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The second chapter of the tribes RP quest that was archived some days ago. Tribe leaders feel free to take your actions, and remember to check the information at the game's discord (https://discord.gg/XwWdcy).
Made my actions in the last thread

>>4474416 Iluminados
>>4474365 Ku Kobold Klan
>>4474231 King Koala
>>4473661 Tomb Kings
Rolled 7, 2 = 9 (2d20)

> increase our defenses
Our city is truly formidable, yes, but isn’t it a bit too... open? Where are the ancient walls? Where are the dark corners and swathes of land where only rocks could be seen? The current leader misses the safety provided by the rocks, and if the rocks don’t wish to grant us safety anymore, we will force them to! Enslave the rocks, round them up and pile them to surround our city! All who come will see the greatness of our dominion over rocks!

> tame the wasps
Ah, a fellow kin from the rocks down under, a good ally and a trusted companion, our chittering friends are. They must be treated with respect, be fed as one of our citizens, for that is what they are: our brothers and sisters, not a mere tool to use. The leader decrees that no wasp shall be eaten or killed without reason, and anyone caught mistreating a wasp shall be punished as if it had been doing the same to a Túnail! That is the decree, that is the leader’s word, that is the law
Dunno if the bonuses from herding and preserving apply
Rolled 8, 16, 5 = 29 (3d20)

1. Expand Kattin
The town of Kattin steadily grows as the population does. The need to overhaul facilities and town limits is required if the town is to grow its infrastructure. The pressure to expand does not come from the Bakuzan, but instead from the Oujas of Clan Mori, Takumi, and Sakuma. The need for new facilities was made abundantly clear as the city's main port was becoming chronically overcrowded and the potential of new crops, new Clans, and even trading districts all required some serious overhaul to the capitol of the Najin.

2. Mining
Exposure to Gold by the Tuath has led to a desire to find and work with metals native to Hango. Prospectors are sent out to scout for metals and new mines are sunk to exploit it. With the issue of space so paramount in Kattin Oshabi is chosen to be the first place to look.

3. Writing
With the growing population and complexity of Clan and domestic politics the need to immortalize the will of Oujas and the Bakuzan becomes paramount. Only so much can be relied on through oral transmission, and official missives being granted longevity for reference is increasingly important as the Kiryuin Clan enters another generation of rulership. In their quest to become the Imperial Family certain developments must be created to foster that environment.
As more refugees arrive at the new settlement the council call a moot with the few farmer families that were able to escape the bloodshed, as the methods and advice is written down volunteers are called to till the fields and sow the crops.
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Rolled 16, 15 = 31 (2d20)

>Build farms in new land
We need a stable source of food

>Begin mining
According to some of our people, there are interesting things underground. We want to see these things, so we are starting a communal mining operation.
me btw
Turn 9:
>Tomb Kings
The fascination with sculpting led to a need for specialists and a place for those specialists to congregate. In Khepri a new space was set aside for the sculpting and firing of clay works. Artists worked in this space day and night to create works of art for their patrons and even Settra himself was sometimes seen in the space working in collaboration with other artists. This space soon grew to also feature a gallery and it became an area for people to gather and discuss not only art but culture and politics as well. The development was more than just a space for art but a space that allowed for culture to truly flourish and become great. Unfortunately for Settra, one of the things often discussed was that Settra himself was not quite the chad he once was. Other artists such as Imhotep or the metalworking wonder Amenemope were often subjects of vigorous discussion. Settra’s star seemed to be waning in favor of other brilliant and talented Kheprites. This only grew as crude literature was developed. Settra was often featured, sure, but the other figures of note in Khepri society were taking prominence as well. Works of art dedicated to Amenemope, Cleopatra, Imhotep, and even Osiris were taking root and growing in number to equal that of Settra.
>The sculptures displayed on the museum become a point of great pride to our people, and the sculptures are now considered a Luxury resource.
>Writing discovered. Over time, this will reduce the difficulty of intellectual pursuits.
>Settra is disheartened due to the rising importance of other skeletons, and as such he’s so sad that his grasp on life seems weaker. Settra’s vitality was reduced to 2/4.
>Pottery, writing and metalworking elevate the tribe to a new stage of development: The bronze age.
15.75/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2.
>Ku Kobold Klan
Seeing how important copper is now for tools, the inhabitants of Birmingham now decided to use the rocks and stones derived from the mining instead, since these weren’t used that much anymore for tools. Thanks to our upgraded tools, the stones didn’t need mortar to be placed and instead the buildings were made thanks to precise cuttings of stone that interlock with other stone blocks, granting the structures a great degree of strength. The heavy work required to reach this level of precision on the stone blocks has made Birmingham the home of a nascent stone cutting industry, with specialized quarries to extract the most valuable types of stones from the hillsides, which greatly improves the building capabilities of our people in the area.
In Frankfort, the same idea was conceived and soon the leftover stones from mining came to be used in building infrastructure and sturdy homes for our people. Not only that, but during the stone extraction many small holes were dug in the hillsides, which were instantly repurposed to be small stockpiles that will help us keep things fresh and some kobolds have even proposed to use the snow from the mountains to cool even more these chambers to keep things from spoiling.
>Stockpiles at Frankfort upgraded to basic +. Frankfort’s infrastructure reached settlement level 2: village. Frankfort needs more food sources to grow.
>Birmingham’s infrastructure reached settlement level 2: village. Stone Cutting workshops grant +1 to developments related to building in Birmingham, and can become a global bonus if connected to other towns.
>Cholera outbreaks at Atlanta coming at smaller rates now, which improves our growth.
23.5/36 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. Check population sheet for more info.
Rearmed and prepared for trouble Goblins flood the south. Some head to the mountain range, while others look to secure the lake. Some find trouble. Others find that they are able to hold their own. In the mountain ranges attempts at mining fall flat. The land there is dangerous and the mountain crags crawl with otherkin at night that routinely attack the mining settlement. Eventually after repeated efforts are met with violence the effort is abandoned as being too difficult and expensive. Near the lake explorers armed with bows and knowledge find less issues. The swooping birds cause problems but careful watchfulness and good accuracy is usually enough to ward the birds off before they can pick anyone off. As no one ventures into the caves or mountains the explorers are mercifully spared from the attacks of the otherkin that so devastate their mountain efforts. The lake is teeming with fish, temperate, well wooded and ideal for settlement by future goblins. At Sea’s Maw things are not quite so well. Some spoiled grain is repurposed for the creation of alcohol and it seems effective. Too effective really. Goblins love beer. They love beer so much they drink it all the time. They drink it in place of water. Public intoxication, fighting, domestic abuse, and alcoholism run rampant in Sea’s Maw before the end of the decade. With grain production and surplus so high the availability of cheap beer is at an all time high and beer consumption grows right along with it.
>The mining expedition to the south is a failure and finds nothing useful, angering even more the beings in the zone
>Southern lake area gets +2 to environment food once settled thanks to abundant food sources, and get +2 to colonizing the area next turn.
>A brewery to produce ale is created at Sea’s Maw, which is considered as a luxury resource and grants a small food growth bonus. However, rampant alcoholism in the tribe grants -1 to all rolls until something is done to prevent it, and hinders food growth by a bit.
>Sea’s Maw needs more food sources to grow.
16/24 Population needed for bonus action. Actions this turn: 3. Food production 16.
>Dwarf Revolution
Not only did more people hear the calling for more farmers and farming equipment crafting, but some of the most clever minds in dwarven kind have also joined the quest to feed the populace. Through careful observation and information acquired from the veteran farmers that survived the trip to Thul Nildaur, the so-called wise men have created a treatise on the local flora that is nutritive, edible, easy to grow and can even survive the chilly weather with minimal care. This has greatly helped our farming efforts towards an agrarian society, and this time, each dwarf has property over the land he’s working towards feeding the community.
>A proto + farm was built at Thul Nildaur, and the farming treatise grants +3 to all rolls related to expanding the farms.
6/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Thul Nildaur needs a settlement upgrade to allow for more population towards extra actions.

>Tuath De
Seeing that the settlement was getting a little bit crowded and lonely, we needed more land to settle in and claim as ours for the children that aren’t eaten. Going further along the coast, the new settlement was placed on a small creek with a natural bay that will help our trade with the foreign Najin, and the potatoes we planted to test the land are growing well enough.
The gold is what drives our people, and to get more gold is the goal of Leprechaun-kind. Thanks to the extra hands looking for gold, new places to acquire it have been found, new techniques developed and we even found out that digging a little on the areas near the golden river can also reveal more nuggets for us to acquire. Overall, this has greatly increased our gold production. Not only that, but the Najin also like the gold, and we can definitely trade our gold for their strange and curious goods.
>A new settlement was created. Name it.
>The mine at Dublin was upgraded to basic level. This allows for 2 gold to be produced, and now it can be traded with other tribes.
>No babies were eaten this time around.
10/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check population sheet for more info.
The Tunail fashion a crude wall from rocks, stones, and wooden pilings. The town becomes surrounded on all sides by defensive layers that restrict entrance to just three openings and the lake itself. The resulting wall isn’t particularly impressive but it is more than enough to keep anything but a determined attacker out of the town. The first few Cave Wasps were easy enough to handle. The problem with them came later. As the population of wasps and Tunail grew, the realization that the wasps needed a larger food source became apparent. The Tunail would need to hunt in the land around them, for the wasps would not eat fish. This problem meant that some wasps were going hungry and cave wasps did NOT go hungry. There were some casualties. If Luthn was going to embrace the wasp, it was going to need to start producing meat.
>A wall was created around Creuge. (70% strength added to settlement defense)
>Some population was lost to feed the wasps (no growth) Their sacrifice to keep the wasps docile will be remembered.
10/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Creuge needs more food sources to grow. Check the population sheet for more info.
In an effort to expand Kattin’s critically overwhelmed structure, a design group was created from members of the most important clans in the capital to oversee and to produce a masterplan for the development of the city. However, as always, the different clans had different ideas for the expansion, and constant infighting led to the Bakuzan himself having to stop and even threaten some of the clans to be expelled and left out of the development plan. In the end, the plan was created with some difficulties.
The prospectors were sent far and wide in the vicinity of Oshabi, trying to find something like the gold that the Tuath De gave to us during the Wokou expedition and the subsequent exploration voyages. Seeing that the Tuath De used heat to mold the gold, the first place where the prospectors went was the hot springs near Oshabi. Despite their warm water, the strange smell around the area was often a reason for the lack of development of them… but the prospectors found a yellow stone there that kinda looked like gold. It wasn’t gold, but it was surely different from the stones around these parts, so it was named brimstone and the prospectors collected some samples and continued their exploration.They also found another thing that looked like a metal, which was red in colour and a little bit brittle, but when polished revealed a grey-black color that had particularly strong properties. They also took samples from it and returned satisfied to Oshabi to share their findings with the clans, which are eager to get their hands on a metal like-material.
The instructions of the Kiryuin were clear to their family, and the clan started their work on what would become a writing system to allow for better management of the ever-growing orcish population. Using the banana textiles and a special mixture of whale oil with finely ground up bark, simplified images could be drawn, and together these could create complex instructions and concepts. Development took long, but after a lot of brainstorming and work on the needed textiles the writing system was nearly complete. However, one night the workshop where much of the work on the written banana textiles caught fire, and all of the effort made on this idea was lost to the flames, along with the inventors. Looks like the centralization ambitions of the Kiryuin will have to wait.
>Kattin is on the way to be upgraded, but problems in the planning stage mean that it will be harder to continue the plans. -2 to the next roll to upgrade Kattin.
>Sulphur and iron ore discovered around Oshabi. Get +3 to make a mine on one of those resources.

>Writing isn’t developed this time around, however the general idea on how to develop remains, granting +1 to developing writing again.
23.2/30 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. 1 food was transferred to promote growth in Kattin. Check the population sheet for more info.
The lands around the new settlement are fertile, and we must make use of it. Bringing some crops from New Atlantis was hard, but it paid off really well. The crops grew strong, and the land is easy to work with, which led to the creation of large farms in almost no time, even under these chilly conditions. Once the chill ends, this settlement could become the agrarian center of our civilization.
The people say there is interesting stuff underground. Why keep thinking if it’s real, if we can go and find out for ourselves if there’s actually interesting stuff underground. The fishmen dug out small holes and started mining the stones, extracting the materials and analyzing them carefully. While digging, a team found an underground lake which was full of lifeforms that when taken out of their environment and cooked are incredibly tasty. Soon, a small community grew around the entrances to the underground lake from which this new food source was extracted, and it was discovered that the lake could be accessed from either New Atlantis or our newer lands, which will help the distribution of this food.
>Basic farm created at New Settlement, and it will be automatically upgraded to + once the chill ends.
>The underground lake improves the fisheries in both settlements to basic.
20.28/30 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. Check population sheet for more info.
>King Koala the Great
Since the eucalyptus production dwindled due to the chilling weather, our people has had to make do with whatever eucalyptus they could scavenge in the wildlands near Dropbearton, or whatever they could secure raiding the Kangaroo supplies. Necessity is the mother of invention, and as such our people have started experimenting with better stockpiles and conservation techniques to allow what we gather to last longer and prevent it from spoiling. Not only stockpiles were built to resist the cold and keep away the vermin, but some of the more crafty Koalas invented a nutritive elixir made of the oil that can be extracted from the bark and previously unusable parts of the eucalyptus. This technology is in its early phase, but if invested in we could find another use for our eucalyptus and to increase our food availability.
Our army marched towards our old capital of Eucalyptaria, jumping from the trees and taking out any enemy patrols in the way there as true dropbears. Once arriving, our army noticed that the kangaroos had been busy in the city, and had built a fortified keep in the city. But following the King’s plan, the fires were lit at sunset, and the signals sent to the population: the time for liberation had come!. Soon, fighting erupted in the town as koalas started fighting the kangaroo guards that were patrolling the streets, aided by our own dropbears. The kangaroos, hard pressed by the population and our forces retreated to defend the keep, and now it’s up to our army to flush them out and liberate the town once and for all.
As the siege of Eucalyptaria’s keep started, a small group of dropbears approached the commanding tent, and delivered a message: The king’s brother managed to convince the other subjugated tribes to revolt against the kangaroos, and as of now the armies of the Quokka and Wombats was preparing secretly under the excuse of aiding the kangaroo army sent to reinforce Eucalyptaria. This will greatly aid our efforts to liberate our people, and why not disarm the Kangaroo kingdom!
>Proto + Stockpile built at Dropbearton
>Get +3 to rolls improving the eucalyptus elixir production, which can grant food-related bonuses if it goes well.
>Famine avoided at Dropbearton
>The battle to liberate Eucalyptaria will start now with 5+3 roll against the fortified Kangaroos
>The consequences of the Koalabro will depend on the result of this fight.
9/18 Population needed for extra action. Eucalyptaria is considered a rebellious settlement and doesn’t contribute population to actions.
Global Event: Dawn of a new Era

As the temperatures slowly start to rise and the frost starts to thaw, lifeforms slowly return to their habitats and to replenish the barren lands. Along with this, a new era dawns upon the tribes: the bronze age.

Metalworking, pottery, writing and large urban complexes now are part of the world, the tribes slowly ascending from the primordial mud of creation towards the stars in the slow but steady race towards controlling the planet.

>Tribes that have reached the bronze age get +1 to all their rolls, and +1 to all combat rolls against tribes in the neolithic. They also receive a bonus extra action from technological progress.

>Tribes still in the neolithic when more than half of the tribes are in the bronze age will receive penalties.

>This is the last turn with the freezing event

Update ended, now feel free to take your actions and see you next time

You still accepting new player op
Perhaps, I think there's 2 player slots available? Come over to the discord to sort it out (https://discord.gg/SXRmQJB)
Rolled 4, 11, 13 = 28 (3d20)

The creation of our silver mines was quite important as it allowed us to upgrade our tools from simple stone creations into much more delicate and pristine objects. Let’s dig deeper in the silver mine and see what we can find.
>Dig Deeper in the silver mine (+2 from luxury, +2 from Pickaxe Mastery, +1 from Bronze Age)
As Settra walks on the streets of Khepri he thinks to himself about how he used to be the one that ruled the world. Adored by all he gives a small smile knowing that, all though he may not be the star anymore, none of this would have happened without him. He decides to go back to his roots for now and develop something to help his precious children. Thus, in order to help with workloads he creates the wheel.
>Develop the wheel (+2 from luxury, +1 from Bronze Age)
The cold of the world has been a damper in the moods of our great people. It’s time we return to the good old tradition of dancing!
>Start dancing more in Altinin (+2 from luxury, +1 from Bronze Age)
Forgot name
Rolled 8, 4, 15 = 27 (3d20)

1. Construct Iron Mine +3
Ultimately, the iron is chosen for mining. How useful the iron will be is another question all together.

2. Upgrade Kattin -2
While the Clans argue over how to control the growth of the town the town itself continues to grow. Increasing population leading to sprawl was just one issue that the administration would need to tackle if it was going to get anywhere and they were running out of time to do it. The Bakuzan agrees to two competing ideas, One from Clan Mori and the other from Clan Sakuma, with the intention of having them compete to complete their plans. The winner would be elevated, and the losing Clan would see its Clan holdings reduced in Kattin to make way for development. A suitable end to the squabbling.

3. Develop Writing +1
While the Kiryuin struggle with writing other Clans have come to the same conclusion, that administering ever growing numbers of Orcs would be easier with some system to pass along information. While the means - banana paper and whale ink - remain the same, some of the character concepts are changed. It is no longer just a Kiryuin invention, other Clans may usurp the efforts of Kiryuin-Ouja and secure the claim of having developed the first Najinese writing system.
Rolled 20, 5, 1 = 26 (3d20)

>Build stone houses
The extraction of stone has led to a surplus. Fishmen have suggested building houses out of stone.

>Continue mining
This underwater lake is nice and interesting, but we want more. Let us see how far we can go

>Begin creating pottery for storage
Heating up some weird mud makes things that are easily moldable. It also stays pretty cool and stores things well. Lets see how much we can store (just in case bad winters like this come around again)
Rolled 11, 20, 4 = 35 (3d20)

>colonize the southern lake area (+1)

>try again making a mine on the southern moutain range (-1)

>Create the Community Game House (-1)
With the recent luxury already becoming harmful due to overdose, we need to create something to fill the goblins' heads. the leaders plan to build an establishment so the people can enjoy simple leisure activities & even exercises to prevent a bloated belly from over drinking.
Rolled 6, 11, 6 + 2 = 25 (3d20 + 2)


>Ku Kobold Klan

In the south of the Klan's influence, Birmingham sits in the shadow of the mountain upon the lakeside. The underground burrow village began constructing their buildings of stone upon the surface. They decorate their doors with the locallly mined copper and tin, left here by the infrequent Frankforter visitor, decorations to make personal designs that signify their specific family. The Birminghamians dazzle any kobold of Atlanta or Frankfort with their new ideas on how the Klan should live. Many Kobolds begins to think about how tin could be used for more efficient work like the copper tools and the stone cutting workshops. Perhaps the mystery of tin laid elsewhere than in just molding tin into tools, some kobolds believed. They began mixing the tin with different things to see if this belief could become something more than a hypothesis.

In Atlanta, fewer and fewer are becoming diseased. Most of the older Kobolds who lived through the worst of the sickness speak out about how bad it used to be, but the young are annoyed with them and ensure the most sour of grapes are served to those mean elderly Kobolds. Many Atlantaians hearing of Birmingham's advances become very excited. They wish to find a way to tame the waters to connect the three tribes together, allowing for the movement of resources, people, and ideas to increase.
They begin constructing the largest cargo ships that the river will allow and the Kobolds are able to make.

In the north, the Frankforters find that grape seeds cannot be spit willy nilly here ,on the other side of the lake, and have any likelihood that grape vines will grow, especially in these delightfully frosty conditions. The tribe leader of the White Kobolds of Frankfort decides that perhaps they should find a use for their sharp teeth gifted from their White dragon mother so many generations ago.
With so many of the kobolds, the idea comes to find a creature to keep and develop a system of kobolds taking turns to care for said creatures.
The Frankforters set out with their bows and copperheaded arrows to find some sort of beast they can herd.

>Develop Brass

(No bonus)

>Make cargo shipyard at Atlanta to connect the three settlements together

(No bonus)

>Herd some creature at Frankfort

(+2 to herding from event
The Battle of Eucalyptaria

In an effort to liberate their people from the Kangaroo Empire, the Koala loyalists made a crucial advancement today, as they captured the Kangaroo’s keep on Eucalyptaria after a bloody revolt led by the local populace that severely weakened the Kangaroo Empire. The Dropbears, led by the King Koala himself used their secret ambushing techniques to infiltrate the keep, and quickly slaughtered the garrison, suffering minimal losses. As the Kangaroo Empire loses it’s grasp on his western lands, maybe the other subdued tribes will take this chance to also revolt?

Battle report:
>The Kangaroo Empire loses Eucalyptaria, as it is liberated by the King Koala forces.
>The Kangaroo Empire lost 80 soldiers, while the Koalas suffered only 17 casualties.
>The Great Fishmen Liberation War

The fishmen, after many preparations, today finally scored a crucial victory against the imperialistic squidmen that had enslaved their people ages ago, expulsing them from the vast oceans into the mainland. The fishmen stormed the Keep of Tarshan, and the ensuing battle was bloody and costly, with many lives lost on both sides, and even the Keep was destroyed in the battle. Large quantities of fishmen died while trying to surpass the Keep’s walls, losing more than half of their forces to the Squidmen’s ranged weapons. However, once the walls were breached the Fishmen relentlessly stormed the Keep, quickly slaughtering the Squids and finally expelling them from the area. Will this victory be enough to once and for all return the squidmen to the abyss?

Battle report:
>The Squidmen lose their inland holdings, only keeping a small portion of the coast as their land domains.
>The Squidmen lost 120 soldiers, while the fishmen lost 119 troops.
File: Mundo 2020-10-05-22-49.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1017)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Updated map
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>As the council prepared for war several families who have lost several family members beseech the council for support to build a necropolis for the new settlement with an obelisk in the centre with the words of the "You shall not be forgotten for we will always remember you" with the names that can be remembered written down on the obelisk,

>Taking a slow approach to the task of retaking the capital the council decide to appoint a marshal a person that will take over all diplomatic and military matters in time of need and war
Rolled 12 (1d20)

Rolled 9, 9 = 18 (2d20)

>herd the birds in the north (+2 ice age bonus)
After the glorious victory at the keep the king was celebreated greatly by his people. But eventhough he thought of joining the celebrations, he had to fight another battle. He will try to tame the wild birds in the north, he heard of in the past. His people still hunger and without being able to ambush the supply lines of the Kangaroos, he is scared of facing another famine.

>Improve the eucalyptus elixir (+3 temporary bonus)
The king tasted the elixir and immediatly thought to develope it further, because of it great value to feed his people. While the normal leafes take very long to energize a Koala, the elixir seemed to gave him immdiate energy to take on any project. Famines will be soon a thing of the past.
Tribe : Kurama Tengu
Settlement name : Mount Kurama
Race :Tengu (bird demon)
lore/tradition: The Kurama is a tribe of tengu who took the name of the mountain where they live as their tribe name.

kurama society is ruled by tribal council of Daitengu (greater tengus). with the Koutengu (lesser tengu) making the majority of the population.

The daitengu most prominent feature is their red face, long nose, robes, and wings, the usually appears holding a large fan that they use to stir up huge winds. the Daitengu rule the Kuraman tribes though their special skills which include control of wind, swordsmanship, and political adeptness. With their tricks and penchant for chaos and savagery,They are said to cause wars and natural disasters.

The other types of tengu, the Koutengu. is much more bird like in comparison, with huge body and the head of a crow. the koutengu are capable of flight (though not as adept as the Daitengu) and fight with animalistic strength. While daitengu contemplate the best way to cause chaos for their enemies , the Koutengu thinks about the best way to kidnap and eat their enemies instead...
Rolled 20, 13 = 33 (2d20)

>Name the new city Limerick
>Action 1: search for new ores
now that we have claimed new land for ourselves, it is time to look for new resources
>Action 2: Build a stockpile
Its time to take care for bad times , i mean rly bad times , times where i dont have enough babys
Rolled 6, 12 = 18 (2d20)

> start mining
How can we be so foolish?! We call ourselves master of the rock yet we do not dig! We do not conquer! The rock has gone unpunished for too long, and now it shall repay us for its past slights by giving us the fruit of its womb! Go, my kin, go and reap your dread toll of riches and stones from the mountain’s bowels!

> look for meat in the caves
The underground is where the wasps came from, surely there will be a source of meat in there, otherwise how could they survive?
1. build hunter's lodge near Mt Kurama

the Daitengu council realized that the occasional foraging and kidnapping random travellers near the tengu mountain is not enough to feed the growing tengu population. one elder Daitengu suggested making a hunting camp for hunters to rest and store their hunt (or random travellers they kidnapped). this will allow easier transport and increase the hunting range of the kurama tengu.

2. Build a mining camp near mt. kurama
3. experiment with clays to moake simple jugs for food storage and cooking meat
4. send some tengu to build a settlement (name: Atago) on the lake's coast in the west.
5. send Daitengu Javelins to scout the mysterious fountain in the west, near the lake
Rolled 11, 15, 2, 4, 20 = 52 (5d20)

>Tomb Kings:
The Kheprite mines grow larger and deeper year by year. The silver, for one, is running low in the area. A simply by-product of over-consumption of a scarce resource. Prospectors do cough up other minerals in other areas. Knowing what they’re looking for to some extent they dredge up a small site containing tin that could be used in metallurgy. To facilitate the new mining operations the wheel was developed to move dirt and ores faster through the mining complexes. It was a simple solution to the problem of limited manpower, even if they had infinite man hours. Perhaps just as importantly was a return to some degree of domestic governance.
Despite the fact that mining was probably one of the most interesting pastimes of our people, now that we know how to write and draw the dancing moves, skeles soon realized that they could write about them and the combination of precise movements required to effectively raise the death. Since the dances and movements had the names of those who performed them first, soon groups of skeles formed with great enthusiasm to be the first to create a new way of dancing. Settra’s leadership in this activity brought some respect to the waning leader as it was really the first time he’d properly been seen leading anything in a very long time, and now his dance moves are the most popular around: the Settranizer dance.

