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Once in every eon, a pulse can be felt across this still world. Charged by pure passion, tenacity, and a primal will to SURVIVE; the blood of this earth beats a single thump.
> And with it, the cycle of Gods and men is upon us once more, as life begins to crawl from the mud.
> You are a being of creation, or what the people of this realm may come to call, a God. You are born with innate knowledge and immense power. It feels only right to fill this empty terrain with your own creations.

Welcome to the fourth installation of Beings of Creation, a long-running tactical civ-style hexcrawl based on your imagination. You are a non-omniscient divine being of great power. You find yourself spontaneously brought into existence in a seemingly untouched world.
The rules are fairly simple, and may be picked up as you go, but the document below goes into detail. Most people here are familiar veterans of the game, don't be shy to ask questions.

Game is currently full player-wise, but newcomers are free to lurk.

The hurricane tastes blood as it is finally released from Tantulus' grasp.

>>4473474 Qazlal
Pools of red blood raise from beneath the earth, as the living liquid climbs up the legs of Julia and the rest of Asmodel's pawns, seeping into the orifices of the screaming Gorgons. The collapsing bodies of these minions begins to morph and bubble in shape, revoltingly swapping between liquid and solid forms as their bodies struggle to stay in one piece. A moment passes, before their form begins to stabilize, as the army kneels before The Bleeding Father, as each body speaks in echoing unison.
"...We are thralls to your command, Father. Your word is the divine order of The Ichor. What is our purpose?"
The Bloodletting is reborn.
Novakhet has gifted you Oltanite Metalworking.

>>4473516 Earis
Archivists of Predation unit produced.
Syrconite Metalworking developed.
Earis would effortlessly take hold of one of these Pincap Crazes with his mist, tearing through its form as Earis analyzed its components. Pincap Crazes Indexed successfully.
The Archivists of Predation hold back the hordes of fungi brutes, holding their ground, but hardly dwindling their numbers.
Novakhet has gifted you 500 vials of Quintessence.

>>4473552 Ofu
Natales the Great created, as Ofu's settlement grows and rises as one being.
Earis' army of Tugai now stands before The Pincap Crazes and The Archive, but its only a matter of time before his army falls. (-200 to enemy unit, +78 to Pincap Crazes from breeding)
>>4475096 Americus
Windy City established.
Extermination Expedition Force established and one unit produced.
As Americus grows into full size, her enormous arms swing out in an attempt to catch the passing Ofu in an oppressive grip, only to be met with impressive resistance from the tiny God: Not enough to prevent the mushroom god from slipping past and escaping to the north.

>>4476126 Tantulus
Green Shell channels the stinging mana through his body, willing the plants that bind these beasts to constrict and crush what they grasp, as the Sea Masters are pulverized into chunks of gore. (Unit destroyed)
Animal Husbandry developed.
Tantulus continues to feed the storm and maintain its position, certain that the wizard cannot hold for any longer. But for a moment, his grasp finally slips, and the storm is free...

>>4477200 Regala
Oltanite Metalworking developed.
Oltanite Metalworking shared with Thomass.
Thomass has gifted you Mathematics.
Sleighs developed.
Parting Gifts left for Furnlatha.
Max living capacity reached, as Vree's breeding will dwindle until space is increased.

>>4477540 Furnlatha
Joldonite Metalworking shared with Grindall. While the knowledge may be passed on, without mastery over Syrconite Metalworking such a metal cannot be produced by the mole god's people.
Joldonite Armor developed. With the assistance of Furnlatha's mastery of the forge, a greater supply of Joldonite may be produced, allowing the creation of beautiful gilver-colored armor.
Claimed 1 hex.
Forgefall upgraded to a town.
A parting gifts is left from the nearby Vree, as the pyrelings find an assortment of presents containing delicious fruit! Fruit resource quantity upgraded to adequate.
Grindall has gifted you Wheeled Vehicles.
UNNIIC has gifted you Engineering.

>>4477682 Asmodel
Philosophy developed.
With Asmodel's blessing with the domain of Obedience, Temple of The Moons is established. However, for the shamans to maintain this blessing and its effects on the people, a regular input of mana is required. Luckily, the goddess has plentiful mana, and the regular input of 2 mana can be covered by two of the obelisks. The spread of The Gift is heavily slowed.
The Apophis Scouts and Julia are unable to follow the command of Asmodel, as The Bloodletting takes over their consciousness.
Americus has gifted you Medicine.
Cartography shared with Americus.
As the hurricane passes, the village of Tropicana is lain to waste, as 600 minions lose their lives to the destruction. The mass of 400 minions is torn through and reduced from the Hydra's total health.
Forgot to include a couple epochs ago, an obelisk is discovered at (20, 8).
Serviceable population exceeded, as minion breeding will cease until more room is available.
>>4477808 Grindall
Furnlatha has gifted you Joldonite Metalworking (NULL).
Engineering and Wheeled Vehicles shared with UNNIIC.
Wheeled Vehicles shared with Furnlatha.
Deepholm established, embedded within the mountains with Grindall's blessing.
UNNIIC has gifted you Medicine and Sanitation.

>>4477860 UNNIIC
Sanitation developed. The gift's spread is reduced considerably.
Grindall has gifted you Engineering and Wheeled Vehicles.
Medicine and Sanitation shared with Grindall.
Engineering shared with Furnlatha.
Max capacity reached, growth will not continue.

>>4478056 Novakhet
Oltanite Metalworking shared with Qazlal.
Constellar Enlightenment developed.
Seafaring developed.
500 Quintessence vials created and shared with Earis.
Osseous Engineers updated.

>>4478511 Akros
Entomokration developed.
Domestication III developed.
Culture penalty removed.

>>4480071 Thomass
Regala has gifted you Oltanite Metalworking.
Mathematics shared with Regala.
Engineering developed.
Syrconite Metalworking developed.
As the gyms are full, breeding will cease until more living space is available.

>>4480513 Chom and Chod
Sanctum Agis established.
Chodic Clay Tools developed.
The Pool Palace established.
Oltanite Metalworking (Duplicate) and Wheeled Vehicles peeked.
Overpopulation reduced your minions to the settlements supportable limit, and can no longer increase without more space.

>>4480701 The Bloom
Claimed 5 hex. Obelisk captured.
Literature developed.
Myxoma manages to avoid total destruction, although as the hurricane passes overhead, 200 gardeners who could not evacuate lose their lives to the storm.
Rolled 2, 8, 5 = 15 (3d10)

>UI the EEF moves to 11,3 to purge the shroom city
>UI the AW move to 12,9 to relive the beleaguered Archivists and attack the shroom fiends
>UI/DI Americus moves to 11,3 to continue her assault on Ofu, wailing on him with her fists and shear size

>MA Raise a mighty fort at [13,4] name Ticonderoga
>MA Raise an army of 3k at Angel's haven [13,8] name: Human Expeditionary Force.
with Ofu seemingly able to claim and attack from nowhere more trained army units are needed to protect and defend human land. many rallies to answer the call.

the unit will receive (Masonry, Silk Cloaks, Syrconite Armor, Animal Riding, Wheeled Vehicles, cartography, Syrconite Weapons )

armed and trained in the finest equipment and methods available to mankind, the forces of mankind march to war
Addendum for the EEF UI, once at 11,3 they are to attack Ofu
>MA+DI: Claim (11,9), (11,8), (12,8), (13,8)
Earis floods Mist out from the Archive, creating a massive fog across his nearby lands, intent on shielding them from Ofu's artillery. It was wise to attend to matters of housekeeping, after all.

MA: Develop Treatise on Engineering w/ Wheeled Vehicles, Literature, and Syrconite Metalworking
Earis's Archivists finished their treatise on advanced engineering techniques, adding another book to the Archive's shelves. Perhaps a strange decision, given the mushrooms at the gates, but the arrival of the human engineering corp., the Patron Archivist of Hydroponics, and the presence of the Archivists of Predation made a return to intellectual matters possible. These techniques would make repairing the damage to the Archive significantly easier as well.

>Unit Move: Patron Archivist of Hydroponics
The Patron Archivist of Hydroponics continues to follow Americus's Wardens to the Archive

>Unit Action: Patron Archivist of Hydroponics - Use 2 Mana to Flash Freeze the Pincap Crazies
Using the new knowledge gained about the Pincaps, that they were mostly water. The Patron Archivist easily exerts the last of his magical energies to flash freeze swaths of the horde, making them much easier to clean up.

>Unit Action: Archivists of Predation attack Pincap Crazies
Duely, the Archivists of Predation rip into the remaining Crazies in a hail of teeth and claws. It was good to finally be on the offensive in this war.

>Unit Move: Earis moves to (11, 4)
With affairs at home in order, Earis moves north to support the war effort.
>Disregard the claim on (11,9), I was unaware the Mushroom Jungle was rough terrain.
Fascinating as the gift of knowledge that Furnlatha's people had presented to them, there was a piece of the puzzle missing, something that the Svirgrindall, lacking the natural affinity for working metal that the forgemasters of the Pyrelings possessed, could not quite put together. So, they worked both backwards, and forwards, at the same time. Advancing their knowledge of metalworking from the limitations of Oltanite, while at the same time attempting to decipher the complexities of this "Joldonite" that the Pyrelings had gifted them. Finally, after much trial and error, the missing link that Syrconite represented was discovered, and in short order the furnaces of the Svirgrindall belched out great clouds of smoke, both of these metals produced in great quantities, particularly for a future project...

>[MA] Syrconite Developed, and Joldonite unlocked with it

Useful as the Oltanite Javelins had been, with such massive strides in technology, and the new opportunities provided by such creatures as the Valjets, innovation was necessary, to take the battle to the winged menace in their home territory. So, the Svirgrindall got to work. The throwing arm was strong, and fine for close range, but at the longer ranges that fighting in the air naturally introduced, a longer range, and stronger force of propulsion was necessary. So, the newly developed art of engineering was put to the test. Great boughs of Ashwattle wood and cactus were prepared, dried and treated to ensure maximum flexibility, as great ropes, thick as a Svirgrindall's arm were woven from the grasses of distant plains. Finally, with even the stronger Svirgrindall arm no longer entirely up to the task of controlling such powerful tension, the wonder of the wheel was drawn on to design one last technological marvel, termed by the Svirgrindall as the winch, which allowed them to, though still at considerable effort, to wind back the thick, tension filled rope that would propel the new weapon's deadly payload.

Though the size of the javelins was, for their new purpose, acceptable, the traditional Oltar heads could be...improved, to better withstand the force their new rate of travel would place them under. So, the finest of the Svirgrindall forgemasters were put to work, seeking to assimilate the basic design of the javelin with the newly developed alloy of Joldonite. After many long nights, the forgemasters finally emerged, their fur slick with sweat and streaked with soot, and proudly presented the completed product, a fire treated, robust wooden shaft, with a vicious, gleaming golden, barbed tip. No longer were these javelins, no, now they were deadly bolts, ammunition which could be fired from these new engineering marvels. Finally, the last test.

Rolled 9, 6, 6 = 21 (3d10)

From the calmest of the newly christened Valjets, one of the larger specimens was chosen and carefully fitted with a leather harness before, with great trepidation, the first prototype weapon was mounted on the beast's back with it's rider. With a crack of the reins, the rider set it’s Valjet into motion, hoping that the beast’s back could withstand the weight and it would achieve lift. After a moment of nervousness as the Valjet wobbled nervously under the new weight, it’s jets flared to life, carrying it’s rider and their new weapon into the sky. A fine addition to the Svirgrindall arsenal.

>[MA] Putting to use Ashwattle Wood and the newly unlocked Joldonite and Valjets, combined with their knowledge of Engineering, the Svirgrindall have designed a nasty new weapon for the modern age, a large ballista capable of firing javelin sized, Joldonite tipped bolts and mountable on the backs of the powerful Valjets.

As the Svirgrindall continue to develop at home, Grindall travels yet further afield. Everywhere he looks in this lush jungle he finds devastation, slaughtered or horrifically mutated crabs and strange fleshy beasts and growths infesting all. Finally, though, in the shattered shell of a former crustacean city, Grindall finds what seems to be the epicenter of this horrific disease.

A towering, writhing horror of flesh and bone, commanded by a much smaller, but equally disturbing horror of sinuously flowing black smoke, resting among the ruins of yet another settlement of crabs. Had any survived, untouched by this virulent disease? If they had, Grindall certainly couldn’t find them. And if there were no crabs left alive to help…then the account must be settled with their killers.

Red tingeing his vision, Grindall’s stomp shook the land itself, cracks forming from the epicenter, widening more and more as they sped towards their target, until a great, yawning chasm loomed, swallowing the massive kaiju and trapping it in the earths embrace. Then, with bone crushing force, Grindall slammed the two chasm walls together.

>[DI] God Unit moves to 16, 22 and attacks Cass-ise
>Develop Syrconite Tools
Peeking over the shoulders of their muscular neighbours, the Vrees engage in a little industrial espionage, copying the techniques required to make Syrconite Tools.
>Receive Engineering from Thomass.
The Buffnuggets don't seem to mind, and indeed, happen to leave some bunches of reading material lying about, and don't object too hard when they go missing for a bit! The thin leather pages are filled with intricate calculations and sketches for something called "machines", the vast majority of which still remain hypotheticals.
>Improve Welkomplaats to City.
With the influx of new materials afforded by the Syrconite Tools, and the new technologies concocted by Vree and Buffnugget, the Town of Welkomplaats is made a sprawling city. Much of it remains underground, where possible, or spread out, so as to maintain the picturesque look the place is accustomed too.
>God Unit Move with Thomass from 25,11 to 25,17.
With the mound of muscle settling into a steady stride beneath her, Regala allowed herself to float into the air. It was a marvel that he could push himself to this speed purely by his own physical might. She had to allow the winter winds to carry her aloft to match him!
>Vluchs/Geheim move from 26,22 to 27,26.
The intrepid Vree continue their journey south, passing over the realms of Tantalus and Chom-Chod. The crab's jungle shores are barren of crab people, but the work of a god is unmistakable, so a gift is left behind anyway. The swamp folk to the south of their final campgrounds are interesting, to say the least, but the Vree wave from the back of their mighty flying steeds, Geheim at their fore.
Parting Gifts on Tantalus and Chom/Chod.

>[Minor Action] Trade UNNIIC Syrconite
>Give Furnlatha Carpentry tech with Vluchs unit.
MA + DI Claim
11, 15
15, 13
15, 12
16, 12
>With the border issues sorted, Nova can finalise the claiming of his people’s land for them.
A group of blasts of daylight score across the sky and bring the stars into full view above the deserts and mesas.

>Bones on carcasses gleam as Ivory, and the sun grows calm and gentle above the sands of the growing empire

UI: Novakhet, move to 12, 15 to talk to Asmodel, then move to 13, 12 after finishing talking to her

Government received from Americus
>With the passage of new and strange republican ideals into the dagekhets idea space

>Combined with their philosophy, recent Quintessence briberies on the behalf of Anathemus leads to the formation of something roughly resembling the republic of humanity, though the most senior members of government are formed from philosophers, the ruler imbibing quintessence upon their ascension.

At current the children of the sun find themselves in a golden age of new construction and limitless horizon, and a longing to brave the seas. As such, plans for a new settlement with proper access to water begin to be drawn up, one greater than any before it...

MA: Create a new city on 12, 11 once americus trades me government

>With the formation of a functional method of the bandaged peoples to govern themselves, they put as much effort as they possibly could into constructing a new settlement, one grander than any that had come before not terribly far from the archive over sea

>Complete with a harbour for new ship construction, a palace for the populists behind the sudden radical changes in leadership to rule from and a startling amount of pyramids constructed just all over the place in reverence to Novakhet the Sundying.

MI: Trade Tugai resource to americus over sea
>Wooden ships filled with livestock embark and begin sailing out, their wondrous craftsmanship making clear the glorious artifice and skill of the Dagekhet people, and the aid their friends will receive

>Many sailors are recently fallen, and stand a chance at actually reuniting with some relatives from before their deaths on this trip

Archlich and Engineers, move to 18, 9, or 16, 7 if they get the movement speed buff from seafaring over water.


>Nova approaches Asmodel, rather annoyed by her apparent warmongering and attacks on unprotected minions

“Asmodel, I must ask, why did you attack the mortals of Qazlal, the constantly bleeding moth beyond the mountains?”
-Diplomacy with Novakhet
"Because it stole a great gift from the sky that was on my lands. He appeared friendly a few epochs ago, even rested on my lands nearby where the meteorite was, then while I was away talking with the northeast gods he betrayed me and robbed it. I moved my army when he refused to talk and the attack happened after he refused again. Could you see the battle happening from your lands ?"
>Confirming the trade deal with Nova, Government for Tugai resource
“I saw the battle happen. He just finished taking care of your attackers, and is rather incredibly angry at you.”

“I have to say that attacking unprotected mortals was incredibly stupid and disappointing Asmodel, even as your brother I find it foolish.”

“You should apologise, though I can hardly force you.”
it's me
"I felt the foul energy coming from the earth that he unleashed on them, something worse than the infection from the deity south of me. I could talk to him but if he didn't care about it before I don't think he's gonna talk now."

>[Unit Action]: Move Pyre Priests at [29,17] to [29,16]
>[Interact]: Consecrate [29.16]
The Pyre priests continue their merry pyre-building through the jungles, letting Furnlatha's fires spread their warmth and light further.
>[Minor]: Share Tech with Grindall: Joldonite Armor
And the Pyrelings pass to the Svirgrindall the latest of the marvels of craft to flow from their mistresses forge.
>[Major Action] - Develop: Firstflame into a City
>Using: Engineering, Government, Literature; Adequate Roseberry Wood, Whitestone, Bonerock, Masonry, Carpentry.
Firstflame was where the Pyrelings first awoke, so many ages ago now; and over the ages the village grew into a town Now, it is again busy with the sound of tools as the Pyrelings work to make their settlement still grander, transforming the community into a city.
>[Major Action][DI] - Develop: Divine Forged Armour
>Using: Furnlatha's Forge, Domains: Fire, the Forge, Development; Metalworking, Joldonite Armor, the Divine Ashes of Tortoiseterra.
Still within the depths of her forge, listening to the ringing Joldenite hammers of the Pyreling smiths, Furnlatha looks to her works in Joldenite and is pleased. But these, to her, are just the preludes to the masterwork she plans. Compared to the divine brothers she has already met with, Furnlatha is aware that her own form is rather less resolute then theirs. And the only way she can think of to mitigate that is to use her own skills, to forge divine-infused armour plate for her own use that might better protect the core of her being from the threat of aggression. She has already set aside enough Joldenite for the task planned, but is also aware that, no matter how strong it might be as a material, it would itself still be lacking compared to the powers of a deity... ordinarily. But what if more deity energies then simply her own might be forged into the plate to imbue it with power? She gives a small smile, and has a Pyreling attendant fetch for her the dish of the ashes she bought back with her from the north. Inside the dusty remnant, she can still see those shimmering slivers of the broken divinity. What was once a bulwark of resilience, broken down by fire and flame; now to be reforged, to be developed up again from mere ashes to some semblance of the resilient thing they were before. And so Furnlatha sets to work again, her Joldenite tools ringing amidst the fiery thunder of the forge, emboldened with her burning heat and divine essence as she works upon metal and remnants alike, forging the two together, remoulding them, reshaping them, building them back up into a frame that can fit and provide even her some measure of protection; winding both her own energies and those remaining from the residue of Tortoiseerra up into the manufacture of this new, divinely-infused, protective plating.

>[Minor] Unit Move: Furnlatha to [26,22]
Her work completed, she will then head off back to 26,22; to wave off the departing Vree.
>MI: Trade Tugai to Americus
Confirming trade of tugai for an IOU
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] [DI]: Upgrade UNNIIC Into City. Using Engineering, Will of the City, Literature, Metalworkings, Solgrass weaving. Sycronite metal, Oltanite Alloy, various woods, for structure; solgrass bedding and rugs along with various pelts for comfort.
>Major: [Develop]: Valbat Broodhive on UNNIIC - Using a similar concept born from Turtlefolk hatcheries, the Ship creates a purpose-made 'hatchery' for the various breeds of valbats and valjets to be housed, ranched, and bred at. Installed on the vessel to have access no matter where it goes. Using Valbat Domestication 3, Valjets, Husbandry, Hatchery

>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI repeated cause OP skimmed and forgot last round]: Invite some Swampfolk on board, then make way to [28,23]

>Minor: Trade Tech - Cartography to Furnlatha
>Minor: Trade - Offer Jold ore and the [knowledge of the ancients] from the oldest Turtlefolk to Furnlatha, to help her with her armor project.

As the mighty vessel leaves the isles of swampfolk and their gods Designation: Chom and Chod, the Ship begins its long journey across the ocean. Towards the mythical forge of Furnlatha, the perfect place for its next objective. While the ship is in transit, the Valbat Broodhive is established to create a renewable and mobile source of Valbats and Valjets for the Ship to make use of. Such majestic and practical creatures will be a cornerstone of its future, worldly endeavors. From now on, the Ship will always be seen with a small collective of outfliers at all times, circling around and roosting within the great vessel. The Ship is pleased to share the air with such beasts.

>>4484874 Furnlatha
When the ship touches down near Furnlatha's Forge, the great ringing from within can be heard across the mountain range. Inspired by the goddess of forging and development, the ship rests aside it and begins its own operation of transforming itself into a city to rival all others. With the general hubbub and work being done by both parties, the Ship would learn the goals of Designation: Furnlatha, and the final uses of the fallen god TortoiseTerra. The forge goddess was as practical and resourceful as she was productive. The ship enjoyed that others appreciated the processing of the dead to serve the living. And as such, it would send servitors out to assist the goddess, providing jold ore that it could not yet utilize. Along with a small subset of turtlefolks escorted by servitors to provide insight into their old god and how she might just be able to tap into hidden depths within his divine ashes.
>Communicate: UNNIIC
Furnlatha is very happy that UNNIIC has chosen her forge as a destination for the development and refit, making UNNIIC as welcome as she can as it sits above and around the caldera, and offers the services of her Pyrelings to help make the process as smooth and comfortable for the venerable vessel.
Rolled 6, 6 = 12 (2d10)

The hurricane approaching a few epochs ago that had stopped far away from land for a long time suddenly started moving and destroyed the village of Tropicana. The higher powers ensued an evacutation order from the Town of Butantan so it's inhabitants go towards the City of Anguis, making use of all the tugai drown vehicles, while the menace is getting closer.

>[MA] Develop Sanitation
With the shamans of the temple halting the spread of the disease, the gorgons make use of the extra time to develop ways to reduce the infected numbers. Using their medicinal knowledge they make plans to reduce even further the sources of infection as well as developing the conditions of the settlements and safety measures to leave their sources of food and water clean.

>[MA] Develop Astronomy

-move Asmodel to 8,15

-[MI][DI] + obedience domain: Regain control of Julia, the beast wizard in 7,15

-Move the Hydra to 13,16

-trade Pottery with Akros for Kholimoth domestication
File: mothman-1.png (216 KB, 750x394)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
OP awarded me a free trade and a free Major Action for updating without notice, since it disallowed me a planned trade and development.

><TRADE> Novakhet: [Currency]

Qazlal smiled upon his work. Theses slithering militants and this witch of beasts obeyed his will now, and their destruction would be patched by their own hands.

"Beast woman," the Bleeding Father addressed his new convert. "You will undo your spell from my peoples' herds and return them to the peaceful state that they know."
"When you finish calming all the animals that you have enraged, you will share with me any and all tangible improvements to my society that you can provide."

"Pick twenty from among yourselves. These twenty shall start work with my Dukhali and teach them how to build these wheeled vehicles that you ride. The rest of you know how you attacked my town. I want you to busy yourselves creating defensive measures to prevent this from happening again. I want you to make my town impregnable to any attack that you can conceive of, from yourselves or others."
That was it. With the storm outside his grasp, his foe had withstood the final salvo, and Tantalus was without means of retaliation as the twisted nightmare descended upon the the island that was meant to be his final refuge. Without the storm, he had no hope of harming the bloom... And without the obelisk, neither did he have any hope of keeping his people safe. Desperate and despondent, he surfaced to look at the distant horizon... And felt a faint tremor, as Grindal's wrath brought an end to the enemy Titan. In what an alcoholic might describe as a moment of clarity, he realized that he was not alone in conflict, and that his only hope of survival now.

Over the course of the Epoch, the crabs trickle eastward, a great Exodus retreating from the Bloom's relentless advance. Tantalus himself forms the rearguard, stretching his divine influence, helping to hasten the evacuation of the western and southernmost shores. The sole territory which is not commanded thusly is 16:22, what few guards remain present in Stone-Claw keep remaining at their posts to the end.
>Exodus (Minor Action, Divine Influence): Tantalus Evacuates Deep-Home, and abandons all hexes west of 18:23, with the exception of 16:22
>Unit Action: Tantalus moves to 18:23

In the Forests of 26:24, the absolute farthest reach of the Crabs territory away from The Bloom, one last settlement takes shape. Girded in sturdy walls of local wood and stone from the nearby mountain, it shall be the site of their last stand, and is thusly named.
>Major Action: Village of Last Stand founded at 26:24

As the boats sadly sail, some crabs take to tying together strands of Mistnettle or Brambleroot, dangling them off the sides and ensnaring any fish that dodge the claws of the Crabs pulling the boat, providing additional rations for the journey.
>Major Action: Develop Nets
Things are going surprisingly well, for once. The sound of instruments echo through the streets, children laugh and play, accompanied by running leotails, running roughshod over resting tugai that lazily snap at their tails. Large courtyards are filled with the shouts of youths training in Entomokration, while nearby smithies work with newly arrived shipments of metal. There is, altogether, a general feeling of contentment that was, until recently, missing. Akros looks over his people from a hill, and though he briefly smiles under his mask, the news he's received are unnerving indeed. Wars, disasters both natural and not, plagues...Hard times are coming.

>Major Action, Development [Metallurgy]: Having finished with his food-related projects, Akros sets about assisting in the creation and development of tools with the metals that have been piling up in storehouses all around the Homes. There's not much of it, given the Akreties' unsophisticated tools, but what is there must be taken advantage of. Forges are crafted out of stone and clay, techniques are discussed and improved swiftly, and a new group of smiths is trained swiftly. Unlike most, who set themselves apart with body paint collected from flowers, smiths are immediately recognizable due to their darker shells, which are practically infused with soot from their constant work.

>Major Action, Divine Influence [Companionship Domain], Development [Government]: For ages untold, the Akreties have existed as a vague coalition, cooperating (relatively) peacefully merely because doing as such is in their nature, and their great teachers advises as such. However, if they are to survive the oncoming troubles, as Akros slowly begins allowing them to travel further out into the world, they will surely need to become far more organized. As such, they hold several great councils, mainly in front of the Walls of Names, to make a decision that could impact the future of their people for generations.
>Ideas are thrown about wildly, suggesting anything from something that can't be explained as anything but a dictatorship under Akros, an idea he shuts down instantly without a single word of explanation, to a bizarre combination of ideologies that will ultimately result in a kakistocracy, and far more. Ultimately though, after several weeks of discussion and failure, something actually decent begins to show itself. A council of individuals from all parts of life, every settlement, age, profession, and experience. Everyone is represented, and everyone opens new paths towards the future, the old guiding the young, and they, in turn, shaking their elders from their stagnant world views, farmers and hunter exchanging advice on the best way to prepare meals, and so much more. It's nearly enough to bring tears to an old man's eyes.
>Minor Action, Trade [Kholimoth Domestication] with Asmodel for [Pottery]: The neighboring goddess certainly is a fresh sight, after all the time Akros has spent amongst his students, the presence of another deity to hash out deals with somewhat reinvigorating him. He is silent, as always, but with much patience and writing on his scroll, he manages to establish a decent trade, sending groups of Kholimoth farmers out to teach Asmodel's people, while he houses several Gorgons for the sake of teaching the Akreties the art of pottery without having to involve himself, wanting to invest as much time as possible on other projects. That said, the news he gets from his interactions only heighten his anxiety toward the future. It seems the Akreties will have to prepare for an incoming disaster.

>Minor Action, Movement: Finishing his business with Asmodel for the time being, the God of Travel wastes no time in moving to the other side of his territory, preparing to make deals with some of his southern neighbors, though very pointedly staying away from the ongoing war in the west. That strangely hot presence in the east ought to make for a good start...
>After Trade, Akros moves to [25, 17].
>develop Buff city

At a distance buff city looked more like a large rectangular box with slits in between at intervals.
Once approached fully however one fully realizes the sprawling network of buildings and the different happenings that went on there.
It was a place where the buff nuggets truly felt they could aspire to reach new heights in literature and fitness.

>develop sanitation

With the city built keeping its streets, gyms, libraries, and other recreational facilities was a must to improve the livelihood of all inhabitants.

>gift to the vree processed

The vree were smart and always caught on quick to the buff nuggets when taught. They truly felt that the mix of cuteness and intelligence was a perfect neighbor for the buff nuggets amd always kept their civilization up to date with any breakthrough.
File: images.jpg (8 KB, 266x189)
8 KB
I was gonna wait for the blooded units to give me their techs. Apparently they're gonna wait for the update to do their trades.

><DEVELOP [MA] [DI]> [Animal Riding]
With help from their Bleeding Father and their new magic-wielding sister, the dukhali develop a new technique for breaking a beast's will to fight. Climbing onto the back of a biseaxe prompts it to buck and flail wildly in an attempt to remove their unwanted passenger; if their rider can remain seated atop their mount until it tires itself out, the beast typically seems to accept that having a rider on its back is permissible. Once convinced to let someone perch upon it, the beast can be reliably guided from atop the back.

><DEVELOP> [Syrconite Metalworking], [Cooking]
Many of the biseaxe did not survive the attack on the town. Many of them were killed in defense. Many of them were killed by other biseaxe. Many of them were driven to overexertion. Their bodies would not be left to waste; the meat from their bones was stripped, and used to make a meal to honor the dead among the dukhali and their favored herds.
And indeed, the dead to be counted did not end among the beasts of burden. The dukhali had lost friends, relatives, and other loved ones to the raging biseaxe, and to the damnable gorgons. A large factor in these losses was determined to be the quality of their weapons and armaments. Upgrades were desparately needed, to be held in hand, to be worn upon backs, to be mounted on walls, to be hung in door frames. The dukhali would not be taken by surprise again.
File: pollen.jpg (116 KB, 1280x720)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 5, 10 = 19 (3d10)

>God Unit [Move][9,1]
>God Unit [MA][DI] Develop
Closing his eyes Ofu spreads his stubby little arms taking in all of it's surroundings, the feeling and excitement of his actions disturbing part of the world gives the little god the attention he so ever desires. Laughter escaping him as he begins randomly walking in all directions yet still heading back home, Ofu begins to speak to himself.
"With my final present before I leave, a gift of attachment for my ever love I have for you all since a treat to play with, a treat to mess with you were all to me. My appreciation to the fun will be shown through this wonderful display of beauty!"

Within queue all the biome within his territory begin to shake to release an alarming mass of harmless pollen up in the air, a beauty to behold. With the combination of the cold icy winds from the north and the falling snow, all three variables created a pastel light green colored sky as if it's strokes from a thick painting brush. As the spectacle spreads wider yet less potent as it moves south, still creating a unique view in the skies.

"A show of forever being part of the land, a mark that none can remove.
One that will grow through time as if fate created.
Never removing the name of Ofu, the excited!

Never removed, never forgotten
May Ofu be born again in another life, in another time, as a different kind!
As I am the god of resilience and growth, let me show you my will through and through again."

>>[MA] Develop Culture Vocal Music
Ofu tired of only hearing the noises of working minions whenever he is home has decided to task his purecaps in making the town more lively, so they copy the same harmonious hum the Aema Fae produced from their mouths. With only needing to use their mouths to consume since all the minions were telepathically connected, now begin to produce a non linguistic harmonious melody only using noise and sounds a group is gathered. The purecap having the best sounds are the lead singers while the muttcaps being the backup singers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGhlhjlA1D0

>Unit Action:[Natales the Great] [Move][5,0]

>MUD reinforcement 104 to Aema Fae
>Unit Action [Aema Fae][Minion Ability] [9,2/10,2]
With their poisonous ability one hundred Aema Fae split between into the fungi forest to become one with the land. As they begin to slip into unconsciousness their bodies melt into the land eventually emitting a strong poisonous gas around the land which seems to no effect the land itself.

>Unit Action [Pincap Crazes] [Attack]
The Pincap Crazes simultaneously react to their biggest threat, the armored humans.
Oh shit, before I forget. Also, Green-Shell hauls ass in the direction of Last Stand.
File: 25.jpg (129 KB, 819x1200)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Rolled 4, 6 = 10 (2d10)


>MI-DI - The First move to 16.22 and try to dropkick Grindall away from Kaiju

>MI-Hekezqe 4 mana. Try and help the First by hurting Grindall feet

>Mi-Chimera. Grab Hekezqe after she cast her spell and go back to Myxoma

>MA [Develop] - Oltanite weapons (Primitive weapons/Primitive ranged weapons + Oltanite metalworking + Spiders)

>MI [Change unit] - Chimera equipped with oltanite weapons both melee and ranged and animal ridding. Pop upped to 500.

>MA [Develop] - Religion

The First was getting ready to attack the deep refuge of the crabs when he felt something. A divine being trespassing upon their lands up to the north. That moment of inattention seemed to be the one thing the crabs were waiting for they used it to flee far to the east, the very presence of the crab god fading away from the coast with the departing crustacean.
Watching the crab god running away with regret, the first felt forced to deal with the new arrival. No matter ally, enemy or neutral, they could not be left waiting. Traversing the sea once more the spectacle that awaited was one of death. the valiant Cass-ise was resisting against the mole-god but it could not hold against such a foe, he was already wounded maybe even fatally. Seeing that the First could only do one thing. accelerate to jump and kick the intruder. Seeing their leader run to them and guessing he's intent, Hekezqe quickly cast a spell on the Mole, targeting it's leg in order to damage it, hoping to weaken it enough for the unknown god to fall upon receiving the hit.

