied beasts soon overran the defenses of the settlement, and started killing the settlers. Only after the Grand Master fought with his holy warriors the beasts could be decisively defeated and forced to return to the underworld, but the damage was already done: the elder Sir Henzen was killed in the battle, but thanks to his efforts the settlement and most of its inhabitants didn’t suffer any critical damages.
Now, the frenzied holy warriors set to destroy the lair of these beasts and avenge their fallen leader with fire and blood.
>Limerick 2 upgraded to settlement level 2, and so was Cothair Noafo Pratai. Get 2 more development slots and up to 14 population might be protected by it’s walls
>A Basic mine was built at Cothair Noafo Pratai, but it was reclaimed by the nightmarish beasts of the underworld. As an extra action this turn, the beasts can be attacked by all holy warriors (Roll +4).
>Sir Henzen has been slain, and a new leader will rise from the ranks of the holy warriors after the beasts are defeated permanently.
42.7/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
The naval blockade of Oshabi would signal the start of what most feared in the home archipelago: an Orc against Orc conflict. The quick action made by the Emperor allowed the Oshabian merchants to be caught before they could prepare their vessels to a battle-worthy status, and many of them sank as they attempted to break the blockade and enter the settlement to arm themselves. For now, the Emperor’s forces have the naval dominance, but this could be challenged soon by the remaining oshabian ships. Despite the initial expectations that they would surrender easily, the Oshabi have enough food from inland farms and their large cattle herds to withstand a siege, and without a decisive landing or march through the jungle the Oshabians have little reason to surrender, as they still got the control of the most powerful metal of them all and the support of the squidmen.
With all the troubles back home, Sakai increased in importance as a trade hub for the home isles. With the Oshabi traders no longer travelling to the region, some of the profit was lost but the power void was soon filled by smaller companies and businesses owned by clanless or small clan orcs. However, the geography of the area didn’t help trade too much. Unlike the settlements in the home isles, who were spread through the coast and didn’t go too far inland, Sakai had a small harbor and most of the products had to be carried from large distances inland, be it from the farms or the mines. A solution was needed, but unluckily it didn’t come around this time. Some orcs attempted to fashion small carts, but the harsh iron scarcity for specialized tools made all efforts fruitless, as the Najin had grow dependent on advanced tools and many had already forgotten how to work with simpler materials. Some concepts, however, would transcend this setback.
Back at Nagoya, after many generations passed without much investment from the government the unstable situation led to some bold economic moves, and they paid off greatly. By codifying the ancestral skills of the local crafters, they could be replicated easily at large scale. This new product built on top of the banana textiles our people used but with a much more complicated production that granted a better product. However, there’s been a hard time in commercializing them as demand for luxury products plummeted after the Oshabi pulled most traders from the rest of the archipelago. For now, the stock of the product to sell is ready but until trade recovers there isn’t much more to be done.
Most orcs were heavily built and powerful, so sneaking around and hiding wasn’t really easy for them. However, Hattori Hanzo decided to prove otherwise by giving a chance to the more slender, smaller and weaker orcs. Finally, improvements in materials allowed for small weapons capable of penetrating the strong hides of other orcs, instead of relying on brute force like old weapons. This allowed small knives and throwing darts to be created to outfit these units, and with rigorous training they could be teached how to hide, move through the smallest of passages and set up ambushes. After getting permission from Lady Kagome, he started training some of these warriors, but once again the lack of iron for their weapons barely allowed a small portion of these Shinobi to be trained. In too few number to be a viable battlefield unit, these Shinobi could instead be used for more sneaky solutions in the home isles.
>Oshabi will be considered as rebellious from now on until the situation is solved by arms or they achieve independence on their own in 3 turns. Rebellious settlements don’t contribute population towards actions and won’t produce anything useful to the central government. The -2 penalty to actions is reduced to -1, but will continue until this is solved.
>Oshabi is blockaded. Any water developments in the settlement will be deactivated.
>Any diplomatic action with the Squidmen will get -5 to the roll.
>Lack of suitable tools prevented the development of the wheel, but the concepts developed will grant +3 to develop it next time
>Nagoya gets a proto clothier development, and it will produce the clothes luxury resource. However, the destabilization of trade means that it’s benefits won’t be felt for the next 2 turns.
>Ambusher tag unlocked for units, and a unit of Shinobi was recruited at Experienced (+1) rank. Can attempt to use them to infiltrate Oshabi and kill the ringleaders if successful next turn (Roll +1). They require iron to be made and won’t reinforce as long as iron isn’t available.
57.5+4/68 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
>Marsupialian Kingdom
In the Mine Fortress, despite all the efforts only some marginal gains in copper and tin extraction could be made. The times were set, and the organization of the expansion project and worker rations was perfect, but the harsh weather in the area constantly flooded the mines and prevented their true expansion. It will still take a lot of work before more ores can reach the market.
The Kangaroo swordsmen of old times used bronze plates to protect their vital points, and after many generations it is finally the time for Koalas to do the same. With the knowledge and the resources available, it was easy to come up with some powerful armor that was capable of withstanding severe blows and could prevent piercing by our available weapons. The problem was that the armor was too heavy, and many of the recruits simply weren’t able to wear it effectively without collapsing.
With the bureaucracy matured, it is finally the time for the ministry of building and city planning to be revived. By gathering some of the most brilliant minds in the fields of building, and information from many of the merchants and local bureaucrats the ministry was ready to tackle the great responsibility of handling building and infrastructure from now on. Their first great project was to finally create roads to connect the east and the west. By cleverly using local resources to avoid the transportation of large amounts of resources for hundreds of kilometers, and by having a few worker groups under their direct control, helped by local manpower soon the roads were finished. Not only they will boost trade and communication, but the help from the local population led by a central agency showed everyone that by working truly together, great things could be made. With this enthusiasm, maybe the wise King Marsupial could take the final step to reunite all the tribes under the Kingdom…
But his reign won’t be forever, and he knows it as his illnesses impair him completely sometimes. For this, he sent out hundreds of volunteers and bureaucrats, even some of the army to look for ways to increase his lifespan. Searching was conducted in all corners of the realm, and even some Quokkan families that were found gave some information about where to find the magician that knew how to live eternally could be found… but he wasn’t found at all. The magician was probably a tale that all the tribes shared, and a clever scholar even claimed that it was probably just the well known myth of the Spook that decided to wander the earth instead of going back to the skies and did so for thousands of years without aging at all. In the end, all the efforts were futile and King Marsupial had to still rely on different elixirs to attempt to cheat death. With all the searching and cataloging at least some spices and special plants could be found on the northern edges of Eucalyptaria, which have caused a lot of stir in the local market due to their perfume and flavor.
>Spices luxury resource found near Eucalyptaria and the Wombat settlement of Mitfielden. Get +6 to create plantations in these areas.
>All settlements were connected thanks to the roads
>Can decide to put under direct control all the settlements of the realm, effectively annexing the remaining Kangaroo and Wombat tribes (Bonus action, roll).
>Armored tag unlocked, but can only be used by heavy units and will have an extra maneuver penalty due to weight. Keep researching it to achieve lighter armor.
>Mine at Eucalyptaria upgraded to basic +.
46 Population. Max actions due to population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
>Divine Mountain
To prepare for the festival, a much needed re-planning of the settlement of Mount Kurama was needed. To improve the Cletian parts of the settlement large expansions and terraces were made, and the Tengu section was also improved with many churches and temples appearing in the city. Seeing that this was the first true action that both Cletians and Tengus would do together, they worked extra hard and the settlement was prepared for the grand festival.
The festival was a success when it came to ease the tensions of the recent union of both peoples as equals. Not only did the Cletians and the Tengu arrived, but also some pilgrims from the Valeri and the Klan. This will surely boost the stability of the region, with the goddess as their guide.
Miriso on the other hand was mostly populated by the freed Cletians, but as an act of cooperation demanded by the goddess soon some of the Tengu decided to settle there too and mixed easily into the population. Luckily, these Tengu were of the same groups that oversaw the mines at Mt. Kurama, and soon realized that an ore was abundant in the area, of a bright white colour. At first thinking they were small crystals, they soon realized that they had a weird but good taste, and decided to call it salt and mine it. With this, extraction of salt was started in Miriso.
Some of the scholars decided to create an academy in Miriso, but the exaltation provoked by the goddess after the festival led to some of the scholars turning more to the faith rather than the material, and provoked a break in the scholars corp. Should they start trying to understand the laws of the goddess and the living? Or should they strive to understand the material world around us?
>Thanks to the festival preparation, Mt.Kurama was fully upgraded to settlement level 3.
>A basic mine was built at Miriso, and it extracts salt. For now, it will work as a proto farm but if you explore the salt properties it will become more useful.
>Scholars roll won’t be available until they settle on what to look for. As a bonus action next turn (no roll), decide what they have to look for.
41/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
The degradation that the army has suffered has lasted long enough. By making sure that these who will become soldiers in the future are well drilled and ensured to be loyal to the central government, there will no longer be deserters or troops turned bandits to take care of. For now, discipline, archery, tracking and scouting will be the pillars of the new goblin army, and the fruits of this effort can be seen already on the existing troops that were drilled.
This was a busy time for internal development, as the settlement of Goblin’s End could finally finish their infrastructure upgrade, allowing for more water to be diverted to the crops and more population to be protected by the settlement’s defenses.
The recent conflicts near Fortaleza have made it clear that the troops need better protection. Copper is a decent metal, but it isn’t strong enough to protect from direct blows from the blows that some of the weapons retrieved from the landfish we managed to capture. But, armour is armour and it’s better for the troops to be protected by something else than some hides and their skin. Copper-reinforced hide armour was partially good at reflecting arrows, and its protection can mean the difference between life and death.
It has been many generations since the Goblins have questioned the nature of the divine, always focusing on the now and the material side of things. However, some goblin families have kept some faith of sorts, but hidden from the rest of society. Once a year, they would gather near Goblin’s End to make their offerings to their gods, hidden by the large dunes and lack of living beings of the desert. This year, however, is to be the last one of this pilgrimage.
An old hermit, claiming to have lived for 400 years and being one of the priests that warned the goblins that their lack of faith would come back to haunt them appeared suddenly in one of these secret meetings, and claimed the following in front of most of the believers of the tribe: The gods are dead, and we killed them. After this, he turned into dust and the wind took him away. After such a revelation, the faithful goblins could do nothing but accept that the gods had abandoned the goblins for good, and let the sands bury them into oblivion.
>Goblin rabble will be turned into Goblin Scouts, and all units will rank up to Regular (0).
>No longer units will become bandits or become deserters with bad rolls
>Goblin’s end was upgraded to settlement level 3.
>Farm at Goblin’s End upgraded to improved ++ level
>Goblin’s End gets a proto + irrigation development.
>Copper armor grants +2 to fire stat of Goblin Scouts.
>Goblins can’t develop a religion on their own, and will instead focus on the material world.
59.4 Population. Max number of actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 5
>Tribul Aripii Daur
To improve a settlement is hard, especially at this size. Hunting is the main activity of our people and our main source of food, and to clear even more of the rainforest for our settlement could be detrimental to the wildlife of the area. For this, plans were made and the best choice was to try to conceal the settlement with a large wall of leaves and plants. Following the indications of the shamans, the settlement has started it’s upgrade and it will still take some time before it’s ready.
For the huntsmen however, work went much better than before thanks to their more powerful bows. Some attempts have been made before to develop a more powerful version of it, but the final result is much better than what could’ve been expected: the composite bow is leagues beyond anything that could be done with a normal bow. Not only is it incredibly more powerful at shorter hunting distances, but it can be fired much more accurately at longer ranges. We now have a reliable weapon capable of delivering precise and powerful blows at range, and there’s no material but stone around us that is capable of withstanding the full force of an arrow shot from our bows.
>Țărmuldeur has been improved to lvl 2.5. Keep working on the update to finally finish it’s upgrade.
>Composite bows discovered, and can now be used to create fully ranged units. These units will have great bonuses to their fire stat, and have access to the precise and long range tags. Mixed Daur Hărțuitori will see their fire stat increased slightly with the addition of some composite marksmen.
16/24 Population needed foer extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
>Tomb Kings
With Settra’s death a new age rises upon the Tomb Kings, for there can be no Tomb Kings without a King (and a Tomb).
To fill the power void, Amenope and her scholars have risen in power thanks to their knowledge of the world, and her supporters can be found anywhere in the skeles society. “Who is better than an illustrated and intelligent ruler to shake the minds of the skeletons back to their former autonomy and curiosity?” Is their main motto from now on. However, her rise to power has been seen with some suspicion from Ramses, who blames in part the degradation of his forces to the rise of the scholars and artists. For now on, he hasn’t made a move, but if the situation changes and Amenope makes some concessions, things might change in the foreseeable future.
Now for the tomb, Amenope has seen that a large portion of the Temple Fortress was solid, but could be turned into a perfect mausoleum for Settra by taking some bricks from here and there after reviewing the original plans for the structure. She would order the Pyramid to be dedicated exclusively for Settra, and she would rule from her university, already filled with the minds of these who are to guide the skeletons after such a dark moment. However, her newly acquired responsibilities meant that she couldn’t be the director of the university, and a new skeleton would be needed to carry on her learning crusade.
Scorpion, on the other hand, would leave his home at Altinin to visit the Tomb of the King, and on his way back he saw that Khepri really needed an upgrade. Using his retinue of miners and engineers, he quickly devised a great plan to upgrade the settlement and leave it once again great, and aided by the materials extracted from the great pyramid most of the work was done. He would also contact with Ramses to consult for the walls that would be needed to built around this settlement expansion, and soon he also sent some workers along with Ramses military engineers to create a wall.
With Settra’s death, a reform to the church was needed. Yes, Settra would still be considered a god, but with his departure from the material world someone else would have to take the powers left behind by the Temple. Amenope would refuse them, as these would once again render most of the skeles slave to their will and she didn’t want that to happen again. Nabiin, the great priest was in the eye of Ramses and almost everyone, as it was clear that his cultists had something terrible planned. But the 95 clay tablets left on the doorstep of the former Great Temple showed clear discontent against the church and that something needed to be done. The question is, should the new reformation of the church be guided by the Luthn skele that proposed it, or should the reform be carried over by Nabiin?
>Amenope will now be the leader of the Tomb Kings
>The university will be deactivated until Amenope searches for a new remarkable individual to guide it, as her responsibilities don’t allow her to handle both at the same time.
>Khepri’s upgrade is made easier thanks to the bricks extracted from the Tomb, and it reaches 2/3rd of the upgrades required to level up.
>A new wall (80%) is created around Khepri. Max number of defenses reached in the settlement, until the upgrade is ready.
>As a bonus action, decide who’s gonna lead the church reformation. Depending on it, the new bonuses available for the church will be different.
32.5/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
>Ku Kobold Klan
Some scouts were sent to the southern edges of our known world, to these lands called Fey Realms by the Valeri. Strangely, the scouts took a lot of months to return back home and instead of returning with something useful they returned with an extremely detailed map of the closest hill near Birmingham, and the only thing they remember is that they spent all that time gathering information about that useless hill.
Despite the efforts of the central federation to grant autonomy to Richmond, the encroachment of the Kentuckians was simply too strong. Not only do the people of Richmond accept that they belong to Kentucky, but they also have been benefited by the local estate as they were finally communicated with the rest of the settlements through a road built across the mountains. What’s worse, these of Richmond with education are soon siphoned by Frankfort and taught in their ways, perpetuating this cycle. As things stand now, there’s no chance that they will desire to become their own estate or form a general assembly on their own.
Back in Atlanta, the general assembly idea was a success. Using the runes acquired from the Dwarves, the highly regulated estate is now less prone to corruption, and will surely boost its ability to legislate and decide easily on actions that need to be taken.
However, the idea of using Dwarvish runes instead of the more locally accepted Cletian script has been seen suspiciously and even divisive between the states, with the Kentuckians and Alabamians complaining about the lack of union between the states and that a standardization is needed. Alabamians also bragged about their improvement of the grape farms around Birmingham, and how it was possible thanks to the council using cletian script instead of relying on weird runes made by midgets.
Also, a new machine is being constructed in Atlanta. Reminiscent of the watchtowers of old times, this machine is able to lift heavy weights and can greatly help production, but it’s costly and expensive. However, it’s benefits are amazing and it’s help can greatly speed up work.
On the other hand, the work of the residents of Atlanta pays off. Aided by the cletian farmers who revealed to be experts in making alcoholic drinks from fruits, they managed to create a delicious wine that will surely boost the spirits of anyone who drinks it
>Scouts detail a useless hill
>Richmond stays under Kentuckian control, and will never become an independent state on their own, unless heavily pressured by the central government. Get -8 to actions related to this.
>Richmond is connected to the general environment, and gets the stonecutter bonus.
>The general assembly of Georgia will ease administration, and it can be easily copied in the other states. However, standardization of script is needed to make this happen.
>The use of dwarvish runes instead of Cletian script has made the slaves less willing to share their discovered secrets. Scholars mechanic disabled until cletian script is standard or they’re personally dealt with.
>Thanks to the crane technology, as long as iron is available settlement infrastructure upgrades will be twice as effective.
>Farm at birmingham reaches Improved + level
>Atlanta will get a basic winery, and will produce wine as a luxury resource.
62 + 7 Population. Max population from actions reached. Actions this turn: 4.
By allowing the town near Creuge to grow, it is soon populated not only by these who work for the army, but also by the families of the minutemen. This prides them greatly, and their sons will also try to join the minutemen.
Coinam is an undergroud settlement, but it hasn’t been really expanded to it’s full potential. By using the bricks to canalize the underground waters not only draining it for expansion is easier, but it also will help the future expansion of the farms that will feed the settlement in the future.
Coinam is a settlement devoid of most resources, but it was chosen as prime location to place a forge. Having a forge away from the source of these minerals and the final destination of them might sound weird, but the distances that need to be travelled will surely boost trade… hopely? For now, it just makes the forge work at less than optimal capacity, at least until better roads are made.
Back at Chlach, the farm has undergone some serious expansion to allow for more food being harvested there. The gains for now have been marginal, but the farmers promise that with a little bit more of resources and time, they will be able to greatly improve the output.
>Coinam is upgraded to settlement level 2.
>Coinam gets +2 to create farms next time
>Coinam gets a proto forge, however it’s weird location will prevent it from working at full potential. Get +3 to develop armor or weapons using metals.
>Chlach improves their farm to Basic + level
33/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
The Marshall rallies the forces to prepare for war: it is imperative that all the dwarves be ready for the next campaigns and know how to use their weapons correctly. Many of the young dwarves listen to him with enthusiasm, and soon go volunteer themselves for the army.
To prove that things were serious, a powerful war golem is created at Thul Nildaur with the name of Charlemagne O’Ryan. Wielding an incredibly heavy hammer made by the most elite of the craftsmen and stonemasons, and given a reluscent copper plating, the golem is one of the proudest achievements of Dwarven kind, and ready to protect them at all costs/
Back home, the venerable Worker Golem starts helping out the project led by Uznaeck Wheelwright, a young engineer with clever ideas about how copper, steam and machinery could be the future of our civilization. The work to heat the settlement is hard, and many lessons are learnt during it’s implementation but there is still much to be done. He and his fellow engineers weren’t satisfied with just making a boiler to heat up the settlement during the winter months, but saw that the potential of steam to ease different tasks was practically unlimited. To show their ideas, they create an automated entrance to the settlement, that thanks to steam is able to move the 100 ton doors like nothing. With more resources, there’s no telling what these engineers could achieve for our civilization.
>The Marshall’s support grants +3 to recruitment and golem construction rolls next turn. Recruited units after this roll will get +1 to their rank.
>The Colossus Charlemagne O’Ryan is created.
>The heating system allows farms to work during the cold winter months without freezing. Both Shroom developments upgraded to Improved level.
>Partial steam technology is unlocked. Keep upgrading it to achieve true steam revolution.
23.9/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
Rolled 7, 2, 11 = 20 (3d20)

