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3rd Chapter of the tribes quest. This time, most of the tribes find themselves into the middle of the bronze age, fighting for supremacy in their respective regions and developing new political and social systems. As always, feel free to peek at the Quest discord to check the battles firsthand and access the more detailed information. Link: https://discord.gg/7eJQdcFhWn
For those already playing, feel free to take your actions now, and remember next turn is on the 15-16 weekend.
Rolled 20, 11, 15 = 46 (3d20)

The search for a new source of manpower has proven unsuccessful by simply searching the deserts, it is time we look outwards and the eastern lands are the least known to us.
>Scout East (between the two mountain ranges and towards the lake) (+2 from luxury)
Deep within the university, a former foundry worker who has taken up the position as a professor has started to dabble in the idea that, their is a possibility to increase production of metals while using the materials to their limits. He theorizes that due to how crude the process is he could possibly create some type of mathematical formula to gain the most use out of the least amount of raw metal and thus increase output of manufactured goods.
>Develop Chemistry (+2 from luxury)
Settra, after hearing many tales from his new university decides that its about time to actually go listen in on a lecture. After pacing through the halls (and getting lost) he manages to find a room discussing Philosophy. Settra blended into the crowd as he listened in. The skeletons discussed the idea of punishment for an action and how that since they live eternally, what should their punishments be and if they should even have consequences for their actions. Settra would leave deep into the night to discuss with his servants and they soon agreed upon that laws should be made to govern the kingdom so that unfair judgements cannot be made and certain rights must be enforced.
>Create Laws (+2 from luxury)
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Rolled 1, 15, 16 = 32 (3d20)

>Ku Kobold Klan

Birmginham continues their construction, desiring to take down the scaffolding that has narrowed their streets.
Stone cutters and terraformers continue their building of the new town.

Georgian governor begins taking nightly strolls through the streets of town of Atlanta. The music being played throughout the evening populated area pleases him.
He orchestrates for musical instruments to be manufactured in bulk to be enrich all of kobold kind and mayhaps even share with the other honourable races.

Frankfort wishes to find more. They are pleased with the tin mine but they know that the land holds more bounty for them.
They scout east of the northern state of Kentucky to look for anything that could benefit them.

>Continue improving Birmginham
(+3 terraformer/stonecutter

>Create Musical instrument manufacturing

>Scout east of Frankfort and the rest of the northern state of Kentucky
Any spots open?
Rolled 12, 17, 18, 19 = 66 (4d20)

>Accept the Quest
Lady Kikyo accepts the Witch's quest. The Minamoto Clan are nothing if not adventurers and fighters, and what greater adventure could there be than to rescue the Vesovians in their time of need. Her grandmother had sworn a blood oath to the Vesovians to come when called, and now her granddaughter is expected to answer that sacred call. She leaves with a retinue of warriors and a small group of ships to strike out to distant lands. The Najin are the greatest seafarers of any age and if anyone can find the Witch's kin, it's them. Control of Sakai is left to Princess Hisako as regent.

1. Expand Sakai (+6)
Hisako can see the fertile lands stretching out from Sakai and knew that the land would be suitable for so much more than just mining. The area would make for excellent farmland and the nearby woods would make for ample fuel and material for shipbuilding and construction.

2. Upgrade Herding at Oshabi (+6)
Cattle is introduced to the Oshabi grasslands to expand the amount and diversity of herding operations in the village.

3. Upgrade Farms at Kattin (+6)
The banana fields in Kattin are expanded, and additional farmsteads are incorporated into the town's structure to provide other crops such as onions, peas, carrots, potatoes, and buckwheat.

4. Develop the Crossbow (+2)
The development of ironworking technology has provided the means to miniaturize the trigger mechanism on the Kiryuin ballista used on many whaling ships. A small iron trigger system is robust and simple enough to construct that the manufacture of crossbows would be a relatively simple task.
Rolled 7, 3 = 10 (2d20)

As Thul Nildaur grew so did its clans and their curiosity of Gusil, under the cooperation of three clans a large smithy is built where the metal can be heated and cooled appropriately as it is experimented with.

As news of the smithy spread miners in Virn Dural establish a new mine inside the new settlement. {+2 to mining}
+1 to all roles due to luxury
Rolled 12, 12, 10 = 34 (3d20)

Action 1: Build the Church "Patrick´s Church" in Dublin
We must now build the most beautiful and largest church ever to do justice to our God.
Long live the Holy Potato.

Action 2: Create a monastic order
Now that Cristoir Henzen became the leader of the church, he decides that he wants to create a place for all the Leprechauns, who don't want to become priests, but still want to dedicate their life to the Holy Potato! While he had no idea how to call this organitation, the people wanted to call it the Order Of Saint Christor of Dublin, to celebrate him. All who join the order, shall train their bodies and study the religon to celebrate the Holy Potato!

Action 3: Develope Holy Garior in the newly funded monk order
We need strong, holy Gayrior to ensure internal security and to defend the faithful. There are hard times ahead. They shall be part of the newly funded monk order.(give them if possible the defender trait and melee tag)
+2 for all action, and another +2 for first action, because of potato farm in dublin
Rolled 9, 11, 16, 15, 17 = 68 (5d20)

> administrative reforms
To avoid the chaos of the last period, which was plagued with war, Marsupial is going to abolish feudalism. The whole Empire shall be thus divided into administrative units: first commanderies, then counties, townships and hundred-family units. This system should be different from the previous dynasties, which had loose alliances and federations. People should no longer be identified by their native region or former feudal state, as when a person from Dropbearton was called "Dropbearton person".

>economic reforms
Marsupial wants to unite his empire economically by standardizing the different units of measurements such as weights and measures and currencies.

> meritocratic reforms
If a person was qualified for a task, he should keep his position, regardless of blood relations. If an officer were incapable, even if he were a close relative of the ruler, he ought to be demoted, even if it meant poverty. A virtuous commoner who cultivates his qualities may be a "gentleman", while a shameless son of the king is only a "small man."

>develop a class of scholar-official ("scholar-gentlemen") by the introduction of imperial examination
This system, after the ideals of meritocracy, allows anyone who passes an examination to become a government officer, a position which would bring wealth and honour to the whole family.

Bonus Action:
>integrate the different tribes as subjects of Marsupial Thunderstriker, destroyer of the false 'roos, first of his name, convincer of the faithless, keeper of the mandate of Koala Lumpur, ambusher from the shadows and greatest grandson of Koala the Great.
It was a hard decision how Marsupial would treat his new subject. The Kangaroos committed terrible deeds against both Koalas and Wombats, but in the end, Marsupial decided the time of bloodshed and chaos must end.
Rolled 13, 14, 14 = 41 (3d20)

1. Build a temple on the peak of Mt Kurama to honor the mountain goddess
following their victory, the elders decided to honor the mountain goddess with building a magnificent temple near the mt kurama tengu settlement. but the goddess refused and rebuked the elder severely for their thinly disguised attempt to involve the Goddess in tengu politics and threatened to leave once again if the tengu still went ahead with their plans. in the end, a temple was built on the very peak of Mt Kurama instead where no tengu is allowed to step on it unless they were the goddess favoured, a new caste of priestly tengu with spiritual affinity who serve the goddess. it is said that temple shrouded in thick mist is so mysterious that every part of the compound shifted and transform into different buildings depending on the goddess whims, except for one thing which is always certain, the magnificient gardens, orchards and koi ponds belonging to the goddess collection where she spent her time leisurely enjoying her hobbies.

2. improve the hunting camps
with the goddess firmly residing on her new temple, it seems like a new part of the mountain previously unaccessible and unknown the tengu has opened up giving them a new kinds of hunting animal theyve never seen before. the tengu decided to to expand their network of hunting camps into these previously unknown areas.

3. recruit Daitengu and koutengu brawlers
the elders focused their effort on once again trying to rebuild the shattered tengu army to maintain the slaving operations and help the valeri in their campaign.
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Slave roll
Rolled 1, 5, 15 = 21 (3d20)

1- improve fishing at Creuge
How is it that our people are always fucking starving!?
Unacceptable! None shall go hungry under the reign of our great leader! Perhaps the rich waters of the lake can still save us? We have always used moss to fish, but what if we used meat from our hunts instead? Truly, this must be tested!

2- dig deeper
The rocks send us a new plague, killing our own people and sending their defiled bodies against us! Truly terrible, truly despicable, how characteristic of the rocks... but we shall not give up no, we shall dig deeper, despoil the land itself, break it and crunch it and powder it into dust! And if we find more shiny rocks to enslave, even better

3- train more minutemen at Creuge
Our troops, together with our ideals of peace, died down south in the lake. This is not training anymore, this is not preparing for a future fight: the fight is now, and we have prepared for it, so grab your weapons and stand up for your country now, for tomorrow we go to war

Also use the javelin upgrade to increase all of the minutemen’s stats by 1
Kobold Special Event: Corruption, Incompetent administrators and feuds between the states

It has been a few generations since the States of the Ku Kobold Klan were instituted by the wise council of elders to better organize our growing civilization. However, in all that time the states haven’t been able to fulfill their objectives of working towards improving the life of their people, all due to multiple factors.
An excessive use of bureaucracy, relentless corruption and nepotism, and even feuds between the states of Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia have done nothing but obstruct progress for our people, consuming precious resources and manpower of the confederacy that could have been directed towards more fruitful pursuits.
In their defense, the states of Alabama and Kentucky have claimed that the other state is conspiring against them, actively using their available resources to prevent the other state development, while the Georgians have blamed the poor sanitation of their settlement and the lack of more help towards solving the continuous but small cholera outbreaks derived from the irrigation that crosses the middle of the town, sometimes turning it into a swamp during the rainy season.
For now, it’s just a matter of time until things could go south… or maybe after the recent audits and investigations from the higher organizations will finally make them realize that their mission is not their own prosperity, but prosperity of the Klan as a whole.
From next turn, take into consideration this:
>If no states get developments, then small bad events will happen.
>If a state gets a development twice, and others don’t manage to get any developments in that time, sabotage the successful state’s development.
>If no bad events happen for a while, remove these penalties.
>Alternatively, use an action to try and dismantle this corrupt system.

Rolled 11, 8, 10, 1 = 30 (4d20)

>Regulate fishmen hunting (+1)
In the beginning we didn't care much for the new hunt that our gobs included in their expeditions east and in a short amount of time a fever had spread to consume this new meat. It was wonderful affair that boosted the motivation of our people to and it even increased our food sources in a humble amount, but the biggest impact was in the village of Fortaleza that being in a mountainous terrain made use of the hunted meat while we still figured how to grow crops there. Unfortunately this addiction started to reduce the produtivity of the other areas that didn't involve hunting fishmen, even the regular game began being ignored in favor of them and the goblin leaders can't allow this malus to grow. It wasn't an easy task since there was the risk of upseting the ones directly involved in the ordeal and the consumers as well, but the senate decided to control the availability of fishmen meat and for that they created an official license to hunt them, which hunters needed or else they'd be fined. To remain in good terms with them, it was offered the veterans good positions in the army since they were experienced from venturing into the east territory and attacking fishmen units for their flesh. Finally the senate managed to discuss with their landowner members about giving a raise to the farmers as to encourage productivity while the citizens adjust to reduced portions of the delicacy avaiable. They struggled for a good portion of the debate, but the senators ended up agreeing on talking with their friends about the idea of making this sacrifice for the good of the republic.

>Expand wheat farm at Goblin's end (+5 [+1 beer luxury, +2 wheat bonus & +2 government bonus)

>Develop basic math (+1)

>Recruit 7 units in the Capital (+1)
5 wolf rider spearmen & 2 bowmen
>Tuath De
The next few years would be mostly based around spirituality as marking off the new year was the establishment of the 'Patricks Church' in Dublin. Made with the finest material it really was a sight to behold as the Priests were now very happy with the new building and the people rejoiced at the fact they have a designated prayer spot. With a bell at the top of the church it rang at noon everyday to signal the beginning of the afternoon prayers as it was heard throughout all of Dublin. With the creation of the church do, many people saw the grand creation as wasteful and disagreed with the Priests but still wanted to dedicate their life towards the great Potato. Cristoir heard their pleas and soon founded a 'monastic order'. The 'monks' were very zealous of their religion and lived a very modest life compared to the rest. Wearing simple clothing they spend of their days studying the great teachings of the 'Potato'. With the creation of the order though, some of the monks decide that perhaps they can use their holy bodies in a much more defensive way to not only preserve the order but to defend the faith if it ever got challenged by an outside or internal force. It was difficult to get Cristoir to agree but eventually he relented and soon the monks trained in the ways of combat in a very 'modest' way (they beat each other with big sticks). It worked though and now a new force has been established to make sure nobody fucks with the monks. But, everybody fucked with the monks as a strange ray made everyone in the settlement horny and a great bacchanal happened. Orgies lasted many days, and babies were eaten left and right to satisfy the charmed and dazed Leprechauns, forced to fuck eachother by awakened primal instincts. As the days went by and the orgy slowly started to disappear, so did the troubles of the people.
>Orgy grants success in all actions next turn, no matter the roll.
>A great church was created in Dublin. You can spend an action to pray to the potato during your turn. If successful, next turn low rolls will be successful anyways as the people feel blessed (But critical failures can still happen). This roll isn't affected by any luxury modifiers.
>The monastic order of the potato is established, and they will use their time to cultivate their minds and study the teachings of the potato. Each turn roll a 1d4, and on a 4 the monastic order will grant a positive event.
>Whenever troops are recruited, an extra unit from the monastic order will be recruited.
25/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
>Ku Kobold Klan
Birmingham’s governor wanted to finish the work on his city, but shortly before the workers started to expand on the foundation laid to expand the city in the last season, a great storm and rain came and destroyed it all. Gigantic sinkholes prevented any further production and work. The farms were unemployed and the workplaces empty. This time is a very hard time for Birmingham and its town. Meanwhile in Atlanta the people sing and enjoy their time. They even have so much free time, that places popped up that produce musical instruments. The instrument makes the Kobolds rest much more effectively during their work breaks, and that is seen even by the elders and so it easily spreads through the whole town. The northern scouts did quite the large coup. They found an oasis with large palms and new strange animals. Kobold could easily settle there and there is even a lot of food. It seems like the land of plenty. What great village of Kobold kind could rise there? The eastern scouts found on their part barely anything of notice. Long marches later and large vast expanded areas of nothing, but trees were found and animals to hunt. Atlanta could use this to their advantage though, as they could establish a hunting lodge easily there to feed their town.
>Progress on the upgrade of Birmigham is lost, and the settlement won't grow or provide resources until repaired. Some population was lost.
>Musical instruments are now a luxury resource, and grant +1 to all rolls as long as you control them.
>Desert Oasis found. Get +4 to make a settlement there, and the zone gets +2 to environment food.
>Musicians bring knowledge of the world. Areas that your people have knowledge of are the same as Valeri + northern Oasis.
45/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
The expansion of wheat production in Goblin’s End would have come at a good time. Greater availability of bread was essential to providing some alleviation from the shortage of hunted meat. At least, those were the claims that the barons made. The truth was more sinister. The truth was that even after funds and seed had been allotted to Goblin’s End no new grain shipments were coming north or going west. The bandit problems were strangling the trade networks! To handle this problem the Senate ordered for new units of soldiers to be raised. Powerful wolf riders and some archers would be more than enough to handle the bandits. Following a short skirmish many of the bandits were defeated. The farms in Goblin’s End were easily expanded to provide more wheat but the win left a large portion of victorious troops. Immediately a problem arose. The defeat of the bandits perfectly coincided with the passing of the Fishmen Meat Regulation Act which cut fishmen rations to the general populace. The army, which received no other compensation for its service other than beer and fishmen meat, mutinied almost immediately. Large parts of the army, including all of the wolf riders, simply left and went west to plunder and eat fishmen under the leadership of Snaga Throatcutter. Other units returned to banditry, but on the outskirts of Fortaleza in an attempt to steal the other hunters' catches. Only a few of the oldest and most trusted units of the army remained under the control of the government. In civilian life, outside of the pressures of banditry on the roads, the desire for fishmen meat slowly began to wane in favor of more available fish – something bandits couldn’t plunder as easily. Fishmen became a delicacy instead of a necessity among the regular people but it was still essential as a form of government payment to soldiers and bureaucrats. As the supply dwindled thinkers began apply more complex means to count and distribute available resources, developing a system of mathematics in the process.
>Wolf raiders recruited but gone rogue due to changes to hunting laws.
>Wheat farm at Seas Maw is upgraded to Improved + level.
>Math will allow accounting of resources, especially food and its consumption. No longer a critical failure in food-related developments will provoke famine.
47.5/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
Three old clans (Durani, Avuz and Hetoria) united in one project as the risk to do it alone was too high. It was a new milestone, as projects were done in the past mainly by one or at most two clans. Many days passed discussing, some under influence of Barisgrok. They discussed how they share the products, who contributes how much and what rights everybody has. Soon after the project was started. Tons of Gusil ore were brought, big pots were created, and gigantic furnaces were built by the best dwarven stone cutters. And in the end the smithy was something every dwarf wanted to visit and work in. This new building will allow much faster development of equipment for the whole dwarven world. The success of the smithery made some clans in the new city envious though. Three other clans called the Alpharias, Darkmers and Ultarias wanted to profit of it, and they started to build a new mine, but their constant bickering and disputes made the progress only very slow. They digged not deep enough and stopped before the mine was a success. Now if the work was continued, more than enough Gusil could be found, but who will take on the work to complete the mine?
>The Smith is a success, get +2 to develop armor, upgrade troops with metals and recruit them.
>Keep digging to find more useful stuff at Virn Dural. Get +3 to expand this mine next time.
15/18 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Get more food sources.
>Tomb Kings
Kheprite scouts head east, searching for new sources of bone to add to the stagnant population of the Settran Kingdom. As they head east they notice a large herd of swift and powerful animals that thunder across the dry plains and drink from the river and lake. They name these beasts horses, and mark their location. The astute among those scouts immediately recognize their power and usefulness for the King for such beasts would make powerful companions and alleviate the strain of labor on the working skeleton. That done they continue their trek eastward. This party of skeletons comes across a group of settlements occupied by lizard-like beings. They keep their distance and move on unnoticed, instead choosing to keep notes of what they had seen so others could follow after them with proper gifts. The skeletons then hit the coast. Never having seen so much water before, they follow the coastline south where they find the ruins of what had once been a proud and advanced city. At the bottom of a flooded crater, a few small trinkets could be salvaged but as the bones of the party started feeling weird upon staying in the area for a while they decided to head back in the direction they came. Only through a chance encounter they managed to witness the meeting of yet two more races. One was short, hairy and stocky. The other pale as bleached bone with a frightening appearance. The two exchanged items and parted ways. One disappeared into the earth while the pale one disappeared into the mountains. This was noted as well. These skeletons returned to Khepri as heroes with many new people being added to the logs of those that the Kheprites had knowledge of.
Elsewhere in Khepri thinkers in the university were hard at work decoding the secrets of the natural world. They kept running into problems. Namely, they weren’t terribly sure what exactly they were looking for. As dead beings, most reactions they would probably otherwise observe they could not. There was simply no basis of comparison. Instead of natural things they turned their attention to that of metals. Further experimentation with trace minerals discovered a means of purifying silver. The skeleton that figured that out was promptly returned into unliving bones and that particular secret was filed away for Settra’s use only. More important was the methodology the skeleton used to make it. He had taken exhaustive notes and it started a new trend of notating in great detail practices used by skeletons in the university in the event one hits a catastrophic accident. Settra was impressed by the notations and, in an unrelated step, finally put down a code of rules and regulations for the average skeleton to abide by. To take it one step further, he also authorized the military to act as enforcers of these new laws within the boundaries of Settra’s settlements.
>Horses, Dorfs, Luthn and new beings discovered. The areas to the east up to the Vom Kohldur badlands are discovered.
>A new method of silver refining is attributed to Settra. Kheprisun Swordsmen see their shock increased by +1
>Use of the military as police and guards will increase their readiness. Units will can no longer be recruited in Amateur (-2) rank.
>The desert keeps exhausting, and no longer bones are found. Khepri will no longer grow, and soon Altinin will follow.
28/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. More skeletons are needed.
The aid of the spooks in reorganizing the Hawaiian army was essential. These new soldiers could not really be called a militia. They were trained from birth and had no duty other than soldiering. They were disciplined and skilled in fighting with spears and slings. Very versatile, they were likely to be a match against even the better equipped forces of the Squid Warlord. An important addition to the military structure was the formation of patrolling bands of fishmen warriors. Armed as militia, these individuals differed in that they were trained primarily for small skirmishes, infiltration, and tracking prey. They took the name Peltast after their small moon-shaped shield. As light infantry they were likely the only force that could rival the Dropbears in terms of battlefield utility. This utility would be put to the test in defending the frontier homesteads of Hawaii and destroying roving bands of goblin hunters
>3 Fishmen militia were recruited at Hawaii at regular (0) rank.
>4 Fishmen interceptors were recruited at Hawaii at regular (0) rank. These light units specialize in setting ambushes against the goblin hunters.
>Max number of units reached.
14/24 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Hawaii needs more food sources to grow.
>Kurama Tengu
The temple to Sakuyahime was truly a mystical marvel. With it’s construction came pilgrims and the spread of a powerful new religion lead by daitengu priests all too capable. While the goddess’s power was fickle and fleeting, it was still potent when used. The book written in Cletian could also be used to spread the faith further among those friendly to the Tengu and to the Cletians themselves. The first priests preaching the word of Sakuyahime arrived in Birmingham, Frankfort, Valor, and reports were even being carried by preachers claiming to have met the Wombat tribes of the northwest. The peace brought by the return of the Goddess to her sacred mountain home allowed for the Kurama civilization to begin to grow once again. The rift between koutengu and daitengu was eased enough that new soldiers could be enlisted into the military. The hunting camps in the mountains and near the lake were again manned by kotengu laborers that hunted for their daitengu superiors. The food situation began to stabilize with the addition of new meat to the civilization and Kurama began to feel its strength slowly return. As the stability returned, soon units were raised to keep in check the slaves and help our Valeri allies in their campaigns.
>The temple greatly increases the influx of pilgrims and attracts more people to our faith. The goddess grants protection from critical failures, and the more faithful come to her, the more her powers will increase.
>Proto hunters development upgraded to basic level
>4 new units were recruited. 1 Daitengu and 3 Koutengu Brawlers at experienced (+1) rank. Max number of Daitengu units reached.
>King Koala the Great
At first, abolishing the present organization wasn´t hard, but it was hard to come up with names for the people. In the end, it was decided that the population would take a surname that was to be determined by their profession and the name of the ruler. This way, one of the most prestigious surnames came to be Marsupial Smith, for it was reserved only for the smiths of the precious bronze. By dividing the country in many different administrative regions, soon the problem of administering them came to be. For this, it was decided to create a meritocratic bureaucracy open to every citizen, to prevent a ruling class to take power over time as there was actual social mobility thanks to education. To help with educating the different populace, soon groups of scholars would be disseminated across the country to create schools and teach locally, preparing the most capable to face the hard examinations to access the administrative jobs that the new reforms required.
With the most capable in the administration, soon the different commanderies started prospering under the new rule. To help with development and standardization across the country, the measure units were standardized and so was currency, quickly helping trade routes to open and a new merchant class to emerge. Not only that, but this allowed local solutions to be quickly adapted to larger needs, as standard government houses, stockpiles and farm structures were created.
>The Kangaroos are spared and will submit to Marsupials orders. Wombats have submitted too. Unless more centralization is carried out, they will still be considered NPCs with agendas of their own.
>Administrative and standardization reforms grant great benefits to the state
>Developments have a chance to automatically be improved to match the max level development available in the realm. This chance is smaller as the complexity of the development increases.
>Administrative divisions and meritocracy means that bad rolls will no longer be considered a failure, except critical or extremely low natural rolls.
>As long as a kind of settlement exists in the capital, rolls to create them in another settlement will be automatically successful, no matter the roll. Rolls to improve them have an adaptive bonus of +1 per each level below the highest one in the realm.
35/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
The Luthn finally decided to fish as true masters of the lake, and soon small boats were created to fish in the deepest parts of the lake. It was one of these trips that would prove fatal: one of the fishing groups went too far from Creuge and ended up fishing in the areas contaminated by the abominations, and in their desperation upon noticing that the fishes had an unnerving red tone and lot of scars and wounds they returned as quick as they could to the fishing docks. However, when they arrived it was already too late for them as they had already turned into abominations, with visible signs of having tried to eat eachother. The Luthn hastily sunk the boat and felt safe once again as the cursed boat and its contents sank to the bottom of the lake
As the Luthn were digging deeper to enslave even more rocks and avenge their fallen comrades, an inexperienced group of miners were too hasty with their work and didn’t notice the warning signs that the rock was giving to them: dripping from the walls, a soft rumble noice, and the constant need of hauling water buckets to the surface. It was this that caused their end. As the pickaxes struck these fatidic stones, an incredibly powerful stream of water entered the mines, quickly flooding the newly made mines and drowning many Luthn in the process. The worst was yet to come, as some days later the workers trying to move the water to the surface were attacked by abominations that emerged from it, quickly transforming the mine into a massacre and causing an avalanche of terrorized workers, which sealed the entrance to the mine upon reaching the surface. As the minutemen arrived, all the workers that managed to get out of the mine were killed as they could also be carriers of the abomination infection, their bodies burnt and tossed in one of the mine´s ventilation shafts.
This emergency led to the urgent conscription of more Minutemen, as the enemy was practically inside the settlement. Soon, a large portion of the miner families that remained volunteered for this task to avenge their fallen.
>The mine at Creuge is destroyed. Losing access to copper and tin means that the minutemen will no longer be reinforced when suffering casualties until the resources are secured again
>The lake has been contaminated with the abomination infection, but it will go away with time.
>4 more Minutemen were recruited at Creuge at experienced (+1). Since there's a lack of bronze for their javelins, these will have their stats unaffected by the bonus.
28/42 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
Special Najin Event: The Witch quest
The witch occupies a portion of Lady Kikyo´s mind the moment she accepts the quests, as this way she could give her the instructions of what she needs to do to save her people.She reveals that in a couple of generations, a cataclism will happen to the Visovians, and she fears there´s nothing that neither she nor Kikyo can do to prevent it, but the survivors will attempt to return home and be enslaved as they will arrive in a dangerous land inhabited by terrible flying beings that will enslave their people until the end of times. Her powers revealed to her that there are many ways to save her people, but there's basically two routes: either pacifically or going against the flying beings. It is time for Lady Kikyo to choose once again the route that she will take: A pacific route will mean the destination of large resources to help guide her people to a safer landing, and the witch could help by using her powers and knowledge to reveal the riches of the land to the Najin to help prepare. On the other hand, going against the future enemies of the Visovians will require a lot of orcs, many of whom could lose their lives in the process, but the Witch promises lady Kikyo that she will help her get a weapon powerful enough to turn their enemies to ashes and turn any Orc into a fearsome warrior, capable of taking out the most powerful of foes with a single strike.
>Choose a route for the quest. After this, you´ll have just a handful of turns to fulfill the needed objectives.
As Sakai came to be under the administration of the young princess Hisako, she saw that to keep expanding the foothold of the Najin on the continent it was necessary to improve the infrastructure of the settlement. Forests were cleared and used as materials for the new fences and structures that were built, and after a couple of months the settlement was ready to house more workers and developments.
As new cattle was introduced to Oshabi, soon the clan realized the potential that these new animals could have after applying the ideas that the scholars had to raise them properly. Soon, large quantities of cows could be seen around Oshabi eating happily and fattening continuously. Now the Oshabi clan not only had a monopoly on the iron, but they also had large quantities of cows to use to their advantage in trade deals.
Back on Kattin, the importation of food was a lucrative business but was harsh on the poorer locals, as they were the first to be struck when a ship missed the deadlines due to bureaucratic issues or bad weather. To fix this, more lands were cleared around Kattin and the local banana farms were improved, with more farms of different crops sprouting here and there around the capital. As these new crops started appearing, many of them had never before been seen by the poorer orcs and the non trading clans, and this soon caused a boom in the population as large quantities of food reached the markets at affordable prices.
Working on the ballistas of their ships, the Mori descendants of the Prairie orcs made another breakthrough in the field of ranged weaponry. This time, they realized that by using iron they could miniaturize some of the parts of these bulky weapons, and allow them to be placed on top of the walls of settlements without the risk of them collapsing due to the weight. Not only that, but they also created a small, improved version of the bows that doesn't require years of training to be effective, as it's precise and powerful while being compact and easy to use. Seeing the potential of this weapon, the Mori clan attempted to keep it for themselves but the Prairie orcs soon disseminated it along the archipelago, as they were far from the inner politics of the clan and couldn't understand why such a revolutionary weapon was to be kept secret.
>Proto + herding development at Oshabi upgraded to Basic +. Get +3 to develop leather armor for lighter units thanks to large quantities of cattle.
>Sakai upgraded to settlement level 2.
>Farms at Kattin improved to Basic +
>Crossbow is available to be used in units, but it's production is tied to the amount of available iron.
>Food importation to Kattin was stopped to allow other settlements to grow.
64.3/68 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4. Focus on food sources across the different settlements to help growth.