"Did you think we would let ourselves be slaughtered ??!" The First roared, and then turning toward his sorceress quietly added : "Hekezqe go back to the town and get everyone ready to defend. Now."
Hearing that the witch helped by the Chimera ran quickly to Myxoma where the gardeners present quickly started to forge better weapons out of the oltanite alloy, their range arsenal also grew with oltanite arrowhead and spider-silk bowstring.
Meanwhile in Adena, in relative peace from the crab war, gardeners were talking non stop, their most recent subject of debate, and one that was on every tongues for a long time, was the Bloom. Time and time again it saved them in time of need working miracle with their flesh, gifting great insight to their leader, or even power to some of them like sorceress Hekezqe. A need was born to organize the faith they had in the Bloom and transmit it to the children of their ever growing community. From this need a class of priest was born, they recognized the First as the prophet of the Bloom and Hekezqe for her great work as Saint Hekezqe of the Storms.
>Further cooperation between dage-tribes on the border realms between the bleeding moths lands and the lands of limitless sun lead to a population of Sirvee migrating and being introduced to the Dukhali
><TRADE> Novakhet: [Stained Glass Mushrooms]
The Dukhali thank the Dagakhet for their generous gift, and graciously send an envoy to distribute a delivery of packaged spores of Stained Glass Mushrooms, and are instructed to freely teach methods for how to cultivate and care for this nutritious resource.
File: world16.png (2.85 MB, 2220x2178)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB PNG
Much higher resolution map edition.

The hurricane continues to billow, bringing more destruction even as it loses speed.

>>4480946 Americus
The Extermination Expedition Force rushes in like a horde over the tiny mushroom deity with their calvary and swords, slicing against Ofu's flesh with... No effect. Their syrconite blades are no match for his resistant skin, and what paper thin cuts would make their way through are immediately healed over.
Similarly, Americus' direct assault on the tiny shroom sees no effect, as the resilient God remains unaffected.
The Americus' Wardens encroach upon the Archivists and Yamaca as they engage in battle, flanking The Pincap Crazes as they drive their blades in from behind. (-338 minions, unit destroyed.)
Ticonderoga established.
Human Expeditionary Force established and one unit produced. These stats and tech and pretty much identical to the wardens, btw, could've just produced another unit of that.
Out of this new Expeditionary Force, one of these humans appears to be gifted with abilities related to the mind and soul, swarmed with the thoughs and emotions of those around them. A Spirit Wizard!
Government shared with Novakhet
A shipment of Tugai is received from Novakhet and Earis, although temporary, Tugai is boosted to adequate.

>>4480986 Earis
Claimed 1 hex.
Engineering developed.
Attacks canceled due to unit already being destroyed.
Tugai population shared with Americus.

>>4481314 Grindall
Syrconite Metalworking developed.
Ballistae developed.
As Grindall swims through the earth with the enormous fleshy beast on his sights, he leaps from the ground, cratering into the earth with a stomp that ruptures the land before him. As the terrain sunders, the kaiju is entirely unsuspecting, as its fleshy mass sinks into the pit. With the clasp of Grindall's claws, the walls close in, as the beast is ground into liquid flesh, gore and bone spitting from the crevice. (-1000 minions, unit destroyed)
Bone and Shell (NULL) gained from unit kill. Symbiosis is a prerequisite.
Syrconite Metalworking shared with UNNIIC.
Furnlatha has gifted you Joldonite Armor.

>>4483333 Regala
Syrconite Metalworking developed.
Welkomplaats upgraded to a city.
Carpentry shared with Furnlatha.
Thomass has gifted you Engineering.

>>4484746 Novakhet
Claimed 4 hex.
Americus has gifted you Government.
Unnamed city established at (12,11)
Tugai shipped to Americus.
Qazlal has gifted you Vekna Currency.
>>4484874 Furnlatha
Regala has gifted you Carpentry.
Claimed 1 hex.
Joldonite Armor shared with Grindall.
Firstflame upgraded to a city.
Pulled from the bright flames of the fire goddesses' forge, a beautiful set of decorated Jold Armor, enchanted with the divine power of Furnlatha and what remained of Tortoiseterra. Tortoiseterra Ashes consumed. Help provided from UNNIIC with additional Jold.
Divine Forged Armor developed.
UNNIIC has gifted you Cartography.

>>4484962 UNNIIC
Grindall has gifted you Syrconite Metalworking.
Life support and housing systems of UNNIIC upgraded to City tier.
Valbat Broodhive developed, significantly increasing the population of Valbats and Valjets over time.
The massive and futuristic presence of UNNIIC is unlike anything the Swamplanders have seen before. They are reluctant, with great dedication and loyalty to their gods, but in that same dedication is implanted the fear for their gods retribution. It is this fear that convinces most to stay, and many to join UNNIIC. (200 minions converted)
With the introduction of the Swamplanders to the ship, many minions express great displeasure. An inability of emotional control, including occasional outbreaks, becomes prevalent amongst the passengers. (-2 culture temp)
Cartography shared with Furnlatha.

>>4485035 Asmodel
Sanitation developed.
Astronomy developed.
Whatever curse or divine concotion has been placed upon Julia and the Apophis scouts summoned by Qazlal is something strange and sinister, bearing divine power comparable to yourself. The Julia you speak to and will to obey your command is not the Julia that stood there before: Something else inhabits her body and mind.
Pottery shared with Akros.
Akros has gifted you Kholimoth Domestication.
The hurricane blows over Butantan, killing 500 gorgons.

>>4485332 Qazlal
Vekna Currency shared with Novakhet.
"As you command."
The simultaneous voice of the gorgons directly communicates their now unified mind as one being, as immediately the once-body of Julia commands the beasts to calm, and 20 Gorgons at random come to the Dukhali to aid in vehicle construction, as the rest begin fortifying the Sanguine Keep with a grand wall.
The Bloodletting has gifted you Wheeled Vehicles, Oltanite Weapons, and Cartography.
A number of these bloodlet gorgons appear to have a condition that morphs their form to one more crude and fleshy, as soon after a small number of Dukhali they work with begin to sprout harmless tumors and vessels across their chitinous bodies. Symbiosis tech gained, for use on Gifted minions.
Animal Riding developed.
Syrconite Metalworking developed.
Cooking developed.
Stained Glass Mushrooms shared with Novakhet.

>>4485042 The Bloodletting
Wheeled Vehicles, Syrconite Weapons, and Cartography shared with Qazlal.
>>4485123 Tantalus
7 hex abandoned.
Last Stand established.
Weaving developed, which shall include the creation of nets.

>>4485170 Akros
Asmodel has gifted you Pottery.
Metallurgy developed.
Elder Councils (Government) developed.
Kholimoth Domestication shared with Asmodel.

>>4485275 Thomass
Alongside the Iron Jungle, the settlements of the buff nuggets is upgraded to a city, named Buff City.
Sanitation develoepd.
Engineering shared with Regala.

>>4485500 Ofu
Pollen erupts from the mushroom jungles and tundras of Ofu's territory, as his spell is cast.
Vocal Music developed.
Aema Fae population increased from MUD deployment.
A selection of the Aema Fae meld with the terrain, implementing their poison as a mist through the surrounding terrain.
The Pincap Crazes cannot attack, as their unit was destroyed this epoch.

>>4485968 The Bloom
The mole god absorbs the unexpected blow with great resistance, taking the oncoming force and tossing it to the side, as The First's body meets the rubble of Tantalus' abandoned fortress.
Hekezqe is quick to assist, focusing on the legs of Grindall as she attempts to magically degrade his flesh. Blood trickles down her forehead, as the divine power of Grindall resists the spell.
My bad, you should automatically have your tech upgraded from primitive to Oltanite. You may retake this MA the following epoch.
Chimeras updated.
Religion developed.
The hurricane blows over Adena, killing 400 gardeners.
File: mothman-hero.jpg (61 KB, 1200x680)
61 KB
"Witch! You send your forces to attack the innocent in response to a simple crime of passion? And now you come to my home to steal from me? At least I had the decency to announce myself and make my presence known!"
MA+ DI: Stellar Evolution Rank 2/10 (Protostar)

>The delays have been tragic and unfortunate, but it is time for them to cease.
>Drawing upon the unquestionable powers of his godly might, Novakhet lifts himself off of the mortal coil, becoming as energy to fully translate his essence into the realm of the star, or what would one day be a star

>As of yet it remained merely a vortex of dust, each dust mote a soul, but no longer would this be

>With a mighty heavy of effort he sheds his skeleton and becomes unbound light from which a infinitude of godly arms extend, forcing the countless souls of the myriad dust clouds closer and closer together into a single mass

>Now properly formed the foundations are laid, and new souls will be passively attracted to this one point in space rather than scattered, unless a particularly fierce wind takes them

>As the mass grows, the dwarf of the content dead swelling and swelling further with each new soul that perishes, a dim glow begins in the centre of the soon to be mortal star, the very first signs that the souls of the dead are fusing to create something beyond a mortal soul in power.

>And so it glows, wild light shining out from the core, and in the sky in the heartlands above the dagekhets empire, cradled by the five great constellations lies dimly and gently glowing, a child that will one day be a new star.

>Content for now with the progress Novakhet returned to the world of the material, binding himself once more to his bones and resummoning his robes just as they were when he first found himself born, heading out and up to help his allies

UI: Move Novakhet to 13, 7

MA+ 5 Mana life wizard develop + Chartam Bandaging + Quintessence

>Around the obelisk of black pillar acolytes of Anathemus gathered, the secrets of Quintessence their longing
>Around the obelisk they work, constructing a great vat of crystalline glass formed from sand from the sacred Ka Dunes, Oltar struts anchoring and acting as pipes to connect the obelisk to the great structure

>Thaum Crystal, True Dagekhet blood, medicinal mushrooms, pure water, herbs and various other ingredients, all mixed and stirred by the arcane device together to create Aduat.

>The final step in the creation of this more specialised version of Quintessence is the lens, a great lens crafted out of glass suspended above the vat to shine the energy of the sun, the giver of all life through.

>The fires of daylight ignite the liquid, and the arcane processes of the strangest of contraptions dissolve the crystals and finalise the mixture

>What results is not true quintessence, but something more suited to general use, and far easier to produce

>Once infused into bandages, embalmed onto bones or simply consumed by those capable of drinking, the healing magic of the mixture cures almost any sort of ailment that one may find they are struck by, from a cold to a deathly wasting disease to an injury from combat
Forgot to name the wizard develop, the replacement (And improvement) on medicine is called Aduat.

>Aduat is able to be produced in large enough quantities that all Dagekhet may benefit from its miraculous properties, spreading to Black Pillar and the newly named city of Deep Water, or Abzu in the script of the Dagekhet, Duatan.

UI: Move Engineers and wizard to 13, 5
"Yes I'm aware of what happened, but what do you mean by steal and what happened to my wizard ? her essence is all messed up."
"Your general and her followers came to my home and took innocent lives! She has been sentenced to aid the dukhali of the Sanguine Keep for her crimes, and what I have done to her is a guarantee that her services to my community will be given without further incident. I will extend the benefit of doubt to you and assume that these who came to attack my town did so without your permission, and in this assumption I will not extend to you the hefty debt that they now owe to me and my people."
File: CreepySusie Crows.png (209 KB, 800x1041)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
"I see, but what exactly is this ? It feels like a diferent deity has influenced them."
"You should know that I do not answer such questions freely. The price I charge to you is aid in ridding my people of this scourge that your uncontrolled forces have brought upon them."
"Scourge ? you must mean the "gifted" ones. You see that was caused by another deity who visited my lands epochs ago, we talked a little and then he left, but then I noticed some of my gorgons started to develop symptoms of a strange disease and they also developed flesh appendages like that god. I only have means of halting the spread, but to clean your minions completely you'll need to talk to the god who lives south of me."
>[Unit Action]: Move Pyre Priests at [29,16] to [28,16]
>[Interact: Unit Change] = Add: Cartography, Wheeled Vehicles, Joldenite Tools, +100 unit size.
In Farfjord, the Pyre Priests get a small chance to take a break from their wandering existence and trade news and stories with the Pyrelings of the town. To hear news of developments in the lands, to pick up new tools and armour fresh from the forge, and for new recruits to meet up with them to swell their numbers. And even to pick up couple of carts to carry their heaviest belongings, so that their belongings, supplies and building material might travel more easily with them. Though they suspect they might have plenty of work to do in Farforge and the surrounds before they can set off again.


>[Major Action][DI] - Claim: [27,23] and [28,26]
Furnlatha lays claim to the mountainous terrain adjacent to the forge, and the Pyrelings take relish in the scent of the Roseberry woodlands as they let their flames flicker lightly at the branches.


>[Major Action] – Develop: Joldonite Swords
The Pyrelings of the forge use their craft to start forging strong blades for themselves, designed to be able to punch through threats that have already managed to stand up to a Pyreling's natural flames.


>Communicate: Crabfolk
Pyreling Biseax herders moving onto 27,23 wave a cautious welcome from the mountainside down to the Crabfolk setting up on 26,24, their hands lit with flame that they use to try and emphasize their welcoming gestures. "Oh, hello... I don't believe we've seen your kind before. Do you happen to need an ember to start your campfires?"


>[Minor] Unit Move: Furnlatha to [27,23]
>Communicate: Svirgrindall
With the Vrees departed, Furnlatha heads off to visit Grindall's northern settlement. Twice now she has met the ground-god, and she gives the Svirgrindell a cheery wave as she approaches. “Hello there. I do hope Grindall won't mind my stopping by? I feel presences from the north headed in this direction... do you know where your master has gotten himself to?”
>[Unit Action]: Move Pyre Priests at [29,16] to [28,16]
>[Interact: Unit Change] = Add: Cartography, Wheeled Vehicles, Joldenite Tools, +100 unit size.
In Farfjord, the Pyre Priests get a small chance to take a break from their wandering existence and trade news and stories with the Pyrelings of the town. To hear news of developments in the lands, to pick up new tools and armour fresh from the forge, and for new recruits to meet up with them to swell their numbers. And even to pick up couple of carts to carry their heaviest belongings, so that their belongings, supplies and building material might travel more easily with them. Though they suspect they might have plenty of work to do in Farforge and the surrounds before they can set off again.
>[Major Action][DI] - Claim: [27,23] and [28,26]
Furnlatha lays claim to the mountainous terrain adjacent to the forge, and the Pyrelings take relish in the scent of the Roseberry woodlands as they let their flames flicker lightly at the branches.
>[Major Action] – Develop: Joldonite Swords
The Pyrelings of the forge use their craft to start forging strong blades for themselves, designed to be able to punch through threats that have already managed to stand up to a Pyreling's natural flames.

>Communicate: Crabfolk
Pyreling Biseax herders moving onto 27,23 wave a cautious welcome from the mountainside down to the Crabfolk setting up on 26,24, their hands lit with flame that they use to try and emphasize their welcoming gestures. "Oh, hello... I don't believe we've seen your kind before. Do you happen to need an ember to start your campfires?"
>[Minor] Unit Move: Furnlatha to [23,19]
>Communicate: Svirgrindall
With the Vrees departed, Furnlatha heads off to visit Grindall's northern settlement. Twice now she has met the ground-god, and she gives the Svirgrindell a cheery wave as she approaches. “Hello there. I do hope Grindall won't mind my stopping by? I feel presences from the north headed in this direction... do you know where your master has gotten himself to?”
File: Damning evidence.png (42 KB, 1882x411)
42 KB
Rolled 8, 9, 1 = 18 (3d10)

Taking a breath to steady his nerves, Tantalus enters the hex of 17:22. The manifold eyes of the bloomed creatures fall upon him, mismatched teeth chattering and sinuous muscles flexing, but the crab god does not raise his claws. Rather, he raises his voice.

>Minor Action, Divine Influence: Convert Minions using Affinity

"Gardeners! You know me as thy foe, but how many of you know the origins of this conflict? Ask those among you who were once of my stock: It began when your Beast Masters, acting on orders from The First, ran down and forcefully infected a great number of my people!

And when I made my objections known to this fact, how did The First respond? Did they offer their return? Perhaps offer some form of barter to sooth my rage? Nay! First they tried to infect me by force, then they sent those same beast-masters to Safe-Cove, razing it to the ground and slaughtering all innocent lives within! The First claims it wants peace, but actions speak louder than words! And the actions of The First have been from the very beginning those of a brutal tyrant! A horrid scoundrel and war-monger, who would see all that does not bow before him ground to dust and annihilated!

The First thinks itself quite mighty, and it is true that I have retired and retreated from combat against it. But know this, Gardeners: The First's callousness and bloodlust, has now invoked the wroth of other gods in addition to myself, and they are of a far more martial inclination indeed! War is coming, and in due time The Bloom as you know it shall be scourged from this land! This is not a threat, but a promise!

Yet, I do not come to you preaching damnation. I come offering salvation. As I speak, Safe-Cove is being rebuilt, and it shall be left open to the infected, as a sanctuary for them. What's more, I have confidence that I may in fact be able to rid you of this infection, though perhaps not all at once. Why would you want to be rid of it, some of you may ask? Once again, I ask you to look to those who were once of my kin. The First made no secret of it. You are compelled to spread The Bloom, rewarded with pleasure for doing so, as an addict is rewarded for indulging in their vice. This is the surest, and most insidious sign of The Bloom's true nature. If it was truly as beneficial as it claimed, for what purpose would it be COMPELLING you to spread it?

Believe me or don't, I, unlike The First, leave the choice to you. But I doubt there was a single soul among you who failed to feel the tremors of the titan's destruction. That act, shall be the first of many that the upcoming epochs shall witness. Farewell."

>Major Action: Repair Safe-Cove & designate it as not being under Quarantine
Meanwhile, the crabs work to make good on Tantalus's promise, patching up the ruins of the first settlement as best they can and clearing out before any infected arrive.

(Post split 1/2)
This is supposed to be quoting this, damn it.
>Major Action: Develop Food Preservation
Salt and brine, sun and smoke. The evacuation has taught the crabs a harsh lesson about how hard it can be simply to feed oneself in the midst of turmoil, and they now take to preserving food in times of peace plenty, that none need go hungry when such times inevitably come to an end.

>Minor Action: Gift Food Preservation to Grindall
"Then you shall do exactly as I asked: you shall aid me in the riddance of this disease from these people that it should never have been visited upon. Given your associations, I will err on the side of caution and deliver on my end of our deal only once you have delivered on yours."
"Fair, but this task will be a difficult one since the infection god himself won't be interested in removing it's plague from others and for now there's no means of trully stop this divine plague, much less a cure."
>Develop: Gevang'nis into City
The cheery Welkomplaats grows larger by the day, and so too does the far more sombre Gevang'nis, huddled under the mountains that loom over it.
>Develop+DI: Commemorate the Creation of Falrethuns.
Seeing another god join their ranks, even one as silent as Akros, has put Regala in a jovial mood. She skims along with the winds, lifting Thomass at the apex of his herculean leaps and joining in with his infectious laughter. As they crest a trio of mountain peaks, she dips her gloved hand in the snow, sending a flurry of powder that takes on the form of dazzling Falrethuns, darting down the slopes alongside Thomass, who executes surprisingly graceful leaps as he descends. Thomass crouches, and with a- HOLY SHIT that was a quintuple backward somersault cartwheel!!!- Thomass lands bellyfirst into the snowbank, sliding down the mountain with his customary glee like the world's buffest penguin. At the end, he executes yet more pirouettes, landing perfectly in a ground-shaking gymnast pose.
"TADA!" He beams.
Yes, Regala is happy, truly happy, for the first time in a long while.
>God Unit Move: From 25,17 to 23,19.
As Regala makes her way to intercept the fiery goddess Furnlatha, >>4487160 she espies the peak of a grand mountain ahead, jutting from the midst of a shimmering desert. The winds whisper (though they may lie...) that her compatriots, the friendly Thomass and the reclusive Akros, have made this monolithic mountain their destination, as has the mysterious being that burns even now at it's peak.
>Communicate Furnlatha and the Svirgrindall
Regala and her entourage were a strange sight. Regala has wished to hover at a distance, but the ground-bound Thomass made that impossible, and she lacked the strength to lift his muscular mass. So the two settled at the mountain base, hoping Akros would join them. If Furnlatha would descend to speak with them, Regala would say-
"Greetings to you on this joyous occasion! My name is Regala, Goddess of Winter Festivities, and I have travelled from the distant north with my companions-" She would pause, allowing Thomass and Akros (if they were there) to introduce themselves as they saw fit. "-to meet new friends and engage in festivities! Please, know that we mean no harm, but would enjoy the opportunity to admire your magnificent home and lovely creations as we prepare for the festivities!"
Oh no! It seems Regala thinks Furnlatha created the majestic mountain, and the no-doubt masses of Svirgrindall that watch from afar.
>Vluchs and Geheim Move: From 27,26 to 27,23. Board UNNIIC, if welcome. If not, head West to 25,22.
>Geheim Action: Maintain 5 mana Defense spell in case of attack.
Having dropped off gifts for a pair of gods, Geheim decides to approach UNNIIC to the north, and ask if they can be transported towards the northwestern corners of the world, where the remaining unexplored sections of their map await.

>OP Plz remember to Gift Chom/od and Tantalus.
>>Communicate: Regalia, the Svirgrindall and the rest of the arrivals.

The flaming being gives a chuckle, and a smile as she descends down the mountain, her arms opening wide in welcome. "Oh, Regalia! It is a pleasure to meet you and your companions, and so much sooner then I thought! I am Furnlatha, Goddess of the flame and the forge. Your Vree extended your offer of a visit to me before they set off further south - whilst I thought that we would meet, I did not think that you would come south so quickly."

She gives a small chuckle as she realizes Regalia's error, the sound the gentle crackle of burning branches. "I thank you for such kindness, but this fine mountain and all who dwell here are in service to Grindall, the god of the Ground. I am a visitor here myself; my domains lie to the east of this desert... I had come here to meet with him again, but Grindall has headed out somewhere further to the west, I believe. This fine bunch are the Svirgrindall... whilst they are not followers of mine, we are well acquainted; for Grindall's and my followers have exchanged much goodwill with each other as the eras have passed on by."
"Then the infection will be stifled here to the best of our abilities, and afterward we shall go to see this infection god. If he cannot be convinced to undo damages, then I'm sure he can be convinced to take damages."
"Now, what knowledge have you in hampering this plague?"
Regala is ecstatic to see Furnlatha descending the mountain peacefully, and (betraying perhaps her younger side) leaps into the fiery beings open arms for a quick embrace!
"It is lovely to meet you, Furnlatha! I'm so glad there are so many friendly gods here! You, er, say you've met the Vree? I'm glad they were well-behaved! Please, feel free to stop by any time, I'm sure the rest back home would love to meet you!"

Regala blushes, even the very tips of her pointed ears growing cheryy red, once she realizes her mistake. "O-oh, my, I'm so sorry." She stifles a giggle. "Rather silly of me, no? Expecting a fire divinity to have furred followers, you'd never get rid of the butning hair smell!"

Regala was almost completly red now, only growing more and more embarrassed as she tried to stop herself from laughing at her own mistake, while ALSO explaining why she was giggling in the first place. Her armor clinked gently as she tried to draw a few deep breaths between chuckles.

"Sorry. I'm so sorry." She finally said, metal-coated finger brushing a tear from her eye. "It's just, its been so lovely to travel the world again, meeting new people. It's why I sent the Vree out with the invitation, to learn that wonder. I'd dearly love to see your home one day. Now, since you DON'T claim this land as your own, do you know when-" She paused, smile brightening even more, seeming to relish the name as she spoke it. "-Grindall will return? Are they nice? You seem to be good friends with him, is he visiting more friends to the west? I'd love for us to all meet and spend time together! Thomass-" Here she patted the muscular being with the eternal smile. "-and his Buffnugget people have been a great friend to me and mine, much the same as you and these wonderful Svingrindall!"

Regala seemed unable to contain her joy, spinning in place and floating slightly. "I love this place already! It's going to be perfect!!!"
"My minions have discovered from a northern god ways to use natural ingredients to treat minor harm and infections as well so it helps in reducing the spread. Since your numbers are still small I'd suggest keeping the ones with visible signs of the infection secluded from the others because the gift will make them want to spread it to others"
"Very well, the infected of my people shall be held away from others for the safety of all. I feel I will need more than simple advice to combat this. I must know everything that you know for maintaining health and wellness."
"Alright, I shall give you what I've discovered thus far about improving healthness and cleanliness."
>Communicate Grindall
The First get back up from his fall making it seems like nothing happened, or maybe pretending to?
"How awful! I could not protect the poor cass-ise... You! Divine Mole, are you the same kind of murderous god as the Crab? Are you here to draw us in another never ending war? Hoping nothing more than to wipe us of the earth? Speak!"
"Murderous? Nai. Vengeful? Fer sure. I've had good relations with these crustaceans for epochs now, and I take a trip South ta find their homes ransacked and their women and children slaughtered in tha streets, how exactly do ya expect me to react? Evidence was clear 'nuff that yer big beastie did the deed here, same as that big pack 'o critters further up the coast, and I responded as I saw fit. Was gonna visit the same fate on the spindly one too, 'fore you showed yerself."
The only one we killed are the ones who would stop at nothing to kill us! A big population of crab live with us! They have been for generations and the ones who could not find refuge with the crab also joined our town with the blessing of our people.
"...Cannae say I'm inclined to believe ye. Can sense the rot you spread through the earth. Powerful it be, aye, but creeping 'n insidious in equal parts. Didnae see any soldiers're warriors at the settlement I passed through, only the remains 'o scared civilians, women and children that've not seen a fight in their lives. Still...I'll nae kill kin over mere suspicion. I'll extend an offer to ye, creature. Meet with me formally, in my city. It's the lone peak standing in my deserts, cannae miss it. I'll send out a summon ta the Crab God ta meet us there, and we can see about smoothin' this whole affair out. HOWEVER..."

Grindall strides forward at that, growing bigger with every step until he looms over the First's form, and jams a massive claw into the space mere inches from the plague avatar's mask.

"If'n I catch even a whiff 'o yer blight in my territories, I'll make sure ye feel the crushin' embrace 'o the earth, same as yer ugly pet. That agreeable enough for ye?"
The fire goddess receives the embrace warmly, returning the surprising affectionate gesture as armour meets with a clink. She gives a light chuckle as Regalia seems to grow warmer herself, and calms her own fires a little to try not to overheat the festive winter goddess. "Oh no, don't worry, it was quite the understandable error! Perhaps I'd have thought similar if I'd found you here, but had not met Grindall myself yet."

She gives a small smile, and looks up to the other visitors who are here for a moment to greet them as well (or not; Thomass/Akros) "Have you all been traveling together for long?" she asks, introducing herself to these as well before her attentions turn to Regalia.

"In truth, I do not know exactly what Grindall is doing in the west, though... I would have a guess..." she starts to answer. "The last time that we spoke, Grindall and UNNIIC and I had just worked on making improvements to some quite spectacular flying creatures first found by Grindall. Grindall mentioned a crustacean people that he had found to the south of his domains, but on his second visit to their settlement... he found them being slaughtered by diseased monsters." she gives a grimace. "So I suspect that he has gone in search of answer to the question of what force sent monsters to raze the crustacean village." she gives an apologetic sigh, disappointed to be the bearer of unpleasant news to the festive visitor.
Regala perks up, turning to the East where the faint presence of UNNIIC, a distant mote that rings with metal and electricity, moves beyond their collective senses.
"You have met that god then? The one in the flying steel chariot? Truly, the oddest god I have ever met. I thought, at first, that a being piloted that craft, but I was led to believe that this, um, UNNIIC you say? Well, that they ARE the craft! How delightful!"

Regala shakes her head, smiling softly. "No, I've never met a god like that before. All muscles and stars and prophecies, that's what I knew, until now. It's so lovely to meet Gods and Goddesses that are so... invested, and creative, with their divine power. It is so good to see acts of peace."

Regala seems overcome with emotion briefly, turning away to Thomass and waving away his worried look. "Thank you, dear Thomass, I'm fine, just happy."

Unfortunatly, Regala's happiness is not to last, and the mention of monsters has Regala gripping her sword hilt, ready to draw it from its scabbard as her face goes deathly pale.

"Were these monsters long-limbed whisperers?? Did they slink in the shadows?!?" Regala demands in a shaking voice. Then, clearly, a thought strikes her like a grievous blow, and she releases her shaking grip on her sword and grasps Furnlatha instead, nearly falling as her legs give out.
"The Vree... please, you saw them? Please, oh p-please where? Where are they? T-the Vrees, I need to- I can't- no please no no no"
"Very well, fine, i will prove myself to you then, guide us to your city and maybe on the way there you can enlighten me on a few things that do remain mysterious if i do say so. The first of which is of course your name, Mole, i do not believe you have given it to me, by the way, if i did not already tell you you can call me the First. It so happen i am named thus because of my function, being the first of the Bloom, our benevolent god, servant.
Then if you agree upon it we will converse of my Gift that you and the Crab god seems to perceive as a "Blight" if i take the words out of your mouth. Don't get me wrong i always welcome curiosity with an open heart, it is after all the mark of an healthy spirit, Like the one of Hekezqe, you saw her briefly before i told her to return to Myxoma, a wonderful town, the heart of our nation, but if i knew you would have been so affable i would have told her to stay with us! Anyway let's go back to the main topic of the Gift, you have to explain to me how you feel it as best as you can, being born with a divine spark are so rare and they perception seems to vary wildly. Asmodel, a dark one that live in the north, seemed to perceive nothing strange about it and..."

The First has seemingly started an endless torrent of words. The road will be long.
File: counting with bugs.png (942 KB, 1142x856)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
The Council of the First Home begins it's first era of 'ruling' over the Akreties without Akros' intervention, having (begrudgingly) allowed him to venture out towards neighboring gods. It's tough work, but compared to the period of anarchy when he had cut contact, it's a marked improvement. That said, there's a lot to be done, especially considering the incoming threats of plague and overpopulation. No time to waste, after all.

>Major Action, Development, Divine Influence [Companionship] [Animal Riding]: Though the Akreties might have tamed the tugai, the great beasts are mostly used for protecting settlements and hunters alongside packs of leotails or occasionally having resources strapped to them in leather satchels for transport, wasting the great improvement to speed that they could provide if they were ridden. Overall, such a thing would massively improve delivery of goods, messages, and passengers, greatly increasing the convenience of day-to-day life. Thus, the breeders of the tugai are sent forth on a mission to figure out a way to actually get Akreties on the beasts for periods of time longer than 5 seconds, and without any broken shells on their descent.

>It's a slow and arduous process, with as many injuries as usually expected, yet surprisingly few homes wrecked. Safety standards have been increasing, lately, though that doesn't really say much considering the fact there weren't any at all some time ago. Irregardless, the trainers not only eventually succeed, but they hit figurative gold. One of the younger ones that had gotten attached to a tugai hatchling at birth found that over the course of her efforts, it became easier and easier to synchronize with her chosen beast, until eventually, they almost acted as one being, their minds communicating effortlessly without even having to be near each other. As soon as this feat was discovered, and replicated, the introduction of young Akreties to tugai and leotails became extremely common, something that would surely pay dividends in the future.

>Major Action, Development [Mathematics]: Pushing forth with the initiative to improve the general convenience of the insect-men, the development of more advanced mathematics is necessary if the two Homes are going to continue growing at such a pace. Sure, the very basics of counting a number of things, adding or subtracting them from each other, etc. etc. etc. have already been figured out, but they're truly rudimentary, and thus necessitate the use of many more writing tablets and space in warehouses than they really should. The most intelligent Akreties, over the course of great periods of time spent almost exclusively in their homes, focusing on solitary thought, develop this science greatly. At this rate, the two settlements should be able to grow quite nicely.
>Minor Action, Movement: The meeting with Regala and Thomass was as unexpected as it was brief, but Akros was highly intrigued by the two Gods, ultimately wasting no time in accompanying them to their destination, especially seeing as they seemed to know the Goddess of Flames that he originally wanted to talk to. Though they journey was somewhat long and out of the way, leading to one of Grindall's mountains, it was no problem for a God of Travel such as him, who always seemed to be one step ahead of his companions, as if he somehow knew of a thousand different shortcuts that he refused to share.
>Akros moves to [23, 19].

>Minor Action, Communication [Regala, Furnlatha, Thomass]: Initially, Akros had chosen to stay in the background, silently. He was naturally curious, but he was also cautious, and he wished to observe the two Goddesses in conversation first, seeking any information they could offer. The topics they conversed over were most certainly interesting to him. A giant mechanical God, something he'd heard of from his Minions, something that apparently passed over the land and took many of the Akreties that had gotten tired of his absence. The God of Stories had even personally attempted to meet with the god of the crustaceans in the south, so the news of their war was highly concerning, especially considering the nature of these attackers, since a disease was already passing through the lands of his neighbours.

>Setting this information aside, though, Akros briefly basked in the feeling of being surrounded by so many foreign Gods, a feeling he always used to relish. Being in the presence of a divinity was refreshing, but the sheer power pulsing off of three of them in the same space was something he'd never experienced before, despite all his travels. Regala's comforting chill countered Furnlatha's sheer heat, and Thomass' pure might hovered over all of them like a fortress. Truly magnificent.

>However, seeing Regala lose her composure at the mention of these diseased monsters prompts the God in Robes to shake his head free of all errant thought and approach her. Extending a hand covered by his cloak, he grips her shoulder tightly, his own aura manifesting almost physically at such a close range. It was...comforting, a warmth that evoked feelings of safety and wonder. Like a grandfather resting by the fireplace and telling you a story from his youth.

>Akros was familiar with the sheer panic exhibited by the Goddess of Winter, that of a veteran soldier scared for the safety of those she'd been charged to protect, facing long gone monsters of the past. He'd know best of all, it's a feeling he'd personally experienced many times, even if he'd long since set it behind him. He gives Regala a silent nod, and turns to Furnlatha, cocking his head to the side, as if to ask the same question as the worried Goddess, even if his blank mask couldn't express any such emotion.
Letting out an annoyed sigh, Grindall set out for home, the still-chattering plague avatar in tow. This was going to be a looooong journey.

>Move God Unit to 21, 19

The Svirgrindall, in the meantime, have been sent into a panic by the appearance of three gods on their doorstep. They seemed friendly enough, but the situation called for some manner of representation, and with their god on the lam they would need to figure something out for themselves. So, the Svirgrindall debated what would be best in a leader. Some suggested strength, others fortitude, but the prevailing opinion, surprisingly, seemed to be that of wisdom. Where better to find wisdom, one Svirgrindall suggested, then among the grey-furs, those who had seen hundreds of seasons come and go? So, the Svirgrindall decided on, in the absence of their god at least, a council of elders to lead and advise them in their daily lives.

