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Title: 3QM-NRP #1

3QM-NRP is a Semi-Freeform game where you roleplay as a fantasy nation. The point of the game is not to win, but to create stories and a living breathing world

> Rushing, Meta-gaming, & otherwise Unsportsmanlike behavior will be punished
> You can start one diplo with an NPC per turn (you can continue it over multiple turns though)
> Diplomacy is free and not tied to turn order

Updates will be Monday-Saturday (6 turns per week, 2 actions per turn, Sunday no update). Players can post until 20:00 UTC, update usually at 22:00 UTC. (first update Monday the 12th)

You can take any actions you want as long as they are reasonable, here is a more detailed ‘system’ description with the nation submission template: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14HNy14bXFeStBhhfgMOh6pppbZGHuIS-nH32POHvB1U/edit?usp=sharing

> Discord Link

Starting location is chosen by QM, but you can choose a prefered biome.

Players inactive without a prior mention for 4+ turns are considered to have left the game and their nation might be deleted/reduced to ruin or changed into an NPC. In case a player misses a turn he gets 1 make up-action next turn. If you know you will be gone for a day or two you can queue up actions.

Submitted player nations so far:
File: I am the Tongue of Aka.png (213 KB, 575x1024)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
An eerie wind blows through the ruins of a once mighty city, a maze of marble and porphyry. Fern and creeper spring from the cracks in the stone all about, the only signs of life that remain. Treasuries long since looted, temples desecrated, house and shop and plaza now rubble. Countless stories lost to time, countless lives forgotten. Ozymandian the ghost of what was lingers. From toppled columns and crumbled walls, little can be surmised. What remains is archaic in design, though frequent is the motif of the hornéd serpent, which creeps along the foundation stones, or coils around the pillars.
All nations come to the ruins beneath the the canopy of Aka's Nest to hear the prophecies of the Discordant God's disciple. None dare fight upon the holy ground, fear of His stirring keeps order and peace among them. Wisdom comes in the riddles of the seer, whose veiled form even kings beseech.

>The Tongue of Aka is a mystical figure, their face and body covered with a heavy veil under which no features can be seen.
>Aka is the God of Discord, who is said to slumber in the great tree which covers the ruins in shadow. The Tongue of Aka is, in a way, His prophet.
>You CANNOT commit violent acts whilst in the ruins
>AFTER your nation has discovered the ruins, you may spend one action each week to ask the Tongue of Aka TWO questions, which will be answered with Delphic riddles.
>For your questions to be answered, TAG THIS POST, and give an offering to the veiled prophet.
>The Tongue of Aka "nation" will not expand, not explore, not exterminate, and can be considered quasi-QM "nation" as I am a part of the QM group.
> On the Imperii
As war rages on the Colonial outpost of Kotarne falls and is reborn as the city of Rubrumetria. This is the ancient history taught to the Imperii… while the Tarnatosi instead talk of an ancient Evil unleashed from underground. As the Imperii grow in power their lands expand beyond what the Tarnatosi ever dreamt of controlling and the various Kitsune and Dryads soon become enslaved… though the Dryads are soon discarded as useless. Out of the Kitsune farms some of the most loyal slaves are born ready to die in Service of Kyuu, ready to be spies in Tarnatos. (you start with spies in Tarnatos). Though their expansions Tin and Gold are found and the Imperii slowly tame the shadows they emerged out of. The efforts of the young nation result in the founding of Crepusculmatrum a City they can fully call their own.
It is around this time that some of the first truly major actions of trade by the Sealanders from the west occurs, though they have no official port to dock in they trade goods using fishing boats constructed by slaves, connecting the once isolated nation to the rest of the world. Introducing them to the Borevians of the south and giving word of further nations such as the kingdom of the crabs in the west and those yet further. Exotic slaves of strange varieties, interesting foriegn skins, maps even. With this the Imperii becomes apart of this trade structure, its tin being sold to distant lands by the chestfull.
> On the statues
As the Statues first emerged out of the temple they were greeted by an empty waste devoid of beauty. As they explored the land they soon met a people akin to them. Made out of rock, the Zlon were the greatest craftsmen they have ever seen, but what they made while of perfect quality lacked soul and art. To compete with the craftsmanship of the Zlon the statues learned to mould stone with magic. Slowly by learning the craftsmanship of the Statues improved, and running out of stone stored in the Temple they chose to expand, looking for pure sources of stone.
At this point traders from sealand have been in contact with the statues for a few decades, though the Zlon city of Ga’ga’ul remains in its position of isolation the population of the statues increases at a steady rate, many Zlon from outside of Ga’ga’ul even join in some capacity adding to the burgeoning population.
> On the Meoswilum
It has been a long time since the prophet En revealed the magic Meoswilum uses to this day. Longer still since it was united under the great king He Yongso. However today the great kingdom is ruled by He Min Ki, and it is quite clear even at his extraordinary young age that he has no need for regiants, as was made clear with the example he made out of his mother along with his own rule over the nation. With his guidance, the great kingdom will be able to soar even higher, greater than ever before. Let the dryads and the other primitive worshipers of nature tremble and fall under the mighty banner of the Meoswilum and the He Dynasty!
Recently traders from Sealand and Sorino have arrived, they bring news of many nations far and wide. The world is much bigger than little meoswilum. But long lived kings have long lived ambitions, thus even now plans are drafted for how meoswilum will become the grandest nation to ever exist… even greater than the empires of old at their greatest extent.
> On the Lo-Hai
As the wild tribes of the land of shell and war coalesced the Krrg’styl capital rose, becoming the first beacon of civilization among Lo-hai. Then civilisation spread like wildfire two more cities, rose and mines were dug out. Water magic became invented so the giant stone beings could easily traverse and manipulate the water, giving birth to two major ports.
For many years the land of shell has traded with near kingdoms, the Zlon of Marble and Stone, the mighty Kitsune’s of Shorino, the sea loving people of Sealand and the strange denizens of meosylum. Yet further peoples have been made contact with by the traders of Sealand and Shorino, such as the distant Tarnotosi and Imperii along with a rumored nation of “lead golems” further south. Along with this there is news of a united people who worship nature south of Shorino, alongside the rich Vesanti whose precious metals have created much market disruption. Others are heard of to, such as a race of strange wisps on the island of Shorino and wolf creatures far to the south.
Who could have predicted these things? Surrounded by such nations the land of shell feels alone in its form, yet the shell is strong. And it shall persevere.
As of now sealand is not endorsed in trade, thus an agreement will need to be signed to properly enter into their trade network, the same is true of Sorino who holds primary trade dominion in the sea around their island.
> On the Land of Wisps and Men
It was less than a 100 years ago when the first Wisps appeared in front of the humans of the frozen wastes. The people of the sparsely populated land were for the first time granted true warmth. Their fires seemingly able to last forever. Given warmth their number quickly swelled and they expanded bringing the gifts of the Wisps to many people. They erected mines and eventually encountered the Divine Shogunate which rejected the teachings of the Wisps and was already in control of a magic similar to theirs. Their Cities far outshined their own, out of that admiration a relationship of trade was born and through sad trade they were introduced to the Marca a people not very different to their own, but divided and lacking in magic. (you start with a trade route with Shorino (NPC) and Marca (Kulpy))
Traders, or perhaps explorers from a distant nation on the great “mainland” have also appeared, telling of the many nations they have encountered. Some foreigners have even arrived with them, a few even taking up residence among the warmth. What a wide world this is...
> On the Conclave
All goes with accordance to Dryadic plan, the House of Dogs rises out of the ground and the bond between man and dog deepens and some of the tineling race learn to ride the tame canines. The races of the Conclave thrive as they learn to use their land efficiently and advance their technology without disrupting nature. Every day they learn more about the hidden land the Dryads descend from and some even let it slip that whatever they hold so secret may be sick. Likely spurred on by this the Humans of the conclave wish to learn magic which controls life itself and such magic they are taught… but when trying to use said magic to heal anything they see it fail or backfire with a faint feeling of Divine Presence filling the air.
However as of recent traders from Sorino have been attempting to instigate trade, some of them seem different however and claim to be from the sea… They tell of many nations far and wide all of which do not respect nature as the conclave does, perhaps it is time to expand eden? With all this danger such delicate and pretty flowers could be crushed...
> On the Doubble Nation of Marca
The Dual nation stands strong. Even when lacking in magic, their unusual strength and smarts more than make up for it. The Marcanians were the first people to have discovered Iron, also known as Peasant’s Bronze. A material which is very common, but fragile and brittle unfit to be a sword, but good enough to constitute a peasant’s hoe. Myths have been circulating though that cults of blacksmiths have been adding dried corpses to molten Iron to make it nearly as hard as bronze. What does the future hold for this odd material and the great nation Marca?

From the north explorers, traders perhaps of a city called “Sorino” bring news of nations in the north. They are a magic bearing people and are ancient in comparison to Marca, it is said they were involved in the great cataclysm of so long ago… may they be bringing good tidings this time around.

> rest of the introduction posts will probably come tomorrow or on sunday.
>of borevia
In the years following the collapse, which happened right after the first Aurons began emerging Borevia was formed, with an aristocracy of Aurons and an underclass of humans and deermen the nation was able to successfully repel the taurs of the central plains who were wiped out or driven into distant lands by the arrival of the arcadians. Since the Aurons still held great power in their might of hand and of coin they remain as the rightful rulers of Borevia, supported by levies of mounted peasants and slaves. Prius is pleased with these events, however recently traders from the north in very fine ships called the “Sealanders” have arrived and have communicated their desire to set up trade with Borevia. They bring great stores of tin (which can be combined with what little copper can be found to produce fine brasses and bronzes) and exotic slaves.
To the south is the Cuvier, a race not well fit to the likings of Aurons whose home is in the sea, a place where an auron (being made of lead) may easily sink to the bottom and be forever trapped. Thus there is an uneasy peace between them, but at least they can trade in coin and gold! Further west is the isolated nation of Mezentia - the city of peace. They do not know what to think of the Aurons, but get on their bad side and they may consider Aurons as an evil race worthy of extermination.
>of sealand
Sealand was once crushed in a great naval conflict by the ancient city state of Sorino, but since they have learned from their mistake and have shrugged off the old yoke the Sorinans put upon them. Now they are roughly equal in naval strength, gaining the respect of the Sorinans. The ships of Sealand have reached far and wide, as far as the strange Golems of Borevia to the island of Golems to the far west and along the gulf near Sorino to where the Dog Folk lie. Though none have officially signed off on any agreements, trade from all these regions pours into sealand as much as it can, enriching them. Islands in the north have also been noted, but due to not being rich in anything they have been ignored for now… Currently the biggest issue is the lack of an official port, with ships being forced to dock in independant harbours. Another issue is the lack of copper to go with the great amounts of tin coming in from the Imperii and the mushroom men to the south.
Is there room for another nation?
Yes, where there is a will there is a way. We always allow new players. That's one of the rules of the game.

Join the discord and get your nation submission ready.
claiming my spot, need to make up my nation, will post more details later

>Construct Buildings
Within Krrg'styl grows a small armory, where excess war gore of shell is purchased by the controlling Stone Lords, for refinement into spears by their laboring war spawn, these long obsidian spikes can be hurled at fish or foe with frightening speed or force by the Lo-hai.

In the tile between Grsthld and Krrgstyl, a plot of land is turned into a field of moss, to feed the future growth of the grottos. Warspawn roam in groups across the field, staking off claims, warding off rivals, and tending the greenery for their Stone Lord fathers and masters.

>Learn Spell from School of Water Whispers >Branch of Water Bending

Spell Name Dessication - A channeled spell that pulls the moisture from a living thing or area, only works on soft living targets. Increases in power and rate the more Lo-hai on a target.

>On a stormy beach, a two leg wanders into Lo-hai lands and swiftly pursued by lurking warspawn hanging from the wave battered rocks, a group of five making the sound of clattering rocks as their grip and leap their way to their prey. The man seizes in fear as the guttural sound of the Lo-hai tongue hits his ears https://youtu.be/g_75gtEmjaU

Pink tinged water streams from his eyes, his nostrils, his mouth, as the man screams silently; air trapped in crushed lungs. The orb of rolling colored water grows the chanting continues, and a black glassy spear tears through his chest like paper, leaving a fist sized hole for more blood tinted water to rush out from

The mantra of "Dry Him. Kill Him." Is one many interloper find to be their last, as the water is pulled from their bodies, and their dry corpse falls to the beaches and soon salted for preservation.
>Organise a feast for the travellers from across the sea
The visitors have come to us and we seek to leave a good impression and be the first to build a connection. The local households of the wisp collaborate, lending magicians and meeting with the travellers at a manor on the hills. The wisp offer warmth, alchohol and local game to the travellers. With this show of hospitality we hope to get to know these travellers and win them over.

>Expand east three provinces
It is important to take the nearby lands while they are unclaimed, to put claim on the lands riches and as a buffer in case of war.
>Cuvier Sealund
It was seven decades ago that the first major effort of the cuviers to colonize land succeded, during this time there had been a great dying among those of the surface, resulting in a large portion of developed land having been left unattended especially as great raids by taurs scourged the lands. Through allying with the remnant miyagi tribes the cuvier earned their place on the surface, gaining them favor among the miyagi and their cousins in mezentia, but nothing overwhelming due to the nature of the cult of peace,
This allowed them to be considered among the “good” races of the world by mezentia, creating a brief period of trade between them until the violent Haiwaenese rose up and blocked access to the ancient road which connected the regions where borevia lies and Mezentia.
Despite restricted trade due to Haiwaen Cuvier shows itself in a fairly strong position, with no real enemies and fair relations with the ancient mezentians and miyagi the megalodon predicts a fruitful future.

Rumors tell of another sealund that has made some contact with the golems, how strange?
>on aurons as a race
Aurons are a unique variety of Golem, being formed in special pools of liquid lead which through the power of Prius can be animated in order to create more Aurons. These pools cannot give off as many aurons as traditional golem reproduction can thus their population is severely limited in size.
Their form is made from a semi-liquid form of lead which is magically animated, this form retains a roughly humanoid shape and through willpower and a standard “mean of form” the Auron body can form eyes, mouths and even other sensory organs and protrusions which allow them to manipulate items with fine precision and partake in daily activities.
Aurons are not as weak to magic as other golems are, which when combined with their tough forms leads to them being very resilient against it. The best way to kill an auron is to cut it up or cut off parts of its body so that it is unable to maintain its form and thus dies, its soul leaving its body causing the lead to become solid though its alloy contains a high quantity of impurities which means it must be purified to be used as lead in casting.
>on the nature of aurons
Aurons are a unique variety of Golem, being formed in special pools of liquid lead which through the power of Prius can be animated in order to create more Aurons. These pools cannot give off as many aurons as traditional golem reproduction can thus their population is severely limited in size.
Their form is made from a semi-liquid form of lead which is magically animated, this form retains a roughly humanoid shape and through willpower and a standard “mean of form” the Auron body can form eyes, mouths and even other sensory organs and protrusions which allow them to manipulate items with fine precision and partake in daily activities.
Aurons are not as weak to magic as other golems are, which when combined with their tough forms leads to them being very resilient against it. The best way to kill an auron is to cut it up or cut off parts of its body so that it is unable to maintain its form and thus dies, its soul leaving its body causing the lead to become solid though its alloy contains a high quantity of impurities which means it must be purified to be used as lead in casting.
They do not need to feed off of ambient magic as other golems do.
> Reply Arcadic Republic
Arcadia the City of mages is a relatively new state, one which emerged after the fall of a corrupt Kingdom. The Arcadians pride themselves in their meritocratic ways as one’s place in society relies on magic aptitude not noble birth, but in the dark crevaces of the nation monarchists still remain. Now inhaiting them bottom of the social chierarchy. Those poor feel further pushed down as many manual jobs they would otherwise gladly do are being taken by mindless golems. Monuments to the mage’s boundless power. This Magocratic Republic is one of it’s kind in the world, so how will it fare?

> Reply Black Forrest Tribes
In forests they live in forests they thrive. Their ears are perky, their shields are wide! These are the black forest tribes! These nomadic wolfkin control a large swath of land in which they practice a nomadic lifestyle. Their only permanent settlements are druid enclaves in what they deem as holy forests. May Nature bless them with many of white blood!

It has been some time since the war that saw the formation of the Imperii as a force upon the world. However, as great as the first one hundred and twenty years have been, they have been... slow. Many of the servus which are quite literally the life blood of the Imperii utilize tools of stone, and that is fine. Yet, our soldiers are not much better with only the most skilled survivors of the original war still maintaining their great bronze arms and armor, the Heáhcásern included, with some taken a strange greenish color. It is clear that a change of pace is required for the Imperii to reach new, greater heights. And for this to happen, the Imperii requires a greater capability to travel along the surface with out the detestable sun getting in the way. However, there was a way around this which would be worked on, though it would take time...

To properly cement this as the start of a new age of the Viri Sánguinum Imperii's expansion and growth into a empire deserving of the name, the Heáhcásern, Aedhelthrydh, The Unrelenting Strategist, Conqueror of Crepusculmantrum, The Merciless Blade, The Bane from the Mountains among many many other titles and nicknames given by both her people and foreigners, would organize a grand celebration to properly show this transition into a new, golden era. In the celebrations, a number of traditional songs of victory, remembering the great conquests of old, along with more recent songs, would fill the air while the ancient warriors who still lived showed off their prowess. The main thing the celebrations would do more than instill a pride and desire for glory however, and that would be cementing both the rural, Telraci style of vocal song, and the Imperii's adapted version of Choirs as grand music that was distinct from each other, yet both equal in quality.

>Action One. Telraci Battle Hymns and Imperii Choirs.

>Action Two & Three. Shadow magic.
> Versani
The Blue men of Versani rose not long ago, but their growth was explosive. Their adherance to law and ins=dustrial nature, made them grow their capital into the greatest among the new races. Rivalring the ancient cities of the Shorinoi and Ga’ga’ul. Vesanti is known as the city of Gold and Silver, a City where Platinum, Silver and Gold are more comon than bronze. May the blue men grow in wealth, untill they are known as the men of Gold!
> Liberdantoc
Lead across the Sea, Stakh lead the slaves of Tarnatos to safety, away from slavery to freedom. In a maidenly land on a foreign island they set up their new home. One City after another rises, all equal. Slaves and refugees flock to the land. Kitsune, Humans and Dryads all living as equals side by side. Of course theire is friction between the various races of the land, but their various skills let them specialise and they are united and strong in their faith in Stakh and in the principle of freedom.

( I think that's all players)
Action 1:
Our territory grows cramped as our city grows with both farms and mines taking up the land. We must expand. Send out teams of settlers and work golems to the east and claim all the land you can that is not already claimed.

Action 2:
While the work of magi can shape the stones and dirt easily leading to intricate golems of stone. However there is much else that the magic of earth could touch but the mages have yet to learn to control. The council gives a mandate that the first to research a branch of earth magic to manipulate metals. The race for the School of Earth Magic: Branch of Metal Manipulation begins.
Action 1: The lack of official ports was a critical oversight of the acting leadership of the nation. With utmost urgency as a means to both engage in more official trade and have a better place to build and store ships, a port is built right off the capital city (Both build actions on one port)

Action 2: From there two more structures were made. A mine to start pulling copper from the earth, and a farm for rice due to the various rivers they could take advantage of for irrigation.
Hiro Kokane, High Druid of Wind, consults the High Council. While he is one of the people who casts a vote, he doesn't have the same sway as the others, who's votes cause others to vote as well, instead he is the eyes and ears of the High Council. Hiro brings forth the issues to be discussed, one concern is the lack of naval presence, though the High Council thinks the land matters more than the waters. And as such the matter shifts to the lands surrounding the Sacred Forests. Tribes have been established to the north, plenty, but there are unpatrolled lands uncomfortably close to the Sacred Forests. Yuuka Daikyo says the safety of the Sacred Forests is of chief concern, and the other High Druids unanimously agree to the proposal secure the provinces neighboring them. The next issue is developing our tribes, the High Council doesn't think much of infrastructure, but on inventions there are 3 proposals. Tsuyoi Aka has been attempting blood rituals to earn the war gods' favor, and getting more support by the druids could get them some actual results, though inventing a wholly different school of magic would take a long time. Miho Yuki wants to develop a magic that will bolster the attributes of objects, like stronger shields or a bronze blade that doesn't bend, though again this is a different school of magic to Body Magic, and our shields are already strong enough. Finally Moriko Kasshoku makes a proposal, a rather humble one, but efficient for the amount of time and effort it would take, she suggests developing special footwear that lets our Wolfkin run across sand, mud and snow faster, instead of getting stuck, this would give us a major advantage in maneuvering around our foes and even exploration in general. The High Council thinks that until the others make more reasonable proposals or situations arise to justify them, they will go with Moriko's suggestion, as movement is one of our best tools.

Action 1: Expand to the 3 provinces adjacent to Matsubayashi.
Before reaching our presence further, it may be best to secure one's own foothold, it would be quite unfortunate if someone else occupied those areas, leaving no buffer against them attacking our Sacred Forests. So Hiro will convince some of the newer nomadic bands to inhabit the nearby lands and even gives them his blessing. Also he lays with at least half of the leaders, being quite spent afterwards.

Action 2: Invent derived technology: Tengu Geta from Bronze-age Footwear (1/2 progress).
A wooden sandal with a single long prong, it will dig into soft terrain, providing more traction, and thus giving a major movement advantage over other those without. Though it is more difficult to balance on them, requiring careful shifting of one's body weight, on hard ground and when fighting it will make movement more clumsy than with regular footwear, unable to properly plant one's feet, but the Wolfkin were never ones for straight up duels and the surrounding wetland is the ideal arena to prove it's usefulness.
File: Underdwelling.jpg (346 KB, 1620x1080)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
>Action 1: Underdwelling (Create City inside Mine)
Though of an unremarkable size, the Cult was once much smaller. Their need for stone has forced them to expand, however it has not forced them to be wasteful. The Cult traces its Iron Mine path, capitalized on the moved earth to create an ever-expanding underground city. Great attention is used to make sure the tunnels are worthy of Ithempeli's name as shown by:

>Action 2: Knowledge Centers (Create Temple & Library in Underdwelling)
Among the first of the buildings to be created in the city is an eloquent library and a temple created primarily out of the carefully carved granite walls and floors along with quartzite furniture and bookshelves. The Temple and the Library are considered essential buildings to the future of the Cult as faith guides them and ignorance divides them.
>1: tame the lands
There is much land around Sealund that has yet to be claimed, namely the territory closer to Borevia. We must strike at this opportunity, for it will only be around for so long. As such, we decide to claim three of the four remaining provinces north of our nation. The land has yet to be fully tamed, and we, the people of the sea, certainly aren't the best candidates for that job. At least, that's what the old Sea-farers say. Far-landers think much differently of their circumstances.

>2: boating
Swimming is cool. It helps us move around rather quickly, but there is a massive problem. When we swim, it is nearly impossible to carry more than one heavy object without dropping it into the depths. With the rest of the world in our sights, we wish to make structures that will allow us to carry our goods, and other heavy objects across the sea. A vessel of sorts, which is large enough to hold its people and their belongings. Of course, this sea-faring vessel will be powered by our pre-established methods of moving water, bending the seas to our will, by means of the combined efforts of a vessel's crewmen.
1>Oi Vey
With the recent expansions of the seamans and the Arcadians... The urge to weaponize our military as awoken... As thus a obligatory military service of 2 years will be forced to all young aurons, so they gain military experience and expand our military power.
On parallel with our militarization, we began to build fortress near the borders and such walls, to protect us from potential raids or even a enemy invasion
>Two actions build roads connecting the buildings and all the hexes in the nation
President Hefferson, was elected on a platform of internal improvement, while the nation was stable, the economy had room for significant improvement, while the dockyards of Ava’s landing allowed for trade with the larger world, the road infrastructure within the nation itself was poor to nonexistent. It was this undeniable fact that brought president Hefferson to the office and it was his mission to fix it. In an address before a joint session of the congress, he called on them to approve and fund the department of Transportations for a complete road network improving existing roads from the time of the crown and building new ones to connect even the farthest holdings of the nation.

>1: Build a Port and a Shipyard in Ahnemamare
Mayor Trieutia Phung, looking after reelection, orders wants Ahnemamare to look for the sea !
Traders, the Builders guilds and the Army are happy. The farmers see it as a waste of public ressources.

>2: Develop a new spell : Enhance Physical Resistance, from the School of Enchantment and the Branch of Physical Enhancement.
The election of Trist Kaduc inspired the priesthood of Taydosong. After years of research, a breakthrough is made, and a spell making the body of the target a bit more resistant to damage is developped. It quickly become popular in all cities among the army, and for people in dangerous lines of work. Praised be Stakh.
1. Spell to pass messages along the trees
Showing great promise in using the land wisely and creating positive relations the Dryads agree to show the elders some magic. Spells to whisper among the trees are shown. Those attuned with the pulse are shown the magics and taught to read the quivering leaves. With these spells words can be passed along great distances, provided there are trees near by. This knowledge will allow builders to more quickly create as they no longer need to run to the architects hut to check calculations, instead having a mage nearby to read the leaves and send messages back and forth without traveling. This knowledge will also help guide the scouts much better, relaying positions with ease.

2. Increase our understanding of math.
With knowledge of construction techniques and improved architecture for our buildings we must further delve into math. Some tools contain gears, pulleys, and leverage points but to fully utilize them we need to improve our understandings and ability to measure, read and manipulate numbers. Scholars focus on mathematics in order to further increase our construction efficiency. These applied numerology will also help with harvest expectations, crop planning, and city maintenance.
>Action 1: Refine Iron Working Technology
These outlandish rumors of corpses and metal are likely merely that, though iron itself seems to be a very promising metal. It's much easier to source than bronze, and actually found within the realms of the Marcans. If we can use it in bronze's stead we would find ourselves in a much more economical position.

>Action 2: Expand South/Souteast
The Lower Marcans are always looking for new land to settle, as well as space to farm. It seems land to our Southeast is much more suitable farmland than what we currently have, so we should see to it that we claim it for the crown.
Action 1: Expand to the sea tile west of the city, to the one surrounded by water. Also a part of the city and the last expansion for a while.

Action 2 : Developing the city, both industrially and in terms of infraestructure.
1º: Expand the city to the tile west, the one surrounded by rivers. It will be the last for a while.

2º: Develop the city, both industrially and in terms of infraestructure.
File: Update 1.png (3.36 MB, 2048x2570)
3.36 MB
3.36 MB PNG
It is as if overwhealmed by the world and races surrounding them the Lo-hai respond to a dualistic way. One’s by agression creating obsydian spears, tools of hunt and war, others by wishing to ignore the shellless races of the foreign land. Those who would chose to ignore them would retreat further inland creating the first major Lo-hai complex of farms further cutting off the stone crabs from their past as forragers.

Among the more feral Lo-hai tribes a very much so savage application for the Watery Magic arts of the City-Dwelling Lo-hai is found. A vile spell which sucks out the water from an enemy Lo-hai. A way to kill without having to pay heed to the obsydian shell. While slow this spells lets an enemy be fully drained of water after merely 20 minutes, but only 5 minutes are needed to it to be lethal. Many a Lo-hai duel now devolves to long staredowns outside of spell range untill a brutal wrestling match follows in which the competing stone crabs attempt to restrain the other to be unable to counteract their water being sucked out.

To your land arrive travelers from a foreign land. It is the Zlon of Ga’ga’ul as well as some Blue Humans living close by. The Versani diplomats would feel taken care well by the hosts and would be ready to talk buisness (start Diplomacy with Versani (Miyagi)). The Ga’ga’ul are anything, but impressed. Being golems out of bronze and stone they are not impressed by the food, but you can infer that they “think it’s cute that you tried”. They are not very impressed by the goods you have on offer either, but would be okay with seeling some of their excellent crafted goods got large quantities of raw material. “Of which you give us we will return 1/10th in weight 100 times in worth.”

As you expand into the frozen tundra, not much is found except a land filled with ice and Kisune tribes. Many seem to be descendants of a people’s which long ago fled shorino for being followers of an odd religion. What is one to do with them, knowing they are the enemy of a powerful neighbour and close trading partner?
As the Imperii work on Shadow magic spells of manipulating shadows as matter come manifest. While as of yet not useful much more than puppet shows, said shadow-puppetry becomes a form of entertainment of it’s own. Acompanying the telling of stories and even instructions on shadow-moulding being now written alongside most stoires.

It becomes now tradition to Telracs and slaves to gather once per week so sing Imperii battlehymns. Truly terrifying songs, so bring terror to the hearts of enemies. A mix of Dryadic battle hymns from Tarnatos and Imperii high pitched screeching. To the unitiated it would sound like the screeching of the cat or screams of people being burned alive… but there is an art to it. The art of the song of war, to terrify and demoralise.
As your people expand west over the border golems are spotted. Thinking about discovering a nation of mages the happiness soon fades as you realise your neighbour is a nation of golems. Golems way more advenced than the ones you have created. Conzerned Mage-Administratos swiftly ask for aid to the capital. What shall they do, is opwnly using golems as labour fine even close tothe border or shouldanother policy be taken to avoid upsetting said neighbour?

While the discovery of the odd neighbour brought worry to the council of mages it also brought inspiration. As the Mages report “said Golems were able to mould their metalic bodies, bending and twisting them as if water but also instantly solidifying them at will.” It would be most interesting to also gain an ability to do that as mages, isn’t that right? (invent branch of Metal Bending 1/2)

Event: On the border with Borevia an odd event is spotted. One of your simple stone golems toughes it’s finger to the Pulsating Metal of a Borevian across the border, before the Mage Supervisor manages to pull him away the Golems tough and it is as if a wave of magic pulsated trough the air. The golem… the work golem has gained sentience! It writes and communicates! The existance of this abbomination has been hidden from all, but the Owner and high council of mages at the capital.
A great Trading Port rises out of the sea near the Elves capital. May Leviathan bless the sea uner the boat and may Zephys bring wind into their sails! A great Port has been constructed to accompany the grand elven Ships.

As you send your miners to scour the land to look for resources you discover: Lapis Lazuli
(please keep in mind the rules, you scour your land for resources, once you found them then you can choose to build a mine, you can still build a mill or farm etc)

Event: When overseeing the construction of the doc Dulon Faris Con, notices something poking out of the ground. Whatever it is it resembles a staff. A staff… shaped like a snake… but not like one he’s ever seen. The staff is made out of wood harder than any bronze or stone he was seen before. Uppon further examination when pierced with it’s sharp end into any wooden object (there is size limit) said wood becomes just as hard. With childlike excitement he inserts the odd artifact into the nations flagship, may it hopefully bring them good fortune.

As you expand further south you encounter many animals you never saw before and at your southern border… there seems to be beasts to hunt that are rather interesting. Mostly just seen from a distance, but there might be great game to hunt in the southern and western unexplored lands.

Out of hyde of hunted animals craftsmen getto work trying to get a new type of shoe to fit the Wolfkin feet. It may be fitting that the first direction of technological progress of a race mostly woman goes into shoes… and indeed some nice designs already emerge. They are anything but practical though, but look nice. (1/2 inventing shoes for sandy/snowy terrain)

As the amount of Statues grows they slowly look for more land to live in and what better place to live in for a stone man than underground surrounded by stone? In pursuit of artistic inspirations many statues move into the local Quarz mine transforming it into a city and moving excavation work deeper. It is now common for the higher class statues mostly interested in art to clash culturally with the miner ones, though among them a fascination is born in the simple mindedness and simple life of the miner. With many of the higher class tring to imitate the miner lifestyle without ever touching a pikaxe…

To satiate their lust for knowlage and artistic temper the new Mine-City promptly etects a grand library and Temple to their God.
As you expand you crash with the border of the Lead Golems. The Borevians do no yet respond to your sudden expanssion, but they by all means are aware of it, possibly leading to future tenssions at the border.

The Sharkmen lead realising it might be a good idea to stay on land even when traversin the water construct some boats. Allowing them to traverse the seas transporting goods and safe from some of the wilder naval wildlife.

Seeing the agressive behaviour of their neighbours the Aurochs would gear up for possible conflict, fortifying their border and training their people to war. Restructuring their fluid shells for hardiness in case of upcomming combat.

Fortifications rise alongside the border. And the Aurochs stare down from their towers at the Humans and Sharkkin happily consolidating their new land. Setting up villages as settling the land.
> UFC (Fraternitas)
Fraternitas has a turbulent history, but troughout that history it had one friend. That being Mezentia. It was Mezentia who sent aid and granted protection to the fledgling state in it’s younger years and it is also Mezentia who let the UFC attain full independance without ever paying it back. It is from mezentia where the values of turning the other cheek and mercy came into the cult of Solaria. Right now Mezentia has changed though ravaged by internal conflict between two factions. The UFC still is friendly to the City of Mercy, but there is seeds of doubt on both side of the relationship sprayed about. (The people of Mezentia are a kind of Beastfolk, they are Deerfolk, likely would be considered equal to humans due to historical reasons though)

Now the UFC stands on it’s own feet. With their renowned martial arts as well, as life prolonging magic, they stand as a nation of masters of none, but all-rounders.

As the road network spreads trough your nation it becomes like the veins holding it together. People traveling along the roads, feel closer together than ever. The 13 Cities slowly becomming more than a coalition of 13 small nation, a nation 1 and strong.

Event: Thomkins Hefferson the ruler of the nation has today come out and announced his converssion! It seems that his faith has been swaayed and he has converted to Giatarnity, the faith of the natives! The scandalous news spread trough the nation liked wildfire!

As the rummors continue circulating the first Peasants Bronze as good as the Original is presented to the two kings in person. They cannot belive their eyes, but this odd metal truly is as good as bronze! The blacksmith even demonstrates how he produces it by adding dried rabbit carcas! (adding corpses to metal as sacrifice is what early people did and it worked because it added coal, so it was dirty steel. Please top techrushing steel, for now.)

Expanding south nothing is found, but a warmer climate. It is a boring land full of trees and with fertile soil.

Event: Cultural influence from a foreign land has recently gained poppularity among the peasantry. A culture of Mercy, forgiveness and Kindness from the land of Mezentia has gained poppularity. Peasants of Southern Marca, in some ways become more kind and forgiving in other’s they wish for their lords to show them the same kindness. (this event was rolled and is unrelated to you accepting the Mezentina temple in your land)
An island catches the eye of the Vesanti higher class. Surrounded by all sides by rives it is a fertile floodplain. While the land would not be yet used guards are to be stationed there and the land claimed as in future times it is meant to become the breadbasket of the nation.

In the city itself, roads are widened and buildings refurbished. The network of aqueducts is expanded and the perimiter of the grand city expanded. Leaving the old walls which surrounded it now being somewhere in the middle of it. The canals of the local rivers are expaded to allow for easier waste disposal.

Event: The beloved daughter of Faustinius, Grand Consul has passed away. It was sudden, but it seems it was merely an accident. When walking trough the city with her husband, they entered an abbandoned building and it collapsed. The husband has survived, but is unconscious and the reason they entered said building is unknown.

A new spell is taught to the people of the conclave. And that is to both whisper to the treesand to listen to said whispers. Messages now may be passed along for up to 5 kilometers as long as the trees don’t choose to play a prank!

It my be an odd thing, but in his humble abode a Physician toiled away. Wondering… is there a way to add 2+2+2+2+2+2 quicker? Then he had an idea! 5x2 that’s it! After presenting it to the Dryads they agreed to make it the court standard, thus giving birth to the multiplicative notation.

Not only farmers, but also recently escaped slaves fear the existance of a port. Won’t opening up trade to foreign nations allow their former slavers to track them down? If trade becomes important, won’t slavery be introduced considering it’s lucrative nature? Those of the higher classes, brush away such conzerns, but to those affraid for their freedom they are very real. Still the general public sentiment is supportive of a port, though many wish for no ship with a slave on board being allowed to dock.

A new spell is invented. It brings great joy to those with a talent for magic, but some fear to those who lack it.

News from Tarnatos: From letters sent from family members of those who fled slavery in Tarnatos the Citystate seems to have recently started a process of liberalization. The strict adherence to Dryad superiority has been lifted and a bill was passed depending the release of those enslaved ‘unjustly’.

While older Telraci Battle Hymms have noticeably become more popular as of late with a bit of Dryadic flare added, the more civilian Imperii Choir too would find a fair bit of popularity. While the Telraci battle Hymms are rough, harsh, and noticeably demoralize and instill fear into the hearts of those against the empire, the Imperii Choir is something of a contrasting opposite. It is much more soft and soothing, something that would be able to be listened to while relaxing. If the Hymms instill a fearsome strength into the Telraci and their servants, the Choir instills a pride and confidence. Unlike the Hymms, it would also be quite likely that the Choir would be something most of those outside of the Imperii would prefer. Still, the Imperii's military and people have a strong sense of song of the vocal verity, and that will likely not fade anytime soon. However, it would be quite likely that more variance would be added than merely voice...In time, at least.

Regardless. The expansion and new era of the Imperii was something key to its further growth. And, it seemed a breakthrough would have been made from the work, along with a few shows utilizing shadow as well. Whilst this small cultural movement was in its infancy, the Imperii's focus would, for the time being, be less so on the more artistic focus of shadow, and more that of the practical. Specifically in creating protection from the sun by those out on the surface without having to dash painfully from shade to shade. In this work, two spells would come out of their work. Umbra, and Occultat. The difference between the two is fairly simple to explain, the former only covers one person and is fairly easy to make and maintain. The latter is a bit more difficult and creates a larger shroud of darkness around the caster. This will make expansion across the surface significantly easier. And, it opened the doors to other more unique uses for such magic. Needless to say, the expansion of the Imperii would happen...And soon. The real question is just how far it would go until finally ceasing.

>Action One. Imperii Choirs.

>Action Two. Umbra, shade for one.

>Action Three. Occultat, Shade for a group.
The Lo-hai push east and south, following the river, and snagging the 3 tiles that touch the water, armed with an armament of spears, the Stone Lords march with their spawn bearing the White Shell's edict upon stone slabs. The weaker Stone Lords are left behind on the Great ranging, to secure the land for when the vanguard returns.

>Hero Action / Diplo
While combing his archives of War Intel, the writer of most of them, Un'kltn- The White Shell growls and chips at his mandible.

>"Far too little, far too shallow."

He casts a tablet to the wall, dashing it to shards, for it only had 5 words upon it.


>"How can war be waged if we do not know who to fight, and how to fight them?"

He snaps into a frenzy, etching upon tablets with furor, and embedding a jade eye upon each one.



TLDR- whiteshell declares a ranging, to interact with all know races with trade, and with expansion into new lands
>Expand to the north east
The north east provides a better climate and more access to the sea. If we wish to compete with our neighbours it is imperative that we secure better port locations. At the moment Shorino is the state with the best naval profit on this island. The house of Limoret is tasked with overseeing this strip of land and turning a profit off of it.

>Found the city of Cherus
What is one to do with those cast out of Shorino long ago? The business of our neighbours has naught to do with the jurisdiction of our land. We offer shelter to those cast out by Shorino, the house of Seriss is tasked with looking over the region. Cherus will provide a small place of worship, however the citizens have free reign to improve upon it, in return they are expected to work for the hegemony. This debt of gratitude should give us productive workers at the cost of more tension with Shorino.
1. With the diplomats deciding to set up shop on our border with the sapient golems it was also noted that near our territory appears to be some kind of ruins. A team of settlers are sent out to the area to set up a base camp and claim the lands for the Republic. With the desire for expansion and seeking of riches the mountainous region of the north is also settled in the hopes of setting up future mines, quarries, and seeing if the river valley is suitable for farming.
2. Upon the news reaching the council of the magical anomaly actions are taken to move the newly sapient golem to a secret research facility away from the prying eyes of the foreign Mezentians and the general public. From there the aberrant golem shall be studied and the magics read that lead to it's heightened intellect. To create intelligence with magic is an incredible feat but an intelligent golem, unchained on what it can do, is nothing but a danger to all living things. We must learn what we can about it's creation and how to shackle it.

On Hold: Branch of Metal Bending 1/2
File: turn 2 land claims.png (295 KB, 789x525)
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>fluff national response to the president’s conversion has been mixed, from the humans, it has ranged from outrage with claims of betrayal to ambivalence with those speaking of how Solaria teaches us all to respect one another and treat others as you would be treated. While the Beast folk of the nation receive the news with guarded hope, perhaps with a human leader who shares their beliefs there lot will improve

>The president knowing his conversion has caused concern and uncertainty across the nation seeks to show that while is religious beliefs may have changed his commitment to the nation has not. Lumber has always been a resource in high demand for the UFC given the grasslands they call home it is understandable that they would have an issue coming across a steady supply. It is for this reason that the unclaimed forests to the east are to be settled by volunteers. With the promises of land deeds for anyone who homesteads their parcel for a decade, with the stipulation that the land must be maintained and developed. Controversially the president threatened to veto any version of the bill that did not allow for free beast folk to apply to homestead as any human could. The Homestead act was passed begrudgingly by both houses of congress end the end the congressmen could not deny their constituency the economic boon the bill promised, so they let the president have his concession for beast folk. With the bill passed and the applications flowing in from humans canines, felines, and Langomorhs of all kinds, the president let his Department of the Interior take over the matter.
(use one action to claim 3 hexes)

>With migration on the mind of the nation, many are using the newly built roads to get as far as they can before setting off the beaten path to trail blaze into the untamed wilds of the east. The UFC Government commissioned the construction of a dockyard in the new territory to allow for safer and faster oversea travel into the new regions. With land and sea routes established entrepreneurs of all races begin to pour into the region looking to make their fortunes in brown gold lumber, these vast untamed wilds represent the new and glorious riches to be made.
(build a port/dockyard in the grassland hex and a lumbermill in one of the forest hexes)
>Action 1: Explore North
With rumors circulating of something interesting to the north, the greedy Upper Marcans send a small expedition to survey the area. Even if these rumors turn out to be false, perhaps they could find good fortune in the form of precious metals or something of a similar variety.

>Action 2: Construct (and improve) a Lumber Yard
The newly claimed lands, while suitable for farming, are also dense with trees. A lumber industry is quite fitting for the blue-collared Lower Marcans. Besides, there's plenty of farmland already.

The King of the Lower Marcans loves his people, and welcomes the new faith in a syncretic manner. While warfare is an ever-present possibility of the future, kindness amongst our own people is something to be celebrated.
Action 1: With no luck the first time, the Elven scouts are sent out once again to scour the land for resources in hopes in finding something to better the nation.

Action 2: Two buildings are to be constructed. This time it is a mine and a farm. The mine to begin digging out the Lapis Lazuli as a means of acquiring a semi precious stone. The other is to be a rice farm to take advantage of river that flows through and at the border of their territory
1. Spell: shape wood. Elder Clarita and Wictor pray and seek out dryadic guidance. Let new magics be upon us. As wardens of the forest we must cultivate the very trees themselves. To avoid cutting them when we must new channels of magic will be used to guide the wood in different directions. Our mages will focus their will into the wood, changing its shapes and growing patters. With time and learning this spell will be used to construct a living wall surrounding the city.

2. Learn math. Elder Eydis continues to ponder over the use of these numbers. With more secretes of mathematics unlocking themselves to him he will be able to greatly improve our homes, leaving the rickety, barely two story structures in the past so we may build up a greater city that reaches into the tree crowns themselves.
For borevia greatest interests, we would send some scouting troops to find potential resources in our territory, they will simply be escorted by two aurons, to make sure nothing happends.
>action 2: YOU, ME, THE BOAT, NOW
Incase of a potential war, we would send a scout fleet to explore more territory up north, for the greatest interest of our nation indeed.
> Action 1
As the nation flourishes further conquest and extermination of the vile druids is in order, as such the Kingdom expands to the 3 marked provinces.

> Action 2
Miscarriages have been a crime punished by 10 lashes and cutting off of a finger for decades, but up until now no true help has been ever granted to said pregnant women and no real way of preventing peasants from hiding their pregnancies. As such by royal decree the "Law of the 10 nights of nobility" is passed. Every peasant woman when pregnant is entitled to 10 meals of a noblewoman at the palace of her liege, it is to be considered extremely rude to not request said meals, as it is spitting in the face of the kindness of the king himself. This ritual will exist to:
1. Keep pregnant women healthy and well fed to reduce the number of abortions.
2. To easier track who is pregnant if, a miscarriage happens and punishment is in order.

> Action 3
A new spell. "Danfofwo" also known as combat zombiefication.

Danfofwo - this spell allows one to rapidly accelerate the growth of the Zombie Fungus. Meaning a Myconic Necromancer can rapidly turn any enemy if a zombie as long as he can lead to mixing of their bodily fluids. Zombies like this unlike bound zombies can't be precisely controlled, but won't attack the creator or those marked by them.
(New Spell)

Dafofwo - would lead to a speciffic style of swordfighting among Necromancers where they cover their blade in their blood before a fight and are not shy to bite if the opportunity arises. The non-necromancers would copy this sword-fighting style as a form pf psychological warfare.
(New Spell)
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] Minhgus Ha. Kitsune. One of the founders. Well-known travelling merchant between the cities.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] Timlac Dru. Human. Former battlepriest. Known for his enthusiasm and zealotry.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] Petra. Dryad. Former missionary.

>1: Launch an exploration campaign South, by sea.
News of the newly built port quickly reach the whole nation. Extraordinary meetings were called. In the end, the decision was taken to not allow any boat containing slaves in the nation. Furthermore, recently escaped slaves are quickly assured their lives will be as well protected as any citizen against any would be slaver, and by force if necessary.

A campaign of exploration by sea is decided. It will be South, as no newly liberated slaves come from there. Maybe we will meet potential allies or trade partners ? Also there is that rumor of strange talking ruins...

>2: Develop new spell : Enhance Physical Strengh, from the school of enchanting, branch of physical enhancement
The success of the last spell created new priest vocations and the Church of Stakh is growing stronger. With a stronger church come a new breakthrough : a physical strengh temporary enhancement spell. It is a huge hit, as it helps workers and soldiers alike. The priests of Stakh are embedding themselves more and more into Liberdantoc economy... Praised be Stakh.

>Diplo [if possible]: Great news are coming from Tarnatos. Our archivists gather all they know about its laws, to find every possible legal cases of unjust slavery. Those informations are then sent to the families, with instruction to use them if ensure the freedom of a great number of slaves, if they deem it possible in the current political climate. We also make sure to tell them stories about human/kitsune/dryad collaboration and friendship.
The High Council is all riled up today, the tale of a magical wildland is an irrestistible prospect. If they can inhabit such lands, they'd have forests beyond Shiroi Mori, warriors beyond Tsuyoi Aka, lifespans beyond Miho Yuki, and magical powers beyond the Conclave of Life.
There's just one thing holding them back from a unanimous agreement of a full invasion: Uncertainty. For what if the reports are exaggerated or false, it is quite ingenious, the tale of men never returning means we need to send a lot of Wolfkin. Ultimately, an explorative expedition must be sent, several, even, just to confirm this. We need to have druidic presence along, because the tribal nomads do not understand the lands like we do. Hiro is ever eager, but he is a diplomat, not an explorer, though there is another High Druid who can stand the sun's rays, Moriko Kasshoku, and an accomplished logistician at that, useful for managing expeditions into unknown lands. We will also be calling upon the Council of Matsubayashi for any brownhair Druid they can spare in this endeavor.