And with this, this turn is ended. Feel free to take your next actions.
Rolled 1, 13, 12, 16 = 42 (4d20)

War Against the Flying Beings
The revelation that it could mean conflict brought Kikyo pause. War could be expensive. The Orcs were physical specimen without parallel but their martial prowess had waned in favor of culture and bureaucracy. Even the Minamoto had mostly given up on martial arts beyond archery. There were others though that maintained the old ways. Oda, Taira, Matsudaira. These Clans were nominally vassals of the Bakuzan, but it was common knowledge at court that they chafed at peace and longed for glory that could see their clans elevated. Many did. While Kikyo did not want to put forth a bid to see the Minamoto become Bakuzan, it may be possible to see the Minamoto instead become Taishogun. As war-leader she could restore some degree of martial glory to the Clans, achieve political power, and even safeguard the Vesovians in their time of need. She would need allies – Bakuzan Emiya first among them.

1. Recruit Troops +4
[6 Hedgehogs]
The spread of the crossbow lead to a small revolution in the type of soldier that filled out the ranks. Even farmers could be quickly trained in how to load and fire a crossbow or use a spear. Kiryuin, Minamoto, and Mori all quickly put men under arms utilizing the new weaponry.

2. Develop Armor +5
The Oshabi were the first to fashion armor from rawhide. It was relatively cheap given the sheer quantity of cattle in the area. It was also effective at turning aside blades, but against a Orcish Bonebow it was of limited defense. Something more was needed. Improvements came in the form of banana fabric. Small planks of bone were tied to a cloth jacket of several layers then a sheet of rawhide was glued and shaped to form the breastplate. The result was a tough armor that could stop blades and turn aside spear thrusts and even protect the wearer from close-range missile fire. The Oshabi realized quickly that the bone inserts could be replaced with metal for additional protection but the amount of defense gained per the cost made such suits viable only for the wealthy. The materials for it were cheap and readily available. Any clan with access to hide and bananas could outfit a force with decent armor.

3. Build Farms in Sakai +12
Seed imports from Kattin provide the base of agriculture in Sakai. While bananas do not grow as well as they do on the home islands the other crops flourish easily in the fertile soil. Establishing the farming communities was made easier by the extensive land surveys done by Minamoto officials and supplies from the home islands were plentiful along with prospective settlers.

4. Construct Training Field in Sakai +8
If the Minamoto were to become Taishogun they would need the infrastructure to support a better military force. They would need a space to train soldiers and additional living quarters to serve as a staging ground for waging war.
Rolled 6, 5, 12 = 23 (3d20)

>Attack the Sahuagin
We cannot rest anymore, war must begin now r else we shall never be whole again. We attack Ajax first because he is pro squid, and therefore blasphemes against all fishkind.
>Develop iron
The breakthrough made a few generations ago has been found out again, and we are trying to continue making iron
>Hunt outside
Now that we have people trained entirely to help us against goblins, we shall hunt for more food for the tribe.
Rolled 16, 18, 3 = 37 (3d20)

1. improve herding (bonus+ from having Pheasants and Goats resource?)

3. Build a slave market in Mt Kurama
seeing potential demand in the market for slaves, the elders decided to construct a slave market in the center of Mt Kurama to allow people from all over the continent to buy or sell slaves. Messenger are sent to the tengu allies to promote and advertise the construction of the market, boasting that Mt kurama will soon be the biggest slavery central in the entire continent.

2. create the tengu slavers guilds
Not satisfied with only building a market, the elders created the Tengu Slavers guild to better manage the slaves and train them to be obedient, disciplined or something else to fullfill the custom request from a more eccentric or deviant customers. essentially turning common slaves into a luxury goods for certain people.
Rolled 1 (1d4)

======================================================================Tomb Kings Special Event: The military feel useless

Ramses has served as commander of the Kheprite armed forces since the first skeletons took weapons to defend themselves against whatever the desert could throw at them. Over time, more and more skeletons have joined his forces, and as they trained they’ve become a powerful military force, but without any objective. Most of the lifeforms of the area have been already driven out due to the influence of Settra’s altar, and the huge walls around Khepri are sure to keep anyone out. It has been many generations since the birdmen or the greenskins have been sighted, and many believe that they were nothing but illusions of a distant past. The military had nothing to do but try to practice with their weapons, but a new objective was given to them thanks to the new laws of the land: they will be the enforcers and the judges of the common skeletons… but is that enough for them?
The military simply feel left out and unrespected, and many of the worker skeletons continuously slight and ridicule them, for their presence is considered useless and a waste of resources that could be used for something else. Why should the miners and smelters work precious silver into swords that aren’t gonna be used at all? Why shouldn’t they destinate these resources towards making more statues or precious jewels?
Even Ramses himself has been feeling that way lately, as when the opportunity arose to defend the Tomb Kings, he wasn’t allowed to do so by Settra, and no more menaces have been seen that could justify such a large portion of skeletons playing warfare while everyone else was working their hardest. Deep inside, he knows that even now his troops probably won’t see any action related to the new beings discovered to the east, as Settra has proved everytime his lack of interest in conflict.
>Unless the military is used for combat-related tasks, a portion of the units will disband every turn as they go back to work as normal skeletons. Only a small portion of the max number of units will be kept around for Ramses to still feel useful, if only a little.
>No more units can be recruited until using resources on the military makes sense.


Ku Kobold Klan Special event: Sakuyahime’s word spreads!

The wandering musicians once again come back to the Klan’s settlements, spreading with them joy and music… and stories of a goddess of the mountain?
Many people have accepted the cosmovision of the Valeri as their own, with small altars and sacrifices made towards the great heavens and pilgrimages towards the sea in search of the colossal birds, messengers of the Valkur in heaven. However, now the musicians return with the word of Sakuyahime, and even the newly formed Valor musicians also spread their word, with more and more people everyday joining her cult and even pilgrimaging towards the Kurama mountain where she is said to live and spread her wisdom to the faithful. As her religion spreads like wildfire in the region, the faithful from Atlanta have asked for support of the estate to bring great gifts to Mt. Kurama, and build a small temple dedicated to her in the town.
>Get +4 to build a temple dedicated to Sakuyahime. If built, get a portion of her blessing as a bonus. As religion spreads, you’ll also learn the Cletian writing from the missionaries.
>If the Klan builds a temple to Sakuyahime, Kurama Tengu will get another benefit from the pilgrims and the goddess power will increase.

Rolled 16, 20, 16 = 52 (3d20)

Action 1:Church takes over the state (+2)
Our Beautiful Kingdom does not suffer from hunger or disease, as one might think. No, it suffers from an unholy ruler very much to the disgust of our church followers. Our faithful followers who want to change from day to day, they want a ruler who unites church and state, a state of God. But Sir Henzen is unsre as it can lead to destabilization and much suffering. But then he remembers the vision of the Spooks. It was much larger than he originally shared. He originally suppressed the memories,but he saw himself as the ruler of this country. So he accepted the offer to become the new secular ruler, but he will do his best to not rape his country.
Action 2: Recruit Holy Gayrior in Dublin (+4)
To secure the take over, holy soldiers need to Patrol and fight off all, who want to restore the kingdom.
Action 3 : Upgrade the Farm in Limerick 2. (+4)
We will be looking for volunteers among our faithful church supporters to help expand the farm in Limerick 2 so that the people there have more to eat and it will also help the town grow.
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Bonus Roll

Kurama Tengu Special Event: The Valkur sees the light

Since the fight against the lord of the mountain Tianshun, the Kurama and the Valeri have been closer than ever. Not only did the troops prepared together to support the goddess, but they also saw firtshand her divine might and powers. Now, as most of the Valor have turned to believe in the goddess as the earthly companion of Valkur in heaven, soon this belief spread to the higher spheres of the Valeri: Military officials, successful traders and even the Valkur himself.
In a great ceremony at Mt. Kurama, a large portion of the Valeri army led by the Valkur himself have made their offerings and dedicated prayers to Sakuyahime, and she granted them her blessing and approved their beliefs, legitimizing her place alongside Valkur in the Valor pantheon. Not only this means closer relations with the Kurama Tengu, guardians of the mountains, but it also means that the different Valor pilgrims could bring great knowledge and benefits to the Tengu. As a sign of faith, the Valkur promised to help defend the goddess and the faithful to her with all his might, and designated a specially disciplined unit of Valor Guards to protect her temple alongside the Daitengus.
>3 Valor Guards at Veteran (+2) rank join Kurama Tengu’s forces
>The pilgrims grant an extra 2 foods and slaves to Mt. Kurama
>Valeri will now follow Sakuyahime religion.

Rolled 19, 3, 9 = 31 (3d20)

One day Settra was outside Khepri and he was touching the sand. He did not like the way it felt. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. A skeleton was nearby and thought of a great idea that he told Settra: What happens if we make the sand... SMOOTH? Settra's curiosity was peaked, what could this little Skeleton mean? That same Skeleton proceeded to scoop a bunch of sand and put it in a furnace. He then looked back at Settra and said: 'Look how fast I can make a new material!' and then poured a fuck ton of fuel into it. He then took a nap on the sand and Settra did the same for a couple hours until the 'cooking' was done. What they found next was absolutely amazing: The sand became smooth, almost clear! Settra carrased it gently and realized that though it was a solid object you could see through it. It's a miracle!
>Develop Glass (+2 from Luxury)
With the Skeletons fit about the military wasting resources it was about time Settra did something about all those workers because they were the same ones who found him walking down a seat and had 100 of them pop out of the walls and ask him a dozen or so questions. It's funny the first 30 times but not the 31st! With the great minds at the university he devised a new system: the guild system. Basically it let the Skeletons form into groups called 'Guilds' lead by a Guildmaster. The Guildmaster would handle all the interactions to Settra and the higher skeletons instead of every single skeleton harassing Settra. This isn't just a way for him to stop being asked questions by so many skeletons though. The Skeletons said that the resources the military is draining up can be used somewhere else and Ramses is still sulking because of that. If they have ideas on how to use them then why not let them? So with these new guilds, a portion of their resources made/gathered will be their property and can be used for whatever projects they want. Settra made it very clear though that any projects made by them must benefit all Skeletons and not be used for selfish reasons. After this decree he went over to make Ramses feel better.
>Create Guilds (+2 from luxury)
The dire situation of the desert being drained is getting quite close to ‘not being a good time’ as Settra put it and they have discovered at least 3 tribes. Thus the order was given to make contact with these people. Particularly the short ones and the guys that look like abominations. The line of thought being the small ones might like rocks and the pales one also look horrifying so we might get along. Before the expedition left with gifts and a couple armed guards to make sure no funny business happened he ordered them to cover themselves up so they can hide their undead appearance. People really don’t like seeing skeletons so if we can get their trust and THEN reveal we are skeletons it might prove to them we have peaceful intentions.
>Attempt to make contact with the Dorfs,Luthn and Lizards. (+2 from luxury)
Rolled 2 (1d4)

Forgot university roll
>Conversations between Minamoto Kikyo and Kiryuin Emiya

Convincing the Bakuzan to lend support to the Vesovian cause would be no easy feat. The Kiryuin had a well-deserved reputation as political masters. Through deception, economics, and intimidation they had held the seat of Bakuzan for hundreds of years. It had not been unchallenged, but they had always emerged victorious. Kiryuin Emiya was the latest in a long line of Kiryuin Bakuzans and Kikyo knew that he was just as shrewd a shadowmaster as the scorpion Ragyo that led the clan. Walking into the Imperial Palace was walking into a scorpion's nest. Every move that she and her Second made would be watched.

By the time of the meeting she had rehearsed her position over a dozen times and a dozen more for good measure. The meal shared between Ragyo, Emiya, Kikyo and her Second, Nanako, was terse. There was a calm ritual to the layout of the dishes. A starter of steamed clams in fish sauce. Kikyo thought it was an interesting choice, as calms typically weren't starters. It didn't dawn on her until Nanako whispered to her to watch the hands of Emiya and Ragyo. The Kiryuins were using one clamshell to pull the meat from the other. The symbolism was clear. It would take a hard shell and finesse to beat a hard shell. Nanako and Kikyo ate their clams by using a small sharpened stick to spear the meat from the fish. A surgical strike could do with less friction than a large one. Ragyo nodded. Emiya looked nonplussed.

