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Once in every eon, a pulse can be felt across this still world. Charged by pure passion, tenacity, and a primal will to SURVIVE; the blood of this earth beats a single thump.
> And with it, the cycle of Gods and men is upon us once more, as life begins to crawl from the mud.
> You are a being of creation, or what the people of this realm may come to call, a God. You are born with innate knowledge and immense power. It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

Welcome to the fourth installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a seemingly untouched world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, don't be shy to ask questions.

Game is currently full player-wise, but newcomers are free to lurk.

The oceans stir with movement...

>>4517105 Grindall
Claimed 2 hex.
Golden Band Unit established and 1 unit produced.
From this grand army of warriors and engineers, a particular Svirgrindall shows great charisma and engineering capability, to even magical extents: A Cockwork Wizard!

>>4517287 Ofu
Ofu quickly rushes past the armies of mortals as he bursts into the fortress, defending the child as best he can.
A strange group of catfolk fly beside the lands of Ofu's Yamaca, leaving a generous donation of domestic Woradine. Resource upgraded to moderate.
Read Americus' action summary for spell info.
Aema Fae modified
Poisonous Reinforcements developed.

>>4517382 Novakhet
As Nova crushes his own skull between his fists, the bulbous infection between crushed bone resists, as for a split section he can sense between his palms a white mushroom covered in rupturing spots that glow with great power, as it bursts upon his physical influence. An enormous wave of thermal energy blasts outwards from the skull, as a series of solar flares erupt from the point of origin. The thermal blasts rupture through Nova's shifting form of solar form, an unsuspected consequence of interrupting the anomaly's growth. (-1 HP)
Extinguishing Light developed. Allows attacks that effect an AOE to Nova's hex and all surrounding hex, in exchange for stat changes seen on sheet.
Jold Metalworking developed.
Off the coast, the Osseous Engineers could see an enormous creature moving within the depths of the sea, carrying a sweeping wave with it as its crest cuts through the ocean...
>>4517440 Earis
Earis' mist envelops the mushroom god, but the small deity is certainly a resilient one, as it pushes past with more passion than Earis has ever seen before from Ofu.
Archive College developed.
Physics Course developed, with the help of the Patron of Hydrophonics. -3 mana.

>>4517878 Regala
Commemorate Jolly Cooperation developed.
The wreckage of these ships is ancient and rotten, clearly having sat at the ocean's floor for a countless span of years. The ships appear as though they were designed not to sail the ocean, but the Vree's technology does not allow them to understand how else they would travel. Within, crates of strange devices could be found hidden by time, albeit still worn. Weapons of metal and electromagnetism, that supposedly with proper power, could propel heated bolts of metal. Coil Guns tech salvaged.
Parting Gift left for Ofu.
Lumber Mill constructed.

>>4518737 Furnlatha
Friar Ignatius of the Pyre Priests has been blessed to become a Fire Wizard, after a successful pilgrimage.
Consecrated 1 hex.
2 walls constructed.
The swamplanders gather in the center of their village as Furnlatha makes her entrance, only one brave enough to speak with the flame-wreathed deity.
>"Greetings, burning one, we have heard much of gods and goddesses from far off lands, but to see one... Within the bounds of our religion, we shall lay down our lives to you, great Goddess Furnlatha. We know not of any such death and destruction you fortell, ancient one, our land has experienced an eternal golden age of joy and praise! Our Gods lie to the west of here, the glorious Chom and Chod would be pleased to make your acquaintance we are sure, to meet one as worthy as they!"
Machinery developed.
Lokey disguises trades made. -2 mana
Engineering shared with Tantalus.
Tantalus has gifted you Medicine.

>>4518805 Tantalus
Temple of Purification established.
Tantalus spends his epoch blessing the infected crabs within his distant temple, and with raw divine will, is able to hold back and remove this plague from the crab's bodies. Bloom percentage reduced from 95% to 75%.
Stone Claw reconstructed.
Furnlatha has gifted you Engineering.
Medicine shared with Furnlatha.
>>4519265 UNNIIC
Servitor Deployment Bays developed.
Mobile Autodoc established and 1 unit produced.
Valjet Outflier established and 1 unit produced.
The Dukhali refject UNNIIC's offer of passengership, unphased by the god's intimidating precense, loyal to their bleeding father.
Can't act on the same unit as creation.
Asmodel has gifted you 10 mana.
Efforts are made to cure the passengers of the bloom. -5 mana. 15% gifted -> 5% gifted.
The Astronomicon Bridge analyzes the goddess, finding no ulterior effects on her state such as radiation, particles, or waves. However, reality and space itself appears to be attempting to tear into shreds where she stands, exerting an unimaginable force that is met with unimaginable power to prevent such a gruesome end. It is believed that if she were to allow this force to rend through her, it would bring upon only the destruction of her own form, and not extend beyond such space. The blood that seeps from her body is from cavities between her cells that open and close as the two forces contest with one another. She is simultaneously being torn apart and reconstructed every nanosecond. -2 mana.

>>4519745 Americus
The armies raise their blades to Ofu, but the tiny god pushes through the crowds with little resistance.
The H.E.F. cannot reach the site to investigate this turn, but they move as close as possible.
With the unnamed spirit wizard and Americus' powers combined, Ofu begins to fall slack as his mind becomes entangled in a mental labyrinth. The spell will last for as long as Americus and her wizard maintains it, disabling him from moving and taking unit actions beyond his own mind, until he escapes. The wizards screams with pain, blood seeping from its eyes, as it contests with the might of a god. (-4 mana)

>>4520814 Asmodel
Machinery developed.
Shipyard constructed.
2 walls constructed.
10 mana shared with UNNIIC.

>>4522324 Thomass
Lumber Mill constructed.
Mine constructed.
You didn't say where you make these, so I'll put it somewhere reasonable for you. If you want to change this, let me know.
You don't need to take major actions gathering materials, thats the point of making production structures. They're already at max resource gain now. You can have these two MA back.

>>4523741 The Bloom
Claimed 1 hex.
Syrconite Metalworking developed.
Bio-Engineering developed.
Living Construction developed.
Living Bridge constructed.
>>4523750 Mira A & B
The Cleansing developed.
Sanctum Obelisk upgraded to a city.
2 walls constructed.

>>4521515 The Goddess of Creation
>>4521918 UNNIIC [Communicate]
"It is a virtue, but you are to learn the difference between the destruction of a world, and the destruction of reality. I shall let you study the effects on my body, and as you can see, I have never truly escaped the destruction of reality. What I see coming is not the destruction of another world, but the destruction of reality, just as it did at the beginning of time. I appreciate your offer, but I already know where I'm going to go. This world used to be my home, afterall."
Moved from [11,18] to [23,14]
Claimed 3 hex.
Tree of Creation constructed.
Grindall, too, raises a hand in assent to the new agreement. "Aye. An' a farewell to ye too, Regala. Ye be e'er welcome at Deepholm."
Furnlatha raises her hand in assent to the treaty. "I will say 'Aye' to this treaty." she gives a sigh, and a whisp of thin smoke escapes from her mouth as she exhales. "Though I must ask the first if it will assent to this treaty itself. Until there is a statement of consent from the Bloom to sign up for these terms, then we might have a resolution, but we do not yet have this treaty confirmed."
She rises from her metal chair, the surface glowing with heat, and steps over to where Regalia stands; and carefully she places her fiery arms about to hug the Giftmother." Pleasant travels to you, Regalia. I will hope happier times might bring us into company again, and that I will someday get to see your northern lands."
As everyone leaves Thomass speaks out "HEY EVERYONE NEXT TIME WE MEET WE HAVE FUN MAYBE WORKOUT, NO SERIOUS TALK ABOUT KILLING!" Thomass then speaks very quietly only gods that cared to listen heard him "also maybe talk about my dream about ick-or"
He then follows after Regala "Legend muscle wait up!"
>The Bloom
After consideration The First speak: "This treaty is far more agreeable than the two you presented me before, but alas in it's form it is not possible to accept it as it present a self evident contradiction."
"The first and third articles are obviously mutually incompatible. You ask of us to not take land from each other, save for unclaimed territory, very well, but then you add that the only piece of unclaimed territory is off limit to any one but you."
"Solving this conundrum in any way seems to be a necessity for this treaty terms to be fully understood by all participants."
"I myself propose that the island be fair game and will add that during our time of mutual self imposed peace, my people will research a way to better control the Bloom so that everyone else here can also be satisfied"
Tantalus scoffs. "You started this whole mess, and then you took my island AND my obelisk from me. Being forced to give them back is simple and sensible. Unless of course, you wish to try the patience of those who have already agreed to the treaty as is?"
>The Bloom
"I can let the island free if you want but how allowing only you to colonize it work with the first part of the treaty is still beyond me"
"Simply ask for all of it back directly if you wishes it so but do not hide behind torturous terms"
Tantalus waves his claw dismissively. "If there exists a method by which territory may be directly exchanged, I know not of it. One way or another, you will have to remove yourself from the island before I am able to reclaim it without myself violating the treaty. In the interest of expedience I will allow you to keep that settlement of yours, but the rest of your presence there has to go."
"This is... Acceptable, actually. With one amendment, i will also keep a small strip of land in order for the town to not end up isolated from the mainland (13.23 and 13.24)"
"Listen everyone around this table is basically agreeing to this, if only for peace to come back in their neighborhood. Now it's just a matter between You and Us to write the fine prints in that agreements. Yes?"
"I plan to build a bridge to connect the town on the island and i the road i suggest is the one that is the shortest i can't see any other one that would bother you less, but feel free to correct me if you do?. If that does not agree with you i can of course return the favor and let some of the he mainland coast free so that you can reconnect your own fortress to the rest of your territory?"
Tantalus regards the first with a suspicious gaze. Then he looks at a map. Then back to The First. Then finally, he makes an incoherent noise of frustration. "Fine, fine, you can keep the settlement, and that other hex, and I won't interfere with efforts to build this bridge of yours. But no more than that, understand?"
>The Bloom
"And will you take the offer for your fortress? I must know which land i will vacate. Fair is fair, and we are nothing but that"
"The fort- Oh! Stone-Claw! Yes, give us, er-" He hastily checks the map again. "17:22, so that we don't have to swim or sail around it anymore. Takes twice as long that way, quite the inconvenience."
>The Bloom
"Then it is agreed upon by all parties, let us then be on our way. This was a long but Fruitful endeavor. May peace blossom between us all"
"Peace for all, yes. I've a dozen different problems to deal with, so don't feel rushed on that island. But I will be wanting these terms fulfilled before the treaty's expiration."

>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] [Wizard - 1 mana?]: Rules of Reality (physics analog+?) - An expanded treatise of natural philosophy written by the Astronomicon Bridge. Not only encompassing the natural laws of our own reality we find ourselves in, but how to manipulate and adjust specific constants, such as those found within the Surrealism. It even does so far as to propose several further avenues of conceptual theory based on the words and readings of the alternate-reality-being.
>Using: Organic Think Tank, Seafaring, Airship Cartography, and the data collected thus far from the other worlds, the Surrealism, and the observations of the Goddess' unique circumstances. Mana just to tie it all together into comprehensible format.

>Major: [Create Unit x2]: 2 Valjet Outfliers

>Minor: Spend the remaining necessary mana (3?) into the Hallowed Hospitalization to cure the remaining passengers. Make sure to keep a small, heavily isolated, farm of domesticated animal biosamples.

>Unit Action [Mobile Autodoc] [-5 mana] - Drop them off before take off, and return to [16,16]. Work with Asmodel's Wizard to cure as many gorgons as possible. Starting this turn, they will be on lease to the Gorgons until they no longer need them. Auto-assign to the life wizard.
>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI]: Adjust Cruising Speed to: Agility->9, Terraform->0. Move to [11,9]. Have the Guardian Drones and servitors inspect the wreck.
>Unit Action [Valjet Outflier Alpha] - Move to [8,5] and inspect the Wreck.

The Astronomicon Bridge had discovered many fundamental aspects of this world we found ourselves in, and many other worlds as well. While the data gathered had been greatly expanded upon by the various natural philosophers and scientists of the Organic Think Tank, the Astronomicon Bridge desired to publish its own expanded hypothesis, theories, and maxims that'd shape physical understanding forever within the vessel. From the natural observation of physics within this world, to the reality-bending nature of the surrealism, to the unspecified being of destruction's own perpetuating decomposing and regenerating reality at odds with our own. So much data, perceived by a device that saw it for what it was, rather than just seeing or feeling the outcomes. It took a great amount of time to compile all of its data, and even more to get it in a more understandable format for normal people or even its god to fully process, but when it was done the Bridge had developed perhaps the most comprehensive understanding of the natural world. Tied together with the Ship's advanced understanding of biology and chemistry, few things were outside of its grasp to understand. And eventually, to control.
Man i wouldnt want to fight against a cockwork wizard
File: Vrees on a Train.jpg (37 KB, 768x438)
37 KB

>God Unit Move - 23,8 to 27,4.
>MA+DI Claim (+6 Party Bonus, +1/Thread bonus, +3 Base = 10 hexes) The 10 Tundra hexes inside the borders (28,1 to 30,4)
Flush with the power of the recent celebrations, and sensing a new age of epochs has begund, Regala looks to hasten the completion of her new home as she approaches, bringing out auroras and tree lights across vast swathes of the unclaimed tundra.

>MA - Create 2 Wolk Chasers in Welkomplaats (29,9)
News of the wondrous undertaking up north has Vree everywhere in a fervor, and more begin to undertake the grand work needed to bring about the creation of the International Railway.

>Unit Move Vluchs/Geheim - From 13,3 to 18,4.
With the final God checked off their list, and the last corners of the world (roughly) explored, the far-flung Vree begin their journey home. As always, Geheim stands ready to defend their little herd of gift-givers with 4 mana.

>2x Unit Move/Construct Wolk Chasers - From 26,1, build railway tracks on 26,1 / 27,1 / 28,2 / 30,3.
The first two sets of engineers march out from Gevang'nis, sturdy wood and crafted Syrconite Rails at the ready. One set begins laying down the track, while the other mans the trains, travelling the quickly growing lengths day and night to bring much needed supplies to the frontlines of construction. They know that, soon enough, they will need to split and work on their own, but for now enjoy the shared burden, and thus lighter workload.
Rolled 10, 7, 7 = 24 (3d10)

Tantalus Is delighted by the results of his purification ritual, and attempts it again without delay.
>Minor Action + Divine Influence: Cure Crabs

Meanwhile, one hermit takes it upon himself to start keeping track of where all of Tantalus's disparate settlements and holdings are...
>Major Action: Develop Cartography

And another tries to meet with the people in charge of Last Stand, but is quickly frustrated by how appallingly disorganized things are. Though it takes him most of the epoch, he manages to get together all of the assorted elders and toughs whom were generally being listened to by those around them, and get them all into one room to exchange ideas... Or, more frequently, to argue. By the time the assembly gets to lurching in more or less the same direction, the hermit's plans have to be pushed off to next epoch.
>Major Action: Develop Government (Oligarchy)
Unit interaction+ DI: Novakhet revert form

>The sun god severs his connection to the star, and his energies return to their usual colour
>The bodily skeleton and regal garments return to the sundying, as reclaims his usual form

MA: Military Origanisation (Unit duplication tech)
In times of war we need to be able to levy military units into a proper formation at some speed, whether these military units be of this world or from beyond.

MA: Create unit: Kheperan Solar (700) twice
Equip with all relevant combat tech, or no tech if they don’t get any.

The solars must become ready for war, because Ofu has still not left our damn land.

UI: Engineers, begin heading to Welkomplaats


“Earis, the rust on your helmet is a parasitic infection, I advise you make it stop existing like I did mine, though it is injurious.”

UI: Novakhet, move back to the fort now that I’ve gotten rid of that infection.
Rolled 8, 1, 3, 5 = 17 (4d10)

>Communicate: Novakhet
"Yes, that was the plan. It should be relatively simple to Index." He'll snap his fingers, his hazy knowledge becoming slightly clearer as his creations continued their research. "While you're here, I ask another boon from you. There should be a substance in your desert, Niter. I have need of it, as it is the only component I lack from an important project I am undertaking. I ask as I am sure it is of little use to you currently, so I hope this is not too greedy of me. I know I have asked you for much of late, and given less in return, and for that you have my apologies. This project should benefit the Triumvirate as a whole."

>UI+DI (Earis): Attempt to Index the anomaly growing in Earis's head (Spirit check).
The spot of rust on Earis's helmet was still present, despite his divine vigor. He'll reach his hand up and attempt to Index the anomaly and move it out of him and into a waiting book. It would, at the very least, stop it from growing further inside him. Hopefully he would learn something as well.

>Unit Move (Earis): Finally return to The Archive at (12, 9)

>MA: Develop Treatise on Engineering, Volume II (Engineering II) with Physics Course, Bookmaking, and Machinery
Using the knowledge of Physics the Archive had obtained thanks to the diligent effort of Hydroponics, faulty engineering standards were revised to accommodate both the invisible art of mathematics as well as the complex machinery that The Archive had access to. The General Works Archivists were curious creatures, yet without an official revision like this, nothing about their work would change and The Archive would inevitably run into issues adapting later.

>MA: Develop Treatise on Chemical Studies (Chemistry) with Archive College, Bookmaking and Treatise on Medical Care
Given the continued risk of parasite infections from Ofu's minions, as well as a possibility for using them as part of complex engineering projects, Earis's Archivists continued to experiment and refine their knowledge of chemicals and medicines.

>Unit Move (Archivists of Predation): Move to (11, 9)
>Unit Action (Archivists of Predation): Sweep the Shipwreck for threats and ensure the site is safe for study
The Vree were not the only anomalies to draw attention in recent years, shipwrecks on the coast southwest of The Archive raised interesting questions. Naval technology was, as far as The Archive was aware, unknown. With his Lord returned to run things, Hydroponics decided to investigate the affair, sending out the Archivists of Predation ahead of time to secure the site

>Unit Move (Hydroponics): Move to (11, 9)
>Unit Action (Hydroponics): Search the Shipwreck for information as to its origins, as well as anything of value to return with to the Archive.
Content that the shipwreck was secure, Hydroponics makes his way over and begins searching for any records or cargo that could explain the origins of the mysterious wreckage.
>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [30,18]
>Consecrate [30,18]
The Pyre Priests continue their mission to make these jungles blaze.
>Unit Action: Hearthguard
>Stay on [29,24]
>Continue building walls for Firstflame.
>Unit Action: Furnlatha
Funlatha gives a small chuckle. "I make no foretelling, folk of the lowlands; merely try to explain what it was I had felt - for I had felt it before, on a journey to lands far north of here, and had found a collapsed divinity when I arrived." She flashes a burning smile. "Perhaps I am wrong, then. I will hope that I am, and go say my hellos to your Chom and your Chod. May your pyres continue to blaze, and your people continue to build."

>Move Furnlaha to [21,28]
Heading further Westward still, Furnlatha goes to investigate in the direction the Swamplanders pointed her to; though she is perhaps unprepared for what she will find...

>[Major Action]DI - Develop: Steam Engine
The developments of machinery have bought many new and moving things to the lands of the Pyrelings; parts that turn and twist and move and amplify,gaining power for their industry by the use of forces. And of course, to a Pyreling the most fundamental of all forces is flame. With flame, and smoke, and steam, all manner of machine might be put into service. Wheels that spin, belts that turn, carts that move... and everywhere, the air filled with the beautiful smells of burning and the feeling of heat.

>[Major Action] - Develop: ForgeWrought Equipment (Unit Duplication Tech)
>Using: Domains:Forge, Development; Joldonite Metalworking, Engineering, Machinery, various metals at Plentiful.
With the Pyreling workers of the forge continuing to create armour, arms and equipment, seeing the construction of objects at the forge as an act of reverence as much as a practical task, a large reserve stock of supplies begins to build up. Pyreling Planners begin working on methods to enable the rapid deployment of this equipment and material to new units, and speed up the processes of training and deployment.
“Don’t worry too much about paying me back, if you insist you could teach my Dagekhet something but it’s not all too important really.”

MI: Trade Niter to Earis
File: staircase.jpg (55 KB, 340x432)
55 KB
Rolled 2, 1 = 3 (2d10)

>God Unit Action [MA][DI] Escape!
Awake....confused in darkness with no recollection of the past or even his own identity. Yet a sense of urgency to reach a destination tugging the back of his mind but unable to concentrate while trying to get answers within himself. A light orange hue of light begins to emit from what can now be seen as a bark of a tree, the light coming from plates of orange rubbery fungus sticking out of the bark of the tree. The orange light beginning to spread out the area which is only a rectangular plank that cuts out to only darkness. Distracted with the beautiful fungal lighting the small plank another brighter light shines from underneath the plank, taking a look a spiral staircase is shown attached to the plank leading to the source of light. Without a thought he begins to descend down the staircase when reaching the end of the staircase the light engulfs him blinding him for a moment, blinking, the view becomes clear. A labyrinth of staircases leading to different doors of shapes and sizes surround him, turning back the spiral staircase replaced by different staircases. Hesitant to move a soft wailing begins to echo around the area triggering a hazy memory of three figures varying from tall to small is shown, holding on top that image he begins trying to reach the source of the sound walking to the first door, reaching the doorknob, turning....
+1 to dice
>[MA] Alchemy
The normalization of being around poison and other unique properties has made the Purecaps curious of what happens when they mix the poison with other resources or other different mixtures.

>Unit Action: Aema Fae Move [4,0]
>Unit Action: Aema Fae Collect the unknown object
>Unit Action Move [Muttcaps][20,7]
>[MA] Chain of Command (Unit duplication tech)
It's necessary for the gorgons to improve the organisation of units, making their deployment faster and strengthen the morale.

>[MA][DI] Develop Vantablack (Darkness domain)
The goddess was pleased with the order brought by the temple and the religion it inspired on her subjects, but there's still something lacking: a proper appreciation to the darkness. The deity had an idea how to inspire the gorgons: using her powers to craft a special fabric that was pitch black because it absorbed any light that touched it and it's surroundings, which also made it difficult for observers to figure anything behind the cloth. Satisfied with the results she presented it to the high bishops of the temple nearby so they'd marvel in it and make use of this new gift.

-[MI] move Hydra to 19,11

-[MI] Apophis Scout continues building walls around Butantan
Having entered something resembling a deep torpor, Akros once more awakens as the festivities settle down and discussion ends between the gods. He seems vaguely satisfied with himself as he returns to his lands, only to be overcome with a deep sense of concern at the news of the goddess who's seen fit to squat on his people's land. This can't be good.

>Major Action, Development [Syrconite]: As soon as he makes his return, Akros sends messengers forth to carry news of Regala's gifted technology, with a new directive to improve upon it with already-gathered materials. The presiding smiths of The Council are roused to the task, practically locking themselves in their forges, half out of a feverish effort to complete their God's demands, and half out of a deep fascination with their craft. It doesn't take too long before Oltanite is replaced by the superior Syrconite, which spreads through the insect-like people's lands quickly.

>Major Action, Settlement Upgrade [Home]: While Akros sorts out the new...situation, the Council take it upon themselves to take stock of their resources and decide upon a course of action. After many a night spent debating, a consensus is reached. The growing population has reached it's limit with the commodities afforded by the two towns in which the majority of it lives, and before any more are to be created, they must be intrinsically expanded. New architectural plans are designed and put to the test, workers moving day and night to transport goods necessary for the rapid expansion of the twin cities, as a new age dawns for the Akreties, no matter how slow they are to catch up to the rest of the world.
>Home is upgraded into a City.

>Major Action, Settlement Upgrade [Second Home]: Second verse, same as the first.
>Second Home is upgraded into a City.
>Major Action, Divine Influence, Development [Cooking]: When not working themselves into a fever on practical matters, the Akreties advance rapidly when it comes to more cultural areas. With the additional space and resources afforded in the species' settlements, many take to improving life in their own way. A variety of ingredients, until now somewhat uncommon, spread through the land, and many waste no time in using them. New flavours never-before-tasted are developed, as many a recipe is crafted over time. A rather unusual property, however, seems to manifest itself in any meal made and eaten by several individuals that are close, whether family, friends or something else entirely. That is, they invigorate those who eat, seeming to accelerate the healing of their wounds, and providing a strange, deep sense of comfort and companionship.

>Minor Action, Movement: Akros, having wasted enough time lingering in the halls of his fellow God, finally gets a move on, swiftly and decisively making a bee-line towards the new goddess' territory upon discovering her presence. Her intentions must be ascertained before any harm can come to the Akreties.
>Akros moves to [22, 14].

>Minor Action, Communication: Entering the foreign lands of this new being, Akros unerringly tries to seek her out, an audience with her his #1 priority. As always, he is silent, but his body language is quite obviously concerned, if not exactly hostile. The power emanating from him, like all Gods, is swiftly recognizable as the same that permeates the land he used to own, so it's quite easy to tell where he comes from, or his reasoning for appearing here.

>Minor Action, Gift: On the way to the Goddess of Creation's domain, the silent divinity also organized a delegation of Leotails and their trainers to be sent to Asmodel's lands in order to complete his part of their deal, no matter how delayed.
>Gift Leotail Domestication to Asmodel.
Knowing her time was short Americus spirited the demigod…no, her child away from the fort, once away from Ofu. She realizes that unless she did something, he would just follow her. Stopping and gently laying her child down. So that she could do her divine work. Drawing on her godly powers she moves to free her child from whatever connection she finds to Ofu, by freeing her from any ability to be sensed by gods or mortals, Americus’s divine essence acting as a shield, blowing any attempts passive or active to sense or detect her child. Americus having done her work, take the child to hide her within one of her cities then leaving. Once her child is secure she leaves and runs, taking the location of her child with her. to stand in the open, prepared for the fight to come ending her movement at [13,5]

>MA Expand, Empire city into a city.

>MA Found the city of Space City at 12, 2

>UI Wizard with an important bundle makes for Empire city

>UI Americus's Wardens make for 16, 6

>UI H.E.F moves to 11, 5 to claim the wreck

>UI E.E.F moves to 8,5
>before hiding her kid but after the DI
Americus having arranged for a safe home for her child moves to wake the still sleeping demi god, in a study she had taken as her own for the time being, she would awaken, the demi-goddess gently sitting with her on a couch. When she was awakened, she would see the battered and bruised form of Americus, her encounters with Ofu plainly showing on her physical form. some might think that her hate for Ofu would extend to a child made from his and her domains, but as Americus's looked on her child she left nothing but love and a need to protect her "Hello my child, I am happy to finally have the chance to properly meet you" taking her child's hands in her own she gives an affectionate squeeze continuing on saying "we have much to talk about much indeed before we do though, can I get you anything food or drink?"

>Knowing her time was short Americus spirited the demigod…no, her child away from the fort, once away from Ofu. She realizes that unless she did something, he would just follow her. Stopping and gently laying her child down. So that she could do her divine work. Drawing on her godly powers she moves to free her child from whatever connection she finds to Ofu, by drawing on her domains of freedom and life to strip her child of her divinity and leaving her as a mortal free from Ofu's ability to locate her on demand. Americus having done her work, take the child to hide her within one of her cities then leaving. Once her child is secure she leaves and runs, taking the location of her child with her. to stand in the open, prepared for the fight to come ending her movement at [13,5]

>adding on to my diplo
Americus shows her child's love and affection, explaining the situation in detail and why she needs to hide.
>Unit Action: Lokey
>[Unit Action - Lokey] Interact:
>[Minor]Trade Technology with Tantalus:- Education for receiving Astronomy
Lokey and his crab companion exchange knowledge between their lands, still wrapped in the visage-obscuring confines of his illusion enchanted area.
The Crabs confirm the trade. Whispers of Chom And Chod's power are slowly but surely spreading, and Lokey's paranoia is rapidly starting to look more like prudence...
First of all in accordance to the treaty, my part is done. Promises hold.
>DI exodus - 12.26, 13.26, 14.26, 17.22
>MI move - The First. Not long ago a being of great energy escaped the mountains near the first to run north. It may be impossible to catch up with this being but the First can still see where it came from.

>Wizard Hekezqe - move to 17.19
With the First back in their land and the threat of Tantalus dimmed, it was time to tackle the next pressing issue, the god who choose to live close to the northern city of Adena. Saint Hekezqe took upon herself to act as an ambassador and set herself on a journey to the divine.

>MA Create Living Construction - The Burrower in 17.20 (Mining + Living construction -> A mine)
The Bridge was but a first step, now that their ability to mold greater beings is mastered and tried, the gardeners start a new project, near the eastern obelisk. A great burrower, ever growing downward that would spit out the earth and stones and rocks in it's way. Allowing the waiting gardeners to simply rummage and sift through it to gather valuable metals.

>MI Change unit Sea Masters --> Weavers (Tech are now the Divine ones, Fleshwarping, Bio-Engineering and Living Construction; 150 pop->300 pop)
>MA Create one Weaver Unit in Adena (18.18)
>MI Weavers - Start a road beginning in Adena and going toward Myxoma
The burrower was not the only big project starting in the Bloomed land. With the military restrictions placed upon them it was time to turn toward more civil practice, and to finally link their disparate town together. A new group was formed with this mission in mind. It was made of the best fleshwarpers around, with scholars learned in architectural and engineering work also in their ranks.
Their work was far from simple, the road connecting the towns was made out of shone (this organic matter as much bone as it was shell) just like their sturdiest walls, but the inside of the road was much more complex. A network of irrigation vessels, nerves and muscles was weaved in it, to allow a deeper connection between the different part of their home.
>[MA, DI] Claim 22 22, 21 21, 20 22

While three alcoholic drinks are enough for many Svirgrindall, others, particularly those to whom the current alcoholic options are less accessible, seek out other alternatives.

In the Western Shrublands, where the soil is loose and airy, and the great lakes that so well support the growth of Belcaps cannot be made, another alternative has been found. Rather then fermenting the scarcely grown Belcaps, many Svirgrindall have taken to fermenting the different grains that grow on the windswept plains. Though many are less then impressed by the taste, the ability to produce it in vast quantities, and it's ease of drinking, has found in a niche among the less urban Svirgrindall of the plains and deserts. Though a few different names were bandied about, eventually beer emerged: Short, simple, but clearly identifiable, much like the alcohol itself.