Action 1: Finish inventing derived technology: Tengu Geta (2/2 progress).
With the exploration of dangerous lands, the new footwear is essential, for getting bogged down in the mud while fighting an unknown adversary is a fate worse than the death that would soon follow. Falling victim to our own tactic. Also, theyre shaping up to become quite the fashionable footwear, also a constant trainer for balance, which will add further to our agility.

Action 2: Expedition to the western wildlands (featuring Moriko Kasshoku, High Druid of Shield).
Before we send a whitehair army, it's best to survey the lands, forests are the whitehairs' domain, sending them to grassy plains would see our warriors slaughtered in broad daylight, for that is where our foe, cavalry, reigns supreme. Besides, the brownhairs have been getting restless without any targets to raid, and it's an opportunity for Moriko and other brownhair Druids to prove themselves. They shall be our eyes and ears this time, Hiro will be busy elsewhere.
>Action 1: Expansion
The Cult attempts to spread its claim to the land east of the river, expanding into the oasis, the northern moderate dryland, and the dryland to the right.

>Action 2: Create Building: University
To compliment the library constructed in the Underdwelling and to normalize the knowledge of the statues. Golems created at the Temple are to be directed to this university to normalize the magical capabilities of the Cult.
Action 1: In the newly adquired land, build a port and a farm.
Action 2. Expand said port and farm.
>Amending 2nd Action
The delicacy that is moss spreads through Pleocyemata, and soon another farm battleground is prepared near Dund'krt.
In Krrg'styl, Un'kltn reveals his new abode, the Ångstrom (Obsidian-Cathedral), which is where the Whiteshell and his cult scribe war Intel and deliver sermons to the Lo-hai. The large round building stand short, but wide. Carved sigils engraved upon the wall steamed commands to the gathered crowd.


Kneeling was reserved for eating and... savory things. Why was the White Shell asking them to humble themselves so? A question in the minds of many a Stone Lord and warspawn. The White Shell nimbly clambers atop the Cathedral and dirges out.

>"Kneel Before Me, For There Will Be War To Come, But Not Now."

Those that kneeled earlier noticed nothing, but those that had not soon followed, for they felt Un'kltn's gaze; before a drying like they have never felt before struck them. Their shells clashed in a sputtering of rubble into the ground, their pride humbled.

Un'kltn continues his speech.

>"Just As The Eldest Knelt To Recieve The Blessings Of Their fathers, You Will Kneel Before Me."

The scribespawn of the White
Shell emerge, hauling the obsidian tablets enlayed with jade, bearing the sigils of the White Shell's proclamation.

>"Take These Slabs To The Distant Lands, Of The


"Trade The Tablets For Foreign g
Goods, And Return To Tell All You Know. Only Then Can We Wage War."

Upon saying war, the steam stops. The Lo-hai rise, and scuttle into action.

Spear in pincher, slab on back, the crabs come for thee.
Due to QM2 being a pathetic failure we have experienced technical difficulties. All players are free to post their actions for today's turn.
>build roads connecting the new settlements to the wider network
>claim the grasslands hexes west and south of Ava's landing and the one grassland hex with a mountain in it to the north
We'd would send a few troops to the sea, to find lands, potential lands yes (any unexplored area that isn't the center)
We decide to build even more fortifications at the borders with our neighbors, as we undertake a project to simply... Build trenchs around the borders
2 Actions: With strong and fast ships to transport goods, the Republic of Sealand was happy to begin official trade with other countries. Of course, because of the cargo that they would carry it is figured among the higher ups in rank that they would inevitably begin running into problems should other nations desire to seize their goods and their men. With this in mind captains and the admiral decided it would be best if they developed better ranged weaponry to deal with threats on water. With this in mind, they put forth an order to work on bows that could be used at a much longer range than what was available to them at the current moment. After a few weeks of development, they redesigned the longbow to increase its effective range and damage in hopes of faring the Elves at sea better, and help them should they need to defend themselves ashore.

>1: Send Explorers south, by land.
Making sure they are armed. (javelins, bows).
If they do find tin that is a plus.

>2: Build a copper smith and a port in Mongsaveti
Now Ahnemamara and Mongsaveti can trade by sea, which is faster for big payloads
Maybe Mongsaveti will be able to improve fishing, too
> Meoswilum
The Lo-Hai were long known to the people of the swamp. The Stone behemoths would often come to the land to trade, but that is not what the locals saw.

They saw supernatural beasts of stone exchanging gifts in a near occult manner. To many nobles the Lo-Hail were just another type of beast of the Western Jungles.

As such one coming with tablets inscribed with letters was considered odd. A local noble with his army could come to greet the Lo-Hai. It it came in peace to talk, if it came for blood to slay the beast.
((I was told to go ahead and post actions for the next turn because QM2 was a fuck up. If wrong blame QM1 and QM3 for not stepping up. I am going to make this quick because I'm not sure what I have.))
1. Research Earth magic branch of Metal Bending 1/2.
2. Search the ruins for anything of interest.
Though the time of great conflict has since past the hymns of the Telrac do not yet end. Songs of the ancient days are reborn and instead of resounding cacophonies of war quite songs mourning the past heroes are sung largely in their place, though not always somber lighter hymns sung by professional bards or family members start to be sung at funerals. Being a mix of mourning and rejoicing for the lives of the now dead.
The new spells, often taught as "sister spells" (as they share many similarities) are now within the powers of many to use. From these spells, shadowing the person and shadowing the group small scale theater starts becoming more popular (quite ironically a vestige of Tarnatos culture retained by those now under the Telrac) as tricks such as setting the mood with shadows or using the powers of shadows as a way to accentuate characters sees fine success among the city folk of the empire. A few smaller theater troops even start visiting larger towns, entertaining children and spreading the tales born of this era of relative peace. However theater remains a small scale cultural happening for now as it remains something primarily done in carts or in bands of travelling actors.
Explorers from a land called "borevia" arrive, coming from the south.

Slowly, over time disputes rise as Lo-Hai show themselves eager for war. The number of 'disputes' over land especially in unclaimed territories rises, shell clashes with shell while many await the call of battle.
Visitors from Ga'gu'el, via great boats begin to show up near the coast of Grhsteld. They have come for a very specific purpose: to rid themselves of a moss that has been growing upon them for a few years now, they come because of the expertise in all things moss which the Lo-Hai possess which when combined with the unique biology of the Lo-Hai makes them excellent at this job of removing moss. The Lo-Hai even find this specific variety of moss quite delicious!
This occurrence is an odd one, as the Ga'gu'el are known for being isolationist. However with this small trickle of sick golems coming in for removals (at fine prices as well might it be added) comes as well envoys from the golem city proposing official trade, as in their time staying in the Land of Shell they have picked up a taste for Chitin and a few other jungle goods.
In the new temple for the migrants comes the worship of quite the odd goddess, one among the old ones - Uesugi, Goddess of War and Magic yet also one of gentleness. A goddess of war being worshiped in large part was before alarming but the duality of her shows itself to not be a threat to the Durmaign. Thus the new migrants also provide a good sum of potential martial benefit as their culture, put upon for more than 200 years is fully ready to defend their new home (and masters) from their former oppressors.
Though the frost still bites at their toes these new members of Durmaign society feel the welcoming warmth of their fiery friends well.

The ruins arean odd place. For they are a place where nature imitates civlisation. As one comes close to the ruins all life falls silent, birds know not a to chirp and wolves know not to howl, deer know not to run cougers know not to hunt. Animals feed on the surrounding grass, but as if taking care of it keeping it to a specficci height. When comming closer one feels as if a shroud was leaving his eyes and there it stands... an encamptment. Tents, a put out fire. Toys left on the ground. As if the inhabitants just wadered off and left everything here without anyone ever touching it. Whever was here, only used tools of stone and writing. Everything seems remarkably well perserved, so much so you can't be sure whether the site is truly an ancient ruin or merely was abbandoned a few months ago.

Outside the village there is a graveyard, but instead of gravestones there is thousands uppon thousands of small wodden effigies as if grown out of the ground, traveling further you notice a statue out of stone. It's a Lynx and it seems to be made about 800 years ago. It's the only thing in this odd place showing any sighns of withering.

Analysing the golem it is hard to comprehend what happened to it. It seems to be as smart as the average person. It's magic circuttry showing clear changes, but said changes are currently to hard to comprehend. The only working theory here is that the "basic magic framework" of the golem was updated to the "framework" of the neighbouring sentient golems uppon them making physical contact.

With little restrictions and a time of plenty the Fraternians population and wealth increases steadily as even many landed farmers sell of their property to go and work larger plots of land out east.
An emissary from the Miyagi tribes arrives asking for the Fraternian government to grant special rights to the Miyagi herders in the lands now under heavy fraternian control. They have lived there for centuries and wish to be allotted the lands they already work upon (primarily semi-rocky hills in the north-east of the province) so that they cannot be exploited by any ambitious settlers. These herders, though not apart of Miyagi proper share ties with them just as any other thus a scratch for their backs will be a compliment to their brothers.
Explorers discover much of the river which flows through the nation, finding that it actually flows quite a ways further than expected, with information gathered from mechants who visited the black forest reporting that its source lies even farther north than first thought, with its true source likely lying near the forgotten jungles where the greatest of the old nations lived... in their travels they cames across bandits from the black forest, some say they were explorers but their attacks seem to prove otherwise. Travel further west of the river could not be done however as it seems the forests up there are extremely dangerous with large wildlife and rumors of a tribe even more savage than the wolfkin living there from long ago...
The lumber obtained through the mill proves enticing to the Mezentians, whose other source is the sharkkin. Perhaps it is time to try to get a proper trade agreement?
Fine rains have been falling as of late, the crops of Marca grow fruitfully leading to a wonderful harvest. It is good the rains were not even better for one can only eat so much.

Yet again nothing is found in the nation, but just outside of its borders somewhere to the south deposits of copper are reported along with scant reports of a few other resources in smaller quantities.
Sealand finds itself more comfortable with its personal food and wealth supplies, many merchants clamor for official trade agreements to be sent out. For right now they have to deal with things such as uncontrolled tariffs, stingy customers and even pirates without proper documents to back themselves up.

As the years drag on the forest brims with life, woodcraftsmen of the magical variety are fairly common now and it seems every season some little trick to do with growing techniques is discovered.
Through his studies elder eydis ends up taking in some students, the sons of rich men who are now guides by his will. One of these students makes a fascinating breakthrough. There are numbers to represent any quantity but what about no quantity? Thus the number "zero" is born, allowing for decimals to be used (and thus leading to far more accurate calculations).
The population of the forest increases, leading to overcrowding in a few some portions of the forest (though this is quickly accounted for and rectified through a shuffling of the location of populations naturally). Many wish to expand the borders of the Conclave, to become stronger through this and in this to protect more forest. Perhaps the plans for the forest wall should be different?

In the north contact with the Tarns is made (a tribe), jungle is discovered along the coasts and contact with the "Imperii" is made who in turn gives Borevia the means to do full diplomacy with Sealand. The city of Tarnatos is also found.
Gold and Jade deposits are discovered
Though one would expect grumbling from the aristocracy at needing to provide these resources for every single baby that pops up (while half of them still don't live past the age of 5 even if they are born) if it means gains in the long term and is the word of the king then so be it... thus no grumbling is heard.
The druids retreat further into the jungle, in these days few are ever sighted for they know the terrible fate which will befall them if they draw near.
Minor clashes with now bordering Lo-Hai is reported, occasional raids and mysterious disappearances. Perhaps the Lo-Hai should be disciplined...
Jungles and Plains are discovered to the south, and the entire coast of the continent (which liberandoc lives upon) is explored. With this a neighbor seems to have been discovered, the Akites as they are called. Strange worshipers of snakes it seems, perhaps it would be a good idea to establish official contact?
It seems a new discovery has occurred when it comes to the copper of Liberandoc as through special processes it can be refined into hues from a bluish color to a reddish one. Through blind luck a new kind of bronze is created which Liberandoc can produce itself. Arsenic-Bronze is discovered. (though it is not called arsenic-bronze by the liberandocs, instead it is deemed as "Purecopper Bronze")
The explorers end up encountering Marcans in their journeys - the results are as to be expected. Thankfully the embassy of Mezentians doesnt seem to hear about it... it is discovered that the river actually goes down to marca, and yet even the black forest does not know where its source lies! The new shoes which were developed prove to be extremely useful even in the dense terrain of the explored jungle, and as well it is found that great beasts dwell there as well leading to a small craze of adventurous bands journeying into this wild region to hunt, many do not return.
The counsil of magic is formed, mostly pulled from the more religious types. They codify the magics of the realm and often debate topics such as philosophy and theology. Many others flock to this place of learning, sharing their skills and refining their crafts.
With the fruitful mines filled up with workers many go to find work in the new farms and mills. This along with the establishment of a port makes the traders of Vesani yearn for agreements with foreign lands so that they may exchange their plentiful supplies of precious metals for refined goods and exotic luxuries.
Sorinan Traders arrive and offer a solution, that Vesani joins their trade networks with very favorable agreements on taxes levied on exported materials. If Vesani accepts this agreement this will give Sorino partial control over their precious metal supplies for the express purpose of regulating inflation due to influxes of these metals (this will be done by having sorino trade ships having a monopoly on precious metal exports, with no others being able to get these precious metals directly from Vesani). Once accepted Sorino ships will pour in, carrying Vesani trade all around and pouring in goods into the vesani nation in exchange for the raw and refined goods.
Action 1 : Focus on developent of metal magic.
Action 2 : expand the walls to the new province.
>Prospect the land for resources
We have formed connections with other nations, but tin and coal don't make for good exports on their own. The Rubios household is tasked with prospecting the land because they are good at finding things with value.
>Build a farm and a port
As we gather more servants we are going to want to have a stable food supply, we will accomplish this by allotting farm space for our workers to till. We are also going to need to construct a port in order to facilitate trade by sea.
adding on a diplo for the miyagi
>The UFC government is no stranger to beast folk taking issue with Fraternian expansion, having over the years integrated, enslaved, or all but wiped out many a tribe. the goal of this mission was to negotiate with the tribals for their entrance into the UFC if they wish to continue to make use of the land, peaceful integration would come with the full rights and duties of citizenship, and the protection and resources of the nation. failing that the government wants to negotiate them into giving the UFC goods and services for continued use of the land, along with a large sum of gold to make up for the economic loss of allowing the region of interest to go undeveloped. The diplomatic team by order of the president was to be comprised of the four races of the nation, at least officially of the books, they would be made up of all five species. (I am including the hybrids)

With the two spells, key to safe traversal of the surface lands, many people and their servus can head out and colonize the varying dry brush lands and deserts around us. And with this expansion, we may find wealth with the new homes made at least partially under the surface. It also will allow us to do a specific plan in the near future to deal with a certain city state without even needing to fire a single arrow. Still, the colonist rush is fairly large, if only because of the fact that the new lands directly south have some ability to sustain crops, and by extension feed the Imperii's citizens. It's quite likely that it wouldn't stop any time soon regardless, and would be actively encouraged by the Heáhcásern, for such a colonial rush gives idle hands something to do, and idle hands are those oft to turn to that of schemers and over ambitious plotters, among other things. Though it was only a temporary distraction, one that would likely last some years, but still, not permanent...But the resources it gave access to the Imperii might just be the permanent resources that were required to keep the Imperii's people busy, distracted, and happy. For while the servus are easy to pacify with mere modest homes, food, and some hymms and prayers, the actual civis of the Imperii are a lot more...active and harder to keep in line...Luckily, a little new cultural phenomenon might just help with that...

While stories and the shadows to display them get further and further popular, the refinement of the usage of shadows to make shapes would be done. The art of spells to mold the shadows and display and play out varying scenes by story tellers would only get more and more refined, eventually becoming a sort of spell called Fabula, the refinement of showing while telling a story. The shows and displays are more primarily enjoyed by the use of traveling story tellers to create artistic depictions of the tale they are telling upon a lamp lit wall, yet it also takes a place next to the original main spells of Umbra and Occultat by those traveling theaters that start popping up. Further more, some of the most talented in both magic and storytelling have opted out of even telling the story verbally, instead simply allowing the shadows themselves to depict everything, conveying meaning and a show without a single word spoken. Primarily it is enjoyed by the lower classes, though it is slowly gaining traction as something enjoyable by the upper classes as well, especially the work done by the most skilled groups.

>Action One and Two. Expand south and west. The rise of our glorious Imperii is upon us.

>Action Three. It was only a matter of time before they truly became a part of Imperii culture, and the art got refined.

With confirmation from the expedition, the High Council is in agreement that they shall send the whitehairs to delve deep into the wildlands. Though mustering them will take some time, which lets us do another project, something minor to help our warriors. Moriko Kasshoku suggests a helmet, but Tsuyoi Aka says such things were used in the past and resulted in many a lost ear. Though it does make her think of our war masks, and that they could be improved. Our war masks are cumbersome, they cover all of the face, including our albino eyes and hair, which are already unsettling, so she wants it trimmed down to only cover the face, as men tend to think a feminine face is the opposite of scary. Moriko agrees with the proposal, though more because it means more people will wear a form of facial protection, preventing many a broken nose. The council is surprised that they got to an agreement that quickly, as Tsuyoi had opposed the Tengu Geta.

Action 1: Improve War Mask Design (Wolfbeak).
This new design will consist of two parts, making up a sort of fanged beak, the upper beak only reaches up to the bridge of the nose and leaves the eyes unobstructed, emphasizing them and their unnatural appearance. The lower beak cups the jawline, enabling it to move as the wearer opens and closes her mouth, making it seem like a part of her face, so the opponent will think they're fighting monsters. The Wolfbeak will be painted white, to blend in with the wearer's albino skin.

Action 2: The Great Expedition into the Wildlands (featuring Yuuka Daikyo, Tsuyoi Aka, Miho Yuki and Hiro Kokaen)
Moriko have done a good job, but it's time for the whitehairs to take over, and even the High Druids themselves join into this campaign. Yuuka knows land and wild, Tsuyoi battle, Miho magic and Hiro diplomacy. All the best of the best whitehair warriors are put into this campaign, it may seem foolish to do this, having everything to lose, but when there's everything to win, second place wont do. We can't let the Marcans beat us.
1. Continue learning Algebra I (3/?). The studies continue in learning mathematics. Soon we will be nearing the knowledge base to construct multilevel homes and help house the growing city population.

2. Continue learning the Spell of Shape Wood (2/?). Focus our magics into the trees. Let their life essence flow through our mages, see their growth patterns, watch as the limbs reach towards the light. Guide the wood, push the branches in new directions, whisper to the roots that their sinking fingers may dive into the earth on our commands, eking nutrients from the earth. Speak to the barks, that they may tighten or loose, the rings of the trees sinking or expanding with our magic channellings. Push the leaves as we move our fingers, quick and dexterous. Willpower mixed with mana will make the trees dance as we learn the new magics to shape, bend and grow wood in different directions.
>Action 1: Patronage of the Arts (Construct Ampitheater & Caravansary)
An Ampitheater is to be constructed in "TempleTown" to promote Ithempeli and his Mythology. A Caravansary is also constructed along the Oasis to promote more long term visitation from neighboring officials.
>Action 2: Fortifications (Construct Fortification & Fortification)
While the Cult is currently safe and maintains good terms with its neighbors, it knows bad times often come without warning. Utilizing their earth bending powers, mighty stone walls are raised around TempleTown and Stone Gates are created within the Underdwelling which would require Earthbending to open.
>Action 1: Expand North
The recent expedition brings proof of past and event present civilization in these lands, there must be some natural resources drawing them there, so we'd ought to claim the land they may be for our own, lest someone else comes along and does it first.

>Action 2: Upgrade the Coal & Silver Mines
With smithing technology on the rise, it would be wise to prepare ourselves for future innovation by increasing our mining efforts.
Construct a new city named Fhl'hldr in our new land by the end of the river.

Survey our new lands
>1: make landfall on the island to our east
We have indeed seen this island many times, but before now, we had never claimed it. Today, we change that. With far-landers on deck and Coastals following in the water below, a large group of cuvier migrate to the island. The ship carries tools that will help any travelers build housing and establish themselves in this new location.

>2: mining op on the island
there's new land here, and the Far-landers are curious as to what might lie beneath the surface.

>3: new town in the south
The town of Flumen has been established along the southernmost river. Lots of coastals live there.

>4 river-based crops
Near Flumen, establish a farm that grows crops on both sides of the river.
The Borders of the Human nation a stretched thin. It already is a joke among neighbouring states that for ones who call themselves “Fraternitas” it is odd that their houses stand so far appart they can’t see one another. The Democratic nation with it’s thinly spread poppulation even when ordering an expanssion has encountered an odd obstacle… people plainly don’t want to go. They know the state lacks the necessary forces to protect the frontiers from Taur riders and that if they go there they will likely be alone with no other human for miles. As such the Aquissition of new land fails.

New roads spring up connecting the disjointed land. Even if people live spread out and far from one another thanks to the road netweork they can meet up easier and the meager army can use quick travel times to compensate for their low numbers.

The offer you make the Miyagi is seen as a great insult. You take their land without permission and wish to take tythes for the retaining what is theirs. “We are followers of Mercy, but Mercy does not mean stupidity. Our people have lived in this land for longer than your’s exist. You Already make use of roads our ancestors built and forrests our ancestors cleared. You may retain those, but your people shall not have what is ours. We offered to share and you spat in our face. Begone you vile furless beasts.”
After that the Miyagi tribe would kick out your people out of their land, from what you understand their military power is currently far greater than yours and the only reason bloodshed was avoided is due to their adherance to the doctrine of mercy. (Relations with Miyagi greatly lowered, relations with Mezentia moderately lowered, Province lost)
As you explore North you notice yourself slowly etering deeper and deeper into a jungle of unpararelled beauty. Trees so high they could be mountains, but light somehow still bathes the ground. The plant and animals while akin to the ones of other tropical lands are healthier and bigger. This land would be a great home for any of the fleshy races, but holds not much worth to the Golems. In fact they feel anything, but welcom, while their fleshy servants are mostly ignored the Lead beings would at all times feel watched and would from time to time feel rocks or branches flung at them. Whatever observed them did not like them being there.

Along the borders of the Golems more fortifications are erected protecting the land from any would be intruders wishing to snag the wealth of the Golems for themselves.

As for your intervetion in Tarnatos. A great many slaves are freed and while the Tarnatosi state is not pleased with foreign interferance you also are funneling a large amount of money into their judicial system so they reluctantly tollerte your efforts.

Event: Your nation is besieged by unusual amounts of rainfall. Your cities are flooded and many Golems experience unusual amounts of lead oxidation. The event is minor but somewhat of an inconvenience. On the other hand it is a blessing for the fleshy races of your land as their fields bear many fruit and food is plenty this year.

The new bow would be considered a fine weapon, the first of it’s kind. With longer range and stronger firepower than ever before it would be a great asset in both land and naval combat.

Event: A Dryad appears at your Navy’s Captain. She is a diplomat from Tarnatos and she wishes to open trade with your nation. They have many useful goods to offer mainly: Obsydian, Salt, Slaves and desert crops. (if you accept you gain a free road to tarnatos and start trading, if you refusee they will start disliking you)

On their teck south your explorers sumbble uppon increasingly hilly and wet terrain as the streppe slowly transforms into jungle. The endless hills and rocks dot the terrain obscured by the seeminly endless jungle. A jungle which seems unusually plenty in snakes, poisonous ones at that.

A smithy is constructed and so is a port.

Event: A meteor falls near Taydosong. The impact narrowly missed the city, but left a sizable crater (20m diameter or so). Many locals see it as a bad omen.
As your Explorers return to the main village part they enter the largest tent which likely belonged to tribe/village elders. On the walls of said tent there seems to be a story waven into the fabric. On it you see a female human figure sourrounded by fire puking onto her hands. In the next one her hands are full of human women and skeletons. The skeletons and women live surrounded by hellfire. In the next picture we see a skeleton and a woman going towards two dancing children leaving the fire and entering a lush forrest. You can see a mountain and a river and happy people (women&skeletons) living there. Untill they are shown to depart (happily) and wander into a desert. This is where the story of the tent ends, but in the sand next to it in a different style the people are shown wandering into a dense mist, then dancing arround a 3-legged Lynx. (same as the statue).

Your explorers being a curious lot as such they take some samples from the village (as nothing seems immediately magical). Some of the plates, dolls etc. but as they head out they see what appears to be a giant Lynx as big as a tower blocking their path, it lacks one of it’s legs just as the statues and displeased is shaking it’s tail and then in a high childlike voice it speaks “This place is a graveyard. Do not disrespect the garaves of the most Devout followers of my master. If it is knowlege you crave, come with gifts and offerings and you will be enlightened.”

They would feel a gust of wind as the things they held would disapper being returned to where they were. When leaving the ruins some of them report seeing the Lynx in the corner of their eye.

(metal Beding is fully researched)
Further advancements in magic are made, while not applicable in practice yet the School of Metlic Magic is slowly taking shape with basic magic theory established.

The new island is fortified, being valuable land the nations first major military instalation a watchtower is erected there. This giant moloch of stone is sure to not only be a useful lookout point and military fortification, but also useful for intmidating any wood-be attackers.
As scouts scour your land they find a two deposits of Gold and a Farm and Port are constructed.

As for Shorino for now your sheltering of Uesugi worshippers has not been noticed,but asking arround traders which are familliar with Shorino culture it seems that a bit over 2 centuries ago a self-proclaimed hero of the goddess Uesugi has attempted to conquest of the City of Victory trying to overthrow the Divine Shogun. After a short, but bloody war the followers of said Goddess were thus expelled, but are still a problem as they continue to see Shorino as their own and important to their faith.

Event: Shorino demands tribute. The Citystate of Shorino Demans your nation to become it’s tributary. In exchange for paying tribute you will be granted the protection of the Divine Emperor.
> Effect:
Agree - you are considered a tributary of Shorino. This grants you their protection, increased relations and occasional gifts. Though they may sometimes have demands of you.
Refuse - greatly lowered relations with Shorino. Loss of access to trade with them and Marca. Depending on the way you refuse might also trigger war.

It was time for the first grand Imperii expanssion. With the poppulation growing and safety of travel overground guaranteed it was time for the great Empire to expand. Telraci armies marched trough the desert claiming land as their own even laying claim to the Great Road of Tarn.

Troughout the Imperii nation the art of Shadow theater keeps gaining poppularity. Said poppularity even spreading to Tarnatos where Imperii performers would be welcomed. Being the first Telrac permitted to enter the nation since the great War.

Spies in Tarnatos: A foreign nation unknown to you has been funding the freeing of slaves in Tarnatos. They seem to be former escaped Tarnatosi slaves. Their hatred towards Tarnatos could make for a good ally, though their disliking of slavery might make said alliance shaky one. (You learn of Liberdantoc)
The new masks are a useful invention. Now allowing to psychologically torment enemies and giving basic protection to the face so it may avoid wounds. Though with the introduction of a uniform mask design a problem arose, their use in crime. The masks being commonly worn has lead to criminals using them to avoid being caught commiting a crime. A young girl has come to the council to personally ask for masks hencefourth to all be covered in unique designs to prevent this.

As the expendition heads deeper and deeper into the forrest they slowly learn just how different it is from their own. The land itself is hostile. Trees grow taller than before and plants themselves are all large, poisonous, carniverous or covered in sharp barbs. The animals are large and ferocious with even rabbits being able to easily kill an untrained woman, but something else is special about this lant. Ambient magic fills it, magic here is so common and dense one can feel it with every breath. The pelts of the overgrown beasts of this land also make for excellent armor being stiffer than of those found in their own lands.

Your knowlege of math continously increases and your equaltions have been optimised to allow to the building of houses to up to 5 stories. Thestone molochs are partly kept afloat trough use of moulded wood to support their stucture. On the other hand though deises and bad smell started plaguing the city due to many people living together in a very cramped area.

The magic to bend wood growth has been created. While a carpenter can’t grow a chair out of a living tree faster than make one. It’s a method way friendlier to the trees, less wasteful and the end product being out of a single piece of wood is way sturdier.
A theater rises. Allowing the statues to entertain one another with the high arts. Myths are played out and more contemporary pieces written. While plays have always been played on small stages arround the land, this is truly the first grand theater, goal of every actor to one day perform there.

Meanwhile on the practical side of things fortiffications and walls rise arround the cities of the nation to safeguard them from possible invadors or bandits.
In your northward expanssion you find a land wild and hostile. All life that exists there seems hell-bent on killing any intruders. Even with military protection permanent settelment of the land seems unlikely as even simple wheat when planted there grows large, poisonous and spouts spikes. The only ones who seem to have taken a liking to the land are the adventurous nobility of upper Marca eager to traverse the hostile land and to gain glory by hunting one of the great bests of the land.

The Coal and SIlver Mines are both expanded.

A new City sizes in the newly aquired land. A meetngspot for Lo-Hai, big and small, or possibly an outpost meant to supply an upcomming war. Who knows?

As the Lo-Hai scour the land, they make sure to dig deep with their obsydian claws, and while no materials are found in the new land. SIlver is discovered in the northern fringes of the nation of the stone crab.

Uppon it’s colonsation the island seems bland and normal, but uppon further research it seems to be rich in natural resources. Copper in the east and Diamond in the North West.

In the south near the Fratarnitas border the City of Flumen is established. It’s the first city of the Sharkfolk this far south and not conected to the national road network making it somewhat geographically isolated. It’s mainly a farming City with two large farm colexes nearby

NPC Diplo: In regards to the recent agression of Fraternitas and attempted landgrab of Miyagi land the tribe of miyagi wishes for an alliance with your nation. The Miyagi are closely aligned to Mezentia and fear the Fraternitas might attempt to cut them off from their close ally by banning them from travel on the ancient road connecting them as such they also wish for access to your nations ship’s for trade with Mezentia.
> Effects
Accept - you become an ally to miyagi, if war is declared on them you will aid them, if war is declared on you they will aid you. You will also open a trade relationship with Mezentia. You will greately increase relations with Miyagi and moderately increase relations with Mezentia
Deny - Miyagi will like you less
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Forgot about the map update: Here Jew Go
>Construct two gold mines
The Rubios family really hit a jackpot this time, they found a shiny metal that we saw from time to time in our trading business, gold. Our trade partners really seemed to cherish and value this metal, although it seems the value was more for aesthetics than practical usage. The Rubios house partners with the house of Melioch to form the Midas Group, claiming ownership of the gold with the Rubios getting the larger share.
>Build a bank in the capital
Thanks to the gold deposits soon we will be swimming in wealth, and thus the first bank of Midas is erected in the capital to provide a home for all that flowing wealth.
>Refuse - greatly lowered relations with Shorino. Loss of access to trade with them and Marca. Depending on the way you refuse might also trigger war.
"We thank you for the offer but we have our own security, so the emperor need not extend his protection to us, however we are working on a gift for the emperor to show him our good will and support." says Hazel Remion, foreign diplomat.
>Diplo - Ga'ga'ul
"Greetings, craftsmen of the Ga'ga'ul, it is I Lester Melioch who wishes to make a deal with you."

"I recall you saying 'Of which you give us we will return 1/10th in weight 100 times in worth.', if these words are true then surely you can make a gift fitting of an emperor."

He gives details of the commission, a scabbard decorated with gold for the divine emperor, promising the materials and to give credit to the golem's kind for the craftsmanship.
File: Mapfix.png (106 KB, 537x460)
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106 KB PNG
Note to GM: My theater is supposed to be in Templetown. My borders should be this with the bank on the oasis tile. Previous GM told me to tell you to fix this.

>Action 1 & 2: New Branch: Metalbending
The cult is inspired by the mastery of craftsmanship utilized by their neighbors and has reserves of iron with little use to the stone-oriented society. A people with an aversion to technology, the Cult attempts to learn to utilize the metal using their innate earthen magic abilities.
1. With the basics of metal manipulation now understood by the magi the spell crafters get to work with their experimentation. The spell structure of the spell to shape earth shall be edited to change the intended target to metals instead of soil and stone. It is expected to be quick but the glory of it's creation makes it a race among the city's intellectuals.
2. With the new lands claimed and the mountainous regions under our domain the only thing left to do is find resources to exploit. Scouts are sent out to the new territories to find anything of use to exploit.
RP: When the explorers come back and report there is much debate amongst the halls of the high and low councils. Theories are thrown around about actual deities, combinations of undead souls into a new form, creations of wild magic, or even powerful creations of magic. In the end though the debate on whether to offer tribute is put on hold until something suitable is found.
>1 Fuck you will keep exploring
We would decide to keep exploring the jungle, probably we will end up in another region right?.
>2 Flooded or not to be flooded, that is the question
We'd decide to find a way to avoid being flooded during rainfalls... Thus maybe a sewer system may work?, who knows.

1. Build latrines & compost lines. With our cityscape rising into the trees and enough room for all to live now we must focus on construction of hygienic places. Latrines will be erected in places less frequented so as to mitigate the smell as much as possible. Pits will be dug with ditches leading into the earth, as these tubes fill with waste other wastes such as food scraps, scrap wood, old clothes and other organic materials will be added and churned. These churned waste tubes will form the basis for great compost piles that will ensure our crop soil is rich and nutrient heavy.

2. Improve Spell: Shape Wood. With the ability to slowly shape wood secured our attention diverts now onto speeding the processes up. While craftsmen can outpace our wood shapers we are still too slow. The bending wood speeds must increase.
File: sadaffhgjfghdsa.png (34 KB, 364x284)
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> Action 1
Expand - with the recent aggression from the Lo-Hail it has been deemed important to expand the borders of our nation. A bigger national border would also be a show of strength to the Imperii when it comes to political neogtiations.

> Action 2:
Out land is a barely traversable swamp. We require a road network to make transportation of people and goods possible. (connect as many of the buildings as possible with roads)

> Action 3
Necromyconic Surgery - my hero He Lich Pow has always been interested in restoring his 'pride' (penis). As a grand necromancer he did notice it is possible to stitch together parts of various undead and have those parts work. He asks himself the question now? How far can one go? Is exchanging brains possible, is adding a 3rd fully functional arm. What are the ramifications and requirements for such alterations of the zombie form?
1. Construct a mine upon the silver deposit to the north.

A port in Fhl'hldr to link it to the trade with the rest of the nation.

Silver smiting and jade trinkets become a good distraction for many warspawn out on the field, many taking to crafting small totems of carved obsidian with the material, or adorning themselves with effigies
Event response: In regards to the Dryad from Tarnatos, the Captain brings the request up to the admiral who makes the decision to open official trade with them. With this it should greatly boost the economy of both nations as well as cement a better relationship between the two countries.

Action 1: On the subject of trade, it is decided to start formally trading with several other countries and signing official contracts with them. The first one being the Kingdom of Meoswilum. With the recent declaration of marriage between Cryox Filla Hin and He Min So, an official trade agreement is presented to Meoswilum as well in hopes of strengthening the bonds between the two nations. .

Action 2: Seeing as it is just outside of their lands, the Republic of Sealand decides to expand its borders a little to both gain better control of the river, and to make an attempts at harvesting copper from the earth. (The Mountain tile south, the tile across the river from the capital, and the tile to the south-east of the smithy.)

With the news that the servus in the city of Tarnatos, the Imperii, or more specifically the Heáhcásern would be at a crossroads. Either attempt to work with escaped slaves to conquer Tarnatos, or shut down their efforts before their ideals spread and potentially sway Tarnatos with the aid in finding these escapees and sending them back. It was something to consider for some time...Yet in the end the Heáhcásern leaned toward destroying them rather than having them fight side by side. It would be much easier to bring the people of Tarnatos to willingly become servus if the city state was diplomatically annexed. Something that would be difficult, but not as difficult as storming the city, forcing the surviving adults to breed, killing off those that weren't receptive to Kyuu and loyalty to the Imperii, and then indoctrinating the next generation as loyal servus. Of course, that would need to be done to some other powers most likely in the future, but for now the Imperii's military is not equipped for such a major campaign. It has been some time since the war, after all...And it was clear that time has healed some of the wounds seeing how Telrac skilled with Fabula were allowed into the city.

Even so, while this went on, somewhat aided by the work in the shadows with some servus to better understand the situation and how to exploit it, the Imperii's expansion would continue, mainly into the more arable dry lands compared to the desert, mainly because of the dietary requirements of the servus. And with it, as small villages got settled, actually finding a way to make use of the lands claimed would come about, a number of prospectors hoping to find something useful, and the ferrarius hoping for copper to be struck.

>Action One. Utilize spies to try and discern the ones responsible for freeing the slaves in the city state, and somewhat more importantly the locations of the escapees and how much of a large scale issue this is, along with the means to shut it down with naught but the Heáhcásern's word.

>Action Two. Expand south into the drylands.

>Action Three. Prospecting.

Shiny stones! They're harder than... well, they're hard. We wonder what they could be used for. We decide to mine as many of the shiny eastern-island stones as possible, and ship them back to the mainland.

>2: Establish battlements at Flumen
The Fraternatas have been acting very strange. Trying to claim Miyagi territory? That feels a little cruel. We can't let them try and claim ours. Using any surrounding resources, guard-houses are constructed along the river, and for their own ease of access, bridges will be erected, which bring the river's two sides together. some guard-houses will have towers, which can survey the land and watch for anything that might seem troublesome.

Diplo with Miyagi will happen soon-ish. Today, for sure.
Action 1: Develop the guilds, as in expanding the "factories".

Action 2: Yet again, keep researching metal magic.
>NPC Diplo: accept Miyagi's request for alliance.
What a strange thing to do, attempt to grab land that's already inhabited. As far as we're concerned, the Miyagi are a nation of their own, as well as friendly with our people. We agree to help them if something happens, so long as they let us know. We also ask if they would like us to help them in their own national security. It seems that their western neighbors are desperate for land, and some fortifications along their province would help keep them out.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Itia. Driad. Former missionary.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Melik Ha. Human. Popular with metalworkers.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Nina Fin. Human. Known huntress.

>1: Explore the Taydosong meteor crater
Did Stakh send us a message ?
Will we find anything useful ?
A curious and worried crowd is heading towards the crater.

>2: Experiment with Arsenic-Bronze
This Purecopper Bronze seems promising, and Mongsaveti smithies are the best in the world. Could they produce tools with the new metal ? Or farming equipment ? Maybe javelinheads or arrowheads ?

>Diplo Tarnatos (continuing) :
We are extremely happy to see Tarnatos becoming a civilized place. But the struggle is not over ! Maybe we should look which faction is responsible for liberalizing Tarnatos and find ways to make it grow... Without making Tarnatos too angry at us of course.

>Diplo Tongue of Aka :
Lets introduce ourselves to the Akite, our neighboors. Do they want to trade ? We can make Bronze objects, and are interested in lumber. We met a lot of poisonous snakes in our explorations, lately. Do they know how to make them more friendly ?
> Miyagi diplo
The Miyagi feel humbled by the acceptance of the alliance and happily accept you constructing a fort in their land.

In exchange for the fort they will teach you fire magic.
(School of Fire Magic for free, you need to invent Branches and spells yourself though)
Strange are the ruins beneath the canopy of a stranger tree. The remnants of some splendour of marble. Then, there in a clearing, the Tongue of Aka!
"What is it you seek?"

The High Council is back in Shiroi Mori, Hiro is disappointed they didn't encounter the Kitsune, but the rest are happy to have found this mighty jungle. It doesn't take long for Yuuka to propose expanding into it, and it is approved, while Tsuyoi wants our warriors and hunters to roam the jungles. Yuuka approves of it, because it would pave the way for establishing a Sacred Forest there later.

On the issue of the Wolfbeak's uniformity, the High Council comes to the conclusion that people shall be allowed to decorate the Wolfbeak, but none should be required to, as the resulting design would be random shapes with no sense for aesthetics. It'd be like speaking without words to say, which would just be blabbering random noises.

Action 1: Expand into the jungle to the west.
The mighty jungles are places of strength, and thus, places where we'll get mighty warriors. They do mix in some whitehairs, because of the danger and shade.

Action 2: Create Hunting and Warrior tribes in the jungle to the west.
The jungle is dangerous, and thus perfect to train new warriors. There's also that it's dangerous for non-combatants, so they will work to establish safe areas, paving the way for a Sacred Forest.
>national fluff, not since the time of Ava’s founding had the confidence of Fraternitas been so badly shaken the Incompetence of the Hefferson administration had seen the first Force removal of Fraterians from the land they hand taken since King Alexandros had brought the surrounding beast folk tribes had been brought into line. Fear and anger permeated the nation, those that had sold everything for a better life on the frontier were ruined and those in the more tamed regions feared what would happen next, but no matter what emotion, dominated an individual one thing was shared between them all, the miyagi’s actions could not go unanswered. But any sort of retribution would have to wait until the right time

>With the breakdown in negotiations there is nothing to do but accept they have been beaten, for now. While the Miyagi affair is over ended in a humiliating NAP that the nation had no real other choices than to accept, the taur raiders are still and an issue requiring the government to respond two forts are constructed to protect the most affected regions as a national drive to expand the military is enacted.

>build two forts in the regions worsted hit by the raiders
>expand the military using patriotic messaging telling the people that the UFC needs them today, to enable them to protect against raids more effectively

>the acting president addresses the nation and promises that the failures of the Hefferson Administration will not be repeated and that together we will push back the Taur marauders
Ornamentation - a mainstay of any society obsessed with beauty and perfection has for the longest time been the craft of the smith, and in the case of the ithempeli that has been the art of cold smithing (the alteration of the forms of already cast soft metals such as gold or silver). But with the great leaps and bounds made in earth magic at last metal can be controlled as easily as any rock. Through this simple techniques arise involving shaping soft metal in order to guild new and unique gold and occasionally silver things into the bodies of golem and construction alike. Though still unrefined past the ability to do this metal bending quickly grows in popularity, with those capable of using it being highly prized in the art of beautifying golems and other things.
Upon the shores the nation of Sorino comes to make a proposal, recently they lost an important trade partner who produced a good portion of their Tin. But the Ithempeli have resources of tin even greater than that lost partner due to trade with Ga'gu'el and since Sorino and Ga'gu'el are not exactly the best of friends it would be good if Sorino and Ithempeli entered into a trade agreement. This would add great supplies of exotic Sorinese goods to the stores of goodies available to accentuate the beauty of the Ithempeli. Furs, Wood and woodcrafts, various paints. Certainly the Imthempeli would only have to gain from this.
Thus they offer Ithempeli the opportunity to join the trade network of Sorino (giving sorino, her merchants and her trade partners a monopoly on sea based trade with the Ithempeli), think about it, Sorino is the dominant naval power and the Ithempeli sorely lack naval potential due to their great weight and lack of wood and they could of course still trade with Ga'gu'el unimpeded.
They also offer to share an ancient and dusty secret which could lead to great gains for the Imthempeli in the future... if only they accept the trade proposal.
File: numbah 4.png (3.26 MB, 2048x2570)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
(resources will be given later, apologies for the inconvenience)
With the advent of metal magic the production process of Arcadian Copper becomes much smoother, even if its initial capabilities are merely that of influencing how the metal acts while molten. Now it is on to influencing metal beyond that...
In the dark of night a stranger climbs over the short walls of Arcadia, unseen and unheard. But arcadians of the past and a few of the present have seen and heard of his kind before... He is a longolo - deerman, but a member of the elusive and territorial Alygou.
After sneaking his way past the lazy guards he comes to the chamber of one of the most influential members of the council, namely one involved in the business of mining.
The intruder, silent as the flutter of a butterfly's wings grabs the shoulder of the sleeping man and... shakes him softly, bidding him to awaken.
He man wakes up, looks at the intruder and nearly screams. However the silent one obscures his mouth telling him to be quite while holding a knife to his throat.
He tells him that he comes in peace and is here to propose something.
The Timid man shyly complies, asking what he is here about.
The Longolo, in a whisper offers him a proposal alongside a document which repeats the same.
The Longolo states:
>Though we have our differences we are without friends. We live in fear of the Mezentians, and thank our lucky stars that they cannot muster the forces or will to wipe us out. They believe us to be in league with evil forces, and hate us for our enlightenment. Thus we ask you to make a deal with us in their stead, we would like a temple's worth of marble quietly taken over to our land so that we may take it for our own construction purposes. In return we offer a favor for the future, or perhaps you would like something far more... interesting. For we are the keepers of an ancient construction pre-dating your race by hundreds upon hundreds of years... with it we can speak to the dead. We could take one of you into that place, guide you so that you too may be able to speak with those of the beyond, due to its dangers you will only get about an hour but my sir the dead can speak many tales, tales which could be the key to lost knowledge... whether that be magic, technology or something entirely different.
>So then, what say ye?
In the jungles there is found a great well of mist. It seems that something dangerous lies within it as parties sent in do not return. Thus the expedition splits into two, the western expedition finds more jungle with nothing of interest besides sightings of some strange unknown creatures (of many types, many of the slaves grew weary as they are quite superstitious) (thankfully no parties are thought to have been attacked by whatever those were besides a few incidents of mild harassment). The eastern expedition runs into swamp which impedes progress due to the leaders being made of lead. Some nice fruit was found there which tasted like fine grapes, it would probably make fine wine if processed, its a shame taste is one of the harder senses for an Auron to manifest.
Using mathematics borrowed from the wolfkin of all races a basic pumping system is developed using Auron strength, sadly the pipes would need to be made of lead and as Aurons like having more of themselves rather than running water this system will need to either be used for some other purpose... so a few are introduced into the workings of the temple in order to speed up the process of golem healing using liquid lead pools! Are there any creatures more ingenious than Aurons?
A few pumps are installed in key areas in holdings and the city, during a bout of hard rain they prove to be effective at stopping flooding, thus more are installed using wood, lead and copper.
Recently it seems the peasants have had... quite a few children. Many have been surviving to adulthood and so the population seems to be growing fast. Thus in order to maintain their new population new farms or "banks" will need to be established. Profits can only increase from here...
The desperate lands of Meoswilium are constructed to the divine instructions of the king. Though bridges over rivers are not architecturally within reach thus peasant driven boats are used in their stead. The new land is fine, within it is found a fine type of apple which is sweet to the taste. Its flesh a fine honey yellow...
The new attempts at necromantic experimentation leads to some... interesting results. Several things are figured out through trial and error.
>necromantic transplants have a degree of failure which results in the attached parts not working together properly
>failure can result from several sources (as listed bellow)
>1. parts from different creatures dont work as well as those from the same species, the closer the species the more reliable the results. For instance stone crab parts dont seem to mesh well with human ones while imported longolo parts have a far higher rate of success
>2. parts from more distant origins of infection have higher failure rates, ie necromantic spores from another necromancer will create parts which have a higher rate of failure on parts from another unrelated necromancer. Corpses infected at different points of time also have higher failure rates, for instance a corpse infected 2 weeks ago will not mesh as well with one from 2 months ago generally while one infected today is best combined with ones from today while meshing better with the one from 2 weeks ago
>3. failed parts (ones which are not as responsive) can be removed in order to be combined with various other failed parts in order to produce "chimera", practical abominations made of a mish mash of different parts which only work well together due to pure quantity. Currently these "chimera" are not entirely practical for anything other than being a terror tactic and meatshield.
>4. necromancers take new parts very well, however unforeseen side effects (for instance the hardening of the skin near stone crab parts, or something bad like weakness resulting from a "pride" which was poorly proportioned in comparison to the host)
>5. melding working organs onto necromancers which are not limbs or relatively simple pieces (for instance a stomach is too complex to graft well but an arm will usually work great) is extremely difficult with a high rate of failure and only the greatest of necromancers can do it properly even a few times. At least at this point.
>6. grafting on any form runs the risk of radically increasing chances of infection by diseases not able to be touched by the hand of necromancers
The Lo-Hai have been quite aggressive, perhaps it is time to put necromancy to use and prepare some legions to defend the kingdom. Or at least prepare some defensive positions so the raising of levies is can be done without it being rushed.
Stone Crabs
Trade expands upon the river, it is a shame that the filthy mushroom men block access to the sea through the river, silver becomes the hot topic which helps to get Lo-Hai trading upon it. In Lo-Hai culture silver begins to become associated with victory, as it remains steadfast, nearly never becoming stained or tarnished while being far easier to produce than platinum.