The following course was a simple fish roll. The course came out well arranged in beautiful colors pleasing to the eye in its plating. She eyed the selection. Bright golds, vibrant reds, delicate pinks. Her eyes were drawn to the most vibrant and gorgeously arranged roll. It was the bright red that she recognized as the flesh of a deadly moonfish. The most appetizing morsel is the most dangerous. Kikyo had little issue with the test. The sauce from the earlier dish contained enough acid to neutralize the poison provided it was let to sit. Patience and planning could nullify trickery. For this, Emiya showed some surprise. The sauce's properties were not well known as most did not eat or prepare moonfish at all. He had not touched his nor had Ragyo.

The third dish was a roasted whale steak with a side of potatoes. Whales were a food staple, a trial of manhood, and the penultimate test of nautical skill and bravery. It took multiple ships to take down large whales. She could tell by the cut and bubbling fat that this was nothing short of an orca, the most deadly of whales. Had Emiya been preparing for this? She ate quietly, puzzling over the potatoes. They had symbolism. Every aspect of the dish did. She knew that whales were a tough creature to beat. Traditional whaling parties often had a lead ship that would cast the first spear to establish a line and the others would then follow. That much was clear. The poked one with her chopstick and was surprised to find it full of a gold liquid.
File: 1603773865841.jpg (943 KB, 1280x894)
943 KB
943 KB JPG
The Irish. In response, neither she or Nanako ate any potatoes. The Irish would be left out of this one way or another but she would not lead them as Taishogun.

The final course was a banana cake drizzled with honey served on a plate of fine clay inlaid with a ring gold. The disk was placed before her. The honey shocked her. It wasn’t found Hango. It was only found in Sakai. The meaning there was plain. Would it not be best to focus on the home? Bananas were the staple crop responsible for food and clothing. Honey was the culinary symbol of the Minamoto and had immense potential as an export and source of wealth. The ring of gold was an offer of close relations. She looked up and noticed that Ragyo held a ruby-pommeled knife andn oticed then that her own set lacked such ornamentation. The pair looked at one another for a long moment. Kikyo knew that if she passed the dish forward it would would be ending the Minamoto’s control over the ruby mines. Nanako leaned in close to whisper to her.

“I know your grandmother swore to protect and aid the Vesovians, but calling the Clans to war is a large step for an ally that departed these lands nearly a century ago. Perhaps you should accept the Kiryuin’s offer.” Kikyo shook her head. She put down her knife and sticks and pushed the dish toward the Kiryuin. She could feel Nanako’s disapproval, but Kikyo was firm in her decision. It was enough for the Kiryuins. With a gesture from Emiya the plates were cleared. Negotiations would begin in earnest, with both positions having been made clear.

By the time Kikyo and Nanako left Kattin three days later a deal had been worked out. The Bakuzan would own the ruby mines – not the Minamoto. In exchange, he would permit Minamoto Kikyo to become war-leader. Her authority in military matters regarding the issue of the Vesovians was hers alone, to be overridden at any time by either Kiryuin Emiya or his Second. It meant that she could call upon the other Clans to provide manpower and that the cost of the campaign would be an imperial concern instead of her own.
File: Mundo 2020-11-17-09-08.png (460 KB, 1264x761)
460 KB
460 KB PNG

Three Tribes Join the Other tribes:

The Balaur, Drakon and Virm were living for eons in these parts, living off the land and worrying about their own problems. Why do they live together? No one knows for sure, but these tribes have managed to live peacefully for many generations, including the mysterious Virm. However, as it happens one day to all sentient beings, a line is crossed that breaks the inertia of living by mere instinct, and now the three tribes have become truly sentient beyond their primitive instincts. A new player appears in the northeast corner of the world.

>As a late start, the Three tribes (Balaur) start with 5 bonus actions.
>Start with 3 units: One Melee and 2 Mixed


It had been some time since the three tribes had formed, yet, longer has it been since much progress past that initial stage of disunified bands of 'tribes' which were little more than loose families. However, in the past few years that has changed. The lands of the Tribul Aripii Daur, mainly made up of Balaur with their purely carnivorous diet and martial ways were in between the quite orderly Srebŭrno planinsko pleme made up mainly of Draken with their diet of meat and strange metals. And the Pleme Valtirept made up of the Virm and their strange system of tribal governance and diet of plants alongside meats. And, this situation was a curios one. For, while the Srebŭrno planinsko pleme and Pleme Valtirept were similar in regards to language, the Tribul Aripii Daur was noticeably distinct from the two. Even so, the tribes lived surprisingly peacefully for now, mainly due to their shared religious beliefs, similar outward appearances and no real need to expand or compete for resources at such an early stage of civilization with their current population. Even so, for the Tribul Aripii Daur, there was a number of important developments ongoing, mainly relating to building and organization. Some could say this was them emulating Srebŭrno planinsko pleme, but this wasn't necessarily the case. More so a simple result of a desire to have more tools of flint and a place for hunters and by extension potential future warriors to have a place to properly bring back and butcher the fruits of their hunt, along with a simple expansion of the settlement itself. Meanwhile, some working on such buildings would quietly try and find better ways to make them, and some of the few oldest among them attempted to discover a way to teach others long after they were gone. Yet, even so as this work went on, the Tribul Aripii Daur were still a martial society, and as such much of their efforts were dedicated at the moment to work on bettering the skills and abilities of their warriors. The Daur Hărțuitori and Daur Praduitor of the tribes practicing, sparring, and so forth to better their craft.
Rolled 16 (1d20)


Yet during this, one of the hunters considered skilled enough to join the Daur Hărțuitori, while flying back to Țărmuldeur, would have accidentally dropped the stone part of the spear they had broken, and, upon flying down to retrieve it, would see that it managed to strike a unfortunate rabbit. Yet, this gave the young soon to be warrior a idea. And, after gathering a number of flint spear heads, would fly out with a number of them to test a curios idea they had, and would drop them upon the first large animal they saw, that being a bear. Surprisingly, while many missed, a good deal hit and badly wounded the bear, which was able to be finished off and brought home...The explanation of how such a young hunter killed such a beast quickly became a curios idea for the Tribul Aripii Daur's warriors. The thought was, potentially, if flint could be worked upon to be made specifically to be dropped from the sky, it could be used as a way for the younger and lesser trained Daur Hărțuitori to better be able to participate in war and fight enemies. Some would consider this a bit of an unfair method of fighting, though a simple argument of it being no different from thrown spears would usually get them to stop.
Rolled 3, 9, 7 = 19 (3d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The state of Alabama is in disarray with the tragic sinkholes. The Birmginhamians scramble to repair their village. The terraformers and stone cutters prepare to continue construction to improve the settlement to township. A brass band play a upbeat tempo song for the workmen to increase their morale.

The Atlantaians become full of fervour when the army returns with victory over King Cletia the 4th. The Kobolds of the state of Georgie become convinced that it was heavenly guidance that delivered this victory.
They begin constructing a temple to Sakuyahime the new goddess of the mountain of Tengu. This temple will have art cut into the stone walls of the temple to show the history of the Valkur and Sakuyahime joining into one patheon. A group of musicians, weilding wood wind instruments, flute and toot in the honour of Sakuyahime during the construction.

Kentucky scouts return to the three states. They speak of a new oasis but not many Kobolds listen. They hire a composer to write a piece of music, detailing th glories of this new northern oasis with its extra food and in view of a new mountain range. When it is complete, the White Kobold First Orchestra play the piece in the three settlements for the kobolds.
The three governors meet to discuss this moving music that has many of the white kobold grape vine, bursting with northern oasis rumours. They gather some of the terraformers and some of the more inspired families; the governors write up a charter for them to begin their own state: Virginia.
The travelers set out to make a hamlet at this new oasis and call it Richmond.

>Fix/improve Birmginham into town
(+2 stone cutter, +1 terraformer +1 musical luxury good =
+4 to roll)

>Make temple at Atlanta
(+2 stone cutter, +1 musical luxury good, and +4 from event=
+7 bonus to roll)

>Make new state: Virginia with hamlet called Richmond at Northern oasis
(+1 terraformer, +1 musical luxury good, +4 from scouting ahead =
+6 bonus to roll)
Rolled 8, 3, 20, 15 = 46 (4d20)

>King Koala the Great changes name to Marsupalian Kingdom

>hold examinations in the eastern tribes to further the integration
To bring the administrations of our Kingdom and our vassals closer, we going to recruit scholar-gentleman out of their territories. This should also allow us in the future to move the power of the rulers there to our very much more competent gentleman, with less complains from the local population.

>establish ministry for building and city planning
The current state of our cities is very dire, they often have bad energies, which cause unhappines. We also see how time and again good citizens are cheated by such self-proclaimed builders who build houses but then fall into ruins in just a few years. This can’t go on any longer. We need a ministry to regulate these problems. They shall control that only in areas get build that don’t disturb the ghosts living there, while also considering the energy flows. It is also going to give out licenses to builders, who have shown that they do reliable work, so our people don’t have to risk getting scammed. This should also help us, if we plan to build anything in the future.

>upgrade farm in Eucalyptaria +6 (3+ Eucalyptus, +3 adaptive bonus through farm in the capital Dropbearton)
The current times of peace are unknown for so long. Finally, the King can delegate attention to the farmers in Eucalyptaria and their needs. Their interests were put back for decades, but now he sends out farmers from Dropbearton, who can work double the area of fields, because of their more efficent cutting techniques and workers who can help turn the wild nature into fields for our eucalyptus trees.

>upgrade stockpile in Dropbearton
We need to secure our food reserves in case of bad times. One day the sun may not shine as much as today, and then we need reserves, so our people don’t have to live in starvation, as they did in past.
Rolled 1, 9, 18, 6 = 34 (4d20)

>Finish expanding wheat farm at Sea's Maw (+1 luxury, +2 wheat, +2 government bonus)
It's close to advanced so let's finish it

>Develop battering rams (+1)
With the easing the maths brought to measurements and making new constructions some new ideas sparked. One of them was to better our ability of bringing down walls, based on the old concept of gobs using a big log to hit hard walls, it was made a proper construction to protect the wielders and the main hitting thing got a different design, with a rock and metal mix for better impact.

>Build walls at Fortaleza (+3)
Being at the border with the fishmen territory and the remaing deserts trying to harrass it, the governor order for an expansion of it1s defenses.

>Expand mine at Fortaleza (+3)
We've left the ore production stable for some epochs now and it's time to improve it for the republic's coming projects.
File: Battering_ram.png (568 KB, 450x600)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
forgot pic for the ram
Discord invite as the last one was badly configured, sorry about that. This one shouldn't expire.

Rolled 18, 16, 3 = 37 (3d20)

> improve our training regimes
The world hates us. It is clear, everything shows it: the waters bring death to us, the rocks bring death to us, the fires take our homes, while the air watches uncaring. This world hates us. So we must hate the world.
Break your old spears of tin and brass and forge new spears, spears of hate and blood and bone and skin: for this is what remains to us, bones and blood, and this is what we will believe from now on. Kill, Maim, Burn, this is our new philosophy, our new way of life. Nature does nothing but fight us, it is time we fight back

> restore the mines
We have pots have we not? Then perhaps those lazy sacks of skin we call our miners should move and start taking care of the water filled mines!
Bring every hand to lift a pot, and bring every dead rock to fill the holes in our mine’s walls! The deep are our territory, and the dead do not have the right to linger there

> if I have the pop to sustain it, train more minutemen
So, if we want to wage a war, we need more soldiers do we not? More, more, more minutemen! Our spears shall blot out the hateful sky!
Perhaps the current leader is *a bit* warmongering
The settlement of Fortaleza was always considered a frontier town. Even as it developed and became essential for its metals production the town itself always felt the sting of isolation. As the army mutinied and banditry became more common, the inhabitants of the town increasingly felt the need to defend themselves separately from the increasingly absent central government. Mining operations were expanding because of what few orders the central government could slip in and to defend the settlement a simple wooden palisade was constructed to defend Fortaleza from attackers. Made from thick, tall logs, and guarded by a gatehouse; it was an effective but simple fortification. It was enough to keep bandits from attacking the settlement directly though. Through strange coincidence the battering ram was developed by some army units, but worryingly it seemed to have spread just as quickly to the mutinous forces headed to hunt the fishmen for their meat. There were difficulties in Sea’s Maw that few could have anticipated. Orders to expand wheat production in the fields near the capitol had initially been carried out with care, but increasing banditry had pushed many farmers and even some larger estates to shelter, which caused numerous delays and small yields. Under ordinary circumstances, this could have proven disastrous. Fortunately for the goblins, decades of good planning and storage left both enough grain to alleviate immediate pressures and seeds to recoup the losses. Also, soon the bandits were pushed away by the loyal forces. It was an avoided period of struggle granted by good planning and food storage developments.
>Walls were built at Fortaleza (120% strength).
>The battering ram was created, and can now be recruited.
>Mine at fortaleza improved to basic +. Keep upgrading to get more minerals.
>No famine will happen at Sea’s Maw, but no upgrade either.
>All amateur units (5) of the army will desert and join the bandits and hunters near the fishmen.
46.8/52 Population needed for bonus actions. Actions this turn: 4.
>Tomb Kings
Glass was marvelous. While its practical uses weren’t many, it was very pretty and would make an excellent addition to jewelry. Some also felt glass could be used industry, although they’d need more time to figure it out. Settra could, of course, throw his weight behind one movement or the other. Should they figure out methods of using glass for leisure, or for science? He only had the time and capital to pick one though. The effort to reorganize the skeletons fell flat in the face of resistance. The skeletons didn’t want to take orders from guildmasters. They wanted to continue to do things their own way like they had for millennia. Settra found it difficult to break through the stubborn resistance put forth and expended much of his political capital in the failed venture to do so. For now, skeletons would do as skeletons wanted to do. Efforts to contact other races seemed to be mildly successful. The draconic beings were easily to find as their settlements were in plain sight, but the mountain tribes were a radically different story. There was some idea of where the Dwarven and Luthn settlements were, but they were hidden from plain sight and it would require a directed effort to scout more effectively such a large area. For this, the scouts had to choose what direction they wanted to focus in.
>Choose to either turn glass into a luxury, or use it for more academic pursuits.
>Guilds couldn’t be created, and skeles will still abide only by the law and not guild restrictions.
>Three tribes found, and can use diplo with them. Choose to either discover Coinam (Luthn) or Virn Dural (Rursarlum). Can start diplo with the one that is discovered.
>This is the last turn where Altinin will grow.
28/30 population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
The preparations were made in Hawaii to attack the forces of Ajax. Messengers were sent to Atlantis as well to coordinate, but by the eve of battle no sign of Atlantean forces was anywhere to be seen. Ajax’s men had come to meet them on the battlefield. The Hawaiians could fight Ajax and keep the glory, or retreat and try to fight again another day with the Atlanteans. In Hawaii the efforts to refine the ironmaking process went nowhere. There was crucial developments missing that made the current process simply too cutting edge to improve further. New hunting spaces were established in the countryside to provide meat, and it was through these that the Hawaiians discovered a large force of Goblins riding wolves making their way quickly toward Hawaii and Atlantis.
>Choose to fight Ajax (Roll: 6) or retreat and wait for the Atlanteans. If a battle starts, Atlanteans might come to help.
>Iron can’t be improved further at this point.
>A Basic + Hunting development was created at Hawaii. Roll effect increased thanks to ironworking and the interceptors.
16.4/24 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
>Tuath De
The honourable Sir Henzen has been the head of the inquisition for awhile now. He commands not only one of the strongest institutions of the realm but commands the monastic order and their troops. After the purges the Church has sworn fealty to him and the population itself is in support of him. He had thoughts of unifying the Church and State but with his memory of the visions from so long ago finally re-entering his mind he has decided now is the time. On a quiet afternoon he gathered the members of the Inquisition and all who were loyal to him and marched straight down into the Dublin and proudly proclaimed that from now on: The Church and State shall be one! The Heavenly Kingdom of the Potato has been proclaimed! All hail to the King chosen by God! A few days after the ousting of the previous rulers and him being put in charge of his new kingdom he heard rumours of a loyalist plot to overthrow him and return to the monarchy before. If this was true then his forces currently would not be enough to hold them back, thus he sent out his loyal aides to recruit the most loyal to defend the new realm. To his shock, more people volunteered then he originally thought would show up. His Zealous troops showed a fervour for battle that he has never seen before as he looks upon his new force filled with pride. They in turn swear absolute loyalty to the great Potato and Henzen, chosen by God. To feed a growing army though more food is required. The farms in Dublin have received the most attention recently so Henzen in his infinite wisdom decided that farms in Limerick 2 should be the focus of a renewed growth plan. The builders worked tirelessly filled with religious zeal and a couple years later Henzen heard the reports that the farms have been expanded much to his enjoyment.
>By joining Faith and Government, the people are as motivated as ever. Next turn, all actions will be a great success (Roll 16), and they don’t need to be rolled for.
>5 Holy Warriors were recruited in Dublin at veteran (+2) rank.
>Farm at Limerick 2 upgraded from Basic straight to Improved thanks to the faithful.
26.9/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
The development of food production in Kurama came in the form of pheasant farms and goat herders. Pheasants could easily be contained in small pens and bred for meat and eggs while goats could rule the mountainside, happily chomping away at literally anything under the watchful eye of kotengu shepherds. The pheasants, under the careful attention of the Cletian slaves, began to get fatter, slower, and dumber. Also, they were losing their ability to fly. Better for eating. Less so for hunting. In the city proper new space was cleared for a slave market, which quickly came to dominate the city’s economy and exports. Slaves from Cletia were exceptionally popular for their intelligence and usefulness and with the fall of Cletia the new market was thick with the pale, tattooed bodies of Cletians freshly captured. The reputation of Mt. Kurama as the center of the slave trade began to grow, with word of the slave markets reaching as far to the point that Squids merchants arrive routinely to conduct business. With so much focus made on the quick turnaround of slaves there wasn’t much time to really cultivate a space to train them to do much and the plan was put aside for later.
>Herding development at Mt. Kurama upgraded to Basic +, and get +4 to keep improving it next time.
>The slave market is a success, and no longer it will be necessary to hunt for slaves to get them. Once per turn, you can use an action to buy slaves from the market to increase your population (No roll, up to 3 slaves might be bought at once). Also, slaves revolting won’t happen due to a weak military, but if their numbers surpass the main race. Other tribes that have knowledge of the market can use actions to buy slaves, and for each one that does will grant +4 to all rolls that turn.
>The Slavers guild idea couldn’t be materialized, and this in turn disable the cletian slaves mechanic to discover stuff.
18.6+14/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
Global event: The power of the Goddess

Sakuyahime was badly beaten after defeating Tianshun, but despite her condition she still gave blessings and illuminated the path of those in need and the faithful. Over time, her powers started increasing, and now that the faithful can be counted in the thousands her temple at Mt. Kurama is one of the most visited places of the world. With her newfound energy, the goddess could finally make her dream come true: Make Mt. Kurama her sacred refuge and garden again.
Using her incredible powers, the goddess transformed the mostly barren mountain into a large garden in the brink of an eye, filled with the most colorful wildlife and animals, along with a large portion of the surrounding area. With the zone placed under her eternal protection, life shines and prospers once again.

>Mt. Kurama and surrounding mountainous areas will get +4 to bonus environment food.
>Ku Kobold Klan
The storm devasted Birmingham deeply. Many Kobolds living there, became homeless and were starving. Then something amazing happened. The Kobolds of the other villages, from poor to rich, from old to young, they all decided to help. Donations of tools and cattle came in. While the states governors decided to send voluntary workers to help repair the damage caused by the storm. This collective aid reminded the Kobolds of what they could achieve if they worked together. Meanwhile the people of Atlanta welcomed a foreign religion and music praising her goddess, called Sakuyahime, can be heard in every part of the city. The followers decided to build a temple to her glory and even though the people are already quite busy with helping their brothers in Birmingham, they did create a beautiful building, attracting widespread attention. But not only that, the temple seemingly increases the luck of the people. Some people still don’t like the new developments, as they dislike this new foreign way, but the religion is now a steady part of Kobold society. Further North, colonists were sent out with a charter to create the new state of Virginia. Well equipped, full of motivation and belief they went out and started to settle the oasis. Even if the desert around it is not very welcoming, the people are very happy in Richmond. The collected food is plenty and variegated, but these days end shortly and the people forget in their bliss that they had to protect their independence. Soon, Kentucky leaders came from the settlement of Frankfort and took this as an opportunity to take over the political leadership. They say Richmond is too small to be independent, that’s why it will stay a part of Kentucky, till it has grown… or so they promise.
>Birmingham was repaired, bronze production could be resumed and the population will grow as normal. The wounded units were reinforced.
>With the temple of Sakuyahime come the learned pilgrims, and they spread writing and reading in the Klan. Sakuyahime’s blessing to the Kobolds grants protection from bad rolls, but extremely low and crit failures can still happen.
>Richmond was created at the northern oasis, however they won’t become a state until the infrastructure of the settlement is increased. They will instead be part of the state of Kentucky.
51.9+7/60 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
Ku Kobold Klan special event: Encroaching of the states

With new settlements and the following colonial enthusiasm, it is natural that they will be guided by an older state before turning independent and equals in the confederacy. However, the movements made by Kentucky seem far from the paternal attitude and rather the inhabitants feel like they’re under a watchful eye, their every move and discovery reaching the ears of the politicians from Frankfort. Only time will tell if they will truly upheld the precepts of the law, but that will only be decided the moment Richmond reaches that point.