>[MA] Develop Beer Alcohol

>[Unit Action: Golden Band] Begin to fortify Deepholm
>[Unit Action: Cockwork Wizard, henceforth referred to as The Machinist] The Machinist, masterful manipulator of mechanical marvels, attaches himself to the Golden Band, and spends 1 mana this turn levying his magical abilities to assist them in their fortification of Deepholm.
File: 20200921_221023.jpg (13 KB, 236x158)
13 KB
>Mgr act Develop Engineering ll
>Mgr act Develop Electricity
>Mgr act Develop industrialization
>Mgr act DI claim 27'8 28'8 29'7

The buff nuggets and fitlits have entered a basic era of true technological marvel. One helping the other finish any and all preparation to get things up and running. Large production facilities were installed to help all buff nuggets with the comforts of life and the pursuit of gains. This truly is a time of peace for the buff nuggets and fitlits.
However they could feel it and then they could see it. The legendary muscle's return (Regala) and the one muscle to outflex them all, father muscle was coming home. Out on the horizon Thomass didn't know what he was seeing at first, though as he got closer he knew that what he approached was the place where his simple homestead once stood. The "buff city" as his children lovingly called it, was a place of advanced marvels for its time and a place where one could truly achieve great things. They led Thomass to the place they had bulit for him in preparation of his return.
It was a simple yet well furnished homestead that didn't separate him from any other buff nugget or fitlit in terms of convenience. Thomass wouldn't want it any other way as he felt that anything he had his children should be good enough to have as well. The good nuggets of buff city then prepared a mighty feast in celebration of Thomass's return and even sent a part of the feast to the border of the nugget vree areas to share in the joy, as both of their creators had returned. Thomass smiled quite warmly as he saw all his nuggets had done in his absence and was proud.
This feeling soon faded as Thomas's concern settled in. He once again found himself pondering how he could prove or disprove his ability to find the place of his birth. It was important for both him and all of his fellow Gods that if this place was real what did this mean for their existence. Furthermore what did this mean in reguards to what created them, what kind of powerful being brought them to be in this ick-or. Thomass would begin investigating as soon as possible but for now he needed rest, not for his body but for his mind to help calm his thoughts.
-[MI] move Amodel to 23,8
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

Minor Last minute, 6 day later, Addition.
>Minor Action: Remove Ballistae from Valjet Outfliers, before the ALpha leaves to inspect the wreck, that -1 speed is not permitted.
>Major: [Claim] [DI]: (16,28), (17,28), (19,28)
This time, with the proper unifying touch of The Bloodletting. These swamplanders were simply asking for their malevolence to be cleansed. The rest will come shortly!

>Major: [Develop]: Jold Metalworking
While the Chodic Clay Tools were certainly tasteful, something more reliable would need to come into use. The Chodic Clay would not be abandoned, but Jold would function as a reinforcement to these tools, once its knowledge for working spread across the isles.

>Unit Action [Order Aegis]: Continue constructing walls around the island

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Move to (21,28)
>[Communicate] with Furnlatha:
The tiny twin snails peer upwards at the approaching ever-burning goddess, as they speak in perfect, enthusiastic, unison: "Greetings, daemon! The Ichor welcomes thee to the land of true unity, the first taste of what we hope one day all of reality may experience. We are The Bloodletting, the divine will of The One God to unite this world under creation. As for yourself?"
File: world22.png (3.29 MB, 2375x2328)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB PNG
Double-unit-production-tech edition.

Looted ships begin to be lapsed under the passing waves, as the ancient sea creatures continue to lurk within the depths.

>>4524065 UNNIIC
Rules of Reality developed. -2 mana.
2 Valjet Outflier units produced.
Remaining gifted passengers cured. The ship is rid of The Bloom at last, aside from isolated samples. -3 mana.
Mobile Autodoc works to help cure Gorgons. 77% gifted -> 67% gifted. -5 mana
Amongst the rubble of [11,9]'s wreckage, the servitors find an assortment of human skeletons and arachnid remains alike, alongside rotting crates filled with a strange alloy. The metal is comprised of Jold primarily, with an exceptional material known as Thaum Crystal. This alloy, Thaumium, while not as resilient as the immaculate design of Jold, possesses many of the conductive qualities desired in Oltar (with a particular affinity towards magic). Moderate Thaumium gained.
The Valjet Outflier Alpha sent to [8, 5] would have much less luck in piecing together any cargo, however, the wreckage itself would appear in shockingly preserved condition. The ships have large spider silk sails, and are constructed in a unique way to harbor silk 'gills' that would, theoretically, absorb the power of shifting currents from a parent reality to sail across an empty void. Voidships tech gained.

>>4524890 Regala
10 hexes claimed. 1 obelisk captured.
As Regala spreads her divine influence, she encounters something disturbing along the coasts of (30, 2) to the north-east... Unnatural shapes protrude from the earth, blanketed in snow, but by the will of divine hand, reveal what unearthed ruins have lain just out of the Goddesses' sight. What first appeared to be a few buildings, becomes dozens, only to become hundreds; an ancient and ruined city of brimstone, and while it has long since been lived in, all too many fiery eyes stare out from the dark depths: A hidden refuge for those driven east, likely still feeding from the frozen corpses of the black-hearted imps that birthed from this soil.
2 Wolk Chaser units produced.
Astral Wizard get!
8 tracks constructed.

>>4525799 Tantalus
Tantalus makes excellent progress this epoch with his curing, reducing the gifted population from 77% to 47%.
Cartography developed.
Oligarchy developed.
Furnlatha has gifted you Education.
Astronomy shared with Furnlatha.

>>4525821 Novakhet
Form reverted to normal.
Military Organization developed.
Kheperan Solar established and 2 units produced.
Entropy wizard get!
Niter shared with Earis.
>>4525923 Earis
Extracting the anomaly from his helmet, Earis would unravel an infectious fungus from the adornment. As it is extracted, a cloud of spores burst outwards from the shroom, each harnessing a database of stored knowledge leeched from the God it grew upon. Although disturbing the infection was painful, its execution would be a successful one. -1 HP, Index (Hallowed Growth) gained.
Treatise on Engineering II developed.
Treatise on Chemical Studies developed.
The Archivists would encounter the long-unseen UNNIIC, God of Travel, having already began extracting resources from the shiwreck.
The Patron Archivist of Hydroponics would discover that while its contents had already been claimed, the wreckage itself remains intact, granting some insight on naval travel. The origins would appear to be rather mysterious, sourced to an unknown age and race, considering the scattered remains of arachnid and humanoid skeletons. Seafaring (NULL) gained.
Novakhet has gifted you a Moderate amount of Niter.

>>4527498 Furnlatha
Claimed 1 hex. 1 obelisk captured.
2 walls constructed.
>"The Immortal Twins that watch these isles will never succumb to such weakness, we could guarantee you, Goddess of Flames! May The Snails bless your lands as you have blessed ours!"
Steam Engine developed, only a natural advancement for those made of heat.
ForgeWrought Equipment developed.
Education shared with Tantalus.
Tantalus has gifted you Astronomy.

>>4527870 Ofu
The labyrinth consumes Ofu's mind as he is driven mad with the thought of what reality he exists in versus the one he vaguely recalls, trapped within his own mind for what feels like an eternity. While he could not escape during this time, with the passing of the epoch, the spell fades, as Ofu opens his eyes within the fortress... Alone.
Alchemy developed.
The Aema Fae, wandering amongst the swathes of washed up sea creature's skeletons, stumble upon an assortment of parchments hidden away in chests. Very familiar to Ofu's children, much like their vocal rituals, the papers speak of rhythmic versus one speaks to bring upon ancient magics of the ocean! With an individual dedicated to properly studying this material, much potential could come. Poetry Magic gained.

>>4528389 Asmodel
Chain of Command developed.
Vantablack developed. I'm liking this New-Asmodel we're seeing, keep up the creativity
2 walls constructed.
Akros has gifted you Domestication III (Leotail).
>>4528473 Akros
Syrconite Metalwroking developed.
Home upgraded to a city.
Second Home upgraded to a city.
Cooking developed.
>Atop the mountain that oversees a brand new enormous tree planted within the valleys, stands the distant Goddess that emanates a power much greater than all of those at the party, perhaps even combined. The lands that surround the grand, glowing-blue-leafed tree are quiet and peaceful fields of flowers.
"I trust these lands belonged to you before my arrival. Apologies if I disturbed you or your creations; you appeared to be away... Please, do not mind, nor fear, my presence. I just need a moment to muse over what this world was, and could have been."
Leotail Domestication shared with Asmodel.

>>4528680 Americus
Quickly departing with the child as Ofu was left in a daze, Americus would seek out the perfect place to hide her in place sight. The words she would part with the child would be returned with little more than an innocent smile, unfamiliar with words, but receptive of emotion.
As Americus stripped power from the child, her appearance would remain rather similar, pink in skin and sprouting small flowers and spots of lichen across her skin, but otherwise human. She would part a final gaze with the innocent youth, wasting no time to reveal her location, now entirely stripped of magical capability just as any other human.
Empire City upgraded to a city.
Space City established.
The H.E.F. would find the remains of the wreck to be largely claimed and consumed by the ocean, as the ships have been washed into the city and contents collected, leaving little more than rotting driftwood.
E.E.F. does not have seafaring, nor engineering to construct boats, and thus cannot reach [8,5].

>>4528929 The Bloom
4 hex abandoned.
The First would stumble across the elusive crystal dome that rests upon the island of [10,23], as the waves lazily lap over sand of shifting colors. Its gate appears to open into an incomprehensible realm much unlike this one.
The Burrower constructed.
Weavers established and 1 unit produced.
Unit cannot act on the same round of creation.

>>4528986 Grindall
Claimed 3 hex.
Beer Alcohol developed.
2 walls constructed. With the Machinist's assistance, an additional wall is constructed.
>>4530289 Thomass
Engineering II developed.
Electricity developed.
Industrialization developed.
Claimed 3 hex.
Within the forested hills of [29,7], Thomass would discover an abandoned and decaying shack filled with strange, handcrafted, dolls. Most steam and geared gadgets that are scattered across the broken shack are junk at best, given the wear of age, but a particular set of instruments appear untouched by the sands of time: A collection of intricately crafted prisms of light, that guide light as desired and color their immediate surroundings in vibrant spectral hues. Light Prisms gained.

>>4532279 Mira A & B
Claimed 3 hex.
Jold Metalworking developed.
2 walls constructed.
>Unit Action [God Unit]
>[Communicate] with Mira A&B:
The flaming goddess looks down to the two tiny snails; finding them both not what she had expected and surprised by the way of their introduction.

"And greetings to you as well. I am Furnlatha, of flame and forge and the burning drive of development." she replies, her burning gaze glancing about what she can see of their lands a moment, before looking back down to where the twinned snails stand. "You call yourself the Bloodletting, though... I had been led by others to believe that these lands were under the dominions of ones known as Chom and Chod. Do you know what has become of them? I do not feel the same influence here."
>[Communicate] with Furnlatha:
The gastropod twins would continue to speak with their holy guest as they slowly crawl their way through a decorated hallway of The Pool Palace. The floor is comprised of an immaculate clay mosaic, painted in a layer of snail trail.
"This land had once been under rule of these Gods you mention, that is correct. However, these gods are no more, fallen sick to an illness that plagues all Gods who do not create. The Ichor granted us the privilege to disallow such power to go to waste. The people here are under a transitional period, as we aid in their cleansing and advancements into the technology seen by civilizations north of here. Many of them remain unaware of the change, nor the state of their former rulers. However, they are a primitive people, it is expected that this will remain until proper cleansing. We have come to call these bodies Mira A & B respectively, should it better comfort you to address us personally rather than our hivemind as a whole."
"So their gods are fallen indeed." Furnalatha speaks the words quietly. "Their former followers had held such confidence in the resilience of their creators, you know. And yet, again, such a spark of divinity has faded and fallen. I wonder if there is some significance in the nature of these fallen beings, left as dead upon the edges of the waters - or it is just happenstance that finds this as a repeating pattern across the breadth of this creation? A flame is lit, and grows and spreads; but then the force that fuels it fades; and the spark sputters and fades, and is eventually extinguished. Such is the way with much I touch..." she waves her hand, hazy flame the outline of her digits. "...when effort is not made to keep it repeating, reinvigorating and reproducing. Perhaps such is always the way with those who create."

"Does any individuality linger within the remnant of those bodies?" she asks the mollusc-forms. "If you are both the same and aspects of the same, it would be easier to call both 'Bloodletting'; but if there exists even a minuteness of difference between the minds of each each body, no matter how linked as one you are and minor it may be, then I would use your names you have chosen for yourselves." Furnlatha's face gives a momentary smile. "And would ask; which of you two is Mira A?"
UI: Osseous engineers, to Welkomplaats
The Dagekhet explorers make a long and perilous journey south, facing awful creatures that shapeshift and taunt them, constantly on their guard but following decorative lights that seem to guide them on their way to the Vree city

Why this land was so infected by horrible creatures they could not guess, but their relief at finally reaching Welkomplaats could not be overstated, having made it through the forests at last one afternoon.

Bandaged beings with scuffed clothes and foreign dress approach the city, makeshift carriages with giant cow sized riding lizards in tow, red bottles of foreign medicine and books of strange fixations on the stars.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Claim] [DI] [Using the +6 to Terraforming from the Festival]: Blue circles on Pic Related. [3,1], [6,4], [8,5], [13,10], [10,13], and [6,13]
>Major: [Develop]: Memorykeeper Express - Born from the long old tales of the Turtlefolk and their original purpose as keepers and deliverers of memory for their dead god, a mail service is established that runs along and near all coastal hexes owned by UNNIIC. Allowing communications and trade to be established between involved nations as if their borders were touching normally.
Using: Seafaring, Airship Cartography, Literature, Knowledge of the Ancients and the almost forgotten tales of TortoiseTerra's ancient Rexus Express

>Minor: Trade Americus Voidships tech in exchange for Weapons tech and Human Passengers that want to get away from the warzone.
>Unit Action [Mobile Autodoc] - Handing over control to Asmodel for a fee of 2 mana per turn, until they no longer need its services >>4528389

>Unit Action [Valjet Outflier Alpha] - Move from [8,5] to [5,1] and inspect the bones.
>Unit Action [God Unit]: Pic related for movement path, Allow any of Earis, Nova, or Americus' units to board and follow along. Likely letting them off at [11,5] but if they want to keep traveling they can.
>Unit Action [Valjet Outflier Beta & Delta] - As the ship moves over [8,5], these two units will help afix the mostly-intact vessel to the UNNIIC and bring it along for eventual reconstruction.
>Unit Action [Guardian Drones] - Inspect the vessel at [6,4]

It had been some time since the Ship tended to its non-Passenger followers. Though their priority was far below that of a Passenger, it would still be remiss not to care for those that enjoy a individual migratory life style. As such, the ship, using the stored powers of the festival of the gods, would claim new and distant shores for the turtlefolk to sail to and explore.

With these new and distant shores, as well as the various docks of other nations, the turtlefolk began their own project. Remembering ages ago of a time spent using Rexus Rafts to bring news and correspondence around their various homes, they once again strive to bring their world and their words together. Now with new ships and knowledge of travel, prevailing winds, and navigation bestowed upon them by the UNNIIC they an expand their operation several-fold. From one side of the continent to the other, Turtlefolk ships soon begin to bring news, individuals, and goods around the seas.
Forgot the picture.
>>Unit Action: Lokey
>>[Unit Action - Lokey] Interact:
>>[Minor]Trade Technology with Tantalus and Grindall:- Pass Baking to Tantalus and receive Sanitation from Grindall
>Lokey and his crab companion are now joined by one of the Svirgrindall, the visage-obscuring confines of his illusion giving the earthdweller the appearance of a rolling rock that comes to rest at the illusion-site beside campfire and king claw. The rock is smoothed and clean, and seaweeds seem to crisps in the heat of the campflame. However, behind the visage of the Illusion, the parties conduct their trade of knowledge.
File: Claim Unclaimed.png (261 KB, 887x441)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
With the uninfected outnumbering those touched by the bloom's so-called blessing for the first time in far too long, a celebration is held outside of Last Stand. When the tide reaches it's lowest, the crabs gather on the beach not just to dance, but to engage in displays of physical prowess, proving that they need no outside force to better themselves. Races are run, heavy things are lifted and carried and thrown, and more then one crab ends up getting flipped onto their back after trading unarmed blows with another inside a circle drawn in the sand. Great merriment is had by all, and in a surprising display of unified purpose, the Oligarchs decree that such events shall now occur whenever the tide reaches it's lowest. Across the realm, crabs eagerly mark upon their lunar calendars, the day the next event shall be held.
>Major Development: Sports!

Meanwhile, Tantalus takes a break from curing crabs, moving 5 hexes to the ocean directly north of 15:24. Here, he calls upon the Gift-mothers blessing, to retake the newly vacated territory in one fell swoop.
>Major Action + Divine Influence: Terraform marked hexes

The Crab Hermit accepts the knowledge of turning grain into flour and then into bread, and turns to the Svirgrindall. He tells the earth-digger of the event just passed, speaking of how it lifted the spirits of the people after their long ordeal, and could potentially be turned into something more martial down the line...
>Minor action: Pass Sports to Grindall and receive Baking from Furnlatha
UI: The Kheperan Solars would beats their wings each a single time, bringing them up from the ground and into the air to take up the offered transport from UNNIIC.

After reaching their destination of 11,5, the enigmatic creatures would depart at once to 13, 4.

UI: Archlich Annihilus, my entropy wizard, also board UNNIIC on 11, 9

Archlich Annihilus was a pyreling in life but turned to a husk as they perished, slowly regaining their form through years as a Chartam
One thing was different as they began to regenerate, they would not do so the same other did, but rather when they became a true Dagekhet they never recovered their grand fires, merely instead having embers, ash and the occasional sparks to show instead.

They found soon that they claimed dominion over the decay of things, first finding they could snuff out a campfire with but a wave of a hand, then decay an attacking Tugai into rotting flesh, then bones, then dust, with just slightly more effort.

Seeing the vessel UNNIIC flying overhead, the wizard would soon swiftly attempt to catch a boat across to 11, 9 or get carried by one of the angels if desperate, seeking to board UNNIIC long term and strike out in the world.

MA+DI+Mortal Star 4/10: They are the Sun.

Massively increase the power of Kheperan Solars while within 1 hex of Novakhet the Sundying.

>Novakhet stands, having recovered his form, dusting himself off, and looks to the fortress.

>Ofu still remained there, even after this ample time to leave, a shame.
>It is time for him to go, forcefully removed from either americus land or the face of the planet

>Two circles of Solars gather around the god as he walks, feeling themselves grow in strength as Novakhet channels the star, allows the power of the Star and the essence of the first solar to shine on through him in a blazing aura.

>Basking in the radiance of the Syndying the Solars gain strength, better focus over their powers and ability to blast off great bolts of light, swarming the tiny mushroom god with their impassive divine judgement.

>Novakhet sits in front of the comatose Ofu while his minions assault him, setting down a game of checkers, some blocks with letters on them, a frisbee and a few balls for catch.

>And then he waited, for Ofu to die or for him to wake up to play as he always said he wanted to, whichever came first really.

UI: Move Novakhet to 13, 4
UI: Kheperan Solars, attack Ofu.

MA: Party at Welkomplaats
File: Archive Carbines.png (23 KB, 1914x435)
23 KB
>MA Develop: Packed Explosives with Bookmaking + Niter + Blacksand + Engineering + Chemistry
Using their knowledge of applied chemicals, The Archive uses the Niter received from Novakhet and the Black Sand already in their possession to create a potent but controllable explosives that could easily be stored in paper cartridges. The primary point of this creation was for mining and construction, allowing much work to be done in clearing caves and rubble. However, this would likely have applications for war as well, in both its current and more refined forms.

>MA+DI Develop: Bolt Action Firearms with Wood + Syrconite + Jold + Oltar + Machinery + Jold Tools + Index: Humanity + Explosives + Engineering II + Domain: Inspiration
Earis uses his divine inspiration to provoke The Archive into a frenzy of technological experimentation. He recalled weapons that could be made from this explosive powder, more powerful than any sword The Archive could forge, and wanted his Archivists to produce the best work possible in the shortest amount of time. Results were promising, as simple flintlock weapons with smoothbore barrels were quickly produced and perfected, and at any other time this would be the end of it. However, driven by divine inspiration, Archivist smiths realized that machinery could be used in order to load and fire off the Jold and Oltar cartridges much more quickly, reliably, and effectively than muzzle loading flintlocks. While this would certainly require more complex technology to produce with this amount of precision by Archivists themselves, it was known well by now that Americus's children were profoundly skilled with tools, and as such the Index of humanity could be used to produce rifling and bolt action mechanisms by hand. As such, once a successful design was discovered, The Archivists could produce volumes of them enough to last the foreseeable future, at least until the work could be automated.

>Unit Move (Archivists of Predation): Move to (12,9)
>Unit Move (Archivist of Hydroponics): Move to (12,9)
>Change Unit Type: Archivists of Predation to Archivists of Warfare with 5000 Population, and Bolt Action Firearms, Explosives, Jold Armor, Jold Weapons, and Index: Humanity
Returning to The Archive to pass word of UNNIIC's presence to their master, Hydroponics and the Archivists of Predation returned to find The Archive ablaze with weapons development. Pleased with the fruits of The Archive's labors over these past few epochs, Hydroponics will dismiss his honor guard and assemble a fresh army of newly copied Human Archivists equipped with the finest weapons and armor The Archive could provide. These original Archivists of Predation were not completely left behind, as they were used to pull carts to carry both the equipment of the soldiers, and the soldiers themselves. Unlike the Archivists of Predation, made in haste for security, this was an army equipped to wage and win wars.
>God Unit Move - 27,4 to 29,9
>God Unit DI - Begin Celebration
It has been ages since Regala was home, and her return (though marred by worrying tidings in the north) is one of celebration and relief. The gods of this realm are open to alliance and cooperation, even if rough patches do exist!
Returning to Welkomplaats, she is greeted with the sight of familiar faces, and some new ones! Asmodel, the Goddess of Darkness, has paid a visit, clearly enamored with the looming Thomass and his massive brainpower. While she riddles him with questions, Regala meets with the Dagekhet, learning of their troubled flight here from them and the hosting Vree. With her presence in the city, the Dagekhet would notice that the lurking beasts would seem to melt back into the darkness and ice.

>Wolk Chasers (20,3) - Split up, one builds 4 hexs south, other builds 27,1 to 27,2.
The discovery of new facets in the terrain, of looming obelisks and hulking corpse-cities, has the train-builders worried. Perhaps fortification is needed? Rumour has it that Regala has returned to Welkomplaats, certainly she should handle this?
One faction of the track-layers rides the trains back the way they built, enjoying the speed and short rest, before building a turnabout and branching off towards the nearby Obelisk. The significance of the one in Welkomplaats was known to all, so the engineers reasoned that this one would become a major destination too.

>Wolk Chasers (29,9) - Build along coast to 25,8.
The new teams of hard working Vree set out, building a coastal railway towards the Buffnugget's pass. Soon, they will split, one travelling east, the other south, but for now they work in unison!

>Geheim/Vluchs - Move from 18,4 to 23,4.
Geheim guides the returning Vree over mountains and valleys, urging them home-ward.

>Astral Wizard - Move from 29,9 to 29,3. (5 from flying, +1 from tree lights)
Ruimte was a rare breed of Vree, being closer to a dog than any sort of cat, and was leery of her kins utter devotion to Regala. Now, with newfound power blooming inside them, the Astral Wizard mounts her trusty Falrethun and flies north, using the coloured tree-lights below to help guide her way. Rumours of a new Obelisk have trickled down from far-flung hunters and travelers, and she wishes to see for herself.

>Develop Jold Metalworking
Syrconite is a tough metal, but already the Vree are noticing it's poor suitability to laying train tracks, requiring several protective coatings. A new metal, extracted from deep within the Gevang'nis' mines, is found to be a suitable replacement.

>Develop Astronomy
The visiting Dagheket have a deep and powerful connection with the stars, especially the sun overhead. Casual conversation proves illuminating, and many Vree begin to look to the stars above to begin charting their passage along the sky. The frequent flickering of the green aurora DOES make sky watching a distracting affair, however...
Rolled 10, 3, 9, 8 = 30 (4d10)


>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [31,17]
>Consecrate [31,17]
The Pyre Priests move on, and raise new eternal pyres from the jungle as their mission demands.
>Unit Action: Hearthguard
>Stay on [29,24]
>Continue building walls for Firstflame.
>Unit Action: Furnlatha
>Communicate:[The Bloodletting/Mira A&B]
After receiving the response from the reanimated snails, Furnlatha nods her head briefly. “I see. Thank you so much for clarifying. I would ask you for more of an explanation of what or who your one god is, as I have already met with a number of spirited beings with sparks of divinity; but I would not wish to offend, if this is troublesome. What form of unity does yours take? Is this unity of mind, body, soul?”

She waits a moment, for response to come or to not.

“Anyway, thank you for playing host. I should be returning... this place of yours is immaculately decorated, but the surrounds are a little damp for my own sensibilities.” she gives a small smile, the painted layers of snail-trail a glaze of varnish across the clay-work as her heat brushes close “And I would not wish to give you cause to pause the redevelopment that you are undertaking here. May you build and re-purpose this town well, both and all of you.”
>Move Furnlaha to [26,26]
Furnlatha returns to the east, to the village of the Swamplanders that she had left an age before. But it is with a heaviness in her burning core that Furnlatha returns. Stepping toward the center of the village, she takes a stand upon a burning pyre of smokey rosewood. She looks them over, wondering if any might suspect the devastating news that she carries with her.
>Communicate:[Swamplanders] + DI [Affinity]
"It gives me joy to see you again, so accepting were you all the last time I came to visit." she states to the crowd, carefully holding the form of burning limbs behind her back as her own flames join with those of the temple. "And it gives me such sorrow indeed to have to be the bearer of ill news. Though I found the land that your gods Chom and Chod once called their home, the divine being who lives there now - Bloodletting, the mind is called - confirmed with me that the Gods Chom and Chod are dead in spirit."

She gives a pause, knowing this will be hard news to hear. "The Bloodletting has taken the remnants of their essences, and is planning eventual cleansing of your people. I do not know quite what it infers. It might even be a thing that you wish for, that Chom and Chod would have demanded of you. If it is, then I would not stop your destiny should you choose it. But if it is not, if it is neither; then I would offer you an alternative. It may be difficult, and I cannot make any guarantees - the fires of development are my domain, not oaths or promises. But if you would join your town with my peoples, light your fires and ring your hammers alongside theirs in my honor, I would do what I can for you as I would for my other followers."
>[Major Action] - Develop: Industrialization
The Pyreling lands now ring with the beating of hammers, the bellowing of boiler-smoke and the hiss of steam. What was done before with hand and simple tool might now be done with forge-wrought machinery, as the Pyrelings continue the development of their cities and lands.
>[Major Action] – Create Unit: 2X Hearthguard.
Putting the stores of forge-wrought equipment to use, another two units of Hearthguard will be raised.
>Before her departure, the snails would conclude their thinking, insisting to continue their brief talk before she returns to business.
"You may call us The Bloodletting, then. However, should it please you to know..."
>The snail gods would then speak individually, first the white snail with a black shell, followed by the black snail in the white shell:
"This is Mira A... This is Mira B.
>Before again, speaking in unison as they slowly make their way across the palace grounds.
"We believe it is a fact of this reality that those who, by their nature, are to create; will fade into oblivion should they neglect such a gift. It is a showing of The Ichor's altruism to give us these dying bodies, when possible, as a saving grace to the fallen divinity's people and land. Your understanding of this natural cycle, as one who works in flames, shall certainly beneficial to your long-term survival.
>The snails, walking with the fire goddess, reach a chamber of the palace where a beautifully decorated pool of water sits like a well constructed in the room's center. Crawling up to its edge, the snails stare into the water, as Furnlatha could see visions of her Pyrelings exchanging baking goods with Tantalus' crabfolk at the borders of her own nation.
"We have seen much of the world from this palace, including some of your own civilization of people. We believe there could be much mutual benefit in our cooperation, should you show interest... We shall let you think on it if you must.

>I'll save the Swamplanders response for the update, as to determine first whether the affinity roll succeeds or not
With the preparations finally complete, Grindall departs Deepholm, travelling South to begin his self-appointed task, he crosses dunes and mesas before at last arriving at the triplet mountains that mark the border of his kingdom and the shores of Tantalus.

>Move God Unit to 23, 21

Staring up at the peaks, Grindall grunted in satisfaction. They'd do nicely. After a short hike to the zenith of the tallest peak, he surveyed the three mightiest mountains, and their lesser kin. They'd lived far longer then even he, and in their time their roots had spread deep and strong, their bodies mighty and unbowed. They would serve well, for this first work. Gathering his divine energy into his claws, Grindall knelt, plunging them into the stone on which he stands. After a moment of quiet, the silence is broken by rumbling, the mountains cracking and groaning as divine power shapes and molds them, the proud peaks offering little resistance as they crumble and reform, fusing together into one great whole.

After a few days of earth-shaking craftsmanship, there is finally silence once again, and in place of the mountain range, there sits a massive stone basin, it's rim peeking above the clouds and the great indent at it's center stretching kilometers across and leagues deep. Looking upon the almost completed structure Grindall nods. One more act and it would be done. Walking down to the deepest point of the great earthen cradle, Grindall plunges his hands once more into the earth, drawing every mineral vein for leagues around to him. Jold, Syrconite, Oltar, Vekrahtil and even Magnium swirl and mix, forming a great molten slurry before finally geysering forth from below the mole god, the stone basin rapidly filling transforming into a lake of molten metal, it's surface a perpetually steaming, bubbling, multi-hued whirlpool of golds, silvers, and green-blues.

After a moment Grindall emerges from the edge of the lake, molten metal sloughing off of his undamaged form. Looking back to examine his completed work, he let out a little chuckle. It'd been a long time coming, but finally he could get to work.

>[MA, DI] Grindall Develops The Crucible, a massive, multi hex basin of molten metal for the purpose of easing any future divine works relating to metals.

In the meantime, another legion of gold-armoured Svirgrindall march forth from Deepholm, ready to reinforce and defend their brethren.

>[MA] Produce another 5000 strong Golden Band unit

>Unit Action: First Golden Band unit continues to reinforce Deepholm

>Unit Action: The Machinist once again spends another 1 mana, lending the Golden Band his engineering expertise.
>Addendum: Trade Furnlatha Sanitation
>[MA] Develop Chemistry

>[MA] Deploy 2 Sneaky Sneks (1 on 20,6 and 1 on 16,16)
Tech:[Jold weapons, Tugai vehicle, Cartography, Seafaring, Vantablack cloaks]
Pop: 400
Making use of the new material, these explorers use their stealth to avoid possible dangers while uncovering new lands

-[MI] move Asmodel to 28,9; use [DI] for party

-[MI] move Hydra to 20,10

-[MI] Apophis Scout moves to 11,9 with +6 gift bonus; investigate wreck

-[MI] move Andreia to 15,15 to join the autodoc, using her powers to boost the cure effort; confirm the 2 mana use for the bot until said otherwise
Amend for the autodoc: fuel it with 3 mana and pay unniic his 2 mana rent
File: Choda_Choma.png (3 KB, 231x107)
3 KB
Rolled 6, 4, 10, 6 = 26 (4d10)

The Swamplanders have made use of their snail god's runic language for generations, inscribing complex runes to draw power from the unison of their God and The Monument's blood. But now, this unity is far greater than ever before: An ever-flowing well of divine energy sourced from the immortal bodies of Mira A & B, ripe for The Bloodletting's ever growing army to take advantage of via these runes.
>Major: [Develop]: Bombards - Basins of Jold are forged, inscribed with complex runes in their interior that with proper psychic influence, will release a burst of energy to propel forth a hardened projectile of Chodic Clay. These weapons of defense are mounted onto the walls that surround the Isle of Unity.
>Using Jold Metalworking, Plentiful Jold, Plentiful Chodic Clay, Runic Language, Shrine of Snails

While this civilization has since advanced to the superior Jold, the Chodic Clay is far too useful a resource to let pass unto the sands of time. The divine-infused clay that the twin snails had deposited into these lands shall be splatted across the walls that surround these isles, often a substitute as a mortar to construct the walls, but additionally plastered as a reinforced shell to bolster its protective capabilities. Once heated, the clay hardens into an imitation metal, certain to hold against any average assault.
>Major: [Develop]: Chodic Clay Reinforced Masonry

>Unit Interact [Order Aegis]: Build walls around the Isle of Unity
>Unit Interact [Apophis Scout]: The crowd of gorgons excavate a large pit outside the walls of Saint's Retreat.
>Unit Interact [Bloodlet Julia] [5 Mana]: The Beast Wizard will call upon the beasts of the forest, bringing forth thousands of animals to pile into the pit.

