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3QM-NRP is a Semi-Freeform game where you roleplay as a fantasy nation. The point of the game is not to win, but to create stories and a living breathing world

> Rushing, Meta-gaming, & other faggotry will be punished
> You can start one diplo with an NPC per turn (you can continue it over multiple turns though)
> Diplomacy is free and not tied to turn order

Updates will be Monday-Sunday (6 turns per week, 2 actions per turn, Thursday no update). Players can post until 20:00 UTC, update usually at 22:00 UTC.

You can take any actions you want as long as they are reasonable, here is a more detailed ‘system’ description with the nation submission template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14HNy14bXFeStBhhfgMOh6pppbZGHuIS-nH32POHvB1U/edit?usp=sharing

> Discord Link (yes, you have to join)

Starting location is chosen by QM, but you can choose a prefered biome.

Players inactive without a prior mention for 4+ turns are considered to have left the game and their nation might be deleted/reduced to ruin or changed into an NPC. In case a player misses a turn he gets 1 make up-action next turn. If you know you will be gone for a day or two you can queue up actions.

Submitted player nations so far:
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> Old Thread
> Map of most recent Update
Pic Related
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An eerie wind blows through the ruins of a once mighty city, a maze of marble and porphyry. Fern and creeper spring from the cracks in the stone all about, the only signs of life that remain. Treasuries long since looted, temples desecrated, house and shop and plaza now rubble. Countless stories lost to time, countless lives forgotten. Ozymandian the ghost of what was lingers. From toppled columns and crumbled walls, little can be surmised. What remains is archaic in design, though frequent is the motif of the hornéd serpent, which creeps along the foundation stones, or coils around the pillars.
All nations come to the ruins beneath the the canopy of Aka's Nest to hear the prophecies of the Discordant God's disciple. None dare fight upon the holy ground, fear of His stirring keeps order and peace among them. Wisdom comes in the riddles of the seer, whose veiled form even kings beseech.

>The Tongue of Aka is a mystical figure, their face and body covered with a heavy veil under which no features can be seen.
>Aka is the God of Discord, who is said to slumber in the great tree which covers the ruins in shadow. The Tongue of Aka is, in a way, His prophet.
>You CANNOT commit violent acts whilst in the ruins
>AFTER your nation has discovered the ruins, you may spend an action to ask the Tongue of Aka TWO questions, which will be answered with Delphic riddles.
>For your questions to be answered, TAG THIS POST, and give an offering to the veiled prophet.
>The Tongue of Aka "nation" will not expand, not explore, not exterminate, and can be considered quasi-QM "nation" as I am a part of the QM group.

While her short travels disguised honed her skills and allowed her to relax, Æðelþryð would start to find such lacking in challenge. While it was all fun and good to have a fight, they lasted far too short now, and further, less were confident in actually fighting her as her little disguised self had made a decent reputation. So, she'd do something risky, but something that would give her more opportunities. She'd fight multiple people at once. Naturally such would be hard if the two were actually experienced, but if they weren't they would prove at least to last more than a few seconds before being disarmed or knocked out. Still, she'd start off modestly, with two fighting against her. Then three, then four. And the more she did this the greater she refined her skill. She'd even have to look out and try to challenge those Servus who escaped and practically became Servus again but refused to be called such. From what she knew, they were fairly skilled, at least if their abilities to catch any Servus who wasn't indoctrinated was to be believed. Even so, she was certainly starting to see why her third born daughter Æðelgyð was so obsessed with duels. It'd been a while since she had done this, and now she was back at it she was starting to realize why she did this so often back when the Imperii didn't exist as it did now...A simpler time, one where she wasn't so busy...But at least now she was free from such work, and could spent that time regaining the skill she had potentially lost...Perhaps once she had grown to find even a Maniple worth of people she'd stop, though maybe dueling Æðelgyð would be better. Still, such was for the future.

After the Ash started to fall however, many in the Imperii celebrated, for the sun's harsh rays wouldn't harm those who went out. Yet alas, the ash itself would, and as such, most would see it as an ironic curse. Still, as food for the Servus dwindled, action would be needed, and the incident would force a certain relaxing journey come to a end for a brief amount of time, though only long enough for the Heáhcásern to give the general plan for those with skill in economics to carry out, like her second born, Æðelgifu. Regardless, a number of farms under ground growing mushrooms imported from the Meoswilum would be made. If it was good enough to keep the Servus alive it was good enough for the Imperii...

>Action One and Two, Further relaxing fights.

>Action Three. Mushroom farms.
1. With the city of Arcadia protected work begins to protect those at Otuganrest. Thankfully already built into the sides of the mountain they are already, somewhat, protected from the ash. The work to do is simple just to turn outward expansion inward and magically dig hallways to connect the old buildings and new buildings deeper into the mountain.
2. With survival almost assured thoughts turn to ways to improve their lot in life. The magi turn to researching a new type of magic entirely in the hopes of improving their lives and stop bumping into random things in the hallway streets. Research into Light Magic begins.
> Action 1: Straw hats and umbrellas
To protect peasants from getting the dust into their eyes a new type of large straw hat is introduced. With breathing, water and food sorted once this is done life should be somewhat back to normal. The hat becoming associated with peasants the nobles would instead opt into putting said hat on a long stick resulting in an umbrella.

> Action 2: Restore the Mines
To bolster our and Eden's economy we shall restore the Obsidian and ruby mines near their capital.

> Action 3: Myconic Mind Merger
We improve the spell which let's us merge our sense with the Mycelium to be able to merge our thoughts themselves with it. With this it shall become possible for mushroom mages to send each other messages trough the Mycelium or even save short messages in it.
>”In the entrails of a burnt offering, can sometimes be found gold”

Action 1: From smoke, into fire.

The voice of the god rings in the public mind. The burnt offering of their fellows in the first days of this disaster is the ash that now poisons their lungs.

We march on the city now, a people renewed through consumption of Taur flesh and agitated for conflict.
The Wolves have attacked silently in darkness, and claimed one of the royal family, even the foreign mentor if Sybaaels writings are to be believed; they are.

They will be unprepared for us.

Invade the ruins of Raleth with a pureblood army, search it in its entirety for “Gold” or “Wolves”, for Ephial!

Action 2: The Aqueduct (1/3)

With the Greyfall in swing our source of water has become corrupted, making it difficult to acquire moisture. Of course blood is a plentiful option at the moment, but that will eventually subside in availability.

The idea however to create a safe supply of water capable of sating the thirst an entire city is devised, a colossal structure to a high altitude would be required for such an endeavour but none are more capable of such a feat than us, a taur able to haul giant stones far heavier than an ordinary man could even attempt to heft.

Our measures are created with forward thinking in mind, not just devised for this disaster in mind, but any future disaster that compromises our water supply that may rear it’s head
>Action 1: Build Infrastructure (Volcano Protection, Obsidian Mine)
The Under dwelling is too important of a home and cultural center to the Statues to allow any damage to occur to it. The existing eruption defenses are improved once again to increase the height of the flood gates and the depth of the flow channels. Furthermore, the system is designed such that the obsidian generated by the Lava can be harvested as Obsidian.

>Action 2: Build Infrastructure (Improved Golem Factory)
The Statues have never shown enough imperial interest to warrant expediting the natural process of self-sculpting. Now though, as Runic carvings grow in importance the Cult sees it fit that there be a centralized location of Statue construction such that the population can all be outfitted in their developments. In under dwelling a Golem Factory is to be constructed. With the act of reproduction being the crafting of a new masterpiece within Statue culture, this factory is not designed as an assembly line to produce rows of golems, rather it acts as a location to be traveled to which provides the Statues with the tools and assistance required to greatly reduce the time and resource investment that is self-sculpting or reproduction. They hope this added leisure will improve self-sculpting rates as a byproduct without it being mandated.
>Continuation of the miniature sun project
Continued study is hoped to achieve a more stable and efficient process. It wouldn't hurt to have multiple small suns as a backup in case of a failure of the black forest tribes sun.
>Protocol set to increase human-wisp partnership
These deliverers of hell would be stupid to think we would just stand idly by while they harm our property. We would increase monitor surveillance and bond more thermaugers out of the ordinary populace. We will catch them in the act, show them that we can fight back. The gang would do well to remember who owns this land and the intensity of the fire.

Horsetaur contestant:

An elite fighter of the Tavthallan military meant to set a baseline for the abilities of the UFC martial artists.

Despite this, has a laundry list of natural advantages due to being the most powerful of the races making them easily able to overpower weakbloods.

Superhuman characteristics in all areas (10 actions of race improvement)
Strength, durability, speed advantages
Four legged body configuration (Much harder to throw down or destabilise)
Height advantage
Weight advantage


Another elite Tavthallan, with much the same abilities as above, except even more stable on their legs and even stronger


An utterly gigantic contestant intended to demonstrate the superiority of the taurs, it’s entire body being an incredibly durable muscle and due to being over ten meters long is essentially only beatable through assault into submission.

Is not at all meant to be a fair fight.

Pureblood Taur:

A rather incredibly elite Tauric warrior, fed on the meat of other Pureblood Taurs, granting them obscene strength, durability and speed on top of there already obscene strength durability and speed, a pureblood taur of this calibre is incredibly rare outside of the Tauric monarchy and are usually unstoppable creatures of the most bloody conflicts, many go completely insane.

Massive advantages in speed, strength, durability, incredibly skilled combatant, two legged configuration.

Princess Sybaael

Mechanical advantages: Actually has character actions invested in her, 2 total as well as a positive event increasing her martial arts ability.
Also two starting character actions contribute to her combat ability, for a total character score of 4 (check with someone I’m not sure if the starting ones count if if they never do anything)

Trained in the way of the wardancer by a Kitsune master, Mezentian martial arts, the incredibly difficult Tauric trick of ceasing to exist and reappearing in combat for an advantage.

Also a pureblood Taur of over six generations fed on the meat of pureblood taur of at least two generations, having truly silly amounts of natural power on top of natural talent.
A hurried Meoswilan couriers bursts into the fort that the want to be shark hunters are inhabiting. A muffled whisper is uttered before the Lo-hai start yelling a grumbling.

" What Do You Mean The Sharks Are Half Way Across The World?" Angrily the Raiders clash out. It seems their misunderstanding has highlighted a lacking with Lo-hai maps, half showing Cuvier Sealand as The Republic. Realizing the impossibility of their hunting voyage, the sailors with their new panel sail ships sail for north of Pleocyemata to seek new fishing waters.

With water purity workable, the Lo-hai begin researching the fine workings of electrum
>Action 1: Construct 2 Theaters in the South
Self Explanatory.

>Action 2: Respond to the Fraternian culture.
The people of Lower Marca need to be reminded who they are, evidently. With new theaters playing stories of old Marcan folktales and epics of our founding King, hopefully they'll come to their senses. This new architecture is an affront to our traditions, deviating from the typical log-cabin style of home in favor of(whatever the fraternians use. They barely have any wood so I assume they live in straw huts or adobe 'hotels'). And the King will tour his countryside once more, very indirectly badmouthing Fraternian values in favor of Marcan ones, reminding them that Marcan Kings work for the people, just as the people work for them.
>Found the Fraternian bureau of Investigation, the FBI is the Fraternian answer to the shogun infiltrators. Made up of only the oldest and most trusted agents the nation has to offer. Their mission to safeguard the nation from foreign intelligence agencies and their actions. The first mission of the agency is to find out how far the shogun infiltration reaches and root it out. Though for the time being, they are also assigned with preventing foreign attacks against the ASTG project, that must succeed

>ASTG project Water supply: Fraternian contribution Filter plants (LC and Sealand)
with Flora magic having been taught to them, the nation puts it to work immediately, setting about creating a spell to make a plant strain that would filter the toxic water and produce clean drinking water as a by produced. They would also send out life mages to aid in construction with “superior Fortification”

>national fluff, though times are dark and hope low the rebound of the ASTG promises hope for the nation and a brighter future, as it stands the nations rationing has helped save lives and prevent mass death, but stores can only last so long and they are beginning to run low.
1 Action:
ASTG water supply: With UFC and Libertandoc citystates, Sealand once again begins on a joint water project, this time working off of something that was already working for the short term. For this one they provide the manpower, researchers, and even raw material for the construction of them. And with the new information coming to light about why their last attempt failed, they were all the more eager to assist in this endeavor and even provide elven guards to oversee the researchers for their time working.

1 Action:
Seeing as the process is still being refined, they continue working on the base prototype themselves to get it fully into a working order. Hopefully this along with the combined efforts would be enough to save their farms and populous.
The High Council is... cautiously optimistic. The Soular Pyre is doing wonders, but the current tribute has robbed much of our gains. We can only really do one thing right now, keep supporting Yuuka.

Action 1: Improve the Radiant Spire (Temple/Lighthouse).
Add to the height of it, get Yuuka a better room and get a better temple at it's foot. We need more spirit to help Yuuka do her job better. Now is not the time to prevent her from doing her job, but to help her perform it well.

Action 2: Bolster Missionaries (Temple) tribe in the west and create War Skalds (Temple) tribe in Shaanlín.
The Missionaries shall try to bolster the Sisu in the Kitsune, even if it means they'll be less agreeable, we want those willing to be able to provide a larger spirit boost to Yuuka. We shall also establish some War Skalds in Shaanlín, to tell the tales of what we did in the War for the Conclave. Ensuring that we do not forget it.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Ola Telmit, human, Stakh's Watchers member
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] : Nyana Mihn, kitsune, member of the team that created the intelligence enhancing spell.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Kissiades, dryad, Stakh's Watchers member
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected for 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Tieus Hhahn, kitsune, Stakh's Watchers member

Crops failing, thirst setting, Praised be Stakh for our fishing fleet. Empty schools are a bit sad. Damn the ashworld.

>1: Develop new spell : "temporarily enhance intelligence", from the magic school of enchantments, and the magic branch of mind enhancements
It was simply needed. We had problems with traductions. People had no time to go to school. ASTG projects needed research.
A small team of talented priests was assembled. They were two groups. One would research the specific spell. The other would enhance the researchers. It was hard, tiring, and ridden with food and water supply issues. But it was done.
Praised be Stakh.

>2: 1 action ASTG (with UFC and the Republic of Sealand) project save water supply
Wells are too complicated. We are doing a simpler plan. With clearer roles. Sealand improve its existing water distilleries, and deploy them to all three nations. Meanwhile, the fraternians will develop a water filter plant, as a long term solution.
We... fill the gaps. We deploy even more Stakh's Watchers priest. With their new spell they should help the research on the distilleries and the plants. We deploy them, along with workers, to speed up the constructions of the distilleries if needed. Our fleet ship goods and people, if Sealand's can't keep up.

>Diplo : The Agriculture Survival Trade Group have new glorious plan. Deploy distilleries. Research water filter plants. It has to be foolproof.

A series of fights are setup. More opponents make it more difficult to focus, as they start striking at Æthelthryth when she's about to get some serious damage in on someone. However, once it exceeds a handful, they start to block each other and become uncertain, wishing to avoid hitting their allies. The Wolfkin however are peculiar, as while each is weaker than a Telrac, their teamwork works even in the dozens of members, and the tactics they use are highly aggressive, relying on their sisters to keep them safe, so they can give it their all. However, this relies on Æthelthryth being on the defensive, once she goes on the offensive, she is able to outpace and overpower them, it's just the shock of their aggressiveness that leaves her on the backfoot.
The mushroom farms grow, but not very well. While they grow without sunlight they are also more sensitive everywhere else. They need water which is scarce in arid lands and they don't do well in hot areas, which is difficult in hot climates. But with some fiddling, underground farms are made, though their harvest isn't as rich as Meoswilium, they are something, so there aren't as many Servus who are starving.

Event: The letters from your dear children have stopped, surely the Shogun's messengers should be able to get them to you. A hiccup here and there is one thing, but it's been months and no mail, not even a seasonal greeting and nothing even on your birthday. Your messengers do note the prevalence of black bronze swords among the Shorino soldiers.


With the town less sprawling, work goes smoother in creating an undercity. Many a tunnel in the underground, though a handful of fines have been levied against people who used the underground passages to throw their refuse.
The use of magic to create light seemed such an easy project, magic incantation all emit light, right? But there's the first problem, they don't know what exactly creates the light, so work is done categorizing which incantations create the most light, so people can figure out a common attribute between the light emitting spells (1/3 progress).

Event: The dryads from the north has given you an invitation for a World Tree Festival. They have been rather weak and depressed under these ashen skies, but this message is delivered with an excited smile. The dryads who would otherwise be terse or not speak at all can't stop gushing on about it, though a bit incoherently.

Event 2: Among the understreets, a young boy is found, he doesn't walk anywhere, instead having a golem do it for him, he has several golems doing tasks for him, which he claims to have made himself. Upon being asked to demonstrate, he is happy to, creating new golem designs with ease. He is quickly taken in by the best golemancers available, to bring him to his full potential.
>Meow (Written by Steel):

The peasantry is eternally grateful for the actions of their betters for this improvement to their lives. Even if it is just to have them be able to work as they once did, anything to block the ash and dust is most welcome.
With the mines restored after extensive labor, small amounts of Ruby and Obsidian once again begin to trickle into the trade markets of the kingdom; netting a profit for those who sell them.
Merging ones mind with others seems like a difficult concept to accomplish, however initial testing seems to be promising. However, there are some concerns over this magic causing one to be lost in a merged state, unable to find their individuality again...

Event (Written by QM5): The children sent to be under the guardianship of the Shogun have not sent letters in a while, don't even come visit. The messengers got to Shorino, but no word from the kids. Though a thing you do notice is that a lot of Shorino soldiers have black bronze swords.


The army descends into the ruined village, all wood are burnt away, only stone and fired mud still stands. Even now, plumes of smoke billow from cracks in the ground and there's something here, people don't inhale the blinding smoke yet still experience head throbing and fainting. But when they get to the mine, they see a flaming chasm, and... there's something in there, a structure sticks out among the burning coals, it's not a mine shaft, it's... something else. If one were to get past the fire, perhaps one could find a way inside.
Work on the aquaduct meanwhile goes... well. It's clear the principles behind it, water flows down, just like a river, but to place one overtop our heads, now that is a crazy idea... but it's not impossible. Though a lot of work will need to be done to make it affordable.

Event: Boats get attacked out at sea, Giant Prawns come from the depths to feed, causing a lot of damage to our boats. Some energetic and hungry Taurs set out to hunt, but these Giant Prawns have swarm tactics, tearing any lone fisherman to shreds before feating upon them. Though a handful of Taurs have succeeded in catching them, they even got a new lower body to prove it, and they pride themselves as strong hunters.

You magnificent bastards, you found a way to turn this unfortunate event into something to profit from. The improvements do indeed turn this trench into a de facto obsidian mine. Harvesting the volcanic glass in great quantities from the magma in the great trench.
The factory, or rather, workshop is made, a place where you can make the best thing you can think of, another you.

Event: Study of the Shorino army has borne fruit, managing to map out their organizational structure and composition, this will allow you to strike them where it hurt. But, some of the statues came back as rubble, by the people of Shorino.


The Soular Pyre's design was desperate, making a lot of shortcuts to be done in time. But now that we have the spell at our fingertips, we can take our time and streamline parts. First off, the formula for converting spirit to sunlight, or rather, the lack of one. By more accurately defining it, we have cut out major power losses, getting more light for less power. Another one is the lack of safety features, which means our casters have to be cautious to not accidentally overdrain, but now that we have them, our casters can more freely use it without burning themselves.
The murders aren't very attractive, so a good amount of people are willing to cooperate. They're not sure where to start, but general observation narrows down where it happens most and patrols are increased. While they've yet to catch any in the act, you do catch people with suspicious movement, they're angry but the rate of the massacres are reduced as long as you do it, so it's bound to catch someone eventually.

>Lo-Hai (Written by Steel):

To the north the fishing ships sail, and to the north more fish are found. However, they are small fish, and not nearly enough are drawn up in the nets to make the labor worth it. The ships will have to venture further out to find more worthy seas to cast their nets.
Oh electrum, that most intriguing of metals. While work has begun on properly understanding the material, it is likely more time and effort will need to be put in to actually understand fully its secrets...

Event (Written by QM5): There has been a piece of land between Pleocymata and Meoswilian territories. It seems some adventurous Lo-hai has decided to fix this issue by settling this piece of land. Though some are a bit too adventurous and cause a few border trespasses.
>Marca (Written by Steel):

The theaters are built, and with them come jobs, but more importantly a distraction from the grueling reality of post-volcanic winter life.
With the constant encroachment of Fraternian culture on the people of Marca, it must be ensured the people do not forget their own culture. Epics of legends of Marcanian history are told to audiences of those both young and old. The establishment of the theaters helps immensely with this effort as well.

Event (Written by QM5): The messages from your children in the Shogun's care hasn't been getting through for a while. You can send messages to Shorino just fine, but why would there be nothing from your children? Also, there's a lot of black bronze swords among the Shorino soldiers, did Borevia give it to them?

>UFC (Written by Steel):

The FBI’s founding brings a blitz of anti-shogunate actions within the country. Their findings indicate the Shogun’s forces have been imbedded in the country for some time, though their infiltration is far from total. Thanks to quick action, and the element of surprise, several cells of Shogunate agents are arrested.
Water once choked in ash, thanks to the filtration innovations, now becomes de-contaminated. Most is fit only to irrigate crops, however some of the less contaminated water put through is actually drinkable.

>Sealand (Written by Steel):

With all efforts placed into filtration, Sealand is the first to really have any sizable amount of usable water. While the UFC and Liberdantoc just get by, Sealand now has a surplus. Perhaps they may be able to trade this now valuable commodity for a profit. Though if this matter is to be exploited, it must be done before the skies clear.
>BFT (Written by Steel):

The spire is built up ever higher. It soars into the heavens, easily the tallest structure for many provinces. However, unless new methods of construction are devised, this seems to be the natural limit.

Those of the faith are granted even more support in their efforts. Surely though, soon the Shogun will take notice of his disobedient subjects...

Event (Written by QM5): A shipment of swords is sent from Shorino, after so much being taken it's nice to get something in return, but... it's black bronze. It cuts good, very good, better than any other metal, but it emanates black smoke afterwards and there's this sense of... wrong, about it.

Event 2 (Written by QM5): The sun rises like every day, Yuuka hard at work again, providing sunshine our people. But suddely, the brightness increases, it becomes blinding, like the suns the ashen sky obscures. It's visible for all neighbors to see, and people rejoice, their prayers increase in fervor, thanking Yuuka for the sunlight she has brought, it lasts through most of the day, until suddenly, it's gone. It's not gradual like usual, and people want answers. The brightest day was followed with the darkest night, when it was found out the light was Yuuka's body burning up, leaving only her spirit to burn as brightly as it could, before it too, burned up, leaving nothing behind. Yuuka Daikyo is no more.

>Liberdantoc (Written by Steel):

With time now a precious commodity, a spell to increase one intelligence, even temporarily, is a valuable endeavor indeed. Though even this is a matter that will take time to accomplish. Much like your joint-collaborators on this effort, basic filtration becomes an important matter. By the end, limited but precious amounts of water are pure enough for matters of irrigation, but drinking water still is even less common.

>Map will be done later by QM 1

Naturally, the wolfkin's coordination and aggressiveness would be surprising at first, with Æðelþryð even coming close to losing the first time she face them in numbers. Yet, even with their coordination, a swift strike on one and switching targets, along with good reflexes, would be able to allow her to prevail. Seeing how they actually were so skilled however, she'd come to challenge groups of them more often, and as she got used to their tactics, she'd fair better and better, though even so, they always would prove a challenge in how cohesive and coordinated they were...Something she'd have to look into and keep mind of in the future...Regardless, she'd eventually go on to get the most skilled, others from the original war to fight her, and even groups of them as her skill grew. Yet, while she certainly came close to losing a few times from overwhelming force, the rust she had from the old glory days of the original war was starting to fade, and with it, new tricks were able to be utilized alongside old techniques. Needless to say, she did fairly well for herself, eventually ironically enough getting well known in the Imperii, gaining a few nicknames. Ones that she'd be sure to add to her many, many many titles and nicknames once she revealed herself to actually be the Heáhcásern. Of course, with such attention, eyebrows would be raised, and she'd need to be careful to keep her little disguise a secret. Though, likely she'd not need to do such for too much longer...Even so, her family might just find out sooner than later...And Æðelgyð was likely going to demand a challenge from her if she found her in her disguise...Perhaps once she was confident she could defeat basically everyone outside of her family she would do such? Her daughter was one of if not the best spearmaster she knew after all. Though, it'd be fitting to prove to her that her mother was better, even if she would likely be the only one to know for a while...

Still, the mushroom farms didn't go as well as planned, but such is fine for going deep enough into the earth will bring cool air compared to the sun of the surface. Yet water was key to maintaining such and also further keeping the Servus alive. And there was the one place uncorrupted by the ash, the underground. As such, in the existing underground portions of the cities and villages, aquifers would be done so as to have a source of fresh, clean water that could be used to satiate the thirst of the Servus and that of the varying mushrooms transported from the wedding day road and able to be planted for food underground. Of course, rationing to the Servus would also be done, though that was a given.

In news unrelated to this, a letter would be sent to the Shogun, written by Æðelþryð, asking if everything was alright with Æðelflæd's daughter and son, seeing how neither have sent any letters to Æðelflæd or herself for some time, which naturally has lead to some concern for them.

>Action One and Two, Continue the merry practicing. It won't be long until she's as skilled as she used to be.

>Action Three. Search for Aquifers for water.
-With the cult of Reuvis bellies fuller than most, the order finds itself with the opportunity to reach out to new communities. Most notably, Otuganrest. The young sect of the city receives as many shipments of food from their sister sect in Reuvi as they can afford to spare. Though this goes to help support their members first, the food available afterwards is used to entice and lure in the starving of Otuganrest so that the young cult may grow its numbers.

-Ix'thula has found his crowed, but among the 3 farms only 2 of them lend their ears to the herald. It begins to warn that unless they listen, their farms will suffer terrible ordeals and fall into ruin. It offers not only these words of caution, but solutions as well. It instructs the farms to place strange idols and charms around them so that they may be spared the abys' wrath. Fearing the heralds words, two of the farms do as instructed while the other mocks their gullibility and refuses to surrender to such superstitious nonsense.

>skipped a turn, 3rd action, ignore if not valid
- As the cult infected its way through Borevia, they had come to know the dream island and gathered what information they could. Now it was time to set out and find this place for perhaps there were the veil is finest between worlds, they could catch a glimpse of their master. The cult's leaders and their trusted attendants acquire a small boat able to traverse the tides. Escorted with some of their nightmarish kin, now referred to as Abysians, they set off to find this lose paradise.
The way through the structure beyond... only the worthy could possible brave these flames, the princess odyssey, the gathering warriors, it all begins to fall into place.

Once the princess has returned the way to brave the fire and smoke will be revealed, through to the ancient structure, through to the end of the Greyfall.

Actions 1 and 2: Complete the invention of the Aqueduct.

We cannot afford to wait around to secure such an important supply of water, aside from food it is the only other thing we need to endure this hell.

Levy all available forces to continue to design the structure, experiment and adapt to the issues that face us, haul great blocks of building stone and create the first of many aqueducts to follow, we will be supplied by limitless pure water.

Some shrimps seem to have gathered, we could use the food.
Deploy a flotilla of oceanic taur rather than just boats, primarily sharktaur packs with copper bronze spears from libertandoc should serve well enough.
>Action 1: Improve Infastructure (Temple, Theater)
Our attempts to influence the Zlon had been placed on hold as we researched Runic magic but now that the Sun has fled from humanity and crops have begun to fail, there is no greater ally than a golem. Our theater and temple adjacent to Ga'Ga'ul are improved so that the Zlon may bear witness to their glory.

>Action 2: Create Runic Spell: Isiponji Somlingo ([Anti-]Magic Sponge)
The Cult seeks to develop a rune which would allow inscribed objects to absorb just enough ambient magic such that it is considered its own magical being for the purpose of absorbing mana draining effects such as the Volcanic Ash. Against harsher draining effects it may require some time to regenerate after taking more serious hits.

1. With the discovery of an invitation to a mysterious and hidden land, even one probably not ruled by a megalomaniac, with the insinuation that an artistic gift would be appreciated there was no way the workers pride of the older generation could be held back any longer. Long drenched by the ash it is the kindling needed to reignite the national pride in their art. A grand gift is made: a tree of marble wood and malachite leaves, meticulously detailed to look as real as the makes can make, with roots growing over a protrusion and into cracks of a dirt-stone slab. Upon the tree are flowers of silver and bronze. The whole piece is animated as a golem to sway gently with the winds of magic.

2. Along with the golemancers the found genius, Torus, shall be tutored by masters from the schools of earth magic, life and death magic, and the mushroom magic. This child's future is without a doubt bright despite those who can not name their fathers being looked down on.
>Action 1: Finish the Road to Theora
Self Explanatory.

>Action 2: Construct and Upgrade Coal Mine

>Quote from old thread for QM convenience: "Though luckily, some coal would be found, mainly a bit north of the lumber yards"

With the advent of Marcan steel our sources of coal and iron must be padded out to sate the demand for weapons, armor, and tools. The conditions of a coal mine aren't all that different from that the of the rest of the world, anyway.
It is a dark day, the national spirit broken, Yuuka did her best, but she is no more. Furthermore, the seizing of food was even more severe. Now, people are starting to believe more in the Shogun than the High Council, though Yuuka's sacrifice has kept it at bay. So now, there is only one thing to do, keep the Soular Pyre burning. Their allies in Durmaign has figured out Yuuka's spell, and even improved it, allowing us to burn close to as long as Yuuka did. Miho and Tsuyoi argue over who should be the first, should the strongest spirit or the wisest spirit go first? Ultimately, Tsuyoi wins out, because her stubborn spirit will burn longer, hopefully finishing what Yuuka started. The construction plan is continued, though now seeking to secure our northern territory with Sisu.

Diplomatic Thingie: The Black Forest Tribes will be relying on the Durmaign Hegemony to provide the Soular Pyre spell, so our leaders may finish what Yuuka started, burning our High Druids until finally going for Hiro.

Action 1: Upgrade the Radiant Spire.
Though Yuuka is gone, we will continue to improve the spire, to help all future Radiant Souls, with a taller platform, larger temple, and rooms dedicated to preparing Radiant Souls for the Soular Pyre ritual.

Action 2: Improve the War Skald (Temple) tribe in Shaanlín and the Shrine of Life (Temple) in New Eden.
We shall use our religion to emphasize and bolster Sisu, spirit power, so they can keep giving it for the Soular Pyre.
File: 20201110_135422.png (2.66 MB, 2048x2570)
2.66 MB
2.66 MB PNG
1. The sailors push on, forging north until green shores welcome them, hopefully the fishing waters will be richer here.

Electrum, what a pricey material, yet so exotic in it's attributes. The Borevians had no idea what they had, or simply were too short sighted to use it. Metal through which magic, or antimagic may flow. The amount of Electrum currently economically feasible is sparce, but feasible all the same. Four electrum rods are embedded through a shell cask that is vacuumed, and an attempt to capture and store raw magic is attempted.
1 Action: With both the food and water crisis finally gone, The Republic of Sealand can relax a little and begin working on developments once more. Excited to get back into the game, they begin to try and domesticate foxes once more, seeing how the first prophecy came true, they're hoping to profit from the second

1 Action: And with how much magic is in the world, some more anti magic is needed as well, or thought to be needed anyways. A new spell is created, and going off of anti-magic screen comes anti-magic barrier.This new version of it extending outwards like a long barricade of anti magic as if they were to have a row of shields that they could duck behind to avoid the dangers of magic as one would avoid an arrow. It's a 7ft high by 1ft thick by 30ft long barrier that requires the concentration of the caster. They can project it a max of 10 ft out in front of them with ease, and they need to focus on it once more to change the direction of it. Otherwise they can leave it there until they lose concentration(hit hard/fall unconscious) . They can still cast anti-magic burst while using this spell.

With that done, they decide to take advantage of their surplus of water and make trips to Borevia to try in get some non-possessed metal from them, with captain Dir returning once more. On top of bringing the water, marble and Lapis once more.

To Meoswilium, they would also bring water, uncertain as to how they would use it, but everything needs water really. So some to them as well

Lastly the BFT as they have been a nation that's been seemingly having a hard time getting shields out recently. Perhaps their value has increased or something internal was wrong.
>National Fluff While the worst of the crisis and struggle was behind them the nation could not relax yet, water was still in low supply and while it was not leading to death any disruption could spell disaster. internally the government breathed a sigh of relief as many of the shogun's agents had been caught and would be interrogated for what they knew, while the FBI would continue to work on dismantling the shogun spy ring within the nation and prevent a renewed effort from rising.

>action 1: Expand along the western river, with a means by which to clean water, and food supplies secured again, the nation knows it needs to secure new water supplies and the western river offers the best hope of that.

>action 2: build water distilleries and plant Filter plants along the river
A final push to secure water supplies in the nation is made, after all, without life-giving water the nation can not exist.
1 and 2.
>Project solar interlink
While our monitor network has impressive coverage there are still blind spots in the system. In theory the miniature suns would be able to see everything from the sky. Given that a miniature sun is still a wisp albeit in a strange from then wouldn't a transmission of visual information be possible. If they are to fool around in our shadows then we shall leave no shadow unchecked. They must make another move soon, and when they do we can make our own move, we shall not let them cast further embarrassment on the hegemony.
The "temporarily enhance intelligence" spell (magic school of enchantment, magic branch of mind enhancement)
is assumed to have been developped.

>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Lemoy Tak, human, water distillery director [Honorary Mayor: John Smith, human, lead fraternian diplomat]
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] : Gaius Ahn, kitsune, Stakh's Watchers member [Honorary Mayor: Harris Amble Ken, elf, Sealand diplomat]
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Zoumeriades, dryad, water distillery director [Honorary Mayor: Jammie Softears, Lagomorph, second fraternian diplomat]
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected for 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Mahna Lakhit, kitsune, Stakh's Watchers member [Honorary Mayor: Fleur Tyron Tix, elf, Sealand diplomat]

Water ! This calls for celebration. But it is nowhere near enough. We need more !

>1 + 2: More distilleries, with water filter plants, are built
They are crucial and should be easy to access, and connected to existing rain collecting systems.

>Diplo : All individuals involved with the ASTG work are given permanent liberdantoci citizenship. The lead fraternian and sealand diplomats are appointed as "honorary mayors" for [1 turn] in each city.
>diplo to LC
both diplomats would accept with the blessings of there governments, during there "terms" they would try to foster a cultural exchange program so that both nations could come to understand and better appreciate one another
File: Map Turn 26.png (3.88 MB, 2048x2570)
3.88 MB
3.88 MB PNG
World Event (written by QM5):
The ashen skies give way to sunlight, brilliant beams piercing through the ebon clouds, enveloping the land below. It is still an ashen land, and remnant clouds of ash remain, but the twin suns are visible once more… not that you should look directly at the suns, don’t be silly. But everyone rejoice, for all the- most of their suffering is at an end. Now just remains picking up the pieces and cleaning the land, waters and air.

Diplo Shogun: Æðelþryð receives no response.

The Empress traveling soon sees herself outclassing everyone by such a margin her training becomes meaningless. The last vestige of challenge was her own daughter, but she was too defeated swiftly. The Empress needs a more efficient way to become a god of war and destruction. Maybe using her political power she can invite great fighters from abroad to face her? Or maybe she can learn foreign magic.

The search for Aquifers goes well and after the Undergrounders living there are chased out, they belong to the Imperii.

EVENT: Defecting Deeplanders
From the Salt mines of the south 2 tribes emerge. They are Telrac, the same which raided you once. They seem to not wish to serve the deep king anymore and come bringing gifts of gems and precious stones wishing to be in the service of the Overground empress instead.

The temples and theaters are improved. The ga’ga’ul still enjoy the comedy in the theaters, but the grandeur of the Church makes some worship their neighbor. The amount of Zlon doing that could be counted on one hand though. (at least one properly sculpted hand)

The spell works, but it is found out various materials have varying magical absorption properties. Gold seems to be the best and this is important… for if said capacity is exceeded the object will explode. The rune also needs to be hit directly with a spell to work as such it is inscribed on shields.

EVENT: Reverchist patriotic sentiment grips the nation. Many of the statues are looking for new ways to wage war and arm themselves. Some even sculpt some extra muscles on themselves. They wish to be strong to make the nation stronger. The quality of your troops and warriors increases.

Event (Written by QM5): Colonists in the jungle have noticed a spike in the population of megafauna in the jungles. While usually an insignificant population, the amount of Megasloths and Megazebras has risen drastically. These are big meat ladened animals which can feed a family for weeks, though they present issues in hunting. The Megasloth may be slow, but it can tear through armor with it’s sheer strength and sharp claws. The Megazebra meanwhile has very little offensive potential, but can run like the wind. But there seems to be someone capable of hunting them, Tigerkin, an amazonian race of women, tall as giants with tiger ears, tail and paws, furry from the elbows and knees down. They also capture some of our less careful hunters, specifically men, women barely register to them.

Shell Land
(Written by DFGH)
Courageous Lo-hai sailors push north, what they found are new fishing waters, a forest, and up north, maybe, glimpses of ruined buildings behind the trees.
Four electrum rods are embedded through a shell cask that is vacuumed. A Lo-hai tries to store some raw magic... and immediately gets it back after a few seconds, in a slightly painful way. In another attempt, the lo-hai tried to charge the electrum rods then immediately backed up. A few seconds later, the electrum rods emitted sparks, and the next attempt to retrieve the magic was unfruitful. Several experiments led to the same results.
It seems like, while electrum is a conductor and attractor of magic, actually keeping the magic it attracts inside the electrum requires more work. Currently it is highly unstable. You also learned that electrum, once charged with magic, glows pretty well in the dark. It is almost as fascinating to watch as a Wisp from Durmaign.

EVENT: Settlers go abroad. Along the coast the Lo-Hai explored some stonelords were not able to contain their curiosity. They set up a colony choosing to make the land their own.
(Written by DFGH)
You devise a code relying on varying the intensity and colors of the miniature sun to relay informations. It is a powerful communication system. It has however several drawbacks. First, fast varying light and intensity have a tendency to be tiring for the eyes and bad for the focus of the people in the ground. Second, the informations communicated are in plain view, and have to be encrypted, or the code stay secret for the network to be effective at catching criminals.
Still the miniature sun offers an unmatched range to see everything that happens in the nation... As long as it does not happen in a dense forest, a large building, or underground.

(Written by Pirate)
Eventually, one of the members of this organization is finally captured, but only one. Most strange is the fact that they are one among the people who have vanished, although they clearly had a number of wounds they didn’t have originally, and they seemed unhinged to say the least. Why they would serve the actual criminal organization in question is something not known, though it can be presumed either some sort of possession or intense torture was involved. There is one key piece of information we gain from them before they killed themselves through biting off their own tongue. Malina… They called out that Malina would be the ruin of the Shogun and the current order… We are not dealing with a criminal organization, we are dealing with a cult…

EVENT: An odd artifact is unearthed on their way back by the people returning from the world tree festival. It is an axe, human-sized though it seems to resemble a Kitsune one. It’s a gift from the gods, from Uesugi.

SHOGUN’S REWARD: Mary receives a magic staff semigly forged out of a purely white metal. Said staff when infused with her magic transform into a glave of fire. Though it also just amplifies her magic.

Marca (Written by DFGH)
The road to Theora is finished. Now Theora pilgrims will be able to travel south to access the great celestial pantheon temples ! And are at risk of being infected by the plague doing so.
A bit north of the lumber yards, a big coal mine is built, already upgraded. Marca should not lack coal for a while.

EVENT: A miracle! A miracle! All the Marcan women attending the local churches of the Celestial family birth twins all identical like the two suns. As the sunshine bathes their life one more the population of the nation is bound to rapidly recover.
The domestication of foxes goes fairly well now that effort is put back into it, with the creatures starting to become a lot more friendly around elves, to the point that they seemingly aren’t afraid or aggressive at all around them or anything else humanoid. Of course, teaching them to do things is another thing, but those with experience with the animals are able to work with them a fair bit and actually get them to do a few things. Needless to say, for those who can afford it and have the patience or money to pay for training, they make decent companions on a hunt. And their fur can be gained a lot easier as well. Other than this, further work would be put into Antimagic...magic. The spell in question would be extremely useful at defence, though particularly powerful spells of course might break through. Still, for most if not all direct spells thrown at such a berrier, it will prove sufficient in blocking such.

EVENT: Your nation’s leader meets on the street a young boy who seems to be a savant. A truly great mind, he soon takes a liking to him and becomes his mentor. He thinks he’ll grow up to be a great man. The kid seems mostly talented in mathematics and sciences.

As the Arcadians venture further into the unknown jungles they see how the trees have golden leaves

(Written by QM5)
After meticulously preparing the gift for the World Tree, they take off. The dryads are excited to show the way. The trees seem normal at first, but then you notice dead trees strewn across the place, there are still living trees, but most are dead. The dryads assure you it’s part of the plan to outlast this darkness. Finally, you come to the liveliest treeline of all, it doesn’t look even the slightest bit affected by the ash, and once inside, it just keeps getting livelier, until you come across a great tree, a gigantic tree. Here the dryads mingle and cheer, they’re happier than anywhere else. It’s a party, and they even got wine for you to drink, the best wine ever, with juicy and delicious fruit as well. The dryads tell that the World Tree greatly appreciates the gift, they call it “Art Imitates Life”. Normally dryads wouldn’t be so accepting of golems, but this day is special. But alas, these festivities can’t last forever, so eventually they are sent back to the ashen lands, but… the sky seems brighter now.

EVENT: After the Invitation of the Dryads many arcadians feel safer venturing north and settle down there. The new land is through and through Arcadian though you can choose to keep it or abandon the settlers to their fate.
Previous turn correction (Written by QM5): The spell to improve intelligence was a success, though had a few side effects. It enables better problem solving by thinking through a wide variety of solutions, but this comes at the cost of focus, making book reading next to impossible. It basically does the opposite of Focus, so it’s not possible to run both… except, there are those who claim they do, and reap the benefit of both.

Water is everywhere around Liberdantoc, not one drop is able to be drunk unless one likes having ash inside them. Much is done in order to distill water and make it pure enough to be drunk and for irrigation, and with a lot of work, just that is accomplished. Of course, all of it wouldn’t be possible without some minor help from those who managed to make distilleries initially, but for the most part, all but the design was made by Liberdantoc hands. Needless to say, this combined with the worst of the ash being over puts us in a very good position comparatively to the rest of the world. Perhaps we can utilize it to our advantage in some way...

EVENT: The Amelia seem to have developed an intense relationship with the local dryads with a lot of intermixing and cultural exchange happening soon the Ameriad themselves would go on pilgrimages to the Tongue of Aka. (locals pacified, +1 free prophecy)
PREVIOUS TURN’S EVENT: Our people have lived hand in hand with the Shogun's for a while. The Shogun is strong and we are not. Shorino is proud... our pride was lost. Finally among the wolfkin which have accepted the Shogun's faith and adherence to their values develops. Near the temples monasteries are built where young girls train to become Miko towns form around the churches where people embrace a sedentary lifestyle imitating Shorino culture and customs.

(Written by DFGH)
The entire nation is mourning Yuuka. But the sadness is giving us strength ! Strength to improve the Radiant Spire, thanks to the help of Durmaign. It is now more impressive than ever. Strength to improve the War Skalds too, who speak eloquently of sacrifice to the whole nation.
With the Radiant Spire running more efficiently, and many people donating their Spirit for the cause, Tsuyoi’s soul can hope to burn as long and as bright as Yuuka's. But how long will the people be able to give their Sisu like that ?

EVENT: Halistra’s Mercy. It seems that in your time of need Halistra has chosen to grant your people respite. No more needed to be sacrificed as to grant full stomachs out of paintings of Grapes on the Church to Halistra’s walls true grapes would start to fall out. Grapes uppon grapes uppon grapes. Your people’s hunger is satiated and it’s even enough to keep the Shogun’s demands met, but the worship of Halistra increases in your land so much so that it becomes one of the Major religions.

SHOGUN’S REWARD: Momiji having won so splendidly gets a shield made out of seemingly gold. It’s an artifact from the age of heroes.
Expansion along the river would have been a slow and difficult process if it wasn’t for the fact that the ash had finally stopped falling. While there still was plenty upon the ground, that was something that could be dealt with easily compared to a constant fall of ash from the sky. Still, the water itself is not exactly in the best of shape, and as such, most of the hard work is simply in the south where people simply walk around the river. Still, not too many people go, mainly because they don’t want to deal with the ash further, and many don’t like the idea of having to set up all the infrastructure needed to survive that will only be needed for maybe a few more years at most before they will be obsolescent. Still the land is officially under the UFC’s control, and a number of settlements have been set up in it. Other than this, making simple distilleries would be a bit difficult, and be something that needs a bit of Sealandic help. Still, it’s set up and able to make the water drinkable. It’ll be useful for however long the ash lasts in the water, though chances are, ash will be stuck in most rivers and the sea’s for some time, and as such, the distillery good for some time, likely longer than the work on the farms.

EVENT: A secret of the Gods. In the room of a young child who seems to have lost it’s favorite toy something else was found. A book… with the name of a god on it “Halistra” the Goddess of Mercy and patron of Mezentia. Your scribes uncovering the book notice one perticullarity it includes very ‘non-religious’ details like favorite snacks, hobbies, looks and more interestingly… a ritual allowing to ask her a question directly.

The first prototype aqueducts are constructed and they work just fine. The only problem is that the ash falls on top of the mountains too… but that’s a detail. Now they just need to be constructed and connected to the cities.
(dealing with the Shrimps is an action)

EVENT: The Blessing of H*rtkor… a heart set ablaze. While on her ship Sybaael would feel an intense pain in her chest as the very rib cage itself would start breaking and rearranging the skin tearing. After a few minutes of agonizing pain she would feel it… fire… flame. Her beating heart would lay exposed in her chest, surrounded by a fire harder than any bone. She would recognize that the longolo Alphas she trained with in Mezentia were the same and imitating them she learns to mould the fire from her heart. It’s not technically speaking magic… but it sure as hell acts as if it were. She would also notice herself to be taller and her physical strength to be greater. What could be the meaning behind this blessing? What in the world is happening to her?
Waking Order
Through bribing them with food the faith spreads quickly. Arcadia is not lacking in food, but one can only eat this much of the dried mushroom rations. The presence of the cult starts to grow, but as it does so does the danger of detection. Though they were not caught yet.

The Cuvier worked so hard to keep their farms afloat. Purifying them with water, roofing them over… only to find one of their farms poisoned by some saboteur. Now thousands will starve…

Pretending to be Borevians and doing all the “Praise Prius” bullshit they cultists talk to the Tarn Tribe and are brought to the Island. At night the sky of the barren desert merges with the fantasy showing you dreams and nightmares alike swimming through it. They first make stops to restock at a tribe known as Tavalon, to resupply. Before heading out to meet the great Koi. Same as the Borevians before them they are told that they are not worthy to take the trial. (can be continued in IC chat)

EVENT: A cult in Mezentia. It seems that through some fortunate events, some cultists from Cuvier SS-Clinics snuck their way into Mezentia setting up their own cell.


Emancipated Kingdom of Eden
EVENT: Before the Kings of the Emancipated Kingdom of Eden an odd man comes. He claims to worship a goddess known as Misuto… nooone ever heard of her. He grants the Kings a sword of justice, a sword which can only cut those which commited a crime and as the man attempts to cut the man… the sword is blunt… but it is infinitely shark as he executes a criminal. Through this the Kings learn of the secret that a God lies beneath Mezentia. (Develop Misuto Worship)

Celestial Pantheon
EVENT: The Holy Hut? A priest from the church emerges with a prophecy. There apparently is a way to go to the Moon. A secret bar which only emerges on an Eclipse of the 10th moon. It is believed this hut is somewhere in North Marca or South BFT. The Church worshipping the moons starts a great search for the Hut.

New Eden
EVENT: Among the survivors of new Eden some worshippers of the god of secrets spring up. Nobody knows about it though… they are good at keeping secrets.

EVENT: The ruler or Amelia converts faith to the Worship of Aka. Worshipping Stakh is still allowed. Both Gods are now worshipped side by side. Aka values discord, worshippers of Aka and Stakh wish to destabilise foreign nations to make them collapse and rebuild them as just societies.

Reminder: Expansion needed on the map from last turn's event. It will be kept.

Fluff: With the ashfall coming to an end and life returning to a sense of normalcy. The ashes are cleared and the farms put to work again to provide food that isn't mushrooms. Water golems work to collect the ash around the docks and fisheries to let the fish populations grow again from the years of harsh conditions. However, the culture of Arcadia is irrevocably changed from this period of hardship. It was decided the city would not remove the connections and coverings but instead style them and build upwards in a sort of terrace. Of course some actual study would need to be done to make this work. Polished silvered surfaces and small holes to let in sunlight are used to allow people to actually see within the complex. While the heavy robes are now a danger with the return of the suns and heat lighter robes with decorated sleeves to show magical ranks, thin ponchos, or sleeveless robes become the more popular clothing. Mushrooms become more common in home cooking for obvious reasons.
1. Seeing how the ash is letting up, and even the places they thought would be some of the harshest hit are seemingly able to regrow, the spell crafters decide it is time to focus on the research of light once more. The tedious task of going through light emitting incantations to pinpoint the element of light continues. Light School progress at 1/3.
2. While there is plentiful ash, and it is no longer horribly dangerous to go outside, many scholars begin to study the ash to try and figure out what makes it so acidic and able to absorb magic from the golems.
>Map Corrections:
- The Lighthouse is in the Oasis with the Bank
- The port is in Sanctuary
- The Golem Factory is in Underdwelling

>Action 1: Scower for Gold
Our new Runic spell will be essential for resisting opposing mages. For it to work at a sufficient level to minimize risk to the Statue though we will require gold reserves. The land is to be surveyed in hopes of finding one.