>Silver Mine at Altinin has been upgraded from Basic to Improved (+1 silver extracted).
>Invention of the wheel improves pickaxe mastery: now it is called “mining expertise”, and it’s bonus is improved to +3.
>Codex of dancing grants +2 to rolls related to increasing the dances in settlements, and the growth rate in Altinin has been improved.
17.25/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2 + 1 from bronze age achievement. Check the population sheet for more details. Lack of available bones at Khepri due to exhausting the area fixes growth of the settlement to 0.5 starting from next turn.
The orcs decide to focus all their mining efforts on the mysterious dark grey metal they found in the depths of the rainforest. A quick survey of the general area revealed a large quantity of small orbs and pieces of the metallic iron they were looking for. After a while, the prospectors realized that most of the lumps of iron were located on small, strangely regular craters on the ground. Now knowing where to look for, the retrieval of the iron is now underway.
On the other side of the island, things were heating up in Kattin. Despite the earlier “success” of the Bakuzan, things now were getting completely out of control. The city, already overcrowded by the lack of places to build and plots to allow the growth of the productive enterprises of the clans has now seen bloody confrontations between the clans, with denounces of assault gangs, patrolling the streets in the name of the clans, constantly fighting for the influence over portions of the capital and fighting with the rival clans. The Bakuzan, in a bid to stop the absolute lack of control over the town and the fighting that arose from the expansion project, decided to let the clans settle it out. Originally, the Mori and Sakuma clan submitted the most promising projects, and they were going to settle the issue. But now, large alliances of orcish clans have been made with these two clans at the head, and each day grow larger, promising land and benefits to whoever clan helps them in their struggle, and many clandestine arsenals have sprawled in the town. With this situation, the Bakuzan has to make a choice before the city falls into absolute anarchy.
As the aforementioned alliances grow bigger and promises are made, a new system to record the contracts between the clans is needed. As such, both Mori and Sakuma clan developed their own writing systems, radically different from each other in an effort to prevent the other side from learning their secrets and their alliance networks. On the other hand, the absolute state of the settlement has prevented the Kiryuin to procure the much needed whale ink and banana textile to share their now finished writing with the rest of the clans, despite their apparent authority.
>Proto Mine created at Oshabi. It will extract meteoric iron.
>Writing is discovered in parallel 3 times, however until one system prevails there will be no bonus to intellectual developments.
>Kattin wasn’t improved this turn, and the settlement is in danger of being rebellious.
>Next turn as an action you can try to attempt something else to solve the situation or leave the situation to fix itself at Kattin.

24/30 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. Kattin needs an upgrade for healthy growth. Oshabi and Kattin need extra food sources.
Art was not a particularly well-known concept among the Atlanteans. They had some tribal music and cave paintings, but the intricacies of artwork and design were not things that were a part of their culture. At least, not until the conquest of Tarshan when the Fishmen’s brutality was made evident. The Squids had tall walls of stone and their buildings were strong and fashioned from brick and stone. The destruction of the fortress had been difficult but the fishmen had learned something in the process. They learned how to fashion buildings from stone in the Squid style, but they also picked up a taste of the aesthetics of building and design. The push to renovate Atlantis in the aftermath of the war was a communal one, but the decision to truly build a groundbreaking city was the realm of three men. Odysseus, Agamemnon, and Hermes. These three had been present at the battle of Tarshan but had also been mildly educated in construction. They brought Squid techniques to Atlantis and with them they built a city of brick and stone – not all of it mind you but the city center at least. Their buildings were tall with intricate stone columns. It was built in a series of squares fashioned together in a grid system. Each square had homes, a communal space, and a small road that exited onto a main street. The new city of Atlantis, built in such a fashion, was all but a design marvel. Not only was it architecturally astounding, a true tour-de-force, but it was also exceedingly efficient for its size and location. Grids and clear signage insured that every individual could find their way while the interconnected squares ensured that neighborhoods were communal spaces that could foster unity.
Unfortunately for the Fishmen, the war was also devastating. The effects became clear a number of years later. The population was barely recovering from the casualties, as so many young men and women had marched off to war and been killed in the fighting. A lack of available labor for food production meant that by the time anyone noticed the damage had been done: There was no food. An attempt to mimic squid pottery was made but a lack of familiarity meant that it was not only unsuccessful but actively detrimental to everything stored in the cheap pots. With such struggles, mining was simply an impossible task.
>The great architectural prowess of the fishmen and their complete renovation of New Atlantis improves it’s settlement level instantly, to level 3: Town.
>No improvements were made on the underground lake for mining.
>Catastrophic failure of the food chain reduces food from developments by 80% in each settlement, and years of poor preservation require actions to be made to fix this per settlement.
18.9/24 Population needed for bonus action. Actions this turn: 3. Check population sheet for more details.New Atlantis lost -1.9 population due to lack of food, and in imminent risk of famine next turn along with New Settlement
Goblins settle in the south, founding a new settlement. There by the lakeside they could fish or divert water for irrigation in farms further away. In the mountains armed bands of goblins clashed with the otherkin, eventually driving them from their mountain caves in a series of bloody skirmishes. From the battles the goblins learned much about combat. They discovered in the caves the remnants of a vast underground city lit by bio-luminescent moss. The otherkin there had farmed grubs for protein and consumed fungus for a vegetable. They had built huts from the chitin of cave wasps and fashioned tools from rock and bone. In the depths the goblins even found a source of copper. An entire chamber had been hallowed out, the walls covered in thick veins of the metal, where the otherkin had practiced their religious rituals. The Goblins could reside here in the remains of their enemies and utilize the city for themselves.
The Goblins construct a new community center in Sea’s Maw to help lure people away from the seductive buzz of alcohol. It works. It works right up until the Gobs realize they can just put beer in a big jug and bring it to the community center. Within about four hours the place is turned into a massive drinking hall. It’s still a nice space for people to bond. They’re just bonding while absolutely plastered and they’re getting into fist fights and beating their spouses and children and generally being a big communal nuisance.
>A new settlement was created at Goblin’s end lake
>The underground city of the Otherkin has been colonized by our own after destroying them, and it gets a boost to bonus environment food thanks to the remaining farms.
>Copper discovered in the underground settlement.
>Attempts to get rid of alcoholism failed this time, and even boosted the problem. On top of the alcoholism -1 penalty, get -3 to attempts that try to get rid of it.
17/22 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check population sheet for more details.
>Ku Kobold Klan:
The route from Birmingham to Frankfort is hard and tedious, and communication between these two settlements can take a long time, even more for products like tin or copper. Despite this, there’s always one or two curious Kobolds that procure souvenirs from one town and carry it to the other one. It was one of those Kobolds that accidentally discovered that by mixing copper with small portions of tin and then smelting these two together created a much more durable metal: bronze. Instantly seeing the potential of this material, he shared his new knowledge with the rest of Frankfort, but the production potential is much limited due the difficulties on the road between both mining towns.
The Kobolds realized that they had much to benefit from connecting their settlements, and soon Atlanta was bustling with activity to create the infrastructure needed to connect the settlements. Waterborne trade was the preferred to reach Frankfort, thanks to the peaceful lake between both settlements. However, waterborne trade couldn’t be used to reach Frankfort, as the river had a lot of rapids and was uphill. For now, Atlanta is connected to both towns, however the transfer of material from Birmingham to Frankfort is too complicated and inefficient on foot to make it viable, at least until a better transportation method is found.
The kobolds soon find themselves faced against terrible beasts: Eagles the size of a house with an appetite for Kobold meat, large worms with a million teeth and even the now-dreaded acid-spitting echidnas. Soon, they retreat from the mountain ranges, not before kidnapping and carrying with them the most docile creature they could find: goats. These creatures are more or less docile, and can fend for themselves in the harsh mountains they inhabit. They probably aren’t tamed, but time will fix that.
>Bronze foundry made at Frankfort, but it can’t be upgraded until Frankfort and Birmingham are connected efficiently.
>Frankfort and Birmingham are connected to Atlanta. The settlements can now share food with the capital and viceversa.
>A proto herding development was created at Frankfort.
>1 food was transferred from the settlements to the capital to boost it’s growth, now affected barely by the cholera outbreaks.
27.91/36 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. Check population sheet for more details.
>Dorfs (Dwarven Revolutionaries):
Seeing that the situation was precarious, and a strong leadership was needed to prevent any problem in the long run, the provisional council decided to elect a grand Marshall: a dwarf tasked with protecting Thul Nildaur, organizing the militia and the supplies and ensuring the safety of the farms and the settlement itself. It isn’t an easy task, but the Marshall will be a huge help for our goals of stability and recovering Vom Kohldur from the hands of the rotten oligarchs.
The obelisk was crafted by the most expert of our masons, the material extracted from the purest veins of noble stones and the final inscription made with the most exquisite calligraphy, carefully guided by the most learned of our linguists. The end result: a marvel of dwarven craftsmanship, consecrated monument to our fallen comrades. As all dwarves join together in prayer to the obelisk, it suddenly lights up in a faint red glow, the ground shaking and the skies darkening: a great flash is emitted by the obelisk and suddenly everything freezes: A single dwarf is alive in this frozen land, his people turned to solid ice with painful expressions in their faces, as if urgently calling for his help. The dwarf is breathless and horrified seeing that scene, but as he tries to recompone himself he hears a call coming from the Obelisk. An indescribable entity appears before the dwarf and asks him: What is the desire of your people?
>The Marshall gives +3 to rolls related to NPC interactions.
>As a bonus action without rolling, tell the desire of your people to the obelisk.
6/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Thul Nildaur needs an upgrade to allow for more population towards extra actions.
>King Koala the Great:
Many years have passed since the sighting of the elusive emus, powerful birds that stirred the most primal of fears on the Koalas. Now that Eucalyptaria is once again under the control of the tribe, expeditions of brave and curious vereteran dropbears are sent to investigate for this creature and others that can be eaten. They found a group of birds, however these birds are nothing like the stories passed since generations ago. They are small, docile and don’t have large beaks or razor-sharp claws. Instead, they’re incredibly friendly and taste pretty good, and they’re quickly interested in our people. These birds were brought back to Eucalyptaria, which will surely help boosting the growth of the now war-torn capital.
Seeing the potential of the Eucalyptus elixir, the king ordered to build a new workshop at Dropbearton with the exclusive objective of perfecting the Eucalyptus Elixir, and gathered the best connoisseurs of Eucalyptus to work full time on perfecting the recipe. After some time, the brewmasters contact the King to tell him the news: Two recipes have been developed, each one with their own benefits, but can’t be produced simultaneously as the eucalyptus supply isn’t as it would be needed, and the production methods for each brew are radically different, which will make adapting to both recipes at the same time impossible. As such, the King Koala is to choose between both recipes, for he is the wisest Koala and knows what is best for the tribe.
>Dodos tamed, granting a proto herding development at Eucalyptaria.
>As a bonus action, choose one of the following (immediate effect):
A: Supercharged elixir for the military, that improves the combat stats of up to 4 units by +2 in a battle
B: Mass elixir for the general populace, that grants a passive +0.15 growth modifier.
15.96/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. More food sources are needed in Dropbearton.
>Kurama Tengu:
From their base at Mt. Kurama the Tengu spread out. They establish hunting lodges in the forests of the mountain to hunt game in the trees and in the plains. In the mountains Tengu follow the lines of native zinc and sink shafts into the earth to ferret out the metal, although they do not yet know how to use it. Some efforts are successful, while others meet failure. The act of pottery is wholeheartedly rejected. The Tengu are not farmers and have no need for clay pots. They are hunters of wood and mound. The effort to create pottery was quickly abandoned in favor of more immediately useful and profitable pursuits. The settlement at Atago was likewise abandoned for similar reasons. It offered nothing that Mt. Kurama did not already provide while it weakened the Tengu who lived there so far from kin. The first real development came later.
>Proto hunting development created at Tengu Kurama
>Proto mine created at Tengu Kurama, and get +3 next turn to using the newly acquired minerals.
>Pottery is a useless pursuit for the Tengu who follow the carpe diem idea. Get -6 to develop pottery next time.
>The settlement built outside of the mount Kurama’s influence was abandoned
4.5/6 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 1. Mount Kurama needs more food sources for healthy growth.
Kurama Tengu Event: The western tribes.

Scouts returning from the west told of many things. They told of three peoples locked in bitter conflict. Lands that could be useful if they could be tamed. Promises of further peoples further west and south as well. The Tengu were then visited some months later by a series of three delegations beginning first with the Kangaroos. The Roo ambassador came with gifts. Copper tools, exotic foodstuffs, and luxuries of many types, even a wheel! They had some to bargain and lay the foundations of a new relationship. The Roo Empire was powerful, with many client kingdoms and If the Tengu so wished they could join this confederation of kingdoms and enjoy an endless supply of these gifts that he had brought. The only thing they asked for us is help in their wars. Then the Roo Ambassador left to let the Tengu ponder his proposal and marvel at the wonders of the Roo Empire. Then came the Minotaurs. Savage and large, they towered over even the Daitengu. They came with gifts as well. A few weapons: a great copper axe, a bizarre silver sword, and a powerful bow made of bone. The Minotaur wished for the assistance of the Tengu in crushing the Valeri and safeguarding the minotaur from the predations of the Roo. If the Tengu would accept, such weapons and the support of the Minotaur would belong to the daitengu who would join with them. The next to come was the Valeri. The great bird saw in the Tengu kin. They were nomads and herders and brought with them few gifts. Instead, the Valeri delegation left with the Tengu a great number of slaves that had been taken in various raids. If the Tengu would join with them and destroy the Minotaur these two divergent bird families could unite as one and rule the world. The Valeri were large and powerful with many armies ready to fight.
The Tengu would have to choose. Do they side with the rich and cultured Roo Empire? The clever but savage Minotaur? Or the proud and powerful Valeri? Would they instead try to thread the needle of the volatile valley and play all three? Only time would tell.

>As a bonus action next turn, choose a path for your tribe related to the visiting western tribes.
>Tuath Dé:
Thanks to the fast development of Dublin, the Leprechauns now needed desperately places to storage stuff, whether it be potatoes, vodka, gold or any of the offshore goods that the Najin constantly bring to the settlement. Large storages were built along the coast, to help trade and to stockpile our precious resources effectively, keeping them out of the reach of the pesky vermin or the unpredictable weather.
As the Leprechauns were now prosperating and enjoying the benefits of steady development, they kept looking for things to improve their condition. Some of the gold miners realized that if by digging they found gold, just like their ancestors digged and found the potatoes, maybe they could too dig and find something as incredible as that.
Looking for a suitable place to dig, the prospectors finally settled on digging nearby the new hamlet of Limerick. The soil was stony and hard to dig, but their vodka-fueled passion was stronger than any stones, and soon they found themselves deep into the earth, where they found a strange pillar made of stone bricks. Despite the obvious fact that the buried pillar was made by something other than Leprechauns… maybe something terrible, the party kept digging, as more and more buried stone structures appeared. Soon, their digging led them to a vast underground open space, littered with pillars and stone structures, but no signs of life whatsoever. The Leprechauns kept exploring, looking at the ancient structures, their pillars and walls filled with inscriptions of unknown purpose. Most of the structures were destroyed, but judging by their standards, the Leprechauns calculated that easily 10.000 of their kin could be housed there comfortably. At the end of a ruined street, a large metal vessel with obvious signs of burning in the past and lots of holes and cracks attracted the attention of the explorers, who entered it through a large crack on one of the sides of the vessel. On the inside, a large metallic humanoid was laying on the ground, his inner artificial entrails scattered across the room. After inspecting the construct, they realized that the room was filled with polished grey metallic orbs, along with a lot of burnt scrap. Fascinated with the orbs, the Leprechauns took as much as they could and brought them back to Limerick, soon preparing to return with the entire hamlet to check out the ruined underground city.
>Proto + stockpile upgraded to basic + stockpile at Dublin.
>Underground massive ruins discovered, can now do actions to explore more in depth.
>Titanium orbs discovered.
13.12/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Limerick needs more food sources to grow.
Tunail delvers explore the caves in search of new rocks. A thin vein of grey metal is found but as they follow itinstead they find a whole boatload of cave wasps. Angry cave wasps buzzing around looking for food. Rather than get in a fight they would lose, they decide that maybe mining just isn’t a great idea for now and mark it down to look at later once the things have departed. Instead Tunail hunters roam the overworld and find in the woods around Creuge abundant deer, boar, and small game. Things that can be hunted with spear and wasp to feed the tribe.
>There’s minerals in the caves but the wasps prevent them from being identified.
>Proto hunting development created at Creuge.
11.52/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check population stats for more details.
File: Mundo 2020-10-08-02-20.jpg (344 KB, 1920x1017)
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344 KB JPG
And with this, turn 11 is started. The penalties from the cold are no longer, so feel free to take your actions.
Rolled 2, 1, 10 = 13 (3d20)

>Continue farming in new settlement
Our new settlement, which is named Hawaii has better soil it seems, so we will build the majority of our farms and food there.
>Better infrastructure between settlements
The supply chain between Hawaii and New Atlantis is slightly broken down, so we will build roads between the two
>Continue improving mines
speaks for itself
Rolled 14, 17 = 31 (2d20)

> expand south
The time has come! The frost is gone, it must mean that we should now expand and show our superiority to the rest of the world! Go, children, go and colonize!

> mine the grey ore
Ah! The rock sends its spawn against us? Fools! The rock cannot deter the brave people of Luthn with mere zealous insects! Send the miners and let the rocks see how much we care about it’s threats and creatures
A new metal has been found! After the creation of the wheel Settra needs something more to invent and he got a lucky break. What happens if he MIXES the two metals? Lets see.
>Develop Early Metallurgy with the Silver and Tin (+2 from luxury)
Amenemope being basically Settras only soldier is given a task to expand the dominion of the skeletons in order to find more Bones for Khepri. He realizes though that despite how nice they may be, nature is very mean. He saw a rabbit get obliterated by a crocodile yesterday, wild stuff. In order to expand he will need to get some troops BUT before that he needs to train them. He of course will be singing 'I will make a skeleton out of you' when he will eventually recruit the units but for now its building time.
>Build a training ground at Khepri (+2 from luxury, +3 from Pickaxe Expertise)
Settra while he is busy doing the mixing also realizes that Khepri's population is going to reach the limit soon. So he orders the builders to start the process of upgrading the settlement.
>Upgrade Khepri (+2 from luxury, +3 from Pickaxe Expertise)
Rolled 3, 14, 2 = 19 (3d20)

forgot name and dice
1. develop herding in Mt. Kurama
seeing that food is still an issue, one elder sugessted now that snow have cleared up and many animals have appeared from long hibernation. the tengu should catch some and put them in one place and try having them breed with each other for a steady food source.

2. join forces with the Valeri
the elder daitengu bickered with each other day and night about the three tribes offer. the Minotaurs are out from the start since the tengu disdain what they call dumb brutish cows only good for roasting. from the Roos, the tengu marveled at many new items and curiosities they bought. but ultimately the elders rejected their offer for the Valeris. the warlike and proud valerians struck a chord with many of the elder tengu, who desire war and subjugation of filthy land walker. the slaves they bought will also be very useful as construction slaves, or they can just simply eat them in emergency. the fact theyre adept at herding is a plus too. one elder requested that one valerians stay behind to help them develop herding.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

Rolled 4, 3, 18 + 1 = 26 (3d20 + 1)


>Ku Kobold Klan

With the rudamentary connection of the three villages, the exchange of news happens quickly.
Frankforters speak of all the super scary monsters in the mountains to the north. A couple of the hunters go to Atlanta and Birmingham to present as an accurate description of the beasts as they could.
Fear stirred amongst the White Kobolds. First, all the best leaves for bum wiping was gathered up and stored by individual families.
Next was the dried food.
Finally, the White Kobolds tribe leaders corresponded about this peculiar behaviour from the panicked Kobolds.

It was decided. Kobolds must be able to protect themselves. The other settlements must be able to move swiftly to support each other. Recruitment were issued for patriotic kobolds to train to be the watchers of the settlements to maintain safety.
The rest of the Kobolds were called with an offer of work to terraform the land around the rivers of their communities to ease the ship travel that this new found connection relied upon.

>Frankfort recruits defender bowmen

(No bonus to roll)

>Atlanta recruits defender bowmen

(No bonus to roll)

>Terraform around the rivers in the Ku Kobold Klan influence to ease the water travel to connect the villages.

(+1 terraforming bonus to roll)
File: Mundo_2020-10-08-02-20.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1017)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Rolled 14, 2, 15 = 31 (3d20)

1. Kiryuin Supremacy
The situation in Kattin had devolved into a state of near anarchy in the capitol. For those that did not reside in Kattin, it reflected poorly on the leadership of the Kiryuin clan. Worse, their prized achievements were being poached by other clans. it was a situation that could not stand, and had to be resolved quickly. The Bakuzan and Kiryuin-Ouja locked themselves in a room for three days with a series of trusted advisors, working out a plan that may save the clan's position as the leader of the Najin and dissolve the growing power blocs in the country.

The solution was a radical reformation of the Najin government structure. One that both centralized power in the capitol, but decentralized the mechanisms of power. Clans would be given their own land and settlements to manage and pay a small unity tithe to the capitol for its maintenance. Each major clan would also have positions in the Council of Ten, a group of advisors and administrators that would oversee the running of the country. The Kiryuin alphabet would be adopted for official government use by the Ten and its officers. The Clans had the autonomy to develop their own lands, levy their own taxes, and pass their own laws where they did not interfere with the legislation passed by the Ten. Additionally an official cap of ten major clans would be instituted, freeing the Clans from their endless cycles of competition for status. The ten Clans would be: Oshabi, Mori, Sakuma, Takumi, Kiryuin, Hatekeyama, Kadokawa, Minamoto, Ichigo, and Date. Other Clans would be reclassified as Minor Clans. Their official loyalty would be to the Bakuzan, but in practicality would align with which major clan their territory happened to reside in. The agreement effectively split the country into ten parts.

That would not necessarily be enough for the Major Clans though. There would need to be an additional compromise, one that came straight from the Kiryuin's power bank. The Kiryuins would lend to the nine major clans their ships and in the following decades would agree to put all effort toward the establishment of a powerbase for every major clan across the Najinese Home Islands, starting with the Mori and Sakuma in exchange for them ending their bid for rebellion.

The move was calculated. With this, the other six clans that did not own their own provinces would align closely with the Kiryuin, undercutting the advantages of the Mori and Sakuma while ensuring that the powerful Oshabi remained aloof. Also calculated was the use of the Kiryuin script for the contract and agreement, which would establish it as the official script of the new era of Najin.

2. Found Nara (red) +5
The new home of the Mori Clan on the island of Tsu, its construction establishes the province of Tsu.

3. Found Nagoya (blue) +5
The new seat of power for the Sakuma Clan. The island is not as well explored or developed as Tsu, but has larger potential. For now it establishes the province of Nakiri.
File: Doomsday.png (95 KB, 384x470)
95 KB
Global Event: Doomsday at Vom Kohldur

In an abrupt end of the ongoing dwarven civil war, the city of Vom Kohldur has been completely obliterated by an intense searing light that came from the skies. The few dwarves who were on the outskirts of the settlement were barely able to escape with their lives to Thul Nildaur, where they shared the news of the settlement’s destruction, now a charred landscape it’s all that remains of the area, with no signs of living beings in a large radius. The estimated death toll from this devastating catastrophe is over 2000 dwarven souls.

Rolled 15, 14 = 29 (2d20)

>Mine the copper near the Underground settlement (+4 -1)
With this new resource located after the conquest, the goblins will start mining it so it can be put to good use
>Expand the wheat fields in Sea's Maw (+2 -1)
With the end of the winter the goblins will resume expanding the amount of food produced
Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d20)

>Action 1: build a farm in limerick (+2)
Its time to build a potato farm in Limerick to increase our population.
>Action 2: Explore the Ruins (+2)
We have discovered an underground city near Limerick.
We should send some of our bravest people to explore it
Rolled 14, 6 = 20 (2d20)


>While the lone dwarf looked on in horror he stuttered out his desire to learn the secrets to bring the very earth alive and give it form so that he and his kin shall forever be safe.[golems]

>As more families inhabited Thul Nildaur more incidents started to happen as such the council along Norrotir Cavebasher the marshall instruct the eldest and most wise of their people to put in stone the ways of their people as law.

