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>Okay, just let me check here...

>It's not rocket science, 'Zumi. You make sure the camera's pointing the right way, you make sure the feed's going out, you press the button. Easy!

>I know, I know, I'm just making sure...right, then. I think we're rolling. Well then, Lorelei, if you'd be so kind as to do the honors?

>I thought Miranda would be the one to handle all the introduction stuff since she's the leader?

>Yeah, I mean, it makes sense, but you've got more 'stage presence' than me. I don't mind sitting back.

>Fine, sure, we're on air anyways. OKAY! Hello out there to all of you lovely peoples in...wherever! This is Silver Eye Solutions, hosting an on-air Q&A for all of your Outgoer questions to be answered! By us!

>Not EVERY question. Some things are classified.

>Party pooper. Fine, MOST things. Anywho, you can ask us anything you like! We'll be nice and try to answer as best we can, even if it's uncomfortable. But if it is don't blame us if we decide not to for reasons, like it's super secret or something.Oh, and all of us in SES are here- roll call!

>Ey, Mono here. Sup...? Are we really talking to other people right now? Like the stones an' stuff?

>Sorta. Hey there, Owlia here!

>I am Cylica. Greetings.

>G'day to ya! 'ere's Jago, a pleasah!

>I am Prima. It's very nice to meet you! I will try to answer any questions to the best of my abilities!

>Aha, hello dears! I'm Nura, rather new, really...my, my. Fascinating, this...

>Right, then. That's introductions! Alright, questions! Let's have 'em!

(Specify who you want to ask, of course.)
(Also, this is obviously non-linear, they aren't doing this mid-mission. Just a nice 'Hey we made it to 100 threads!' thing.)
Have any of you ever tried fancy "alien" cuisines in the eatery district, foodstuffs that you are not familiar with or aren't present in your home plane?
What does Lori think of Mono's singing/dancing skill?
And something else.
>Trio again
Have you ever seen each other in traditional magical girl costumes?
How well does Miranda look in a frilly getup?
>Miranda: "Once or twice. It usually ends up being slimy or way too crispy. One thing I distinctly recall was one time I ended up visiting this new restaurant that had opened up a few years back, before we started expanding. I got something that was translated to 'Mad Rat Stew'. Wasn't rats, though, just the closest thing. They insisted it was healthy. I ended up with a stomachache. And hallucinations. And swearing to never go there again.

>Izumi: I've generally not bothered, to be honest. I DID try something that was told to be similar to Takoyaki once. Some type of alien squid or the sort. It was...passable.

>Lorelei: Yeah, every now and again I hit up the uber-weird places. S'kinda funny, 'cause HOW stuff gets cooked all ends up similar. Like, frying, stewing, that kinda thing. I'm pretty game for just about anything, won't lie!


>Lorelei: She's pretty damn good! I'm impressed! Got way more range than I do, for SURE when it comes to vocals. Her dancing...could use work.

>Mono: Hey! I mean, I appreciate it about the singing, but...

>Just calling it like I see it! You're not bad, but you're seriously missing some pop, y'know? You gotta really let it rip and you don't sometimes! But hey, you're learning, so it's no big! Like, Prima knows what I'm talking about. Pop! Right, Pri?

>I...believe so, yes. You refer to the suddenness and exaggeration of movement in order to be more pleasing to the eye, correct?

>...I mean, yeah, if you wanna make it sound boring. But yeah! Do more of that!
How did you build the Big Owl/Hootstones?
What do you think about having a team pet, since most of you are staying in the HQ most of the time?
Would Miranda be willing to teach Cylica how to cook?
For Miranda:

Lately, it seems you've been really interested in teaching younger students on things like self defense and attack spells. Why do you think that is?

For everyone else:

Why do you think Miranda has an interest in teaching students what she knows? And would you be interested in doing the same?
>Pulls Jago aside from the group into a small closet, then pulls out a white noise machine, turns it on, and puts it next to the door in case Lorelei's trying to listen in.

So, uh, Jago, my dude... Mind if I go with you on your next visit to, uh... wherever you go to blow off steam? Or can I get a business card, maybe?

>Miranda: ...I've seen Lorelei. That's it. Not really wanted to.

>Izumi: Same. It was in the same instance. I haven't seen Miranda's original outfit, however.

>No one has.

>Lorelei: Yes, I have! Both of them!

>...no, you haven't. I've never shown anyone what my original outfit looked like.

>Lorelei: Outfit(s). You had two.


>Lorelei: You remember? The one with the cute star ico- MHMMH!


>Lorelei: ...when we first met. You were tipsy. Like, near drunk. And angry.

>Well, keep quiet about it.

>Lorelei: ...I liked it, though. It looked nice on you. You didn't look happy, though.

>I wasn't.

>Lorelei: ...moving on!

>Thank you.


Owlia: Ooooh, yeah! So, basically for Big Owl-

Miranda: Still not a fan of that name.

Owlia: -we took an old transport we had, fitted it with a few upgraded engines, and that was really about it! My Hootstones are upgraded Murmur Stones, pretty much. They're capable of being attuned to multiple frequencies now so that you can basically treat them like traditional radios, with the upshot that MINE can't be hijacked! No way, no how! ...I mean unless there's an anti-magic emitter nearby. But that goes without saying!

Cylica: I assisted in the effort. She's good at many things, but the concept of instilling variable frequency reception in a single crystal is...dangerous, to say the least. It's why some mechanical intervention was necessary. They lose a bit of aesthetic, but they're far more useful now. As for a team pet...I don't know.

Nura: Oooh, I'd love a pet snake!

Owlia: Why a snake? I'd want something that could help in the lab, if anything. I don't have TIME for pets, otherwise!

Nura: Well, there's just something about snakes; that long, sinewy body and dangerous demeanor...although there are some that are just adorable!

Cylica: ...of course.


Miranda: Depends if she'd want to. It's not hard to learn the basics.

Cylica: Tch. I can do just fin-

Owlia: Take the offer.

Cylica: I beg your pardon!?

Owlia: Cy. Sweetie. I love you. SO much. But you cannot cook. I cannot cook. We subside on takeout 80% of the time and the other 20% is sandwiches and precooked meals. It's where most of our paychecks go. Honey. Darling. Accept the offer.

Cylica: ...

Owlia: She says okay. When do you start?

Cylica: Now HOLD ON, if I'M doing this, then you-

Owlia: Sold. When do WE start?

Cylica: gh...