>Action 2: Improve Spell: Projectile Metal
The Cult's ability to detect opponents through the earths vibrations and share this knowledge through their runes has made them experts of battlefield control. Now they seek to expand upon this potential, taking advantage of their heightened awareness to improve their primary ranged spell - Projectile Metal - such that its range and accuracy is improved.
1. Expand 3 provinces into swamp colony in the Southeast
2. Explore so we get a land route to our colony
3. Create city of "Holangi" in said southern colony. The Tigerkin are invited to live there with us.
> Meoswilum

The lack of any formal response from the Shogun was one that caused some concern for the Heáhcásern, and even more for her first born daughter. Still, she was going to find out eventually for better or worse, given time though already expected something fairly bad. Regardless, she had found herself in her disguise to be a much better combatant then first thought, and even would go challenge Æðelgyð and win, much to Æðelgyð's shock...Though, no one provided any challenge anymore...It was so easy. She considered challenging entire regiments for some sort of challenge in regards to exhaustion, but she'd dismiss such for now, instead she'd consider other ways to challenge herself, hone her skills, and become better in the art of war she oh so loved. And, with such, she'd realize that tactics and strategy was something she could brush up upon in the near future, along with potentially gaining better control of her emotions. For, while her anger and stress caused her to look to find ways to entertain and relax, it also caused issues. And being better able to suppress or even harness such emotions would be key. Another thought could be to simply try to find people among other nations, and a fairly obvious thought to better hone her skills would come to mind relating to that Shogun and his Miko's, or the Shogun himself. Still, such was something she could do in the future. Instead, she'd simply return to a bit of normalcy. However, her actions had caused a bit of a sturr, and she'd need to be careful to leave without no one knowing to make sure no one was able to make the right assumption that the one extremely skilled warrior just up and vanished right around the time the Heáhcásern returned. After all, she didn't want people to know of such, at least, not yet anyway. And so, she'd still occasionally go out, challenging large numbers of people and dealing with them with ease. Though, it had lost a bit of the enjoyment she had earlier when she had a risk of losing...

But there was one thing that hadn't lost it's enjoyment, and which was seemingly growing at a shocking rate. Music. With the fall of the ash ending, and life starting to return to normal, the music of the Imperii would grow ever stronger, with many new instruments coming to be. From a stringed instrument that used a 'bow' to play, to many kinds of small flutes, to drums and even a fancy bit of footwear to keep a rhythm. The Imperii was having a bit of a cultural boom. And, of it's culture, music was it's strongest. From the streets of Rubrumetria to the smallest town many skilled with music would play, and much in the way of music would flow through the lands. It likely would only be a matter of time before such harmonic songs made their way to effect plays in a much more grandiose way.

>Actions One, Two, and Three. Music music everywhere, from Fidula, Tibia and varying flutes, to Scabellum & Drums

In unrelated news, the Heáhcásern would be curios about this deep king...Are their barbaric kin becoming prepared for an invasion once more? Regardless, the new Tribes would certainly be welcome, especially by those of the Imperii who keep true to the Telraci culture. They likely will be useful as settlers of lands in the near future, or perhaps in the military. Though it might be a wise idea to find this Deep King before another invasion happens, or at least prepare the Imperii's mines for such a possibility.
1 action: Continue efforts to domesticate foxes to see if they can become a more common animal that people can own without issues that only the rich could solve.

1 action: Develop a new spell called antimagic wall. And going off the last spell, it comes to one of the final spells in the series of antimagic wall. The caster must fully focus on this spell to keep it up as well as even moving it. It takes a lot of energy to sustain it, usually leaving the antimage drained after using it for longer than 10 minutes. It is a 30ft long, 20ft high, 4ft thick wall that can be projected in any direction up to 30ft in front of them, and is primarily for use should naval combat become necessary. Standard procedure typically being for one antimage on the ship to cast the wall while the other bursts the casters.

Event response:
Seeing as the boy was incredibly intelligent and had a true knack for knowledge, after taking care of him for a few days, he sent him to Vance Oak, him being the head researcher of Sealand and all, he hoped that he would be able to pass knowledge onto the child and provide a stable place for him to grow and really let his talent shine through
The High Council is in a weakened state, the leaders of Land and Military, Yuuka and Tsuyoi. In the power vacuum, the High Druids of land have sided with Moriko's logistical talent and the High Druids of battle have sided with Tomoko's iron workers. Though Miho has seen an increase in support from the magic that saved us all, the reveal of the Shogun's actions have the High Druids outraged. Not only did he take food from our children's mouths, but they also took our children, then they gave us a 'gift' of weapons forged in their blood. As for what to do, it's time to mourn the passing of two great people, and rejoice that we have survived, but also to curb down on the Shogun worship.

Diplomatic Action: Try to get the Cult of Ithempeli to help make statues of Yuuka and Tsuyoi.
Try to get the UFC's intel on the wrongs of the Shogun, to help shame the Shogun worshipers.

Action 1: Improve the Radiant Spire (height doesn't change).
To immortalize our great Yuuka and Tsuyoi, we shall erect statues of iron and stone to represent their glorious sacrifice, with flames around them made of metalled leaves and flowers, to represent their burning yet lifegiving spirits. The spire itself shall also be decorated, the height doesn't change, but it will be made to look more proper, more... monumental.

Action 2: Shame the Shogun worshipers.
We shall bring the black bronze swords and the truth of their creation to the temples erected for the glory of the Shogun. We shall make grand speeches about their pleas for mercy only having the Shogun steal our children and use them to quench their wicked swords in. That the Shogun will only continue to do evil, no matter what we do. We will leave the black bronze swords on the floors of the temples, so they can feel the evil emanating from them themselves, and be forced to confront their shameful display of submission... to evil.
Action 1: Construct networks of aqueducts across Tavthalla.
(I’m not sure why I have to construct the aqueducts separate from developing aqueducts but here is the action is to do that, I thought it would just be 3 actions not 4)

Action 2: Balneae complexes (Public baths, how many actions for this I’m not sure)

With a regime of intense physical exercise there has frankly developed an issue of smell, and so measures are taken to overcome this.

The concept of diverting some water flow from aqueducts into public bathing facilities is thought up, their use becoming common and part of the developing Tavthallan cultural ritual after exertion.
Useful for washing ash out of hair or skin, the baths are rather important for non-humanoid taur due to the otherwise difficult nature of washing your entire lower half, which can vary drastically in size if larger Snaketaur variants get involved.
Well trained slaves are kept on site to provide aid if needed, though at a cost which directly contributes a portion to the Tavthallan treasury.
The water is heated by fires before entering the baths proper ensuring a steady supply of hot water for washing, the facilities serving a secondary purpose as places of socialisation.
1. Expand into the new northern landscape, let us see what ruins may tell us about those who came before.

Of course, a suitable medium to hold the magic would be necessary. Perhaps the spore water suspension made before?
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Telas Gos, human, director of the theater of Ahnemamare
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] : Vatiades, dryad, Sword of Stakh member, co-creator of the "pushing the limits" doctrine
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Minhus Chiho, general, co-creator of the "pushing the limits" doctrine, leader of the Sword of Stakh
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected for 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Nhama Ahk, kitsune, director of the theater of Antoanportus

Even more water. Now we are free for other concerns. Like militarizing. Propped up by the news of the despicable acts of a far-away shogun, and apparently pilgrimages to Amelia for its dryad members, the Sword of Stakh makes a return !
In other news, cultural exchanges with UFC were fruitful, inspiring local theaters

>1: New military doctrine: Pushing the limits
The intensive work carried by the ASTG, and by the team tasked to develop the intelligence spell inspired military strategists.
A new military doctrine is born, to use in cases there are enough Stakh priests in the unit, and the battle of a short duration.
While before, our magic was used to make the soldiers work easier and less tiring, now soldiers will also be trained to push their limits while under the magic. It will make them able to go beyond human/kitsune/dryad performance, at the cost of being as tiring as a non magically aided effort, but also at the cost of breaking immediately if the spells suddenly vanes for one reason or another, requiring a great coordination between the soldiers and the priests.

>2: Build 1 theater in Ahnemamare, and one in Antoanportus
UFC theater inspired Liberdantoci citizens with rising litteracy levels. One of the first play "The struggle to save agriculture", is a great hit.

>Diplo : News are coming from Amelia : the dryads natives have interceded with their god, Aka, for him to give one prophecy. Might as well try. There is only one question we want to ask anyway : How to abolish slavery in the entire world ?>>4526620
>Actions 1 & 2 Expand

Lower Marca has decided to take a different approach to expansion than their Upper counterparts. As oppose to the Upper Marcan strategy of haphazardly grabbing land with vague ideas of founding a new city and hoping the new land holds something valuable, the Lower Marcan Crown will attempt a new approach. A proper plan for expansion and it's accompanying infrastructure has already been drafted up, with specific plans for roads, ports, and potential city locations already assigned. With any luck, intertwined infrastructure could bring us closer to the Menzentians, as well. We do owe them for their aid, after all.
>1 action expand and deploy the FBI
With Fraternitas having been secured from Foreign agents some wanted to cut back on the agencies funding, but considering the shogun's actions it is clear they are needed more than ever, new agents are hired, new training methods developed, every effort is made in making the FBI a better Intelligence agency. With the FBI bigger and better than ever they are deployed into BFT land to help the sympathetic anti-shogun elements within the nation, their mission to uncover information that can damage the pro shogun groups and undermine the pro shogun sentiment in the nation.

>1 action land reclamation project, with the ashen night at its end the world can breathe easier, but the land is still scarred from its time locked into the night, a new spell is created “Flora surge” it makes plants healthier, stronger, and grow faster. All across the nation as the land is cleaned of the ash this Flora surge along with filter plants are used to restore the nature of Fraternitas to her former glory
File: RuinsV.jpg (856 KB, 1920x1078)
856 KB
856 KB JPG
"Once more the children return, once more they seek their Father's wisdom, very well, hear Him," as before the drone gives way to sibilance within the mind, for it is not the shrouded figure who speaks, but the Serpent Himself "You remain wise, my children, yet you come with heavy hearts. To my own I will not speak in writhing words. You cannot end that which dwells within the souls of beasts, you would as ask me how to stop the dancing of the suns in the sky. No, one will always rule over another, it is simply a matter of who holds the whip."
-With the latest gain of influence in Otoganrest, the sect feels it has grown to a size so that it may begin comfortable taking more active measures. Some of the cultists begin placing their accursed charms and idols around their homes and in odd places here and there within their villages to begin lightly knawing away at their local communities.

-Amphibia is rocked with the news of the poisoning. The citizens speculate and accuse, pointing fingers at their fellows before one of the farmers sheepishly speaks out. He says that he was working late one night when he heard a strange noise. He can't describe what he saw, only that some nightmarish creature had escaped off into the depths after completing whatever foul task it had with the farm. Ix'thula seizes this opportunity to further proclaim that the only reason the farm fill to such an ill fate was because it refused the protection of Xiguras that would have otherwise warded off such an entity. Hoping to prey on their fears of the unknown, he continues spreading his master's message.
File: Map Turn 27.png (2.87 MB, 2048x2570)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB PNG
With further work, we have started to strip away parts of the light emitting spells to find out which parts give light. We have found a way to cobble together a flash spell, though it is highly inefficient, because of one remaining mystery. We need to figure out the magical formula for light (2/3 progress).
The ash seems normal until exposed to magic, where it becomes highly corrosive, it also absorbs magic slowly, so golems aren't immediately inconveninced by it, it's more just the sheer amount of the stuff that piles up. Though it should be noted it is especially corrosive to Alchemic Rash, halting the process and even reversing the silvering, though if left on it will start to corrode the unsilvered material.

The rivers have been known to erode the stone, thus bringing flakes of minerals along. With our knowledge of metal handling we can goldpan the rivers with ease, and it doesn't take long until we find it along two rivers, then prospect their source to find two seams. One in the northwest mountain and the other in the southern mountain.
The old spell had an issue, it was shot straight. It was a mystery how this was an issue until someone put a spin on it, literally. A spinning projectile self rights, counteracting the tumbling effect that happens if you put too much power into the projectile, thus it can be shot more accurately and with more power, and thus longer range.

The expansion for the swamp colony goes well, but then reports having come in contact with golems of liquid lead, Aurons, though they note a pen of them, where they have growing patches of silver on them which is cut off but leaves just enough for the spread to continue.
The exploration crew decided to go from the other side this time, the wetland didn't hinder nearly as much as the jungle, though trees and giant animals started to occur as they approached the mountain. This time the explorers weren't as worn out, so they started to climb the mountain. The sense of being watched returned, as did things disappearing from the camp, but once they managed to scale the mountain, though there is a ravine where people glimpse something inside, something watching them. Ultimately they merely bridged the ravine with rope, and made their way down the other side of the mountains, completing their journey.
The city of Holangi starts being established. The people note a sense of being watched and things going missing, so this growing city has more watchmen than usual. Food is less of a problem, as the Tigerkin decide to setup a slaughterhouse nearby and trade meat and hide for metal tools and weapons. Though our traders are mainly women, as men tend to stay longer than they should.
Music fills the streets to bursting, life returns to the street as if the ashen times had never happened. The servus experience an auditory bliss, losing track of time and don't even notice people going missing, though some overwork themselves while doing their chores, but don't mind. There's barely any even attempting escape around this festival season, the ones drained are happy this is the last thing they hear.

Foxes prove themselves quite useful in hunting the many rats and mice seeking their way into our food stores, especially after their population surge during the Ashen Times. Many a commoner household now has a house fox, though they constantly bicker and fight with other foxes and don't do commands very well. They're not pack animals, so they're like housecats in their behavior.
The Antimagic Wall, sometimes called the Dispell Barrier, does indeed prove itself quite straining, as maintaining the field is quite the feat. But the strain is less the mana used and more just the focus required for the inherent contradiction which is antimagic. But it should prove a potent defensive measure for ships, where multiple mages can be rotated.

Event: The troublesome noble class has brought with them the Meoswilian religion as well, the worship of the mushroom, where the Meoswilian king is divinely chosen and eternal rest is a priveliege not a right. They also want to import some of that mushroom magic to raise the dead to perform labor and earn their final rest.

BFT (Written by Viorp):
The spire gains a truly monumental apperance once merelky a behemoth of stone impressive by it's shere size now it also is a symbol of beauty hope and sacrifice as intricate flower patterns and patterns reminiscent of the silk Dress yuuka once worse lign the stone structure snaking their way as if an organic construct troughout it. It Truly is a work of art now.
To shame those who worship the Shogun one has to not understand why they begun worship him... it was not from morality, but rather admiring his streangth and feeling shamed by their own weakness. Realising what the Shogun did they would only fear him more. Except those mothers who had their very children taken on that memorable way... few of the Shogun worshippers would respond in the expected way.
Creating aqueducts is quite an undertaking, but it's benefits are immediate. Instead of having to venture out to take water from wells or possibly soiled rivers, they can instead take water from the overhead rivers which nobody are able to do their business in. This lessens ill health and also frees up time otherwise spent gathering water to every house.
People flock to the baths to wash off their barbaric musk, soon set to become a staple in the culture. Washing off some of the barbaric ways of the past, urbanization kicks in, the capital is bustling with people, prime and ready to become a metropolis, if only action is taken to create a more convenient city layout.

Expansion is made to the north, but the area around the ruins is plagued by gigantic wolves. The new colony is beset by a small amount of them, and they're not just strong enough to crack the Lo-hai's stone shell in their maw, but also clever enough to do group tactics, drawing and quartering the crabs, tearing them limb from limb. The colonists instead decide to settle some distance away and dig in, though even here they find the bones of giant humans, with giant wolf bitemarks on them. There are occasional encounters with living giants, though they quickly run away and hide, terrified, especially of the giant wolves, which they refer to as... Wargs.
A magic battery is created, consisting of two cells accumulating opposing charges, you can then connect the two electrodes together to create sparks. However, the cells are poorly insulated from each other and thus the charge starts slowly bleeding out the moment it is charged. Once more research is done to insulate the two, we'll have a proper battery indeed.

The new tactic comes as a shock, both to the target and the soldiers carrying it out. It is poor in defensive operations but the sheer Shock and Awe from being assailed by these soldiers is enough to break all but the most disciplined of formations. But similarly, the sheer risk involved makes it only suitable for elite formations, as once it breaks, you're usually in the face of danger.
Theatres are made, with many a play, though many popular ones are adventures in Unashen Times, but some cover the heroics of the brightmen or adventurers seeking to vanquish the ashen skies, bringing sunlight back to the land. Nostalgia and hope is popular.

The expanded land is accompanied by a road, seeking to join up with Menzentia. These lands are temperate but not so forested, so it'd be a great place for farming. Maybe the city can be made atop the hill to be extra defensible.
The agency is further funded and their mission commences, bringing evidence for the shaming. A good amount is procured, and the tales from the Black Forest serves to bolster anti-Shogun sentiment within our lands. Unfortunately it does little to aid the Black Forest's efforts, as the people only fear the Shogun more.
The lands are transformed by the spell. While flowers and plants did grow out of the ashen fields, slowly returning color to the lands. In Fraternitas lands, the plains become lush as they once were back in Unashen Times. Children frollick in the fields, though the ash is not quite gone, so a few black lungs are gained, but still, people rejoice at the greening lands.


Event: The people of the Enmancipated Kingdom of Eden have taken a hardline stance against druidism, that once a druid, always a druid. They therefore have started to burn any Conclavians and Wolfkin they can get their hand on. They hate trees even more now.

Event: The dryads have decided it's time to grow, and has thus made a plantation, where they will plant themselves and also some fruit trees, which they can trade for the means to spread their influence further.

[End of updates]
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Gat Nama, human, travelling merchant
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] : Ngus Quyen, kitsune, co-creator of the "pushing the limits" doctrine, first paladin, member of the Sword of Stakh
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Minhus Chiho, kitsune, general, co-creator of the "pushing the limits" doctrine, leader of the Sword of Stakh
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected for 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Illiotropiades, dryad, playwright and explorer

The "prophecy" from that "god", "Aka" is taken with the national equivalent of a nervous laugh. Aside from that, every thing is going smoothly. Another new way of fighting is put into practice pushed by the Sword of Stakh. Meanwhile, merchants are thinking about all the profit they could make, to trade with these nations we are friendly with.

>1: Scour our land for ressources
With so many trade partners, we ressources to build things off, or to trade.

>2: New military unit : paladins.
Stakh priests are still rare among the population. The one who join the army, even rarer. Despite this, increasing education, and increasing recruitment allowed us to spare some talented priests to form a elite unit.
The paladins are Stakh priests, trained as soldiers. But unlike ordinary battlepriests, they are not trained to enhance a varying number of soldiers, but to enhance themselves, while battling. They make for fearsome warriors, are adepts at the "pushing the limit" doctrine, and can be used where large armies are impractical, but you still need a punch...
On the High Council today: Strength. The shaming wasn't very effective, for they fear the Shogun even more. So instead, we shall show ourselves strong. First, we must raise new herds to make up for the ones slaughtered, and second, the quest for immortality, the one thing not even the Shogun has attained. We shall shame the Shogun himself. Show that he cannot break us, that we will thrive in spite of his strongest attempt to break us, and we shall even surpass him.

Action 1: Reestablish the Goat Herder (Farm) tribes between Shaanlín and New Eden.
We need meat, so our people may eat again, and wool, to make up for all the cloth that was eroded by the Ashen Times. Perhaps we can make a new kind of cloth soon, so we don't get people wearing Shorino clothes.

Action 2: Invent Spirit Magic > Determination > Undying Spirit.
After seeing Yuuka burn brighter as naught but a soul, we have definite proof that spirits can persist through death, and for quite a while too. But Yuuka did that while burning brighter than ever, meaning if we don't have the soul burning, we can make it last for days, weeks, or, with spirit transfer aplenty, have them last for however long there are people with Sisu to give.
Standing on the precipice of a metropolis, a city as great as Mezentia, all that is needed is a better city layout.

This is a difficulty for Taurs of course, the intense variation in body types making it rather hard to make a solution for all but eventually ideas are stumbled across.

Action 1: Tauric city design

Great aqueducts feed into tauric bathhouses, tauric cities having essentially two styles of architecture. The inner parts of the city are designed more for humanoids and displays multi-storey buildings in droves being designed for regular purebloods and smaller taur variants, while the outer city is designed with more open spaces between buildings and very open room plans, and far more single storey buildings.

Stone roads are constructed leading from farms to markets, from houses to baths and all sorts of other important buildings in the soon-to-be metropolis of Rahak.

Action 2: Raleth coal mine ruins Exploration

Odd structures in the flaming caves, begging exploration. Find or build a way past the fires and explore them for what secrets they may hold, the odyssey approaches and once arrived shall descend into the structures to investigate them, and presumably slay evil monsters to put an end to the evil and free the world from ash.
The council is making this all up as they go along and hoping that there is *something* evil there.
A port and a fort are carved into the shore, the black spires and walls of the fort encompassing the port; serving also a home to the hunters, who have taken an interest in the wargs flesh and hide.

The concept of the magic battery underway, the Whiteshell makes use of his scribes for his own purposes this turn, constructing 2 temples, one in Ok'dl, and one in Grsthld.

>Cult of Itempeli

Lo-hai Stone Lord's appear in your port, requesting the Cults services in the shaping of quality sealed containers made of high quality metal. Strangest thing is the 2 holes in the tops of the vessels.
1. Research into finding the element of light continues. Progress may be slow but you can not make a journey in a single leap. Light magic school 2/3.
2. With this discovery of the property of the ash it is decided to work the ash into the nation's metallurgy. Starting by working the ash into Marcan iron and later bronze (but probably found not as effective). The process will have to be done nonmagically to not have the ash react mid way through the forging.
1 and 2.
>Continue interlink
A cipher is to be prepared for the interlink and the visual information is to be transferred wisp to wisp to present the most accurate picture.
File: bladearm.jpg (136 KB, 880x856)
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136 KB JPG
>Action 1: Yuuka of the Blacklbade
It's a momentous undertaking but it's one that the Statues have dedicated extensive research to. With enough depictions to create a shrine, and enough accounts and personal details to write her saga the Statues for the first time ever will animate a non-Ithempeli statue.
Every precaution is taken to prevent this Statue from being birthed of the Ithempeli mindset. Prayers are delivered to Ithempeli in hopes he does not claim this one, the room in which it is created is decorated with images and scripts regarding Yuuka and those which work on it have their bodies and face draped in fabrics as not to confuse the Statue in its formative moments.
This Statue of Yuuka is made to be lifelike and massive, with one key liberty taken to distinct it. Yuuka is designed with her left arm embedded with an Obsidian Blade, granting her the title "Of the Blackblade".
Once her glorious image is completed she is locked away in a room full of nothing but details of Yuuka for some time. The statues in their formative moments are highly impressionable and are thought to merely adapt to the people and objects around them spontaneously.
Once given the proper time to crystallize a self image of Yuuka, she is released from her room and further educated into the life and personal details of the true Yuuka with the end hopes of creating her to be an idealized version of Yuuka when she had lived. One notable exception is that this Yuuka was taught to be violently protective over her worship of Ithempeli to prevent the Black Forest from sullying their creation. She is of course taught to be understanding and compassionate towards the BFT religion as well.
She is only taught a single spell and taught it in such a specific way that it could not be retaught. Yuuka is to be made with the Seismic Sense ability. While it is desired that she be a respectable warrior, they will not have it that their magical secrets fall into the wrong hands. Most of her training is instead with the Muscular Ithempeli where she is taught martial combat, a rare practice in the Cult.

In Total, a Hero named Yuuka of the Blackblade is created
- Zealot of Ithempeli, Friendly towards BFT religion
- Idealized form of Yuuka in the flesh with certain pro-Ithempeli liberties
- Warrior crafted with a sharp obsidian blade and Seismic Sense in her arsenal
- Propagandized in support of Ithempeli and against Golemancy
That's meant to say Action 1 & 2.
-With the latest gain of influence in Otoganrest, the sect feels it has grown to a size so that it may begin comfortable taking more active measures. Some of the cultists begin placing their accursed charms and idols around their homes and in odd places here and there within their villages to begin lightly knawing away at their local communities.

-Amphibia is rocked with the news of the poisoning. The citizens speculate and accuse, pointing fingers at their fellows before one of the farmers sheepishly speaks out. He says that he was working late one night when he heard a strange noise. He can't describe what he saw, only that some nightmarish creature had escaped off into the depths after completing whatever foul task it had with the farm. Ix'thula seizes this opportunity to further proclaim that the only reason the farm fill to such an ill fate was because it refused the protection of Xiguras that would have otherwise warded off such an entity. Hoping to prey on their fears of the unknown, he continues spreading his master's message.

-Though it is has been a particularly rare occurance, some Aurons have succumbed to the corrupting influences working throughout the city. Though they have minds, its psyche is worlds apart from that of mortals from from flesh and blood for they do not dream in the regular sense. To better understand them, and in turn for them to better understand their new master, the overseers lead them int mass meditation, so that they may offer their dreams fully to Xiguras.
File: land claims.png (31 KB, 657x715)
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>With the land mostly restored, the nation rejoices but there is still work to be done, a new spirit of expansion and exploration has begun to sweep the nation. The FBI stands by for now in BFT keeping the spy ring in place an ear to the ground. Flora surge also continues to be used as the reclamation project continue.

>In the recently settled lands roads and a farm are built to make water easier to access
[one farm and the rest of the action is spent on building roads through the western lands]

>expand into the west through the mountains and into the grasslands below them.
see pic
Correction for action 1

>national fluff: With the land mostly restored, the nation rejoices but there is still work to be done, a new spirit of expansion and exploration has begun to sweep the nation. The FBI stands by for now in BFT keeping the spy ring in place an ear to the ground. Flora surge also continues to be used as the reclamation project continues.

>Action 1: In the recently settled lands many farming communities rise as the land heals but this wave of developlment and restoreation has casue a nation spirit of expansion to bloom.
[two farm to better help expansion efforts into the western lands]

>Action 2: expand into the west through the mountains and into the grasslands below them.
1 Action: Develop the spell Long Range Anti-magic burst. It's the same spell but with the increased range to 90ft to better deal with mages further away.

1 Action: Scour the land for rss. With a majority of resources not being able to be used for developments, although trade is good, more material is searched for.

Dulon Faris Con Takes the odd snake staff and makes a visit to the Tongue of Aka >>4532263 to see if there is any connection between the two

Event Response: In regards to the Meoswilium nobles, once again action must be taken as the prophecy still seems to be lingering. This time, a different approach is taken. Dulon Faris Con meets with those that wish to implement mushrooms into their society and he tells them that he will need (about half) people among them to act as preliminary test subjects. Those that are already dead have earned their peace, and to begin working on such a project with the general population could prove to be disastrous in regards to the well being of the common folk due to the duty of Sealand to protect them.
Any that do volunteer are taken in by a new group of mages, not made up of any of the Pseudo-Meoswilium nobles, that are to be taught this mushroom magic to try and refine it before it was widely implemented.
Any that fall out of control of the mage are to be killed on the spot and replaced by another volunteer, once again taken from the group that suggested it.
And not informing anyone else other than the group, he asks Captain Dir to put together a group of particularly stealthy anti-mages to go and use the new spell on a few groups of those undead creatures in the middle of the night to have them be put down by the active guards.
All undead are to be fenced in and corralled like cattle, any seen wandering are to be put down.
>Action 1: Expand Southeast
Need more land.

>Action 2: Construct/Upgrade Farm
In the grassland near Theora.
File: Turn_28.png (2.58 MB, 2048x2570)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG
Some resources are found, predominantly some Coal in the South and Emeralds within Amelia territory.

Paladins are an interesting unit… warrior mages ready to Smite evil. Multiple orders of Palladin are created dedicated to stakh and even one order dedicated to Aka in Amelia. The Biggest orders are the “Breakers of Chains”, “Fists of Stakh”, “Stak’s Concubines (all female)” and “The Serpent’s Whips (Aka affiliated).

Shiffing away the Ashen mud fields of grass are restored and said fields goats roma again, though few of the old farmers wish to return to their jobs. It just feels so unsafe… on a whim their life’s work might be stripped again. In a pinch the few slaves from the War with the Lords of Destruction are used to run the farms though more slaves might need to be bought.

it is by all means possible to keep a soul arround after death. The solution is to amplify the feeling of leaving a task uninished or fabricating such task. As long as a Spirit does not find closure it can be kept around, though said ghosts are relatively harmless being able to talk trough telekinesis
Aqueducts now lign the cities helping keep the cities clean and well supplied. To a large extent it helps make the nation more prosperous… many taurs wonder though. Architecture? Quality of life? What is this slave mentality! How is this useful for war!?!?!?

Descending into the now shimmering ruins the expedition finds themselves having a very hard time breathing, but they press on. Descending further into the smouldering crater where a mine once stood they enter what seems to be a Mausoleum. The place is filled with skeletons, dryad and zlon husks as well as art all depicting a giant Golem. Wandering further they notice themselves walking alongside what seems to be a zlon 10 times that of an Auron made out of an unknown metal. As Princess Sybaael attempts to touch it a gentle voice calls out “Please stop!”. As the explorers turn what seems to stand in front of them is a metallic Kitsune. “Please do not touch the corpse of my father.”. The girl bows. (may be continued in IC chat)

Event: Poppulation boom on the Horse farm causes many more horses to be born, but also caused a lot of horses to escape and return to the wilderness destroying many grassland areas and farms meant to make food for slaves.
Warg hunting becomes a violent sport among the Lo-Hai. The Atone Crabs launching raids from their fortress of stone and the Wargs from their Castle of wood (forrests). Soon it becomes a ritual of adulthood among young Stonelords to go to the north and hunt down a Warg with their pelts then being used decorate a Lo-Hais apendage. Even the locals start bringing offerings to the Lo-Hai. Maybe they think the odd stone beings are divine in nature?

The two temples are constructed. Few understand what that has to do with the batery, but the temples are deicated to En as well as the objects of ancestral Lo-Hai worship. Sagas of old have a new home to be sung in.

Arcadick Republick
Work on the school of light continues. Many mages feel like they understand it sufficiently to create golems made out of light. Wonder if tha state will approve of such an odd experiment.

As large amounts of Ash are added to the iron it seems they loose their odd property, though they do seem to make the iron much harder and stiffer.
The interlink is completed allowing information to travel as fast as light, this leads to cultists slowly being hunted down forcing them to retreat underground beyond the reach of the new suns of justice. Their influence is basically gone.

With the new magic able to keep the dead from departing many of the BFT wished to revive their Saint Yuuka… but her soul itself was burned to ash. Wishing to keep her memory they comissioned a statue, but what came back was… Yuka in herself in flesh and blood! (well or stone)

Yuuka of the blackblade is created and perfected she is a copy created from myths, sagas, aviable information, records of those who knew her and from the First Statue who met her in person during the Shogun’s party. The new Yuuka would go home and take her rightful place on the Council, advocating for strict sactions on the Arcadic republic and already planning out raids on their land. To those who knew her a little she would be Yuuka herself… to the memebers of the council there would be something off and odd, but using magic they could see that she by all means has “a soul”, but is it Yuuka’s?
Waking Order
The next stage of subverssion goes well and Ogutanrest can be considered to be in hands of the cult, but as the cult grows. The local suphur production is accessed and the local theather now sings hymns of madness, but with the power of the cult growing so fast so do their brazen strategies and a local golemancer catches on that something weird is going on and odd magical trinkets are discovered arround the city.

Many turn to praying to the native Gods of the Sharkfolk while some do indeed embrace the word of Xiguras. May the shadowy one protect them and their property… even if he is not all that good at protecting their soundness of mind. The cuklt especially catches on among farmers.

While not fully awakening the Nightmare Worshipping aurons seem now capable to change their build of liquid metal to imitate the form of a nightmare. Their physical streangth is truly astaunding. It also seems they need to perform racrifices to Xiguras to stay alive or they starve and die, for now human sacrifice of slaves gets the job done.
After the recent Taur exterminations the expanssion goes well and new land is taken and settled. new farms from and the Fraterniatn border expands. Many wonder if the land lost in the North east will ever be retaken or if the push westward is not somewhat to agressive. others understand the the land needs to be ours before it is of the Marcans.

EVENT: Davidious Goliath was the one most soundly defeated, crushed because his flesh was not strong enough. In this doubt the old words would echo “What does attempting to grab my fingers give you if, my fingers are stronger than all of you?”. The martial artist even before recovering would push his body to the limit… in fact making recovery impossible and his newly obtained rash temper would make him loose bouts with even the students of his dojo. Still he would press forward one day druing the night he woult dream of a pale woman kissing him saying “This is not an interesting end to this story.”

Davidious would be woken up with the rays of sunlight as they would be burning his skin as it was fire. He would jump away breaking trough the wall of his own room. He has become a Primordial Vampire Lord. A greatly blessed Vampire directly created by Kyuu’s kiss. His magical and physical power would quadrupple and he would now be able to use blood manipulation at will, he could change into a swarm of bats, regenerate and and turn others into vampires. He can only be killed either trough a wooden stake to the heart or full destruction with sunlight.

Davidious is fully loyal to Fraternitas, he now worships both Solaria and Kyuu to whom he reffers as “his beneffactor”. He would also change his most loyal followers to vampires and vampirism would become the standard reward for ecomming a blackbelt under him. He would not particullarly hide it, but not brag about the practice either. He isn ot sucking people dry lower martial artists within the school offer their blood willingly to their sempais.
Your expanssion goes well and more farms are built. Your and the Fraternitan Border touch.

> Church of the Celestial Family
A dark subsect of the faith springs up. Known as the ‘Eclipticals’, they advocate that all non-twins are sinful weak and despised by the sun and worth less than slaves. The Eclypticals are a tiny fragment of the Celestial Church, but as expected attract many twins to join their faith.

The range of the spell is increased. Within your land a deposit of copper is found.
The noble faction would agree to the demands, they would start giving people loans if a loan is not paid they pay it in death. Elevating them to a banker-class. Also making their banks the most secure in the nation afterall “We make sure ALL debts are always paid, so your dividends get paid too.”
>Action 1: Build Infrastructure (Gold Mine, Improve Smith)
Now that the gold has been located it can be harvested for a more reliable supply to produce their shields. To keep up with the added demand of Shields on the assembly line the smiths are improved as well.

>Action 2: Improve Infrastructure (Temple, Theater)
The theater and Temple adjacent to Ga'Ga'ul are improved once again for the gradual indoctrination of the Zlon.
RP: The Arcadics send a group of 5 to join the Tarvthalla's quest to stop the ash and learned a few types of blood that worked for the Divine Shogun when making Black Bronze.

1. With the discovery of the ways to touch upon the element of light and the offhand comment from the genius golemancer Torus it was decided "Why the fuck not?" Such an idea had occurred to the mages during the process of study but for the possibility of it's creation being so soon was unexpected. Combining the properties of the school of Light magic and the Elemental branch of the school of animation light shall be concentrated and animated into a Light golem. None too soon for the calls for war come greater than before.
2. With the news of the subversive cult growing within the city of Otuganrest and their criminal activities coming to light and suspicions that it may be related to Borevian elements due to it's spread in the heavily Borevian influenced city, not like the council would pass up a good reason to enact harsher punishments on these people if wrong and justify a war with Borevia, the cult will be deemed an act of foreign subversion. A full search of the city will be conducted and rooted for anyone related to the cult. Magical trinkets will be tested with small amounts of ash for a reaction with any not recognized as an Arcadic magic being taken as cultic abuse of magic. Golemancers will use air golems to patrol for magical objects on people as the golem's need to sustain itself with magic may lead it to concentrated sources of magic or it's ability to slip around people will allow it to search others for the strange objects. Those found to be preaching the mad teachings will be questioned and executed or muted (hands and tongue removed; inside of the throat burned to destroy the vocal cords in an attempt to destroy the ability to use magic). The public will be told that this cult is a Borevian subversive element and that the Borevians seek to make them slaves or sacrifices to appease their pride, greed, and whatever delusions spawned this mad god. Those with broken minds will be used as proof of the fate worse than death that is 'rewarded' to those in the cult. Mercy and honor has not been shown by this cult; and so none shall be given in return. The Waking Order shall be purged from our lands.

(I am missing an upgraded farm outside of Theora from last turn. Please add that to the map.)

>Action 1: Survey the land for resources
A large portion of our nation has untapped potential just waiting to be discovered. We'll search the land for mineral/metal deposits, or anything else useful.

>Action 2: Improve Steel Smithing
Internal reform is on the horizon. If the military is involved with this reform we'll want something better to equip them with.
On the High Council today: Duty. Our people are putting in weak effort. We see slaves from the War for the Conclave, slaves, not thralls, but full on slaves. This degeneracy will not stand, if Tsuyoi was here she'd go out and slaughter them personally, instead, we shall call upon people to honor our High Druid of Blood by carrying out her will. Furthermore, the project of immortality relies on keeping unfinished tasks, it is encouraging not finishing them, which is no good. We shall continue our search for a cause worth unliving for.

Action 1: Slaughter all slaves and captives from the War of the Conclave.
We are not slavers, all thralls shall have a wergeld to work toward. But the crimes of the Lords of Destruction are such that demand blodgeld. They can never repay this blodgeld in life, so instead of keeping slaves bound to lifelong servitude, lazy slaves who are a waste to feed, we shall instead just slaughter them all. Even if this costs us the goat herd once more.

Action 2: Improve Spirit Magic > Determination > Undying Spirit.
A goal like that is one which sees the undying spirits a fickle sort, able to disappear at a moment's notice. Instead we shall seek to instill an eternal desire. A warrior fights not to kill, but to keep family and kin safe. A wizard doesn't seek to invent just one spell, but to continue developing magic. You shouldn't stay to finish a task, but to continue your life's work.
-Otuganrest is steadily slipping thanks to the good work of the sect operating there, but growth ultimately comes with its downsides as well. Preying eyes will glance, and curious neighbors will scratch where they shouldn't. Fortunately, industry has provided just the place they need to help mask their more... questionable practices. The cult begins to send some of its members to work at the local mine, infiltrating and converting its workforce.

-The farmers of Amphibia know now who they truly serve, and though there are those resistant, clinging to their old ways, it is inevitably futile. The sect controls the food, which clears the way into even their ignorant bellies, and eventually into their minds. But while such work will take time, it can be left in the hands of a capable overseer to tend to. For now, Ix'thula hears the whispers beckoning him once more, this time to Mezentia. The Cuvier have done well to carry the will of Xiguras over these foreign borders, but a seed will not grow unless nurtured. The herald is tasked once more to act as the gardener for this place, and begins to walk among the shores of the city, gathering the curious and the desperate around Mezentia's port.
Event Response: Admittedly, Dulon was surprised that they set up a bank to get other people to do it, especially when he specifically said that it was those select few that needed to volunteer and not to bring in the wider population. And because of this, although that it was indeed very clever, it was against his command. As a punishment for doing so, he wasn't going to take away their toys, but he instead restricted them by integrating the bank into the government proper creating a set of rules and regulations for it. Those rules including that soldiers cannot be among the indebted. No debts can be incurred after death by the debtor. Rates on loans would be fair and reasonable to individuals, and those that clearly couldn't pay it back during their life shall not be able to take out a loan. People shall not be manipulated into taking loans through any means.Those that are not a part of any banking expenditures will not be brought back as mushroom men. A tax will be put in place for the owner of these workers so that the more that is had, the higher the rate of tax as they would be making income from both the worker and their own duty. This tax shall take into account what the worker would already be paying in taxes to go to paying off the overall tax and as such, workers cannot be fined more to help pay these taxes.These workers are to be treated fairly and kindly during their work period as it is not known what agony they may go through.And lastly, people shall be laid to rest after 5 years of service, unless their debt exceeds (effectively 500,000 dollars) at the time of the 5 year term. Until they get below that standard they cannot be laid to rest. And so on and so forth.

With this he hopes that it's a softer integration to something that he nor do a majority of Sealand agree with this awful practice.

1 Action: Scour the land for more resources as copper is already a resource had.

1 action: Magical research. With so many other nations having strong defenses and armor and a myriad of other things to prevent common weaponry from getting through, a new school of magic begins getting developed, and this one takes advantage of what is known of science. With this the beginning of the school of Heat was beginning to form, the conduction of heat into metal to increase its temperature to that of the forges without melting it or deforming it. Once again, Vance Terra Oak was tasked with it, and the savant elf boy his new research assistant to help.
Actions 1 and 2: Taurbone Greatbows

The invention of the Tauric Greatbow is a great feat, but better materials have always been available to us.
Using our own bones, those of the fallen, to construct even greater tools of delivering ranged death is our next mission as Tavthalla begins to fully militarise after all these years.
File: DWESDR.png (129 KB, 351x507)
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> Action 1&2
We need to expand and solidify land in the Southern Swamps as well as access to southern Trade routes by Sea.

> Action 3
Growing up during their journey the He Theorgso would slowly fall in love with Sybaael. The boy would attempt to show acts of great courage, strength and bravery to attempt to sway the heart of the Tauric princess.

(I wish to roll to seduce)
1 and 2
Get the People out there and rebuild the city.
Develop the farms
Begin developing the underground caverns to create a lower level of the city, strenghthen the supports and being with the living and working spaces
>action 1: In keeping with His promise of land reclamation The lost land in the northeast and the coastal land in the northwest is reclaimed.

>Action 2: 1/? using Diagnose life mages study the Vampires that have popped up in the nation, to try and understand why the blood of sentiant life is the only form of blood that will sustain them. while that is ongoing, the government asks that Master Goliath hold of on the creation of more vampires as while they understand and know he is a loyal Fraternian citizen, they worry about the untold damage that a rogue disiple of his might do lost in a blood lust.
Alteration to action 2
>Action 2: Vampire management
The Government approaches Master Goliath asking him alter his qualification for turning other into Vampires or to our right stop. While they understand and know he is a loyal Fraternian, they worry about the untold damage that a rogue disciple of his might do lost in a blood lust. More than that, they bring up the concern that some vampires in time might grow to see there fellow fraternians as cattle rather than equals. which is why they would ask him to either stop turning people all together or to only turn those that achieve a 10th grade black belt and that have shown themselves to have very strong self disipline, as they would have mastery over themselves and the fear of a rogue vampire would be far lower.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Mhana Tohk, kitsune, farmer
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] : Bampobiades, dryad, leader of the "Fists of Stakh" paladin order
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Gar Botal, human, army officer
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected for 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Hocius Nham, kitsune, explorer and scholar

Not much is happening, the army still needs to be reorganized, while a few scholars organized an expedition south.

>1: Explore South
Maybe ask the Auburn dryads to guide us if we get too close to Aka's garden. Some herbalists are there too, in case we discover interesting plants.

>2: Reorganize the army
Each unit will be defined around one priest, helping a few soldiers. They are highly incentivized to often train together, and know each other well. The goal is to have a coordination between the priests and the soldiers so great that all the army can use the new tactic if needed.
1 and 2.
>Solar avatar project
We are preparing a project to to borrow power from the miniature suns for ground troops. It consumes considerable energy and is only effective with miniature suns nearby but it provides a significant all round power boost.
1. With the Cult supplying the vessels, further research is underway. Though the power may still wane, it is attempted to amplify the powers of a Lo-hai magic with the electrum vats mounted upon the back, seeing if the added magic poured into the spells may be worth it.

A city is build around the fort, named Jörg'blg "North Come Calling". The natives are offered shelter and meals if they will aid with duties of the city, and are asked for the history of their people.

With Æðelþryð having joined the little journey, she would eventually find herself in a curios land of the people that the princess she faced off against lived. While the journey in question she joined came to an end so shortly after she had joined it, she still was not going to simply let the opportunity slip from her fingers, and as such, she'd use the chance to spar against opponents she knew were physically stronger than her, and had many different capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses compared to herself or any other Telrac. As such, she could further hone her skills by fighting opponents that were far from usual, allowing herself to rely much more on her own skill than anything else. Of course, while she was here, she would occasionally spar with the Princess again, seeing how she was truely the most difficult opponent she had, and, honestly, if it wasn't for her shadow magic, she most certainly would have lost the first bout against her, and that still stood true now. But, maybe that could change in time...Besides, it'd be a good way to spend time while here. Though, with so much focus on pure combat, she was thinking of shifting her focus of honing her skills and self to that of tactics and strategy soon after she arrived back to the Imperii...It had been a while, after all. Still, best to make the most of her time. On a related note, she'd eventually find that Æðelgyð had snuck aboard with them, eager to try and face off against the varying combatants on the island as well, though she'd allow such for obvious reasons, provided she didn't get herself killed or kill anyone in her little fights.

Back in the Imperii however, Æðelgifu would actually get a number of people around to start working on a project that would benefit the Imperii. A good deal of pure, clean water was under ground, and the means of how to get it up to the surface for the varying farms to use was a challenge, for simply using many with pots or buckets would be a slow, and inefficient waste of time. As such, efforts would be made to study how water worked, and further more, how best to transport it from caverns to the surface, among other things. It was quite likely this was going to grow into a further project once Æðelþryð returned, as she undoubtedly would see such a project as useful for a myriad of reasons...

>Action One and Two. Train just that little bit more. The Shogun will be defeated by Æðelþryð's hand in the future. And ensuring such is so will be key.

>Action Three. Work on the science of hydraulics.
File: 410AC.png (2.57 MB, 2048x2570)
2.57 MB
2.57 MB PNG

Work would be done on creating new mining shafts for a gold mine, and after the earth was properly struck with gold starting to be extracted properly from the mine, the next bit of work would be extensions to the foundries and smithies in Underdwelling. Needless to say, the increased production and access to gold will most certainly allow greater works of art made from the gold to be produced. In a related note, a temple and theater would be created on the border to Ga'Ga'ul in the attempt to get them to the Ithempeli's way of thinking, both in terms of culture and faith. Though such will likely still take plenty of time until it is fully realized. Though, perhaps giving some incentives to see such works of art in the near future might be helpful to such efforts.


The creation of a light golem would be a surprisingly curios creation. The being in question was extremely bright, almost akin to the suns, yet gave off only a faint warm glow. If it could actually control its luminosity and make it not blindingly bright unless needed it would likely be a lot more pleasant to work with than it is right now. But even so, it's a good addition to the ever growing number of elemental's that are able to be used in Arcadia. The crackdown on this subversive cult however would go decently, though would cause some unintentional damage, even outside the city of Otuganrest. Even so this unintended damage would be most prevalent in Otuganrest, where everyone, foreigner or civilian, would be caught up in the crossfire of this 'Cult Scare' turned 'Deity Scare'. Those few who believed in any sort of deity would face much more discrimination, and this would extend to foreign merchants and outsiders as well. Where once one of the celestial pantheon or En would merely be considered a fool, now they were abused, with some citizens destroying their wears, and in some cases lynching them, seeing them as no better than the cult. Though some would claim this was merely used as an excuse to be able to do what these small groups wanted to do to faithful for some time. Thankfully the lynchings only really happen in Otuganrest where it can be covered up or blamed on the cult. Regardless, all of this would work wonders in dealing with members of the cult and cutting most of them out. Though, there would be some active resistance, as would be expected when the punishment is death or losing one's hands and tongue. There might be some still left, but the organization in the city would be thoroughly dismantled with only isolated pockets still hiding from our sight. In other news, a cave in has occurred in the copper mine. The damage is minor, and it'll only temporarily hamper production, but a number of people who work in the mines are missing...

Surveying would find on the blessed island of the south, on its northern coast would be pearls, and upon the mountains of the north, something curios would be found, upon the mountains, a strange material that when turned into a metal has properties seemingly out of myth. A number of people in the area for some time have been using such for trinkets, and now we see why. Work on steal meanwhile, would be undeterred by this news, and would work further on creating steel that would make Bronze useful for nothing more than for decoration. And while some minor improvements to technique are found, it comes to our attention that work on such for steel greater than what we have now will, like most things, take more time.

>Black Forest

Swiftly, those from the war of the Conclave that were still somehow around would be killed, causing a number of people to be surprised that there was any lazy, vengeful slaves taken from the war in question and not just outright killed. Still, with them dealt with, people will ideally focus their efforts further. Other than this, work would be done on making a spirit last beyond just a task. And, it'd work to an extent. Now, they are devoted to protecting their family or their old work, yet even so, they still will fade in time. For the warrior will fade once all the kin that were alive when they were pass from this realm. And, likewise, those dedicated to their work will fade upon the creation of their magnum opus. Still, it's much better and long lasting than it was...Perhaps immortality in this way might be close? However, during all of this, one morning, everyone before they awoke would see nothing...Nothing but pitch black, before symbols in read appeared, similar to that of the Shoguns lands but different. And, yet they would be understood by all who saw them "You view yourself as weak, yet many of you wish not to make yourself strong...This is not natural...But this is something I can help change." Despite this, the rest of the day would go by normally, but what happened was a gradual process. The wild lands full of giant and wild beasts with plants to match would seem to spread, until every single wetlands forest was made similar to that of the wild one, and even a portion of the Savannah would be effected, grass taller than ever before blocking sight of larger beasts...
>Waking Order

While many of the newest acolytes from Otuganrest would be taken and brutally killed or mutilated, much of the true faithful still survive, and even thrive, careful to lay low, quietly sowing the seeds. It is easier for them to hide in the varying businesses, mines, and theaters than anywhere else, with everyone in the business believing in that which the majority deny for no reason other than foolishness. Regardless, our work will not be stopped, and ideally, they will think that we are long gone when we are stronger than ever with their little hunt for our true followers. Elsewhere, in Mezentia, a number of sailors, dockhands, and vagabonds have been brought to join us. And, with this, we can use them to further expand the truth to Mezentia or anywhere across the inner sea. A perfect staging ground...


The Meoswilum influenced nobility would be a bit upset at the new limitation, though they surely will deal with it, for they are really the only ones who actually enjoy such a disturbing practice. Other than this, the nation would get to work on two things. Finding resources, and expanding its knowledge on magic. In the case of the former, a number of prospectors would go out and return with their findings, that being nothing, sadly. On the magic side of things, the work on making a school to heat metal was a fairly simple task, for such a simple yet important bit of magic that would allow those in forges to produce the exact heat needed and with it create flawless weapons and tools. Though, there still needs to be some time to finish this work, even with the Savant who has done quite a bit to progress the project. In other news, the small cult in the south east who believe in the Imperii's goddess, Kyuu, have started to adopt Imperii customs and music, and their faith has spread slightly further. They still are quite small, but it is important to keep an eye on them...