>While the elder and most wise of men debated the law the mining families coordinated with the farming families to plan for a new layout of the burgeoning city to draw water into vast reservoirs to plan new underground districts and designate areas to mine out the homes for the various families that shall live inside the vast hold of Thul Nildaur.
For the second action the one with 6 has a +1.
Rolled 20, 13 = 33 (2d20)

>upgrade the farm in dropbearton
Now that the cold time has passed, we may now again safely expand our eucalyptus farms. We need foodreserves so our population can safely grow and that we can further expand our eucalyptus based production.
>expand dropbearton
The city grew dramatically during the civil war. While we couldn't afford the luxus to upgrade our housing, while our enemies were in our land, we may now expand or otherwise the unrest could lead to another bad problem.
>Tomb Kings
Settra was many things, but a metallurgist he was not. It had been centuries since he worked with metal last. His experimentation went awry more than once, and frustrated with a lack of progress he gave up on it and passed the project on to Amemenope to do instead. Humiliated and depressed over his failure, Settra locked himself in his gallery with his statues for a few years alone in solitude. In that time, other skeletons carried out what directives he had left. Amemenope himself did not find immediate success in metallurgy, but felt with more time it could be tackled. Imhotep undertook the directive to begin renovating Khepri for a larger population, however his inexperience and lack of leadership did a lot of harm to the project, which became impossible to achieve because of the proposed ideas. During these times, a new skeleton rising to prominence named Ramses took control of the army and began building a new training camp to train more skeletons in warfare. All the while Settra pouted alone in the chambers.
>Settra’s depression is back, his vitality is at (2/4)
>Metallurgy hasn’t granted anything useful for now, but previous experiments grants +3 to next time developing it.
>The project to upgrade Khepri is so bad that it needs to be done again as it’s unattainable with current resources.
>The newly created training ground will increase the chances of obtaining experienced units, and they’re granted the inexperienced (-1) rank at least no matter how low is the roll.
18.5/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3+1 from tech advantage. Check population sheet for more details.
Underground residents began the process of mining copper with ease. The position of the city was ideal for mining operations and because the goblins could also live there more production was made from this particular spot than might have otherwise occurred. Soon copper ore flowed down to Sea’s Maw, although some was kept at Underground for its own purposes. Farmers near Sea’s Maw had been working tirelessly to expand their own wheat production. The demands of both bread and beer were increasing with the population which had exploded in growth since the settlement of the other two towns. Farmers not only expanded the wheat fields, but developed better methods for preventing the wheat seed being consumed by pests. Scarecrows kept the fields free of some birds, while better management of the earth made the growth process more efficient. The following harvests were larger, and that was good for the growing polity as a whole.
>Basic mine development created at Underground. Mine extracts copper
>Basic + Farms at iluminados replaced by Improved farms. This will grant +3 food to the settlement.
>Get +4 next turn to develop uses for copper.
The Luthn spread south, settling by the lakeside at the mouth of a river. They notice that the river routinely floods once a season in spring and by the riverside many edible plants have grown tall and plentiful. This settlement is promising towards food production, and will probably not need anything food related for the time being. In Creuge things are going well. The cave wasps had left the ore-filled area by the time miners returned to do battle and a simple wall was enough to close the other path off, leaving the cave free for the miners to pull ore from. Returning to the surface they find that the metals in the cave are in fact two different types, tin and zinc although they lack the ability to do much with them at present.
>New settlement created (name it), and get +1 to environment bonus due to good nearby areas.
>Proto Mine created at Luthn, and get +4 to improve it next turn. Mine extracts Zinc.
>12.78/18 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Check population sheet for more details.

The Valeri nomads welcome their birdbrothers on the flatlands near Mt. Kurama. They look now to finish off the minotaurs; and to consummate their new alliance they request that the Tengu send their daitengu javelineers to serve with them in the upcoming battle. On Mt. Kurama there are many goats that graze the mountainside. The Tengu look to gather these goats to herd. The goats themselves are simple creatures and are easily herded about the mountains with little complaint.
>Proto herding development created at Mt. Kurama. However, due to the lack of infrastructure it will be granted once the settlement is upgraded.
>5 Valeri Hunters will join your army, and are now waiting for the attack to happen on the minotaurs (2 turns).
6.42/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Check population stats for more details.
The Fishmen struggled. For nearly nine years they struggled against the rising spectre of famine to little avail. Now, it was here. The fishmen died in droves to hunger and disease. Atlantis was brought to its knees by the two horsemen. Then, the third arrived. It did not ride a horse. It walked on eight tentacles and despite its squid-like face one could sense the smug aura that radiated off it. The Squidman came with food. Food enough to alleviate the starving population for a day. It also came with an offer. Submit to the Squid and you would have food. Resist, and they would have their vengeance for Tarshan. For the Fishmen who had undergone a generation of struggle and hunger, perhaps the offer was simply too much to resist. It was either submission to the Squid, or they would need to start eating their own children. There was simply no food otherwise. In other settlements the rising discontent brought on by hunger was splintering the once unified fishpeople. Hawaii looked to separate themselves from the tyranny of Atlantis that demanded ever more food and provided less and less guidance and judgment. From atop their glittering hill the fishmen leadership looked down smugly at those with less, even as they themselves had little. The entire commune was on the brink of collapse and a solution had to be found, and quickly, or the squids would inherit a land of corpses and ghosts.
>As a bonus action next turn (no roll), choose to submit to the squids to alleviate the food-related penalties, or reject their offer.
>New Atlantis is on Famine. -3 to all rolls in this settlement, and -6 to these not related to food. The settlement population will also not count towards bonus actions. Every turn, a portion of the population will die off until the famine solves itself.
6/8 population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 1. Hawaii needs more food sources, and New Atlantis is currently undergoing a famine.
>Ku Kobold Klan
While everybody saw the importance of training units to defend the whole Klan, it was also of communal pride to have the best bowmen. Therefore, the young recruits of the two villages began to start a small rivalry to become the prides of their villages. The elders also saw in this an opportunity to improve the skill and motivation of the new recruits and encouraged the rivalry. Unfortunately, this lead not to more training of the young recruits, but to a lot of escapades, where both sides tried to sabotage the others training and development. Several times did bows and arrows missing. One especially frivolous prank lead to a burning of the others village training ground and if this wasn’t bad enough, the hostilities lead to many problems in the development of a suitable defense tactic. The elders, instead of thinking of a way to optimize the defense tactics, blamed each other and the others' strictness (or the missing of it) in the upbringing of the young Kobolds. It seems like it will take more time to find an efficient way to use the bowmen in the defense. The other project of the Klan was a good success. The Kobolds worked together in this endeavor oftentimes till late into the night to divert the flow of the river as fast as possible. While it was much work, the progression was clearly visible, that’s why the Kobolds never lost motivation during the digging. The benefits of bringing the villages closer together was also undeniably big. The faster flow of resources meant that less time was wasted transporting them, while the faster connection between the villages meant people could visit their kinsman more often. This is a project that won’t be forgotten too soon.
>The defender tag couldn’t be added to the recruited Kobold Bowmen
>3 Kobold Bowmen recruited at Frankfort at Amateur (-2) rank.
>3 Kobold Bowmen recruited at Atlanta at Amateur (-2) rank.
>Global connectivity between Kobold settlements allows for the effect of the quarry at Birmingham in all settlements. Atlanta no longer suffers from growth malus due to cholera.
32.6/26 population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. All settlements require more food sources. Check the population sheet for more details.
>Tuath Dé:
While exploring the underground city, the Leprechaun focused especially on exploring the area surrounding the titanium orbs. Not only was it just a place filled with them, but it was also a maze of corridors and rooms, their walls and structures made of metals that were corroded and showed the pass of time. As the different scouting parties looked around the destroyed spaceship a group inadvertently pressed a button they didn’t have to press, and soon alarms started to go off all across the metal object. Hearing this and fearing for their lives, the Leprechaun evacuated the cave as fast as they could, and as they stepped outside the entrance a massive earthquake shaked the land, and large portions of the surrounding area sank themselves as the cave collapsed underneath. The earthquake could even be felt at Limerick, where the cowering citizens decided to grab their stuff and run back to Dublin as the structures crumbled and the surrounding area started to slowly sink into the ocean.
>Limerick and the surrounding area have been destroyed, along with the titanium stockpiles.
>A single titanium resource has been saved and is available at Dublin.
>Refugees from Limerick will now populate Dublin (1).
14.6/24 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
The plan developed by the Kiryuin to compromise on a new social order was well received by the mayor orcish clans, and they all cooperated now that zones have been granted for each clan. The only problem came from some of the most ambitious minor clans, who with this social order are effectively locked from accessing the higher tiers of Najin society. However, with the backing of the mayor clans, the Kiryuin could effectively centralize the power and put an end to the endless fights between different clans, at least for as long as no clan acquired too much power related to the other ones. With this, the new script for the government and Najin society will be the Kiryuin Alphabet, however the Mori and Sakuma alphabet are still around, being used by some of the clans still for unofficial or internal matters.
As the Najin move to settle other islands of the archipelago, other kinds of orcs come into contact once again with us, themselves existing under a different culture but from the same origin as us. As the Mori clan landed at the island of Tsu, they soon came into contact and inevitable conflict with the local Prairie Orc tribes. For now, conflicts have been sparse and no deaths have been recorded on either side, but as the city grows in the future, conflict will probably escalate unless something is done.
On the other side of the archipelago, the Sakuma soon set sail towards the island of Nakiri, and found a beautiful land with a great abundance of life and food. The shore fish are plentiful and the boars in the area see the newcomers with curious eyes and a gentle behaviour, and quickly join the boars from overseas in their domesticated manners, helping the future growth of the settlement.
>Writing has been finally standardized, and will now help the development of intellectual pursuits. The situation at Kattin has normalized, and the upgrade plans can continue.
>Nara is settled, but contact with the Prairie orcs could mean problems if the settlement grows too much or they’re forced out of their lands.
>Nagoya is settled, and the bountiful island grants +1 to bonus environment food to any settlement in the island.
>Nagoya gets a free proto + herding development due to local boars joining the tamed ones from overseas.
25.25/26 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Oshabi needs more food sources. Check the population sheet for more details. No food was transported this time due to lack of extra food.
>Rursarlum (Dorfs)
As the vision faded and the obelisk slowly turned back to normal, the lone dwarf asked everyone what had happened to them and if they were alright, but no dwarf seemed to remember something odd about the obelisk. Puzzled, the dwarf went to sleep with his mind confused, and in his dreams, he learned of a powerful ancient spell to give life to the Earth, and saw a great colossus made of stone and clay protecting Thul Nildaur. Upon waking up, the Dwarf writed the spell and the instructions, so they could be kept within the grasp of the mere mortals that they were. Once finishing the inscription in the stone tablet, the lone dwarf dissolved into dust, his writings to be found by the great Marshall’s guards who came looking for him after he hadn’t shown up to work that day.
A codified law to guide our people is the first step to stability from the turbulent times we have come from. The elders, which are working on it, gave their best to prevent that never again something like in Vom Kohldur will happen. Never again shall a minority of dwarves control all property. This foundation giving all dwarves the opportunity to participate in the dwarven society, should lower the risk of future civil wars dramatically. After it being chiseled down in stone, it seems like our future is brighter and peace fuller for our people. Now to the expansion of the city. The number of dwarfs has increased since we first arrived here and that’s why we wanted to mine new quarters and chambers. While it seemingly went smooth at first, it got harder and harder as we progressed and even if we successfully expanded for now, it seems like that any further expansion will take more effort from our side.
>Can now build golems using normal actions. Golems are incredibly powerful units, but require a lot to build.
>The laws increase the stability of the tribe, and grant +2 to all rolls next turn.
>Thul Nildaur has been upgraded to settlement level 2: Village, but the hard stones will hamper the expansion of it. -3 to rolls upgrading Thul Nildaur.
8/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Thul Nildaur needs more food sources.
>King Koala the Great
Now that the frost climate is over the settlement of dropbearton, home of the reconquest movement and the place that sheltered the King Koala could really be upgraded. Large patches of land were cleared and the settlement received a much needed reorganization to allow for better quality of life for their residents, but most importantly, a large portion of the surrounding lands would be cleared for the biggest project the Koalas have made so far: An eucalyptus cultivation as far as the eye can see. Not only the Eucalyptus farm is enormous, but it will also provide a ton of food for our people, and it’s sheer size means even if some of the production is lost it won’t matter, since the food output is much more than what we could even eat. With this promising food source, the future of our people is secured.
>Dropbearton has been upgraded to settlement level 2: Village.
>The farm at dropbearton has been upgraded to Improved level, granting 8 food to our people.
21.4/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Check the population sheet for more details.
Ku Kobold Klan event: The Valeri's plead

A Valeri messenger came to Atlanta today. We hadn't seen one of their kind since many ages ago, when they told us about the world and it's creation. Now, the messenger comes with a very different message: they require our assistance. Apparently, a rebellion broke out in the southern territories and their army lost a crucial battle, in which the rebels destroyed the Valeri Khanate army and crowned a new Valkur, bathing him in the blood of his defeated enemies. The Valeri ask for our troops to help defend their capital against such barbaric foes, as the rebels have made clear to them that the world will belong to them by blood. Now, the diplomat awaits for our answer.
Choose one of the following.
>Send our army to Valen and join forces with the Valeri in defending the city.
>Grant assylum but deny military aid.
>Force the messenger to leave.

And with this, turn 12 is started. Feel free to take your actions and see you on wednesday.
Rolled 20, 12 = 32 (2d20)

1. Improve Kattin +1
With the biggest part of the political insurrection handled the Kiryuin return to expanding the capitol city for more production.

2. Ironworking +1
The source of meteoric iron is something that can be worked with. In Oshabi the workers there use methods that the Tuath use to forge gold in an attempt to fashion tools from the iron.
Rolled 19, 14, 10, 16 = 59 (4d20)

The failures of the last few years have made an impact on the citizens of the Tomb Kings. Never before have we actually failed this badly and this much but with failure, comes important lessons that will help rectify these mistakes. That’s what a sculptor said at least.
Imhotep, realizing that perhaps the stones may not be as good for building as it was many centuries ago decides a new material is needed. With a bit of a logic leap though he decided perhaps clay can help him once more.Thus he decides to heat up some clay and create Brick.
>Develop Brick (+2 from luxury)
Amemenope is not a quitter. When you fail, try, try again! Or so he says.
>Develop Metallurgy (+2 from luxury, +3 from failure)
The new skeleton in control of the (soon to be) army is Ramses. With the creation of the training ground he believes it’s actually time to create some units.
>Recruit units at Khepri (+2 from luxury)
As the other skeletons get to work, Settra is crying (or whatever a skeleton equivalent is) in his statue room. Sometimes though, as his mind wanders he decides to count all the statues in the room. With years of isolation though and nothing better to do, he believes he just discovered something new that will revolutionize skelekind. He is trying his best to keep it together as he explains to the skeleton that comes in to check on him everyday.
>Develop basic math (+2 from luxury)
Rolled 7 + 3 (1d20 + 3)


1. Figure out how to best use the zinc found in the tengu mountain, +3.
With the food situation stabilized for while, the Elder worked on their next pursuit in figuring out how to utilize the mysterious white metal in their mountain

2. (Mt Kurama Development.) build fisheries in the lake at west of Mt Kurama
Seeing that the ice have started to melt in the lake, the tengu found source of food. one of the valeri mentioned that these water animal can also be bred in captivity for steady food supply. knowing that, the elder then ordered to build fisheries with with help from the slaves bought by the valeri.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Rolled 19, 14, 7 = 40 (3d20)

>1.develope burning oil from eucalyptus
While we enjoyed peace in the last few years, we have to prepare for war and need to develope weapons to conquer the cities of the 'roos. The plant, which dominates our life, called eucalyptus, has the odd characteristic to burn very easy. Maybe we can find extract the part of the plant that causes this and use it in warfare to destroy defenses and conquer cities.
>2.expand dropbearton
Eventhough we just expanded dropbearton, the number of koalas seems to explode, because of the nearly unlimited source of food we created by making the great eucalyptus cultivation. Now we have to expand again, or we face once again the risk of overpopulation.
>3.search for ores
We heard the news of solid materials, which can be formed in many ways to be used in all areas of life. To create such materials, one has to first find special stones under the earth and to get them out. Hopefully we can find them.
Rolled 8, 7, 1 = 16 (3d20)

Action 1: Operation Limerick
We must not give up our new city it is time to resettle it
Action 2: Recruits Bears
Its time for a Army to protects , we must recruit our strongest and gayets bears
Action 3: Exploring the great art of Forging
Our soldiers also need the right armour and Weapons so it is time that we take care of this
+2 for all because bonus
Rolled 8, 16 = 24 (2d20)

As the various mining families debated on new techniques to overcome the hardiness of the stone many of the families started competing with one another to compete for better mining techniques.

As the various families competed their elders would coordinate with each other to discuss how to continue the expansion of their city.
I have a +2 to my rolls next turn and +1 to all to rolls related to mining or stone working.
Rolled 17, 7, 18 + 2 = 44 (3d20 + 2)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The Kobolds of Atlanta treat the emissary of the Valeri tribe with great respect. The greater aspects of religion still elude them, but to hear a new mighty Valkur god to the south of the Khanate has been crowned sounds very exciting. Word is sent to Birmingham and Frankfort for the tribe leaders to confer upon the news of their White Winged Brothers.
Upon their arrival, they go straight into meeting. Arguments are constructed and heard between the three tribe leaders. A common theme became apparent. No one wished for White Violence to continue. They continued to discuss how the Ku Kobold Klan should respond in kind to assist their White Brothers as well as how to show the new Valkur god that we White Peoples must be united.

The Frankforter and Birminghamian tribe leaders rushed home for preparations.
The Atlanta tribe leader met again with the Valeri emissary and spoke passionately of hope they can end the White Violence soon. The White Kobolds do not wish to be a part of it but do grant asylum to any White Brothers.
"We Whites must stick together."

The Frankforter leader had their prized goats prepared for travel. They tied leaves together to produce big green bows on them for presentation.

Atlanta prepared grape seeds and the best grapeseed spitters for travel. The previous god seemed to enjoy their feats of spitting seeds in many different techniques, thus the Atlantaians hoped they will please the new Valkur god as well.

An emissary is sent with these gifts to the new Valkur god. The emissary travels west from Atlanta.

In Birmingham, while the tribe leader was off meeting, young Kobolds wished to be able to defend their homeland just like the other villages.
They began practicing with their bows the best they can and trying to relocate after shooting to be able to take another shot from a new position.

When the tribe leader returned to Birmingham, he was proud, but knew of the potential future to come.
He instructed the kobolds who were not training to try and improve their grape farms, as there could be potential White Bird Brothers to be fed. Many a Birminghamian kobold sat watching grass grow until it struck one mother.
She postulated that if each grape vineyard stacked upon each other in a steppe fashion, that run off trenches wouldn't be need to dug as the runoff could be repurposed to feed the ground of the next vineyard.
The tribe leader jumped at the idea and had the best terraforming diggers to clear the area into rough steppes down a hillside. After the stone cutters were sent to give the steppes true definition, cutting the edges of each steppe with 90 degree angles.

>Grant asylum but deny military aid

>Send emissary with tribute gift to new Valkur god of the Rebel Valeri after being told where they are by Khanate Valeri emissary

>Recruit troops in Birmingham

>Develop Steppe farming / improve proto farm at Birmingham
(+1 from terraforming +1 from stone cutting for a +2)
Rolled 10, 16, 5 = 31 (3d20)

>Develop copper tools +3
The goblins use this new found resource to make stronger tools and improve their work overall

>Explore west toward the fishmen
After settling in the new settlement in the mountains, scouts reported humanoid figures not too far from our west border. it's time to investigate and hope they're better than the cannibals we've met

>Recruit troops in Sea's Maw
3 scout and 2 bowmen
me btw, forgot name
also forgot the -1 to the last 2 actions
Rolled 7, 6 = 13 (2d20)

> name the settlement “Chlach”
> improve zinc mine
Finally we reap our bounty from the rock! The riches of the depths shall be ours, and all of the workers we have shall go and expand our underground dominions!

> use rocks to convey long distance messages
The leader is... worried. With a new village, come new people, people born outside of the disciplined walls of Creuge. How to keep them in line and obedient? Truly a dilemma! But, in a stroke of genius caused by sniffing some of the weird rock from the mine, the leader has had an illumination! Use the rock to send messages, putting symbols with meanings and units of measure on them!
Add +4 to the mine roll. God why am I so average or bad with my rolls
Goblins depart from Sea’s Maw headed west toward lands unknown. They hope that this particular exploration goes better than previous ones! The goblin explorers trek over the hills and mountains to the other side. What they come across is a picture of horror. Abandoned farmsteads with only emaciated corpses. Broken hovels rent asunder by violence. Blackened husks torched in anger. The Goblins come from a land of plenty and have walked into a land of desolation. Every small farmstead and village lies empty. They continue west, seeing not a living soul, seeing not a stalk of grain or flash of fruity color. They come to the make-shift palisade of a small village and are forced back by the violence of thrown spears. The gates are tightly barred, denying them entry. As they continue west even their own supply of food runs low, and eventually the goblins are forced to return. In the distance a glittering city can be seen, but remembering the reception at the village choose instead to come back another time. They do not go the way they came, realizing now that they were lucky in avoiding the desperate bands of starving fishfolk. As they go around they come across a pack of wild wolves. These large beasts are as starved as the rest, so much so that they slink to the party in hopes of being offered food and warmth. The goblins provide, and the pack returns with them. They prove extremely useful, as the entire party – wolves and all – head back east toward more plentiful lands the wolves prove valuable in assisting the goblins in finding food, and aid them in more than one confrontation with the Otherkin and mountain lions that still haunt the mountain passes. Returning the Sea’s Maw they explain what they had seen of the desolate land beyond the mountains inhabited by violent and confrontational fishfolk. The wolves settle in well too. They’re good boys. Even the girls. With proper breeding maybe they’d even make for a decent ride. They’re certainly much larger than a goblin. Regardless, they’re excellent pets and hunters swear by their usefulness. The knowledge of yet more hostile peoples surrounding the Goblins was cause enough for concern, and the leadership of Sea’s Maw acted quickly to try to build a military force capable of defending the goblin settlements. Unfortunately for them, the goblin population was so riddled by alcoholism that any effort to fashion the men into soldier fell flat on its face. The men were too involved in petty disputes and alcohol consumption that their perpetual drunkenness made any sort of combat training an impossibility. An idea to maybe try training the more sober women was floated but quickly discarded. Better a shitty military at all than one made up of shortstack goblin waifus.
In Underground new tools are fashioned from the copper ore. Better than the old ones of stone in most respects, these cooper tools prove useful in precise tasks and are more robust in handling heavy duty ones. Tools made here are sent back to Sea’s Maw where they are refined and put to use in the fashioning of copper saws, needles, scissors, pincers, axes, harpoons, arrow tips, and knives. The creation of superior tools would be an immense boon to the growing civilization.
>Fishmen discovered but only ruins, hostility and a mysterious city were found.
>The dogs brought back by the party can be trained to become units or even mounts, and as a passive boost grant +2 to hunting and scouting.
>Troops recruited at Sea’s Maw at amateur (-2) rank. 2x bowmen and 3x scouts
>Get copper tools that reduce the difficulty of manual labour and allows for more advanced pursuits
>Bronze age reached. Get +1 to all rolls until it’s commonplace.
24.8/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Underground needs more food sources to grow.
>Tomb Kings
Settra’s isolation comes with some benefits. As the King works with clay he is reminded of some villages he had once seen in the earliest parts of time. A small group of humans had fashioned homes from mud baked in the sun to form a shape. He feels that he could replicate this with clay, and sets about doing exactly that. Settra’s work with the clay pays off as the first few bricks are removed from the ovens. A versatile and powerful building tool these, if properly used, could revolutionize construction. In his experiments he comes across another essential facet of civilization – mathematics. He came across this while working out the optimal brick formula and his work lays the foundational concepts of geometry. Properly explored Settra could become one of the most visionary builders of the Bronze Age.

Elsewhere in Khepri developments are steadily made. Amenompe makes the first breakthrough in metallurgy since the forging of silver. The mixture of metals creates a powerful and useful alloy that eclipses silver in its strength and versatility. Ramses recruits skeletons from the few settlements of the Tomb Kings and trains them into a passable military force that would be more than adequate for the defense of Khepri. There are some concerns that perhaps these skeletons of renown may one day push for more authority but for now Settra remains the King of the Dead.
>Development of bricks and the wide availability of them grants +2 to all developments in settlements, and an additional +2 to build defenses.
>Development of silver-alloy allows for better weapons and tools, and boosts the power of units.
>4 Units deployed at Khepri at regular (0) rank. 2x Kheprisun swordsmen and 2x Kheprisun archers (Can be changed since it wasn’t specified).
>Development of math will reduce over time the difficulty of intellectual pursuits, reduce food loss from bad events and reduce the difficulty of upgrading settlements.
19.25/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3+1 from tech advantage. Altinin needs an upgrade to allow for more population
The mine in Creuge expands to include a new vein of copper found deeper in the cavern. As of yet the metals are useless, as no work has gone into figuring out exactly what to do with them. For the most part the copper is simply tied to a stick and used as a crude hammer. Elsewhere in Creuge a few workers are put to work by the chief to develop a crude picture script that can be used by him to convey messages between settlements. It is a simple language of many pictures, but it gets the point across. The biggest issue is the difficulty in acquiring paint and that the paint can flake off easily so the messages need to be taken care of and do not have extensive longevity. It is a start though.
>Mine at Luthn has been upgraded to basic mine. Mine will also extract copper.
>Proto writing discovered. It will mature over time, and once fully matured will reduce the difficulty of intellectual pursuits.
16/18 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Creuge needs more food sources to grow.