>When Richmond reaches settlement level 2, a 1d2 will be rolled. On a 1, Richmond won’t become another state and will instead join Frankfort, possibly causing a rebellion if the settlement increases in importance.
The competition is an absolute success, as the expert craftsmen of almost all the clans showed their designs to help improve the survivability of our armed forces. Using local materials like plant fibers, bones, various leathers from the local animals and copper, the craftsmen competed and it took the judges many days to decide the winner that would outfit the army. In an abrupt change of events, the Marshall itself decided to choose as the judges were taking very long to decide and he feared lobbying and corruption. Separating the wheat from the chaff was an arduous task because the quality of the armors were very high, but in the end he choose the work of an artisan from a small clan. This armor was flexible yet tough, and used copper and leather, along with plant fibers to be comfortable enough for the wearer. Instead of using solid copper pieces sewn into the leather, the armor was made of a fine mesh that could stop javelins and even prevent cuts, while being light enough to outfit the lightest of militia. Along with it, some smaller accessories granted an extra degree of armor like hardened gloves, armbraces and spaulders.
At Virn Dural, the excavations started to help with the obtaining of raw metals for the foundry. The work was hard, but the dwarves were used to the stone and with their advanced tools they completed the work in a fraction of the time it could take to less accustomed races. Not only the mine found the copper they were looking for, but many small tunnels and chambers were created to house mushroom farms to feed the workers, and their large quantity now feeds an important part of the population of the settlement.
>Units can now have the armored trait. Thanks to the quality of the armor, the armored trait can even be given to light, mixed and ranged units, and it won’t reduce the maneuver value of them. Units without the armored trait will still be outfitted with protective accessories, and their shock will be increased by 1.
>Basic mine created at Virn Dural. Mine will extract copper.
>Proto + Mushrooms farm created at Virn Dural thanks to the mine expansion.
16.66/18 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
>Marsupialia Empire
The meritocratic system treats everyone equally, and gives everyone the chance to join the examination. For this, only a single examination is held per year and only the most capable are selected. However, how can we expect the eastern tribes to believe in this system if over 99% of the bureaucrats are Koalas? There were reasons, as the Kangaroos were barely holding together and spent all their efforts in rebuilding, and the Wombats were recovering from the heavy losses and repopulating their countryside, but now that the war is gone it was time to open up the system to everyone. However, troubles have risen as the Wombats say they won’t take an examination together with the Kangaroos, and some have even said that they would prefer to be illiterate rather than using the Kangaroo script. Such deep hatred between these two tribes is hard, and thus, a choice is to be made.
Despite our best efforts, the number of educated bureaucrats is too small to create a dedicated ministry of building and development. The meritocratic system and the bureaucrat machine will have to mature before we can really attempt to subdivide even more the government structure.
The people at Eucalyptaria needed more food, and more food is what the government provided. Using the extensive knowledge of the Eucalyptus, the expansion, clearing and planting of the new trees went without any complications, and soon a large farm was established in the old capital of our people. Not only that, but everything predicts that it will soon be large enough to rival the one at Dropbearton.
Improving an stockpile is no easy task, but new methods and fresh ideas from the newly educated Koalas soon allowed us to improve upon the existing designs and increase the capacity of stockpile greatly.
>Further integration couldn’t be achieved due to deep hatred from the Wombats towards the Kangaroos.
>Ministry for building and city planning couldn’t be created due to lack of bureaucrats
>Eucalyptaria’s farm upgraded to improved level, and the next roll will be twice as effective to improve it.
>Stockpile at Dropbearton upgraded to basic + level, and get +3 to improve it next time.
39.36/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
Marsupialian Empire special event: The examination

The examination has been conflictive to say the least in the lands of our Wombat subjects. The Kangaroos are excellent administrators, and have showed great potential in intellectual and bureaucratic matters and it’s only a matter of time before they reach the highest places of our hierarchy. On the other hand, the Wombats aren’t specially interested in an organization like this, and some believe that they just send random people from their armed forces to do the examinations just to mess with the Kangaroos. With some even claiming that the Kangaroo alphabet is a curse that must be extirpated, it might be wise to act now to prevent any future conflicts regarding the examination. Now it’s up to the Wise and Old Marsupial to decide the future of the system. Choose one of the following.
>Nothing will be done and meritocracy will be upheld: things will go as they’ve been going until now.
>Differentiated examinations will be carried, to help Wombats get a seat in the hierarchy.
>The Kangaroos will be banned from further examinations to please the Wombats.
>Make some concessions (Write-in then roll).
The Minutemen are the toughest warriors our people have, but not everyone can be a Minutemen. A lot of training is needed to become a true Minutemen, and for this, more and more specialization they’ve been acquiring to protect our people from the outside world, in which the only shining spark are our allies, the dwarves. By increasing the level of readiness of our military and commanders, and training the units in this new methodology the army has reached a new level of cohesion and organization, allowing large numbers of minutemen to move as a single unit with ease as every member knows the orders in battle, greatly increasing the capacity of our people of having large number of units in the field.
To restore the mines, plans were made… but it won’t be possible until the abominations are slaughtered and driven off. Let us move then, to retake what is ours from the clutches of these wretched beings… or we can wait some more until the abominations decay on their own.
With the new training regime, more and more people with no apparent skills soon were turned into killing machines, proud to serve the Minutemen.
>Thanks to advanced training, another unit can fit inside the groups in battle (4 => 5 max).
>Choose to attack the abominations inside the mine using the 16 roll, or wait them out. If waiting, the mine will be restored automatically next turn.
>4 more Minutemen were trained at Veteran (+2) rank, ignoring the bad roll and using the 18 thanks to the training regimes action this time.
28/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
>Three tribes
To achieve the heights our tribe is destined to, first and foremost is the gathering of food. For this, hunting parties were sent in more numbers than even before, and these skillful hunters soon created refugees among the depths of the jungle to easily access their prey, and routines and characteristics of the local animals were shared between the different hunting groups. Soon, fresh meat started arriving to Țărmuldeur, and the people had never before been as fed as now… but perhaps it’s too much meat as some of it is going bad. For this, some of the cooks of the tribe started trying to find out how to preserve these foods to help our people stockpile more and more food for their future growth. This new surge in hunting activity led to large numbers of tools being demanded: javelins, bolas, nets and a fantastic new invention: the bow. It doesn't have such a long range, and it takes a lot of skill and practice to achieve a decent level of accuracy, but there’s no beast around that can’t be killed by a skillful shot in the head. Thanks to this, the amount of successful hunts has greatly increased, and the number of hunters wounded by animal attacks has reduced, granting a boost to our food gathering capabilities. With all the meat around, it was just a matter of time before the big predators and scavengers of the rainforest came to the settlement, and soon going out of the settlement was a dangerous task for the inexperienced. For this, the hunters cleared the nearby area of dangerous animals as the rest of the tribe expanded the settlement’s fence to keep the animals at bay at large distances from the main campfires. With the extra space reclaimed from the rainforest, more Balaur will be able to live comfortably in the area and more tents will be able to be built to house the artisans and craftsmen. In the process of building these new homes and rooms, some of the Balaur decided to try and use all the wood from the trees to fashion themselves houses and cabins made of logs, but soon they discovered that the wood from the jungle had a fatal flaw: it decayed at an alarming rate. As soon as it was cut, fungi and lichen started attacking the exposed fibers, and the houses were simply uninhabitable after a few months. Bows and tools made of wood are easy to replace, but a house takes a lot of wood and it simply isn’t affordable in the long run unless a way to protect the logs is found. For now, people will keep using the hides as cover from the elements.
A Balaur elder knew the end of his life was near, as he had already lived past his many brothers and sisters, and after 180 winters, his body was reminding him constantly about it. He wanted to share his story with his great - grandsons, and tell them about his life and his many years cooking eggs at the central campfire… but the grandsons weren’t interested, for all they wanted was being hunters. He tried to imagine a way to transfer this story to a more durable medium, one that would stay long after his demise, but he knew that his desire was selfish, as the Balaur live long and have a lot of time to share with the younger generations what they think is worth sharing. For this, he went to sleep and died peacefully afterwards.
Using the method that one of the skilled hunters used to take down a bear, a new way of killing things was devised, and despite it’s primitive origins of just dropping stuff and waiting for the best to happen, the most daring of the Balaur would fly directly to their targets at great speeds from a vertical angle before dropping the sharp stones at them, causing a much higher damage. Using this “dive bombing” technique as they call it, they were capable of killing almost any beast… but the hides were left useless and completely tattered, so it was a method more popular for the new and inexperienced, and the more experienced hunters preferred the precision and elegance of an arrow through the head to hunt.
>A Basic + Hunters development was created at Țărmuldeur
>The toolmaker grants bows, and improves the food acquired from hunting by +1 per development level. Also, the ability of the Balaur when hunting grants +3 to creating and improving hunting developments.
>With the invention of the bow, ranged units can now be conscripted. However, these won’t benefit from any maneuver bonus from flying as firing the bow requires to be standing in solid ground.
>The materials that the tribe can access aren’t suited for structures, and it will make development harder. Get -3 to all developments, defenses and settlement upgrade rolls until more durable materials are found.
>Why try to immortalize ideas if our race is long lived and has plenty of time to share their ideas with the newer generations? Get -6 to develop writing next time.
>Dive bombing technique grants the charger tag to be used on units, and passively increases the shock value of these units.
8.82/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2
The new formation of the hedgehog seemed simple enough, but for some reason the troops just couldn’t coordinate well enough and their effectiveness was plainly terrible. Bad accuracy, poor physical form and constant fights between the regiments are the things that describe the newly raised troops. Under normal circumstances, they would’ve been rejected completely, but some of the bureaucrats cited the importance of having a strong army around to keep the martial clans pleased. “They might not be strong, but at least we can call them when needed” was the phrase the Bakuzan said before signing the papers to officialize this rabble of soldiers.
The armor created was effective, and readily available for most clans… but the Oshabi pushed for the use of metals for the armors as they were more effective (and the iron was under their control). Using their influence and trade connections, they soon managed to regulate the quality of the armor available by creating guilds that would ensure that the same methods were using in every part within the reach of Najin, and that a portion of the resources needed for it would come exclusively from the Oshabi. The standard armor is effective, but it simply can’t be compared to the powerful armor made of iron that they managed to place on the markets.
Cultivation of the lands around Sakai went well, and the crops gathered there were of an impressive quality and deliciousness, even fighting toe to toe against the crops from Nara and soon they fetched a large price on the markets back home. The key was the pollinators, as large quantities of bees now feed on the nectar of the orchards and farms nearby Sakai, with the byproduct of honey being greatly demanded and enjoyed by most orcs.
A new training ground was built in Sakai to prepare for the military operations that will soon happen on the continent. Featuring various combat arenas, practice yards and even a dedicated medical staff to treat the wounds that could happen to the rookies, it’s the perfect place to raise an army.
>6 Hedgehog of Amateur (-2) rank recruited at Kattin. Scholars turned the 1 into a 2.
>The armor created is widespread, and will increase the shock of troops. Armored tag unlocked, but it can only be used by heavy units. Units with armored tags will see their melee and fire stats increased over the normal stats.
>Guilds created, but these are controlled by the Oshabi. For now, they control the iron and leather production.
>A basic + farm was created in sakai, and proto beekeeping was created thanks to the good roll.
>Thanks to the training field, all units recruited in Sakai will get experienced (+1) level as minimum no matter the roll, and the recruit rolls in that settlement won’t fail. Additionally, get an extra +3 to develop only one of the following tags: Charger, Ambusher, Defender, Berserk, Precise.
68.1 + 4 Population. Max numbers of bonus actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
Najin special event: The Great city of Oshabi.

The Oshabi have made a great effort to surpass Kattin since the settlement of the area. A long history of innovations and prowess have made Oshabi one of the busiests ports of the archipelago, and most of foreign trade with the Squidmen is carried in it’s harbours. Not only that, but the recent acquisition of a monopoly of iron and the negotiations conducted to use Oshabine leather have led to an undisputed trade hegemony of the Oshabi, and their influence goes beyond even the seas. Finally, their hard work and cunning have paid off and they can finally say that Oshabi is the greatest city of the archipelago.

>Oshabi has been upgraded to settlement level 4: City.
>Oshabi clan autonomy has increased
>Once per turn, there’s a chance that Oshabi will do actions on their own.
Witch Quest: Najin

“So, we’ll save my people by the might of arms”

The witch burns an image in the conscience of Kikyo… eerily resembling… a map?
Images start appearing, one after the other… they’re directions, the place where the landing will take place. It’s a land ravaged by warfare, where birdmen enslave… humans?
They look savage, yet calmly take the prisoners away to a great mountain, far away from their homeland to serve forcefully their masters. Bypedal lizards do the rest, and rain death against the humans.

“They’re the Cletians, descendants of my people”
“They lost their faith long ago, they cannot be saved”

They look like the Visovians, but the witch keeps showing images of the coast, slowly receding towards the ocean and accelerating at incredible speed. A group of large vessels, en route to the location. The calculations of the witch were incorrect, her people will arrive much sooner than expected.

Omens of a large battle take place: It’s the Najin fighting against the Birdmen. The Birdmen have the upper edge, and the Najin are suffering heavy casualties. A couple of units try to break the assault, only to get mowed to the ground by arrows and large boulders. It’s a massacre.

“My people will be destroyed, how do you expect me to win?”
“We’ll win, don’t you doubt it… but not in a way you would expect”
“The last of my magic will allow us to win, but to do it I need you to capture at least one of each of these beings”
“The Leprechauns know where they are”
“Capture them, and bring them to the red ore mines, for there we will perform the miracle that will save my people”.
“Your first opportunity will soon arise: Some Cletian refugees are attempting to flee towards the Leprechauns: intercept the pursuers”

>Before 4 turns, the ritual must be performed
>Capture at least one of the following to perform it: Daitengu, Kobold, Valor
>Lady Kikyo and her trusted bodyguards will become a unit that can be used to travel the world and look for opportunities to capture these beings.

(This side quest will be solved in the quest's discord)
Rolled 4 (1d4)

Getting university roll out of the way

The fall of Cletia: Effects.

>Ku Kobold Klan:
>Cletian farmers will grant +4 for food related developments. This bonus applies to two rolls.
>Cletian Scholars will grant a discovery on a d4 roll. On a 4, slaves discover something.
>Cletian Smiths will teach the KKK how to smelt and work with iron, and provide 4 iron.

>Kurama Tengu:
>Cletian engineers will grant +4 to improve the infrastructure of a development, build defenses or other non-food related improvement. This bonus applies to two rolls.
>Addition of even more Cletian Scholars will improve the odds of them discovering something. Roll to discover is now 1d3, and on a 3 success.
>Cletian traders reveal the location of Najin, Squidmen and Fishmen (Ajax). Can now do diplomacy with them, and these tribes can use the slave market. Squidmen will regularly make offers.

Elephants return to wilderness...

Rolled 5, 17 = 22 (2d20)


Things had gone well for the Tribul Aripii Daur, with a number of new works done in the settlement, and hunting providing more food than ever before with new unique tactics and equipment for both war and hunting. However, among the group which attempted to build better homes, ones which were better able to protect them and were a bit more comfortable, one would come to have a very simple idea and solution. Why not make the buildings out of stone instead? After all, from what they knew, unlike the wood, stone didn't rot. When told to the others who tried making more comfortable houses, they would go about on a number of different kinds of ways of going about it. From the few suborn who slowly chipped away at rocks to try and make them take different shapes, to others who simply tried cobbling a bunch of stone together in a way that wouldn't collapse and would be durable. A wide verity of techniques and attempts would be made, and with it, a few unique structures would be made in Țărmuldeur. If those structures would actually stay standing for long, or be replaced by some other kind, was another matter entirely.

However, there was not just work on rocks for constructs, but work on something that was deemed very important by Serghei Movilă, the current leader of the tribe. For some time, the Tribul Aripii Daur has been focused on merely ways to better their lives and their ability for war. However, in this, they have not done much for the four. The Aspecte ale Divinității needed to be focused upon, so that the wills of the four forces and knowledge of the cycles could be gained. Many would be tested, and those who clearly could communicate with one of the four would be made shaman to one of the four, be it Earth, Body, Spirit or Life. For while Earth and Body are not kind, and are destructive forces, they are still tied to Spirit and Life respectively. To understand them all, and give worship, would be key to warding off disaster from Earth and Body, and perhaps even gain blessings from Spirit and Life.

>Attempt to use stone instead of wood to fix this construction problem (Masonry)

>Attempt to establish proper shamans.
Rolled 18, 2, 11 = 31 (3d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The governor of Birmginham doubles down and continues the improvement of the village into a town, especially now Albama s population has recovered. The brass band continues their loud music to cover up the noise of the terraformers hard at work.

The Kobolds of the new settlement of Richmond call out to the Georgians and request terraformers to be sent to upgrade the infrastructure of Richmond as the burrow hamlet does not benefit the Klan at its present size. A single Kobold plays the harmonica for the others while they work.
The elderly of Kentucky meet with the governor in Frankfort. They are impressed with his foresight in supporting the new small burrow hamlet of Richmond and offer their advice to him. They speak of many many generations ago, when the Frankforter Kobolds went into the mountains. This expedition brought the goat to the Kobolds and later, the Valeri and Tengu; however, goats alone didn't rule the mountains. They describe beasts of that age so long ago: the eagles the size of houses that fly in the air, echnidas who spit acid, and burrowing large worms with millions of teeth. The elders recommend subjugating one of these beasts.
The governor contemplates the idea; and decided attempting to capture baby or younger worms. Perhaps, they can be used to help clear a road to Richmond in the future or even ridden beneath the ground in battle. He sends for the military, assisted by the Kentuckian herding Kobolds, so that a new expedition can be made. A few musicians accompany them as far as the foot of the mountains, playing the wildest jazz ever seen by Kobold-kind, to encourage the whole expedition to walk without rythym, which might awaken a sleeping underground beast. Back in Kentucky, underground stone structures are created to house any worms captured.

>Continue to upgrade Birmginham
(+1 terraformer and +1 musical luxury good)

>Upgrade Richmond to village
+1 terraformer and +1 musical luxury good)

>Try to capture large worms with millions of teeth to breed them in Kentucky
(+2 stone cutter +1 musical luxury good
And if I am able to add my +4 from slave cleatian farmer bonus for animal husbandry, I would)
Rolled 12, 19, 18, 13, 2 = 64 (5d20)

>Najin traders return to Sakai with 3 Cletian slave pops

1. Managing the Oshabi +2
As the Oshabi star begins to eclipse that of the Kiryuin the concern in the court grows. Oshabi had quickly become the largest city and housed a substantial amount of the Najinese industry. The nation ran on iron tools, and the Oshabi had spent over a century solidifying their control over its supply thanks the disinterest of the Bakuzan. Now, the Oshabi were maneuvering themselves into the position of authority on the Home Islands. Something had to be done. For now, the best solution was to rely on court decorum. With the pretext of discussing future military and economic campaigns against the Continent, the Bakuzan called for a meeting of the Ten Noble Ladies to Kattin. There, the Bakuzan would use influence and tradition in an effort to bring the Oshabi to heel. The location was set in the Grand Palace and no expense would be spared on the feast and presentation. Additionally, efforts were made to have foreign guests in attendance to sell the fact that while the Oshabi held a valuable port Kattin was just as capable of drawing foreign wealth.

2. Develop River Ships +4
As the Najin explore the continent they find it full of large, navigable rivers. Kagome Minamoto uses some of her wealth to purchase the aid of Mori shipbuilders to design a vessel suitable for both sea and river travel so she can extend her reach inland.

3. Trusted Officials +2
The Oshabi have brought to the attention of the Bakuzan that loyal servants of the state are needed to establish a harmonious kingdom. No longer could the bureaucrats of the kingdom be answerable to Oujas. They must serve the Bakuzan before all others! Administrators are increasingly recruited from minor Clans, and their authority is expanded to observe any document or ritual and the exclusive right to collect taxes owed to the Bakuzan.

