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The world is just being populated by intelligent races who have formed different tribes. Guide them through the ages and ensure their survival. Each player needs to:
>Pick up a tribe (marked by alphabet letters):
>Tribe and settlement name:
>Some lore/tradition:
>First action of your tribe (each action requires a 1d20 per action, you start with only one)

Combat Rules:

Joining the Discord server is advised for a better game experience.
File: Valkur.jpg (70 KB, 566x800)
70 KB
>Pick up a tribe: C
>Tribe name: Valeri
>Settlement name: Valen
>Race: Valor
>Some lore/tradition: The Valeri made up of a race of Bird-Men called Valor. Their diet consists mostly of meat and some plant life. The males will go hunting for meat while the females take care of children and gather edible plants. Their social structure is that of a patriarchal meritocracy. At the bottom is the everyday citizen who hunts or gathers food. In the middle are the leaders of the hunts who are appointed by the Valkur after building up a good reputation within their community. At top of the social structure stands the Valkur who commands the tribe and the army. The Valkur is believed to be an incarnation of their God. After a Valkur dies the hunting leaders will elect a new Valkur usually amongst themselves. Valkur is the god of War, Trade, and the Sky. It is said that he created the world so that he may have somewhere to fly. After a millenia he sought company and created the Valor in his image. Sadly his children soon broke up into 4 small tribes and began fighting. Valkur was enamoured by the concept of war, but knew he couldn’t have children fight any longer for they were to stand united. He connected the strongest tribe Valeri and made them an offer. He would help them win their war, but in exchange he would rule over them forever. They accepted and thus the first trade and alliance was formed. Valkur’s soul inhabited the Valeri’s warchief and together they conquered the other tribes. To this day the High Chieftain’s is said to be inhabited by the soul of Valkur, to the point that these terms are interchangeable.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Tribe and Settlement name: Tomb Kings and Khepri
Start location: E
Species: Skeletons
Description: Rising up from the ground these guys are ready to make stuff and fuck around in the sand. The ruling class goes by a Dynasty structure, the current king has been named: Settra. Since they are undead the only way to reproduce is to dance around dead bodies and they too shall join the ranks of the Tomb Kings. A problem with the resurrection though is that they lose all memories of their previous life but they do retain basic skills and the languages they once knew. Overall they are fine with having a peaceful life and have a curiosity of creating new things and wondering how it will be improved many years afterwards since they are immortal.

Action 1: Create some pickaxes
File: Expansion 1.png (497 KB, 1148x608)
497 KB
497 KB PNG
>Action: Settle the south eastern rainforest

The Valeri must expand for the world is Valkur’s
Rolled 15 (1d20)


>Pick up a tribe(marked by alphabet letters): I

>Tribe name: Ku Kobold Klan
>Settlement name: Atlanta

Race: White Kobolds

>Some lore/tradition:
The White Kobolds of Atlanta are descendants of hatchlings of a thought to be long deceased Ice Dragon of a frozen mountain. Their ancestors were without the Ice Dragon’s care and were unable to develop for many generations.
Now the white kobolds find themselves upon the southern shore of a lake at the mouth of a river, where they live in underground burrows where it is cooler, reminiscent of the ancient dragon’s home.

>First Action: The White Kobolds find themselves needing more food. Kobolds go up the river, to the south, in search of food or new environments to bolster the clan.
Rolled 18 (1d20)

Rolled 5 (1d20)

>Tribe :Iluminados
>Settlement: Sea's Maw
>Race: Goblins
>Lore: For as long as our people began to live in the region they did so as distant settlements. This changed when a unique leader who said to be favored by the Sun itself united all by his charisma and strengh to defeat any foe who dare oppose him. When he finished the unification he married a priestess of Earth goddess and both lead our people to greatness. Since then the goblins worship a sun god, which represents strengh and prosperity, and an Earth goddess, which represents bountiful harvests and fertility, in memory of the great unifier.

>Search for food along the river
>Pick up a tribe (marked by alphabet letters):G
>Tribe and settlement name: Rursarlum & Vom Kohldur
>Race: Dwarves
>Some lore/tradition: Finally having settled the coast of Bhungarum shadowed by the great Nenulhim mountains the place of eternal rest for their ancestors as these geographical features would later be called by the succeeding generations of the original Rusarlum dwarven settlers, they would learn to tame the dense Jungle around them harvesting the bountiful fruits of the rainforest and to construct their dwellings all of this and more is passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth in the seasonal moot .The Dwarves in Vom Kohldur govern themselves by a council of the wisest, the bravest or the cunning a council in which new members may attempt to regain votes through various acts or speeches every 10 seasons where the ancestors are thanked for their guidance and vigilance on their descendants..A great and honored profession dating back to the first settlers that has remained and became a cornerstone of all Rusarlum dwarves is mining the great earth from which they get the necessary flint and stone they need to fashion the tools and statues come from and the place where all shall return.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

> As our people start expanding and making more families we will need more land as such we need to mine out more space for people to live at, giving our people the precious stone they need.
File: Koala_der_grosse.jpg (332 KB, 797x761)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
>Pick up a tribe (marked by alphabet letters): J
>Tribe and settlement name: Eucalyptaria
>Race: Phascolarctos sapiens (Koalamen)
>Some lore/tradition: The Koalamen were very long time disunited tribes, but some time ago a great king united them to lead them into a new future of glory.
>First action of your tribe: Settle the land of the south to make place for future eucalyptus farms.
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Fug, already forgot to dice roll and name.
File: download (10).jpg (12 KB, 225x225)
12 KB
>Tribe and settlement name: Luthn tribe of the Creuge settlement
>Race: Túnail
>Some lore/tradition: a race of nimble, cave dwelling people, the Túnail feed on large insects and nutrient moss. Their sight is quite poor and great lights can blind them, but they can balance it out with a sort of echolocation. Recently, the current leader of the Luthn tribe has put an end to its people’s great marches through the caves and has ordered to take permanent residence in one spot. Almost everyone in the tribe is skeptic of this change from their nomadic ways, but agreed to stop traveling. After all, what’s the worse that can happen right?

> set up basic defenses around the village
> improve the village infrastructure
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Forgot that it’s only one action sorry. Changing to
> improve the village infrastructure
Rolled 11 (1d20)

>tribe name: Fishmen
>settlement name: new Atlantis
>Species: Reverse mermaids
>description: men with fish heads, they can breathe because they have lungs and gills
>lore: They come from a distant land, fleeing from enemies known as the squidlings.
>first action: build some houses near the shore to fish (yes they are cannibals)
Rolled 1 (1d20)


> Start Location: A
> Tribe Name: Visovians
> Settlement: Viveta
> Race: Human
> Lore/Tradition: Viosvians is a strictly human-only tribe. Living along the banks of the Vivre, they are suspicious/inquisitive people by nature.
They are primarily omnivores. However, can subsist on other diets when done correctly. Men & Women of the tribe are of equal standing within, although both take more "traditional roles" for the most part. In religious terms, worship revolves around natural phenomena, of which is often humanized (pagans).

> Action: Scout local area for food and resources
oh boy
File: leprechaun-movie-4-1.jpg (45 KB, 346x481)
45 KB
Rolled 8 (1d20)

>Pick up a tribe (marked by alphabet letters): B
>Tribe and settlement name: Tuath Dé, Dublin
>Race: leprechaun
>Some lore/tradition: The leprechuan were very long time disunited tribes, but then there coming the great leprechuan with the name "The Great Leprechuan I" and has united them into one tribe.
>First action of your tribe: creates new potato field
your discord link is dead
As The Valeri moved to create a new encampment along the coast they found that another of the Valor tribes that was already foraging in the area had settled on a small hill for the winter months. Both tribes were prepared to wage war against each other, as it has happened between Valor tribes in these regions for as long as anyone can remember. However, when the hunters were about to clash, a titanic albatross appeared on the horizon and casted a shadow upon the combatants and tribes alike, obscuring the sun with obvious intent. Seeing this as a sign from Valkur itself, the tribes lay down their arms and joined in peaceful celebration, trading and exchanging histories between each other. Now both tribes have joined under a single Valkur, who won his place as the most capable of the Valor.
>New encampment acquired, and 2 extra population growth from assimilating one Valor tribe.
>New unit of nomadic hunters acquired
6/8 population needed for extra action. Food production: 9. 3 units of nomadic hunters standby at Valen

>Tomb King
Tomb Kings:
Not having a need for water, heat, food or any other needs that these living beings need means days after days of doing nothing but wondering about the meaning of life (and death) and whether it’s ok to dance and bring more of our kind back from the treacherous sands to live a life as unfulfilling as ours. It’s a peaceful life, but boring. It was one of these days that one of the oldest of our kind, having watched the small scorpions hit their victims with their stings for as long as he could remember had a revelation: He could also hit things to pass the days. With a small stick, plant fiber and a sharpened stone he fashioned a “pickaxe” and started hitting the rocks, imitating the scorpions. Soon, he started finding joy in seeing all the different colors of stones and the characteristics of each one, and soon started spreading it between the bored skeles so they could join in the fun too. Now we call him Scorpion. Maybe he and his group find something useful for the glory of the Tomb Kings?
>Skeletons have no need for food or water, and population growth is steady. Can be sped up using actions to dance more.
>Pickaxes discovered and new kinds of stones are being mined. Lowered difficulty for mining-related tasks.
3/6 population needed for extra action. +1 per turn at current dancing rate.
>Ku Kobold Klan
The tribe leader had a vision: the White Kobolds of the Ku Kobold Klan built great cities and expanded far and wide, even beyond the great lake and beyond what any Kobold had seen. However, he knew that in the current state of affairs that wouldn’t be possible, so he made a promise to himself: He would ensure the survival and prosperity of the clan. His first step was sending scouts following the river, in search of food and any other useful thing they could find. A full moon cycle had passed before the scouts returned, but they carried with them a new and tasty fruit, which they called “grapes”, and came with news of two more lakes further up the river, that had plenty of fish and tasty fruits that grew everywhere, specially berries and these new “grapes” they brought. They encourage the tribe leader to send a group to settle permanently these bountiful lands for the glory of Kobold-kind.
>Southern lakes area scouted. +3 to building a settlement in that area.
>Grapes discovered
3.4/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 4. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.

A small party of scouts was sent to follow the river’s course and find food for the tribe. We knew the river and the surrounding rainforests are full of prey to hunt and fish to catch and might be dangerous, but this season we weren’t lucky and our scouts came back empty handed. They were punished for their incompetence, but they kept babbling about “The animals were too hostile” and “I swear the crabs ate that venison”. These goblins were banished from the tribe, as the stories they told about their scouting were making the younglings of the village afraid of the wilderness. Plain bullshit, I’m telling you.
>The scouts couldn’t find anything useful. Environment food unchanged.
3.8/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 6. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
The dwarves, seeing that an imminent growth was possible thanks to the subtle but constant changes to a better climate, decided to expand their dwellings and clear portions of the rainforest. It was a hard task, and even harder with only the most primitive of tools, but after a whole season of hard work a new area was cleared to make space for the coming population. During these times, new versions of shovels were created, and to clear the biggest stones proto-pickaxes were created, however they still need to be improved to be really useful against the hard stone of the rainforest’s subsoil.
>Vom Kohldur upgraded to settlement level 2: Village. Up to 8 population might live there.
> +3 bonus to development of advanced tools.
3.8/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 6.

The Koalamen adventure south in order to settle in there. The scouts leave one morning while the whole tribe watches as they disappear into the horizon.They return two moons later, bringing some examples of fertile soil with them. They tell stories of a plain land perfect for a new farm, which will surely secure the tribe’s survival. However, the grassland they found ends in a barrier of thick forest surrounding the area. Some scouts could hear water flow in the distance, but they didn’t wander into the forest, as they weren’t properly prepared for the task.
>The Koalamen weren’t prepared to settle south, but found a nice place to do it. +2 to settle south next turn.
3.6/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 5. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
The Túnail aren’t accustomed to settling in only one spot, and some have started to grow tired of sleeping in the same stones after every journey. Some even miss the eternal crawl under tunnels and caves, and aren’t really that eager to hard work in improving building they haven’t built before. However, the tribe leader is harsh and starts punishing those who mess around to avoid their shores. By the end of this season’s inner winds, the infrastructure of the settlement has improved, but isn’t quite ready yet.
>The Túnail have started to improve their homeland, but couldn’t finish in time. However, next turn you gain +5 to improve the settlement roll.
3.6/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 5. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.

As being finally in their new home after fleeing from those Squidling bastards (may they get eaten by sharks), the colonist start building houses in this new shore they might start calling theirs. Some logs are buried as pillars to make the stilt houses needed to avoid flooding. Driven by hope, these creatures are able to finnish their work in time. However there is something they didn’t realize… This source of water isn’t exactly the same as the mighty ocean they used to call their nest. You can’t feel the salt, but a strange sweet flavour instead. It seems that you are now in a lake, and although this isn’t that bad, the fishmen will need some time to get accustomed to fish in this new kind of water (they get confused while swimming on it).
>New Atlantis upgraded to settlement level 2: Village. Up to 8 population might live there.
>Next turn -1 to environment food (fishing) as the fishmen are still learning to swim in freshwater.
3.2/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 3 (-1 for fishing penalty). Risk of famine next turn.

>Tuath Dé:
The leprechauns, now led by their new rightful king, waste no time in working on potato farms. As tribes have now been united, the mouths needed to be fed multiplied, and so more potato production is needed. Although they are now just one tribe (or kingdom), rivalries still persist in Dublin, the new settlement. Some have started to argue about whether sweet potatoes were better than the purple Vitelottes. Luckily, the Great king was here to settle the conflict by insisting in planting both types of potatoes so Leprechauns can choose what to eat. His great wisdom was rewarded with a potato party alongside some traditional Ceili dancing show.
>+1 food from potato farms.
3.6/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 5. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
File: Map 2.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1017)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Map updated

>Turn 2 started.
Update will be on Monday. Play your action.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

At the northernmost part of our territory we see a mountain. Mountains have lots of rocks so allow us to send a couple of guys to hit the rocks there.
>Set up mine at the north mountains we can see
File: Expansion 2.png (64 KB, 264x236)
64 KB
Rolled 18, 16 = 34 (2d20)

>Action: Settle the eastern rain-forest

The Valeri must expand for the world is Valkur’s. Let all who oppose us tremble in face of the might of Valkur.

Rolled 10 (1d20)

>Use the wood from the nearby forest to improve the settlement
With the current supply of food and with how our population has increased, we need to better our living space to afford new members
The chiefs, seeing that food might not be an issue with the current numbers but could be for the future generations. Seeing this, scouts were sent to gather information on the local area and any food source available. Instead of finding food, our scouts found doom for our tribe. Apparently, while looking for food they disturbed a man-eating locust swarm, the size of which has been never before seen, and led it straight into the tribe in their panic. The locusts destroyed the campsite and devoured anyone who couldn’t move or hide fast enough, and forced our people to flee to the wilderness, waiting for the locusts to keep moving and leaving the area. In the end, our people could return to the ravaged village, and started rebuilding. A group of chamans is now obsessed with the locusts swarm, and they started spreading the belief that they were a purge of the weaklings, sent just to make us stronger for our final objective.
>No population growth this turn (-1.6 population lost to swarm)
>Environment depleted by swarm. -1 to environment food this turn.
>Decision: Turn the locust belief into part of our tribe’s culture, deny it or let it run its course. (Use a bonus action).
2/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 4.
The chiefs, seeing that food might not be an issue with the current numbers but could be for the future generations. Seeing this, scouts were sent to gather information on the local area and any food source available. Instead of finding food, our scouts found doom for our tribe. Apparently, while looking for food they disturbed a man-eating locust swarm, the size of which has been never before seen, and led it straight into the tribe in their panic. The locusts destroyed the campsite and devoured anyone who couldn’t move or hide fast enough, and forced our people to flee to the wilderness, waiting for the locusts to keep moving and leaving the area. In the end, our people could return to the ravaged village, and started rebuilding. A group of chamans is now obsessed with the locusts swarm, and they started spreading the belief that they were a purge of the weaklings, sent just to make us stronger for our final objective.
>No population growth this turn (-1.6 population lost to swarm)
>Environment depleted by swarm. -1 to environment food this turn.
>Decision: Turn the locust belief into part of our tribe’s culture, deny it or let it run its course. (Use a bonus action).
2/6 population needed for extra action. Food production: 4.
sorry bro, forgot earlier
The new encampment will be called "Venturian"
Rolled 16 (1d20)

>Action: As the Dwarven tribe led by the council made new land for future generations it became clear to the council that a new way of recording their information became clear.

>Tribe: Ku Kobold Klan
>Settlement: Atlanta

The tribe leader of the White Kobolds enjoyed the grapes with the whole tribe in the burrows. As they all gathered into the small room that was designated for meetings, it struck him that if the burrows were better organized, they perhaps could grow the size of Atlanta.

>Action: invest in the infrastructure in the hamlet
Rolled 17 (1d20)


Rolled 8 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

Those damn fools fail to see the possibilities of this new arrangement. Whatever, their eyes will open in time once they see how prosperous we will be
> improve settlement
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>Settle the south

This time our scouts will be able to venture in the deep brush and help us settle the outback. We failed last time, because our people acted like bludgers. This time we won't allow such laziness. We will reign supreme over nature, even if it means some of us will die.
File: newagehitler.jpg (30 KB, 499x309)
30 KB
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>increase population
after the unification of our race, we decided to create a flag to represent us and our glorious nation is made up only of men who reproduce by mating with potatoes.
forgot to mention my +2
Why did you roll 2 dices ?
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>Agricultural expansion
Since we cannot get adjusted to the lake at this moment, we are grabbing external lands to be used for farming.
Rolled 19, 13 = 32 (2d20)


With the recent disaster brought upon the tribe by the locusts, the local populace attempt to rebuild what was lost. Upon the spreading of the tale by the Shamans, it has become somewhat warped from the original message. Three groups are arguing over who is to be believed.

The Shamans revere the insectoid menace and believe that they are only doing them a blessing by culling the weak from the tribe. (odd number)

The Bereaved believe that this is a sign that all other lifeforms are indeed hostile and should be held in contempt. (even number)

The Rest who simply don't care, either way, they just wish to get on with their lives, blessed by the gods or not. (1 or 20)

> Action 1: Fish the nearby river for food.