Work on the greatbows using Taur bone was work that was mostly spent on finding what type of Taur's bones were best suited to such a weapon. Every type including Pureblood and more obscure types would be tested, and a number of different designs tried likewise. Yet, the best would be found to be those of aquatic Taur who consume fish and other sea life, curiously enough. The weapon in question will undoubtedly be quite useful in the future, especially with such high quality... However, a strange and curios story from the north has come about, involving a small creature akin to a young pureblood taur, but capable of magic, and a bucket that they resided in. Apparently a taur took the thing in out of curiosity, and learned that it was trying to get back to the underworld. The attempt would be one the Taur would hardly care for and see as more of a chore, but one they'd do anyway out of honor. Though this would become challenging as the thing was quite hurt by light, and to solve this to an extent, they got a large wooden bucket and used it to shade them from the sun. A number of strange events happened during the journey, in which the small creature proved extremely capable of magic and miracle, before finally being returned to it's home, taking the bucket as something to remember the Taur who helped them by, and giving them something in return. It's a story more local and smaller in scale than the great journey the princess took, but it's still one that is told, and a legend goes that if one finds the right cave, and grants a bucket to it, they will have good fortune. The story seems to have most taken a hold of those who are of the more pacifistic and protective nature, and some of them would go to try and search for the cave. Interestingly, one warrior who had been fairly poor by Taur standards and had become quite successful and skilled as of late would attribute their success to the spirit or whatever it was that lived in that cave.

Expansion to the southern swamps would be a fairly simple affair with quite a few willing to go out and claim such land. While out there, however, a few would stumble upon something curios. Ruins. Whether caused by the people of that dilapidated colony or long before their arrival, we do not know, but what remains is naught but bone and rubble. In the personal quest of He Theorgso, however, his attempts to seduce Sybaael end up failing hilariously. Firstly, he embarrassed himself numerous times when trying to show off his skill, bravery, and strength. Secondly he managed to accidentally send mixed messages that made it some believe he merely looked up to Sybaael but actually fell in love with, ironically enough, Sayaka. Something that Sayaka actually came to believe herself. Thirdly, in his attempts to try and use others to talk with Sybaael more, he'd accidentally get her quite interested in the Snaketaur in the more romantic sense...On the bright side, a number of his escapades managed to get Sybaael to laugh...He thinks anyway, a lot of people laughed at a few times...

Needless to say, the experience was very...humbling...


Work would swiftly go on to the city further, repairing, rebuilding and remaking varying buildings in the city on top of making an elaborate underground section of the metropolis. In fact, perhaps Metropolis would be an understatement for the size and grandeur of the city itself? For it truly was a one of a kind, undoubtedly the largest in the entire world. Regardless, even with all the work on the city getting the most attention, what potentially was most important was the work on the farms, which would be expanded to a satisfactory amount. While the city will certainly need to import food to survive still, there is now a much greater abundance and ease of access, though, perhaps getting more food would be wise.


Fairly swiftly, a number of old towns that have become overgrown with plantlife would be resettled, their buildings repaired, and the wild beaten back as the light of civilization once more graces upon these lands. With this, the UFC's borders are now nothing but larger, with absolutely no land from the past that was lost not under its control!...Erm, just...don't look to that smudge in the east, that's clearly a mistake... Regardless, Golaith would agree to only turning the best, and would understand, though wouldn't be too happy about the seeming distrust that he and his fellows he turned seem to have by the government. Likewise, a number of his students seem quite upset as well, for understandable reasons. Other than this, a large number of people have reported having nightmares as of late, across the whole country. It's probably nothing, but to the average superstitious citizen, it's a ill omen.

Exploration would be done in the south with a bit of help, and while we certainly don't get to the center of the island, most of the jungle filled north, and the small portion that wasn't jungle filled, is searched and put to map. Certainly quite the achievement for the cartographers. Other than this a good deal of work would be put into the military's organization and coordination. By having a proper leader for each force, chain of command can go more smoothly. And likewise, by having them train together, a bond can form between soldiers much more easily, and regardless of what type of relationship it is, it will drive them to fight harder to protect those they care about, or to one up their rival, no matter how unlikely that last one is.

>Dyrnaign Hegemony

While many thought that work on trying to get miniature suns to actually be used in combat in any meaningful way was a fools errand, it very swiftly would become apparent that there was quite a bit of merit in the idea. Soon enough it would be found that with the right use of magic, a Mini sun can be used to make soldiers stronger both magically and physically, and it can effect a number of soldiers, along with prove a good way to boost morale. The effects it has on a soldier diminish as the mini sun works to support more soldiers, however, this is small enough that it's more beneficial to have many soldiers under a single sun than only a few, and the best amount of soldiers to be maintained by a mini sun is somewhere around either 100 or 150. Regardless, it's likely best for them to be deployed only to support elite and magic troops, for the suns themselves tend to burn themselves out if they try to give as much as they can or go on for long enough, meaning that quite a bit of spirit needs to be given in order for them to be effective and long lasting. But, that's not too much of a problem.

Work on trying to see just how useful these Electrum vats are would find that they are, in fact, capable of boosting magic poured into spells. Though, the energy inside it dissipates fast enough that they should be filled when a battle is expected that day. The biggest challenge with regards to them for the average Lo-Hai is how much energy from the Electrum to draw when casting a spell, for it can boost a spell or aid with casting a powerful one to a extensive amount just as much as it can help increase the effect a minor one has. Still, with more testing and use, effective use of the things will come to be common knowledge. Meanwhile, in the north, a settlement called Jörg'blg would be formed, and the natives would be granted food and shelter. When asked about their history, they gave the tragic tale of a people recently unified before villages far off started becoming abandoned, and, slowly, the beasts came closer and closer to their capital city, destroying all in their path. While there were victorious defenses and battles, it was never enough. They just kept coming, and in the end a final grand last stand was held in the capital, with the only survivors being those who fled before the city was assailed, or those who were able to hide well enough for long enough.

>Imperii (Written by QM1/Viorp)

Æðelþryð's training would once again be on track now being surrounded only by remarkable warriors she could train against all of them, be they Golemancers, Wolfkin, an ex president or a snake. Many of her tactics would prove herself useless against one type of opponent while crushing another. A great challenge would be the Golemancers as their ability to attack in mass numbers and immunity to darkness magic made them a force to be reckoned with, but of course as the Empress would train with them they would also train with her and what would be realized is that countering tricks is quicker than coming up with new ones.

Hydraulics seem like an easy field of study, as such just a bit more work should complete it. An issue arises though... bronze is very expensive if you put in bronze pipes someone will just steal it and wood ones will just rot away very quickly.
The High Council is back on the topic of strength. We have been presented a challenge, the lands are wildening, and we shall not show ourselves weak, we shall persevere, we shall get ourselves more hunters. Though, we mustn't forget improvement, so while our Wetlands grow Wild, we shall make a city for the Iron Leaf tribe to work from, perhaps we could trade with this Vesanti people.

Action 1: Bolster Warrior (Fort) tribe at Shiroi Mori and reestablish the Hunter (Farm) tribe to the west.
The lands have grown wild, we need warriors and we need hunters, we need to defend ourselves and we shall eat ourselves hearty upon the great beasts that now roam our lands. Let us show those Shogun lovers what true strength is, to stand up against monsters instead of bowing our heads to them.

Action 2: Establish city of Tatara to the west.
The Iron Leaf has operated out of Yanagi Mori for quite some time, which was good at first, but as Marca stopped trade it has just been a hunter's city. With a city free of the Wildlands, they can focus on their craft, and also establish more contact with the Kitsune, they shall not miss out on this glorious hunt.
Pirate forgot to Post his EVENT:

EVENT: Æðelgyð after the exploration of the ancient ruins would go to sleep sounds, but wake up with a what seems like a giant bite mark going trough her entire body. Even though she should be happy to go home on ship later shivers would catch her and fear would paralyze her at the mere thought of coming near the water... she would stay with the excuse that she just wants to watch her great nephew, but in reality she knew that if her feet were ever to leave land she would be dragged to the deapths of the Ocean by the Megalodon.
1 Action: The news that there was no more resources in their lands came as quite the shock, so the next best thing was done. With the land mass across the sea seemingly uninhabited for the most part, an expedition is sent to (the closest 3 free tiles east) for Sealand to claim and try and gain more resources while not upsetting any of their neighboring nations.

1 Action: Production continues on the School of heat, the creation process being a slow and laborious one, but one that needed to get done

Event response: Their culture and worship of Kyuu is welcomed at first until it slowly becomes apparent that it is a cult. With this issue as well. it becomes apparent that Sealand needs to encourage proper proceedings in regards to worshiping their own gods. As for dealing with them, they are asked to not be as fanatic about it. The culture being accepted with songs and he like, but the cultish activities being asked to stop and a more calm approach to be taken to including people in worshiping god that killed a massive portion of the population with her servants. The Imperii culture is accepted, the religious aspect is not
1. With the news of how the Shogun created his black blade and the bloods that worked it will be deemed that the sacrifice of innocents is unacceptable. As such a new spell in the branch of True Necromancy will be created to transmute blood. This should allow us to take normal animal blood and transmute it into special blood needed for the Black Bronze creation.
2. With the finding of this cult and the disappearance of the copper mine workers it is deemed necessary to create an organization to investigate and track down foreign spies and criminal activity. While all will be magi they will also be trained in investigation and espionage tactics. The organization will not be made public but within the government they will be known as Hounds.
War Post:
The Borevians have sent foreign agents into our lands to harm our citizens and to break their minds. This is an act of war and the cowardly Borevians have failed to send a formal declaration of war. As such this will be seen as a surprise attack and a reprisal shall be made. The Arcadic armies shall march upon the twin fortresses on their border to bring them down through magical means. A letter, surely to be ignored, shall be sent listing the demands of most of the Borevian lands, including the mountainous and hilly regions, the freedom of all mortal slaves, the banning of Aurons from government positions, and copies of all Borevian technologies.

The Arcadic golem soldiers with bucket spears, the long ago made weapon specifically to counter the liquid Aurons, and a great number of war magi will be mobilized to defeat this threat.

>Action 1: Investigate/Research the New Metal
Marcans are known the world around for their metalworking, and with the promise of a new, mythical metal found in the north is exciting, to say the least.

>Action 2: Construct a Celestial Pantheon Church & Theater in Theora
Just build em bro I'm too tired to fluff right now.
> Action 1&2: Mizukinoko Mushroom
In our expeditions to the southern jungles an odd Mushroom was found. it seems to grow on backs of what seem to be water-hegehogs. These fascinating creatures are soon farmed for meat and the medical properties of the Mushroom will come in useful when healing infections, broken bones or other deadly ailments.

(As recomended putting two actions into them)

> Action 3: The greatest Warrior
He Theorgso would continue his training in Travalhalla. His goal is to gain approval among the Purebloods he already has been accepted among the lower ranks of the Taur, but it seems his martial prowess needs to become truly extraordinary if he wishes for approval from the Purebloods. He will also try to get closer to his childhood friend Ryllhae
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Tahlus Xuan, kitsune, herbalist, Sword of Stakh member
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] : Tryantafylliades, dryad, leader of the "Concubines of Stakh" paladin order
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Tala Miho, human, huntress and explorer
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected for 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Pakha Tuan, kitsune, herbalist

Our glorious nation is expanding ! Praised be Stakh. Besides that, the Sword of Stakh this times teams up with herbalists to look into poisons.

>1: Expand South
Expand South

>2: Experiment with poisons
In our mad scramble for more remedies during the plague, we discovered a few interesting plants in the jungle. Among them, poisonous ones.
Our goal here is to develop one or more more efficient poisons from these basis.
We would look for fast and efficient lethality over stealth.
Testing would be conducted on animals or, if needed, on criminals sentenced to death.
>Action 1: Improve Infastructure (Temple, Theater)
Our attempts to influence the Zlon had been placed on hold as we researched Runic magic but now that the Sun has fled from humanity and crops have begun to fail, there is no greater ally than a golem. Our theater and temple adjacent to Ga'Ga'ul are improved so that the Zlon may bear witness to their glory.

>Action 2: Create Runic Spell: Thuthukisa Ubuhlakani (Enhance Agility)
The Academy seeks to create a spell which would improve the survivability of the Statues through granting them an Adrenaline substitute. In their research into Yuuka and her kind they found that humans can work themselves into a frenzy which greatly enhances their strength and alertness.
The Golems attempt to create a similar effect which would grant bursts of speed and awareness to Golems for some time when triggered by the Golems perceiving their life to be endangered. This rune is typically inscribed on the eye of the Statue.
-Truly barbarous are the ignorant and afraid. Followers are hunted and made swift examples of by those who think themselves righteous to cast judgement. Yet the cure for this will be education, not bloodshed, and wat finer way to express such enlightenment than through the arts? The Theatre begins scripting its next play, based off of the recent lynchings and executions of the sect's members. But, it is portrayed from the perspective of Arcadians. The story will focus around a budding arcadian religion in foreign lands bearing a resemblance to the Black Forest, and how the majority persecute and attack their faith. Finally, when the play is ready, the artists of their sister theater are invited to attend, and hopefully spread their play to the Arcadian masses to sow sympathy... and distrust.

-Information. The order's tendrils have reached far, and though it still has a long way to go, but a body cannot act on that alone. It needs eyes to see and ears to hear. The sect's members, as valuable a source as they are, are limited in their reach. But some beasts can go where most men couldn't. The creatures of the sky would be perfect, thus the sect of Reuvi gather birds and begin the probing their animalistic minds, hoping to use their meditation in order to seize the animal's psyche in order to see and hear what it does and direct it from the dream realm.
>action 1: using Flora magic develop Bio stasis pods, as the name suggests these are massive plant pods that a person can be placed in and it will sustain them as well as slow their bodily functions to the point that can survive in the pod for a very long time.

>Action 2: build roads with all this land reclaimed, the road network needs to be expanded on and improved.

>national fluff: the government would quitely publish the report about the desencants of Alexandros.
Actions 1 and 2: Sybaaels Odyssey

With the princess returned in glory and having sealed away the ash her adventures are intensely craved by the Tavthallan people to learn of her travels and how she acquired her flaming heart.

The tale is spun, the endless notes Sybaael had written along with those collated from her scribe taken and poured over, the notes on the various nations of the world and their fighters and magics wrought together into a singular and decisive volume that would shape the Tavthallans culture for eons to come.

Sybaaels Odyssey began as just a martial demonstration to prove the superiority of the Tavthalla in the world, giving a brief overview of the fighters gathered.

It records how the ash began to fall and the city of Raleth incinerated in hellfire delivered from the evil god Malina as yet another curse against taur kind, on the day the princess was meant to set sail.

How she was declared chosen by the gods to save the world from the ash, and writings about her and her mentor, rather detailed illustrations interspersed about some difficult moves in the art of wardance the princess was learning.

How after training in Mezentia the ship moved on beyond to the UFC and then to Shorino, the hated betrayal of Sybaaels mentor revealed to be a shrine maiden, and plainly noting down how the shogun kidnapped Sybaaels brother and sacrificed the royalties of monarchies across the world, as well as countless white blood children.

The tournament arc closed, the book would give outsiders a rather startling insight on the tauric mind in times of stress, parts of the odyssey recorded at the princesses dictation during the period shortly after the tournament would have the text suddenly descend into total madness and reflect true sorrow and woe at the betrayal of sybaaels mentor not at all hinted at by Sybaaels rather impassive external demeanour, while suddenly picking up again later and looking like it was written by someone in total euphoria when referencing a close battle sybaael was in or reflecting on a joke made by the numerous odyssey members.

Soon the book would come to the Ithempeli, who while rather uninterested in the greyfall put forward a series of challenges which the Tavthalla conquered with their wit, bravery and immense amounts of natural talent, then onto their fights with
the Arcadic and the Ithempeli, both using extensive amounts of magic to make up for their state of not being Taurs.

The text would go on to state how the blessing of a flaming heart appeared one night on their ship, the princesses chest seeming to burst open and almost set fire to the mast as roiling fires burst out from her heart.
The text recorded the odd cultural customs of the meoswilum from a tauric perspective and how they made the princess laugh with their rather amusing insults and demand for a duel to the death, along with the war-games played there, not just their culture was noted though, but those of every nation visited, giving brutally honest opinions of all the various cultures and making frequent use of the term thinblooded to denote nations of humans or other species the Taurs claim are descended from them.
In all, the nations noted as being the most surprisingly impressive to the Princess would be the Imperii, UFC and Mezentia.

The various characters in the text each have their moments, the rivalry between Jaehk the Frontierer, a relatively well known snaketaur and Caedrel the Pureblood, another relatively known individual being recorded at several times throughout the book.
Their contests with and against each-other being something of mild controversy but great entertainment throughout the book.

The Odyssey would begin to wrap up at last with the grandest of the three tournaments hosted, that held in Imperii where Sybaael faced off against the Telrac empress, Sybaael finding something of a friend with the Telrac with both of them having had relatives murdered by the shogun.

The final flawless battles end the Libertandoc defeated and recruited, and then it moves swiftly onto Sybaael and her warriors descending into the cave of fire where it was revealed that Malina the goddess of evil had caused the ash, Sybaaels flaming heart said to have beaten ten times cacophonously loud as she left the cave with a metallic kitsune who dispensed limitless wisdom in tow, and as her blessing of a flaming heart beat the ashes and flames began to stop pouring out of the cave, the Greyfall ended by Sybaael the Hero.
To support the growing influx of immigrants for warg hunting, and refugee natives, a swamp rice farm and lumber camp are built near Jörg'blg. Lo hai chop trees the trees into beams, while the native load the lumber unto the hauling golem crabs.

New Spell Water Evocation Branch

>Aquae Magnos Dynam "Watery Magic Dynamo"

Infuses a container of prepared shroom suspension water with a latent 'porousness' for magic, turning the liquid a gleaming aqua marine and illuminating. Ideally this will improve the storage of produced batteries.
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>Black Forest

With the lands growing ever more wild, even lands which were tame in comparison to what they are now, we must do what we can to both protect ourselves and make the most of this situation. As such, a number of hunters made up of white hairs would be assembled in order to bring back food and bounty from the wildlands, and the warrior tribe nearby Shiroi Mori would be made stronger with further equipment, and those who have managed to survive in such wild lands. Other than this, the Ironleaf tribe would get a city of it's own, a proper settlement, but for more than just trade. To some such would be a clear difference between Iron leaf and the rest of the Black Forest Tribes, to others, a sign of changing times. Regardless, the Ironleaf tribe has, arguably, become something a bit more...


With no further resources found under the earth in the land claimed, the Republic would look to the sea's it sailed frequently, and a number of elves would make homes upon the island that many sailors had once passed by on routs to trade with Liberdantoc, the Imperii, Tarnatos, and others to the east. Other than the settlement of this new land, work continues on finalizing the school of heat, something which would indeed be finalized and come to an end with ease. In regards to internal affairs, the cult would be fairly annoyed at the actions of the government. They simply worship Kyuu and try to live interesting lives, claiming the suppression of their religious activities as clear bias from the government and that they had done nothing wrong. Reports seem to be surprisingly mixed about when looked into, some calling the activities befitting of a proper dark cult, others that they are merely the activities fitting for small groups of faithful. Regardless, while the suppression of the religious aspect of the Imperii goes fairly well, the green light on the Imperii's culture basically seemed to be asking for it...For a moderately large size of the population would start adopting Imperii customs, with a particularly talented individual of lowborn status being granted a title of nobility. Their size is smaller than that of Meoswilium, but not by too much. Regardless, some nationals are quite concerned about this...

Work would be done to try and convert blood of animals into blood akin to humans of noble blood. Though, a number of questions arise as to how exactly to do this. Necromancy is the art of taking the dead to the mortal plain and bringing that which is dead to life. Transmutation itself is it's own thing, however, and further more, it's quite difficult to tell if the spell has worked without actually trying to make black bronze itself, something we don't have. Still, the work isn't for nothing, and a number of theories would arise from it as to a different school of magic entirely, one focused mainly around ritual rather than casting. Other than this, the Hounds as they are called, would be formed and would swiftly form the bulwark to defending Arcadia from foreign threats. Already due to their work a number of cultists who were originally thought to be normal Arcadian citizens would be found and executed. And, they'd be able to do well in protecting the rest of Arcadia from falling to such deceitful practices.


Investigation of the metal in question would find that its properties give it a good deal of protection against magic, in fact magic just doesn't really seem to work against it. Furthermore, the material is light weight, and quite strong and durable, just as much if not more so than steel. The best way to learn how to make such a material into useful tools and weapons is to start working at it in a forge, at least that's what the smiths say, and a number of the most experienced ones are eager to get their hands on the stuff for use in making weapons and armor for the best of Marca's best. A bit further north from this discovery, the recently made town of Theora would be graced with a proper temple to pray to the twin goddesses and the gods of the moons, along with a nice theater on the edge of town for those to enjoy. Now all it's missing is some mines or a number of smithy and it'd fit the stereotypical Marcan city.

The new mushroom found would be a curios thing. A mushroom that could be used for so many different kinds of medical use, from fighting disease to healing broken bones. It was a gift from En clearly, and one that would most certainly be well received. Perhaps in the near future such a thing, once harvested in large enough numbers, could be sold at a major profit to other nations? At the moment it's certainly something we have a monopoly on. And, with our magic, we can further increase the amount of the things we can actually get. Elsewhere, in Travalhalla, away from the many swamps his homeland was made up from, He Theorgso would continue his training in a attempt to get closer to Ryllhae and attain higher standing among the purebloods. And, with age comes wisdom and knowledge. Allowing him to not only better himself a fair bit in combat, but also now armed with the knowledge of what not to do in order to get closer to Ryllhae, as the experience with Sybaael clearly showed a lot of the 'do not's' to him.


Now that the focus of the Ithempeli is no longer on runes, the temple and theater on the border of the city state would be further expanded, reworked, and made into grand constructs were just as grand plays and sermons take place. Meanwhile work on a curios rune would take place, that being a strange spell made to cause a jolt of energy to the one with it, and make them quite a bit more swift, alert, and strong then what they normally were, just like the strange effect that the races of flesh seem to have. Unfortunately there is some good and bad news more than this. For the copper mine would suffer a minor cave in, however the cave in would reveal lead exists in the mines as well, which potentially could be made of use.
>Waking Order

Those creating the play would have a hard time trying to find a way to convey such a message without seeming to heavy handed and overt against the government least their hounds come after them next. However, after some deliberation, the faith of the Arcadians in Black Forest lands would be the dominant faith of Arcadia, none. Through careful and eloquent writing, the play itself could still convey the oppression and yet give sympathy for the religious, and that is exactly what it would be able to do, equating the lack of faith as just as worthy in its own right as a faith, and deserving of the same treatment, which by extension means those of other faiths should not be looked on with scorn for their believes, especially given how many unknowns are out there. While this message may be lost upon those of weaker mind and attention, those of the other theater would not be such, and would be able to get the message. And from there, we manage to get a connection and a number of converts. Though, there is some worry that even with such writing the government might become irrational and start going after the smallest transgressions, as a number of true faithful would somehow manage to be caught. While out work in Arcadia continues, there would be much different work that needs to be addressed elsewhere. That being the use of spies from the shadows. Crows and other kinds of birds. Work on them would be slow, but promising. And, while unable to be directly controlled as of yet, those with special, well hidden marks can be used to see through. And, maybe in time, hear through as well.


The utilization of Flora magic for something to sustain someone inside for a very long time is a curios one that works well enough from initial testing. Though, it is quite resource intensive, as the plants changed in such a drastic way need a lot of attention in order to keep functional, for once the plant withers, so too does it's effects, even if the plant is merely half dead. Other than this, infrastructure would be worked on with regards to roads, which would swiftly move to make travel in the nation just that little bit easier. Important to note, however, is that a High Priest of the Celestial Pantheon would have a strange vision, one of Asla, the youngest. In it, Asla, and the moon which represents them, would be destroyed by an angry figure, causing the pieces to rain down. Yet, with all the sorrow the remaining nine moons had, two bright figures, believed to be the twin goddesses, would mend the pieces back together, and bring Asla back into the sky. Yet, she was different, changed...But still alive once more. The priest believes the meaning is that even an action in anger or sorrow that is undone or atoned for still has a lasting effect that never truly goes away...Though as to what or who the figure that destroyed Asla the youngest was, the priest has no idea.

Expansion into the southern jungle is a simple affair by now. With so many having lived in the jungles for so long, moving further into them is not a problem in the slightest for those who had resided in them for so long. One part of the jungle was the same as the next, more or less after all. However compared to the other work the nation's people were focused on, it pales in comparison. For much effort is dedicated to poisons. And plenty are found. A large number of them only cause minor discomfort, make one sick to the stomach, or in one case, causes a major migraine and causes one to pass out shortly after, with said migraine lasting well after they wake. However, a few deadly poisons were found. Some only are harmful to humans, others are only harmful in very large doses, yet one good one would be found. Made from a type of flower, the extract has a pungent smell and taste, and after taking a sip of such an extract, one will fall in less than a minute, and die in just over a minute. Something very...strange and concerning has happened as of late. A large portion of the human population in every coastal city has found themselves feeling strange for the past few days, ill, almost with slight discomfort occasionally, along side ichyness. In but a few days, what was happening would become apparent. They were changing. Somehow, through the meddling of the divine, some curse, or...something else has caused these people to adopt traits akin to a lizard, specifically that of salamanders. This has allowed them to breath under water, though as one might expect, someone changing half way into a salamander from a normal human is something that will get one to be very concerned. And a majority of all coastal populations of humans seemingly changing in mere weeks is more than enough to cause panic and confusion.


Sybaaels Odyssey is a grand work, one that may define and inspire the art of theater and writing for many years far into the future. A flawless example of Tauric culture and their own emotions, opinions and thoughts, while also giving insight into the many other nations of the world through their own eyes. The story is more than just a great piece of literary work, but also one that can give any outsider who knew nothing about the Taur who has the patience and ability to read a deep understanding of just what the Taur are like, in body, mind, and to an extent spirit. Words hardly can express the grand journey itself and give it justice. And so, the story of such a legendary trip will become a part of Tavthalla legend years from now. One can only hope that so far into the future, people will remember such events were not just a story, but real.

With many immigrants from the south coming to fight the great beasts this island has to offer, along side the natives who clearly desire protection, food would be a fairly high priority. And as such, farms would be set up, along side lumber mills to clear the area's out for the farms to grow their crop, and get lumber for the settlement and varying constructions that need to be built. Other than this, a strange mixture of magic and mushroom would be made, believed to increase the storage of the electrum batteries. It will ideally be helpful in further powering spells and giving a bit more flexibility and resources to work with for those who use said batteries.
The letter sent would be, as expected, ignored completely. And relatively shortly after, the sieges upon the border forts would begin. A long, protracted siege was not ideal for the Arcadians, and as such, they would utilize the spell catapult along with their earth magic to damage and destroy the varying fortifications and create a number of breaches in order to take the forts and rid any potential enemies in the back line of their advance, and a number of the Borevian catapult shots would, ironically be thrown back at them provided the Arcadians got the timing right on their little spell. The ensuing fight would be a blood bath, if golems could bleed, as naturally, the ones to go into the breach were not the Arcadians, but their constructs. And, while the Aurons were few, their size and being in such close contact meant that a fair few golems during the fight turned against Arcadia during the battle. Curiously, they would not try to actually fight their fellow golems, rather disarm them or simply pull them closer to the Aurons. Regardless of this, the battle would be a long and costly one for the many golems of Arcaida, as would any assault upon a fortification would be, but compared to what it could have been the losses for a siege on the Arcadian side are fairly light, as while the Aurons are quite resistant to magic, a good deal of magic that Arcadia has are either phyisical in the nature of the damage they cause, or flat out their counter. Further more, light golems would be extremely useful after the siege in scouting ahead, and, after the fortifications on the border fell, the hardest part was over...or so the Arcadians thought.
For during their march, a month or so after the siege, they would consistently and constantly be harassed by skirmishers who would strike out at the mortal forces of Arcadia and their golems, and these Skirmishers would be, honestly, more dangerous than the aurons themselves. Extremely well hidden, provided they do not move, a light golem can fly right on past, and from a ground eye view, they are to the troops at least, practically invisible in the tall Savannah grass until it's far too late. Worse, they aren't just skilled at these ambushes and remaining stealthy, but also in magics, which make their strikes more potent. It's extremely fortunate for the Arcadians that their number is as small if not smaller than the Aurons. From what limited glimpses seen of the creature when they strike, they are believed to be Kitsune of some sort. Regardless, they weaken the forces before a major battle, where in something shocking happens. During the initial phase of the fight, a number of golems would suddenly turn around and fight against their masters. A number of golems were clever to act like all the others so as to hide their sentience, only to strike when the timing was right. Even with this however, the battle would go in Arcadia's way, with the many slaves cut down like wheat to a scythe and the Aurons running out of bodies to utilize to better cover themselves and effectively fight without being focused due to their small number. Though, it'd be a minor victory, for Arcadia had lost a large number of their forces, even if the Borevians were driven from the field. However, with this major battle, until they reached the capital, the most difficult part of the campaign was actually over for Arcadia for real now. They could rebuild their forces quickly unlike the Borevians, and continue the advance, even if harassed occasionally by these foreign elites.
Diplo/War Start: A war has begun, between the High Council and the puppet masquerading as Yuuka. Hiro had worked his ass off to convince the High Council to keep her around, to carry out the memory of Yuuka, but when the topic came up if she was legit or not, the High Council voted that she was altered. Thus, she is a violation of Yuuka's memory, a puppet designed to exploit our emotional attachment, bypassing the High Council's approval by simply throwing her weight around to carry out Ithempeli's will. So, the High Council saw fit to destroy her, because our honored Yuuka is not some chesspiece for a foreign nation to exploit. But alas, she was built sturdy and the UFC messed up and lost us Shiroi Mori. But the High Council still stands, and will not let the Black Forest be a puppet of golems.

War Post: First things first, we shall rally our warriors, 3 army groups are created, each with a symbolic name. In Matsubayashi will be the Shield Army, headed by Moriko, High Druid of Shield, who will seek to blunt attacks and generally work to contain the puppet rebels, limiting their damage. In New Eden, the Javelin Army will be rallied, headed by Miho, High Druid of Magic, who's task it is to harry and weaken the puppet rebels, hitting vulnerabilities and draining their resources, hurting their war sustaining capability. And in Yanagi Mori, Tomoko, High Druid of Iron, will organize the Saber Army, which will seek to strike strategic targets, cutting off the limbs of the puppet rebels, so they will end up with naught but nubs to flail at us with, until we can finally decapitate them.
The equipment used by each army mainly obets the standard template, though tactics differ. Moriko is an adept logistician and will ensure the Shield Army always are stocked up on shields, Miho will ensure the Javelin Army doesn't focus on glory but instead results so they will rarely have to use their sabers, while Tomoko will use her Iron Leaf influence to arm the Saber Army with the sharpest and strongest blades which will best mangle shields and sever limbs.
-Work in seizing the beasts has proven fruitful if yet incomplete. But the secrets to such ability will not remain hidden from the order forever. They continue their efforts, experimenting with different marks along different parts of the body. Some even attempt to stitch or weave small foci into to creatures, but little progress seems to be made. During a particularly crimson evening when the moons hanged in the sky, tinted a light red, there would come inspiration. Members of the sect experienced a similar dream. They laid flat in a field, a soft breeze gently brushing over them and making the tall grass seemingly dance in a rhythmic fashion. As peaceful as the scene was, they suddenly felt a sharp pain and discomfort coming from their stomachs. When they looked, they would see their bellies torn open, and a murder of crows feasting upon their strewn out intestines. Looking into the crows eyes, they could see their own agonized faces and hear their own screams. Waking from their nightmares, the sect takes to drawing from this imagery, though it felt more like reality, that in order to extend to the animal, it must first become part of them. Drawing their own blood and mixing it with the food and water they provide to the birds, while taking some of the animal's own blood and ingesting it themselves, they hope to form a sort of connection which they can exploit.

-In Mezentia, some fisherman, sailors, and denizens of the shored dwellings speak in hushed tones of rumors of Darula, the beast of the inner sea. Some think it to be real, others just a story, and then there are even those that worship it. Whatever they believe, some men swear they have seen some manner of creature, hideous beyond compare, staring at them from the waters in the dead of night while at sea while others say they've seen it call to them from ashore. In truth, Darula was just another name given to Xiguras in these lands, and Abysians which stalk the inner sea. With all manner of stories and fairytales, the sailors carry them to foreign ports, sharing them with their colleagues at the different ports of the inner sea whenever they might dock. Ix'thula itself, has taken to mingling with the crews of such ventures to make sure they are spread, sailing to all the inner ports until finally he reaches Arcadia, continuing his masked teachings.
>War Post: Arcadia
Such carnage, more lives lost on both sides than anyone would care to count. Was it really necessary, for the great potential of these beings to be lost in such a wasteful way? Such discussions and calculations, however, were of no matter to the cult. They felt their countrymen's fear and anxiety heighten, which would surely provide their master with a host night time terrors of dreams for him to feast upon, which was all that mattered. Yet why should Borevians be the only ones to experience the joy of servitude? The Arcadians armies will be made to offer their own dread as tribute to the deep one.

The Sect takes to the countryside, where they begin erecting giant, disgusting effigies throughout the fields and hills of Borevia. Their shapes were chaotic and twisted mockeries of Borevian and Arcadian men made of wood and straw, with disturbing faces carved into them. Few were made of led to represent crazed golems that turned rampant. As unsettling as they were, the worst were the bodies. From the wood effigies, bodies were hanging, and for the led there were numerous corpses positioned as if bowing to the golems with some on pikes. The bodies had no faces, and upon closer inspection it'd be revealed that a patch of skin torn from their backs was used to sow over their faces. The blood of these poor souls would be used to engrave dark glyphs into the effigies themselves, and also to draw large ones around the landscapes they stood upon.

Any mortal unfortunate enough to gaze upon these grotesque sights and march over these stained lands would experience terrifying nightmares, often dreaming that they were among the faceless either hanging from, or begging for mercy from these giants themselves. As for the golems that marched with them, they would see visions of glory where they would not serve but instead be served by the creatures that dared call themselves masters.
1 Action: Build the city of Vance city (On the closest tile to the original one) to act as the beginning of something on a new landmass. All buildings are to be constructed of Marble and goods are to be at a reduced price for those that move there, as well even getting some free things as benefits while the city is being built. This is all intended to give settlers an easier time with food and materials coming en masse from the main city.

1 Action: Finish developing the School of Heat Magic.

Event response: With the conflicting reports, a more in depth check is done. Speaking with the noble that had been granted nobility through their connection with the Imperii, he pried into when the next event would be to show of the more religious side. Dulon would be attending this himself garbed as a common anti-mage with the traditional wooden mask, the wooden mask typically used to hide how much energy of the anti-mage had been used, and made his way to view the religion to see if it would be acceptable to remain within the nation. Before going on this mission, he informs Viantius to follow up on the reports of the dark rituals of the cult and for Daniella to follow up on the good reports of the religion, both attending the next ritual in anti-mage garb. Hopefully, this will lead to Dulon meeting with one of the captains during the next religious event to truly identify if it was a real or fake one created to sway those that were there.
Objective: Figure out who was lying in their reports and if it's a cult or just a harmless religion.

Seeing as Æðelgyð wished to stay in these lands for a time, Æðelþryð would decide to stay a bit longer herself in order to further hone her skill. In time, as her skill grew, she'd come to do what she did in the Imperii and fight against multiple opponents at once. She was not going to stay here too much longer, as she had planned to leave by now, but for the time being at the very least, this would go on for a bit longer. For if Æðelþryð's plan was to be effective, she would need to be very, very skilled in combat and likewise very powerful. And that was fine. However, by the time she was finished, and ready to go home with Æðelgyð she would hear the real reason that Æðelgyð wanted to stay longer, and with it, Æðelþryð would, frankly, be furious. First a false god kills her grandchildren and now yet another wishes to do the same to Æðelgyð. At the very least she could work around this, and she now had yet another target. Because to go after Æðelþryð's family is to try to spite and slight Æðelþryð herself. And needless to say, she was not going to just let others do what they wish with her dynasty. At the very least this gave her an excuse to return to the lands of Tavthalla in the future for more than just training but to see Æðelgyð again, and likewise, it means that, should something happen with Liberdantoc, which to be honest chances are it will, she already has the perfect candidate to run the place.

Back at home however, further work would be done on how water works and how best to move it, with a number of plans already in how exactly they will be used. Similarly, work would be done utilizing metals from other lands to see what kinds of metal pipes will actually work and would be best, including using more local materials like tin. As clearly such devises would be quite important for the transport of water. At the very least the Imperii would be able to be prepared for future work once Æðelþryð arrived home. Though, somewhat amusingly, already a number of people have tried thinking of how best to make water used in a instrument to make yet more wondrous sounds flowing through the halls and streets of the Imperii. Either way, by the time of Æðelþryð's return. There was only a little she needed to do before things would be ready for her plans of revenge against a certain far off leader responsible for the death of two of her grandchildren...

>Action One & Two. Some final training for some time.

>Action Three. Further work on Hydrolics
[message from DFGH]
Unexpectedly, I won't have access to internet for 3-20 days. But i still wish to participate. Would it be possible to freeze my nation ? Apologies for any problems that may cause.
File: fortlocation.png (58 KB, 616x504)
58 KB

>Action 1: Construct and Improve a Fort (Pic for location)
With a bad history with the BFT and a brewing conflict in their lands, precautions for our own sake must be taken. Though future improvements are a likely possibility, for the time being a strong fort staffed with soldiers using our new steel equipment will hopefully remind the wolfkin that their actions have consequences.

>Action 2: Construct and Improve a Mine on the mysterious metal deposit
Being resistant to magic is an invaluable property for the non-magic Marcans, and with it's durability rivaling that of steel, it would be even more foolish to ignore.
>Action 1: Improve Infrastructure (Copper Mine, Iron Mine)
Iron is the backbone of the Cult's economy and Copper is the backbone of its Navy. Development here is overdue to expand the economy of the Cult.

>Action 2: Improve Projectile Metal
The accuracy, range, and speed of our weapons are unmatched as far as ranged magic is concerned. Still, there is the ever looming threat of foes attaining the speed to evade it still. To ensure their blades always hit their mark, developments are made such that the blades boomerang now, forcing their opponent to have eyes in the back of their head if they hope to dodge the blade for a 2nd time as a new blade comes flying at the from the front.
These boomeranging blades are designed to not pose a threat to the Statues, halting in the air before them.
>War Action:
Navy: We're in a fortunate position to control the Black Forest Navy. Its cogs in a defensive formation offer a potent stranglehold on local politics as the Council members are nowhere in sight and the UFC can be expected to attack any day now. These cogs are to be armed and patrol the coast defensively.
The People's Army: Yuuka and her secret service of Ithempeli play the role of the Demagogue, using her silver tongue, inspirational messages, and grand promises of tomorrow to make zealots and devotees of the crowds. Her ever growing posse is named "The People's Army" as a propaganda technique, making it challenging for her opponents to denounce them without appearing to denounce the people themselves. An influential leader of the Wolfkin's branch of the Shogunate Church is placed a puppet and co-council to Yuuka to meet the demands of the Shogun and to gain the support of the so far underrepresented Shogunate worshipers.
Though plentifully armed, as Yuuka makes her way to Matzubayasi along with her Army, she does not appear so much as a warlord, but rather as Jesus among the crowd with thousands showing great joy and adoration for her message. With news of the insurgency being mere rumor it is believed that the city would not believe it to be within their rights to stop her and the presence of the army is hoped to further intimidate them out of any hostile action. Instead of taking the city by force she delivers grand speeches and the typical offerings of a demagogue, acting as a rabble-rouser to excite the crowd and playing off of their emotions and traditions. Great attention is utilized to ensure the council is painted as the true enemy of the people, suggesting that it is them who seek to turn this into an armed conflict so that they can continue to oppress the commonfolk whereas Yuuka is confident in her message and the will of the people. With the crowd hopefully sufficiently roused in support of The People's Army the cities leaders are to be dragged from their homes and made to denounce the council and devote themselves to the will of the people.
The Cult's Reinforcements: Dozens of Bronze narrow boats are launched in secret to arrive at a portless location away from the coastal city so that they may march to where Yuukan support is already in place. The Cultists do not attempt to make any movements without the Yuuka or the People's Army present.

>TL;DR: Yuuka travels with an intimidating mob to make it appear as if support for her is much more common than it actually is named the People's Army. She and her puppet co-council act as demagogues, playing off of emotions to get people worked up and telling them what they want to hear. The navy protects the inner coast and Ithempeli reinforcements are sent to a portless location to march to meet the People's Army. No aggressive actions are taken yet, only intimidation and diplomacy.
(Question, is the coal mine meant to still be on fire?)

With the latest cultural stirrings opinion begins to shift, the rather stagnant Tavthallan political sphere shaken up as the falling military dictatorship meets the rising monarchy, with both meeting in the middle for a time.

While Xalteis does not yet get himself crowned king, his ceremonial powers slowly cement themselves into real and genuine control over some parts of the country thanks to the actions of Sybaael in the last decade.

The council places itself as the neutral party between the competing monarchs and militarists, the side each must win over to properly influence the country how they wish, though does not side with either side.

The militarist faction remains the dominant force, though waning.

With Tavthallan politics changing and the path to a restored monarchy clearing up slightly the country begins to change with more flocking to the rapidly urbanising Capitol, Rahak blossoming.

Action 1: Great Rahak.
A city made great by it’s people and it’s leaders, it further develops, infrastructure and size increasing as it aspires to become something more than just a city, but a grand Capitol, a metropolis for all Taurs to gaze at with pride in their people, inspiration taken from Tarnatos and Mezentia and how their massive cities stretch on for what seems like ages.

Action 2: Explore

During the greyfall a number of Taurs fled into the deeps to evade the ash, while most have returned to the surface a number still reside in the waters.

These aquatic Taurs explore south, stumbling across an island as they do.
1. The purge of the cult continues despite the unwillingness of those caught to give up information. To solve this issue the Hounds make a new spell in the school of life and death branch of true necromancy. A spell to bind a dead soul to the mortal coil and in service to the necromancer. The spell to create a bound ghost should force those to speak, or at least have military applications.
2. The Hounds will be tasked with finding one of these cult mages creating the magical talismans and extracting the information of their creation from the cultist. When we know how they are made they may be countered.

War post: The army pushes forward with the goal of reaching a defensible position within the mountains. Light golems and air golems will be used to help scout through dark crevices and concealing grass.
Increase raw food production. Build 2 farms.
> The republic needs food if it plans to survive for longer than a month. It is the will of the assembly to expand the farms until no space is left, establishing "green districts", where food production is the main priority. These places will be outfitted with special water systems, protection from the elements and goverment subsidies for not only production but maintaining some degree of choice in the food.

Begin the underground project.
>Although envisioned as a secret, the storm forced the people to learn of it existence. A blessing in disguise, however, as it shielded the people from the disaster.
However it must be delayed no further. Our scientists, researchers and engineers will work closely to try and search for a power, natural or otherwise, that can make tools more efficent. Being it natural energy, some kind of magical residue or even water at high speeds, there must be something to fuel or indistry and to make it more efficent, less time consuming.
> Action 1&2: Even higher court Culture
Further many off customs are added to heighten the elaborate nature of Meoswilan court culture. Pointy shoes with tiny bells.

Caligraphy and special grammatical constructs made to be used by specific castes. The rigidness of society shall be enforced even trough speech.

> Action 3: Dislocated Mind
Merging ones consciousness with the Mycelium has been possible for a while... why not mix it with our necromancy? The most powerful of necromancers shall now be able to transfer their consciousness inside their undead. This can be used to transfer messages or for a mage to retain control of their undead even after their moral coil has passed... though their soul would still likely dissipate within hours of their body passing.
File: 20201116_203455.png (1.5 MB, 752x976)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
>pic related
>Current Political map of Pleocyemata, Orange- Shell Bloods (mainlander Lo-hai, Krrg'styl and her satellite cities.) Purple- Oleg'cye Waters (Ok'dl, plague Island backwater, and surrounding waters, the merchant lanes of the Lo-hai, as well as Grsthld footholds) Light Blue - The Northern Expanse (Jörg'blg and surrounding waters, new wild frontier. Dund'krt footholds)

The Lo-hai have always been a fractious lot, and needless to say with the conquest of the dread druids city, and the punishment of Yuuka given by the Shogun, the crabs are quick to fight amidst themselves. The Stone Lords of Ok'dl whisper in angst about the harsh demands of the Krrg'styl nobility, filling their island with the dreaded plague stricken, while Ok'dl is the center point for naval trade coming and going through the bay. To the north, the warg hunters are a new breed of Lo-hai, saying that no spawn should serve their lords, and that all Lo-hai are free to do as they please, within the bounds of their own freedoms. While not immediate, now that Krrg'styl has built itself into a metropolis, the ruling Lo-hai must make sure the nation of Shell and War will not see itself dissolving.

Begin the working of a derived technology from our bronze arm cleavers.
>action one build more forges(2 new forges)
>Action two expands the military using war game exercises for training.

>war post with direct assistance out, the UFC citizens as private and independent Voultenters (graciously taught body, flora branches of life magic) come by the inner sea to support the effort on the ground and by ship on the outer sea in ships that comply with the Marcan travel rules, Once at the BFT these ships will rely on their allies to arm and equip them so that they can protect from sea invasions. The troops using the inner sea are well armed and prepare for war, as they use Fraternian and BFT trade lanes to sail for the land of the wolf kin and not the marca waters. in the Inner Sea, the navy patrols regularly waiting for any sign of an attack.

With the FBI in place in the BFT they begin support errosion propoganda efforts spreading the truth about the false Yuuka and how she is a golam puppet. they also act as the eyes and ears of the BFT military passing along info about supply convoys and oppertunities to attack critical targets.
File: Map Turn 31.png (3.78 MB, 2048x2570)
3.78 MB
3.78 MB PNG
Waking Order:
The dreamers give a quench of blood to strength the bond, and are soon beset by a sense most strange, as if rods are embedded in their flesh and shaken. But then comes vision, visions from a bird in flight, the rods they feel is the feathers beating the air. The ravenseers experience visions of flight, and the lands below. Progress carries on until they can nudge the crows in certain directions and tilt their heads, though they have yet to be able to completely overpower the control of the crows, so they cannot force them to do something suicidal.
The dreamer influence probes around the Inner Sea shores, but find the coastal settlements small around here, though there is a pair of major ports up north, one which is forbidden to trade with and the other which is the Arcadian port. Beneath the Arcadian nose they make their cell, as their focus is fixed to the east.


A flood of adventurous spirits cross the waves to establish themselves in this new land of opportunity. The new city starts tapping into the western trade, what they can without a major port.
After much work, the magical formulas for heat is figured out, now the avenues by which it can be applied can be pursued, like heating different forms of material, or even finding some more esoteric thing to heat up. The choice is yours.
The cult is strange and a couple of them have tried drinking blood (they didn't like it), but other than that they're just eccentric revelers, though it does give you a window into what Imperii societii must be like.


Rousing the Taur warriors to fight her, Æthelthryth would be finding them less skilled and coordinated than previous opponents, but they make up for it with sheer strength, able to throw her on the back foot. There's also a variety of approaches depending on the lower body, but not as much substance beyond that, so her learnings is mainly how to deal with strong foes and conditioning herself to be stronger. She is growing to beecome quite the force to be reckoned with.
The idea of tin pipes is quickly laughed off, as even with us having to import copper, tin is worth more pound for pound. Though people do strike upon the idea of lead, it's maleable and water resistant, the only issue is the lack of it on the market. Though the Aurons may know where to get it.
The fort proves invaluable in allowing a garrison among these peaks. For not only is the traversal tough, but great eagles able to lift fully grown men and rams able to shatter stone roam these mountains. The fort's shelter gives soldiers time to rest before setting out for the lookouts dotting this mountain pass, able to intercept many a would-be raider.
The mines are made, while mining is a dangerous job, they are excited for the wages they get, as the overseers are very excited to make sure it's them who oversee this mine.

Event: Due to the vast amount of infrastructure in our lands, the capital has become big, too big for a city. The architects and city planners have restructured the city gradually, and before we knew they had even begun, the city has already become a metropolis.


The improved mines are sure to bring much prosperity in the coming future, though even now, the navy grows, as it had previously hovered around the point of equilibrium.
The improvement to the spell sees the blade boomerang, but it loses much of it's force before it's return trip, working more to recover missed projectiles. Though some theorize a strong attraction spell could see the returning blade hit with enough force to deal significant damage.


The coal mine is still smoldering, smoke still rises among the ashlands, though the main fire has burnt out. There is no more coal to be wrought from this place, it is a scar for the ages.
The city of Rahak changes, the windings streets are streamlined, houses grow tall, some are reworked to follow the common sense in the city, or rather, the metropolis.
To the south, an island is found, though there is some life on the shores, it thins out as you delve deeper. It is however a popular spot for fishing birds, as the lack of large life means a lack of bird-eating predators.

Event (Written by Viorp): Sitting in his dark broken down castle the man who couldn't be King would be hit by a single ray of sunshine illuminating his skin and a single tear would flow down his cheek. he'd pick up an odd book from a foreign land (Bible of the Church of the Celestial Family) and reading it he would see the light, the light of a kind religion. He would soon become a changed man a convert to the Church of the Celestial Family.


The spell is a difficult one, as while the soul is trapped to the dead, they need to make a deliberate effort to speak, so no information is given up involuntarily.
The cultists are Hounded down and caught, though a lot at also killed, but either way, prison wards are filled with people being tortured or kept trapped in their dead and rotting bodies. Surely they'll spit out the information eventually.
With the lands not growing depite how the infrastructure does, the two farms become one more developed farm. Though it still means a substantial increase in food.
Though with a broad focus we are unable to figure a way to make tools more efficient in a worker's hands, they do take the most plentiful resource, our rivers, and find new ways of making it do the work for them. Our forges get water hammers, saving the arduous task of doing heaving strikes ourselves, the blacksmiths therefore only have to angle the piece being worked on.

Event: Versanti grows, urbanizing yet another district, but many of the new buildings have Shorino architecture. These Shorinoans are eager to make further trade with you, but the culture is sure to spread, not to mention the possible attention from the Shogun.


The nobility grows ever more extravagant, and foreign influence find the process of blending in even more nightmarish. Soon only true Meoswilians will be able to perform all the societal customs. Though there are people who try to rebel against these customs, they are sentenced to the worst punishment of all: Grammar lessons.
The process of transferring one's soul to the undead sees them able to do finer movement, though their poor to nonexistant eyesight means they have to get used to maneuvering by sound alone. Though specialists rise who can control a lesser amount of undead but control each with precision.