Trade with tarnatos begins, and it is found that lapis is extremely popular among them...
Trading with the meoswilium begins down the river and sometimes via oceanic ship, though they dont have very much to offer they do buy up lapis quite nicely.

The route of the escaped slaves is traced, it seems they went to the coast where they likely got on ships not of their own creation. As around when a ship would have reached that area a ship was spotted off the coast near the gold mine. Thus they must have left off to somewhere after that point. Where to it is not known, connections in Borevia do not record any ships full of slaves docking at that time however a minor shipment from sealand did arrive around that time, although they would have needed to go fast to get there so quickly. Of course there is a prime suspect, Liberandoc... however without good enough connections to the nation finding evidence that they did this will be hard.
Preciouses of Preciousness... Salt is discovered deep in the desert! Under the sands lies great mounds of it just waiting to be harvested. This is a great day as salt is one of the most sought after natural resources.
The food resources required to hold such vast territory grows thin, perhaps it is time for some good sized farmland to be cleared and cultivated? Or perhaps a more mobile military needs to come into existence.

The Conclave becomes ever denser... growing up instead of out. As the population has grown so much an exodus of disgruntled peoples leaves not liking the opportunities when there is so much land around the forest which could be farmed...
To those that stay the latrines significantly improve living conditions, though the smell is something to get used to farmers get used to animal dung so as long as everything stays nice and cosey...
The route of the escaped slaves is traced, it seems they went to the coast where they likely got on ships not of their own creation. As around when a ship would have reached that area a ship was spotted off the coast near the gold mine. Thus they must have left off to somewhere after that point. Where to it is not known, connections in Borevia do not record any ships full of slaves docking at that time however a minor shipment from sealand did arrive around that time, although they would have needed to go fast to get there so quickly. Of course there is a prime suspect, Liberandoc... however without good enough connections to the nation finding evidence that they did this will be hard.
Preciouses of Preciousness... Salt is discovered deep in the desert! Under the sands lies great mounds of it just waiting to be harvested. This is a great day as salt is one of the most sought after natural resources.
The food resources required to hold such vast territory grows thin, perhaps it is time for some good sized farmland to be cleared and cultivated? Or perhaps a more mobile military needs to come into existence.

The diamond mine is rapidly expanded, though there are several minor accidents because of this cuvier lust for "ground pearls" outweighs the downsides. Even seagoing cuvier begin to purchase the admittedly crudely cut diamonds from the mine.
Now all who enter the river look upon the stone might of cuvier fortifications...

Although many feel an intense feeling of triple deja-vu the school of metal magic becomes more established, with the first whispers of the possibility of a spell finally coming into being. Every little step fills the pockets of practitioners towards further little heights of progress.

In the meteor is found a strange kind of silvery metal. It keeps an edge very well and can be beaten into almost stone tool like constructs. Looking like a primitive tool yet being stronger than the hardest of known metals. The smithies of liberantoc cannot seem to melt it as well... nobody really knows what to make of this, although most take it as a gift as the field it smashed into was far less productive than this strange chunk of metal and stone from the sky. Tears of the moons perhaps? Very odd... After a few months it becomes a sight of both forging and worship, with many contradictory readings of the event being preached. A portion of the meteorite is claimed by minor temples who equip their troops with blades forged from it.
Purecopper Bronze is improved in production techniques, its means of creation given standard means of making it specialized to different purposes. For instance some recipes work better as ornaments while others are specialized to be cutting tools, armor and other things.
black forest
(thats swamp and grasslands)
Many local heros are named as the colonizers into the west go deeper in to hunt. But for every one who returns having slayn a great beast many more are thought to have been lost...
But it seems dark days have come, for some return sick...
It is known as the Plague from the Beasts as the first to die from it was also one who killed a great boar and wore its skin. It is a well contagious disease which spreads via bodily fluids and can readily infect animals. Its home is in the forest where it can easily cause deer to become carriers, it does not do well in wetter climates thus Shori Moiri and her sister are spared for the most part. Currently it is confined to the lands of the black forest... most pray it goes away. This must be ended before it causes true mayhem...
(its full effect next turn will be determined by your actions on that turn turn)
As well as this a great wave of refugees from the Conclave arrive, having been fed up with how life was there. They wish to pass through and reach mezentia and her allies who will surely let them in... they are well armed enough but could be cut down if the black forest wishes so...

As the forts go up and the propaganda is spread more and more citizens sign up to join a militia in case of war, most buying weapons if they dont have any in order to fight. Many communities more tight together start preforming routine perimeter guarding incase of raiders.

The mines are made, one is upgraded further due to excess funds. The bank of Durmaign is established, allowing for gold to be regulated.
A conglamorous event occurs. A time of northern lights, except oddly enough they glow red... this coincides with an off season blood moons of "Nixu" and "June". Many of the religious kitsunes take this as evidence that the Sorinans have done something terrible, thus they plead that Durmaign builds up strength until they can retake the most holy of great temples and reestablish order.
Their pleas are violent, if they are not satiated with at least the promise of bloodshed they may do something drastic... many more kitsunes from Sorino arrive, more religious types who are fleeing another persecution campaign which coincided with the blood aurora.
Stone Crabs
Trade expands upon the river, it is a shame that the filthy mushroom men block access to the sea through the river, silver becomes the hot topic which helps to get Lo-Hai trading upon it. In Lo-Hai culture silver begins to become associated with victory, as it remains steadfast, nearly never becoming stained or tarnished while being far easier to produce than platinum.

Trade with tarnatos begins, and it is found that lapis is extremely popular among them...
Trading with the meoswilium begins down the river and sometimes via oceanic ship, though they dont have very much to offer they do buy up lapis quite nicely.
Ornamentation - a mainstay of any society obsessed with beauty and perfection has for the longest time been the craft of the smith, and in the case of the ithempeli that has been the art of cold smithing (the alteration of the forms of already cast soft metals such as gold or silver). But with the great leaps and bounds made in earth magic at last metal can be controlled as easily as any rock. Through this simple techniques arise involving shaping soft metal in order to guild new and unique gold and occasionally silver things into the bodies of golem and construction alike. Though still unrefined past the ability to do this metal bending quickly grows in popularity, with those capable of using it being highly prized in the art of beautifying golems and other things.
Upon the shores the nation of Sorino comes to make a proposal, recently they lost an important trade partner who produced a good portion of their Tin. But the Ithempeli have resources of tin even greater than that lost partner due to trade with Ga'gu'el and since Sorino and Ga'gu'el are not exactly the best of friends it would be good if Sorino and Ithempeli entered into a trade agreement. This would add great supplies of exotic Sorinese goods to the stores of goodies available to accentuate the beauty of the Ithempeli. Furs, Wood and woodcrafts, various paints. Certainly the Imthempeli would only have to gain from this.
Thus they offer Ithempeli the opportunity to join the trade network of Sorino (giving sorino, her merchants and her trade partners a monopoly on sea based trade with the Ithempeli), think about it, Sorino is the dominant naval power and the Ithempeli sorely lack naval potential due to their great weight and lack of wood and they could of course still trade with Ga'gu'el unimpeded.
They also offer to share an ancient and dusty secret which could lead to great gains for the Imthempeli in the future... if only they accept the trade proposal.
1. Improve Spell: shape wood (4/?) Continue to quicken our magic when moving wood and guiding its growth, even at times accelerating the growing process.

2. Invent derived technology: Pharmacy from Herbalism. Utilize our saporlings and plant knowledge to seek natural remedies that will help alleviate symptoms of sickness and speed up recovery.
> Action 1
Expand into the Marked Provinces. The Stone Crabs have been rather aggressive and expanding into land near us thus to safeguard the land best for our nation (swamps) we have no choice to expand further.

> Action 2
Construct two military fortification at the Meoswilum - Lo-Hail border. Their recent raids have been a bother and we need to safeguard our land as much as we can. If cornered the towers will contain hundrets of cramped zombies which can be realeased let loose if the need arises.

> Action 3
The Rat King 1/2
Out of the possibility of transplants an idea arose. the most common sample currently are humans as such we need to create zombies strong enough to go toe-to-toe with Lo-Hai. Out of a myth in which 100 rats had their tail entangle changing them into a powerful beast the idea of the rat king is born.

10 people are zombified freshly. Their bodies then are linked together, with further weapons implanted into their flesh like spikes or mauls tied to their flesh. At the end the monstrosity, will be covered from all sides with wood planks to increase it's durability (cheap armor). If need be a rat king should be able to fight of a Lo-Hai.
1. Sulfur was found in the nation and the sought out ingredient of medical men shall be exploited. A mine is created where the resource was found. Near it a farming village springs up as friends and family move to support the mine.
2. The cowardly councilman, Larion son of Solvan, nods to the deerman and takes the note and resolves to station some guard golems in his room disguised as statues. The next day he brings it before the council and the council moves to agree in return for using this strange magic to speak to the dead.
File: map.jpg (78 KB, 599x618)
78 KB

>1: claim the following provinces
(pic related)

>2: dig a canal
Along our border with borevia, there's a river. It nearly flows all the way between the two seas, the outer and the inner. We have begun hiring workers for the sake of finishing this river's connection to both ends. It may serve two purposes, to connect any sea-farers to the inner-sea, and possibly as a method of defense against borevia, if they choose to attack us. knowing our ability to manipulate water, stopping incoming troops here, under the tide, would be optimal. Not that we believe this will happen. Borevia feels like it's being oddly hostile, as of late.

The High Council has a few absentees, due to concern of sickness, but most are still present, even Miho Yuki. The unseen threat has people unsettled, as while one can get rid of weakness to survive a fight, sickness strikes at random. Hiro comes with a proposal, a joint medical project with the Conclave of Life, to develop a more effective remedy to this illness. Miho comes with a further proposal, a bardic tribe and a mystic tribe, one to gather knowledge and the other to make use of it. The High Council warms to these ideas, putting plans of expansion on hold for now.
On the issue of the migrants from the Conclave, they will be offered to stay in Matsubayashi, as a friendly gesture to the Conclave of Life. Though if they wish to move on to Menzentia, who are we to stop them?

Action 1: Joint Tech Project with Conclave of Life: Invent derived technology: Pharmacy from Herbalism.
Preventing further disease will quell the main killer of whitehairs, who's skills quell all other causes of death. Also, certain herbs help beyond just sickness, if we could boil it down to just the beneficial ones...

Action 2: Create a Bardic (Library) and Mystic (Temple) Tribe around Shiroi Mori.
The spread of knowledge is slow, but a Bardic Tribe is tasked with wandering the lands, gathering knowledge, and then redistributing it in riddle and rhyme, so it's easier to remember. Meanwhile the Mystics will seek to purify people, mainly making them take a bath, because all the sick people stink.
>1:If prius didn't made me, he would have wanted you to live!
We would send a few boats to the location of the supposed miyagi tribe, if they refuse to convert to the faith of prius, we shall slaughter them (if for reasons i do not know where they are, instead it's the tribe of Tarn)
>2: Hmm yes... City time
We would build a city and a farm where one of our exploration team went, thus effectively making our first colony, thus we can send our new population there
Action 1 : Just develop the bloody magic thingy already.
Action 2: Create a great hall of knowledge, that will eventually serve as a library.
>Build and strengthen a fortification on the east near the road to shorino
The tension is rising and we can't avoid a war for much longer, luckily the land approach is narrow with a mountain blocking off a southern incursion, a fortification on the eastern side would lock down an invasion by land.
>Upgrade the harbor and coal mine
With mountains and fortifications it would be very harsh for either nation to try pushing by land, which is why we need to focus on the sea. A good naval engagement could be a stepping stone to defeat Shorino, and thus the harbor near Cherus is upgraded to be able to support more ships. Another concern is getting the wood for a superior navy, to do this we have decided to phase out wood as a fuel for coal, with our heating magic coal should be able to handle the demand for quite some time, while saving wood for ships.
(precision: inrp i don't know fuck all where the miyagi's are, thus it's possible it's either i land somewhere or it's the Tarn, so basically i can't fuck with the miyagi's)
My Theater is still in the wrong place.

>Action 1: Create Spell: Insimbi Yokushisa (Heat Metal)
The Cult unlocks the ability to heat soft metals such that they are painful to the touch and eventually enter a molten state.

>Action 2: Create Spell: Phakamisa Insimbi (Lift Metal)
Even to the stony bodies of the Cult, it's highly unpleasant to deal with molten metals.
To facilitate the art of designing with metal, the Cult unlocks the ability to utilize Telekinesis on soft metals.

>Response to Sorino: Acceptance
There is no greater position to profit than as the middleman between the buyer and seller. With nothing to lose and plenty to gain, the Cult accepts the Sorino's trade. For each exchange the Cult requires additional material as payment for their work as a middleman and inquires further about the secret information. To the Ga’ga’ul the Cult displays its powers over the soft metals and explains that its jewelry production has gained great attention in the mainlands and that they now require a regular stream of tin to keep up with demands. Knowing the Ga’ga’ul may not wish for their tin to reach the Sorino, the Cult hopes this excuse will serve as justification not only for increased tin demands but also to explain why they are now offering woods and furs in a largely wood and fur barren land.
A practice of food preservation beyond simple salting comes to be known by stuffing salted fish into a shell cask with even more salt within. The fish flakes are dry and tasteless, but make for a good snack to remind the warspawn of home while on the march.

>Learn Spell from Water Magic School, Water Bending Branch

>Spell Name Hydro-Carnificina- requires a surplus of water to perform properly and at least two Lo-hai to master the spin. A large sphere of water is formed around the target/.

On the road, a small platoon of 10 armored men move, marching through the strange moss fields, water squelched and drenching their boots with every step. Two Lo-hai clamber over some rocks on the opposite sides of the road, and quickly bend a wall of water around the small group of men, pouring in more as they panic.

> Once completed submerged, the spinning begins, as well as some creative twists.

The men thrash in the throes of drowning, desperately trying to swim to the surface of the sphere but being whipped away by the spinning current. One man manages to reach it, only for his outreach hand to stretch the surface, the water refusing to release him. He is quickly whipped away by another man lost in the whirlpool, despair stripping his strength. Large chunks of ice begin crush those on the outside in the torrent, while middle begins to scald, boil, and churn. In less the a minute and thirty seconds, all are dead.

A large Stone Crab is spotted on your borders, with 5 others of his size and 30 smaller ones hauling strange goods. In his guttural tongue his rocks out.

>"We Council of Stone Lord of Fhl'hldr. We come bearing gifts for forgiveness for slights brothers passed."

He jabbs one of his eight legs at one of the dead.

>"We are a superstitious people, and such a sight riles the wraths of lesser Lords and spawn. They have been dealt with, and we come to treat with you."

>The Lo-Hai wish to solidify borders with your people, they own their side of the river and you own your side. They will only send trading vessels down your portion, and will ask before sending war vessels, and expect the same.

>They show interest in trading of foods, arms, the products of mines, refined good, and whatever magics you could teach them. While expressing the same, they do state that since you do not naturally dwell in water, the school of Water Whispers may come harder than most."

>They come bearing in gifts...
>10 two foot obsidian jade incrusted, silver enlayed totems
>50 Lo-hai spears
>War Intel Slabs on the declared Pleocyemata Lands borders, also on their unique culture, traders are recommended to buy Lo-hai protection in Fhl'hldr if traveling.
>Casks of raw copper and traditional Lo-hai salted fish and seaweed.

On the topic of what happened to the raiding Stone Lords, you are informed that they were driven north.
>Action 1: Improve Iron Working Technology
The newly discovered lands to the north have proven to be dangerous, and as a result we must prepare ourselves for the dangers that lie beyond our lands.

>Action 2: Create/Improve Barracks in Arcatria
The capitals of the two kingdoms stand with their own royal guard, but the technical capital of the dual kingdom lay undefended. In our new defensive efforts we cannot ignore one of our own cities.

>Action 3: Expand Northeast
While the swamps have proven themselves to be unfavorable to the Marcans, we know there still lies more forest to the northeast of our capital. We would most likely have better luck there.
>Create body spell, by taking on refugees with an illness in the group the nation has been opened up to danger, however, both of the nation’s religions speak of treating others with care and compassion how can they turn these poor people away. To help with the situation, a new spell in the school of body magic, “Immuno Boost- Using magic and a deep understanding of the body, it is possible to improve the body's immune system into peak physical form.”

>Construct 2 farms spread out across the nation new farms are made as the nation’s population expands with the growing number of refugees. To ensure the nation stays feed as the population grows. The dryads skilled in plant magic are asked to complete a term of civil service on farms using plant control to increase productivity and quality of plants on the farms.

>nation fluff, the nation, having been reassured with a stronger military, armed up, and the construction of forts, feels that they are in a more stable position, there are those who worry that by allowing the refugees in that the nation will become sick and Fraterians will perish because of it. But those dissenting voices that in the minority as many look to their faith and find that solaria would want them to open their hearts to these poor people in need. With the Government backed research into new spells in body magic to help with the illness the public remains cautiously optimistic.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Mica Hung. Half-Kitsune. Farmer.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] : Ficulnea. Old Dryad. Was elected head priest of Mongsaveti at least once.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Jill Pha. Human. Member of the expedition towards the ruins of the south. Her accounts of their adventure was popular in the entire nation.

>1: Expand south, into the jungle.
At first, the land is not settled or exploited, as we have to find ways to deal with the unusual number of poisonous snakes. The explorers have a lot of ideas : protective equipment ? Study them to know how to avoid upsetting them ? Make them like us ?

>2: Build a port in Taydosong. Base a fishing fleet in Taydosong.
The city of Taydosong feels a bit far away of major trades routes lately, even though recent exploitation of meteor metal made it a bit better.
It is why they decided to build a port, and base a fishing fleet there.
The building of a lot of fishing boats will involve the whole nation.Ttheir materials will come from the various farms and mines, the few metal part they have will be smelted in Mongsaveti, they will be built in Ahnemamare, and crewed by Taydosong people. Due to the lack of lumber available, reed will be used.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reed_boat)

>Diplo Tarnatos: We made the most of Tarnatos liberalizing to free a lot of slaves and are proud of that. Maybe we should look which faction is responsible for liberalizing Tarnatos and find ways to make it grow... Without making Tarnatos too angry at us of course.
A local noble comes out to receive the gifts it's. Ha San Pao, the lord general of forst Gwenghosengan. (the military installation I built this turn). Forgiveness is granted as the gifts they brought are more than enough to make up for their recent wrongdoings.

The local noble seems reluctant about accepting a deal about trading magic secrets as it is beyond his jurisdiction to decide that, but he can sign treaties solidifying the border.

The Meoswilum representative also agrees to the conditions the stone crabs proposed, but they wish to be able to inspect trading vessels going trough our portion of the river to inspect them for illegal goods. Mainly housing druids. Of course the Meoswilum will also allow for their trading vessels to be searched.

In exchange for their gifts the people of Meoswilum give each present Lo-Hai their weight in swamp rice as well as as 4 bags each of various types of mushrooms which can be used as spices.

On the topic of magic exchange... in a few months the wedding of the King of Meswilum to the Telrac princess will commence. The leader of the Lo-Hai along with 4 other guests is invited to attend. He is expected to bring gifts as such is customary for weddings. In exchange he will be treated to exquisite food and will be introduced to Seland and Imperii diplomats. Of course once the wedding itself is concluded he will time to talk with the King himself so they can formalize this agreement of trading magic secrets.
Action 1: With the recent discovery of copper south of their borders, and the recent expansion of their borders, the Republic of Sealand is finally able to send men to go build a mine on that deposit, and start pulling copper from the earth. With the new building and general increase of people within the borders of Sealand as well, it is also deemed necessary for more farms to provide. One of these new farms is one made for wheat.

Action 2: The other new farms are made up of fruit and livestock. The second new farm to be constructed was one for apples which have been said to have a variety of uses. The last farm created was one that dealt with livestock, more specifically cattle in the form of cows. This way the people of the Republic of Sealand could enjoy flavorful meats. It was actually noticed that the meat was a little..bland. Something to be looked into later.
>the lost path of the golem island
The sorinese diplomats are quite pleased, thus they beckon a few golems to come with them on the eastern coast. It is at a spot near the granite mine (on the same tile) at one of the nearest points to the mainland on the golem island.
Thus the diplomat tells a tale, first starting with the origin of the golem island long ago during the earliest era of creation and then its connection with the mainland by a trickster god of secrets. After some time the god of the golem island - mechii - destroyed this land bridge however the material which once made it up created a shallow sea which was only as much as 20 meters deep from the golem island to the mainland.
So then at the dawn of the expansion of the empire of ga'gu'el a bit over two centuries ago they created a bridge of stone blocks to the mainland so that they may move en mass to and from without needing to use boats.
Now then at the start of the war of the collapse the bridge was destroyed, and was never rebuilt. Thus its ruins lie deep underwater, and if they so wish they could take stone from the surrounding area and create a third bridge to the continent, allowing them to go to and fro unimpeded.
Although sorino would like if a great arch were built between the bridge and water so that their ships dont have to go all the way around the continent, thus they will give aid in its construction if the ithempeli so please.
And that is the secret the sorinese told...
File: 180AC.png (3.26 MB, 2048x2570)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG

Further work is done to better the nature based magics of the Conclave, and with it, the guiding of tree's bark grows ever faster. With it, the ability of those magically inclined to shape wood and cause it to grow in useful ways further escalates in terms of swiftness, and as such, it starts to become comparable in speed to that of more traditional carpenters work, are much more durable, and lastly are comparable in quality to that of master work for those who put in the extra effort to make it look nice. For now, it is mainly used for furniture and fixtures that are then snipped off the tree in question it grows off of, though some other trinkets such as cups and other useful trinkets also come to be common. Though, it is found doing so to a single tree too much can harm it, and those tree's that are oft used with such magic need special care and attention.

Work on further trying to deal with the issues of disease and general health have come to grow with further understanding of the herbs and plants of the forests. With the help of the tribal's of the Black Forest, a number of varying herbs, roots, and so forth are discovered, along with their uses. Some are a bit more mild, but still helpful, like a root which helps deal with the stomachs of the sick. Others are a lot more helpful when it comes to sickness, or even some poisons. Regardless, if it wasn't for the aid of the tribal's, the amount of herbs found wouldn't be anywhere near as much, and likewise, the amount of herbs to use to help the sick.

Tragically, however, a mining accident in the coal mines has seen a small offshoot of the mine collapse. While this has done little to hamper productivity, the event is still a somber one, given that there were quite a few working inside when the cave in occurred.

Due to a desire to protect the nation's borders from those golem like crabs, expansion swiftly is put forth as a priority. And naturally, the peasantry do so swiftly under the orders of their great king, claiming much more of the wet lands, and moving into area's more thick with foliage and ever taller, imposing trees. On a related note, a number of small fortifications are set up along the border to protect against the raids that some of the lesser crab like beings have made. Though, given recent diplomatic conversations with them, it will hopefully come to not be needed. Still, the small towers have many undead waiting to be unleashed upon any enemy foolish enough to besieges them.

Meanwhile, work quietly is done with the bodies of freshly executed criminals. Under the guidance and work of the current king's uncle, an old myth would be twisted into something...else. An interesting spin, utilizing ten people to create a powerful beast, but work is done all the same. And while the initial attempts prove to have issues, specifically with motor control, the idea in practice works, and while severely limited in mobility right now, they seem quite durable, and powerful to match...It simply needs further work, and likely more mycelium in order to finish the idea.

In other news, at the far edges of the kingdom, traders from the Imperii become a rare occurrence, which is much grater than the never previously. While their customs and songs as they travel through the trees are strange, their faith is fairly simple and straight forward. And, it seems to have caught on, sort of...At the far edges, a number of temples have started speaking about both deities, claiming the two to be interlinked opposites, one of order, the other of chaos. Both needed for the natural order of the world to be maintained. The following only applies to the easternmost settlements, and is still fairly small. But it is still there, and it seems to be most popular among craftsmen and artisans.

With sulfur struck, a key ingredient to the more medically inclined would be freshly taken from the earth, along with an alternative heat source to coal and lumber for anyone desperate enough to deal with the stench, or foolish enough not to know of it. Yet, this wasn't all that important compared to that one night...After Larion agree'd to the Longolo's proposal, the creature would seem to knowledge his choice and then leave as swiftly as it came. And with the marble secretly given to the Alygou, they would request the next night they send Larion. The one who made this deal possible. For he would be the one they would guide to speak with the long dead. Should he have come over, he would be lead into the Alygou's lands, and eventually lead to a small clearing of stone, where others were gathered. Upon their arrival, the other Longolo would start to work on the ritual, starting with what seems to be the slaughter of a number of rabbits in cages before taking them out and butchering the bodies before taking the skins and bone to a pyre they set alight, upon which they seemingly just as swiftly after put out. As the ritual continued, and more strange acts of seeming sacrifice, chanting and movements, a feeling of dread grew in Larion and strange magical energies started to become visible, whirling around the circle, at first gently, but soon with great speed equivalent to a gale, one of the deermen in the group with him would say
>It is time. State what you desire.


The further expansion onto the small island is fairly easy, especially with the majority of it's lands close to one shore or another. Likewise, the other coast along the border with the golems north and along the river is similarly easy for most Cuvier. Additionally, work gets underway on making the river into a channel. Something easier said than done, but worked upon regardless. Of course, while a short distance on the geographical scale, such an endeavor is a massive undertaking by even the Cuvier, who have the benefit of being able to work under the water with ease. In fact, it is quite likely that if it weren't for that simple fact, the project would hardly have made so much as the length of a Cuvier who lived all their life on the land, let alone a thousand of them. Yet with hard work, determination, and the ability to breath underwater, work is done. And while their is still many miles to go, plenty of progress has been made. It is quite possible that the entire project might just finish within the lifetime of the workers, maybe even in a generation...Or it could take the same amount of time as the Miyagi tribe existed to finish. Its quite difficult to tell exactly how far it has gotten really without proper measurements...Still, progress has been made, and that's all that really matters.

While some of the High Council has been away over concern for their health, this fear slowly starts to fade as the work with the Conclave of Life goes forth. With great vast woods lands under control of the tribes, many varying herbs are found that, with the combined effort of the Conclave and the Black Forest Tribes, are found to have varying uses to fight off the sickness. Needless to say, this is extremely important given the disease, and proves extremely helpful in aiding the people sick with the disease. While no outright cure for the thing is found, plenty enough is found to lessen the symptoms to be bearable long enough for the sick person in question to recover and get over it, surely becoming just that bit stronger as a result. Needless to say, this is extremely helpful for those who are particularly hard hit by the disease, or those who are particularly old, giving them an actual reasonable chance of living through the damned thing. Hopefully, the disease will pass through the lands and start to fade sooner rather than later, and with less of a death toll in its wake.

On an unrelated note, near the sacred forest of Shiroi Mori, a few small tribes dedicated to the recording of legendary achievements, history, and varying songs is set up. And near it, one dedicated to the ways of the ancestors, made up of many druids and shamen, along with the natural magical capabilities they can provide.


While it turns out the people found near the shore aren't Miyagi in the slightest with their many tails and pointed ears, they are at least receptive to your teachings in exchange for some aid, something swiftly accepted, and provided slowly but surely as extra supplies from the outpost set up on the far distant shores grows into what could be considered a proper settlement. Unfortunately, simply solidifying the claim to the lands near the shore side town takes a fair amount of time, and with it, the construction of a farm is delayed...Still, it wasn't like such a thing was really needed anyway...Right? Well, maybe those new faithful tarns could use it but they'll be fine surely...Right?

Work on controlling the magics of metal further are made, and the basic spells discovered earlier are improved upon slightly, in general the most basic side of the magic in question getting further development and slightly more advanced spells branching off out of it. It's still nothing major, but the foundation for some good advanced spells is there. All that's needed is a less broad focus to fully take advantage of it. Still, even the basic and minor stuff is extremely helpful even in its simple form. After all, the little things are what really matter in the grand scheme of things, for even the smallest pieces all add up, and all are made into something much more important and grand. And from those pieces, well, ideally there won't be as much of a need to replace old equipment and tools. On a less magically influenced note, the work and effort of builders and architects is appreciated by those who value the intellectual side of life, as a great hall for knowledge is made. One which will in time come to house great works of literature on many things from science to magic from the people of Vesanti, and maybe the world as well.

A number of fishing boats have vanished while off to get their catch as of late, and after some time a single sailor was found washed up on the shore, half dead and missing a leg. He managed to recover and told a tail of a horrific beast of the sea that seemingly came out of ones worst nightmares which destroyed the ship he was on and devoured the crew in the middle of the night. Ever since then, the people are afraid to head off to sea, and those brave enough to do so, often in the largest ships available, start reporting sightings of strange large things under the waves, including one somewhat small ship with a large gash in its side that claims the same beast, and a similar description to the one given by the first sailor to find the thing and live, however with one key detail that sailor missed. It's size, which is roughly the size of killer whale. On a bit of a brighter note, all the sightings have a similar theme, the creature was sighted a fair way's off the coast, and always at dusk, night, or dawn. Though, given it's reported size, it shouldn't be too hard to kill if something dedicated was sent after it.

(Just make a spell more detailed than mere metal magic, a proper spell, kinda like that the others have done. You shoulda had this last turn, so I'll give you something a bit more on what magic spell you work on the next.)

Swiftly, with fear and, in some cases with the newer builders, hatred directed at Shorino, fortifications would be constructed in order to defend the nation from the aggressive city and its divine shogun. While the forts alone likely won't be anything without proper soldiers to man it, it helps make people feel safer, and will be key if a war does break out, as at the moment they are the first, last, and best line of defense had by the Hegemony should a war actually be declared by the Shogun. Still, despite such concerns, the interior of the nation still has plenty of work dedicated to more civilian things, like further extending the mines for coal, and expanding the port with many more docks and jetties. For even in tense times like these, it is still important not to forget about trade. For if the Shogun and his city relies upon us for all his resources, surely, a beneficial relationship will be more likely, as while idea's of taking it himself may come to his mind, we will hopefully have built up enough that it would at least appear to be impossible to truely take our lands before the supply of key luxuries and basic resources from us comes to be an issue, if not impossible to take anything at all. As we need not truly be such, as appearance alone is enough to dissuade the sharpened blade...Provided it isn't wielded by someone completely foolish...Actually maybe there is cause of concern even then, at least if what some of the banished worshipers have to say about him is true...


Much work is put into the magics of metal in order to better work on and perfect the craft of bronze making, and other metal work. Both spells are key to the cults work and making grand artistic tools, weapons, and metal baubles along with other crafts. The spell Insimbi Yokushisa aids the smith in not needing to spend time heating a furnace and managing it carefully to get the right temperature, and similarly, the spell Phakamisa Insimbi aids one in not needing to burn themselves in the working of metal. And both of these aid the finished product quite a bit as one can expect, as those experienced with such magic can know the perfect temperature to keep the metal at, and every smith who knows Phakamisa Insimbi benefits from not having the discomfort of holding a burning piece of metal. Annoyingly however, it seems that any sort of celebration or reason to be in good spirits over the works of art that can now be created must be put on hold, for an issue of moss has come about. It grows upon the stone that golems are made from, and feeds off of the energies that are naturally produced. Its initially harmless, just really annoying, though it comes to become more of an issue as it's roots turn the stone skin brittle, and proves as a good way to actually make a golem flammable...The golems of the north west know of the annoyance it causes well, and ideally, a way to deal with can be found among them similarly.

The process of salting a fish to the point of tastelessness and dryness is a fairly useful one for transport of food. As while to be perfectly honest the food in question is not exactly pleasant, it's still edible, and at the end of the day, a soldier marches on their stomach. And any food that fills that stomach is something that keeps that soldier marching, or skittering in this case. In other news, a new spell is worked upon, one that essentially causes a whirlpool. Of course, one might think to be effective it needs to be done in deep water to be effective. This...isn't the case. It works just fine in area's that are quite shallow, or on land. However, it still requires water, and a lot of it. Often gained from that of nearby water sources, like the sea, rivers, and so forth. Still, it's quite effective at dealing with groups of forces, provided there isn't anything to interrupt the spell, or remove the water...

In somewhat related news to the actions as of late, a number of stone lords and their spawn with some resentment continue to stick to their ways of raiding other peoples like those of Meoswilum and seem to find such a thing they value quite a bit. Probably too much for their own good. Most of them are in the north, where they were driven off to, and seem to need to be driven back off too multiple times as they try to go on their little raids. Though its likely even if they actually stay in the north and get the hint that they will continue to be a pest to anything that gets in their way, or simply is in their path, and it's quite clear given their actions they'll be such not just to those on two legs, for more reasons than one... With any luck they skitter off far north or really anywhere far away from here where they won't cause any diplomatic incidents or some such, or at least far enough away that they can no way be tied to us...

Ironworking is something that the people of Marca are certainly the best at, and attempts to improve it yield little as of late, as many are confident that the process of making the iron itself was already 'perfected'. Yet despite this, something they can agree on is that while the resource itself is better, turning it into useful tools, weapons, and armor, and actually making that equipment quality was a whole other thing entirely. So, what once was an attempt to improve ironworking instead turned into a attempt to improve smiting in general. And, the work shows itself. With better smithing techniques, the tools will last longer, as will the blades and armor. And, best of all, this doesn't just apply to iron, but bronze as well as any other metal the smiths can get their hands on. Ideally, the trend of good works by the smiths continues...On a somewhat related note, a new barracks is made in Arcatria, allowing the capital of the twin kingdom to actually have a place for some much needed loyal retinue soldiers. And soldiers and their generals alone are what make or break wars. In less exciting news, a bit of minor expansion to the northeast forests goes fairly easy without much complaint, the lands being much more comfortable than the swamps that make up the majority of the northern lands.


The effects of the new magic seem to do quite a bit to aid the people, at least those who are fairly young and normally healthy. It seems the spell is quite effective at boosting the body's ability to fight an infection or disease off when it comes to those who were quite well off before getting sick, however it seems to do less of an effect to those who were naturally infirm, old, or otherwise didn't handle sickness well. It seems the spell doubles the bodies ability to resist such diseases and infections and make the body's resistance equivalent to what it would be if they were fully healthy and just infected. Yet doubling something small and few in number is not as helpful as doubling something that was strong and plentiful to begin with, and while it aids many of the people who are a part of the able body workforce, it ironically seems to be less helpful with the people who need help the most...Still, the help it has done for the young, more able bodied people has allowed a fair bit of development to happen, despite the refugees and the potential sickness they might have brought. And, with that development a fair few large farming villages sprout up just past the mountain that protects the capital.

Despite concerns by the initial explorers, it seems many do not care for the issues of snakes or protective gear. And, for a good few of the careless, this comes back to bite them quite literally. For others, they do well, either from skill in such places, natural reflexes, luck, preparation, or any mix of the four. Meanwhile, the hills near the jungle that remained unsettled also come to be a place full of settlers, made up of a good deal of freed slaves from Tarnatos. On a related note, looking for the faction which is responsible for Liberalizing Tarnatos is fairly easy, actually helping them is another thing entirely, as the majority of the people sympathetic to your cause have escaped to your lands, and the few efforts done seem to be minor enough not to do much, or cause some sort of counter action to take place...Is someone aware of your efforts and trying to stop them?


Very swiftly, the copper found would be dug out of the ground extremely swiftly, and serving to be an extremely important resources for trade with the nearby neighbor who had the other key ingredient for Bronze, Tin. Of course, given the fact they had gold as well, they could easily pay for the copper at a premium, just like their merchants seem to try and sell their tin to your own for. In a bit less exciting news, plenty of farms are set up, producing plenty of food, which while much less in demand, is still extremely helpful, less so for trade, more so for the growing population of Sealand, and such a wide verity is something that is appreciated immensely during the feasts held by those of the higher classes.

(I'll update the map with your stuff in a moment. I didn't see your update until I started making the post and swiftly write it up here.)
File: 180AC.png (3.26 MB, 2048x2570)
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3.26 MB PNG
(Map fixed and with Sealand's update.)
1. Begin forming the new branch of Water Whispers- Water Evocation

Expand south swimming from the Port in Dund'krt to the green isles and the far lands of the Inner Sea. With the proud shroom people trading and reputation, the Lo-hai may merely expand around them, and leave them be.
(Still need to put the farm on the map.)

Reply: Larion enters the ritual and calls out to the magic users of the past to learn the magic and spells of their people.

1. Needing to make use of the, apparently few, resources in our land a study will be made to create golems out of non solid objects. It will be tough but within the school of golemancy the branch of elementals begins to be made.
2. Seeing the need to melt the metals for the metal manipulation to be effective the spell crafters work to make a spell to melt the metal so that a skilled magic can both melt and manipulate metal to their needs.
> Action 1: The Wedding Day Road
As it so happens our relationship with the Imperii is one of friendship and cooperation, and hopefully it will grow with the eventual marriage of King He Min Ki and Princess Æðelflæd. To show our power and investment into this relationship we shall build a road connecting our road network to the Imperii one.
(build road connecting my road network to the Imperii one.

> Action 2: The Ratking 2/2
The last steps are take to iron out the mistakes made with the original rat kings. They shall now rise as true champions of war among the undead of Meoswilum.

> Action 3: High Court Culture
The high culture of meoswilum is a complex one. The King is to never touch the ground as such he either is always carried or flower petals are thrown on the ground whenever he is to steps somewhere. When in presence of the king one is to never take their feet of the ground (strife instead of walking) and is to never rise their head unless directly ordered too. These complex sets of rituals, customs and slowly are expanded further and take on a new nearly artistic form.
>Conscript additional soldiers
In case the shogun is as mad as the kitsune claim him to be we can't be careless with our defences. So we go about conscripting more soldiers so that we can push back any reckless offence. Many of the Kitsune are eager to join, being able to prove themselves as warriors, and to protect their new home.
>Learn new branch of fire magic Ignis Ignitio
Currently we have no magic that can contribute in combat, in order to affect the battlefield we research into a new branch of fire magic with offensive applications.
Seeing as all is going well, or at the very least, no major issues have occurred recently, the government decides to relax itself for a moment and begin work on internal projects. Word has been going around internally about something to do with documentation, but at the same time there is conflicting word of a new remedy on the horizon.
File: 1602903848195.png (5.18 MB, 2048x2570)
5.18 MB
5.18 MB PNG
We thus decide to send a exploration team toward the north, to discover unexplored lands for the use of well... colony and explorations!
>2: where is the materials, goldstein?
we decide to look for materials(mines for short) in our nation, including the outpost near the tarns
My bank is supposed to be on the oasis tile and my theater is supposed to be in templetown.

>Action 1 & 2 - Expand Earthen Magic to the Ukulawulwa Kwemvelo Branch (Nature Magic)
The Cult is a able bodied species of Stone Men who have never held the need to pay any mind to nature or agriculture. This sufficiency is now coming back to bite them as they find themselves being fed upon by that which others eat. With much of the population lacking any experience at all with plants, all eyes turn the great Underdwelling Academy.
The Cult comes to find that the plants are not unlike themselves, earth-abiding creatures with no need for victims to sustain themselves. Just as the Golems went from bending the earth around the metal to the metal itself, the Golems now turn their attention to the manipulation of the Nature itself.

>Diplomacy: While those who are healthy are perfectly content to avoided the moss infected, those who have already become a victim to the plants seek immediate answers, travelling the earthen road from TempleTown to Ga'ga'ul in search of answers.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Elle Staffos. Human. Skilled carpenter.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Milaci Hoan. Human. Priest. Ex-fisherwoman.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Drys. Half-Driad. Farmer.
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Phucius Tran. Kitsune. Lead negociations with the mayor council, representing the new settlers.

>1: On the coast of the jungle tile, found the city of Antoanportus
>2: Build a lumber mill in Antoanportus. Build a port in Antoanportus.

With a great influx of population from Tarnatos, and a new strategic area to develop, a new city is founded. It will be Antoanportus ("safe port"), and its first industries will be a port and a lumber mill. A road will come later on, but for now, the port will have to suffice to trade with other cities.
With this new addition, the Ahnemamare shipyards will hopefully have the necessary materials to produce stronger and more advanced boats.

>Diplo Tarnatos: That someone could be aware of our actions might be a threat to our nation ! We must attempt to know more, using the few people sympathetic to our cause left in Tarnatos.
With the new magic school of metal, the scriptorium is created, a place to further the magical arts. For the first spell, to combine flesh and metal. Infinite possibilities.

Action 1: Make a plan, have Orhan device some kind of plan to lure the beast and kill it.

Action 2 : Expand the mines even more. Let the industry rise.

The High Council becomes full once more, and they are itching for another go at the wildlands, claiming more land or exploring more of the unknown, as Hiro did tell them the rumors of Kitsune in those woods. But Hiro then notes that we have yet to properly exploit our current lands. Specifically, our warrior and hunter tribes were unsuccessful and it also brought the disease to us. Hiro also notes that while we have herbs to help with the sickness, we do not have a cure, but perhaps the herbs of the wetlands hold the cure. Furthermore, we are not the only ones with the sickness, the migrants have spread the disease to other nations, nations with rich coffers and a desire for remedies. The prospect of riches intrigue the High Council, and they accept on one condition. There was a herbal concoction said to bolster one's... procreational drive, and they ladies of the High Council wish to test it on Hiro.

Action 1: Second attempt to establish Warrior (Fort) and Hunter (Farm) tribes in the wetlands to the west of Matsubayashi.
The warriors will help tame the lands, aiding further expansion in addition to training our future warriors. While the Hunters will bring back lots of meat and furs, but also forage for herbs that may aid our herbalism efforts.

Action 2: Establish Merchant Town (Bank) and Shipyard (Port) south of Shiroi Mori.
This will allow us to trade our herbal remedies to a lot of people in desperate need. This is the only permanent settlement that isn't a Sacred Forest. But because of that, it isn't too picky on who it lets in.
>Action 1 and 2: Infrastructure Improvements
The King of Lower Marca has quite a swath of land on his hands, filled with forest and farmland. And while these have proven to be very useful for the kingdom, it's become evident that the distance of the frontier to the capital is becoming and issue. As such, some suitable roads are to be commissioned to facilitate the travel of goods and persons.
Additionally, many of those who make a living at the southern lumber yard have been moving onto unclaimed territory on the southern peninsula. We may as well claim that as a proper part of our demesne.
>With effective treatments for the young and healthy the nation is reassured that the new administration really is competent and that the dark days of the Hefferson administration are truly behind them. Interspecies relations seem to be improving as Beast Folk and Human work together to do their part in combating the illness that the Black forest allowed to spread. Off the record in the farming heartlands where many dryad and skilled farmers were sent human dryad couplings are bearing fruit. On the cultural front, the refugees are taking to the Fraterian way of life well and are integrating nicely.

>with a larger expansion of settlements and homes beyond the mountain range, the construction of a fort is planned and funded, those farming communities may be in the heartlands of Fraternitas, but complacency is a slow killer. While in the city of Ava’s landing, new districts rise as the city grows Libraries are erected to act as centers of learning and research, many of the long-lived kitsune are employed in these libraries to put to use there many firsthand accounts of event historical events and to aid in research
(one action to build a fort to protect farms in the heartlands, and a library for knowledge, education, and research)

>With it becoming clear that while life magic can offer many a strong chance of recovery, that our herbalism is severely lacking, it is to this end with the help of the wise and long-lived Kitsune, and the new libraries research into new methods and variant treatments are created. Through trial and error, a herbal treatment for the illness is developed, treating the deadliest effects of the illness. The government is confident that with these new herbal methods and Immuno Boost, that this illness can soon be contained and eradicated.
(spend an action improving herbalism)
1. Create an apothecary to better distribute, study, and administer the newly discovered herbs. With the aid of the Black Forest tribals the gathered herbs will also be planted and a new garden is to be created for the cultivation of said herbs. As this is a vital area the workers are trusted and hand selected by the Elders. Mages are set on watch to assure there is no tampering with the herbal garden, their whisper spell at the ready to summon reinforcements.

2. Learn a new spell: Ensnaring brambles. With wood forms able to rapidly take shape and messages passed along the plant leaves new magic is needed. Channeling into thorny berry bushes they are taught to grow with great haste, lashing out and binding those who cross their paths. This new spell will allow hunters to more easily trap prey, deter unwanted visitors, and when extreme need be berry invaders under a writhing sea of plants.
Seeing as actions don't carry over, it is promptly decided to just work on the ports to deal with incoming and outgoing trade
Both actions go to this
File: 190AC.png (3.23 MB, 2048x2570)
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3.23 MB PNG

While those Lords who come to have the idea to work away at making a new method of magic to better expand the capabilities of the Lo-Hai, and potentially overcome a very obvious and glaring weakness, at the moment, it is very much still just an idea. It is a sound and promising idea as it very soon is found out, and one that will most likely work given enough time, but an idea none the less. And as such, while it isn't able to be utilized just yet, it is still able to be used as the foundation for what will be a very helpful addition for combat. Other than this, nothing much of note happens, with even the expansion onto the small unclaimed islands south being fairly uneventful, somewhat surprising given the actions of certain stone lords not too long ago.