>Expand to the shore
We need more space to fish and grow food
>Develop pottery
A place to store food would be good, since we might be under prolonged siege. Some fishmen remembered attempts made to make food storage that unfortunately failed, and suggests replicating it.
>Develop writing
Our communication skills are good, but we cannot communicate without talking, We shall try to fix that
Expanding to the shore was easy enough. The hike from Hawaii to the mouth of the river was short, and the environment was very similar to the one at the lakeside. However, fishmen had grown so accustomed to the freshwater that going again to the sea gave them rash and irritation. It would take a while before they could effectively return fully to the seas again.
Some fishmen once again attempted to make a food storage, and replicated them… successfully this time. Apparently, everyone was gonna go to hell with such bad preservation techniques, but a particularly harsh winter granted them more time to realize that the storage was in a bad shape. By actually sealing the clay vessels, the food would stay fresh much longer and be usable. Finally, the Fishmen had mastered pottery. Soon, these small storages were replicated in all the settlements.
>A new settlement(2) is created in the northern coast. Name it
>Sea-related developments in that area will get -2 for a few turns as the fishmen acclimate.
>Pottery grants a proto preservation development in all settlements.
26.15/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
Rolled 4, 20, 18 = 42 (3d20)

1. Send in the Ninja (+2)
Lady Kagome's arrival in the capitol was unexpected to say the least. She was little known in the Imperial Court. While wealthy and powerful, she and her lands were considered backwaters isolated from island politics. She was considered ugly by most. She was smaller than most Ouja, with softer features and smaller tusks. Some considered it a Vesovian curse to make the Minamoto line more human-like and less like Orcs. It made her unpopular. When she arrived in Kattin with her retainers and a group of similar statured Orcs many were surprised. Kagome proved herself as shrewd, if not moreso, than even the ancient Kiryuin Ragyo. Minamoto Kagome came to settle a score. The compromise with the martial Clans denied her her birthright of the office of Taishogun, breaking the deal Emperor Emiya had made with her mother two decades earlier. Now the Emperor called upon her to fulfill her oath of loyalty to the Bakuzan, but she had come to refuse.

"If you want my aid," She said with all the boldness of a Mori captain. "You will render unto me what is mine by right. Your father swore an oath to my mother. If you will not give me the office of Taishogun, you will give me the office of Empress."