Miranda: Iunno, come by whenever, really. Heck, could show you a couple simple dishes after we're done with this.

Owlia: Bless you.
When infiltrating, what kinds of groups are the hardest to blend into? And what kinds of types are the easiest?
What are MIRANDA'S most impressive attempts of subterfuge in recent memory when you go into jobs together?
What do you think of Mono's future, knowing that she has been improving and her powerset is highly sought after in Outgoing?
Once you've grown strong enough, will you still stay with SES or depart to another outfit looking for better opportunities?
Aaaah another one, hope you don't mind boss.

Have you ever gathered together to watch a magical girl show?
What tropes and clichés do you like the most about magical girls?

>Miranda: Iunno. Seems like it makes sense, I guess...keep yourself alive before you bother going on the offensive. I'm not reckless, I don't think others should be, either.

>Izumi: I don't know what brought about the urge, but I welcome it...mostly. Learning how to fight is no bad thing. I just hope she doesn't drive the honor out of them during it.

>Miranda: That's up to them. I don't point them in either direction.

>Izumi: As for myself? I'd love to teach the younger generation a few things...I feel as though I'm not quite ready to do so, however.

>Lorelei: My thoughts? No clue. Maybe she's starting to feel maternal? She IS like, north of 90.

>Miranda: ...That's very bold of you, considering I'm right here.

>Lorelei: I mean, it's truth! Anyway, I'm not much for teaching kiddies. I'd probably ruin 'em, ahahah! Prima and Jago are plenty enough for me!

>Owlia: Uhhhh...Iunno about Miranda. For me, not right now, but one day...maybe? Cy?

>Cylica: Why are you looking at me? That'd be up to you, wouldn't it?

>Owlia: ...

>Cylica: ...what?

>Owlia: ...

>Lorelei: ...wow.

>Cylica: WHAT? Is it NOT her decision?

>Lorelei: Nothing. Mono, answer the question.

>Mono: Oh! Uh, geez. I'ma kid myself, pretty much. No way I'm gonna be teachin' anyone anythin' any time soon.

>Nura: Well...for me, I suppose there's a few things I'd love to teach the right young person...artificing is an art that's well suited to apprenticeship, after all!


>Lorelei: Ooh, lemme see...uh, I'm gonna say really, anything with limited or exclusive membership. Usually, everyone in those groups knows everyone by face, mannerisms, all that stuff. So it's REALLY hard to kinda slide in. Easiest are pretty much the opposite. Anything where someone could've theoretically been hired off the street. Cakewalk to just listen and be sure you know just enough workplace buzzwords to convince someone you're supposed to be there. As for Miranda? Pft, Iunno. She's not really great at sneaking. Usually I do the sneaking and she just waits until I give the clear to smash things. I guess our recent job where we had to basically infiltrate a megacorp to steal a superprototype generator. Turns out she was a dead ringer for a kid of the higher-ups, just with more hair. So she had it easy for that one so long as she didn't insult anybody by accident.

>Miranda: Actually have to agree with her, there. It was probably my best 'performance' to date.
>Serious question for anybody who wants to answer:

In your previous lives before you came to the Intersection, could you tell us about a place in your original world that you used to love going to?

>Humorous question:

Hey, Prima, what do you think of Miranda's decision to carry that fairy kid along with her in her bag?
What's the most fascinating thing you've discovered/seen in the intersection when you first came there?

What did you think of oceans?
Have you two been on a scifi/space mission? What did you think of space?

>All girls
What's your favorite genre of music?
On the last question I forgot about Jago, I meant all members

>All except Nura
What's your favorite type of mission currently?
Question for anyone other than Miranda:

So recently Miranda's been trying her hand at Xtreme Roller Derby with a team of Outgoers. Have you seen her team at a game yet, and would you be interested in learning a sport yourselves?

>This one's for Sal:

You've got a thing for sweets, that much is fairly obvious. Is there anything in particular that you prefer? Like say, fruit based desserts or chocolate based ones, or is it more in general?
>Lorelei is self-aware about being a bad parental figure.
>Miranda: I think she'll be a force to be reckoned with in the future, if she keeps at it. She's got a ton of potential.

>Mono: Awww...thanks!

>Miranda: It's the truth. Your warping is incredible already, and if you can control it further, you'll be something close to unstoppable.

>Mono: Ahaha, yeah, that'd be cool. Kinda weird to think it can be used like that, though. I'd just...kinda thought it was good for making stage effects and singing in unnatural voices an' stuff. But...as for leavin'? Iunno. You guys are good to me. And I like bein' in a group. I won't say I'll NEVER leave, but if I do, I don't think it'll be for a good long while.

>Miranda: I appreciate that. Thanks.



>Miranda: No.
>Izumi: ...I haven't, no.
>Lorelei: ...I tried a few times. Couldn't stomach it.

>Mono: ...that bad, huh?

>Miranda: Ehhhh...it's not like it's traumatic. It just feels in bad taste for me. More than usual.

>Izumi: Same.

>Lorelei: It's not like, it's in bad taste, just more like I can't not criticize stuff about it. Speaking of, I dunno if you mean shows or ACTUAL other MG's we've met on the second question, but if you mean the latter...Well, I like the style they tend to have! They usually have pretty cute threads!

>Izumi: Many of them are well and truly warriors of justice. I appreciate that the sentiment is widespread, and that there is always someone, somewhere fighting the good fight.

>Miranda: ...Mmmm. I guess that they tend to fight for their friends a lot. Very loyal. I respect that.



>Miranda: ...that's a rude question.

>Lorelei: Yeaaah, but we said...

>Izumi: *sigh*

>Miranda: ...forget it, I'll go first. When I was young and didn't know any better, there was a water park I loved going to. I forget the name of it nowadays. Hell, I forget just about everything about it except there was this one ride I enjoyed. First one I'd ever went on, so I don't think I'll ever forget it. Big pipe thing. Went in big circles and dives and everything. Took like a full minute or two to finish. Real thrill.

>Izumi: There was a park that I often went to in order to either clear my mind, or just...enjoy. It was so serene, and peaceful...I loved it a great deal. I miss it.

>Lorelei: Mmmph... there was an outdoor theater I LOVED going to. Loved loved the place. Shiny, modern, had some really nice flowers and stuff, too. Every time I could catch a play out there, I would. Sometimes I'd get on the stage after everyone left and play pretend my own acts and stuff. It was really nice...so hey, there ya go! Now we're all reminiscing and kinda bummed, hope you're happy! Not really.