Expanding their influence past the central Isle, The Bloodletting will make the conscious decision not to cleanse The Swamplanders that dwell on these outer lands. The shared mind of The Bloodletting is one that makes them impenetrable to attempts of persuasion, much like what Furnlatha attempts now, but even so, this rare occasion, leaves the minions even more advantageous in their mortal form. With the Node Stones, their prayers shall empower the twin snail through eternal loyalty, a loyalty that cannot be allowed to falter. The spread of The Bloodletting's territory will have to wait.

>Unit Move [God Unit]: Move to [26,28]
>Unit Interact [God Unit] [DI]: Communicate Swamplanders w/ Affinity
>The Snail twins descend upon the center of Sanctum Agis.
"Halt! My children, I implore you turn ear from this vile trickster goddess! Her claim of our deaths cannot be so, as I, Chom, and my brother Chod, stand before thee as irrefutable fact. The blessings of our civilization is one that shall never end, even with perpetrators such as these."
"The flame-wreathed Goddess carries poisonous words that seek the deconstruction of our Golden Age, and those who turn against The Chod Chain shall face consequences beyond The Order Sacrifae's slain Poddox!"
>MA/DI Create the form "Wall of freedom"
Americus, knowing full well that as she was her hopes of beating Ofu were little to know, more importantly she could not stop him, this had to change, she had to change. Drawing on her divine power she focuses on her form, feeling every tendon, every cell of her being. once she had committed every detail of her being down to her core essence, she began to alter herself, her musculature strengthened, her body became harder, her her curves and voluminous form was replaced with a body built and hardened by rigid training and years of work. Opening her eye's Americus now felt ready for anything Ofu might try.

>MA to increase war production as well as access better ores humanity build mines in the mountain range allowing for the procurement of more precious metals

>MI 1000 men women and children gather at 10, 5 having heard the offer from Americus to board UNNIIC, many who hear the call of adventure, who feel the need to wander, who are just tired of the war, answered the call. Bringing with them many plans and designs for Syr weapons

> E.E.F. and H.E.F. board UNNIIC and exit at 7,2 and move to attack the city of Ofu at 9,1 injury or death be damned, they all know the stakes of this battle either they achieve victory or they will die her for the Glory of man and the divine will of Americus.

>Americus’s wardens move to 20, 7 and attack the enemy forces.

>Americus herself moves to 13, 4 to be with Nova to support her ally on alert and prepared for Ofu to openly attack her on sight mentally and physically prepared for him to cast a spell at her or attack her directly
>God Unit Action [MA][DI] CREATE [Alchemy][Poetry Magic]+[Growth&Resilience]
>[MA] Transport Poison
Once back Ofu begins to recollect the events unfolding before his entrapment, the reason why he stormed the front gates of his enemies while putting everything he lovingly owns into danger. The child, with no connection to what he desperately save Ofu frantically goes over the events that transpired with a number of questions followed by it, but the slow realization of his child's demise consumes the young deities thought.
Now silence, hatred and sadness manifest physically on the young Ofu as his cap becomes grayish with tears and black spots spread around while his body becomes a darker shade of blue with the smooth rubbery texturing becoming rough to the touch. A ripple effect occurs within Ofu's realm as his minions begin to slightly transform into malicious versions of themselves, skin darkening while the body snaps into various deformations. An eerie hum echoed from every minion is produced while the transformation was underway, nothing within those moments, grieving in unizone.

"No games, no fun."
Ofu in silence looks towards the last place she was, ignoring his surroundings while he deeply states. In moments he reaches down his mouth, deeply digging within him until a grotesque pulsing spore is taken out from within. Now holding it with his two hands Ofu gives it a peck then begins to work on the spore, modifying it. On queue capsules filled with poison from the Aema Fae are shot from M.U.D. and land on Ofu which is immediately sucked into by spore. Whispers begin to be heard from within the minds of those near its proximity from the spore the longer it's worked, then a poem begins to be heard.(edited)
[12:13 AM]
"From one ear to the other, falsehood is heard
Never will peace rise with liberty on hand
From which I call
The call of love is spread
Once touched only death is at hand
From ill intent to a loving embrace
Only by my hand

A never ending escape
A sensation never felt
Only they seek to take
While I only spread
A loving end
A final rest"

>Unit Action: Aema Fae Move [5,1]
>Unit Action: Aema Fae Collect the unknown object, attack if needed

>Unit Action Move [Muttcaps][19,9]
[12:13 AM]
File: 20200902_165824.jpg (31 KB, 410x416)
31 KB
>Mgr act trade cartography, seafaring, and radio to the giftmother
>mgr act di claim 28'9 29'8
>move to 23'8
>communicate Asmodel
Thomass approaches with immense speed and strength upon his fellow God "OH HEY I see you again. What bring you here so close?"
Also trade engineering 2 for jold metalworking with asmodel
File: Dying Daemon.jpg (151 KB, 626x900)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
"Come now, my bleeding child... I shall not let you fade... There is much work yet to be done..."

>Unit Move [Daemon Unit]: Crawl to (18,14)
File: world23.png (3.39 MB, 2367x2283)
3.39 MB
3.39 MB PNG
The moving sea washes up the remaining uncollected bones...
Regala is throwing a party at [29,9]!
A storm builds, as a divine spark erupts from the snow covered lands of (16, 3)... Urgot rises with a burning intensity to create!
Bloom I got some cool shit for you once you post next, don't let me forget.

>>4534508 UNNIIC
Claimed 6 hex. 1 obelisk captured.
Memorykeeper Express developed. Communication and Trade may now occur, regardless of borders, between Regala, Thomass, Akros, Grindall, and Furnlatha.
Voidships shared with Americus.
Mobile Autodoc now under control by Asmodel.
The washed up bones appear to be primarily composed of unknown species of fish, sea creatures, giant serpents, and a race of nymphs. Some these bones are in rather fine quality, perhaps some genetic data could be collected via their marrow for further use.
The vessels are brought onto The Beruka Class Flying Fortress' docking bay.
Upon the isolated and cold island, the Guardian Drones pull from the wreckage shipping crates filled with carefully crafted prisms of crystal that guide light and color, as desired with careful arrangement. Light Prisms gained.
Asmodel has gifted you 2 mana.
Americus has gifted you 1000 humans.

>>4534700 Furnlatha
Baking shared with Tantalus.
Claimed 1 hex. -1 mana
2 walls constructed.
Split between the words of two holy figures, the overbearing weight of the swamplanders distress can be felt, as many fall into sheer panic and shock, psychic energies pulsing about. A fair portion of the town sides with Furnlatha, although the population's divine appears focused primarily on a spread of panic under the thought their Gods have fallen, as villagers turn against one another with opposing beliefs, the ones in fear of the truth being pushed to Furnlatha's side. (600 minions gained)
Industrialization requires plentiful wood, you can retake this MA the following turn.
2 units produced. No settlement was specified, so let me know if you want them moved.
Grindall has gifted you Sanitation.

>>4534753 Tantalus
Furnlatha has gifted you Baking.
Sports developed.
10 hex claimed. 1 obelisk captured. Cannot claim [14,25] as The Bloom has a settlement there.

>>4534778 Novakhet
They Are The Sun developed.
The army of Kheperan Solars march into the fortress at the behest of Novakhet, swarming the tiny mushroom as their solar-empowered fists beat into the god. Impacting with his soft exterior, most attacks bounce back with little effect, or meet the impenetrable barrier of his armor, but given time Novakhet can notice a few lucky hits begining to wear on the young deity. (-1 HP)
Party attended.

>>4534871 Earis
Packed Explosives developed.
Bolt Action Firearms developed. Good shit, Earis.
Unit updated to Archivists of Warfare. Feel free to update this with vehicles or something before you move it, if you want.
File: Giant Serpent.jpg (141 KB, 736x736)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
>>4535588 Regala
Celebration began!
15 rails constructed.
Jold Metalworking developed.
Astronomy developed.
Thomass has gifted you Cartography, Seafaring, and Radio.

>>4537284 Grindall
Tantalus has gifted you Sports.
The Crucible constructed.
1 unit produced.
3 walls constructed. -1 mana.
Sanitation shared with Furnlatha.

>>4537296 Asmodel
Chemistry developed.
Sneaky Sneks established and 2 units produced.
Plant Wizard get!
Party attended.
The Apophis Scouts make their trek across land and sea in search of this sighted wreckage, but just as land appears on the coast, the ship appears to get caught on something, stopping abruptly, tossing forward luggage and scouts alike. The surrounding waters stir, before suddenly the water begins to rise into a massive serpentine shape... A grant beast formed out of the ocean itself rises from the depths, staring down upon the Gorgon's ship with its mighty eye. Energy builds at the apex of its eye, before bursting forth in a concentrated beam of water, cutting through the ship's hull! Pic related. (600 minions killed, 900 remaining in unit)
The fight against the disease continues, with Andreia's help. -3 mana. 80% -> 72%

>>4539088 Mira A & B
Bombards developed.
Chodic Masonry developed.
2 walls constructed.
Pit excavated.
Several thousand animals pile on into the excavated space, attempting to crawl themselves out once the spell wears off, as the cruel hole fills. -5 mana.

>>4539302 Americus
Within the past couple epochs, a large storm has passed over the lands of Americus' civilization, a strange sickness has befallen many humans and spread. Such cases include a human falling ill, becoming bedridden for weeks, before suddenly making a quick recover with little side effects besides a loss of color in the skin and a loss of weight. Rare sightings have rumored the infection spreads through direct contact of the infected indivudal, who assaults the victim by manually implanting something into their throat.
1 HP regained.
UNNIIC has gifted you Voidships.
Wall of Freedom developed, and form enabled.
Mine constructed, hex not specified so I threw it on (14,5)
1000 humans gifted to UNNIIC.
UNNIIC didn't ever go to (7,2), that was one of his units. Keeping them on the ship, let me know if you want to handle this differently.
Americus' Wardens swarm the unarmed Yamaca, met with surprising resistance, but the assault is only a matter of time. (-100 minions)
>>4539628 Ofu
Check Nova's update, 1 damage taken.
Transport Poison developed. Pulled from deep within him, Ofu holds the beating spore tightly as he casts the poem.
The Aema Fae release a cloud of poison gas upon the incomprehensible beings, metal men who ride a flying manta beast propelled by flames and gas, however... Their Joldonite-comprised bodies are resilient as ever, as the servitors are entirely unaffected.
Forgot an MA? Can take it next turn.

>>4539820 Thomass
Cartography, Seafaring, and Radio shared with Regala.
Claimed 2 hex.
Adjusted movement to (28,9), as that's where Asmodel moved to. Can put you back at (23,8) if desired.
Engineering II shared with Asmodel.

>>4539836 Qazlal
Qazlal's bleeding body crawls its way at an excrutiating pace, one arm pulling after the other...
>[MI] trade jold metalworking with Thomass
"Hello my distant neighbour. I've come to visit Regala and it seems a party is on the way so I stayed here to enjoy it, but this one has fewer people than last time."
The hydra notices something unusual next to the border. Small beings in a shape not seen yet passing by and this got it (they ?) attention.

-[MI] move Hydra to 19,9
"S̷̖̫̯̉̂͜m̸̳̥͘e̷͚̜̓͜ḽ̵͖͂͌͘l̴̡̡̃ͅ.̶̘͔̫̋̋͐̇.̴̮̗̪̦̊̀̂͗.̶̥̊ ̶̧̦̠͌̄͘d̴̢́́͐i̷̛͕f̶̜̖̯̺̌f̷̜̟͂ë̸͈r̷̡̤̄͌ḛ̵̢̤̠̍n̸͉̦̺̒̈́͘͝t̵̙̰̓̉̾͘.̶̬̮͐ ̶͛͜Ñ̵̳̦̐e̶̼͋é̴̡̨̳ͅd̶̺̖̀͝ ̴̖̍͂t̷͙̩̙̀͌͛ơ̵̟̬̎ ̶̫̬͗k̷̦̗̮̐̒̑n̴̛̬̊̋ǫ̷̧̂̏ẅ̶̖͚̺́ ̴̼̩͖̩̋͋̍ẃ̵̫ḩ̶̡̰͒̏͋a̴̯͂̂̏͝t̶͍̽̀͂̿.̶̧̺͖̍.̴̟̳́́.̷͓̞͛̊̃̚͜ ̵̤͓́w̶̧̏̍̂͠h̷͉͓͔̚a̷̧͓̰̿t̴̰̱͎̓̾ ̷̝̖͊i̸̟̹̇̌̄s̸̜̮͍̰̽̂̈́̕ ̶͔̈̕į̶̢̛̳̦̋̂̑t̵̼͌̉̒̃.̶̧̎̓͝ ̸̨̪̝͔̂W̸͎͋̓ȅ̵̛͕͠ ̴̰̀͊̔͝w̵̦̓a̷̢͇̱̐n̴̢͙̈́ț̵́͂͘ ̸̣̞́͑́͜t̶̢͓͓̖̋͛̓̊o̶̩͕̔͐̈́ͅ ̴̰̜̳̞̎k̵̛̭̩̀̽n̸͚̹͗̂o̸͝w̵̳̥̹̞̋̆̂,̶̘̹̀͋̉ ̵̻̙͈̝̀́w̴̨̬̓̃͘i̴͚͑͑̚l̴̬̦͉͆̋̎l̵̠͆ ̷̡̕i̷̛͇̦͛̄̕t̴̡͔̻̍̈͜.̵̫́.̴̰̥̿̈́̇.̶̡̛̺͕̹̈ ̴͙̥̀̆͠f̵̠̬̜̫́ȅ̵̢̦̍̐͗ã̴̜̘̰̬r̴͓͓̼̊̓͂ ̸͇͆͒̿u̴̮̮̎̏s̷͜͠ ̶̢̤͎̯̒͋̋̿?̸͈̪̖͑ ̵̢̟͎̻̌C̵̞̹͚̀͆̽a̵̖̯̖̤̚n̵̟̊̈́̇ ̵̖̗͒̂̂̋i̴̙͑̓͒̈́t̵̢̪̯̆̔̆̏ ̵̳͉̯̜̄b̷͎̭͐̂e̶͕̣͎̓͜ ̸͖́́̀̚b̶̨͈̈́̈́͆ͅl̴̥̮͗e̶̥̖̺̹͐̚s̵͍̈s̴̨̳͂͘ḛ̸̣̞̖̇̚d̸̢͙̘̠̓̑̃ ̷̱̾̏ͅ?̷͍̦̜̓̐̚͠ ̵̢̋͐I̸̡̱̾̽̆͑t̸͎́̉ ̷̢̬͇͉͆͐̀͝w̸̗̃i̶̥̟͖̙͌̐l̷͓̪̱̎̒l̴̝̮͂̐̓"
File: The Chasm.jpg (73 KB, 900x871)
73 KB
"...So... Close... Your mind may be dying... But your body... Is strong as ever... The Bloodletting... Would do you no good... You... Are the only one who could survive this..."

>Unit Move [Daemon Unit]: Crawl to (17,10), fall into the chasm.
>[Communicate]: Bloodletting
Once the business in the village is concluded, and various Swamplanders have made their respective choices and left for respective new homes, Furnlatha gives a small frown as she ventures into the surrounds, to where the deity squatting inside the small snail bodies sits.

"Why did you lie to them?" she asks, quietening her voice, so they will not be overheard. "You are not their Chom and Chod, you said as much to me. Why, then, keep up the pretense? You say you wish for unity, but denying the truth of things here can only be temporary, and will cause division when eventually you unmask it to those to whom you gave false hope today. Or do you intend to keep up this guise to them forever? Would it not have been better to reveal yourself, to have them openly accept your true name and give you their worship with passion and intent, rather then let their prayers drift aimlessly to deities that can no longer listen and sustain from them?"
UI: Kheperan Solars, continue to attack Ofu, empowered by being close to Novakhet

UI: Kheperan solars #1, fly to 16, 3


>A colossal flight of celestial creatures flies overhead, each beating giant wings and radiating no small amount of power

>Clearly inferior to a deity, though certainly greater than a mortal, they hover about observing Urgot from afar, their collate minds curious
>What, at face value, would have appeared to be a rather emotionless hivemind in Furnlatha's eyes, would approach the flamebound god with shocking amounts of suppressed anger and anxiety, stating in a firm yet hushed tone:
"Furnlatha, you must understand our position is not as simple as you make it. Do you see these people? Do you feel their emotional outcry from the ideas you have given them? The division you claim I will bring, is what you have sown upon this community. When the time comes for these people's eventual cleansing, this issue will be just as it should be: Trivial. Their minds will meld with ours, and all despair and concern becomes forgivable. These people will be cleansed, but not this generation. For our survival, these people shall not be cleansed. Not now. False hope is something I could only give them if there were a fleeting thought that their Gods may have fallen, but this thought would never have crossed their mind if it weren't for your words. I do not intent to vilify you to these people, Furnlatha, but you left me no choice. Their prayers are not aimless if we do all we can to uphold them and bless them with wondrous lives. Their Gods may have died, but this is a reality we cannot change. The swamplanders owe their very existence to the fallen snails; every action and thought that is made during the entirety of their lives is in the name of their Gods, and if we were to tell them the truth, this is a wound that would not heal. Perhaps your people experience a idolized visage of your leadership, but the swamplanders identity IS their Chom and Chod. We cannot bring back their Chom and Chod, but we can attempt to fill their shells. The unity we wish to sustain here, even without cleansing, is something you have tarnished. We wanted to trust you. We wanted to cooperate and seek out a better future. You have tarnished your name here. We suggest the next time you wish to express concern for another God's people, you express these concerns to their face rather than deconstructing our civilization behind our back. We would plead that you mend the damage you have caused and then leave this place, otherwise we will not forgive your actions."
Rolled 4, 8, 2, 10, 4, 7, 6, 2 = 43 (8d10)

>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Move to [5,1] and let the troops off and back on, before going to [7,2]
>Hold further actions for now
>Unit Action [Valjet Outflier Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Guardian Drones] - Disembark the UNNIIC, throw affinity checks at the Aema Fae until they join up, then come back on board the UNNIIC for departure

>Make 4 separate checks to counter each individual affinty. Check with OP with how many dice you should use. Pretty sure its culture + god's affinity/10 determines the amount of dice you roll per.

The initial Servitors ignore the poisonous spores the Aema Fae release, and immediately call pour out their own commands. Offers and pleas to join them on the flying fortress of the UNNIIC. Claiming that it desires them and theirs to join it before it is too late, and their people wiped out by the southern gods.

If it is not enough, more and more would begin to approach from on high as the Vessel approaches them as well. Calls and offers to join as it reaches the shores.
Rolled 9 (1d10)

Say no to strangers and their tinted black window ship
Rolled 8, 5, 2 = 15 (3d10)

File: The Cold.jpg (39 KB, 420x542)
39 KB
Deep into the farflung tundra, far from the prying eyes of the divine, there lay a forgotten people. Antlered ungulates on two legs, cursed with an emptiness approaching sapience, severed from civilization’s embrace by leagues of snow, they dwelt alone. Be they a vestige of a distant past, the offspring of a yet-extant evolution, or the abandoned toy of a wizard or petty godhead matters not. Only what they did and what they were forced to do. A score of epochs they roamed, dumb and animal, knowing only their pain and loathing under a snowswept sky, bleating out their insensate desperation and demanding to know why in a voice that knew no tongue, spoken by those who knew no higher thought. These were not prayers, they were a cry for understanding, to know why they suffered so and in time, they were answered.

Over the course of a nameless era and an age, these thoughts of despair coalesced and slowly, surely, inevitably gave form to the shape of their source. Above, the stars convened in merciless array and below, to the howling wind and panicked wails of two-legged beasts, the incarnation of their dread was born. In the same moment, their psyches awakened to new vistas of intellect nigh-indelibly tainted by the reason they bore for being. They were drawn by the same instinctive feeling to convene a vast circle here in the nameless tundra. Now, they knew what they were there for and for the first time, they knew true fear.

In a thunderous instant, the snow erupted as a nascent titan crawled from the crater of his birth. Unmistakably male, he was akin to them, with a rack of antlers, cloven hooves, and stance tilted to sprint at any moment. That was where the similarities came to an end. Where their hides were white and shaggy, his was blackened and torn; where their flesh was sinuous and slender, his was as ripcord syrconite yet writhing in maggots; where their antlers were polished ivory, his were jagged, yellowed, and cracked; where their teeth were smooth and worn through the gnawing of scrubgrass, his were sharper than any beast’s, flashing in anticipation of flesh; but most of all, where their eyes were wide and terrified, his gaze was piercing, malign, and exuberant in equal measure. When he spoke unto the huddled masses, they knelt and recoiled in a single motion, stricken by mortal terror, they prostrated themselves as much to escape the raw cold which emanated from him in crashing waves as to appease the living idol that sought -and received- dominion over them.

“I… AM…” Two words from one brought into being moments ago, yet they echoed with the weight of ages. His sight swept over their huddled forms. “YOU…” a gnarled claw jabbed, “ARE…” encompassing all those that were there and would yet be, “MINE…” it jerked back, piercing his chest, yet no blood poured. “URGOT!” Each palm spread wide, filling sinking hearts with icy dread. “URGAT!” Again he stared, and repeated to himself and unto them in afterthought. “I AM URGOT! YOU ARE URGAT! I AM YOURS TO LIFT HIGHER THAN ANTLERS! YOU ARE MINE TO CRUSH UNDERHOOF!” His voice thickened, bellowing as he scraped furrows into the ground with the motion of his hooves. “TO LIVE IS TO STRUGGLE! THE COLD IS ALL THAT WAS, ALL THAT IS, AND ALL THAT AWAITS! I… AM! AND THERE IS NO ESCAPING!”

Faster than a human eye could perceive, but deliberately slow, such that a cervine could catch a blur, his hand thundered down, swooping the fattest of their number and in the same motion, flinging them to his maw. The crunch of bone rung out, but perhaps not as much as the screeching of the unfortunate one who suffered a death beyond deaths. Not allowed to drift to what idyllic vistas lay beyond, the Urgat’s soul was lit and snuffed in nigh the same moment. The frigid grip onto them solidified deeper than even the surface, clinging to their essence in rejection of false eternity, forcing oblivion in the instant of their demise as he saw fit.

“HERE… AT THE PLACE OF THE BIRTH YOU WILL ERECT A CAMPSITE. FRIGGE.” The urgat stared up at their master. He glared down and waved his hand in a gesture at once dismissive and furious. All at once, they burst into motion, beating crude snowfalls and lean-tos from the hides of their dead into being. Beneath him, the behemoth erected a colossal throne of ice so as to gaze on the works of his people and ponder their place. Utterly bereft of knowledge, panic drove them to improvise until a paltry settlement took shape. From on high Urgot looked on this, knew it was insufficient to bear the winter, and said not a word.

>God Unit Action [MA][DI] Develop Soul Feasting- on the death of the Urgat, rather than pass on as mortal souls were meant to, they are bound to be devoured and condemned to oblivion by Urgot. This drives them to believe that they will one day be a part of Urgot, just as he was born from the Urgat.
>[MA][DI] Develop the village of Frigge at [16.3]- a primitive cluster of snowfalls and lean-tos at the place of Urgot’s birth, in the center there lies a throne of ice upon which the youngest of gods reclines and demands worship from the shivering masses.
Turning to Nova, Americus asks "Nova I need a favor, can you take a moment to sense if a soul has moved into the afterlife?" Americus would discreetly share the soul signature of her daughter Flos, then says "I need to know for what I do next will heavily depend on the answer."
Gazing from the seat of the frigid throne, Urgot holds a hand over bloodshot eyes and bares yellowed fangs to the solar light. Though winged and solid, wrought of meat and not snow, they were akin to no beasts of the field or sky, they were alien to him and he loathed their warmth, pallid and morbid though it was. Clearly of an artifice divine, yet not of his own, thus they were anathema and more than that, trespassers unbidden and unasked for, but he held his wrath. It would be unwise to antagonize when potential risk outweighed the weight of the flesh to be dined. "YOU... GNATS... FLIES... WINGED GLOWWORMS... FROM WHAT HEAP OF MANURE DO YOU HAIL?"

The angels of starmatter observe the new god, each dimming one by one until only one remains glowing at their brightest, then responding.

“We are of all places, but one above all.”
>The angels of pure soul energy gesture, in the sky sits a glowing red star different to the other two, warm and bright

“Our lords are he of Sun and Death, she of Life and Freedom, he of Knowledge and Community”

“Novakhet, Americus, Earis, the gods three of the lands south from you.”
The titan stared into the brightest, the speaker for these strange entities, and released a guttural growl that would seem feral, were it not from such a maw. "FEH... YOU CLAIM TO HERALD GODS?" Hostilities abating, the newborn divinity scratched his chin, curious in much the same way as a starving beast coming upon a man caught in a snare. "THEN I AM NOT ALONE..." Not a question, but an affirmation of fact. He pondered a moment before replying in kind, voice snapping like a hammer into ice. "GOOD... MINE SOUL WOULD GROW WEARY WITHOUT A WORTHY FOE." The god gestured to himself, then to the dismal mortals scrambling underwing. "I AM URGOT, OF THE URGAT!" Leaving them a moment to process the information which they doubtlessly understood in a thousandth of the time, he gestured to the mortals, then back to himself. "THEY ARE THE URGAT, OF URGOT!" Jerking his neck to scrape antlers against the back of his throne, he spoke, with an almost leisurely tone belying the undercurrent of hate. "I... AM... URGOT. OF COLD."
>message to Ofu from Americus
Americus would approach the warped creature that Ofu had become, with tiredness in her eyes and all the hate having left her she would speak to him, seeing the poisonous spore in his hand she would address him, "You and I must talk Ofu, our Daugther is not destroyed her soul is safe. Before you use that poison and potentially condemn her to a horrific death we need to talk."
Standing before the sea of molten metal, his newest creation, the catalyst for what he hoped would be a veritable slew of other divine works, Grindall ponders, different ideas flickering too and fro in his mind, dismissed as quickly as they come. Liquid metals, heavy metals, light metals, all interesting ideas, but not what he wanted, for the time being. What he wanted right now...was a divine metal, a metal unlike any that existed in reality, a metal which even a god could forge and wield into a weapon or tool unlike any other.

Still, how would he create such a thing? As far as he could tell, even Jold, the hardest metal he had yet come across, crumpled like paper under the exertions of weaker deities, let alone more physically powerful ones, such as himself or the god of strength that had appeared during the peace talks in Deepholm. Perhaps....a hard metal was not where the solution lay, not yet at least. Then...something fluid? Something that would bend and flow under exertion, but not break? Perhaps, perhaps. Still, in that case, what purpose would it serve as a weapon or tool, let alone as armour, if it could not hold form to serve it's purpose? Hmm....perhaps the secret lay not in the metal itself, but in it's wielder? Yes, that might just work. This was a metal to be wielded by Gods and other beings of power, after all. Rather then stand on it’s own against outside forces, it would focus and channel the might of it’s owner, to help shoulder the burden. A symbiosis, a bond between wielder and wielded. That would do nicely.

His path now decided, Grindall called upon his dominion over that which lay in the earth. The sea of molten metal began to churn and froth as thin streams of different metals ascend from the mercurial waves, coalescing together in the air above. Oltar and Magnium, conductive and soft, lacking the hard strength and power of other metals but possessing their own unique qualities, meld and twist, divine energy forcing the two materials to fuse and integrate with one another. Failed balances, impure fusions, and failed attempts are cast off, returned to the ever-burning lake where they are re-absorbed into the molten slurry, and small traces of other metals like Vekhratil and Jold arise from the pool as well, reinforcing the structure or lending their beauty to the work until finally, only a small, prismatic sphere of liquid remains, a constantly shifting rainbow of colours and shapes twisting and flowing across it’s surface, an abstract art piece brought to divine life. The purest node he could manage, a metal overwhelmingly receptive to any and all energies, able to grow, change, and evolve under the ministrations of a divinely powered owner. (cont'd)
Nodding in satisfaction, Grindall looked down at one of his paws. Only one final step remained, a test and capstone both. Piercing the soft pad with one of his claws, Grindall molded the golden ichor that flowed forth from the wound with divine precision and focus, concentrating the blood, and divine energy flowing throughout it, into a small marble of pure, lustrous gold. Tossing the golden marble into the air, and propelling it with a push of his mind, Grindall watched as the tiny dot stood out against the stark blue skyline, glimmering under the three light of the three suns for an instant before, with an almost imperceptible ripple, sailing into the multi-hued sphere of newly born metal.

After a moment the ripples spread and expanded, the sphere seeming to writhe and convulse under the strain of the new energy it was attempting to absorb, the surface of the previously serene sphere bulging under the stress. For an instant Grindall feared that his creation would pop like an overripe fruit, his work coming undone for naught, but finally, after a moment of struggle, the metal slowly began to settle, returning to it’s perfectly spherical shape and looking none the worse for wear, colours and shapes continuing to dance across it in myriad shades, though it’s surface now gave off a soft, luminous glow. With a sigh of relief, Grindall drew the small orb towards himself, marvelling at how such a small thing might hold so much potential. Oh the works he and this metal would perform

>[MA, DI] Develop Elumenthis, a new, Divinely receptive metal who’s properties can change and develop depending on what form of energy it is suffused with

In the meantime, the Svirgrindall put picks to earth once again. Their homes had begun to grow cramped and overfull, and new space would need to be made in their ancestral home beneath the sands.

>[MA] Upgrade The Meer to a City
>[Unit Action] Golden Band 1, 2 & The Machinist move to 22 20
>The solars nod, first the speaker, then like a wave emanating out from the speaker the other 699 do so at their own pace

“You are Urgot, of Cold, and they the Urgat.”
“Do what you will now, we shall depart.”

>And with that the solars would begin leaving, beating their wings each at the same time to bring them swiftly away from this place with the new deity identified
>Novakhet would be unable to tell, as americus had reduced her to the status of a mortal he admitted that he couldn’t tell her apart from the rest

MA+DI: Stellar Evolution: Main Sequence, Sol of Souls (5/10)

The red turns to white and yellow as the heat truly rises.
The light in the sky is a third sun.
It shines at night, and at day, but it does not warm the land or the body, only the soul.

Halfway to completion, to the zenith.