The demand shocked the room of clan nobles into silence. Bakuzan Emiya, for he was not yet Emperor, stood from his seat in the circle to reply to the brash Ouja from across the sea. "And why would I do that?"

Kagome gave him a cold smile. "Because I can do with twenty good men what you have not been able to do with all the might of these assembled clans. If my shinobi end this revolt I will be Empress." The other Orcs laughed. The petty Oujas of single Hold Clans. All but Mori Nikumi, ancient and gnarled and still physically imposing. She did not laugh. She stared with her one unclouded eye at the youthful Ouja and knew that change may yet come on fiery winds.

"Very well," Emiya replied, swiping tears from his eyes. "If you can do the impossible I will wear your bracelets across my wrists."

2. Develop Explosives (+1)
Before Kagome had departed she had given the secret formula of fire medicine to her Second for development. While only a middling scholar, she had other scholars in the Ouja's employ she could trust to work with the formula under her supervision.

3. Border Fortresses (+9)
>this is intended to push the borders as far up river as possible
The borders of Sakai's settlement were far from the mines the settlement relied on. Kagome instructed that a portion of her workforce should build a chain of small strongpoints further upriver to protect the mines, especially with hostile bagpeople to the north that threatened her domain. A series of fortified watchtowers would be ample defense for miners and the town alike.
Rolled 5, 19, 8 = 32 (3d20)

>Settlement name: Midway
>Stir up rebellion in Ajaxes lands
As most people cannot tell which clan a fishman belongs to, we will send in spied to protest against squidman rule in the army and in Ajaxes country
>Train our recruits
Our recruitments have gone well, but our recruits are not excellent warriors. We shall have them go through harsh training to make them greater soldiers to the cause
>Build a research center (-2)
Most of our intelligent fishmen want a place to do their jobs, so we shall build a research center near Midway (we dont want bad things happening at Hawaii)
Rolled 8, 11, 1, 16, 8 = 44 (5d20)

95 clay tablets were left at the footstep of the former great temple by Mar’teen of Luthn descent. It was a clear sign of discontent of the Church and Amenope being the most important Skeleton in Khepri would launch an investigation into the cultists, the feeling was obvious and everybody knew it but the reports came back and one of the cultists spilled the beans under threat of a time out. Nabiin was an old Skeleton just like her though and when consulting with Ramses, they both agreed to force Nabiin into retirement. Mar’teen shall reform the church and with it, hopefully a new era of progress for Skeleton kind.
>Mar’teen shall reform the Skeletal Church (+3 from luxury)

Scorpion used to take walks with Settra along the great walls when he came to visit. The upgrade of Khepri was partly due to the increase in population but also to prove himself and the rest of the Skeletons they can still do stuff without Settra, which includes improving the already great city of Khepri.
>Upgrade Khepri (+3 from luxury, +3 from pickaxe mastery, +1 from brick.)

Ramses has started to take nature walks to clear his mind. He heard of the tales that great beasts of speed raced across the arid plains and how Settra and him imagined the possibilities if they were able to take them. It was dusk when he saw the herds of these beasts travel across the plains did he realize that now is the time for them to be utilized. Not only could they be great beasts of Burden but the meat they will produce when they are given eternal life can be traded off since the Skeleton has no need for food.
>Horse hunting lodge (+3 from luxury)

The increase of trade has made Ramses realize that his small force of soldiers will be inadequate to defend the routes. Thus he pleaded with Amenope to allow him to recruit a few more troops and soon she relented. Of course she only gave him permission to recruit a certain amount because ‘what is going to attack us out there?’ Solid thought process.
>recruit 1 more archers and 2 swordsmen and 1 spearman at Khepri. (+3 from luxury)

Back in the university a certain skeleton named Kabir has started to make a name for herself. Following up on the principles of mathematics she has created her own branch to discuss the power of triangles and all that stuff. Amenope has made a note of her and her discoveries.
>Create Trigonometry (+3 from luxury)
Rolled 2, 3, 16 = 21 (3d20)

With the given oaths from the clan leaders and the encouragement of the council the marshall would start rallying the various dwarves of the Rursarlum and would organize them into various hosts according to their clan to prepare them for the journey ahead.

As the marshall prepared for war several clanless dwarves would be given the offer to settle a new hold near the open-topped mountain [volcano] and the chance to make a new clan if they succeed in their task.

With the confirmation that the host where being organized several smiths and stonemasons gather together to find ways to upgrade the current foundry in Thul Nildaur.
If im correct the bonuses should be like the following
2+3=5 [bonus from the marshal]
3 [no bonuses]
16+3 or +2 thanks to stone working
Rolled 9, 4, 15, 17 = 45 (4d20)

>Action 1: Revange Sir Henzen and fight against the Monsters
+18(+After having a critical failure, get +10 to all rolls next turn, +4 to fight monster, +2 farm in Cothair Noafo Pratai, +2 Luxuries)

It was a simple mission just to explore the island and tell our master Sir Henzen what we discovered. So simple and yet so disastrously failed. We found only death and suffering and the greatest disaster we have lost our master. Sir Henzen who discovered this island and brought our nation together is dead. But at the moment there is no time to mourn - we must avenge him. We must send our Holy Soldiers into battle and kill these creatures and revenge Sir Henzen. And when all this is over it is time to find a new ruler. ASSEMBLE HOLY SOLDIERS

Action 2: Building a training facility for our soldiers in Limerick 2 (+After having a critical failure, get +10 to all rolls next turn,+2 Luxuries,+2 Farm in Limerick 2) = +14
Our Soldiers need a Training Facility.

Action 3: Smithing Claidhem-More (+After having a critical failure, get +10 to all rolls next turn,+2 Luxuries) = +12

We must find a new weapon for our soldier. One of our people had the idea for a kind of long sword which will be called Claidhem-More. We will make this sword only from the best gold for our great soldiers.

Action 4: Building a holy smithy in Dublin (+After having a critical failure, get +10 to all rolls next turn,+2 Luxuries,+ 2 farm in Dublin) = +14
For the best weapons and armour we need a suitable forge. It is time to build one to make the best weapons, armour and sex toys.
Rolled 1 (1d4)


Bonus Roll!
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>The first action is the bonus action so I will do another 5th action that would have been the 4th
>Action 5: Recruit Holy Soldiers in Dublin (+After having a critical failure, get +10 to all rolls next turn,+2 Luxuries,+ 2 farm in Dublin) = +14
>We need a bigger army

>Ku Kobold Klan

After this new generation chooses new Governors and in Atlanta's case elect new congresskobolds and senator kobold, the newly selected Three Governors meet in Atlanta, the beginnings of White Koboldkind. They discuss the ongoings of their states. The Alabamian and Kentuckian Governors smirk at the Georgian Governor, knowing his predecessor's choice to create legislation government.
The stately white kobold of Atlanta stands and animatedly thanks the Governors and praises the state of Kentucky of Alabama. The Georgian widely beaming explains that the political seeds of Richmond took route here in Atlanta, with the decision to keep dwarvish runes for political use at the General Assembly, but still use Cleatian script for religious use at the temple for the goddess of the mountain. However, this could not have happened without Hank, a citizen of Kentucky, descendant from Hank Senior, a citizen of Alabama; he taught the Georgians the dwarvish runes and his son Hank Jr, still keeps political relations on behalf of the Three Governors with the Dorf settlements to the east.
The two other Governors think upon this development of how the three states are independent but still influence each other's developments to a considerable degree.
The Governor of Georgia says there has been one caveat where the scholar slaves, with the primary job to teach the kobolds new things, have made it clear they are less willing to share their secrets due to the rise of dwarvish script used in a political setting.

The three Governors put their heads together to solve this problem with some fresh comradery brewing amongst them. They contrive that all three States adopting dwarvish runes for politlcal use and continue using Cleatian script for religious means may not be enough to propel the Ku Kobold Klan to greater standards of living, and propose to treat the Slave Scholars with the carrot. It is decided that the Cleatian script will be used for academic pursuits as well. An Academy will be built in Birmingham, where the wisest of kobolds and slave scholars can work to teach the next generation of Kobolds.

The Atlanta Governor thanks the two others and asks what can be done to assist their two states. The Governor of Kentucky speaks of the road constructed to Richmond and how it has brought great benefit to have ease of travel throughout the entire lands of the Ku Kobold Klan. He asks for aid in developing the two settlements and requests the use of the cranes. The two other Governor are happy to agree. The Governor states that he'd like Kentucky's capital city Frankforter to grow to the same town size as the others and will direct the terraformers and cranes there.
Rolled 15, 11, 2, 18 = 46 (4d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan continued

The Governor of Alabama reports the weird findings of the scouts found to the south. It is concurred that the useless hill that the kobolds spent months taking note of was strange. The Governor of Georgia recommends to send the scouts with kobold musicians down the Valeri coast, performing for the nomadic Valeri tribes as they travel south, and then travel east at the bottom of the coast. This different route may take longer, but perhaps could allow for better scouting to be done of the whole area for new resources and news of different changes in the world.

After the meeting, the Three Governors sit down with Hank Jr. and drink the finest wine that has been made in the last generation. Hank Jr tells the Governors of this bubble popping drink that made one feel drunk just like wine. The Three Governors were intrigued by this "fizzy"nature while slowly getting drunk. Hank Jr tells them of these structures they call bars, where whole communities get drunk together and enjoy each other's company. The Three Governors are inspired and send one of the Georgian retinue down to the winery to increase production. The following weeks, the stone cutters arrive and increase the size of the Winery's facilities.

>action 1: At Birmingham , build Academy, where Cleatian script, slave scholars, and wisest kobolds will be used to educate; Cleatian script will continued to be used for religious use, whilst dwarvish runes adopted for political use throughout Klan

(bonus to roll +2 luxury[wine and musical instruments])

>Upgrade Frankforter from Village to Town

(bonus to roll +2 luxury[wine and musical instruments] and +1 from terraforming for total of +3)

>Send scouts with kobold musicians down the valeri coast and then east along edge of the world

(bonus to roll +2 luxury[wine and musical instruments])

>Develop Winery
(bonus to roll +2 luxury[wine and musical instruments] and +2 from stone cutters for total of +4 )
File: fort here.png (85 KB, 267x299)
85 KB
Rolled 18, 15, 11, 2, 3, 14 = 63 (6d20)

>BONUS ACTION: finish the integration of the eastern tribes if successful change name to Marsupialian Empire
After many, many years of consolation, the pacification of many old conflicts, economic and administrative changes, and the creation of a common feeling of belonging to superior bag having people, it is time to finally unite all the tribes into one superior Empire, the Marsupialian Empire. No longer will small minded tribe leaders stop the wealth and expansion of the superior bag people and enslave us to scattered regionalism. No, this change will lead to a new golden age full of peace, progress and prosperity! FOR ALL MARSUPIALIANS; UNITED!
>build a mausoleum in the mine
Marsupial finally sees that it’s his time to go to Koala Lumpur, but before he wants to take care of his physical bodies eternal resting spot. He wants to lie at the ancient battle spot in the old mining fort, where many of his friends and brothers have died and his father was mortally wounded. This place shaped his whole life and decided his whole fate. If this battle went only a little worse, it would have been the end of the Marsupialian Empire before it even was founded. But now it is the place, where the greatest Empire the world has yet to see, begun its rise.
>let the spice flow (+6 to create plantations in these areas.)
While it gutted us that we didn’t find the elixir of life, we at least found these herbs, which taste great and are very enjoyed by all the people. A plantation should be setup in Mitfielden and allow a easy distribution in the whole realm.
>develop terracotta
Terracotta, terra cotta or terra-cotta (pronounced [ˌtɛrraˈkɔtta]; Italian: "baked earth", from the Latin terra cocta), a type of earthenware, is a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic, where the fired body is porous.
>build fort in the south
We need to build a fort to stop these… people to wander in our waters whenever they want.
>roll for secret action (QM add boni as fitting)
I’ve got a secret! Oh, I’ve got a secret!
But I made a promise I wouldn’t repeat it.
I’ve got a secret! Yes, I’ve got a secret!
But I took an oath and I vowed I would keep it.
Rolled 6, 16 = 22 (2d20)


