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The year is 1220, 14 years hence from the onset of the great invasions of Genghis Khan - Arch Sorcerer, first among his divine kind and master of the great expanse - began. What now lay under mongol boot is spread from the island of Sakhalin to the Carpathian Mountains and from the northern reaches of Siberia to the Gulf of Oman and parts of the mysterious lands of India. No empire before has ever wielded such arcane powers as they, and most shake in their boots at the thought of being conquered by such terrifying and unstoppable foes.
Over these years 9 generals have risen, with 4 falling to mysterious circumstance while the rest continue to conquer in the name of the Khan. Now is your chance to become the next among them, and if you play your cards right - the greatest.

>template for the creation of a general and army with explanation information, all armies start in mongolia
>General Name
(literal meaning in english, name in original language optional)
(what general wants to do)
>Character Flaw(s)
((a) flaw(s) are an important part of roleplay - thus please put down the greatest flaw of your general (more will mean less overwhelming but more numerous flaws))
>Tribe/Warband Name
(literal meaning in english, name in original language optional)
>map color
(what color your army is represented by)
>army symbol
(optional) (must fit in a 11x11 pixel pattern with a palette of one background (the army color) color w/ a black symbol and one other optional color for added flair)
>General's Personal Religion
(pretty much any religion bar those found only other continents)
>Army's Religion
(options: Tengri, Vajrayana Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Sunni Islam (Uyghur culture specific)
>Army's Culture
(culture gives bonuses to certain provinces if you own it) (options: Mongol, Uighur, Manchurian)
>Magic Domain:
(late game join) 5 Basic Starting spells: (must be tied to domain - please give information on how it is casted)

For continued players: the last thread's final turn is still going on. The next update will probably not be for a bit - life's duties call.
File: dragon.jpg (146 KB, 1141x807)
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146 KB JPG
Tsasjin of the 'Northern Winds' - Daughter of Gengis and Arch Sorceress of winter, whose sights are now set on the former vassals and rump states of Cumania in Russia and beyond.
Khar Salkhi of the Shapes in the Rain - Zealot of Tengri and aspiring conqueror of Khazaria, Caucasia and Anatolia. He is a loyal servant to the Khan, as the clouds are to the sky. So it is that he commands the very clouds themselves to spew forth harsh rains and terrifying winds.
Babur the Bloody of the Golden Horde - The scourge of the Uighurs and conquerer of Persia. Soon he shall face his biggest threat yet - the strong and mighty empire of the Egyptians. He can open tears in the fabric of the world, portals from one place to another.
Dzam Harguy of the Southern Travelers - Daughter of Genghis and the green mistress, using her mastery over plants she is going where no steppe raider of the north has gone, deep into the mystical lands of india. To forge it anew in her image.
Darga of the Foul Riders - The most recent arrival, it is said his repulsive army of the dead is the result of pacts with a great demon of death with the blessing of an enraged Tengri.

Among the lost there are 4.
Khan Indis of the Great Powder - Conqueror of Jin Manchuria and Korea. He died early on in the great conquest, his domain of magic disappearing as he jealously kept it to himself. It is said he died surrounded by his concubines and drowned in alcohol and madness.
Galyn Daichin of the Burning Suns - Formerly of the Burning Demons he converted to Vajrayana Buddhism and disappeared soon after his training by the Dali of Tibet was complete. Many of his men renounced Buddhism and their powers of fire while others still serve as burning mercenaries of the Great Khan to this day.
Uzurpatr of the Riders of the 1000 Mists - He put many siberian lands under his dominion, yet it seems that during a particularly harsh winter in the land of perm he to disappeared. His powers of illusions fading into memory as those capable of wielding his powers vanishing into the great north of Siberia.
Burged of the Windwhisperers - The only general to practice the same sky magic as the Khan his innovation of "Windwhispering" gave him favor with the Great Khan, though he seems to have died somewhere in Persia his forced being absorbed by that of the Great Khan's.
File: meeting.jpg (209 KB, 750x1125)
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209 KB JPG
old thread: >>4413646
Archive of old thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/4413646/
>the game explained
In short the game will be divided into two general sections - first the conquering phase when the empire is essentially united and then the feuding phase where players will battle it out for power and influence. You amass power by conquering land which then puts it under your influence giving you power (represents troops) and wealth (used to buy more troops and equip troops) each turn alongside what you got from the initial conquest. EG: 20(power value)/30(wealth value)
Every turn you get to do 2 things (excluding diplomatic actions):
>Movement Action
In your movement action you get to either attack a bordering province or move your army 4 tiles though you may not attack provinces not under mongol domination. In the province you end up in you may muster troops, this represents your general going about and raising more soldiers though this may only be done in a province which is nomadic unless the levied troops are special troops. (for instance a magic mercenary group or war elephants from india)
Instead of mustering troops you may - if that province contains them - buy off special "magic mercenaries". Magic mercenary groups must be paid with a sum of gold which will be negotiated and must be taken in full force. Some magic mercenary groups may require special actions to obtain but that is the exception and not the rule.
>Research Action
With your research action you get to either invent (or improve upon) a spell in your domain, this can be anything that is tied to your domain and within the power levels of the game. In some instances you may be able to adopt a technology for your army (for instance bombs if you are in a Chinese tech province) but you may never invent technology which is not based on your magic domain.
This action may also be used to adopt a secondary culture, this gives you bonuses on provinces of this culture that you own or have influence over.
>Special Actions (1 of each per game if at all)
>adopt a secondary culture
This requires you end in the province with that culture, you can only do this once per game and the new culture will stack with the culture you previously chose for your army's initial culture.
>tengri religious conversion action
As one of the tengri faith you can convert to a local religion however depending on how you played you could lose portions of your army and will get less from previously conquered provinces (generally), also as a tengri you can adopt a secondary religion which is less risky and gives you the same religion bonus to provinces with that religion.
>convert to former heretic religion
As a non-tengri you can convert to a heretic religion, however this is risky and can incur sizable penalties however it can be done with any religion which is not pagan. (a few religions consider others as heretical despite being in a different group, for instance all buddhist religions view Dharmic, Shinto and Confucian religions as heretics. This is the only exception in the game however)