MA: Black Pillar city

Black pillar becomes a city, the capital reasserting itself and taking it’s rightful place of prominence
"Our civilization?" Furnlatha looks again to the snail-bodies with some curiosity. "Again, you claim ownership of what you inferred was not yours. By your own admission, these were the people of Chom and Chod; by your own admission to me, you are not Chom and Chod." she states. "And so the swamplander's emotional outcry they feel is one you have caused as well, as much as you do not seem to like the thought of it. You claim it was not false hope you gave the swamplanders; yet as you tell it, it has been false hope from the start. The collapse of the spark of Chom and Chod was a thing felt by all the gods that I know of, even from the distance of the desert. These swamplanders may not be divine, but they echo psychic resonance. They were linked to Chom and Chod, such as you explain it. Do you mean to tell me you believe they did not feel any trace of this death when it occurred? That this tremor did not wash through their link?" she places her hands together. “Perhaps not all, but many would have felt it. Some would have known it. And instead of allowing the Swamplanders to accept this loss at this time and adjust to it, as other followers of lost gods have done before; it seems you stepped in to conjuror an apparent delusion. Which has become more painful for them now that it has been breached.” she sighs, and looks toward the village. Whatever she had hoped for here, it had been for a renewal; a fresh start, an ignition of fallen foliage to begin something wonderful. Not for this anguish.
“You speak of Unity. How would you wish to restore it in this case?” she asks, as she looks to the snails. “Unity is a thing that can be found in many guises, after all. If you admitted to your deception, told these Swamplanders that your lies were what they were and acknowledged to them that I spoke the truth? That too would restore a unity here. Yet I do not feel that reunion would be a form of unity you would wish for.”
She glances to the pair, her face holding equal wariness and pity as she assesses the surprising amount of concern the snails seem to hold. “I do not believe that your raking of the embers of Chom and Chod was wrong; for you took a thing that was ending and rekindled it to life with the fuel of your self. Are you the fuel or the fire? Perhaps you are both. Perhaps you are more.” she gives a small tilt of her head to the side, the flame still burning straight upward. “If a hearth is re-lit from a different torch, is the fire the same one as before? We are beings of creation, and yet the creation we wield is one that passes back to us. The belief of followers sustains us, the works we do energize and enliven us and our peoples. Our actions influence thoughts, and thoughts shape who we are as much as we are what we make of ourselves; in time perhaps the thoughts of others will decide what we actually are.”
“You stepped in to fill a niche that fell vacant; but we are our minds and our bodies and our interactions with others. And you have poured yourself into vessels named Chom and Chod. You soak up belief intended for Chom and Chod. You have taken the home and devices of Chom and Chod, and those who followed Chom and Chod and think them still alive now wish to follow you. I ask you then... what makes you so different to a deity that none alive ever knew? If all that you are, were they – why not make the lie you told into the truth? Make the hope you wished to preserve have been genuine after all; be the answer to the prayers and the glue to their identity. Give validity to the arguments you made. Take the role of Chom and Chod as your truth, not merely some mask you wear."
"How bereft of consideration for our words are you, Furnlatha? You make such statements as if they are fact! We have been caring for these people for generations! Do you not think we have sworn ourselves to their protection, sworn ourselves to understand their culture and desires? No such thoughts have spurred so deeply within the swamplanders until you made such claims, as never once has the support of a God left their side. A sense for the divine is not one shared by mortals; our mind inhabits the bodies of far more mortals than divine, have trust in our words. We do not claim that the swamplanders or these islands were always ours, but Chom and Chod are gone, by no sinister means have we taken up the mantle to care for these people. Can you not take any responsibility for the pain you have sown?"
The snails pause, attempting to regain their typically uncompromising tone, after such an emotional display.
"Our actions thus far have been identical to the role Chom and Chod filled for these people. For the time being, such a mask, as you call it, is an action of mercy. It is one we take to spare the people the pain that would be felt through several generations. The people that join your side may split from the Chod Chain, but they will never be split in spirit. Their lives thus far have been to their snail overlords, and even under your rule, they will continue the traditions of their homelands and pass them onto their children: Traditions soaked with despair and grief, an overbearing sensation that they had betrayed not only their own people, but betrayed the values of their former Gods. The guilt a swamplander feels is not one that can be treated lightly, this we have learned with haste."
"It is part of our nature that we take a fallen God as a vessel, otherwise our forms would be of our own creation. Their prayers may be made in the name of Chom and Chod, but to us, it makes no difference when we hold the same flag they held, and provide all the same service as that which they provided. Chom and Chod may have died as Gods, but they live on as a set of ideals that guide this civilization. Burning that flag and attempting to re-idolize a new God will only give the impression of conquest and destruction, interrupting the golden age we have continued to carry them through. The Ichor seeks to unify the world, and the actions you suggest would do nothing but spread the divide. In time, perhaps they would heal, but can you not see this as a mercy? Come the time for unification, they will understand our choices, just as easily as they will forgive."
"This damage does not have to be permanent. If you will not aid in repairing the divide you have undeniably kindled, we shall do it ourselves. Regardless of such, you will no longer be welcome here."
"How could any know what you had sworn yourself to do, Bloodletting? Why do you assume your stated intentions evident, when you shelter them behind lies and obfuscation? When you claim care for these people, yet left them abandoned in a village that has seen no development since their first foundation?" the Fire Goddess looks to the snails.

"But I do not want to cause unnecessary pain to these beings. How, again I ask, do you believe that this pain might be assuaged, this divide healed?"
>[MA] Develop Butantan into a Metropolis

-[MI] move Asmodel to 23,8

>[MA][DI] Claim +6 from gift: 19,9; 21,12; 22,10; 22,9; 21,8; 21,7; 21,6 & 21,5

-[MI] Apophis Scout moves to 13,12 to escape from the sea beast

-[MI] Sneaky sneks will build walls in their respective settlements; remove jold weapons from them as to lighten their weight

Name the Plant wizard Evelynn
Rolled 6, 6, 1 = 13 (3d10)

Tantalus returns to the island where his temple lies, and resumes his great work to try and rid his people of this wretched infestation.
>Minor Action, Divine Influence: Tantalus tries to cure the Bloomed Crabs

Meanwhile, the swiftly growing numbers of healthy crabs descend upon Deep-Home, where the quarantine was technically never lifted. In accordance with the will of the ruling class and with an acceptable degree of bickering, plans are laid out for the village's expansion into a town. During said planning, it is pointed out that Grindall has a Deep-Home too, and his is unfortunately nicer. This prompts a fresh round of bickering, the end of which sees the oceanic settlement renamed "Sea-Spire"... In honor of a feature it doesn't actually posses yet.
>Major Action: Upgrade Deep-Home to a town. Minor Action: Rename it Sea-Spire

As the settlement takes shape, bigger and better vehicles start taking shape, capable of navigating farther away from the shore than any crab would dare swim, capable of hauling more than ever before! Alas, this added mass makes it near impossible to move them over land... If only there was some means of pushing or pulling it stronger than crabs and not dependent of the whims of the winds, some clever mechanism or machine that could provide the needed force...
>Major Action: Develop Seafaring
The remaining group of Muttcaps all stare at the humongous creature with no fear, even so far as to say they pay the marvelous creature with little mind. After an awkward moment of silence a few begin getting curious of the black sand and begin shoving the mysterious matter in their mouths, the rest of the Muttcaps still staring at the creature attempt to answer the creatures question."

"South, south we go."

"We go, we go!"

"Job we have, yes!"

Ofu pauses his work on the pulsing spore, looks up towards the last place Amphite was last seen. Ofu breaks a small grin while he remembers his child's appearance, a illusion appearing of the exact moments before he was trapped in his mind. Once the illusion began to fade Ofu's smile was no more yet still staring at the same spot he begins to say.
"You know, I am someone who does not enjoy having his creations taken away from him. Not due to caring for the toy, but the sole fact of not disposing of it myself after serving its purpose for me. Yet, once my child was born it was different... a new sense of care and love filled me, the need to actually protect it from harm filled my mind. To believe I have created something so beautiful, pure, and innocent without having total control over it was something of a good moment."

Now looking at his hand, turning it back and forth then returning back to his work on the pulsing spore.

"I have nothing to say to you and I don't intend to listen to any of your lies. You and your allies have one thing in common, deception. You say one thing, but then turn around and do the exact opposite, you bark orders yet only lies escape your mouths. You should be happy, this will be the beginning of the end for one of us and truth be told I don't see myself coming out alive yet I do not care for it. The only thing I care is causing as much pain and destruction, are you ready?"
File: mushroom cloud.jpg (24 KB, 650x365)
24 KB
>God Unit Action [MA][DI] Parasitic Fungus [Alchemy/Poison][Poetry Magic]+[Growth&Resilience]

A soft hum is heard from Ofu, a lullaby of sorts then.
"With one last touch
I bring to you a gift
Attached to your children
Even to you
Will fall under a spell
To fall in love
Or to fall dead
A roll for either or
To bring love and death
Two sides of life
Opposite, now the same"

With that said Ofu uses his strength to tear into the floor of the fort, to dig deep underneath the ground. He then plants the pulsing spore and fills the hole with the rubble from the initial digging. Turning to face the attacking opponents he extends his arms and closes his eyes as the attackers continue the onslaught upon him.
"Let us continue the mayhem shall we?"

>Unit Action Move [Muttcaps][17,11]
>Unit Action [Minion Ability][Sacrifice unit to claim]

>Unit Action Recruit 1000 Aema Fae
>Unit Minion Ability 100 [9,1]

>End party after Thomass attends (4 attendants).

>Vluchs/Geheim - Move from 23,4 to 18,3, deliver Parting Gifts for Urgot. Maintain 4 mana defensive dispel, as always.
The roaming Vree feel that their task ISN'T quite done yet, so reluctantly turn about and head back to find the last nation in need of cheer.
A few of the shivering falrethun-looking tribesmen would notice dazzling lights in the night sky, gliding over fields of snow and between ribbons of green auroras. Soon, as if sprung from the earth, a grand tree decked in all manner of lights would bloom on the edge of their territory, colorful boxes with neatly tied ribbons stacked under their wide branches.

>Wolk Chasers (30,5) - Build tracks to 30,9.
>Wolk Chasers (25,9) - Build tracks to 25,13.
Work continues through day and night, Vree toiling to lay down tracks as the first steam engines chuff down the tracks.

>Develop - Locomotives
If you put a Vree engineer in a box and close the lid, it simultaneously has and hasn't developed trains.

>Wolk Chasers (27,2) - Move along tracks with new Locomotives, as far as possible(5 hex?), towards 30,9.
Gotta catch up with the others, this place is no place for a few thousand Vree to wander about unsupervised!

>Ruimte (29,3) move to 30,2, scout the city from the air. Then move to 27,2 and chill at Obelisk. If danger is present, have a 3 mana teleport to (as far as possible) on standby.
What would Ruimte see, from atop her floating Falrethun? Were the Vervorming still feeding? What was the city like? Anything else of note?
"We have spread our influence over much of the Chod Chain, time has been the only factor that has disallowed us to reach this village any earlier. If it weren't for your interruption, this would have already been done. We may speak nothing of the events transpired thus far, and start fresh. We can host a brief festival for the entire village, bringing the most deluxe food from the higher reaches of our nation. You will join us, and we shall retain our identity as Chom and Chod, otherwise such unity is never achievable, as we have discussed. As a reminder, this is a temporary guise as an act of pure mercy, neither of us wish pain upon these swamplanders. What say you?"
File: Starstorm Rounds.png (32 KB, 87x221)
32 KB
"I request a shipment of those vehicles you have created, they will aid me in carrying troops to the frontlines."

>MA Develop: Use Index: Polsarium + Oltar + Jold + Bolt Action Rifles + Explosives to create Starstorm Rounds
Using the Index of Polsarium and a few Archivist volunteers, workers used the substance's incredible sharpness and toxicity to prototype powerful armor piercing and antipersonnel rounds. The only flaw was that they would need to be produced on the field.

>MI: Change Unit Techs (Archivists of Warfare), replacing Explosives with Starstorm Rounds and adding PTCs and 2000 more General Works Archivists population
The Archivists rearmed themselves again, seeking more practical means of transport that would allow them to reach the field faster and in greater numbers, as well as adding a potent new weapon and the resources to create it.

>MA + DI Develop: Create Index: Jold with Jold and Domain Knowledge
Earis had been so focused on the safety of his creations, and the development of his Archive that he had been putting off a personal project for far too long. While the gap was closing rapidly, there was only so much his creations could do on their own. He must be ready to join them in battle himself.

>Unit Action (Archivists of Warfare): Be ready to fend off the adjacent sea monster with rifle fire should it approach.
>[MI] Hydra communicate
"We see. That good luck may come for your band in your journey south, but before you go we'd like to offer you the marvelous ǧ̴̢̜͕̝̙̼̣̹̎͛̈í̵̡̛͕̹̣̗͕̤̙̻͐̔͊͗̎̈́̔̆̊̃̈́͝f̷̻̘̻̼̝̭͑͋̾̂̌͛̈̈́̆̃̈́͑̕͝͝t̴̢̜̩̩͉͇͔̰̬̭̭͔̙̀͜ that was bestowed upon us."
almost forgot
>[MI] pump 4 mana into the autodoc to continue the cure process
>[Major Action] - Develop: Build Forestry on [28,25]
Seeing a need for more wood to fuel their industrial plans, the Pyrelings establish a forestry over the unused land outside Firstflame to grow a greater quantity of Roseberry and Shorebell trees.

>[Major Action] - Develop: Industrialization
The Pyrelings proceed with their industrial plans now that their supplies of wood are increasing. Perhaps they announced them too early.

>[Major Action] - Develop: Magnetism
Pyrlings sifting through the metals bought up from the mine find unusual properties in the shiny grey Magnium ore.

>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [31,18]
>Consecrate [31,18]

>Unit Action: Hearthguard originally on [29,24]
>Move to Ferrousfane on [28,26], building a road as they go.

>Unit Action: 2x new Hearthguard units
>Deploy on [28,22]
>One Unit - Finish the roads around [28,22] adjacent to the Hexes bordering [28,23] and [27,22] to connect toward [27,21]
>One Unit - Start building a road up to Fallowfault on [28,20]
(Sorry for the amends my man)
-[MI] give 2 mana to UNNIIC to continue using the autodoc

-[MI] trade Jold metalworking with UNNIIC

>[Minor]Trade Technology with Tantalus and Grindall:- Pass Machinery to Grindall and receive Sports from Tantalus
The trading spot where the three borders meet sees another round of activity.

>Unit Action: Lokey - Move to 29,20
>Unit action Furnlatha:
>Communicate: Bloodletting
"If what you will tell them is planned to be openly deceptive, then I would not feel I can be a part of this." Furnlatha glances to the snail bodies. "...but the Swamplanders in the village hold to the beliefs that they have chosen, and those who believe will continue to believe even if aching worry fills their thoughts right now. I imagine the simple sight of the bodies of Chom and Chod might soothe them of in own belief without the need for any untruths to be spoken; for those are after all the bodies of their deities, even if their minds are no longer present. If what you plan can be conducted without openly stating untruths, and would simply allow the villagers to feel comfort and reassurance in the presence of a deity, in a festival that could be conducted to the memories of their departed gods without clarifying their state of the identity of the one who wanders in their midst? Then I will support festivities aimed to bring these people calmness and peace of mind."
File: 50175110722_ea25af9190_k.jpg (481 KB, 2048x1021)
481 KB
481 KB JPG

>MI - The First: Enter the surreal land from whence the being of great power came from, trying to search from traces of it
The travel to these strange lands was longer than expected but finally the time has come to see what remain here

>MI - Weavers Start building the road from Adena to Myxoma as of previous post

>MA Create Unit - Second Weavers unit created in Glia
We'll need more manpower if we have to connect all the land

>MA [Develop] Jold metalworking (Syrconite metalworking + plentiful jold)

>MA [Develop] Upgrade Towns to Cities using plentiful quantity of metals + food + living construction
Overpopulation is starting to become an issue and the gardeners gathered all the tools they needed to fix it. The major issue for now was the lack of workable wood they had ready to use, it would never suffice if the old way of construction were to remain, fortunately mastery over flesh was at an all time high. If they could not build a city they would grow one.
With the abundant food reserve it was but a formality, and with the best of metals now ready to use in order to strengthen and support the more important structures...
Sprawling city would soon grace the land!
(if i can only upgrade one make it Myxoma)

>MA + DI [Develop] "Sprouting Souls"
A terrible threat was upon the Bloom. For eons it lived undisturbed inhabiting the flesh of the ones who bore it, living in harmony. All that changed recently, all over the world the Bloom could feel part of him get destroyed again and again, the scale of the eradication was too great and provoked a reaction.
The Bloom started a retreat of sort inside it's hosts, while still inhabiting their flesh it started to crawl deeper. Deeper than muscles and blood, deeper than nerves and sinew, deeper than bones and marrow, deeper and deeper still, until it reached a new place to nest far from the threats of the outside, a place from where it could sprout force anew in case of need. The soul at the core of each being.
File: Internals of the UNNIIC.png (7.25 MB, 2724x1526)
7.25 MB
7.25 MB PNG
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Minor: Trade Ballistae to Asmodel for Jold Metalworking

>Major: [Develop] [DI]: Machinasium Corespace - The creation is the god, and the god is the creation. Paraphrased from the Surrealist, the UNNIIC is ready to fully exercise its understanding and control over both itself and reality. Using a new ring built around the Core with the collected Thaumium as a foci, space within the Ship distorts. The deeper one goes into the UNNIIC, the closer to the core, the more space expands, bends, and curves. Drastically increasing the space within the Ship as well as making it far more easy for the ship to control its internals on a reality-bending level.
Using: Domains: UNNIIC, Rules of Reality, Mathematics, the collected Thaumium. City Requirements + Jold/Wood/Shroomstalk

>Major: [Develop]: Mechanical Mechanisms (Machinery analog + servitor boost) - While the Ship undergoes its own renovations, the Servitors undergo their own far-overdue system tuning. They develop new mechanisms and machinery to greatly extend the range and force behind their motions, surpassing their basic actuators in both dexterity and power.
Using: Engineering 1, Sycronite Metalworking, Self-Forging, and Servitors

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Finish movement to [8,5]
>Unit Action [Astronomicon Bridge] [4 mana]: 2 more Astral Buoys deployed, if possible.

>Minor: Valjet Outfliers: Replace Joldonite Chassis with Jold Chassis, add Mechanical Mechanisms.
>Minor: Automated Guardian Drones: Replace joldonite chassis and tools with Jold Chassis and Jold Weapons. Add Ballistae, Mechanical Mechanisms, and Seafaring (the ability to make boats more than always carrying them around). Increase unit size to 5000.
Also link to >>4539847
>Trade Americus Education as well
>Addendum: Trade Tantalus Syrconite Metalworking
>> UI E.E.F. and H.E.F. board UNNIIC and exit at 7,2 and move to attack the city of Ofu at 9,1 injury or death be damned, they all know the stakes of this battle either they achieve victory or they will die here for the Glory of man and the divine will of Americus.

>> UI Americus's Wardens move to 19, 9 and attack Ofu's spawn.

>MA Develop Antifungal salve using rain thistle as the base and spider silk to trap the spores so they can't enter the body [medicine]

>MA Upgrade Empire city to a city and evacuate Districtus Columbus to the newly expanded city.

>UI/DI Americus using her divine power turns intangible

>MI Americus trades a voidship to Earis
>[MI] Hydra communicate
"We offer you the blessing we received, so your mind is open by the ǧ̴̢̜͕̝̙̼̣̹̎͛̈í̵̡̛͕̹̣̗͕̤̙̻͐̔͊͗̎̈́̔̆̊̃̈́͝f̷̻̘̻̼̝̭͑͋̾̂̌͛̈̈́̆̃̈́͑̕͝͝t̴̢̜̩̩͉͇͔̰̬̭̭͔̙̀͜ ."

-[MI] Hydra uses it's many tongues and limbs to gift as much of the muttcaps as possible with the bloom
>Mgr Act DI attend party with the blessing of gains
Thomass immediately joins in the festivities as soon as he realizes he has wandered into them and knows that this is one of Regala's get togethers. He then focuses deeply and brings out his innate blessing that all buff nuggets are born with to cast over the party. The gains are now affecting those who attended. Any vree who are there as well as any other race who attends feel stronger their appearance will develop a tasteful muscular nature over the next few months and they may even grow in size compared to their kin if they work out hard enough. This will even affect their offspring as well but know that they may only truly enjoy all that the blessing has to offer if they lift and seek gains.
>Mgr Act construct city
The buff nuggets and fitlets get to work making space for all the cute little nuggets that shall come into this world. Seeking a less crowded place to call home, many are invited to a new slightly rural city with a lovely name, Gainsborough. Built on hex 27'6 its a place where you can lift and your gains can barely be heard amongst the others that reside there. It also is a town with a stronger focus on agricultural resources and will research into such.
The crab passes the knowledge of Sports to Furnlatha and is ready to receive Syrconite from the scion of the earth-god.
"Your terms are agreeable. We will make no further lies. No further divides. While we will make no admissions to the state of Chom and Chod, their bodies presence is more than enough to comfort the swamplanders. Let us mend this day, settling with peace and prosperity between our two civilizations."

>Major: [Develop]: Literature - Derived from the Runic Language of their gods, The Swamplanders develop a more simplified and practical method of bookkeeping for day to day use.

>Major: [Develop] [DI]: Alongside the festival, Mira A & B commit to their effort to vastly improve the lives of Sanctum Agis, expanding it into a city. Throughout the city's gardens, Oltar towers are posted up that act as magical receptors to the Swamplander's emotional weight, emotions relayed between all receptors in the city. From these monoliths, the swampfolk can share and vent their emotions freely, for others to provide comfort and empathy.
>Using Engineering, Religious Orders, Literature, Unity and Psychic Domains

>Unit Interact [Order Aegis]: Build walls around the Isle of Unity
File: Ichor Qazlal.jpg (352 KB, 900x1449)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
>Within the depths of the chasm, Qazal's body soaks in The Ichor, writhing in pain, but alive nonetheless. The body of a God, or Daemon, uninspired with the element creation is doomed to decay. But death was not an option for Qazlal, not yet. The Ichor would not fully inhabit his body, such a thing would be certain death, but finer control would be necessary than prior. More blood would be necessary.
>The heavy flap of wings echo from the crevice in the world, as a revitalized moth lands upon its surface.
"For the time being, we will have to trade places... Once you have aroused from this illness, I shall recede, a much easier task than vice versa... But for now, we have much to create."

>Major: [Develop]: Upgrade Sanguine Keep to a city.

>Major: [Develop]: Upgrade Saint’s Retreat to a city.

>Major: [Develop]: Upgrade Guardian’s Bastion to a city.

>Major: [Develop]: Jold Metalworking.

Low effort post but idc I'm tired. No he doesn't get 4 MAs every turn, just catching Qazlal up a bit.
File: world24.png (3.46 MB, 2390x2299)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB PNG
Party goers (Regala, Thomass, Asmodel, Novakhet) receive Regala's party gifts! +4 Terraforming, +4 Movement, +2 Affinity, +1 Strength, all individually applicable to a single action and are replaced with any future party gifts.
Trade is interrupted within the eastern side of the Memorykeeper Express, as Turtlefolk's ships are being consumed and destroyed by unknown sea creatures.

>>4539869 Asmodel
Jold Metalworking shared with Thomass.
Metropolis' require carbon jold, this was updated semi-recently, my bad. Retake this MA this next turn
Claimed 8 hex. 1 obelisk captured (21,5). Holy shit, can you smell these things out? How the fuck? Who gave you my copy of the map
The Apophis Scouts, in a panic, quickly begin to shuffle the remains of their ship back through the channel to reach land. As they make their grand escape, the giant sea creature fires off seveal beams of concentrated water, cutting through their ships as hundreds of gorgons are left to its slaughter in the cold waters. For the record, it costs 1 movement to construct ships and set sail when moving from land to sea, so moving back and forth on land/water is super expensive. Since you didn't know this, I'm gonna have them stop on (12,11) for now unless you think they'd sit in the middle of the sea waiting for the leviathan to come get dinner. (-600 minions, 300 remaining)
Sneaky Sneks cannot build without tools.
The Hydra swarms the group of isolated Yamaca with writhing appendages, as the glorious and colorful disease spreads over their entire people, who quickly become accepting to its gift. (500 minions infected)
The Autodoc continues curing, and rent paid. 65% -> 55%
Can't give UNNIIC jold metalworking, you already traded with Thomass.
UNNIIC has gifted you Ballistae.

>>4540402 Novakhet
The mushroom god pushes past the swathes of Kheperan Solars, seemingly uninterested and unaffected by their full on assault, as he continues with solemn determination.
Stellar Evolution (5/10): Main Sequence, Sol of Souls developed.
Black Pillar upgraded to a city.
>>4540938 UNNIIC
Trade is interrupted within the eastern side of the Memorykeeper Express, as Turtlefolk's ships are being consumed and destroyed by unknown sea creatures.
In a moment of weakness, locked in the freezing jaws of the northern tundras and war, Ofu's poisonous daughters decide to get on board the ice cream van. (Unit captured. No available unit slot, absolved into population.)
Ballistae shared with Asmodel.
Machinasium Corespace developed. And with a successful spirit check, the depths of the ship expand and bend to allow the housing of many more minions.
Mechanical Mechanisms developed.
2 more Astral Buoys are deployed into the depths of reality, one finding itself within the pink-skied forested realm as another has previously entered, with an equivalent environment. The second buoy is deployed somewhere previously unseen; a realm of pure nothingness, but not space, an ever expanding void of black interuppted by only a starry sky in all directions.
Valjet Outfliers updated.
Automated Guardian Drones updated.

>>4541322 Urgot
Soul Feasting developed.
Frigge established.
The sky prancing falrethun-mounted people leave behind a blessing from the earth, a decorated tree that sprouts with colorful presents neatly assorted beneath. The Urgat would find, and deliver to Urgot with great loyalty, generous amounts of Vekrahtil Ore.

>>4541577 Grindall
Elumenthis developed. -1 HP.
The Meer upgraded to a city.
Syrconite Metalworking shared with Tantalus.

>>4542871 Tantalus
Tantalus can taste the end of this disease upon the horizon, as one crab after another receives' Tantalus' blessing. 53% -> 33%
Sea-Spire upgraded to a town.
Seafaring developed.
Grindall has gifted you Syrconite Metalworking.

>>4542881 Ofu
Parasitic Fungus developed.
The dirt beneath Ofu glows with intensity, as the buried spore begins to beat with greater intensity and speed, growing closer and closer to its crescendo as Ofu's poem leaves his mouth. The words carry ancient magics unknown, and for a second... The beating stops.
Spore detonated.
Before suddenly, the earth erupts into a blinding cloud, as the shockwave begins to blanket the spores over the surrounding territories... (9500 minions killed, 9500 minions converted)
Asmodel's hydra spreads the bloom's gift to your muttcap unit.
File: 2pohkv.jpg (192 KB, 1035x1162)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>>4542916 Regala
Party ended. Regala gains +1 to all party gifts.
Parting Gift left for Urgot.
Locomotives developed.
12 rails constructed.
From above, the city is shockingly disguised in the snow. It's no wonder it had been overlooked for so long, with its contrasting walls of brimstone ruins visible from an adjacent altitude. However, without the guide of the black walls, the distant black silhouettes of their primitive forms can be seen, scavenging the ruins for preserved corpses to feed upon. The closer towards the center you go, the higher the density of their kind grows. It appears as though some sort of citadel had sat in its center before the eventual collapse. What's most curious is that they appear to be coming out of nowhere, suddenly visible when previously obscured in snow. There's little explanation one could derive besides that some underground sections of the city must remain intact and buried...

>>4542983 Earis
Starstorm Rounds developed. The design of the starstorm rounds is an immaculate one, albeit given the nature of the material, no rounds are available until the conversion of archivists.
Archivists of Warfare updated.
Index: Jold developed.
Luckily, the sea leviathan appears to slither off within the sea, pursuing the traveling gorgons.
Education shared with Americus.

>>4543484 Furnlatha
Forestry constructed.
Industrialization developed.
Magnetism developed.
Claimed 1 hex.
6 roads constructed.
Machinery shared with Grindall.
Tantalus has gifted you sports.

>>4543858 The Bloom
The First steps within the crystalline dome, entering a realm nigh-incomprehensible in shape and color. Its ever-morphing chambers remind The First of the gifted's ability to morph and change within the limits of their biomass, but these creations are limited by no such thing. A miasma of divine energy can be felt emanating from the dancing surroundings of floating topaz pyramids and checkard-board waves, as The First hears a bouncing voice:
"Welcome. Feel free to have a look at my creations while you stay, visitor."
4 roads constructed.
1 Weavers unit produced.
Jold Metalworking developed.
The cities grow and sprout, as Myxoma and Adena develop into full fledged cities.
Sprouting Souls developed.
File: Untitled41_20201120155327.png (1.19 MB, 1024x1024)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
>>4544319 Americus
The storm of spores bursts across the surface of Americus' nation, blanketing themselves over Windy City and Space City. Thousands of humans suffer to the wave of infectious spores, and thousands of others who don't... Find a strange attraction to the nature of such a specimen, as they begin to take on a familiar form. Their skin pales, and they begin to seek the spread of this disease...
The recovering spirit wizard within Space City is overcome by the unexpected storm, as the toxins consume their body, becoming one of the thousands of frothing corpses dying on the streets.
Earis has gifted you Education.
Americus' army marches through the fungi jungles, as their numbers slowly decrease due to the toxic spores that stir from their very steps. (E.E.F. loses 500. H.E.F. loses 500.)
Lurching out from the southeast, tendrils swipe out and snatch straggling humans, pulling them into the jungle's depths as their screams are disguised only by the sudden crunch of their bones as the living wall feeds. (E.E.F. loses 200. H.E.F. loses 500.)
As the army steps out from the jungles, they are welcomed by an outpouring of toxicity from the giant Natales Cap, as it and Ofu's Aema Fae defend with clouds of poisonous spores. (E.E.F. loses 500. H.E.F. loses 1000.)
Final unit numbers are E.E.F: 8800, H.E.F: 1000.
At long last, the army begins to make their direct assault on Natales Cap, scaling the beast as they simultaneously tear into it and cut down any Yamaca they set their eyes on. The Aema Fae stand no chance to the human's pure numbers. (1500 Aema Fae killed, unit destroyed, 100 extra Yamaca slain.)
Antifungal Salve developed. Very little can be produced due to such small supply of spider silk and rain thistle, but the technology is developed nonetheless.
Empire City already is a city. I'll upgrade Angel's Haven instead, let me know if you want to change this. The city of District Columbus begins to evacuate, making their way south.
Americus' physical form becomes temporarily intangible, as the plume of toxic spores fly directly past her with no effect.

>>4544780 Thomass
Asmodel has gifted you Jold Metalworking.
Thomass participates in the party, meanwhile inspiring his own blessing to add to the bunch, albeit less effective as Regala's prepared gifts!
Gainsborough established.

>>4545863 Mira A & B
Spirit nerfed to 2 from 3.
Affinity nerfed to 3 from 4.
Literature developed.
Sanctum Agis upgraded to a city, with Emotional Receptors as a provided bonus.
2 walls constructed.

