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In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there is only war. Imperium of Man, once strong and proud, now is slowly crumbling, whole regions of space are lost to the horrors that lurk in the darkness of the void. Sector Deus is just one of the thousands of Imperial provinces that form the front line in the war to defend Humanity itself. Corruption from within and aggression from without threaten it. But the Emperor sends us hope. High Lords of Terra commissioned a Chapter of Adeptus Astartes, finest warriors Humanity has ever seen, to defend this region of space. They are the last line of defence that hold Age of Ruin at bay. They are the Ghosts of Retribution and this is their tale.


Chapter Chronicles and starting point for the novice initiates:

Last thread:

Battle voxcaster frequency, all allies are welcome to join:

+The greatest terror lies within.+
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Making a note of the outstanding matters.

Recruiting chaplains
>1. Azarius, one of Klementhos' former students, gifted in the ways of scholarship, but not among your strongest soldiers, follows Chapter Cult.
>2. Othor, cut and dried Space Marine, follower of the Imperial Cult and the Codex Astartes
>3. Kargon, a Death-Wisher of unbreakable will, Kronos' right hand man. One could strip him to the bone and find nothing but faith. You guess that his faith is the most true of these candidates.
>5. Erathorius, birth brother of Brethorius, a distinguished warrior of great skill in battle, but has a long-standing rivalry with him. Follows Chapter Cult.
>I'd say we go for all 4

Annual Events choices

Xyptus' protege

And the other queries here
>Proteus 34. I assume we've put him back in his Eagle? How is he since the foray into The Grave? Furthermore has there been any intel from the Grave regarding the civil war within?

>Continue observing Tartarus and use our omnipresent spy network to glean all the intel we can on the styrian presence that was around the station, ss well as the activities of D'Anger. They must have used local services, hired local people. Someone must know something about them.

>Also to see how the situation on Tartarus develops. Currently the power vacuum remains, time will tell if the Captains' Council reaches an equitable distribution or if one Captain takes clear command like Alepros did.

>What have the Iron Monks been up to lately? General intel from our 45% Ecclesiarchy Spy Network, nothing risky to acquire.

>There's a lot of fugitives on the run at the moment. Deidara, Anastasia, D'Anger, Nestus Margon, and Astelion at the least. Have all these trails gone cold? I remember that Margon was freed from Arbites custody by a group of unidentified attackers on Tachion Primaris. Any leads on tracking these attackers down? Mercenaries?

>We should also start looking more closely into Kruun. Pax Sepulchrum is patrolling the region so they should focus on the Kruun system. They can scan for months and see if they can find any promising areas to insert a scout force under the radar (don't do it yet, just search for options). Scan for orbital defences and ground assets too of course.
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You are sitting at the table, looking at the hololithic display of the Sector. So small and yet so big, this narrow edge of the Imperium. You raise the glass of amasec to your lips, allowing the taste of fine wine to burn away the sense of responsibility. The truth is, that responsibility was not your personal cross to bear, but rather that of the Chapter. You are not a hero, but a servant to an army of heroes.

By the side of the display lay four charters. Technically, these would be signed off and stamped by the High Chaplain, but as part of the old tradition, you are consulted on the appointment of new officers.

Four names, four more shepherds for this flock:

Azarius, Othor, Kargon and Erathorius.

New Chaplains of the Ghosts of Retribution. A promotion, which all of them will accept with delight, but also a sentence to carry the heaviest burden.

They will have to learn of the compromises on sometimes needs to make to protect the Imperium. Such as those you have yourself made. Such as consorting with Xenos, for example. You are still looking for exact words to break it to them and what it implies for the future. You are not exactly sure of that yourself. But that map covers a lot of stars and your men and machines are stretched thin. You will need allies, knowledge and every advantage you can get if you are to make this work...

There's a knock on the door - you know by the sound of it, that it is Brethorius, his brother is one of the new chaplains. He enters the room, as always, with a smile on his face:

>You request me Chapter Master? What are your orders?
"Ave Brother! How have you been keeping these last few years? Have you any thoughts on how we should proceed with tackling Kruun and the wider issue of scouting out and reconning the Styrians?"