> Action 2: Choose a path to follow. (Belief)
As the joint Valeri tribes moved inland across the grasslands to graze and hunt for their now growing numbers of tribesmen, they met with another of the original Valor tribes. This time however, they weren’t met with hostility but rather with a warm welcome. The Valkur himself, surprised by their behavior, asked the small council of elders that welcomed him, and why the Valkur itself wouldn’t show up as stipulated in the customs of the Valor. Apparently, the Valkur in his deathbed had a vision that showed all the Valor-kind marching together as one, under the wings of a great leader who had already under his wings a great tribe composed of two smaller ones. Incredibly, this tribe’s Valkur had passed away just before the Valeri came into the area. Now, the 3 Valor tribes march together, only one of them still roaming in the wilderness, their location told to us by the newly assimilated tribe.
>New encampment acquired, and 2 extra population growth from assimilating a second Valor tribe
>New unit of Valor Hunters acquired.
>Location of the last Valor tribe uncovered. Get a bonus when all the Valor tribes are unified.
10/22 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 13. 4 units of Valor Hunters standby at Valen.

>Tomb Kings:
The Tomb Kings themselves were marveled by the new pickaxes and the dedication that Scorpion and his followers have for what they now call “the way of the scorpion”, and a great numbers of the skeles have also started following him not to hit the pickaxes, but rather to collect and sample the rocks that are extracted this way. King Settra himself has started a project to collect stones of all kinds and sizes, and has ordered some of the most curious skeles that are around to work around the clock in collecting and categorizing these stones. During one of the trips to collect the stones that the miners have extracted, they saw strange flashes of light in the mountains nearby the Tombs, and went out there to explore. Not only they found the source of the flashes, but they also found flashes of many colours and stones the like of which had never before been seen by skeles in all of eternity. Upon returning with their amazing finds, now Scorpion himself has gone with his most trusted followers to collect these stones, and Settra himself is so excited with these shiny new rocks that they call “Gems” that he himself has started working with the pickaxes to find the prettiest and strangest ones of them all.
>A mining installation has been set at the northern mountains to extract gems and precious stones.
>Pickaxe mastery grants +2 to any rolls related to mining or stoneworking.
>As a bonus action next turn, roll a D3. On a 3, King Settra discovers something about the gems.
4/6 Population needed for extra action. +1 per turn at current dancing rate
Ku Kobold Klan:
The tribe leader shared the grapes will the whole tribe in the burrows, and their deliciousness really motivated the whole tribe to do their best. However, they noticed that the burrows that were used to stockpile the wild grapes that are collected daily could really be improved since they were precarious. Motivated by the sweet grapes, the whole tribe worked in unison to improve the stockpiles, and once finishing they asked themselves: Why don’t we upgrade all the burrows and make them better?. Also, seeing that most of the removed dirt was useless, the Tribe leader ordered a small dirt wall to prevent the runoff from rain to enter Atlanta and flood the burrows, and small tunnels were excavated to work as drains to prevent muddy soil and floods.
>Atlanta improved to settlement level 2: Village. Up to 8 population might live there.
>Improved sanitation and food storage grants +1 food.
>Experience in small scale terraforming grants +1 to rolls related to settlement upgrades.
4.72/6 Population needed for extra action. Food production: 5.

Seeing that Sea’s Maw would not be able to house so many goblins in the short term, the tribe leader ordered the construction of additional burrows, using wood from the nearby rainforest. The work was hard, but in the end the goblins could reclaim more space to grow from the rainforests. Curiously, a whole work party of goblins came back saying that they also saw crabs eating a venison one day, but the shaman wouldn’t believe them and gave them our tribe’s secret herbal brew to calm their nerves.
>Sea’s Maw improved to settlement level 2: Village. Up to 8 population might live there.
5.24/6 Population needed for extra action. Food production: 6.

The council, foreseeing that the newer generations could require the wisdom and the knowledge that the Dwarves have accumulated and transferred orally so far, seeked out a way to transfer this knowledge to a more permanent medium, capable of outliving them and reaching the soon to come dwarves. It was a hard task, but as the mountains were shaped by the gods themselves, too the dwarves soon figured out that they could sculpt the stones and leave messages in them for anyone to read them and understand these. Sculpting the stones is hard enough, but the dwarves seem to be naturally inclined towards working the stones, and soon their craftsmanship was exquisite, and in the way they perfected the stone tools related to carving, sculpting, digging and extracting the stones from the jungle soil.
>Proto Writing invented. Over time, this will reduce the difficulty of intellectual pursuits.
>Improved tools grant +1 to rolls related to mining or stoneworking.
5.24/6 Population needed for extra action. Food production: 6
The Túnail worked on finishing their new settlement in a willingly democratic way (totally not enforced by their cruel leader). By the end of the winds, the settlement had grown big enough to become a stable base. This will be the new cave in which our children will grow and learn how to be the nasty creatures they are.
However, one evening, a group of 5 younglings got missing in the tunnels. Since the rest of the adults were busy working no one was watching them over. A search party starts looking for them, but they only found one, who claims that they left the village while following a funny light-blue light. What could this thing be and why is it taking our children away?
>Creuge improved to settlement level 2: Village. Up to 8 population might live there.
>Next turn gets a bonus action to investigate the fate of the missing children. You have the option to ignore this and let it go.
4.8/6 Population needed for extra action. Food production: 5. More food sources are needed in order to avoid a famine.
The settling of the southern plains was a complete success. In less than a moon the new settlement was already working the Eucalyptus farms.
While the buildings in the new place were being made, a group of Koalamen who were still living in the wild arrived at the settlement, joining to work as new members of the kingdom.
The work was almost finished when one of the scouts who was inspecting the surroundings found a smoke column in the sky. He followed it along the forest to the east until he stumbled upon a tribe who was living next to a lake. However, these newly found neighbours weren’t koalamen like us, but instead taller, with tails strong legs and arms and jumping movements. We called them kangaroos, and we aren’t sure if they can be called friends or enemies.
>New settlement built. (Name it). 4 food: 3 environment+1 eucalyptus farm. 1 pop transferred from Eucalyptaria +1 immigrants (2 pop in total).
>Kangaroo Tribe discovered.
4 Population in Eucalyptaria with 5 Food production. More food sources are needed in order to avoid a famine.
2 Population in New Settlement with 4 Food production.
6/8 Population needed for extra action.
>Tuath Dé
After creating a flag for their newly unified kingdom, the Tuath Dé Leprechaunts prepare to procreate in their manly gay ways. The Leprechaunts kiss and fuck eachother as part of their mating rituals, however they only reproduce by showing respect to potatoes, growing younger leprechaunts out of those potatoes who are then buried back after being impregnated.
Anyway, some younglings are born out of the mating party, growing the population out of its normal course. But everything isn’t just potato flowers and leprechaun pride flags. Of the united tribes, some groups have a religious idea of beauty as fat and hairy leprechauns, so they adapt their bodies to look like that, calling themselves as Bear leprechauns. Meanwhile, there is another group that says that the true way of being a leprechaun is by being skinny and shaved, being them the Twink leprechauns. Both groups claim to be superior, and tensions between each other have resulted in minor fights and growth in rivalries. As of today it is still unknown which group the king identifies himself as.
>Extra population growth. +1 pop (4.4 total)
>Tensions arose between groups. Find a way to calm things up before the conflict deescalates (Bonus action)
5.52/6 Population needed for extra action in New Settlement. Food Production: 5. More food sources are needed in order to avoid a famine.

Being accustomed to the sweet lake water, the fishment have reclaimed their ability to swim.
Now they are sure that new food sources must be worked on in order to secure the survival of the tribe, and since they can’t go back to the sea to reclaim their old hunting ways (damn squidwards), they now look at the soil in order to grow something to eat.
However, they are not really used to this, so it will surely take some more training to master this task.
>-1 from fishing penalty ended.
>Agriculture started. Next turn +1 on agriculture rolls.
4.36/6 Population needed for extra action in New Atlantis. Food Production: 5. More food sources are needed in order to avoid a famine.

The fishing expedition has been a total success. The visovian men build fishing shacks and small docks to fish in more advanced ways, mastering the task and becoming experienced fishermen.
The shamans speak nothing but the truth, the weak must be purged of our race in order to become a more powerful and stronger tribe. Following this tradition, the babies are divided at birth between weak and strong (based on their height and weight). Those deemed weak are thrown into the sea, giving more space for the strong ones to develop a healthier lifestyle.
>Population passive growth halved. Population will increase slower. Gains permanent bonus of every unit deploying as experienced (+1).
>Fishing stations built. +2 food.
3.3 Population in Viveta with 6 Food production.
3.3/6 Population needed for extra action.
Rolled 13 (1d20)

We got gems and that makes Settra happy. A problem we now need to take care of though is our population. Thus he has ordered the vacant skeletons to start digging up sand and start dancing.
>Find bodies and start dancing to increase our pop
Rolled 3 (1d3)

Here is the roll to see if Settra figures something out about those shiny rocks.
File: Map 3.png (1.5 MB, 1920x1017)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
Turn 3 Started. Make your play.
Update will be on Wednesday
Rolled 17 (1d20)

>Create a wheat field
With new space secure for new members, it's time to expand our food sources.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>Tribe: G
>Action: As the cleared space is claimed by families new and old and their relatives an old family of berry pickers starts experimenting with the various plants that were edible attempting to control the quantity and growth of these plants, an intriguing idea that was endorsed by the council who reached out to the other berry picker familes to assist.
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>Name the new hamlet Dropbearton
>Find a way to preserve eucalyptus

While the discovery of new Koalamen, who told us of a new interesting philoshopy from a Koalamen called Dropbear -the inspiration for the new hamlets name- and of a tribe of Kangaroos is truly interesting, we are close to facing a famine. We need to find a way to preserve our main food, the eucalyptus, so we don't fooking starve, before we are able to expand on the new discoveries. Maybe putting it into water or shoveling it under earth, may preserve it for a bit longer.
File: Expansion 3.png (69 KB, 194x260)
69 KB
Rolled 8, 14, 7, 9, 14, 13, 16, 4, 3, 15, 20, 1, 11, 5, 8, 2, 7, 5, 10, 18 = 190 (20d20)

>Action 1: Send an envoy to the Valor tribe for unification.
The envoy says "The Valkur has demanded that their Valor be united so we may stand strong together. He already has 3 tribes and 4 groups of hunters under his control. Join us as brother in arms or suffer the the Valkur's wrath as our enemy."

>Action 2: Settle the southern lands (pic related)

Rolled 7, 11 = 18 (2d20)

> look for the kids
The leader must not be a complete tyrant, or his reign will end quickly, even the bugs we eat understand this, and what better way to gain the favor of the people than saving their lost children?

> start farming nutritious moss
The people ask for food and food they shall have! Seriously do I even need to fluff this? It’s a basic survival instinct

First roll is kid searching, second roll is farming
Rolled 1 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


The Ku Kobold Klan of Atlanta chewed their grapes slowly each night, spitting their seeds far and wide, when fruit s flesh and juices were devoured.
One day a small extra white kobold started a game of spitting the grape seeds onto the far side of the small dirt walls, where the water runsoff.
The whole tribe begin saving all their grape seeds to have spitting competition on the weekend. Some of the less intellect Kobold of Atlanta begin spitting when they talk for what they call "extra practice."
The game became so beloved that the Kobolds decided to construct a great watch tower to spit the seeds off of and see how far they can go.

> Construct watch tower fortification

Wrong name but still a nat 1 . Atleast it's a 2 but God damn
Shouldn't have tried fortifying against me wingless dragon

It was for spitting grape seeds clearly.
Rolled 20 (1d20)


Now that the local populace has gained access to a bountiful supply of fish, it has been a welcome distraction from the recent rituals involving the tribes' newborns. In said "selection" rituals, a child is left alone in a selected spot for a day or two, the Shamans later return to collect the child if they've survived. Otherwise, they'll burn the remains of the deceased weak as an offering to one the many gods.

> Action: Send out another party to scout the area.

The "H" doesn't mean anything. Just mistyped.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

>Continue farming
Food is the current most important thing for us. We will expand our food collecting industries (prioritizing farming over fishing).

I have forgotten how to do +1s, so please add a one
me btw
Rolled 19, 12 = 31 (2d20)

>first action: increase my potato farms
my people are hungry and horny and i will give it to my people
>bonus action: try to deescalate the conflict
The king is fucked of by the conflict, therefore he forces people from both groups to marry/mate. Twinks and Bears shall fuck together.
>Tomb Kings
Seeing the joy and fun in hitting rocks and collecting pretty and shiny gems, the groups of dancers have been steadily increasing to revive more skeletons, so they too can enjoy the pleasure of hitting a stone and collecting the blue sapphires, red rubies, green emeralds and gems of all the imaginable colours that can be found.
Settra spent restless nights and days under the scorching heat of the desert trying to discover the function of the gems. “Yeah, they’re pretty… but there must be more to them than just that” is the only thing that runs on his mind. Some of his closest friends even tried to stop him, and they even managed to convince Scorpion himself to tell the king to stop his madness and leave the way of the scorpion for his own good. However, the king kept pushing forward with his investigation, and discovered something incredible about the gems: By polishing them they can look much more beautiful, and once polished they can be arranged to create jewelry of such beauty that it’s said even the proudest of skeles die a little inside when they see their superlative beauty. Not only that, but he also discovered that by arranging them in certain patterns they vibrate and strange effects seem to start happening around them. If these combinations could be studied in depth and maybe harnessed by the Tomb Kings, a new era of prosperity could open up for the skeles.
>More dancers increase the passive growth of Khepri by 0.5
>King Settra’s extensive investigation about minerals and gemstones creates Jewelry as a luxury product. Get +1 to all rolls while controlling Luxury resources (Can stack 3 times)
>King Settra’s experience with gemstones grants +1 to research their properties.
4.5/6 Population needed for an extra action. +1.5 at current dancing rate. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.

>Ku Kobold Klan
The Kobolds, enjoying themselves while spitting grape seeds decided to build a watchtower so they could throw them even farther, and why not, to help protect Atlanta from any menace by spotting it in the distance. It was hard, but it could be done and it managed to completely transform grape seed spitting to a form of art. However, during a particularly powerful storm a destructive landslide bypassed the barriers that were created in the past seasons and managed to destroy the watchtower, which collapsed and fell directly on top of the grapes stockpile. This allowed most of the town to be safe from the landslide and considerably reduced the death toll, but with the destruction of the grapes stockpile our food once again can be preyed upon by the usual suspects: rodents, mosquitoes and spiders, whose disease spreading capabilities have already taken a share of our people.
>Destruction of secure stockpile decreases food by -1
>Passive growth reduced to 0 until next turn due to diseases.
4.5/6 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 4. Risk of famine next turn.
A couple of weeks after the envoy’s return, a group from the Valor tribe arrives at the provisional encampment of our people. They bring gifts and a message from their Valkur, who couldn’t join the envoys in person due to his old age. The message goes long about how Valor are strong and should stand together, but the final part is the most interesting for our Valkur. The Valor tribe requests that we join our groups of hunters to defeat their sworn enemies: the meadow minotaurs. Apparently, they are warlike beats that have been slowly but decisively encroaching on the Valor’s territory, preventing them from acquiring the much needed food, and they are unable to defeat them due to their strong natural armor and incredible aggressiveness. The tribe’s envoy states that the Valkur and the most brave warriors are now preparing a last stand while the non-combatants prepare to move, and he and his people won’t be capable of evacuating if we don’t go in their aid.
Seeing the need to control more land to ensure the growth and food availability for our people, a new encampment was established along the coast. Apparently, the climate is good and the sea is gentle enough for our people to hunt the elusive white-bearded seals in the area.
>New encampment built (name needed), and the availability of local seals grants +1 food.
>Valor tribe will be wiped out if action isn’t taken to secure them.
>Get a bonus when all Valor tribes are unified
13/22 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 18. 4 units of Valor hunters standby.

Establishing ourselves here for a long time has revealed something to us after carefully examining our environment: plants can grow periodically, especially if we care for them.
Experiment after experiment with local plants showed that wheat, a small grain that grows especially well in this region is easily grown, and doesn’t attract the huge herbivores in the area which could hamper the production. Focusing on one crop has worked greatly for us, and by carefully examining it we’ve learnt a lot about this plant, that could soon become a staple of our diet.
>Wheat farms grant +2 food at Sea’s Maw.
>Focusing on wheat cultivation grants us +2 when expanding its cultivation.
>Agriculture discovered.
7.1/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 8.
Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
With the objective of gathering more information on the edible plants of our surroundings groups were sent far and wide in our territory to forage as much as they could, looking for the most delicious and most easily foraged ones. Some were okay, others amazing, but a small portion was also poisonous. It could’ve been devastating to our knowledge, losing some of our most experienced foragers, but thanks to our writing they could pass their knowledge to the newer foragers more effectively. Not only that, but some were also experimenting with “taming” some berry bushes in a way to propagate these, but the details were lost in translation. Now it’s the newer foragers job to seek the answer to that line of research.
>Foraging results recorded thanks to our writing improve the capacity of our people to forage. +1 to environment food.
>+3 to rolls related to agriculture next turn.
6.7/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 7.

In order to avoid a famine, the koalamen work to discover ways to preserve their food. Luckily, eucalyptus is quite a dryable plant, and so it's not really hard to just dry it out in the sun and then eat it later with salt.
The new hamlet of Dropbearton is set up to dry most of the harvest to the harsh sun. It seems that this may help the koalas survive, at least for this season.
>The eucalyptus are easy to preserve, as it is a plant that can be dried quickly and lasts for a while. +1 improvement food.
5.26 Population in Eucalyptaria with 5 Food production. More food sources are needed in order to avoid a famine.
4.52 Population in New Settlement with 5 Food production.
9.78/6 Enough population for an extra action, however you’ll need to upgrade your settlement to a village first. Actions next turn: 1. Food production: 10

Moss grows good enough with enough moisture. Luckily, Creuge is located on a wet cavern, and nutritious cave moss grows nicely. Not everyone is a fan of it, but hey, food is food. It will keep the Tunail fed, at least for this season.
A search party is sent to look for the children, but the tunnels go deep, and darkness holds lots of dangers for those who wander unaware. The surviving kid led them to a point in which caverns diverge in three different tunnels, however he doesn’t knew which path the rest of the kids took. Which way will you go?
>+1 improvement food in Creuge due to moss grow.
>Bonus action to continue the quest for the kids. Which tunnel will you take? Left, middle or right.
6.04/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 6. More food production needed to avoid a famine.
What started as a lazy project of fish striving to grow plants from the ground, soon led to a huge impact of farm development and food growth exponentially. It appeared that fishmen are extraordinary farmers, and New Atlantis soon became an agricultural center. What a great time for fishfolk. Those squids can have the Sea, because we, have become masters of the land.
>Agriculture developed firmly. +3 Improvement Food.
5.8/6 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 7.