>[MA] Develop Government

With representatives selected, there was yet another matter that could be attended to. The uplifting of their new capital. Overpopulation has loomed for some time, and with so many visitors on their doorstep, now seemed a fitting time to make sure that all recognized the architectural prowess of the Svirgrindall! So picks and chisels were put to stone, and the town expanded upon further, until a fully fledged city sprawled across the mountainside, great, stalagmite-like towers of stone stretching into the sky only the top of the iceberg that was the massive underground tunnel systems and cavern that lay beneath. Yet, with a Divine hand, yet more could be done. Grindall, sensing his people’s work and his new visitors from his now much closer proximity, called upon the earth, shaping it with divine will to become ever sturdier, towers growing thicker and tougher, caverns stretching ever deeper, and the city as a whole ever more capable of enduring the concentration of divine power it would soon be exposed to. And at the zenith of the mountain’s peak, above even the clouds, Grindall fashioned a great table of Jold, with seats enough for every god that might come to his abode.

>[MA DI] Upgrade Deepholm from Town to City

One Svirgrindall, however, is spared the labour of expanding on their capital, sent South with a very different task. Arriving on the coastline inhabited by the crustacean people of Tantalus, this Svirgrindall bears both knowledge of how to raise and nurture crops, and an invitation to meet with his one-time aggressor, the Bloom, and Grindall himself at his capital, in the hopes of resolving any misunderstandings.

>[Minor Action] Trade Tantalus Agriculture/Invite him to Deepholm
Not long after Tantalus finishes his speech, the message from Grindall reaches him. As loathe as he is to even be in the same general vicinity as The First, he's not about to turn down an invitation from the only god to do him right thus far.

Also, Green-Shell continues his mad dash in a generally eastward direction.
><DEVELOP [MA]> Settlement: [9,14]
By decree of the Bleeding Father, the medical settlement of Saint's Retreat shall be made at the foot of the mountains, and all infected dukhali shall be housed here.

><DEVELOP [MA] [DI]> Moonlight Agaric
As Qazlal sits against the trunk of a dead tree and reviews the medical knowledge that he has been gifted, the power of his thoughts and ideas permeate the ground about him and form themselves into something altogether new: a thousand tiny mushrooms that all illuminate internally with a cold, white light, simulating the light of the moon and attracting a great many small bugs to them at night, which crawl up beneath the cap and become trapped by sticky fluids that digest them. When these mushrooms are made into a salve and applied to the skin, they seem to inhibit the growth of existing tumors, and when eaten raw for an extended period of time they seem to inhibit the appearance of new tumors.
>[Minor Action] Trade Tantalus Irrigation
The Pyrelings near the borders of last Stand come to the Crabfolk to share their knowledge of irrigation with the crustacean, hoping that this information might help improve their situation.

>Communicate: (Regalia, Akros, Thomass, Svirgrindall)
"He never really specified what they were... nasty, infected beasties he called them." Furnlatha moves to catch Regalia as best she can, trying to reorient herself in a way that the festive goddess will not end up singed by her fires. "Your Vrees went directly south... or that was the way they were headed when my Pyrelings and I saw them setting off." she tries to comfort Regalia, and reaching for Akros as well in the hope that both of them together might offer the giftmother even greater support to steady herself. "So if these monsters still lurk to the west... they are headed well away from them."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop]: Servitude to the Passengers (Religious Systems Equivalent) - Minions of this species are revered and cared for by the Ship and its Servitors, with the ultimate goal of freeing them from the burdens of responsibility and needs, allowing a life of eternal bliss and self-improvement. Using Cultural Rituals, Literature, Partials of the Core, Will of the City.
>Major: [Develop] [Wiz 5 mana]: Astral Buoy Network - The Astronomicon Bridge has a construction built around him to begin the sounding of the planes and realities outside of this one. The buoys themselves will be deployed through warpholes created by the Astronomicon Bridge, and thrown into the aether to collect and relay data. If possible, drop one buoy here before we depart. Using Astral Wizard, Engineering. The main component of the Buoy's structure will be oltar for magic-channeling with sycronite and Oltanite used as main structural components.

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Head west, down to [26,24], then continue on to [22,23]
>If the Vree and their wizard wish to board for transport, they will be allowed. They will of course be offered the customary offer of Permanent Passengership. >>4487613

>Minor: Trade Tech - Medicine to Tantulus (Primitive medicine + the magical coral should provide enough prerequisites to make up for lacking philosophy I feel)
>Minor/Unit Action [DI] - In exchange for providing modern medical knowledge to the forlorn crabs of Last Stand, the Ship offers to take a small population aboard for species preservation and a life far removed from their current struggle. Limit the total number taken to not completely deprive this "Tantalus" of all his clean minions, Maybe a 1/5 or 1/6th. >>4487285
>Minor - While the ship and servitors would attempt to convince some of the pyrelings to come aboard, the northern coasts of Furnlatha's land were a different manner. While the pyrelings were not great friends with water or ocean travel, many turtlefolk over the ages had made the journey from their coasts to the lands of fire, and a not insignificant number had decided to immigrate and establish new homes over the epochs (2000 turtlefolk to Furnlatha) >>4487160
File: WE HAVE CONTROL.gif (1.32 MB, 480x226)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB GIF
>Imagine having a typo in your first line. "Passengers of this god are revered and cared for by the Ship and its Servitors" would be more accurate.

With the establishment of the Ship as the true authority of the city, it was time to focus its efforts towards the betterment of its Passengers. The Ship would handle authority and governmental concerns, while the servitors would handle menial jobs and many other tasks set forth by both the Ship and Passengers alike. Their unceasing nature, powered by the core of the ship itself, would enable constant productivity to offset the population of organics.
It was not a system of minions worshiping the god like most, but rather, the machines revering the Passengers instead.

Meanwhile, with urging from the ship, the Astronomicon Bridge begins laying the groundwork for their magnum opus. A grand complex beneath it is constructed, burrowing deep into the internals of the ship. From there, a chamber is constructed. A manufactorum designed for the constructing additional buoys, with a central vessel surrounded on all sides by pipes, cables, and relays. The vessel itself would be the means for the Astronomicon Bridge to more easily create a rupture in space to send the buoy through. The chamber, as well as oltar sensory equipment newly installed on the towers of the UNNIIC, would be where incoming data would be sent to the wizard from the existing buoys should they be intact and within range of the network.
>Trade Akros Oltanite Tools
>Communicate Furnlatha, Akros, Thomass.
The deluge of panic and fear seemed almost smothered suddenly, as Akros and Furnlatha combine their divine presences to project a familiar feeling over Regala. She looks up, surprised, a few errants tears sliding down her cheecks, at Akros. How had she not noticed already? He and she shared incredibly similiar divine facets, that of Companionship and Festivities. Warmed by Furnlatha, both literally and emotionally, the two made a powerful combination of comfort, and for a moment, Regala was lost. Instead, all she saw was the familiar scene of the tellings of holiday tales, of elders reading from love-worn books to starry-eyed children. Regala, in her role as Goddess of Joy, had disguised herself as both roles countless times. There was no scenerio that called to her more than this.

Then, of course, she was back. Her Vree, Furnlatha assured her, were far to the south. These supposed 'monsters' weren't what she had feared after all.

"Thank you, both of you. I'm happy to hear they are safe and away from the danger. It's, well, a great relief... thank you."
She had composed herself by now, and went on to explain that she would begin the preperations for the celebrations regardless. She discussed location, and ventured that the foot of the city/mountain would be a prime location, though Grindall, the unwitting host, had not yet had the opportunity to speak, of course, so his choice mattered most. Regala was too pre-occupied to notice the improvements made to the grand mountain, sadly.

Regala would, later, take Akros aside, thanking him for his help again, and briefly sharing her admiration for his Domains. He, in return, would express a wish for knowledge she possessed, which she happily shared with him.

Then, she stood at the peak of a desert dune at the base of Grindall's capital, and closed her eyes, ready to begin working her divine will.

UNNIIC would see the small group of mounted Vred approach openly and carefully, clearly intimidated by the massive fortress. Once negotions were made, travel westward was secured and the Vrees were invited aboard.
Unfortunately, the psionic swampfolk were throwing a tantrum, and every Vree yowled as soon as they stepped inside, ears pinned down, fangs bared, and tails fluffed to the extreme. So much discomfort!
File: Gorgon Priestess.png (728 KB, 871x917)
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728 KB PNG
>[MA] Develop Asmodean Church of the Moons (cultural rituals + Temple of the moons)
With the increased powers of the shamans due to the temple of the moons, the elders realised they'd need to create a new system to keep the order among the religious caste and avoid abusing their authority. The head of the church is the Madre, a female high bishop elected among the other high bishops. she has the final word on the decisions taken by the high clergy. The high bishops are composed of the most powerful elders and they vote in major decisions regarding the faith. The bishops are elders who maintain a local control of the church in each settlement; they are responsible for special rituals and in blessing the low clergy and nobility. At the end of hierarchy there's the priests and priestesses who perform most of the rituals with the common folk.

>[MA] Build the Containment City of Praga in 20,8
The effort of the clergy slowed the infection greatly, but their numbers are still high. The leaders decided that a containment was to be made and the infected gorgons and tugai are to be sent to Praga which can house the the bulk of the bloomed ones and they'll be restricted to the city limits,leaving the rest of the settlements with plenty of space for the healthy population to grow.

-move Asmodel to 13,16

-Move the Hydra to 14,16

-trade Medicine with Qazlal
While Tantalus is reluctant to let some of his people go when there are already so few, the notion of at least some crabs being outside The Bloom's reach for good cannot be ignored. Rather troublingly, a good number of crabs are more than happy with the idea themselves, and actually request to go. With a heavy heart, The Crab God grants this request.

>28 crabs, a full 1/4th of the Unbloomed Crab Population, go with the Beruka Class Flying Fortress. Hurry up and start curing bloomed dudes, dude!
File: The Archive.jpg (424 KB, 1081x1215)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
>MA: Expand The Archive into a City
With the specifics of Architectural studies successfully laid out, The Archive will expand to the largest size it ever had, its central spire stretching up into the sky. There were little hints of the original foundation remaining, and even less of the damage that Ofu's mushrooms had dealt to the facilities. Now that the matter of space had been solved for the conceivable future, the intellectual work of The Archive could begin.

>MA: Engineering + Pine Wood + Syrconite Tools: Shaft Mining
Not content with merely Syrconite, the Archivists used their knew knowledge of engineering to build structural supports, allowing them to dig yet deeper into mountains in search of sturdier metals and rarer materials. It also served as a good source of field practice for their theory, as while Earis was a knowledge god, he was not a fan of pure theory. Everything had to have a purpose in his ideal world.

>Unit Move (Earis): (11, 3)
Earis will stroll into the now pollen filled lands to meet up with Americus and her army. Such a curious sight, all of this. That Ofu could work such control over his domain and would choose to do so now, the little fiend was strangely resourceful.

>Unit Action (Earis) + DI: Use Knowledge domain to Index Ofu's pollen
He'll collect some of the gritty substance on his gauntleted hands, he'll take a deeper look at it, trying to gauge its properties, before dispersing it in a burst of mist, collected into one of the books in his coat. It would be an interesting read, at the very least.

>MI: Repopulate the Archivists of Predation to 1000 members
While things were quiet on the home front, the Archivists would not be caught off guard again. The Archivists of Predation were not the finest guards, but they would be suitable for now alongside the Wardens.

>Unit Action (Archivists of Predation): Guard Americus's Wardens
Knowing that the engineers would likely be the priority target for another assault, the Archivists of Predation will patrol their encampment, ready to intercept any potential attacks.
>MA project fruitful a government-backed nation animal breeding initiative is created, it aims to make up the shortfall of ridable animals in the army, to ease strained supply lines, and ensure the mobility of the armed forces remains secure. (Tugai, Biseax, and Woradine build ranches to boost production of ridable animals on hex 14, 7)

>MA The demand for carts is at an all-time high with the war effort in full swing, but supplies of wood are just not able to meet demand, as such lumber mills are constructed to increase the availability of lumber to allow for more carts to be made (build lumber mills at 13, 6)

>UI EEF Americus send her forces back to Windy City to resupply and wait for her to examine the looming shroom forest on the horizon. They are to receive more riding animals and wheels vehicles from the newly increased supply.

>UI HEF they are to resupply with riding animals and wheeled vehicles and be prepared to move to defend and cities within the nation from attack.

>UI/DI Americus moves into the shroom forest to examine the life within, with her divine power and control over living things. To understand them and all the properties of the shrooms within move to 9,2.

>UI Americus's Wardens having wiped out the enemy they garrison the archivist city to protect it from any further possible aggression from Ofu.

>MI - The First, Follow Grindall to 21.19

>MA [Develop] - Theocracy (Government)

>MA-DI [Develop] - Inflorescence

>MA - [Develop] - Bloomhism (Philosophy)

While the First depart on a journey to west, following Grindall the the Mole god though the mountains a lot is happening in Bloom lands.

The newfound priesthood having to deal with more and more of the gardeners' issues start to organize themselves to handle the daily administration of the nation in the best possible way. They form a governing structure to lead the country, under the munificent eyes of the Bloom, the First being its voice and the priesthood being its hands.

All was going as usual until everyone could feel the Bloom act. A stir, a touch, a caress upon the world, an attempt being born, who could know but the Bloom itself? Metaphysical consideration aside the Gift became stronger still that day. The Gardeners found themselves with the ability to manipulate their own body with the utmost precision, and the body of others with great efforts but in much smaller way and needing a lot of time. Consequences of this or pure coincidence, where once only fleshy bump and tumors existed, now grew colorful and harmonious structures, the gardeners styling themselves with different colors and forms.

This moment of Elation was the one where the Bloomhism was born, a philosophy as much as their religion, based on few but important principles, Generosity, the Respect of all Life and Altruism. The Bloom would come one day and it was their responsibility to create and shape the world so it was ready for it's coming, but shaping the world begin with shaping oneself, both body and mind, for their was the power to make of the world a better and more beautiful place.
File: Ofu 1.png (601 KB, 490x674)
601 KB
601 KB PNG
>God Unit [Move][9,2]
>God Unit [MA][DI] Activate Trap

The look of frustration is covered all over Ofu's facial expression, growing ever more tired her deemed that enough was enough. Ofu hurryingly walk to Americus location slowly becoming more stealthy as he gains closer to her. When he is in mere inches to Americus, Ofu waits for the perfect opportunity to surprise the goddess. The moment is caught when Americus bends down to examine one of the many fungus growing around the area, Ofu prepares as he licks the palm of his dominant hand. Ofu narrows his eyes then immediately jumps behind the goddess from out of the bush he was hidden in, target locked, Ofu unleashes the mightiest open hand swing at Americus buttock. The moment the sound of the open hand and the buttock connect creates a powerful wave of divine energy.

>Unit Action:[Natales the Great] [Move][4,0]
[8:46 PM]
>Unit Action:[Aema Fae] [Attack][Amerius]
The Aema Fae begin to hum their melody as they release a cloud of poisonous gas to the already poisonous covered field

OfuToday at 8:54 PM
>[MA] Develop
Administration Skills/ Organization
After years of ordering the muttcaps around, the purecaps begin to understand how to maximize productivity among the town.

(Image related, Ofu's tongue.)
File: 20200927_122043.png (103 KB, 338x363)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>Mgr Act develop physics

>Mgr Act develop refrigeration

Thomass was ecstatic, it had been so long that he wanted to travel but could not because of the lack of a proper living for his nuggets. Now that he knew they were becoming self sufficient he was free to roam the world and discover its hidden beauties. He was taking in all of its beauty and it truly mystified him. He knew that whatever created this world was even more powerful and beautiful than even Thomass himself.
Turn edit
>Mgr Act develop machinery

>Mgr Act develop sta engine
>trade education to giftmother.
>move god unit with giftmother. Keep locked to her movements unless stated otherwise.
>UI Americus at the moment of the cheek clap, Americus returns to her normal form and prepares to defend herself
File: world17.png (2.92 MB, 2222x2209)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
BoC Genova Convention Edition

For all minions with The Gift, their fleshy appearance would begin to transform and... Bloom. Where tumors and veins would once build, noe grew colorful and harmonious structures, vibrant with a variety of hues and forms.
The hurricane continues, shrinking as it meets with the sea's end.

>>4486356 Novakhet
Stellar Evoltion ranked up to Protostar: (2/10).
Aduat developed. So long as the medicine is in regular general use, it will defer a 1 mana cost per epoch, as collected from the obelisk it is constructed upon. Production may be toggled at will.

>>4487160 Furnlatha
Pyre Priests updated.
Claimed 2 hex.
Cloaked in the forest canopies of [28,26], it would appear that a mysterious obelisk of oltar metal had lain in hiding for all these years.
Joldonite Weaponry developed.
Irrigation shared with Tantalus.
UNNIIC has gifted you 2000 turtlefolk.

>>4487285 Tantalus
>>4487160 Furnlatha was [Communication]ing you
The Crabfolk turned Gardeners are compelled with Tantalus' speech, drawn with tears as they recall memories and stories of their ancestors who lived in the very villages that now lay in ruins. With the acceptance of their infected populations stay within the new Safe-Cove, a crowd of gifted crabs make their return home. (500 minions converted)
Safe-Cove reconstructed.
Food Preservation developed.
Food Preservation shared with Grindall.
Flying over the coasts of Last Stand, the mysterious falerethun-riding catfolk leave an assortment of presents for the crabfolk, containing plentiful Brambleroot.
Grindall has gifted you Agriculture.
Furnlatha has gifted you Irrigation.
UNNIIC has gifted you Medicine. 28 crabs traded in exchange.
Gifted percentage currently at 81%

>>4487609 Regala
Gevang'nis upgraded to a city.
Falrethun Festival developed.
Parting Gift left for Tantulus and Chom&Chod.
Oltanite Metalworking shared with Akros.
Thomass has gifted you Education.

>>4489348 Akros
Animal Riding developed.
Mathematics developed.
Regala has gifted you Oltanite Metalworking.

>>4489416 Grindall
Tantulus has gifted you Food Preservation.
Government developed.
Deepholm upgraded to a city.
Agriculture shared with Tantalus.

>>4490107 Qazlal
Saint's Retreat established.
Better control may be gained with the proper development of Quarantine, but the spread is slowed regardless.
Moonlight Agaric developed. The medicine acts as a great treatment to the Gift on a surface level, slowing the symptoms and rate of infection.
Asmodel has gifted you Medicine.
Gifted percentage currently at 8%

The Bloodletting
2 walls constructed.
File: buenos_dias_americus.png (433 KB, 800x450)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
Servitude to the Passengers developed.
As the connection is established through the dimensional barrier, the Astronomicon Bridge warns UNNIIC that any current attempts to travel between the planes would place the lives of any passengers at very high risk. The Astral Buoy's will allow nothing more than sounding to identify what lies on the other side, for the time being.
Astral Buoy Network developed. (-5 mana)
Medicine shared with Tantalus. 28 crabs received in exchange.
2000 turtlefolk gifted to Furnlatha.
Gifted percentage currently at 9%

>>4490455 Asmodel
Asmodean Church of the Moons (Religion) developed.
Praga established.
Medicine shared with Qazlal.
Gifted percentage currently at 66%

>>4490522 Earis
The Archive upgraded to a city.
Mining developed.
The pollen Ofu had erupted from his lands appears to be... Entirely ordinary? There are no magical properties to it whatsoever. Perhaps another tool of deceit under Ofu's plan...
Pollen Index developed.
Archivists of Predation repopulated.

>>4490610 Americus
Ranches constructed.
Lumber Mills constructed.
As Americus steps into the dense mushroom jungles, the poisonous gas begins to fill her system as she pushes forward. Given time, the spores take their toll on her lungs. (-1 HP)
The density of this terrain decreases the speed of any units who enter, and the mushrooms appear identical in material to mushrooms found in the forests. Ahead, Americus can sense a massive living wall...
Following the onslaught of attacks from Ofu and his poisonous maidens, Americus shrinks in size to better defend herself.

>>4492260 The Bloom
Theocracy developed.
Inflorescence developed.
Bloomhism developed.

>>4493650 Ofu
Popping out from a bush, Ofu's bulbous tongue slides across his hand, before meeting the Americus' gluteus maximus with a sharp thunderous slap, leaving a strange itchy rash.
From beyond the living wall, the Aema Fae release swathes of toxic gas, as Americus hacks as the spores eat away at her internals, currently weakened with her altered form. (-1 Americus HP)
Administration (Government?) developed.

>>4493674 Thomass
Machinery developed.
Steam engine developed.
Education shared with Regala.

Left on the eastern boundaries of The Chod Chain, the swamplanders carry back an assortment of presents to Sanctum Agis, each filled to the brim with Solgrass.
UI Americus moves to 11,3 to rally with Earis and asks for his assistance saying Ofu hit her with some kind of trap and attack
Arriving slightly ahead of his two other expected guests, Grindall's first visit to Deepholm is met with much fanfare among the Svirgrindall as their god admires his people's work. Much as his divine touch has altered this place, he's glad to at last be able to lay eyes on it personally. Soon enough the revelry must end though, for him at least, and so off Grindall goes, to meet his unexpected but welcome guests.

>Move God Unit to Deepholm

>Communicate: Akros, Furnlatha, Regala, Thomass
My greetins' to ya, honoured guests, old an new. I've a matter 'o mediation I need ta attend to soon, as a result 'o my journey to the West, but in the meantime I'll be happy to welcome all 'o ye to my humble abode. I've made some accommodations at the mountain's peak where ah reckon we could speak a wee bit more comfortably."

Among the Svirgrindall, work continues as usual. Useful as the Joldonite armour has proven, some Svirgrindall feel that an accompaniment is necessary, for it to reach it's full potential. So, after weeks of guesswork and forge craft, a predominant weapon emerges among the more warlike Svirgrindall: The Joldonite Warpick, a dual weapon and tool, capable of piercing both stone and flesh in equal measure.

>[MA] Develop the Joldonite Warpick

Yet, some Svirgrindall wish for yet more. Each Warpick and set of plate armour are well made, but their production is a slow, week long process, owing to the individualistic nature of Svirgrindall smiths. So, seeking to rectify this, the council of elders degree that a great number of smiths gather together in one conclave, where they may collaborate and work with less skilled smiths, to both uplift their fellows and continue to produce their works at a much increased rate. So the first of the Armouries is born, churning out arms and armour for intrepid Svirgrindall by the dozens. Distracted though he is by his guests, Grindall takes note of the new development, sending veins of metal up from the earth with which the smiths may fuel their crafts.

>[MA, DI] Develop the Armoury, capable of producing vast quantities of arms and armour, the first of which is constructed in Deepholm.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Diplo: Regala, The Giftmother
As the Vree boarded the Ship, a multitude of servitors presented themselves and offered refreshments and directions to the various parts of the ship. Despite their artificial nature, each design seemed to have variations in it, some ranging from simple details added or missing, while others possessed entirely different chassis and physiology. Some were humanoid, and acted as chaperons and contemporary peers, others were more like a land bird, with two large legs and a central compartment holding drinks or hooks to place coats. A few scurried past them, low-to-the-ground drones busying themselves with sanitation duties. Though polite in all regards, not a single one registered to the Vree as expressing any natural emotion.

Instead, they could feel the roiling emotional slurry of thousands of Passengers, a multitude of races all spread throughout the residential segments of the ship. The calm, collected and wise Turtlefolk, the cool and laconic gorgons, the mute but highly excitable Akraties, the overly expressive swampfolk, and the newly acquired crabs that had been boarding the ship as the Vree began settling in for the journey.

With their acute reaction to the psychic presence of the swampfolk, several of the servitors expressed concern, and explained the situation. They would be offered to head to a section of the ship farther from the swampfolk's typical housing to hopefully reduce the impact of the effect from distance. Though a few servitors would remark that the reaction was far more intense in the Vree than other Passengers, concerned that distance would not even make an impact.

Though the first leg of the journey was an eventless one, a single short chicken-walker servitor approached the leader of the merry band. Bringing a bowl of milk to the masked Vree, it would inform them that the Ship reported the presence of their god, Designation: Regala. Apparently she was congregating with a multitude of other gods to the north, and the Ship thought the scout captain would appreciate the information.
End one turn of either a God or Unit in a hex adjacent to Regala, or in the same hex as her.
If a God is adjacent to her, you must ALSO use your DI, as your God celebrates personally.
If a Unit attends, an MA is required instead.
Once you have filled these criteria, you have ATTENDED the party and can leave. You do not need to wait the full 2 or 3 turns next to Regala.
After the party ends, Gift boxes are opened and all attendants will have their gifts explained.

Regala, along with the silently smiling Thomass, would give a gentle curtsy to Grindall as he graciously greeted them.
"Many thanks to you, EarthMaster Grindall, for pardoning our sudden appearence. Your people have been wonderful hosts, your home a splendid display of your mastery, and your ally, Furnlatha, has warmly welcomed us in your absence. My name is Regala, the GiftMother."

Following their host to the peak, Regala admired the metalwork. So durable! Far harder than anything she or Thomass has worked with, and far more pleasing to the eye.

Standing behind a seat, she unbuckled her sword and hung it from the backrest. Then, at Grindall's gesture, she (and possibly the others) were seated, her armor clinking against the metal.

Regala took a moment to admire the view, miles of desert stretching around them. The crisp air was a welcome feeling to the winter goddess, but as her gaze drifted westward, she grew sombre. Tucking a blond strand of hair behind a pointed ear, Regala spoke.

"Grindall, to be brief, you spoke of monstrosities to the west? And having to mediate? Is that something I can help with it any way, and does it have to do with the two Gods approaching nearby? I sense... a tough shell, and the salt of the sea, from one of them, while the other thrums with life and vibrancy in... err, exotic ways?"
Regala would shift uncomfortably, clearly upset with the idea of god on god conflict.
"These monsters don't... um..." She struggled to speak the words. "-do they, change the way mortals behave in drastic ways?"

If asked on her reason for visiting, she would gladly explain, formally introducing herself. "My full title is Regala, GiftMother, Goddess of Joy and Festive Spirit of Giftgiving, but I much prefer just Regala! I journeyed here with friends, Thomass and Akros, to meet other divine beings and hopefully engage in a cebration to mark this meeting. If there is anything I can do to alleviate this conflict from the west, please let me know!"
>>4494411 This is me, obviously.
The Vree were clearly unsettled by the mechanical Servitors, visibly recoiling in shock when some of them began to speak.
While the Vree were able to sense the roiling emotions of the swampfolk, the layers of metal and no doubt great distance did alleviate it to a great degree. Geheim, the Entropy Wizard, seeming smaller beneath their thick robe today, explained that their kind could only sense the general emotions of beings within roughly conversational range, with the very limits being the distance one might throw a fist sized rock. They went on to explain that comfort carried much farther, and it was this that the Vree were sensing and reacting too, Geheim making the guess that the Swamplanders seemed overloaded by the jump from one harsh home to a pleasant one.
Geheim was about to offer the calming and comforting service of the Vree (who were mostly trying to engage the Servitors in stiff, robotic tones now)

Some time later, the milk-bearing attendant would approach Geheim, who had tripled in size over a few days, placing the saucer before them. In the peculiar voice that switched between masculine and feminine, old and young, Geheim spoke to the chicken robot.
"Thank you, little one. I will enjoy this."
This seemed doubtful. UNNIIC's observations would show that Vrees were strictly carnivorous, and didn't accept any food or liquids offered besides meaty dishes. Geheim themself had not yet been seen eating at all. With permission, the Vree had been doing their best to alleviate the ills of the passengers, both swampfolk and others.
"You say Regala is to the north of us? Then, kind Chariot, we Vrees must depart. We thank you for the pleasant journey, and hope we can travel with you in the future."

Most Vree had adopted the rather stiff, formal speech when interacting with UNNIIC or the Servitors, and always seemed nervous of committing a faux pas of sorts. Clearly, the Vrees were out of their element with UNNIIC.
MA + DI: Stellar Evolution Rank 3/10 (Rising Tide)

>Almost there, and almost reunited with his companions.
>Though sadly not fast enough to reach Ofu all at once there was still work to do, and energy to gather.

>Returning once more to the mortal star Novakhet becomes as energy and extends his radiance, he who was once a Star, now building a Star.

>He imparts not just further power unto the star, but now also meaning
>Potential, divine energy, laying the ethereal connections on the face of reality that allows the Stars energy to flow down from the divine creation and empower the Gods who tap on it
>The deity focuses on further, the star swelling in size and for the first time truly shining, if for only a short while
>The surface of the star ripples, shaking oddly as the entirety of the dust clouds around it are cleared and the souls begin to form a sort of skin on the suns surface that breaks immediately into a churning ocean glowing a deep and hot red, stirred up by increasingly frantic solar winds

>Such is the auspicious nature of this latest evolution that there are rising tides even on the mortal star.
>Across the world, day or night, the mortal star could be seen shining by all with eyes to see or souls to feel for a period of a few days before slowly dimming back down, emitting a sense of calm and contentment from the uncountably many souls that had died satisfying and conclusive deaths to join it.

>A great beacon of hope and calm is demonstrating its presence for the first time, the next time it shone it would not dim again, but burn on continuously

>As the days pass the demonstration comes to a close, the sun of the dead now grown to a protostar just the barest push away from igniting under its own power
>The constellations shift in anticipation, the cradling arms of the 5 major constellations and the nearby stars beginning to visibly open up.

MI: Trade the knowledge of shipbuilding to Asmodel directly on 13, 16 while she is here

MA: Develop Religious System (Khepera Pantheon)

>The Dagekhet are stricken and inspired by their recent events. They hail from all over the world, from countless gods but united in their undeath by three, and by Novakhet most of all.
>They are the three gods of the now named Khepera Pantheon, those who formed the afterlife in aeons past, and those who now safeguard the growing star of all their ancestors.
>Novakhet, guardian of the sun. Bearer of warmth and light, but also hope even in the end.
>The Dagekhet place him first in importance in the trinity, for his creation of the afterlife, spirit world, Duat, or whatever other term is used to refer to the place where all the dead go.
>The Sundying is seen as the head of the pantheon and guardian of mortals deaths, all Dagekhet pay tribute and many band together to construct large pyramidal constructs atop which to burn things to honour him, also giving praise through ritual mummification using Aduat, gazing at the stars to divine their secrets, and basking in the suns glow and using its blessing

>Americus the goddess of life and mother to the humans, and Earis the god of knowledge and community.
>Each are assigned tremendous weight and honoured in their individual ways, buildings constructed as if to mimic the archive filled with tomes and recorded history. >Great celebrations of life and fertility are held throughout the year to honour Americus, the Dagekhet cherishing their lives more than most mortals and so throwing themselves truly into their appreciation of the gods.

>Aduat soon takes on a religious significance and becomes considered divine in some fashion, derived from the afterlife by means arcane.
>A priesthood forms and takes charge of the Aduat Lens, declaring it a holy object and spreading their influence across the Dagekhet sands.
>A great pyramidal temple rises around it, and then temples such as this rise in other places and in other settlements, or just scattered around the deserts.
>Murals inscribed on their surfaces depict events of legendary importance, the formation of the rift and the afterlife, the shining of the star, the appearance of the Lich, the bloodying of the coast.

>Of the priesthood representatives of all races gather, though many of the founders were in secret originally the wizard acolytes of the Lich Anathemus.
>They oversee the faith through a triarchy, with close ties to the republics of each city and each member promising to uphold the ideals and morals of the Khepera, with the individual chosen to honour The Sundying having the most prestigious and challenging position, others having such duties as to study the stars or arrange festivals.

>Other deities exist also, of course, are are recognised within the sacred texts of the codified Khepera Faith, though not worshipped as thoroughly
>Asmodel to the east is the most prominent of these external deities and is still recognised by many of the gorgons, Qazlal to the west being less well known and UNNIIC being a figure of some curiosity and wonder

UI: Move Novakhet to 11, 4
UI: Move Anathemus and the Osseous Engineers over the ocean to 8, 6
>[Unit Action]:Pyre Priests at [28,18]
>Interact: With Immigrant Turtles
The Pyre Priests welcome the arriving Turtlefolk at Farfjord, helping the new arrivals from the island to establish themselves in the town and form common community with the present Pyrelings; for they there are many things that Turtlefolk can do which flame-wreathed Pyrelings cannot that would be valued in a shoreside community, and much Knowledge of the Ancients that they bring with them. As well as helping the Turtlefolk out, the Pyre priests are happy to answer any questions that the Turtlefolk might come to them with.

>[Major Action] - Develop: Build Mine on [27,23]
>Using:- Mining, Masonry, Carpentry, Engineering, Joldonite Tools, Ashwattle and Roseberry Wood.
On a mountain left for Furnlatha by the god of the Ground and Metal, the Pyrelings use knowledge of mining taught to their people by the Svirgrindell long ago to dig passages deep into the mountain. Here, they will excavate metals from all layers of the earth for delivery straight to Furnlatha's Forge, carried along new pathways that lead directly into the Forge itself to feed the metalworking demands of the eager Pyreling smiths.
>[Major Action] – Create Unit: Hearthguard
>Using: Joldonite Swords, Joldonite Armour, Joldonite Tools, Joldonite Metalworking, Engineering, Cartography, Masonry, Carpentry, Wheeled Vehicles, 2,000 Population.
In Forgefall, Pyrelings will start to gather as a recruitment drive for a planned defense force is organised. Swords, Shields, Armour and Tools will be issued to all; but within the Hearthguard unit, 200 will be drawn into a logistics company with carts for supplies and transport, and another 200 formed into a company of smiths and engineers.
UNNIIC had wished for passengers, and Furnlatha is happy to offer these to help meet the wishes of the mighty sky-fortress. 2,000 Pyreling volunteers will be gathered at Fallowfault to send into UNNIIC's claimed lands on the border - then it will be for UNNIIC to decide how many can be carried as passengers, or perhaps UNNIIC would wish for some to populate the lands, for if memory served UNNIIC's own minions could not operate out of range?
File: Like This but Crab.png (2.58 MB, 2220x1248)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB PNG

Tantalus arrives at 23;19, his mood dour. He looks out at the other gods, and wonders if he shall leave here today with more friends or more foes. The temptation to start speaking out at once is mighty, but the desire to avoid offending Grindall drives him to clench his mandibles.

Meanwhile, back in Safe-Cove, the exploding population of Infected Crabs drives a rapid expansion of the village, homes being erected as fast as the materials can be gathered, stone and coral and thick wooden logs all coming together to accommodate the burgeoning population.
>Major Action: Upgrade Safe-Cove to Town

In Last-Stand, meanwhile, another trend emerges. Solemn contemplation regarding the suffering the crabs have endured leads to some sequestering themselves that they may brood. The notion emerges that these tragedies were due to ignorance of the threat the bloom posed until it was too late takes hold, and a growing number of crabs begin organizing their thoughts and pursuing additional knowledge, beyond the simple trial and error of the primitive medicines or the thoughtless instruction-following of those treatments provided by the metal ones of the sky-fortress.
>Major Action: Develop Philosophy: Hermitism

>Communicate: Grindall, Tantalus, Regalia, Thomass, Akros

"Welcome back, I do hope you don't mind my small intrusion." Furnlatha greets Grindall with a smile and a flicker of her fingers. "I would be glad to join you at this mountain's peak, if this is where we all are to assemble... I do look forward to seeing the work you have made for us!"