Also >>4570826
He is indeed back in his Eagle form. Currently Proteus seems to be still processing what has transpired to him in the Grave. He is concerned by the question on the nature of the immaterium. You think that he would be very much interested to have a more mobile form and does not appreciate the fact that you disregarded his help and still treat him like a glorified servitor. On the other hand, he is an abomination in the eyes of the Imperium, so it is strange that he expects you to treat him otherwise.

+Event outcomes+

Epidemic Averted:
-Klementhos will use this as an opportunity to practice himself and improve his knowledge (increase his Medicae by +d10), please make a roll.

Riotcrushers: Death or Order
Public announcement that Chapter welcomes all order-loving citizens to come and settle on Varda, causes an influx of Chapter-adoring settlers!

Please select conditions:
- Let them come at their own expense [x1000]
- Fund the costs of the trip [x5000, 0.1W]
- Fund the costs of the trip and promise a land grant [x50.000, 1W]
-Fund the costs of the trip, land grant and a settlers stipend [x100.000, 2W]

Roll d100, multiply influx.
Rolled 4 (1d10)

>increase his Medicae by +d10

>- Fund the costs of the trip and promise a land grant [x50.000, 1W]
Vote for this myself.
Brehorius takes a seat at your table and also pours himself a glass of amasec. While you are his superior, your working relationship allows you much more freedom between you two than it would be customary.

> You know my opinion, old friend. We are long overdue to strike at the heart of the enemy. We have been looking at Kruun for quite a long time and we know their defences. They have no chances to hold it, if we put our mind to it. On the other hand I do believe that we should not strike until we are ready to launch an attack on their main territory immediately afterwards and make use of the surprise. Do you think it is time? Or do you want me to take Kruun and then watch their reaction, hoping to provoke Styrians into something stupid?

He downs the glass in one shot, clearly failing to appreciate the drink.

> Either way, we are going to destroy them.
>- Fund the costs of the trip and promise a land grant [x50.000, 1W]
Sounds fine.
>does not appreciate the fact that you disregarded his help and still treat him like a glorified servitor
We did launch a daring raid into the grave itself to rescue him ._.
What kind of things does Proteus want to do? Study things? Study the immaterium? We can provide sanctioned information texts?

"Wise words friend. I think we would be wise to begin positioning our forces for a rapid strike on Kruun itself at a time when the other military institutions can give us their full support immediately afterwards. In the meantime we need to look into cutting off any potential supply and reinforcement routes. Your thoughts?"
Rolled 6 (1d100)

>- Fund the costs of the trip and promise a land grant [x50.000, 1W]
There seems to be no revolt in chat against that.
i think kruun would serve as an interesting option to test their ground forces

in the meantime i kinda want to go against the remains of their fleet, seperate their planets, limit their economy, maybe even seperate the homeplanets
Your generous offer summons a total of 300,000 Templan citizens choosing to move and settle on Varda at the expense of just 6W. Most of them are model citizens, attracted either by their piety and appreciation of the Adeptus Astartes (potentially even hoping that their offspring will have a chance to attempt to join the Chapter) or some more pragmatical ones are seduced by the offer of land a chance to improve their lot in live.

[Population +0.3 million]

Settling choice:
a) Settle them in a roughly same area (Will result in creation of a new city - give it a name)
b) Distribute them across the planet

>Kruun is the most well known of all Styrian planets, as it was once ours. We think that they expect us to try to take it back, so every year we delay, they dig in deeper. As most of the Kruun's population were convicts, it is very likely, that they prefer their status under Triarchy and will fight to support them. Reinforcements and supply would have to come off-planet, Kruun itself doesn't have much production capability. We could maybe even try to starve them out - but planetary sieges are a complicated business, could take decades to centuriesm unless they surrender. The thing that worries me most is their nuclear warheads. They might be able to destroy any concentrated troop formations if they manage to deliver them close enough. Alternatively, we could leave Kruun alone, they expect us to strike there... So we could instead bypass it. It's their beachhead on our side of the table, but otherwise it doesn't have any significant input to their war effort.
>b) Distribute them across the planet
My vote. They're knowledgeable merchants and traders with skills that would be useful more widely distributed amongst the populace.