The scouts explored the whole forest south, and they found that it is empty of big monsters and none other tribes have settled in there, making the whole forest south free to take from the peninsula west to the river east.
However, once they were scouting in the southwestern peninsula, they stumbled across what seemed to be the ruins of an ancient settlement. The scouts were careful at first, but once they were sure that it was secure, they explored it at its full. Nothing much of interest really other than an already built campsite and some houses. But what caught the scout’s attention was a wooden structure that was floating in the coast. One of them stood on it as a joke, but soon they realize the potential this thing had. They called it a boat, and once they learnt how to use it they returned to Viveta sailing.
The boats allowed the visovians to learn how to build some more, and soon some fishermen knew the potential this had for them.
>Southern forest cleared and abandoned settlement found. Settling next turn has +2.
>Boats discovered by luck. Can build and improve naval structures and research better boats.
>Fishermen now use fishing boats. +1 Improvement food.
4.⅚ Population needed for an extra action. Food Production: 7.

>Tuath Dé
The potato farms have become the only way to guide our people towards prosperity, and if we get hungry, more potatoes will be planted. This is a truth that won’t change, because leprechauns are nothing without potatoes. We will work, day and night, until those farms are made.
The King’s decision of forcing the marriage between Bears and Twinks was, indeed, an odd one. At first no one was really happy about it, but eventually they found out that the sex wasn’t that bad. Soon, tensions between both groups started to lessen up, and rivalries seemed to have disappeared. Is this finally the beginning of cultural unity between the leprechauns?
>+2 improvement food in Dublin due to potato farms.
6.816/6 Enough population for an extra action, however you’ll need to upgrade your settlement to a village first. Actions next turn: 1. Food production: 7.

Visovian Special Event: The Najin

The visovian fishing ships were amazed when they discovered lands beyond the sea, but even more when they saw what appeared to be an equally advanced tribe which they hadn’t met before. From a distance, they could see large fields of what appeared to be trees with large groups of yellow fruits, and small wooden huts scattered across the vast shore in front of them. Despite the apparent peacefulness of the image, here and there groups of hardy-looking green humans moved across the shores and trees, constantly alert of their surroundings. Maybe the island has dangerous wildlife, or there might be constant conflict that needs the alert of the inhabitants. Eager to keep exploring, the Visovian boat was cut short when what appeared to be a large barge moved to their location, but didn’t manage to catch them before they stopped the pursuit and returned to their island.

¿Will this new tribe stay on their island, or will they become an active element of our environment? Only time will tell.


4/6 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 7. Settlement upgrade needed for healthy growth.
File: Map 3.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1017)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Turn 4 Started. Make your plays bois.
Update will be on Friday.
Rolled 17 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

What more does the mountain give? We shall soon see.
>Expand the mine (+1 from jewelry, +2 from pickaxe mastery)
File: unknown.png (25 KB, 550x414)
25 KB
There's been a mistake here. Since Eucalyptaria has more than 8 pop distributed between 2 settlements, by the rules he should have 2 actions.
So yeah, Koalas get 2 actions, sorry about that.
Rolled 13, 13 = 26 (2d20)

>Expand wheat cultivation (+2)
With the sucess found in the new farm, we'll continue to work on it
>Begin improving the settlement into Town
With the new source of food our population has grown fast and it's necessary to secure more housing for the people
Rolled 13 (1d20)

>Expand Kattin

The hamlet of Katin slowly but surely grows in size and population. As the nexus of the many Najin Clans, Kattin holds special importance for reasons of politics and trade. Many clans live in Kattin or on the coast around it where their extensive families sail, trade, fish, and lay claim. Kattin's growth does not just include the expansion of housing. It also includes more dedicated facilities for traditional Najin activities. A drinking hall is built and land clearances for wrestling rings and a fighting squares are made around the village to accommodate the Najin's love for physical contests.
File: Expansion 4.png (32 KB, 160x226)
32 KB
>Action 1: Help the Valor Tribe in their last stand against the Minotaurs in exchange for unification.

>Action 2: Expand south (pic related)

Rolled 3, 17 = 20 (2d20)

Rolled 17 + 3 (1d20 + 3)


The Kobolds are flabbergasted at this tragedy. The disease runs rampant through the Kobolds as much of their food becomes infested.
Some of the stronger and fitter Kobolds moved the more vulnerable Kobolds into an isolated room within a deep burrow, but this had little success.
The Tribe leader consulted with the Strongest of Kobolds: Stonewall Jackobold.
The tribe leader wanted Stonewall to help build new bigger and deeper food stores, so Atlanta would not have to suffer this way.
Stonewall Jackobold understood, but he feared the most vunerable Kobolds would succumb to disease before these new food stores could be constructed.
He proposed that he take half of the strong kobolds, the elderly Kobolds, and the young family Kobolds to the most southern lake that the scouts had found.

The Tribe leader concurred after much debate.
Stonewall Jackobold took half of the strong kobolds and the most vunerable Kobolds and set out to settle the most southern lake.
>Take half of the strong kobolds, the elders, and the young families to settle the most southern lake found by the scouts.
Hamlet would be dubbed Birmingham.
+3 is bonus to settle these two lakes from first turn
Rolled 2, 6, 12 = 20 (3d20)

Damn we need food
> increase food production, no matter the cost
We should probably also start hunting: it might just be the hunger but the leader thinks that the maggots from the caves are starting to look quite tasty...
> hunt maggots for food
> children quest: go middle
Let’s pray to whatever god we worship that the children are found: any flesh is needed right now and if someone’s gonna eat my kids that so someone’s gonna be me!
Rolled 9, 7 = 16 (2d20)

>1.Expand the eucalyptus farms
It seems that our efforts to preserve the food lead to some success. Regardless king Koala the Great is not happy about it. He thinks the food reserves are not enough, so he decides to plant more eucalyptus trees.

>2. Spread the way of the dropbear
Now that he took care of our food source, the King decides to spend some of the times on thinking. What does it mean to be a koalamen? Is it just the ability to stand on two legs? To eat eucalyptus? To think?
No, the famous philosopher Dropbear said to find out what makes us so unique, we need to go back to our roots. He said to gain knowledge about our pure essence, one must become a excellent specimen, one must train the most basic ways to life.
A good koalamen must be able to hunt like his nomadic ancestors. He must be able to fall from any eucalyptus tree and destroy his enemy and to kill his prey. He must be able to endure months of low to no food, like his ancestors, who were not able to plant eucalyptus trees.
The King decides that this philosohpy must be spread in the society, because if every Koala strives to improve and to endure pain, the whole society will be able to endure hardship and adversaries.
Rolled 53, 60 = 113 (2d100)

>Build common canteens
With our food secured, we need a way to help ration it. A Fishman elder comes up with the idea to build common food eating areas. If all goes well, we can reduce food wastage by a high amount, by having people watch over Fishmen while they eat.
File: 68.png (46 KB, 320x382)
46 KB
Rolled 10 (1d20)

wrong dice
Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d20)


The new boats are the talk of the town, many are looking to exploit this new discovery. The tribal elders lay claims to the previously unexplored lands south of Viveta. Life seems to be on the right track, with the population reaching more sustainable/productive levels than before. Tribesfolk report seeing strange creatures on an island during an expedition on boats to nearby islands, tribals elders advise caution when dealing with these unknowns. Perhaps a more friendly approach is needed?

>Action: Settle the ruins to the South.

>Action: Special Event (Have sailors land on Najin Island, establishing a small trading post .)

Not sure if I have a separate action for the special event? If not just ignore the second roll.
>Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d20)

Great. Dice gods are gonna play this game huh?
File: file.png (177 KB, 800x600)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>the visovian experience
I am blessed by the gods with such fine rolls, it is only logical that I pay for prior sins with shite ones.
>Action: upgrade Dublin
Were Many but not enough space its time to upgrade our city to have more space for our daily potato orgys.
Rolled 3 (1d20)

forgot to roll
Having defeated the Minotaurs without suffering much losses in the battle, the Valeri huntsmen managed to save what remained of the Valor tribe populace, and soon started helping the locals to move out of the area into the safer Valeri lands, bringing with them their experience in these arid, northern lands. The local Valkur, after seeing such displays of courage and strength, maintained his word and made our Valkur effectively the Valkur of all the Valor tribes in existence. A new age of prosperity dawns on our people!
Deciding for a place to settle the new members of our tribe, southern expansion seemed the most obvious of them: A good climate, a bountiful environment and lots of prey will surely brighten up the mood of these who’ve recently lost their homes.
>Refugees grant +3 population and a new settlement in the southern coast with extra availability of resources grants +1 bonus food. (Name it too).
>All Valor hunter units (4) replenished and at experienced (+1) rank
>Due to unification of all Valor tribes, get a bonus unique mechanic: Valor Unity. Refer to the special mechanics column for more info. Actual bonus to rolls from Unity: +2.
19.5/30 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 24

>Tomb Kings
Excavating deeper while looking for bigger and better gems, the skeletons stumble upon something incredible: a door with an ancient-looking mechanism in the figure of apparently a lizard, similar to those who walk around in the desert sometimes. After hearing of this discovery, Settra decided to be the first one to try to unlock it, and as he approached the door a mystical energy opened the huge bronze door for him, blocking the path of his close friends. The energy revealed a seemingly artificial tunnel lined with iridescent crystals which led to a faint glow in the distance. As he walked in the light’s direction the energy told him the story of how the Skeles were created by an Elder Dragon-God, who welcomed them inside his resting place. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, a great chamber in which a gargantuan bone dragon was resting in eternal sleep, his expressions apparently guiding Settra himself to a small Golden Scepter with a purple orb faintly levitating. Upon picking otup, a powerful aura surrounded him which announced to every creature in the desert that the God of the Sands has come back to life once again, as Helldingoes materialized from the sands to be his personal guard for eternity.
>Settra gets the Scepter of the Sands, which grants him two units of undying Helldingoes, who are instantly replenished if destroyed.
>The iridescent crystals grant a second unit of Jewelry luxury which can be traded with other players.
7/6 population at Khepri is enough for an extra action, but overpopulation and lack of infrastructure prevent it. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
Using the previous knowledge we acquired from studying the wheat near our tribe’s location, and our now advanced agricultural techniques we managed to greatly expand the wheat farms, which will allow us in the future to have much more population thanks to this miracle crop. Some of the goblins are even praying and thanking the skies for allowing the wheat to grow so tasty and strong.
Using the leftover wood from rainforest clearings, we decided to improve the infrastructure of the tribe settlement, and now our houses will be much more prepared to face the monsoon and allow a better quality of life for our people. However, much more work is needed, and some of the bigger plans like rerouting some of the streams to feed the wheat farms and building a fence around the village still need to be done.
>Sea’s Maw en route to become a Town. Get +3 next turn in rolls to improve the settlement infrastructure.
>Get +1 to religious rolls next turn.
>Expanded wheat cultivation and agricultural techniques grant much better agricultural output for existing farms. +2 => +5.
8.8/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 11. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.

>Ku Kobold Klan
The newly formed caravan set out to settle the lakes of the grapes in an effort to prevent the spread of the deadly diseases, and to keep them safe while better food storages can be built. As it was told by the scouts many years ago, these southern lands have a gentle climate with beautiful rolling hills, in which the sweet and delicious grapes grow and the local animals aren’t a menace for our kin. While the settlement was a success and soon the diseases stopped spreading in Atlanta, the remaining Kobolds soon rebuilt what was lost and now we can once again store the food safely to prevent diseases and vermin.
>Birmingham settled, +1 food from the environment due to comfortable conditions.
>Secure stockpiles rebuilt at Atlanta. +1 food from developments and small growth bonus.
6.8/8 Population needed for an extra action.
5.8 Population in Atlanta with 5 food production. Risk of famine.
1 Population at Birmingham with 5 food production.

Seeing the need for more room to breath and grow, helped by the explosive population growth the orcish communities have experienced since we managed to tame the waves and access the bountiful seas, Kattin’s infrastructure was upgraded, with multiple wooden houses made to lodge the most important pater familiaris of the different orcish families, and a big dock to boost seaborne travellling.
>Kattin settlement improved to Village. Up to 8 population might live here.
>Increased sea traffic grants +2 to colonizing a nearby island next turn.
6.9/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 7. More food is needed to prevent risk of famine.
The expansion of the farms, located in Dropbearton, was an easy job. Eucalyptus grows in every soil even with the hardest adversities, so it wasn’t really that hard to expand.
However, while the koalamen farmers were at the task of stirring the soil and plating small Eucalyptus, a big flightless bird appeared in the middle of the farm. The koala, once they spotted it, got curious about this strange bird’s intentions, so one of them started to get closer to it with a small branch of leave in hand just in case. When he was close enough, the bird bit the koala’s hand and ran away west faster than wind. The koalas are still confused to this day about this weird encounter.
Meanwhile, at Eucalyptaria itself, a group of delegates from the new settlers of Dropbearton arrived to meet the king. Their task was simple, to teach a new way of fighting so koalas can defend themselves of the new dangers that fill the world.
They speak of an ancient martial art called the Dropbear, which consisted in simply moving on the top of the trees and then dropping upon enemies to break them with our heavy slam and then finishing their lives with our claws and teeth. No koala has yet been trained on this art, but the theory lies there. However, it’s still not popular enough to become the root of our society.
>Eucalyptus farms expanded in Dropbearton. +1 improvement food.
>Emus discovered.
>Dropbear unit template created (no units deployed). Melee: Fire -2/Shock 2/Maneuver -3. Tags: Light - Ambusher
6.2 Population in Eucalyptaria with 5 Food production. Famine Started in Eucalyptaria. More food Sources needed for famine to end. [FAMINE: -5 to every roll and grants negative population growth until famine ends]
5.97 Population in Dropbearton with 6 Food production
12.17/14 Population needed for an extra action. Total food production: 11

Following on the footsteps of the Dwarves of old who died while trying to grant food security to our people, bands of dwarves band together to try and grow their own food, instead of depending on dangerous foraging which is prone to animal encounters and now less than ever accidental poisoning thanks to our writing, but it’s still a possibility. Following the writings of some of them, the dwarves manage to grow pineapples, mangoes, huckleberries and a wild assortment of aromatic plants. The production is low to sustain us, but now we know that it can be done, and we can easily expand these makeshift farms while gathering valuable materials from the trees in the area.
>Proto-farms at Vom Kuhldur grant +1 food from developments.
>Get +1 to expanding the farms next turn.
8/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2+1. Settlement needs improvement for healthy growth.
While increasing the moss production, a tragedy happened. One of our farmers raised a stone to make room for more moss, without realizing that that particular stone was supporting a big part of the cave wall, leading to a collapse that destroyed or previously built small moss farm. Oh god, why does the darkness of these caves hate us that much?
Desperate to find new food sources, the Tunail look for the maggots of the cave as a possible new food source. They managed to reunite a few and brought them back to the settlement. Sadly, those who ate them died quickly, as these maggots were extremely poisonous.
As the search party went straight down through the middle tunnel, they stumbled across a cave room filled with some light blue shining rocks attached to the walls. As they investigated in the dark, they found 3 of the missing children pilled up behind a boulder. They were all dead, but there is still one of them missing. One of the explorers found a small opening in one of the walls that could be followed as a tunnel with enough precaution. And one of you is sure that saw something moving behind your backs, hiding in the dark...
>Farm destroyed. -1 improvement food.
>Poisonous maggots. -1 population
>Follow the tunnel and search for the children that hasn’t appeared yet or return to the village with the corpse of the ones that have already been found? This small quest’s actions aren’t affected by famine.
6/14 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 5. Famine started, more food sources needed to avoid a famine. [FAMINE: -5 to every roll and grants negative population growth until famine ends]

With the employment of an efficient way to administer food and ration everything, the fishmen have become a more egalitarian and communitarian society than they once were. This meant, of course, that there are no kings nor pre-established hierarchies among their ranks. This feature, of course, can be seen on how they manage to administer their prosperous agriculture.
The usage of common eating ground has resulted in a major better usage of food, meaning then that it can last longer. The mighty fishmen will not starve anywhere soon… Take that, you fascist squidwards scum.
>Better administration on food. +1 improvement food.
7.2/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions Next turn: 2. Food production: 9.
It wasn’t expected to go like this. No, no one could have guessed it. The scholars will remember this forever, as the time their lack of care led their people to a possible doom.
After the disappearance of sailors who left to interact with the people of the island, a group of settlers, who was certain to occupy the ruins without any problems, left one morning with nothing as big as the hope they carried.
Arriving was an easy task, of course, the ruins were abandoned after all. However, as settlers prepared to sleep in what they hoped to call their new home, a cold shill embraced the new place, scourging the land with a thick mist. What seemed like shadows dancing in it froze the poor visovians, terrified by this vision.
Soon, what appeared to be blue translucent humans started to raise from the ground and occupy the town once again. Whith weapons on their hands, they didn’t hesitate to murder every new settler who arrived.
The carnage festival was horrendous, and nothing but fear and blood flooded the place. It was awful, and the people of Vivet wouldn’t have known if it wasn’t for a lone survivor. May those who fell rest in peace.
>Settlers massacred. -1 pop.
>Encountered The Ghost Pirate Town. Fierce undead creatures who kill everyone they stumble upon, but can only appear at night.
4.7/6 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 7.
>Tuath Dé
Leprechauns are not natural builders, not at all. The effort to improve the settlement is futile. Buildings are built in the wrong way, pillars are misplaced, and underground rooms collapse easily. The project to improve the settlement to become the worthy kingdom the king's needs (according to himself) has yet to start.
Unluckily for the royalist, the fact that all that hard work meant nothing in real terms made really angry those who, since the union, have been opponents to the king’s peace. May their ideas not flourish.
>Nothing happens this turn. Opposition to the king grows.
7.8/6 Enough population for an extra action, however you’ll need to upgrade your settlement to a village first. Actions next turn: 1. Food production: 7. More food sources needed to avoid a famine.