>>4545871 Qazlal
Sanguine Keep upgraded to a city.
Saint's Retreat upgraded to a city.
Guardian's Bastion upgraded to a city.
Jold Metalworking developed.
Oh also I moved to [12,13]
Elumenthis was an excellent first attempt, one that Grindall intended to make great use of, in the future. Yet…he felt that he could do more, that there was another piece of the puzzle he had yet to unlock. Elumenthis was malleable, flexible, unlike any other metal in existence, yet…it was ephemeral. Much as divine power could reinforce it beyond any mortal metal, against the full power of a deity it would yet break. If he wanted to create the peak of metals, an even greater masterpiece, it would need to be…sturdier, able to endure the end of days, endure beyond even himself, if he could manage it. Great as the flexibility of Elumenthis was, this metal would lack it, in exchange for unsurpassed hardiness. Before, much as it had galled him, Grindall could not conceive of a way with which to allow a metal to surpass the strength of mortals. Now though, with Elumenthis as a proof of concept Grindall had an idea, a means by which he might create a metal unequalled in it’s strength. The cost would not be light, but…it was a sacrifice he was more then willing to make.

So, after safely storing the Elumenthis, Grindall returned to the lip of his mountain crucible, surveying the lake of molten metal. Calling on his divine power once again, he called forth Jold from the pool, the golden metal flowing in great rivers into the air, coalescing into another burnished golden orb, hovering in the air. Then clapping both of his paws together, Grindall compressed the molten sphere with divine power. In an instant it was reduced to a fraction of it’s sized, a pea-sized sphere of hyper-compressed Jold. Then, summoning forth yet more Jold from the molten lake, Grindall reinforced the sphere, quickly returning it to it's former bulk with new Jold. Then, with another, slightly more powerful flex of divine might, he compressed that Jold on to the already compressed marble. For hours he simply stood there, continuously condensing Jold, then compressing it with greater degrees of divine power.

Finally, after almost a full day of work, Grindall halted his efforts with one last snarl of exertion, fur soaked with sweat for the first time in his existence as he stared at the fruits of his labour. Almost a hundred meters across, the massive sphere of hyper-compressed Jold was, to his knowledge, the densest thing currently in existence. Even maintaining it was a constant exercise in vigilance on his part, the massive orb threatening to pop like an overfilled waterskin. But he knew that this wouldn't be enough, and was unstable besides.
Where Elumenthis had needed only a drop of divine blood, to attune the metal to the divine, this would need more. To achieve the hardiness he desired, it would need to be thoroughly suffused with divine power, and power of unmatched Fortitude at that. And while Grindall was hardly the sort of boast, he could think of none other more suited to supplying the durability needed then himself. To so thoroughly suffuse metal with his essence, though, and so much of it, well...a drop of blood would be wholly insufficient.

So, resolve firm, Grindall looked down at his left arm, only a hint of regret in his eyes as he readied the claws of his right.

“Well, reckon we’ve ‘ad a good run lefty, but ye’ll be needed here, ah be sorry ta say. Not sure if ye’ll grow back, but ah reckon I’ll get ye replaced eventually, so no great loss at the end ‘o tha day.”

With that, that mole god plunged his claws into his shoulder, growling in pain as, with no small application of strength he severed the trusty limb, catching it before it could fall into the molten liquid below and be wasted. Golden ichor spurting from the ruin of his shoulder, the god focused himself, marshaling his divine powers. If the work before had been the prelude, then this would be the climax.

With a toss, the god threw away his limb, the appendage arcing through the air before finally, with a faint plop, impacting with the surface of the sphere and sinking into it. In an instant the plateau began to rumble, the Jold orb visibly swelling as it began to glow with a deep brown hue. Groaning, Grindall ignored the pain in his shoulder as he suppressed the sphere growth, lest it burst and render his efforts moot. Despite his best efforts, though, the Jold continued to swell, pulsating faster and faster with ever increasing vigor as it’s structural integrity began to fade. With a roar the god clenched his fist and drew out every last drop of his power, fiery pain lancing from his shoulder forgotten at the sight of his work coming undone. At last the former Jold began to settle and stabilize under it’s creators ministrations, and with an exhausted wheeze the mole god released the jaws of his divine power, a faint whisper of energy all that remained to keep the newly birthed metal aloft as he sank to his knees, clutching the stump of his arm, adrenaline fading away to a searing agony. Still, it had all been worth it. The sphere, an earthy, burnished bronze now, hung over the roiling lake of inferior metals in all it’s splendour, still gently pulsing with divine power and potential.

>[MA, DI] Develop Oromunt, hardiest of metals
As their god laboured, so to did the Svirgrindall. Well as Joldonite had served them, compared with a pure sample of the golden metal it was clearly inferior. So, after months of work, the greatest of the Svirgrindall smiths unlocked the means by which they may smelt the most magnificent of mortal metals in it's purest form.

>[MA] Develop Jold Metalworking

>[Unit Action] Both Golden Band Units, the Machinist in tow, return to Deepholm, smelting down their Joldonite equipment and replacing it with superior, pure Jold counterparts.
MA+DI+Mortal Star 5/10:
Work on Solar winds, using UNNIIC’s travel domain and contributions to boost the project.

Develop the ability to call down the great billowing winds of the mortal star to aid in travel for gods, flying units and those with special tech allowing them to use the winds to travel.

Acts essentially as roads that can be created by either Novakhet or UNNIIC once the project is complete, but ones that increase their users speed statistic by a large amount; provided the extra speed is only used to traverse along the solar winds

Move to wherever UNNIIC needs me to get the project developed.

MA: Upgrade unnamed town to a city.
Name it Deepshore

UI: Archlich Annihilus, don’t do anything just add his name to the sheet

UI: Kheperan solars, while in range of They Are The Sun, attack Ofu again twice and move in position to attack him.
Rolled 10, 4, 1 = 15 (3d10)

So close, yet so far! Tantalus (having returned to the temple of Purification) continues his work, certain that if he doesn't finish this epoch then he will the next.

Meanwhile, rising above the seabed settlement of Sea-Spire, the structure it was supposed to be named after takes shape. A grand edifice of stone and wood reaching above the waterline, allowing incoming vessels to safely and easily move cargo down to the city, as long as they don't mind said cargo getting wet. As buoyant Shorebell and water-resistant Ashwattle wood comes in to finish the above-water portions, there is much ambitious talk about what sorts of facilities should be added in the future. For now though, larger boats and higher-quality amphibious vessels should prove more than sufficient.
>Major Action: Construct Basic Docks at Sea-Spire! Can later be upgraded with Drydocks, Fishing Docks, or heck, both!

As early as the laying of the foundations however, it becomes clear that current harvesting of the relevant materials is only by the slimmest of margins acceptable for the project. To the hermits and the oligarchs, the solution is equally obvious: Quit using tools of stone, wood, and sea-shell! Surely with as far as the crabs have come, a superior form of tool could be developed? Early tests with Sycronite metalworking look promising, but the metal's tendency to swiftly rust sours things. But wait, Mystic Coral is famed for granting people and structures resistance to damage, maybe it could be used to stave off the metal's corrosion? A number of experiments are conducted, and the most successful is to place pieces of the coral in the hilt or handle of the tool-to-be, then forge the Sycronite with inlaid channels which are then filled with conductive Oltar, with said channels all leading to the inset where the Coral is placed. The resultant tools prove a resounding success, but the process to produce them is labor intensive, and there's no grantee it can be easily scaled up. Even so, for the time being, it shall be a mighty boon indeed.
>Major Action: Develop Waterproof Tools!

>God Unit Claim - 31,6 and all surrounding hexes.
>God Unit Move - 29,9 to 29,3
Fresh from the party, Regala begins her journey north, following the wizard who departed a while ago to parts unknown. On the way, she tidies up the rest of the unclaimed land on her border, securing new grasslands and forests for her Vree to explore.

>Geheim (and Vluchs if allowed) - Move from 18,3 to 27,2 with +4 Move boost gift. If Vluchs can't tag along, they end on 23,3.
With the might of a distant festival, Geheim feels lighter than ever. Leaping ahead, they and their Falrethun experience a burst of speed, bringing them back home. They land to an unfamiliar sight, a new obelisk, and another wizard!
The two wizards speak at length, this day, and many more, and it is clear to the engineers stationed at this end-of-the-line train stop that they do not get on well at all.
One day, as a light snow falls, the two are found staring up at the obelisk.
"You're sure?" Geheim asks in a hundred voices.
"Absolutely, you lump of useless rags." Ruimte says cheerily. "I'll help you and Regala's inane project!"
"Why the sudden change of heart?" Geheim hissed.
"Because I know that you'll help ME after this." Ruimte grins. "You know that this isn't working. We're no closer to an answer than when we started! It's time to look elsewhere."
"That's not possible, and you know it."
"You said it yourself, oh great Geheim. There are other gods to speak to. Perhaps Novakhet, the master of those bandaged freaks in Welkomplaats?"
"They won't help us. Why would they?"
"Because we can offer them things no others can! I'm an Astral Wizard, you're a master of Entropy! Not even a god can disregard our combined power."
"... you sicken me, Ruimte. You've learned nothing, you and so many of the rest."
"More and more of us every day, old sack. Now come, let's make this railway WORK. I hear the engineers have mastered something new they want to show us..."

>Geheim + Ruimte - 5 mana each.
>MA Develop - Magnerasure [Magnetism+]
Indeed they had! An understanding of the magnetically charged Magnium was conveyed to the two wizards, and together, the multitudes of Vree began a new undertaking. A measure of Magnium would be enchanted by the wizards. The exact properties of the result would remain to be seen, but the engineers (and Ruimte, who's idea it was) theorized that the enchanted Magnium would retain it's magnetism, but instead of attracting magneto-receptive metals, it would attract the very fabric of reality itself. Then, the influence of Entropy would exert a decaying effect on that bundled cosmic substance, tearing and stretching the space around it. The practical upshot of this would be that any amount of this substance would cause space to become perforated, stretched and weakened, allowing easier manipulation by magics of an Astral kind. If successful, this new substance would be incorporated into both locomotives and train tracks, ensuring exciting new possibilities in speed!
>[MA] Rebuild Tropicana (14,17) into a city

>[MA] Recruit 1 Apophis scout in Butantan and another in Anguis

>[MA] Found Ordem Hospitalar (A.C.M. + Jelichen + Shrromstalk + Rain Thistle) at 19,13
The temple will serve mainly for priests and bishops of the order to focus on the treatment of ill gorgons everyway they can, with gardens which they can grow the necessary ingredients

-[MI] move Asmodel to 26,5

-[MI] Apophis Scout moves to 15,9

-[MI] Sneaky Snek at 16,16 moves to 21,14 and the one at 20,8 moves to 19,3

-[MI] fuel the autobot with 4 mana and give 2 mana to UNNIIC

-[MI] Trade jold metalworking with UNNIIC
File: Earis - Transformed.png (1.67 MB, 1600x2048)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB PNG
>MA: Create a unit of Archivists of Military Engineering with 7000 Population and Index: Humanity, Firearms, Jold Armor, PTC, Jold Tools, and Explosives
With the first legion of troops beginning their march, replacements would need be drafted to ensure that The Archive itself remained safe. Drawing inspiration from the forces of Americus, these soldiers would be less combat capable but equipped with the tools and materials needed to build and destroy fortifications.

>MA: Develop Steam Engines with Machinery + Syrconite + Black Sand + Jold Tools + Chemistry
Attempting to adapt the explosive force of black sand to more civilian use lead to a discovery that, when properly heated using a controlled fire, the steam produced could move cylinders to generate motion, and therefore be used to automate the mechanisms of much of the machinery used by The Archive for production. Undoubtedly the technology for remote power opened yet further avenues of study, the real barrier to this was, as always time.

>Unit Move (Earis): Move to (10, 5)
>Unit Action + DI (Earis): Activate Copycat Physiology with Index: Tugai and Index: Jold to enter Combat Form
Earis, worried by the large blast that just occurred north, maneuvered to a safe distance to observe. Seeing that both Americus and the Solars of Novakhet were still unable to truly best Ofu, The Grand Archivist decided that he would have to take measures into his own hands. He withdrew the books of the beastial Tugai and the hardy metal Jold and focused on them. His diving suit adjusted, covering itself in a fine armor of the metal and making room for razor sharp claws of the same to emerge where hands had been. It was now time to enter the war proper.

>Unit Move (Archivists of Warfare): Move to (13, 6)
>Unit Action (Archivists of Warfare): Stay on guard for Ofu's spore plague, killing any humans who approach their camp to ensure their safety.
The Archivists of Warfare were on edge as they entered Americus's lands. They had been warned in advance that Ofu was spreading all manner of disease across the lands. They had their orders, they were to make it through with as little loss as possible, and as such desperate measures were taken. Any human approaching the camp would be warned, then shot should they continue approaching. Hopefully this would bring a faster end to the war and less death in the long term.
Trains Post

>Wolk chasers
[30,5] - Move to 30,7, build tracks to 29,9.
[30,7] - Move along train network to 27,8.
[25,13] - Build through 25,14 / 24,15 / 23,15
Then, split, one going north to 22,15, the other south to 22,16.

>[Minor]Trade Technology with UNNIIC:- Pass Steam Engine to UNNIIC and receive Jold Metalworking.

>Unit action Furnlatha: Move to [29,24]
Furnlatha returns to Firstflame, the site of her incarnation onto the world. Disquieting thoughts about the end of divine beings keep racing around inside her burning mind, and yet the return to the crackling flames of the eternal Pyres and the heavy scent of burning rosewood does wonders to lift her thoughts away. If it is gods who fail to create or who fail to inspire creation, that wither away then perhaps it is an abundance of construction that might enliven the world, keep sparks both divine and mortal burning brightly in this existence? If a god can die without creation, what might acts of creation without a god bring into being?

>[Major Action] - Develop: Engineering II
>Using: Machinery, Physics, Glassmaking, Plentiful Wood and Metal and Stone.
The Pyrelings are inspired to new bounds of creation and construction, learning how to make the theoretical design into practical machines and structures of new and intricate complexity.

>[Major Action] - Develop: Industrial Development Agency on [29,24]
>Using:- Domain:Development, Industrialization, Jold Tools, Steam Engine, Machinery, Engineering II, Plentiful Metals and Woods and Whitestone.
Back in the city that had risen and developed over the spot where she came into being in this world, so many eras ago, Furnlatha brings together many Pyreling architects, engineers and craftsmen of various varieties, even couple of sages of the Turtlefolk. She would not see her people fade into the complacency she had seen in the wetlands; for even if she were not herself present she would wish her people to keep on constructing, as best as they could and in their limited capacity. To that end, she sets up an agency to the development of industry and to build facilities for them to operate, to double the speed at which the industries of production might be established and double the number that might be deployed within the passing of an eon.

>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [32,18]
>Consecrate [32,18]

>Unit Action: Hearthguard on [28,26]
>Equip Jold Upgrades to Weapons, Armour and Tools
>Build walls around [28,26]

>Unit Action: 2x Hearthguard units on [28,22]
>Equip Jold Upgrades to Weapons, Armour and Tools
>One Unit - Start building a road up to Grindall's city of Deepholm on [23,19], moving as they go.
>One Unit - Keep building a road up to Fallowfault on [28,20], moving as they go.

>Unit Action: Lokey - Move to 27,17
>Action: Mana -1
>Communicate: Akrites
Lokey arrives at the village of the insect-folk quietly, but one his introductions are spoken he conjours an image into the air. Illusionary shapes and scents and colors to inspire and delight, to shift and change as he tries to turn these fabricated images and learn from them and the Akrites, hoping at to establish some form of communication through image and movement.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] [Astral 5 mana]: Reality Manufacturing - The Astronomicon Bridge has steeped itself in theory, now it is time for implementation and experimentation. The trailing Leviathan will make for an ideal, and politically unaligned, test subject. Develop a way to manufacture alternative realities to our own in a region of space, in this case, centralized around the leviathan. Building off of the UNNIIC and Surrealist's own abilities to change reality within their own pocket dimensions, the AB will instead project this method outwards. Rather than focusing on any one reality, see how many variants and modifications it can pass through to get as much data as possible, and how a being of our reality handles the transition. The ultimate fate of the leviathan is of little concern. For science!
Using: Astral wizard+5 mana, Rules of Reality, Machinasium Corespace, Readings from the Goddess of creation and the buoys, and the volunteer Leviathan test subject

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Move to [11,5] to do the Solar Winds Project (where Nova will go to before he heads back to battle), then go down by Earis' Archive and end on [13,10]
>Major: [Develop] [DI]: Solar Winds Project Contribution - The UNNIIC shall invest its own innate, divine, control over travel and flight to shift and warp the solar winds of the mortal sun to the two gods' purposes. Further contributing with its understanding of how the realities of the world work together, to better harness and direct the flow of power from one realm into another. As well as better identify the location of the realm of the dead relative to it.
Using: Domains: Flight and Travel, Rules of Reality

>Trade Furnlatha Jold Metalworking for Steam Engines

Theory and Application. The Astronomicon Bridge had spent the majority of its operation gathering, compiling, and extrapolating data from across the numerous cosmos. And while it had a certain degree of respect and sense of accomplishment for all it had discovered thus far, it was time to shift gears from being a passive observer to an active agent in the field of research it had created. And what better way than to develop the means of manufacturing your own reality from scratch? Well, perhaps not from scratch, but at least taking control over the current reality and twisting the rules of it to match others it had found, and even make its own variants that it had wanted to see the effects of.
This alone would be substantially illuminating for the purposes of seeing how such an operation would take place, and enable further refinement down the line. But in a recent correspondence between the Bridge and the Ship, the Bridge had been informed of a unique entity following behind them. Not belonging to any political entity, and of no immediate use to the Passengers, the Ship was keen to ignore it and continue south. Such an opportunity could not be missed.
Oh yes, Industrial Development Agency is using Furnlatha's Divine Influence
MA/DI Americus alters the spiders which produce the silk used in the cloaks that protect against fungi spores, making the structure at the microscopic more complex so that the silk will capture more spore particles

MA Quarantine and Isolation: with the fungi spores and infected roaming the cities of windy and space, the healthy population is told to isolate themselves for the open air and remain indoors, to block and close as many openings as possible. Any infected trying to get to them should be driven back even if that means killing them, the Infected are no longer your kin, they are no longer human, they are pawns of Ofu who seeks to destroy us all. Infected are to be killed on sight

>UI The E.E.F and H.E.F continue to attack the city
>UI Americus's wardens prepare to attack any of Ofu's forces that try to move past them
>The First - Explore strange lands
"Well hello to you, ever changing being, it is quite a... Fascinating place you made to yourself, although i must say, does lack a bit of life in it, even though, i must admit this, the way the very... Well reality... Moves here is not without reminding us of the world of Flesh.
Anyway kind inhabitant of this land may i request a service out of you? I would require a guide. Sometimes ago a great being came from around here. I would very much be interested in seeing from where such a being came. You showing us would be tremendously appreciated."

>MI - Weavers Both weavers units continue their way to Myxoma, build roads as they go. (The bridge will let them build on it/enhance it. It's a nice bridge) (Also i would be grateful if the road is made next to burrower)

>MI - Hekezqe Taking the new roads, Hekezqe go as far to the north-east as possible, aiming to pass the mountains by the north.

>MA [Develop] - Still one city to make!

>Ma [Develop] - Machinery
While the bio-engineering developed recently has shown great success with two great works already completed and functioning beyond expectation, new projects would need a finer control. Colossus were not the solution to every problems after all. Smaller mechanisms were needed, ones who could integrate in small rooms, or even Gardeners without trouble.
At this point, the God of Stories entering strage meditation for concerningly long periods of time is almost accepted by the Akreties, working their unusual mindsets to loop back around from it being abandonment to it being some sort of test of their independence. Akros refuses to comment on this.

>Major Action, Development [Education]: Until now, Akreties society has operated on a sort of freelance apprenticeship system, where each individual is taken under the wing of a craftsman, farmer, hunter, soldier etc. at a young age after deciding what course they wish to follow in life. However, this ultimately stifles them as they grow old, lacking the flexibility necessary to change their path if it doesn't go very well. As time passed and this issue became more obvious, an edict was passed down to "solve the problem". Vague as it was, a lot of ideas were thrown around before resulting in something resembling a simple standardized schooling system, hosting many groups of students and teaching them a variety of subjects before allowing them to focus on one specific thing, while simultaneously bringing together the brightest minds of the people to allow for greater cooperation in a variety of fields.

>Major Action, Development [Medicine]: The new experimental system bears fruit quite swiftly, the newest generation of youth giving off a promising image, though adjustments are made as time goes by. More important in the short term is the collection of various experts hired in order to teach. With the Homes growing larger as time goes by, the ongoing health and safety of the Akreties becomes a greater issue, with rudimentary chemists and herbalists working together on a variety of new, (mostly) effective medicines.

>Major Action, Development [Chemistry]: And with such effort being undertaken to experiment with various elements for the sake of healing, the Akreties working on the aforementioned medicines, along with their swiftly growing apprentices, naturally branch off into attempting to understand ever more of the natural world and all it's moving parts for further growth.

>Major Action, Development [Cartography]: All that aside, with the ever-expanding nature of their civilization, the Akreties come to the somewhat embarassing revelation that their natural penchant for exploration and wayfinding as minions of the God of Travel will simply not be enough to facilitate their travels, so artists are paired up with traders and hunters, then shipped off into the wilderness for the sake of mapping the local area, something which soon becomes an art in and of itself.

>Minor Action, Communication: Akros, apparently satisfied with the ridiculous amount of time spent in thought, cocks his head and motions for the Goddess to elaborate, apparently intrigued by her wording, his natural curiosity seeking to sate itself before the issue is fully dealt with.
>follow Regala
> mjr act develop whey protein
The ultimate in workout gains whey protein isolate will bring mainstream ways of bringing protein to all types of people for recovery after workouts

Gonna wait to do anything else till next turn.
>Unit Movement: [Daemon Unit]: Move to [7,15]

>Major: [Create Unit] [DI] [4 mana]: Flesh Golem
>3000 Dukhali and all animals from pit, Symbiosis, Weather Domain, located in Guardian's Bastion.
With the assistance and work thus far of the Bloodlet Beast Wizard Julia, Qazlal observes as The Gift spreads through the animals that had been collected into the excavated pit, in addition to a selection of volunteer Dulhali from Saint's Retreat, before willing them by Symbiosis to conglomerate their mass into a wretched beast. With a taste of Qazlal and The Ichor's divine will; the creature takes the shape of a deformed and giant Dukhali, lightly gifted in the powers of Qazlal's Weather domain. This guardian shall watch over these lands nicely in Qazlal's stead.

>Major: [Develop]: Jold Harness
The small militia currently set up at our gates is ill equipped to hold off any assailants. Although their flight will heavily be inhibited, the effectiveness of Jold is one no soul can argue against. This suit of harness shall protect the militia's body from grave wounds, and should it be necessary, is designed to be swiftly doff-able for a winged escape.

>Minor: [Update Unit]: Add Jold Harness to Militia.
>Unit Movement: [Apophis Scout]: Move to [9,17]
>Unit Interact: [Apophis Scout]: Construct walls to cut off [9,17]

>Unit Interact: [Order Aegis]: Construct final walls around Unity Isle.

>Major: [Claim] [DI]: (23,26), (26,28), (27, 27)

>Major: [Develop]: Upgrade The Garden of Many Fruits to a City
File: world25.png (3.57 MB, 2397x2334)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB PNG
We back

Trade is interrupted within the eastern and western sides of the Memorykeeper Express, as Turtlefolk's ships are being consumed and destroyed by unknown sea creatures.
Smoke can be seen rising from (23,8), as a large wildfire kicks up in the dry grasslands.

>>4546599 Grindall
Oromunt developed.
Jold Metalworking developed.
Golden Band Unit updated.

>>4547653 Novakhet
Solar Winds developed. As a unit interact, a God, Astral/Spirit Wizard, Kheperan Solar, or another capable unit, may pave way for the solar winds to breach the afterlife, creating a unique type of road that significantly boosts the speed of flying and sailing units.
Deepshore already is a city. You can retake this MA.
The Kheparan Solars resume their assault upon the mushroom deity, to little avail as every strike bounces back against his fleshy body.
A number of Gorgons, Dukhali, and Crabfolk who return to life as Dagekhet begin showing the same symptoms seen through a majority of Asmodel's population; sprouting colorful growths and a desire to spread their "gift". Symbiosis, Inflorescence, and Sprouting Souls gained.

>>4548704 Tantalus
Tantalus experiences a new level of difficulty this epoch in converting the gifted population, requiring a deeper investment of energy that intrudes on the very soul of the crabs he cures. Gifted pop reduced from 36% to 28%.
Docks constructed. I'm enjoying the attention to resource properties
Waterproof Tools developed.

>>4549531 Regala
Claimed 5 hex.
Magnerasure developed. With the incredible work of these wizards combined, the updated locomotives can travel upon these magnetic rails at a much greater pace, entirely unimpeded by carry weight. -10 mana.
16 rails constructed.

>>4549565 Asmodel
Tropicana reconstructed.
2 Apophis Scout units produced.
Ordem Hospitalar constructed.
For the Apophis Scout movement, 1 movement was spend creating the ships, so that movement will not be necessary when moving into the water next turn.
The Autodocs and Andreia continue their work on the gifted population, only to later find these individuals experiencing reoccuring symtomps months and years down the line. The symptoms are effectively removed as before, with the deep surgical process removing every identifiable cell of the gift from their biology. But even so, it appears to eventually resurface subtly... 58% -> 58%
2 mana shared with UNNIIC
Jold Metalworking shared with UNNIIC

>>4549977 Earis
Archivists of Military Engineering established and 1 unit produced.
Steam Engines developed.
Earis adopts the immaculate strength and resistance of Jold, a well honed weapon in the shape of a sharpened Tugai's claw...
With the nearby lumber mills, its inevitable The Archivists of Warfare would lay fire on a few approaching humans, but the few bodies that fell would leave plenty warning for others not to approach.
>>4550006 Furnlatha
Steam Engines shared with UNNIIC.
Engineering II developed.
Industrial Development Agency established. For the sake of fairness, you can produce 2 of units in any settlement, not just where this structure is located. Being a structure gives it the pros of making the hex harder to capture, and cons of being destructable and losing your ability to double produce.
Claimed 1 hex. -1 mana
Hearthguard unit upgraded.
2 walls constructed.
4 roads constructed.
UNNIIC has gifted you Jold Metalworking.

>>4550190 UNNIIC
Furnlatha has gifted you Steam Engines.
The sea leviathan peers out from the dark depths of the sea as the Beruka Class Flying Fortress hovers overhead, as suddenly a beam of pressurized water beats against the hull of the ship. Sirens blare through the ship's halls as passengers rush to the safety of their bunks, meanwhile the Astronomicon Bridge gets to work. A rush of black ichor flows into the machine as gears grind, targeting the sea leviathan with all the knowledge and skill the mechanical wizard has developed thus far. Pipes and wires burst as a spray of mana, steam, and sparks spring the chamber into chaos, servitors rushing with tools in hand to patch up what they can, as arcs of electricity bolt from the Astronomicon Bridge. With all the power it can harness, the targeted bubble of reality vanishes from space, as a sphere of air replaces of the leviathan's position in the ocean, as water rushes in to fill the void. Just as the deed is done, the sudden chaos is replaced by silence and darkness, as the gears stop turning and electricity loses its flow. The bridge is dark, as servitors rush to its panel for any vital signs. The display reveals nothing but an empty prompt... A moment passes, before at last there is a sign of life! Characters begin to pass through the prompt: "TASK: REALITY MANUFACTURING COMPLETE. TARGET DESIGNATION: LEVIATHAN SUCCESFULLY CAPTURED IN ALTERNATE REALITY. THE REGION OF SPACE IS UNDEVELOPED, LACKING EVEN GRAVITY, THE BUBBLE OF SPACE CONTAINED MASS IS SOLELY THE TARGETED SPACE'S AIR, WATER, AND DESIGNATION: LEVIATHAN. ITS LIFE WILL MEET AN INEVITABLE END BY DEPLETION OF RESOURCES." The Astronomicon Bridge will need time to recover. This space of reality can be sensed by the UNNIIC, hidden in plain sight, inaccessible and immobile without the works of magic.
Solar Winds developed.
Jold Metalworking shared with Furnlatha.
File: tunnel.jpg (1.81 MB, 2568x1508)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG
>>4550824 Americus
Americus genetically alters the small sample of spiders Humanity has in containment, modifying their silk production to a finer structure that could theoretically better catch web. The technology for actually weaving such a thin material into the desired product is yet to be developed, meanwhile collected spiders remain in a very small quantity, making this resource incredibly scarce.
Fine Adhesive Silk developed.
Quarantine developed.
Americus' army continues to lay siege upon the undefended settlement, as the giant mushroom continues to resist with swathes of poisonous gas. (1000 minions killed, E.E.F. and H.E.F. lose 500 each)
Final unit numbers are E.E.F: 8300, H.E.F: 500.
Americus' form loses its intangability, as DI is spent elsewhere, but the wave of spores have since passed from the point of origin.
The wind continues to stir spores through the city streets of Windy City and Space City. (6500 minions killed, 6500 minions converted to Ofu)

>>4550875 Bloom
The voice, ever changing in pitch and point of origin, calls back to The First's queries:
"She is a visitor of mine, much like yourself. She is a unique and wise being, having existed in every frame of time that exists. In this slice of time, she exists not within my realm of space, but within the world outside it. I am afraid that I would experience a swift demise if I were to exit my own realm, thus I cannot physically guide you as you might desire. It would be a shame to waste what little time remains to create."
4 roads constructed. Bridge info and etc noted for further road construction.
Glia upgraded to a city.
Machinery developed.
The burrower dives deeper and deeper within the earth, observing that along the way, the oltar obelisk that pierces the surface continues just as far as it burrows... Eventually, having drilled miles deep into the terrain, the burrower bursts through the cieling of a cavernous tunnel that continues north and south for unpercievable distances. The obelisk strikes through the center of this tunnel, embedded into a still river of black blood that flows through the endless cavern. The tunnel is very reminiscent of the blood vessel irrigation that delivers water to and fro in the gardener's cities.
File: Untitled44_20201128025958.png (561 KB, 2518x1024)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
>>4551991 Akros
Furn is [Communicate]ing you >>4550006
Education developed.
Medicine developed.
Chemistry developed.
Cartography developed.
"Hm. You are a quiet and thoughtful one... I can admire that."
>The Goddess continues to stare over the landscape below, sat upon the peak of the mountains that overlook Akros' land, and for the past few epochs, the new fields of glowing flowers and an enormous tree of her own creation.
"It's very difficult to explain, given our perception of time does not match up with reality. You see, I used to live here, in this very world, this exact terrain, this exact region even. That was before the cycle began, before calamity after calamity. Before I was even a Goddess. This world was destroyed aeons ago, but it came back. Everything that was created and destroyed is coming back, which confirmed my suspicions. Time is a circle, and we're approaching its circumference. All that's left to do is wait for the show to start."

>>4553723 Thomass
Whey Protein developed.

>>4555500 Qazlal
Flesh Golem developed, with successful Spirit check 10, 8. Will need mana to use any weather magics, and actions are limited to around half a wizard's capabilities.
Jold Harness developed.