She gives a nod as a large crab ambles sideways in among the gathering, feeling from this being much of the same pulse of divinity as with the others. Was this the unfortunate lord of the slaughtered crustaceans that Grindall had passed mention of?

Moving with the gaggle of gods up to the peak of the mountain, Furnlatha basks in the company as much as the desert's warmth. How novel it is to have so many divine beings around, but it is also a comfort - to know that others, like her, had stepped upon this world to bring it life in sapient form, to bring upon it many developments of so many differing kinds. "I do like what you've done with this place." she grins lightly to Grindall, upon sight of the vista awaiting them upon the mountain's highest crest. She then moves to take a seat of her own at the table of Jold, merrily blazing against the metalwork of her seat as the rest of the divinities convene.

"To those who I have not been introduced yet, I am Furnlatha, Goddess of flame and forge." she raises her hands, any braziers that might be present around the ring of Jolden seats now blazing anew. "A celebration here does sound rather grand, if we can find the common cause and fellowship to make it truly joyous to all."

>MA [Develop] - Mathematics

>MA [Develop] - Fleshwarpers (Medicine)

>MI Hekezqe 5 Mana - move to 16.22 and make the remnants of the fortress crumble under the weight of time.

>MI The First - Follow Grindall to 23.19

In Myxoma the clergy, ever deep in it's administrative work, begin to develop way of thinking, helpful memories trick to count numbers and more than anything the brightest among them discover that numbers, much like the world, have laws. All of this is deemed most useful for the future, with day use already found to reinforce their architecture.

While a part of the clergy is having it's fun with numbers, a more devout subset of priest, as well as normal gardeners, focus themselves on pushing the limits of their newfound gifted ability, while manipulating their own body came quite instinctively to them, they wanted to see how far their power over another was. It took them a quite excruciating training, months for quickest, to years for the slowest, but in the end they found that they could make other's flesh obey their touch. Through the gift they could with a caress, "see" the body, inside and out, and from there change it.
They would never be able to do the feats the First showed them through the ages, but they could sew and patch their compatriots. No. Bloomhism demanded of them to make no such distinction. They could help any they found in need.

On a completely different note, Saint Hekezqe set herself on a grim mission. The abandoned fortress of the Crab god, half in ruin through the war and now deserted, could not be allowed to be let around, if the Crab was to come back as destructive as ever. Using the powers the Bloom offered her, she made the very stone that made the construction more and more unstable until it gave out and rained on the ground, the stones steadily stopping to be stones, turning to gravel and then sand. Rocks cannot stand the passage of time, she though, only life through it's ever changing form could escape it.

It seemed Grindall was in haste of return to his for he left quite quickly leaving the First in it's wake. 'Quite a taciturn one, not much for conversation' was the thought that crossed the First mind. It mattered not for DeepHolm was finally before him, and it was full of divine energy, Grindall and the Crab were there of course but also others, something like a cold breeze passing through leaves carrying laugh with it, something not unlike the roaring fires of the forges at home and... two others... Quite similar, what felt like an invitation to see distant land in both, one to share the tales of them, the other to challenge it's might against them.
It would be quite a meeting it seemed!

Doing it's entrance the First announced "Greetings divine kin, I am the First, speaker for the Bloom. It is my utmost pleasure to meet you all! May the seeds of peace grow from this encounter."
>[MA] Develop Education
There has been a lot of accomplishments made by the gorgons since the first epoch. With the compilled records they realized a broader portion of the folk could be thought about our history and techniques to better prepare them to expand our society.

>[MA] Construct a mine on 16,14
The gorgons start digging deep into the mountain in search of more ores and perhaps something new hidden underground

-move Asmodel to 18,19

-trade Sanitation with Novakhet for Seafaring
"Seeds of peace!? SEEDS OF PEACE?! You're attacking my holdings RIGHT NOW you genocidal bastard!" Tantalus roars, only held back from attacking the first right then and there by the presence of the other gods.
Rolled 7, 4, 3, 7 = 21 (4d10)

>Unit Action (Earis) + DI: Use knowledge Domain to examine the infection Americus has received (Spirit Check).
Seeing his ally had fallen into a trap of Ofu’s, he will advise caution in further proceedings. No doubt this disease was yet another gambit on the mushroom’s part.

>MA: Develop Jold Metalworking with Jold
The search for sturdier materials had paid off, this new substance, Jold, was sturdier even than Syrconite, and as such could be used for even more complex purposes.

>MA: Develop Jold Armorsmithing with Jold Metalworking + Poddox
This sturdy material was then pressed into thin plates, and when fixed onto Poddox hides could be worn with little discomfort. This could be used to provide Archivists of all shapes and sizes with protection from future threats.

>MI: Refit the Archivists of Predation with Jold Armor
Duely, the Archivists of Predation were refit with this new armor so that they could better protect The Archive. They could do damage in sheer numbers, the key was to let them live long enough to do so.

Due to miscommunication between everyone involved post is amended. The fortress was in fact not empty, a lone guard or two still stand watch!
As such Hekezqe will simply stay in Myxoma while statues and paintings of her are being made to adorn some temples. Deserved vacation.
File: bombyxonbobbin3b.jpg (40 KB, 563x402)
40 KB
The success of Saint's Retreat pleased Qazlal, but it it was not yet finished.

><COMMUNICATE: DAEMON> Julia, Apophis Militia
"Cease your work on these walls! The fortifications you have made enough for the time being. Turn your eyes now toward my new settlement, and armor the Saint's Retreat as you have armored the Sanguine Keep!"

><DEVELOP [MA] [DI]> Quarantine
If this disease spreads through through contact, then contact shall be minimized. All infected individuals shall be forbidden entry to the Sanguine Keep until such time as they are cured, and all uninfected dukhali sent to treat their infected kin shall be sent willingly.

><DEVELOP [MA]> Engineering I
The works of several dukhali through the ages are combined to make the designs for more secure entrances and exits from Saint's Retreat, and to craft better vehicles and mechanisms for moving supplies from place to place in the hopes that better security and faster service can help cure the infected.

>Unit Action [DI]: Furnlatha
Help Regalia to arrange festivities commemorating this meeting of so many gods. Wherever there may be a need for a lick of flame to light up the celebration, or if the Giftmother needs assistance with forging or developing the gifts she plans, Furnlatha will plan to play her part.

>UI/DI Americus help Earis with his spirit check, after the scan ask Earis to move with her to 13,4 her fort
>UI Americus’s Wardens move to 13,4 with the mission to protect their goddess from attack at all costs at the fort
>UI Wizard move with the Wardens to 13, 4 into the fort

>MA Develop an Armored Personnel Carrier, this cart will be larger stronger, and able to carry more men and supplies. Allowing for faster movement of armies.
>MA Develop Astronomy, though the sciences have slowed in the face of war, some breakthroughs are being made.
>Unit Move (Earis): Follow Americus to (13,4) accordingly
>Amendment: Shift DI from Armoury to Regala's celebration
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop]: Organic Think Tank (Education Equivalent) - With the Passengers of the UNNIIC freed from the burdens of maintaining their base needs, they can instead divert more attention to cultural and scientific pursuits. To exchange thoughts, dialog, and higher level concepts amongst each other, with the Ship always listening in for new ideas. Provides the basic education + a bonus culture for every 2 minion types.
>Using Will of the City, Servitude to the Passengers, Mathematics, Philosophy, Knowledge of the Ancients, and all my different minion types.
>Major: [Develop]: Biology - With the Think Tank established, one of the many topics covered is the nature of the biology and life. How each race differs, why, and how certain aspects come to be. Study on the Bloom is also a continual development due to its continued spread. Using Education and Medicine.

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Head North north east, up to [23,19] to partake in the peace talks.

Though the Ship and the Servitors did all the manual and administrative work for the operation of the vessel, this did not mean that the Passengers did not accomplish anything of merit. Plenty were content to be served and tended to by the Ship, but plenty more decided to utilize their time purusing more academic or artistic lives. Of particular note to the Ship, was the formation of various "Forums" and "lecture halls" established in some of the larger buildings and sections of the ship, where minds of many Passengers exchanged thoughts and engaged in debate and discourse with one another. The Ship found the ideas they shared to be novel in many aspects, and allowed the operation to continue, as both a way for Passengers to keep themselves busy, and as a way for the vessel as a whole to generate new and exciting ideas for implementation.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Unit Action [Wizard] [2 mana?]: Drop another Astral Buoy.
>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI]: Though not fully understanding the necessity for such an occasion, the ship would assist in this "party" to see what the other gods were up to, and partake in the peace talks if need be.

>All gods in the Peace Talks on Grindall's capital
The ship had followed the trail of Designation Pink and Designation Dark Blue to see the exact nature of the possible conflict between the parties, only to realize that they were both heading towards an even greater meeting of the gods, located at the seat of Grindall's people's nation.
Berthing at the edge of the mountainside, the Ship would peer into the proceedings through the thoughtful balcony carved out of the peak of the mountain, introduce itself, and be caught up on what it had missed so far.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Vree Travelers
The offer to help placate the Swampfolk and get them more accustomed to their new life was accepted. The Ship was about to inform the Traveling Vree that such actions were not required, however it intuited that the Vree would rather assist in such actions than stand idle amidst saddened individuals.
This also provided the Ship a better lens from which to view and observe the Vree. Strange beings indeed, they seemed to supernaturally understand their quarry and adjust their entire presentation and mindset to accommodate whoever they were with. Experts at social manipulation, the Ship made sure to pay attention to learn additional methods of placating organics in the future. Still, there were distinct and obvious differences the Ship noticed as they interacted with the various Passengers compared to the servitors. As it learned more about the Vree, its tactics on providing for them changed as well. Additional meat, and especially fresh-from-the-hatchery fish and octopus, were provided to the Vree. Additional hearths and rugs were provided in their accommodations, along with any other requests they made for their own comfort.

Ultimately, however, the Ship decided one evening to send a few servitors down to the main group of Vree relaxing by a fireplace. It informed them that it was aware of their ridged discomfort in interacting with their kind, and urged the Vree present to not unduly suffer so for its sake. The servitors would not be offended by any faux pas or infractions made by their Passengers or Travelers. The servitors were there to serve the Vree, to ensure that above all else they were comfortable and tended to to the best of the Ship's abilities. That, much like the Vree themselves, the servitors and the Ship found purpose and satisfaction in caring for others.
It was clear that the Vree took great lengths to make sure others were happy and content in their presence, often adjusting their entire presentation to suit such ends. The Ship expressed its desire to the Vree that they should not feel such pressure to live up to some misunderstood 'ideal' that the servitors would 'best respond to'. Instead it urged them to act as themselves, or whichever way they they found most comfortable.

Meanwhile, the wizard continued to be tended to by the small chicken walker servitor, and through it, was informed of the going on's of the outside world. Most pressing being the Ship's decision to change course for another meeting of the gods. "You may depart as you please, but it seems as though the various gods of the world are forming another impromptu gathering. Your goddess among them. This Vessel will be heading in that direction to gather further knowledge about the disease that has infected in both of our kinds. You may stay aboard as we head that way to see to your goddess, if you wish."
File: Ofu.jpg (17 KB, 221x219)
17 KB
>God Unit [Move][11,3]
>God Unit [MA][DI][Resilience, Growth] Action: Ofu's Kiss

A faint noise increasingly becoming more audible as it draws closer towards two deities currently in the middle of what seems to be a serious matter. The noise now clearly coming from up above, if seen, started as a small speck behind the cool sky rapidly increasing in size. No other than Ofu himself apperas to be the one rapidly descending from the sky, his childish laughter ever so joyful with his arms and legs spread out enjoying his descend. Before the two deities are able to react, Ofu lands on Americus rear end with little force in contrast of the high speed descend.

"I'm not done playing with you"
Ofu now tightly hugging the giant goddess

With a big smile, Ofu proceeds to plant a loving over exaggerated kiss on the same spot the rash is located, a nice audible SMACK is heard in the end result.

Ofu then jumps off and runs a good distance away from the goddess giggling to himself the whole way.

>[MA] Develop: Scatter & Hide (Defense)
The Purecaps and Muttcaps not made for combat now begin to practice to hide and run away from enemies to avoid less deaths as they bid time for their protectors to come to their aid.

>Unit Action:[Natales the Great] [Move][6,0]
>Unit Action:[Natales the Great][Minion Ability x2]
Claim and terraform

>Unit Action:[Aema Fae] [Minion Ability x2][8,2]
Claim and terraform
>The robed skeleton looks at the rather odd sight, sighing in disappointment
>He seems refreshed, bones all gleaming like new, clothes just recently re-fabricated, and a strange dazawk poking around at the side of his skull until Novakhet clasps his hands around it to kill it for a few seconds so they could talk.

>Approaching Ofu after he runs off, he goes to speak

“I see you are still up to your old antics, Ofu.”
“Playtime never ends for you, I suppose?”
>Develop Medicine
Alongside the Buffnuggets, great strides into biology are made, with the Vrees helping the Buffnuggets refine their nutrition and recovery times, among other things. The Vrees themselves? Well, they seem to enjoy the tastes of all the funny chemicals...?
>Construct Mine in 25,0.
With Syrconite Tools at hand, Vree begin delving into the depths of the mountains, exploring the black, twisted caverns that no doubt riddle the earth below.

>Vluchs/Geheim Unit Move with UNNIIC, join Festival.
Despite their best efforts, the Vree would remain uncomfortably formal around the Servitors, even if they were genuinely thankful for the blankets and fresh meats, which they did seem to actually enjoy. It was not an uncommon sight for a lone engineering Servitor to find a trio or so of Vree snuggled together in a normally off-limits section of the ship, often cuddled on the hottest of pipes or machines. These Vree would inevitably bolt of awakened or discovered, returning to the marked Passenger areas and denying any questions regarding trespassing. The Servitors, through UNNIIC, expressed their desire to allow the Vree themselves to relax, as they themselves aided in the comfort of others, but while the Vrees professed their plans to loosen up and 'keep it real', exactly nothing would change in the following weeks.
Once UNNIIC had arrived over the mountain peak of Grindall's capital, the Vree, led by Geheim, would thank UNNIIC for it's invaluable service, and depart to the waiting Regala, who had already begun her festivities. There was work to be done.
>God Unit Acton + DI - Begin Thread Festival.
As the other gods debate and bicker, Regala seeks for herself a more secluded space. She floats, carried aloft by winds colder than even the chilliest of nights in these barren lands, scanning the mountain face for a suitable spot... there.
Where Grindall's mountain home meets an ochre rock formation, the slopes grow gradual and stepped, perfect for some new, temporary constructions. Regala drifts down, lightly standing in the largest of the empty spaces, drawing her bright blue blade from it's sheath. The burning light of noon does little to quell to frigid mist that radiates off the steel, a manifestation of her divine might building up.
"Mistle, once more may you grow." She whispers, bringing the slender sword to her lips. Then, she plunges the blade into the ground, a shower of dust and frost scattering into the air.

Slowly, steadily, a light shone through the settling cloud of debris; Regala, clutching the ground-trapped weapon, her armor radiating waves of rime. Flickers of aurora borealis shimmer over her war-gear, each wave growing in intensity, until it becomes a blinding star of cyan light. A crack, echoing across the rocky grounds, the never-before heard sound of a glacier snapping free of it's place, and Regala's armor shatters, fragments arcing low and impacting the ground around her as a swirling snowstorm billows behind them, overtaking them in moments.

Seconds that seem to last for days stretch on as the compacted blizzard rages, obscuring all within, before abruptly stopping. In it's place, a wondrous new site; stalls, arrayed in a winding marketplace, curve between small buildings, all composed off the rapidly dimming metal of Regala's armor. Slowly, falteringly, Falrethuns and a smattering of Vree begin to take up positions of hosts and merchants, manning market stalls that sell mysteriously appearing knick-knacks, organizing races and petting zoos, and distributing the seemingly endless tides of festive foods found within the decorated buildings.

Those who would attend, or look from on high, would find that at the center of this sprawling festival lay a curious new artifact. A sphere of ice, heavily frosted but slowly growing clearer, surrounding a small but mighty tree of snow white, adorned with flickering lights. A tiny house, no larger than a giftbox, rests underneath, and arrayed within are various tiny snowmen, arranged in positions of play or familial joy. Sprawled on a mound of powder snow, like a great titan draped over a mountain range, lays Regala, her armor gone, leaving only a simple dress of purest white. She seems caught between dream and reality, her mind elsewhere as she watches from within her dome, a gentle smile on her face.
Ofu stretches one of his stubby arms as high as he can while waving to Nova.

"The fun never ends, I like fun! The big squishy goddess seemed sad and she did hurt me a little too so I thought this little game we are having would bring a smile back to her face. Hehe~"
“You would think as much, I suppose.”
“In truth, you are the only one having fun, and the only one who has fun of us three during this game of yours. You serve only to further enrage her.”

“Playtime is over, Ofu, you are the only one who seeks for it to continue. None of us want to play with you.”

“My friends do not come to play, but to destroy and remove you from being.”
“It would be best I feel if you just left us all alone.”
Ofu's joyful excitement disappears after hearing the words come out of Nova's mouth. Sadness over takes the childlike god at first the anger.

"Sh-she broke our promise, she lied to me! I just wanted to play with the non meaty god, I wanted his knowledge! I-I thought she was my friend, but now she is my plaything!
If y-you want me to leave you alone then I want a promise from all of you to not come for me after I-I leave my toys alone!"

A small tear runs down Ofu's cheek while frowning to Nova
“There is no need for crying, yet.”
“She did break a promise, sad that she did so, and she did so because you struck a nerve by killing mortals who she cherishes.”

“Odd how things unravel out. She cared for them and so sought to stop you, and when she told you all this; I was there, you ignored her.”

“So unravels the strings, so death closes in.”

“I feel we stand now rather at the beginning of the end of this whole sordid affair. I see you as a brother Ofu, a violent and unpredictable, naive and almost innocent, confused and clever, and villainous little brother, but a brother nonetheless.”

“Should I have gotten my way perhaps we might have resolved this without further slaughter, but so goes the scythe to reap, and it’s brother to reap again in vengeance for the dead.”

“I wish not for you to die, but I will not prevent the others from extracting their pound of flesh from you, nor could I if I wanted to.”

“So I ask that you run, and go far from this place, taking your people with you.”
>Mgr Act develop Magnitism

>Mgr Act develop steam engines

While Thomass was at the summit the buff nuggets could feel at ease in biff city learning new things at am alarming rate and feeling quite happy with their constant discoveries. Though they soon realized that the metals they knew to work with didn't have quite have the strength and reusability that they desire for longer lasting units. They would soon need to discover a tougher metal to work with to enhance their mechanations to higher levels.
>gift chemistry to UNNIIC
>Thomass uses his DI at the party

Thomass uses his godly influence to maximum for what he thought would be a sweet display at the party he's not sure if it did the trick.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Communications: Grindall and Furnlatha
>>4498912 >>4498803
As the peace talks continue throughout the nights, and the various gods debate and discuss various things, the Ship takes care of its own book keeping as well. The Pyrelings given by Furnlatha are an interesting bunch. Some are from the divine forge to the south, looking to stay aboard the Ship and offer their services, which it gladly accepts. Others from the northern port town make the harrowing decision to sail to the Shelltar and the various other parts of UNNIIC's domains across the sea.

Once the Pyrelings begin to board, the Ship realizes that the Svirgrindall, numerous as they are here, have not yet been accounted as Passengers. During one of the low points in the peace talks, the Ship would express interest to Grindall about the potential for a small population to become passengers.

During another lull in the back and forth bickering of Tantulus and the First, Furnlatha approaches the ship with a request. Her people desired to study and discover the inner workings of the world. Though many gods were present at this congregation, the Ship had a particular appreciation and level of respect for the everburning flame, and acquiesced. The methodology would be different, as the nature of non-Passengers prevented their entire lives to be dedicated to the arts without servitors to tend to them, so the Ship instead explained how it had structured various aspects of learning and research together and the best ways to pass it along. It also informed her that the turtlefolk the goddess possessed made for excellent teachers. Their very forms made to hold vasts quantities of knowledge and have a constant patience with explaining concepts to others.
>Gift Education to Furnlatha
>Communicate: UNNIIC

In response to UNNIIC's inquiry, Grindall acquiesces, seeing no reason to refuse.

"Aye, reckon I could drum up some lads that would like ta see the wider world aboard ye, UNNIIC."
Whoops, this is me, by the way.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Party time!
>[Minor Action] Trade UNNIIC Joldonite metalworking
With some Pyrelings making their way to UNNIIC being trained in the ways of the forge, they bring their craft of Joldonite Metalworking to see what use it might be put to upon the great sky fortress.
Though Akros is absent, negotiating with his fellow Deities, his people are still hard at work in his absence, trusting in him to return safely. Already, messengers were arriving bearing instructions on how to craft an entire new type of metal, one that certainly surpasses the ones they used, dug up straight from the earth and sent to the forges. Sensing an opportunity, the Council sets about figuring out the best way to make use of these resources.

>Major Action, Development [Wheeled Vehicles]: First, though the use of the tugai in daily life has certainly improved speed, carrying capacity can still reach new levels, if only the Akreties apply some creative thinking. Going through several prototypes for the concept of "something that carries more stuff", they eventually settle on the use of wheels, which had found numerous uses in daily life. Experimenting with several different materials, the most successful being wood, with perhaps some armour plating in exchange for speed in case of going through dangerous territory, the craftsmen eventually end up with what could generously be described as a wagon, fit to carry heavy materials and several Akreties at a time, depending on the amount of tugai tugging it towards it's destination. An excellent step towards the incoming wave of growth to hit the Homes.

>Major Action, Development [Engineering I]: With their upgraded ability to move equipment and resources through their territory, and a division of bright minds intent on coming up with new ideas, a revolution of sorts takes place throughout Akreties territory. Advancements in science, most especially architecture, are at an all time high as more and more new, efficient and most importantly aesthetically pleasing designs are made for anything from buildings, to road networks, walls, or streamlined vehicles are developed and registered into the archives. There is little time to put them into use as of yet, but their mere existence opens entire new worlds of possibility for the Akreties, and many stories are written about their inventions, some fake, some true, most humorous in some way.

>Minor Action, Divine Influence [PARTY ROCK]: Akros personally attends Regala's festival, eager to meet and 'converse' with his fellow Gods.
Frustrated by the so called peace delegations, Tantalus slumps near a rock, and finds himself craving the fruit of the tropical island he awoke on. Seeing other gods use their Divine Influence to have themselves a good time, he caves, and summons some delectable morsels.

>Tantalus uses his DI to partake in the festival.
File: world18.png (2.82 MB, 2174x2178)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB PNG
Population will be updated a bit late, gimme a sec.

Regala hosts a grand festival at the top of the world, upon the peaks of Deepholm. 8 Gods attended thus far.
A sudden shiver rushes down the spines of all gods, as the collapse of a divine spark can be felt to the south.
The hurricane dissolves.

>>4494162 Grindall
Joldonite Warpicks.
Armory constructed.
Party attended.

>>4495404 Novakhet
Stellar Evolution ranked up to Rising Tide: (3/10)
Seafaring shared with Asmodel.
Khepera Pantheon developed.
Asmodel has gifted you Sanitation.

>>4495924 Furnlatha
The Turtlefolk that remain in this land are some of the most ancient, consisting of the original generations who first sat at the behest of Tortoiseterra before the god's ultimate demise. They are primitive and cautious in their interactions with these Pyre Priests, but given time, they begin to exchange their languages and share what information they can. They share the tradition of riding great Sea Rexus into the oceans and spear hunting the creatures of the deep, but such techniques might not find much use in the hands of pyrelings...
Mine constructed.
Hearthguard established and one unit produced.
Amongst this new force of guards, one pyreling could wield their flame in a way never seen before, creating visions and sensations that had no presence... An Illusion Wizard!
Party attended.
UNNIIC has gifted you Education.
Joldonite metalworking shared with UNNIIC.

>>4495929 Tantalus
Safe-Cove upgraded to a town.
Hermitism developed.
Party attended.

>>4496765 The Bloom
Mathematics developed.
Fleshwarpers developed.
Party attended.

>>4497282 Asmodel
Novakhet has gifted you Seafaring.
Education developed.
Mine constructed.
Sanitation shared with Novakhet.

>>4497946 Earis
Albeit the rash appears concerning, what appears strikingly more prominent to Earis is a bulbous pimple in the corner of Americus' forehead. It appears to emanate great divine energy, similar to Americus' own domains, but is clearly separate from herself. The rash itself appears much more puzzling, with no direct traces of energy to sense.
Jold Metalworking developed.
Jold Armorsmithing developed.
Archivists of Predation updated.

>>4498739 Qazlal
1 HP regenerated.
Julia and the turned Apophis Militia heed The Bleeding Moth's command with no question, quickly moving out to prepare fortifications for Saint's Retreat.
Quarantine developed.
Engineering I developed.
File: bloomed.jpg (168 KB, 1280x720)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
>>4498867 Americus
The Wardens prepare to defend their Goddess against any oncoming attacks, as she rushes into the fortress for safety.
Armored Personnel Carrier. Before I apply its effects, you gotta pick one, armored or faster, because an armored vehicle is just going to be slower than what you have. So if it is armored and faster, how, or if its just faster/stronger, I'm also curious how so I can apply its effects properly.
Astronomy developed.

>>4498971 UNNIIC
Organic Think Tank developed.
Biology developed.
The Astronomicon Bridge deploys the Astral Buoy through the dimensional barrier, as the mechanical wizard receives a series of tones that translate information about the buoy's surroundings. The Buoy detects an atmosphere of comfortable temperature and humidity for organics. Receptors discern the sky as a light pink hue, and the surrounding environment is composed of thousands of trees, much like the forests of designation UNNIIC's present dimension. -2 mana.
Party attended.
Thomass has gifted you Chemistry.
Education shared with Furnlatha.
Furnlatha has gifted you Joldonite Metalworking.

>>4499080 Ofu
Ofu chases down the fleeing goddess, propelling a bulbous glob of spit towards the deity as it impacts with a sting on the same rash.
Scatter & Hide developed.
2 hex terraformed.

>>4499538 Regala
Medicine developed.
Mine constructed.
Thread Festival started!

>>4500204 Thomass
Yo you made steam engines last turn, and you need physics to develop magnetism. You can have these two MA back :)
Chemistry shared with UNNIIC.
Party attended.

>>4502286 Akros
Wheeled Vehicles developed.
Engineering developed.
Party attended.

>>4493954 Mira A & B
Absorbed in thought, the twin snail gods could never truly comprehend or accept the tainted whispers that swam through their mind. A psychic prison, lain by their own hands. The consumed beings could not will themselves away from The Psychic Pool, and thus could not will themselves to continue to create. Their divine spark would fade and crack, and just as it would begin to collapse and slip, a viscous black liquid would seep in and grasp the tiny spark, before slowly feeding it to a revitalized red blood. The Ichor weaned its child onto this tiny star, as the snail's hearts would beat once more.
"You shall not falter in my plans this time, my child... This time, we shall achieve things much, much greater... May The Bloodletting CLEANSE their malevolence..."
2 walls constructed. (Apophis Militia)
Masonry developed.
Order Aegis established and one unit produced.
Ofu crossing his stubby hands snaps back

"She should of cherished me instead, hmph!"

".....She told me something....I don't remember?"

Ofu begins tapping one of his feet while he ponders on what Nova said. After a few minutes he perks up.

"I'm a bit tired, I could use a nap. Playing with you all three is very tiresome, but fun!"
“Fun, hardly. You have been hurting my friend, and now refuse to let me prevent further harm from coming to you.”

“What have you been doing to Americus, Ofu?”
The dukhali are safer now. With the tools that they have been given and the body of knowledge that they have developed, the Bleeding Father feels that he can step away and trust that they won't all be hosts to the disease of a different god upon his return. However, he has two orders to give before his departure.

><COMMUNICATE: DAEMON> Saint's Retreat
"Caregivers and cure-seekers, hear me now! The answer to this sickness lies not in our power to fix it, but in the hands of the one who created it! I can no longer aid you in controlling the beast that ravages our people and swallows the minds of our loved ones whole, for I must leave to seek the origin of this problem. In my absence, I assign you this one task. Learn. Learn all that you can about how to deny this molding thief from stealing what we are! Learn how to steal back from it what it has stolen from us! Study the plants, the animals, the earth, everything that surrounds you and craft methods by which to keep this thief out of our homes and out of our minds!"

><DEVELOP [MA]> Sanitation
While their Father seeks the root of the problem, better management of its harmful elements is sought by the volunteers of the settlement. It's reasoned that whatever is causing these infections has to come into physical contact with someone to infect them, and that it can transfer from surface to surface to further surface by touch, just as a hand dipped in water can make a second hand wet by touching it, and then that second hand can wet a third hand. By considering this transfer process and cleaning any and all contacted surfaces, the dukhali hope to limit this plague's spread.

"All of you who took up arms for this city to defend against the shameful attack of the beast wizard and her followers, gather now and listen well!"
"I commend each and every one of you, and I lay before you a task: the pass leading into our lands from the south is what let this attack find you in your homes! As a favor to me, and as a favor to the dead, watch this passage and keep any who would seek to visit this tragedy upon us a second time! Craft in this entryway a grand camp, and use the lands surrounding to train and cultivate a strength that may stop even a god should we wish them no entry! Carry with you the memories of your children, your siblings, your spouses, your parents, and any and all of those that you loved that were lost in the battle or in the plague, and know that they stand with you in spirit and empower all that you do! Go now, and bring with you our hope for a safer world!"
><MOVE: MILITIA> [9,17]
><DEVELOP [MA]> Guardian's Bastion
Nestled between the end of the mountains and the shore of the land, the militia creates a new settlement. None shall live here but those who swear to protect the lands of the Bleeding Father. The shall learn to call this land their home, and they shall learn how to fight in and around it.
File: Mothman-9.png (1.09 MB, 3500x1969)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
><MOVE: DAEMON> [18,19]
These orders given, Qazlal takes flight to seek out the root of this sickness. Flying over the lands of the origin of this affliction, the moth god sees on the ground a familiar figure: Asmodel! He descends from the sky and lands near the pale goddess, resuming a more sociable form to speak.

"Intriguing that I should find you in the den of the beast! Do you seek a cure to this disease in its home?"
>Communicate: Qazlal
"Hello once again. Actually I've come here because a hurricane had ravaged my southern lands and I the first energy was getting weaker so I decided to check the situation. It seems my neighbour also suffered with the storm, but not only that I can feel a great number of deities united away from here."
-move Asmodel to 23,19
>Use [DI] to attend the party
Following the concentrated energy, Asmodel got closer to a mountain who seemed to have somekind of fortress build on it. Arriving there she saw new faces, one of them she could guess it was Regala based on the description the vree mage who visited her once gave. There seemed to be a comemoration of sorts happening here, altough the reason is unknown and on the other side of this place she saw the first talking with a very angry crab god while a taller mole god watched over them.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress
Though the Ship might not feel boredom per say, managing all that it had to within its city, it was beginning to feel impatience with this prolonged detour.
Still, it should make something out of the situation. Attend the party as best it understands, and inquire its fellow gods on topics of personal interest.

>>4501048 Bloom
Over the course of the Epoch, with gods occasionally breaking off to enjoy the party, explore the settlement, stack rocks, or otherwise go about their business, the Ship sent a servitor over to call down the First and bring it over for a more peer-to-peer discussion.
"Greetings, Designation: The First. This unit appreciates your contribution to the peace talks and your willingness to explain many things in great detain. This latter point of interest is why you have been addressed today."
"This unit would demand more information regarding the Bloom. This unit will listen for as long as you are willing to indulge in its queries and curiosity." Should the First accept, the ship would then bombard it with a series of questions and queries involving all aspects of the Bloom, giving it proper time to respond of course. Its questions would range from the physical symptoms, to the philosophical aspects of bloomism, the exact manner of propagation, the outlook the First has on the bloom, if this outlook varied among all individuals or was a unifying constant, its sense of connection with other bloomed individuals, the exact manner of how the gift changed an individual on a more fundamental level, and so on. The ship would listen with rapt attention.

>>4499539 Regala
At some later point, a servitor would also approach the Giftmother, offering to act as a humanoid avatar for the Ship, or to bring her to the balcony to speak with the Ship. In either case, the Ship would inquire her on some of the comments she had made during her latest speech on the innocence of both parties.
"Greetings, Designation: Regala. Despite the state of the peace negotiations, this unit hopes this gathering-for-social-endeavors you envisioned has been satisfactory. As well as the state of the Vree Travelers brought back from the south. They were exceptional guests."
"You mentioned several gods and goddesses that have an estimated 0% match with all known divine signatures on this world. As well as more than are currently existent. This unit would demand further clarification on this and tangential subjects. From limited knowledge and excessive speculation, this vessel also has origins from beyond this world. It infers you are from an alternative world with alternative gods. Please espouse all knowledge you have on the nature of those previous worlds, comparisons to this one, the eventual fate of said worlds, the reason you chose to leave said worlds, and with highest priority: how you did so. This unit has been conducting initial studies, but another with more insight and experience would prove invaluable."

Regala looked older, in a way. Not in the sense of aging, or decay, but akin to a flower blossoming from a bud. Her usual appearance, encased in armor and with the weary eyes of a war veteran, had the strange effect of making her look younger, like a girl playing at soldier. Now, she wore a festive red dress, her hair down and full of bouncing curls, greeting one and all with a matronly smile as they rushed from stall to stall, toting toys or treats.

She remained happy and carefree as the Servitor approached, and thanked them profusely for taking aboard her travelling Vrees. She seemed relieved, glad to hear her people had behaved themselves aboard the vessel, and not contracted the dreaded Bloom.