4. Expand Sakai's mines +8
Rubies are quickly turning into an extremely valuable commodity in the Bakuzanate. The mines are expanded to provide more raw material and stockpiled in Kattin for royal use.

5. Currency +6
As if to make it clear where the power of the Kiryuin lie, successful negotiations with the Irish lead to a rush of gold in the capitol and in exchange for access to the army rubies had fallen under the control of the Kiryuin as well. Wisely, the gold was taken by the Bakuzan to fund the next phase of state control through the formation of a currency backed by 3 levels of coinage. A simple cloth note backed by the cost of "1 koku" worth of banana. Gold coins stamped with the Bakuzan Seal for larger purposes. Finally a ruby coin which was the highest level of currency meant for major purchases and negotiations. It was, in essence, the culmination of many decades of growth and intellectual pursuit.
Rolled 14, 11, 4, 3 = 32 (4d20)

>Finish expanding wheat farm at Goblin's End (+1 luxury, +2 wheat, +2 government bonus)

>Scout the Eastern(western) coast (+3)
After finding a way to travel the seas, our bravest explorers will go into the unknown, in search of new land or a sentient race (that doesn't scare us or throw sticks at us this time).

>Conclude mine expansion at Fortaleza (+3)

> Improve stockpile at Sea's Maw (+3)
forgot name
File: Mundo_2020-11-09-19-52.jpg (154 KB, 1270x673)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

>Action 1: Founding a new settlement
Our great ruler Sir Henzen had an inspiration from God. He saw a Holy Land in the middle of the great blue. Since then, the day after day, he has been staring at the ocean.
Until now, now that we have ships from our friends the Najin, we can make an expedition to the Holy Land from Henzen's vision.

>Action 2: Upgrading our city of Dublin
Now that we are a united nation we should take care of the problem in the country and start modernizing our cities.

>Action 3: Revolutionizing agriculture to increase yield efficiency.
We have been using the same cultivation methods for years and years. We do not yet notice it to a large extent but the yield efficiency is beginning to decrease. This can't go on like this, we have to find a solution to increase the yield efficiency so that our people don't start to starve. No Leprechuan should be hungry.
Rolled 1 (1d4)

Bonus Roll
It's been brought to my attention that an action is needed to to get the slaves so disregard that part.
Rolled 6, 13, 8 = 27 (3d20)

>Use Glass as Luxury
>Find Luthn First

Settra was in his office at the grand Pyramid, petting his Dingo while looking out his new (glas filled) window. It's always sunny in Khepri. It was early in the morning and the sun was still rising. The first skeleton to enter his little 'creative space' was none other than Nabiin, the skeleton in charge of the temple. It seems he has a few complaints as he whines to Settra that he doesn't want to be the only Skeleton preaching at the temple. He then takes out 5 different clay tablets and proceeds to showcase an argument on why Settra should allow him to create a Priest order to better spread the word of the Great Bone Dragon to the skeletons (and so he can have an easier time at his job.) He really made some good points in there and so after an hour: Settra gave Nabiin his blessings to form the Priest Order.
>Create Priest Order (+3 from luxury)
After Nabiin left, Settra decided that the idea of using multiple clay tablets to explain something was a good idea. A couple hours passed by and he called upon every skeleton to go in front of the Pyramid to witness his greatness. His greatness of course is an 127 clay tablet slideshow about how guilds are good and that they had the wrong idea when it was first introduced. He also explains that they will not have any lesser rights because of it since the laws shall protect them if the ELECTED GUILD LEADER does something bad.
Create Guilds (again) (+3 from luxury)
and now we shall meet with a skeleton we have not heard of since like 10 turns ago: Scorpion! Father of the Pickaxes. What was he doing this entire time? Mining, just fuck tons of it. He made himself a mini village inside the mountains. A pride to all miners he was a true Skeleton Hero. Though it was Settra who brought him back into the main game, which was tasking him with increasing the Silver Mine output to match that of the Tin Mine's since they were uneven and Settra finally noticed. Scorpion accepted his order and went straight to business
>Upgrade Silver Mine (+3 from luxury, +3 from Pickaxe Mastery)
Rolled 19, 15, 8, 17 = 59 (4d20)

>recruit dropbears
Our military is alarmingly small. The Emperor in his all-knowing glory, thinks that it makes us weak and weakness is evil! Only the strong can keep the harmony and balance between the world of the spirits and the physical world.

>propagate Marsupialian superiority
There are no people like the Marsupialians.
No one's slick as the Marsupalians.
No one's quick as the Marsupalians.
No one's bags's as incredibly thick as the Marsupalians's.
It is just the plain, simple truth. Some may call it arrogance or ignorance, as the Marsupalians have barely any contact with other people, but they are all just envious of the most heavenly realm on the world. But this message is not clear to all subjects of Marsupial. He therefore orders this message to be spread to every person from the west of Dropbearton to the most eastern person in the Wombat tribes. If this massage is clear, everybody wants to be a real Marsupalian and not be a part of a minor village of an even smaller tribe.

>improve stockpile at Dropbearton +3
Our superior technics made us the most glorious empire ever to grace this place on the world. But our superiority shouldn’t make us blind to potential dangers. We need to further build up on our food reserves or our people will have to face the same hunger they did once in the past.

>Special event, the examination: Make some concessions (give Wombats an action to improve infrastructure if they participate in the examination, otherwise give the action to Kangaroos)
The Wombats are not wrong in their hatred against the Kangaroos, but Marsupial decided its time to let the past behind and if the Wombats don’t follow apart, they will also become a part of the past. But for now, Marsupial in his wisdom decides he wants to give the Wombats the eucalyptus instead of the stick. They can decide to take it, benefit from it and show their superiority over the Kangaroos in a fair contest, or they can see how the Kangaroos take the ladder to success and further advance and one day even overtake the Wombats, which is surely not in their interest.
Rolled 14, 1, 7, 8 = 30 (4d20)

Mt. Kurama is at peace, visitors were coming from all around the continent to trade slaves and pay respect to the mountain goddess. tengu and valeri breeders compete in breeding the fattest and juiciest pheasants giving the mountain plenty of foods to go around meanwhile cletian slaves worked on developing the mountains to accomodate the growing tengu population.

But theres problem concerning leadership, after defeating tianshan and having her religion is spread to the large part of the continent, it is clear that the goddess faction has the largest influence in Mt Kurama. the old daitengu running the council is all but ready to hand over their power to the goddess. but the goddess refuse to participate in politics and choose to focus to do gardening in her shrines instead. for a while the council did their work just like they did before but now they have to into account what the goddess want or what the goddess didnt want, while the goddes theyre so worried about is off gardening somewhere instead of participating in the discussion, giving the elders plenty of headaches when making their decision. there needs to be someone to be the representative of the goddess faction in the council, someone not a tengu so that no one can accuse them of trying to gain power for their clan using the goddess influence. and so the elders decided to find the most spiritully gifted child from the slave market and then given to the goddess to become her apperentice which will then become the tengu shrine Maiden, representative of the goddess and de facto ruler of Mt Kurama.

1. Improve herding (+4 from previous rolls)
2. improve the settlement in Mt Kurama (+4 from cletian engineers)
3. send a tengu merchant convoy north towards fishmen territories to sell slaves and slave accessories
4. search for a child with gifted spiritual power in the slave market to be trained by the goddess and become the shrine maiden
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Slave roll
Rolled 11, 7, 15 = 33 (3d20)

>wait for atlanteans
We cannot afford to war so soon, with Ajaxes words backed by Squid weaponry. We shall wait for them and then make our move
>Expand outwards
We need more territory for some of our population, so we shall move out into the grasslands, with the goblin killers ready
>Develop pastimes
Waiting all day in a fortress is dangerous for the mind. We shall make small trinkets and games for the people, so that their boredom is reduced. We shall also let them pursue their own crafts, and see what comes of it
Rolled 14, 16, 9, 6 = 45 (4d20)

> improve farming at Chlach
The leader has decided: for now and for the next fifty passages of the visage of flame shall Chlach be expanded and improved, and the leader’s word is law
> if I haven’t reclaimed it yet reclaim the mine
Waiting has proved to be the best strategy! As always, our cunning has seen us defeat the enemies sent to us by the rocks and for now and for always shall this mine be ours! Ours to plunder from, ours to raise armies and kill stone at, for the might of Luthn

> train minutemen at Creuge
These allies, the tomb kings... they are stronger than we are. They are of bone. This means that they are not rocks so they must be good... right? Still, we cannot afford to appear weak to our allies, for what use are we if we cannot protect ourselves without their aid?
> if I don’t need to use an action to reclaim the mine, start farming at Coinam
We said that Coinam would only be a place of diplomacy and might, yet our current needs overpower the ancient oaths of different times: they were made when the dead did not rise against us, when the world was smaller and the might of Luthn uncontested. The world has changed, and Coinam must change as well or be swept away
Wheat farms undergo a minor reorganization in goblin’s End to better include and improve the farming infrastructure of the region. Many of the smaller farms that had held were were absorbed into a wider farming commune to compete and protect against the land grabs of wheat barons in the south. The organization was effective at protecting rights and at setting a competitive grain price and the commune system was considered by other farmers feeling pressure in other parts of the republic. In Sea’s Maw a pair of ships are sent to follow the coastline. They head toward the horizon, and after some weeks of travel hugging the coast they come to a busy port: Bosbury. Fishmen and squidpeople mingle with large green men with tusks. They have come to the port of the Squids, and met with the peoples there. The other ship comes across a collection of villages, each occupied by a very different lizard-like race. News of these discoveries, of the many peoples they had met, comes back to Sea’s Maw. The news is quickly buried under panic though, as news comes from Fortaleza of the town’s frustration. The Fortalezan senators are furious, but there’s little to be done. The reports from the town are simple: The mineral shipments were being assaulted by bandits. The mine itself could be made deeper, but there was no point if the mineral was just to be stockpiled awaiting for the already strained loyal soldiers to guard the outgoing materials only a few times per month.
Back home, the new expansion of the farms wasn’t matched by the local food preservation capabilities, and despite all efforts some of the food at Sea’s Maw had to be fed to the oceans, to prevent the smell of rot and putrefaction spreading in the busy settlement. In a hurry, some stockpiles were built, but they simply aren’t enough to keep some of the food from rotting.
>Goblin’s End farm reaches Improved level
>Bosbury (Fishmen) found, and you may now trade with them or the Najin there. Three tribe’s locations were found.
>Mine at fortaleza upgraded, but it won’t contribute as long as bandits are still around.
>Stockpile at Sea’s Maw upgraded to Improved (-).
>Some food was moved from Goblin’s End to Fortaleza
52.1 Population. Max actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
Hawaiian control expands further across the countryside, culminating in the construction of a small hamlet further west in the grasslands. In Hawaii itself, the development of pastimes proves a surprising success. The people of Hawaii take to wrestling as a sport and it’s popularity skyrockets. It has a secondary benefit too as the wrestling training also doubles as hand-to-hand combat training and physical conditioning for potential soldiers in addition to being fun and a joy to watch. The decision to wait was a good one as a week later a force of Atlanteans arrived in Hawaii to support them in their assault against Ajax and his forces… but their number is greatly reduced and they tell of terrible news: New Atlantis was looted completely by the green menace and they are a portion of the army that managed to flee towards Hawaii. For the Naga however, the wait had given time for the Hawaiians to reorganize their forces to better counter the forces of Ajax and as a result the united army was in a better cohesion than it would have been otherwise. The march toward Ajax was without issue, and well screened by Hawaiian interceptors.
>Atlantean forces will join the fight with Ajax with a 11 as attack roll.
>A new settlement is created to the west. Name it
>The pastimes help with preparing physically for warfare and increases the willingness of the people to join the army. When recruiting, get an additional base unit, and extra recruiting actions will grant base units on their settlements too.
18.1/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.

======================================================================Special Fishmen Event: Knowing (and eating) your enemy

The interceptors recently recruited have a lot of tools made out of the precious iron to help them carry their task of detecting, ambushing and capturing the green menace that has for generations carried atrocities against our kin. With iron daggers, caltrops, sharp wires and large iron spears they’re excellent ambushers and able to quickly deal with the small bands of kidnaping goblins. Recently, a group of the interceptors managed to find one of the main settlements of the green midgets, and managed to attack and quietly round up one of their caravans that were exiting the place. Not only did they find large quantities of meat… it was fishmen meat. Angered at this, the interceptors quickly roasted the goblins alive and ate them… and they did like it. It’s maybe time to ask ourselves if we should pay them back with the same coin, or perhaps be more civilized about it?

>Fishmen Interceptors will get a special tag: Nemesis. This will grant a large bonus against certain kinds of enemies.
>Decide to institute the eating of captured goblins as an acceptable practice or outlaw it for the troops.

>Kurama Tengu
A small trading party of slaves and slavers is sent north. They are not heard from again. The truth is that these slaves and their party were intercepted by Goblin bandits rampaging through the territory of the Hawaiian Commune. The Kurama Tengu found themselves at a crossroads. After the expansion of the hunting camps around the mountain; the settlement at Mt. Kurama had grown along with many facilities, but the Tengu themselves had not. Content in their victories and their perceived domination over the Cletians by force of arms no efforts were made to redress the critical balance of power that had led to the Cletians running both Kurama and Valor. The Valeri had settled down in the wake of their conquests, turning the Cletians into administrators, scholars, merchants, and priests. The Kurama had done the same. The Cletians handled all matters not directly related to hunting and combat. The Kurama used Cletian script, listened to Cletian hymns, accepted the directives of the Daitengu through “Cletian bureaucrats”. Even the Goddess preferred the human shrine maidens to the Tengu. The Cletians quite literally ran Kurama and with the explosion of Cletian population following the Tengu’s victory, made up more than half of the population. As efforts to expand the settlement picked up these realities were made all too clear when the Daitengu found themselves faced with a fiat accompli. The Cletians had maneuvered themselves into a position in which their privileged role was as much a legal fact as it was a de facto one. Thus the Kurama Tengu would need to choose. Would they accept the ascendance of many Cletians from slave minority to co-residents of the mountain, or would they purge the slaves of their rebellious nature?
>Next turn, your action must be used to try to settle the issue of Cletian shadow governance over the Kurama Tengu. For now, Mt. Kurama will be considered as rebellious for population mechanics.
>Herding was improved but it wasn’t a great success due to great influence of the Cletians.
>The Child was found.
>The settlement’s upgrade will depend on the actions taken to solve the social issue regarding Cletians
>The convoy was intercepted.
0/6 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 1. Mt. Kurama is rebellious.
>Tuath De
God has never lied to Henzen, not a single time. Now he gives him a vision of a holy land in the ocean? Henzen knows better then to distrust the word of God and with ships bought from the Najin he creates an expedition to this prophetic island in hopes of colonizing it. The ships set off early in the morning and it was around 2 weeks before news came back to him. Thankfully, it was good news. VERY good news as the initial colonization went extremely well. A new settlement was made on the coastline of the uncharted island. Its pristine beaches was a beauty to behold and its wildlife was more than welcoming. It seems god has been merciful once more. In the excitement though, a name has not been given so it falls to Henzen to name his new land. With the news of the successful creation of the island hamlet it is about time for Dublin itself to be expanded and modernized and so it was. With faith and zeal the workers worked tirelessly to expand their capital with new roads, houses and industry. Years later the workers come in with very good news: 2/3 of the city has been upgraded and if things continue according to plan then the Capital will reach its new size in record times!
The yield of crops is important for the creation of new, faithful worshippers of God. Whatever Henzen says is law with the backing of the Holy Lord himself and since he declared a solution to be created to increase the crop yield then so be it. Many sleepless nights passed as the farmers attempted to figure out a way to increase crop yields yet they could not think of anything. That night one of them had a vision of a river being diverted towards the farmland. When he awoke he gathered his comrades and devised a plan: to divert the nearby rivers towards the farmland so that the crops could be constantly hydrated. He called it 'Irrigation' and soon the order was given with Henzens approval. A year or so later the results came in with the farmer's mad plan and it seems God has given mercy once more as this year's harvest has been the largest ever recorded.
>A new settlement is created in the island south. The wildlife and flora of the area aren’t aggressive or toxic, and grant +4 to environment food in the area, and the beautiful landscape invites people to go there, granting a passive extra growth to the settlement.
>Dublin was upgraded to ⅔ of settlement level 4.
>Research of irrigation grants an irrigation development in Dublin, and knowledge of how to do it grants +3 to building irrigations in any settlement.
32/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
>Ku Kobold Klan
The people of Birmingham are stubborn. The last few seasons weren’t good to them in the past. But they don’t surrender. If their city is ravaged, they simply start rebuilding. And not only the same as in the past, but bigger and better they will rebuild their town. To be as stubborn as a Birminghamer became even a saying. Their work was accompanied by music and Atlanta became in a pretty short time better than before and even close to a complete city. Another season of work is needed, but it should be easy to finish it now for real. But while they are constructing, news breaks in from Kentucky and the newest colony. Richmond tried to expand their village, but after a series of political disputes and tensions (some say Kentucky put much work and actions to cause them), Kentucky prohibits Richmond from expanding the city and even annexed them. Kentucky denies any accusations of breaking states rights, as Richmond was technically not a part of a state yet. The Kobolds in the other states are looking at it worried, as they fear what could happen next, but as no laws were broken, it seems like no action can be done. The further independence of Richmond seems very unlikely now, except if Kentucky gets somehow reigned in.
Meanwhile in totally unrelated news, Kentucky’s endeavor to capture wild beasts failed. Instead of capturing thousand-yard large worms and acid spitting echnidas, all they found were wild goats and the large underground chambers they built were now useless. The following weeks were filled with a lot of songs making fun of the Kentucky governor. Many musicians used goat horns and goats as props for their songs, while singing about great monsters. One gifted orator, called Havlax Zones, rides on the wave of government criticism and spreads on the Frankforter marketplace interesting ideas that find widespread echo. He says the governors are hairy cletians that wear Kobold skins, as otherwise he couldn’t explain their uselessness and corruption.
The theories of Zones and the news of Richmond lead to a fast death of the news of the failed endeavor of the Kentucky governor
Back in the capital of Atlanta, the local government finally decides to do something good for once: help in preventing the cholera outbreaks. To prevent the kobolds from contaminating the irrigation streams from which water was extracted, designated shitting streams were created and directed towards the lake. However, this had the contrary effect of watering the local grapes and other crops with contaminated water, once again generating a cholera outbreak in Atlanta.
>Birmingham is once again upgraded to lvl 2.5, and next roll to improve it will have a large bonus
>Richmond isn’t upgraded, and Kentucky takes the town for themselves. Now they will roll twice for developments and have better chances of doing so, but they might increase their autonomy if left to their devices.
>Herding development upgraded at Frankfort and created at Richmond.
>Atlanta didn’t grow this turn due to cholera outbreak.
53.5+7 Population. Max number of actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
The leader word is law, and the leader requires more farmlands to be prepared and food to be collected. With these orders in mind, soon workers started planting the lettuces and beans under the sun, tirelessly increasing the food output of the farmlands near Chlach. All in all, living under the sun isn’t so bad after all if more of these tasty plants can be acquired.
At Creuge, the mine is once again opened after many years to find no trace of the abominations at all. Emptying the flooded mine was no easy task, but the recent advancements in technology allowed it to be easily done and in a short time, the mine was operative once again. However, to fully restore the mine, the deeper shafts of the mine had to be completely drained, fighting constantly against the rising waters coming from the underground cracks in the stone. It was an incredibly hard job, but fixing and patching up these holes was of utmost importance and the workers knew that, and gave it their best shot. In the end, the mine was once again fully operative and even more, some of the deeper chambers that couldn’t be drained completely were transformed into actual underground fish ponds, and soon some of the miners turned to fishermen as quite a lot of food could be secured from these ponds.
On other news, the discovery of these new skeletons soon became the talk of the town, and as always happens when something new happens to our people, large mobs of people headed straight to their nearest training yard and attempted to join the minutemen. This time, they weren’t as good as before… possibly due to the fact that their enthusiasm soon faded as the skeletons turned to be a special bunch.
>Proto farm improved to basic + in Chlach
>Mine at Creuge is reclaimed. Minutemen (old) will be upgraded, and the proto + fishing development is upgraded to basic +.
>6 more Minutemen are recruited in Creuge at regular (0) rank.
31/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Need more food sources.
>Marsupialian Kingdom
The Dropbears are the elite of the elite. Most Koalas don’t even have the qualifications to become a true dropbear, and every generation the exam to become a dropbear is failed by almost the complete cohort that tries to pass it. However, this generation had something special in their eyes and claws since they started training. Not only were they excellent at the art of dropping from trees, but they were damn good too at ambushing and killing the dummies like nothing. Not since the great wars such a good group of Dropbears has been seen, and they’re damn proud of it.
Back on the capital of Dropbearton, the eucalyptus starts piling up. What was before used to create the deadly oil that the incendiary koalas used to burn Kangaroos to the ground now rots and is mostly useless for its main purpose, so it’s production has stopped momentarily. However, eucalyptus production is as big as always, so more stockpiles are created to house these large quantities of leaves for their future consumption.
The Wombat and Kangaroo issue runs deep, and it’s a problem that constantly appears. However, the bureaucrats had an amazing idea: make a catchy tune to show the people what is the truth behind our system. Yes, Marsupialians are great, but so is everyone in the realm, as they no longer are Koalas, Kangaroos or Wombats. No, they’re citizens of the Marsupialian Kingdom, and the examinations are proof that everyone can reach the same heights. No matter their origin, every member of this society can take the examinations and become a great bureaucrat.
It will take some generations before these past grudges are forgotten, but for now, concessions are made to make the Wombats more willing to accept this truth, and to join the system. The first generations of Wombat bureaucrats are given a little incentive to develop their lands, and soon their projects are improving the lives of their species. On the other hand, the Kangaroos are also given a little boost to help the rebuilding of their once great capital.
>7 Dropbears at Veteran (+2) rank are recruited at Dropbearton
>From next turn, bureaucracy effect (Improvement of existing devs, devs getting built with despite roll results) will start affecting the Wombat and Kangaroo estates.
>Stockpile at Dropbearton upgraded to improved level.
43.7/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
The military matters where settled, for the realm would prepare itself to fight against the birdmen when the time arrived, but on the other hand the economic matters were not. The Oshabi had clear advantages in that field, despite only controlling a portion of the resources, they controlled the important iron that was used for most tools, weapons and was used everyday in a myriad of articles for the Najinese. The debates were mostly centered on this resource, as it was the source of the wealth of the Oshabi. “Such an important resource is considered strategic and should fall under the jurisdiction of the Bakuzan and the central administration”, was the main argument used by the Bakuzan and his supporters. Meanwhile, the Oshabi recalled the ancient privileges of the clans and how these lands and resources were acquired through their effort and tireless work. It was a heated debate, and as it progressed the Oshabi used their opportunities to corrupt the main issue behind it. After a few hours, it wasn’t about iron or the Oshabi anymore, but rather an issue about the social order of the Najin. “If the Bakuzan intends to use his authority to take what’s ours by right and leave us into ruin, he could do the same to your clan”. The debate heated up, and the foreign dignitaries and scholars didn’t help at all to turn the balance of the discussion. It was clear that the Squidmen were confabulated with the Oshabi, as a large patch of the new city was destined towards the use of the foreign merchants and the trade infrastructure of Oshabi simply couldn’t be matched by Kattin. On the other hand the resources given to us by the Tuath were vastly outweighed in their usefulness compared to the crops and animals the Squids introduced to the islands.
The currency and administration reforms soon were under the same attack by the Oshabi retinue of scholars that had somehow accessed restricted data about these issues. “Why use foreign gold for a coin if we already got the red gems?”,“It’s clear that the people at Kattin have been subverted by the Tuath to use their products instead of relying on our own”, “With every generation, the importance of the bigger clans means less and less, and it’s clear that the Bakuzan favors the smaller clans rather than us!” and “The monetary reform will harm the merchants and common people everywhere!” were just some of the claims made by their legal team, and with each accusation more and more discord could be felt in the palace. In the end, the debate had no foreseeable end and the Ten Noble Ladies were at the verge of an open war, with accusations going from one side to the other and vice versa. It was no longer an issue between the Bakuzan and the parallel authority the Oshabi had reached, for it was now turned due to their agile political maneuvers into an issue between the Old clans, the traders and the central authority, all faced against each other with no clear solution at hand.
Back at the continent, the explorers of Sakai soon realized that by miniaturizing the same technologies that allowed their ships to sail in the open seas, they could make small craft that could travel the shores and rivers, and allow for easy disembark for exploration purposes. With this new craft, soon the rivers flowing in Sakai are charted. One of those rivers flows out of a large lake, and large brown creatures were seen jumping and fishing on its shores. Maybe these creatures could have something useful for the Najin?
>Due to unrest from the different estates of Najin society get -3 actions until solved
>Attempt to settle the issue once and for all, or let it run its course (Do nothing / Maintain status quo). Centralization and currency measures taken this turn won’t come into effect until this is solved.
>Kangaroo tribes discovered
>Can now use the rivers to go further inland for any purpose.
>Mines on Sakai improved to basic + level
73.25+4 Population. Max number of actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 2.
>Three tribes
Building with stone was hard. Large rocks were hard to cut, and with the lack of existing specific tools or techniques to break them easily the Balaur depended mostly on their sheer willpower and physical strength. Simply put, it wasn’t possible to build a house made out of stones with the most primitive of tools, as it could easily crumble under its own weight and were very unstable. However, using large stones that could be carried by many and placed in piramidal fashion, creating some kind of dolmens was a good idea. Over these dolmens the dry and treated skins of animals would be placed, creating much sturdier refugees for the people and to face the regular monsoons and storms that happened in the area. However, this still didn’t solve the issue of the tools being replaced constantly.
For the dolmens, common stones were used for them, but there was another kind of stone in the area that wasn’t used for housing under the direct order of Serghei: the Quartz. Using this special stone, 4 specially large dolmens were created under the guide of the most talented in the laws of the divine, with a large open space in the middle. The conformation made by these dolmens would be soon populated by shamans, Balaurs, Virms and Drakons that had a special relation with every of the four aspects of divinity, and their deep meditations and worship, aided by the quartz megalithic structures allowed the ascended shamans to acquire a strange power of vision, in which they were able to predict the successes of our people.
>Stone dolmen refugees will protect the people from monsoon, and increase the likeness of stoneworking. However, the issue with tools still isn’t solved. Penalty to developments and upgrades reduced to -1 instead of -3.
>The power of the shamans allows you to succeed (Roll 10) on any action you take. To do it, simply state your action but don’t roll for it.
This has to be used before the rolls are decided, and can be used once per turn.
10.9/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
Expanding the chambers wasn’t a hard task for the Dwarves, as the stone was merely something to mold and dominate, rather than a hard obstacle to overcome. Such was their mastery of stone, but not their mastery of crops. Despite all their efforts, somehow the mushrooms that had been growing so well in smaller chambers weren’t doing so good in the new, bigger ones, and thus the food output was marginally improved.
Many generations have passed since the magic to create the golems was gifted to the dwarves, but only now, many generations after the words to make it real were spoken. This first iteration of a golem was bulky and slow, but incredibly powerful. Not only that, but his incredible strength allows him to help in large mining tasks, being useful to the settlement even in peace times.
>Proto + Shroom in Virn Dural upgraded to Basic Shroom
>A worker golem was built. As long as it lives, it will grant +2 to developments. Golems will decay over time, and will cease to live once their health is depleted. However, they can be fixed using actions.
18.17/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.