>Prima: I have no idea what you're talking about? Fairy in a bag? Miss Miranda, what are they referring to? You would really do such a thing?!

>Miranda: Don't worry about it. Moving on.
Do you do your own hair? Or you know a particularly good salon?
>Everyone else
What do you think of Miranda's hairdo?
>all members
Can you describe your fashion style?

[spolier]Also Handler, how long is will this Q&A go? Until the next thread?[/spoiler]
>Question for Miranda and Izumi:

So you two seem to have quite the strong friendship despite having different moral outlooks regarding your work. Can you tell us how you first met, and how you came to appreciate each other's opinion despite your opposing viewpoints regarding Izumi's idealism vs. Miranda's cynicism?

>Question for all interested:

Since Miranda's had that bit part in Nightmare Run 3: New Horizon, I'd assume there's been some movie types asking if any of you would be interested in some acting roles. If your acting skills weren't an issue, what sort of role would you like to play?

Cylica: Honestly, the concept of nanotechnology, I would say. It amazes me that things so utterly TINY can be so powerful in unison!

Owlia: I'm still kinda rocked by AI and aliens. CREATED intelligence? That's almost an oxymoron to me. And holy propwash the ALIENS. I STILL have to stop myself from freaking out whenever something with more legs than arms passes by. Or more arms than legs. Well, I mean, except for Harpsicorie. She's cute.

>Miranda: Was wondering if I was going to have to remind you...

>Mono: Uhhh...honestly, EVERYTHING. It's like steppin' into a fantasy world that I never even knew about. Like, there's stories and legends an' stuff about different planes of existence, kinda, back home? And it's like I'm LIVING in one that's beyond alla 'em right now. I'm pretty sure if I ever somehow made it back I'd become a legend myself.

>Owlia: Ohh...OCEANS. Wow. It's like...okay, so like, our world was, like...torn apart. And oceans were one of those 'historical' things. Like, you knew they existed! But like 99% of people would never see one.

>Cylica: And if you did, you were probably about to die from poisonous rain or other substances, or otherwise just a sudden stop at the end of a very fast fall.

>Owlia: Right! So being able to just SEE and ENJOY an ocean? Crazy. Honestly, first time I saw one, I kinda cried. No joke.

>Cylica: It was a...very moving scene, yes.

>Owlia: And by that she means she was crying, too.

>Cylica: You're determined to humiliate me during this affair, aren't you?

>Owlia: No, you did that yourself earlier.

>Cylica: What?! When?

>Owlia: I'm not giving you any hints. Figure it out.

>Cylica: Ugh...ANYWAY. No, I have yet to experience what is beyond a planet's sky.

>Owlia: Ditto. I'm kinda scared, but also kinda anxious to do one- in a good way!

>Miranda: Can be a lot to take in. If you decide on one and I'm around, let me know so I can at least prep you mentally.

>Owlia: 'Preciate it! Aaaand...oh, genre of music? Uhh...I like swing. It's kinda what I'm used to.

>Cylica: Classic instruments.

>Miranda: Big Band and Rock. Jazz on occasion.

>Lorelei: Pop an' EDM! Anything catchy! I get down to some rap stuff, too!

>Izumi: I'm a fan of classical music, as well. But I'm not adverse to high-energy dance music and R&B.

>Mono: Uhh...Showtunes. I'm a sucker for 'em. Acapella stuff. Ragtime, I think they call it? That too. Just gives me a good feelin'.

>Jago: METAL. Rock. Punk. Hard stuff, yeah?

>Prima: ...

>Lorelei: Weeeelll...? Gonna say?

>Mono: Yeah, s'no shame in it! You forgot I dance to it, too?

>Prima: ...Rap and Hip Hop. From what I understand, my demeanor means it's...unexpected. Though I do not understand why.

>Lorelei: Eh, people don't expect a girl as nice as you to suddenly drop and get NASTY WITH IT when the beat drops.

>Prima: But I make sure to calibrate all movements to have minimal floor contact!

>Jago: ...Oy, how have I nevah seen this?

>Prima: Very cautiously.
Until I stop for the night.
don't really know how in-character Q&A's supposed to work, but here we go

>What was your first meeting like? What were your first impressions of each other?

Dunno how to ask it in-character. So, when Miranda had a talk with Mono after she made her first real kill, she's mentioned that she spent around 30 years thinking that she's on some great journey, a grand adventure. So I assume that it's only then, in her late 40's - early 50's, when she decided to abandon her morals - enough time to become familiar and get along with Izumi. In the character info pastebin it says that Izumi harbors umbrage about it. If it's all correct, then:
>What was your attitude towards each other in the early years, and how much has it changed after the shift in Miranda's worldview?

>As a tiefling, do you have special traits, like darkvision or sensing infernal presence or influence?
>What do you think of our local siren-succubus?

>As the new SES Enforcers, what's the toughest solo job you had so far? Who was the most toughest opponent that you had to take on by yourself?
Ooooh, then I'll have to cram in more questions then.

Have you ever went through formal training from a teacher or master?

Unrelated - question number 2. Something else.
If handsomely compensated, would you wear a schoolgirl outfit, complete with miniskirts on a job, in its entirety?

>For everyone who can chip in
Does local agriculture exist in the Intersection?
If it does, how well do local produces fare against imported stuffs?

Take your time.
...and here I was wondering if Prima could do something like this
>Miranda: Honestly? You'd think that I'd answer something like executions or assassinations. But if I'm being honest with myself? I think my favorite kind of mission right now is destruction. Not necessarily a person, but getting to blow up a place or a thing. Doesn't really matter if there's people in it or not.

>Izumi: Anything that allows me to do goo for people. Generally, I suppose protective or support details.

>Lorelei: If I can sing or act, it's automatically an awesome mission. Infiltration and substitution- like when I gotta fill in for someone. Easy!

>Mono: Actually? Kinda the same.

>Prima: Me as well.

>Jago: I prefer anythin' where I get ta smash folks.

>Owlia: Well, I just do courier stuff solo or with Cy, so I guess anything that involves retrieving tech?

>Cylica: As she said. Anything involving the perusal of technologies I've yet to witness.



>Lorelei: Nope, but I wanna! And I do plenty myself, I'm not interested in learnin' anythin' new.

>Izumi: I've not seen her, either, but I would enjoy cheering for her! As for sports...hm. Perhaps tennis?

>Mono: Yeah, I'll cheer for her, but I ain't much for sportin'.