Fishmen special event: The Commune.

Food rationing has given us the idea that every fishmen is worth the same, and thus has the same rights as everyone. This idea is strong, and will lead to a bright future if followed correctly. Fishmen have known how to evolve, and they will suffer no oppressions nor tyranny. Down with fear, we will no longer be subjects of those squidwards.
We have gained our freedom, and is our duty now to preserve our dignity.
Will we embrace this idea, and let it take us towards a brighter dawn? Or will we reject it, and go back to the old ways of fish and being fished? Will we face the squidwards tyrans as an horizontal unity, or as a hierarchical kingdom?
>Choose to embrace the egalitarian idea. Proclaims the Fishmen Commune.
>Choose a king and rule as we were once ruled. Proclaims the New Atlantis Kingdom.
Both paths lead to different bonuses.

Turn 5 Started, sorry for the delay. Make your plays kids.
Update will be on Monday, updated Map will be posted later.
Rolled 2, 12 = 14 (2d20)

> try improving food production. Again
> try reopening the old farms
> keep searching
The world tries to break us? We will show these rocks and stones who is the REAL master of the earth, and upon this death and ruin we will build our bastion of might and supremacy! This makes no sense but fuck off im desperate
Rolled 6 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Settra for so long has been alone. He looks outside his sandhut and sees his many new friends and the results of his work. He thinks to himself "These huts suck and are overcrowded." A sentiment most of the tomb kings agree with.
>Upgrade the settlement infrastructure using the stones derived from mining (+1 from luxury, +2 from pickaxe mastery)
File: map 5.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1017)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
File: 1599949729972.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1017)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Rolled 8, 17 = 25 (2d20)

1. Whaling (+2)
The Najin are skilled seafarers and as the population continues to grow across the islands the hunt for bigger and more prestigious game grows. In the oceans great fish of enormous size swim. For Clan Mori such a beast is the ultimate challenge and test of skill. With their bone spears and ships they set sail into the southern ocean to trap and kill the first of these sea beasts and thus immortalize the Mori Clan as the masters of the sea.

2. Colonization (+4)
>plot is marked
The growing population of Kattin leads some to look for a new home elsewhere to be away from the regular Clan politics of the city. They sail north, following the western coast of Hango until they find a new suitable spot for a hamlet at the mouth of a small river from which the Oshabi Clan looks to establish a foothold over a new section of Hango Island.
Rolled 2, 6 = 8 (2d20)

>Finish expansion into town (+3)
Adding the final touches to the settlement upgrade so we can house more goblins.
>Establish who worships the sun and the earth (+1)
With the miracle crop touching the goblins they decided to formalize it in a cult to whom they saw as deities responsible for it : the sun, who gave energy to the crops, and the earth, responsible for the life created. It also has a priest as the sun authority and a priestess as the earth authority.
Rolled 8, 18 = 26 (2d20)

The Valeri are destined to rule over the world for it was made for them.

>Action 1: Expand south towards the southern river and make an encampment (pic related)

>Action 2: Explore east along the lake (pic related)
Rolled 3, 4 - 5 = 2 (2d20 - 5)

>1. Develope animal herding (-5)

Our people are desperate. We need to eat, and maybe the odd flightless birds offer some food to our people. If we could catch them and herd them together, so we don't need to hunt them again, that would be a great sucess. But the chances are not good, if we look at the current famine.

>2. Settle new land (-5)

The King sees the desperation of his people, so he makes up a plan. The people need to find new fertile land and settle it. It is already difficuilt to settle land, if you are feed, but without food, it seems like an impossible endeavor. This are truly dark times.
File: file.png (158 KB, 306x414)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>Ramp up anti-squid propaganda
The youth may be fooled by the squids, so we have to remind them that squids are (all) inferior beings and fishmen are the master race. Pic related.

>Expand along the lake
we need more living space for farming and fishing
Rolled 18, 4 = 22 (2d20)

dice roll
also proclaim the fishmen commune
File: file.png (398 KB, 440x293)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Rolled 10 (1d20)


The Kobolds of Atlanta commence a quorum to hold their tribe leader accountable.
The remaining strong Kobolds arrest the leader and make him answer for his poor judgement.
He was accused of pushing his own personal agenda and using a fake disease to spread fear amongst the Kobolds. His records on population and food storage are used to show that with the supposed no growth of population and fear meant to claim the settlement, he had plans to create a big wall, adorned with his features on the wall.
They scream at him that he lied to them about the disease that would stop the growth of the tribe. Young Kobold mothers hold up their new born children as examples of the untruths told by the tribe leader.
A chant of "fake news" begins and the quorom goes out of control.
The Kobolds pelt the bound tribe leader with grape seeds for a week, taking turns so that he is in constant discomfort, pain, and fear.

A new tribe leader, the oldest of the strong kobolds in Atlanta, arises.
He offers penance to the former leader.

He gives the former tribe leader an opportunity to redeem himself by joining an expedition team to the other side of the lake for settlement.
The former tribe leader, covered in bruises in the shape of grape seeds, accepts and promises in front of the whole tribe to never try attain a leadership position again.

>Settle other side of the lake (northern side ideally)

New hamlet called Frankfort
Rolled 11 (1d20)


With the disappearance of the sailors who departed with high hopes, a grim realization has settled in amongst the tribal folk of Viveta.

The elder council has ruled out any possibility of continuing the settling efforts among the ruins in the jungle for the meantime.

The lone survivor had to have his tongue removed, as the tribe folk couldn't stand the screaming after many nightmares any longer.

Prayers are being offered to numerous deities, with the hope of salvation being a common theme.

>Action: Develop Curing Techniques (odd) or Build a Hunting Lodge (even)

Note* Roll result selects the action (odd or even number), said the number would also represent the success/failure factor. (yes being a pain in the arse)
Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Action: try to upgrade Dublin Again
Well, we messed up the first time, but we need this space, so let's try again, what should happen that we mess up again?
ups sry wrong number
The Valeri continue going south to the edges of the world, and settle along a small river in a new type of environment they had never been before: a rainforest. This new biome is full of food, but also full of dangers, some of which we might not know until it’s too late.
During winter, our scouts searched far and wide across the shores of the lake to the east of Valen. During one of these scouting trips, a group of hunters found what appeared to be bipedal lizards a little smaller than ours, and they wear clothes and use tools just like us. At the distance, our scouts also report seeing the distinctive smoke of campfires, so we may as well consider that place a gathering area for them. Our hunters decided to scout the area in which the lizards were seen, and apparently they were foraging small berry bushes which we overheard they call “grapes”. These were tasty, and we should acquire more of them.
>Ku Kobold Klan capital of Atlanta, spotted. Can now do diplomacy with them without having to expend an action.
>New encampment built at the southern edge of the world.
>Valor unity at 2. This grants +2 to all action rolls next turn.
25/34 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 30. Max number of encampments reached, and any new encampment built will replace the farthest one relative to the newly built one.

>Tomb Kings
“Most definitely, these huts suck” is the feeling of most skele-kind. Using the stones derived from the mining operations and some gems to give it aesthetic the newly built ziggurats as we called them will rise to the sky, slowly and shining.
>Khepri improved to settlement level 2: Village. Up to 8 population might live here comfortably.
8.5/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.

>Ku Kobold Klan
Seeing the need for redemption, the old tribe leader was one of the most eager and kept motivating the colonists to move to the opposite side of the great Koboli lake. The trip there was uneventful, and upon reaching a suitable location the old leader made a request: to be given a couple of grapes to taste their sweetness. Despite the protests from some of the younger Kobold mothers in the group, the old strong kobolds granted him his request. Upon tasting them, tears started rolling from his eyes as he fell to the ground, but he knew he had redeemed himself, and died a peaceful death.
>Frankfort settled with overpopulation from Atlanta. Famine avoided but there’s still risk.
9.4/10 Population needed for extra action.
5 Population in Atlanta with 5 food production.
1.6 Population in Frankfort with 4 food production.
2.8 Population in Birmingham with 5 food production.
We managed to finish the upgrade to the settlement but barely, as a weird fungus infection started eating most of the usable wood in the region. Luckily, this didn’t affect either us or our wheat, but might make building stuff harder in the short term.
For now, we formalized the cult for goblins, and now most of our people are being converted into this new faith and leaving their uncultured thinking behind. So far, so good, but the priests now demand better worship places for our gods.
>Sea’s Maw upgraded to lvl 3: Town. Up to 15 population might live here comfortably.
>Get -1 to next roll related to improvements due to lack of usable wood.
>Meet the demands of the clergy to acquire a bonus mechanic.
10.2/14 Population needed for extra action. Food production: 11. Actions next turn: 2

Despite the good intentions of the council, only a reduced group of families hoarded most of the land destined to cultivation. We aren’t sure how they did it, but apparently a loophole in the system allowed them to do this. The farms are better than ever and we can say that we have tamed this portion of nature, but the ramifications of only a few families controlling this food source are still to come.
The council started a plan to improve the layout of Vom Kuhldur and turn it into a great city, but the angry mob of landless dwarves and the trust issues between the different members of the council made this task absolutely impossible. We couldn’t even settle for a simple design before infighting stopped the reunions.
The miners and diggers started with this tradition to bury our dead, and these catacombs now are part of our culture. Not only do these catacombs serve a ritual purpose, but also they somehow have reduced the number of sick our tribe had and the number of wild animals that prey nearby our area. Maybe burying or hiding our dead from them had something to do with this?
>Agriculture discovered, proto-farms upgraded to farms and their food output has been increased.
>Infighting in the council prevented anything good coming from the development roll
>Catacombs created. These work as a defense layer, and a small passive growth boost from sanitation.
9.5/14 Population needed for extra action. Food production: 10. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
The Mori clan set sail to the treacherous open waters to the south to catch the biggest fish of them all: whales. These creatures pose a real challenge for the orcs, but their seamanship in the end won and the Mori clan can now say that they’ve hunted the ultimate king of the seas. Not a single element of the beast is to be wasted, as it’s oil, fat, meat, skin and bones all have a use in everyday life. More clans will try to follow Mori’s footsteps, but the glory is all theirs to take for being the pioneers.
The Oshabi clan moved to settle the northern areas of our home island of Hango, now an area ripe for taking since we managed to master the art of sailing around these isles. Upon arriving at a suitable location, the forward scouts found not only that the area had plenty of edible plants and seafood, but it also had a myriad of natural caves and small lakes of hot water. The news of this discovery reached Kattin and the surrounding areas, and many curious orcs went to these waters to bathe and wonder at their pleasant temperature and have permanently established there, quickly growing the small settlement.
>Fishing ships improvement replaced by whaling. Bonus increased from +1 food to +3.
>Oshabi will be the name of the new settlement in honor of the first clan that reached the area. The discovery of hot springs led to an influx of colonists (bonus population).
10.4/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2.
Kattin has 7.2 population with 9 food production. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
Oshabi has 3.2 population with 6 food production. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth
Down to the ground, the Luthn still find a way to stand up and fight the adversities. They once more grab their tools and with the little force they have they try once again to expand their farms. The first step was the removal of the stones that demolished the old moss farm, which was, surprisingly, a success. However, when trying to improve moss production, once again a worker moved the wrong stone leading to a ceiling collapse and trapping everyone. Apparently, there were no survivors.
The search party continues the tunnel into another room. This cave room felt really odd, may it have been the blue light that illuminated the wall, or maybe the strange whispers that came out of nowhere, it sure was a creepy place.
In the middle of the room, in what seemed like a stone altar, was the child, alive but in shock. The explorers grabbed him and left the hell out of that strange cave. When they were running back home, the kid reacted and started to scream “No please! He’s coming! He’ll be mad!”, before passing out again. Once back in the village, the kid seemed to have forgotten everything he lived through those days, but the weirdest part of it all was that no one could find the path back to that place again, so the bodies of the other children could never be retrieved. May this strange event doesn’t come back to haunt us…
>Moss farm retrieved. +1 Improvement Food.
>Workers died in the cave collapse. -1 population.
>1 population died of famine. -1 population.
4.6/6 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 1. Food Production: 6. Famine ended.

>The Fishmen Commune
The fishmen have embraced their new belief, and no fish shall be considered different between each other. Both land and water is for every fish, and none shall be excluded.
The redistribution of food in New Atlantis made to reach the goal of equality, has left a surplus of food equal to 2 units.
>+2 Improvement food for being fish commies.
The fish younglings have been flooded with anti squid propaganda. They are eager to fight, and are desperate to go to war against their long time enemies. They dream with murderin squids in battle, and feel ready to do so.
However, due to being anxious for battle, no young fishmen were willing to volunteer as settlers. Maybe the next generation will be more interested.
>The youth wants war. +3 one time only bonus for exploring towards the ocean and for deploying troops.
>The new generation only wants to fight. Next turn -1 penalty to every non-related to fighting the squids action.
9.4/14 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 12.
Oh god we didn’t expect that. A group of Koalas went west in search of emus to domesticate them. They seemed quiet at first, looking at us without much interest. Sadly, one of the koalas fell to the ground due to a stone, and in a mere second, every emu around started looking towards him and immediately went full on him. He didn’t stood a chance. Now the koalas will remember his screams every time they try to get closer to Emus. Those vicious beasts are dangerous and they have now tasted koala meat already. Better beware of them.
While trying to settle a new settlement, a group of colonists, driven by hunger and with nothing but their hopes on, arrived at a nice place in which to start their new life.
But one night, a group of Kangaroo invaders arrived at the place, destroying every tent with their fists and clubs. The koalamen tried to fight back and protect their belongings, but the kangaroos were stronger, better equipped and more organized. Soon, every settler was reduced to the ground and taken prisoner, terrified by these creatures who clearly don’t have good intentions towards us. A few koalas died in the fight, but kangaroos weren’t even scratched.
>The Emus are fierce, and we fear them. -2 penalty to every Emu related action.
>Settlers captured (and possibly enslaved) by Kangaroos. -1 population and settling action failed.
>0.9 population died on Eucalyptaria due to famine.
5.4 Population in Eucalyptaria with 5 Food production. Famine continues in Eucalyptaria.
6.9 Population in Dropbearton with 6 Food production. More food sources needed to avoid famine.
12.3/14 Population needed for an extra action. Total food production: 11.

The shamans are not only worth for praying, but they also have been long studying curing techniques, involving medicinal herbs and other tricks. They have developed the ability to heal the sick and help the hurt, leading to Visovians having longer lives and helping us get better when injured in battle. This will surely help us in the future, as we can now stand back up when fallen to the ground.
>Curing techniques developed.
5.8/6 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 7.

>Tuath Dé
Now having learned from their building mistakes, the leprechauns, without loosing hope nor motivation, work hard day and night, until Dublin becomes a much stronger, bigger and firm settlement. It’s funny how this gay leprechauns can fail so bad on a task only to learn from their mistakes and make it much better the next time. Indeed, an extraordinary race.
At the end of the season, Dublin has become such a stable and developed settlement that someone could say that it is one step further towards being improved again.
>Dublin Upgraded to Village. Its level 3, so its one step closer to being upgraded again.
8.6/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food production: 7. Famine started in Dublin.

Eucalyptaria special event: The Roo Kingdom.

One morning during these harsh times, a delegation of Kangaroos armed to the teeth arrived in Ecualyptaria: They brought a message from their king.
It happens to be that the Kangaroos are owners of a great empire to the east, and the village we once saw was nothing but a small settlement. They have conquered other tribes and species by now, and we are the next on their list. But their king is wise, and wants to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, so he comes to us with a surrender proposal: That we, voluntarily become their vassals.
Being vassalized by Kangaroos will mean:
>They will be our rulers and so shall we obey. When they ask us to do something, we must comply (and we better don’t fail). This means that sometimes, we will have to use actions against our own interests.
>As overlords garding their interests, they might help us with some tasks, like giving us food/resources in times of need. We might ask for help too, but its up to them if they comply or not.
>We will gain knowledge about other tribes conquered by Kangaroos.
>Kangaroos enemies will be Koala enemies too, and they do have lots of enemies. Some Koala warriors will be forced to fight in kangaroo wars.
If we reject this offer, war with kangaroos breaks out immediately.
Having said all this, the delegation leaves, but they expect an answer soon.
File: map 6.png (1.01 MB, 1920x1017)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Turn 6 Started. Go on and play
Rolled 4, 17 = 21 (2d20)

>At the realization that several of the oldest families in the city held the majority of the land and some of the seats on the council the rest of the council will attempt to negotiate with them to redistribute the land.
>As the families went on several of the landless families appeal to the council with their plans to improve upon the layout of the city
>As the negotiations went on several of the landless families appeal to the council with their plans to improve upon the layout of the city
Rolled 20, 5 = 25 (2d20)

1. Develop Bows
The Najin work with the materials of the islands. They have made powerful ships from wood. They now look to make powerful bows from wood and whale bone. While not necessarily the traditional weapon of the Najin, a bow offers many advantages over a spear. It would ease the burden of hunting and would be useful in the defense of the hearthstead.

2. Social Hierarchy, the Clans, and the Bakuzan
Najin Orcs are large, powerful creatures. They are built for strength and endurance. They also have curious biological quirks as a result of their evolution. Orc males begin life larger and stronger than their female counterparts. This is not always the case over the course of their lives. As female Orcs give birth to children they grow larger and stronger. A mother with more than a dozen children is a terrifying physical force. Their children likewise inherit this powerful trait. The Najin Clans are matrilineal in nature with every Clan household being run by the Matriarch. Is is the duty of the woman to birth children and manage the home, and so Orcish women are rarely seen outside of their property once married. Orc Clans are very large, with Orc female endeavoring to have as many children as possible to grow both their physical prestige but also their social standing. Orcish men generally run everything not within the home, and almost exclusively do work such as fishing and hunting while women tend to banana farms.