While much in the way of progress is done on the extension of the city, still yet more is found needed to be done. As such, the Shamans would continue their guidance in bringing the settlement to a proper state to deal with the ever rising population. Though, there is some concern that by the time their work is done, yet more will be required to keep up with the ever increasing population. On the bright side, ways to get more food weren't an issue, as while the majority of larger animals were hunted the traditional way by varying hunters, the young and old still had ways of helping out in gaining more food through indirect ways. Targeting smaller game, like rabbits and birds, their hunt would be one that was a fairly simple one. By harvesting the varying plants in the forest including some sticks, along with certain special plants, they could create simple but effective traps, laden with bait that the Baluar could not eat, but the smaller creatures certainly could. Needless to say, the life of a trapmaker was similar to that of a craftsman, and quite peaceful as well. In fact, further establishing this tie, craftsmen would also often become trappers, alongside the old and young. As it put their best skills to use in a way that aided the people of the Tribul Aripii Daur. It'd ideally not only give the Tribul Aripii Daur much more in the way of food to work with, but it also would ideally give further experience and skill to them, and keep everyone busy. Of course, the trappers being focused on small game wouldn't make anything that could potentially trap a Balaur or larger animal who clumsily walked into it, mostly so they didn't both bother the hunters much or accidently trap them. Lastly, effort, naturally directed by Serghei would be done to expand upon the four small buildings built for the Shamans, the idea being with better materials, they could work upon better places for those holy people to do their work, along with a better place for the faithful to give worship.

>Action One. Finish Expansion (Shaman)

>Action Two. Trapper's lodge (+4)

>Action Three. Temples. (+1)
>Send in the Ninja should be at (+3) for a total of 7
Rolled 12, 3, 11, 3, 17 = 46 (5d20)

>Recruit 4 Spearmen & 4 Bowmen at Sea's Maw (+1)
The rebel leader comes begging for help after losing most of the army that deserted for his cause and dare try a conscription of the little gobs that may follow his ideas. On normal situations we'd simply imprison the fool but his reports of what happened in fishmen land were... interesting to say the least. We have a big chance of securing a supply of this delicacy and we'll be counting with his expertise to train our troops in case we do so, even teaching some of our standing units mounted combat and the rare art of mounted archery.

>Train the Goblin Seeker at the art of stealth (+1)
Coming the following battle, we'll take this time of preparion to train the seeker in what they were first recruited for and so they'll hone their abilities of deception and tracking their prey, in this case fishmen.

>Finish expanding wheat farm at goblin's end (+5)

>Recruit 4 Spearmen & 1 Bowmen at Goblin's End (+1)

>Recruit 4 Seekers at Fortaleza (+1)
Rolled 1, 11, 9 = 21 (3d20)

> 1st action improve the farm at Coinam
> 2nd action build fungus farms at Coinam
Coinam is rather empty, without many novelties to talk about nor outstanding monuments, so how is it supposed to impress our neighbors? Well, what does everyone respect? Food! Everyone respects a mighty tribe with a great army and bountiful fields, so our people shall take the hoe and scythe in hand again and return to farming, for the good if Luthn.

> 3rd action: recruit minutemen at Creuge
It has been too long since we have last recruited any troops, and our allies are too weak to protect themselves: we must be their spear, the wall upon which our common foes break, we owe it to them for standing with us for so long. For the triumvirate and for Luthn, we shall be strong
There is a +5 to farming in coinam
Lady Kagome was confident that the newly trained Ninja would be able to settle the score with the Oshabi and show everyone at the mainland that her clan was no laughing stock. Using a small rowboat and under the cover of the night, the Ninjas departed towards Oshabi from Lady Kagome’s temporal encampment in a small hidden harbour, and had a well established plan: sneak into the trader’s guild headquarters and assassinate the plutocrats that were in charge of the city, and leave evidence indicating that the Squids were behind it.
Lady Kagome long waited, immune to the constant harassment of the other important Orcs that told her that their Ninjas were useless and failed miserably. As the days went by she grew increasingly desperate, asking many times a day about the status of the city of Oshabi and if any signal was made, but to no avail. After three weeks, there was no hope of the Ninjas returning: they probably failed. Too ashamed to go back to Kattin to report of her failure, she sent a letter to the Empress and departed to Sakai; to assign a successor Ouja and focus entirely on the study of the Visovians and the fire magic.