>Cylica: I'd think all of us would at least be willing to spectate, despite how...rough the sport may be, from what I'm aware.

>Owlia: Yup!

>Prima: Of course!

>Jago: Aye.

>Nura: Absolutely!

>Miranda: And Sal isn't here, so he's not going to-

>Sal: Hmmmmmm?!

>Miranda: FUCK- what th-?!

>Sal: Ohoho, no no no, aaaaaaanything delectably sweet is a treat to the palate. Not to worry about me being pickyyyyyyy!

>Miranda: ...right.



>Miranda: I do my own hair. It's pretty easy to style nowadays. Used to just kinda...end up like that. Nowadays it practically makes that shape on its own unless I force it into something else.

>Lorelei: Hee. It's cute.

>Izumi: As long as I've known her, it's odd to see her with anything else.

>Mono: Uhh...I guess it's okay?

>Miranda: 'Okay'?

>Mono: Well I mean, the pigtales is okay! Maybe a ponytail would be cool, too.

>Owlia: Oooh, I could see that! Long ponytail!

>Cylica: No, perhaps a shorter one...

>Nura: Aw, I kind of like the pigtails. She looks adorable in them!

>Miranda: ...

>Nura: ...no offense, I mean.

>Jago: Issa hairstyle, I guess?

>Prima: It rounds her silhouette nicely.

>Miranda: MOVING. On.
Have you encountered any hostile eldritch beings in your jobs? The kind that damages your mind by just looking at it.


>Miranda: You mean everyday wear? Street casual. Shorts, jacket, that kinda thing.

>Lorelei: Urban socalite! I like sunglasses and blouses.

>Izumi: Casual, really. Anything easy to move in.

>Mono: ...eh, whatever I got, really. I ain't picky.

>Owlia: Hardy stuff. Overalls, long sleeves, that kinda thing.

>Cylica: I wouldn't be caught dead out of an actual dress.

>Owlia: Unless you're me!

>Nura: Business casual. Form-fitting.

>Prima: Well, I don't really know fashion enough to have a favorite style yet...

>Jago: Ditto. Fun to dress up, though!



>Miranda: Oh, wow. That's...a bit of a story.

>Izumi: Aha, quite. In fact, it was rather contentious, wasn't it?

>Miranda: Yeah, seriously. In fact, I think it might be better for something a bit less rapidfire, huh?

>Izumi: Probably! But, to summarize, we met essentially on the street- Miranda was brought into the company by bargain. I was...transplanted, more or less. I'd found my way into the company looking for a way to keep doing what I knew best, but everywhere else felt too...rigid.

>Miranda: When I first met her, I couldn't STAND her. Holier than thou, stuffed shirt type, CONSTANTLY moralized at me. Only reason I didn't deck her first time we met was because Sal was right there and I think he was expecting me to.

>Izumi: I thought she was a disgruntled heroine who'd lost her spark, and I thought it was only right to try and heal that spark. I, uh...well, it took a while to realize that some individuals just have different ways to cope.

>Miranda: Yeah. Eventually, I got over myself, so did she, and we realized we worked pretty damn well together once we put the drama behind us. I mean, in a way. We agree to disagree, mostly. But I GUESS she's rubbed off on me more than I care to admit sometimes.

>Izumi: Yes. It's a bit disheartening, but pragmatism and cold logic has its place, I can no longer deny. Sometimes it is far easier on the mind and body, and in our job, that is nothing to take for granted.

>Miranda: But like I said, we can talk about that later more in-depth. Anyone want the next question?

>Izumi: Actually, funny you mentioned that. I've been asked once since that happened. I turned it down, though. I wasn't confident in my acting ability.

>Lorelei: Haven't been asked yet and it SUCKS. I'd love to play anything.

>Mono: Ditto. Get back to basics a bit, y'know? Maybe get used to that new stuff they have for stages...
I want add to this:
Have the original trio punched, killed or insulted an actual god?
Did any of you got a job working for a god?
(For the first two questions: See >>4539287)

>Nura: Oh, well, yes, actually. Well, that is, I can see fairly well in the dark. Takes a bit of the surprise out of some things, but quite useful for others! Nothing else I'd call 'innate', however. Infernal presence...no, no, none of that. I was born and raised on the mortal plane, after all. Oh, wait! I AM fire-resistant, however.

>Miranda: Really? Huh. Wonder what you might be able to get away with, then...

>Nura: Well, I should note that fire-RESISTANT does not mean fire-PROOF. A candle flame and fireplace aren't much to me, but even I'll singe a bit if I'm caught in a blaze, and getting near supernatural fire or lava is only slightly less dangerous than it would be for normal humans.

>Miranda: Good to know.

>Nura: As for Mono...honestly, she's adorable!

>Mono: Is EVERYTHING you like adorable?

>Nura: Mostly! Although I'll admit, you are NOTHING like any succubus I've seen before...far more restrained, and not quite the hobbies one would expect...

>Mono: Oy, not like I had a choice in that! And trust me, you'd be singin' a different tune back on my home plane. Accordin' to the boss, this place more or less shuts up the part of my head that screams 'guys guys guys sex sex sex!' all the time since it's technically magically induced due to my bloodline. Had a place back home that did the same thing, but it was a teeny commune, not a whole city. Generally, it sticks for a while if I end up going somewhere else, too, but if the place is super magically dense, I'm on the clock, since apparently the latent mana I take in 'wakes it up'.

>Nura: Oh, my...yes, that's more what I'm used to. I'm impressed!

>Mono: Yeah, thanks. Oy, bots, your turn.

>Jago: Roight...toughest solo job? Ya mean, just us two? Oh, Gaiax, no contest. I ain't been SOLO solo, yet. Usually Prima's with' me.

>Prima: And yes, I would agree he was...frightening.

>Mono: For me? Uhhh...oh, this giant fairy lady named Ringelle. Long story short, she was trying to hypnotize people with her voice to take over a city, and I managed to stop her in...well, was kinda a sing-off. Nearly blew my throat out, but yeah. Haven't really fought fought anyone super scary yet without backup. Had a few close calls, though.
>(brings out a pair of earplugs and hands them to Cylica)

Sorry, but it's kind of your fault you have to wear these for the next questions.

>(turns to Owlia after earplugs are put in)

So, obviously, you've thought about having kids with your significant other... What do you hope your children would be like, in terms of personality and interests?