Diplomacy is what you do to communicate with other players or npcs. You can do as many as you want per turn and you do it (unless you have some sort of magic power that says otherwise) in the form of letters sent using the lightning fast couriers of the Khan. It is possible to have non-letter diplomacies with other players but you must be in the same province or cross paths with them with your movement action to do so.
File: Mongol-attack.jpg (81 KB, 767x508)
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>Spell addition system
A basic but effective spell lies at the base of any tree of power. Take the fireball for instance, it could be a single caster action which takes but a second to cast (assuming the caster still has the will left to do so), all the more mundane in the world of magic, yet research it further and you could get a spell called "rain of fire" where massed, long range fireballs could be casted by groups of units. Devastating the enemy in the same way as a rain of arrows might.
Combining spells can also yield more advanced ones, take for instance fireball and a flaming arrows enchantment for bows, by researching a way to combine these spells you could create fireball arrows (though these fireball arrows are little compared to the default fireball), giving otherwise magic lacking light calvary bows which are a death sentence to unprepared enemy units. To create fireball arrows we would need to preform 3 research actions. First would come fireball and flaming arrows (2 research actions) and afterwards would come the uniting spell of fireball arrows. A total of three research actions for the ability to cast devastating fireballs and flaming arrows of lesser yet more numerous power.

>Basic Army info
During the civil strife era armies will be more complicated than earlier. While in earlier eras you could get away with a 1:1 ration of Power to Wealth later you will need special units in order to effectively crush your equally skilled magical opponent.
Armies will be divided into units made up of a certain number of that unit. Unique units do exist but are not available to all.
File: army.jpg (1.38 MB, 2644x1976)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB JPG
>Your General/Warlord
An army is led by a General who can do powerful magic on his own and with the aid of magicians. He/She is your primary source of extremely powerful spells (for instance Khar Salkhi can summon forth massive lightning bolts in areas under cloud cover, his army cannot) and if he dies you will basically lose the game as your forces will simply fold or a second in command - who isnt an extremely powerful sorcerer will take control effectively turning your force into a secondary one as you wont be able to produce spells for a while and will lose all general specific spells.
>Light Calvary
The backbone of Mongol armies Light Calvary are cheap, spamable and versatile however they are weak in melee. They cost 1 power and 1 wealth to upkeep one individual power of them.
Prisoners of war these units are unable to hold ground and are only to be used as human shields and ways to tie up enemies. Unlike other basic units buying one means buying two, 1 power and 1 wealth for 2 units of them. A grouping of Kharash needs a watcher unit to make sure that they do not try anything (this can be anything from light calvary to keshig). They can only be included in forces which have recently conquered territory and cannot themselves use magic.
>Heavy Calvary
'The' mid tier unit Heavy Calvary are beasts in melee, able to decimate Light Calvary if they can get close however they lack in magic (1 heavy calvary costs 1p/2w with 1 spell while 1 light calvary costs 1p/1p with 1 spell) and are not equipped with bows by default.
Magicians come in two flavors, on foot and mounted. Being on foot means more accurate spells and less cost per spell however mounted means that they arent frail glass cannons who get destroyed in melee by light calvary. They can be attached to generals in order to increase their spell output.
Whether it is chinese siegeworks or a trebuche an artillery piece is ordinarily only useful in sieges, however their ability to hurl things like massive boulders or tons of arrows has great potential when combined with magic. Artillery types differ based on region's a general has influence in.
'The' Elite force they are tasked with protecting your general but cannot make up more than 1/10th of your army unless your army is less than 20 power strong. They are all around powerful and effective units however they cannot leave the side of their General to far.
>Other info
Gunpowder weapons are available via using an action to obtain it on a province with that tech type.
File: sham-an.jpg (510 KB, 1060x1454)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Map lifted from the game "Europa Universalis IV" from the mod "Extended Timeline" - The game can be bought at https://store.steampowered.com/app/236850/Europa_Universalis_IV/ and the mod can be found at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=217416366
Map made using MS paint and Fire Alpaca https://firealpaca.com/
Events as portrayed in game do not fully reflect reality - historical characters will act in ways deviant from reality. Game is designed as it is for roleplay and entertainment purposes and is not designed to offend any particular group.