TERRIBLE EVENT: In the southern expanse, the adventurous nobles have taken to observing the birds, but... they've flown away, for days there hasn't been a sighting, when suddenly... the ground shakes and roars, a forest splits in twain as a gargantuan, nay, collosal behemoth bursts forth from the ground, before it's gargantuan maw starts to sweep through the land, decimating the wildlife and plantlife before moving on, chewing through entire provinces of population. It cares not for what it eats as long as it eats. Then, it's horned head sniffs east, then south and then northwest, after which it heads forth, carving a path of devestation pointing toward Holangi. The Tarrasque hungers!
The political divisions are a thing to be managed, but with Krrg'styl becoming so grand, it is sure to hold the biggest influence. The city is replanned to make it a bustling metropolis, better suited to exert control over the Lo-hai empire.
The bronze cleavers, while mighty, are rather crude, so work is begun on refining their shape, experimenting on the various blade forms, ways to reinforce them, and even metals to use. Though without a clear end goal, the progress is a bit scattered.

Event: Aurons attack! The Aurons have been found guilty in assassinating various Lo-hai officials, trying to get ones they favor into their positions, though did a bit of a sloppy job. It isn't long until they were confronted, where they would attack your Lo-hai, but find themselves outmatched by the sheer weight of the Lo-hai military, which maims and freezes the Aurons, though they are relentless in their pursuit, so the Lo-hai have no choice but to destroy them and their spawning pool. You have a new lead mine now.


New forges are established, though they end up spread out, more used to provide tools for the laborers in the fields and forest than making military armaments.
The war games prove quite useful, giving commanders a view on the bigger picture instead of only worrying about individual prowess, thus allowing more macro-level strategies, working with other units to achieve a goal instead of personal glory.

Event: While gathering intel in the Black Forest wildlands, the FBI discover some rumors pertaining to the Celestial Family. That on a peculiar eclipse, a cabin will reveal itself among the Yasei wetlands.
The Waking War:
The Arcadian army marches forth, but their advance is haunted by horrid effigies decorated with rotting and mangled corpses. The realm of sleep isn't kind either, with the imagery of the effigies turning dreams to nightmares. Inevitably the decision comes to burn the effigies, but their damage has already been done, as soldiers have to be sent back as "psychological casualties".

The march itself faces stiff Borevian resistance, though the anti-Auron spells and equipment sees the Aurons hide or be decimated. The slave infantry proves ineffectual in the face of more trained troops armed with iron. The sneaky elites however are a nightmare to deal with, harrassing both your troops and your supply line, requiring a significant garrison along the way, though they eventually reach the mountains. Casualties are high, and while the precautions limit golem rampages, the organization is taking a hit from all the attacks along the supply line.

When the troops finally dig in, it doesn't let up, the nightmare inducing effigies haunt the sleep of the soldiers, giving significant psychological casualties. The enemies stalking the night prevents small squads from being sent to just burn them, requiring a significant force to engage them. Though some mages have figured out a bit of a counter strategy, shooting them with Catapult spells.


War of the Black Forest (Written by Viorp):
Making the Yuukaists synonymous with the Shogun Worshippers and putting the Shogunate's High priest as the figurehead was a great decission. Afterall Matsubayashi is a sacred forrest mainly inhabited by Shogun worshippers and halistra worshippers. The Halistra worshippers wishing to keep out of war declare neutrality and thus most of matsubayashi willingly delares their alliegience to Yuuka with the oppossition being driven off after a onesided battle.

The statues themselves on the other hand can't make it as the inner sea is beyond their reach unless they plan to carry their ships on their backs trough Marca... to join their forces and keep hope for survival alive they need to land in the outer sea and spearhead their way to consolidate forces.

The three armies are created and are currently protecting their home-provinces with the routed Shield Army recouperating losses in the lands of the Iron leaf tribe.

[End of Updates]
>Action 1: Improve Infastructure (Temple, Theater)
The gradual indoctrination of the Zlon into Ithempeli culture and religion continues without a halt. There is no greater ally to the Cult than their fellow golems... The Zlon must be influenced to feel the same way.

>Action 2: Cultural Action (The Odyssey Saga)
The Cult's own version of the Odyssey is written as a book and play which depicts Sybaael as a misguided travelling warrior with an undefeated record in the arena. It is not until she meets the mighty Cult of Ithempeli that she is humbled in combat. The story then becomes the Princess mentoring underneath the wise Cultists where many important life lessons are taught in the form of anecdote and allegory to improve the tales appeal as an educational tool and source of wisdom. Eventually Sybaael earns the approval of the god Ithempeli who blesses her with the ability to end the Greyfall. The tale takes several notable creative liberties such as removing Shorino and overplaying/stretching out the Cult's trials and wisdom but sticks to blend the true and false together that disputing its claims would be a challenging process.
The tale is performed in the glorious Ithempeli theaters with special invitation to the Zlon and its messages are praised in the Churches. It is hoped that the tale would depict the Ithempeli as powerful and wise allies to the Zlon people. Ithempeli Diplomats begin hinting at a more formal alliance during this time as well.
>War Action

>The People's Army
Yuuka and the People's Army has thusfar spread their image as non-violent with all who hear her message becoming responsive to her call without the need for tyranny and violence. This reputation is upheld by her role as a demagogue, ruling the mob with inspiration, emotional appeals, and bold claims for the future. There is truly something for everyone in Yuuka's carefully crafted message. Most importantly, it appeals to the Shogunate worshipers who the Council had oppressed and excluded. The next stop on the diplomatic crusade of the People's Army was Yanagi Mori, the city with perhaps the most Shogunate worshipers in the entire Black Forest Nation.
Her usual routine is followed, appearing among a mass of armed and ecstatic followers to artificially inflate how popular her message is. Like Jesus she wanders, delivering speeches and rousing the city into a mob as her followers spread her message and the crimes of the council too. Just as before, once the town has been adequately influenced its leaders are to be pulled from their homes to face the mob and swear fidelity to Yuuka, Yanagi and the glorious people of the Black Forest. (Yanagi is the name I have assigned to the Shogunate puppet who serves aside Yuuka for future simplicity.)

>The Navy
The mighty Wolfkin Cogs continue to posture themselves defensively, never engaging on their own as to maintain their home field advantage.Their mission is not to destroy their opponents, but rather to prevent its landing or at the very least delay such a thing as much as possible. All the Saint Yuuka needs is time.

>Ithempeli Reinforcements
The Ithempeli expends its Minor Favor with Shorino for landing rights in the BFT so that it may document the historical event and prevent any escalation which would threaten valued Shogunate tributary citizens. Assuming approval, the Cult lands around Shaanlin and makes its march to join the People's Army down south. No attempts to influence, intimidate, or attack the natives are made without the Saint Yuuka to spread her glorious message.
1. While the ghosts may be unwilling to give up their information, the self being stronger than magic, the Hounds decide that this is the prefect opportunity to do some experiments that would be deemed less than ethical to many. The first true Arcadic study of the soul shall be done. The magi will study the souls of their bound ghosts. What are souls made of? Can things be added or removed? How far can they be twisted?
2. With some knowledge coming in about how the cult deals it's damage the Hounds will implement specific measures. The council issues an emergency mandate that anyone experience nightmares, especially when repeating, and the Hounds will investigate these leads, though many will probably be nothing, to find those that are making the Nightmare Talismans or other cultists.

RP Summary: The Black Forrest Tribes will trade animal meat, bone, claws, and hide from the Wet Wildlands, herbal remedies, and iron. In return Arcadia will trade silver and copper.

War Post:
The supply lines must be maintained if we are to push forward. The main army will set up camp within the mountains to block reinforcements coming from the Borevians with earth magic used to shape a defensible position from the rocky mountain side and allow lines to catapult rocks. Patrols both day and night will seek out cultists building the Nightmare Totems and pockets of Borevian soldiers. Light Golems will light up the night and air golems will be used to help scout in hard to reach places. Hunting parties will be sent into the savanna and hills to track down Borevian raiders that are attacking the supply caravans. For now we consolidate our gains before the next push. Any complete Nightmare totems will be destroyed by catapult spells or set on fire by golems with magi at a safe distance. Anyone captured is to be thoroughly searched and anything suspicious destroyed.
The High Council, separated as it is, had each of it's three parts focus on their own thing. Moriko has Hiro deliver a grand speech to reveal Yuuka's conniving nature. Miho has a River Port and Merchant Town setup at New Eden to help organize our river movement. Tomoko has the Iron Leaf tribe develop better swords to mangle shield and sever limb.

Action 1: Hiro makes a grand speech.
He will reveal that the Cult of Ithempeli are scheming tricksters. When he commissioned a statue to honor Yuuka, they made a golem to act as Yuuka. The High Council only accepted her if she was to act out Yuuka's will, but it turns out she was deliberately altered to care more for golems than she even did Wolfkin, throwing aside her previous caution when dealing with international affairs and trying to instigate a war with Arcadia. She only respected the High Council when it was to her benefit, so puppet-Yuuka will betray all who become a hindrance to Ithempeli's goal.

Action 2: Establish River Port and Merchant Town (Bank) at New Eden.
To aid in troop movement and to aid what economy we have left, we will build up New Eden's navy and trade capability. It'll also help to have some more internal trade going on with the Enclave of Life in New Eden.

Action 3: Improve Iron Sabre, make Long Sabre.
With the Fortification spell we are able to muster more strength, and so we will improve our blades to make full use of that. A longer blade has more reach and a greater impact, allowing them to mangle shields and sever limbs that much more effectively. Normally this would be a two-handed weapon, but with thrice our strength we can use it singlehanded.

War Action: Moriko's Shield Army will stay on the other side of the river, contesting any river crossing while also recovering it's strength. Miho's Javelin Army will cross the river and harry the puppet-insurgents, recruiting still loyal elements and capturing insurgents, messing with the puppet-insurgency supply and economy. Tomoko's Sabre Army will search and destroy the puppet-insurgency's army, hack them down, push them back with absolute ferocity. They play at it being political, but we are treating it like the war that it is. Let's see how a peasant mob handles an actual army. Besides, limbs grow back.

With her training, for the time being at least, finished, the Heáhcásern would have focused purely on the Imperii and work once more on the military. For, with her plan to be successful, the military of the nation needed to be very strong in the event that a certain someone escaped, or that the Navy of Sealand was not enough. And so, initial work on martial matters would begin once more, even if a bit minor in regards of changes. For some time now, the military had been organized into a number of different rolls dependent on what equipment those who were brought into the military could afford. This would not change, yet, a subset of forces would be developed for those who were particularly agile, capable of utilizing darkness magic, and had wings capable of flight. These Speculatores and Exploratores, would for the time being, chart out the advance of an army, the local terrain, and sight any enemy forces, ideally without being detected themselves. This work would be vital to ensuring the army does not march into an ambush, and that they always had a tactical advantage of being able to prepare for an incoming enemy force and know where it was coming from. Further, other rolls could be branched out from them in time...But for now, they are in essence the eyes and ears of the army. Other than this, two instruments purely made for military use would be made, Tubus and Cornu. They would be used by specifically trained soldiers to communicate through specific short tunes or songs actions for any force to take. And, while these commands would be simple, they could be followed one after another to make swift, and more detailed orders conveyed quickly. More so than was ever possible before. Additionally, such instruments could be used for military celebrations for song, and likewise be utilized to signal the start of events and so forth. And traditional bards and musicians could utilize it as yet another instrument for the growing number of songs in the Imperii.

And as all this military work was done, work would continue to be done on the way water works, and how to best transport it from the depths of the earth to places where it could be of significant use. It was likely that such work wouldn't need to be done for much longer now...

>Action One. Speculatores and Exploratores

>Action Two. Tubus and Cornu

>Action Three. Finalize Hydraulics research.

>Action 1: Learn Mythril Smithing (2/2)
Some more work must be done if we are to figure out the technique required to smith this new miracle metals.

>Action: 2: Construct Port in Thoera, Construct Port on Inner Sea Coast
Theora has been overdue for a port for quite some time, and diplomacy with Arcadia has proven the need for a port in the inner sea.
Chaos breaks out on the streets of Rahak at the rise of the progressives once more and the banishment of Taurs from Mezentia, chaos and feelings of betrayal.
Violent clashes rise up and have to be put down by direct intervention by the Rahak garrison and the palace guard.

The councils power atrophies almost completely, trade vessels sworn to silence and port guardians rising from the deep to prevent any non-Taurs entering the land of Tavthalla

What remains is a period of relative stasis between the competition of the monarchy and military, Tavthalla beginning to militarise at a frightening level in their self induced isolation as General Hallazael negotiates access to the royal library.

Tavthalla is deathly quiet to the outside world, trade is continued as normal but all sailors are tightly lipped and their military escort doubled.

Action 1: Deeptaur Rising
At the start of the ashfall many Tavthallans fled below the waves, their loyalty absolute. After all these years they are now deeply acclimatised to the ocean, and each possess many myriad forms of aquatic life.

All these myriad forms useful for combat.

The rising of the deeptaur occurs now, granted the incredible honour of being hammered and drilled into a part of the military proper, Sharktaur packs forming up and practicing attacking boats that may attempt invasion of Tavthalla, Greatsquid and giant octopus being fed on to grant Taurs mighty tentacles, and even more varied ocean beasts still...

Action 2: Reaping Spears (1/2)
New sorts of weapons.

We now have a steady source of metal traded to us from Sealand, it is time to make the most lethal weapons we can out of it.

A weapon designed for non-pureblood Taurs, that is those with a height advantage over the lesser races, the reaping spear is a weapon of deadly effectiveness made for thrusting directly through a ships hull or slashing through multiple armoured men as easily as a scythe through grain, aided by the truly incredible strength of the Taur.

The key to this weapon is the durability to stand up to the utter punishment Tavthallans inflict on their weapons, and the ease to kill many men at once rather than waste tauric superstrength on just one individual.
>action 1: continue the development of the Bio stasis pod trying to improve the plant used and strengthen its effects. While correcting the problems with the first attempts.

>action 2: build 2 new mines in the mountain ranges, metal is low and the need is high from tools to weapons and armor, metal is needed.

>the nation has strong support for the BFT hoping they can resist golem oppression. With the mezentians once again favoring intervention and action and with the SS clinics becoming a more jointly controlled group the nation wonders if it isn’t time to have the FBI begin making more moves.

>War post
>FBI with the network in place and the propaganda machine running, the FBI can’t do much more without direct action, so they do, Covert attacks on supply depots, harassing supply lines. In brutal guerrilla attacks. They use magic to weaken the enemy from within, Metabolic alteration is used to destroy metabolisms of people with a simple touch. Flora surge chocks supply lines and makes roads impassible without constant clearing. Discretely they begin priming dissidents for action within the yuukaist lines spreading descent and rebellion in the nation.

>Volunteer Navy: with the BFT having armed the with gear the outer Independent Fraternian flotilla sets about the work of fortifying the outer coast from sea Invasion, using Flora surge to grow coral barriers creating choke points near harbors so that any enemy ships would be forced to group up or be broken on the massive coral reefs the IFF had made, every soldier on board was prepared with Superior Fortification so that they could send javelin in the enemy ship with enough force to blow holes in them. The smaller and faster ships are set to patrol duty to inform the fleet when and where an enemy raid or landing might come from or be attempted

>Volunteer army, the Volunteer Fraternian Defense Force, armed and prepared with the nations best spells act as a supporting force letting the BFT military take the lead, supporting them as needed and going were they ask. Attacking in tandem with the BFT
1 action: Build a port for Vance and build a rice farm near the city of Vance to provide both a proper port and a steady supply of food to allow them to not run on hard times should a shipment be slow.

1 action: Make a large marble building in worship of Leviathan near the Ocean, having the floor of the chambers be flooded as the ocean rises, it representing the shifting tide of battle between the two gods competing for the sea and air

Imperii culture response: Seeing how it was largely just people being eccentic and not really being that dark cult that it's made out to be it's allowed to continue for the mean time as its own thing. The only thing is that if they're going to be drinking blood, it's advised that they remember those that died on that day from having their blood sucked out, and that if they're going to consume blood that they consume their own.
Outside of that, the false reports are to be looked into, them being incredibly alarming that someone would lie to a superior in a chain of command for their own gain.

Keep developing a fresh way to increase worker productivity.

>Although a curious invention, the water pressurized hammers are not enough. We must strive for perfection and absolute productivity.


Deal with the Shorinans.

>For some time now, these beasts roam freely on the city, polluting our beautiful lands with their barbaric little piles of wood. But we will allow this no further. The top figures of the government put a plan in motion.

The city is closed, no exceptions. A rumor is started. Plague, they say. By forcing the common people inside, we can also throw out all the foreign merchants and prevent entry for some time. All the shorinans are rounded up and forced back to their homes, as a precaution, of course. When they are safe in their homes, agents from the government set up fires in many homes, hoping the fire spreads quickly. A cruel and drawn-out affair, but thanks to the effort of our valiant men, none of them slipped from their ghettos.

As the morning came, no Shorinan remained. This barely divided public opinion, often asking why something wasn’t done before, instead of doing something as barbaric as this. Nevertheless, we must prepare the response for the inevitable inquiries from the north.

A Tavthallan military expedition sits on the border between the Arcadic republic and Borevia.

Hired by the mezentians to protect borevian banks, with the total shut down of communication between them and the mainland the Tauric army simply remains in position to attack or defend against either side.
Addendum for action 2
prospect the mountains for metal ore resources
-The war was quite a daunting task, but quite informative of the power Arcadia holds. Their magi commanded terrible forces, but what if they could reach to even greater lengths? Sure there are those who seek out such power. And fortunately for them, such power would come to seek them instead. Ix'thula walks Arcadia for some time, dawning many faces in search of hungry magi that might be willing to dabble in greater arts. To those who prove their appetite, he whispers of knowledge and secrets less imaginative minds would shun from the light of day.

-Akiva is yet to return from his expedition, and instead sends word back to his fellow overseers that he would like to undertake an extended stay. He writes of great promise held within the Tavlonians of the island, and that they would make fitting servants if properly nurtured. As such he requests materials and resources needed to create a camp not too far away from Tavlon, so that the youth who have shown interest may learn from him and his followers. Seeking to prepare them to undergo the same trial he faced, he gathers his fledglings and teaches them what they dare know.
>Prospect land
>Focus solar ray
An idea is formed that focussing the solar rays from the miniature suns could be used to melt through the snow and ice and thus open up the path for agriculture within our land.
Finishing the previous improvements on the cleavers, the cleave-chain is created. A large sharpened plate of bronze, with a length of chain securing it to the limb of a Lo-hai. The idea is that water bending could be used to reel, whip, and wield the chain in more inventive ways, as well as holding the cleave-chain bound around the limb.

Expansion, the 3 green tiles to the north near Jörg'blg.
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The Army gains new specialisations those who relay messages secretly trough song akin to the ballads of the desert bandits and those who soar trough the sky making sure there is no ambush waiting. Those units will help out round out the Imperii army making them even more fearsome on the battlefield.

Hydraulics research is finalised, though there is still no material suitable for making pipes in the land.

With the temple and theter becomming monuments even the internally confused exterrior of Ga’ga’ul starts to crack as preists and artists from among the Ithempeli are permitted to enter the First City at will. The word of the ithempeli now matters more to the Zlon than the word of any other race.

An alternate verssion of the Odyssay praising the statues is released into the world. In truth a merged verssion of the two verssions becomes the accepted one in the world. Standardisation of the tale only existing in Travalhalla and Impetheli land themselves.

EVENT: AS IF THAT WOULD WORK! … but it did. With no chances for breaktrough in the war possible Ithempeli Nr. 14 567 had an ingenious idea. To defeat an enemy you first need to understand them. As such he would take out the chizzle and would chizzle down his form untill he looked like a wolfkin… but stone. His subbordinates would follow, saved trough the wolfkin tradition of wearing cloaks to hide of the sun and trough a series of comedic mishaps it would be 14 567th’s battalion which would save the life of many Ithempeli at the battle of Yanagi Mori.

In mainland Ithempeli land the new ‘female wolfkin’ form also catches on as a trend.
Shell Land
The new weapon is created and it is truly a terrifying one joining the physical and magical force of a Lo-Hai into one weapon attack can cleave trough hordes of enenmies easily. It’s a terrifying combination.

An expanssion happens though the land is only controlled in name as in truth that land… it belongs to the giant wolves. It will still take a while before the Lo-Hai can call this land truly theirs.

EVENT: Lead Shells? It seems that at the northern factory a freak accident has occurred where a batch of eggs has fallen into the golem-lead pit… the result? Lead-Shell Lo-Hai with shells of Liquid metal. Those loyal to the Lo-Hai will be a great boon… but a large portion of them has instead become like the Borevians seeing themselves as a type of Borevian.
No further resources can be found in your land. There is really nothing, likely one would need to expand to find more.

As for the idea it is taken with great enthusiasm, though some worry that certain areas might just not contain any ground underneath their feet merely Ice all the way down. many also fear the local wildlife might suffer if we change the climate so drastically, but if implemented carefully the idea certainly could work… though then also the problem of possible crops to be farmed comes up. There any candidates, rice, oats, wheat, swamp rice and etc.

Mythrill smithing was invented and finally the elusive metal can be worked with. Mythrill is extremely hard and needs to be smithed carefully for once the metal cures it’s indestructible. It can’t be reworked, many more faithful to the church also refuse to wear Mythrill helmets as it bounces back magic as such it also must bounce away blessings from the suns! Right?!

The two new ports are constructed.

A Port and Farm are constructed providing a newly growing city everything they need to survive on their own… which your leadership is quick to notice. Pointing out how that would make secession easier for them if they ever wished for it.

The large marble building is constructed. It is a symbol for the national faith, maybe that is why some oddballs propose a statue of Kyuu directing said events is added as well as a 10-eyed whale.
It seems that there is some sort of lock on souls of sentient beings, but no such divine lock is present souls of non-sentient ones like animals or golems. It is an odd thing as non-sentient souls are easy to be moulde information can be put in and out. Even synthetic souls could be theoretically possible.

Investigations are mostly fruitless mainly as many of those experiencing induced nightmares feel too embarrassed to report while hypochondriacs report even if everything is fine. In fact the start of the investigation itself induces a form of mass panic as everyone seems to have nightmares now… though even though that some odd trinkets are found. They seem like painted rocks and deformed coins… noone is certain if there truly is a connection.

The war is over an celebrations erupt in the land… even if they are short lived as it seems the driven out cult has returned to Otuganrest and gone on what can only be described as a murderous spree.

BOREVIAN CULTURAL INFLUENCE: Like the Romans upon their conquest of Greece or the Mongholians upon their Conquest of China, the Arcadians are swift to adopt Borevian culture… but only superficially of course. Tiny round hats become standard apparel for men and sideburns the height of fashion. The Borevian tongue becomes the tongue of the higher classes. The way to recognize a high mage is by their borevian apparel and Accent.

WAKING ORDER RELIGIOUS INFLUENCE: During their conquests and in the conquered land odd effigies out of mutilated corpses stood… soldiers returned from the war terrified. No longer do any believe there are no Gods… for they have encountered at least one and they fear it. It becomes standard for Arcadians to at home have a small effigy in which a grass statue is surrounded by faceless dolls and offerings are given to it periodically. It is not true worship, merely appeasing an evil deity so it may not come for them.

Hiro being a national Hero his speech raises many voices in unison and large swatches of those undecided are convinced with those already convinced only instilled with zealotry. they will not give up and will keep on fighting! (Extra recruitment drive in 2 turns)

The port and merchant town are established. People see what they are though a band aid slapped over the cut open infected wound which is the national economy.

The new sword is created though it’s make up is harsh mainly the metals you have are too fragile for a sword of this length, make the iron harder and it becomes brittle, make it soft and the sword bends under its own weight. it seems improvements in metallurgy are needed to create this weapon.
No new inventions are made, but what has been discovered is coordinated to work in tandem. The industrial capacity of the Citystate increases further; it’s is terrifying how quickly and how much the Versani can build. They might not have the highest quality, but are undisputed masters of quantity.

The genocide is executed flawlessly children burns alive in their homes… one surprsing thing? No inquiries are actually coming… it seems to the Shogun all who leave his divine land are considered worthless. So even if some letters from kitsune in the Shogunate to their family are intercepted no follow up comes.

The stasis pod is perfected, now it should be possible to store people for up to 100 years in them. One interesting application your scientists come up with is to use it as a cocoon. The Pods could work as neo-wombs and while inside them the bodies of those hibernating could be altered.

A deposit of lead and another deposit of copper are found.

EVENT: Above your land a grand Aurora Borealis appears in the sky. Centipedes of light dance through the sky giving off a warmth akin to the sun. You feel like any prayer you direct to the heavens has a higher chance of being heard or answered.

OTHER EVENT: After a while the Pureblood from the Odyssey is invited to the UFC once more all on behest of Goliath who wanted a rematch and a rematch he got this time him crushing the Pureblood in a display of raw power refusing to use any technique or magic. He ended the fight with the same words as the Pureblood did in their first.

These aquatic Taur are truly terrifying beats, but also to their state. They live underwater and in the depths they have developed a worship of the master of the deep ocean Megalodon… and in addition as no Purebloods can survive underwater these tears live mostly as they wish, enriching themselves by being smugglers ignoring the current embargoes. Few of them are genuinely interested in military service.

The reaping spear akin to a scythe is created… it is truly a terrifying weapon against hordes of weak enemies, though it’s usefulness breaks down against at least semi competent opponents as it easily gets stuck.

EVENT: Changes of power in Mezentia. It seems all your influence in Mezentia is spirited away as the progressives once again come into power. It is seen as a great tragedy among the eastern portion of your nation with many seeing it as a great political loss.
Waking Order
As expected the Arcadians greed for knowledge knows no bounds soon power hungry mages at the local academy soon the cult takes over snaking its way into the upper echelons of Arcadian society. And more importantly gaining access to some of their magic. (you learn the school of Life and death and branch of necromancy, no spells)

A small Cult Among the Tavlon is established not now the membership is scarce, but bound to grow.

EVENT: It seems some of your cultists have not let go of their worldly allegiances. In Ogutanrest cultists furious at the invasion of borevia start a wave of mass attacks on non-cultists. This makes cult presence once again obvious, but militarisation and revanchism becomes prevalent in the cult.


EVENT: In Amelia a book is found which claims to have a clue to the location of 3rd, one of the Golem-Kitsune sisters. It’s a page from her diary used as a book stop in said book, it says she is going to the unexplored land near the Shogun’s land.


EVENT: Useful tech. Borevians finally gain mastery over electrum allowing them to create magic-free zones. Zones in which magic is mumbled and acts unpredictably and non-Auron golems starve in them.
The Battle of Yanagi Mori is a victory on the Rebel side. Once again Yuuka’s People’s Army wishes to enter victorious a city ready to welcome them with open arms who they see instead are vicious druids who already chased out Shogunists out of their land. There stands an army equipped with sabers and from beyond the lake an army with shields… Yuuka does not get to hold a speech, there is only war. Tomoko’s sabre army starts the battle with a cruel display of force as traitorous shogunists are decapitated in a contest for the pregnant Tomoko also known as Tomoko the Cruel. Her generals make a game out of how many heads each can sever in one cut.

This display of cruelty would not merely be cruelty for its own sake it would be a provocation to the crowd seeking justice. The undisciplined mob seeking justice would rush in head-first only to be cut, cut, cut and cut. The untrained masses would only be useful for blunting the enemies swords with their flesh and from behind the river Moriko’s Shield Army would stare motionless guarding their position as that was their role… the slaughter of the people’s army would only be stopped as suddenly a small force of Stone Wolfkin would appear out of nowhere, crushing into Tomoko’s flanks and disrupting them sufficiently for the People’s Army to retreat. It was the force of general 14 567…. Only thanks to them and their ingenious idea to chizzel themselves into female wolfkin has the people’s army survived. Still with this battle the display of cruelty Tomoko has shown would become known, displaying that Yuuka’s claims of the Council’s cruelty are not entirely made up.

On another front Miho’s javelin army would be rejected by the locals who still zealously pray to saint Yuuka and after the battle of Yanagi Mori want nothing to do with the council. Miho’s army encounters only ridicule and hatred until in an all-out battle they see themselves forced to slaughter an attacking mob, after which they deemed that no Loyalists are left near the capital and they should join in on the future defense of Yanagi Mori.

The UFC intervention is relatively successful preventing any landings on theo utter shore beyond 14 567th’s unit. Still the Fraternitan navy lacks the firepower of the Statue one. Their bronze boats shoot metal at you which ripps trough your ships making this a costly endevour especially as the coral reef plan fails… for some reason the corals refuse to grow accelerated by magic!

With no major supply lines set up yet the FBI is relegated to mass assasinations of those freindly to the Yuukiists. many Yuukiists are killed, but it only further solidifies in the mind of more and more BFT citizens that the old Council is cruel bloodthirsty and caares not for their lives. only Yuuka does. Inetvertendly as many Yuukiists as are killed are created trough these murders.
1 Action: Upgrade the current copper mine and construct a new one on the new spot where the resource was found

1 action: Construct a similar Marble structure atop the highest mountain in Sealand, this one being a place of worship to Zephyr. This one in particular having halls that would whistle as wind blows through them, as if hearing the song of the Sky King. Along with this, upgrade the new copper mine, bronze becoming increasingly scarce with the number of trade partners.
War Action: With news of Menzentia soon to step in, and finally making effective counterattacks, it is time to get the ball rolling the other direction. Besides, they've fielded the populace as their army, which means there's no civilians in the area.

Though to distinguish friend from foe, we will procure black headwear and some articles of black clothing, to mimick Tomoko's black hair.

Shield Army will join up and merge with Sabre Army.
Sabre and Shield Army will barrel toward Matsubayashi and what remains of the People's Army.
Javelin Army will attack Shiroi Mori, dividing the Insurgents' attention between two fronts.

Captured enemies will however be granted mercy, they will not have blodgeld, only wergeld. They have simply reverted back to the tribal state which the High Council had worked to tame. They are not guilty of burning any sacred forests.
1. Torus, the prodigious golemancer and prominent mage, has been shaken by the research the Hounds have committed and that which he had done himself. The existence of some kind of lock upon the soul, the fact that golems he created had souls, and the souls of sapient golems being the same size as those of humanoids. The common belief is that there is always a truth to the world; but maybe that truth isn’t what it is commonly thought to be. Torus set off on a journey across the nations that they have contact with to seek what they believe on the gods, the soul, virtue, sin, and what comes after. Many were less than helpful; notably the statues who’s play was donated to the library and promptly put with the Shogunist bible and description of the Shogun’s body.

However, at his return to Arcadia he would see the sorry state of the nation. Cultists are free to corrupt and kill while the Hounds are ineffective. Borevian greed spreads as men and women turn to the foreign culture yet again to sell themselves for a whisper of power; despite the obviously poor display of the Borevians on the world stage. War mages who have seen the horrors of war and amplified by the vile cult have turned to kneeling to their twisted effigy; begging for mercy to a god who cares for nothing but their torment.

Torus leaves the city and sits upon the shore and truly thinks, clears his mind, meditates, and feels the magic around him to try and make sense of all he has learned. That is when he had an epiphany. If intelligence and awareness changes with the size of the soul then would not a spirit or a god just be one with a larger soul? If a mage may manipulate the world could not a strong enough mage or smart enough mage create one? Just as the Arcadic created the golems and prevented them from becoming intelligent would not the gods seek to keep their creations from reaching their level? Even with their prevention could not greater understanding take us there anyway? With this understanding Torus gathers his friends and confidants, converts them, and creates the Order of the Immortal Soul.

Long post. Cont.
The basic tenants of the Immortal Soul are as follows:
- The soul is the core of the body, without it the body is but a husk, and it holds the mind and identity.
- The soul is unique. Two people with different souls can not be the same person. A soul shared between bodies is the same person.
- The size of the soul increases the intelligence and awareness of the individual but not the virtue. Those with large souls are not arbiters of what is good and evil. Excessive pride and greed are the seed that roots terrible evils.
- Willpower allows one to change the world whether it be through magical or physical means. A strong willpower strengthens the soul.
- A god does not deserve worship due to some inherent divinity and to worship a god to avoid it’s wrath is the same as to kneel to a tyrant. Those that worship to avoid the wrath of gods are cowards, those that worship to seek their boon are greedy, and those that blindly worship without understanding are fools.
- Mana is power the soul exudes. Magic is the truest form of power the soul can wield. Divine blessings are just magic yet to be understood or which the gods prevent mortals from using. Magic is a gift to all and should not be hoarded; though those that misuse magic to harm others beyond the call to war, protection of the self, or protection of others, can not be trusted to not misuse magic again.
- The soul, without outside influence, is immortal and is dragged off to some afterlife after death.
- The enslavement of intelligent souls should only be considered for those deemed irredeemable.
- Non-intelligent souls are as meat and bone; a part of the animal free to use if desired.
- To heal the soul one must seek peace and purpose. Meditate and reflect on yourself and the world around you. Seek your own purpose and do not rely on others to give you one.

2. With something actually tangible to work with the Hounds get to work seeking out the murders in Otuganrest. With actual ghosts that may be able to give a description of who killed them, and will actually comply with questions, and the actions being relatively straight forward murder and not the vague-magical-bullshit-that-still-isn’t-understood-despite-finding-the-talsimans that seem to pop up and spread despite the efforts of loyal citizens and the Hounds and with the cult’s influence already being revealed. Nope, just a good old fashioned hunting of a large group of cultist borevian murders that didn’t use magic and are likely quite bloody from the endeavor of stabbing random people to death.
Disregard the previous post for this turn >>4540697

1 Action: Construct a new copper mine where the resource was found and upgrade the iron mine that has largely been ignored and stocking up on resources.

1 Action: And not to be offensive to the other god, Build a marble temple to Zephyr atop the highest mountain in Sealand. This one having halls built so as to allow winds to whistle through it, said to be the song of Zephyr.

Diplo: To the ones that believe in the Whale of Dreams, more evidence would need to be provided, however, it would be included in the next government project. As for the worshipers of Kyuu, small effigies of the god will be commissioned from Imperii for them to buy. (Selling at 1.2x the price bought from the Imperii)
- Having found those with a greater taste than what Arcadia can offer them, and the sect of Otuganrest inflicting sufficient chaos, Ix'thula deems the nation sufficiently scarred and that he is no longer required there. Instead, he once again sets sail for Mezentia, for it may be a small land but it holds interests to the order. Most notably, their practice in herbalism. After making landfall, the Herald would seek out young and budding practitioners who would be open to exploring different ways. It would pluck from the land select flora and prepare for them a special brew. Upon ingestion, their minds would go on a psychedelic journey, seeing shapes and sights they never imagined. To those who desired more, he would oblige.

- The Tavlonians have much promise, but they're fear of themselves is perhaps their greatest hindrance, whether they know it or not. Yet there are those among the youth who boldly tug at the shackles of guilt that history has collared them with. They muse first be prepared to break those chains, if they are to progress. Following Akiva's guidance, the young initiates travel with him across the island of dreams. In meditation they are confronted with what their people fear and are instead encouraged to not run from, but to acknowledge their inner instincts. To acknowledge that their fears are in fact their true dreams.
>Character Action
Un'kltn the Whiteshell, hero of the Lo-hai, has begun creating an arcane language system for his own use, intending to make a means for him to create circuits for which to control magic without oversight.

With the military further built up, the Heáhcásern would focus attention to her main plan of action. Creating a grand arena for a wide verity of sport and games to be played in. However, the reason such a construct was being built was for much more than just a verity of games to be played. No, the Heáhcásern was going to make a place for the entire world to gather in a construct akin to a work of art, and she was going to show the entire world the prowess of both the Imperii and Telrac. Though, she was going to do much more than just that...She was going to settle a grudge as well, once and for all. But, for such a event to take place, she'd need to prepare. And this was merely step one. It would be a slow, exhausting process. But, one that would have plenty in the form of both prestige for herself and the Imperii. Once the amphitheater of sorts was finished, however, there would be only a little time left before they were to finish their preparation. But, the first step was to be taken today. And, that would be setting up the foundation for such a great work.

Yet not the literal foundation of the building, as for such a foundation to be built, this work of art would need something that the Imperii doesn't have, a material strong enough to hold the construct up, make it truly a work of art, and be able to be made with materials the Imperii had access to. This material would be key for the Imperii's future work, and potentially all future constructs of great art, work and worth.

Meanwhile, once more the musical minds of the Imperii have come up with something grand. A large device to be played by two people. It has strings akin to a Fidula, yet a wheel to play the music instead of a bow. They would be called wheel fidula occasionally, though properly would be called an organistrum. It would become most popular among lovers and married couples of either bardic or noble birth to play the instrument, and its wonderful song would join the ever growing harmony of the Imperii.

>Action One & Two. Work on Caementicium (Roman Concrete).

>Action Three. Organistrum.
These Lead Shell's are a fascinating curio, but a shame they seem to be more Borevians in Lo-hai form rather than the other way around. If the lead pool is destroyed than they will be nothing more than a one off thing, if it still remains, more eggs may be "misplaced" by some eager Stone Lord's attempting to found their own Lead Shells. The Lo-hai without flesh would be prized among any Stone Lord's warband, but would likely not be allowed to lead due to inability to breed.

The scribes of the Whiteshell begin writing down the albino's ramblings, while he dashes slabs as quick as he scrawls them, plying over a set of electrum batteries, and a spool of thin wire of the precious material. He carves spindly, arching lines, and twisting arrays, sigils far more arcane feeling than verbal speech. After he tenderly lays electrum wire through the circuit, he connects the plug wire to the battery, the wires glowing and sparking upon contact, before he rips the metal from the slabs and roars in anger again, fetching a fresh one while the scribes attempt to catalog the differences between it and the last several dozens.

>Begin Researching School of Magic : "Schlecht'tol Loc'tun" - Enslaving Magic Upon A Slab / Magical Circuitry
>This school of magic pertains to the idea of creating a physical circuit through which a source of magic is ran to power. Ideally the means by which the magic is wired and stored is taken care of via electrum. Electrum laid in an ornate pattern resonates arcanely when powered with magic to produce a corresponding effect based on the pattern inscribed. (Seeing how magic must do only as stated, the first branch I will make of this school will be called Branch: Relays . Relays being simple slabs with simple if:then circuits. "If I get a magic current, then I do what I'm inscribed." Typically only the most literal circuits with the spell Create Relay commands being simple as "BEND/WATER/UP"

>Character Action
Un'kltn the Whiteshell, hero of the Lo-hai, has begun creating an arcane language system for his own use, intending to make a means for him to create circuits for which to control magic without oversight.
File: Sculpture.png (809 KB, 835x695)
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809 KB PNG
>Action 1: Improve Building (Temple & Theater)
We will never stop. The Zlon will be forced to recognize our excellence head on and soon, the rest of the world. Our ways are to be admired, our faith is to be salvation.

>Action 2: Hero Action (The Arbiter)
The 874th Statue, the Arbiter is the creation of the First Himself. Though still Ithempeli, the Arbiter was designed without the thick stone robes which typically adorn the cultists; He is made bare. This alteration has reduced his durability some as he has lost the thick stone layers of protection, however he is more nimble and capable of wearing humanoid armor as a result. More importantly, it allows him to display his sculpted muscles, a trend which he had helped to kick off.
He possesses one of the few authoritative positions which exist in Ithempeli society as leader of the inquisition. He is known to his peers as a man of no nonsense, even more so than the highly focused Ithempeli race. While hedonism is typically praised, the Arbiter rejects such wastes of time as theater and jeweling. Knowledge and power are everything to the arbiter, rarely ever leaving the Temple and Library of the under dwelling. He is a man of few words, leaving diplomacy to The First; Instead his place is as the final authority, the most powerful mage among the mage kingdom.
>War Action

>The People's Army
Ithempeli always has a plan; This loss has been an immeasurable success for destabilizing the council and signing their death certificate. Emotional appeal is everything to the Yuuka front and their enemies have handed them the ace. Volunteers and swathes of witnesses Menzentian church are sent to Menzentia through Marcan lands to appeal to the city state, alerting them of the borderline war crimes committed and the sudden escalation to violence they have caused even as they understood Yuuka to peaceful. A similar message is peddled to the neutral Marcans as they travel through them.
Druidic worshipers are sent out to nearby towns to spread the news of violence, corruption, and evil by the Council, arriving in blood stained clothes with wounds and tales of mercilessly decapitated loved ones by taunting psychopaths who seemed amused by the slaughter, a similar story told to the Menzentians but with less Menzentian religious appeal.
Many diplomats and propagandists have been spread out, but the army itself remains. Much of the People's Armys efforts is collecting the shogunists exiled from the city before their arrival to replenish their units. The nearby improved fort is claimed as their base of operations but they typically remain roughly outside of the city boundaries to support the Cult Reinforcements

>Cultic Reinforcements
We've been granted landing rights to Shaanlin by the Shogunate and the troops continue to flow, some having already arrived on the scene such as the Cat Division. The Cultists promised to act as peacekeepers, only becoming involved if the war was escalating and lives were being needlessly threatened; The Rebels have granted them just the authority they need. As more Ithempelian War mages arrive en mass at Yanagi Mori their spinng blades are delivered like a storm, cutting back scouts and boundary runners to begin a siege battle, raising tall walls and deep moats surrounding the city to starve out the city rebels. Innocent civilians are permitted access if unarmed; A process tested by the Ithempelian Metal Attraction spell.

>The Navy
Keep on rocking in the free world, Navy. You da real ones. They're kept updated with the possibility of Menzentian and Marcan support.
I object to the response to my first action as I find it inconsistent with my lore, and would like it reevaluated if possible.

The Tavthalla continue their militarisation. They cease for only a moment to open their embargo, setting out a bounty to their neighbour nations for information regarding one of the following topics.

The World Tree
Tavlon city
The Celestial Pantheon

After this bounty is declared tha Taurs re-enter isolation, the military expedition near the arcadic-borevian border beginning to make leave.

Action 1: Tauric Wartrance (1/3)

The tauric mind is a thing of extremes, at times beyond stoic and cannot be phased, delirious to the point of appearing insane, or wrathful enough to make a single taur appear to be channeling the divine wrath of Ephial upon his foes.

Our greatest ally is also our greatest enemy in some respects however, but it can be conquered, meditated upon, and turned against our foes.

The Tavthallan Wartrance is developed, a state of mind requiring intense self control and practice to master but grants perfect control over the body.

There is no retreat nor fear, no distraction nor care for pain.
There is only perfect awareness, battle focus and reserves of vigour one would think they never had.

Action 2: Reaping Spear 2/2

The reaping spear is finalised.

A polearm developed for use at sea or on land, for our oceanic warriors to use in sinking ships and slicing their crews or for our land cavalry to use in butchering as many foes as they can.

The issues of getting stuck against competent opponents are rectified in this period, the spear head elongated and with a sleeker profile

With the new alterations it can be used to smash though the heaviest armour of a thrusting stab is used, and cleave through many lightly armoured foes, earning it its title as the reaping spear.

>Action 1: Weed out the Twin Sect
For some time a sect of the Celestial Pantheon has existed as a small cult, a cult which flies in the face of the beliefs of our people. We must peacefully show them the error of their ways, and allow them to once more feel the light of the divine.

>Action 2: Improved Armor techniques: (1/2)
With new mythril and steel materials at our fingertips, and conflicts brewing at our doorstep, we must be prepared to intervene. Figuring out how to better utilize these materials could help us save excess metal, and will bolster the already incredible defensive qualities of our metal armors.
> Action 1: Improve Tar mine, create Iron Mine (found in previous turn)
In times of war we need the iron for trade and we shall use the Tar to fight the Puyangi

> Action 2: Military reform
To fight the beast we need to reform our military. We require tactics which are fit for fighting giant beasts ones based around mobility and traps.

> Action 3: Improved tower
We need to put an improved tower between Holangi and the mountain should the creature ever pass it. The Miliotary fortiffication should be enough to s... low down the beast.

We continue with the previous plan of luring it into the ravine and stopping it there. Zombies are to be used as food-lures while tar fires to scare it. We need to control the monsters movements if possible.

We shall also sacrifice some undead spiking them with poisons. The monsters immune system having to fight undead-spores and poison at the same time should weaken it.

We shall also prepare pit traps on the way to attempt to trip the creature. if it falls over stab it and pour tar over it so set parts of it on fire.
Action 1: with True breeding, Diagnose, and the Bio stasis pods, a new spell is created "chrysalis" with the pods natural potential for allowing body alterations, and the intimate knowledge that Diagnose gives of a creature's body, and finally true-breeding which allows for trait manipulation, the spell allows a person to enter the pod as one thing, and leave it as another, humans can become beast folk, beast folk can become human, it will truly allow for anyone to be anything.

Action 2: Build up an expand the FBI, with the war in the BFT and the growing waking order cultist threat, the organization needs to expand. recruits are scouted and hired, new discrete offices are made, the organization as a whole is improved, in numbers, training, and skill.


>in preparation for the BFT's main attack FBI would send a fear of their combat operatives to support the attack with all the spells at their disposal (metabolic alteration, Superior fortification, Floral Surge, the medical magic they have to keep their allies in the fight.) The rest would spend time collecting intelligence and planning sabotage attacks that would go off shortly before the attack. to cripple the yuukaist response to the BFT forces. while this is happening, a small strike team made up of the best the FBI has to offer in the BFT are infiltrating the Yuukaist held archives to steal away important documents and spells so that they will lose the means to use them.

>Navy outer sea:
With the tactics of the Ithempeli now known, the UFC can plan around them, using the speed and mauverabilty of there ships they adopted new methods of ship movement, making them harder to hit dodging and weaving in ever changing patterns, Biolumonessance is used to signal and communicate orders between ships, masters of FMMA are boosted with Superior Fortification and metabolic alteration allowing them to deflect the metal shots so that they ships will survive longer, tethered to the ship with rope to allow them full range of attack without fear of falling into the sea. Flora Surge is used with native plants like moss and creep to force them to grow over holes as quick patches allowing ships to stay a float longer.

Scouting ships are continued to be used for determining when and were attacks will come, water plants the kind that live on the surface with deep roots that dangle in to the sea are taken and turned into massive tangled plant breaks that a ship would become in trapped in if they hit it, this is accomplished through the use of Flora Surge to make these plant breaks grow fast and large.

Flora surge and Superior fortification are used to quickly replace lost ships with new ones by rapidly cutting down and replacing local timber.
>Mini sun type C
A new type of miniature sun would be proposed, a smaller classification which could be used to create arable land in desired locations. But getting a desired climate would be hard if we just scaled down the miniature suns.
>Fine tune solar output
With proper control of the solar output we would be a step closer to creating a good climate for growing crops. We could even adjust the output to grow more exotic crops.
>War Action Reminder

The People's army is primarily volunteers, zealots and citizens. Most guards and army professionals are still in their communities to protect against what they have been warned are corrupt and vicious opponents.
File: Map Turn 33.png (3.78 MB, 2048x2570)
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3.78 MB PNG
A new copper mine is constructed, and the ancient iron mine receives a much needed upgrade. The forges grow busy making weapons, armor and tools, shipwrights and farmers rejoice.
The temple to Zephyr is spatious though cold, many pack a fur coat when making pilgrimage there. Though the challenge of climbing the tallest mountain does make the trip rather arduous, perhaps a road would help.

Event: The noble class got a copy of the Meoswilian noble etiquette book, and, seeing it is thick enough to beat a deer to death with, a number decided being a Meoswilian-style noble isn't worth the hassle, or the grammar lessons. They still hang onto some higher opinion of themselves, but nowhere close to the other nobles.


The new religion is created, though sees some promising initial growth. Taking matters into their own hands to improve themselves, though it does lead to deviance by it's nature, the deviants aren't worshiping the gods at least.
The murderers are Hounded down, clearing out the infestation from Otuganrest, giving back sleep to the people, though it still continues to crop up every now and then, so the War of Dreams is by no means over.

Event: A tropical storm hits your port, dealing damage to it and several people getting killed or going missing. Though bringing in the Hounds to question the ghosts of the dead reveals a cult presence akin to the one in Otuganrest.


Waking Order:
The cult peddles their psychedelic drugs to the budding herbalists, where a number grow addicted to the substance, allowing you to slip your tendrils into the Skyblue Sun organization, though a few grow dependent on the drugs, seeing no joy without it.
The Tavlonians are pushed to do the test, the fiery youth, while initially eager, find themselves running away from the test itself. Though fortunately most do return, there are however a few that don't return, and after waiting, comes floating lifeless in the waters.


The Leaden Pool is destroyed, properly this time, though those altered would see themselves rise as powerful warriors and living trinkets. Though not being ones to rule, lest their Borevian ways see them betray us like the Aurons.
The research into the new school is fraught with trial and error, the first step is simply finding a way to prevent it from overheating, as it just dumps a whole load of energy down the circuit, enough to make the electrum vaporize. They do figure out a solution for this most basic of problems, the resistor. It is deliberately a worse conductor to make the current more manageable.
The Whiteshell's studies has him immediately weaponize the circuits, making shock claws, where clamping onto someone completes the circuit and fries them with magical energy, though tends to overheat quite fast.
Work begins on a stone that is easier to mold, like baking clay, but no furnace is suitable for heating such a large amount, so instead people set out to make a clay that self-bakes. Various mixtures, otherwise toxic and dangerous, are used with mixtures of stone and clay and even mud. Much work is spent just finding mixtures that seem stone-like, though eventually a mixture is found, it sets as a satisfactory stone, but only in a small scale. On the scale suited for construction it keeps developing cracks and weaknesses, though the liquid masons assure you it's only a matter of perfecting the mixture, to get a consistent set, which will see it be tough as a perfectly hewn block of stone.
The instrument played by two is a unique sort, it requires utmost cooperation and thus is indeed perfect among those who share a bond together. People are always eager to see how a couple mixes their styles, creating their unique tune neither could play alone.


The buildup of the temple and theatre progresses steadily, but after working through one night they look around to see themselves surrounded by Zlon, who deliver one, simple, message: "No prozelytizing." Before then walking back to Ga'ga'ul. The following day sees a checkpoint being established on the far side of the bridge.
The herculean chissled physique of the Arbiter makes him an awesome sight to behold, appropriate for the power he now wields.


Before we can begin working on Tranquil Rage, we must first figure out the Tranquil and the Rage. They will measure the extremes of rage and stoicism, often involving maddening mushroom extract and quieting tea. This tea is actually pretty good, but it could be improved, and the mushroom extract has a tendency to leave a stomach ache afterwards.
The Reaping Spears, or perhaps, Warscythes are finished, with a blade designed to sever limbs, and it's inward curved blade will not let go, either it cuts your limb off, or it will tear it off with the full force of a Taur swing. Suffice to say, it is the perfect weapon for a Taur.