The work on further magic is something that is taken up with ease and with a natural skill. Very quickly it is discovered that, while not exactly the same, it is close enough in the fundamentals in very specific ways that give credence to it working...Though, from early examination it's clear that such is more closely tied to branches of magics outside of golomancy outside the more superficial portions, meaning it's a fairly new type of magical expertise that the people of Arcadia aren't too skilled in. Still, there's enough there that progress goes along at a slow but steady pace, and provided work continues, it is expected the basics will be fully understood and be capable to be put to use for our purposes. In a similar vain, work on magics to heat metals in order to better work with them in both further magical means and even mundane means are put swiftly reaches a satisfactory result and spell, allowing many smiths to rejoice, for their craft can truly be bettered.

Larion calls to magic users of the past, and, with the call, one would soon answer, a ghastly apparition of an old being starting to take form, soon revealing to be akin to that which come from the north west. Soon, the churning of energies would stop as the form would be fully taken, and they'd seemingly stare intensely at Larion, quietly examining and judging, before they would speak.
>You call me here from past the Yumi no Umi to share knowledge with you, haven't you? I can sense and see your very being, glimmering with energy. The ability to utilize magic...Yet a potential not fully realized...My craft in ancient times was one known by my people, yet now it is naught but forgotten, known only by the dead, with false hollow mockeries claiming to be the art itself remaining... Fitting how my craft will live once more after death, even more so that it would be brought back through a ritual related to the soul...The line between life and death, and the magics related to it are not what one would expect, but it is one you will learn...I know you will have many questions, so ask them now. But know, the time I have here is limited. Ask what is most important to you, before I tell what I can.
After saying this, they would simply wait for a response...

An unfortunate accident one day sees a man from the council go missing after a storm passed over from the south. From what is known, he decided to go on a short fishing trip with some friends, something he did at least once a week. Unbeknownst to the council, he was very much alive, and would have been thrown wildly off course before the small vessel he had crashed, throwing him into a muddy, wet shore...By the time he awoke, he found himself alone in a dark muddy forest. Yet, in the back of his mind, he felt eyes upon him...He was stuck on the other side of the cove his home city was situated next to...He was in the barbarians land...

Work on the road to the Imperii goes at a long and slow pace, being outside both the Kingdom of Meoswilum and the Imperii. Despite this good progress is made and the road in its current state reaches the river, where across it will likely be built further through uncharted territory. News from the Imperii is they plan on aiding work on furthering the road, and ideally, have it connect to Tarnatos as well, which would be a major boon for trade for Meoswilum, and to a lesser extent the Imperii. Additionally, during the celebration, the higher culture of the Meoswilum court comes to light. It is a fairly ornate one, and one that is strictly enforced. But it is an integral part of Meoswilum culture, and a part now more in the knowledge of the other nations with the celebrations.

Meanwhile, the key to creating the 'Rat Kings' and making sure they are actually mobile and usable is found. With it, the things can properly walk and strike hard. They are still a bit slow and clumsy, but they were never made for elegance and grace, more so just raw power and bruit force. Something they fit to a T. Perhaps further specialization could be done to better utilize this strength and durability, or even not just to these 'Rat kings' but to other, new idea's created by essentially stitching bodies together? Speaking of death, a number of rice crops in the north west of the kingdom perish from blight. It's a bit of unfortunate news in a time meant for celebration, though some blame the Lo-hai, for the only other reason besides poor luck would dare question the judgement of the king in his choice of wife, as well as the new Queen...


Those Kitsune who were banished swiftly make up a good chunk of the ranks of soldiers, many eagerly joining without needing to be coerced into doing so. Naturally, they are a bit more keen on striking out against the shogun. The most skilled and magically inclined soldiers seem to be their priests, or shrineless Monks and Miko, and they are useful in training not just the less experienced kitsune to enter the ranks, but those humans who also are needed to fill the ranks. Even so, the majority of them aren't too well trained, but with time and effort, along with some better equipment, they will make a great fighting force to protect the nation from any acts of aggression. On a somewhat related note, a branch of fire magic is worked on, one for more offensive based use. It isn't exactly ready yet but the secrets to utilizing fire as a magical weapon will soon be within the grasp of the Hegemony.

With focus on internal affairs, the work of the government, is seen in the major expansion of the great ports of Venaquitis, turning the ports into a massive sprawling docks, able to serve a hundred ships, and as a result of this, much more food from the sea comes to the land named after it. However, despite this focus on the internal, there are still some who seek to interact with the wider world. And as such, a wealthy military man had the idea to go to Tarnatos. While there, he has come to learn the basic equipment of the soldiers there, both the more poorly equipped militia, and the few more professional soldiers. While this isn't much help, seeing how their equipment isn't exactly standardized, nor is war really something planned, what is a decent amount of help is a few fighting techniques the skilled soldiers use, techniques which might be able to be put to use by the people of Sealand.


The expedition is a slow, drawn out affair to lands extremely far away. It takes months of travel before the first uncharted lands are discovered, but by then supplies start running thin, and the crew is forced to pull back. Perhaps if the outpost near the tarns was built up as a naval port, it could serve to aid future expeditions, or if such was set up on one of the newly found islands. Regardless, it wasn't a waste, but it felt like much more could be done. During the trip, mainly on the way back, a number of ships off the coast of the land that is connected to the continent, somewhat near the tarn but further north, are sighted. They aren't bothered, and don't bother the expedition, though it is something important to note, especially seeing as a few simply sail past at seemingly twice the speed of the ships on the expedition. Other than this expedition, the lands are further prospected for resources that can be of some use. (Wait till next update, QM1 has your resource map and he's asleep at the time of writing this.)

With such little understanding of nature itself, and the plants which grow from it, the work of the Underdwelling Academy is work that is fast, and hectic, searching for answers to deal with this new growth that is causing quite a bit of discomfort to those infected. It is soon found that this will take a much longer time then expected, much to everyones frustration, as magic of nature seems to be fickle. The life of such plants being surprisingly different to that of the earth, with only the most superficial of similarities found. Still, the work goes on, and after some time a breakthrough is made, not enough to utilize such magics, but to understand what they are, and their relation to the more commonly used magics of the Ithempeli. Despite this setback however, with those going to Ga'ga'ul, they would find a fairly simple answer of how to deal with such, while the moss in question seems different, the mosses that they have had to deal with in the past have as of late been dealt with by the work of the Lo Hai, which seem to feed off of such things. Curiously, some get the idea that the Lo Hai might have been made to help maintain and keep the Ithempeli clean, along with the other peoples of stone.


The city of Antoanportus is founded swiftly by a number of settlers, and just as swiftly, it is built up into a proud city equal to the others, already its exotic lumber comes to the other cities and into the trade routs, though at this moment in time, actually working the material properly is a bit more tricky, with the trees being unusual in their hardness and make. Still, it is something that surely will come about in time, surely there is a use for these strange, dark woods. However, there is further news from Tarnatos. The search to determine who is aware of the actions you have been doing goes either well or poorly depending on who you ask. You discover that there are certain people who are reporting on your movements and actions. To who is unknown, however, what is known is that it seems like, as far as your people can tell, they are all kitsune. This leads to some worrying questions. Are any of the slaves saved spies? And just how much does the one these people are reporting to know about your work and operations?

There is much to consider with regards to this beast. All of its sightings are a fair way off the coast, far enough that it is clear the creature prefers deeper waters. This means the expedition needs to involve multiple ships. A second thing to consider is how intelligent is it? If the creature is smart, it could simply stay under the waves, and take chunks out of the ships sent, waiting for them to sink while little can be done other than throwing spears into the water in the hopes it does something. Thirdly is a more practical issue, resources. The republic is rich, but what it has in luxury resources that it trades to many others, it lacks in more practical materials, such as copper and tin. Still a plan is devised. A small fleet will sail off into the night, armed with nets and spears, and ideally, the creature will be caught and either entangled and forced to remain on the surface where it could be slain, or pulled aboard where it will surely die. So, with this plan, the smallest ship would go out ahead as bait, then, at first sign of the beast, turn back. And, the first stage of the plan would go exactly to it. The beast would strike at the small vessel, and would start causing a few issues for the ships crew. While a number would be lost, it would make it back to the other larger vessels, which would then cast their nets. That was when the plan faltered. The beast was stronger than expected, and while stuck and struggled for a short time, allowing a few stabs, would manage to break free. Upon doing so, it would ram into the smaller ship which would start to sink, after this it would angerly charge at the ship which managed to net the beast, the one Orhan was on. With quick thinking, he managed to throw a spear, one of the only ones tipped with bronze the republic had, that would strike true and hit the creature in the head, embedding itself into it and causing it to let out a roar in pain. It would collide hard with the ship, and then go under the waves... The surviving crew on the smaller ship would be saved, and they would return. Some months later, a report would come from a merchant ship. A creature in the night was sighted far far away to the south, closer to that of one of the other nations, though still far from any shore. One that apparently had a spear stuck in its head...If this report is to be believed, at least the creature was driven off...

In more fortunate news, the mines have been expanded, and a number more veins of riches have been struck, bringing yet more wealth from under the surface. Let the riches of the republic flow.

The attempt to establish tribes in the wildlands is...mixed. The tribes do exist, and they haven't been driven out of the area, but it is harsh for them. Only the most skilled, strongest, and most aware seem to survive in such harsh lands. All others seem to perish, and many of those who attempt to set up these tribes do not live to tell the tale, though this has come to be common knowledge at this stage. The rumors of their being Kitsune in the forests continue, though there is no concrete proof. Only reported sightings by lone travelers or camps that could simply have been set up by other Wolfkin. The further work in such a land however has shown that even the plants themselves are hostile in some cases, and most that aren't dangerous directly seem to be poisonous or inedible. Though, there are some things that are found and foraged, even if they are few. Setting up a small settlement near the coast and a port however is something much much easier and much less a bloody affair. And it is a place that will surely be a place where wealth and material can come to aid the Black Forest Tribes. Ideally, people find out about the new settlement soon...At the very least a new source of food in the form of the sea is found by some who have taken up fishing in this little settlement.


The construction of roads is something that is a great aid to the people, for the transport of the lumber and food from these far off places can be gathered at the capital much easier than before with even the most basic of road systems. It aids not just the capital, but the settlers in the south, for the goods produced by the city can be more easily sent and sold south, while the raw lumber and excess food can be sent traded up north for tools and other goods. Related to this, the small portion of lands west of the lumber yard are claimed by some who used to live there, with a number of small outposts being made. All in all, things are quiet, peaceful, and just that bit more prosperous than before.

A good deal of refugees, even those who initially are sick yet recover later, seem to make a fairly comfortable living, often settling down and joining the ever growing number of small farming villages cropping up over the mountains, and naturally, the government would do its best to make sure they feel safe, and are safe. And in the process would build another fort, this time in the interior. While work was on this, much more focus would be dedicated to utilizing the few kitsune who came to the republic for their knowledge so that it might be written down in books for a newly made Library along with their knowledge on plants Herbalism. Many of these Kitsune however seemed to have a few issues fully integrating and adopting the Fraternian way of life, not helped by their extensively long life span only made just that bit longer by Fraternian's average life expectancy. As such they oft seemed to stand out, being far more reserved, quiet, and polite compared to the stereotypical depiction of a Fraternian, brash, loud and blunt. Yet, even so, the knowledge they had was extremely important, and they seemed to at least take most of the important aspects of Fraternian culture, and as such they were usually allowed to stay. Even if most seemed to view them as strange, and some as not true Fraternian's. But something their knowledge they brought with them, especially with the importance herbalism had at the moment, was a number of agricultural techniques, which a few who lived out in the farmlands would employ. And, it would soon become apparent they were doing something, right for the product brought in by them was much more than normal. It turns out they use a system where in they have three fields, one for winter cereals, one for oats, beans and other crops, and one left barren to be overgrown for animals to graze. The role for each field would shift each year, causing in a three year period each field to have been one of the three types once. Soon, this technique would spread, and with it, the amount of food would drastically increase.

Further more, with a focus on herbalism, and a number of useful plants being employed to help the sick while the recently developed body magic aids the ill even further, the population of the republic starts to rise drastically compared to before, with many new Fraternian men and women born and raised being ready to do as their forefathers did and stake their claim in this Solaria gifted earth.

The creation of an apothecary to better deal with sickness is something that prove to be quite the aid. Having a place where the sick can go to or be brought to which has all that is needed to treat them is a novel and surprisingly useful idea that works wonders, not just in aiding with helping people overcome sickness, but also in finding and recording its symptoms and the results of varying treatments. The garden planted near it is also useful for a quick and easy access to varying useful herbs. On the more magical oriented front, further branching out from the art of making the tree's grow comes a novel spell made to make brambles and bushes trap and claw with thorns at those who come to attack these lands. Of course, at the moment there isn't really any threat other than the occasional animal, but it is better to be safe than sorry. It also should be noted that similarly to the magic it is similar to, using it too much can be harmful to the plant in question. And as such, care should be taken not to overuse it should the plant in question be desired to not wither away.
The councilman, while a coward, is no idiot. He does not know the time limit the ritual has and so he cuts to the chase. "How can I realize the full potential of my magic?"

1. Research continues on the branch of elementals, or school of elementals possibly.
2. With the creation of good metal magic a new project is set up. With the trend of appeasing ancient magical things a statue of the three legged minx is made out of pure copper and delivered as a gift to the creature. It is hoped it will give a gift of knowledge in return but is understood that this is a gamble of resources and the entity may not return the favor.

Event: ships are sent out in search of the missing councilmember. However, the Arcadic navy was never a focus and it is not believed that he would be blown so far away. With no sign that the councilmember lived a day of mourning is called and soon after an election to replace him is held.

>There are a number of things that I am unsure if you know or not, and a number I know for certain. As such, I will make this swift. Ones potential is not entirely set in stone, yet it also lacks infinite potential. For some are born incapable of magic, and others naturally gifted, and the former will always be extensively weaker magically than the latter. This is in part based on ones family and their capabilities. Even so, one can increase their capabilities through the consumption of fish and the meat and few fruits from Yasei lands, and said lands are where magic works much more strongly than normal. How you can fully make use of your potential however is something I cannot tell you. For I cannot guide your every action through life. Their is one other thing I feel the need to tell you before I teach you my craft. Magic is tied to the natural cycles of the world. One skilled with utilizing water magic will find that utilizing plants similar. Additionally, Water is a part of life and death, for it is tied to life itself. Life and death are magics that are intertwined. While opposites, understanding one gives knowledge to the other...With this understanding out of the way, my art is in that of life and death, specifically the art of cutting the line between the two. That which is lives but is dead stands between life and death, and understanding how to utilize this thin line is key to understanding the utilization of the art of Necromancy. First of all, the art is based on ritualistic practices, not channeling. Secondly, it can be combined with soul magics in order to create things with intellect greater than a animal, however, should such be done, the soul needs to be that of the same body, and as such only the willing or the recently deceased will do to create such...
They would go on to explain in detail the varying steps to create simple undead, before shortly after finishing saying
>My time runs thin...Remember this before I go. Magics of water, soul, life, plants, and animal are as tied to life and death as Necromancy is...Now...Go, and bring the art back from the dead.
With this, they would stare in silence, before starting to dissipate after a short time of silence passed, though would fade slowly, before the magics would fade from view, and the air went completely still.
1. Create more/improve farms. With our nation reaching tall into the trees and steadily growing we must expand our caloric outputs. Let every family have full bellies, no member of the Conclave will know hunger lest they desire it. Our farms will be further expanded with shape wood spells being used to assure the fruit and nut laden branches grow within reach of pickers. Wood also be shaped to create better irrigation channels, and at some point various dams to control the distribution of water to different species of edible plants. Our knowledge of mathematics will also aid in the distribution and irrigation of water pathways. Another emphasis with farming is homes to contain their own gardens, with the ability to shape wood mages are easily able to create planter boxes and "floating" gardens thoughout the tall city. These will help citizens connect more deeply with nature while providing an alternative food source should calamity or enemies befall upon the farmlands.

2. Create spell: Leaf Shield. With our nature magics growing another avenue must be explored. Mages focus on expanding leaves to become gigantic, they layer numerously upon themselves. This process is repeated till even the strongest hunter is unable to pierce through the layered shield of leaves.
In time with these three spells we will be able to shape wood to form a basis, create leaf shields to protect the top from projectiles, secure the base with layers of writhing brambles, and use the very plants themselves as our scouts to pass messages and tell us of intruders. Our defensive living wall will be impenetrable, creating a mighty cocoon that our nation may emerge as a dominant agricultural powerhouse with the most robust defenses throughout all the land.
1. Finish the Branch of Water Evocation

2. Found a city on the middle island called Ok'dl.

The High Council is upset by news from the west, our mighty whitehairs decimated, though they are able to hang on. Tsuyoi is adamant that this is where true warriors will be born, and wishes to bolster our warrior presence further. But the other thinks it's reckless, though Moriko makes note that the poisonous plants could be used to augment our javelins, making them truly terrifying. Hiro notes that the conclave has constructed an apochetary, and that the wild wetland is the perfect place for our own. That is where the disease originated, it is where people will likely be poisoned and they could also concoct the best poison as well as medicine. Yuuka doesn't like the idea that we might lose this territory, so she throws in her support as well, but also wishes to make expansion soon. Hiro then shoots in another proposal, Shaanlín, a Sacred Forest in the northern mountains. It would increase our presence in the north's temperate grasslands and act as a midpoint between Shiroi Mori and the Conclave.

Action 1: Found a Herbalist (Medica) and bolster the Warrior (Fort) tribe west of Matsubayashi.
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. The poisonous plants shall be studied and become another weapon, and we shall get monster hunters as our warriors.

Action 2: Found the Sacred Forest of Shaanlín in the northern mountains.
This will cut the travel from Shiroi Mori to the Conclave of Life into two halves, much more manageable. It will also help in utilizing the temperate grassland around, maybe we'll try our hand at herding.
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Thani Do. Kitsune. Known archivist. Participed in the effort to influence the Tarnatos courts to free more slaves.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Mak Tabor. Human. Priest. Ex-metalworker.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Gyriades Hal. Half-Dryad. Known merchant.
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Vuongus An. Kitsune. First new settler to enroll in the army.

>1 : Set up a spy network in Tarnatos and a counterspy network at home. If possible, intercept the communications between the people who are reporting on our actions and their masters.
The possibility of spies impeding our fight for freedom is very worrying. Our attempts to liberate more slaves are public knowledge, and the general population wants these efforts to continue. At the same time, having informants in Tarnatos proved invaluable. It is decided to solidify our lose netork of informant into a proper spy network, both at home and in Tarnatos.
All spies will placed under the responsibility of the mayor council.
Their first task is to intercept communications between the one who are reporting on our actions, and their masters. We would like to know who are reporting, who are their masters, and what they know.

>2: Build a carpenter shop in Antoanportus. Begin to build a road between Antoanportus and the rest of the road network.
It is true that we lack experience with lumber, and especially with hard wood. A dedicated carpenter shop is set up, at first to experiment with this new materials, and then to mass produce to pieces we may need, and become a center of learning through apprenticeship.

While we have an idea as to the who, we don't have the solid evidence to properly pin this on them, and completely destroy their influence over the city we desire. But that will change in time, ideally very soon. The Spy Network in the city would be expanded, and ideally we can have some Servus be 'freed' by these people, be brought to wherever these people bring their freed Servus, and then utilize that to get not only the knowledge of where they are, but proof of who they are, along with allowing us to set up shop in their nation. In a similar vein, we can use our spies in the city to find and capture their agents, and get the information from the horses mouth directly, along with further disrupt their activity. Ideally, we can uncover a lot of 'corruption' and influence by this foreign power, and then use our influence to make them lean closer to our own ideals.

Other than this, the first general expansion of the Imperii slows down. The number of Telrac had grown, yet the number of Servus hadn't risen as much. And now, there was a slight threat of issues arising with regards to food. As such, a number of farms would be set up in the south for food that the Servus could consume so that their numbers would be able to more easily multiply, and as such, there could be more Telrac and more hands in the Imperii to do work. Somewhat nearby these farms would be a newly set up salt mine, made so that way the food of the Servus could be prepared and kept fresh as it was transported to elsewhere in the Imperii, and also so that the salt itself could be transported outside the Imperii, for the lesser races to utilize for their own preservation of food. Perhaps this salt might become more lucrative and important than gold itself? At least, to those outside the Imperii...

>Action One. Expand the spy network and attempt to gain further influence over Tarnatos.

>Action Two. Build the salt mines.

>Action Three. Build two farms.
With the report from the officer's visit to Tarnatos and his findings during his time there the Admiral reviews his own troops. Among them, he noticed that a dew of them were rather sloppy, those being reprimanded for their lack of form and poor practice. After a few hours, he got in touch with the merchant-soldier to preform some of the moves that he could remember and seeing his work made him reconsider the current training regiment

2 Actions: With the thought of self defense in mind, Faris Con began to develop his own style of fighting that built upon the current one his troops were taught. He developed the style around both the general archery that they were taught normally and but added onto it a close combat training set to either use the bow as a rod by cutting the string in cases of enemies that can't be touched, or ditching the bow entirely to make maneuvers to debilitate opponents in hand to hand combat. With his combat theory done, he worked with his captains on widespread implementation throughout the troops of Sealand, setting it as the new standard within the nation for advanced combat.
>1:Not so fast kid!
We began to construct a harbor/port and a farm near our colony that is well next of the tarn tribe, which would enable us to easily access the northern unexplored regions
>2: exploration time niggas
We decide to send another expedition toward the northern unexplored territory, that failed due of not having a harbor, oh and we also send a mainland expedition toward the center of the 'mainland'
>1: connect Flumen to Scivin
By road. There are still people in Flumen who want an easy route back to Scivin

>2: Help the Miyagi make more defenses.
Admittedly, the Miyagi don't have much in terms of defense. They are vulnerable, and few in numbers. With the agreement of their leader, we will help them construct a solid border around their territory.

>3: Miyagi fire magic
Make a spell for it. I mean, it's fire magic. Can I make things combust with it? Like cooking without a stove?
>Build more roads
More roads are constructed to make travel faster and safer across the nation.
>Learn new branch of fire magic Ignis Ignitio, part 2
Study of the magic continues.
>with the nation having integrated the new Fraterians and with population and food on the raise it is once again time for the nation to expand, only this time they will set their eyes on securing lumber supplies for generations to come, expand on to the island (pick related)

>With new lands comes new resources while there are some that urge for immediate construction of lumber mills more prudent voices say to survey the land for hidden resources and dangers before diving fully into this new land. Yet a few more grumble about the lack of a port.
(prospect the island)

>national fluff the kitsune despite their reserved nature have become valued members of the nation, and unofficially more than a few human kitsune couplings are bearing fruit intertwining them even more with the nation.
File: wood claims boi.png (156 KB, 792x558)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
>Action 1: Expand East
Scouts have observed more ample and living land on the eastern peninsula. Here forests can be found. Academics studying Nature magic are sent along with settlers to this new land for greater comprehension.

>Action 2: Create Nature Spell: Indlala (Rot Plant)
The Cult knows better than to trust its safety and security to the subservience of others. No longer does the Cult rely on the worship of others. The academy instead focuses on the destructive elements of their magic, creating a spell to forcefully decompose vegetation.
>Action 1: Expand South
The Marcans are a freedom-loving people, and as a result tend to expand the frontier on a regular basis. This time in particular, a couple of maritime enthusiasts have begun to flock to the island, seeing the troubled sea between it and the mainland as a sort of rite-of-passage to become a true sailor.

>Action 2: Resource Prospect
Over the past several (turns) the Marcans have expanded nearly twice in size. The Upper Marcans in particular are interested in the potential value of the land, and commission prospectors to survey the land for potential resources.
>(I don't know how much of an area can be prospected in a single turn, so I'll just say I prioritize the northern half of the nation with this action.)
Farming efficiency rises to feed an ever growing population, as both of your grand farms are improved. While the population density of the Conclave does not really allow the luxury of most inhabitants having a private garden an interesting solution is developed. The roofs of the multi-storey houses dotting the capital would be converted into gardens. If not a great way to grow more food, in the very least it is a great way to get rid of feces.

A new spell is developed. The leaf shield turns out to be a good alternative to normal shields. It can be carried covertly at all times and expanded upon request. The Inclusion of magic in military matters though comes to worry the Warrior Caste as they fear that mage and soldier might become synonymous. Magic attacks using wood shaping? Magic shields? The magically untallented fear they might lose their place in the army.

The improvements in medicine of the Conclave were overestimated… letting everyone enter the land whether sick or not was bound to backfire and it did. Within the densely populated area of the capital the disease spreads rapidly, luckily it seems to mostly make people unable to work rarely ending in death

A new branch of water magic comes into existence, one which lends permanent shapes to magic objects. Be it a familiar like a wolf or fish alongside you formed out of water or a set of armor further insulating you.

A new Lo-hai city sprouts from the ground. May the warring ways of the Stone Crabs spread throughout the world.

Among the giant treas, wild beasts and poisonous bushes a house of medicine rises. Alchemists and tinkerer’s gather to experiment with the local fauna and to keep the crazy enough among the Wolfkin to enter this wild land alive as long as they can.

In the far north at the side of a mountain the plains the first druids gather laying the foundations of a new sacred forest. the first saplings are planted and the druids gather praying for a grand forrest to sprout (spend another action to convert said tile from plains to forest)

The odd disease slowly decreases, and is slowly passing.
As your spy network in Tarnatos keeps growing, one of your spies seems to attract the suspicions of someone; a Kitsune woman just shy of growing her 9th tail whacks him over the back of the head. The spy is interrogated, and reveals the secret of your spy mission, but the woman seems to be happy with their mission. She personally is neutral towards slavery, but she sees spirit in the young spy and good in the people of Libertandoc. While standing in her small herbalist hut in the middle of nowhere she stands up and announces herself to be Pham Tien, a name your spy would have heard. The 4th of the great heroes from the age of heroes and only one whose fate remains unknown. The spy would not believe the woman’s claims, but in his report he would note how in her hut there was another Kitsune of the Yukitsune sort, but only having 3 tails, she seemed to be made out of metal or stone like a Zlon in spire of looking nearly ideally like a Kisune. Could there be something to the ramblings of this old lady?

(a road is already 1 dedicated actions, So I’ll prioritize that for this turn)
The new city is connected to the road network, making the group of city states connected once more!

By Kyuu… what is this heresy??? As your spies further penetrate deeper into Tarnatosi society you learn just how deep Libertandoc corruption goes. All 4 Citystates are cooperating on government sponsored slave freeing operations and proselytizing frankly… disgusting faith. The Libertandoc believe in an evil deity known as Stakh. A god of anarchy, unrest and selfishness opposed to all forms of social order and civilisation, no much different to how the Meoswilum describe druids. Stakh is a being which desires freedom, freedom for slaves, freedom from nobility, freedom from servitude. He supports a primitive tribal form of rulership known as “democracy” aka “mob rule” where the mom chooses who shall rule them, but the virtue of who screams the loudest. The faith of Stakh among the tarnatosi slaves is spreading rapidly, more rapidly and Kyuu worship among the higher classes. The slaves embracing Stakh could spell the death of any virtuous society… more so the Imperii who are doomed to death without their slaves.

Two salt mines and farms are constructed, soon the Imperii learn that feeding salt to the slaves makes their blood taste bad. it truly is a good only useful for export, but who will buy it?

Event: A divergent culture. A New culture emerges from the adoption of values from Libertandoc. Some Kyuu nobles have heard of a nation discovered recently, hostile to Tarnatos they wished to learn of it. Among them a fascination develops of the system known as “democracy”. Wishing to copy it they invite their slaves to choose the Telrac which shall rule them. They adopt some of the Libertandoc styles of dress. It is by all means, just a fascination. They are still fully loyal to the Empress, though others might see them as odd.
New ways of combat are developed imitating the ways of war of the Dryads. One thing is slowly noticed, magic and our lack thereof. As such what is developed is an anti-mage martial art. One emphasizing closing in on the target as fast as possible and using sand to blind their eyes as well as techniques to quickly disable the hands and jaw to stop them from chanting spells. Many of the practitioners fear though that the best counter to magic is magic, something the Sea Elves sorely lack.

Event: A new culture. In the north a new culture develops. One opposed to the ways of Tarnatos. These Elves seem to have picked up on the Meoswilan hatred of druids, which they extended to hatred of Dryads. The so known “Men of Salt” are an odd bunch which is fiercely loyal to the nation, but actively launch raids on Tarnatosi vessels and attack Tarnatosi traders.

A farm is built to feed the fleshy servants of the Borevians. Those fleshy beings are needed to carry our bags and do the dangerous tasks after all! We need to make sure to breed them properly.

The Colossus orders another secret expedition north now prepared more than ever. Is he looking for something, or is it just a hunch? (only one expedition per action). The second expedition is a great success! … or at least marketed as one. A new island is charted and added to the map, the explorer Hirsh Kirshenbaumstein goes down in the annals of history for discovering his empty desert land.

The road is constructed and Flumen is properly introduced as part of the realm while at the same time military fortifications are erected on Miyagi land.

Most importantly mages from your land are slowly learning the basic of fire magic, it is not much different to water magic in how it flows through your body as both Schools of magic are of Elemental nature, but it seems that being beasts of the Sea the Miyagi are less attuned to magic of the flame. (Branch of Fire magic ½, decide what he branch is)

Event: On the Island of the Diamond miners, a culture very different to that of the mainlanders has developed. A culture which values strength and puts Megalodon at the top of the 4 divine beings of the Cuvier. The diamond miners have at random traveled land and have developed a vendetta against the being of the Tongue of Aka >>4486006. They have learned of the land laying in ruins, wished to go there and plunder, but were confronted by a hooded figure which offered to tell them the future. They suddenly felt powerless and devoid of all aggression, not having any gifts to offer nor the will to offer them they were instructed to leave and unable to oppose the being they left, but they harbor a vendetta. Many times since they have attempted to raid the strange land barely managing to steal a trinket from the ruins before being confronted once more by the hooded figure.
More roads are constructed and along with them knowledge spreads within the nation. Said spread of knowledge leads to the creation of a branch of magic which harnesses fire for war. Durmagn warriors would now be themselves like roaring ovens ready to burn their enemies to the ground.

On an unrelated note, relations with Shorino have somewhat stabilized. The nation is discontent with yours, but not hostile. The gift granted to the Divine Shogun did it’s job, but beyond the refusal actively arming what they see as terrorists is something they despise. As such it comes with a surprise when a message comes that you are to send your best warriors to a tournament, or game of war held in shorino. A contest of martial and magical prowess for true warriors.

With the national borders secure, population growing and trust in the state restored, the people of Fraternits finally feel happy to once again settle for new land. In the search for a stable source of timber they wander west, finding a fertile forested land. They quickly colonize it, but moving west they find other people. They are called lower Marcan’s and it seems a Majority of them are followers of Halistra, the goddess of Mercy from Mezentia. As such the two people’s get along remarkably well and many Fraternitas Humans settle among the Marcans with in kind many marcans moving west into Fraternitas land.

On the land that Fraternitas managed to obtain they were quick to find a source of Sapphires. Blue stones of unparalleled beauty… but it just so happens that some of the people of Fraterninats have discovered many Pearl Clams just off the coats of the Marcan part of the island

Expanding the magic of the earth to include those beings who dwell in it is an interesting choice. Soon a spell is born killing plants rooted in the ground. Minerals belong to the ground and stone. Indlala returns to the soil that belonged to it, rapidly all minerals are sucked out of the plant and returned to the ground making it wither within a few weeks after. This spell might also come in handy for suppressing symptoms of plant based diseases.

An expansion eastward occurs to study the oasis.

Skipping past the turbulent twister colonies spring up one after another. Mainly settled by Halistra worshippers wishing to have a land to themselves a colony is established. It is composed of the kindest among lower Marcan’s, but also those who are the best sailors. Colonisation is slow and eventually stops once it’s found out the people of Fraternitas have colonised the western portion of the island. It seems though that relations between the two colonies are very much so friendly. It also seems that the Fraternitans worship a goddess similar to the one the mainland Marcans do. Still, the colony is very cut-off from the mainland to keep it cohesive; a port both on the island and on the mainland would be of importance.

You find: 2 deposits of copper and one source of salt.
File: Turn7.png (3.14 MB, 2048x2570)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB PNG
The Branch of Elemental magic is completed. It is an odd subset of Earth magic, for one would rather think that Earth is part of the Elements not the other way around? But few do realize that much also makes up the Earthen Element as well as such this Branch would specialize in wielding the components which each make up the Earth.
(things like specifically using Silicates, Soils, and other Elemental building blocks of "Earth")

The creature seems easily appeased, now appearing in front of the humans in a form much smaller the height of a human when sitting down. With a smug expression it talks in a childish voice.

"Being honest I did not expect you to come back. You lot seem like ones who would frown upon the divine not grant it gifts, but I guess even such as you feel the instinctive urge to give praise to the Gods which stand above all other Gods."

The statue they brought would disappear from their hands now standing guard at the entrance to the ruins. On the path the Explorers walked here all plantlife dies and the soil hardens. It is as if they are invited to come again. In awe they observe as the Lynx comes to sit in between them and out of the huts dotting the ruins spirits of the dead emerge. It is women with tiny horns dressed in leaves and skeletons who instead of muscle have slime.

The Lynx sits ready as all gather. “You may ask us what you want and both me who is named Xalaa and the people before me who are named Xalaa will answer truthfully? What do you wish to learn? Of the fate of these people, or of the fate of mine? Of the master we serve, or the works he created in this world of ours? Of the divine, or of the mundane histories of this world? Of his other servants or enemies of the divine?”
With the recent discovery of silver and gold in our territory, we thus decide to build mines on said area where we have found silver and gold... maybe it could be used later... maybe...
>2:the great push
With the expedition team on said desert, they would then go deeper inside the unknown desert... what shall they find will be hidden as a top secret information that only the shadow council shall be aware of.
>national fluff
With prospects of lumber supplies staying crippled and with no other readily available sources, the Fraterian government can see no other choice but to force the issue and take it, the question of the matter is how? There are those that clamor for military action to force the issue while the foreigners are still trying to tame the land, while others suggest a more subtle approach. From what the reports on the Marcan culture, their people are in all but name slaves of the state, an appalling idea to the gathered government officials. In the end, a balanced approach would be taken, preparations for war would be made and battle plans were drawn up, but also an active campaign of cultural subversion would be enacted, the serfs of lower Marca, are a ripe hotbed of revolutionaries waiting for the ideology to spark a revolution.
At home, the thing is mostly well although certain, ‘issues’ are becoming harder to ignore, since the time of the Cleanerson administration the number of free Beast Folk has been on the rise and so have the number of hybrids which still officially still do not exist, though it is an open secret that is becoming harder to ignore. With the migration of humans, dryads, and kitsunes, brought more inevitable hybridization. Soon this will be an issue, that the nation will need to address and decide how these demi-humans will be treated and with what social status they should belong. Though not quite on them an era of change was coming.

>Action 1 begin supplanting Marcan culture with Fraterian culture, spreading the ideas and beliefs to the marcan side of the island.

With the Marcans and Fraterian colonies blending and overlapping some cultural fusion would be a reasonable thing to expect in most cases, however, the Fraterian government, and its people made it a policy to spread theirs far and wide. Learning of the serfdom that all lower Marcans were subject to and the yoke of tyranny that had been forced on them by their state, it was only natural that the Fraterians would begin sharing ideas of freedom, liberty, and the right to self-determination. Championing the idea that the only legitimate form of government is one derived from the people.

>Action 2 build a fort and port on the Fraterian side of the island.

With the cultural conversion underway on the Marcan side of the island, the Fraterians prepared their side to repeal any attacks that of reprisal that any pro-lower marcan government elements might be repealed. While along the coast a port is established to facilitate rapid commerce to and from the island, as well as rapid deployment of troops should the need arise.

1. Further improve our understanding of medicine, lest this tragedy reoccure with more devastating results. Also send an envoy of scholars to see what advancements the Black Forest Tribes have made to their medical research as this was a jointed effort.

2. Invent tech: camouflage. Our scouts, hunters and warriors begin training to move with the forest, they play games of hide and seek, and they make simple bush or branch systems to cover themselves in. With repetitions of these games, drills and tasks our understanding of hidden movements will emerge.

While the news in Tarnatos was one that proved this would be an annoying bother and minor thorn in the Imperii's side. It was not one that worried the Heáhcásern, for while these bothersome rebelious servus trying to cause trouble had clearly put quite a bit of influence into the city, what they don't have is an easy way to slip more spies into the city, nor are they close enough to easily communicate with their homeland. This means that the spies of the Imperii would be faster, more easily given orders, and more easily replaced in the rare worst case scenario. Yet, even so, that didn't mean the Imperii could let this fester. Instead, it would need to do great action. It was clear the actions of these 'Libertandoc' people were a threat to the Imperii's interests. As such, stopping all of their work in their tracks, and pointing out all the work they had done and the influence their chosen faction in the city had gained was a top priority. For snuffing out this flame before it burned the city down would be wise, and the best way to do that would be to simply show how these 'liberal' forces were naught but puppets of a foreign power. This would be done by getting a number of people into the cities guard and military. From there, they could be fed information on the location and work of Libertandoc forces and stop them, further, getting control over what the city's criers say would be key for controlling the flow of information and showing just how deep this corruption lies. Further, simple spreading of rumors about the Libertandoc's deity would do well in convincing the less faithful among the Tarnatos converts to reconsider. Ideally, all of this would further a faction more keen to Imperii interests and reverse the damages of the Libertandoc's who have yet to learn their place in the world beneath their superiors. In the worst case scenario, the infiltration into the military would at least make a coup possible.

The Heáhcásern wasn't just doing this to stomp out this small spark before it turned into a fire. They were doing this to send a message. And, they were doing this to make sure that the city would one day become a future part of the Imperii, ideally willingly. As doing so would make sure any sort of potential dissidents would have not a leg to stand on when their fellow's willingly come into the Imperii's embrace. Somewhat related to this, having learned roughly where the Libertandoc's people were due to sneaking a few servus among the few most recent free'd slaves, and also seeing a need to have a much easier way to ship the many goods of the Imperii to other nations, the construction of a few ports would be ordered.

>Action One. Shut our rivals in Tarnatos down, and try to utilize this to discredit the liberalizing forces as foreign.

>Action Two. Expand our influence among the opposition to the rampant liberalization, and aid them.

>Action Three. Build up ports near both our cities.

With regards to the few...Eccentric Telrac who like the silly idea of democracy, the Heáhcásern would simply allow them to continue their little idea's. Though, she would try and encourage them to have their silly elections be for life, though otherwise, the issue was one that was believed would go away with time for now, for in the worst case scenario where this foolery spreads, the simple fact could be pointed out that without such a hierarchy, it would be unlikely for the servus to stay such, and as such, food would run low without extreme pressure, effort, and work being put upon the clergy in keeping people faithful enough to willingly offer their blood for Telraci consumption. The servus were instilled the zeal they had for a reason, and it would be much more difficult to do that if they were given the ability to skip sermons and lessons by the priests...Though thinking about it further, Aedhelthrydh would think it might be best to further organize the servus, and on a similar note, the military...

The High Council hears of the disease lightening in the west, though seeming to spread out of the sprouting Sacred Forest of Shaanlín, reaching the Conclave of Life, fellow foresters, much denser populated than us. While they want to bolster the growth of Shaanlín, Hiro manages to steer the focus instead on the Conclave, specifically, that the herbs have limited effectiveness. If the herbs are insufficient for this disease, what about the next? Herbalism does have a potential, as the High Council found out when drugging Hiro, another joint project is therefore approved to bring us closer to it's potential.
While the concern of more outbreaks has people hesitant on expanding into the wild wetlands, it is also noted that more lands mean more herbs, and they just made a herbalist tribe to study these effects. Perhaps they could isolate parts of the plants with beneficial effects.

Action 1: Joint project with the Conclave of Life, derived technology: Herbal Alchemy from Herbal studies.
Through boiling, distilling, and other effects, seek to extract parts and kill others to narrow down the amount of parts we work with. Perhaps a healing plant is also poisonous, if we can isolate the healing and poison parts, we could make both a potent medicine and a deadly poison.

Action 2: Expands into the Wild Wetlands.
More land means more samples, which should help progress in the field of herbalism. Also it's high time to continue our expansion into these wild and dangerous lands.
File: Dynasty Tree.png (105 KB, 3000x2328)
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105 KB PNG
For decades the Moswilum nation has thrived on the magic of nobility backing it's power, but the bulk of the army and population and even lower clergy was always the peasantry.

Their magic based of controlling mycelium in the soil as opposed to spores from their blood has mostly found agricultural use, but with the introduction of rat kings the head of the Cult of En for peasants 6th Circle high priest Rem Man Ha has tireressly worked to develop a spell which would let peasants use magic offensively.

Gyengwoga was created:

> Action 1: New Spell
Gyengwoga - users of this spell insert their hand/foot into the soil to then directly control the micelium within it. Rappidly growing mushrooms using them as weapons. Weak users of this art merely can grow a mushroom over your foot to trip you, mediocre ones can grow one so quickly that it punches you as strongly as a fist. Grand mages can grow mushrooms so rapidly they hit like a truck. All mushrooms created this way wither nearly instantly, and for this magic to work the soil requires miceleum (mushroom fibers) and water as such it only works in forrests and swamps unless the user also knows water magic.

Users of this spell would often be able to be spotted because they do not wear shoes so they can quickly insert their foot into the soil.

> Action 2
Finish Wedding Day Road (road from my land to Imperii land)

> Action 3: A game of War
It is said that it was invented to keep the war-like instincts of the Lo-Hai in check... but that's not all behind the game of Kes-Gi. A game which irl would be a mix of Chess and Warhammer it is a game of strategy and battlefield wits. It's true purpose in fact lies in appeasing the Queen Mother and Princess of the Telrac. Hopefully she will be happy to hone her martial skills with this game and not put herself at risk in combat.
New Spell for Water Evocation Branch - Shade Pool
A corpse lowered into a prepared Shade pool is rendered into a water shade, a ghastly liquid servant to it's master.

A Shade Pool is a large basin of water, that must be chanted over continuously for 3 days, before it turns a dark opaque black. The corpse may be anything below Lo-hai size, and a Lo-hai may have only 1 at a time. The shade takes a featureless shape of the corpse, dissolving it and emerging as a murky fetid water, the stench is unmistakable. The shade stays near the master Lo-hai for survival, drawing on his magic for form. They serve as short range scouts, sources of water, sentries, and simple servants at the moment

The 3 New tiles and the surrounding ocean (Named Oleg'cye, sea of Home), drive a frenzy in the Lo-hai. So much open water, a Stone Lord can't be expected to return home every breeding season for the grotto. A new boat, called the Uruk-tlk (Egg Ship) comes to be. Deeper and longer than the traditional Lo-hai round boat, it comes with one crucial piece. A massive chunk of Ga'la'gul granite and woven seaweed as an anchor to keep the egg ship secured in storms, protecting the brood
Event response: In regards to their aggravated assault against trading vessels, the members of the crew is brought in for a meeting with one of the captains.During that meeting it is explained that attacking a trade partner of the Republic of Sealand as a member of their nation is both an affront to who they are trading with and the Republic of Sealand itself. And despite them knowing this, they took action to cause problems for a trading partner against the orders of superior officers. They are given two options. Either be demoted a rank for all members included within the "Men of Salt" as well as be put on probation, or, put their hatred to use for the nation. If they are so determined to resent the nation of Tarnatos, they can scout out the land bordering the north of Tarnatos as a means of claiming resources for the Republic of Sealand and preventing Tarnatos from uncovering whatever may be there. During the expedition should they chose to take it, they will not be allowed to travel by boat there. They will have to trek by land, using small ships to cross rivers should they need to. They will also not be allowed to harm any Tarnatosi that they find while traveling lest it be considered treason to the country. Should there expedition be successful the charges will be dropped and they will be able to resume their normal duties as if nothing had happened. Perhaps they may even get a town named after the group should they reveal valuable resources there. However, regardless of the outcome, there will be no second incident of this transgression unless they wish to be labeled traitors to the nation that they are so loyal to.

1 Action:Scour the land for resources to see if they can find anything useful
1. After the scribe is corrected that it is the branch of Elementals in the School of Golemancy the spell crafter gets to work on the first spell of the new branch. Working with possibly the easiest substance the magi work with water to learn to implant the spell into a fixed amount and create the 'create water elemental' spell.
2. After learning from the dead magi of a way to increase the magical abilities of others a plan to increase the amount of meat and fish is put into place. Fisheries using specialized golems and normal boats are built along with ranching communities of larger domesticated animals.
>Create the spell Fireball
A spell is devised where the user can concentrate the fire magic into a sphere projectile, while powerful it has a limited area of effect so it is more suited for individual combats than group combat.
>Create an additional farm, expand a farm.
If Shorino is content to leave us alone for now we can use that time to expand upon our economy. The tournament gives us a time of rest, and we should use that time to strengthen our economy and plan ahead, because there is no telling if the tournament is for good or bad.

Baldwin is sent to participate along with the most promising mages and warriors. A few of the house scholars are sent along to learn and explain the rules and watch for any kind of foul play.
>Action 1: Building Ports
With a now vested interest in locations that exist off of the mainland, infrastructure to maintain our presence there is necessary. A port is to be constructed on the newly colonized island as well as one in the city of Maso.

>Action 2: Build/Improve a Farm
The Marcan people are spreading far and wide, and as population increases so does the need for food. Now we must accommodate this need with new farmland. It can be easily sanctioned off down south near the rest of our farms.
File: expansion.png (133 KB, 605x652)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>Action 1: Eastern Expansion
Research at the Oasis has been promising but life exists elsewhere as well. The Cult travels upwards, claiming the island and forests for itself.

>Action 2: Create City: Sanctuary
The island created by the river system is a promising place for a new city. The location is defensible, it is nearby other cities and it borders the forest. This new city is intended to become the grandest of cities and great care is put into its stone architecture.
Action 1 : Further develop the magic school, in a general sense, refine the thought as a whole.
Action 2 : Build a giant auditorium, to hold celebration and sports. Lets make it last, shall we?
Action 3 : Develop the ports.

>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Kissades. Dryad. Known for her manipulative ways
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Tuania Mok Half-Kitsune. Priest. Ex-Missionary
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Nils Batom. Human. Retired army commander
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Chiana Phoc. Kitsune. Head of the "Guardian Fox Association", a slightly paranoid group of new wave settlers, concerned for spies presence, and afraid to have to go back to Tarnatos.

>Fluff :
The news coming from Tarnatos manages to be good, bad, and weird at the same time. And on top off that there are rumors of Kitsune spies among the last wave of libearted slaves. The general public is worried that our effort to free more slaves may be impeded, and that an enslaving power might have its eyes on us. The carpenter shop will have to wait. This requires our full attention. The carpenter shop will have to wait.