>(turns to everyone else except Cylica)

And for the rest of you? Has any similar thoughts crossed any of your minds?

>Miranda: Briefly. I was enrolled in boxing classes as a kid even before all...this. He wasn't anything super special, though. Everything else was basically me learning by tapes or just trying whatever. Aaaand...I would have to give it some serious thought. I've worn a schoolgirl outfit, it's the miniskirt that I dunno.

>Cylica: No. Absolutely not. Ever. For any amount. I still have my dignity.

>Miranda: Yeah, but dignity doesn't pay rent.

>Cylica: So that's a yes, then?

>Miranda: Ehh...jury's still out. Anyway! Yes, there's local agriculture, but it's...well, there's not a ton. A lot of hydroponics and breeding and whatnot go into it. And it really doesn't do much to feed everyone. For the record, that's what's commonly underground at the deeper levels. Just a bunch of grass and farms and whatnot. Very off-limits since it's vital; even Outgoers have to have a really damn good reason to get access.

>Izumi: Generally, a great deal of food is imported from one location or another. Usually, that's what the people up top eat. Local produce is considered...well, not a delicacy, but a mark of wealth in particular, save for some things. In general, vegetables and fruits are easier to find 'local' examples of than anything meat-based.

>Miranda: Nope, and glad I haven't. Waaaaay above my pay grade.

>Izumi: Likewise.

>Lorelei: Nope!

>Miranda: Killed a god, though.

>Izumi: As have I. There are many things that claim to be gods.

>Miranda: Yup. Usually god of one thing doesn't mean god of another thing.

>Lorelei: I haven't killed a god, but I'm preeeetty sure I mouthed off to one before. Haven't worked for one yet, though.

>Izumi: Neither have I.

>Miranda: Would be a new experience for all of us, then.
This is as though over a stream or radio call, not live.

Are the questions still kosher? Could just have Cylica take a moment outside of the room...
Honestly I don't think those topics are appropriate but eeh.

Besides Miranda, have any of you ever successfully scouted out transplants for the city?
Maybe. Can you rephrase it?

Last 20 minutes for questions.
If being Outgoers is no longer an option, what kinds of jobs would you choose to settle down?
Do you have a high ranking outgoer that you look up too?
Fair enough.

Nah, skipping it is fine. Let me get a different one...
How do you guys feel about your adventures and life being read and enjoyed by readers like us? Do you have any last parting words of wisdom?
>all members
What's your (long term) goal currently?
Where do you see yourselves in the future?

>all new members
Answer truthfully, what do you dislike and admire from the OG trio?
>Lorelei: I've tried, but no dice. Shame, that.

>Izumi: Well- actually, would Arc count? From the retirement mission?

>Miranda: Huh. Yeah, I think so. That'd be you. Kept tabs on her?

>Izumi: I believe she's with Dynamic Methods, now. Not certain.

>Miranda: Good for her.



>Miranda: Huh. Tough question. Hmm..

>Izumi: I'm honestly unsure, myself. I do have a job in the library...I might just stick to that. Some kind of organizational thing.

>Lorelei: I'd probably try to muscle my way into showbiz for real. Acting, singing, something like that.

>Mono: Wow, that'd be a short career. Uhhh...same thing.

>Owlia: Easy- I'd try to save up and open my own crystal shop! Well, our crystal shop, because it'd be with Cy.

>Cylica: Yes, it'd be quite nice. Still on the table, I think, in a fashion.

>Nura: That'd be depressing, but...well, probably go back to my old job. They'd likely love to have me back.

>Prima: I think I'd try to find work at either a medical facility or perhaps some other data service job.

>Jago: Iunno. Lifter? Labor bot? Somethin' like that.

>Lorelei: 'Randa? Made up your mind yet?

>Miranda: Mmm...you might laugh.

>Izumi: Nonsense. Pick.

>Miranda: ...teacher. For kids.

>Lorelei: Ohhhh my GOOOOD that's so CUTE! Those kids changed you and you're the MOM FRIEND now!

>Izumi: Oh, well! That's quite laudable! I'm impressed.

>Mono: ...Y'know, I could see it.

>Jago: I couldn't.

>Prima: Rude!

>Owlia: Oh wow, you big fat softy. I mean that in a good way, though!

>Cylica: I'll admit, that's not what I'd have thought for you.

>Miranda: It's JUST for kids here, calm down!

>Lorelei: NO!


>Izumi: Hm. I would say Suila the Paladin. She's quite noble, and a paragon to honor and ability.

>Mono: I dunno anyone really, yet.

You are really trying to crack that 4th wall bad, huh? In-character, I said. Try again, because.


Questions locked!
Right, sorry, forgot.

>Questions locked!

...Bah. I got nothing... Thanks anyways!
File: 1480207701629.jpg (74 KB, 807x802)
74 KB
Miranda answered exactly how I thought she would.
We made her like that on the first thread, we only got ourselves to blame haha!
Besides Miranda-sensei would be cool.
>How well can you control mana? Could you focus it on a certain part of your body? Have you tried using magic in your new biotech bodes?

>As a jeweler-artificer, would you be able to modify Prima's and Jago's bodies? For example, could you inlay magical stones and crystals in their frames, infuse sigils or add some special coating?
so boss, we can have a snippet of what Izumi is doing in her mission next? or we'll continue on our way on the current mission?

>Miranda: Long term...survive, I guess. Keep going for as long as I can. All I can do. I suspect I'll still be here for a while.

>Izumi: ...I still...hope out a semblance of hope for a resolute fate. A destination at the end of the road. Where that destination is, I cannot say.

>Lorelei: Wow, debbie downers. For me? I'm still kinda livin' it up. I figure I could get myself into the history books; maybe even branch out. I'm not partied out yet, and it's gonna be a looong time 'til I am!

>Mono: Uh...I don't know. Keep seeing new things. Keep exploring. To constantly walk and see new things...if that's my eternal fate, I can't say that's the most horrible one I've heard of.

>Owlia: Like I said before, crystal shop! I can see myself still helping the place out, though! And I'm gonna be brutally honest with myself juuuust this once, I'm either going to die in a workplace accident or figure out enough crystal and magic tech to become a goddess, one or the other. No inbetween.

>Cylica: ...I would desperately hope the latter as opposed to the former- if only so I could reign alongside you.

>Prima: ...data not found.

>Jago: ...data not found.