Marriage is a complicated issue in Najin. As the Clans settle into land ownership and political roles control over marriage and unwed females of various Clans becomes essential to the maintenance of the social order. New Clans can tip the balance and lead to greater social struggle. Only pairings approved by the Matriarch are considered legal. In order to prove their worthiness Orcish men must deliver a dowry of prestige to the matriarch that proves they are worthy to marry into the Clan. These trophies can be anything from a hunted boar to a caught whale to some new development that would benefit the Clan or through challenging another clan member to a duel to take their place. While the dowry must be approved by the matriarch it is still a decision that must be accepted by the father as well. As such, a surprising deal of politics and honor duels is required to marry into or leave any Clan. As more Najin dedicate themselves to whaling, the value of whales diminishes and Orcs must find other ways to prove their worth. Clan women are a currency to be used by the matriarchs to increase the standing of the Clan.

The Clans come together in Kattin to elect a Bazukan. As Bazukan, the male would have a tie-breaking vote and would be responsible for leading any major expeditions of more than one clan out of the Najinese archipelago. A bakuzan typically holds power until his death, but one may be voted out of the office. Both voting one in and removing one requires a 2/3rds majority vote.
apparently my post got deleted in this? i rolled a one and twelve and my actions were

>Build a war town near the ocean
We will send many of our peoples (mostly youngsters who are roaring to fight) to make a settlement near the ocean built only to attack. It will be our forward base.

>Train troops
We need more troops for the genocide, and with the majority of our needs met, it is time to attack the squids where we are stronger
(not sure if this is +3 but will put it just in case)

im not sure what happened
Rolled 19 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

The nice new huts are great and are much comfier than what we had before. Settra pats himself on the back for a job well done, than he realizes: there is still not enough room. Making more space in this one would take too long and thus he decided to make a new hamlet near the mine so that the skeletons that love hitting rocks won't have to take such long walks to get there. With ample stones lying around all over the obvious building material will be rocks.
>Create new settlement called altinin (+1 from luxury, +2 from pickaxe mastery)
Rolled 3 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

As Settra was walking around he decided to take a nice swim in the river near Khepri to which he has named: nahr Khepri, creative I know. Either way he found something cool: clay. He played with it for awhile then realized, this could be useful!
>Develop pottery (+1 from luxury)
Rolled 13, 1 = 14 (2d20)

>Develop literature
With the new advancements our tribe experienced, we need a way to record our knowledge and experience to pass to the generations to come
>Build a shrine for the gods (-1)
With the need for a proper worship place, we'll gather wood for the place and also stones for the idols
Rolled 3, 10 = 13 (2d20)

The king decides its time for war. As he heard that the kangaroos have many enemies, he hopes he won't be the main target and able to organize resistance. For that endevaour he needs soldiers, and that not only a few. He hopes the philosophy of the dropbear will make his people able to endure this hard times.
>Recruit dropbears in Eucalyptaria (-5)
>Recruit dropbears in Dropbearton
Rolled 4 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


With the former tribe leader's end, the new tribe leader became emboldened.
Walking through the area of Atlanta, he notices that the grape seeds, spat all around during the past seasons, have grown strong, so strong the vines had formed into bushes.
The grapes are sweetly delicious and so close to their home, but they aren't as large as the original grapes from past generations.
The tribe leader confers with the Birmingham district. The oldest of the Birminghamian Kobolds with the purplest of teeth agrees that something must be done to have the big berries once again.
The old codger goes around Birmingham convincing everyone that they must
Make Grapes Big Again.

The tribe leader could see no flaws innthe MGBA movement ideology and orders that all grapevines and grape bushes to have irrigation dug to them to give them more water, so they can be bigger and juicier once again.

>Terraform irrigation to grapevines and grape bushes wherever they grow in the Ku Kobold Klan's influence.

+1 from terraforming improvement bonus
Rolled 4 (1d10)

> research ways to improve those motherfucking walls because they keep falling apart and that aint gud
The leader’s seat of power grows ever more uncomfortable by the week, almost as if a fire had been lit under it and the people’s rage was fueling it. To think back upon the old times, when everything was fine and the only worry was where to set up camp the next cycle- NO! These are the thoughts of a weakling, and the leader is NOT a weakling! We are rock, we are stone, and the earth cannot bend us for we bend it. Mastery of rock will be ours, wether it likes it or not
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolled 15, 14 = 29 (2d20)

>> 4451713
> Action 1: Increse Food
Our nation is growing that means there are more and more hungry horny leprechauns the only logical step now is to enlarge our sacred potato fields to avoid a famine.
>Action 2: Make New Law
Because we reproduce with potatoes, we also consist partly of potatoes, which means that in case of a famine we need a law that allows us to eat our first-borns in an emergency to avoid a famine.
sry i made an mistake i mean new born and not first-borns
Rolled 16, 14 = 30 (2d20)

>Develop Herding
We need more food for the people

>Conscript Valeri Skirmisher
A larger army is needed to secure our territory.
seems like a modest proposal
The Valeri need to secure more food, and so turn to their hunting skills honed by generations. However, some of the hunters realized that after killing some of the animals, the younglings would often follow them, clueless of what to do next. Often, we just leave these small animals to their devices, or take them back to the tribe to kill them in times of hunger. However, our recent expansion into the untamed rainforests at the edge of the world has come too with new animals. One of these particular species, which we call now “Clever pheasant” has chicks which are particularly receptive to the hunters, especially if they manage to collect the eggs and allow them to hatch. Some of the hunters have even managed to teach them tricks and they happen to be capable of following us, but more importantly, that means that we can keep them around until needed.
The minotaur threat is still an issue of which we aren’t sure if it’s dealt with, and these new bipedal lizards could also be a thorn in our side in the following times. For this, the Valkur has ordered new groups of hunters to be trained and outfitted for battle.
>Clever Pheasants domesticated, but their number is too small to be an important food source. Get +2 to expand Clever Pheasant numbers.
>A new unit of Valor hunters deployed at experienced (+1) rank.
30/34 Population needed for an extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 31
5 units of experienced (+1) Valor Hunters standby.

>Tomb Kings
Seeing the growing numbers of skeles at his orders, and the long trip under the scorching sun that they had to travel when wanting to hit some rocks made evident that a new settlement shall be created to house these hard-working skeles nearby to the mines. Using the stones from the mining, the new settlement was beautifully constructed with stones and gems alike, and it’s shine can even be seen from Khepri. Not only that, but the settlement was made in such a way that it can be easily expanded as needed.
After playing with the clay and feeling it’s changing texture, Settra started wondering what could be done with it… “maybe a clay replica of a skeleton with gemstontes in the eyes would look cool” was what he was thinking before being abruptly interrupted: An enormous crocodile managed to avoid the watchful helldingoes and with a single bite crushed his left arm!
>Settlement of Altinin built. Thanks to the watchful plans laid out by Settra, get +4 to rolls that improve this settlement.
>Settra managed to escape, but his lifespan has shortened. (3/4)
10/18 Population needed for extra Action. Actions this turn: 2. Altinin grows at 1 per turn with 1 population, while Khepri grows at 1.5 per turn with 8.5 population. Khepri needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
>Ku Kobold Klan
Seeing that grapevines where growing everywhere with smaller size than expected, the Kobolds now worked hard to create irrigation channels to ease the watering of the plants. Soon a large number of small canals were built and transported water far and wide across Atlanta, which soon greatly improved the size and sweetness of the berries. Noticing also how the vines grew from the seeds, we realized that we can now plant these wherever we want and they will probably turn into great vines if properly irrigated. The problem is, some of the Kobolds in the settlement soon started to get sick, and some have even been dying due to this new disease.
>No growth at Atlanta due to cholera spread, which might continue until the root of the problem is found.
>Irrigation channels improved greatly the output of the grapes, which now grant a food bonus
12/22 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2.
Atlanta has 5 population with 7 food production. Won’t grow until the cholera epidemic stops.
Birmingham has 4.24 population with 5 food production. Settlement needs an upgrade
Frankfort has 3 population with 4 food production.

Seeing the expanding population and needs of accounting for the wheat production, soon a writing system emerged in the goblin society. At first, it only worked for quantities, but also the need to account for the days of monsoon and the approximate days remaining to the dry season soon transformed this primitive numeric system into a writing system, which is simple enough to be understood by even the most young of goblins, but still needs refining to transfer some of the most abstract knowledge. With this, the great ideas and advancements of goblin civilization will transcend time itself.
Despite the great ideas of building a shrine for our gods, the situation didn’t allow it. The day to day tasks are now much more than before due to the settlement’s expansion, and the great deal of activity derived from the cultivation of wheat and rainforest clearing had much of the available hands busy all the time. Despite the protests by the priests and warnings of what would happen if we were to deny a shrine to our gods, some people just weren’t faithful enough to justify working in building one, and like that the seasons passed. Nothing of note happened, and every day more people abandon their faith because the promises and warnings of the priests didn’t happen at all, but even to this day they keep telling everyone to repent and pray to the gods.
>Proto Writing invented. Over time, this will reduce the difficulty of intellectual pursuits.
>Nothing happens, but the priests keep calling out goblins in the settlement due to their lack of faith and that everyone will repent.
11.4/14 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 11. Famine risk next turn.
As the farming land issue keeps getting bigger, and now the participation of members of the council in the unfair distribution of this land was apparent, the rest of the council and the lesser land owners, joined by many of the landless dwarves, requested a meeting to fix this problem in a fair way. Despite the many and lengthy discussions, the landholders wouldn’t agree to give back the land. Seeing the need for their last resort, the landless council threatened with demanding a public stoning of the landholders for corruption and perversing dwarven society. The landholders, seeing this threat, acted first and quickly joined their accompanying serfs in killing the stupid dwarves who dared to take back what was theirs by right. Now, the landholders control the power of the tribe, and their now armed serfs are ready to eradicate any dwarf who dares question their authority again.
With the power in their hands, the council now prepares to modify Vom’Kolhdur at their will: The landholders will keep the best spots, and have a section of the improvement only for them with great stone mansions and the most important of the stone scriptures, and it will be walled to keep off vermin and poor peasants alike. Meanwhile, the servant militia will have their own headquarters and dedicated craftsmen to keep their weapons always at the ready to strike down on those who dare defy this new order.
>After this coup d’etat, the council is now an oligarchy led by the landholders.
>Next turn you must take a bonus action and choose one of the following:
>A)Revolt against the landholders and try to restore the old council and redistribute the land (Civil war ensues, but get improved farm output if victorious and any surviving units)
>B)Carry on with the development plans designed by these oligarchs (get +5 to upgrading the settlement next turn and the militia is officialized)
10.6/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 10. Risk of famine next turn.

Now that we have seen the tragedy that happens when you don’t work the caves with the respect it deserves, the workers treat the caves carefully, learning of its natural directions and working alongside its shape. If you treat the cave as it is one pure entity, the cave gives back. And so the stone removal and the wall supporting was done more carefully and harmoniously. This time, it was so much of a success that moss grew on its own. Finally we can wake up to see a good day.
>Moss grew up on the fixed wall. +1 improvement food.
6.8/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Food Production: 7.
During these desperate times, the king mandates that the only thing koalas can do to protect their sovereignty is to defend themselves with claws and blood. His orders are clear, spawn dropbear militias in both Eucalyptarian settlements to fight against the kangaroo menace.
Dropbearton, being a settlement that was eager to fight with its dropbear tactics didn’t hesitate to train their strongest men as a batallion. Their training was successful, and at the end of the season they were ready to fight.
However, another story is told in Eucalyptaria. The people of Eucalyptaria, in contrast with Dropbearton, have already seen the power of the Kangaroos when the delegation arrived, and seeing them well fed while koalas starved, made them suggest that their king was being tyrannical at forcing them to go to a war when accepting the kangaroo reign was a better option for everyone. The Koala farmworkers grabbed their tools and occupied the streets, rioting and attacking the loyalists who, desperate for their lives, ran towards Dropbearton, where they could rearrange. Luckily, the king itself managed to flee with the rest of his supporters, but his younger brother, took the chance to fulfill his hunger for power and joined the revolt as a traitor.
The word is that your traitor brother has already been proclaimed king of Eucalyptaria, and accepted the kangaroo vassalization. He must have told the invaders where our location is, so their armed arrival must be expected.
>2 units of Dropbear recruits deployed on Dropbearton
>Lost control of Eucalyptaria. North Eucalyptarya kingdom proclaimed (Kangaroo subject).
>King and his supporters arrived at Dropbearton, taking the royal food supplies with them. +1 population and +2 Improvement food.
8.7 Population in Dropbearton with 8 Food production. More food sources needed to avoid famine.
8.7/6 Population needed for an extra action (Upgrading Dropbearton is needed). Actions next turn: 1. Total food production: 8.

>Tuath Dé
As the population grows, and our people work towards development, more fields are needed to feed those who work all day. Driven by hunger and the success of having built a decent improvement to Dublin, the leprechauns work hard on the farms while singing irish songs. The motivation was high enough that the result made the potato production even larger than expected.
Meanwhile, the king decided to pass a law that allows the leprechauns to eat their new-borns if they need to. In that way they could easily control the population.
>Potato farms growth. +1 improvement food.
>Anti-natality laws. Can choose to eat the new-born as an action. This means spending an action to eliminate that turn’s population growth.
>-1 population due to famine.
8/14 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 8. Famine ended in Dublin, more food sources needed in order to avoid a famine.
A group of youngsters was sent guarded by the glory of its comrades towards the sea to found a settlement able and eager to fight those imperialist squids bastards. The foundation was going well, and working on platforms and defensive structures was all well until one terrible night, a group of squids attacked the fort taking advantage of its weak premature structures. The chaos of the night turned the hatred towards squids in pure fear. Most of the younglings found that they were not playing games of war, and most of them pissed themselves before the squid warriors.
One lone survivor who saved himself because he was taking a piss at the moment of the attack was able to return to New Atlantis to tell the news about the tragedy. The elders of the village, who have once fighted the squids before told everyone that their sons and daughters that were lost that night were probably enslaved and taken far away.
We will not forget our lost comrades, said a voice from the back. We will fight back and free everyone enslaved by those vicious squids. Its time for revolution to knock on their doors. FISH ARM YOURSELVES TO FIGHT THE SQUID MENACE!
>-1 population lost enslaved by the squids.
>2 recruit fishmen militias deployed out of the reaction in New Atlantis.
10.7/14 Population needed for an extra action. Food production: 12.
Catching whales with spears and clubs is an incredibly difficult task, and this is one of the main reasons why the Mori clan is so glorious and famous in these islands. However, a new invention made by the minor clan of the Kiryuin appears to be capable of changing the way of whaling forever: the ballista. The mechanism is incredibly complex and beyond anything that orcish hands had made until that point, and it’s said to have been revealed by a sea snake to the clan head himself. This massive weapon, when properly mounted on the whaling vessels can launch stakes made of whole trees in a single shot, which cause tremendous wounds to the whales, who often die instantly. This has allowed this fairly small clan to reach the stratospheres of Najin society at an incredible speed, and their recent invention of a more portable hand ballista to hunt the many wild boars in the islands has sure made them even more famous.
Following the customs of the Najin, the clans came together to elect a Bazukan to grant stability to our rapidly changing society. Despite much talking and discussion, the clans couldn’t get d’accord, and as it always happens when the clans come together, infighting would follow. However, the Kiryuin clan pulled the strings and played their cards magnificently thanks to their recently acclaimed feats, and managed to secure the Bazukan position in one of their own. Thanks to this, the problems relating to the Bazukan election were avoided for the time being.
>Bows and Ballistas invented. Thanks to the ballista mounted ships, the whaling has seen an increase in food output, and these vessels are now able to be built to be our navy.
>The election of a Bakuzan grants stability to orcish society, which results in a small boost to next developments in settlements. Get +2 to the next two developments.
14/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 2.
Kattin has 8.3 population with 11 food production. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
Oshabi has a 5.7 population with 6 food production. Settlement needs an upgrade for healthy growth.
Turn 7 is on. Make your plays. Sorry for the delay.
Due to festivities, update will be on monday.

Map wil be posted later
Rolled 16, 16 = 32 (2d20)

Well that was a horrible experience, only if we had the ability to shoot at stuff from far away.
>Develop Bows (+1 from luxury)
The trauma and the loss of an arm has affected Settra greatly and mining rocks at the usual spot ain't as fun anymore (cause he can't mine as good since his arm is gone)
It's time to scout for some new mining locations!
>Scout eastwards to the bigger mountains (+1 from luxury)
forgot name again
Rolled 4 (1d20)


With the Elders of the tribe being busy calming everyone down last turn, they decided (or forgot) to actually do something. So now the time has come to get back on track and try again. Some worthy aspirants step forward to head back out to sea. Apparently they had seen some very mighty looking ships hunting whales out there, which has made them a little jealous.

> Sail out to Najins Island. Set up a trade post, invite locals for a shindig.
Rolled 6, 5 = 11 (2d20)

>Increase the size of the Clever Pheasant Numbers

>Transition to sedentary

With the domestication of small birds will no longer need to seasonally hunt. Instead we can protect our herds and stay in place.
Rolled 9, 20 = 29 (2d20)

1. Banana Fabric +2
The banana is a curious fruit. Every part of it can be used. The tough outside can be ground down for paper. The fleshy insides eaten as a healthy meal. Attached to the hard fibrous exterior is a soft fabric-like substance. This can be stripped from the peel along with the stem and turned into a fabric like cotton. It dyes well and is water-proof. From this fabric the Najin will clothe themselves and create textiles worthy of export and sails for their ships.

2. Drying and Smoking +2
Hunting and fishing are a major part of the Najin diet but they spoil quickly. In the years of peace following the election of the Kiryuin Bakuzan some fishermen and hunters experiment with new techniques for making their food last longer. The irony, of course, is that the Clan or even individual that could tackle the problem of food preservation would see their political star rise. Even in times of peace the Najin Clans act as though in conflict.
Rolled 17, 15 = 32 (2d20)

>Scout the squids
We will send some people to look for an easy plan of attack on the fishmen

>Train more troops
we need at least three militias to have a chance at taking them down. We have already declared war, now it is time to follow up on it.
if i can use +3 on any of these actions, i will
Rolled 3, 12 = 15 (2d20)

>Develop a way to preserve Wheat
With the wheat being bountiful for our people, we need to think of how to store it as to safe guard us in harsh times
>Develop fishing
Our settlement is near the shores and also a river which gives us a lot of opportunities to find a good spot to catch fish and other water life
Rolled 10, 20 = 30 (2d20)


>Ku Kobold Klan
The cholera in Atlanta serves to be a real problem, but it appears diplomatic measured with the first contact with the White Winged Men went well.
With our new friends, the Valeri, speaking of God and the history of the world, the White Kobolds want to be more useful and less ignorant.
The White Kobolds of Frankfurt and the White Kobolds of Birmingham immigrated from the great Atlanta, but know that their race once came from a greater place, a mountainous place.
These two hamlets, full with enough clean food for all to eat, simultaneously go on a soul searching quest of their origins.