The people led astray are approached by the most holy order, they would repent for their heresy and wish to walk the path of rigtheousness once more, and they would be rewarded for their wisdom. There are a few who refuse and run away to Fraternitas, but the sect in our lands is no more.
While figuring out how to make armor, a problem had arisen, plate armor is fitted to it's wearer, it's not like a shirt that molds itself to your body. This would make each set of Mythril plate fit only the select few people who match who it's designed for, it can never be reforged to fit anyone else. But... shirt, if only there was a way to make a metal shirt, it would be able to fit basically any person yet also be extremely strong.
The tar mine is improved, though a lot of it is about getting a container that doesn't leak flammable tar onto the workers. As for the iron bog, nobody expected to find iron in a swamp, but after gathering it up and making a local bloomery to make it into more compact pieces, they are transfered over to Jabon all the same.
While reforming for a more mobile warfare, the veterans from the Conclave war take to it surprisingly quickly, they say they're basically copying their foe, the Wolfkin. Some troops even try our the equipment captured from them, making note of the sandals that can run over mud and the shield which is light yet very effective.
Towers are made dotting our side of the ravine, ready to lend it's aid in sending the beast plunging into it. It will aid in the upcoming battle.

Event: Up from above! A ship has been snatched by a massive eagle, it's wreck is found later, shattered upon the rocks of a shore with no survivors in sight, the goods have been damaged but most were in recoverable condition.


To say the Chryssalis is a complicated spell would be an understatement. To be able to reform the body is a complicated task. It currently requires several mages by the person's side and several uses to complete the transformation. But it does allow one to fully transition in time.
The new recruits are taking some time to train, due to the FBI being so busy elsewhere, but the increase of staff and budget does mean we get to poke around, and we have noticed something strange. Kistune mages are disappearing, allegedly they're traveling out, but there's so many doing it.


A smaller sun is a more focused sun, it serves to warm the earth, but the surrounding cold is an issue, perhaps it'd work better underground, or inside.
The improvement in yields allow the miniatue sun to shine brightly enough to allow farming even on these frozen lands.



The dryads have decided to make a port, with which they may trade and also take in further dryads to the motherland. The city gets a flood of new dryads, growing to become quite bustling. In fact, it becomes so full of life that in order to accomodate them all, it has to redo all it's street layouts. Amelia is now a Metropolis.
War of the Black Forest:
As the Shogunists and refugees flee across the border they find a safe haven in the Kingdom of Eden (where they would just be put into camps, enslaved or killed), Marca and some even in Mezentia. With that said and done. The statues would finally rip their way trough the wooden wall which were the volunteer navy managing to land on Outer Sea beaches. The volunteers would then choose to pursue the statues inland.

Sadly for the Statues their forces would be too slow in fighting their way down south and Council troops trough constant bloody battle would retake their holy forests and though the land was retaken Yuukiist insurgents would continue waging guerilla warfare against the "invaders". As many wolfkin as possible are captured alive though reigning in Tomoko is hard at times and she even moreso feels justified in her ways as many of the captured troops are being freed on mass by the opposing guerilla forces.

Shaalin is conquered though the battle is not an easy fought especially if the statues wished to preserve their peaceful image. New Eden would declare neutrality thus basically declaring that whoever wins the civil war is unimportant to them. They merely wish to avoid bloodshed. After their arrival at Shaalin to confront the statues many Fraternitan volunteers would encounter the fleeing refugees learning of what happened at Yagari Mori... with mutiny afoot and many soldiers fleeing to Marca and deserting the attack would be postponed until the army could reorganize.

The Fraternitan spies robbing the archives goes moderately well as it is not expected. The Fraternitan state can spend two action to get Wolfkin soul magic. Sadly only little knowledge is lost from the enemy due to an extensive tradition of oral history among Wolfkin. Though some old Conclave documents on math are now lost forever.


War of the Beast:
With the ravine still far away, the soldiers decide to go for the longest term of the parts, the zombies. Taking the most spore carrying zombies and tricking the beast into consuming them, it at first appears to do nothing, but as it continues it seems to be getting a bit sluggish. This will benefit us when the battle of the ravine comes.

[End of Updates]

This ash had properties that counteracted magic, and #4 hinted strongly that an event in the past may have caused the ash to develop these properties due to weapons of a sort used in an ancient battle.

While we will certainly never again get any coal from this mine, we could perhaps obtain something else from it to counter magic in the remains of the tunnels, though we make sure to leave the bodies in the mausoleum alone for that place is sacred.

Action 1: Search for the source of antimagic in the coal mine, now that the fires have gone out.
There has to be some good reason the ash did what it did, and we will find it out.

Anyone going in there is forbidden to bring fire and made to consume animals with nightvision instead.

Action 2: Construct the city of Rawl, along the road between Rahak and Rahhnus

It is high time to construct a new city

While our population has bloomed since Rahak rose to the size of a metropolis the loss of Raleth to malinas hellfire was still a serious loss, and so will be replaced now.
We will need plenty of men for any upcoming conflict
1. The Hounds are sent to root out the cult presence in the harbor. Cut off their ties to trade and prevent them from smuggling in something dangerous.
2. Torus and his followers preach the new faith. They seek those afflicted with nightmares and who saw the horrors of the war to help teach them to meditate and to quiet their troubled mind and soul.
File: Statue.jpg (109 KB, 774x1032)
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109 KB JPG
>Action 1: Hero Action (The Arbiter)
The Arbiter is a mysterious figure among the Cult. He rarely shows his face, living a life of isolation and only occasionally demonstrating his power to the public. It wasn't until he was called in by the Academy of War for a status report on the up and coming war mages that he would demonstrate his excellence publicly for the first time in ages. Having been particularly excited to see the musclebound students which he had helped to influence years ago, he was devastated to find that their progress was far behind his at their age. After a stern lecture on discipline and a life dedication to perfection of Ithempeli's gifts, he would demand the Academy's eyes on him as he demonstrated what was truly possible. The Arbiter would take a deep breathe, collecting his focus before entering a Kiba Dachi (Straddle Stance), resembling a mountain in his sturdy, sumo-like stance. He'd slam his muscular forearms into the earth, shooting out a shock wave which rapidly and destructively sunk the earth into an almost perfectly rectangular pit large enough to entrap a small army.
>Action 2: Cultural Action (The Brothers Tale)
A new play takes the grand Ithempelian Stages illustrating the tragedy of the three blacksmiths sons. The three brothers had never been all too close in the past and do not communicate too often with each other, sharing their home, tools, and stories, but rarely truly bonding or cooperating.The story depicts the brothers living in a village run by an arrogant gang lord whose followers worship him. The warlord was a bloodthirsty villain who once per month would enter the village and cut down a citizen at random, taking all they have to further empower his next random attack. On one unfortunate day the father of three sons is selected as he warlords victims and the three brothers are left supply less, only possessing the workshop they called home. When the news reaches the brothers none of them grieve, instead choosing their own paths in silence.
The youngest brother is overcome with rage and works himself to exhaustion producing a mighty blade which could sunder any armor. Despite his condition the youngest has never viewed his brothers as dependable and so attempts the battle on his own, meeting his end despite his hard work.
The middle child similarly slaves away, working towards a fine pair of armor which could resist any blade. He completes his goal and is thoroughly exhausted, only halting once the news of his younger brothers death reaches him. Attempting to learn from his mistake, he reaches out to the eldest and begs that he take up arms and assists the middle child so that they may end the tyranny of the War Lord and avenge their father. The Eldest refuses and the middle child is thus forced to try his hand against the warlord. Although his armor is great, his exhaustion left him no match to the War Lord now wielding the youngest brothers blade.
Though the news of his brothers deaths devastates the eldest dearly, he justifies his refusal by declaring that the brothers had made the problem for themselves and that it was a problem that did not directly concern the eldest. Some days later the Gang Lord arrives at the Eldest brothers forge wielding the middle child's armor and the youngest child's blade. He stands in the defenseless brothers doorway wielding his masterwork equipment and speaks to the eldest "Here I stand before you, the richest and mightiest of all men, yet I wield no more than what you once refused. I wield the brotherhood you rejected in your arrogance and apathy." The War Lord cuts down the brother without another word, marching into his home and claiming it. The villain then slowly turns to face the audience directly, ominously stating "And the next will be you".

The story is meant to be a lesson about the importance of cooperation and brotherhood, even when in disagreement as well as an allegory about the spread of Shogunate's influence and imperialism.
The High Council is back in Shiroi Mori, but Tomoko, Moriko and Miho are rearing to go out and deal with Blackblade, but do see value in managing the nation. So, first things first, the Yuukaist, or perhaps better called, the Blackblade Heresy, it stems from ignorance, this will need to be rectified. But this war also showed weaknesses in our equipment, our shields are relatively cheap, but there's still wasted material. Moriko thinks she can improve it. Furthermore, out War Javelins simply cannot handle the full force we're throwing them at, or at least the wood part doesn't, so it's time to upgrade them.

Action 1: Preach the truth of Yuuka Daikyo, High Druid of Earth.
Sagas and songs will be made to inform that Yuuka didn't sacrifice just her body, she also sacrificed her soul. When the brightest day was followed by the blackest night, that was when Yuuka sacrificed her soul after her body had burnt out. Furthermore, Tsuyoi also made a sacrifice, to bridge the gap left by Yuuka, Yuuka is not the sole sacrifice. There is nothing of these two left, Blackblade could never be anything more than a copy of Yuuka. Yet it turned out she wasn't even that, she was only as much Yuuka as was necessary to bypass the High Council.

Action 2: Invent derived technology: Kite Shields from Round Shield (1/2).
The teardrop shape of the kite shield is more efficient for a single soldier than the round shield we have, and thus we can thicken the shield yet retain the same weight. Though we can no longer fit the center grip of old, and will have to figure out a solution to that problem.

Action 3: Invent derived technology: War Dart from War Javelin (1/2).
Our War javelins simply cannot handle the force we throw with, especially the wooden part, but making a heavier shaft means they travel shorter and we can carry less. So we shall redesign it to be a war dart, only suitable for throwing, it shall be made at least half of iron, to withstand the force at which it's thrown.

War Post: Smash Blackblade.
Javelin army shall join up with Shield and Sabre army, making up Wolfkin Army.
Wolfkin army will surround and then assault the warrior tribe where Blackblade is hiding, our best warriors will be trying to shatter and smash Blackblade, so we no longer have anyone tarnishing Yuuka's legacy.
Wolfkin that are caught will only be put under wergeld, but statues will have blodgeld, they will all be destroyed with extreme prejudice. They are unbidden, they have violated Yuuka's legacy and they have led our Wolfkin astray so they can use them in a war against Arcadia.
>2x - The crimson night
The Arcadian sect burns with a vengeful passion having watched their members mutilated and ashamed, and the invasion of Boveria. Yet their vengeance is not due to perceived injustice, rather out of their envy. The Arcadians have been free to shed blood as they see fit. Why then? Why can't they join in the carnage? They continued to stalk in the shadows even as the dogs sniffed them out and dragged them into the light's justice. Frustratingly they only looked on at their hunters enjoying what they were denied... until now.

From Reuvi a number of the sect make their way to the Borevian shores of the inner sea and make camp there, far away from the shifted borders. At night, they engage in the Shedding ritual and the emerging Abysians slip off into the inner sea where they dwell in waiting.

Meanwhile the entire Arcadian sect prepare themselves for the ordeal to come. One night the cultists of Oruganrest slip out of their shelters and make way to Arcadia. As they enter they waste now time on tact or guile, instead bursting into mad song and screams as they run through the streets. They laugh in glee and shout thanks to their master, offering him the suffering of those they butcher under the night sky. Some, perhaps less fortunate souls, are caught and dragged to overseers, where their blood is drawn and used to drive them mad as well so that they too may enjoy the fray.

Meanwhile as the mortal flesh revels in the bloodshed, the nightmares of the depths waddle out from the inner sea and unto the shore of Arcadia. Unlike their crazed mortal counterparts, the abysians stalk into the streets to torment those they come across, but most storm the home of the mages. The Abysians assault the university from outside, while the converted magi cause further havoc from within.

Though they are ultimately no match for the combined might of the Arcadian military, the cult cared not. They enjoyed themselves to the fullest, unleashing all their pent up desire at long last in a final burst of murderous euphoria. As the sun would rise, not a single cultist would remain but the town would be stained red and the night would be forever burned into the psyche of the Arcadian public as the Crimson Night.
1 Action: Construction on a massive Silken Tapestry is undertaken depicting the battle between Zephyr and Leviathan, using the Dark green plants to make Zephyr, and Lapis to depict the Leviathan, and to a lesser extent the supposed whale of dreams being made up of a lighter blue lower and beside the Leviathan. Each of the primordial beasts are adorned in a gold imported from the Imperii. Beautiful waves, of blue silk, a dark silken skies using iron powder, ground from the raw iron from the BFT. The end of it all being the agreement between the elves and the two great primordial beasts. The information of it comes from what Vance Oak could find in historical records and his own knowledge of ancient tales. The Silken work is adorned in a great hall for all to see it being put in a great marble hall within the city for all to see it. (Build a temple). The other thing that is done is to create a Theater within the lands, something to allow great writers shine.

1 Action: Begin developing the first branch of heat magic, Instantaneous heating. This branch allows for metals to get super heated for upwards of half a minute to a red hot temperature appropriate to the material. During this time, the material does not melt but remains super heated. The intent of this is to be able to slice or more thoroughly damage armored beings and if areas be heavily wooden, to just cause things to catch fire from the intense heat coming from the metal.

Diplomacy: Seeing as the city of Vance is a few weeks travel from Venaquitis, a new Captain is assigned there, them being the head of the lovely hood of people that are in the new land. His job being to make sure that the needs of the people there are met and to report back once every year bare minimum to assist in determining policies and actions that the nation as a whole should take, as well as act as the voice of the people in the new city. This is Captain Karnili Tyrune Rex, and she is to act as the voice of Vance. Along side her, several others that are hard working and loyal are given increases in rank to be among the low and general nobility for their hard work in the new land.
New Spell Water Bending Branch
>Hydropodos - The Lo-hai forms a bubble of water around themselves which they quickly spin, whipping the water over the ground, and moving themselves in the direction the wish, ideally this will speed the deployment of Lo-hai in the field, and aid their mobility during the battle. Many take to using their water shades as the Hydropodos.

>Help Fucking Kill The Monster/ Work on Magical Circuitry.

The call to action has been granted, and a frenzied chittering floods from Fhl'hldr, the denizens and Stone Lord's using the river to speed their response to their eastern allies, while they move toward the fort near Holangi to prepare. A great many lengths of chain are prepared for longer than normal cleave-chains, while back home, Un'kltn attempts to run a magical current through water with a length of chain.

Further work would be done upon this sort of stone, which would start to gain a name among those who worked upon the material, Caementicium, and this name would stick. Regardless, at the moment the most important bit of work on the material at the moment is simply the work on making the production of such a material capable on a larger scale. For a mixture that worked was found, and all that was really needed was a perfection of this mixture and a way to make plenty of the material. Regardless, given it's properties, much in the way of beautiful architecture and aesthetics could be formed with ease just by setting it in the right shape, making what would take days to carve only take hours. The usefulness of this material and how it could revolutionize Architecture were only now being realized, and, with it, a realization would come in. Not only will this material allow the future work of the Imperii to be greater than ever, but it will allow much more in the way of construction, both above and below ground, to be done.

Naturally, a key part of this revelation would be simply to find new ways of using this material for all the benefits it has, looking for ways to better improve architecture in ways that were unable
and impossible to do earlier. Of course, this work and 'experimentation' would start at a small scale, with only a few buildings being constructed, only growing in number as the work on Caementicium continued and the process of making the stuff became faster and easier. Regardless, the best architectural minds would be swift to utilize this to their best advantage and, ideally, make the Imperii have the most impressive cities and buildings in the world. In fact, one could say this was the start of an architectural revolution, but even so, the work was still in it's early stages, and would likely only grow to it's true and full potential once Caementicium was finished.

Lastly, as a result from the work on how water works, a curios invention of yet another musical instrument would come to be. The Hydraulis. As of late, musical instruments with moderate complexity seemed to be growing in traction, what with the Organistrum and it's curios method of working. Regardless, the Hydraulis was something that wasn't really able to be moved around too easily, and as such usually would either be used by moderately sized bands of musicians who would have a carriage to carry the thing, or simply by nobility to either play themselves or have someone else play, potentially along side others.

>Action One. Caementicium work finishes.

>Action Two. Architecture.

>Action Three. Hydraulis

>Action 1 & 2: Military Reform
For the history of our nation the military consisted of a loosely organized group of men-at-arms. In Upper Marca it was men with no other choice but to join the military in order for a bed to sleep and food to eat. In Lower Marca it was men impressed into service, with their families left behind duly compensated for their lost household member, and doubly so should they not return.

Now, a total reorganization is warranted. A professional army is the route to go, with the rank-and-file being made of career soldiers, not some impressed peasantry. The forts in the cities and countrysides will double as training grounds for new recruits.

Units are organized in a pyramid scheme. The head of the army is the general, each army consisting of groups, or 'hopurs' in Marcan. These groups are several thousand men in size, and can be easily transferred from one army to another, allowing for greater macro-flexibility in terms of organization.

For the time being, these soldiers are only equipped with basic, although extremely well made steel swords, spears, and armor. Mythril will be preserved for a more important group of individuals.
>War Actions

>The People's Army + Ithempeli Reinforcements
News of the Capitols takeover reaches the peoples army just as Shaanlin falls into Yuukaist hands. The Ithempeli reinforcement no longer face the stalling UFC and have made their way down south to meet the army. Yanagi Mori is no longer of much concern to them as the Menzentian and Marcan forces can be expected to take the land shortly.
Instead the two armies group up and head on their way to retake two cities of the capitol provinces. In their meet up, Yuuka is delivered the sacred Zlon Heat Blade. Now her adrenaline enchantment and thick stone skin act as her defense while her obsidian blade can cut through weak hordes like butter and her heat blade can sunder even the most durable of foes. Though Yuuka possesses some attachment to the Wolfkin among her ranks, the Ithempeli do not and prioritize Yuukas defense.

>The Navy
They are informed of Menzentia and Marca officially joining the war and to allow passage. Keep on keeping on.
Action1 The FBI Expands its internal Counterintelligence network and raid shogun supporting agents and spies, to prevent our secrets from being stolen.
With the strange behavior of kitsune mages and memories of the shogun's spies still in the FBI’s minds, they start having the mages watched, followed, and their homes discretely Searched. If proof of shogun connection is found, they are marked for later action, allowing them to take bad info to their handlers so that we can take the whole spy ring down at once.

Action 2: The FBI would be expanded again, this time to act as protectors of the nation's secrets it’s spells, lore, and dangerous truths
With the worrying reports of potential spying, FBI agents would begin tightening its security in the spell development areas to keep the nation's magic safe from foreign agents. They would ask the Vampire community to aid them in protecting the spells and provide them with basic needs. At the port’s agents are embedded to act as eyes and ears of the nation, in the trade roads agents are embedded to keep an I on persons of interest that might be a threat. A vast network of information gathering and reporting has become even better.

War post:
Volunteer Force, with the ships lost and on land, the Fraternian Forces are rallied by the general telling them what the BFT leaders had told him he says that what happened to those civvies was a tragedy, he would then say what has happened to the whole BFT is a tragedy and that it not them then who will fight to make things right. The government has promised that the person responsible has been found and handled. He would then tell his mean to rest and dig in they would be here for some time reorganizing.

The FBI, with the walls closing in, and the situation beginning to turn dire, more sabotage and undermining of the enemy forces would continue that is until word of Hiro’s return and the warning he sent to the UFC would reach them the elite of the elite the FBI have in the field would be tasked with getting this information to the UFC government as quickly as possible, no half measures nothing is off the table, that info must make it. For the rest of the FBI agents in the nation, while they continued the fight they began securing means of escape for them and the volunteer forces.
Improve the outer walls of the city.

Rebuild the burned district and turn it into workshops.
1 and 2.
>Invent mini sun powered greenhouse
By making a closed environment around the mini sun we can tailor the climate to match whatever crop we need to grow.
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The Cement would certainly, be a useful andi nteresting find. Useful for building too. One od detail architects would find is that mixing in volvanic ash would seem to work wonders on making it more durable. they recommend looking for a volcano and importing said ash if a project built is meant to truly least millenia and be truly grand. Though they do assure the Empress that the cement as it is is good for building as is.

Architecture is slowly being developped adding complexity to structures and trough mathematics and calculations allowing them to become bigger. The new instrument is developped and with both a trend in architecture and cement newly aviable an idea arises… what about instruments so grand you build an entire building arround them to maximise how b eautiful they sound? As such the first organs are created in a temple to Kyuu they are built into the walls and the instruments complex pipery streatches trough the very walls with the interrior designed to perfectly echo and amplify the soudns of the instrument. To a peasant coming from the styx this show of beauty would seem near divine itself.

EVENT: Orsinis… right that colony Orsinis created a few deca… centuries back… by the Empresses 4th daughter… you know the explorer one. The one that explored new lands and founded Orsinis, yes… a weird feeling of Deja Vu sweeps the nation and in fact big portions of the world. The City always contained a hellstone mine and at the height of the Borevian nation had good relations with Temnevi to the point of containing a Borevian bank.

The arbiter would indeed be an impressive specimen. A large man with impressive magical power, one problem? He would be not as deceptive as other Ithempeli his streangth would come with an unusual strightforwardness.

The play becomes a great hit among the Ithempeli, though many interpret it in various ways. Some think it’s the evil of the BFT council. Some think it’s about people not cooperating during the great tragedy which was the Ash Fall. Some indeed get it’s about the Shogun. Still the nation is as one and they feel more connected by the play.

THING: Waves would crash into Hospitality and with them Shorino would arrive the City and surrounding are would be raided and statues destroyed on mass. As soon as they went in they would be out leaving only death and stone tablets with a message “Dear statues, you have meddled in the internal conflict of our subject. The subject was ours and we wished for them to handle it themselves. You shall leave immediatelly if any of your troops are spotten in said land we will see ourselves forced to make you another subject of the Shogun.”
Shell Land
Hydropodos… that is an odd and interesting spell. Though while in theory it is perfect in praxis, much less so. Why? Dizzyness. Any Lo-Hai utilising the spell would find themselves dizzy and disoriented or loosing controll of their speed causing them to throw up. Some method of using the spell safely is needed.

The Lo-Hai prepare their trap. They lay in ambush coordinating with the Meoswilans and Telrac, but it is clear the monster is still too far for it to be killed.

The experiment is sucessful now all types of plants can be grown locally. Now only remains putting the spell into use and building greenhouses. (farms)

The first Grand Marcan Military reform goes well and the army is reoganised and developped. 3 main wings of the army are created. The Upper Tanks who are heavy infantry specialising in halberds and thick steel armor their goal is to controll the enemy and to stop their advance breaking their momentum. Then the Lower Cossacks, who are a force of light cavalry meant to outrun encircle and hit the enemy when in hit and run tactics as well as horseback archery. The United Hussars would be the 3rd formation, an elite unit equippedi n Mythrill armor and with the best horses the nation has to offer they would be the pride of the nation. Still the Marcan army lags behind other nations, the United Hussars need special stables to breed better war-steeds and the Upper tnaks and Lower Cossacks are both military formations infferior to neighbouring ones being unable to deal with magic and frankly lacking firepower. The nation also lacks any siege engines.

The Tapestry is created and hung in a theater the depicted battle reinforces the local religion, a theater is also constructed, but it is less impressive. The Tapestry is truly a marvel to behold so much so it is considered a shame that the church it is hung is in so plain. Your people wish for a grand cathedral with would emphacize the beauty of this piece like a frame does to a painting.

The development goes well, no issues are encountered yet 1/2.
The hounds comming to the harbor is a good call… but none could have expected to happen what would… (read response to Waking Order)

The spread of the new faith goes well and many Arcadians catch onto it though many still remain Atheists and another problem which emerges is religious syncretism. Due to the teachings of said faith it is not strictly exclusive with other religions. Especially after the Red Night many people still hold on to their nightmare Effigies hiding them in cubbords and closets so the state won’t notice. I mean just in case, right?

ODD OCCURENCE: Auron men stand in front of the border they wish to talk. After being allowed to do so they wait 2 weeks and enter Arcadia paying the guards the “entrance fee”. They are converts to the Arcadian Faith… but they are dying. The teachings of the faith spoke to them and they wish to embrace it, but their meager forms would show it they were dying. Aurons apparently need to give sacrifices of wealth and prayers to Prius to survive otherwise they cannot really gain mana in any other way. They wish to ask the Arcadians for help.

Within your territory the preaching goes well, but your words are rejected by many Yuukaists as they belive that due to the Council waging war on Yuuka the Council is merely trying to discredit the saint. Still the prophaganda helps the Council get the unconvinced on their side.

The new type of shield and dart is being worked on.

The outer district is created and the walls of the city made even grander than before sucessfully.

EVENT: A minor earthquake shakes the land collapsing parts of the underground complex.

No real connection can be found the tailing of kitsune mages results in the FBI merely noticing that at some point they just sometimes disappear. pack up their things and leave, there seems to be no real way to tell how and when it will happen. On the other hand the kitsune community is getting worried about the additional surveilence dedicated to them. they feel targetted.

Still one strategy works… and that is plainly stopping every Kitsune they notice from leaving the nation. After interrogation some are deemed innocent, but a lot are caught and after sufficient torture admitt to their plan to msuggle out information. The FBI has done this only sporadically at a few birder stops, they are now requesting permission from the state to be able to stop all Kitsune from leaving the nation.

EVENT: Thistle Whitepaw seems to have become depressed after finding out her son has passed as a volounteer in the BFT Civil War. Soon things became too much and the martial artist would have been found having commited suicide. Trough a period of mourning people would pray trough her soul and on a fateful night a new swar would appear in the sky and out of an aurora borealis centipedes would emerge informing the Fraternitans that Thistle has become a minor deity, her soul watching over them forever. The priests of the Celestial Family would also get vissions of this happening.

THING: The destruction of the capital. A spy from the north would arrive warning of the inevietable. The Shoguns army is comming to raid the coasts. The Fraternitan Army would be sent to secure the coasts, but before they would be able to react a fleet of ships would arrive, bringing the waves with them. As the waves would crash into the walls of Ava’s Landing the walls would be dsintengrated using earth magic. The City would be obliterated as fireballs lightning strikes and ice magic would destroy everything in their path. The Miko and osldiers would leave the ships and black bronze in hand would loot whatever remained. Stone tablets would be left saying: “This is a warnign for interfering in internal troubbles of our subject. If any Mud forces are spotted fighting in the BFT, we will be forced to make Mud our subject.” With the Governament killed and capital destroyed Fraternitas would find itself in state of anarchy as no city exists big enough to be a temporary capital.

Further research would reveal that the ash would specifically pull magic out of golems, the effect being much smaller on anything else. The inspection of the source would once again lead to the mausoleum where it would ben oted that the powerful fire melted.

The new city is created becomming a new hub for poppulation to gather and trade to thrive, though the nation still produces an equivalent amount of food. Which means no rapid growth in poppulation.

EVENT: There must be something to their divinity. Artists in travalhalla trough divine inspiration would start creating statues of ithempeli which then magically would spring to life. There is tru divinity to them true divine divinity! Large amounts of Ithempeli. ithempeli worship soon becomes common among Taurs as many also realise that it might be easier to gain redemption from a deity with which they can talk in person with. They would no see the word of the ithempeli divine order
Waking Order
Nighty night my the moon’s light bring crimson blight. it’s red light shining anything, but bright. Let us recreate the darkest night bring death and destruction the trough a lovely fight.

The cult goes on a murderous rampage lasting many nights untill all of them are hunted down leaving the arcadian nation bloodied. Though as a consolation the coult would be gone for goood, no matter how much the Hounds would look nothing would be found… though few know if after a rampage like this they would ever stop looking. Curiously enough in their rampage the cultists would often ignore those paying tribute to effigies to their god… reinforcing the idea that the tiny home-temples work.

Many towns would be completelly burned down and ogutanrest and Arcadia would both sustain substantial damage.

EVENT: A plague ravages your people… among your cutists it errupted out of nowhere… how did it come to be? Well one who was unworthy attempted to ascend into a nightmare instead of ascending only parts of his flesh transformed with his mind becomming blank. The infected become mindless monsters stalking the night infecting others trough bites. It seems only true nightmares are immune the disease is spreading everywhere where cult activity exists. Disease Present in: Borevia, Mezentia, Megalonodate of Cuvier and Fraternitas/Mud

For centuries now Cuvier has been neighbouring two supperior cultures taking on their customs and traditions the northern and osuthern portions of the nations would slowly drift appart. The North and Diamond Island would form the Megalonodate of Cuvier, an authoritarian state ruled by a Megalodon a Hitler-style führer ruling with an iron fist. Their uclture would be a mix of Borevian naval and corporate culture mixed with Travalhallan Military culture. The megalodon would have the Diamond guard guarding him after permitting the exiled Diamond islanders to return. In the South the Miyagi-Sealund Union would fomr instead. Being a parliamentary republic it would mimic mostly Fraternitan but also to some extent Mezentian culture. The nation would be ruled by a President and would be a democracy.
For centuries now Cuvier has been neighbouring two supperior cultures taking on their customs and traditions the northern and osuthern portions of the nations would slowly drift appart. The North and Diamond Island would form the Megalonodate of Cuvier, an authoritarian state ruled by a Megalodon a Hitler-style führer ruling with an iron fist. Their uclture would be a mix of Borevian naval and corporate culture mixed with Travalhallan Military culture. The megalodon would have the Diamond guard guarding him after permitting the exiled Diamond islanders to return. In the South the Miyagi-Sealund Union would fomr instead. Being a parliamentary republic it would mimic mostly Fraternitan but also to some extent Mezentian culture. The nation would be ruled by a President and would be a democracy.

This turn two major battle would take place The first would be the Battle of the Shaalin Crussing. beyond the Shaalin river UFC troops and some Brownhair Council Loyalists would organize. Wishing to use the river as a strategic point to stop the Statues from crossing. The battle would be hardfought as Statues would both try to plainly walk trough the river only to be stopped by giant logs being released upstream and by creating stone bridges using magic over it which would slowly be chipped away by enemy projectiles. The last portion of the battle would be a contest of shield pushing as the Council alligned troops would try to bottlenack the enemy on their own bridges, but the Statues would keep expanding their bridge in widths eventually forcing the UFC commander to order a retreat or risk encirclement. The UFC troops would split with a majority feeing to arcadia and some deciding to continue fighting and remaining with the brownhairs. (in Arcadia the UFC troops would arrive to the Crimson Night helping fight the cultists)

The 2nd major battle would be the battle of Fort Shiori. In the battle of forst Shiori the 3 consolidated Wolfkin armies would attempt an assault on the fort, which is merely a set of moats riddled with traps not a true stone-fort. The battle would devolve into a grindfest as the deffenders would continue stalling the attackers who would need to devote troops to be stopping Mezentians trying to break the siege. The Mezentians would use fire magic in an unorthodox way, heat your body up so high that metal melts uppon touch burning trough wolfkin equipment and allowing them to slowly advance into wolfkin ranks who would wuickly return to using stone and bone weapons as those would at least hit though the number of those would be low.
A turning point in the battle would be the near assasination of Yuuka as a BFT spearhead sipped their way for the center of the fort, spears would ripp off one of Yuuka’s arms, and leave a hole in her head and heard… sadly Golems do not posess standard biology and Yuuka would survive the attack even if she would be incapacitated (needs an action to fix so minimum 3 turns). The battle would end as the statues would arrive from the north threattening an encirclement in tandem with the mezentians forcing the Council Loyalists to retreat to retreat to Masubayashi. Where they would sucesfully stop the Statues and Mezentians from taking the city beating back their assault stopping them from making further advances.

Meanwhile UFC spies would keep assasinating Yuukiists.
>Continue School Of Magical Circuitry research (2/3)

While Un'kltn still has yet to complete his arcane language via which to control the magical effects of the devices, however the capability to carry and transport a charge to another being still dwell within the realm of possibility. For the Lo-hai stationed to aid with the efforts of killing the beast are sent the heroes simple prototypes, an altered set of cleave chains with an electrum wire twinned through it. The intent is to have the creature become coated in water, and once enough cleave chains are sunk into its flesh, attempt to run magical current through the chains and shock the beast.

>New Spell
>Hydropodos Tutamen

The motion sickness of the first Hydropodos made the spell almost worthless, until a minor alteration is done, the innermost layer of the sphere is frozen, providing a solid cabin of ice, albeit cramped. Not only is the motion sickness reduced, but the shell of ice does provide a modicum of protection, albeit reducing top speed and visibility.
Actions 1 and 2: The Wartrance (second and third action into the wartrance, completing the project)

The state of mind, the dominance over the self,
Caedrel the pureblood leading the completion of this deadly tauric mental art, which truly turns a taur into the creature of war they know they can be.
Humbled by his losses and own arrogance, he wars inward, and is the very first to achieve true mastery of wartrance.

Now able to enter and exit the state at will without need of any aids of fungus or tea he soon teaches this skill to others, and the mental art spreads all across the military first with mushroom extract and tea to better teach people to enter it.

As the Tavthallan army learns the wartrance proper their threat level in combat soars, and all will learn to fear those tranquil in their rage, for none are more disciplined or skilled than the Tavthalla.

This post has more information on the Wartrance
The response to these new Ithempeli is mixed in Tavthalla, religion usually seen as something best to prevent being properly organised due to how dangerously opinionated and violent Taurs can get

Regardless it is admitted that this is a divine event, and that the gods must not be scorned by killing their messengers, these rather beautiful living marble statues.

It does however cause the Monarchy and Military to agree on something, these foreign influences need to stop.

Mezentian culture spread like a plague of pacifism, the deeptaur have become undisciplined, and foreign gods are worshipped now in the forms of the Ithempeli, Megalodon and Uesugi in some parts, and even in the very heart of the nation Xalteis himself worships the twin suns and the moon pantheon.

Debate, combat rage, but it is decided soon what will be done to combat reunite the Tavthalla and indeed all Taurs soon...
1. Repair the harbor and the copper mine.
2. While after the events known as the Waking War and the Dreaming War the population is fairly split on the idea of helping them, or declaring that being Borevian is a sin worthy of death, it is decided that we shouldn't descend to that level of barbarism yet. We have seen enough death in the recent years. However, the spite still holds and holds strong against the cruel gods that desire fear and obedience. With the desire for at least one bright spot in this clusterfuck of blood and destruction Torus leads the charge in freeing the Aurons from their cruel master.

The first thing is to inform the Aurons that if they touch a non-sapient golem they are paying a massive fee for the inconvenience of having the animal souled servant suddenly become sapient. After that it is time to leverage all the knowledge of golemancy, souls, and black bronze to find a way to alter the Aurons in a way to allow them to take in ambient mana as normal instead of being directly tied to sacrifice. The current working theory is that the use of 'special blood' can be used to temporarily lift the restrictions on the soul during a ritual to create the necessary alterations with the Arcadic specialty of golemancy. Water golems will be used to collect the blood being cleaned up all around the city, at least one dead person has to have relations to a long lost noble or king lineage, and brought in for experimentation and the final ritual.
RP summary since I don't think the UFC posted it last turn:
The UFC will trade the spells of Diagnose, Superior Fortification, and Rejuvenation for passage through Arcadic lands and open trade.
Second RP Summary:
With the approval of both governments Torus has traded the knowledge of:
School of Animation - Branch of Golemancy - Animate Golem; Create Legion Golem.
In return the Black Forest Tribes will trade the following magic:
School of Spirit Magic - Branch of Determination - Undying Soul (improved); Spirit Boost.
>Action 1: Runic Spell: Mana Cannon
The Academy is inspired by the raw power displayed by the Arbiter and seeks to create a means of reproducing the wrath and might in their armies.
To this end a rune is created which would decorate a staff in smaller skirmish forces or an object much more reminiscent of cannon or battering ram in larger armies. The object would act like a wand might but for all the users in physical contact with it, allowing them to channel their magic into one overwhelming spell instead of several weaker ones.

>Action 2: Hero Action (The Arbiter [3])
The tragedy of Hospitality strikes a nerve to the Arbiter. The Ithempeli consider tragedies to be a punishment by their god for failing to act on his orders or to recognize his warnings. A booming scream of angst and rage can be heard throughout the city from his office before he would storm to the destroyed city to see the damages for himself.
Upon arriving to the location and seeing the wasted lives firsthand the trauma would evidently be too much to take, giving off another bellowing scream to shake the island as hundreds of blades (Kunai) of the fallen Ithempeli soldiers would rise up from the ground and cut through their sashes to form a storm surrounding him. He'd traverse the city, pelting buildings until they crumbled and sucking up new blades into his storm as he wandered. He'd vow that Shogunate Ships would never reach Ithempeli coasts again; He must be strong enough to stop them.

>Diplomacy: The Ga'Ga'ul have had the time to witness the lessons of the Brothers Tale. Now they must prove that they have learned from them; The First visits the the Zlon, escorted by the mighty Arbiter to request an alliance and support from their brother nation.
1 Action: And seeing as the people wanted a grand church, a grand church would be supplied. Grand marble pillars, a beautiful stair case and marvelous wooden doors crafted to depict the grand ships of the Elves sailing towards each other, the outlines of each given a bronze to it, lastly being split by the two doors to separate pieces is the circular emblem of the two beasts fighting eachother and an Elf standing in the center with a piece of parchment in one, and an axe that is commonly used to fell trees for ships.

1 action: Finish the branch of Instantaneous heat
The High Council is cut off, so work continues on the last projects. The Iron Tribe works on the Wardart and the other tribes work on the Kite Shield. But Miho decides to pursue a different way of discrediting Blackblade, she shall prove without a shadow of a doubt that Yuuka's sacrifice was final.

Action 1: Invent derived technology: Kite Shield from Round Shield (2/2 progress).
With the shield's shape figured out, we shall work on a grip, but it shall be a special grip. Instead of a single wooden grip, it's a series of leather straps, which could be used as a wrist mounted shield, a centergrip shield and even a long strap for when you want to stow it away on your back.

Action 2: Invent derived technology: War Dart from War Javelin (2/2 progress).
With a variety of functional designs, we shall narrow down on one which is optimal for armor piercing, as creating big wounds is the task of the sabre. Besides, the insurgents are in for a nasty surprise when these things punch through shields with enough force to hurt them.

Action 3: Invent Spirit Magic > Soul (1/2 progress).
It is time to look properly into what makes a soul, and more accurately how one can affect it. How one can mold it, construct it and read it. To be able to identify specific souls and perhaps magical bodies for our unbodied souls. Maybe with this we can further extend our soul's stay.

War Post: Hunt down the Blackblade.
We should have gotten those new recruits by now, to bolster our army numbers, so it's time to put it to use.
Javelin army splits from Wolfkin army, who becomes Shield and Sabre army.
Javelin army will go north to recapture the Radiant Spire and also cut off any escape up north for Blackblade.
Shield and Sabre army will concentrate into a southern point to break through. With Blackblade being wounded, she may try to convince the Menzentians to canonize herself in our faith. So we shall go in and stop any escape attempt down south.
If Blackblade is not destroyed, then we will hijack ships and burn the port, so the Menzentians can't resupply. The army will then sail over to Arcadia's port, handing the ships over to them as payment for trespassing before going by foot over to New Eden and taking riverboats downriver to Yanagi Mori.
> Action 1, 2, 3 & warpost
Kill the monster The Puyangi has brought death and destruction to our lands for long enough. With all preparations done and our allies in toe it is time to throw the beast into the canyon. Then we shall push giant boulders we prepared on the sides of the canyon on top of it to hurt and immobilize it. Possibly even weaken the sides of the canyon so the sides collapse burring it.

then comes the hard part finishing it off. The joint Meoswilan, Imparii and Lo-Hai forces will start stabbing, poisoning, burning and punching the creature with Ryllhae and He Theorgso taking the lead as our strongest warriors.If anyone can finish off the beast it's those two.

if the beast somehow frees itself and continues it's rampage the joint army will see itself forced to face is the Grand Holangi fort to not let it cross the mountain. With more boulders and logs prepared to trip the best and send it again rolling into the canyon.

We need to kill it for good now.

1. Set up more traps near the canyon. Add boulders on side etc
2. Further make sure army is trained and equipped to deal with the beast
3. Raise mode undead to feed to it and make it sicker.

-The mindless nightmares, simply referred to as creeps, are quite the surprise to the order. Inexplicably, numerous fools across the sects attempted to seize for themselves a prize only the master may offer as it wills. For their hubris, an affliction was unleashed that came not only at a dire cost to themselves, but their communities as well. Excellent. It doesn't take long for the order to realize Abysians are ignored by their little, lame cousins and begin the work of rounding up as many of the creeps as they can. What they catch is immediately hauled off to the inner sea, where Abysians carry them to the shores of the other nations in great nets and release them there to enjoy new hunting grounds. The only place this is not followed is Tavlon, where the creeps are swiftly hunted and exterminated due to their lack of efficiency amongst a desert tribe.

-The recent outbreak has spurred a need amongst the sect of Reuvi to further their hold on the state of Borevia. Thus far their infiltrators have managed to explain off a lot of the queer happenings around the city, but an outbreak of mindless abominations isn't as easily swept under the rug. Yet fear will either break or reinforce minds, and the soft minds of the elites are the current proving grounds for this truth. the Cult offers those that struggle to cope with what they've seen explanations and safety... should they join the order. Those that refuse to accept the order meet an untimely demise, and are replaced by more receptive minds to take charge of their predecessors positions.
>Add 2 greenhouse farms
Using the small miniature suns we will create new farms in contained environments, this should help to solve agricultural problems of the region.
>Project Mobile Sun
A problem with the project is the limited mobility control we have over the miniature suns. With a few adjustments we would be able to set movement trajectory's for the miniature suns.
>War Actions

>The People's Army
The People's army takes up a defensive position, holding what they have now with their seismic sense and traps. Other than volunteers, worshippers, and idealogues, the only Ithempelians remaining are Yuuka and the catgirl division who are not welcome in the cult homeland for the possibility that they may distort their image and are now official citizens of the Yuukaist front. Yuuka retreats to an inner fortification where she delivers a speech similar to jesus at Gethsemane about the pain and hardship she endured for them in burning and how she so desperately wanted to give up but she didn't for her people. In her weak state this message is sent to leaders who then retell it to the crowds.

>Ithempeli Reinforcements
The majority of Ithempelian reinforcements retreat to their homeland in compliance with Shorino's request. Even if their long term plan is not surrender it's best to regroup while they still can. Libraries are robbed of their magic literature during this march.

>The Navy
Keep on rockin, Navy.

(This one is rushed as I have a family event, forgive any laziness and assume intelligence.

>Action 1 & 2: Military Reform

With the wealth of Marca surpassing most, the ability to pay for our own soldiers' equipment is an idea that comes most naturally. The smiths will either be privately contracted out or given a cushy job to manufacture whatever the Kings require.

During training the soldiers will be made more hardened, and disciplined. Punishments for insubordination or laziness are harshened.

A new military group is created, the Sons of Melanie. They are clad with the finest mythril armor available, with training surpassing even the Hussars. They are warrior-priests who's purpose is to defeat the enemies of and spread the true faith. The creation of the Sons of Melanie has only just begun, and their completion is far from over.
Keep developing and improving the model of the Scorpio machine, hoping to overall increase its durability, speed and all around effectiveness.

Improve the ports and expand the fishing industry. This will increase not only our food production, but our docks capacity as well.
I've been alerted that Yuuka is actually incapacitated. Yanagi (The Shogunate puppet) would instead make the speech on her behalf, arguing that we must show the same dedication to her that she once showed to us.
Yuuka meanwhile is shipped off to Menzentia by Navy to recover in safety.
Just found out the libraries got burned too. The Ithempeli would instead visit the Prisoners of War camp and run off with BFT mages. These ships would take an alternative path, going the long way around Tyrant Isles to avoid the possibility of Shorino searching their ships.
Action 1: rebuild Ava’s landing
Action 2: the throne is reestablished and the borders are closed as the queen and king must deal with the nightmare infection threat, through the use of vampires at night and the army during the day, until a treatment can be made the infected are placed in Bio Stasis pods.

>national fluff
With the Government is gone, the capital in ruin, and a nightmare virus on the loss, the Fraternian state was close to completely fading, this was unacceptable to Softpaw. After a hard deliberation, she came to the conclusion that to save Fraternitas from disintegrating the old throne must be Reformed to restore order. with her mind made up, she presses her claim as the rightful queen. GC the faithful patriot has none of it arguing they fought for a free Fraternitas, and that at this moment, the nation needed them more than ever, the argument divides the whole family as lines are drawn. With it clear that if something isn't done war will break out so a simple family vote is held with both making speeches and stating their case monarchy or republic, order or freedom. The results are crushing for GC as monarchy carries the day by a narrow margin and the RRFU is born.

after a time and because he loves his wife, he heals and accepts what has happened, but being the old patriot he is he will never quite let go of the UFC and the ideals he fought forgo. The People scared directionless, and wanting to feel safe flock to the banner of the royal family like lambs they fall in line willingly only too happy to please. Thanks to GC the nations still recall the UFC with fondness and the ideas it held are still valued, but tempered with the truth that a queen/King is always needed.

The FBI in the BFT who for years at this point had been killing and fighting in the name of the UFC would not accept what had become of their home, how could they? going to ground and disappearing between the cracks the Fraternian Oath Keepers were born, swearing that one day the republic would rise from the ash and ruin. For the Volunteers that had fought so hard and lost so much the death of the UFC was the final straw some wanted to carry on the ideals of the UFC be a force for freedom unbound by a single state, but to many had become disillusioned and only wished to return home, even if it was no longer truly theirs
File: 470AC.png (2.53 MB, 2048x2570)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG

Work on these strange circuits to try and transport magic is a curios task, and a difficult one. How best to actually transfer magic is actually tricky, as it seems moving the stuff around, at least with what we currently have available, is impossible to do without draining a good quarter or more of the energy being transferred. For the transfer of the magic in question utilizes magic to an extent to properly move it, and some other methods attempted just make the circuits merely more storage for the magic in question rather than something that can transfer it. In short layman's terms, it's quite inefficient in it's current stage. Even so, this is much more that what was had previously, and with some refinement, the process should be made much more efficient and not so cost prohibitive from the magic side of things. Further work would also be done on the Hydropodos spell, specifically in actually making locomotion with such a process that isn't completely disorientating, discombobulating, and nauseating. As expected, the maximum speed of such a process has been reduced, and visibility is now a bit blurry, but given the mobility boost, it will undoubtedly become quite useful.

In other news, those raiders of the north once again raided a few Sealand ships...This time to mixed success, and much less of it...


The Wartrance is not something that any old Taur can do. For reaching such clarity with all the mixes of emotions that battle gives is, obviously difficult. Yet, there are ways to make it easier. For with proper preparation of a few herbal tea's, mushrooms, and a kind of berry, such a trance can be entered more easily than normal. Even so, it is still difficult, and requires plenty of training of one's mind to not simply succumb to any emotion. Those who properly enter this state find tranquility alongside a tempered, determined, rage. Yet one subdued, and harnessed to further a Taur's power and not be blinded by it. A band of warriors who utilize such a technique would form under the Pureblood who is the only one who can enter the trance without any sort of aid, though some others come close, and in time more will find true mastery of their minds. Still the understanding of the technique and how best to aid one in drawing it forth have made it something proper that one could learn, rather than merely a new unique idea held by at most a handful.

Despite all this though, there is a slight issue in that a number of sinkholes have formed in the capital. It's nothing that cannot be fixed, but still something that will prove to be at best a mild annoyance that needs fixing.

While the Red Night causing so much damage, and the perpetrators dealt with, it was now time to repair. The harbor in the inner sea would slowly but surely be repaired to what it once was, and the copper mine that granted the nation much in the way of bronze likewise would have work done upon it to make sure that things could turn at back to at least some normalcy. Still, much in the way of damage was left, and there was a lot to do until the red night will be naught but a nightmare long in the past. Meanwhile, the few Aurons who try and get help are fairly compliant, and while they still have their...moments. They are, compared to the rest of their kind, surprisingly intelligent. Though, admittedly, that doesn't say much. Still, an attempt to keep them from withering away is a difficult and slow process. Though considering their cruel creator desired to do this to them, it's not unexpected that such would be a arduous task. Thankfully, due to the extremely extensive knowledge Arcadia had gained through trade and their experience in golomancy, a very technical and temporary solution is made that should keep a Auron alive for a four hours... Yes, four hours...Then it needs to be done again. On the bright side, considering the work done is on the right track, if pursued, a much more effective and permanent solution could be reached...

Also of important note, it turns out the Red Night damaged the Silver Lepper colony, how we know this is due to the fairly obvious re emergence of golems turning to Silver...

The Mana cannon, as it is strangely called, is in essence a single object capable of channeling magic, one designed to be used by multiple Ithempeli. Naturally, this is something that needs to be coordinated, and done at the same time for the proper casting and subsequent boost from the others effort to work. It's especially useful in aiding those not as experienced with the use of higher power spells, and to an extent teaching them. Other than this, the Arbiter has...not exactly taken the destruction too well, lashing out quite literally upon the ruins in rage. Yet, anger can be a tool when tempered, and the Arbiter in his rage has gained two things, greater knowledge of their limits with magical ability, which is surprisingly high, and a fierce determination forged by that same rage.

Strangely enough, it seems that some other's have caught onto the little strange idea's those sent to the south had, that being changing their form to match the wolf folk there. And, a small portion of these would make themselves somewhat similar to them. While they wouldn't change their form to be akin to one of the wolfkin, they would make their appearance feminine. The reasons for this vary, with being able to better portray specific roles in plays and theater being the most common. Though a usual defensive argument for such is simply that the varying peoples of the world differ just as they do, and simply that it is no different from any other Ithempeli who change their form. This is thankfully a small group even when compared to those down south, so it shouldn't cause too many issues.