>Nura: ...WELL, I intend on becoming an accomplished and celebrated artificer, ideally with my own company and quite the...er...no. You know what? I'm going to say it. I want a harem. A harem of cute young men and perhaps a few girls to mix it up some day. I'll be a celebrated artificer with her own damned harem at her beck and call DOES ANYONE have a problem with that?!

>Miranda: You do you.

>Lorelei: Nice.

>Nura: ...right, then. As for the other question. That's a bit...dangerous.

>Miranda: No, it's not. Go ahead, be honest.

>Lorelei: Yeah, we won't bite!

>Izumi: No one's perfect to everyone.

>Nura: Right...well, then... What I admire about Miranda: She seems very put together, and very capable of making tough decisions in the heat of the moment. She's hard to rattle and generally has the qualities of a good leader. For Izumi: she's quite a tender hearted sort. Willing to stand up for anyone decent. Lorelei is easy to get along with, very fun, and quite imaginative!

>Miranda: And the flipside?

>Nura: ...I find you occasionally abrasive. Intimidating. A bit no fun. Izumi is a bit too straight laced for me, as well, as times.

>Miranda: As far as you know.

>Nura: Hm? Well, nevermind for now. Lorelei is...hm. Actually, I can't think of anything I particularly dislike about Lorelei.

>Lorelei: HA! I'M AWESOME!

>Miranda: Sure you are. Next?

>Mono: Oh, uh, I guess I'll go. Boss, you're...Iunno. There's somethin' about you that's...comfortin'? Not like a mom way, I mean. Like just...I'm glad you got my back. You got presence that makes me feel better. You're strong, an' you don't take any guff. You do whatcha need to get things done. We didn't start off on the best foot, nah, but I've come to appreciate ya a whole lot.

>Miranda: Ah. I...thanks. I mean it.

>Mono: Heh, yeah. Anyway, Miss Izumi is really nice, too. Willin' to give anyone the time of day if they mean well. Appreciate the whole 'not killin' me on sight 'cause I'm demonblooded' thing, yeah. Always willin' to help me out with learning how to fight. Which is really cool. Miss Lorelei's pretty wild and she always got something fun planned, and she's willing to dance with me sometimes, too. And sometimes she can be sad, but she never lets it get her down forever.

>Izumi: That's rather touching. Thank you.

>Lorelei: Yeah, but now let's hear why she thinks we suck!

>Mono: Aw, I don't think you suck. But you can get kinda outta control sometimes. And sometimes I feel like you don't listen ta me. Miss Izumi feels distant sometimes, too. I know she doesn't mean it, but she gets that air sometimes, y'know? Hard to approach. An Miss Miranda...Iunno. I guess sometimes I wish you weren't so harsh, but at the same time, I get why ya are.

>Lorelei: Eeeh, fair.

>Izumi: Indeed, and I'm sorry about that.

>Mono: Eh, no big. Next?

>Owlia: Oh! Okay, me! Oh boy!

>Miranda: Oh boy.

>Owlia: Miranda! You're really strong and surprisingly innovative with your magic! And you're good with organization! And you're thoughtful when you remember to be! Izumi! You're really sweet and polite and always bring my stuff back in one piece! Lorelei! You're really fun and have great jokes!

>Miranda: And here we go.

>Owlia: But HOLY SPIT, 'Randa, I am NOT a machine, seriously. You're always in 'work work work' mode and it's EXHAUSTING! Even I take breaks! Sometimes! Kinda! But not everyone WORKS like that! I's legit frustrating! Izumi, you have a spine, but you're dull as dirt with it! Get some attitude! Lorelei, you're great, really, but you're less focused than even me sometimes, I mean, come on! Also you have too many boyfriends.

>Lorelei: I have NO boyfriends, thank you. Also wow, repressed anger much?

>Owlia: Oh, no, it's not anger! But it IS just stuff I think is important you know! You're all on the whole great and I really do like working here! Besides, 'Randa's doing better with overloading me on stuff, which is nice! And I know you're doing stuff to work on the focus thing, and Izumi's...well, I think I just gotta live with that one since it's not BAD, y'know. But yeah! Just my thing.

>Cylica: Wonderful, dear. Now, as for me...hmm... Miss Miranda, I respect your adherence to order and organization. Much as others have said. Your skill, personage, and general demeanor is well suited to your position. Were you a native of my own world, I'd have had you as an high officer in short order. Miss Izumi, you are...well suited to your craft. I believe you to be very dedicated to it as well, which is admirable. Miss Lorelei...you are an able support and surprisingly capable in clandestine situations.

>Lorelei: Wow, don't go too overboard with the praise, now.

>Cylica: *sigh* Look, I am very unused to praising others. To be quite frank, everyone knows how I tend to feel about them; I make no secret of it. By no means do I ultimately dislike or disdain any of you three, save for residual feelings. I shall be clear. You've proven your skill and ability ably, and I feel fortunate to count you amongst my allies. However, things that I dislike I shall ALSO be clear about. You all know what I dislike about you already, so I feel no reason to restate them.

>Miranda: ...Yeah, fine.

>Izumi: I suppose.

>Lorelei: I guess we DO always know where you stand, at least. Alright, moving on.

>Prima: Er...to be honest...I rather appreciate all three of them in unparticular ways. They have all influenced who I am becoming as an individual, and I appreciate every moment with them. I have nothing unique I dislike about them yet. ...although I would insist on never being placed in a Bag of Holding ever again.

>Jago: Same. Miranda's a bash ta be around. Lorelei's been mates with me since word go, can't raise a bad word to 'er. Izumi's a bit square but she's a top sheila, too. Good on allya!
That's all the questions! What'll happen tomorrow?

...Well, what do you want?

I mean, the thread will still be going. I suppose if you want that.
File: Magiblast.webm (2.91 MB, 1920x1080)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Up to you Handler.
And congratulations on the 100th thread. Like G said, take pride in your dedication to your work.
I've prepared something for this special occasion.
You might want to see the links for uncompressed footages (recommended, since the webm conversions messed up the colors a lot)

The Magiblast, ever so useful and reliable. This takes after the image of a shooting star, which I find fitting.
Flux Wave. From what I can gather, it is described as an omnidirectional shockwave, multicolored, chaotic but orderly.
Kind of like a Supernova, no? I do think in real combat, it expands much faster compared to what I'm showing.
File: Flux Wave.webm (2.99 MB, 1920x1080)
2.99 MB
2.99 MB WEBM
Aaah, messed up the upload.
File: Nebula Buster.webm (2.97 MB, 1280x720)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB WEBM
And finally, That Spell.
A great primal, almost unrefined blast of mana signals the beginning. The unfortunate target will be most of the time taken off its feet by the sheer force of the beam.
Somewhere along the way after that, by the will of the user the technique's gravity well will be triggered and collect excess mana from the beam.
Then the implosion housed in the sphere formed from the mana build-up will usually finish off most foes before they can experience the explosive finale afterward.