>So we could instead bypass it. It's their beachhead on our side of the table, but otherwise it doesn't have any significant input to their war effort
That's an interesting idea. They will expect us to attack Kruun first so it might shock them if we go straight for Subsector Mortis. On the other hand as >>4570916 said it may be valuable to get an idea of Styrian units and tactics from Kruun. When the 4th company was engaged during the original rebellion did they encounter any esoteric styrian units? By my count most of Kruun's population should probably be offspring of former prisoners by now so theoretically they wouldn't have to be convicts under imperial rule. Would this increase the chance that they'd surrender if given the option?
>[Population +0.3 million]
>Settling choice:
>a) Settle them in a roughly same area (Will result in creation of a new city - give it a name)
>b) Distribute them across the planet
can we do 50/50 to inject the local population with a bit of faith in us, while at the same time create a continuous source of reliable men and women.

might also help integration into varda atlarge
>b) Distribute them across the planet
Gotta distribute if you want them to assimilate, otherwise they'll create their own subculture.
+Preparation for the Crusade+
As it has been already outlined, the Styrian Crusade is planned for 375.M41. You have 6 years left to prepare. Please list what following actions do you plan to undertake during this coming period.

You have 12 Narrative Time points. You can distribute them as you wish among your actions.

These can be agreed either by consensus, or each player individually may spend 2 points. If there are any left over afterwards, you can discuss in the chat.

Narrative actions:
Minor action [0 points] = Random result (will require a d100% roll, as per skill) (unlimited number)
Major action [1 point] = Success on a roll of under 80 (roll d100)
Core action [2 points] = Will result in a success
Heroic action [3 points] = Will result in a critical success

Next session we will start the crusade, so it is important to get everything ready to what you might need.
>Continue observing Tartarus
This would be a good action for narrative time, either 0 or 1 point.

>Also to see how the situation on Tartarus develops.

If you are not intruding, you can make a roll:
1-3. Tartarus descends into an ungovernable hellhole - no one can reasonably fill the power vacuum and the station starts dying a slow death
4-5. An ambitious captain comes forward and takes the helm as an authoritarian ruler
6-7. Captain Council reforms under a new leadership
8-9. One of the major factions in Deus moves into the power vacuum
10. External actor moves in...

Roll d10.

>What have the Iron Monks been up to lately? General intel from our 45% Ecclesiarchy Spy Network, nothing risky to acquire.

Iron Morks have been solidifying their power base, but no actions towards or against the Chapter. However your influence could allow you to take a minor narrative action to direct them towards some positive goals.

>There's a lot of fugitives on the run at the moment. Deidara, Anastasia, D'Anger, Nestus Margon, and Astelion at the least. Have all these trails gone cold?

All of the leads are cold as of right now. However Punisher squad, especially if given a ship, could do miracles. Minor or Major narrative action.
Rolled 4 (1d10)

>Roll d10.
File: Marines Assemble.jpg (182 KB, 1024x640)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
That's quite heavy. I'm going to list off my own thoughts, not making any final choices here just presenting my idea.

Heroic actions
>Extensive recon operation on Subsector Mortis' warp lanes and space traffic. Our astartes pattern escorts are incredibly fast. Perfect for the job. Want to know about the Styrians' shipping lanes, the patterns of their naval patrols and the rough strength of their planets' orbital defences, the best knowledge possible for naval efforts

Core actions
>Punisher Squad finding D'anger and making peace so she joins our side so she can feed us Styrian intel and act as a double agent
>Encouraging Drakkon Ursus to pledge regiments from Athena Prime to the Crusade effort.
>Inspiring the Black Templars / Raven Guard / Imperial Fists / Ultramarines to pledge forces to the Crusade

Major actions
>Use our spy network in Tartarus to try and ensure the power remains somewhat balanced within the captains' council. Don't want any one entity gaining control over the whole thing otherwise it can be used against us.
>Acquire the necessary dummy material and other arrangements for Operation Flyfish (see below)
>*One more? Open slot*