The renovation of the church is one that makes the structure look quite a bit more grand and ornate, much more fitting for a proper place of divine worship, with much in the way of care and dedication done to turn the once bland and somewhat sorrowful structure into a true work of art. Of course, this is still merely a renovation, and the church is still small and cozy. But, a major expansion isn't needed or necessary. Still, the people who attend the church are quite pleased with the new look. Work on heating has also finalized, and how to actually instill heat is now known. All that's needed now is to find more specific use for this groundwork, though there's likely not too much that needs to be done until we have all or most of what we desire.

There would be much that would be worked upon by the Council. Be it new shields which were long and pointed instead of round, war darts, or even trying to look into the inner workings of the very soul. And, for the first two, there would be little to report other than such work was finished. But for the latter, some revelations of key importance would be discovered. While how one could make a soul was still beyond that of the tribes ability, what it exactly was and how to identify specific ones was not. Souls, simply speaking, were the magic heart of any living individual. Yet, it persisted after death, and would be taken or find its way elsewhere after detached from its body. Further, identifying souls can be done through simply discovering just how powerful magically the person was, along with some more minor and subtle tells. Even so, there was many more mysteries about the soul to solve.

A strange sight and sign was seen by the people of the Conclave, just outside New Eden, a golden stage would be seen, simply watching and waiting, and it didn't take long for the people of New Eden to understand what the Stag was, or what it desired. Swiftly, much of New Eden would be left abandoned, as many of its people followed, further and further away from war, and away from this land. Soon, some from Shaanlin would join, along with a myriad of minor tribes, until eventually they arrived in Tatara. And then, the stag would calmly walk to the shore, and then walk upon the water before waiting once more. The people of Tatara were quick to understand much like that of the Conclave, and they would work to disassemble the many buildings in the one and only true town of the Black Forest tribes, with their constructs converted to many makeshift ships and boats. After some long weeks, they would set the ships to water and sail, following the stag. Some ships of the Ithempeli would see such a fleet, but, whenever they tried to get close, a storm would form and surround the fleet, akin to a hurricane, but with the eye always being over the many ships. And, eventually, after many more days and nights at sea, land would be sighted, and the Stag would walk to this new land and into it, finally leaving the sight of those who it had guided... Little did the people of the Conclave know that Vivek saved their lives... For something terrible would happen...

All effort and focus was done on naught but bringing death to the Puyangi which had brought so much death to Meoswilum. And, for this, every single last thing would be done to defeat the creature. Much more would be done to trap the ravine in the mountains to make the creature fall and get pelted by much in the way of rocks and boulders, with even the sides of the valley itself made weak so that the creature might be buried completely. Even so, merely doing this was not enough, and the military forces of Meoswilum would be given much in the way of equipment and extra drilling so that they would be better prepared for the creatures arrival. And, yet more would be done, with much more in the way of undead raised with the sole purpose of feeding the beast and poisoning it. And with all of this under way, all the Meoswilum had to do now was wait...Though this was not something they'd need to do for long.

>Waking Order

With such failings of those who were so close to the right path, fruits, even is somewhat spoiled, will still be found. This is no different, and these 'creeps' as the order would come to call them would be captured to the best of the order's ability, and then shipped across the inner sea to land on many shores. Of course, some places were more difficult to land in than others, what with the war going on, though even so, all the seeds would be planted, with nothing to do to them but wait for the harvest. Yet these creeps pose a curios threat to the control of Borevia for but one reason. They simply aren't something that can be easily explained away as nothing important. But the order understands this, and knows to work ahead of time to make sure they don't get any wrong idea's, and those who refuse the truth who are of importance are dealt with...Perhaps at this rate, Borevia would be nothing but a puppet front for the order?

Work on the 'greenhouses' utilizing miniature suns and enclosed warm environments to be able to overcome the harsh indifference of winter would be swift to go underway and just as swiftly are completed. Needless to say, being that the Hegemony is all but surrounded by nothing but ice, this is actually extremely important for the Hegemony, as now food doesn't need to be such a problem anymore. In fact, perhaps if enough miniature suns were to exist the entire nation could become ironically enough the capital for all food based goods. On a related note to suns, there would be further work done upon the suns in order to make them more mobile and able to better move and change direction. And all of this would be fairly easy and simple to do, though even easy things can have a big effect at times.


The major military reforms have continued with an extremely radical and strange idea having come to the mind of Marca. Paying for soldiers equipment. Though, while to other nations such an action would be considered ludicrous, Marca was one of if not the best economy on the entire continent, if not world. So, unlike many others, they had the funds and will to do such a thing. Needless to say this will be of extreme importance to Marca in the future...If they ever went to war anyway. Other than the change of having the government give handouts in the form off blades, shields and armor, there also would be stricter training, and of this training the Sons of Melanie would find their way into being. The best of the best that rule all the rest, devoted to their, and Marca's faith. Though for now such an order was just forming, and was still small. But, time would fix that, and likely quite soon...It was clear Marca was not planning on being a mere foot slog for any future enemies, if such existed anyway.


The Scorpio would be worked upon further, and with it, general work would be done to simply improve it in all regards. And, slowly but surely through trial and error some minor adjustments and additions would make plenty of the Scorpio a bit better. It is still quite inaccurate, and loading time hasn't increased too much, but the new design is more durable than ever before, if only because those on the research team who were in favor of the thing having greater defense won out in the arguments.

As swiftly as everything came to an end, a new beginning would come to the RRFU. And, the more things change the more they stay the same, with the nation still keeping the ideals of democracy alive, yet all the while keeping a monarchy. A curios combination for all to see. Still, with the fall of Ava's landing, and the old government dead, it was time to rebuild, something that was a slow, and somewhat somber process, but one that didn't take too long. And, soon enough, once more the city would stand tall, even if some other repairs are still going on. Military wise, there has been much in the way of effort to dispatch this new threat upon the shores. A very curios and strange disease, and more curios the plan to find the infected and try and cure them. Even if such hopes for a cure are likely nothing more than wishful thinking, the army and vampires do a decent job dealing with the nightmare infected, though the vampires are naturally the better of the two and annoyingly, much to the confusion and annoyance of many in the military, more of the infected are found at the north east coast...

While the civil war in the Black Forest Tribes reigned. It festered and grew. And, this only escalated as more and more fled the war, some foolishly heading to Enman in an attempt to get anywhere but the lands of the Black Forest Tribes. Eventually, the radicals grew in number, and in the south, the lynching of any and all wolfkin and suspected druids would become common place. Yet, the leaders of Enman would not expect what happened next.

They reached a critical mass, and crossed the border. The first town they burned was New Eden, the druid city deserving to be made into nothing but a memory. And yet, they were frustrated by this, with only a handful of nearby wolfkin there, their anger only grew as their bloodlust was not sated. And so, they rampaged through the Black Forest country side, until reaching Shaanlin, where the sacred forest would swiftly be overrun by sheer numbers majority of the population would be ruthlessly executed. In fact, even the Ithmpeli who were trying to leave would get caught in the crossfire, a few of them being felled, but most able to survive and leave. However, when Menzentia forces headed north, they would see these ravagers and their work. And while initially believing it to be the councils doing, would swiftly have such proven wrong.

The few survivors from Shaanlin would either flee south or flee to the west. Though, oddly, a few Iron leaf smiths would be among those who fled west, who had tried to convince some of their friends in Shaanlin to join them.

>Miyagi-Sealand Union

A fairly stormy few weeks would come to the union, with much in the way of water giving life to crops. Yet, in the northern most area's, specifically near the Miyagi tribe, some flooding would occur. It's mostly minor, but it's a bit of a bother to the Dear folk living there...

(War posts will be later, when I wake up. Important parts of them however so you don't have to wait for me is as follows. For the BFT warpost, roughly half of BFT forces were destroyed in the attempt to take out Blackblade Yuuka, and said attempt was successful, though, most of BFT is now leaving, and Menzentia are making major gains as a result. On the Meoswilum side, the beast gets killed via Meoswilums taking that quote from Khrushchev a bit too literally with the only real heavy losses being undead fed to it, with all others being moderate to light.)
The treatment of the Aurons and further rebuilding will be put on hold for the time being as the plagues will not be allowed to fester as rebuilding efforts are needed.
1. For these nightmare zombies they are yet more proof of the Nightmare Cult's evil and their evil shall be purged without mercy. To the ruined fortresses and the western shores Legion and Light Golems are sent to hunt these creatures whatever holes they hide in. Be sure to leave none alive.
2. As for the silver blight it is decided that it is a great time to do some experiments. It is already known that the ash from the ashfall could absorb the magic from golems and absorbing the magic of the blight reversed the process. As such research will be done to mimic this process and remove the magic and possibly use it to channel another spell to transfer the energy entirely if needed.
>Actions 1: Military Reform
The Arbiter simmers from his rage after weeks of patrolling the coasts when the news of Ithempeli pulling out of the war reaches him. After some much needed rest he would awake to vast chambers of mages in rest being layered in paste and in some cases pieced back together. The damages are an embarrassment to a perfectionist like him. Noting how their lack of training and their heavy robes allowed them to suffer casualties the Arbiter would order the remodeling of these returning soldiers and future soldiers into his image, a form many already had but was not the factory standard yet.
Once awoken the statues would have been stripped of the identity they had once known, much like the buzz cuts and uniforms of the US Army. The soldiers would be disciplined and drilled like none other than the Arbiters straightforward, perfectionist self could.

>Action 2: Mage Interrogation
Tragedy had been spread which is sure to please Ithempeli but what rewards do the statues receive? While they may have been forced to flee and leave the battle for control over the land to the Menzentians, the Statues have made off with BFT Mages as prisoner. Furthermore, this is not the first time the Statues are interrogating a captured group for their magical secrets; The Cultists will learn their secrets no matter what it takes.
1 action: Develop the first spell in the school of heat magic and the branch of instant heat. This spell being called ‘One below smelting’ which can instantaneously heat up a piece of metal to one below melting temperatures for three seconds. It works on only small amounts and for toons if metal, such as an arrowhead or the edge of a blade. The caster is able to delay the instant heating for a max of ten seconds, allowing things like arrows to travel far before heating up several hundred degrees.

1 action: Vance Terra Oak requests to expand his private library to both assist him and the prodigy working under him. He hopes to develop his research skills further, and possibly even be able to help advance the knowledge of the nation faster.
Action 1 and 2: Exagorá Tavthalla, the cultural restoration.

The great cultural shift begins in Tavthalla, the cowardace of the Mezentia inspired Tavthalla and the lack of discipline from the Deeptaur being eradicated by the new status quo, at long last Tavthalla returning to mainline cultural principles.

One culture, one creed, one throne, one will.
Mezentia has taught us much, but redemption does not lie in their teachings, they turned us away and scorned us once more.

Above all other things, they taught us that we do not need them, and will not bow to them.
They cast us aside and let a cult of shadows foster, and punished us and the Arcadic for trying to stop it, then meddle in wars for needless reasons to sate their repressed desire for war.

We have outgrown these fools, we are true to ourselves and our nature, but we can overcome our nature. Pacifism as an ideal is foolish beyond measure, there will always be conflict, always need to fight, but conflict is the most sacred of ways.

Redemption lies in unity. We will not, cannot be divided along cultural lines for that is the path to disaster, and so Tavthalla must be restored to it’s bonds of brotherhood.

The rage and fury at being betrayed by Mezentia grows, Exagorá Tavthalla, the great tauric unity, we differ in faith but not in brotherhood.

Varied religions are tolerated but mass following in any one god other than ephial is frowned upon, Taurs with too zealous religious beliefs is a terrible mix.

We will not be alone, in this new order, the throne guides us all, and it can guide others to redemption too, many creatures across the world are sinful and can learn our redemption, our ways.

The Mezentia inspired Taur are rid of their most troublesome aspect, their partial loyalty to Mezentia and care for their opinion, and their unwavering pacifism atrophied by the reformation.
The throne cares not about prancing about as a deer or practicing medicine, and such things are left as they are.

With this is the reemergence of the Tavthallan council, but with the royal family being restored to many of its old powers, the crown prince obtaining many of the abilities the old king had though is still only on par with the other two sections of government.

But with more legal power under the command of the crown prince, Tavthalla can do something it has not done for a long time, war.

True war, not the sort these other petty nations pretend at, a genuine war, a righteous war, no pathetic raid or founding of puppet states, but an invasion.

War is declared on Cuvier Selund, to furore and applause.

For Uesugi-Melanie, for Solaria-Halistra, for Ephial below and the moons above, and for all Taurkind and other races to rejoice at the rising of a new tauric order.
War Post:
The Tavthallan military departs from the port of Rahak to Diamond Island and Mainland Selund.
The forces involved are armed with large amounts of reaping spears, Tavthallan Greatbows and some hallowed soldiers wielding royal guards weapons or Taurbone Greatbows, to massive effect.

This is planned not as a slaughter, but an occupation and conquest.

As indicated by the map, we declare war and state our wargoals of occupying Upper Selund and adding the population to our nation, aided in this by our general reputation as trustworthy and honourable.

We plan for a rather short war, deeptaur, more regular aquatic taur and snaketaur capable of swimming being used in our conquest, and making a defensive line to prevent reinforcements reaching the island.
While land ships from the port make to the relatively undefended land of the island and march to take it, more vessels would make break to the city.

We intend to simply make the city surrender, they should not hold out against us.

After this presumably short conflict with the island taken forces will unite at the line and march through the port up to take the city, while aquatic taur take the farms.

As stated, it is unlikely for there to be true resistance to the death, and due to our overwhelming force a quick surrender from the megalodonate should be swiftly acquired, and due to their cultural similarities to our own a relatively smooth integration of the new province.
I think this map may be better, green are the exclusively aquatic forces.
The High Council is no more. With the abandoning of the Sacred Forests, one tribe took full control and became the leader. The Kingdom of the Iron Leaf has been born, with Tomoko Tetsu as Iron King. Of course, there were plenty of talent in the High Council, so they were taken into Tomoko's court. Furthermore, having escaped the Shogun's watchful eye, she decided to go public with her religion, and the people accept as long as it doesn't impede the Sisu cultivation, as long as it doesn't include submission.
But now comes the question of what to do. Tomoko grants Miho her project of magic, as we simply cannot best our enemies by physical means alone. Though that doesn't mean we should neglect our physical means, so Elder Mikære is given the go ahead for his training project. Then comes expansion, Moriko can handle that.

Action 1: Invent Spirit Magic > Soul (2/2 Progress).
If the soul lets us use magic, then perhaps we can grant spellcasting to the mundane, perhaps even Tomoko could wield magic with this, though she has little use for it in her current position. Either way, the study of Soul may let us find a way to transplant a soul into another body, like, perhaps, an ageless golem.

Action 2: Train Conclave Spearmen (1/2 Progress).
The humble spear can stop a raging bull, the Conclave Spearmen are setup to be a full on infantry unit, armed with our shields but wielding a spear ill suited for throwing, these soldiers are meant to stop the enemy so they are then vulnerable to flanking skirmishers.

Action 3: Explore the island.
We have landed in unknown lands, it's best to ensure there are no hidden evil lurking here, know the lay of the land so we know where we're going in future projects. Who knows, maybe there's something special on this island, maybe it's more than just a fresh start.
> Action 1: A gift and apology to the Shogun.
To attempt to smooth things over and to apologize to the Shogun and to have him show mercy on Eden a gift is given to him. The most valuable thing we currently have... one of the Horns of the Pulgasari. The giant horn will be dragged by land to Edens garden as we lack a ship big enough to transport it it shall be a gift to the Shogun. We also will profoundly apologize for not keeping our subject in line.

> Action 2: Consolidate land
The beast wandering trough our land has created anarchy death and destruction. The control over our very own land has lessened. We shall send in the Army lead by Sheriffs to make the land once more properly ours hunt down criminals and restore order.

> Action 3: Preserve the Pulgasari
Our necromancy is currently insufficient to awaken and control the beast. Still, we shall pump it full of spores and have our nations best necromancers make sure it's hibernating so it may not wake up. The purpose is to put the beast in a state of hibernation and preserve it's corpse from rotting so later more research can be done and it can be turned into an asset for the nation.

>2 x The face of the Abyss.

Finally, the pinnacle of their work here has come into fruition. The miasma of dread that has been building up as a smothering blanket over the town has started to suffocate even the mighty giant. The decay of Borevia, Arcadia's invasion, abominations in the streets, the once presumably loyal Aurons wavering and fleeing to foreign lands. How could it come to this? How could Prius forsake them after their devotions? How could Prius forsake HIM!? Slowly, the colossus begins to abstain from its offerings, even refusing to sustain itself, after all, what's the point? It is in this moment that the order realizes its opportunity.

Through its confidants the whispers creeped in. Where it seemed to wane, they seemed to only rise in vigor. They begin offering him charms to ease is shaken mind, helping him harness meaning from the mess. Eventually they adorn him with rags covered in glyphs through which it could swear it feels as if something from just beyond the shadow is gently caressing it, and though it has no skin it experiences a sensation akin to goosebumps. It is all quite frightening, and yet it begins to find comfort in its embrace. For if one makes their home in fear, what could they ever possibly be afraid of?

Finally, Ix'thula presents himself to the Colossi and offers its what it sought most. Restoration. For itself, and its country, just as Xiguras restored the herald once before. In terrifying visions it was shown all they would come to do, all they'd come to achieve, and all he simply had to offer to begin the path. Abandoning the one that forsook it, and accepting the one that embraced its broken state.

One grand night, the sect gathered around a large pit made within the Colossi's inner sanctum. Giant pots of boiling, cursed gold were poured into it until it was filled completely. Chanting filled the night sky, along with the howling cries of Borevians loyal to Prius. Their blood was drawn, and used to paint the Giant's body with large abyglyphs. Finally, the captives were suspended over the pool as the giant stepped into, and submerged itself in the gold. Nightmares crept up and willingly through themselves into the boiling concoction and for a while nothing seemed to happen. Then, large golden tendrils burst from the pool, snatching the sacrifices and even a few cultists that got too close.

From the pool rose the giant once more, but nothing like before. Its body no longer of lead, but made of cursed gold, its surface a decoration of elegant yet alien patterns with glowing glyphs engraved into its shape. The most disturbing change was its face. It was gone, only an empty hole of pure void remained in its place that devoured all light. Should anyone gaze into it long enough, they would be able to see the faces of those offered, twisted and screaming in agony. With this, the colossi was no more. Huligurath, the face of the abyss, was born.
>Actions 1 & 2

Deal with the [zombies] in the inner sea port. For the time being, cease all trade with the Fraternitans.
Our new soldiery equipped with steel and the magic-resistance mythril should be able to nip this plague in the bud before it becomes a real problem.
Action one: Armored skin, using body magic Biomancers are able to make skin as hard as armor while still allowing it to be as flexible as skin should be, while active a person can take sword slashes, arrow attacks, and bites without any injury

Action two: expand and adapt the Army, with the warnings of how the plague can be spread new measures are taken, pages from the Meoswilan’s a kingdom-wide lockdown was enacted, settlements are quickly walled and orders to capture infected become orders to kill infected, Master Goliaths vampirization restriction is lowered back down to any black belts under his or his disciple's study, and all vampires of military service age are asked to help turn the tide against the infected hordes. Spread throughout the armed forces to normalize vampires and ensure they can help on all fronts.
The navy in the inner sea move into action, patrolling the coast for any infected and watching the waters
using javelins to kill any swimmers they find clearing the seas of the infected.

On the civilian front, the FBI within Fraternitas would be tasked with monitoring the public and ensuring no one hides infected hoping for a cure. Those that can be taken quickly will be placed in Bio pods for future study and use but those that are too far gone are to be killed.

with the warning about water becoming known, on days where it looks like rain will come the army forces are to attack at range only and fall back into walled encampments until it passes. Following the battle plan that the queen and king had made the nation begins to move as one, to wipe out the undead threat.

>national fluff, the people are scared but have faith in the government and the goddesses to see them through
>Finish School of Magical Circuitry.

While Un'kltn still has yet to finish his arcane codex to inscribe spells upon the circuit slabs, the potential of magic power is finally realized. Now those barren lands to the west, so rich in magic may serve a use in the tyrns to come.

A party of Stone Lord's arrive in Shorino, groveling before the Divine Shogun, bearing an obsidian statue of the Shogun riding a Lo-hai, a memoir of the happier portion of the divine beings birthday, while also a symbol of the Lo-hai's deference to the Supreme power of the Shogun.

The Stone Lord send their leader forward to speak for them, bowing so low to the ground their legs are almost tucked intertwined beneath them.

"We Come Before You, O Godslayer, Divine Shogun of Shorino to beg for forgiveness for the actions of our vassal, and forgiveness for our incompetence in ruling them. We have nothing but admiration for the proud warriors of Shorino and their God Shogun, and come to inform you of the misdeeds of those that dwell in the land you awarded to the Meoswilans and Lo-hai in your eternal wisdom. We fear that with your might and rage, that the land we fought for so long ago will be ruined once more. Please O Divine Shogun, let us punish our vassals accordingly for such crimes as offending you and attacking your tributary. After punishment, the remaining souls will erect a monument in your honor as penance as well. Should you be displeased by our measure of punishment, we only humbly ask that you would do as though will.

> The Punishment

The tradition "9 Black Shells/ 1 White" is one from Lo-hai antiquity, before food was plentiful and the Stone Crabs felt the solid ground of the surface. 10 fellows would draw shells, and the 9 would beat 1 to death... starvation brings the worst out in the Lo-hai.

>The population of Enman is decimated, drawing lots, 1/10 of the population to be stoned by the others. When the bodies are counted, the Lo-hai overseeing the punishment did not want to miss the mark for a proper punishment, so the vassal is decimated once again.

For the unlucky Lo-hai selected, their fate is far more foul, subjected to the foul silver blight, and immobilized so the body is taken entirely. Soon the Shogun receives a handful of strikingly lifelike silver statues of Lo-hai.

>BFT Warpost (For last turn, sorry for being so late. Started writing the turn and forgot to post this even though I was done.)

The Council Loyalist forces of the Black Forest Tribes would quietly prepare. Their undertaking being the most important yet. For while Blackblade was wounded in the last confrontation, the mockery was not dead. And, the Council Loyalists would see to it that this time their strike would be true. With more forces under the banner, a grand assault would take place to try and crack the fortifications and take out Blackblade, the defenders initially taken by surprise at what was essentially a sudden charge. While this would be quite costly, for hit and run was the common tactic rather than more direct combat, their efforts would crack the defenses before they could fully rally all their forces to battle, and enough of the Yuukaite forces would be driven from the field or felled to reach the fortification that contained their target. Yet more would be felled in the attempt to break through this final hurdle, but despite all the numbers they had gained for this battle having been lost and then some, they would manage to get to where the already damaged statue was. And in their state, they would be unable to fight back, as Yuuka of the Blackblade was made to be no more.

After this grand battle, the Loyalist forces would withdraw, as Menzentian forces and Yuukaites rallied and harassed the council forces as they left the field. After this, the Yuukaites and Menzentian forces had little issue in securing the eastern half of the lands the Black Forest once controlled. However, while after the battle these forces had an easier time, there was still a difficult enemy they would have to face in the north. Anti Druid Radicals from the Emancipated Kingdom. They naturally saw the dearfolk alongside the Wolfkin that were a part of the Yuukaite forces. And, any ally of a druid should be as dead as a druid in their mind. And while the combined forces are able to deal with the surprisingly skilled militia forces that made up the radicals, they would still do damage, and their mark and atrocities that were initially believed to have been done by the council in the north would be made clear as the radicals doing.

And, the Ithempeli would likewise suffer from these and the Javalin army. In their retreat, many of their captured prisoners of war would be freed by the Javalin army, or killed during raids by the Emancipated Kingdom Radicals. Still, some would make it to the ships, though taking the long way around the Tyrant Isles proves to be trouble, as a number of ships do not return from the icy waters, and in such cold weather further prisoners do not either. Even so, some prisoners are brought back, though far fewer than were originally desired.

>Meoswilum/Puyangi warpost

With the monster finally drawn to the ravine, and the last preparations done, all that could be done for the majority of the forces was wait. For hours, they would quietly stare across the mountainous landscape and wait, as the beast grew ever more near from the reports of the Telrac Speculatores and Exploratores. But eventually, it was close enough, and it became time to act with the beast having so helpfully walked right into the trap set for it. Great boulders would be set forth, falling and crashing down the mountain side until it crashed into the creature, the sides of the ravine struggling to stand from the impacts and the weight of the beast. But this was enough, and with a great thud the beast would hit the bottom of the ravine. With this, there would be some cheering, and the force would start to head down to aid in felling the creature. The Meowswilum forces, being the most numerous, would lead the charge. However while wounded, sluggish, and sick, the beast was not going down so easily. Thrashing at the attacking forces, killing any who were unfortunate to get into it's path. Yet, as the battle raged, something would be noticed by the combined forces. In the beasts thrashing, the walls of the ravine were being hit, and the sides further giving way, close to collapse. With this, a withdrawal of most forces would be done. With only some of the Meowswilum forces, along side those with a deathwish from their allies remaining to distract the beast and seal it's fate. And, soon enough, the sides of the ravine would come crashing down. Killing all who remained as a part of the distraction force with the exception of a handful of Telrac who were flying, two twin brothers of the Meowswilum living peasant forces, and a squad of Lo-Hai who while injured, managed to survive the rocks falling on top of them. With this, the dust would settle, and while buried under many rocks, one thing was made clear.

The beast was finally dead.
File: 480AC.png (2.52 MB, 2048x2570)
2.52 MB
2.52 MB PNG

Swiftly Golems would get to work in clearing out the undead from the cult, and swiftly a number would be purged. The ruined fortresses which once were on the Borevian side of the border were where a good deal of the undead were. And, naturally, they would be dealt with by light golems, who's work would clear out one of the fortresses completely while on the other side of Arcadia they would prevent the undead from spreading too much. Still, this cult once more has caused a headache...Though, that likely is an understatement. Other than this work would be done to try and learn more about the silver blight, or rather learn more to prevent it. With further work, a sort of cure would be found in time, by draining the golem in question completely of magical energy, and expending it elsewhere. It doesn't undo the parts that already have turned to silver, but it does stop it from spreading further to other golems and along the golem infected in question, so, it works well enough as long as it is caught early enough.


With much anger, the Arbiter swiftly gets to work instilling discipline into the forces of the Ithempeli. They will all look alike, they will all be alike. They would be soldiers, not civilians. They would be made for war, and nothing else. Much to the Arbiter's frustration, they are not yet perfect, with many minor imperfections. But even so, they are significantly better than what they were before. More akin to proper soldiers than the mere militia they used to be, if the Arbiter would even call them that. Still, they are quite more coordinated and disciplined, able to better withstand attacks and respond in orderly fashion. However while this went on, the few BFT mages captured prisoner would be interrogated...Needless to say, this isn't an easy process. Some are simply extremely defiant, with every act of torment driving them to curse and grow ever more entrenched. Some are extremely stoic in the face of torture, resisting the pain better than most, or in one case not even reacting to it as if it wasn't even there. And, a few aren't even mages it turns out. Still, despite this slow, exhausting process, some knowledge would be gained, piece by piece. And, once all are together, the Ithempeli would have everything it wanted, but for now, what could arguably be called the foundational knowledge would come to be learned.

Work on finally making great use of the new magics of heating metal would be utilized on bringing metal to the point where it would be just shy of melting the metal in question, and it would mainly be used upon arrows. However while the spell works just fine, a curios thing would be noticed. Upon any impact with plate, the arrow head seems to dent badly, and when the spell activates, the shaft of the arrow catches on fire. Further, with testing on that of some cattle, it would be found that the heating actually makes the wound more survivable, provided the one hit doesn't catch on fire from the heat. Regardless, it's quite clear that against wood and lightly armored targets, such will be quite effective, both in instilling fear and in actually hurting. Though likely won't do too much to those heavily armored. Other than this, Vance would work on teaching the prodigy everything he could in his study, which swiftly would be expanded into a grand private library, one that both contained a copy of almost every book made by sealanders, and looked quite nice. Regardless, it would be a great place to further teach and learn more.


The great Cultural Restoration is not perfect, but it is certainly effective. While many of the Mezentian inspired stay craven and pacifistic, their children grow to shy away from that, and a decent number of the deeptaur likewise turn back to the traditional ways. Though, said deeptaur become more akin to shoretaur, due to sticking by the shores rather than going into the depths. Still, it is a grand rallying cry for the great conquest that the Tavthalla will embark upon, and for those who already followed the traditional Tavthalla ways, it would harden their resolve, unite them, and instill confidence. For the time for action is now, and no longer will the Tavthalla be merely restrained upon the island with which their kingdom started upon. For it is only natural for the Taur to wage war, and win.
>Iron Leaf

After fleeing their old home, the Kingdom of Iron Leaf has properly formed. A proper sedentary monarchy, like many others...Though, what remains of the Black Forest is still but a shadow of it's former glory. But, in time, that will change. The further study of soul has shown much. While there wasn't any way to make a soul directly, to the knowledge of the Iron Leaf, there was still much learned. Children borrow a small sliver of the spirit from their father and mother, and this grows and develops into a proper soul just like the child itself. The amount taken is negligible, and hardly noticeable even when directly looking for it. But it is there. Further, the strength of a soul seems to be increased to an extent by diet, with the old meat left over from the wildlands in the Black Forests being especially useful. The second most important thing however is that a soul is bound to the body it is currently residing in. Should another spirit somehow take control, the other soul will be there, but likely either unable to do anything other than watch in horror, or simply in a hibernating state. Most importantly however, was a number of theories to bind a soul to a body. The first, was simply to get a construct of sort that had the capability of locomotion, speech, fine control, sight, and hearing all of which were likely granted to some extent magically, and take a unbound spirit to that construct. The second was to bring a body back to life, and imbue the soul into that, which would make it more than just a mindless husk. The Third was simply to find a way to get the spirit to overpower and take control over the other body. Needless to say, some of these are easier than others.
>Iron Leaf Cont

Other than this, properly trained and disciplined spearmen, utilizing those of the Conclave, would be worked upon. Currently, the techniques of actually using spearmen properly for a nation so used to skirmishing and javelins, along with the production of proper spears being something that hasn't exactly existed for some time, is something that will likely take some time to finish. Despite this, the initial work has gone well, at least as well as they possibly could be anyway. Additionally, the south would be explored, and nothing of note would be directly sighted. Though, some dearfolk have been seen. Yet, it is clear they are not from Menzentia. Despite the great progress in rebuilding and settling upon the island, an issue would arise, one of the sea. A number of ships would go missing, and eventually a damaged ship and it's reduced crew would speak tails of a strange, terrifying beast with a rotted spear lodged in its head that attacked their ship and consumed any crew that went overboard. It quite clearly is responsible for attacking and sinking the other ships, and after this, more reports would come in from the varying ships out at sea which are out long enough to sail during the night. The monster is fairly large. Not as large as most whales, but certainly larger than any killer variety. On the bright side, it only comes out at night, and usually stays a fair distance away from shore, but it's still very concerning, and a decent number of sailors don't want to go to sea unless they are well armed.


Preserving the Pulgasari is a somewhat difficult process at first, as many debris are needed to be removed before enough of the beast can be examined and worked upon. However, once this is done, it is but a slow and arduous process preserving as much of the beast as possible. Still, while undoubtedly not useful at the moment, such work is critical for future plans, and potentially the entire nation. Even so, there is much work to be done before it is possible to make the Pulgasari into a useful tool. Work would also be done to solidify control over the lands that were ravaged by the beast, and in doing so, a sheriff sent out would find Amber in a cave. Needless to say, one word got out and the rumor spread, a number of peasants and a small group of lesser nobles would settle the land and start mining, and swiftly, a new town would be formed next to this mine.
(Read Lo-Hai for Shogun response)
>Waking Order

With the creation of Huligurath out of the colossis, along with the tendrils that the waking order already had in Borevia, there was barely anything left of the government which wasn't under the cults control. The nation was practically a puppet to the cult, and just as before, where the colossi controlling the government from the shadows was an open secret, the cult controlling Borevia has become the same, at least within Borevia anyway. Though, just one more little push, and every single function of state, at practically every level would be under the cults control. Though, at such a stage, is that even necessary? Regardless Borevia now truly is the heart of the Waking Order, the question is simply how best to leverage this to the cults advantage.


Ceasing all trade between the RRFU has decently slowed the spread, and with the military, the cursed undead or whatever they really are have been pushed from the port and out of the Kingdom of Marca! At least, for a short while anyway. Nipping the problem in the bud before it spreads too much has done quite well for the health of the Kingdom, though forces are already marching to deal with the next incursion from the Menzentian and RRFU border. A bother, but at least such fields are sparsely populated and have little in the way of development other than the road. Ideally, we can stop them before they follow that very road to the capital. However, there is grave news. The King of Lower Marca, having grown old and frail, was reported to have been sitting in his throne room listening to a dispute between two nobles over a small portion of land when he seemed to shake quite a bit before going still. He would live for but a day longer, before he came to the arms of the goddesses. The King is dead! Long live the King!

Work on creating armored skin is a bit of a challenging task. Though, with time combined with the extensive experience of the RRFU in matters of biomancy, the spell is formed. It takes a fair bit of energy to maintain, and can only be applied upon the caster, though during that time it is quite useful in making one able to shrug off strikes which normally would do quite a lot. It doesn't help much at all against blunt weapons, as found out when some prideful idiot assigned to the project decided to have someone hit him with a mace and was forced to go to an apothecary. Regardless, with good timing, and careful use, the spell should be able to save the lives of many biomancers. Other than this, much from what is basically the Meoswilan handbook on protecting a nation against the undead would be applied, with a good deal of efforts focused on ensuring that at least basic defenses for every settlement were constructed, and infected too far gone purged, even when in stasis. Further, the vampires would prove ironically extremely useful in dealing with the undead, provided it's actually night. Though, this is to be expected. On the cure front however, things seem to be...difficult, with few knowing were to start. Still, the infection is being delayed quite a bit, or rather, fought back against give it's nature.


Work on the varying circuits would finally bear fruit, with some proper basics being set up in a way that doesn't cause more trouble than it is worth and just waste the energy poured into it. Still, it's in its infancy at the moment, and it struggles the longer the circuitry goes, but there is a decent number of fundamentals that make it work decently on the small scale. Of more important note however would be dealing with the southern issue...With the gifts from the Lo-hai, the punishment the Lo-hai gave to their subject nation, the Lo-hai bringing this incident to the Shoguns attention before the Shogun pointed it out to them, combined with the gift from Meowswilum and the Shogun being on decent terms with the Lo-hai already, he has decided to indeed be lenient, as while he desired the punishment carried out himself, it was perhaps more impactful for it to have been done by their overlords rather than his own forces. Regardless, due to all of this, their only demand is that his own forces may freely travel into the Emancipated kingdom, so that they can deal with any more minor incidents like this and send a message to any who remain to try and strike at his subjects.
>Celestial Order

A small number of infected who have fled to the island from the RRFU, and had succumbed on the trip, along with the poor crew of the vessel arrived upon the shores of the island. However, upon taking a single step upon the holy land, even in the dark of night, their bodies started to burn, engulfed in holy flame...Once more, it seems that the holy island would be spared from plague and strife it seemed...

>Black Forest Tribes Warpost

With the death of Yuuka of the Blackblade, and what was essentially the evacuation of the Council loyalists, combined with the incident along the border, there was only one natural response. The shogun would get involved directly. And, naturally, considering the once Yuukaites forces were made up of a sizeable portion of Shogun worshipers, it was very swift for them to obey the orders of the Shogun. And, Menzentia getting involved in the war was naturally met with a punishment as their forces were soon surrounded by both those who were once their allies, and the Shogun's superior force, and all captured. Needless to say, with this, Menzentia was forced to pay hefty reparation's for their involvement in the form of food and Marble, seeing as both were the only things of any real value Menzentia had that could be given in any sizable amount to the Shogunate. And, the amount due was enough that it would take quite some time for Menzentia to fully pay it off. Though needless to say, Menzentia is not happy about it in the slightest...

>Swift TLDR for Cuvier-Taur war
1. Taur beat Cuvier on land easily, but at sea Cuvier have a major advantage.
2. Plague, while spreading, isn't yet at the severity and numbers to cause any significant issues for either side just yet.
3. Taur do get their landing, but take heavy losses from it, and supply is likewise slow.
4. The western most invasions suffer extremely bad losses at sea, but are able to set up a foothold on land and slowly link up with the north western landing as Taur trickle in.
5. The eastern most landing isn't linked up, and is at risk of being thrown into the sea.
6. Fort currently stands, seeing how it is guarded by some of the most experienced soldiers.
7. Considering all Cuvier are aquatic, travel to the other island isn't too difficult, especially when their port is just as close as the Taurs if not closer.
8. The deeptaur raid damages a number of fisheries and is otherwise successful.
9. At sea, while the Deeptaur are stronger than Cuvier, and better trained, the Cuvier tend to be more agile in the water, and their spells wreck havoc on Taur ships.
10. The Taur are attacking, and as such, don't have the luxury of being able to use existing infrastructure so easily.
>Action 1: Create City (Brotherhood)
A city to escort their masterful theater and temple is created along the Zlon border to further facilitate intermingled and cooperative living.

>Improve Infrastructure (Golem Factory)
The Ithempelian Army has taken some hits due to their involvement in the civil war. To expedite the recovery proccess the Sculpting factory is further improved with fine obsidian and bronze tools and portraits of the Arbiter from all angles for easy recreation. Furthermore, the idea is toted among the military that the best way to show respect to fallen brethren is to sculpt a new statue to fill in for their inability to do so.
1. A team will be set up with many golems and light golems to act as a swift response to any report of Nightmare Zombies. They will set up a cordon around infected areas and purge those that are too far gone while keeping an eye on those suspected of being infected.
2. With the infections under control for the most part work goes back to the trying to cure the Aurons of their dependence on their asshole god. While the current treatment lasts for four hours we require a more permanent solution. With the current treatment an idea is formed where we could take a piece of the soul and bond it to a lesser soul to allow for transfer of mana, communication, or even greater things. More work would be needed though and as such the Branch of Connection within the School of Spirit magic begins to take shape.
The Shogun of course is thanked for his generosity and mercy, and it is stated that if the Shogun wishes for a welcome prepare for one of his status, a notice would be appreciated, but he may do as he will.

A temple is built in Enman, an open top plaza with rippling streams and spouts between the masonry. A statue of the Shogun upon a base, and ten others shorter, 4 Lo-hai Stone Lords legs bowed, 4 Meoswilum Nobles, one with both, and one empty. Upon the Shogun's platform, a single inscription.

A tradition forms of writing one's name upon the 9 filled Statues, while the empty one stands blank, for the dead have no names.

A farm is built for the vassal, so they can start being more self sufficient and develop.

>Character Action
Un'kltn continues to formulate an arcane codex, experimenting with what configurations, strange geometries, and structure deliver the results of magical power being transformed into spell.
- Despite a few untouched corners here and there, most of Borevia is firmly within the grasp of the Order, and so is its resources. With their new found administrative powers, the order send an exploration effort to moon island so that they may fully chart its splendor. Akiva's camp is expanded to accommodate and it grows from there into a small village which is named Nolvat after their neighbors.

-The Tavthallan siege upon the Cuvier lands brings with it chaos and opportunity, as war always does. Though the sect was heaviest affected after the raids upon their farms, the survivors would continue their out reach efforts. The creeps were ill omens of things to come, and now war has come for them. They spread this fearful cloud but decorate it with a silver lining. A new chance. A new hope. For those cuvier willing, though undoubtedly few, to embrace a new future, the order would welcome them to Nolvat. Free from war, plague and civil unrest, they could start anew within the family of Xiguras.

>Warpost: Tavthalla supply raids.
-Ah yes, conflict carries such a sweet satisfaction to the mad one for nowhere else will one find more fertile soil than that watered with blood. Xiguras demands chaos in the world, and the order shall provide. They gather most of their nightmares and arm them with creeps. Sent out into the depths, they strike at the Tavthallan Ships on their way to reinforce their troops on the frontline. Striking from the waves at night, any ship finding itself as unfortunate prey would first be showered with mindless creeps to sow confusion before the true terrors strike from the waves.
File: BigDickNiggerFaggot.png (23 KB, 165x157)
23 KB
> Action 1&2: The Rusher
The Mizukinoko have for decades by now been an indispensable asset in Meoswilan medicine. The instant boost of healing and energy they provide helping people at the brink of death recover so they could return to their duties, but as with all things they lead back to the cortaceps. Hybridizing the Mizukinoko and Cortaceps a new type of undead is born, the Rusher. Rushers look like pale white undead with purple Mizukinoko Mushrooms covering their back. The Rusher usually looks merely like a fitter undead, but can instantly empty the mushrooms on his back giving them a gigantic boost in energy, strength, speed and agility for 40-120 seconds.

The Rushers need to consume large amounts of food to refill their bulbs and can only "boost" once or twice per food refill. They are developped to make up for the weakness our undead have shown during Sybaael's training, they are basically an anti-elite type of undead. Rushers unlike more minor undead require an intact digestive tract to live they also are smarter on their own due to the Mizukinoko's symbiotic nature making them as smart as a dog and possibly able to retain a few memories in their life. Meoswilum will specifically use the healthiest and strongest deceased for this type of undead to maximize their anti-elite role.

> Action 3: Who are those towers really for?
A tower each is constructed in said two provinces. There is 3 reasons for that:
1. Protect from BFT (or are they renamed now?) raids
2. Make sure the Edenians do not raid the BFT again. Stop them by force is needed.
3. To show the Shogun we take our promise to not let the Edenians unsubordination repeat seriously

Military action x 2: Expand recruitment for all races, reform the military structure, create new military strategy and tactics, and practice military exercises
With it having been made painfully clear our neighbors are unable to get a handle on the undead threat, the RRUF has been forced to step up and answer the call to lead, the military is expanded recruiting volunteers from all races, the military is reformed and the structure altered to allow for faster more mobile responses, while the king and queen remain the highest authority in the military structure, the generals and officer staff are given more freedom to adapt and command on the ground in executing orders and carrying out plans.

color Force general template
The majority of the infantry is humans by being the largest in population fortified with magic and equipped with the best armor and weapons, they are a deadly force on their own

Lagomorph Folk tends to enlist in the Fraternian scout corps my virtue of their forms and nature they make great scouts able to move quickly and quietly, they also make great message runners allowing for relatively fast communication.

Canine and Feline folk range from berserker’s heavy infantry clad in thick armor with massive weapons to scrappy skirmishers that attack with speed and violence then fade into the surrounding without a trace.

Hybrids are all-rounders able to fit nearly anywhere depending on they species heritage

the various minor races of Fraternitas are in all branches of the military as well

The Military and all divisions of it have a healthy mix of all races with a majority leaning human purely because of population size
Operation Fraternian Dawn

the reform and change in strategy call for the creation of 4 armies, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow. These armies will perform the largest coordinated military operation in Fraternian history. [see picture for details] pink force and red force will make joint pushes against the undead in phase one, Pink force will attack into mezentia’s western flank to push the undead into the waiting walls of the mezentain fire mages, dividing the Marcan horde and Mezentian hordes. While read force sweeps north and west to clear the remaining undead in the northwest in Fraternitas.

The blue force will attack into the northeastern horde surrounding it and attacking from all sides wiping it out.

The yellow force will have the most difficult and dangerous job, the MSU military and government has utterly failed to stem the tide and hold the line, we are sending our finest men, and most experienced leaders, with the support of Princess sybaael to turn the tide before they and Fraternitas can be over run. In phase one Yellow force will establish a front line once the nightmares are unable to push forced unopposed, they will push them back to the phase two line where they will hold and secure their position until the start of phase two.

while the Fraternian army is making it push the navy will be patrolling the coasts on both the inner and outer sea. The outer navy will be supplemented with volunteer civilian ships as they are still not back to full strength, while the inner navy will be supporting primarily Red force preventing the infected from escaping into the sea and more fraternian land while the primary force is supporting red force a detachment will support yellow force, to prevent the infected expanding further into the inner sea, trying to hold the line or slow the spread until the main force can be sent to support the effort.
Once all armies have completed phase one operations phase two will begin, Pink force will form a holding line against the Marcan border while they also push the remaining Mezenian horde into the walls of the mezentian safe zone. Red force having wiped out the hordes in northwestern Fraternitas will then swing westward to while out the Mezetian hordes in east mezentia.

Blue force having completed its mission will act as a patrol force for the northern coast of eastern Fraternitas, finding and killing and infected that might wash up on shore before a major outbreak can occur.

Yellow force having reached the phase one hold line will reorganize and push to the second hold line, wiping out and infected they find. The MSU military will act only as a supporting force garrisoning cleared land and preventing any surprise outbreak in the rear.

The navy on the outer sea continues to patrol and ward off infected in the water. On the inner sea, with red force having completed its phase one tasks the navy moves to support and push back the infected in that waters near the MSU and the northeastern Fraternian coast

Civvies are to be treated with kindness and care, we will win over the hearts and minds of the people we save and spread the ideals and culture of Fraternitas at the same time.
Note, the UFC have traded me the Cog technology in full.

Action 1 and 2: Develop the War Carrack (Derived technology from Cog)

We need a means to transport our men safely, such a war transport being found as our military engineers put themselves forward to focus on a greater sort of vessel than the ones we have been granted knowledge of.

Raising the sides up higher, adding more sails, making the whole vessel more armoured will prevent the Cuvier from actually destroying our boats with their melee attacks before they can make landfall and deliver their cargo.

Designed as a fast, armoured troop transport, they will in time win this war for us.

We are clearly being too reckless here, though the fight on land is going well our losses at sea are currently unacceptable.

Simplify our invasion strategy, pull back all of our deeptaur to guard the passage indicated in light blue, where our transports in white will be able to head on.

No further attacks are to occur on the Cuvier mainland until the island is taken.

We are to defend this single arm into Cuvier land with all we have, and we will slow deployment of land units unless we know they can be properly defended at sea by sufficient numbers of deeptaur.

We are aided in our transportation of men by the small amount of Cogs we have yet managed to build, being granted the technology from the RRFU. These vessels will be far more suited to the task of troop transport than our current ships, able to actually move faster than the Cuvier and so avoid harrying.

While this may stretch the campaign out, it will mean we do not take excessive casualties and will be able to continue the fight.

On land we will pull back to the position indicated by the 1, making use of our cavalry to do so with minor losses.

We will continue our land advance very slowly, and only attempt to advance up to surround the land around the city rather than immediately take it.

With these far simpler strategies we aim to slow our campaign to preserve our armies power, so that a real push to the mainland remains a possibility once the island is under control and we do not bleed ourselves dry.

Those Taurs capable of the wartrance will be split into two, some fighting off nightmares as the fearless wartrance Taurs prove exceptional at this task, while the rest work to secure the advance forward and cut down resistance until the enemy surrenders.
WARPOST 2: Sybaael joins the RRFU in purging nightmares.
It’s been a while since she fought something properly, and her time in Meoswilum training to kill zombies safely will aid the RRFU greatly.
With the issue of dealing with lighter armors out of the way, another thing comes up considering the brief involvement in the Cuvier-Tavthalla war, and it is that they they don’t have a very strong land force. Although ships are good for reinforcements and stopping them from arriving, combat is mostly done on land. With this knowledge, some action is taken.

1 action: Begin deriving iron short swords from base weapons and iron smithing.

1 action: Claim the land on the rest of the part sticking out from the hidden northern landmass

We may have a Telrac infestation mightn’t we, that’s entirely possible and not actually all that unlikely given recent events.

Deploy the city garrison to stand watch around sinkholes.

It was strange, such a feeling... Ælfþryð, the youngest of the Heáhcásern's daughters and the most...eccentric to say the least. While most would seem to swiftly come to accept this as fact, the Heáhcásern herself would feel...strange. As if something wasn't exactly right with regards to this. She would keep an eye on Ælfþryð for some time, though, in time would come to accept her and let go of any sort of fear or suspicion... Though even so, the feeling of something being off didn't leave, as much as she tried to make it disappear. Regardless, she did have a number of new plans now for after the grand event, mainly related to colonizing and exploring the north. If only to placate her ne-...youngest daughter.

However, before construction on the great amphitheater could start, further understanding of the limits of just what the cement could actually do would be done, and with a few's idea's about ways to make grand instruments of music as a part of constructs, something curios would come to be made. A bell tower. One with a keyboard akin to a Hydraulis, but larger, and tied to the varying bells. In time, it would come to be played at morning, evening, and at the direct middle of the night when the moon was highest in the sky. The construct was naturally made of Imperii Caementicium, and many other grand structures that could be considered minor began to be made with the stuff, some which housed large musical contraptions. And thus, two branches of architecture in the Imperii began to form, one dedicated to the construction of buildings that served to be places of music, with instruments built into them, and buildings merely made to look nice utilizing the concrete and which were more practical. Still, with all of this, the construction of the amphitheater would truly be a grand work of art.

However, there was still a decent number of things needed to be done as insurance for if Shorino tried anything, for the Imperii's military needed to be ready should such an event happen. As such, two new organized parts of the army would be formed. The first of these would be the Praetorianus. They were elite soldiers with the goal to be the body guards of military leaders of importance, including the the Heáhcásern. They were chosen for their loyalty and skill, and were the best of the best. When not in wartime, they would also provide some service to lower level people in government who were not of the military, which would provide some more stability in such levels, as their reputation for dealing with assassins as well as their prowess in battle would spread swiftly. The other military organization would be what was unofficially called the Lupus Legio, made up of the Wolf folk which were once Servus, specifically formed by the Heáhcásern herself given her experience in how skilled the wolf folk were at coordination and teamwork, combined with their aversion to the sun being akin to that of the Telrac. Those of the Lupus Legio would be Civilis instead of Servus, the only non Telrac to be considered such who lived in the Imperii, and those born of those in the Lupus Legio would be trained as soon as they were old enough for the art of war. Their specialty would be akin to that of their old tradition, however with a twist. In essence, they would be made as heavy skirmishers, made for ambush, removing targets of importance with a harry of javelins before charging and then withdrawing. In a sense, they were akin to the reverse of the Praetorianus, instead of guarding important people and places, they took out things and people important to the enemy.

>Action One, The architectural Revolution.

>Action Two, Form the Cohortes Praetoriae.

>Action Three, Form the Lupus Legio.
File: 20201124_113742.png (201 KB, 530x466)
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201 KB PNG
>Raid Post
The eastern nation to our vassal, Arcadia, has long been known for their magical prowess and knowledge. Rumors spread by traders and court gossip tell that the wizards have run into a bad stretch of wars luck. A small band is prepared of readied Lo-hai in Enman, who cross the river and push over land with Hydropodos Tutamen at night. During the day, the crabs hide in dug holes filled with water to sleep. Setting a route for the wizards city, they are searching for any magical tomes or knowledge, as well as valuables and currency.