Tomb Kings turn will be updated later, as there were some issues with some trade deals. Additonally, skele-related events prepared for this turn will be uploaded at the same time.
Update is ended, feel free to make your turns.
File: Imperial Rose.jpg (23 KB, 268x270)
23 KB
1-2. Centralize Authority, Bring Prosperity to the Country +2
The old order of power shared willingly with the office of Bakuzan needed to end and nothing made that more apparent than the division that was clear in the Room of Ten Noble Ladies. Originally the Bakuzan was intended to be a mediating force between the Clans, but the responsibilities of the office had outgrown its initial purpose. Now the issue was clearly about the social order that the Najinese had outgrown. The split had divided the council into three. A faction that advocated for leadership under the Oshabi, a faction that advocated for greater decentralization of power, and the faction that advocated for the creation of an imperial state. While the Oshabist and Imperialist factions could agree on a means, they definitely did not agree on which cow to back. The seat of the Bakuzan had ultimately made every concession over the course of its expansion to the Ten. It had included them in decision-making and administration in favorable terms always includng them and their input at every step. Still, the rule of law meant a great deal in Najin society, even more than the rule of the bow. The decision that the Bakuzan made would be law. Simply put, there would be no other authority than the office of the Imperial Rose. The division of power would be simple with some concessions made to tradition. The Ten High Ladies would retain positions of power, but they would no longer have the authority to override the decision of the Empress in matters of domestic policy. The Emperor, in standing with the male tradition, would have sole authority over foreign matters and military operations. He would be able to delegate this authority to a trusted partner or Noble Lady should he wish it, but the authority to do so and the authority the office of Taishogun was intrinsically linked to the Imperial Rose. The Kiryuin family would be elevated to the status of Imperial Family, but as a concession would give up their claim to the city of Kattin as a Clan Holding. Only the rather modest plot of land outside Kattin would be considered a Clan Holding, with the Imperial Palace and bureaucratic offices considered property of the Rose and not the clan itself.

The social breakdown would be as follows: The Imperial Family, whose office and authority was absolute. The old Clan structure that favored the Ten over other Clans would be abolished entirely. The Ten would hold onto whatever land was directly under their control, but the Ten would be regulated exclusively to administrative and military duties. Nobles, it was argued, should not sully themselves with the management of merchant enterprise and should focus on traditional pursuits of scholarship, rituals, and administration. Something the Oshabi were an outlier in, and looked down upon for their shunning of traditional noble pursuits.
Rolled 3, 7 = 10 (2d20)

Merchants and Farmers were joined by Soldiers not belonging to any clan and together were placed in this social order in a class known as Zaidan - literally meaning “foundation”. This class, making up the majority of the population, was a concession to a class of clanless Orcs that had been steadily growing while maintaining favoritism toward the noble Orc clans that provided a large base of Kiryuin support. There was a need to include these people somewhere on the social order. Traditionally, these people were excluded from the legal process. Now, they would have some degree of legal representation with laws and regulations being extended to include every Clan and Clanless Orc within the authority of the Bakuzan. This, of course, lead into the issue of bureaucratic authority. Bureaucrats were considered to act with the authority of the Imperial Rose. Among bureaucrats there would be judges, tax administrators, scholars, record keepers. These had their own scopes of authority depending on duty, and were not given permission or authority to act outside of them. Clans were expected to work with these people.

There would of course be opposition to this division by the Ten. The Bakuzan simply went around them. The patchwork of minor clans under arms were loyal primarily to the Kiryuin because it was the Kiryuin that actually paid and demanded service of them. Simply put, the Kiryuin had the only effective army on the Isles and the only warships were tied up in Kattin's harbor. Seizing the warships and using the army to secure Oshabi was a simple task and the rest would be a fiat accompli. The Oshabi would be forcefully divested of their industrial holdings. Still, accomplishing this without violence would be preferable. Especially given that the Mori, Sakuma, and Oshabi each had a Hedgehog in defense of their settlements and the Bakuzan was not in the habit of destroying what would be state resources. Still, he would if necessary. To entice these minor clans, the upcoming legal reform would see these clans in a dramatically stronger political position, essentially being granted parity over the Ten High Clans in legal and economic matters, no longer sidelined in decision-making. With that, even the once Minor Clans could establish legal influence, collecting lands and rents and growing their domains. For those of the Ten that backed the proposal, there were concessions to be made. For those that backed these proposals, there would be generous Imperial support of development and the approval of land acquisition. It wasn’t a tax reprieve, but the proposed administrative reform would put large amounts of money and labor into the hands of those that swore fealty to the new order. The most loyal of them would be the Minamoto, whose lands and position relied heavily upon Imperial support. The least, obviously, would be the Oshabi, who stood to lose their precious monopoly.
Rolled 3, 9, 8 = 20 (3d20)


> The name of the island and the Town will be Cathair Naofa Prátaí

>Action 1: Planting holy potato fields in Cothair Noafo Prátaí (+2)
Sir Henzen was right once again this Glorious Holy Land will become the spiritual point of our society. Every Leprechuan wants to visit this island once in his life. But before we negotiate this island into a blooming utopia, we first have to take care of the basic supply.

>Action 2: Upgrading Dublin ( +2, +2)
We are very close to completing the modernisation in Dublin

>Action 3: Upgrade the Potatoe Fields in Dublin (+2 , +2 )
We need more Food for our People.
Rolled 4, 3, 18, 2 = 27 (4d20)

>develop Marsupialian acrobatics
The new elite units caused a new wave of enthusiasm for the Dropbears in the realm. From the smallest joey to the oldest elder Koala, everybody wants to be like them. This enthusiasm shows in many forms, but the one that entertains the masses the most is called acrobatics. This art combines traditional dances and the martial arts of the Dropbears. It requires a high degree of flexibility and balance, while also taking a lot of group coordination. Some of the more elaborate acts are even shown at the court of Marsupialia, who decides to support this new art, because it celebrates the soldiers and is a new way to tell the stories of old.

>build a drill ground in Dropbearton
The new rush of recruits caused the current military instructors to be overburden. To improve the capacities of the military training, the wise and old Marsupialia decides to create a drill ground in Dropbearton. If the planning is successful, it should make the training of masses easier and allow larger amount of people to turn into good trained soldiers.

>levy units from the eastern tribes
Now that we have the first bureaucrats from the Kangaroos and Wombats, we can finally levy troops of them. It will be of course for the greater good of the realm and a better coordination of units. Because what is weaker than a being, which goes into different directions? Only by creating a clear hierarchy, we can create harmony.

>develop crossbows
Long times, the melee was the most honorable way to fight. But the losses in the past have shown, that we need new other ways to fight. Some may argue, it will be wrong to not fight in close combat, but if we don’t develop new methods, and stop progressing, we will become victims of our own arrogance. Such a new method is the crossbow, which is a ranged weapon using an elastic launching device. This Crossbows shoot arrow-like projectiles called bolts or quarrels and could make our military much more effective.
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Bonus Roll
Rolled 19 + 2 (1d20 + 2)


While it's been some time coming, the issue of tools, specifically the wooden portions of them, degrading so swiftly. Naturally, such an issue was one that effected most if not all areas of work in the tribe. Yet, there was something key to this. The issue was tied to the four. For, the tree's were of the Earth, and so too by extension were the sticks that the tools were made of. It was clear the tree's were refusing to grant us their own bounty, selfish like body. Yet, with Life and Spirit, the solution could be found, as well as hard work from our craftsmen, and perhaps some of the knowledge shared to us from the servants of Earth and Spirit could be of use as well...Though most likely it will only be of use in our future work. Perhaps we can try to get some of this clay at a later time. For now, greater matters have come to us. For while we have had much growth in our population of late, there is some concerns that our current hunting efforts won't be enough, and that we have been inefficient with the kills we have brought back. As such, the hunting lodge would be worked upon, mainly to better be able to harvest the work of our hunters with regards to the meat, fur, and bone. Speaking of bone, the breaking of it to get to the marrow would also be made a bit more efficient, ideally with getting a large enough rock to be used as a place to better butcher animals successfully hunted and killed. Further, knowledge from the servants of Earth and Spirit should aid in better keeping the food from our hunts fresh for longer, and hopefully both the better tools and our existing skill with butchery and hunting will aid in this endeavor.

>Fix the rot issue

>Attempt to improve the hunting lodge.
>Tomb Kings
Settra’s rule had always been one of divine right. Inspired by the new species he had discovered and spoken to he began the process of establishing his deification through establishing a proper organization to his worship. Based out of the fortress temple in Khepri these priests would venerate the God-King and spread his directives. These priests soon turned to trying to speed up work, invoking the name of Settra as the reason to hurry up. The Skeletons had little issue with worshiping the being that brought them back to unlife and through religious devotion his will might be more effectively carried out. Elsewhere, the reorganization that saw Settra less required in the daily life of skeletons finally went through with the establishment of a crude guild system that organized skeletons into roles which they carried out. The success of the system led to the beginning of expansion in the silver mine which would still need more effort to conclude but progress was decent enough.
>Priests will direct their efforts to speed up single tasks. Once per turn get +2 to any roll you wish. This bonus must be added before a roll.
>Guilds will help with the expansion of already existing developments. Get +1 per level of development to improve it again. (Ex. a basic dev would get +2 to upgrade it, and an improved one would get +3)
>Silver mine upgraded to basic +. Keep upgrading to acquire more minerals.
>Neither Altinin nor Khepri will grow anymore. All bones in the area depleted. Settle in a new location to find more bones.
>Trade with Luthn and Three Tribes will grant 25% of their growth in all their settlements as bonus growth that is divided on all settlements of the Tomb Kings. This turn, growth derived from the trade deals is 1.65.
29.6/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3

[Tom Kings turn was missing due to some problems with trade deals]

Luthn Special event: Trading with the dead

The skeletons that arrived at Coinam are undoubtedly civilized and their might, technologically and militarily speaking is hard to believe. How could the cousins of the abominations to the south reach that level of intelligence?
Not only that, but they also offered to trade with us and came with new, exciting materials and luxuries that could probably make our people happy… but the price to pay is a steep one to say the least.
The Luthn have never been very spiritual, but the death of a family member is mourned and their life is remembered by their descendants. What will happen to the bodies and minds of those who are taken by the skeletons? Is it right to trade with the bodies of our own people, to the same kind of beings that have killed so many of our own? Are the benefits truly worth it?
The answer isn’t clear for the common people, but for the tribe elders the decision is already taken.

>Luthn population will lean more towards religion and spirituality as the trade with Tomb Kings continues.
>As long as the tribe trades with the undead, chance of getting bad events is increased

Three Tribes Special event: Trading with the dead

“An eternal, undying existence”
The implications of this concept are automatically evident to the shamans, as their impact on the Four Aspects of the world means that a lot of the things that the Balaur, as mortal beings assumed as true of the nature of the world might be wrong.
Long debates are held, as an eternal life as an undead would mean to free oneself from the shackles of Earth and Body, and change the way the Shamans and the population think about the Spirit and the Life.
What is Earth to one who knows that a guaranteed eternal Life can be acquired?
What is Body to one who has no need to return to the slumber of death?
The Tomb Kings offer the ultimate realization of the spirituality of our people, granting us the chance to free ourselves finally from Earth and Body. If time no longer binds our actions, and the body necessities are a thing of the past, what is to keep someone from pursuing the Spirit, with the freedom to pursue the true freedom of one’s soul?

>Three Tribes population will lean more towards religion and spirituality as the trade with Tomb Kings continues.
>As long as the tribe trades with the undead, chance of getting bad events is increased. Tomb Kings might benefit from these events.
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Preemptive university roll
Rolled 5, 3, 17 = 25 (3d20)

With the discovery of 2 new friends the times have gotten more cheerful with new arrivals at Khepri! Such unique bones, they will be welcomed immediately with open arms. One thing that still plagues Ramses's mind is the other people that the scouts found when they initially discovered the Luthn. They are short but they seem nice and the Luthn can put in a good word for us. Ramses gets the scouts to find the third elusive friend.
>Find Dorf (+3 from luxury, +3 from crude scout optics)
Never leave a job unfinished is the motto of Scorpion when he descend back into the Silver mine while dual wielding pickaxes.
>Finish upgrading Silver mine (+3 from luxury, +3 from pickaxe mastery, +1 from Basic+)
Settra really liked this see through stuff called glass and it really made him happier when he can now see out of his Pyramid house to yell at the Skeletons that keep on throwing shit at his Dingos. Perhaps if he were to increase the production of this material then he could possibly gift it to the new found friends so they can yell at their people to stop throwing shit at their pets.
>Upgrade Sand Building (+3 from luxury, +2 from bricks, +2 from Wolololololo, +1 from Proto+)
Rolled 3, 6, 7, 8, 13 = 37 (5d20)

>Recruit Goblin units dedicated to attack fishmen (+1)
We received reports from Fortaleza and it seems the trade coming from there was intercepted by fishmen. Since they've started to invade our domains we need a special force to counter these incursions.

>Use wheat to produce Bread (+1)
Being wheat our biggest food source, some of our people have been trying new forms to prepare it. A certain village has reported the production of a new type of food, which made use of a flour made from wheat and added some fungus into it during the cooking and the result was a food with ok taste and that was easy to make.

>Build walls around Sea's Maw (+3)

>Improve Fortaleza's Farm (+3)

>Begin expanding Goblin's End (+3)
Having reached it's limit, it's time to bigger the village so that we can house more.
Rolled 1, 11, 9 = 21 (3d20)

>Recruit spearmen
We need a more ranged troop for our battles and spear throwers are the best choice for us
>Improve the city
Seeing as how people have begun moving out of their houses to play together, we need better infrastructure for the city
>improve the mine
The mine which is used for getting stone is small, so a priority of ours is to make it bigger, to get more stone for repairing the walls
>let the fishmen eat goblins
an eye for an eye
Rolled 12, 7, 6 = 25 (3d20)

> build a training ground at Creuge
It has become obvious that Creuge is and will be our military capital in the foreseeable future, therefore it only makes sense to build an area specific to training in that area. Now, all the young and old that wish to join the army shall have a proper place to train and become better fighters to spread the glory of Luthn!