Back home, Lady Kagome would work tirelessly along with her second and her close retinue of scholars. Knowing that she would need help, she started an underground recruitment policy to attract dissatisfied scholars from other clans, as she couldn’t openly do so because the other clans would ridicule her constantly. After many years of hard work and even painful dedication, she managed to come up with a better formula for the fire magic. No longer it would just burn uniformly, but under certain conditions that could be assured she was able to develop a compound that had incredibly explosive results, and thus was much more effective and destructive, but required quite a lot of sulphur: a hard to come by substance that was sometimes smuggled from Oshabi. With this new compound, she realized that the mining of the red ores could be carried on with these new explosives, as they were much more efficient at breaking large masses of rocks and would leave the red ore intact, with some barely needing some cleaning from the ashes and dust that the explosions could generate.
Not only that, but she saw the warfare applications that this could have and along with her scholars and the most expert smelters in Sakai prototyped what could become a revolution in warfare: the “explosive fire lance”. For now a few prototypes exist that are heavy and probably only the strongest of orcs can carry them without help, but their destructive effects at short range are remarkable. More work must be done on these new devices, but Lady Kagome envisions a future army wielding these weapons to be capable of shaking the very foundations of the world… but as long as the iron and sulphur supply isn’t steady there isn’t much hope for the mass production of it. For this, Lady Kagome sent additional explorers to prospect for the area around Sakai and even further beyond the reaches of her control, to the wildlands to find these resources instead of depending on the main isles.
Sometimes, she would dream of leading a powerful army and navy from Sakai towards Oshabi using these new weapons, destroying the city and any who dare oppose her… and then returning to Kattin with the same army to grab her reward by force if necessary: to become the Empress and humiliate those who dared to humiliate her in the past.
Seeing that most of the explosive fire magic was to be used on mining, soon the routes towards the red ore mines would be fortified with small watchtowers and waystations, where a small professional garrison loyal to Sakai would protect them from any harm.
>The ninjas fail their sneak mission.
>Lady Kagome’s research on fire magic sets the basis for early gunpowder weapons. Once the iron (or bronze) and sulphur supply is secured, primitive gunpowder weapons like the fire lance or the hand cannon will be available.
>Explorers and prospectors are sent to find resources that could help gunpowder development: next turn roll two extra 2d20. One to find a metal and other to find sulphur. These have no modifiers and a difficulty of 11.
>Demolisher tag unlocked, but needs sulphur to be used.
>Territory was expanded with a fortress towards the northern bagpeople lake.
>Mine at Sakai leveled up to an improved level.
59+4/68 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4. Oshabi is still rebellious
Things have been going hard for the Fishmen, but the refugees from New Atlantis have helped populate the myriad of new and small settlements around Hawaii. Some went to New Settlement, and others went to Midway, but most stayed outside of Hawaii, and brought with them the defensive technologies that the New Atlanteans kept , along with some supplies.
Back at Hawaii, the retreating army has been drilling and training to prepare for the inevitable upcoming battle against the forces of Ajax and his Squid allies (or overlords?). Their training has been hard and many have thought of quitting, but the incoming battle needs all able-bodied fishmen to be ready to defend their families and lands.
In Midway, the coastal settlement recently founded a research center is created to house the most renowned and intelligent of fishmen, with the most important smelters and engineers tasked with developing new ways for Hawaii and the rest of the fishmen under our rule to prosper. They soon develop a two-objective plan: one for the homefront and other for the foreign front. They’ll use their expertise to pre-make plans and calculate resources needed to construct walls and defenses in the settlements, and they sent spies dressed as refugees to stir up some rebellion in the lands of Ajax.
The first idea is well received, and the second one is carried on… but no results come from it. Maybe they were caught by Ajaxes patrols and were slain on the spot, as the rumors tell that he has been doing it with any fishman that isn’t with this army in these lands?
>The research center will center on defenses and military engineering due to the current situation, and the illustrated scholars from New Atlantis will lend their expertise to the projects. Get +3 to create defenses in the settlements.
>All troops are leveled to veteran rank (+2), and next recruitment action will grant at least experienced (+1) warriors.
>Choose one of the following: Interceptors Get +2 to Fire and +1 Shock or Fishmen Militia get +2 to share between all stats (you decide).
>Get 14 new populations due to refugees coming from New Atlantis. 3 of them will settle in Midway, and 11 remaining will stay around Hawaii. They will generate bonus food until they can move to other settlements or more developments are created.
40/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
Troops were recruited from the various clans to prepare for the journey ahead. This new generation of warriors wasn’t very brilliant at first, but the constant encouragement of the Marshall would finally motivate them and turn them into a true fighting force.
The expedition sent to settle by the volcano was met with enthusiasm, and soon a large contingent of dwarves were gathered and started the long march to the volcano. During the trip there, a particularly terrible storm caused an avalanche that killed most of the settlers, and the rest froze to death after being exposed to the elements, too accustomed to the safety of the underground to have a chance against nature.
To prepare better equipment for the troops, the foundry in Thul Nildaur is upgraded. Not only it will help with the creation of more copper equipment and different goods for our people, but it also will help with the plating of the powerful golems.With the new resources and capability of smeleting, the militias could finally be fully upgraded to take full advantage of metal equipment, instead of still relying in just metal points and plating to their stone weapons.
>Thanks to the foundry (Improved), all dwarven militias are turned into dwarven hosts. They get improved stats (+1 to fire and shock) thanks to metal equipment.
>The settlers die.
> 5 dwarven hosts at regular (0) rank are recruited.
26/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
>Tomb Kings
To allow for an effective reform of the church, the old must go. Nabiin was forced to step back from his position as the head of the church and was exiled, sent towards the desert under the threat that Ramses himself would cut his head if he dared come back. Mar’teen would step up and reform the church, but to implement his ambitious plan to return the trust of the general population and specially from the notable individuals. He proposes a decentralized church that embodies all skeletons and even opens doors to the other races we’ve met along the way, probably owing to his living past as another and to do this Ramses' help will be instrumental, as he is his main supporter.
Back home, the town of Khepri has grown increasingly populated and filled with temples, villas and institutions, and the fact that there are a lot of walls around it hasn’t helped either. Scorpion, thanks to his experience with underground mining has started a project to expand the settlement underground. By creating large hallways and chambers, an entire city could be built below the surface, and that would help with declogging the settlement.
Ramses was sure he saw the beasts of the ancient tales, and saw that finally these living beings could have a use for the skeletons… but it was nothing but a mirage. The area around Khepri and even around Altinin has grown increasingly arid and devoid of life since the ascension of Settra… and now the effects are too evident to be denied: no living being remains in the desert, and most of them already fled the area. The wild creatures, with increasing fear for the dead distanced themselves and escaped from these deadlands towards the southern and western lands, away from the influence of the dead.
With the establishment of trade routes, different bandits and marauders have started preying on the wagons and carts carrying goods in and out of the desert.
Seeing the need for protection, Ramses would ask Amenope for permission to create new weapons and train some new troops, but she wouldn’t give him even an appointment as she was too engrossed in developing trigonometry and discovering the secrets and joys of math with her new best friend Kabir. Later Ramses would be quoted as saying “They would rather be stuck in a library than truly caring for the people” and recruited and personally trained an elite force in secret with the leftover weapons that he could “retrieve” from the storages around the academy: these that the artists didn’t have time to smelt or destroy to turn them into random wares or sculptures. These new warriors are trained to detect any sign of ambush or danger in the trade routes, and are ready to help trade to prosper, but are loyal only to Ramses.
>Mar’teen’s reformation will start: choose one of the following bonuses.
1: Accept foreing skeletons: Base growth from trade increased from 25% to 30%
2: Reform hierarchy: One action per turn will be an auto success with roll = 10. No bonuses apply.
3: Designate missionaries: Reduce penalty of trading with the dead for trade partners.
>Khepri is 1/3 from settlement level 4: Next upgrade roll will be auto success.
>No living beings are found in the desert, and living beings that stay in it for too long will be forced to return until Settra’s Throne in the pyramid is deactivated. All rolls for farming or that have to do with living beings are automatically failed, and dead animals will be too scared to be useful if revived.
>Troops are recruited at Khepri at Veteran (+2) rank. The force limit malus can be broken, and recruiting and development actions related to the military can be taken once again but that might undermine authority.
>Development of trigonometry will help with engineering. Get +1 to create defenses, and this bonus can be traded with no malus to other tribes.
>Khepri is upgraded to settlement lvl 4.
32.27/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
>Tuath De
After the defeat of the monsters at the mine, they fled like rats. But our revenge for Sir Henzen has not stop, nor it will until all the beasts are dead. For this, more holy warriors are recruited and with fanaticism they flood the sacred island, preparing for the upcoming expedition to the depths of the earth.
To prepare these warriors, a new training facility was built at Limerick 2, and with zealous drilling and training we can make sure that all our soldiers will be perfectly trained no matter what.
For the weapons of the warriors, a new kind of sword is created: the Claidhem-More. Using a core of red ore and played with gold reinforced with titanium flakes from the orbs we recovered many ages ago these swords are fearsome and powerful, nearly unbreakable and they are the pride of our smiths. With these swords, there’s no enemy that can stand their ground. However, the smelting of titanium required advanced knowledge and materials that were hard to come by and was really hard to produce, to the point that it had to be smelted in incredibly small amounts of flakes for it to be properly mixed with gold at high temperatures. These holy smiths are now at the forefront of metal development in the whole world.
>The training facility will make Holy warriors be at least Experienced (+1) rank when recruited. Due to this and good recruiting roll all existing holy warriors will have veteran (+2) rank.
>Gold and red ore will now be treated as a normal ore for the purposes of it’s use for Tuath De, along with it’s luxury status.
>Holy warriors will now consume gold for it’s production, but it’s stats will be greatly increased. Armored tag unlocked thanks to the foundry.
>Holy Knights will consume red ore and titanium to be created, and they will have incredibly powerful shock stats.
>4 elite holy warriors and 4 normal holy warriors recruited in Dublin. 2 Holy warriors couldn’t be recruited due to lack of more gold.
>Battle against the nightmarish beasts will start.
45.4/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
>Ku Kobold Klan
The decision to keep using the cletian script for the matters of the material world and to decipher the rules of the divine is a great success. The cletians are eager to see that their contributions are appreciated, and the academic environment that is generated with the wisest Kobolds in Birmingham really helps with the development of new ideas, methods and entire currents of thought.
The cranes are marvelous machines, and Frankfort could be upgraded easily to reach the same infrastructure and development of the other cities of Birmingham and Atlanta.
The musicians are sent to the Valeri Coast from Birmingham, and it was known that it could even take a few years before they could return. In the meantime, more and more wild speculations were made about what kind of news they could bring: Maybe the Valeri of the coast united? Maybe they returned to the seas? Maybe there was an end of the world to the south?.
It was a surprise when they were found wandering the very same hill that the last expedition was wandering. With broken instruments and torn clothing, the musicians were led to Birmingham by a small child that was taking care of the pheasants and they sang in great details of different small pebbles, stones and some plants that are commonplace in the mentioned hill. Despite all efforts, they would only sing about that hill for hours, and the little, unimportant details that it has. Deemed completely insane, they were sent back to their families and musicians sent to be warned that no one should come close to the confusion mountain.
Wine was growing increasingly popular with the Kobolds, and soon production simply wasn’t enough. However, in the short term production couldn’t be increased so instead the people from the winery came with a better system: they would rank the wines and start selling them at a premium so it was less demanded by the masses but equally profitable for them: They would rank the different vintages with a number of pheasants, with a 5 pheasant wine being the best and a single pheasant being the most basic one. With it’s luxury status reaffirmed and the following batches of wine already fermenting, it is only a matter of time for more wine to be produced.
>The cletians will return to their duties, and the academia along with the other kboolds increases the odds of developments happening: now roll a 1d3.
>Frankfort is upgraded instantly to settlement lvl 3.
>The musicians are dazed and confused. This turn, no more news from musicians will happen and fear of what lies beyond these hills spreads, granting -5 to rolls to scout that area.
>Winery will be upgraded to improved level next turn.
66.83 + 7 Population. Max actions from population reached. Actions this turn: 4.
>Marsupialian Empire
The tribes are finally unified under a single banner. There might still be Koalas, Wombats and Kangaroos, but under a single, strong state. Finally, these lands are unified and tamed for all marsupials. With this, the state expands greatly and incorporates three new settlements.
The Tomb for the first Emperor Marsupial is made with the utmost care and with the aid of the most experts in the different fields needed to build it: Engineers, artisans and builders convene in this location to create a great mausoleum. Travelers and scholars from different parts of the empire visit the mausoleum, and epics are written about his deeds and his life. This reinvigorates the spirit of our people.
With the newly united realm, traders now flow much more freely around the different settlements, and the discovery of spices around the coastal town of Mitfielden and Eucalyptaria have become important spots for them. Soon, plantations grow and the spice now reaches the markets in large numbers. Imagine if we had some contacts to trade these spices…
With the focus on the spices and the different utilitarian pottery needed to store them, there wasn’t much room for more sumptuary goods like glazed pots. With much of the artisans now turning to simpler designs to profit from the spice boom, the advanced techniques needed to make these complex pieces of pottery are out of fashion this time around.
With the lands now unified, the only remaining threat to the stability of the realm is anything that could come from the wildlands, and these green people are the only ones we’ve met so far. Thus, the construction committee proposes building a fort in the southern shores of the lake to control the entrance to the Roo lake: the river. First surveys were conducted during the late autumn, and construction was scheduled to be made during the spring after the thawing but when the pioneers went there already was a fort there!
The greenskins had acted faster during the middle of the winter and already built a fort with a small garrison in the area. The generals suggest that by the looks of it and the reports given by the scouts the fort is nothing more than an outpost with a small garrison, and that against a surprise attack there’s nothing that they could do. “If we manage to kill the garrison without any of them fleeing, there’s no chance that they will find out in time to respond properly, and we could probably get some defenses in place before building a true fortress in the area”. But it’s up to the emperor Marsupial the Second to choose his way of action.
>The secret action is a failure, but some benefits might come from it.
>The Najin have a fort in the southern area and they control the mouth of the river. If the orcs are driven away without any of them escaping, get +6 to build a fortress in the area.
>Terracotta isn’t used as it’s more profitable to sell basic pottery. Can’t develop terracotta or any other pottery variant this turn.
>Proto spice plantations built at Eucalyptaria and Mitfielden. As long as the spices luxury is available get +1 to rolls.
>The mausoleum grants good success (~13) in all actions next turn.
83 Population. Max number of actions from population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
>Three tribes
The shamans direct once again the efforts to expand the settlement, and the expansion goes as planned. To thank them for their hard work, their quartz huts are improved thanks to the metal tools granted by the skeletons. Now true temples, they’re the first permanent and durable buildings in Țărmuldeur, and the shamans already feel that their powers are increasing… but also it makes them more susceptible, and they now constantly have an ominous feeling about the death of their tribe and how even in death they’re slaves. They can clearly pinpoint that the origin of such ominous winds is from the lands of where the skeletons come from, and everytime they try to meditate inside the temples they have to fight this dreadful feeling.
Curious is the trapmaker's art - his efficacy unwitnessed by his own eyes… but it is witnessed by the others who go catch the prey and check the traps afterwards. Small animals have limited uses, but with the new metal pots small animal soup has become increasingly popular between our people.
>Țărmuldeur is upgraded to settlement lvl 3
>Shamans can now be used as a good success (~13), but due to the effect of the undead aura the more you use this effect the harder it will be to keep doing it.
>Hunters development upgraded to Improved ++
18.06/24 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
This time the entire government was almost entirely focused on military matters. Snaga will be fully supported, and with the entire goblin army at his disposition he started planning a large invasion against the holdings of the landfish. He and his rogue troops would once again kickstart the art of wolf breeding, taming, riding and even wolf mounted archery, greatly affecting the existing army and reforming it to be in top shape for the upcoming conflict. More troops were recruited using these methods, and some other troops were reformed to adapt to the mobile warfare that Snaga proposed to defeat the fishmen.
Back at Goblin’s End, years and years of hard work finally paid back and now the farm at the edge of the desert is the largest and most productive on the realm, soon granting to the settlement the nickname “Granary at the end”, as it’s grain shipments would reach far and wide to feed goblins.
>Existing Goblin Scouts turned into Wolf Raiders.
>Existing Goblin Bowmen and Seekers turned into Wolf Bowmasters
>Ambusher tag couldn’t be developed this time around. Under Snaga’s influence, troops won’t be able to get the ambusher tag.
>8 Goblin Spearmen recruited at Sea’s Maw at experienced (+1) rank . Can choose to turn any of them into Wolf Raiders for a rank penalty.
>3 Goblin Seekers trained at Fortaleza at Veteran (+2) rank. Can choose to turn any of them into Wolf Bowmasters for a rank penalty.
>3 Goblin Spearmen and 1 Bowmen recruited at Sea’s Maw at Amateur (-2) rank.
62.31 Population. Max population from actions reached. Actions this turn: 5.
The terraces of Coinam were planted and ready to grant our people a bountiful first harvest, but something terrible happened. Somehow, the introduction of foreign fungus generated spores that proliferated in our crops and basically ate the crops, deforming the plants, killing others and generating crops that were barely edible or downright toxic to eat. The plants were burned and the fungus destroyed, but some spores might still linger in the area and it would be best to avoid planting anything. It was all a failure, and if it wasn’t for the fact that our people weren’t really dependent on these crops to live it could have been a catastrophe for them, but it was indeed a catastrophe for the state. Cultists of a new religion that hasn’t been identified yet used this opportunity to blame the government for the failure of the crops, and that it was all because the Luthn have renounced their death and let the undeads do as they wished with them, and the few people of the backwater settlement soon started agreeing and forced the government officials from the cavern complex.
We’re a martial society, but there’s increasing doubts about the expenditure of so much food and materials on them. For years, our society has started dividing into two main classes: the Minutemen and military, and the farmers or peasantry. With the second growing increasingly insubordinate and angered at the fact that most of the crops and animals that are farmed are just consumed by an army that doesn’t even take the battles that must be fought, like these against the zombie abominations, and already numbers in the thousands have made the people really disgusted by the Minutemen and their families. Many of the descendants of the doomed expeditions to the south, the slain miners or even the families of some of the Minutemen who died in the zombie ambush many years ago have been increasingly vocal about this issue, and are pushing the people to outright refuse to give their crops and animals to the sergeants and supply officers. Some of them even are claiming that the Minutemen are confabulated with the white undead to the north and force the commoners to give up their dead to them to be carried away and revived as slaves, while the dead Minutemen are buried as usual and left to rest in their homeland.
That, along with this new cult could become problematic unless dealt with.
>The 1 drags down the action for more farms in Coinam (Rebellious). Remaining spores prevent agricultural developments next turn.
>No Minutemen were recruited this turn due to the crisis. Actions need to be taken to prevent the deepening of this rift and to ensure that the peasantry returns to their duties. Conciliatory actions will be easier to resolve.
>Meanwhile the crisis lasts, reduce actions by 1.
30/36 Population needed for more actions. Actions this turn: 2
>Divine Mountain
The merchants bid is a success, and they are granted permission to advertise (shamelessly) the salt as miraculous. No one is really sure about it, but the taste alone of it greatly enhances foods so no one really cares. With the marketing on point, now salt will be truly treated as a luxury.
Back at Mt. Kurama, an academy is built to boost the military capacities of our people. The protection of the goddess is clear and powerful, but what if the enemies of the goddess are beyond her reach? It is thus imperative that the military have a place to train and come up with new strategies to prepare for the future battles.
During this season scouts are sent in many directions. The scouts sent to the eastern desert are warned by the goddess to not do so, as “Death lies in that place”. The scouts can only agree and decide to instead turn their efforts to scouting the opposite direction. After a long mountain journey, the lands of the marsupials are found and some contact is made. These flightless and relatively small creatures pose low threat to us, but their society is advanced and could be more or less compared with the Kobolds. They didn't have much interest in foreigners, and after some quick meetings the Daitengus and voluntary Valeri moved to the north to keep exploring. The horrors of war were the first thing that could be seen, as a large city was being torched when they arrived. Creatures that looked like fish but walking on land could be seen with bigger and purpler beings, the same that the Cletians used to trade with and that sometimes came to Mt. Kurama showing their wares, and they were massacring other fishes. Probably a civil war of sorts, the scouts decided that it was dangerous to appear out of nowhere and the natives looked too strong to be faced, so they instead did some quick flights around the area for a couple of days and marked the location of what seemed to be quickly becoming a military encampment.
>Fishmen (Ajax) met. Diplo contact can be established with actions.
>Marsupialian Empire met, can now diplo freely with that player.
>Don’t go to the desert, for the goddess forbids it.
44.16 Population. Max number of actions from population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
Rolled 4 (1d4)