A grand and flashy finisher for the Star Girl.

This Q&A is more fun than I expected. Here's to a bright future.
So yeah, this was nice!

Cylica's in the doghouse for a bit. A few tidbits revealed. Fun was had by all.

Both very similar to what I mentally had for them! Awesome!

And that's just epic.
You should have ended with someone asking when Cylica will notice that Owlia was talking about having kids and than ends the questions. I would laugh a lot.
Poor Cy. But she kinda deserves it...
Yes please.
"what Izumi is doing in her mission" snippets
Yeah, that'd be interesting, to see what kind of stuff you had prepared for KR's contract.
Yeah, her fate was sealed from the moment we helped the little kid find his sister.
I don't read the quest but congratulations on hitting 100.
File: 1601743704888.gif (500 KB, 356x348)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
Some analysis on our fortress raid's loot

>Anga Totem.
Skyrim spell scrolls, high-grade fire magic. Maybe usable more than once?
>Wind Gem.
If fed mana, can create even greater propulsion forces. Unrelenting Force except it's radial and much larger in area.
>Golden Crossbow w/Bolts
ANTI-ARMOR ANTI-MAGIC crossbow that can be used in close quarters, unlike our Wonderland (the sniper rifle still has much more range, obviously). One drawback is the scarcity of its bolts, which are custom-made and requires faemetal.
>Razorbladed Shield.
A shield with retractable blades, no mana signatures at all. Boring, maybe there's something else about it? It's a prototype weapon after all.
Most interesting of all in my opinion. What we need to do is feed him 10000 mana of an element (mixed seems fine? Just need a dominant type) and watch him go super mode. Maybe boss can pump shadow mana into him?
>Golden Crossbow w/Bolts
>enchantment so strong that it shreds regular bolts and they had to shell them like sabots to avoid it
The light is dim in this land. The places that yet can see the sun without a purple haze covering the skyline is rare.

This job that you’ve been on has been...extensive. But well worth it. Your temporary companions are good fellows all...even if they were a bit skeptical and annoyed when you’d admitted that you were technically under employ. Their leader, a young, bright-eyed youth name Heru, had treated you the kindest, and he’d been the one to sway the other three into allowing you into their party. Noble Agria, the red-headed ‘mage’ of the group, was well meaning, but protective. She seemed to second guess a lot of what you did towards, Heru. Classic crush, really, and it was adorable...thought slightly annoying considering you’d already insisted you had no designs on him and supported her attempts at romance. Tak, the willowy group rogue, wasn’t interested, but...well, he at least didn’t match the usual loner stereotype. Balor, the big guy, seemed to take to you the easiest after Heru, but the mountain of a boy just seemed an easygoing type. And yes, boy; not even eighteen summers old yet. In fact, none of them were yet proper adults.

By all rights, this was more typical than you’d thought, in terms of setting. But the SCALE was indeed rather large. This was the third continent you’d landed on. Destroying the organic spires making the misama are a massive undertaking themselves, let alone clearing your way TO them due to the monstrous spawn they craft. It’s...rather lengthy and, being honest, exhausting. But you’ve met many good people along this journey...along with many wicked. Your former ‘ally’ Jenine...she’d been quite the manipulatrix. You’d thought it was just a personality quirk, considering your own workmate with Nura, but...not so.

Her betrayal wasn’t looked upon kindly by the rest of the team.

Her failure to kill her old teammates wasn’t looked on well by her patron, either. She’d been eliminated to hide his tracks when you’d managed to track her down after she’d fled. You felt sorry for her, being honest. Whatever she was expecting...she hadn’t gotten it.

But. That was then. This was now. You’re currently camping out in the forest, next to a lake. The lake had been befouled, and you’d discovered the cause to be a massive poisonous toad corrupted by the misama. It'd been dealt with after a long fight, but now you all needed a rest.

"Thanks for the potions," Heru says to Agria, who blushes. "They came just in time."

"It was nothing," she insists as she turns her head away. Tak just huffs, setting his tent up a distance away as usual. Balor just chuckles. "We need to be in top form tomorrow. Getting through the Howling Caverns won't be easy."

"No, but we can make it. We've come this far, right?" Heru insists.

"...Right!" With that, talking seems to be done for the night, and you wind up looking at the sky, as you've often done on this job. Dreaming of days gone by.

The sky is so dim. You hope you can brighten it up soon.
...and I forgot to preface this, but it's obvious what this is meant to be. I wasn't sure if you meant you wanted to play some of it or just wanted a snippet so I just did this for now.
Boy oh boy, babysitting a bunch of adventurous teenagers. Glad we sat that one out, will have to treat Izumi to a meal later for the headaches.
Nice. I wouldn't mind playing some of it, but a snippet is fine too.
Nah I prefer to see snippets of her adventure than play through it.
I'm kinda glad we chose to do another mission, because babysitting teen adventurers would quite be a headache for miranda (and players)
Honestly? Not in the mood to baby seat a bunch of teen adventurer. I'm liking the jib Miranda is currently in.
gotta say nay to that chief. i'm liking the development with the shadow king and his surprising competence, or lack of incompetence, to be more precise
Indeeeed, boss didn't even dock our pay when we walked straight into a temple of the Elder Fairy of Light.
Also, what do the teens think of Izumi now?

Heru: Kinda stiff, but he likes her well enough, and she seems like a good person.

Agria: Still suspect a bit, but can't deny she's incredibly polite and useful to have around. Hard to hate her.

Tak: She exists. Good sword arm.