The White Kobolds of Frankfort, the northern lake hamlet, commence a mining expedition to mine out a mountain of the mountain range to the north.

The White Kobolds of Birmingham pack up their own mining expedition to clear out a portion of the lone southern mountain for their own.

>Frankfort begins mining in northern mountain range

>Birmingham begins mining at Southern mountain
Rolled 17, 3 = 20 (2d20)

Alright, we are not starving anymore. But we will be soon! So we need more sources of food... perhaps the fish from the lake are edible?
> start fishing for food
Also, we have been trying to survive for so long that we forgot to actually live, actually enjoy existing. Perhaps it is time for a new beginning, for a new generation to start living away from their ancestors and make their dreams come true
> expand towards the mountains and make a colony there
File: expand.png (1.29 MB, 1920x1017)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
Rolled 16, 3 = 19 (2d20)

>Action 1: start digging for gold
One day a Twink was walking and had found golden stones near a slope and brought it immediatly to the ruler. The ruler, full of excitement, gave the order to search for more of these stones and even in worse case his people should dig for them.
>Action 2: Expand
It is time to enlarge our country to create more space for our future children, provided they are not eaten.

Rolled 12 (1d20)

>Ambush and steal their supplies

We took already as much food as we could, as we fleed from the city. Now if we are able to steal their last supply, my brother, the traitours bastard, will see how his people will enjoy his rule with nothing to eat. Maybe, if we are lucky, I can even get my brother killed. Eventhough I love my brother, he has to pay for his betrayal. FOR INDEPENCE!
I replied to the wrong number
Rolled 6, 2 = 8 (2d6)

I am picking option B
Actions: Dig x2
Applying my +5 bonus
The Valkur, impressed and seeing that the lizardmen next to us, despite being obviously inferior in terms of quality of life, and even plague ridden as they are, have apparently managed to stay in the same place for their whole lives thanks to their capability of replicating the grape vines. As such, the Valkur has started a campaign between our people to adopt this lifestyle and leave behind the yearly movements that our people have done for centuries. However, seeing that our population was too big to stay all together in the same place, the Valkur equally split the tribe and sent the small groups to six different places, each group led by a distinguished individual hand-picked by himself. However, as the different groups split, the Valor soon found themselves longer sharing a common identity due to the lack of yearly travels where every Valor could share with their fellow tribe during the nomad days, and the accustoming to this new lifestyle has been harsh for a great part of the population. The unity of the Valeri is now being put to the test, as some of the groups even turned back into nomads and others have openly expressed their disdain for this idea and that it will lead the tribe into ruin. Will the Valkur bring them back into the fold again? Or will the Valor return to their separate ways?
Despite the best intentions with the Pheasants, the separation of the tribe into many small groups also led to a separation of the Pheasants and those who had the knowledge about them to properly increase their numbers. As such, only a small part of our settlements have a reproductive and viable population of pheasants, and as our society becomes sedentary, possession of Pheasants is seen as a sign of wealth as these have an insurance against starvation now that we can’t move, and is a visible catalyst of envy in the eyes of the Valor settlements that weren’t capable of properly managing their pheasants population.
>Valeri will now be considered a sedentary tribe
>Change of lifestyle from nomadic to sedentary shakes the very foundations of Valor society, and as such only Valen, Valiant and Vanquish are under our direct control, while Venturian became a nomad tribe and Vantage and Vicious are rebellious settlements.
>Proto herding developed, and 3 Valor settlements receive the development.
>Due to bad rolls, Valor Unity has been reduced to 1.
13/16 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 1. Rebellious settlements don’t contribute population to extra actions. Check population stats for more data.
Valor unity: +1 to rolls next turn.

>Tomb Kings
Seeing the risk that the wild beasts of the river could pose to all skeles, and specially to our king Settra, the most crafty of skeles were determined to find a way to stop that threat from a distance, in a way that would allow the average skele to kill any beasts at a distance while being safe. Upon much tinkering with the gemstones and stones, no material could be found to make the bows, but after thinking out of the box for some time, the skeles finally managed to find the materials needed to make this new weapon: the bow. Using tendons scavenged from the many mouse deers carcasses that are scattered in the desert, and wood from the many hardy trees in the riverside, the bow created was reliable and easy to make, but it’s main distinction from other bows is the arrows: these are made by the expert jewelers from the strongest of gemstones, and they can slice some of the hardest hides known to us.
While scouting to the east in search of new things to mine, our scouts found something incredible: an apparently white hillside in the middle of normal, sand and dirt colored mountains. The scouts took some of this material back to Scorpion, and he told them that this was something entirely different from regular gemstones. This could be an incredible finding and we should definitely build a settlement here to start exploring this area more in depth.
>Bows developed, and their arrows make them especially effective.
>Get +3 to building a settlement in the eastern mountains area.
>Silver discovered.
12/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check population stats for more data.
>Ku Kobold Klan
The Kobolds in Frankfort go mine to the northern hills, searching for a good source of materials to upgrade their settlements in the foreseeable future. One of the mining parties, however, reported finding a weird lump of rocks with gray reflecting chunks. This weird material was therefore named tin, because the kobold that found it was named Tin. We don’t have any use for it right now, but it looks pretty enough and is mesmerizing for the younglings.
The Kobolds in Birmingham go mine to the southern hills, in an effort to find a material able to withstand the cold temperatures in the region and allow them to make better tools. Despite much searching, prospecting the mountains far and wide, the Kobolds didn’t seem to find anything useful, and instead used their time and the already extracted stones to create terraces in the hillsides to grow grapevines. However, one night a brilliant red colored bird that was made out of an orange-reddish material that mirrored the stars appeared in front of the prospecting party as they were preparing their stuff to return home. The bird, despite her appearance, was agile and preferred to run instead of flying, and with it’s metallic sounding chirp attracted the miners, who followed her across the valleys and the hillsides, mesmerized by the creature. Upon dawn, the party found themselves in a small cave entrance where the bird was awaiting for them. The cave was covered in the same material as the bird, and the dawn’s sunlight mirrored across the wall, giving it a mythical aura. The miners soon took out their tools and started digging, extracting the minerals to carry back home while being sure that such a situation was an omen of the importance of this material. Upon filling their bags, the miners made sure to give small flakes of the mineral to the bird, who appeared to thank them and carried them to an unseen location.
>Proto mine created at Frankfort and Birmingham
>Tin discovered at Frankfort
>Copper discovered at Birmingham
>Proto + Irrigation developed at Birmingham
>Atlanta’s epidemic continues.
15/22 Population needed for extra action. Actions next turn: 2. Check population stats for more data.
In an effort to store part of the wheat we produce for the harsher months, and to allow it to last for more time, a great stockpile was made specially for it with the utmost care. With optimism in their hearts and minds, the goblins stored a great quantity of the wheat they had produced with their hard work and sealed the stockpile to keep the wheat safe from vermin and the climate. However, after some months a putrid smell started coming out from the stockpile: apparently a small hole in one of the walls allowed the pesky vermin to come in and out of the stockpile at will, and the putrid smell was their excrement, contaminating the wheat and making it unusable.
Seeing that sometimes the fish in the river would get caught in the many reeds that are dotting the riverside, some of the goblins came up with the idea of making artificial nets made of these reeds to catch the fish. At first, the goblins fished like this only in their free time, but now that the efficiency of this has been proven many goblins are dedicating themselves full time to craft these nets and placing them along the river.
>Due to loss of production get -3 to food from farms this turn.
>Proto fishing development created at Sea’s Maw.
>No growth at Sea’s Maw this turn, and risk of famine next turn if food isn’t equal or superior to population.
11/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 9. Risk of famine next turn.
“dorfs are not retards they shall have property!” is the scream that starts the revolution against the usurpers that corrupted the council, and allowed the lands to be distributed between only a few of the dwarves. With this rallying cry, the populace of Vom Kohldur marched against the council building with improvised weapons and torches. However, the oligarch’s servant militia was ready to take down the revolters and as they pushed the protestors back with extreme violence, soon the soil started turning red from dwarven blood. Despite their efforts, the protestors were dispersed or slain due to their inferior equipment, and soon the militia started seeking the stone scriptures, taking them back to their patrons who now hoard the accumulated knowledge on harvesting and foraging of our people. The populace has been beaten, but the underground resistance will rise again to revolt, this time with real weapons!
In the following days, an attempt from the resistance to dig a tunnel to the council building and assassinate the oligarchs was found out due to treason inside the group, and the caught rebels were stoned to death in the central area of the settlement.
Another group of revolutionaries entered the catacombs under Vom Kohldur, and carefully dug out small refugees and hiding spots for them to ambush the militia once they enter the area. Despite their best efforts, some of the revolutionaries died in the process due to being caught or due to collapsing tunnels.
>Revolution against the oligarchs path chosen, can only control the rebel forces.
>Due to events the revolutionaries weren’t capable of winning the upper hand against the council, and are now hiding in the catacombs under Vom Kohldur. Some population lost due to the massacre.
>Strength of the revolution: 60%. Strength of oligarchs: 300%
>Most actions are locked, can only gather more support from the population or hamper the regime.
7.8/6 population needed for extra action. Vom Kohldur is considered rebellious due to being in control of the opposing regime. Actions this turn: 1.

>King Koala the Great
Making use of the expert ambushers of dropbears, the enemy didn’t see it coming. The Kangaroo delegation with the supplies was quickly ambushed by the king and his koalas, and the supplies secured after a brief but decisive combat. However, as the troops were preparing to bring back the supplies to Dropbearton the traitorous bastards at Eucalyptaria were spotted in the distance, coming as fast as they could to secure the supplies. Seeing this, the supplies were torched as the dropbears faded into the environment thanks to their abilities. With their supply lines broken, it’s only a matter of time for the Eucalyptarian people to revolt back to us.
>Defectors and fleeing refugees from Eucalyptaria join us as they flee from starvation, and bring whatever supplies they could find.
>Eucalyptaria is at the verge of collapsing.
>Get a unit of dropbears at amateur rank at dropbearton.
9/6 population needed for extra action. Dropbearton needs an upgrade. Food production: 9. Growth capped.
Fish? For the Luthn? Madness! At least, that was what some thought. The Luthn are moss farmers and cave dwellers and that lifestyle had been harsh, but their own. They were not surface fishermen! All of that changed when a group of Luthn returned to the settlement carrying with them an enormous haul of fish. The Luthn ate them raw. The Luthn wanted to learn. It had been austerity and borderline starvation for so long that this feast was spoken of months afterward. The Luthn learned to fashion nets made with rope fashioned from a cave plant. Using these Luthn fishers dredged the lake to and fro, gathering up a sweeping haul of fish. Their methods were passed on to a new generation of fishermen who then passed it onto another. A tradition of fishing the calm lakeside with net and rope was established.
Some Luthn looked to the distant horizon and thought of a new home, a new settlement. The tribe elders forbade them. Things were only just now truly looking up. The settlement was still very small, and food was plentiful. Better to stay at home where it was safe and provisioned than venture off into the cursed bright to parts unknown. There would be no settlement, not this generation.
>No new settlement built.
>Proto + fishing development built at Creuge. Get +2 to improve fishing development next time.
8.8/14 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 11.
We sent our brave scouts to check the squids whereabouts to help our war plans. Not only did they find a weak spot, but possibly a dozen or more that we can use in our plans for the final victory against these scum. Their report was so optimistic and detailed, that even more fishmen decided to take up the arms to fight them, now that our victory is almost certain thanks to this valuable information.
The enthusiasm derived from the scouts report soon spread like a giant wave through our people, filling them with enthusiasm, hope and valor. We had no lack of recruits this time as the fishmen gathered and encouraged each other to help end the squid menace , and everyone gave their best to train and keep their weapons in good condition. This newly formed army will be our spearhead against these imperialists!
>Successful recruitment and enthusiasm grant 3 + 1 more fishmen militia at experienced rank (+1)
>The information on our enemies grants us an edge of +5 for a roll against them.
13.9/14 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2.
The Elders allow these brave men to set sail and try to find the whalers of Najin island. Using a repurposed fishing ship, the men entered the sea and went beyond the horizon. We waited for a long time for their return, but to this day, they haven’t made it back and we do not know what happened to them.
>The scouts haven’t made it back… yet?
>Next turn, as a bonus action roll a d20 to see what happened to the scouts.
6.5/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 7.
>Tuath Dé
Incredibly excited for the golden stones, the ruler himself with his close friends and the most eager of the leprechauns went to the location where the gold was found and started digging. As the search dragged on, more and more small golden nuggets were found on the riverside… and as they came closer to the moving waters they saw the sparkle of a thousand nuggets in the riverbed. With unparalleled dexterity and precision, the many leprechauns soon started picking this bountiful treasure from the riverbed and gathered a great quantity of these rocks, with more and more being extracted each day from the river. Despite being pretty, now that they got the gold the leprechauns wonder, what it could be used for?
The plans for expanding were ready, and most of the supplies for this expedition were carefully prepared to ensure the success of the colonists, but the expedition never took place. Everyone was too busy gathering gold in the river to go and settle somewhere else where there could be no gold at all, as a life with no gold is a life not worth living for.
>No new settlement created this turn.
>Large quantities of gold found near Dublin, Proto placer mining development acquired.
>Leprechauns fascination with this newly acquired gold grants +2 to rolls related to it.
8/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Lack of food sources prevents growth. Food production: 8.
The orcs from the Tomoji clan surprised everyone at Kattin when they requested the presence of the clans for an important issue. Despite being a small clan, and not having the pedigree needed to make such a bold request, the Bakuzan decided to grant them the right of a meeting. Normally, lesser clans are too busy fighting each other to make a collaboration towards orcish civilization, but this time was different. In an exceptional display of ingenuity and collaborative spirit, the Tomoji clan shared with every of the present clans their newly developed method of weaving textiles with banana fibers. They claim it’s a much better choice for animal leathers, which are already scarce in our islands, and since it can be mass produced from the easily acquired bananas the new textiles can be used to harness the power of the wind to improve our seafaring abilities.
Thanks to our ships the infinite resources of the sea are at our grasp our food production is bigger than ever, and for the first time since anyone can remember the food isn’t scarce, but rather abundant and some of it is even going bad. Usually, the spoiled meat is thrown into the ocean or used as bait, but some of the Oshabi fishermen, while trying to boost their food production to increase the growth in Oshabi apparently found a way to preserve the fish: smoking. Not only that, but apparently the whale butchers of the Mori clan found in parallel another way of preserving the firm meat of the whales while trying to gain the upper hand against the Kiryi: sun-drying it and curing it with sea salt. At first, both methods were only available in their respective settlement, but the Bakuzan, seeing how much the Najin would benefit from having these methods of preservation available for every clan, soon managed to strike a deal between the Oshabi and Mori clans to share the new developments with every other clan.
>Proto + preservation developments built both at Kattin and Oshabi.
>New preservation methods and clan stability grant a small permanent growth boost.
>Banana textiles improve boat’s maneuver and environment bonus output from coasts.
18.9/18 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Oshabi needs an upgrade to contribute more population to bonus actions. Oshabi and Kattin need upgrades to allow for more developments. Check population stats for more data.
Global event: The coldest period of the Neolithic

At first it was a faintly visible mist over the horizon, but as the days and nights went by the thickening mist in the air started getting more intense, as smoke and ash from distant lands started drifting across the surface of the continent, slowly growing and covering the skies with their grey and black colored clouds. These gigantic ash clouds block the sun, lowering temperatures and disrupting normal animal and vegetal life alike. The rains have become scarcer, and even the rain seems contaminated with soot and ash, blackening the soils, rivers and killing the less prepared animals. Great migrations are happening around the continent, and fishes have disappeared from their usual locations as the living beings search for suitable places to survive this freeze. As resources dwindle, some of the more desperate animals might subordinate themselves to secure a food supply. No one knows when this will end, but the severity of this climate could threaten the very existence of the intelligent races that roam the land. The following are the effects that will apply until the event ends.
>Environment food reduced by 2 in each settlement.
>Get -4 to rolls related to agriculture, fishing and hunting.
>Get +2 to rolls related to herding and preservation.
>Tomb kings only: Growth reduced by half.

And with this, turn 7 is started. Take your actions.
Rolled 9 (1d20)

>>Eucalyptaria is at the verge of collapsing

>Offer my brother again to submit to my rule and to lead the Kangaroo forces into an ambush

It was such an thrilling feeling, attacking the jumping bastards and seeing their blood spilled. But afterwards as I saw the traitours Koalamen hunting us, I felt pity. They were of such poor constitution, that they barely followed us. This war shouldn't go any further. I can't lead a war against my people and my brother. My own brother, who betrayed me, but whom I love regardless like all my subjects.

I will offer him peacedeal, so all my people can live free again. My plan consists on the assumption that the Kangoaroo will send more units to secure the supply lines, because food is a rare good in this cold times, but instead my brother shall lead them into an ambush. Then during the battle his forces shall turn on the Kangaroos. This should lead to such a slaughter, that never again a Kangaroo will jump a foot on our land. If he doesn't accept, I will resume my ambushes, till his people or even myself will kill him.
Send scouts to search for places to establish a new home or base of operations preferably near the mountain.

Find new sources of food.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

Rolled 2 (1d20)

Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolled 9, 18 = 27 (2d20)

Settras great intuition pays off once more as he finds even more shiny things! (technically others did but it was under his orders). A mine must be created to harvest these metals.
>Build new mine atop the silver deposit (+1 from luxury, +2 from pickaxe mastery)
Feeling in a better mood Settra declares that he will try his hand once more at the clay! This time though he won't go himself but he will send the Dingos and a skeleton named Sarim.
>Develop Pottery (+1 from luxury)
Rolled 7, 3 = 10 (2d20)

>Continue to find a way to preserve wheat (+2)
While we have failed to prevent the vermin from ruining our stocks, with this new knowledge and the coming winter we need to make our food last longer more than ever.