University roll should be back up now
As the Dwarven council became increasingly worried they would prepare another group of dwarves to settle an area around the falt topped mountain [volcano]

As the brilliant engineer in Virn Dural continued his project more resources and support would be given to the young lad as his supporters were busy gathering the support needed to get official support from the council.

As the smiths celebrated the opening of the new and vastly improved Foundry they would start work on a new golem named ezekiel mcshekelstein
Rolled 1, 3, 20 = 24 (3d20)

Rolled 16, 17, 5 = 38 (3d20)

Before any other reforms can be made, a solid chain of command must be created in order to assure a smooth transition.
>Reform Hierarchy
The new times have been pretty good so far but nothing really exciting has happened. That was until one Skeleton decided to take it upon himself to cure the boredom of the Skeletons. He created the idea of a ‘card game.’ Nobody knew what a card was but he said it was just a really small clay tablet. Just enough for a bit of text and a cool picture. The game itself was about collecting different cards in order to create a strong deck (64 cards) so that you can battle another person. Many different rarities are made with lots of cosmetic items to show their worth (silver trims, finer clay, gems, etc) with many cards being made in the honour of note worthy skeletons. Some were even created of our allies but that part was hidden in case they didn’t like it.
>Create Skeleton Yu-Gi-Oh (auto success)
Failure is not an option, never should be and never will be under Amenope. Of course she is still plagued by this stuff but she comes up with a brilliant solution. You know how the artisans and people at the university are the smartest Skeletons? What happens if after a certain time those Skeletons learnt all they wanted and could go to the different parts of Skeleton Society and become advisors? Seems like a good plan to her and Kabir.
>Create Scholars (+3 from luxury)
With Trade comes supply and demand. New friends pop up and old friends must be satisfied with the Skeleton experience and thus Amenope gives the orders to start the expansion of the production facilities.
>Upgrade Sculptures (+3 from luxury, +2 from guild, +1 from brick)
>Upgrade Glass Furnaces (+3 from luxury, +2 from guild, +1 from brick)
Rolled 8, 19, 3 = 30 (3d20)


Naturally, the people of the Tribul Aripii Daur, and their current leader Serghei, are quite faithful. However, as of late, there have been a number of issues relating to this faith. That being the concerns the Shamans have had recently relating to the skeletons of the deserts. The reason for this is swiftly believed to be that there were far too many who were offering themselves to serve Spirit. And as such, if this was allowed to continue for too long, the tribe would fall and become slaves of body, fail to properly serve spirit, and rot into nothing. As such, by Serghei's command, only the most faithful to the divinity of Spirit would be allowed to offer their efforts in work for the future, and their worthiness would be determined by Shamans of Spirit, who would specifically question them, learn of them, and judge them as worthy or not. The requirements are fairly strict, but that was fitting, for only the most pure of faith should be able to serve so they would not be corrupted.

The other major issue that the tribe faced was that of food. While trapping certainly helped, it wasn't enough, and a final push was needed in order to properly manage the hunters and better devise ways of hunting. As such, a method of dividing the lands into varying hunting grounds, and assigning varying members to these hunting grounds would be utilized. This way an area that was potentially suffering from overhunting could be given time to recover, while an area full of beasts and critters would be able to be focused on. With this, much more effective hunts would be allowed to take place, and area's would not succumb to overhunting, along with the obvious benefit of places rich with game able to be prioritized. It was simple management, really. But that was all that really was needed to push the hunters into tip top shape.

However there was a source of food that wasn't really targeted for some time. That of the sea and river. Fish. While some of the older members who could hunt no longer, along with the youngest, would occasionally catch fish, this wasn't much of a priority, and the majority of their efforts were dedicated to traps instead. However, with a growing need for food, and there being more than enough trappers, it was found swiftly to be more effective to work upon efforts to harvest from the rivers and seas. Of course, efforts at first would be fairly simple, but the toolmakers could work on things that would aid hunting in the water, fishing, provided that they were given enough time to come up with idea's. For now, efforts would mainly be focused on the river and the coast, but in the future, perhaps the open ocean can become a new hunting ground.

>Action One. Ensure only the worthy are granted eternal service to Spirit. (+1)

>Action Two. Expand our hunting one final time. (+4)

>Action Three. Work on a fishing hut. We have a river and access to the sea, it would be wise to use such (+1)
Corrected turn of Divine Mountain
>Salt will now be treated as a luxury and it’s extracted on the basic mine at Miriso
>With better training and less responsibilities due to the influence of the Cletians, the Daitengu Javelins can now be up to ½ of the population.
>Daitengu Javelins and Koutengu troops will see their stats increased slightly, and will now be recruited at least at recruit (-1) rank.
>Fishmen met. Diplo contact can now diplo freely with that player but any trade routes could be intercepted by Ajax (increases difficulty)
>Marsupialian Empire met, can now diplo freely with that player.
>Don’t go to the desert, for the goddess forbids it.
44.16 Population. Max number of actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
File: War Banner.png (3 KB, 250x375)
3 KB
>recruit Dropbears
The seemingly short time of peaces has ended. It is once again time to recruit our best man to fill the military ranks, which were ripped apart the last time we fought and won.
>build scout towers along the coast
To avert any secret naval invasion, we should establish a system of towers that notice us any invasion, before they are able to reach one of our cities
>settle in the north
While our realm is facing dangerous times, we also must celebrate the newly found unification (while also giving us the advantage of having a continuous coast) by creating a new city in the wild north. The new town shall be a truly Marsupialian city, housing all our different people in one city. For this we will name the new city Marsupialing.
>build a recruitment center (in Dropbearton)
We need more soldiers than we have ever had before. For this we will create a center to centralize the recruitment in one place, which will allow us to have a better overview about recruitment and increase the efficiency of it.
>build the fort near the river mouth
Now that we have destroyed the green pig’s fort, we can erect our own to control the entrance to the lake.

>>The mausoleum grants good success (~13) in all actions next turn.
>>As long as the spices luxury is available get +1 to rolls.
Rolled 2 (1d3)


> 1d3 roll for university roll to see if academia reveals any new developments

The Governor of Alabama first hearing the news directly from the scouts and then over and over again from the musicians music of Confusion Mountain. Knowing the failed attempts in scouting the south and only Confusion Mountain being found, a new choice has to be made with the little information available to keep his state safe. He rallies the White Kobolds of Birmingham to keep their southern border safe from confusion.
A fort will be constructed 5 km west of Confusion Mountain so we can keep an eye on it and any peril to the south.

The Governor of Birmingham picks out leaders from the rallied Kobolds and going on to investigate further for more Kobolds of repute within the state. He mulls over the developments of Atlanta's legislature government and how it has helped them curb some barriers to the betterment of their state and the usefulness of these other Alabamian Kobolds, who seem respected amongst their peers. He sets into motion creating a state government.
105 CongressKobolds will be elected to represent 105 districts that Alabama will be divided up into based upon population and 35 senators to represent 35 counties that Alabama will be divided up into based upon population.
CongressKobolds will present new legislature and vote upon it passing it to the senate, who will vote upon it or send it back to congress with suggested amendments.
Rolled 14, 16, 13, 9 = 52 (4d20)

>Ku Kobold Continued

(and shit Governor of Birmingham and Alabama are the same kobold in previous two fluff action desciptions)

Messages are sent between the Three Governors during this generation. It is discussed that the cranes using the iron chains are immensely useful. Iron must hold more secrets, yet we have no obvious way to increase our supply. All three states concur to send Kobolds to look for any and all iron deposits within or slightly near the States of Ku Kobold Klan influence. We must procure more of this heavy metal.