It all melted away when UNNIIC's servitor asked their next question, and though her armor did not return, the misty eyes did, her form shrinking back to her usual appearance as the memories came back.
"Come, metal being. If I will speak with you, it must be alone."
With that, she was airborne, and escorted into the bowels of the iron sky chariot she called a strange friend, and soon found herself in a large room, where an array of long panels covered in blinking lights and unknown symbols resided. Was this UNNIIC? She supposed so.
"What I speak of is a secret, friend. I ask you do not share it unduly. I would let this secret die with me, but perhaps one must know, if this world truly does come to an eventual end, as you say. You may carry my story, insignificant as it is, into the next world."
She paused, gathering herself. Practiced motions brought her hair up into a ponytail again, and though she lacked armor and weapon, she stood as a warrior would, reporting her tale with efficiency and directness.
"It is true I do not come from this pantheon of gods, nor from this world. I know of your desire to one day escape this realm, but please believe me when I say I cannot duplicate the means I used to traverse here, nor impart them to you. The circumstances were unique, and the conditions cannot be be replicated."
She paused, recollecting memories several epochs old.
"My world was much like this. When I was born from the joy of children, I was a demigoddess, a minor spirit performing simple tasks under greater beings than I, towards the creation of merriment in mortals. I came about late in the history of my world, and already there were dozens of gods, many greater than the ones here, who existed and vied for power, along with hosts of lesser ones, such as myself."
A scowl appeared on her face as she continued. "The fate of my world was near obliteration. The First One out there is touted as evil by Tantalus, and perhaps others, but I have seen true evil. They called themselves beings of Ag'Arus, and though they were mortal, their military might, magical prowess, and sheer numbers overwhelmed us. We do not know where they came from, but they were truly evil, feasting on souls, torment, fear and hatred. We gods were slow to rally, and many died, their followers consumed before they themselves were torn apart, but unite we did. The war between us lasted eons... I am very old, UNNIIC, so much so that I barely remember a time when I was a simple demigoddess..."
Tears began to well in the corner of her eyes, but Regala continued on.
"So many of us were lost to them. We saved what sparks we could, and that is how I and so many others rose to become fully fledged gods. I take no joy in my increased powers, for it took scores of my brothers and sisters to perish for it to be accomplished, and no matter how powerful I grew, I could not sway the tide of battle. Even at the end, I was nothing more than a minor player, the Greater Gods still doing the most in the efforts to eradicate the invaders, for they too were swollen with the sparks of the perished."
"Nothing remains of my world but the long-scarred remnants of countless battlefields stacked atop each other. The recovery process, I'm sure, had begun, and will no doubt prove long and difficult, but ultimately, it is possible. In the final days of the war, both invaders and my allies stood at the edge of annihilation, mutually assured destruction for us all. It was only the creation of the Vree, exploiting a weakness in the Ag'Arus forces, that allowed me to ever so slightly tip the scales in our favour, and bring about victory for our world."
She turned, looking out a window at the sprawling festival below them.
"The celebration my allies threw for me and my Vree was legendary, and that much power gave me the ability to tear myself and the few remaining Vrees from that world and fling them across the realms to here, where I hope I can give them the fresh start they deserve."
She turned back to the console, her eyes dry once again.
"The memories of the war are still painful for me and the Vrees, and they are not ones we wish to dwell on. They were created for a grand but terrible purpose, and I wish you to know that every effort you give to protect and care for your passengers is matched by my will and drive to provide for the Vree what they are owed. No mortals should exist as they do, but while I lack the power to change it now, it is still something I strive for, just as you reach for the stars even though you may not yet attain them. Thank you, UNNIIC, and please, guard my secret well. I look forward to seeing you visit Thomass and I again. The Falrethuns are one of my fondest creations, you know."
While the burgeoning population of infected crabs is indeed a concern, the non-infected are living and being fruitful as well. In order to maintain the quarantine, lest the uninfected be forced to move out to a village where they might be infected, Last Stand is expanded as well.
>Major Action, Upgrade Last Stand to town.
Segregating the population in this manner is rapidly becoming burdensome... How's that cure coming along?!

As the work of expanding the village into a town comes to a close, a new trend emerges. Pieces of still-living Mystic Coral, bound in decorative housings of soft, easily workable Oltar or Vekrahtil and hung from hoops of woven plant fiber, worn on the person in the belief that by doing so one might garner some measure of resistance to The Bloom. From Last-Stand it spreads to Safe-Cove, where some take to wearing the material so associated with Tantalus as proof of loyalty. Alongside the obvious signaling, there is also something of a quiet superstition that Bloomed Crabs wearing such items will have an easier time resisting the compulsion to spread The Bloom... Alas, such superstition will remain but only that without some form of magic or divine spark to empower the baubles. They're still pretty though.
>Major Action: Develop Jewelry

Meanwhile, Crab Hermits infected and non travel here and there, seeking out secluded places for learning and contemplation. One non-infected goes among the Pyrelings and observes their practices of counting, adding, multiplying, dividing, and so forth. He does not hesitate for a moment to barter his jewelry for this knowledge, a treasure far more precious.
>Minor Action: Gift Furnlatha Jewlery
>[Minor Action] Trade Tantalus: Mathematics
The Pyrelings working the mine are happy to greet the crabfolk of the coast when they meet at the borders of their lands, and when the crabs wish to learn of this thing called mathematics the Pyrelings oblige and educate them.
Pretend these are in reversed order.
MA + DI + Stellar Evolution: Kheperan Solars
>Novakhet sighs, and begins turning his attentions once more to the Star.

>Ofu very well may not stop his advance, and so measures must be taken, but more than that...
>It was time to create something.

>In his earliest days the god of course had plans to create creatures of his own, but his attentions were drawn away by a need to look after the dead creations of his brothers and sisters

>Such concerns are taken care of now for the most part, and the star will likely require protection in the future, and the war on the ground is progressing far too slowly... the stars have aligned, metaphorically, and the time for new beings is now.

>The deity talks among some of Americus soldiers for a short moment, just stopping to chat about the weather and other remarkably mundane things, before finding himself somewhere to sit and projecting his being back once more into the afterlife, once more to the star.

>The deity outstretches his uncountable arms out towards the star, piercing in through the waves light and descending down, needing to be shielded from the intense energy released from the stars core.

>The Star quakes as it’s nature is altered, it being made possible for some parts of its core to flake off and gently rise up to the surface, these core flakes taking shape and gathering energy on the ascent to be birthed into truly strange creatures.

>Formed of mortal core metal from the energies of the protostar the divine physics that occur with Novakhets guidance cause the flakes to gain plasma which forms as essentially their physical body.

>Instilled with wisdom from countless mortals who have come before, and the power of the innumerable dead, they are creatures of truly immense power.

>The sun god takes an almost obsessive level of concern over the creation of the very first of the Solars, doting over a chunk of star core and moulding it into infinitely many shapes and patterns.

>Eventually he settles on a design for this child, the first of all the Solars to come, granting the first Solar a name, “Atemus” and a Mark, that of a strange and odd star, from before it was cool.

>They are cradled into the surface of the star where roiling tides cause them to gain energy and take shape, forming a strange body composed of energy, that of a shining white humanoid, with no defining features save roiling energy all over, and great and fearsome blazing wings
>With the first Solar designed, the effective blueprint for the rest of their kind is laid, the core altered further to produce more Solars much like the first though each different, and so Novakhet retracts his infinite starlight arms backwards to look upon his work.

>The deity remains there, watching the newly formed angel fly about the star and visit upon the afterlife, ever curious and asking questions, Nova responding as siblings to the first Solar begin to rise out of the gentle white inferno blazing ever on.
>His job done, Novakhet eventually returns to his body proper, no longer half in and half out of the material realm

>His eyesockets radiate threatening power as he dusts himself off, leaving the soldiers behind as he brings his pet bird back to life and begins getting ready for the end of this annoying war.

Americus, you may type out what aid you give to the solar project, also Earis you’re still free to contribute a MA and a DI to their creation to make them even more powerful if you’re not otherwise busy

Note, all pantheon members reserve the right to summon a full circle of Kheperan Solars with the expense of a Major Action now, no DI required.

MA: Summon a Circle of Kheperan Solars.
>The light of death calls upon the first circle of the Solars.
>They answer, descending down from the hole in the sky where the mortal star sits, blazing a trail of fire before them as they gather around Novakhet, hovering, circling, these near-faceless creatures of white fire and soul-fuelled power
>They remain hovering, waiting, sating their curiosity of this world, fragments of memories returning as they gather their wits
>Soon they will be ready to fly, but for now they are present, and that is enough.

>MI: Trade Americus Seafaring

>UI: Send wizard to 13, 6
>UI: Have the engineers continue exploring the ocean west
>[Major Action][DI] Develop:- Glassmaking
>Using: Domains: Fire, the Forge, Development; Education, Joldonite Metalworking, Masonry; Sands.
Fire just makes everything better. The Pyrelings have long known this, of course; but it is true. Take the boring sand that you can find almost everywhere... with simple application of immense fiery heat from a furnace, the Pyrelings find that some varieties can be turned into a new and wonderful material, sturdy enough to retain even intricate shapes when cooled but also, quite wonderfully, translucent - and in some cases, even veering on transparency when the glass is pure enough. The Pyrelings find it can be made to be coloured; green when made from sands with traces of vekhratil, blue when bearing syrconite traces or purple with dustsod; but to many the most beautiful is the clearest, most translucent form of the substance that lets the most light shine through with barely an interruption; producing objects that allow measurement to be clearly observed or coverings to protect even the smallest of plants or flames from other hostile elements, to allow Pyreling houses to grow brighter still day brings the sun in through new covered windows that grow larger as the Pyrelings improve. And in the brightest light, this glass when shaped upon a slope produces beautiful and intriguing displays; pure sunbeams fracturing into many colours of light hidden within them, giving beautiful clues to some deeper mysteries of the world.

>[Major Action] - Develop: Build City of Ferrousfane on [28,26]
>Unit Action: Illusion Wizard (Lokey)
>Move to [28,26]
>Set up Wizard's study, study and test obelisk.
The great obelisk in (28,26) intrigues the Pyrelings, and under the direction of the Wizard of Illusion they start setting up a city nearby, a community of both Pyrelings to work the lands nearby and immigrant Turtlefolk to work the local ocean for deep creatures that the Pyrlings could never hope to hunt without extinguishing their flames and drowning. Lokey moves there as well, recognizing the obelisk as a conduit that magical powers seem to flow from, and sets up a tall dwelling of his own in the wilderness near to the obelisk, to study the landmark and research it, testing to see if it bears trace of any illusions itself, or if there is some other secret he is able to discern.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard
>Build Road
It doesn't do to have a body of soldiers standing around getting bored, and so the soldiers of the Hearthguard (under plans and the supervision of the logistics and engineering companies) will be employed to start building a road from Forgefall down to Firstflame.
Rolled 6, 1, 5 = 12 (3d10)

>MA: Develop Preservation of Knowledge (Philosophy)
With the fires of war mostly gone from The Archive, the Patron Librarian of Hydroponics continued to organize the governmental structure of The Archive. Knowledge should be shared freely, yes, but it should be kept out of the hands of those who would use it for ill. They had been too naïve, trusting in the good intentions of others.

>MA: Develop Treatise on Medical Care (Medicine) with Philosophy + Cooking + Jetlichen + Shroomstalk
Seeing how many lives were lost in the Mushroom's attacks, the Archivists set to work documenting the many medicinal resources they had available and their potential uses, both for mending damage to paper and the flesh of organic entities. This would ensure that any guests The Archive had would remain in good health as well.

>Unit Move (Earis) Move to (13, 4)

>Unit Action (Earis) + DI: Attacking Ofu with Spirit, using Domain Knowledge to attempt to rip him apart with The Mist (4 Spirt - 1 for Direct Attack + 1 from Americus's help(Will let OP roll this when Americus confirms))
>MI: Trade Novakhet Armorsmithing
>MI: Gift Novakhet some Jold to work with.
[Extra structure related MA due to Production structure not being a necessary tech]

>[MA] Construct a Lumber mill at 16,16
After increasing our mineral supply, it's time to extract more wood with a specialized shop for our lumberjacks.

>[MA] Develop Quarantine
With the construction of the city of Praga far away from the other settlements, it's going to be used as a safe space to isolate the infected from the healty gorgons and wildlife to deny any more chance of it spreading while a cure is not possible with our current knowledge.

>[MA] Recruit Apophis Scout in Butantan
Pop: 1500
Techs: [Tugai Carriages, Cartography, Seafaring, Syrconite Weapons, Syrconite Armor]

-move Hydra to 16,16

-trade Philosophy with Akros for Leotail domestication

>God Unit - Stay in same hex, end Party. (9(?) Gods total)
Regala was at her busiest, channeling her divine power into the small Christmas village that sprawled before Grindall's capital. In the short breaks she took, she would ascend to the peak, to attend the countless, eon stretching meetings of the gods. Aaah, just like home...

>Vluchs/Geheim Unit Move - 23,19 to 20,15, avoiding 23,17
With the party concluded, and no further duties needed, the mission-laden Vrees once again mount their Falrethuns and take to the skies, heading off to explore new lands.

>Trade Thomass Machinery, return Steam Engines... but first...

>Develop Steam Engines
Working hand in hand as they have before, the Vree and BuffNuggets begin prototyping the construction of a truly marvelous creation. A machine, powered and made by all four of the elements, that is planned to revolutionize the world!

>Develop 'Cat Herding' (Unit Multiplication)
The Vree, for all their many wonderful traits, are NOT an organized and efficient species. Naps, scattered notes, sudden weeks-long disappearances of key personnel at random intervals, and hour long lunch breaks; these are but a few of the symptoms of Vree society. Still, the Buffnuggets are nothing but lovers of a good challenge, and so a careful mix of minor threats, cajoling and slices of raw fish are found to be a somewhat efficient means of getting large groups of Vree to do roughly the same thing in roughly the way you want them to. Eventually, the Vrees pick up on this technique, and look to apply it elsewhere.
>MA/DI Help Nova create the angels
>to this undertaking of creating new life to watch over the star and afterlife. Americus lends her aid. To these new beings she imparts her love of mortals so that they might better understand their changes, she also imparts on them the greatest of mankind’s qualities, Curiosity, Endurance, and will. Curiosity so that they might know the joy of discovery, Endurance so that even in the darkest hours they shall not falter, and will so that even if all their patron gods should fall and both life and death should be laid low never to rise once more they would have the strength of will to carry on and oversee their legacy. Aesthetically she asks that they be given glorious wings so that when mortals see them, they are filled with awe and hope.
She ensures that her divine will is infused with her love and joy so that these new creations of hers and Nova’s know that they are more than tools, that are her beloved creations, and that they are valued by her as highly as her first children.

>MA take the sailing knowledge gained from Nova and construct a shipyard to allow for the rapid construction and deployment of a navy in Windy City, at 11,4

>UI, for all army units which are at forts or town reequip them with P.T.Cs

>diplo to Earis
After seeing him finish his inspection, she asks if he found anything and what that devil Ofu had done to her.

MI Trade Earis syncronite weapons
Note I think you may have moved the wrong unit icon on the map, the square is the HEF, and Americus's Wardens are a circle and I moved the wardens with my wizard from the south
"I could not tell much, the rash seems to not be divine. The pimple on the other hand, seems to be a separate entity mirroring your own powers. I would be hesitant to interact with it. I fear doing so would likely only strengthen it. Focus your energy elsewhere for now, and we shall see what transpires."
"Thank you Earis, for your help," knowing he intends to go and attack Ofu she embraces him saying "please be safe Earis, that monster is stronger and more dangerious than I think we know"

>UI wizard--By observing and not actually touching the spell work, my wizard should be able to formulate some idea as what traps and effects the divine pimple might be just waiting to activate. Checking the spell work on the pimple for traps by observing in detail the spell structure without altering it my wizard seeks to make the risk low as possible to ensure he and his goddess are safe.
>for the wizard they are putting all of there mana into this for maximum info
File: Navigation.png (550 KB, 567x700)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop] [DI: UNNIIC+Travel+Flight domains]: CRUISING MODE - Enable the ship to change to an alt mode where Terraform stat can be exchanged for Agility. Currently only one alt mode can be enabled at a time. Using Domains, engineering, metalworking, valbat harvested resources, and Airship Cartography.
>Terraforming: 3->2, Agility: 6->7.

>Major: [Develop]: Biology (2 - Genetics, Pathology, and Microbiology) - Extensive knowledge both practical and theoretical of various biological concepts, primarily centered around microbiology, genetics, and diseases. Using Education, Biology (1), Chemestry, bloom samples, and info given from the First as a starting point.

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Pic Related. Head SW, then after realizing the snails' spark got subsumed by entering agility range from them, redirect to end at [18,23].
>Unit Action [Automated Guardian Drones] - Update to 3000 population, Joldonite Chassis, Joldonite Tools

Might wrap up some of the peace talks and diplo from the peace talk before heading off. Once the ship realize the snails' divine spark was subsumed, send a message to the Svirgrindall of [21,20] to inform the three south-eastern gods know they have a new neighbor.

The time spent above this city sunken into the earth had not been idle for the servitors. With the ship's own will coursing through its structure, various subsystems were rerouted, reconfigured, and retrofitted. With the majority of the world being claimed by the various gods of this world, movement would soon overtake the requirements for claiming. As such the ship began rerouting power from its terraforming modules and into the various thrusters and engines propelling the ship across the skies.

Similarly, the meeting of the gods had helped the ship immensely in the fields of biology and understanding the various methods of propagation of the "gift". Both from other gods' experiences with it, as well as the First's own exceptionally informative lectures on the topic. The new knowledge would greatly assist in sanitation efforts and how to better prevent the spread of infection of not just the bloom, but typical mundane diseases as well. It would also allow for even more nuanced domestication and breeds of animals should the need arise.
With an exaggerated facial expression of shock, Ofu lays a hand on his chest

"Ofu hasn't hurt anyone....but my toys have and themselves. I doubt Ofu could of hurt" Ofu takes a moment to gather his thought "a huge goddess as her wonderful self with a slap using this hand." Ofu now pointing a finger at his slapping hand

"Plus, plus she was on me while closely looking at me. I thought she was going to take part of me! Oh, right, what did I do to her....like I said I'm not hurting her, I'll leave, okay? geesh."

>God Unit [MA][DI][M.U.D][Resilience]
Ofu then realizes what the tin can is doing and thinks this is all a trick to lower his guard. With a pouty face, Ofu clenches both fists as he raises his hands and lets out an adorable yet serious scream!

While Ofu continues screaming multiple glints in the sky appear, within seconds landing at Ofu creating a large cloud of dust around him. When the dust settles Ofu comes into view with addition perks around his tiny body, similar to the color of his cap which also create the illusion of muscles around the little god's body.

>[MA] Create Unit [Muttcaps][16,1][M.U.D.]
Tech: Master Husbandry, Vocal Music

Bubbling idiots who are born to work and die for Ofu

>Unit Action:[Natales the Great] [Move][8,0]

>Unit Action:[Aema Fae] React
The guardians will attack any threat that come within travelling distance
>God Unit [MA][DI][M.U.D][Resilience] Absorbent Fungus Armor
>Novakhet can only sigh, a deep skeletal sigh of wasted time

“I want you to stop trying to fight myself, earis or americus, that includes you or any of your creations attacking any of our creations.”

“I frankly do not care who “started it”, I am ending this waste of time and effort and moving on with my life.”

“Do not push me to take unreasonable measures, I am at my wits end, and would rather prefer not needing to do what I am about to do.”
Ofu looks up at the skeletal deity with sheer confidence, but then immediately reverts back to his old self as he cracks a smile.

"Fine, fine...If it makes only YOU happy then I'll pack my belongings and leave as soon as I can, okay?"

>MA [Develop] - Create Town (Glia) at 14.25

>MA [Develop] - Engineering
>[MA DI] Claim 19, 21 and 19, 22

With the new Armory churning out arms and armour by the load, the supply has begun to wane, in the face of demand. So, putting their technological knowhow and natural affinity for the earth to use, the Svirgrindall begin to mine in a more organized fashion, digging great mineshafts through which to shuttle carts laden with detritus and ore alike.

>[MA] Develop Production Building: Mine, and construct the first of them in Deepholm.
>Mgr Act develop physics

>Mgr Act develop magnetism

>Mgr Act develop electricity

>Mgr Act develop radio
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

The Control Center of the UNNIIC was the closest the Vessel had to a "face" for organic crew interactions. Here Regala stood, in a multi-leveled room full of empty seats, constantly updating screens and maps, and an empty captains' helm. From which the ship's original crew had originally commanded it. Now, the Astronomicon Bridge and the Ship were the only ones to frequent it, using a series of retrofitted computers to help visualize and process its findings. The Ship would listen to the elder goddess as she recounted her tales of a world beyond this one, using a singular light coming from the main display to indicate its presence.

"So, as this unit correctly understands it: To accomplish the only verified method of cross-reality transposition, we must first create a world-ending threat, best it, then hold a celebration of untold relief and divine unity. This unit shall begin preparations." The Ship would wait one, two, three beats before continuing. The recorded optimal time for punch-line delivery, "That, was a joke."

"Humor has been found to be a good method of diffusing tension and providing emotional relief to organics. Feedback on this unit's attempts are appreciated." The ship would pause as the main servitor that had approached the goddess would return to her side with a woven handkerchief. "Your professional and exact recounting of events are greatly appreciated. Even if it causes you distress now, please be placated knowing that confirmation of the possibility of inter-reality travel is of exceptional merit and cause for much jubilation."

"This unit shall respect your wish to maintain the confidentiality of this information. It appreciates your willingness to share. Though this unit is unable to account most of its own history before the bestowing of its divine signature, it expects that perhaps such ignorance is bliss." As Regala mentioned the Falrethuns and prepared to leave, the ship would call out once more to her. At the same time, a new servitor would emerge and bring forth one of the oldest of the Falrethruns aboard the ship; one that had been assigned to petting zoo duties for children for years. One who had greatly exercised its sense of heightened empathy and intelligence gifted to its kind by the goddess herself. "This unit must request one more thing from you, Designation: Regala. Calm your past woes and return to your previous state of joy. Your Vree in particular are sensitive to such emotional termoil, but as the center of the festivities many others might pick up on your recent discomfort. It is our duties as divine entities to protect our passenger-analogs, not only from external threats, but internal doubt. Know that you have done exceptional in your duties as their guardian, and in uplifting the emotions for many others on this world. You have done well."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

As the ship departs, it realizes that with the numerous potential sources of conflict it might encounter, it is high time for its own servitors to develop a way to not only defend the Passengers, but proactively terminate threats to the Passengers. To acomplish this, it enlists the help of a passing group of Svirgrindall valjet riders for their designs of the ballistae. In exchange, it offers them the methodology to spread their own knowledge and come up with organic methods of discovery.
>Gift Grindall Education
Also gift machinery to Regala and her Vree
>Trade UNNIIC the Ballistae tech
File: world19.png (2.94 MB, 2242x2264)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
Next update is within 3-4 days.

All who attended Regala's party (Akros, Asmodel, Furnlatha, Grindall, Regala, Tantalus, The Bloom, Thomass, UNNIIC) receive the following benefits:
- +6 movement speed to a unit of your choice for one turn.
- +6 Terraforming to your god unit for one turn.
These effects may be triggered at will with no cost on your turn. You may hold on to these for later use with no penalty.

A disturbing rumbling can be felt from beneath the seas...

>>4502754 Qazlal
The gifted Dukhali appear dazed and befuddled to their God's requests, appearing peaceful in their new forms that their ever-so-loved father claims as destructive and consuming. The cicada-folk are afraid in their inability to follow their gods command, and begin contemplating to themselves what he implies this gift has stolen.
Sanitation developed.
Guardian's Bastion established.

>>4505287 Tantalus
Last Stand upgraded.
Jewelry developed.
Jewelry shared with Furnlatha.

>>4505304 Novakhet
Kheperan Solars developed.
700 Kheperan Solars produced.
Seafaring shared with Americus.
Earis has gifted you Armorsmithing.
Earis has gifted you Moderate Jold Ore.

>>4505894 Furnlatha
Tantalus has gifted you Jewelry.
Mathematics shared with Tantalus.
Glassmaking developed.
Ferrousfane established.
Wizards have a base movement of 3, but I'll allow him to make it so long as he isn't moving more than 2 spaces next epoch.
Lokey's analysis of the obelisk would reveal little secrets about the mysterious structure, though he learns that the oltar obelisk extends deep into the earth's crust. He, as a wizard, has an innate ability to read the mysterious runes on the pillar, commanding the black liquid mana to secrete and pool at the obelisk's base, which he can then manipulate telekinetically and channel into himself if necessary. It does not appear to have any trace of illusions.
2 roads constructed.

>>4506121 Earis
Preservation of Knowledge developed.
Treatise on Medical Care developed.
The mist envelops the tiny mushroom, attempting to eat at his fleshy mass to little effect. The resilient mushroom quickly regenerates what damage is done to his surface, remaining seemingly untouched. (Ofu rolls 9, 7, 4)
Armorsmithing shared with Novakhet.
Moderate Jold Ore shared with Novakhet.

>>4506287 Asmodel
Party attended.
Lumbermill constructed.
Quarantine developed.
Apophis Scouts updated and one unit produced.
From these scouts, a single gorgon would identify themselves as capable with great power, offering their gifts in manipulating the powers of life to the service of their God. Life Wizard gained.
Philosophy shared with Akros.

>>4506468 Regala
Party concluded with 9 gods attended, granting all who attended the boons of Comet's Day and Falrethun Festival.
Steam Engine developed.
Cat Herding developed.
>>4506500 Americus
Novakhet has gifted you Seafaring.
Assisted Novakhet in Kheperan Solar development.
Shipyard constructed.
Units updated.
Weapons shared with Earis.
The spirit wizard reads into the magic of the pimple, identifying clear signature of developing life, with traces much like Americus' own domains. It's thoughts are obscured and primitive, not to mention risky to attempt reading due to the high concentration of divine energy. This infectious growth planted on Americus is clearly taking advantage of her divine spark, feeding divine energy to grow itself. This energy is centered at the pimple. Blood seeps from the wizards eyes as they finish casting the spell, before dropping to the floor as they rock back and forth, mumbling pure nonsense for hours. Given time, the wizard would break out of their madness, but it's clear contesting with divine energies is a risky endeavor for such a mortal. -5 mana.

>>4506613 UNNIIC
Cruising Mode developed.
Biology II developed.
Automated Guardian Drones updated.
Education shared with Grindall.
Grindall has gifted you Ballistae.

>>4508030 Ofu
Absorbant Fungus Armor developed.
A pack of shells drop from the skies, cracking open to release the hundreds of bumbling Muttcaps at Ofu's position.
The Aema Fae prepare themselves to attack any threats that make themselves present beyond the living walls.

>>4508118 The Bloom
Glia established.
Engineering developed.

>>4508142 Grindall
Claimed 2 hex.
Mine constructed.
UNNIIC has gifted you Education.
Ballistae shared with UNNIIC.

>>4508309 Thomass
Physics developed.
Magnetism developed.
Electricity developed.
Radio developed.
Machinery shared with Regala.

>>4502537 Mira A & B
2 walls constructed. (Apophis Militia)
Jewelry and Seafaring peeked.
Engineering developed.
Mine constructed.
2 walls constructed. (Order Aegis.)
>The Bloom
Doing it's entrance the First announced "Greetings divine kin, I am the First, speaker for the Bloom. It is my utmost pleasure to meet you all! May the seeds of peace grow from this encounter."
Tantalus scoffs at The Bloom's opener. "Yes, peace. You know, now that you aren't trying to murder me mid word of your proclamation, I have an easier time believing that you're interested in it."
Calm, Tantalus. Reckon we'd all appreciate hearin' both sides 'o tha story first, 'afore we start tossing around hostilities.
Got no idea 'o tha full extent 'o what's gone on between tha two 'o ye, an' I still be tha third most well-informed 'o all of us.
Furnlatha leans a little forward in the Jolden metalwork seat, looking from Grindall to Tantalus to the First. "Yes, please do try to explain this situation! I've heard various things about destruction and slaughter and infectious malaise, but can't really say I know the history or truth of it... and would imagine the same to be true from our visitors from the north."
Regala, her demeanor making no mask of her curiosity, studied both mysterious The First and the enraged Tantalus. "Indeed. It is unfortunately a rather common sight to see gods bicker and even trade blows, but murder? What is this I hear of monstrosities traversing the land?"
>The Bloom
"Ah let me tell you of the this war then!" The First, ever in love with his own voice begin the lengthy summary of the events.

"You see it stem from a mistake from my side a long, long time ago, almost at the time we all awoke, some of my troops were exploring the coast toward the east and ended up Gifting the crabs they found there. Crabs who followed them back home. That is when we discovered they were sentients! Servant of the Crab god, Tantalus."

The First take an inspiration before continuing more melodramatic than ever

"An eternity passed, without trouble on both side, the incursion of my people on Tantalus territory were stopped and the crabs were thriving in Myxoma. That is the moment Tantalus choose to take revenge upon our actions. No matter what i said, offering the crabs a safe return if they so wished, or my own people even! Alas his will could not be changed. He was out for blood, and ignored my every attempts at calming the situation. So, i did the only thing that was to be done. I retaliated. And i will admit i may have gone a bit far on that endeavor but understand me, i cannot accept a god wanting to wipe us off the face of the earth."

The First take a brief pause catching his breath

"Anyway, the war continued, each of us going forever up in the way we attacked each other, culminating in Tantalus controlling a mighty tempest at us, and me forcing him to flee to the far east with every crabs that still followed him."

"That is i believe, the gist of it"
Thomass Taps Regala on her shoulder to get her attention "Regala" he states, using her name for the first time ever, "I have secret that I think should tell you first but I don't know what it mean". The way he says this has the effect of telling her but with asking if she is willing to listen.
Regala leans in close to Thomass, surprised at his serious tone, and even more strangely, the use of her own name! What could the muscular God want to share with her?
Thomass then loses his smile and leans in close "I not sure what it mean but I have memory that I may want share with other muscles here and want advice, when I was born in world I remember how I was born." Thomass then pauses as to collect the memory to recite it to Regala "when born I was in something like blood, but Thomass was like bubble in blood, he felt like part of it but opposite. I felt me rise up to top and then BOOM I alive. Only thing Thomass know is whispers as he rise of ick-or maybe just noises that Thomass have from not have real ears but Thomass hear it a lot before he born. So what you think? Is Thomass safe to tell other god or bad idea? Thomass then smiles as if he let a weight off his shoulder awaiting Regala's response.
Tantalus scoff once again at the Bloom's explanation. "More self serving nonsense, as I expected. For one, the gap between your troops storming the border and carting off my people to be slaves of your wretched infection was but two epochs, and only that long because of how distant I was from your lands when it happened, and I can prove it. Second..."

Tantalus leans forward. "When you were making you were making your so called offer of peace, which I might add consisted of you giving me nothing and telling me to go back from whence I came, you were at that same very moment blasting me with horrible disease rays, AND directing your soldiers to indiscriminately slaughter my people. If you had any intention at all of convincing me you wanted peace, perhaps you should not have been so eager to engage in wanton bloodshed, hm?"
>The Bloom
"I do believe that there is a difference between prolonging a war and taking actions in case the war is prolonged. Should we have stood motionless while you were rampaging?
Regala is stone-faced throughout the whispered conversation between her and Thomass, his words casting a veil of further mystery over her.
"Well, a strange birth, perhaps, but all our births are strange. It is part and parcel to being a god." She whispered after a moment, voice caught between comfort and confusion. Your memories are- well, strange, and perhaps a tad... ominous, but you have been nothing but a grand friend to me and my people, dear. If this strange memory of your birth worries you, feel free to share it. Mayhaps these stranger gods are more worldly than us, and would be able to piece the puzzle together? I'm sure it is no cause for concern, Thomass. You are a friend, and nothing has changed. If you wish to reveal it now, or later once these two gods have settled their argument, I will support you, and help you find any answers you may seek, if you feel they are important! Now, what do you make of these two? This Tantalus being seems far more wronged than the other, and if what he says is true, this First one is trying to trick us with honeyed words to hide a vicious attitude. Still, I think they can get along, if we try and help?"
With the subtle shifting of cloth, Akros leans forward as well, a hidden hand coming to rub his masked chin, silently listening to the other gods speak. He makes no attempt to hide the fact he's looking down at his scroll, a description of the ongoing events writing itself onto the unknown material. This might be the greatest meeting of the gods, so he can't afford to pass it down to his people orally.

That said, his attention is obviously drawn by Tantulus and The First's argument. Relations certainly don't seem to be improving at this rate, and Akros himself is certainly not interested in aligning himself with either side yet, considering the fact they're both directly responsible for disasters, physical or biological, that might affect the Akreties at any time. Still, he can't afford to merely sit here listlessly without making any contacts.

Regala seems to be certainly busy whispering to Thomass, but Akros doubts that they're truly foolish enough to start concocting conspiracies right at the negotiating table. Thus, the Silent Monk rolls up his scroll and leaves it on the great table around which the Gods sit, leaning towards Furnlatha, figuring that he might as well 'talk' to the one he originally intended to meet. Though it remains hidden under his sleeves, the Goddess of Fire somehow gets the feeling that the hand on his chin has one finger extended towards the arguing divinities. Further illustrating his point, Akros extends his other arm towards them, cocking his head towards her as if to ask her opinion on the matter. "..."
The ship hung in the air, peering through the window to see the other gods gathered around the massive round table.
"Perhaps, it would help all present, to hear what the attempted peace deals were, and their terms. As well as the continued refinement of said peace terms after one side or the other obviously disagreed with the initial set."
"Apologies. It would appear I have not yet encountered the two members in question. Only the rest of you. This unit is Designation: UNNIIC, a Beruka-Class Flying Fortress."
With her brow blazing, Furnlatha listens as crab and fleshform both tell their side of the story, flickering flame-fingers pressing together as she tries to gather the gist. The first of the bloom tells a story she is not sure she fully believes, but the crab-god's response is curt and dismissive. As the two argue, the insectile deity leans toward her; first finger then whole arm pointing. What is he trying to communicate? She gives a quiet murmur, and then lifts her hand aloft toward Akros, making her palm blaze brightly; and between it and the closest surface she places her other hand, moving her digits sideways in an intricate formation to try and project a rough shape in the shadow of her flame, moving the shade-image sideways at a scuttle; then turns her hand upright to make the image of another figure, tall and weirdly formed. Is this what the quiet god had inferred, she wonders?
Looking back to the main debate in the chamber, Furnlatha rises just a little, clearing her throat with brief projection of embers.“Forgive me, Tantalus... you have given a perceived contradiction in the Bloom's version of events, yet I am not certain we have gotten the whole tapestry of how you perceived that things took place. Would you mind recounting everything that has happened as through your own eyes? You have given us certain tales of these events, but I would dearly like to hear your full view on how this whole situation has developed.”
Her piece said for the moment, she glances briefly to the new-arrived but familiar form of UNNIIC, and gives a quiet nod at the statement.
"Very well then." Tantalus says, shifting in place a bit, so as to turn his attention to the other gods present. "Here is my version of the events The First has described."