Kurama Tengu look toward handling the affairs of their learned men. The zinc pulled up from mountain mines wasn’t of much use for tools, but very small amounts of zinc powder when added to food and drink seem to have improved the overall health of the Tengu. While more experimentation would need to be done, the body’s curious reaction to substances opens up a wealth of possibilities for learned Tengu to explore if they chose to. Further away from the mountain efforts at fishing went poorly, primarily due to the lack of tools with which to fish. Rather than throw good money after bad, the Tengu there instead focused on other efforts bringing in small numbers of shore shellfish. Others would eventually figure out better nets and lines to capture large numbers of fish, but it wouldn’t be for another generation that these tools actually saw extensive use on the lake.
>Zinc as a food supplement allows the mine to work as a proto farm, granting 2 food from developments and +0.1 growth modifier.
>No fish were catched this turn, but will be automatically next turn.
8.1/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Check the population sheet for more details.
The realm of Atlantis splintered. Crushed by the burden of famine and the inability of the cities to acquire food, the populations of the settlements all but disappeared back into the countryside. The polity that had been forged in the crucible of combat was riven asunder by the anarchy of starvation. Warlordism reigned supreme, with the powerful city of Atlantis and the fishing village of Hawaii shutting their gates. The majority of the fishfolk wandered the foodless wastes for a time, slowly whittling away. Until only the strongest remained. While the folk of Atlantis and Hawaii survived on meagre rationing; the cannibalistic, the violent, and the betrayed seethed. The Squids came to these folk. Gave unto them food and copper weapons. The strongest of them led by Ajax, became the First Warlord. Sworn to a Squid princess, he would be the one to bring Atlantis to its knees and in Kai Tangata, consume the wretched flesh of these Atlanteans. Should Ajax prove victorious he and his generation of the wretched could upend the entire fishfolk civilization, and deliver it right back into the tentacles of the Squidfolk. Hawaii’s new ruler was determined to safeguard the independence of the hamlet from any authority residing outside of its walls. He established himself as Tyrant and armed the populace of the city with spears and slings to defend the makeshift walls of the settlement and its precious food stores. In Atlantis the Triumvirate remained, although weakened, focusing itself on civic development and crisis management, sending out parties to secure what meagre food supplies remained and following strict rationing protocols. Each of the three Fishfolk powers: the Mer in Atlantis, the Naga in Hawaii, and the Sahuagin under Ajax, have different aims and specializations developed after a generation of struggle but only one can reign supreme.
>Civil war broke out in fishmen society. Population will be lowered to the food production for the time being as some of the fishmen returned to wilderness.
>Pick a side in the following struggle: Sahuagin, Mer or Naga. Mer is focused on city-state development and civil tech. Sahuagin has access to Squid markets, advanced weaponry, and strong military bonuses. Naga is focused on food production, population growth, and defenses.
>Once all the fishmen are once again reunited, get a special bonus from unification.
>No longer receive the effects from Famine.
0/6 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2, regardless of side chosen.
>Ku Kobold Klan
Bad news! The Valen refugees got all slaughtered or enslaved! The bird on bird violence lead to a lot of pecked bodies and lost eyes. It was a gruesome watch. That we surrendered to such a war lord is only logical. Therefore, it’s of no shame to send him a tribute. Luckily for us, he greatly appreciated the tribute, even so much he expects more of it coming. He was even so grateful, that he sends some of his veterans to train our bowmen, making them less terrible. Our new recruits could also now learn from our old guard. But as the old guard is now only less terrible, the new recruits could also only learn to not be less than terrible. Now to the good news. The work we did on the farms did pay off. We now have several new hectares of farmable land. We are turning this useless land into a new source of life for our people.
>With the destruction and massacre of Valen, no refugees made it back
>The new Valkur is pleased with our offer to be their vassal, and expects more tributes to go his way the next turn (spend an action next turn).
>Thanks to the Valeri military assistance, 3 of our Kobold bowmen ranked up from amateurs (-2) to recruits (-1), and next turn the rest of the amateur troops will rank up.
>Proto + Farm at Birmingham has been upgraded to Basic + level, and get +4 to keep upgrading it.
33.6/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. New food sources are needed at Atlanta and Frankfort. No food was transferred this time.

The competition to get a better mining technique came to its highpoint. Several of the oldest mining clans came together to finally show off their skills. They spent weeks of training and experimenting on this event and it was a full success for the whole dwarven community. The winning family got a gigantic stone boar as a price, while the event did spread more efficient mining techniques and spiked a whole lot of new inventions. The expansion of the city went on as expected. The miners and masons did their best to progress, even though the very hard stone was in the way. But it seems like we already did the hardest part. If we are lucky, nothing should get in the way to finish our expansion. Now we only need to cut down the last stones and do the finishing touch on the new part of the village and soon to be town.
>Improve the stoneworking bonus from +1 to +2
>Thul Nildaur is being upgraded to level 3, and good planning grants +3 to continuing work on it.
8/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Thul Nildaur needs more food sources to growth.
>King Koala the Great
Using the leftovers from our great eucalyptus farm, some of the koalas who worked previously on making the elixir now started work on collecting the inflammable oil from the trees to use it as a weapon, as we need to prepare ourselves for the inevitable battle against the Kangaroo empire. With these small bags filled with burning oil, no wooden structure will be capable of resisting our might.
With large quantities of food, a larger population will soon follow. With this in mind, a large plan to restructure dropbearton and make it safer and bigger has come to fruition, and our workers stand ready to make these much needed upgrades.
While scouting for these shiny new rocks, we found that near our territory the Kangaroos have been operating a mining operation that is heavily guarded, and the rocks they extract somehow are turned into shiny red-yellowish tools, weapons and armors. If we were to take over the mine and the heavily guarded garrison, and maybe imprison the workers we could use these resources for ourselves.
>Demolisher tag unlocked, and Incendiary Koalas unit unlocked for it’s recruitment.
>Dropbearton is at level 2.5, and get +2 to keep working on the settlement upgrade.
>Location of Kangaroo Mine discovered.
26.4/30 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3.
With the rebellious elements finally out of the picture and peace once again established between the major clans, the Kiryuin could now finally use their centralized power to focus all their efforts in the upgrade of Kattin. Thanks to the written word, now a single orc could organize large quantities of the workforce through relaying the orders, and the newfound peace meant that the work could go on without interruptions. Not only the settlement of Kattin was upgraded, it also now is an architectural wonder of orc planning and craftsmanship. Not only the common people will see this change, but the zone for houses for the representatives of the clan have been greatly expanded and a new palace was built for the Kiryuin, intended to be the beating heart of Najin politics for eons to come.
Some of the Leprechauns were brought to our islands from overseas to help us work with the iron we have around. Despite their advanced techniques and working with their indications, the iron couldn’t be smelted properly or worked with, and we were barely able to change the surface color a little bit. Despite this failure, the Tuath promised to find out how to work with this, and returned to their homes to use their already tested furnaces and smelters, and the knowledge of their oldest and wisest of gold workers.
>Kattin has been upgraded to level 3: Town. The improvements made towards centralizing power and boosting relations with the clans not only have increased the stability of the tribe, but grant +2 to all rolls related to developing or upgrading the other settlements (but Kattin). Kattin gets an additional development slot thanks to the upgrade.
>Ironworking could not be developed due to lack of tools to make it. If Tuath Dé discovers ironworking, then Najin will have it available too.
31/42 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. Check population sheet for more details. No food was transferred this turn.
>Tuath Dé
Despite the massive destruction that happened to the now sunken lands of the south, our colonists decided to settle again the coast near Limerick, as maybe later the town could be used as the point of start of salvaging operations directed to the sunken city. In a moment of inspiration, the colonists decided to name the settlement “Limerick 2”
In an effort to protect us from the dangers of the world, we decided to finally create a militia force of our own. With this in mind, the strongest, gayest and hairiest of the Leprechaun were selected to become this new fighting force. Armed with the tools we have available, and a lot of bling bling to show off against our potential enemies, they are a force to be reckoned with.
A disaster! While testing new methods of forging trying to finally smelt the pieces of iron we brought from the Najin archipelago a devastating explosion happened upon heating the iron we brought, releasing lethal shrapnels to the workers of the forge and causing a fire to start in the smelter facilities, which we couldn’t control in time and soon spread through the nearby area. We were capable of saving most of the settlement unscathed, but the potato farms were destroyed in the subsequent firestorm. Not only we lost quite a lot of the experienced smelters, but we also lost the capability of producing gold until the smelter is repaired
>Settlement of Limerick 2 has been created
>Basic farm destroyed, and until a new farm is created the Vodka effect is lost.
>3.6 (1440) population of babies was eaten this turn to prevent famine.
>3 units of Leprechaun Bears recruited at Dublin with Regular (0) rank.
>Iron was acquired thanks to Najin, and get +4 to develop it (Najin can also use one of their actions for this) Explosion of the smelters means no gold production as luxury until next turn, and get -10 to develop further metallurgy until it’s repaired.
12/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check the population sheet for more details.
And with this, update is ended. Now I'll focus on fixing the math problems and the missing action of the Kobolds, also map update and military stats will be posted in the discord in a while as always.
Rolled 10, 19 = 29 (2d20)

> improve the farms in Creuge
Food has ever been our enemy, throughout the centuries, and once again it shall see defeat! Expand the farms, chop up meat and feed it to the ground to sate the blood-hungry rock, and work every day until our stores are full again. This is the world of the leader, and thus, the law.
> train slingers in Creuge
The current leader is even more paranoid than the last somehow, and he worries about our defenses: sure the citizens carry weapons already but what if it’s not enough? What if actual soldiers are needed? And so, the first training regime of our entire species begins. Who knows how it’ll go?
Rolled 6, 10, 13, 20 = 49 (4d20)

Amenemope has done it! A new metal has been created off of the Tin and Silver. He decides to name it Amen-Silver because he is unoriginal. He does realize an immediate problem though, the Tin they used were only small samples and they don't actually have a mine. He sends a messenger to Scorpion asking him if he could create a Tin mine. He responds with "Say no more!"
>Build Tin mine (+2 from luxury, +3 from pickaxe expertise)
The creation of Brick and Geometry was what Imhotep needed to retry the upgrading of Khepri! After many thanks to Settra for giving him these new assets he gets to work with a new vigor. Settra watches from afar, proud of his bone children.
>Upgrade Khepri (+2 from luxury, +3 from pickaxe mastery, +2 from bricks)
The next day Setta was feeling alot better with his new praise and decided to take a walk down Khepri. Through a particular street though, a skeleton ran up to him. Before Settra could get a word in he quickly clasped his hands together and asked Settra one thing "I wanna go on an Adventure!" Settra was dumbfounded at this. After being asked to explain the Skeleton declared that he wants to explore the world. Sitting in Khepri for such a long time has gotten dull for him and he wants to see new things, collect new stuff and find more friends. The last thing is what caught Settras attention. He continued saying that he wanted to go through the desert and up north. After being asked why not go to the mountains he responded with: "Scorpion can do that, I want to see new rocks." Shit, can't argue against that. With Settras blessing he grabs a couple friends, weapons to defend themselves and a small pack of jewels. With a farewell from Ramses and Settra at the gates of Khepri, they set off into the great desert.
>Explore through the desert (+2 from luxury)
>Map related
One of the Skeletons who saw the group wander into the great dunes was an older one by the name of Nabiin. He was in the group that cracked into the great tomb of the dragon. Since that day he was mesmerized by its pure slumbering beauty. He dreamed of showing the Tomb Kings of why it should be praised, considering it revived the great Settra it is not a weak figure. After convincing Settra to allow him to follow up on his dream, he got a group of builders together and they got to work on creating the first Grand Khepri Temple. Adorned with all sculptures, jewels and metals it will be a divine place to worship the great one. (+2 from luxury, +3 from pickaxe mastery, +2 from brick)
Lemme properly write the action of the last one
>Build Temple ( (+2 from luxury, +3 from pickaxe mastery, +2 from brick)
Rolled 13, 18, 13, 19 + 2 = 65 (4d20 + 2)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The white slavery disgusts the White Kobolds, but there is not much they can do about it. It becomes a talking point amongst the three tribes. White slavery is one of the gravest offenses that anyone can commit in this entire world. The Valeri training the bowmen is a boon that many of the younger kobolds generally counter, but no conversations on the topic ended happily.

All three tribe leaders encouraged their kobolds to find solace in their daily work to get past this awful event in the world. They sadly put together another tribute of the prized goats and seed spitters together to send to the Valkur god.

At Atlanta, a Kobold by the name Buck found himself weaker than some of his fellow and usually chosen last for seed spitting competitions. Buck could not get one lady Kobold to look his way. He even brought fresh grapes to one of the fat lady kobolds and was still turned away. Buck figured he watch the lady kobolds for a while and learn their interests. He discovered that they spent slot of time moving water in makeshift leaves and some luckily shaped stones. They used them to ensure the young and elderly still had their thirsts quenched. Buck thought if only he could figure some way to help them and then perhaps their opinions of him would change. Buck took his copper tools and went at care to the wind invention. He creates some cylinders out of clay as a model and left it by the forge to heat. He enjoyed the finished project, but it did not shine in the sun like copper and gifted it to his sister. His sister enjoyed it so much that she began making her own clay cylinders to share with her friends. Buck worked harder for what he wanted. Eventually he decided upon crafting some copper into some cylinders hollowed out on one side. When the first one was complete, he knew one thing was missing before he gifted this to a pretty kobold. It needed a mark. Buck scribed a smiley face on the side of the copper pot, because bitches love smiley faces.

Many Kobolds of Frankfort and Birmingham found keeping their heads in the literal dark helped immensely. Both settlements endevoured to improve their mines: copper and tin respectively. They terraformed deeper into their mountains and the stone cutters improved the safety with better building techniques.

>Tribute to Valkur god of prized goats and grapeseed spitters for entertainment

>Develop pottery

>Improve Birmingham copper mine
(+2 to roll from terraforming and stonecutting)

>Improve Frankfort tin mine
(+2 to roll from terraforming and stonecutting)
Rolled 18, 2 = 20 (2d20)

1.Develop metalworking
The recent of knowledge of zinc as supplement seems to excite certain daitengu, the next step is to figure out how to shape the metals to make simple tools.

2.Develop settlement
Now that Mt. Kurama population is growing well enough, more houses are needed to accommodate the birdfolk
The current situation in Atlantis:
Rolled 15, 13 = 28 (2d20)


>Form a United Front against Squid imperialism
Naga and Mer must together fight off the menace of the evil Sahuagins, who are collaborators with the squids. We must together work for a great future for Fishmen children

>Build defenses
Hawaii must not be a simple settlement, but must turn itself into a fortress. We shall construct defenses in every corner, train every man woman and child in the art of defense, and protect our lands
Rolled 18, 4, 1 = 23 (3d20)

1. Forge an alliance with the eastern tribes to attack the 'roos

They have the independence now some time, because of us and they surely enjoy it. But they have to understand, to keep their freedom, we have to subdue and fight the kangaroos together now, or they will come back to take revenge.
2. Ambush the supply lines to the mines

An direct attack on the well guarded mines seems too hasty now. We will starve them fisrt and make them surrender by cutting them of any reinforcements. We will follow the tactics of the great Dropbear, who said:“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
3. Recruit Incendiary Koalas

The new weapons have to be tested on the field. The units supplied with them should be a big help to destroy any defense structure, while being able to help us in the field, if necessary.
Rolled 5, 7 = 12 (2d20)

Action 1: Repair my Farm
Our poor farm has been damaged it is time to repair it
Action 2: repair the goldsmith
We need our jewellery!
Rolled 13, 4, 20 = 37 (3d20)

1. Port Connection in Nagoya +5
Nagoya's growth and its abundance of food has led to a push for the Takumi Clan to properly connect their province to the rest of the Bakuzanate.

2. Fine Textiles +3
The imbalance of trade between the Najin and the Tuath had become clear. While the Najin had some expertise in the development of ships and the basics of agriculture, they lacked the same level of luxury goods for export that others had. It was a problem that needed to be solved. The Bakuzan had funds set aside to develop an area of Nara that would specialize in the production of the finest fabrics and dyes for clothing that could be produced for internal markets or exported abroad.

3. Trade Mission to Vesovian +3
Minamoto Sakura saw in their neighbors an opportunity for growth and power. The Vesovians had been known to the clans for some time, but they had not had formal relations. The Minamoto sought to be the first to break into the new market with a trade treaty that would exchange food for other trade goods, and possibly even open up the opportunity for future settlement. For Minamoto-Ouja, she saw in this wild and untamed land a potential seat of power for her own Clan.
Rolled 3, 13 = 16 (2d20)

The various mining families continue working to toil day and night to expand the various tunnels that makeup Thul Nildaur bit by bit as the clinking of pickaxe on stone and the songs of various miners can be heard throughout the hold.

As the miners continue working on the mines that facilitate the underground expansion of their great hold several of the younger farmers attempt to experiment with underground farming using both old and new crops.
For the expansion of the city I have a +5.
Rolled 15, 12, 7 = 34 (3d20)

>Build a hunting camp on Underground (+2)
Since the mountains have reached their food limit, it's time to expand our game with the local wildlife
>Found the Guild of Brewers (-3)
With the on going problem of alcoholism, the leaders decided on another way of solving it: getting the most skilled beer makers to work on recipes of higher quality, reducing the number of cheap pure alcohol ale and making a better product for goblin consumption in modest quantities.
>Scout the south desert (+2)
image for reference
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What map software are you using? Looks good
Azgaar map generator
>Tomb Kings
The mines in Altinin were already at capacity and expansion to them would require expanding the city limits to acquire more land and more importantly more laborers to work it. Word is sent from the village back to Khepri that if the Tin was to be extracted either silver or gemstones would need to come to a halt in the meantime until the settlement had grown larger. Such concerns were of little note for Settra as he had already moved on to his next pet projects. The city of Khepri had grown in population, but it had not grown to utilize the land or the new tools that had been developed in the decades since it had grown last. Settra ordered his foremen to set to work on new building projects for his city, regardless of the fact that labor would be needed elsewhere for other construction efforts. The first stage of the plan went easily. Some homes were leveled to make space and to even out the construction plans of the new city districts. Most noticeable would be the massive temple-palace complex in the center of the city. Settra would live there, and all government business would be conducted within it. The temple complex was completed first and in truly record time. After only ten-years of working day and night the complex was complete. It was a man-made mountain of brick with a wide boulevard that was flanked by statues of Settra (and some other Skeletons he approved of) that led to the tall steps of the temple complex and through the central gate. Within the temple itself some essential necromantic gemstones that had been unearthed were used to construct a conduit for Settra so that his powers would be extended. From his position there in the Temple Settra could raise the dead from leagues away. The Temple complex stood as a monument to his power and to the wealth of the Tomb King himself. The onyx altar brought other benefits outside of an amplification of Settra’s power, although he would need to research more into the veil that separated this living world from the Land of the True Dead.

And so it did not particularly bother Settra when an explorer returned bearing word. Weirdly, it wasn’t the one that he had spoken to with the gemstones. It was a prospector that had been sent scouting for metals. He also did not come alone. With him were several bipedal birds with arms like men! They called themselves the Valeri Khanate, and they had come to see the City of Stone for themselves. The prospector explained first that he had been taken captive by the Valeri, and rather than live out his eternal days as a slave had convinced some of his captors to bring him upriver to Khepri. It was doubly surprising when Ramses came the next day to inform Settra that a group of small green humanoids had skirmished with one of his patrols earlier in the day before retreating north. It seemed that the Tomb Kings were no longer alone.
>Already have the max number of mines as the settlement level allows. Expand Altinin to extract more resources. Once done, the tin mine will be built automatically.
>Khepri is instantly upgraded to level 3: Town thanks to the collateral effect of the temple building. Additionally, the temple will increase the stability of the tribe.
>Knows there’s a menace of green skins up north, and the Valeri are now known to our people.
>Settra’s undead powers are vastly increased by the Temple, but more research must be conducted to achieve his true potential. Each turn, as a bonus action you can roll 1d5. On a 5, Settra uncovers more secrets and unlocks more powers. For now, choose one of the following options as his first power.
1)An additional unit of helldingoes is spawned. These can be commanded to scout and operate in far away lands, and their stats are increased.
2)Settra can focus his powers to raise the 100% of a razed settlement as skeles that will submit to him instantly.
3)Settra will focus his powers on the wellbeing of his people, turning any critical fail into a bad roll, and allowing critical success on 19 too.
4)Settra will harness the power to become immortal, deactivating permanently the vitality mechanic and turning him into a powerful mage that can be used in combat. However, he can still die in combat.
22.5/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.

It took much work and the coordination of several dwarven mining families, among them the Avuz clan, known for their mining speed, or the Ineth clan, who are great advocates of the city, but also clan less dwarves did much work to call something their home. In the end the once small village was upgraded to a great town, that is just as good as the old home of the dwarves as told in the stories, Vom Kohldur. It seems even big blowbacks like the loss of a city, can’t stop the dwarven spirit. While much work was done to the city, some dwarves took inspiration on the free areas, that aren’t fit for housing, and tried out underground farming. Dozens of attempts, maybe even hundreds of them failed, and the dwarves were close to capitulating, but then something odd happened. Some dwarves noticed that the usual plants wouldn’t grow in the underground, so they tried a different approach: cave mushrooms. They cut the mushrooms down and placed seeds in them. But instead of a plant growing out of it, suddenly mushrooms were growing on the underground fields next to them. Sometimes the greatest innovations grow out of accidents!
>Thul Nildaur has reached settlement level 3: Town.
>Proto + Shroom farm created at Thul Nildaur.
9.72/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
Hunters from Underground headed above ground to the mountains to search for game. It wasn’t hard to find. The Otherkin hunted sparingly having preferred farming their moss to consuming beasts. The game was easy to find, easy to shoot, and slightly more difficult to bring back to Underground. Rather than cart it up and down the cave a new system was developed that would see the game hunted and prepared above ground in special lodges then brought down en mass for consumption. The additional benefit to this was that after a generation or so the hunting lodges became places for people of means to come and learn hunting and enjoy shooting and tracking game through the forests. In Sea’s Maw other developments were taking place that would also slowly start to shift the fabric of Goblinkin life. The first real guild – the Brewer’s Brotherhood – was created to regulate and further the study of alcohol. Cheap beer still existed, and would likely always exist, but the official patronage of BB Beer was seen as a status symbol. Anyone who was anyone would frequent Brotherhood establishments and consume what was considered “top-self” beer produced by legitimate professionals. An interesting by-product of this professionalization was the concept of testing and ranking brewing professionals. It became a legitimate and prestigious career path to start as an apprentice and work one’s way up to Master Brewer. Those Goblins who had attained such levels earned the right to have the surname “Brewer”. Other professions looked to the Brewer’s Brotherhood for an example of how to develop their own professional organizations, and soon there was the bubbling call for a metalworker’s guild, a tailor’s guild, and even an explorer’s guild.