https://discord.gg/Tz3GA4s (for communication purposes between me, "Sky" and all other players - this discord also hosts other games such as the up and coming "imperial colony nrp" game by "Piratejoe"/"Llychlyn" alongside archives for various previous games)
>Timescale irl
This game is around its midpoint, updates are every few days due to time constraints. While the Great Khan yet draws breath it is a time of conquest, but a time of strife where general turns upon general is soon to come... or at least that is what some say.
>>Tsasjin Borjigin and The Northern Winds
Just posting to confirm the trip. Will read and await next turn.

Darga marches his men and dead towards the Khan's call, preparing his ranks to pour hell out upon the so called Holy Lands. He has his living men take the mounts, living or dead, and serve as mounted archers with the dead servinc as shock troops or cannon fodder, depending on strength.

Move towards the Kahn's demands.

Darga ponders over the construction of a spell fit to slay a dragon, perhaps his Mökhökh would aid in at least the grounx work of the spell, to strip away strength and vitality from the beast.
On the same plain where the Khan once met the Drake all those years ago a challenge is bellowed. The holy herald of Tengri, flanked by a vengeful specter and two lost souls with legions of sorcerous barbarians set against an ancient force of nature.
The dragon it seems, was offended.
The Great Khan rebukes him.
>We are only as wise as the other is old, serpent.
Fire bellows from his nostrils, his mane of porcelain hairs filling with hot air. In a snarl of arcane disdain he carefully lays out his counterpoint.
As his beam of sun erupts from his mouth foul air, as fast as a hurricane and as subtle as a sweat summer's breeze rushes fourth from the north, casting off the sheath of flame from the blast revealing its golden core. The beam of light hurdles towards the Khan, but using his own might he shatters it, with a blade of wind it is split into a million harmless rays of light. Blinding as the sun but as harmless as spring rains.
Immediately the Khan sends his torrent directly at the dragon, while Darga and the two contribute their powers. Weakening the dragon's body with unliving fire, nightmares made real and a vanguard of more focused wind coming from the west.
The scales of fire fall from their hold, turning to dust as they fall while hairs turn to ash. In a time that felt like hours, but took place in seconds the dragon's body was stripped away, leaving naught but the scream of a dying god and a frail skeleton behind. Yet this scream pierced rock, crushed bone and burned away chaff leaving the forces against the dragon weakened with numerous casualties and two loyal destroyed, their forces now only fighting under the Great Khan himself.
As such, the invasion of Jin China commences, though supported by allies from the Xia they are crushed. And though the two lost souls were lost that day it was still seen as a good success.
1 casualty, region force converted, influence gained
The fractured petty tsardoms of the middling region are smashed, utterly destroyed by the forces of tsasjin. Such success is good news for her, as it is a fine consolation for losing out on war in the east. Such utter destruction forces any surrendering tsars to undertake a conversion, adding magic wielding shamans to their court and hopefully quashing any future rebellion.
>spell approved

Khar Salkhi
13 casualties
The egyptians fight fiercely, utilizing tactics never before seen by mongol eyes and heavy use of battlefield imams to try to weaken the magic of the mongols, which seems to even succeed in some cases. The crusader states of the region even join in on the side of the egyptians, but are crushed along with their minuscule states.
>spell approved

2 casualties
The reforms go through, if only because Dzam is so feared. Such a middle ground is shaky, but it perseveres nonetheless. At least for now.
Western India falls in good order, though the troops do not have much foliage to fall to their magical superiority wins the day.
>spell approved
File: 1222-1224.png (241 KB, 2721x1389)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
13 casualties
Though going through a fierce battle the support of Khar wins Babur the day.
>new spells
>dark portal: Once a units has killed in melee or is a Keshig or General that unit may create slightly lingering portals to a dark place. From this place comes creatures wreathed in darkness. They will disappear once the portal closes but inflict fear and are worthy melee fighters.
>halo portal: The general can create a ring portal around any group of at most 5 units so that they are protected from conventional melee attacks. The ring portal causes those who fall into it to be stuck around its surface until the portal is closed and launches them into the air.