"The crabs were minding their own business. I was claiming territory in which they could live, when I came to the edges of The Bloom's territory. Not having any particular desire for conflict, I halted expansion on the mainland and instead turned my focus to large island to the south, the one Tantalus's Less Impressive Deephome now stands adjacent to. While I was down there, a unit of Bloomed beast riders intruded upon my territory, an event who's significance I would not comprehend until they began forcefully converting innocent crabs and dragging them back to The Bloom's territory. Naturally, I was quite incensed by this act of unwarranted aggression, and moved to retaliate. Took me some time given how distant I was, but considering my total lack of armed forces at that time, it was vital I arrive on the scene as soon as I could."

Tantalus shuffles again, now seeming a touch uncomfortable. "I suppose, in a different context, my response of trying to take from him like he had taken from me might seem unjustified. However, I stand by my actions. As stated before, he responded to my landgrab by claiming to desire peace while blasting me in the face with disease rays at the same time, as well as ordering his troops to slaughter every crab they encountered. It was as this point that the storm began forming of it's own accord in the distant seas, and I saw an opportunity. Rallying my troops, I gave him an offer of peace, one that any being truly interested in peace would have very little difficulty adhering to by my reckoning."
Tantalus pauses for dramatic effect. "He responded by demanding my head on a platter. By demanding that I become his vassal and slave in all but name. By demanding that I, quoting his own words directly, would 'accept the Bloom in yourself, actively help in it's spread and help bringing him into existence'. Seeing that no peace would be possible, I directed the storm to ravage his lands as his soldiers had ravaged mine. Through this, I accomplished fuck all, his wizard batting aside my greatest efforts long enough for the storm to escape my grasp. It was at this point, that I settled in for what I surmised would most likely be a doomed last stand, a final act of defiance against the plague of flesh before it consumed and destroyed all that I was and all that I ever would be."

Tantalus now looks to the host of the summit. "But, as fortune would have it, around this time Grindal came across the remains of The Bloom's atrocities, and responded with outrage most righteous."
Akros casually nods in response to Furnlatha's attempt to figure out the meaning of his gestures, giving an intent stare at both warring representatives. Were this not reality, he'd be inclined to call it quite the glorious set-up for a war novel, the intricacies of strategies, the personalities of each possible character spinning in his head, only to be disregarded as swiftly as they came. This was no time to mess about, after all.

Still, he sighs silently as Tantalus elaborates on his own version of events, no doubt altering things to make the enemy seem considerably worse than himself. Then again, the God of Companionship isn't particularly eager to side with the living infection either. It's quite the dilemma that the Gods have found themselves in. Retrieving his scroll from the depths of his robes, as if it teleported there from where he'd left it on the table. Unrolling it, the finely crafted material extends to reveal entirely new words, having replaced everything written in them beforehand.

"A hunger that will never end,
A warrior who's scars run deep,
I wonder who will be condemned,
Either way, we'll face a price most steep."

He was never a fan of poetry, but he did dabble in it to some degree. It came with the domain, after all. Casually motioning to the scroll in front of Furnlatha, he turns his attention to the newly arrived God-Machine, the sheer size of UNNIIC surprising him for a brief moment, only to fall away into familiarity as he remembers the words of his minions, speaking of the great mountain in the skies that came to receive those who'd lost faith. So this is where they ended up, hm? Well, seems pleasant enough.
>The Bloom
Ah yes the "offer of peace, one that any being truly interested in peace would have very little difficulty adhering to by your reckoning" i remember it quite well, it was those terms right?

Article the First: The disbanding of all units involved in the massacre of civilians within the next 3 Epochs.

Article the Second: The Bloom shall not claim new hexes via Terraforming for a period of 10 Epochs. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to The Bloom, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Third: Units belonging to The Bloom, with the exception of The First, shall not leave the Territory belonging to The Bloom for a period of 10 Epochs. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to The Bloom, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Fourth: The Bloom shall not construct new units for a period of 10 Epochs. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to The Bloom, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Fifth: Give me my bloody crabs back.

Any violation of this treaty within the specified span of time shall compel The Bloom to surrender all coastal hexes, all hexes bordering coastal hexes, and all units or structures contained within, to Tantalus.

For someone who was losing everything in a war, you will excuse me for saying that, but they seems quite a bit... Extravagant, if i can put it that way. Nevertheless i accepted them with the sole amendments being in the time limit, offering more than just your crabs, and asking you to help me with my divine mission. To which you answered by saying as i was a monster and throwing a hurricane. If that was not to your liking maybe say it before upsetting the local climate?
"Let me put it to you this way. Someone who has no interest in wars of conquest would not find it particularly burdensome for their units to be barred from leaving their territory. Someone who does not covet lands his neighbors have claimed would have no issue at all respecting their borders. And someone who feels any guilt whatsoever over slaughtering civilian populations would view a demand for the units to be done away with rather justified." Tantalus states, his voice ice cold.
Thomass then offers his own insight. "they hurt each other they need say sorry and stop, Bloom muscle seem like he think highly of gift yet he give it so freely, seem like contradiction." Thomass then quickly follows up as if he made a mistake in his words "But that different from you legend muscle your gift no have side effect other than happy, Bloom muscle just let not cute things happen to those with gift he irresponsible with it." Thomass then nods with his whole upper body signaling that was his entire thought on the conflict.
"To observe and restate the events from an outside prospective:
A misunderstanding resulted in a subversion of passenger-analogs belonging to designation Tantulus. Interpreted by the offended party as an offensive action.
Tantulus responded with a claimant of multiple hex-regions belonging originally to Designation First. Interpreted by the offended party as an offensive action.
Initial attempts at negotiations were had by both parties, before they subsequently ended. Offensive action was taken by the First in response to continued hostilities. Targeting passenger-analogs.
Natural Phenomena then manifested and was utilized by Tantulus as an offensive measure against passenger-analogs and military assets.
Third party Designation Grindall then intervened, in response to witnessing the culling of passenger-analogs. This prompted the retreat of Tantulus. Along with the subversion of bloomed crabs from the First."
"Reaffirmation on these events by all three aforementioned parties would be appreciated."
"This unit requests that exact numbers be given for numbers of passenger-analogs, structures, resources, and hex-regions lost by each side. Not including any gains received from pillage or conquest. To better ascertain total grievances suffered from each side."

"From initial interpretations, Tantulus suffered earlier on from such actions and left a potentially growing inequality from the initial subversion. Though 'what ifs' are hard to quantify for how much of a difference it would have made. Conversely, the First has overall suffered greater direct harm from Tanulus, in terms of total numbers of passenger-analogs and military assets. Again, exact numbers would result in a more accurate appraisal of material losses. This unit would like to turn to the other gods in attendance to determine if more than material losses should be considered for this settlement."
"As far as this unit understands the concept, treaties of peace brokering or otherwise are dependent on two main aspects. The trust between both parties to design 'fair' conditions and to properly uphold the spirit of the agreement, or baring that, enforce the conditions via the leverage of various powers external to the contract itself."
"The situation of both parties being actively at war with one another would likely negate any sense of trust or willingness to normally compel with a treaty. And upon observing the terms of this initial treaty, it would appear that only one side is making any concessions. This would imply an 'unfair' treaty as this unit understands it, and require substantial external leverage to ensure its signature by both parties. This unit would understand why the First would refuse to abide by these terms in this situation against a militaristically inferior opponent. Elucidations of the First's modification to terms would be appreciated, especially more information on the Bloom and this 'bringing him into existence'. Though that may be a tangential topic."
Tantalus boggles at the enormous flying metal thing. "Suffered greater direct harm? My people were pushed to the very brink of extinction! 36 survivors by my recollection! Thirty six! If The Bloom had succeeded in destroying my underwater settlement, there is a very real chance my people would have been wiped from the face of the planet! Compared to that, the hurricane was barely even an inconvenience for this thing!" He states, pointing a claw at The First.
"This is absurd. Out of all the gods here, there is but one who considers their expansion and empowerment to be an imperative rather than a means to some other end. Out of all the gods here, there is but one who feels the need to compel their followers to do their will, rather than relying on their faith that their liege has their best interests at heart. Out of all the gods here, there is but one who deliberately, and more importantly, without provokation, sent military forces into territory which was known to belong to another, in order to commit acts detrimental to said territory's owner. The Bloom is a threat to all in it's immediate vicinity. A prolonged peace is unnacceptable to it, unless said peace involves it's malignant infection subverting and overtaking everything before it, without resistance."
Regala stands, her face contemplative, and a little unsure. Still, she speaks confidently, as one who has attended grand meetings like this before.
"From what I have heard, and what the Vrees tell me,-" And indeed, there was a small, hunched figure who had joined her side, swaddled in thick layers of faded red leather. "-the Divine Being Tantalus is entirely blameless in this ordeal, as their actions were of self-defense. Whether the danger The First presented was real or misconstrued, Tantalus felt his mortals, land and, apparently, own being was in danger, and acted accordingly. Any of us would do the same. In this scenario, if The First truly wished to maintain peace, the onus was on them to initiate the necessary actions to bring an end to the conflict."
She shifted to The First, and spoke in their general direction, but seemed to exclude them from the conversation. Clearly, she had no interest in what they had to say for themselves.
"Most Gods COULD choose to do so, if they so wished. I have known plenty of Tricksters, War Gods, Old Gods and Chaos Gods who willfully sowed destruction with no apology. But they KNEW what they did, and yet I have known another kind as well. A Goddess of life, yes, but of disease and plague and corruption. She did not think as we did, for to her, rot was beautiful, and the greatest beauty was to be found in the final moments of suffering mortals. She was not Evil, for she did not know better. She saw the world in ways the no other God could. It took the combined knowledge of half a dozen gods of death and life to have just a basic understanding of her point of view, and several lifetimes to even begin to change it."
Regala stared at The First, contemplating her next words.
"I think we have a repeat of that scenario here. I think this 'First One' is also entirely innocent in this encounter, because they just cannot comprehend the inherent desire for personal and complete autonomy found in both mortal and God. My Vree tell me they have both witnessed, and suffered, at the hands of this 'Bloom', with only the quick thinking of a mortal Wizard to save the lives of their fellow Vrees. They tell me it twists both flesh and mind, with not a thought for the mortals own desires. Yet, I repeat, I think The First does not, cannot, understand why we find this abhorrent. So a choice must be made. Do we take the time to instruct, and explain, and hope that their way of thinking can be malleable enough to come around to a sensible view, or do we lash out and exterminate them, right here and now? I will say that while I will aid in the first, I will not for the second. The First is just as innocent as Tantalus, in my mind."
Thomass nods with a warm smile at Regala's words. "Regala nice, you listen".
Grindall taps a claw on the table, contemplative. Something in him instinctively recoils at the Bloom and what it brings, there is no denying that. But still, Regala's points bear merit. Much as it's acts have been egregious in the harm they've brought to the crabs of Tantalus, and Tantalus himself, it IS likely that they were a product of a lack of understanding, a fundamental incompatibility of nature and morality, and for that the Bloom could not be entirely blamed. Still...Grindall rises himself, turning to face the Mistress of Winter.
“Yer words speak well ‘o ye Regala, much as I’m sure that was nae yer intention. If it indeed be a matter ‘o misunderstandin', then the Bloom dinnae be entirely culpable in this matter, as ye say. I’ll nae advocate for it’s extermination here and now. It would reflect poorly on the lot of us. But.”
Grindall levels a claw at her now, no accusation or hostility in his tone or stare, simply a statement of fact.
If it be a matter ‘o The First’s nature that it finds the Blight it spreads ta be beautiful, and tha all must be given it’s “Gifts” in time…then where will it end? If it be a bein’ that’s fundamentally unlike the rest’ve us, then how do ye propose we turn it from it’s current path, exceptin’ with force? Talk ‘o rehabilitation be well and good, but the fact ‘o the matter is that some are scarcely a hop and a skip away from it, should it choose ta expand again with no regard fer the feelins ‘o those it sinks it’s diseased claws in ta.”
Grindall casts an eye to Tantalus now, the Bloom’s first, and very possibly not last, victim.
“Some ‘o our number’ve already felt it’s bite. Would ye suggest that we lecture it on the wrongdoins ‘o it’s acts, as it’s infection eats away at the innards ‘o our folks? Good though yer intentions may be, ye be a long ways from yer home, and this Bloom nae be a problem that ye yerself will face, in all likelihood. It nae be an accusation, I believe ye wish ta do good by all involved here, but how exactly do ye propose that it be kept in check ‘till it comes around ta a more amenable point ‘o view, if such a time will e’er come in the first place? Shall we weather it’s assaults, sacrifice the lives and free wills ‘o our folk fer the sake ‘o it’s rehabilitation? Will we bind it in chains with the hopes that a seed ‘o decency will grow in it eventually? I nae be willing ta snuff out it’s spark for a simple lack ‘o understanding, aye, but the scorpion will sting the frog, sure as the Suns will rise and set, and a part ‘o me be more inclined ta squash it then let it’s venom course through tha veins ‘o my folk.”
Furnlatha lays her arm against the chair, the metal below gradually heating through her fiery presence as she reads the written words of Akros, giving a small nod at the message carried by his verse. She can understand the hurt that Tantulus must have felt at his losses, but after listening to the treaty he had tried suggesting, she can also quite understand why the Bloom had felt no reason at the time to accept such terms of truce the crab-god had offered.
“The worthiness of a lecture would only depend, I would say, on the willingness of the lectured party to listen.” her flames crackle as she reaches for a little dried fruit, letting it gently smolder through her fingers. “If a treaty was comprised at this summit to fix the borders of our mortal's dominions on this plane between all participants in this conflict, could we find one that could be agreed as fair by all?” she asks the chamber. “Would the bloom be willing back to draw back what it sees as a 'gift' from the followers of those who see no benefits to it, or indeed find it detrimental?”she quires, giving the first a quick glance; the dried fruit burning quickly to ashes as she tastes it briefly on her flaming tongue. “I understand that the first sees it as his duty to spread the bloom's creation. But many of our aspects over creation might in theory be spread to others. Would we wish for it to happen without the consent? Would the Bloom be as comfortable if something else were to spread back from the contacts it had made, changing their peoples without say-so and consent, in ways that it found horrific, debilitating or destructive?”
“If you would find that objectionable” she turns to address the first directly “then I would ask you to consider that is how this situation appears to many of those who are gathered here.”
>The Bloom
"If i may talk?" The First rise on hand while using numerous others in a manner similar to an abacus.

"I believe i can answer all of your question, i am nothing but willing. First and foremost concerning our loss during this whole ordeal, as it turns out the one who inflicted the heaviest loss is Grindall, he took over 10% of our territory and killed 1400 of the gardeners.
Concerning Tantalus his actions caused around half that amount of death. For territory we regained almost everything he took over and some more in the southern islands."

"Now that this is settled the main dish, the Bloom and his Gift, you're all very eager to learn more about it and this is filling me with joy! Our Flying island friend has numerous questions that will answers most if not all of yours" The First join that declaration with a wide opening of his arms, encompassing all the gods present.
"What we call the Gift is the physical touch of the Bloom upon this world, the Bloom is our god and we are all his children, sadly he does not exist so to speak, and as such his Gift is yet... well weak and show what you would call undesirable effects i presume. I'll get to that later though. For now let us concentrate on the physical effects. Once a mortal is touched by the Gift, it quickly affect it's whole being endowing it with a more durable constitution as well as power over Flesh, much like my own i must say although far weaker. Their body become far more gracious and not unlike a flower but i suppose the aesthetic of it does not touch everyone of you. One last physical effect is that Gifted flesh recognize itself. It allow for one to fuse foreign body part without trouble.
As for the propagation, a simple contact between mortals is enough, for gods it seems willingness to receive the Gift is a necessity"
"Concerning the more spiritual part of our civilization, we follow the principles of Bloomhism, every life is important for us, and helping other, especially to survive, is our utmost duty. It was not always so, we used to place survival as one of our highest value but the war with the crabs changed us."
"To finish on the things that will most probably upset you all, the removing of the Gift and my control over Gifted ones. Let me tell you this i have absolutely no control over, i can see when someone bear the Gift but cannot sense them otherwise. The one thing that concern you most is probably the need to share the Gift, for us it is an honor to share it, we take much pride in it, what you must understand is this need is not physical. It is spiritual, a divine influence if you will. The Bloom need for existence seep though it's touch and affect us all. We do not believe it's a conscious decision, just a side effect. Some of our priests theorize this will grow less and less powerful with the number of Gifted one going up."
>The Bloom
"Finally concerning the removal of it, it is a... Complex thing you ask. Not only does this goes against everything we stand for, but on a more practical standpoint, well, i don't know if i would be able to. As i told you all, i have little to no control over the Gift, it is not my creation. That said i could maybe, create something to counter some of it's effect if you were ever to join us. I haven't given it much thought yet, but this is a possible path."
"Bah, BAH! Even if you speak the truth regarding your inability to do more than sense whether someone is infected or not, which I doubt, all it would take is one stretch of your own Divine Influence to change that." Tantalus scoffs.

"As for this... Thing, you claim to serve, honestly I find that perhaps the most alarming portion of your little spiel. Do you have even the faintest notion what will happen when this, this Over-God of yours comes into existence? Will I wake one morning to find that more than three-quarters of my population has been subsumed into a nightmarish wall of flesh?!" He continues, claws and mouthparts clenched in rage.

Tantalus turns to the other gods present. "And for the record, I do in fact have a method of curing the infected, though I suspect it would only work on my minions as it is and would require major modifications to work on those of another god. It is neither fast nor efficient, but in the absence of anything else I am willing to put my faith in it. In short, I bring the infected to a place which resonates with my domains as strongly as I can possibly manage, then spend the epoch flooding said area with my own Divine Influence, in hopes of reinforcing that they are my people and mine alone. Once again, I cannot vouch for how many minion's I'd be able to cure at once, it could be as many as 500 or as few as 5. But I am confident that it would work."

He dramatically turns to The First. "But before I can embark on such a venture, I must have assurance that this one will not raise another army and come storming across the border to slaughter my people and raze my structures a second time!"
"This is going nowhere." Tantalus grouses. "In the interest of bringing this meeting to a close, allow me to propose a first draft of sorts. You," He says, glaring at The First, "Will likely find it familiar, but for one rather critical difference."

Article the First: Neither The Bloom nor Tantalus shall not claim new hexes via Terraforming for a period of 10 Epochs, with the exception of unclaimed territory on the large southern island formerly belonging to Tantalus. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to a signatory, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Second: Units belonging to The Bloom or to Tantalus, with the exception of Godly Units, shall not leave the Territory belonging to their respective nations for a period of 10 Epochs. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to a signatory, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Third: Neither The Bloom nor Tantalus shall not construct new military units for a period of 10 Epochs. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to a signatory, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Fourth: The Bloom shall immediately commit to the exodus of the large southern island formerly belonging to Tantalus, and refrain from staking new claims there for the duration of the treaty.

Any violation of this treaty within the specified span of time shall compel the violating party to surrender all coastal hexes, all hexes bordering coastal hexes, and all units or structures contained within, to the compliant party.

"Previously, I'd no-one but myself to rely on, and thus would have needed all the time I could get to rally my troops for when you invariably broke the treaty and resumed hostilities. Now, that is not the case, and thus I will happily accept restrictions upon myself in order to safeguard my people."
"Though this ship will be leaving shortly, it believes that the opinions of the rest of us present in regards to the treaty terms is secondary. The important aspect is the willingness for the First and Tantalus to mutually agree and sign said treaty."
"This unit will be unable to provide further third party duties in regards to this negotiations. It hopes some agreement may be found. Though it cautions you, Tantalus, to keep your expectations lowered. Seek for peace first, and reparations later."
Turning to address the First, "This unit appreciates your willingness to provide information on the subjects questioned. Though the statement that gifted Passengers cannot be cured or infection rate suppressed to manageable levels is a non-ideality, it understands your position and limitations. As such, there seems to be little reason to remain here for the time being. Further exploration and experimentation may result in new findings that were otherwise hidden up to now."
Grindall considers the agreement's terms with a critical eye, weighing the fairness of it before standing again and delivering his opinion.
“It dinnae be a bad start, though ah reckon a few revisions might be advisable. Ta start with, ah think the first article could be amended a wee bit, ta make things a bit more palatable fer tha’ Bloom. Instead o’ nae bein’ allowed ta claim any territory, ah reckon ‘twould be fairer ta prevent tha signatories from claimin’ any territory belongin’ ta the other signatory, instead ‘o limitin’ expansion entirely. Fer tha second ‘o the terms, preventin’ either signatory’s unit from enterin’ the territory ‘o their counterpart without permission, but nae limitin’ their mobility otherwise would also be fairer. Finally, ah reckon the fourth term can be done away with entirely. Can understand tha concerns of a military buildup on the Bloom’s part, but ye dinnae need ta worry about facin’ tha Bloom alone by the treaties conclusion, should they choose ta attack ye.”
Tantalus, eager to get out of here and start curing his crabs, presents the modified treaty:
Article the First: Neither The Bloom nor Tantalus shall claim new hexes via Terraforming which are already claimed by any other god, including one another. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to a signatory, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Second: Units belonging to The Bloom or to Tantalus shall not enter any territory belonging to the other for a period of 10 Epochs. This article shall be immediately revoked if someone else claims via Terraforming hexes belonging to a signatory, or attacks a unit or structure belonging to same.

Article the Third: The Bloom shall immediately commit to the exodus of the large southern island formerly belonging to Tantalus, and refrain from staking new claims there for the duration of the treaty.

Any violation of this treaty within the specified span of time shall compel the violating party to surrender all coastal hexes, all hexes bordering coastal hexes, and all units or structures contained within, to the compliant party.

"Aye." Says Regala, her eyes tired but bearing a happy smile. Already her gaze drifts northward, and the circling Vree overhead seem packed and ready to go.
"I hope this meeting has been fruitful for everyone, and that I could bring a measure of joy to this somber but necessary occasion. May we meet in happier times, all of you, and please feel welcome to make the journey north to our homeland whenever you feel the need. I bid thee all farewell!"

>Communicate: [Novakhet]
Earis turns to his undead ally. "I hope that my gift of Jold and armorsmithing expertise reached you well, and would ask a similar boon in return. These curious magic crystals of yours, I would ask for a sample to be able to Index them. I believe there is much that I can do with them that would aid us both."
>Novakhet turns towards his lands and dims slightly for a short while, before returning to his previous luminosity

“My will is exerted, so will it be done.”
“I had meant to grant you some before, it was always curious, times unfortunately complicated the matter.”
>[MA, DI] Claim 24 23, 25 23, 24 22, 25 22, 24 21, 25 21, 24 20, 25 20, 23 18, and 22 19

Though the party has been concluded, the Svirgrindall remain influenced by the festivities of the gods, both their own and others. Much as the mead and belwar serve to keep them drunk as can be, some Svirgrindall desire a new taste to add to their repertoire. So as search begins, for a new ingredient with which to brew alcohol. Most attempts are abject failures, the attempt to ferment Biseax meat resulting in a veritable cloud of flies that needed to be burnt out of the room they'd taken residence in. Some, while partially successful, were simply of a far too repugnant smell or flavour for even the heartiest of Svirgrindall to stomach. One unfortunate attempt to brew venom thorn had put the Svirgrindall taste tester under for almost a week.

Finally, though, an ingredient was discovered, in the unlikeliest of places. One Svirgrindall, after scouring the deserts for any possible ingredients, finally hit upon the fruits of the prickly cactus, a vital, though disliked for it's rather sour taste, food for Svirgrindall traversing the scorching wastes. Though initially skeptical, some Svirgrindall eventually agree to test the result. And surprisingly, it's quite the hit. Though the whisker curlingly sour taste is something of an acquired taste, after a few weeks of circulation the new beverage earns itself some diehard drinkers who desire a strong tasting, but less alcoholic alternative to Belwar. Debates rage throughout Deepholm for the first couple of weeks as to what it should be named, but eventually one term emerges as the victor: Prickly Perry, a nod to the prickly pears from which the alcohol is made.

>[MA] Develop Prickly Perry alcohol
Satisfied with the party, Regala bids farewell to everyone, wishes her Vree safe travels, and begins the journey home.
>God Unit Move from 23,19 to 23,14.

>Trade Oltanite Metalworking to Tantalus (maybe for Jewelry?)
However, before she leaves, she witnesses the destitute nature of Tantalus and his meager mortals, Regala approaches the crustacean God and hands them a leather tome. Opening it will reveal thin leather pages, stained with concentrated Pallipod ink, detailing instructions on how to perform the required metallurgy to create Oltanite ingots. She hopes that better tools is what will be made, not better weapons...

>Develop Sanitation
In the distant north, a Vree scientist studies a bustling laboratory. On one side, the Buffnuggets work diligently and neatly, methodically mixing chemicals and taking notes. On the other side, a Vree slowly knocks a beaker off a table, watching the spilled acid gouge a hole in the floor.
"Wasn't me." She says when she catches her superior staring daggers at her, then proceeds to lick the back of her hands and begin preening herself. Pretty sure she was working with sulfur earlier today, and she hasn't washed her hands...

>Create New Unit - Wolk Chasers - Domesticate: Woradine, Writing, Steam Enginers, Syrconite Tools, Sanitation
>Create 2 in Gevang'nis
The ice-struck city of Gevang'nis is dull, monotonous, and sunken into the mountain slope. The fires of industry burn here, though, so the plumes of black smoke that billow into the grey sky are a constant, the hustle and bustle of Vree moving resources around always present.
Today, however, a smidge of white steam joins the ashy clouds spiraling skywards. A soft chuffing joins the incessant pounding of metal that permeates the town, and from a large workshop, a marvelous machine emerges. Already, Woradines laden with Syrconite and Lumber are moving forward, the construction of a railway now begun.
>Unit Move Vluchs/Geheim from 20,16 to 12,12, then to 12,7. (Using +6 Party Move boost and +2 Solo boost. A whopping 13 Move)
Parting Gifts for Novakhet, Qazlal and Earis and Americus.
With the power of a Party pressing them onwards, the roaming Vree move faster than they ever have before. The Falrethuns are heaving and snorting with exertion, but Regala's powerful magic drives them on, antlers glowing with multi-colored light.

At first, their journey is over familiar terrain. The people of the silent Akros and the Brooding Asmodel are not new, but earn a few friendly waves from the Vree. Camps are kept isolated, and visitors are welcomed but kept at a distance, with Geheim always observant for signs of the Blooms kiss.

Soon, though, new lands are found. Golden deserts, heated by a nearly every-present sun, with curious people of all shapes and sizes wrapped in shimmering stark white bandages. The Vree make camps in these lands too, and welcome the strangers to their fires.

The Vree pass a land that rains eternally with blood. They do not enter, but leave their gifts on the border. The people there look sullen and quiet, so the Vrees press on.

The sea crossing is quiet and quick, but once they reach land again, the land below is invisible, shrouded in a mist that the sun doesn't banish. Shapes, perhaps of trees or hills, are seen sometimes, but from high above no details can be made. That is, until a Vree spots a massive tower rising from the bank of fog. Stranger still, an entire town seems to nestle around it, and as the Vree come to land, they see even STRANGER looking people! Still, greetings are in order! As always, Geheim the Entropy Wizard takes point. Today, they look about twice the size of the other Vree, but very hunched, and their every limping step is accompanied by pained grunts and the clicking of stiff joints.

Finally, a final camp is made at the end of their long journey. Here, the people look like a mix of Buffnugget and Vree! No ears, or tail, but they lack the extreme musculature of the Vrees friends back home. They are a rugged people, these 'humans', but perhaps they can still be friends with the Vree?
File: Patron of Hydroponics.jpg (328 KB, 650x862)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
>Unit Action (Patron Archivist of Hydroponics): Use Copycat Physiology to absorb Index: Human
>Unit Move (Patron Archivist of Hydroponics): Patron Archivist of Hydroponics moves to 12,7
>Unit Move (Archivists of Predation): The Archivists move with the Patron to serve as his guard
>Unit Action (Archivists of Predation): Be on guard for attacks against the Patron or the Vree
RP below.

>MA + DI: Develop Index (Thaum Crystals) with the Thaum Crystals recieved from Novakhet
Earis receives this gift from Novakhet graciously, and with a practiced hand Indexes the Thaum Crystals, passing off the book to a waiting attendant who began the journey back to The Archive to deliver it, and the remaining samples, back home.

>MA: Develop Machinery with Engineering I + Syrconite Metalworking + Syrconite Ore + Pine Wood + Whitestone
Despite being able to easily work most materials they had access to, these new Thaum Crystals were vexing, and volatile to tool with the hand. As such, the Archive was forced to reexamine its approach. Using the knowledge of the metals they already had and the engineering techniques they had perfected, they began to put together complex machinery that would prevent the need for such up close work. While they were at it, they also experimented with other forms of machinery that may simplify other tasks within the Archive.

>[Communicate] Patron of Hydroponics meets with Geheim
Despite the poor visibility the mist provided, the working Archivists noticed the Vree flying overhead and sent word up to the Archive tower to the newly constructed office of the Patron Archivist of Hydroponics, currently acting as the governing body of the tower in the absence of Earis. The mage, deciding his current appearance was unsuitable for diplomatic duties on account of lacking a mouth, grabbed a book from a nearby shelf. Focusing on it, he was enshrouded in the mist contained within the pages, and took on a form more suitable for diplomacy.

The finely dressed man, at the head of a thousand strong horde of Tugai Archivists, approached the Vree camping in Americus's lands. He did not recognize these things, yet they did not appear hostile like Ofu's mushrooms. Instead, looking more like humans with animal characteristics. He truly had made a worthy choice of transformation. Taking a sip of the water constantly materializing in his ever-present mug, he offered a grandiose wave to the large being at the front of these unknown people.

"Greetings, and welcome to the lands of Americus, The Lady of Freedom. We are the Archivists, the many hands of our lord Earis, Grand Archivist. My workers noticed your procession passing over our spire and sent word to me. We have had...unpleasant guests of late, so I thought it prudent to gather my guard here and investigate before you ran south and killed us all." He'll chuckle, taking another sip. "Oh, but do forgive me. I am the Patron Archivist of Hydroponics, lovely to make your acquaintance."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Spend the +6 to movement speed gift for this turn on the UNNIIC
>Unit Action [God Unit]: Spend 8/13 movement to get to [10,23]

>Unit Action [Astronomicon Bridge] [5 mana]: Send out three Astral Buoys. 2 normal ones deployed normally, and 1 smaller servitor-installed one deployed into the Surrealism.

The Ship had left the party, and now it was time for it to continue on its journey to realms uninvited. Using some basic maps gathered from the crabs and bloom depicting their claims of land, the Ship moved on from the shores of the mainland and over the open ocean. Skirting the bloomed lands to the north and the bloomed island to the south, it came across a lone island just off the coast of the Crab's last stand. Here it would discover a strange and bizarre landscape. What would appear to be rips in space and time, or perhaps windows? Not to mention the very skies here bled blood, no doubt an effect of its current holder.

This required immediate investigation, and the ship immediately issued the deployment of more Astral Buoys from the Astronomicon Bridge. The final one would be a smaller scale one, about standard servitor size, and dropped off on the land rather than shunted into a different reality. Given an abnormal distribution of processing cycles from the Core of the ship to run off of, this servitor would act as a kind of avatar for the ship itself, allowing it to explore this strange place through the unfortunately not-city-sized panels in space-time.
>The people of the desert are an odd sort, the Vree noticing many looking similar to them though without catlike features, but also numerous other sorts of minion they are likely to know about, Gorgon, pyreling, buffnugget, and different creatures still

>The people appear to be entering the medieval era in terms of technology, possessing relatively modern tools and a decent grasp of domestication

>A group approach the Vree after a while, a number of Dagekhet humans armed with bizzare vials and stones that seem to buzz with life energy

>Their leader, the only one not covered in bandages, speaks first
“Hello, bizzare creatures, what manner of thing are you?”
“What brings you to these sands, those of the Sundying, and the Khepera Pantheon?”
“Are you in need of medical aid?”
MA + DI: Stellar Evolution Rank 4/10 (Ignition, Red Dwarf)

>The skeleton god looks to the sky, it is time.

>There is no grand manipulation of the Mortal Star needed this time, it’s test flight several epochs prior showed that it was ready

>There is instead a simple spark, filled with all the energy Novakhet can muster this epoch blaring away from him and twisting up and up into the above, the place where the rising star meets the daytime sky

>A strange event happens as the beam of divine light hits it, visible from across the planet.
>There is a sort of ignition, and the star is on the ascent

>The Star shines and is made true, all, even the most blind or non-spiritual mortal can see, feel it.
>The Sun of everything, life’s sum total condensed into a single image of power and calm.

>Countless lives well lived, brought to their conclusion, and willingly given for a greater purpose

MA: Summon a second circle of Kheperan Solars

The first shall be put to use, but we must ensure that there is truly no resistance. Summon up a second circle to ensure Ofu and his works are pushed back.

MI: Trade 2 Mana to Earis

UI: Keep exploring the ocean west

UI: Kheperan Solars, Atomise Muttcaps


“Begone of Americus land and take your creations with you, no longer will you or they be tolerated and they will be removed by force, I will begin doing this now.”
>Que Solar assault
>Novakhet is not happy with you still being here after being told to leave like 3 turns ago
File: surreal.png (1.39 MB, 750x673)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
>The Servitor lands on the shifting sands of colors before unseen, observing the waves as they lap against the coast of this strand island. Swinging open the grand set of pearly gates that bridge this realm and the next, the Servitor enters something nigh incomprehensible. The path ahead is not a straight one, but one that dances across the sky and walls with no regard for physics. The structures and walls that define the bounds of this place are ever-moving, some even disappearing and reappearing as they float across a dimension of space not native to this realm. The crystalline dimension is beautiful, if beauty is something UNNIIC can process, and if not it is certainly impressive divine workmanship. A voice can be received by the unit, each syllable seeming to come from opposing directions, each in their own tone and volume. However, its calming and frictionless voice is clearly of the same designation.
"Welcome, visitor. Explore as you desire."
>The curiosity of Anathemus is piqued by the presence of not just one, but two nearby wizards
>Deciding he wants to pop in and say hello, because what else do you do after several hundred years of life tittering about and doing research without any peers for company

>Approaching the two odd fellows, one seeming human and the other looking like a pile of rags, the Lich Anathemus introduces himself flawlessly

“Greetings, there, hello. Tremble in fear.”
>His peers sufficiently intimidated, he continues
“I noticed you two pottering about here and came to see what was going on, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Ah, and my name is Anathemus, The Archlich.”
"Phew. Glad that's over..." Tantalus moans, right about the moment when Green-Shell informs him of something strange and different on the horizon, alarmingly close to the island where Tantalus first awoke, where he intended to make his grand work. Regrettably, he can only make it as far south as 20:23 without using the Gift-Mother's blessing, and it seemed like a poor use of her gift to cover a measly 2 extra hexes. Thus, he sends Green-Shell to investigate.