The exploration party headed south into the desert. The trackless wastes were far from devoid of life, but it was a radically different climate than the temperate and wet northern territory of Illuminados.
In the deserts the Goblins faced a series of challenges from the heat to water shortages. The most terrifying experience for them was meeting another traveler in the wastes. The figure wore no clothes, but was literally a walking skeleton of a humanoid. The skeletal figure reached out a hand toward the Goblins like the God of the Dead calling forth wayward souls. Terrified, the Goblins fired upon the creature to little avail until a lucky slingshot smashed its skull. The goblins found a purse of gems tied to its waist, and figuring they had been both lucky and blessed, continued south. It was there that they found what they first believed to be a mirage. Out of the desert heat haze loomed a massive mountain, its peak topped with a silver crown. Below it stretched out a city, with more of it under construction. The Goblins were overjoyed. Thinking they had come across another civilization. It was as they came closer they saw those same skeletal forms. Those terrifying creatures moved quickly, for they had spotted the Goblins too. Unlike the others, these carried gleaming weapons which burned like fire in the blazing sun. The Goblins, thinking that they had wandered from the land of the living to that of the cursed dead, fled back into the desert. The Skeletons were hot on their heels, pursuing them vigorously for hours until the city passed again out of sight. The Goblins endeavored to return home, to tell their kin of what they had seen. The cursed wastes south of the world where only the dead walked. A land which should never be approached.
>Proto + Hunters development built at underground, and get +3 to improve upon it next time.
>Population growth malus from alcohol was removed, however much needs to be done to save the working classes from the bane of alcoholism due to the intoxicating cheap alcohol.
No longer get a penalty to get rid of alcoholism, however it’s -1 to all rolls will still apply.
>Tomb Kings found, however no diplomatic actions can be made with them. Get -4 to settle further south in the desert due to fear of death.
30.5/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Check the population sheet for more details.
Creuge had no shortage of arable land to work. Some of it had been put to work on growing small crops of root vegetables. It wasn’t until some farmers returned from Chlach with seeds that the fields in Creuge could really be put to use growing a new type of crop that thrived in the wet conditions called rice. The rice paddies could be easily irrigated by the lake and river and their watery conditions kept them mostly free from pests while growing. The Chief of Creuge realized quickly that the Luthn needed to be prepared to defend the settlement against everything from cave wasps to marauders. To that end, he established a law requiring the men of the village to train weekly with slings and javelins. Hunters with experience were given additional rations and responsibilities to make up the core of the skirmishing force that would deal death from behind the palisade at Creuge. The hunters could also train the general populace in maneuvering around the thick woods and managing whatever Cave Wasps they brought along. From both the hunters and the militia a competent combat force could be raised and prepared for battle in little more than a minute a fact from which the group derived their name – Minutemen.
>Farm was improved to basic level.
>4 Veteran (+2) Luthn Minutemen were trained at Creuge.
18.6/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Creuge needs more food sources.
>Naga Fishmen
The Tyrant of Hawaii reached out with an olive branch to Atlantis, and found the Triumvirate less than willing to negotiate. They would be happy to accept the fealty of Hawaii, but they would not offer a meaningful alliance. “Today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy, unless you bend the knee to your masters.” An alliance is refused, but Atlantis does agree not to campaign again the Tyrant of Hawaii for [a few turns] while they handle internal matters. Also provided is a manuscript of the new Atlantean alphabet for the use of Hawaii. The concern for the Tyrant is that Atlantis somehow turn the Sahuagins against Hawaii. To prepare for any such attack the Tyrant has work parties scour the countryside for wood, and has kilns built to fire mud into bricks. With these, the village of Hawaii is guarded by tall stone walls against any attack. Tarshan would be a walk on the beach in comparison to the strong defenses of Hawaii!
>Hawaii gets a wall (100%) to boost it’s defenses.
>while peace can be maintained through diplomacy the other factions will never ally with one another as all are considered rivals to the claim of legitimacy over the fishmen people
>Hawaii will now be used as the single settlement of your PC led tribe. Food production reestablished to pre-famine levels. Existing Fishmen Militia will become yours too.
8.7/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
The Tengu fashion zinc into ingots by melting them in the heat of a small kiln. That alone was nice, but it led to some thinking of other experiments with flame. They add other rocks to the zinc to see what happened, and by pure chance an orange rock was tossed in with the rest. After some melting and some pounding the Tengu were astonished to find that the ingot was a different color and was much stronger and more resistant than the previous zinc was. It was heavier and denser, more resistant to punishment although it held an edge poorly. It was brass! Now all the Tengu needed to do was find a steady source of copper, but the knowledge of metals and alloys would come in handy later.
The Tengu soldiers returned from their attempt at conquest, battered and bloodied. In the sorrow of the defeat and the concern over a potential Minotaur counterattack no work parties to renovate or expand the settlement at Mt. Kurama seemed plausible. In truth, morale was low. The Tengu’s faith in the Daitengu was severely weakened. The social order relied not just on the Daitengu’s strength, but their prowess in battle. That having been bested on both fronts by the Minotaur who only a generation before offered to join strength with the Tengu was damaging to the legitimacy of the ruling class. Actions would need to be taken to right the course and remind people of the social order before the kotengu took matters into their own beaks.
>Metalworking developed and Brass is created. Once a foundry is created, troops will be able to use armor made of it to improve their defense.
>No upgrade was made in Mt.Kurama
>Tengu society is starting to crumble from the lack of capable leadership in military matters. Fulfill the following objectives to prevent bad events:
1)Daitengu forces are present in the armed forces
2)A battle where the Daitengu forces are present must be won, and at least one of them must return alive.
Once the order is restored, get access to a new bonus mechanic.
9/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Mt. Kurama needs more food sources.
It took much work and the coordination of several dwarven mining families, among them the Avuz clan, known for their mining speed, or the Ineth clan, who are great advocates of the city, but also clan less dwarves did much work to call something their home. In the end the once small village was upgraded to a great town, that is just as good as the old home of the dwarves as told in the stories, Vom Kohldur. It seems even big blowbacks like the loss of a city, can’t stop the dwarven spirit. While much work was done to the city, some dwarves took inspiration on the free areas, that aren’t fit for housing, and tried out underground farming. Dozens of attempts, maybe even hundreds of them failed, and the dwarves were close to capitulating, but then something odd happened. Some dwarves noticed that the usual plants wouldn’t grow in the underground, so they tried a different approach: cave mushrooms. They cut the mushrooms down and placed seeds in them. But instead of a plant growing out of it, suddenly mushrooms were growing on the underground fields next to them. Sometimes the greatest innovations grow out of accidents!
>Thul Nildaur has reached settlement level 3: Town.
>Proto + Shroom farm created at Thul Nildaur.
9.72/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
>Ku Kobold Klan
A lot of time has passed, yet a lot of work was done. The terrible massacre the Valeri perpetrated against their own people was still felt deep inside and every Kobold did their best to prevent something like that happening to themselves and their families. Seed spitting was trained from Sunrise till Sunset and goats were treated better than in other places kings. When the tribute was finally accepted, a breath of relief was felt. Another day to not get slaughtered by a bloodthirsty flying menace.
Buck was always a “special” Kobold. The others sometimes shunned him for his special activities. It was already shown in his childhood, when he wasn’t as good at seed spitting like his peers. Always picked last in seed spiting and laughed out by female companions for failing to spit his seed further than half a tree size. That’s why he was so alone and why he started playing with dirt and even began to eat it. But one day he tasted a special dirt, when he was getting it out of a river. He wanted to try to eat it cooked, like he did with other dirt. But instead of it tasting like warm dirt, the dirt changed it form. The longer he cooked it, the harder it got. Afterwards he started to experiment with the dirt, formed it, before he cooked it. He enjoyed playing with it. He even started to make useful tools to save time and to play more with the dirt. Other Kobolds got interested in it, because they wanted to save time and he could sell it. The others then started to respect him and wanted to learn his ways. He was so successful he could expand into all villages. In the end he was the most desired male Kobold far and wide, just because he liked to eat dirt, and his wares were capable of keeping the food fresh and out of the reach of vermin. The mines are places full of joy and pride for the Kobolds. They feel free, as if they were born to live in such caves. Days and nights were worked in them to get more ores out and to expand the caves. They were even so successful at expanding the mine in Frankfort that the extracted stones were used to build a small wall around the settlement.
>Tribute accepted, and last remaining amateur troops were upgraded thanks to the Valeri advisors.
>Both mines were improved, and a small wall (60%) was built around Frankfort.
>Pottery has been discovered, and thanks to it get a 0.1 growth modifier in every settlement. Get +2 to develop wine next time.
38/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4. All settlements require more food sources. 0.1 Extra population was moved towards the Capital.
>Tuath De
The last couple of years were not good for our pre existing buildings. Not only were our smelters destroyed so we can no longer show off our bling but the farms too, and with the farms lost we can no longer create a stable source of Vodka! If this keeps up it looks like the babies are going to become a substitute again. Repairing the farms come first. Without it we will run out of natural food and be forced to consume our children again. The builders would soon set off to restore the farms but tragedy struck. Heavy rainfall hindered any attempts for repairs and even when the sky itself was not destroying any chance of work being done the mud it left behind sure as hell made sure of it. After a very slow, monotonous and overall painful experience they finally managed to recreate the foundations of the farm. It was at this point the builders threw down the tools and called it a day.
The Smelter repairs go slightly better than the potato farm restoration. That is not saying much as they also had to deal with the Rain but since they were inside the city mud was not a problem. It still took awhile before the weather allowed them to finish it up but after much blood, sweat and tears they did it. The builders then decided to hold a small ceremony of the reopening of the Forge. The few remaining smelters that survived the blast showed up, and in one unified motion a sigh was released as they look upon this second class forge. The previous one was much better but after inspecting the insides of it they agreed that it meets the minimum requirements for operations to continue. They still have a shortage of experienced smelters though and it is expected that it will take a small bit before the forge is able to return into pre-explosion output.
>Proto + farm built at Dublin. However, the distillery for Vodka wasn’t rebuilt due to harsh weather, but it’s effect will be regained once the farm reaches basic level.
>The jeweler has been repaired, and get -2 to upgrade it next time.
14.6/24 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Dublin needs more food sources to grow. No babies were eaten this time.
>King Koala the Great
Many years have passed since the actions of the original King Koala and his brother inspired the Quokkan principalities and Wombat tribes, both estates subdued by the Kangaroo empire back then, to fight for their freedom. However, the fight against the Kangaroos has stopped for the time being, and we weren’t sure about their status, so messengers were sent to reunite the tribes and once again create an alliance, this time to finish the Kangaroos while they’re still weakened. The Wombats have agreed to fully support the invasion of the capital of Juntori, seat of the Kangaroo’s power. On the other hand, the Quokkan tribes couldn’t be found where they were supposed to be, and only through extensive searching the scouts could find a Quokkan old hermit, who told the news that once liberating themselves the Quokkas returned to their old ways of peaceful nomadic lifestyle, no longer having to take up arms in the name of despotic rulers.
After carefully observing the enemy supply lines, an evident lack of transit could be seen between the fortified mine and the inner regions of Kangarobia. Soon, the regular patrols carrying the ingots of ore and guarded by a lot of Kangaroos stopped, and after a month without a single caravan moving, a lone cart guided by great beasts appeared on the horizon. From afar, the Dropbears couldn’t see what the cart was carrying, but seeing that it was almost unguarded and must’ve been important after such a long time, the dropbear recruits couldn’t handle the situation and decided to sneak upon the cart and attack the enemy. The most experienced Dropbears stayed back, as their combat experience allowed them to keep their cool, unlike the recruits which suffered what came up next: a Kangaroo ambush!. The recruits quickly fell to the poisonous darts thrown by the Kangaroos, who appeared from the shadows and started tying the survivors and carrying them to their Keep.
Back home, despite the intentions to use the newly developed flaming concoction to arm a group of troops, the inventor of the concoction couldn’t help his perfectionist self from refusing to give an “unperfected” formula to the troops, instead focusing on even more experimenting and brewing and preventing any amount of the liquid to be given to the army. After many failed attempts to improve the formula, he was forcibly removed from his work and his failure was too much a burden for him, so he became a self-imposed hermit on the wildlands near Dropbearton.
>The Wombats will help in the battle against the Kangaroo capital of Juntori in the future.
>The Dropbear recruits were captured in their ambush attempt. As a bonus action you can attempt to release them or leave them.
>No units were recruited this turn in Dropbearton
24/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Dropbearton needs to finish it’s upgrade to contribute more population towards extra actions. Eucalyptaria needs more food sources.
Nagoya soon set itself to be a mayor source of food for our people, so the Takumi clan soon started improving the infrastructure of the port to connect the new settlement with the old settlements of Oshabi and Kattin. Not only a good connection was established between the towns, but the now busy sea-routes towards Nagoya meant that soon it became a port for whaling, and with that came the benefits in manpower and food production.
On the other side of the Najin archipelago, the Mori clan hatched a plan to specialize the town in the production of fine fabrics made not only from bananas, but also from local plants. The first step in this was to secure bananas from Kattin, but the continuous growth of the city meant that none could be spared for the growing settlement. Seeing this, the Mori instead imported seeds and started the clearing of lands near the settlement to procure their own bananas, not only for the textiles but also for the production of food. While working on the clearings, a group of the local Prairie orcs brought the work to a halt and demanded that the clearing and takeover of their ancestral lands were to be stopped at once, and that clear limits were to be established for the maximum growth of Nara. Before taking direct action against the Prairie Orcs, a representative of the Mori came back to talk with the Bakuzan, and asked for the Najin army to help get rid of the Orcs that were interrupting progress back at Nara. Now the Bakuzan has to choose, whether to lend a hand to the Mori in their expansion through force, or use diplomacy with our yellow-skinned cousins.
The expedition to the Visovian lands came back after a couple of months to Kattin with the news of the mainland. Apparently, when the Sakura entered the Visovian lands a large fleet of ships of an advanced design were being prepared, and the explorers feared for the worst, as one of the trading ships of old mentioned that they were tried to be boarded by desperate Visovians in the past. However, upon close inspection and contact with the locals, they were welcomed by the local elder and tribe leader who despite his age showed no signs of frailty, along with all the rest of the tribe. The Visovians weren’t preparing an invasion force, but they were simply preparing a fleet to search for a new land, as their lands were infested with man-eating swarms of terrible creatures, who prevented them from going further inland or expanding except by sea. Intrigued by the conditions of the area and the elder’s tale, the expedition spent the next couple of months living among the Visovians and helping them with everyday tasks, learning about their language, culture, local environment and shipbuilding techniques. In the end, the Visovians completed their preparations and left their ancestral valley, sailing towards the unknown in hopes of a better future for their people. The Visovians are gone, but thanks to the work made by Minamoto’s expedition we learned a lot about the continent and its perils, but also the riches within, as they mentioned an area further inland that had large quantities of what they called “red ore”, but had to abandon it due to the devouring swarms.
>Nagoya is connected with Kattin and Oshabi, and it’s proto shipyard will also double as a fishery to produce food and food growth.
>Nara will create a farm before attempting to create textiles, however the conflict with the Prairie orcs stops all building in the area until they’re dealt with, militarily or diplomatically.
(If military, it’s a bonus action).
>The large quantities of information that were gathered from the Visovians revolutionize our shipbuilding techniques, granting the ships more hull strength. The knowledge gathered about the continent grants +8 to settle on the areas previously occupied by the Visovians, and an extra +2 to develop these lands.
38.9/42 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. 0.7 of extra population was moved from Kattin to Nagoya. Nagoya needs an upgrade to contribute more population towards extra actions. Check the population sheet for more details.
Global Event: Start of the Bronze age.

As more and more tribes reach the development level needed to consider themselves a bronze age culture, these who are left behind will see things more complicated to compete against their more sophisticated neighbours.
>No longer Bronze age grants extra action from tech advantage
>No longer Bronze age grants +1 to rolls.
>Tribes that aren't in the bronze age get -2 to all rolls until they reach bronze age, and bronze age tribes get +1 against them in combat.
Global Event: The Valeri

With the end of the Valeri civil war and reunification by blood, the new Valkur has enacted a new policy of expansionism. However, expanding blindly is not in his plans, but Valeri envoys were sent to chart the world and let every culture know that the Valeri are strong and ready to fulfill their destiny.
>Tribes near the Valeri nomads can get Valeri-related events randomly until this event is over.

And with this, turn 13 is over. Feel free to make your actions.

>Ku Kobold Klan

The three tribe leaders once again meet to think of how to keep the new Valkur god appeased. The Atlantaian stated that thus far it has been okay, but they do not wish his wroth. The Frankforter wished for the Kobolds to be able to protect themselves and spoke of the wall that has been constructed around his home settlement. The Birminghamian kobold stayed quiet in thought of the terror reaching the small lake of Birmingham.
It was decided that some way they must be appeased. Against better judgement, the new pottery that Buck the Great had developed was decided to be shared with the Valkur god.
The Atlantaian tribe leader had pottery commissioned and had them filled with the most juiciest grapes. These were sent along with the prized goats and grape seed spitters of extraordinary shot to the Valeri in the west.

The Kobolds of Frankfort rejoice in their refined defensive wall. The tribe leader returning from the delegation meetings asked the kobolds of the bronze foundry to develop some type of metal covering so that a kobold could be mighty like one the large Valeri. The tribe leader reminds the foundry workers to make it as shiny as possible so that it may blind their enemies.

Birmingham tribe leader returns in despair. He is wrought with fear of what could come to their great home that just beginning to sprawl out above ground with their great structures. He goes to the stonecutter shop and asks what could be done to help them to increase their productivity to help raise the defenses of this mighty village. They ask for greater man power to expand their shop and perhaps some terraformers to help til the land before they mounted their great stone cut buildings. The tribe leader grants it and lets them know his hope for Birminghamian kind is on their shoulders.

The Atlantaians visiting Birmingham and seeing their vast farms, they bring the same efforts to their village. Stonecutters and great terraforming digger kobolds are coerced to come to Atlanta to see some of Buck s firsts great pottery works and even a crude drawing of him teaching a young female kobold to mold pottery, placing his hands upon hers while standing closely behind her. They help set the land to be farmed more efficiently.

>Tribute of prized goats, grape seed spitters, and fine pottery filled with juicy grapes.

>Develop shiny bronze armour

>Improve stonecutter shop

(+2 to bonus from terraforming and stonecutting

>Improve farm at Atlanta
(+2 from terraforming and stone cutting
Rolled 15, 5, 12, 6 + 2 = 40 (4d20 + 2)

Dice didn't work first time for some reason
Rolled 5, 5, 12 = 22 (3d20)

Uh oh, big problems, BIG PROBLEMS are here now. After the arrival of the birdmen onto our sacred city and the sightings of angry green men to the north the Great Settra has called upon all of the important skeletons to discuss their next moves.

The first idea that comes forth is to upgrade Altinin to make room for the Tin Mine. Most of the skeletons agree to this so that the Tin can be used to create more of that Silver Alloy which will be used for weapons.
>Upgrade Altinin (+2 from Luxury, +3 from Pickaxe Expertise, +2 from Bricks)

The next thing that is brought up is soldiers. Ramses brings up the idea that since other beings exist and have shown hostility the current defensive force is inadequate. Another skeleton counters that Ramses is using this situation to give himself more power but Settra is forced to agree with Ramses, thus they compromise that new units shall be made but will be under the control of someone else. If a battle were to occur with all the units than Ramses would be given full command of the army.
>Recruit more units at Khepri (+2 from Luxury)

The final thing left to discuss is the birdmen. This one is a real difficult decision. Half say that building a wall would be a great idea while others say that talking is a good idea. In the end, Settra must decide. After given an overview of the defensive situation of Khepri he decrees that diplomacy shall be the best bet for now. Khepri and its defenders can hold off against an attack if the birdmen can field around the same amount of units as them. He proposes that perhaps they can befriend the birdmen and that if they can do that Khepri may no longer have to deal with possible threats from the south.
>Send an envoy to the Valeri to create a defensive pact or at least improve relations (+2 from luxury)

After all this, Settra dismisses the crisis council and convenes with Nabiin. As he reaches the top of the great Temple he realizes that the approach of enemy hostilities has got him worried about not only himself, but his people. In his infinite wisdom Settra decides that his bone children are the most important thing to him
>Settra will focus his powers on the wellbeing of his people, turning any critical fail into a bad roll, and allowing critical success on 19 too.
Rolled 1 (1d5)

Forgot name again
bonus dice roll
Rolled 6, 1 = 7 (2d20)

with the strange mood surrounding Mt. Kurama. the elder realized that something must be done about to undo the shame and loss of dignity suffered by the proud tengu at the at the hands of the filthy minotaur. within a few day every non-military development is halted to focus on military matter, the entire mountain is mobilized to avenge the deaths of the tengu. Daitengu shouting slogan such as better die in glory than live in shame is heard all over the mountain, rousing the Koutengu to take up arms and fight.

1. recruit Daitengu javelins
2. recruit Koutengu brawler
Rolled 5, 15, 17 = 37 (3d20)

1. Peaceful Integration +3
The Mori have a saying, "The Spear is Decisive". It usually meant that a decision had been made. It's origin was in Whaling. When the spear was cast the chase for the whale was on, and that whale at that point could and very possibly would sink a vessel in retribution. For Mori Nikumi, Banouja of the Mori Clan, the saying could not be more apt. The Plains Orcs had come again to petition, but this time had come without the intent the leave. The Mori Oujas had been dealing on and off with the natives since the establishment of Nara and things had finally come to a head. There were those who advocated for violence, but "The Spear is Decisive" had more than one meaning. It also meant that coming to use the spear meant the final decision had been made to commit to violence. Mori Nikumi would not commit to the spear. Not yet.

Nikumi and her consort Ieyasu met with the Plains Orcs to come to an agreement on the use of the island. The Plains Orcs could instead join with the Mori to share the island and its wealth, integrate with the Najin to achieve the greatness owed to all Orcs. Her position and terms would be generous. After all, she had an eligible daughter to offer to the Plain Chief. With their marriage, the Plains Orcs would effectively confederate into a cadet Clan of the Mori, a vassal to the Mori who were themselves vassals to the Bakuzan but very much free to administrate their own lands and share in the wealth of Nara. If the Plains Orcs accepted, there would be no violence and the Plains Orcs would be as free as any Najinese Orc to wander the islands and make their living. Still, Nikumi did not achieve the position of Banouja by not hedging her bets. The Mori had a decent sized force of their own to call upon, and the Bakuzan had already agreed in previous treaties to aid the Mori should things escalate to the spear. She hoped it would not be necessary.

2. Raise Troops (Mixed) +3
[3 Bune, 1 Ballista Warship, 2 Archers, 5 Masakiri, 2 Spears]
The various Clans expand their military forces to better control their holdings and to increase their own prestige among other Clans. For the Major Clans, being able to call a large number of attendant forces for the yearly meeting in Kattin is a sign of power and prestige. For Minor Clans being able to field a sizable force of men at arms was a ticket to respect among their peers and could give a major clan pause before issuing demands. The Takumi, Kiryuin, Mori, and Oshabi all add new ships of the Minamoto design to their fleets.

3. Develop Iron +5
Workers aiding the Tuath set to work with new lessons on how to heat and forge iron.
Rolled 14, 17 = 31 (2d20)

>As the proud miners of the Avuz clan who originated from the days of the old city finished its work a new and upcoming clan formed of former clanless dwarves named the Hetori start mining a new section of the city in search of fame and recognition.

>With the recent establishment of the shroom farms, multiple Farmer families start experimenting with the new crop and use some of the empty space to expand the farms.

+2 to each rolls thanks to stone working.
Rolled 1, 16 = 17 (2d20)

>Expand east
We need more land to set up farms
>Begin mining
The previous administration wanted to take out a lot of stone for weapons, and we do to. Besides, stone reinforcements are generally better than mud bricks
Rolled 8, 16, 1 = 25 (3d20)

>improve hunting camp on underground(+4)

>start a wheat plantation on goblin's end (+1)
we need to expand our food sources in the new settlement

>make a hunting camp at Sea's maw (+1)
Our main town has reached it's food capacity and we need to expand it's sources first before dealing with the ongoing drunk problem

For cosmetic I wanna change underground's name to Fortaleza
Rolled 4, 7, 15, 5 = 31 (4d20)

>1. Recruit Incendiary Koalas in Dropbearton
>2. Recruit Incendiary Koalas in Eucalyptaria
>3. Research Eucalyptus
>BONUS ACTION: Free the recruits

The failure to recruit further units put us into a difficult position. We will have to increase our efforts now, so our plans to defeat the evil kangaroos won't be delayed any further. If we send more recruiters to our both town dropbearton and Eucalyptaria, we shouldn't be able to fail once again.
Also our seemingly endless supply of food by our ancestors planted eucalyptus cultivation will soon not supply enough food for our ever growing population. We should learn to plant eucalyptus more efficently so we have it easier to plant more farms in the future.
That one of our troops of less experienced recruits got kidnapped is not acceptable. They may tell of our plans to attack and that would put big pressure on us. We have to free them and that fast, or they may tell too much of our plans.
File: Tierlist.png (1.43 MB, 2260x2088)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
Current tierlist
Rolled 9, 2 = 11 (2d20)

>Action 1: Upgrade my Farm in Dublin
We need again our vodka or otherwise our orgies aren't as fun.
>Action 2: Research Potatoes
We have to start to understand our food to understand each other better. Maybe we can also increase the yield of our potatoes.
Rolled 2, 13 = 15 (2d20)

> develop pottery
Now that we have multiple villages, transport of goods is essential and we can’t just bring everything around using our hands now can we?

> develop metalworking
This stone... it’s weird. What is it? It came from the mine and it shines but it doesn’t do anything. The stone betrays us once more! It hides its little secrets from us! We must test this stone, break it apart, melt it, torture it to find out what it does!
>Tomb Kings
The Envoy returned from Valeri lands all the poorer, but with some news. The Valeri had turned their attention to matters closer to home, and weren’t interested in our offerings. “Even Death acknowledges the greatness of the Khan.” Their leader said to the envoys, before turning around and disappearing once again in his tent. It was no alliance, but it wasn’t a promise of violence either. It could even possibly be turned in the skeleton’s favor. The Kheprites then turned their attention inward, training more skeletons in the art of combat while work parties worked hard to renovate Altinin for future expansion.
>Altinin is being upgraded to level 3.
>Altinin’s underground bone supplies are running low, population growth will be exhausted next turn.
>1x Kheprisun Swordsmen, 1x Kheprisun Spearmen and 2x Kheprisun archers recruited at Recruits (-1) rank.
24/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
Among the Tunail farming rice and fishing had steadily become acceptable practices along with hunting. The rigorous martial lifestyle many of the men led between bouts of farming inspired some to look for better methods and tools to aid in these dual pursuits. The ores brought up from the mine were tested in a variety of methods, but it wasn’t until an accident set fire to a house someone was attempting to bake mud in that the secrets of metallurgy were unlocked. In this house a bucket of copper and zinc ore had been left and in the aftermath of the house fire people searching the rubble found that the two ores had melted together to form one extremely dense and solid mass. Unlike the earlier efforts, these were not just lumps of stone. They were something new, an alloy called Brass. The accidental discovery was easily replicated in makeshift forges where the two metals were melted together to form basic tools. The essential building blocks of civilization were unlocked. Unfortunately the aspiring potter was killed in the house fire, and no other efforts to develop pottery or work with clay were forthcoming while people were fascinated with brass manufacture.
>Pottery wasn’t developed
>Metallurgy discovered. Alloys will reduce the difficulty of manual labour and allow for more advanced pursuits.
19.88/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
The Illuminados turn their attention to the cultivation of larger food stores for their steadily growing population. For some, this meant scouring the mountains for game. In Goblin’s End, it meant the consolidation of farmland under wealthy patrons from Sea’s Maw. The consolidation scheme was hatched by a small group of landowners that had become wealthy off the profits of grain, and they expanded their holdings by forcing smaller farmers into economic submission. Where those farmers would not willingly submit the cadre used their political power to force the goblin farmers from their homes. Then, with the farms under new management these land barons employed many hundreds of workers to farm the grain on their land as laborers. The farmers no longer owned the land they worked, but instead served for a small wage and “paid living accommodations”. Those farmers that would not take the deal were pushed to the far periphery to remake their lives and farms. The outputs of grain went up as the prices and outputs could be more carefully controlled than they could by having many more small-operation farmers. The grain consolidation was a slow process. And will still take some time before we can reap the benefits of it. In the meantime, the Goblins turned to other means to satisfy their craving for meat. Beyond the mountains there were many fish, some that even walked on two legs. They were easy to capture as they attempted to settle elsewhere and made for exceptionally fine eating once brought back to Sea’s Maw. Soon, the practice of “Fish Hunting” was considered not just an acceptable means of capturing game, but even a mildly preferable one. Sure, there were some qualms about the fact these fish could talk, but they were also terribly juicy and succulent. Unfortunately for the Goblins, this source of meat dried up quickly. Hunting parties scoured the east but could not find anymore walking fish to capture. Only a walled settlement in the distance with figures moving atop the battlements. The Goblins would have to wait, or find their meals elsewhere.
>No new settlement was created to the east.
>Consolidation of farms under few people grants a basic farm at Goblins End.
>Goblins End gets Proto + Hunters development and Sea’s Maw gets a Proto + Hunters development to basic thanks to fish hunting.
35/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Goblin’s End needs an upgrade to contribute more population towards extra actions.
>Iluminados Special Event: Immoral hunting?