Balor: Very nice girl, reminds him of his mom. He likes her cooking.
Actually, the casing is to prevent the feametal from soaking up the magic that helps accelerate the bolt. We could probably feed it steel bolts for just armor penetration.
Ok, Izumi is doing well in her job right now.
Let's get back to Miranda and get that third lockstone.
After a bit. If anyone wants anything else, I'm more than happy to entertain the thought. I may write a few mores snippets of things around the Intersection that I occasionally imagine. I'll resume the job Monday. Give it a week, y'know?
seeing snippets of O&C's life in the lab or in missions would be rather cool
>Balor: Very nice girl, reminds him of his mom. He likes her cooking.
How sweet. I hope he doesn't end up missing Izumi too much after the job is over.
even better, a snippet of Miranda following up to her offer of teaching the nerds how to cook. With Nura chipping in.
It's been a couple of years since we've last seen any bits from the trio's past lives, would be cool to see them again once in a while.
I'd like to see these:
>A snippet of when the phoenix first arrived in the intersection.
>How Arc is doing now. What division is she in and what rank is she in?
>Sal trying to convince a potential client to buy his service.
who was arc again? ....the magical girl we saved in the crossover?
Yep, was a giant help too.
ye, did us a solid in the final fight.
I'd like to see the backstories of how Noran and Mewla, Tami, and Harpsicorie got to the Intersection and/or found The Care House in the first place. Probably better to do them one thread at a time, though.
don't underestimate the clothing either. the fabric is magic resistant and if it was in the hands of basic infantry, that means that the fibers can either be easily treated to be antimagic, or there is a plant that can be woven into antimagic clothing. that's definitely worth getting a look into.
Honestly, part of you is surprised that she’s actually willing to try this. You had thought it was just something she’d been peer pressured into agreeing with, but no, she showed up- they both did. You’re impressed. And so you’re here right now. Everything’s set, and they look...confident. Well, Cylica looked confident. Owlia looked uncharacteristically nervous as you speak. “Alright, so frankly, it sounds like you’re not used to anything major, so we’re going to start with the basics. Spaghetti and meatballs. Easiest thing ever. Ridiculously hard to fuck up.”

“Got it. So...where do we start?” Owlia asks. Cylica looks over the ingredients you’ve laid out- the pasta, the meatballs, the jar of sauce (you generally prefer homemade sauce, but these are rookies) and scoffs.

“Naturally, we start with putting the ingredients in the pot.” She reaches out and tries to grab the can of pasta. Well, she CAN put it on the boil early…

Wait, why’s she putting the dry pasta in there as well- “Set the thing up to maximum heat, and-”



"...alright, you managed that. Burned the sauce...got it everywhere...kind of ruined my stove. But it's vaguely edible. So we'll call that a victory."

You're kind of starting to hate spaghetti, honestly. "Maybe we should try something simpler. Like sandwiches."

You like sandwiches.


"My, what put you girls through the ringer?" Nura looks genuinely baffled at the sight of you three as you clear out the last of the stove smoke, with the door opened for vent. These damn girls and their 'efficiency'...

At least Owlia has the good grace to look chagrined. "Uh...we were learning how to make different kinds of sandwiches. Miranda was showing us how to bake some."

"They burned them," you grumble. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Oh! Hm. Well, I can be a bit of a chef myself. Perhaps I could attempt a few lessons?" she offers.

The way they light up kind of has you both relieved and a touch insulted all at once.
File: file.png (136 KB, 256x197)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Miraaanda, you're supposed to compare cooking to science. That's how you get nerds to understand this brand of art.

Really, maybe try a salad next time.
File: tf2sign.png (114 KB, 987x809)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
I hope they take their research more seriously. How often does something explode in our lab?
“Next!" Finally. The line’s been long, but it’s a...well, no, it’s a strange feeling. But then again, that seems to be every day here at Dynamic Methods." Catherine Arceis!”

The creature at the pay window- vaguely similar to a purple, long-headed gecko with a New England accent- gives you a smile. “Good woik out there, kid,” she says as she turns over the glowing spheres that is the local currency. “Thanks fah holding things until Kingsly's men could reposition. Pulled our butts outta da frya.” Wait, was she...gah, you’re still getting used to being part of a whole platoon. Hard to remember faces.

“Y-you were there?” you ask as you receive them. You’re normally not so timid, but this place is still new to you. Faux pas abound. Like not accepting ‘motes’ as soon as they’re offered...apparently considered insulting. Doing so via just will was still odd...

“Just as sapport. I ain’t no fighta!” she chuckles. “Anyway, that’s ya cut. Now off with ya. Go by yaself a nice big gumball.”

“Aha, right. Good day.” Saluting, you leave the pay window behind as you hear her call ‘NEXT!’ once again.

Kind of surreal, still. Catherine Arceis, A.K.A. Arc. Employed by Dynamic Methods, currently assigned to Delta Division - ‘Heavy Infantry’. Your unit is known as the ‘Sledgehammers’. Or, to your intra-company rivals, the ‘Big Ugly Stains’ due to your division logo, which is SUPPOSED to be a warhammer and a red splotch, but...well, you can see why they call it that.

At any rate, as you exit HQ, you take another breath as you look to the 'sky'. It's still strange. Enchanting, almost. No one else seems to care, likely because they've been here too long, but to you... Helps dull the pain a bit. Of being dismissed. Abandoned.

Still hurts. But, what's done is done. Now you have...well. Damn. What DO you have?

"Gotcher pay yet?" a raspy voice asks idly, and it's hard to not smile. Wyman was a veteran soldier here, rarely without a cigar, but he was one of the first to approach you and show you the ropes of the corporation. Bushy mustache and weird camouflage preferences aside, he's...well...

"Duh!" a lighter voice says. Kia. A pink rabbitish...thing that loved playing the cutesy card until she let people's guard down enough to inflict copious violence. You're not sure what to think of her yet, but she seemed to like you, and was perfectly sociable and nice outside of 'work'. "She's got that 'Hey, I just got paid!' glow."

"There's a 'glow' for that?" He asks wryly.

"Sure!" she grins, and it's vicious. "For anyone getting paid worth a crap."

"You must be broke, then," he retorts. He always does this- the two seem to enjoy it.

"Oh?" she snarks. "Well then I guess I'll be treating JUST me and Cathy to a 5-star dinner at Holland's tonight since I'm too broke for you!"

His eyes bulge. "Now, wait a second-" but she's already off, and you're following with a small smile.

Okay...maybe you have SOMETHING here to hold onto. Real friends are a nice novelty.

I'll be moving to #101 officially, but if anyone has anything to say or whatnot in this one, I'd hope it'll remain up.
>Heavy Infantry AKA "Sledgehammers" AKA "Big Ugly Stains" AKA "BUS"
>Eh, students have been working too hard on their project, just send the BUS over to clear out the building.
>Time for school, get inside the BUS and let it soak up gunfire for the students.
>Oh, Miranda's teaching again? Send the BUS over with some students, maybe they'll learn something.
And new thread!


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