>Explore the south
Since the mist started to appear, some have proposed to look for new land to acquire food from or perhaps some new animals, judging by the different sounds people by the border reported hearing after the mist. (pic for reference)
Once again dice decides to fug me. Forgot pic but there’s no difference now
Rolled 4, 13 + 10 = 27 (2d20 + 10)

Our preperations are complete. We must now attack the squids who dared to attack us in the Marine war. We will not fail, not with what has happened. We march towards the squids, and either we destroy them, or they destroy us
(Both actions to attack the squids)
Rolled 6, 11 = 17 (2d20)

1. Upgrade Oshabi
The growth of the Najin population in Oshabi has spilled out of the hamlet and begun to spawl along the coastlines. Oshabi-ban ordered elements of her Clan and those that kept to its allegiance to expand the settlement's center to better include the wealth of new farmsteads. Oshabi would become a settlement to rival its cousin in Kattin.

2. Recruit Troops
[1 Spearmen, 2 Archers, and 1 Warship]
Among the Major Clans - Mori, Oshabi, Kiryuin, and Tomoji - drums were beat in Clan strongholds. By now the bow had spread to every Clan, while the Kiryuin held firm grip on the construction of their ballista. It was the first time that the Bakuzan himself ordered a force comprised of all the Clans under Najin rule to provide for some degree of common defense. Until now, they had kept and maintained their own small Clan forces to maintain control of Clan territory. The Kiryuin Clan was tasked by the Bakuzan to provide warships, while the other Major Clans set about the process of recruiting archers and spearmen from their extensive populations to fill out the ranks.
Rolled 12, 4 = 16 (2d20)

Action 1: Increase the population of the pheasants

>Diplomacy: Send pheasants to the rebellious tribes to try and bring them back under are wing. Diplomat says "We Valor must stand strong together, through thick and thin. We send these pheasants to help you get through these trying times. We hope you will see the error of your rebellious ways."
Rolled 13, 5 = 18 (2d20)

Truly, these are hard times, and perhaps the old ones were right in not letting a new settlement be founded. Perhaps the answer is to stay here and make our home better before we move on?
> improve the settlement
Our rocks shall protect us from the evil air spirits that throw and chuck their foul wind and deadly cold at us!
Perhaps we should ally with other creatures of the rocks, to form a bastion against the air
> look for beasts to tame in the caves where we came from
The tame roll has a +2 because of herding so it’s a 7. Not sure if improving the settlement counts as preserving

>Ku Kobold Klan

The leaders of Atlanta, Birmingham, and Frankfort meet to discuss the return of the cold. Some of the White Kobolds like the icy winds on their skin as they honour their believe to be passed ancient dragon mother. Despite this, the food that is usually gathered from the environment, which makes up the primary of the food the White Kobolds eat has brought issue to the Klan as a whole.
The tribe leader of Atlanta speaks of the village being rife with chlorea but has extra food that goes unused.
The tribe leader of Birmingham speak of great copper mines found and red shiny birds who seem super friendly. They believe these two new discoveries would be useful for the tribe, and press that they could lead to new improvements for the Ku Kobold Klan as a whole.
The tribe leader of Frankfort speaks hallowedly of how half of the food that they need to eat has disappeared. He fears many will die.
The two other tribe leaders are agasped. They do not wish for any to suffer from faminine.
The consensus came that prioritizing Frankfort's needs. The plans of the food stores used in Atlanta will be used as templates for stores to be terraformed in Frankfort.
On a secondary motion, all tribes of the Klan will explore uses with this shiny red metal.
On closing notes, it was spoken of a need to improve the standard of living of all Kobolds and some way to connect them so they can work together as all White men should.

>Develop copper tools.

No bonus to this roll.

>Terraform food stores at Frankfort
(+2 from event and +1 from terraforming settlement improvement bonus= +3)
Rolled 15, 16 + 3 = 34 (2d20 + 3)

Idk why it didn't roll the first time
Rolled 19, 14 = 33 (2d20)

>> 4463172
Action 1: Start preserving
Start preserving our food (including babies in case of emergency)
Action 2: create jewelry
Due to the approaching ice age our people are beginning to feel depressed. We should boost the mood with the newly discovered gold so that nobody is sad
for the action number 1 dont forget the +2 because the preserving
And for number 2 too bcuz gold
Valkur sees that he needs to bring his people once again together in these harsh conditions, and what better to unify the people than food security, especially in these hard times. By breeding and then giving out the pheasants to the rebellious settlements, another settlement joined back under central command, however the Valeri who turned nomad are nowhere to be seen after we gave them the birds. On the other hand, the Valor at Vantage already had pheasants, so the gift had no effect on bringing them back.
>Vicious is no longer rebellious and gets proto herding development.
>Valiant gets proto herding development from pheasant population growth.
19.44/30 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Valor Unity grants +1 to all rolls next turn.
Growth at Valen and Valiant stopped due to not enough food.
Vanquish is at risk of famine next turn: food consumption (4) bigger than production (3)!
Vantage is still considered a rebellious settlement. Check population stats for more data.
>Tomb Kings
Settra’s orders to dig are followed. A new mineshaft is sunk deep into the earth to search for illusive veins of metals. The silver spiderwebs through rock and soil and tireless skeletons dredge the purifying metals out of the earth in endless shifts. Entire sections of mountainside are painstakingly excavated for the mine.
Elsewhere Settra busies himself with the latest affectation. Wet mud, dried into shapes! How neat! It provides Settra with hours of enjoyment as he forms cups, jugs, big tiddy skeleton girls, and helldingoes from clay and fired in small ovens. Soon he applies paint to them by mashing up fruits and paints wonderful pictures of a life long gone. Some of his skelebros are naturally concerned with Settra neglecting his duties in favor of playing the artist, but no one can really say he’s a bad potter. He’s actually quite good at it. Shame Skeletons don’t really have anything to preserve in pots.
>A basic mine was created in Altinin to extract the silver.
>Get +3 next turn to work with silver.
>Development of pottery is finished and now used for small sculptures. Get +5 to develop sculpting next turn.
13.25/18 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check population stats for more data.
>Ku Kobold Klan
While analyzing and planning the construction of the storages from the basis of the storage at Atlanta, the kobolds from Birmingham proposed the use of this new red metal as a building material. Seeing that the large quantities of it should be used for something more than just looking at it, the planning group started looking into the copper. At first, there wasn’t much success using it raw, but some of the kobolds had an idea: what if they were to heat it?. Throwing the copper into a campfire, after a while soon the metal started to melt and changed his physical appearance, and once the campfire died out they tried to retrieve the metal, seeing that it was once again solidified, and it was much harder than before. Immediately the planning office saw that this material was better suited for making complex tools thanks to the ease of molding it with heat, and soon Birmingham became the home of large kilns and pits especially made to melt and work with copper.
Now that the planning committee had finished their job with the copper, now they started working on the stockpiles. Seeing that the original design was sturdy and protected the food well, little improvements were made here and there to streamline their construction, and thanks to the newly-acquired copper tools a more precise construction was possible. Thanks to this, the construction of stockpiles became an easy task and is now one of the pillars of our people’s infrastructure.
>Copper tools acquired, these will lower the difficulty of manual labour and allow for more advanced pursuits, and the copper extracted in your lands can now be used for other developments and trading of copper items.
>Stockpiles development improved to basic across the board, and one was built in Frankfort.
>Streamlining of stockpile designs and experience in terraforming means that every new and existing settlement will get a basic stockpile. (Birmingham needs an upgrade to allow for the free stockpile).
>Atlanta’s cholera epidemic has reduced its severity, allowing for timid growth.
17.3/22 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2.
Birmingham needs an upgrade to allow for more useful population and developments, and growth capped due to lack of food sources.
Frankfort’s max number of developments reached, upgraded to keep developing.
Check the population stats for more info.
Even before the Great Chill grain farmers had long had issues with preserving their grain. In order to make the storage more efficient and to increase the amount of product saved many farming communities bind together to build and store their grain in communal granaries. The process is mildly successful, keeping larger amounts of grain stable for later consumption and the close bonds between farmers makes the sharing of essential seeds and labor a simpler process. Most importantly the granaries keep frost and moisture from ruining entire harvests, alleviating the pressure on the populace.
Other explorers leave from Sea’s Maw following the river south. As the mist rolls in from the sea and fog obscures the world and the river those intrepid explorers disappear from sight. One returns some weeks later. The party had followed the river south where they found a lake. They had stayed there scouting it out for a day when things got bad. One day, one of the party was snatched up by a giant flying bird with four legs. The party then took shelter in a cave, realizing the sky was the domain of the birds. The next day, two of the party were missing. Only a thin blood trail discovered by accident led them to a covered over nook that led deep into the rock. When the party went to investigate they delved deep to discover a race of nearly opaque cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers feasting upon the remains of the goblins. The explorers attempted a stealthy retreat, but came across a group of large chitinous bugs that spat a venom so virulent that flesh slought from bone. The remaining few fought with sticks and stone spears, and yet more were dragged screaming into the cave to be consumed by the terrifying creatures. At least two emerged from the cave. Bleeding. Bloodied. Traumatized. They made their way home. One succumbed to injury and malnutrition. Food for the worms. The survivor lived to tell the tale.
>Proto stockpile built at Sea’s Maw.
>The expedition only found dangers.
12.9/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 13.
>Dwarf Revolutionaries
Seeing that the catacombs were dangerous already and it was only a matter of time before the regime killed them all, the revolutionaries sent scouts to look for a new base of operations. After returning, the scouts informed of a hidden area near the mountains, from where the rebels could stage their actions and proposed to move there ASAP. With urgency and taking stolen supplies and most of their local symphatizers, the dwarfs escaped Vom Kohldur under the wings of the night, and followed the river upwards in the direction of the mountains. Upon reaching, the revolutionaries established themselves in a cave behind a particularly beautiful waterfall, hiding in plain sight if the regime was to ever try to find them.
>A new settlement (name it) was created in the mountains, from where you can stage your next actions.
>Sympathizers and stolen supplies grant extra food and a small military. (+2 to environment food)
>Controlling a settlement means you are no longer bound to guerrilla actions, and may focus on developing once again.
2/6 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 1. Food production: 5.
Much of the Luthn’s efforts go into making their home a more study place. Colder weather necessitates a complete change in the design of buildings. They need to be proofed against cold weather, and so the practice of construction using mud for walls and roofs woven from moss tied to planks while the house itself is sunk a little into the earth is practiced. The point, naturally, was to maintain warmth while not being stifling in the muggy southern summers. More buildings pop up as the village slowly grows its way into a town, incorporating small family settlements that had been on the outskirts and swallowing up a small fishing village as the settlement grows toward the lake.
In the caves connected to the growing township a series of eggs were discovered. It’s unsure of what they’ll hatch into, if anything, but they’re brought to the surface anyway.
>Creuge has started to being improved, will finish upgrading with another roll to settlement lvl. 3.
>Eggs found of an unknown creature? Next turn roll 1d20+2 as a bonus action to find out what hatches from them.
9.8/14 Population needed for an extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 10.
>King Koala the Great
With cunning, King Koala the Great managed to sneak personally into Eucalyptaria to talk with his brother. In the streets, much of the population seemed malnourished and with angry faces, with eucalyptus to eat barely around: a revolt could be felt in the air. Using the dropbear tactics, the King sneaked without being seen by the Kangaroo guards outside the tent into his brother’s den and spoke to him. At first surprised, soon his brother apologized for the suffering that his actions had caused to the people, and offered a plan to fix things: He would incite a revolt in Eucalyptaria and time it with the King’s liberation army, and in parallel go to the Kangaroo Kingdom to ask for support as a facade for his true intentions: Talk with the other subjugated tribes once arriving at the Kangaroo court and start sabotaging them from the inside, maybe even inciting them to openly rebel. Agreeing to this master plan, the King returned to Dropbearton to rally his troops.
>Get +3 bonus on the roll to liberate Eucalyptaria thanks to the revolt plan.
>Once the campaign to liberate Eucalyptaria is started, roll a bonus d20 to determine the success of the King’s Brother in the Kangaroo court.
9/14 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Dropbearton’s growth is capped due to not enough food production.
The Fishmen swim to war! They march to the beat of drums, spears in hand, and hatred of the squid fresh upon their lips. They have dyed themselves red and covered their faces in intricate designs said to ward off blows and terrify the enemy. Their numbers are swelled by the addition of more fishmen who join the party as they march. Indeed, recruitment is so high that entire families have had men and women join the army. Soon it swells to an enormous size, all ready to put an end to the Squid menace.
>Get 3 more fishmen militia to strike the squids at experienced rank (+1)
>All the militias will now strike the enemy (Roll 4+5)
13.9/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. New Atlantis is at risk of famine next turn: food consumption (13.9) bigger than production (12)!
>Tuath Dé
Seeing the cold weather was wreaking havoc on the populace and available food, the leprechauns finally decided to stop looking at gold and started focusing on improving their potato capabilities. In an effort to preserve them, they accidentally discovered that a strange brew could be made with the potatoes that despite not looking healthy, sure made everyone happier. Focusing on improving this new potato-based brew, the leprechauns soon started filtering it using small textiles and soon created a strong drink that helped battle the cold, hunger, thirst and even heartbreaks: potato vodka.
Seeing the maleability of gold when bit, soon the more crafty of leprechauns started working on making figures out of it: potatoes, babies, leafs and whatever they could figure, as the gold was incredibly easy to mould even with the most basic tools. One day, a drunken leprechaun accidentally threw his whole gold nugget collection into a campfire, and saw that the gold melted and took a really weird shape. He didn’t figure anything and fell asleep after crying about it, but his friends did and now are expert smelters, capable of turning small pebbles of gold into beautiful figurines of potatoes that are so lifelike that some of the leprechauns even tried to use them to make gold vodka.
>Proto + stockpile development at Dublin will be built once the settlement is upgraded
>Jewels acquired, but in too little quantities without a dedicated development. Proto Jewelers will be built once the settlement is upgraded
>Vodka acquired as a Luxury resource derived from farms, and will grant +1 to all rolls as long as you control it. Build a distillery development to upgrade production and export it to other tribes.
6/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. 240 babies were eaten to prevent famine. Food production: 6.
The coalition of clans in Oshabi started improving the infrastructure of the settlement, clearing the surrounding trees and nivelating the ground to allow for more population to live there comfortably and to house the ever-increasing fishing industry. However, infighting between the clans soon started to become a problem in the underway project. Frequent changes in the scheduling due to clan issues, and a general lack of cohesion in the workforce has made the upgrade shabby to say the least, and the clans in Kattin laugh at their northern cousins due to pretending to rival Kattin with such a badly done settlement.
Despite the Bakuzan’s orders to mobilize a portion of the clan’s strongest to create a permanent military force for Najin, the resulting combined army wasn’t as spectacular as it could’ve been due to the constant fights between members of the same unit. Even when working for a common goal, orcs manage to find differences and fight each other.
>Oshabi has been upgraded to settlement level 2: Village. Up to 14 population might live here comfortably, and +2 development slots.
>Oshabi’s infrastructure is full of problems that will make upgrading this settlement harder than normal. -2 to rolls to upgrade this settlement and to build developments in it.
>Troops recruited at Kattin at regular (0) skill level.
18/30 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3.
Oshabi is at risk of famine due to consumption (8.2) bigger than food production (8). Check the population stats for more details.

And with this turn 8 is started. Take your actions and remember the small ice age is still a problem to be solved.
Rolled 17, 6 = 23 (2d20)

One of Settras close aides was thinking about crocodiles. The skeletons have ways to combat them from afar but if they got close enough they would be boned (pun intended). Thus he decided to create a new weapon with the newly acquired resource of silver. He calls it a sword and its small in size compared to the spears but it’s effective in close quarters. At the end of the weapon it decides to curve which makes it looks cooler and helps with slashing.
>Develop swords (+1 from luxury, +3 from silver)
As Settras aide was too busy making his new toy, he had more time with his clay skeleton waifu. Realizing he is becoming entranced by it he decides to use his clay powers to help all of skele kind! (So they let him play with his clay toys longer).
Thus he decides to create clay sculptures. Not only are they good decorations but some skeletons can even wear them, making them much more intimidating.
>Develop clay sculptures (+1 from luxury, +2 from pickaxe mastery as I’m using them as pseudo chisels, +5 from sculptures)
Rolled 17, 14 = 31 (2d20)

>Expand stockpile (+2)
With the success of preserving our food, we need to expand our reserves to survive this winter

>Develop bows
After the reports from the sole survivor of the disastrous expedition south we need to better arm ourselves in case a pack of those beasts comes near the settlement
Rolled 14, 19, 19 = 52 (3d20)

1. Explore East (+2)
A group of Orcs with few prospects are led by a man named Wokou. His father had told him once of visitors from beyond the sea. His father had told him that tale and his father before him. Wokou, seeing no chance at glory or status whaling and hunting like the others, convinces other clanless Orcs to join him. They pitch in for a ship and some weapons and set sail heading east, toward the rising sun. Who knows what they will find? For Wokou, he hopes it is glory, wealth, and a chance for a Clan of his own.

2. Ports and Lighthouses
The trip between Oshabi and Kattin was not necessarily a dangerous one, but it was primitive. There were no lighthouses or paths to mark dangerous spots of sea and so travel between the two towns was rare. The Bakuzan, looking to rectify the problem, instructs both the Mori and the Oshabi to work together to better the sea infrastructure of both so that sea travel between the two towns would be safer for all involved. Then, with the two linked by well-traveled sea lanes the trade and health of both settlements could flourish. There was a hidden ulterior motive. The Kiryuin made the largest ships, and any freight would naturally involve the ruling Clan getting some additional benefit from the use of its boats to carry cargo. Devious, and somewhat obvious.