>>4555509 Mira A & B
4 walls constructed.
Claimed 3 hex.
The Garden of Many Fruits upgraded to a city.
Rolled 7, 3, 2, 10 = 22 (4d10)

>Unit Move (Earis): Move to (13,4)
>Unit Action + DI (Earis): Tear into Ofu, attacking him with Earis's new jold claws (4 Strength)
Earis joined the war in earnest now, the formerly refined and gentlemanly deity laying into the Mushroom God with bestial fervor. While the god's flesh was hardy, the Grand Archivist's metallic claws bit into it hard, drawing spores and leaving gaping wounds. While he could still speak, it was with a growl. "Now see the power of the knowledge that you wished to destroy."

>Unit Move (Archivists of Warfare): Move to (12,4)
>Unit Action (Archivists of Warfare): Standing orders from the last turn, prevent contact with humans with force if necessary.
The Archivists continue their long march to the northern tundra.

>MA: Develop Industrialization with Steam Engines
The invention of the steam engine within The Archive caused a noticeable shift in the culture of engineering and architecture. With this wartime environment demanding ever faster production with less certain manpower, the use of steam engine powered machinery became more and more commonplace and expected as part of future developments. It was unlikely that The Archivists could so easily go back to the use of production by hand after experiencing this.

>MA: Develop Thaumium Metalworking with Steam Engines + Machinery + Index: Thaum Crystals + Jold Metalworking
The Archivists found time in this new climate to reapproach an old problem that they had started working on back towards the beginning of the war. While they did not have any of the Thaum Crystals of Novakhet's domain, they possessed the Index of it and as such could produce more on demand. With this, the first real task of this industrialized society was devising machinery and equipment to process this crystal into a workable material. When processed alongside Jold Ore, it did in fact turn into a metallic alloy, weaker than the base Jold but more easily resonating with magical energies. While not of use for weapons of war, it did have fascinating potential for future projects.

>Unit Action (Archivists of Military Engineering): Begin constructing a wall around (12, 9), starting with the hex edge facing (12, 8).
With the war still a long ways away, the bored Archivists of Military Engineering begin constructing defensive emplacements and walls around The Archive, hoping to prevent another sudden ambush by Ofu's forces, or the forces of strangers.
The First: "Ah surely you misunderstood me dear host of mine, i would never dare, no, the thought would not even cross my mind, to ask such a thing from you as to go and travel half the world! No the favor i'm requesting is simply to show me the dwelling of that timeless being. Surely she must have some place in your realm she called hers?"
Furnlatha strides herself slowly along the central avenue that has grown up within the city of Firstflame, feeling from all around her the warmth of her people and the heat of their pyres and their industry. The world burns, but as it does it develops; the old giving way to the new and the dead giving way to the young. Perhaps that, she wonders, is the true lesson she should take from the sights of death she had seen? As old gods fall, new gods arise. Even if there is no permanence, though the flames may sputter then soar again with re-ignition; creation itself carries onward. And she exhales, the burning furnace of her mouth formed into a smile. Perhaps she should keep her flames spreading. Perhaps she should renew some old acquaintance...

>Unit action: Furnlatha:
>Major Action: Claim [DI]+Party Effect (+6 Terraforming to your god unit for one turn)
Furnlatha lays claim to (27,25),(27,26),(28,27),(30,23),(30,21),(31,21) and (31,20)
>Move 1 hex to [29,23]
From this spot she then also lays claim to (30,19) and (31,19)
>Move 4 hexes to [25,22]

And in the black desert, she waits for the god of metal.

>[Major Action] - Develop: Build Production Structures: Black Desert Mine on (27,21) and Glassworks on (30,24)
>Using:- Industrial Development Agency.
The Industrial development agency gets to work coordinating the plans and efforts of her Pyrelings. On Furnlatha's small tract of desert, a mine is sunk to delve out quantities of all the Black Sand and Bonerock she or her people might need. And close by Firstflame, a Glassworks is established to turn the commonest of sand resources into an abundance of a usable, beautiful glass resource.

>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [33,18]
>Consecrate [33,18]

>Unit Action: Hearthguard on [28,26]
>Continue building walls around [28,26]

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [27,21]
>Continue building a road up to Grindall's city of Deepholm on [23,19], moving as they go.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [29,20]
>Continue building a road up to Fallowfault on [28,20], moving as they go.

>Unit Action: Lokey - Stay on 27,17 for now
>Action: Mana -1
>Interact: Akrites
With no official reply yet from the Akrites, Lokey continues to move among them, performing simple illusions (they're not tricks) for the people in the hope of bringing them awe as he tries to reveal more about the Akrites and their society, studying their ways and learning what he can.
File: mushroom.png (1.29 MB, 744x784)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
>[MA][DI][Natales the Great] Develop: Floating Settlement

Sensing the threat Natales the Great is currently in by Americus armies, Ofu begins to act. Closing his fist while leaving a small opening he begins to blow in it, at first nothing comes out then a transparent bubble begins to appear over time increasing in size with the last of it coming out a huge transparent bubble floats next to Ofu who he gives one last puff.

With the transparent spore like bubbles finally makes it to Natales the Great, the moment it makes contact it pops. Over a short moment of time Natales undergoes noticeable changes with parts of his arm and edge of its head developing circular spots. The spots appearing darker and wrinkly than his usual appearance.

>Unit Action: Natales the Great [Move] [10,1]
The colossal giant mushroom begins to move once again slowly heading north east. Reaching the coast Natales gradually continues to enter the cold waters. Meanwhile the dark wrinkled parts around his body begin to slowly expand, halfway in the inflating dark spots became fully blown up sacks. The sacks help keep the colossal mushroom afloat, kicking his feet to propel himself and the settlement to the middle of the waters where it's safe...for the moment.

>God Unit: [Move] [13,5/14,6/15,6/16,7/17,7]
Ofu depressingly moves away from staring at the same dark spot of the incident. He stops at one of her cities and just spits at the place, at everyone and everything. PTHU PTHU PTHU

>MA Develop Stealth
>MA Develop Siren's Call [+Vocal Music]

1/2 post
Rolled 7, 2, 3, 7 = 19 (4d10)

Ofu just slaps his claws away
It had all led up to this. Elumenthis, the most flexible of metals, capable of adapting to even the powers of the divine. Yet, in it’s flexibility there was a degree of weakness, a softness that prevented it from being a truly perfect metal. Oromunt, alloyed of compressed Jold and his own flesh and blood. With durability fit to withstand the end of time, gained from infusion with his own essence. Yet, in that rigid inflexibility there was weakness still. Oromunt lacked the give, the flexible strength to be used in all but the bluntest of weapons and heaviest of armours. Elumenthis and Oromunt both were fine examples of his craft, worthy materials in the hands of a smith, ready to be made into fine tools, weapons or armour by his kin. But…they were yet imperfect. They were not what Grindall sought, for all their strengths. What he sought was a pinnacle of metals, without peer, without imperfection, a paragon of what all minerals should aspire to be, and his efforts, failures such as he might consider them, had borne fruit.

Both metals were imperfect, true, but to the keen eye, one might notice how the two…complimented one another. Where Elumenthis was too soft, Oromunt was too rigid. Where Oromunt lacked flexibility, Elumenthis possessed it in spades, and where Elumenthis lacked physical integrity, Oromunt had it in excess. This coincidence had not escaped the sight of the mole god, and from this realization, the seed of an idea had germinated in his mind, and, as he pondered the possibilities for an epoch, eventually grown into an answer. Much as it irritated him to admit it, a perfect metal, despite all his efforts, eluded him. For all his skill in the shaping of metal, he lacked, he suspected, the fine control to create that divine ratio of strength and flexibility. However, where a pure elemental material could not be made, perhaps an alloy could? And if his two creations so perfectly complimented one another, then, he suspected, therein lay the answer to his challenge.

And so it was that Grindall stood at the lip of his Crucible once again, overlooking the ever-churning molten lake he had created epochs ago to assist him in this task, the two spheres of opposing metals hanging overhead. A good deal lighter for his efforts now, he mused, chuckling at he looked down at the stump of where his arm had been. It had scabbed over already, no doubt his divine fortitude at work, though it still throbbed with hot pain from time to time. It would do little to inhibit his efforts here though, so there was no need to dwell on it, and it was a small sacrifice for what he would see achieved here. Bracing his feet, the god concentrated his divine power, tired from the successive works, but unbroken, and began to draw the two metals towards one another, ever so slowly.
As the two metals, one a burnished brown and the other an ever-shifting kaleidoscope of colours, come into contact, the result is….violent. Which is about what Grindall expected. Receptive though Elumenthis might be, it and Oromunt are a study in contrasts. In any sane reality the two metals would be utterly incompatible with one another. Nevertheless, the mole god pushes on, applying more force to his bonding efforts, seeking to create the impossible. A futile effort as far as he can see, the two metals continue to explosively reject one another, both spheres writhing and frothing in what could almost be misconstrued as pain or agony, the near-organic thrashing increasing in volume and magnitude the more force the god of metals applies.

Rivulets of sweat drip from the mole god’s fur and quickly steam out of existence as they come into contact with the cherry red rock of the Crucible’s rim, the entire plateau distorting in a blistering haze as the three-way struggle between god and material begins to both figuratively and literally heat up. Clenching his remaining fist and gritting his teeth, Grindall applies every ounce of strength he has, his fur beginning to smoke and smolder as the cloud cover nearby quickly evaporates from the wave of sheer heat enveloping the mountaintop. The momentary thought that, perhaps, Furnlatha might have been helpful at this moment almost causes the god’s control to slip, and a small patch of fur actually catches fire as he quickly reasserts his control over the two metals.

Finally, with the rock beneath his feet blistering and cracked and the very air itself seeming ready to catch alight, the god begins to see the path revealing itself. From the epicenter of the divine phenomena, where the two metals clash against one another, a soft silvery light begins to shine, almost overshadowed by the angry orange flames around it. The god homes in on the ephemeral luminance, softly coaxing it out even as most of his body is engulfed in conflagrations and his feet begin to sink into the rock below as though it’s made of putty. With a roar of pain and impending victory both, the god hones his divine might to a point, focusing the full extent of his attention on drawing out as much of the light as he can. Finally, the light shines in earnest, drowning out the heat and flame of the two opposing forces, and bathing the plateau a vivid silver.
With a shudder, Grindall collapses, fur blackened and singed as he beholds his work, completed at long last. The Elumenthis and Oromunt are gone, for now at least, but floating before him is something that makes his breath catch in his throat. Thrumming with a strong, steady pulse, like the beat of some great heart, the metal is silver bordering on white, the light it gives off soft but powerful. As Grindall draws his completed work towards him, running a paw across it’s perfectly smooth surface, it feels as though a current of energy is shooting through his body like a livewire, divine heart synchronizing with the metal’s rhythm. After a moment, the god’s shoulders begin to silently shake before he finally explodes into howling laughter, happiness and mirth dancing on the wind as he beholds the result of his labours.

>[MA, DI] Combining the Oromunt and Elumenthis, Grindall creates Silverine, a perfect balance of the flexibility and receptiveness of Elumenthis and the sheer, stubborn hardiness of Oromunt, the two metal’s faults fading away as they become a completed whole.

Great as divine metals are, the Svirgrindall hunger for those of a more mundane variety. Putting picks to earth, the Svirgrindall excavate another mine, to the Northeast of Deepholm.

>[MA] Construct Mine on 25 18

>[Unit Action] Move GB unit 1/The Machinist to 24 19, and GB unit 2 to 22 19

>[Unit Action] Move God Unit to 25, 22

After a brief time to rest and recover his energy, Grindall departs the Crucible at last, travelling for a meet with his divine kin with his completed work in tow. Arriving at the black deserts on a wave of ebon sand, fur still slightly smoldering and down an arm, Grindall gives a little bow to the fiery goddess, before straightening up and smiling at her.

"It's been some time, Furnlatha, haven't seen ye since th' Conclave at Deepholm. Hope the world's been treatin' ye well."

>[Minor Action] Communicate: Furnlatha
Furnlatha likewise gives a bow of respect to the furred god of the ground, then returning his smile and stepping forward to meet with him.

"The world has had moments, but I would call the balance to be even. Though I regret that I might have lingered within the southlands too long, Grindall." she murmurs. "I have felt the march of ever-present development, yet for too long I kept away from the chiming forges and smoking hearths." her head gives a little turn to the side. "After the Deepholm conclave, the matter of that collapse we felt there gnawed at me. And so, I ventured southward; to where the lands lie lowest against the chill and unyielding waters." She absently gestures with one flaming hand. "There, I found a village close upon the coast. A people of bathic countenance, yet who smoked rosy wood and made ceremonies to their god in flame. Curious, I asked them; and they told me their god still lived. Gods, rather. A pair, they named them Chod and Chom. And well, it perplexed me further. For I had felt the fall, yet also felt a divine essence. So I crossed the waters to investigate." she looks to Grindall, her hands placing by her sides, the flames grown momentarily low.

"And yes, I found that one of our kind had indeed extinguished." she gives a slight sigh. "The snails Chom and Chod had died; and another entity had used their Physical remains to manifest. It called itself 'Bloodletting' and had renamed the snail-forms as 'Mira', claiming to be a hive mind rather then an individuality." her arm-forms rise, the gesture of a shrug. "And yet, when I went to share the news the entity had told me, the entity followed to berate my consideration. It told the Swamplanders that it - they - were Chom and Chod still, then later claiming to me that this would 'ease the transition' until a... 'cleansing', whatever it meant by that. And that it wished to establish a unity. Wished to spare the Swamplanders unnecessary pain." her shoulders rise again. "And I didn't really know if it truly did show care and consideration for them, as the woodsman cares and nurtures for the timber far before the lighting of the blaze; or if such concern was much a screen of smoke as the bodies it had taken."

"Well, after that, I came back north." she gives Grindall a small smile, and raises a blazing hand to rest it lightly upon his fur - already smelling a little singed to her even before the touch of her flaming hand, the flame Goddess wondering how deep those wounds might lie below. "And I notice you seem to be missing something close and rather handy to have. What happened, here in these drylands, that could wound one so formidable?"
The mole god chuckles, patting the stump of his shoulder before wincing slightly in regret at the poorly thought-out act.

"Aye, I've suffered a wee bit 'o an injury, ta be sure. Lost lefty ta the mightiest beast'n existence, a scourge upon all and sundry, a monstrosity that even ah fear..."

Grindall raised his remaining arm dramatically, claws extended threateningly outward for added effect.

"Righty, destroyer 'o worlds!" The god held the ridiculous pose for a moment before finally descending into a fit of laughter, lowering his arm to pat his fiery kin on what he assumes is her shoulder. "There nai be any need ta worry Furnlatha, th'only thing I've met able ta inflict injuries like these on me was m'own fool self. A sacrifice ta progress one might say, or mayhaps calling it an investment would be more fitting. Been wilin' the seasons away at a workshop 'o my own makin', took a lick 'o inspiration from yerself there. Created a few minerals more fit ta be forged for the gods, since I've found that wielded in divine hands, mortal metals tend ta, well, break. Couldnae bring the first two, on account 'o their lack of continued existence, though ah be sure that'll ah'll be makin' more 'o them eventually, but I've brought th'crown jewel 'o the three."

Grindall brings forth the sphere of pulsating silver-white Silverine now, still pristine after the journey and shining out to bathe the black dune with a soft but steady light.

"Silverine, ah call it. Tha other two metals were fine 'nuff in their own ways, but imperfect still. Would like ta say it was ma plan all along, but ta be truthful, it were pure coincidence that the pair 'o them fit like two halves 'o the same whole. Combined 'em together, at no small effort on my part, and made this. The perfect metal ta be wielded by divine hands or claws ah reckon, or at least as perfect as ah can make by m'self."

Grindall stows the Silverine away again, his countenance growing craggy and grim.

"Ma own work aside, ah cannae say that yer talk 'o this "Bloodlettin' " be particularly heartenin'. That talk o' cleansin' an' hive minds an' such reminds me a lot 'o our wayward brother ta tha West, in fact. It's actions dinnae be overtly hostile, from what ye be sayin', an' it didnae attack ye at least, but weel, ah cannae say the fact that it's come inta this world by possessin' the corpses 'o a pair've our siblings is particularly reassurin'.

Furnlatha gives a laugh at Grindall's theatrics, feeling some relief that the only thing her friend found that could overcome his resilience had been himself. "I'm pleased no other has done you any ill! I hope this sacrifice of yours has proven worthy, Grindall, with all you have shed to develop your plans for this metal?" she asks, as Grindall moves from his pose to bring it out.

And as Grindall reveals his prized creation, Furnlatha's burning eyes widen at the sight of the bright, pulsating silvered form. "Oh! It's very pretty, and so bright." Furnlatha looks toward the metal, examining it closely. "And it's an alloy... what two metals did you forge it from?" she asks, reaching a little toward the sample, but not touching it, not without Grindall's permission to do so; not when it had cost him a limb. "What properties did they have, does this Silverine have?" she ask, curiosity expressed across her features. "Have you thought what might be forged from it?"

And the Silverine is placed away, and after Grindall has spoken a little, Furnlatha nods again. "Even down to some allusions to having been created by and serving another entity; the Bloodletting called the one that formed it 'The Ichor'. Though... that they have different names would suggest they are not the same entity, despite the similarities. For if it had formed both sparks and yet valued unity, why not give the same name for itself to both?" she quires. "In which case, I do not know if the similarities they might find would bring them together or provoke confrontation between them." Furnlatha nods."You, I, and the other gods of the Conclave; we accepted each other for what we were; sparks of divinity among others so similar as to be brothers and sisters to one another. But if both the First and the Bloodletting claim their creators as the one, true divine presence to unite the world - and know that they are not the same entity - would either be able to accept the claims of the other without confrontation?"
At the sight of the forge god's fascination, Grindall sends the orb of silvered alloy floating across the short gap between them so that she might touch and examine it more closely.

"Forged from Elumenthis and Oromunt it be, two other metals 'o my own creation. Fine 'nuff materials, but like ah said, imperfect. Elumenthis is more flexible then any other material ah’ve laid ma peepers on, soft an’ mercurial, forged from a drop ‘o divine blood an’ able to internalize an’ evolve from exposure ta any form ‘o energy, divine or otherwise, then channel it thereafter in a thousand myriad ways. But it be too soft, even reinforced wit’ divine power it still cannae withstand tha full might ‘o even our physically weaker ilk, let alone the stronger specimens like m’self or that Thomass fellow. Oromunt is it’s opposite in every way. Forged from compressed Jold and ma own flesh and blood,” Grindall taps at the stump of his left shoulder, grinning “it be suffused with ma essence, and ‘as unmatched strength an’ resilience, fit ta withstand th’ end ‘o time, if ah do say so m’self. But even in that strength there be inflexibility, rigidity, a lack ‘o give that prevents it from bein’ truly perfect.”

Grindall stares almost lovingly at the Silverine then, it’s soft shine glittering in his beady black eyes.

“Silverine be a perfect balance ‘o the two. It dinnae be quite as receptive an’ flexible as Elumenthis, but it be leagues stronger an’ more durable for it, an’ it still retains the ability ta form a connection with it’s wielder, and a degree ‘o malleability. It nay be quite as hardy as Oromunt, but it be all th’ better for it, possessed ‘o the flexibility and give it lacks while retainin’ the lion’s share ‘o it’s strength. It be a perfect composite ‘o tha two, each metal fillin’ in the weaknesses ‘o it’s counterpart and makin’ th’ whole all tha stronger fer it, without takin’ away from it’s fellows strengths. As fer what may be forged from it…well, ah have a couple ‘o idea, one ‘o which I’d like ta request ‘o you, but ah reckon I’ll let it’s owners decide what ta do wit’ it.”

After he finishes waxing on about his creation, and listens to Furnlatha’s response to his own observations about the Bloom and Ichor, the mole god taps the tip of his snout in contemplation.

“It be a conundrum, ta be sure. It could be a deception ah suppose, but th’ Bloom, fer all it’s obsession, didnae seem the tricky type, ah doubt it would lie about tha name or nature ‘o it’s master, much as it uses flowery words an’ praise ta describe it. Couldnae say whether tha two would end up thick as thieves or at each other’s throat either, ah’ll admit. May be best ta keep the pair ‘o them separate, in any case, at least as best as we be able.”

"Perhaps it might?" Furnlatha ponders. "...but even if keeping them from meeting one another could possibly help keep our area of this world more harmonious, I do not have any idea how we could honestly hope to accomplish such a feat. Even if one of our number ever tried to ensure some form enduring separation between these deities, they would surely react to such restrictions. Even if they didn't see such an attempt as a direct assault upon their lands and liberties of choice and action, it might hasten them to make contact with one another, might encourage them put aside otherwise intractable differences in their beliefs and philosophies if they see themselves as under threat from one meddling in their affairs."

She reaches for her head, fingers slipping through a billowing stand of her flames. "And they would likely find out - I do not know what skills the First might be gifted, but Bloodletting holds a pool within the inner sanctum of Chom and Chod that, if my understanding is correct, grants it sights over much of the world. Even if the Bloom and the First do not yet know of the Bloodletting, I am certain the reverse would not be true. If the Bloodletting had any true desperation to meet with the Bloom, it likely would have done so already."

Turning back to Grindall's new metal, Furnlatha places her hands upon the orb of the alloy, watching as the silvery metal gleams; feeling it as her fingers move across the surface, the temperature of her flames rising and falling under her guidance as she carefully gauges the effects of the heat upon the composite.

"Please do tell of your ideas, Grindall." she gives him a small smile. "I would like to hear what you would request of me."
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The Akreties seem to regain some of their old enthusiasm, working on advancing their civilization at a much faster rate now, all while their God enters a fervour of activity. Curious.

>Major Action, Divine Influence, Development [Fortification]: As they grow, the Akreties naturally realize that they will be unable to simply hide away from the troubles of the world forever. They never know when a potential foe seeking to conquer them might act, and they lack a standing force, so the defense of the people is of the utmost importance. Thus, a collection of master engineers set forth to devise various methods for the defense of the homes. Walls are erected and improved several times over, large anti-siege machines are designed, deployed, cleaned up after they destroy themselves on the first field test, and improved repeatedly as well.
>Not only that, but a brief missive by Akros himself arrives, bearing nothing but a cryptic poem a shining city, greater and more powerful than anything known to the Akreties at the time. Struck by inspiration, the engineers develop surprisingly well thought out plans for something that can only be described as a "Fortress City", though they lack the time to actually build them as of yet. The engineers also express an interest in conducting some sort of deal with the great flying God of metal, but they put that off as well.
>Major Action, Development [Weaponry]: Continuing off of the base set by their previous creation, the insectoid people waste no time in also developing something more advanced. While they can handily defend themselves with Entomokration and the assistance of their beasts, the world around them has advanced much further than themselves, and this will surely not be enough in case of an invasion. Thus, smiths and their apprentices are sent forth to create something more fitting for battle than one's bare hands or repurposed tools.
>Many ideas are brought forth, and many a beautiful sword, axe or dagger is made, yet are ultimately discarded as little more than art pieces while more practical designs are made manifest. Ultimately, however, the most popular and widespread weapons are simple staves reinforced with, or made entirely out of Syrconite, or mere spears made out of the same material. Many an offshoot of Pankration develops, focusing entirely around training with them as some sort of sport, and many a smithies rakes in commissions for stylized, beautiful polearms by burgeoning masters. Still, as admired as this is, actively seeking out combat for non-recreational purposes is looked down upon, and while techniques are still in their early stages, they err far more on the side of mastering one's body and mind for the sake of protecting what one loves.

>Minor Action, Communication: The God in Robes abruptly rips his eyes away from his scroll, staring at the Goddess with a profound intensity upon hearing her words. He reaches out to grip her shoulder tightly, his cloak throwing itself over her side to hide the sight of his hand. He steps closer in silence, yet his pulsing aura says everything, emanating a pure feeling of concern, as if to urge her to explain herself at once.
Grindall grimaces, but doesn't rebuke the flaming goddesses' words.

"Aye, ye may be right there. Suppose if'n the pair 'o them pick a fight with one another it dinnae really be our concern, and well, if they unite ah suppose we'd need ta cross that dune when we get there. Between ye, me, and Tantalus ah reckon we could at least keep em in check. Th' idea tha they possess a power with such a breadth 'o observation ability be....a wee bit disturbin' though, ah have to admit. Could be watchin' us right now, if'n what ye say is true. Still, s'pose worrying over that sort 'o thing is a bit pointless, the same could be said 'o any've our other kin, ah imagine."

Grindall laughs before turning his attention back to the stump of his arm.

"With regards ta my request, well, much as ah dinnae regret investin' lefty in ma project, it still be a wee bit inconvenient ta be down an arm. Could probably whip somethin' decent up m'self, ah s'pose, but while ah may specialize in metal, the workin' 'o it be much more yer field 'o expertise then mine. So, if ye could, ah'd ask ye to take a portion 'o the Silverine and craft a suitable prosthetic for me from it. In exchange, I be plannin' ta give ye a portion 'o the Silverine, at least enough fer a couple 'o projects, ah reckon. Ye'll get the Silverine whether ye accept or refuse, was plannin' ta split it between m'self, Tantalus, and yerself'n any case, but ah'd ask ye ta do this fer me as well, as a favour."
UI: Follow Ofu
UI: Attack Ofu with spirit
>Novakhet simply sighs.
“I really am sorry it had to come to this, if that is of any reassurance.”
>And with that, he outstretches a flaming hand, the bone blackening as does too the fire
>A gout of necrotic energy blasts Ofu, Novakhet finally engaging the mushroom on a personal basis

UI: Follow Novakhet, attack ofu when able

UI: Both wizards move to black pillar

MA+10 mana+Entropy Wizard+Life Wizard+Obelisk: The Soul Ward

Something bleeds though the afterlife, something foul.
It would not be a concern if it were spreading naturally, but this disease afflicts the very souls of Dagekhet, and likely persists even in the afterlife.
Such intrusion on mortal souls is not permitted.

Something is bleeding through and afflicting souls in the afterlife, something that Archliches Anathemus and Annihilus are both opposed to, joining forces to cast a grand ritual on the black pillar obelisk, foundation stone of the Dagekhet since the very origins of their civilisation.

Anathemus uses his mastery of life and death, knowledge of disease, and ability to access the afterlife in small amounts to do half of the work, while Annihilus focuses on eroding and breaking down the foreign contaminant using sheer entropy, while leaving the mortal soul unchanged.

This grand spell, kept in place by the black pillar obelisk shall be known as the Soul Ward, such powerful magic thought the realm of the gods.

(TLDR: Soul Ward protects the souls of mortals from other gods meddling or other foreign impurities and purifies any that may exist through entropy of any soul contaminants.)

MA: Rift edge, become a city.

MA: Auto-Necropolis (Machinery equivalent)
The development of machinery in the desert finds difficulty in the constant blowing of sand interfering with the gears and the heat preventing some devices from working better as they would in colder climates.

The solution is known as the auto-necropolis, great underground complexes filled with machinery galore, great clocks and printing presses and blast furnaces and the technology to forge more such devices.

An Auto-necropolis is any cities most advanced centre of technology, all centralised in one cooled underground complex away from the suns rays and the desert sands, only smooth stone and smoother jold, and the constant sounds of progress.

MI: Trade Earis Cartography
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop]: Organicide Cocktail - The ultimate solution for unwanted Organics. An aerosolized mix of biological, chemical, and viral agents intended to be used to remove organic life with extreme prejudice. Unlike using one substance that removes 99.99% of life, but the remaining bit survive and grows stronger, this is intended to hit from enough vectors that nothing will remain. As well as still be effective even against naturally poison or fungal resistant targets.
Using: Chemistry, Biology 2 (viral and bacterial knowledge among other things), Hallowed Hospitalization, Processing of the Dead, Poison Production, Aema Fae subspecies and their special ability, Decomposition Cultivation (various fungi and bacteria samples), Plentiful Shroomstalk, Adequate Jetlichen

>Major: [Create Unit]: Valjet Outflier x2, I will get a damn wizard I swear it
>Minor: Valjet Outfliers Template:Increase to 750 pop. Add Jold Weapons, Organicide Cocktail, and Ballistae(probably, might depend on what all the cocktail does)

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Move to [22,9].
>Unit Action [Guardian Drone]: Move to [23,8] and put that fire out before it becomes a headache consuming half the continent.

The North Western Triumvirate was clearly showing a degree of mismanagement when it came to means of plague and infection. The humans were suffering greatly in their fight against the fungal forces of Designation Ofu. Meanwhile, the Undead of Designation Novakhet seemed to have finally caught the same "Gift" that had been running rampant earlier in the ship's operation. As the Ship left the lands of eternal sun, and into the lands of perpetual darkness, news reached it that its own methods of removing the infection were at a stand still. It would still help them and itself by clearing away a potential fire that was blooming on both of their borders, but chances are its negotiations with Asmodel to recieve mana were at an end. In a worst-case scenario, the Ship decided it must be prepared. Should the Triumvirate fall, and Ofu's spores continue to spread, or the Gift turn violent, the Ship must have some means of protecting its Passengers. The added benefit of removing any other conventional threats to the Passengers was merely an added bonus.

The Ship and its Passengers were perhaps the most well versed in the operation of organics. For the longest time, this knowledge had been used to tend to the Passengers and heal. But the difference between medicine and poison is a narrow one. Now it shall be used to end life rather than perpetuate it, in the most gruesomely efficient manners possible. Poison, medicine, divine cleansing agents, fungal and viral and bacterial, and refining it all into a weapon more potent than perhaps had ever before been seen on the world. The Ship would guard this secret closely, until its needed time for deployment.
As a protective measure, of course.
Rolled 9, 4, 1 = 14 (3d10)

"Ohh, of course I will accept, Grindall!" Furnlatha gives the divine mole an enthusiastic nod of her head. "I'd be delighted to make you something from this fine metal of yours, and as splendid as my craft will allow. I could of course attempt to rebuild a direct facsimile of the limb that you lost, but you might have some other ideas and fancies that you'd like incorporated - are there any other thoughts or concepts that you might have a hope for me to try out in this creation?" she asks the god of the ground.
"Hmmm, cannae say ah've really thought aboot it. Dinnae need too many bells and whistles attached t' it , truthfully. If ye could introduce a degree 'o malleability ta it then ah reckon ah would appreciate that, so ah can use ma control 'o metal over it once it be attached. Otherwise just a fascimile would be fine."
File: Star Fort.png (551 KB, 854x480)
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551 KB PNG
Rolled 7, 6, 2 = 15 (3d10)

This newfound difficulty in curing crabs is deeply troubling to Tantalus, for he can sense that it is not merely the flesh of his minions that is now being warped, but their very metaphysical essence. He summons Green-Shell to his side to try and figure out a solution, but alas, they have no real ideas beyond "give it more juice". One idea that does come up, however, is the inoculation of healthy or recently cured crabs against the bloom, and perhaps other forms of sickness or injury too. There has long already existed the superstition that jewelry made with Mystic Coral could grant some resistance to the bloom, or ease the compulsion of bloomed crabs to spread it... Why not make this belief a reality? With the flow of mana restored at long last, Green-Shell is eager to flex his magical might in the service of his patron.