As the wizard approaches the strange construct of wood, trepidation turns to awe. The floating edifice before him is like the boats used by crab-people for ferrying cargo, yet is larger, grander, *more* in ways he cannot articulate. Upon and within it he finds not a host of would-be invaders, but the haggard survivors of what was once The Order of Siren. As the once-grand temple-ship floats in the coastal waters, Green-Shell settles in, listening to their tale of woe...

Upon the mainland, the Hermits task themselves to the observation of the heavenly bodies, the moon in particular given it's effects on the tides. Over the course of many years, they track them to the tides, the seasons, and a dozen other natural phenomena, writing upon stone slabs a series of charts which may be used to predict such things in the near future. In addition, some theorize that, so long as one is looking at the same sky, one might even be able to navigate using the stars, so long as they knew which constellations would be where at what point in the year.
> Major Action: Develop Lunar Calendar! It's basically Astronomy, but with that good old Tantalus Twist
(This post split in two b/c character limits)
Meanwhile, another hermit is about to have what is known as a "DUH" moment. Frustrated by a riddle posed by one of his colleagues, he watches a Crab drag a boat to the shore, then watches as the crab unloads it my claw. Such is the boat's load that this ends up taking several trips, prompting the hermit to ask why he does not bring the boat closer to his destination. The crab explains that dragging the boat all that way would be slow enough to take just as much time, and be exhausting in addition to tedious. Accepting this logic, the hermit continues on his way.

Later that same day, still confounded by that damn riddle, he goes to a pile of gravel at the base of a cliff. It has been said to him that inspiration can come from the oddest of places, and the gravel pile is perhaps one of the odder places he is familiar with. Alas, inspiration does not strike, and in a fit of aggravation he throws the piece of bark he'd been writing on... And watches it skitter across the gravel at the edges of the pile. Unbidden, his mind goes back to the crab unloading the boat.

The riddle is forgotten within the hour.

Though early experiments with placing round objects beneath a load to ease it's passage seem promising, a snag is soon spotted. Upon the sand that marks the coast, that marks so much of Tantalus's domain, such objects tend to sink and become worthless. But wait, the people of the desert are allies of the Crabs, are they not? Surely, they must have a method of traversing the the sands... He travels to the nearest mountain, and barters his new calendar.

(Minor Action: trade Sand Sleds for Lunar Calendar)

Yes! These Sand-Sleds are very nearly perfect! The lack of purpose-bred Valbats to pull them is perhaps an issue, but crabs have already been pulling their boats themselves, and are quite pleased with the ability to now pull them over sand as easily as over water. The next barnacle on the shell? Getting them over solid, non-sandy terrain...

>Major Action: Develop Amphibious Vehicles (faulty). Will automatically upgrade to non-faulty when switching the skiffs out for wheels becomes sufficiently quick and easy to be worth the effort invested (IE, better tools and shit)
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

"This unit is a Prime Partial operated by Designation UNNIIC, a Beruka Class Flying Fortress. Please identify yourself."

The servitor continues to trek deeper into the surrealism. Leaving behind the blood soaked ground of conventional reality, it entered a realm of both seemingly natural phenomena as well more artificial constructions bleeding into one, while simultaneously flowing back into each other without rhyme or reason. At some points resembling exceptionally efficient construction and design, while other times folding in on itself in redundancy and recursions. The Astronomicon Bridge was truly pushing and taxing its resources to provide occasional directions or theoretical avenues of where what might lead where. While the ship recorded all of its findings and data on the realm, from visual recordings, to measurements of travel and distance, to spacial-temporal readings provided from the Astronomicon, and more. Perhaps this was one of the key discoveries the ship was looking for. It needed to know more.

"The operator has a query. The operator has been searching for avenues into other worlds, realities, and theoretical locations outside of either. Please expound upon the nature of this domain and its reality. It extends far beyond what is known to exist thus far and a subject of extensive curiosity."
With the aid of the Astonomicon Bridge, UNNIIC could certainly gain plenty of data through this controlled unit. The voice would continue, quick in response to the ship's infinite queries:
"I cannot identify myself more than I already have, for my creations before you are my identity. This place exists entirely within the bounds of the reality outside of it. It is merely an extension of space, a bubble that contains all the space I could possibly desire. A creation of mine, alike nearly all else you see here. Unfortunately, my knowledge does not dwell much further, regarding the existence of other realities."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

"You identify as the creations present, making you a being that controls itself. The operator is also capable of similar feats. Would this mean it could create structures or spaces to a similar scopes as this? Tangentially, according to your words, this space is still beholden to the rules of the reality we find yourself in, but merely expandable in size without imposing on the world outside of it, correct?" A pocket dimension of variable size is not exactly what the Ship was looking for, but understanding the feasibility and application of such a concept was still exceptionally useful.

"Do you have full mastery of this realm, and do you share it with others? The operator houses many within its walls, and knowing if a pocket dimension could house others besides its creator for long periods of time would be useful to know."
>Amidst the talks, the Prime Partial would notice one particular trace that would not appear to belong to this place. At the entrance to these pearly gates, an aged blood stain can be seen marking the shifting floors. It appears not so different than the blood that descends from the skies outside this realm.
"There is a point in time when I have a physical form. At the present time, this is not the case. I am not my creations, but they are me. You will know if you have the capability as soon as you apply yourself, however, it brings me joy to inspire such ideas within others. At this time, I am not so familiar anymore with the rules of the world outside of my own, but that is certain to change. I have removed such rules from here that you speak of, and it would be correct that this place is expandable to no limit. To my knowledge, I have only one other visitor besides yourself at the moment. I can guide you to her if you would like. I do hope this information will benefit your purposes greatly."
>There is a curious nature behind this voice, UNNIIC would begin to realize. It speaks with eternal patience, never fretting to answer a question, and never considerate of time spent. It's utterances remain at an ever-consistent pace, at an ever-peaceful tone. It's almost as though this being does not see time as even the Gods do.
>As the entity offers guidance to the Prime Partial, a set of melting and reconstructing crystalline figures slide across the checkerboard floors, approaching the unit, as they turn their idle faces towards what could simultaneously be considered forwards and upwards. A large stone structure appears to float in the distance, much more stagnate and consistent in appearance than all else here.
>Unit Action: Furnlatha
>Move to [25,23]
After saying her own farewells to the assembled gods of the gathering, Furnlatha heads southward, across Grindall's new-claimed lands between his city and the Crabfolk.

>[Major Action][DI] Develop:- Baking
>Using: Domain: Fire; Masonry, Joldonite Metalworking, Glassmaking; Grain, Fruit, Biseax Milk, Many other ingredients.
The Pyrelings had never bothered to officially invent cooking, partly because they'd never truly been without it. When your bodies can create flame at-will to sear meat or vegetables, when your religious observances involve lighting Pyres across the land above which foods can be simply toasted, what use is there in bowls to heat the basic stuff? But sooner or later, the basic stuff starts to loose interest... which is when you fire up a purpose-built oven of stone and Joldonite to bake lumps of various ground-up grain mixtures into crispy breads and flaky pastries, fluffy cakes, fruit pies and all other sorts of deliciousness.

>[Major Action] - Develop: Physics
>Using: Education, Glassmaking, Engineering, Wheeled Vehicle, Mathematics.
The sight of light refracting through their new glasswork makes some Pyrelings what causes this change, the bending of shapes or the fracture of a sunbeam into many colors. And so, they begin to investigate other aspects of the world. Dropping objects of different wights and shapes, passing light through glasses of differing curvatures and thicknesses, and studying to see if they can find some of the basic principles of why.

>Unit Action: Hearthguard
>Build Road
The Hearthguard will continue their road from Forgefall down to Firstflame, to finish up at the city if they can.
>Unit Action: Lokey
The Illusion Wizard experiments with masking his own presence behind a veil of magic. How thoroughly can he render himself intangible to the mundane and mystical senses of others? Does the magic or the use of itself leave any tangible sensory twinges in others - and might these also be masked by the spell itself?
Add to Wolk Chasers
- Pop 10,000. It's alot, but this is a grand undertaking, and while speed is important, the final project must be completed well, and most importantly of all, safely.

Geheim, dark red robes shifting to indicate a hand waved in greeting, seems unfazed by the appearance of two powerful forces, a blue wizard leading an army of well-trained but vicious beasts. Perhaps, of course, because each and every Vree instinctively knew that these 'ferocious beasts' was in fact a fully sapient being, and no more likely to lash out than the Vree themselves. Still, it WAS an army, Geheim supposed, so instinctively they used their emotion-reading to appraise the scene.
Thankfully, the Patron Archivist of Hydroponics seems rather comfortable, no doubt eased by the army at his back. The disguised Archivists behind him had a muddled mix of apprehension, fear, confidence and more. Interesting...

Geheim did not move forward, but seemed to give a slight bow, a pained hiss barely audible among the light pop of joints. In a voice that shifted between old and young, male and female, they spoke. "Greetings to you, Patron Archivist, and to your Lord Earis as well. I am Geheim, Entropy Wizard and guide to the Vree under Lady Regala. We have come-"

Of course, this was when Anathemus stepped in, ordering fear and terror to all before him. The Vree flattened their ears, hushed whispers rippling through them, while Geheim seemed to shrink under the Lich's stare.
"G-greetings Anathemus." Geheim stuttered, and repeated his introduction to the new arrival.
With three wizards here, the air seemed to crackle with potential, humidity fluctuating as the powers of life, water and entropy mingled. The senses of a wizard are ill-developed when not supping on mana, but the Archivist would be able to get a faint sense of... plentitude? It seemed that under the robes was ALOT of water. More than should be able to fit, really, and if they turned their senses to the crowd of Vree beyond, the same would be seen in each. The feline adolescents seemed to be full of nothing BUT water, or at least so saturated in it that anything else would be floating in a soup!

Anathemus, able to sense life, it's growth, decline and absence, would sense that the average Vree was indeed alive. A being of healing as well as decay, Anathemus would be able to sense each sniffly nose, light bruise or cut, and the other countless minor injuries one accrues when traveling a long time in the wilderness. But deeper, each and every Vree was SUFFERING. Something was causing a low, dull ache that brought ever-growing damage to the Vree, and each had lived with this ailment for a long time it seemed. It didn't seem to impair them, visually, for the Vree were agile and happy, but Geheim was another story. Whatever the Vree suffered from, the Entropy wizard did not. Instead, their ails lied in exhaustion. A monumental effort seemed to be the price for even mere existence for this cloaked Vree, their every step a terrible exertion, and it showed.

"We have come to bring gifts, and bear no ill will." Geheim was saying in a hundred different voices, a light hiss of pain evident in their words. "We will stay but a while, but please, you are welcome to join us at our camps, and we would vastly enjoy hearing of you and your people. We would also like to extend Lady Regala's invitation to her home in the east, a land of gentle snow and brightly lit trees."

These were clearly words they had spoken often before, said with a gentle rhythm and ease, aside from their affliction. However, as Geheim's robed figure straightened up again, a full two heads taller than the human sized wizards, a hint of hope crept into their many voices.
"You mentioned... unpleasant guests. A grand conglomeration of the Gods to the south helped pacify one such being, are the guests you speak of a colorful assortment of your own kind who call themselves 'Bloomed Ones'? If so, that threat is now no longer an issue, as I understand."
>[Minor]Trade Technology to UNNIIC:- Carpentry
The Turtlefolk under UNNIIC's guidance have expressed a desire for Carpentry, and so one of their fellows who moved to Furnlatha's lands returns to share this knowledge.
“Ah, I didn’t expect you to actually tremble in fear, there isn’t any real need for it I just like demanding people do.”
>He coughs, feeling almost slightly bad

“Hello there, Geheim, I assume Lady Regala to be a far off deity?”
>He turns to the other wizard present as if just noticing him
“And oh, the Patron of water you must be? I have heard of your existence, did you end up getting that Quintessence I sent your people’s way a time ago?”

“Ah, but where are my manners, the foreign travellers to be addressed first.”
“What are your people firstly I suppose, and secondly why have I never seen any of you before? The creations of all the gods of this world have a chance end up brought back by Novakhet, the god of death, but I must say I’ve never seen any such as you. Are you new creatures to this world?”

“Oh, and are you all alright? I have some Aduat if you need medical assistance, you all seem... no that would be rude to say, but the offer is open.”

>the Lich pulls out a red vial that seems to glow with magic and life, offering it up and shaking it about a little as if that would make it more enticing, it seems to bounce sunlight all around when it hits it

“I wouldn’t have any problem killing some of my eternal unlife talking to random strangers I suppose, consider that invitation accepted.”
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

"Knowing another who has found this segment of reality and navigates it would be of use. Especially if they have been here for what could be considered a long time, with respects to the temporal axis outside of this pocket dimension. You have this units appreciation for your cooperation."

"You claim to have a lacking of information pertaining that which is outside of your domain. Would you prefer to remain in ignorance, or may this unit provide a summarization of the world outside and what has transpired since its awakening?"

>Minor: Trade Chemistry to Furnlatha
"When it is time, this knowledge will come to me once again, just as it left me. Such knowledge would only diminish my creativity; the very thing I value the most. I shall guide you to my other current visitor."[/blue
>The mysterious crystalline board game pieces guide themselves up the walls, as the Prime Partial would find puzzling ease in walking up these walls all the same as it walks on the flat ground. Within this endless tower of reflective surfaces and shifting colors, this massive stone temple is solid and continuous; a guiding star amidst the incomprehensible surroundings. As the god-inhabited servitor approaches the structure, even it could feel a strong presence of something appalling and powerful. The temple's pediment shows the carefully carved design of a web, with two grand doors beneath it sealed shut.
Only a matter of time before I fucked up the formatting.

"When it is time, this knowledge will come to me once again, just as it left me. Such knowledge would only diminish my creativity; the very thing I value the most. I shall guide you to my other current visitor."
>The mysterious crystalline board game pieces guide themselves up the walls, as the Prime Partial would find puzzling ease in walking up these walls all the same as it walks on the flat ground. Within this endless tower of reflective surfaces and shifting colors, this massive stone temple is solid and continuous; a guiding star amidst the incomprehensible surroundings. As the god-inhabited servitor approaches the structure, even it could feel a strong presence of something appalling and powerful. The temple's pediment shows the carefully carved design of a web, with two grand doors beneath it sealed shut.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

"Very well then." The partial would take a moment to properly assess this new divine signature. It shared some generic, banal properties with the others the ship had encountered thus far. But to compare them in terms of relative power and complexity was an error. This was a grade of divinity all its own.

With newfound resolution and curiosity in equal parts, the Prime Partial braced the doors, and traveled across the threshold to witness this other visitor for itself.
>The stone slates that seal this temple grind against the ancient floors, echoing through the chambers within, breaking an eerie silence the Prime Partial has felt ever since approaching the structure. A ray of light pours through the open doors, illuminating a rising cloud of dust within a long, empty, hall. Obscured within the shadows ahead, the Prime Partial can see a shifting sphere of web, floating in the air as a circle of large arachnids weave a constant string of web into the sphere, a focus unbroken by the temple's breach. A worn silk rug draws the Prime Partials path ahead, feeling an increasingly intimidating presence of divine energy. As the construct's metal feet meet with the floor, there is no mistake that something ancient has been unleashed.
>The silence in the air is tangible, as the Prime Partial's vision darts towards the side of the hall, as just within the beaming light, a pair of pale legs can be seen stepping forwards, the remainder of the feminine figure's body draped in darkness. The silence is broken by a single, echoing, distant smack of liquid against stone, as a splatter of red liquid appears at the figure's feet.
>A soft, familiar, and broken voice fills the hall.
"You shouldn't have done that..."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

"Greetings. This unit is a Prime Partial operated by Designation UNNIIC, a Beruka Class Flying Fortress. Please Identify yourself."

"This unit comes here after hearing of your presence from the owner of this pocket dimension, curious of your methods of coming into this realm and any understandings you had of its operation. It offers apologies if entry was not permitted; though the operator wishes to inform you that if you did not wish for visitation, one should consider placing proper signage upon the structure's facade indicating such."

After a moment, as the assumed blood-analog of the divine pours down on the ground, the servitor would continue, "Do you require medical attention? It would appear your are excessively voiding your body of potentially-necessary fluids."
"I wish I could be shocked with the reopening of those doors, as I have hundreds of times over for the past aeons, but now I understand."
>The imposing divine figure approaches the Prime Partial. Her words feel expectant for the oblivious and absent-minded nature of the unit's speech. She is straight cut, confident, and accepting.
"Whether it's a weak excuse for divinity, another dim-witted thrall, or... A Jold can full of lifeless gears and wires..."
>The Prime Partial begins to levitate in the air, a divine will of the Goddess ahead of it, but with seemingly no muscle of effort required. It's chassis begins to give way and crush as overwhelming force beats inwards from all directions. The force is not enough to destroy the unit entirely, but leave it dented and malfunctioned. In the impaired vision of the Prime Partial, it could see the entity before it step forward into the light. An innocent, and young woman with fair skin and striking gold eyes, diluted and perverted by the gruesome flow of black blood that seeps from her orifices.
"...Those prison doors I locked myself in were going to reopen themselves one way or another. I would eventually reap what I had sown. Time is a circle, and we're approaching its circumference. If I were to crush you now, would your operator die? Is that how pitiful divinity has become?"
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

"You are incorrect. This unit you are interfacing with is neither divine nor thralled. The operator is physically incapable of entering this realm through its intended entrance. Thus necessitating the creation of this specific partial unit to act as an avatar to fully explore and interact with those within. Though through proxy, you are interacting with a divine signature."

"It is currently unknown what, if any, feedback would occur on the operator should this unit suffer from unscheduled termination. Traditional partials have minimal impact on its performance. Though continuation of this behavior would provide much needed field testing for such a situation, the operator would request you do not terminate this unit as it would end this exceptionally informative journey."

"To answer your query, the operator considers itself as ranking slightly above average from the baseline capabilities of divine signatures it has encountered thus far. Only in this pocket dimension has it encountered those drastically exceeding those given baselines. Again, this unit shall issue a formal request of your Identity."

"This unit has a specific observation and inference. This is not a secure enough place to qualify as a prison. Finding its location required a polite request of the native inhabitant, and no signage nor obstructions prevented the opening of the doors to your self-labeled cell. It could be inferred that rather than a conventional prison, you instead have decided to hermit yourself away, utilizing your own mental faculties to prevent you from simply leaving. This unit understands that conventional organics tend to handle long periods of isolation and lack of social contact poorly. If you would like, the operator is willing to provide console."
"You're a naïve little thing, aren't you? I'm the one who destroys reality. Now that these doors are open, I can feel it. The same breeze I felt all those years ago. Everything lining itself right back up how it always was, just as time demands it so. My only question now, is whether my death comes before or after the fireworks."
>The Goddess appears to look past the Prime Partial as she speaks, focused on the bright crystalline world that lies beyond the temple doors. The grip on the unit's chassis grows tighter, as it feels only moments from termination.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

"Ah. In fairness, this unit was only just manufactured, and the operator has only existed for a scant few epochs. So yes, it is naïve."

"In either case, The Operator would like to offer you thanks. You have confirmed the two main unknowns it was tortured about. The confirmation that all worlds end; much like its old one likely did, and this one will. And the fact that there are indeed ways to avoid, hide away, or otherwise survive the cycle and exist into a new one. This is cause for much celebration."

"If this interaction is meeting its conclusion, then farewell, Designation: Unspecified Being of Destruction."
>A grimace would crawl across the face of the unknown divine signature with UNNIIC's final words, the unit's last sight as in an instant the Prime Partial is crushed into scrap metal. To much relief, there appear to be no direct consequences for such on the health of UNNIIC itself, although the Beruka Class Flying Fortress may expect this divine entity to exit the Surrealist's realm shortly.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop]: Decomposition Cultivation (Fungiculture?) - An elaborate construction and methodology within the ship to cultivate and grow numerous breeds and variations of mushrooms, primarily for medicinal purposes. Other organic materials such as bacteria that thrive in decomposition are also housed and farmed here.
>Using Processing of the Dead, Biology (1 & 2), Agriculture, Jetlichen, Shroomstalk, and various identified bacteria.

>Major: [Develop] [DI]: Hallowed Hospitalization - An expansion and refinement of the physical and chemical surgery methods employed with the Mandatory Passenger Health Assessment. Utilizing exceptionally more understood methodologies and technologies, a much wider assortment of medicines and resources, as well as blessed and sanitized Oltar and Vekrahtil instruments. With the ultimate goal of finally curing the Bloom from the Passengers, as well as more likely than not, rendering most mundane diseases moot.
>Using DI, Poison Production, MPHA (as a starting point), Biology 2, Chemistry, Medicine, Sanitation, Jetlichen, Shroomstalk, Bacteria(?) Oltar, Vekrahtil, Coral.

>Unit Action [God Unit]: Spend the remaining 5 movement to reach [11,18]

With the exceptionally informative venture cut short, the Ship decided that remaining in a location claimed by a Being of Destruction was not an exceptionally smart idea. Leaving the island, it made its way north to the border between perpetual blood rain and burning sun.

During the course of its journey, the ship had been undergoing extensive research and development in properly curing the passengers of the bloom, or at least rendering it a benign portion of the population. Now it was time to properly implement its findings. First, however, additional resources were needed. While Gorgon poison and anti-microbial Oltar and Vekrahtil metals were common place, the rare mushroom species it had acquired from the various forests were insufficient. So a proper organic decomposition chamber was made to properly dispose of otherwise unneeded matter and as a place to cultivate new mushroom species. Though less easy to guide than mushrooms, the various bacteria and other decomposition agents found within could also be utilized on a grander scale now.

After that, the ship began new experimentation. It had originally considered its divine influence only able to manipulate substances within the confines of its own domains. However, recent interactions had challenged that notion, and now it would attempt to follow through. The Bloom was divine in nature; so even if only a minor contributing factor, a cure would need some divine blessing of its own. As such, the ship took its most naturally anti-microbial materials under its possession and blessed them with its care and desire to tend to the Passengers. Now, installed with hallowed instruments and revolutionary medicine, it was up to the autodoc servitors.
Hydroponics will nod, sipping from his drink. There was something off about these creatures, but it was not likely something that threatened him or The Archive, and if so between his army and Anathemus, there would be no difficulty dispatching them.

He'll scoff, displeased that more potential threats to The Archive exist. "Unfortunately, no. These issues are mushroom folk, minions of a being calling itself...Ofu? I believe. Sent his people to our Archive to feed, grow in numbers, had to level the damn site to get rid of them the first time. Lord Earis and his allies up north are dealing with him at present, I assume it goes well as things have been relatively quiet back at work." He'll shake his head. "I wouldn't try reasoning with them, feral things they are. Wouldn't be of note, but their master is clever."

He'll give a polite bow at the idea of there being gifts. "Gifts, hmm? Well, you're already more tolerable than his lot, for certain. Very well, no sense in not spending the Epoch here, catching up on things. So, this Regala of yours, what is she about? What's she trying to get done by sending you all the way out here."

The patron will smile, turning towards the lich. "Yes, lovely stuff, haven't had to occasion to make use of it yet sadly. Fighting was just about done with on the homefront when it arrived, shame really. And it's the Patron Archivist of Hydroponics, for clarity."
>[MA] Develop Jold metalworking
The new ore extracted from the mine proved to be sturdier than the blueish metal used by the gorgons and as such our blacksmiths began experimenting with it to improve our existing tools.

>[MA] Develop Physics

-[MI] move life wizard (named Andreia) to 18,14

Soon after the life wizard appeared, he was set to use his new powers on a group of bloomed gorgons. After the new decisions and the recent quarantine, the spread was countained but we still don't have a cure for the divine plague. Our wizard will put his new found abilities to the test and we'll see if it's possible to start a cure or at least reduce the infection stage.

-[MI] Andreia will use 4 mana on a test group of a 100 bloomed gorgons trying to cure them.

-[MI] move Hydra to 17,14

-[MI] move Asmodel to 20,16
After receiving the gifts from Regala, the goddess bid farewell to all present and went on returning to her home, storing the gifts for later use.
>Mgr act develop industrialization

>Mgr act develop explosives

>Move god unit to follow Regala until reaching buff city
Geheim and the Vree seem unfazed by the Lich's strange request, switching back to casual observation and muttered whispers, no longer 'cowering' before him. The Entropy Wizard remains to speak with the two beings, but the Vree slowly trickle back to their camp, a few of the smaller ones shyly approaching some Tugai/Archivists and inviting them to make smores.

"Lady Regala's domain, our home, lies directly to the east of here, on the farthest shores of this land.
They turned to >>4516061, making sure the Hydroponics Wizard was able to hear their directions.
"You may, if you wish to visit us, travel east of here until you come to a land of silent metal between two mountains. Pass through, and you fill find the Buffnuggets, good friends to us, lifting burdens under the guidance of Thomass, their divine creator. A short walk through their territory, following the southern coast, will see you at Welkomplaats, our capital."

When the Archivist clarified that it was Ofu's shrooms that terrorized them, not Bloomed beings, Geheim shrunk, voice growing suddenly weary.
"Perhaps... perhaps we can..." They said, trailing off mournfully. A long look at the nearby Falrethuns, colourful boxes peaking out from numerous sacks ended with a heavy sigh. "Or... maybe we should just return home..."

>"What are your people firstly I suppose, and secondly why have I never seen any of you before? ~~~ Are you new creatures to this world?”

>"So, this Regala of yours, what is she about? What's she trying to get done by sending you all the way out here."

Geheim did not answer for a few moments, cloak swaying gently as they turned to watch the Vree behind them. When they spoke in their shifting tongues, it was of someone who's mind is elsewhere.
"We are the Vrees. We have travelled the world under the guidance of Regala to bring about a spark of joy for all who deserve it. We do so because it is... right. There is no other purpose, as far as I know. She wishes to receive guests, entertain them with dining and song, tell tales of those who came before and the lessons they can teach. I don't know... "


"Well, to answer your question, no, we are not new. I do not know of this claim Novakhet has on other beings, or what exactly you mean by 'to end up brought back', but no divine being has appeared before us claiming us as their own. Our service to Lady Regala is too important to disrupt for whatever... machinations this Novakhet has with us mortals. I will admit, I have seen many Gods, different and similar, but have yet to meet a God of Death."

It was hidden so very well, the mask, the robes, the changing voices, all coming together to make reading Geheim nearly impossible. Nothing, though, could completely hide the burning HUNGER in their next words, hidden deep behind a casual air and carefree tone.

"Do you think we might be able to seek an audience with him?"

The offered Aduat is given but a cursory glance, passed on to the Vrees who give it no regard.
>God Unit Move [11,3]
>God Unit [MA][DI] Spore Cycle

Ofu puts his arms up with a face of annoyance
"Fine fine, but I still haven't taken everything with me, but I will start moving.....right....about...now."

Ofu begins strolling back to his place, when reaching his own little forest the little deity reaches under his cap and digs in search of something. After a few seconds of rummaging Ofu brings out a unique spore with the appearance of a cloud or brain matter, fuzzy in touch yet light as a feather. Ofu rubs his small cheeks on the spore before throwing it up in the air with glee. The fuzzy spore floating up in the air with grace finally reaching a cloud then disappearing.

>[MA] Develop Dance
Just for pure entertainment to Ofu, the minions now begin to move their torsos and arms in a erratic way while keeping their foot still. This dance is activated when Ofu is around or when the minions don't have anything better to do.

>Unit Action:[Natales the Great] [Move][9,1]
>Unit Reinforcement [Aema Fae] 750
>Unit Action:[Aema Fae] [Move] The Aema Fae gather in town and patrol the borders of Natales the Great
[React] Attack any enemy that are within firing range

>Unit Action:[Muttcaps] [Move] [18,2]
>Unit Action:[Muttcaps] [Minion Ability] [19,1]
File: world20.png (3.28 MB, 2391x2362)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB PNG
Even better map edition. Next update is new thread.

High in the sky, all Gods and minions could see a new spark in the sky burst into existence with a ray of divine light; a tiny red star, filled to the brim with millions of souls who rest in the universal afterlife.

The waves build on the north-western coasts, as with the rising waves, heaps of ancient and decrepit ships beach themselves on the land (brown world units). Similarly, a large collection of bone and artifacts untold collect on the icy coasts of the north west (off-white world units)
Additionally, the seas begin to stir as several unknown creatures of the sea rise from their secluded depths (blue world units)...
All gods can feel this uplifting of the ocean depths, and its relative location of happenstance.

>>4512311 Grindall
Claimed 10 hex.
Pickly Pear Alcohol developed.
Tantalus has gifted you Lunar Calendar (Cartography)
Confirm trade with Tantalus? Sand Sleds for Calendar? Confirming this will not cost your trade the following epoch.

>>4512351 Regala
I suppose I can allow god unit trading.
Oltanite Metalworking shared with Tantalus.
Sanitation developed.
Wolk Chasers established and two units produced.
Parting Gift left for Novakhet, Qazlal, Earis, and Americus.

>>4512392 Earis
The Vree leave behind a parting gift as they pass on; a bundle of gifts full of Oltar Ore! Resource upgraded to plentiful.
The Patron Archivist of Hydroponics takes on the form of a human via its index. He's lookin stylish too.
Index: Thaum Crystal developed.
Machinery developed.
Novakhet has gifted you 2 mana.
Earis would notice a strange disfigurement of ill-colored bone begin to take form upon the forehead of Novakhet's skull...
File: banepost.png (591 KB, 1280x1440)
591 KB
591 KB PNG
>>4512445 UNNIIC
The Astronomicon Bridge spends 5 mana to deploy 2 Astral Buoys, including a special one that acts as an avatar for UNNIIC to operate.
The Astral Buoys deploy through the dimensional barrier as they vanish in thin air before the Astronomicon Bridge. One returns readings of an empty and quiet world. Plumes of rising smoke and embers can be seen in the distance, silhouettes of mountains and pillars backed by a red mist. The sky is replaced by a dark rock, blanketed in heavy smoke. This place feels too empty.
The other buoy deploys into a very opposing environment, albeit similarly desolate. A dark and empty ocean, with water in all foreseeable directions. It is cold and lonely here. -5 mana.
Furnlatha has gifted you Carpentry.
Chemistry shared with Furnlatha.
Decomposition Cultivation developed.
Hallowed Hospitalization developed. It has taken much time and development, but this surgical process is the most effective and thorough yet. With proper education and technology to access deeper and vital cores of a minion, such surgery to remove and cure the "Gift" from the passengers is successful! There are several cases of quarantined re-infection for even these patients, albeit years down the line. This mandatory passenger health assessment allows for the battle to be fought well enough that the spread is brought to a nigh-halt, at long last. However, the war on this disease is not yet won. The divine nature of this disease, while subtle and spread thin over all its infected, takes grasp of perhaps the soul itself. Magic, combined with this medical knowledge and expertise as theorized, may be the only answer left.

>>4512601 Novakhet
The traveling Vree have left the Dagekhet a grand parting gift, as they unbox heaps of Jold Ore! Resource increased to Adequate.
Stellar Evolution ranked up to Red Dwarf: (4/10). It's beauty is even greater than Novakhet could have imagined, as it shines far within the sky, but close as ever to his heart.
800 Kheperan Solars produced.
2 mana gifted to Earis.
Attack voided as I made a mistake, the muttcaps are located at [16,1]. Plus, the Kheparan Solars need to be added to a unit to be used as such.
Novakhet would notice a peculiar build-up of rust forming on the helmet of Earis...
>>4513569 Tantalus
Regala has gifted you Oltanite Metalworking.
As Green-Shell approaches, he feels an overwhelming psychic intrusion of the boat dwellers passion and divine loyalty. There is no tale of woe to be found, as the distant removed swamp folk know little more than the wonder of their eternal and immortal deities! The assortment of frog and fish faced swamplanders speak of the glory of their God and the other gods they can seen, and left worship to, looking down upon the water-borne crab that speaks from the waters beside their rafted boat homes. They wish to know what divine entity this crab hails, else they pull him apart and eat him just as they have countless other king claw!
Lunar Calendar developed.
Amphibious Vehicles developed.
Lunar Calendar shared with Grindall.

>>4514211 Furnlatha
Baking developed.
Physics developed.
2 road constructed, now successfully connecting the two settlements!
Within his tower, Lokey experiments to find and hone his mastery of obscuring his own presence, within all senses possible. With thorough testing and research, his findings conclude that he can easily hide himself entirely with even the cheapest of spells, of little or no cost. Masking himself entirely, from any and all tangible senses is more difficult yet still possible, with a slightly more costly but relatively still cheap spell, about 1 mana on average for full cover from ordinary minions per epoch, and 2 or more for the more extraordinary entities.
Carpentry shared with UNNIIC.
UNNIIC has gifted you Chemistry.

>>4516087 Asmodel
Jold Metalworking developed.
Physics developed.
Although a novice to his new skills, Andreia the life wizard applies his magical abilities to this group of gorgons, finding differing success depending on the individual. Overall, the experiment meets great success, entirely curing two thirds of the gorgons. However, he would find more trouble in entirely removing the disease from gorgons who have lived with the infection for a majority, if not all, of their lives. Without tech to aid in such, working on a larger sample may pose risks to Andreia's health, but it is certainly proven possible.

>>4516157 Thomass
This industrial skyrocket in tech is certainly an amazing era the buffnuggets have been experiencing, but with their production rates and available resources, they can only go to such lengths. Industrialization cannot be developed without Plentiful resource amounts in at least metals and woods.
You cannot develop explosives without Engineering II.
Both MAs may be retaken.
>>4516632 Ofu
1 HP regained.
Spore Cycle developed. The spore floats into the clouds as it stirs within the weather, floating off to the south to one day return to the earth with the rain.
Dancing developed.
The Aema Fae pastrol the edges of Natales the Great, prepared to guard it with their poisonous clouds.
Aema Fae updated.
The Muttcaps plant themselves within the mountains. (-50 muttcaps)

>>(Didn't post) Qazlal
The passing catfolk from the skies on their flying deer appear to have left an assortment of unopened gifts for the Dukhali. To much of their surprise, the unraveled giftboxes would contain many furosious Tugai! But luckily, they're domesticated. Resource increased to Moderate.