> start a rice farm in Coinam
Coinam, our great diplomatic city... yet so powerless and empty. What kind of capital is it if it can’t even provide for itself? Our minutemen live there yet the food comes from the south, taking it away from the families that need it most! Wait, what was the name of that weird plant we has discovered here? Ri-ce? Sure, let’s farm that, what could go wrong

> train more minutemen at Creuge
As always, Luthn is lackluster in technology, land, food, even our numbers are low, our military being the only thing keeping us relevant: we must push on, until we can assemble an host worthy of being called an army!
Bricks give +2 to building if I recall correctly
Also luxury bonus I think? Not sure?
Rolled 11 (1d20)

having realized the state of their diminishing influences, the tengu elders realized that the mountain isnt only the tengu mountain anymore but rather for every followers of the goddess who are capable enough to contribute to the mountain, and progress was inevitable. they decided to let go of their pride and make concession to the cletian slaves and negotiate to keep their past privileges, no matter how small it might be, the shrine maiden will be participating as a representativ of the goddess and as the "neutral" position despite having not finished her training. the meeting will later be known as the "divine mountain proclamation" where Mt. kurama transformed from a tengu tribal society into a theocratic one .

the tengu
->control military related matters of the mountain
->control diplomacy related matter of the mountain
->hold permanent seats in the new council
->Kurama shall be canonized as a god under the goddess

the clentian slaves
-> they and their families shall become "servant of the goddes", slaves in the name only but essentially the elites of the mountain alongside tengu elders
->only for the slaves who have distinguished themselves in administration, development or mercantile matters (examination hosted by the grand shrine-> specific discussed later if they decide to accept)
->servant of the goddes must discard their clentian identity, convert to the goddess of the mountain religion and took an oath of loyalty.
-> the examination will be avaible for every slaves who distinguish themselves not only clentian slaves
->seat in the council alongside tengu elders
->control development and scholarly related matters of the mountain
->control administration related matters of the mountain
->control mercantile related matters of the mountain

the mountain goddess
->shrine would be appointed personally by the goddess
->the shrine maiden shall become de facto ruler of the mountain, who ultimately decide the course of action after hearing opinions from the members of the council.
->the shrine maiden will control law related matters of the mountain
>will arbitrate beetween the tengu and the servant of the goddes as a neutral party when if theres conflict beetween them
-> only the shrine maiden will participate in politic, the rest of the clergy cannot interfere in government related matters will only focus on serving the mountain goddess.

->Mt kurama shall refer to the city names only, while the states will known as the divine mountain
Rolled 15 (1d20)

Disregard rlthis post i thought i had two rolls
Rolled 10, 10, 7 = 27 (3d20)

Several enterprising farmers from the ruling clans in Virn Dural attempt to better the current farms they have and use some of the already existing space.

As the population grew several miners attempt to find ways to introduce indoor heating for the cold winter months.

Several smiths come together to improve upon the armor design made by the last moot and start working on a way to make better protective armor for their brethren.
I have a +1 from a luxury bonus and +3 from all actions relating to stone

>Ku Kobold Klan
The Kobolds of Richmond having experienced the annexation of their settlement by Frankfort, the basis of herding of goats and pheasants developing, and first contact with a new race of beings, they find their numbers also increasing by 2.5 times. The colonist families of the three seperate states seem to still have different goals. The descendants of Kentucky supporting their original Governor seem to have consolidated power this generation. Kobolds, descending from Alabama and Georgia, send their leaders to their former respective states to request aid of the Governors to reverse the annexation of the settlement. The original charter agreed upon the first three Governors is sought to be honoured.
The Governors of Alabama and Georgia, receiving this request, meet to help return the balance of power between the three states. A fourth state, as proclaimed by their predecessors, would help with this, but Richmond's population is not on the same level as the others. They offer a unit and quarter of population each to be sent to help colonize and stabilize Richmond. To ensure this, some of the colonials sent hail from bureaucratic families in good standing with in the Klan as a whole.

The Kobolds, back in Richmond, turn their heads to stabilizing their settlement and the surrounding area with local government, since their proclaimed Governor resided so far away. They wish for the residents to be represented within this government so that works can be done to improve the lives of the new colonials, as well as to rebrand the name of Virginia. Much deliberation is done before the new immigrants arrived, but a conclusion is reached. The Virginia General Assembly will be formed, consisting of 100 Kobolds who each will represent the population broken into 100 districts Virginia will be divided into, and 40 Kobolds who each will represent the population broken into 40 counties Virginia will be divided into. The 140 Kobolds will be chosen on a specific day where each adult Kobold will be able to stack a specifically cut stone for the Kobolds representing their county as well as their district. The stacks with most stones would be the chosen Kobold, those of the districts to be called congress members and those of the counties to be called senators. The Virginia General Assembly will be tasked with passing legislation; the 100 congress members choosing to pass postulated legislation, and the senate passing the legislation or amending it and returning it to the congress members.

>action 1: have Birmingham and Atlanta send 1.25 population each, that includes some prestigious bureaucrat families to Richmond to help bring balance of power and reverse the annexation

(bonus to roll +1 luxury musical item)

>action 2: form the Virginia General Assembly

(bonus to roll: +1 luxury musical item)
Rolled 10, 4, 15, 11 = 40 (4d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan continued

The Georgian Governor is ashamed of what has become of Atlanta. He sets to finding the most experienced terraformers and civil engineers. He sets them to finding a way to ensure that the sewage lines, the drinking water supply, the cleaning water supply, and the irrigation trenches do not cross or contaminate each other. The dirty water disease has plagued them for far too long. Hopefully these new water routes will stop the suffering of the Georgian Kobolds

In Birmingham, after the immigrants leave for Richmond, there is only one thing on the united mind of the Alabamian Kobolds. We must have a town, even if we have to build it for the rest of our lives, it will be made for our children.

>action 3: Create better water routes for the poopoo pee pee water, the cleaning water, the drinking water, and the irrigation water so they never contaminate each other again.

(bonus to roll +1 luxury musical item


(bonus to roll +1 terraformer and +1 luxury musical item
Turn 21:
The Illuminadan state, facing serious issues of manpower and a deserting army, levies troops from the poor farmers and downtrodden citydwellers. They come with no equipment and little motivation, and will make for exceedingly poor soldiers. It is better than nothing. The people of Sea’s Maw take to the manufacture of bread using their wheat. It is tastier and more versatile than the old grain porridge the Goblins were used to eating but the recipes for it are no more efficient in grain use than traditional meals. The construction projects put forward by the Senate go smoother, as the tasks are rather simple. Goblin’s End had been pushing its capacity for some time, and more space was cleared from the surrounding forest to make space for the new arrivals. In Sea’s Maw a wooden palisade was constructed to provide additional defense from the land-facing part of the city. Fortaleza had the most difficult time as the cave system the village had been built in provided limited amounts of territory. Eventually, another tunnel was cleared for use in moss and fungus farming but its production was limited by the poor soil.
>4 Goblin rabble at amateur (-2) rank recruited at Fortaleza
>Bread is bland but at least allows for the stockpiles to be used a little more efficiently. Stockpile at Sea’s Maw upgraded from improved (-) to improved, and Fortaleza’s proto farm is upgraded to proto +.
>A wall (90%) was built around Sea’s Maw
>Goblin’s End upgrade is started to lvl 2.5. Get +4 to keep upgrading it.
>The farm at Fortaleza is upgraded once again to basic +
55.78 Population. Max number of actions from population reached. Actions this turn: 5
>Tomb Kings
Explorers were sent back to the land near the dwarves to hunt for the entrance to their city. It seemed unlikely they would find it if they didn’t have the assistance of the Luthn to aid them. These creatures proved essential in the scouting process simply because they’d actually seen it. The dwarves were careful, and if the party got too close they’d simply wander around and wait. The use of the looking glass helped a good deal in discovering the entrance to the underway and with that discovered it was possible to find a dwarven settlement. The silver mine was finally expanded as well thanks to the extensive amount of equipment that had been set aside for the task. Settra’s order that sand production be stepped up seemed like an odd request, as sand was everywhere. It was the lot in unlife for skeletons to obey, and so they did. They expanded sand production, harvesting more of it for dubious purposes. No one complained.
>Virn Dural discovered. Can now diplo directly with the dorfs.
>The mine is finally upgraded to Improved, Will now produce 4 more units of silver.
>Glass furnaces upgraded to Basic +. Now has 2 units of glass to trade.
>Military decay disbands 2x archers (regular) and 1x Swordsmen (regular). 25% force limit reached, no more disband after this.
>Get 1.62 Growth this turn due to trade deals.
31.22/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
======================================================================Tomb Kings special event: Settra’s Decay

Many hundreds of years have passed since Settra woke up from the sands and started working towards the betterment of the skeles. He was the first of us, and the job of his cult is to ensure for him to be also the last if needed. Thanks to his initial efforts, many skeletons woke up from the slumber too, and many became distinguished individuals that helped our people thrive and make themselves a home under the scorching sun. Skeletons say that these individuals still retain their souls fully, and that’s why they shine over the rest. However, since his ascension to Godhood Settra has gained much more control over the skeletons, to the point that the lesser skeletons could be considered drones instead of actual cognitive beings, the will of Settra being their driving force, which greatly increased productivity of the realm… at the cost of autonomy of them. Only the skeletons with the strongest will powers have managed to keep some of their autonomy under these terms since the temple was created.
But the passage of time is universal, even for a god. His semi-mortal origins have started showing their weakness, as his bones become thinner and yellower everyday, and his close worshippers have noticed it: there is little time to do something.
Their devotion to Settra is inmmense, and they know exactly what must be done: sacrifice a strong soul to their god using the modified ancient rituals of their people.
Now, the cultists set out to trap one of these souls and their retinue...
Choose one of the following:
>Sacrifice Scorpion and his most prominent miners: The pickaxe mastery bonus will be lost, along with the jewelry production. Mines at altinin will suffer temporary setbacks
>Sacrifice Amenope and the most prominent artists and scholars: University rolls will no longer be available, and the secret behind glass and sculptures will be lost.
>Sacrifice Ramses and his trusted bodyguards: Military unit’s stats will decrease and all units will lose 2 levels of their rank, archers will lose the precise tag and all the military-related bonuses will be wiped out.
>The cultists fail their ambush: The bonus from religion will be removed. Settra will lose his powers acquired via the temple, and a new leader must be elected as he vanishes.
As Hawaii’s king orders more men into the training fields he realizes the danger. Atlantis had once done this, dedicated all their manpower to projects and left the fields fallow. It was how this whole business started. Seeing how many men had already come to arms and how few there were to manage the fields, he rescinds the order to raise troops and lets those that remain focus on the maintenance of the settlement. He leaves some orders before he marches off to battle. Expansion was the order of the day. Miners slowly excavate more land, expanding the iron mine. Efforts to expand Hawaii are underway as well, developing the land outside the defenses to make it suitable for future settlement. More work would need to be done to complete it.
>Goblin eating is instructed to the interceptors. Each interceptor unit will grant +1 food in Hawaii as long as fishmen-goblin relations are hostile.
>Hawaii’s improvement is underway. It’s infrastructure level is 2.5 now, and get +3 to develop it next time
>The expansion of the mine goes well, and more stone is available to fortify the defenses. Existing defenses get 20% extra strength each.
22.17/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
>Tuath De
Basic supply is needed if much larger holy pilgrimages are to be made to the island. Thus Henzen gave the signal to start the the process of creating some food sources in farming. The night before the project was set to begin the enemy of construction has returned: the rain. The few people still awake at the time watched the soil become mud as the tools suddenly started sinking into it and eventually disappear. The workers attempted to retrieve it but they had all vanished to the will of the Potato. The few remaining tools they had though worked really great at making some rudimentary (proto) farms. Finally the time had come, the finishing touches of Dublin. Everything was planned out and with a quick prayer the builders were motivated to finish up the city. More housing, better streets and a much prettier look to the city as Dublin has become much larger now. The weather was clear for most of it and no real setbacks. Henzen was suspicious as first but when he received word that the construction was completed on time he was relieved and offered a prayer to the great Potato as a thank you. With an increase in living space the population is sure to start growing to accommodate it and with a larger population means much more food. Though the farms in Dublin yield quite the large harvest it is not enough for Henzen as he sends his best farmers to expand the supply, this is the Potato crop after all and anything less than success is considered blasphemy. Just like with the news of Dublin though the farmers came in to report that the upgrade is going right on schedule but it will take more time. They did their job well but even the offspring of the lord cannot stand against time. Unless the Potato wills it of course
>Proto farms development built at Cothair Noafo pratai
>Dublin is finally upgraded to settlement level 4: City
>Farm at dublin upgraded to Improved +. Get an extra +2 to upgrade it next time.
37.36/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
>Marsupialian Kingdom
The acrobatics was a good idea but hard to master, as only the most experienced and trained Koalas could do them effectively, surprising everyone with their dexterity and agility. In this, vital were the dropbears, that were the ones who had the skills needed for the performances. A lot of the most skilled dropbears decided to leave the army and instead join these “acrobatic groups”, in which their natural abilities could shine greatly during peacetime and teach the new recruits a thing or two. Soon, a lot of koalas in Dropbearton and Eucalyptaria, and even Wombats and Kangaroos from afar would come to these shows of skill and try to come up with their own acrobatics, but no one would match the dropbears.
With the lost of some of the most professional of the army to the newer acrobatics, there simply wasn’t enough trainers to fill in the recruits, and the peaceful times that the Koalas are living in also moved priorities of the common people: now they would rather be administrators or acrobats than true Dropbears, as the skills needed for it are extremely high and most don’t make the cut. It would still take a generation before newer methods of training and combat could be devised.
However, the conscription of local units to protect the settlements of the east went well. By establishing clear regimental systems, where a province would receive equipment and training by the central government but troops would stay in the area and be allowed to grow in communion with the local population greatly helped the growth of the Wombat and Kangaroo lands. Not only that, but these professionalized local militias are ready to defend their lands at any costs.
With the growth of the empire, soon came a growth of the necessities of the people. No longer stone tools would be used massively, as the Mine Fortress was able to provide a lot of bronze for tools, and the foundry at Dropbearton greatly helped with the spread and dissemination of these better tools. However, the requirements of the people, along with the ore quality problems that have risen recently didn’t allow for much else to be made with bronze. Some triggers were made with them, and a small prototype for crossbows was made, but these quickly faded into darkness as there simply wasn’t enough bronze to spare. For now, the poisoned darts were still the weapon of choice of these hunting in the eastern lands.
>All dropbears will lower their ranks to experienced (+1), but improve the maneuver of the unit by +1.
>The drilling grounds couldn’t be made this time around, get no bonus.
>Crossbows couldn’t be developed. Can’t develop further bronze weaponry until the mine is upgraded due to ore quality problems.
>3 local militias of each Wombat and Kangaroo recruited. These have the defender tag.
>Farm at Eucalyptaria upgraded automatically to improved + thanks to bureaucratic development.
46.4 Population. Max actions from the population reached. Actions this turn: 5.
The shrooms had a timid start at Virn Dural, but the local population made all efforts needed to prevent a disaster to happen and allow the beneficial shrooms to grow. After many years, these efforts finally paid off and it can be said that Virn Dural now has underground farms to rival Thul Nildaur.
As dwarven settlements dig deeper into the mountains, it is made evident that more efficient systems of heating are needed not only to keep the people alive, but the shrooms too. Seeing the large quantities of copper laying around their settlements, the Dwarves set to find a way to heat the most important locations. Along with their natural ability to create intricate stone cuts, they set to the arduous task of creating a network of small tunnels that pass through most rooms that need heating. Their mastery of stone makes it easier, and a large chamber is created to house a large bonfire, from which heat would spread through these heating tunnels. However, a young engineer from a small clan, the Wheelwrights, has an intriguing idea. He noticed that copper could transfer heat much more effectively but was incredibly dangerous to the touch… but what if he filled the tubes with heated water? The water would heat up the tubing and then in turn these would heat up the rooms, without the extreme risk of burning. He makes a small closed system to show to the council it’s effectiveness, but such a project would require the full support of the council and a lot of resources.
Back at Thul Nildaur, the smiths attempt to create stronger armor for the units, however their mastery of the copper isn’t enough to guarantee such a great end product. To achieve a good level of protection, large quantities of copper needed to be used, and it ended with an incredibly heavy armor that probably can only be used by the strongest dorfs.
>Shroom farm at Virn Dural upgraded to basic +. Coinam’s inherent bonus grants +3 to keep developing it.
>The works to heat the settlements are underway, but you have to choose one of the following:
Go with the original plan of just ventilation shafts, development will be easier to complete (Get +6 to finish it next turn)
Trust the engineer, and start the ambitious innovation project. Will be hard, but can bring great benefits.
>Armored tag researched and can now be used on units. However, the armor can only be used on heavy melee units, and they will have a reduced maneuver unless the armor is improved.
19.6/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
The Minutemen are the army, the first and last line of defense and the greatest warriors our people have. They know it, and for them society does their best. For this, a large training ground was built at Creuge, along with large military barracks and facilities for the commanders and trainers to reside in. Not only the training ground will help with increasing the quality of the recruits that the Minutemen will get, as this first generation shows, but it also is a facility that needs lots of resources to keep going: food, fresh water, smiths and toolmakers. Soon, a small town grows near the military complex, housing these who provide the goods and services needed by the military.
At Coinam, experiments are made with the cultivation and harvesting of the rice plant. It’s different than the other plants that our people have cultivated, as it’s harder to care for but it’s incredibly tasty, so more efforts than ever are made. Soon, large ponds are created in the hillsides near Coinam to help with the cultivation of this plant, and the effects of them are soon evident: large quantities of rice are harvested, with more and more small ponds being created by the agricultors.
>Training grounds prevent recruiting of units below regular (0) rank. Up to 3 units per turn will be upgraded to Experienced (+1) rank if no recruitment action is taken.
>Choose one of the following relating to the town growing outside the military complex:
The small town is fortified and added to the military complex
The small town is allowed to keep growing
>6 More Minutemen are recruited at creuge at regular (0) rank.
32.54/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3
>Ku Kobold Klan
Despite the best efforts by the central government in sending the inmigrants, the Kentuckian control over the settlement of Richmond is much higher than anticipated. By making some “contributions” to the town leaders, the new inmigrants are quickly assimilated, and their true intentions diluted by the machinations of the local government. With this turn of events, two of the main actions taken by the central government fall on deaf ears, a huge blow against the efforts of the government.
Back at Atlanta, not everything is terrible as after countless eons, finally the waters are once again controlled and harsh sanitizations measures are put in place to ensure that never again cholera will return to hinder the Kobolds. Not only that, but the new irrigation systems will help with the growth of the delicious grape farms outside the town. Seeing this, the Georgian local government finally sets out to create a way to store that overproduction of grapes. Some folks told of a story of how, many generations ago, some farmers from Atlanta made juice from the grapes and stored them in closed containers, creating a healthy and delicious drink. These might have been just stories, but what is the worst that could happen is the idea that wins the day. By occupying a small portion of the recently created stockpile, the new containers to store mashed grapes sit, awaiting to be opened in a couple of years.
Finally, after many years Birmingham is upgraded. Many difficulties happened that prevented this colossal task to be finished, but after much suffering, it is finally complete. Now the Alabama Kobolds can rejoice in what they did.
>Birmingham and Atlanta transfer 1.25 population each to Richmond.
>Frankforters stop the actions taken to curb their power
>Atlanta won’t be affected by cholera again. Improvement of irrigation grants a basic irrigation development.
>Residents from Atlanta create wine, but to see it’s effects an extra d20 has to be rolled next turn.
>Birmingham is finally upgraded to lvl 3
60.1 + 7 Population. Max number of actions from population reached. Actions this turn: 5
The divine mountain proclamation is a success…?
By tossing away their pride and recognizing the equality that Mt. Kurama needed to keep going forward, the Daitengu and Cletian bureaucrats managed to avoid any bloodshed. By creating a new council ruled by the divine commandments of Sakuyahime, both parties felt that they could work under these terms. Despite her young age, the Shrine maiden was selected personally by the goddess to guide her people, and try to focus on improving the lives of all the subjects of the now called “divine mountain”. However, the ample concessions made to the Cletians, now called servants of the goddess could in the future tilt this fragile balance that could be reached. For balance to exist, both existing powerful races: the Tengus and the Cletians, will have to be carefully guided and appeased for the peaceful development of the Divine Mountain.
>Mt. Kurama is no longer considered rebellious, and will grow again.
>Cletian population will no longer be considered slaves. They will create a new settlement near Mt. Kurama to prevent overpopulation of the existing settlement, and the Cletian engineers bonus will be consumed to kickstart it. It’s name will be Miriso.
>Cletian traders will start working again, however the reorganization and concessions made to them means that the slave market won’t be available this turn.
>Cletians (more likely) or Tengus can set an agenda. Meeting its goals will grant benefits to your tribe, but lean too much on one side could cause a collapse of the achieved balance.
>Cletian scholars will join the government and during reorganization won’t be available (no scholar roll this turn).
>Starting from next turn, Tengu will be called Divine mountain
37.3/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
>Three tribes
The power of the Shamans, amplificated by the Quartz stones soon proved useful. Knowledge from beyond this realm was granted to them, and they did as told. Impregnating the wood with a concoction made from animal urine and the extract of a local blue mold proved beneficial, completely protecting the wood against even the most insidious of parasites that could feast on the fibers. On the other hand, the quick population growth made in the last seasons made evident that more food was to be secured, especially when dealing with such a long lifespan. Luckily, hunting is what our people do best, and as time passed more and more mastered the art of the bow. With less damage to the meat and the hides, more resources could be extracted from the animals, and some greatly improved the life of the people thanks to their usefulness. With the new hunting capacities, high quality furs and pelts could be secured, and more bone and sinew would also come with it. On the other hand, the upgrades to toolmaking and butchering techniques made the extraction of meat and other materials much more effective. With these new materials, craftsmen now set to improve the quality of the bows that the hunters use…
>Basic + hunters development upgraded to Improved +. Passive bonus due to toolmakers rises to +3 food.
>Better hunting methods means that hunting developments will now produce furs as a luxury resource. Any hunting development beyond proto + will produce these resources, one per level (max 3 per development). If furs resource is controlled, get +1 to all rolls.
>Availability of sinew, better wood durability, toolmakers and hunting importance creates the perfect conditions for the composite bow to be created. Get +10 to develop it next turn.
13.88/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
A harsh stance was needed to solve the conflict between the states and the clans of Najin. The kiryuin would be elevated to the status of Imperial Family, and the bakuzan would have the ultimate authority in matters of foreign matters and military operations, while the empress would manage the domestic policy. Such a hard move, along with the proposed reforms to the standing of the different people in Najin was favoured by the landless and clanless orcs, and some of the ten ladies. However, the martial clans wouldn’t support the reform, especially since the duties of the nobles would be reduced to “peaceful” ones, completely against their ancestral legacy. Not only that, but differences between the clans that had been hidden thanks to the decentralized nature of the army would now become evident, as not many of the troops would be loyal to the emperor, nor a Taishogun from a clan different than theirs. The biggest differences were between the two most important martial clans: the mori and the sakuma. The mori were masters of the sea, and the Sakuma were the masters of land combat. A decentralized system allowed both to coexist in their definite areas of expertise, but with this new reform, how could the Mori know what it’s better for land warfare, or how could the Sakuma know what it’s best for naval warfare? As the debate dragged on, a solution was reached between the conflicting clans: They would support the reforms fully, as their lands could benefit from more intervention of the central government as it has happened during the last generations, but only if the command of the armed forces would be down to each unit, effectively taking away the military power from the emperor and rendering the position of Taishogun useless, as they believed that the Kiryuin were good with administration but knew nothing of battle.
This fracture led to the failure of the attempt to take Oshabi by surprise of arms and force them to accept the imperial authority, as the central forces simply weren’t compliant or powerful enough to go against the city of Oshabi alone and their Squid and Fishmen mercenaries, and tossing aside the martial clans could lead to a bigger disaster as their combined might was simply too big to be ignored, at least until the Kiryuin managed to acquire a more powerful army of their own.
On the other hand, the Oshabi knew how to use their abilities and resources to their benefits.
From some generations ago, many of the traders were of Oshabian origin, and successful local traders from other clans would constantly flock to their city to join the trade leagues.
As time passed, they would grow to dominate most of the internal trade of the archipelago, and their privileged position would grant them an unrivalled position on the economic front. Not only that, but their shrewd commerce practices also allowed the archipelago to benefit greatly from trades with the Squidmen. This also allowed them to gather a great deal of the talent of Najin, especially their scholars and administrators. The najinese would say that Kattin was the political capital, but Oshabi was the economic capital. However, that position soon made the eyes of the Bakuzan turn to them, and their political and economical maneuvers would lead to the present situation. The Oshabi, completely uninterested in the reforms that would hinder their interests, placed their bets that their control over the supplies needed for the armed forces would prevent the Kiryuin from gathering enough forces to take Oshabi by force, and the fracture that the reform would cause between the central government and the Mori and Sakuma, two of the most dangerous clans in the archipelago, would grant them enough advantages to make their demands: almost complete autonomy.