8 casualties
The wraith of the pontic is called to join the khan in the defeat of the dragon, backed up by remnant forces of Burged and Uzurpatr. While the chinese have forgotten how deadly magic mongols can be Darga has certainly not forgotten his strength. The Khan orders Darga to help him invade the Xia to the west, so that they may build up strength against the Song Dynasty.
>Mökhökh Luu (Mökhökh derived) - A spell only Darga can cast, it is a powerful necrotic ray which empowers the undead and weakens the living to near death.
Darga pushes into the lands of the Xia. The plentiful lands teeming with soon to be bannermen, and possible knowledge to loot. Ükhliin has his Foul Riders lay waste until the approach the first city to which to lay siege to.

March into Xia, lay waste and siege.

Use the slaughtered peasantry to bolster forces, and have Darga practice Mökhökh Luu with his usual repertoire, to devastate strongpoints of the living or bolster his weak. Perhaps the Xia will have something along this line of thinking? (Art of War?)


>Research Action
Darga pours his dark energies into the bones of the dead dragon, willing the brutalized body to rise, and bow to his will. Let all of Xia weap as their protector now hunts them.
24+5.5/29.5 (5.5p worth of Kharash) --> 26+11.5/36.5 --> 21+6.5/36.5

43.7/48.85 --> 45.3/74.0125
income 13.85/25.2
Dzüü (Agnah III) - An enchantment which causes arrows to create Agnah bramble

33.5/48.8125 --> 42.5/65.0875
income: 8/16.275

20.75/23 --> 29.825/32.15 --> 36.825/36.15
income: 9.075/6.15

24.125/24.6 --> 29.175/33.2
Income 6.05/5.8

With western India secure, there was but one place to go. South. So, she'd prepare for the invasion of Marathi. And, while she had other things planned, she would come to change them into looking into the creatures she had learned of and the mysticism that followed them. If these large elephants could actually use magic, not only would they be devastating and flawless as essentially a flat upgrade to her heavy cavalry. After all, not only would it be more armored, more powerful, and more fear inducing, but also more magical, at least if the rumors were true. Regardless, the thought of magic casting giants covered in plants for protection was something that she'd have to look into.

As she looked back upon her recent conquests, and her current target, she realized that soon she would have an empire akin to the great Chandragupta Maurya whom she had learned of during her time in these lands...It's amazing how small his accomplishment seems now, with all the land the mongol empire had taken at this stage, and the land of India she had taken...It'd be less than twenty years before she was finished with all these lands, wouldn't it? In fact, it'd likely be only four more years...At least, unless that one island she heard didn't submit...

>Invade Marathi.

>Research Elephants.
Posting for Babur:

Movement: Invade egypt and replace the ruling culture with iranian

Research Dark Portal II: Experiment with the sacrifices and see if Babur can channel, a larger, more horrifying creatures from the portal
>>Tsasjin Borjigin and The Northern Winds

>Adopt a secondary culture: Slavic Culture
>Spread Tengrism to commoners of Trans-Byelorusia
>Movement Action: Invade Baltia
With plans to go to Poland and Ukrania next. Maybe Novgorod
>Research Action: Permafrost (lvl 1) - Calling upon the Earth Mothers, troops can chill the terrain. Freezing over mud, water, and plants to allow for easy passage. Currently only effects local terrain.

As Tsasjin makes her way across eastern Europe, finally being able to engage in her own conquests and solidifying her own holdings under the great Kahn, she finds her husbands and concubines diverting from purely men of the steppe, to a sizable minority originating from the slavic states and tsardoms. Overtime she learns more about the region and its customs. Though never abandoning her Mongolian roots, she does adopt parts of their culture into her own.
At the same time, though, she brings part of her people to the slavs. With the tsars converting and adding mongolian shamans to their courts, Tsasjin encourages them to accept the winds of the Tengri. Such blessings they may provide will help them weather the winter, and fear her wrath.

One major thing that has been lingering in the mind of Tsasjin since her encounter with the Jewish Golems and cooperation with Khar Salkhi, is the power of her blizzards versus the monsoon level storms that Khar can create. Between her father's sky magic, and the overwhelming presence of the weather mages' storms, it would take an overwhelming amount of effort and investment to match such spells, let alone surpass them. Meaning should they cross paths again, her own weather magic would be brushed aside and left unusable, leaving her father to once again praise the other generals instead of her. So, instead of looking to the Sky Fathers, Tsasjin turns to the Earth Mothers of Tengri faith. Much like the sky, the earth is a constant that must always be considered in war. If she can't have total dominion of the sky, as that is her father's right, perhaps she may instead see to claim the earth for her own devices.
>Spread Tengrism to Aristocracy of Trans-Byelorusia
I had adjusted it in the fluff, but not the summary part. Fixed.
Action: Invade Anatolia
No further distractions present before the great Khan, so grand have his conquests been.
A new target presents itself, and it shall now be claimed, march ceaselessly on to break the back of the Turks.