The consolidation of the farms wasn’t easy or well received by many, and many back at Sea’s Maw were worried about the fate of Goblin’s end and how this takeover would be taken. Luckily, the hunters from Underground found the fishmen, and at first we believed they were animals due to their lack of refinement and crude appearance… but instead they started hunting sapient creatures, just like us. It’s an abominable thought, to eat something that can think and can speak… but these fishmen are so tasty that even at the capital many make tons of effort to procure themselves with them, and thanks to the craze of fishmen many of the landless farmers at Goblin’s End moved towards the east to join the ranks of fish hunters. It’s still early and we can try to extirpate this abhorrent practice, no matter how hard the consequences of it might be… but at the same time it brings so many benefits that we should consider keeping it. (Choose 1)
>Let them hunt… for now. (Things go as usual)
>Stop them! (Will roll back all the gained hunter-related developments and might spark a revolt in Goblin’s End).
>Join the hunters to procure the meat! (Enables special interaction with fishmen, but grants them a military bonus to go against us).

Settlers struck east, looking for a new place to live and grow. For a time, it was successful. Several small farmsteads dotted the countryside where foodstuffs were grown for Hawaii. All of that changed when the green men attacked. It started slow. Some people going missing while out foraging. Then they started attacking the homesteads. The tiny green men would bundle up the fishpeople with ropes of twine and cart them off to lands unknown. Soon the land outside of Hawaii’s walls was again depopulated, and the people lived in fear of being taken by the little green men. There were terrible rumors that the fishpeople were not being taken as slaves. They were being farmed. The Tyrant ordered the settlement efforts to be stopped and work instead resumed on the mining operations that had been halted before. These proved fruitful, as not only lots of sharp stones for weapons and fortifications could be found, but a source of reddish-grey rock was unearthed from the land near the lake. Some took to calling it iron.
>Our people fear leaving the safety of the settlement, and get -6 to create a new settlement next time. However, if our army is bigger than 60% (7) of our capacity, this malus won’t apply.
>Thanks to stone efforts, get +4 to the next recruitment or fortification roll. Iron found near Hawaii.
11.1/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Hawaii needs more troops to reclaim our land!
The social disorder among the Tengu only grew as the next generation came and went. Efforts to recruit from among the Kotengu populace fell flat as the Kotengu demanded greater authority and position within Tengu politics. The mood developed into a general strike by the Kotengu, who soon refused to provide food to the daitengu, serve as labor, and shirked their military duties. The Daitengu answered their military call, however reluctantly, and recognized that there would be no aid from their birdcousins, who one day just took their stuff and left. If the Daitengu could not resolve the situation, it could escalate further into outright violence and their position as the leadership of the Tengu species be usurped.
>Friendly Valeri forces mysteriously left.
>3 Daitengu Javelins recruited at Recruits (-1) rank. Max number of Daitengu Javelins reached.
9/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Mt. Kurama needs more food sources.

>Tengu Special event: The Valeri
After the retreat from the minotaur plains to prevent more losses, the join Tengu-Valeri forces had been shaken to their very core. Despite sharing a common goal, the Valeri decided to leave our holy mountain and leave us to our own devices just when their presence would be much appreciated to handle the civil unrest we’re currently suffering.
Despite these hard times, it took awhile but the Daitengus managed to get a hold of the situation, and just when things seemed to calm down the Valeri returned, but this time they were different and in incredibly large numbers, as to darken the sky with their fly.
A small envoy reached Mt. Kurama, and presented the nervous Daitengus five severed minotaur heads, which belonged to the Minotaur Beys. Puzzled by this offering, the Daitengus asked for an explanation:
“The Tengu are like us, and bleed in common cause with our deceased folk against the barbarious minotaurs. For this, we present you these heads as an offering to your people, and a small token of appreciation from our lands”
As these words were spoken, a large group of Valeri warriors came carrying… (Choose one)
>1: Pheasants and Goats
>2: Advanced minotaur weapons
>3: Grape and Rice seeds

Minotaurs are enslaved by the Valeri
The new clan of the Hetoria are trying to make themselves a reputation, as they are mostly considered lowly, for their clan has did nothing yet for the great dwarven civilization. This motivation made them construct dozens of mineshafts to find something great. And they did. It was a new reddish ore, which they decided to call Gusil. Setting up a mine, was done quite quick, as the new ore had interesting properties, which every dwarf wanted to test out, but the Hetoria were allowed full control over the mine. But not only in the mining area were new discoveries made. The farmers, after finding out that mushrooms were farmable, did a lot of experimenting to increase the yield and seemingly darkness and a lot of wetness improved the yield. Using this information, they expanded the already existing fields in case the dwarves had to flee into the underground and couldn’t farm on the surface.
>Shroom Farm improved to Basic +.
>New mineshafts discover a vein of copper running deep in the mountains, and a mine is built to extract these new minerals.
11.5/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.

>Tuath Dé
Our Vodka production is still not back at maximum output and its really detracting from the orgies we have. How else are we supposed to get our emergency food supplies? The builders are forced back into farm related duties but since they have experience with 'Farms' they should be good, right? Unfortunately the great enemy has returned: Rain. The builders start complaining about annoying the rain is and how they can't get any work done. A few call them out on this saying they just wanna get out of work and to spite them the builders actually did it. They slightly improved the farms so that they can field more Vodka than before. Sadly though though not all the renovations are complete and its gonna take a bit more to finish it up. While the Builders are building farms the Farmers are trying to figure out what truly is a 'Potato' and its worth. Many nights were spent figuring these questions out but on one unfortunate night it was too much. They just couldn't agree on the inherent value of Potatoes and it ended up with a bunch of farmers chucking the food at each other. This erupted into a town wide Potato brawl where people just threw Potatoes at each other. The next morning the casualties report came in, alot of people were injured, alotta houses damaged and a few even died somehow. After the events of that day people have started to fear the power of the Potato.
>Farm at Dublin upgraded to Basic. Get one unit of Vodka.
>Inherent value of the potato couldn’t be comprehended by Leprechaun minds, as they now fear the nature of it. Get +3 next turn to worship potatoes.
16.88/18 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Dublin needs more food sources.
>Ku Kobold Klan
It's once again that time, we must give up some of our work, so we don’t end like the sedentary Valeri. Goats were well fed, some of the pots made by Buck filled to the brim with berries and our best gripe seeders were sent to the Valeri. After the terrible waiting time, we get news that our tribute was accepted and much liked. But the big news had only told us in the end. The Valeri wanted to show us their gratefulness, by telling us they saw something impossible in the north. Walking dead, but only their skeleton, were sighted. Not only that, but they also gave us some of their precious pheasants for us to keep. Our leaders are in big distress and some think it’s only a feint, so we don’t become disloyal and keep sending the tribute. But we aren’t sure… The forgery workers, tasked with the making of protections, failed again and again at developing such an innovation. Their primitive ways of metal working lead to brittle metals, that couldn’t even endure a single hit. Shame filled they had to accept their failure and move on. The work to improve the stone cutting was much. The land had to be changed to allow faster transportation of stones, while buildings had to be raised up to house the workers, so they don’t have to work in the outside. But in the end, it was successful. The production increased substantially. Birmingham’s farm was also under work. Trees were cut, land was tilled, and ways were made, so the farm’s productivity was boosted. A lot of sweaty months passed, but in the end it was worth. The farms output increased, and the food was plenty. It were good times.
>Valeri pheasants are gifted to our people, and grant +5 to develop/upgrade a herding development in one of our settlements.
>Armor couldn’t be developed this time. Frequent failures grant insight on the nature of metals, and grant +1 to develop armors once again.
>Stonecutter workshops improved, and now grants +2 to developments. Can be used in up to two settlements per turn.
>Improved Farm built at Birmingham, granting +3 food.
40/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4. No food was transferred this turn.
The Prairie orcs were stubborn, and showed no interest in women or clanship, but they showed great interest in the seafaring capabilities of our people and were amazed by our mastery of whaling. The Prairie orcs were against the development of the city as they were hunter gatherers, but they soon realized that if they could learn how to fish, they would no longer be forced to roam around their island in search of food. Thanks to mediation of the Bakuzan and the Banouja, a diplomatic agreement was reached: for now, small groups of Prairie orcs will join the Mori fishing expeditions, and so far they’ve been great learners and eager to learn from the masters. Only time will tell if they are absorbed into our society, but so far the future looks bright.
The Tuath De had failed at finding how to process the iron we extracted, and their facilities were completely destroyed. But as things were looking terrible on the continent, our people kept improving and building new kilns, furnaces and foundries, as for the first time since our people gained knowledge of metals we were alone on our efforts. Thanks to the smelting techniques we learned from the Tuath, the goldsmiths started improving upon the existing designs, and after much hard work they finally reached the optimal process to smelt and process the meteoric iron. Now the question is wether we teach our friends back at Tuath De about our technological breakthrough, or we keep this information closely guarded for our own people.
After seeing the mighty fleet of the Visovians, we knew that we had to fortify our own fleet if we were to be attacked by a force similar to theirs. Shipyards all over Najin worked tirelessly to produce battle-ready ships, and sailors from the clans were recruited and drilled to the highest standards.
>4 Ballista warships were built this turn, and are ready for action.
>Ironworking discovered. This will lower the difficulty of training units, new tags and developing armor. Can decide to share this knowledge with the Tuath De, or demand the iron they acquired back.
>Prairie Orcs integration is underway. Get +2 to create a fishing development at Nara. Develop fishing/whaling at Nara to speed up this process. If more developments not related to the sea are created or the city is upgraded, Prairie Orcs might revolt again.
43.5/60 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4. Settlements need more food sources. One food was moved from Nagoya to Kattin to prevent famine.
>King Koala the Great
Despite our best efforts and causing great casualties to the Kangaroos, they managed to capture the recruits and brought them to their fortress.
Back at home, the general army staff simply decided to use the incendiary Eucalyptus brews as they were (and they were perfectly fine) instead of looking for an expert distiller to “perfect” the recipe. Soon, large quantities of this liquid were produced and our soldiers armed with them, but they know what they have in their hands is a dangerous weapon that could set ablaze the whole world, and they use their weapons with great precaution, even with fear, specially the troops trained at dropbearton that are constantly reminded of how terrible it could be a misfire in a settlement surrounded by a great plantation of eucalyptus.
Our best foresters and experts in Eucalyptus worked tirelessly over this season to find more about our favourite tree. Not only they found how to grow it more effectively based on things like soil composition and identifying local flora and fauna detrimental to the growth of it, but they also discovered how to more effectively extract the oil from the leaves and bark to create more incendiary troops in the future.
>2 Incendiary Koalas recruited at Eucalyptaria at Recruit (-1) rank.
>5 Incendiary Koalas recruited at Dropbearton at Amateur (-2) rank.
>Eucalyptus mastery grants permanent +3 to improve or create farms, and from now on Incendiary Koalas can’t be recruited below Recruit (-1) rank.
28.6/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
Rolled 4, 9 + 4 = 17 (2d20 + 4)

>mine iron and make ingots
This new ore is much harder than our previous stones, and it seems to melt into liquid when heated a lot. We need a bigger source of it (+0)

>Recruit new militias
We need to continue preperation for war. The mandatory conscription may be bad, but it is all we can do
Dig and dig and dig

Several of the other mining families start experimenting with the new find
Rolled 10, 2 = 12 (2d20)

+2 to mining
Rolled 7, 2, 8, 11 = 28 (4d20)

>Demand the ore is returned but share notes so if they get their own source of iron they'll have an easier time figuring out how to develop it

1. Expand Nagoya +3
Nagoya's importance as a supplier of food to Hango can't be understated. The settlement itself grows with the abundant land and resources of Nakiri Island. With an expanded settlement and the far-flung homesteads brought under Sakuma control, more exports could be sent to the other towns of the Bakuzanate.

2. River Exploration +5
As the Vesovians departed they left us detailed descriptions of their former territory, including accounts of the resources and possible settlements left behind in their exodus. An expedition is put together by Minamoto Sakura to head inland and find the red ore the Vesovians had spoken of and to take stock of the land so that she could determine if the mainland was a good place to settle. The plan was simple. Send a pair of ships upriver with a map and have them figure out what was there. While the red ore was a priority, they were also instructed to keep a look out for other useful resources or animal life that might please the Ouja. To ensure that the expedition was kept on track, Minamoto Sakura dispatched Princess Minamoto Kaguya to accompany the expedition - and to get the woman out of her hair.

3. Whaling Station at Nara +7
Nikumi saw in the Plains Chief the vision of her Mori ancestors who conquered the seas and slew the first whale. Her Ban and consort would take the Chief whaling. If he wanted to experience the life of a Mori he would. Mori Nikumi ordered the expansion of the shipyard to serve as a whaling station, a practice befitting the practice's creators, and had ships built to carry the orcs out to the open ocean to hunt for whales. Experienced Mori whalers were mixed with Plains Orcs to show them the ropes and have the Plains people get first hand experience of whaling on a Najinese ship.

4. Boar Farms in Kattin +4
Expansion of Kattin's governable land had brought the minor Clan of Ouchi into the Kiryuin orbit. Their lands were dedicated almost exclusively to the cultivation of pig farming, and its inclusion into the wider Najinese Bakuzanate would alleviate much of the food pressure and need of export from other settlements.
Rolled 16, 8, 17 = 41 (3d20)

Well the bird guys don’t seem too hostile or friendly so that’s nice. Still going to build up our forces if the green menace ever tries something though
>Recruit more units at Khepri (+2 from luxury)
As Ramses overlooks the troops and watches them perform combat drills he had a sudden realization. We have nothing to protect our bodies. So like in all skeletal matters: He will solve it by using metal. A quick tablet to the smiths decreed that he required something to protect the skeleton body.
>Develop armour (+2 from luxury)
Settra was content with letting Ramses handle the defensive situations but after a quick ‘bone nap’ (he lied down in the sand for a couple days) he realized that their was no official place to create and produce the silver alloy. It was usually done by a couple blacksmiths but he reasoned that if a foundry could be made it could streamline the efficiency of the whole thing.
>Build Foundry (+2 from luxury, +2 from brick)
Rolled 5 (1d5)

Forgot name and also here is the bonus roll
Rolled 17, 15, 17 = 49 (3d20)

>expand dropbearton(+2 >>4494793)
The city is full. The developments in the past have to be finished, so less of our people have in small It's for the greater good.
>develope writing
Others tribes and people have developed ways to store informations for longer times, but it is still a mystery to us. It seems like they use some kind of code, maybe if we invent such a code on our own, we and our words will be never forgotten?
>attack the mine
The jumping bastards escaped with out man into the mine. Now is the best moment to hit. We can test out our new weapons and capture a vital economic point. If we take over the mines, we can finally produce on our own the special material, which they call metal.
Rolled 11, 9 = 20 (2d20)

>Create a faith(+5 because of special bonus, vodka and jeweleries)
Potato Life
Potato Love
Potato existence
We must not be afraid of something as charming as a potato.
We have to start worshipping the potato and we feel so bad because we do not believe strongly enough in the potato that gives us so much.
>Upgrade Farm(+2 because of vodka and jeweleries)
We need to increase food and vodka production to satisfy all our needs
Rolled 15, 4, 16, 20 = 55 (4d20)

>Ku Kobold Klan

The white Kobolds hearing of the undead walking to the north beyond the monster infested mountains, terrifies them further.
Some begin believing that beyond the northern the mountains is the Underworld. The Valkur god must be testing the Kobold's resolve in maintaining the right sort of world: a white world. The tribe leaders create another tribute of pots filled with berries, prized goats, and amazing grape spitters; however, this time they send a message.

"Dear Valkur god, praise be in his name.
We give unto you this tribute for your glory, as well as, the safety given to us by your godly forces.
Upon hearing of the unnatural undead occurences to the north, the White Kobolds of the Ku Kobold Klan devout their military might in aide to smite the undead from ever troubling the great White lands of the Valeri and the lands we are permitted to live in by the great Valkur."

The Pheasants gifted from the Valeri are brought to Frankfort. The Frankforter tribe leader sends word to the stonecutters and the terraformers that new lands would need to be developed to keep the cattle from escaping in any direct. The lands will be terraformed to create grand pastures between hillsides and small stone cut walls will line each pasture. With two cattle and these developments, hopefully our production of animal products.

After finishing his work in the Frankfort fields, the Tribe Leader went to the foundry. He was dismayed at their lack of progress but asked them to continue nonetheless.

Atlanta's growth is now outstripping its ability to be organized as it has been for countless generations. The new settle must begin to be enlarged. The terraformers make room on the surface to not damage the burrow village below. The stone cutters begin constructing stone houses similar to the ones it Birmingham but much larger to encompasse a higher population.

>Tribute to Valkur and commitment of Ku Kobold Klan Military to any trouble with the undead to the north.
(No bonus to roll)

>At Frankfort, Improve herding by adding pheasants, developing their lands, and making stone cut fences to keep animals in.
(+2 from stone cutters and +1 terraformer bonuses)

>Develop Bronze Armour
(+1 bonus from previous attempt)

>Begin Improving Atlanta to township
(+2 from stone cutters and +1 terraformer bonuses)

Sorry I have +8 to herding. I
Forgot the +5 bonus from previous turn
>The Najin and Death

The Najin Orcs have a series of interesting burial rituals. They vary in some minor ways from Clan to Clan, but the general thread is a tradition of "burials at sea". The Najin hold a funeral service for the Clan once a week, where a specially constructed ship is sent out to sea bearing the corpses of the dead. This ship is soaked in whale oil and straw, and once it is safely out of port an archer lights the boat aflame with an arrow. Eventually the boat will burn and disintegrate, dumping the weighted bodies into the ocean to be returned to Izanami. The entire Clan is invited to watch the proceedings, but only those married to and the Clan leadership is truly obligated to watch to the end.

Leading up to this sea burial process is a practice of embalming and light mummification to keep the corpses from rotting before they can be interred on boats for their final journey. Bodies buried at sea are technically headless. The heads are taken and a death mask is fashioned from clay and placed around a stone which is then secured to the body by straps. The head is then stripped down and decorated before being laid to rest in an ossuary that is open to the entire Clan. It is in this space that the Ouja communes with the ancestors of the Clan, and the most powerful Clans have an ossuary that dates back to the foundation of the Najinese civilization. Among some Clans the ossuary is not made up of skulls but of talismans and the bodies are buried whole at sea. Other clans choose instead to forgo the ossuary and have a simple shrine to honor their ancestor spirits. Like many aspect of the Najin, there are few unifying traits between them. Only the sea burial trait is kept somewhat uniform between the various clans.
Rolled 11, 7, 19 = 37 (3d20)

>Improve Goblin's end into village (-1)
The following epoch brought plentiful of food to the new settlement thanks to the farms and the new hunting camp. To maintain the comfort of the growing population we need to expand it.

>Recruit 6 units in Sea's Maw (-1)
2 bowmen and 4 Scouts

>Enact the civil development act (-1)
For many epochs the lower class has been enjoying the cheap beer far too much and it's been getting in the way of civil order. Even with the better quality ensured by the Brewer's guild alcoholism runs rampant among commoners, making our projects slow in progress and our army laughable in training. The land barons with the backing of the settlement leaders proposed that for the population to drown themselves in alcohol they'd need work for it and including the BB in the deal they planned a slight increase in beverage prices so that the lower class would need to to work in infrastructure projects to earn extra if they plan to continue drinking obscene amounts of ale.
>Let them hunt… for now. (Things go as usual)
Rolled 7, 17, 15 = 39 (3d20)

> improve Cnach
Creuge might be Luthn’s crown jewel, but the crops and soldiers Cnach has brought to us all cannot and must not be ignored any longer! This city deserves to be improved, and it’s citizens deserve to be proud of their home above the ground. Barracks shall be built, the fields walled, the pits deepened, all for the glory of Luthn!

> use the new metals to make better digging tools
Our claws are trusty tools yes, we have dug with them for many generations, but it is time to turn the rock’s blood and flesh against itself, time to fight stone with stone and improve our forms and skills with what we have taken from the evil grey menace

> expand north
We are lords of the lake, we have defeated the rocks here and bent them to our will: but look north, look at the strongholds of rock, look at their foul evilness! Whatever lies there must be valuable for such concentrations of forces to be stationed to guard it. Send the minutemen! Send every last one of our soldiers and anyone that can hold a spear and wield a sling! Send all of our wasp brethren that will fight for their homeland! The might of Luthn marches, onwards to victory against the evil mountains!
Turn 15: Age of conflict

Goblin’s End expands quickly to incorporate nearby farmsteads and arable land. The burgeoning population is then quick to spread out and begin populating the sparse countryside, bringing the possible productivity of the settlement up substantially as they do so. There is some discontent in the village about its relative isolation to the other settlements and the stories of walking skeletons on the nearby desert ,but it is far from a pressing issue. In Sea’s Maw other problems come to a head when the dual orders of conscription and alcohol restriction come down from the tribal council. For the Goblins, alcohol was a form of life in itself. The push from the council to restrict its consumption caused widespread issues within the wider territory as a whole. Goblins outright refused the order to report for duty. In order to get any troops to fill out the ranks of the military a compromise had to be struck between the people and the council. Soldiers would receive increased alcohol rations both at home and on deployment. It would, in essence, be treated as a privileged position unlike other forms of tax labor. The initial wave of discontent died down with this compromise, but the quality of the army deteriorated as a result. It remained largely full of drunken wastrels who were only in service because it allowed them to feed their addiction. While in time these issues could correct themselves and the worst of the bunch be weeded out, it would have impacts nonetheless on the quality of men placed into these Drunken Brigades. Still, a drunk man could hold a spear, and it served the purpose of filling out the ranks appropriately. The new laws did have the effect of curbing the rampant alcoholism among the general populace not involved in military matters. While still an essential part of goblin culture it was slowly becoming less and less of a major social issue.

>Goblin’s end is upgraded to settlement level 2
>7 Units were recruited at Sea’s Maw at recruit (-1) skill level. 3 Bowmen and 4 Scouts.
>Alcohol will no longer have a malus on rolls, and will become a luxury resource. However, the military will need some time to diminish alcoholism in the troops. Newly recruited troops can’t go over Regular (0) skill level, and units that participate in battles won’t rank up for the next 3 turns.
>Fishman meat reaches Underground, granting +1 to food production this turn.
39.71/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
>Tomb Kings
More soldiers are trained in Khepri, with the latest problem quickly arising that much of the available populace not involved with industry was becoming more involved in warfare. While far from a pressing issue, Ramses did want to inform Settra that another generation or so of recruitment at this level would see the entire available population of the Kheprite Kingdom under arms when not swinging a pickaxe. The newest units put together by Ramses were arguably the best yet. A skilled blend of swordsmen and archers they were better trained and equipped than previous groups and better led too, as individual unit leaders were trained directly by Ramses to command their units. These units were equipped with tibetian silver swords and wore metal helmets along with a simple silver plate hung by straps over the chest. The protection heralded the first step in metal armor production by the Kheprites. It was a development only made possible by the construction of a forge in Khepri dedicated exclusively to the production of the valuable silver alloys. Under the command of Amenemope this particular foundry was both efficient and productive. It served as a place for Amenemope to experiment with alloys, heat, and other tricks to create better metals and the result was a more efficient process of creating silver alloys.
>4 units were recruited at Khepri at Veteran (+2) rank. Same units as before.
>Development of armor allows for armored tags to be added to next units as long as tibetan silver is available.
>Basic Foundry created at Khepri, and get +3 to develop armor and weapons.
25/36 Population needed for extra actions. More bones need to be acquired to grow.
The conflicts raging over the territory of the Naga have pushed the civilians to the breaking point. Raids by Ajax and Warlord all but depopulated much of the mine, and with it under siege there simply wasn’t enough time or materials available to attempt extensive experiments with iron. The first few efforts had no results as the fires were not hot enough to cause it to break and supply ran out very quickly with nothing new coming from the mine outside of the besieged settlement. Instead, more effort went toward the recruitment of new soldiers to defend Hawaii. With so much population carted off by Ajax, war became the full-time profession of much of the male populace and other tasks, even essential ones like farming, were increasingly left to women and children. The siege also had some impacts on the cultural make-up of the Naga. Increasingly the burdens of warfare were stratifying the society, cementing a more patriarchal relationship where there had once been an egalitarian one. Men, on account of their war-time sacrifices, demanded obedience from wives and children. Marital violence was not uncommon under the pressures of siege, and as the generations slipped by these practices and ideologies became more and more entrenched. Those involved in combat demanded the subservience of those excluded from it and the social contract between Naga began to warp.
>Hawaii lost population due to it’s outskirts being looted
>Metalworking couldn’t be developed. However, get +3 to develop it next turn.
>3 Experienced (+1) fishmen militia were conscripted at Hawaii.
6/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Hawaii needs to be upgraded to contribute more population towards actions.

Fishmen Special event: The united front.

After a defeat at the hands of the squid-backed Warlord Ajax, the Fishmen from New Atlantis grew increasingly concerned about the future of their people. Not only were the Squidmen more powerful militarily, but also the atlanteans were harassed by the green menace that hunted them as wild game. Under these circumstances, a small military committee reached Hawaii. Despite their ancient legacy as forefathers of Fishmen civilization, now they lowered their heads and asked not for a permanent ceasefire, but an alliance against the Squids and against the green menace… at least until the status quo returned. Now the council at Hawaii must decide their stance on this matter.