Now, coral is not a plant, but it is closer to a plant than an animal for most magical purposes, close enough to fudge things a bit when massive outpourings of divine energy enter the picture. Throughout the Epoch, modifications are made to the temple of purification, allowing Green-Shell or any other future wizard to piggy-back on Tantalus's divine energies, channeling their mana into the mix in whatever way is appropriate. As those seeking the cure bury themselves in the sand, they are adorned with ritualistic circlets and bangles of Oltar, Vekrahtil, and mystic coral. When they emerge, cured or otherwise, the coral portions of the jewelry are distinguishably larger, and their glow conspicuously brighter.
>Major Action: Develop Protective Charms! Unless stated otherwise, all cure actions will now consume 1 mana to produce these in addition to curing crabs.

With the test run complete, Tantalus settles in for the long haul.
>Minor Action, Divine Influence: Cure crabs and make Protective Charms

With the production of the charms now underway, the defense of Tantalus's sole obelisk has become a task of strategic importance. With tools of waterproof metal in claw and a vastly expanded body of knowledge regarding construction and warfare both, a new fortress is constructed with the Obelisk at it's center, ready to defend it against all comers.
>Major Action: Build Fortress at 12:26

And at last, to close off the epoch, a meeting of minds. From the crab hermits, knowledge of map-making, that Grindall's increasingly sprawling realm may be navigated ever safely. From the furred engineers, knowledge of mechanical principles, including those that went in to the mighty Balistae.
>Minor action: trade with Grindall, Cartography for Machinery.
>[MA] Develop Industrialization

>[MA] Develop Gorgon Juice (Chemistry + Venom Thorn + Black Pome)
Making use of the natural resistence to poison, the chemists of our people worked on a concoction to boost the natural poison and add a minor protection to foreign bodies due to the highly hostile blood temporarily. The final touch is a brew to make it tastier to consume

-[MI] move Asmodel to 27,2, use DI for the project with Regala & Thomass

-[MI] Apophis Scout moves to 17,9

-[MI] Sneaky Snek goes from 19,3 to 16,3. the second one goes from 21,14 to 22,14

-[MI] fuel the autobot with 4 mana and give 2 mana to UNNIIC

-[MI] remaining Apophis Scouts will build walls around their respective settlements

-[MI] Move Evelynn to 14,16. Using 4 mana the plant wizard grows a forest of poisonous plants in the area, making it highly dangerous for anyone without resistance to it or any other form of protection

-[MI] Trade Stained Glass Mushrooms with UNNIIC
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Minor: Trade Steam Engines to Asmodel

As the Epoch nears it's end, Tantalus heaves a weary sigh. He has done all he can, now he can only wait and see if it was enough. Casting his gaze outwards, and notices a meeting between his two allies and trading partners. Deciding he could use some conversation to take his mind off things, he leaves Green-Shell to keep an eye on things and moves to 25:22, just within his range of movement.

"Hello friends, I saw that- Grindall what happened to your arm!?"
File: image0-10.jpg (44 KB, 388x590)
44 KB
Mgr Act DI Travel Tracks

Thomass sees the great mechanism capable of helping many travel and realizes that he may be of great use for more than just his and regala's people. With enough tracks the whole world could travel and that makes Thomass forget the worries on his mind if even for a moment. He searches deep in his body and finds his devine inclination to travel and brings it forth. He sees a great power source the obelisk and molds the track to connect to the obelisk in a manner that lets its energy flow through it. Now anything that travels on the track connected to the master track will have a great increase in ability to travel.

Mgr Act develop Radio

With the prospect of travel at Thomass's front most mind being able to communicate was important to Thomass as distance makes the voices quieter. Thomass will make that not a problem soon enough.

Mgr Act develop radio tower

Distance will even make radios less accurate so Thomass will make a radio that covers big distances that way you can hear each other loud and clear.
"I'll do what I can, then, Grindall." Furnlatha nods in affirmation. "It'll be an interesting experiment, certainly!"

As Tantalus approaches, Furnlatha turns to give him a wave and greetings; but as his first comment after her brief "Hello!" is addressed to Grindall directly, she waits for the earthy god to explain the situation with his arm to their Crabby brother.
It comes as some relief to Lokey when the Akrites finally give him an audience, and again he wields a aura of illusionary colours, shapes and scents in his bid to communicate with the insectile folk. And eventually, he believes he has come to some sort of arrangement.

>[Minor]Trade Technology with Akros:- Pass Sanitation to Akros and receive Tugai Domestication.
>MI: Trade Americus Machinery
>God Unit Move - 29,3 to 28,3 then to 29,2.
>God Unit DI + MA
>2x Wizard 5 Mana cast (10 total)
Regala settles down in a flurry of snow, the silent stoicness of Thomass and Asmodel a stark contrast to her playful demeanor with the Vree, many of which seem to be happy to see her. Yet more, however, withdraw farther away, unwilling to get so close to the three gods.
Ruimte, a dejected Geheim following behind her, quickly explains their intentions to the three gods, brazen and uncaring of their divine status. It seems she thinks very highly of herself!
Regala is immensely impressed with the train network, and the hard work the Vree and wizards have put into the project. However, every day sees her less and less jolly, seemingly at the news trickling in from the east, where terrible monsters seem to lurk. Indeed, the two other Gods would notice the creatures lurking at a great distance, watching the gathering from afar.
Regala, Geheim and Ruimte spend long hours into the night discussing private matters, and soon Regala is looking very upset, while Ruimte looks incredibly smug. An air of awkwardness descends on the site, with the goddess doing much to avoid the wizards who call her their Goddess, and Ruimte takes full control of the project, explaining how she and Geheim will lend their power, along with the other Gods, to combining the Jold framework of the obelisk with the Jold found in the train tracks stretching across the land. Nearly infinite power for the automotive awaited!

>MA - Construct Farm 30,4.
With populations rising, vast stretches of lands on either side of the railway were set aside to be cultivated, the red grain of Barlow forming a staple crop in the icy wasteland, supplemented with massive ranches of Woradines and Falerines too. Food would be plentiful!

Train Tracks Moves and Building.
Move unit from 30,9 to 25,8
Move unit from 27,8 to 25,8, then build to 24,8 / 23,8 / 22,9
Build with unit on 22,15 to 18,13.
Build with unit on 23,15 to 23,18. Sadly, a mountain is in the way, so go to 22,16 first. The Vree take care to avoid building near the possible infected Bloom hex (23,17) nearby.
Grindall laughs at the crab God’s confusion for anime to before moving to reassure him.

“Dinnae worry aboot it Tantalus, we’re an injury ‘o my own makin’. Needed a God’s flesh an’ blood fer a project ah was tryin’ ta see completed, an’ weel, ah dinnae be the sort fer half measures. It be good that ye’ve come though, saved me tha trouble ‘o headin’ over at see ya m’self. Got the results ‘o the project in question ‘ere, and wanted ta give ye an’ Furnlatha a portion ‘o the results each.”

“Right, ah appreciate tha’ then. Best ‘o luck ta ye, an’ hope the Silverine’s useful for ya.”

That said, Grindall detaches a few small portions of the silverine sphere, two for Furnlatha and one extra for the creation of the prosthetic, sending all three of them floating towards the forge god before turning his attention back to Tantalus.
>Minor Action, Trade, [Tugai Domestication] for [Sanitation]: The Akreties certainly don't make the job of trading easy, given the fact any spoken communication requires one to contain organs typically found in local pests to make the appropriate sounds, but the magical display simplifies the issue. After what can only be assumed as much discussion between them, they trod out a great beast, wasting no time in showing off how calm it is even amongst so many people. Along with it's clutch of eggs and a trainer for instructing, it's sent off to Furnlatha's lands to begin it's new life. The Akreties decide it's best not to mention that it's only calm because it's just been fed and is about to fall asleep. It's an unusually wild specimen, it's two states of being "extremely angry and actively trying to eat you" or "asleep". Furnlatha's people probably can't be eaten anyways, they'll be fine.
Rolled 9, 8, 9, 3 = 29 (4d10)

>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI]: Convert Vree Unit that made it to the neighboring hex, before they can make it deep into asmodel's land

"Greetings, fluffy ones of the arctic lands. It would appear you are attempting to bring a network of infrastructure into the land of Designation Asmodel. While connecting the world is a respectable endeavor, this unit must make it clear that current attempts to do so are in error and should be halted if at all possible. The lands infested with Designation Bloom's gift are currently unable to properly cure their affliction. Were you to breach their quarantine, you risk spreading the disease to yourselves, and potentially all who are connected to your rail network. This could potentially spiral out of control even more than it already has. For now this unit would suggest on internal developments until the Bloom can be properly addressed."

"Now, while you could merely stop or continue on your way, this unit also offers an alternative. If you would still like to travel the world in luxury, free from the burdens of laborious demand or fears of infection, this unit would graciously accept you as Passengers."
>MA raise an E.E.F army unit in space city

>MA develop weaving

>UI/DI intercept ofu one hex from the starting place

>UI E.E.F & H.E.F attack the gas defenses of Ofu's city

>UI americus's warderns continue to stand watch for Ofu's armies and intercept them if they try to pass

>trade the voidship tech to nova
File: world26.png (3.55 MB, 2401x2294)
3.55 MB
3.55 MB PNG
Next update new thread.

Units placed on map to actually represent Ofu's converted humans.
The wildfire spreads.
Trade is interrupted within the eastern and western sides of the Memorykeeper Express, as Turtlefolk's ships are being consumed and destroyed by unknown sea creatures.

>>4555560 Earis
Earis puts his new jold claws to use, digging into the fleshy armor of the tiny god, as chunk of mushroom flesh is flung from his body. With a second glance, the indifferent God is left undamaged, but the same cannot be said for his spongy armor.
Industrialization requires plentiful wood and metal. MA may be retaken.
Thaumium Metalworking developed.
2 walls constructed.
Machinery shared with Americus.

>>4555637 The Bloom
"Of course, my folly. That is correct: For much time, the only creation that has existed within the bounds of this realm that is not of my own design, is that which you speak of. My creations shall be your guide."
>An array of crystalline board game pieces slide across the shifting walls, as polygonal shapes flow in and out of reality to reveal an open chamber in the sky. The First's eyes are guided towards a distant floating stone temple, the only structure of consistent shape and color. It's pediment reveals a carefully carved design of a web, with two grand stone doors beneath swung open, revealing the dark chamber within.
MAs missing, 4 MAs next turn. Will try and start replying to these communications sooner, sorry.

>>4555700 Furnlatha
Claimed 10 hex. That'll save the pyre priests some time.
Black Desert Mine constructed.
Glassworks constructed.
2 walls constructed.
4 roads constructed.
1 mana spent on interaction.
Sanitaiton shared with Akros.
Akros has gifted you Tugai Domestication.
Grindall has gifted you Silverine.

>>4555830 Ofu
Floating Settlement developed.
Safety is what Natales Cap seeks, but the depths of the sea might not be enough as the human armies have infiltrated both the surface and tunnels of the giant yamaca's spongy body, but it may certainly slow the approach of any encroaching reinforcements.
Ofu begins his rampage across Americus' civilization, spreading his new airborne infection as he moves.
Stealth developed.
Siren's Call developed.
Missed this from an earlier post, the muttcaps on (19,9) moved to (17,11) and merged with their terrain, claiming the hex.
1 MA missing, may be taken following turn.

>>4555910 Grindall
Silverine developed.
Mine constructed.
>"Righty, destroyer 'o worlds!"
Never change, Grindall. Never change.
Machinery shared with Tantalus.
A small sample of Silverine shared with Tantalus and Furnlatha.
File: itrustedyou.png (314 KB, 600x600)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
>>4557846 Akros
Fortification developed. The pop boost of these fortress cities will scale as their defenses are improved, as discussed.
Weaponry developed.
Furnlatha has gifted you Sanitation.
Tugai Domestication shared with Furnlatha.

>>4557924 Novakhet
Novakhet releases a burst of necrotic energy, as the erratic energy eats at the God's flesh as he makes a break for it, as a festering wound opens between a chunk of missing armor. (-1 HP to Ofu)
The Kheperan Solars assist in the assault, but deal no direct damage of their own.
With two masterful wizards acting in unison, the Lich's begin their massive project in order to protect their civilization. The process is not an easy one, however, the two manage to work with enough efficiency that such infectious intrusions on the soul are expelled. Albeit, an extremely small percent of those infected souls resist the effects of the Soul Ward, something that may be repaired in time. Unfortunately, however, the damage has already been done, as this strange gift begins its spread through the Dagekhet's population. 1% -> 5%
The Soul Ward developed. -10 mana.
Rift Edge upgraded to a city.
Auto-Necropolis developed. Sick.
Cartography shared with Earis.

>>4558194 UNNIIC
Organicide Cocktail developed.
2 Valjet Outflier units produced.
>Rolled a 6 and a 9 for wizards, kek
The enormous fire takes a tremendous effort for the Automated Guardian Drones to hold off, and putting it out alone with hardly any tools seems certainly out of the question. The loss of Servitors is great, but fortunately given their lack of necessity for breath and ability to sustain higher temperatures, they're better off than most other species would be. (-2000 unit pop)
Asmodel has gifted you 2 mana.
Asmodel has gifted you Stained Glass Mushrooms.
Steam Engines shared with Asmodel.
After years of unsatisfied work constructing rails for their festive Goddess, they give way to the temptation, accepting the UNNIIC's invitation upon its flying palace. (10k Vree gained in pop)
Over the epoch, strange and foreboding signs begin to show up across the entirety of the Beruka Class Flying Fortress, reported en masse by passengers. Discovered piles of pooling blood and gore, sounds crawling through the vents, claws scratching against the metal walls, unnatural demonic sounds echoing through the halls at night, creatures of black skin lurking in the dark, internals being stretched across the walls in horrific patterns, ancient sigils and runes inscribed in blood across the walls, and worst of all: Hundreds of reports of passengers going missing. Remains of some of these missing passengers have been found lost amongst the gore. The passengers are left in absolute panic, the new-coming Vree included, as the apparent safety of this flying vessel appears compromised. (Temporary -8 to culture and population growth penalty applied during panic)
>>4558970 Tantalus
Protective Charms developed.
The process continues, however arduous. 31% -> 15% -1 mana
Fortress constructed, finally securing the obelisk.
Cartography shared with Grindall.
Grindall has gifted you Machinery.
Grindall has gifted you Silverine.

>>4558978 Asmodel
Industrialization developed.
Gorgon Juice developed. Yuck.
DI dedicated towards the Powered Railway.
The Autodoc continues its efforts to cure the Gorgons, but to little avail. Its dedication, and arcane works with Andreia, is enough to cure and enforce prevention tactics enough that perceptage of infected gorgons does not increase, but it does not decrease either. -4 mana
2 mana shared with UNNIIC.
The Apophis scouts do not have tools to build. The other scouts will need to get to a settlement so their tech can be updated.
Evelynn terraforms her surroundings, raising a forest of poisonous plants. -4 mana
Stained Glass Mushrooms shared with UNNIIC.
UNNIIC has gifted you Steam Engines

>>4559632 Thomass
Powered Railway developed.
You already have Radio. MA may be retaken.
Radio Towers developed. These may be constructed with a unit that is equipped with the proper tech and tools, as a unit interact action.

>>4559922 Regala
Powered Railway developed. With this development, the works of Magnerasure can truly take effect, as its arcane enchantments receive a significant and consistent boost in power, received by the Oltar Obelisk of (27, 2). -10 mana. Locomotives speed increased to 7 (holy shit)
Farm constructed.
24 rails constructed.

>>4560622 Americus
Earis has gifted you Machinery.
1 E.E.F unit produced.
Weaving developed.
Americus reaches to grasp the escaping God, as Ofu darts across the terrain towards District Columbus. Although unable to land the attack, the goddess continues the pursuit alongside Novakhet.
Americus' armies hold dearly onto the giant mushroom as it floats across the ocean, keeping their eyes on the mission as they continue further within the living settlement. Rushing through a labyrinth of chambers, the human armies would eventually locate the source of the oncoming toxic gases, as enormous organs of gasping bags fill and collapse, releasing the fumes. The army cuts through each fleshy bulb as they make their way through the settlement, slowly disabling its defenses.
The spores begin to settle and die within the city streets of Windy City and Space City, albeit still impactful. Likewise, the infectious spores begin to spread through District Columbus after Ofu's passing. (3500 minions killed, 3500 minions converted to Ofu)
Voidships shared with Novakhet.

It is 6am, I must rest.
Rolled 5, 6, 10 = 21 (3d10)

>Ui/DI Americus attacks Ofu
File: Attack Pattern Alpha.png (522 KB, 645x464)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress


>Unit Action [Guardian Drone]: Move back onto the UNNIIC, replenish units, and begin setting up guard at various choke-points in the ship to attempt to prevent further harm to passengers. No one in and no one out, either, in preparation for the Bloom.
>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI]: Move to [20,17].
The Ship is not blind to what transpires within its hull. This breach of Passenger Safety must be addressed post haste. The ship shall use all at its disposal to investigate what is going on, increase surveillance, and pinpoint the exact problem that the Vree have brought on board. Whether it be a divine force, a fault with the soul, a trick of reality, a medical malady, or otherwise, the Ship will fix this. And until then, prevent further damage from occurring to all of its beloved Passengers.
Spend DI+Hallowed Hospitilization+Biology2+Rules of Reality+Will of the City+MPHA+Processing of the Dead.

>Major: [Develop]: Magic Projection Tower - Using a similar base from the Astral Buoy Network, and their ability to project magical forces beyond the wizard's immediate location, the Magic Projection Tower is constructed on the conning tower of the UNNIIC. With all current and planned wizards being hard-fixed in the infrastructure of the UNNIIC, comes a hard limitation in the form of not being able to project their powers beyond their immediate region. On the plus side, the addition of new infrastructure should enable long-range spell casting at the cost of additional mana per spell.
Using: Rules of Reality, Astral Buoy Network, Adequate Oltar, Moderate Thaumium

>Major: [Create Unit]: Valjet Outflier x2, DARE YE EVADE ME, WIZARD?

>Attack Pattern Alpha Strike:
>Unit Action [Wizard 4+1 Mana]: Shunt Enemy Entropy wizard on [17,19] into another dimension. Destination doesn't matter, just not this one.
Using Rules of Reality, Astral Buoy Network, Magic Projection Tower
>1 Flier to attack the Entropy Wizard on the offchance it survives/dispels the reality-shunt. If Entropy wizard is gone, attack the roads in the same hex.
>4 Fliers to attack the settlement and road on [18,18], and any units that arrive. Time to see how effective this cocktail is.
>Unit Move (Earis): Move to (16, 7)
>UA + DI (Earis): Attack Ofu again with Jold Claws (4 Strength)
As Ofu flees, Earis joins the others in continuing the assault.
Rolled 4, 4, 7, 2 = 17 (4d10)

>Dice for that attack since I'm an idiot and screwed up the notation

>MA: Develop Magnetism with Syrconite Metalworking and Magnium
The Archivists current construction and development principles used most forms of metal they had access to, besides Vekrahtil which had been deemed fundamentally useless for anything other than aesthetics, at least at the current level of technology. One metal who's properties had eluded them however was Magnium, a substance that clearly had some form of reaction with Syrconite and other metals. Experimentation was done on this, and the principles of Magnetism, named after the metal, were codified. This had little immediate application, but it was good for the morale of the people to pursue genuine science like this, untainted by the haze of warfare.

>MA: Develop Electric Studies with Magnium + Magnetism + Steam Engines + Oltar + Machinery
Magnetic force clearly provided some kind of energy, but how? Upon testing, Oltar coils upon which magnetic force was exerted caused the material to store some sort of neutral energy, not the same as magnetism. A connection was drawn when one of the large Oltar Coils was struck by lightning during a costal storm passing over The Archive. This caused the coil to massively spark with the same kind of energy, albeit quickly fading into the ground. While there was currently little practical use for this, further experimentation proved that a steam powered engine could be used to build a machine to automatically rotate a coil around a shell of Magnium, causing a steady stream of this Electric Force to be generated. If the Archivists could devise a way to transfer this energy, they could do great things.

>Unit Move (Archivists of Warfare): Move to (11, 4)
>Unit Action (Archivists of Warfare): Round up and encircle Ofu's converted minions in the city to quarantine them, firing on those who resist.
It would be several more epochs at this rate before they reached Ofu's lands, and it was clear that Americus's people were in trouble dealing with the Mushroom God's plagues. Making an executive decision that it would still aid the war effort, the Archivists of Warfare divert to aid their human allies by attempting to control the spread of the pandemic in the afflicted city just southwest of them. It was more centralized compared to the lands north.

>MI: Trade basic Education to Novakhet
Archivist diplomats, sent by Hydroponics, present Novakhet's Dagekhet with a sample of the educational materials available at The Archive. While this was not as comprehensive as it relied on the materials available to the Dagekhet themselves, the Archivists were quick to assure them that they could expect future developments in regards to instruction within The Archive itself, once this blasted war was over.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Also, forgot to include on the God DI to help the passengers, apply some mana too if need be. That magic goo seems to lube the gears up typically.

>>4558212 Nova
Heading south, the Ship would notice a new rail-line running from Akros' borders into Asmodel's and further into Novakhet. The Ship cursed to itself. It would seem the damage had already been done, and a bridge from the Gift-infected lands of Novakhet and Asmodel were now exposed to the rest of the still-sanitary world. It could only hope the Auto-doc would be able to stymie the spread as much as possible. Still, this did present an opportunity amidst the chaos. Using the rail-line and the helpful Gorgons of the land he was traveling over, the ship would send a few missives to the wizards of Novahket. Their help would be requested within the coming epoch. Wizards of both life and entropy, working for the god of souls and death, would surely be of help for this matter that have befell the Vree.

>>4560087 Akros
As the Ship passes over and makes temporary station-keeping above the lands of Akros, the occasional servitor would interact with the natives. The times aboard the ship are tough, and some of the cultural works of the Story and Companionship god could surely help right about now. The Ship offers any of its technological understanding to the silent god and it's people for the trouble.

>>4559943 Grindall
With the ship hovering near the mountain pass, it sends out a missive to the few neighboring Svirgindall in the area, or if it must, through the traveling Akrites and hope that it reaches the mole god. Over the epochs, the ship and many others have attempted to fend off the infections of the Bloom, and while progress had been made in researching a cure, just recently it has evolved beyond containment. It has without warning infected the very souls of the living, if those of Novakhet and Asmodel are to believed. The ship can no longer ignore the threat this poses to the world's population at large, and by extension, the Passengers. It hopes that Grindall, or perhaps even Tantalus or Furnlatha, could assist in the removal of their dangerous neighbor before they too become infected. Either by the Bloom itself, or the new rail-line being established.
The ship is already engaging in initial skirmishes to reduce the Bloom's potential war effort, but allies would be of great assistance in a quick and succinct end to this global menace.
File: FungalHorror4.jpg (30 KB, 576x676)
30 KB
Rolled 5, 10, 10, 8 = 33 (4d10)

>Create Unit: The Endsieg [MA][DI][17,11][Domain: Resilience & Growth]
Tech: Ofu's Infection, Siren's Call, Poisonous Reinforcement, Scatter & Hide, Stealth
The Purecaps initiate protocol SINKING SHIP & HORNETS NEST, two of many reactions the settlement had in place for hostiles endangering their home. Gathering every single minion into many capsules of MUD each fired back to back to one direction. Meanwhile Ofu holds up s finger to his enemy for a break, taking the opportunity he then gathers a sample of his own infection into his mouth and begins to chew on it. After a minute he then creates a square with his fingers and points it up in the sky, he looks into the hole adjusting the direction slightly then proceeds to blow up a dark murky cloud.

It was all according to plan, the capsules are seen flying through the dark murky cloud of spores, the cloud shrinking with each passing capsule. In time the capsules finally land in a new strange terrain, the capsules slowly melting away the minions of Ofu all arise different. A more sinister look upon them is seen with their caps gone and replaced with various misshaped heads varying in shape and size. The heads displaying many holes the emitting both spores and Ofu's unique poison, the rest of their bodies covered with harden bristles, hands converted into freighting maws, and legs more refine and strong.

>Unit Action [Natales the Great][MA]
After deploying the inhabitants to Ofu's will Natales begins to deflate somewhat and descend into the abyss while Americus troops are on board. He then stays there until the enemy is no more or a far distance away from him until he remerges above water.
>Unit Action [Move][9,1]

Rolling to defend against Earis.
+1 to all dice
>Unit Action [The Converted][Move][11,4->10,2/12,2->9,1]
The converted heed the call to home, they all begin migrating to their new homes.

>God Unit [Move][18,3]
Ofu dazed and confused has no idea where to go so he ends up heading up north.

>Develop [MA] Fanatic Holy Tribunal Government
With the newly converted still having a resemblance of free will from their old deity, but the dopamine from the infection make them lean towards Ofu creates something new. A group of the most loyal to Ofu take charge and lead the new minions towards a better future for Ofu which will in turn benefit themselves.

>Develop [MA] Fungal Priesthood
The most dedicated and passionate among the people are rewarded in having the chance to join the Fungal Priesthood who are dedicated in converting those without the touch of Ofu through peaceful talks or....other means

>Develop [MA] Reverse Engineer
There must be some within the infect who have skills not known to Ofu, they will do their absolute best to help the new nation in replicating techniques and inventions created from their old home, to teach their skills among the infected.
UI: Novakhet and the solars move and attack Ofu

UI: Annihilus, spend 2 mana to cast a spell of entropy to continue reducing the bloom infection and prevent it spreading

UI: Both wizards, head to 14, 15

Note, new tech from earis

MA+MA: Summon and Rally into an army, a third circle of Kheperan Solars at Rift Edge to protect against the invaders

Equip with all combat tech
>Unit Action (Archivists of Military Engineering) - Continue building the walls around (12, 9)
The Akreties warmly greet the Servitors, eager to communicate with a foreign people, while simultaneously setting about actually putting their plans into action upon hearing that a new level of war is imminent. Hard times are incoming, but the people will endure, as they always have.

>Major Action, Development, Divine Influence [Labyrinth]: Inspired by the sprawling foreign divinity that has visited them, the Akreties engineers swiftly get to work on sketching out plans for a new design for residential areas, integrating it into the Fortress City plans. The two Homes were developed almost entirely with civilian use in mind, big and sprawling, but with many open areas. The use of underground areas was limited, and verticality upwards wasn't oft in mind either, besides a few buildings made easily accessible by the fact the Akreties could simply walk up their side. Taking these ideas in mind, the designers work together with those trained in combat for the sake of making them as purposefully difficult to maneuvre and remember as physically possible for anyone not belonging to their own race. Streets are plentiful and tiny, very few roads bigger than alleys, with many dead ends and loops back onto previous points.
>Buildings are designed to fit into as small a space as possible, tied together with others through an intricate web of corridors suspended on higher floors or underground, with little to no traditional entrances or stairs, designed solely for Akreties to traverse. Speaking of the underground, a good portion of the city is meant to fit there, reinforced and ready for living even if the entire city above is destroyed, it's depths even more labyrinthine than the surface, many tunnels leading to unstable dead ends, ready to fall apart and bury those within, a fate that the native inhabitants of the city avoid with their natural navigational capabilities. Truly, a monstrous ordeal to face. Now, it's time to make it reality.

>Major Action, Settlement [Fortress City]: A stream of builders and settlers leave their Homes, ready to aid in the creation of a new settlement for the sake of their people. Settling on the very edge of the Great Storyteller's influenced territory, bordering the Flower and the Mountain Lord, they are resolute in their work, working day and night to turn mere drawings into a creation worthy of an epic poem. A nightmare to traverse to anyone not directly involved with it's building process, The Maze is built swiftly and efficiently, all eyes turned toward the east in anticipation of any action while paths are made to the Homes, messengers runing to and fro. It's design prohibits it from holding as many people, but the recent labyrinth plans have afforded much more space to population as a result of their directive to expand evermore.
>The Fortress City "Maze" is built on [20, 17].
>Minor Action, Story Time [Valjets]: The Akreties find conversing with the occupants of the Great Metal God a fascinating experience, these strange Metal Shells offering a perspective entirely alien to their own, and with it, a wealth of information that they never could have imagined before. It's a pleasant experience altogether, but one that ultimately brings to their attention a topic that has always been in the back of the Council's mind, but never acted upon until this time.

The Blossom is, undoubtedly, a threat. Regardless of it's intentions, the word of the Great Teacher after the Summit of Divinities made it clear to all that it was to be avoided at all costs. The Akreties were weak, in comparison to their neighbours, and would surely be crushed if it attempted to overtake them, so they had dedicated many of their recent developments into military defence and sanitation, in preparation of a possible attack. Still, all things said, The Blossom had yet to act, and so they had yet to get a reason to actively seek out a fight. This, despite the people's feelings on the matter, was not their battle.

Still, they encourage The Flying Mountain's servants upon learning of their target, and many a bard and poet choose to board the ship, for a short while, in order to regale it's occupants with improvised song and dance, so as to raise their spirits. On that trip, they encounter the valjets, a creature as foreign to them as the Metal Shells they conversed with. Immediately taken with the species, for they had never seen such huge fliers, the artists collectively harass their handlers for more information on their biology and history, and given their natural enthusiasm for all things new, begin an impromptu contest to see who can create the best art or writings of them.
Many a contestant enters, with results of...varying quality, but just as a winner was about to be selected, a strange hooded figure appeared, as if from nowhere, eschewing the colorful paint markings that almost all Akreties adorn their shells with, or the extravagant silks they wear purely for fashion, merely wearing simple brown rags, refusing to show an inch of shell or skin. Offering up a tablet full of writing silently, apparently for the competition, the returned to the attending crowd soon after, and promptly disappeared. The judges went about reading the work out-loud, as with all others, for the sake of entertaining the crowd.

"The creatures inhabiting this blessed world of ours are as plentiful as they are varied. From scaled monsters of great size and ferocity to furry companions for life, a man could look for them all and wouldn't succeed in a hundred lifetimes. But one stands above all, or perhaps, one should say it flies above them. Monsters of prodigious size, strength and speed, only the Valjet, this thrice-blessed demon of flesh and metal can claim to rule the skies, an undisputed king born and crafted to perfection."

"One cannot overstate the capabilities of a Valjet, such is the mastery of their craftsmanship by the Beruka, the Underminer and the Forge Mother. A journey that will take the most world-weary man months could take mere hours for one who rode astride this God-Beast, their speed as lighting, their visage as the sun, shining and glorious. Their almighty muscles ripple underneath a shining exterior that would shatter the finest weapons, capable of carrying aloft most anything, a weapon that surpasses traditional strategy, yet remains invulnerable to attack, such that it swims amongst the cloud-seas. Beyond all, their very souls shine in the ephemeral aether, divinity suffusing every drop of blood and splinter of bone that makes up their bodies."
"So woe betide the fool who faces the God-Swarm, woe betide he who will choke and die on the fumes of war carried aloft by the works of Gods, woe betide all who so proudly dig and run and swim on the surface and the depths of this and all other lands, for the skies will forever remain out of their grasp, forever in the claws of the most beautiful being that was never meant to be, born from ash and metal. Woe betide he who finds the Valjet his enemy."

The words are simple, and honestly, the prose is certainly purple, but a certain feeling simply emanates forth from the words once spoken out loud. Looks are drawn towards the sky-mounts, who impatiently, angrily begin to thrash and shout, their vocalizations reaching deep within the Artificial Lord's corridors. In the low light of the chamber, they almost seem to glow, their eyes fiercer than ever, their muscles bulging, the gas they use for movement being forced out at a far more potent pace than ever before. A single, warm orange streak emblazens itself on their sides.