Research action: The fame, power and prestige of being one of Ghengis Khans still surviving sorcerer generals has lead to immense resources and wealth falling under the possession of the Khan.

It is time to begin using it.

Khar Salkhi shall call a Kurultai of shamans from across Mongolia’s conquered territory and the heartlands itself.
He has marched halfway across the world and more properly understood now how these accursed religions spread.
Khar Salkhi has three goals solely for this occasion, and will ensure it is complete by any means.
1: Formalise Ghengis Khan to be an aspect of the divine Tengri himself, and holiest being of all (Partly lip-service and partly honest belief)
2: Organise the shamans into a hierarchy, himself at the top as the greatest of shamans, Tengrikut.
3: Codify Tengriism into a cohesive canon.
Is there place for more ?
yep, its recommended you join the discord you can contact me and talk to other players there https://discord.gg/Tz3GA4s
Discord isn't required, but would help with clarifying the PvP engagements once those start.

Another player would be very much welcome though. At least 1-2 more to even out the different initial faction boundaries once shit hits the fan. Also you're in prime position to start taking china.
File: 1224-1226.png (250 KB, 2721x1389)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
The Khan makes an announcement in the wake of the continuing conquests:
As the armies of the generals grow large and he desires more rapid conquest he allows for them to split their forces into 2 divisions if they so please, this will allow them to conquer multiple regions at a time. He is also going to allow rushed conquests, that is when a general invades a region not adjacent to the one they were in before which causes increased casualties but will allow for more hasty conquests.

1 casualty taken
>Xia influence gained, Aristocracy Replaced, Xia Looted
The wind scorched bones of the leviathan rumble at the call of Darga shortly after its defeat, seeing a powerful weapon to use in the future Genghis orders that Darga be given the body and that it not be divvied up for whatever sentimental and magical values it may give to those who steal its bones away.
Though it takes him some months of refinement it is at the siege of Khara-Khoto that the power of the dragon in its new form is revealed, however slow it still was at this point its true worth is shown as it smashes through the killfields which had been built to massacre the undead clearing a path for them so that they may go through and then massacre the population.
In its current state it cannot fly but instead moves along like a snake or often like a centipede along its ribs, its hollow stare is terrifying and it cannot seem to be destroyed while it is animated. Although this does not make it indestructible it does make it a superb linebreaker for clearing the way for the shambling hordes.
>New spell
Löng: Through this spell darga may enchant the body of the dragon to become nigh indestructible as long as it is bound to his will, along with allowing it to move around and use its unique abilities.
>corpse of the dragon god
A single large unit which is essentially invincible to most attacks while animated, when it uses a spell it counts as though it were 10 units each using that spell unless it uses Mökhökh Luu which it is able to do, it cannot use any other general spells. It is possible to destroy it if it is not under Darga's control.
2 casualties taken
>Marathi Influence Gained
The conquest of Marathi is swift, nothing of note happens because of it however the obtaining of elephants and their subsequent use ends up working excellently as through the use of Nuuh and careful maneuvering Elephants can be moved around in densly forested areas allowing for their efficient use in such areas especially in moving them into position.
They are used for a diverse amount of roles, many of which they do not excel at. In pitched battle they will need more specific roles, thus Dzam is called to design what they should be specialized in, should they have archers on their back? Perhaps dedicated casters instead? Perhaps they should be specialized in pure melee?
Along with this her influence over Indian religion through the growing cults of Hindustan allows her to begin influencing the faith of the region. (more info about this shall be is a discord post)
Large beasts from India who are great at squashing infantry, they have problems with cowardice but are not to be underestimated in melee and can carry multiple archers or casters on their backs.

4 casualties taken
>egypt influence gained, egypt looted
The Egyptians continue fighting hard however their warring is in vain as they are crushed. There are rumors that ancient tombs lie in Egypt and indeed there are ancient pyramids there. It is not known what they may hold, if he wishes babur may spend a turn there trying to find the secrets of these things and may do so while a larger force of his goes and conquers elsewhere as the Great Khan has allowed.
dark portal II: Once a units has killed in melee or is a Keshig or General that unit may create well lingering portals to a dark place. From this place comes creatures wreathed in darkness. They will disappear once the portal closes but inflict fear and are worthy melee fighters. However they are hostile to all units not of the Keshig or person of General Babur
7 casualties taken
>baltia influence gained, aristocracy replaced
The conversion efforts in Belarus are met with middling success, though her sorcerers are strong they are unable to convert enough as their influence over certain regions is lacking and their faith not particularly convincing to the population.
The culture of the many russians is adopted, their language and ways integrated into the way of Tsasjin. Through this and the raising of new keshigs her guard become more like the russians, gaining an increased ability to combat mounted units in melee.
>spell approved