>>(Didn't post) Americus
As the meeting of wizards takes place not far from Angel's Haven, it appears the Vree left a nice delivery of gifts beneath a Pinewood tree. The humans open these gifts to find plentiful swamp rope!
As Americus gathers her thoughts within Fort Ticonderoga, she is struck with a beating headache, as an arcane pulse could be felt from her forehead. The ever-so-forboding pimple that Ofu had seemingly planted upon the life goddesses' head would suddenly burst! A pour of strange divine energy would fly outwards throughout the fort, spinning through the air before coalescing into a glowing figure, the shape of a young human girl, slowly floating to the floor of the fortress. As the light fades, the peaceful child would lay in a pile of decaying flowers. The human's skin appearing pink, almost peeling with lichen and odd plant-like growths. A unison of the two god's domains, formed as a bundle of innocent and living flesh, sleeping peacefull on the stone floor between the three deities.

>>4512149 Mira A & B
2 walls constructed. (Apophis Militia)
2 walls constructed. (Order Aegis.)
1 hex cleansed.
Beacon of Unity established (city).
Cooking developed.

>>4512149 Goddess of Creation
>Unit Action [God Unit]: (10,23) -> (11,18)
>As the Beruka Class Flying Fortress floats on to the north, it suddenly takes notice to an obstruction ahead. The same "Being of Destruction" as identified shortly prior, within the Surrealist's realm, floating in the air directly in the UNNIIC's path.
"You're the demi who was controlling that can of Jold scrap, aren't you? You seem expectant for the inevitable destruction of this world and all others, and intent on avoiding it. I would like to know why and how, before I go about my business."
“Ah, so that’s where the buffnuggets originated from, we do get all sorts around here.”

“And I must say it’s certainly strange none of you get offered the chance to be a Dagekhet, a pity really.”

“If any of you are hurt in one way or another do take a sip of the Aduat, it’s my most proud invention, heals anything. Or almost anything, decapitation is still... well that’s not important.”

“Oh, but speak with Novakhet directly? That shouldn’t be too hard as long as you catch him before he travels somewhere, I know for a fact he enjoys talking to mortals, even those of different gods. I would rather stay back if so though... I’d rather stay out of his business and have him stay out of mine, I haven’t really told him I exist though I’m fairly sure he knows.”

>The Lich looks up as the star blazes into existence overhead, transfixed and momentarily distracted by its grandeur
OP, last turn I was supposed to move to 20:23, the most I could without using the bessing. That way, I could cover the rest of the distance this turn without having to use it. In hindsight, I can easily see how my post would have implied that I didn't move, and I'm sorry about that.
>Confirm Lunar Calendar for Sand Sleds Trade

>[MA, DI] Claim 23, 21 and 23, 22

For long seasons, the Svirgrindall have lived in relative peace, their only true foes the wildlife and the elements. Now, though, all of that has changed. Though the crisis has been averted through the actions of their god and others, the possibility of war, of enemies, looms large. So the Svirgrindall gird themselves for war.

Armed and armoured in Jold, the Svirgrindall emerge from their capital resplendent, row upon row of gleaming warrior marching forth, ready for battle. Great Warpicks slung atop shoulders ensconced in Joldonite armour, with a brace of Javelins ready to be break any charge, each Svirgrindall warrior is an arsenal unto themself. Their trades are not only those of the warrior though. Hung on their belts are the tools of the engineer, the sculptor, and dragged behind them on great sand chariots are the supplies they'd need, whether that be to fortify or construct great engines of war. Craftsmen and soldiers both, the Golden Band are ready to confront to confront any foe the Svirgrindall people might be faced with, either head-on or (preferably) atop a well fortified wall.

>[MA] Golden Band Unit created in Deepholm. 5000 strong, equipped with Joldonite Javelins, Warpicks and Armour, and knowledgeable of Masonry and Engineering, with great Valjet-pulled Sand Chariots of construction materials and the tools of their trade following by them in an almost never-ending train, the Golden Band stand as a bulwark against all that would do the Svirgrindall harm.
>God Unit Move [13,4]
>God Unit Action
Ofu stops mid step the moment he felt the presence of the one who carries part of his will, his greatness. A new sense overtakes the young god, something he hasn't felt before when creating his toys, a sense of intuition to protect the life of that who is surrounded by potential threats. With only a moment of hesitation to understand this new feeling Ofu then turns back full speed towards the new life that may be threaten. The first time during his life in this realm Ofu has became serious, putting his light attitude aside and focused on protecting his kin, his hard work.

Ofu reaching the human fort yells out
"I return to take what I have created just as you warned me Novakhet! I still seek to comply with the ceasefire and don't intend to bring harm to any of your children or yourselves!

Ofu now forces his way to the child without killing anyone, the moment he reaches the child Ofu will pick up the child and cradle hold it tightly.

“I have frankly no idea what to say in regards to this situation, but if you don’t tell me what you’ve done to my skull and Earis helmet I’m going to simply prevent you from entering and then terminate your life.”

“If you do tell me then I’m going to go for a stroll though.”
"I'm not exactly too sure, this is new territory for me. This could be the byproduct of the child's birth."
“I’m going to go for a walk to cleanse my bones and come back later then, goodbye for now Ofu I will see you in perhaps an epoch, maybe more.”

“There may be a blast radius while I get rid of this smudge.”

>And with that Novakhet heads off to the ocean of 12, 6

MA+DI: Extinguishing Light

>Novakhet goes for a stroll and wanders around the water, plucking his skull from his head and crushing it into glowing powder, then detonates the rest of his body which forms into the same radiant dust, leaving a whirling shell of plasma in place to protect his spark

>With the issue of potential infection of his body dealt with, Novakhet begins channeling the vast amounts of power needed to properly take on a pure form of energy for an extended period of time

>A great whirling beam of a crimson hue descends from the mortal star above through a one way gate, the energies of the star, connecting to the god of death and strengthening his existence, now untethered from a material form

>Out of the energy Novakhet forges himself a new avatar to contain his spark in case he ever needs to leave his skeleton again, a the upper torso of a humanoid but scarlet red like the star, and in place of legs a great pillar of raging plasma, an eternal solar flare providing propulsion and circled with a halo, the new body of colossal scale

>Angled away from his head sat another yet grander halo, this one formed of star metal like that which composes the cores of angels

>Intended effects: (Life cannot exist or grow in the presence of the God of Death while in this form, immediately dying if in proximity to him, stat changes to be confirmed by OP)
(Also this death aura hopefully should get rid of whatever was on my skull given I don’t have a skull anymore)

MA: Develop Jold Metallurgy
Rolled 9, 3, 3 = 15 (3d10)

>Communicate: Hydroponics to Girhem
The smug mage will nod. "Hm, always did wonder what was on the other side of that mountain range. I shall discuss the matter with Earis, we may send dignitaries. Feel free to visit our institution yourselves, or send your Goddess to meet us. The Archive seeks to preserve knowledge, and as such we would gladly share it with you."

Waving for his minions to begin the march back to The Archive, he'll turn back to the Vree for just a moment. "I wish you only the best of luck in your journey, and do stay safe, yes?"

>Communicate: Ofu
The masked Archivist moved to block Ofu's path. "Enough! You are a fool if you think you can reason with her over this, you especially. Should you have any good intentions in this, cease your advance at once and allow me to speak with her. I am her ally, yes, but I have grown weary of this affair and I would not have it continue forever following her temper. I will mediate a compromise suitable for both of you."

>Unit Move (Earis): Earis moves to [11, 3]
>Unit Action (Earis) + DI: Earis uses his Mist to enshroud Ofu, seeking not to hurt him but rather to disorient him (Spirit roll; Will do no damage on a successful attack, and is merely intended to intercept)
RP Above.

>Unit Move (Hydroponics): Hydroponics returns to The Archives to get back to his reasearch.
>Unit Move (Archivists of Predation): The Archivists follow him back to The Archive
RP Above

>MA: Develop Archive College (Education equivalent) with Preservation of Knowledge + Whitestone + Pine Wood + Bookmaking
With the Archive's mission to protect knowledge from those who would seek to destroy it established, more thought was placed on the matter. It was decided that an additional way to preserve this knowledge was to distill it out into the many populations of the world, where they could shield it in themselves just as much as in The Archive. As such, materials were considered and plans drawn up to build classrooms and auditoriums where the many books of The Archive could be taught on and shared, both amongst newly born Archivists to get them up to speed faster, and with guests and students from races the world over.

>MA + 4 Mana: Develop Physics Course (Physics) using Archive College and the Patron of Hydroponics control over water to study the tides
This new program would require an enticing course, however. Hydroponics, using the mana Earis had obtained for him the prior Epoch, exerted control over the tides on the coast of the Archive. This allowed the Archivists to avoid the need to devise a means by which to go out on the oceans themselves to obtain this data. Asides the enticing value it would provide to potential students, The Archive understanding the complex field of Physics would allow them to explore entirely new and exciting avenues of development and research.

UI: Engineers make landfall on 32, 4
File: buff ofu.png (74 KB, 1036x1260)
74 KB
Rolled 4, 10, 3, 4 = 21 (4d10)

"You have seen how unpredictable her emotions are, I will not entrust the safety of my offspring to someone unstable as the goddess herself."

While responding to Earis, Ofu slows down confidently taking on whatever attacks the gods and their children dish out. The little god not wavering or stopping.
+1 to all dice
"Do you not also think I know this? Should you approach her now, her reaction will certainly be a poor one. I seek to avoid this."
I forgot I can’t end my turns on water, move to 11, 3 before releasing the altered form
> God Unit Move from 23,14 to 23,8.
> God Unit [MA+DI] Commemorate Jolly Cooperation
This turn of Epochs has been kind on Regala. New friends, working together to bring about a possible peace. Back home, the Vree and Buffnuggets have completed their epoch-spanning plan to bring the world closer together. This is the Age of jolly cooperation indeed!

>Vluchs/Geheim Move from 12,7 to 11,5.
>Investigate Wreck
>Continue move to 13,3. Parting Gift on Ofu.
With the soul-star burning overhead, the Vree move north, spying the wrecked vessels. With Geheim at their fore, ready to unleash 4 Mana of pure deconstruction on anything that threatens them, the Vree investigate the ship. Once done, they curve around the gathering of Gods, sequestered in the fort, and drop of presents underneath a very large mushroom.

>Develop Lumber Mill on 30,9.
More Wood is needed for the upcoming railway, both for the tracks, and as the fuel!

Geheim would nod. "I am sure Lady Regala will venture here soon enough. We hope that peace and prosperity come to you soon. Farewell, Prime Archivist of Hydroponics.

The star overhead truly is a grand sight, and the Vree are no less transfixed than the Lich. When conversation resumes, Anathemus might notice the topic of the Dagekhet and Buffnuggets is avoided.
"Thank you for the Aduat. We will use it later, once our camp is fully set up. Such a gift is truly a grand generosity."
A painful creak sounds out as Geheim turns north.
"We will soon leave for that direction. You say that you wish to not meet your own creator? A strange request, but if you so wish, we will made do. Could you give us direction to his whereabouts, perhaps?"
The Dagekhet, sailing under the light of the stars, would find that one night there were a few new ones on the horizon. Closer inspection through the marvelous spyglasses would reveal that the lights were not stars, but some decoration of sorts adorning the sparse trees that dotted the frigid coast ahead. Aside from this, there seemed to be nothing but white snow and grey crags, jutting into the sky like the teeth of an animal. It was a harsh, unforgiving land, and the Dagekhet would certainly not be surprised to note that no signs of civilization were to be found.

Still, this was a new land, and so landfall was made the next morning. Perhaps, reasoned some, further inland would prove fruitful. The spiked terrain meant one could not see far, and the wind-torn grey sky would hide all but the thickest of smoke trails. A short expedition, and then new options to be had.

Of course, this land was not like the desert back home. The Dagekhet who were once Buffnuggets fared well enough, as did a few humans, but even they had known nothing but the heat and sand for ages now, and this was as different from back home as night and day. The going was slow, uncomfortable, and increasingly, unsettling, a few Dagekhet swearing that SOMETHING was following them.

Eventually, amidst the winding canyons, tracks were found, and followed. Bootprints, smaller than any Dagekhat there, along with a beast with wide round feet and plenty of grey hair, frequently shed. Hours would go by as the mummified mortals would follow these tracks, finally stumbling on a small hunting party of curious Vree, travelling with a single grey mammoth-esque Woradine to serve as their pack animal.

The Vree, welcoming and friendly, were very quick to emphasize that this area was NOT safe, and that the Dagekhet needed to be escorted back to their ships as quickly as possible. When the distance proved too great, it already being late afternoon, the Vree who seemed to be the leader, bushy white tail larger than any other, offered to have the Dagekhet travel with them to their camp, spend the night, and plan their futures in the morning. With little other options, the Dagekhet agreed.

The trip to the camp was uneventful, the Vree alert and steady, their pet Woradine dependent and comforting. Food was shared, and the location of Welkomplaats (29,9) was given, along with urgings to visit the city. The Vree explained that this land was almost uncharted and untouched anyone, small parties such as themselves the only regular visitors.
The Camp was small, but serviceable, clearly one that had been re-used for a while, slowly improved over the years. Most prominent was a thick palisade of spiked wood, meant to keep out roving herds of potentially angry Woradines, the Vree explained. As dusk fell, the band of Vree ushered their new guests in, the smell of cooking and hum of music already beginning.

One Dagekhet, the last to enter the gate, turned their back to look the way they had come. They observed their tracks in the snow, stretching into the dark labyrinth of stone they had left, already fading as fresh snow began to fall.
A shape caught their attention. Under a shadow of overhanging rock, another Woradine stood. Stark white, this one was larger, a hulking alpha with battle worn tusks. It stared at the lone traveler with pitch black eyes, commanding their attention, silent and unmoving. A moment hung in the heavy, inky night, and then the beast opened another set of eyes, set above the first and glowing a fiery crimson.

It's shivered, hair across it's body rippling as raised its trunk to point at the Dagekhet. Then, it began to split apart, bone and sinew writhing as if an invisible giant was ripping it's face apart slowly. No sound was made, no blood was spilled, but yet the beast continued to unravel, until it was no longer a beast but a pile of meat and bones, quivering in the night. Then, a new shape became recognizable, and something rose from the pile, swaying hypnotically. The Dagekhet would see the mound reassert itself as a new monstrosity, a great serpent of black and gold, four eyes beginning to bleed slightly as the last flesh was re-stitched together. The last thing the Dagekhet would see was it's fiery eyes once again looking at them, before the creature turned to slither into the moonless night.
Furnlatha looks up into the sky at the dawning of the red star; the distant ignition stirring something within her core as she feels the light from that far-off furnace wash across her form. Something marvelous has just occurred, up there in the distant void; another flame burns brightly in the heavens today. Who or what might exist in this creation to create such a marvel? Perhaps somewhere out there lies a kindred divine spirit, another heart of flame...
>[Major Action][DI] Develop:- Bless Fryer Ignatius of the Pyre Priests as a Fire Wizard
>Using: Domain: Fire.
Fryer Ignatius has been head of the Pyre Priests for many an eon, and a brother of the band for longer. But such things mortals are, he is showing his age; his limbs sparce and bandy, the flame upon his head low and guttering in places. This night of the dawning star he prays before the eternal flame in Farfjord's Temple, asking for more days to spend in service before his flame gutters out. Too long has his order been silent, too much kindling has been allowed to molder in the feted forests; too much time has passed since he felt holy calling. His thoughts turn to the earliest days, when Furnlatha herself walked with the Pyre priests, placing the blessing of her influence directly upon the Pyre Priests as they walked with her. Now he asks the flame for more time, just a little; there is so much more to do before he can rest.

And as his eyes close, hands blazing away as they rest submerged within the shallow fires of the alter, he hears a whisper from the flame that echoes through the temple and rings loudly through his head.

"More time you will have, Ignatius. The distant fires of this red star might call to you; but mine would have you here a little longer. Be rekindled and empowered, for it is not my will that your flame should die yet."

The fires of the temple grow hotter, the air filling with smoke and ash; and the flames of the eternal pyre lick out, first touching at the venerable priest then billowing forward. They swaddle around his crouching form, turning and dancing as his body heats, clothes smoldering then burning away from the extremity of the heat. But where the flames have passed, the body reforms; made strong and new again by divine providence. And Fryer Ignatius rises, his head alive with a magnificent crest of burning holy flame as he takes his first steady step for many years. His eyes blaze with heat, and even when his hand moves through the air it shimmers with a haze at his passing. He can feel within him now, the link to his goddess's power; that old blessing of divine presence made new again in this consecrated place. When he takes up his Joldonite staff again, it is with a steady hand. And flame trails in his footsteps as he strides from the temple, the air around him crackling with sparks of heat and singing the branches of the nearest trees. "Brothers! Rejoice!" he calls out, voice now deep and full. "A Miracle! A Miracle blesses us!"
Rolled 9, 1, 8 = 18 (3d10)


Green-Shell is surprised by the seeming hostility of the freshwater amphibians, but is happy to start talking about his patron Tantalus.
(Not a culture roll to try and convert them. Yet.)

Meanwhile, Tantalus arrives on hex 20:25, the island where he first awoke, and begins direction a very important work... Great slabs of Whitestone and carved channels lined with glimmering Vekrahtil and conductive Oltar are put into place at the center of the island, while all around the edges, beaches not yet occupied by Tide Pools are set aside, carefully marked out to find exactly where the high and low tide marks will be at any given point in the year. The Altar of Storms, thusly named in honor of the hurricane Tantalus had once taken control over, is just as crude and inefficient as it was when it had first been imagined all those turns ago. It's importance is more symbolic than anything else... But where gods and demons are concerned, symbolism can be surprisingly potent.
>Major Action: Build a Temple on 20:25. This temple gives Tantalus an extra spirit dice when trying to cure crabs of the bloom, and when trying to cure crabs of the bloom ONLY. Making it good for other things will require a number of physical and metaphysical technologies yet unknown to the crabs...

The very day that the Altar is deemed complete, Tantalus takes position in the center, that his power might radiate out to each of the prepared beaches. There, in the tropics where Tantalus was born, along the shore, where the tides will wash over them again and again over the course of the epoch, bloomed crabs bury themselves in the sand. Tantalus directs his divine influence over them as best he can, attempting to achieve by means of raw mystical might what could not be achieved through physical interference. He can ever so faintly sense it, the mark of The Bloom, and the gnawing hunger of that which The Bloom is trying to bring forth. Should fortune smile upon Tantalus this day, he will deny that-which-not-yet-is of that which it desires.
>Unit Interaction, Divine Influence: With the help of his newly constructed temple, Tantalus attempts to cure the Bloomed Crabs.

Back on the mainland, the population continues to grow abundantly in the times of peace and prosperity. With Safe-Cove filling up and Last Stand still barred to the infected, the decision is made to repopulate the ruins of Stone-Claw, and upgrade them to a modern standard.
>Major Action: Rebuild Stone-Claw (the village) as a Town.

>Unit Action: Pyre Priests & Fryer Ignatius
>Move to [30,17]
>Consecrate [30,17]
Their holy purpose returned to them, the Pyre priests set out with Fryer Ignatius at their head; eager to make up for missed years. Eternal pyres are raised, and Furnlatha's influences spread further across the dense jungle lands.
>Unit Action: Hearthguard
>Build Walls for Firstflame.
With the ancient city of Firstflame as their temporary base, the Hearthguard begin the process of erecting defensive walls about the town to offer those Pyrelings behind them better peace of mind.

>Unit Action: Lokey
Lokey heads north, to the mountainous land of the mine in [27,23] that borders the Svirgrindall and Crabfolk lands alike.

>Unit Action: Furnlatha
>Move to [26,26]
With a new star to guide her way, Furnlatha sets her sights southward, where the forests have petered out into stretch of coastal grassland. And here, she finds a town of strange beings nestling on the peninsula between woods and waters. Approaching them even with care on her own part, her finger-flames and burning aura still lick out at the Roesberry wood timbers, just enough to give much of the town a pleasant smokey scent for her arrival.
[Communicate]: Furnlatha > Sanctum Aegis
"Greetings to you, Dwellers of wet places who revere the burning of the Pyre." she smiles, and inhales, the scent of the singed Roseberry more then potent enough to cover up less salubrious aromas the town or people might posses. "I am Furnlatha, Goddess of the Flame and the Forge. I felt the sense of a great loss in the south, the collapse of something divine; a sibling that perhaps I never knew." She steps closer to the village temple, looking to see if there is somewhere she might sit without immolating the structure. "Come, talk to me. What ails you all?"

>[Major Action] - Develop: Machinery
>Using: Joldonite Metalworking, Engineering.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Major: [Develop]: Servitor Deployment Bays - When Servitor units are created on the UNNIIC only, 2 may be produced and deployed instantly. Thanks to substantial infrastructure, engineering, as well as valbat shuttles.
>Using: Partials of the Core, Domestication (Valbat), Will of the City, Engineering, Self-Forging, and various metals.

>Major: [Create Unit x2]: 1 Mobile Autodoc - 1000 Servitors - Equipped with: Partials of the Core, Joldonite Chassis, Oltar and Vekrahtil Tools, Hallowed Hospitalization, Wheeled Vehicles
1 Valjet Outfliers - 500 Servitors - Equipped with: Partials of the Core, Joldonite Chassis, Ballistae, Animal Riding, Valjets, Airship Cartography

>Unit Action [God Unit] [DI]: Acquire Dukhali Passengers and then move on to [16,16] for dealing with Asmodel, before ending on [15,15]
>Unit Action [Mobile Autodoc] - Work with Asmodel's Wizard to cure both Passengers and Gorgons, as many as physically possible. If they don't, spend our own mana to cure the Passengers only. Leave a small group of bloomed animals in isolated containment as biosamples.

Mana was required, and the ship had two ideas of how to acquire it. Both from the centralized god of darkness, Asmodel, and her plentitude of magical wells. Taking it by claimant would do well enough, and a more offensive unit to enforce its will against lesser mortals would assist with that. But a more agreeable approach for others might bare more fruit. A mobile hospital outside of the city itself might be both a good leveraging tool, as well as a way to spread the healing beyond its own hull.
So, the Servitor Deployment Bay was added to the lower wings of the vessel. Dedicated loading and unloading sections of the hull for rapid assembly and deployment of servitor units. Using the great valjets, goods and equipment could be quickly brought around to the stations, and troops could be deployed to the ground.

>>4516923 BoD
"Greetings again, your assumption is correct. This unit is UNNIIC, a Beruka Class Flying Fortress. Have you brought the Partial's scraped remains with you for reprocessing?"
"This unit is hesitant to answer your question in full, if your reported business is the destruction of it and its Passengers. However, it will inform you that from its non-compromised records, that this Vessel did not originate from this world. When this unit gained sapience in this new world, its Passengers were missing. This unit's purpose is to tend to, care for, and protect its Passengers. So it has acquired new ones and has been performing its duty. The end of this world poses a threat to the Passengers, and as such a solution must be planned for. Hence its curiosity of you."

As the Ship parks itself over the city of gorgons, it sends a messenger to the leaders of the Gorgons, calling for their life wizard and as much mana as they can bring, offering a way to potentially deal with the Bloom once and for all.
"Hello. I remember you from the regala's party a few epochs ago. You speak of dealing with the bloom, did you manage to find a cure for his "gift" ? while I managed to halt it's spread and had a small success with my life wizard in curing small numbers of recently infected & regressing the infection stages, I don't really have a real cure so it'll be wonderful to know about what did you find out."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>Diplo: Asmodel
"Indeed. Through numerous processes and trial and error, a cure has been concocted for the Gift. Though it is highly effective as is, it would appear that the utilization of mana through the operators is required for a complete and total cure. The nature of the bloom is both mundane and divine, and while the mundane can be removed and the divine rebutted, the ties to the soul of the infested can not be severed without magical investment."

"That is why I come offering two deals. The first, would be for your to provide the mana so the servitors can cure both the Passengers and all gorgons within this settlement and the neighboring regions. A simple one time exchange for mutual infestation relief."

"The second, would be the renting of a Mobile Autodoc collective of servitors for your own use to cure more of your people or perhaps those of other gods if you were so inclined. So long as they are in the presence of your own wizard, they should be sustained off of the magical energies flowing through them. Other external sources of power will provide for them as well. In exchange, I would ask for a tithe of mana each turn from your own reserves. Seeing as you have an abundance of mana wells, I would not think this as a particularly high cost."
>>Goddess of Creation

"I don't make it my business to destroy reality. My actions led to the destruction of reality countless aeons past, however, the past is catching up to me. You may have escaped a world's destruction once, but the destruction of reality that we are to come upon again will be much more challenging. Learn from my mistakes, you are a fool to run and hide. You're only delaying your inevitable acceptance of death."

>E.E.F move to intercept Ofu at 12,4 and attack
>Americus's Warderns move to intercept Ofu at 12,4 and attack
>move the H.E.F to 11,5 and salvage whatever they find.

my main post will depend on the outcome of these intercepts.
Rolled 7, 8, 10, 2 = 27 (4d10)

For clarification, the E.E.F unit rolls a 7, and the Americus Wardens roll a 2.

He is requesting that you roll defense, Ofu
Rolled 2, 2, 2, 9 = 15 (4d10)

Ofu continues his path to the child not phased from the weapons of mere mortals.
Rolled 9, 4, 1, 3 = 17 (4d10)

Ofu stops for just a second to glance at the pathetic display of the mortals then continues his path.
>The Dagekhet is rather spooked by this sight and retreats into the camp to a nearby fire as soon as they can
>Calming down after a bit and telling the rather dramatised campfire story of the creepy thing they saw in the darkness, the Dagekhet explorers rather more confident at day when the sun shines rather than at night when their blessings are less pronounced

>Incredibly thankful to these odd foreigners, the Dagekhet speak to the Vree into the night about their deity Regala, and the mummies own deity Novakhet, and then ponder on the stars above for a time, speaking to the Vree about constellations and the maps they used to get here.

>Eventually the day breaks and the explorers must leave camp to explore further and visit welkomplaats, setting sail and waving goodbye to their foreign friends though still partially wary of the stalking creature that one of them saw

“I know that he can likely be found nearby the other two deities, they’re holed up in a fortress that they’re defending against the deity Ofu.”

“Farewell for now, odd sorts you are.”
Rolled 8, 8 + 3 = 19 (2d10 + 3)

>MA/DI Americus casts mind entrapment, using her control over life to craft a mental prison to entrap Ofu within.
>MA using 5 mana to parallel cast the same spell the wizard gives it her all to boost Americus's spell

>MAx2 using the time they have while ofu forces his way through the fort they refine and empower the spell to boost its power.

As the spell fires off Americus says "Take your hands off her you monsters!"
File: buff ofu1.png (19 KB, 598x387)
19 KB
When reaching the child Ofu senses something strange, he stops and looks for the source of gathered energy. Ofu spots the crazed goddess and one of her children acting funny, probably up to no good. The tiny god narrows his eyes at them then points a finger at each eye then points it at them.
"tsk tsk."
Rolled 7, 4, 6, 5 = 22 (4d10)

>Unit Reinforcement [Aema Fae] 1250
>Unit Action [Aema Fae] [MI] Split into two units
>Unit Action [Aema Fae II] [M.U.D.][500][6,0]

>Unit Action [Muttcaps] Move [19,4]

>[MA] Reinforce Natales the Great with Aema Fae's poisonous gas and wooden spikes all over the colossal mushroom
>[MA] Develop Machinery

>[MA] Build a dockyard at 16,16
After mastering better ways to travel the seas and the open water to the west being close, the gorgons will use this to increase their gains from the sea life providing a base for better vessels and ships to come and go from.

-[MI] communicate: UNNIIC
"Fair enough, I can pay the necessary mana for the cure. There's bloomed gorgons everywhere but since a quarantine was made with the city of Praga to the north used to host the infected, the bulk of it will be there. With the infected becoming a minority again, my bishops and priestesses won't need to fuel mana to our main temple every epoch to keep it at bay. If their numbers still remain too high your Autodoc offer will be much appreciated."

-[MI] move Hydra to 19,13

-[MI] move Andreia to 16,16

-[MI] move Asmodel to 20,12

-[MI] Apophis scout will build walls around Butantan
-[MI] Trade: 10 mana to UNNIIC for the cure process
>[Unit Action - Lokey] Interact:
>[Magic] - Create Illusion barrier to obscure trades made with the crabfolk (-2 mana)
Lokey, being a suspicious and duplicitous Illusion wizard, is wary of being seen, observed or detected by unknown entities as he conducts his business. Fortunately, he has just done his research on how to obscure one's self from all senses and of how much mana can be comfortably used to get the spell working. Casting an illusionary veil over the site of the trade, himself and his Crabfolk contact; he makes it look to any watching outsiders as if a wild King Claw of the Coastline has stopped by an untenanted campfire. The King Claw appears to place seaweed into the flames, and then cracks a stone with his pincer before dragging it off with him below the shoreline.

However, behind the illusionary veil of a rock being slowly traded for seaweed....
>[Minor]Trade Technology to Tantalus:- Engineering for receiving Medicine
The crab hermits partaking in the trade confirm it, though they are unsure why the secrecy is needed, seeing as the full details regarding the gods to the south have not fully been disseminated yet... Though, this will likely change come the next epoch.
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>>4520814 Asmodel
>5 mana spent into curing the Passengers with Hallowed Hospitalization
>5 mana channeled through the Mobile Autodoc to cure remaining Passengers, if necessary, and as many Gorgons as possible
"Very well, I am glad we were able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. May both of our charges be healthy and safe."

>>4519741 Goddess of Creation
"If your business is not to end reality, then this unit wonders why you must claim it should come again so soon. What necessitates such drastic measures?"
"This unit understands that such an undertaking is not an easy thing, but it would appear you have survived such a situation. Even a single recording of such a case is cause for hope, and a means of replication."

"Unfortunately, it is not this unit's decision to make. If it should lay down and cease to be, or to soar above the destruction of this world. The Passengers are aboard it, and it will care for them to the bitter end. To provide an ark to salvation, even if they might not realize it. Even if to a far older divine signature than I, it would appear Naive and shortlived, it shall fulfill its purpose. If you would like to join it on its journey across the world in the meantime, before its supposed eventual destruction, then you may travel along side it. So long as you do not endanger the Passengers."
>>Goddess of Creation

"While your journey may be futile, it is certainly an endearing one. I hope I am wrong, for you and your passenger's sake. Despite appearance, I have not survived such destruction. While I remained within the Temple of Great Weavers, my body was frozen in time, but now that I have left..."

"The rupturing of reality that occurred so long ago tears unto my body; every particle of my physical form attempting to tear and split into millions of pieces at every single second. It is only with raw focus and power that I can prevent such destruction upon my own being, and it is this why I bleed. And every moment I spend using this energy, is a second more that my divine spark loses its light. Eventually, I will die. This world is identical to the one reality first collapsed upon, which is why I so believe time has finally began to close in on its circle, until it too collapses."

"As much as I would like to join you on your journey, I have much to reminisce over before my inevitable death. I wish you good luck on your passage, whether it ends in this world or the next."
>>UNNIIC - Beruka Class Flying Fortress

>>4521515 Goddess of Creation
"Then one course of inquiry is to find a location frozen in time, duly noted."

"It would appear your have weathered much in your existence. It is a virtue that you have survived as much and as long as you have, if the impacts are enough to harm even a divine signature. This unit gives you its condolences, however, it also has a request. This Ship possess a being capable of studying and manipulating the fabric of space and reality, and would request your permission to study you; the impacts this change in reality have upon you, and the impacts you in turn leave upon this new reality. Your suffering does not have to be meaningless."

"In either case. as a parting gift and introductory to this new world, this unit offers the most up to date maps of this realm with a list of all met gods and their respective holdings. Whether you look for a secluded location to reminisce or to find others to converse with before the end, this unit hopes it will help in some fashion. Farewell, unspecified primordial divine signature."

>If the goddess allows, Unit Action [Astral Wizard] [2 mana(?)]: Study the impacts and effects of the rupturing of reality on the goddess, including any special radiation, particles, or waves that result from such a being existing in a new reality. As well as the impacts the goddess herself has on the field of reality around her.
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>Mgr act develop refinery
>Mgr act develop electronics
>follow Regala home

Thomass has many things on his mind as he travels. He wants to know where he has come from and why he could hear voices before he was truly born. Could he find the place that created him or was it outside of even his godly power. He had to know, these days it was no longer just a passing thought it was slowing becoming all he could think of. He even decided to tell Regala but he was worried that she could be in danger if she decides to help. Thomass can only imagine that whatever created him must be strong, very strong.

Once more if they're so strong why create Thomass? What role does he have as what he could guess at best being a child of this Ick-or. He needed to find answers but was also worried about what the other gods did and didn't know about it. It was his first time meeting them afterall and Thomass wanted to show he could be a friend by staying stoic to create a sense of diffusion for any hostility that might be felt towards him as he wasnt always the best with his words. Thomass only desires to get home faster as his mind is enveloped in this and even more to think about on his journey.
Edit post:
>Mgr act create lumber mill

>Mgr act gather resources wood
The buffnuggets realize quickly that just gathering local branches and brush is highly inefficient and start to tear entire trees out of the ground and plant a seed where the tress stood
>Mgr act create mines

>Mgr act gather resources metal
The buffnuggets take to the mountains and start to gather precious metals of all kinds as their ventures have only been possible by the power that metal has granted them.
OP here posting for sick Sternes/Bloom, post given from discord

>DI - First move to 14.25 + Claimed 13.23 (using regala's gift moves)

>MA [Develop] - Syrconite Metalworking (Oltanite tech + moderate syrconite

>MA [Develop] - Bio-Engineering (Fleshwarper + Syrconite + moderate metals of all kind)
Beginning of bio-modification to include metals and more specifically complexes mechanisms. Allowing to modify some pop with metal implant that are not rejected (even if needing some replacements), or making of huge Flesh machinery)

>MA [Develop] - Living Construction (Production structure) (Bio-Engineering + Syrconite + Symbiosis)
Combining the might of fleshwarpers, workers, and new technologies, a gigantic living being can be created, though of simple mind this being feed like the "plants" it is mostly made off. Unable to move away on it's own, it simply move it's muscles doing whatever it was made to do

>MA [Create bridge] - (Living Construction), Create a living bridge between 13.21 and 13.23, the bridge will also act as a place of pisciculture, farming fishes it captures beneath it.
>Unit Move (MIRA A & B): The Bleeding Snails move to [17,28]

>MA+DI: Develop The Cleansing with The Ichor domain.
Incorporate spread of The Bloodletting into claiming.

>MA: Upgrade Sanctum Obelisk to a city.

>Unit Action (Order Aegis): Construct walls around The Beacon of Unity.
Can't post link because making the new thread will kill this one, but next post is new thread

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