Minor actions
>Punisher Squad finding Nestus Margon and Astelion or learning their whereabouts. And learning at least the whereabouts of Deidara and Anastasia (I'm assuming they're probably around military forces too much for one of our frigate squadrons to handle). These are just conventional investigations so don't pursue any avenue too dangerous.
>Try and satisfy Proteus 34's curiosity in a safe and measured manner. Give him a form suitable for studying sanctioned texts and basic data.
>Attempt to get reinforcements for crusade from tertiary sources, eg Knight Houses of Fyphe and privately commanded forces
>Invest 100w to get Environmental Infrastructure 1 on Varda
>Construct 3x Predator Destruction and 3x Predator Annihilators, all for 130w.
>Improving rapport with eldar associates....
>Any others? Anything to do? All suggestions good.

=Operation Flyfish=
Basic idea for the opening assault of the Crusade against Kruun. Send lots of unmanned dummy pods and landers to heavily clustered (and therefore supposedly well-defended) landing zones. Deploying to a concentrated and highly armed landing zone is what we did on Triot so the Styrians should believe it's our genuine landing strategy on Kruun as well (assuming they learned about the Triot Campaign at all).

Hoping to bait the Styrians into blowing their atomics on the dummy landing zones. Meanwhile the actual assault force deploys in a large dispersal pattern into the ocean itself. From there they identify any missile launch sites and converge appropriately, our marine force taking out critical strongholds. It's an ice planet so maybe they can even launch assaults from beneath if the enemy strongholds are built upon ice sheets.
Meanwhile over the period there will be the following events:

XXX.M41 = Alderon Belladon will report the results of his research into the Styrian Triarchy upon the launch of crusade against Subsector Mortis (Roll here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/2788556/#p2788938 ).
370.M41 = Three Nova-Class Frigates will be delivered to the Chapter (+3% heresy already applied). The lead ship is installed with: (Matrix Cogitator - Ship component. Suspected to enhance targeting.)
370.M41 = Tribute to the Chapter from the Merchant League. 100w variable.
370.M41 = Krion's mutations end.
370.M41 = 3 Librarian Aspirants and 10 Techmarines will complete their training
371.M41 = Artificer Tiberius will finish with his renovations and upgrades to his five armour relics.
372.M41 = The Tau captured during the Mergidos Raid - led by Shas'Ui Coran - will finish constructing their comms relay on Kratau.

So we need to check in with Alderon, Krion, and the Tau to see what's what. And see the effect of that targeting matrix.
>try to find out how chaos-infused their religion is/is it possible to get the common styrians back into imperial fold or are they all to be cleansed?

>It is not too clear, but after the examination by Librarians and priests, their faith is classified as Hereticus Minoris Specia, meaning that it is clearly heretical (Twin God has no relation to the God-Emperor), however it does not explicitly worship either Chaos or any of its known aspects. Some aspects of the theology not available to prisoners taken by you though might still change this assessment. Especially troubling would be their view that the concept of the Great Ocean in their cosmology, which is roughly equivalent to the warp-space in reality. While they do not worship it, but rather just acknowledge its existence, it is too unorthodox for mainstream Imperial beliefs.

Is there any interest in trying to get the Adeptus Astra Telepathica to bring their services and obligations to the sector? I believe they could do well with finding something the portions of the population that aren’t able to fully integrate into the imperial cult or whatever form of bastardized and integrated local religion the Eccliasrchy proposes. I believe the potential benefits of having an organization dedicated to the maintenance and successful development of the Psyker population as well as increasing the tithe of adepts bound for Terra thusly providing greater worth to the imperium on the whole. Any thoughts? As to what we could offer them If my reading of any of the black library books or RPGs tell me anything is that some planets might have spots that are just naturally suited to constructing the facilities that serve the needs of Psykers. Enhancing their gifts or suppressing their curses. We could specifically try to find one of these sites to offer as a base of operations in the sector to draw them in. While the imperium is always looking for more Psykers for the black ships they also have a cost associated with this I believe if we can alleviate that enough we can bring them to the sector as well as ingratiating ourselves to them. A crazy side idea is we can if the Iron Monks have any interest in the learning experience of working with the Telepathica to construct the site possibly lowering the cost depending on their interest