>1: Find the spies inside our nations, arrest them, and make them tell who is their master.
[USEFUL INFO>>4497710>>4498285 ]Our brand new counterspy network will be put to use. To find the spies, we already know they Kitsune, and from the last wave of liberated slaves. However another way to find them could be to intercept their communications with their masters, which should be easy as they have to go overseas one way or the other to reach another nation.

>2 : [PRIORITY :] Instruct our spies in Tarnatos to instruct the tarnatosi slaves who believe in Stakh to spread their faith ideals of freedom, the further they can, especially among the trades routes Tarnatos has with its neighboors [IF WE CAN IN THIS ACTION :] Send infiltrated missionaries priests in Tarnatos to help spread the faith, especially Aidan Tulonc [HERO], now a middle-aged master missionary.
The faith for Stakh and the ideals of Liberty are simple words, but they inspire hope. So from mouth to mouth, slave to slave, block to block, road to road, the rumor of the believer grows. Praised be Stack.

>Diplo: Phan Tien and her metallic friend: After some time, the spy returns : "Upon hearing your name, the leader of my nation have instructed me to get to know your story, and invited you to live in Ahnemamare, our oldest city".
The banks of the densely exploited region of inner-goia begin to bicker and fill with newly minted gold and silver coin... a joyous day indeed. In the desert an oasis is discovered, but besides that nothing else of note. A minor expedition into the jungle occurs as well discovering the source of a river.
However it is also very much not a joyous day in the slightest, as the dreaded comets of the undead moon were set to hurdle overhead in a most terrible display. Such comets were deemed unholy and cursed by prius who said he could not smell even the smallest drop of gold, silver or any other joyous metal within them.
Even worse it came to be that the cursed comets came down to ruin not only the days of the aurons but their holdings as well. Across the empire farms were destroyed by bombardments of stones of the sky, few aurons died but many serfs, slaves and peasants reliant on a food supply and not being hit by sky rocks fell in the wake of the mass impacts. Mass starvation ensued and many fled from their posts and homes to find homes in foreign nations or even the wilderness. Thus in a matter of minutes, followed by a matter of weeks the majority of the fleshy servants of prius disappeared. Leaving the nation a shadow of its former self, though at least the aurons themselves came out relatively unscathed...
Prius preserve glorious borevia...
(borevian slave/peasant population devastated by spread out meteor bombardment)

Most marcans seem content with their lives, pointing to a philosophy termed as "live and lets roast" (referring to the marcan practice of a community sharing the meat of a deer among them), without major reason to rebel against their masters they remain nearly unaffected. However the discovery of a fairly rich collection of marcan legends and stories causes a minor boom in the production of such stories by fraternitan writers and story tellers. At least something came out of this...
Many clamor for the opportunity to collect wood from the island, perhaps it is time that a woodmill and sapphire mine be established upon it? Maybe that will convince those docile marcans... though others clamor for further action to be taken against the marcan aristocracy.
With the advent of a new poison berry derived fermented jam the disease is eradicated... (it is a shame the jam has bad side effects and doesnt even taste all that good, another one for the archives...)
The practice of this combat simulation of "hide and seek" grows in popularity among youth of the layfolk, using subdued and simple versions of already held back combat spells and weapons in order to fight pitched battles of as many as 50 "soldiers". Nothing notable as a cultural phenomenon but an interesting footnote nonetheless.
A minor drought occurs, the harvests thus are worse in many ways but the food shortage is almost nothing to the conclave, their mastery of plant magic can make up for it through the selling of master crafted wooden goods and good old plant magic. However the worse part comes when a fire burns down the conclave equivalent to an entire village, and there are many more minor fires which nearly threatened to destroy many popular and impressive constructions of the conclave in the process. It is good that this drought was not far, far worse or else entire portions of the conclave could have been turned to ashes...
But not all this destruction leads to ill fate as one key former student of the master of mathematics comes up with a revolutionary deduction. Forests all around the conclave have at one point burned down over the course of conclavian history or else are overgrown. Thus perhaps the overgrown nature of woodcrafted settlements is something which has led to this weakness to great fires? So either portions of the conclave must be burned after a certain amount of time to stop more horrifying fires or some method of control over the foliage or against fire must be deduced.
The infiltration of the guard is going swimmingly, perhaps the saying that bandits and warriors are pulled from the same stock rings true... through this many leaders of this cult are arrested and executed by tarnotosi. Some being stoned to death by their master's or even fellow slaves. The tension rises in the city, especially as reports of the elusive charismatic "Aidan Tulonc" are revealed.
A clear divide seems to be appearing in the secondary classes of tarnotosi, more and more merchants seem to be flocking to one side or the other with little evidence ever being left that any of them are doing so... but it must be so because many have refused to support the "radical" calls for a mass purge of suspected sympathizers of all classes.
The rumors that the imperii wishes to absorb the tarnotosi may be bringing more middle nobility and wealthy ones to the side of the slaves ironically enough, truly righteous ambition only breeds dissent among the content... fools they are for they would prosper under the glorious imperii!
Trade begins occurring in larger quantities from both the north and the south, an influx of new slaves coming in from borevia (refugees of an act of divine wrath apparently) coming in while sealand traders start coming in, in greater quantities.
Sadly in the city of Rubrumentia a pandemic of sinkholes occurs swallowing up many important buildings and streets. The damage from this will need to be repaired or else her sister city might increase in influence further as many migrate there away from a neglectful government. (repairs will cost .5 actions)
The tolerance of the "democratics" is working out well enough, though some see this as laxity more important issues than a bunch of smug upstarts must be attended to.
black forest
Many plants previously useful for nothing or just one or two things suddenly find themselves being used for multiple purposes, perhaps a mundane tree's bark can be made to create a soothing tea, or a rock hard root finds its place in a special kind of soup used to cure diarrhoea. Whatever the purpose it is clear that a golden age in natural medicine has begun, and with it Gaunt Berry Jam, a kind of preserved form of the poisonous gaunt berry which is preserved using a paste derived from "northern sweet root" comes into being. As it is fermented and after but a good week of being left to its own devices can be used to cure the Plague from the Beasts (at least its current variation) in most infected thus ending the cycles of this seasonal plague which have harmed the wolfkin for so many years now. Now the plague of beasts is a minor disease, with many needed to tap into stores of guant jam in order to avoid the consequences of infection.
New hunting grounds are obtained, and due to the Plague from the Beasts not being as deadly or spreadable in the humid swamp environments many of the sane Wolfkin flock there.
The true power of an effective and efficient use of Gyengwoga lies not in its combat potential but instead in its ability to be a potent alternative to traditional manual labor in some circumstances. Mainly in the process of construction as through the building of a special pit bricks and large cut stone can be transported fairly high up by extending the reach of the shroom or having multiple skilled users combine their strength in order to do it. Variations of this technique greatly help in making the wedding day highway built in an orderly, a design using ropes and pulleys is even created which allows for "conveyer belts" to be formed allowing large amounts of stone to be transported in an orderly fashion as long as the magicpower to do such a thing is available alongside the crafted materials.
The Queen Mother is amused by this new and fascinating game, with it being eagerly used to help determine ideal tactics against enemies as varied as the Lo-Hai (of course), Golems and Shorinese (their forces tend to be wildcards due to their diversity of powers), hypotheticals are also constantly thought up using this such as new or unknown spells meant to patch up a tactical weakness, exploit an enemies weakness or present something that would cause the enemies tactics to become counter productive.
Through this (and greater access to shorino trade networks) game she gains a fascination with the history of the war of cataclysm and the peoples who fought within it, leading to her ordering the procuring of as much info about how the Ga'gu'el function and act alongside artefacts such as untainted blood metal (as the telrac call it, that being iron due to having discovered it from rusty relics found in tarnatos and in the dirt) artefacts or examples of ga'gu'el golem feats of strength and relationship to magic.
Bad news comes in, a new strain of the flu is sweeping across the peasant population. But sadly this is no ordinary flu but "potters curse", something which if left unchecked could neuter meoswilium's effectiveness through its effects of causing chronic arthritis even when the disease is removed from the body in fact the greater symptom of the chronic arthritis is even worse than the disease because it will come around a time after the initial outbreak determined by the properties of the illness itself. It could take 20 years for the arthritis to begin, it could take 40. One will only know once the first cases of it begin ravaging the bodies of former hosts.
Stone Crabs
Though simple minded (only capable of following simple commands) as of yet compared to their form in life a water shade is a scary opponent to face indeed. Many stone lords who gain access to these creatures early on find themselves being capable of clearing out rivals rapidly before the art is adopted by all notable stone lords and the status quo - more or less - is reformed. Due to their nature traditional stone crab combat techniques of blunt and piercing attacks are useless against them as their semi-liquid states which can shrug off such attacks, so instead it is found that the best way to kill them is to render their forms moot via slashing attacks meant to destabilise their coherency or water magic attacks meant to rip their liquidous body apart.
These new innovations in ship design increase the survivability of lo-hai ships considerably. It is a good day to be a soul bound to the sea indeed.

A source of marble is discovered in the inland mountains and none return from any attempted trek into the strange mountains between tarnotosi and sealand and nothing is discovered north of tarnotosi.

Water golems prove an interesting addition to the golem roster, firstly they are currently unable to maintain a strong form outside of high moisture or wet environments. Instead of being laborers as other golems are they take more specialized roles for now, for instance they cannot build well but they do make fine companions in fishing. As they can use themselves to tire out or even kill fish so that they may be collected, another instance of the usefulness of water golems is in organising dry goods, put a water golem in a barrel with a collection of mixed nails and it can sort out specific types of nails either organising them into neat piles or floating them to the top to be taken by those who want take one specific thing out.
Their use beyond organising non-manmade materials alongside their intelligence is sadly still limited.
Ranches and fisheries are created, aiding greatly in feeding arcadia.
Just a ways away in the land of borevia tragedy strikes... a massive storm of meteors crashes down decimating their country of its slave (non-auron) population. Thousands flee across the border past the forts into arcadia where they end up meeting with the diplomatic mezentian emisariate, through this emissary most of them convert to the faith of halistra alongside many arcadians. However back in arcadia proper many took this disaster as a sign that the gods are truly either uncaring or not very powerful and thus cannot be trusted. This increases their ferver against religion considerably.
Thus in the city hatred for the gods increases while a massive religious revival lead by halistrites is launched in the rural regions.
Magic is developed, auditorium is made, ports are upgraded

Wood is obtained, the wood is first used to help aid in laying the foundations for the new city of Sanctuary.

Nothing of note happens, all actions go through.

The situation in Tarnatos has swiftly gone quite well. Though, it is a bit upsetting some sort of rumor of the Imperii desiring to annex the city got out. The fact such actually came to their minds, especially after all the influence in public knowledge being from the Liberdantoc. In fact, it is shocking how something so simple would be such a bother to an otherwise great plan. Regardless, the Imperii planned on fixing this issue of people falling to this god of chaos by sending some missionaries to the city to give them the word of Kyuu. After all, if a good deal of the issues in Tarnatos were from a chaotic faith belonging to rivals, spreading our own would be much greater an aid for us. This is partially required given this strange preacher we have heard about in the city, and while we can easily shut down our enemies further operations with our influence, the lack of faith in the city leaves a wide opening for them to exploit, and something that would get them further followers. So, by filling this gap with our own faith, something we would need to do in the future anyway, we prevent our enemy from gaining further support and make the enemy have more issues in expanding their influence. It was expected that the faith would resonate the most with the craftsmen and artisans, along with potentially the soldiers as well. And that was just fine, getting the essential bedrock that was the middle between the nobility and the slaves was key to influencing the top or bottom of society, and securing the people who the merchants had to buy finished goods from and sell raw goods to would ideally make them switch sides, if not out of moral reasons then practical ones. At this stage, the Liberdantoc forces would be fighting a losing battle, and one that the Imperii was going to ensure would be either a sound defeat, or a complete quagmire for Liberdantoc that would destroy their reputation and paint them as rowdy rabble who cause nothing but trouble and subterfuge in the name of their ideals.

On the home front, the sinkholes in Rubrumentia would swiftly find a annoying cycle of being fixed only for a new one to appear for a while. Eventually work on the underground sections of the city would be done to try and stop this from being an endless cycle, often with the reinforcement of certain corridors and the ground beneath them. Elsewhere further south, another set of farmland would be founded, and with so many mines and farms nearby, a new city of the Imperii would be founded by the coast, half underground, half above it like Rubrumentia. It was once a small village, now it is a proper city with so many having come to the south. Situated between the salt and gold mines, it likely would become a key trading town in the future.

>Action One. Attempt to further influence the city to our side, ideally by spreading our faith.

>Action Two. Fix this sinkhole issue, and build another farm in the south.

>Action Three. Found the city of Gigantampis.
2 Actions: With allies and neutral parties alike having such wide access to powerful magical abilities and the Republic of Sealand having access to none, only one option is seen as a method to catching up in the magical arms race. Anti-magic

To reach these goals, Dulon Faris Con consulted with the Captain Vance Terra Oak to develop this iteration of magic, or non-magic. He awaits to see what he comes up with in the invention of the new school of magic
-> To be completed next turn
1. While many are quite saddened at the mass death under the uncaring tyranny of the lead golems many also think that it is good that the enslaved masses were able to escape. Many Magi volunteer and lots of foodstuffs, including dried meats and fish, are sent to aid the refugees and to integrate them into the republic proper. Also, hopefully, converting them away from such useless practices as divine worship.
2. Along with this a new city is constructed along the mountain side valley near the farms and Sulphur mines to give the refugees centralized administration. The city is named Otuganrest after the river Otugan it sits upon.
File: Turn L8.png (3.09 MB, 2048x2570)
3.09 MB
3.09 MB PNG
The ability to project flame as a durmaign can with fireball is unprecedented compared to far more restricted forms of kitsune fire magic. Though still outmatched in every other respect durmaign at least has a fine range advantage in case of war and when combined with great bonfires this could lead to very powerful defensive power against armies which dont rely on stealth.
With advances in firemagic and increase food stocks the many mines of durmaign can begin to put out at an enhanced capacity. Though farming is hard in the harsh north and within the marshy fjords there is certainly a living to be made.

It seems that military persecution of the liberal slave revolution is increasing steadily, no doubt the work of the telrac. Without an ability to project strength and thus at least get as many slaves freed as possible the situation in tarnotos may become lost. Even the charisma of the great missionary can seldom stand up against the might of the blade. It may only be a matter of time until the blade comes down on even the chosen of stahk... so many bid for freedom, but how can they be saved?
A few enemy spies are captured, they bear the distinct markings of ones under the service of telrac, and a few admit that they are infact agents of the telrac. Some however speak gibberish, and die raving mad once they are found out.
refugees from borevia arrive en masse, right now borevia is too chaotic to do anything about it
>1: establish law on the mining island
After hearing of the Aka's new relation with our people, the megalodon implements laws of first contact throughout the land. Despite the fact that stealing these items from historical sites of any kind is already illegal, the island will be given more governmentally employed troops and guards, in order to keep our relation with the Aka in check. We do not want to have the Aka think less of us.

>2: more fire magic
Now that we've learned part of the Miyagi's fire magic, it's time to refine it. The first branch gave us the ability to heat objects, or with enough practice, set them on fire. The fire magic we have now is not enough to be used directly, especially in aggressive terms. Even then, it isn't the greatest at producing light. For the next branch, we wish to focus on the possibly aggressive nature of fire magic.

>3: Build spawning grounds along the eastern ocean.
Before now, the people of Sealund spawned wherever their mothers chose. They still can, but now said family doesn't need to construct spawning grounds by themselves. The government has ordered the construction of publicly available and guarded spawning grounds. Even the Far-landers still need to give birth in water, though their young are quicker to leave than the Coastals and the Sea-farers. Public spawning grounds should keep any unattended young from being harmed by creatures of the sea. Mothers who spawn their children here will be given a specific pen with their first and last names on it. Records are kept of who spawns here, so as there are no mix-ups with name repetitions. The records are disposed of afterwards.

>Diplo: Aka
The megalodon sends one of his ambassadors to meet with the hooded figure. He would like to send a message that any of the people from his nation that steal from the ruins will be considered criminals in Sealund. The rest of us do not wish to steal from the ruins. In fact, it would be better to have more peaceful terms between our two nations. With that established, any confiscated items that might have come from this land will be returned to the ruins. If the hooded figure would happen to know where any of these stolen items go, we would appreciate his help in finding their original resting place. Furthermore, we ask if we may study the ruins on the island, and learn from them what we can, rather than stealing what they hold in their brittle confines.
Action 1: Scour the lands we have to uncover resources we may have missed.

> The only problem with the city, some argue in chambers, is the imposed limitation on resources we currently have access to. Its obvious that the lands outside the walls are hostile, so we must clean every last scrap of functional metal in our lands.

Action 2: Improve the city infrastructure.

> As it stands, it is complicated, a nuisance even, to go from one part of the city to another. Perfectly good point. Orhan was summoned by the Chamber and unceremoniously proposed to revamp the roads, streets and come up with something clever to make it easier to move.
Orhan, bless his soul, spend too much time renovating and justifying the budget allocated. What a bunch of buggers, he thought.
>Action 1: Create Building - Academy of War (Improved Library)
Patrons of the arts and avid readers, the Cult is not one that needs to learn from experience. Heeding the warning of analogous nations of fable, the Cult creates an early investment in wartime preparation. This academy is to specialize not in the advancement of magic for society as its brother academy is, but to specialize in the weaponization of Earthen magic. The First (Hero) moves to the academy to serve as its head educator.

>Action 2: Improve Spell: Insimbi Yokushisa (Heat Metal)
The spell Insimbi Yokushisa is improved such that it heats more rapidly and to a higher maximum temperature, affecting stronger metals. Not the sort of people to utilize weapons or armor themselves, this spell is developed for combat purposes and is created at the new Academy of War with the assistance of the Wise and aged "The First".

>Diplomacy: Shorino
The Cult is appreciative of the Shorino's ideas. They promise that their work will not obstruct the path of the Shorino and insist that the Shorinos assistance is not necessary. Instead, the Cult simply requests a map of the world as it is known to the Shorino for their troubles.
Quickly finding himself lost in a marble maze, the ambassador would eventually find the Tongue of Aka. Before he can speak, his questions are answered, one way, or another. The trinkets are left in the ruins, a place fit for shadows, and not Sharks.
I forgot to note that this library should be in the new city, Sanctuary (The one on the tile completely surrounded by rivers, idk why it doesn't have a name on it).
>Action 1: Oh fuck you
With apparently the slaves fleeing in masses, they would be considered traitor to the faith of prius, and thus would be set to be purged even in clandestine territory, but for now, reconstruction effort began, we though of both combining silver and gold to make stronger foundations, after all what could go wrong?
>Action 2: Diggy diggy d- wait no exploration time
The secret exploration time would be orderred to go deeper in those uncharted lands ,and keep all discoveries, even minor secret

Something from the south calls the Lo-hai across the unknown seas, a strange scent, or perhaps a glint on the horizon. Maybe just the exhilaration of the open seas cause some Stone Lord's to push on from whence they came, to seek their own glory and legends. No matter what it may be, they push south to map far away coasts and seek a naval route to the far away Tarnatos.


In light of the recent surge of sea traffic, a port and a lighthouse are constructed in Ok'dl. The long spire of black shell illuminating the way for round spinning ships of the Lo-hai, preventing unintended collisions and lighting the way south as they zip through the waters.
1. Continue working on camouflage. With the hide and seek games being successful more drills are to be made. Spotters are blindfolded and must use their ears to locate people hiding. Artists and creative types work on covering faces and bodies in different leaves, twigs and muds. Soon our scouts and warriors will move unseen throughout the forest.

2. New Spell: Deep Roots. Our mages focus on growing into the land, expanding and strengthening root systems. This will allow our buildings to better anchor and give our future living wall stability against siege weapons. In time these larger expanded root systems will be used to hold greater stores of water. Large root systems holding water and raising it up behind the bark of trees and throughout their wood will dampen the wood and lead to a much greater fire resistance as wet wood will not light.
File: 20201021_122055.png (1.22 MB, 1303x1362)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
>Really anyone near Lo-hai waters

A pair of two leg traders and their crew sail towards Shorino from Jabon. The sea crashed with turbulence. The high waters tossing the ship from crest to crest. In a crack of lightning, the sea is full of house sized glossy round black Rock ships of the Lo-hai. One passes the crest of a wave, sending it bearing down upon the ship. The crew shriek in fear for their lives, before water is raised in front of them, and the spinning ship merely speeds along the water around them. The passing ship full of the silhouettes of the jagged and shiny forms of the Lo-hai crew, performing a strange stabbing, shuffling dance, directing the water and the ship. In the center the Stone Lord directing the spawn bellows out in clashing tongue of the crabs.

>"Can you not see it, down upon the southern seas? Let it be known that the Lo-hai beat the Two-legs to paradise!"

After the taunt, the crew of the ship and the surrounding ones fill with a gnashing laughter, before they rocket through the stormy seas
> `The High Council is of mixed opinion. While the lands of Marca are wealthy yet spread, they have presented much silver to us, which happens to be a favorite among the Wolfkin. They have to decide between expanding our knowledge on body and raking in silver hand over fist. Hiro handing over a copper medal means we cannot push tribes into the lands, we'll have to send a full on army, which we cannot deny association for. Ultimately, Tsuyoi Aka, High Druid of Blood, makes the deciding call, saying that we are already plenty strong and that we should go for the more honorable decision.
> Then the question becomes what to do. Our expansion into the Wet Wildlands goes well, and with negotiations for taking over Marcan territory here, it is best to emphasize our presence in the territory. Also, we have been neglecting our magical pursuits, and we have focused our magics on Body, but neglected our Spirit.
> Action 1: Continued expansion into the Wet Wildlands.
> Also grab the mountain while we're at it.
> Action 2: Invent New School of Magic: Spirit Magic (1/3 progress).
> Tsuyoi and Miho have both wanted to explore the potential of augmenting one's spirit instead of purely the physical. Our bodies are blessed, but held back by a curse, which is not something physical improvement will fix.`
>Diplo Results
In diplomatic talks with the Black Forest Tribes and Arcadia, the Marcans have gifted each of them generous amounts of silver from the Marcan reserve. (And of the silver that was exported, about 2/3 went to the black forest, and 1/3 to Arcadia.)

>Action 1: Construct/Improve Forge in Shay
With our metalworking proving to be a potentially valuable asset in foreign trade, it would be wise to invest in it's production early.

>Action 2: Twice improve the Iron mine in Shay
With the new Forge to be constructed, we must accommodate this expansion with the expansion of the mine.
>Additonal Diplo, Cuvier
The Marcans send a shipment of Marcan iron tools to the Cuvier. Pickaxes for mining, axes for felling trees, or tools to work the land for farming. Anything the Cuvier specifically request is what they are delivered.
>Create new spell Magma Mortar
The spell of Fire Ball is refined to create a newer spell using a similar projectile but with greater range and a splashing effect to hit more targets. This spell is more threatening than its predecessor on a tactical level for its deadliness against tight formations.
>Create navy and a naval division
To protect interests on the water warships are built and crewed.

Relations -
Vesanti offered a trade deal for military supplies and other goods, which the nation happily accepted, for now they try to use the river between the two nations for trade
>Additional Diplo 2,
The exchange of land with the Black Forest Tribes is set in stone, and Marcans vacate the land in advance, relocating any scouting or surveying operations to the other side of the river.
>Build a mine on the island to extract the precious gems found and a lumber mill is constructed as well to increase the supply of lumber so critical to the nation.

>With plans for conflict still being drawn and with a growing understanding of the Marcan skill set a counter to their immense strength is needed, the answer comes in the form of the spell “Fortification-while under the effects of the spell a person’s physical abilities are dramatically increased, allowing for superhuman feats of strength and endurance.”

>National Fluff
With a growing sentiment across the nation that something needs be done about the island, and the lower Kingdom of Marca plans for war are only reaffirmed, either the nation would gain control over the island, or they would be forced from it.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Eli Bak. Human. Former Shipyard worker.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Aloiades. Dryad. Current head of the missionary order.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Aman Tos. Human. Missionary priest.
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Caius Tieung. Half-Kitsune. Carpenter.

The Telracii Imperii is declared an enemy of Liberty.
Spies paranoïa in Liberdantoc diminishes gradually.

>1 : Build a carpenter shop in Antoanportus. Build a Shipyard in Antoanportus.
The much needed carpenter shop is built, to ensure that we can process hardwood lumber from the Jungle. It also only made sense to build a shipyard near its primary material.

>2 : [PRIORITY] Missionary priest sent to Tarnatos train Stakh priests from the slaves, selecting the magically gifted. [IF WE CAN IN THIS ACTION] We spread the word far and wide that the increased productivity of Stakh enhanced workers will be a given if the religion is allowed to flourish, and even more so if Tarnatos liberalizes.
After all, Enhanced physical endurance, physical resistance and physical strengh makes for great workers, and a prosperous nation. Liberdantoc never needed slaves.

>Diplo: Phan Tien and her metallic friend are invited to sejourn in Trieutia Phung's house in Ahnemamare whenever she likes.
File: Turn 9.png (2.98 MB, 2048x2570)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
Tarnatos is slowly beginning to fear for its autonomy. Once a powerful empire fears gripe the nation as two powerful nations are slowly starting to gain power internal Politics. The worship of Stakh is spreading rapidly among the slaves and lower classes, while Imperii culture is taking hold among the Dryads fearing a slave uprising.

The Head Dryad has decided, enough is enough. All foreign actors are to be hunted down within the city. Be they Imperii or Libertandoc. Some Kyuu cults a]manage to spring up underground, but the version of the faith taught to slaves does not take well among the proud Dryads. (your influence in the city stagnates at 2/7)

The Singkole issue seems to be fixed… but the workers working on the sinkholes notice that there seem to be voices coming from the holes. Sounds of people working, laughing, screaming. Sometimes even music. Oh, well. The holes have been all closed up, nothing to worry about. Right?

The City of Gigantapis is founded in the south becoming an important place for local traders.

Note: With the Wedding day road trade with Meoswilum has become more easy and convenient. Same for cultural exchange, the Imperii state has gained access to small amounts of wood for ships.

Event: Bloodrot disease. Among the slave population an odd disease spreads. It’s symptoms are minor. Mainly light headaches and easy bleeding. The disease seems to be caused by some sort of spirit of rot. It makes the slaves unable to stop bleeding once bleeding starts and their blood tastes like rotten pig carcass. Causing any Telrac who ingest it to get explosive diarrhea and puking fits. Bloodrot is a known disease, the telrac have dealt many times with, though usually there were no outbreaks this major.
What is Amtimagic? Or more -so, what is magic? These questions plagued the Elven researcher as he tried to understand. The essence of magic soon was understood, one needs a School -> Branch -> Spells. To the Grand Admiral, 3 options are proposed for Antimagic:
> Counterspelling
Counterspelling is merely a type of magic in itself. For a counter-spell mage, the most basic form of magic is developing a counter-spell to an enemy spell. Each Counterspell can fully deactivate an enemy spell, you could also develop spell-disruptions where each counterspell disrupts and messes with magic of an entire branch.
(School: Counterspelling / Example Branches: Spell Negation / Branch Interference)
> Manaweaving
The School of Manaweaving attacks mages and magic on a deeper level. It manipulates pure magic stealing magic energy from enemy mages. It is the least effective against magic as your mage needs to be more powerful than the enemy, but can develop branches which work offensively. (basically you can store mana in objects or manipulate it to weaken enemy mages, possibly also using mana itself as projectiles or weapons)
(School: Manaweaving / Example Branches: Manabending, Manaabsorption)
> Antimagic
A form of magic manipulation which is truly non-magical. It is the control of anti-mana. Antimages need to be. It is what fire is to water. Perfect opposites. Unlike the previous 2 disciplines an Antimage can’t be a Mage. Antimages can produce energy which is opposite to magic; it neutralizes the magic of mages fully. Antimagic can perfectly nullify any magic, this is the “best” branch of antimagic. it’s only weakness lies in more abstract spells. Though raw anti-mana can also be used for physical attack. Antimages need to be infused with antimagic since birth, altering their very being.
(School: Antimagic / Example Branches: True Antymagic / Magic Annihilation / Antimana Manipulation)

> Diplo Tarnatos
Tarnatos wishes for Seland assistance. Their nation has lately faced large amounts of foreign subversion. Tarnatos wishes to hire elven mercenaries to help them identify foreign spies and revolutionaries. If possible they also wish for a military alliance. In exchange they can offer many ancient secrets and a possibility of sharing their magical secrets.
Arcadic Council
The followers of Prius from Borevia are grateful for your help and accept it in droves, driving many more refugees to your land than you expected would come. Their faith in Prius is strong and their conviction unbroken. They quickly settle in Arcadia creating their own districts where they live in isolation. Following the teachings of Prius they focus on accumulating wealth and helping their own. The only oddity among them is a refusal to use golems as serfs and their faith. Otherwise they integrate well and quickly become indispensable to Arcadian society as financiers to many projects. They respect the Arcadian way of divine worship as it is better to worship no God, than to worship any God, which is not Prius. (you get a free Borevian Bank)

The City of Ogutanrest is founded, due to being used to house Borevian refugees, it’s majority ethnically Human and Longolo. Their culture is a Mix of Arcadian and Borevian, though they Primarily worship Prius.

Event: Great Rains. Could this be a sign from something greater than us? Great storms and rains plague your land. Your mines are flooded and cities overwhelmed. Great rains collapse the walls of your capital and your farms lose all crops for this year. Luckily not many lives are lost, but the damage to infrastructure is massive.

> Disloyalty on Diamond Island
This is an insult! A Grave one at that! The Diamond islanders rage at the proposition of peace with the vile Snake Demon which has harmed them so much. Instead of siding with their loyal subjects the Megalodon has chosen to abandon his people and side with that vile Snake-like Demonspawn. The cuvier of Diamond Island now wishes for the removal of mainland troops and wishes for autonomy of their province. If they are further mistreated they might wish for independence.
> Branch of Fire magic
The Branch of “Heatforming” is an interesting subset of fire magic as it only manipulates heat itself. Heat is invisible thus can be deadly, but also unlike burning fire is soft and can’t be effectively used for combat. Many cuvier find great use for it under water, as Heatforming magic allows them to heat their homes, work their forges and heat their food even beneath the waves.
> Spawning Grounds
The spawning grounds are constructed to help parents care for their children, they help population growth and to integrate the Farlanders, Coastals and Aquatic Cuvier. The divides between the subraces lessen as many of them remember their friends of another race from the hatching pond. Only the Diamond Islanders refuse mass participating in the pond. Afterall, they are surrounded by water!
You scour your land for resources and you find Coal and Silver. More silver is always good and maybe coal can be used to keep your people warm in this cold land?

The infrastructure of your city is greatly improved making it one of the first metropolises among the younger races. The people of Durmaign would marvel at the Southern district and even the Shorino when visiting couldn’t help to admit that it’s grand.

The academy of war is created, bound to help the statues help weaponise their bodies of stone. They are already the ideal of beauty, now they shall become the ideal weapon!

Insimbi Yokushisa turns out to not be sufficiently powerful for use in combat. Heating the metal with magic is too slow for practical use in combat, except for the most talented among mages. Another application is found though, it’s melting an odd metal they considered merely a decoration before. The metal is weaker and more brittle than bronze, but way more abundant letting metal tools for the lower classes become a possibility. (you can work with iron now)

Event: A hatred of the Lo-Hai. In the forested lands up north some of them resided an odd species of stone crab. One among the Statues of form more perfect than any other lover of nature one day released the duality of the world. One is either a being of stone golemic, or being of flesh a fleshy one. Suddenly he realised his unbridled disgust with the Crabs of stone, unholy abominations trying to live in the world of both. In the new forest lands this culture of hatred rapidly grows, the Local Lo-Hai are chased out. The Statues of the Woodland, are fiercely loyal to their state, but wish for there to be no relations with the despicable abominations known as Lo-Hai.
The stone lords would face disappointment as it would become clear that the naval route to Tarnatos does not lay south. As the ships sail the open seas they eventually stumble upon land and whether further south or north they stumble just upon more and more land. On their continued way south they clearly recognize the savages of this land are of the most vile kind, Druids. Nature worshippers in short enemies of civilisation. Eventually the journey stops as the Lo-Hai see something even their stone-stomachs can’t stand. In disgust they turn back reporting they encountered >>4502089 a place full of druids, who possess a grand wooden spire shaped into a cruel mockery of a city. The expedition is terrified at their findings as this implies vile druids exist not only as savages in the jungles and swamps, but also possess grinder factions. Just what will the stonelords think of this?

A grand lighthouse is constructed with a port. Easing sea-travel greatly. With the increased seatravel, sailors which travel near the eastmost island report a weird mist being there. Many ships have been eternally lost there. Those sailing nearby often experienced weird dreams, telling them where to fish the next day and how much fish they will get with it coming true more often than not. Others would report ignoring bad warnings from their dreams and being caught in untamable storms. The Lo-Hai don’t like the mist or dreams, sailors don’t wish to go near that island no more.

The game you created has greatly calmed the minds of the non-magical military men, though it has become very much so popular among the kids, be they human or tingling. Some parents raise fears of the next generation growing up to be too aggressive or militant, but those fears are largely unfounded.

With this grand improvement the city has been largely safeguarded from massive fires. Though a possibility of minor ones in less well kept neighbourhoods remains. The city itself becomes a grand metropolis with a grand spire at their center. One of the greatest cities among the younger races. Not far behind the ancient city states like Mezentia.

Happening: A fleet of giant ships made out of ice is spotted near your shores. They get a good look at your capital, but refuse contact when your ships approach them. Instead they quickly leave for the north. She ships have no sail or rudders, and seem to move by controlling the water itself. It’s an odd sight, fighting many of the more religious people.
In spite of being considered traitors, the ones fleeing Borevia seem to remain staunch believers in Prius, holding on to the culture of Borevia. More importantly through combining Gold and Silver a new compound is created, Electrum. It merely looks like slightly lighter gold and the Borevians don’t yet know what further use it could have.

Another expedition is launched north and nearly fails. After all, the Borevian state has lost much wealth. All that is found is some sort of ruins. They are far from in pristine condition. What the ruins seem to depict is a town in a state of disrepair, half buried by rocks and sand. It’s likely more than 2 centuries old.

Tarn Diplo: A kitsune all covered in sweat comes beyond the democratic heads of Borevia (the fake government). He has heard of the recent disaster and blames the Chieftain of Tarn for his lack of faith in Prius and keeping hold of old tribal beliefs. Apparently the Tarn know the passage to a secret island and this young man and his crew of ships are willing to show the Borevians the way.

Black Tribes
The expansion south goes well and new land is acquired. It’s just as wild and hostile as the one before. One oddity is becoming apparent though, those born in the wildlands seem to be more talented in magic than those outside. Consuming wildlands food also seems to help with magic potential.

The creation of the school of spirit magic is at its start. At first the Wolfkin must ask themselves the question, what truly is the spirit?

Both improvements go well, both more iron is mined and smithed and the local forges become renowned. Even some diplomats from Mezentia have come to ask if you’d wish to sell some of those peasant’s bronze weapons to them in exchange for fine Mezentian wine.

To so easily give away land seems like a blow to the pride of more patriotic Marcans, though a vast majority understand that the land was useless to them and having good relations with the northern people is more important.

Event: Minor draught. Your land is beseeched with a minor drought causing crop failure. The populace sees the increased amount of sunlight as a good omen.
The new spell is created and works as intended, but for it to work the spellcaster needs to use a lock to turn into the magma. The ire then propels the molten projectile.

A navy is created to protect the waters. It is still rather minor compared to the navy of shorino, but in case of war could deal major damage if the wisps use terrain to their advantage.

Trade using the river goes well.

> Shorino Tournament
Your competitors see themselves being hopelessly outmatched. It seems like the invitation was a cruel joke on Shorino’s part. Your magic is either turned into a fiery spectacle, juggled around using wind or extinguished using stone or water. The locals also readily use snow and thunder magic. The greatest insult of the tournament is when a shrine maiden participates, before the battle she puts on a show of all 6 magic arts only to defeat your warrior without using magic. You do not seem to see any cheating in what has happened, but during the tournament they can see the Divine Shogun observing the fights. They themselves are invited to talk to him and his retainer speaks “I do hope this tournament puts an end to your nation’s arrogance. You have been given a most gracious offer by the divine shogun and you only responded with lies. You gave us a golden statue, but hid terrorists in your lands. You arm your armies to attack us. If you wish for war we shall give you war. The divine blade of the shogun has slain the self proclaimed goddess of war herself, what foolishness is it to think you will do any better?”
(the divine shogun once again offers you to become a tributary, refusal this time will lead to war, a loss in the war will result in vassalisation; the army of the Shogunate Is currently vastly superior)

Event: Settlers colonize new land. You can declare it lawfully part of your realm, or have it abandoned.
The new spell is created and it works as a charm. It now allows a Fraternitas soldier to punch through bronze armor with their bare hands… which they have to do as it would break any bronze weapon if it did that. The only drawback of the power is that prolonged use may cause “knockback” in damage to the user’s body.

The sapphire mine and lumber mill are created. They will make sure to provide wood for ships and wealth for the coffers.

Event: As the plague died down the world would one see one people to thank for that is the “Skyblue Sun” the medical organization established by Mezentia and Fraternitas. The cooperation of both nations, the mix of magic and ancient herbal alcohols has saved tens of thousands of lives. As such the Skyblue Sun gains a lot of influence in the nations and among the people’s it helped out:
Effects: (this is a neutral major event)
> Fraternitas gains minor influence in Mezentia, you are on neutral therms
> Fraternitas gains moderate influence in Black Forest Tribes
> Fraternitas gains minor influence in southern Cuvier
> Fraternitas-Miyagi relations are normalised (neutral)
> Mezentia gains major influence in Fraternitas. The state cannot go against Mezentia or do actions it would dislike without causing major societal upheaval or even uprisings or civil war.
Things Mezentia dislike: all wars, but defensive ones, cruelty of any sort, not showing marcy, not acting in good faith, golems, wasting alcohol, holding grudges, fertility rituals, over militarization.

News from Cuvier: You find out about the wish of the Diamond Islanders for autonomy, their disliking of a nation unknown to you and of the rights of the Diamond Islanders being restricted through Cuvier state military action.

The people of Liberdantoc are supplies to have a nation declared their enemy so plainly. Many wonder why that is. Why are they my enemy? As they learn of the Telrac they soon understand that by their very biology they are an enemy to the values of Stakh. Though a few wonder if it is moral to free their slaves if it would spell their death.

Tarnatos has ignored the presence of Stakh worshippers as long as it did not upset the social order. Currently the nation is in a state of near civil war between 3 sides as both the Stakhites and Impeiiates vy for control. The old order still remains the dominant power, but if things get hot what will come will be an extremely bloody war. The flames of the slave uprising burn high and tall, but the kindling is running out as both Imperii spies and agents of the state are hunting down and executing Stakh worshippers, but thanks to your hero the faith only keeps growing...
1. These rains come at the worst of times. Clean up begins immediately and those claiming it's some god's work put to managing golems or working spells to mend the walls. Water golems are put to work moving the water out of the mines so work can begin again. The walls and buildings are rebuilt using magic. Finally the remaining food stores are rationed out to prevent starvation. If necessary trade missions are sent to the Marca and Mezentia to acquire food to prevent starvation.
2. The Borevian worship of this god is annoying at best. They also can't vote without learning magic and the lack of representation may cause them to become quarrelsome. A campaign of cultural conversion and magical teachings is set in place to make these Borevians into proper Arcadic citizens. To guide where we wish to go we must coax not force.
File: 20201021_235516.png (3.03 MB, 2048x2570)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
In light of the recent aggression of the strange men from Templetown, the Lo-hai solidify their borders, claiming the rocky western coast of the continent.

>Diplo/War Prep
The rumored paradise was true after all, instead of simple land, the Lo-hai have finally found someone to fight. After the reports are relayed the to White Shell, who requests a private audience with the Royal Couple of Meoswilum.


He cracks his mandible.


If permission is granted, the Lo-hai begin gathering a war fleet in Jabon, prompted by the Whiteshell's declaration of Crusade. The Meoswilum are also expected to aid in the war effort.
1. Finish Camouflage. With the games serving their purpose and creatives from the city utilizing their skills hunters, warriors, and scouts are taught and trained to move unseen. From their stealthy walks which sway with the winds and hide behind trees and bush alike to their costumes of mud, leaf and stick, they travel throughout our woods. Ghosts in the forest. Sending reports of what their eyes see back to Edens Garden, words carried along by the trees themselves.

2. Improve Spell: Deep Roots-Dampness. The anchoring roots will provide stability and structural integrity while warding off damaging ballistic attacks, but more is still needed, the roots must grow larger and deeper. While the largest most mature roots may hold stores of water the others must be improved. They are shaped to branch far, with hollow portions that will hold water. These root systems will be sectioned off and may be used when needed to smoother flames. Swelling bark will hold a thin layer of water that seeps into the wood. This internal layer of damp wood will greatly mitigate any spreading fires and the faster accessible stores of root water will assure any starting flame may be extinguished with haste. Mages and architects also set to work on ensuring the layer of damp wood is encased behind Shaped hardened wood as to prevent any structural issues that would arise from dead detached wood becoming rotten. These systems, along with our buildings are connected and forged from large trees, they live and breath with us, in harmony.

While the Tarnatosi government is attempting to crack down on all the foreign actors in the city, they sorely lack a key understanding of just how bad the situation is for them. For it was our own work that unveiled the influence in the city by the Stakh worshiping and rebellious servus class across the sea. However, seeing as they are working so hard to cause issues for both us and the servus, we will simply work on getting our own people promoted and in higher positions in the military. They aren't to leave any evidence that they have worked with us, instead only communicating verbally with our other spies that they know of, if any, and occasionally leaving the city to go to the port area when free from direct work under the excuse of buying some nice food, trinkets, weapons, or anything similar that reasonably would be shipped in from abroad and sold at the port rather than at the heart of the city. Along the trail, they can meet up with a Telrac that they can give information on their situation to and be given new orders. This will ideally make finding our own agents much harder, especially seeing as they would do this only when they have the funds to do this and stay safe with regards to food. Further more, our own infiltration already will make it just that bit harder for them to find our own agents, and allow us to hamper, mislead, and in the event they find out too much even kill anyone either working for the Liberdantoc or the Tarnatosi government. Of course, we will allow some minor assets to be lost, mainly contacts and converts that ideally can be executed on the spot or wouldn't know anything, to give the perception to the government that the situation on our end is under control, and ideally make the government focus more on the Liberdantoc than us, as their work is much more obvious than our own, as is their influence. Regardless, we will make sure that when the time comes, Tarnatos will not fall to the Liberdantoc, but to the Imperii.

>Action One. Further attempt to infiltrate the military. The professional and militia forces are key to securing the city when the Liberdantoc activate their rebellion.

Meanwhile considering our actions will soon result in a potential conflict, along with the actions of the power across the sea known as the Liberdantoc, some work would be done on trying to get more effective equipment. In this, work would be put onto a shield made of wood that was light and ideally, cheap yet effective. For it was quite obvious that not everyone in the Imperii's military would be able to afford bronze armor, in fact most wouldn't. And as such, getting a shield that was easy to use and could protect ones full body was important as a cheap alternative to buying tons upon tons of copper. As this went on, while effort to work on the wedding day road or further work to the military was desired, this recent outbreak would show work needed to be done to prevent a potential future famine. Priests in the service of Kyuu would work on trying to find a way to purify ones blood from such taint and rot as was popping up as of late. Either by driving off the spirits believed to cause them, or by directly purifying the blood inside the veins of those afflicted with such a bothersome curse. It might just help with other diseases, though even so, it was a fairly important thing for the Imperii to make sure that it's main labor force wasn't sick and feeble, and that it's main food source was still viable for consumption when the time comes to take part of their blood.

Additionally, a letter would be sent to the Meoswilum, stating the goal of paving the Wedding Day Road was delayed for a time, due to recent events of sinkholes, disease, and tensions in Tarnatos, though ideally, work on the road would be able to go swiftly and skillfully in turning it into one of the most grand roads the world would ever see in the near future.

>Action Two. With further access to wood from Sealand and the Meoswilum, create a effective, lightweight shield for our forces. (Basically a scutum)

>Action Three. Attempt to work on rituals to Kyuu that will chase off such bothersome spirits of rot. We cannot allow ourselves to have a famine.

The High Council is very interested in the rumors about the Wild Wetlands. These magically gifted daughters will make powerful druids, this is definitely the location of our next Sacred Forest. The news of men with booze and magic traveling through are... odd, there will probably be many a drunken bedtime romp with the Wolfkin. This wont result in any half-breeds, right?

Action 1: Found Sacred Forest (City) of Yanagi Mori deep in the Wild Wetlands, next to the river.
We have influence in the Inner Sea, but little influence on the Outer Sea and the Western River. We could paddle right up to the Marcan capital with this.

Action 2: Inventing the school of Spirit Magic (2/3 progress).
Tsuyoi thinks spirit is one's determination made manifest, that one can have grit beyond what the body is capable of. While Miho thinks it is the sum of our ties, that every friend and every blessing enlarges it. Yuuka thinks it is just another part of us, like mind and body, that it simply grows based on it's environment.
1 Action: And in time, the labors of the Elven researcher bore fruit that could turn the tide of any battle with magic involved in it. With AntiMagic successfully created, next came the creation of the various branches of this new magic, but that was to come later. As for now, the pieces were set, next came the development of it all to culminate in the disruption of any hostile magical force.

Action 2: And to forward this, work goes underway immediately for a branch dedicated to Magic Annihilation. With any luck, it would lead to creating magical dead zones on a battlefield, or even disable a magical opponent until they re-fuel so to speak, allowing enough time for other Elven soldiers to brave whatever might be thrown at them. Of course, this would take time to implement as it only works with those newly born. New branch(1/2)
Note: All Elven families that wish to partake in this Anti-Magic program will be properly compensated for their contribution with additional food, water, and 5% of what they earn each month will be given to them as prolonged payment regardless of what they work as.This payment will last until the Antimage becomes an adult. All Elven that become Antimages will be given the status of E-6 upon completing their basic training. They will be considered as any other soldier and treated with the same respect as them.
> Action 1: Search our land for resources.
The Meoswilan nation has never been a rich one. Our mines restricted to Tin and Coal. Our forests comprised of wet spongy wood. in-spite of our central position on the continent our position is weak when negotiating trade deals. As such the King has ordered his bureaucrats to scour the land for resources to mine. The more expensive they are the better.