Richmond has grown to its largest population size.
The Governor of Kentucky requests the use of the cranes again to upgrade the small hamlet of Richmond into a village, so that no White Kobold must sleep in the cold.

> Build Fort 5 km west of Confusion Mouintain
(+2 from musical instrument and wine luxury

>Develop state government at Alabama (Birmingham settlement)

(+2 from musical instrument and wine luxury

>Search for iron deposit anywhere in or slightly near the States of Ku Kobold Klan influence
(+2 from musical instrument and wine luxury

> Upgrade Richmond into Village
(+3 from musical instrument and wine luxury and terraformer bonus

fuck i meant to do the state government in dwarvish runes as i said was commonplace in my previous action
Rolled 6, 4, 5, 17 + 3 = 35 (4d20 + 3)

Non actions
>Fishmen Interceptors get +2 Fire +1 Shock
>Name New setllement Kirill
>Continue attempts at making rebellion in Ajaxes lands
As we cannot make sure that the spies were killed or not, we must attempt once more to infiltrate his ranks and create rebellion. We shall use propaganda targeting the fact that he has a squid for a wife.
>Recruit Interceptors
As a recent development has led to our Interceptors being more strong, we shall make more of them to take advantage
>Begin a migration of refugees to Kirill
The refugee camps around and in Hawaii are dangerous to our defense, as a massacre can easily commence. We shall move the refugees to Kirill, which is less populated.
>Build up defenses in Hawaii even more (+3)
The strength of Hawaii is high, but it could certainly be higher. We shall make more defenses against Ajax, truly realizing the dream of the "city in a castle".
Rolled 11, 15, 18, 3, 1 = 48 (5d20)

the council was on full war preparation mode, the tengu elders discussed the main problem in the divine mountain. the lack of soldiers. they proposed to start mobilizing armies from Mt Kurama and Mt. Miriso immediately. and the second discussion is about making a weapon forge in Mt Kurama so the tengu can upgrade their weapon...

1. Build a weapon forge in Mt. Kurama
2. recruit daitengu and koutengu soldiers in Mt. Miriso
3. recruit daitengu and koutengu soldiers in Mt. Kurama
4. develop the salt mines in Mt. miriso
5. buy slaves for najin trade deals

+1 to all rolls from luxury
Oh FUCK disregard the last roll i just remembered you dont need to for the action to buy slaves
*You dont need to roll for the action to buy slaves
Rolled 2 (1d2)

Cletian priest (formerly scholar) roll
Rolled 16, 17, 8, 13, 11, 1 = 66 (6d20)

The Royal Family celebrates the marriage between Prince Saigo Kiryuin and Princess Yumiko Minamoto, signaling an intensified interest in affairs on the continent as trade increases between multiple nations and the isles.
In the aftermath of the rebellion the city of Oshabi is renamed to Edo and all mention of the disgraced clan is erased. The Oshabi loyalists are rooted out and put to the sword, or are ritually drowned in Edo Bay. The breaking of the monopoly allows for independent merchants to make claims into the long-held industries of the Oshabi Clan and the wealth the Clan had accumulated is given as gifts to the Imperial loyalist clans during the weeding ceremony which takes place in Edo with a larger reception in Kattin.

1. Edo Sulphur Mine +7
Investment from the Minamoto proves crucial in the development of mines to pull sulphur from the hot springs near the city, although no one is entirely sure what the secretive clan wants with smelly rock.

2. Naval Recruitment +4 [4 Warships, 2 Bune]
Shipyards around the bakufu are instructed to build warships as trade ramps up and ships need to be applied to convoys.

3. Upgrade Sakai +4
As the village's importance to the bakufu increases along with commercial traffic investment into the city structure is made. Imperial support comes as the dowry.

4. Expand Edo Iron mine +7
Free from the grip of the disgraced Oshabi, the iron mines of Edo begin to attract investment from various merchants looking to get in on the valuable metals business.

5. Sulphur Prospecting
Prospectors are sent to scour the land for new sources.

6. Iron Prospecting
Prospectors are sent to scour the land for new sources.
Rolled 19, 5, 9, 20 = 53 (4d20)

>Action 1: Proclaim Sir Henzen a saint (+2 Luxuries)
We have driven out these monsters but at what price. We have lost our leader Sir Henzen. We must pay respect to his death and we have decided to make him a saint for all his deeds.

>Action 2: Develop Ship building (+2 Luxuries)
We depend a long time on the Najin to connect our holy settlement with our mainland and to stop annoy them, we will develope our own ships which will be round and looking like potatoe.

>Action 3: Builds an irrigation system in Limerick 2 (+2 Luxuries , +2 Farm in the City)
We need to start taking care of Limerick 2 and modernise the fields.

>Action 4: Sending priests to all corners of the earth to spread our religion (+2 Luxuries)
The potato on which we live is so big and there are certainly many peoples. And certainly these peoples are uncivilised and uneducated, so we have to send our priests to spread our religion and to convert them to become more civilised.
Rolled 2 (1d4)

Special Roll
Rolled 12, 7 = 19 (2d20)

> initiate diplomatic discussions with the rebels
How... how could this happen? How could we stoop so low as to fight our own kind, brother turned against brother, spear stabbing at spear, the minutemen afraid to join the army?
No. This is not what Luthn is, this is not who we are, not now, not tomorrow, not never.
Brothers, sisters, elders and younglings, see this simple truth: this world is not ours, not yet. It’s nature and inhabitants fear us or hate us and it has been proven that nothing is ever going to be easy for our people.
The solution is simple: sticking together. We must cooperate, we must not have conflict, have rebellions, stab at eachother while our enemies laugh behind our backs at how weak and foolish we are becoming. What are we even squabbling for? Food? Our hunting grounds are vast and could be even larger if we wished them to be so! Weapons? There are spears for everyone at the hunting shack, why squabble over who gets which spear! Strength? Strength is only possible if everyone strives for our nation to be stronger, if our chieftains and our people work together for a better future for all.

End this foolishness, and let us speak the talk of wise men, and meet in peace like the brother and sisters in arms we have always been.

> improve our citizen’s education
It is clear: our tribesmen are not smart enough to understand what is best for them, so they need to learn.
Each and every family shall from now on be required to teach every skill they know to their children, and veteran warriors and hunters shall explain their village’s young how to best hunt and fight and live in this world.
For the glory of Luthn
Rolled 14, 9, 15, 5, 8 = 51 (5d20)

>Expand Sea's Maw into City (+3)

>Explore the east by the coastal area/sea (Gonna stop using the mixed directions because that's just confusing) (+1)
We've explored the west some epochs ago and recently we've been hearing rumors from the merchants who come to our ports of races that might be lurking on the unexplored side, so that's our cue to investigate it.

>Expand wheat farms at Sea's Maw (+5)

>Construct an outpost to the mountains east of Goblin's End (+1)

> Construct an University to specialize teaching (+1)
We've made breakthroughs in maths, architecture, agronomy and engineering so it's time we've made an institution to better teach the more learned of our society and increase the sharing of knowledge.
are you still accepting new players? is there a new discord link?
https://discord.gg/dwASk7ng here my friend join it
The contract is made with the mercenaries and the rebellion is put down by blood: the merchants are killed with precision, even elegance. With this, the contract is fulfilled and Oshabi, now Edo, returns to imperial control but not without some concessions of course. The retreat of the remaining squid merchants and their investments from these lands, along with the blockade that the city suffered for many years and the escape of some of the wealthy and poor alike meant that large portions of the city are now abandoned to the wilds. With the city again under control, the small amount of riches that are still around and weren’t taken by the mercenaries during their contract are distributed to the rest of the clans and a plan is set in motion to revitalize the settlement. One of the first investments is the plan to start extracting the sulphur near the hot springs, given in concession to the Miyamoto. The other is to expand the iron mines in the area, but as time would progress it would grow increasingly harder to find more iron veins, for all the surface ores were exploited during the Oshabi period and now they run increasingly deep, out of the reach of the current techniques.
Back at Kattin, the imperial crown no longer is shaken by the unrest provoked by the oshabi, and all the reforms that were in standby during this process of instability are swiftly passed and implemented: The introduction of new coins help with internal trade and development of commodities, the central tax collection mediated by the trusted officials and the societal reforms.
With the restoration of trade also comes the need to guard the sea routes and the recent discovery of advanced civilizations of which their full capabilities are unknown the need to build more ships is evident. For this, an empire-wide construction campaign is started with great results.
In the continent, Sakai has grown increasingly important as the gateway to the continent and a stop between the isles and the lands of the east. To allow for the healthy growth of this trade center, investments are made and the expansion works are started without any setbacks. The discovery of new resources, like sulphur around Sakai also boosts the interest on this piece of land.
>Restoration of trade means that Nagoya’s clothes can now be used
>Reorganization of bureaucracy to improve taxes collection and currency reform brings great prosperity: One development is upgraded in each settlement.
>Oshabi renamed to Edo. The settlement level is reduced to lvl. 3.
>Prospection roll discovers sulphur near Sakai.
>Sakai is upgraded to lvl 2.5, keep upgrading to finish updating.
>5 Ships built: 4 Warships and 1 Bune
>Currency is interesting for the mercenaries. The next action used to trade with the squidmen will grant freely a mercenary company for 3 turns (4 units).
82+4 Population. Max number of actions from population reached. Actions this turn: 5
>Tomb Kings
The hierarchy of the church is the first thing to reform. This way, the priests will know their limits and what is expected of them instead of juggling their responsibilities and rights. With this out of the way, the priests can now intercede in the development of the tribe more effectively ensuring they do their best towards success.
The battle cards are created, and they’re instantly a great success in the skeleton society with many turning to collecting the drawings and trading with other skeles. The cards are small and portable, and can really brighten up those dead moments where there’s nothing to do. However, the first edition of these cards is really small, with barely any cards different from each other and many believe that the skele who did them was actually someone that was denied from entering the sculpting guild and did them out of pure boredom. This has inspired a generation of amateur card-makers that make their own drawings based on whatever they could find, and some of these fan made cards like “Settra’s Scepter” are of an exquisite artistic value and really scarce, so their value is quite high. For now, the cards are only interesting to a small portion of the population but if their artistic value is improved, maybe everyone will enjoy them?
Back with more serious matters, Khepri has seen a resurgence in the importance of the university and intellectual thought, with many skeletons joining the ranks of the university and thus increasing the capabilities of our people to discover things around them. Together with the large enthusiasm that our people have shown for the university and the scholars will help bring research and science to new levels.
To help boost trade, the luxury resources production is increased and along with it new production methods on jewelry discovered by our scientists at the university.
>All luxury resource developments upgraded
>Can now roll two dices for the university roll, and it’s a d3 instead of d4.
>Keep upgrading the cards to create a luxury resource.
33.6/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
>Three Tribes
Provoking some unrest in these who wanted eternal life, the resolution to allow for only these deemed worthy to serve spirit for eternity is passed. With this, only these worthy are allowed to go there and with their light the malevolence aura is reduced, but also the number of people that is sent to be immortalized is reduced.
As it was expected, one final push was needed to make our hunters the most efficient in the world. With the amounts of meat, furs and materials reaching the settlement being never higher than now, our people can take pride in that our hunters are the best in the world. With the land animals completely dominated by our hunters, some of them now turn to the next level: aquatic animals. Small fishing huts are built along the river and the coast, and soon new and weird animals are reaching the campfires to be eaten.
>The undead aura will no longer affect the shaman roll, but the amount of growth that is exported to Tomb Kings is reduced by half.
>Hunting development reaches max level.
>Proto Fishing development created at the settlement.
21.28/24 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3