We be nice to reduce the efforts of intergration as well as being some nice benefits to the chapter and sector. Warp specialist are hella rare and useful
Lyk will be out of commission until between the 19th and 22nd if everything goes will. Will try to phone post in the meantime.
>>Try and satisfy Proteus 34's curiosity in a safe and measured manner. Give him a form suitable for studying sanctioned texts and basic data
I don't trust the Triarchy no matter what our spies say, they smell Daemony. So I'd spend one of my narrative points to get Proteus and Hull to get together and study up on exorcisms/daemonology (not the warlock kind that let's you summon a bloodthirster, but the kind used against daemons).
Since Hull already knows of Proteus' secret, nearly gave his life (and fully half of his squad) bricking people to save him and already has some aptitude in the field of exorcisms I'm sure they'll become fast friends. Proteus can handle the theoretical, Hull takes care of the practical half. Should be a satisfying mental challenge for Proteus too since it's not one of his usual fields and show him that we trust him enough to let him dabble in more interesting stuff (under supervision, I guess). It'll also give the squad some downtime to recuperate and train the replacements which should probably arrive some time before the crusade.

Gonna throw my other point into the D'Anger mission if I can, since that one might need a larger investment that requires more than one player, if somebody else is up for it.
If nobody wants to do that we can always be heroes somewhere else.
>I believe the potential benefits of having an organization dedicated to the maintenance and successful development of the Psyker population
Speaking of that and for future reference, what does it take to get a sanctioned psyker academy running?
I mean, we don't have to go full Hogwarts, but having a place where young witches can be sent to before they burn down their village might be useful. Less rogue psykers = more sector stability.
Might be way too expensive to take care of on our own of course, though. So we may have to talk about it with our boy in charge of the sector.
Actually I guess it's our man now, we're getting old.
So... why have we never sent any librarian to train there?
Well our Librarius is supposed to do the same thing.

Young psykers are taken up by the blackships and screened. Before going to the Adeptus Astra Telepathica (based in Recludius here) for training and sanctioning.

When we 'recruit' Librarians we're often getting a pick of those young detected psykers that have *also* shown potential for marine augmentation. In most cases they are then trained by our own Librarius and senior Librarians instead of on Recludius (where all the non-marine psykers get trained), while also being augmented into a space marine.

One example of a different process though is Librarian Eudoras, who was most of the way through his regular psyker training on Recludius when we recruited him directly because he had potential for marine augmentation.

Generally in-lore a Chapter Librarius should offer a much better and combat-oriented psychic education than the Adeptus Astra Telepathica does, since the training is built around the extreme mental fortitude that comes with being a space marine. Our standard Librarians should be well above the capabilities of an average Imperial psyker (remember that baseline Imperial Battle/Primaris psykers are considered very powerful by psyker standards and our Librarians should be at least equal to those - in addition to having marine augmentations).

Having said that, it may be *possible* that Recludius can offer more advanced training than our own Librarius. It's something that would need to be determined by skargan.
Major Action suggestion:
>Begin minor raids and piracy operations around Styrian space. We can beginning whittling down their forces and try up their resources in another part of their space, focusing their attention and efforts away from our mission.

Minor action suggestion:
>Try and gain the support and favor of the new ruler of Tartarus. It doesn't hurt to try and make sure our interests there are well regarded and protected.

Do we have a Psyker holding pen? A prison that suppresses their abilities for those unwilling to submit themselves to the Emperors' rule? They may help the Imperium yet, with Terra's tithe of Psyker blood and sacrifice.
Rolled 38 (1d100)

>>Begin minor raids and piracy operations around Styrian space. We can beginning whittling down their forces and try up their resources in another part of their space, focusing their attention and efforts away from our mission.
Sounds very cool.
Also ignore roll, just saving rolling option in my browser.
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