> Action 2: Learn of our enemy to the south.
We need to learn about the vile Druidists of the far south. Spies are sent. Meoswilan spies are human, but they can use techniques to disguise themselves as Telrac, Elf or 1-tailed (young) kitsune, depending which esit in said strange land. They will use a small boat, which then they will sink to land south of Conclave land. They will then infiltrate the nation as beggars, traders, refugees, people looking for a job or adventurers. The male spies are to work at bars, pubs and as guards. The female spies are to become barmaids and prostitutes. Men tend to talk if they have their guard down after all. They love to cheer or brag. Their mission is to find out about the nation, their defenses and their culture as well as about other nations nearby, their enemies and allies. If caught a spy is to commit suicide. They possess in their pouches dry poisonous mushrooms which if chewed kill one nearly instantly. (or just bite off their tongue)

> Action 3: New spell in the branch Seongjang Manvabaran

With the offensive spell coming into existence and finding further use in He Lich Pon has begun to show interest in the "peasant's Branch" of myconic magic. He instantly found a way to improve the combat method with the spell:

"Tattadon" - this spell connects the user's senses to the miceleum under their feet. Thus they can feel, spell and faintly hear anything touching the ground in a 360 radius. This would greatly increase the utility of Gyengwoga as well as could be used for spying on people and as a general way to spot hidden enemies and not get jumped in combat.
> As to the disease
A sickness which only manifests after 20-40 years turns out to be untraceable to the Meoswilum state. How do we know who is sick, how do we know who is a carrier? Instead it is accepted the peasants will get it and die, whereas for nobles/necromancers the possibility of having their joints replaced exists.
(that transplantology spell which arose as a side effect of investing the rat king)

> The wishes of the Queen
He interest in the south and the great war would be appreciated. To satiate her interest she would be permitted to tag along in the expedition south to go to war.

The King though thinks that a metal made out of blood must be a myth. An idea this silly must be made up. After all bronze works just fine! Bloodmetal, what a silly idea.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Muanga Tuan. Kitsune. Shipyard worker.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Ules Min. Human. Battlepriest.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Minhus Hoc. Half-Kitsune. Naval officer.
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Maoniades. Dryad. Carpenter.

It seems once again that slogans can lose some nuance. Official communication is more nuanced this time.
>Why are they my enemy?
The Telraci imperii is trying to keep Tarnatos being an enslaver nation.
>As they learn of the Telrac they soon understand that by their very biology they are an enemy to the values of Stakh. Though a few wonder if it is moral to free their slaves if it would spell their death.
It would be morally neutral, as not freeing the slaves means a never ending massacre, but freeing them means Telrac genocide.

>1 : Establish / Upgrade our navy. Produce light and fast ships out of lumbers, trains officers and sailors.
The ship will be produced out of lumber, using wood from the jungle and our lumber mill and carpenter shop. They will be built in our 2 shipyards in Ahnemamare and Antoanportus. bronze parts will come from the Smithy in Mongsaveti. We will use the experience we have with fishing ships and the ship we currently use to liaison between Tarnatos and home. The sailors and officers will be recruited from fishermen and the army. Battlepriests will be mobilized. Our ships will have rowing oars in addition to sails, and enhancing physical endurance, resistance, and strengh will come in handy.

>2: All believers in Stakhs are to be evacuated to Liberdantoc. The one who wishes to stay are to keep their head low and wait for their time. The navy and the army are mobilised to aid in the evacuation.
We have to protect the believer in our faith. secrecy, stealth and speed will be key. For the navy, to do its evacuating job quickly and efficiently. For the crowd to evacuate part, they are to flee the city to the agreed meeting point all at once.
The goal is to let the enemy any time to react. By the time they see anything weird, we are to be gone.

>Diplo Pham Tien and her friend : We show them around.

>Diplo Tarnatos : a letter ends up on the desk of the head dryad, requesting an alliance, to keep Tarnatos independent.
So these are the kinds of games your kind enjoy.
We did hope to keep the peace of this island and settle the infighting of your violent race through peaceful means. However it seems that the crazed shogun is hungry for war, how ironic for one who usurped a goddess of war.
When you bring war we shall defeat you, for the everlasting empress watches over us with her cunning plans, and unlike a certain shogun she has an actual claim to divinity.
We won't bow to the godless, we won't kneel for the mindless. We revitalised this backwater land and conquered the winter itself, we exist to lead not to serve.
Do not blot out the sun with the smoke of your empire, the view is nice at this time of year.

--Markus Dweil

>Army training and info
We need more disciplined men if we are to hold out against the strength of Shorino. It seems that the people of Shorino are not only skilled with magic but physically, we ask the kitsune refugees if they know of any secrets to Shorino military training and magic, for if that power was to fall into our hands then our military would be able to catch up quickly.
>Military innovation: Fireship
Shorino have shown us their ability to command the elements, but we believe our control of fire has greater potential and we are more creative with it. The idea is simple, we have a smaller but faster ship, load it with fuel and aim for collision with enemy naval formations. We use heat magic to strengthen the flame and an exit for the crew to escape out of once they have fulfilled their part of the mission.

Declare the colony an extension of our empire, while it may not be our main focus right now we will ask for a report of progress.
>1: Study Electrum
We thus decide to study electrum and its potential properties, as it could help us againts potential natural disasters in the future, or be used for weapons building.
>2: Continue the expedition
we decide to continue said expedition , maybe we will find something that will be HIGHLY interesting?
>Diplo: The democratic heads of borevia would agree to the kitsune proposal and send a few aurons to this journey to said secret island...
Changing actions because it was recommended not to do this.
Accept to become tributary to Sorino
1 and 2.
>Expedition across the sea
Chart the seas and look for other nations.

Have the colony as an extension of our nation.
>Increase influence over Skyblue Sun by increasing Fraterian funding for the organization, and helping to establish more outposts across the various nations that have already accepted Skyblue sun in. If we can’t decrease the influence of Metizinia then we can at least try to match it. Particularly the Fraterian Government pushes for the construction of a clinic on Diamond island.

>The Fraterian people and government stand united behind the people of Diamond Island and begin sending material aid to them, advising them to construct a fortification to defend against aggression. The Fraterian fleet is used to ensure the safe arrival and departure of our Shipping vessels. Which is the official extent of Fraterian aid, off the books, and under a jolly roger element within the Fraterian navy begin a harassment campaign against Cuvier vessels to weaken the military hold on the island. Along with the material aid, the Fraterian Government Officially comes out in support of the people's movement for independence and condemns the Cuvier government's actions against the people of Diamond Island.
Action 1 : Exploit the new resources found and build mines.
> If anything, we can bribe the others to die for us with the silver. The coal will feed our forges, but we must read carefully, for the other races want the riches of our lands.

Action 2 : Build ships and send an expedition around the island.
>Unfortunetly, we can no longer remain in idle obscurity. Further conflicts await these lands, and we must, at the very minimun, maintain a semblance of intelligence. Build and send out the ships, see what they can find.
File: newstuff.png (240 KB, 751x696)
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>Action 2: Construct Infastructure (Port + Mine)
In preparation to launch their first naval infrastructure the Cult identifies key resources that will be essential to it based on observations of the Ga'Ga'Ul and from the structures of the Lo-hai as they were chased off of the island. First a port is constructed for the housing and maintenance of the ships, created in Sanctuary to face the ocean. Second, miners seek to create a mine which would produce a non-rusting metal suitable for coating the Cult's iron ships in to prevent rusting.

>Action 1: Improve Spell - Phakamisa Insimbi (Lift Metal)
In theorizing how they may escape from their island, the newly founded Academy of War leads the fray with its solution. Already capable of lifting soft metals, the Academy works to improve the strength and pull of the spell such that a crew could utilize the spell to pull a metal structure in a direction of choice to provide sea-bound mobility.

>Diplomacy: Ga'Ga'Ul
The Cult seeks its faithful trade partner, the Ga'Ga'Ul whom it has been importing mass quantities of tin from as a middle man for the Shorino. It explains that business has been going well for their jewelry, but now they seek to utilize their metals for emboldening more than just bodies. In exchange for their choice of Tree's from the Golem Island Peninsula or a selection from the Cult's Iron reserves which had sat idle until recently, the cult requests the Ga'Ga'Ul's assistance in their endeavor to craft metallic boats. The Ga'Ga'Ul would of course be hosted graciously in the Oasis Caravansary for privacy, comfort, and access to both the river and open sea.
>1: Exile
Alright, fine. If they want independence, they can have it. More importantly, they can't stay where they are either. The diamond mine, and all claimed territory around it, belongs to the Cuvier. Any pirates will be exiled and their access past the nation's borders will be permanently restricted. If they are caught pilfering from our nation, or our nation's allies, including the Aka, they will be apprehended with violence.

>2: Fortifications on the island
With the new wave of pirates going out, and our valuable resources threatened, it's time we fortify and protect those who are still willing to mine there, as well as the resources that come from the mine. More guards and a proper base are in order.
Shell land


The new land is claimed. It’s a hostile wasteland unfit to house any life. To find any plant growing here is a rarity and even the wildlife seems golemic in nature. Like giant floating crabs feeding on rock. This land though seems rich in magic so even if one needs to import food to live here it might have it’s use.

The audience is arranged and goes well, though the Meoswilans wish form ore time to prepare and prepare the Lo-Hai do! The nation is readying for war. The Stone Crabs are sharpening their obsidian and preparing containers full of war-water.



The constriction of the port goes swimmingly (heh) and the first minor boat out of bronze sets sea. One one hand it’s a giant pile of resources bound to attract pirates. On the other hand it’s large and sturdy enough to defend itself from any attackers. On the mine front the golems are less successful building a mine randomly without scouting the land has lead to a mine of worthless stone which can be found anywhere. (scout land first)

More military grade golems are developed and towers are erected to protect the nation.



If iron is Ferromagnetic, Electrum is Magomagnetic. Electrum can be polarised by making a rod and applying strong magic to one side for a prolonged time or by making a coil wrapped around a piece of copper and continuously conducting magic through it.

That way electrum can be used to attract magical objects like magnets attract Iron or to change the trajectory of incoming spells.

(because magic is the + pole and antimagic is the - pole Electrum also works for antimagic)

Currently due to a lack of mages Borevia cannot use this knowledge, but they could start producing Magomagnets if they develop their own School->Branch->Spells (min 6 actions) or if they cooperate on it with a magically capable nation.

As your expedition ignores the ruins and presses on they find even more unimpressive wasteland. Seeing themselves running thin of resources they are forced to go back as they are far from home and supply lines. As for exploring the Island the Tarns told you about that requires an action.


You explore the lands further beyond the seas. As your vessels head north you discover a race of crab-starfish made of stone. Seemingly half golem half animal, but fully civilized users of water magic and traversing the seas on Ice Boats.

To the South you encounter a nation of Raiders and Savages always hiding being their shields and ornate masks. What do they hide? Their feminine beauty of course. All of said race you see are female with animal like ears and tails.

As for your encounter wish Shorino, your deal is accepted with glee and a few weeks later your ruler travels to shorino to swear tribute. The terrorists enemies of Shorino obviously are expelled from your land, but the Divine Emperor to reward you comming to your senses gives you the secret to the magic of Storm. As the Shorino wield it its part of the school of elements, but it can also be a Branch if the School of fire. Though that alters it’s properties somewhat (Branch of Storm -> Branch of Lightning) you obtain the Branch of lightning magic as part of your School of fire magic.

Black Forest


Founding of the City proves itself extremely difficult. The forests of this land are anything, but Sacred… so while a sacred forest is established it is kilometers away where resides the City propper a true City of of stone and bone. It is devoid of life giving the locals some rest from the surrounding cruel nature. Though there is those most devout among the druids who reside in the Sacred Forrest proper however hard that is.

Tsuyoi’s theory would be not right, but the most right one. While not determination directly, it is determination which lets the spirit shine and thrive. Only one truly determined could keep their spirit in-tact without a rigid body to hold it together.


>Conclave Of Life

The continued games start to slowly have a detrimental effect as playing the same game over and over frankly has become stale. The game itself feels more like labour. On their journeys deeper to the jungle in play some of the tineling kids spot the Dryads partying to what they only refer as “The Divine Portal” or plainly “World Three”. Is there something in the forrest our Dryad friends have not told us about?

The grand city now itself in many ways feels like a swamp. Dampness fills air at all times and the wooden floors feel soft to walk on. An eternal mist covers the city often making it appear full of rainbows like a southern Aurora. A pleasant smell fills the streets of the city. Your citizens are enjoying their cramped life.

> Republic of Sealand

The School of Antimagic being finalized, it comes time to construct a branch fit to make one's foes spells fizzle and crumble upon ignition.

The potential of the Branch of Magic Annihilation is powerful, but many researchers ask questions on the nature of the disrupted magic, and perhaps any backlash of longterm magic annihilation, one won't know until they try however.


Viri Sánguinum Imperii

Your agents are able to seize power using a mixture of assassinations, bribes, and plants, however a small paper trail and some bodies have been generated. The City Guard is under your sway, but the higher officials and private guards of the Tarnatos' officials remain out of your reach. The clock is ticking however, because the Tarn' are desperately trying to uncover this corruption.

The shield smells of spores, but is lightweight -and lets swords sink into it with an easy swing, but expands and thus prevents the enemy from withdrawing their blade.

The rituals are prepared, and on the night of, the spirit of rot is expelled… from a single slave. The process can work, but it seems to be far too expensive and time consuming to be a cure to this famine/plague. Many slave owners take to quarantining their slaves, and culling those that show symptoms. While the spread of the Blood rot slows to a stop, the supply of blood is drastically reduced, a new stock of blood must be bred or brought soon lest the Telrac starve.



The independent Cuvier upon being ordered to leave, promptly do so, albeit only after sabotage. For the Diamond mine is hastily collapsed after the approaching military arrives to drive them from their homes. They spit upon the shore as they flee, vowing vengeance upon the Megalodon for this betrayal. They sail north, until they disappear into the horizon.

The fort is formed around the mine, soon bringing it back into working order, and the walls providing the promise of security and safety for those that work within.



In two corners of the land, two resources are found. To the northernmost empty tile, simple bog iron is found, albeit low yield and quality.

To the southernmost tile, a source of liquid pitch is found in the bog, flammable and sticky, the pitch can be laddled or pumped out.

The spies arrive and are welcomed into the city, and using their methods are able to avoid detection. The expanse of this "Conclave Of Druids " is limited to the single tile of their super city, but it is a sprawling metropolis of living wood and druids. The nature worshipping people spends their days playing, dancing, and making things grow. They seem to be isolated, although rumors of more druids deeper inland abound. If a place was fit for attack, it would be the druids farms, to burn and salt them out. Forcing them to seek suitable land to feed themselves outside their tree city.

The spell allows for sentries to cover more ground by themselves, and capture any ner'do'wells hanging around where they should not.


>The Arcadic Council

The water golems pump the water from the flood mines, and the rebuilding begins. While the nation has taken a hit, it will continue beyond this hardship.
The Borevians take to the different culture slowly, gradually taking up Arcadian dress and mannerisms, but the practice of their own God remains, but with some minor disillusionment amidst the younger generation.



The mines are built, and the new riches of the earth flood your markets.

Your ships circle the Island, hoping from the ports of Ga'la'gul, Shorino, and Templetown, to the east, strange ships of ice, crewed by strange black figures beckon you with signal fires.


Liberdantoc Citystates

The ships are strong and fast, well manned and ready to transport the followers of Stakh from Tarnatos when the time is ready. Your forests are depleted in the need for the wood however.

In the cover of night, the brothers are retrieved and returned to Liberdantoc, the Telrac infiltrators awake to find their competitors and a portion of the city's population gone. Tensions are only increased as officials have no answer to give the people on what has happened.
1. With that issue slowly being solved it is time once again to turn to research. This time the issue of the golem that became sapient through the touching of the lead golems. A sapient golem can not be allowed to roam free without some way to easily stop it. As such the spell crafters with a focus on the school of golemancy work upon a spell to lock the magical circuitry of the golems into a subservient mentality to the caster and turning a potential threat into a willing slave. The spell shall be dubbed "Golemantic Mindshackle".
2. With a new city to defend it is decided that it is time to take the defense of our nation more seriously. The first step in this is to create a core of magi volunteers for combat and training them to cast faster and in the pressure of a true fight. This will be done through duels and small team battles between the volunteers as well as games of strategy to sharpen the mind.
Keeping it short today
> Action 1&2
Military reform. Our army needs to be stronger. Time for mass recruitment and army training. If possible joint training with the Lo-Hai.

> Action 3
Cultural reform.

Try to integrate the dusprrste cultures of our land under one umbrella. (Cultural action)
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2.97 MB PNG
Current map. I know some things are missing (Specifically for one person in particular) but I need info from the other QMs before I can add some stuff.
Action 1: Finish the study of the branch of Magical Annihilation. With the knowledge of magical Annihilation being potentially dangerous on a massive scale should it disrupt magic, it is considered asking for help from far off nations who also wish to gain the power of it. Other than that, the first few tests being commenced are on a minor scale, no more than 50 Elven being selected at the moment to take on what may be a burden or blessing of Anti-magic to determine the short term effects of it. Should there be none, it shall be carried forth as a full on program, otherwise, it will slow and be put on the back burner until ways around issues are developed.

Action 2: In response to Tarnatos, the Republic of Sealand sends a few men and 2 of their lower strategists to support a standard one. Their objective while there is to report on any suspicious findings regarding enemy spies within the government. Hopefully, with no ties to those outside of the upper echelons of the nation, they would gain better insight on the enemy. All enemies sighted or suspected to be enemies are relayed directly to upper powers of the nation of Tarnatos weekly lest it be critical information such as who is bringing them in or how where they are.
> Action 1: Mine and port
We shall construct a Mine and Port. The mine shall be pumping out the sticky flammable pitch. The port shall house our new and improved navy. The extracted pitch will be in part used as a weapon and in part sold to the Sea Elves.

> Action 2
Army reform. The Meoswilan army is reformed, both tactics and equipment are reworked based on the information provided to us by our spies.

> Action 3
Joint military exercises with the Lo-Hai. To prepare us for fighting side-by-side and not getting in each other's way our army performs training exercises alongside Lo-Hai warriors to get us used to fighting side by side and to find the most optimal way to do so.
>Make spell Lightning Strike for the Lightning Branch of magic
We experiment with the new branch of magic to make a spell that could call down lightning.
>Make a library and bank at Cherus
A library is to be made to document current and future discoveries and a bank is made in the harbor city to safeguard the wealth passing in and out of the city.

The Golem Crab, named the Gal'dr, are put under yoke while the Lo-hai attempt to make them beasts of burden and war, having them haul supplies by luring them with rock deposits.
The Ice ships are equipped with hollow tubes, capable of holding large rocks, which are blasted via Bending water. While inaccurate and slow to reloaded, the rock blasters make for an effective siege weapon.
>Action 1: Create Spell - Ukuheha Insimbi (Attract Metal)
While searching for a means of improving the ships maneuverability there was some time dedicated to the pursuit of magnetic fields as a means of improving their transport abilities. Early attempts showed no clear feasibility of improving transport abilities though the idea wasn't scrapped just yet. The Cult is a largely tool-less society and without access to the Earth it has very few means of defending itself. In order to grant some defensive abilities to the venturing Statues, the spell is developed as a means of disrupting metal-based aggressors.
Building off of its improved sister spell, the spell creates an magnetic field in a visible region which attracts metals to its center, making it challenging for metals to be manipulated or to escape the area.

>Action 2: Scouting the Land
Inspired both by its failure to locate resources of use in its earlier attempts and with a national interest vested in maps anyways, a division is requested to scout out the new Ithempeli land, utilizing its earth sinking abilities to locate underground metals.

The Harsh Sacred Forest, the forest of weeping willows, is a unique obstacle to the High Council. But one that will be overcome, however, it is convenient that the people have found a comfortable spot to stay, for one of the intentions was to have a river port for trade near Yanagi Mori. So, plans for a port for Shaanlín is put on hold in favor of making a port and merchant town near Yanagi Mori. On the matter of magic advancement, new ideas for technological improvement is rising forth, if the magic research don't bear fruit soon, it may be put on hold. But nonetheless, there is still majority support for the invention of Spirit Magic.

Action 1: Found River Port (Port) and Merchant Town (Bank) along the river near Yanagi Mori.
The makeshift city is no good, but it could work as a merchant town, because downstream from us is the Marcan heartlands, allowing us to cut out the Inner Sea middle man and do business directly. With a river port, we should be able to buy iron tools more cheaply. Furthermore, we could ferry Marcan adventurers and monster hunters to our land and help tame Yanagi Mori to allow more to settle there instead of the makeshift city. Also, if we ferry Marcans from their wetlands, we could depopulate them such that Marca would hand them over to us.

Action 2: Inventing the school of Spirit Magic (3/3 progress).
Yuuka and Tsuyoi's ideas are focused on, much to Miho's chagrin. It is treated like Body, a series of muscles that can be trained and exhausted. But while our bodies are well trained, we should now train our spirits to match.
1. Camouflage tech (4/?). Continue to have our creative artists work on making mud coatings, and leaf stick variations to disguise their bodies.

2. Improve spell: Leaf shield. With leaf shields able to be formed on personnel and to cover small spaces such as windows and doors a greater focus is made to increase the size and strength. With great will mages will be able to create a leaf crown shield among the upper tree regions, when needed this will create a protective ceiling over our city. With the convergence of all these magics (lvl 4 Shape Wood, lvl 2 Deep Roots, lvl 2 Leaf Shield, lvl 1 Ensnaring Brambles) soon our Great Living Wall will be constructed to provide unparalleled protections for our citizens.
>Action 1: Survey Land
The new southern lands of Lower Marca have been taken at face value for too long. We'll have a team of surveyors out to find what more natural resources the land harbors.

>Action 2: Construct and improve a lumber mill
A new lumber mill can be established nearby the first one. More wood will be extremely useful if we're to create our own navy.
>1:Colony time
with the visible running low on resources, they would be told to return to the oasis and build a town there, atleast they wont fucking die
>2: oh boy
we would send some aurons to follow what that kitsune had said, about that secret island thing
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Taus Da. Kitsune. Miner.
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Nocius Huan. Kitsune. Priest, popular with metal workers.
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Nolam Doh, human, naval officer
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Vinha Muan Kitsune. Carpenter.

Our freed brothers and sisters are integrated into the existing cities. With this success comes a time of of expansion and exploration.

>1: Attempt a circumnavigation of our island, starting with going South
Our glorious navy shall celebrate by exploring the coast of our island.

>2: Expand South, claim jungle tiles.
We need more wood.

>Diplo: A letter is sent to the head dryad of Tarnatos, asking for an alliance.
>>Spend 2 actions Increasing Fraterian influence over Skyblue Sun by funding the construction of new clinics and the expansion of old ones across all nations with Skyblue Sun clinics in them. The Fraterian Government knows it can't just remove Menzentia influence over them in a day, but with enough time and effort, that can and will reverse the situation

>>2 actions for building, Expand the road network to that all settlements are connected to one another, build a church of Solaria so the her holy word can be heard by all, build two threaters to strengthen and grow the culture of the UFC with dramas, comidies, and tragidies.

>while displeased with the outcome for the people of diamond Island, the government is unable to do anything while the Menzentans hold power over them.
File: 230AC.png (2.73 MB, 2048x2570)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB PNG

Work on finding a way to make sure that the 'magical circuitry' of the golems to make sure they are always subservient to the caster and are always willing is something that finds a number of snags in the process. The ability to turn a golem that has achieved sapience into a willing slave is not as easy as first believed. For it seems that the 'circuitry' so to say is changed in the process, and locking this down is hard. Despite this, there would be some protection gained from this. That being that the new spell would work on making it harder for a golem to actually become a sapient being, and require much longer time in contact with these lead golems in order to become such. Though, potentially a more permanent solution can be found in the future. With regards to the military however, work on creating a group of volunteers of magi would be something surprisingly easy. Throw in a few monetary incentives, and give a few tales of glory to some young impressionable magi and off to war they'll gladly march. Still, training them through duels and team battles with some strategy games on the side is something that makes these young magi into proper soldiers given enough time, and with this, something close to somewhat professional soldiers would come to be.

Interestingly, the councilor who was believed to have died during that little fishing accident has returned after so long, he surprisingly doesn't seem malnourished and seems quite strong compared to what he was before, despite it all. He states he ended up across the other side of the bay, where he was forced to try and find his way back. He found himself unable to follow the coast to the presence of those barbaric human like wolf eared people, as he didn't want to get seen or captured, and in the process got hopelessly lost after a few days. Eventually he found a strange city of tree's, with a yet stranger people. Though, he would have turned around after such in an attempt to continue to find home, and after some time, he managed to find himself back here.

Work on the branch of 'magic annihilation' is one that goes with a strange sense of unease. Those working with it find themselves growing more and more uncomfortable the more and more comes to light about the branch, and the closer they come to using it. Anti magic itself was one thing. Magic Annihilation was something different. As where anti magic merely suppressed magic and inhibited it, this...this was something different, this was something that was, well, exactly what it said on the tin. There would be similarities to anti-magic, but but it wouldn't be the same...It would be discovered there is a way potentially, to truly 'annihilate' magic in someone, or something. Yet, how is not yet known or realized...For better or worse. Work in Tarnatos goes fairly uneventfully for some time. Initially it would simply be a few cults to Kyuu here, a few cults to Kyuu there, and nothing of substantial significance. Yet, one soldier in particular assigned would have a hunch, and head out of the city along the road to the docks...He wouldn't return, and would straight up vanish. If he was killed, simply left, was captured, or if something else happened isn't known yet, but the event itself is concerning. Still, the work done is decent, even if it's just the start, likely due to the force simply setting up shop.

In worrying news, the leader of the nation and the navy, Dulon Faris Con, has become quite ill. He is currently bedridden and has been coughing quite harshly, along with a bad fever and a insomnia induced by being awoken by their need to cough having taken hold. He's still alive, but the sickness isn't doing him many favors, and what disease he has is not something that is known just yet. Let us hope he gets better soon.

Construction on a place to extract the nice flammable and sticky pitch is done swiftly, as is the production of the port that will be the home of our already glorious and great growing navy. While the construction of such is fairly uneventful, the army's reforms and exercises aren't. Drawing from the information given by spies, the equipment the army has are reworked, though ironically enough most of the reworking has less to do with information given by the spies and more so the information given by the exercises to better work alongside the Lo-Hai in the attack. As a number of strategies and equipment that were in use don't really work to well with the Lo-Hai on our side, or with the ever changing nature of war. Regardless of either, many levy are brought up to join the ranks and prepare for what will be a great and glorious invasion that surely will wipe the druids off the face of this world so they may be ground into the dirt where they belong!

...Yet, while all was so good, terrible news has struck in this crucial hour! An outbreak of catfish disease has taken root in the capital! How it was brought here we don't know, but luckily, we believe the peasant foolish enough to do such a horrible treachery is dead. Regardless of the fools actions, we are in a bad situation here, as the disease is spreading, not extremely swiftly, but still at a uncomfortable pace.


Work on lighting magic seems to work fairly well. There are some parts to it that come naturally to those working on it who have skill with utilizing fire. Still, the work is only just begun, and there is a long way till the art of lightning is nailed down. But even so, in its early stages, there is a noticeable similarity between it and fire magic. The biggest trouble really is finding the differences and how to account and work with them. But answers to just that come in day after day, and it will not be much longer until the methods come to us as it came to our current overlords...Still, even though many of previously loyal subjects are gone, along with their talent, we will move forward despite the losses, and as such work continues to go forth to build up the lands further swiftly goes underway and arrives at a satisfactory result. The Library and Bank both will undoubtedly be useful, to the economy, and to preserving the knowledge we have of the world.

A comet was sighted. Many believe it's an omen, and not a good one. Some even claiming the end is nigh. This has caused a number of people to stop doing their work in order to spend time with their family or prepare, making it clear these fools don't care about the economy...Regardless, many of the scholars have found fascination with the thing, and a few of the more cynical wish they lived in more enlightened times...

These 'Gal'dr' are swiftly taken from their ice boats and put to use. They seem more than a bit annoyed at this, though after some time they don't seem to mind the Lo-hai's use of them for work and war too much provided they are fed. Still, they most certainly will be of some use. With regards to the ice ships however, a curios way of making a siege weapon would be made. Hollow tubes that fire rocks, simply by using a large and quick jet of water to fire. To say it is inaccurate and slow to reload is an understatement, however hitting an enemy ship with it, or even a cities walls, will be absolutely devastating, so when it does hit, it most certainly hurts the enemies of the Lo-Hai.


Praise be to the prospectors! Copper would be found in the hills to the south, and off the cost beautiful pearls are found that would be perfect to use in many craft. The copper is extremely useful, and it is wished that such was found earlier, but still, we have found it now, and that is all that matters. Our work with our spells has also gone well, utilizing some strange findings to pull metal to a specific point and makes it difficult for such to escape. Though, the spell is a bit tiring, and it doesn't have the greatest range. Still, it will undoubtedly be vital for protecting the Ithempeli should a war ever come to the shores of the land.

A extremely minor earthquake would be felt. It wouldn't do any damage to any of the mines or cities, though it did give some a scare for a brief moment and knock over a few pots and other crafts, much to their owners annoyance.
>Black Forest

Work on a port in the river, allowing many boats to go up and down the river for trade, is one that causes quite a good deal of wealth and material to flow into the Black Forest tribes, as the time for travel and trade is cut down dramatically, and the ease of goods going to and from the two nations is made quite clear. The biggest issue with such is simply that the Marcain's don't have any port in the river themselves. Amusingly, from this, a small tribe goes south and spends some time in the Kingdom of Marca, only to return after a long time with some equipment. After, they travel around to the varying sacred forests, and offer something strange. Weapons of iron, copper, and bronze. Ones clearly not made by any nation known to the Black Forest...It turns out this little tribe learned Smithing and smelting on their own, and are keeping it a tight lipped secret for only their tribe, and, their work is nothing short of quality, for it is just that bit better than blades of foreign make. In an unrelated note, a number of Bluesky Sun herbalists start setting up their shop, and seem to build modest buildings of wood and stone, where they treat any sick. And in the most densely available parts of the Black Forest Tribe's lands, they are easy to get to. A number of tribes are extremely thankful for the work, interestingly, since everything from wounds to sickness and everything in between are treated.

On a different note, the work on spirit magic finally ends with knowledge gained. It is quite clear that will power is something that strengthens the spirit, and it comes clear that the soul is key to magic, all magic. Like how a heart pumps blood, the soul creates the natural magic of a living being...Yet, the real question now is how to manipulate it and control it, for it has come clear upon examining this, that the spirit of those who die very soon finds itself pulled somewhere...Where exactly isn't known, yet, though with this understanding, the first work on doing something to the spirit can be done now that the understanding of it exists and is well known by those who did the research or were taught that research.

Work to further camouflage has been something that many artists are starting to find grueling, annoying, and soul sucking. Yet, it is work that gets done. And, with proper coatings and the right applications of sticks and leaves. It is likely your people are unparalleled in the art of not being seen without flat up magic being used to make one invisible. Yet, ironically enough, it have become ingrained in the culture of your people as a chore rather than something fun or enjoyable, and at the end of the day, the disguises have to come off eventually, meaning all the hard work will eventually be washed away. Needless to say, the process is expensive, mainly due to artists dislike of doing such, and the time it takes to apply something to someone that will likely only last twice as long as it took to make or so. Work on the great wall to include a roof is underway. Yet, it is something that is found to be something that will take some time to do. As the amount of wood growth needed, along with magics in keeping the wall and everything a part of it alive, combined with the simple fact that the idea is to cover the entire city which seemingly keeps on growing means that this is a project that will take more time than expected. Still, it is most certainly possible, it just needs more time, and even though it isn't finished, it already proves yet more protection than ever before, and keeps the edges near the wall free from water...Though a question during work would come up. How exactly will lighting be managed?

Surveying the land would find that most of Lower Marca is for the most part shockingly bare of useful materials, which mainly have been found north. Though luckily, some coal would be found, mainly a bit north of the lumber yards, and on the island to the south, iron would be struck. Its not much, though there's likely still something out there, likely just past the borders. Speaking of Lumber yards, yet more would be set up so that the navy of the Kingdom could grow and expand, and more of Lower Marca would find itself in the business of shipping lumber up north and getting finished goods from the north. Though with the finding of iron that might change a bit. As Iron was one of the most important things in Marca.

On the southern island a new faith would prop up, specifically one clearly influenced by the Fraternians own. They believe that Melanie and Solaria are twin sisters, and that the former is responsible for mornings, and the latter for evenings. Other than this, their practices of worship are a mix of Melanie and Solarian, and believe that kindness is the greatest virtue. The most curios divergence is their depiction of both deities and their debates on if a goddess or god of the moon or moons exists. In the little bit of art made by this new belief, they depict Solaria with long golden hair and butterfly like wings, and Melanie with relatively short orangish hair with wings fitting for a dragonfly. The reason being that the founder of the faith claimed to see such in a dream like vision that proved the two were sisters, and that they were linked, along with a possible connection to the moon with what was potentially an unseen deity or group of deities.


The expedition into the north would soon find itself forced to the land, and to settle. There wasn't much in the way of supply out here, but there was still something. It was much better than simply staying out at sea for another few years and inevitably succumbing to the forces of the crashing waves and empty store rooms. Still, it was something, even if it wasn't much. However, a different expedition would go much smoother. Following the kitsune's directions, and carefully maneuvering as stated by the creature. Eventually, many rocks and reefs would be found, yet the Kitsune would direct the navigator as if they weren't there, and strangely, the ship would be unharmed. The seas were clearly...unusual. Yet, when the land was found, it would seem unremarkable. Yet after temporarily docking, it would be found the island truly is special. For while during the day it seems like any other island, at night, the place becomes almost mystical with many strange yet beautiful creatures in the sky swimming through it like it was water...When day returned, they would fade, yet it was clear this truly was something...special.

The navy would very swiftly be set off to do a great step in its history and circumnavigate the island the great nation was situated on. Early on into the trip they would sight something strange. A settlement and port, clearly, but to whom did it belong to? There was plenty of questions to be asked, but the answers wouldn't come, not right now, at least, that was what was believed by the admiral in charge of the fleet. For it was best in his mind to find out if they were slavers first, then greet them, than find out they were slavers after essentially telling them they were on the same island. Other than this, the trip would be fairly uneventful and peaceful without incident, proving that the Liberdantoc navy was clearly a capable force on the high seas. In less important news, the nation itself would expand further into the forests of the island, claiming yet more of it for free people and hard working hands.

Work to gain further influence over the Skyblue Sun through funding, sending supplies, and so forth goes fairly well. Yet, not in the way initially intended. By getting more influence over Skyblue Sun, you are able to be under slightly less influence over the Menzentia mainly by gaining some more influence over them in turn. In fact, the effort given to the organization seems to make the influence both you and to a much lesser extent Menzentia have grow in the Black Forest and over the Cuvier a few in the city state who are more focused on Mercy than Justice quite pleased with you, and does well to make relations between the city state warm up a bit. Though while on more friendly terms, and certainly with less influence over our country, there is still a long road to go. But, we have taken a great step in bettering ourselves, and have come to figure a key to get out of the Menzentia sphere of influence. By bringing them into our own.

In regards to more internal affairs, work on a number of theaters and a church goes well. As does the road system made and put in it's place. The new theaters prove to be a fairly fun hit, with dramatic tails of the early history of the nation being played out along side hilarious plays about a Heferson and the old kings, at least in the west's theaters. For something very strange would be found in the plays of the eastern portions of the nation, they would be done with strange dresses, often with strange instruments used, and there'd seemingly never be a word said during these plays, the show's depicting emotion through masks and movements. This would just be one part of a interesting culture growing in the north east, where many of the Kitsune folk settled, and it seems more come in every day, led carefully as refugees from some 'hegemony' that banished them after they became slaves to the shogun. A number of towns built drastically different to that of the rest of the nation would be founded in their own style, and while the share the same core beliefs, and truly believe in the nation, they are a bit...different, mainly in their value of self improvement and a growing number of them coming in believing in more than one goddess. And, strangely, more of these Kitsune seem to be coming to the nation, likely aided by their kin, and surprisingly they are integrating fairly well. These people call themselves Jiyūitsune, or Free Kitsune as the Fraternian's would call them, and while most were in the north east, a little 'Jiyū town' in the capital near the library would also be formed. In a sense, these Jiyūitsune could be called Fraternian ideals mixed with 'Shorino' style and manners, though the majority of these Kitsune coming to this nation seem to dislike the old city state their ancestors were from.
>Republic of Nörland

From the north, the tall people of Nörland face against the weather of these cool lands. While not frozen as other places are, they are certainly aren't warm often. Still, the people of Nörland are a reseliant folk, and one known for seafaring and exploration. Hardy and stalwart, may the new president elected by the Great Thing be just and skillfully bring the nation into a position where it can defend itself better from any external threat just like it did less than a hundred years ago.

>Tavthalla Rememptor

While the regency since the great treachery and dishonor still lives on, so to does the rage and desire for vengeance, the symbolic killing repeated every five years in ritualistic fashion. Our honor is everything, and as is war. While our kind has done a grave sin far in the past, we will one day redeem ourselves. We will one day have our revenge. We will one day stand tall and great once more. But those days are far away...But we will persevere to see them.
1. With that partial success the spell crafters get to work on another project to further the military capacity of the nation. Studying the sapient golem the magic circuitry a new type is developed to allow golems slightly more intelligence in the direction of military organization, communication, and weapon use. These golems should, in theory, be able to use weapons if humanoid and work in units like a phalanx while maintaining the loyalty to their creator. This new spell shall be called 'Create Legion Golem'.
2. The arrival of the long thought dead councilman was unexpected and welcome after the period of time he had been away. The man is practically interrogated by playwriters trying to make his story into an epic as well as chroniclers trying to learn whatever the councilman saw during his trip or picked up in his need to survive.
RP: In an unprecedented event a councilman, thought dead, has come back and now the council had to do something about this situation. It was decided that an emergency election would be held. In a near unanimous vote, probably spurned on by the new plays, the returned councilman is once again elected to his position.
> Action 1
Isolate the sick. We do not wish for this odd disease to spread, but we also do not possess the funds to currently deal with it as we're preparing for war. as such the sick are to be put on ships isolated from the healthy. They will serve their nation one last time by being used as biological weapons against the vile druids. Praise be to En.

> Action 2: New Spell Woodeater
From what our spies tell us the biggest worry are those self-regenerating walls. We shall develop a new spell "Wodeta". This spell bases itself around the "Thermite Fungus" a fungus which slowly dissolves wood and feeds on it. We shall harvest the spores and magically try to fasten the process. If possible we shall also cover Lo-Hai canon-rocks with it to prevent any damage said rocks do from instantly being undone.

> Action 3: Urban warfare expertise
due to the environment of the next war we need to train our troops to deal with an urban environment. There is a danger of our zombies becoming useless due to cramped streets.

A new command is developed "climb". It's a simple command a necromancer can use to make zombies climb over obstacles or one another. It's not a perfect solution, but should make dealing with the myconic undead slightly harder.

(the attack on the conclave will start tomorrow monday)

The invention of the School of Spirit has changed attitudes in the High Council, now trying out new customs to try and bolster not only their own spirit, but that of the forest itself. None of them do much, but it has given a mystic theme. Aromas, gentle smoke and wind chimes hope to find the breath of the forest, and many High Druids eschew thick clothing, wearing thinner or even less clothing to be closer to the sacred forest. Though Hiro thinks some are just making excuses to reveal more skin.
Though there has been results, the High Council decides against developing the branches of Spirit Magic for now, particularly, Tsuyoi herself. The news of the blacksmith tribe has reminded her that we're lacking our own metal, and Moriko has had plans to improve our javelins for quite some time. So it is decided that efforts be made to improve our military.

Action 1: Survey for metals along the river, particularly metals suited for weaponry.
While the smiths by themselves would work well off Marcan iron, their secrecy will drive the price up further. By acquring our own metal to sell to them, we will be able to keep the price reasonable but also give them a large supply to hone their craft on. Hopefully we will find a source of iron, even if we have to dig it out of the bog.

Action 2: Invent derived technology: War Javelin from Javelin (1/2 progress).
Moriko has gotten ideas from the various weapons we've seen. Broadheads of metal have good penetration and damage, fletching gives accuracy and puts feathers to use, throwing string lets people sling stones farther so perhaps also javelins. Damage, accuracy and range, and the cost isn't too high. Though the main concern is standardizing them, some javelin shafts are so thin they become worthless in melee while others are so thick they are only useful in melee. We need one thickness and one length, so we can have our javelineers act in unison, instead of the unit being a mix of skirmishers and pikemen.
Event Response: With the acting Admiral having fallen severely ill, the three captains have taken charge while their higher up is currently unable to take active charge. If anything, it runs a little bit smoother with three in charge instead of one. The Admiral is kept in his quarters for the duration of his endless time awake. All medical specialists entering the room enter completely covered as per standard with every new and unidentified disease. He is given the utmost care from the best medics in the nation.

2 Actions: And with the Admiral falling severely ill, this has prompted action to make sure of his well being.Working from science, they develop the branch from it of bio-medical science, or more appropriately, Hermalism.Testing goes underway quickly to figure out what can be used to counteract coughing fits, fevers, insomnia, and whatever else ails the Admiral.

Religion isn't a matter of state. Those living on the island can be left alone to figure it out for themselves.

>Action 1: Construct/Improve Iron Mine
The newly sourced Iron will prove itself quite useful, especially in arming the navy and new lumber yards.

>Action 2: Found a Navy
With our feet finally in the water, we'll need a proper navy to defend our domestic trade.
Ephial gnaws at the strings in our minds.
The long decline is over.

Fools in wood-shape boats sail across the waters, the people go strange, then rise in their spirits.
The world is again ready.

Action 1: Chart the Uncharted lands. Explore the highlighted area.
>The violent excitement gathered in the capital cannot be contained, but it can always be directed.

>Non-Taurs spotted exploring, perhaps they are near, perhaps not, but we must secure the area around Rahhnus and Rahak regardless.
>Hordes of hooves and leaping legs and clattering pleopods scour the land and record every last detail

Action 2: Construct vital infrastructure.

Upgrade port.
Construct Forge in Rahak.

>The heat is rising, the excitement of what this new age brings.
>Zealous fury turns to intense dedication, we will need boats in the times coming, the port is set upon by hordes of workers.
>Ceaseless chants of “Forgive us!”, and “We will be redeemed!” rise to a cacophony.
>Perhaps the nightmare Ephial watches, pleased.
>He does not give any sign either way.

>Meanwhile the forges of Rahak become centralised from council decree, scattered, shanty smithy-inns fall to nothing and in their place rise greater houses of metalcraft, aided in their vital works by the unmatched strength of the Taurs.

>Proper, sustainable sources of metals to work with will need to be acquired, soon, but in the excitement all this just seems not to matter.


>The red ships are remade, those vessels said to have brought the Taurs to this land in old myth

>Red stained hulls, tirelessly worked upon sails with important icons and Tauric script emblazoned on them, these are vessels fit only for transport, but impressive transport at that.

>It would be dishonourable to send diplomats on anything less

>A group of such vessels is sent to Tarnatos, with the Ex-Councillor Nakahatk aboard for it to ensure things go well.
>It is time to make ourselves known, but better would be to manage to establish trade, we shall aim for both.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Felis Mo, Human, Miner
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Sitariades. Dryad. Priest, popular with farmers
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Mauius Melik, Half-Kitsune, admiral of the circumnavigating fleet.
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Tinha Truan Kitsune. Herbalist.

Neighbours ! Can they be potential allies ? The accounts of the mighty expedition of the navy become a minor cultural phenomenon.

>1: Study and experiment with the weird meteor metal, that is exploited near Taydosong
Can we use it for something useful other than crude stone-like weaponry ?

>2: Send aid to Tarnatos : a unit of infantry (including battlepriests to enhance said unit) and a gift of lumber and raw arsenicbronze
Due to the history of our nation, the unit of infantry is mainly trained in escorting convoy, and raids on settlements. It was however briefed with what we gathered of the tactics of Tarnatosi city guards during the military repression against Stakh believers.

>diplo to Tarnatosi Rulers: They are reminded that they are free to request any aid they wish for (we'll see if we can provide), and that the direction of troops and tactics are under their command.

>diplo to pro-Liberdantoc elements in Tarnatos: Our priority right now is to make sure Tarnatos does not get conquered by the Imperii. Topple Tarnatos rulers will not help. Slavery in the Imperii is worse, especially due to the rights recently given to slaves in Tarnatos. The Imperii is also a potential enemy of Liberdantoc, and it capturing Tarnatos would only reinforce it.

>diplo to Tavthalla Rememptor: On a ship arrives three diplomats a Kitsune, a Human, and a Dryad, wishing to establish contact.
Normally the Lo-hai bicker and argue over who gets to lead combined armies of warspawn, sometimes even being settled by mid battle duels. There Will be none of that when the Lo-hai come to take the Druids by storm. The preparing army takes time to drill under one commander, Eye Gouger, and develop discipline beyond their individual warbands. Stone Lords that disobey orders from the commander while are campaign are to have their shells broken to humble them.

The Gal'dr are used for simple pack beasts, freeing up more Lo-hai for the fight, as the supply hauling can be done by the fully stone crabs.

New Spell In Water Bending Branch
>Tidal Rage - as the Lo-hai sail their ships to the shore, they combine their Bending to prepare a tidal wave, to soak the battlefield for attack. Only works on coasts.
>Action 1: Build Infrastructure (Copper Mine, Pearl Farm)
Amazed by the beauty of their findings, the Cult is quick to introduce them into their fold or decorative goods. They could use a little extra beauty after the discomfort of the earthquake.

>Action 2: Create City (Hospitality)
A new city is created in this forested area. It is a land suitable for life and one which can support a skinned population. Should the Cult ever need to support a fleshed population of beasts or traders the city will be of great importance. This is made in the northernmost forested tile.
>1: Build a port son
we would build a port in the freshly made colony town in the recently discovered land, said town will be used for supply for future expeditions deeper into the land (optionally build one in my capital, if ports only take one action point)
>2: Explore that god damn island deeper!
we would explore deeper said mysterious island with the tarns, as it could be quite interesting to discover whatever is there!
>With the success in influencing Skyblue Sun, the Fraterian Government is only reafirmed in its plan to undo Mezentia influence by expanding their own, they again continue to support and supply the resources for more Skyblue Sun clinics to be constructed and expanded. the taxed revinue generated by the theathers that have given the government the extra fund to keep up this effort.