2 casualties taken
>turkic anatolia influence gained, aristocracy converted
Khar Salkhi, zealot of tengri, faithful of faithfuls codifies his theology. Forming it into something all to recognizable yet all the more different than traditional tengrism. As of now this new form of tengrism, if one can call it new is still considered the same faith and if Khar plays his card right it may stay that way. But every leap forward leaves some chaff behind, thus this rift may widen one day. But today is not that day.
(see discord for further info on whats going on)
The tribes of the Turks of Anatolia are amazed by the life giving power of Khar, thus many of them join his new faith though he still goes to war with the Sultinate of Rüm.
21+6.5/36.5 --> 20+16/42.5 --> 25.7+16/45.875
income: 2.7(+3)/3.375

45.3/74.0125 --> 56.55/106.8125
income: 11.25/32.8

42.5/65.0875 --> 38.5/65.0875 --> 54.05/88.4625
income: 12.55/22.575

36.825/36.15 --> 34.825/41.15 --> 46.9/47.3
income: 9.075/6.15

29.175/33.2 --> 25.175/33.2 --> 38.46/47.1
income: 13.285/13.9
The main section of anatolia has fallen, but now the bell tolls for the rest. March on Greek anatolia, soon after that Constantinople shall fall!

Reformed Tengri doctrines:
All identical to original faith, except:
Faith is Righteous rather than pluralist
Temporal head of faith
Temporal, revocable priesthood
Witchcraft and magic: Accepted (Kinda important this one, we’re magic mongols)

Research action: Develop a new spell.

U’Iitgel: Shamans enchant troops to perform better under more extreme conditions. The rage of a lightning storm and the pouring rain do nothing to obscure their vision, and in fact hone their accuracy and vigour.
Posting for Babur the Banned

>Movement: split forces into two and invade Mecca + Tunisia.
>Research : Study the pyramid and ancient pharaoh tombs

With the golden horde growing larger and larger. Babur saw less need to personally command his forces and decided to focus on learning arcane knowledge from the tombs of the ancient pharaoh instead. command of his armies is given to two of his most trusted keshig. one army is led by an uighur named Orhan, "the wolf ". a cruel commander who prefers hit-and-run tactics, ambush and traps and the others is given to a iranian slave named Sayf-ad-din Qutuz "the silent", who prefers persian style heavy cavalry charge and volley of arrows.
>>Tsasjin Borjigin and The Northern Winds

>Movement Action: Split army in half. Invade Ukrania with general, invade Novgorod with Kökege Nokia.
With plans to go into Poland and Pan-Finland next turn ideally.
>Research Action: Glacier Calving Charge (Avalanche steed derived - lvl 3) - Quick Cast, Group Cast. A massive wave of ice and snow is formed in front of the caster, which is able to merge with other riders in formation. Harnessing the brutal, unyielding might of the glacier's wrath, this moving wall sunders formations and structures it runs into, while providing ample cover for the cavalry leading the charge.

With the announcement of the great Genghis, Tsasjin calls upon one of her older and most trusted husbands, Kökege Nokia. Long has his horse galloped beside hers in these conquests. A sturdy, hardy man, one who has been honed in both the freezing cold and the fields of battle. He should be more than fit to handle the harsh climes of Novograd and the lands called Scandinavia.

With Marathi under her control, there was only the most southern portion of Hindustan left. Dravidia. And, naturally, she would ride south with her forces. For, soon the Empire of Hindustan would be united, and truly become a force to rival the great Chinese dynasty's further to the east. And, perhaps could further expand its influence east, perhaps making the Chinese empire a mere kingdom on comparison to what might just become Hindustan's Eastern Protectorate, provided she moved fast enough. Regardless, after the Mainland was united, she would send a message to Lanka to join her and the mainland of the now united Hindustan, as she didn't want to be forced to go there like Hanuman did many years ago...

Meanwhile, with her working further on Elephants, she would work to improve their capabilities, specifically in close ranged combat, which would be their primary use, Atop them would be a few casters, well armored with long spears. Their job would be ensnaring any enemy that comes close, before destroying them with tusk or under foot, along with managing the armor of the Elephant, and making sure any damage is regrown back. Of course such armor would likely be somewhat crude at first, but with time as flaws are found, and different castings are discovered, it would be improved greatly, and hopefully such a magnificent beast will find fear no more.

Meanwhile, as faith became more unified, there'd only be a minor change, adopted in part from traditions of the Shaktism sect of Hindusim. Equality in the priesthood, with regards to men and women. It'd be quite strange after all if she didn't gently guide such a thing seeing how, in a sense, she was in practice a leader of the faith, even if not in fact. Though, despite this she'd not make herself or anyone a true head of the faith. For, she believed it would be best to let a council of priests from across Hindustan to discuss important matters, rather than one person...