3. Pig herding (+2)
The forests of Oshabi were home to large numbers of pigs. In time, to alleviate the growing food pressure brought on by the sudden chill, they took to feeding pigs with leftover fish parts and leading them around to better spots for the big dumb fuckers to do pig stuff that ideally didn't involve the damn things running amok in the town.
Rolled 15, 19 = 34 (2d20)

>Increase reliance on underwater fishing
In order to offset the effect the cold is having on our crops, we will send more fishmen to fish underwater. Since the majority of fishmen are now accustomed to the lake, we will be fine

We need to expand around the lake anyways (to get more fishing space) so we might as well do it now
Rolled 11, 13 = 24 (2d20)

Action 1: upgrade my Settlement
Our city has to get bigger we have discovered so many beautiful things like vodka or gold it is time to get bigger. #LeprechuanFirst
( Dont forget the post >>4451713)
Action 2: upgrade farm
We need more food the babies get on our nerves when you eat them and they just crying all time .
Rolled 6, 8 = 14 (2d20)

>improve farms

Now that we have the oppurtunity to strike back at the empire, we should strive to make the transition as smoothly as possible. If we fail, and we have nothing to fall on back, it will look dark for us. Therefore we will improve our food farms, so that as soon the supplies from the kangoroos stop to arrive, we can feed on our own our people.
>recruit more dropbears

Now that we are close to the attack, we need to get everybody to arms. Only if we are truly ready to attack, we should strike. As the ancient Dropbear once said: "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win"
Rolled 18, 3 + 1 = 22 (2d20 + 1)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The White Kobolds across the three tribes are estatic. Celebrations occur once every fortnight for their triumphs over the ground: Big stores for their grapes and the copper that made it all possible. No White Kobold goes hungry and all bellies are full. The cold weather invigorates the White Kobolds, who feel at home swinging their copper workman hammer.

The burrow hamlets of Birmingham and Frankfort wish to increase their size to be the same as Atlanta, who seem to finally begin recovering. In Birmingham, the White Kobolds scurry around pulling the copper out of the ground and begin their villagehood. They find their new reddish metal is great for making sheets of and inlaying into the walls and floors of their vast burrows, to strengthen them. They share these plans with Atlanta for refitting and Frankfort for their own infrastructure improvements.

Else where, an orphaned Atlantaian Kobold plays with some triangular copper. His parents, deceased with some of their other adults who contracted chlorea very recently, had only left him these red metal triangles. The Little White Kobold tried spitting the triangles but they hurt his immature mouth. He tried throwing them, but he couldn't throw them any further than he could spit a grape seed. He tried to afix one to the end of a small thin stick like a javelin that the militia carry. He found that not only could he throw it farther than he could spit but it would become implanted into the target he threw it at.
After several weeks of playing "javelin" with the other young Kobolds, an adult noticed that the small stick with the triangular copper could penetrate better than the milita's javelins. The adult kobold sought out the greatest minds of Atlanta, chlorea contracted or not. With this pursuit, a new one arose: perhaps there was better ways of propelling the projectile than a good toss. This news travels across the Klan and as the great generation before them, they all tried their best to find a new projectile system.

>Invent bows to shoot copper headed arrows

No bonus to this roll

> Upgrade hamlets, priority Birmingham

+1 to roll from terraforming settlement bonus
Rolled 13, 11, 18 = 42 (3d20)

> first roll is to improve Creuge
Our village flourishes, growing ever grater and more beautiful! Yet, it is a fragile beauty, to be guarded and protected, but what can we do without protectors? Perhaps it is time we address that issue and create something to defend ourselves
> develop basic melee weapons
> third roll is for egg hatching
Add 2 to the third roll for hatching and it’s a 20
Rolled 12 (1d20)

>As the survivors of the rebellion settled in their new dwarven hold they have named Thul Nildaur with fright and anticipation in their hearts, the council now filled both with old and new members with the night of slaughter still fresh on their mind contemplate the way forward taking many days and nights discussing all possibilities never coming to an agreement. Meanwhile, as the council deliberated several Dwarven youths that we're able to escape with their families would venture out of the settlement at night and go as close as they can to their former homes and sign a hearty ballad “The tragedy of Vom Kohldur” that describes the bravery of the revolutionary fighters and the dishonour brought on by the landowning families during that tragic event.
>Tomb Kings
The arts of working metal were typically reserved for the jewelers. Never before had they attempted to fashion weapons from the metals they dredged from the earth. It was fortunate then that there were other skeletons with the wisdom and skill to work on the task while Settra busied himself with his sculpting. Amenemope was the skeleton that completed his King’s task. By using some of the same skills that were used in the manufacture of pickaxes and other tools Amenemope created a sword that closely resembled a sickle. It had the chopping power of an axe with a longer, more tactical edge that could be used for slashing, chopping, and stabbing with some effort.

Settra worked tirelessly in his workshop in the meantime to fashion ever more elaborate clay sculptures. What he had begun with were crude mockeries of the skeleton by the time he was finished. His experience grew and with it his ability to more closely model the skeletons out of clay. Soon these were dead-like creations fashioned from his own image out of a carefully polished mirror. In many respects it was the first self-portrait. For other skeletons the appreciation of art by itself was impressive and sculpting soon became fashionable among the more well-off skeletons. If one could not sculpt their own creations they most certainly could pay for an accomplished sculptor to do it for them. It would be difficult to quantify the impact that a focus and appreciation for art has, but surely anyone that came in contact with such works of beauty would be moved to acquire some for themselves.
>Silver short swords created, the troops can now be outfitted with these new weapons.
>Clay sculptures as a luxury resource has been created, but without a specialized development to produce them, they won’t give the bonus.
>Get +3 to create a specialized sculptors development.
>Metalworking discovered. This will allow to more effectively use the metals we acquire over time.
14.5/18 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check population sheet for more details.
The Goblin farmers of Sea’s Maw saw success over the previous years with their new stockpile. Less grain went to waste from exposure and poor storage. It also introduced a new problem for the Goblins. Rodents. Little furry bastards that dug their way into the granaries and ate the precious grain. While not every granary was affected the problem was widespread enough that some looked to find other solutions. The newest generation of grain storage was built on stilts and was made of wood or stone. These elevated storages were much more difficult for rodents and other pests to get into and their elevated position also made them resistant to flooding from frequent winter rains. The improved design alleviated many of the problems that had previously plagued the people of Sea’s Maw.
The Goblins also worked on innovations for warfare and hunting. They fashioned bows from local wood. While small and triangular they were effective enough for hunting small game and could very easily threaten other goblins with their flint-tipped arrows. The problems, of course, were that Goblins were small and weak by nature and their bows reflected the physical realities of the goblins. It was a step forward into an era of ranged warfare, but some simply stated that a goblin with a javelin was an equal to any goblin with a bow on a battlefield with cover.
>The stockpiles were upgraded, and thanks to their advanced design they have a small bonus to food production.
>Bows and arrows invented, and are now available to outfit purely ranged units.
14.8/24 Population needed for an extra action. Actions this turn: 3. Food production: 16.
Sailing towards the east was no easy task, as strong currents made sailing towards that direction, and constant whirlpools that had to be avoided made the task incredibly hard. Many of Wokou’s own companions tought they were done for, but the incredible skill of this orc, coupled with a great handling of the sails allowed the explorers to go beyond what any orc had been before. Along the newly found coast, they managed to stumble upon a destroyed rowboat, primitive by Najin standards, with a skeleton that resembled that of an orc but of thinner contexture… maybe that was one of the creatures that were seen before the great cold? Going further east after this finding, they found a lot of seemingly abandoned ships of the same design, along with what looked like a deserted village. Scouting from afar gave no information to the explorers, so they marked it on the small map and continued further, where they found something interesting. The Wokou expedition traded some bananas and textiles for this material with the Leprechauns and returned to Najin with the news of their findings.
In an effort to make the waterways safer and to guard peace between seafaring clans, many small lighthouses and resupply ports were built on the coasts. These compounds aren’t only the facilities needed to chop the wood and house the inhabitants of the lighthouse, but some are intermediate stops where the fish and whales are preserved before being traded with the next ship that stops there. This system has made waterways a much safer route, and have boosted communication between Oshabi and Kattin.
The boars are ill-mannered and are hazardous to the inexperienced orcs, but by simply demonstrating their dominance, the Najin were capable of taming these creatures. Now small boar farms are sprawling here and there, and thanks to the development of safer waterways, the spread of these boars has been a boon in Kattin and Oshabi alike.
>Western coast of the continent explored (From Visovian to Tuath De).
>Tuath De has been contacted, and you both might now engage diplomatically.
>Connection established between Kattin and Oshabi. Food will now be shared between settlements, and the population over the settlement’s limit will try to move towards the biggest settlement with available population capacity.
>Improvement of sea routes grants +3 to colonizing in the entire Najin archipelago.
>Boar farms development created at Oshabi and Kattin, and get +3 to upgrading these on your next roll. However, due to lack of development slots, the one at Kattin will be granted once it’s upgraded.
>Famine at Oshabi avoided.
20/30 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 3. Check population sheet for extra info.
The lake had been a source of food and stability for the Fishmen since ages immemorial. While the specter of war loomed over the Atlanteans they spread out to encircle the blessed lake. Even through the cold of the Frozen Age they learned to fish under the thin sheet of ice that would encrust the lake in winter and autumn. The lands around the lake were also fertile and good farmland should the weather improve and get warmer. It was a source of food, community, and health. The lake was life and love all in one. Other things lived around the lake too. The small furry four legged beasts were friendly enough when fed, and had a habit of bringing small game to someone they liked. Intelligent, but independent, they would often hang out in the trees near the lake to sleep and leap to the ground to hunt. At home in the night or in the day they made for temperamental companions.
>A new settlement (name it) was created on the other side of the lake.
>Fertile lands in the new settlement grant +2 to developments related to farming in the area, and farms will produce extra food.
>Fishing developments are improved, and the new settlement acquires a fishing development too.
>Famine at new Atlantis avoided.
14.9/18 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Check population sheet for more data.
>King Koala the Great
A disaster! The cold has struck our eucalyptus farm, and despite our best efforts, burning large quantities of wood and leaves in an effort to warm the trees, we weren’t capable of preventing this. At least the eucalyptus are hardy trees, so they will come back to life after the frost is gone.
Seeing that now the farms weren’t producing, the koalas then decided to join the army to do something for their lives. If we couldn’t secure our own food, we might as well use our army to steal it, and the drop bears are experts in stealing food from Koalas. These farmers aren’t very bright or experienced, but their expertise with the eucalyptus will surely help when doing ambushes.
>Eucalyptus farm development at dropbearton is disabled until the freezing ends.
>Dropbearton is at risk of famine next turn.
>3 Dropbears recruited at Dropbearton at regular (0) rank.
9/14 population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Dropbearton needs more food sources.
>Dwarf Revolution
Hearing the ballad, some of the dwarves remaining at Vom Kohldur decided to do what was right and go with these brave dwarves back to their settlement. The ballad is now the hymn of the free dwarves, and some of the surviving writers of our clan have immortalized it in two large stone tablets placed outside of Thul Nildaur, in a way in which all the dwarves could read it and carry it in their hearts and minds. With each day, more and more dwarves would sneak out of Vom Kohldur bringing gifts and messages, and information of the whereabouts of the town. During the night, some of our own would also sneak into the town and return to their “normal” lives while gathering information for us, looking for patrol routes, blind spots and any situation that could give us an edge against the oligarchs.
>Population bonus due to dwarves escaping Vom Kohldur to join the hidden settlement.
>Informants and spies inside Vom Kohldur grants us +2 on actions targeting the settlement.
5/6 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 1. Thul Nildaur needs more food production to allow for population growth.
Creuge grew daily, generation by generation, and the steady improvements made to the town’s infrastructure paid off in the ability of people to live, work, and communicate within the bounds of the township. Additionally, the good planning of the settlement ensured that many of the issues that had plagued the earlier settlement were simply phased out. With a small palisade to keep out most wildlife and protected enclosures for gathering there was immense potential in the settlement to grow further and aid the Luthn in finally flourishing as a people.
The Luthn were cautious though. They had been burned before in the past and if those lands to the horizon were to one day be theirs they would need to ensure that they had the means to defend themselves outside of Creuge. Luthn workers that had come to the surface soon learned the value of the axe as both a tool and a weapon. The development of flint knives had begun with fishermen that needed a means to cut open a fish or a net, and those knives grew longer and more dedicated toward defense. It was not uncommon to see Túnail wandering about Creuge with a knife at their belt or leaving the town with an axe at their side. Their time of hardship had made the Tunail wary and practical, and both of these could double as a tool or a weapon if the need arose.
The eggs hatched after a few days. The Tunail were intimately familiar with what came out of them. Terror. Hellspawn. Demons of the depths. The iridescent wings of the cave wasp were as much a warning as they were beautiful to gaze upon. These creatures were vicious, violent, and carnivorous. They were pack hunters and as the first Tunail to find out, friendly to those that were brave enough to rear the creatures from hatching with cave jelly. They were not eusocial and their pack-hunting led to close family dynamics. A cave wasp would respect and follow the thing that fed and hunted with it, but woe betide the first Tunail that disregarded the hungry chitter of its companion for it would be a brief warning before a painful and gruesome end. They are not intelligent and could only follow very limited routines. Nor were they quite yet tamed or domesticated, but they could be with more time and effort. They could be useful companions and fearsome tools of combat for such things were difficult to kill once they had matured and their chitinous hide sealed.
>Creuge reaches settlement level 3: Town. Up to 24 population might live here, and get +2 development slots.
>The custom of carrying weapons among the Luthn means that the garrisons will be better prepared to face the enemy. Garrison shock value improved.
10/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Creuge needs more food sources to keep growing.
>Ku Kobold Klan
The adult kobold, seeing that the toy the kids were playing could actually be useful, went to talk with the planning committee, and after hearing from him they decided to work full time on this project, leaving some of the upgrade projects behind. Not only javelins could be upgraded with the copper spearheads, but also a smaller kind of javelin could be made, which was thrown with a recent invention: the bow. Originally derived from the bow drills that the Kobolds used to light fires, by shortening the rope to achieve much better tension they could launch sticks to greater distances than by hand: only the copperheads were lacking to make this a viable hunting weapon.
Not only tools, but now arrowheads and sharpened tools could be made with this new metal: copper. Seeing this, most of the copper supplies that were to be used to reinforce Birmingham were diverted to the production of the new tools and whatnot. As such, no upgrade could be made in Birmingham since the materials were used for something else.
>Bows and copper arrows discovered. These arrows give better stats than basic ones to the ranged units that use them.
>Birmingham wasn’t developed.
18.4/22 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Frankfort and Birmingham both need settlement upgrades to allow more population towards bonus actions.
Frankfort’s growth has been capped due to food production capacity = population.
Atlanta is still recovering from the Cholera outbreak.
Check the population sheet for more details.
>Tuath De
The settlement has been once again improved, building on the foundations placed by our ancestors many years ago. The upgrade went without much problem, with designated orchards for potatoes, and a small zone reserved for the best of the best gold crafters, who gifted small potato-shaped torch stands for the whole town to be light up at night. Also, the new centralized potato storage and vodka producing area is sure to lighten up the mood of the Leprechauns.
With these new orchards, more potatoes could be planted inside the safety of the town, but more work could be done on the farms on the outside. Motivated by the idea of drowning in even more vodka once more potatoes could be produced, the Leprechauns worked tirelessly day and night to improve the main food source of the settlement, and were largely successful.
>Farm upgraded to basic
>Dublin has been upgraded to settlement level 3: town. Up to 24 population might live here, and get +2 development slots.
>Pending developments have been built at Dublin
8.3/14 Population needed for extra action. Actions this turn: 2. Food production: 11.

And with this, turn 9 can start. Remember that the freezing event is still going strong, so watch the food sources!.
Rolled 10, 3 = 13 (2d20)

Clay, very versatile. Settra has indulged in this pleasure for long while now. He wishes to spend more time refining the craft but his home is not suited for it. Thus he orders the builders to create a specialized stone building so that not only he, but the other sculptors may create as many sculptures as they want (without making a mess in their home).
>Create Specialized Sculpture building (+1 from luxury, +2 from pickaxe mastery, +3 from sculpture bonus)
As Settra was fucking around with his toys, scorpion having fun in the new mine and Amenemope slicing up some local wildlife, a simple skeleton jeweller wanted to find a way to say a really long order without him having to memorize all of it. He than thought about clay, he can’t stop hearing about it since that’s all anybody talks about right now. If Settra can create images of skeletons with it, maybe he can put words inside of it!
>Develop literature (+1 from luxury)
File: AMBUSH.jpg (75 KB, 800x450)
75 KB
Rolled 12, 5, 17 = 34 (3d20)


>build a stockpile (+2 to roll because of ice age(conservation))
The freezing of our eucalyptus farm shows how badly we need some space to store our food,if something goes bad. An army marches on its stomach.

>liberate Eucalyptaria(+3 to roll because of revolt plan)
We have pushed our army as far as we could. Now it's time we take controll of our homeland and finally send the damn jumpers back into the pockets of their mothers. For a united Koala front!
Rolled 18, 15 + 1 = 34 (2d20 + 1)


>Ku Kobold Klan

The leaders of Birmingham and Frankfort correspond a couple times during the generation. They must redouble their efforts to improve their hamlet burrows. The population grows quickly and are exceedingly unorganised. Just like an Atlantaian leader from many generations ago thought, they can move some rooms around and extend the size of others to have an infrastructure that helps them grow rather than hinder.
They requisite the plans from Atlanta. Both discussed changes they would like to make for their specific settlements but both agreed that copper poles should be made that extend thru holes in the floors of the burrows, so the Kobolds can slide down them to get to lower levels of the burrow at great speed.

>Upgrade Birmingham hamlet to village

+1 from terraforming to improve settlement bonus

>Upgrade Frankfort hamlet to village

+1 from terraforming to improve settlement bonus (if I am able to use twice per turn, otherwise no bonus)
Rolled 2, 10, 5 = 17 (3d20)

>Start mining in the southern mountain range

>(re)explore the south lake
Now armed with better ranged weapons, the expedition can travel with more safety against encounters with the 4 legged birbs while they look for beter lands

>Develop Ale from wheat
A goblin came to his peers to tell about a strange drink he found; he said that one day while he was checking one of the old storages of wheat he found a small portion that was soggy and with somekind of fungus. when he was going to clean it he sensed that the smell was quite diferent and not the usual nasty odor, which made him curious and he tasted this strange liquid that was formed. he claims that it was a little sour at first but then his head became lighter which made him forget even the cold. now he wants help to recreate the concoction and has asked us. the goblins thought for a while if it was really worth it even if they had some portions to spare, it was still winter, but in the end they went to help their crazy friend in the endeavor.

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