>Having seen the beginings of a divergent culture within Frateritas the government is quick to act. Trying to force them to convert to mainstream Fraterian ways through force would be a costly and wasted effort, insteed Pro mainstream Fraterian cultural programs are created and funded. The theaters in the northeast are given tax breaks for making sure that at least 60% of performances are traditional Fraterian plays, and cultural grants are offered out to those wanting to make Fraterian plays or fusion plays of Fraterian-free kitsune culture. On the construction side, Free kitsune setelements that untilize Traditional fraterian arcetecture in at least 60% of structures built are awarded a decade-long tax reduction allowing the local government to invest more into their communities, like with the theaters special grants are offered to those seeking to build Fraterian style buildings, fusion style build are accepted as well. The final aspect of this plan is implemented nationwide pro fraterian education that instills fraterian exceptionalism within the youth and younger generation, free kitsune or not. To oversee this undertaking the department of Arts and Culture. Its mandate to protect and grow the fraterian culture and to ensure that the common culture that binds Frateritas together remains tightly woven.

>Nationally the population is happy and stable, sympathetic elements of the population hold the free kitsune in high regard and feel for their plight it is a terrible thing to be forced from your homeland. something that deeply resonates with the origins of Frateritas. out of the mainstream, the hybrid question is becoming harder and harder to ignore, since the refugee crisis, the number of hybrids of all kinds has just seem to have continued to grow proportionally to the human and pure beast folk population as the population grows so have the number of hybrids. Deer folk, dryad, kitsune, canine folk, feline folk, and lagomorph folk hybrids are becoming more common site one that needs to be addressed.
1. Research camouflage technology (5/?) With our men able to understand drawing patterns to break up shapes and silent or still movements to conceal themselves focus must be placed elsewhere. While our buildings are made out of shaped wood and consist of trees they still do not look treelike enough. Shapers and growers work to make buildings appear more as trees, they grow branches and leaves outwards. Curving and facade walls are created to blend the buildings into the trees that they are made from. Consequently these jutting branches and leaves double as access points for our mages to quickly and more effectively shape wood and create leaf shields within the city streets and buildings to close off areas should the need arise.

2. Spell: Knotted Eyes. With our scouts and casters able to whisper among the leaves and communicate the forest can speak. Now the forest must see. In time our forest will be able to speak, see, hear, and feel the creatures that reside within so that we may be better wardens of this magnificent forest whose beauty is a testament to natures wonders. Our mages focus on the "eyes" in the wood. These numerous knots will be used to keep watch over the forest and city. Our scouts information gathering network continues to grow in complexity with many mages devoted to looking and speaking through the trees.
>Continue on the lightning branch
We continue looking into this new magic, to learn and master this element.
>Learn Astronomy
The passing comet brings worries to many people, in order to verify whether there is actually cause for concern we let our scholars study the celestial bodies to find any meaning in it.
Just do 1 and 3
>1: Dig out the diamond mine
Those pirates, as crafty as they are, managed to collapse our diamond mine in an attempt to sabotage our digging efforts. Now we're left with the aftermath, and must dig our riches back out.

>2: Fire magic branch
We should focus more on offense this time. Sure, heat is useful, and it can harm, but is it as effective as we want it to be? Say a heat so powerful that any warrior would be forced to strip his heavy armor just to try and vent. Of course, we do not expect that result immediately. Rather, all we want is something that can be used offensively.

>3: Port in the northwestern sea
As we now have allies across the sea, it's probably best for us to have a means for them to dock their vessels, as well as a means for us to dock our own. (put it further towards the north, but not right next to Borevia)
File: 240AC.png (2.77 MB, 2048x2570)
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2.77 MB PNG
A horrific plague has arisen in the city of Jabon. The disease causes major issues to one's stomach. A human will often start feeling a cause of nausea and soon after commonly reaching and vomiting as the disease progresses, before starting to cause diarrhea, intense abdominal pain, fever, headaches, and at the latest stages, internal bleeding and vomiting blood. Without any treatment the average infected will have a high chance of dying, and with treatment, there is still roughly one in three who die. Those sick often struggle to eat or have an appitite, and worse, the disease is very infectious. Already it has gripped the entirety of the Meoswilum Kingdom, and has already spread down the Wedding Day Road to the Imperii and Tarnatos, and likely will spread further from there. Due to its initial spread being down the Wedding day Road, it has been called the Weddings Curse, or Weddings Disease.


Work on this new type of golem capable of actually fighting on the battlefield and having some intelligent thought as to not get completely outflanked and actually listen to orders as well as communicate them goes...shockingly well. It was expected that organizing such a thing would take a long time but it was clear that the magi set to work on the project have outdone themselves. Everything from fighting in proper formation, conveying an action they are going to do or what they see to friendly soldiers, or even just moving in relation to the flow of battle seems to just...work. Even stranger, these golems seem to be capable of learning to an extent, much like how a dog would. Not sapient, but still...Lets just hope they don't become similar to that one golem who achieved sapience. Other than this, the only thing of note is the many stories, songs, and even a play made about the adventures of the returning councilman. Only one or two are fully true, and many take a few liberties as to what actually happened, but regardless, the story has certainly made the man something of a folk hero to both those who don't live inside the main cities and fishermen. Certainly a very welcome return...

The sick with Catfish disease would swiftly be contained and put aboard ships with the idea being they could do one last service to En and the Kingdom of Meoswilum by sacrificing themselves to spread their plague to the druids of the south. Unfortunately, there would soon be many more people sick. Originally believed to be further cases of Catfish disease, it would swiftly come to be clear that they were not in fact sick with the old disease, and it would come clear this was something different. By the time anyone really realized what was going on, cases started to flood in, from the capital to the smallest villages on the outskirts. No one alive was safe from this curse, and worse, it swiftly spread down south to our allies and the city state of Tarnatos. And, some villages already have become naught but ghost towns, full of dead and vermin eating away at their corpses...

Our work at the very least has gone for the most part unimpeded by this, if only because the ones involved weren't among the peasantry, though a few of the nobility perish to this disease as well, and many have locked themselves away and done their work quietly in their large homes. The spores for the fungus that eats wood would be swiftly gathered easily enough, and work to hasten the process would see a few accidents, but good work regardless, and applying it to the cannons of the Lo-Hai seems to work, though its not as effective as simply applying it elsewhere, as it's believed that most of the spores are forced off by the high speed and water, though enough do make it that it should if not stop the regeneration, slow it down extensively to a crawl that would take days. Lastly, work on the zombies to climb over things works well enough. It at the very least means that they can much more easily overwhelm a group of soldiers than before, and means that provided there's enough of them, any wall, or moat could be overcome, or even a ravine, though that would take a absurd amount of undead...
>Black Forest

Searching the lands for metals, specifically those of interest to weaponry, would find something quite useful. There is plenty of iron under the still growing sacred forest of Shaanlin, and just north of Yanagi-mori across the river in the mountain is yet more iron. Of course, the way to actually work the stuff is only known to one small tribe, no where near enough to actually supply the entire nation, but still, it at the very least for the time being will be a very good trade material to the southern kingdom, who's forges seem to have a never ending demand for more iron. And hopefully in the future, we will learn the secrets that the tribe of smiths has. On a somewhat related note, weapons of war would be worked on, specifically Javelins. Moriko's idea's seem to be ones that actually work. Early tests of these new 'war javelins' are actually quite promising. The real issue is finding the way to optimize this, and there are a number arguing who's is best, including that one smith tribe, who naturally decided to show off and submit three designs, one of which is far too light and one far to heavy, though if the middling one is best and should be standardized is something that a number of other tribes have fought over, especially the more traditional crafting tribes dedicated to making more traditional weapons.


Work would swiftly go into Herbalism in a desperate attempt to find some sort of cure or otherwise sooth the ails of the admiral. Of course, it would be a slow process of experimentation and hard work, but in time a number of useful plants would be cataloged for varying uses, most important of which was an extract that aided in lessening the severity of coughing, which was perfect for aiding the admiral and allowing him to actually get some sleep once he was given such. The further work has also helped the general population a fair bit as well, with many minor illnesses being overcome much more swiftly than before. Though, there would be bad news on the horizon. As while the work was all well and good, there was a major threat on our doorstep. The Kingdom of Meoswilum suffered greatly at the hands of a horrific disease that swiftly spread east and south. And, many fear that it is only a matter of time before it spreads up north. Many are, rightfully, extremely thankful for the nations interest in Herbalism, for they believe that they will need it, though many likewise fear that it will not be enough on its own to fight off the weddings curse...

More and more iron is pulled out of the earth to be turned into useful tools and weapons that the Kingdom of Marca constantly and consistently uses for every thing. And as the mine is expanded further, some begin to wonder, just how much more will these mining operations grow? And similarly, just how much materials with the smiths of the nation get? At this rate, one might even wonder if even the lowliest farmer will be able to buy iron tools soon. Regardless, there is coming to be a realization that while the raw goods certainly exist, the actual forges to make use of the metal are...lacking. Perhaps something more formalized would help the economy when it comes to tools, and perhaps plenty in the future could be sold to foreign countries? On a related note, a navy would be formed, and the first ships of war created for the Kingdom. Really, its only to protect trade from pirates and make sure the shores are clear of anything undesirable. Though, a single ship that went far west from the coast would vanish and never return...


The lands to the north are swiftly charted out, and plenty of land much like the one that Tavthalla resides upon is found. In time it will be settled and brought under the control of the Tavthalla, so that our road to redemption and revenge will become more clear, and give us more resources to bring us down that long road. However before such colonization and settling would be done, the interior of the nation would be worked on further, with a forge for weapons and tools being made in the capital, along side a port for ships, for we are not the only people in this word, and we must make contact with those on other shores. Naturally, only the finest ships will honor our diplomats, and after months of work, the ships would be sent off to Tarnatos...

Work on the strange material to see if it can be useful for something other than weaponry is a slow process, however it is found that pounding the thing enough. It seems the material is good for just about any tool needed to be made out of metal, provided it's worked with enough. And, naturally, it's found that such tools made out of the stuff are quite durable, likely the same goes for the blades and weapons. Though, perhaps if work was done to a large enough chunk, armor could be made out of the stuff? Of course, it would take a large portion of the material, and likely only have enough for a handful of people, but potentially...Of course, there also comes an issue of working with the material long enough to make such an armor, as shaping it in such a way seems like an arduous task at best.

Aid sent to Tarnatos is swiftly accepted. Initially, they would be considered further proof that both the Imperii and Liberdantoc wish to subvert the city state by the few advocating against working with either us or the Imperii, but soon their efforts would be appreciated in helping the slaves work harder and be happier through improving their conditions to an extent and treating them better than most guards did by actively helping them. While ironic, it made sense for Tarnatos to have them protect slaves, for they were one of the key 'battleground' people the Imperii and Liberdantoc fought over in the shadow war in Tarnatos, and it would be a good test of loyalty, however before anything major could happen, the city would be hit by a horrible plague that swiftly set in among the populous, including the infantry and even some battle priests which were sent over... Not all of them were infected, not even a full quarter of them, but certainly enough to be a major concern.

While discipline, order, and cohesion is not really a thing associated with the Lo-Hai, in a situation like this where such a dangerous and vile enemy has been sighted and will soon be destroyed, we need to be unified as a force to wipe such a stain from the world. Even though it was expected that doing such would face difficulties, there is grumbling, but nothing more. For everyone knows just how important this all is, and how every advantage is needed, and giving our enemy one in the form of poor cohesion and unity of command in battle is a terrible idea and one that will see only death and destruction, for a prolonged conflict is one doomed to failure. To further aid us in the efforts of crushing such a threat, magic would be worked on further and refined further. With many waves of the shore being pulled and drawn, learning how to make a proper tidal wave to strike. While much work would be put into it, it would be found that a proper tidal wave, hundreds of Lo-Hai tall isn't possible with our current understanding and work. However, the large waves capable of being made will certainly be able to wash away anyone on the shore and damage ports, along with cause issues to other ships. But sadly, such waves won't really go far inland...For now, at least.


Tragedy struck not too long ago. It seems the earthquake from before was merely far away rather than minor, as a massive tidal wave crashed into sanctuary. Not only has this tsunami destroyed the port in its entirety, but it has also completely ruined the city, and swept many away or killed them in a hail of water and debris. The wave was so bad that it even damaged the theater and library. Thankfully, the tidal wave struck before the people we sent to set up the new city arrived at their destination, saving both from having the resources and time invested wasted and the same goes for those setting up a good way to get plenty of pearls. The news has come to a shock to everyone regardless, so much death and destruction, yet why? What did we do to deserve this? At the very least we aren't the only ones suffering from a horrific disaster, as rumors of some sort of plague to the east have come to our shores... Provided what they say is true, of course.

Work on a port in the new colony and in the capital, the transportation of goods can go much faster with the loading and unloading of the varying goods in question being much faster. Still, the biggest issue is just how far apart the varying golem settlements are from home, as the journeys by sea are not always safe, and not every ship intended for these far distant shores makes it. Still, the sailors of Borevia continue on, searching the island they had been shown further, and upon it they would find something curios. Another primitive people. Yet, there is some concern, for they are not normal primitives who can so easily be pushed around, but Taur. What such a chaotic race is doing on an island like this, let alone in such a seemingly peaceful fashion none of the lead explorers know.

Efforts to gain further control over the Skyblue Sun go fine, and it further free's the nation from the influence of Mezentia influence. Though, most of the funds are starting to be used more to make the clinics more comfortable for the workers, get more food and better cooks, and otherwise things that make things more comfortable for those both in charge and working as a part of Skyblue Sun. Still, argueably, the influence of Mezentia over Fraternia is fairly low compared to before. Where once there was a tight grip that seemingly had full control had loosened considerably. There is still major sway over the nation, but it's significantly less than what it was at the beginning of their influence with the Skyblue Sun. However, at this stage, it has come clear that, while the Skyblue Sun is why Mezentia was able to gain such sway over the UFC, the possibility of truly taking over the Skyblue Sun and making it a primarily Fraternian organization as opposed to a primarily Mezentian one is extremely far off with the current situation. And, it is believed that a different approach to further shake off Mezentian influence is needed.

With the culture programs put in place, mainly made so that the Jiyūitsune start being more Fraterian, a slight issue would arise in that the majority of the work has made a few issues for the administrators, as with many Kitsune coming in, many buildings would be planned that are a combination of traditional Kitsune and Fraterian architecture, which while creating a unique and interesting style, somewhat defeats the purpose in some Fraterian traditionalist hardliners eyes, further more, an issue arises in that there comes a question on whether mixed architecture is considered part of the 60% required or the 40% of non Fraterian architecture, along side yet more issues in that there are some situations where a town receives an influx of Fraterians born in this land which push a town past that 60% and then some time after, further Jiyūitsune buildings are made as Kitsune come in, though thankfully this is rare. Additionally, this combined style of architecture has actually caught on among the non Kitsune population, considering the constructs uniquely Fraterian. With regards to plays, the process is much easier, though a number of theaters in the north, often funded by local Jiyūitsune, remain dedicated to their art. Still, the differences between the Jiyūitsune and the average Fraterian seem to be less than before, and the extent of these Jiyūitsune in the north has dwindled, at least in the area's that were claimed by the UFC for some time, for a swath of land was settled by more Jiyūitsune refugees, along with the area south and east of the capital that had strangely been empty until now.
A number of artists, upon being forced to work even further on camouflage, something that they have been forced to work on non stop for so many years when they yearn for greater work have had enough, and have protested by, upon hearing the news, finding the nearest window and preforming the act of self defenestration, or in the case of one incident, doing the act to the one forcing him to continue his suffering. Needless to say, we lost a number of good artists...The military has advised a cessation of work on improving camouflage as it's clearly only causing problems, and unless some sort of invisibility magic is made, they doubt that the work will get much farther, besides, it's the best in the entire world already, even if we don't know the full world, we can be confident in the assumption. With regards to the work on the spell however, things go much more smoothly, with the usage of the spell making the caster be able to sense people and animals in the wood. While they can't see them directly, they seem to know where they are within a decent enough range, and more importantly, seem to sense when something is thrown at them or falls at them. It could be improved still, unlike camouflage, to a greater range and grant actual sight rather than sensing where things are, but still in its current state it is quite good.


With further work, it would be found that lighting magic really does share some similarities to fire. Similarly to one launching fire at a target a fair distance away, one needs to focus on their target. While when using fire magic, one would either intensify the flame near or on the target or detach it from their hand and fling it at the target, lightning requires pure focus on the target, and to focus on intensifying the energies next to the target, to direct lightning from the sky. While it is believed there might be a way to call forth lighting without doing so directly from the sky, such a process isn't known yet, and it currently requires a cloud above for such to be possible to utilize. Still, currently our understanding of the basics has been completed, and all that we need now is to perfect it and further work upon it. Work on Astronomy by many of the scholars and some priests has found many curios things upon the night sky. And, some have speculated that such has meaning. Looking back into the past, there seems to be a very short record of comets, but those that are there prove that they an important omen, always disastrous. However, further work must be done, as some believe that by examining the comet it's self carefully when it appears can tell us what actually might happen... Worse, reports from some merchants is there's a rumor of some great plague which recently came about in foreign lands.

Work at fixing the mess those damned pirates made goes...well...okay, to be honest. It was annoying to even need to fix it in the first place, and work to set up the mines took even longer than they did originally due to the fact they made all the caverns so unstable and broken up. But with enough time, effort, and ignorance of safety regulations, the mine was able to be opened up for proper work and extraction of those wonderful gems once more. Further more, work on a port would be done on the inner sea, in order to benefit from the trade there, as the inner sea seems to be extremely lucrative with as an easy, effective way of travel between so many nations. Other than this, work on fire magic would be done and it's understanding, something that would be somewhat ironic given the fact that the Curvier are an aquatic species. Still, the work would go fairly well, and a greater understanding would be achieved, specifically the basics. Still, there's a fairly long way to go, and it's found that it likely won't be useful for any who decide to swim to where they plan on using it unless they have a way of setting a fire where they are going naturally. But, it's progress. We just need a bit more work for greater spells and such to be made of the stuff.

To say the current situation was bad would be an understatement. Rituals done to expel these rot spirits have failed due to being 'too time consuming and expensive' which was utter nonsense. If it worked on one Servus, surely it could be expanded to a number of them. Perhaps in bringing them together in a mass ritual...However, the situation has changed, drastically so. Our ally has stumbled upon a curse of a disease, and as such, it is clear from the many already suffering from it that everything essentially has to be dropped in order to combat it. On the bright side, chances are the worries of famine will likely go away with a good chunk of the Imperii's population. But, that wasn't much of a bright side. Ideally, we can find some kind of cure, or at least find anything to make recovery easier, as this can be used to further influence with Tarnatos, for either they accept our aid and are grateful, or they reject it and their people flock just outside their city to our lands where they can be treated and harbor resentment to their government. But thats for the future. Right now, we lack the know how or materials in order to do such. So, with this, work would swiftly be done to try and combat this disease, and the work would be split into that of two groups. One worked by a number of Telraci Farm owners, who aim to utilize plants in order to try and kill, harm, or otherwise hamper the disease, and the other worked by priests who seek to cleanse this disease from the blood with the power of Kyuu. For the majority of those infected have been from drinking of Servus infected by yet another disease...

After this was all over, the Imperii was going to need to do a lot of work to make sure no plague harmed it again, for such a bad situation where in multiple plagues strike is not one that is good to have with little to no preparation against it.

>Action One & Two. Herbalism and natural Cures and remedies.

>Action Three. Rituals and spiritual Cures and remedies.
> `The High Council is arguing quite a bit, that we are abandoning tradition, but Moriko needs only mention her shields for people to shut up. Though some diehards swear to the lance, the shield is second nature to even the whitehairs by this point, only the wrinkled ones are any sizable opposition to it, and they only have half a human lifespan remaining. But Moriko makes another proposal, that the smith tribe become a full fledged tribe, on par with the wildland hunters or even their warriors. The High Council doesn't like the idea of a tribe becoming this powerful, especially one which cuts down trees to use as fuel for their furnaces, but the benefits are ones Moriko and Hiro can attest. Iron weapons are much better than bone, it may even be the key to conquering the wild wetlands. Yuuka and Miho opposes, but Hiro manages to persuade Tsuyoi after a couple nights in her bed, swinging the balance, as Yuuka's influence is diminshed after having recently made those new sacred forests.
> Action 1: Create Iron Mine and Smithy north of Yanagi Mori. Name the smithing tribe, the Iron Leaf tribe.
> The smithing tribe shall have each member carry a Druidic Medal, though one minted in iron. This will give them priority on purchasing iron and even some legal protections, as only a fellow leafbearer has a chance of getting them prosecuted. Their leader is made a High Druid of Iron, though will likely be under Moriko's influence for the time being.
> Action 2: Invent derived technology: War Javelin from Javelin (2/2 progress).
> A grand weapons trial is held, where we will put to rest which is the ultimate Javelin design. For it's duration, people are allowed to stay in Shiroi Mori, even outsiders would be allowed to participate. Moriko will make a speech about the importance of standardization, that it's important nobody uses a bad spear, even if we have to turn down the perfect spear.`
Action 1: Expand unfettered.
>No force may stop our advance, the new territories become much any other of ours in short order.
>Less Taurs in the capital makes for less spontaneous violence at least, despite everything chaos still reigns

Action 2:
Continue constructing vital infrastructure:
Upgrade Forge
Construct a farm

>The embers rise from the forges, deafening hammering even then not enough
>The recent tribute given from these strange new visitors is put to good use in honing the craft of the Tauric smiths, bronze hammered and reforged and hammered again

>The issue rises of a greater forge being needed, forcing the different equally prideful Tauric smiths to work together can only occur in this way, even the city guard cannot intimidate the heavily muscled forms of a Taur strengthened from years of metalwork.
>The new structures of the greater yet forges rise, weapons of war churning away in their maws.

>Meanwhile as we expand it becomes necessary to truly organise our food collection.
>Our people being essentially pure carnivores makes farming livestock a necessity, prior efforts failing due to dishonourable theft and overculling
>No more, the new farms shall henceforth be under the direct control and guardianship of the Tavthallan military, their produce fit to go towards the city markets

Tarnatos was contacted last turn, need to finish that up

This turn Mezenetia is also being contacted.

>The red hulled boats sail out again, old and cracked and mostly wrong maps being smashed out of ancient crates and partially glanced at on the journey

>These new vessels would serve good enough to transport them to where around they were fairly sure Menzentia was, if they got it wrong they could always fight about it anyway.
1. Finally to aid the military a new type of golem on the branch of Elementals. An air golem. The air golem is suspected to be near invisible, due to being made of air, and should be able to act as a scout, spy, and even assassin by controlling the flow of air in it's body.
2. More resources are needed for the continued growth of the nation. Colonists are sent north westward to settle and grow.
>1: Mining town
The mine is badly in-need of new workers, as the last ones had been exiled. We would like to remind any potential travelers that the last miners were exiled because of the fact that they stole from another nation, and then wanted sovereignty when we decided to punish them. As such, we decided to do both, and exiled those who stole from our ally. The town's name is "Fode Foraminis." More importantly, there are legal riches in store for those who risk their lives in the mine.

>2: Studying the Aka
It's time to fulfill the promise we made to the Aka, and send a team to study the artefacts in the ruins. We had been given permission by the Aka to borrow the artefacts in order to study them, and learn what sort of culture made them. If such a task is possible, we recommend that the away team study the artefacts on the island. Although, if our first ambassador's claims are anything to believe, then the changing nature of the ruins might make such a task impossible. On the other hand, that would make studying the artefacts in a beached vessel the safest option.
>>me next time plz

Gold gives way to bronze. Bronze gives way to sherds. Sherds give way to dust. The dust swallows.
>Continue study of the comet
For now we must trust in the work of the scholars to examine the comet and find out what it will cause in the future.
>Expedition to the unexplored mainland
While getting to the unexplored land is dangerous it may hold valuable resources, which it may be wiser to tap into than to contest for the remaining resources on the island.
> The Meoswilum/Lo Hai Attack
The joint grand Armada is ready for war. A coalition of Lo-Hai and Meoswilum warriors along with Elven Mercenarries lead by Cryox Filla has departed for war. Among the fleet the (bought) Elven ships are the fastest thus scout ahead while the Lo Hai/Meoswilan fleet tag along.

The ships would then approach what seems to be the land point closest to the Druid capital. If close enough to the capital, bombarding it's walls with the Lo Hai canons. If not bombarding the countryside to make the landing spot safe to annihilate any villages and jungles. Uppon landing the Grand Army would advance as fast as possible for the Capital. All jungles on the way would be burned down using Tar and the fires would be left to spread uncontrollably as to cause maximum local damage. Small forces would be left behind along the way to safeguard the supply chain and if such need arises a path of retreat.

Prioritised is reaching and attacking the City as fast as possible caching them by surprise and not giving them time to prepare. As the innitial attack hits spies inside are to rile up panic and if possible are to open the gates of the city from inside. The besieging forces shall use the woodeater fungus, lo-hai canons, water magic and elven antimagic to break trough the wall while mushroom magic is used to climb over the walls.

Both dead, sick and zombiefied are to be thrown into the city to make the plagues spread there. If an initial assault fails the plan will be transformed into a siege.
Ithempeli is a dual domain god. For some time he has shown them fortune and now he chooses to display Tragedy. With the ampitheater was destroyed but the temple spared, the cult Internets this to be a frustration with politics. His will had been ignored at the time of the earthquake but now it must be heard. The world has seen the Cult's fortune but now it must see its wrath.

>Action 1: Repair Infrastructure (Ampitheater + Academy)
Before the Cult can display its dominance it must first repair its institutions so that the Academy of War can improve their power and the Amphitheater can indoctrinate others to their will.

>Action 2: Repair City (Sanctuary)
The Cult lives a life of class and high society and will suffer none to be homeless or dispossessed. The city is to be rebuilt immediately and stronger than ever.
Is it too late to join?
Action 1: Develop the forges to increase raw material production. Create a pseudo-workshop of forges. Essentialy, start to separate the industry areas of the city.

Action 2: Start building a massive structure in the city, a massive palace that will hold the goverment in the future.

Action 3: Further the magic research and incorporate the newly acquired healing magic into the guilds.
>Take 1 action to properly expand into the land the free kitsune has settled as frontier land (the mountain next in the north and the two southern hexes south of the capital.)
with the Free kitsune having pushed the borders Fraternitas further and wanting to prevent and a situation like the diamond island incident from happening within their own lands they expand and incorporate the land to the south and north that those free kitsune has already begun the process of claiming for Fraternitas. By incorporating the frontier land the government encourages all species within Fraternitas to move to push Fraterian Exceptionalism and ideas further, harkening back to the earliest days of Ava’s landing and that frontier spirit. At least on paper, it was to ensure the Free kitsune that has settled begun to settle the land would continue to merge more with Fraterian culture like those in the Northeast were.

>cultural action, build two more theaters
the Department of Arts and Culture has become more firmly established and seeing success grants to fund Fraterian cultural projects has been approved. Now anyone seeking to create art, plays, or music based in Fraterian culture need only apply for a grant from the D.A.C thus allowing for an expansion and Flourishing of distinctly Fraterian culture within the nation. This is cemented with the funding and construction of more theaters across the nation.

>National fluff
The DAC and the success of if cultural programs seem to have bought the nation more time to decide on the Hybrid question, publicly the government's stance remains the same as it always has hybrids do not exist. However, behind closed doors debate within each home rages. The same can be said for the members of Congress, as more than a few though they would never publicly admit to it have hybrid children. For now, though the issue will remain by the wayside for at least a few years more.
On the foreign relations side the government still stands united on undoing the web of influence the Menetzia have over the nation, while much work has already been done to do so, a new approach is needed.
1. Form an intelligence network. With our scouts having use of spells to whisper along the trees and nature senses along with stealth movements they can now patrol our city and greater forest area in confidence, reporting the the Council of Elders on any visitors or occurrences. Combined units range from a caster and a handful of fighters to large groups with a dozen or more druids combined with hundreds of fighters. They will act as a pseudo police force to control our citizens and a scout network to keep eyes on the surrounding forest.

2. Begin construction on our Great Living Wall. With sufficient knowledge gathered from all areas construction may now begin. Architects, builders, and mathematicians work to find optimal angels of support to increase the walls structural integrity. Mages shape deep roots to anchor the wall, filling the roots with water to prevent any flames. Trees are grown and shaped into a large unbreakable line. Surviving artists take small small tasks in assuring the shaped wood and trees appear to be wooden trees. Heaps of spike thorn brambles are grown in abundance at the base, deterrents to any siege ladders or assailing enemies who near the Wall. Branches at the top are grown into parapets with their leafy limbs being able to shape out into shields when needed. Stations are also grown along at intervals where scouts can stay to quickly relay messages to wall sections while using Knott Vision to keep tabs on movements along the wall. The Great Living Wall stands tall, its forested appearance sheltering the peaceful Edens Garden
No, new players always welcome
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>Action 1: Expand North
We've given most of the harsh swampland to the Black Forest Tribes, but the potential for more precious resources keep the Upper Marcans searching for more.

>Action 2: Improve 2 Farms
Our nation expands, and so shall we expand a steady source of food.
Seeing as the Admiral is doing better a majority of the higher ups calm down a bit, and let him rest for a while before he is back on his feet properly to hand command back over to him as he's still not well, but better. In the mean time..
1 Action: the first spell in the branch of magical annihilation is created. The first spell being created called burst annihilation. The user of the spell selects a point within about 30ft of where they stand, and they force a small burst of annihilation magic to form and subsequently burst in a 10ft sphere on the area selected. The spell is tested once before being put on hold to see what the effects of it are

1 Action: The Republic of Sealand decides to finally make its way to the Black Forest tribes, arriving with lapis and copper aplenty to begin discussing trade on a greater level that they had previously.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Trieutia Phung, Kitsune, not her first time being elected, herbalist and diplomat
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Kamforiades. Dryad. Priest and herbalist
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Tel Manita, Human, metalworker
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Lya Dan, Kitsune, Explorer

Rumors about our weird and scary neighbours go wildly. On one extreme case, the plantlike individual was now several story tall, and breathing fire.
On a more serious note, the plague in Tarnatos is seen, as worrying, but a good occasion to send aid and make them like us.
Any exterior we have is stopped, the few ships left entering our ports are to enact strong quarantine measures before docking.

>1 : Improve/begin develop herbalism: Study our land searching for remedies
The herbalists of the nation, briefed with reports about the plague symptoms, are to scout our land, particularly the jungle, to find plants that may help.

>2: Send Stakh priests and herbalists to Tarnatos, along with whatever beginning of a remedy we found.
They are to not enter the port unless they are allowed by Tarnatos to do so.
The ship, upon return to home, is to enact strong quarantine mesures before docking in any of our ports.

>Diplo to our forces in Tarnatos
Battlepriests and the few missionaries there are instructed to help with the plague instead of fighting against the Imperii forces, unless Tarnatosi command have any problem with that.

>Diplo to Tarnatos
"We took the liberty to send you a ship full of priests, herbalists, and experimental remedies, to try and help against the plague you are facing. They are instructed to not enter the port unless you authorize them to do so."
*any exterior trade*
>forgot to add:
The priests and herbalists sent are volunteers, and know the risks
No thanks. I'm good.
The war is on, and the Lo-hai drum their warchants upon the ice as they sail along the Meoswilans, to face the foreign enemy, for glory and loot, for death and life.

>"What Are Gonna Do?!" Bellows the Stone Lord.

>"Gut A Druid, Dry A Druid!." Respond the warspawn in a frenzied cry, eager to face a new enemy alongside their neighbor allies.

New Spell of Water Evocation Branch

>Water Stasis - a large orb of water is formed and the person is submerged within, for so long as they are held within their current physical state will not worsen outside of attack.

Many Lo-hai not at war may find employment preforming Water Stasis for Meoswilans that wish to pay to give themselves a day's reprieve from the disease.
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>1: Explore the center of our continent
we decide to launch a large scale exploration to discover the deepest part of our home continent... what we will find shall be up to see
>2: Oh god oh fuck
discovering the strange... tribe ,we simply would try to avoid and ignore them, as we a continue our exploration with the tarn tribe.
Pirate sadly has not time to describe what exactly happens:


List of bullet points
1. The wave clears a decent landing zone after presence is announced with cannons
2. Lo-Hai cannons are still horribly inaccurate, occasionally hit own troops when they get close enough.
3. The Wedding plague, catfish disease, and zombie plague spread into the city.
4. The invading forces, specifically the human and zombie forces take losses from skirmishing Conclave Inhabitants
5. The plants need to be burned to advance as the very forest is made against them.
6. The city does get breached by zombies and they cause some chaos and kill a decent number of people before being put down by Conclave soldiers.
7. City is badly damaged
8. Siege is forced after initial attack loses momentum, new of the attack on the conclave reach the black forrest. Allowing them to intervene or not.
9. Majority of non undead human forces take casualties, and undead forces similarly take harsh loses.
10. Lo-Hai losses are relatively light.
> Pirate wrote the whole thing afterall
The soldiers had been sailing for some time, and the trip was not a pleasent one to those not of the Lo-Hai. Sickness would spread fairly swiftly, and before they even arrived, the forces of mercenaries and soldiers would start to take losses, and the disease in such tight quarters of the many ships would have no problems in making sure that only the most lucky or those who hid themselves away were safe. Eventually they would arrive at the far distant shore they were to land upon, and, soon a wave would crash against the shores caused by the Lo-Hai. A number of soldiers would start to disembark when a small group of Conclave soldiers came up to them. Swiftly, they would be killed and the cannons of water and rock would be fired high into the sky at the Conclave's city. There was many of them, yet their aim rarely was true, but, the advance on the ground would go ever onward once enough was unloaded. Upon setting even a decent way into the forest they would be beset upon by skermishers who would rip through the unarmored zombies and human forces before swiftly fading away, with the very forests themselves hampering their chase, and even making some easy targets. And so, with this, a slow and arduious process of burning the forest bit by bit to arrive at the druid city would be employed. Durring this, they would be hit by skermishers, who would dash away, and those few foolish or brave enough to follow would find themselves hopelessly lost before often being killed or captured by the Conclave forces. Still, after a day of burning through the forest, the main settlement would be found and reached, and swiftly, all the Lo-Hai's cannons would be aimed to it, rather than focused on causing as much damage to the forest in general. A number of forces would prepare themselves near the walls which were bombarded, occasionally, one of the rocks crashing into the city and not it's walls, or even into one of the camps of the invaders.
Yet, eventually, a breach would be made, and swiftly many zombies would be forced through. They would overwhelm the defenders and start attacking the civilians there until a force was rallied and formed to fight them off. After a harsh fight the undead would be pushed back to the point of the breach, which would be many soldiers on both sides would die, as Conclave mages desperately tried to fix the damage with their wood shaping, something found surprisingly difficult. The fighting would last all day, bodies piled so much there were slight luls where the attackers had to move them out of the way. The Lo-Hai would struggle to fit into the breach and as such, a majority of their forces would stay back, but in the end, despite the efforts of the human, undead, and elven mercenary forces, they wouldn't be able to break through. Tired and exhausted, the attackers would stop as night fell, and by the morning, the gap was too small for any man to
fit. A siege was now in place, and the attacking coalition would find the edges of it's camp assaulted in the coming weeks by forces not of the Conclave's own, hitting hard and further decimating the forces which weren't protected by Lo-Hai shells. To call this a victory for either side would be foolish, for the city lay ruined compared to what it once was, even if it still held out, and plague on both sides spread drastically...The only forces not particularly harmed would be the new raiders striking on the edge of the camp with javalins and the Lo-Hai, who's losses would be fairly light due to their armor...Still, even so, the battle was not over yet...
The desert is a place of few plants and animals. As such Imperii herbalism has never been something which frankly existed. Possibly inspired by the ways of the Selanders the vampiric race is looking for various plants which could help them cure their sickness. In the desert the only thing found is an odd blue cactus whose juice makes one hallucinate and extremely happy. The cactus juice is very addictive, but can be used as a painkiller to perform surgeries. Further down south on the steppe, a spicy root akin to a purple carrot that splits in 4 at the end is found. Chewing on the root stops one from gagging as well as seems to stop diarrhea. This does not cure the Wedding Disease, but helps to prevent dehydration.

To cure one of the Bloodrot an odd ritual is found… possibly blessed by Kyuu. Mainly the slaves figure out themselves that you can “bet” your disease on a sufficiently bloody event and lose it that way. As such something akin to gladiatorial matches are arranged where people bet money as well as the spirit possessing them on the outcome of the match. It’s an odd ritual, but works remarkably well, halving the amount of sickness within days.

The Theater and academy are both restored as the Statues rally to restore what they thought off as lost. Having nearly lost those places the Statues only come to value them so much more.

Fate has not been as kind to Sanctuary. That city is reduced to ruin, eternally lost. The ruins are abandoned and forgotten as rockeaters will slowly nibble away at them. Instead further south a new Sanctuary is born, a city creepily similar to the previous one. Historians would tell of sanctuary being rebuilt for it would be too hard to say that the true Sanctuary is lost forever.
Within the Nation a new faith gains traction. It is the worship of Mechii, the God of Ga’ga’ul who is believed to be the creator of civilisation and golemkind. The followers of Mechii keep their emotions suppressed and like to tinker on various trinkets like Jewelry or furniture.

Shell Land
Chittering spreads through the land the Lo-Hai are eager for war even longing for it. The Lo Hai are a warlike people, but up until now they have been relegated to tribal scuffles seeing less and less fighting since they became united, but now they are ready for it! For the greatest war they’ve ever fought!

Water stasis is an odd spell… the Meoswilans see it as a great boon for medicine as even a gravely hurt soldier can be kept alive long enough to reach a medic. Every unit of the Grand joint army is to contain someone able to use the Water Stasis spell.

> EVENT: Transformation of the land
[OOC: you rolled a Major Event -> Religion event. The Stone Crabs got major ties with Meoswilum as such a 1d3 was rolled where 1 was meoswilum faith, 2,3 were random faith (roll again). A 1 was rolled.]
Out of the dense jungle an odd being emerges… it is a Lo Hai, just bigger than the usual one. It’s stone shell is a purple translucent gem in which like n Amber lifeforms seem to be trapped. Insects, plants, mushrooms, the like. The ancient one is a Myconic mage, even though one as such should be only found among the spawn of the Stone Lords.

With his harshe demeanor he preaches the word of En. The laws of the mushroom. His words resonate with the Lo Hai as soon they are to depart to war with the Druids. The new faith is quickly accepted and spreads like wildfire bringing with it these values:
> do not fear death. Life is the fulfilment of duty, death is your well deserved rest.
> do not be content with nature, build civilisation and tame it
> reject instability and chaos, embrace order (rigid social structures preferred)
> Nature worship is evil (you already accept that though)

Now the war on the southern druids is not just one of culture, but also of faith.
Through study of the comment a new field of science is born, Astrology which tries to predict things based on changes in the sky. You are unknown what the commet singnifies except “it’s bad”, but you have found out that whatever it is adressing is happening North-East, hopefully never to reach your nation.

Out of the expedition you send… only one human returns. Found laying in the snow by Vezentian merchants the person couldn’t stop complaining about the heat while naked in the snow while later freezing near a hot stove. Their words were jumbled and it seems insanity has beset them… though more scarily enough upon further investigation their organs were mirrored to how they were before. Whatever lies in the unexplored lands seems to be highly magical and unexplored… maybe Shorino knows what going on?

>>4508851 (Update written by Happy)
Through the study of the trees and the wilds within, also the development of survival and concealment techniques, the Forest Wardens have been founded. They don't have a home in the forest, the forest is their home and they will do whatever it takes to protect it. Though few like to talk about the stealth training they have to go through to get here.

The Great Living Wall, oh how glorious it would've been. But it's uncertain f it's due to the lack of artists or the deaths having corrupted it's essence, but this Great Living Wall has turned into the Terrible Living Hell, which inundates the gates and streets with vicious thorn brambles, which coils up those who fail to sneak past it. It is as much a danger to your own people as any enemy foolish enough to approach it.

During your expansion northward it is found that the plains you choose to colonize are no less wild than the land ceded to the black forest tribes. In fact having not explored the land while officially in your borders, few Marcans even know what lies there at all. For now your border is merely lines on a map.

The farms are improved.

EVENT: A new religious sect springs up in northern Marca. Likely inspired by Black Forest tribes believes they integrate druidism into their worship of the sun Goddess. After all it is the sun that brings life to plants!
As the Borevians attempt to enter the center of the continent the Dryads which have been previously merely harassing them and throwing rocks at them turn rabid and violent. The expedition fights its way through hordes of Dryads and giant insects which they ride until what seemed like 100 roots pierce an Auron… as the auron liquified to escape the roots plainly sucked it up as if through a straw. He was by all intents and purposes dead. The expedition then fled in panic. It was the first time anyone of them saw an Auron die, a great tragedy for a race so few in number.

The odd tribe is happy to leave you alone, but as you go further you see the Kisune hesitate to reveal something to you… until one attempts to speak up.. only to find their mouth stuffed with a white fish. Then a giant black fish appears floating in the sky with the white fish disappearing and appearing next to it and they speak in unison as one as they circle one another “What brings you travelers to Crescent Moon Island?” the question is turned towards you “What makes you think they are worthy to take the trial?” The Koi ask your guides, which can only start explaining about their faith in Prius.
(you can talk to the flying Koi Fish in Diplo now)

The spell’s results are mostly as predicted. Anything caught in the blast radius has it’s magic plainly sucked out of it. Detonating it point-black within a mage robs them of the ability to bas magic for over an hour. Being a spell targeted at annihilating magic it does no physical damage. It is thought that repeated rapid usage of the spell causes the casters skin to turn vanta-black, though said “corruption” slowly fades over time.

Following the discoveries of the Lo-Hai the Selander’s make their way south encountering the Black Forest Tribes. A race which seems to be all women. It’s an odd bunch.

Misc: The Wedding Disease spreads to your land and it spreads like wildfire. It seems to have come from Tarnatos.

Air golems while an interesting idea have their problems. Mainly air is everywhere. Just as a water elemental when sung underwater eventually disperses (after a few days) so does an air golem even quicker disperse while exposed to air (within hours). The only way this has been dealt with so far is using the air golems only under water or mages keeping the air golems in their own lungs releasing them only for when they need to do their work.

In your westward expansion your people meet your other neighbour. Less golemic in nature. Instead it seems to be a race of all women and children.Some of your mages think men might be killed once they become adults or just die after mating. These dog-people have been known to your people for a while though not much is known about them.
As the mainlanders move to diamond island and Fode Foraminis rises tensions between the locals and newcomers grow. Many of the locals are bitter at the military rule they have lived under and their loved ones being exiled for practicing their traditions. Still the locals seem like beaten dogs, unhappy, but well aware they are not strong enough to fight back. All what the Megalodon’s Army finds in opposition is snickering and the occasional shanty about heroic pirates sung at bars.

The ruins are a mismatch of style and form- elegant columns stand on rough hewn pedestals, walls of solid marble about crumbling bricks. The streets, at least, what were once streets, are straight, narrow, and terminate seemingly at random. Archaic shrines with empty niches stand between overgrown statuaries and grand villas. Bronze and iron piping can be seen here or there, sometimes a fountain or drain, others without use at all. Aka's Nest looms over the site, the Snake's servant hiding in this maze of stone.
Of the people that once lived here, little can be gauged. They were human, or at least humanoid, all images of them have been defaced or outright beheaded. Given the abundance of serpent and serpentine motifs throughout, and the location itself, it is not too far a stretch to consider they worshipped Aka, a snake God.

EVENT: The history of Cuvier and Mezentia has been a curious one. The Cuvier have rejected the Mezentian temples and the Mezentians have been convinced of Cuvier oppression of Diamond Island. Though through Skyblue Sun Mezentia managed to gain influence in the Sharkfolk nation through curing the sick and feeding the hungry the lower classes have grown fond of them. Mezentia chose to use that power for good.

Mezentia demands an end to Diamond Islander oppression
> the exiled Islanders are permitted to come back
> Diamond Island becomes an autonomous region within the Cuvier nation being allowed to keep their own customs, decide diamond prices, have their own leader and negotiate trade deals with foreign nations
> Mezentia will like you more
> Mezentia gains some influence on DIamond Island
> Mezentia loses influence in your nation
> might cause unrest among lower classes
> you will be declared Evil (excommunicated) which means Mezentia will declare you a valid target for wars and will support any and all wars waged against you
> 1d2 chance of the Miyagi staying loyal to Mezentia or to you
One odd plant is found which might help though you first need some sick to test it on. The plant slows the metabolism of anyone consuming it 10-fold. In effect they live in slow motion. Healthy people testing it say everything was happening at 1/10th speed, but 2 people using it could talk to each other normally due to their time being synchronised. With this if someone gets sick you can buy a lot of time to develop a cure.

Hearing news of something which can help them deal with the disease the Tarnatosi accept it with open arms. The plant is administered putting all the sick into the slowed-time effect, buying time until their death. On the other hand your doctors notice the Dryads being immune to the disease are using this opportunity to seize more power.

EVENT: The Dryad’s Homeland. As years progress the Dryads of your nation slowly realise what the island they move to really is. It’s the Isle of Aka, the serpent God who stole them away from the eternal Garden elevating them from mindless construct meant only to serve a truly sentient life. By all means this land is their true homeland. It belongs to them! Dryads within Liberdantoc are changing rapidly, becoming more arrogant and pushing for going into places of power as well as pushing for founding ethnically clean enclaves within the land. This land is theirs by sproutright, the other races are only guests in what is theirs and they should act like guests here!

The Iron Leaf tribe as they henceforth would be known would be happy to receive all the support they got. While greedily guarding their secrets they would establish a mine and a forge. While honing their craft they would use Iron and metal absorption magic to create odd weapons and decorations. Oddest among them would be a set of fake steel teeth to put on top of your own to bite enemies in combat.

A javelin is created. It’s design is made simplistic, but a few tiny details make it fly further. Not only has the manufacture become simple, but by using iron instead of bronze or bone. cheaper. The main battlefield advantage comes from Wolfkin now not fearing to throw their javelin if they fear they might not get it back, making them hesitate less when attacking.

MISC: Since decades the Nomadic nations have possessed a temple to halistra where few dedicated followers would congregate. With the arrival of the Skyblue Sun said the temple has become a symbol for the Follows of Halistra among the Wolfkin. Said followers have abandoned their warlike ways focusing on herbalism, alcohol production and the values of modesty, kindness and mercy. Their numbers up until now have been low, but recently they’ve become too big for the Council to ignore.
New forges are created and so is the palace. A palace of Gold silver and Platinum truly a unique sight around the world and an example of the nmatched wealth of the grand City.

As your people attempt to use magic for healing they feel a soft presence of the divine as nothing happens. (healing magic is banned, thus inventing it won’t work)

The odd idea of pushing for the colonisation of already colonised land works remarkably well in making sure all the races of Fraternitas intermingle, but it also creates one other conundrum. The recent Kitsune minority start noticing what propaganda has told them does not exist, the Halfbreeds. Likely due to their similarity to Half-Caninefolk often cases where young (1-tailed) kitsune are mistaken for those that happen leading to bullying or harassment. Additionally more and more of them are plainly asking about the halfbreeds.