>Unite India and take Dravidia, and prepare to go to the legendary land of Lanka, if they do not accept to join the mainland peacefully.

>Further research Elephants, specifically making them armored in thick bark and vines, with a few well armored casters with spears atop them.
Darga gathers the dead of Xia for his horde, and directs the dragon east along with his marching dead.

Invade the province east of Darga

Hide walking dead within the dragon's ribs, clinging tightly, to stealthily drop off and cause havok in the wake of the dragon.
File: 1226-1228.png (261 KB, 2721x1389)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
7 casualties taken
The khan states that he has business in Jiangning, thus he heads to the eastern coast while darga invades the heartlands, gaining many undead along the way.
The Dragon gains the ability to transport a decent number of undead along with it while also causing these undead to be stronger for the first while after they are dropped off due to having basked in the energies of the dragon.

2 casualties taken, Dravidia now under influence
The standardizations of Dzam are well accepted, though many positions (local ones) end up rejecting equal priesthood rights out of an appearant loophole that such positions were not standard priestly ones. The first council is held in Delhi, as it is the current de-facto capitol of the mongol administration of india. It goes well enough, with a wide variety of topics being discussed in a fairly civil manner.
For now order is coming to india.
As with Southern Traveler Heavy Calvary they excel in heavily forested terrain, and can serve as potent shock troops in open battle and excellent rallying positions for broken divisions, as happened at the battle of old tamil.

2 and 4 casualties, Tunisia Razed, Tunisia and Mecca under influence
Genghis orders Babur to not invade further west as he has no interest in those lands of morocco and spain.
Through his creative use of portals Babur uncovers many tombs, which themselves contain maps which he uses to find yet more. Through this he gains much prestige and wealth via the selling of mummys for their magical uses and the selling of artifacts to european traders. Much of it he sends back to Bagdad to be added to his personal collection while others fill his coffers with gold flowing in from merchants.
>20 wealth gained, "Mummy dust" acquired, can be given to 10 units or himself to increase magical power for a bit although limited supply means it can only be done in 1 battle
Babur hears of a remnant of the egyptian crown in Cush, south of egypt alongside pyramids which reside there. If he took his tunisian forces he could invade the region personally.
The Egyptian forces at mecca are crushed and in doing so the so called Hafiz's of the Egyptian army are captured. They are those who have memorized portions or even the entirety of the Quran and by reciting relevant sections they can deny magic users their abilities at a significant range, however they cannot deny generals as babur was unaffected when they used it upon him.
>new unit gained: Hafiz, a non-mongol magic using variant of magicians
8 casualties, Ukrainia Razed, Novgorod and Ukrainia Influence gained
The fight for Ukrainia, though won is fairly disastrous as reinforcements from the HRE and Hungary aid the Kingdom of Galicia-Volhynia. Thus many mongol lives are lost and some even captured.
Novgorod is a different story as the nation simply accepts mongol dominion, becoming a major vassal of the empire though it does not convert (as Genghis denies the forcing of religion on major states who accept subjection)
A letter from Fredrick II of the holy roman empire with a seal of sanction by the Pope arrives for Tsasjin. Soon after catholic expulsion from Ukrainia.
It threatens Tsasjin with a great crusade (which has been building up in the HRE ever since the conquest of the pontic steppe) and claims that all the princes of the empire are ready to go to war against who they call a mere Pagan Witch. Though it states if her forces avoid catholic regions she may be allowed to keep her pety dominion.

4 casualties
The greeks fight hard but are vanquished, their aristocracy replaced by adherents to Tengri. As for the faith itself it is seeing increasing support from the turks and other nomadic kin under Khar's influence.
Khar spots constantinople on the horizon during his conquests, but laments that he will be unable to conquer it unless he invades from the other side of the black sea or comes up with a spell which could allow them to cross the water or go over its mighty walls.
File: Vladimir_mongols.jpg (232 KB, 640x499)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>>Tsasjin Borjigin and The Northern Winds
While her troops recover from the surprising resistance born from the conquest of Ukrainia, and the bookkeepers work around the clock gathering troop estimates, Tsasjin sends couriers out to meet the unknown mercenaries in the region of Baltia. Forces with magical potential that had resided in the region, but not brought up arms against her conquest? Such things were a curiousity and warranted her immediate interest.

Also, pic related for an image that I was planning on posting for the take over of Novograd. Just cause its a nice painting.