>Reaching the outskirts of the city, the Lo-hai will attempt to surround the first buildings they think are banks or libraries/golem factories.
>The civilians are told to surrender and they will not be harmed. Water Shades are to be used along with some creative freezing to restrain the hostages while the Lo-hai attempt to gather whatever they can grab.
>Should any golem guards be present or resistance attempted, living humans would be dried or speared, while the golrms would be tangled by cleave chains before being encased in ice.
>Should authorities arrive before the Lo-hai can retreat, a Hydroblast will be attempted to clear an escape, if unsuccessful, the water is used for a Hydro-Carnificina and Lo-hai fight their way out.

The Lo-hai are banking on the sheer surprise of the raid, Arcadia's already weakened state, and themselves leaving quickly once they've grabbed what they want.
File: awdasdwa.png (111 KB, 784x533)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

>Actions 1 & 2: Deal with the Cursed Plague

With the inner sea port cleared out, it's time to close off the south. It would make the most sense if we helped out the Menzentian and Fraternians in clearing them out of Menzentia proper, as well.

We'll begin with clearing the blight from our own lands before moving in through Menzentia.
Obviously I am contesting this.

The western army would be in the area dealing with the zombies and are active at night due to the nocturnal nature of the zombies. Light golems are in the area searching both the known and outside the known for the nightmare creatures; and compared to them the giant stone crabs would be much easier to spot. If the army is spotted the western army will be mobilized to strike them during the day and a messenger sent to inform Arcadia to mount a proper defense.

If the Lo-hai manage to avoid being spotted then they will find that the city of Arcadia is still one giant building and would either need to break through a wall, which would be quite noticeable, attack one of the defended city gates, or find a hole caused by the Nightmare cult, if it exists, and the repair crews will cause a commotion, or enter from the top without any knowledge of where they are trying to reach is. After any of these their raid would be quite noticeable and the military can be mobilized to block off streets and surround the intruders.
File: Map Turn 37.png (3.67 MB, 2048x2570)
3.67 MB
3.67 MB PNG
Cult of Ithempeli:
The new city of Brotherhood is created, and Zlon come walking over the bridge to jo- "NO PROSELYTIZING." The Zlon go back over and days later the checkpoint on the opposite of the bridge becomes bigger, security stricter.
The Golem Factory's production is shifted and it's tooling improved, now producing golems mimicking the Arbiter's chiseled physique, ditching that obstructive robe.


The Morning Sun team is setup to bring an end to the nightmare, they test their mettle on the outskirts before deciding to delve into the ruined fortress, clearing it's infestation.
Though the mages are still figuring out the full intricacies of the Wolfkin spirit magic, they do find an unfinished theory on a spirit bond. Souls have a tie to the afterlife that transcends magic, if we can replicate it, it should bypass the magic insulation of lead. So progress shows promise.


The temple sees people bow their head in submission to the Shogun, but it also annoys the ones who hate the druids, though the farm sees them placated for now. Why bite the hand that feeds?
A series of arcane symbols, sigils and runes adorn the slabs of Un'kltn's codex, though other Lo-hai have difficulty reading them, as they're written all by free-hand. He soars ahead of his peers though may have to take time later to explain how to read his work.


Waking Order:
The rest of the island is much of the same, no real discoveries, but the camp itself develops into a full on city. Though there are wandering zombies causing a ruckus every now and then.
With the zombie plague and the raided fisheries, a fair few Cuiver people decide to emigrate to your city, though a lot stay because you lack any fishery or farm of your own.

Event: Among the people of the dreamy isle, one night, lights dance in the night sky, like tendrils extending from the south, appearing then disappearing. It goes on to influence the dreams the people experience, and give some more restful sleeps.


The Rusher is a fierce little thing, initially unassuming but capable of a sudden, overwhelming burst of speed and strength once the stim-shrooms flood their system.
While the Lo-hai cracking down on attitudes in the northern rurals, the towers work to crack down on the southern rurals. There were some incursions of Wolfkin, but on closer inspection was just some zombified remnants of the Wolfkin that were slaughtered. Ultimately they were put down, as it'd look real bad if you were to grow your zombie horde from this.
Various posters are put up all over, town criers holler down the street and letters arrive at people's doors, saying:
"GC wants YOU for the Fraternian Army, go sign up at the nearest recruiting station."
Though a bit heavy handed it gets the job done, the army swells to great size, though a bit unskilled, though having more people means they can cover for each other, so each failure doesn't guarantee a new bite mark.


Development of the big Cog, or Carrack has made a vessel that is indeed large without sacrificing much in the way of speed, though it does require a larger crew to sail. It isn't easy to armor up the ship, but it's definitely more resilient, having more crewmen to seal breaches with as well as just being larger.

Event: The herds grow plentiful, but this makes them strain against the limits of their pastures, causing quite a few break-outs. The animals then disrupt city traffic and shit on the roads. But the guards swiftly move in to resolve the situation, and also eat their fill.


Development of the Iron Short Swords go swiftly, with Wolfkin swords to compare them to. Though ironsmithing a blade is still very different from bronzesmithing, you can't quite river on the blade, you need to have a tang. Still, promising progress.
The pioneers of Vance go forth to colonize the jungle, creating camps and villages where they settle down, hunting and gathering. Though a couple of them do note things going missing and hear things skulking around during night. But other than that, all clear.


The accoustic architecture sure is something, though they are impressive works, music already fills the streets, so things don't change too much, it's mainly just done by nobles to flex wealth and architectural skill on each other.
The Prætorian Cohorts and Lupus Legions are quite impressive forces, though one more than the other. The Prætorians wear fine armor and often talk, though mainly prefers lazing around in the city, gathering gossip. The Legionaries however dress plainly and talk among themselves, though they eschew public markets in favor of Wolfkin merchants.

Event: The Wolfkin start taking to the worship of Kyuu, though they go about it in a different way, Wolfkin brothels start dotting the cities, though they get quite talkative in bed. Indicentally, organized crime has been decreasing, and gang leaders often forbidding members from going to the brothels. Also a number of gang leaders turn up dead in the streets.
The army musters and heads out to deal with the nightmarish zombies. Pike formations are quite effective at holding them while swordsmen can come and slaughter them, but the cavalry sees good use on the southern spread, able to create an opening for infantry to properly encircle the infestation, making them able to push them all toward Menzentia. Any zombie not within the encirclement are easily trampled underhoof by cavalry patrols. Though your men encounter some soldiers of the RRFU, your forces are so overwhelming you don't even need their help.



Event: Loads of mushrooms grow, a farm is made to take advantage of it, providing a further source of food in these nightmarish times.



The Wolfkin craftsmen figure out how to create stronger iron, using bones of Yasei beasts to grant some of their power to the metal they forge. It becomes popular with beast hunters.



The city of Tatara is rebuilt, being far away from the nearest Shogunist temple, it serves as a good refuge away from the Shogun's prying eyes in the Black Forest, or Kuroi Mori-shi lands.


The Tavthalla-Cuiver War:
The Tavthallans pull back two of their armies to focus entirely on one spot, the city of Fode Foraminis. This cuts down majorly on weaknesses as they have much more naval power to protect their convoys with. Though even with this, the Cuiver navy is a fearsome one indeed, able to ram through vessels, and their soldiers, though weaker than the SeaTaurs, are far better adapted to moving among the waves. Enough convoys do make it through to supply the troops on the ground.

The troops are able to surround Fode Foraminis, though the southern forces have to withdraw due to the Cuiver military deploying along the southern coast of the island, mustering into a force readying to break the siege. The Taurs take significant casualties, and then comes the Nightmares, throwing zombies at their naval forces. The Taurs manage to keep them from damaging the ships, but they don't manage to kill them all, so the waters start accumulating Taur zombies as well as Cuiver ones.
The Lo-hai book borrowing (forever):
The Lo-hai, painted black and strafing shiftily, manage to make good headway during the night, until they get spotted during the twilight, as a minor force of zombie hunters were roaming the area. They aren't a threat but do leg it to the nearest town to warn people. The Lo-hai rush forth, but struggle a bit due to how warm and dry the savanna is. However, then they come across golems with silvery rash on them, the Lo-hai make sure to dismantle them, but find the rash starts growing on them too now.

Eventually the Lo-hai bookloaners make it to where the town should be, a worn sign telling that due to the Ash Fall, they've relocated to Arcadia's undercity, meaning they need to find a way into the city itself. But fret not, for the undercity has a major vulnerability, ventilation. The Lo-hai sneak through the airvents of the city, though their big and stony forms do mean they're clanking and scratching all over the cramped ventilation tunnels. Eventually they make their way to a library, where dozens of guards are already prepared, having heard them coming.

Then comes the Great Book Bash of Arcadia, as the library turns into a battlezone with rocks, ice and books fly whatever which way, lives are lost, books go soggy and wet, and Lo-hai are embedded into walls while Arcadians are stuck in blocks of ice. More teams of Lo-hai make it's way around to other libraries, which are similarly guarded and get similarly violent. The Lo-hai have secured many books, though the usefulness of said books are in question, as one 4 000 page tome was just a highly detailed description of the Shogun's body, inch by hundred-page inch, others were fiction novels though there are some proper magical tomes they find, but they are more heavily guarded than the fiction and erotica, there is a lot of erotica here, apparently it's because of the Ashen Time lockdowns.

The Lo-hai makes their way out of the city, though take heavy casualties as the Arcadian army manages to muster a proper response and the silver blight decimates the crabs. But still, each carries a crab-ton of books. Though Arcadia's book count is replenishing as scribes are quite eager to document what the hell just happened.

[Turn 38 start]
- With the Island's splendor finally revealed in full to the Order, the location for their new home as been chosen. The camp of Nolvat disbands and relocates to the new site where they begin dig out a large put from the sand until they reach its stony surface. From here, a quarry takes shape just off the coast and around it a town built of stone begins to emerge. As they disembowel the earth, chambers are dug into the sides of the query so that Abysians may take shelter within the pit during the day. This fledgling center of the Order will be known as Atulantu, the bottomless city.

- With work on their new capital commencing, the Tavlonians are asked to aid the order in surveying the island believing they might offer insight. Ultimately their goal is to discover any resources or treasures that might be lie embedded or obscured within the earth.

>Warpost: Tavlon
-Construction of Atulantu takes priority, and as such most of the Abysians are involved in the quarry. However a small force is spared to the Cuvier's island where their goal is simply to lure and spread the creeping menace unto the Tavthallan occupation.
Tomoko is chilling on her throne, watching a bout between Momiji and Sayaka. Sayaka was upset she kept losing fights and thus wanted to regain it by besting Momiji, though with Momiji using the new Kite Shield, Sayaka is beaten yet again. Though it does remind Tomoko of something: We have no iron mine, we have no mine at all, but sending a prospecting expedition in our limited lands is a poor decision. But Moriko should be ready to expand just about now, though it may be best to expand southeast so the grumpy Marca doesn't end up taking it before us. It's only a matter of time until they notice, so it'll also be good to finish that spearman project and Miho really needs that golem body soon, her health has been deteriorating since we left Shiroi Mori.

Action 1: Expand south-east.
To the southeast are temperate forests, they somehow feel more homely than even our homelands, with even more trees and without constantly getting bogged down in marshes, though we'll still wear our Geta. Still, we need to expand, to ensure Marca doesn't beat us to the punch again. People are still upset over the rumors of Marcan supermetal.

Action 2: Invent Spirit Magic > Soul > Soul Anchor.
An Undying Spirit is like a ship at sea, you can sail for long but eventually supplies will run dry or you hit a spot of bad luck. The Soul Anchor allows the metaphorical ship to make port, to rest and maybe pick out a new task to dedicate yourself towards.

Action 3: Train Conclave Spearmen (2/2 Progress)
Now that we have some basic discipline, it's time to work out their equipment. A standard for equipment is setup, requiring all recruits to have a spear of a certain length a kiteshield and a basic set of camping supplies.
1. Branch of Relays started for School of Magical Circuitry. The term Relay pertains to a system of circuits that Un'kltn has inscribed to fulfill a function. The more complex and demanding the function, the larger and more power a relay must be. Un'kltn's current prototypes seem to be a manner of "battery harness" for a Lo-hai to have cemented on their shell, with circuits to trigger, and carry magical shock down through the connected cleave chains, and through the water. He's predicting atleast 4 more tyrns of needed development before it could hit mainstream Lo-hai war doctrine (1 more for branch, 1 for spell create relay, 1 to tweak battery pack, 1 to mass produce)

To the far north, the long broken city of the Giants begins repairs. The Tall Two Legs are welcomed back into their ancestral homes, kissing the ground and teary eyed. The City is renamed Nœrd'hld, and a garrison of Lo-hai remain to protect against wargs. With the Giant's granted a City of their own, it is hoped the large men's numbers will begin to grow after their long age of collapse.
Reminder: Arcadic mages can cure Silver Blight by removing the magic in the affected area.
1. Work on the branch of Bonding in spirit magic continues as the study the tether to the afterlife and the Aurons to their God is studied in an effort to replicate it. 1/2.
2. Rebuild the two farms.
Action 1: Begin the long road to developing the repeating bolt thrower

First is developing the ballista, a project aided by my three actions of research into greatbows.

After this, developing the ballista into the Rahakan Bolt Caster, a far more refined design.

In total about six actions need, so here is the first action into developing the ballista.

Action 2: Deeptaur recruitment

Frankly we just need more deeptaur in our military, that’s all there is to it, with more deeptaur we can better defend our ships and slay Cuvier.


Our carracks are almost ready for deployment, but not yet.
Until we have them ready to sail our losses will only continue at their present rate, so we should reduce further our trips over to the island until the carracks can deploy our men to the island safely.

Once the carracks hit the waves in force we will be an even or superior match to the Cuvier vessels.

On the mainland, the Cuvier are gathering strength to try and push us off the island, so we will crush them and throw them back into the sea.

Leaving the purebloods and wartrancers to continue the siege the mobile centaurs area sent to continually harry the Cuvier and thin their numbers.

They are armed with tauric greatbows, and also the more impressive Taurbone greatbows, both items vastly outperforming regular bows and allowing our archer cavalry to stay out of range while they pummel their opponents.

With five actions of bow development and our archer cavalry harassing the gathering forces of the Cuvier, the men left behind continue the siege by preventing any resources getting into the city.

This is combined with the devastation of the Cuvier farms, the city is offered surrender terms and the civilians promised to be spared from harm should they allow the Tavthalla in and cease resistance.
1 action: Finish developing the new style of iron swords

1 action: Upgrade the iron mine twice to properly deal with the increase of iron use
File: Zombie war both fronts.png (206 KB, 1125x510)
206 KB
206 KB PNG
>Military action Train the military in tactics and discipline, with the army having grown greatly due to the efforts of the queen and king driving up volunteer numbers.

>FBI action Locate the source of the Nightmare outbreak, based on how the outbreak spread, we know it had to start in eastern Mezentia, but we need to know how any why it began. The BFI operatives have the support of military forces in the area that are clearing and purging the To far gone infected.

>war post against the Undead
western front
See pic of reference
Red Force finishes off the remaining infected in western Fraternitas and the infested in eastern Mezentia.

Pink Force will push into western Mezentia driving back the infected and cleansing the land.

[waiting on Marca to reply so the following might not happen]
while the Marcan navy holds a perimeter around the infected waters to prevent any from escaping.
[the above of the only response dependant thing]

Eastern Front
Despite being made up of the best the RRFU had to offer the eastern hordes proved too much and Yellow force was only able to slow the Infected's advance. Now, however, with Blue force being free to send troops and support, the tides of war will soon turn in favor of the RRFU see pic for plan

Yellow force will push into the undead driving them back north, using all the magic and weaponry the RRFU has to offer.

Blue force will sweep in from the west clearing out infected and driving them north as well.

The RRFU Inner sea Navy will form a blockade line on the cost of sealund, driving the infected back and preventing water-born spread
>Action 1: Finish Interrogation
The Wolfkin were a pesky bunch to crack, but we've cracked them. They've already told us the baseline information we need to know but we've yet had the chance to truly understand or utilize the spells.

>Action 2: Hero Action (The Arbiter [4])
Having taken on a great deal of extra responsibility as defacto commander in chief the Arbiter who had once shunned needless displays now finds the need to repeatedly assert his position and his power to ensure his word is law for the proper disciplining of his disciples.
While typically displaying some offensive capability of something more traditionally in lines with their Earthen Branch, the Arbiter instead displays a mastery over his agility enhancement rune and perhaps even his own trained agility. The frightening mountain of magical potential was not only incredibly dangerous, but terrifyingly agile, dodging projectiles and closing gaps as if life around him moved in slow motion.

>Other Affairs: Ithempelian Enchanters would meet Zlon Armor smiths in Brotherhood where the who would exchange their services, the Ithempelian Army growing increasingly defended as shipments arrive and Ga'Ga'ul growing increasing connected and alert.
>Forgotten Fluff:
The death of Austrocian I has left the south in mourning, with a large public funeral being held in the Lower Capital. His mausoleum is engraved with prayers to the Goddesses, along with a word from the Upper King, "A good King, and a greater friend." Words that surely resonate with all Marcans.

>Actions 1 & 2: Explore then Expand West
Rumors of a large landmass not far from the city of Maso itself have been circulating for a large number of years. Several merchant and even naval ships have reported finding an unfamiliar land after being knocked off course by inclement weather, though for quite some time it was never given much thought. Perhaps it's time to expand our faith to this new land.
>War Post(?):
The undead must be dealt with, though since we have finally knocked it out of our own territory, we can deem it fit to receive less resources than previous. The military will act on it's own to finish this task.

The proposed plan from the RRFU will be followed to the best of our ability. Any naval forces we have in the inner sea will focus on surrounding the inflicted area outside of Menzentia, and work their way toward the city proper while killing any undead they pass.
Back on the land, we will attempt to move our forces towards the city from our position in the Menzentian countryside in the west.

With the existence of so many different types of musical instruments in the Imperii's lands, and a strong musical culture existing in both the Imperii itself and it's armed forces, it was only natural that eventually it would branch out to become something more. Aeneator were once just those who utilized the Tubus, Cornu, and other horns for signaling, however now many different types of Aeneator would come to be, ranging from original roles skilled in utilizing the instruments mentioned previously, to those using older instruments that the Imperii has had for a long time, like Fidula or Tibia. They were still soldiers, but their purpose was purely to aid in morale of the forces under the Imperii, and play during important marches or events that involve the military. Regardless, they'd be an important part of the opening ceremony for the grand events that were planned by the Heáhcásern.

Other than this, the construction of the grand Amphitheater was to start...Was. Unfortunately for the Heáhcásern the church requested some aid, something they didn't have for quite some time, citing the importance of keeping the Zeal in the Servus strong, and also further keeping the Imperii unified. This wasn't too much of a delay, but it was still an annoying one to the Heáhcásern who would agree if only so they would leave her alone and so that any potential issues could be avoided. It also would be important for the integration of any and all future Servus a part of the Imperii, and also dealing with Tarnatos. Regardless, a good deal of effort would be given to get a proper, codified book on the creation of the world, Kyuu, what happens after death, and the nature of other, lesser gods, spirits, and Kyuu's chosen. For while all such information was available, it wasn't in a single, concise book which would be able to be used as a good start for keeping the faithful, well, faithful. Along side being useful for converting others as those trying to convert others didn't have to remember every little thing provided they could read. The book would come to be called Naturam mundi et Kyuu, and at least when the grand event took place, the faith might spread like the Culture of the Imperii.

>Action One. Military Musicians

>Action Two & Three. Naturam mundi et Kyuu.
File: Turn 38.png (2.48 MB, 2048x2570)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
The undead are pushed out and annihilated at Mezentia freeing the citystate… though the amount of damages done to the once proud city is massive. The south’s hegemon is not what it used to be, most of it’s Army first destroyed by the shogun and what remained basically halved in size trough this war. it will take a while for mezentia to recover as much of it’s infrastructure has been destroyed… but now Mezentia has a debt to it’s saviours. (Fraternitas +3 Mezentiai nfluence Marca +1 Mezentia influence, Mezentias army needs 4-5 turns to recover)

The Plan in the MCU also succeeds, you are driving the undead on mass north, to a large extent annoying the Megalonodate which if not weekened now would see it as an act of war. This behaviour make the crippled nation refuse all Fraternitan help thus having them be the vector spreading infection to the water.

On unrelated news the plague has spread to Shorino and Travalhalla and is exploding in the Theocracy of the Black Forrest. The once opposed to the Marcans wolfkin now under new rulership send requests for aid to their neighbour. Willing to pay them a hefty sum in exchange for the aid.

Developments in the disease: Some of the bitten seem to transform into sentient true nightmare Abyssals. Said abyssals on one hand seem able to make the creepers follow them. Most of said ascended Abyssals seem to use their abilities to help coordinate andm ore effectively use the undead… but a few retain their memories staying loyal to the Marcans and Fraternitans. They wish to help fight the undead, but so far have been locked up due to suspicions. Additionally ‘old’ creepers seem calmer. They do not attack mindlessly instead just wandering and hiding like animals… this lack of agression means they won’t come attack you making it possible they will hide in the wild for years after the plague propper.

Minor riots in Fraternitas and Marca. Many people are digruntled at having had to kill theirl oved ones and the agressive response of the state to the sick… the sick need to be cured not killed. “Cure don’t kill” becomes a poppular slogan. Why the ideas are obviously delussional, the protesters wish for a reduction in the army, more money being given to the Celestial Pantheon and for the two states to trust the church and faith more next time.
Military musicians soon become implemented and while useful in the battlefield they are there for grand displays of triumph and military parades. The Military marching band is born. Preparation to join bands as such becomes a common hobby among Telrac. As it is plainly fun.

The new book is of course met by controversy by cleargymen who hold opinions different to words contained in it, but trough military power heresy is quickly squashed. The Naturam mundi et Kyuu soon puts into question one thing though: The Wolfkin running borthels in the name of Kyuu. Not only are non Telrac doing something in the name of Kyuu, but it is a shameless thing such as a brothel, many Telrac see that as a mockery of their faith and wish the slaves to be put in their place.

The interrogations… still seem not to be yeilding, but soon the statues notice why. The Wolfkin while noti nterrogated send their Sisu to the one who is rotating their willpower to stay unbroken. Soon this issue is solved… bu torturing them all at once. Knowing they regrow limbs are milimeter by milimeter getting crushed into mincement with the wolfkin then being fed only that… I mean why would oglems have food stored either way? Salt being pured into the wounds the wolfkin slowly break bit by bit… it frankly seems they know not much of magic, but they start muttering osmething about an old Conclaven myth. Vivek the golden stag… apparently the old council is not dead instead having fled following some divine being vaguely south west. This would explain the weird storms the Ithempeli felt.

The Arbiters military and individual prowace keep growing. Soon other statues wonder if he even is one of them. Afterall he holds a name and lacking any appretiation for the arts and lack of humour… is he merely Zlon in Statue form? The rummor of course is baseless, but spreads arround nonetheless.
Shell Land
The development of the branch goes all according to plan, one little problem is noticed though… water seems to have low magic conductivity. Or rather average, using earth would be a better medium for using raw magic energy shocks.

The ancient ruins are rebuilt and soon the Giants return to them… sadly many of them seem to be Druidists.(event). Still the giants are oblivious instead filled with love and admiration for their saviours… even loyalty.

EVENT: The people of the north… after you restore their colony… how vile. They move in and you learn who their chieftains were. Druids. They are vile nature worshippers practicing vile plant magic. Maybe the Wargs were the ones who were right all along? Further south in the northern Island-City a young Lo-Hai hatches some of the Northeners quickly present him along with all children born that day with a set of 6 toys… Krthgl’tltlkrgh is the Spiritwalker!

To explain, the Spirit walker is a rare individual capable of entering the spirit world physically. Goin there and comming out. He can directly talk to the spirits of the spisirt world and possibly retrieve things from there. He holds a great religious singifficance being the bridge between the spirit world and this world. He can also summon spirits they contracted in the spirit world to fight for them.

The funeral is a somber affair afterall with the plague going on few can attend. His sons as generals are off fighting in the war and his grandsons as soldiers. Queen Theora Masos of meoswilum would of course show up even if weeks late for the funeral due to poor distance. the King’s relatives wish to hold one more funeral to honour him once the crisis is dealt with to honour a great man properly.

An exanssion north is quickly planned and occurs. A mythical land only found by lost fishers is truly there and extremely close too. The only explanation why it was yet to be found is the eternal mist covering the shores. As exploration continues only familiar sights are found. To the North once again wolfkin, but now with Kitsune and Humans. A feudal nation very unlike the BFT. While to the south east Longolo… though very agressive tribal and armed to the teeth.
The iron swords are created and soon more iron comes pouring out of the mines… now if only there was actually someone to also make all this iron piling up into swords. (you need a smithy)
After the raid having spread out your forces further along your border to safeguard from future raids your forces would see themselves stretched thin as hordes of undead from the former BFT and Borevia would start pourin in. Especially the push from Borevia seems really harsh… as if they were fleeing something.

The two farms are rebuilt.
Iron Leaf
A Southward expanssion happens and while the land is not fully explored what harm is there claiming it first? During the expanssion the wolfkin spot what seem to be Mezentians, knowing them as happy go lucky pacifists or at most lazy druggies the Wolfkin approach with no fear only to see the Longolo being large tribal warriors. A skirmish and ensues and both sides run off after suffering minor casualties.

Soul anchor is made, though one thing is discovered. Adding your ever growing Sisu to a soul which does not grow their own changes them. It starts slowly make them take on the features of those donating, eventually the self is lost… would it not be less cruel to let the souls move into the afterlife as themselves rather as to see them slowly loose themselves?

The Conclaveans would preffer to stick to stealth, but they reluctantly finish their training… they won’t be foolish enough to think they can get by without protecting their home after loosing it twice.

EVENT: Structural mistakes in the construction of the local church to the uesugi caused the place to collapse after a strong gust of wind… wind comming from north. Some of your people panick the wind was sent by the Shogun himself.
Everyone who wanted to join already has as such the new drive is negligent. if army numbers wish to be increased a draft might be needed, but that would be a sledgehammer to the economy. Moreso… as news spread of the zombiefication being curable less people are actually willing to kill the undead as PTSD sets in… many of the volounteers have killed their loved ones after infection the realisation they could have lived is hard to deal with.

To the FBI it would seem the infected were brought to Mezentia by boat, comming from straight north. It suspiciously so seems as if someone spread it on purpose. To many people to mind would come the Meoswilan documents saying how Druids tend to spread undead and perserve them in hiding to release them again.
The development of the Balista proceeds at expected pace a triggering mechanism and other thingsl iek that need to be invented. many taurs wonder why bother making such thing if your bows are stronger either way. Balista 1/3.

More Deeptaur are recruited most of the native deeptaurs are already fighting, as such the recruitment mostly relies on transitioning land-taur to aquatic ones. it weakens your land armies slightly boosting your aquatic presence decently.

EVENT: South of the old coal mine a gold rush occurs as hordes of taurs and slaves rush to the land to dig out a new valuble material. The material is soft and turns to white dust when it touches water. Dubbing it Cthlithium the seemingly useless material spreads quickly… why? It’s a drug, doucking it and being near it is addictive, while being near it slowly induces insanity, bloodlust and self harming tendencies. An odd spiritual high can be achieved by breething in the mist it produces as it tocuhes water and turns to dust. What the hell did we just dig out? (medium drug problem in your nation + minor economy boost)
Waking Order
Atulantu the City with no bottom comes into existance. Looking merely like a hole it seems unimpressive, but as you look in you see no bottom only darkness and behind the darkness the voices of those living within it. Will you dare descend the staircase down to it’s core? Nolvat abbandoned has many of the Cuvier remain transforming it into a fishery mimicking that of their homeland. While the new city also doubbles as a mine of worhtless rocks of rubble… those sure pile up as you keep digging.

As you continue nervousness besets the Tavalon it seems they might be hiding something from you… still guiding you arround they lead you to a place and start diggin with their hands… gems so many gems everywhere. You find demosits of Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby… there is riches hidden in this barren wasteland. Though what could the Tavlon be hiding?

EVENT: The Borevians give birth to a great philosopher. He proposes crazy ideas like: maybe we’d do better if we were not an asshole to everyone else? Just because you hate someone does not mean you have to tell them. non-Aurons should have to pay for our honesty, otherwise we sweettalk them. Sweckel Shwollead would revolutionise Borevian society.


EVENT: As the Church of the celestial family gains power the MSU, rejects their ancestral faith, embracing the Celestial Pnatheon as their national religion. Followers of the old faith by all means still exist, they are just a minority now and many of them flee up north to the Megalonodate of Cuvier.

Celestial Pantheon

EVENT: By the divines… by the 2 suns and 10 moons… the plague has reached the holy island. A maiden o fraternitan descent who has lost her husband in the BFT civil war is bitten by a nightmare. Not even a recluse on the holy island could provide her solace? As the Fraternitan froces seemed to ready themselves to finish off the woman her body would transform not into a partial nightmare, but into a partial… Dream? Instead of maddening shadows an aurora giving solace to everyone arround them would emerge. Additionally it seems that as a nightmare can infect trough bit she can too with her bitemark being able to transform creeps into lesser verssion of whatever she is. A new saint would be born, Medelyn Hein. (Medelyn can cure infected trough bite, church influence grows in alll nations it is present in)
1. The Arcadic army, save a small force in the west to prevent raids and hunt zombies, shall be sent to the east to deal with the massive zombie incursion from the south. Same tactics of using light golems in the night and in the day for in their holes that worked well before will be done again. We must push these things from our lands.
2. To help defeat these vermin a new type of weapon would be created. A sword meant to be held in two hands by the legion golems with a wavy, serpentine, patern meant to cut and saw through fleshy, unarmoured, enemies.
Land is claimed for our vassal, pushing for the river.

A Fort is built upon the newly claimed river tile in Eden in response to these recent Arcadian sabre rattling. Across the rushing waters, a watch is kept for any golems.

To the north, a Temple/School is built. If it was not for the gratitude and other enjoyable sentiments among the Giants, their Druids would have been skinned, and dried, but seeing an opening to change the ways of an entire peoples; different methods are attempted. The local druid chiefs are gathered in the temple, and The Whiteshell puts his research to the side to champion the evangelicalism to the vassals.

The Giants are told of the crimes of druids of the past, the curse of undead, and the purpose of civilization to tame and refine nature into a pure form. The chiefs are called to tattoo themselves with blue ink stylizing waves, and learn the arts of Water Bending, and join with the Lo-hai for the glory of Pleocyemata.

It seemed that solving one issue only created another, it seemed some work needed to be done to rectify this issue. While what they were doing was not exactly against the doctrines of the faith, it was certainly understandable and reasonable for many to see it as a shameless mockery, and Kyuu would likely feel the same. As such, it was clear that making sure they separate their worship from their hobby of what was fairly obviously to the Heáhcásern as getting information in an unorthodox way and acting upon it, was a high priority. Simply put, they would have a fair bit of talking to, to put it lightly. Though, this would be no where near as bad as if they were considered proper servus.

Still, the encouragement given to shift their method of worship away and onto other things worked to an extent, and the result of this would be a strange musical instrument. While somewhat simple in some area's and complex in others, along with being extremely well crafted, the instrument in question would be able to be used to make curios music. It was long, with a great and extremely detailed head, combined with a tongue of wood attached to a spring that gave it a percussion ability on top of the wind based song it could make. The range of sounds on the thing was, frankly, shocking, and apparently, some sounds it made were only audible to the wolf folk. While it could sound as decent as any other instrument to any Telrac, albeit a bit foreign and strange, if played in a more peaceful manner, the instrument was designed as more than just for some rituals which the wolf folk seemed to practice. For its other service was that of a war instrument, one to shout over the heads of soldiers in battle and give inspiration to the Lupus, yet...To Telrac and to their enemies, the songs and sounds it made in war were eerie, haunting, and frankly unnerving, just due to the way the wolf folk played the thing. Still, it certainly would be of some help in war for intimidation factor alone...

Other than this, the Heáhcásern's focus was on actually starting work on the grand project that she desired to see through. Naturally, the first stage of work was simply the foundation, specifically properly setting it up, and with how large the construct was to be, this would take some time, likewise much in the way of volcanic ash would be imported for use in making into Caementicium which would be made into the foundation, walls, floors, ceilings, and pillars of the building. Ideally, by the end of the work, it could theoretically hold every single person who lived in Rubrumetria and still have room for more. Of course, this wasn't realistically possible, but the idea of making it large enough that tens of thousands could attend was a key part, as was the aesthetics of the building. Still, for now this was just the initial stage of naught but the buildings foundation.

>Action One. Carnyx.

>Action Two & Three. Work on the Grand Amphitheater
- Atulantu is young, but it is the umbral beacon for all of Xigurat's children. Word spreads throughout the sects, their dreams filled with beckoning calls to the umbral island. They are to come home, to gather with the rest of their ill folk so that their fledgling realm may grow even stronger. Borevia is extracted for every resource it has to offer. Its wealth, materials, iron and people all shipped off to the new center of the Order, only the unfaithful remain, along with a reserve of Aurons to continue working in the mines. The follower in Amphibia are called to join as well, so that they may feed their true brethren instead, constructing another farm next to the first one. With their number swelling, the food will be much needed for the now rapidly expanding city.

>Expand on the crescent island.
-They have come a long way since the first whispers of Xiguras graced them so long ago within their hovels. First few, then many, then legion, they are now truly a family fit to serve their great master! And finally they have returned home, where they may live closer to their lord than ever before. As such their dominion over this land should be undisputed! With their numbers bolstered, the order sets to claim all of the island under their grim banner. Let not an inch escape their grasp, for every corner is to be the domain of the old one.
> Action 1: Improve Necromancers directly possessing undead to control them.
The Pulgasari being held in a comatose state finally needs to be worked on. The first step in doing so is improving the control of undead. Many necromancers struggle in controlling undead of alternate body shapes like undead Lo-Hai or Rat Kings. The solution is the spores directly growing into the undeads brain. As such when possessing the undead the necromancer temporarily gains access to the reflexes and movement patters of the undead from when it was alive. With this controlling the Pulgasari once it's up should be possible.

> Work on the Pulgasari directly 2&3
It is time to slowly work in the specialized parts of the beast. The base of the Pulgasari shall be Rusher spores, the get maximum combat performance out of it even in short bursts. Though unlike a normal Rusher the boost is made weaker (utilizing less caps) so that it may be done 3-5 times per refilling.

Many of the damage done to the beast is fixed using transplantology techniques originally developed to make rat kings. And further augmentations are made adding more armor to the beast by grafting parts of undead aligators and Lo-Hai to it.

Lastly it's digestive tract is partly filled with blower spores, meaning that if such need arises the spores can be burst and be beast can shoot a giant cloud of spores out of it's mouth.
because the plague is spreading rapidly in the South Meoswilum will cut all shipments and contact with southern nations including the kingdom of Eden.

As such diplo and trade with the south are halted to prevent the spread of the disease.
>Actions 1 & 2: Explore and Expand on the Island
The first explorers of the island have already claimed the entire island for the crowns, though whether or not the kings accept the claims they have yet to see. However, as long as Marcans believe that there is new frontier for them to tame, they will tame it.
1 Action: Going through the records of Sealand, Vance took note of an expedition party that mysteriously went missing some years ago. Something about exploring the land between Tarnatos and Sealand. What was so peculiar about the expedition is that nobody returned. He requests that a new set of people are sent, now more properly equipped with weapons, magic, and foxes to deal with potential dangers of the unexplored territory.

1 action: Upgrade the lowest level smithy and upgrade the rice farm by the City of Vance
Actions 1&2: Anti-Zombie Warfare Tactics
Sybaael the hero has returned and is now able to aid us directly in battle, and as she returns from her purging of the RRFU zombies and armed with her knowledge from fighting the similar foes in Meoswilum she gets to shaping up the military and drilling them on slaughtering these creatures.

Preventing infection, patrols and fires, altered sharktaur pack sizes and traps, the right weapons and how to avoid being surrounded.

She begins with the Rahak garrison and has the lessons drilled throughout the nation, before heading off to Diamond island to get the armies there properly shaped to combatting zombies though due to the nature of war it will be a while before these tactics can be enacted on the proper body of diamond island.

Warpost: The carracks are ready to sail.

Break the waves and go out, hunt down the last of the beleaguered Cuvier ships so we can properly supply the island.

As before our ships will be accompanied by deeptaur packs, which will grow stronger and even more numerous in just a tyrn.

It will be a difficult battle, but the Selunders are already tired and unable to stop our convoys getting through, what hope do they have against warships?

As for the war on the ground, now that ships are sailing once more we will supply our armies and the city to keep it well fed, ensuring no nightmares manage to get inside and having all of our wartrancing purebloods defend it with bow or scythe.

Lastly, we will continue to keep the Selunders pinned while we begin expanding east to take the mine (Unless I have to take the fortress first before I can attack the mine, in which case I won’t expand east but instead will try and encircle the pinned Selunders to once again try and achieve victory by starving my enemy out)
>Action 1: Spectral Research
The Ithempeli continue interrogating, experimenting, and even tormenting the spirits to better understand the magic. (They have the Soul School already)

>Action 2: Military Action
The Cult Soldiers have worked out a supply deal with the Zlon which awards them high quality armor. This armor will of course be little more than a detriment if the Statues aren't used to casting in it. Drilling and mobility exercises are run to prepare the army.
Note, sybaael will join the front on attacking the pinned Selunders
>Using only the most loyal and long-standing Fraternian mages in the nation and only fraternain born native who has been thoroughly vetted by the FBI will be allowed on the project as it is known that shogun spies have in the past tried to steal our secrets. Chrysalis is refined to allow for greater manipulation and a shorter transformation time.

As agreed, saint Hein is altered using chrysalis, fortifying her body and jaws allowing her to work hours on end without tiring or harming herself.

As part of the improvement of Chrysalis, the number of Bio pods in the nation is rapidly expanded to a huge number to support the containment of the infected

> the FBI now armed with the knowledge that the nightmare cult is active and responsible for Horrors they have seen actively search them out in eastern mezentia, as they know it is the origin point of the nightmare infection.

the military will support the FBI for the inevitable raid against the cult with agents station in the port to prevent the cult from running.

war post
The abyssal who wish to help are given permission to aid in the cause they will be trained and employed in the Military part dream soldier who has been saved by the saint will work with them. They will work to locate infected that have hidden in the countryside so that they can be podded and cured later. Pink force and red Force will take up this effort

on the front line were the Infected are still being fought in the MSU and on the border of the northern sealund state a similar procedure is done, blue and yellow force dig in along the border to protect the MSU from infected hordes to the north, while the remaining infected are captured and podded with the help of the abyssal to reduce risk of infection.

Once the land has been searched and cleared both pink and red force will surround the northern mountain province where they will evacuate civies and hold the line as the seaborn infected which the navy has been holding back will begin funneling them into the province for Pink and Red force to contain and podded.

GC would pin a letter to all the forces rallying them to save as many as we can, now that a means of treatment exist we owe it to the fallen and the sick to do no less.
File: Map Turn 39.png (3.64 MB, 2048x2570)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG
The zombies are pushed back once more, more easily this time, due to the increased experience of the zombie hunters. Still, dislodging the infestation from the forts is ever a tricky task.
The new sword is certainly interesting, it's serpentine shape is compared to a wavy flame, earning it the nickname of flamesword, though the initial prototypes are very difficult to forge. More research is needed to streamline the process (1/2).

Land is explored to the west, even crossing the river, though Lo-hai are noticing a silvering of their shells, along with... Crystal Rash. The extended frontier also opens a new vector for the plague to travel into Enman through.
The new fort does however mitigate infection from the recent expansion. To the north, the druids are outraged at the accusations, saying that it goes wholly against the druidic ways to extend life through undeath. That necromancy is by people not accepting the natural limitations of their forms.

The Wolfkin claim that being a courtesan is an artform, just one with a... carnal, twist to it. They even offer the Heáhcásern to sample their finest ladies, some are even up for letting her nibble, excited by the peril of it.
The War Horns, or Carnyx are quite the instruments indeed, with a haunting incomplete tune being played. Unfortunately the current prototype is quite expensive, some nobles have decorated ones for vanity, but it's gonna need some streamlining to be viable for military use.
However, the base for the Great Colise- Amphitheater, is built near Rubrumetrica, not only does the sides go up far, but the arena itself is significantly dug into the ground. This should allow a great many spectators to watch, though not all of the floors are completed and the sunroof is yet to be installed, it's still quite an impressive arena.

Event: Some refugees from the BFC makes it to your shores, they would usually be turned away, but they presented a tribute of strange green crystals. The nobles were intruiged about it and went about studying them. However, it was later revealed these crystals grew in the flesh of the refugees, turning them into crystal ladened zombies who became feral and attacked. A fair few nobles were infected by directly handling the crystals, but note that it is crysallized mana, and thus can be used to boost magic, though a way of draining it without touching it is needed. Though putting in your own mana does make it float, going against gravity.
Waking Order:
Borevia's wealth siphons so that a bank closes down and is rebuilt in Tlulantu, but the Cuiver dismantle two fisheries to make one farm over in Tlulantu. Though it results in just the same amount of total buildings than before, having centralized facilities around the capital does streamline the economy a fair bit.
The expansion does well, new lands claimed, though interspersed with the culling of the occasional nightmare zombie coming from the immigrants.

Event: It seems there's a new commercial culture forming, a mix of Borevian and Cuiver. Loan Sharks start appearing, offering loans with absurd interest rates, though they also have a brutal way of making sure you pay up, or else.

The synaptic link has the zombie shake and twist for a full second, before full control has been asserted, drastically increasing the agility of the target zombie. This link could theoretically be used on bigger and bigger zombies, as long as it has a limb configuration akin to the necromancer. Thus controlling a rat king is very difficult.
The Pulgasari is worked upon, the beast is large so it does indeed take time to try and reanimate it, though some rudimentary movement is produced, it struggles to even get out of the chasm you trapped it in, and only managed to do it thanks to large amounts of synaptic link usage. But this does show it's possible to reanimate and control it, but there's still a long way to go.

The exploration pushes deeper, but then runs into some of the local Longolo, a savage lot, this one, wielding a wide range of fire magic, which metal armor protects very little against. So exploration instead goes along the coast, finding a rather defensible little isle down there. Colonizing of these lands go swiftly, though the locals don't like what you're doing, but they don't make up much of a threat in their current capacity.

(Written by QM1) Going back into the Area antimagic prooves itself immenzely useful as the Sealanders enter what does not seem like not a highly not magical area. this non space is empty of nothing yet full of everything. Your people are lost and suddenly they meet someone... who the HELL IS THIS?! It's a Zlon floating, flying and levitating. They don't live in this not here in this realm between reality and unreality and eventually they lead the Elves outside as freinds, they ask them to not enter their land again as it my lead to it's destruction, but they are happy to trade with them at the border.
(Written by QM5 again) With the upgraded forge, you should not be able to fully support the iron production for navy and army. Meanwhile Vance (the city not the man) gets more food to feed their frontiersmen.

Event: The Lapis mine sees diminishing returns, the veins run dry. Attempts are made to try and find a nearby vein, though the rushed mining also causes a fair few cave ins. Ultimately... the mine is abandoned.
The zombie tactics are easily impelemented, well, most of them. Avoiding infection and fighting off the dead is simple, and with the war scythe it's quite simple, though the Sharktaur have to live with spears and tridents for their weapons. But the part about hunting down hidden zombies hit a bit of a sore spot, having to quash the hopes of people wishing for a cure, so it isn't completely implementeed. The tactics are tested in your lands, clearing the capital and the nearby fort.

Event: Some locals have decided to form vigilante zombie hunters. They are more than happy to clear the zombies from our lands, even hunting down any who harbor zombies and ensuring no zombie escapes their gaze.

Previous Turn: The interrogation continues, but with more forceful means, they may be stubborn but flesh is still weak. But then, one of the prisoners is killed, but her soul remains, even lashing out against the statues. She manages to pass on before the statues can find a way to restrain her, but this opens up a different way to get this information. Further prisoners are put in rooms of various minerals and killed, salt is found to prevent them from passing on, and once that is done, the Statues get to study souls directly, and how magic affects them.
The School of Spirit Magic and 1/2 Branch of Determination is acquired.
The torment and experiments on the spirits has the Ithempeli find ways of destroying souls. Not make them pass on, but, as claimed with Yuuka Daikyo, destroying the souls entirely, denying them any sort of afterlife. This understanding is what made resistance to Blackblade so stiff, they knew without a shadow of doubt, that Yuuka was no more. The gains from this interrogation is lesser, as the prisoners dwindle in number, more just turning into a study session on the soul.
Branch of Determination and methods of soul extermination acquired.
The military say they did not acquire any armor from the Zlon, and instead they spent their time procuring it from the Zlon in Brotherhood. After various negotiations they got some backstreet plate-construction, though these are not nearly as uniform as the proper Zlon stuff, though it does provide substantial protection. But the Zlon flat out refuse entry to anyone wearing "Reject Carapace".
The new Chryssalis is indeed faster and more in-depth, but it is also difficult to operate and even more expensive, though this makes it ideal for royalty and government, as it keeps close control over who operates and who is operated on with it. Though despite this, the attempt to modify Saint Hein ends in failutre, any new modification withers and the original regenerates to take it's place. Something or someone is sabotaging attempts to deviate from Hein's birthday setup.
Your operatives find a psychoactive drug being consumed by many members of the Skyblue Sun. It gives them a light in these dark times, but it's also incredibly addictive. The addicts are forced to go cold turkey, where many start ratting out fellow addicts and even who sold them the drug, in an attempt to be given some of the drug as reward. Though some straight up die from their withdrawals, their addiction ran too deep.


The Miyagi Sealand Union, now being the eastern frontline against the zombie plague, manages to influence a change in the Skyblue Sun. With their clinics having been attacked by raiders, Wolfkin and now zombies, they have seen the need of a military arm to protect themselves. Thus, a Hospitaller Order of warriors are trained, loyal to the protection of patients and also preaching the virtue of charity. They're nice people.

Blighted Zombie Zombie. As the nightmare zombies spread through the ravaged lands like flame through kindling, it happens across Shaanlín, where fungus zombies still linger. The two infections fight each other, threatening mutually assured destruction until they come across a silvered Lo-hai. The Lo-hai dismember them but the damage has been done, as the alchemic rash mixes the zombie fungus and the zombie nightmare into a single subversive infection.

The Crystal Rash has begun. Creature infected with this will find themselves eaten inside out by crystalline growths, turning you into a crystal-ladened zombie, seeking only to further spread, though the worst part is what happened to the wood-eating fungus, which now turns trees into strange mushroom things that spray crystal ladened spores into the nearby area. However, the crystals themselves are not silver, instead it's a multitude of different minerals transmuted from the flesh of their unfortunate victims.

[War Posts to Follow, but for now, you're free to post]
>The Waking Order disbands, a new Nation emerges.
The order has finally gathered in full within Atulantu. There are still some out there no doubt, refusing the call for one reason or another but they are lost and of no consequence. They have given up on their birthright, and have no part in the newest creation of Xiguras. With their new home, land and purpose, the cult once known as the Waking Order is no more for the time of waking has passed. Now rises a new nation born of the believers. It will be named Al'qayu , the abyssal realms, for wherever it reaches will belong to the Deep one! Eternal will it reign!

-Pavlom, the chief of Tavlon, has divulged to Akiva a great secret. They have hidden an ancient temple dedicated to one of the 4 heroes, Ivnis, where they revere his nightmarish ascendance. Even grander, they know where he is buried as well. Truly pleased that their native friends are not far different from themselves, Akiva convinced the chief to lead him to their sacred site. Assembling an exploration effort, they follow the chief, eagerly anticipating the secrets they might unearth.

- Their expansion on the island goes well, but it is yet to be completed. The realm continues to lay its claim to the last few inches of land left free of their grasp. While these efforts are in progress, the realm finds itself with the capacity to create as well. Where the order was meant to sow the seeds and tend to the crop of minds, Al'qaye is the reaping of that harvest and is now meant to enrich those it has gathered. For this purpose, a grand hall is carved within the upper levels of pit. This hall will be their atheneum, the house of all their knowledge and the center of their studies . Though it is humble in size and rather empty, in time it will come to possess a wealth of information as vast as the oceans themselves.
The Iron King is in a foul mood. Marca is at our border again, and rubbing into it aggressively, but we cannot fight them, not in our current state, if ever. We are backed into an even smaller corner, hostility is inevitable so it is time to gather our strength. Miho gets the go-ahead for her golem project, Hiro is sent to talk with the local Longolo, while Moriko is sent to prospect for iron, copper, whatever metals we can use, Tomoko has her aided by Iron Leaf prospectors.

Action 1: Invent Animation > Golemancy > Phylactery Golem.
The Phylactery Golem is hollow and human-shaped, so as to contain a humanoid soul. It's form is also more slender to better mimick the humanoid form, which leaves them fragile. The most important part is the face, having far more articulation than the rest of the body, and then draped in the finest cloth, as the face is a window into the soul.

Action 2: Prospect for metal.
Seeing as we're put in a corner, we must look for resources which can help break out of this encirclement. If we could find iron, that would be grand. But failing that, we will go for any metal that can smelted into shape, even if it's lead.

Action 3: Diplomacy with the Longolo.
Hiro and an entourage of Wolfkin, humans and Kitsune move to greet the tribal Longolo, to have talks with them, to ease tensions and maybe teaming up against Marcan encroachment.
2 actions: Not wanting reality to collapse in on itself Oak forbids any more expeditions into the area right after an exposition. Based on his own findings of course and as he’s the head researcher of a lot of things in Sealand Dulon takes his advisers it. Instead he puts efforts into making massive bows for the ships, large ones that could be mounted on the ships, several that could be filled with massive arrows and fired at other ships while out on sea to actually destroy an opposing ship. Hopefully, it would be enough to make their ships more effective, and with heating, hopefully wooden ships would burst into flames on the first strike.
1. With the city now restored the people go back to their old tribal haunts. Laying claim to them once more as they are eager to experience the land now harmonized.