As two more theaters are constructed it becomes apparent that they are something people enjoy. Going to the theater becomes a past-time for the wealthy and going to the theater once peryer becomes tradition even among the lower classes. As that happens though more plays are written which exist purely to entertain the crowd.

The Expansion succeeds uneventfully. A new land is settled and the strong hooves of even the most common of taurs make easy work of the abundant snakes of this land. The taurs which move north soon start growing snake-tails on their bottom half due to the plain abundance of those!

The forge is updated and a farm pops up. It’s a farm dedicated to the common folk farming horses.
File: Turn 13.png (2.77 MB, 2048x2570)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
after learning this... HORRIBLE , thing, we have decided to... find a way to propulse fire, due of our weakness to high temperature fire, we would need of something capable of not burning but launching it... en masses of course.
>2: That village ... hm yes
we decide to launch a expedition to that village we have discovered on 'the new world', and we want to study it deeply...
>3: DIPLO on those koi's
"what do you exactly mean, oh dear being, are you, a believer of prius?, we aurons need to know more about you before giving a fair judgement if they are worthy to take the trial." said one of the aurons as they directly looked at the kois.
File: cathedral.png (124 KB, 933x674)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
>Action 1: Expansion
The ruin left at Sanctuary will be a permanent mark on the Cult. To protect against future Tsunamis the Cult must develop further inland to ensure there will always be a population to rebuild.

>Action 2: Build Infrastructure (Improved Temple)
If there is one thing the Cult will not accept, it is Heresy. While it is a sin to kill a god, it might as well be just as sinful to allow him to lose himself. A Cathedral is to be constructed along the road between Ga'Ga'ul and the Underdwelling. Here those heretics are to be delivered, educated, and indoctrinated by any means until they remember who the true god is. The Ga'Ga'ul are not allowed into this building until the heretic threat has been dealt with.

New Religions are never a concern of the Kings. The people may believe what the believe is true, so long as it doesn't promote immorality.

>Action 1: Build a Theater and Library in Arcatria
While Marca is made up of two (generally) separate kingdoms, Maso and Shay are both filled with decadence and bureaucrats respectively. Though, none shall forget that the true capital of Marca is Arcatria, blooming with both Upper and Lower Marcan cultures, philosophies, religions, and traditions.
To foster this, a Theater and Library shall be constructed to keep these virtues flourishing.

>Action 2: Found a new City!
The Marcans inhabiting the Island are in need of both representation and centralization. A new city can be founded, named after the first man to discover the island, Justin. The city shall be called Jusinia.

[I missed like 2 turns ago, and forgot about a third action. I figured I missed my window and didn't include it in my last turn, but I figured I'd see if you'd validate it here anyway. So, if you guys accept a late third action, here it is.]

>Action 3: Expand East
Holding a frontier, albeit a peaceful one, so close to our capital isn't proper. At the very least, it's worthwhile to officially claim land towards the inner sea.

Thank Kyuu we have found a way to get rid of those dreaded spirits of rot. Duels have been part of the Telraci culture since even before its creation, but perhaps such could be expanded upon further into great blood sport? Something for another, better time than now. Regardless, with the knowledge we have due to our herbalism, we can better fight this other disease, while the servus class entertain their superiors through bloody displays. Still, we have a long way to go. We believe it to be wise to continue our efforts into this field of study, so that the Imperii never has to deal with plagues like this again. For, in a wonderful time when the rest of the world is brought to its knees due to plague sometime far in the future, the Imperii can then utilize it's knowledge to keep itself strong, and strike at the moment of opportunity. Ideally, our work will also ensure that others look to us for their medical needs, and a new form of profession, Medicus, and it has come associated with those who's wings are akin to ravens. However, it is clear to the Imperii that the herbs we have are few and far between due to the fairly barren dessert that surrounds the majority of our empire. As such, importing varying plants from Meoswilum, Sealand, and all other nations we can is needed for our work. For, after it, we can potentially work on greater things. Further more, some work would be given to the architects to find a way so that the waste produced by the Servus class can be disposed of in a fashion that will, ideally, reduce disease's spread, and there are a number of future plans to further work on this build up for the better of the Imperii so as to protect it from any disease in the near or far future, and lessen the effect of the current plague we are suffering from. Additionally, if possible, work with the Meoswilum in our herbal work.

>Action One and Two. Work on Herbalism more, ideally together with the Kingdom of Meoswilum.

>Action Three. Work on a sewer system of sorts.
You forgot to upgrade the forge and add the new farm, just reminding the next QM that that needs to be done.

The beginnings of our diplomatic efforts seem to be yielding fruit, but all non Taurs are potential threats to stability.

The nation must be secured within, so that we may project our will outwards.
The Slaves must be broken in, and then even our own kind must truly know honour and loyalty to the state if we are to be safe.

Action 1: Pacify the Tannus.
The Tarnatosi need slaves, we benefit from providing them, but we are not a people in the business of half measures.

It is time to demonstrate our reliability, they wished for docile slaves and that is what they shall receive.

New laws passed from the council after consultation by the military call for new changes affecting the entirety of the Tannus slave caste.
A proper system of organisation and genuine oversight on the slave populace, along with a straightforward and meritocratic system for gifted slaves to properly advance to where they are needed.
The myriad cultures of the Tannus are melded closer, with servitude becoming cleverly ingrained in their everyday practices both for the benefit of the Tavthalla and the Tarnatosi.
Never shall they rebel or revolt against the Tavthalla, and never shall they be used against us, so properly broken in are they.
(Basic intention is better stability among the slaves)

Action 2: Martial Discipline
The Taurs are a chaotic and violent species, and the Tavthalla Kingdom exists in part only because this chaos is focussed and too directed at inward self loathing than at neighbours.

Regardless such chaos must be tamed at any expense, and order will be brought truly to the Tavthallan army; that being essentially the entire citizen populace given the level of militarisation.

With the twofold purpose of improving the performance of the military on the battlefield and making men less prone to bouts of violence when it would be undesirable, and also unifying the people further against division from within or without, it is made clear that duty is honour, and to fail in duty is to the same as dishonour, regardless of what the duty may be.
(Basic intention is better military discipline in combat = stability among the citizens)

Begin trade of slaves and mercenaries with the Tarnatosi.

After our dedication recently this citystate shall receive truly broken and dedicated slaves (Free indentured workers? Whatever they want to call them), and disciplined and loyal mercenaries from the ranks of our myriad armies to stay and keep order with their terrifying natural power for the duration of their service.

No half measures, drunken soldiers or rebellious slaves, we are better, and so are the Tannus by proximity.

We hope to soon prove invaluable to them for the effort we put in, but moreover prove we are not the savages that may have been encountered in old times, we are proud and we will see if they prove honourable in return.
1. For a long time we have stood near the jungle. Now it is felt we should expand into it. Colonists are sent northward as well especially into the jungle north of the mountains.
2. Now with the potential of trade it is decided we should expand our capacity in Arcadia to do business within the inner sea. First marble is taken and shaped into a grand port to allow more ships to dock. Secondly a grand marketplace covered from the sun and allowing the wind to cool the market goers. It is hoped that these two combined will bring great wealth to the city and nation.
Diplo summary:
Trade will begin between Marca and Arcadia:
Marca will trade limited silver, wood, and iron.
Arcadia will trade limited copper ore (Malachite), Marble, and Sulphur.

1. Create Obsidian Weapons. Enemies swarm upon us, innumerable and mighty in their magics. Our warriors where unprepared. They could blend and hide among the city and forest with ease but battles these do not win. Something more substantial is needed. We set to work crafting obsidian edged weapons. Heavy axes, hatchets, and spears are made from the onyx stone.

2. Warrior Dogs. With our great dog hut used to house many canines and train them, now comes the time they must become battle hardened. Rottweilers and Shepherds are trained to fight and attack in combination with each other with Shepherds acting as leaders in battle and rottweilers providing the muscle gangs of fighting dogs are made to help push back against the invaders.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Lys Toba, Human, Miner
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Phanus Let, half-kitsune, priest
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Baius Tinh, Kitsune, metal-worker.
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected from 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Kienus Dahn, Kitsune, herbalist

>EVENT: The Dryad’s Homeland. As years progress the Dryads of your nation slowly realise what the island they move to really is. It’s the Isle of Aka, the serpent God who stole them away from the eternal Garden elevating them from mindless construct meant only to serve a truly sentient life. By all means this land is their true homeland. It belongs to them! Dryads within Liberdantoc are changing rapidly, becoming more arrogant and pushing for going into places of power as well as pushing for founding ethnically clean enclaves within the land. This land is theirs by sproutright, the other races are only guests in what is theirs and they should act like guests here!

>1 + 2 : Adress the political crisis
In very nation founded by slaves fleeing Dryad supremacy, the nation founded on principles of Liberty and all races being equal, we now have Dryad supremacists. What is even more puzzling is that most of them, or their ancestors, came here voluntarily from Tarnatos, meaning they were fully sympathetic with our cause.
The political crisis is deep.

For years, resentment was slowly rising. And now, the controversy rages on, at home, on the streets, in the workplace, shattering decades old friendships.

The mayors and various low-level population representatives were quickly overwhelmed. The priests of Stakh (Praised be Him) were useless.
It was decided to hold, urgently, a series of large scale public debates, where all could talk, from the most patriot Kitsune, to the most radical Dryad.

Several questions needed to be answered, and at the end, the beginning of a compromise was proposed.
>About the questions:
How many Dryads are thinking like this ? Are they the majority ?
Do they still believe in Stakh, or trust the Church of Stakh ?
Are they sure about this ? They too were fleeing Dryad supremacy to build a nation where all races would be equal.

>About the answers to their demand:
- If the Isle of Aka is deemed sacred, Liberdantoc, will follow the Dryads to do what it takes to honor this sacredness, as all our citizen should feel satisfied to live in our great nation.
- Liberdantoc was founded upon freedom from oppression and equality of all races. The Dryads will not get more positions of power than they already, and will neither get ethnically pure enclaves.

- However, Freedom Something that we take extremelly seriously, and that includes freedom of belief and political freedom.
This why is the Dryads that wish to do so are free to secede. There are plenty of land to settle in the South Jungle, and the ruins of the city of Aka to rebuild. If they wish to do so, we will give them all the help they need to get a decent start, and we wish for military and trade alliance.

>Diplo to our forces in Tarnatos:
While continuing to fight the plague, they are to use their position to get all the information they can about the political situation on the continent. That includes the nations, their way of life, government and customs, and if they can, alliances. they are to begin with the immediates trading partners of Tarnatos.
File: unnamed.jpg (54 KB, 350x350)
54 KB
> Action 1: Mushroom Herbs
With the Wedding Disease which the vile druids cast upon us our nation has been crippled. We need to look for medicine which will help eleviate the suffering of the people. We will send expeditions into the jungles north to look for mushrooms which can be used as medicine to treat it. We shall share what we found with the Imperii.

> Action 2: No time to rest
People are dying, but the economy can't. All those who died of the plague are to be revived as undead and to continue their work controlled by necromancers. Meassures this drastic have not been taken since the 2nd Undead Plague, but we need to implement them to guarantee a future to our nation.

> Action 3: Propaganda Drive
We know the vile Druids of the south caused this plague! I mean why would it start mere days before we were set to depart to war?!!?!?
The peasants shall know about this, they are to learn who caused their suffering and death to their loved ones and that all they need to take revenge is to join the army, get on a boat and sail south.
>1: Water magic branch
Because we apparently can't use water magic with just a school. We're shooting for water-bending.

The mezentia aren't going to push us around. Just as we had previously established, we would never let a cult of any sort choose what we do in our own course of action. Those we booted from the Diamond Island were pirates, guilty of defacing the historical site of an ancient culture. If the Mezentia do not believe us, then we will happily escort them to the island where the tongue of aka resides. They are fully aware that defacing a historical site is punishable by any means necessary. After we tried to fix the damage they dealt, they asked for sovereignty, and so we gave it to them. Of course, the land is claimed for the people of Sealund, not some low-life pirates looking to make quick cash by selling priceless pieces of history. And so we could not allow them sovereignty in the exact location they desired.

>2: Beef military on the mainland
Knowing that this probably won't end well, the megalodon gathers his generals. He wants them to start their own recruitment campaigns in the places where they are stationed. As of right now, all Sealund military personnel are volunteers. We will need more if Mezentia is considering us "Evil." The megalodon will make his own recruitment campaign in amphibia, as he too has the skill of his generals, and would play a large role in military strategy. He used to be one, after all.
The Lo-hai at wonderful War with the druids are led by their commander to draw moisture and water from the trees and surrounding area, and begin forming a freezing the water in a massive ice wall to surround the city. Lo-hai clamber over the frigid structure, rocketing their massive spears at any druid that approach, and continuously growing the frozen structure.


The Myconic Ancient was presumably a threat, but then the Whiteshell saw how much he knew, and how much he could do for the war. He soon begin sharing the Ångstrom with the Purple Shell.
War plan of the Crussade in bullet points

> Forces
Army of Meoswilum
Lo-Hai Army
Seland (Elf) Mercenaries
Arcadic Republic supplying weapons, food and other supplies

> Plan this turn
1. Create fortifications out of mushrooms and ice surrounding the besieged city denying the allied druids a chance to join forces. The city will be starved out.
2. Keep our supply lines to the shore and to the Arcadic Republic safe
3. Meoswilan druids mostly hide behind the hard shells of the lo hair going out only on raids on surrounding areas to replenish the undead forces.
4. The Forrest continues being burned down on mass to smoke out the druids and prevent ambush tactics

With a proper local supply chain set up. The besieged city ravaged by 3 plagues victory seems once again attainable.
> >>4510287
> 1.
> >Amending bc war action posted
> The Lo-hai are seized by the teachings of En. A new spell emerges amidst the Stone Crabs, a minor alteration to the already good fungus.
> >Spell Mutilo Manvabaran (Endedue)
> Usable only by one that can use both water and myconic magic. Fills water with a suspension of spores and flowering fungal matter, and keeps the fungus active and flourishing.
1. Start a new proyect.

>Hordes of highly capable engineers will start digging deep, not for resources, but simply to create vast amounts of free space underground, but the reason is yet unknown for everybody but the top dogs.

2. Expand the dockyards and prepare to fleet a moderate armada.

>Further developments warrant naval dominance. We will not control the land, but we shall not allow the enemy to rob us of our sea, however that may be.
The High Council is outraged, the sacred forest of Eden's Garden has been attacked, there is blodgeld to pay. But now issues sprout, a religion of passivity is spreading, where you drink away your troubles instead of dealing with them. But Yuuka says the concept of mercy should exist for lesser injustices, so we can focus on the larger ones, and she has a point. So it is decided we shall embrace a limited form of mercy so we can bolster the remaining form of vengeance. Though that leaves the question of sea travel, where we are sorely lacking, but Hiro has been a busy boy and aranged a joint-project with other seafaring nations. They are to develop an effective ship, with which we may traverse the waves and bring the fight to our vile invaders.

Action 1: Joint-Project with Fraternia and Sealand: Invent Derived Technology: Cog from Sealand Longship.
This vessel is smaller than most Longships, but it has a few features that make it a potent vessel for it's size. It sacrifices it's oars in favor of it's sail, featuring rigging and a crow's nest on it's robust mast. It also features an aftcastle, acting as a platform for shooting from and also command, but below is now shelter from sunlight and enemy projectiles. It also has a deeper draft, allowing men to walk around below deck, though this does mean it's not as easy to unbeach, so it can't land and unland as quickly as Longships can.

Action 2: Establish Cult of Retribution among the religion of Halistra.
A pair of spirits are established, the Valkyrie is an agent of mercy, white winged women who save people from death, particularly in that they work to ward of Furies, black winged women hellbent on tearing sinners apart. But even with the aid of Halistra, only so many Furies can be held back. Instead, the way out, is to repay your blodgeld, which is done through trials of ordeal or punishing other sinners.
Action 1: Joint-Project with Fraternia and Sealand: Invent Derived Technology: Cog from Sealand Longship.
This vessel is smaller than most Longships, but it has a few features that make it a potent vessel for it's size. It sacrifices it's oars in favor of it's sail, featuring rigging and a crow's nest on it's robust mast. It also features an aftcastle, acting as a platform for shooting from and also command, but below is now shelter from sunlight and enemy projectiles. It also has a deeper draft, allowing men to walk around below deck, though this does mean it's not as easy to unbeach, so it can't land and unland as quickly as Longships can. The Republic of Sealand has agreed to this, sharing their vast knowledge of ship building to try and get discounts and extra medicinal resources in times of crisis. The one to meet them for this was Vance Terra Oak, his time in his own home and personal lab having kept him away from the outbreak, now going out even less, people seeing him maybe once every two weeks.

1 Action: And with the aid of new allies west secured, the nation makes a move, although lethargic, to set up a two Herbalist shacks near the city to help provide a way to distribute and collect medicine.
Black Forest Not Conclave
Action 1: Joint-Project with Black Forest Tribeand Sealand: Invent Derived Technology: Cog from Sealand Longship.
With the Black Forest providing new ship designs for both nations Fraternitas, provides the knowledge and formal structure of how a Navy is building and maintained. Along with naval war games to provide both nations navies needed experience. Along with an Officer exchange program for deeper and fuller bonds of friendship between the two nations.

>build two farms in the open grasslands that need to be developed.
With our population growing from both immigration and internal birth rates, the time for more agriculture is now. Using the now standard farming techniques from the Kitsune, several new farming settlements are founded across the nation, drawing species of every kind.

>With The Hybrid question has become too large to ignore and more of the population thanks to the kitsune beginning to raise uncomfortable questions the time has finally come for the Government to address the issue and either legitimize or disenfranchises the hybrids of Fraternitas. In a public address, the president assures that all questions will be answered at his state of the union address where he will speak before both houses of congress.
Side note from the Arcadic Republic: One shipment will be done after payment is confirmed to be received and further will be done dependent on RP.
To launch something without fire... it seems the Aurons have had such a power for a long time in the form of big bows, through the power of advanced auron engineering one can create bows with the strength of a rock hurled with magic but with the finesse of a projectile. Through the application of flamable oils, poisons and other substances bows can now be tipped with special substances (burning arrows, poison arrows) which are supposed to be able to deal with whatever enemy comes about. Techniques are also developed in order to slow down arrow shots which are put aflame, allowing for the flame to have a lesser chance of dying when fired. Although the Aurons will not go near enough to test these new arrows on dryads tests on dryad slaves imported from the Imperii and beasts imported from the wildlands of the far west reveal fire and giant poison arrows to be deathly effective.
The remainder of the warm desert on the new island is explored, along with some areas around the ruins which were discovered. Some strange artifacts have been discovered, examples of ancient pottery with distinct staining from some sort of liquid, some weapon artifacts of copper and a dark kind of bronze even some pieces of what can be assumed to be armor. It is strange indeed, one is to wonder what happened to those who once lived here.

The Temple grows ever grander, fine marble quarried from halfway across the island is hauled to create its floors, fine granite serving as its foundation. New techniques involving weight distribution and reinforcements - inspired by Ga'gu'el architecture - are implemented allowing the temple to reach new heights of grandeur. Truly this is the golden age of Ithempeli... may it last eternally.

The cultural dance of Marca blossoms, though it may pale in comparison to the age of mezentia for the first time marcan culture can bloom. Though the shadow of the news of the great raid in the north sends shivers most are too busy enjoying and coming up with new ways to express marcan spirit to care. At least among those who can affort to both care about such news and have the money to participate in such works of culture.
The Druidic Nature cult begins to grow rapidly in northern marca with minor cults springing up across the land, although considered wayward (yet harmless) by the more old age worshipers from Mezentia they seem to have a great appeal to the largely forest dwelling marcans, advocating for the spreading of herbal medicines and comforts along with side projects of beautification using plants of the cities and countryside. However they are becoming a powerful minority, even converting a few nobles to their ways. Thus they desire official support for the adoption of plant magics from the north alongside protections for areas of forest they now consider sacred sites.
In Imperiial studies into herbalism many roadblocks are found, for one the varieties of herbs found in imperii territory are few and far between and while a few plants seem excellent at things such as clearing diarrhea or aiding in lessening allergies to certain foreign foods most herbs must be imported from Meoswilium or Sealandic merchants for most aliments. However it seems under the harsh sun instead of medicine one finds many kinds of teas. Derived from dates, spices and herbs they serve to be an all around cure to stress. However the symptoms of the diseases themselves are rarely vanquished this way.
Many favored slaves find salvation in foreign concoctions while many lesser slaves languish away, their blood wasted for fear of infection. Those who are infected or worse, perish are treated as pariahs, not for being infected but for having been so weak as to have become infected. It is seen that those afflicted are morally wrong, not having followed the grand morality of the god of the Imperii closely enough. Such rumblings are soft as of yet but soon they may grow... after the plague has passed perhaps...
The disease wanes, however it is hardly gone. It spreads to the south... and beyond.

Its a long, hard process but eventually all slaves can be broken. Some take longer than others but... it works well. Hopefully through this something like what is happening in tarnatos will never happen in the glorious kingdom...
Examples of a deadly new disease acquired via many of the slaves bought from tarnatos begins appearing. It is a disease which seems to affect the gut, causing such symptoms as diarrhoea to intense abdominal pains, with a healthy dose of vomiting. This has hit the tiny purestrain demographic the hardest, with most of the few who practice this getting the disease (though few die due to natural vitality) due to consuming new slaves. As tarnotosi slaves start dying off from the plague tannus slaves are bought for fine prices.
Whether through hunting, reenactments or drills all battleworthy Taurs hone their skills.

Attempts at stimulating trade work well, with the large market of mezentian citizens eagerly buying up some of the goods arcadia has to offer. While not much compared to other nations this is still enough to be a fine boon to the merchant class of arcadia. Arcadian sulphur is refined in mezentia in order to create a substance which takes the dye from clothe, although the clothe cant be reused this helps to get more mezentians interested in the arcadian marketplace.
With obsidian tip the stronghold of Eden's Garden holds steadfastly. But given more time it could be that whoever remains of Eden will have to flee to foreign lands. While the enemy *is* running out of steam they arent done yet.
The wardogs are good for little, but training techniques are adapted from their training in order to improve the training of new militias.
Starvation is also an issue, if new foodstocks are not acquired the denizens of eden, whoever remains may end up dying as plant magic can only accelerate the growth of new food so much.
Thats not to mention disease as well, which while it does affect the invading forces it is reaping its toll on the remaining population. It is said three diseases are to blame, two brought by the foreigners and one of unknown origin.
A few instances of wedding plague have appeared among teh cities... none have seemed to spread enough to cause an outbreak but the government should likely use caution. (talk to viorp about answers i dont know about this event or the dryads opinions)

The war effort seems to be loosing steam as the costs of keeping the warmachine going are mounting. Even the divine power of the King seems to have its limits... a peasant can only be worked so hard and a soldier can only fight so hard. Perhaps letting go of some of the sealander mercenaries could help loosen the treasury?

Various cuvier communities are informed about the possibility of war, thus a more formal organization for the military is established with a military commander chosen by the megalodon organizing professional, militia and rag-tag forces so that if need be they can be put together under the command of the megalodon in the case of war. Cuvier cant truly hope to face mezentia alone but with the help of the miyagi - who have taken a neutral stance on the pirates and have declared their loyalty to the cuvier who have not "gone astray" - they may be able to at least stalemate and force mezentia to accept white peace.

The invading lo-hai, though sturdy and used to humid conditions find themselves being infected by the so called "wedding disease", which has now spread to certain areas of the city of Grhstnld and the port of Ok'd. Its deadliness varies by individual but it is demoralising the troops as, as many fall to it as the enemy.
The ancient begins teaching some of the first lo-hai necromancers using his own blood, sweet and tears (or lo-hai equivalents), the first few are set to arrive in good order, though few in number right now their new water-mushroom hybrid spell shows great effect in the moister areas of the battlefield.

Initial efforts fail as the cut out caverns prove too large and unstable but later efforts - involving natural caverns and dug out reinforced tunnels - prove far more promising as they are not prone to collapse.
> Lo-Hai Crusade Against The Conclave
The day was quiet they say, when the rolling of the waves of the Lo-Hai, alongside the careful creeking of Sealander and Meoswilum ships was first heard on the coasts of the Conclave... it was a surprise attack like none other seen since the war of long ago... where once proud trees stood fire burned through brush as demons of flesh stalked the jungle. Yes it was on that day that some of the first of the conclave were turned on their brothers and sisters in faith.
Both sides had major boons and busts, for one the invading forces had pure surprise on their hands. Few had ever heard of the strange crab creatures or terrible necromancers of the north, nor of a single tactic they might use. But spies had been among them for many months at least, infiltrators taking advantage of their naive acceptance of newcomers. Alongside material advantages in metals hoarded over the months preceding the crusade which only confounded upon the fact that the conclave's most advanced tools are generally made out of wood.
The Conclave had main advantage: its tradition of stealth. Except unfortunately for them the enemy expected this tactic and not caring for the sacred forest burned it down, where once they played hide and go seek now they played hide and burn or flee in terror.
Thus the combined crusader host made excellent use of scorched earth, despite the improvements to water retention most trees still showed themselves week to fire especially after being weakened by the myriad of funguses brought over by the pestilent hosts of meoswilum. By weeks end most of the coast was rendered to ashes alongside every single coastal settlement the conclave had. From these ashes makeshift fortifications were developed by invading forces allowing for a fine mid-point between arriving reinforcements and the advancing crusader army. Although these forts needed to be on constant guard as enemy Herbomancers could easily turn the makeshift wooden constructions against them. This resulted in a triangle design being used on the walls as it was determined that if a log was moved the triangle would not be able to fall on encampments.
The arrival of some forces of disjointed
disjointed Black Forest warriors brought some hope even as the walls of the main hub of eden's garden were pelted with hydro-fired rocks and inflamed projectiles however they were only able to do so well as an ununified force, although they could act as guards to herbomancers as the lo-hai are to necromancers the wolfkin lack the offensive magic to be as much of a threat as they could be. However it seems that the experienced hunters of Shaanlin are in fact able to make great use of the burned down areas of forest as they can outflank and outmanoeuvre the slow Lo-Hai and clumsy undead. So then they are able to harass the lines of supplies and troops in between the coast and the remaining conclave holdings.
During the invasion the coastal region (the main region of farmland for the conclave) is scorched, destroying it while the ruby mine as well is captured. Now only Eden's Garden and a few communities further inland remain united and fully intact. The walls of Eden's Garden lash out in rage as undead attempt to climb over it and others try to burn it. Several major assaults into the city have occurred at this point but the arrival of the Wolfkin volunteers, however it seems the conclavers have found ways to weather the storm. Firstly they encourage plants to absorb more water, though Lo-Hai can use this water it is a far better alternative to the entire city being set ablaze. They have also formed militias, utilising long sharpened sticks and the often tight corridors which dot the city to slaughter undead and Lo-Hai especially. Alongside the aforementioned rage of the walls they create traps and killzones, using their home field stealth advantage when the forest is not up in flames to set off these traps and try to massacre their enemy.
However every week another great push into the city succeeds and even with new obsidian weaponry, the only hope they have is that reinforcements from black forest arrive en mass or the invading forces run out of steam. Which at the current attrition rates and the harassment by wolfkin may soon be the case.
There are many stretches of forest which were not scorched for expediency's sake, or were in the middle of a blaze which never consumed it, it is believed survivors may dwell in these isolated patches.
As the great wall begins to lash out Lo-Hai divert the abundant stores of water
Some hear a faint call in the forest... a distinct sound of weeping. The conclave call her the weeping maiden of the forest. While the invading ones call her a witch. But given the destruction reaped by the holy war of the northerners with the rage of the wall perhaps soon her weeping may turn to something else... there are those who cut themselves and adorn themselves with bloody markings...

The current situation was...disappointing to say the least. The further work on herbs had resulted in absolutely nothing except for some tea, which while a pleasant drink that most certainly has caught on among the Nobilitatis. Still, we have come to a realization. Despite the many herbs we have that can stop one of the key symptoms, that being vomiting and diarrhea, we still have had a number of people die from the disease. Given the fact that some of the infected who haven't been able to take some of the herbs that prevent vomiting have been seen to have plenty of blood once the sickness really takes hold, we have reason to believe that it might be best to find out just what is going on. As such, a curios, if morbid suggestion would come up. What if a recently diseased criminal was used to see causes such bleeding, for it is clear that it isn't those spirits of rot. There would be a group of criminals selected for this, Servus or Telrac, it didn't matter. It would at least potentially allow us to figure out what was going on, and if this was related to the disease or not...

Further more, work on a place for trained Telraci Medicus would be offered to Tarnatos. If they accepted, very swiftly the place would be built at no cost to Tarnatos, and very swiftly, would get to work saving the lives of those who were in Tarnatos. Additionally, bringing a few priests to the building, we can attribute some of our success in the place to Kyuu, and ideally, we can potentially gain further methods of combating the disease through the other factions in the city. Of course, if the Tarnatos refuse, we will just open up a clinic inside our lands next to the city, and try and get the sick to go there for aid, where they'll likely become resentful to the old government for refusing our aid and help. Further more, once more work would be given to a number of Architectos to work on a way to better get rid of waste in the cities and towns of the Imperii, ideally this time anything at all will come of it, rather than silence on the part of the Architectos.

>Action One, The bodies of a few infected criminals will do for examination, it could give us some insight.

>Action Two, Create a place for Medicus in Tarnatos, if they give allow us to aid them. Otherwise, make it just outside Tarnatos.

>Action Three. Actually work on a sewer system this time.
With the invention of poison and flame arrows might be helpful but we need to burn large areas of those forest, thus we need to find large siege engines capable of launching from a distance projectiles bigger than a auron.
>2: We need to find the source
With such finding, we would try to excavate and thus dig up what we can find, those strange dark bronze 'things' will be sent back to the homeland and studied in top secret by the brightest mind of the borevian republic as so is that strange pottery with a strange liquid.
1. A new spell for war is researched upon the branch of earth magic. A spell to throw rocks with stronger magi being able to fling bigger rocks. It is simply named 'Catapult'.
2. In the same vein the war magi make another spell to fling pieces of metal at a high speed with stronger magi being able to fling multiple at once. The spell is simply named 'Barrage'.
>1: The standard soldier
To his military commander, the megalodon has ordered the creation of a standard uniform and weaponry. Most foot-soldiers will be covered in armor that is mostly leather, with a breastplate and forearm bracers made from Marcan steel. The weapons they carry will be long polearms, glaives. They're light, and made for swinging, but also long, and made for poking. The butt-end of each glaive has a smaller blade, which in technique, is to be used before the overhead swing of the main blade. All officially documented soldiers will also be provided a leather pack, which they may keep their belongings in. The pack is small, but it has to be. Ranged soldiers will remain ranged, and so will those that specialize in other combat-niches.

>2: Sea turtle mounts
For ages, the sea-farers have observed the gentle giants of the depths. Only recently has one managed to tame such a beast. A woman, clad in riding gear, rides a sea turtle through an under-water cuvier settlement. All eyes are locked on her and her saddled mount. Several cuvier ask her how she's done such a magnificent task, and she informs them that she has a ranch where her family has been raising them for generations. The ranch is just off the oasis' shore.

>Diplo: Marca
We would like to trade diamonds for a large amount of your steel. As of right now, our nation is in a bit of a pickle, and we could really use it.
1 and 2.
>Thermaugur project
If we are to set foot on the mainland we need more capable personnel. The thermaugur project is started, in which a wisp and magician pair up to combine their magical ability. This will give the subjects of the project the ability to resist extreme temperature and improved precision and control of heat magic.
>Combat training
Warriors are put through additional training, the promise of adventure awaits and only the best will be able to succeed. Thermaugur candidates are also trained in weapon skills, the project lead from house flemme has high expectations of the project.

Diplo: Arrange a marriage for a noblewoman with a lord of shorino, ask them about the mainland.
the Dryads after your debate agree to have the ones wishing to remain alone to leave your land and make their own nation as that is fair as long as you respect the religious signifficance of the land to them:

Dryad posturing will die down if you invest
Action 1: Dryad Ethnostate outside your border
Action 2: A city for them, there

Said Ethnostate will be considered a vassal to your nation
Note: Not sure if it’s been addressed as there is no map, but please add the horse farm and the forge upgrade to my nation from several turns ago.

Action 1: Expand once more
Claim these three currently unclaimed hexes

This has two purposes, reducing the density of our population can help us more quickly get over this disease, which is a relatively minor matter anyway for a hardy race such as us.

The second is we simply need more land, more land means potentially more unique species, means more military options.

Action 2: After expanding again, survey the entirety of our land making use of our natural terrain advantage for what resources are contained within these wetlands.

We have no natural supply of metal, nor any real resources to trade for metal, which makes our position here rather compromised.

Attempt to resolve this if we can, our adaptability to any environment allowing us to pass through any natural barrier and investigate the deepest nooks and crannies of the land.

Diplomacy: Menzentia

We are told to return when ready, and ready we now feel we may be. The recent focus on honour and discipline should prevent any issues on our side from generating, as they very easily could otherwise.

A second delegation is sent, a humble one, but larger than the previous. Fourty one Taurs in total lead by Ex-Councillor Nakahatk, unusual in tauric envoys by its far smaller amount of guards and inclusion of several rare Diplomacy-capable Tavthallan Taurs rather than just one.

The conservatives are informed to anticipate our arrival, we will not fail in this chance to demonstrate we are changed.
Continuation, as I somehow posted this before I was done writing up the fluff

The Taurs sent are meticulously inspected for signs of disease before being sent, and weaponry is purposefully dulled to make its ceremonial purpose clear.

The group is escorted by several oceanic taur along the way just in case of assault, and it is ensured that the loyalty the sense of duty of every member is unbreakable.
>Action 1: Explore The North
We may lay claim to the land, but that's hard if we don't even know what we're claiming. We'll send a team of explorers to chart the land.

>Action 2: Create a specialized Frontier Army
The lands to our north are cruel and savage, and if we have any hopes of finding more silver, iron, or coal to the north, then we need a certain layer of security, though this servers a dual purpose of getting the Black Forest Tribes to think twice about who they're raiding.
This army will be trained (and eventually experienced) in navigation of the hostile lands, as well as being equipped with the best iron weapons and armor the Shayran forges can muster.
They're specifically tasked with pacifying the countryside, and patrolling the border with the Black Forest to prevent any future raids.

Void beckons. Death surrounds us. To live it to grow, create, and thrive in nature, to die is natural as well. Harmonious procession of a natural process. The dynamic relations of the natural world were ignored, on sided in ignorance the Conclave sought to create a utopian paradise. Wanton destruction delivered through unfounded cruelty by malevolent foreigners shows the dishonest, biased, and shameful cognitive processes. Destiny is a lie. Destiny is justification for atrocity. It is the means by which murderers armour themselves against reprimand. It is a word intended to stand in place of ethics, denying all moral context as none but as vile as these invaders stand. There is no multitude of perspectives, no dialogue. Invaders assumes the face of the tyrant, self-righteous and intransigent, and wars breed like vermin. And people die. Singular in our pursuits to create a paradise naivete entered, we thought others rational, capable of seeing what wonders where built and the overall positive impact on the world. Those who knew but one path would come to worship it, even as it led to a cliff's edge. Our weakness was trust. Our failure benevolence. These enemies knew of our hidden forest city. They had cannons, siege weapons, and magics already prepared to tear at our newly constructed walls. Their magics knowing to see us when hidden. The enemies future sense and ability to implement foresight rivals even the gods. Galvanized in carnage we come to see the truths of this world. Nature is a circle, endless in its cycle of life and death. How foolish we where to blindly watch one arc. To live in peace and harmony was not enough to stop great evil from entering out lands. Perhaps cultivating a loving nature even invited attackers from unknown lands to seek us out, searching for the easiest target among this world. Sorrowing to stop to such levels. Wise men understand that everything worth fighting for is gained without fighting. Young, brash, foolish, malevolent minds seek to kill and conquer for their supposed glories but in the end find they have only sewn dissatisfaction, showing their intents, revealing the true colours their actions have and will wrought. For every rise, a fall. Every leaf, roots needed. So we must adapt. The arc must come to be as a circle. In the wake of sweeping violence what hope is there for the lost? Entire villages burned to the ground, their populations butchered and transformed into unnatural beasts. What light is there in the darkness? Senseless violence caused with no pretext, no reason, no forethought. What future is there in ash? A roar of vile nefarious deeds. What songs of praise will be heard? What will give rise to meet such sinister acts? What gives answer? Answer must be given.

Action 1&2:
School of Magic:
Dehydrated, and near-delirious, the lost crew member stumbles out of the ruins and onto the sands. He murmurs of shades and whispers roaming the rubble- of falling shadows, twisting walls, and endless streets- Curséd does he calls the place.
Seeing as nothing bad or good seemed to happen last time, life is carried on as the people of Sealand attempt to fight off the plague. With the addition of the Black Forest Herbalist imports, them being branded as elven developments to keep those down south from becoming too aggressive

2 Actions: Going back to researching once more and hopefully with the help of new resources available, something more properly can be done about this disease. Something to fix the nausea, something to fix the diarrhea, something to fix the fever the headaches, the bleeding, Everything! So was the hope of the research into Advanced Herbalism
(full, not casual name)
the nation of Cyurus
light brown
the capitol of Cyopus
(short description of values, habits, attitudes towards nobility and outsiders etc.)
values: public centralization
habits: charity-like organizations
attitudes towards nobility: disdain toward the need of nobility
attitudes towards outsiders: welcoming
attitudes towards etc.: scan for more data, intel, military information
(whatever happened to your nation since inception max 90 years of history, 140 for 1 starting action then you count as a former vassal/tributary to a citystate [you gain ties to them and a road][the QM chooses your Citystate-tie based on which one fits best lorewise])
history is not recorded. no one cares what their history was. only their actions in the present.

(values of the faith and who is worshipped and why)
values of the faith: public centralization
who is worshipped: public centralization
why: public centralization is the only government that works
(lifespan, reproduction, size, description, and all other relevant quirks)
lifespan: indefinite
reproduction: indefinite
size: moderately large
description: moderately large creatures whom only die once they refuse to accept zero sum into their hearts
and all other relevant quirks: they prefer to speak through practical poetry itself
Writing System:
just like this
just like that
Government System:
(who rules the nation, how they come into power, how much power they hold, way of governance, how much autonomy local rulers have etc)
Miscellaneous Lore:
(a character you choose, which will not be affected by randly rolled QM events, so no random death or sickness etc)
Head of state:
(name + short description)

15 starting actions
(each nation starts with 15 starting actions, you start with 1 province bronze-age tech and no magic. All else is to be developed through these actions)
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join the discord
1. Keep expanding the underground and start building massive structures, all strictly secret, of course.

>While the efforts continue, we divert more and more resources onto the new project. By now a secret known by all, the engineers plan for the construction of immense structures. Everybody knows they are being made, but nobody really knows why or for what purpose.

2. Begin the development of further machinery.

>While the current output of the workshops and forges is acceptable, much more can and shall improve. We must instruct the engineers to devise and develop specialized machinery to make the process much easier and efficient.
>Fluff: The current elected leaders are :
*Mayor of Ahnemamare*: [Elected for 10 years by the population] : Linhus Buen, kitsune, miner
*Mayor of Mongsaveti*: [Elected for 5 years by the population. All candidates must be priests] :
Tanga Tuen, Kitsune, priest, like helping farmers
*Mayor of Taydosong*: [Elected for 7 years by a council of neighboorhood representatives] : Lei Dafos, human, fisherman
*Mayor of Antoanportus*: [Elected for 10 years by the population. Being from Tarnatos is a strong political advantage] : Nuenus Bakh, Kitsune, Lumberjack

>1 + 2: Establish the vassal Dryad only citystate of [name decided by QM], in the most southern coastal jungle tile available
The depart of a significant part of our dryad population is a sad day, and one which will definitely go down in history. One the other hand we are happy to have amicable relations with our former citizens. It will established as national remembrance day, the "Dryad Exodus Day".
File: Capture.png (355 KB, 876x818)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
>Action 1: Build Infrastructure (Port + Canal)
A port is build where it once stood to give their returning boats a place to rest. A canal is constructed utilizing their earth sinking magic to connect this port to the southern Golem Shores.

>Action 2: Create Spell: Ukumunca Amandla (Siphon Energy)
Their Repelling Magic is potent, but it can be draining in extended combat. To combat this effect, the Cult seeks to develop a new spell from their nature subgroup by building off of their previous digestive magic. This spell is intended to draw energy and mana directly from the earth around them, leaving the vegetation blackened and dried out dependent on the duration and abuse of the spell.
While basic quarantine mesures are taken, the nation is currently too distracted by its political crisis to do much more
File: Capture.png (239 KB, 687x771)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
Just realized I drew that wrong. The port should be above Sanctuary.
The High Council finds the Lords of Destruction a tough obstacle. Though they can weaken them, they are running against the clock, due to having to defend their ally, who has nowhere to run. In fact, our ally might even fall from just this single expedition. And while the Lords of Destruction will lose men, they can just raise more, so defeating them here wont destroy them, while them defeating Eden's Garden means the destruction of our ally, leaving us alone against their future attacks. And so, we must focus on gathering our strength to defeat them, namely, we need a weapon that can destroy their undead and we must get allies to help us.

Action 1: Hiro will travel to Menzentia to try and rouse them and their allies to action.
Hiro will bring victims of the Lords of Destruction to tell their tales and also present the charred corpses of children they have left in their wake. Hiro will then make an empassioned call to arms, stating that mercy is not for all, that the Lords of Destruction are horrid warmongers who seek only our death, leaving naught but corpses and ash in their wake.

Action 2: Invent derived technology: Iron Sabre from Bronze Sword (1/2 progress).
When dealing with the zombies, our current weapons are ineffective. The undead care little about javelins piercing their organs, we need to dismember them, cut off their arms and legs, so no matter how determined, they cannot continue. For this, a sabre is deemed ideal, it has less range than a spear but can be used in one hand and can be used up close, as zombies are a persistent bunch. We can't assume we'll be able to hold them at spear range.
File: Raid Shadow Legends.png (34 KB, 227x214)
34 KB
> War Post
Army of Meoswilum
Lo-Hai Army
Seland (Elf) Mercenarries
Arcadic Republic - local supplies
Borevia - local supplies

After sucesfully feindinf off the White Druids of the Far South and burning down the forrest. It is time to start pacifying the locals after managing to obtain supplies from the Borevians and the Arcadic republic, we should in fact have a surplus. This suplus will be used to help those of the locals which agree with our cause (however few they are) mostly very young children. As such inside our ice encamptments orphanages are established. The children we save hopefully will be able to be the backbone of the administration we instill after the war is over.

With the burnings further sucessful, to avoid the ambush-militia the Crussader army will hide in it's icey fortiffications starving the Druid capital out further, the negotiation of surrender of those inside the walls is proposed.

While that is happening the Lo-Hai would further improve the ice wall. It is of uttermost importance that the White Druids of the Far South do not gain a advantage or time to recouperate or rest. One can not rest on their laurels, the White Druids hat the luck of always attacking not having to deffend at all during the war. With two supply lines keeping us safe from the mainland the one from the sea has lost importance. The troops whick protected it are relagated to return to the ships.

We shall use our naval supperiority and faster ships to force the White Druids to send some forces back to protect their mainland. We shall raid the coasts of the marked area. The raids are to retreat every time they encounter major resistance as the goal is mainly to stretch enemy resources thin. Canon bombardments of from the safety of the ship will also be performed if any settlement is in range. (slaves are prefferably captured alive)
two actions to address the political crisis in the nation

President Andronicus Jackulies, was set to address the nation shortly. In the past few months, the kitsune had begun to notice inconsistencies with the unspoken agreement, Hybrids 'don't' exist. Those observations had become questions and as the Kitsune began to question, so did more and more of the population. This was always an inevitability as the population grew more hybrids would naturally be born.

The president pondered on the past each generation, and the elected officials had kicked the issue road the road. wanting it to be someone else's issue to solve someone else's crisis. Now the issue was finally coming to ahead, and it fell to him to guide the nation through the coming storm of social upheaval.

A time of great change was upon the United Fratieran Cities and Jackulies was unsure if he was the man to lead them through it. he had run on a platform of trade and prosperity having overseen the successful naval project with the Wolfkin and the development of new farming communities in the north. He had never anticipated that it would fall to him to manage something of this magnitude yet it seemed destiny had chosen him to do so. Rallying his spirit and composing himself, he grimmest while he had not asked for this crisis, he would do his utmost to lead all the Fraternian people through it

With his thoughts collected and will a flame President Andronicus Jackulies went to address the gathered members of the congress, the Governers, and the free scribes that would spend the words he spoke tonight to the far corners of the nation.

"My fellow Fraterians I come before you tonight to give one of the most important speeches and news that has been spoken in this hall since the final victory over the tyranny of the old kings. From the time of the founding of Ava's landing, through the expansion under Alexandros the great, up to this very day, our nation has had a constant truth that it has clung to and repeated time after time to comfort itself, there are no hybrids in Fraternitas."

the room itself was electrified waiting for the president to continue, for the hardliners, they hoped to try and continue the old lie, for the more openminded they hoped the president would tell the truth so that reform might come, and for the members of the public in the know, they held hope and fear in their hearts with equal measure. The moment seemed to stretch out for eternity then he continued.

"I come before you tonight, to say that this truth that has been repeated generation is nothing more than a lie older than the United Fraterian Cities itself." The silence that followed was heavy a lie over a century old was broken in an instant, but that moment would last for only a moment. as the room erupted into chaos, the hardliners insisting that the president was a liar, the reformers shouting back that the lies had continued for far too long. The Governers mixed in a reaction as well those reformers aligned themselves with their congressional counterparts and the hardliners did the same. Things seemed on the brink of degenerating into open violence when a mighty crash silenced the room the president to regain control of the room has bashed the podium, a jagged splinter line ran down the middle.

"The people of Fraternitas have the right to know the truth and the Hybrids of Fraternitas are my the grace Solaria Fraterian as well. Was this nation not founded on the ideals of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness? I as you know, what man among you would dare say that these Fraterians do not deserve the same rights and protections that every one of us enjoys."

The stillness that followed the president's challenge was damning, not a man or woman dared to speak up. The president then continued "We have now in our time the chance to correct the mistakes of our ancestors and to redress the wrongs we have committed against our people. The road ahead of us will be a long one I can not promise that it will be an easy journey, but we are Fraterian and it is not our way to buckle or coward in the adversity. I call on you now as elected officials of the United Fraterian Cities to do what is right and stand with me in forging a new path for ALL Fratierains! If my word alone is not enough to convince you them please listen to the words of my esteemed and honored guest." An old man, aided by a cloaked figure made his way out to speak before the gathered leaders of the UFC, this man was instantly recognizable it was Georgeo Cleanerson. the Whole of the room showed the man the respect deserving of his place in history and silently listened.