Seeing how the island of Lanka wouldn't submit to her, she'd create a small force for the invasion of the island before moving to make what she'd call the 'eastern protectorate of Hindustan' or Theravadia as it was called by everyone else, and likely would still be called after it became part of what she called the 'eastern protectorate' Of course, the forces she delegated to Lanka would be ordered to rejoin her armies once they were finished with their invasion, and of course she wouldn't leave them leaderless, deciding to chose one of the trusted priests, Bhageerathi, who she had kept with her since her earliest conquests in Hindustan to aid her. While they weren't exactly trained for war, they had been with Dzam Harguy for some time and were able to see her reactions to what the enemy was doing, and learned a decent bit from her. Regardless, Lanka was not something she particularly cared about too much. More a minor symbolic victory and nothing more.

As she would move to prepare an invasion of Theravadia, she'd look to the Elephants once again, and work on perfecting the role she had planned with them. And, the best way of doing this was making the armor molded further for the Elephants form, and to be in such a way that it didn't hinder the creature's movements while still providing the same protection everywhere. Something that'd take a fair bit of magic. Needless to say, it was quite likely with the work she was doing that her Elephants were likely not to die in battle, and more likely to be taken down by their riders being slain. Of course, she couldn't do everything, but to finalize and 'perfect' Elephants, it'd be something she'd certainly look too once she had finished her work on the Elephant's own armor, then she could look to protecting the riders further, likely by making the harass they ride upon akin to a sort of small wooden castle tower.

>Split a small force twice as large as Lanka's garrison to invade Lanka, and prepare an Invasion of Theravadia.

>Research better, more mobile and protective armor for the Elephants.
Faced now with Constantinople just beyond the Bosporous, but not way properly through to the theodosian walls, Khar was ill seen for several days.

Sequestered by himself with the stolen knowledge of his many campaigns he began researching a way past this issue, himself eventually turning to the numerous heretical texts of the abrahamic religions to pick them apart.

As the false god of christendom split the water for fleeting slaves, so too will Tengri now split the Bosporous for Khar, but not for retreat, for attack.

Enveloped in a shamanic ritual Khar researches a new variant on N’Shuurga, N’Shuurga Shugam III.

This allows him to push the effects of his Provence wide weather effects together, and focus them into a single line at the expense of losing the rest of the storm.

With this developed, a method to split the Bosporous strait was at hand, and The Shapes in The Rain marched on Constantinople.

>Develop N’Shurrga Shugam, stronger line based gout of weather rather than a Provence wide one
>Movement: Invade Yemen and Cush
>Research : army enhancement spell and Dark portal lvl 3

Having decided that he has better things to do than personally leading his armies to conquer some backwater bedouin tribes, babur ordered his two officer two continue in their conquest without him. after a short pilgrimage in Mecca, Babur returned to the library of baghdad and spend most his time researching the arcane. of interest are how to use his portal magic to enchant or strengthen his armies and the second to improve his Dark Portal to Lvl 3, allowing him to contact a powerful being from other planes and hopefully make a deal with him/she/it/???
Leaving most of his dead in the current providence, Darga takes time to try and extract some of the knowledge possibly hidden in the Xia heartlands. He rides the dragon corpse full of dead like a steaming freight train towards the nearest local collection of shamans, mystics, and ie anyone that may have scrolls of power.


The waiting dead form a strange line as stand silent and still until they are handed simple wooden caskets, prepared by the small assembly line of men that make of living of the Foul Riders. While it will take time, and a good bit of looted wood, soon the dead will be readied for transport.

Attempt to find a source of local magical power to learn from.
>>Tsasjin Borjigin and The Northern Winds

>Movement Action: Send Kökege Nokia to Pan-Finland. Send Tsasjin and the main army to Bulgaria.
Preferably send the majority of reinforcements over to Tsasjin's army to recoup the losses from last battle.
>Research Action: Tsasjin's Affection (Tsasjin's Embrace - lvl 2) - Quick Cast, General/Army Leader/Kheshigs only. Misty air envelops an area, before the air and those within it rapidly begin to freeze, clinging ice bringing them to a halt and causing harm. Great for locking down groups.

Tsasjin fumed within her tent, spreads of maps, scrolls, and troop movements littering her desk. First the Russians, now the Catholics. She had lost many good men to far greater forces coming to assist her enemies. She had extracted revenge on the Russians, and she would do so once more with this "Pope" and his followers. But not yet. She'd need to regain her strength, and perhaps call upon an ally of her own first - eyeing the half written letter addressed to the Khar of the Shapes in the Rain.
For now, she would conquer the last of the orthodox, seeing as they had been excluded from the pope's protection.

In a similar vein, she began work on constructing a mighty spell of her own. The storm weaver had his unstoppable lightning, the black sheep had his many powerful portals, and the "demon" had his own personal dragon under thrall. Tsasjin only had her men, and while they were fearsome, she lacked her own signature power to rival all others with. Something to fall back on should numbers be suddenly thrown against her. She honed the embrace, forgoing the ease of the spell's requirements seeing as every man already carried a wide-reaching version with on their every arrow. Strengthening it for only her most elite to use. A chilling wind turned to bitter frost.

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