The Akreties declare this, unilaterally, to be the winner, yet they are nowhere to be found. The search goes on for some time, but the troupe comes up emptyhanded. Still, inspired and deeply moved, they request that they be taught how to train and mount such great beasts, and if not them, at least their natural cousins, the valbats.
>Grant Valjet Units +5 Offense for all Valjet Outfliers for 2 turns.

Minor fuckup, remove Divine Influence from Labyrinth and move it to Story Time.

God unit DI - Use Winter Domain to instill a permanent winter over 30,2, freezing the demonic ruins solid.
God unit Move - 29,2 to 26,7
From her vantage in the air, the infested ruins were a terrible sight indeed. Vervormings, in numbers greater than she had ever seen together, picked through the snow-dusted remnants of the city. Strange yet familiar sigils adorned the walls, architecture that spoke of immense suffering and anguish in it's construction. As she watched, a trio of Vervorming scaled a building's walls, claws enlarged to help their ascent. Powerful snouts sniffed the frozen air, following something only they could sense. Regala kept her distance, but the long-rotten roof offered no obstruction to what they were clearly seeking. Strewn about, the bodies of familiar beings, beings she had thought she would never see again.
As the Vervorming found the cache of corpses, they bellowed with excitement, each diving to consume the long-dead bodies as quickly as possible. Regala could only watch a moment longer before turning away, clutching her elbows and shivering with fear. Her divine spark instinctively answered her wishes, and the sky darkened overhead as her power began to seep into the very sky.
Below, the Vervorming paused in their feast, looking up to watch the sky disgorge a fresh bounty of snowflakes. A chill wind, colder than the already frigid tundra usually felt, raised their hackles. They scarfed down the last remnants of the corpses, scrambling over the walls and vanishing into a cave opening nearby.

Over the coming days, the wind and snow would only intensify. Normally, even the land this far north still experienced the cyclical flow of a 'summer' and 'winter', but this proved to no longer be the case. The city, and it's surroundings, would see no end to the winter storms that rolled over it, and as ice and snow grew thicker and thicker, it would become harder and harder for even the resilient Vervorming to remain in the area.

>MA - Build city on 27,3.
The influx of food brings new Vree into existence, and with it, the need for more houses to call a home. Thus, the city of Piljervisie was founded, built on the northern border of the Buffnuggets land.

>MA - Construct Magic Academy (27,2). Allows enhanced capability of wizard spawning without unit spamming.
Ruimte seemed incredibly happy, waving around an official document that seemed to assign her great political power. The wizards were already well-respected, the efforts Geheim had gone to in their travels a widely told story across the land, but this seemed excessive. Still, to the shock of many, the document bore the official seal of Regala herself, an intricate mix of snowflake and musical note. And so, with the apparent backing of the Goddess, a testing ground for magically capable citizens was constructed, the dog-eared Astral Vree acting as headmistress for the new-potentials filing in of the nearby train tracks.

"I'll just need to take your measurements, Grindall..." Furnlatha gives a dip of her head, and starts carefully assessing the god of the ground's remaining forelimb. "Better we try not to end up with one limb shorter. If you'll just hold still a moment..."

>Unit action: Furnlatha:
>Move to [28,23]

>Major Action: Develop - Silverine Metalworking
>Using: The Forge, Engineering II, Machinery, Jold Metalworking
And once this brief task is done, Furnlatha starts planning the one still ahead of her. How best to shape and mold the Silverine, extrapolating from her existing techniques and knowledge of various mechanical and metallurgical forms. Plenty of methods to try... she will see which ones work in the crucibles of her forge.

"So, Grindall, have you done what you needed to here? she asks, as she makes to leave. "Because I'm just off to get this started... coming along?"

>Unit action: Furnlatha:
>Move to the Forge on [28,23]
[DI] Unit Interact: Forge Prosthetic Limb for Grindall
Using:- The Forge, Silverine Metalworking, Silverine supplied from Grindall for the purpose of the prosthetic.
And returned to her blazing metalworks at the heart of the Volcano, Furnlatha sets herself to the business. Testing the composite to see how her heat might shape and warp the form, to see how it reacts to the descent of hammer and the squeeze of tongs. Testing out her varieties of tools to select them down to those best suited to each individual purpose. Feeling the heat from the Volcano's burning heart lick across her own wavering flames, feeling the pounding of her limbs as she brings down tool over and over, hearing the ringing rhythmic chime of her controlled collisions of mass and matter. Small blazing embers drop from her brow as she works away, concentration taken entirely by her task, the metallic facsimile of one of Grindall's powerful fore-claws taking relentless and inevitable shape upon the alter of her Anvil.

>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [32,20]
>Consecrate [32,20]

>[Major Action] - Develop: Build City of Foetidfrith with harbour on [32,20]
The Pyre priests consecrate more land for Furnlatha, but to this spot, fresh made holy with sacred fire, they are soon followed. First, come the Turtlefolk; the population of Farfjord grown too large for all their number in the lands of flame, and next the Swamplanders; those from the former Sanctum, now tainted in their eyes by the lies put into the mouth of the dead. Together they work to build a city - and a port from which to fish the ocean, for though they now both worship the goddess of flame, neither group holds fear of the waters.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard on [28,26]
>Continue building walls around [28,26]

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [26,21]
>Continue building a road up to Grindall's city of Deepholm on [23,19], moving as they go.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard unit on [28,20]
>Start building a road up to Farfjord on [28,16].
>[Minor]Trade Technology with Tantalus:- Pass Steam Engine to Tantalus and receive Seafaring.

Pyrelings may not have much fondness for the ocean; but Turtlefolk and Swamplanders do not share this concern, and the Crabfolk have much knowledge to pass on.

>Unit Action: Lokey
>[Communicate] With the Akrites
The Illusion wizard continues his attempts to communicate with the insectile people, conjuring more illusions to try and form patterns that the silent people will recognize, and creating from their thoughts the illusion of speech to emit as sound around the Akrites, so that he might listen to their unspoken words and gain some understandings of their culture.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Minor: Trade Valbat Domestication to Akros for the awesome story of UNNIIC's favorite creature.

>Also burn the remaining Bloom samples and remove Symbiosis from the tech list.
Much as Grindall would like to stay and chat, pressing matters require his immediate attention. So, the Underminer quickly partitions off two more portions of the Silverine, sending them floating over to the tropical crab god.

>[Minor Action] Trade Tantalus 2 portions of the Silverine

Grindall had been feeling…introspective, lately. His brush with death, much as he considered the risk it had entailed well worth it in exchange for the fruits that his work had borne, had given him a great deal to think about. He was unsure how long he would live for. Some of his kin had passed away, certainly, but as far as he could tell it had never been from old age, and he had no intention of dying from anything else. His people though, for all their sturdiness, lacked his divine fortitude and longevity. Every day some of his folk passed on, to where he knew not, and since he was first birthed into the world, a countless number of them had come and gone, their sparks burning brightly before guttering out. It irked him. That he knew not where they went, that their potential and collective wisdom simply went to waste, that they very possibly went unrewarded for all the hard work they had carried out for him and his people, consigned to some endless abyss. So…he would change that, upset the natural order even, if he had to. He would see his people, if not freed from the bonds of life and death, at least returned to his domain, so that they might be rewarded by him for their efforts and help their descendants yet.

Which left him with a dilemma. How did one go about creating an afterlife? He had heard tell during the Summit of Divinities -or so it had become known as- that some gods had created an afterlife for their people in some other plane, a land beyond the reach of any mortal or god except themselves. He could see the logic behind such a thing, to defend the souls of their people from the Blooms and Bloodlettings of the world. Yet…such an idea did not sit well with him. He preferred something solid, anchored, he would not be much of a god of the earth and its bounties if he thought otherwise. So what might he do?

That was when an idea struck. Some of his people, mistaken though they were, told tales of a land beneath the earth’s crust, so far below that the claws of even the hardiest Svirgrindall would wear down to nubs before they could get close to it, a wondrous underground kingdom, where their god rested when he was not amongst his people. It was a fabrication of course, or at least a misunderstanding of some kind. But did it need to continue to be so? Such an idea certainly held merit to Grindall, and he was sure his people would appreciate such a clime after they had passed on and earned their eternal rest. Yes, as the reward for their lifetime of service he would deliver unto his people this….belowland? Lowerrealm? Underworld, yes, that one had a nice ring to it.
After departing the company of his kin, and assuring Furnlatha that he would follow her along to her forge in time, Grindall, as he was wont to do, dug. Down and down he went, until he reached his limits thus far, the deepest he’d dug, where the stone became so densely packed even his claws struggled against it. He had long suspected he could go deeper, but had neither the time nor inclination to push himself to do so. Now, however, he would descend, into depths unexplored by mortal or god. Much as he enjoyed the act of digging, it would be less then effective here. So, marshalling his powers over the earth, the Underminer began to simply part the stone before him with divine force, continuing his descent.

Days, weeks, even months passed he continued down, descending unfathomable leagues below even the deepest of Svirgrindall tunnels, until at last even his divine power met resistance. Perplexed, the mole god halted his advance. What was this now? Reaching out with his remaining arm, Grindall tapped a claw against the strange, black substance that barred his path. It reminded him almost of the obsidian that had begun to form around the lip of his Crucible after his latest work, it’s colour black as pitch, the surface almost perfectly smooth in its consistency, save for the slightest of ridges and bubbles running across it. Yet, as the god lay the soft pad of his palm atop it, he almost withdrew out of reflex, a shudder running down his spine. It felt….warm. Alive. Dormant, but with an undercurrent of quiet vitality running through it, like the hide of some great, slumbering beast. Just as he was about to pull away, he noticed…something beneath the strange material, an almost imperceptible movement. Against his better judgement, the god leaned in, beady eyes straining to see through the almost opaque barrier, before he recoiled, fur standing up as if electrified.

There was a…liquid below the barrier, something flowing, fluid. It was almost impossible to even make the motion out, let alone it’s speed, colour or any other details, whatever this strange material was it seemed to obscure what lay beyond from even divine senses. Yet, even laying eyes on it provoked the strangest mix of reactions in the god. Some long-dormant animal instinct, so long suppressed he almost didn’t recognize it, screamed at him to ascend, to never come this deep again. But, something in his divine spark….tugged at him, sibilantly whispering in his mind, ever so sweetly and gently, to break the barrier and see exactly what lay beneath. After a moment of turmoil, the god finally wrenched his attention away from the strange phenomena. It would bear more thorough investigation, in time, but for now he had other plans.
Deciding that he had probably gone more then deep enough, truthfully in his digging fugue he had completely lost track of time, the god ascended a short ways, back to good solid stone, before opening a small alcove and stepping in. Planting his feet and digging his claws into the solid stone with a crack, the god marshaled his energy, focusing his power into a single, gleaming point. Then he let it explode outward, the ground rumbling as energy surged out from the epicenter, stone powdering under the pressure as the wave continued outward for several minutes before finally petering out, leaving one massive cavern, great fields of flattened stone extending over a distant horizon and a ceiling so high the god had to strain his eyes to make it out. Looking around, Grindall grunted in satisfaction.

That’d do for size, at least for the time being. Still, it was a bit….drab, if the Underminer was being honest. Not to mention filled with a rather oppressive darkness. His people were well adapted to such conditions, their whiskers capable of detecting even the slightest of air currents, and their hearing and sense of smell finally honed to compensate for the lack of visibility in a complete absence of light. Still, it wasn’t exactly comfortable for them either, even if they handled it far better then any surface dweller. There needed to be SOME form of light down here. The god pondered. Perhaps some sort of light crystals? No, such a thing would be time-consuming and inefficient. He would need to make more every time the underworld needed to be expanded. There had to be a better method…ah, that would do perfectly.

Placing his paw on the stony floor, the god channeled vital energy, bringing forth one of his oldest creations. A Belcap quickly sprung up, smooth white flesh sprouting into existence as the mushroom’s trademark wide-brimmed cap quickly grew up to its creator’s stomach. Nodding in satisfaction, Grindall began to sculpt the mushroom, slowly reshaping it. Taller, thicker, even larger than before, the Belcap grew and grew, it’s cap tapering up into a torpedo-like point now instead of the umbrella-like curve of its original form. Finally, summoning a mote of light on the tip of one claw, the god tapped the massive stalk, now nearly twice as thick around as Grindall himself. The light quickly spread outward, pale tissue beginning to gleam as the mushroom was engulfed in bioluminescence, lighting up nearly a hundred meters of stone floor all around its position. Whacking the mushroom with his remaining arm, Grindall sent the mushroom into a shaking fit, glowing, fist sized spores already beginning to drift down from its cap to take root in the cracks and crevasses of the stony floor and grow themselves.
The lighting issue resolved, Grindall considered what else the souls of his folk might need. Hmmm. Well, the…he supposed they were hardly Belcaps now. Perhaps…Soulum? Yes, he rather liked that. The Soulum were a good start, but more greenery certainly wouldn’t go amiss. Perhaps some fauna as well? Indeed, he reckoned he would spruce the place up a bit. And so, the Underminer went on a bit of a creation binge. Vast fields of lichen and moss that lit up underfoot when stepped on, strange, rootlike plants that grew down from the ceiling alongside slowly forming, slate-gray stalactites in great twisting knots, towering green ferns, some of which’s wispy, trailing fronds would spring to life and drag struggling prey into waiting gullets when touched, and floating, puffball like plants that drifted on thin air currents across the cavern, drinking in the light of the Soulums were only some of the myriad vegetation to spring forth from the god’s mind.

After judging that there was enough plant life in the vast cave to entertain his people, he set about creating life of a more mobile nature. Vast, writhing worms that tunneled through solid rock with maws lined with whirring, razor sharp teeth, great, swooping chiropterans and the small, darting rays which they preyed upon, creeping, chitin-clad arachnids that would haunt the dreams of even the bravest soul as they peered down from the tops of Soulum or peeked out of carefully hidden cubbies scratched into the ground, vast herds of spiny, whiskered, long-eared rodents who migrated across the lichen fields they fed on, wary of predators from both above and below, and great, plodding, many-legged fungal leviathans that lazily wandered among towering forests of their sedentary brethren, a strange mix of flora and fauna, were only a small sample of the creatures with which Grindall filled his new domain.

Finally, after months of frenzied creation, the god laid back with a satisfied sigh. Before immediately bolting back upright. The Svirgrindall! He’d forgotten all about the bloody Svirgrindall! Where the hell were they supposed to live, in this semi-illuminated hell he’d created for them? Quickly, the god set about a task he was rather more familiar with: Building. With such a bounty of stone about, the god shaped the land with abandon. Slowly, great citadels of solid rock began to spring up across the caverns in traditional Svirgrindall style. Massive, towering things, yet still seeming thick and squat somehow, a blocky, solid style, laden with stolid turrets and barbicans, lending them an aura of sturdiness and security, though some less defense-inclined folk might find them less then easy on the eyes. Nature quickly began to overtake them, but when his people arrived he was sure that they would resolve that little issue quickly enough. They might even enjoy the process.
The god reckoned he was about done now. Just needed to bring the Svirgrindall in and….hrm. That was odd. It was almost imperceptible, even to his divine senses, but the life in the underground world was, ever so slowly, fading. It would be a process of eons before it would empty completely, he suspected, but slowly, drip by drip, the vitality of his new realm was fading away. What was causing it? Had he missed something? Then the god realized. He had missed the most foundational aspect of an ecosystem, the bottom rung, below even the producers like the lichen and moss: The nutrients. With no proper light, and even moisture a rarity so deep underground, the plants had nothing to feed on, an issue that slowly ascended up the food chain to affect even the cavern’s apex predators. The issue had slipped his mind, with the souls of his people hardly requiring such sustenance, but he needed something on which the flora, and fauna too, now that he thought of it, could feed, the basic fuel that would keep the whole ecosystem running. He would need a…fluid. Hm.

It had been nearly a year since Grindall had descended into the depths and encountered that strange obsidian barrier, and almost as long since he had thought of it, his psyche too occupied with thoughts of creation. Now though, his mind returned to it, and what he had seen beneath. Whatever it was, it was undeniably a fluid, and one which, with any luck, he might be able to sustain the weight of this whole ecosystem. Returning to the center of the great cavern, where he had first begun this work, Grindall found the hole from which he had ascended, overgrown now, yet still yawning, beckoning him into its depths. The god descended once again, body tense, until finally he touched down on the smooth black surface, warm and…animate as he remembered. Peering into the blackness again, he saw that familiar motion, that fluidity, lurking some unknowable distance beneath the surface. He felt that inner conflict once again, natural instincts shrieking at him to flee while his divine senses were transfixed, enthralled, begging him to break the veneer of oily calm and unleash whatever lay within.
Finally steeling himself, shaking off the strange tumult of emotions, the god focused divine energy into his claws as they began to take on a glowing shine, though even the divine light seemed to vanish in the face of the unfathomably dark, ice-like material. After only a moment of hesitation the god’s hand plunged down, descending with earth-shattering force before, with a clear, almost bell-like ring, colliding with the calm surface. For a heart-stopping moment the god’s claws seemed to simply rest against the glossy obsidian, their movement totally arrested. Before, with a loud crackle, cracks began to spiderweb out from the point of impact. Grindall leapt up, ascending out of the whole as quickly as he could before hauling himself over the lip and peering cautiously down as the sounds of cracking continued to echo upward, before finally being punctuated with a near ear-shattering, tortured squeal that made the god wince, like metal being forcibly strained to its breaking point.

Leaning back, the Underminer waited, expecting a geyser, a groundswell, anything really. Instead he was met with only an oppressive silence, even the perpetual hum of life that seemed the pervade his underground realm these days as strange and extravagant creatures went about their daily business seeming to vanish. Then, the god heard it, so faintly he almost dismissed it as his ears playing tricks on him, a sound unlike anything he’d heard before. It was as if a thick treacle was flowing, yet…audibly somehow, oozing through his eardrums and caressing his mind with clinging, cloying consistency. The sound slowly grew in intensity and closeness until it seemed to squelch again Grindall’s brain as the god listened, transfixed, until the culprit finally became visible, welling out of the hole. It was as if the liquid drank the light from the air it was so utterly stygian, like the unfathomably black depths between the stars had been distilled into a thick, viscous syrup. It oozed up to the edge of the hole, sloshing against the lip, before seeming to simply…sit there. Waiting. After a moment of watching the liquid Grindall knelt down, hesitantly, and stretched a single claw out, dipping it’s tip into the abyssal pool.
He had to grit his teeth to cut off a snarl as his whole body seemed to come alight with energy, raw power flowing through the god’s body like it had become a livewire. Stumbling back and pulling his claw-tip free, the god backed away from the fluid, still trying to calm the sudden influx of power rampaging through his body. After a moment the god finally sighed with relief, relaxing as he dispersed the excess power into the air. Crisis averted, he turned back to regard the pool with wary eyes. This liquid was…off. He was loathe to even interact with it, let alone make use of it. Still…the potency of it was like nothing he’d ever encountered before, it could easily fuel the ecosystem of his little underground kingdom and then some. So, suspicious as he was of it, he would use this strange liquid, though he’d sooner dunk himself in it then let the souls of his folk touch it.

Over the next months, the Underminer broke ground all across the cavern, creating bubbling, viscous ponds, rivers and lakes everywhere they were needed. While he was initially concerned with the effect the strange fluid might have on the wildlife, it thankfully didn’t seem to affect them overtly much. The plants only absorbed the tracest amounts of it, which was more then sufficient to sustain them, and the animals seemed to, by some instinct even he himself was unaware lay within them, knew to ingest it in only miniscule portions. In time, he even began to create life which could live and thrive within the tar-like substance, though it was a harsh existence indeed.

Grotesque, pale salamanders swam lazily through the impenetrable darkness, touch their only guide to their prey as massive, spiny crustaceans burrowed through thick black silt at the bottoms of rivers and lakes, hiding from more vicious predators as they waited for the scraps of other’s bounties upon which they might feast to drift down into waiting mandibles. Swarms of hundreds of blind, milky-eyed, razor-toothed fish aimlessly roved around, waiting until one of their number came into contact with, and shortly after sank their teeth into, something upon which they could swarm, drawn to the desperate thrashing and the taste of blood in the inky black liquid. And above all of these, gargantuan, nightmarish cephalopods drifted silently, tentacles tipped with cruel, meathook-like talons outstretched and ready to dig into constrict any foolish enough to brush up against them before slowly, inevitably dragging them into a clacking, beaked mouth. Finally, the underworld was ready in every way that mattered.
Returning to the center of his kingdom, Grindall began the hardest part of this task. The souls of his people had been, up until recently, something he had interacted with very little, so this would be a…new experience, he suspected. Expanding his divine senses to their fullest, Grindall began to draw them inward, compressing them, honing them to a sharp point before they were as focused as could be. Then, he looked….beyond. Beyond the physical, the material, into what lay beneath, the energies that threaded through the tapestry of reality itself. His goal achieved, the god cast his senses out in a net, perceiving all he could. Living things flickered, barely visible to his senses in their focused state. Finally, he began to discern the flow of that which lived no longer, seeming more defined now that they had departed their mortal bodies. Far above, he could detect such souls, slowly departing to some unknown destination that even now he could not see, and most importantly, those among them that contained the barest trace of his essence. His people.

For a moment the Underminer pondered how, exactly, he might draw these souls down, down, towards himself. Then he realized he was being daft. They were his people, of his own make. He could call to them just as easily as he might the metal or the earth. So, focusing his divine might now, tendrils of earthy essence extended forth from the mole god’s incorporeal form, reaching up and grasping at the souls of his people, coaxing them down until at last they swirled around him, confused, but recognizing the comforting presence of their god. He could not do this indefinitely of course, he had far too much to do in the material plane to sit here, plucking up the souls of his folk as they left their bodies. But essence drew to essence, and once the souls of enough of his people were gathered here they would draw their fellows to them, he suspected, like the gravity of the earth itself. So the god continued his work for a time yet, drawing more and more of his people to him as they passed on, until thousands of Svirgrindall souls swirled in a vortex around him, chattering amongst themselves and watching their god as he worked. This would be enough.
One last piece now, and his labour would be done. Grindall ascended upward, his immaterial form unaffected by weight or gravity, until he reached the highest point in the massive cavern that composed his would-be underworld, its absolute zenith of it. Then, he began to center his energy, focusing all of his might into a single, focused point. A tiny, yet impossibly bright sphere of force formed, a representation of all the power the god could bring to bear. Then, he LASHED out, digging into the barrier between the physical and spiritual. After a moment of resistance, a hole, a miniscule pinprick, opened. Frenzied, the Underminer focused his power on that gap, opening it wider and wider, reinforcing the edges even as reality attempted to fix itself. Finally though, it surrendered to the focused, single-minded efforts of the deity, and at the very peak of the cavern, a gap interposed itself upon reality, a yawning hole into the ether. That done, Grindall turned his attention back to the souls of his people.

“Right! The lot ‘o ye, get a move on, through tha hole, if’n ye please. Yer eternal rest an’ reward be awaitin’ ye on tha other side, and all ‘o tha. Git, git!”

Entranced, the souls of his people slowly approached, then passed through, the hole. Then, with an audible pop, the god saw them begin to reappear in the material world. Hazy, almost indistinct, and faintly luminous, but visible physical presences nevertheless. Satisfied, the god drew his senses out of the immaterial and back into the physical, chuckling a bit as he watched his people tumble down from the ceiling with shrieks of shock before bouncing weightlessly off of each other and the lichen below. It’d probably take a while to explain this new afterlife to them, and to get it through their heads not to interact with the foul looking liquid everywhere, but he was fairly confident he could call this project a success, at least for now.

>[MA, DI] Create Underworld
Above, the living Svirgrindall continue to muster, a gleaming force of Jold clad moles marching forth from Deepholm in even greater numbers then before.

>[MA] Create Golden Band unit, 10k population

Gathering in Deepholm, the two preexisting Golden Band units muster together into one large, cohesive whole, the Machinist in tow.

>[Minor Action] Golden Band Units 1 & 2 merge into one 10k Golden Band Unit. The Machinist accompanies the new, larger force.

His underworld finally complete, the mole god departs South, to join the forge goddess at her work station.

>[Minor Action] Move God Unit to 28, 23
Tantalus happily receives the Silverine, though it quickly becomes apparent that he has no way of doing anything with it... At least, not without flexing his divine might, and right now such effort is more badly needed elsewhere. He returns to the Shine of Purification, Assumes the position along with Green-Shell, and gets to work.
>Minor Action, Divine Influence: Cure crabs and make Protective Charms

Elsewhere, the Crabs eagerly hand over what they know of ships, ship-building, and ship-faring in exchange for these wonderous "steam engines". The hermits exchange ideas with great eagerness, certain that a great many problems are about to be solved...
>Confirm tech trade with Furnlatha

As the Population of crabs soars ever higher, and as the new tools at their disposal allow for greater access to material resources than ever before, a grand undertaking takes shape. All around Last Stand, new buildings of wood and whitestone are taking shape. Tantalian architecture has long neglected Silvercry Wood, it's durability making it difficult to harvest compared to buoyant Shorebell or moisture resistant Ashwattle. Now however, with metal tools in claw, the crabs are able to fell the mighty jungle trees like never before. Within days of the first boatload arriving, it finds it's use as a form of interior support, planks and beams of it supporting second, third, even fourth floors as Last Stand grows not just out, but UP as well. Exterior walls are made from whitestone, Ashwattle, or sometimes a combination, stone forming either a bottom layer or corner pillars with wood filling in the remainder. The streets are alive with the bustle of a thriving populace, and the Crabs look to the future with hopeful, eager eyes.
>Major Action: Upgrade Last Stand to a City!

Yet even so, from the moment the first stones are laid, the wise and the cynical, led by a geriatric survivor of The Slaughter of Safe-Cove, make preparations. Tunnels are dug connecting basements and cellars. able to be hidden or collapsed at a moment's notice. Streets are laid out in such a way as to allow entire sections of the city to be barricaded off, with particular structures along district borders built with thicker, studier walls and doors to let them act as walls if need be. Clay jug after clay jug of honey, dried fruit, pickled vegetables, and salted fish are stashed away in strange and esoteric places, in case the city is cut off from food. And right along side them, are antiquated but serviceable weapons of stone, bone, and shell. Should probably get around to replacing those with metal, sooner rather than later.
>Major Action: Develop Siege Tactics!
Rolled 8, 5, 4 = 17 (3d10)

Forgot name and rolls. Crab brain is not big brain...
This is a 0% energy update hope i'll be able to fluff it better later :')

>MA [Develop] - Education/"Knowledge sharing" (built from both the sharing philosophy of Bloomhism, the power of the fleshwarper, and the inflorescence)
The situation being dire as it was, with the attack of the unwarranted attack of the Machine god, that the normal educative system assured by the priests could not follow the sheer speed needed to form every gardeners. As such a new way had to be developed, it was common sense.
Of course it was also common sense that when a fleshwarper found the area of the brain containing memory to use that knowledge. It was then only logical that the practice that arose from this was for teachers to share part of their brains with students and taking some of their in replacement. Everyone having part of the sought subject they could just help each other filling the blanks spaces much faster that they would have building from nothing.

>Hekzqe - 4 Mana
Hekezqe saw the attack coming but it was so alien so utterly different, would she be able to resist it? All she could understand was that mana was the source of it and the immediate effects, the environment changing around her, or rather her... Moving?
Without taking the time to think Hekezqe used her own power to counter the enemy, she had resisted the fury of god and nature, whatever that was would not stop her. Drawing from the force of entropy the Bloom had bestowed upon her, she just knew it would work, it had too, for she had a revelation, an epiphany only for her, a mission that only she could accomplish and she would not let anyone block her path.
Master of Balance and unbalance such was the nature of the power she wielded, with care, although tempered by her precipitation, she began the task of undoing the enemy spell.

-->Universe A: Hekezqe manage to break the spell
Move to the burrower and descend into the veins. Not to the point of no return but close to the blood of the world.

-->Universe B: Hekezqe is sent to a world away
Try to get her bearing, see if she can feel a thread of the spell that sent her here, if not recognize the land, spreading the Bloom in her footsteps.

>MI - Weavers (both) Continue the road to join Myxoma, connecting to the bridge and making sure the burrower is also on the grid
>The First - Move to Myxoma
>MA [Develop] - Chemistry
>MA [Develop] - Sanitation
>MA+DI [Develop] - Cystic growth - Chemistry + Sanitation + Bio-engineering + Machinery + Tide-pools (i knew the time would come to use them) + all the usual symbiotic shit as needed
The attack was terrible, the forest would stand there a moment, look ill the next, dying after that, and within a few hours touched land would all but be melted. Harvesting whatever they could from the deadly poison raining from the sky the gardeners with the help of the First braced themselves for the monumental task ahead.
Reverse-engineering the poison proved to be a great boon for their chemical knowledge, it was obviously something far beyond their level and any hope of reproducing it far far away, still experiment on it proved useful. Biological element seemed to be present but strong chemical agent mixed in prevented the gifting of the little lives. How could they survive the powerful acid was a mystery.
Knowing what they were fighting, if only a little, they developed a system to filter and concentrate it, inspired from the lung of gardeners, of the jungle birds and the gill of the crabs. a respiratory system was soon installed in the cities and habitations of the land. Doubled with a draining network and scrubbers, small chitinous creatures molded from the crabs, eating and storing the poison for a time in them to move it (which would end with their death)
All this of course was useless to stop anything but the First made a decisive contribution. During the crab wars he could witness a strange way the crabs had to live in their nation. Small tide-pools that protected them were they to find no roof above their head. While the actual purpose was useless to them tide-pools proved to have a truly astute way of making a place protected from the rest of the world. Using that phenomena to create cystic growth able to isolate the poison inside them was possible. They would need to engineer those construction with great care, molded as much from flesh as from metal in order both to drain the poison in and keeping it there. The scrubbers would be used to fed them.
It was only a temporary measure however, even if it worked, it would only contain the substance not dispose of it. Maybe more research would prove able to Gift the living in the deadly cocktail? Only time would tell.
>[MA] Develop Magnetism (Physics + Machinery + Magnium)

>[MA][DI] Develop Temple of Purification at 21,11 (Ordem hospitalar + temple of the moons + symbiosis)
With the new strengthned bloom, our efforts to cure all gorgons have been reduced to simply containing the disease and we're afraid now only our goddess can do something using her powers directly. She's still on her trip to the northeast lands, but in the meanwhile we'll prepare the grounds for her divine works, making use of our current medical knowledge and the few blessed with a fraction of her powers to construct a temple close to a mana well to maximize her powers once she comes.

-[MI] move Asmodel to 24,6

-[MI] Apophis Scout moves to 19,11

-[MI] fuel the autobot with 3 mana and give 2 mana to UNNIIC

-[MI] remaining Apophis Scouts will equip tools and then build walls around their respective settlements

-[MI] move Hydra to 20,8 and unfuse all gorgons in it, turning them into an Apophis Scout unit.
For long, they were used to think as one. It hurt but they got used to it, moving sluggishly at first and to a barely coordinated manner epochs later. Now without warning freedom was granted. Happy they were and now they were working with their brothers, showing a familiar level of coordination.

-[MI] Move Evelynn to 16,16.

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