>Agree to the alliance against the Imperialists and green vultures.
>Reject them, as the Hawaiians have a powerful spirit that can’t be broken by minor setbacks, unlike these effeminate fishmen from Atlantis. (Get extra militia due to increased militarism).
>Kurama Tengu
The Kurama’s diplomatic efforts with their Valeri kin came with some serious breakthroughs. While their relations improved the Tengu were also gifted a number of slaves. Among these were not only farmers and herders, but also some learned men from other cultures, and on more than one occasion they came with different languages and ideas. It was from these slaves that the Tengu learned writing. It was based around the Cletian alphabet, which used symbols for separate syllables not at all dissimilar to indo-european languages. The Tengu then relied upon these scholar-slaves for their scrivener abilities because the Tengu did not really bother to learn the language of the Cletian slaves. They simply relied on the humans to write and communicate for them while the Tengu focused themselves on other pursuits. Of course, this reliance led to an increased demand for learned slaves among the Tengu.
In order to get more slaves and increase their relation with the Valeri, the Daitengu of the realm decided to join the Valkur’s legions to gain loot and slaves for their personal gain.
>Slaves brought by the Valeri granted writing to our people. As long as the relations with Valeri are amicable, roll an extra as a bonus action d4 for the slaves to make a breakthrough on a 4.
>Slavery beyond the Kuraman is instituted. Looted enemy settlements will grant population that doesn’t consume food to one of your settlements, and after battles can enslave a portion of the wounded soldiers. Previous slaves will now become populations. However, a strong army is needed to prevent the slaves from revolting.
9 + 3/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2. Has 3 slave populations. Mt. Kurama needs more food sources

Thanks to the miners that experimented with the new ore, we found out it is much more durable and harder than our old stones. It also turns liquid if heated high enough. But a terrible accident happened, the miners, wanting to find more of the ore, dug more greedily in the mine, while not taking enough care to stabilize the shafts. A small earthquake seals the faith of the miners, killing all the miners, who experimented with the ore. Luckily for us, they made notes of their findings, allowing us to research it faster. While the new clans expand on their new found glory, some of the more famous mining families, like the Avuz, want to expand on their old knowledge. They start to dig and organize a new stone mine and cutter. This should allow for more efficient construction, as the stones can be cut easier into usable forms. Stone will always have a use in dwarven civilization.
>A portion of the mine collapses, killing the dwarves that had experimented before with the metal. However, thanks to writing their work is preserved and grants +3 to develop metalworking next time
>Another facility is built to extract stones, get a proto stonecutter.
12.86/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
>Ku Kobold Klan
This time, Valeri asked for our army, and our army shall we send to join the Valkur’s legions. The creation of new stone fences and pastures allows the pheasants to flourish freely, while feeding our ever-growing population. These are truly good times. The foundry was finally able to produce Bronze metal that doesn’t brittle at the smallest hit. This new invention allows us to equip our warriors with a new type of armor that wasn’t seen ever before, while our remaining troops also get to improve their ability in melee combat, because they can upgrade their old equipment with this superior material. Atlanta gets expanded, as it was for too long, too small for the population it houses. But the speed at which this happens is unprecedented. It seems like all Kobolds pulled at one string to expand it. The haulers are barely able to bring enough stones, while the builders rise one house after the other. The builders surpassed their quotas so much, that they even had enough time to rise a wall around the village. Atlanta is now a truly impressive town. An assembly is called out to discuss the task of the villages and of our tribal leadership. After many discussions, it’s decided every village will be allowed to have the right to become a state with a governor as leader. Atlanta, Birmingham and Frankfort establish the states Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky respectively. This new arrangement also allows each state to recruit their own troops, while also decreasing the tensions between them. Could this lead to a new time of prosperity and glory for us?
>All the military will join Valeri in his military campaigns.
>Stability increased due to division of power, and from now on settlements have a chance to build their own developments or recruit troops for the central army. However, get -1 action until this system is replaced.
>Herding is improved at Frankfort
>Bronze armor is unlocked. Units can now be trained with the armored tag as long as bronze is available. Additionally, as long as it’s available troops will see their shock stats increased.
>Atlanta is improved to lvl 3 instantly and a small wall is built around it.
40.5/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4 - 1 = 3. Check the population sheet for more details.
>Tuath De
Do not fear it, love it, cherish it, we are the Potato and soon the world shall be too. Its power, in such a limited form already has taken the lives of many of our kin. Perhaps we need not be afraid, but instead worship this great power? It feeds us, it has nourished us for generations, why be afraid of it now? The reason is that there is no reason. We must love it. Love the Potato. A church was built with our finest materials, decked with gold the church of the Potato has begun and with its eternal majesty we may no longer be afraid of it. Potato is love, Potato is life.
With 3 cheers the builders return back to the farms after seeing the might of the Potato. Night and day they worked, fueled on the limited amounts of Vodka they were allowed to consume on the job. Soon though, the worst had come. The mighty rain once more attempted to hinder our work but not this time! WE MADE A HUT TO STAND UNDER WHEN IT RAINED. With that, the great enemy was defeated. Now we can actually work in peace. It took a year to upgrade all of our farms but once it was done it was worth it. We can get even more drunk now.
>The potato is Love, the potato is Life. Our devotion to the Potatoes grants +2 to all rolls related to settlements in which there is a potato farm (Farm development).
>The farm was upgraded, and returned to it’s old production capabilities. Vodka becomes widespread once again.
20/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Check population sheet for more details.
>King Koala the Great
After a fierce battle for the control of the fortress mine, the Kangaroos were defeated in this part of the region and are barely holding against the Wombat Tribes, in a desperate last defense of their now-ruined capital. Despite the heavy losses, our people is encouraged by the acquisition of this new material called bronze, which will now make our weapons as strong, or even stronger than when it was in the Kangaroo hands.
Back home, the improvement of the existing infrastructure and city planning of Dropbearton is finished, and the benefits soon come with it. Not only the city and the eucalyptus processing power of our people was improved, but also the foundations for a new smelter area to work with the acquired metals is already approved by the city council.
Using the same eucalyptus oil that burnt koalas, some of our expert distillers created a ink that lasted a long time on the surfaces, with a beautiful orange colour. At first, some decided to paint their houses with it but soon saw the problems that it could have, as it is highly flammable. No, the Koalas would find another use for such an invention, and soon realized that the Kangaroo messengers often carried with them small pieces of parchment that carried some kind of images on them. They didn’t know what it meant, but after interrogating the survivors of the fortress mine, they discovered that these were used as a means to carry messages and information from one person to another. Thus, the Koalas decided to copy and master the Kangaroo writing system but using their own produced ink and pencils.
>Thanks to interrogating the survivors of the mine fortress, the Koalas learnt bronze working. A mine development was created in Eucalyptaria to reflect this.
>Part of the Fortress was captured and will now serve as a strongpoint.
>Dropbearton is expanded and reaches settlement level 3, and get +5 to build an smelter next time.
>Writing is learned: over time, this will reduce the difficulty of intellectual pursuits.
>The Koalas are weakened, and we can attack their capital directly.
29/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Both settlements need more food sources to grow.
As Nagoya sets to become an important “granary” of the islands, efforts are made to improve its infrastructure and plan it’s future expansion. Unlike in Oshabi or Kattin in old times, this time all things go well.
The expedition landed in the Visovian river, and started walking towards its origin in search of the “Red ore” the Visovians told the previous expeditions about.The expedition took many days, walking through the river’s valley and recognizing the local flora and fauna. Of special note were the large quantities of yellow-black insects, that harvested the flowers of the area and brought their essence back to their nests, where a delicious liquid was produced that was easy to harvest, as the creatures didn’t seem to try and attack the expedition. Finally, they reached the “Red Ore” mines of legend, which had incredibly big entrances and even some ruins of previous habitation. The red ore was very peculiar, as it looked more like red-blood crystals than an “ore” as the one we’ve seen in our iron mines or Tuath’s. The expedition carries back some samples of the ore and marks it on the map, with the intent of coming back in the future.
The Prairie Orcs proved to be incredibly capable on the seas, to the point that some of the Mori clan started looking for Prairie partners to have more capable offspring in the matters of the sea. Not only they integrated fully into Nara, but their incredible ability as sailors has reinvigorated the Mori as a clan, but also their fishing and whaling capabilities.
Despite much improvement over the years, food production staggered behind as importing food from Nagoya was easier. However, recent times have shown that Kattin can’t always depend from overseas shipments, and they could come slower than expected and leave a portion of our population in danger of starving. To solve this, more boars and the facilities to house them were built on the outskirts of the town, giving another food source to the great city of Kattin.
>Nagoya is upgraded to settlement level 2.
>Honeybees found in the continent, and get +2 to attempt to introduce them to the archipelago.
>”Red Ore” is found. Next turn as an extra action, roll a d20 to find out what it is.
>Nara gets a basic + Fisheries development, and the integration of skillful Prairie orcs grants a population boost in the settlement. Nara can now be developed as normal.
>A basic herding development is created in Kattin.
48.35/60 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4. Nara needs an upgrade to contribute more population towards bonus actions
The city of Chlach finally got it’s much needed improvement. Our first settlement in the overworld was more or less left behind in recent times, but now our people under the sun will have better lives, as their settlement is now more protected and ready to expand and house more of our people.
To fight stone with stone, was the dream of our most expert miners towards the years. A life philosophy that can be traced back to the origins of our people, but only now can be fulfilled. Innovations in the art of heating things, crushing things and shaping these things have allowed our people to finally make tools out of the veins of the Earth herself. With these new pickaxes and drills, combined with our natural abilities will increase our digging and mining abilities.
The Luthn will no longer live with fear of the wilderness… No, they will bend the wilderness to their own desires, as they bent the Earth before and from the times they were born into the depths of the world. Our strongest people, the Minutemen were sent towards the mountains in the horizon, to get rid of any pest that could threaten our inevitable conquer of the highest peaks of the world, as we captured the lowest depths. Large quantities of animals we now call “Yak’s” seemed to inhabit these lands, and despite the provocations of the Minutemen these were docile enough to be baited with barely any of the grasses that grew in these terrible mountains. Soon, a group of minutemen used some of the herbs from their rations and brought them back to Chlach, where they could be supervised and bred by our people.
The rest of the Minutemen carried north, and saw in the distance small huts and large areas of what looked like… farmlands. As they started getting closer, maybe expecting to find some more Luthn, a patrol of weird looking small, hairy childs saw them and started running towards the farmlands…
>Chlach is improved to settlement lvl 2. Up to 14 population might live here comfortably
>Focusing on mining and stoneworking grants the following bonus: All mine developments will start at Basic level, and get +2 to build fortifications and settlement upgrades thanks to surplus stone.
>Chlach gets a proto herding development, and get +4 to build a settlement in the mountains to the north.
>The dwarves from Rursarlum are found.
21.34/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. Creuge needs more food sources to grow.
Rolled 10, 11 = 21 (2d20)

The Durani family a relatively new clan on Dwarven politics decide to send some of their own with the best equipment they could barer for out into the unknown to travel further up the mountain range and settle down to make a new hold.

Some of the younger members of the Avuz clan start to experiment and do all sorts of things with the metal that has been recently found in one of the mines.
+3 to develop the metal.
======================================================================Luthn Special Event: Mountain Dwellers

Our Minutemen are strong and ready to strike down any foe that we might find, and looks like we just found a bunch who could be called like that in the future. From a distance, the farms they have look like they have a lot of food that we could use for our own benefit, and the guards don’t seem particularly strong, or even pleasant to look at… But the Minutemen are a disciplined bunch, and their leader now has to choose his action carefully, as this could be the start of something important for the Luthn as a whole.
Choose one of the following:
>Overpower the guards and loot the farms (Will start a battle against Rursarlum, but if victorious will siphon food from Thul Nildaur to Creuge and grant a military bonus)
>Go back to report to Luthn territory (Nothing happens)
>Establish communications with the hairy ones (Will meet Rursarlum)

1. Scholarship
The Kiryuin Bakuzanate had formed the first bureaucracy by decentralizing the implementation but centralizing the mechanisms of government. The rule of the Ten was essential to the actual enforcement of Kiryuin edicts, but these were supported by a slowly growing number of scholars and bureaucrats that worked in the capitol near the palace. Under the rule of Kiryuin Meiji the bureaucracy was further expanded upon and its rules and power codified into the mechanisms of state. Meiji enacted a series of reforms and the construction of an academy in the capitol to train and educate the wealthy, well-connected, or the lucky in: reading, writing, and scholarship. The intention was to develop a core of civil servants that could serve in any province or in the capitol; producing, spreading, and preserving legal works. Civil servants could also be given the power to enforce edicts and their services would be essential for the smooth running of any province. By working closely with the Ten to ensure that approved individuals would fill out the ranks, it would go a long way toward building stability and a continuity of power. As some could come from minor clans provided they proved effective or loyal to the Kiryuins, it also gave additional power to the smaller clans that they would otherwise have lacked. The second benefit outside of merely improving the efficiency of government was the proliferation of literature and reading. Reading and writing were essential. If one could not read or write they simply could not take the test to even enter civil service. Additionally, the regional Sakuma and Mori alphabets were not approved for civil use. The exclusive use of Kanjo provided the impetus for a slow shift away from regional alphabets to a single unified alphabet. For those seeking power, wealth, position, or simply recognition; scholarship became a vehicle one could use.

2. Currency
Bakuzan Meiji also reformed the economy of the Bakuzanate through the introduction of coins as a method of purchase. As different provinces had different needs and requirements, the barter system that had previously reigned was becoming unwieldy and difficult to control. The solution was to use the proliferation of gold through trade with the Tuath to mint gold coins, which could be use for large bulk purchases or important services. These first coins were minted with the symbol of the Kiryuin on one side and the face of the Bakuzan on the other. In order to better control the flow of gold to the island, the Bakuzan created an edict that all gold shipments had to first land in Kattin, where the gold would be taxed directly and most of it turned into coins, where-after some of those coins would be returned to the original group that ordered the shipment. Thus, the Bakuzanate could use substantial amounts incoming gold to start the new project and also proliferate the coins to other clans to encourage the slow shift to a currency-based system.
Rolled 14, 3, 14, 6, 10 = 47 (5d20)

+3 to both action 1 and 2

3. Upgrade Nara (+3)
The province of Tsu had grown dramatically after the integration of the Plains Orcs into the Mori Clan. What was once a great clan descending into irrelevance was strengthened by the influx of new blood and population. Mori-Ouja understood the value of her new allies, and understood that Nara would need additional administrative space if it was to find itself in the position to usurp the Kiryuin's hold on the royal seat.

4. Upgrade Iron Mine (+1)
As iron begins to proliferate throughout Najin the needs of the iron mine in Oshabi continue to rise. To meet demand the mining and smelting operations are expanded to provide more materials to artisans around the islands.

5. Red Ore
Unlock its secrets.
Rolled 2, 7, 14 = 23 (3d20)

Perhaps it is time to start worrying about adding more skeletons into the Kingdom. It has been a neglected prospect of our civilization and it is time we bring it back to speed. Settra would give the skeletons of Altinin the Codex and order them to expand the dancing range than what they were previously using.
>Increase dancing in Altinin (+2 from luxury, +2 from Dancing Codex)

Settra was also reminded that the renovations to Altinin itself are still not finished and thus he gives the builders the new orders of finishing the project. He is not going to let those lazy shits leave that job unfinished for 10 years.
>Upgrade Altinin (+2 from luxury, +2 from bricks, +3 from pickaxe mastery)

After doing his daily tour of Khepri Settra realizes that the city itself is mostly defenceless other than the ramshackles the population can throw together. He calls upon the builders again to create a huge ass wall around Khepri.
>Build Wall (+2 from luxury, +2 from bricks)
Rolled 13, 16, 14 + 3 = 46 (3d20 + 3)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The Governors of the three states meet for the first time since the political restructuring. The Alabamian and the Kentuckian governors are shocked at the size of the new town of Atlanta. They wish to help find the balance between all of White Kobolds attaining this high standard of living and survivability of the race as a whole.

The Kentucky delegate speaks of the great armour created and how they would like to train some of the largest kobods that have grown up in the Frankforter mining life style to wear breastplates of bronze. He proposes to call the corps, the Brown Ones.
The other delegates applaud the great work done under his supervision; however they feel that the name is lackluster. The Alabamian delegate, hailing from the grand village of Birmingham, proposes to call them the Brown Boys.
The Kentuckian delegate was nonplussed.
After listening to much of the debate, the Georgian cleared his throat and gathered the others attention. He says very briefly that he proposes to name them the Armoured Brigade.
The other two mull over his few words in silence. They eventually agree and ask the delegate representing Atlanta and the surrounding area what the needs of Georgia are.

The Georgian delegate smiles, knowing they saw the great feat that is the town of Atlanta. He asked how can he share this with more kobolds.
The two states show how they have used different techniques to make more food available to their people and perhaps making food more ample is the key. The Georgian nods and takes note. He requests terraformers and stone cutters to help develop the farms.

The Alabama delegate sits upon his laurels as his state has brought much progress for the White Kobolds. He wishes to increases its size to mirror Atlanta, but he knows he must be cautious in immediately requesting this project to be completed.
He proposes that if the other two delegates sign to help improve Birmingham s infrastructure as the next project for next generation, he will instruct some of the stone cutters shop to go create a mine near Atlanta to help the growth of the capital of Georgia.
The others two sign, knowing that new resources have always been great for White Kobold kind.

>At Frankfort of Kentucky, Recruit 4 Armoured Brigade, using 4 bronze resource to armour them

>improve farm at Atlanta of Georgia, using stonecutters and terraformers to develop the land
(+3 to roll: +2 from stone cutting and +1 terraformer

>Develop a mine at Atlanta of Georgia, using terraforming to dig and stone cutting to improve safety and efficiency
(+3 to roll: +2 from stone cutting and +1 terraformer
File: Download (1).jpg (9 KB, 314x160)
9 KB
Rolled 2, 4, 14 = 20 (3d20)

>Action 1: Organize a Religion ( +2 Vodka and Jewels)
One potato
A Messiah
A Redeemer
We all know that we need potatoes, because we now have a church we have to strengthen and hold on to our faith. We have to make sure that every living being believes in the Holy Potato.
Our religion is from now on the Holy Potato.
Our leader in this religion is called Popatoe.

>Action 2: Research Writing (+2 Vodka and Jewels)
Our people start carving notes and important information into potatoes We need to see how we can develop this further to benefit from it.

>Action 3: Build a Farm in Limerick 2
We made the plan to build a new farm in Limerick 2, but our people remember what happened last time, we have to worship our deity and hope it will not happen again.
File: fallofkangarome.jpg (230 KB, 1200x737)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Rolled 11, 15, 12 = 38 (3d20)

>improve farm in Dropbearton(+3 because of Eucalyptus mastery)
Our population seemingly is at a limit with our current food production. We have to expand the farms planted ages ago by ancestors, so our people can grow once again.
>build forgery in dropbearton(+5 because of bonus)
Building a forgery is of utmost importance, as the big loss of soldiers showed how vulnerable our people are without armor.
>siege the capital of kangaroos with the wombats
After the news of the victory reached Dropbearton, the people celebrated at first, but it fall immediatly silent, when the amount of casualties was exclaimed. Even the first heir of the current King Koala the third died. The King unable to fight anymore, because of the wounds he received, returned, but the second son Mapuial, who survived the battle, wants to lead the soldiers to defeat the Kangaroos once and forever with the help of the Wombats.
Rolled 9, 3, 19, 9 = 40 (4d20)

>Improve Underground into Village (+1)
Following the expansion of Goblin's end, the Underground is our next focus. It's denizens need more room to grow following the influx of fishman meat.

>Expand Hunting camp on Underground (+3)
With the development on the way, we also need to increase the food supply for the population.

>Train wolves into mounts (+1)
The doggos have been of great help to us since we've found them and even more so to our hunters, specially with the fishman meat fever that started. With the idea of integrating them even more into combat, given their size and speed, the hunters have started to select the ones big enough to ride and try mounting them given they were already familiar with the tammers. It's going to take some time but they're pumped with the prospect of dashing into combat at overhelming speeds, which it would be hopeless for their prey to escape.

>Develop shipmaking in Sea's Maw (+1)
Being located on the shore, the city was blessed with a wonderful view, as well as an abundant source of fish. From the limits of our beach we could see faintly that there was land to be explored beyond the sea and to reach such a place we'd need to craft something more capable than the small boats our fishermen use.
Rolled 13, 6 + 3 = 22 (2d20 + 3)

>Upgrade Hawaii
>Develop metalworking
cant write much due to events, but actions should be obvious
Rolled 8, 15, 15 = 38 (3d20)

> improve the farms at Clach
Luthn’s mouth hunger still? Unacceptable! The might kings of the lake shall not know scarcity if we can do anything about it!

> train more minutemen
The world we know keeps growing and growing with each generation, how are we going to defend ourselves from these ever increasing threats if we don’t have guardians?! More soldiers must join the army to give their life in service of the community. For the greater good of Luthn.

> establish a settlement where I met Rursalum
This settlement won’t be a place of war or a place of industry, this will be a memorial! It shall serve to record where we met our greatest allies, cousins in the stone. This city shall forever be known as “ coinam”, or “place of meeting” in Luthn, to remind the future generations of the important things that happened here
Turn 16

Fortaleza was growing rapidly. The hamlet that had once serviced the otherkin so well now needed additional space, and some of the enclosures that were once used for grubkeeping were demolished to make space for more hovels. Other sections of cave were also cleared out and rock tunneled away to make space for larger chambers into which housing and commercial spaces were made. The increase in settlement size naturally demanded more food. The hunting camps got larger, but the game in the mountains grew thinner – warded away by increased Goblin activity. More hunters were forced to give up hunting boar and deer for joining the marauding parties of fish-hunters. Ultimately, it made the camps less efficient at producing game in favor of making it slightly better at hunting fish. The real news wasn’t the expansion of the town though. The real news came by wolf. Riders from Sea’s Maw had not only named the vicious dogs, but had learned to ride them! The Goblin’s small size made them ideal for riding the large dogs, and the dogs responded well to direction and command. While there may be other things in the animal world that could outpace the canine riders, few things could match the responsiveness of a well trained riding-wolf. They could respond when called, react to points, follow scents, and had excellent coordination with other wolves in pack attacks. The goblins rode bareback and directed their mounts with gestures and tugs on the fur. Crude, but revolutionary none-the-less. Also in Sea’s Maw the first tentative steps into shipmaking were being made, with crude boats hugging the coast. These could not venture far from the coast without capsizing, but it was a good first-step and would be more than sufficient for fishing.
>Underground is improved to settlement level 2.
>Hunting camp upgraded at Fortaleza. However, once there’s no more Fishmen to catch a food collapse and/or unhappiness will happen at the settlement.
>Wolves are trained to be battle mounts. Mounted tag available for units, and Wolves can be used also as their own units with no riders.
>A proto shipyard was built at Sea’s Maw. Get an extra +3 to develop fishing next turn.
41.6/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
>Tomb Kings
By Settra’s command a wall of bricks is soon constructed around the 9 kilometer area of Khepri. The wall was tall, over twelve feet high, and had ample positions for Kheprite archers to rain down fire onto attackers. The city had five gates, each one protected by a pair of tall towers. In traditional Settran fashion, each one had a massive stone carving of the Lord of the Dead flanking each entrance so all would know that they came to the City of Settra. Althinin was similarly blessed by skeleton construction crews. The village of Altinin was finally renovated, joining Khepri as a proper town. It was built for a rather specific purpose – industry. It had wide clear boulevards for ease of transportation and the new town spaces were virtually constructed in a way to benefit the mining operations going on around the township. It was in this expansion that an unfortunate event occurred. Despite their best efforts, the land in the desert is simply exhausted of skeletons. No matter how much tireless dancing the skeles at Altinin did, no more skeletons came out of the ground, so they instead focused their energies on something more useful: Shoot some arrows in the practice yards.
>Altinin’s bone source is exhausted and will grow at a fixed 0.5 per turn
>A Kheprisun Archer ranks up from recruit (-1) to regular (0)
>Altinin is upgraded to settlement level 3, and the tin mine finally comes online.
>A wall (150%) is built around Khepri to protect the settlement
26/30 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3. More bone sources needed, as the desert is exhausted.
Despite some reservations the alliance between Atlantis and Hawaii was signed. The two would form a united front against the greenskins and Ajax both. Hopefully it would be enough. As Hawaii’s Tyrant was soon to find, the war had devastated Atlantis even more than it had Hawaii. The city had little more than its walls and its pedigree. The situation was salvageable though and the Tyrant’s orders to continue work on metallurgy and defenses bore some fruit. In the area of metallurgy, iron proved a difficult substance to master. In the process of working on it though Hawaii finally built a proper mine to start pulling iron from the earth. This would prove crucial as more material was needed to continue experimenting with the iron they’d been working with so far. The hope was that the alliance with Atlantis would allow some of their learned men to come and aid the Hawaiians with the iron substance. The construction of the mine went hand-in-hand with the growth of Hawaii’s city limits. A new series of earthworks had been erected around the proposed expansion site – a necessary evil to ensure the space would be protected – and that took a substantial amount of effort and time. With the skeleton of defenses set up the following years would see an easy completion to the expanded town. Soon, Hawaii stood tall as a proper fortified village.
>The defensive pact is in action with the Mer fishmen.
>Hawaii is Upgraded to lvl 2. Up to 14 population might live here protected by the defenses
>Iron couldn’t be mastered, but the mine could finally be built and the extracted material used for ramparts and defenses, giving a small boost to Hawaii’s defensive abilities.
11.6/14 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.