2. Despite learning of the secrets of astral magic. Only the prophet knew how to utilize its mysteries. If we are to rectify this then we must study how to perform them ourselves. To begin with we must expand our senses beyond the physical and see into the beyond. Much power flows through the earth and if one cannot sense it then they will surely drown in its current.
>Warpost: Meoswilum
With their transference complete, there is only one thing left tying the Realm to its former identity: The Borevian ships in their possession. Seeking to rid themselves of this evidence, while offering a tribute to their master, they choose to put the last remaining vessels to good use. Making a final departure from Borevia, the realm fills the ships with as many creeps as it can carry. Steered by a crew of nightmares, they set sail North, aiming for their ruined colony bordering the Meoswilum kingdom, for the fruits of chaos are abundant in the South, and it is time for others to offer their suffering as well. The ships are unceremoniously rammed into the shores at night, creeps spewing forth unto these virgin lands while the Abyssian crew retreat into the waves and make their way home.
> Warpost Response
Knowing about the plague from the South the Meoswilans (last turn) have closed down all diplomatic and trade relations with the South.

This would include the Borevian colony where "no immigration would be allowed". Borevian boats being seen approaching Meoswilan waters would first be attempted to be turned away. If no we'd use our superior navy (naval tech traded once from Elves) to sink any boats which infringed on our waters.

If the waters go purely for the Borevian colony we will let them trough, though will fortify borders and once any "creeps" are spotted we will sink any Borevian ships we suspect of harboring them.

If not my nation is one of experts with dealing with undead and we got further information from the RRUF about those specific undead. We shall not let this plague into our lands.

Unsurprisingly, the Heáhcásern would decline, and be a bit annoyed at such an offer. Still, hopefully they would at least stop stating they were doing such in Kyuu's name at least. And in order to try and further this and draw at least some away from this hobby and to other things, further work to finish that little instrument so more than just a handful of the richest could. Of course, even so the design was far from standard, as the head could take on a number of different looks. Still, this was more of a minor thing that the Heáhcásern wanted to simply get out of the way so it ceased to bother her. Then she could go back to the continued creation of the grand Amphitheater, at least, that was what she wanted to do anyway.

But as all things, something would come up to interrupt that. Another plague, and one that afflicted much of the nobility. Naturally, given that the people infected were nobles, finding a way to cure this affliction was of importance. And it was clear such was magical in nature. Still, methods both magical and mundane would be worked upon, as once there was a way to make sure that the disease didn't kill the important people who got themselves infected or otherwise change them into monsters that would need to be put down. Regardless, while efforts to actually cure the thing were done, the military would be on standby in order to deal with any...problems...that arise from those infected too long. Ideally, the Military can make up for any area's the Medicus lack in...Still, it seemed like every time the Heáhcásern wanted to work on an important project something always came up to curse her and force the Imperii's attention away. Ideally this wouldn't last as long as the last plague...

>Action One. Finish the Carnyx.

>Action Two & Three. Work on finding a way to cure the disease, at least during early stages if not during later ones.
Reminder I have the cure for the silver blight and can at least slow down the spread.
1. Push the zombies from the fort and finally out of our lands. Use light golems in the night and to flush out inside buildings and the ruined fort. Set up nightly patrols using light golems on the border to be sure they do not return.
2. The work on designing the Great Kriss to fix the small issues that remain. 1/2
Actions 1 and 2: Finish development of the Ballista

Doubters will see their folly, for this is a tool that stores the power of a taur many times over, to unleash it later all at once.

With this design completed the first of the ballistae are forged in the metropolis of Rahak, its industrial quarter churning out the new weapons of war intended for use in our armies.

In time this design too will be modified and improved upon, but for now we are satisfied with this tool that can punch through walls with peerless accuracy.
Some even dare to suggest mounting them on our carracks to blast our enemies from afar.

Meanwhile the government sees about checking in on the effects of this worrying metal drug found in the wasteland

Specifically those that occur in people who overuse it, and those who use it rather responsibly.

It is also investigated its effects on those who have perfected the wartrance and achieved dominance over mind and body.
Turn 38's Tavthalla-Cuiver Warpost (Written by Scruffy):
As the Cuvier amass their forces on the Southern shores, they realise the horrors carried in by the tides. The mainland has suffered under this menace for a great time, so they are aware of the nuisance they are facing. Noting as well that the Tavthallan are their superiors on land combat, they device a different strategy. The city will be lost, but this does not mean the island falls completely either.

They fortify their position, entrenching themselves in the beachead they have established. From this defensive position they suffer losses from the Tauren skirmishers, but they soon erect shield walls and dig trenches to shelter them from Tavthallen arrows. If the Taurs want to drive them from the island, they will have to engage in gruelling combat on their grounds.

For now, their greatest advantage comes at sea. Their naval and aquatic superiority is where their strengths lie, and thus they shall exploit it for all its worth. They will refocus their efforts to maintaining their beachead position, while sending ships to the Eastern side of the island and engage with any reinforcements or supplies the Tavthalla try to send to their forces. With any luck, the Taurs will be starved out or claimed by the creeping menace.

Turn 39's Tavthalla-Cuiver Warpost:
The battle rages at sea, hoping to starve out the Taurs, but as the Cuiver move in with superior numbers and water magic, to try and battle the Sharktaurs, arrows plunge through the water. It is not uncommon for ships to shoot arrows into the waters, but the sheer amound of them is what's unusual. As the Cuiver breach the surface they see the reason why: War Carracks. The War Carracks shift the battle at sea, able to house several times as many archers on it's deck, and with castles providing even better vantage points, they create zones of denial around themselves, and thus safezones where Sharktaurs can rest.

With this, the convoys break through handily, able to not only bring the supplies, but the increased cargo capacity makes them bring a surplus in addition to many more soldiers. The Taur army is replenished, though this leaves fewer warriors back home, sending the army piecemeal would risk far greater casualties.

Casualties still mount at the sea, but Cuiver are feeling most of the sting, though the waters do grow thick with zombies, they have a tougher time breaking through the thicker hull of the Carracks, and outpacing the more plentiful repair crew. Some try climbing up to the deck but warscythes make short work of them.
(Previous post has wrong name, forgot to alter it.)

Turn 39's Fraternitas' War on Nightmares:
The scouring of the land has met great success, as the tale of a cure has people hopeful. Though there were a couple of times when they found some has inadquately restrained their infected beloved, but the army was more than able to put them down. They would meet up at the MSU border, though not all of the infected could be podded, so a lot were just put in cages. In the MSU lands, the zombies are pushed back, a perimeter is established, though they were also joined by the Hospitaller Order, seeing the destruction of zombies as a more proactive form of healthcare.

[End of War Updates for Turn 39]
>Action 1: War Action (Public Drilling)
The army is drilled publicly frequently. Those who disappoint are publicly humiliated while those who excel take an immediate spotlight in society. Onlookers can praise the efforts of Ithempeli's Army and maybe pick up a few tricks of their own.

>Action 2: Magic Action (Interrogation)
We have their school, we have their branches. While we understand their magic to the core, we've yet to use any of it ourselves; We need spells. Eager to finally have something to show the people, Interrogation continues, praying on the desperate prisoners and feeding them lies of freedom and comfort.

We are winning the sea battle, and (This turn) our deeptaur numbers grow.

It is time to focus completely on the land assault.

Focus down the pressed Cuvier we have pinned down and surround them from land and from sea.
Pin them down into a single position and attack the Cuvier army unless and until they surrender, they stand no chance against us now though we may take losses.

With the Cuvier surrounded, before we begin culling them we would like to make contact with the Megalodon who we have been ignoring their peace requests for a while now
These recent impurities infections of shell, the Silver Blight and Crystal Rash are growing concerns. The foremost focus is to prevent the plagues from reaching Greater Pleocyemata, and limiting it to Enman. The infected are separated, corralled to the river border fort, and the shell growths are attempted to be removed by cutting the shell and prying it off.

Begin Branch of Relays for School of Magical Circuitry. The art of channeling magic through earth, shell, or stone via circuits, continues to grow.

>Giant Vassal

Un'kltn addresses the druids claims.

"What Would Be The Will Of Nature Concerning The Threat Of Wargs? Your People Would Have Been Consumed By The Strongest Beast. It Has Been Only Through The Strength And Will Of Civilization, That Beast Of The Wild Has Been Driven Back Enough To Reclaim Your Home. If Your People Return To Your Ancestral Ways, You Will Follow Their Fall."

As a means to further entrench them to their leige crabs, the Giants are taught basic water bending for a warg hunt, and are to join with the hunter crabs in protecting their lands from the beasts.
>Charcter Action
Georgeo cleanerson spends time acting as the emotional rock and shoulder to lean on for both his wife who is now adjusting to being a dream touched and Saint hein, who is struggling with her guilt over the two men she failed to save. He helps both to be at peace with themselves and recover with his help.

>using rejuvenation and Bio pods a new spell is created, Restoration which restores the body and energy of a person in a short time.

Army Patrol the land and aid the MSU in holding the line, Continue with plodding operations, the navy blockades all in coming ships and looks out for infected. any ship wishing to enter the RRFU will be forced to land in the mountain province for quarantine
>Action 1: Explore West

>Action 2: Send Missionaries to the savage Longolo
We send peaceful men to make proper contact with this tribe, to both civilize and bring the light to these people. These missionaries will bring word of the miracles of the Goddesses, and will hopefully soon see the benevolence that is Marca.
File: Turn 40.png (2.38 MB, 2048x2570)
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2.38 MB PNG
The Carnyx is finished and it truly is a one-of-a-kind instrument even “non-telrac” in some way. It will greately help expand Imperii culture and music.

The cure for the novel disease is well nowwhere to be found. The only cure seems to be to chop off the crystal and store it safely, but no matter in what container you but it it very slowly starts eating away at it too. Still after a few weeks the crystal return in patients, more worryingly it seems to spread to trees making them Mushroom-like and spreading the mago-crystaline growths. Trying any magic on it merely makes the subjects float. Still some progress was made as:

1. The Imperii learn that there is a fungal component to the disease, meaning to meoswilans might be able to help.
2. The disease has a magical component, so maybe Elven Anti-Magic could help or lo-Hai controll of magic trough their circuttry.

More worryingly though those in early stages of infection seem to keep their sanity and have their magical power boosted manyfold, using it to win fights or take revenge… interestingly enough in them the disease seems to proceed more slowly, wonder why?

The training goes well… to make the Elite soldiers even more Elite, but less and less Statues wish to join the army and come to the demonstrations fearing embrassment. Suspicions of the Arbiter not being part of the divine whole of Ithempeli also keep mounting. Afterall the Ithempeli are one, the closer to the true united being they once were they are the better they are yet more new forms keep diverging and some of them claim supperiority over the true forms closest to the original? (more orthodox parts of ithempeli society are very unhappy with the Arbiter)

After the last interrogation most prisoners were dead and of those alive few were sane… and of course of those sane were the ones of the strongest will… but in time even they were broken. Bought wolfkin slaves were taught as actors and staged a fake escape in which one of them was killed to trick the Wolfkin to use their soul magic to keep the dead’s soul around. The plan succeeded and the Ithempeli learned the spell which let’s the wolfkin keep souls arround after death, though as the roose was found the rest of the captive wolfkin either had their mind completelly broken or commited suicide. No more captives to interrogate remain.

EVENT: From the East a great Migration of statues comes, the city quickly grows untill it can be considered a metropolis. Why? Many of the statues wished to no longer live in undevelopped wild land the great capital is where the show is at! (you loose 2 provinces, your capital becomes a Metropolis)
Shell Land
Cutting off chunks of the shell works fine for Silver Blight, but much less so for Silver blight ast he disease just keeps reappearing no matter how much you cut. One idea which works perfectly for silver blight is hooking up an empty battery to it and having all the magic get sucked in stopping the diseases progress. This also seems to slightly slow Crystal Blight growth, but not by much.

The exploration would directly enter Kos’loh territory, as such no word from them would be heard off. (Exploration failed)
The next attempt at exploring the land and contacting the Ko’loh would be more sucessful, as the Kos’loh would allow the missionarries in.

HAPPENING: Colony unsuported
Without a city to act as a center of administration the new Marcan colony is quickly devolving into savagery and unrest, especially as very few people are inhabiting a large area. Additionally with no farm to produce food or port to import it the people are forced to sustain themselves of their own farms, hunt or trade with natives, making their lives very hard unlike the mainlanders. Meaning few mainlanders wish to go there.

The Sealundian plan is an odd one, to further improve travalhallan bows is a truly impressive task. For convenience they will be shot sideways and their size is increased so much so that only one fits on a ship. Up to 40 strong sailor men need to pull alon a bow string and let go the same instant to release the arrow. The new bow is created and it’s a raw power is… frankly ridiculous, but due to how it is fired it takes a long time to load, is very imprevise and prone to hurting the ones firing it.
Thanks to Fraternitan volounteer warriors known as the Seramists undead are mostly pushed out of Arcadia. Said warriors are a heresy of the Celestial Pantheon with many Vampires among them. Many mages wonder if we should send help to our neighbours if just so more undead don’t pass into our nation again from theirs. The undead are gone from the land, but are pushing in from literally every border the nation has straining it’s military immensely afterall each undead lost is easily replaced… but a single mage lost means thousands of golems lost. The nation slowly sees itself forced to utilise non-mages with basic equipment to keep the border protected, but those get infected easier contributing to the horde.

On another note odd rare “crystal creepers” seem to be spotted at the border they seem happy to attack the other undead, but if they go for the mages are much harder to kill. many mages saw odd green crystal grow on their skin, they seem to boost their magical power without any additional consequences as such they keep fighting on on the battlefield. Knowing of silver blight they would be allowed to keep operating as long as they are kept away from other mages and poppulated areas.

EVENT: The undead hordes continuing their advancement would by surprise catch the ancient Mezentian palace-embassy. The destruction of such ancient historical building is a great loss, though some Arcadians are relieved nothing of value to their nation was lost.

Iron Leaf
The new type of Golem is developped sucesfully. The new golem is indeed fragile, but being abl to use foritfication magic is able to compensate for it. The Souls made to be expressive mimicking aurons are done using small amounts of lead traded in anciet times from the UFC.Though the lead sun runs out and expressionless metal faces have to do for most. (you need to find/trade lead for expressive faces)

Prospecting for metals goes well as soon a source of iron above the river and one source of jade right next to your capital are found. no traces or more expsinve metals like copper, gold, platinum or silver seem pressent in this land.
The new spell is created, but as direct rejuvenation of the body beyond speeding up natural processes is impossible the spell is modified to instead breaking down the subjects body and quickly regrowing it anew in the pod. This procedure while just as effective, is frankly weird to many people as they wonder if it’s even the same person getting out of the pod. The person undergoing it also sometimes suffers from confussion and a loss of sense of self.

Georgeo and the Saint quickly get closer though there clearly is a very big gap as if a casm between the two in worldview it is as if both of them looked at the same thing, but saw completelly different things, but precisely of this the Saint likes to keep him arround for he is very knowlegable in things she is not and she hopes she eventually can bring who she sees as a good but misguided man closer to the faith.

EVENT: The Seramist heresy. A retired army officer Herisher Sera and famous Priest has come out of retirement at the respectable age of 70 (unaugmented). Sera trough his for a human incredible physical strangth and knowlege of the Celestial Family has quickly ammassed a following being one of the best undead hunters during the war. He is the man who wrestled an Abyssal and then beat it todeath using a holy book. Heirsher seems greately upset about the Saint and the stance on the nightmares she forced onto the Celestial Pantheon. nailing 97 declarations on his churches wall he declared the Church illigitmaate starting what would be known as the Seramist Heresy of Remormation to it’s followers. The Seramists believe that all those carrying the plague need to be exterminated at all cost, with healing them being a silly endevour. They pride themselves in maximising their ocmabt power trough bioaugmentation and a readily embrace of Vampirism. Many Seramists have traveled abroad to the TBF, Megalodonate and Arcadia to hunt undead. The Seramists are very liked by the Skyblue Sun.
The Ballista is created and while the rebbels posess a few of their own they lack the ability to make more as such the question will now be answered: Which is stronger? A force many times stronger than a Taur or a Taur with an Unbrekable Shield. Many taur on the other hand seeing the streangth of this device frankly dislike it, it destroyst he need for physical fitness and seems like something the weakblood races should do to compensate for their weakness not proud Taur. Many more traditional army divissions do not wish to use this weapon seeing it as dishonourable.

EVENT: The Rahhus rebellion would be a major event, for a nation as small and poor in resources as Travalhalla. After a deposit of Mythrill would be found near Rahhus the Mayor of “Mezentia of the East” would choose to declare independance to keep the resource for themselves after preparing sufficiently to be able to deffend. The Rahhus Republic would be born a state in which the countless Tauric slaves would be freed and ready to fight alongside the Taurs. Their symbol would be a Mythrill shield. Their main form of war would be Mythrill shields with Cthulithium on the front, protecting the shieldbearer from it’s effects, but instilling the addiction andi nsanity in the attacker. The news of the new rebellious state and their Mythrill would soon spread to Mezentia (trough diplomat) as well as Fraternitas and Marca.

Waking Order
Huligurath once known as the Colossus, is an odd man. His quest for power only furthered by the Waking Order, few were surprised when he remained among the Waking cult instead of following the others to Al’qaya… afterall he is the leader of what remains of the waking cult. May rise the order of the Awake under the rule of Huligurath, may the Borevians make good use of subersive cult made subject.

The exploration goes well and you are intoduced to a grand temple. The story of Ivnis is the story of a Taur tribe of that name which wandered into an empty wasteland and while dying and starved was attacked by Nightmares. All died, but one who defeated all the nightmares, many became heroes because they were chosen by the Gods, Ivnis was chosen by the Gods because he crawled his way into the realm of heroes himself. The temple is truly impressive, and the sotory impresses many of the cult having about 20% turn to incorporating worship of the Hero into their prayers. His grave is located on the main continent, somehere on the shore of the Inland sea, the exact location is unknown but supposedly his grave is easy to find having a large stone circle above it. (something like stone henge)

The expanssion goes well and a grand hall is created. Deep within the hole hides a place of learning and Eldritch knowlege.
Nemen Capiphate
The nemen race by apperance man, but by heart Lion, tryly is supperior to other humans in spire of their simmilar apperance. They are the ones who have tamed the Nemean Lions, lions brought them into the fold to pull their Chariots in War. Nemeans are in tune with music, magically absorbing it allowing music to easily bless or curse them, they harmonise with the land beneeth them. They also practice martial arts akin to a dance, melodic, but strong. (all you startting actions are fine, except you can only have 1 Mythrill mine)

School: Astral
Branches: Astrology, Astral Body
Spells: Expanded Senses (Astral Body branch)

Colonising further the the Nemen for the first time leave the basin of their river, they find a land as barren as all other’s far away from the lifebringing river, they call their home. (river important, give name). To the north of the newly aquired lands a ruin of a small city stands centuries old.

Within the branch of the Astral Body the spell of enhanced senses is created, said spell allows one to have their astral body extend beyond their mortal shell with said body experiencing and sensing all things as if it was expanded itself.

EVENT: A character from your nation (not hero make someone up) and a group of their followers chooses to go on a journey of martial arts and self improvement. They mish to travel the world and improve themselves why they do so.

Enmancipated Kigdom of Eden

EVENT: In the Enmancipated Kingdom a rare migration and breeding season of Megalo Elephants would happen. The Docile giants would be welcome with open arms. Soon the animals are tamed and incorporated into the nation becomming it’s own interesting piece of culture. Megalo Elephants being used as Moutns, being big enough to be ridden by Lo-Hai and used to pull large loads.
WARPOST: (Part 1)

After the war broke our Tavthallan ships would begin to blockade the rebels, preventing any further communication, while the very first ballistae are crudely slapped on the decks of carracks that secure the shored ready to terminate any rebellious Taurs, or daring Selunders.
River Name: kephir- When Nemeus became man he skinned his old pelt for clothing, but left the meat for he found the thought of self cannibalization distasteful. Hungry still, he wandered around the city and found strange milk in a barrel. When he drank it he was disgusted for he was unused to human tastes. Abandoning it he returned to his old body and found that the carcass was filled with bees that left sweet honey inside. While there was not much honey he found that it tasted good so he took some and put it in the fermented milk. Making it taste good as well and for the first time his hunger was truly sated. He called this drink kephir and this is why the river gained its name. For it brings bounty to the land and makes it good.

Event: Exemplar Kinnor leads the order of the Five Corded String. like many martial orders they hold that through harsh and grueling training they can temper themselves like metal. In addition they have also taken to self flagellation as one of their purification rites which is where they get the name. They also equate the string as being their fist with the cord their fingers, each representing a mystery that once learned through pain will allow one to attain enlightenment.

1. Spirit Empowerment (Astral): There is much energy that flows in one's body. Echoing the strength of one's spirit yet not truly a part of it. Taking upon what was learned of the senses one can utilize these pathways by funneling their soul's power directly through them. Empowering oneself and allowing to touch the normally immaterial.

2. With the ancient city discovered the Nemeans are eager to explore. With the priests being more cautious as they go around blessing everything in sight to avert any potential curses that may have lingered in this dead city.
1 action: With the first of the land near Sealand finally uncovered, another expedition is set to move out along the river, the expedition group being told to prepare for unreality. Those that were sent on the previous mission are asked to be guides, if there could be anything that is a semblance to a guide in these zones. They wish them luck and hope that the reality that they trek into does not collapse around them as the Void Zlon have warned of. Foxes are suggested to be the first to enter should it destabilize and collapse That no personnel is lost immediately.

1 action: Seeing as the Ballistas were still incredibly inefficient, more work is but in to getting them down to fewer men, and anchors are looked at for this as they don’t take over half the ships crew to pull up despite the size. A thing to wind back the bow string and lock it in place to be loaded and fired.
(1/2 actions)
The temple is a sight to behold, and soon it becomes an common event where believers will travel there so that they may worship and deliver offerings to Xiguras. The tale of Ivnis is welcomed and the tale of the grand champion becomes an inspiring story for those of the realm to never cease in their pursuits be it for conquest, knowledge, or indulgences. For only those proven to be worthy are chosen for greatness.

>The pursuit of knowledge

-The library is complete, but from from finished is its purpose. It will grow until all secrets both mundane and forbidden are revealed. But that journey is an everlasting one, so it is best to take the first steps now. Within its halls progress begins, and the realm's focus this day is on their Abyglyphs. They have proven to be an effective method to summon the power of Xiguras so that his influence may seep into the world. Each glyph acting as a doorway of sorts. The core component as they all know is blood, for there is power in it. Thus far they have learned to use that of mortal's, what would happen if they used something more connected? The Realm extracts blood from their Abyssians, exploring its uses in the art of abyglyps. The theory is that them being from the dream dimension and being in close connection with Xiguras, their blood is rich with the power and potential needed for their master to poor even more power into them.

-At the same time, the school of necromancy will be explored. Originally knowledge that was acquired from the infiltration of Arcadia, there was never any real use or application for it thus many, many of its secrets remain obscured to the Realm. But these secrets will not elude us for long. Their first steps into this art will be minor, first experimenting with the remains of fish mostly, along with other animal remains they can find. They incorporate into their necromancy the use of glyphs as well, to see if they could bind foreign entities to reanimate the remains.
Tomoko watches a show put on by Phylactery Golems, they're showing off what agility they are able to muster from these bodies, though they are still quite clumsy, due to how recent of an invention these are, but there's also worry about what the peak of agility for these bodies are. Numerous joints get cracked due to flexing too much, some even lose limbs entirely as they push the body to it's limits. Still, the agility they can muster is still better than the average golem. But work will have to be done for better joints at some point.
But once the acrobatics show is over, comes the issues of the state. The Longolo wish to make a visit to our leader, but we're hardly presentable in our current state, we need an arena to show off in, we also need to get to ironworking that new deposit we found and... well Miho has been rather thirsty for that knowledge, so we'll oblige.

Action 1: Build Arena+ (Theatre+).
In prepation for a meeting, we shall make a big ol' arena, where fights and shows are done, a place for demonstration of skill and mastery. The main building is a simple 2 story affair, 1st story has the arena and side rooms while the 2nd story has the audience seating. But then comes the third story, not part of the main building, instead being various houses and platforms hanging from the trees around the arena.

Action 2: Build Iron Mine+.
The mine shall be setup to provide fresh iron. We have mainly been working on reforging iron, smelting down swords to make nails and wardarts, conserving and reusing our iron, but now we can get some new iron for new weapons and new tools. Besides, we can trade it with the Longolo, get them on our side, and get passage into their lands.

Action 3: Send Miho Yuki, the Court Wizard, to study with the Longolo.
These people are savage, yet they gave us a book. One would not make a written language and a system for making books for just one example. This means they likely have a library of knowledge, for which Miho has a bottomless thirst. So her project for eternal life is put on hold as she is to study with the Longolo, maybe learn some other way of continuing to live, or just a good way of writing down the information, so she can finally archive all of her knowledge for others to browse.
1. With most of the mages on the borders preventing the zombies from returning those few that can be spared, along with apprentices, are sent to stop the spread of the silver blight to the control of the silver farm. We can not allow the destruction of our working and military golems at a time like this. Should also be good for the students studies.
2. A team of soul, earth, and biology magic experts is formed to study this new crystal blight. They wear heavy robes, gloves, masks, and hoods thats are to be burned after the study as well as air elementals in the lungs. Their goal is to find out the properties of these crystals, why they improve magic, how the blight spreads if possible, what other affects it may have on those infected, if it grows on golems too, and if removing the magic cures the crystal blight same as the silver blight.
> Action 1: The Pulgasari Saga
The Pulgasari Saga is written, it is supposed to be a grand work of literature on par with the Southerlands Saga. In this work we tell the heroic tale of battling and defeating the Pulgasari. The story focuses on He Theorgso and He Ryllhae and greatly exaggerates their heroism and contribution in taking down the beast. On the other hand the contributions of the Lo-Hai and Telrac are stated with utter most care of precision to what really happened, and their good character heroic nature and selfless help in taking down the beast is emphacized.

We also will exaggerate the already impressive power of the Pulgasari, so once we revive it as our own our enemies fear it the more.

> Action 2&3
The Zombiefication of the Pulgasari is going well, before it fully reawakens we need to make sure we can feed it as it's hunger will be greater than when it was alive. We shall created 4 farms farming Water Hedgehogs and chicken to provide food for the walking siege engine and beast of war.
>Action 1: Found a City
The new city of Austrocia will be the connection from the island to the mainland.

>Action 2: Build a Port & Farm in Austrocia
Sustain the inhabitants.
>Actions 1 & 2: Military Actions (The Romance of War)
The First notices the growing distaste for his creations focus on the tragedy aspects of Ithempeli over the Fortune. Being a much more talented orator and organizer, the First pairs up with the Arbiter to help him in his ambitions to fuel the army but in a manner which won't destroy his prestige in the process. Plays and speeches are designed to honor the soldiers and make the profession into one of prestige comparable to an actor.
The drills are toned back in their humiliating aspects, instead using positive reinforcement such as jeweled medals and first claim to improved pieces of armor to encourage effort put forth in training. While the First does the work to ensure a positive outlook on the Arbiter and his army, the Arbiter continues to share his wisdom with the soldiers, training them in efficient use of the mana cannon and coordinating through hand signals observed through the Arbiter and other commander's eyes via share senses.
Infostructure action: build a port on the inner coast in central northern Fraternitas and increase the production of Bio Pods within the RRFU

Religion action: gain Influence over the splinter sect of the Celestial Pantheon, having Theologians and well-placed donations help give us a guiding hand in the new sect.

War post
The joint Inner sea grand fleet would make take two actions, the first would to be push the undead back to a holding line while smaller detachments are sent to put down and clear other smaller pockets of infection behind the line. Then once the pockets have been clear then phase two begins, the Fleet will slowly push into the undead hordes in the water, podding as many as they can and mercy killing those that they can’t.

Pink force acting quickly contains the undead threat on the coast podding them and killing those that they are unable to.

Red force, Blue force and, yellow force launch a full-scale invasion of northern sealund, they are ordered to break the military resistance they meet, but to be kind and humanitarian to the civilians they liberate. The Undead are to be podded or killed when podding is not an option.
forgot the pic
Expand the mines and begin to streamline the process of extraction, to increase raw production and easy access to materiales when requested.

Invest heavily on the construction of a capable navyy, as well as traning or hiring mercenaries to trai our captains in the art of seafaring.

Develop the natural sciences to try and create better ways to cure, amputate and prevent illness, aiming for a semblance of standard medical practises.
I can’t really do a proper post or a warpost because last turns warpost is delayed.

Action 1: Wartrance Mastery

Increase the number and skill of those who can achieve the wartrance, this tauric mental art is our most potent weapon in any war.

Action 2: Military Reformation

The ways of the old kings tribals blended with the ways of the new princes armies.
Efficiency and decorum, brutality and finesse.
A separate building is constructed on the South Eastern side of the river, dubbed the Crystal Asylum, seeing how it was deemed immediate concern to not have the two diseases of silver and Crystal to mingle and spread. The properties of the infesting Crystal is investigated for clues as to why it is so strong in its grasp upon the shell and flesh unlike the silver.

> Baptize The Fucking Giants

>New Spell Of Water Evocation Branch - Oceanum Amplexus

A ritual is conducted, involving purified, magically infused water with the giants of the North. Shards of Lo-hai shell and flesh are thrown in, casting an orange tinge to the water. The water is channeled to unlock the aquatic potential of the giants, and while they may not exhibit any signs, their children will be Leagues better at water bending than they are currently. Hopefully as well as shifting their faiths to far more publicly acceptable view.

>"Don't think of it as being the tree, instead imagine thyself as an axe of water. Cutting discord and leaving a wake of orderly cabins and logs, warm hearths and rolling waves. Great ships sailing, and great glories to come. "

The previous deifying of the Lo-hai the Giants exhibited before is leaned on for this.
With the Nothern megalodon having been vassalized under the RRFU the military will not attack surviving military assets of north sealund, instead, they will link up with them and have them garrison cleared land to make the cuviers feel better

The Tavthalla-Cuvier war has concluded with Tavthalla claiming the entirety of diamond island without damaging any infrastructure.

WARPOST: Now we can fully focus on the civil war, grand.

Some tauric army units refuse to use the new ballista, so Prince Xalteis will take the ballistas of all the units who refuse to make use of them.

With these weapons we can carve swathes through even mythril shielded opponents.
The Rahhnus make use of Cthlithium to try and make us go mad, so we will use what little Cthlithium we have and throw it repeatedly into their formations.
It will bounce off of their shields and wreak havoc on their lines, though we expect to completely run out of Cthlithium soon as we don’t possess a mine.

March our armies to Rawl and fortify it, place ballistas on the walls, while taur shall move from our blockade to try and make a push up from the south.
File: 530AC.png (2.39 MB, 2048x2570)
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2.39 MB PNG

Empowering the spirit to try and affect that which is not physical in a physical manner is a strange spell indeed, yet one which is worked upon. And, with time, the faithful manage to discover how to do it. Though, finding out how exactly it worked was a bit difficult, mainly because of the fact there wasn't much Astral they could test it upon. But, with an old mans death, there would be a brief time where upon they would be able to prove such truly worked. With the searching of the ancient city, much in the way of curiosities are shown from the groups work. From what is found, there are a number of depictions of a strange people, some of skeletons of sorts dancing and others of what seemed to be strange looking women. From what is found, it is believed that these people suffered from some sort of disaster and knew their time was coming to an end, at least, that's the main theory. Yet, there was one thing of major importance to note during the expedition. There were a number of things clearly missing in a way that implies someone else might have come here first. Though, the question is who.


Another expedition would be sent across the river, once more heading into the unreality that existed in the strange uncharted land, with an attempt to not collapse the realm of non existence around them. Of course, there were certainly Zlon in these lands who were certainly able to guide them, but they mostly try and shoe them away, as if in warning...Yet, it was not one that was taken, and the non existence there would soon fall apart, along with any trace of the team sent in. Work on Ballistas meanwhile goes much more successfully, with a good deal of work dedicated to the system of drawing the thing. A wheel of sorts with handles meant to be pulled by two people would be devised, but the mechanism of holding the string in place is something that is much more difficult, as the release mechanism, setting mechanism, and simply accuracy with current designs leaves a fair bit to be desired. Even so, with the main issue being solved, the rest of the work should go much more smoothly and successfully surely.

Glyphs and Necromancy would be the focus of the new island cult. One attached to their deity, the other merely a useful tool. In the case of the former, work on unlocking the secrets and power that are drawn from Xiguras, specifically the glyphs belonging to them is something that goes moderately well. Blood of course, was always a key component, and the Abyssians blood were much more potent in the creation of these Glyphs and their power, proving the theory that their close connection to Xiguras gave them much in the way with the power and potential that was needed to make Glyphs of equal strength, which could be used to further the power of the Abyssians. In the case of the Latter, things would go much more slowly. Yes, there was a good deal of knowledge from Arcadia, but the full extent of that knowledge was wasted with the red night, with naught but the glimmer of broken shards remaining in the cults grasps. But even so, the shards can be put back together, and with a lot of effort from the faithful, they are. And with this, a combined effort of sorts would arise. An attempt to combine Glyphs and Necromancy. And, in this attempt, a success would be found. The order would find a way to bind...something...to a corpse with the Glyphs...What it was exactly however, was unknown. And while it clearly was capable of movement, and seemed to have a glimmer of intellect, it seemed incapable of speech.
>Iron Leaf (Event written by Viorp/QM1)

Work upon the arena would be work that honestly would be fairly simple, at least for the first portion of its construction. The addition of the varying houses and platforms from the trees around the arena were the hard part, but even so, all would be finished in time, and the end result would be a fairly nice arena, something good to show off one's skill and capability, along with better honing said abilities. In a similar vein, the Iron mine would go equally well, and with far more ease for those set to it's construction, or rather excavation, with a fair decent number of materials being extracted from the earth already, able to be turned to Iron tools and weapons of good use to both the Iron Leaf Kingdom and the Longolo, at least when trade properly is set up. Even so, something strange would happen. While hammering away at her forge Yuri would be happy to once again have iron to work with her. Her one eye would remember the vile assassination attempt of the Arcadian golem. Her home burning as the Statues destroyed her nation with a fake Yuuka, the Blackblade. She would hate and she would burn hammering away. For 10 nights and 11 days she would hammer away until she would exit the forge with a giant Warhammer which would seem to eternally burn. It would be dubbed Gōremusureiyā the golem slayer... and Yuri herself would be nearly twice in height as now a flaming heart of fire would burn in her chest. She would become the greatest warrior in the land dethroning Momiji quickly wielding her giant Warhammer big enough to only be wielded by her herself, a her is born.

(What Miho Yuki learns will wait till tomorrow, because I need Viorp for this I think)


Fighting off the undead is one thing, fighting off the silver blight is another, much easier thing. With a bit of effort from the few we can spare, the only new cases are those around the old farm for the stuff. It wasn't too much of an issue to do so even for apprentices due to the fact that quite simply a really effective way of dealing with it had existed by now. Something that wasn't as easy, however, was that of the new crystal blight. With much in the way of protection and precaution, though some might argue too much, the crystals and their properties would be examined. Something very swiftly would be made clear however, when magic energy was put into these crystals, they seemed to float, and they seemed to be able to be drawn from as well. As for why they improve magic, there is an innate magical energy in them, potentially taken from the infected host it comes from. As for how it spread, such was a bit more difficult, but even so, it is found to at least be quite slow to spread, and with all the precautions, unless someone did something stupid, they'd likely be fine handling the stuff. On an unrelated note, oddly enough a comet was sighted, one with a very long, straight, tail, akin to an arrow.

The Pulgasari Saga, as it is called, is a grand tale following the classic formula of a great beast being felled by heroics, most noteworthy of course being during the final battle, where some Lo-Hai, Telrac, and Meoswilum peasants fought to distract and delay the beast before the final blow from the walls of the ravine fell atop it and finished it off, along with the few lucky survivors, and a grand celebration of victory. Curiously, one of the works would come to be from this which mainly focused upon the few more important nobles and leaders of the Telrac and Lo-Hai soldiers, and even of some meoswilian nobles other than the king who were involved in the long saga. A bit more of a personal story, though it comes to be from Holangi playwrights. So it is only natural that those there would like to praise the efforts of all those who aided them who were of some importance. Other than this, much in the way of farms would be set up, mainly in the south, in order to better feed the beast once it wakes. Though, some worry that even with all the extra food, it would still be a strain on what we have available. In other news, He Theorgso had, for some time, has spent a good amount of time searching for something. Initially, he asked the priests of En for guidance, yet their answers never seemed to satisfy him. And so, he kept searching. Eventually turning to the faiths of others, he would spend much of his time in study when foreign priests weren't invited. Yet, eventually, he'd seem to find something that clicked with him...Haael.


Efforts to better establish the island the new Marcan Colony is upon go fairly well in alleviating some of the issues that exist. While the frontiersmen seem hardened, and seem to actively remain in their isolated communities, those who haven't adapted to such a harsh life style that previously existed in these colonies are swift to be extremely thankful for the change in situation. With much more in the way of supplies from the mainland, food grown in the colonies, and a place to properly administrate everything, things go much more smoothly and many more are willing to head to the colonies than before. Though, the frontiersmen seem to, oddly enough, move away should their small villages grow large enough with those from the mainland, seemingly wishing for a more quiet life, and one where they don't constantly have to try and explain 'which end of the spear is the bit you stab with' as some have described it. Though, other than their desire to be in more small quiet communities, hardiness, and distaste for those who they view as unsuited or unhardened to life on the frontier, they are Marcans. Not much different from how some soldiers act.

As it turns out, appealing to one's pride and granting out awards be they merely of prestige or of actual use is extremely effective at driving up the motivation of many of the Ithempeli soldiers that exist out there. In fact, very swiftly, intense competition exists between the varying soldiers for said rewards. Further, the idea of one becoming a soldier becomes much more attractive in the eye of the average Ithempeli, what with the shift in management and the gained importance of being a part of such a force. However, unrelated to this or not, much to our confusion at the time during the middle of one night not too long ago, a number of ships and soldiers would have vanished, and where they went would be found shortly. A number of Ithempeli soldiers, and some Zlon, would have sailed south and raided the port a ways away from Shorino. Needless to say, after the raid, these forces were swiftly dispatched by the Shoguns forces, which have come for a 'friendly' chat...As friendly and destructive as their visits usually were anyway. And that chat was a list of demands...a very, very, very long list of demands...They also speak of a incident where a smaller force of Ithempeli raided the lands of two of the Shoguns' tributaries, that being the Black Forest Tribes, or rather Theocracy as it is called now and the Durmaign Hegemony...Needless to say, this wasn't exactly an ideal time for this...It'd be much more kind of them to wait a few more years, now, wouldn't it?

>UFC (Event written by Viorp/QM1)

Construction of a port on the inner sea is easy, and swiftly, with the churches help, a city sprouts up, though, not one of the Splinter Sect, unfortunately. Additionally, the production of biopods is also done as best as possible, though there never seems to be enough for those making it, there are in fact, just enough to save quite a few people from succumbing to the disease. Efforts on influencing the splinter sect however, have at the very least gone quite well, in all honesty. Though the religion hasn't spread much, greater control over it will allow us to better guide them to beliefs we are more in line with, and more importantly deal with the influence that the Celestial Pantheon has over the nation. Further, efforts in the east to fight off the undead and cure the infected go fairly decently, at least as decently as they could. Though, there is still a long road ahead before they all finally are gone. In other news, Queen Softpaw would slowly come to terms with her new odd appearance, but as time passed she would notice that a specific cream made out of hazelnuts and sea salt would slowly start closing up her disfigurement and a few weeks later it would be gone. the RRUF would play around on other dremcast and find that salt seems to eradicate the dream corruption, sadly not working on the nightmarish variant though.

Work to expand the mines as well as make the process of actually getting the materials out of the ground more easily and effectively would be done, raising all our mines to an acceptable level of output and production, bringing yet more wealth into the city. Additionally, work would be done on making the navy powerful enough to protect the citystate and if we need forign skill to train our captains so be it. Luckily, a decent few elves from the north would be kind enough to teach the captains of our navy, for a price of course. Other than this, work would be done on better dealing with sickness and wounds. And, in this, a number of varying herbs found in the lands around the city prove to be of quite some use in just that, lessening fevers, and easing sickness in ones stomach. Yet despite this progress, some concerning news has arisen, the Shogun has sent a demand that the city and all surrounding lands becomes a vassal to their empire. The letter received has very simply stated that cooperation with Shogunate forces in this process would ensure the integrity of our citystate and our government...Resistance however, has been stated to be something that will be met with destruction.


With time and effort, any Taur of sound mind can master the wartrance. It is difficult to train all of them to such, but we do not need all, merely more. With effort and a strong focus on instilling such skill into more, the number of those capable of entering the trance without any sort of aid grows, as does those who can enter such a trance with aid. This is not the only aid given to the military however, for much in the way of effort would be given to reform the military into a brand new mix of the old and new ways, to maximize the raw power, fear, and unrelenting force that was combined with skilled, nimble movements and swift agile strikes. And to better allow the forces to be more effective in the sending of orders and tactics, along with appearance of course. For branding is everything after all, and appearing as a major force of extremely strong, powerful and nigh unbeatable soldiers is one that comes naturally to the Taurs. A useful tool to be sure, and one that would be needed after the number of setbacks with our last war...

The 'crystal Asylum' as it was called proves to be something of a curios building, made to separate the two corrupting diseases that seemed to be spreading. Work would be done as to further investigate the crystal disease, and work would find that the crystals themselves have some use with regards to magic, and more importantly, that they seem to work in a fungal sort of way, almost...Perhaps the Meoswilum's expertise could be of aid. Other than this, the ritual done to make the giants of the north stronger in the usage of magic, specifically that of water, would be done swiftly, and while the results soon are seen in their young when tested. Their beliefs do indeed change with time and effort as well, though, only slightly. In more important news however, while raids on Sealander ships had become common enough that the Sealanders often prepared for such when they traveled routs that brought them near the northern portion of the Lo-Hai's territory, things have gotten a bit out of hand as of late. A notorious pirate and stone lord as of late has been causing a major ruckus. Nicknamed Silverclaw, due to his claws appearing akin to silver, possibly due to the blight, he, his crew, and his ice ship have caused a number of issues for Sealander merchants, and his success has gained the attention of other stone lords who think its a good idea to try and jump in as well, though, with varying levels of success...Needless to say, a goo deal of traders have decided it better to go to the east and all the way around the continent to avoid them, but those who have the time or provisions for such a journey are few and far between and those who try are swift to find such ventures quite the opposite of profitable. Needless to say, there are a fair few elves who are none to pleased.

Also of concern, a minor raid by men of stone has been reported by the Emancipated Kingdom, coming from Black Forest lands and occurring near the border to said lands...The description doesn't match any of the golems from Arcadia, in fact, it matches those of the golems on that island to the west...But, what would they be doing all the way down there? Regardless, they were fought off with heavy Human losses from the Emancipated kingdom, though were dealt with before Lo-Hai or Meoswilum forces were involved in the battle, for better or worse...
>Celestial Pantheon Event (written by Viorp)
The Church influence keeps growing and as their faith increases so does their influence and their power. The recent fraternitan heresy has opened the churches eyes though. This is not something that they could ignore. The church has decided that they need to have a foothold in each nation they are present in to act as a Bishopric and center of the faith in said land. No longer shall heresy slip between their hands.

>Megalonodate of Cuvier Event
A large storm from the east would do much to damage the remaining infrastructure of the Megalonodate, but it would at least do much to clear the infected as well, both on land and at sea. For, most too far gone couldn't get to any sort of reasonable shelter, and the waves and currents were not kind under such a storm. It seems that things were going to get worse before they got better.

>Warpost for Cuvier, both this and last turn. (Sorry its a bit short)
The Cuvier forces upon the island slowly but surely give way as more and more Taur reach the shores and more supplies come in. Yet, the Cuvier were stubborn, and fought with a growing ferocity as more and more land was taken from them. Even so, this was not enough, and soon, the rest of the western portion of the island with the only exception of the castle upon the island would be under the Taur's control. But even so, there was still the mainland and the eastern portion of the island. At least, there was. For, the war with some diplomacy from both the Taur and the UFC would finally come to an end with the island fully being ceded by the Megalonodate of Cuvier. It wasn't the glorious victory that was once desired, but it was still a victory, and gave the Taur time to focus inward, on a threat that came from inward...
>Warpost for the Redemptor civil war.
With the focus now being upon the homefront, the Tavthalla would have a number of issues to contend with as things kicked off properly. Their rival, while defensive to a fault, were still Taurs. Further, their forces were still mainly in or around the Dimond island, and some would be forced to remain there as a garrison to make sure any Cuvier on the island don't get any bright idea's and try and rise up, meaning a number advantage wasn't something that Tavthalla would get in the initial stages, especially with some of the ex slaves chosing to fight alongside the Rahhus forces, even if they were relatively few. Lastly, Tavthalla never really had much in the way of materials for war, and their enemy had a grand mine of one of the best materials in the world on top of a stone that drove men and Taur insane. Even so, this conflict was one that arguably was more important than the last, and it was quite likely that most if not all Taurs knew this. Even so, many Tavthallan forces would clash against the Rahhus. And, swiftly, the Cthlithium would be depleted while causing some considerable issues in the early fights, though even so, this wouldn't be enough to break their shield walls, and sometimes they would be able to throw the things back, intentionally making sure that the stones would be in the locations most effective for them. On the bright side, the Ballista would prove to be of good use, but even so, this wouldn't be enough to properly break the wall that the Rahhus had. Even the attack to the south faced resistance and were pushed away...Then again, the Tavthalla were playing the game that the Rahhus wanted them to...Still, given enough time, the wall will crack...
Tomoko marvels at Yuri, with her flaming heart and large size, she's almost as big as the Shogun himself. Miho says she is as large as Yuuka herself, but also noting how different she is from her, like an opposite, even. Meanwhile Moriko is cradling the newly brought iron, as this can get our arms manufacture back in gear. Mikære and Kenshin don't approve as much. Mikære is no longer the mightiest warrior and Kenshin worries over the non-Uesugi influence. But Tomoko states that a pantheon possesses more than one god. First Halistra brought food in a time of famine, then Uesugi brought us challenge in a time of uncertainty and now H*rtkor brought us strength in a time of weakness. Hiro however, worries if he can handle Yuri in bed.
But this isn't the time to worry of such things, for it's coming time to invite the Longolo to a grand festival, and with Yuri's burning passion, perhaps it's time to improve our metalworking, with magic. We shall not just present iron, but enchanted iron swords.

Action 1: Invent Spirit Magic > Determination > Infuse Spirit Energy.
While Boost spirit sends spirit energy to a soul, what if we put spirit energy into an object, like a sabre? To make a sabre permeted with spirit energy, able to cut and be wielded by ghosts without them needing to physically manifest. Though ultimately this is merely a sapling, a taste of what to come.

Action 2: Invent Spirit Magic > Soul > Create Weapon Soul.
By manipulating the energy inside an item, like spirit energy infused during forging, we hope to create an item with it's own soul, a sword that cuts ever deeper. But the greatest goal, is to have a weapon which improves, not deteriorates, with use. These are not to be throw-away things, but trusted companions, treated with respect.

Action 3: The Grand Festival, featuring the Longolo.
An envoy is sent to the Longolo, inviting them to a grand festival, telling them the Iron King wishes to meet them there, along with a Blacksmith blessed with a burning heart. An illustration of the burning heart is included.
The Grand Festival itself will be as grand as can be, considering our limited wealth, having three events. The first, a demonstration of productivity, with iron, sabres, ships and maybe even souled sabres. The second a demonstration of magic, with Super Fortification, Phylactery Golems and Radiant Soul. The third is the battle arena, with normal fights, spirit wrestling and then Yuri demonstrating her massive strength.
After that is done, a feast will be held, where they can wind down after the whole show and talk about what they just saw. Maybe the fire-wielding Longolo will be particularly curious about the flame-hearted Yuri, or want to speak with the Iron King herself.

>More research

-The eyes of the order were never perfected, but in the hands of the Realm the fowl agents of the air will finally be bent to the deep will. Where before they could perfectly tap into the senses of the birds, but only nudge them in certain directions, now would come the time these lesser creature's complete domination. Building off of their previous attempts, the scholars of the Realm attempt to master the connection between them and their target observer(bird) in order to fully force their will upon it and make it submit in full to the caster's command.

- The art of binding through use of the Necromantic arts has produced an interesting result. A silent, yet potentially intelligent servitor. Yet it would take noting less than a moron to advance this art without understanding what it is that was bound to the subject in question. By dissecting the nature of their successful subjects, the scholars aim to determine what manner of entity it is they have managed to summon up during their macabre research.
RP: After some observation it is deemed that the comet is probably some kind of sign and probably pointing to somewhere. Debates are still raging about where it is pointing with references between maps and the direction in hot debate.
1. With the creation of the branch of bonding for spirit magic so long ago it is decided to finally put it to use by creating a spell. The first spell shall be one meant to connect one's soul to a lesser soul such as an animal or lesser golem. It will allow one to communicate with the lesser soul or dominate if need be and transfer mana between souls. This spell will be known as 'Bind Familiar' (Create Bind Familiar spell)
2. As well, the nation has been hit hard by multiple events and the dead are uncountable. If not for the golem workforce it is suspected that the nation would have collapsed. An idea begins to take root in the minds of the Arcadic mages. The life magic received from the UFC before their demise will be used as a basis but the understanding of relation between life and death are needed. A new branch of Life and Death magic will be created called True Vivimancy. The basis of this branch of magic will be the use of basin, such as a sarcophagus or great pool, of biological matter dissolved into a primordial ooze during the ritual. A created soul or revived ghost will be added and a body shaped to house the soul. If a body is already present then the pool can be used to create alterations. (Create Branch of True Vivimancy, action 1/2)
RP summary, kind of delayed due to real life stuff. the RRFU sent the spells Armor Skin and Metabolic Alteration
Action 1: Begin developing a mechanism to allow our ballista to fire multiple times in quick succession (1/3?)

Action 2: Military Reformation II

The state earns much from the new diamond mine, but from our long wars our veterans need repairs to their equipment, and new and ready soldiers need to afford weapons and armour.

The solution is a simple one, pay for the equipment of those who need it, from the coffers of the state.

As the old king marched his armies to conquer Rahhnus in ancient days so shall Xalteis march his to reconquer this ancient city.
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