In the end, the now Emperor would have two main obstacles to tackle before finally completing their reform plan: The martial clans and the Oshabi.
Satisfying the martial clans would be easy, as they can just be pleased with granting them command over their respective forces and would keep the old military system around, and granting them some more resources to develop their respective settlements should be enough to keep them loyal.
However, Oshabi is a completely different story, as they would simply reject any diplomatic move or reform that could harm their interests and monopolies. Not only that, but their words are supported by the power of money: foreign mercenaries and technologies that might have never been seen before outside of Oshabi in the archipelago. Between making ample concessions to the Oshabi, ignoring them and focusing on gathering new resources elsewhere or attempting to get rid of them by force, there is no easy answer for the Emperor.
>Martial clans will accept the reforms if their demands are met. If positive, no need to roll. If negative, an action must be used to negotiate.
>Oshabi won’t accept the reforms unless they’re granted large autonomy (no action needed if positive). They will only submit via military action:
1: Their population will no longer count towards extra actions, but their settlement will. To compensate this, Najin can have 7 settlements (including Oshabi)
2: They will no longer meddle in the affairs of the realm nor try to take over new resources, but their capacity to act on their own will increase.
3: Oshabi will guarantee iron and leather supply to the rest of the archipelago, but every time an action using these resources is taken they will take an extra action.
4: Any action directed towards the Oshabi will get a -10 to the roll.
>All reforms that are in standby (monetary, organization, centralization) will come into effect once Oshabi and the martial clans are dealt with.
>Get -3 actions this turn if the answer to these two demands is negative. If only one is negative, get -2. If no negative answers are given, then return to normal action/population mechanics.
76.86+4 Population. Max number of actions from population reached. Actions this turn depend on choices made by the player.
File: Mundo 2020-12-02-01-35.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1017)
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1.17 MB PNG
With this, update ended. See you next time.
Rolled 15, 9, 7, 1 = 32 (4d20)


>Action 1: Building a Copper mine (+2 For Gold and Vodka)
After we have found another ore by the grace of our God, it is time to mine it.

>Action 2: Upgrade the City in Cothair Noafo Pratai (+2 For Gold and Vodka,+2 for the Holy Potato Fields in the City)
We must develop our city on the Holy Island.

>Action 3: Upgrade Limerick 2 (+2 For Gold and Vodka,+2 for the Holy Potato Fields in the City)
It is time for a modernisation of Limerick 2.

>Action 4: Explore the Isle (+2 For Gold and Vodka)
Our Grand Master Sir Henzen has given the order to send a reconnaissance team to explore the island and search for possible resources or relics
Rolled 1 (1d4)

Bonus Roll
>Accept Military Compromise, Rebuke the Oshabi
Bakuzan Emiya was many things but he wasn't an idiot. The Oshabi represented a parallel authority that would doubtlessly tear the state apart. If they were not brought to heel now they never would be and the city would remain a dagger pointed at the side of the empire. In comparison, the demands of the martial clans were easy. They simply wanted to maintain the status quo, a position that suited the Bakuzan well enough for now as there weren't major military reforms even on the table. In the end, the final compromises were made in the backrooms behind smoky paper walls over honey water. The martial clans would support the centralization of domestic apparatus in exchange for their military independence, and would answer when summoned by the new Emperor. With this alliance secured, it was time to face the inevitable.

"There can be no parallel authority on Hango, or Nakiri, or Tsu or any island of Orcs. There was only the Najin, and all Najin owed loyalty to the Bakuzan. The Oshabi had forgotten that they had elected the Kiryuin to this position, and if they wanted the post they could have applied for it within the bounds of Najin law instead of involving foreign barbarians to meddle in the affairs of the Najin." Before the Meeting of Ten Noble Ladies ended the Bakuzan made the position of the Najin state clear. The Oshabi would submit to the rule of Najin law and grant the Bakuzan their honest fealty, or they would be stripped wholesale of their position and made ronin; their lands free for the taking. The Oshabi, of course, refused. To satisfy the honor of the Najin they were allowed to leave Kattin and return to Oshabi. They were followed closely and the city was put under siege by the new Imperial army and a small flotilla of naval ships consisting of a warship and two bune.

1. Develop the Wheel +2
In Sakai, far away from the troubles of the Home Isles, the mining operations had lead to a small development that would make it easier to transport goods. The wheel was simple, but it had strong potential.

2. The Cloth Industry +6
The Najin adapted to the use of banana cloth centuries earlier and as time had passed they had grown more adept at the production of textiles spun from the inner peels of bananas. While some places produced bananas for taste it was not uncommon to find some plantations that produced bananas for smaller fruit but more fibrous interiors to make for better cloth production. Increased crop yields and food diversity provided more bananas and more surplus, leading to the growth of a textile industry in the city of Nagoya. Strong internal trade links meant that large numbers of banana peels could be brought from all over the Home Isles to Nagoya's port and used for production.

3. Shinobi Tactics +5
On the training fields of Sakai Lady Kagome observes the work of her vassal Hattori Hanzo. He had theorized a new form of light infantry tactic that relied on speed and stealth.
Rolled 4, 3, 16 = 23 (3d20)

dice pls
Rolled 4, 3, 17, 20, 16 = 60 (5d20)

>Upgrade mine
The decreased quality of the ore makes the wise king worried. The amount of bronze could get lower, the lifetime of tools could decrease, and the stop of new developments makes this catastrophic, which is why he says the more miners must dig deeper to find more ores.
>Develop Armoury(+3 because of Basic+Forge)
Some of the young recruits complain about their lack of defense and how easy they get hurt in training fights. A witted blacksmith, as he hears this complain, gets the idea to put plates of bronze together to stop the recruits getting hurt so easily.
>Improve infrastructure by upgrading the roads between east and west
The eastern tribes are quite far away of the core cities and any travel takes much times, but eventhough there are many roads to travel, none are really well upgraded and it takes often much more time, than if the roads were more straight. This project should bring the different people more together and allow for further centralization in the eastern tribe.
>Revitalize ministry for building and city planning
Now that we increased the amount of scholar-gentleman’s by recruiting them in the eastern tribes, it seems like a good idea to finally implement the old plans of a ministry for building and city planning, which should allow us to conceive of big building projects, while also taking care of how our villages and cities develop. The current state can’t go any further, as the cities grow only chaotically, while any new building projects, like the improvement of infrastructures, always takes a lot of logistics to set up.
>The Elixir of life
The King is old. Very old. Many younger Marsupialians even ask themselves, if there was ever a time, where Marsupial wasn’t King, as anybody they asked, they only knew Marsupial as King personally. But to be fair, the royal dynasty was always very long living, if they haven’t fallen in a war, but Marsupial is special. A not well-known fact is, that he seeks the elixir of life, since he became King and did try many elixirs, which promised him eternal life. But in the last few years his health got worse and worse. He knows, he isn’t immortal, so in a last desperate attempt he sends out hundreds of young men and women in search of the mystical magician, which is supposedly 1,000 years old and in possession of the Elixir of life… If this man exists and if they are able to find him, if he exists, is only known by heaven.
Rolled 12, 18, 17, 7 = 54 (4d20)

on the very first council meeting after the divine mountain proclamation, the shrine maiden reiterates again that whatever decision comes out in the end, everyone will have to work together to make it sucessfull, no matter who leads the project and whether youre a tengu or a servants. and secondly, with the construction of the new settlement doesnt meant that it becomes exclusive settlement for the servants only, a tengu can choose to settle on miriso if they want to and a servant can choose to settle on Mt. Kurama if they want.

the shrine maiden then decreed that the goddess demand cooperation and understanding, she states that every single one of her followers is the same, no matter where you came from. and such the shrine maiden proposed that a grand festival to be held annually on the shrine to celebrate the the divine mountain proclamation and as for the tengu and cletians to interact and learn from each others. the next proposal comes from tengu, who wished to expand Mt Kurama to accomodate their growing populations. lastly, the cletians proposed to build a mine and an academy in Miriso fro cletian scholar to preserve and teach their cletian technology to the next generation.

1. Hold a grand festival in the goddess shrine to promote understanding and cooperation beetween the tengu and cletians
2. Improve settlement in Mt. Kurama
3. Build a mine in miriso
4. Build academy in miriso
Rolled 17, 15, 8, 14, 11 = 65 (5d20)

>Prepare training drills for our units (+1)
Considering the general inexperience of our remaining troops, specially the ones dedicated to deal with fishmen incursions, the military leaders of the republic will coordinate the task of training the units and the new ones to come

>Conclude Goblin's End expansion(+7)

>Expand wheat farm at goblin's end (+5)

>Develop armor with copper for our units(+1)

>Search for spiritual leaders among our folk(+1)
We forgot the time we used to have even a flick of the divine present in our lives and for too long we've progressed while remaning in the spiritual dark. With most of our basic needs being dealt we search our lands for a group or in the worst case the last remaining gob that's touched by the light of the gods
Rolled 17 + 11 (1d20 + 11)


With those coming to believe that through gaining life eternal by becoming a servant of spirit in the form of the skeletons, a good deal of debate would come to form. While some would claim it frees themselves from the shackles of Earth and Body, it was clear that the desire to become a servant of spirit was, ironically, purely due to Body itself. For the servants of spirit, while free from most cycles and certainly not living, were still physical and in this very realm. And, while technically free from Earth, it will always be tied to Spirit. Further, some of the Shamans who went to the land of the Skeletons had returned and would come to speak of the wonders there and further of Spirit. Regardless, such debates certainly made the faith grow in the public mind, and it was planned in the future to further work upon the ritual grounds and construct proper grand temples to the four.

Even so, this sadly would need to be delayed, at least for a short time. For the growing population has made the settlement already becoming to small to contain all the people who were starting to live in it. With such food and prosperity, it was clear that the town needed to be expanded. And with how much religion was on the mind, most would listen to the Shamans advice in such things. After all, they solved the issue with rot with their visions, and clearly they would see the most effective way to further spread the village out and make it in a way that the four aspects would desire. Right? Regardless, this work would be done likely a bit slowly, but even so, it was clear that the work being done was good enough. However, something else would swiftly arise that wasn't done by the Shamans. The varying hunters and toolmakers were, with all the materials now available to them, thinking of ways to make a better bow. For while the ones that the Tribul Aripii Daur had were decent, they lacked the power to fell the more powerful of beasts in a single shot, and likewise, the range to do so from a far enough distance that startling or being spotted by the animal would be fairly difficult for any moderately experienced hunter. A number of new designs and attempts would be made on the bows, though in time, it would become clear what worked and what didn't...

>Work on expanding the town (Shamans used)

>Work on a better bow (Dice used)
Rolled 6, 16, 8, 6, 13 = 49 (5d20)

The time of Settra is over, though he may a bit ruthless and basically a god he still loves his Bone children and would never accept their lives in exchange for prolonging his.
>The cultists fail their ambush: The bonus from religion will be removed. Settra will lose his powers acquired via the temple, and a new leader must be elected as he vanishes.

With Settra gone and the construction of his tomb on the way it is time to elect a new leader. The average skeletons started to regain their autonomy with the passing of the first one and now knowing they are leaderless must choose a new leader. Settra held the aspects of every candidate but the one that triumphed it all was innovation. In a landslide vote he would be coronated as the undisputed ruler of Khepri.
>Vote in Amenope as the new King of Khepri. (+3 from luxury)

Despite Amenope being flooded with work in Settra’s old office one of his first actions was to celebrate Settra. King of Khepri, first of the Skeletons and the God of the Sands and Death he will have a Pyramid so large that it will drive the envy of the world, a tomb for a great man who brought us from the dark towards the light.
>Create Settra’s Pyramid Tomb (+3 from luxury, +2 from brick)

With Settra and the dingos gone and Ramses not having anymore troops left he decides that he shall take a portion of the builders to create another set of walls as the new buildings of Khepri shall be built behind him. Sometimes he looks behind himself to see if Settra would be there. He is disappointed every time.
>Create more walls (+3 from luxury, +2 from brick)

With the incoming Skeletons from the lizards and Luthn more room will be needed to house all those new friends. Scorpion took on the task for the upgrading.
>Upgrade Khepri (+3 from luxury, +3 from pickaxe mastery, +2 from bricks)

The cultists clear treason against the other great Skeletons brought great distrust to the church when the Skeletons reawoke. Nabiin attempted to ease their doubts but a Priest of Luthn descend decides to take matters into his own hands as he left 95 clay Tablets on the doorstep of former great Temple. Nabiin decides to take the hint and with Amenopes approval the reformation had begun.
>Reform the Church (+3 from luxury)
Rolled 3 (1d4)

Rolled 3, 15, 17, 12 = 47 (4d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan

Alabama is at its proudest. The town has been completed, allowing for the growth that it has yearned for over ten generations. The musicians who come to Birmingham tell of great changes in the lands near them. This sparks interest in all the Alabamians. With this new found freedom to grow Birmingham and the surrounding area in a healthy manner, the Governor sends out scouts to the south and west out to look for new resources or new locations or any new things really. The Governor knows with new things or knowledge, his state will prosper.

Richmond, still under the power of Frankfort and the respective Governor, finds that any new requests to the Governors of Alabama or Georgia end with the conclusion that Richmond has to take first steps in any projects alone. Fortunately, the new writing of Dwarvish has sparked an interest in literature amongst the Kobolds. The respected of Richmond once again join to create a Legislation branch of local government and create the Virginia General Assembly, so that there can be some political leadership locally and not a long journey over the mountain range away. It is determined the Dwarvish runes will be used to record the legal system.
The Virginia General Assembly will have 100 congressmen and 40 senators. (same system written in previous turn)

In Atlanta, the Georgian Governor hears of the political ideas occurring over at the new settlement. He,knowing of the missteps that can be taken like the irrigation debacle, gathers the finest Georgian minds and respected bureaucrats to create their own Legislation branch of government. They postulate that having 180 congressmen and 56 Senators elected from districts and counties determined by area. It is named the General Assembly of Georgia and the bicameral body will lead to the greatest representative government Georgia has ever seen. Similarly in Richmond, Dwarvish runes will be the writing chosen to record the legal system.

The talented white kobolds of construction see the new alloy metal weilded by the armoured brigade. Surely the iron smelting taught to the Kobolds after the fall of Cletia could be useful.
Calum the Kobold thought so for sure. He spent many years lobbying the Three Governors to allow him to use one or two of the iron resources to construct machinery needed for improving the settlements. Calum shows great blue prints of a machine he calls a "Crane." He explains how the iron resource is needed to create strong iron chains to be used to move construction materials into their allocated structural place.

>Action 1: Scout to south and west of Birmingham
(+1 luxury bonus)

>Action 2: Create Virginia General Assembly at Richmond
(+1 luxury bonus)

>Action 3: Create General Assembly of Georgia at Atlanta
(+1 luxury bonus)

>Action 4: use iron resource to create cranes to improve construction.
(+1 luxury bonus)
Rolled 15 (1d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan continued

if i am able to add bonuses to this wine effect roll, i totally will

+1 luxury, +2 bonus to develop wine, +2 stone cutters the development in the flavour of making wine cellars,
and +4 from my second Cletian farmer charge, to make sure I am growing them real well

+9 overall if i can add any bonuses haha
Rolled 3 (1d4)


>Ku Kobold Klan continued

Dice roll to see if the Slave Scholars teach the Kobolds anything this generation.
Rolled 12, 4, 10 = 26 (3d20)

> allow the town to grow
This... this is what we strive for: a civilization of warriors, a town of people whose purpose and aim is to make themselves stronger, better, purer through work and training

>1st action: upgrade Coinam (+2 from bricks)
Our center, our diplomatic hub, the focus of our relations with other tribes, yet it is still so small. Truly we have overlooked this great jewel of Luthn!
But no more! All our workers must cooperate and turn this old shack with nothing of matter into a beautiful bustling city worthy of being the face of our civilization

>2nd action: build a forge at Coinam (+2 from bricks)
Yes, we are mighty with our weapons, but what if we had better ones? Or more weapons? It must be tested! More forges, more furnaces, fill the skies with smoke and dig for more metal, for the glory of Luthn

> 3rd action: upgrade farming at Chlach (I think the bricks count here?)
*why are we always starving?*
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Dunno if I have to roll for the town?
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