>Kurama Tengu
Mt. Kurama was swallowed by violence. Years of neglect and poor leadership had come to a head, and the two Tengu were at one each other’s throats. The war had been devastating with few survivors returning from their conquests. Another of the Daitengu’s failures. As both sides girded themselves for civil conflict and prepared to break all bonds of fellowship a great rumble could be felt from the mountain. Amidst fire and smoke a figure could be seen holding aloft a mighty ball of fire and stone. With a booming voice it bellowed, “I am Tianshun, Lord of the Mountain. Your Kurama is dead. I have slain him. Give unto me your souls and obey my edicts and I will spare you. Resist me, and I will curse you to a reversal of fortunes forevermore.”
>Koutengus will submit to Tianshun
>Daitengus must choose one of the following (no roll)
1: Submit to Tianshun (Get reversed dices)
2: Ask for Valeri’s help (Roll a bonus dice)
No population stats this turn as Mt. Kurama is in a rebellious state. Actions next turn: 1.
The Durani are a relatively new clan. While they got a place in dwarven society, they feel like it isn’t enough. To earn prestige and glory, they decide to send some of their bravest members along the mountains to settle it and to expand the influence of the dwarves. Equipped with the most expensive equipment, they move out. The expedition wasn’t easy, as rain and snow blocked the passages and forced the group to stay at one place for days, taking a heavy toll on the group. But, as they are dwarves, they endured this and fought their way through. Soon enough, their hard work payed off, as they found a cave, which perfectly fits for a dwarven settlement. Hidden from the overworld, it allows them to rise their small village in peace. The Avuz, not content with their own mine, now want to find a use for the stone found in the Hetori mine. Working with the many scriptures left behind by the miners, which died in the accident, they quickly found a way to work the stones. By heating them up to a very high degree, the stones started to become liquid to be formed in any way. The result is much harder and durable than the original stone. It seems like the holy stones gave the dwarves a new gift
>A new settlement is made on the side of a mountain to the west. It’s name is Virn Dural.
>Metalworking is discovered. This will lower the difficulty of tool-related actions.
>Is now in the bronze age.
14/18 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 2.
The miners, who were selected for the new melee unit, are some of the strongest of the Kobold world. Their training is extreme as any move with the armor takes a lot more strength than a move without any armor. If this Kobolds haven’t mined their whole life, they may never had the strength to fulfill their duties. Their training of unit was full of failures in the past, but this time it wasn’t. The new unit is a truly intimating sight and may even make the strongest warriors of the Valeri pay them respect. The farming project was a great success. The joint efforts of the different states allowed the farm in Atlanta to expand greatly. It was even so successfully, that some groundwork for a further expansion was done, but if they aren’t capitalized on soon, the work may have been for waste. The other project near Atlanta was not a total success. While the mine was indeed successfully setup, nothing except for stones were found. The delegates and the governor of Atlanta must decide what to do with it. There are many proposals, like using the room as a storage, as a small defensive position or even to dig further to maybe find a new material. But are the delegates and the governor able to decide on one?
>4 Armored Brigade troops are recruited at Frankfort with Regular (0) rank.
>Farm at atlanta upgraded to Improved (+5 food)
>As a new excavation is done in Atlanta, the council must decide between turning it into an expansion of the storages, improve the stone capacities at Birmingham, turn it into a defensive position or attempt to keep digging.
45.8/52 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4.
Back at Chlach the newly acquired yaks have been a boon to the food production of the settlement, but their numbers are too small to support a larger population. Seeing this, the herders teamed up with farmers back at Creuge and started a farming project to not only provide valuable food for the population, but also food for the yaks.
As the news of the first contact with Dorfs arrived, the tribe leaders decided to not only have good relations with them, but also to increase the number of minutemen to show our power to our newly found neighbours. If diplomacy were to fail, the Minutemen will be ready.
A group of Luthn is sent to establish a memorial city on the place the Dorfs were first met. Despite the bad memory of some of those involved in such a historical event, the place that most resembled the often conflicting stories of the retired minutemen was a large gap in these treacherous mountains, where a small river had its origin. Not only it is well protected from the outside world, but it also has freshwater and it’s an ideal place to practice our underground farming techniques.
>A proto + farm is built at Chlach, and get +1 to improve herding in the settlement
>3 more experienced minutemen are recruited at Creuge
>A new settlement is built to the northern mountains. It’s name is Coinam. Get +3 to farming related rolls here.
24.21/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3

>Tuath De
Our holy lord: The great Potato must be worshipped but the only way we do that is just by giving offerings once every 3 weeks or whenever somebody feels like it. We are not organized and more importantly: we are not held accountable for our infidelity. Thus, we attempted to create an order of Potato Priests to overview the worship of Potatoes. This is met with wide scale ridicule as they are accused of attempting to gain power from the religion. The distrust between the Priests and the Commoners is great and relations are starting to get hostile as a Priest was involved in a 'hit and run' as a child assaulted him by throwing a Potato at his head and knocking him out. The priests meanwhile are busy attempting to create a way to store the great biblical quotes and stories of the Potatoes. Though they are able to create a rough written language the people are not very happy with them since they still hate the priests and many Potatoes were thrown. It seems writing is not too liked currently. Speaking of Potatoes, we need more of them to feed the population of Limerick 2 and this time the people actually agree with it. The builders manage to actually construct the farms without the rain harassing them and no immediate problems arise. It must be the great Potato.
>The new religion’s priests are considered corrupt, and writing won’t permeate the society unless they’re replaced or the Leprechauns legitimize them
>A basic farm was built at Limerick 2.
22/36 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 3.
Despite initial objection to the use of a single script in such important matters, slowly but surely the other alphabets faded away to secrecy and old clan leaders. The standarization of the scripts soon allowed for the development of institutions devoted to training civil servants. These cultured orcs not only were able to use their skills to better the government of every region, but also the common culture between them also created a homogeneous power structure in the different clans, as more and more orcs were sent to these learning centers to have better chances in their future and climb the social ladder.
On the other hand, the idea to get a currency was good and well accepted by the trading clans as a standardized measure of wealth allowed for trade to be much easier. However, it depended on the gold that we can import from the continent, which isn’t that much in the first place as our merchants haven’t been able to secure good trade deals with the Leprechauns. Despite their apparent initial interest, they haven’t used the bananas we sent to them, nor the shipbuilding and seafaring abilities we teached them, and haven’t shown interest in anything else we could trade with them. Looks like that until the merchants manage to come up with a new product from our lands, Tuath gold will come in such small numbers that a widespread distribution of currency is unfeasible, especially when the orcs from smaller clans use the new coins as material for jewelry.
With the cooperation of the Prairie orcs, masters of the geography of the island of Tsu, the improvement of existing infrastructure at Nara was made with practically no issues at all. On request of the Prairie orcs, the area near the fishing docks was improved and allowed for much bigger capacity for the local fishing and shipbuilding industry, soon turning Nara’s shipyard into the biggest one in Najin.
As the knowledge of iron began to spread to the corners of the Najin archipelago, more and more smaller clans requested permission to mine and look for iron in Oshabi. Despite some promising initial successes in increasing the availability of iron, the Oshabi clan opted for a swift takeover of the mining zones, under the basis of “ancestral unwritten rights” over the iron. As the smaller clans couldn’t compete against the Oshabi scholars and their capability of finding loopholes and grey areas under the new bureaucracy, they soon had to abandon the area and return home without their tools, many of them forced to serve the other clans to pay their debts. With the iron now fully under control of the Oshabi, their influence in the realm greatly grew as their monopoly couldn’t be fought against. Not only that, but strong regulations were put in place by them to prevent flooding of the market with their iron, always trying to modify production to receive the biggest advantage in trade deals with other clans.
In an effort to uncover the secrets of the mythical red ore, our explorers and miners focused their efforts on the properties of the material. Despite being similar to the salt crystals that are extracted from the seas, the red ore per se isn’t particularly useful in a food related-activity, and it can’t be smelted or molted either, just shaped very carefully. Simply put, our people couldn’t find what made the crystal so special for the Visovians, but quite a few took a liking to the red-blood color of it and made some jewelry, which soon became the most demanded jewelry in Kattin and the outlying areas. However, supply of the ore is low as it’s very far away from the Najin controlled territory, and as such the traders must choose carefully what to do with the few crystals that make it to the Najin archipelago.
>Thanks to the scholars, new bureaucrats and diplomats, the government is much more capable of handling changing situations. Crit fails are converted into a 2, and get +2 to rolls related to NPCs.
>Currency couldn’t be adopted effectively this time. Get +4 to develop currency if a new gold-related trade deal is signed with Tuath
>Nara is upgraded to settlement level 2, and the Shipyard is upgraded from proto to basic.
>Iron mine is improved, but won’t go higher as long as the Oshabi have control of the settlement.
>For the red ore, choose one of the following:
1: Use it as jewelry (Get luxury resource)
2: Attempt to explore more on it (Get an additional +3 to settle near the continent, and once settled get an additional bonus to investigate more the stones).
54/60 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4
>King Koala the Great
Generations past, the Eucalyptus farm made at Dropbearton was considered by many as the biggest source of food for our people, an insurmountable achievement of Koala mastery over eucalyptus. However, the times have changed and many new agricultural techniques have been developed, and the city has grown to such levels that the farm simply isn’t enough. With hard work, soon the farm was expanded and upgraded with the new techniques, soon becoming a beacon of what Koalas can do if they work together for a common goal.
Using the knowledge gained from the Kangaroo captives, and copying the large foundry that unluckily was destroyed during the siege of the mine fortress the Koalas soon built the foundry at Dropbearton. Having already made most of the planning and outer structure, the Koalas could almost entirely focus on the inner machinery of the Forge, which resulted in a forge of incredible quality and efficiency.
Soon, the Forge creates the weapons of war that hopefully will put an end to Kangaroo Tyranny once and for all. As these new bronze weapons start rolling out of the Forge and into the hands of every Dropbear and combat-ready koala, a final order is received by the army: March towards the Kangaroo capital and help the Wombats!
>The army will now join the siege battle against the Kangaroo capital, in an attempt to break the stalemate.
>A forge development was built at dropbearton, and it’s excellent quality will grant +3 to develop armor or further metalworking.
>Farm at dropbearton reaches advanced level, highest possible tier for a development, and it’s food output is increased by +6 to a total of 14.
31.92/44 Population needed for extra actions. Actions this turn: 4. Eucalyptaria needs more food sources.
New turn has began, feel free to take your actions now.
Rolled 6, 1, 17, 13 = 37 (4d20)

>turn it into a luxury
1. Construct Farms in Nara (+8)
The plains are excellent land for the growing of crops. Banana and squash fields quickly become common with other plants being experimented with that are more traditional to the Plains Orcs like wheat. Also grown are substantial amounts of potatoes imported from Tuath.

2. Upgrade Proto Herding in Nagoya (+8)
Access to cattle from the Squid merchants allowed for the dramatic expansion of herding developments in Nagoya. Cattle joins the existing boar farms and the large amount of land on Nakiri is put to use rearing livestock for export and industrial use.

3. Settle Sakai (+12)
The Minamoto Clan set sail from Kattin to settle the lands once occupied by Vesovian. The aim was clear, capitalize on the production of the valuable ruby fields. The settlement would use the skeleton of the old Vesovian capitol, but the center of industry would focus around moving rubies to the sea for export. The Minamoto understood better than the others that the mainland was dangerous, and their close relationship with the Bakuzan would be essential to maintaining their power. They also understood that nothing spoke louder than a strong base of operations, and they had every intent of fortifying their settlement to make sure it lasted.

4. Recruit Troops (+2)
[4 Hitokiri, 2 Archers]
The Oda and Yamashita Clans both raise powerful forces from their holdings in Kattin with the intent to utilize these troops as mercenaries should the opportunity arise.
Rolled 10, 20 = 30 (2d20)

As council members and representatives from the capital are sent to Virn Dural several of the youth are organized by some of the elders into teams to start expanding the cave they have found to better the living space and give each Dorf more room to walk around in.

As the sound of pickaxe on the stone can be heard several of the women in the clan start looking for areas already mined by the workers that are quite a bit away from the main area to make it damp and plant the famous mushrooms some of the farmers in the Barisgrok clan found and planted.
+2 to all stone related rolls.
File: Spanish_Inquisition.png (581 KB, 854x640)
581 KB
581 KB PNG
Rolled 2, 14, 10 = 26 (3d20)

Action 1: Create the Irish Inquisition (+2)
Not only do the priests seem to be corrupt, but they also seem to have defiled the traditions. They do not eat the children, but rape them. The punishment for this must be death! For this reason we found the institution the Irish Inquisition around its leader Criostoir Henzen.

Action 2: Search for new ores (+2)
we must start looking for supplements for our beloved gold. Maybe our country has more to offer than we thought

Action 3: Looking for new mining technique (+2)
We need to see if we can make our mining technique more efficient to increase our efficiency
Rolled 11, 14, 15 = 40 (3d20)

Looks like the skeleton has reached the end of its bountiful gifts of second life. Time to move onto better things now!
First: The quality of our troops, though the newest units are quite good the others are a bit behind and it seems like a training mission is needed to bring them to OPTIMAL capacity.
>Train Troops (+2 from luxury)
While Settra was standing atop his new wall, making some type of internal monologue he realizes that we are going to need more bones soon and if we can make a wall, than his future kids might have too. Thus he orders Ramses to create some type of weapon that can fell a wall from great range to bring extraordinary damage to defences and reduce casualties ourselves by not being so close.
Ramses than thinks of something amazing: What happens, if we throw a rock, really far?
Amazing idea.
>Create catapults (+2 from luxury)
Finally, it's time to return to tradition. Developing stuff. Settra wanders around and gathers all the big brain skeletons to discuss these important matters but they soon all agree on one thing: they want a specialized institute to focus on research. Settra agrees with this request.
>Build university (+2 from luxury, +2 from bricks)
Rolled 2, 8, 20, 12 = 42 (4d20)

>develope pottery
We heard news of new inventions that allow people to much more efficently store food and transport goods. It can even be used for something called art. Are we really able to progress something like that?
>develope right to rule (the mandate of Koala-Lumpur)
Our current ruler is deeply sick, cause of the wounds caused of the battle at the mine. His heir, Marsupial, currently leading the troops at the capitol, is in a dire situation. He has to take over the reign of his father and also make the eastern subjects follow his lead, but for them to accept his rule, they have to accept that their old rulers and dynasty aren't legitimate anymore. Maybe it is possible to convince them, that the old rulers lost the favour of their local version of Koala-Lumpur. He has good reason for it, as why should their god have forsaken the old rulers, if they are favoured by them? Their defeat clearly means, that the victor is the one actiong on the true divine will of their heaven.
>expand the siege of kangaro capitol
We need to tighten our gripe around their capitol. We have to prevent any kind of food to pass our blockade, otherwise our siege will be in vain.
>conscription laws
The army took heavy losses. To replace them, the king orders additional taxes on any family, which doesn't send any of their sons to the armies of the king. This additional man power, should allow to regenerate the losses much faster than normally.
Rolled 12, 19, 7 + 3 = 41 (3d20 + 3)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The Kentucky Kobolds taking pride in the large Kobolds from their mining community that became the Armoured Brigade. The next generation of tough Kobolds from Frankfort are trained in the way of the bronze breastplate and tactical positioning to double the numbers of the Armoured Brigade.

The Frankforter Governoner, seeing the mining venture of Georgia bringing up nothing for the Ku Kobold Klan, orders a new mine to be carved in the mountains range to the north.
The desire for more resources is high amongst the Kentuckians. Stone cutters and terraformers do their work to dig a new mine, with safety precautions and efficiency measures.

The Alabaman Governor reminds Georgia and Kentucky of the need for Birmingham to grow. Alabama has brought great things to the White Kobolds and wish to fulfil their potential. The terraformers are called once again to clear the land around the stone buildings on th surface of the burrow. The stone cutters march out of their local shop to begin constructing larger stone buildings for the higher populations of Birmingham.
>As a new excavation is done in Atlanta, the council must decide between turning it into an expansion of the storages, improve the stone capacities at Birmingham, turn it into a defensive position or attempt to keep digging.

The Governor of Georgia directs the Atlantaian Kobolds to expanding the food storages with this empty mine.

>Recruit 4 more Armoured Brigade Units using the last 4 available bronze resources at Frankfort of Kentucky

>Build new mine in mountain range north of Frankfort of Kentucky
(+3 // +2 stone cutter +1 terraformer)

>Improve the village, Birmginham of Alabama, into a town
(+3 // +2 stone cutter +1 terraformer)

If it takes action for

>As a new excavation is done in Atlanta, the council must decide between turning it into an expansion of the storages, improve the stone capacities at Birmingham, turn it into a defensive position or attempt to keep digging.

Then ignore

The Governor of Georgia directs the Atlantaian Kobolds to expanding the food storages with this empty mine.
Rolled 8, 9, 11, 2 = 30 (4d20)

>Create farms at Fortaleza (+1)
The food brought by the hunters wasn't good enough and the mountain soil wasn't suitable for the wheat the goblins were used to, so the farmers will have to make use of the available crops here, perhaps using what the otherkin grew here before.

>Develop fishing at Sea's Maw (+4)
The construction of the shipyard was a sucess and it would allow for better vessels to explore the waters and beyond. For now though, they'll be of great help to our fishers.

>Expand wheat farm at Goblin's end (+3)
The new village was located in a suitable place for farming and saw plentiful food coming not only from it, but the fishmen meat as well. Now it's coming close to it's limit and once again is in need of improvement.

>Make a road connection between Fortaleza and Sea's Maw (+1)
The mountain village is in a strategic location not only for the copper mine, but for being close to the fishmen territory. It's important that we make the trade between it and the capital smoother for the coming epochs.
Rolled 17, 15, 1 = 33 (3d20)

> fortify clach
Clach has been made better, yes, but i of it is true that these lands are populated by other tribes, we need more: we need more walls, better walls! We need greater defenses, greater armies to protect our homes and lands, for that is what the future generations deserve: a safe land, encircled by walls to keep dangers outside and protected by our soldiers. For the future, for Luthn
> recruit more minutemen
This new ally, Rursalum... their contraptions, their powers, their bodies, they are weird. We must NOT seem weak! We must NOT seem undefended! More minutemen shall rise, more! more!
Perhaps the current leader has some marbles missing
> settle further long the lake to the south
We call ourselves “lords of the lake”, but how can that be true when not all of its girth is ruled by our kin? Further colonization is required!
Bonus to fortifying btw. Also fuck
Rolled 17, 10 = 27 (2d20)

>Continue mastering iron
We still need better weaponry than the enemy if we want to survive, so iron must be understood

>Develop writing
One day, we realized we couldnt really mark out what to do to the other fishmen without talking, so some of our scholars are working on a way to put things down on a surface that others can read. They are calling it a "language".
File: 1555166868542.jpg (53 KB, 860x1199)
53 KB
>Halloween Event Action: Magic

In the dark forests of Vesov, under the looming shadow of Sakai, Minamoto Kikyo walked with her followers. They stalked a deer, as the Orcs were often did to provide for the settlement. The deer she and her party stalked was not the brown or black of most deer. The one she stalked now was a brilliant buck with fur like fresh snow from the mountains. It's tines were a massive crown worn about its head. Kikyo gave chase with her bow. She let loose two arrows in quick succession. Both missed. The buck turned to look at the Ouja, seemingly nonplussed. Kikyo could hear her part approaching swiftly, crashing through the underbrush to meet with her. She knew that while the buck stared at her she could easily let fly another quarrel and end the hunt. She didn't. She looked into the dark eyes for long heartbeats - the footsteps of her party growing closer. Only when the first of her hunting party crashed through the foliage did the buck turn and bolt into the woods. With that, the spell was broken, and Kikyo was startled out of her trance by a hand on her shoulder. Wordlessly, the chase resumed between woman and deer. It carried on for some time. The sun that once hung high had begun to dim and dip below the leaves. Still she chased. The buck called to her, she felt as though she had to have that white deer. Her party called to her as well, warning her of the dangers of being in the wild woods of Vesov beyond dark. Still she pursued the deer and she was rapidly outpacing her party once more. Its trail was deliberate. It was leading her somewhere.

Eventually she and her party came to a meadow in the woods. The Ouja peered into the clearing, arrow nocked and at the ready. The space itself was perfectly circular. The waning sun was giving way to a moon-lit night she could tell. The signs pointed to a full moon. Her party was coming close behind her though they were yet to break the tree-line. She could see the deer. As she readied her bow and drew back the string; the deer turned to look at her. She stopped. It took only moments, perhaps the space of two breaths, for what was once at deer to shift and change. Where a deer had once stood now stood a Human woman. Proud, strong, and tall. Her skin was the cream of the Vesovians who had once lived on the land. She gestured for Kikyo to come forward. The Ouja obeyed. As she stepped across the threshold between wood and meadow it felt the soft sticky feeling as though she had passed through a spider's web. Suddenly the calls of her party were gone. Kikyo glanced behind her. The trees were gone. They had been replaced by the worn wooden walls of a cottage. The chill of autumn replaced by the warm of a fire. She turned back to the woman. The Vesovian had robed herself and taken a seat. It was then that Kikyo remembered the tales her mother had told her of this land and the people who lived in it. Of the Witch of the Wood. Healer. Hecate.

"Sit, Lady Kikyo. We have much to discuss."
Since time immemorial there’s been a tale, shared by all tribes and sentient creatures of the land. A story that didn’t need to be passed from one generation to another in any other way, as it’s knowledge simply came deeply hidden in the creature's DNA. Now, a hundred generations have passed since the world witnessed them: the Spooks.
Some tell the Spooks are made out of the desires of the deceased, who come to collect the objects that their memories still hold on, while others say the Spooks are the messengers of the gods, who come to the land to collect gifts and treasures for the higher beings. No matter what tribe is it that tells the story, all of them have something in common: The Spooks are mysterious beings that bring gifts to the people, heal them from their illnesses and only ask for the smallests of tributes, descending from the skies in silver comets that cut the clouds and the skies with their arrival.
As the tribes receive the Spooks, the leaders receive them with open arms and gift them their highest and finests cultural and technological achievements, and show the Spooks what they desire to know: Their society, their culture, their way of living and what are their beliefs.
No matter what tribe it is, even the presence of the Spooks around manages to improve the mood of everyone, no matter how hard is their existence, as the Spooks provide nourishment and inspire those who see them. Everyone can agree that even witnessing the Spooks is a sufficient enough blessing for a bloodline, and their presence makes everyone work their hardest to show them gratitude for their gifts.
As the weeks go by, the Spooks perform great miracles and bestow great gifts for the people, but once their mission of gathering information and artifacts is over, they grant a final blessing for each of the tribes, and enter their silver carriages that elevate them beyond the skies, to the realm of the stars.
>Every tribe gets an extra action this turn.
>Thanks to the Spook’s blessing, if you don’t get any crit success this turn, transform any action you took into a 20.
>No actions will fail this turn.
>Happy Halloween!
File: Settras new house .jpg (441 KB, 1920x1072)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
>Halloween Event Action: Build The Great Pyramid Castle

In the great city of Khepri, Settra overlooks the buildings of Brick and Stone atop the grand temple with Nabiin. The power the temple has given to Settra is tremendous, thanks to it he has become an almost divine being. Power coursing through his bones he can control magic. Yet he wishes for something more, the temple has been the center of power but Settra understands that though it is a sacred place, having it be home to the administration of the kingdom is an unwise choice.

He summons the builders for a new task, the biggest one in the history of their civilization. To build a Pyramid so large that not only can it considered a fortress but also the new home of Settra and its rulers. The place where all shall be administered, decked in its finest jewels,sculptures and metals and it shall be equally powerful. He decrees that it must tower over the rest of the city so that nobody would dare attempt to assault the complex with its nigh-impenetrable walls. But that is not it's only feature: At the very top of the Pyramid shall be a tower facing the direction of the temple.

The union of the Temple and the Pyramid will signify the new power of Settra and the rest of the Tomb Kings. As a monument not only to the progress of the race: but to amplify the power of the Temple if it can. Settra does realize that it might be a stretch to say it could amplify the power so he orders the builders to make it look good so that he can always say that is its purpose.

Settra would then let Nabiin and the Builders play with the Dingos, as a job well done so far.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

> add action: improve the Minutemen’s javelins
The minutemen grow ever more numerous, yet their equipment stays the same: why not improve it? Why not apply our knowledge and minds to making our first line of defense into the spear wall of divine death they were always meant to be? Light up the forges and heat the metal, weapons of death are to be forged!
Applying the 20 bonus to this
>Halloween Event Action: Attempt to mend and unite the different tribes of the former kangaroo empire to one empire under Marsupial, the heir of KKG

The great Victories and many battles fought together lead the Western and Eastern tribes of the former Kangaroo empires see that they share a lot of things together that other people, more far away don't share with them. Their language, their writing system, even how they look is much more similar in-between than to outsiders. Also, the thousands of deaths on all sides lead to war exhaustion and made them all realize that only a united empire can defend themselves from the dangers of the outside world. Big armies of many different kind of birds, evil greenish monsters and even more dangers were seen outside of the soon to be central empire.
The reasons for the unification are manifold, especially as the Wombats just fought a war to preserve their independence, but maybe the Wombat leaders are exhausted of the many battles, or simply think that a new united empire could lead to more peace, or they are also scared of the strong Koalas. In the end they think becoming vassals under Marsupial, will lead to more prosperity for them and their people than the alternative.
File: Marsupial.jpg (533 KB, 1732x2220)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
forgot pic
New players welcome?
we're full now but you can come lurk the quest discord

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