>Marsupialian Empire
Peace has been short, and more troops are needed to answer to the troubling times ahead of us. For this, the elite of the army and historical liberators must be recruited: The Dropbears. But the art of the Dropbear has been somewhat lost with the peace period, and to solve this a recruitment and training center must be built. With state of the art facilities and lost of veterans, along with large compilations of Dropbear Techniques. From them, a new book is born that is destined to shape the fate of many of our warriors: The way of the Dropbear.
However, a good defense is necessary to keep the green pigs away and for this large portions of the coast near Eucalyptaria and Mitfielden are reinforced with small forts, that will not only inform when the enemy tries to invade by sea but will also become the first line of defense against them. In the wild north, the fortified settlement of Marsuapialing is created to project even further the control over the shores. Another fort, much bigger and made by our most trusted engineers and workers is built at the river mouth, on top of what used to be the Najin fort. An incredible structure, it’s built to resist frontal assaults and will be an excellent place to stage further operations in the southern lands.
>Recruitment center grants an extra base unit when recruiting in Dropbearton
>9 Dropbears at Experienced (+1) rank are recruited in Dropbearton
>Marsupialing settlement built in the north. It starts with a 40% watchpost.
>Multiple watchposts built along the shores. Each has 40% strength and a single military garrison protecting it.
83 Population. Max Number of actions reached. Actions this turn: 5
>Ku Kobold Klan
Confusion Mountain is a weird place, and probably there’s something much more suspicious happening there that we can’t seem to grasp. For safety reasons, a fort is built on the top of a hill 5km nearby, with perfect view of the mountain. If anything anomalous happens again there, our army will know about it.
The new methods of the Alabaman government soon start showing their usefulness. The extra steps ensure that no resource is wasted or used by the congress for their own advances, and the legislation and discussions allow the projects to better reflect what is needed. All in all, the Alabaman government is now much more prepared to face the challenges that governing a state poses.
The recent explosion of the Volcano in direction of the dwarves startled everyone at Richmond, but luckily the lava flow didn’t seem to come our way. Prospectors were sent to check what happened there and incredibly, almost all of the lava that was expelled from the volcano seems to have a large iron content, with portions of the melt stone intertwined with rusty pure iron bits. Maybe we can take the contents of this iron fountain before someone else comes and takes it?
With the prospectors return, great speculation is made on Richmond and with it different Kobolds arrive, and some of them started investing in the settlement. With this private investment along with some plans made by the local government, it can be said that Richmond’s infrastructure has been upgraded.
>Richmond is upgraded to settlement level 2.
>Iron is found near the volcano close to Richmond
>Alabama state will now roll a d2 instead of a d3 to get developments.
>A fort (130%) was built near Birmingham, close to confusion mountain.
>Winery is upgraded to improved due to last turn action.
67+7 Population. Max number of actions reached. Actions this turn: 4.
After the retreat of our army from New Atlantis and the subsequent destruction of the mother city of all Fishmen things have started looking bad, and with the reports that Ajax forces are just beyond the horizon have made everyone’s attention turn to the now. Under these circumstances where Ajax is at the gates, sending a couple of able-bodied fishmen to try to stir rebellion isn’t a viable choice, for everyone will be needed in the coming battle.
For the upcoming battle, the settlement must be secured and thus the existing fortifications are greatly improved, but survivors tell of dreaded weapons that Ajax used to crush the walls of New Atlantis. May these improved walls help repel the enemy.
Rumours of a return of the Goblins are also spreading around the settlement. To keep the population calmed, more interceptors are recruited from the local population with some help from the existing veteran warriors. Not only that, but they’re our best equipped units and could prove vital to help defend the settlement.
With all the ruckus in Hawaii, only a portion of the refugees could actually be organized and sent to Kirill. Many of them are already tired of the long march and the constant attacks, and the supply situation is already bad enough to actually sustain giving food for the trip to these refugees.
>Only 3 populations could be moved to Kirill.
>8 Fishmen interceptors at Experienced (+1) level recruited at Hawaii.
>No one is sent to stir rebellion
>Wall upgraded to 150% strength, ramparts upgraded to 150% strength (120% gain)
40/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
>Divine Mountain
The existing troops are sent towards the North to help the Landfish against their enemies, but more troops are needed to defend the mountain homes for the goddess can’t be left defenseless. These new troops are equipped with the newly made weapons coming from the forge at Mt. Kurama, and their exceptional quality has upgraded the combat capabilities of them.
At Mt. Miriso, upgrading the salt mines has been a headache for the marketing campaign backfired. Now the faithful have started campaigning against the extraction of this “miraculous salt” and have even forcefully removed some of the miners from opening new tunnels. It’s a troubling development for business, but maybe it could be an opportunity to use religion for the betterment of the settlement.
The priest scholars have been hard at deciphering the signs that the goddess has given to us, and tried to find the meaning of a lot of the plants that grew after her garden took shape. After much study and thinking, they desciphered the following message: Another religion is gonna prey on the faithful to the south. With this message about the future, the Scholars prepared their books, the icons and their minds to go to these southern lands and protect the faithful from this vile pagan religion.
> 2 Daitengus and 2 Koutengus are recruited at Mt. Miriso at experienced (+1) rank.
> 4 Daitengus and 4 Koutengus are recruited at Mt. Kurama at Veteran (+2) rank.
>The salt mine wasn’t upgraded, and people demand that a temple be built there. Get -4 to upgrade the mine next time.
>As a bonus action, roll a d20+5 to see the success of the missionaries sent to the south.
45 Population. Max actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
It’s true, the Luthn have many enemies abroad but still, that doesn’t justify that we ally with the kind that caused so much suffering to our people. However, the peasantry representatives are also convinced that with an inner armed conflict nothing is solved, and in the end decide to put down the revolt and return to work after some promises are made by the government. Now it’s up to the central government to increase the quality of life and ensure that the peasantry don’t feel stomped by the military focus of our tribe.
The ruling class sees that education is what our people is lacking, and thus education is prioritized but maybe not in the correct way. Now every family is required to teach their children their skills, and every hunter and warrior must also teach the others how to protect themselves. After the revolt of the peasantry, a system that forces even more responsibilities on the majority of the populace isn’t well accepted, and the hunters and military teaching self defense to the populace is seen as their minimal obligation. This didn’t solve the problem of education, but at least helped the population accept a diplomatic agreement to this conflict.
>The peasants will stop their revolt for the meantime, but the crisis can still trigger again. To solve this, the peasants demand that more food is secured and that the food developments are improved.
>Food from developments (15) must be higher than the number of units on the field (23) for the peasants to feel once again satisfied. Additionally, every settlement must have at least a basic + food development. Once both objectives are completed the crisis will stop.
>Any military-related rolls during this time can trigger a revolt (roll 1d2, on 1 revolt).
>Can still choose to stop the rebellion by force if it’s wanted.
33/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
>Tuath De
Sir Henzen has been avenged, and to further his memory he has to be canonized. In his name, may our people do their best. His life and what he did must be remembered at all costs. A special group of church delegates will be tasked with showing the world the greatness of sir Henzen, inspiring fervor in our people and strengthening their resolve against anyone who dares disrespect him or the Holy Potato. These delegates will travel far and wide, and will show everyone our great religion: by force if necessary.
After months of work, the first indigenous designs of ships are created and tasked with the route between Dublin and the holy island. Soon, they proved to be unreliable and hard to maneuver, even dangerous in large trips due to them being prone to having leaks after long distance trips. However, our pride in something made in the image of the holy potato is unbroken and we’ll simply shorten the trip from the holy island to Limerick 2 and from there to Dublin, instead of going directly to the capital.
WIth the rising importance of Limerick 2, more food is needed and thus the potato farms are increased in size, and thanks to the irrigation systems these will produce far more than could be achieved otherwise.
>The religious missionaries will travel to nearby tribes to spread our religion. Our holy warriors will get a nemesis tag against those that don’t follow our religion. NPC’s are more likely to accept it.
>Ships are shabby and can be used for internal routes. If upgraded, can start trading abroad without relying on Najin’s ships.
>Basic farm upgraded to basic + in Limerick 2.
>Get an extra action every turn that a new settlement joins your religion. This can happen once per settlement that is converted
46/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
After such preoccupation on military matters last time, it’s time to return to develop the lands of the Iluminados. During this period Sea’s Maw saw large improvements on it’s wheat producing capabilities, the foundation of the university of Sea’s Maw and also the capital of the Goblins started it’s ambitious project to expand its infrastructure and become a true city worthy of being the jewel of these lands. Now for outwards expansion plans, the lands of the east have been uncharted for long time and this cannot stand, for the goblins can’t afford to see their cities threatened by whatever could come from that direction. Exploration by sea grants information not only about the coastline, but also about a tribe of winged beings that look like lizards, and an infinite and dense rainforest further south. On the land, an outpost is built directly to the east of Sea’s Maw to control and survey whatever could come from that side, but what is found is troubling: an independent community of goblins with the military colors of these that deserted many years ago.
>University roll mechanic unlocked, using d4’s to discover anything that could be useful
>Three tribes found, can establish diplo with them
>A settlement of rogue goblins has been found to the east. Can try to negotiate with them, leave them be or crush them to prevent possibility of raids
>The wheat farm at Sea’s Maw reaches advanced level.
64.96 Population. Max number of actions reached. Actions this turn: 5.
Just as the settlers were preparing to follow the footsteps of the previous colonists to reach the Flat Mountain a large earthquake could be felt, the intensity of which was never before been felt in these lands. The settlement of Virn Dural felt the worst of it, and the earthquake started increasing in intensity as the walls collapsed, the heating system exploded and the deepest chambers started showing cracks. Adding to the general panic, from these same cracks lava started to flow, quickly flooding the settlement from which no one could escape, for the entrance had been blocked due to falling debris and boulders. After the searing heat cooked alive the remaining dwarves that hadn’t been crushed by the falling debris and destroyed anything left in the once populated halls and rooms, a bigger horror started pouring from the bowels of the earth…
Back at Thul Nildaur the new golem made in similar fashion of his brother Charlemagne, Ezekiel was just finished before the earthquake started and damaged most of the settlement. In the seismic event, the worker golem was destroyed and trapped underground along most of the miners, presumed to have been crushed or suffocated in the spot. For many Dwarves, this is the start of the apocalypse.
>The worker golem is destroyed
>The settlement of Virn Dural is destroyed, and along with it the advancements made towards steam technology. In place of survivors, something terrible emerged from the ruins instead.
>Ezekiel Mcshekelestein golem is created, mirroring the stats of Charlemagne
>The mine at Thul Nildaur is destroyed, and the Necropolis is damaged (Won’t have any effect until repaired)
>Thul Nildaur’s population is too shaken to actually work due to recent events. Won’t contribute population towards actions.
0/6 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 1.
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